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1953 QQL787l.Q H . L A 7 X f , ,f ' 'fx 0 Q 6 -3, -1,1 4.1 1- if-fCf2! NORTH COLLINS CENTRAL SCHOOL 'NORTH COLLINS XEXX YORR LLWIHTON NIANL EL C I1 v BARBARA MITCHELL,ELl1rm'fu1ffh1pr 5 'If .V . , L" ,frmm Eu' FQRWARD 111 Il1NlLc Nfl N1UlI1 11111111 I1 1 11 X 3 X 1 1111 Qjll 1 1111 11 X111111 1 11111 1 1 X Il 1 . , U1 11 1 I 1 NN I 1 1 II X Il 1 1 1111111 1 71 1 7 N 1 1111111 1 11 Il 111 1111111 X 1 1 13 711 11 111111111111 111 11 LW xX.X.X'11' 1 C1111' . "'11'111', 11' 1'1111 111 11X 1111 '- 1111 " 1'11 1X, 1111' .gCV11L ' C1111 111 19-3 1.X 1'1" 11 '1111 1111' 1'111.X1' 111 1111'11111 11'1'11'1'111'a11'.X 111111. 111 1-11 1 1 . 1 ' ,1'1 1 1 1L"1I'5 11111'1' 11r1'." '1 11. 1111111 '111 .11111111 '11 111 111111111111 11111'.1'11'1'X '1111 111'11' 111'111111' 111111 111111'1'1'111 X111111'1'1,X .X11 111111 11111' 11l'1'X 11'111 1'1'1'1' 111' 11111'1 ll'II1I 771117111 1111'1.X111I 1111'11111111'.X, 'L1 1111' 111 Il'- 11'1111' 11'1' 1111 11' .1111111'11, 112 1'11X 11'1' 1111 '1' 11'111' '11 1111 111' 1111111'X 1111- 11411'1' 111'111111'1'11. 11'1' 11'1'11 111' 1' ' ' fu11111'1'11111'1111111'X 111 1111. '1 1711.111 1 1 11 11411 11'11' 1 1111 '111 111111 111'111'1' 111' '1 111' 1111' 111 1'1A1'111 1111' 1111' 111:11 111'- 1' 1 '1'11111'11'X THE SCHOOL HISTORY As the town looks over 1tS hlstory so we here at North Colllns Central look upon the hlstory of our school At frrst classes were held 1n homes but l1ter log school houses were bullt The flrst school about 1813 was located rn South Mam Street yust north of what IS now Krmble Avenue The teacher was Phoebe Southwrck daughter of one of the earlrest settlers About 1835 a two room frame bu11d1ng was construct ed on the corner of Mam and School Streets Teachers were requlred to have a broader educatxon and school sesslons were twenty erght weeks long as compared to the present forty weeks Later when thls bu11d1ng was outgrown lt was sold and moved across the street where for a t1me It was used as a school wh1le a new one was be1ng bullt More land was bought and a larger frame bulld 1ng was accord1ngly burlt IH 1883 lt was a two story bu11d1ng that at f1rst had but two teachers lt became a Unlon Free School w1th four or more teachers 1n 1890 ln 1899 an academrc department was organlzed and Regents granted ln t1me thls bu11d1ng also was outgrown and therefore was sold and moved to what IS now Harrlson Avenue where rt was used as a hotel untrl It burned ln 1899 a much larger br1ck structure was erected An rncrease 1n library and laboratory equipment made It a full fledged hrgh school w1th erght teachers An annex was bullt and two teachers were added to the staff rn 1913 Thls school burned to the ground on Aprxl 1 1935 The f1re of Aprrl 1 1935 not only destroyed tnc bu11d1ng but valuable books and records orchestra and band 1nstruments and uniforms and new baseball unlforms as well Classes were then dnrded among Pxlgrrm Hall Odd Fellon s Hal' and the Ballard House Although rt was no easy task of keeplng the dvlded school runnrng smoothly the perseverance of the teachers and Mr Phelan the pr1nc1pal was rewarded by graduatrng a class of about twenty puprls that year A new bu11d1ng was put under constructnon as soon as poss1ble and on une 10 1937 w1th due cere mony ded1cat1on exerclses were held and the bu11d1ng was turned over to the Board of Educatxon as a completed project The prrncrpals slnce 1890 have been as follows A E Dye 1890 1893 Fred Schultz 1917 1918 Lewrs L Shove 1893 1896 Frank Zurbr1ck 1918 1925 Frederrck L Greesman 1896 1897 Wrllram C ones 1925 1927 A C Mrller 1897 90 Cl1nton T Sears 19271934 Wllllam B Blarsdell 90 1904 Wrlllam F Phelan 1934 1943 Edgar D Ormsby 1904 9 Davrd A Burchett 1943 Frank Zurbrrck 19 1917 Mr Ormsby brought the study of rhetorxc rnto the school Mr Zurbrrck began the practrce of holdrng annual exhlbrts of puplls work Mr Sears broadened the school currrculum by the add1t1on of the study of musrc whxch at frrst was of the srmplest klnd but later was rncreased to an orchestra glee club and band In 1934 a laboratory had been equlpped 1n the old bu11d1ng and was contrnued after the f1re rn P11 grnm all A physrcal educatlon teacher was hlred for the flrst t1me rn 1935 and lndustrral Arts was added 1n 1941 A commercxal course was added ln 1937 and ln 1940 homemakrng and general b1ology were added ln 1937 the school paper was flrst put out and rn 1938 39 the flrst yearbook was publlshed School buses were used flrst 1n 1938 Today seven buses run on varrous shlfts transportmg nearly 600 pupxls In 1945 the new bu11d1ng became crowded and the plannmg commxttee wlth the help of the Board found lt necessary to go to Albany to study a centralxzatron proposal Thls plan was approved by the voters and work was begun on the new annex m lanuary 1951 Durlng the bu11d1ng perlod the Masonlc Temple housed the flrst grade and Pllqrnm Hall accom modated part of the second grade On September 17 1952 the new annex was formally dedlcated There were 19 rooms plus show ers and cafeteria before centrahzatron and now there are 32 rooms plus showers cafeter1a and cl1n1c The use of the cafeter1a was begun 1n 1946 wxth supplementary lunches rntroduced the followrng year A school nurse was f1rst hrred rn 1950 and the dental hygenlst IH 1951 Drlver Educatron was added rn 1950 Art Kmdergarten Spanxsh Adult Educatlon and a second band teacher were added rn 1952 MYRA Mruus Page Four I A - C 1, I v ' U ' g .. 1 -1 1 -a . 7 . . .- . 7 . . .. I . .1 ,. 7 . . I ' '. - ..' - - -11 ' . - - - .. U . I I 11- .. ' - 1 . - - -111 ' . - - - ' - - 11- . 7 .. .Y . . . .. , I I 7 1 I I 1 7 . , 1 - 7 . .. ' : ,' , ', ', f ' . LOOKI G BACK Facultv 1936 37 xx W 11 '1 1 N x X 1 lu 1 Q 11 1m L 1 1 11. Ra 1m 1s HL N L 1 1111 1 nw 1 N 1111711 1 1. 1111 11L1111g1! N IIN N x 1 Paqv. F111. 111111 1. M1 1211111 XI111g,111. 511 S.11.111 M. 1..1- 151 .1. 511. XX1111.1111 15, 11,'1,II1. XI 1 41.11111 f1111L'11. M1 . 1x.111c11c X .1111-:. R1-xx 2. M f11.1111tlc 111 '1 '1r1. X1 Y11'41111.1 1411,11'11xx.1y. Klux Xc111c H,1111c3'. Mix Shu l11'1. N11. C111 rgu XY1111, XID, KI. ' f. '1 , N1 . 51.11 '1 .t-.1r11w, X1 xx R 1 P11:111'1,11'. N1 I11.1111tn- .'-1- -. M M Cv-1' 111' 511 R1-1 ' 1:11111 L1r.1 11. 10111, Page Six DEDICATION MR IosEPH VALONE We are very proud to dedicate this 1953 Reverle to you Mr us Your advice and assistance as Senior Advisor will always be remembered by us and we thank you sincerely for the precious time which you have spent with and for us i W Ioseph Valone, for the great help and inspiration which you have given B0 RD OF EDUCATIO m l :urns X xtmucr crmln II crm1 Sums rasurcr Nl x M-:nl Ahlcrs Prcsrtlcnt flurlcs Ogmlvene C cr :tra B I lu 1 In 1ts generosxty and broad mmdcdness the Board of EdUC3tlOH of our school has realized how lmportant an educatxon m pleasant surroundmgs can be to a student and despite many obstacles has str1ved to provide these condl txons for us To these progresswe C1'1Z6US the students of North Collms Central School wlsh to extend then' most smcere thanks Plot Stun Rt' 1 Alou . Nut H- g T.f, K- 't fta T: A: . rp . - 3 ff '. , fl kg XVI"-d'l'aylor, lcrrill .1 tm. Rnw 2: lj.lNILl liurrlxrtt. Princip11l1 james Sion, Douglas Tower, Vice-Prrrucilxllg Samuel Pitrm. l l f - l I 1 1 ' l 1 ' Q l l 1 l l l l 3 1 l I . tn Page Eight FOUNDERS Qur administrators could certainly be referred to as founders in this Centennial Issue of the Reverie. It is they who establish the rules. arrange the activities, and pave the way for us to follow in these happy days of our youth. MR DAVIDA BURCHETT Superz :sing Prmczpal Vice Prmczpal 1. . . . MR. DOUGLAS B. TOWER OLD TIMERS ' V QV may X 34 W 8' ee, 1 :- sf gf ' -' x ' N f ffvk 4 - ,X X J ' 4 K ft 5 K If I X N fi ll ll TEACHER OLDTIMER Faculty Members, may be hkened to oldtlmers because they tmpart knovxledqe and thexr exper1ence5 to the hearts and mmds of younqer generatlons They have qulded us wlth kmdness and encourwqement sc as to prepare us to be qood cltnzens and ready to take our part m the settlement of hfe T E A C H E R Klnder arten rlmar T E A C H E R Intermedlate Grades .-q r .1 A r H er' r R Xi Xur N1 paula TLV! - H . , . V . V . w W I I 5- I L ' . nk K 0 0 - 9 A Y .1 W, , Q 2 5, , ,,, . Run lr .'c,t'd: Mr, XX'nIm.1 I5.lI'l'4lNN. Miw Vr.111tt-x Xv1H.lY!'.lllk. Mtv But-1,111 lit-.txt-I, M A. I.t---1.1 'l'lmr11pwxa, Mrss Ifvtz I.ukt-x. R-tu 2: M1uj.1n1ctCv.1urie. Mu. Iixt-lux Iillk. 0 9 an N A as 4 ' H A 4' I 4 ., 'a ,. if f Q . ,A .LQ ,.- ,M , V is H Y Rrm 1: NI N, Hxld F Ik, N1 x. cl-. Mtllcr. NI N, Uduwl Fm-nglrz. Xin. Mgrx Ulxcrl. tm 1' . :M ' gmzrt M. lirh1rJxx,xx. Mn. ,1,hr! NIL-,1r:n. TEACHER rades 7 TEACHER Grades 10 12 x N 1 1 1 lr: r mm X Xl1r1.1rLtA Am R xx XII XX11 I' Page Eleven 7 l Rm I. Q-gtci' M . F1.1ru'u Ii Ike. Mr. I.. Cmrtreld ilger. jr., Mi Cmnt- Lf. K1 l.1Is, M . ' ie j f 'c . Rmx 1: Mr lllrle Hrmikcl. Mus Mxrmm l.. Putter. ' 9 R-Lx I. .e.lcd' Mx. Iwlvllc XX'. wr. N1 N, lJ.1r..rI1y link . .Xf1s. . '. - . lu.-Q, .f 2: . , 'I1.1m icmld. PECI L TE CHER Rm 1 Miss Iuretta Tedcsur Art Miss nyce Kc-llter Music Miss Iuullc PILLICIFIU Physirnl Education Mrs Durutlr, Murlrxck Homemakmg, I Page Twelve if Q V Row 2: Mr. Reginald Felthnm, Special Class: Mr, Robert Harrisburg, Industrial Arts: Mr. Donald Buel. Physical Education. J I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I , , X 1 I I , I I I I ' I I I 1 I I I I I I I I OFFICE ST FF I4m.x XI I7 1 thx HL rs H1 11 if? Pam Tlnrn Cn H I 2 F f 1 . ! ., 44 Q ' , 1 g - 1, 1 ' 9 , A f.111111ll,1 I..1I.411n1,1. j-1.111 K1:mh-1111.111, Cl1.111-vttu Alon. Mu. 'H' l.1'.1h.1111. , ,V E522 x 1 I - P 2 1 0 an 9 . , Jw .111 A -ful. ,1 Nt1.1fL11!. M , Xi. M11 XY, 1114. KITCHE JA ITOR Paw. Fwurtun frlrlu I7rPu1l N ll K 'lk . 7 Mu, 'l'l1L'l'w.1 V.llwm'. Mix. Alina- Amllullxm. NIM. :Nunn Hull. Mu ':. A . 1.1. l,U'r1,1lJ P,1lxr, flzulu .'K1x.l-my LEADING CITIZENS LEADI G CITIZE The Senlors who have been lookmg forward to becommg Leadxng Cltl zens from the tlme they entered school feel a sense of prlde ln thelr pos1t1on They are the ones who try to set a good example and to vthom the Younger Generatlon look for guxdance and d1rect1on ROBERT R FELTZ B0 Class Presloent Baseball basketball Soccer Volleyball Intramur als Yearbook Chorus Student Counctl Shop Councll Freshman Class Presldent Semor Play He rs best educated uho IS most useful ROGER DENNIS DOLE Rog Class V1ce Presxdent Ambltlon Mechan1calEng1neer Intramurals Yearbook Baseball Reason ma judgment are the qualxtxes of a leader IOSEPH C MANUEL Sonny Class Secretary Ambxtlon Certlfled Publxc Accountant Yearbook Treasurer Green and Gold Band Dance Band Chorus Llbrary Club Craft Club Nothmg great was ever achleued uxthout en thuszasm BRUCE L VVOLF Woof Class Treasurer Amhltlon Axr Force Basketball Volleyball Soccer Baseball Baseball Manager Chorus Green and Gold Vnce Presxdent of Sophomore Class Intramurals Senlor Play and Sophomore Play The rule of my lzfe IS to make busmess a pleasure and pleasure my buszness E IOR OFFICER Page Slxteen v - V, . . . . . . , . .. l . .v . . . 223.4151 ' x ' ' I ' in ' - , v - ' ' 7 . , 5 . , , . . , . , ' 1 - , , , V 1 . V ' 1 -.- IEONARD I HEFNER I-Ief Student Councll Presxdent Basketball Volleyball Baseball Intramurals Year book Green and Gold Shop Councll Chorus It lS the finest thmg m the uorld to hue most people only exist BARBARA L HERMAN I-Iermxe" Student Councll Secretary Chorus Lrbrary Club Green and Gold Yearbook FHA Student Councll Greggorlan Club lntra murals Szmplxcztq of character xs the natural result of profound thought EOR MARY CAINALE May lntramurals President of unior Class Co Editor and Editor of Green and Gold Secretary of Senior Chorus Senior Play Library Club F H A and the Greggoriai Club Sophomore Play I am utalthy in my riends ANNA MARY CASTER Re Ambition Typist or Librarian Yearbook Green and Gold Chorus Creggorian Club Silence is one great art o conitrsation MAF CASTICLIA Mamie Ambition All around suceess in Home Economics Chorus Cheerleading l-l1Y l'reshman and unior Class 'lrea urer Intramurals Yearbook L1brary Club Senior and Sophomore Plays Gentle of speech bene cient of mind ARDIS DARBEE Ardie Ambition To make a certain someone happy Student Council Homemakinq Club Spanish Club Senior Play Library Assistant The lot e Izqht in her t qe YAUGHN li. AKINS - V- "Qnendos" Ambition: Electronics Technician Chorus. Soccer. Orchestra. Yearbook. Senior Play' "He who is firm in will niofds the imirltl to himself" IOSEPH I' ALFF I Ambition Trax el Baseball Soteer Basketball Volleyball lntra murals Vl e uorli to become not to acquire Atonzoi BRITT Wimp Baseball Basketball Volleyball Chorus Yearbook Creen and Gold Intramurals Student COllHLll Soohomore President Let us eat and be merry THERhSA H BOROWSKI Terry Ambition Private Secretary Green and Gold Chorus Intramurals Happiness is a habit cultuafe it Page Sei enteen BARBARA ALlCl1 CALLAWAY Barb Ambmon To be a qood Cook Yearbook Chorus Lrbrary Club Cregqorlan Club Cheerleadmq H1 Y Intramurals Sophomore and Sc-mor Plays le mln ll 111 to Inu 1 runcl 1s to ln one DELORES L C UERRA Dee Ambmon Secretary Gr en and Cold Intramurals Chorus FH A Good humor mzlxts all tlunqs tolerable WIARIORII' HADLI Y lVlarq1c Ambxtlon Commerual Artlst CFCQQOFIBII Club C reen and Gold Ye'1rbook Art Club lntran urals Sophomore and Semox Plays 1 not a rlunq t s '1 u 1 VN ILLIAM R HAUSI R 1 Soeter Baseball lntramurals Shop Counul Chorus Vzcroru belong to tht mo t persezerznq Page Eighteen 'Iam EOR RALPH R IESWALD If ebel Baseball Basketball Soeeer Volleyball lntramur a s Shop Counul Yearbook Chorus rl hu nor 1 qoodms and ursdom eombzne VVILLIAM B KINC' Barry AIHl'D1l'lOD Eleetromes Basketball Soecer Baseball Volleyball Student Counul umor Class Vue Presxdent Intramurals C reen and Cvolcl Yearbook Chorus Onet 1 qentleman aluays 1 gentleman Ll ANOR lxOCH E 1e Ambmon To be a Career woman Creen and Cold, Intramurals, Creggornan Club Stunt Club "My fwrly and inlineible lote o reading 1 would not exchange or the treasures cf India" PAUL EMERSON LAWTON f A'Wablo' Chorus, CFCED and C'old "Imagination is the eye of the soul" L.. PHYLLIS ELLEN POLZIN Put Put AITIIDILIOH Teacher Yearbook ouous are the busy MICHAEI A PROVINO Mxke Intramurals For they can conquer uho behue they can MARVIN RAYMOND THIFL Marv Ambmon LI S Marxnes Intramurals I rthq IIIFCIN be. L IRAINZ IOSI PH TROIDL Re Intramurals All thmqb L rm nuncl t hznz nho ull! but uazt in-in BARBARA MITCHELL Mxteh Ambmon Colleqe Graduatlon Student Counul Sophomore and umor Class Seeretary H1Y Cheerleadnng Yearbook Chorus Llbrary Club Intramurals Sophomore and Senlor Plays lY'l1I71tI1 L IHSIVI am nu I 0 I S qemu PAUL MONITALDI Unky Paulle Ambltxon Vetermarnan Intramurals Baseball Volleyball Soeur Basket ball Chorls Band Yearbook Brmq nu ehter ul nu snqes or nom BI'ULAH I MLINSON Beu Ambltxon Islementary 'I Uxeher Chorus Cheerleadmq H1 Y Yearbook IVL ll :UI bu nth not by srqht IRI NL M PFI"I' Ptetu Ambltlon Secretary Creen and Gold Yearbook Chorus FHA L brary Club Student Counul Creggorxan Club Intramurals The grcwtest thmq rn thc uorlcl Ib jog Page Nmeteen - L . II ' . I A I U ' "Cm I v sense is 'gi Ct, I cn gl f 'f i M gil E A F Q ., ' . M I NK. Q., W ' U 47 4 ,A 2 . ' , . . .. i- , -I , I A v 7 AA K, V r . ' .V . rn - - af A A A :,:,p:r:: pw Ag! Q 41 - 9. . eel, K I " 'C -my - s I ," I . . f ll , A x : v' 5 sz -I do . H 'tn' '41 ' 1 o ' I V vf"' WALTER T, WEHLING "Walt" Ambition: To travel and a Marine Engineer Basketball. Soccer. Volleyball. Baseball. Chorus, Intramurals. Track. Swimming "Enjoy what you have. work for what you lack' EDWARD IAMES WOOD, IR. f- "Ed" I' ' Ambition: Conservationist Intramurals, Senior Play and Sophomore Play "Nature has always had more force than education' GEORGE IOHN GUADAGNO if '4Googs" Ambition: Game Protector Baseball, Soccer, Shop Council. Intramurals "Bc yourself and you'lI be distinguished" E IOR E IOR PLAY CA T ndim. tlctt t m.i ur L 7 .ir ara .1 un wart I in ing i 1 rtis .xrw r rin .1 LX Q Sn. .1 r itic une Put Nlisx Xhrgtirct A Annu llrute XX lt le nard Hui Page Tu Cnty Sta ' ' in 'ltlf R-fl 't F-lt,. B' b Ci' ll-I Ed l XX'.nitl, Mary . ale. Slit' ' tlcft to null!-fA l D lee. MJ in f H dlf. MJ- lat 'li . Bi1lw.ii.1 M t'l -ll. l f f . i . " - . l ' 'ii ', . in - ier. E IOR DAZE L an L LL N II I1 wr L 1 X m XIL ' I N up Tun rltu nm I NL PI H s N II N w I': -un' Prury' 4 IMII Q f..zc, :I..I1' fx In x QI T hz.. X 'IAQ ,I I-rt 1. pI-Jw' -I Iuky rIII:r 1, IH I5 I A lx L Il In I1 Arm I '1" . Nm .u' Ix A Inq I iw I I XX ,r 11 :Lu Iv:1II'u Ii A rp-.1, Ig'.1:1,l NII' lc' III. N-1 "mn Nmrh I I. 'I LL NI,-wily' Jw. Iimk-I.A4r. www: g'I.l', JI, flI:' iwffx' Q1 NI' Jw, !Iuz1u:Ir1rIu ll H: IMI I 1 ml I N .X J' Im Kung X ,155 Hur- 1- Rada N:4:I,1fx' Jw Yu. wwf N:x.'Ir iw, IMA pm' SI , -fx in I XX I I' :,L:4 z w Lk -.p :mn W XXr.':L rw I.-I:'.i.1' -I Pzm-. 4.11 -' Nmr NIM. 'H 'III-v..4m:,.E RETROSPECT OF PHE CLASS OF 53 Unaware and uninterested of the crisis the world was in in September of 1941 twenty eight tiny tots were beginning a new chapter of their lives Some of us were enrolled by our mothers while others by an older kin A few of us cried some were overjoyed but most of us were mystified by the word school Under the able guidance of Miss Wilkes Miss Freedman Mrs Krebs Miss Korthals Miss Boardway and Mrs Stearns we came to chapter two of our education unior High In seventh grade under the faithful guidance of Mrs Rehm we elected Barbara Mitchell President oseph Manuel Vice President Carol Smith Secretary Mae Castiglia Treasurer and Barbara Her man and Barry King Student Council Representatives In eighth grade we again had Miss Korthals for guidance with the able assistance of Mlss Wagner This year the following oflicers were elected immy Green President Barbara Mitchell Vice President Robert Feltz Secretary and Mae Castiglia Treasurer In September 1949 we had the honor of being the first class to enter the Freshman homerooms in a centralized school in North Collins Finally we had unfolded the last chapter of our education to date Under the direction of Mrs Warner and Mr Brooker we elected Robert Feltz President Charles Alessi Vice President Barbara Gallaway Secretary Mae Castiglia Treasurer and Barbara Mitchell and Alonzo Britt Student Councll Representatives Our Harvest Hop dance gave our treasury life We began our Sophomore year vtith more understanding and wisdom Mrs Burke and Miss Eder dent Bruce Wold Vice President Barbara Mitchell Secretary Charles Alessi Treasurer and Irene Peet and Leonard Hefner Student Council Representatives We increased our treasury with the Syl vian Swirl Our unior year will long be remembered by us With Mrs Graham for our advisor we were now in one classroom For some of us it was the first time since seventh grade Mary Canale was elected President Barry King Vice President Barbara Mitchell Secretary Mae Castiglia Treasurer and Bar bara Herman and Robert Feltz Student Council Representatives We received our long awaited class rings in February The year was climaxed by the annual unior Prom Barbara Gallaway was selected to reign as Queen and her gracious attendants were Mary Canale and Barbara Mitchell We started our Senior year with S500 in our treasury Mr Valone presided in the chair of advisor ship Robert Feltz was elected President Roger Dole Vice President Ioseph Manuel Secretary Bruce Wolf Treasurer and Barbara Herman and Leonard Hefner Student Council Representatives We spon sored a Concert and a Darto Party To complete the treasury fund we presented our annual Senior Play Clementine lt was under the professional direction of Miss Andres Our traditional Senior Ball was held on April 10 Ten days later we left for Washington D C where we spent a most unforgettable five days at the Statler Hotel Graduation is drawing near and tonight Class Night is one of the few remaining times that we shall all be assembled ln sealmg the book which also completes North Collins Centennial my classmates and myself wish to say thank you to all who have made this possible IosEPH MANUEL Page Twenty two V 9 Y' L.. 7. A ' A . . guided us through our activities. The following classmates were elected to lead us: Alonzo Britt, Presi- CLASS WILL 1953 We the Senror Class of North Collrns Central School berng of sound mmd and memorres and havrnq come to the end of our rourney bequeath to the unrors our well known enthusrasm and our abrlrty to vsork together Feelrng that thrs rs not enough for our honorable successors we would lrke to make the follovsrng specrfrc bequests The devrl rn Marge Hadleys eyes wrllrngly bequeaths her three pronged spear to Yvonne Carozzr rn order that she may more completely prn down her man Lenny tyou can heara pm dropl Hefner wrlls hrs quret studrous attrtude to Russell Andolrna and Bob Loretto Dont frght boys theres enough to go around The vrvacrty of Delores Guerra rs left to Donna Gallaxxay to ard her rn surmountrng the many obstacles that block a senror s path to graduatron Bruce Wolf reluctantly agrees to lend hrs subtle charm to Charles Andolrno for use throughout hrs senror vear Wrth thrs addrtron to Chuck s natural glamour he should be a valuable member of next year s class At the end of that trme however Bruce would lrke to have rt back for future use Ralph Iesvx ald rs grvrng hrs love for grrls to oe Castrglra as rf he drdn t frnd them attractrve enough Barry Kmg bequeaths the space between the soccer goal posts to Bob Zmuda Lonny Brrtt leaves the hole rn the basket to Kenny Herman TaTaTaRaTaTa Score Bob Feltz wrlls hrs abrlrty to understand grrls to Sam LaLomra Remember Sam grrls aren t as easy to understand as cars Anna Caster wrlls her red harr to Alrce Byers She advrses you to take care of thrs treasure as well as she drd Alrce Barbara Mrtchell wrlls her unusual scholastrc abrlrty to George Hubbard who we feel wrll use thrs to attam the goal that Barbara has as valedrctorran Vaughn Akrns wrlls hrs vorce to Russell Vara To srng rs to be happy Russell oe Alff wrlls hrs quret manner and frrendly attrtude to Charlotte Alessr and Rrchard Schmrtz Thrs won hrm respect from hrs fellow classmates krds Irene Peet and Barbara Herman wrll therr rnseparable frrendshrp to Lourse Threl and Suzanne Dole We hope they wrll enyoy rt as much as Hermre and Peetre drd Barbara Gallaway has consented to grve to Carol Gffhause some of her charm It s guaranteed to get you a man Carol R Brll Hauser and George Guadagno reluctanly relrnqursh therr mad passron for the put put to m enaldo Terry Borow skr wrlls to oan Kunderman and Carmella LaLomra her abrlrty to get her mrnd off school affarrs and turn her thoughts to more pleasant contemplatron Marvrn Threl and Franz Trordl wrll to Lewrston Manuel therr consrderatron of others one of the best characterrstrcs a senror may adopt Ardrs Darbee bequeaths her qurck smrle and readrness to help rn any srtuatron to Adelrne Abramo To Bob Levesque Paul Montaldr bequeaths hrs aptrtude of sayrng the sweetest thrngs rn the most flattermg way You are a lucky grrl Drccr Crocker for to you Mae Castrglra leaves the deep green of her eyes and wonderful personalrty that someone should preserve rn the halls ofN C C S After a great deal of persuasron oe Manual has consented to grve hrs well deserved posrtron rn the band to Shrrley Feltz who we feel wrll be a worthy successor Beulah Munson and Phyllrs Polzrn leave therr drgnrty and quret srncere nature to Davrd Whaley who we are sure wrll use these trarts at the most opportune trme Walter Wehlrng and Paul Lawton wrll therr coveted rndustrral art achrevements to Vrncent Puntrllo who seems qurte rnterested rn thrs freld Mrke Provrno bored wrth hrs personalrty rs passrng rt on to Brll Rernbold Be careful Brll rt does the trrck Eleanora Koch wrlls her bashfulness to lrma Mrller Roger Dole leaves hrs hearty laugh to Betty Welker Remember Betty Laugh and the world laughs wrth you Eddre Wood leaves hrs self assurance and gentlemanly manners to all the Iunror boys Mary Canale reluctantly grves her honorable posrtron of berng the most lrkeable person rn the Senror class to Iackre Penque To the Sophomores we wrllrngly leave our penchant for frndrng trouble and to the Freshmen we wrll our wrnnrng ways wrth the teachers Last of all we wrll to you Mr Valone the patrence and understandrng you need to gurde your future senror classes through successful years Thrs the last wrll and testament of the Class of 53 has beeen duly srgned and recorded rn the annals of North Collrns Central School MAE CASTIGLIA IRENE PEET BARBARA HERMAN Page Twenty three I c ' I ' v ' , ' , . y . . I . . v V , . ' . v . .r v. , I . . . . . . f v ' . . . - v , . 7 ,-, 1 - v f 7 . . , . . , . , . . . . rr . n rr . sv . . f , . . . . . . r- vy p v v v I ' , . v , . , 1 - v . . rr .1 . , . rr . y - v , , v . . r , RECULLECTIONS On thls 22nd day of May 2053 havmg reached the mystlc age of I8 l have been presented thls treasured keepsake my great grandmother Maryorre Hadley Q dlary She kept 1t up to date through the vears followmg her graduatlon She was well mformed of the endeavors of each of her classmates be cause she was the Star Reporter for a local newspaper Let s open the dlary wlth thls small key The lock IS rusty the pages are brown and many cracked from age The Wfltlnq has faded but IS st1ll leglble The first page IS dated three years after une of 1953 Barbara Gallawaq now lrves 1n New ersey and IS haung a real tlme w1th her tw1n sons Yet she f1nds the txme and energy to cross the r1ver 1nto New York City and snng on Arthur Godfrey s Show as a guest performer Great grandmother wrltes Irene Peet took It upon herself to rearrange and reform the teachmg sys tem at Brvant and Stratton She first became the Presldent of the busmess school of course After f1ve years of hard work Bill Hauser became the owner of a taxl service ln Buffalo Although l havent seen Bxll myself 1n several years l m sure he IS a great success Th1S page IS da ed 1958 Phyllzs Pol zn has establlshed a cute llttle beauty shop rn Lawtons and she told me she IS plannlng on expandmg her busmess She has wrxtten on th1s page oseph Manuel has flnally made good after college He IS the chlef accountant for General Motors and has seven secretarles lncludmg the one he acqulred 1n hlgh school Eddze Wood has hrs Hound Kennel lt keeps hlm busy takmg care of such a large respons1b1l1ty Unlted States Anna always dld work hard After teachmg Homemaklng IH N C C S for two years Mae Castzglra marrled and IS now rans mg a famlly She couldnt be happler Ralph Ieswald zs a Sabre et pllot He xs worklng to set a world speed record to the North Pole Contxnumg on through the drary l fmd an mterestmg remark by Grannre to the effect that All colored T V needed was Lonnq Britt He 1S the salesman for the new shampoo Allbrltt Hrs red ha1r never looked better On the sldelxnes he calls for square dances After graduatmg Bobble Feltz went to work as a mechanlc Hrs ab1l1ty for techmcal thmgs has helped hxm perfect the new F Bomb fFeltz Bomb that IS Ardzs Darbee worked her husband through college No one was ever made more for marrled l1fe than Ardls As l skrp through the book I now come to some notatlons whxch were made m 1960 l f1nd that Walter Wehlzng has been 1n the Navy for seven years now Uncle Sam offered wonderful opportun1t1es to h1m and leave lt to Walter to take advantage of anythmg' Barbara Herman never could stay away from Peetle so she secured a posmon as Shorthand teacher at Bryant and Stratton They even had a double wedd1ng At the tlme l wr1te thus Eleanora Koch IS st1ll our bachelor gxrl Ellxe drlves a red convertxble and has become a shrewd busmess woman I had a letter from Terry Borowskz post marked Greenland She has found a real place m the Waves Paqc T Cnty four ' ' V r ' I A A . - Y 5 A ' - 7 V , , , ,. v . - - 'VY - . . t I .. . Z. . . X . n ' "Anna Caster worked her way up to the position of sales manager for the Woolworth Stores in the . ,H u' - Frederlck March retlred from the stage and he personally asked Brute Wolf to take ox er h1s ca reer Although none of the class haxe seen htm litelx xxe alxxavs knexx he xxould mike Broadxx ax ltghts Ill ilxx axs remember hoxx xx onderful he xxas ID the Semor Plax George Guadiqno 1s a Champlon Nlotorcxcle ace He runs 1 Motorcxcle Flxlt Shop ln 'North Col llns noxx Our local mufxstet s xxlfe 15 the former Beulah MLIHNOH She ts alxx axs busy xx1th her cute home and famxlv The onlx txme I get to see her 1s on Sundaxs m Church xx here she IS the cholr leader Barry Kmq rectllx surprlsed me He his been teachmg a marrlage course it Buffalo State Grind nn added here He sttll hasn t made h1s oxxn mmd up about 1 gxrl for htmself Speaklng of teachers Iennu He ner or1g1n1ted md IS noxx teichmg the course for Sexenth Grad ers entltled Annoxmg Te lchers It reallx xxorked for htm bec1use I remember hlstorx clxss Barlura Mzttltell reached the hlghest goal of ill thtrtv three of us The U S has another mustcil Presldent She 18 the hrst xxomin to exer hold thus h1gh othcc One pmno IS enough for her Roger Dole hxs been IH md out of the servlce and 15 noxx in Instructor for Arthur Murrtx tu dtos He IS also married Paul Mcvrztaldz has a wetermirnn hospltal up on the G nesee Reid ne1r the reservoir He 1nd Ed dte hue one thlng m common 1n1m1ls Qur mmlster ts Vaughn Akzns He keeps very busy 1nd alxx svs has a prayer for our reckless class I have lust read the nattonally popular magazlne edlted by another frtend of mme Mary Carzale has put mto Male Catcher the same emphas1s that was dlsplayed ln the Green 8 Gold of xx h1ch she was edltor 1n Hlgh School Fran Trozdl has a dalry farm from xxhlch he has made a Wonderful name for hlmself H1s com petltor oe Al has f1VE hundred acres ID Brant and ts equally successful On the stde oe teaches German to nexghbor chlldren and hls oxxn Martftn Thzel has become a drtver s educatton teacher He has had the opportunlty to teach Profes stonal several tr1cks Delores Guerra has a partnershlp xxlth her brother IH a n1ght club tn Buffalo The Dee Lou Club 19 a very popular spot Delores IS the hat check g1rl but the men never get 1ns1de need xxe account for them7 Paul Lawton establxshed a txxenty four hour Baby Sxttmg Agency for bables of all colors SIZES ind kmds 011 the last page of th1s treasured book of memor1es xx h1ch IS dated May 10th 1957 I flnd th1s last note concermng mv great grandmother s classmates Mzke Prom mo has been 1n Tlbet for txxo years 1 Umted States Armx Sergeant Exerxone agrees that Mlke xx1ll l1ve up to h1s tttle As I close the dtarx l marxel at the great v'1r1etv of xx Hvs ln xx h1ch one small group of people hue spent thelr ltves Some of them became famous xx h1le others xx ere happy to add their lttle bt to the xxorld ln a more subtle xx HV lm sure that lf great grandmother xx ere ltxmg noxx she xxould emphasxze the fact that she and her classmates nex er forgot the happv davs of thelr vouth it North Collms Central School and that she xxould attrtbute thetr success to that great mfluence of thelr llves M xRjoR1E H xox EX Paqt Twenty fum rr L c I' c I ' Q ' V ni V C ,Y V . . L V V C V V ' t 1 1 H , - V Y v v I . . Y 1 I. . r . c ' c . . c ' . L ' H4 1 1 1 c A Q M. ' . Q . Q c ' ' I ' ' c c . . . c. C c c . c - . 4 1 1 1 ,. - . - . . . , VV c . . c. c , c c K . 1 I Q, - I c E Q I 1 Q I 1 ' 1 .. ' ' .. 5 ' K z . Q ' ' t 5 3 I' I i I c K I c ' Q. . . 'Q c Q c Q . Q Q ' c ' Q . c Q ' . 1 . if : 5 3 fe : e ' S - I H , .. Q c Q 1 . c ' c c I C Q I' L c Q , 4 ' . V . . . 4 VV c K '11 L ,. . Q. c Tc Q Q. 1 1 . rr VV . . . .. 'V . r . . . V Z I . ' r I ff, ' v I . . . VV r .. , , V , . .. V- , V L 1 c . . V . V. c . . . Y . . , . i . V 11 . S. ' . I. I T - C I v r C 1 H 1 ' . V V V V I 1 c ' 1 ' 1 ' V' V C ' vc ' v ' - C V V - VC D - V V V S V k. 1 e . 5 . 5- V C V 1 , 1 V . 5 . . , , c , ., k c . HTIME 0 T FOR FUNM , . 1"",,....'?M , w, 'L,z N 1111 1 1 1 1, X K N 11 X 1111 1 L 4 1 111 s1Lt111L 1 1L 1 11 1111 1 1 H11 H11 11 11 111 1111 N rx N 1 Paq.. Tzuntu N11 1 , 4, Q ,Q W r - 1 Q 1 1 7 Wm ,F .. W "1" A 1, W X J-. ,A 1 2' ' ' ' ,fi V F, ,. ? ,X f 5 34, Sig Q . b . ,E f 1 3 1. .c- 4 111111111-. Q. H11 411.1111 S, ', -11. :ilu 5-11:.' I, 1'.11N. Q. Xf :N 11' 11. XX'111R.11'111114' ' XX1-11. XX'-II' N, 511. f1111r111K. Mr. f11111.111. -1, Afl 114111. I'11 s11111u. 111. XX'11,11x 111: xx--11-' ll. V,11x1ty 1.11!x. lj. 111-11' 1111111-w t1--111111-' lx 15111 'Q1 1151. j1-L-' IL 'I',1k1- Hu 1 li. N1111111N 1114: - - - 11, 11.111115 1111!1111.15. 1'. S11 1 .1 M1112 111x1x5m1111,. IN. 111: -111 A1 1.1 51, '. l'P. Mr. 1.1-1111 1l1l1 p11p11 , , Hg' ll. XX'1.t 11111' 12. O 'j1111. 23, K-11111. 11, L1-1-111" 1q. ji N11..11111M . If-. 11111- -11 1.1. 11,1x111g 11111. YOUNGER GENERATION Q EFS XXX !,,."r"'i""n.:r f XX ' X X -5 psxxxqi XC, , KK Lirkfgkxy XL Y V ' 5 V 6 E Ni x 'gx' fl .iff X 1 CRX! 3 F , L' 1 ' ff f ,, f 9975 q X ig jj .,-J" l 1 , 'f 1 ,' 5K5 3 1 X 1 - Alxsxk, 'QQ' "3w3t we ,Q , , .X Q1 I P11111 YOUNGER GE ERATHJ KI DERGARTE - ORNING GRO P 1 I IIIIL Nfl IIN I I SS IIII lk IIL IL PIII I HIL 1 H1 Nhrc-LI 1111411 1111111 111111111 11 11 11111 x In uk 111. sw 1r1 1 1 I1X1:u 1tI11 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 ca LII A111 L 11110 rf: 111 s K 111111 L 11 w m 11 4 ILC III' I UL I VI L IIL L III I Uk LII NIL I I 'I 1 LI mn mI1 R11- KINDERGARTE AFTER 00 GRO P 111 1 N11 x N L L 11 1 1 1111 up us 11111 1 ll 1 VIIIJ 1111 R1w I: I,1rr1' ' I7 my. Tc A' 151111, SI1.11'111 XX'.1II14ur, NI1 CI IIC, M' I. -I I.11 -KU. R1 XV'IIc!t. R I -rt XVglkur. I.' mI:1 Run S: M11 '- M -I I, N ' 1 K'll1, NI1, 1 Mes .lr. D1 'I I.g'I1t. ISI 1 I W'111'11cs, RILI1.11'1I I,cI11111'!I. I,1111s . ' 'hc Iyr 11 Peti, 41111-1 'I.1ll'1lYCII.l, IXI1I'I111cI fu- rue. 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A-flzt PWR T GRADE 11 11x 1 1 1111 1 c 111 11 N1 11111111 1 1 11111 N11 11111 11 '1 1111 11 11 N11 1 1 11 1111 11111 111' 1 11 N 11 111 11 111 1 1 1 11511 1 111 11111 1 k1ss1 1 11 '111 111 XX 11 1 111 1'1 1s 1111 11 1111111111 1 11 11 N 1 1 11 N 11111111 111111 D 1111s ECO D GR DE 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 P1111 11111111 fl 1 R1-11 1 V1 111 l111111.1111. 1111- f.111gw1. 511111 l1.1111111'11. 1-X1 X1 li 1, C1:c41111' If '-1, N11111.1N 1.11-1. R1111111 111.11111 j111111 NI- -1 . XX 11l1.1111 11.1111 R1111 1. M1 . XX'l . D,1r1.111, I.11r111.1 f 111111z. 51.1 lv 'I41111-'11, H111 A 5111111111s. 1i,11.11'.1 P11111.111. 111-111111 R.1111', 51.1111 .'- 1 k. S11 1111' I..11111111. M. 11111 511 -I. R 1. 11 T.11 '. P.111'1 1.1 P 11111111 1.11111.1 Sl1.l!X1. Mr . 'T11111111-11111. R.1x1 S: M1 R 11 D1 11111 1211:1-1111 S 11111. 1.11 111- .'X11.1 I-. J1111.11. f.111:11,1, Nl. 111 XX' 1 . 13.1 l1'111- O11.11.1. N1,1111'111 7 1. X'11Q1111.1 N1.l11.l11'I'. 11.11.1111 P11111-111.111, 1.1111 j-N .1111. 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A 1 I L R N L L L ul Q Nm Lmpn x 1 1 rn 1 Q ORTH COLLI DI TRICT f pxzxx 91 FA: 44 4444 -72222 233 ' E..,,,,- JJ.- A..- ,., ' T?:-L'rf Egi l.5:n7 'L 'Lfir Cl.. ffgg' , -gr ' .. 72 T ".. .,,, . ,,, .Lff -. F : E L-1 if , "1 v2.- ff - : :'r T'-.n-3 -' 4 ff. ' -- H - -,QA '1"X 'TEL 37? T'-E :':. : 77 ,ggh :.-ff LP . Q: Eff ff? FLT 0 Qi? QQ? nz: :LA-: 7:11 : fi? x"' 2:55 '-7: WT' rf? L 'f : T TF? :-:H ang -v :XQ f vl FL' ,Tn :Ir 427 .LQ imgx C7 Ae -- -: .,. ,y all F1 Q-C l-ff EI 331 N . A 7:2 Q Q1 f 57 ff ' 13 gi, :- ' - A : ? Q 4 ,mga if 7 . f - H L' 1417 4 A 77' I ' 1 x . E I. Paqn aaa ,msn KW x in L 1 mum x NN rx L 1 XX ltflllu x X mm Tlzzrlzf fu u RLY ETTLER The Earlv Settlers establish the ground work and begin to build up a set of basic ideals and principles for the Younger Generation to follow Thev set up standards which the Younger Generation can folloxx and elaborate upon to create a flourishing community EVENTH GR DE Rim R m l Paul XXh1lew Francis Prmino udy Feltz Albert De farlo Sharon Oembene Frances And rllnl Patricia XX arnes Dum thx George johnetta Abrams Madeline Klepler Elaine Frlcano D,1leRem1ngtnn Patriua Speneler joseph Diodatu judx Niallaher Thertsa Parry Theresa X my Dinald De Men Charles Fraser Harold Haaser Mars A Elardm Helen Taber Peter Andolma Leslie Hussey Robert lxurek Y . . . ' , 1' , . 1 . , I , ' I' ' . ' ' '. Rnw 5: Mr. Sauer, Douglas Gallauher. Jerry XY'ittmeyer. Janette Kehr. berry Mendula. Barbara Milius, Rusina XY'ittmeyer, Betty '42 i . 3 ' or ' ' . ' . . . ' . Q . ' . 1. ' . '. J lj E 1 l i . I , . " . 4 1 K l ' rl ',. 1 A ' - . ' A Y V '. , . L L 4' ' . -1, - - - . . - Rim 'K we Cale Marx A Khlpman jadw Ormsby Margaret Awald Louis SCl1lll3CC 'Knthmx Renald Verunrra Brisas Martin Winters Leonard Iorettu Mary A Kelly Bettx lawton Rrsalie lnntr um p n etm Rnhert K hipman Xiiss Potter nt junne h mmlnslu james Nfattesun jmhn Nowak Marlene Rosell Elune D manslti CLASS OFFICERS Preszdent Frances Andolma Vzcc President Sharon Ogmbene Secretary and Trcas for Patricia Warnes Page Thirty three EIGHTH GRADE Row l Marcra XX'haley Ewa Mae Wulsmvn anet Loretto Iours Catalano XV1llram Iawtnn Irene Catalano jean Spen,L,ler Mughnel Thornbury Margaret lmefergold Eumce Greuschow joseph Pellezrmo Ron Donald Peters Vrncent INoto Davxd funmngham Iours Richmond Kerth Drllmgham Robert Herser Mary Ann Gavslak Ronald Plyman Phrlrp Cwlovs jnhn Hartman Dean Gallavkay Lunretm focca Frances Fazzalaro Donald Eppolmto Dorothy Macakanya Rom 3 Doramae Hadley farolrne Sherman Joyce Taylor Shrrley Jensen Inu: Aubert Evelyn Polzm Dale Whxte Mae Vara Elizabeth Koch Marilyn Rxeotta Ann Mcrecllth Daniel Sion Rovl 4 Mrs johengen Martha jane Ott Ethel Mae Nellls Iottne XVazn1ak Patrlcra Corona Shurley Katalano Nancy Becker Dorothy Altf Patrrcla Bowman Irma Matteson Agnes Kelly Bernard Horn Rnvx 5 Vmcent George Robert Aglxata Louls Macakama Xkfrlllam Mullah:-r Rohert Hadley Patrndt Kelly Ronald Otfhaus Peter Ioretto Frank Vularnes Anthony loretto Harold Steff Ahsent Anthony Caulalt h1Zll'j4ll'lE W'rttmeyer Therein Bottom Paul Olson Mrss Korthals Page Thrrty four CLASS OFFICERS Prcsrdent Wrllram Lawton Vzce Preszdcnt lean Spangler Secretary and Treasurer Louxs Catalano 1 I v u , v . 8 lgl- , FRESH Rm 1 Angela Ceurge Iyfary Iurettu Bomta Iuther Beatrlne N-mdk lXlClTllLL Inyxtun Duxnl Muntxldl 'I'hLrc5:1 Burgm Vm nt P.1d1l1n0 Inn vcr Ihnll I'r1n1.cS Rlcn 1 Rum I Brmnkcr fur cs Am.lul1n.1 Iuurs ure 1+ IWIZIFIH XILYLFLU Inld Bm-rkcr Myrna llyxtun Nancy Rlghmun Rm 3 Rlmnna Mlralles Anthony Alum can FLltz can IUYDIIZZI Myr1 Nlllnn iathcrme Rcnzlldu Anna Alwmmi Allene Adcrman flll'ISllDC Cruciglmw Anna Mane Rlzzu Clnrlottcf Rynluevucz Madeline: XV1llett Margaret Bednarz Run 4 ID.lXlLl lnylurcl Elmer Dustman Maurlne Dole Ray Knnlngrsnr Fmnus Mcrcdxth kenneth Sum Monroe Turner john F.xzzul.1m XX1ll11m Adam Charles Talur Eduard Avmld Soplnc-D:.lw1Ll,1 CLASS OFFICERS Prcbzdcnt Davxd Montaldx Vxce Prcszcient Mernlee Lawton Secretary Theresa BUFQIO Treasurer Beatrlce Nowak Page Thzrfy five cc ' . 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Q- V- ' , . ,, OPHOMORE R ww l Patrncna Polzln Betty Dlllrngham Sharon Stevens Kenneth Smltlm Patrlua Catalano Sammy Plttro Donald Taylor Margaret Bantle Mary jane De Carlo josephme Canale tharlotte George Rm 'f Mrs Warner Carol Muller Geraldme Eppolrto Vrto DeCarlo Cormne Dole Mary Ann Trondl Gerald Ognlbene Phyllrs Crruppo june Mrller Mrke Baglro Davrd Lawton joseph Renaldo Mary Ann Kelly jeanetre Hamman Peter Schnllace Rom 3 Donald lrtz Dxanne Brooker Davrd Parr james Mardmo Davxd Taylor Donald jamk Daud Hammond Danrel Vacco Anthony iatalano Herman Bednarz Mrs Bokman Row 4 Benjamrn Munson Jerry Guerra Aluent Serene Hartman Vnnen Manzus Paul Bowman Frank Casxlak Robert Kehr Daud Peterx Marland Schmrtt Robert VUxttmeyer Damel XVhrte Arlene Sherman CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent Sammy Prttro Vrce Presrdent Donald Taylor Secretary Patrxcra Catalano Treasurer Margaret Bantle Page Thrrty Sl x 1 '-: ,. ' . I ' , ' ' ' , ' , I ' , ' , ' ' , I I , , . ' . 1 ' . . 'I 5. - A , UNIOR m l Alxee Byers Carmelln In Lumm Clurlutte Alessi Shlrley Fcltz Salxatnre I1 Ium james Remldl Dunna Cfallavlay nseph iastxzlxa Inuxse Thiel juan Kunderman Rus Nhrze Steff V1nLentPunt1lln Russell Vara Yvonne Camzzr agquelme Penque Barlurn In Vecnhe Carul Otfhnus Rm 5 Robert lmuu.1 George Hulwlurd Ruben Lurettu Charles Andolrnu Russell Andnlma Rxrlurnl SLlHTllfL XX1ll1:xm Rem lwld Donald Cerner Daud NVhaIey Kenneth Herman Robert Iexesque lemrstun Manuel Absent Dun I rm er CLASS OFFICERS Preszdent Salxatore LaLom1a Vzce Presxdent Iames Renaldo Secretary Charlotte Alessi Treasurer Shrrley Felt' Page Thzrty seven R1 ' : ' K '- 1' - .u U " , I ' .- l. R , ' ' .L . in, ' -. . 1, X ' ', 1 ' 2: A ' ' ' . ' ' ' , - . - 1 . J ' ' , ' ' f ' , f . Adeline Ahrnmn, Betty Wlelker, Suzanne Dole, Irma Mlller, Yvonne Aeschbacher, Mr. Hemld. CENTENNIAL CHAMPS D X 0 H img elamf 'M THLETIC Ir 15 an old tradmon of North Collms to turn out each xear fme athletes xx ho trx to um fame for the1r 5choo1 and shoxx qood sportsmanshxp to the rebt of the Qchool hodx 111 1 N 4.1! L 111 1 111 11 N111 lx 1 11111 11 N111 1 111111 111111 rx 111 111 1111 1 1 1 H H1 11 11 111 11 . 311.11 . .1.,,.Lf .'1:1. .JI .1!I1f.'. . Ai1....'11 41-1:. 11..:..:1., V, 1 OCCER in Lf'. 1-W.-... Pulqc Tl11'r!yfr1ir1v f .- 1,-1 bs .I . 1 wm- 'vn' ' X 111 1 4 S 'V R1 l' 171114111 Cromer. V11111-111 1"1111t1l11w, R.l11'1l 11-x 11111, R1-lv 1:'1Il. R-+1 -1 fll 1,1, Juv.-1111 l.1st1g11.1. P1-1' . 1 I1.11'1'. '111 2: R11' l.- 1-H11 1111.111.1u1-11, .. 1 Pun., jk - M. 1 11. ,ler I' C111u11.1. K1-1111y H1' 1. . 111 - XY--I1, XY 11.111 .111s1'r. .fry K1 4. 5.11 l..1I1-1111.1. f1l.ll1L'N A11111-11111-. 111.1111 F11 11111. f.1pt.1111: R1111111 51111. O O 1 an. 1 , . Y U ' A 1 1 Q 1 'A iv 4 7 ru 1 X 5 if K 1 XX 11 N1 1 151 P1 X C1111 R ' N1 1 R 1x 11'11'11 111K 1 :Nr 11 1 N1 NN 11 I 111 XX111XX 41 1 IIITY BASKETBALL x 11 1 Lrt 1 1 11 11 1111 111111 1 e111 41s 11.111 SKETBALL m l 1m 1111 X11 I .1 111 151111111 T111 r BLn1.1m1n N1u11s11n R .vs 11 M1111 1x1 11 1 1 n 111 f.lI.l1 n 13.11111 H1111 cr Rum 4 111 Xl n1 1 1n.1zcrI 1 11m 1 .1m NK 111 111c me n 1 N .1 lt Page Forty Y I' R111 l: S411 1..11,111111.. R1111' S 1111.1ac. R111w-1 1.1 cttw. R1-1 - Z 11.. 411.11'1cx A11111111111, jm 1 f.i1iu11g1. R1111 1: Mr. 5.114511 Kcnny Hc1mg111, jerry l111c11.1. A11111711 111111. 111110: XX'11I1. 11.111y K111x. 13.1111 M11ntg1111i, C11-urn: 14111111.1111 1111 .lo Q R1 ' 1 S. P 11, D11 "1 '1'.1y111r, 3 1111y Vg 114 1 1 Q11 , 1 " ' 1 . . 1 ' 2: Pctl . Luc, 13. 11 PJ . ,11111 F.1zz.1lg1r11. A 11111 1- p ' 11 11. 1 1 1k . ' ': D1 1 H.11 11111 4m: 1 , XY11, A1 . f11.lf1CN T11-cr. P11111 B11 'mg . DH A1 XX1, . D11 ,111j.111ik. Mr. '11111 PHI IANTHROPISTS Q l F f f W x 5 ' 6 , I 1: ,Q QR t i f : QBBT W Q fi-E359 X E' mil! e ' XX f 1 5 Z PHILA THROPIS The students in our clubs and organizations are serving in extra-curricular activities for the bene- fit of the school body and community as good philanthropists ever do. Their free time is spent in im- proving conditions for the students who will become the citizens during the next one hundred years of North Collins history. CLASS OFFICFR9 T U D E T C 0 U C I I President '------ 4 - L Leonard Hefner J Vice President f----- Ioseph Castiglia Secretary -----p-f Sharon Stevens Treasurer -------- Barbara Herman VXX A YN lfliil Wilt f: 'Il' N11 l ll' lf Il I lil R X ment 1 lsr lxumntli Nrnitli t 1 L mm x i Hurt it 4 L imius i rv Hcrmm 1' CLASQ Olrl'lCl RS HOP coli CIL P :qt Form tu lztt Pr sictnt rar mriy fn rsurtr r tml ti 1 er L X L H lei Leonard Hefner Ralph Iesxx ald lu nneth Mx ers Dax id Parr R- l: N1 . XV, All f D14 lu. Doi g Cigillimny. l.c4nJr,lHcIr1cr. Sli, on Sturm. cnc CI iv. in 2: Vi ' l'gul.llimv. lluimiu l.xtl , 'A - ,' ' , -lusepli fastiglm, Nlxl.1'l llm l lj. Nlr. 'l -tt, Alix-nt: j-uinnA K, lc. ll.1 l.1rgi ' 1 . f' ' at 'g 'K' 4 .swarm ..a. .aa H I-, , xii E - - 4 Y 7 - - 1 F Y. limi l: lieu: Mlwlhitt. Fxllwrr l3uf.1rlw. ju-viiie XXittriit-ur. Kezlli l3ill1ri4E:.i:n, Plzilzp til-my H.iwl1l Hiiisrv, I.-mis f.lI.ll.l!lH. K-in 1, Sl. ll.i:::s1il1i.:4, liil tl 5 lmitl. Robert l.4-uri-. Cv' fx tvi.u::,i. Xx:ll:.1in, R.1lpl1 -lcwxglil. R-ru S' Kazxzierli .left-:s, Pri! Nwmlitr. llixid P.11r. Xl.irIin H.1lu:rr, Aiwerit. Xlrtluit, l4.i4.w. l.c-rinizil cr: -. 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Mr. .. ' Mr. . -' . . M. . .1 ADS LGENERAL STOREL 4- ti xlyg, My 5 - ' ' 5 .. fgy Q 1 ... x., -'-lf ii l-Q .. - :i - .. X mill!! - ?-?l"l"TI -" L 'A 5 C' ' f ' f. ---4-:'b' iAN ,SNNFIZ X Y fi- nav. FATHER noun ALVAREZ SACRED HEART CF MARY CHURCH EPISGDPAL DIOCESE CDNGRATULATIONS T0 'THE GLASS 0F 1953 FRIENDSHIP' If nobody smmled and nobodv cheered And nobody helped us along lf each every mmute looked after hlmself And the good th1ngs all went to the strong If nobody cared yust a lrttle for you And no one thought ever of me And we stood all alone ln the battle of hfe What a dreary old world xt would be' Lxfe IS sweet just because of the frxends we have made And the thmgs whxch m common we share We want to l1ve on not because of ourselves But because ofthe people who care Un that all lxfe s splendor depends And the peace of the world when nt s all added up ls found nn the makmg of friends Selected GDNGRATULATIONS THE GLASS 0F 1952 When you are ln need of frlendly counsel Remember North Collms New York Members Federal Reserve System Federal Deposnt Insurance Corp It's the giving and doing for somebody else, THE BANK 0F NORTH C0l.l.lNS Compllments of GOWANDII BUSINESS ASSOCIATION Armes Drug Bank of Gowanda Bowen s Market Campbells Furnlture Campbell s Red 5 White Carman s Carpenter Hardvt are Dahm Hardware Danahy Faxon INU Wayl Eaton s E I.. Gayvert 5 Co Fashlon Shop Farner 5 Parker Forbush Lumber Co Fox Motors Gene s Servxce Gowanda Bullders Gowanda Hardvs are Gowanda Ievx elry Govx anda LIQUOF Gow anda Loan Gowanda Motors Gowanda Varxety Govt anda Food Store Govs anda News I-I1melem 5 Co l-logle s GOWANDA N Y ohnson Agency oe s Army Navy Store Lelsner s Lowery s Shoe Store Mal Stree ervnce Market Basket Nlagara Frontler Publlshmq Co lnc Nagle s Natnonal Sales New York State Gas 6 Electrlc Peter Pan Penny Saver Porpxglla s Palm Gardens Qualltv Cash Rnch Young 6 Perr1go Rltz Store Rxzzo s Grocery Russell 5 Refrxgeratxon Supple s Store Superlor Motors Super Servlce Tot Shop Wallace s Whltmg s W1tter Dams v . Va L Q -- 11 L Q V ' , V 7 V l - v 7 . V y v Celocrete Cinder Concrete BUILDING BLOCKS BUILDER S SUPPLIES STEEL PAUL 0 RIEFLER Hamburg New York Joe wfceflence. . RINGS III ESI II PINS mznus cra tsmans CHARMS d an qua lty CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS BOSTON 17 JUHN STREET NEW YORK 8 N Y P vnuzncs 0' U . . J .2 I llfp ly MANUFACTURING JEWELEES IIIIESIIISBCIIISI FORD the new standard of the Amerlcan Road NOBBS and WILLIAMS ED. ROSE SPORTING GODDS DlSIfIbUfOfb for A G Spauldmg and Mac Greqor Goldsmlth Speczal Dzccount to North Collzns Students CLeveIand 2351 51 Genesee Street BUHHIO 3 NSW YOFIK . . . H Y cOm,,1.menf, O IOHN N SGHREINER 8 SON Artzstzt Nlonuments and Marker: Mimi PITTRO Establnshed 1902 Main Sffeef NOff1'1 COHIHS North Colhns l46F6 North Collms CoNGRATuLAT1oNs TO THE NORTH GOLLINS HUTEI. sEN1oRs OF 1953 Good Food Good Drmks Commg zn and ll ztmg u Coal and Camnq D111 3139 Harrxson Axe Sherman Axenue North Collins North Colhm . S f I as 99 .. . .i ..YOu e,,jOwOm,f,,y IOSEPH PUNTILLO 81 SON W A HILLWIG DLNEY 81 GARPENTER ING F. L BUYER Packers of Fancy Fruits 6 Vegetables OPTOMETRISTS Eden New York 89 Buffalo St Hamburg N Y Phone EMerson 2391 GRITOPH BRUTHERS GASTIGLIA MUSIG GENTER Complete Landscape Construetlon Band Instruments of Supreme Quallty Black Top Drwes 8 Buffalo Street EMerson 4583 Derby and Hamburg New York Hamburg New York I I g u , 7 7 Seneca Electrlc Gompany cam' Ann Shop Fxvrylhlnq or FILLPVISION Dlstmetlxc St Iva at Moderate Prmes Y Elcdmal 'lwltt-RFSX Splcox x Prop Dmners Hess Brothers, Florrsts EMUSOH 3355 Mikes Rustlc Bar 28 Maln Street North Collins N Y Hamburg New York Mwed Drinks C0mPllm'3'lf5 Of Complzmcnts o The Gfeell I-elllerll Glfl Shop Mann Street Service Statron Complrmcnts o Complmunts o Dudley ll. Gaylord Ivan R. Gongdon Nursery I - 1' I ' . f 166 Seneca Strcct Buffalo. N. Y. 9 Buffalo Street Hrmburg. N. Y. I I , I . ' V f ' I I l . N It . 1 v i Compliments of Harold Polzm Complrment Town Press When Qualify Counts Compliments uf Paul L Bantle A119013 New York Phone 2 os Beauty Shoppe Mann Street North Collms Gowanda Sport Shop 27 amestovyn Street F L COCCA Prop Goyyanda New YOflC D R1 Q For A Career ln Professnonal Nursnng Apply to The Dlrector of Nurses Deaconess Hosplta School of Nursing Street Buffalo SNY arrls Seeds lDl9 Clinton St Clanton Barley Market Stocker Auto Sales Chry sler Plymouth Sales 3 St rum Phone l06 Buffalo 6 New York Angola New York I ' sof I9 ' 727 ' I C e Q I . . , . I ' ' '63 'l y' . . H I Complzmcnt o WALTER I GEIGER G L F Serwce North Colhns 3865 Langford Complzments o REV ROMANI UTT GRUVER L. PRIESS, MD RUNALU E. MARTIN M D Angola New York LEO I WINTER Farm Bureau Insurance Compames Qualztq In urance at Le 5 Coft Phone 3990 Shxrlex Road North Collms u ' S f . .I . I I I Q Compliments of Compliments of u I n d . , I I I A 5 - Complzmentc o Complzmente o WALKER S INN KO0H S CLEANERS Sherman and Rallroad Avenues North Collins New York Mam Street North Collms Compliments O Congratulatzon srnonnfn s to the GENERAL msncunnmss CLASSQF ,953 Phone North Collms 2232 N Laxx tons New York Eden New York .Af 'ef 9 9 .f '5 5 Best Wishes Compliments of to the Pnonucfn cnnmans coorzmmvs me CLASS QF 53 THOMAS BROTHERS Franklm Street Frult and Veqetable Growers North Collms New York FRANK SWARTZ SON Complzment o G' L New and Used Tractors and Farm Equxpment W E Mxsox Manager Hardware Apphances FreezerQ North Collms New York Slbbon Hlghxxax Eden 3333 3 , I. H. .r. ' Fsnnuzen PLANT 3 IDSEPH 0 ALESSI lnsurance and Real Estate Broker Complete Real Estate and General Insurance Servlce ln planmng your Estate also consrder Llfe lnsurance the property whlch pays mcome vthen most needed when age or death stops earnmgs Box 277 Mam Street Phone 2522 HATTESUN S Angola Q Friendly store FooTWEAR and MEN 5 FuRN1sH1NGs cmd me orthopedic shoes Complzments o HUWELL GHEVRULET Complzments o TARNER S REXALL PHARMACY Phone ANgola I63 ll Commerc1al Street Angola N Y I - ' s f North Collins, N. Y. Eden New York 5 ' f 5 Purebred Aberdeen Anqus, Cattle Purebred Dorset Sheep Purebred Duroc Hogs El efllfhmg lf' Bufldmg c Pamts Thar Last and SONS Phone 3322 Lawtons New York North Collmo New York MEGGA BROS lohn Deere Qualltw Farm Equmpment Gulf Servnce Statxon Goodvear T1reS Wade Ram lrrzqatzon Sq tem Phone 23-ll North Collms Phone 2647 North Collins I P 5 3 I Compliments of I. ' .K ' . S xq,' Complzments o GOWIINDII IEWELRY STORE CHARLES F Corm Prop VIO SGHRIIDER TIRE SERVICE Com plete Tlre Servxce Farm TIFES Repalred Recappmg Vulcanxzmg Wholesale Reta1l New Tires Pho 16 EDer 4445 4 O6 East Eden Road Eden N Y Unloader Complzments o Man f surfmon momns ING u actured by Ch I Pl th EDWIN R WINTER Wm yum North Collms For Chopped Hay Corn Grasses Sales and SEFVICB 36 Iamestown Street Gowanda N Y ' f v . B. F. Goodrich Tires ' f g I I Comp11mcntQ o GRAHAMS SHOE STORE BRDNWYN THEATRE 5 our Theatrzcal Home Entertamment Shoxxs mqhtlv 7 O0 9 00 North Collmq New York JAMES I ALESSI Courts lj of Phone 2333 Store Hours 8 6 Mam Street Worth Colhns NORT and IESSIE ROWE ' - f , Sunday-2:30 I Be t W1 heQ Complzmentc o to the RIGHARD H THORNBURY CLASS OF1953 Be t W1 he to the CLASS OF 1953 MR. and MRS GHARLES MANUEL North Colllns FELTZ BROS Complzments o DR .IAMES V FREGELETTE S 'S . ' x f ' l Ml nl ' I "Fruit and Vegetable Growers" S 'S S ' f f I l I Complzment to the Conzplzrnent 0 CLASS OF 1933 UHRISTIANU S BAKERY ,OE S SPORTS WEAR 396 N1 aqwrx Street Meat Grocerxeb Complzment o JERRY S RED and WWE nAvE's me enema Fre h Veqetables Frosted Foods . S , 1 Phone GR. 1246 Buffalo, N. Y. . S i 5 Congratulation: ro the GRADUATES OF 53 From Your Photographer THE SHEFF STUDIO Louis A SHEFF Prop Hamburg New York Our 32nd vear of servlce ln thxs communxtv IOHENGEN HARDWARE 00 E1 erqthmg zn Hardu are Electrlc Work 'md Repurmq Televmon Radlo Repurmq Phone 2443 Complzment o GULVINS RESTAURANT Langford New York to the CLASS of 1953 KIBBY'S GRILL N 5 Congratulations I .. Y . . V ., . C 2. . t , c. , Compliments of EDEN-NORTH COLLINS ROTARY CLUB Complrment Bantle s Restaurant amburq ew York Complzment o Gharles Men s and Boys Shop Hamburg New York Wemborg Gompany Gas 'and Electrlc Applrances Farnou For Good Sen :te Pvrofax Bottle Gas Buffilo Street 4800 Hamburq New York Bunck Cidlllac Rlefler Buick, Inc S Tnres Hamburg New York Corzgratulatzon to the Cla o D3 Moore s Men s Wear Natlonallv Adu ertxsed Clothmq Furmshmqs Shoes and Rubber Footwear for Men and Bow 10 Buffalo Street H lmburq New York Complmzent o Don Gllff our Friendly Flor: t Cam Road North Collins New York . . . ' S l s of , 1 5 Hz t N ' I' U. . ' ' 230 C EM. ' 5 ss U D Q h 5 5 5 I L V Y C L I C L YS Hy, . .S t. Industrxal Resxdentlal Com merual North Golllns Gonstruetlon Gompany on 1iL111t, I mlcl 13,3 lxtnmrlt 1 Hlqh Street VVILIIAM Cocoa Ifwues VIGGIANO Phone 3941 Phone 2443 Elmer Winter Electrical Contractor Shlrley Road and SISSOH Hlghway North Collms New York Phone 3185 Sales and Services Aut mo e Repaxrmg Parts Weldlng Tovxmg P O Address North Collms Sxsson Hxghvtay Langford Complrments of Sehlndler Brothers Fee Seed Coal oke Fertxlxzer Phone North Colhns 2238 Lavttons Farner and Parker Ilalry Bar Covuanda New York Compliments o Lawton Brothers Garage Law tons Nev York Complrments of A llemeo Meats Vegetables Grocerxes Phone 2160 Sherman Axenue North Collms Best Wxshes to the CLASS OF 1953 Giamharone's Furniture Store Mam Street North Collms I I . L' t'z'i'-Z'ixf-'- -lilg ' V ' ' ft Compliments of I I - ' f d - 4 - C I C mplrrmtt Gerald Hubbard Doles Red 81 White Maxon Vg Ork Crourxes and Cold Cuts Dlal 3870 Maxn Street North Collins SINNOH Hlghwax Langford C nqrafulitron Earl Wuodmansee to tht Plumblnq lnstallatlo 1 SENIORS OF 53 Re,,a,,q Feltz s Garage Cnrnplum nt llr W 0 Luther Ustcopathlu Phxslulan Hamhurq NK xx Y orlt mnlrm nf Mr. and Mrs Herbert Ahlers North Collms N Y Complzrm nt I Rev Luther K8rL Home nd Auto Supply, lnc FIIKSIOHC bf 'Nnrrh 'Xlann Strut Angola IN X in I 'I 5 of 5 n ' x --- J ' rs I 5 North Collins Phone 3909 General Repairs Wfelding N ' ' s of 4 ' 5 lm' I I l Cu 1 ' c 5 of ' ' a I I Compliments of W. E. Bolton 81 Son ll. W. Riefel General Merchandise "Your lewel Tea lVlan" North Collms New York Best Wrshes T th O C Complrmenfs f CLASS OF D3 Dverlook Frult Farm Plnflfs, Llhrz BROS C0mPl"n9'1f5 Of Complxments f Mr and Mrs Merritt Hammond George ll Brown Cnmplxmo nth of CUWPIUVYPUVS Ol waws Pharmacy Fred Kunderman Y our Rexall Dealer Phone 8981 5 our Gulf Dealer North Colhm New York North Collms New York ' o , as - 1 ' ' o I I l I North Collins New York North Collins New York Cornplmzcnt LAWTONS OANNING OO INO Packers of Lixxtons New York Wztlz Complzrnent o GROWERS 8: PAOKERS COOPERATIVE OANNING OOMPANY, INC North COHIH5 New York ' 3 Of I, I New York Smte Fruits and Vegetables . . S f SPIGOLNS GREENHUUSE and FLOWER SHUI' Cut Flowers corsages plants and arranqements for all occaslons Dlal 2407 lf no answer 2780 Congratulatzon to th CLASS OF 1953 G L F FARM STORE G L F SERVICE, INC Feed Seed and Fertllxzer North Collins New York ' s e I I I 'Everything for the Farm and Home" I I I I . L , men rrscnrn ATHLETIC GOODS INC I y OTIIRUWAY PLAIA Comp! lent O 0 699 MAIN SI' 0 44 MAIN ST . 221 mu ST Mr and Mrs Avery Lawtun BIG SPUIITING 5000 CENTERS me muunc rs wm suocsr PLAN NIAGARA FIIONTIEII PUBLISHING 00, INC Prmters and Publishers GOWANIDA N Y BUFFALO NI Y . 1 V 5 n f 'r A A A K ,A 2 nnuu A wuom lf7 S 1' Q, j Q-W f - J K, f . 7 novmvown ay A X ' - 5 4 an romnnnn -' Q - I I k,9 NIAGAIA IALIS I I I I l L , L I. . . L . , my

Suggestions in the North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) collection:

North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 79

1953, pg 79

North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 10

1953, pg 10

North Collins High School - Reverie Yearbook (North Collins, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 24

1953, pg 24

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