North Chicago High School - Hawk Yearbook (North Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1973

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A3 K4 fl V f 'A , ff , , C. 4 ,9 QQ E O 'XD X X so Q' 2 'XQD1 X I N 'it f " BQ V K CN M Q X : Q xw Q, Qjg ,WL . 4j,w X ' kk? Avg' Ex NR- lg 4 gg YQ, wil " W. 1., -pf 1, R fb w?? fm S- P3 Q' ol X if xx QX 3, P ' if 5 X Ng E Zim , 4 v 'Q fi ', V R AN ' 1 NN f K g AY if ' 1 " . 1 ' f Si QL A A 5 iz. :E 'w L, N Y ,X if 1" X xg f' gl ea :PN fy X j x my 'XQTJ ,W I., U", fx! D! Af, .ff Cu Q 'A 3' Q? ' X' N' N . f, kj .,T 1 A M X Q , Axis QR 5 A x, 1 LA ' if jf '.." KES: if 'Ili Iwi" ww X --xx N: QE 35 ix X DQR ' X' XX Q, A , , 3- If 1 ,.. 3 E+-L Ah E x ,xx ' , 9, ' , 1 V . V - ' Q f' . - rg X 'Gif X- 1' E+ CA 5" in , ' Xl A , N fg A X . P5 is fig ff 311 1 ' Syl!! y N is! E A. L L K X N' X , 'Q Q xxx y r ' - x4 X X , N . , ' ' 5 , ff fx , , 1 3 - I , A , lf, . l I .X I, J A, 4 4 . W: A ' :XXV '-U." l , f 'E f V 1 1 jf' by J -N :In If if Af Q , , , -, N N . , 1 A ff , f - ' I V, j- 1 if V . xf ,i y, H, A H X .5 7. pk J X il , fcjp , 1' ,Ifylf nnfif I MY, X 'fl-1 BA 7, ugh N! 'IQ' fl ,' ,if jf ,. 'M A 11,80 VW ,ffm 7, sl If JK. xy- X, XX' V ,lj . ,L 2 V ,V lv gv F A I- 77,1 ,1 I I fv 4,17 AQ, 1 un 0 H1 DX limi? ,54 .71 V fl! 'I ff! mf I "ff: fxf I Q3 J 2 V xl 3 V V' , ff A' A J x Kylix K , Q 1, X Xu? H Aff! fi' :nl Xb, '7 fi 177 my 1' 31, Q ' I M V 0 01 I' A " -ff 'L L -TL, 'ffj - I X! , IJ' Aff ff uf D fbff' H I I N lf' 'lx , Vf :iff 1.1 'Il ,ff fy! X1 kb, 1,w ANN , r-,jj 7, L , I 17' j,,V ,UQ v ,nfl . Lf-X 'fjf' M ,ff ,lm HJ ff! if .P Q : -. - A, X . fy 1,4 INV . , ,X 'gg CF J 1 J' 7 ,nl ,ff of f f X fp! ' ff, 'FW ff . ,VV 154, ,-:NX !,a'fJ 3 ' 1 ,ff 5 i I ! E E gQ??f?9 QQLQadia'1 KLM 2 22 EQ Mm E2 A 53 CCQQZQQQQQ M M ww wiv? QN' w Z2 j , W My WMWQfwWwQM JD MWADWKGWQQ wwgggil wi x fu, W MM W 0 K ' W Gp' .xbox ' CO' ,010 of W' ' X9 -6 A JJM W. H9936 6,5 Jw M O, Q2 X606 fL503ii" I F6459 1 Oi A QC 'xxg 099 Cy xr, D - 6 O O XL? Oxc A0016 Ov OL QD O C x ,ff ok gf M O' Pia W WA -' ' Q60 XO O- 0 5, ' f' 01 00' 600 W S be Q6 ,L , 4109 f' 5 ,Tu TMO X Ll! 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Old Indian Saying Take your time, Think a lot, Think of all the things you've got. Cat Stevens y 6 Have you been around? Have you done your share of coming down on different things that people do? The Guess Who 7 757 DQMU5 Xgmfjfff AQHA f - W M ggfwfwgvziyywfwmf EifN7i907+vdQWpLfLLmy 4 HOU!! WEL BWVY0 bf Qwmf HJEMD WM Ami wwm4f.M0wy!0 551 My Te. J' , wsu-nanny SJ Vx They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Chevalier de Pirat 3 5 - W i 1 1 Instead of loving your enemies, treat your friends a little bit better Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall All you have to do is call and l'lI be there You've got a friend. Carole King I l , mn ' inn " gn 1 if V ,, Vw 4 V Y ' Q5i2w1,VV,z . ..Sei2E:i?i-. ' ' aim .gm 5, V ,L. . . Mew? V 2 i --V. Vs V + ' .Vg - V ' V . . 'f 'X ,M ,V " ' " N fx' " V , .:..1:.,... . ' V Nha. ff hx ,K , ' Y 1 V an 4 -VA V n 4 -,.- wma.. . V. x :V V. 2 x V s 1 ' Q "Z Q il 1 hm 1 q fl' V e "si 'ff " s in DA S Q ag. r 3 as ff 1 gif fn .Va .fs ,4,........... ,M , ...Q--MV . gi? . ? VV 'AV , il V, I :.,' c" .A i 5 We Vzwm V V xv, V LW , Vw V V 3 V , wmwz "': W. . ,M 1 .. Q 2 -r""" ai", nl"""' MU' pl!! ,jf all Vff ' an FWF , " 3 ,. ' i 1 - 11V55Qi'EZ5f:i MQQWSSHWM 1 1. , ' 1 SV W ' ' W M p : ,V K '-ifff5?.- iam ' VJ' - 3, , L,,1 A 1 3"V2':3V,, 'f.5?3'?f, VV fv V, V. ,. ., - 7 VL .V . wi Nz, mV, ,QVQVVV4 K ,M ,, . f- ,VVS , L V VVQEQMLZVVQ! Q.. Vgggg X . V 2 -vVVVV3zVV? V-f.. VV V-V VV f , V 'A 'VV' V V 1 . LL,, 'ii " 5 H VV 'L 4- 4' ,Q 'V V,.:Vw.f+ Wg, " - -.S Q9-Lw,f.VV1 UV ' fs, A ' . Q . VV: VV Q A 25,3251 L.VffL:4y-,gtg V was X jk if V V -xii. 14 if V . -if VK Vf1.V'iiV KV? VE V w,.VVV',f:VVgg,A-.2 AV , V , , Z , .I . V ,VVWVVVE ., V1 V VV ,, VV,,w gV V V45 ' A W- Q. i, T 4 . VV QV 34 Hg .T T' M 'W-VVT 1. , ,V V VV V . .V Vg.-H ., Vf.fVf'Ui1 -ff, . V ' . 5. ,QVVQVVV251.,l,iig'1,:,--,,fVV, gf- V, A . ' . 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Vf .K ,:g,,y V. wi, ,V Vsllw 'fl V' V -A-5.V1f' V3 .Qui V VV 4' ivzwffki ' .VH Vw WV 2 ,V 2 ffm 'V 'NV fi W' if f'?'f952sVVff' , ,tw S, V" 5"?+:?J?9Vm'?ZW?w1VVVwH' 1 "wQQ- ' V-.dizwf N' ' -f -Q , . . - . . UV: V ' VV VA Vu. fi 'ff V 5' ,V V V me iw V ., VV L, iff? imp, al ib'mV VV., VV.. ' M... aff? im. , V W, ff 7mwu?i?w fi 'gf1V53i?f?w:3f555 ,fmw ,Vw I 4 4 PP 6 '4 H 3: if 5 FT r I l973 HAWK North Chicago High School North Chicago Illinois Volume XIX ,fl W nw ' 1-M .Q-1 l www: :fl.l'rfiYaf2 - - A fs. , it 15, A 1 2 ,. A mek ' ' K ,S+ www Q L ff WJ., X 12' fSfz54a'imi1mfiQ -- 1 www vaggggg I Elk Seniors "73" Flobert Adams Theresa Akins Jim Atkinson Pat Bailey pa? ' I James Bajorek Ed Bakshis Zola Ballenger Marilyn Barnes Shirley Barre Carol Bartlett is ,B Beth Bayly Victoria Baysinger I l l ff K -an Q X, X Tom Beadling Josephine Bena Loretta Bergman Kathy Bittner Jackie Bolke Regina Bond Larry Bone Ted Boston FRANK ADAMS lPonneyl: Virgo: "Love and Happiness": Transferred from Waukegan: Wrestling: Weight Lifting: Baseball. ROBERT ADAMS lB0b, Robby Dale, Que pasa, Friendly Bob Adamsl: Libra: "You've Got a Friend": Transferred from Norfolk, Va.: Drill Team 2,3: Football 2: Track 2: "This school isn't that bad, but..." THERESA AKINS JIM ATKINSON: Taurus: "Baby l'm a Want You": Student Council 1,3: Yahtzee Club 1: Homecoming Committee: NJROTC 2. PATRICIA BAILEY JAMES BAJOREK EDWARD BAKSHIS: Gemini: Track 1,2,3,4, Football 1.2,3,4: Chi Hi 1,2,3: Concert Choir 4: Science Seminar 4: Yearbook 4: Concert Band 1,3,4: Lettermens Club 4: Science Fair 4: Photo Lab 2,3: S.T.P. 3,4. ZOLA BALLENGER lCookieI: Virgo: "Break Up to Make Up": Typing Club 1,2,3: Pep Club 1,2,3: Record Club 2,3: Prom Court 3: Homecoming Court 3: Bleacher Bums 4: Girl's Auto Shop 4: Yearbook 4: Drama Club: "lt took a lot of doing but we did Superbad Class of '73." MARILYN BARNES lShorty, Marylegs, Milkdudl: Taurus: "Love and Happiness": Cheerleading 2,3,4: Spanish Club 2,3: Band 1,2,3,4: GAA 1,2,3: Gymnastics 3,4: Class Council 3: "lf you feel like it, do it." SHIRLEY BARRE: Aries. CAROL BARTLETT: Capricorn: Greek Club 1: Table Tennis 1: Drama Club 1,2: Ski Club 3: Stagecraft 2,3: D.E. 3: "I really pity the classes of the future. I hope they don't get the raw deal we did." BETH BAYLY VICTORIA BAYSINGER lVicki, Texasl: Scorpio: "Pieces of April": Transferred from San Juan, Puerto Rico: Jolly Roger Drill Team 1: Sub Dub Club 2: Student Tutoring Organization 2: Office Occupations Club 4: Homecoming Queen 4: "We gonna get high, high, high..!" TOM BEADLING lToml: Cancer: "l Ain't Got None": Band 1,2,3: Ping Pong 2: Ski Club 3. JOSEPHINE BENA WILLIAM BENNETT lBilll: Libra: "Why Can't We Live Together?" LORETTA BERGMAN lBirdl: Pisces: Trans- ferred from Hawthorne, Nev: Pep Club 1,2,3: GirI's Track 2,3: GAA 3: Chorus. KATHLEEN BITTNER Stephen Boyer Tony Braden Toni Bradley Paul Brown Jeff Burnham Robert Byford Sherry Callahan Tony Callahan 1' Sf use-we 'WY Debbie Canelakes Gary Carlson X , ,.,- , W , 'r'r fr i9iiQ rfiZlf"f A . 5 llll ' ' -., 4 - w w? 1- ' , ' .. .: 271' 2 X f A 4 , V 4- wa, .W -as Q 6 ff 1 ,if ,- j , fy , I Cindy Chrapkowski Harry Clingman Debra Clinkscales if-gi B if? :zines Teresa Cole Eugene Collins Victor Collins Sherri Cowins in-ani Gloria Crump Richard Cunningham Danny Davis Elaine Davis JACOUELINE BOLKE lJackiel: Pisces5 "Why Can't We Live Together?"5 Transferred from Hebron, N.D.5 Pep Club 25 GAA 1,25 FBLA 25 Basketball 25 STO 45 National Honor Society 35 "...this school is mixed up." REGINA BOND lGinal5 Aries5 "Love Train"5 Cheerleader, Class Officer 1,2,35 Pom-Pom5 Latin Club5 Choir5 FTA. TED BOSTON lHardyi5 Leo5 Transferred from Ardmore, Okla. STEPHEN BOYER lBabel5 Virgo5 "Every- body Plays the Fool"5 Transferred from Keflavik, lceland5 Band 15Tennis. BARBARA BOYLAND lRaggedy Barbl Virgo5 "Love Can Make You Happy"5 FTA 1,25 Class Council 45 Bleacher Bums 45 Stu- dent Council 25 Typing Club. ANTHONY BRADEN ANTONIA BRADLEY lTonil: Scorpio5 "Why Can't We Live Together?"5 Transferred from Norfolk, Va.5 GSO 25 Yearbook 45 "Amen..." PAUL BROWN lP.B., Chisl5 Libra5 "l Wish l Could Talk To You"5 Wrestling 1,2,35 Foot- ball 1,25 l.E. 35 Spanish Club 25 Afro-Ameri- mn Chorus 35 Weight Lifting 1,2,35 "lf you can't handle it, don't mess with it." JEFF BURNHAM5 Libra5 "Joy"5 Transferred from Keflavik, lceland5 FTA 1,25 Mu Alpha Theta 25 Rifle Team 2,45 NJROTC 45 Science Seminar 35 Yearbook 2,3,45 "Remember where you're from and prepare for where you're going." ROBERT BYFORD lChesterl5 Libra5 "Pieces of April"5 Basketball 1,25 Cross Country 1,25 STO 45 National Honor Society 3,45Bleacher Bums 45 "D0n't be a common everyday type, do something great." SHERRY CALLAHAN5 Ariesg "Love J0nes"5 Transferred from Waukegan5 Inherit the Wind5 Knitting Club 15 Girls Drill Team 35 Science Seminar 3,45 "l've come this far by faith." TONY CALLAHAN DEBBlE CANELAKES GARY CARLSON CINDY CHRAPKOWSKI lRoscol5 Sagittarius5 "Right Things to Do"5 Class Council 1,2,35 Pep Club 15 Student Council 25 FTA 15 Foot- ball Statistician 2,3,4. DEBRA CLINKSCALES lClinkl5 Moon- chiId5 Band 1,2,3,45 GAA 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Future Nurses 35 Commended by National Achievement Scholarship Program for Black Students 45 Who's Who in American High School Students 45 "This school's biggest problem is too much discipline, but get in- volved in what ever's going." James Davis Virgil Davis Arthur DeVost Mike Donachie Artis Frank Joe Gerchar Cathy Gerstenschlager Mike Gomski Steve Eddy Linda Edge Mary Edwards Lynne Ellis Larry Greathouse Kevin Green Sandy Groblewski Linnie Guins Carmen Guzman Susan Hall Van Harl Barbara Harris EUGENE COLLINS lGenel: Sagittarius5 "SuperfIy." VICTOR COLLINS lDiDl2 Virgo5 Band 1,2,3, 45 Class Council 1,2,35 Cross Country 2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,35 Track 1,2,3,45 Science Fair, Inherit the Wind, Science Club 1, "Understand- ing is the rarest of mental qualities and in this day and age, the least appreciated." KATHY COMPTON SHERRI COWINS5 Scorpio5 Current Events 25 Individual Events 25 Beadcraft 25 FNA 35 Typing Club 35 Bleacher Bums 45 Afro- American Chorus 45 Grievance Board 45 Com- munication Office 3,45 "lt is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." GLORIA CRUMP RICHARD CUNNINGHAM lBob Astars, Rag- gedy Richardl5 Cancer5 "Shot Gun"5 Science Seminar 3,45 Student Council 45 Chi-Hi 3,45 Communications Office Worker 45 Anti-poI- lution Club 25 Bleacher Bums 45 Student Tutor 45 "Auntie Mame"5 "Crucible" 25 Mexico Trip Club 25 "Don't regret not having achieved the high goals other scum around here have." DANNY DAVIS ELAINE DAVIS JIMMIE DAVIS5 Capricorn5 Record Club 1,25 Wrestling 1,2,35 Lettermen 2,35 Weight Lifting 2,3. VIRGI L DAVIS ARTHUR DEVOST lRonniel5 Taurus5 "Love and Happiness"5 Checker Club, Gymnastics, Wrestling5 "Be cool you'll get out someday." MICHAEL DONACHIE STEVE EDDY lNickl5 Capricorn5 "In the Garden"5 TrBrlSf9I'f6d from Grant H.S.5 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Spanish Club 25 "Met many beautiful people." LINDA EDGE5 Virg05 "High, High, Hlgh"5 TRA 1,25 GAA 1,25 Drama Club 15 Cheer- leader 2,35 0.0. 45 Bleacher Bums 45 Tennis Club5 Jr. Prom Queen 3. MARY EDWARDS CHARLES ELDRIDGE LYNNE ELLIS5 Sagittarius5 "Color My World"5 FTA 1,25 GAA 1,2,35 Class Council 1,25 Needlepoint 25 Typing Club 3. ARTIS FRANK ETHEL GARDINER lMavl: Pisces5 "CouId it be l'm Falling in Love?"5 Mixed Choir 1,2,35 Concert Choir 15 "NCCHS is better than the other schools, but it's not the best." Ellis Harris Clarence Henley Gordon Henry Dennis Herrick Brenda Hill Gaye Hill Walter Hill William Hilty af .- Lf: mn, Sandra Hudson Nlellody Hunley Renee Hunt Beatrice Hunter Debbie Iverson Henry Ivey Neal Jahnke Arlene Janezich Arvine Jefferson v Ken Jereb Mattie Jernigan Dale Johnson Gail Johnson KEVIN GARRETT JOSEPH GERCHAR CATHY GERSTENSCHLAGER MICHAEL GOMSKI IBirdI1Gemini. LARRY GREATHOUSE KEVIN GREEN IMouseI: Libra5 "AIl of Them"5 Basketball 15 Ping Pong 45 "They let me out on bond." SANDRA GROBLEWSKI ISandyI: Scorpio5 "Heart of GoId"5 GAA 1,2,35 Ping Pong 1,25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Bleacher Bums 45 Ski Club 35 DECA 45Card Club 4. LINNIE GUINS5 Libra5 Band 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Science Club 15 Math CIub5 "Superstar was here." CARMEN GUZMAN IDOII, Eggplantii Capri- corn5 "You're so Vain"5 Transferred from Mangilao, Gaum5 Bleacher Bums 45 Chi Hi 3, 0.0. 45 Spanish Club 3,4. SUSAN HALL VAN HARL BARBARA HARRIS IBoogieI: Aquarius5 "Love and Happiness"5 Afro American Choir, Student Council, Angel's Drill Team5 "I am proud that I am walking across the stage at Iast." CLARENCE HENLEY ISuper Flyip Capri- corn5 "Love and Happiness"5Transferred from Miller High School. GAYE LYNN HILL IGaisyI2 Gemini5 Greek Club 15 Humanities 1,25 French Club 1,25 FTA 35 Bleacher Bums 45 Chi Hi 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Individual Events 45 National Merit Finalist 45 "Happiness lies in the fulfillment of ones personness." WALLY HILL IGysmoI5 Cancer5 "Piece of My Heart"5 Cross Country 1,25 Track 15 National Honor Society 35S.T.O. 3,45 Bleacher Bums 45 "lfyou don't do it, it won't get done." WILLIAM HILTY SANDRA HUDSON MELLODY HUNLEY IMelI5 Sagittarius5 "Vicious"5 Ski Club 35 Student Tutoring 2,35 FTA 15 FBLA 15 Gymnastics, Spanish Club 15 Prom Court 35 DO Club5 "Hea honey, take a walk on the wild side." RENEE L. HUNT5 Capricorn5 "It's Too Late"5 Individual Events 25 Current Events 25 GirI's Drill Team 35 Beadcraft 25 FNA 35 Bleacher Bums 45 "Love the life you live, and live the life you love." BEATRICE HUNTER DEBBIE IVERSEN iBoom-Boom Baileylz Gemini5 "Color My World"5 Spanish Club 15 Drama Club 1,25 FTA 25 National Honor Society 35 Ski Club 35 Class Council 35 Bleacher Bums 45 Prom Court 35 Chi Hi Staff 45 Student Tutoring Program 4. Tony Johnson John Jones Doran Kemp Marilyn Kneeland ,-.F A .W fy ,a g pf'3?1,i vii 'Q b:'7 Jfffwiwfkii f S, .-" 'Q i w ffm. Richard Kocal Cathy Korn Steve Krempotic Shirley Kundinger Darryl Ladd Steve LeClerc 0, .wi tl W.. Jill Leist Richard Lenzini Jane Liedberg Joyce Linder Janet Lindsey Robin Little David MacDoweIl Joseph Machak Twyla Mackins Elaine Mahoney HENRY IVEY NEAL JAHNKE lFreddiel: Libra5 "Put it Where You Want lt"5 Science Fair 1,2,3,45 Senior Class Pres. 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Debate 15 Stu- dent Tutor 3,45Student Council 2,3,45 Bleach- er Bums 45 Boys' State 45 "We've made it halfway. Now be cool." ARVINE JEFFERSON5 Scorpio5 GAA 15 Record Club 15 Debate 25 Black Literatureg "The key to success is 'Progress'." KEN JEREB5 Gemini5 Football 1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Lettermen Club 45 Weight Lifting 1,25 Sports Appreciation 15 "Eighteen at lastl" TER ESA JEREB MATTIE JERNIGAN lLee or Mamal: Aquarius5 "Love and Happiness" and "Troubled Man". DALE JOHNSON5 Leo5 Weight Lifting 15 Checker Club 15Track 1,2,35 Cross Country 35 Chi Hi 3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 "Be cool and do your best in whatever you do." GAI L JOHNSON JOSEPH JOHNSON TONY JOHNSON JOHN JONES DORAN KEMP lNannyl5 Aquarius5 "Could It be I'm Falling in Love?"5 Student Council 1,2,3,45 Track5 Basketball 1,2,35 Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Student Tutor 2,35 Letter- man 2,35Chi Hi 3,45 D.E. 4. PETER KENNEDY5 Cancer5 "Keeper of the Castle"5 "Black is beautiful, black is bad, look out, geese, cause I'm free at last." MARILYN KNEELAND5 Pisces5 "Think it Over5 Silly Wasn't l."5 GAA 15Typing Club 15 Needle Point 25 Record Club 25 Drill Team 35 Bleacher Bum 45 Pep Club 45 Afro-American Chorus 45 Homecoming Queen5 "You can make it if you try." RICHARD KOCAL lKoco-puffl5 Libra5 "Pictures of Matchstick Men"5 Football 1,2, 3,45 Baseballg Basketball Manager 35 "lnherit the Wind" 45 Class Council 2,35 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Bleacher Bums 45 "Devastating, Simply devastating. CATHERINE KORN lCathyl5 Capricorn5 "I'Il Be There"5Concert Choir 45 FTA 1,25, Acapel- la 1,2,35 "Do it now, tomorrow they may pass a law making it illegal." STEPHEN KREMPOTIC lBibblel5 Leo5 "Thick as a Brick"5 Golf 15 "TeIl Me You Love Me Junie Moon"5 Bleacher Bums 45 Drama 3,45 "Do what you like." Ron March Cathy Markiewicz Larry Matson Travis Mayfield -,u we X Sharon McCarnes Richard McKenzie Jannie McKissick Rick Michur 5. Carolyn Miller Chris Miller Colette Miller Doris Miller Johnnie Montgomery Myra Moody Mike Moran Rock Morris Pat Nabors ,f uf' Janeen Nagode Edith Nelson Brandon Neville Ray Niemietz SHIRLEY KUNDINGER DARRYL LADD STEVEN LECLERC JILL LEIST lJill Babylp Virgo5 "Someday We'll Be Together"5 Transferred from Coro- nado, Calif.5 "I'Il know better than to say that next time." RICHARD LENZINI , JANE LIEDBEFIG5 Pisces5 GAA 1,25 Cheer- leading 25 Student Council 1,25 Yearbook 35 "Go banana." JOYCE LINDER JANET LINDSEY lJinxyl:Virgo5 Needlepoint 1,25 Cheerleader 25 Ski Club 35 Gymnastics 25 Chi Hi 35 Band 1,2,35 Chess Club 25 ln- dividual Events 1,25 Drama Club 1,25 "My Three AngeIs" 35 "To know the truth is easy5 but, ah, how difficult to follow it." ROBIN LITTLE WILLIAM LOVELACE DAVID MACDOWELL JOSEPH MACHAK TWYLA MACKINS ELAINE MAHONEY MICHAEL MALONE RONALD MARCH CATHY MARKIEWICZ5 Sagittarius5 "Alone Again"5 Card Club 15 NJROTC Drill Team 3,45 GAA 1,25 "For Un can kill you." LARRY MATSON JOANN MAYFIELD TRAVIS MAYFIELD5 Chess Club 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 2,35 Lettermen's Club 45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Track 25 Wrestling 2,3,45 "lf you don't know me by now." SHARON MCCARNES RICHARD MCKENZIE l"CooI"l2 Taurus5 Transferred from North Kingston, Rhode lsland5 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Football 25 Letter- men's Club 45Sports Appreciation 2,3,45 "The best things in life are free." JANNIE MCKISSICK WILLIAM MERRITT RICK MICHUR CAROLYN MILLEFI5 Taurus5 "Love and Happiness"5 Student Council 1,2,35 F.B.L.A. 25 Explorer Club 35 "I feel that North Chicago is a very nice school..." CHRISTIAN MILLER5 Virgo5 Debate Club 15 Drama Club 1,25 French Club 45 Pep Band 45 Class Council 2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Letter- men's Club 3,45 Wrestling 1,2,35 Tennis 35 "Remember,oh N.C., with your smoke stained skies, your stinking Abbotts5 there is more to life than just cribbage, drinking, and basket- ball games5 there is art, music, and drama, the true showcases of life." COLETTE MILLER Renee Norwood Michael Nycz Desiree Oglesby Lynne Older 3 'ff-9 'csv 'D Joyce Olson Patricia O'Rourke Patricia Orsby Cathy Owens Q-.v,...w-- Judy Paige Elizabeth Pangier 13 Dan Pasiewicz Ken Pasiewicz , , ,AW SNK Penny Perala Gary Petric Mike Pettis Leon Rockingham was as Steve Rodgers Maurice Rodriguez Yvette Rodriguez Ronald Ruskin DORIS MILLER iDJl3 Virgog "Wherever there's an oyster, there's a pearl." JOHNNIE MONTGOMERY MYRA MOODY: Typing Club 13 GAA 33 Future Nurses 33 Bleacher Bums 43 Debate Club 23 "Don't think these past four years have been fun, because they haven't." GEORGE MOORE GLADYS MOORE MIKE MORAN lBugsl3 Capricornp Football 1,23Wrestling 13 Baseball 1,21 Student Council 13WeightIifting 13BasketbaIl 1. ROCK MORRIS PATRICIA NABORS JANEEN NAGODE IBeanheadi: Leo3 "Southern California Purple"3 Knitting Club 13 Card Club 23 Yearbook 43 "What's Happen- ing? Mel" A EDITH NELSON IMamai3Cancer. BRANDON NEVILLE3 Ariesg "Love and Happiness"3 Basketball 1. RAYMOND NIEMIETZ3 Aries3 "Sweet Loraine"3 Student Council 1,2. RENEE NORWOOD IWillial3 Scorpio3 "Let's Stay Together"3 Chess 23 Card Club 23 FNA 33 Class Council 43 GAA 13 0.0. 43 "You've come too far to end it now." MICHAEL NYCZQ Aries3 Football Imgrl 2,31 Wrestling imgrl 1,23 Tennis 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,41 Letterman's Club 1,2,3,43 Spanish Club 23 "Auntie Mame" 23 Student Tutor 43 Bleacher Bum 43 "Don't be a pest." TH ERESA OBOS lTunal3Virgo3 "Beginnings"3 Greek Club 13 Latin Club 13CIass Council 33 Bleacher Bums 43 Student Tutor 43 National Honor Society 3,43 FTA 2,33 "Whatever you want to be, be natural," DESIREE OGLESBY3 Libra3 "Love and Happiness"3 Gymnastics 33 Pep Club 13 GAA 1,2,33 Food Occupations 43 "Knowledge, use what you've got to get what you want." LYNNE OLDER JOYCE OLSON3 Scorpio3 "We all need Some- one to Lean On"3 Stamp Club 13 Pinochle 23 Bleacher Bums 43 "Good Luck." LEANDER ORLOWSKI PATRICIA OROURKE iFat Pat, Patip Pisces3 "We're Gonna Get High, High, High"3 French Club 13 Softball 13 0.0. 43 "Another Party at Pagoda?" PATRICIA ORSBY KATHY OWENS3 Libra3 "The World ls A Gi'l6ttO"j Debating Club 13 Record Club 1,23 "To all the juniors, goodluck in the coming year." JUDITH PAIGE lJudyl3 Libra3 "Love and Happiness"3 "Remember, with my brains and intelligence, I made it, so can you!" I 33 Allen Pierce Marlene Pierson Dorothea Pitts Gary Platt 415 mqgfzz We sang, 1 t 5 IQ .ef-n,f,f',,f1 4 . w i 3ii,,y ,fu S, Yvonne Prater Robert Presley Robert Pressler Barbara Price " Elf-as . 5 ma if if 1 62 sifag Q 9 if fx YZ fffr'T4L?'?r"f f' ff" ' -fd -'V H fa l5f?fe:f'1:l if - -if .W-ff l ligxzgzzf' 5 ,Q 5 , wwf ,swan cf I rl yy GF? 0. frfimiffi ' William Quick Kevin Quinn if Q an Mary Jo Repp Gloria Riley Phyllis Russell Martin Saffell Max Salinas Kathy Sandahl Patty Schmidt Linda Scott Pamela Scott Paula Scott Kevin Shearer ELIZABETH PANGIER5 IRaggedy Betty LouI5 Capricorn5 "Nights In White Satin"5 Transferred from San Diego, CaIif.5 FNA 2, 35 Spanish Club 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 STP Tutor 45 USG Council 45 Bleacher Bums 45 Yearbook Club 4. DANIEL PASIEWICZ IPazI: Virgo5 "Rocky Mountain High"5 Cross Country 2,35 Football 15 Class Council 1,25 Wrestling 1,2,35 Chorus 45 Drama 45 Weight Lifting 1,25 Soph. Class Pres.5 Sports Appreciation 1,25 Lettermans Club 1,25 Golf 35 "Appreciate and develop your potential in all areas for nature may take them away and then you'Il realize what the deprived feeI." KENNETH PASIEWICZ PENNY PERALA GARY PETRIC lPitter Patter Petricl5 Virgo5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Ill. State SchoIar5 Lettermen's Club 2,3. MICHAEL PETTIS lJunkieI5 Leo5 "Feeling In The Need of Me"5 Transferred from Crane High School5 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,25 "I love women and enjoy and appreciate a very lovable lady". ALLEN PIERCE5 Aquarius5 "l Am, I Said"5 Transferred from Owensboro, Kentucky5 NJROTC 2,3,45 "Inherit the Wind" 45 Science Fair 45 Track 35 "Nothing is so far away that you can't reach it if you try." MARLENE PIERSON5 Sagittarius5 "Lift Every Voice And Sing"5 Typing Club 15 FTA Club 2,35 Record Club 35 Prom Court 35 Office Occupations 4. DOROTHEA PITTS5 Libra5 "Love and Hap- piness"5 GAA 1,25 "I guess this school has been alright, but I sure don't want to stay another year." GARY PLATT lTexl5 Libra5 "One Less Bell to Answer"5 Transferred from Zion, lIl.5 Slide Rule Club 25 Electronic Projects 35 Cross Country 45 "Love and Peace for alI." MARK POPELKA ROBERT PRESLEY IKitwanal5 Capricorn5 "The Unfinished Symphony" Track 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Individual Events 2,35 Science Seminar 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Drama 1,45 "Life is Beautiful when one learns how to live." RICHARD PRESSLER IRickI5Pisces5 "TumbI- ing Dice"5 Transferred from Coronado, Calif. BARBARA PRICE Henry Sherrod Dianna Shields Lawrence Sims Donald Skalla Gregory Smith Sheryl Smith Bob Sladek Mike Slover Alyce Smith Chalmers Smith Donna Smolcich Kenneth Sparks Ernestine Spidle Brandon Stackhouse Peggy Stanko ir Kim Stanton Johanna Starks Willie Stevenson Eugene Stewart Michael Stewart S i WILLIAM QUICK lEthanolI5 Taurus5 "Blue Danube"5 Baseball 1,2,3,45Cross Country 1,25 Science Club 45 NHS 3,45 STP 2,3,45 Letter- men's Club 2,3,45 "Work is the key to suc- cess!l" KEVIN QUINN5 Virgo5 "Beethoven's Fourth Symphony"5 Drama Club 2,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Bleacher Bums 45 NHS 3,45 Wrestling 25 "Leaving at last, Leaving at last, Thank God Almighty, I'm leaving at last." MARY JO REPP IBoscol5 Capricorn5 "l've Got to Get Out of This PIace"5 GAA 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 25 NHS5 III. State Scholar. DAVID RIGWOOD GLORIA RILEY5 Libra5 "Maybe Tomorrow"5 Spanish Club 1,25 FBLA 15 Bleacher Bums 4. ELIJAH ROBINSON LEON ROCKINGHAM l"The Rock"I5 Capri- corn5 Football 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,2, 3,45 Student Council 1,2,35 Chi Hi 3. STEPHEN RODGERS MAURICE RODRIGUEZ YVETTE RODRIGUEZ lSunshineI5 Virgo5 "KiIling Me Softly With His Song"5 Student Council 1,2,35 Needlepoint Club 15 FNA 25 Drama 35 Bleacher Bums 45 "Looks aren't everythingl" LYNN ROLLAIN RONALD RUSKIN lRonl5 Cancer5 "Monster Mash"5 Transferred from Ohio5 NJROTC. PHYLLIS RUSSELL lJackI5Sagittarius5 "The World is a Ghetto"5NHS5Spanish CIub5 "Now I lay me down to rest, I pray to pass tomorrow's test, If I die before I wake, That's one less test I'll have to take!" MARTIN SAFFELL lJerkI5 Cancer5 "Atom Heart Mother"5 Checker Club 15 Cross Country 25 STP 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Illinois State Scholar 45 "My departure from this institution has put me in an overwhelming state of exultation." MAX SALINAS5 Pisces5 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,25 Golf 25 Letterman's Club 3,45 Checker Club 25Weight Lifting 1,2. KATHY SANDAHL IBootsieI5 Leo: "I Don't Want to be Lonely Tonight"5 GAA 1,2,3,45 Typing Club 15 Student Council 2,3,45 Class Council 3,45 Ping Pong 35 Bleacher Bums 45 DAR winner5 "What a PoIIock." PATTI SCHMIDT lPatl: Aries5 "You're So Vain"5 Card Club 25 Typing Club 25 Teacher asst,4. LINDA SCOTT PAMELA SCOTT PAULA SCOTT ROBERT SCOTT KEVIN SHEARER5 Leo5 Basketball 15 Base- ball 15 Football 1,45 Track 2,3,45 Drama 25 Chi Hi 15 Letterman's Club 3,45 Card Club 1,25 Checker Club 1. Karen Swanson Carl Swopes David Szostak Glenn Talmage Caretha Tanner Perry Tard Phyllis Terrell April Thomas Jesse Thomas .- H .,..l, ,MMKK ' A' as f' Randall Thomas Steve Thompson Troy Thompson Jeff Urbina Frank Vazquez LaFountain Walker Fred Watkins 'TP J Hershel Webb David Welch Kathy Werenski James Whitehead HENRY SHERROD LARRY SIMS DON SKALLA ROBERT SLADEK DAVID SLOVER lMikel5 Aries5 "Country Road"5 Transferred from Piqua, Ohio5 Base- ball 1,25 Basketball lmgrl 25 Football lmgrl 45 Lettermen's Club 45 "What a bummer!" ALYCE SMITH5 Gemini5 "Love Jones"5 Italian Club, Debate 25 STP 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Spanish Club 25 "Why do we have to live together?" CHALMERS SMITH GREGORY SMITH SHERYL SMITH DONNA SMOLCICH5 Leo5 "You're So Vain"5 Italian Club 15STP5 French Club 2,35FTA1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Illinois State Scholar 4. , KENNETH SPARKS5 Aries5 "Love Jones"5 Afro American Chorus 3,45 Yearbook 45 Buzz Book 1,2,3,45 Bleacher Bums 45 "My Soul Look Back and Wondered How I Got Over." EARNESTINE SPIDLE lEarnestl5 Scorpio5 "I Love You"5 GAA 1,25 Spanish Club 25 0.0. 45 Cheerleader 2,35 Student Council 3,4. BRANDON STACKHOUSE lBlifferl2 Aquari- us5 Band 15 Record Club 25 Afro American Chorus 3,4. PEGGY STAN KO5 Capricorn5 "Rocky Moun- tain High"5 Transferred from Corpus Christi, Texas5 Pep Club 15 Yearbook 45 "There is nothing out of life that you cannot get if you want it bad enough." KIM STANTON lKimmie Mael5Taurus5 "Color My World"5 Tennis Club 15 Student Council 1,35 GAA 25 Cheerleader 2,45 Bleacher Bums 45 Gymnastics 45 Homecoming Queen 4. JOHANNA STAR KS WILLIE STEVENSON lSea Birdl: Pisces5 "Let's Stay Together"5 Basketball 15 Card Club 2,35 Record Club 2,3. EUGENE STEWART MICHAEL STEWART lStewdyl5 Taurus5 "One Man Band"5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Weight Lifting 25 Lettermens Club 3,45 "Don't mess with "it" if you can't handle "it"..." KAREN SWANSON lPicklesl5 Libra5 "Color My World"5 Drama 1,2. CAROL SWOPES DAVID SZOSTAK5 Cross Country 1,25 Track 1,25 Basketball 15 Golf 3,45 Ski Club 3,45 Bleacher Bums 45 "Be Cool." GLENN TALMAGE lShorty, Frogli Pisces5 Transferred from Oxnard, CaIif.5 NJROTC 3,45 Rifle Team 45 Drill Team 35 "Everybody must pull together." Gary Whyte Brenda Williams Donna Williams Linda Williams 0 1 fi .iq 41-Lv vm rf., . l xr' af sf' -W. Margo Williams Renee Williams Vivian Williams Deena Wittig Josephine Wopclk Dave Wood I ffiffl' M, 'ss if if . ' 3' iff' Dolly Woods Brenda Wright it I - ,H-,gg 5 jfy A 44513 , - . ? :,?a - tfegigiieig, 5,-, .. ,Q-5, , , J f 'Z if 1 L '- ,Nxt iaiifws'-2i?52j'5 - , 5 fax, - Q' ' it ff' Randy Wrobel Theresa Wrona Patricia Wysiatko Roberta Zaker Rita Zbybinski Judie Zbynski Ray Zdanowicz Thomas Zegar CARETHA TANNER PERRY TARD PHYLLIS TERRELL APRIL THOMAS JESSE THOMAS lJT Garlitsl: Gemini5 "Beethoven's Seventh Symphony5 Transferred from Orange County, Calif.5 Football 25 Base- ball 2,35 "Handle it, buddy." RANDALL THOMAS GLENNA THOMPSON5 Cancer5 "Knight In White Satin"5 Chorus 2. STEPHEN THOMPSON TROY THOMPSON5 Aries5 Transferred from Inglewood, Calif. JEFFREY URBINA lPanchOl2Pisces5 "Do Not Forsake Me"5 Student Council 1,2,45 Drama 1,2,3,45 Chi Hi 3,45 Spanish Club 15 Concert Choir 3,45 Bleacher Bums 45 "Oh well, you c2n't win 'em alll" FRANK VAZQUEZ iCool PR, Super Flyll Taurus5 "If Loving You ls Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right"5 Transferred from Wauke- gan, IlI.5 "Hi Toni and Pat." LAFOUNTAIN WALKER CLARENCE WALLACE FRED WATKINS HERSHEL WEBB5 Band 1,2,3,45 Stamp Club 1,25 Spanish Club 1. DAVID WELCH KATHY WERENSKI lMouthli Aquarius5 "CouId It Be l'm Falling In Love?"5 Ping Pong 25 Card Club 25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Bleacher Bums 45 "ls that right!" GARY WHYTE5 Libra5 "Sho Nuff Trouble"5 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Track 45 Baseball 1,2,3,4. BRENDA WILLIAMS DONNA WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS lSIiml5 Virgo5 "Children of the Night"5 Class Council 1,2,35 Cheer- leader 2,35 Prom Queen 35 Bleacher Bums 45 "Power for the weak5 Peace for the oppressed5 And understanding for us all." MARGO WILLIAMS RENEE WILLIAMS VIVIAN WILLIAMS DEENA WlTTlG5Sagittarius5 "Thank God it's the last year!" JOSEPHINEWOJCIK iSophiel5Scorpio5 "One Man Band." DAVID WOOD IWoodie Esqli Virgo5 "Pieces of April"5 Cross Country 2,3,45Track 1,2,3,4. DOLLY WOODS fRabbitI5 Capricorn5 "CouId lt Be l'm Falling In Love?" RANDY WROBEL l"CeciI"l5 Leo5 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 "Get it while you can." THERESA WRONA lBa-na-nal: Scorpio5 l.E. 3,45 Girls State 35 "Mercy, what a nerd!" PAT WYSIATKO5 Libra5 Ill. Girl State Rep.5 Bleacher Bums 4. ROBERTA ZAKER RITA ZBYBINSKI JUDIE ZBYNSKI RAY ZDANOWICZ lDukel1 Student Council 3,45 Bleacher Bums 4. THOMAS ZEGAR ag nf zhl Q aff Q I 1 :K lb ma 'lf Ti" HGH' Nx- Wh! 'Q J 5 H Y, Q. ,wl"""""""'1 ga 1 9 -V' 15 ' g ff 5 g- Q1 1 1 , V I ' lr 25'-7 I :Af Spirit Ernestine Spidle Vicki Baysinger Kim Stanton Shirley Kundinger Jackie Bolke Roberta Zaker Marilyn Kneeland Sandy Groblewski Junior Ribbon Bearers: Lynn Jahnke, Terry Waenter, Linda Ur- banik, Snobia Hanna Homecoming Queens and their Court Sophomore Attendants: Darlene Edge Dory Conopeotis, Faye Powell, Lynn Czapiga -,W Im , Q 1 - 1 Mr. Grey flips over a broad Cindy on Little Kid Day Ain't I sexy!?! Teachers attempt Bunny Hop Spirit ,Mm r ""Nuf,,, Mmww-mb, Phyllis gets caught eating in school Freshman Float--4th Place Sophomore Float-2nd Place ! GSI? V an ' L 54' W' 1 M' ,-4 ' -.., ,ad U16 GQ C Q 4-of-' rr Parade if yi 5 K i 4 gig! 4. , Q g f ,, ' V V . ,, Y A 3?-24 V 1 A 1 -W F , -hh Q , A :A as f V. 3 , g, -Q 'L . V ,V img V Jumor Float--3rd Place MW., 'MDVZV' df -45 .Vex 2 5 -3' gf Q V as f fm A' . 1 ,i,,.,yV-fl i 526 5 , ., - .' L "aff '-M1461 f' . ,. n A , W . V , , 'Hg A V A 1 . 1 f - ayf-uw-S ,,,,. , H ' H 2 V 2 -,'. f, - f y. . .. .V .V , "'L mL,. , ',.. '... ' E333 , ., 'f " V, ' W K ! HA 421 5 .1 A A " . - 4 . g . . " , 4 , , . 1 ,. .. Q-M ,- wlfwu XX Mfwmmlggzwwrf-gf4Q1sfsf.,g,f-1yVf2MW.VffV,- my A , l ,, .J ,pc E,z.,.Qx5gQzq 1-1 fffw, ,SEV ' 1 V. A V ' : I '-'L , V .V ,V , 2 iv'--g l1Vaz'is7,?f??5?7,!K "'? 1 'xQ' 4f5f'?1 35'ii751i5S'i?5?'SS,5VVS'Ji'53!g'55:'gi34ff' W fp' ' " ' VYV IFZT V. --QV wi, HIM, f-'-M55:?i5753'5's,' T73'2'V?i'T5Qfl"MifV:W gif 551555534 ffyg:,z1f4n5eqgQj?+g, 'fp3f,tVx-Vz,!L4,1,,5M5gyw,w - A Q .Vz,fVfffVQ:mf eaYr3w3v'.V':iiisf55f25 i9,f?3s?.+35f::5:'EV,w V, VMS. JW swf- fwyrgw , WV .VH ,. V V .V V ' V1wVz,,V V, V f,,fV?5,f,5VMfmfL' VM QVVJ7,m,.-:W AfV'mm'g-lib' fx L- 523m:1s,ggggf,ggg5ta,3,,g'kfigsvf315gg1m1a1aafQsS- - Q- .. in gfwx.afmLsmamzen.e:.m?f.Qs.1iQQ,'.3imma53ief1V's-,..hvw,QEf MQ'f.sw,1.QQfL2fQ.:sagfm.funm8ffsxaamsgaVgffgim Senior Float--1st Place Inherit the Wind Cast Mrs. Mathew Harrison Brady . . . . . Lauryn MacCracken Flachel Brown , . Martha Lionberger Bertram Cates . . .. . . . Reverend Jeremiah Brown . E.K. Hornbeck ..... Mathew Harrison Brady . . Henry Drummond . . Judge ...... Tom Davenport ................. And all of the fine supporting actors and actresses. Directed by Lorraine Elliot Kevin Quinn, Martha Lionberger . Kevin Quinn Victor Collins Elizabeth Bayly . Allen Pierce . Jeff Urbina . Sarah Lewis William Snyder Victor Collins Tell Me That You Love Me, .lunie Moon Directoress .... . . . Junie Moon ... ... Arthur ..... Warren ..... Mario ....... . . . Dr. Kirkland ... ... Miss Holt ..... ... Miss Oxford Minnie ..... John Goren ... ... Marilyn ...... . . . Sidney Wyner. .. ... Miss Gregory ... ... Cherie Hall Lorraine Elliott Chris Miller Flobert Presley Victor Collins Dennis Ertle Meredith Flose Cindy Hall Phyllis Russell Willie Stevenson Edith Graves Peter Salinas Judie Zbynski D 1 Ask . 'Zh A H .if A5 if 4 r P if fl? 4 l PM rl ,. ss, fer. 2 Vi-.55 fl sm ,Q fail i if of SW P E X .3 J s -. N- Y' .4451 F? Where ls De QU98l1?I Directoress Lauryn NlacCracken, Beth Bayly, Gary Mitchell, Judie Zbynski, Sarah Lewis, Tony Johnson, Victor Collins, Bob Presley, Terry MacCracken. R UQ of Underclassmen Seniors: those who know and know they know Juniors: those who know and don't know they know Sophomores: those who don't know and know they don't know Freshmen: those who don't know and don't know they don't know Unknown Junior Ciass Officers Lori Weisemann, Lynn Jahnke, Harriet Beadling, Pam Beavers ,-all 5551 R Q S . ii Q' A - X mr r 3X 6 UH Juniors '7 L, 5 xy fx S s W l55 Row 1. Harriet Beadling, Richard Bailey, Gwen- dolyn Adams. Row 2. Toni Ball, Nelda Bailey, Rochelle Atkinson, Susan Anthony, Veleria And- erson, Melanie Bartley, Vanessa Abington. 202 Row l.Cynthia Bryant, Kathy Belec, Pam Beavers, Keith Bell, Reggie Bela cher, David Branch, Row 2. lVlarc Bro gan, Pam Belcher, Robert Brinson, Donna Blanton, Carolyn Wade, Phil- brick Robinson, Arthur Bryant. 'X Burlingame Working? Row 1. Tom Chadwick, Joe Cole. Row 2. Vickie Clinkscales, Roxanne Carlson. Flow 3. Ola Mae Burch, Joyce Burns, Heide Casillas, Dennis Burleson. I can see clearly now. WW M Ri ga W' N W Q Sk W as 985, The ki A Z .MZ " Q-iii KX V. 31 Su-L 5, K v. 5-,1 ' ' ywg. -- QA Ja ' Q 5 ,J b - ,F 1, . is i , all O02 Row 1 Philbrick Robinson Ella Estes Mike Ellis Bridget Field Pat Freeman Jeff Geater Linda Evans Row 2 John Fogal Kathy Folwarski John Fink Debra Fecht Everett Freeman Kent Gebhardt IO5 Row 1 Joseph Dawson Lorraine Elliott Row 2 Pat Depasquale Nathaniel Conver Kimberly Cowan Debbie Eddy Flow 3 Marta De Jesus Arthur Eliason Anthony Cowan Debra De Vost Debra Day Row 4 Michael Craig Morris Dye 225 53.122-5-A-A Flow 1. Paul Goodwin, Steve Hamilton, Marg Hagstrom, Darlene Hainer, Cynthia Hall, Robert Griffin, Ruth Harris, Vanessa Greathouse, lris Haley, Nlike Hargrett. Row 2. Alicia Gross, Peggy Jones, Snobia Hanna. Flow 3. Michael Harris,Crane Hanna, Emmanual Hanna, Robert Grover. ,S ,A F 1 'Lf 'WX 1 206 Paul Jerard Lynn Jahnke Lisa Lary Row 2 Carol Jumper Shir! Kenaston Henry Jakubowski Stan Jakaitis Karen Jacobs :VX Row1 Doug Hooper Nlarulyn Hood Tom Huley Debra Hull Walter Holderbaum Cathy Hayes Llnda Ihrig. Row 2. Vincent Ingram STTIFEI' fyy egg l22 Jr. 122 Row 1: Sandy McKinley, Laverne Mayfield, Sharon Morris, Liz Myren, Frank Medina, Joy Morris, Gloria Myers, Lauryn MacCracken, Melvin McDonald, Diane Mruk Hilty. Flow 2: Tom McNamee, Becky Medelberg, Terry Miller, Melvin Moss, Tim Mareino, Lillian Mezger, Cheryl McNamee. Charge! l ! JUNIOR: Row 1: Robin Little, Debra Leonaitis, Pam Ludwig. Row 2: Debra Marshman, Land- ress Luckey, Lyle Looney. Row 3: Sarah Lewis, Faith Levausser. Row 4: Gilda Mackins, Linda lVlachak. U I JR.: Row 1: Robin Pruitt, Allen Price. Row 2: Mary Quick, Yvette Robinson, Phil Robinson, Mike Rob- erts, Vidal Rivera. Row 3: Karen Pyktel, Evonne Prater. it N- . 9 Q . i I gi 'H P JFL: Mimi Nero, Linda Nycz, Debrah Nagode, Mike Phillips, Bob Noyes, Lonnie Parker, David Oglesby Flow 1: Dan Turkowski, David Welch, Flon Tal- mage, Jerry Ulibarri, Waverly Spidle, Flario Torres, Norman Tayler, Bobby Turner. Row 2: Linda Ur- banik, Vera Taylor, Carolyn Taylor, Marty Szostak, Keith Bell, Mary Taylor, Pat Taylor. Row 1: Sharon Santos, Mary Jo Skalla, Sherrie Smith, Ken Ruskin. Row 2: Chris Flubich, Vicki Tercero Bob Smith, Lewis Flowell. Row 3: Joseph Floman, Rodney Slover, Horatio Sepe, Pilar Sayurin, Shelley Rose. ,ay .. 7? U kk , , if K l X. H 5 if , Women's Lib at work O 0 3 T llllill "twill . ,,, t I I Row 1 : 3 William Washburn Rodney Vick T51 Carolyn Wade 7 Larry Wells Terry Walenter , Ray Verenski g George Watson Tim Watson Darlene Valters Tracy Van Houten ,f JN SPECIAL HOIVIEROOIVI: Richard Pressler, Scott McGilvrey, Robert Garrett, Leon Rockingham, Dan King Sf my-""' 1 5 K - llfll llll Q-vim yfealm -fm 1.2-f me f 'l ll ' w JR.: Flow 1: Lori Wiesemann, Lafayette Wynn, Lewis Walker, Jerry Zalaznik. Flow 2: Yanne Wyche, Mary Woods, Paulette Williams, Steve Wrobel, Gerald Winburn, Kenneth Zbynski, Roy Woods. 4 -, Nw,-.f .ae , A .-m..,l,. ,W --ii Sophomore Class Officers Priscilla Nabors, Edith Graves, Cindy Sandahl, John Markiewicz Sophomores dm 'lo 1 Q Qfritco ,Q 'magnets -Junctions Nwnnaanua fktitlllll 'uoclll mia-ui 'lil 1 ki fra: 154411 1930113 toni il 1 P9 1 'Q n , ' in fi? gn F1 51 "QQ ' Ai, 2. f Q A . :ly . has V 3 e ,gg .id sb' K I26 Flow 2: lright to leftl: Val Baker, Jan Bartholow, Mary Bankston, Karen Bailey, Dawn Arft, Cindy Bittner, Charles Bailey, Marion Anderson, Ernie Andruszko. Row 1: lleft to rightl: Dave Blackowicz, Offie Barnes, Mike Babicz, Riley Barnett, Martelle Boyer, Tony Barrett, Melvin Bobo, Cliff Bankhead, Bob Bennett. Superwomanl Whad'ja do this time? Edward Cage, Liette Burns, Mark Burlingame, Michael Burlingame, Phil Brown, Charlton Bruff, Ken Bruce, Richard Byrd, Chris Brown Patricia Bush, Loretta Calvert, Barbara Bridges, Evelyn Brooks, Patricia Briscoe, Deborah Broadhurst, Jean Bradley, Gloria Calvert. Alone again, naturally. .. Mr. Scott, Nester Camarino,Cindy Clements, Terry Conner, Butch Chapin, Tyrone Carter, Sharon Coleman, Val Coleman, Robert Cline, John Chandler, Ted Carlson. ?r'EW Row 1. Evelyn Geater, Arlena Edwards, Theresa Ford, Darlene Edge, Denise Geoffrion, Henry Gary, Donald Freeman. Row 2 Vickie Estes, Joan Fogal, Dennis George, Mark Gardiner, Eric Glover, Darryl Garland, Joel Faust. Row 1. Wendy de Bussey, Jim Desrosiers, Angela Cybulski, Eileen Cunningham, Dory Conopeotis, Donna Cushing, Debbie Cudworth, Lynn Czapiga,John de Pasquale. Fiow 2. David Donachie, Kevin Pierce, Nata Conver, Cheryl Cook, Donald Craft, Oscar Day, Leon Dickerson, Debbie Dillworth, Kathy Duncan. ..- A qgexifsgssafgaz- Af , MNWY LL, Q NEHOOL gl M5341 'it R fgfl' SOPH.: Row 1: Loretta Hall, Cheri Hall, Debra Griffin, Vina Hernandez, Teri Harkness, Dona Graham, Betty Harvey, Eleanor Harri- son, Joe Hasson, Kevin Henry. Row 2: Joe Glusic, John Gurganus, Tom Hagstrom, Edith Graves, Anthony Graham, Valerie Griffin, Tracy Henderson, Lenette Hebert, Renee Herring, Naomi Harris, Jon Griffin, Tom Hernandez. Row 3: Ed Govekar, Art Guillen. f- f I f 1 pg JL 1 474 '5 , , 2, , , V ,, ,X ,, f A if . ,It I SOPH.: Willie Irby, Renee Huley, Connie Horton, Alan Hunter, Darcy Irby, Edith Hunter, Cindy Iversen, Barbara Iwanski, Roxanne Ivey. Xb! Well . . . ya see, it's like this... SOPH.: Karen Merrit, Arlanda Mayfield. Row 2: Denise McDanieIs, Margaret McKenzie, Mercedes McAllister, Donna Mc- Arthy, Jane Michur, Hugh Menzie, Stephen McCIinnis, Jack Metcalf. Row 4: James McKnow, Roy McDonald, Kathy Mc- Kissick. I52 SOPH.: Row 1: Larry Jakaitis, Brenda Jenkins, Jim Korjenek, Karen Jarett. Row 2: Barry Kennick, Denise Koschak, Margo Janezich, Sylvester Johnson. Flow 3: Linda Krause, Donna Jesenovec, Gary Jereb, Doris Jackson. Row 4: Larry Jefferys, Duayne Joplin, Floy Johnson, Laverne Johnson. Row 5: Clinton Jones, Pat Kocal. Row 6: William Jackson, Sophia Jewczyk, Mary Kolodziej. SOPH.: Row 1: Mark Markham, John Lickteig, Drew Martin, Mancy Machak, Theresa Kristan, Shirley Martinovich, Terry Mac- Cracken, Sylvia Mahoney, Pam Marshman, John Markiewicz, Ruth Lionberger, Teresa March, John Krempotic. Row 2: Mark Krpan, James Lubeck, Terry Lucas, Reggie Little, Charles Lynn, Craig Lewis. L SOPH.: Flow 1: Andre Montgomery, Janice Nabors, Beverly Moss, Pamela Nash, Terry Mullen, Deborah Mruk, Peggy Moser, Judy North. Flow 2: Andrew Neyrinck, Russell Noyes, Stephanie Moore, Brian Morrison, Priscilla Nabors, Colleen Moats, Terry Mockler. Flow 3: Dirck Mitchell, Gary Mitchell, Richard Moore, Vincente Navarro. What's the answer to number 3? SOPH.: Row 1: Mrs. Luther, Norman Nunag, Patti Perala, Maria Palmer, Bobby O'Bryant, Richard Patterson, Rusty O'Rourke, Allen Olson. Row 2: Randy O'Brien, Nick Papanos, Jimmy Phillips, Kevin Pierce, Ernie Platt, Rose Packer, Robbyne Oglesby. Row 3: Rosette Peterson. IO SOPH.: Flow 1: Juanita Thompson, Pat Thomas, Barbara Tapley, Debbie Stillwell, Letitia Stewart, Douglas Thomas. Flow 2: Edward Stranowicz, Milton Smith, Gerry Szostak. Row 3: Nlilo Smith, John Thomp- son, Peter Smolcich. SOPH.: Flow 1: Patricia Sepe, Cynthia Sandahl, Lucille Smith, Karen Schinn, Vickie Scoggins, Christine Saffell. Row 2: James Fi. Scott, Peter Salinas, Herman Scott, Clarence Simmons, Joseph Santos, Matthew Skenandore. Flow 3: Glenn Schultz, Calvin Simmons, Anthony Smith, Lester Shinsky. OOI SOPH.: Row 1: Robert Price, Philbrick Robinson, Bruce Runnels. Row 2: Greg Ptasienski, Steven Fieabold, Thomas Rod- riguez, John Floss, Terry Quinn, Inez Fiaines, Linda Rowell, David Fiadler. Row 3: Kathy Quick, Jan Fioman, Pam Rashley Fiow 4: Charyl Rommelfaenger, Faye Powell, Linda Richardson. SOPH.: Row 1: James Urbanik, Jeff Whitehead, Joyce Wakefield, Herbert Turney, Phillip Uresy, Teresa Warren, Gloria Watkins, Jacquelin Wilkerson, Terry West, Jennifer Wakefield, Otis Whyte. Row 2: Edward Wells, Larry Turner, James Voinovich, Robin Tweedy, Linda Waggener, Pamela Webb, Patricia Torres, Eugene Turowski, Terry Trusty, Stephen Thornton, Ted Watson. Flow 3: Nancy Vire, Norma Vire, Mona Urban, Marcia Weakley, Margarita Vasquez. SOPH.: Row 1: Carol Zasada, Melanie Zermer, Franci Yukus, Sharman Williams. Row 2: Paul Wood, Lee Roy Woods, Robert E. Williams, Anita Wold, Julie Withrow. Row 3: Michael Williams, Robert T. Williams, Bonnie Young, Rose Williams, Jack Wright, La tonya Wyche, Royce Wyatt. Row 4: Vicky Williams, Regina Wood, John Zeigler, Ezzit Williams. LOOK! Look at Terry! Look at Terry sew! i 1, fr. Z .. "1f'2"'wl,. if 1 sr.. 239 , i . , i ,vzs ,af Freshmen '76 i ,wg ,Mann 'il Freshman Class Officers Robert Sandahl, Cathy Chudy, Lynn Baker, Karen Zdanowicz , I' 3 Q' Richard Bartlett Chris Amstrong Lynn Baker Susan Anderson Laurme Ballenger Rachel Adams Row 3 Andre Bailey, FROSH.: Row 1: Cynthia Alexander, Cynthia Barrett, Tina Bagsby. Row 2: Paul Bardosy, Robert Baker, Marvin Abney, Cal Bankhead, Rlichard Ahrens, Rlichard Barton, Nettie Alston, Bernice Archdale, liileen Bailey. I - FROSH.: Helen Burns, Stacy Charland, Manuel Casillas, Robert Brown, Tom Cappello, Mark Callahan. Row 2: Tina Bullocks, Pat Brown, Lonnie Byers, Michael Cairns, Dennis Burns, Marnin Charles. 2I2 FROSH.: Row 1: Reginald Beavers, Andre Brown, Ricky Bobo, La- verne Blackwood, Jeanette Bradshaw, Lucretia Brown, Brenda Booker, Amy Bochert, Becky Blanks, Mary Bergman, Barbara Bosten, Debbie Beagei, Nlack Bivens, Major Beardisey, Karl Brady. Row 2: Robert Brandal, Charles Baysinger, Tim Bernardy, Tom Beaudoin, Ralph Brinkman, Chris Biedron, Kenneth Bowens. ..f""" It was here a minute ago. w -Q85 1 j 'rl- , sss, gi r , . Q I 3 4 Q . -.' I5I FROSH.: Flow 1: Richard Denson. Row 2: Vicki Ely, Dale Forrester, Richard Feltner, Pam Fischer, Vernon Estes, Corine Duco, David Frank. Row 3: Lynn Epps, Jennifer Foster, Lorraine Flower, Martin Dunn, Dale Ewer, Mike Ferguson, Mark Dolence. Row 4: Wanda Ed- wards, Kathy DeVost, Donna Jean Dibble, Debbie Fulkerson, Karen Fenner. Well, what the. . . Mmmm ...Not bad!!! i - be ij'.l FFIOSH.: Row 1: Wilfred Crater, Monica Dake, Rodney Clinkscales, Karen Cunningham, Diane Daniels. Row 2: Lennard Coleman, Jim Clark, Kathy Chudy, Erin Defebbo, Jean Coltran, Brenda Coker, Elena DeJesus, Lynn Craft, Eddie Coleman, Flickie Collins, Brenda Coleman. Flow 3: Steven Combs, Stanley Coleman, Willie Clark, Guyon Davis. Wg, ' FROSH.: Row 1: Alan Green, Renee Geoffrion, Wesley Hanna, Randy Greathouse. Row 2: Theresa Govekar, Cathy Galicia. Row 3: Denise Gooch, Marilyn Gates, Vivian Gurganus, Charolette Grubbs, Jose Grieg, Scott Grundmeir, Scott Hansen, Tom Hammond, James Graham. FROSH.: Row 1: Janice Horton, Tamera Housdan, Tara Harl, Deborah Holland, Terri Horner, Sandra Hill, Edward Houston, James Huff, George Hill, Jeffery Hodge. Row 2: Daryl Hayes, Dale Horner, Robert Hayes, Bennett Harris, Rita Howell, Karla Harris, Mary Hocevar, Faith Horton, Sentoria Harris, Robert Hinkle. X l J FROSH.: Row 1: Cheryl Jacobs, Marilee Johnson, Yvonne Johnson, Mark Jahnke, Brian Jackman, Kevin Kneeland, Anthony Kirk. Flow 2: Melissa Jerard, Karen Klima, Barbara Isabell, Sharon Johnson, Rosie Johnson, Eve Kaplan. Flow 3: Steve Kippes, Joseph Johnson, Michael Jackson, William Jacobs, Edwin Johnson, Peter Katres. .1 i t A gf ., ,. 4 ,E :HH 2. .L , 5 2 I., .. ,L .A uw, : N f y .. ,,, .., Vrgg QR M.. . In V KNWVWI A M-+-Hifi fgagaisi The silent majority. All i i ': ' FROSH.: Row 1: Antonia Martinez, James MacCracken, Jacquel McClinton, Cathy Lovelace, Derrick Lovelace. Row 2: Robert Mackley, Robert Lutz, Brenda Lowery, Celestina McBride, Jacquelyn Luther. Row 3: Victor Lucas, Alice Mangrum, Annette Moore Row 4: Joe Mathews, Janet Martinovich, Laura Martin. 100 FFl0SH,: Row 1: Julie Leist, Debbie Kramer. Flow 2: Dawn Leedy, Tina Ladd, Arlethia Little, Turine Lewis, Diane Lang, Jan Looney. Row 3: Edward Kula, Heather Lindsey, Carolyn Ladewig, Victor Lopez, Leonard Lickteig, Christine Kula, Karen Kocai. Flow 4: Michael Lapaglia, Paul Krawczyk, Russell Levasseur, Ronald Larsen, Jim Lackey. afzgfz " L K jfiflffig' f , MW , BALL POINT PEN ' 256 I want my pen. 1 FROSH.: Row 1: Theresia Phillips, Juanita Phifer, Regina Pitts, Cynthia Nixon, Diane Pullett, Ardith Pucin. Row 2: Randell Price Luis Rivera, Harold Range, Barbara Poole, Donna Platt, Shaun Quinn. Row 3: Mark Prusha, Allen Prier, Walter Ptasienski, James Pierson, Ralph Randolph, Ray Rajuniec, Lloyd Price, Mark Ramos. FROSH: Row 1: Vanessa Nabors, Valerie Montgomery, Amalia Medina. Row 2: Cynthia Morton Pat Michaels, Fay Mullen, Janet McKenzie, Esperanza Medina, Valerie Miller, Toni Moore, Debbie Neal Ann ette Moore, Carmella Moss. Row 3: Susan Menus, one foreign invader, Robert Smith, another Invader Lewis Moulton, Mike Nard. FROSH.: Row 1: Cynthia Nichols, Debbie Olson, Pamela Pappe, Vicky Palmer, Brent Pettegrow. Row 2: Flora Nelson, Elizabeth Perry, Patricia Parks, Brenda Patillo, Glenn Newborn. Row 3: Veronica Overton, Cynthia Nixon, Patricia Norwood, Rantia Patillo, Lynn Newborn. Row 4: Roland Peterson, Tony Packard, Bart Parker, Robert Old- nettle. , fx? .iiyliiii-Ei! 11, - f f' -nl 104 FROSH.: Row 1: David Smith, Richard Smith, James Shue, Claiverunt Svvopes, Rob- ert Taber, Tobie Smith, Melvin Eric Sims, George Taylor. Row 2: Jo Lynn Smith, Dorothy Sullivan, Veronica Overton, Nlar- zette Tard, Salvire Sherrod, Bernice Spencer, Jeanette Smith. Row 3: Peggy Shaffer, Carla Skinner, Linda Shaffer, Margaret Ann Smith. Is she going to miss it? or .4 1 5, l FROSH.: Row 1: Mike Rygiel, Gary Sarich, Mike Rokos, Robert Sandahl, Rickey Schwartz, Louis Rubich. Row 2: Vanessa Scott, Carlos Rome, Kandi Roberts, Andre Rome, Meredith Rose, James Roberts, Regina Runnels, Richard Roberts, John Sacca, Savanah Scott, Everglaze Robinson. Row 3: Albert Scott, Russell Schaller. Ah - that Foot Guard feels good!! 5 ,3.......-.F-- 'E FROSH.: Diana Wilson, Beverly Williams, Joyce Wilson, Angela Whitley, Louis Williams, Keith Whitehead, Roderick Will- iams, Kymberly Wilson, James Wilson, Scott Williamson, Robert Williams, Brian Wertz, Donnell Williams, Katherine Will- iams, Sheri West. ,V L . :H h ,, -.. ...,.. F,-,.. ww ' . . .... " ' FFIOSH.: Sue Tucker, Valerie Thornton, Vicki Weichel, Holly Tucker, Kelly Van Houton, David Varnell, Leon Wells, Melvin Wallace David Webb, Lewis Wagner, Charles Taylor, Ed Tomkovick. Row 2: Jose Vasquez, Leo Wells, Kevin Urbanik, David Walls, Melvin Vire, Morris Wade. Flow 3: James Walker. 6 5 'G K' af if 7 1 3 . 1 ? X li iii' i , M 2, M is 1 of is FROSH.: Fiow1: Cheryl Wrobel, Lisa Winslow. Row 2: Karen Zdanowicz, Joan Zegar, Tina Yost. How 3: Daniel Wuthrich, I 3 3 Daniel Zegar, John Zalaznik, Norman Zehms, Donald Wood. Flow 4: Martin Wright, Pamela Wright, Oscar Wright, Robert Zbynski. 10 lil-li w: -Kg? guy If QA!-'E wf Q ' ,'-521 5' J., xsa my . ' 1 if 'Neff "'m 3.5 4 0 X I x 32 4 air ,AQ If-Cm 'FQ W 1Q,A M if , ' Y X if Clubs Yr? ,f . g :M,,w' W uw 1' 9 Student Council Officers Yvette Rodriguez - Treasurer: ErnestineSpidIe - Secretaryp Dale Johnson - Vice President: Doran Kemp - President Science Seminar 2: C th Belec, Robert Presley, Darlene Hainer, John Fogal. Row 3: Ed Bak- Flow 1: Nlr. Curtis, Lynn Jahnke, Nlarc Brogan, Becky Nledelberg. Row a y Zd owicz, Dan Bergman. Flow 4: Pam Beavers, Cynthia Beavers, Debbie Pressler, Carl Svvopes, Dave Wood, Ken Zbynski shis, Maxcelle Forrester, Steve an FWS SBI!! -.xg l 5 i i 5 l ! .,.... -ee, 547' J ' " i 2 ., my . --,LVPQRWZQK if I , Az ,K .4 Science Fair lllm g . 'i'0?1!A'l'U Nliiinyg Y PIL! 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Row 3-- Jim Desrosiers Theresa Kristen, Karen Koncan, Susan Anthony, Donna Jesenovc, Patty Wysiatko, Angela Cybulski, Patty Perala, Lorretta Burns, Linda Waggner. I Fiow 4: David Szostak, Morris Dye, David Radler, Pat Morris. a Es! i '44 5 National Honor Society Row 1: Kathy Sandahl, Terri Obos, Elizabeth Pangier, Vicki Clinkscales, Lynn Jahnke, Darlene Hainer, Shelley Rose, Roxann Carlson, Yanae Whyche, Cathy Belec, Marge Briscoe, Tracy Van Houten, Jane Liedberg. Row 2: Neal Jahnke, Valerie Clinkscales, Yvette Robinson, Mary Jo Repp, Lynn Col- tran, Mary Quick, Debbie Clinkscales, Karen Pyktel, Phyllis Russell, Robin Pruitt, Jean Rigwood, Marta de Jesus, Pam Beavers, Mary Jo Skalla, Karen GaIicia,Gaye HiIl,Donna Smolcich, Debbie lversen. Row 3: Doran Kemp, Bob Byford, Bob Griffin, David Turner, Gary Petric, Martin Saffell, Kevin Quinn, Richard McKenzie, Dwight Burke, Steve Hamilton, Harry Sepe, Greg Harkness, Ken Zbynski, Tom McNamee, Steve Zdanowicz, Mike Nycz. 115 l 6 DO Flow 1 : Jo Bena, Jane Liedberg, Lynne Ellis, Debbie Canelakes, Gail I Johnson, Mellody Hunley, Heidi Casillas. Row 2:,CarI Swopes, Hob bie Zaker, Steve Rogers, Tom Beadling, Richard Lenzini, James Bajorek, Janet Lindsey. DE Row 1-- Bruce Collins, Yvette Rodriquez, Doran Kemp, Sandy Groblewski, Carol Bartlett, Jim Davis, Pat Bailey. Flow 2-- Mr. Web ber, James Rice, Larry Matson, Steve LeClerc, Bill Bennet, George Moore, Troy Thompson. STP Row 1: Dawn Arft, Susan Mateja, Pamela Fisher, Snobia Hanna, Denise Hodge, Betty Pangier, Tina Grier, Brenda Jenkins. Row 2: Louise Czapiga, Cynthia Beavers, Neal Jahnke, Martin Saffel, Robert Byford, David Radler, Michael Babicz, Joe Faust. Row 3: Lynn Czapiga, Wally Hill, Martha Lionberger, Donna Jesenovec, Debra Day, Jon Griffin, William Quick, Emmanuel Hanna, Mike Nycz, Ken Pasiewicz, Cynthia Alexander, Ed Bakshis, Richard Cunningham, Jackie Wilkerson. Row 1: Dan King, Steve Kegeler, Leon Rock- ingham. Flow 2: Robert Garrett, Richard Pres- sler, Scott McGilvrfy, Larry Matson. fmt L f"l . If A . I...-.. GAA Row 3: Eileen Cunningham, Teresa Nycz, Cindy lversen, Sharon Morris, Donna McCarthy. Flow 2: Connie Horton, Shirly Martinovch, Pam Pappe, Cheryl Flommelfanger, Hycinth Morris. Flow 1: Cindy Clements, Pam Rashley, Jan Roman, Cindy Sandahl, Magarita Vasquez, Pat Sepe. Girls' Volleyball Flow 1: Karen Pyktel, Linda Machak, Row 2: lleft to righti-Paula Korybyski, Linda Krause, Mary Jo Skalla, Debbie Leonidas, Nancy Machak, Lisa DeJesus, Marta DeJesus, Linda Waggener, Angela Cybulski, Meredith Rose. Individual Events Row 1: Terri Wrona, Marge Hagstrom, Cathy Galicia, Theresa Ford, Edith Graves. Row 2: Gaye Hill, Beth Bayly,Lauryn MacCracken, Cheri Hall, Penny Perala, Steve Krempotic. Flow 3: Mr. Kovacek, Melvin Griffin, Bob Griffin, Phyllis Russell, Tony Johnson. vs... ,,,J Drama Club Flow 1: Chris Miller, Zola Ballenger, Sarah Lewis, Tony Johnson, Lauryn MacCracken, Patti Perala. Row 2: Steve Krempotic Cheri Hall, Lorraine Elliott, Mr. Palmer. Q-Y ig W, Web. kklwi, ,--,- ig . Editors: Jim Cain, Terri Wrona, Flay Zdanowicz, Robert Smith, Richard Cunningham, Marg Hagstrom Chi-HI Flow 1: Flay Zdanowicz, Richard Cunning- ham. Row 2: Jeff Urbina, Gaye Hill, Terri Obos, Barbara Boyland, Pat Wysiatko, Lynn Coltran, Pat Torres. Row 3: Jon Griffin, Vince Butler, Dave Wood, Jim Woods, Marty Szostak. f" M!-.N f-.. HAWK Photo Editor- Kenneth Sparks, Layout Editor- Peggy Stankop Business Editor- Shelley Flosep Editor-in-Chief- Jeff Burn- ham, Copy Editor- Cathy Gerstenschlager lat typevvriterl. Row 1: Clarence Wallace, Josephine Wojcik, Janeen Nagode, Linda Ihrig, Ed Bakshis, Patti Schmidt, Toni Bradley, lVlrs. Kennedy ladvisorl. Row 2: Zola Ballenger, David Oglesby, Kenneth Sparks, Peggy Stanko, Shelley Flose, Loretta Bergman, Jeff Burnham. 1--' ,-Q... -1l,.-W i .KV we 12 2 NJ ROTC Row 1: Tom McNamee, Vicky Estes, Mildred Usher, Edith Nelson, Glenn Talmage, Donald Wood, Drew Martin, Russell Boyette, David Fink, Kieth,Bennett, Robert Hayes, Bennett Harris, Carl Swopes, Richard Smith, Dennis Taylor, Allen Pierce.,Row 2: Bob Lutz, Twyla Mackins, Gilda Mackins, Mac Bevans, Chuck Simmons, Barry Johnson, Donald Freeman, Lewis Wagner, Robert Brown, Martin Dunn, Leonard Lickteig, Dale Horner, Andre Rome, Markus Russell, Capt. Baird. Row 3: Robert Williams, Ken Ruskin, Paul Goodvin, Richard Bailey, Riley Barnett, Leonard Irby, Ted Boston, Herbert Turney, Ron Ruskin, Rodney Vick, Glenn Schulte, Brian Jackman, Jeff Burnham, Dennis Ertle, John Liekteig, Lynn Newborn, Bryan Ogelsby, Dennis Herrick, Dwight Burke, Roy Johnson, Steve Hamilton, Tom Hagstrom, Walter Holderbaum, Charles Traylor. Back Row: David Wood, Marty Boyer. Rifle Team Herb Turney. iiss - WSWS - we Row 12 Glenn Talmage, Jeff Burnham, Dennis Tay- lor. Row 2: Greg Urbanik, Allen Pierce, Ted Boston Lettermen Row 1: Dale Johnson, Frank Adams, Lonnie Parker, Tony Braden, Rick McKenzie, Max Salinas, Steve Eddy, Waverly Spidle, John Jones, Mike EIIQ, Emmanuel Hanna, Mark Brogan. Row 2: Kevin Shearer, Gorden Henry, Joe Cole, Dave Donochie, Steve Wrobel, Joe Slover, Dennis George, Tony CaIIahan,Artis Frank, Ernie Pullett, Gary White, Mike Nycz. Row 3: Rick Kocal, Travis Mayfield, Chris Miller, Stan Jakaitis, Randy Wrobel, Dan Turkowski,Marty Szostak, Henry Ivey, Bob Griffinj Mike Donochie, Ken Jereb, Ed Bakshis iz. N0 DRINKS GYPW E I I n 1 rf 26 OO Flow 1: Beatrice Hunter, Judie Zbynski, Linda Edge, Jackie Bolke, Pat O'Rourke, Vickie Baysinger, Terry Jereb. Row 2: Mrs. Hohf, Arvine Jef ferson, Terri Cole, Sandra Hudson, Marlene Pierson, Rita Zbybinski, Carman Guzman, Ernestine Spidle, Brenda Williams. f. ff? Food Services Flow 1: Mrs. Treadwell, Joyce Linder, Collette Miller, Vivian Williams, Karen Swanson Desiree Oglesby, Linda Varnado, Val Anderson, Bridgett Fields, Barbara Harris, Johan nah Starks, Flobert Scott. Row 2: Louis Rowell, James Whitehead, Paula Scott, Ruth Peel, Ethel Gardiner, Tim McDowell, Carolyn Miller, Nelda Bailey, Peggy Jones, Janey McKissick, Michael Malone. French Club Row 1: Mr. Huber, Susan Anthony, Gaye Hill. Row 2: Ardith Pucin, Ed Staranowicz, Darlene Hainer, ysjyng, ' X 19260 W' 'Il' ,As if? f- if V i y 'af Q " I' iff of ew Spanish Club lSi Hablamos Espanoll Flow 1: Pat Torres, Miss Foote, Kyle Harrison, Mrs. Owens. Flow 2: Mr. Stanczak, Ken Bruce, Robert Kline, Denise Koshak, Marcia Weakley, Jennifer Foster, Elena DeJesus, Marta DeJesus, Bleacher Bums Row 1: Zola Ballenger, Marilyn Kneeland, Renee Norwood, Gail Johnson, Richard McKenzie, Vicki Bayginger, Flock Morris, BQbVSladek, Linda Edge Mike Moran, Jim Bajorek. Row 2: Wally Hill, Terri Cole, Sandy Groblewski, Joyce Olsen, Chris Miller, Steve Krempotie, Max Salinas, Victor Collins, Bob Byford Row 3' Richard Cunningham, Carmen Guzman, Terri Obos, Richard Kocal, Mike Nycz, Beth Bayly, Martin SaffeIl,Cindy Chrapkowski, Mary Jo Repp, Ken Pasiewicz. Row 4: Alyce Smith, Neal Jahnke, Brandon Stackhouse, Renee Hunt, Debbie lversen, Ed Bakshis, Yvette Rodriquez. Row 5: Debbie Clinkscales, Phyllis Russell, Karen Swanson, Ray Zdanowicz, Kim Stanton, Robert Presley. Row 6: Gloria Riley, Ken Sparks, Sherri Cowins, Patty Wysiatko, Kathy Werenski. Row 7: Mark Popelka, Jo Bena, Kevin Ouinn, Kathy Sandahl, Barb Boyland, Cathy Markievvicz, Terri Wrona, Gaye Hill. Row 8: David Szostak, Ron Marsh, Leon Rockingham, Jeff Urbina. new ml Afro-American Chorus Row 1: Cheryl McKinley, Debra DeVost, Melody Bartley, Karen Cowan, Linda Richardson, Cynthia Alex- ander. Row 2: Marilyn Kneeland, Tabitha Randolph, Mildred Usher, Sandra McKinley, Vanessa Greathouse, Sherri Cowins, Miss Long. Row 3: Arthur Bryant, Brandon Stackhouse, Kenneth Sparks, Wallace Gordon, Crane Hanna, Michael Harris, Bobby Turner. L... ,..4 Mixed Chorus Lucretia Brown, Sabrina Bryant Dennis Chapman Arlena Edwards Evelyn Geater Janice Griffin Tony Johnson Sonsieray Little Landress Luckey, Twyla Mackins Les Mangrum Doris Miller Audery Moore Liz Myren Alice Nunag Laverne Patterson Iva Raines Tabitha Randolph, Robert Fiunnells Giselle Snowden Ken Sparks Marcia Sproul Kelly Van Houten Kim Wilson Mary Wynn Girl's Chorus Bernice Archdale, Diane Atkinson, Mary Bankston, Janice Bartholow, Melodie Bartley, Kathy Bernardy, Laverne Blackwood, Lynn Craft, Kelly Defebbo, Deborah DeVost, Rose Epps, Ella Estes, Vickie Estes, Debra Fecht, Pamela Fecht, Joan Fogal, Loretta Hall, Teri Harkness, Beth Harvey, Sylvia Mahoney, Pam Marshman, Valerie Miller, Joy Morris, Barbara Moss, Monica Nash, Denise Pignatelli, Christine Saffel, Sharon Santos, Debbie Sisson, Lucille Smith, Carolyn Teasley, Terry West, Donna Williams, Vivian Williams, Brenda Wright. Freshman Chorus Tina Bagsby, Deborah Beagle, Kevin Gainer, Cathy Galicia, Sharon Jedlicka, Marie Mangrum, Antonia Martinez, Valerie Montgomery, Cynthia Morton, Toni Moore, Patricia Norwood, Kileen Bailey, Randell Price, Kandi Roberts, Paula Sproul, Richard Feltner, Cathy Tarasuk, Holly Tucker, Beverly Whittington, Marc Worth, Cynthia Hall,-Peggy Smith, 0.C. Phifer, Tracy Pierce. 3. 'H ,. W we A f .gb , Concert Choir Ed Bakshis,Cynthia Beavers, Roxann Carlson,Ted Carlson, Lisa DeJesus,Pamela Fecht,Stacie Freeman,Willie Gainer, Ethel Gardiner, Kathy Korn, John Krempotic, Mike Lapaglia, Sarah Lewis, Sonsierary Little, Les Mangrum, Marie Mangrum, Debbie Marshman, Cheryl McKinley, Kathy McKissick, Lillian Mezger, Christian Miller, Gary Mitchell, Valerie Montgomery, Norman Nunag, Daniel Pasiewicz, Donna Patterson, Dianne Sheilds, Rose Platt, Phillis Robinson, Linda Rowell, Jeanne Rigwood, Christina Rubich, Brandon Stackhouse, Marina Tarasuk, Glenna Thompson, Jeff Urbina, Margurita Vazquez, Jackie Wilkerson, Jeff Worth. '1 X J 2' q -, i 134 Band Row 1: Tracy Van Houten, Cheryl Wrobel, Valerie Clinkscales, Pat Bailey, Jeff Worth, Teresa Lucas, Martha Lionberger, Denise Geoffrion. Row 2: Marilyn Barnes, Dori Conogeotis, Yvette Robinson, Debra Clinkscales, Patti Michels, Sandra lVlcKinley, Denise Gooch, Lorraine Flower, Dan Wuth- rich, lVlarc Worth, Cathy Galica, Hershel Webb. Row 3: Ed Bakshis, Pam Brown, Cheryl Cook, Cindy Alexander, Ricky Bobo,Christina Rubich, Louis Rubich, Henry Gary, Glenn Newborn, Lynn Newborn, James Roberts, Scott Grundrneier, Linnie Guins, Victor Lucas, Victor Collins, Robert Presley.Row 4: Cindy Sandahl, Pam Webb, Harold Range, Chris Brown, Karen Galica, Mr, Duensing, Don Walter, Karen Cunningham, Randy Wrobel. N-ff A ,ma . -J, fr Nh 135 ,ow Sports 138 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1 ileft-righti Vickie Clinkscales, Linda Urbanik, Donna Patterson. Row 2, Kim Stanton, Lynn Jahnke, Marilyn Barnes. 5 :.,, .3 '52, 'Af tx 5 3 X wwf L55 0 QVDQQO' -43 QE .4 X N . , J 'J 1 XQQQKSXXX Q0 Gyms Qi X iw SQ -45 KEWQQ Kvwwiwdhi 333 iggiiiib wgyfifi, 'LL nf f Ybiglwn r A I 6 3 d 6 I' S SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS labovei Row 1: Cleft-righti Jennifer Wakefield. Row 2: Rose Willia N cy Machak K Merritt, Angie Cybulskil. Row 3: K Jarre K M K nzie. WRESTLING CHEERLEADEFI ilefti Arlanda M yf Id 'fKC7'QZ6-.Xp fyYp ffm 'W ip QU .O OC, Alf?-XQBQX NL- Mi ffm ,,Avx,,i,, Football Back field in motion, You know that's against the rules. Back field in motion, l'm going to have to penalize you. Flow 1, John Jones, Homer Wyche, Vince Butler, Gordon Henry, Max Salinas, Artis Frank, Steve Wrobel, Crane Hanna, Emmanuel Hanna, John Fogal. Flow 2. Rod Slover, Flandy Wrobel, Fred Watkins, Donald Johnson, Michael Ellis, Chris Miller, Stan Jakaitis, Flon Miller , w an 5 , ,sf 'Rn 1. f I 9 Q 1 H 1 5 qs' Xlgga , llls W Q ,, . N J, , aff! X of ---K va" 140 James Mason, Richard Kocal, Leander Orlowski, Tony Callahan, Row 3. Joe Cole, Gary White, Gerry Zalaznik, Ralph Hartman, Bob Griffin, Ken Jereb, Marty Szostak, Henry Ivey, Ed Bakshis, Wayne Gilbert, Ernie Pullett, Frank Adams. 15 K ? Kiki 'Y I .,,,.. f Sophomore Football Team Row 1. C. Nixon, L. Jakaitis, M. Babicz, G. Ptiasienski, J. Ross, T. Conner, M. Bobo, C..Bankhead, M. Burlingame, W. Gainer, R. Noussain, C Jones. Row 2. H. Gary, L. Jeffreys, C. Brown, R. Noyes, O. Whyte, R. Patterson, M. Markham, D. Mateja, J. Zeigler, D. George, M. Boyer, R Byrd, Coach Daydif. Row 3. R. Wyatt, R. Williams, G. Schultz, R. Cappello, E. Glover, T. Barrett, V. Wright, J. Metcalf, J. Santos, B. Morri- son, G. Jereb, M. Skenandore, Coach Foote. . Qi.,-ifs fgi-Tir, ' t. I. GQ, Y is .,,. mais is was FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM: Row 1, Left to Right: Bill Jacobs, Allen Prier, Andre Bailey, Bob Lutz, Stanley Coleman, John Zalaznik, Paul Bardosy, Bennett Harris, Victor Lopez, Brian Wertz. Row 2: Andre Rome, Mike Ferguson, Mark Callahan, Victor Lucas, Morris Wade, Bob Old- nettle, Carlos Rome, Russell LeVasseur, Richard Bartlett, Wesley Hanna, Chris Armstrong, Tony Garrett, Claiverant Swopes. Row 3: Walter Ptasienski, David Walls, Eric Jones, Jim Lackey, John Gomski, Albert Scott, Vernon Estes, George Dillsworth, Thomas Hammond, James Roberts, Jim Clark, Willie Clark, Gary Milliner. Row 4: Scott Grundmeier, William Campbell, Raymond Rajuniec, Michael Carnes, James Huff, Melvin Wallace, Keith Whitehead, Scott Williamson, Chris Biedron, Richard Barton, Robert Zbynski, John Brady, Bart Parker, Russell Schaller, Wilfred Crater. '52 Q4 G N41 14 1 55 gl Q.: s , . i, , 'Xxx if at ,lf ss,-,L . J , Q Q H . 1 l lxlx l A 2 ' , .:.,is '.L... Y Q.-. ' -f -- 'sgaw mg .s 1. , , . , , A ' "' in ' -M ,. it psi' 6 . s ,K ,WW T. M H . 0, K I ' V-A -- Y " .QW-2' V AT if sais, kg- ' x ,E 744 ' M' 4 H' 1 ,VJ X 4 . i ' p ills 4' ' ' 'G-X 4- 'N Hifi' 'i"4l'1 ."L 'R ,, ,M , ,Ut , , L ' ' X my ' ewififx' .,,. E135 ,V ,V ' A sigffii ' ,Tai 7 3 K2 sql' N -argl-HJ , k , s M ., , , ,V , , , .g ,F V, i . VMVt!s:fLit Vs,v Pvkf, , u . , 7, V, VJ J Vi I, k t 4, W, fs - - H, -f an .-a,g",. rs jdrihivvffiii .ivy 5, by ,H - Y gr S nv 5' if V ,fn , Li.:,"2k,sf',g V i i N 4m11:'!'gN:i"'gpfy,r f Q-wbafj .A 1 vw ' V 'X' t A . s ... , , , t ,, . gf , . ,J :lil ' A g - . rklswif- Eager R 'fig "ts ,,.x.?-sf " in ,if . 'IK' Q35 if. Mxgi. L dk, , A S. e3,3,w". ,4,,i4i4:'if , H . t " A K " A , 1 2 L 4, ' gg A i tie Kiki J. as We H 1, K- Q 'fi' Q , sl ' ' V-" WAAJY " 4' ,IN-.., 'W '!1:A,,,1'A 5? JA lfeyflei. N 1 , ' YW, M , V , in A.i,v,,kW dgqggf-1.:.,,v , 1 S 31152 ,L - 5 .W L:g,k5,mg,,.- , my 735 - -, .- ' M f K ft 'fs 'K ' Q W, 4 . W V Y gn :a!j ,MM vnu, ,I .1 ft -. - we g ,gf if. sq fy, ,, fi 'Q - ,,ss,4lQ:WQI-gg., 3 1 ,s M' M , 7 fffg, A friaflix' . ,, I ,,-L '?Uf.f,,', ti I's3k.w,.42f',fm'9 ' is st. 7 . 'it' 'ff s T, ,-x.r-kv :A ' ,,:-H-zigqafiijis 'ff' 'gggw 143 -'L V . 'V Fi-' 'A' 3 'V " Af 14: '-' A fs ', affix ' if Iii I' 4135 Yay..."-Z.. 11 ,aff ig Jw' ". 5'1"U1Y'1?Kf5' f f - 1 3' ' 144 4,-'Sf Row 1. Joe Faust, Richard Moore, Michael Jackson, Dan Henkell, Robert Taber, Barry Kennick, Danny Wuthrich, Daryl Garland, Steve Combs. Row 2. Victor Collins, Ardith Pucin, iManagerl, Robert Presley, Doran Kemp, Elena De-Jesus, lllllanagerl, Dave Wood, Gary Platt John Markiewicz, Coach Wong. A-fa Cross Country The Course of a Lifetime runs over and over again. Paul Simon in , ,?'imafvQk-fs Quai QLQVQ Hbkig wvexvvz tuqgiikux I QQ, kQ5Arv.Q.f.5V LQ up vvqnra .lgevvx . .- VQ.,'x,y, ffifwxfl. Tn, vvw-up Jfnwfw- M.cvf59if2x L-ei, 5154 f ,. 'WF mam , i ty ' R,u,05e1fM,,5vek xg Jig VT'-Q Jozfwug kfV'N9-L aim, fx 3-xovchvwvf V Q Q UJi,iJ9iX efgirifuflfl. C'-fvx-'0'D"' QNVUWL HZ, V.0fc,LO,,,g,,fx ,5?U,,Uj wx ygsvnxe game K QM . er 2, f A 13-m.n,5l1J iq age Wave 5541 cbfwwx-?'Cni1 . i.,Oo'frn54j"' LfUu!vfgi:i.!2 K' ff ew I I Basketball !P"'4 48 .,......l-NN- ,, Varsity Basketball Row 1: Emmanuel Hanna, Gary Petric, Marc Brogan. Flow 2: Michael Roberts, Robert Sladek, Bill Merritt, Ken Jereb, Tom Henderson Vince Smith, Marty Szostak, Mike Weakley, Bob Deason, Skippy Branch, Stan Jakaitis, Michael Stewart. fi 48 ,J 1 i s Sophomore Basketball Row 2: Brian Morrison lmgrl, Terry Trusty, John Gurganus, Tony Barrett, Jim Voinovich, Dirck Mitchell, Charlton Bruff lrngrl, Mr. L. Hakanen. Row 1: Rusty Holmes, Larry Jakaitis, Offie Barnes, Royce Wyatt, Richard Patterson, Ernie Platt lcaptl, Jim Korjenek, Not Pictured - Eric Glover. Freshmen Basketball 5 Row 1: Vic Lucas lmanagerl, Clayton Bolke, Guyon Davis, Morris Wade, Andre Rome, Dennis Burns, Carlos Rome, Robbie Sarich, Allen Prier, Chris Armstrong, Rod Clinkscales, Kenny Bowens, lmanagerl. Row 2: Tom Gregorin lhead coachl, Wilfred Crater, Delbert Yarborough, Scott Grundmier, Kevin Kneeland, Terry Barrett, Donnell Williams, Melvin Wallace, Nick Sanford, Allen Green, Leo Tillie, Ed Kanerva lassistant coachl. Randy Great- house missing. 14 ,pm Q,s '9' mu5agp.- 7 , 1- ww-1, asf Ji-E S if na, f 1 52 X 2 'Q ,w igggg fra , 1, , ,:fb,Z,,: K .,W..,1 ,f.-,' ,I ,M ,., ,,,.-vgmfslg--L: .2 - f wg gs Q " Q Q1 ,. . .am y Callahan, Gary Whyte, Richard Byrd, Travis Mayfield Fw ? title'-it Qikimf 'V Vjgg. i s was ' if-2 f, ,gg 3 hw? fi Sophomore Wrestling Front Row-lleft to rightl Jim Phillips, Randy Wright, Mike Ferguson, John Zalaznik, Shaun Quinn, Bob Sandahl. Middle Row-Wally Ptasienski, Chris Brown, Russell Noyes, Otis Whyte, Tony Garrett, John Ross, Jim Lackey, Cliff Bankhead. Back Row-Coach Morris Norman, Arnold Callahan, Randy O'Brien, Richard Byrd, Keith Whitehead, Milo Smith, Bart Parker, Eric Jones, Coach Sam Parker. Freshman Wrestling A , Front Row-Bob Sandahl, Shaun Quinn, Victor Lopez. Middle Row-John Zalaznik, Guy Stiiison, Tony Garrett, Cal Swopes, Richard Bartlett, Mike Ferguson. Back Row-Coach Sam Parker, Keith Whitehead, Eric Jones, Jim Lackey, Walty Ptasienski, Coach Morris Norman. Q di! 9-.fn l xi' 154 h. ..l if 1 4.x ig: 'I Y ' ::EE?iE:: :::i lggggz' .ll9l:. ':' ..:: I! I! 'ENV - . fi 2222222 . , ::::::' '.,' .1Q' : ::::::.' ,g ::::::' 335: ' :Casas-zzelz. ' man: :sag 353: AAWKS RAWKFL, I-yin K52, D - ' A . A ' . Q. , ' ' , . V t U . Q. : ' ': an li ? 'D Q .-KAWKJ : 5 x Varsity Gymnastics Row 1 lleft-rightl: Carl Swopes, John Rivera. Row 2: Ronald Talmage, Dave Blickenstaff, Vidal Rivera, Coach Schrammel. Frosh-Soph Gymnastics Row 1: Luis Rivera, Danny Gonzalez, Rusty Boyette, Donny Woods, Drew Martin, Donald Walter, Geno Turowski, Robert Hayes, Row 2: Richard Denson imanagerl, Paul Woods, Tony Smith lmanagerl, Russell Levasseur, Gerry Szostak, Erni Andruszko, Harold Range, Robert Williams, Coach Schrammel. G mnastic Q F 1' ,lx N --hug fy, Girls' Gymnastics Row 1 lleft-rightl: Coach Schrammel, Debbie Holland, Pat Kocal, Marilyn Barnes. Row 2: Judy Kula, Mona Urban, Pat Michaels, Terri Harkness, Debbie Nagode, Celestia lVlcBride. s, r A M: V KXYLU :V 'gg' I sl 4, w L l ALM ' ll Pl 4" ,E 1,5 gf! 'wif HV- 3 As," 'Cy A U A ' L Q, ,-'- AW: ' V Q ul Y ,Mega gaudy x ., A Q i- , J, ,, , M U A",-E, 4 V, h, ,, Baseball Varsity Baseball Row 1: Richard McKenzie, Gordon Henry, John Jones, Vincent Butler, Robert Smith, Flod Slover. Flow 2: Maurice Rodriquez, Emmanuel Hanna Mike Harris, Jim Woods, Tony Braden, Morris Dye. Row 3: Gary Petric, Bob Griffin, Gary Whyte, Randy Wrobel, Tony Callahan, Bill Quick. Lf: 'wif .. A is Freshman Baseball Row 1: Dan Burton, Paul Krawcyzk, John Zalasnik, Bob Lutz, Mark Dolence, Daryle Hayes, Ed Kula. Row 2: John Sacca, Rick Bobo, Rich Bartlett, Rickie Collins,Pete Katres, Marvin Charles. Row 3: Coach Ed Kanerva, Keith Whitehead, Russ Schaller, Chris Biedren, Karl Brady, Jim Lackey, Mark Callahan. Not Pictured: Robby Sarich, Terri Barrett, Melvin Wallace, Dave Varnell. 4 :anew-6 4 J if 1. ' ,-ri "' 1. i . ig Sophomore Baseball Row 1: Phillip Ursey, Greg Ptasienski, Mike Babicz, Rusty O'Rourke, Larry Jakaitis. Row 2: Chris Horton, John Bradley, Royce Wyatt, Steve Rea- bold, Robert Cline. Row 3: Marty Boyer, John Chandler, Jeff Whitehead, George Mason, Coach Daydif. Varsity Track Row 1: Barry Kennick, Michael Stewart, Artis Frank, Victor Collins Joe Roman, Clint Jones. Row 2: Linnie Guins, Kevin Shearer, Chris Brown, Richard Byrd, Joe Santos, Robert Presley. Row 3: Ron Davis, eo ' m, Richard Moore, Gerry Zalaznik, Dennis George, Art Byrant. Row 4: Coach Celba, Ernest Pullett, Henry Ivey, Ed Bakshis, David Wood, Coach Freund, Coach Foote. b f f ' tt . Row 1: David Walls, James Wilson, Lewis Moulton, Joel Faust, Willie Gainer, Robert Gainer, Clinton Jones, Eugene Turowski, Robert Hayes. Row 2: Edgar Davis, Eric Jones, Lynn Newborn, Robert Oldnettle, Ken Bruce, Dave Smith, Robert Zbynski, Chris Brown. Row 3: Michael Cairns, Ezzit Williams, Richard Moore, John Ziegler, Richard Byrd, Joe Santos, Dennis George, Otis White, Barry Kennick. Row 4: Coach Celba, Ronald Davis, Charleton Bruff, Glenn Schultz, Tony Barrett, James Huff, Richard Patterson, Coach Freund. -we F I MWF! Row 1: Jim Wilson, David Walls, Lewis Moulton, Kevin Gainer, Robert Hayes. Row 2: Eric Jones, Robert Oldnettle, Lynn Newborn, Robert Zbynski. Row 3: Michael Cairns, Ronald Davis lmgrl, James Huff, David Smith, Coach Celba. i .." f 'Z ,Ts 1 1 in .- X . l I 159 Varsity Golf Row 1: David Donachie, D on Skalla, Dan Bergman,Mike Gomski, Nick Papanos. Row 2: Bob Deason, Dan Turkowski, David Szostak, Mike Donachie, Jim Voinovich, Coach Fey. 1-O -ur' Frosh-Soph Golf Flow 1-Russell Boyette, Ed Tomkovich, Bob Sandahl, Dan Wuthrich, Bryon Julian. Flow 2-Larry Jefferys, Terry Connor, Ted Carlson, Ron Gebhardt, Gary Jereb, Joe Glusic, Mr. Stebbins. 'S ibm!" V' ' ,g-,fQ.,f' 1 JM, JH an -N ff' NAP' !"""D' Returning Lettermen Mike Nycz, Kevin Quinn, Terry Quinn, Neal Jahnke. Tennis . "Nu- Fiow 1: Shaun Quinn, Nester Camarino, ,Alan Hunter, Steve Zdanowicz. Row 2: Mr. if 3 Brothman, Steve Boyer, Rich Bailey, Dave Nlateja, John Thompson. QW fr' 'MA J' T WE DX' S 37 NR Sli Faculty and Staff 164 Administration ",1'2-T I Row 2: Peter Bioletto, William Hamlet, Earl Morris, Ray Markiewicz. Mr. Amos Jones lVIr. Stanley Tomkovick Mr. Lester Harmon Board of Education: Row 1: Fred Zalaznik, Joseph Pudlo, Penny Brown. 1 A "Hin Mr. Lauri Hakanen Mr. Jerome Brolley Mr. Eugene Brumm 166 Business if , ,V f Mrs. Ethelind Hohf Mr. John Wallace Mrs. Peggy Roberts Mr. Robert Stebbins Nligs Gloria Teeling My Y' -P '-sf. 05, Mr. Joseph Esop """l..-Ina-e Nlr. James Gilmore NIT. JGYTYGS Weber Nlrs. Evelyn Adams Mrs. Catherine Oglesby M! a . Q ft X 5 ., , J 2 K R, X . K 1 A! 'i ha Q ' Mrs. Judith Grisamore -Q K A Mr. Robert Therry 1 K Q Mrs. Janet Kennedy ,snowy A Mrs. Diane Kallmann Mr. Steven Scott Mrs. Beatrice Luther s r i . Zig and ii ii ' .an Mrs. Eden Navarro Mr. John Stanislaw Mrs. Doris Kurtz Sgt, Mr. Keith Johnson Mr. Robert Johnson MJ!! if 0' M W Mr. Edward Fey Miss Carol Rolf Mr. Richard Wong Miss Sara Shackleton Mr. William Petrosky Miss Nancy Fratcher Mr. Richard Hutchinson r i .3 ..,. my Science Miss Christine Benedyk 5 U "' A Mr. Stephen Freund ,ff f ,kg I r",' fs, I , !A gym? G L Mr. Norman Fiathje Mr. Bruce Daydif . Mr. John Schrammel Mr. Thomas Gregorm Mr. Robert Broth man 1 3 ' 5' Q' ., Y 1 Mr. Lawrence Hanzel Mr. Rudolf Basovsky 1 Ig? Q Miss Janet Barber lVlissGeraIdine Carey P h Y lVIr. Lawrence Boegan U Mrs. Juliet Foster sic a O I1 Mr. John Huber Miss Sharon Foote L a n g U a g e Fr-- Mrs- 'ro Converse X Mr. Michael Stanczak Mr. John Hoem I 2 'i Mr. Duane Kovacek F I n e A Mr Raymond Fred 3,j air, -53:4 a ' asian-.ff ' M an n xi s-.sawn - -- A A. f Mr. Charles Palmer v..9:TLiiiLE?.,aJ' -3' Jliiflih - fa- . -fig Vcc -mv : ..g...mY - '- -M. xgzzzggq. Miss Sherida Long Mrs. Kristina Murphy nf J Mr. Norman Duensing 1 ,Lki Mr. Terry Celba C1 We r Q, f . 4ff'?b WW Mr. John Renick SO al Mr. Morris Norman u i Mr. Fred Staranowicz lVlr. Richard Gray ,ix Nlr. Gerald White , 5 S Mr. Edwin Kanerva 1 Nlr. John Breitweiser Mr. Dwayne Foote 154 .f l 1 l-.XJ l i Mrs. Susan Arnold Mrs. Lila Treadwell Mrs. Eloise Williams Mr' James Gugel Practical Arts Mr. William Snodgrass Mr. Leslie Meng M, fl R Mr. Richard Glogovsky 1 Q. Mrs. Freida Arrington Mr. John Fabac Mr. Charles Barr Mr. Donald Armstrong AW" gg, 1- l l iLeft-righti Andy Herman, Chester Turowski, Ray Beyer, Stanley Leonaitis, John Nedelka, Rudy Basovsky, Adolph Juncer, Tony Zdan. ... -- if Miss Vivienne Floseby MVS- Barbara Pf99af1d9" Miss Elizabeth Wilson Mr. Nathaniel Hamilton Mrs. Eleanor Decker Special Services Mrs.Joan Mullins H75 11 ,qw 2 -436-Q. i - .. Mrs. Marilyn Fland Mrs. Teresa Bunk !l,,'ixL in 5 IQ!! ian-. l.s Mrs. Virginia Weeks ,, A 'Q' A A a yy fe A .. Mrs Dora Ersenburg Mrs. Alice Pasiewicz Mrs. Louise Waaramaki Mrs. Dorothy Atkinson Row1 Anna Zbybmskr Eleanor Glabawlcz Dorothy Yewell, Andrea McGuire, Mnnnle Vavrek Dorothy Luedberg Blllne Zdan Mary Walenter. Row 2: Barbara Forester Marjone Geab Kay Morrison Eleanore Zdanowncz Margaret Kravvczyk, Jean Blackovvicz Angle -, .m: , , W- ,, ,,.ma,., Thanks, everybody! We would like to extend a very special thanks to Mrs. Janet Kennedy for her guidance and devotion toward making this year's Hawk. Had it not been for her dedication and persistence the 1973 Hawk would not have been possible. We would also like to thank Mr. Donner Kepler, our Pischel representative, for his suggestions and advice and last but not least, thanks to our staff for their help. The Editors The 1973 Hawk was published by Pischel Yearbooks, Inc. Marceline, Missouri. Our Pischel representative was Mr. Donner Kepler. Photography was done by Walinger and Root Studios. Mrs. Janet Kennedy was the Hawk's sponsor, Jeff Burnham-Editor-in-Chief, Peggy Stanko-Layout Editor, Cathy Gerstenschlager-Copy Editor, Shelley Rose-Business Editor, and Kenneth Sparks-Photo Editor. We express our sincere thanks to the following photographers for their contributions to the '73 Hawk: Walinger Studios, Root Studios, Ed Bakshis, Nester Camarino, Terry Cutler, John Griffin, and Brian Wilson. PISCHBL Yeansnaxs 2.5YL5lOif.?l.1iifL!?Z1i2w.. W. ..H..w O This column is dedicated to all those who helped contribute to the 1973 Hawk without really knowing all those people who "borrowed" many of our pictures and "forgot" to return them... to Patti for her Shelley for her radio and the person who ripped it Peggy for her soap someone for Mrs. Adams for being directly across the Mr. Curtis for lus concern.nto the cafe- teria for a David and Kenneth for keeping the halls Jeff for his baby-blue streamers... to Mrs. Kennedy for her Hawaiian Dinner Coupon all the people who cared so much to visit us everyday during B-l,B-2, B-3,B-4,B-5,B-6,B-7, and Mr. "Hak." for finishing the B-8 an- nouncements early so we could all of you... THAN KS I

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