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 - Class of 1949

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North Charleston High School - Nochas Yearbook (North Charleston, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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76 W 9 lxc I I J N S , 'Q J X9 31 Y' s , I I J, gf Q- Q , 3 V A l 1' KN t' fi. S3 QLFQL x W , fl LS Ss a .ha x . 3 , Kg . J. . 1,5 Se. . jk f , 2 gg,5,y,2 , H 4.--1, , 4, . , . K ,X ,, . M ,, . l , ., f 1 ,ls-, ,. . , ,V , t F 5 V I xx V V V I ,, ,,,5, , , 4-1. 1 " ' " ' ' . L 'L 6' . ' . . , . G J H A 'wdffmffw 6, A40 4 ZS- Miki when? J ff' Zawjujpwf A335 ffff7 WLM af WQ,f,,,.g 4Mfff"" J-fkff' ww"'77'wz 1 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of NORTH CHARLESTON HIGH SCHOOL NORTH CHARLESTON. S. C. GOOSE CREEK el'l'RIf COIQRS ln our liome town We students lilce to vs lc cl l , 'or an p ay. Vve grow up togettier ancl sliare unlorgettalole experiences. Qurs is a clistinctive com- munity-ratl1er young still, ancl progressive. Qur neiglmloors tiail from the tort - 'ffll y eib t states. We are a cosmopolitan tolli, tolerant and democratic. Uur community lite centers arouncl flear olcl NCHS. So ttlat We may in years to come recall ttiese scenes and memories ot our lwappy youtli, li N we ma e orttl Charleston the tlieme ol our yearbook. .HP BASKETBALL ENTHUSIASTS AT PARK CIRCIJ 2 NATURAL BEAUTY Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SCHOOL LIFE ATHI .IETICS 3 Dedication .Miss gfuqfz g3e1zf7erqrass ,L We, the graduating class of WMU, dedicate this edition of the NOCHAS to a teacher whose efforts and ability have been very outstand- ing. She has been a kind, toyat, and sympathetic friend to all who have known her. Her sense of humor has made her a favorite among the students ot North Charleston High School. Through her teaching ahitity and the good wort: she has shown in helping prepare this edition of the yearbook, we feet that nohody could he more deserving ot this dedication than our own teacher, Miss HUGH PENDERGRASS 4- . . fx iffy .522 it tg, my V , AV5' iff' t Cy ,ysY".,b M The School NORTH FIIARLITSTON GRADED SCHOOL PINES AT PARK CIRCLE 5 NIR. GORDON H, CARRFTI' MR. VV, B GOODWIN Superintendent Assistant Supcrintoncient District Administration 'INI10 aciministmtinn ni Cooper River Sriiooi Distrirt No. 4 is time rcspnnsiixiiity of IIN' Boarci oi Trustees, wIxo arv 1-Imf-tt Ivy tile residents of time fiistrict. IVIr. Gordon H. Garrvtt, tim supcrirltvntie-nt, receive-CI Iris BS. cis-grcv from Tim Citavif-I anti Iiis IVIastvr's Irom Duke- Univer- sity. Tile assistant supfrintf-nrIc-nt, IVIr. VV, B. Goodwin, is a graduate of VVoIIorcI Coiivgc, wiwrf- Im earned Ilis B.A. Dvgrre in I929. His graciuatv work Imas Ivor-n rinnv at tim Univvrsity of South CaroIina. Tim cIistrict cmpioys a scIiooI nurse, Nliss LiIIian Cunnbee, wI1o cImcIis on tI1e I1caItI1 nf stucivnts each year. IN'Ir. S. I.nrfI IIyrIc in Iiis position of oft-ice manager ciistriiautes suppiivs to scIxooIs, Iceeps records oi IPHFIIPTS' rs-tirvment status, ami miirvrts Inusiness managenu-nt. Miss Rose-mary Onornto anri IxIiss Rutix VViIIiams sf-rvo IIN- cIistrict 1-Iiirie-ntIy as ImonIcIcf-t-per and se-rn-tary, respectivz-Iy. TRUSTEES: MR. IVICIVIILLAN, Svcretary: MR. HEINSOHN, fximirnlang IVIR. STAIJ.. Trustee. MISS R I TIH VVILLIAMS S0l'l'f'iUl'j' MISS ROSEIVIARY ONORATO BOOLIQQPPCI' IVIR. S. LORD HYDE MISS LILLIAN CUIVIBEE Office Mumger District School Niirse 6 ARANT MR. MAl.C'0l.N IIURSIQN 1' .. . YI Z Z.. mx Ji", Na. VJ. J Higli School Administration ilu- .ifiministmtive stnii oi North Ciiariestun High is i'lQfidPfl ivy tin- prinripni, ivir. Fioyci L. Arnnt, wim grmiunteci witii time A.B. Degree iron: Xxioiinrci College. iio oiitnincci tile iviaitcr oi ifiiucation Degree .it tin- i'niversity oi Soutin Carolina in 19117. ixir. Amnt is nssistoni by iVir. Niaicoim Hursey. wim is zu gmriuate oi U1-orgin Tenriiers Coiiege. iic is rioing gmriuate stuciy miuring time summer sessions ut time liniversity oi Soutii Camiina nt tile present lime. 51-rn-tairinl work in lite office is cionc ily iViiss Louise Vvynciimm wim il4lS iN"t'l'l SQ'fViI'lQ' GUI' SC'il00i i.0l" SPVCIZII yC'ElfS. lift' l'ivi.ifiK'nCy, ioynity, ami Loop'-rutive spirit maids iier an invaiunimie asset to Nortii Cilnrieston iiigii. MISS I.Ol VISIY VVYNI Fi IAM Sorretnry 7 Student Council M I MEMBERS l2A Muriel Edge, Betty Flowers IIB Edward Home IOB Beverly .loncs OB Jackie Harris 12B .laclc Harley, .lo Ann Kirk IIC Bohhy Mohiey IOC Alice Reeves QC Millard Moody 12C Rqlyprfg, B, Whalpy IID Rnsa IOD Alfred Sineatll OD Robert Ross IIA Mary Anne Com- IOA Pauline Adams 9A Chad Davis 9E Larry Vvyndham ALICE KEYSER AND TED HOOVER . Co-Presidents MISS DOROTHY WHITE . . . Sponsor CAROLE GROOMS . . Vicefpresident CARNIEN AUSTIN . . Secretary At North Charleston High we students are proud ot the fact that our Student Council assists in the administration ol school attairs. This organization, composed of representatives elected hy each homeroom section has an enviable record among similar groups throughout the state. Nliss Dorothy Vvhite, sponsor, worlcs continuously loehind the scenes to insure that the high quality of the activities of the organization is maintained. Our Student Council promotes worthy citizenship and provides opportunities for democratic participation hy students in school matters. 8 Faculty MISS HELEN ADAMS foTTAulivll.l.l-3, S. C. fiolumlmia College, BS. Home Economics MR. HIBBIE AYOUB C'o1.l'MnlA, S. C. Nvwlwcrry College, A.B. Physical Education MISS SARA JULIA BROVVN QIIIARLILSTON, S. C. N4-WIN-rry College, A.I3. Spanish, Science MRS. O. B. BROWN NORTH LIIIARLESTON, S. C YVinII1rop College, AB. Iwatiwmaiics MRS. W. H. COLYER IJANvH.1.1a, KENTUCKY XNYPSIPYII cqflllege fOr WIOHICH, Iwallwmalics MR. JAMES O. CROSBY VVAl.1'lfRBono, S. C. Xvnlilorcl Collcge, Agriculture MISS BERTHA DUNLAP IIONIZA PATII, S. C. Xyinllmmp follc-gf-, A.B. fulumlnn l,InivvrsiIy, IxI.A. Lalin, English MISS EVELYN D. EADDY IILMINGNYAY, S. C. VN'inIIxrop College, B.S. Driving MRS. E. VV. EVANS .NNITRI-QVVS. S. C Vvinllnrop College, BS. Science. Social Studies MRS. J. G. GOING LITTLE MoL5NTAlN, S. C. Nr-wlweny Colle-ge, AB. College of Clmrleslon English, Iwaiiiematics Faculty MISS CATHERINE HARPER KINC-s'rREE. S. C. Wintlmrop College, AB. University of S. C. Social Studies MRS. ROBERTA CLAYTON HOFFECKER DORCHESTER, S. C. Lander College, AB. Mathematics MRS. JOHN HOLDER NEXVPORT, TENNESSEE Carson Nelfvman College, B.S. Chemistry, Science IVIR. JOHN HOLDER NEWPORT, TENNESSEE Tennessee Wesleyan East Tennessee State College Machine Shop MR. JAMES HOPPERSTAD KENOSHA, WISCONSIN Band MR. SAIVI HUGHES, JR. Noirrn CHARLESTON, S. C. College of Charleston, AB. English MISS ELIZABETH JOHNSON DANVILLE, KENTUCKY Centre College, AB. Peabody College, M.A. Physical Education MR. SHELTON J. JONES NAVAL BASE, S. C. Clemson College, BS. Mechanical Drawing MISS MILDRED JONES NEWBERRY, S. C. Newberry College, AB. Commerce MISS GERTRUDE LYONS COLUMBIA, S. C. Columbia College, B.S. Home Economics, Science MRS. MARY W. MOORER CliARLESTON, S. C. College ol Cimrleston, BS. Commerce MISS HUGH PENDERGRASS FLORENCE, S. C. Vvinllurop College, A.B. University ol' S. C.. MED. History MISS GLEN ROLLINS HEB1INGXW'AY, S. C. VVintI1rop College, AB. Appalacliinn State Teacllers College English MRS. CLYNCH T. SALLEY NORTH CHARLESTON. S. C. Wintiirop College, AB. Engiisii, History MRS. KEITH T. SAMUELS c1llARLEST0N, S. C. Vvintiirop College, A.B. Engiisiz, Iournaiism MRS. ABNEY A. SMITH NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. Winliirop College, AB. ljvalwody College, B.S.I,.S, Librarian MISS CHRISTINE SMITH CJIARLESTON, S. C. Vvintlirop College, A.B. American History, National Government, English IVIRS. H. M. 'THOMAS LSHARLESTON, S. C. Georgia State College tor Wonnen, BS. College ol Clmrleston University of S, C. lflnory University Science IVIISS DOROTHY WHITE ASHLAND, KENTUCKY Eastern Kentucky 'Ieaciners College, AB. Peaiwofiy College, IVI.A. English MISS FAYE VVOLFE RONVESVILLE, S. C. Columbia College. AB. Business Math, Algebra Faculty CLASSES NORTH STA TION MMM. Y, A MONTAGUE AVENUE OFFICERS BOB MYERS ......... BETTY FLOVVERS . . . WENDELL MURRAY . JERE WEIDNER . . . J' in In L v . Presiclvn! ive-Prvsizlvnf . Secreiary . Trvasurvr SPONSORS Miss CHRISTINIQ sM1'l'H Miss DOROTHY WHITE M155 HUGH PENDERGRASS I 3 EMUEL BAILEY Born. Charleston, S. C.: Hall Patrol I: Baseball Manager l: Major, Sbop: Sport, Basketball: Subject, Gym: Hobby, Ping-Pong. KLEIN BEACH Born. Endfield, N. C.: Nocius Stall 4: Football Team 3: Major, Matti: Sport, Football: Subject, Women: Hobby, Raclio. JUANITA BOWEN Born, Blacksbcar, Ga.: President l: Secretary Dramatics Club 3: Beta Club Reporter 3: Business Manager Tigerctte 2: Basketball l, 2, 3: Sports Eclitor ol Blue Devil 4: Class Eclitor of NOCHAS 4: Major. History: Sport, Basketball: Subject, English: Hobby, Collecting Pictures. JIMMY BUTLER Born. Gaffney. S. C.: Hi-Y Club 2: Hall Patrol 3: Blue Devil Stall 3: 2. 3: Basketball l. 2. 3: Major, History: Sport, Football Su Tcl, Agriculture: Hobbies, Women and Sbooting pool. I " f l Treasurer Junior Class: lntramural Basketball Tropbies 2 C SENIORS .E 4 1 BERNICE LEE QADDELL Born, Estell, S. C.: J. H., A. Club 2: NOCHAS Stall 4: Major, Com merce: Sport, Basketball: Subject, Sbortband: Hobby, Croclieting. PERRY FRANKLIN CANNADY Born. Walterboro, S. C.: Majors, Commerce, Sllopp Sport, Football Subject, Typing: Hobby, Bicycle Riding. DOUGLAS CARLTON Born, Atliens, Ga.: Baseball 2, 3: F. F. A. 2: Sport, Baseball: Subject Sliop: Hobby, Sbooting Pool. DAVID COGHLAN Born, Cbarleston, S. C.: F. F. A. 3: Major, Englisli: Sport, Football Subject. Macbine Sbop: Hobby, Loafing. LOTTIE MAE COOK Born, Moncks Corner, S. C.: Major, Commerce: Sport, Volleyball: Subject, Typing: Hobby, Cooking. LOUISE MILDRED COPE Born, Cliarleston, S. C.: Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4: Club Eclitor ol NOCHAS: J. H. A. 2: Major, Commerce: Sport, Basketball: Subject, Sbortbancl: Hobby, Men. I4 NIURIEL ANNE EDGE Horn, Detroit, Nlirliigan: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Refi Cross l, 3: G. P. Club 3, 4: Beta Club, President 4: Secretary ol' Junior Class: Ciiemislr Award 3: NOCMAS Stall' 4: Feature Eclitor of Blue Devil 4' S Council 4: Majors, Matli, Science: Sport, Football: Subject, i History: Hobby, Sewing. BETTY DORIS FABIAN Born, Cliariestun, S. C.: Dmmatics Club i, 2. 3: Treasurer ol' Bet Club -1: Nocims Stall 4: Major, Commerce: Subject, Boolclceeping: Sport, lfootballg Hobby, Playing Piano. LOUISE FABIAN Born, Nortli Cliarloston, S. C.: G. P. E. Club 3, 4: Pllysical Ed Awarcl 2: ivlujor, Commerre: Sport, Soccer: Subject, Piiysical Ed: Hobby, Keeping Sciiooi Souvenirs. MARY BETTY FLOWERS Born, Florence, S. C.: Stuclcnt Council l. 3. 4: Vice-President ol Student Bank 3, President 4: Junior Play: Girls State Representative 3: Vice-President of Senior Class: Beta Club 4: Drama Guild 4: Business Manager of NOCHAS 4: D. A. R, 4: Major, Commerce: Spur Footlvall: Subject, History: Hobby, Sleeping. MAXINE FORT Born, Berkeley County, S. C.: Editor of NOCHAS: Cleric ol Court 4: Beta Club 4: Refi Cross Representative 4: Majors. Commerce, Social Stuclies: Sport, Swimming: Subject, Sllortilanci: Hobbies, Eating an Sleeping. JOHN D. GAMBLE Born, lvlonelis Corner, S. C.: Football l: Basketball i: Baseball: Mojo Siiop: Sport, Basketball: Subject, Agriculture: Hobby, Hunting. LOIS ELISE CRANE Born, Central, S. C.: Latin Cluim l, 2: Perfect Attenclunce Award l: Majors, Matin. History: Sport, Baxslcetiwall: Subject, Enrzlisii: Hobby, Collecting Pictures. BETTY SMILEY DANDRIDCE Born, Kingstree. S. C.: Secretary Drama Guilcl l, Pri-siclvnt 2: Gln-e Ciuin 2: President Junior Class: itiujor, Cornmerre: Sport, Iinskf-rtmll: Subject, Engiisll: Hobby, My Husiaanci. MARGARET FAYE DRIGGERS Born, Summerville, S. C.: .l. H. A. Club: ivluiors, Cumim-rce, Sorini Studies: Sport, Softball: Subject, History: Hobbies, Sewing, Trapping, HAZEL ANN EASTERLIN Born, Bowman. S. C.: Secretary-Treasurer ol' G. P. E. Club 3: Secrel tary of G. P. E. Club 4: Drama Guild 4: Beta Club 4: Varsity Basketball Team 2, 3: Head of Soccer 3, 4: Pliysical Eel Awarrl 2. 3: lwajors, Science and Niutli: Sport, Baslietimll: Subject, Cin-mistry: FIOIIIIY, Dily DTPHIIITIIQ. ENIORS I Y a df,.J if. 5 r. I5 JOHN M. GAMBLE : "' Born, Nlonclcs Corner, S. C.: Iilojor, Commerce: Sport, Ifootlmll: Sub- ject, Englislm: Hobby, IVIusic. CHARLOTTE ANN GARRETT Born, Covington, Va.: Banlc I: G. IJ. Il. Club 3, 4: I.utin Club I: I I Cheerleader 3, -1: Pliysical Ifclucntion Awartls 2, 3. 4: Junior Play: NOCHAS Stall 4: Majors. Nlntlt, Scif-m'v: Sport, Basketball: Sulrject, Matll: Hobby. Artliur. Q 'i lvl FREDERICK GEORGE GERMANN, JR. Born, Cllicago, III.: Ili-Y I, 2, 3. Secretory -I: Junior Play: Drama Guild 2: 'ralentum 3: Blue Devil Pllotograplmr -I: Pllotogmpliy Editor ' ol NOCHAS: lvlujor, Svie-nu-: Sport, Basketball: Subject, Typing: Holzlzy, Tallcing. W. J. GILBERT Born, Hartsvillc, S. C.g lxlujor, Comm ru-5 Sulmject, Typing: Sport, Softball: Holzlny, Ivlusir. SENIORS BEATRICE GRIIVIES Born, Orangeburg, S. C.: Baslcctlmall 3, fl: Awards in Pliysirzal Educa- tion 3, 4: NOCIIAS Stall: twlujor, Conlnwrfeg Sport, Basketball: Sulzject, Typing: Hobby, Sniclcy. JACK HARLEY Born, Iifllenton, S. C.: Hi-Y Club 2: Hall Patrol -fl: Student Council 2, 3, AI: Major, Matin: Sport, I'4ootIJaII: Subject, IVIalI1: Holllvy, Vvorlcing. BETTY JEAN HARRELSON Born, Greenville. S. C.: Ixflujor, History: Sport, Swimming: Sulzjert, Slltlflllklflfli Holmlwy, Cooking. SUE HAVVKINS Born, Clmrleslon. S. C.: .I. I'I. A. 2, I. fl: Advertising Ixlanuger Blun- Hvfil -1: Junior Play: Sport, Baslcetlrall: Subject, Typing: Holrlzy, Sports. I V It ARY AGNES HEAPE Born, Charleston, S. C.: J. H. A. I. 2, 3. fl: Typist lor Blue Devil: Azlxertising Stall of NOCIIASZ Reel Cross Representative 2: Major, Holm- Ifronomirs: Sport, Ifootlmllg Sulljert, Home Ifcononiics: Hobbies, Sc-wing mul Cooking. MARILYN HILL Born, Charleston, S. C.: IZXCIIHDQC Editor ol Blue Devil 3: Ixlaiorette 'lg Reporter ol G. IJ. E. Clulm 3: Junior Refi Cross Representative 4: lalenturxn Cluli 3: Physical Education Awarcl 2: G. P. E. CIUIJ 4: NOCIIAS Stall 4: Majors, Scir-nun History: Sport, I7ootIJaII: Subject, Biology: Holilzv, Ilaving Fun. Ib Q RICHARD HOWARD Born, Long Iimfli, California: Spanisli Clulm I: IVIajor, Scicnfe: Sport, Irnotlmall: Suliject, Aigi-Im.: Hotzliy, Raclio. .I. C. HUDSON Born, Hartsvillv, S. C.: Ifnntlwall I, 2, 3, -I: IJ:-unut Bowl 3: Slirine Iiowl 4, Captain -I: Outstnncling Player Tropliy fl: Baslcetlaall 2. 3, AI: Ijresixlent ol Soplioniore Class: Block Letter Clulv 2: Major, Dlliltlll Sport, I:ootImII. Slilxject, Ixlatli: Holiliy, I.oaI1ing. MARTHA HUDSON Iforri, Vvalterlmom, C.: Spnnisli CIUII I. 2: Majrir, COIIIIIIPICUI Sport, Ifaslu-tIiaII: SuImjm't, Sliortlianclz HoIiI1y, Vvriting Lottc-rs. RALPH JACKSON Born, Atllens, Ga.: Blue Devil Stall 2: IVIcinIx-r ol' Quill and Scroll 3: IVIuior, Sliopz Sport, Ifootlmllz Sulnjvct. EIIEIISIIQ Hobby, IVIocIeI Airplanes. WII.I .IAM KELLY Born, Georgetown, S C.: Student Council I: Block Letter Club 2: I:ootIJaII I, 2, 3, 4: Cliarlcston AII-Stars 3, 4: Basketball I. 2. 3, 4: AII-Lower State Baslu-tImII Vlqi-aut 3: AII-State Honorable Mention Bas! Icetlmall Tenn: 3: Co-Captain Baslcc-tIaaII 4: Sport, FootIJaII: Subject, IVIatIl: Hotzlzy, Alicv. ALICE KEYSER Born, Cass, VV. Va.: Basketball 3. 4: Student Council I, 2, 4, Secretary 2, Coapresiclent 4: G. P. E. Club 3, 4. Vice-President 4: Treasurer ol' Soplioinore Class: Student Council Convention: May Queen At- tendant I, 2, 3: IVIay Queen 4: Latin Club I: Pllysical Education Awards 3: Ilead of Arcliery 3: Assistant Intramural Manager 4: Major, Cornnierrez Sport, Basketball: Subject, Typing: Hobby, Kelly. I7 PEGGY VVILSON HINES Born, Lincolnton, N. C.: DYHIIIHIICS Cluli I: Bancl I: .lunior Illay 3: NOCHAS Stalt 4: Iwajors, Science, Math: Sport, Soccer: Subject. Sciento- Holmtzy, IVIen. BARBARA JEAN HOLLAND Born, Detroit, Ixlicliigan: Sports Ifclitor ol Blue Devil 3, Business Ivlan- ager 'Ig Spanisli Club I. Vice-Presiclent 2: G. P. If. CIUIJ 3. -I: Pliysirul Ifcluration Award 2, fl: NOCHAS Stull fl: Iwujors. Ixlutli. Ilisr tojy: Sport, I'4ootIJaII: Sulzject, Journalism: Hobby, Ifalling in Gym fuss. MARION HOLSEBERG Born, Cliarleston, S. C.: Activities, Baslcetlnall 3, AI: Gym Class Clmmps 2: Major, Matti: Sport, Baslcc-tImII: Subject, Matli: Holiliy, Girls. TED HOOVER Born, Tyrone, Pennsylvania: III-Y Cluli 2: Hull Patrol 2, 3: Block I.etIPr Clulx 2: Boys' State 3: I:00tIJaII lvlunager I: Council LEOIIVCIIIIDII 'lz Co-Presiclent ol: Student Council -I: Clieerleacler 2: Major, lVIntIi: Sport, I7ootI1aII: Subject, IVIatIl: Hobby, Wonieri. SENIORS Cftgil D . . ' i E 2: I, f' X ' g,.4,4. 5 .- -3 v 'f' C17 A mx CAROLYN KIRK Born, Athens, Ga.: Drama Guilcl 2, -I, Treasurer fl: J. H. A. I. 2. 3, 4: Major, Commerce: Sport. Sports. I"ootloaIl: Subject, Typing: Hobby, JO ANN KIRK Born, .lalllr-rson, Ga.: Baslu-tlnall 2, 3, VI: G, P. E. Clulm 3, 4, Vice- Prcsiclcnt 3, Iyresiclvnt -I: Student Council -I: Awards in Pliysical lfclucation 2: Bank Tc-llor I: H4-ml ol Incliviclual Sports 3: Head ol' Basketball il: lwojor, Coiinm-rrv: Sport, Baslcetlmall: Subject, Typing: Hobby, Sports. ZERNIE KNIGHT . Born, Cliarlc-ston, S, C.: Ivlojor, Nlatlug Sport, ljootlmallg Subject, Sliop: Hobby. Girls. DORIS KAY LEE Born, Florence, S. C.: Be-ta ffluli -'Ig NOCIIAS Stall -I: -I-H Clulw: Glu? Clulx: Pc-rle-ct Attenrlanrtr- Awarcl: lvlojor, Commerce: Sport, Baslcotlvall: Sulrjvct, Sllortllaml: Hobby, Sports. SENIORS 1 r I W C if 4 - s xi ,- y t PEGGY LEE Born, Augusta, Ga.: All Star Baslcetlmll Team 2, Pliysical Education Award 3: G. P. E. Clulo Sport, Baslu-tlxall: Subject, Typing: Hobby, Boys. 3: Drum lvlajorcttc 3: -I: Major, Connnercvz LYDIA VALERI A LEONARD Born, Electric Mills, lvlississippi: Cliairman ol' Junior Real Cross 3: Ivlnjor, C0tlllllPI'Ff9I Sport, Footlmll: Subject, Typing: Hobby, Collecting Post Cards. DONALD IVICDOWELL i Horn, Conway, S. C.: Major, Sliop: Sport, Football: Subject, Ifnglisll: Hobby, Sports. .IESSLYN IVIEADS Born, Ragland, Alabama: lvlonilmer of J. H. A. I. 2, 3: Major, Home lfconomics: Sport, Football: Subject, English: Hobby, Eating. WENDELL MURRAY Born, Holly Hill, S. C.: Secretary Senior Class: NOCHAS Stall: National Honor Society 3: Major, Nlatli: Sport, Ijootlwall: Subject, History: Hobby, Vvooclworlcing. BOB MYERS Born, Birmingham, Alabama: Drama Guild 4: Vice-Presiclent ol Soplio- more Class: Vice-President of Junior Class: President of Senior Class: Talentum Club 3: Junior Play 3: NOCIIAS Stall 4: Football Team 4: Major, Math: Sport, Footloall: Subject, lvlatll: Hobby, Pliotograplxy. I 8 ' VVESLEY ORIVIN aku -t' A, it al' EDVVARD FOVVLER ROBERTS Born, Bifllllllglliltll, Ala.: rllillillltlllll cjlllb 32 rlUl'li0l' IDIUY 32 Hilll ljillflll -l: Student Council -lg Tlmnlcsgiving Pageant 4: Circulation Manager of NOCIIAS: Ntujor, Social Science: Sport, Football: Subject, Englisln: Hotwlzy, Having ru HBOSS Tune". BARBARA ROSS Born, Canulen, S, C.: Glen- Cluli l: lxlasquers Cluli l: Treasurer ol' Drama Guilcl 2: Vice-President Beaux Arts Club 2: Secretary Latin 2: Cast ol Hfracllo Songu 2: Cast ol UCupiCl ancl Psyclleu 2: Christmas Pageant 2: Feature Eclitor ol Blue Devil 3: Junior Play 3: President Drama Guilcl -l: Presialent Talentum Club 3: Erlitor ol Blue Devil: ltlujor, Matli: Sport, Footlxall: Subject, lournalism: Holxlnies, Vvriting and Acting. CLARENCE RUSS Born, Rocky lxlount, N. C.: Hi-Y Clulo 2: Basketball 2. 3: lfootlzall l. 2: F. F. A. 3, Al: lwujor, History: Sport, Baslcetluall: Subject, Gym: Holzlxy, Billiards. LOUISE SALVO Bom, Mt. Pleasant. S. C.: Spanislr Cluls 3, 4: Baslcetlmll 2. 3, 4: Major, Matti: Sport, Basketball: Subject, lfnglisli: Hobby, Sports. GEOROIANNA SCH ULTZ Born, lxleggetts. S. C.: Baslcetlnall 3, 4: G. P. E. Club 3. fl: Major, Commerce: Sport, Basketball: Subject, Typing: Holrluy. Sports. AIVIEE ESTHER SEASE Born, Walterboro, S. C.: Drama Cvuilcl l, 2, 4: Talentum Club 3: Blue Devil Reporter 3: Vice-Presirlent Drama Guild 4: Major, Com- merce: Sport, Football: Subject, Slmrtlmncl: Hobby, Boys. I9 Born, Cliarleston, S. C.: Baml l: lf. l", A. 3, ll: Sport, ljootlaall- Subject, Agriculture: Hobby, Fanning. BETTY PRINE Born, Nortli Cliarleston, S. C.: May Court Atta-rulant 2: rllalr-ntum Clula 3: Junior Play 3: Glee Clulm fl: lwujor, Conunt-rcv: Sport, Foot- ball: Subject, Sliortliancl. LUCILE RAY Born, St. Mattliews. S. C.: Rod Cross Rr-prcscntativc l: licaturc tfclitor ol NOCHAS 4: Major, Commerce: Sport, Baslcctlmll: Subject. Recess: Hobby, Collecting Matcli Covers. REUBEN REEVES Born. Cliarleston, C.: F. F. A. 3. -l: Nlujor, Agriculture: Sport, Football: Subject, Agriculture: Holzliy, llorsc-s. SENIORS "'v'V,fl , . l 1 .N A i CHARLIE SHULL Born, Spartanburg, S. C.: Junior Play: Assistant Eclitor ol' NOCHASZ Majors, Math, Social Science: Sport, Football: Subject, National Government: Hobby, Loafing. ROBERT SMITH Born, Warni Springs, Ga.: Hi-Y Club 2: Major, Matti: Sport, Foot- ball: Subject, Matti: Hoblnips, Swimming and Football. EDVVARD STALL Born, lvlicllancl llarli, S. fx.: Latin Club l, 2: lf. A. 'l: Judge ol Court -l: Majors, Matli, Sorial Science: Sport, Football, Subject, Agriculture: Holllry, Stunt Flying. BETTY STRICKLAND Born, Savannalm, Ga.: Basketball 3, Al: .l. H. A. 2: NOCltAS Stall.: All Star Volleyball 3: All Star Softball 2: Major, Commerce: Sport, Baslietlmall: Subject, Re-cm-ss: Hobby, Loalning. SENIORS "N""Owl-'f - l' f. - jj, 1 if r V 4 i Q yu Slrarlcs Sboot Pool for High Stakes. Bi RAYOI D CLAYTON TOMKINSON Born, c:llHl'lPSl0l'l lsoolliall 3, Ll: Talentunl l, 3: NOCliAS Statl: .lunior Play 3: Raclio Club l: Majors, Science. lvlatll: Sport, Football: Subject, Matti: Hobby, Auto Racing. MARIORIE VARN lilllfl, liillllllefg, .lUlll0l' lefll CTYOSS l, 'll l, 2. 41 lxlnjor, History: Sport, Football: Subject, History: Hobby, Skating. CHARLES WEBB Horn, Gastonia, N. C.: Hi-Y Club l: lvlajor, Nlatli: Sport, Football: Subjpct. Nlatli: Hobby, Collecting Pennants. .I ERE WEIDNER Born, Dallas, Texas: lvlay Court l, 3: J. H. A. l, Vice-President 2. President 3, Treasurer 4: Basketball 2. 3: lvlanaging Eclitor of Blue Devil 3: G. P. E. 3. fl: Treasurer ol' Senior Class: Major, Home Economies: Sport, Baslcetball: Subject, History. '. B. WHALEY Born, Florence, S. C.: Hi-Y Club 2, 3: Stuclfrnt Council 4: Basketball 3 4: Major, Sliop: Sport, Baseball: Subject, Gym: Hobby. Vvatcliing ROBERT T, WHEELESS Born, Norfolk, Va.: Hi-Y Club: NOCHAS Staff: Blue Devil Staff 3: Band l, 2, 3: Major, Science: Sport, Football: Subject. Chemistry: Hobby, Model Airplanes. 20 I Prophecy Vvhen l was a student in North Charleston High School. my one aminition was to see New York City. That's why l finally saved enough money. after ten years, to purchase a ticket on the "Champion" lor the hig city. Alter arriving l lound l needed money to see the sights, so l immediately went to the New York Times to try lor a ioh as reporter. I was admitted to the editor's oliliice and lound none other than .l. C. Hudson laehind the desk. He gave me a joh right away. My iirst assignment was the Stork Clula. While I was sitting at a tahle ordering a Zombie, l saw all the men rise to their leet and gasp as a gorgeous girl came in. She was swarthed in mink and looked very lamiliar. She came over to my tahle and l recognized her as none other than Betty Strickland. Betty was telling me almout our former classmates, Wesley Orvin. who had olatained his D.D. and is a great preacher at Midland Park, and Bots Myers, who is a great evangelist traveling all over the world spreading the gospel. .lust then two distinguished gentlemen came over to our talnle. They were Ed ntlolson lin Roberts and Wendell Murray, great Broadway comedy hit. We ordered our meals, which were lrrought to us lay the head chel, Donald McDowell. He is very famous lor his rare menus. My next assignment was to interview two lamous scientists who were working on a rocket ship to Mars. l entered the lain lull ot mysterious gadgets and found Professors Charles Shull and Klien Beach working madly on the ship. My interview was very successful lx-'cause l learned almout more of the celelarities from North Charleston. They were Dr. James Butler, who owns his own hospital. .lere Weidner is head nurse with Barlaara Holland, Peggy Hines, and Marilyn Hill teaching future nurses. lNorth Charleston sure has advanced sciencell Editor Hudson sent me down to the docks to interview that learless African hunter, Fred flaring 'em lnack alivel Germann. l boarded his ship and mn into Captain Rohert Wheeless. who had piloted the trusty cralt through perilous waters. l went to Fred's calvin and found Amee Sease, his secretary, giving a report ol their trip to Betty Harrelson, who financed the daring expedition. . When l returned to the office, Madam Georgianna Schultz, ol' the Ballet de Ruse. was there and told me that Betty Flowers and Muriel Edge had opened their Montague Avenue Mortuary hack in North Charleston. Betty Falnian is their receptionist and sells llowers on the side. Madam Schultz and I lunched at the Waldorf where we were joined lay Ann Garrett and Elise Crane, great daredevil pilots. Ann informed me that Hazel Easterlin has many rackets now'-she is the tennis champ. Another celelxrity came in while we were talking. It was Count .lack Harley, the ladies' man, who is known lor the clothes he wears. Count Harley told us of his recent visit out Vvest with David Coghlan, champion hog caller: and Zernie Knight, who owns a dude ranch in Arizona. .lust then the lloor show started featuring Miss Betty Prine, guest soloist oi the Metro- politan Opera. The last feature ol the show was the guest performance of VV. Jessie Gillaert. the Filth Avenue Hilllmilly. Red HKentucky" Gamble accompanied him on the lmass Fiddle. l was returning to the ottice when l decided to stop in a large department store. Alice Keyser, Bea Grimes, Lydia Leonard. and Mary Agnes Heape were modeling clothes. l was talking to Carolyn Kirk, Hoor lady, when l noticed a mysterious character eyeing the customers. Vvhen she turned toward me, l recognized Barloara Ross, master detective. I visited a court to interview Supreme Court Judge Edward Stall talso an ace pilot, a few days ago. Richard Howard, the lighting lawyer lrom California, was pleading a case. His client, Captain Clarence Russ, was lacing accused ot reckless llying. lt seems he landed on Louise Salvo's wealthy estate, ruining her garden. Nlaxine Forte was court stenographer. The great poli- ticians from South Carolina-Louise Faluian. Bernice Caddell. C. B. Whaley, and Perry Cannady composed part ot the jury. That night l went to the lights. The main event was the performance ol William "Mountain" Kelly, heavyweight boxer. His opponf-nt was none other than Marion Holselrrerg. Bobby Smith, sports editor lor the Times. was taking pictures ol the tight. l gazed through the anxious spectators and saw many personalities. Among them were Joe Ann Kirk, Coach of basket hall at Vassar: Rculaen Reeves, owner ol the great race horse. Plug: Juanita Bowen. figure skater ot the movies: Lottie Cook. editor ol Vogue Nlagazineg and J. D. Gamble, physical director at Clemson. .l. D. told me that Doris Lee was in Congress now speaking for prohibition. Martha Hudson. who owns a model agency, had a ring side seat. While resting in the oltice one day, l glanced through the advertisements of the paper and noticed Margie Varn's reducing machine company ad. An ad lor Madame Betty Dandridge's School ol Languages was also there. For my vacation I returned to North Charleston and visited the mansion ol Peggy Lee Bell. Her next-door neighbor was Jesslyn Meads, stenographer to Buddy Tomkinson and Charles Wehh. wealthy Broad Street brokers. It seems Ted Hoover has taken entire control ol the paper mill where Sue Hawkins is head ol the employment ollice. Margaret Driggers is manager ot the huge soda fountain at Calilrs. l went hack to North Charleston High and found Louise Cope was physical director. Alter returning to the Alma Mater I realized that all ol' my classmates ol '49 had made good. l hope their future will continue to he as prosperous. --LUCILE RAY. . .J .-ww A ' A A i A 'V ,. -ff ufmi f W ri' ,K n K 4 'kv su P . A-if l Ladies and Gentlemen, Board of Education, Superintendent, Teachers, and Friends: Upon behalf of my client, the CLASS OF 1949, of North Charleston High School, of the city ol North Charleston, State of South Carolina, U. S. A., I am spealting to you upon this solemn and serious occasion, urging you to listen to her last will and testament, and to receive from her dying hand the few gifts she has to bestow in her last moments. Listen. then. one and all, while I read the document, as duly drawn up and sworn to: We. the CLASS OF 1949, being about to pass out ol this sphere of Education, in full possession of a crammed mind, well-trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding. do malie and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revolt- ing and malcing void all former wills or promises by us at any time here-to-fore made, or mayhap, carelessly spolcen, one to the other, as the thoughtless wish of an idle hour. We will and bequeath to the dear faculty, who have been our instructors in all the wisdom of the ages. a sweet and unbrolcen succession of restful nights and peaceful dreams, and all the amazing Imowledge and startling information that we have furnished them from time to time in our various examina- tion papers. We will and bequeath to the .Iunior class all such boys as were not able to Iceep pace with such brilliant girls as compose the majority of our class, trusting that the .Iunior girls may be able to hold firmly to them and steer them next year through the gates of Commencement, that they may not share in the humiliation that has been ours at not being able to "hold our men lollcsn-'as the women of the world would put it. To the Sophomore class we leave two more years of lun and worry. To the Freshman class we will all the nice thoughts about high school which will soon be replaced by grim knowledge- unless, of course, they are a group of Einsteins. To the Sub-Freshman class we will the long years ahead and the worry of getting enough credits through the years to graduate. The following may seem but tritling bequests. but we hope they may be accepted, not as worthless things lavishly thrown away because we can no longer Iceep them, but as valuable assets to those who may receive them, and a continual reminder of the generosity of hearts displayed in our free and full bestowal. I, WENDELL MURRAY, do hereby will and bequeath my ulpanau smile to Lloyd Ballard. I, Boa MYERS, do hereby will and bequeath my triclc Icnee to Oscar Smith who can use it next year on the football team. I, BETTY PRINE, do hereby will and bequeath my blaclc zipper noteboolt and including all the stale men in my secret poclcet to Helen Driggers. Last Will I, CHARLIE SHULL, do hereby will and bequeath my physique to Richard Cuplca. I, BUDDY TOMKINSON, do hereby will and bequeath my used bar of soap to next year's football team. I. LUCILE RAY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to catch a man tguaranteed to worlcl to Joyce Sweat. I, BARBARA Ross, do hereby will and bequeath my position as editor ol the Blue Devil to my brother, Robert Ross to Billy Jaclc Silver, to Patsy lVIcNeely. to-ff-ff-ff-1. I, GEORGIANNA SCHULTZ, do hereby will and bequeath my position on the baslcetball team and my old gym shoes to Mae Mon. I, AMEE SEASE, do hereby will and bequeath my typing ability and Miss Jones to Naomie Hill, and loclter 23 to Betty Sanders. I. BETTY SMILEY, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister. Barbara, who has so much trouble catching a man, my ability to nab one. I. MARJQRIE VARN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to type to Carolyn Varn. I, JACK HARLEY, do hereby will and bequeath my position as captain of the Hall Patrol to Milce Rhodes. I, MARION HOLSEBERG, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to pass history to Betty Roumilat. I, TED HoovER, do hereby will and bequeath my position as co-president to some fortunate Junior. I, RICHARD I'IowARD, do hereby will and bequeath my glasses to Bobby Ashby. I, II. C. HUDSON, do hereby will and bequeath my football practice uniform to some suclrer. I, WILLIAM KELLY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to play football and baslcetball to Oscar Smith. , I, ZERNIE KNIGHT, do hereby will and bequeath nIy ability to fail all math classes to Henry Holseberg. I, DONALD MCDOWELL, do hereby will and bequeath my six-foot frame to Kenneth Dulce. I, BEATRICE CRIMES, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to Iceep training to Sniclcy. I, MARILYN HILL, do hereby will and bequeath my very reliable niclmame "Lip" to Grace Mack. I, PEGGY I-IINES, do hereby will and bequeath my red "V" neclc sweater to Joyce McGee. I, BARBARA HOLLAND, do hereby will and bequeath the won- derful times I've had at the baclc table in ioumalism class to Patsy Butler. I, MARTHA HUDSON, do hereby will and bequeath my beat-up typewriter to soIne poor student, hoping they will malte better use of it than I F" """ 5 24 5 --quill---A 5-H - 1' A-.A ,I and Testament i, ALICE KEYSER, do hereby will and bequeath my position as co-president to Ronald Silver. l. JOE ANN KIRK. do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get my English homeworlc during section to my sister, Shirley. i, DORIS LEE, do hereby will and bequeath my typing slcill to Frances Newton. l, PEGGY ANN LEE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to type to my sisters, Jean and Joan, and to my brother, Charles. l, LYDIA LEONARD, do hereby will and bequeath my com- mercial grades to any worthy Junior. i, Louise SALVO, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet ways tn lvlattie Lou Dickinson. l, JIMMY BUTLER, do hereby will and bequeath my peg pants to Morris Gunnels as he is the only one who will talce them. i, EMUEL BAILEY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to matte A's in history to Martha Taylor. i, PERRY CANNADY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability te malce Als in shorthand to Diclc Smith-he needs it. I, DOUGLAS CARLTON, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to pass to Frantz Riddle. l, DAVID COGlll.AN, do hereby will and bequeath to the machine shop classes my ability to be slow' when everyone is in a hurry. l, JOHN UAMIILE, dn hereby will and bequeath my ability to pass all Iny subjects, except typing. to my brother, Edward Gamble. l. .IUANITA BowI2N, do hereby will and bequeath to the captain ol the football team next year-my physique. l, LOTTIE M. Cook, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be good in class to Dorothy Coolc. l. Louise COPE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to pass all my subjects and to graduate to Buster Rodgers. l, ELISE CRANE, do hereby will and bequeath my worn out gym shoes to Miriani Carter and hope she enjoys wearing them as much as i l. lViARGARET DRIGGERS, do hereby will and bequeath all the big words i learned in Miss VVhite's class ibut don't under- standl to Helen Driggers. l, HAZEL EASTERLIN, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Ann Mitchell, and she can sure use it. i, MURIEL EDGE, do hereby will and bequeath the space occupied by my name in the upper lett-hand corner oi dest: three. second row in room 105 to Chad Davis. i. BETTY FABIAN, do hereby will and bequeath my lace blouse and my navy blue billtold with the many features to David Moorer. l. LOUISE FABIAN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to graduate to my two brothers, Ernest and Robert. l, BETTY FLOXVERS, do hereby will and bequeath to Edward Home the little spider in the upper south corner ot Miss White's room. l, lVlAxINE FORT, do hereby will and bequeath my position as editor ot the annual to Letha Fort, and the ability to pass to Daniel Fort. l, ANN GARRETT, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be quiet in algebra class to Jimmy. l, BETTY HARRELSQN, do hereby will and bequeath my habit ol golden silence to David Dennis, hoping he will use it. l. WESLEY ORVIN, do hereby will and bequeath my great brain to Franlc Riddle. l, EDWARD ROBERTS, do hereby will and bequeath myself to Betty and my bookkeeping ability to any tool who wants it. l, EDWARD STALL, do hereby will and bequeath my slcill at llying to Holly Heape. - l, C. B. VV!-IALEY, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in Jerryls place to mighty Tommy Simmons. i. JESSLYN MEADS, do hereby will and bequeath my great speed in shorthand to Betty Drawcly. l. BERNICE CADDELL, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to tllHkC mistatres in typing to Barbara Redmond. l, MARY AGNES HE.KPE, do hereby will and bequeath Iny typing speed to Frances Newton. l. VV. J. CJILBERT, do hereby will and bequeath my typing speed to Newton Farmer. l, CHARLES VVEBB, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to worlc algebra to Billy Gunther. l, Boom' SMITH, do hereby will and bequeath some fish food lor Jimmy Herring. He gets the idea. l. KLEIN BEACH, do hereby will and bequeath my superior lcnowledge gained in Miss VVhite's English class to anyone who is crazy enough to talcc it. l, FRED GERMANN, do hereby will and bequeath better grades to me next year, and better luclc in algebra than i had to all UHKJCTCIBSSIIICD. l. SUE HAW'KlNS, do hereby will and bequeath my place in Miss White's English class to my sister, Betty. l, J. D. GAMBLE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability in agriculture to Bobby Chandler. l. CAROLYN KIRK, do hereby will and bequeath to Joyce Sweat my ability to always have a little iolce handy. I, REUBEN REEVES, do hereby will and bequeath my position as president ot the F. F. A. to some fortunate junior. l, BETTY STRICKLAND, do hereby will ancl bequeath my posi- tion on the basketball team to Loretta Craven. l, JERE WEIDNER. do hereby will and bequeath my dirty gym shoes and baggy gym shorts to Margaret Matthews. l, RALPH JACKSON, do hereby will and bequeath my mustache to Robert Riddle. This document has been duly witnessed, signed, and sealed. 1-'LUCILE RAY, Class Lawyer. ,lm- s I .. QR A A. . I' A fl x . 2 7 L . 'KES .f'-"??E'I .1zI I' 6 'Ez Q f 34?-T ' i ' ff fi L - I Q E . 5 2 wwf .. Q ,. if -is .L S ...X W 1 x ,Ad . VA QF' E , S 71 Q . J' A ' 1 3" I aj ' , Q., FQ .iw .13 ... - yr? ,we N Q 5... K ki5Ef?!l5iQ? 1. ' V , , .Ml 71.- Sui... gm.: in X 1.1.5555 ' X .- ff, v ,K ,. f yn .gli , 1- Vgkj-3 . A Vi I , '!5fs.5,5,.,giQ.fSl,x3i,9w:i.-,gg-. f'5'gg,fiff1.1w fi ' 11 mgwvff- 395 iw m:gWf?21753'f?i1 f2ffaf2?tf45gv .w,'f",-r if - ff if wifY?.1wff "ii -iiwh' ,.u ,,...j,qwfv3E +L .im sn asv H. if me-wa E J N Q x Swv ' xv .W . J: Y 1 ,l N.. ,Q ff H ' V -':'1.,,.a5?2-'AM' sg :x,, t M , ., I .... EL FQ .N-M Y .fefifwgiif ,gm ,.f-.-Wifi? 1 K Lf wf5s?'f4!3?2f in .gap , .U-Y s.. kg: f' 1 M5-f K Q, 1 A . my "' NJ ' A OFFICERS RONALD SILVER President LEROY STUIJEMEYER Vive-Presiclerll OSCAR SMITH Sovrotary LOU DICKINSON 'l'l'PUSlll'0l' SPONSORS was Mfxlzczxlwl' SANIl'Iil.S, MRS, Num' S.-Xl.I.IfY. Mlss s.xlz.Axll mm MR. IOIIN HOLDIQR. 29 .. M M Nlurx' Allslmrzmli mnuirm- .xllnmn 'mm .Xlhlmn lfvlfy jxfllllll' Bulmlmy .xslllvy I.Iuy1l lsullalril Dori, Bnxh-r .Xnhiv Higm-'mx l'.nllx Igilllfllillll if-un Bishop fxlnry Blair lilm-znmr Hfilalu Xxvulh-r Hriu- ffl:-on 'annum xlulvm-I fimlvn fxlirimn Furl:-r lnllisv fingjlulznl Nlury fuln- mu fvummr Klum .Xml funk fl. XV, fqnupm-r Rim lmrcl fiuulslnn Rim Imrrl fxupku Nlnrgma-I Ihngn B1-ve-rly IJ:-zulu vlvr Inu llinkiuwn Vlivzulrn-ll: Doss H4-Hv I, llruwfly H1-In-n Driggc-re Dmnlv Ifrlnaurclx JUNIGRS Dnruiln' lillllulllmw lv.: Nlm' lfvnrn N4-uhul l"nrnu-r Nlilmlrrcl flnrrrlf Rummy Cm-llw lqurnlv Growing Inna- f1llt'I'IY Ilulm- Uuntlu-r Rnlwrl Hnrrvlsuu Izzlnlin- Hmxkins Hnllic- H4-npv Sluirlvx Hn-lulm-rw I.1lw.1rcI Hurm- lm quvlim- Hulrllilxsun I.il1ll'Hi' Ilullu Xvinlm-r KilllQ'4 Hurry Knigjlll lan ljgllilm- I4-rl I igllilr- IIWIIY l,m'Hnir Hmmm lnwclm-r xlirimll l,lu'au fxlunis- Llltluizli flxsvlululsll :Xluv ! 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President CHARLES VVALKER . . . Vice-President BETTIE NICDQNALD . . Secretary DELLAREE VVIGGINS . . . Treasurer SPONSORS MISS NIILDRIQD .IONIQS MISS GLEN ROLLINS TVIISS FAYE VVOLFIQ NIRS, DOROTHY THOMAS MR. SHELTON ,IONIZS 40 FRESHMEN Sylvian Avant Bzirimm Burrim-zu Nell Br-nlon Teddy Hmiri Billy Brown Cimrl Dnvis PILOIHEHS Duivis Daniel Fort Nionly Garrett Rmnuna Griffin Virginia Dyv Ciinrlc-s Dyiu- B1-ily livnns ,larry Franks Iiilflillf' lfullvr Cliurlz-s Gnim-y Knfliryn Gairx'9s .lulid G4-iinn Vviiiiv Lou fioogi ,lulinn Grooms Billy Uruixims iiurlriy Ulu-rry Yiqiionms Baker Nita Carlcr Louis Ciiaciciifk Cniisln Ciiupnmn fwlmrlvvn Cruin u fiiunrles Bnics .loim Day .loan Dilvlwiv Alfrcrl Dovn- .lam-t Downvy Lois Biggs Lucille Brim- .l. C. Byrri Nniimn Davis 4l FRESHMEN Sllirley Lnnv Joan Loc Belly ixllflbilllillil Bvlly Ann Nlillr Gloria Milslf-ml .loyfc lvluulcls .icuii l.4-0 ylnrllm lxlizvll Sum lvlrinlgxzillc-ry lvlillarcl lvluunly Rofl Moll? firure- Marie lmogenv Newsome Br-My IH-plwles Calvin Pvc-pics Helly Pender Nlnris' lvlvssvrvv 'r .lunv lvlillvr fllivf' lx'1ilI'llLlIll lirzinnon lwlurmy 42 lflsic llarris .lmxkiv Harris Ruin-ri llolnms Glenn Horm- Yvm .lmnc-s .loycv .if-rnigun Bnlxluy .lum-S Vvzirmn ilurly Annie- R. Kvigjuns ix10VC'l'PllP Kelly fivurgin Kvnnecly Brurc Kvnl ,lunirv Kc-own Rolwrrl Ke-ysvr Rolmr-rl King Sllirlvy Kirli I, Q RW Pvgfgly Sll1'fil'lv Rirlmrfl Sllil'lf'y Barlmm Snxilvy flmrlns Slllllll Shxnlvy Slllllll lxllilflllil Slvplwns ,IPEIH lvlnrllm 'l nylor lurwl lonxlinsun lfny Vvnrrl Kvllvr Vvnlliins Izllif- XNlK'illll1'l'lvUI'4l l"nyc- Vvvlmlm Dvllirvv Vviggins virginia Vvillis Botly Vvriglll Sl. clt'l"lllilill 01? 'Y X , . g - , , X , -as - 'F Q l RA Bvllv llvvrx ,linnniv ljivru' fxllllill' Riu' Patsy Rn-I. lavrnirr- Riggs lfmlwnnl Rmlgvrs Pnisby Piqnll ljnrlu Ihwll- Nlnrllm N--Il Sunlurrl lfmily Stull Nlnry Svc-l Small Su-llnrs fxllil Poplin Nlnrianm Poplin llully llrvnliss llnzvilv llllffll Igilgffllll IQUPYK SllC'lfl0ll lllqil Rulwrl Ross sllifllj' Boslicli Rutlx Nf-Ile Brown l,uum Burton lm-rry fqvnsu- lmnvs Clark Cvorgo Colm-r Vvillinln Coolin- lzn-lc Day Sully R055 lnliu Drnlls flmrlvs lfmory Doris Emory losvpll liillliilll lxlilflfil' Fllllfllllffi Hlninr- .lolmson Pu-My Lamlritlr Rolnnrl Ls-wis OTHER I vvnsml l.inQvrlvlI Vlnry Frzmces Lonl ljnnillrl I-yI'lCll cillllf' lVlc'D0nnlcl lvnn lvlillvr lX'1iK'llZll'l Pvnninglon Ulm Powf-ll A rfll ic Prnvcaux 'RIQSHNEN lsloy Pulaski llvrlwrl Rlwa Rnynmncl Rowe- liclnn Stoll lnnlc-S Slllilll Rnynmnfl Slllllll A. C, Smonli IZIIQPIIK' Souillarcl 43 Billy Slvvffns lzlfli Sloops llc-lvn Slfiflililllll Rue' Sirnrnnn lluglm 'l1ll0IllllS0Il luck Tlmmpson Gloria Tomlin lnvli Tnmngc- lflsiv Vvznlv fwlmrlr-s VVzxllu-r Pwliy Vvnnl Kvrlnil xxflflfll Dnviml xA7l'Slt'fIlKl0fl'l- l.nrry Vvynmllmm finrllon Vvillimns B1-Hy .lm-nn Vvinlvr FRESHMAN SNAPS 44 F -'. .1 SUB-FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS MISS HELEN ADAMS MRS, ROBERTA H0lf1flfic'Kr3R MRS. ELSIH EVANS MR. SAM IIUGHES MRS. MRS. MRS, MISS MARY MOORIiR RUBY GOING EUNA HOLIJIQR GITR'I'RUI7Ii LYONS OFFICERS CARY GRAYSON President LARRY CARR Vice-President SARAH JONES Secretary DELORES DOVRE TFHGSILTPF D 4 g pw' L 1C3.,g1?'Q nr Q5 EP: if vi if f? SUB-FRESHMEN bl ll V lworlurv llm-ilmun, .limmy llim-s, lfrlwurml llippcllcu, Billy Hurlson, fllmrlvs lvnliinw, fllmrlcs lulmson. l'lllQL'Il4' .lulm4un, lm- luflv, lfmlwnrrl lgxrlu-v. Dmmlrl Lunglurzl, G, l.. Pnrlu-r, David Slfllllil, l'n-stun Ynwn, fxlurgurvl flmulu. lumlills Crum-n llvllv lllxvis, lim Davis, l...qu.-ln. llvnupsvy, Sllirlvy ljoljlpins, lyvlnrvs llovrv. Sllirlvy lluwuf, fluy llrum-, llvlly l.uu lfxam l.uill1 llulrinn. lsm-Hsuullvl l'il1lQl1-.u, l.1-llm l'url, luzm flunnvls, lll-gjgy Nil.-S, Xvalmlan Slrurli, Nl'.: llullultl lilllgjlmrll, clvfllurtl cllliillllH'!'S, ,llrllllllv clflflllfklll, leflllilld fjllvvilrml, ,lntllvs QlHlllln'l', l'lOllK'fl clr0SlJy, Cl!ilflt'S Cfull V le-nrgv flumlwr, Ran' llmulun, lluvhl lla-xmis, .lm-li Dimtlicr, llvrlwrl llulrlwins, l.s-my Ruumillnll, N.-il Yun, Vlillium Savvy:-r xllllll' ANYIQUYIIIZIII, lxlklflllil ilfillll, xxllllllil 'AWK lglilllfllf' lN,1lllfkl'nflISS, l,ill lxrlllrfily, l5lxVQ'fly Nl'ill, Sul' C5XYl'llN, Nlilflllil lJUXV4'll ll:-lplninv llruu-nux, Slxirlvy lin-irulmrmll, lxlury R4-inlmrtll, Palsy Rmw, Bnrlmru Rm-iml, llorie lflmnlv. 48 suB-FRESHMEN Ms, xif-'J' xvw, QYA sf V if my ' X ifgi 3 my vw lffilllk I3ilXl1'y, IJOIIQIHS lslxilfll, lqllllvrl I7l'H5h'f, IIKITOICI Ibllrr, LWIRIYIFS CEIOYUF, Cl7flIfily' NIlll'k1'll,-IISS, lilllll'S l,i1'f1'l', Ie-IX Rulvinson, RIN-li Sunlorcl, Dunn:-y Smiiln, Rulu-rl llllumnpsfm, ,lnlln Ye-gn, Slwllry Nvllilklllll, lfmlgur Isa-nmuir. Dnrullxy .Min-rnu.ul, Iiilllit' .'xll'it'flllilll, IXIKIIITVUII xxslullls, 'mm .XHig!muI, l'1lilkll!l'lIl .Xllnmn, ,lumlilal Xrnum, Paulrimin Bnrlvy. ,IAQ-raw.: lymlxvr, Illvnlull Hurry, clL'f1llililN' Bulllvr, PM-Hy lflls-QIQA-. Mary Lou l..m'n-Inv, ,Amie l.n-sf, Nlnrgiv Sm-seiuns. I1-rryl Pllrslyc. QU: finrmll fins:-, Dwigjlni IJKITIIIKT, Qflmrlvs I.:-4-, .linux-s Limlsc-y, :Willy l.ucus, Luuiv Luriwimk, .lurk ExIl'.l'Ull, Rnynmlul Flillvr Iilllllly fxllulwlvy, I.. :xil!lllLf0Illl'fy, Ijlllll Ixlllfilill, 'Dull' Nl'ISlIll, hilllllly IEIPIYAIS, Isfllli' K4'lllll'l!l SIYIMXXII. 'Nik XXVIIHSPH, lnnniz- Bmmlvs. fxlnrllm Kvnlnmaly. l.uuisn- Kilgnrv. Harriet Long, Sllirlvy Rulwrls, Slnirlvy Sllilllllilll, .Xgnm-s slllllillx, Ulmid Sh-u-ns, Uornlluy ,l4l'Il1I!'f, Sum 'l'urm-r, Put rlqxlvr. Bnrlmru Vlslm. fxlyrnu Xvulson, Nlun-4-nv XV4-lrll. 49 SUB- FRESHMAN SNAPS 50 ,fx 1 rw F 1 - - H 'Q ' fx, A N fx X j l A! X X f X X ' J K XJ: A X VF! lk A 5 6 X N C H U R Cl I ' .wk PALMETTO GARDENS 5 I The 1949 NOCHAS is the product of much thought, worry, ancI Iahor--and Tun. Our chiets of staff have directed the worIc of their respective groups eFfiCientIy and the staff assistants have Contributed vaIu- ahIe worIc to this edition of the NOCHAS. NOCHAS IVIAXINE FORT CIHARIJIQ SHULI. Ifrtitor Assistant Fititor CHIEFS OF STAFF IVIAXINE FORT . . ..... Editor BETTY FIIJVVERS . . . Business Manager CHARLIE SHULI ...,. Assistant Ectitor PEGGY HINES . . . Advertising Manager .IUANITA BOWEN .... Ctass Ertitor CI-IIIQFS Ol LOUISE COPE . I.UCII.E RAY . . .IO ANN KIRK . FRED GERINIANN . . ED ROBERTS . STAIfIf . . Ctuh Editor . . Feature Editor . . Sports Editor Photography Editor . . Circulation Manager le 52 ,gt STAFF BIf'I'l'Y FLOVVERS HUGH PENDERGRASS Business twrxrlrigrvr Sponsor 1 Ulf TYPISTS 'Ji Muriel Edge, Juanita Bowen, Betty Fabian. Doris, Peggy Hines, ECI Roberts. STAFF ASSISTANTS Betty Stricftctanfi, Beatrire Grimes. Ect Statt, Mar- ianna Sctwuttz, .tere Weidner, Bartnara Ross. Betts garet Driggers, Vtfendett Wturray, Louise Satvo, Prine, Jesstyn Nieacts, Peggy Lee, txtarityn Hitt Mary Agnes Heape, Vvestey Orvin. Teri Hoover, Buddy Tomtcinson, Bernice Cactztett, Botu twyers Klein Beach, Ann Garrett, J. C. Huetson, Georg- ttartmara Hottanci. STAFF ' .v 1 - ' X 7 . ,s,s, iff! E ? F , 1 53 1 The Court MR. HURSEY EDWARD STALI Tlw Sponsor TLP Iuflgc EDVVARD STALL . . Iudge MAXINE FORT ....... . Clerk CHAD DAVIS, ROBERT ROSS . . . Bailiffs The court is tlme l1eacl ol the judicial department ol tlie Stuclent Government. ln lorm it resemloles a magistrates court. The purpose ol' the Court is to punisll students wlio clo not olmey tlwe srlmool rules. laut violators may lmave witnesses to A testily in their loelmll. By tl1is mctlmocl, orcler is lcept on svlwol premises. 54 The Hall Patrol JACK HARLEY, MR. HURSFY Captain unrl Sponsor The Hall Patrol has been active at North Charleston High School lor many years. It is composed of students who direct trallic in the corridors and lceep order on the school grounds. The Hall Patrol and the Court comhined lorm the judicial department of our Student Government. It can well he said that the school is a saler and happier place under the protective eye ol the Hall Patrol. .laclc Harley, Nlilic Rhodes, Alice Keyser, Carole Grooms, Cleon Brown, Harry Knight, Jackie Harris, Millard Moocly, Rod lvlottc lolnnny Garrison, Clyde Mitclium, Charles VVallcer. 55 Beta Club OFFICERS NIURIEI. EDGE . . . . president CAROLE GROGMS . . Vive-President MARY ANNE CONE . . S pcre tary BETTY FABIAN . . Treasurer MRS, BROVVN, MURIEL EDGE Sponsor mul President 'FIM' Beta Club of Nortb Cbarteston was organized during time seconrt semester of 1946 under tbe if-aciersbip of Ntiss Hugb penctergrass. Now tbe group is directed by Nlrs. O. B. Brown, wbo became sponsor in 1948. This bonor stub is a non-secret, acbievement-service organization for bigb scboot stu- ctents. At Nortb Charleston Higb only members of tile junior and senior classes are eligible for mem- bersbip. To befome a member, tbe stuctent must be approved by tbe faculty for sueb qualifications as: leactersbip. personality. anrt rebaraeter. Tbe stuctent after becoming a member must maintain bis bigb sebolastic' average tbrougbout tbe semester. Tbe purpose of tbe club is to promote tbe ieteals of bonesty, servife. ami teactersbip among tbe bigb seboot stuctents oi Amt-rira. ff' '.'. 'h Murim-I Edge, Betty Fabian, Betty Flowers, :wary Blair. Ntury Anne Cone, Rosa Utsti, Carole Grooms, Hazel Eustertin, Doris LCC. Nlaxine Fort. 56 OFFICERS ROBERT SAVERANCE . CLEON BROWN ..... PURPOSE Cllaravfer. MEMBERS Theron Smith Billy Stvvvrls 'floyd fwoon-,.1r, Henry Hulse-In-rg Brannon Nlurray Calvin Pee-plvs Clyde R1ih'hl1ln Frvcl Brown Herman NAvilhZilllS NR. HOl.Dl'fR, OSF.-XR SMITH Monty Garrvil Holwlmy Goblin' Ds-waine Cz-xrpvnlvr George- Falwian Larry Carr Davifl Floors-r f llarlvs f arlvr .lark Day Roy Taylor Donald Bingham A. I.. Collins Grafly lwalllmws Vvalh-r Brice Sponsor am! Prvsirfvrl! Hilffy YFIIOIIIPSOD .lilllllly cT0l'l'0l"ilI'l lrjffnillfl ASIII-i9lfl Rollfxft yx7Il1'f'll'SS t:f'l"ill!l Silflfllfll Dallas Nlartin Bobby Nlolvlf-y Bart Dang:-rfivlrl Hmm- f:lII1llH'T Rolu-rl Harm-Hson Pvh' Pappas Hi- Y Club CJSCAR SMITH ......... Prosidvrlf TED LICHTLE . . . Vim'-Prvsiclmlf FRED CERMANN . . . . Sf-vmfary . 7 FUKISUFPT . Chaplain To vroato, maintain and extend flll'OlLQll0Uf flu' svllool and Community lligll slanclarrls of C,lfiSfiHll Rirllanl fvoulslo Vvinivr Killll'S 'sn-cl G1-nnann fjsrar Slllnll T4-4' ljullllv Rolu-rl Savvrana flu-on Brown lark Ligluilv TIM' Hi-Y Club is an organizalion Composed of older buys who volunlvvr lo pvrlvorm sc-rvirv laslcs for ff-How sluclm-nie. The Hi-Y is a lxranflw of H10 Young FIf'n's Christian Associalion. Hi slancls for High Srllool ancl IIN- Y for Y. Nl. C. A. The Clulfs grvaivsl purposv is lo clvvvlop Cilfll mmnlwr inlo a QOOIl'IHltlIf'f'fI. wc-H-Prlllralvfl inclividual of oulstanrling Chrisiinn rlwarader. Tho Hi-Y lmoys makr' frips Io ilu- Y. Fl. fi. A.. sponsor an annugxlyklllwrfson lmanquvl. and attend frf'quCnl parlies. , , 1. 1.1.-.f,, 57 But ttlis time i stmtt give ttiee a tast-C SlIl'il ttlnt none ran aitt ttlee. Take tilou ttlis rasiiet unrt ftesremting to tile rtarii regions ot tire IIl'Ift1'l'VV0l'ift, request Queen Persepone to give me an tittte ot tier matriltess in-auty, ti:I'0lIl tile ptav Lai-in Clubs I G' I I 51155 DUNLAI' ......,... Sponsor OFFICERS OF LATIN I CIIAIJ DAVIS ,....,.... Pmsidenc ROBtiR't' ROSS .... . Vice-President BARBARA BARRINIZAU ,..... Secretary BI .AINIi JOHNSON ........ Treasurer OFFICERS OF LATIN II HERMAN WILLIAMS ....,.. Pf.2Su.,,.f MARiNtfLLtj GRIFIfl'l'tI . . Vice-President CARMIIN AUSTIN . . . Secretary ixiflrintift: Hiutzor ffmniu Virliitu Cupici unit Psyrtur-'11 i in 1954 Btrs. Biary i.ef1are sponsorect time tirst t.alin Ctutm to tue organizeft at Nortti Ctiarteston Higti. Since 1941 txiiss tierttia Duntap tias assumeci teacterstiip ot ttlis etutx, wtlietm is ctivictect at present into two groups. flue is eomposert oi sturtents in i.atin 1: time ottier, ot sturtents ot afivaneect Latin. Eaetl group tins its own ottieers, ivut tyottl are under ixiiss Duntapis ctirection. Tile eiutw tosters an interest in the stucty ot i.utin unct interprets tor ottiers time Roman eivitization. Tile memtmers tiave Contritbutect Iflllfil ot generat rutturat vatue to time stuctents ot N. C. H, ttlrougtl tile presentation ot i-atin ptays. For its memtmers tile Ctutm sponsors Roman tzanquets. stucties word rterivatives trom t.atin, anft tearns ot Greetc anct Roman myttlotogy anct tiistory. MEMBERS i,A'i4iN t: Lewis titmctctir-ix, fivnrge fotief, fitiaut Davis, Ctmrtf-s Cainey, .iutian Grooms. Rotmert Hotmes, Btaine .tot1nson. Roiunii if-wis, Rotwert Ross, ifugene Statt, Bitty Stevens, Baridam Barrinenu, Lufitie Brice, Etizatmetii Doss, .ioyce Jernigan, ivieverette Keiiy, .tanice Koons, Vvittie true 1.1-stie, .tune Niitter, Patsy tligott, Linrta Pnoie. Ada Poptin, Saiiy Ross, ivtarttla Santurrt, .tnyce Setleieter, Peggy Silf'l'i1-ii, Bnrtmru Smitey, ixtiilfttlil Stevens, tic-ten Strictxtunrt, Fay Vvarfi. LATIN it: Danny tfctvvarrts, Jotmny Garrison, .timmy Hitt, Attic-rt Jacques. Haroict Lowdcr, Hemlan Vvittiams, Carmen Austin, Patsy Butter, Biiiie Rutil tittsworttl, .ivan Gorttrey, iviarinette Griitittl, Betty .lean Stiii. 58 Glee Club lvllls, THfJlVlAS . . Sponsor Tliis year lor llle lirsl lime ll1e Glee Cluln is organizecl as a regular Class in llle rurrieulum. lt ollers sluclenls wlm are inlereslerl in music opporlunilies lo train llieir voices ami lo acquainl lllemselves willl music' ol all lypes. lxlrs. Tliomas, llme clireelor, ancl ll1e memlners ol llie rlulm have vonlrilmulecl many rl:-liglillul programs cluring llie year lor ilu' enlerlainmcnl ol llae stuclenl lwocly. MEMBERS filnaul Davis, Rulwrl lialiian, lxlorris fiunnvlls, R. .l. lsancs, Hamlfl Lowflvr, Bali Nlycrs, I-lay Pulaslii, flsfar Smilli, Rulwrl Slllllll, filaylon llimnlxinson. ,lolm yarn:-r, lfrerl Vvalliins, Paul Xvilliams, Billy Woods, Faye Balcer, Doris Baxler, .lean Bisllop. lvlirinm g'um.,, fX1Mgi,. flmlg' :Xlggry Ann Coulc, Blanclxe Craven, Jacqueline Dempsey, Belly Jean Drawcly, Helen Driggers, Hannall lfellon, loan linnm-lls, liumlyn llultu, lflsin- Harris, lxlarilyn Hill, lxlevera-lle Kelly, Sllirley Lane, l-uum lvlorqan, Peggy Ann Nil.-S, .lum- l'm-lwlos, .Nun Playvr, B1-ny Prim-, .loan Sanrlilur, .loycc Slrcicler, Vvancla Slroclc, Joyce Taylor, Simmy J. Turner, Faye Vvnnl. 59 Junior Red Cross MISS CHRISTINE SMITH . . Sponsor DORIS BAXTER .... . Chairman Since 1945 the .Iunior Red Cross of North CharIeston High has heen under the Ieadership of IVIiss Christine Smith. Une Red Cross representative is appointed hy each section teacher. The purpose oI the Junior Red Cross is to Iurnish its members an opportunity to serve others. Besides heIping in the Ior'aI Red Cross drive, the Junior Rf-dl Cross sends hoxes Ior homeIess and needy peopIe in foreign Ian s. MEMBERS Maxine Fort IVIiIrIrecI Googe NIariIyn HiII Ivhxrjorie Varn Barham Redmond SI1irIey Stevenson Doris Baxter Biggs ,Iunv Crue-rry Ramona C1riIIin GarIin Ross Imogene Newsmm- VViIIiam Simms Iidwnrd Rodgers I,uuIn Adams II:-IIm:-1' VVig5gins Betty .Ioan IIf'nrIer BilTIlilf1l VViIIinms Surah .Iom-s f'mnIyn Curl.-v SIvirIf-y Dohhins Anne Af'ICl'fIlI1llI IJIYIIQIHS B4'ilf'II ITWIQIII I4-iIfIlIl'f ix? t l 'x 65 N x 'WX 1 Q 4 lfartmara lfarrim-an Nlnrtlm Slvplu-ns txlargie Clark lxlllfy rAQIl1'S llI'ilIl1' Marilyn Priu- Ctmrlottv lxl0ll'llllil Limla Jo lioolr' Jere Ann Xvvirlnvr Sliirlvy lzlqlllliifllt l tw fx IN N Y 4 1 7- x 'N lx 1 X. X. J. H. UVVHN SINIQATII . l'l'ftlGY IDIQATON . SARAH JONES . .IICRIQ NN'lfIDNl'fR MISS AIJAMS, MISS LYONS . l r A. . X lu' T IIY'0hilJl'lll Pre-siclvrll S4-wrelurv rvusuri r Sponsor Tile J. A. is an organization ol girls wtlo are interested in economics ol tlme lmome. rltme letters J. H. A. stand for Junior Homemalcers Association: also tliey stancl lor Judgment, Healtli, and Actlievement, wtlictl are qualities ot all be a goocl tiomcrnalcers. Tile purpose ot tlae Cluta is to train eactl member to , J. H. A. sponsors grams, ancl gives occasional parties. MEMBERS Agn:-s Snmali Mary Rim-luarclt 'lim-rryl Pet-rsley Ann Ge-llespic liarlmra Lassiter lit-nr-ta Barry tiva Roclerrlnrrgr-r Patsy Butler fiwi-n Sinvatli Bs-tty J. Nlartin Betty Elliclge Carey Sue Horton Alive R4-vw-s Joyu- lvloorc- Jan Davis Peggy Stxeritl tlannali lf:-lion Nlary l.. Lawrc-nrv Carolyn Corley Sara lvlontgomery Joan Gregorio Sarali Jones lflvanor Bc-rgin Teresa Batter Xvilma l.l'l' Sara Gunter Gloria Kenrtr Stiirley Dotrlvins Blanrlw Nliirlwrillirss lxlarian tfastr-rlin Joan Alligoocl Kay Gunnells Suv Owens Betty Byrcl Annie J. Arliemlan Jan Leo lmetter lmomemalcer, to help other people, and to develop tier personality. Tire campaigns to pay tor ttle camp pledge, presents monttlly pro' Joan lma- Dr-lorvs Dovrc' Sliirley Kirlc Nlym Vvatson .lean St. clfflllillll Pauline Aclams Rutti Viclrery Nlargic' Varn Peggy ljeaton Patsy Race- Betty Pvevy lxlilltrell finogv t"lore-me Pliillips fxlurlvru- VV:-li-li Gloria Tomlin Lurillv Us-liva Julia-I Ge-liva Bonnie liirlcs MEMBERS linuny Butler, Newton ifurllln-r, .l. li, Gmnhlv, ifcifiis- Huwiiins, .ine Hucics, Hurry Knight, Vinson i.inge-rlvlrlt, Vvesley CJYXII Bt In IQPVYPS, iiflll'Sl IQVIWUS, Iif'lli!t'H Iel'f'Vt'i, t,iiilfPIll't' Russ, EKiW'ElfCi Stall, tiiilillll 'IiIlIiil'l', rIiilllllliiS Xx'itUfl'Il. Future Farmers of America The North Charleston Future Farmers ol America has heen organized since Decemher. 1943. Under the leaciership ol lxfir. J. O. Crosby the ciuh has cievelopecl into an active group. The purposes oi the cluh are: To create a love oi country, To strengthen the conlicience ol farm hoys and young men in themselves and their worlc, To create more interest in the intelligent choice ol larming occupations, To improve the liurm home and its surroundings. To develop character trained lor uselul citizenship, anti To loster citizenship. OFFICERS NIR. .l. O. CROSBY . . . . . . . Sponsor REUBEN REEVES , . . . President HARRY . . Vice-President NEWTON FARiViER ...,.. . . Secretary J. D. GAiNiBLtf ....,,. . . Treasurer EDWARTJ STALI.. VVESLEY ORVIN .....,. .... R eporters Each year the cluh participates in numerous activities for which some of the members are generously rewarcieci. ri he cluh taices pride in heautiliying the groumis ol our school. 62 BARBARA ROSS . AINIIiIi SILNSIC . . BILLY IACK SII.YIiR CAROLYN KIRK . MRS. SAI.I.IfY . Drama Guild OFFICERS . . President . Vice-PrPsirIenI . . . Svcrvlury . Trvusurer . Sponsor MEMBERS A rlrn if- AVIQ4-r lllzxll, ArvIgiviBig3vIow, Bs-Ily IIyrcI, I. muxl is III laxm lflifk, I.uu IJIVIKIIISOII, Haul:-I III urmxmau In I.m'm- Ifa-Iton. .Ioan Un-guric. I54-My .I. I'IirIis, SI1irI4-y IIuIrIlil lsmxrl, Marg: nrm' I IXIMIII 4-xs S. SQIII5' 5Ioors:, Ifurbaru R1-id, ROI wz-r I Ross. IXIIIIIIHI SIPYFIIS msrm, Rml. Vim:Iu-ry, I'nuIine Admins, Mary I5Inir, Miriz arln Curlvr, CnmIyn CorIc'y. Dc-Iurvs Ihwf.-, IJI ..1.. y I-Qilwgmls, B.-ny I-'If ,xs4--r S. NL-ri III- ll.- GriI'IitIn. .limmy IIi r1c-s, AIIN-rt .Im'qus's, CIycIo IVIiI4'I1u rln, S lle- OW n-l1s, Maury RI-ul. IS:-'My S2 xxlc I cts, BuI1IJy ,IIN slll pson. .IOIlI'II1y WIIIIIIIIIIIS, IBIIFIYHYRI Burri- IIPUU, IZIPKIIIUI' Bufgill, .IKAEIII CTIIKIKICIICIC. IKICIIRHTI cillpkil, Iifny .l. I,mwsIy, Im IXI. Ifvnns, I'IvIvn Iiurr, CuroIs Gruulns, I.uis I.m-, IIvIuin4- ,IOIunson, Io ,Xnnv IxIuIrIvy, I.inmIu I,uuIc, IxIury IQUIIIIIRIHII, Iounm- SIiippvr, Pnl I'yIvr, I.uIImII XfxIIlIIllIUl"1'. IIN' lbfiilllii clllllil UI NOTIII LIIIIYIUSIIIII IIIIHII WRIS UYQAHIIIZPCI Ill IIII5. NIH. IXIary SnII1-y. ils pre-svn! sponsor. inspin-s mucIl on IIu1Qiaunu among sIufI1-nks in lIu- urlivilivs UI IIw rIuIw, 'IIN' purposn' UI IIN' guiI1I is lo pmmole un inh-rm-SI in cIrulnuli1's umI In pruvi4Io uppurtlmilin-s Ivor 4Ivv4-Ioping nrliskiz' skills, 'IIN' 4IuIm lm-vis nl Irequeni inlervuIs In discuss muIw-up, scvm-ry, 1Iire-rling. usling, mmIiu, :UNI 0IIu'r Iopins n-Iulm-4I In IIn- IIwuIn'. Ih S ' h Cl In 'Iqhe purpose ot the Spanish CIuh is to create IOIIc dances, and correspond with students in interest in and Io IamiIiarize its memhers with the many Latin-American Countries. It is the amhi- customs ancI c'uIture ot Spanish-speaIcing peopIe. tion OI the CIuIJ Ior each member to tw conversant The CIuIJ memtwrs Iearn Spanish and IVIexican with Spanish Ianguage and cutturr-. Spollsur Ii.-XRI5.'NIQ:X I,,fXSSI'I'I'fR, l'n-mlm.: OFFICERS BARBARA LASSITICR . . . Ihvsiflpnr ITI,f5Y III . . . Vin' IJFPSIKIPIII IXIARILYN IJRICII , . . Serrvlnry BRI TCIT KISNT I , 7'rmsurer MEMBERS I.IoycI I5aIIarLI, Shirhly BosIic'Ii, 'Ita-cICIy Braid, CaIisIa Chapman, AIIH-II Ijuvrf-, Ifvtty Evans, Hannah I"s-Ilon. iVIargfiv I:I1IIlll0l'l'. Kathryn Ciarvvs. Carole Grooms, Iworris Guam-Is, IiIsi0 IIarris, Bc-verIy ,Iunvs, Iiruu- Kcnt, SIlirIey Lam-, Ifartmra I,assiIvr. IXIary .Ivan IVIi'I-aurin, fiIoria IVIorgan, Ruth IVIOUICIS, Belly Suv IJPIIKIFY, IVIariIyn Prim-, I:Ioy I,uIasIii. Bc-My lit-vt-lisa, Bi-rnitr Riggs, I'IrIwarcI Rug:-rs. I.ouisv SaIvo. Ix!l2ll'SIlIlII SIIL-an-r, RicI1arc.I SI1irIm-y, f1arI Simms, .IamIt YIQIIUIIIPSOII, IIurIcIy Varnm-r, Iohnny VViIIianIs, IjauI VViIIiamQ, 64- Girls' Physical Education Club rllln- Nortln flliurlz-stun Girls' ljllysiral lfcluculion Club was orgunizrcl :luring tlie I9-17'-'IN srtmiil yvur, llmler tlu- le-mlersliip ol Nliss Jolinson, Iln- nlulr Im rr-tnim-cl its rt-pututiun us u progn-ssivr-, nrtivv group nl stuilvnts. rl-0 lH'K0lllt' il lllI'llllN'f lil lllt' l'. cvlllll NIH' lllllSl NYlll illl ltVVill'tl lll Qylll l'lilSS Sllfll H41 lllt' 1'llllllt'lll, llll' llllllltlgflilll, Ot' lllk' senior lIll'Lllil. l'ln- purpose- nl tlu- vlulx is tu lurtlu-r tlw girls' lmowlerlge ol all typvs nl sports, mul to t'll1'0LlfilQ't' participation in activities ol tlu- scllool. 'lille rluln nu-mln-rs vngngv in intramural QAIIIPS, in cle-mruling lor lootlsull gfaine-s. mul in sponsoring tlu- liomc-forming gnnu- will: its nttenfling pnrmlvs nml lr-stivitivs. OFFICERS no ANN KIRK . . . Presirlpni Aumi iuivsizk . . A . A . . into iffp5i,1w.f HAZIZI. I-IAS'l'tiltLlN . .f-Pg, pfff. C'-ffls'4'3haf9 Kwnzmdmu ....i.. ff . nmmm Miss iiLizAfsls'iii lonwsom . . s,,.,m0,- MEMBERS lo Ann Kirli, Miltlrvfl Garrett, Carolyn Vnrn, Peggy l.:-e, .lc-rf' Vveiclnur, Nlurirl Edge, lxlnrgaret lvluttliews, Dullin-P Altman, Ann Garrett, Hazel lfnstcrlin, .loycc lvlcfivv. Georginnna Scliultz, Lurvttn Kuclc, Lou Dickin- son, Anne' lxlitrliell, Loretta Craven, Alicia- Keyser, Burlmra Hulluml, Nlurilyn llill, l.0uisv lrnlxiun, .lf-an Altman, ylnry ll0St'lDUl'0llQll, Patsy llutlvr, lxlarinn lfusterlin. MISS Ei.lZABE'l'll JOHNSON, Npfmmr llrvsiflvllt 65 it . ,Www isps nfs vw vs. The Blue Devil BARBARA ROSS , . . , ..., Editor IOANNIZ SKIPPICR , , . Mirmiging Editor BARBARA HOLLAND , . Business Iwanager Mt,7RIIiL ICIJKDI-' ........ . If 1'11 ture Ifclitor 'I'IfIJ HOOX'IfR, ,ll,'ANI'lA BC JXVICN , . Sports Editors .IIiAN ALTINIAN ......., . . Excl lflr nge Editor SUE HAVVKINS, .IU ANNIC MOBLICY '.., 'xKll'Pl'llSlllQ lwunugers ANNIQ INII'I'C'III'I.I., BILLY I. SILYIQR . . fwirruiution lwanugers FRED GIQRNIANN .....,...,. , Plwrogrupher LLOYD BALLARII, GLAIJYS TAYLOR, NIARILYN PRICE. BIiTI'Y SANDERS, MIRIANI CARTER, RUTH VICKERY. MARTHA CTANNAIJY, C'AROLIf GROOIYIS, DOLLIREE .ALIIIIVIAN ..,............ Reporters ANIICIZ SI-QASL, MARY IIICAPIAQ , . . 'Fypisrs Time Nortim CImrIeston Blue Devil, an Iwi-weeidy paper, is puIJIisI1ed Ioy time Blue Devil staff witI1 time assistance oi the journaiism ciass. Time paper Contains sports, news, editoriais, Ieatures. pivturvs. and cartoons. Each stu- dent receives in ropy since tIie suIJsc'ription price is in- rf, AIRS. SAMUELS, Sponsor BARBARA ROSS, lfditor c'Iuded in the nftivity Ive paid Ivy eacil student. The purpose oi the Blue Devil is to serve as a medium for tile seII'-expression oi the student body and to offer pravtirzli experienve in tI1e iie-Id oi iournuiism. . I ,,- AJ, I, K, 66 IIAI X I SCHDOL LIFE STUDENTS LEAVE SCHOOL NORTH CHARLESTON HIGH SCHOOL L7 , in I U X, 'c ATTEND CLASSES HAVE LUNCH CICJSSlP.J3li'1'XfVEliN CLASSES g LEARN TO USE THE IJISRARY 68 I .w I STUDY FOR EXAMS APPLAUD TALENTED MUSICIANS AT SCHOOL LEARN TO Bl GREASE IVIONKEYS SERVE DINNER 69 BECOME SKILLED WOODWORKERS EXPERIMENT IN CIIEIVIISTRY LAB APPLAUD OUR CARETAKERS BOARD THE BUS 70 Our Girfs Engage ln Various Types Of SPORTS ln PHYSICAL EDUCATION Classes -' 'r . - 1: gi h 11-'Y ,J af 155 Cur Boys Keep Fit 1 4- it .K r V' ,,,,,..,. , ,, , 73 We crown the and elect her .MMJ of gfonor lIiRli VVliIlJNIfR 14 .My Qdy LLEZIZ of '949 ALICE KEYSER Recaff 6L dl! y mmf 19 I ,EC JN MAXNVEI Ol IIIJA SHIPIEY Killfl UH!! KJHUPII FRANCES KIRK Arlllifl of Honor BONNIE LEE BETTY STIII. IIPFUIIIS .I. of f94T I O48 OIA NIAIQ CZUERRY AND RICHARD BREVVER King and QlLl?0ll ATTENI JANTS DIiI.I.AREIi WICGINS SARAH SELLARS IEI .V A ANN ACKERMAN CARIVIEN AUSTIN I1 JRETTA KREIDER BETTY ROUIVIILATT ALICE KEYSER .IERE VVEIDNER FAYE SELLARS IZTIAIELVVYN MOORI Honor the GOOD CITIZEN Betty Fiowers is the outstanciinq senior giri who possesses Ieaciership, ftepenciahiiity. ami patriotism. Her ciassmates ami the faculty he- Iieve she is worthy of the Qooci citizenship awarci which the Daughters of the American Revoiutior present each year. a 1 A I 1 I i 1. i,.- , -' 1 ,rl vw- ' f I X The Seniors this year have prouciiy seiecteci .Iere Vveiciner to receive the honor accorded Ixiiss Hi Niiss. Candidates for this awarci must have the quaiities oi schoiarship. service, Ieaciership, and personai attractiveness. Vvinthrop College presents pictures oi these persons chosen hy senior ciasses throughout the state in The Iohnsonian each spring. and MISS HI MISS P esent Pageants At R I And THANKSGIVING 78 SENIOR SNAPS 79 MR. SIiElfI'ON JONES DIRECTORS Wir. Shelton Jones, as athietic director, is co- ordinator of sports activities. it is he who arranges to transport piayers to out-of-town games: it is he who has tickets printed, who buys uniforms and equipment. His are the financial worries related to a comprehensive athletic program. Wir. Jones performs his duties with care and efficiency. it is to Miss Deli Eaddy that we students owe the enthusiasm and ieadership oi our cheerleaders. Miss Eaddy has imparted to them some of her own spirit and ioyaity to our Alma Mater. Their outstanding leadership this season is the product oi teamworic by them and their sponsor. Our hand adds much iimriiiiance and pageantry to ioothaii games. Under the canahie direction of Mr. James Hopperstad. the Cooper River Band has performed with outstanding success in enter- taining the student body at chapel, as weii as on the athietic tieid. We are proud to point out the Cooper River Band as our own. 'NHSS IJICH, IQAIBIJY 80 MR. .IAMICS HOPPICRSTAD ATHLETICS M-""""" COMMUNITY BUILDING FOOTBALL SQUAD 8l Members Ot Band Arclrie Bigelow Danny Eclwarcls Billy Je.-it Silver tsaeieiy Claire Betty Brown Tlreron Smitlr Jimmy Hines Carl Simms Sally lwloore Bernice Riggs Floy Pulaski Roy Jones Rielrard Pulaski .linnny Southern Ricliarcl Roberts lxflary Blair Lee Blaclclaum Davicl lvlclwliclw ael Lee ljetillo Eleanor Vvatlcins oluanita Hill George Duffy Belton Tisclale Robert Keyes VXfesley Whittirrgtorr Larry Edwards Edith lvlaylielcl Paul Payne Jar-le Bello Virginia Floyd .loan Bates Harold Pace Robert lVlaclc Harvey Bogarcl Billy Rentz Paul Pear-ook ' Www? 'X' f E ll ' lf'-1 ar , 'ff - f f Ch I d M... ff .., eer ea ers . nl: 5 Ai Ann Carroll l.0u Divliinson 'l4mnmy Simmons Grady lxlalllww Majorettes Nlnrilyn Hill Coleen O'KeIIey Grate lwlavlc .luunilu lllill lxlilfy ADH CCJOIK Drum Major Rozy Pulaslci b Q 0 BOB CLARK HIBBIE AYOUB W-. COOPER RIVER Just take a took at time resuits of the games played toy time Blue Devils. Of this record we are justly proud. In 8 of 10 engage- ments our team was victorious, piling up 230 points to 80 for our opponents. This season has Caused us to reminisce iongingiy about the ,47-,48 season, which was crowned lay Peanut Bowl victory. 1 'Li 1 ,. .- , 84 f i I. LUE DOIN' I oupc- Iiunpc fxrmpv fwnupv Unope- KIDO!!! fuopv cilllllll' C QUUIN' RIN I' Rix 1-r Riu-r Riu Rive Rivr Riw Riu Riu Riw -r -r -r -r I' 'r f DEVILS THE SCORES ...27 . 22 ,I I-I 20 . 20 . 'III . 33 . I0 . I3 I. CI. HurIson VViIIimn Kvlly Ric'ImrcI Ilulivrnu SnirIiy Hoover .lulm VVIIIICIS I.:-my SIufIf-nu-yc-r fbsrnr SmiIIu lm' CIIIEITIIIIIK' . . I I VVinnsImum . '20 Cvnrgs-Immun . II Un-Iwr , , , II CYUIIIIIIIIIEI . II Ure-4-r . , ll I,orh-r . 6 Conway . 7 CmnrI4-n . . . 7 CImrIosIun . . . 20 S I. E 3 i I SCOTI' BABSON 'I'I'II" 'IIWNN BoIw IVIyr-rs BiIIy SoIIIIn'rn ,InIm Vnrnvr .IUII Illlil' GRIYYISKIII 7 I IownrrI VX c'nIIu-rIorcI IJIYIHIIA IAYIIFII f Iimmy I.inrIsvy, Iwgr, I5ucI1Iy ,I-UllIIKIl1S:iyr,. Semi BuIrsnn I f I' 1119, fwImrIc-S I.ominnc BUI1 IxIc'Cnrson Gm-urgv IXIICIXIZIIIHFI IxInrvin Vvigglins I'InmIrI 'IwiIImun Inv Crvgory VViIInrrI Pigot! l'HARI.IiS LOMINAC' I. C HUDSON I5iIIy .Ioyv ArII1ur CImmpy VVnmIy Brcwvr OrviII4' Crovr' .lnlm Brisbvn IIIII I,It'l'l'l'. Iwgr. IirIwnrcI, CIIIIIDIS, Iwgr. 85 I. Cf HUDSON SENIOR BLUE DEVILS BOB MYERS BUDDY TOMKIN SON RICHARD I'Nl'IlfRNO 5,7359 5 f it 4? gl S H fi, BH: 'all vs itil :ff 4 ...rn wax wi- wg N-... N'-Q-Q,,. --:fs W' is gr k Q' wxiiifklggr ' mm, ,. Lge 4' 'yt yy E .MT ,awk , z , 'X X A... M , Q ,, ' 5 K B N WL .W l Ml f '- .S Ek 2063 E J' we Q 3 if M dh W r '- w , A x-N..-w 3 5 HQQQNQ A gawk Dfw DeviIeH:es 'I I II1 'I I'.INI In .xllll I Imlllsr' Inlyv, gg XIII1- IXMM-r, I Ifmullnm- Ivrllm-N, I Im-I Ilmlm-Q, I X1..,,- fmxml, I I.nluIvn Xann, I IS,-In 5na.LI....1l, 1, Ima 4- Fu:-.uI. Il on 1- XI: I I1-4-, gg Mm XIII: II.-II. I NIIIIIH-aI Imrr' ", I XI.1rmn I.1lNIt'l'IIll, In XI.niv IXI1-441-rxx. gg Nllflllil IXIUKIIKIN, H II:-nrQi.uv1v1.u 5mImIl1, I I ,mu-v 5IuIx nm, I I.lI.I IXIQN- Ifuw, fl Imum .XIIn1.m, fl Im:-IIA IXIUIX. gg XIIIIIH-II IImvQ4', q XIaulIiv Inu ITi1Ixirmm. NIW. IIHIH' XIJIVII. .XIIJL 'I I II, Sf'URIfS NorlI1 I ImrIe-I Iiiglmp Inglim NOIIII IXI1.urIv- Sumlm-rx'iIIv . NUYIII IIIIIITIU4 .XIumn .u1- . . NUTIII IIImrIm UrmnQ1-Imru . NUIIII I1ImlI4-I Cl m-4m rgm-Iuwll . NUVIII IIImrIc's Iqmnlm-r1i4II NurIIu IIImrIm's UIvmpn.u . . NUYIII I1ImTI4'r IIIIIIULI . . NMIII IIn.urII-4 fqmnmy . . lun II Inn lun Inn Inn lull IEII Inn Inn Inn N Nu Ixllllllvrvi rII1 I ImlIm-4 III- NurlIs IIImrI4-Q Inn lun If .INN KI ,.. I II :lhnn I III I IIIII I Iulrlun 55 I I.IfXIII III IIJIINNJ XUIIII lI...I I ll Hlll.lIl III Il Nw. Nm I I Immun Xu! I IIIIIIWDII I1 IIIIII I lu In IIIIIII Inn I nnuIu Ili I. Inn HI uvn E NurlIl I1ImrI1-Q IInImp I'IngIzu -rII1 IIIIIITIIW IIIYIIIIIIAI , lull wurIIl IIImrI4w Inn Iwnr gm-Icm n . NorIIl I IMI., Inn uluuly . NuriIx IImrI1 Inn r.mQs-Irur! . NUYIII IIIuurIn Inn XX'..I Ia-rIwum NUVIII I ImrI1w lun I ulllllIL'I'tlilI IIIUII . . UUIH' nop:- unpr- oopx' unpa- oops- smpa- UUIH' :vn- iv- r Riv- iw- iv' iw- iw' Riu- BASEBALL I' IQIX Riu- 'I'HIf SFORIQS I5isIm r IfnQIumI . 7 foo rc' V I I XXauII1'rImr1m . . I CUUIH Ilorlvr 2 ' , V ' ' H f uupv I ZIIIISII' . . . J F f,I'i!IlQl'I?lII'Q , -I ,DOIN I'Iurr-nm 4- . . II I ""I"I llnliflv . 3 I 'WIN' iiwnunny . 5 Unulu ,. .... ANI I IIIL II'.. . iva- iw- iw' 1. IQIVUI' r RI 'vw Irm, I'.4ImunfI II:-sh-r. RUIN-rl funk. Ilrnvs Ist I1Iur, IIz:ruIxI 'IiIImun. III-nlun IXingj, IrelnIi IIulr'n, Iimmis' f,x'1'rr11sIl, VVcm1Iy M rnmgffr: ILnirI I5niIm-y, IXIIUIIIHUI' ill YI I4 QVYI Iron IXInxxu'II. 'I'r1'7:- I"c-fualvr. Rir'Imr1I I,.lIir-rum. IIQII I.ilm'Imllsc', Dr La . I3 I3isImp I':l1L!IilIIII . 2 cJHlllQl'IDlII'g . , IU VVHIU-rImru . 7 cIImrIvsIon -I Ilorfvr . , QIUIIVVEIQ' . , 3 QNIIRITIPSIUII rr-we-r, Pawn fIocIsr-y, jwunugvrq I Osmr Smith, SPORTS SNAPS 9 i 'I HTf" Ln'u'I K 6. M MARKET , Fresh Meats + Groceries PAUL MOTOR co.. INC. Seafood + ,,0,L,,,y I Complete Line of Frozen Foods HIT-1-I9 MEETING STREET I,IAL 41-4153 Free Delivery AND I LIBERTY HILL ROAD AT FERNDALE 581 MEE'l'ING STREET ' ,....,.., f .,,.,..,,.,,.,..,,.,,.,,,,,.,,., ,,.,,.,,.,,.,,. ,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,,,..,,.,,,,.,,,,,,, - SINCE 1918 COIIIPLIMENTS OF HAMPTON STUDIO Your FI'icIII1Iy Dealer 1-I6 KING ST. CHARLESTON, S. C. Complete Insurance Coverage AN OFFICE NEAR YOU FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE W. C. WILBUR 81 COMPANY 1VION'I'AGl'l-I AVI-1. INORTII CllARI.l'IS'l'ON PIIUNE 4--1662 Il If. AWIIBY. MAXAIIER F. H. A. LOANS " AUTO FINANCING OFFICES AT DI'AI, LANE AT I'Il'IYNOI.lN CIIARLESTON 5 EXCHANGE ST. PHONE 834-1 W. C. VVILBUR, PRESIDENT AVENUE NAVY YARD PIIONE 2-4927 ' II I. CARTER, Jn., MANAGER .n.n.n. 92 u-u-mu'u-mu-n'n'u'u'u'u'I COULTER AND POOSER PLUMBING AND HEATING NORTH CHARIIESVDN DIAL 4-3948 Household Authorized Commercial Refrig- Frigiolaire Dealer eration and Air Courlitioning STRICKLAND'S APPLIANCES DIAL 3-1042 TIIOIWIAS .I. STRICKIANII W'If:NTwoR'I'II ANI: IVIEICTING CIIfNRI.I'IS1'KlN, S. C. u.n.u.1 .mn I-u-u-n-num u'u'u' -um-u-I 'I ' I DRIGGERS' FEED STORE Complete Line of Poultry and Livestock Feeds POULTRY EQUIPMENT BABY CHICKS -Free Delivery Service- DUAL LANE HIGIIWAY J Us'r NORTIi or 7-MILE NIIADUCT CONC IIA'I'III,A'1'IoNs S ICNIORS Ol" '419 TOMMY'S .-u,n.n I.n.n.u.u.n.n.nmI.u.n.n.n.n.n.n.uI mu-u-uI'u-um-ImI-II-u-wwu-um-wu- mmI-I1'n'u-u-I-'wnmvu SIRES LUMBER CO.. INC. "Everything from Foundation to Roof" ccafnn DIAL 2-3863 790 MEETING STREET CHARLESTON E, S. C. Our Best IVishes to You, SENIORS For Furniture of Taste and Distimrtiorz, Smx LEA 6 PUTNAM. INC. KING ST. Exrmrslox ,vr 5-MILE XYIADUCT I ,,,,,,,,,, fnnnunn IDEAL WHITE SWAN LAUNDRY COMPANY 1,11 zuul ry + D ry C 'len ning PHONE 4-2983 MOORE MUSIC CO. CONSOLE RADIOS, RECORDS, ALBUMS VVI'Rl.I'l'ZER AL"l'0MA'1'lC PHONOGRAPH lfrfwurrlx on fhix .llrwlzillrl for Sale by .IIOORIC ,IIVSIK7 fI'0.Ill'.lA'V 129 MON'1'.xGI'H Avrzxwz NORTII cIllARI.l'IS'l'0N, S. C. HARVEY'S SUPER SERVICE .2 STATION TIRES AND TUBES ROAD SERVICE-BATTERIES . HARVEY F. THOMPSON, PROPRIETOR PHONE 4-4-850 HIGIlW'AX' 525 8: SUMTHR ST. Q NORTIYI CHARLr:s'1'ON, S. C. vu u u fu n 1 u n vu n.n.n. n.n.n.n.u. COM PLIMENTS OF DAVE MOORER Sllzlwlcwz STA. Mm-1'1'1Nc: ST. RKJIXIJ COLIE MORSE VOAI. DEAI.HR C N. CHAlu,1f:s'1'ON, S. . TRADE'MARK Plus Tax -I 7 It COMP,r.1M1f:NTs OF MCKETHAN OLDSMOBILE INCORPORATED Z I. FURMAN MASON OPTOMETRIST AND OPTICIAN Z Agent for Zenith Earphones 375 KING S'1'nEE'1' PHONE 2-4-919 51.n.u -numnu-u-u-u-wan'u'u'u'u'u'nn-um-IF:n'numvu1-a1-u-u'u'n-U-n-anu-u-mu-U' : L D 6. D RADIO 6. ELECTRIC SERVICE 413-4-5 JOHN STREET ANY IAIAKE RAIDIO REPAIREO CIENERAL - ELEc'1'1ucAL CON'1'1zAc"1'1NG I'IOMl'I A1'PLlANCEs DIAL 3-3831 FOR Pick-up Service COMPLIMENTS OF UGORDONSH FRESH POTATO CHIPS Milton Goodman 1TIS'I'ii1BII'1'0R n1.u.u.u.n.n.n,u.u 11,41 IULIAN'S GARAGE IDORCHESTER ROAD BEAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT AUTO PAINTING METAL WORK NAX'AI. BASE, S. C. PHONE 4-1959 COMPLIMENTS OF DOMESTIC GAS COMPANY 3240 RIVIEIIS AVENIKE NAVAL BASE, S. C. Your "Pyr0fa.z"' Bottled Gas Dealer I I 11 ll Ill ll ll VI ll Il .Vllll.It.Yl.ll l.ll'll.Vl.lI.!hlIlllulh T I Ildl nluihvlr uYl.Yl,1l-lull' MORGAN BROTHERS u BAG CO.. INC. NORTH FHARLESTON, S. C. 'nw 'n'u'u'u ' ' ' ' ' 'um-I STOKES 6. CARPENTER CO. Real Estate :: Insurance :-: Building :-: F. H. A. Insured Loans DIAI. -I-3731 311 MONTAGUE AVENUE NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. Shop at EDWARDS 5, I0, 5141.00 Store REYNOLDS AVENUE AND DUAL LANE Free Parking I l,Vl.u.vl. u-mu-m mu-u-u-mu-II-mu-um-u'u'u'u'n'u-u AUTO LOANS STEPHENSON FINANCE CO. INCORPORATED 710 KING ST. CHARLESTON, S. C. - FRANCIS MARION HOTEL H. OI,IY',bIR RILEY, Manager cc 44 . xx CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA ATLANTIC COAST LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1 Y. VV. SCAIIIIOROIYGH, President J. VV. OIIVIN, Secretary and Treasurer HOME OEEICE: I 4-9 VVENTVVORTH STREET 1 CHARLESTON, S. C. NIORE VIIHAN 23 NIE.-XRS OI' SERVICE TO THE IIEOPLE OF SOI"I'II CAROLINA "The Golden' Rule Company" SEABOARD GAS CO. Bottled Gas - Tank Gas Metered Gas Systems Gas Appliances TELEPHONE 2-4326 KING STREET EXTENSION ONE-HALF MILE ABOVE CITY BOUNDARY .u.u.u,: n.n.n.n.n.n.u.u.u n n n In nnnnnnnnnnnun 1 1 4 1 auuun PORT CITY DRUG co. FRED WU-KINS is your representative of the L. G. The Friendly Stow BALFOUR COMPANY, your ojicial Class ring jeweler PHONE STORE AND OFFICE S 1 NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. 937 MAIN TRPET COLUMBIA, S. C. BEE'S CABIN 114 MILE ACROSS NORTH CHARLESTON VIADUCT Clean Modern Cabin :-: Reasonable Rate Prizvzte Bath with Hot and Cold Running Ufater DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE ROBERTS REF RIGERATION SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT 362 MEETING STREET CHARLESTON, S. C. INDUSTRIAL WELDING BAYSET SERVICE s'rA'r1oN SUPPLIES- INC- SMOAK BROTHERS : 2 Distributor for THE LINDE AIR PRODUCTS E COMPANY DTTAL LANE AND REYNOLDS AVE. AND ' NAVAL BASE, S. C. I I WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC . -1 6 CORPORATION PHONE 3 37 361 MEETING STREET CHARIAESTON, S. C. DIAL 3-5450 OR 3-4002 97 '- CALIF F 'S DEPENDABLE DRUG STORE SERVICE NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. u.n.n.n.u.n. -. . Q Q PAINT PRSZLJCTS t v Lmun lsi'6i5ii'Eul'3i'iiiEf ouco. CHAR LESTON , 5.C. I L I uuunuuuuunnnn SOUTHERN LUMBER AND MILLWORK CO. H 1 , PEPSI-COLA HIILLVVORK OUR SPECIALTY ' DIAL 5537 KING ST. ExTL:Ns1oN CO' CHARL r1s'1'0N, S. C. -mum.: .n.u.u.u.n.r Su.,-.r-.u.. 98 I0 2 . ! DR. PEPPER BOTTLIN G CO. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1949 cc cc Q rv n DIXIE 61 PORT THEATRES SOUTHERN TRUCK CO. White Trucks Sales and Service BOX 157 MEETING STREET ROAD COMPLIMENTS OF SIMMONS MOTOR CO. INCORPORATED Charleston? Oldest Plymouth Dealer Distributor CHRYSLER 0 PLYMOUTH CORNER CHURCH AND MARKET STREETS CHARLESTON, S. C. PHONES 6551 - 6552 u-u'wwwu'14'u'u-In-ww:n'u'u'u'u'u'u' COMPLIMI-:NTS OF DOSCHER G KOESTER Distributors of FINE CIGARS + CANDY CIGARETTES 231 MEETING STREET CIIARLESTON, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF MAXWELL BROS. 61 HALL u.n.n.n. u.n.n.n.n.n.n.u l' I DOVILLI FLOYD I DOVELI JR DOVELL 5 DOVELL General Insurance 7 BROAD S'I'Iu-:E'r DIAL 2-04157 I CHARLESTON, S. C. 1 INCORPORATED 360 KING STREET PHONE 3-1656 vmsu vou TAKE nm: our ron A "QUICK-UPU... 'ROYALCROWN H mg. u. s. r-I. ou. ' MAL CROW: Bas? 75s7'E-7551" ! gang., I' I H I 1,544 N r I unuunn uuunnnrn Swiffs . VY. f-f A . if ,J . . .: K' ,EW Wg .me . TRIANGLE SUPPLY CO. 307-309 MON1'AGI7E AVENUE NORTH CHARLESTON PHONE 4-3857 cc cc Q my E Sporting Goods .n.n.n.u.n. .n.n.n.4 ' J l ,.ll.l,.,,.,,.,, is ,,.,,.l,.,,.,, I,II,-,,-,,-,,-,,-,,-,,-,,-,, -U-I , I A .9 1' FORT SUMTER CII-IEVROLET co.. INC. "Chevrolet the Leader" 182 MEETING STREET CHARLESTON, S. C. Sales and Service USED CAR DEPARTMENT 620 KING STREET PHONE 2-0250 TRUCK HEADQUARTERS 405 BIEETING ST. PHONE 2-1259 COMPLIMENTS OF GRAPETTE COMPANY Z HIRSTY M NOT? ' 'PXAAAA N C Z ' S SODAS Z W err, re,4 Q :XT sdyf Z ep. GRAPETTE Z Z I P16446 4 PHONE 4-2809 n u u u u n n u u u u n u u n'u-n'u'u-u'n'u-u'u-n'n'u'u'u'u'u'u'u I. K. DAVIS 6. COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLIES AND 4':n'su'nI'IIInI-In'n:'II'IIInnInn-n:'nI'II'InIun'u:'nn'II-I1'In'ua'n:'uu'uu'nn'nn'nn-na-na's DUNHAM MOTORS CORPORATION DODGE AND PLYMOUTH EQUIPMENT PASSENGER CARS SCHOOL SUPPLIES DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS 117W MONTAGUE AVENUE DIAL 4-2680 Sales + Service NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. TELEPHONE 2-4424 376 MEETING STREET AT ANN IAMES ALLAN 6: CO.. INC. Jewelers 285 KING STREET CHARLESTON, S. C. ESTABLISHED 1855 nuvnvnnnnnnnun LEVINSON ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Q75 MEETING STREET CHARLESTON 38, S. C. "See our Lovely Display of Fixtures for Homes and Industry',1u.1u.rl.rn. IOI W -In'nI-II'II-In-In-II-uIIII-IIIna-n:-nI'I1IIIIIn-II'nII:III1'In-na-an-un'nu'uI'nI'nn-nn'aa COMPLIMENTS OF DR. M. A. DeSOUZA Optometrist Optician TEI.EPHONE 2-0116 195 KING S CHARLESTON 5, S. C. SUNNY'S DRIVE INN DUAL LANE HIGHWAY Curb Service -- Dining Room .n.n.n.u.u. COMPLIMENTS OF KERRISON'S HARRY BARSH MOTORS Studebaker Sales and Service TELEPHONE 8861 7044-708 KING ST u'u'u'u'n u n u u u u n n u u u u u u u u u up n u u un REGAL DEPT. STORES INCORPORATED IVe Outfit the Entire Family PHONE 3-3966 CHARLESTON, S. C. - 501-503-505 KING STREET -mun'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'nvu1-u'u'u-u-nv COMPLIMENTS OF THE CAROLINA MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OBGANIZED 1851 37 BROAD STREET CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA E. EDWARD WEHMAN, JR., President COMPLIMENTS OF I. GINSBERG. INC. ccccfwn PHONE 6561 226 MEETING STREET A nu na an an 1: un nn an nu an u an nn u tx un un u na nn nn nn un sf lv u na'nn'sa'ua'nn nn nn nn n:'u:'un'nu'uu'tv'n1'11Ian'u1-11-1A'n1'nn'u1'u1'nr'u1'n1II1'Iu'nn'un'ua's:'la's:'ua'lr R. HARRY MORSE 6 COMPANY Insurance: Auto. Fire and Windstorm Real Estate :: Loans GLIMZ REYNOLDS AVENUE DIAL 8305 Glasses Comfortably Oculists' Fitted Prescriptions Filled HARRY SIMON, OPTICIAN Broken Len-ses Duplicated 195W KING STREET DIAL 3-2989 CHARLESTON, S. C. fnrururnfnwnrnrnrnrhrhvnvn COMPLIMENTS OF CURRY AND SCHRAM COMPLIMENTS or BURN'S ESSO STATION MOTORS Your DeS0t0 and Plymouth KING AND SHEPPARD S'rnEE'1s Dealers - W T M A COMPLIMENTS OF W T M A - F M " Your NBC Station" NORTH CHARLESTON BOWLING CENTER 4 ni na nn nn sn u me nu nn nr n an nn nn u COMPLIINIENTS OF FELTON MERCANTILE COMPANY PHONE 4-2477 201 MONTAGUE AVENUE NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. COMPLIMENTS or CURTISS CANDY COMPANY George McD. Davis Distributor BW I. I uvuwv '11 n' vu-u-U-U-u-u-u-u-u-n-Imun-U-u-U-u-w I' COMPLIMENTS OF ANNETTE'S BLUE GOWN 290 KING STREET CHARLESTON, S. C. DIAL 2-4543 COMPLIMENTS OF W. R. PATRICK Distributor of TOBACCOS, CONFECTIONS AND SPECIALTIES P. O. Box 400 EAST BAY AND HASELL STREETS COMPLIMENTS OF COBURG DAIRY PLANT AND OFFICE ST. ANDREWS PARISH PHONE 2-3861 BEST WISHES SOUTHERN DAIRIES Sealtest Ice Cream COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE A. RHEMAN COMPANY, INC. cc cc . by by NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH CHARLESTON ICE 6. FUEL PLANT OF SOUTHERN ICE COMPANY 'u'u'u'n-1n'u'u'u-nun'u'u-u'u'u'u'1 COMPLIMENTS OF THE GEER DRUG CO. Wholesale Druggists at cc . 7: an CHARLESTON SPARTANBURG GREENVILLE, S. C. No Donuts Like DIXIE CREAM Glazed Donuts DIXIE CREAM DONUT SHOP DUAL LANE HIGHWAY OPPOSITE DIXIE THEATRE DIAL 7829 mu. .n.n.n.n.n. mu'11-I1-II-II-I1Iu-II-nm-u-u-u-u-mnI-u-u-u-um-muI-u-u-n-n-mmm R. M. MCGILLIVRAY, INC. 169 KING STREET CHARLESTON, S. C. DIAL 5667 DIAL 3-5273 Rental Typewriters New Portables Office Equipment .ul.u.n.n.n.n.:u.n.n.n.n.n.1 u.u.n.n.11.11.1u.n.n.n.u.u.n.n.u I. MOLUF'S FOOD PRODUCTS Distributor of BECKERHS' CORN TWISTEES DIAL 41-1934 N. CHARLESTON, S. C. WHIPPER BARONY DRUG STORE "Prescription Druggistn WHIl'PER BARONX' NAVY XrARD, S. C.,n. READ BROS. FABRICS 593 KING STREET DIAL 2-3935 THE DAGGETT PRINTING COMPANY 153 EAST BAY STREET DIAL 8291 CHARLESTON, S. C. Printing - Engraving Eqmsgwnt Ojice Supplies a , Furniture u,n.u.n. n.u.u.n.n.1 . I ,W WI T VIRGINIA P P AND PAPER COMPANY CHARLESTON MILL 5 55 sw Eg X, NORTH ARL E IAI,I IIIIII IIIIIIIAIIIIIIIIAIIAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIA I AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAIIIIIAI IAIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I IAIIIIIIIIIIAIIAII II IIAIIAIIAIIIIIAIIIIIIIIIIII fig? s MEAE? . COMPLIMENTS AND BEST 'XVISHES NORTII CHARLESTON HIGH SCTIOOL STUDENTS General Asbestos 81 Rubber Division Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc. ,,4 ASBESTOS PRODUCTS PACKINGS 2: BRAKE LININGS :S TEXTILES rf, NORTII CIIARIJESTOTV, S. C. I07 vuunn'u'u'u'u-u-mmmanI'mu-u-u'n'mnumm u NORGE APPLIANCES o o FINE FURNITURE a ZENITH o R.C.A. VICTOR RADIOS ABRAHAMS FURNITURE CO. . 428 KING STREET COIINER JGIIN AND KING STREETS DIAI. 8457 . High Quality Low Primm Easy Terms MESCON'S Venetian Blinds + Window Shades Floor Coverings CONTRACT DISTRIBUTORS FOR AZROCK ASPHALT TILE 372 KING STREET 2 CHARLESTON 29, S. C. PIIONE 3-64459 .n,n.n.n.n.n.n.n1.11.u.n.v u.u.n.n.n.n.n. .n.u.u.u,n,n.u ml.'l.1l.1I.n.n.n .n.n.n.n.n.n. HORACE G. ADAMS I "The Store :-: RUDOLPH I. ORTMANN of Fine Jewelry" JEIVEL A' q , SILVERSINIITHS 251 KIN ' S L" 1 J CHARLESTON, S. C. fl I 3 il. f X 'f1Q,j,f" lffIf. f ,ffl . .f'l' Q ' Q ' "A"A ff . . . f f f f f f i I I i . 1 . 2, V 0 jj ' CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY 42 li MONTAGUE AVENUE, NORTH CHARLESTON Ewtcmls ifs H earliest Congratulations To the Class of '49 BERLIN G. MYERS LUMBER AND HARDVVARE DU PONT PAINTS f BUILDING SUPPLIES MEETING ST. ANI: REYNOLDS AVE. DIAL 9919 nunnununuunnnnunnnnnunnun: I n-u'u'u'u-n'u'u'u'u'n'u'u-u'u'n'u'u1ulu-u-u-n'u'uIu'u'u'u'nununuaununwnuuunH:unuuuuuaununuuuuuuu YOUR TEXTBOOK OF WORLD AFFAIRS THE CHARLESTON EVENING POST AFTERNOONS EXCEPT SUNDAY THE NEWS AND COURIER EVERY RIORNING An Educated Man is a Ilflan Informed about the Present as iVell as the Past YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER brings, quickly and accurately, THE FACTS about your city, county, state, nation and the world at large uunnnunnaunununnnunnuunvnununununufurnrurnnnunrnrnrnrhfnlhrnrnrnrnrnanvnrnrnrnrhrnanunrnrhnnrhshunvnrhuhrhrhrh shuhvnv uavnuuunnulnun u-n COMPLIMENTS OF CITY MOTOR COMPANY 166-168 MEETING STREET CHARLESTON 5, S. PHONES 2-3591, 3-1485 C 4'11'nI'na'nn'nn-no'nI'nI'nn'nn-nn'n1'II-II-nf--I-In-In-If-11-nf-I-In-nal::'nn'nn'n1-nn-mul:I-nn-11-nn'n1-In'nu-1:-nn-aI-In-nn-1.'nn- "Shop IVhere You Live in the North Area" IOYE'S HOME SUPPLY 58 REYNOLDS AVENUE NAVAL BASE, S. C Paints :: Hardware :: Tools :: Kitchenware Radios :: Home Appliances Congratulations, Seniors nfInvnununununununuuunununuunuununununununununun:nuns COMPLIMENTS OF L. M. MAC BAY 145 KING STREET CHARLESTON, S. C. I09 A LANCE. INCORPORATED Manufacturers of Peanut Food Products Since 1912 INSIST ON LANCE COPLESTON'S Laundry Cleaners 537 MEETING STREET u'n'un'u'u'u'u-u-u-wa Best Vlfishes tiltt'S COMPLIMENTS OF - IITNEY IUNGLE SUPER MARKETS Self-Service Food Stores 34.7 KING STREET E NO. 1 STORE NO. 2 STORE DIAL 2-3446 SAM TOPOREK: Owner WAYLYN SHOPPING MT. PLEASANT ST. CENTER m m? BOWER'S SUPER MARKET CORNER OF AIRPORT AND DUAL LANE 241 KING STREET PHONE LL-4382 Free Delivery CHARLESTON, S. C. - Q IIO MYERS GROCERY 412 DURANT AVENUE A Complete Line of Groceries Fresh Meats and Vegetables COMPLIMENTS OF S. H. KRESS 6. CO. COIWIPLIIWIENTS OF INFINGER TRANSPORTATION INCORPORATED 42 REYNOLDS AVENUE PHONE 3-5570 COMPLIMENTS or BOULEVARD DRUG CO. DUAL LANE PHONE 4-1406 'um-u-u-mul: COMPLIMENTS OF COOPER RIVER FEDERAL SAVINGS 6. LOAN ASSOCIATION OF NORTH CHARLESTON BOWERS 6. HART HARDWARE I0 IVIILE DIY.-XL LANE COIVIPLIINIENTS OF CRAWFORD'S GROCERY ORANGFBIIRG ST. PHONE 4-3486 COM1-LIM 1-:NTS 014' CANADA DRY BOTTLING CO. 5 r FIRST CLASS BARBER SHOP Expert lllanicarifng CHARLESTON HOTEL BARBER SHOP FREDDIE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION G GROCERY Groceries, fresh meats, gas and oil and accessories DUAL LANE HIGIIWAY 9 MILE N. CIIIARLESTON, S. C. 1.u.n.n.n. u n as an as u no r -..-..-..-..-.5 A. HASELDEN'S MUSIC BOX CHOLMES HASELDENJ Records o Radios 0 Combinations Jlusical INSf7"1lIl'l-01IlS 0 Accessories Radio Repairs o Piano Tuning Cable Pianos TELEPHONE 2-34241 14-A ST. PIIILIP ST. CHARLESTON 6, S. C. : SEGARS' SERVICE STATION HIGHWAY 525 o PHONE 4-2387 Road Service Vlfashing + Waxing Lubrication J. B. SANDERS, Owner and Operator u.n.n.f I-u-nm-nuI'an-www-u-u'u'umm BEST IVISHES NORTH CHARLESTON BEAUTY SHOP Waves That Last 632 O'HEAR AVENUE NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. PHONE 4-2007 J UANITA GOQDING TOLBERT, Manager COMPLIMENTS OF KELLER'S DRIVE-INN DUAL LANE ,, L RAY'S ESSO SERVICE STATION H. D. RAMBKE CO.. INC. WASHING . WAXING ROAD SERVICE Wfholesale Candles and TIRES TELEPHONE 4-2756 Fwd P 1' Oducf-9 BATTERIES Heide Candies Schraftis Chocolates THIRD STREET 0 FERNDALE ON DUAL Fountain Supplies Necco Candies LANE 4 Everready Cocoa Nestle's Chocolates ARTHUR Rm 0Y'e"'ft'W DIAL 5443 160 CHURCH STREET MARION H, Tonn, Asszstant g 1-.1-.1-. .u.n.n.--. -.u -.1-.I-.n.n ,V ..1..1-.1-.1-.n.n.f-.n.n.n. .II.II.II.1I.II.1I.II.II.II.1-.4u.n.u.n.u.n-.--.uhm-.n. A II2 , COMPLIMENTS OF SOL'S LUNCH PHONE 4-1869 O'HEAR AVENUE IIuIII-IIImu'II'In-n'unIIII'II-H-u1II-IIIII'u'II-II':I-II-ulnI-II-IIIulu-u-n-H-nun-u-u-w LET US SHOVV YOU HOW TO FLY! TRULUCK'S FLYING SERVICE 395 IIIILES FROM CIIAIILESTON ON TIIE SAVANNAH PIIGIIWAY. THE ASHLEY RIVER IIOAD Bvs VIIAKES YOU WITHIN ONE BLOCK OF FIELD PHONE 2-3193 OR WRITE RT. 44 CHARLESTON, S. C. n.n.n.n-.n.u.u.u.n.n.n.n.u.n.n.u.Iu.u.n.n.n.u.u.u.n.n.n TWIN CITY PUBLISHING CO. THE NORTH CHARLESTONIAN TNORTH CHAuLIs'I'ON, S. C. u.u.u.n.v n.n.u.n. .n.u.n.n.n.1 Q I6 M . 1 'Gb Cv CONGRA'1'ULATIONs -- jg" .-,,4NA5 , A' - A ,Wild -- P-A196 0 "" I Q i n A W O R SOUTH CAROLINA POWER COMPANY sfamdzf, Amoeffnsemgavmgf N' .n.u.u.n.n. n.n.u.u.u.n.n.uu.u.n.n.n.u.n II3 , -A NT' I flvfl ff .,,..l.,,.,,. ,.,, 3 TQ ,,.,,.1,.A,.,,. , I. W. WALKER Business lllachines 67 BROAD STREET Your Blurlc.-r Will be Better if You use SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE GET ONE TO TAKE TO COLLEGE ll COINIPLIMENTS OF CAROLINA SANDWICH SHOP D. T. WILSON, Owner DIAL 2-2324 ? ann if, I un-U-U-n-u-nuI-U-U-U-U-H--mI-11-1.--I-U-um-U-14-11-mu--I-U-U-U-U-U-Inu-I uuauaunufuIuInfu:unufufufufulufufufufulufun vnvnvu 'Q V MONTAGUE MARKET : SIDNEY BERKMIXN, Owner E, Complete Line of Groceries f Fresh Fru.its, Vegetables, Meats :R 3 CATERING TO NEIGHBORHOOD ' DEALERS 139 MON'1'AGlfE Avrzxmz f IAL 4-1651 N. CHARLESTON, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF HARDY'S OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Earclusive ROYAL Typewriter Representation SALES o SERVICE Q SUPPLIES RENTALS o PRINTING o ENGRAVING o OFFICE EQUIPMENT 111-3 KING S1'Rm:'r DIAL 3-34-96 CIIARIJQTON, S. C. 'n.n.g1ununuJuJunnnun1nunun Lnnn.n.u.u.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.u,u.n.n.n.u.u.u .rnwnfnfnvnfu nnnuunnrnvhrnrn . . . 352 KING STREET DIAL 7778 -nnfna-In COBIPLIMENTS OF BOLAND'S PALMETTO FLORAL NURSERY TEN MILIC PHONES 4-1627 - 4-1628 COINIPLIINIENTS OF RODGERS BROS. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS -Dependable Services- 3 RT. 6, BOX 108 NAVAL BASE, s, C. '-Reasonable Prices- un1JuJuJuJInunununununnnuuunnnununnn1 nun 1 .u.n.f x fu fi, u n n n n n n n n n n n n n u u n u.u.n.n.n.n.n.u le keep MACKS going! 'rx XI If IX lx'11vI-I-w111I14' wymx.-, mn: x,tII-I I 1 IIHIIIX xxx-VII vm up H:-MII 5+r'1'xv u1II1 ,I lumix lim I-XI,11l' lwmrl VXI IMI I1.x11IIl ., I .nIxx1x- Fw' I,1:-I. .V -In XII14'I'I1.1Ofl .. ,XII IQ ffffw, xii, KX Ky. 5 V. an xiii-if , W Q 5 EI? vw .' ' ,, TRUCKS IN N! ffl lf I !1ll'IflIllNll'I.'.lN I CAROLINA COFFEE co. Immsl I 1, I-, 1 I.. !',,f,., IMD: ff H llwfff, PORT CITY CLEANERS AND DYERS XIIIXIILII XXIII I'i 1-NI I:IOiIII 4 'fff I.,r'ff ,ff Vwf. wwf, ff' 171.4 WILCO ESSO SERVICE AND AUTO ACCESSORIES Ii xwmxx Ilwxw Xxux: Iix--I N I I1vw!1xxI'x-EN III TRU-ADB BOTTLERS RESCH MOTORS JATTLEBAUM TRIO COMPANY X , X , Jw- iq.,-Tlx qv. 1 H. W. LAY .1 "1 . 1 M27 1745! Y?Q!?O?7Of?55'9 PADGETTS SERVICE STATION EURES PIGGLY WIGGLY f'E'lll , Xxi' X HQ. - 1 RHODES, INC. Furniture f. 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Suggestions in the North Charleston High School - Nochas Yearbook (North Charleston, SC) collection:

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North Charleston High School - Nochas Yearbook (North Charleston, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 72

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North Charleston High School - Nochas Yearbook (North Charleston, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 79

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