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Y ,I-ziizjai.:-2.2 ,Q W ll Na lYxM B1 OW 816 Z ' f rn fm A B 2 Q Q 3+ s 22 6 QQ, B S A fit! tie THE BIB Published for the students and friends of NORTH CENTRAL BIBLE COLLEGE MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA h RACHEL KOENIG Edt BEVERLY DECKER A t Edt MELVIN ERICKSON B ARCHIVE 1967 N 1 ix -ya-,,, J-5 m..:f , , . ,,,,H.,.m,,w 'Pa' ' W' .4-," Q ff -- K L -M . ,, , ,N M Q, ,.,. W ,,,. M, s.-C, , .,- 51- ' V, 4' 4.-'ff-V , K. 4 "fm " 1423 ,V sry , a,,,.y.:K.f.-,6,,1, .,',A 'lv . .., 1' -.- ,J Q ,.., , ,K , fr., .'.,. L f ':1""7'N- ' . n , W4 .1 , r 1 .., .. K - '--1 -, - . "-- r z'-' 144.44 . ' '-21, .4 ,H ,'?"f-,L- ,J.. , 11. Q3 , ' . .1 Q ,'-.5 f' V 1- vi.. V' ,t G 'W Mi'-'Q--1 A .f ' ' -f , 'gm fy .f' AIL I4 , "5'2'f. 1-'L:I,.- 5, ' ' ,. -. 4' L .,,5,1..QfV, . 'L'-. A Agn' V :.--2??a1..ffw, , .1 .. '5'P' my fv . ,- ,- 44 1 ' -:1 , , Ns. .Y,,:, ,L ZX? ,.,.A,, -, J: X. . 5 --- J up '-',",.,7u .Q ,ff -1531. . 2:55 ,x.f,:.', V if 1, ' .,., .- +:f2+,::v:q2" A' 4 -KL , ,,,,,,,,. ,X . 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F, gap ,r :T ff .ws ,.g 1:-V faflf ,fj-:N 3 'Ig igzfjij! li Y -xfrxul Fm ,.:. e V I Hifi-QE, Y QL I "hi ,xx 5, K,-. f, f . lilllllllllllllllillllllllillalllllillll 3 0000 1 31 6781gfiiIg f PRGLOGUE Thinking.. .Pondering. ..Contemplating Knowing. . .Doubting. ..Wondering Longing. . .Seeking . .Searching Purpose. . . Reality...Truth Throughout our lives, we are involved in a quest for understanding. Our goal is apprehending and grasping truths through knowledge and experience that can enlighten our lives and the world in which we live. As life progresses, more is revealed to usg but school experiences remain a great middle ground for the exchange of understanding. In these pages, seriousxand humorous, are record- ed episodes in 'our search for understand- ing while students of North Central Bible College. They show where and how we looked, what we did, and what we found. of Rodin's sculpture 'The Thinker" TABLE OF CONTENTS CULTIVATORS OF UNDERSTANDING UNDERSEMYDDUHTHROUGH: WORSHIP STUDY SERVICE ASSOCIATIONS AACTTVTTIES FELLOWSHIP RECIPIENTS OF UNDERSTANDING UNDERSTANDING COMMUNALLY INDEX 5 . l DEDICATICN The 1967 ARCHIVE is dedicated to a man who for Fifteen years has been an inspiration and a great blessing to North Centraljs student body. His gen- uine interest in the individual, his words of encour- agement at the right moment, and his ability to re- main calm while under pressure constitute only a small portion of his consecrated life. Whether he is in or out of the classroom, his enthusiasm constantly envelops his personality. His main desire has been to give forth the gospel message to the unbeliever and to stimulate the heart ofthe believer in a most unusual way. He has been the guiding force in making North Centralis School of Music the effective training ground it has become. Being musically accomplished, he is well qualihed for his Held. With high admiration, we, the ARCHIVE staff and the- graduating class of 1967,'dedicate the 1967 ARCHIVE to the Chairman of the Music Depart- ment, REV. L. B. LARSEN. o Y When observing the contortions some students go through while working out their semester class schedules, one would think they were sign- ing their lives away! But their innumerable questions, hesitations, vexations, and repeated requests for schedule changes must all be given sincere attention. Continuous searching of Files, checking and rechecking of grades and credits, assisting in guiding students through a maze of courses - is it not akin to putting a puzzle togeth- er? Each small part must fit into its place to make the picture orderly and coherent. The tedious hours of careful watchfulness...we'll never know, because they have been so well hid- den behind a pleasant smile and gracious person- ality. For her patience, for her attention to detail, for her dedication to Christ and His work, we are genuinely thankful. We, the ARCHIVE staff and the graduating class of 1967, are pleased to honor our college Recorder, MRS. LYDIA JOHNSON. HGNORING , .J v f 1. . ,al , QUR OWN NQRTH Xl by VIVIAN KATTER A A M fy , 7 "'. l. 1 fe ' fl e h yes we lovevlgpr 6OWllCgCfdC3I'4 We knows w1th God we K f , erm" To fight the battltiitgilsirist f f Mg e We ll preach the Word, the seed xi1e 1llWsow2 1 We ll do HIS worklwlth all Qqregmght A . . 'gi' e'll yleld our liyesito montrol 1, l ' Welllsthqbgwgpur mabo rougghgalldgig 4 our daysffgzgf defr Northfgentrifllg , 3 V ,gt yes we love its wills so s long lillihefhallfswwith joyffilwsong M3922 Savlour we w11l pralse W IYZPEY Lord 1 fs I'1 neyer dear A fmr2fQ.:ff 1 Zfflwymwb , 'l , K, f ,,, ,, 'W l ,fc ,vW, Q V , U , . f T H 4 I wzf' f 'H f ex-iggfiyt' '7 oi 9 3' Q Wi , x i U Q15 V? 51 ay I 'JM N-,ff-N 'L ' 153 2 NHLNM, , A 3 '41, , A .Eg gg-"VN ,U ff! We A 'ffsff x ks 33 f .2 in la ' Y -5 ,, ,S ,.-R X, Q ,,,v , K , MIM 'Q Y',g.' R , Q. V - . 1 3. A xv., ' f fg. I 9 ,H , Q ,- . K -F if A ' -Q 'A f ' ' 1 ' '1 nh .fl .3 me ' 1 ' ia. if X 5 ,Q V .2 v..f , ' ,E 5 'O 1 ' is , vi "H ' A 1 f. 'Qi ' is f J i . " VE ' X. Q Q ff' lub 3 2 W -Q wg.. ,xv 5 . K L' .1 PU ' cj I 5:3 Q 1 ' x ,.,.......,.. 'WJY5 he 'ml f I 5' ' 5 , 5 h - , ' 5 , 1, M W- X . f , D 1 , ,, az ' ,W,4,V,., Q ip y' I - if Y ' - -f , , . J, If ,xg - -. ' , 3' 1 lf 'Q ' 11 , 5 Q - .gi M A ' X ' " , 1 " r-v,g-Ak, iw. MNH f 2 4 1 1 .,..-v..-, , gb . z " W ' ' ,:p.A-.wp.W-vfg H Qs, purm-was n -. 4 s VAR EQ M35 ,www K Fi' Q f, ?Q'Y,'?f-'mf f?"3fiff..:f"v'f, . - W 'Y gigfg. . gg' ,ff ! f Ti af gpg ,,-g Q A , Sf'6f,.: p M V, 1, 1 , Student life at North Central is quite diversified - activity never ceases. Classes begin at 7:30 A.M.g there are assignments to complete, staff meetings to attend, sports events to stimulate mental and physical dexterity, choir rehearsals to prepare music for concerts, and part-timejobs to help meet ex- penses. M A-A a, ,t . A E f 2 ll x ' A x4 A , V gl f . 5. -rf is ' A Jr I - TILL- L' 4 Q , 4 1 The warmth of Christian fellowship permeates throughout North Central. Meaningful inter- changes come through dormitory gatherings, talking over problems raised in classes, or enjoy- ing a companionship that shares deep aspects of life. 16 North Central Bible College IS dedicated to tram men and women to meet the challenge ofthe ministry in the will of God The College believes in combining scholarshlp with dynamic Chris tian living It seeks to thrust out pastors, mls slonaries, teachers directors of Christian educa tion, youth leaders, ministers of music, and lay workers, who are called of God, for capable, effective leadership in the Christian church. To this end, North Central extends her ever- increasing ministry. C!II!FI!7AT0RS OF UNDERSTANDING 0 I 0 C "I will giveyou fslbiritualj shepherds. . .who 1 x Q wz'Zlj?edy0u with knowledge and unders1fandz'ng..." 9 Q Jeremiah 3:15 CAmpIiHedD EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATION. . BOARD OF REGENTS: SEA TED - Dr. F. J. Lindquist, Founder, Rev. S. Harland Petersen, Chairman, Rev. Herman Rohde, Secretary Rev. G. Raymond Carlson, President. STANDING - Rev. Dale Edwards, Mr. G. H. Danielson, Rev. Otto Lemberg, Mr. C. M. Nelson, Rev, Lyle Curtis, Mr, A, W. Gast. . THE BOARD OF REGENTS is the governing body of the college. Each of the three member districts are represented by the District Superintendent, an ordained minister, and a layman. The President ofthe college, by virtue of his office, is also a member of this board. They meet semi-annually to review progress and finances, establish p-olicies, and employ administrative and faculty personnel. During the 1966-67 school year, they have been deeply involved in major decisions relating to the development program, such as the purchase of property and the securing of architectural plans for future construction. THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION is charged with the responsibility of the pro- motion and operation of the college. The members are selected by, and work under, the supervision of the Board of Regents. This year they have specifically devoted their time to the supervision of the academic and business policies of the college, its daily operation, and the hiring of non-academic staff members. 20 Planning Today, Preparing for Tomorrow FOUNDER: Dr. FRI. Lindquist North Centralians are very grateful to Dr. F. J. Lindquist for his vision and faith which brought the- college into existence. Our founder served as Presi- dent forthe first 31 years. After retiring from the presidency May 1, 1961, he remained on the faculty for two more years. Dr. Lindquist continues to be ac- tive for the college, serving on the Board of Regents and acting as Honorary General Chairman of the Partners for Progress program, which is an impor- tant phase of North Central's development. He fills the pulpit at the chapel services from time to time and is often seen in the halls ofNCBC. BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION: Rev. M. C. Nelson, Rev. james King, Rev. D. H. Mapson, Rev. G. Raymond Carlson, Chairman. W... W1 EPP Q COLLEGE PRESH ENT It has been said that no group can rise any higher than its leader. If the student body can attain the high standard set by our President, Rev. C. Raymond Carlson, it will indeed be an achieve- ment. His executive and administrative ability, coupled with his spiritual insight, sincerity, and friendliness, has been an inspiration to each one who has passed through the halls of North Cen- tral this year. He is honored as a humble man of God whose obj ective is to stimulate a Christ- centered goal in the life of each student. As President of our college, he has promoted its growth in size and academic strength. 'LRegiona- lization" and accreditation have been achieved under his leadership. This year, Rev. Carlson has been very actively engaged in matters relating to the development program. We are proud to have such a fine lead- er. rr' .X in ,W ?i,.,fx4g,.I 1135? 5 u - H, :fb-:LLM-: v, ' -aaa. 'iff "sf-. 'Y LF., Lia. ' 'A 'J'?A:,, 127.4 5. ,ff S55 ' Cpu and. ming days an North Cemxal axe own BGQG9 you epzice. You desire so use yovf 5519599 Dt G0'3's riecdy as you sxep fad' into 13:6 -npvlast stef' s use! is ai Tx ' stian s will 90 me Ma mf step vi ,,'.zau 1:41112 'fe -4351 hem oi Cn!! 'N-Say you iind His ' a " sewam. meet im' u win UB t.ay3T,?xx01 ov-1 . oi Wu., .asa :Aoi-5 . . sxei. X ' An - fx ' na. :Lil Ma paw -1-ou ro me xxaxls. Bova yo s will ever Q05 oi God' s Word. e You -,Y Q ' X6 oi me . 'eavored to 9:9 u Xeave xhese and ou! 965197 ndersxanainq alone can ga?- -e em - oasx as YO I QOUCBTD. :O a deeper u . surged "uf e V KONE X: , meresz, 00 Xead 700 GO'5's Woff- ehsbxes. 'tha save a ,eaper CBT 1 purposed no ways. and oi teach as He You will bB xv B35 'e have -AX oi GOA' S V ac can onlv p suan service. sly as wal?- B P iC5,':. GOES'-" . '19, call 'Loose tx , oidhfx ' You mafia OH- B' gras? X17 C6551 ed N935 6 and WNY W QB! 1. SBC oi -goo who axe f who enter other e hafvesx Bel , oim you wixh 91'-Raise. 'Ne use with G05 'i'a0se is uve io: aw, as Ba inrvszs into 01 and an nd co0 T10 c0565 you 909 You ' Blism . a men w you av His hand u pxviessxon BB men and v-0 ' nqs. 'Ibex' pl May our gpfd X , oi 905. Bwid i-mitaxiob. "kms fake your decisions. ugh His holy 'Nord . Choose His wh! abOv2 all 139 iame or i01-uve. gvskdoil of B arnbmd T357 ei and 1- 'P J 'a Consecfaxe 9 iind -me -rich Dir- iar ' vou. Sincereh' ,ours xn Christ. oiier . . add'-eip 6119 cur days no 505. richer than v.0xXdXy rd 90 vfub 5 . 4:1 G. Raymond Carlson 'dam F .13 in L4- :,. -. flag .31- r"1:2 1 " 27 "-I,'j'L G0 a Fi'-.: bf' "s-eff" I '7-.. , IVF -, "KM 2, ,. L. 5- Yfesx ? af 5-N- rp. win o9c89 9 DIRECTOR OF STUDENT AFFAIRS REV. CLARENCE E. ROHDE Coming to North Central this year from Canyonville Academy in Oregon, Rev. Rohde has already made many friends through his vibrant personality. As Director of Student Affairs, he is responsible to the Dean of Education. He is charged with the general supervision of all students 'of the college. He serves as the advisor to the Student Government Association, and supervises chapel seating and attendance records. Though towering above us in height, he is appreciat- ed for his down-to-earth approach in counseling. DEAN OF EDUCATION REV. M. C. NELSON The oflice of Rev. M. C. Nelson is often visited by students with numerous questions regarding their scholastic programs. Recognized as a very conscientious worker, he always shares a gener- ous portion of patience and understanding with them. As a member of the administrative staff, he directs the entire educational program including curriculum, faculty, and students. He also serves as vice-chairman of the faculty. His many years of service as an Army Chaplain have given him a rich background of experience that contributes to his integrity. DIRECTOR or DEVELOPMENT AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT REV. D. I-I. MAPSON Money, maintenance, and management are all included in Rev. Mapson's schedule. It is his duty to give leadership to the entire financial promotional program including Development, Public Relations, and the supervision of all auxi- liary enterprises and general staff, He supervises purchasing, plant and property management, and the insurance program. He has oversight of maintenance and repair, and has the responsibil- ity of Fire prevention. North Central is glad to have such a capable person filling this position. . DEAN OF WOMEN MISS IONE SOLTAU The bright smile of Miss Ione Soltau is indicative of her friendly nature and eagerness to help. Having spent eighteen years on our faculty, she is well expe- rienced in her office. She serves as the counselor ofthe women students, and has supervision of the women's dormitory and employment. She is the advisor to the Ladies' Dormitory Council and is in charge of the monitors. Miss Soltau is a living testimony of God's healing power. FACULTY M MBER MRS. REBECCA ADAMSON Journalism, Rhetoric, Student Publications Advisor "It does not take a great mind to be a Christian, but it takes all the mind a man has." -Raines REVJAMES D. BROWN "The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night." -Longfellow Acts, I and II Corinthians, Doctrinal Survey, Historical Theology, I-Iomiletics, Introduction to Prophecy, Patterns of Evangelism, Pentecostal Truths, Phillipians-Colossians-Philemon, Speech, Thessalonians-Titus, Senior Class Advisor MISS ESTELLA BURKHART ance, Assistant Librarian, Dactylology 26 "In the swift rush ot' great events, we End ourselves groping to know the full sense and meaning ofthese times in which we live. In our quest of understanding, we beseech God's guid- H Eisenhower Expounding Great Truths REV. DEAN EASTMAN ult may take a crucified church to bring a crucified Christ before . the eym of the world." -Orchard Christian Education of Children, Youthg Composition, Education- al Work of the Church, History and Philosophy of Christian Edu- cation, Psychology, Rhetoric, Chairman of the Department of Bi- ble and Christian Education ,- 4 j ,A L MR..l. PHILLIP GUSTAFSON Voice X 'iNIusic is the harmonious voice ofcreationg an echo ofthe invisible worldg one note of the divine concord which the entire universe is lestined one day to sound." -Mazzmx REV,4IANlES HEARN "God helps those who help themselves." -Sidney American Literature, English Literature Educational Psychology 27 Xi FACULTY MEMBER REV. T.j.jONES "Behind the literal is the spiritual." -Selected Isaiah, Pentateuch, Typology for I have liv'd today."' Camps and Retreats REV. JAMES KING l'He who seeks all men to please, each way, yet not himself offend, he may begin his work today, but God knows where he'll end.', -Unknown Anthropology, Biblical Theology, Foreign Missionary Principles and Practices, Home Missionary Principles and Practices, Intro- duction to Missions, Introduction to Assemblies of God Missions, Missions Research and Seminar, Philosophy of Missions, Strategy of Missions, Chairman of the Department of Bible and Missions, Student Missions Staff Advisor 28 REV. HAROLD W. KAMPPI -.,. "Happy the man, and happy he alone, He who can call today his own: He who, secure within, can say: 'Tomorrow, do thy worst E' -Horace 'Q' REV L B LARSEN I trust the time will never come in the Assemblies of God when we lose our song -Zimmerman Choral Procedures Conducting Director of Evangelaires, Essen- tials of Music Sight Singing and Ear Training, Theory, Chair- Challengmg Creative Thinking REV. ORILL C. KRANS "The brook would lose its song if we removed the f0Ck5- H -Unknown Life and Teachings of Christ, New Testament Survey, Director of Gospel Hymns, Director of Christian Service, Christian Service StaHAdvisor REV. RAYMOND K. LEVANG 'He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he can- not lose. H -Elliot Church History, Greek, Hebrew, History of Western Civilization, Linguistics, Science Survey, Survey of Missions, Sophomore Class Advisor 29 FACULTY M MBERS REVJOI-IN P. Pl-IILLIPPS "Thou hast made us for Thyself, and the heart of man is restless until it finds its rest in Thee." -Al-lgUSfiUC Comparative Religions, Greek, Logic, Minor Prophets, Philoso- phy, Romanshlunior Class Advisor, Sports Advisor REV. CLARENCE E. ROHDE "I do the very best I know how - the very best I can and I mean to keep doing so until the end." -Lincoln Christian Education of Adults, Personal and Psychological Adjust- ment, Physical Education, Practice Teaching, Supervised Leader- ship Training, Typing, Student Government Advisor REV. WILLIAM SNOW "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God." -Carey Counseling, Greek, Homiletics, Old Testament Survey, Parlia- mentary Law, Pastoral Theology 30 Motivating Christ-centered Objectives MISS IONE SOLTAU "Though pebbles may seem as boulders to the footsore wayfarer they become stepping stones to the blissful summits, when viewed in the light of God's providence." -Selected Personal and Psychological Adjustment, Visual Aids REV. DONALD R. TANNER "A friend of man was he, and thus, he was a friend of God." -MacDonald English Composition, Galatians-Ephesians, Pastoral Epistles, Polemics, Principles of Teaching, Rhetoric, Speech MISS RONNA WILEY "God sent his singers on earth with songs of gladness and mirth V that they might touch the hearts of men and bring them back to ' Heaven again." -Longfellow Director of Choralettes, Essentials of Music, Form and Analysis, History of Music, Service Playing and Improvisation 31 I I I I I I. 'I I MISS INGA ENGEBRETSEN 1 'IAmong the gifts that God hath sent, music is one of the most I magnificent." I -Longfellow 3 I Piano I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I II I? EI I II II II If I, II I: II I Piano, Organ I l "Music once admitted t h ' ' ' -I o t e soul, becomes a sort of spirit and - never diesf' I IPPLIED USIC FACULTY MRS. WILMA LARSEN "All musical people seem to be happy." -Sydney Smith Marimba, Vibraharp PAUL QUARINO I -Bulwer 32 Inspiring Music Appreciation MISS JENNIE SKURDALSVOLD Music IS well said to be the speech of angels Voice Carlyle Muslc IS one ofthe falrest and most glorlous glfts of God Plano MRS ANNA STRUB EL Luther C EDWARD THOMAS The meanmg of song goes deep Piano Plano Pedagogy 33 Carlyle l t CAFETERIA1 Ethel Hagueg Linda Sannesg Betty Hintz, Managerg Lila Schwartz, Cook, Annemarie Grafg Vinnette Wenzel. Working Behind The Scenes OFFICE: SEA TED: Charlotte Wheeler, Secretary, jan McCabe, Receptionist, Lydia johnson, Recorder, Ruth Marks, Secretary Marilyn Koland, Accounting Clerk. STANDING: Sharon johnson, Library Assistant, lla Ryan, Mail Clerkg Carol Oatman, At- tendance Secretaryg Mary Gwillim, Secretary, Brenda Harms, Secretary, Lila Huisinga, Receptionisfs Assistamg Carol Schafer Accounting Clerkg Bonnie Short, Accounting Clerk. N OTPIC TURED: Penny Hunt, Secretary g Virginia Peterson, Accountant. 34 HOUSEKEEPING: Mary Browng Sophie Halquist, Matron and Mail Clerkg Grace Bowmang Annie Kruize Assistant Housekeeper. aking A More Efficient s GBC PLANT: KNEELING: Gary Erickson, Custodiang Sam Hays, Custodiang Gary Chris- tensen, Custodian. STANDING: Ron Davis, Painterg Harlan Pygman, Assistant Engi- neerg Frank LeRoy, Engineerg David Smith, Custodial Engineerg Fred Halquist, Plant PRINT SHOP: Bruce Braithwaite Arvid Nel Superintendentg Glen Miller, Assistant Painter. son. l V W Y K V if f fl l 3 1.2159 is dawn., ,, 35 y UNDERSTANDING THROUGH WORSHIP 0. O 0 O ' I 9 "For the Lordvgjveth wisdom: out Qf if 47 Qf vm TYVIJEQ, wfffffwgi f7'af75,'fJf,f me W DAILY TRE GTH FOU D I c"""""'M"" Hu-mwfwimmmi-Wwiwqvy f as-' , Students passing into chapel before morning worship. , -, . ,ya .V 'Jn -AMG' ' " ww we s1ewif'1iJf-fi?" . off "S f ' QJIEQ' '7 5, in L: 1- g Faculty members pause for u moment of prayer before each chapel service. Rev. Mapson speaks for the Wednesday morning offering ' -fya , , .,AtL,,s Q CRNINC CHAPEL ERVICE Education imparts knowledge to enrich our lives, but it is through worship that we Find purpose and spirit- ual understanding. The faith of each faculty member and student is expressed and strengthened in the dai- ly chapel services. Songs of praise, prayers, musical numbers, and a message from the Word of Cod bring hearts together into a closer relationship with God and impart a greater understanding of Him. The chapel hours on Tuesday and Thursday incorporate the Christian Service and Missions programs, respec- tively. Films, speakers, musicals, and skits lend much variety and inspiration. Sharing in the weekly tithes and offerings on Wednesdays, and in the missions giving on Thursdays, enables the students and faculty members to support the college and to help make Christ known to the world. y Vg N Hag? . U' ff" Af L -63 .. CHAPEL DEACONS: SEA TED- Robert Friske, Harley Cherry. STANDING- Sam Hays, Head Deacon, William Busch, Phillip Grieppgjerry Miligi. CHAPEL ACCONIPANISTS: Meredith Anderson, Darlene Peterson, Roger Thomassen, Tim Senf, Sheryl Brockman, Judy Stevens, Sharon Chapman. 39 Special Emp hasis Weeks Enrich We were privileged to have several well-known and inspiring speakers share with us in the various weeks of special emphasis throughout the school year. During Stewardship Week in Septem- ber, Mrs. Fern Olson challenged us to be good stewards of Jesus Christ. Rev. Emil Balliet, the speaker ofSpiritual Emphasis Week in early November, emphasized the need of a close walk with Christ. Throughout Pioneer Pastor Week, Rev. john Wilker- son unburdened his heart concerning the need for pioneer minis- ters. During the Week of Prayer, time was given in the chapel ser- vices for prayer, followed by a brief exhortation by'President Carl- son. Witness Week was spent with Rev. Robert Schmidgall, who inspired us with the necessity of whole-hearted witnessing, and in March, Rev. C. M. Ward, Revivaltime speaker, presented his annual lecture series. Mrs. Fern4Olson Stewardship Week. Rev.john Wilkerson Pioneer Pastor Week. Rev. Emil Balliet Spiritual Emphasis Week. V-5-7-T33----T--1,-4-+sn...,, ..- a - - 40 Spiritual nderstanding Rev C M Ward Lecture Serxes Presxdent G Raymond Carlson Week of Prayer 41 Rev Robert Schm1dgall Wxtness Wer- 'v"""Y Eh-4 Y A. , - - - , . f A'A . 1 l - y v A Y 'Qi H 1 I I 4 " , I ' 1 :it , 1 3. . L ,, N, - L . . , I . ' 3 W ":'5f',,, gg"ygf , ' .,, ,, , f ,wqa - - fiii Q ' 1 .fn '- -' ' "'A f :QEW .QQ-f-' . H Y. E4 , . .- ,i '.-:fx -' A .HT Y x- 1 L H. X, I I " " l . - ,Q v - ' VV X., Y V X20 -. V . ,.. ,,Y .. .., , l 1 :I' Missionar Convention Challenges The Missionary Convention, held at NCBC March 6 to 10, proved to be a time of great spiritual enrichment to all who attended. Among the special speakers of the week were Rev. Norman Correll, former missionary to Tanzania, Rev. Larry Malcolm, newly appointed missionary to Congo, Rev. Harold Mintle, missionary to British Honduras, Rev. Julius Olson, missionary to Brazil, and Rev. Marlin Peterson, missionary to Tanzania. These men of vision presented inspiring mes- sages from the Word of God during the morning chapel hours and evening services. As is the custom from year to year, student missionary prayer groups made and displayed booths, badges, and chapel decora- tions depicting their particular areas of missionary interest. The Convention theme of UExpendable" was well carried out by these proj ects. Laborious hours are spent in preparing chapel decora tions ,..l.f.z.a,,..i4...... .,,..,V.. sv t , it ! 1 4 E l A I i it i. it - - - 1 I - lt ' li I 1 tt I I 5 'fl I V 3 ' l , fT'5":f4 ' .1 L 1, tr 4- . 5 H 1 ,L J- it . , , 15 If L it f jg -w p... it is, l- Ut .. s i, - lj: R " 5 li, " - W ' Il3 l rs: , ill , I V l fi it . 'tt 'l a. ' !1,rf l ll l t gil' 1 1 ' 1 , l 9 , , ll W' fi in M crm LM". ig, we 1- Q-M.. 'a CIS: i l 1 .I f it L 1 ., . -1 'V I M l ,llij t. ll , l S ' L01 , 3 . r -,,fz'-R! gpg 1 - 1 I -vm l 'l Q 1 2 . E 2 ' . of ,mwah -1-,fu I ' '2 wsreil' 1 ,- , , A r.:lZ.tZ3,Ni9,. 1 l 1 42 ss, ., x Students working on their booths. V4- Students to be ccExpenda.ble', ,wi f CONVENTION SPEAKERS' Rev and Mrs Harold Mintle Rev ulius Olson, Rev. Marlin Peterson, , . , , , J L Rev. and Mrs. Larry Malcolm. Putting finishing touches on chapel decora- tions, .,,1 , fi. li Huw: fQ'ACH?llE7 . . Students listening intently to a chapel presentation. . IZSV EF SUCCESS RIEA MAH ifli ' W M5595 IN BRAZU. E SCMOL STUDENTS F3 NSSIONARIES . -RVN SIULE SCHOOLS N .QVONAL WORKERS DR. F. J. LINDQUIST, founder of North Cen- tral, and pastor of the Minneapolis Gospel Tab- ernacle. REV. HERMAN ROHDE, Superintendent of the Minnesota District. REV. G. RAYMOND CARLSON, College President. REV. MELFORD OLSON, pastor in Brainerd, Minnesota X,,, . 1 Q, THE SWEDISH SINGERS, a gospel team from Sweden. REV. LYLE CURTIS, Wisconsin and Northern Michigan Dis- trict Superintendent. REV. and MRS. ELVYN LEE and GRAHAM Republic of Congo n COMMUNION This Do In Remembrance Of Me. . .N The sacrlfice ofChr1st mx IS brought to remembmnte as students and faculty members pirtook together ln the communion SCFVICCS These were tlmes oftareful tnslght 'ind personal ded1cat1on 'ts exch one worshlpped IH a qulet atmosphere Presldent Carlson oHT1c1ated at each servxce and led the students m wor Shlp . , . . ,Z L i L v C -I ' 1. C ' 4 D . c 2 ' ' 1 M32 f K. ij k, gt K .lg-at A .nz ' .1 '. s ?-',' 'ff' 7. iff' ,1 47 CHRI TIA ERVICE HOU The Christian Service Student Staff was in charge of each Tuesday morn- ing chapel hour. Using ll Timothy 4: 1-3 as a key passage, and uAbove All Else" as a theme chorus, they present- ed the theme of "Evangelism.'l The ministries of "Evangelism" through music, magic, the Service- men's Division, the Royal Ranger's program, Youth for Christ, and Teen Challenge were presented throughout the year. Teen Challenge skit. The Tanner Team, 'lMusic in Evangelism. " Lester Hughes, Minnesota District Royal Rangers Di- rector. St, Paul Bible College Gospel Team, Donald Howland, "Magic in Evangelism." SSIO HGUR Rev. Brown, UA Missionary.Heart.'l Rev. Wesley Hurst, Foreign Missions Secretary for the Assembliw of God. The Thursday morning Missions hour was the responsibility of the Student Missions Staff and Prayer Band officers. Among the distinctive features of the Missions hour was the meeting of the Prayer Bands in their respective classrooms. Frequently, the entire student body met in the chapel for a Prayer Band presentation or to hear a special speaker. Using the theme HPartners All the Way" as a focal point, the challenge of home and foreign missions was pre- sented in a very unique and inspiring manner. Rev. TJ. Jones reminisces his pioneer days in England. l K 5 .,,, 1 f Li 12 XRNK, The Pioneer Pastors' Grocery Store. Rev. Dean Martin, Global Conquest Overseas Evange- list. PRAYER I ,f Z f pi! Edly Roper and Dwight Fearing share in personal devotions. THE KEY . It has been said, 'bln the morning, prayer is the key that opens to us the treasures of God's mercies and blessings, in the evening, it is the key that shuts us up under His protection and safeguardf' Prayer plays a vital role in life at NCBC. Each student is encouraged to develop private devotions. Dorm prayer meetings, held once a week on the respective Hoors, proved to be precious moments as students set aside home- work to commune with God. Once a week before the first hour class, the Freshmen, Sophomoreshluniors, and Sen- iors met for their respective class prayer meetings. Many a soul was refreshed in the Wednesday evening prayer services as the Word was expounded and God's blessings shared with others. An added feature to our devotional life this year was the presentation made by Rev. james Ryan each night at 10 P.M. over the P.A. system. . At the close of a Sophomore Class Prayer Meeting. LEFT The Faculty Prayer Meeting IS held every Wednesday at 1 15 During Witness Week, special prayer cells were established for united pray- All classes are opened with a word of prayer Rev King and Dallas Coats post the announcement for a Wednes day Evening Prayer service PM. ' l l 51 U DER TANDING THROUGH TUDY fsiiff rj . Qty : gfj'?ky .Q if W. ,gf .rx , N, 5 1'315:?,2gif5':3f?f-'V if gf 4 N 353555 'Q ifffgf 533' ,gap iffy gm , A 3 M xr wi, - 5 ef H gf.-51 Wig ,E ,fn C75 iii ,JY- Kt2i,1f'kZ'f, M- H 1 -Y W, .i..5fri'-Iv . ' ' w.Q,2ffy:,? ,ffm ,s d ,Q jfwwfg 5 z.2v'fieL3.,gigQ1'.'L 5 Jw ,, ...A 3? "Incline thine ear unto wisdom, .4 Q get M,-QQ' 4 we ,,.,,., x.4r,"m 1-af' " "' ' . ta -:wi 5 Nfl Qtr Nh' Q-,". x..f4'1 vi-if K K:dx.xx x I5 -..,.,v' . , ,A A ,E Xu, .-puslitwlll 6 . nl' A I My I Ig: y G 4 FP' ,' fy L , ff' '55Vff'f,4 :3', f J 5 f . Q X if I 'los 1 , Q ' 0-1 ' 'E ,,. . , 5 Q 7uv Q., Jilin: , ' ,r "-Q-.,,.,-uf' I" 1 Rev. T. j. jones' lectures on the Tabernacle are en- lightening. Romans 4:3 is scrutinized by Rev. Phillipps, Romans class. Concerned assistance is rendered by Rev. King in Biblical Theology class. 54 Rev. Snow conducts an Old Testament class DEP RTMENT OF BIBLE AN TCR L TUDIE The primary objective of the Department of Bible and Pastor- al Studies is to train young men and women for the pastoral and evangelistic ministries. Under the leadership of Rev. KI. P. Phillipps, the department strives to provide each student with sound academic training in the Word of God and acquaints him with the responsibilities and problems related to the min- istry. Emphasis is placed on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing, and the premillenial coming of Christ. Spe- cialized courses in evangelism, counseling, pastoral methods, and the history of the church aid students to become more effi- cient in their service to God and their fellowman. The Life and Teachings of Christ is taught by Rev. Krans. he ff-' .. . , .. - ff , '11 +5 55 Rev. J. P. Phillipps, Chairman of the Department of Bible and Pastoral Studies. Rev. Brown corrects "exams" for his Pentecostal Truths class. Examining curriculum materials in Organization SL Administra- tion of Christian Education. DEPARTMENT OF BIBLE AND CHRI TIAN EDUCATIO The chief aim of this department is to prepare the student for the educational ministries of the local assembly. With the increased emphasis upon Christian education in our Assemblies of God churches, has come a greater student interest in this field. Under the direction of Rev. Dean Eastman, the depart- ment offers a wide variety of courses dealing with peda- gogical methods, materials, audio-visuals, curriculum, lesson planning, and church school equipment. Rev. Rohde prepares for Christian Education of Adults class. Lively student participation in ' 56 Rev. Dean Eastman, Chairman of the Department of Bible and Christian Education. Miss Soltau demonstrates chalk drawing in Audio-Visual Aids class a Principles of Teaching seminar. Rev. Snow and Gary Kingsriter discuss the Counseling syllabus. V Q3 57 DEP RTMENT OF BIBLE AND M SSIO To keep pace with the need for missionaries with a thor- ough understanding of today's missionary outreach, a full degree program of Bible and Missions was introduced into the curriculum of North Central in the fall of 1963. Students registering for a Missions major are introduced to the many types of home and foreign missionary work. This well-balanced program of Bible, missions, profes- sional, and general education courses is designed to assist the student in preparing himself for active missionary service. Opportunity for guided research in also provided for students wishing to study special fields of missionary work not covered in regular courses. Rev. james G. King serves as chairman ofthis department. Iames Ryan purchases books for Strategy of Missions class. 'QW ,.....faz.z,,,,,f , ,iiwfs-,,..' M. . Rev. James G. King, Chairman ofthe Department of Bible and Missions Rev. Tanner lectures in Polemics class. Robert Albin prepares a map showing the missions program of his home district. Rev. Levang sketches a missionary's life in Survey of Missions, 59 DEP RTMENT OF CRED USIC AND CHRI TIAN EDUCATICN With the integration of Christian Education in the Music curriculum this year, students can better prepare them- selves as ministers of music and as directors of Music and Christian Education. The new program provides possible transfers to Bethel College in St. Paul for a degree in Music Education. N on-music majors become enriched through courses such as Conducting, Essentials of Music, and Survey of Music Literature. Studies in piano, voice, organ, strings, and marimba help to give excellent train- ing for Christian service. The various musical organiza- tions of the school also aid in allowing students to gain experience and fellowship. The chairman of the depart- ment is Rev. L. B. Larsen. g LEFT? Rev. Larsen illustrates the techniques of Conducting. Mr. Gustafson prompts a student in a voice lesson. I Rev. L. B. Larsen, Chairman of the Department of Sacred Music and Christian Education. A piece of music is analyzed in Form and Analysis class, Al, ga jim Peterson receives instruction on the marimba. , ,mfr "rr 'J 1 I f qw-af' 'yy ' gi.. ...u-'fi?.4...L ' Judy Stevens attempts to work an assignment for Theory class. x NN y y I D its x --1 f 14 Harvey Lange studies in preparation for Greek class. The record book for English Literature class is scrutinized by Rev. Hearn, RCV. Phillipps points out to his Philosophy students Kant's ideas pertaining to the epistemological problem. Typing class -- "plunks,', Uclicksf' and upingsf' ' 62 GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES Though the core of North Central's curriculum is the Bible, we also realize the importance of, and include the study of, secular courses in our program. General liberal arts subjects such as English rhetoric and composition, literature, speech, ancient and modern languages, science, history, logic, philosophy, and business are offered. Their purpose is to provide a comprehensive background to enable future ministers and Christian workers to communicate the gospel message in a worthy manner. Checking the time, Rev. Tanner happily rushes off to his Speech class. Practicing signs in Dactylology class. , .. 3 A I- 1 .E Z lf. , . ,Q 1 , s . I f... f , wry- v Mmm J' .,MW - ...V, w ii .' " ,Qld Law SM UNDERSTANDING THROUGH SE I E 0- I 0 0 0 "So give Your servant "1 'Ff?M'f 'T?ffi-!-f1'?2v'ff41e-w-q--N-wpf-.1.-ww., .1-.f .1 .- - , X. r , X 7 1 1 W , , . I N, , A , Ax M M x ,,. my , 1 nd ,, at :Q ,,. eq "' , ,A . . Q +0547 5 A, -, , ff Q1 . . A 5 Q , A Qsff , , ' ,I , L 'V 'fL'1i'JW ' 1 ' ' , 1, ,, f, V Jag! 2535 fzffsf 'if X I no Q 0 -Q n I 4 A . , I N L , .-x.. in ..,. . qgQ,gggky,,g3b- :a'?.a,1.:.1.::.4LL,A. hr - f-Lf - 4- - v a- CHRIST IAN ER ICE Q 1- .1 ww. -.I , Q 1 +V S xg v , s W? 52 A V X I- 1 x I ' - 5.-..nLi.:5i5s4LGm2-. 0 , . " 'wi'-W' :auf-.2.,.Q.,r A ' 1 R THE CHRISTIAN SERVICE STUDENT STAFF President .,,.. ., Vice President . . . Vice President . . . Secretary ..... . . . , jerry Strandquist MiltKrans . . . james B. Swanson . . . Rebecca Emanuele Treasurer . , . . . . Carltonxlacobsnn Artist .....,.. , ...... Arvid Nelson Publicity ,,.. ,..., . . , Millie Heaton Publicity .... .... R osemary Lundman The objective of the Christian Service Department is to correlate the classroom theory and the development of the practical side of the work and future ministry of the stu- dent. The Christian Service Department and Student Staff are responsible for each Tuesday's chapel service, the publication of a weekly bulletin, the assignment and regulation of Christian Service stations, the formation of gospel teams, and the development ofthe Intern Pastor Program. Using II Timothy 4:1-8 as at key passage, and 'lAbove All Elsen as a theme chorus, the 1966-67 Chris- tian Service Stal? presented the theme of "Evangelism." Rev. Orill Krans, Faculty Advisor ww -I-. 67 my QT Y 1967 CHRISTIAN SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS af" The Christian Service Department sponsored a Bible Reada thon in the Spring Semester. LEFT: The Galileans consisting ofjoyce Kiser, Charlotte VVheel er, and Corliss Elfstrom check a road map in preparation for Op eration Outreach, 68 TUDE T P ,RTICIP TEI CHRI TIAN ER ICE PRCGRA The Christian Service Department strives to homoge- nize the theoretical and the practical aspect of Chris- tian service in our college. All students are given the opportunity to receive practical experience by work- ing in a local assembly. At the beginning ofthe year, each student is assigned to a church for his or her Christian service activity for the year. In this way, each student may become active in one of our local churches. There are many opportunities to take extra assign- ments -in missions, tract distribution, nursing home, and the like. This Mon thejob training" pro- vides guidance and sometimes motivation to the pros- pective pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. ' Kenneth Dahlager serves as Assistant Pastor under Pastor Hollen at St. Louis Park Assembly. The "Gospel Fiven climb the steps ofthe Court House to conduct ajail service. Barb Stierlen encourages an elderly person in a nearby nursing home. ,,, AX s +4 -N ,hi gb , .tw -me , , 69 l f Pe' f.: Qilxglf , : z E F x LQ Milt Krans assisted in the song services at Northeast Assem bl , Marian Mayer assisted in Childrenls Church. i Emanuele taught ajunior class. Several students helped in the services on the Indian Reservation at Red Wing, Minnesota. s rffjzv- of-ff' ,,.-,gikyx ,N 37--rzlwm ,Ti-.2,,551x,-, A ,. l lr I l'- u wif izv",5? f'41-" 1. - ' ' fa XY' "..Yf4:,J.4:'4-:QAMN 1 'f"Zi-'1'm' W, f .fuZw!..' - J 2 ff zrjffzvl-1:9 R -f X 'I' 55, ' , P, , K . , Q if Z"9'7U-,ji . 5 K , f"Z?"fYZ'ff'YLL4f7i?E'Xi A L ,,,4 , TORCH BEARERS David Will Lan-y Pilot Dean Galyen GALILEANS Ellen jones Corliss Elfstrom Joyce Kiser Charlotte Wheeler G0 PEL Dallas Holm Phil Ekstedt PHIL :SL DALLAS JORDANAIRES James Mikul David Halquist Michael Halquiit TEAM n 'ff'-E2 JOYFULAIRES Linda Sannes Lynette Broberg Betty Hintz Sharon Chapman GOSPELUHERSU ' ReNe11e Kultala Mary jane Krans Peggy Pilot JUBILETTES Lois Collver Rosemary Houchin Sheryl Brockmann REVELATORS Walter Kelley Duane Mooberry Myron LaBruyere David Broberg ENVOYS W A, Wayne Hilton Gene Doane Dave Davis Bryan Collver Steven Booher 74 WM QW x" ' N49 5-ni -.1 GOSPEL FIVE MIXED TRIO Tim Senf Darrel Hendrickson Judy Stevens Sam Hays Danny Santa-Lucia Tom Eggers Karen Koeshall Danny Rector 's -5-41' ' Q. lf' 5.47 ' 4- -I-Z -.4 c 'law ? f . ?f2i4k, 1 ,QL ,W . Q , f THE STUDENT MISSIONS STAFF President . . . Lowell Clarke Exec Vice Pres Darrell Eichhorn Treasurer ..... ....., A nnie Kruize Vice President . . Ronald Davis Special Projects . . . . . . . Bruce Braithwaite Vice President . . . Glenn Miller Artist .,......... ....... L ee Lossing Secretary . . Lila Huisinga Secretarial Ass't . . . ...., Gailjosephs From its inception, North Central has maintained a strong missionary training program. The theme pro- claimed throughout the school year, 'gPartners all the Way," depicted the work produced by the Student Mis- sions Staff under the leadership of President Lowell Clarke. The staff had as its objective to present the chal- lenge of missions through the student prayer groups, the chapel presentations, Pioneer Pastor Emphasis Week, and the Missions Convention. Communication between the missions staff and the prayer band ofhcers was strengthened through bimonthly meetings and program-planning sessions. As an aid to the prayer bands, a program system was established and individual prayer band graphs and flags were made. Rev..Iames G. King, Faculty Advisor fa X l 77 FAC ULTY MISSIONS COMMl'I'TIIE James G. King, Chznrnnxn Lowe ll Clarke EXECUTIVE VICE. PRESIDENT Darrell Eichhorn STUDENT MISSIONS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY VICI-I PRESIDENT Glenn Miller Annie Kmize Lila Huisingu Rvnald Davis Stiff and Student Budgeg Reports Staff Reports Sluff and Student Stewardship I PFOKFHWS . Group Group Stewardship Treasurers Secretaries Program Communications Commnmications STUDENT MISSIONS T-OROUP ACTIVITIES l ART A ERICA DEAF EUROPE r Lee Lossmg FAR EAST HOME MISSIONS LATIN AMERICA k 1 PUBLICATIONS ALASKA AND MIDDLE EAST AND SPECIAL SPECIAL PROJECTS AMERICAN INDIANS SOUTHEIIN ASIA MINISTRIES Bruce Brmhwaiw 1967 M SSIO S HIGHLIGHT I 78 Lowell Clarke, Rev. King, and Glen Miller discuss possible themes for the Missionary Convention. LEFT: The Pioneer Pas- tors Store was a real suc- cess. Prayer Bands Present Challenge Prayer bands have played a vital part in presenting the challenge of world missions to the student body. Each of the nine groups met individually to pray for missionaries in a specific area of the world. Various aspects of missionary activity were presented in the Thursday meetings. Combined chapel presentations helped the students to become aware ofthe need for missions throughout the entire world. It was the de- sire and prayer of the missions staff that each indi- vidual would place himself in a position to hear God's call in Christian service. The prayer band officers in a bi-monthly meeting. LATIN AMERICAN PRAYER BAND: SEA TED-R. Corlew, Vice Presidentg K. Myhrer, Secretaryg K. Dahlager, President. STAND- ING: ROW 7-V. Poe,J. Miligi, L, Klein, D. Aho, D. Purbaugh, N, Everett, C. Zeltman, F. Guenther, S, Day, N. Barrow, D. Rector, T. Eggers. ROW 2-A. Nelson, D. Kauffman, D. Graetz, E. Edberg, LI. Isaacs,j. Brown, R. McGivern, L. Todd, K. Gjonnes, R. Whitted, D. Hart. 79 X DEAF PRAYER BAND: SEA TED: J. Kiser, President: M. Leisner, Vice President, R. Emanuele, Secretary. STANDING, ROW 7: G. Bertran, P. Epkes, E. Jones,J. Knoll,J. Webb, R. Cotton, S. Church. ROW2: T. Rob- son, F. McGivern, L. Olson. 'CP RT ER LL TI-IE HOME MISSIONS PRAYER BAND: SEA TED: J. King, President, S. Hays, Vice President: B. Loven, Secretary, D. DeDiemar, Vice Presi- dent. STANDING ROW 7: K. Petersen, S. Lee, D. Sornberger, L. Boots, P. Gordon, C. Farley. ROW2: J. Clark, M. Johnson,J. Morris, S Higbee, C. St. John, J. Rahman, J. Vahl. ROW3: R. Heltemes, T. Jensen, M. Heaton, C. Armentrout, D. Robbins, B. Carlson, I. Tutje, G. Christensen, L. Yung. ROW4: H. Cherry, L. Ites, D. Harms, S. Harms, R. Renz,J. Reine, M. White, L. Campbell, R. Reiser, E. Marsh, G. Kath, R. Friske. 80 ' A tlre ALASKA 8L AMERICAN INDIANS PRAYER BAND SEA TED J Brown Presldent N Bmgham Secretary L Grxswold V1cePres1dent STANDING ROW7 D Rasmussen O Johnson N Cramer K Txbesar L Kenne dy L Kurtz L Erlckson G Sturm ROW2 J Wlllcox J Mlkul D Olden G Keller L Redmond H Lange J Short T Ireland WAY THROUGH PRAYER EUROPE PRAYER BAND SEATED D Santa Lucla President C Elfstrom Secretary R Thomassen V1ce Presldent STAND ROW? D Peterson G Soderhnd M Krans R Kultala J Stevens R Lundman R Lxdstrom T Eggerud ROW2 A Norwood N Muller M Gerard J Hamp R Houchm L Collver C Goward C Oatman B Stlerlen A Graf L Mount Row3 P Wansanen B ohnson R Ben son R Stxerlen D Hatchner R Heuser D Gaylen R Clalr ROW4 Swanson T Mclnure P Gr1epp C Amltxe M Krans M La Bruyere K Nextzel R Hamann R Hamelmk J Strandqulst 81 l . l ' "r a' a I ' 1 ' 1 -- 1- y- 1- 1- ' ,. ,. ,. . .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,, ,. . - -- 's 1' n 1- , - J - . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . eg . ' s W vt 5 ,-I , wwf.. A ,oe-. l FAR EAST PRAYER BAND: SEA TED - B. Kinard, Vice President, R. Scribner, President, G. Bowman, Secre- tary. ROW 7 -J. Masteller, NI. Fry, V. Scribner, P. Womble, C. Ryan, M. Brown, B. Mantik, S. johnson, M. Andreason, G. Endo. ROW 2 - A. Berry, P. Gunderson, D. Horton, M. sIohnson,j. Ryan, C. Allan, R. Nelson, N. Stone. CCP RT ERS ALL THE AFRICA PRAYER BAND: SEA TED - R. Christiansong Rxlorgenson, Presidentg C. Anderson, Secretary, R. Tripp, Vice President, G. Lee. ROW 7 - N. Hernandezul. Turner, K. Boyer, L. White, F. Gilbertson, M. Anderson, B, Paulsen, L. Larson, B. Senf, F. Poe, Culohnson. ROWZ - F. Baumeister, S. Mount, B. Rassmussen, M. Taggart, E. Miles, K. Koeshall, M. Ryswyk, V. Leishman,J. Butler, K. Christian- son. RO W4 - T. Senf, B. Buschhj. Woodman, K. Lundeen, B. Mattson, D. Kingsriter, G. Kingsriter, G. Gray, R.tIohnson, E. Roper. 82 ... sl - . - r l MIDDLE EAST AND SOUTHERN ASIA PRAYER BAND: SEA TED - D. Palmquist, Presidentgj. Eastman, Secretary. ROW 7 - B. Hendricks, D. Wilfong, R. Lundman, P. Rothwell, D. Peterson, P. V. George, D. Bow- man. RO W2 - P. Dunn, R. Queener, Gxjohnson, R. Van Koningsveld, R. Mooberry, W. Vagle. WAY9' THROUGH SUPPORT SPECIAL MINISTRIES PRAYER BAND: SEA TED-A. Wood, President, C. Mount, Secretary, B. Kvasnica, Vice President. ROW 7 - L. Moeller, V. Lossing, D. Fischer, D. Newton, C. Owens, M. Owens, S. Cherry, M. Lundquist. RO W2 - B. Ripley, G. Martinez, B. Sim- mons, S. Dorsey, M. Colegrove, C. Paget, P. White, L. Anderson, D. Cubberly, G. Erickson, D. I-Ialquist. ROW3 Moore, Tom Edwards, B. Pcndell, M. Oliveri, C. Bjornlie, Gxlosephs, G. Wiland, R. Floyd, V. Hagenbeck, R. Ebaugh. RO W4 - C. Clore, G. Paulsen, A. Lee, M. Halquist, R. Cearly, V. Lathe, R. Simmons, G. Liddle, D. Dobrotka, M. Van Wagner. 83 i c c P RT ERS LL THE WA 'Q Out ofthe host of dedicated men and women who have received training at North Central, many have found their places in home or foreign missionary service. The 1966-67 Student Missions theme, "Partners All The Way," is an apt description for those who have gone to the ends of the earth and are presently serving as our representatives. AFRICA Mr. and Mrs. Norman Correll Mr. Richard Cunningham Miss Mildred Duncklee Mrs. Kenneth R. Durst Miss Mary Edler Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hargrave Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hurst Miss Martha Jacobson Miss Evelyn Kile Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Kingsriter Mr. Merlin Lund Mr. and Mrs. Larry Malcolm Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Tarr Miss Phyllis Wagner Mr. and Morris Williams CENTRAL AMERICA Miss Virginia Carpenter Mrs. Dorothy Q Olson J Cedarblom Mr. and Mrs. David Kensinger Mrs. Gladys Kensinger Mr. and Mrs. Richard Larson Mr. Arthur Lindvall Mrs. Donna Lores Mr. Gordon Marker Mr. Harold Mintle Mr. and Mrs. Einar Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shirman EUROPEAN AND MIDDLE EAST Mr. George Goomas Mr. Samuel johnson Mr. and Mrs. Melvin jorgenson Mr. Kenneth Klefsaas Mr. Kenneth McIntyre Mr. Donald Ohman Miss Olga Olsson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sundell SOUTHERN ASIA Miss Christelle Evans Miss Colleen Guinn Mr. Calvin Olson Mrs. Harriet Q Williams J Schoonmaker Miss Thelma Tate FAR EAST Mr. and Mrs..Iohn Burke Mr. and Mrsjnarold cafibiom Mr. and Mrs. Orville Carlson Miss Marcella Dorff Mrs. Lucille C Verheyenj Erola Miss Edna Hudson Mr. and Mrs. james Larson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Larson Mr. Glenn McCollister Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson Miss Palma Ramsborg Mrs. Marjorie CTrulinD Richert Nlr. and Mrs. Arthur Sholtis Mrs. Ardelle C Anderson J Sondeno Mr. and Mrs. Ray Trask HOME MISSIONS Miss Eldeth Adkins Mrs. Ethel CNelson J Andrus Miss Edna Brown Miss Mary Buntenbach Miss Doris Carlson Miss Ruth Droll Miss Vera Eldridge Mr. and Mrs. Larry Foster Mrs. Edna C Grieppi Graetz Mr. john C. Gunderson Miss Cecilia Haffner Miss Anna Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnson Mrs. Gerald Larson Mrs. Pearl McCarty Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olson Miss Geraldine Tornfelt H SOUT AMERICA Mr. Peter Brooks Mr.-Jack Garlir Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Grams Mr. and Mrs. David Guenther Mr. Harmon johnson Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kersten Mr. Clifford Larson Mr. and Mrs.john Mazurek Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mock Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Niles Mr.Julius Olson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palmer ff fi Q 'f3!f'f'ii'jf Q is Q 5 JNL: LLL,-h , L- " fffff'-4 pe Lg x-M1413 ,z,f'1,.QfL,f3X gil ,4 USIC Z 5 , .Q .5 , 1 ' 'Q' y a f , . u C A .1. , x A 4' 1 ',f,., -, x .. . , f ff 1 ..-f K 4' Y A 4 7 3 . 3., ,4 ff! n-, a f ,. 'i - ' 1,2 . ' 1' .- A 5 1 1 ' nj. J-I' uh mu i4 AV. 1 'f ., f . ' I, ' . , Q ' ix ' 1 , l V tk Q -. ' ' f I - L' x - X , fl' fl. ' f . c'The Sound Cf Singingn VANGELAIRE "I hear the sound of singing . . . This love is mine . . . Serve Him . ., Lost in the night . .. It's about time . . . " With these phrases the Evangelaires have presented the stirring message of Christ and His soon return. Accompanied by Paul Quarino, Judy Stevens, a marimba ensemble, and a brass en- semble, the choir represented N.C.B.C. in Milwaukee during the Thanksgiving vacation. Christmas was a busy season with the uSinging Christmas Tree," Southdale concert, and the one-half hour telecast over WTCN-TV. In the early spring, the choir enjoyed a four-day tour to Iowa and Missouri, in- cluding a concert at the Regional Convention in Springfield. The 33-voice choir, directed by Rev. L. B. Larsen, spent nine days in April touring Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. With dedication services, banquets, and concerts in area churches, the Evangelaires had a busy but very happy year. Rev. L. B. Larsen, Evangelaire Director. l ' 86 Paul Quarino, Organ Accompanist EVANGELAIRES ROW7 Karen Petersen Corl1ssElfstrom Sheryl Brockmann ean1neGusa Damel Rector Bonn1eSenl' Murxel ohn son Barbara Llddle S t G1 S d l ecre ary orla o er lnd ROW2 udxth Stevens Planlst Carolyn Zeltman Lo1s Collver Carol Oatman Darlene Peterson Karen Koeshall Rebecca Henderson ROWJ Doyle Patterson Gary Paulsen Roger Thomassen Arlon Lee Gary Lxddlc Tlmothy Senf ohn Ward Larry Grlswold Vlce President ROW4 Danlel Santa Lucla David Gractz Steven Booher Ronald Hamelmk Presldent ames Petersen lvI1chaelHalqu1st Marvm Richter Carlton acobson Gary Ertckson 1VOfP1Cl'URL'D ames B Swanson Corinne Go ward 2 I 5 ' 5 :J ' 5 ' 5 ' 5 'J - 5 , Q - -'J , 1 9 5 5 5 5 . f 5 5 ' s Q 5 - SJ Q , - -' - 9 5 Q , 5 .l 5 5 5 J 5 r ' ' -'J -' - , f 87 "This Is The Life" CHQRALETTES "This is the life, There is time to live If your young heart you give. To God you be true In all that you dog This is the life for you . . .M echoed from the lips of the ladies? choir, the Choralettes, this past year. Under the capable leadership of Miss Ronna Wiley, the voices of 20 girls and 3 fellows blended together to present the message of Christ and His Second Coming. Accompanied by a guitar, a bass, a trombone, and a snare drum, their reper- toire included such songs as "You're Searching for God," 'LI Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hillsf, HI'll Walk with God," and uHow Lovely are Thy Dwellings." Participating in the dedication service of the Hopkins Assembly of God, singing at the Minnesota District Melody Music Rally-Semi- nar, and taking the ten-day spring tour through the Middle Eastern states were some of the many highlights ofthe year. Miss Ronna Wiley, Choralette Director. 88 v CHORALETTES ROW I P1Ul'l Womblc Ruth Lldslrom 'vhrlene Porungx Judy Webb Rosemiry Lundmin Secretary Freasurer Nhry Brun 1rd June Fry ROW 7 Nhry Ryswxk Nleredlth Xnderson Vue Premdent ene1neNlorr15 Betl5W1lson Rosem1ryHouLh1n ROH I Don WMS men DlVld Robbms Dllhs Holm XOl'Pll IL Rl D Lmdd Solomon Preslclem -'1' fi g-A ', '--.1' 'J jg. ' f, , "- 'E LJ 1,1 "Q ' ' Hg ' .' " Nancy Millerg Marcin Gerard. ROW! - Sue-Ann Nessg Michaela Boltg Carol St. Johng Judith EHSUTKLIHQ Kathleen Boltg Mary McClain 89 "How Gan I Help But Sing" GGSPEL HYMNS KI-Iow Can I Help But Sing . . . No Other Song . . . In The Image of God . . . Where is The Rock . . . Sweet Jesus . . . Poor Man Lazarus . . . To Be With Him . . . The Lord is My Captain . . . King All Glorious . . . Let the Church Roll On . . , I Am Not Worthy . . . Why Should He Love Me So . . . Lost in The Night . . . To Do The Father's Will . . . There Is No Greater Love . . ." These songs of today and yesterday sung by the Gospel Hymns, under the direction of Rev, Orill Krans, blessed the hearts of many people. Featured as soloists this year were Graham Lee and Ray Johnson. The girls' trio added much to the program as they blended their voices to- gether in song. From April 28 to May 7, the Gospel Hymns represented N.C.B.C. in touring Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Other concerts were presented at several local churches, in Chicago, and at the Prudential Insurance Building. Rev. Orill Krans, Gospel Hymns Director 90 if v Y if ,Q ,f ,sf 1 mf-1 M Q W WM 14 ' 'TIT 1 -1 4 1 V , , x a . ghd' 7 l L 4 f I 55951 3 .Hi . up . . "L,w4f' 4 . 1 A ., x 1 , In QT.: 2 -'j ' fi. 9204.5 v '14 1 B1 'F dv.- 9 Y nfl Evangelaires telecast on WTCN-TV. The Evangelaires annually appear at the Southdale Shopp 93 Choralettes in rehearsal LEFT: The Gospel Hymns bus. ing Plaza during the Christmas season. C9 6 , agp, . 41 ,fr viva Q Q 46" 4' 9 -V ' "ual 4,84 ff 'K A Y f UNDERSTANDING THRGUGH ASSOCIATIQNS C I O O C O O O "Give me una'erstana'z'ng 'W A "fri, I .,L. 'Qfj -.- FJ k wwf ,fw I .N f' M X . M f Qfwgjggg gb f Q M.. qv, Q xl,-.-vw. K2 I if 'XA Q, X ,fam X , ,ur ..,- g Yr M4 K, f W Student Governments Trains For Blinking their eyelids open before the crack of dawn, the members of Student Government met every Wednesday morn- ing at 6:50 A.M. The Student Government was composed of the President and two representatives from each class and of the President of each student organization. Rev. C. E. Rohde served as the faculty advisor. Student President Glen Gray led the government as they worked on the following projects: QU changing the name of the basketball teamg C25 redecorating the prayer roomsg 13D es- tablishing a Pep Clubg MJ improving the parking facilitiesg QSQ revising the Student Government constitutiong and C62 pro- moting the spiritual activities of the college. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Glen Gray, Presidentg Lowell Clarke, Vice Presidentg ReNelle Kultala Secretary Dennis Rasmussen Treasurer. NOT PIC TURED: Earl Marsh, Parliamenta- , 6 - i 2 96 1 l li 'l 1 y 3 - 'l Leadershlp And Democracy l i l l R. I l R l I i l . STUDENT GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES it Faculty Advisor ............. .... R ev. C. E. Rohde A Student Government President . . ............ Glen Gray , Freshman Class ..,........ .... G ary Liddle, President Graham Lee 1 Pat White Sophomore Class . . . . . . Carltonjacobson, President Darlene Peterson 5 Darrel Hendrickson f I Junior Class ,.,. .... D ennis Rasmussen, President ReN elle Kultula E Ron Hamelink g 3 Senior C1355 ,,,, . . . Norman Hillestad, President ' 4 Rachel Koenig Earl Marsh 3 Archive ......... ..... M el Erickson , Christian Servicg ,,,,.. .... J erry Strandquist I Men's Dormitory Council . . . ..... David Graetz A Missions ......,...... V - L0wellCl21fkC Northern Light ............. --.-A J ZUUCS King Women's Dormitory Council .... ...- B Olmie Kiflfifd I I I. 1 1 97 , R I 1 Darlene Peterson carefully jots down some notes in a meeting. LEFT: Earl Marsh, Parliamenta- rian, displays the newly purchased gavel set. Student Government in Action The Social Committee consisting of Bonnie Kinard, Darrell Hendrickson, and Carlton Jacobson plan a party. I 98 . ip f i - Fa' 5 I Y-,I Q ' wrlxf t .4 i , .K .R Ei , fx- Q I fm , A 1,5 s MZ nr " 5514 4 9:1 V 1 's ,ff':'4"l' f , David Graetz and Mel Erickson check cars parked in the parking lot. LEFT' Student Government President Glen Gray intently listens to someone presenting a motion. jerry Strandquist and Bonnie Kinard check the progress made on the Q B prayer rooms. fvw' sf 99 , ,,., yqmv! ,g,-wr EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Nancy Barrow, Photographerg Rachel Koenig, Editor, Melvin Erickson, Business Manager, Beverly Decker, Assist- ant Editor. ARCHI It all started when we chose our theme! After that an avalanche of other duties swallowed our "free time." The boulders of advertising - layout - photography - copy - and finally, editing - were great, and a year seemed much too short a time to accomplish all that was required. Work - there was plenty of it! Yet with all the responsi- bilities there was thejob ofworking together with one another and for the Lord. Many hours we spent laboring in the old Archive Ofhceg but unfading memories of joy, weariness, panic at times, satisfaction, and answered prayer will ever cling to our minds. The results of our planning, pushing, pulling, and praying are now yours. May you enjoy the pages of this book. May they be used for His glo- ry. 4 Nancy Barrow, Photographer, Chuck Clore, Assistant Pho- tographer. LEFT: Glen Gray, Cover Designer. Arthur Wood, Assistant Photographer. Nirs. Rebecca Adamson, Archive Advisor. RIGHT: Charlene Ander- son, Staff Secretary and Bookkeeper. Literary Staff: Faye Guenther, Diane Fischer, Lynette Kurtz. ' ' .wsnTz8 I Melvin Erickson, Business Managerg Curtis Bjornlie, Assistant Busi- ness Manager. 101 Layout Staff: Lorna Boots, Gloria Soderlind 'N , I Sandee Dorsey, Typistg Cindy Paget, Proofreader Rachel and Bev mailing the last deadline. Harley Cherry, Index Recorder. 4Melita Taggart, Patron Secretary. NORTHERN LIGHT. . ,North Centralis Official Newspaper L Phil Waisanen BUSINESS MANAGER The Northern Light is the official school newspaper. It is published bi- monthly to present the student body, faculty, and friends of the college with news, features, humor, and editorials. The staff is chosen from those who are enrolled in the Journalism Laboratory Class. Rev. James Hearn serves as the faculty advisor to the Northern Light staff. Gary Liddle FEATURE EDITOR Rev. James Hearn ADVISOR Raymond johnson NEWS EDITOR - James King,jr. f ' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF xt ,f 1 Norman Hillestad EDITORIAL EDITOR iffjilaal 1 77 103 WRITERS: ROW 7- P. V. George, Ron Hamann, David Kingsriterg David Halquistg Raymond johnson, News Editor. ROW2-Christine Farley, June Fryg Karen Boyer, Sharon Levangg Lavonne Larson, Peggy Pilotg Cindy johnson, Mary Lundquistg Lillian Kennedy. The Northern Light is an organization with many departments. It uses volunteers with a wide variety of skills. Many ofthe members receive training afterjoining the staff. The staff has three basic divisions: THE WRITING STAFF. The Writing Staff is the core of the news- paper. Trained in journalism class, where they receive knowledge of basic newspaper work, these new reporters write news, features, edito- rials, and literature. THE BUSINESS STAFF. The Business Staff supervises the Hnan- cial aspect of the newspaper. Thirty to Hfty per cent ofthe budget is provided through advertising. THE PRODUCTION STAFF. This staff does the actual production work which includes proof-reading and layout, as well as distribution. 104 'vi Ted Jensen, Developer: David Will, Cartoonist Don Ashworth, Photo Trainer, Mike Chapman Photo Trainer. ,2'::u' ' - .m l A we f '+A " . an K Igggfq I it .K wi , , gffzi' ,gif - Roosevelt Whitted PUB LICITY Lois Collver SOCIAL CO-ORDINATOR BUSINESS STAFF Mike Halquist LAYOUT Dave Dobrotka SALES Phil Waisanen BUSINESS MANAGER Harold Stinnett LAYOUT Larry Ites SALES Marlene Portinga SECRETARY Edly Roper BOOKKEEPER X. LAYOUT EDITOR Tom Eggers checks with PRODUCTION MANAGER Van Poe. 105 Combined Efforts Improve Dorm Life The testimony of the Christian leader and the effectiveness of his service are inliuenced by the habits he acquires in his per- sonal life. Therefore, dormitory life at North Central plays a vital role in many a student's quest for understanding. Long talks, laughter, arguments, friendships, and lasting memories are all involved in the relationships developed between stu- dents as they live and study together. Under the direction of Miss lone Soltau, the Dean of Women, the Women's Dormitory Council serves as a medium between the administration and the women's dormitory residents. The council strives to govern, develop and promote all phases of dormitory life and to enrich student living. Quiet hours from 7:30 to 9:30 P.M. and from 10:30 on are enforced by the monitors who also serve under the leadership ofthe Dean of Women. joan Schnelle, Dormitory Counselor DORMITORY MONITORS: Rebecca Emanuele, Charlene Andersonhloyce Kiser, Barbara Loven. in 106 2 te Q 3 i 5 E. '957' Rev. james Ryan, Assistant to the Director of Student Affairs. David Graetz, Men's Dormitory Representative to Student Government. WOMENS DORMITORY COUNCIL: SEA TED: Lila Huisinga, Secretaryg Bonnie Kinard, Presidentg Mary Andreason, Treasurer. STANDING: Judi Eastman, Barbara Loven, Donna Purbaugh, Mikki Bolt, Miss Soltau, Mary Brown, Judy Stevens, Carolyn Mount, Corliss Elfstrom, Sharlene Losey. , ft-en Ralf FHQNVN gr 1? w. 'iw ,jvi -aww ,'-g4'k wmfx t- f 'R A 'J 107 New Young Women's Missionar Council The Young Women's Missionary Council of NCBC was organized on November 8, 1966 with its motto - Train to Lead-Work to Serve. Their purpose was accomplished by training leaders for Missionettes, Young Women's Missionary Councils, and Women's Missionary Council groups, along with working on service projects for local, home, and foreign missions. Special speakers gave presentations, and numerous literature was dis- tributed to the girls during the training sessions. Various projects were used to gather supplies for home and foreign missions during the work meetings. Thus, the young ladies of the college were given a good opportunity to become active in this new facet of student activity. This year, the girls met twice a month and are enthusiastically anticipating carrying on their program throughout the summer months Qfffl. S A ii Mrs. Stanley Clarke was one of the guest speak ers. ' Embroidering was one of their projects. Mrs.james King is working with some of the girls on cards. 108 Delta Epsilon Chi meaning "approved in Christ" and taken from the first Greek letter in each word ofthis phrase found in Romans 16:10, is an honor society es- tablished by the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges to recognize superior scholarship, school loyalty, excellen- cy of Christian character and leadership ability. Nomination for membership is by faculty action taken at the beginning of the students' last semester before gradua- tion Nominees are l1m1ted to seven per cent of the grad- uating class and to students with a scholastic average of Married Couples Fellowship Reports Enjoyable Year A 'iii 'ie Faculty Advisor . . President ..... Vice President . Secretary ..... Treasurer .... . . . . . . . . Rev. Dean Eastman . . . . Mr. :Sc Mrs. Dallas Coats . . Mr. 8a Mrs. Herbert Adams Mr. Sz Mrs. Kenneth Dahlager . . . Mr. St Mrs. Wesley Vagle The Married Couples Fellowship consists of all the mar- ried students and their wives. There were over one hun- dred married students enrolled in NCBC this year. The group met one Saturday evening each month for fel- lowship. Some of their activities included a pizza party, a skating party, table games, a Valentine potluck banquet, a spring retreat at Lake Geneva, etc. Delta Epsilon Chi Receives Three DELTA EPSILON CHI NOMINEES: Rachel Koenig, Glen Gray, Annie Kruize. .Q an tal A membership key and certificate were issued to the 1967 nominees Glen Gray Rachel Koenig, and Annie Kruize in connection with the Commencement exer- 109 - UNDERSTANDING THROUGH ACTIVITIES C C I D O Cc Undertsanding is a r-.,.,, r Y X . e f :A ' " . gg! k fiislff g O rm WVQWQBW Q J in E Q W ggi , . ' F f 1 y 3 T 1 1 if Y wf' . In , YQ? ' f , Y . K 1 Cross Country And Now Fellas ! " Ooooh! That,s OK! 'Y Icandoit... Icandoitl MK193 Gridders Set Pace That ball causes a lot of trouble! -fa-vie' ' ' . 1 I ik " 5 . 1 Q if 'X vmlbfvv - ' .. 41 4. 9, w-C-QL. I' .WT 5, -. . LA' iles i1..'4',- -i v . H I .l .5 ,. tl:.,,.. ' , - to . . .'i'f'g'j ' . - 'Q A ' ' ' f.. A 4 W f J' " "' W . ' i . l f - , ?Z'5.::4 '., ,.1.v.ef,fJ . N: N 4- In the fall of 1966, Cross Country became a first at North Central. The main event was the meet against St. Paul Bible College on October 15th at Como Park. The set dis- tance to be run was 3 4f10 miles. Bob Tripp finished with a second and set the Chief's best time, Bob Lee took fourthg Harold Stinnett, seventhg Joe Ellis, ninthg and Ron Jennings, tenth. Even though they lost this meet, their spirits are still high with eagerness and anticipation for '67. Touch football was a regular event every Saturday at El- liot Park. The main games included the freshman vs the upperclassmen and North Central vs Metropolitan junior College. It's simple. just do it MY way! . i - '55 QA 'ii L 1 l i 5 i 1 fgsv gg if . a H ma. ,fn L, V., 113 f gk A AWS? , ,4 f 3 V1 A H 5 M A f W " 4. if A -Lfifyf "" ,nf if h 'A A"- 4.2.-fmfwfifu 1 ' -' ' M.,""",,w.ynaaemt 1: 1 . - Mllt and Phll volley. Recreauonal Sports Brmg Enjo ment and M-I , V2 ' 2 5 .5 -as-. M - , t -s.,,Rw- , ,,, ,W-nt -N--...A Paula Womble swings for the tennis ball. Break from Study There was more than one way to keep physically Ht at North Central this year. For those who enjoyed inside activities, the mailroom was readily available for a rous- ing game of ping pong. The girls played a considerable amount of basketball and volleyball, amongst many oth- er games, in their physical education classes. During the winter months, North Centralians found the rink in El- liot Park conveniently located andjust right for ice skat- ing. And when the ice thawed and spring appeared, the students began to look forward to tennis and softball. RIGHT: Softball becomes a Rev. Krans in action in the ping pong room favorite sport in late spring. M ,fi ggressive Chiefs Basketball Team In the Minnesota River Valley Conference, NCBC won only one while losing five. However, her seasonal record was an even six and six, including the consolation title in the Twin Cities Bible College Tournament. Also in the Tournament, Verne Hagenbeck and Milt Krans were chosen to the All-Tourney Team for their outstanding play. This honor was only deserving for their play all sea- son. Verne was the leading scorer of the team with 234 points, and Milt was a close second with 207. Mark Selness, who experienced his first year of coaching, quickly won the appreciation of all for his interest and efforts. The Chief's fought bravely and determinedly even in defeat. And for those who made an effort to play all year, the team co-captains are appreciative. Mark Selness, Basketball Coach. BASKETBALL TEAM: KNEELING--Milt Krans, Co-Captain, Norman Hillestad, Co-Captain. STANDING-Robert Tripp, Roger Ben- song David Reedg Ronald Simons, Roger Thomasseng Michael Leisnerg Jerry Strandquistg Phil Waisaneng Verne Hagenbeck. 116 Fight Bravely and Determinedly Rev. Raymond Levang, Faculty Advisor. Rev.j. P. Phillipps, Faculty Advisor DATE Nov. 26 Dec. 10 Dec. 17 Jann 6 Jan. 17 Feb. 4 Feb. 11 Feb. 18 Feb. 21 Feb. 23 Mar. 2 Mar. 4 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1966-67 NCBC VS. SCORE Dr. Martin Luther College 78-104 St. Paul Bible College 62-73 Minnesota Bible College 85-63 Lutheran Bible Institute 75-61 Lutheran Bible Institute 83-68 Pillsbury Bible College 67-80 St. Paul Bible College 89-84 Minnesota Bible College 90-66 Dr. Martin Luther College 82-96 Pillsbury Bible College 64-85 Twin Cities Bible College Tournament Pillsbury Bible College 83-105 Minnesota Bible College 95-52 117 :inf , ma, fwfs, , 3 ff? Ming? ,--M A vs v fry A15 f ,L if ,df A3 X, fy 7 x X55 R a ga . f17?"i' 7 " 346, f 3 9 I ' .'x r 'x "f,,.nf Q -L , ., MQ., is ,, 3 1' M 1 'W' , aw 5 ' --J s xf.. - 5 mr " V ,,4,' K, I In B4 . ' o 5 5 A , 5 g-' 'W' Iinnmc J at f w , A- y. W 415 X 937 W WW iff -- M, ,ix In . Q ' :w k M55 E 'KN-RW! ,A F .4 vw J . fill :fir 3, ,f I KQQM it M in V ? , , dw , X, 1 M g" , w.:'L i, Pzu White Gloria Soderlind Paula Wom JF 1 f. W Fay Poe Nu School Spirit. . .Basketball Inspiration Basketball Boys- You make the baskets- We'll make the noise! I Thus, the Chiefs were given energetic sparks of en- . - ' K L s l M my y couragement from the student body led by our enthu- . . ' siastic cheerleaders. r I The varsity squad included Gloria Soderlind, Paula -' Womble, Fay Poe, Bonnie Senf, Pat White, and Bonnie Simmons. Meredith Anderson and Beverly Paulsen worked with the girls as substitutes. Serving as advisor was joan Schnelle. ' Aiding the cheerleaders was 'LLittle Chief" Shelly Ryan, their seven-year-old mascot. l i 1 S 1 mmf.: 1 UNDERSTANDING THRQUGH FELLOWSHIP U 3. I fbi. , I 2 Y 1 ,, I A o Q Many students travel hundreds of miles to attend North Central. Unloading cars, hauling suitcasesfjust a part of getting settled. SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS WITH E THU IASM The first week of the 1966-67 school year began with en- thusiasm as over 400 students Hooded into North Cen- tral's halls. . . Well packed cars were relieved of their burdens as students began unloading... . 'Tlomew for the next nine months was arranged by the housekeeping de- partment. . . Registration lines seemed unending. . . The faculty-student reception set the pace for getting acquaint- ed. . . For the freshman, the three-day entrance exams proved to be a challenge. . . The College welcome picnic truly was a great success. . . The mailroom became a popular place for the lonely and homesick, anxiously awaiting that letter . . . This was just the beginning of many wonderful, rewarding experiences and enduring 'riendships. Long hours of entrance examinations are endured by all incoming students. Q l l 3 ,, , .sa l Registration - S- 1 03, S-104, frustration ! College Welcome-fun, food, and fellowship! Nancy Barrow signs in andl receives her room key Donald Harper gets his first letter! OCIAL LIFE PERMEATED BY Halloween Party - All dressed up and nowhere to go! ' x 12 Selling "shakers" forthe Basketball games. Voting for Freshman Class Omcers, Can you Fmd yourself? l The young ladies enjoy a "Big-'Lil Sis party. 126 nr! R30 WA TH OF CHRI TIAN FELLOWSHIP FALL SEMESTER RECITAL Right-Vocalists Below-Instrumemalists Sprmg Banquet 66 A very memorable ex enmg I was trymg to relax' u , V f 5 I v .. 0 E ,ar 6 . I , v 'S Z .NV ,A X f A , K I N 1 5 ' . , ' T. - ,5.fjIg'.,f, 4 ,L 127 Q 'E 34" V Aw, bw? 'E ff - iii' 2 ,Q V ' ' av ww '- M 'Q ar, f ,. M .: 'Q ,, f ways. ., 5, , - x7 Wfg u 1 ,j 5.1 , 'V 4 . , 2' f X ' 2 4 Q WN, y: V, Y f -v W na ,CA ' gn- ' fx ' 'Qi V F . A. , f -- . ,V 1, ,Y 0 I , , Tfgifgf V,2j,G,f'f ' T , wi A 3 if . 'UQ - ,VA f My ,A We ri 5 . 4 1 Ezfiif lf. J Q f we li 1 . 5 ff 1 . . -X? ? :ri 1, 2 1 In The Spotlight. . . HOMECCMING 1967 Tension mounts before the Queen is announ d Head Table at the Homecoming Banquet held at the King's Chalet. Q' ,. , Y s 431 , 2 ff ' ' j2'i?l?935ii M., 'G W ' 'PA :lun-was 4 -v W ' is J HQMECCDMIN G ACTIVITIES Shouting and chanting cheerleaders. Blanket Toss for Athletic Club. The Inspirationals at the Northern Light party. Homecoming Basketball Game - N.C.B.C. vs. Pillsbury. "What did you do with my Figaro?" The pep band at the pep rally. 1 :lj RECIPIENTS J OF UNDERSTANDING 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 I "Then opened he their , Z , M Q , '4 K l ,..,,, .nv A . . 4 , ,W ,,,,,... Q 1 1 we r1'7m'! T-AW' :'v5?::T1Tif1.Y:71f F' 777 Wftfflftylfp "7"'f"'5:5"'J"l15'fli''1'21ISE"Ii'L'.."'5QiL'1..2EF2n::-.-asian.-..' V f-- .. Aw , . v Q DEGREE HQNGR STUDENTS ANNIE KRUIZE WILLIAM BUSCH Magna Cum Laude Cum Laude GLEN GRAY Cum Laude RACHEL KOENIG Cum Laude DIPLOMA HONOR STUDENTS KARROL CHRISTENSEN DELEMA AHO LILA HUISINGA Magna Cum Laude Cum Laude Cum Laude -fm.: M ' 1 3 5 1 w 1 11 i HERBERT ADAMS Happiness is re ectzue lzkelhelzghlo heaven Irving Dayton Ohio Bible and Missions GENE ANSELL "The virtue ofa man aught lo be measured DAVID BRILEY K'W1'liJ'iheillghlening ofthe mind. " I Final stepping stones DAVID BROBERG Hz Zhu! lemlx In Him mzer need ear to illt6'hIX larllurt Kingsley Detroit Lakes Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies ! l I l li 1 1: jc? J f 1' ." I . 5 : I, ll gl l, iv if 1 I ,I ' i not by hir extra-ordinary exerlionx, but his -Anonymous everyday conduct. " Lima, Ohio -P35031 Bible and Pastoral Studies Galesburg, Illinois Bible and Pastoral Studies WILLIAM BUSCH MICHAEL CHAPMAN "AX fumes! a man ar lhesun eUer.s'h0ne0r1." "Greainex.r liar not in being strong, but in -Parker the righ! using ufslrengfh. " Cavalier, North Dakota -Beecher Bible and Pastoral Studies Oxfordilunction, Iowa Bible and Pastoral Studies 136 HARLEY CHERRY "A boy with a w0rthyxteadfa.rta1'rrz becomes a man with a rerpected name. " -Unknown Adrian, Michigan Bible and Pastoral Studies LOWELL CLARKE "Look on little deeds as great, on account of Christ, who dwells in us, and watcher our life. " -Pascal Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies DALLAS COATS "It is Iranquif people zvhu ac'i'ompl1'.i'h much. " -Thoreau Effingham, Illinois Bible and Christian Education Horizons unlimited KENNETH DAHLAGER H7716 xtrength ofa man consirts in finding out the way God ir going, and going in that way too. " -Beecher Sacred Heart, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies DARRELL EICHHORN "Tliejnurney ofa thauxarzd nziles begins' with onextep. " -Lao-Tse Sioux City, Iowa Bible and Missions 137 MELVIN ERICKSON "Endurance it the crowning qualitiei' and patience all thepaslian ofgreat hearty. " -Lowell Kulm, North Dakota Bible and Pastoral Studies .li .V ROBERT FRISKE GLEN "Faith makes the discords ofthepresent into the harmonies ofthefuture. H Elmira, Michigan Bible and Pastoral Studies -Collyer Pipestone, Minnesota Bible and Missions GRAY "For his heart was in his work and the heart giveth grace unto every art. " -Longfellow Memories in the making PHILLIP GRIEPP "Doing little things with a strong desire to please God makes them really great. " -Desales Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies SAMUEL HAYS "The study of God's word, for the purpose of discovering God's will, is the secret disci- pline which has formed the greatest charac- ters. " -Alexander Macomb, Illinois Bible and Pastoral Studies 138 MILLIE HEATON "Whatever she does, wherever she goes, grace orders her actions andfollows her steps. " -Libullus Macomb, Illinois Bible and Christian Education ROLLAND HEUSER "Every man S' lje is aplan of God. 'l -Bushnell Waupaca, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral Studies Decisions THEODOREJENSEN "A merry heart maketh a cheerful counte- nance. " -Proverbs Bemidji, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies ' ,ff r NORMAN HILLESTAD JESSE 1sAAcs HTh011ghlS, 911671 WIOTH than Over! acts, 76- i'Speech is a mirror ofthesoulg as a rnan veal character. " speaks so is he. " -Plumer -Syrus Appleton, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral Studies -Gary, Indiana Bible and Pastoral Studies determining their future ARNEJOHNSON "lj5nd the great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. " -Holmes Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies 139 GERALD KATH "Courage is always greatest when blended with meekness. " Rudolph, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral Studies Chapin DAVID KAUFFMAN "The right man in lhe right place at lhe WALTER KELLEY "Silence ir lrue wisdom lv best reply. " J, LILLIAN KENNEDY "In all thy way: acknowledge Him, and He righl time doing the rzgh! lhing in lhe righl -Unknown shall direcl thy paths. " way, " Cortland, New York -Proverbs -Unknown Bible and Pastoral Studies Gary, South Dakota Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral Studies Bible and Pastoral Studies Q U Fr1endsh1ps and farewells JAMES KING RACHEL KOENIG ANNIE KRUIZE "Ambilion is lhe germ from which all 'TI do not wan! merely to possess afailhg I "The highest Gfdixtinclions imvervice to oth- growlh ofnoblenesxproceedv. " want afazifh that possesses me. " 675- H -English -Kingsley -George VI Minneapolis, Minnesota Rochester, New York Donnelly, Minnesota Bible and Missions Bible and Missions Bible and Missions I 140 MYRON LaBRUYERE "I am persuaded that every time a man LAVONNE LARSON "The earnestnexs oflzfe is the only pasxport EARL MARSH "Gentle in rnanner,firm in reality. " smiles, but much more when he laughs, it to the satisfaction oflUe." --Aquaveria addr somethingto this fragment oflzfe. U -Parker Fairmont, Minnesota -Sterne Hettinger, North Dakota Bible and Pastoral Studies Spencer, Iowa Bible and Pastoral studies Bible and Pastoral Studies Challenging tomorrows JOHN MASTELLER RAYMOND MCCOLLOUGH JERRY MILIGI "For they can conquer who believe they "They are never alone that are accom- "A .rojt answerturneth away wrath. l' can. " plzlvhed with noble thoughts. " -PF0VCl'bS -Vergil -Sidney Hubbard, Ohio Stxloseph, Missouri Indianapolis, Indiana Bible and Pastoral Studies Bible and Pastoral Studies Bible and Pastoral Studies 141 ffA . DAVID NELSON RIC HARD RENZ "True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the "tVIanners, the final and perfect flower of less noise it makes. " noble character. " -Anonymous -Watson Kansas City, Missouri Union, Newjersey Bible and Pastoral Studies Bible and Pastoral Studies no her m1los one a amed t ' t tt ' SCOTT RICH .IAMES RYAN RONALD SCRIBNER "It is always the adventurers who accom- 'Correct with spirit, eloquent with ease, "We believe the task ahead ofus is' never as plish great things. " intent to reason, or polite to please. " great as the Power behind us. " -Montesquieu -Pope -Unknown Grinnell, Iowa Minneapolis, Minnesota Mankato, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Bible and Pastoral Studies Bible and Missions 142 DALE SIERS MICHAEL VAN WAGNER "All human virtues increase and .strengthen "A pleasing countenance is no slight advan- themselues by practice and experience of tage. " them. " -Ovid iSocrates Motley, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Grand Forks, North Dakota Bible and Pastoral Studies Misty eyes and thankful hearts DONALD WAISANEN "Music is the child ofprayer, the compan- ion ofreligion. " SAMUEL WONG 'KA vision and a task is the hope ofthe world. " 4Chateaubriand -Anonymous Detroit, Michigan Sacred Music and Christian Education Hong Kong, China Bible and Pastoral Studies 143 JONATHAN WOODMAN "What you do still beliefs what is done. " New Lenox, Illinois Bible and Missions Shakespeare DELEMA AHO BARBARA CARLSON KARROL CHRISTENSEN "Humbleness is always graceg always dzgni- 'fHer ways are ways ofpleasanlness, and all "The best part ofbeauly is lhal which a pic- ly. " her ways are peace. " lure cannot express. " -Lowell -Proverbs -Bacon Ontonagon, Michigan Pennock, Minnesota Emmetsburg, Iowa CORLISS ELFSTROM LILA HUISINGA RCNELLE KULTALA "Tl1f'Pff1yff Uflhe Upright hi' hff delighl- H "Hei voice was ever soft, gentle and low - "A little spark kzndles agrealfre. " -Pf0VCFbS and excellent thing in a woman. " -Italian Prgverb Lancaster, MinnCSOta -Shakespeare Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Renville, Minnesota 144 WILLA LAMB DUANE MOOBERRY LARRY PILOT A ace wzlh gladners overxpread, :oft "Be ever true to yourpurpore, for that leads "The higher! graces of murzc owfrom lhe smiles by human kzndness bred. " lo success. " feeling, ofthe henry' " -Wordsworth -Leyden Sf Paul Mlnnfsvfa Knoxville, Iowa sau Lake City, Utah IN APPRECIATIGN We, the class of 1967, are pleased to express our appreciation to North Central Bible College and its constituency. Throughout the past four years, we have been involved in a quest for understanding. Our seeking has not been in vain, for as weihave drawn near to God and sat under the ministry of devout men of God, we have acquired a greater under- standing of God's Word, of God's will, of God's ways, and of God's work. As diamonds in the rough, we have felt the Master-Worker chipping away those things which He has found undesirable in us. Though we converge upon our present path with uncertainty as to what the future holds, we know the One who holds the future. We place ourselves in His hands, allowing Him to continue the polishing process in our lives. It is with confidence, therefore, that we step forth from this threshold of faith to attain that which He desires. North Central, we accept the challenge you have laid before us. We are determined to go forth to proclaim the gospel ofjesus Christ. We will always remember, with misty eyes and thankful hearts, your determination in cultivating this vision and purpose in our lives. 145 14 1 Z ti 'J ,i L f 1 N. .. gl 1 1 ,1 ,, 1 ' 2 1 E H gs ,K- ' 2 H wx 51 3 ,, , 15 1-5 1:11 E5 ,H K A , ,gm wi Hi 1' M ri! L i I i in I 1 ' I lg. , -fe' Ai , 2 ,, A S l ff'- W Wag? Walter Basler W1scons1n Raplds WISCOHSIH Allan Berry Long Beach Callfornla Nancy Blngham Sloux Falls South Dakota Robert Albm Gxbbon Nebraska Charlene Anderson Lmcoln Nebraska Mary Andreasen Mldland MlChlgHD Donald Ashworth LaCrosse VVISCOIISIH jerry Bachelder Benton Kansas R1chard Balley New Lebanon Ohlo ,..s'f"N it Renewmg old acqualntances A?" 'WV ff fy W , 4- K ,av 5' 1 If 5 54 Q f iii 43 as f 1 if-:wi Curtls Bjornhe Th1efR1ver Falls Mmnesota Donald Bobb Evansv1lle W1scons1n ohn Brown Marcehne MISSIOUYI O fu-tw f 147 Larry Campbell Waupaca WISCOHSIH Sharon Chapman Sheboygan W1scons1n Gary C-hrlstensen Glenwood Mmnesota R1chard Chnstensen Audubon, Iowa Rohm Claxr L1von1a, M1Chlg3H Bryan Collver Th1efR1ver Falls, Minnesota 1 , t, , itil f liked I ..., - - . , ,Lt M N ,X ,.,' y. 1 . ,., Vv.f A 'dv l 3 I1 A L . , Q -. C ' ' ,sytt Q95 , ' ' J ct.e t.,,, , .. ,,,e. I xW,, ,L , 11:21 " j1""'.a Y, M F' ' f x i .g . ' " -' "" f -' ., be , I QM ' 'IIS 331 .3 , ' , ,Q VVK I .LZ . A Vztu y .K ?1 1 if , ma:-", l I , , , 4 A 7, K . Q A . . if i',. 1,5 f,, ff ' - , I 1 4,1 A, . mmm Rebecca Emanuele Rochester, New York Dean Galyen Sheboygan, Wisconsin John Grinder Gilman, Wisconsin Raymond Corlew Morris, Illinois Ronald Davis Lacona, Iowa Donald DeDiemar Spooner, Wisconsin Daniel Dettman Pishtigo, Wisconsin Terry Doane St. Joseph, Missouri Judith Eastman Beloit, Wisconsin I, , I , ' f '-"""?"'i ' ggV,15,3i,,:,,,J. ,945-gf Z W -- IL 'ff I' , , UI.: Avi nf, ,, H i , I. 'e , A vw!! 319' 'gif-Q" 71, fx, f , me - In-M f -12, .'i'ff',, ,..:"- , fffgwgtf l f 3 W ' J' "" Eagerness their keynote Larry Griswold Newton, Iowa Verne Hagenbeck Newfolden, Minnesota Ronald Hamelink Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin x,,,W,,,,. in 6 H fe? ae 5 f .. of 1. 7 Q, is as A Judy Hamp Salt Lake City, Utah David Harms Mendon, Illinois Terry Ireland Chicago, Illinois Ronald Jennings St. Elmo, Illinois Bruce Johnson Berlin, Wisconsin DavidJohnson Alton, Illinois A Raymond johnson Liberia, West Africa Ellenllones Grand River, Iowa Gail Josephs Green Bay, Wisconsin Gerald -Iosephs Green Bay, Wisconsin Gary Keller Elroy, Wisconsin Bonnie Kinard Quincy, Illinois W 1 -,f 5' 9" .2 ,7 fair iff' f' 4 , f X ft .. ,f .1-:fix ,I--if as a W' a a M ff I' Gary Kingsriter Paynesville, Minnesota ,IoyCe Kiser Franklin, Indiana Milton Krans Richland Center, Wisconsin Are those. .bells I hear? ,M,,t,sf, f W, . .ta :l.5,f'L3:aQ X, f 3, -V ' .I . ,,., , 'ii' Harvey Lange Morris, Illinois Robert Lee 'Y W Detroit, Michigan H Paul Lehmann " Minneapolis, Minnesota . V - Darrell Losing 2 g j I X Plevna, Montana ' t Leon Lossing ' 1, Taylor, Michigan I Francis McGivern Benson, Minnesota Thomas McIntire Niles, Michigan Glenn Miller New Lisbon, Wisconsin Coleen Mort Anchorage, Alaska aQ.,Zf?' 149 Carolyn Mount Embarrass, Minnesota Arvid Nelson Minneapolis, Minnesota Sharon Nelson Seattle, Washington Larry Olson Bismarck, North Dakota Donavon Pankratz Staples, Minnesota David Perkins Gastonia, North Carolina ,w .5 of E' .Q 2: .f 6, .fe .,..,, , .F- W 1. ,V Ax Q 5 sf Y. a ,gf t ,QI , fgj 1 "Nj ' n ot fy' . - ' .1 1' va 1 4. ., V I 4 wwf'-' , . f" " ' 43 5? N f - , ,LL 3 I k V YV fi, nfl, ' Q W, I , 4 K ff. 'Y' XX ,gp , My 4 ig, f 19 ,Q 7 8 4 ff 4 wwig 55259, Q Peggy Pilot Salt Lake City, Utah Richard Queener Des Moines, Iowa Dennis Rasmussen Bloomington, Minnesota Past the halfway mark Carl St. john Minneapolis, Minnesota Linda Sannes Two Harbors, Minnesota David Smith Rochester, Indiana Richard'Stierlen Williams, Minnesota jerry Strandquist Newfolden, Minnesota Garry Swagger Lake City, Minnesota Duane Rasmussen Estelline, South Dakota Larry Redmond Missoula, Montana Edly Roper Iamaica, West Indies y za SW? . fa' ' if YJ I . is I 3' fa ,E f I :fs-,,. 'liifi 2-1 i' iff Q . i f ff 150 'Z 5 W a., v 'AZSCIFT' .nZf'g1'f t.: ti, .K , 4. X V H ff if 5 'wi S If Stephen Vaudrey Spokane, Washington Roosevelt Whitted Newark, New .jersey George Wiland Baltimore, Maryland joyce Swa gger Lead, South Dakota .Iames Swanson Minneapolis, Minnesota Robert Tripp Warsaw, Illinois ,Iudith Turner Wagner, South Dakota Robert Usher Wood River, Illinois George P. Varghese Kerala, India Striving for higher goals gt, '15 li' i'-i :7'5"T ff3ff'l1fff'5 5 ' t,, 1 at i David Will i i Benton Harbor, Michigan S Lowell Yung t "ff l Guide Rock, Nebraska , iff' S 33' l Ping Pong, but no Bing Wong! 'rw' I CAMERA SHY- ames Short Hagerstown, Mary land ,E , V A . , , Y,V, , .,. , .,.. V, v- .- . W V5 i va F772 gf: .. 1. Claude Amitie X Andrimont, Belgium i 5, 1 Gertrude Bertran V Grand Rapids, Michigan Michaela Bolt L - Rapid City, South Dakota V Charles Booher H . Essex, Maryland John Bort l Milwaukee, Wisconsin A Grace Bowman 4 , 534 Granada, Minnesota "" Karen Boyer M Spirit Lake, Iowa Mary Brainard Green Bay, Wisconsin Bruce Braithwaite Baraboo, Wisconsin Lynette Broberg Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Mary Brown Waterloo, Iowa jyll Butler Fort Madison, Iowa Exploring new heights and depths Raymond Cearley Auaconda, Montana Marsha Colegrove St. Ignace, Michigan Ronald Coleman Chesterton, Indiana Margaret Copley Aitkin, Minnesota +I' Rachel Covert ff Newport News, Virginia ,a David Curnel up i l h ,. is will ,N East Moline, Illinois David Davis H Cottage Hills, Illinois iff' 2 Beverly Decker VWT A V I Monticello, Minnesota ,Tb 532-51. U A ', i V, ' he .R David Dobrotka f - -, I V Dearborn, Michigan I i',, Q, -, l g an W Phillip Dunn if it , R , A , 'p l ' ,A 4 7 Wood River, Illinois , Qi QI' w w Q 1 ' Sharon Duvernois , - ' ,. 1 i , I Millington, Michigan ' l , x Philip Ekstedt -L, ' 1 ' St. Paul, Minnesota ' , I , A l 153 ,gl if al, l ill M li? l ' ,s tl rw 1 ill' I gi l li 1 -5 "il" I , jf f ir V - ii 45 gf Mega, stil I ew. 55,3 Q: fa e"fL'E ,f K , ei:-5323 ,g v i 4 We N,w :,t t4 '- ' 'I f-" , J f .muse Q31 fx. it -4.3, , ti -T Keith Gjonnes Frederic, Wisconsin Paul Gunderson Duluth, Minnesota Ronald Gurden Corunna, Michigan David Halquist Fort Wayne, Indiana Ronald Hamann Shawano, Wisconsin P. Lloyd Harms Minneapolis, Minnesota Stanley Harms Mendon, Illinois David Hatchner St.james, Minnesota K wav .,,..5. joseph Ellis Marion, Indiana Glen Emenecker Athens, Wisconsin Gilbert Endo Chicago, Illinois Larry Ericksen Frederic, Wisconsin Gary Erickson Fort Madison, Iowa Nancy Everett Lincoln, Nebraska Diane Fischer Miles City, Montana Ronnie Floyd Kennett, Missouri ,ity ,.. , ifwww. fwfiw rf 'N f- M,taVwwf,2P,,f4 ffevwn' - fvff-were J A 4- E 'rifle ' I I rr ew: W 3.31: ,t i-I rfggjqgg- 1, yy .V ,,,, ,- it-M .fx Way, ,V my 97 reek to me! v.97'?V5?""IQ?F3Uf5f avi' A?"H?f'-"7 Malayff , 1 ' lbw 213 by X 1 sf ii gi ,I 12 5 , , iq if 4 2. I ' J R f a x 4 Z ,si ' , 1 xf 4 .Q ' 1 Darrel Hendrickson Macomb, Illinois Elba Hensley Morris, Illinois Nanci Hernandez Oshkosh, Nebraska Donald Howland Cranston, Rhode Island Carltonllacobson Rochester, Minnesota Oscar ,Iohnson Newton, Iowa Sheryl .Iohnson Minneapolis, Minnesota Richardllorgenson Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 W , ,,,- ,wyiyg . t . , 6, tg 1 5 cf f i y n, A fp, ,QQ W. gsm? M -1 45 'Brf f K N . YQ? tg, 'is 5' A J Rob Birc ert Kvasnica h Run, Nlichigan Vernon Lathe Ashland, Wisconsin Sandra Lee Crosby, Minnesota Dollie Leffler Warsaw, Illinois Mic Ken hael Leisner osha, Wisconsin Barbara Liddle Ripon Wisconsin Dean Lindstrom Westbrook, Minnesota Curtis Longenecker Canton, Ohio ss' " .,'- A nf g UQ, 41-v., 'Y ,vi- ff Ar-1. hi . db.. ,. svn Sharlene Losey Nlinneapolis, Minnesota Barbara Loven Montpelier, North Dakota Rosemary Lundman Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gerald Lundstrom Waterloo, Iowa Bethel Mantik Abbotsford Wisconsin Robert Mattson Royal Oak, Michigan Marian Mayer Minneapolis, Minnesota Clyde McGee Lincoln Park, Michigan Turbulent term paper turmoils 9 Rob ert Milam Gary, Indiana Ron Nancy Miller Akron, Ohio Paul Mock Denver, Colorado Marlene Mooberry Brainerd, Minnesota ald Mooberry Newton, Iowa Linda Mount Embarrass, Minnesota Karen Myhrer Duluth, Minnesota Sherryl Nannfeldt Niles, Michigan E l if lie , A ,, X, K:-9 t .it. 1 X' am.. th 'fl , a rf- c site ' .., ll ' 1 www D .Q r -V0 tt ' , Kenneth Neltzel SWFQ. QM-f' ' Q? . . Lf? J., . Bonduel,Wiscons1n f Glenys Nelson rg? St. james, Minnesota -' Richard Nelson 1' . . . - . Arlington Heights, Illinois ft Michael Oliveri L- I S racuse New York :v:fW'- ' N 1:2- Y I , , WW ,,,X ..,L,,,,. .' V swf, --as. Q- at .K Aga- -, .fs f- . I I I Q to wiv : :rv ,.. , fe so -. . f "" - 'R . " ,, - Dwight Palmquist Cambridge, Minnesota Beverly Paulsen Bismarck, North Dakota William Pendeill Lansing, Michigan Darlene Peterson I f "2"w,fA,,f,wQ" S . , Q Thief River Falls, Minnesota Donna Purbaugh Girard, Ohio Sharon Quarino Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ronald Radatz Rockford, Illinois joseph Ralls Front Royal, Virginia Unconsciously growing creatively iii' 55515 WH ig., ,4,,,- w Mm., g "', Y' may 'A it . . if ,y X m f gg, xg, A 2 2 Q ,fa 4' ff. 13 Y 6 I ii Q be faq ,Q i my AI fi m ea-if ' Q . I M Daniel Santa-Lucia Brooklyn, New York Vicki Schlafer Minneapolis, Minnesota Gary Schroeder Stevens Point, Wisconsin Timothy Senf Fort Madison, Iowa Berneta Rasmussen Letcher, South Dakota Daniel Rector Grand Rapids, Michigan David Reed Tomahawk, Wisconsin Douglas Reiche Wausau, Wisconsin ,joseph Reine St. Cloud, Minnesota R. Thomas Reine Robbinsdale, Minnesota Marvin Richter Shawano, Wisconsin Terry Rosenow Sioux City, Iowa Mfg,-6 .5 f .diff ,I ,,,,, V t f J a f 1 -v' Q if MQ f ffy,2:s.,A . ' ' f wi '9 v 4962 , We A W s J i , ' :aj f 4 if l - if 1 f " ' ,WEEE I iw..-Q 2053 J w1'"7:ff-" . - , ., , .J . - g5Wx,9:t'5?., , ,dig .K i . .5 V ,iw-2 aa h - 1:-. X Z,i,v-w f -- -V .Iudith Stevens Minneapolis, Minnesota Barbara Stierlen Williams, Minnesota Harold Stinnett Nicholasville, Kentucky Norman Stone St. Paul, Minnesota ttft. 'tee M let c i" Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin .4',, ,1, 1, , - Roger Thomassen - Brockton, Massachusetts " janet Vahl Q West St. Paul, Minnesota P Alta Wagner Alton, Illinois Bonnie Simmons Waupun, Wisconsin Ronald Simmons Waupun, Wisconsin Sherrill Smith Wisconsin Dells, Wi Linda Solomon sconsin Carpentersville, Illinois ,Q ww s ' Q' . - 55 .12 " aigixsglciys fl l, '-- Taft , - 1 Sf.: if, w a A fa ?' , wf 'O gg,-fl Pursuing a promising tomorrow ' . i X Philip Waisanen Wayne, Michigan 9 james Webb Loves Park, Illinois Michael White f -fix Z QF li ,ma Barryton, Michigan , R. Michael White ,- ' Trotwood, Ohio y Betty Wilson Winchester, Virginia I , Terry Wilson if Taylor, Michigan Arthur Wood Granada, Minnesota ," Carolyn Worthley a 3 I I 4 I f Q 44, .fit 'P ." . A A fl af ff 3, f if X . .gig-, , 4 - 5 1, Sherburn, Minnesota ,V s , -A. 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Q 2' i Z6 ' 'Z' . fr 5 .., . , WolfPomt, Montana ' S "-- ft Eugene Edberg Maynard, Minnesota Thomas Edwards Racine, Wisconsin Tom Eggers Macomb, Illinois Terry Eggerud Brooklyn Park, Minne sms' I -I sota " '12 Q' f 6 4' 1 an f M I , -JPEQHF.-" I my .dv , 5, t :yi al -A fs 2 ,--tm, -Hs :vb n i ft 9 ' lilill iff l mzfxki I 17x t .X Patricia Epkes Hastings, Nebraska Julie Ernst Minneapolis, Minnesota Christine Farley Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Dwight Fearing . 'i - ff" sf 3'-5? .. , 0, 1 VH 7724125 l. , K ff' F 4 42' f Q mfr l 14 ,Ci ' in ,ff My 11, I ll I ei ' 1 International Falls, Minnesota La ing groundwork for the future Patricia Gordon Hammond, Indiana Corinne Goward Minneapolis, Minnesota Ronald Grace Alton, Illinois David Graetz Tomahawk, Wiscon -mv, ,QB 5,.':?fQilr1fEU2l"!921ZIffigi' 12 1'fx'R:'zjiQYi?fS'95Ei ,izv-353' J v .,, ,- , W Am.,..,, N- . IH? .. 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Q 1:1 Q A ' gc' Fifi Arlon Lee Benson, Minnesota Donald Lee Detroit, Michigan Graham Lee Glam, South Wales Vonda Leishman Salineville, Ohio djusting to Sharon Levang Minneapolis, Minnesota Ruthann Lewis Minneapolis, Minnesota Gary Liddle Ripon, Wisconsin Ruth Lidstrom ' Minneapolis, Minnesota , T? ?4b1?t3?:7!'lG?i2f'4r2'affw:f , M -s A f-wg.. -, it ft. if , ' ., X , W it ' 4' f 6' "f-232,25 e ...,.,,., 13,5 -- , '753ff737if?3?577v W D K V e 1,,-JF . JZ' if ' 4 J VJ A fi L if 4? ff fr 1- 2, ,U 2? 4? " is Y Xl ,W Q Q Gy, , N ., , f ,Wg R 1 ,,t. , 2 22, T ii I I - ,... , Elroy Kidwell Newark, Ohio David Kingsriter Minneapolis, Minnesota Lucille Klein Cornell, Wisconsin ,lean Knoll Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Karen Koeschall Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Maryllane Krans Bloomington, Minnesota Lynette Kurtz Denver, Colorado Janie Lathe Ashland, Wisconsin ' " -1' Y'7"!bG?' iiw f,:?S',Ff?'-?YX"e'vT5T??Z?7i R4 .. Q W -ff .fi ,W is -, M' A gafy Wizivfff W1 ' 'rf' affoertm, , f ., . . , .. 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Q I ,V Q---gkL1.,:,-2-11,1 J . 1 , .AEE lr' . Q .. . 9 '1" - - - Q, ' " . j W'fyiiy7jE'3?'- , A 1, ff ' ffm!--1 hw, . . -.1 "' f' s , ,'1 " 1 f,fE5gTf!f in ' , sf- ' ' ' 5 , - V F . ' it . 5 v x f if if gh. ,pr 1- M11 V, . f ,.13'g1r'ig1AjiV'Vf,tj:11 ' . . ,.,. ,Lv ., , N8 ,AP 1 ' V K m a il , ' . I .. , I , Q I I ' 3 I 0 I as 11 1. I I ,, in tg I - ,Q - v . . ' .. ' at M ,. A 3- 2' . ' ' . ' "LQ CT " ' - HQ , V f 5 " 1 5 - n ip. - -W., ae? A X ' L .A wi? 8 P.. . . ff Q , fa, fi, A W W K f GV -A K Y 1 ,f 'H k X fiat 4 ' " " " ,, 7 WF ' S ,259 Robert Ebaugh Clear Lake, Iowa Cynthia Gaines Hampton, Virginia Roxanne Guttormson Hoyt Lake, Minnesota Peggy Gray Lima, Ohio Linda Anderson Stillwater, Minnesota Sally Berta Milwaukee, Wisconsin Joyce Bobb Evansville, Wisconsin Donald Bowman ' Granada, Minnesota Sharon Bronson , Madison, Wisconsin Clyde Champion Marquette, Michigan Donna Cubberly Tecumseh, Michigan David Dean Dallas, Texas ,if ,.,, if if Hif i ' PRI GSE ESTERE TRAN S Linda Groff Sturgis, Michigan Harley Holden Pierz, Michigan Manfred .Iaekel Racine, Wisconsin Sharon Johnson Aurora, Minnesota off S 'af I .sv t Q 1i?1Qv , ,, raw , gg tu qkmry P Norman Klaassen Minneapolis, Minnesota Kenneth Kuhl Grand Forks, North Dokato Royce McCullough Sturgis, Michigan Gary- Martinez Saginaw, Michigan Lavonne Moeller Aberdeen, South Dakota Linda Moltumyr St. Paul, Minnesota Connie Owens Leon, Iowa Myrtle Owens Leon, Iowa Charles Peterson Calloway Mmnesota Rlchard Prahl Watertown Wlsconsxn oann Reuter Dlxon Ill1no1s Ruth Stawmskl Waukeegan Illmozs Good to the very last drop QA -N.. Paul Tlmm Menomonee Falls Wxsconsm Rachel Turner Waterloo Iowa 75 S wif' 'bf yi MFSW Q Drlve In Confession? 395.9 aftgm ' CENTRAL Bm 0 0 'Happy is the man. . .who gets understanding-dmwing QV , SEA 5 Q? X. 'P i f , 'WW f . . ffll' .J M',l"11.:': .. - A L X n , ? f, aw' YJ N0 PARKING a nu 7 vu More NITE T!L,9Pl4 LOADING ZONE ?Ri.?CK5 OWU ' 30 MIN. UNIT C 9 Ml- 4 Pl 217' I2 , Q' 4 ' 1 , fl , I B 1 'lf K 'i 'M' g A , 5,2 5 2 he -5 ' ' 1 ff?.a::ff,1:-pf ' ., ,ur-.,z,, . , ,. v I- ' Gif? ""' f "f f'J-:tem 'A ifigiif'-42'-'-H1 ?""4T' gif f ' Q 53? 1' 3 K ' '5'f74fT 'r ' - A. " NP- V 4 'X 7' wig 0 4: 3 Q 5255 V V "" 5 2 'f N f. ' if VT - -- I . 1 ggi," '- , fb fi gi , .Q , If-1 ft 1, - A ' 3 , : f ,, , - ff , 'F , Ili l 'f . ia -f I ' f , 4.5 X' ' Zi' " 'D , F" ' ,, ' 9 5 I ' f -ff 'L 2 370 A -- 'Q Fx 4g5!f'f"PWXY???f f , , , , J l ' Z Q "' - +j ', .+V ,WT ,.:,,,vmv-, 'I '14, r , - , . 4 :L i MWIRWIFT' 6 :ft ---------U M in H' 5 -11 , 36 if My " ,-,.-., , , ' - . 7, !' i3'i-.- 2,54 K u ., ff"Q' """ ' -mg, 1 M ,. ' l' -A--- ff ' , ,' FWQA ,,-f. ' ff ' fl , W V MX l ' ', I 3 ,tifff . " . 1 - . , , -+57 , .. - ff' 4 L' . W . F1 ff , 4,-,igl . 551' A iz- ' I , MI Herman H. Rohde Superintendent ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Att llll gnsm CONGRATULATIONS to the 1967 GRADUATES of N.C.B.C. NNE OTA DI TRICT COU OIL 820 East 14th Street Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 lHome of North Central Bible Collegel DISTRICT EXECUTIVES Kenneth F reiheit Secretary-Treasurer Melford Olson Assistant Superintendent SECTIONAL PRESBYTERS Claude Bratvold, East Twin Cities G. Raymond Carlson, N.C.B.C. O. E. Carter, Southeast Rowland Dean, West Central john Everett, Southwest Martin Gerdes, Central Walter I-Iatchner, South Central Arvid Kingsriter, West Twin Cities Amos Levang, North Twin Cities F. Lindquist, Honorary Melford Olson, East Central Richard Orchard, Middle West Duanejuve, Northeast Robert Scharnberg, Northwest DEPARTMENTS ........ . SUNDAY SCHOOL Harold Kamppi MEN S FELLOWSHIP Lest H ghes QR yalRangerD e torj WOMEN S MISSIONARY COUNCIL M SRJohso CHRISTS AM BASSADOHS Q9-5 AMsAss,,00 53' 'ff' fir Q . ,pf ROYAL RANGERS MISSIONETTES ii MINN ESOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL BOOKSTOR E 910 Elllot Avenue South Mlnneapohs Mmnesota 55404 George Rasmussen Manager , er u o ir c , IQ I . . Q. .Q 1 I' rs. . . n n . . . I . ' ,,----.,,,.,,,..,...,. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES LYLE E. CURTIS Superintendent OTTO W. LEMBERG Assistant Superint d CHARLES A ANDERSON Secretary-T JOHN V OHLIN Directo Y th d Ch Ed t MRS HARLEY OLSON P d t WMC ' We are proud to have 71 of our outh n th y IS year's student body WISCONSIN A AND NORTHERN MICHIGAN A DISTRICT ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 172 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS GF 1967 SOUTH DAKOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 721 WEST HAVENS STREET MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA S. HARLAND PETERSEN-DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT ANDREW S. TEUBER-ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT GEORGE R. ROHDE-SECRETARY CHRIST'S AMBASSADORS DEPARTMENT-JACK GLASS, PRESIDENT WOMEN'S MISSIONARY COUNCIL--SARAH WALKLING, PRESIDENT SUNDAY SCHOOL DEPARTMENT-RICHARD TUFTE, DIRECTOR MEN'S FELLOWSHIP DEPARTMENT-ROBERT GARRISON, PRESIDENT CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES NORTH DAKOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL Devils Lake, North Dakota Kenne strict u erin en en Y tdt DttStyT th E- Olson Marcus Bakke h S P t d t Ass't. Dist. Superin en en is fl Looking ForA Chall Q 7 "Illinois is Ripe For The Harv t , J ,ffl fl' .HZEW4 , ,f" 1 T ' Illinois OUR GOAL T Reach 440 M C I O State With The G p I Of Ch And An Asse bi'es Of G d Ch h District Council ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Assistant Superintendent .. an e ic ar .ortc Secretary-Treasurer CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF WW' 1967 W 'ee' 1- MISSIONS C fag 'iff ,G W Vi, N . DEPARTMENT WA Y ..0UI' future The General, Council of the Assemblies of, God, isf very, much in- terested in youl Andnndcrstandalnly so, You are' the future of our Pentecostal heritage on earth. Our praycrful concern is that you will continue to respond to the Lord in your God-called vocation, minister- ing Christ in a way which is spiritually satislyingllor you and glorify- ing to God. We are counting on you for leadership of Godls kingdom in thc church, the home, and at work. lfVc know you will not fail. gmgjjja are ' ,4 Il GENERAL COUNCIL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1967 Betty I-Ilmz Cafeteria Manager For good food and reasonable prices O FETERIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 from the MINNEAPOLIS GOSPEL TABERNAGLE ' 13th Avenue at Lake Street HONORING Kenneth Dahlager Gerald Kath Lillian Kennedy Myron LaBruyere Lavonne Larson james Ryan President Carlson receives check for 35,000 from the O'Neil Foundation, 1966. Burial grounds of Rev, Fred Squire and Rev. Donald Gee in England. Dr. 8L Mrs. Lindquist at the entrance to Red China, May 1966. Twenty-five Assemblies of God men met in Berlin at the World Conference on Evangelism, November 1966. 1300 delegates assembled at Kongrcrss Hall for the Berlin World Conference on Evangelism, November 1966. minnesota dzstrzct cozmczl bookstore 910 ellzot ave s, mzfrmeapolzs, mmn 5540 nlV""n --viffr' W -u.,.....L i 1 H A -',...,..... -mamma o 5 X. '11 N X .1 .ll I 'M- REV GEORGE RASMUSSEN Mcmoger THE WILLMAR ASSEMBLY OF GOD OONGRATULATES THE GLASS OF 1967 Our spacious facilities are located at West 9th Street and Willmar Avenue in the city of Willmar, Minnesota. Services: Sunday School ,..., ......,..... ................... . . ..,.. 9 145 A.M. Morning Worship ..,. ,,...... .... ..........,..... f , . .,,. 1 1:00 A.M. Evening Service ,... ...........,......,..,.....,,............,... . .. 8:00 P.M. Wednesday Evening "Family Night at 8:00 P.M. Radio Broadcasting - KWLM - Sunday Evenings 8-8:30 Five Prayer Meetings each week, . . Wed., Fri., 8: Sun. Congratulations Class of 1967 from CALVARY TEMPLE CASSEMBLIES OF GODD Waukegan, Illinois uIn all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy waysf' Rev. Darwin H. Heuser, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS IN HONOR of our STUDENTS from NEWTON FIRST ASSEMBLY F . OF GOD Rev-Hfgggtgrfiswold A .109 S. 31-d Ave. w. Newton, Iowa MILWAUKEE GOSPEL TABERNAGLE 5511 W. Burleigh Milwaukee, Wisconsin 350 Sunday S t' uppor mg School Scholars 23 missionaries 40 Voice Adult choir 2 WMC GWUPS 20 Piece 35 Teens in Orchestra C.A. Group Rev. Ernestj. Moen Our Pastor THIS YEAR OUR 60th ANNIVERSARY l'The Church that Brought the Pentecostal Message to Milwaukee? OUR CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1967 Honoring Our Student From Worthington ILONA TUTJE "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousnessnf' Matthew 6:33 CHURCH BOARD MEMBERS Pastorjohn Everett Mrs- John Everett Ralph Berger Bennie Gerdes Don Bruxvoort Art Schaap Henry Tims WORTHINGTON ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH 5th Avenue at 13th Street Worthington, Minnesota Fundamental Evangelistic Distinctively Pentecostal Rev. Geo. W. Lee Pastor CENTRAL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH Class of 1967, "GOD-SPEED!" "Duty is ours: results are God's" HONORING Arla Norwood Duane Mooberry ASSEMBLIES OF GOD TABERNACLE 1 N.E. Washington Sc Gillis Avenue BRAINERD, MINNESOTA Melford A. Olson, Pastor Dean C. Gross, Youth Pastor ' 1665 N. Mozart Street Chicago, Illinois 60647 Services: Sunday School ........... .,........ 9 14? A.M Worship ................... .,....... l 043 AM Sunday Evening ............ .--...---- Wednesday Evening ......,,.. ......,... Saturday Evening .......... ....,,,-.. "A Friendly Church Where Everyone is Welcomefi . 700 P,M. 7:45 P.M. 7:45 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 GLAD TIDINGS CHURCH N. Goodman at Ripley Rochester, New York Ernest A. Steffensen, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS GLASS OF 1967 From the CLASS OF 1969 CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Carlton Jacobson V.P. Daniel Santa-Lucia Sec. Judy Stevens Treas. Roger Thomassen "And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the . gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15 CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Darlene Peterson l-" Darrel Hendrickson CONGRATULATIONS f -r Class -4 -I CONGRATULATIONS GLASS A-' ,, f - , f s 1 of 6105! 1967 1967 AI Q May you iind God's field f of choice for your ,, IVCS. F FRIEND D4 "3 rom a M ' 45-gp Pastor Sz Mrs. O.W. Apple Board of Deacons Staff FIRST ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 10th St., 8: 10th Ave., S. CONGRATULATIONS Fargo, N. Dak' to the 5 C"The Gateway to the West"D CLASS OF ,67 A City of 50,000 aggressive people From NORTH CENTRAL PRESS I North Dakota State University with over 5,000 students FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD KENOSHA WISCONSIN otwog 1 967 MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FUTURE MINISTRIES X- ky 1 JOHN WILKERSON Pastor DICK EASTMAN Asslstant Pastor l F3 l'5lJ'1 VW' iam 15' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 67 FROM Betlw0To.bwtaoQe Mllwaukee s Flrst Assembly of God 1025 North 70th Street Mllwaukee WISCOHSIH Serve the Lord Wllh fear and FCJOICC wlth tremblmg E E KlPSChm3H Pastor Psalm 2 11 Ron Held Asststant ' . '. ' at ' 'EE-' 'JE' O - ' , Y ' kt-YQTYJ, HIP. . f: I , X.. Q-Sw tqlv, ,-, gs . - I U I sl XX- - - A, - -fy -, tt ,, .. " t' 1 .-4-.-9 ' 1 , ' V E fl-, -.L xt Um. ', .,, . Q . t ,,,., , 4 . w v. ' X- , H, -., . ' 'tl 'fy X, f t ' at , V. -- ' ff., " " . -V ff. 2- I ., 1 -gg , , A Y I- ms ,. ,Y ' A -7- .3 1f-- -1 1 1- .. "1'l ' '-' ' --' I -f- I .5 t - , f , - VW- 1 . t . 1, L --- - , , rv- - f-Q -R f , WA AE MT., 1 ,, 6 If if in :fs W , , . , 5 ' 4 xml' .:- v'Q'?"" F w- " - '-Q ," ' V W V A .-'xr I I T-'se Q t---f--- - --.. -. -. 3,-. -... ' ' ' I J 7 7 . LC ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 l iii f'tff1i,i1r "I, " in t L" ' M I lllifitltrl i M t 1' xqg , r stlgilljlli i 1 zljillg , fm ll 'ia , I Hz fy im JA tm 1 lx wif i il IZ ,tu lt li" ilu I W X grim M 'Muff rw 1 ' is 'fi l , t i'5l'lM'lii'l li 2355" I 4 P N '73 eta' i,lN7-mir" , ft f -A , ' -3-lm W 'f M' ...J ' S' - i, , " LTL- vs, ' T I ti.1ff1lllf.l2!lgil-'"- Milli T, , - Mm , AOO,AO :ue .1 ..... , A John Wannenmacher Minister Our Students: Rosemary Lundman Sharon Ouarino 1 if ...... fri' Michael Matheny Minister of Youth Calvary Assembly Of God Sally Berta 8200 VV. Bluemound Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin "The Church with a warm heart and a welcome hand." OUR CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 1967 We Honor Our Student Paula Dianna Womble WESTSIDE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH 2011 W. State Street V Rockford, Illinois "Fervent in Spirit: Serving the Lord:" I FAIRVIEW ASSEMBLY OF GOD Gilbert and Bernice Mort Pastors God Bless N. C. B. C. PRAY for ALASKA "The Task is unfinished." Rev. Richard Dresselhaus Pastor CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of H6-I.. Summit and Victoria St. Paul, Minnesota SUMMIT AVENUE ASSEMBLY OF GOD SUNDAY: 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship 6:00 p.m. Youth Meeting 7:00 p.m. Evangelistic Rally "That in al TUESDAY: 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting WEDNESDAY: 7:30 p.m. Bible Study and Prayer Meeting I things, he might have pre-eminence." Colossians 1:18 Our Congratulations to the Class of 1967 We honor our student Richard Renz Calvary Temple Assembly of God 60 Paine Avenue Irvington, New Jersey Rev, John Deegan, Pastor Sincere Congratulations Class of '67 We Honor Mary Brown Doyle Patterson Bill Hendricks Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1967 and to our Students Nancy Barrow Van and Fay Poe Eleanor Cherry BETHANY ASSEMBLY OF GOD Adrian, Michigan Arthur G Clay, Pastor First Assembly of God Fort Dodge, Iowa D. D. Underwood, Pastor 3rd Avenue 81 Franklin Minneapolis, Minnesota 332-9542 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 BERNIE 8: JIM'S TAN DARD T TION 'g,,4,,,"7N,, A We-,, W fl. Bernie and Jim EDWARDS STREET ASSEMBLY OF GOD ' Alton, Illinois Congratulates the Class of 1967 We welcome you as youjoin the laborers in the whit- ened harvest Fields. We salute the students from Edward Street Assembly: JoAnn Clark Ronald Grace Robert Usher Alta Wagner Owen C Carr Pastor CONGRATULATIONS CLASS or 1967 ASSEMBLY OF GOD Detroit Lakes, Minnesota lvl. E. Culbertson, Pastor May God bless you to bless another. CONGRATULATIGNS CLASS OF 1967 from BETHEL ASSEMBLY GF GOD Robert C Hanson Pastor Nxcollet and 57th Larry Grlswold Asslstant Pastor Mrs R C Hanson SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES Experience whlle Iearnmg M 1 ' WJ N Vhchael Chapman Gary Klngsrlter Class of 1967 Teachmg Sunday School Class il...- HAD Lloyd Harms Kenneth Lundeen m Ilona Tulle m Cedar Groves VIISSIOH Personal V1s1tat1on Children s Work As long as he sought the Lord God made hum to prosper III Chromcles 26 5l parsonage omce phone Your Church Home Away From Home 866 6130 822 0266 I A 4 iz I 'wif' ' " sis: W, V "fi ,f x -gg i Q cf fi , ' ,X i -f' . 'W I , 1 . . . , 4 1 f ll! ' " . ' ' L ' 3' f 4' f' 'I-ij, 'A 2011 - ' , F , IL. I E i 'V If I 'N I -l " I .. f A I f H , 2'-11,5 at -f. 4. A ,, J Il M ,-1. 3 ' in Q I' W ligflif' , I ,Q E Q I 5 Qu, I ' V" x CJI7 gat, 1 f- i ,gk ,-vw ,.A, MJ, - k - 4.,. , -4... Q 1, y, if r , OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '67 Honoring our Students O.E. Carter from Rochester Craig Carter n Pastor Assistant Pastor Carlton Jacobson Karen Tibesar "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowl- edge him and he will direct thy paths." ROCHESTER ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH "A Christ Centered Church in the Medical Center ofthe World" A" "" t " oo: Congratulations Class of '67 g , - MINNETONKA ASSEMBLY OF GOD it "Located in the beautiful Lake , I I .V 1 Minnetonka area ofthe Twin Cities" ? V, ivio u N D, MIN N EsoTA S N so "You have been an inspiration A in our services." oavio L. Nelson, Pastor '59 our Church Garth Lambie, Asst. '66 Robert Friske FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD 2567 E 14th Avenue North St. Paul, Minnesota Rev. Jerry Gwillirn, Pastor Honoring Congratulations Robert Friske Class of 1967 and the Class of 1967 X V . Sunday School ........................... 9:45 A.M. H0'J"f9 O57 Qfadrfate Morning worship ........................ 11:00 A.M. e W' "C S0 Evangelistic Service . , .............. , ..... 7:00 P.ivi. KULM ASSEMBLYAOF GOD CHURCH c.A.'s lSundayl .....,,..........,........ eioo P.ivi. Kulm. North DakOlB . .always abounding in the work ofthe Lord . , -I Corin- LeRoy V. Johnson, Pastor ihians 15:58- BUY WITH PRIDE AND CONFIDENCE AT NORTHSIDE NORTHSIDE MERCURY-COMET GOUGAR HEADQUARTERS SALES 81 SERVICE 800 West Broadway FOR NEW AND USED CARS AND SERVICE JA 1-7676 Special Discount to Ministers or Full-Time Gospel Workers CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASSES OF 1967 Mr. and Mrs. Alton Ellingson CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1967 Members and Friends ofthe ANOKA ASSEMBLY OF GOD Pastor 84 Mrs. L. G, Tandberg Kathy, Linda, 84 Bonnie Youth Pastor James 84 Mrs. Englehart It CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Fairmont, Minnesota We honor our graduate: Earl Marsh Pastor Robert Schooley GISWOLD DRUG GO. COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICEZ HEADQUARTERS FOR DRUGS, PRESCRlPTlONS.ANDVITAMINSL CHECK CASHING SERVICE. 10th Street and Chicago Avenue FE 2-0036 CONGRATULATIONS I' CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1967 OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 WE HONOR OLIVET oun STUDENTS ASSEMBLY OF Paul Gunderson Wesley Vagle GOD Mike VanWagner G LA D TI DIN G S ASSEMBLY OF GOD Honoring 1901 E. 4th St. David Broberg Sam Hays Duluth, Minnesota Scott Rich David Smith MINN ESOTAIS Fl RST "Preach the word, be instant 'SITES FOR SOULS' in season, out of season. . CHURCH 14200 Cedar Ave. So. Rosemount lAppIe Valleyl Minn. Paul Baldwin, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 J. PHILLIP GUSTAFSON I 3 GENCY, INC 641 7 Penn Avenue So. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423 Phone 866-3405 ' Phone 926-991 8 Insurance of All Kinds CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '67 N.R. HANSEMANN OO. 4020 Minnehaha Ave. DISTRIBUTORS OF TIRES. TUBES, TIRE REPAIR MATERIALS AN D SUPPLIES SERVING THE TIRE DEALER SINCE 1928 Call -722-6621 Specicil Recognition to Ministers, Missionaries, ond Students Affiliated with N.C.B.C. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 FRIDLEY ASSEMBLY OF GOD 472 Osborne Road Minneapolis, Minnesota "And as ye go. preach . . . heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers. freely ye have received, freely give." WE FIX BROKEN HEARTS CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD 9th and Lincoln S. W. Huron, South Dakota PASTOR HOWARD CUMMINGS "The Friendly Full-Gospel Church" :EIL -- ' , lHHTEE I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 Rev. J. M. Strand, The Church Pastor FULL GOSPEL TEMPLE 2300 Bloomington Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota "And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word with signs following. -Mark 16:20 THE CHURCH WITH A FULL GOSPEL MESSAGE "Shivering Salamanders! Get him out of here! " "But hels my friend! " CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS WAL TAD I URANCE AGE CY Serving the Insurance needs of the College, Staff 8a Students Year after Year. Low Cost Student Policy. ' Young Couples Savings Policy. Broad Hospital Plans. Non-Drinkers Auto Insurance. 2907 Portland Avenue Minneapolis,Minn. 55407 ' f Telephone:822-9274 Clarence E. Walstad Gmmgem MuTuAl. SECURITV Y fNSUQAfVCE COMPANY i FORT WAVNE, INDIANA FORMERLY BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL LIFE I CONCElQf0?l1Q31ONS disseriilnflg Qcloimes Qiic REV. L. D. KRAIVIER, President National Headquarters, Glenwood, Minnesota ' O SERVE 0 1 GOD LOCATIONS OF ASSEMBLY HOMES ComfortCare Home, Austin, Minnesota Clarkfield Nursing Home, Clarkfield, Minnesota Sunwood Nursing Home, Redwood Falls, Minnesota Lakeview Nursing Home, Glenwood, Minnesota 1 61 5 Texas AV9m-le lnver Grove Nursing Home, South St, Paul, Minnesota St' Louis Park' Minnesgta Gradview Nursing Home, St. Peter, Minnesota Barnesviile Nursing Home, Barnesville, Minnesota 4 Hoffman Nursing Home, Hoffman, Minnesota HODOFIDQ Winthrop Nursing Home, Hutchinson, Kansas Levelland Nursing Home, Levelland, Texas Kenneth Dahlager Strathaven Manor, Radip City, South Dakota Herbert Adams PBSIOF ASSiSIam Pastor "Cast me not off in the time of old age," E. B. Hollen Kenneth Dahlager -PSBIVTW I 719 Offers 0 Life 0 Auto If you're a young man on the way up here's something to take along -Ohio National's "Step Rate! 9"-a workable, affordable llfe insurance program designed for the young man who's destined for great things. If you need more life insurance protection now, but can't really afford it, Step Ratef9 ls for you. It combines the low cost of term insurance protection with the investment advantages of permanent life insurance. Here's how it works: Your pre- mium is low initially. Each year it increases slightly-and so does your amount of perma- nent insurance. At the end of 9 years, the premium remains constant. During that time, you've had life insurance pro- tection and built considerable cash savings. To find out how Step Ratef9 can help you on the way up,callr The ROBERT MORING, os-no Nfmomar. AGENT life Insurance Company a Quality name in mutual lile and health insurance - cincinnati 0 Hospitalization 0 Fire and casualty 0 Accident 81 sickness Member of NCBC Insurance Development Program Counseling On All Types of Insurance Robert L Morlng 1515 Lake Street Phone 724 3607 Mpls., Minn Res. 935 2689 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '67 BIN G P. WON G - Photographer CHARLES-EDISON STUDIO a touch of the 'good old flags' BEC KY'S CAFETERIA 1934 Hennepin Extends a Special Full Gospel Welcome to all Christian Groups Congratulations Graduates L ,. for for eerrl ' is BEREAN ASSEMBLY OF GOD 11024 University Avenue N.E. Coon Rapids, Minnesota Phone 755-3398 C. E, Rohde, Pastor Presenting the Gospel inthe Coon Rapids-Blaine a ea Congratulations Class of 1967 SUUTH REALTY, INC. FOR SALE I 4118 Cedar Avenue South S Phone 721-5533 'REALTY 'IZI 5533pt Specializing in the Sale of Homes and Commercial Properties Members of the Minneapolis Board of Realtors and Multiple Listing Service Bob Miller Wally Hultquist Dean Bergstrom Don't Miss the Bus! nigh' l, Q ' lg: -Z-'S' 'QQY lg , I 1 72 M 'f- .. rw- 12" ' V ff 1325 fglsszrrf :H can " +w '5'22?':, "sits: 1 . H vri ef fefiffgu 2- ww N -31-mia sm' S. K s ., T, Samir g:j"f,'gi1, tie a , if 1 33" 1.5 K ... fs., ,-- , ., , WAI- A A .1,,,l- , r,,,,Q.1', . fl--.fl : I 1' 1- 'fl .1 " ,, 5 A I -1. Q 1-. ..t..... . ' , "N ' I ' .- i.- Come Worship With Us! CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES PAYNE AVENUE ASSEMBLY CF GOD Payne 81 Jessamine, St. Paul Phone 771-4109 or 735-3209 Rev. Claude Bratvold, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1966-1967 Compliments of ELECTRAMATIC, INC. 3324 Hiawatha Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota "Quality Electronics" CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATlNG CLASS from HARRIS FURNITURE 1419 Chicago Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota Telephone 335-8034 THE LUMNI ASSOCIATIO AND ' THE LIVING ENDOWMENT FELLO SHIP wELooME Dan Nungesser President ALUMNI COMMITTEE Dan Nungesser, Chairman Robert Strand, Jr. Lawrence Larsen Virginia Peterson Carol Schafer Please send items of interest for publication in THE CLASS OF1967 Carol Schafer Secretary Rev. Robert Strand, Jr. Vice President STATISTICS ALUMNI: Graduates ...... Greater Alumni ..... Total Membership . .. Plan to attend The 1968 Baccalaureate .... .,...,...... M ay 26 Alumni Banquet ,... .... T o be announced Commencement . . . .....,.. May 28 THRUST to: the Public Relations Notify us of any change in your address- Office. N.C.B.C. 2052 3280 5332 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1967 FROM THE FRESHMAN HCLASS OF HWho shall separate us 1 0 77 L'We are more than from the love of God?" conquerors through Him Gary Liddle, President Van Poe, Vice President Karen Koeshall, Secretary Bonnie Senf, Treasurer Who loved us." KNOW to Him Who is able to keep you from falling . . . To the Only Wise God our Saviour, Be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever." Amen. i Congratulations Class of "67" Ray and Lee Invite you to live a little with a 817 11th Avenue South T3 CENTURY euCAIVlERA Waiting to Serve You With All Of Your Photographic Needs Phone 332-8631 Anything you can do, I can do better! W. Leroy Battle Psa 46-I NCBC Graduate 50 PASTORS OF "HOUSE OF REFUGEH Residence 220 E 42nd Street Mmneapolls, Munnesota Mpls Gospel Temple 1908 4th Avenue So Mpls 5 Mmnesota Congratulations to NCBC a place we wnll THE CHURCH WITH A WARM WELCOME always chernsh for the splrltual foundatuon received as well as the Bubllcal trammg May God bless nts staff student body and you 'll W' ji 'fl' 'Q . : Ht 544l?,5,,Ql A Al l . , 'lf' Mrs.Willie Lee Battle Prov I4-26 NW Graduate 56 St Paul Gospel Temple 247 No Grotto St St Paul 4 Minnesota THE CHURCH WITH A WARM ATMOSPHERE Listen to The Hour of Delnverance Each Sunday from IO 00 IO 30 p m Station WMlN On Your Dual WE FURNISH FREE BUS SERVICE FOR YOUR CHILDREN Honorlng NCBC Students Attending RIVERSIDE ASSEMBLY 2011 21st Avenue South Mlnneapolls Minnesota 10 O0 A M Sunday School 11 OO A M Morning Worship 6 OO P M Christ s Ambassadors 7 00 P M Evangelistic Servlce 7 30 P M Wednesday Mldweek Rev L Basal Bell Pastor Congratulations Class of 1967 ALEX S SHELL SERVICE USED CARS 17th 81 Chicago SHELL N Pemclllm ume Pastor gl Mrs Amos Levang Craxg Slhllm Hononng David Nelson James Kung Jr Ronald Scrrbner Brooklyn Center Assembly of God 6018 Xerxes Avenue North Mlnneapolrs Minnesota I C U . . I . , F . I ' I 7 d , I We I ' ' V ' 1, . S .tx . . . V , .'x.,,?! I . . I 5 9 . . . . ' ' 51- Harley Cherry "'Z I - . - in , CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1967 "Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord. that thou fulfill it." Colossians 4:17 ASSEMBLY OF GOD SHERBURN, MINNESOTA Melvin B. Hanson. Pastor Such harmony! Doesn't Elmerls Glue work? A Oh, no! . . .but Miss Soltaull E IN MINNEAPOLIS THE CURTIS HQTEL AND MOTOR LODGE Largest and Finest in the Upper Midwest All rooms with private "soft-water bath" Single Rooms from 57.50 Double Rooms from 310.00 "Special Family Plan" BLOOMINGTON CGNGRATULATIONS ASSEMBLIES OF GOD as TO THE CLASS QF I CHURCH A if 1967 Ji ARVID KINGSRITER PASTOR HONORING3 OFFERINGA BIBLICALAND Lowell Clarke ALL AGES. Walter Kelley DONALD TANNER DAVID THOMPSON ASS T- PASTOR W YOUTH PASTOR i . A S 5 L 4, ii f?fi I Q , . f- wt.. 'X Q1 '," '-A . 'V . A is 5' I-S1-2--4-"""' 'H' Lf'.:f:f".!.:'lL'ff- ,... ff! I Ol'l bl AF 9350 PORHANO AVENUE S. BLCIOMIHGYON '20 MINNISOIA "' A A - L ' A 9350 Portland Ave. So., Bloomington, Minnesota LIFT HIM UP "How to reach the masses, men of every birth? For an answer, Jesus gave a key," And if I be lifted up from the earth. will draw all men unto Me!" "O the world is hungry, for the living bread. Lift the Saviour up for them to see. Trust Him. and do not doubt the words that He said, "l'll draw all men unto mel" -Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. "And l, ifl be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." -John 12-32. JUNIOR OLASS - ,SS remottl Illia ernac e 25th and Fremont Avenue North Rev. Edmund Lother, Pastor Congratulations to the Faculty, Staff and the Graduating Class of North Central Bible College. May the Spirit of Cooperation be Enlistedfor a Glorious Future in God's Kingdom, TEACHING: Sunday 9:30 A.lVl. PREACHINGQ Sunday 10145 A.lVl, REACHlNG: sunday 7:00 PM. Serving All The World, With A Program To Reach The World. Minneapolis, Minnesota 5541 1 Donald Waisanen, Assistant Pastor Rev. Edmund Lother, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES HIGHLAND PARK ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH 536 South Snelling Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota Church Phone - 698-4614 Parsonage Phone - 698-4366 Cornelius Jewelry Company Creative Jewelers 628 Nicollet Avenue Rooms 320-324 Minneapolis, Minnesota Now I lay me down to sleep'! Rev. Paul T. Holt, Pastor 'I am the way, the truth, and the life." -John 14:6 Winter Wonderland! ADVERTISING INDEX A 81 A Agency P. Gustafsonb, 188 Alexis Shell Service and Used Cars, 197 Alumni Association and the Living Endowment Fellowship, 195 Anoka Assembly, Anoka, 187 Assemblies of God Tabernacle, Brainerd, 179 Assembly of God, Detroit Lakes, 184 Assembly of God, Sherburn, 198 Assembly Homes Inc., 191 Beckyls Cafeteria, 193 Berean Assembly, Coon Rapids, 193 Bernie and Jim's Standard Station, 184 Bethany Assembly, Adrian, Michigan, 183 Bethel Assembly, Minneapolis, 185 Bethel Tabernacle, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 181 Bloomington Assembly, Minneapolis, 199 Brooklyn Center Assembly, Minneapolis, 197 Cafeteria QNCBCD, 175 Calvary Assembly, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 182 Calvary Assembly, White Bear Lake, 190 Calvary Temple Assembly, Irvington, New Jer sey, 183 Calvary Temple CAssemblies of Godj, Waukegan, Illinois, 178 Central Assemblies of God Church, Chicago, Illi nois, 179 Century Camera, 196 Charles-Edison Studio, 193 Cornelius jewelry Co., 200 Curtis Hotel, 198 Dairy Queen, 196 Edwards Street Assembly, Alton, Illinois, 184 Electramatic, Inc., 194 Fairview Assembly, Anchorage, Alaska, 182 First Assembly First Assembly, First Assembly, First Assembly, First Assembly, First Assembly, First Assembly, Fairmont, 187 Fargo, North Dakota, 180 Fort Dodge, Iowa, 183 Huron, South Dakota, 189 Kenosha, Wisconsin, 181 Newton, Iowa, 178 North St. Paul, 186 Fremont Tabernacle, Minneap0liS, 200 Freshman Class, 196 Fridley Assembly, Minneapolis, 189 Full Gospel Temple, Minneapolis, 190 General Council of the Assemblies of God Springfield, Missouri, 175 Giswold Drug Co., 187 Glad Tidings Assembly, Duluth, 188 Glad Tidings Church, Rochester, New York, 179 N. R. Hansemann Co., 189 Harris Furniture, 194 Highland Park Assembly, Minneapolis, 200 House of Refuge, Minneapolis, 197 Illinois District Council, 174 junior Class, 199 Kulm Assembly, Kulm, North Dakota, 186 Milwaukee Gospel Tabernacle, Milwaukee, Wis consin, 178 Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle, 176 Minnesota District Council, 170-171 Minnesota District Council Bookstore, 177 Minnetonka Assembly, Mound, 186 Missions Department CNCBCD, 174 Mt. Olivet Assembly, Rosemount, 188 North Central Press, 180 North Dakota District Council, 173 Northside Mercury-Comet-Cougar Headquar ters, 187 Ohio National Life Insurance Co. QRobert Mor ingj, 192 Park Assembly, St. Louis Park, 191 Payne Avenue Assembly, St. Paul, 194 Riverside Assembly, Minneapolis, 197 Rochester Assembly, Rochester, Minnesota, 186 Sophomore Class, 180 South Dakota District Council, 173 South Realty, Inc., 194 Summit Avenue Assembly, St. Paul, 183 Walstad Insurance Agency, 191 West Side Assemblies of God Church, Rockford Illinois, 182 Willmar Assembly, Willmar, 178 Wisconsin and Northern Michigan District, 172 Worthington Assemblies of God Church, Worth- ington, 179 201 1 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 1967 ARCHIVE PATRON S A Friend Mrs. Rebecca Adamson Mr. SL Mrs. C. O. Anderson Rev. Lowell Anderson Mr. SL Mrs. Ray Anderson Marvin L. Anderson Mr. SL Mrs. Hilbert R. Barrow Mr. SL Mrs. Lynn Barrow Mr. SL Mrs. Ralph Berger Mr. SL Mrs. George Boots Rev.James D. Brown Estella Burkhart President SL Mrs. G. Raymond Carlson Mrs. Gahart Decker Mrs. Jo Ann Demlow Mr. SL Mrs. Phil Dorsey Rev. Dean L. Eastman Inga H. Engebretsen Mrs. Jerry Gwillim Fred Halquist Bud Hansen j.E. Hearn Rev. SL Mrs. Ed Higbee Betty Hintz Mel Holmquist Rev. SL Mrs. Leslie Howard Penny Hunt jeanettejohnson Judy johnson Sharon johnson Mrs. Stanley R. Johnson T. jjones Rev. Harold W. Kamppi Rev. SL Mrs. James G. King Mrs. Laurena M. Koenig Orill Krans Mr. SL Mrs. Raymond Kurtz Rev. Charles Lamson Rev. SL Mrs. Lawrence B. Larsen William A. Loye Mrs. Edwin Mantik Rev. D. H. Mapson Mr. SL Mrs. Leslie G. McCabe Mrs. Carlton McKinney Rev. M.C. Nelson Lee SL Arlene Peters Clifford L. Peterson 204 Virginia Peterson j. P. Phillipps Mr. Richard W. Poll Rev. C. E. Rohde Mr. SL Mrs. Michael Schooley Joan Schnelle Mr. SL Mrs. Clare Schuyler Lila Schwartz Linton Scott Rev. SL Mrs. William Snow Mr. gl Mrs. H. H. Soderlind Ione Soltau Terry Strandquist Anna Strubel Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Taggart C. Edward Thomas Mr. SL Mrs. Robertj. Thompson Mr. SL Mrs. john Trapp Mr. gl Mrs. Simon Tutje Charlotte Wheeler Ronna Wiley A. H. Wood Mr. SL Mrs. Nathan Wood SE IOR ACTI ITIE ADAMS, HERBERT.. Africa. Prayer Band President 35 Christian Service Student Staff Vice President 25 Freshman Class President5 Marraed Couple's Fellowship Vice President 45 Student Govern- ment . AIQO, DELEMA. Young Womens, Missionary Council Treasur- er . W ANSELL, GENE. Basketball 1,2. BRILEY, DAVID. Debating Society 25 Dormitory Council 2,3- Vice President 25 Glad Tidings Ensemble 35 Male Chorus 15 Mid- dle East Prayer Band President 35 Northern Light 1,2,3,4-Sports Editor 25 Student Government 3. BROBERG, DAVID. Evangelaires 25 Revelators Quartet 2,3,4. BUSCH, WILLIAM. Chapel Deacon 4. CARLSON, BARBARA. CHAPMAN, MICHAEL. Archive 25 Band 15 Gospel Hymns 2, 35 Married Couple's Fellowship 3,45 Northern Light 4. CHERRY, HARLEY. Archive Index Recorder 45 Chapel Deacon 45 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Married Couple's Fellowship 4. CHRISTENSEN, KARROL. CLARKE, LOWELL. Choralettes 1,2,35 Intramural Basketball 1,25 junior Class President5 Latin American Prayer Band Vice President 25 Student Missions Staff 3,4-Vice President 35 President 45 Student Government 2,3,4-Vice President 4. COATS, DALLAS. Chapel Deacon 35 Dormitory Council Presi- dent 25 Married Couple's Fellowship President 45 Student Govern- ment 2. DAHLAGER, KENNETH. Latin American Prayer Band Vice President 45 Married Couple's Fellowship Secretary 4. EICHHORN, DARRELL. Basketball 2,45 Chapel Deacon 45 Choralettes 3,45 Dormitory Council 25 Gospel Hymns 45 Mission- ary Play 35 Sophomore Class Vice President5 Student Missions StaH' 3,4-Vice President 3, Executive Vice President 4. ELFSTROM, CORLISS. Assistant Nurse 35 Band 15 Dormitory Council 2,35 European Prayer Band Secretary 35 Galileans 2,35 junior Class Secretary5 Northern Light Staff 2. EMANUELE, REBECCA. Choralettes 1,25 Christian Service Student Staff 2,3-Artist 2, Secretary 35 Deaf Prayer Band Secretary 35 Home Missions Prayer Band Secretary 2. ERICKSON, MELVIN. Archive Business Manager 45 Basket- ball 3,45 jubilettes 45 Student Government 4. FR1sKE, ROBERT. Chapel Deacon 4. GRAY, GLEN. Archive Artist 45 Dormitory Council 25 Student Missions Stafl' Artist 2,35 Student Government President 4. GRIEPP, PHILLIP. Alaska and American Indians Prayer Band President 35 Chapel Deacon 4. HAYS, SAMUEL. Chapel 'Deacon and Head Usher 45 Dormitory Council Vice President 35 The Gospel Five 3.45 Home MISSIUHS Prayer Band Co-Vice President 4. HEATON, MILLIE. Christian Service Publicity Co-ordinator 45 Dormitory Council Secretary 35 Northern Light 45 Senior Class Sec- retary. HEUSER, ROLLAND. The Gabriels Trumpet Trio I,2. HILLESTAD, NORMAN. Basketball 2,3,45 Northern Light Editorial Writer 45 Senior Class President, Student Government 4. HUISINGA, LILA. Band 15 Chapel Pianist 1,25 Cross Bearers 1,4 Dormitory Council Secretary 35 European Prayer Band Secretary 25 Evangelaires 25 Student Government 25 Student Missions StafT. et- retary 3. ismcsnlesse. JENSEN, THEODORE. Archive 25 Freshman Class Vice Presi- dent5 Evangelaires 35 Gospel Hymns 35 Northern Light 4. JOHNSON, ARNE. Band.15 Basketball 15 Married Couple's Fellowship 2,3545 Thcologian Quartet 1. KATH, GERALD. Band 1. KAUFFMAN, DAVID. IEELLEY, WALTER. Evangelaires 1,25 Revelators Quartet 2,3, KENNEDY, LILLIAN. Northern Light 4. KINGJAMESJR. Gospel Hymns 1,2,3,45 Home Missions Prayer Band President 45 Middle East and Southern Asia Prayer Band Vice President 25 Missionary Play 1,2,3-Business Manager 1, Assistant Director 2, Special Projects 35 Northern Light l,2,3,4- Writer l,2, Editor 3,45 Student Government l,3,45 Student Mis- sions Staff Artist 3. KOENIG, RACHEL. Africa Prayer Band Secretary 35 Archive 3, 4-Assistant Editor 3, Editor 45 Choralettes 2,35 Christian Service Student Stafl' 2,3-Publicity Co-ordinator 2, Secretary 35 junior Class Secretaryg Sophomore Class Secretaryg Student Government 3,4. KRUIZE, ANNIE. Middle East Prayer Band Vice President 35 Senior Class Treasurerg Student Missions StaH' Treasurer 4. KULTALA, ReNELLE. Chapel Organist 1,2,3, Evangelaires 1, 25 Gospel Hymns 35 Cross Bearers 15 Student Government Secre- tary 3. LaBRUYERE, MYRON. Evangelaires 35 Revelators Quartet 3, 4. LAMB, WILLA. LARSON, LAVONNE. Northern Light 4. MARSH, EARL. Student Government Parliamentarian 4. MASTELLERMIOHN. Married Couple's Fellowship l,2,3,4. MCCOLLOUGI-I, RAYMOND. Junior Class Vice Presidentg Married Couple's Fellowship Treasurer 3. MILIGIJERRY. Chapel Deacon 4. MOOBERRY, DUANE. Basketball 1,2,35 Revelators Quartet 2, 3,4. NELSON, DAVID. Missions Play 25 Northern Light Business Manager 2. PILOT, LARRY. Chapel Organist and Pianist l,2,3,45 European Prayer Band President 35 Evangelaires 1,25 Gabriel's Trumpet Trio 1,25 Gospel Hymns 2,3,45 Junior Class Vice President5 Torchbear- ers 3,4. RENZ, RICHARD. Chapel Deacon 45 Married Couple's Fellow- ship l,2,3,45 Senior Class Vice President. RICH, SCOTT. RYAN,,IAM ES. Assistant to the Director of Student Affairs 4. SCRIBNER, RONALD. Far East Prayer Band President 2,4. SIERS. DALE. VAN WAGNER, MICHAEL. Married Couples Fellowship 3,4- Vice President 4. WAISANEN, DONALD. Choralettes Soloist 2,3,45 Latin Ameri- can Prayer Band President 35 Solo Concert Tours 2.3. WONG, SAMUEL. WOODMANMIONATHAN. Gospel Hymns 2. A115msm1,R611f6m 26,101 Br6wn,Jam65 26,55,49,55,151,154 Burkhar1,Es1e11a 26,38,63 Carlson, G. Raymond 17,Z0,21,22,23,38,41,44,47.49, 176 Easlman,D:an 27,56,57,109,114 Engebmsomlnga 32 Gu51a1'son,j. Phillip 27,188 Gwillim,Mary 34 1-1ag116,1511161 34 Halquisl,Frcd 55 H61q6ss1,s6p1116 55 Hai-ms,Brenda 34 Hearnhlams 27,38,62,1U3,131 Hin1z,Ba1y 34,73 J6111116n,Ly111a 5,54 J6n5,T,1. 25,-49,54 A Adams,Herben 109,136 Aho, Delema 79,135,144,149 AIbin,Robm 59,147 Allan, C1urles 82,159 Amiiie, Claude 81,153,200 Ande.rsnn,Meredill1 15,39,61,70,B2,89,101,120,121,127, 131,159 And:rson,Cl1arlene 70,77,82,101,106,127,147 Andcrson, Linda 83,166 Andu, Larry 159 An1.'lreasen,Mary 16,82,107,147 Ansell,Gene 136 Armcnlroul, Carolyn 80,159 Ashwor1.l1,Donald 104,147 Axmark,Marlc11 159 B Bachelduyjerry 141 55116-,f, Richard 147 15am111,M5ry 159 Barrow,Nancy 19,100,125,151 Basler,Wa1ler 147 Baumeis1er,Faith 82,159 5m5611,R6g6r 81,116,128,159 sm-y,A11511 82,147 5m5,s511y 166 smr511,c1mu-16 65,50,155 Bingham, Nancy 81,147 5i611,j6s6p11 159 5j6m116,c6ms 78,83,95,101,115,147 1565b,Dm1a 147 56155, Joyce 166 11611,K5m1w1 15,5-1,159 5611, Michaela 15,89,1D7,153 566116, Charles 14,51,121,129,155 566u,1.61-115 80,101,159 56n,J6161 13,153 izowman, Donald 83,166 Bowman,Gracc 35,82,83,153 Boyce, Norma 159 Boyer, Karen 82,104,153 Brainard,Mary 15,159,155 Braithwaile,Bruc: 55,11,15,121,155 5r116y,D6v111 136 151-66:rg,D:1v1.1 14,156 Brul:erg,Lyne1le 15,155 516611-1mm,s11m,1 39,74,87,127,159 5mn56n,s11mn 166 Brown,john 56,15,51,141 amwn,M5ry 35,82,107,153 Busch,WiIliam 5-1,41,5z,155,156 56116f,Jy11 82,126,153 - C CaIph,l:'4'1ward 16,51,159 Campbe1l,Fr:d 159 Campbell, Larry 80,147 Carlson, 5515615 62,50,144 cm-1y, Raymond 55,155 ch11mp16n,c1y.16 166 chapman, Michael 51,104,156,15s c115pmm,s115r6n 59,15,1o4,141 Cherry,HarIcy 39,47,80,102,137 chm-y,s11mr1 83,159 c11r1s16mn,c51-, 35,811,147 chr111ms611, Karrol 52,155,144 c11r1516ns6n,R161m5 82,147 4:11111-611,551.61 80,159 Clair,Robin 51,141 1 1 ADMINISTRATIVE I DEX King,jamcsSr, 13,21,28,3B,47,49,51,54,58,59,77,78,79 Koland,Mar1lyn 34 Krans,Oril1 29,55,55,61,90,1 15 Lm611,1.5wm16e 6,1,29,55,60,61,56,151 l..arsen,Wilma 32,61 1.61z6y, Frank 55 Lcvang,Raymnnd 29,3B,51,59,117,131,152 Lindq6151,D1-, FJ, 20,21 ,44,176 1.6111er, Edmund 55,200 M5p6611,D.H, z1,25,55 Marks,Ru1h 34 Mccahajan 34 N61s6n,M.c, 11,w,21,24,55,150,195 Pimlapps, 1.11. 19,30,38,47,54,55,62,112,117,146 Pygman,Harlan 55 Quarino,Paul 52,56 Rasmussen,Gcorgc 55 STUDE T I DEX Clark,joAnn 80,159 Clark,Tum 159 Clarkc,I.pwell 77,78,79,95,96,97,123,126,137 Clorc,Charlcs 12,83,1U1J,159 Coa1s,DalIas 51,109,137 cnlegmve, Marsha 83,153 Calcman, Ronald 153 C6l1v6r,B1yan 14,141 Collver,Luis 74,81,87,105,159 Copl:y,Margarn 153 C61-lew, Raymond 47,717,148 Couon,Rebecca 80,159 Cover1,Rachel 153 Cramer, Naomi 81,159 Cuhbcrly,Drmna 83,166 Curnel, David 153 D Dahlager, Kenneth 69,79,109,137 Davis, David 74,153 Davis, Ronald 35,49,56,77,148 Day, Shirley 79,160 D:an,David 166 Deck:r,Bcverly 100,102,153 DeDiemar, Donald 56,130,148 Deuman,Dan1el 148 Doane, T. Eugen: 74,126,148 Dobrolka, David 81,83,91,105,153 Dorsey, Sandra 83,102,160 Dunn, Phillip 83,153 Duvernois,Dnnald 160 Duvcrnois, Sharon 153 Dy614,1v1.1vis 160 E 15as1ma11,J11111111 15,56,s5,59,101,145 15116ug11,R615m 55,111,166 l5661rg,5ugm 79,160 1a11w5rds,'r116m.1s 83,160 Eggm,T6m 69,75,79,91,105,160 1:gg6md,'r6m, 81,160 Eichhnrn,DarrclI 11,125,129,151 E1616111, Philip 12,155 El1'slrom,C0rliss 16,68,72,81,87,l07,127,144,146 E11zs,,16sep11 112,154 Emanuelc, Rebecca 61,10,50,106,129,14s Emenmker, Glenn 154 15m16,c11b6n 82,154 Epk44,P51r1ci6 80,160 Erafkm, Larry 81,154 1:r16166r1,G6ry 55,55,51,154 151161661 Melvin 77,97,99,100,101,137 511151, julie 15,160 516156, Nancy 16,111,154 F Far1ey,Chr1stinc 80,104,160 Fearing,Dwighx 50,160 Fischer,Diane 83,101,154,190 Floyd, Ronnie 83,154 Ford,Burke 165 Friske, Robert 39,B0,138,186 Fry,June 1S,47,82,89,104,160 G Gaincs,Cyn1hia 166 Galyen,Dean 65,10,1z,51,91,145 GcH'm,Mar1l1a 160 Gerard,Marria 15,81,89,100,160 206 R61156,c,s. 24,50,55,56,96,91,151,161 Ry5n,115 34 Scha1'er,Carol 54,195 Schnellc, 16511 106,120,130 s116r1,56m116 34 S1461-a515v616,J6111116 55 Snow,Wil1iam 5o,5s,54,51 s611au,16n6 25,31,57,107,13l Slrubel,Anna 55 swam, 1.115 34 Tanner, Donald 19,51,55,45,59,65,65,155,199 Thomas, c. Edward 55 wmzc1,v1m1m6 34 w116y,R61ma 31,61,68,88 Whecler,Char1une 34,72,68 Gilbensnn,Failh 82,125,160 Gjnnnc.s,Keilh 79,154 Gordon,PaKricia 80,160 Coward, Corinne 62,81,87,160 grace, 1111115111 16,160 Graelz, David 16,79,87,97,99,107,160 Gra1,Aru1emari: 34,81,160 Gray, Glen 8Z,96,97,99,100,109,135,138,147 Gr5y,P6ggy 126,166 Greipp, Phillip 17,39,54,81,138 Gnnafnjnnn 148 Griswold, Larry B1,87,128,148,185 Graff, Linda 38,166 Guenther, Faith 79,101,114,160 Gunderson, Paul 82,154 Gurden,Ronald 154 01155, Janine 87,160 Guttorrnson, Roxanne 166 H Hambl:,Diane 161 Hagenhmk, Verne 83,116,128,129,1-18 Halquisl,David 73,83,104,154 Halquisl,Michael 73,83,87,105,113,160,167 Hamann,Ronald 81,104,113,154 Hamclink, Ronald 81,87,97,146,148 Hamp,Ju11y 81,148 Harms,David 80,148 Harms, P. Lloyd 154,185 Harms,Sta11lcy 80,154 Harper,Donald 51,125,161 Hart,-Rid1ard 79,161 Halchner, David 81,154 Haycs,V,Lorrain: 16,161 Hays, Samuel 35,39,69,75,80,138 Hea!nn,Millie 67,80,134,138 Hellcmas, Richard 80,161 Henderson, Rebecca 87,91 ,161 Hendricls, William 83,161 Hendriclmon, Darrel 38,69,75,97,98,152,154 Hennasy, Thomas 161 Hensley, 151155 154 Hernandez, Nanci 82,154 Heuser,Ruger 80,81,82,91,161 H:user,Rolland 139 Hibma,MeIanie 161 Higbee,Sharon 80,161 Hillcslad, Norman 97,103,116,13-4,139 Hillon,Wayn: 74,161 H66k511,P11y11i5 161 Holden,Harlcy 50,51,166 Holm, Dallas 72,89,l31,161 Horlnn, David 38,82,l61 Houchin, Rosemary 15,74,81,89,104,l61,189 Howland, Donald 49,154 Huisinga, Lila 16,34,61,77,107,123,135,144,147 1-1urlcy,joan 161 I 1r61ar1.1,'1'6rry 51,145 isamjm 19,159 nm, Larry 80,105,126,127,161,198 J Ja1:obson,Carllon 50,67,77,87,97,98,127,152,154 jaek:l,Manfrcd 166 Jennings, Ronald 12,112,148 Jensen, Theodore 80,104,139 Johnson,Ame 68,139 johnson, 511166 81,148 J611111611,cy1111115 82,104,161 johnson,David 141 J611111611,G1111611 15,161 J1111111611,D15111 165 111111111111, 1111115 165 161111561111111111 82,161 j6111111111,1v1111i11 80,87,127,161 16r1111611,o1651 11,154 j6111111111,P11111111 161 J1111111611, 141611161111 B2,9l,103,10-1,149 J611111611,s1151611 34,166 j6111151111,s1161y1 82,154 1611151111111 56,72,80,149 j111g1111611.1u6115111 62,B2,154 ,1651p111,G511 l4,77,7B,149 jnseph3,Gerald 14,56,B3,149 K Ka1h,Gcrald 80,139 Kauffman, David 79,140 K11161,c51-y 81,149 K61111, Roger 161 Kelley,Wa11e1- 62,74,140 1411111111y,1.1111511 81,104,140 Kidwell,Elwood 162 Kinard,Bonni1: 16,B2,97,9S,99,107,127,149 Kinghjamsjr. 80,9l,97,103,l40 Kingrilcr, David 8Z,91,104,162 1c111g111161,c51y 51,02,149,115 K1111-,J6yc1 16,56,61,12,10,1o6,149 Klaassen,Norman 166 Klein,Luc'1llc 79,162 1411111141511 15,62,B0,l62 Koenig,Rachel 97,100,102,109,l34,135,140,198 K611111511,1451111 15,1z,s1,15s,162 K15111, M51y15111 74,B1,91,127,131,162 K1a115,M111611 67,71,81,91,114,l16,l2B,129,149 Kruize, Annie 35,77,109,134,135,140 Kuhl , Kmncmh 166 Kul1ala,ReN:lle 61,74,81,91,96,97,127,129,144,146 Kunz, Lynette 71,81,101,162 1416511115, 1461161-1 13,111,155 L 1.51111y1116,1v1y1611 14,11,91,113,141 1311116,w1115 145 13511551-11111111 62,11,149 1.511611,15111611111 12,104,141 1.51111,151111 162 1.51116,vm1611 83,155 11161111611 13,111,162 116136115111 162 Lee, 016115111 45,68,82,91 ,91,151,162,20o L1511611111 91,112,121,149 1.11,s511111-5 15,80,115,155 L6f11e1,D611y 155 Lchmann, Paul 149 Leishman,V0nda 82,162 Miller, Nancy l5,B1,H9,l55 Mnck,Paul 13,155 Mneller,Lavonne 83,166 M411111my1,1.111111 166 M66116111,,M5111116 155 Mooberry,Ronald 83,155 Moorejamzs 13,47,B3,125,163 Murriswlencanc l5,80,89,127,l63 M611, Coleen 61,127,149 1v1611111,c51111y11 16,B3,107,150,153 Mounl,Linda 81,155 1v1611111,s111511 82,163 Myhrer, Karen 79,155 N Nannleld1,Sherryl 38,155 N111z61,14611116111 11,156 N611611,A1v111 55,61,10,150 N611611,D51111 142 N111611,c1111y1 156 N611611,1z16115111 12,156 N111611,s1151611 11,150 N111,s116.14.1111 15,159,163 N11116y,c15114 163 N6111611, 1111116 11,163 Norwood,Arla 151.1413 O 051111511,ca1-61 34,s1,s7,1413 Olden,Dennis 81,163 Oliver1,Michael 60,B3,156 011611, 1.11111 10,150 Love1'ton,Gloria 163 Owens,Connie 83,166 Owens,Myr11e 83,166 P P1ge1,cy1111111 83,102,163 P51111q11111,Dw1g111 38,133,156 P11114ra11,D611111611 150 P11111111ge,c1.11611 163,111 Pau61s611, D6y11 16,111,163 P51111611,1ev611y B2,120,121,131,156 Paulsen , Paulson, Pendcll , Perkins, Gary B3,87,127,163 Lorraine 163 William 83,156 David 95,150 Pe1e11e11, 1511165 61,137,163 Pelersen , Karen 12,80,87,163 Pelerson, Perersun, Peterson, Char-las 167 Darlene 39,50,B1,83,B7,97,98.128,129,152.156 David 163 Pilo1,Larry 72,145 1116116551 14,104,150 Pi11,Larry 165 P116, F51 14,82,l20,121,127,163 Poe, Van 79,105,158,163 Sl.Jnhn,Carol 15,B0,89,164 Sannes,Linda 34,73,l50 Sanla Lucia, Daniel 50,6B,75,81,87,152,l56 Schla1cr,Vicki 83,156 s6111664111,G51y 156 Schribner,Rnnald 82,142 s611111161,v11gi11111 82 Senl',Bonila B2,87,120,1Z1,12B,129,15B,164 Sen1,Timo1hy 39,50,75,8Z,87,127,156 5116114511165 11,151 Siqs,D:1lc 143 Simmons, Bonnie B3,l20,l2l,l31,157 Simmons, Ronald 83,116,157 Smilh, David 35,150 Smi1h,Sherrill 157 Sodcrlind, Gloria B1,87,101,120,121,126,129,164 Solomon,Linrla 15,119,157 S0ngs1ad,Grcgory 164 Sornberger, Delores 80,164 S1awinski,Ru1h 167 s16616,s151116y 164 S1cvens,judi1h 39,61,75,81,B7,107,127,128,129,152,15' Slicrlcn, Barbara 69,8l,157 Slierlen, Richard 56,81,l46,150 Slinneu, Harold 105,112,157 S1onc,Nnrman 82,157 Slrandquisgjerry 67,68,81,97,99,116,129,150 S1urn,Gc0rgc 81,157 sw5gg11,G1111y 150 631455561-,j61111 151 Swanson,Jamcs B. 67,B1,87,151 T T6gg511,M111111 82,102,164 T1151p,E15111 164 T116111a11111,16g61 39,50,81,87,116,127,152,157 'r11111111-,K11611 11,164 Timm,Paul 167 T61111,1.111111 19,164 Tripp, 111111111 4'l,82,112,116,12B,151 'r1111111,J11111111 82,151 1'1111111,14561111 114,161 T11116116115 80,164,185 U U11111-, 111111611 41,151 V Vagle,W1sley 13,109,164 v5111,J11161 80,157 v111K611111g1v1111,1z611m 13,91,164,1f10 v511w1g1161, 11111111561 83,143 v111g111se, 4:1111-ge 15,104,151 v1111611y,s1q111111 151 W L6151161,M1611111 80,116,155 1.1v5115,s1151611 104,162 L61116111111161111 162 L1114111, Barbara 87,127,155 13,11,91,10a,151,162 1.1115116111,1411111 15,B1,B9,162 Linds1r0m,Dean 155 1.611,1111661461,c111111 155 L4111y,s111116116 16,107,155 1.411111g,D511111 140 L4155111g,1.e1111 16,77,149 1.6v411,151111115 16,50,63,s0,106,1o1,155 L11611111111111 162 1.1111111111,1c111111111 82,162,185 L111141111511,1z1111111511, 15,411,s1,s3,s9,13o,155 1.11161116111,c115111 155 L1111111111151,:v151y 13,104,162 M M11111114,1111111 155 M5111111,13f11y 82,162 1111111511311 B0,97,98,134,l41 M511111u,c111y 83,166 1v1111111111,J61111 112,141 Ma11son,R0ber1 47,132,155 M5y61,M511511 71,155 M6c15111,M11y 15,111,162 11f16c6111111g11,1z5y11161111 141 M6c611611g11, Royce 166 MCC61411, Floyd 1412 M1G11,c11.11 155 M1c116111,F1511115 56,79,80,149 1v11c1v11-11,1z11115111 79,162 1v111111116,T11611155 81,149 M61..111y11111,111f115111 162 1v1111111,F151111 13,a1,163 1v1116111,1z611111 155 1v1115,1a111111 12,126,163 Miligi,jcrry 39,111,141 M11111,15e111511 163 M11111,G161111 35,77,7B,79,149 Pur1inga,1v1arlcnc 15,B9,105,163 Prahl, Richard 167 Purbaugh, Donna 16,63,79,107,156 Q Q11111116,s111.11111 156 Q11161161, Richard 113,150 R Radalz,Ronald 156 R511111511, 1111111116 10,164 Ralls,joseph 156 Rasmussen,Berne1a 82,127,156 Rasmussen, Dennis Sl,96,97,126,146,150 Rasmussen,Duane 150 RccuJr,Dani:l 69,75,79,B7,l56 R14111161111, Larry 11,150 Reed, David 116,156 14611111,D111g151 156 1161116.11-1111111 80,156 Reine, R.Thomas 156 Raiser, Ronald 80,164 Renz, Richard X0,127,l34,142 Reulcrhloann 167 Rich,Sco11 142 Richler,Marvin 87,127,156 R11116y,w11115m 13,164 Robbins, David 80,89,164 Robinson, Linda 164 R11111611,T11116111y 80,164 Rnpe1',Bdly 50,8Z,105,127,150 Rosenow,Terry 124,156 Rothwell, Patricia 83,164 111511, 4:11111 82,164 Ryan,Jam1: 5B,H2,107,130,14Z 11y1wy14,M51-y 15,12,19,1414 S s1.161111,c611 91.150 207 w5g1111,A115 157 w5111111111,D6115111 19,145 1v511511111,P11111p 81,91,103,105,lI4,129,133,157 w1111,161111 a1,121,164,191 w61111,c11y 164 w61111,J111161 10,151 w61111,,11111y 15,s0,a9,165 w1y11161,J111111 165 w11116,1.,1111511111 12,165 1v11111,M1611511 10,151 w11116, 1111111111 B3,97,120,126,1J1,15E,165,175,197 w11116,1z.1v111111111 157 w11111611,R66161611 79,105,151 w1111111,o161-ge 83,151 w11111111,1.1111111 165 w111611g,D516 13,121,165 w111,D51111 411,12,01,104,151 w1116614,j611115 11,165 w1111111,1611y 15,111,151 Wilson,Mar11-1a 165 w111611,T11y 157 w1111s,R11y 165 w611111,j511161 165 w61111116,P111115 15,s2,1f1,115,120,131,165 w611g,s11111161 143 w61111,A1111111 l'13,100,157,167 W41611111511, 16116111511 56,1z,143 w6111116y,c11161y11 157 Y Y1111g,L6w611 80,151 Z Zellman,Carolyn 71,79,87,165 Zcnc-1ski,Ronald 159 EPILQGUE Thinking . . . Pondering . . . Contemplating Knowing . . . Doubting . . . Wondering Longing . . . Seeking . . . Searching Purpose . . . Reality . . . Truth With reHection we state - North Central has broadened and enriched our lives. However, our quest for understanding has not been attained in an instant. Like a computer, we have received information carefully and systematically. However, the computer can only follow the process for which it has been programmed. It cannot initiate a process because it does not possess momentum. But, we can initiate - we can move forward with the momentum generated during our years of Bible college life. Our momentum will cause us to continue to learn. Our learning will cause us to continue to react. Our reaction will be in terms of the life of Christ which has enlightened our understanding throughout the past four years. Thanks to everyone. . You hold in your hands a product of teamwork. Meeting deadlines has at times seemed like playing the "Flight of the Bumblebee" on a tuba - however, our task is completed. You have just seen the fruit of our strenuous, yet we believe rewarding, efforts. To the students, we trust it was a true reflection of the past yearg to the alumni, a new look at their growing Alma Mater, to the friends ofNorth Central,justiHcation oftheir friendship, and to all others, an invitation to become acquainted with our college. We on the staff take this opportunity to say a sincere thank you to everyone for your co- operation and understanding during the pre- paration of this annual. Your help and encouragement has made you a part of our team -The ARCHIVE Staff 208 I l 1 I w Y x 1 V 1 I x 2 I i i i A 1 f 1 W w 1 1 4 Y l s i i 2 1 l w I . i l l I K W 2 I X w 1- T 2 . wmv ui x ww- N-N-,-fr v-5fazqlw:...Trg3g3qf5,7.:g,..11F:gf-5-q.gV-4 j 13.74 L,-A - . -- Ti! 13- fi' V-F' VV - 1--F2"f"'f""'i'ii2"V'f1-if'K7"r-"f":"-': .:A::...,V V v k A,1.,,f.g,,lV,:.... -.v,-.A4f-f.11-if-5111. fm- - 3 ' -' .,...A,,M. I 1 4, I - A--'L!5.r:, , 1 - , .ry , .nf , V. ,: 5 ' " - -. ', ' Q,j,,,." , . ,- ' , V., I . pl Y . wa- ,, ', f A X, , .. .. , ' -'+V H Q., mu" ,Ma V- 1 ., , ,, fn I , ' ' V, V G .Y-V , , . .,,V- ,, V V A I ' Q." - f W ' 1? fG'v:-1-:f-'rv-w-f--v-w-1f1r:1-rzfwsf-1.,- -1 --- . . L V f :ai , fnff-'nun-,wa K, in-,I ,.'.1., , ffwf , A , ,- ,V 1' V . 1.un.V k 1 V , I , , ,. -V r . .,:,V5 . V 'AAL-.H ' " ' ' 1 39 5: "if ME-. gn' I, -'ig YQ' L2 ' V nf , , xc., ., in aezxirg. fx 4 - ,. .ny A-N :IV V Sl . . , 'Y I' ' ' ,ARM f , 3, up s. . 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Suggestions in the North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) collection:

North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 178

1967, pg 178

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