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Aw-4:my-q-2-V-1,-4:1--.K-3--ff-W,-H mwbg.-.. f-.,...,.1-.... . REF. 378 AR252 1966 Archive X , , MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Genealogy Center 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd. C ' Independence, MO 64055 w Y 1 1 i 4 l I w N w 1 I D 1 ! I S I 1 x I L . f f MMM t . x K H 35' hy , . 1 is 'M' f . 3 -' ,A M' fi! me A , N , , at - W' J , Q 1 - .M 1 J , ff an ww unc.,-fn W .-'W' .. ,.. N, :K H, ' if ' '35 M Ak , T .N-Q 1wfP'E'f 1. f' an -'f ' 54321 -'l'f"35. ff I as l M , ,W 1 E JY- vfkfmfpy M ,Qty ""J. KL. -V 3, V' U fs ' 'Q ,. u A "mh1vHi!."""5S1f'v-0.1 ,A wa" A, 'A Q-. h , 'Af gg , 36? J Egg? If K- 'K ,, - H QQ. 4. W . - -- V ,gk :M w , ,- mf, A NU, w ,fx AM L w l J Jig? xr' , M ,....Q gf 'Q az. 7? h 6, gf K ' 51. r if ' Q 5 f f img f . 'QWVA' A Q Z NZM ""',' K ' 'f'59"4?'W Z" . 3 - M fweffq, ,fwar A IW? ,V Y A A . 1 .. . A , 5, J 'fi ni f Q y .MV ,Q J M , 53" V ,-A f' ' .1 X f, f ,3f3i55fvf' .f-z'wfexgjf5ff A ' ,L 2 . ff "... ' ' X i , gi , X , 4 L is A , V , .Q 5 if vm , Wm' , f" , ,: .- K A w V ,--A.,-if ,, . x, . ' .NU ., A, . ,Y , ynugw, , . Q nwwlwx , Kg, Q. ,f Hag. JW Presenting the 1956 ARCH IVE Wiilnynnnuqu, NORTH CENTRAL BIBLE COLLEGE f.,,-w.awW.,,,,,.m MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA LW M MQZSVQM 'WlE1WEEEU !MWU DEDICATIGN 4 The 1966 ARCHIVE is dedicated to a man whose devoted life is given to the training of young people for Christian service. W By constantly seeking to improve his own education, he has been able to challenge others to study to show them- selves approved. Many discouraged students have found new encouragement through his deep personal interest in them. Because of his interest in the students and his hard work, North Central now has an active athletic program. His wit, both in the classroom and out, is almost classical at North Central. In appreciation for that which you have contributed to our lives, we, the Senior Class, dedicate to you, Reverend Levang, the 1966 ARCHIVE. HO ORI G 6 Our cafeteria manager has faithfully served North Central Bible College since 1959. Her cheerful attitude and Christian testimony are appreciated by all connected with the College. It is with respect that we, the gradu- ating class of 1966, honor Miss Betty Hintz. TABLEIHTCONTENTS ACADEMICS ................... 17 WORSHIP ........ .... 7 9 MUSIC .............. . . . 113 ORGANIZATIONS . . . . . . 125 ACTIVITIES .......... . . . 139 SPECIAL FEATURES .... .... I 48 ADVERTISEMENTS . . . . . . 155 AL Qgwl BQQ C, C 44 4' .5EEE52, C ...-1?-I , O I t. 1-7 'ER O I S '5t.Eggigi2?i Q fl! j I Q7 Q FOREWORD In the years we have spent here, North Central Bible College has earned our deepest respect. Let us consider the reasons for our pride in, and devotion to our College: ' She stands for enlightenment, the LAMP of Knowledge. ' She represents the BIBLE, the inspired Word of God. ' She presents the challenge of preaching the message of the CROSS. ' She cherishes the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the DOVE. ' She is ever progressing to new achievements represented by the LAUREL WREATH. May North Central Bible College continue to train young people for His service as long as the Lord tarries. 7 3 ,,,.,..fM--- .95 4.. , w Either he's a physical fitness addict, or he needs a raise in pay! But Brother Hearn, I tired! si . Y d 't , Brother Halqulst, turn the heat on! Ou on Say Practice makes perfect Oh Earl, I'm ready' I .,....,, A - I . -. .. ,..,.2,-,.-1 .k.. .-1 ,m....X f-.. ..,.--mfr-n-.1,w.,..,... . ... . I I i 1 1 r 4 I """'w-, 1 K ' fm gf B., ll -.. Q ,f 6 v NF E ., W q . If N Q 'O Ag',f?,: J' ffl ",. "-1 :Ar'z,' 'ff' 73 " W.: ., 1 1, V NL? ' .f . f' '. , ' 0 , N s , I fy? wg -vi ' 5' b ' , 4 A ,, t 1, 5 gf. x, 4 ff ' I a . 6 ir' 0 .ef '?-f- ' ' ' W "gg Q' . . r ' gl . 'I M Ax ,Q - - " ' h 72 " 1 I - U ' N :Q ' me I , by I i.. 'A ,I - if Q A f h .vb f V-4 . o ' ' S if V 'Q H 1 ' V v ' 'P M l fl ' ,K 1 'X 1 , I ' , ' ., x '. iv ,f 4 4 . .. . .-.,,-,,: 7. T, f ., ff, , ,,zf,,,' f, V f V, ,, ye, X , HffL:".faii ,J ww ,ff , , , Wie. f X ,ffw if 2114? 0 01" f .if V -fx Yf 1 MQW! IEIWB M0133 ff! wf:,f,'C W , f f ...4.,,......... ......,A..,nu...,,..1..:.H.g...L4.N,Ly..:.,.L1.:...,,1,:......,,...g.M-,,.,.., . ..,, Mn, ,. ,,,, , . F ,Y ' wr , , .ah-L S Q' ' ' Q X t f wg, fry N ,, ez , x L' , 7 Milf, g. J.--as-1, , , is Spring Semester Entrants. Left to right. Row 1: P. V. George, . V 3 y 1 Ya A was ' we I dems. s Curnel. Not Pictured: T. Charles, R. Covert, W. Farmer, D. T. Needham, G. Emenecker, G. Bowman, S. Heinemann, B. Finnegan, J. Grinder, W. Hilton, D. Lindstrom, T. Little, C. Mantik, S. Duvernois. Row 2: L. Griswold, J. Webb, T. Ed- wards, R. Mattson, J. Ekblad, J. Bort, R. Kreis, M. Brown, L. Paulson. Row 3: A. Wood, R. McLaughlin, G. Schroeder, D. ard, G. Wiland, M. Villanova worn" rr ' Maynard, D. Moren, C. St. John, L. Sannes, E. Sharrai, C. Stew- l The Coronation of Queen Danice Miller at Homecoming. Jammed quarters but hilarious moments during College Days. if , " I3 Cramming for final exams! Y . Those miserable research papers! 1 'gs-vr-vw--:--ngfaf.--.-:-' Seated, left to right: Rev. S. Harland Petersen, Secre- Frank J. Lindquist, Rev. Herman Rohde, Mr. Cecil Nelson taryg Rev. Darwin Heuser, Chairman: Rev. C. Raymond Rev. Lyle Curtis, and Mr. Gunnar Danielson. Inset, Mr. A Carlson, President. Standing: Rev. E. A. North, Dr. W. Cast. THE BO RD OF REGEN S The Board of Regents is the governing body of the college. It consists of the District ' Superintendent, an ordained minister, and a layman from each of the districts of the North Central Region. The President of the college, by virtue of his office, is also a member of this board. 12 ...LL4,,-...-...,u..-,-J-. ..,..-...Q - 2.13: ..b..:.1q.::-4.g.L:g....Q.e, -. 4:-.ten L N.. Left to right: M. C. Nelson, James King, D. H. Mapson, and G. Raymond Carlson. THE BO RD OF DMINISTR TIG The Board of Administration consists of four members chosen by the Board of Regents. This board has charge of the promotion and operation of the college under the supervision of the Board of Regents. 13 INHDFITP-I CENTRAL BIBLE COLLEGE CJ 910ELLIUTAVESU..MINNEAPULIS,MINNESOTA55404 Z 332-3491 -QHAL B13 O04 fe Q V1 U Oo 'N Q Q --1--'-fer: m Q EJ, ,g, Y 6 2, ' ig O x 4, s 'N THE BNN Dear Graduate: The Christian is called to minister in the task of reconciling the world to God. The human needs in our present world are mounting. The booming population in this strife-torn age presents many problems of meeting the spiritual and physical needs of men. The lostness of a theology that proclaims a "God is dead" philosophy points up the great need for thorough-going Christian witnessing. The world has never been better informed technically, but the foolishness of men has never been more manifest. It is not knowledge, but wisdom and understanding that are needed. Solomon said, "the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it" fflcclesiastes 7:12 bl . The penetrating power of the Holy Spirit will bring knowledge into proper focus, and it will be life-giving, not death-dealing. God is calling His children to dedicated participation in bringing His message to this needy world. To this end, you have spent these years at North Central. We visualize our graduates as men and women who love Jesus Christ with all their hearts, minds, and strength. We believe they are dedicated to living totally for Him. It is- our desire that you will be such a man of God communicating the Word of God to a lost world. At North Central, we have endeavored to lead you to a deeper understanding of the truth and power of the Gospel and to stimulate your intellectual insight so that you will think with accuracy within the Biblical perspective. we have purposed to develop your interest in the great missionary challenge at home and abroad. And we have endeavored to impart the rich spiritual heritage of our Pentecostal distinctive. May you be committed to doctrinal soundness and to the authority of the Word of God with a burning passion to win the lost. Remember we will always follow you with our interest, our concern, and our prayers . Sincerely yours in Christ, G. Raymond Carlson President 14 M Nw ffws 'iii X Qiii QQSQ :gif +NV8 skfu f ,t 47 L: ? -,. 93 2 Hg. 52 .aggr if' Q sf 3' W ,gwQ9 Wwi, 4- SE NM --W . , "W" W Q, Q 4 92' veg. "MQi1iQ:m F i af Lwfgyfx. Q W, 4-rw 1 A :.:-uma., 5 X J' g 3.. ,Q f why- P65350 . 1' 5 'fiijzvg vgi.ff4w' 5 ,. . - ' ' H Lf.a31ZJe- ,aC.g3Qfwa Qixifgff NES - v , " ' K X sw if ' "mai ffplgqf-M g W , L, 1 fn, QM ,k' www , fM?fl5ii5?3,gj'ff7i j 5" K I V, .x ,. N, V , a ' 75?cmafW,.. ,, DIRECTOR OF STUDENT LIFE JAMES E. HEARN 18 DEAN OF EDUCATION M. C. NELSON DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT lm. ..' DIRECTOR AND BUSINESS D. H. MAPSON DEAN OE WOMEN T , y IONE SOLTAU .H ,, f. . . M ' 1' F1 If"?lf?f 1 5 . A Sf' ,ji - , -b:,A--:rw ,.w+NffAA:'Q A A ! ' ' ig ,, fi' ' fa f f ff ' Q A4 14,5-" . 5 HY" w T , -A ,ff AHA I, x' 'L 'f filfax ?L' P IE Q w., 'Q - . 1 ff, x ,, A Yi' . M Q KH A xjfqr ,I f ,,qf , -bg if qJ'1'Lh.- '.Ar, f.u f A ff -500 - f"a'1' f A - ,-Zz ' fk - 0,Sv Fiizx kf A f Q ', P .' " 2- 6 If ai A ,WT "' ' V" A 7 95- bg 1 w l'f'1' if K , S' T f M bw. it ff 1, N A 19 l t t t i l l I I 7-l l ' I 1 E i . E 9 ll ll i l t l , JAMES D. BROWN ' Acts, Doctrinal Survey, General Epistles, Historical Theology, Introduction to Prophecy, Patterns of Evan- gelism, Pentecostal Truths, Speech PHILLIP CUSTAFSON Form and Analysis, Keyboard Harmony, Voice l l l w I 1 l t i ACULTY ESTELLA BURKHART Assistant Librarian, Dactylology DEAN EASTMAN Christian Education of Adults, Children, Youth, Educa- tional Work of the Church, English, History and Philoso- phy of Christian Education, Practice Teaching, Psy- chology, Rhetoric EMBER T. J. JONES Daniel and Revelation, Pentateuch, Prophecy KWH 226597 JAMES E. HEARN American Literature, English Literature, Personal and Psychological Adjustment ORILL KRANS New Testament Survey, Director of Gospel Hymns -4 f JAMES G. KING Anthropology, Biblical Theology, Introduction to Mis- sions, Missions Principles and Practice, Missions Re- search and Seminar, Philosophy of Missions, Comparaa tive Religions, introduction to Assemblies of Cod Missions L, B. LARSEN Chairman of the Music Department, Choral Procedures, Ear Training and Sight Singing, Essentials of Music, Theory, Director of Evangelaires RAYMOND K. LEVANG Church History, Greek, Hebrew, History of Western Civilization, Science Survey, Survey of Missions JOHN P. PHILLIPPS Sabbaticalleave of absence in W 'N 'Q' MARVIN C. NELSON.. Speech IONE SOLTAU Personal and Psychological Adjustment DONALD TANNER History of Music, Pr Romans inciples of Teaching, Rhet0riC, WILLIAM SNOW Counseling, Greek, Homiletics, Old Testament Survey Parliamentary Law, Pastoral Theology, Rhetoric CHAPLAIN QCAPTJ EVERETTE J. THOMAS GUEST LECTURER in Philosophy Piano PAUL QUARINO Piano and Organ PPLIED MUSIC INGA ENGEBRETSEN ' JENNIE SKURDALSVOLD , Voice 24 ACULTY ANNA STRUBEL Piano RONNA WILEY Piano C. ED. THOMAS Piano, Guest Lecturer in Piano Pedagogy 25 MRS DANN BROWN Secretary to Development Consultant OFFICE MRS. LYDIA JOHNSON Recorder MRS. BRENDA HARMS Alumni Secretary MRS. MARILYN KO LAND Cashier MISS PENNY HUNT Public Relations Secretary and Advisor of Student Publications MRS. .IEN McCABE Receptionist 26 TAFF MRS. RUTH MARKS Secretary to Director of De- velopment and Business Management MISS MARY SCHAFER Christian Service Secretary MISS VIRGINIA PETERSON Bookkeeper MRS. BONNIE SHORT Accounting MISS CAROL SCHAFER Accounting MRS. LOU WOLD Presidentis Secretary 27 CAFETERI BETTY HINTZ Manager fwg LILA SC HWARTZ Cook ST FF We BERTHAL HAGUE Cafeteria Worker 28 ETHEL HAGUE Cafeteria Worker SOPHIE HALQUIST Matron and Mail Clerk FRED HALQUIST Plant Superintendent AINTENANCE STAFF FRANK LeROY Engineer MELVIN HOLMQUIST Assistant Engineer 29 ,g,...c,-:Ng-g.f,gq,x .6,,15u-cvfwg-ug:-f-e-531g-:q1w:v . f, J' 1 ' vs. ,,w., 3,5 ,E ff, 4 W . . .UW , ,,.,w,,Y H Y. , , , ,V , fy, 4 at ,Egg Q5 hh 4' aww . J-sq, Secretary .Q K L ' i Treasurer . . V Lowell Ahdefson DEGREE HONOR STUDENTS LE ROY PETERS DANIEL ROTHWEL Cum Laude ' Cum Laude DIPLOMA HONOR STUDENT JUDITH BROWN Magna Cum Laude 31 Africa Prayer Band Vice President 45 Archive f Photographer 4- Freshman Class Presidentg LOWELL ANDERSON Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studles Archive Staff 25 Christlan Service Treasurer 3 Gospel Hyimns 2,3,4g Senior Class Treasurer ARDENA BICE Faribault, Minnesota Christian Education Senior Class Secretary 32 if wt v exam ww: axww WILLIAM BUSCH Cavalier, North Dakota Bible and Pastoral Studles Transfer from Hub Clty Blble lnstltute T G EASAW Tlruvalla lndla Blble and Pastoral Studles Transfer from Long Island Blble lnstltute DALLAS COATS Effmgham Ill1I101S Blble and Pastoral Studles Dormltory Councll Presldent 3 Student Gov ernment3 33 , ii: 1 M , iQ ' , ' ' L - I A , E l l l , l l 1, It l F lf JAMES ENGLEHART l Bay City, Michigan Bible and Pastoral Studies A Dormitory Council 1,2g Homeland Prayer Band V Vice-President 35 Lifeliners Quartet 3. E I 15' Ps ' S ' l H l L Q us CURTIS GREEN Lakeville, Indiana Bible and Pastoral Studies Chapel Deacon 4-9 Gospel Hymns Student Man ager 4-. JERRY H. GWILLIM Alton Illinois Bible and Pastoral Studies Christian Service Vice President 3, President 43 Grace Notes Gospel Team 3g Student Govern- i i ' , ment 4. 2 V ' ' rr lei 5 ,t 34 LARRY HALE Glen Carbon, Illinois Bible and Pastoral Studies Home Missions Prayer Band President 4-g Senior ' I Class Vice-President. PAUL HANSON Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Band 13 Gospel Hymns 2. COURTNEY HARDING Nassau, Bahamas Bible and Pastoral Studies Isles of the Sea Prayer Band Vice-President 2 Latin America Prayer Band Vice-President 4. 35 ROBERT HEDSTROM Ishpeming, Michigan Bible and Pastoral Studies Junior Class Vice Presidentg Missions Artist 4. DEANIE HINMON Salem, New Jersey Christian Education Transfer from Zion Bible Institute PAUL JACKSON Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bible and Pastoral Studies Ambassadors Quartet 3,4-g Deaf Prayer Band Vice President 33 Gospel Hymns 3,4-. 1 36 RANDY .IOHNCOX Kalamazoo M1ClllgaH Brhle and Pastoral Studles GARTH LAMBIE Mllwaukee Wrsconsm Brble and Pastoral Studies Archlve 3 Dormrtory Councll 2 Mlssrons Staff V106 Presldent 3 11- Sophomore Class Presrdent Student Government 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Vrce Pres1dent4 VELMA KELLEY Cortland New York Blble and Pastoral Studles Transfer from Bethany Blble College 37 Lu tl, l t I y 1, l 3 A af THOMAS M. LOVEN 5 1, RichfieId,Minnesota 4 Bible and Pastoral Studies Archive Literary Editor 1, Editor 4-g Christian Service Vice President 2, President 3g Chor- I 1 rl alettes l,2,3,4-g Crossbearers Gospel Team 3, ll I Freshman Class Vice-Presidentg Student Gov- f ' V' ernment 3,4--President 4. i 3 1 S Q , , i ', JAMES LYONS Springfield, Ohio Bible and Pastoral Studies Dormitory Council President 4-g Gospel Hymns 1 2,3,4-3 Lifeliners Quartet 3g Student Government ,, 4-. 5 W' 7 r l l 1 i 1 Z. WAYNE MARSHALL 1 1 Oyster, Virginia 1 ' Bible and Pastoral Studies l Hymns 4-L ! 1 E E , ' 1 i ,4 I -- Z bl Y V E t l i L' s,. ,,,,, , iw, . , var. 'I 1 r. 1 lt iw ' Transfer from Zion Bible Institute, Gospel wmv' 38 1 LOREN MOLSKNESS Mmneapohs Mmnesota Blble and Pastoral Studle Transfer from Hub Cxty Bxble Instltute RICHARD E ORCHARD JR Wlllmar Mmnesota Blble and Pastoral Studles Evangelalres 2 Gospel Hymns 3 Intramural Basketball 2 Northern Llght Busmess Manager PEGGY PAIGE Llma Ohm Buble and Pastoral Studles Afrlca Prayer Band Secretary 2 Dormltory Councll Representatlve 3 4 Lower Lights Gos pel Team 1 MISSIKPHS Staff Treasurer 4- North ern Llght l 39 LEROY PETERS Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Band lg Dormitory Council Vice-President 3g Evangelaires 2g Gabriel's Trumpet Trio 1,29 India Prayer Band Vice-President 25 Missions Staff Vice President 3, President 4g Student Government 3,4-Vice-President 3. ALAN POWNELL Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Basketball 1,2. DANIEL ROTHWELL Pine River, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Northern Light 2,3,4- News Editor 4. 40 JOHN A ROY Mlnot North Dakota Brble and Pastoral Stud1es Ambassador s Quartet 3 CLARENCE ST JOHN St James Mmnesota Buble and Pastoral Studles Basketball I 2 3 4- Captaln 3 4 Chrlstlan Ser vlce V106 Presldent 4 Dormitory Councll Pres 1dent 3 Junror Class Presldent Student Gov e1nment3 4- Vice Presldent 4 THOMAS SCHOOLEY Arkansas Clty Kansas Brble and Pastoral Studies 41 RALPH SIMMONS South Haven, Michigan Bible and Pastoral Studies Archive Staff 33 Gospel JAMES RUSSELL SWANSON Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Arehive Photographer 33 Freshman Class Pres- ident. Hymns 2,3. JEAN SPRAGG Colon, Panama Christian Education Transfer from Zion Bible Institute ,I NELSON WERTZ Bedford, Pennsylvania Bible and Pastoral Studies Chapel Deacon 4g Far East Prayer Band Vice-President 4-g Sophomore Class Vice-Presi- dent. ELVIN SWITZER Vicksburg, Michigan Bible and Pastoral Studies Alaska and American Indian Prayer Band Vice'President 4g Christian Service Vice-Presi- dent 4. WESLEY WOLD Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Studies Christian Service Treasurer 2: Crusaders Quar- let 2,31 junior Class Treasurerg Latin American Prayer Band Vice-President l,2: Senior Class Presidentg Student Government Parliamentari- an 4. 43 JUDITH BROWN Port Angeles, Washington CAROL EVENSON Duluth, Minnesota DIPLOMA CLASS ILENE JOHNSON Minneapolis, Minnesota LORETTA STETLER Rapid City, South Dakota SE IOR E ORIE Life is like an infinitely long corri- dor with doors along each side. Each door leads to an addition which makes life richer and fuller. When we the members of the class of 1966 opened the door of North Central Bible College a whole new realm of experience broke forth upon us 4' i W as September 1962 marked the beginning of Bi- ble college for 115 freshmen- RegiStrati0n and entrance examinations filled the first few days with plenty of excitement as well as re- lief. Our freshman year was one of many adjust- ments. For several of us, it was the first time away from home and being on our own. Our feelings of insecurity were soon replaced by the joy of Christian fellowship. It wasn't long before our class became an active part of North Central Bible College. We settled down to our studies and joined the crowd hurrying to classes, running off to work, and participating in extra-curricular activities. i l Spiritual Emphasis Week ' brought Rev. A. M. Alber from Des Moines, Iowa, to us with some very challenging messages on "The Lord's Prayer." The presence of the Holy Spirit and the glory of God was felt by all in a most precious way. ,46 s Consisting of 75 members, our sophomore class was an enthusi- astic and dedicated group of individuals. Many of our mem- bers becarne very active in Christian Service activities, such as the Gabriels and Crusaders Gospel teams. The Misslonary Convention was also a won derful experience Present were missionaries from Europe Africa Latin America and Pakistan The mornlng workshops proved to be very enllghtenlng The Judging of booths and badges brought much excitement dellvered The Student Government under took the project of developing the Student Lounge The Tuck a Buck a Week Away Cam paign helped to secure the necessary funds and it wasnt long before the Danlsh modern furniture was purchased and We will long remember Spirltual Emphasis Week with Rev Paul Hlld His key to revival was Get under the spout where the glory comes out, and you ll begin to shout and no longer doubt and put the devil to rout' 47 . ' . . . H . . , , . 9 9 - ve 1 a 7 1.4 , ' va -V V V K ' . , I , is With accreditation coming early in the year, and 60 of us returning for the fall semester, our junior year showed promise of being an outstanding one from the outset. We will long remember Spiritual Emphasis Week With Rev. George from St. Louis, Missouri. The songs learned during that week still ring in our hearts and remind us of when we drew close to the Lord through the medium of music. In the month of November, Pioneer Pastors Week brought Rev. S. H. Petersen, Superintendent of the South Dakota District, to us as the guest speaker. The week was brought to a climax as the Pioneer Band played, drawing attention to the shoes, which needed to be filled with money for the pioneer pastors. During the week of December 7 the Faculty Conference Room was converted to a Bible Readathon Chapel. From' 7 A.M. until 10 P.M. each day, the Bible was read continuously by the students and faculty. It was a stirring moment for all, when on Friday, December ll, at 5 P.M., Rev. Carlson read the closing verses of Revelation. "HEART TO HEART" was the theme for that year's Witness Week. Rev. Gannon, Superintendent of the Iowa District, inspired us to be better witnesses for the King of our lives. 48 Sometimes moving with the speed of a racer and at other times struggling to just keep plodding along, we ap- proached our senior year. Our classes took on a new meaning as we realized our Bible college experience was coming to a close. One of the greatest challenges we faced as seniors l 1 at North Central was the opportunity to speak in 1 chapel. l i Caps, gowns, ceremonies, invitations . . . yes, the end began to unravel as we advertised our situations-"Have degree-will travel!" 5 i , i v i 1 l S l Commencement! -A paradox-an ending and yet a beginning 3 of many a student's lot. Our goal of graduation has been i reached, but there will always be another goal for which to strive until the final goal is reached when the path terminates at the Pearly Gates. 49 UNIOR CLASS I .JW is '11 , Q' g . , , :Q'4'.-,f,,f-wig'-f ' fr a -X, , .f4 ., wr 1 '32 V1ce Presldent' .... . . R Secygtary . . . :h. Rachel Treasurer une , ,VK X - MW Q E 2 - 'E 4 , Sf t t o if Y 1251, 1 it iff' 5 3 1 F ei Y A z l legit , WF? 141 'f ll' ,Pg .1 I-, Mau i J ffl 3 fi ' Wap .,., - - ' ww. y Michael Chapman Oxford Junction, Iowa Harley Cherry Adrian, Michigan Lowell Clarke Minneapolis, Minnesota Virginia Durst Pine Island, Minnesota Darrell Eichhorn Sioux City, lowa Melvin Erickson Kulm, North Dakota Carol Evenson Duluth, Minnesota Robert Friske Elmira, Michigan William Gentry Hopewell, Virginia Herbert Adams Dayton, Ohio Walter Basler Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Alan Bekkerus Barnesville, Minnesota David Broherg Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Judith Brown Port Angeles, Washington Barbara Carlson Pennock, Minnesota 51 Marilyn .labs Elyria, Ohio Theodore Jensen Bemidji, Minnesota Bruce Johnson Berlin, Wisconsin Ilene Johnson Minneapolis, Minnesota Gerald Kath Rudolph, Wisconsin Walter Kelley Lakeland, Florida Lillian Kennedy Cary, South Dakota James G. King, Jr. Minneapolis, Minnesota Rachel Koenig Rochester, New York ..,,.,1.7,,,,.,.,- ,, -,,..ft..,.,-.,.r- ' . -fy . --1, f- f-----f---I Glen Cray Pipestone, Minnesota Phillip Griepp Minneapolis, Minnesota Samuel Hays Macomb. Illinois Millie Heaton Macomb, Illinois Rolland Heuser Waupaca, Wisconsin Norman Hillestad Appleton, Wisconsin WWW' "" V " " - ., .1,I1f ' 2224: fluff 1MN4Pf'1:- , ,I i22f?Z21?wi V li 52 f-W7-f f Annie Kruize Morris, Minnesota Myron LaBruyere Spencer, Iowa Lavonne Larson Hettinger, North Dakota Robert Lee Detroit, Michigan Paul Leindecker Quincy, Illinois Edward Linde Minneapolis, Minnesota 5522 ww ff' if wr 1 Q V Y Earl Marsh Fairmont, Minnesota J. B. Masteller St. Joseph, Missouri Raymond McCullough Indianapolis, Indiana Dennis McHatton Jacksonville, Illinois Jerry Miligi Hubbard, Ohio Duane Mooberry Osceola, Iowa Sharon O'Leary Everett, Washington Larry Pilot Salt Lake City, Utah Richard Renz Union, New Jersey Michael VanWagner Grand Forks, North Dakota Robert Veach Normal, Illinois June Will Benton Harbor, Michigan Lynnette Witty Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Samuel Wong Hong Kong, China Jonathan Woodman New Lennox, Illinois Scott Rich Grinnell, Iowa Rosemary Scott Clio, Michigan Ronald Scribner Mankato, Minnesota David Smith Rochester, Indiana Loretta Stetler Rapid City, South Dakota Keith Striley Clinton, Iowa Terry Terrell Rochester, Minnesota David Tosten Minneapolis, Minnesota 54 Whafs that I smell burning? I saw him-he talked to me! But Paula, you're not cooperating! Oh, another AAA bulletin! QM-W ' fkif 4 F i VW . , .,1f5!59Wm 1. w xfifyz 1: 'f f V Q 5-fy, -::.,s- QS??:Z..,L.:v.l 1 A .Q ' B sls -V ,xv A ,g A A,, . A.,. 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Kathleen Reuter Dixon, Illinois Dale Siers Motley, Minnesota Marilyn Staudt Redfield, South Dakota Donna Stephens Front Royal, Virginia Jerry Strandquist Newfolden, Minnesota Terry Strandquist Newfolden, Minnesota James Swanson Minneapolis, Minnesota James Thime Miami, Florida Patricia Waid Hannibal, Missouri Donald Waisanen Detroit, Michigan Patricia Wells Mason City, Iowa Bonnie Wilken Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ruth Will Benton Harbor, Michigan James Willey Sprout, Pennsylvania F Hastings Nebraska s, California Claude Amitie Andrimont, Belgium Joyce Austin Milton, Wisconsin William Bare Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Darlene Beatty E. St. Louis, Illinois Michaela Bolt Rapid City, South Dakota Karen Boyer Spirit Lake, Iowa Mary Brainard Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Bruce Braithwaite Baraboo, Wisconsin .IoEllen Britton Atlanta, Michigan Lynette Broberg Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is , Lynda Brodine Taylor, Nebraska Sheran Buman Three Rivers, Michigan 7, - Arne Byrd . 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Diana Caldwell Royal Oak, Michigan Sharon Carlson Pennock, Minnesota Raymond Cearley Anaconda, Montana Sharon Chapman Sheboygan, Wisconsin Marsha Colegrove St. Ignace, Michigan Reda Corey Phoenix, New York Carolyn Edington Indianapolis, Indiana Philip Ekstedt St. Paul, Minnesota Joseph Ellis Marion, Indiana Gilbert Endo Chicago, Illinois Larry Ericksen Frederic, Wisconsin Gary Erickson Montrose, Iowa Nancy Everett Lincoln, Nebraska Darlene Fick Minneapolis, Minnesota Diane Fischer Miles City, Montana Cary Fisher Oskaloosa, Iowa Kathleen Flokstra Montpelier, Vermont Ronnie Floyd St. Louis, Missouri Patty Forehand Hillsboro, Wisconsin .loyce Fulghum LeSueur, Minnesota Betty Gilbertson Rio, Wisconsin David Halquxst Fort Wayne Indiana Ronald Hamann Shawano Wlsconsin P Lloyd Harms West Point Illinois Randa Hart Rochester, Minnesota David Hatchner St. James, Minnesota Darrell Hendrickson Macomb, Illinois Sandra Hendrickson Hartland, Minnesota Paula Hendrix Alton, Illinois Elba Hensley Morris, Illinois Keith Gjonnes Frederic, Wisconsin Retha Graves Newcastle, Wyoming Judith Gray Pipestone, Minnesota Beva Grenz Sioux Falls, South Dakota Paul Gunderson Duluth, Minnesota Ronald Gurden Corunna, Michigan 68 mx! 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Eugene Parker Chesterton, Indiana - Beverly Paulsen Bismarck, North Dakota Ronald Mooberry Newton, Iowa Evelyn Moore Ontonagon, Michigan Marjorie Moore Elroy, Wisconsin Linda Mount Embarrass, Minnesota Karen Myhrer Kenosha, Wisconsin Sherryl Nannfeldt Niles, Michigbn 72 Vernon Perdue Rockford, Illinois Mark Petersen Minneapolis, Minnesota Darlene Peterson Thief River Falls, Minnesota LeRoy Peltzer Anoka, Minnesota Ronald Radatz Kenosha, Wisconsin .loseph Ralls Front Royal, Virginia ,, '73 David Reed Tomahawk, Wisconsin Douglas Reiche Wausau, Wisconsin Thomas Reine Minneapolis, Minnesota JoAnn Reuter Dixon, Illinois Marvin Richter Shawano, Wisconsin Paul Rightenour Canton, Ohio William Roberts Wapping, Connecticut Alex Rodgers Louisville, Kentucky Terry Rosenow Sioux City, Iowa Ruthanne Schmidt Cleveland, Ohio Karlene Schwandt Paynesville, Minnesota Timothy Senf Ft. Madison, Iowa Ronald Simmons South Haven, Michigan Richard Smelko Gary, Indiana Sherrill Smith Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Linda Solomon Carpentersville, Illinois David Stachowski South Bend, Indiana ,Ianyce Stefan I Milwaukee, Wisconsin Carla Rothe Oshkosh, Wisconsin Patricia Royer Chesterton, Indiana Linda Sager Churchs Ferry, North Dakota Daniel Santa-Lucia Brooklyn, New York Linda Scantling Palmyra, Illinois Vicki Schlafer Minneapolis, Minnesota Y n:fj'm,,.,,.,.. , ,v My . -X , .. 7 f mer F' M. Charles Stephens St. Louis, Missouri Judith Stevens Minneapolis, Minnesota Barbara Stierlen Williams, Minnesota Richard Stierlen Williams, Minnesota Harold Stinnett Nicholasville, Kentucky Norman Stone St. Paul, Minnesota L, J. ,, .Qing tr George Sturm Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Russell Szep Milwaukee, Wisconsin Roger Thomassen Brockton, Massachusetts Robert Thompson Strandquist, Minnesota Katherine Tilley Bay City, Michigan Jennifer Toborg Rockford, Illinois Judith Turner Wagner, South Dakota Robert Usher Wood River, Illinois Janet Valil St. Paul, Minnesota 3, :wt vi i. i -i asf, 4 ' Lgsgag' ,.,,.1,..w.,.,.,N-..--,.-- -,-,.-3-f-'rf-Q-:1-:s-'rf'-e-:qvqw ,-9.-fir.-1-1-rf X 'WRX Marilyn Vaughn x -f , Taylor Michigan 1 Victoria Votava Alta Wagner Alton Illinois , f A , ggjf- , 1, I V f 43.4, In V if t'-. ' 1' ': 2.1,-, '7 - f- ,I w, ,J-. ,rl ' , - 7, t . ., , ,L . . V fr LVAKV , 1, .. uni: ' H h. M, t ' ,fr , I 3, utc mson, inneso a T . so ' , V J, , t , ,L . ,L , V -," I . J V, , ', In rf- ' W , Beverly Watkins Chesterton, Indiana Karen Watkins Morris, Illinois L. Diann Weyandt Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania Charlotte Wheeler Rinard, Illinois Neil Whitaker Tomahawk, Wisconsin Michael White Barryton, Michigan David Will Benton Harbor, Michigan Betty Wilson Winchester, Virginia Terry Wilson Detroit, Michigan Evelyn Waisanen Detroit, Michigan Philip Waisanen Wayne, Michigan Dora Walterman Galesburg, Illinois 76 Marlene Yoakam YpS1lEiIlll MlChlgHD Lowell Yung Culde Rock, Nebraska Ronald Zenefskl Kenosha, Wxsconsm We 1 ga 1 9 .- 5 x 5, if 1 I 1 Ruth Zmrzhk Fremont, MlChlgan "There must be a better way! as "Uh, will I see you tomorrow gn z,, "Who cares about wome ' as 77 ..,... ..........,.- -.-,,.,. .. .,.. .,.......,.. ,. . . .. ,- .... ... .,,. , ..,. ,.,.-.-..:LexU,er.,.. W ff-:fwwfe--Hx-H'. ' agzifm-fqgf--Q-.-A.,5:213.,f,,.,xf M---'P++++'-2-::'+e++::gewve-r-ef-fi-+++:' f T-A4 ,..:' s " H k'4'1gf..',',fig,.,V,' , fl? 5-4f4'7ff'?L ' 3 fbi"-T.,..zk , 4 i . ,Q W' '- 'A h32g,"g. L-.QYT.f' ?n-Q A A N, Q'-'W'-my :fyfpp-Q-,.. , is L., f..,, ' T,.,.':,sQ2 ww-. v , . -f-,- ,,,,. , , .., . , ,. , , . L. - A -W--ff'-rw ' Nr., . Af, Q 5 ' V -W ' las ,T f -:V I. "A 1, . ' . 1 . 'J 7 L . ' L r 4 f X . 'T , X: L ,f " k u I f -5 , R mgq-....,,....,-4-,-.,-.44...1,.4a14,.R..::a4a:z:4,.,x,,..,4,,.Q,:QgV15,111,4Qggi-5,5.,g:3gg:sL14?-LLLg--if11-523215Q..-:PL,'5:4ggLaf:Lx-9.,.5.1-Y' - ' ' 1 X 1 ,,..w, S,,. ..,-.g.-. .aw , 4 ' 1. WORSHIP ....,,..?-f-ef-m.,,.,,f-1:--1 0- . PECIAL EMPHASIS SPE KERS Reverend' Wesley F. Morton, well-known evangelist of the As- semblies of God, was the speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week. Reverend Morton stated at the beginning of the week that he desired to see '4God move in the hearts of students," and that he '.I Reverend Richard Dresselhaus, pastor of the Summit Avenue Assemblies of God Church, was the speaker for Stewardship Week, the second week of the fall semester. Reverend Dresselhaus challenged us with his practical messages on being faithful with our time, talent, and treasury. wanted "students to come to know God in a way they had never known Him beforef, These were the results of Spiritual Em- phasis Week. S 54 l Iii' 5 it X 80 Reverend Don Tanner, evangelist and faculty member, was the speaker for the Week of Prayer held the first week of January. Along with music presented by Brother Tanner and his wife, inspiring messages on prayer were delivered. ,fx v gp l Reverend E. M. Clark, Superintendent of the Illinois District of the Assemblies of Cod, was the speaker for Pioneer Pastors' Week. Broth- er Clark encouraged the pioneering of new churches and was instrumental in raising funds for the church which North Central will pioneer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Reverend Stanton Johnson, Superintendent of the Iowa District of the Assemblies of God, was the speaker for Witness Week, spon- sored bythe Christian Service Department. The theme for the week was 4'Redeeming the Time." Reverend Johnson challenged us to become more fervent and more consistent in our witnessing about Christ and His wonderful love. 81 CH PEL GUESTS A number of guest speakers were welcomed to the chapel of North Central throughout the year. Our spiritual lives were enriched by the messages presented by these speak- ers and musicians whom we were privileged to hear. Left: Reverend Herman Rohde, Superintend- ent ofthe Minnesota District Lower left: Reverend Waldo Trask, pastor of the Clad Tidings Assemblies of God Church Below: Reverend Richard Orchard, pastor of the Willmar Assemblies of Cod Church. 'N WY' Above: Dr. F. J. Lindquist, founder of North Central Bible College, and pastor of the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle. Above right: Reverend T. E. Gannon, Assistant Gener- al Superindent of the Assemblies of Cod. Right: Reverend and Mrs. Wesley Morton, evangelists of the Assemblies of God and speakers for Spiritual Em- phasis Week. Below: The Golden Nolen Trio. T79 83 l Above: Rev. and Mrs. Leo Gilman presented the challenge of work among the American Indians. Right: Rev. Doyle Vaughn from Detroit, Michigan, visited with us. Below: Rev. Robert Bartlett, Director of Teen Challenge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, presented the need of workers among deliquent teen-agers. 84 5 E' Rev. Harold Kamppi, Minnesota District Sunday School Director and C.A. Presi- dent, presented a message dealing with the ministry of the Sunday School. ' K Rev Einar Waermo a famed Swedish sing er delighted us with an hour of sacred mu SIC Rev Robert Strand discussed the mmlster and his schedule in a Christian Service lec ture Left to right: Rev. and Mrs. Hargrave, Charlene Carlblom, Rev. Carlblom, Rev. Mclntyre, Rev. Heuser. MISSIO ARY CONVENT 10 North Central held its annual Missions Convention from March 14-18. Throughout the week, missionaries from several lands spoke or lectured on missions. Rev. Heuser, Wisconsin-Northern Michigan District Superintendent, covered home missions, While Rev. Carlblom, Rev. Hargrave, and Rev. Mclntyre concerned themselves with foreign missions. E On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, missionaries spoke to the student body. Tuesday and Thursday mornings were given over to workshops. On each of these days, students had a choice of Workshops in which they could hear lectures on topics ranging from Literature to Women in Missions. Services were held every night. These services were divided into two parts-one part on life on the mission field, and a second part consisting of an evangelistic service. The theme for the convention was "Sounding Forthf, The goal of the convention was to make the students Want to "sound forthw the gospel of Christ both here in America and in foreign lands. The annual Missions Convention was first instituted in 1937, although the prayer hands have been functioning since the foundation of the College in 1930. 86 CH PEL DE CO S The Chapel Deacons are appointed each semester to help make the chapel as com- fortable as possible. They assist in the seating of guests and the collection of of- ferings. During the fall semester, Lowell Anderson, Courtney Harding, Paul Jack- son, John Roy, and Ralph Simmons served. ln the spring, those serving were Dallas Coats, James Englehart, Larry Hale, James Lyons, and Richard Orch- ard. flfrv CI-IRI TIAN SERVICE Q ef fwwz - --.44 4u...,A,..4...,.....r.....u4L.,.:a:,.f:.,,....' .z-.....L.,-4.4..L1-x.hi.:.4,.zi.g4-:-f.-5-?-s1:241h-wi-1-2L- 'L The objective of the Christian Service Depart- ment is to correlate the classroom theory and the development of the practical side of the work and future ministry of the students. Under the capa- ble direction of Reverend Orill Krans, and a faithful student committee, the Christian Service Department is responsible for each Tuesdayis chapel service, the publication of a weeklybul- letin, the assignment and regulation of Christian Service Stations, the formation of Gospel Teams, and the development of the Intern Pastor Program. Rev. Orill Krans, Advisor THE CHRISTIAN SERVICE STUDENT STAFF J. Cwillim C. St. John E. Switzer R- Koenig President Vice-President ViCC-PI'CSid6Hl SCCYEIHTY D, Galyen B. Emanuele D. Rasmussen B. Kirlard Treasurer Artist Publicity Co-ordinator Publicity Co-ordinator 89 i"i L W I I I lr - vnu Cv , President Jerry Gwillim makes notes in preparation for a Staff meeting. Minutes are regularly recorded by Rachel Koenig Elvin Switzer confers with Jerry over a great program idea. 90 Dean Galyen reviews the schedule of Gospel Teams V IDEA WEST TWIN vuley np-Pl' Bxnumsnw' ' U 1 'run lan b n CITIES lun Y" Clarence St John reports on the Chl'lSI1HIl Servlce assignments 91 Denms Rasmussen Becky Emanuele and Bonnie Kmard work falthfully to gether on publlcxty and promotlon L cnv ' pn. Fun on-vv' ,N uxnd T n ' 1.-"ul 1 0.-v' - ' gov" , , u""d .x nuv.r"A' L,uL' uf- ,, f L .... I ., 1 V , :V 4 7 , :',, .M 5 5. Don DeDiemar expounds the Word of God. STUDENTS IN CHRISTIAN SERVICE ACTIVITIE The cars are tightly packed as the students leaye the College on Sunday morning and make their way to their Christian service stations. Charlene Anderson assists the church by playing the organ. ReNelle Kultala teaches an object lesson. Tom Molby favors the congregation wllh a gultar solo Mary Bramard helps m chlldren s church with the choruses Judy Johnson helps the chlldren wlth some handwork THE GALILEANS .loyce Kiser Ellen Jones Corliss Elfstrom , 94 I THE AMBASSADORS Keith Striley Paul Jackson Ray Gentry Wayne Hilton THE GOSPEL FIVE Daniel Rector Sam Hays Darrel Hendrickson J h R ll osep a s 1 Timothy Senf THE GOSPEL HYMNS' TRIO THE HARMONETTES Jennifer Toborg Karen Myhrer Peggy Pilot Nancy Hernandez C l Ed Darlene Peterson THE GOSPEL TEAMS THE MIXED QUINTET THE TORCHBEARERS David Davis Coleen Mort Robert Kvasnica David Will Kathy Kingsriter LarrY Pil0l David Dobrotka Dean CHIYCH 95 Roger Gray gives some last minute instructlons before the students break up into teams of two TEEN CHALLE GE Following the inspiring example of Rev. David Wilkerson of New York, the Teen Challenge group emphasizes personal contact with youth. The group goes out on weekend evenings with literature and a message of God's love burning in their hearts. They go out in all kinds of weather, to all kinds of people, learning and practicing personal evangelism. This yearls group was under the capable direction of Roger Gray, pictured at the right. Right: One of the workers discusses the story of sal- vation with two young boys sitting on a doorstep. Left Two of the young ladles dlstrlbute tracts to a couple of fellow Below It is on corners llke thus that the students dlstrlbute gospel lxterature V 4 n Q , :X , - , ,, 5 f ' ' ra,-1 - , A, ' gg I , .3 ' wxwga 4 X L k Q 97 J., , uf, we 0 x af , uf WA 3 Veg ' s na L ww-...,.-..A The program of the Bible and Missions Department is designed to develop understanding and ability in world missions outreach. It provides academic training, spiritual challenge, and practical experi- ence for Christian missionary work in the local church, pioneer ministry, the home, and foreign missions. Under the capable direction of Reverend James King, Sr., the Student Missions Staff provides leadership for the student missions prayer groups, the annual Missionary Convention, chapel presenta- tions, and a variety of student missions activities. Rev. James G. King, Advisor THE STUDENT MISSIONS STAFF L. Peters C. Lambie D. Eichhorn L. Clarke President Exec. Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President . J. Brown P. Gray G. Gray .l- King. -lf- Secretary Treasurer Artist Al'l1Si ,gp-'Q' 99 1 rmx President Lee Peters gives his smile of approval on the latest bulle- tin prepared for the Thursday morning missions hours. Lowell Clarke and Garth Lambie look enthusiasti- cally involved in a staff session. 100 V f!! Darrell Eichhorn makes a last-minute check before making a progress report. Judy Brown and Peggy Paige count the offerings and make sure the hooks balance. Jim King gives serious thought co-ordination. to the publicity and program ,wi 5,1 5 Glen Gray sketches some drawings for the missions display window. ...V M.M.,.,,-.,,,f,fw:f'rm,,,. ,T Q W Pres. Herb Adams 2. " K ,f- 'Li .,i,1'3-w X , r. ., 'vu-f' ' 2 , t 1 A X 'hm I Sec. Rachel Koenig V.P. Ray Beahm FRICA AAS Pres. Dan Rothwell Sec. Coleen Mort V.P. Elvin Switzer Pres. Bob Lee Sec. Sharon Martini V.P. Sharon O'Leary DEAF Pres. Larry Pxlot EUROPE Sec. Llla Hulslnga V.P. Randy Johncox ,Lg A 105 a 1 . 3 1 L ,- Prvs. Alan Berry Sec. Bonnle Kmard V.P. Nelson Wertz FAR EAST 106 Pres. Larry Hale HOME MISSIO Sec. Becky Emanuele V.P. Lowell Anderson X 107 Pres. Don Waisanen Sec. Marlys Le Roy V.P. Courtney Hardmg LAT I MERICA MIDDLE EAST Pres. Bob Alb1n Sec. Ruthanne Schmldt V.P. Anne KIUIZC 109 AFRICA Mr. and Mrs. Norman Correll Miss Mildred Duncklee Mrs. Kenneth R. Durst Miss Mary Edler Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hargrave Miss Sylvia Hawkinson Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hurst Miss Martha Jacobson Miss Evelyn Kile Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Kingsriter Mr. Merlin Lund Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Tarr Miss Phyllis Wagner SOUTH AMERICA . Peter Brooks . and Mrs. Monroe Grams . and Mrs. David Guenther . Harmon Johnson . and Mrs. Milton Kersten . Clifford Larson . and Mrs. John Mazurek . and Mrs. Henry Mock . and Mrs. Elmer Niles . and Mrs. Richard Palmer SOUTHERN ASIA Miss Christelle Evans Miss Colleen Guinn MISSIONARY ALUMNI OF .C B C Mr. and Mrs. Morris Williams Miss Carol Wingren CENTRAL AMERICA Miss Virginia Carpenter Mrs. Dorothy fOls0nJ Cedarhlom Mr. and Mrs. David Kensinger Mrs. Gladys Kensinger Mr. and Mrs. Richard Larson Mr. Arthur Lindvall Mrs. Donna Lores Mr. Gordon Marker Mr. Harold Mintle Mr. and Mrs. Einar Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shirman EUROPE AND MIDDLE EAST Mr. George Goomas Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J orgenson Mr. Kenneth Klefsaas Mr. Kenneth McIntyre Mr. Donald Ohman Miss Olga Olsson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sundell FAR EAST Mr. Calvin Olson Mrs. Harriet fWilliamJ Schoonmaker Miss Thelma Tate HOME MISSION Miss Eldeth Adkins Mrs. Ethel CNelsonJ Andrus Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Beckstrand Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bisonette Miss Edna Brown Miss Mary Buntenbach Miss Doris Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Cutsforth Miss Ruth Droll Miss Vera Eldridge Mr. and Mrs. Larry Foster Mrs. Edna fGrieppJ Graetz Mr. John C. Gunderson Miss Cecilia Haffner Miss Anna Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnson Mrs. Gerald Larson Mrs. Pearl McCarty Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olson Miss Geraldine Tornfelt Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. John Burke Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carlblom Mr. and Mrs. Orville Carlson Mrs. Lucille Werheyenj Erola Mr. and Mrs. James Larson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Larson Mr. Glenn McCollister Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson ' Miss Palma Ramsborg Mrs. Marjorie fTrulmJ Richert Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sholtis Mrs. Ardelle fAndersonJ Sondeno Mr. and Mrs. Ray Trask 110 From the doors of North Central Bible College, these men and women have gone forth with a passion for lost souls burning within their hearts. Their paths and tasks may vary considerably, but their goal has remained the same to make disci- ples-and to build the Church. North Central Bible College is proud of what has been done, and what presently is being done, through her alumni mis- sionaries for the glory of God. Mrs Kenneth Andrus of McGrath, Alaska, greets the people after a service. Rev. Ray Trask goes on an evangelistic tour via elephant in Burna. S W- Rev. Henry Mock assists with the construction 111 ofa church building. Rev. Richard Palmer, director of a Bible School in Lima, Peru, hands a diploma to one ofthe graduates. And thus, the Work continues to go on-kindling a flame in others that they in turn will ignite still others. Ga "'w-1.-um,, 4' 'wt 55 1 '--..,,N , ,, w....--. ,,,,,,,:-a:::,:a.,,7.4.-:--+4f1-+f--rf- 1: ,- ga, 3.jg.-.q:,57f.,,-,...,.1- 7,..:.g.-:i:w...1- -f-..L:-,:,1Qi.:si-,:...- - ' .1 3---W'L-H---V-f-W-v.,'f.'-rr-'Y-ri-- .irffwigg , :jp I 1 , , V, 5 -.' g,..v,,.-n,..., . f A A .. . -1 ,wvghy 1 3 QE-ff ,wwf ,fwkt + Wi, if A. . '14,-,,g,,3, Aw, fn t .. .,,5. . -L 1 .. ,W , -,., - 1 fi' nf-,g:f'if-1. Q.1+w,.-ga Lwi1QZ2"G?',S?5i?1'gi. ' 251"?54:'.ei'1'.'.f ffjvxf ' ' ' ' ' . U XM Y -1'?,aQF"-K .-"'1niV2?- :imfblfffzifx -f?f1'v::-SSA'-ive1-vi:-wgzpi A . M- Lv L, ' :V -ww .A wfff: f U r f 1 - " , L -wwzf.-1. Q.. mum-Xfwxxna'LvQg6fi,Q 1 ' fMf?."1J-1-A W ' - 1 21' ' .aan " vi L, f X . 5 X -nw K ff .,-,1,- A . V' -ISM" -A, --is fm. r, .T ,W .4 -M J- Han' .. ,. . ., '1 H: v-1+ i'1T'f1wM'+-iwiigfwfk :,f,,,f L s ' 9 il , U L3 f 3 :A -yew . ffm t 'fx'gg1:szTjfk 'ymghm ll - f V, , -' ,, , f ' " " N ff 4 iQLf7?l2'lf .4Qf',:gffvLY,-.S-'. ' ---11'-T'. . , " Er ' 4 -- ' V fir' ' ,- -ff A 'swf' V "FLM mfr, ,ff-'S'f?'f3fsJfuvffqi' ey ' f W . H4, l,,k,VgA: K way- V, Mgr: 7 ,I . pg ' , eg, f A 1 W ' J v X - .vjifvf 't'f'p'il, , s l J v M, Q , A4 w qi, 1 K iff " 2 . A ,fiiilf A H' 'Q' L , ,iv - . W.-4.1. Q. fflfajil A ' C ,Q I- A K , K5 ' . f . if--7-35 fwiws 1 gg Q M1 fir mga, , -'if A 0 ' 1 by l ,, ., Q1 I 7, ' ' 7 V "' , f J-gf'-' . lv- ' N3 '25 , . A - , X V. - - ' " ' A qw, 9515, ,, mn- - t Q 4 a ., H xg " ffmmf ,U K ' xl' ' 7 A V A Y 'L 47 "I, uh f m n: 5. ,. ' , , 9 5,5 V, , ,-nf it I ,,. ,. 4 'lv , xi - ai ,vm ,EU I H K, 5, 4 . . we-rw ii f " L' W il ' , f 'KK ,ww , , ' 1 I "Y 'M -'I' . , ' . Lgyy . A 'J ,xa"'Pifaw. .W L 1 - 'Tx . - ai:Wff,ii's5Qf::' ' x gh - f ef: 'Vg a :iv 1, Q L' ag: Q ,Q 1- anim 1g3Xgfif159,gi:T?5P3,.k g X .Avi 4 - ,, ., 13: 11, M5215'fi-wf,f,ivfg.Jy L 1 x fly. Mf5,vM.,,,L I - ,si ,f gwjtqg Mn ,v, 1 f , t.,5,a1Y if ff f ! L ! , QJZTJ Ti. E ' 2 l I i 'ffm I , 4 'A 'RTM MM 1 I : 5 " H .WM D "M Q 1 ,qu a 'N V C-.......... . ,Mm 32 ,5 K F Mm, V . f .,...-- ay Q R W , . f .WQMQ iff' by NA x,s,.kq,.P A ,. -f'f' ,Je ..s pr USIC Row 1: C. Rothe, C. Elfstrom, R. Hamelink, R. Szep, B. Liddle, C. Jorgensen, C. Jacobson, T. Strandquist, R. Gentry, T. Doane, C Mort. Row 2: E. Eoff, D. Carpenter, R. Kultala, D. Rector, J. Cum- Erickson, J. Will, M. Jabs. Row 4: C. Davis, M. LaBruyere, C. Ami mings, L. Stetler, M. Staudt. Row 3: L. Huisinga, S. Martini, R. THE EVANGEL IRES The Evangelaires, NCBC,s mixed choir, have recently completed a year of suc- cessful singing and representing Christ throughout the upper Midwest. Through a blend of melodic tones, harmony, and words, the Evangelaires have presented Christ to their audiences. The group is made up of 34 members and several small instrumental groups Within the organization. Under the direction of Reverend L. B. Larsen, the choir has presented concerts for Southdale, Revival- time, and has participated in the "Singing Christmas Tree." The group is eagerly anticipating another successful year. 114 tie, R. Thomassen, J. Strandquist, T. Senf, T. Mclntire, M. Richter, J. B. Swanson, C. Evenson. Kathy Kingsriter, Pianist Rev. L. B. Larsen, Director I Miss Ronna Wiley, Director Row 1: M. Yoakum, P. Royer, D. Stephens, B. Wilken, B. Decker. Row 2: J. Johnson, B. Emanuele, R. Koenig, S. Hanson, O. Marx, J. Stefan. Row 3: B. Wilson, S. Hendrickson, J. Eastman, P. Hunt, D. Waisanen, Soloistg T. Loven, L. Clarke, B. Collver-Male Assistants 116 M Bolt M LeRoy C Wheeler Not plctured D Mlller R Nel son J Stevens THE CHOR LETTES The Choralettes, the ladles chorus of N C B C ,look hack upon a year of serv1ce ln song wtth sat1sfact1on and thankfulness to bod for Hts many blessmfm It haf. been the alm of the Qhoralettes throughout the year to project the 1111326 of Qllllql and to draw the attention of both the saved and the unsaved to the Crocs of C,.llI'lSl Their program const-els of a wlde varlety of SHCICd melod1eQ mcludmg mettumen tation The second hall ofthe proifram contam-Q Qongs and narration about the life of Qllflil from H15 hlrth to HN death Wllll anticipation and excltement the Lhoralettes are lookmg forward to then summer tour nn ,Ium lhey plan to visit IH my states m thc West and Middle Wt st . , . , . . ' ' : . ' , . - , . . - 1 . . ' D. . , . - N . x l - f- 5 u T ' . ' ' r, ' . . Q ' V' ' , A , , , , , . , . , ' c. T ' 2 Q ' ' f ' J: ' ' 2 if . 117 . ., --..,....-fl . ..,. , nw, , , - . . .-, .--...,. --..... ,-,..u......z..u.:-.-.,...,..,..,.-,L...4,., -g,,..n,,:,,-.. ,.g:,,1.f.aLLaQ ...Lim .,:,.,..,.,a.,,g, Be.. , , Left to right. Row 1. C. Edington, J. Toborg, P. Pilot, R. Lee, G. Swagger, D. Walterman. Row 2. W. Marshall, L. Anderson, B. Johnson, D. Galyen, D. Will, J. King, M. Chapman, R. Kvasnica, D TI-IE GOSPEL I-IYMNS The Gospel Hymns, the male chorus of N.C.B.C., consists of 18 men anda girls' trio and soloist. As a unit, the g'roup,s purpose is to tell the lost of the living Christ. With thankful hearts, the Gospel Hymns reflect back upon a successful year in which they presented concerts of favorite hymns and gospel songs. The theme of their concerts was the greatness of God in our vast universe. Looking forward to an inspiring summer tour and the coming year, the Gospel Hymns continue to prepare and favor their audiences with their ministry in song. 118 1 Lehmann Row 3 D Davis M Krans W Jennmgs P Walsanen D Dobrotka Larry Pilot PIHHISI Rev Or1llKrans Dlrector N 119 -.W-Fi f e s ,. , , 1.-. THE CONCERT BAND The Concert Band, under the direction of Lloyd Meyer, has been a great asset to our College this year. The group played for the C.A. Convention, Homecoming, the District Music Conference, and the graduation ex- ercises. The instrumentalists also helped to create enthusiasm and school spirit by play- ing at the basketball games. The Gospel Hymns The Evangelaires North Central's musical ensembles prepare for the many concerts they present throughout the year. Each group meets at least twice a week for regular practice sessions, besides having special rehearsals. Many hours of hard work and prayer are put into presenting the living Christ as they minister throughout the country representing the College. i 122 The Concert Band The Chapel Choir The Choralettes 123 A I A W3 A a V, Vw' 'a . ,QQ X - ' Z Vi 34 1ffd.:, Mgxgx , ,-gwzrf xg , - 4. Q X-.e1f..4.L,f:a f' 2 x M .-L 1. A , . W, , QQ-:vm . x f , , . X -me V: ,4.ii1'f-:M--1 1:15-291-,J -1 ,. rv. ,,. 1' V . , 171, ,. 3.4-1,-sei, :ive-af--,:,:fzf,fv,,:, :,:.ff1'- 'f.f.:vf...:...-w-w--w-,f--,- Parliamentarian Wes Wold, President Thom Loven, Secretary Loretta Stetler, Vice President Clarence St. John, Treasurer Garth Lambie. S UDE TCO ER ME T The Student Government is one of the most important organizations at North Central Bible College. lt is composed of the President and two representatives from each class and of the President of each student organization. Beside presenting proposals to the administration for approval, the Student Government has initiated and promoted the first annual North Central Bible College Homecoming. 126 . ...a .... . ,,-4.Js..-f.-:snail Mi..4.4,f..-.H.-N.J-...ea.,...,s...:.....,.-.-...Lau-.........,,....4,A.ska.L.u.t.s.-Lf::.z.1.-,.::s,4ac4,.-.,....,....,.,. .WW-.. . . STUDENT .GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES Student Government President ............................ Thom Loven Freshman Class ............................ Robert Kvasnica, President Darrel Hendrickson Vicki ,lordeth Sophomore Class ........................,. Jerry Strandquist, President Ronald Hamelink Lila Huisinga Junior Class ................................. Lowell Clarke, President Loretta Stetler Ray Gentry Senior Class .................................... Wes Wold, President Garth Lambie Clarence St. .lohn Archive ............................ , ................ Rachel Koenig Christian Service ..................,................... Jerry Gwillim Men's Dormitory Council ................................ James Lyons Missions ............................................... Lee Peters Northern Light ........................,.............. James King, Jr. Women's Dormitory Council ............................... Joyce Kiser 127 Government members, Lowell Clarke and Lila Huisinga, take their work seriously. Secretary Lorie Stetler bus- ily records the minutes of the meeting. S DE TGOVER ME I 128 S SSIO President Thom Loven recognizes a member who wishes to speak. 181' 'Qff'ifi11iW41, e , Senior members, Jim Lyons, Lee Peters, and Wes Wold, consider the business which is being discussed. Standing: Sam Hays, Blane Huston, Richard Jorgensen. Seated: James Lyons. MEN'S DORMITORY COUNCIL The lVIen's Dormitory Council is composed of elected representatives. They are in charge of the Weekly prayer meetings in their dormitory. They also work closely with the Dean of Men in making improvements throughout the men's dormitory. 130 Ft Standing: liathy Reuter, Mary Andreasen, Ellen Jones, Carolyn Mount, Donna Cubberly, Donna Stephens, Miss Ione Soltau, Dean of Women. Seated: Millie Heaton, Joyce Kiser, Corliss Elfstrom. WoMEN's Do,RM1ToRY COUNCIL The Women's Dormitory Council, under the supervision of the Dean of Women, is comprised of representatives from each of the floors in the girls' dormitory. The Council presents proposals to the Dean of Women for her approval in making dorm life as pleasant as possible. These girls are also responsible for the weekly prayer meetings and the bulletin boards on their respective floors. 131 Thom Loven Editor ARCI-II E The 1966 ARCHIVE staff is unique in that most of its members were selected from the newly formed journalism class. Amid pictures, proportion dials, "dummy sheets,', and the coffee pot, the staff produced the 1966 ARCHIVE and learned the principles of journalism. The year was not without its moments of fatigue and frustration as Editor Loven and his staff worked far into the night to meet the seemingly ever-present deadlines. The new, conveniently located office was appreciated by the entire staff. The work involved in this publication, although difficult at times, was a pleasure and honor on the part of the staff. We trust that the hours invested have proved worth while by producing a record of the events which made the 1965- 66 school year one of the finest in the history of North Cen- tral Bible College. Editor Loven and his assistant, Rachel Koenig, consult Advisor of Student Publications, Miss Penny Hunt i l Assistant Editor, Rachel Koenig, reminds the staff of the work that must be done to meet the next deadline. Miss Penny Hunt Advisor Photographer, Ray Beahm, prepares to 'ishootu a chapel speaker. Photographer, Dave Davis, catches another subject off guard. 133 .nl Business Manager Dennis Rasmussen plans the layout for an ad he has sold. Business Secretary Carolyn Edington types one of the many letters sent to churches and businessmen soliciting advertis- ing. Dave Lehmann offers Sharon Martini a suggestion for the Mis- sions Section. Kathy Kingsriter prepares the copy to complete an assignment made to her. Sharilyn Hanson, Darlene Fick, and Beverly Decker work on the layout of the faculty section, Business Manager Dennis Rasmussen gathers incoming mail. HS .. ' M.-4-3,11 r 'M M X hw N , I Q' in I K A ffl 1 fffifffstf ,W 4 t x v 'nv-T' , gkfa ...,, I Q Classroom preparation leads to a successful publication. 4 Robert Veach, Dan Rothwell, and Dean Galyen correlate their plans for the next issue. James King, Jr. Editor-in-Chief THE ORTHER LIGHT M The Northern Light is the official student publication of North Central. It presents a varied format consisting of college news, editorials, features, humor, and student interest stories. The Northern Light has two objectives: QD to inform the students on current events, and C25 to stimulate them toward a more progressive student body. Many considered the 1965-66 editions of the Northern Light to be some of the best ever published. The use of more pictures, departmental columns, humor, and letters to the editor contributed much toward a new style of paper. Considerable emphasis was placed on writing in correct journalistic style. 136 Photographer Ray Gentry and Business Manager Ray Corlew di issue. Editor .lim King consults the Ad visor of Student Publications Miss Penny Hunt, as Assistant Editor Ron Davis looks on scuss the next Peggy Pilot, Columnistg Vicky Jordeth, Typist: Milt Krans, Sports Editor: Al Rodgers, Columnist Lmda Scantling, Layout Editorg Rosemary Lundman, Typist. - 1 'P fir . W Nt 'f , -X W1 .. . mf.-. ..,., '1',- . 55 ' ' s X-z,.',,: 2247. aff - -f-3, L W Chili r A Mibaggg , .- V- K .T ,. f -'af :4 f. ' . f 1 . iffg-4'-f.-,V - ,A -Q 1 f-:wa-lif f:1'5.ff:f,'.f-1'-.J f' 4- 5515-1 -1' 7 -- 1-V, - fn 1-1 1- .' -4572, ew, ww- fwww-N, ,. f, f f:,f-,ws -- dw. ' -X . ,f-,f'f'fY" q--fvifii -1 ' MSW wi? .IVY wzwff' ' 'wff---.'--.i .fa f V: A - f .f " if f N 1 4, .waz fr: 33 ,. , , ,. ,MWY Q., A Smeg, ,W N., ,, ,MQ .. , , . ,,Q,n-1,g,,- Mg, ,,f I gyzzyq Nw,,,k-5,1-5714 -'mls' -C-:yur VA f' 5,1 pe,'M.,wV.' '-'N If Xf?J5f"'5F' :'7"'.' 'HA 'Nl'-I .fl 2' ff! I ' 1--,J .. . f .?fff:4QfS2i2 fi.,1Q :QC .3 1 -i X gf-- , 'fig i.:-1.1, 11 ' 741 i4?Xff1iffg- fifjl . Y. - . - , 5 - , ff f. -. .1pt,..v-if-'--was'ffifswfwfrvlvffffvvffmgfw.--1-f,f4:fvM5Pffs4'A1ff:bww-vvQy.fq-mfgfiff'z,-a,:-s:f-f- if-A+, , ygcggq,-gmgvexi.-aff. F . , . V Q ' ' 1 A- -af k..fgf:.wqx:2,:g1.-.:' ., 1,2 - -Y gf9'i'1'v-"Qi2'f.,f . - - .Huw--2-g 1 f-:fxlffsif-'...fii-'Jrf':- 1-'rlwi-3z'ffiff5"'c fy' f' .wif 5. '-'fx "'f: 2Y'- ffXY"2"fJ"s:?4i-11. . A Q f -f fa? .' . -, - ,, ,:- , . .mf.f,.,+.:- ,,p-,,tw.g,f,f. .-f,,g-1-wifgz-'H-,fafzlfw f,wJavM1f,-,.t4?-. W .Ag 5,1 -' -Pi .a-95. A 4. Y4,fSf!P3Hf'1-Sa,-QW,-1 age, . . ,Q ' 5 f rf, K- - 'Q' , -ifQf':S5f-li 'ki I I 1'-f2',fbi.-"iw-i,h125f21rf mfigiix-rx A-Q23-F15 Q2 ag, ,gz?p-gm--H4gi,6fLa " " .Mwwrw .63 . -wi '-316 ' ' ' .316 ,i5.,'h45fg,5Q5'1. 'w.':X'aa?.S-Qi 1,..1.'mg.f5..i .H - -f , as gmc' :nw QQ Q -, '14 K- 'K f1Am,,ff.fs2iLsff-7'f- M. if , Age 'ska-Q ..--f':'1-we.4-,Q-3-'Fam-.ek ' :.-bnafa ex:--t'2z'.m-3 -zz--va -A-rf f Q - ' X. gg Q6 . f .tf"k--.-1, 'f . LQ: 1,20-Qfgilpkvg'-f"-if :ff Lv' "" FWZ? Af ,A 5 ',-1' -fxji' T .5 1 I' " 'J'-'fif'-5.95 12 ,,gf--13,-ffzv -fam, 'K NTL f. , f . x -f f' 05- N A -- -12 ,f?g.:-?l:-yQg+5,-vw123,?f7ff5514,ie,ff,f,3?,gt-aQZy21wfs'Xffw115??if55,A7': vffswi+vu,vf.xMv'3 -- . 42. w.-1'-efl if , , -if -.553- ' 'IQ QM: , A - . Q52- - -M 22 " A 1 379, A-'E 'agfdcwi L Sk?-fm ' 'xii' " 'Z' - "'1"f'? g ' . V, : .l . .-f.-.-.1 -1.1- .gf , --L - .-..-W.--.M ' II I ' A " fffiff- f'f'L'i5?5'T'3.1Yiiifiiifffi.15:Qfkhz.L4:Efi'.'Ei.L1Z':L'.2.':...,..:5:.-.--N... .,,. ,..,M..-..-,.....,,.,f ,. ,. ... ,. E , . , """01'15giT.'. f , - i: . V1-'iff'--, 1'-iii--.v'-f. '74-sn-s:,.' -hz:---....' -,w -- 2... v 'V . i X , RECRE TIO 140 ZW 'Qi' G ' 'L k , .fii1y:,f'.f- f w::',,,-:- if 2 'I' - - ' LQ f We V NV w , 4313 141 1 Left to right: Bonnie Lutey, Lynnette Witty, Jackie Docusen CI-IEERLEADER Another facet has been added this year to North Central's growing student activity program. Six girls have been chosen to represent the "Crusaders" as a cheerleading squad and to promote school spirit in athletic events and other social activities. "We Want everyone to know that we think NCBC is greatf, say the cheerleaders. 142 Bonnie Wilken, Jan Stefan, Linda Solomon 3 A , 3? 1, I Jig? 3 41, 4 First Row, left to right: D. Reed, N. Hillestad, P. Waisanen, Rosenow, R. Thomassen, M. Krans, D. Mooberry, T. Reine, R. C. Lambie, Clarence St. John, R. Hamann, T. Strandquist, V. Kvasnica, R. Simmons, D. Rector-Student Manager. Not Hagenbeck. Row 2: Advisor Ray Levang, D. Hendrickson, T. pictured! J. Strandquist, Carl St. John, R. McCullough. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1965-66 DATE Dec. 4 Sat. Dr. Martin Luther College There Dec. 11 Sat. Concordia Here Dec. 13 Mon. "'St. Paul Bible College Here Dec. 18 Sat. Northwestern College Here Jan. 15 Sat. "Pillsbury Here Jan. 22 Sat. Concordia There ' Ilan. 29 Sat. "FSL Paul Bible College There Feb. 4 Fri. Lutllgran Bible Institute There Feb. 5 Sat. Metropolitan Jr. College Cllomecomingj Feb. 7 Mon. Northwestern College There Feb. 18 Fri. Lutheran Bible Institute Here Feb. 24 Twin Cities Bible College and 26 Tournament YMCA Mar. 1 Tues "'Dr. Martin Luther Here Mar. 5 Sat. :kPillsbury There i'iAll these games are conference games. BASKETBALL The Crusaders team this year was made up mostly of sophomores and freshman. Two practices were held each week. Due to work schedules, it was not possi- ble for all the Crusaders to be at practice together at one time. Despite this handicap, the team displayed real skill and sportsmanship. This was the first year that the Crusaders partici- pated in the Minnesota River Valley Conference. Faculty Advisor, Ray Levang, serves as Vice-Presi- dent of the conference. At present, there are four teams in the conference-North Central Bible Col- lege, St. Paul Bible College, Dr. Martin Luther Col- lege, and Pillsbury Bible College. Each team in the conference played each of the other teams twice during the season, one game being played at home and one away. gn Co-Captains, G. Lambie and Clarence St. John. I' M5 .JC if? f J ' I Jump high, jump low Faculty Advisors-Rev. John Phillipps and Rev. Raymond Levang. ga an In V, 1 London Bridge is falling downln Milt scores again! ? 4 f S 5 E 1 9 5 3 1 F z sz ai 1 5 2 Q E F 5 Qi 5 1 S N 9. a i Q 5 2 S LI DQU1 T RECEIVES Ho OR At the 1964- Commencement of North Central Bible College, the College conferred its first doctorate upon Reverend F. J. Lindquist, Founder and firstfPresident of the College. The Board of Regents of the College authorized the granting of the degree. President G. Raymond Carlson read the citation. Dean M. C. Nelson assisted Rev. Lindquist as he donned the doctoral robe, placed the mortar board on his head, and adjusted the colorful theology hood. Dr. Lindquist stood at the head of the receiving line with the students to receive the congratulations of the Collegegfaculty and friends. The Class of 1965 presented an oil portrait of Dr. F. J. Lindquist to the College as the class gift. F Recognition of the conferral of Dr. Lindquist's degree was made to his congregation at the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle on Sunday evening, January 16, l966. President Carlson read the citation again as he presented the diploma to Dr. Lindquist-mln recognition of your vision for the expansion of God's work, your faith to believe itpossible, and your courage to found an institution for the prepara- tion of Workers for the Kingdom of Cod, we confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Divinityf, 150 ., ,.m.,L , ..,, ,. .V,. 5-..-M --if N NCBC PIO EERS CHURCH During the annual Pioneer Pastors' Week, Rev. E. M. Clark, Illinois District Super- intendent, challenged the students with the need for more Assemblies of God churches. lt was pointed out that our task was greater than ever before due to the great increase in population and the many areas yet without a Pentecostal witness. We were also reminded of the effect pioneer work has had on our foreign mission- ary work. From the time the Assemblies of God was organized in 1914-, the ratio of churches in the homeland to foreign missionaries has remained approximately 10 to one. When we had 2,500 churches, there were 250 missionaries, when 5,000 churches, there were 500 missionaries, and with 8,500 churches, there were 850 missionaries. Our foreign missionary work has grown in proportion to the increase in number of churches in the homeland. During Pioneer Pastors' Week, North Central Bible College students and faculty pledged 355,300 toward opening a new church this summer. The church is being built in Greenfield, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb, and will be pastored by Rev. Morris Ohlin, a 1958 graduate of North Central Bible College. All details relating to this effort are being worked out in close cooperation between the Wisconsin-North- ern Michigan District and the College. 152 PLANS FOR NEW CHURCH 1 i nllll ' hlll -4' - "" . , . . - - S--.!.1.1n.. , - ' ., f- 21 ua" ...Q 4.4: r I D' .1411-li -3- nAI""'-A-"'l: E l . F' i 1 " 1: llr' 41"Yl,- 'Wil Eh' -MA---ll!!! - 23:2 --Z.. 2 , All: -1 ..-,,,,mu. -1 -li!-il " 'A 0 :1l'L""'- -.l-- I ....... .. - .. L.-- -- . .- --- - X 3 --,- --umm, ,,g,i, M, mt VA E- 153 L- R. 'v, ,fl iq? 'V 154552. .Q ' I ' A ,V 5 , .max av- 52 , . N 1 , Q Q f rg, 12 'ff wil X ' gpm , ' 5,4 f ff V, fig i M. , 4 2255 ' Z f, F Ex fri f Y , fp' . fr: ?' 'f , ' 121 ,1 1 1l ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Vi tl 15 - 1 li -Kumi Z X , 1 1 1 gusm 1M ' 11 1 l . , l l 1 l . l 1 1 1 ji 111 . lf? 1 sk! 114 l1 A , m1 1 lil , 1 ll1 1ll , l 1 l 1' 1 1 11 Q11 11 1 W 1 , 11 1 ii 1 Congratulations Graduates of '66 from the MINNESOTA DI TRICT COUNCIL CHome of North Central Bible Collegel 820 East 14th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55404 1 11 l 1 ' l li l . fl' l 1 1, 111 11 l 1 I 1 ll Minnesota Students attending North Central Bible College 'l 11 li 1 1 11 1' I 1 1 lil DISTRICT 11 Q U EXECUTIVES 1 fl 1 1l 15 V l 1' 1 11 Herman H. Rohde, Superintendent Secretary-Treasurer, Kenneth M. Freiheit l 1 l l X SECTIONAL PRESBYTERS Julius Olson, Southwest l Ray Collver, Northwest Walter Hatchner, South Central 1 Robert Scharnberg, Northeast O. E. Carter, Southeast ' Rowland Dean, West Central Robert Hanson, West Twin Cities i' Q Melford Olson, East Central E. B. Adamson, East Twin Cities Si l Richard Orchard, Middle West Amos Levang, North Twin Cities l 1 Martin Gerdes, Central Frank J. Lindquist, Honorary G. R. Carlson, President, N.CJB.C. if 1 1 ,i .. '1 1 it 1:11 it ,z 1 ' 1' ' E ix . 1 . 1 DEPARTMENTS . . . SUNDAY SCHOOL Harold Kamppi, Director CH RlST'S AMBASSADORS Qgvs AMBASS400 is J sr 45: 'T' 'S JZ- ' 5 "f6'ufs pr mis lm Harold Kamppi, President Som Peterson, Vice President David Nelson, Secretary MEN'S FELLOWSHIP ROYAL RANGERS Harold Komppi E. B. Adamson, Director LAKE GENEVA BIBLE CAMP Kouples Kamp June 10-I2 College 8. Career June I7-19 Family Camp June 24-July 4 Jr. High Camp July ii-16 Sr. High Camp July i8-23 Girl's Comp July 25-30 Boy's Camp Aug. l-6 Lester Hughes, Director Mrs. S. R. Johnson, President Mrs. Stanley Clarke, Vice-President Mrs. Herman H. Rohde, Secretary fi W .,,. wi x x' 1! gas ' Ti ' 2 iw. I 'Q ,f e zz! EEL? 22212 . f , ' f f I' , ., L X , 1 f if SA 1-, ,1,,h.. 5 1 iii T, .1 as THE ALU NI ASSOCIATIO AND E THE LIVING ENDOWMENT FELLOWSHIP WELCOME THE CLASS OF 1966 DAN NUNGESSER REV. DAVID NELSON Presidenf K I q I Vice President JEANETTE TOSTEN Secretary ALUMNI COMMITTEE Dan Nungesser, Chairman STATISTICS Arvid Kingsriter Alumni Amos Levang Graduates . . . . . 2000 David Nelson Greater Alumni . . . . 3I8O Marvin Nelson Total Membership .. . . . 5I80 Virginia Peterson Jeanette Tosten Plan To Attend The T967 4. 1--sow? . . Please send items of I 1ff'f?I2 Fifi all J fl .1239 Baccalaureate ............. May 21 Alumni Banquet .... To be announced Commencement ............ May 26 nterest for publication in THRUST to: The Public Relations Notify us of any change in your address- - Office, N.C.B.C. "Present Your bodies a Living sacrifice" Rom I2:I : S 'WvMWvv't5mw DISTRICT COUNCIL of the ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Waupaca, Wisconsin Darwin H. Heuser, Superintendent -' Lyle Curtis, Ass't Supt. I DEPARTMENTS 1 Sunday School 5 John V. Ohlin, Director Christ's Ambassadors ' John V. Ohlin, President Women's Missionary Council Mrs. Darwin Heuser, President 3 Men's Fellowship a William!,Hicks, Director ' I 9 we INVITE You TO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I966 GRADUATES OF N.C.B.C. WISCONSIN AND NORTHERN MICHIGAN Charles A. Ander PRESBYTERS Bronnie Stroud N. L. Shotvvell Herbert Kolenda Gordon Johnson Irvin Bowers Victor Hillestad Orto Lemberg Andrew Eytzen Donald Skaggs I ASSIST US IN FULFILLING THE GREAT COMMISSION SOD, Sec.-Treas l l I I I E l OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T966 l y Honoring our Students l I I from Rochester I O. E. Carter Craig Cane., i Pago' Assistant Pastor I Carlton Jacobson Randa Hart I "Trust in the Lord with all thine hearty and lean not unto thine own understanding. ln all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy paths." Rochester Assembly Of God Church I "A Christ Centered Church in the Medical Center of the World" The South Dakota District Council Otters Congratulations to the Class of '66 To this graduating class of North Central Bible College we commend the personal experience indicated by these words in your every endeavor for Christ. ' "JESUS HIMSELF DREW NEAR, I AND WENT WITH THEM" , Luke 24:15 1 SOUTH DAKOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF OOD 721 West Havens Mitchell, South Dakota l I S. H. Petersen A. S. Teuber W. F. Reichelt 1 Superintelndent Assistant Superintendent SeC'y-Treasurer l I l I l l l l l .l I II I i - ., Z Congratulations Class of T966 From BETHEL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Ass I -a. .J . 'v ekf if VV' Z 5'7"w..'..5i 4 5? I Robert C. Hanson Paul Hanson Randy Johncox Mrs. R. C. Hanson Pastor Assistant Pastor Assistant Pastor "As long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper." ll Chron. 26:5 "The End of Your Search For a Friendly Church." 'OUR CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of T966 "The soul ofthe sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat." Proverbs 13:4 l CHURCH BOARD MEMBERS ' ' John Everett I Mrs. John Everett pastor Ralph Berger Bennie Gerdes Don Bruxvoort Art Schaap Henry Tims WORTHINGTON ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH 5th Avenue at 'I3th Street Worthington, Minnesota Fundamental Evangelistic Distinctively Pentecostal THE OHIO NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Offers ' Life ' Auto ' Hospitalization Fire and casualty Accident 81 sickness Member of NCBC Insurance Development Program Bob Moring fClass of 'SOD Robert L Morlng 1515 Lake Street Phone 724 3607 Mpls Munn Res 935 2689 Counsellng On All Types Of Insurance CONGRATULATIONS WHEN THE NEED To Class of IS SPECIAL '966 City of lakes Church 3520 West 43rd Sf A SPECIALIST Mp., M,,,,, IS NEEDED C In u ro h CHRIST OUR LIFE f 4'3i'-Svwf ch Nlutual ,W gpg' ll I 1'-T'?'P'1"15h INBJRANOE ooMPANv Munn wuoomon Writ 56 l w Rev Katter Pastor . . 0 . . ., . . ., . e e 99 Ill 4 il i WT' ., -- fl I-'F .1 n-gg ' gt WMM.. 75 A--. mm.. i ,-- o -' 0-- - ii .. , wi . . f- f " ' 9 V . w. , olumocl- .- ,Nfxfg xi-1 1 N-Q F 2 , -TX ,r X xx x X X ff, , N X , . Ns. ' X X ,f " X ' X X X X X XXX "All are architects of Fate . . ." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has said in his poem, "The Builders." And, so we all share in a common destiny under God. We look for a ", . . city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God." of the great army of the Lord, As you leave the halls of learning you become a part going forth to battle. Whether in the ministry, as a businessman, or in some profession, you have a contribution to make to the future we share. Some sow, some water, and some reap. However, glory is not in the kind of task, but in a job well done. GE IIIIAL CIIUIIUIL-IISSIIMBLIII ollillli T M45 Boonville Avenue, Springiield, Missouri 65802 er, Beverly Paulson, LaVonne Larson, Diane Der- heim, Back row: B. Bush, M. Erickson, M. Van Wagner, M. LaBruyere, L. Olson. w b al I Ai 4 PM fi t H 5516? f .. ff Kenneth E. Olson District Superintendent CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES NORTH DAKOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL First row: left to right, Barbara Loven, Linda Sag- Devils Luke, North DCIIYOTU if if 8 W J f qv Q25 , groom, 3 vfgflfii , A ,efffafi -5, einoiwigg sea 'fs 'i' I7 0 7 ' '54 ITE' w as gr f Charles Jackson Ass't. Dist. Superintendent r L 97 ii' fE?ffQff I If illi I I I I L' - 'Q .4 Qgffv, i s L T I ' It f Q, rf if ' Qi, -ol 5133 3533 'zz I ' y f Q R Q x o' . tj n If 5 Raymond Loven District Secretary-Treasurer Bless! Class Of 1966 ASSEMBLY HOMES Incorporated MINNESOTA HOMES IN- Glenwood Hoffman Austin Clarktield Redwood Falls Barnesville Inver Grove UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN- St. Peter BOARD OF DIRECTORS L. D. KRAMER President IVAN KRAMER Vice President Z DENMAN H. MAPSON O SERVE Secretary-Treasurer , HERMAN H' ROHDE THE NEW HEADQUARTERS OFFICE G. RAYMOND CARLSON of Assembly Homes, Inc. at Glenwood CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of I 966 from Friends and Members of the ANOKA ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 540 East River Road Anoka, Minnesota Pastor Sz Mrs. L. G. Tandberg Sl Girls CONGRATULATIONS' We thank God for you who have heard the Master's call to service. May His sweet presence be with you always! ASSEMBLY OF con Sherburn, Minnesota MELVIN B. HANSON, Pastor SUMMER EMPLOYMENT Full Time Part Time Interesting Good Pay Immediate Opening We Need You Mpls. 827-2961 N. Mpls. 521-8891 St. Paul CA 6-1918 Personnel Dept. Personnel Dept. I Personnel Dept. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1966 J. PHILIPP GUSTAFSON 5509 James Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota WA 6-991 8 CA 2-8455 Life, Annuities, Accident 81 Sickness Pension Trusts, Group Insurance, Health l I W. Leroy Battle Psa. 46:1 NCBC Graduate '50 Mpls. Gospel Temple 1908 4th Avenue So. Mpls. 5, Minnesota THE CHURCH WITH A WARM WELCOME. PASTORS OF HOUSE or REFUGE" T Prov. 14:26 NW Graduate '56 Residence: 220 E. 42nd Street Minneapolis, Minnesota St. Paul Gospel Temple 247 No. Grotto St. St. Paul 4, Minnesota Congratulations to NCBC, a place we will THE CHURCH WITH A WARM ATMOSPHERE. always cherish for the spiritual foundation received, as well as the Biblical training. May God bless its staff, student body, and you. Listen to The Hour of Deliverance Each Sunday from 10:00-10:30 p.m. Station WMIN On Your Dial I WE FURNISH FREE BUS SERVICE FOR YOUR CHILDREN OUR CHURCH FAMILY and CONGRATULATIONS OUR PASTOR'S FAMILY Class of 1966 from BRAINERD ASSEMBLIES OF GOD TABERNACLE 1 N. E. Washington and Gillis Avenue Congratulate Graduates and BRAINERD, MINNESOTA Welcome Students PAYNE AVENUE ASSEMBLY OF GOD Payne 81 Jessamine, St. Paul Phone 771-4109 Melford A. Olson, Pastor Dean C. Gross, Youth Pastor WE SALUTE Gene Holbrook Blane Huston Duane Mooberry Rev. Claude Bratvold, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS cLAss or 1966 "Present your bodies a living sacrifice." Romans I2:l X5 S? sciigf i st Q 9' GOSPEL TEM BI min ton Avenue 00 9 Mi n n ea pol i s 4, Mi n n esota C H Es.. 1 .,7 - - v, Q , yf Er 1 gy, 'WJ v W- t , at r F ffgifwss M ,H ., Zig Qi 1 in laying I if ta ip 4 'fi ig ex V 'Oi fi f A gwgw 2 f wx V di . A 5 wijllflawrgf A. s Q . 3: P 'I' as or . . tra n Syst'-fhs .-hiicz a , D? ef .sf f -45 I C CHU "That he might present it to 'himself a glorious church." Eph. 5:27 t s HURCH WITH THE FULL GOSPEL MESSAGE CONGRATULATIONS T0 CLASS 0F 1966 ARDENA BicE Pastor 8. Mrs. O. W. Apple Church Board Members 81 Friends of FIRST ASSEMBLIES OF GOD iorh sf. 8. iofh Ave., s. FARGO, N. DAK. "Congratulations" Assembly of God Church Faribault, Minnesota Howard L. Shaffett, Pastor bk g V :ic wi: Greetings From the Twin Cities FARGO-MOORHEAD Home of State University ot North Dak. Concordia College and Moorhead State College FARGO I "The Gateway to the West" CONGRATULATIONS Class of T966 Honoring Our Own DANIEL ROTHWELL Assemblies ot God Church Pine River, Minnesota Rev. Del Yetley, Pastor Congratulations to the Class of T966 Honoring our student: Earl Marsh FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD 400 North State Fairmont, Minnesota "Preaching a Changeless Christ to a Changing WorId" 45 Rev. and Mrs. Robert Schooley OUR CONGRATULATIONS ro THE cLAss or 1966 Congregation-Church Board Pastor and Mrs. B. C. Heinze ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 400 North Main Street Minot, North Dakota "In the Heart of Minot with Minot at Heart" HONORING STUDENTS: Diane Derheim, John Roy, and Alan Pownell Rev. Abbott, Juanita Scott, Steven CONGRATULATIONS Class of '66' HONORING OUR FINE STUDENT ARDA JOHNSON "Serve The Lord with gladness . fPsaIm IOO:2J CLARKFIELD GOSPEL TABERNACLE T213 - 'I3tI1 Avenue Clarkfield, Minnesota CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1966 HGNGRING GRADUATES: I THOM LOVEN , WAYNE MARSHALL A BIBLICAL AND SPIRITUAL TOM SCHOOLEY MINISTRY TO ALL AGES Rev. Arvid Kingsriter, Posfor , T , ' - 1 , I I ' n , -,f ' ' ' L ' v ' ' ' ' - - . I 'f L I ' I I - ' I . V .jr I AIAIn,q,1vwsLM-m'.I:ai1Lj ,i5f'r" i' F W' - x "'5,1T'f v I 1: .- E. I I ' - J ,iff'nwweI'SYx'I?b52I'dLiiRIL'TfT5iW'1If 'few ' ' AW! , ' E' u , II PM WE?-+5-E1,-ivwif' , , , I, 1, L,TIA-,f5,faQII.I-Iggirmf :mmm A- IAELII. D were L f -vi T M f I -wil. EER :mi-mmIrff5LIITz5T1cpc1p'p -, K Ei-HU, A ,- . , I I - I ILIIII-:vim-If3Q5E1IzAgIEg2i5fQIZIELqf ' Tw ---- -- ' '1wf?MTW'2I1"ef?JE?i-1-'lcififif f IFN' ' A g r V A ac, -A I if EI.V,,fI,ILII.NfI,- mx, gg..-, ,-Ag-,p . II .1 A.-:-l.4-1 , z,QFE1ri 9 if ' E ra X Q 'gag' fgusy I-up-In 5-uw-.I 'av ' QP IULANU Avmui S isioomlreawore vi, Mi?-'Nz' 'Hr- OUR CONGRATULATIONS A I To The Closs of T966 A WE HONOR OUR STUDENTS Gorfh Lombie Bonnie Wilken Our Church Jon Stefan E QU, iqxxorz rnesf . oen MILWAUKEE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 5511 West Burleigh Milwaukee, Wisconsin MilwcIUkee's Voice of The Full Gospel for 59 YECIYS CLASS OF I 966 Rev. Richard Dresselhaus, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS Summit and V ctona St. Paul, M nn SUMMIT AVENUE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD . . . that in all things he might have pre!eminence." fCol. may il. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1966 IN HONOR of our STUDENTS NSXIQTISTSN ouver FIRST ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rev. Hilton Griswold, Pastor 301 -Ist St. S. Newton, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS Class of I966 BETHEL TABERNACLE First Assembly of God 'IO25 N. 70th SI. Milwaukee, Wisc. E. E. KIRSCHMAN, Pastor GOD MINNESOTA'S FIRST 'SITES FOR SOULS' CHURCH 'I4200 Cedar Ave. So Rosemount, Minn. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1966 JOHN WILKERSON Postor DICK EASTMAN I from the WEST CHICAGO ASSEMBLY OF GOD THE CHICAGO AREA'S NEWEST ASSEMBLIES OF GOD WORK HONORING OUR PASTOR: THOMAS M. LOVEN FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD KENOSI-IA, WISCONSIN Cong dass O6 I 966 lim MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FUTURE MINISTRIES ' A IKN '. "1 . I 'QT "X-. 1' L 'S is Q I ,rI',, Nm A I-4 t 4 1 ' , L I g ., , M , . . ,, ., I, 5 r ,J K f. ---,js-.hh ' LQ' f - 'Q ,fT' ,.,,, , sm -- X, A ,fd ' -1 I S I ,, I -A I vmf.-I + .EJB nfsi' 2 1 rpm , I ' f I I I + as 2 I , I ,ca V IIJYZA WT E X . v z 44 .L ' ,D A,-vw, --qwx.-,--...,.., 1 ' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '66 N. R. I-IANSAMANN CO. 4020 Minnehahu Ave. DISTRIBUTORS OF TIRES, TUBES, TIRE REPAIR MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES SERVING THE TIRE DEALER SINCE T928 Call - PA-2-6621 Special Recognition to Ministers, Missionciries, and Students Affiliated with N.C.B.C. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I 966 JOHN S MOBIL MIN N EAPOLIS GOSPEL T BERNACLE 13th Avenue at Lake Street Miss Estella Burkhart Carol Evenson Deanie Hinmon HONORING: Eldward Linde Jim Lyons LeRoy Peters Lorie Stetler Jean Spragg Last class in Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle, 1937. CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1966. Pickering by Labor Union in 1937. as we prepared 910 Elliot for fall enrollment of 400. NCBC's New Home, 1937. President Lindquist receives check for 3585.000 from the Bethke Estate. 1959. The ADLER "Tipp-Q" with Deluxe Zipper Case See Our Full Line of Adler Typewriters Manual 8K Electric ADDO-X SALES AGENCY FEdeml 2-6514 Per G. Palm 96 South llth St. Owner Minneapolis 3, Minn. adclo-x Swedish adding machine ADLER West German typewriter IN MINNEAPOLIS THE CURTIS HOTEL AND MOTOR LODGE Largest and Finest in the Upper Midwest All rooms with private "soft-water Single Rooms from 57.00 Double Rooms from 59,50 "Special Family Plan" bath Minneapolis Minnesota Bryan Collver Student Representative GOLD BOND BARBER SHOP 1530 E Lake Street Phone PA 4 0400 JC1Cl4 FIeTCl1e" CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 65 From NORTH CENTRAL PRESS K D Cornelius Jewelry Company CONGRATULATIONS Creative Jewelers 628 Nicollet Avenue To The Class of Rooms 320 324 T966 Betty Hmtz Cafeteria Mgr For good food and reasonable prices lt s your own CAFETERIA r 1 1 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1966 SOUTH REALTY S A MLS REALTORS 41118 CEDAR AVE. so. I Ca 11 721-5533 A All Assemblies of God Personnel DEAN BERGSTROM WALLY HULTQUIST BOB MILLER Fronk 81 Dollie Alsolurf Dick Johnson CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '66 FROM BERNIE 8g JIM'S FRIENDLY ff xv RTLAS W , f N0 NONE 4k ml A.V., I' UIIWII 1 f I I 5 M ,r Milguff IRIN? , Witte. Standard Station ff ' Faaa A FFQF , t t f W, W, ,C ff ,v , ' I Lt,. it ' .V L my - 1 v r 'Q CM gs f 5 X , My ff ggf he , , I I , x 61" - I ,..., 'f I., - .M 3rd Ave. 8. Franklm W- A 1 W ,i4M,:u-.3-Q Minneapolis, Minnesota I W 3 94 " SQQL 5- Y , ' 'J-'H' eb 9 5 6. - I f ff fi, , ' J'm a d Ber 'e CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 66 BING P WONG PhOf09fOPhe' CHARLES EDISON STUDIO CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING CLASS from HARRIS FURNITURE THE CHEF CAFE INC. Open 24 Hours, Sundays COOKIE JAR BAKERY Phone 869-9960 L, X ' X 66th 8m Penn '--' Shopping Center ' " 5006 Xerxes S. J X, A Phone 922-3982 X V X Mpls., Minn. "-3 I and Holidays 806 E Franklin FE 8-6955 Congratulations FILM NTI-IE CIQ55 Qf '66' P SERVKES AND PASTRIESR The Drug Store That Serves North Central KELLER DRUG sroneqge 2 HEADQUARTERS FOR DRUGS, PRESCRIPTIONS, AND VITAMINS 10th Street and Chicago Avenue FE 2-0036 CONGRATULATIONS - CENTURY CAMERA SHOPS Y . 6 I Your Photographic ' -Y Department Store Down Town Campus 26 South 7th Street-Fe 8-5857 1327 4th Street S E-Fe I 7777 ACE HEATING CO. St. Paul, Minn. Leroy Peters Sr. Congratulations and ' Best Wishes DEAN OF MEN Rev. James Hearn The Choice of NCBC , Stuclents p P a - Watch for Specials P 'J - 5' ' Free Summer Storage ' Next to Keller Drug Store SUNSHINE CLEANERS Jack 8- Joyce Spencer one-l'l0Ul" cleaning Phone: 3332863 Tenth at Chicago Nortfzwes Linen ervice Fran. A1-so wir G. 621 Olson Hwy Minneapolis Minn 335 2225 DON T FORGET OUR SPECIAL STUDENT LINEN SERVICE CEach Week You Receivel ' Two Sheets One Pillow Slip ' Two Bath Towels One Hand Towel ' Two Wash Cloths All this for ONLY S25 00 for the ENTIRE school year For Further Information See the Housekeeping Dept A I H K xn:..2.w.Q 'ur ,f X WIN - BUY WITH PRIDE AND CONFIDENCE AT NORTHSIDE NORTHSIDE MERCURY-COMET SALES 8: SERVICE 800 West Broadway FOR NEW AND USED CARS AND SERVICE Ja I-7676 Special Discount to Ordained Ministers or Full Time Gospel Workers CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASSES OF 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Alton Ellingson Peterson Albinson BEAUTIFUL -" - c H A P E L s SELECT YOUR FAMILY PLOT IN H ILLS IDE CEMETERY Two ' New Identical Chapels ONE OF AMERICA'S coLuMalA PARK Noxoivus PARK FINEST CEMETERIES CHAPEL CHAPEL 3207 gfgtrggsgvenue 1838 E'g2A1lrr:lgg1Pkway Reasonable Prices Easy Terms A Perpetual Care f Acres of Restful Grounds "T'.LilUi1IlF5!'ff:JE' 'N il Call Sterling 9-1420 for Assistance l 'I9th Avenue N.E.nat 'Highway 8 Russ e 8. Joyce Peterson Funeral Directors R "A Christian Home to Serve You" CLASS OFFICERS Pres Jerry Strandqulst V P Terry Stranclqulst Sec Joyce Klser Treas Donald DeDlemar STUDENT GOVERNMENT Llla Hulslnga Ron Hamelmk Congratulations Graduates of 1966 from the CLASS OF 1968 Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wules of ,iii the Devul Ephesians 5 ll LJ Rev. Orill Krans HONORING: I I AL POWNELL NORTHEAST ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 1418-28th Ave. N.E. Mpls., Minn. ' "Where Christ is the Answer" v "Fridley's Friendly I Q 's Family Church" Congratulates the Grads of I966 "WORK FOR THE NIGHT COMETH" I FRIDLEY ASSEMBLY OF GOD 472 Osborne Road Minneapolis, Minnesota Pastor 84 Mrs. Mark Denyes "WE FIX BROKEN HEARTS" Compliments of your friendly NATIONAL FOOD STORE JOSTEN S CLASS RINGS YEARBOOKS ANNOUNCEMENTS DIPLOMAS AWARDS CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS' ROSEVILLE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH Chatsworth and Grandview Sunday School 9 45 Morning Worship ll 00 C A Fellowship 6 OO Evening Service 7 OO Wednesday Service 7 45 Royal Rangers Friday 7 OO l34 Foshay Tower Mpls Minn E A Lundblad Pastor Q f C 5 xx X. ' .Z- A mmf 1 5 . - ' "" 5 - . +f.1-2-i--4,...+ is -.ifg-Q5,eLiQ1,-gi.fQLL'. ig-3431235 I-1,1 -g 1,,-'l311gu4.:41iA,-, 4QfgL:w,.4Eg...:.,..Z,:.Li:.:.:4.,.:5:.4:Ju:aLgs4.!:..1 ,.la:mi,4l.f. ,Q ...Lx Z5 TH MID FRBHDNT NURTW P' vvzmnnf F' Hmmm Pau s, Hmuesorn aclvzruanilvz Oua Compumewrs vo THE CLASS OF '66 Fnom cvsnv oepnn-rmsu-r AT Fnsmau-5 HOST CHURCH 'ro mf-mv N-o.B.c. sruosurs Sfietzra Zfsiflbmfra S QLRIPTURHL FENTECOSTAL Smnirunn. :mea -f'wc".vdr'f'5-?,pZ.,,L Aww 45 ev. Eommo L01-Hen, PASTOR Our Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS To CLASS OF 1966 The Class of 1966 Honoring our Fine Students from Duluth PaulGunderson A Mike Van Wagner 0 "Now the God Peace . . . Make you perfect in 54TH 8r PENN J ENS JENSEN PROPRIETOR every good work to do His will, working in you that which is well pleasing." Heb. 13:20-21 When vacationing in Duluth, we invite you to worship with us. GLAD TIDINGS ASSEMBLY OF GOD l90l E. 4th St. Duluth, Minn. Rev. and Mrs. H. W. Upton Pastors CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS WALSTAD INSURANCE AGENCY v 2907 Portland Avenue Clvgenfe 5-:Vulsfad Minneapolis, Minn. 55407 'mem gem Telephone: 822-9274 lrll.l'l'lJP.l. SECZIJIQIYY ! f INSURANCE COMPANY FORT WAYNE IND AN FORIVIERLY BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL LIFE Serving the Insurance needs ot the College Staff 81 Students Year after year Offering all types of insurance plans including A Special Student Security Policy at lowest cost A Family Protector Policy for young couples Savmgs contracts in amounts as low as SI O00 Broad coverage Hospital and Surglcal Plans Home Owners Fire Insurance Plans Non Dnnkers Auto Insurance J KEN ASPLUND Member of White Bear Assembly Home Phone 429 5239 Office 823 I 'I9I Burkhart, Estella-20 Brown, D'Ann-26 Brown, James-20,49 Carlson, G. Raymond-12,13,15, 48,151 Eastman, Dean-20 Engebretsen, Inga-24 Gustafson, Phillip-20 Hague, Berthal-28 Hague, Ethel-28 Halquist, Fred-29 Halquist, Sophie-29 Harms, Brenda-26 Hearn, James-9,18,21 Hin11, Betty-6,28 Holmquist, Mel-29 Hunt, Penny-26, 117,132, Adams, Herb ert-51 , 102 Aho, Delema-57 Albin, Carol-65 Albin, Robert-57, 109 133,137 Amitie, Claude-65,96,114 Anderson, Charlene-57,92 Anderson, Lowell-30, 32, 48, 87, 92, 107, 11 8 Andreasen, Mary-57, 130 Ashworth, Donald-57 Austin, Joyce-65 Bachelder, Jerry-57 Bailey, Richard-57 Ball, Ethel-65,92 Bare, William-65 Barness, Kathleen-57 Basler, Walter-51 Beahm, A. Ray-32, 102, 1 Beatty, Darlene-65 Bekkerus, Alan-51 Berry, Allan-57, 106 Bice, Ardena-30,32 Bingham, Nancy-57 Bjornlie, Curtis-57 Bolt, Michaela-65, 117 Bort, John-11 Bowman, Grace-11 Boyer, Karen-65 Brainard, Mary-65,93 Braithwaite, Bruce-65 Briggs, Pauline-57 Britton, JoEllen-65 Broberg, David-51 Broberg, Lynette-65 Brodine, Lynda-65 Brown, John-57 Brovm, Judith-31, 44, 51, 9 Brown, Mary-11 Buman, Sharon-65 Busch, William-33 Byrd, Arne-65 Caldwell, P. Diana-66 Campbell, Larry-57 Carlson, Barbara-51 Carlson, Sharon-66 Carpenter, Darlene-114 Cearley, Raymond-66 Chapman, Michael-51,11 Chapman, Sharon-66 Charles, Timothy- 11 Cherry, Harley-51 Chesworth, Diane-57 Christensen, Gary-58 Christensen, Richard-58 Christiansen, Donna-58 Clarke, Lowell-SO , 51 , 99, 127, 128 Coats, Dallas-33 Cole, Jane-9,58 Colegrove, Marsha-66 Collver, Bryan-58, 116 Corey, Reda-66 Corlew, Linda-66 Corlew, Raymond-58, 137 Covert, Rachel-11 ' 38 9,101 9 100,116, ADMINISTRATIVE INDEX Johnson, Lydia-26 Jones, T. J. -21 King, James-13,21,99,151 Koland, Marilyn-26 Krans, Orill-21,89, 119 Larson, L B. -22, 115 LeRoy, Frank-29 Levang, Raymond-4, 145 Lindquist, Dr. F. J.-12,83,1S0, 151 Mapson, Marks, R Meyer , L McCabe , D. H. -13,19,151 uth-27 loyd-120 Jen-26 Nelson, M. C.-13,18,22,151 Peterson, Virginia-27 STUDENT INDEX Cubberly, Donna-58, 131 Cummings, Joyce- 1 14 Curnel, David-11 Davis, Carolyn-58, 114 Davis, David-66,9S,118, 133 Davis, Ronald-58, 137 Decker, Beverly-66, 117,135 DeDiemar, Donald-56,58,92 Derheim , Dettm an, Diane-9, 58 Daniel-58 DeWitt, Bernie-66 Dills, James-66 Doane, Terry-58,114 Dobrotka, David-66, 95, 118 Docusen, Jacqueline- 11, 66, 142, 143 Doyle, Kathleen-66 Dunn, Phillip-66 Durst, Virginia-51 Duvernois, Sharon-11 Easaw, T. G. -33 Eastman, Judith-58, 117 Fdington, Carolyn-67 , 77, 95 , 118, 134 Edwards, Thomas-11 Eichhorn, Darrell-51, 99, 100 Ekblad, Judson, -11 Ekstedt, Philip-67 Elfstrom, Corliss-58,94, 114,13 1 5,22,46, 144, Ellis, Joseph-67 Emanuele, Rebecca-59, 89,91, 107, 116 Emenecker, Glen-11 Endo, Gil bert-67 Englehart, A. James-9,34 Eoff, Elaine-59, 114 Erickson, Larry-67 Erickson, Gary-67, 114 Erickson, Melvin-51 Evenson, Carol-44,51,114 Everett, Nancy-67 Farmer, William -11 Phillipps, John-22,145 Quarino, Paul-24 Schafer, Carol-27 Schafer, Mary-11,27 Schwart1, Lila-28 Short, Bonnie-27 Skurdalsvold, Jennie-24 Snow, William-23 Soltau, lone-19,23 Strubel., Anna-25 Tanner, Donald-23 ,81 Thomas, C. Bd-25 Thomas, Chaplain Everette-23 Wiley, Ronna-25,116 Wold, Lou-27 Green, Curtis-34 Grenz, Beva-68 Griepp, Phillip-52 Grinder, John-11 Griswold, Larry-11 Gunderson, Paul-68 Gurden, Ronald-68 Gwillim, Jerry-34, 46 ,49, 89 , 90, 127 Hagenbeck, Verne-11,59 , 144, 147 Hale, Larry-30,35,92,107 Halquist, David-68 Hamann, Ronald-11,68, 144 Hamelink, Ronald-59 , 96 , 114, 127 Hamp, Judy-59 Hanson, Paul-35, 117 Hanson, Sharilyn-59, 117,135 Harding, Courtney-35,87, 108 Harms, David-59 Harms, P. Lloyd-68 Hart, Randa-68 Hatchner, David-68 Hays, Samuel-52,94, 130 Heaton, Millie-11,52, 13 1 Hedsirom, Robert-36 Heinemann, Sonja-11 Hendrickson, Darrel-68, 94, 127, 144 Hendrickson, Sandra-68, 116 Hendrix, Paula-68 Hensley, Elba-68 Hernandez, Nanci-69, 95 Heuser, Rolland-47,52 Hillestad, Norman-52, 144 Hilton, Wayne- 11 , 94 Hinmon, Deani e-36 Holbrook, Eugene-69 Holm, Jacqueline-69 Howland, Donald-69 Huisinga, Lila-11, 59,105,114, 127, 128 Huston, Blane-69, 130 Ireland , Terry-59 Fick, Darlene-67, 135 Finnegan, Donald-11 Fischer, Diane-67 Fisher, Gary-67 Flokstra, Kathleen-67 Floyd, Ronnie-67 Forehand, Patty-67 Friske, Robert-51 Fulghum, Joyce-67 Galyen, Dean-59, 89, 91, 95, 118, 136 Gentry, William-51,94,114,127, 137 George, P.V. -11 Gilbertson, Betty-67 Gjonnes, Keith-68 Graves, Retha-68 Gray, Glen-59,99, 101 Gray, Judith-68 Gray, Peggy-39,99,101 Gray, Roger-59,96 Isaacs, Jesse-59 Jabs, Marilyn-52, 115 Jackson, Paul-36,87, 94 Jacobson, Carlton-64, 69 , 114 Jennings, Ronald-59 Jennings, Wayne-69,118 Jensen, Theodore-52 Johncox, Randy-37, 105 Johnson, Arda-69 Johnson, Bruce-52, 118 Johnson, David-59,96 Johnson, Dora-69 Johnson, Ilene-44,52 Johnson, Judith-69,91-3,116 Johnson, K. Arlene-69 Johnson, Oscar-69 Johnson, Sharon-69 Johnson, Sheryl-69 Johnston, Tom-69 Jones, Ellen-59 , 94, 131 Jordeth, Vicky-70, 96, 127, 137 Jorgenson, R1chard 30 70 114 Josephs Ga1l 60 Josephs, Gerald 60 Kath Gerald 52 Keller, Gary 60 Kelley Velma 37 Kelley Walter 52 Kennedy, L1ll1an 52 Kennedy Lmda 70 Kess, Carolyn 70 Krnard, Bonnle 60 91 106 Krng, Bomta 70 Kmg, James Jr 52,99 101 118 127, 136 , 137 Kmgsrrter, Barbara 70 K1ngsr1ter, Gary 60 K1ngsr1ter, Kathleen 70 95 115 Krser, Joyce 56 60 94 127,131 Klem, Peggy 60 Knapp, V1olet 70 Koenlg, Rachel 50,52,55 89 90 102,117,127 132 Kodl Roger 70 Krans, M1lton 11 , 118 137,144 146 147 Krels Rebecca 11 Kruaze, Anme 53 Kultala, ReNelle 11 ,1 Kvasmca, Robert 64 ,95 127 144 La.Bruyere Myron 53, Lamb Wxlla 60 Lambre, Garth 37, 0 127 128,144 145 Lange Harvey 60 Lange, Jud1th 70 Larson, Lavonne 53 55 Lathe Vemon 70 Lee L1nda 70 Lee, Robert 53 55,104 118 Lee, Sally 60 Lehmann, Dav1d 60 Lehmann, Paul 60 Lerndecker, Paul 53 Lelsner, M1chael 70 LeRoy, Marlys 61, 1 1 Lmde, Edward 53 Lmdstrom, Dean 11 L1tt1e, Suzanne 61 L1vengood, Laverne 61 Longenecker Curt1s 71 Losey , Loven , Loven, Lundm Lutey, Lyons , Sharlene 71 Barbara 71 96 116 Thomas 38 , 1 an, Rosemary 71 Bonnle 71 142,143 James 38 127 129,130 Mahar, Claudette 61 Mantrk Bethel 11 Marsh Earl 53 Marshall, Z Wayne 38, Mart1n1, Sharon 61 104 Marx, Olrve 61 117 Masteller, J B 53 Mattson, Rrchard 71 Mattson, Robert 11 Maynard Charles 11 McCown, Floyd 71,146 McCullough, Raymond 50 53 McCullough Rene 71 McGee, Clyde 71 McG1vern, Franc1s 61 McHatton, Denms 53 Mclntyre Thomas 9 61 114 McLaughl1n, Rrchard 11 Meece Alan 61 Mersdorf, Glen 71 M1l1g1, Jerry 53 Mxller, Carl 71 Mlller, Glenn 61 M1ller, Nancy 71 Mrller T DELHICE 11 Mock Paul 71 Molby Wllllam 61 93 Molskness, Loren 39 Monk Karrol 61 Mooberry Duane 53 144 Mooberry, Erma 71 Mooberry Ronald 72 Moore, Evelyn 72 Moore, Marjorxe 72 Moren, Danny 11 Mort, Coleen 61 95 103 1 Mount, Carolyn 61 131 Mount Lmda 72 Myhrer, Karen 72 Nannfeldt Sherryl 72 Needham Thomas 11 Neltzel Kenneth 61 Nelson, Arvld 62 Nelson, Dav1d 62 Nelson, Glenys 72 Nelson Rlchard 72 Nelson, Roselyn 72 Nelson, Sharon 62 Nord1n, Kenneth 72 Norrls Barbara 9 Novak James 72, O'Leary, Sharon 53,55 10 Ol1ver1, M1chael 72 Olson, Larry 62 Olson, Marlene 62 Orchard, R chard 39 Palmqulst, Dwrght 72 Pankraiz Donavon 62 Parker Eugene 72 Paulsen, Beverly 72 Paulson, Lorrame 11 Paulson Vllglflla 62 Peltzer, LeRoy 73 Pendell W1ll1am 62 Perdue, Vernon 73 Perkms, Dav1d 62 Peters LeRoy 31 40,47 48 99,100 127, 129 Petersen, Mark 73 Peterson, Darlene 73, Prlot, Larry 9 47 53 95 105 Pllot Peggy 62,95 118,137 Pownell Alan 40 Radatz, Ronald 73 Ralls, Joseph 73 94 Rasmussen, Denms 62 89 91 134 Rasmussen, Duane 62 Rector, Dan1el 62 94 114 144 Reed, Dav1d 73, 4 Re1che Douglas 73 Re1ne Joseph 63 Re1ne R Thomas 10 73 144 146 147 Renz, Rzchard 53 Reuter, C Kathleen 63 131 Reuter, JoAnn 73 Rlch, Scott 54 Rrchter, Marvrn 73 114 Rrghtenour, Paul 73 Roberts, W1l11am 73 Rodgers, N Alex 73 37 Rosenow, Terry 11 73 144 Rothe Carla 74 114 Rothwell, Damel 31,40 96 3 Roy John 41 Royer, Patr1c1a 64 74 117 Sannes, Lxnda 11 Sager, Lmda 74 St ohn, Carl 11 St John Clarence 11, 6 39 91 126 127 144 145,146 Santa Lucla, Danlel 74 Scantllrg, Lmda 74,137 Schlafer, V1ck1 74 Schrmdt, Ruthanne 74 109 Schooley, R Thomas 41 ,49 Schroeder, Gary 11 Sehwandt, Karlene 74 Scott, Rosemary 54 Scrlbner, Ronald 54 Senf Tlmothy 74 94 114 143 Sharrar Eleanor 11 Sxers, Dale 63 Srmmons Ralph 42 Srmmons, Ronald 74 1 Smelko R1chard 74 Smrth Dav1d 54 Smlth Sherrlll 74 Solomon, Lmda 74 Spragg, Jean 42 Stachowskl, Dav1d 74 Staudt Marrlyn 114 Stefan Janyce 74, 7 143 Stephens Charles 75 Stephens, Donna 63 117 131 Stetler, Loretta 44 54 114,126 127 128 Stevens, Jud1th 75 117 Steward Charles 11 St1erlen Barbara 75 Stlerlen Rrchard 75 Stznnett Harold 75 Stone, Norman 75 Strandqulst, Jerry 56 63 114 127 Su-andqulst, Terry 11 56 63 114 144 146 Str1ley Kelth 54 9 Sturm George 75 Swagger Garry 11 Swanson JamesB 63 114 Swanson James R Swltzer Elvm 43 89 90 Szep Russell 75 1 Terrell Terry 54 Thlme ames 63 Thomassen Roger 64 75,114 144 Thompson Robert 75 Trlley, Kathleen 75 Toborg, Jennxfer 75 95 118 Tosten, Davxd 54 Turner, Jud1th 75 Usher, Robert 75 Vahl Janet 75 Van Wagner M1chael 54 Vaughn, Marllyn 76 Vrllanova, M1chael 11 Votava V1ctor1a 76 Wagner, Alta 76 Ward, Patrrcla 9 63 Warsanen, Donald 63 108 Wa1sanen Evelyn 76 Walsanen, Ph1.l1p 76 118 144 Walterman Dora 76 119 Watkms, Beverly 76 Webb, James 11 Wells, Patr1c1a 63 Wertz, Nelson 43 106 Weyandt, L Dlann Wheeler, Charlotte 7 Wh1ta.ker Nell 76 Whlte, R Mrchael Wrland George 11 Wllken, Bonme 63,96 117 142 Wrll Dav1d 95 118 Wrll June 50 54 4 Wlll Ruth 63 Wrlley James 11 63 W1lson, Betty 76 117 W1lson Terry 76 Wrtty Lynnette 11 54 4 Wold Wesley 30 43 46 47 49 127,129 Wong, Samuel 54 Wood Arthur 11 Woodman, Jonathan 54 Yoakam Marlene 77 117 Yung, Lowell 77 Zenefskx Ronald Zmrzhk, Ruth 77 2 I - 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Suggestions in the North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) collection:

North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


North Central University - Archive Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 199

1966, pg 199

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