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REF 3'i?AM1g1EE52W1Vb6K5 I I Archive MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Genealogy Center 3440 S. Lee s Summit Rd. Independence M0 64055 Q ff' 1 . he Q, 6 f llgizk J CI wr' f ww , IP' A 5 5':f f r I 5 J 2 . I i 1 r r S 1 x i Q I i 4 1 1 i i 1 i 5 X l . 1 Q 4 PRESENTING. . THE 1965 gy' 'kv A. sy . ' 'Qg L . if S x-.4 . . 'VJ - . A great soldier of the cross, Reverend Ivan O. Miller, was called to his eternal home on February 1, 1965. "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faithi' is a testimony that could well be said of Reverend Miller. His was a life dedicated and spent in the service of the Master he loved. Ivan O. Miller met jesus as Saviour while a young executive with the Ford Motor Company in Fargo, North Dakota. At that time he charted a course and set sail on the voyage of life with a determination to serve the Captain of his salvation to the utmost of his strength and devotion. Come wind, come weather, he never faltered nor turned back, for his hand was in the hand of his Pilot. Pastoral ministry took Reverend Miller to Brainerd, Minnesota, in 1928. A great work grew up under his able leadership. While at Brinerd, he was elected to the office of Assistant District Superintendent, a position he held from 1936 to 1945 and from 1950 to 1958, a total of seventeen years. Almost twenty years were given to the General Presbytery, high policy-making board of the Assem- blies of God. Reverend Miller came to North Central Bible College in 1936 where he gave continuous and outstanding service until his retirement in 1961. This period of ministry saw him share his time between North Central and the St. Paul Gospel Temple from 1944 to 1949. He came back to the college as Executive Vice President in 1949. Ivan O. Miller was known far and wide for his godly life, his executive and administrative ability, and his personal counseling, his work in the classroom, and his preaching ministry. Hundreds of NCBC alumni join with fellow min- isters and a host of friends to pay him tribute. He has left his earthly tabernacle of clay, but he continues to live in the lives and ministries of those whom he helped to mould and to lead into the way of Cod. Ivan O. Miller, as the glory of heaven broke before your eyes, we are sure you heard jesus say, '6Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joys of they Lord." Reverend G. Raymond Carlson President, NCBC 3 x s, 'lf 1 '..1J.I..f,,,." 1965 HIGHLIGHTS As We seniors leave North Central, we will carry with us fond memories of our year here. Registration day, the Missionary Play, the Missionary Convention, Spiritual Emphasis Week, and most of all to the Seniors, Graduation . . . all of these are highlights of 1965, and to each one of us these activities and many more have meant something special. ,- , ft-, I, , , 4'P It shall flow like a river, It shall fall like the raing It shall rise as the dawning In glory o'er the land. For the knowledge of the Lord dx Shall fill all the earth, And the Spirit of the Lord shall fall 5 E-.M " 14, "l A Rl.: 4..- . K --Q1 Mf h- , ., Liv, :L ,.-.L..,.:., L . -..., -- ' ' - ' ,V FOREWGRD "The land is dry and parched. It needs the moistening that late summer rains can bring. High in the hills we hear the thunder of a distant storm. Soon will the hills send down a thousand streams to fill our river and our river will overflow the land. Then will the land bring forth its fruit, fruit from the latter rain." ii in-. .pa- W., 1-1 " .1 www-J A-ww mag f ! Z 3 2 pr, ri-+4-fl! KB ' I nn: +52-P 1 . Q 1 1 J 2' rf ly.- !ll xqf ,. IWC? 'gm ,nit rm Y I , 1 'vs-, f 117 '2"""'l"515Q" A-. 'ca Q.. at rnmf fd Nan wma bm 4, 4 QM affwgxw 412' ww ,ir Wim MW 4 v' in ff' fu nf g.. 6.- 5 4 W V1 ' 'W 3 'if ? f' 1 1891 Nh Q ,V-ps-,..... - 1, we we my nf, b- S t Q , ,Q-1 E , E . 3 Q . . n- V, .rw .,4. A ,ey +141 , A, , 3554. , fy' mam M' MA' A , E w . V, , S 5: ' An .A , DQR an M-, 1 -'ff ,., Q ' I J f 2,2 I, ' sf .1 , .H ',' 1 1,1 f 1 f- wr T 'Ywv ui 1 .Af "iv aww' ma X 7 U Q!! 1. .wx hm K LN, H ,. 3, K ,.,1.,j,,,nn,.E Wgidg A . S L' W . ,,,.,,,,..g,' ,rg I 3 f fp uw M 3 I ff . N i..,,iQ,,,i,7g ' Q ' -is Q .,,,, I, 'V ,... V. ,. M N1 f .., I 5 f A ' Ke. ., K .-,. . f, A14 1 ,, 1, V , x 'S , .1 W X ,s 4 1 'Q , X , ,, I?" , , , .K A is E AV 1 ' I 4 Aw gym, . kk ,V I LJ "'1Qx- V' ' ' ,M-fra 3435" -A' ' nf . ff, , . , Nh I A756 VA. WM ,K , .V Wxizgwrfl. . I ,H-.,, ' x I V ' ' , , f ,, , , ," , " " . "W, . X . ...vw , , , , ff W K A I K ,A V W . ,,,. V W , gwigf A, I ., Y A H I .b M J .. M. .,f ,f .- 4. lf- M. 4' A , yn. .3 W V Q W. s A A ,, gh I ,I , X ' V.,V , -fmt ,. , L Zh' Z A -j, ,, ., A K f an K " ff ' 'V 'f"'f ' f F' f7f'f ' , ff ' Q V if Q -' ' , . -'- ' A W 2 W, , W., iQ ji 9 , W , b 'j W . N-,, J, I '-YW. . f ' ' . N, ' - X- X 1 1 .1 1 'Q s x 4 V P T i 5 5 ,. .il ? 5 v i I 5 5 1 x Q 3 E 1 I I I I 4 4 1 l 1 s 1 S I 1 1 4 i 1 A 2 1? 11 E ' 1 K i i I l 1 3 E i I 4 1 5 3 l 5 E, ! I Z 1 E E 5 i A 8 ,, IN MEMQRIAM AND TRIBUTE Reverend Stanley H. Clarke, born near Conrad, Iowa in 1907, after 33 years of fruitful ministry was called home to be with his Master on March 28, 1964. This man of God was highly esteemed by all of his brethren in the ranks of the ministry. His steadfastness in the faith, his intense sincerity, his rich ministry of God's Word, his quiet, warm and friendly attitude, his enjoyable sense of humor, his love for sports, and most of all his burden for souls, explains in some measure why everyone loved and appreciated Reverend Stanley Clarke. It helps one to understand why we miss this humble man of God whose spiritual stature has added so much to our movement when we consider the wealth of experience he gained from years pastoring six churches serving as Superintendent of the West Central District for over 5 years serving the Minnesota District as Assistant Super intendent for a number of years then being elected as Superintendent in 1961 to serve until the time of his home going serving as Chairman of the Board of Regents of North Central Bible College as well as being a commltteeman for various important Boards and Committees of the General Council of the Assemblies of God We are grateful to God for this servant of His who meant so much to North Central Bible College We would also like to express our thanks to his wife Bernice and his two sons Robert and Lowell for sharing their loved one with all of us Written by Rev Harry M Myers Assistant District Superintendent 9 s , - ' 9 7 9 . 9 , . DEDICATIO The experiences from nearly two decades of foreign missionary service have brought into the life of our teacher and friend, Reverend James King, qualities that provoke nothing but sincere respect and admiration. In recognition of his contribution to our college, we dedicate this volume of the Archive. 10 .-..-.,.,,.:: Aa. i.:-eNm:,:4,.:1a...k fmua. ew. mfg. .- . HONQRING The staff of the Archive and members ofthe senior class pay our high respects to Reverend Denman H, Mapson for his diligent service to us and our school. We honor you, Reverend Mapson, in this volume of our yearbook. 11 EXEC TI EA MINI TR TCR Seated, IW to right: Rev. Harland Peterson, Secretary, Rev. Rev. Herman Rohde, Mr. Cecil Nelson, Rev. Lyle Curtis Darwin Heuser, Chairman, Rev. G. Raymond Carlson, Pres- and Mr. Gunnar Danielson. Not pictured, Mr. A. W. Gast ldent. Slandmg: Rev. E. A. North, Rev. Frank Lindquist, BOARD OF REGENTS 12 ..a....... .u.,......u.4.:,:a... '.--......:e::.-,-4:.e. .e:L4z.g.-.M-:Jae-. Q..-:.2. 1a....4..- -em.iN-...g,ee......-...1-...... ,......, ,M , , A BUARD CDF ADMI I TRATIO ,A ,Alu-" -,., LM 50 right: Arvid Kingsriter, james King, Denman Mapson, Marvin Nelson, G. Raymond Carlson 13 M ..... ..,...,...,,.L.1,......4.:4.:aLu...4. -Y24g.,.L,:,g.4.w.:.,...,L:.-- .w.,.. NORTH CENTRAL EIELE COLLEGE o,MINNEAPULIS,MmNEsorA5s4u4 o 332-3491 1-an sf., 0' Ls O , f X X Q 4- -s 0 '-I 5 Alff EARS SERVING D V GOD , , 3 , W U uf Y in m Z ll xl U' M xl U 5 O ' AND S RH IVIAN H11 -my HL- ,frly I S pig? 5 Noam Ci' Dear Graduate: "Give us men to match our mountains." These words, expressing a lofty sentiment, are etched in letters of marble on the capitol grounds of the state of California. Per- haps an expression more in keeping with the realities of our times would be "give us men to match our problems." You face the greatest challenge and opportunity that history has given any generation. Nuclear war and dictatorship, massive inequality and division--all the result of sin-- threaten the world . At this important juncture of your life you face a needy world with the assurance that you know One who can solve the problems of mankind. You have spent your college days preparing yourself for Christian service. Now you begin the next phase of Christian experience. May I suggest, if you have not already done so, that you attempt to determine where God wants you. Submit yourself completely to the will of God. Seek the counsel of older brethren. Opportunity is to be found everywhere. Work for the Lord where you are. May you, in every sense, be a real man or a real women. Today's world needs big people, not biq in stature or avoirdupois, but in character and spirit. Your training at North Central Bible College is but a beginning. Serve God in His will whether it be as a pastor or painter, evangelist or electrician, missionary or mechanic teacher or truck driver. Be a man of the Book. The world is full of books, but there is only one Book that is the Word of God. Be a man of vision, for "where there is no vision the people perish." And this vision is far more than the perceptions of those cultured in the ways of the natural man. Be a man o'f compassion. It is not enough to see need, it must be felt. Iesus "saw", and then He "was moved with compassion." Be a man of faith and courage. Only such will meet the challenge of this hour. Let' excellence, not just acceptability, characterize your life. Holding Christ pre- eminent, making Him first, doing all 'things as unto Him can be nothing but synonym for excellence. Go in His strength, and He will grant you the success that He alone can give. Sincerely yours in Christ, G . Raymond Carlson President 14 -rv-vf---if--.v....w.,n--4z--:--g--P-..-.-q,.- ..-.1 ,..,.....,......,..,,..,,-.,.,,,....,, -'z PRESIDENT G. RAYMOND CARLSON 1-H Eff? W fx 'TN ,, ,, ww .K Vx , . , ,.g,,,,, 1 ww ,W ki, wfw' ffff ff K K, rw Q, 1, A - :q.,,g5a'1" X? AV W3-'sa ffff f , Mi,,,,,ijWW K "gf ff'4'3'5Q ,..,M,,':g' if ' l . . 16 .:e.+,.f..:-.:zAu,w:.u.-. f,...:-m Q--1 CHOLASTIC "Wisd0m,s house is adorned with simplicity, but makes no roomfor simpletonsf, A DEAN EDUCATIQN M. C. NELSON DEAN QF WCDMEN DEAN OF MEN JAMES HEARN 18 BUSINESS MANAGER 3 ff ,NSSS ' f I A ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN r .Ea..a. PUBLIC RELATIONS ..........1:Q.1L- xMa:..,.1Lw: a4.,f,::1...:..,..,L,..f..,.4,,.,',,4,,, , . A... . WILLIAM SNOW Old Testament Survey, Rheto- ric, Greek, History and Princi- ples of Christian Education, Church History, Par Law JAMES G. KING Introduction to Missions, An- thropology, Mission Research and Seminar, Comparative Religions JAMES D. BROWN Introduction to Prophecy, Acts, Doctrine, Epistles, Pastoral Theology, Pentecostal Truths FACULTY Personal and Psychological Adjustment, English Literature MARVIN C. NELSON Speech, French 20 RAYMOND K. LEVANG History of Western Civilization, Science Survey, Greek, Survey of Missions FACULTY ORILL KRANS Ear Training and Sight Singing, Essentials of Music, History of Music, Male Chorus JOHN P. PHILLIPPS New Testament Survey, Psy- chology Princi les of Teachin . , . P gl Doctrine, Epistles L. B. LARSEN Chairman of the Music Depart- ment, Theory, Ear Training and Sight Singing, Choral Procedures, Evangelaires PHILLIP GUSTAFSON Form and Analysis, Keyboard Harmony, Voice 21 .. ..... .. ...,, ..K.a......:..'..-u....1 sx.:..:. -r- aw.-:Q ,f K REV. T. j. JONES Pentateuch Prophecy ANNA STRUBEL Piano LEE? ENGEBRETSEN F MABEL SAUNDERS Accordian 6 fv '54 -X.. ,pf -er ,v In 'v icy!! 4 vu Q ' dl! 97 "IE IIA REV. RAY NOWACK Concert Band 5 22 DEAN EASTMAN MARLENE RATZLAFF English 'English ' FACULTY BETTY KOMMERSTAD Piano and Organ PAUL QUARINO Piano and Organ JENNIE SKURDALSVOLD C. ED THOMAS voice Piano CFFICE TAFF SARAH KRANS Bookkeeper VIRGINIA PETERSON Accountant .Qui 24 ,.....g,, 'W KATHY LARSON Cashier JAN MCCABE Receptionist X s ,S ,X GLENNA ADAMSON Secretary QFFICE STAFF LYDIA -IOHNSON Admissions inl- A-I If A kj? lt' . .-ff- , f., RONNA WILEY Secretary PENNY HUNT Secretary LOUELLA WOLD Secretary - K 'Nz ?v 4 25 ' Lo Ann Erickson Sharon Qfuarino Nancy Bingham Ethel Hague Berthal Hague Betty Hintz Lila Schwartz C FETERI Betty Hintz Manager S I S 2 M it. SQ-v-.. Coffee Break 26 AIN TEN ANCE TAF F Fred Halquist, Plant Superinten- ' - W V dent. .. 'fto' ,,'s"f'a W .ktipot FTHH14 Leroy, Ellilleef Sophie Halquist, Housekeeper Fmt Row Ann Krulze Betty Nelson Second Row Sam Hays Darrell Elchhorn Dave Harms Not Pzctured Dave Smlth JIU! Klng PRINT SHOP Kelth Heermann Davlcl Koechel Prmt shop 27 I Q' , . V v' 7 1 - .,,g,4 l THQ FR, 'V , ' . , I . gb, 7 ' I ' 1 President .... Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . fi if i an i-fx 'N 2' iii ICR CL SS QFFICERS . . . . . ..... Leo Bobe . . . ...... .... B ill Darland . . . . . . Maxine Markwardt . . . . Marilyn McMaster , ,fe :Ari I . ,hi 28 Adeline Emery Summa Cum Laude s A5 J HO OR STUDE T DEGREE CLASS joan Schnelle Magna Cum Laude if Ronald Koland Betty Vmcellx Cum Laude Cum Laude DIPLQMA CLASS Phyllls Duncklee Magna Cum Laude PAUL ANDERSON St. Paul, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral T K. my ,kk , ,.,,,Z- ,,.,Y , ,L , , 5aEm,,,fkZ,,4,,.y,,M .5.,V,,.V,,7m,,E f - iw, f vm ,,., f f,k,.,,- , X k ,F RONALD ANDERSON Augusta, Illinois Bible and Pastoral :c:f,??,"ZW'W"1l Q-w,+i.f A , , ,.n, S, , Q War pair-91 Ax Suu' LEODIN BOBE Brooklyn, New York Bible and Pastoral BENJAMIN BONNICI Laurel, Mavyland Bible and Pastoral CLIFFORD BURROUGHS Hyattsville, Maryland Bible and Pastoral E IOR SHIRLEY CONKLIN RICHARD COUNTERMINE BILL DARLAND Adrian, Michigan Amsterdam, New York Green Bay, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral -af, mf 30 TERRY DISNEY T. G. EASAW La Puente, Caljomia Kerala, India Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral A. JAMES ENGLEHART Bay City, Michigan Bible and Pastoral VIOLET F ELTON Salem, Ohio Bible and Pastoral CLASS CURTIS GREEN Lakeville, Indiana Bible and Pastoral f 1 f, ,Q-f DEAN GROSS Aberdeen, South Dakota Bible and Pastoral ADELINE EMERY Oak Park, Michigan Bible and Pastoral JERRY GUNHUS M inneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral ,, ,. ., PQV, ,,,,,, 5 m, , 31 ....,.-,...,4.wK.:..,.4.uf-...Ja 31.-Ah-...,..,. N., ,, ? KENNETH HADDAWAY JULIAN HALL ROBERT HEDSTROM Canton, Ohio Orange, Virginia Ishpeming, Michigan Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral KEITH HEERMANN Flint, Michigan Bible and Pastoral THOMAS HOLLINGSWORTH 1 i , . Aitkin, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral E IORM MERVIN HOLTER DAVID KOECHEL RONALD KOLAND Columbus, North Dakota Wautoma, Wisconsin Sandstone, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral 32 ARTHUR KOST JAMES LARSON Coon Rapids, Minnesota Conrad, Montana Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral BRUCE MCKINNEY MARILYN MCMASTER Hector, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral JAMES LYONS Sjrringjield, Ohio Bible and Pastoral MAXINE MARKWARDT Velva, North Dakota Bible and Pastoral Z. WAYNE MARSHALL Oyster, Virginia Bible and Pastoral CL SS PATRICK MELLOY Green Bay, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral 33 V I l 5 i 1 Z 5 l 4 l I EUGENE OBERLEY RICHARD ORCHARD JERRY PARRITT Walker, Minnesota Willmar, Minnesota HlWWl07ld, Indiana Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral ' f' D. EUGENE RICH I , y". ,V Grinnell, Iowa , - ' W , V v V Bible and Pastoral ' A M.S.SAMUEL . Kerala, India - x V Bible and Pastoral E IOR x n V FRED SANTOS JOAN SCHNELLE CHARLES SKAGGS Fulton, Illinois Cedar Rapids, Iowa Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral Bible and Pastoral E 1 w l i 1 3 . I l l 34 - JOHN STOCKER Rochester, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral GERALD WATTERUD Powers Lake, North Dakota Bible and Pastoral LA VERN WATTERUD Powers Lake, North Dakota Bible and Pastoral CLASS JAMES WOLF Shawano, Wisconsin Bible and Pastoral .... .A,..,...,.,.- ..-4.-.....-....:4.:. GARY VANCE BETTY VINCELLI Min1Zeap0l11S, Minnesota Wawau, W15g0n51n Bible and PaSt0rHl Bible and Pastoral ALVIN WORTHLEY Sherburn, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral 35 DON ADAMSON St. Paul, Minnesota Bible and Pastoral Lp:..:. s.:.:4.,.::v2su4 ...Ach-...,1.-. Arlene Book Barbara Griswold Janice Hedman Minneapolis, Newton, Rife Lake, Minnesota Iowa W1-Y COMM DIPLOMA CLASS Karen Knowles Mary Schafer Green B ay, S herburn, Wisconsin Minnesota C. Kay Smith Sharon Tuqe Carol Watkins S jrringfie ld, F ulda, Verndale, Ohio Minnesota Minnesota 36 Q, K' Q' ,hai This is a rare one! Q 'K+ W, ' ' , ,L A , .Hs 231152-,f K, ,K f 5.,g.kf,? . Tell them how it's done jim. Terry cashes in on a C.A. banquet. There he goes again! l I'll be El good student and listen. l -,...--.u.,z--.L:-...:.Nv-Aa:.-,-:.:iv,li..n.-.xn2 ,.-na .. 4.1!-.'.:,.i-1 -v-n.1Z,r.a'..-.L -nf.-J ,x...-. ..... JU IOR CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Clarence St ohn Vice President .............................. Larry Pilot Secretary .....,........................ Karen Knowles Treasurer .................... . ............ Wesley Wold 38 .. . Y..... . . .. ........U.,.... ,.,-,.1 ..,. .1--r...-...-......-:f-,-1..4.- ::,aL-..a-1....-....,..1..aLy.,a.f.,:L.4ms-e4.:Mao..-:-l.-.1a....Q.. .Q-.a+ Lowell Anderson Alan Bekkerus M znneapolzs B amesvzlle M znnesota M znnesota Jerry Gwllllm Alton Illznozx Larry Hale Glen Carbon lllznozs Ardena Bice D3Vld Broberg F anbault Detrozt Lakes Mznnesota Mmnesota "YY . .y . , , , - , , ,, - , , .- .4 - - .. , , - Nf.' I ' L j ' A ,,n' 3 ',,' I 1f' ' , , 39 Charles Hamilton Paul Hanson Stow, Manitowoc, Ohio Wisconsin -Q-, Courtney Harding Rolland Heuser Nassau, Bahamas Paul jackson Cedar Rapids, Iowa Randy johncox Schoolcrajl, Michigan Garth Lambie Milwaukee Wisconsin Paul Leindecker Quinc JU ICR Loren Molskness Tacoma Washington Duane Mooberry Osceola Iowa Illinois Walter Kelley Lakeland, Florida Thomas Loven Minneapolis Minnesota Waupaca, Wisconsin iv fu-.-f Leona Nicholson Peggy Paige Minneapolis, Lima, Minnesota Ohio Alan Pownell Minot, North Dakota Daniel Rothwell Staples, Minnesota john Roy Minot, North Dakota Clarence St. john M inneapolzls, Minnesota Mary Schafer Sherburn, Minnesota Thomas Schooley Arkansas City, Kansas W,-wma, ,ww ,w ., : .f, tw - W f1'f":' ,r ' , R Ni A I f :T 5-W ff exif: ,ftwmtgzme tj? LeRoy Peters North Sl. Paul, Minnesota Larry Pilot Salt Lake City, Utah -e---' CL SS alph Simmons South Haven, Michigan Karen Stahl Medicine Hat, Iberia fConadaJ 41 NOT PICTURED Arne johnson Keith Striley Clinton Iowa ohn Stump Lakeland Florida ames R Swanson M znneapolzs M znnesota Elvm Swltzer Schoolora t Mzchzgan Nelson Wertz Becyford Penmylvanza Wesley Wold M znneapolzs Minnesota Terry Terrell Rochexter M znnesota Getting ready for that lst hour class! 4 Studying up for that exam Pmg pong IS good recreation Break between classes. QPHQMQRE CLASS I OFFICERS President .... Secretary. . . Treasurer . . 1 Q 1 , 4 1 . . . Dennis Demuth Darrell Eichhorn Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . Rachel Koenig . . . Shirley Holter L , iq , 'l 5 1- Q Y r lt A I' ' xf, . .C I .I 1 'LQ I ii In ' .. ' ii 3 K - if Ei yiyge fy ,W Xi si . 2,2 4 I , ,,f, D , if . :iz ,,, f . ., ' ' 5 1 1.' ' r 44 ul A ' Herbert Adams Dayton, Ohio Donald Ashworth La Crosse, Wisconsin Walter Basler Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin inf' ,5 z"" uv' Stephen Baughman Circle Pines, Minnesota Judith Brown Seattle, Washington Harley Cherry A d1ian, Michigan fix iv? -111' Michael Chapman Osg'ord junction, Iowa Lowell Clarke Edina, Minnesota Dennis Demuth Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin vp-....,l D as GP! Daniel Dettman Peshtigo, Wisconsin William Dixon Southfield, Michigan Margery DuBois Ypsilanti, Michigan 45 , .....--2.i...e:...eq. K.: ,.as:.,-in - , I Darrell Eichorn Sioux City Iowa Melvin Erickson Kulm North Dakota Carol Evenson Duluth Minnesota ,iz-eh ' i 1 Glen Gray Homer, Alaska Phillip Griepp Minneapolis, M inmesotav Samuel Hays Macomb, Illinois Linda Garren S alinevzlle, Ohio W. Ray Gentry Hopewell, Virginia Alice Gonzalez St. Paul, Minnesota GPHO ORE Joyce F airfield East Tawas, Michigan Robert Friske Racine, Wisconsin Beva Garrlson Adrian, Michigan Susan Heltemes Bloomington, Minnesota Shirley Holter Columbus, North Dakota Marilyn jabs E lyria, Ohio CLASS Theodore Jensen St. Paul, Minnesota Ilene johnson Minneapolis, Minnesota Kent Keene Arkansas City, Kansas usb p. ' Gerald Kath Rudolph, Wisconsin Lillian Kennedy Minneapolis, Minnesota james King M inneapolis, Minnesota Ruth Kirkpatrick Rochester, New York Rachel Koenig Rochester, New York Stephen Kramer C larkfeld, Minnesota 47 1 if Anne Kruize Donnelly, Minnesota Robert Lee Detroit, Michigan Charles Lund M inneapolis, Minnesota f 1 7 ' , -A X ,t W A 'Y 1 .w J T"'fX F 1. . ' ff 4' Q 0 ' 4 f -4 ,sw X ' A 2 4 1 3 Zwn ?e,Qllf,5 1, fa I-'Q : : . feat? fr. " 1 Q fs ff af l.. Earl Marsh F azrmont Minnesota john Masteller Commerce City Colorado R D McCullough Kokomo Indiana Marxan Mayer M zlwaukee Wisconsin Was.-V Denms McHatton jacksonville I llinois jerry Mlllgl Hubbard Ohio ' - OPHGMORE Carolyn Mount E mbarrass Minnesota Davld Nelson Kansas City Mfssoun Donald Newman Dallas City Illinois 1, 'Yup' CLASS Mankato, Minnesota Eleanor Sharrai Adrian, Michigan james Short Brunswick, Maryland 'W - Wa1vMzeb:.sw'2gfs'-1r-swLY"g"':- 4. .--:"'lf'?'KL1ggf2s- E gsm, :i f .15 ' X , ' iihi ai T' Judith Reed Tomahawk, Wisconsin Richard Renz Union, New jersey Sharon O'Leary Seattle, Washington Donavon Pankratz S taples, Minnesota William Pendell East Lansing, Michigan Carl St. john Minneapolis, Minnesota Scott Rich Grinnell, Iowa Michael Schooley Arkansas City, Kansas Rosemary Scott Clio, Michigan 49 at--""" jonathan Woodman New Lennox Illinois Davld W Yukon Minneapolis Minnesota . 11,53 Mlckey Thrasher David Smith Argos, Indiana Loretta Stetler Rapid City, South Dakota Larry Strauss Garden City, Kansas Wood River Illinois Wesley Upton Mound Minnesota Davxd W1ll Benton Harbor Michigan Robert Veach Normal Illinois Ruth Wlll Benton H arbor Michigan Lynette Wltty Fond du Lac Wisconsin 50 . I ,Q I I This story is so interesting! 45 tie bows -only knots! can't Na FTW" 9' qi :Li s E,-Ti' Q ?, "W L , r , ,,.,, l Getting tomorrow's exam ready. A meeting of the Minds????? ,. . . ,.. .e ... -..- ... ...A....3s.a.,1.t.,...,......:,.,a.-L4....,:.w.:.:.,.:2,...w.:,,.,.1a .. ...L...Q.. ..,.,., -Line 'A-lx. - FRE HMAN CL SS OFFICERS Presldent jerry Strandqu1st Vlce Presldent Rlchard Chrlsuanson Secretary Bonrue Klnard Treasurer George Wlland , .,,.,,,,.,,A, ,j,,4,n,:,--g,.-....,1..,...,N1.L....,4-:...,........- -.1Q:,..,....:-.:xuL,:.:.:i-f..,..:-?.v-., L....e....r....4.H,..L.,.....b.,f is -. 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Swanson M inneapolii, Minnesota 63 9-5--v if 5 K ' ,fk ,, ,, xg , , MK. ifxlw '45 5 W 3 i ., Xi. -,, 'Yw Sew WH- f W , We 59 Y V' james Thime Judith Turner William Vassey Patricia Wald Miami, Gayvillg, Detroit, Hannibal, Florida South Dakota M ivhigan M11Y50U7'i Donald Waisanen Claudia Walberg Wayne, Q ' ' I Two Harbors, Michigan . M ifhiglm 2 l ,1 I wo, if F RESHME Sharon Walker Patricia Wells Quincy, Mason City, Illinois Iowa R. Michael White Sam Wiese George Wiland june Will Trotwood, Warwaw, Baltimore, Benton Harbor, Ohio Illinois Maryland Michigan l I 64 , VAV , it james Willey Lowell Yung Alan Meece Sprout, Gibbon, Ogilvie, Pennsylvania Nebraska Minnesota Not pictured: Dennis Adamsg john L. Knapp, Paul Rightenourg Ponnamma Solomon UNCLASSIFIED TUDE T Bruce Bjornlie Thief River Falls, Minnesota L. john Amenhauser Oberlin, Ohio Marvin Bontrager South Bend, Indiana jerry Bachelder Benton, Kansas Marvene Gerdes Worthington, Minnesota Sharilyn Hanson Manitowac, Wilvconsin K 3 V -' KN"-,-ww .V r iffs -:N ' 1 3 Q 1 t xfwiefgfm 5 ' ffgfsfggggi 2 5 -- -. , g-gyg C fy-?:,,'1 G ': ' , :,, Ax., 5 1' 'Q me we 3 ,V ' ,f'n r fg,3 :A in N ' f sr fe 3 f 51 f M I , - Jil smailm f xii l LaVerne Livengood Minneapolis, Minnesota Berneta Rasmusson Letoher South Dakota .ns A W Wvw- rv Robert Lorenz Little F alls, Minnesota CL SSIFIED TUDE T Charles Peterson jufiy Pownell Callaway, M17l0tf Minnexota North Dakota Cheryl Robmson St Paul Minnesota Brenda Moltumyr St. Paul, Minnesota Sylvla Tournear Quincy Illinois ' f ' f A f , - , 1 , A V if, , "Q, 1 ,nu Il' 4 l 66 U, ,ri it V 'wwe We-f"frW'1't First Row: P. Pilot, M, Heaton, G. Schwersinske, S. Sole, M. D. Briley, D. Duane, L. Harms D Harrison M Bllanova Worthington, L. Storvik, Hamp. Second Row: Reine, K. B. Norris, C. Parker, C. Pitts, M LeRoy D Rasmussen D Neitzel, H. Olson, M. Lindstrom, R. Gray, D. Kingsriter, R. Cearley, Held. Not Pictured: N. Amundson, L. Anhalt, Rooke, R. Scheuermann, R. Schmidt K Wagner D Young That one just won't go in place! "Dear Mom n 67 W - V 7.7 Y,,...,,.... 5,14v,a:.,g-,19.a4.w,..,Q+:53V,55,pga4is:FLsf5iQ1,,4ni-1-,.hQ-1.1.4. L..-5-n-:im-. -fbv ., ,.,-9' .4-' N.,,.. ,M ,Z- W , .ff- .af arg' at OR HIP "There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the taber- nacles of the most high." -Psalm 46:4 CH PEL ,,.-Y M. 'wp H fm.. ixfi A .5 vw ER ICE 2 ff .4 , T042 I .. T-f 'N' ,wx .. ' - V ff! 12,1 'ITN-'fx , ,- pi g4"ff'Y 7 f 99 df' Qs 16 qv? SK .J - -W JD' xx' 1 'vm - K . .1 5, .--uk A ag 2, JW05' 'QQ as V ,Zh BQ bf' , ,LS M ., ....-, wwf. . - 1414.9-. ....,.-5 ..,,.:.,3.i 71 p,,Qfg..1,,.:i:.1.Y... JA, 4.4, ffftiaa fafwufclawfcf SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS WEEK During the ,f all semester the college was privileged to have Reverend and Mrs. W. j. George ministering in the Spiritual Emphasis Week. Brother and Sister George captivated the student body with their charming simplicity and the wonderful Gospel songs and choruses which they sang and played for the students. Bro. George led the students in the singing of a few lovely choruses of worship in each service and the presence of God came upon Reverend George exhorted rather than preached for a few moments in each service and his Words were most beautifully chosen in perfect harmony with the spirit of the. meeting. Refreshing is the word that characterized the series of meetings. Both students and faculty extend an invitation to the Georges to visit us again. We thank God for the manner in which He moved upon our hearts by His Holy Spirit. I s US. 9 a 9 jf 9 ' 7 - sl- b v-.S x- . , 72 "If You Really Love Him" "If you really love Him, you'll work and watch and pray If you really love Him, you'll serve Him every day. If you really love Him, you'll never go astray. If you really love Him that way." 73 l i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Howard Bush Charles W. H. Scott Assistant General Superintendent Assistant General Superintendent Russel Cox National College Youth Department Representative Rev. G. R. Carlson, College President. The chapel services afford a time for the students to enjoy a variety of guest speakers plus the regular faculty. These services are a spiritual uplift to the students and many times they present a challenge for a deeper Christian walk. The special music provided by both guests and studentsglis a real inspiration to each one present. 74 Rev. james Brown Faculty fnvh'-5 'Y K sogm ,lht I .1 , " if u "if . 91 W- " ' 6 jail l If -r 424' 4 '--l .M at t Revg John Hall with his Dispensational Chart. Kenneth Olson I p District Superintendent, 4 North Dakota Roy Sapp Elisa and Angela National Representative Nanouelian, from Speed the Light France X . l ' 75 . '11-f"',' A-',,,,.. Girls' Choir from Sioux City, Iowa Cora Alleyene Former Student THE GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT SPEAKS DAY OF PRAYER In Chapel Thomas F Zlmmerman Th1S past year brought a Prayer Con ference to our d1str1ct Led by Thomas F Zlmmerman the student body Jomed I1'11l'1lStCfS and leaders of our movement ln a speclal tlme of prayer and worshlp 76 CHAPEL DEACONS LaVern Watterud, Bennie Bonnici, Curtis Green,jim Wolf. CHAPEL PIANISTS J. Cummings, M. Olson, R. Kirkpatrick, M. jabs, K. Herr- mann, L. Huisinga, E. jones. Not Pictured: R. Wiley. 77 CHAPEL ORGANISTS R. Gentry, D. Koechel, C. Mort, M. Olson, M.jabs, R. Kul- tula. Not Pictured: L. Pilot, Pat Wells. -...W ,-,14, ,swag ,,'- CHRISTIAN SERVICE OOOOOOOOOOO NORTH CENTRAL BIBLE COLLEGE C O I I O I O I I I C U SEEBWE Christian Service Staff: President, Thom Loveng Vice Treasurer, Lowell Andersong Secretary, Mary Schaferg President, jerry Gwillimg Vice President, Herb Adamsg Publicity Advisor, Rachel Koenig. CHRISTIA ERVICE Christian Service is an essential part of North Central Bible College life. Students are encouraged to be active in church work and in witnessing. Through the Christian Service Depart- ment, students are assigned to churches in the area, and there they serve as teachers, assistant pastors, and workers in chil- dren's and youth groups. Students take part in tract distribution, street meetings and visitation, and work in missions. Advisor: Rev. Orill Krans. God has blessed the students as they have been found faithful in their attendance to their churches and in their work for Him. 79 ..,.,. -.Q.:mf..1.:..1.,.....-w-Xozfkaz.-Lgxxu.: ,-:.5:fL31.1 : ' .La --.-,z. ..-if .. ...-v..,.,,-..--1-.1.:..,. ....,.4,,....,,..77..-,. .v H-- STUDE T 'rf' 11- ORKING :L 15 LOCAL HURC HE Lee leads a song for the chlldren Terry teaches a class of boys City of Lakes Church Wes preaches and jerry leads the songs Paul PlCkS up a tract ORE CHURCH ORK Plckmg out tracts for dlstrlbutlon Samuel preaches at a mlsslon Gary teaches hls boys all OPER TIO OUTREACH Church where Lee Peters ministered. Lee brings the message of the day. "Operation Outreach" reached out into the churches of Iowa this last November, 1964. Sponsored by the Christian Service De- partment, groups of three and four students and a leader traveled to the outlying towns and cities to spend a day serving in the churches. As students went forth armed with the Word of God, many souls were reached for the Kingdom. Hearts warmed as special songs were broughtg children settled down and watched in awe as stories were told and illustratedg and souls were inspired as the Word was preached. All those who took part returned with real joy over the opportunity to witness for their Lord and with reports of how the Lord had blessed in the services. 1 X , X jim packs the trunk as the group prepares to leave. Checking the map for directions T' 83 ,L..:.L-. .nf..W..L...e.M...u,.G,,.4.f,g4.....y.w4.g,1...x,,MQ..ea5iAf...L,',: ,che-,.,.,:,..-.., 'ww-,z ,, ,, W l 5 Q f F" '1 'N 1 I .. 5 1 ev 2 , ,-9 C X 5 l Leader: Thom Loven, ReNelle Kultula, Marlene Olson, Sally Lee, Lila Huisinga. CRCJSS BEARERS GO PEL TEAM MELODY MEN Earl Norwood, Leader, David Leh- mann, Terry Terrell, Robert Lee. Leader: jerry Gwillim, Beverly Blount, Connie Cook, Phyllis Duncklee. AMBASSADORS ff F' GRACE NOTES Leader: Paul jackson, john Roy, Ray Gentry, Keith Striley LIFE LINERS Leaderklohn Stump, Coleen M0rt,jim Englehart, Pat Wells, jim Lyons. ....:.,.-..-..,..,YL.e e..v.f.:.1,.Q,.H.............:4.:..:.y - -.-.w.,g. f '-Lge...-,:. WE READ THE NUFDI CDFFRHL RERDSA THE BIBLE THRBUGH BIBLE THROUGH In 1964 we the students of North Central read the Bible through. By signing our names to the chart we took our turns at the appointed time and read continually until the Book was finally completed from Genesis to Revelation. This readathon was under the direction of the Christian Service Department and was just one of the many activities they sponsored , , ' i E . 1 3 , . . I F :Ig l X' f to encourage our faith and faithfulness. ' - 5 3 3 55 - F3 B 86 wx J W 4 ff-, , ff ,bl vm., K W 6 1, .,f, X .wg 5, ,W f ,f yi' 6 ' -1 '. S 3P"1'3' Y ,Q if .5 ,.1' f?'1',. A IQ'-48. 4 5: ,, .fy : 'v1'w 'Join 1 ywfv .um '1 9.7 Q04 i 343 ik ig'-5 Q awk, "ff X JAH. ,,,,,,, ,'f.,,,' ,QL 1" I .i ,1, 'L Ang kwa. Seated: Keith Heermann. Standing: Glen Gray, Garth Lambie, LeRoy Peters, Robert Hedstrom, Violet Felton, Betty Vincelli. President: Keith Heermann. The aim of the Missions Department of N.C.B.C. is to keep the students aware of the needs of the field. Students meet in individual prayer groups and there they keep informed of the activities of missionaries and their families. Letters are exchanged, read to the group and the needs pre- sented by the missionaries are prayed for. Offerings are taken and the students have been greatly blessed as they give in faith. 89 ISSIO SST FF Advisor: Rev. james King at 'sv n is I 'ii' vain e . Wi 'i"'x . , , ..,.. ....,...... ...a.., ,...-....... ..,..f.f,-w.q..:.:.,qa..-.-4au.p..aehL.1-.su4...eawi-4s.L:,a,,-Vac... NL. X 3, DY THE LIFE OF RE ERE D KIG Our missions advisor, Rev. King, starts his day early here at North Central. After his arrival at school, his busy schedule begins. He counsels with students interested in missionsg greets incoming and outgoing missionariesg teaches his classesg and spends time with the officers of the Missions Department, plan- ning and co-ordinating their activities. And just as his day begins early, it ends late. He is truly a devoted and inspirational man and it is a privilege to have him as a faculty member. '61 5 5109 L Dept. of Mlsoio I, -A m 1 ' Q " .AWA President Leo Bobe Africa, a vast continent four times the size of the U.S., has challenged our group to believe God along with our mis- sionaries to see a mighty move. We have endeavored to bring this great land closer to us through prayer and through group presentations to our band depicting missionary life, problems, and accomplish- ments. AFRICA Vice President Pat Melloy Secretary Arlene Book 92 . . A .. . . ., . , . .471 ...Y:.......-.'.-.,...1,A1..e:.a24.4.c,..i,11,,.-... -a:,!,..,.c..f ".e.u:.: - :1, :,,-2.-sua. --. .1-...L-Ls.1.,f,..:.-Q..s?. ,f1.,.,..q . . , President Philip Griepp It is our desire to have a knowledge so we can pray intelligently for our missionaries who are reaching children and adults for jesus Christ. ALA KA AMERICAN INDIA Vice President Sharon Tutje Secretary wr-1 Margie Dubois 93 L48 V 135 wg 2. v 1-H, ' Q X V f-Q. , . N, gr'-S-lx' -f ' 'X' W LL an.: 5 Tr .,, -eg -HL ,,,, - all -in N, ' e 2? . N ll ' .. . - I .qi .I I K P' X 2 , ' - ' ,f' 'lm' ,x -. . . . ' Q 0 ' I L 1. , K1 s - ii ' 5 fi" ' 5 5' v President Shirley Holter ,Wm 1 my i. .. '. , via, ,,'i5,Xx,,1 fab 1, 53 -- -, ' , t ,qt , I f . M-, X, l I . DEAF Vice President Linda Garren heard? How shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14 "How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not , Pifl f , was C: n-""' Secretary Beva Grenz . si, ,Wwe Wim ,w...,.j.: K s wg, A 'W ' 'f 11-sg , -N -, 1:+fx'?? ' , , 1 . U :"5fifa-ire s - r fr xii' ry.-' ti' Ax- V, -'rv I V W, ' L t 1' K :gi ig, . 'L -. df 1 sal L President Terry Terrell We in the European prayer band this year have attempted to learn of the practical side of European missions. Rather than having a devotional message each meeting, we dealt with the European culture and people. We learned so see how we are best suited to help these people, Everyone in the band worked on some special project. With God's blessing, much has been accomplished for the Lord and for the members of the band. .!'o oV'o EURGPE , " 'v 'I' 1:-1' piggy.: x" I , ' fi ' Vice President Fred Santos Q fb U -A 1, Secretary E Ruth Will 4 as W 4 95 .,.. ,..., . ,,, M, - ,..,.....,..,,.1.......4.....y...-.L. ,.a.Q,r4.:1s,l.,.L-.4-.':4::4Q.z..4:.,.su.:a,isvRu.u.:',2,s-lnh-- s-,-L..'..,-i..m.fL ..-rm... - 1 ll 1 I ll qi i I I l H ll E 2 President Ronald Scribner ,f xl, Letters were Written to missionaries in the Far East in order to keep in touch with them and their needs. Different speakers included Rev. james Brown who enlightened us on the spiritual needs of the countries he visitedg and cer- tain students of the band who had burdens for different countries. Each member sought God in relation to the country for which he had a burden. 's f 4 Vice President Bob Veech Secretary Shirley Conklin ' 96 "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmov- able, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord." Our goal is to pray for those men who have undertaken the task of home missions pastoring. May God's blessing be on them as they labor for him. President Bill Darland 'Ji QC' 1 HGME MISSIO I 1 , .. t,,.. ,,,, , Medan, ,-:fins Vice President at Sam Dobrotka r SL-f 'i ' " lg 1 Secretary i 'A Ted Jensen .' 97 ....-.. -N. .....,.,-........-...2........:.........,..-f.a,a..10.2.-v-a..q.f.,.4.a.LLL..4:4.y.LM.L.1Nme:4,:LQ.i.a.L1,:w4nf---wa-..'......,.:-.' ,..,..,...,..-N. X l Hebrews 10:5-7, 39 "Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me: In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. Then said I lo, I come Cin the volume of the book it is written of meg to do thy will O God. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition: but of them that believe to the saving of the soulf' President james Wolf LATI AMERICA Vice President Lowell Clarke Secretary Phyllis Duncklee 98 . V. ,.,-.:-: ..,f1,-a..,--.....,,..4Ng4,..-dem. ,.-, ,,,: --'- V -ff.. 1.4,,V,.. - I. ...- 4-,w a.,.,.,.,..,, .mm i "I am only one, but I am one: a ' I cannot do everything, but I can do something. f What I can do I must do, , -A g And by the grace of God I shall do." 'W' g f ' In our prayer band this year we have tried to do the best we . V ' could, although we realize we are but a small body. We tried I our best to achieve our goal in givings as Well as in prayer. We know that our giving his been multiplied and our prayers an- swered' President Dick Eastman 4- .Ll '?'f9L953? 2 'Z anus-D' ik- Q 1' . f , 4 g .v . ..,.....,. Wee.,-..a- Q.: ...-'.. 1 Vice President Darrell Eichhorn Secretary Barb Griswold .1..a.1f...,.Lf .,'.1e.g.a.,.:f.a.-,a+.a..,.1.,,gg.g,., z.n..a,L.aa-..w.S.R4g5,:e...a ' ,44a.,,..a..:.4Q.:,, AFRICA Mr. and Mrs. Norman Correll Miss Mildred Duncklee Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hargrave Mr. and Mrs. Wesley R. Hurst . and Mrs. Melvin Jorgenson . and Mrs. Delmar Kingsriter . Merlin Lund ALUMNI OF NORTH CENTRAL SERVE AROUND THE WORLD SOUTH AMERICA . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . Elmer Niles . and Mrs Monroe Grams Milton Kersten john Mazurek Henry Mock . Richard Palmer Mr 1 Mr Mr Mr Miss Martha Jacobson Mr. and Mrs Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. Delbert Tarr Miss Phyllis Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Morris Williams Miss Carol Wingren SOUTHERN ASIA Miss Christelle Evans Mr. Calvin Olson Mrs. Harriet QWillia1nsjc Schoonmaker CENTRAL AMERICA Miss Virginia Carpenter Mrs. Dorothy COlsonJ Cedarblom Mr. and Mrs. David Kensinger Mr. Arthur Lindvall Mr. Gordon Marker Mr. Harold Mintle Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shirman EUROPE AND MIDDLE EAST Mr. George Goomas Mr. Kenneth Klefsaas Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McIntyre Miss Olga Olsson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sundell Miss Thelma Tate HOME MISSIONS Miss Eldeth Adkins Mrs. Ethel fNelsonj Andrus Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Beckstrand Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bisonette Miss Doris Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Cutsforth Miss Ruth Droll Miss Vera Eldridge Mrs. Edna CGrieppJ Fraetz Mr. john C. Gunderson Miss Cecilia Haffner Mr. and Mrs. Ted johnson Mrs. Gerald Larson Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olson FAR EAST Mr. and Mrs. John Burke Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carlblom Mr. and Mrs. Orville Carlson Miss Marcella Dorff Mrs. Lucille CVerheyenJ Erola Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Horst Miss Edna Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Larson Mr Glenn McCollister Mr and Mrs Harry Peterson Miss Palma Ramsborg Mr and Mrs Arthur Sholtls Mr and Mrs Ray Trask Rev. King checks a window display. ACTI ISSIO ITIES Prayer Group e Chap n fixes up Z1 display e Bob and Glen at work on another project Rex Phzllipps won the award lor the Shoe Ollerlnfss 101 I I I I I I I II III I ,I I, II II I. I iI :I II III I I I I I I I I I I I :I -I II II ,II III 'I fp I f I ,. I II LE I III I IIIIIII I-II II I I ,I , I-I I II I I II If I iI fl I II I I III IV ITI I III I III ii III I' III fit 'III ITF il I I I I ,I .iz 'II Land Rover given by the C.A.'S. Rev. Trask goes on an evangelistic tour via elephant. Church being built in Burma. Students at the Bible school in Lushai Hills, Burma. Teaching staff of the Girls' Middle School-, Bettiah, Bihai, India. wwf M SSIGNARIE QRK George Davis, co-ordinator of Sunday Schools in Latin America. , LOT EUR C223 HC Pl '- 0'f'fMA'I10 H Mclntyres. Our missionaries on the field work hard every day bringing the Gospel to people of other lands. They train native Christians to serve their own people, teach new Christians the doctrines of their faith and keep the message of Christ going forth to the unsaved of the World. Our offerings in the mission prayer groups help our representatives keep the work alive and thriving. Church at Minto,.Alaska, pastored by Gordon Olson. 103 Greetings from the 4 ,ll M THE SIGN or JGNAH The Sign of Jonah a one act play in nine scenes has its time set in the present. The action takes place in the form of a trial. The characters represent figures from the past and at the same time themselves. "The Sign of Jonah" is a surrealistic drama. It was a play that challenged the audience and demanded its whole attention. The play was directed by David Koechel and james King, Jr. Jonah was played by Jack Knapp. The supporting cast consisted of Terry Terrell, Benjamin Bon- nici, Larry Pilot, Richard Orchard, Darrell Eichorn, Karen Knowles, Stephen Kramer, Cheryl Robinson, Beva Garrison, and David Nelson. james King and David Koechel Play Directors. '59 ix ,-..,,,QM!' .4 1 106 wx.. MUSIC "And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps: and they sung as it were a new song before the throne .... " Revelation 14:2-3 4-44 .--40 First Row: P. Jenson, R. Kultula, N. amros , B. Bonnici, T. Mclnt re, C. Mort .i Y Y 1 J. Cummings. Second Row: C. Robinson, M. Olson, C. Davis, R. Hamelink, D. Booher, B. Griswold, L. Stetler, M. jabs. Third Row: D. Adamson,j. Strandquist, 108 I P 'M J. Swanson, T. Strandquist, E. Doane, J. Will, C. Evenson.Not Pictured: G. Sch- roeder, A. Worthley. AI RE .,..,-A-Wy.-...:..,,. .-,, ,.,n.L-4.:,-:-bca-1-:.:1.r.f..1. L. B. Larson Director 109 e 4 -L. ..r fa. - 7' p,a+aM.zNQ.:f,,:,,.,- ...V .f,,,,,,,,4 - -M-.L V,-e1.,.1A........ L- F- x ' L ,,, Paul Quarino Marlene Olson Organist Pianist The Evangelaires enjoyed a successful ministry in music and song this year. Their travels during the summer took them to the World's Fair in New York City and to Washington D.C. In ministering to others, the Evangelaires receive a real blessing in knowing that those who hear them are being blessed and inspired by their music. I l , Eg 110 N 5 r f I A I TOUR Q' s 5 I -A ' ," '1'55?'Lsfbi- 54 NMS , A .1-,vm ,- 1 .- , .pl 15535, Y ,:-af T ffkffiff' S .-A ' 'wvjdviriifggp -13 I . 2' '?' .ffff-55-,' -- y4,,...,' " F0-fa 4. f---,...' , 'JF - n,g,y,- , 'QQ 'fl' .,3fv1',v7.a,,x ghvsl 'JiQf, 4X:j1 if .igmllk 'fi fm -5.-1 .-V - -W, ,,-V . - ,ffl , ' .ia . , :pf ' ,ry ,x -, H ' ' .-Vf,,f-fwfa'-mf' - , ,Q 1 72 .IT V4 " ML . .x :V A4 ' 'fluff' ' Kap' 4,1 ,gg X- -7, 5-"v i' xffz. f Nj .xg 2225: ., ay-,-.51 7175737 rHs..i3 T f'g'm,-f M A5 ' cf, V ' ' - .u 1 -N ',J---. A ' - - 1 ,' V ' A ,, , .KA .V ,ig-4..::IijJ,'Ek V3 , ,-.,,,.,K1.- if K J.-.X 4- ffl' -' , K - . , -, x, . .2 . 1..2 -5 -Y. , , ,, "-. -""' I , , Q 1 mf fx Yin, l.1','mmf'-5 ll I A ...lg-X . ge . A yy . Af' qi ..l:,iA: .LPQ4 T! 'M V" wwf? 1 ,, .F , f - f A wr- -1 N ' ship' .Q 4 ' .- Y -'V' ,saw W S at x LH Y 111 N Q0 I' ' a N, ' l 2 - - . , Z. 1 F l i 4- . Eg 5: 5 . 5 if , .. 5 5. 1 l ,T l., '- i l E 3. 4 , 9 , ,. Z . 3 . 2 G ,Y, zfwy First Row: Rebecca Emanuele jan Hedman Sharilyn Hanson Butler Beverly Blount Peggy Pilot Paul Anderson. Third Ruth Will Nancy Seaman Claudia Walberg. SecondRozv: Don Row: Lowell Clark Ondrea Holseth Ilene johnson Rose- Waisenen Rachel Koenig Linda Sannes Kathy Kost jyll mary Scott Judi Eastman jane Cole Thom Loven. CHORALETTE Ronna Wlley Dlrector 112 CHURALETTES TOUR 13 F1rstRow Dean Gross jlm Lyons james K1ng Vern Hagen Wyland Robert Lee Thzrd Row Davld Lehmann Rlchard beck Lowell Anderson Bryant Collver Second Row Ralph Orchard Mxlton Krans jullan Hall Larry Campbell Slmmons jon Woodman john Stump Dean Galyen George GO PEL HYM Orill Krans Director 114 Larry Pilot Pianist .fad Curtis Green Student Manager 115 M ,..,..,.,,-..,z..-. ....'..:.2.,,.Q..x.1-,..,.4- ..,.L,,g. .4.v...a.,.4,.,,t....:,4... m.y.t,h..L.1Qx4..45gs.::.,..Q,: PRACTICE SESSIO r't11"cJCDOCU Z'-412 V MZ F F Y Y! y W :I E, l V k A 1 1 k i i I 4 N G E L A i I i E 5 S i I l C E H 45 i A ' ' l ' 5 L V v , T T E S THE GOSPEL KEYNOTE One of North Central s gospel teams that went on summer tour this past year was the Gospel Keynotes. This group was made up of Ronna Wiley, Penny Hunt and Delores Krans, These girls on their tour went to 10 different states which included South Dakota, Indiana, Wash- ington, and Ohio. The girls enjoyed their summer and the bless- ings they received will be a lasting memory. The group consists of: Delores Krans, Toledo, Ohio Ronna Wiley, Minneapolis, Minnesota Penny Hunt, Oak Creek, Wisconsin THE GABRIEL The Gabriels traveled some 20,000 miles and visited 25 states this past summer. They ministered in 80 churches as well as several camps, and Y.F.C. rallies. It was a summer packed full of activity and excite- ment, but most important they saw many young people dedicate their lives to the service of the Lord. While traveling with the Evangelaires for three weeks QE- i"' K-Yin X in june, the Gabriels visited the World's Fair in ",'f'4'yl X, .Yfqfb New York. This was an experience to be sure. -W1 1 Qiitf'-Wilffiiklfi - "il 1 .'f' Q W: i sagfwyagifff m1ff fa,.g.4f , iz A' i ' 9 1 1 The group consists of: 75' 2 .5 , h ' 1 Larry Pilot, Salt Lake City, Utah - l ith' ,- ',,'l,qf tg. A .4 Dick Eastman, Beloit, Wisconsin " Lee Peters, St. Paul, Minnesota Rolly Heuser, Waupaca, Wisconsin , Late arrival often meant a quick change even in the car. Here Larry, Dick and Rolly are preparing to sing at the Colorado Adult Camp ww XQN ,Q fm W4 A',,,,-ew' wa' Av -wmv 'ggiilffvf' ba ,M f ., .W ,, , U M 1 rw ,nw M. N 4367 gp v 2 L mmf w 123 '59, W W' f 1 In QW.. ,W Z If 1 f ,,, A ,M D , W ,U if f, W , ,V-,.. ,gg - Npdms 4' ,. ,, m 1 f L 1 S, Vx, ,K . 'sftc F Ii! '-H L33 ' 423' K '93 4 6- q.::' "-:,g'1'5" ORGANIZATION "...and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures. For with thee is the fountain of lifeg in thy light shall we see light." ' Psalm 36:8-9 4.f,-.swwwfn-.-1 wg... ... -.4..w,A..,.... ..,.... .... . 1:- T Y ft ,V Mn.,.,.-' 1 ,,, ,.,,,,,:,. , .,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,......-...1.-1-ff.......,,.....,-.--.- ,.........1,...,....v.-.-- -5-w,...,f.-..-.,..-..ff7-7-f-f-'ew-v,-H-1---,,.f,.w ,-Q' :'f"""' ' if V First row: J. Hearn, R. Veech, L. Bobe, B. Vincelli, K. Smith, J. Strandquist, C. Burroughs. Not Pictured: G. Lambie, C. St. D. Koechel, M. Olson. Second row: A. Worthley, L. Peters, D. john, P. Anderson. Demuth, T. Loven, L. Clarke, T. Strandquist, D. Heermann, STUDE The student government is the stu- dents' governing body here at North Central. It meets every other week to consider problems concerning the student body. The representatives are elected from the four classes and include, as well, the presidents of the various organizations in school and the indi- vidual class oihcers. T 122 Alvin worthley Betty Vincelli President Secretary LeRoy Peters Garth Lambie Vice President Treasurer GOVER ME T Under the direction of Reverend James Hearn, their advisor, this group has discussed various school problems, sponsored parties, and made as one of their goals for the year the fixing up of the parking lot for students' cars. J. E. Hearn Advisor 123 i" 341'a 1 W-fx fm ., f ' f, Hifi - sf-Q1 -ga, .Q,0,,iga,, 1 ,, -' A .r , fi: ff' 5, 3 , , ,, , , L f .Q 4'-5 ,,, Q ,, , W ,, My f John Stump President Lee Peters Vice President BOY x 7 , . N ww- -i5?Q- , , . 1 g l57" iSi55 VJ' s Q' lf fe Q i 5 ' 'Aegis . .5 4 .im - ,af I 4 v .ffi213,5 t '. .' .7 i ' hall' 'Za n - 7 mpnumv Teny Terrell Secretary-Treasurer First row:D. Lehmann, G. Gray, J. Gwillim. Second row: L. Peters, P. Melloy, K. Striley, D. Campbell, D. Eichhorn. Not Pictured: David Nelson. 124 .WK I : 9 Marilyn McMaster IJ President DORMITQRY COUNCIL pw. M. ' .3 Kay Smith Vice President First row: C. Evenson, M. Schaffer, L. Witty, P. Paige, A. Book, K. Smith, M. McMaster. Not Pictured: B. Griswold. K- M Hg gm.. .- S 3: V , xz V W V 1 . 5 2 A F by 5 S fi S i 1. P 2 '1. K Q 1 25 . . . , . .. .... , ...,. ...,t.t1... :A .-.,....e1.. ,w.:.f,.:.a.u-..e.:-e..1v..:..L: ...hz-gghee,-41f....::-.f .. -:QQQQ-...:4n..zeLp:.w:.Q,.,li5l1...,:',:,yw:rn--mi-..-..,. '.z,L-sw.-.........,,.,,, .-.. .... .,...: ...... .. , -....- ,..,.,..,., ,.1 -.. .... -.. .-41. '.. ..,-..,.,.....,....v...-,- .. . -,...,.... .-.,-,-.. ., ... .f..-.-- N 43' Simmons jim Swanson. Seated: Cliff Burroughs. re STAFF: Nancy jamrosy, Garth Lambie, Brenda Moltumyr, Mike Chapman, Pat Melloy, Ralph Advisor: Arvid Kingsriter ARCHI E Editor Cliff Burroughs STAFF: Front row: Barbara Griswold, Dean Gross, Penny Hunt. Back row: David Nelson, M. S. Samuel, Terry Terrell, Dave Koechel, Pat Melloy. ORTHER LIGHT ,pw if ITG' Editor: Dean Gross ,. ,,,,....,1.k.,r,.,H .1.,.x-.m....g7 ,M-.w ...M,.,,h.f,.,..,f.,. '.L.... N :.L, - W. x- -:.-,:.s:,1.a ',a,:-nw--nm ' Advisor: Arvid Kingsriter g,,. cf Wm wolf' as 1 . . X , ., 2114. D, , , ku .uk if It fl .Q s . ' A, Q , 40, -1. H , Q 5. Zinn V iq ef" ff ' -f"5"'- :Q-Sqgil . . ....... .wi . .1 Y, ff. , . ' , V , W ,, 7 Q .i ,QL V I , V QL, ,gm . Q, - , f , 2 5 11, , , Jw ' , W, 4 -- - Rf- 4 7 ' ., ,- f,.. 1 2 Q1 N 4' NK X -f A ' ' I , , ' .A WWF," ff?" A' X ,Mi A H U M fix I ' f Wi: W 1: ,, 1. ff, 'K Q5 V . W V W- g . fam Si ui K X ' 11. 4. ,U 1 'J,'g x . ' WF V Vw 2. I, my " . ' AW J 2 . . f ' My .. , M ' ff 1 ,Q Q, , V. I Q vw. . t .. af . 'k 2, ' ,, .f I - - ff, i. f . , Q V 4, - Q, 1. V. 4 'Aw ., . A 2 Q. . f x , , x ff- f A'-gf' ' i, M. f, , - 1 X Lv .zgf . , A i ,rf fm , A A nm , 'N , ,Mgr . .. , L.. ,A H H I aw' 7 5825 'N 'af ifwv " . U K, 45 ', ' WL , lr' V+, , -,ff , gr. ,j I '79 A' M ' .V my :hu , .. , 5 K f ' uf ,NW ' Y, ' .' . ff 4 wwf, .H V. I M277 If A K X f w ff , Hy K 1 , f ' 1 If W V' . fe 4 ? M N , if , 1 fy , af I f 4 x Aw V my ww" T H , f 'W ma W, ,Lf f., a ,A -M., V m r vg ,A aa, ,f ,..-.-. 1, s 2 L: ' . , "' rf, s ar 'M-3 1 jg 2 , Qfii 'WH 4 ,P . QW - Mag ' 'M N W"5M4. X tg Q . ,W ,. , ,X 7, ,, Sq K , l E 1 qQg'.,:::55Kf5,,.f. 3' A . f .X Lf M . ' ,W ,N 1 , ff . -1+ - fn , X -'Q A j , ,A K N ' . wif, f'f QW.. A . a . M,-x f .Z .,, mf gd, L, 0' Dil: ,- X K ' S . 2' ' A ff i .... ,,,. 2 , K- f yy: .. Q, J- . . , 5, H ' .egg "r3.1f .143 Q 1 ' M ' I qw. 1- Q -4 YS Y' . 5 . , ' ' "Tf1.w"' ,GV Y "H 12 K ' "-'53, S- T if-is 2 A Af W ' A ' Z I '54, 2 " f' 3 ,. ' MW" V ' A N 0 w 12, X W ' ' 5, ...M , f . if ,ak w"'f' NWN 'FU ' f , fi A Xiziww-' 32? ' ' 1-' ,' ,pf V, 1 -sw "w...s..gfL H f-,HN Agra 4 gf, a ,yfswfm ' , A ., ka ik I , ,, g ru. 4 W X I V , . f A , Y ., .x .K .3 7 'A . 7 . M, K.. ' VA ' Najaf ff: 7 2' if - KW5 M ',..5f" fi. ,. Q W' f ' Hz. . --'L W ' I ff " sf ' QA, . X, , v, . - f .X Q., ,7 0 ' Q A - , .fp-Rf ' -, 41119, I ff-ff! as " ' ., 95 A-mbsf ' , K' 'sv JA ,. ', -2 ' J .7 ' N ' .,, .pf A X 'X QA N Ku V V , y lx ,Q K' Q.. , fx - I ' M 1- A f"' ,Q, fy "Q AW: v 'Q 1 5. ' Yr f' . XP iffy 'J' ' 1 .F 4 K' v Q X ff' A 1 .. K ' ge 55 V 35" K' , ' T ' W ' ,f,,u V ' ' .K x 1 1' , f 5 .,,., Ek P 4, Q .vw X ,, K+ X-.ff ,Y I ...S XA 1 life, . n -, A E I V . , ' ' .5 W 5 xx lkibwg, , 'rf A ' ' A X wg' ' If , . :W L , f NYM 5 Q t ,,. th. 1 ' ik?-., K if ,M :f LH ,L Q fe- 'fu NW I V-5 1 n '94 vi' N' -Q55-I ACTIVITIE "And whatsoever ye do in Word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." Colossians 4:17 I, , fl , I H V V . ' . 1 ffk XN ' U '15, - x . l Fl A ' " 'Q .Q 'Q TT A ,. ,T , , Q P k - ' f w L lk , , O Q Q ,-,a,e,..:.c.a-,:,:5.:Azsx:L.:j:52f.Q:a4g49.,:z,uv,.::-.f.f..1.L.m,Z.LL-. n.S42.ei..L:.9s.:Q.,Q-LQ:SQ.s.w,:,M.a,L-....,zL..:..,f...s-wmv,-,-.,..-..-G .,,-,.M..i..,.,. ...-.:. ..s..,.,1., . ,,.. . , Q I 5 1 fi I I've got it! Reach for it,2Bill! Watch lf Gary! , . . 130 Q PCG fy 'WM' There! I J , ' . .. m::f,w- -2 'P ,. I .5 1 4'-".1l f?,i,eL2Qffi' ' Come on, little ball. it hx, Q ,,?! . ,-S2 :E l Where's Lhe ball? l I x 1 TEAM: C. St. John, J. Strandquist, D. Galyen, T. Reine, V. Hagenbeck, D. Mooberry, N. Hillestad, J. Held, M. Krans, R. Hamelink, D. Eichhorn, D. Harms, J. Phillipps. Not Pictured: G. Lambie, P. Melloy. V RSITY During the course of the school year, our team has made definite strides toward obtaining and maintaining the school spirit. Although they were hampered by lack of the proper practicing facilities, their per- formance on the floor has been inspiring in spite of their handicap. Hats off to this teamg they have done a great job! Ray Levang, P. Phillipps Directors 132 x I SOPHOMORES M Erlckson D Harms D Elchhorn H Cherry j Held L Clarke Not Pzctured S Kramer C St john Ai Zaajiw Out of Bounds KETB LL FRESHMEN T. Strandquist, J. Strandquist, V. Hagenbeck, M Krans, R. Hamelink, T. Reine, L. Campbell. Not Pic- tured: D. Galyen, D. Gazaway, R. Skoog. Txme out for a rest XXX x XS Sig 's Wi A va a-qw! Time out. s nt V ,,..k its , MZ, V Garth Lambie makes sure he has the play straight Boy! I wish I were two inches taller! Whose team are you on anyway? AH! TWO Points for them. li ti 134 X mv vi A Q A word from the captain. if!! f . , Q Strategy pays off? nv ' il I A, 'V ' 5 V- js , 6 , "H 1 5 g8'1rt -' - f r e f 'L 'iw' - , , Wanta' play catch? ' o it 24' at c ? What goes up, must come down. Q..- Wiazf f gr dune. Where you guys going? The ball's down here! h ,. .M ,L A j 1 r V 4,159 5.3 37, N ,, isa- dfhv 'Aff-. Q, eff.:-K! If Q , . , , it -,lry ' .,. 1- ,- . 1 , , .Ie +11 ' 1 , , ., -. rx,,z.g,,, 4' f-if-H "MVN 1-wtf 4 1 5 . m rx, -y 3 Q W V ., ' ' ,' -, I :U - df t,hh A, Wrff! , r e M y 4. 7955 .2 , f H A. f f' Rigas: Q5 'Q' MARRIED CO PLE ' FELLO HIP Leo Bobe brought the Sunday morning IIlCSSagC. Last fall the Married Couples of North Central packed their bags and headed for a weekend retreat at Lake Geneva Bible Camp. ,The weather was cold, but the fellowship was warm. The couples welcomed the opportunity to leave the Cities behind and enjoy the companionship of other couples. Football, basketball and deer hunting were a few of the activities provided. Sunday School and church services were held for both the children and adults. The students and wives joined in worship. 136 if xy-lg 0' Q-fu' QQ., ey ' 5 , ff M, - M-.. , . - ,w , fa ax, H-av' 1 Q. , 'agp cwilrf -,rffriifix f"L K' :YQ 'fffhlf , if M in-!fflZJ". 'm it I 5 . . ' s-'W '33 in s k"?'Nj L fywwrf 'Agn M' A K N I 'Z 1 3, A iEx5r1 f , . ,ggsfiwy .dig ,A ,TWLFN ll ,p , -. A L X h,VL .x,, , ,,,, L Mfr, ,U K ,, , V 4 I 'li X Q, , , ink? , -Q. , ' ' ' X vw -x ,af 'Ln-A? S Some of the husbands hard at work!! Rev. Phillipps and the one that got away. Two experienced pros! i H 9 137 ' ' ' '-1:-.fu-1 - ..i-.--QQ!.49-.1-:.,1,Q.LQ.--A.':4.:.L.Lp..:.w-:.:..,-:sei-' r.v ,LW-01:--... L -4 ..,,..1 ,fi . Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoyed the good food that was prepared by the wives. And at last the good-byes had to be taken. 138 My Mall tlme IS the best tlme 1 . ,xx'1 1 Caug Agam" At last' A quiet place to study Brmgmg us Chrxstmas Cheer i , fy, K f -V . .,A,., M, I n t 1 15 - 'X t tttt ttNk mfg M QV W m',,..w -.. , tt Q' ' , , f Z s Jur ied . . L- ..,, . gg i -. ki-usa-we-as V 'Q-whff ' , .wkf ' 1 Organized . . . Confusion! X , f . H R I l x 'K x 5 f . X,t-..m, ht! .... ........ ' .. 139 ...1..,...54.1,:...,.A,.,..Q1.,.M.-f,.:..:.1.:.1-.:sg:f.:::...:-Laztuu.t.Q:fu.xx.f.MQ.,.:ggQ,t.:..s5a,gL,.,m.Q,.L.3Qi3a4..f,:,,,.Ah-QMp..-M ,,.,-l.,f..W.-,,,.,,,,,f,.b-.. .... ...V. 4 , N. ...-. .A..,..,..., ...,.....-Q ..,.....,....1,...-.-..-.,.-..4.:,gJ4.....,..-.,....... 5. .-.f..---aw Watch Out!! Peek-a-boo!! tw? A 1 ma f,,..M.., .V We can make beautiful music together. No girl can take the place of my horse! The foollsh what? k 140 l x f F '13 K 4 'v ., 4. J9- ff I , .za ,f I Did you say something? This is art! Surprise! ! Now, here's the thing... I 141 ., rx 1 Ah, who are ,V 'A:V you kidding? , S an Y ...:.4..4,,A:.J..Aa:r,Q:...un-,a1zg:.:-1,L,:74f..1a..x.i.-.:2.-g.f.,..1.,,4,lgJ...i:,4:,4a,- - vNm,:, Qggfl. naw ' J 4' .V MJ-4 School work is so hard!! No time like lunch time! I can t study ln my room A note for me??!! 65 GRADUATES SCHOOL OF THE NORTH CENTRAL REGION G Raymond Carlson Lyle E Curtls G H Damelson A W Gast D H Heuser BOARD OF REGENTS F J Llndqulst C M Nelson E A North S Harland Petersen Herman H Rohde BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION G Raymond Carlson James G Kung Arvld Klngsrlter D H Mapson FACULTY Estella Burkhart Dean Eastman Inga Engebretsen J P Gustafson James Hearn T J Jones James G Kung Betty Kommerstad O C Krans L B Larsen R K Levang Roy Nowack J P Phnllnpps Marlene Ratzlaff Mabel Saunders J Skurdalsvold Wllllam Snow lone Soltau Anna Strubel E Ed Thomas M C Nelson ALUMNI OFFICERS Davnd Nelson V Presldent Jeanette Tosten Secretary STAFF Berthal Hague Ethel Hague G F Halqulst Sophie Halqurst Betty Hlntz Melvln Holmqulst Penny Hunt Lydia Johnson Kathy Larson Frank LeRoy Jen McCabe Vlrglnla Peterson Lula Schwartz Ronna Wlley Lowella Wold 145 i I l I James Brown John R. Elrod, President Congratulations Graduates of 65 MINNESOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL Asssmsufsorcon from the I lHome of North Central Bible Collegei 820 East 'l4th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55404 SC NORTH CENTRAL BIBLE COLLEGE MUSIC Minnesota Students attending North Central Bible College DISTRICT EXECUTIVES Herman H. Rohde, Superintendent Harry M. Myers, Assistant Superintendent Kenneth M. Freiheit, Secretary Treasurer SECTIONAL PRESBYTERS Ray Collver, Northwest Robert Scharnberg, Northeast Rowland Dean, West Central Melford Olson, East Central Richard Orchard, Middle West Martin Gerdes, Central G. R. Carlson, President, N.C.B:C. Julius Olson, Southwest Melvin Hanson, South Central O. E. Carter, Southeast Robert Hanson, West Twin Cities E. B. Adamson, -East Twin Cities Amos Levang, 'North Twin Cities Ivan O. Miller, Honorary Frank J. Lindquist, Honorary DEPARTMENTS . . . Sunday School f Harold Komppl Director Men s Fellowshlp B Adomson Dnrector Lake Geneva Buble Camp in qtiiivliv- i Kouples Kamp College 81 Careers Comp FAMILY CAMP Jr Hugh Comp Sr Hugh Comp Girls Comp Boys Comp June ll 13 June 18 20 June 24 July4 July 12 17 July 19 24 July 26 31 Aug 2 7 CHRlST'S AMBASSADORS QS AMBASS40 sts Q- 5 ss J? 'X 4731158 or cowl Horold Komppl President Som Peterson Vlce President Davud Nelson Secretory Women s Mlsslonory Councll Mrs S R Johnson President Mrs Stanley Clclrke Vlce President Mrs Hermcln H Rohde Secretory L ANGER P0111 Z 43, it Lester Hughes Director E. . , ' 4 .I K ,. R O Y A R S l J lm A l A, lt A N' I W 2 - ,J --l tb Q 'll - JN 147 THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION AND THE LIVING ENDOWMENT FELLOWSHIP WELCOME THE CLASS OF i965 REV. JOHN ELROD REV. DAVID NELSON P,-esidem Vice President JEANETTE TOSTEN Secretary ALUMNI COMMITTEE STATISTICS John Elrod, Chairman Alumni Arvid Kingsriter Graduates ....... .... I 950 Amos Levang Greater Alumni ..... .... David Nelson Total Membership .... .... 5 I I5 Marvin Nelson Virginia Peterson Jeanette Tosten Plan To Attend The 1966 ' Baccalaureate ...... . . May 22 Alumni Banquet . . . . May 23 Commencement . . . . May 24 Please send items of interest for publication in the Quarterly Bulletin to: Public Relations Dept., N.C.B.C. Notify us of any change in your address- - " 148 THE WISCONSIN AND NORTHERN MICHIGAN DISTRICT COUNCIL Of The ASSEMBLIES OF GOD HNORTH CENTRAL BIBLE COLLEGE h M hg I964 65 DISTRICT EXECUTIVES Darwln Heuser Su perlntendent Lyle Curtls Asst Supt Paul J Bucket Sec Treas PRESBYTERS John Gunderson N L Shotwell Herbert Kolenda Gordon Johnson Marshall Schroeder Wull am L Wllllams Carl Swanson Andrew Eytzen DEPARTMENTS Sunday School John V Ohlm Christ s Ambassador John V Ohlln Women s Mrsslonary Dlrector President Mrs Darwin Heuser Presldent Men s Fellowship Thomas Hodge Director Luft up your eyes and look on the fields for they are whlte already to harvest John 4 35 b 149 Students from Wisconsin and Norf ern ic i an- - I , , . . , . . - , . , .- . - I ' I , . . ' I , . V . i . . . u - ' , r I ' ll . . . COXRINTH IAFSYS Fl RST 'QMZ' E25 BENQ L. Tl S Dry' itkeasy 'i Eoioov ,A 'QF kr . .TJ ' 5 5 gwfi --' W - Lal E fi' T HEAVEN E BRUS NOWING THE DDGTRINES 0F THE BIBLE A S52 , UI ei x'.A,as. 5, ,A THE EPisTx.e 'ro , THE Heanews Hewm m WSWS BIBLE ATI ntruduction to the study of WORTHY TEYOND we WWW ENTARY ON THE HOLY BIBLE 2 ,MM volume 1.-ssneslsm nsursnonomv 33 MINNESOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL BOOK STORE 910 Ellioi' Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 55404 " George Rassmussen, Manager Arlene Book, Secretary I , 150 Congratulations Class of 1965 From , CLASS OF I 968 I have ought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have t the faith: H - forth th e is laid up for me a crown of right usn ss which the Lor II iludge, s give me at that day .... , the right II T . 4-7-8 THE KEY TO YOUR FUTURE CLASS OF 67 FAITH I Q l N C g t lations Cla f65 :l rom G F j 0 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T965 FROM THE MlNNEAPOLlS GOSPEL TABERNACLE l3TH AVE. AT LAKE ST. Honoring Gerald Gunhus Marilyn McMaster Beniamin Bonnici Bible College. Speaking at the Jubilee gathering at Springfield, Mo., April, 1964. 40th Anniversary picture, sewing the Minneapolis Gospel Taber- nacle. LINDQUIST RECEIVES HONORARY DEGREE "In recognition of your vision for the expan- sion of God's work, your faith to believe it possible, and your courage to found an insti- tution for the preparation of workers for the Kingdom of God we confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Divinity"-so read the ' citation to Rev. F. J. Lindquist at the 31st an- nual graduation exercises of North Central NCBC Choir sings at the Jubilee celebration in Springfield, Mo., April, T964 Shrine Mosque at Springfield, Missouri. 515339 3352235-v' : E T . I Congratulations Class of 1965 From .E BETHEL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD m E- - '3 , ' . 1, 3 'gm -415,7 - '-., un, - - ,VJ 1, 1 J ,J N . M , A - A ll . 'J' "" ' f U 1 I 4? ' Q :E - . 'F fa- - ' ,E 5 'H f 'T E 1 QS,., ,t,5 - ' Robert C. Hanson Jack Williams Paul Hanson Randy Johncox Mrs. R. C. Hanson Pastor Assistant Pastor Youth Leader. Assistant Pastor "As long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper." II Chron. 26:5. eEd fY edIyCh CONGRATULATIONS Present your bodies a living sacrifice Romans T2 l SUNDAY CHU CLASS OF 'I965 That he might present nt to himself a glorious church Eph 5 27 GOSPEL TEM 2300 Bloomington Avenue lnneapolls 4 Minnesota CHRIST S SCHOOL Pastor J M strand AMBAssAooRs THE CHURCH WITH THE FULL GOSPEL MESSAGE I I I ig :,tf' H' I' ., I-L3 T"'T"'T"' I ' 'I - - ' - -35123 .fix . I qv I A S COCNLKEQTULATIONS OI: I ASSEMBLIES OF GOD T965 I Rev. Arvid Kingsriter, Pastor A BIBLICAL AND SPIRITUAL MINISTRY TO ALL AGES 'Ia' 1 ff" 1 9350 PORTLAND AVENUE S , BLOOMINC-TON 70, MINNE . OTA H' I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1965 from the ROCHESTER ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 1705 Eaton HIII DrIve Rochester MInnesotoI W A CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH .-R, "qw J ff-I' E C FT 9 4,24 P ST A I I Pos or MM! TIIIIIII ' ' . I. . If 'f - "o' 'I - l- 1' 'I 5 - ' IF51 'I ft. fe I V- 5 Af: I ,' mm - ., 'ff'-A ,cf ., +I, .9s.I I . ' F "1 ' -' IN THE MEDICAL CENTER OF THE WORLD 'i f A fm y :ff ' a e. If I O' - G E' Graf C CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I965 SOUTFI DAKOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 721 West Havens Mitchell, South Dakota S. H. Peterson-District Superintendent E. A. North-Assistant Superintendent W. F. Reichelt-Secretary-Treasurer Women's Missionary Council Mrs. W. F. Reichelt Christ's Ambassadors Department Jack Glass- President Men's Fellowship Department Leonard Wipf- Director Sunday School Department W. F. Reichelt-Director Congratulations Class of 1965 From the Church Board Sunday School Christ Ambass'ador's W.M.C.'s Men's 'Fellowship of the Anoka Assemblies of God Honoring Graduate Student Arthur Kost Pastor 81 Mrs. L. G. Tandberg 81 Girls Services on Sunday 8:30 Gospel Tidings on KANO, 1470 9:45 Sunday School 10:45 Worship Service 6:30 C. A. Service 8:00 Evening Service Wed.-8:00 P.M. Prayer Service IIORTH CENTRAL BIBLE COLLEGE First row: P. -Duncklee, D. Baldock, S. Holter, J. Pownell, D. Derheim, M. Markwardt. Back row: L. Olson, R. Salisbury, M. Erickson, M. Holter, L. Watterud, A. Pownell, G. Watterud, J. Roy. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES NORTH DAKOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL HQ. V iw - , Devils Lake, North Dakota Kenneth E. Olson Charles Jackson Mel 'l' Devrles Dismd Superintendent Ass't. Dist. Superintendent District Secretary-Treasurer Q- 2501 FREMONT AVENUE NORTH 'i YBIUUITL IGEILIBYIIZIEIB MINNEAPOLIS 11, MINNESOTA MEN's FELLOWSHIP CHRIST'S AMBASSADORS WOMENS MWONARY ,,,,,Nc,, SUNDAY SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Q 51' FOQ 0 0 :FQ 49 smoov. of ' ' So," "Wfff, va ron caaxqx 'gg 51. LQ - ,,-A 'L T I 'X . , ' I rl il LPI.. il -.,.:., ,mi I . A . ' ,' , 5ii nH,Ei.i :,w5:Q1 I 2 ' -it :aff R , A h- - 'T ' REV. CHARLES MYERS fzemanff. tie u R.EV. HARRY M. MYERS glazed ?4m6Zq of Qdae 1660654.10 ' A V 1 ' Q, EFT' N 'i 2" ' L 1 CONGRATULATIONS XL s g, from fhe Cong ratulatlons GL Church 'ocmed 'n CLASS OF '65 t -52.11 the heart of the ,, ,, ,, ffm- .5 F, 5,12 " ,, li- , . I 1 ,.,,, city of Newton, G ifiw. aft. . '11 - with The CLTY Of FIRST ASSEMBLIES OF GOD ggi! - ' Newton ctHec1rt. N. DAK. -' "The Gate City to the West!" Fi1?g:g2h: gg,f?'f' D - fn 'fi T with Rev. Hilton Griswold, Pastor OF GOD 301 -ist St. S. Newton, Iowa North Dakota State University and 50,000 contented people CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1965 FROM THE 'ROSEVILLE ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH REV. E. LUNDBLAD NfEAR HYWAY 36 AND LEXINGTON PASTOR ON CHATSWORTH AND GRANDVIEW really love Him really love Him really love Him really love Hlm If you If you If you If you CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1965 . . . Enioyed Spending Spiritual emphasis week with you. REV. AND MRS. W J GEORGE St Louis Mo youll work and watch and pray youll serve Him every day you II never go astray that way ERNEST J MOEN Pastor of MILWAUKEE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 5511 West Burleigh Milwaukee Wisconsin Congratulations Class of 65 Honoring Students Marian Mayer Garth Lamble Congratulations And Best Wishes SENIOR CLASS 1965 'BWI il vw V REV W KA1"I'ER 3520 West 43rd St CHRIST OUR LIFE CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE JUNIOR CLASS GRADUATES "WHERE RE IS NO VI ON . . . Q 'VISION THE ART F T PEOPLE PERIS ." SEEIN THINGS VISIBLE." We of the iuni class take this opportuni to extend to th senior class best wishes as they Ieove the mpus of N.C.B.C. with their b rning vision. PROV. 29:18 I Johna an Swift Class Off ers Pres. Clare ce St. John V.P. Larry Pi t Sec. Karen Kn wles Treo. Wes Wold Student Gov't. Lee Peters Gorth Lumbie nrthvrn CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 'I965 Q' Editor, Dave Koeshal Second Semester 'Might Editor, Deon C. Gross Voice of the students First Semester 158 Congratulations to the Class of 1965 A I GOD BE WITH YOU All Asssmaiiwi ASSEMBLY HOMES OF MINNESOTA, INC. I A Where the aging and infirm can Live with dignity and Christian ioy. OPERATING HOMES IN: Glennwood, Minnesota So. St. Paul, Minnesota Austin, Minnesota Redwood Falls, Minnesota Clarkfield, Minnesota Hoffman, Minnesota HOMES UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Barnesville, Minnesota St. Peter, Minnesota REV. L. D. KRAMER, President Head Office- Glenwood, Minnesota ENTRANCE of new lnver Grove Nursing Home at So. St. Paul, Minnesota. Our Congratulations To The Class of 1965 Honoring our Fine Students From Worthington Marvene Gerdes Sharon Tutle Del ght thyself also the Lord and he shall g e thee the pogo, John Everen des es of th ne heart Psalm 37 4 Mrs John E ep-en BOARD MEMBERS Rqlph Berger Benhle GBl'deS Don Bruxvoort Aff 5Cl'll'-NIP WORTHINGTON ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH 5th Avenue at 13th Street Worthington Minnesota Fundamental Evangelistic Dlstmctlvely Pentecostal ., Z ' " i in g iv ir i ." : . . v . I 0 I I 159 I Nortfzwes l62l Fourth Avenue South . Linen ervice w IT H GQK Minneapolis 4, Minn. . FE 8-5643 DON'T FORGET OUR SPECIAL STUDENT LINEN SERVICE IEach Week You Receivel . Two . One . Two . One . Two Sheets' . Pillow Slip Bath Towels Hand Towel Wash Clothes - All this for ONLY S25.00 for the ENTIRE school year For Further Information See the Housekeeping Dept. , yxffyyfr W' fy 'LWQQ , all Q fa , The Choice of NCBC Students Watch for Specials ' Free Summer Storage ' Formerly Martinizing SUNSHINE CLEANERS Jack 81 Joyce Spencer Phone: 333-2863 Tenth at Chicago CENTURY CAMERA SHOPS Your Photographic A 'A Department Store 1 7 ' Down Town 26 South 7th Street-Fe 8-5857 Campus 1327 4th Street S E - Fe 1-7777 SAVITT BROS., INC. Wallpaper and Paint 1021-23 Hennepin Ave.-Fe 5-2187 340 East Lake Street-Ta 5-8312 1003 West Broadway-Ja 1-8171 5304 Excelsior Blvd -Wo 7-8081 WE INVITE YOU TO USE OUR DECORATING SERVICE MacPHAIL COLLEGE OF Music 1 128 LaSalle Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota OUR CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1965 GOLD BOND BARBER SHOP 1530 E Lake St eet P o e PA 4 0400 Jack F etche COMPLIMENTS OF KAPLAN BROTHERS INC CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 65 From NORTH CENTRAL PRESS CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING CLASS HARRIS FURNITURE Specializing In Religious Printing Printing Department North Central Bible College . I' h n - i I' of i from 161 5 K C CORNELIUS JEWELRY COMPANY - Creative Jewelers 628 Nicollet Avenue Rooms 320-324 Minneapolis, Minnesota SCHUMACHER WHOLESALE MEATS CATERING TO HOTELS RESTAURANTS AND INSTITUTES Fine Diamonds Student Representative Jerry Gunhus Moderate Student Rates 508 - 2nd Ave. No. FE 2-6461 Mpls, 3 PALM CLEANERS E 3557 n 3rd Ave' so' Congratulations Mpls., Minn. Class d Ph of S t R . 'me Blalla lalleeclfp 823-9772 ll 965 DEAN OF WOMEN A lone Friend Sohau Congratulations and CONGRATULATIONS Best wishes CLASS OF 1965 Honoring Visitation Pastor David Koeshall L HOPKINS ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Pastor Rev Wortenbee DEAN OF MEN Rev. James Hearn Congratulations - Class of '65 ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH South St. Paul, Minn. Pastor: Rev. Larry Mather Students Attending: Courtney Harding Sharon Quarino Nelson Wertz Gary Christiansen Donna Stephens 162 THE OHIO NATICJNAL LIFE INSURANCE CO Offers ' Life ' Auto ' Hospitalization ' Fire and casualty Bob Moring CCIass of 'SOD Robert L. Moring ' Accident 8: SICICTISSS Lake Street Phone: PA 4-3607 Mpls., Minn. Res. WE 5-2689 Counseling on All Types of Insurance "A Satisfied Policy Hold r' Preparing for the Fut ll ' urell o Q a - e I T SELECT YOUR FAMILY PLOT IN BEAUTIFUL HILLSIDE CEMETERY ONE OF AMERICA'S FINEST CEMETERIES HILLSIDE OFFERS: Reasonable Prices Easy Terms Perpetual Care Acres of Restful Grounds Call Sterling 9-1420 for Assistance 19th Avenue N E at Highway 8 PETERSON ALBINSON CHAPELS T wo New Identical Chapels COLUMBIA PARK NOKOMIS PARIE CHAPEL CHAPEL 3207 Central Avenue 1838 E. M'haha Pkwy Sl' 9-8889 PA 'I-'l65'I ."G'g,iLu'ullS!e uJE1 - Q- 15.,4..sgs1u Russell 8. Joyce Peterson Funeral Directors A Christian Home to Serve You ' ll - - u 164 " CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '65 BING P. WONG- Photographer CHARLES-EDISON STUDIO bl GASOLINE LUBRICATION CHRISTIAN SERVICE ' TIRES WITH A SMILE JOHN S MOBILE 4OTh 8: Lyndole Avenue South TA 3 9964 OWNED AND OPERATED BY JOHN BONSTROM YOU CAN COUNT ON US FOR QUALITY SERVICE DEPENDABILITY K . . . I K I 4, X H . . II ll 7 2 ..-,..-...-.. .--fy--,f-1.,,-. ..,,,.-,,- .... .,.,..,....N...---. .M- """r-I-.,.., BUY WITH PRIDE AND CONFIDENCE AT NORTHSIDE NORTHSIDE MERCURY-COMET SALES 81 SERVICE 800 West Broadway FOR NEW AND USED CARS AND SERVICE Ja I-7676 Special Discount to Ordained Ministers CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Mr. and Mrs. Alton or Full Time Gospel Workers CLASSES OF 1965 Ellingson CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ' 1965 GRADUATES FOR GOOD FOOD AND REASONABLE PRICES lT's YOUR OWN CAFETERIA BETTY HINTZ CAFETERIA MGR. The Drug Store That Serves North Central KELLER DRUGS Store if 2 HEADQUARTERS FOR DRUGS, PRESCRIPTIONS, AND VITAMINS 10th Street and Chicago Avenue Fe 2-0036 CONGRATULATIONS 2 'Q X 2, 2' Y ww? ,, f W 'Q I Z--,....ns. " ' f' I '51 k xx 55 "MX Yfgfzmw 'iz V 3 184524 'QW '-Asw, ?,2.-:,v,fjg1 xx S'3Yxe -WS L a ti uch f the W naw? CLAYT SONMORE 4 s e EXTENDS A SPECIAL FULL GOSPEL WELCOME TO ALL CHRISTIAN GROUPS AND PARTIES HOME OF FINE FOOD AND CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP x 7 .. 7.5 . ,z ' 1-11 I ' x .,.. .rs . gf, , , 7 EFF fC V .- I L. urhrin 161: ' In 5' V . it H, I ,,,,.l.. as I . 5 uri, ,,IiA Y li- ,, ,.,, b a ,.. I . . x Z "II IF -'TT ' 'I,- - I.: I . V,...L, IA-'A I A 1:s-gi-1-i ,VF2 ' Q inf! ,-.- :-1,-.Ss . , .gigiiggigsz3251':255EZ325E5:5., .3Eg3gE5E5Eg25E5E5E5E55E3E5EgE5E5E5E3E3E5E5E3:5:5:5:5:5:'.::,.::5: -:Sri-f' 55255553531gi5E555555:5:':5:5:5:3:5:5:5jE:Eggs 123E5E5E5i5E5E5E5Eg33E3E5E5Egig?5E5E5iE5:::::5:5:I:f:.,55:gE55-2E:EjEg3jE5E5Er15:5355-552: 555512235 12:51 .5ErE:E,. ,. .M:-:-Q:g--- -14:-:-:,:::4:::. L:Q:-1-:-1-:-1-1-1-:v:4:1:.:4:-1-:-:zz-:Q1::1:,:,:,:-:::-:-' ., ...wg-.-:Q--:-1-:A:-:-:-1.1-:-1,1:,::-,.,1,:,:,.f:,.,.- 1.:+1.:.1.141-:-1,:-:-:-:-:-:-.v.-:,:.',:::,:,,::::::.,:,:.,.:.-,:.,.,.,,:.:.,..,,,:,.:,, , 5: -gl ,., x N FPS TS LICF iSF FFP A 1 I I .-,,..,, ..., , 1.-...+V.....f..,g...v:.1.,...g..-,-...., 1..- .... ......,.. .. ,.,.,,.,,...,-... , ,,-. , .,. -.. .. . . . , . . , CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "65" from the members and friends of the PEOPLES CHURCH 41st and Van Buren Street Northeast Pastor and Mrs. Douglas M. Henderson and family SERVICES: Sunday school . . . Morning Worship . . Christ Ambassadors Evangelistic . . . . . . . . Thursday Mid-week . . . 9:45 a.m . . . 10:45 a.m . . . . 6:00 p.m. . . . 7:30 p.m. . . . 7:45 p.m. S 1ff2a.Qef?2fsi:5-2 Effie I I -,,t ,'tt ' 'A I ,M W A "i'm"9'11f1. e. I I4 Jin "I was glad when they said into me let us go unto the house of the Lord gl mf A ll "" ..: -Q : Psalrns I 'E ,:,.g,,Lt1 , "5n 'f'- " f -iii" V - W ILLINOIS DISTRICT COUNCIL Carlinville, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!! Lake Williamson Christian Center 168 E- North was Linen AFFILIATED wlIH C5 ervice 'K 1621 Fourth Avenue South Minneapolis 4 Minn FE 8 5643 DON'T FORGET OUR SPECIAL STUDENT LINEN SERVICE lEach Week You RECEIVE, Two One Two One Two Sheets Pillow Slip Bath Towels Hand Towel Wash Cloths All this for ONLY S25 00 for the ENTIRE school year For Further Information See the Housekeeping Dept CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1965 ACE HEATING CO P y Pet W h ASSEMBLY OF GOD FII RbrtMAbbttP Congratulations to the Classes of 1965 .l PHILIPP GUSTAFSON Class of 1965 from FIRST ASSEMBLY LaCrosse Wisconsin 'Visit us during your Vacation 5509 James Avenue South Minneapolis Minnesota WA 6 9918 CA 2 8455 Life Annuities Accident 81 Sickness Pension Trusts Group Insurance 169 . . . . . - , . o . . . o o o from St. aul, Minn. Lero ers Sr. Best is es, Graduates Little a s, Minnesota 9 e . o , astor Congratulations I4 A 3' , V . . I . i . . . I . . Rev. Francis J - I , . . . - 11 CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS Clqss gf '65 Class of 1965 "Welcome Students" Visit us while in the Twin Cities . ,f 7, . f 2 V' Minnetonka Assemblies of God Highway 110 N.-Westwood Shores Payne Avenue Assemblies of God Mound i i I4 Payne Avenue St. Paul, Minn. "Located in the beautiful LaketMinnetonka area" Pastor: Rev. Claude Bratvold Phone: Church 771-4109 Home 776-6476 Rev- Dvvld l- Nelsvm Pastor Edwards Street Assembly of God Alton, Illinois Pastor and Congregation Congratulate Class of '65 Richard W Dorteh Pastor Honoring erry Gwilllm A Church with World Wide Vision Rev. Orill Krans Honoring Our Graduates RONN KOLAND Minister of Education JOAN SCHNELLE Departmentai Superintendent Where Christ IS the Answer Northeast Assemblies of God i418 28th Ave N E Minneapolis Munn 55418 J . . A N I ll ' ' ll CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 65 FROM BERNIE 84 JIM S FRIENDLY Standard Statlon f XII bf :lf J JW J fixff aa' 41 I fx BANQUET FACILITIES IQI PRIVATE PARTY ROOM FREE PARKING ORGAN MUSIC NIGHTLY OPEN 7 DAYS LARSON S A WEEK MEL 0 CAFETERIA II 00 A M 8 00 P M LAKE STREET AT BLOOMINGTON , IIIK III .Nn., TF f , I If F54 ' I - :L 557 E , , , 3rd ve. 81 Franklin -Q.. Minneapolis, Minnesota .lim and Bernie 1 IMI Mjf I I M QI I Ziff V I ' :I.ILfAfl": M ' I 1 f -'.Ilf':"E'I'f A 7 f CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '65 Larry Gene Pilot Peggy Sue Pilot Judy Mae Hamp Pastor Peter Pilot FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD 57 East 13th South Salt Lake City, Utah Pastor Pilot, who also serves as District Presbyter for the State of Utah, invites consecrated N.C.B.C. graduates to consider this challenging field for future ministry. Inquiries are invited. Honoring our Students: "THE HAPPIEST LIFE" of God.jesus Christ revealed God's love for you by laying down His life on the cross, that you might have 21 happy life. "Greater love barb no man than this that is the life that has found the Friendship C Q i ll man lay down bis life for his friends." john 15.13 WE WISH FOR YOU f -Aw: 1 ... M I , ' i5"ii?' X A L. THE GREAT HAPPINESS OF A LIFE "LAID DOWN" AT THE MASTER'S FEET SHERBURN ASSEMBLY OF GOD Melvin B. Hanson, Pastor 14' D THE rl o SERVING Go ...Q-:Cru DEPARTMEWWLSSIONS I, 'Q 'V 1 19135 ni iv y 1 I7 fp!! I ,1 I I . . X l - PU X , LW i , ,Q f '1,,g" L mf A' 'V -I "tx M ' AA Q1 , l. Q .T dw. ,. f LW y ,V l s , , ,, . - My F 'F '27 I .. ,, on fe f f , ' F A f. '.l5',14, ' 5 H ' 3 if Q W., '- rt. 8 4- . , . ,rg I a ,- ' kv-44' ',I1"', '-in , N . ll" i'w113s'::.r-1 . .X A 1 f if . 'N w-.,Q' Y Xi 5. ' W I' , misfit iihiimx " ' N. ' 5 ,fi t212l3':fgI " . A sniff' 1 ' li' I NX Q I' ' if 'lxbffglggs' ,wg--gf. ' 5-,. he--','1Y.w:. D 'ik - F yy? fi, -. 'I ff if 5 ' , A t Q7 13 sf., . ' " 'Eff' 5' flxmg, fi I iffgzi . ' 1' ., , - ' . 1' I' N ,- f ,Y f , 1'1" ",i'f'yf'g 4 . -xg ,', , . . I .A r -. f,.: ., 1, .,. u 4 ' . fn, 4- dxf, 9, , N .,, - Q q' e' .4 5 . 5 - I .. J , ,Pt-, . vi- T , ' "'.. 4 ...J f' ., , I k fi" I I xv , ii 0 E H fl" 1' f - r a Ie R. HANSEMANN co. H 2' t .3 w 'QQ' SERVING THE TIRE DEALER SINCE T928 . Goodyear Tires and Tubes . A.C. Spark Plugs and Filters . Delco Batteries CALL PA-2-6621 Xl. R. HANSEMANN CO 4020 Minnehaha Ave. Special Recognition to Ministers, Missionaries, and Students Affiliated with N.C.B.C. X X X xxxxxxxxw llllllll f Z Q E PASTORS OF "HOUSE OF REFUGE Residence: 220 E. 42nd Street W. Leroy Bottle Minneapolis, Minnesota Psa. 46:1 NCBC Graduate '50 Mpls. Gospel Temple 1908 4th Avenue So. Mpls. 5, Minnesota Congratulations to NCBC, a place we will always cherish for the spiritual foundation received, as well as the Biblical training. May God bless its staff, student body, and you. THE CHURCH WITH A WARM WELCOME. .5 V. fe. , , ',.. rw, H . mis. ,M , , ., mf ?+eI'f5:. "'l""Z "3-" Mrs. Willie 'Lee Battle Prov. 14:26 NW Grad uate '56 St. Paul Gospel Temple 247 No. Grotto Sf. St. Paul 4, Minnesota THE CHURCH WITH A WARM ATMOSPHERE. Listen to the Preacher of Righteousness Each Sunday from 10:00-10:30 p.m. Station WMIN On Your Dial WE FURNISH FREE BUS SERVICE FOR YOUR CHILDREN CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1965 SUMMIT AVENUE ASSEMBLIES QF GQD Summit and Victoria, St. Paul . .that in all things ' he might have preeminencef' Col. 1:18 e ADLER Tnppa wlth Deluxe Zipper Case X hllxlll llxlllll llllllllltxtx tt X HK QQWM w See Our Full Lune of Adler Typewrlters Monual 81 Electric ADDO X SALES AGENCY FEderal 2 6514 Per G Palm 96 South llth St Owner Minneapolis 3 Munn addo x Swedish adding machine ADLER West German typewrlter Congratulations Class of 65 honoring graduate student Donovan Adamson HIGHLAND PARK AIG 536 S Snelling Ave St Paul Munn Pastor and Mrs E B Adamson FLORIST Chicago at Franklnn Ave Mnnneapolls Minnesota Telephone FE 2 1519 Compllments A Friend ,, my Congratulatlons From the CRYSTAL Assemblies of God Pastor Loren Holman 1, . H . ..,t X 'T'---.M N sw' ' ' if ',- ,STV-. 'xx . rf, :fx-"3 3:1 ' , ' QQ '. -rm. 1 .Viv ' 'luillll . , . , . M i: J f. I . Y ' i,,1f-"'f5':i p K V - . ' , ii- fi: , I ",f'QQTYf , ,, ,ts ' 4 " t ,. - ,vt - bg '1 V 1.4 y ., N ,M 'Z F -Y .. I ' . of . ' . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS WALSTAD INSURANCE AGENCY 2907 Portland Avenue Minneapolis, Minn. 55407 Telephone: 822-9274 Clarence E. Walstad General Agent lNILl'l'lJPxl.. SECURITY INSURANCE COMPANY FoR'r WAVNE, INDIANA FORIVIERLY BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL LIFE Serving the Insurance needs of the College, Staff 81 Students Year after year. Offering all types of insurance plans, including: A Special Student Security Policy at lowest cost. A Family Protector Policy for young couples. Savings contracts in amounts as low as Sl,OOO. Broad coverage Hospital and Surgical Plans. Home-Owners Fire Insurance Plans. Non-Drinkers Auto Insurance Introducing our Assemblies of God Agents Jack D. Allen J. KEN ASPLUND Home Phone: 786-1670 Home Phone: 429-5239 Office: 822-1 000 Office 823-1 1 91 I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l- AUTOGRAPHS UTUGRAPH AUTQGRAPHS V 3 Q 1 I lil 1 l I ! cccc t so cm f A Friends, We, the Archive staff of 1965, would like to take this oppor- tunity to wish God's richest blessings on those who are going out from North Central into the harvest fields for our Master. We sincerely hope that in the years to come your 1965 Archive will bring many good memories of your past years at NCBC. As editor, I would like to thank all who have contributed their time and talents to the Archive. They have made this book possible. Sincerely, awww 5 Clifford L. Burroughs 180 1 I I I I I I I I I S I I I I I I I I 1 5 I I I I I I I i I I I I . I I I f I I I I I I - I I I I I I , I I I I I I I s I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I Y , 5 sl 25 L 1: ' 'e il ' iw' :I :xxx li li gf N 1 : M ii M134 1" " I .I X , W ii , 1 yi ,E lf L M H gl is 114.2 is 2, 1 N 5 H 211 if s un! 31 E 1E, il M ii ii U H 1 I1 31 v ii 1 W 52 15 3 i? ' E -Q If Q 'QQ f 1i Iilf f x! ,Z 1 1 15,5 5 155.3 , f

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1965, pg 91

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