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. Ska!" 'a .v- A , 'Q "fx 2 I L- 555 -L T lf., 'f . T . ,iii if, M I 71352 ' 4-Q-v ,Q lg. fi! - ff, 3. mg ' -.ff 1 3 A Y ' in KL- Q ., , . J, ' ' Q53 :f 'gba 5-A , M. ,,f V ,: 4 4.-ft. -7-i. ,f Gif ,iii ' . ff, .,,,- , 4' '5 n. mu ' 1 -.L J 1-Af 'fl '-V- ' HI ir:-H-izi 1 1.-f 'TV-hx '. w i? Q -r 1 heave? -- - : .gas-1 f E.. - Er. 2-.f ag .rig aj: . ,Q vs if -'--'XP' . ,fp-" . L 'L , 1 ,M asm- , w 239 1 'Vi - 33 , cf glg a 115 '-, , Q' -- 9 in ' ' im A -Q 721252 ' Y. L 1 , .FQQ L t X .izzsrfg A f , 1 S '53 -f 25" . ,iff " 7 Q, ,Q g 11,55 V1 .5 . ,P-U . -8-. ,-', gf. . ve ,-27414: ig -W, -ggf . '- ' 9,5 V. 3 1 IQSZTI-N .wi-Q, f . . Y X I I zlz' 0.fc.:j' ' I :?fPf'g3! PHE' 1- . t A 5 V . , . 4,1 Hmmzmmfpwcwwwf NEETH CENTRAL EIELE INSTITUTE 'av , f X X .ti , '5 ' . KWH .V wifi 5 i .. 'f as , I f - ' 1 .. 1' N4 THE THEME OF THE 1945 ARCHIVE' "IN FLIGHT FOR CHRISTVW IS DESCRIPTIVE OF THE DIVINE IMPETUS WHICH DOMINATES OUR BEINGS AS THE HOLY SPIRIT ENERGIZES US TO WIN MEN FOR CHRIST. WE ARE PERSONALLY ACOUAINTED WITH THE ONE WHO CAN TRANSFORM THE INNERMOST DESIRE, RE GENERATE THE DEPRAVED HUMAN HEART, AND IMPART LIFE ETERNAL. ALL TI-IE VARIOUS YEARNINGS OF MAN- KIND DISCOVER THEIR TRUE ULTIMATE SATISFACTION WHEN THE ALL-SUFFICIENT CHRIST IS ACCLAIMED AS LORD AND SAVIOUR. HE ALONE IS THE DIVINELY AU- THORIZED REMEDYg HENCE, WE ARE "IN FLIGHT FOR CHRIST" AS WE PROPAGATE THIS GLORIOUS MESSAGE. 'ING-'S , -'J-f ADMINISTRATION SENICDRS MUSIC IUNIORS MISSIONARY FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES 'hu "Ulm is 'hu in n 1 ww! Q H A1':' H A ., ag.,- , 7 ,.,,:.,.m, .W- 4j 'aj SH: , ,K vw-1, 4.4. Km . V Z 'Q 'f '11 .yzakk " Y, my ,, i My Q- My . in V' f. N gg. 77. 6. 2. 7. Wdezfozq A frequent retrospective View of the assistance cmd faithfulness of God will inevitably cause faith, zeal, and courage to arise and accelerate us on the Christian pathway. The triumphant proclamation-"I-litherto hath the Lord helped us!" uttered by the prophet Samuel during a crucial moment in Israel's history, can Well be the testimony and confidence of North Central Bible Institute. On October l, 1930, N. C. B. I. commenced its existence as a ministerial preparatory institution. Suitable quarters were secured in the recently com- pleted Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle and thus the Institute opened, "dedi- cated to the teaching of the full, old time Gospel to all those zealous for a deeper knowledge of His Holy Word." ln 1937 the North Central District of the Assemblies of God purchased, renovated, and equipped the present five story, fireproof, downtown building which the Institute now occupies. The first graduating class, that of 1933, numbered only nineteen: the second, that of 1934, twentyufivey 1935 increased to thirty-nineg 1936, forty-five. Its phenomenol growth has continued accordingly, until in 1940 the enroll- ment had passed the four hundred mark. Though the program of the school has been modified by the demands of the present war, the blessing and power of God remains unabated. Men of stedfast character, capable of bearing responsibility, are indis- pensable in the program of God. N. C. B. I. was founded largely through the instrumentality of its President, Rev. F. I. Lindquist. We thank God for the vision of the Board of Directors, the Faculty, and the many friends of N. C. B. 1. who have united their efforts in this great cause. The zealous labor of these "heroes of faith" shall nat go unrewarded. The past forcefully verifies the power of God: the present reveals the need of the world, and future challenges us to even greater achievements! 'ge Editor and Faculty Advisor Student Editor .... Associate Editor - Business Manager - Secretary - , , Treasurer - - , Literary Editor - Music Editor - - Missionary Editor - - - Iunior Representative - - Freshmen Representative Assistant Secretary - - A - Mark I. Bell - Ernest Sioberq , Warren Abbott - - Delmar Kinqsriter Cora W. Thompson - Marjorie Lessten , , Dorothy Durr , Marian Menzie E Allan Ullestad - - Myrtle Ness , Alfred Portinqa - Ruth Hanson wi an 11 .4 '11 fm'- - "l"'i' if .. 'B ,A'!l e.n.A.4 ulul.l1 iilvncs lnkvl lil, PII: QI! , v llllliil lil! Q ,oti- A Ex? - we W Hmm. VIEW Q F DOWN1' own Mmm-:APous, MINNESOTA -W ft s sm M' I v an-v 23" 6 ' ' wi' It 3 s Associate , I 1 HUMINISIHHHHN REV. F. I. LINDQUIST 2 Q, gk X f .M Z K 4? A rs Q 1 QS at ag! , . .. . K 'X 'fu -E 'k 45f5li9lzf-W 'A Vmkf: G f'755V3ll'ff5' Kai .17 ?Xg' 7 Q 1 ' Q' E.. if , wQl'i"?i .. REV. E. A. BALLIE1' G. " nav. D. E. cor.x.1Ns REV. O. E. CARTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS REV. I. O. MILLER Q -5 Q REV. R. H. OISON 5. k , -,.- f' . M. on f ' IFB? rm. 5 uf 2 R 'I "A- 3 if his .. REV. R. D. E. SMITH REV. . V 'Q 5' e ,,, .V REV. E. WIRXALA REV. A. G. SNIDER 'hx W , REV. B. PETERSON REV. RALPH RIGGS Q rw REV. F. R. GOTTWALD REV, 3, C, H1-:mzg . 'RRV V sf. Il 24 .5.3 V PY W K if 5 1 l N 1-.7 5 t' ' li. ' ' ' it-5 ' 'K 'ii ' f W lk im.. I v ff Q We M Qi ti Mft 5' si i' Q W. .wi .D W1 Q55 ix, 55 4 W t e l . "r S, 4 K Exim w l if l X fl xi gswji L 5,5 ye, G. R. CARLSON . , 4. '1..s s:,Si212.,'f??if. - N 21 'fx 1 it 'I W 2 ,9 me . 3 fi Katja. . Q 3,531 ,N if Wd 45.2 glial 1 .ggi V V t ' ,Ti x 4:31 Q jp, Q We . ,gl 4 . W z , - ft . may V "-'flfiisif' . .... . Sa. is -1... i af , 1 ...iv it L '4- H Q-r it REV. G. O. MORT REV. R. W. MILLER REV. I.. CHRISTIANSON The student body of N. C. B. I. is privileqed to have the Institutes adrnin- istration supervised by these God-ordained men of character, rich in ex- perience and spiritual knowledge. Their years of labor-in the gospel min- istry are an invaluable asset to North Central Bible Institute. REV. FRANK J. LINDQUIST President Doctrine I and II Pneumatics Gospel Methods Parlimentary Law Divine Healing 0:4-'ap ' North Central Bible Institute was founded fifteen years ago and has been forging ahead under the capable direction and leadership of its Founder- President, Rev. Frank I. Lindquist. In response to the call of God upon his life after his conversion in 1914, Rev. Lindquist dedicated his lite to the service of God. Leaving his home in Pennsylvania, he went to northern Minnesota in 1921 where he pioneered several gospel works. The Lord blessed his ministry and in 1923 he was elected Superintendent of the North Central District Council of the Assemblies of God. The work of the District has known steady progress and advance- ment under the guidance of its able leader. Rev. Lindquist's responsibilities are great, for not only is he District Superin- tendent, but he has also pastored the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle for twenty-one years. Realizing the need to train young people for Christian service, in 1930 Rev: Lindquist founded North Central Bible Institute. As a result, hundreds of young people have been trained and are now in Christian service in many parts of the world. Last year he made a missionary tourto Central America and Cuba. The interesting accounts of his trip have stimulated in the hearts of many students a new interest and burden for the peoples of other nations. The students and faculty alike appreciate the deep spirituality of Rev. Lindquist and are thankful to have him as president of N. C. B. I. 77u46dent'4 We are now living in a changing world where the traveling time between distant points has shortened from days and weeks to a matter of a few hours. With great interest we have watched this travel transition in our lifetime. With like interest we watch the "fledgling" student arrive, at North Central Bible Insti- tute. He has felt the great "urge of the beyond,"-to prepare to "fly." The trip to North Central Bible Institute may be his first trip from home. Moses aptly describes the divine purpose and care which we experience: "As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth ov- er her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings, so the Lord alone did lead him." I-low Well I rememeber when the Lord stirred up my home nest, taught me to fly for myslf, and then I tried my wings alone. An eagle does not learn flight by sitting still in the nest. The mother eagle knowing this kicks and roughly pushes out the young bird. While first trying its wings and learning to fly, it will find the great wings of its mother underneath if it falls or grows tired. Our God will do no less for us while we are learn- ing flights of faith and growing strong in the Lord. The training of thousands of aviators for the present conflict has required the expenditure of millions of dollars and the in- vestment of other billions in equipment. But every day, from the various flying schools in the United States, there are grad- uates who have earned their "wings," and now are ready to make flights miles across the earth. We read of them in combat having completed a certain number of "Missions" Our graduates must also find their "wings," and must also complete a certain number of "Missions" but of a different na- ture. They will not be for destruction, but for the saving of souls, and the "ceiling" is unlimited when it comes to faith and vision. We have great faith that God will use them and bless them in "heavenly places in Christ Iesusf' Great planes and established air routes will fly them to the ends of the earth. What a joy it will be at last to report to our Lord and Saviour, "Mission com- pleted," and hear His words, "Well done, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." - Q 315'-N ,-a , f. we gn ki is .max -- :zu-H -,f2,f,fl,- .gkytlgggi M If- -- K " K ' If -1 L' M2512 lf : lift, ytilizfgms 12 I L W 9 iv P: - - -new-f' 12:2 S film, ' ..m.w,W ixfistmxfsawzit-st. Each weekday morning at 7:55 the student body assembles in the chapel for a period of devotion and Worship. This early gathering has come to mean to every Freshman, Iunior, and Senior the time when they personally meet God. Inspirational messages of individual faculty members have been a blessing and help to all. The second semester services are under the direction of the graduating class where they enjoy the practical experience of song directing and speaking. REV. I. O. MILHLER Principal Epistles Dispensational Truths Hermeneutics Holding forth the highest ideals of Christian character in his own life, Rev. l. O. Miller has been a great influence in molding the lives of many young people into the image of the living Christ. His sympathetic understanding and fatherly concern for individual prob- lems have won for him a place in the heart of every student. His many years of fruitful ministry and intense interest in the future of Christian youth have contributed greatly to the development of our school. The deep truths of the Word of God are made real to each student under the spiritual instruction given by our Principal. Besides teaching in our school, Rev. Miller is also the Assistant Superin- tendent of the North Central District and pastor of the St. Paul Gospel Temple. REV. EMIL BALLIET Dean of Men New Testament Public Speaking Typoloqy Book of Acts Music Rev. Emil Balliet's radiant Christian character has been instrumental in effecting a true appreciation of spiritual values in each student's life. In his official capacity as Dean of Men he frequently administers sagacious counsel and guidance. His life is one of constant activity, for in addition to his obligations at N. C, B. l., he is the Choir Director of the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle, and Secretary of the North Central District Council of the Assemblies of God. Rev. Ba1liet's yielded and talented life is an inspiration to all who make his acquaintance. MRS. ANNA MAGNUSON Dean of Women Etiquette We are privileged to have Mrs. Magnuson as our Dean of Women. In her own sweet and patient way she faithfully serves as teacher and friend to every student. With sincerity and love she helps and instructs troubled students, ever lifting Christ as the solution to their problems-ethe "Friend who sticketh closer than a brother." Each student deeply appreciates her Christ-filled ministry and will long cherish the memories of the hours spent in her presence. t Vi REV. BARTLETT PETERSON Pastoral Theology The vast amount of practical experience which Rev. Peterson has accumulated, both as pastor and evangelist, has made him a very competent teacher' of Pastoral Theology. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from others' experiences and thank God for the rich min istry of Rev. Peterson. In addition to serving on the faculty of our Institute, he is the Field Secretary for the North Central District. REV. RUSSELL OLSON Homiletics Personal Evangelism Prophecy II For the past nineteen years Rev. Olson has been engaged in pastoral work and his reservoir of per- sonal experience has made him an efficient instructor. Every student has been richly benefited by Rev. Olson's competent teaching ministry. Rev, Olson is the pastor of the Fremont Gospel Tabernacle in North Minneapolis and is a member of the District Executive Committee of the North Central District. He is also an ardent and enthusiastic personal worker. Through his continued efforts, a new Home Missionary Project has .been started in Minneapolis, which endeavors to bring the Gospel Message to God's chosen people-the lews. REV. W. A. KATTER Practical Work Department D. V. B. S. S. S. Methods When school days are over and students go forth into the whitenea harvest field, they will be inspired by the memory of Rev. Katter's passion for lost humanity. Through his un- tiring efforts many souls have been won for Christ. He is supervisor of the Practical Work Department of our Institute and under his super- vision the students proclaim the Word of Life in various churches. missions, and hospitals in the Twin Cities. Rev. Katter also pastors the new City of Lakes Gospel Tabernacle in south Minneapolis. REV, DONALD EDSON Church History Old Testament Polernics Christian Evidences Secretarial Accounting Foremost in Rev. Edson's teaching ministry is his magnetic zeal and boundless enthusiasm. Many a downcast and discouraged student has iound new strength and determination in observing his fervent and victorious Christian life. His radiant personality and consecrated ettorts make him a very influential instructor as well as minister oi the Gospel. He is co-pastor of the Como Assembly in Northeast Minneapolis. MR. MARK J. BELL English I, Il, III Music History of Missions Typing Piano Mr. Bell's personal concern for the spiritual growth and welfare of the students has been an asset to our Institute and his daily practical living has been an incentive to many who desire to walk. in closer fellowship with the Lord. Mr. Be1l's consistent life and consecrated musical talents are appreciated by each student A working, knowledge of the fundamentals of speech is received under his efficient instruction. ESTELLA P. BURKHART Matron Missionary Society Advisor The most essential part of our training is not the presenting of masterly sermons, but is, rather, to mani- fest the Bible truths in our lives that others may be won to Him. Miss Burkhart faithfully serves as faculty advisor of our Missionary Society and under her careful supervision we have been presented with the various needs of the homeland and foreign mission fields. Her dormitory duties are performed with the utmost precision and cheerfulness. CORA THOMPSON Registrar. Shorthand IRLANDA GUDDAL W MABLE SAUNDERS Spanish I and II School Nurse N , X f Y ii f.IIf.5I.i1T.l'l -.., .--+..-.,.f1 t E r! H 1 t: REv. HERBERT R. SNYDER MR. R. L. KATTER kr. Treasurer of' N. C. B. I. and Credit Manager Q3 North Central District IRENE HANSON RUTH MARKS Secretary Switchboard Operator I1 Fi if I I wi 4. wi v it it 'a i. tl K g. 12 : E lx: An authoritative and judicious enforcement ot righteous principles governing human conduct is and always has been conducive to personal and collective progress and integrity. Modern civilization and governments function through the proper execution of appropriate ordinances and statutes. This sanie factor is also applicable to a Bible Institute. ln N. C. B. I., student discipline is achieved through the assistance of the Student Council, a representative group consisting of four members from each class, who are elected by popular vote and approved by the faculty. Through a weekly report system and their constant contact with fellow students, the Student Council members are enabled to render invaluable assistance in the solving of many problems which inevitably arise. - Their main duty is the directing of student activities, both secular and spiritual. At different intervals they have sponsored group prayer meetings and' other efforts which have tended to increase the spiritual standards. Since the election rules require all Student Council mem- bers to have personally experienced the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, their lives and testimonies are an incentive to the student body. The Student Council is of inestimable value as it cooperates with the faculty in their endeavor to direct the entire student body into the paths of righteousness. MEMBERS Pres. William Varney Vice-Pres. Orill Krans Arlene Brown Marjorie Lessten Virginia Harvey Elma Nunly Orabe Smith Faith Bruzelius Abraham Solomon Virgil Rasmussen Laurel Zipf Claude Bratvold MARY BERRY. ELSIE BRIDGMAN Cooks ALVIN VAU'GI-IN Second Engineer FRANK LEROY First Engineer LeNETTE KRANS Linotype Operator ROLLAND MCMASTER Foreman of Northern Gospel Publishing House N.C.B.I. is located across the street from Elliot Park Alumni Reception Room Mlnnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, the scene of many school outings 'WISPA E ress Association, I we , A A The reception of preparatory training . ought not, cmd cannot ever be considered as having been completed, if it does not sim- ultaneously present claims for fu- ture endeavors. To merely possess intellectual and spiritual knowledge concerning Christian truths, without ever properly exercising it, is to be guilty of an infamous crime. Preparation and practice are the two inseparable halves of an indivisible whole. A scriptural account verifies this unity. We are informed by Mark that "He ordained twelve that they should be with Him, and that He might send them forth to preach." Their period of preparation preceded that of personal activityp however, the former was accepted in view of the latter. Then, when the Son of God did ascend to His heavenly abode, these disciples were commissioned to go forth in universal proclamation of His message. Their ministry was about to commence: they were in the "Take Off" stage. Every graduating class of N. C. B. I. finds itself in a similar condition. For three years we, the King's Ambassadors, have been zealously qualifying and equipping ourselves for future gospel endeavors. A most thorough and scriptural knowledge of God, supplemented by our own individual abilities and per- sonal spiritual experiences, comprises the facilities wherewith we shall labor. Despite the two thousand yearswhich have intervened since it was first uttered, we of today have re- ceived the same positive command-"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." We, too, have ar- rived at a new phase of life. Thus, we have come to the "Take Off" stage: -therefore, let us diligently pursue our calling, as did those noble disciples. Seniafw Today our hearts rejoice as we look forward with eager antici- pation to the mission before us. We have spent three happy years together, and during this time hours of fellowship have been enjoyed and ties of friendship formed. There have been times of earnest study as we endeavored to know our Blessed Lord and Saviour, jesus Christ. There have been seasons of refreshing when God graciously poured out His Spirit upon us, and student and teacher alike have been broken and melted in His Holy Presence. During times of discourage- ment, of trial, of stress we have been privileged to bear one an- other's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Together we have met failures and by His grace our mistakes have become stepping-stones that will lead us safely to Heaven-and Home. Together we have rejoiced in victories won! As we part and go "ln Flight for Christ," we have the confi- dence that "He shall direct our paths," and on that great and glorious day we shall meet again at jesus' feet, never to part. pp. crime' FREDERICK W. FLESSING Minneapolis, Minnesota "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him: for we shall see him as he is." I John 3:2. Class President '45y Choirg Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: S. S. Teacher at Fremont: Class Vice-President '44p South Ameri- can Missionary Band. CHARLES D. JOHNSON Galena Park. Texas "Commit thy way unto the Lord: trust also in him: and he shall bring it to pass." Psalm 37:5. Band: Choir: Senior Class Vice- Presidentp Kinq's Ambassadors Quartet: Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Indian Missionary Band. RUTH A. HANSON Minneapolis, Minnesota "He that goeth forth and weep- eth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoic- ing, bringing his sheaves with him." Psalm 12616. Choir: Ladies' Chorus: Class Secretary '45p Children's work: Mixed Chorus: African Mission- ary Band: Honor Studeni. ETHEL J. BAKER Willmar, Minnesota "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth muchf' James 5 :16. .Senior Class Treasurer '45: Chi1dren's leader. Colored Mis- sion and City of Lakes Chapel: African Missionary Band. WILLIAM E. VARNEY Parlcston, South Dakota "But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometime were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ." Ephesians 2:13. Student Council '44, '45: Stu- dent Council President '45: Mixed Chorus: Male Chorus: Choir: S. S. Class Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle: Homeland Missions ary Band: Honor Student. ARLENE M-. BROWN Sioux City, Iowa "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress. or persecution. or famine, or nahedness, or peril, or sword?" Romans 8:35. Student Council '45: Choir: Ladies' Chorus: St. Paul Temple Choir: Mixed Chorus: African Missionary Band. KINHS HMBHSSHHHHS ORILL C. KRANS Glidden, Wisconsin "As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us." Psalm l03:l2. Student Council '44-'45: Vice- President Student Council '45: Choir: Band: Male Chorus: Mix- ed Chorus: Kinq's Ambassadors Quartet: Trombone Ouartet: Alas- kan Missionary Band. MARJORIE LESSTEN Point Pleasant. New York "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow: though they be rea' like crimson, they shall be as wool." Isaiah 1:18. Student Council '43, 44, '45: Choir: Chairman of Women's De- partment '45: Como Assembly Children's Church and S. S.: Treasurer Archive: African Mis- sionary Bcmd Treasurer '43, CLASS GF '45 LUCELIA BROOKS SALUTATORIAN Mascoutah, Illinois "No good thing will He with- hold from them that walk up- rightlyf' Psalm 84:11. Island Mission: Minnehaha Chapel S, S.: African Missionary Band. pa Cheat" ERNEST P. SJOBERG VALEDICTORIAN Virginia, Minnesota "For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities: but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin." Hebrews 4:15. Band: Choir: Male Chorus: Leader Volunteers of America Mission: Mixed Chorus: Archive Staff '44: Archive Student Edi- tor '45: Alaskan Missionary Band: WARREN M. ABBOTT Paynesville, Minnesota "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage: be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoeuer thou goest." Joshua l:9. Band: Trombone Quartet: Choir: Student Council '43 '44: Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Ar- chive Photographer: South Am- erican Missionary Band. BERNARD W. ALLEN Bamesville, Minnesota "ln all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6. Trombone Quartet: Choir: Kinq's Ambassadors Quartet: Mix- ed Chorus: Male Chorus: Band: Freshman Vice-President: Iunior Class President: Russian Mission- ary Band. l l 7 KINGS HMHHSSHIHIHS NIONAFAY ALLEN Barnesville, Minnesota "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God. to them who are the called according to his puf- pose." Romans 8:28. Student Council '44: Ladies' Chorus: Girls' Quartet: Mixed Chorus: Missionary Society Sec- retary '45: Chapel Pianist: South JEAN ALLISON Chelan, Washington American Missionary Band. MARY BREWER Walthill, Nebraska "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." II Timothy l:7. Choir: Ladies' Chorus: Girls' Quartet: Mixed Chorus: Class Treasurer '44: St. Paul -Temple Choir and Orchestra: African Missionary Band. "But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." Proverbs 4: 18. N.W.B.I. '43: S. S. Teacher Salvation Army: Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Russian Mission- ary Band. JEss1E MAE ARNOLD Orrick, Missouri "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and lov- ing favour rather than silver and gold." Proverbs 22:l. Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Como Children's Church: Mexico and Central American Mission- ary Band: Honor Student. CLASS OF '45 fam Clifuotv BETTY J. COLEMAN Breckenridge, Minnesota "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding." Proverbs 325. Choir: Russian Missionary Band Treasurer '4S. ANN CsERNics Chicago, Illinois "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy. O Lord, endureth forever: for- sake not the works of thine own hands." Psalm l38:8. Island Mission Sunday School work: Old Peoples' Home work: Homeland Missionary Band. ELIZABETH M. CLAPP Rochester, New York "l can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13. Choir: Cht1dren's Work-Lead ery African Missionary Band. EUGENE COON Stone Lake, Wisconsin "As the heart panreth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God." Psalm 42:l. Southwestern Bible Institute '43: Great Lakes Bible Institute '44g Indian Missionary Band President '45. my KINGS 9 MBHSSHUHHS DOROTHY DURR Iron River, Wisconsin "I love the Lord. because he hath heard my voice and my supplica- tions." Psalm 116 : l. Como Childrens Mission: Mix- ed Chorus: Ladies' Chorus: Lit- erary Editor-Archiveg Indian Missionary Band: Honor Student GLORIA M. ENWILLER Rosholt, South Dakota "The Lord is good. a strong hold in the day of trouble: and he knoweth them that trust in him." Nahum 117. Island Mission: African Mis- sionary Band. W. DALE DEBOER Farragut, Idaho "Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire. when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Mark l 1 :24. St. Paul Gospel Temple Radio Broadcast: Choir: Vice-President Alaskan Missionary Band. tt VEDIE L. FIELDS Brookfield, Missouri "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." Psalm 3228. Nursery at Fremontg Mexico and Central American Mission- ary Bandq Honor Student, CLASS CDF '45 pmt came: WILMA E. FISCHER l.eMars, Iowa "Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves: but our sufficiency is of God." II Corinthians 3 :5. Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Leader of Story Hour: S. S. Teacher: Mexico cmd Central American Missionary Band Treas- urer: Honor Student. HERMAN W. FRY Petersburgy Vtrgtnta "l will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth." Psalm 3411. Choir: Band: Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Trombone Quar- tet: Chapel Leader: South Amer- WELLS H. GAGE ican Missionary Band President. Page, North Dakota "For ye see your calling, breth- ren, how that not many utise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called." I Corinthians 1:26. Colored Mission: Choir: Rus- sian Missionary Band President. ROBERT FUNDERBURG Burlington, Iowa "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." John 17:3. Fremont Choir and Orchestra: Male Chorus: Central Bible Insti- tute '36-'38: South American Missionary Band. I LETA EVA HINES Poplar, Montana "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemerf' Psalm 19:14. Island Mission: Russian Mis- sionary Band. RUTH N. HUISINGA Willmar. Minnesota "Call unto me, and l will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou hnowest not." Jeremiah 3323. Band: Choir: South American Missionary Band. KINHS HMHHSSHHHHS RUTH V. HANSON Alma Center, Wisconsin "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles 1 they shall run and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31. Minneapolis Gospel Taber- nacle Choir: Great Lakes Bible Institute '43p Palestine Mission- ary Band Secretary. VETA L. HANNAN Anthon, Iowa "For l am persuadeds that nei- ther death, nor life. . .shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:38, 39. Choir: Ladies' Chorus: Volun- teers of America Mission: Busi- ness Colleqey Alaskan Mission- ary Banrl CLASS OF '45 "Jn .flight if--Q-r .. 65, i f-X pw came' HARRIET JOHNSON Willmar. Minnesoia "He :hat dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Al- mighty." Psalm 91 :l. Como Missionp Russian Mis- sionary Band. PENELOPE JOHNSON Fergus Falls, Minnesota "Casting all your care upon him: for he careth for you." I Peter 5 :7. Choir: Chi1dren's Work at Como Assembly of God Churchy African Missionary Band Treas- UTEP: HELEN JOHNSON Willmar, Minnesota "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believ- ing, that he may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost." Romans 15:13. Como Mission: Russian Mis- sionary Band. SIGNE E. JOKELA Maple. Wisconsin "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches m glory by Christ Jesus." Phi- lippians 4:19. Como Mission: Mexico and Central American Missionary Band. KINHS HMHHSSHHHHS FRANCES JONES Cleveland, Ohio "The eternal God is thy refuge. and underneath are the everlast- ing arms." Deuteronomy 33 127. Island Mission: Palestine Mis- sionary Band. EVELYN M. KOERNER lackscn, Minnesota "For the Lord God will help meg therefore shall I not be con- founded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed." Isaiah 50:7. S. S. Teacher at Columbia Heights: Indian Missionary Band. ALICE JONES Cleveland, Ohio "He that spared not his own Son. but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?" Ro- mans 8 132, Island Mission: Salvation Arm- y Chilclrerfs Class: Palestine Missionary Band. 5235? PEEL . :ik ,5 3' Navy f. ,,,, V. S A, Y I Et? , Q53 'If':" 5: A 1923. i 1 - DELMAR KINGSRITER Paynesville, Minnesota "That being justified by His grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life." Titus 3 :7. Leader Holiness Mission: Ar- chive Business Manaqer: Choir: Band: Male Chorus: Mixed Chor- us: African Missionary Band Vice-President. CLASS OF '45 pa cease' KATHRYN LoUcKs Egeland, North Dakota "Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalm 37 14. Choir: Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Mexico and Central Am- erican Missionary- Band. CHARLES W. LAMSON Minneapolis, Minnesota "But without faith it is impos- sible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that his is. and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Hebrews ll:6. Choir: Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Business College: Stu- dent Council: Chapel Pianist: African Missionary Band. NORMAN T. LEVANG Minneapolis, Minnesota "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to the Jew first and also to the Greeks." Romans 1:16. Choir: Band: St. Paul Gospel Temple Orchestra and Choir: Homeland Missionary Band Vice- President. ARLYN E. LUNDSTROM Minneapolis, Minnesota "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live: yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20. Choir: Leader Island Mission: African Missionary Band. GUILFORD J. MANDIGO Bismark, North Dakota "I shall not die, but live, and de- clare the works of the Lord." Psalm 118217. C. B. I. '43, '44: Orchestra at C. B. I.: Fremont Choir: Substi- tute Pastor at New Auburn: Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Chapel Pianist: African Missionary Band, President. LORRAINE M. MORGAN Condo, North Dakota "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord. my strength and my redeemerf' Psalm 19:14. Fremont Choir: Iewish Mission- ary Worker at Fremont: Palestine Missionary Band Vice-President '45 KINHS HMHHSSHIHIHS REUBEN B. MELANDER Neqaunee, Michigan "Prove all things: hold fast to that which is good." I Thessa- lonians 5:21. Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Mexico and Central American Missionary Band. I we A I .Wit MARIAN E. MENZIE New Castle, Pennsylvania "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord." Psalm 27:14. Choir: Band: Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Gir1's Quartet: Chapel Pianist: Music Depart- ment-Archive: Homeland Mis- sionary Band Secretary '45. CLASS OF '45 "Jn filiglit Q yy X -D .Q fx pw, cram" ETHEL E. NELSON Detroit Lakes, Minnesota '4How shall we escape if we neg- lect so great salvation." Hebrews 213. Fremont Choir: Leader Madi- son Chapel: Alaskan Missionary Band. EARL D. NOBLE Austin, Minnesota "For by grace are ye .saued through faith: and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8. Leader Salvation Army Mis- sion: Homeland Missionary Band. S. MARGARET OKAMOTO Kent, Washington "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him? neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." I Corinthians 2:14. Choir: Chapel Mission: China and Iapan Missionary Band Vlce- President. ALICE JANE OLSON Bamesville, Minnesota "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." Psalm ll8:8. Choir: Ladies' Chorus: Ladies' Trio: Mixed Chorus: Indian Mis- sionary ,Band Treasurer. JOYCE M. OLSON Willmar, Minnesota "If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it." John 14:14. Fremont Choir: Como Mission: Mexico and Central American Missionary Band. JAMES .RONEY St. Louis, Missouri "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32: 27. C. B. I. '43: Choir: Mixed Chor- us: Male Chorus: Leader Colored Mission: King's Ambassadors Quartet: President of Missionary Society '45: South American Mis- sionary Band. KINITS HMHHSSHHUHS BETTY REFL Chicago, Illinois "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." Psalm 56:3. Choir: Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: St. Paul Gospel Temple Radio Broadcast: Palestine Mis- sionary Band President '45. ERWIN E. ROHDE Burwell, Nebraska "Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men." II Corinthians 3 :Z-. Choir: Band: St. Paul Gospel Temple Radio Broadcast: Treas- urer of Missionary Society '45: African Missionary Band. CLASS CDF '45 pw emu" MABLE SAUNDERS GENEVA Ross Placerville, Califomia "And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised. he was able also to perform." Romans 4:21. Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Choir: Girl's Trio: Children's Work at Fremont: Homeland Mis- sionary Band. Blue Earth, 1 Minnesota "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments. and his ways past finding out." Romans 11:33. Choir: Orchestra: S. S. Teacher Fremont Tabemacle: Palestine DAVID J. SCHREPPLE Washington, New Jersey Missionary Band. "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3: l4. Choir: Male Chorus: Mission Leader: Mixed Chorus: Alaskan Missionary Band President. Donor:-ry SHEPHERD White Lake, Wisconsin "Arise, shine: for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee." Isaiah 60:1. Bloomington Full Gospel Tem- ple: Indian Missionary Band. GEORGENE SIMMS Brookfield, Missouri "Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them." Ecclesiastes 12 :1. Band: Choir: Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Girl's Trio: Como Assembly Chi1dren's Church: Mexico and Central American Missionary Band: Honor Student. GENEVIEVE E. STONE St. Paul, Minnesota "And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away." I Peter 514. Choir: Chapel Mission: Indian Missionary Band. KINIYS HMHHSSHHHHS J AMES W. SLOAN Hawkins, Wisconsin "Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I: send me." Isaiah 6:8. Como Mission: Palesiine Mis- sionary Band. GRACE LAVERNE SMITH Olsburg, Kansas "I will say of the- Lord. He is my refuge and my fortress: my God: in Him will I trust." Psalm 91 12. Great Lakes'Bible Insiiiute '41: Leader Island Mission: Choir: Af- rican Misslonary Band. CLASS OF '45 'fan sugar y . as- Je, .. f-X ppt crew MARTHA A. THOMAS Shenandoah, Iowa "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless l live: yer not l, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which l now liue in the flesh l live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me." Galatians 2:20 Choirg Leader City of Lakes Gospel Chapel Young People: China and Iapan Missionary Band. ALLAN L. ULLESTAD Story City, lowa "Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are pos- sible to him that believeth." Mark 9:23. Choir: Male Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Leader Anoka Practical Work, Vice-President Missionary Society '45: Missionary Depart- ment-Archive: Mexico and Cen- tral American Missionary Band. CORA W. THOMPSON Sacramento, Califomia "With good will doing service, as to the Lord. and not to men." Ephesians 6:7, Ladies' Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Girls' Quartet: Choir: Archive Secretary: Chapel Pianist: South American Missionary Band Treas- urer '44p Honor Student. PHYLLIS l. THOMPSON Dawson, Minnesota "For as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the Sons of God." Romans 8:14. Business College: Colored Mis' sion: Choir: Ladies' Chorus '42g South American Missionary Band. JOHN M. WESTHEIM Willmar, Minnesota "They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion. which cannot be removed. but abideth forever." Psalm l25:l Choir: Christian Workers' Mis- sion: Homeland Missionary Band RUTH WOODWORTH President '45. Detroit, Michigan "For the which cause I also suf- fer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed un- to him against that day." II Timothy 1 :l2. Volunteers of America Mission: South American Missionary Band. YEIKO YAMAKAWA K Helena, Montana "Open to me the gates of right- eousness: I will go into them. and I will praise the Lord." Psalm 1 l 8 :l9. Chapel Practical Work Group: China and Iapan Missionary Band. KINHS HMHHSSHHHH3 SENIORS 92 . , ,, Hot dog! The Winnen f ff, ,.v,.L. In h--' 1 -. -, ,mf HV fi V' Keep looking up f, ymh' s " , , . f .W-..,,..,...-MM: -ff. . -- Be careful-hometsl SP00d0fS Here comes the bride m 7' w. P. A. Lame men! , Y English nook? Midniqhi serenude A ff i X Hard work? Thai hai! ww we Skip-Day excursions A sweet lass Pause that refreshes ,, ,gk .3 N fb 'M . 1, 'V . P 914 V :Q va. v if Hfswezfri, Y ' K Inc. , fgmww a The art of expressing human emotion by song and on various musical instru- ments is prevalent among all of this world's racial and intellectual groups. Prince and pauper, poet and peasant, have all yielded to the mystical and charming effects of musical sounds. Whether or not we are conscious of it, music does indeed possess a prominent place in the human constitution. Regardless of man's individual status, music has always enlightened and lifted his soul to fairer worlds. When King Saul's spiritual condition caused a spirit of conviction to descend upon him, he had the young shep- herd lad, David, to play upon his harp, thereby restoring peace to the monarch's troubled soul. All the cares and perplexities of life's manifold duties are forgotten when sweet melodic strains enrapture the soul. The natural mortal mind always has been and ever shall be inclined to music as a means to lighten life's load. However, only they who have definitely experienced the regenerating power of Christ may know the true meaning and joy of music. The psalmist David, while commenting on his own spiritual transformation, did well express this truth as he said, "And He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise to our God." A mere contemplation of all that true God-given regeneration includes, causes the believer to rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Thereby, the soul is oft transported "on wings of song" into the Fathers presence. Men of the past and present have always found a solace in music. We, too, in present day gospel endeavors may go forth "on wings of song." REV. EMIL BALLIET The entire Music Department of N. C. B. I. is supervised by Rev. Emil A. Balliet, a talented musician with superb teaching ability. Many years of person- al experience in various musical phas- es enable him to efficiently conduct the manifold musical activities of N. C. B. I. His perpetual cheerfulness and radiant smile combined with unusual musical ability render him a most valuable asset to the Music Department. Rev. Balliet directs the Senior Male, Ladies' and Mixed Choruses and N. C. B. I. Choir, in addition to teaching Music I and ll, voice and violin. X X 1 - MR. MARK J. BELL Many students have received an evangelistic approach to the playing of gospel hymns through the lessons of- fered by Mr. Mark I. Bell, a well quali- fied piano instructor. His piano students are very successful, due to the fact that Mr. Bell manifests a personal concern in each pupil's progress. The uniting of musical ingenuity with definite teach- ing ability renders him a most capable piano and music instructor. Mr. Bell is director of both the Iunior Girl's Chorus and the Minneapolis Gos- pel Tabernacle Student Choir, in addi- tion to teaching the Rudiments of Music. Mrs. Gladys Balliet Students who desire to obtain excel- lent piano instruction from a thoroughly qualified instructor, are privileged to do so by studying under the supervision of Mrs. Gladys Balliet, a former teacher in a Music Conservatory. She teaches both beginning and advanced classical music and keyboard harmony. Mrs. Ruth Erickson Mrs. Ruth Erickson, organist and pianist of the Minneapolis Gospel Tab- ernacle, is now giving instruction on the Hammond Organ which was recently installed in the N. C. B. l. Chapel. Many students are now availing themselves of this marvelous opportunity. Miss Marian Menzie The music department is fortunate to have the services of Marian Menzie, a senior student, as a teacher of private piano lessons. She has also served as pianist for the student choir which sings every Sunday night at the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle. K N, 1 11 I Se.-rs . :S-as l , tw L". ' lil tal t i ? -rf? na-S, fs ff 5 "fry '55, vt ., X Q ' .is - -- yu. Q ..-fi 5' i iff' ,ke sir ,- will . ex .,.,M,lgi. ....:.-li C ,t 1 -' 1 'Q ww--' 1 , -1 .ya ,V .Wy 1-'gm f A. Y' ...if- tt, , " if 1 I Q' V . ,rfl , . gf, 1 K I . ,fi g'1 gi , 4.23 jug 'qw ,T V ,Biff 6,,1.7Ji. .'T:-'- 5-.X J ,ff ., , tj. .i, .,... , 1. .N V-I 4 j xt" sir Ji rpiw Aff' . -1 4. ' R 1, 1 W, J FV: , nf 44,-A -- ,. .3 ,A ... ' i u'9,.E1:f1 - l, ,fun 'Z' 'Ziff' 3 if' ' Q t , Y' nfiif V7 , , - 'ffi l i f 1- , i- ' ff 1-12'-1. . if ,iz 1 . 1572- , ,,,- -' ,,.,. -T313 . g L! ,: 'if-'55 , fi : ,:T' ,Q 1 ' .v"'f1f'1 .:L.'t- :gt-'W , ff' -. -in ri. 'Vf 'P' , mi- f-2' 1. 2 , if g.', g T-cp" 11,14-.?r4f fi-44" t ' f 71 T ' s : Q' "' 7 t -X .J L H... ., 3,..,,.va f ...F A H M f' 2 l,-17115271 r 1:1 , ' A l Q.-g if 'N f ef N I 4555 A ,fi T :ff 3 V .wg x ji f' M f lfllilil Swv' t I limi t I HQ gi ig' 1 1 11' X l Jffrlssjj, 3 " X A , l ff1,a,yf.-5 , .1 H yi ,J Wx, I , in y is YY, 4 . ., M, - -its L r , F t A xl t- XL ! l gg-'i 'T' ' 'I , -'. T lk 'J J A z - J H W , F 1 , .E I. .N pg E Z , sf 2 ,jj -gh 2' 1 ,ff Q 5 if fi, 5 "'- 'flzff w ' 'f ' lt 'MX T I Fi VE' fry' ! , f 1 l ' t ll ' - ' -fi fi 4- if' ', l . .I ,., " I' 1 lc TV T , F K ,. . I . ,. i it-iw ff. T ? L-Rgyrww 1 f If Qi A221551 t L fffgggtlle f--Lzfdkl... 4 A D 'A E V , SQ' 'sf 'V i tl ! -'1Ef."r5?1"1 'fl H ' Ln: .M . My--- .l CHUIR Musical instruction has been given a place of prominence in the curriculum of North Central Bible Institute. Members ot the Student Choir furnish choral music each Sunday night at the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle and the Fremont Gospel Tabernacle. To provide extra curricular activities for those especially interested in music, different ensembles have been formed. These smaller musical units give opportunity for playing and singing in various churches throughout the Twin Cities. This experience will prove invaluable to the students in their future ministry. All students are required to take music for three years, which stresses a musical background that will enable the student to contribute his part in a religious service. SENIUR LADIES' UHURUS The Senior Ladies' Chorus, a group of sixteen, provides extraciricular activity for those especially interested in ad- vanced choral singing. SENIUR MALE CHURUS The Senior Male Chorus has indeed had a very active year, having been frequently featured in many Twin City churches. Their participation in a local Youth for Christ Singspiration, held in the Municipal Auditorium, was among the year's highlights. SENIUR ENSEMBlE The Senior Ensemble, or musiccrl unit comprised of both the Senior Lcxdies' ond Mole Choruses, under the direction of Rev. Bdlliet, hcrs proven ct blessing to those participating os well cts those privileged to hear thern. IUNIUR.lHUHS' CHURUS HINGE' HNIBHSSHDURS UUHRTET W ,sw Iumes Roney Onll Krans Charles lohnson Bernard Allen The King's Ambassadors Quartet, composed ot tour senior young men ot N. C. B. I., has been actively engaged in Gospel work during the school year and summer. They have traveled in neighboring states where they have repre- sented the school at different churches and camp meetings. These talented young men have dedicated their lives to the singing and preaching ot the Gospel ot Christ. They present a varied program ot sacred music with selections by the male quartet, vocal duets, solos, and a trombone quartet. l W.: n M- '- CGTHD Meefillq Trombone Soloist Ready to qol ACCUHUIUN BAND TRUMBUNE PlHYERS X X. A QW nr QT' 'X ,I x, BAND N. C. B. 1. is privileged to have a large number of students who have dedicated their musical ability to the advancement of the Gospel message. Their participation in various mission programs, church services, and other gospel activities has been a source of blessing to many. it 3 Mary Brewer Marian Menzie Monafay Allen Cora Thompson SENIOR LADIES' QUARTET FHESHIVIEN BHUIR Q Z 1, BRASS DUET FRESHMEN QUARTET Robert Rudell Boyd Hofermcm Robert R l Harris Lidsirfmd H Lidstrcmd Robert L "428" DUET William Varney Warren Abboti .X CLARINET TRIO Erwin Rohde Ernest Sjoberq Delmar Kinqsriter TROMBONE QUARTET Warren Abbott Bernard Allen Orill Krans Herman Fry FRESHIVIEN TRIO Nadine Gough LcxVonne Quistud E1 Nunley IUNIOR MALE TRIO Raymond Davenport Douglas Ramsey Gordon Marker BROTHER-SISTER DUET Monufoy All Berne d All 1 ' -' """""'v-www., MW S..N.v.,u,,,Wm rihwnt Aitlinn. Inc. I Q, palm ' V . K94-'i'fJ,.?4'L' . f 4 y , ..g,.l 11. .. 7' 'I' "7 1"?f1.IS?2 'ff ' E" T1-an Q-3, 4 ii .N 713.- 1 .',.l,z2,, Ig. ' 7 '-iii? Qf1"'r3'l'1A-1 l: , a, ,L ' E. ,.fL' 421 2. xi Y .5 . . L. , . 1. gm. .,. 99 56 Gne of the cardinal and immutable principles governing the Christian life may be concisely expressed in this man- ner: "The importation of divine life neces- sitates spiritual growth." The great Apostle Peter well expressed this essential truth, for he exhorted the believer to "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Iesus Christ." The mighty act of regeneration is just a beginning-the birth of the new and spiritual Christ-given life. It is not a mere formal adherence to a doctrine or creed, but the importation of the new life by the risen Son of God. Hence, since the source of this divine life has been thus found, there must be the accompanying feature of growth. However, the measure of growth is a matter of individual concern, your own spiritual growth depending upon your personal decision. Paul correctly labeled some of the Corinthian believers as "babes," because they had not exhibited any marked degree of growth. Truly, Christ is Life, and they who are indwelt by Him ought therefore to grow accordingly. God has purposed that our progress should be without limitation, having made available for us such privileges as: fervent intercessory prayer, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, and a life wherein we live and walk in the Spirit. Using the Saviour's life as our pattern and example, we seek to achieve this end: that we may come "unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ." Thus, as we continue to progress in these stages of Spiritual life, we, as Iuniors, eventually arrive at the "Warm Up" stage, wherein our en- thusiasm and fervor are rekindled as we contemplate further adventure. af '46 As a junior class we have spent two happy years together in North Central Bible Institute. We have noticed in one another's lives the develop- ment of Christian character, a result of growth in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Iesus Christ. With Gods help the enthusiasm with which we entered school has been directed into channels of usefulness and blessing. The junior year, with its various activities, has afforded an opportunity for every student to develop his talents. Through these activities we have learned to become more efficient messengers of the cross. As the school years draws to a close we thank God for all it has held, in knowledge acquired, experience gained, and victories won. With eager anticipation we look forward to our senior year. As this school term ends, we pray that the God of Love will watch over us "while we are absent one from another." May we come back with renewed de- termination to study and work for Him-"who loved us and gave Himself a ransom for us" that we .might be called the sons of God. STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS OFFICERS Laurel Zipf President--Gordon Marker Abraham Solomon Vice-President--Raymond Davenport Orabe Smith Secretary-A-Vivian Ness Virginia Harvey Treasurer--Vesper Kensinger ELDETH ADKINS DoLoREs ATTANASI OLGA BENSON 1 P A 0. M ,I AVI! v -- A Ax KKUUKKKKQAKXXQ SVIIIIIIIIIIII F A of '46 MONZELLE BROTHERS YVONNE CAVITCH ILEANE CRAWFORD AMANDA BROWN JUANITA BRUBAKER BERTHA COOPER HAZEL COOPER RAYMOND DAVENPORT DONNA DOCK HILDA BERGEMANN RITA BOYD ARLETHA CAIN DORIS CRAWFORD MAUDRIENE ELDRIDGE ILETA ELMS SARAH EMERSON CLIFFORD PICK CHARLES FORD 1 P P .Q 0. , H M A n KVRXKSUKXXYYKMXQ Sllllllllllll' In of '46 DORIS Foss JOYCE GIBSON JOYCE HALSTEAD IONE HART IRENE GOOMAS HARRIET HALVERSON VIRGINIA HARVEY RUBY GRUBBS LORRAINE HALVERSON 5 BETTY HEINMILLER ANNA HAFFNER ESTHER HANSON LILLIAN HELMES MARJORIE JACKSON MAYMEE JARED EMOGEAN JOHNSON , IF. J? LQ, O EL , X 1' I y ' I "M-'svl I. I 1La""5':"f',--' fl YI I , ,I I ANNABELLE KELLER VESPER KENSINGER VONA KEYES BERNICE KUNZE HARRIET LAUDAHL MARIE LAYTON LEOLA LINDSAY MELBA MCNUTT GORDON MARKER LORENE JOHNSON I I DANIEL KELCHNER WILLIAM KLAPEL LILLIAN LEINONEN I MARGUERITE MATHAN RUTH MAYS PAUL MELANDER MARJORIE MERRELL MILDRED MILES 1 P .Q 0. W N VKKKIUKKKNIMXQ EIIIIIIIIIJII I A' of '46 EMMA MILLER PAUL MILLER EDGAR Moos DORTI-IA MORGAN AILEEN MYERS MYRTLE NESS VIVIAN NESS MARILYN OKAMOTO THERESA OSLAND DOLLY PETERSON FERN POPE MARIAN PRITCHARD DOUGLAS RAMSEY DOROTHY RICHARDS DEAN ROHNER CHARLENE ROWLAND EUNICE SCHREPPLE 1 P K A 0. Q' M NUKXUKNXXKUMQ WIIIDIIIDIIN of '46 PAULINE SKILLMAN 9 ORABE SMITH ABRAHAM SOLOMON JUNE STITELY MARY STOCKLIN GAIL STRAISINGER VERLENNE SUMMERLEI VIOLET TYSON DOROTHY UPTON ELAINE WILKERSON GLENN WOODROW MARY WOODROW LAUREL ZIPF I -h 1., ,VTASJ In wi . 77, K No bridge? Study hard now Trucis for travelers Minnie Hq.Hq Q QL 25. i i H, ,A if 'E S' 'A N! in 5 Pardon Me! Skip Day Senior Visitors "Sui-rie Green' ifffiff' 'fz - f. ,- Q KL , K, , - . Q . A V i 'ii . as . ,V .WA 4 in .s 1, , ff., ,V fi 1,5 n Let her do it! picnic Spot .K gig k K k :WT 5 V, '1lfV,,.ffJf ' W" K f n n 4, , K, 224 iiiii 7 J if i i L Yiiii f " Z' 1 f V 'Z,i-, Q?a!"i A ' - NW .'-f'Z gym X q A an-L M , - gay' Q 1 Q. . "'V ig i n i 'i M if ,n H s SA, ,.,- A n , i , , 4 .F f mga I a I 'W if Y. I - 'Qyx ffflni' 4 2' 4, , iiiii AQ iii : , iw 'Q ww 1 ' if 9 2-- i 35 1 'f S Q 2 mi 'ii M Free Lunch? "Salud Bowl" Clean? Ig should be! Q W L 'TY - J I 1 'man' If , . ' i k . 'WIC' 4- iifif, f Y A ' ' .sv ' Q1 4 Va lk' all ,ka ss Association. Inc. gh . LX '4-M "'L Lay- L- Mr -W J Nw. 4 'ei W iq, ,,.""'Q ,Q nv eq M. 5,-L Q f 'P Xf, , , 1 1. 1 1 1 AFT, -V ' WL: , Jffir 1,. 9.. E'j5v 49- 1-2!'rI' 12 ' "u 1,3 T 7. g,,?,: ..V.147. Wivgff 7.41. , W, ,. ,'u Jf5',.f.Q,w .1 1 i'fq:.w3l Qig' - Q 'xr ,age ,Sd if If nf . 3,-5 2 , vi.-vvdzrj V-- . . V1.- a, "ff ,X 1615 Ml I ja! ' 1 ' -.w1:R,, A ..21.-F-:ss i' - I 'L' A 2: fi?- .-1' .JL ,, 1. L. ',-2-fi.-flak-.,f1551- ,543 A ,JVI . , , ,V fx 'if' ,' 5 'v , z 1 wx f :Q " N., .-wfyf Hy. TA'-+3"L.i,:'s: iff? 4 'if-,--ir. .. Qi P 'a-,'1'vw . 'eff' Kf .5 I 2 'Q g. 1 Q'-f 1.-fr' JA. ,1 V. .Til E Jia V 11:11 X Q I - ff: -1 -:ww ,.1 Q9 0 paratory training is the achievements and accomplishments which result therefrom. A notable Biblical example is the Apostolic Church, which "went everywhere preach- ing the Word, the Lord working with them, confirming the Word with signs following." This authentic record verifies the value of the disciples' training las imparted by the Holy Spirit. The true criterion for any period of pre- Hitherto, all duties and obligations were under the superintendence of the Mastery however, now these inexperienced disciples must personally begin to fulfill the Great Commission. Their days of apprenticeship were but memories as they were confronted by the brazen customs of Iudaism, the entrenched paganistic religions, and the cruel scourging whip of the Caesars. One important objective of Christ's ministry was to develop them until they were qualified to' assume full responsibility for a world-wide propagation of the Gospel, as directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The small, but rapidly increasing Apostolic Church proved that our Saviour had succeeded. All gospel endeavors of this present age are inevitably based upon this same potent principle-developing consecrated youth to proclaim the Gospel around the globe. Then, whenever the missionary challenge presents itself, they are qualified and available for service anywhere. The amount of success obtained in missionary endeavors is directly proportionate to the number of labourers employed therein. Despite the fact that some form of activity in world missions has always been existent since the first century, there is at present a need more urgent than that of any other period. A recurrence of the Apostolic triumphs necessitates a repetition of the apostolic procedure. Let us, therefo're, as graduates of N. C. B. I., render worthy credit to this preparatory institute and glorify God by being "In Flight" with the gospel message. SECRETARY Monafay Allen MISSIHNHHY PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Icmes Roney Allan Ullesmd FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Esiella Burkhart Christ's command has come to each individual believer to go to the uttermost parts of the earth with the Gospel messaqe. The Missionary Department is under the capable leader- ship of Estella Burkhart, Faculty Advisor. The Missionary Prayer Bands, which meet each week, not only enable the students to become better acquainted with the needs of the various countries, but they also provide opportunity to remember these mission fields before the throne of God in prayer. The members of the nine missionary bands have pledged approximately three thousand dollars for World Missions. Through these bands several of our students have heard and answered the call of God, and are now preparing them- selves tor home and foreign missionary service. TREASURER Erwin Rohde Winn. 'Hs-Q, ,F , if f -X-V A . k,, Q. :M I U KK B2 W X' vr gf A M 5 . . E ,WVV i7 gy 'mx 8 L 'X-235 5, ' My Q , 9 . av . my .. , 'gm 4 f S 1 L fs., 5 A 5 1 M 1 ' X W?" f' i , r .f Jw 0 A. H sf' f xg sf: ' fs 'I' wail sf. iii H .. A. , ,Q v aiffk All Q5 v X ff um J, , v " V xx n , . 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HENRY MOCK '36 PERU CUBA mean' 5, I YN., if ' Q A ' "L I wf'm'Vg QM IS INYLG' Qsiw' a,,,I IWQ5' . :V T. HOLLINGSWORTH '39 I-'. HOLLINGSWOHTH '39 MORRIS WILLIAMS '41 GUATEMALA GUATEMALA AFRICA ,I1n'iK,. ::, , 3 , mug gm i fi S , , . , , 1, W K, , R rf? if r ei ii K S 45,913 ' KQV S I 45 'J' 'X 1 f r . ROSALYN MOCK '35 I H I K V, K fl? 41 Vi: ' 'W UIQ? ' " ,Z HQWW' I AMES KING '40 AFRICA 1 A ..,. F 'piQ,:, A I M4 mn-A ' I' 15 1 -nm -I I , 1 , '11 U W 4. ul .' f2fffM?ifl1ff1 f NQMW If . , fi' MARIORIE TRULIN '37 SOUTH AMERICA ALICE MAE WILLIAMS '41 AFRICA V ,L . "Q ,H X' Y K, fy 1 9 stages, we are oft aware of certain dis- tinct and well defined phases or epochs of development and progression. In fact, all 'substantial progress toward any goal r Amid life's transitory and perplexing consists of such periods. Iesus Christ Himself recognized this logical procedure, for as He referred to the advance- ment of the Kingdom of God He said, "First the blade, then the ear, and after that the full corn in the ear." Mankind, by reason of its innate fallen and depraved nature, is not in alignment or agreement with the revealed divine purpose. The human heart is ever at variance with the Almighty-a state of animosity reigning in the human soul. However, when the good news of salvation has wrought its redeeming work, all enmity and strife are replaced'by "the love of God which is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit," and thus we are born into the family of God. Despite the fact that such a glorious transformation has been effected, we are often ignorant of the spiritual verities which produced this change. An increase of our spiritual knowledge will cause simultaneo'usly an apprecia- tion of eternal values and a deepening of our consecration. A knowledge of the Father's will is essential to growth, but that will is revealed in the W'ord. lf the scriptural command-"Study to show thyself approved unto God-" is obeyed, we shall constantly be in the process of development and completion. u 4 ' N. 'C. B. l. through its impartation of spiritual knowledge assists us to this- goal. Hence, we, as Freshmen, come for the "Tune Up" stage of development, wherein we align ourselves with the Word. 0,4 '47 lmpelled by the words of Christ, "Follow me and l will make you to become fishers of men," we broke home ties to follow His call. For the past year we have been studying "to show ourselves approved unto God," that we might become effective soul winners for Him. At first, everything seemed new and strange as many of us were new to the city and strangers to each other, but with the hearty and sincere welcome of the faculty and our fellow-students, we soon found a blessed relationship in Christ. As the days passed we found a peace that comes only when we are in the center of Gods will. As one big, happy family we lived and worked, prayed and studied together. Ties of friendship have been formed and together we have learned to know the peace and ioy there is in living wholeheartedly for Christ. Many of our number have received the call of God for home and foreign service. Much ground lies ahead for us to possess. As we look forward to the untrodden path before us we have confidence in the One "who knoweth the way we take." By His grace we will go forward, pressing "toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Iesusf' STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS OFFICERS Faith Bruzelius President--Walter Hatchner Elma Nunley Vice-President Thomas Cross Claude Bratvold Secretaryelvlargaret Anderson Virgil Rasmussen tlst Sem.l Treasurer- 'Robert Rudell George Shepeluk t2nd Sem.l SARAH ALLEN EDNA MAE BALDWIN DOROTHY BITTNER CLAUDE BRATVOLD MARY CAPPS FAYE CHRISTENSEN M. ANDERSON MARTHA BARROZO Ron ERT BL ISS FAITH BRUZELIUS VIVIAN CARPENTER FERNE CHRISTENSEN IRENE ANDROSE ALICE BENSON BEVERLY BORCHERT CAROLINE BUHROW KATHERINE CAVITCH RHODA CHRISTENSEN FLOYD ASHPOLE LORRAINE BAILEY -- if . M I.4LU1:. wii,,1.g'+g:',m v I N31"g1jJg5.fL':liE4lIFG5:f1ff'fI.Qfgh:a?5gEll?7ZE?Eh"ji'!P2'?:Lf' 1, 1'rww4,,JsSA'1' Ci fnL'g9L?f:Q:115"fi', eT?1:"'f1-w-5L'wi'ii,'A?I?i'1I'1,,Es:EIl-nf 'nfMH12i.A:.,. , 95,-iaA1!f,1!-na' wwf-Iifg.' ": v Lg' qi :iw 5-ik Tlflkif -"E QQ. " 9, ' M , 1?5-21,2f-Y31'Ti,if'w--wi'46-,'4?QL,.f?E?fLfMg?gykJH.,-fFi'EfQL1ywifzrfliIFE?-1'-13uIT3fY'fI5i5'55fHzs'15f5r'! we -IW-'.-2.5 T, --N fi' PL: I ML, I ,1 -H--I .,'N-ww Ml, Hamm daiiqsvhygqgwf- . . ' 1-+' - '1,:frg.,,2I,1' 1-"' " -' 1.91,- "' 1 M -"V v ,, '4-"rg -,, QA- ' fQ:1r5"-"..,q:1-my '-. I - , M' twtjwqi efffmswmhm ---wk gag! , -, 3 gl.. ' .u N" '?H'21:'1f'4 V ' T' -wh J gkzmif 5159? 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I , ff MQ' ' Wg, 51.55.57 QA251?1Y2L5,q'5L:-QMLT?F.Gi?i?fe?5E155I2"f'm'224,15 i"f'?9f' fr m:f3xfzafI :'I2?2.3+xwfk::Im...+'ffrf ,1 TL, vs-J 'Q-.,, X ,rw 'gum , 115, ',g5g,,'-H14 453 ,-M -fWl5'x1r"' in-nmgp,ars.f,sA-.TI . -U , W- Tw .fwf-vf,. I .vw M .Ag w-11-ww.: M1-A-"1,r.--W I -W, rg! F -3' , V MV, 1 L i N, J , W J , 'si,+:f::QN'L-.W,,.?::L Wgn 5 ' " K' I.,-H' QSM '-, 4""',- .-,v'g'F'. vw-12 Ia --2 .1 H ' If ' " Y " 1, Fw' "' ' 'www' ,- IL ' ::,::ilITf.: I fl' ,L 13' ,vg,'f'2Q?QgQg2Lg2jf ' ' I .. ,ffl C. .1-m ff2,g4I14,1HEf?' nf I ' -MW0'1,,5Y,w'-24.,ag ' L ,w'r.,g7.,. :L Y 'Q 1,31 +G L ,If rf' ,'5Q,,-I-354:51 5.1, I I , W,,yj,4LQlli"F',:, 'Liz ,gJi,-1!'izm:f2jWfq,,,mrgjQ, Eh, Y . .M,,,,Wr,,nH.4,, yt, 1 ix, , I ,.,! ,,?,w1..SL,Nn?f..,l, Y .93-.:,g-gxllnj,,Qafw,mM 'A A I ' gf A1 A 1, VERNA CLARK ELEANOR CLIFT PAULINE CRAWFORD ARLENE CROCK ETI' 'wwf ga 4 ,.-if -la 51: . 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HOFERMAN ALICE HRIC!-IENA IVA JAMES THEODORE JOHNSON I WILMA JUNKER RHODA HARTWICK JANE HOLMES DARYLE HUSSEY MARIE JOHNSON WILBERT JOHNSON ROLAND KAISER WALTER HATCHNER AUDREY HOLMGREN DUANE JAGOBSON RUEBEN JOHNSON PAULINE JONES BEI I Y KEITH SYLVE HAWKINSON RICHARD HENKEL , .-...,.,...,M .... .., ,,,,,,, -W ,q.,.....,, ,W Y.I,.M I..,. ...-.,LmI..II ..,. ..-.M ..... .. , ,.m,T,.,,,,.,, I ' I " ' ' "If III., ' ' Q L , -Q :UIIQIT 3 .' I',j,.g..':'::pIm4IEe:II? I I ,. II +I , I . ' fl'I,I.I,I .ILI II-2f..I IILII-i'E:FL.1":ri:'7I4I ,,1, , ,... . I .., , IM, I I I I . I ., . I I..I,I,,I,.,,.- ,..II.P-I-..I:,IrI- 1. I iw:LI.5 LQ! I...,!Awh, -Mg-.IQII ,- , , ,ing-I .I, ' I 'W"'1:1115 'I I, -I-II,-I I.-III I 'Ii 2" 'I 15' I' . CHHLII I I .I:I.I Ig, W' '+I .II I ,A QL,-II 1- , -III1I,m:,.,IfI . 1 -II II,II1..'IL'1'xE F'-Nw-Ii-.IgI.Tl , - IM. ,, ,,,,,.-I - 'I II 'I , ::,,1g: ' y I f ...Q'f'iI:12,I1III:L 'UIII If . I fmjhf -I '..II elm '- .i . 'MI v'1I:g5,II. 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LINCOLN CORA MCCUE NADEEN MILLARD LEONA MOOS ELAINE NESS ELMA NUNLEY RUTH OI-INSTAD ' MARY PAINTER VERONA PORTINGA ELLEN RASEY NOR MA RICHARDS J OH N ROSE f es ,f 2 Z Q N 1- Ji' W - ff iw, ,, . wi xv, .ilisgfi za fa, ' fi , ' 3.2, , .,,, ,ww f ,V w Sw QA A , E . , 4, , - ' F VIRGINIA PARKS JUDY PRICE VIRGIL RASMUSSEN ESTHER RONNBECK m t 1 9 img! ' 5 ,QW ja , S , gk S if 1 3 1' ff' 'E 1 J ' g Q , ,Q 5 , ROBERT RUDELL f u W'13il7'?Yei5Q Q 51 - 'fx W : 5 wrfweyi , ws - W A , W ff - -'nf Q - , V ,1 . s mv 418 A ,Y -. -1 , DEAN PEASE LAVONNE QUISTAD ' -'-E:'??-W ' " -H2 1' A ,J V-7, ':'Ws5fifH!16':f?z:-:E.E7ff,,'5 Asif . ai 12 ag .1 A' RUTH KHEINHARDT GLADYS RONNBECK AUDREY SCHMIDT LAVERN PETERSON ALFRED PORTINGA V 1 , W ' L HQ, .A , .,. A,w5:....g n1ylliq:.,i'a'lfQEf,1 " F ' " - ri -3-'ru 1 "."2',f:3:!'w 'gp , 'ff K'--L' -1-,JJW-f. ! 'H mv'-if Q ,. 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DOROTHY WILKE KAY WONDERS CHARLOTTE WRIGHT SPECIAL STUDENT Bertie Doss s UP A TREE COMO PARK PATRIOTIC SISTERS SEAR'S CREW THIS WAY PLEASE DON'T YOU DARE 155 ,. 5 I Q. gifs . -5 x my 3 TM. . , . ff wx. K,-. - ff, POSIN' ROOMMATES HIDING? WOUNDED? WISCONSIN-ITES PRETTY FOXY ALL ALONE? SOME OF THE FRESHMEN READY TO GO MUST BE FUNNY -iaf K ' - Q 5 1 4 im ,.,. K, M 'L TW -P 46' ff- J' k f , skew' 4 , gm , ,J . is figs? W Wg, me ww W Mk- ,,,,h Q' kwxsaaffr ,,4,i,g,,K fww- w YR--2 . 5312492 53? M- .,, .g,m,.1m - A, wg ,, - ,,-, img RT Zmggi, 17' 1 ? Ms- Q33 'I iz' 1gq.,,,., ,,., , f . ' V ,gn V, W ,V F 4 gl M ,I D 'VA' Q4 ii" ,W - ' gf ,, Qs: uf- ' Y ' 18 -L., ' f n is - A fl 4 .ffm ,gf ! ' -- zi v 7 gg, gi LSQWF, . . ' Wfkiiefw. 1 5 FM W f M, ,A- .1 1 xl, ., N ,4 3 .- . 1 4 Y. A l" 'T T 15" w if Pd .M Iv:-, T. f. .rx ' .1155 f . 4.55. A , Wm- X 1 ,H A --4: wr 5' ' Q -. Q 1 ,. L l S , 1. -. U -. K,.+:.v Q, -1- -- 'fife ' '51 f f gi . '42-:ii A Q '-I a'-l',LZ . ,. , , iam . . 1 V-.5J'i1,fj .I-:, 'W , 1' "hz V .-55? .,1 3 J-1 , ' diiliifi' -F'3,,i' ' Rg1ja"1f'!,f 1-v'----""'u ef , ' V M' fj ' ,L ffm! f 1: "f -H -' f., 'V ,' 1: .. f,-'H , -,q-. '3-Af""!1-'1-:,,.f"' ' . ' 'v 1 , ., 'PL :L 5 .JL . 3, f 3- --rm ,Magi I . . f' f-N . . 04 .fa-rig , -if 32' ' . Lf' ,, I 1- - H ,fx-7 . inf, Q 915 :Q if ,, N P:-if , , , - , V: V-:Q K T.. if, V , - ,1,,' ,. " -:vi 1' .f 330. W., 2 . 1, . ' -V7 fi' ' . 4 1 f L 1 :- . 75-.Lf " A1 aff H4 . ,x,. r, .. pl . Tv 1 in 'fl 1 'J.-ff r, J ,.: , T., 'f -: fr., , I vw-Q Jn. .- J ,Q 4 A , N : - - - Q-, - . , , -L . . ,, 1 , , K , -- Ji 'Pig .v.z'f" -F- f an , 'K' a' L2 -V EAL 5-1' .x 4 J if .. " Ha iii if A ui V5 , 1 M f .44 ,J 11 I I -' ' E,.5,:g'- QL: rj? ' ...E A 7 .A Y- 5r:.- Q4.i,-fa 1 v'. . W Every privilege which we may enjoy involves a necessary and equivalent res- ponsibility. This basic universal principle may be thus stated: privilege and res- . ponsibility are inseparable. Only as we consider the amount of our spiritual priv- ileges are we cognizant of our tremendous responsibilities. I The Saviour was definitely aware of the spiritual application of this cardinal truth: for, prior to His sending forth of the Twelve, He told them, . .freely ye have received, freely give." We may attribute much of the apostolic church's success to this one factor: they not only realized their privileges, but 'also were faithful in the fulfillment of their obligations. True discipleship is definitely evidenced when we joyously receive the Word and then zealously proclaim the divine truths. Gur Saviour's proclamation renders this imperative! North Central Bible lnstitute's curriculum allows ample time for the dis- charging of this important duty. The Student Practical Work Department provides sufficient opportunity for all to receive the type of experience desired. Sunday School teaching, tract distribution, week end services, musical units, and mission programs are exempletive of the various phases of endeavors. Divine blessing has often been manifested, for through the direct efforts of the student body many souls have been regenerated and edified. Every student is privileged to equip and qualify himself for any phase of future service. This world's unsaved multitudes challenge us today. We are personally acquainted with the Christ whom they so desperately need. Therefore, let us immediately realize our privilege and responsibility and then help to evangelize the entire world. H is l gs Pttfililitit WWW l....'--L'-.-E nav. KATTER p t Much of the success ot the Practical Work Department is due to the Wise administration of Rev. Wilson A. Katter. His varied and out- standinq experiences in personal work and his weekly messages on personal evangelism are an incentive to the student body. Every evening many students are engaged in various mission services throughout the Twin Cities. The entire student body is organized into Practical Work groups, which are generally supervised by senior students. The primary motive ot these efforts is that of presenting our Christ to the world. Each student is privileged to receive valuable experience through public platform appearance. All these endeav- ors are amply repaid by witnessing the transforming power of Christ working in many lives. VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA MISSION MID-NIGHT MISSION ST. PAUL RADIO GROUP Among other gospel activities, many students have served as Sunday School teachers in various Twin City churches and missions during the school year. Certainly their lives and teaching ministry are the means of in- fluencing many young people to ex- perience personal salvation. This teach- ing experience is of utmost importance to iuture ministers and gospel workers. Sunday Salad CHILD EVANGELISM During the summer vacations many students conduct or assist pastors in conducting Daily Vacation Bible Schools in churches and missions. Pastors are anxious to have the efficient cooperation ot our students who have received special instruction relative to the management and promotion of a vacation Bible School. These great evangelistic opportunities have unlimf ited possibilities of preserving our American youth. 75 X -f ligit I E i 4 1 i CHAPEL PLATFORM SUMMER SCHOOL ln cooperating with the qovernment's request for an accei erated educational program, N. C. B. I. offered summer school for its men students. By attending summer school the men are able to complete their theoloqical training in two and one halt years. THE LIBRARY The library of North Central is one of the qrowinq departments of our school. Besides the volumes that the present senior class pre- sented to the library, the school has purchased several hundred dollars Worth of books. THE SCROLL The "Scroll", a bi-monthly publication of the Iunior Class, presents the activities and news of the student body. The "Scroll" had its origin in 1943 and since that time has been one of the successful student enterprises of North Central Bible Institute. This student activity gives opportunity for students interested in literary, secretarial, and art publication work. Co-Editors: Dorothy Richards and Ray Davenport CONF ECTION ERY N.C.B.I. Cafeteria Steam Table Crew One Section of School Dining Room Student Reception Room t W fggtfbfw Qian M2 S -4- - f J., 1 ' ma ,'..,Yi I Alumni Reception Room Student Reception Room ii 9, t t ! ii il we lqwvn-av-0 I . M -Q. N. C. B. I. Dormitory Rooms H oo I Q 1 .4 . xiii Y Elevator Service W! Goinq Up! 'ww-,,,i,,.,r ,,,,, . Foyer of N. C. B. I Student Post Office gc S ' Ice Skating at Pawderhorn Park Class Picnic ? Q Ice Skating Champions Chaplain tCaptainl Farrell Evans Chaplain tlst. Li.l I-'rank R. Griepp Chaplain tlst LLP Marvin C. Nelson EHHPIHINS fi? it ti --- While America is engaging in the present world conflict, North Central Bible Institue is very proud of the members of its alumni who have "gone forth to battle." Besides the many graduates who are now wearing the uniforms of the United States Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, N.C.B.I. has four alumni who are helping to meet the spiritual and moral demands of the armed forces. In addition to these four chaplains, We have several young men who are serving as chaplains' assistants on the far flung battle fields of the world. Chaplain tlst Lt.l Melvin L. Ienninqs KPHOTOGRAPH UNAVAILABLEJ H H Q if , Mg. sw.. A, ,, Ak ., E Rev cmd Mrs W Kcztter cmd Sons . .. .5-C., D 2 rN.f,:k I K Rev. and Mrs. Peterson Rev cmd Mrs D Edson ww., Rev. and Mrs. Olson ,rm V K --an-among .................. Mrs. Annu Magnuson Rev. cmd Mrs. Bclliet ond Iudy Rev. cmd Mrs. F. I. Lindquist Rev. cmd Mrs. I. O. Miller Mr. M. I. Bell 1 E Waldorf Paper Co. Employees STUDENT EMPLOYMENT North Central Bible lnstitute offers to the members of its student body the possibility of part-time employment. Students receive valuable practical experience in a variety ot occupations as Well as alieviations of financial worries. lffositions available are carefully reviewed from time to time by the ern- ployment manaqer and the individual student is placed in the particular position that is most suited to his training and ability. Employment is ob- tainable in almost every field such as defense and factory work, hospital orderlies, stenoqraphers, bus boys, cooks, janitors, clerks, cashiers, manual laborers, waitresses, and maids. Many young lady students Whether experienced or inexperienced are able to work part time for room'and board and compensation in line modern and conveniently located homes. I School Cafeteria Employees IAMES KOFAHI. President ARVID KINGSRITER Vice-President HHIMNI HSSUEIHIIHN The Alumni Association of North -Central Bible institute has promoted fellowship among its members by the "North Centralianf' its monthly publication, sectional alumni gatherings, and the annual alumni week. Each morning during alumni week the association met together for morning worship and an open forum. Rev. Krogstad of Washing- ton State was the special.speaker for the evening services. The culminating event of the week was the alumni banquet, where Rev. I. D. Menzie was the speaker, when the graduating class, "King's Ambassadors," was formally admitted into the Alumni Association. 9 ALICE PREY IRENE HANSON DONALD EDSON HAROLD TANGMO Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer P f. 'Q 1 . 'x 1 gm , 'Rx .f H, LAL QA. 1. ...W kk M. , 3 i' QQA '94 X 1945 March IUNIOR-SENIOR BAN QUET Columbia Chalei "KING'S AMBASSADORSH CLASS OF '45 We wish to thank our many friends for their sincere ' congratulations. CONGRATULATIONS! Senior Class of '45 "Hold the Standard High" CLASS OF '46 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS "If God be for us, who can be against us?" CLASS OF '47 , , ---:44o4J ---Q-----::',4 "KINGS AMBASSADORSH March Forward to Victory! The SCROLL Staff A-AAAQ4-Q '7 I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 1 I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I --0J 861 nlafmm "KINGS AMBASSADORSH We count it C1 privilege to have served you While attending N.C.B.I PASTOR AND MRS. F. I. LINDQUIST CHRISTHS AMBASSADORS SUNDAY SCHOOL cmd CON GREGATION ot the 1141 Quful '7 MHNNEZAEDQEH G0 PEL TABER ABLE 3015 Thirteenth Avenue South MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Our facilities for SGIVICG and worship are available to students While attending N.C.B.I. "A CHURCH HOME FOR YOU WHILE AWAY FROM HOME!" 0 -A 1 X P P S L CONGRATULATIONS and God-Speed - to the THIRTEENTI-I CLASS from the CONGREGATION SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRlST'S AMBASSADORS of the ST. PAUL GOSPEL TEMPLE Holly Avenue at Mockubin Street St. Paul, Minnesota "Cro ye into all the world and Preach the Gospel to every crectturef' Mn. I. 0. Miller Rev. I. O. Miller. Pu!! 1 If A SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS THIRTEENTH SENIOR CLASS REV. 6 MRS. RUSSELL H. OLSON CONGREGATION CHURCH BOARD SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRIST'S AMBASSADORS Fremont at 25th Avenue Norih MINNEAPOLIS. MINNESOTA L Axxx,,xxxxx xxx A CONGRATULATIONS to The King's Ambassadors NORTH CENTRAL BIBLE INSTITUTE from UHERALDS OF I-IIS COMING" Motto: "Marantha" COur Lord Cometh? Class of 1945 CENTRAL BIBLE INSTITUTE CLASS OFFICERS: Dwight Dale L L , L L President Grover Risner, L ,,Vz'ce-President Alma Thomas L L , L L ,L Treasurer Nina Pequettea ,,,,, L Secretary Faculty Advisor .... .... S is. Estella Burkhart President ............ -- ........... Iim Roney Vice President ..... ........ A Ilan Ullestad Secretary ...... ..... M onafay Allen Treasurer ........ Erwin Rohde MISSIONARY BANDS AFRICA INDIA coNaRArULAT1oNs ALASKA S. AMERICA CHINA-IAPAN TO PALESTINE HOMELAND "THE K1NG's AMBAssAnons" RUSSIA MEXICO and CENTRAL AMERICA 4 I-'on mtg SECTIONAL C.A. CHAIRMEN Rev. Robert Abbott, Emily, Minn. Rev. Wayne Barker, Marietta, Minn. Rev, Kenneth Freiheit, Pipestone, Minn. Rev. Melvin lennings, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 1 FOQ 405 4 cl V! C9 Rev. Melvin Iorgenson, Detroit Lakes, Minn. Rev. Iames Kofahl, Red Wing, Minn. Rev. George Rasmussen, Crookston, Minn. Rev. Neile Sheneman, Monticello, Minn. Rev. Harold Tangmo, St. Paul, Minn. ---Q .... -v-------v----: CONGRATULATIONS Class of '45 from NORTI-I CENTRAL DISTRICT C H R I S T' S A M B A S S A D C R S ARVID KINGSRITER. President Sincere Congratulations to the CLASS OF '45 I +V' THE WILLMAR GOSPEL TABERNACLE REV. 6 MRS. O. E. CARTER Say not ye, There are yet tour months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest. And he that reapeth receiv- eth wages, and qathereth fruit unto life eternal.-Iohn 4:35-36. WILLMAR, MINN. 225195 cmizsc W' r, I BRAINERD GO A S I 'N CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduating Class of Brainerd's Evangelistic Center "The Whole Gospel for the Whole World" REV. AND MRS. R. D. E. SMITH SPEL TABERNACLE '7 I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I P I D I I 1 I I I 'I I 'I 'U 'I 'I 5 S 'I 'I 'I I P I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '45 from the CHURCHES OF THE SOUTHEAST SECTION OF MINNESOTA Assemblies of God Church, Red Wing Rev. and Mrs. I. C. Kofahl Gospel Tabernacle, Pine Island Rev. and Mrs. D. K. Wiley Gospel Tabernacle, Rochester Rev. and Mrs. R. W. Miller Assemblies of God Church, Spring Val. Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Dean Assemblies of God Church, Winona Rev. and Mrs. M. G. Freiheit Gospel Tabernacle, Dodge Center Rev. and Mrs. A. P. Klinsky Gospel Tabernacle, Owatonna Rev. and Mrs. S. E. Carlsen The Peoples Church, Albert Lea Rev. and Mrs. E. C. Rosen Gospel Tabernacle, Austin Rev. and Mrs. I. M. Hendrickson Gospel Tabernacle, Faribault Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Fuller Gospel Tabernacle, Ellendale Rev. and Mrs. Carl Cornelius Gospel Tabernacle, Northfield Rev. and Mrs. O. Kvistad J 4 'I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I J CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1945 from the ASSEMBLY OF GOD TABERNACLE 1518 Miller Street Worthington, Minnesoto LLOYD CHRISTIANSEN, Pcrstor I P I t P P "THE CHURCH OF A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE" LLOYD CHRISTIANSEN. Pastor 'I TL xx:TTTTTTTTTT::xxxx:::x tn , 1' THE CHRIST'S AMBASSADORS ' v of the 4 'P CITY OF LAKES CHAPEL 5 1 NORTHWEST SECTION 1 Tl NORTH CENTRAL DISTRICT COUNCIL 1, 1' , 1, P BEMIDII GOSPEL TAEERNACLE 4121 Ewmq Ave- SO- 11 :T CROOKSTON GOSPEL TABERNACLE . . . f 1 ERSKINE GOSPEL CENTER Mmneapohs' Mmm' : I HALLOCK GOSPEL CENTER 4' 0 MENTOR GOSPEL TABERNACLE MARNCMEN EENTECCSTAL M1SS1oN TO THE CLASS OF '451 if ,Q TRIEE RIVER FALLS GOSPEL TAEERNACLE A ,, , 1 WALKER GOSPEL TARERNACLE INQIUI51' th? Lord make You G11 Flshefs if it SUGAR BUSH-KITCI-11 GOSPEL ASSEMBLY O en. 'r 1 ' f' EXTEND wn.soN KATTER, PAs'ron i 1, CONGRATULATIONS 1' ip to the t 1 'I i CLASS OF 45 4 :P I: I: "Come over . . . cmd help us." Acts. 16:9 1: Q A: A eeeg :::::::::::: - A-:::::::::::::::::: CONGRATULATIONS! FULL GOSPEL TEMPLE 2300 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 1 Y ,sk '- , 'iff " f . 'V --:f':-"3 , 'S --" i A ,K "NF ' A QE i fi h f i kf ,VV , , BERTHA PETERSON L. VICTOR PETERSON Evangelist Pastor CONGRATULATIONS You ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT Class of '45 BETHEL TEMPLE Rev. and Mrs. H. L. Haqemeister Snelling Ave. and Iune St. ST. PAUL, MINN. Sunday School ,E.,,.,. 9:45 Morning Service ,,..,l.. ll:00 Evangelistic Service .,,c 8:00 Midweek Service, Thursday .,,,.c,.c,, 8:00 P.M. Rev. C. A. Engquist, Pastor ----,,,-.--J of the DELTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD BINGHAM LAKE, MINN. When in Rochester We Welcome You to BETHEL FULL GOSPEL CHURCH N. Gooman at Ripley Services: Sunday 9:45, 10:45, 7:30 Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45 Pastor: REV. CHARLES R. SHUSS CONGRATULATIONS To You-Seniors! "WE'RE GLAD TO SING YOUR PRAISE, BUT REMEMBER COMMENCEMENT IS NOT THE SUNSET, IT'S THE DAWN!" My IQ- CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from the Little Falls Gospel Tabernacle Arvid Kinqsriter, Pastor Congregation . . . Church Board Sunday School . Christs Ambassadors CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '45 from St. Paul Evangelistic Tabernacle 536 University Ave., St. Paul, Minn. A. V. GUSTAFSON, Pastor Phone Elkhurst 1818 A F R I E N D CONGRATULATIONS! SENIOR CLASS-1945 from the NORTH DAKOTA DISTRICT GOD BLESS YOU! "Lift up your eyes, and look on the fieldsp for they are white already to harvest."-Iohn 4:35. CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS or '45 from WEST CENTRAL DISTRICT COUNCIL ROY E. SCOTT, Supt. I. LON HALE, Asst. Supt. CHAS. E. LONG, Sec.-Treas. CONGRATULATIONS! Esther Mae Cooper. Evangelist 169 Lowell Ave. SIERRA MADRE, CALIF. "The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms." Dt. 33:27 CONGRATULATIONS! Wisconsin and Northern O Michigan District Council E. A. BECK, Supt. D. M. CARLSON, Secy. yy . Congratulations! A . i I "Go into the highways J Q41 and hedges and compel 1 them to come in that my house may be filled." gp sryy Lk. 14:23 K ,.l.l Evangelist I T E D N E S S E Etr .VEF 3112 Longfellow Ave. S. Minneapolis 7, Minn. CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes tor a Fruitful Ministry to the Class of 1945 W. L. LEEK, Pastor Hopkins Gospel Tabernacle CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1945! We extend an invitation to those who feel led to work for the Master in the whitened harvest fields of South Dakota. SOUTH DAKOTA DISTRICT COUNCIL P. T. Emmett, Superintendent W. E. Cummings, State C.A. President I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1 ::::::::::::::f:::::-':e:::: 1 New Mexico District I C A is 51 CAMP MEETING 1 ' ' I AUGUST 17-25 I coNGRATULAT1oNs ,I Montainair. New Mex.. H'way 60 I 1945hSENIORS-1945 I In the Heart of the San Dia Mountains. A Wonderful Place to spend your vaca- I Kenneth E. QISOHI State C.A. pres. '1 tion. Prepare now to attend. Altitude 1, I I 1: over 6,000 feet. Bring your heavy cloth- I MIFICITH 1O1'1f1SOT1 Reuben Will ing with you. Hotel's and Tourist Camps I Iflck Andrews ECIWGYCI Kidroske I and rooms available. Plenty of space 1' R0b91IBfC1T1C1I ROY Fischer 1: for camping. I I -,:,,,,:::,,,,,,,:,,,::- :::::::-.a rf::::::::::::::::::::::: -A :::::::::::::::: ::f::::::f- A4 -:::::::::::::::::::::::::- q W, I BEST WISHES TO THE C t 1 t' '1 CLASS OF '45 1 Umm u U ms I CHRIST s AMBAssADoRs 1, 5 I 'fil ' of the 1' SENIORS TQ 1 Southern Missouri District 1 -I 1, Now Then We Are 'MTM I HAMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST" I . D 'TSW' f'fi I' Loren Wooten, Pres., Springfield, Mo. I Evdngellsf lm 1 Iames Cockrnan, V. Pres., St. Louis, Mo. I Lee Roy Rogers, Sec.-Treas., Eldon, Mo, 'I REV- ARTHUR OTTESON Leonard Campbell, Asst, Secy.-Treas., 1 910 Elliot Avenue South Minneapolis Poplar Bluffs, Mo. 1' :::::f:::::::::::::::f::::::::::: rfr:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-J :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-'- : 'I '::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'I I I CONGRATULATIONS! coNaRATULAT1oNs- 1' Class of '45 ,I ,I 1: "Let no man despise thy youth but be 'I mf y y ,T jf thou an example of the believers, in II 1 ,A 'I Word, in conversation, in charity, in 1 spirit, in faith, in purity." I Tim. 4:12. , QQ I 1 1 ,4..11 Q 't 1 .., , 1 CHRIST S AMBASSADORS I "i""' I f ,' WEST CENTRAL DISTRICT ' St. Peter Gospel Tabernacle 1, Clowa and North M1ssour11 ,I ERCELL BURROUGHS 1, -:::::::::::::::::::::::: L ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -1 - feffe- - - - -:::::::::::::: A1 - ::f:::::::f:::f::::- - - 1 1' 1 I I EVANGELIST II CONGRATULATIONS! I I I I I ANNA B' LOCK 'I Evangelist I. LEE and ', I I Galva, 111. " Myrtle Gorman , 'I I I ' HPREACHING CHRIST" 1 I Thess. 1:2 , 1 :::::f::::::: :::::::::::: L is ACCORDIONS SALES REPAIRS LESSONS We Also Buy Used Accordions TRAFICANTE ACCORDION SCHOOL 41 So. 8th Str BR. 3483 CONGRATULATIONS Graduating Seniors cmd Best Wishes to All Students and Faculty WALDORF PAPER PRODUCTS CO. "Whose business is the study and exec- cution of good packaging." ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA PAINT and WALLPAPER Best Ouality 'Wholesale and Retail We Deliver Iatlmrop ll9-123 So. lOth St. Geneva 6323 MINNEAPOLIS 2, MINNESOTA CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE GRADUATES GRUDEM BROTHERS CO. Conveniently Located 2645 University Ave.-St. Paul Specialists in Heating, Plumbing. Oil Burners I I 'I ::::::::::::v :::::::::::4 ---- - ------- -------------- : fa REFRIGEHATORS DISPOSALS DISHWASHERS WASHERS I I WATER HEATERS KITCHEN CABINETS RANGES IRONERS :I I 1: 5. ies. ...air - WEE.-.7 s:..:e: ,: FINGERHUT COMPANY 1: Ill I , , , 1: Electrical Appliances and 'E !' : : C :ggi - -- ll .: Furniture and Upholsterinq ' I nii'f 'Ei FE -1213: 3 I I. FINGERHUT .' I ' 5 by 1:2315 ""-" ' I' V-lAll'lUl 2243 LOcust 2648 1: glsiuafg, gfffg,!!!!!i: .. 1: 2940 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis M ::::::::::: - A::: - -::::::a -1-Q35 x I Ill I mf- xmfff- I l'!I!l!1E.1, frf!!!!!!Il! .E I' DOM ..- I AT. 1 1: -I-l1llHl!l'2"'. '-'4 - '.'- ' Q'-lrl-IIQII I I DR, H, W, ANG-CVE E Seventeen South Fourth OPTOMETRIST 1: Phone Atlantic 3421 3 I I, I MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 1: 256258 Kresqe Bldg., 628 Nicollet Ave. :I ..MinneGpo1iS Dollar Saving Hoteln Lenses Replaced Eyes Examined 1: I :::::::::::::: :: :::::::::::::"-J "'A::- v'::-v ::: E xx xx xx? xx 'xx 'xx xx? I I :I :I -I FOB I I I 'I I 1: HEATING o1Ls I I I 'I I 11 and 11 I I ,I PETROLEUM PRoDUcTs A :I I I JI CALL .I 'I 'I FRIEND PETROLEUM SERVICE CO. I 'I 1: BR. 3241 NE. 2693 1: I 1- II Of I I I :I W. H. BARBER COMPANY 1 5: 825 Thornton St. S. E., Minneapolis. Minnesota I' 1: Gladstone 5911 'E 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I 'I A - A - - - A A A A A A A 1 -J '--- v-- :::,,I 4 ir coMPL1MENTs :T ot FINE DRESS CO. if 510 First Ave. No. 'Ne Buy, Sell, or Exchange- Pianos, Radios, and 'I Electrical Appliances 1: AAGAARD MUSIC CO. 'I 8Ol S. LaSalle , ABBOTTS CUT RATE :E CLOTHERS AND CLEANERS Fine Tailored Clothes at Low Prices 807 9th si. SO. 1: coMPL1MENTs from if MAIESTIC CLEANERS 1, NSTAN 00 fl!- 'X 'S I ',r K FP ra 3 9 You CAN BE SURE we will back every friendly recommendation with the Finest in comfort. foods and modern facilities. GUEST ROOM RATES ONE PERSON ' t b ' - 52.00 52.50 53.00 TWO PERSONS ' at b - - 53.00 53.50 54.00 TWO PERSONS . t . 54.50, 55.00 56.00 Oth ' 55.00t 512.50 EXCELLENT CAFE AND THE POPULAR TURQUOISE LOUNGE .4t ' ----- .t. LOCAL MANAGEMENT H Priva e ath , , Priv e ath , , , Private a h, twin beds ers en suite, o V Club Breakfasts - - 5 .25 to 5 .65 Luncheons ---- 0 o .75 Dinners l 00 o 1 50 T HOTEL s Minneapolis THE SIGN OF REAL QUALITY Ice Cream and Sherbets Appeal to Everyone KEMPS REAL QUALITY ICE CREAM and Sherbets are served exclusively at your school for your enjoyment. THEY ARE WHOLESOME, HEALTHFUL AND ARE PROPERLY balanced nutritious dairy foods. KEMPS ICE CREAM COMPANY Minneapolis Minnesota THE BEST IN BIBLES New Analytical Scofield No. 100 ..,-.-............,., 319.95 No. 187X Morocco ........... S1500 No. 60 .... .... 1 6.95 No, 177X Genuine Leather .... 12.50 No. 30K .................... 11.95 No. 183X Genuine Leather .... 10.50 All the above have large print and concordance. Handy Sized Bibles with Concordance No. 157X Scofie1d---fBl0.50 No. l33X Scofie1d---S8.50 No. 0289X---S8.50 THE BEST IN BOOKS Bibie Stories Devotional Books Christian Fiction Books on Prayer Missionary Bible Commentaries BIBLE CASES GREETING CARDS MOTTOES Write for catalogue of books and latest tracts. NORTHERN GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE 900 Elliot Ave. Minneapolis 4, Minn. 1 1 n 'r r 'r I 1a 'r T,-vi: 11 'r :u ', COMPLIMENTS 11 1 I from 1 1 1, H. LARSON STUDIO EE 1: PHOTOGRAPHERS 1 1, for In GRADUATES I CLASSES 'l and I ff FACULTY 4 1 II lr f 1 1- A - 8 1 I 1 1: 1 'lv , 11 1 : e ' 1 4 1 1, 'E 'E Type for this Annual was set by the 4 4 ' , 1, l A--1,1 1, T W 1 1j 4 Ulpiartntalnanam , I NORTHERN GOSPEL 1 , 1 1 1+ 1, COLWELL PRESS is proud of its part 1 P U B L I S H I N G H O U S E I: in lithoqraphinq this issue of The North 1: Central Bible Institute. 't 1: 1, With modern equipment and expert 1 ' craftsmen in both lithoqraphinq and let- ji terpress departments, We can assure a jf 1 complete printing service, 1 1: P 1 r 1 . . 910 Ell t A S th 2- THE COLWELL PRESS. mc. 1, 1 to Venue Ou ' PRINTING , L1THoGRAPHERs 1 : MINNEAPOI-IS' MINNESOTA 11 it 405 s. 6th st. Minneapolis 15 In 1: ' Telephone Glflneva 4347 I fl tr 11 ,.,. A x , 4 J ' "1 'Z 4 1 1 in 'J w S.. ., ,I ng, L 1. 55' , -4 V55 if -J- 451 .xx- . U5 .fig :L

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