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Wi . A -'-- f - ' -f ' ' V .A A. '- 'Inn f - - ' .I .L vm - j' 5 "---sw-4-1-Q' V . - H- r an - YV - V . v A A - A Y h -ki.. ',3,'- Q ,.qiw'-,-A-ffii,-A Vg Ling, .. 32 : ' . , LY -i '44-i ' f V-vs, ,,,:a'. 3 pw 7415115 zfAe Pfopkeefy ap' dgfywi LWTWW MW W W MM, My WWW WMWJWWM - Q5 Jf .V Mk 'W mfg? SM WW ew if ,Aimggfpwkvl w,9fjikfXZ,uWMnjff?f7LWQwf ,QSM QL H Awwxw 51952 352 u M E T W0 WS S W Wifwgs .MW Mm My WJXMWWXMQ VWM- gwmyk QE K x S QQ GH AQ N Q U ' Q xl fl N H N' N R1 r -Q5 Q 1 N N 5 N S Sm 9,3 Y Qi 'x Q' 5 X XJ 1 I . 5, J x Ri J X53 0 Q X X N x -X x Iv XF 9 A N ' wx X M lug X ,4 9 -e N Qi X if w 'v D My S, O .Q No N 'v V, L Q Q WJ TX Q ff, sf Q O7 s M W X Qx N Q K 'i f ill 'U L! 38 .LH Q X .Tx 5 gg P3 Q xx X 3 5' Sf 1 ff ' 1 X , QQX 1 x 1 gx ,ll O G ! , - xx w 'U -b Og DJ 'P X. U f J xr 4 N 4 K by Yu wx Q fu N Q X X X Na ff iw wo f X A M 1 SX, ' IU 51 .S 4 x N 'E' X5 N C5 , KLY QNX :Nw N f 'xl N X - X 'x , v if X H319 mf Us r v A 94 S V xv - - 1 . R , X. WW QM fm fffQETCfN'ffm TM no gil, w N1ff ff ,W M W K i M E2 ww f ff f ww 1 aff WW! f 1 5 MWMIYZKZWXQJQBQ Uk XO Ziff WWW pq Www E Z GZQTUAF? SJR ff 2WZk,,,j51wJ5M9 M 0110. X W v AN f 4 + ,9 W W 6 gf lm ' WMF! ,W ,W fa Mwffw F , JLWW Mfg ZW W My Mbvgwyw , J 5 Xi ZZWQZLQW 'W WM REE !m IW ,rf - LZ' M f' Mk MA VMZVM 2 Q gg ff mf, gfqgiffc f fm, W0 ' ,fzzgpf M,,ffW'y,, 'Afwp Qrndgtf w 331 K Sw X X ' ' W fpyfbf ,, I X Q . L A , L A Wy ,Q , L A . . .. , Q u -3, v M, M My aww? I MQWW ,Wf ww W ,W WM W WMMMWMWQQMUWJWJ W5yg,Q5M3WWj,wWWj W JZ My if ebb QW W M W pp K EG? i,Ls5yi?N 5 953 35 0fifff iffF ffffgig ax Gilijbiixrsg Ai3Af QflgQ2gif gX V EL? , Kim Q 151551 3 Qian X ifi,?5gi BQ QE was 'Cf Q this X X , BRTQSX Q QE? qv 'iss gxgf 0,25 X 3933? 'ji x'ig f'GsTs,'. Ex . QXQFES5-a E 1 Y w l , K if f',1?'W-,Wi-M., - . Y QM ,y , , ,uni , ,f ,.. 1 ,. . nf, , 1-Vw' L 'IQ-p ' 21 ? - 5QQFMQQ2f?1HvL' :?iS1n-T , '- - V, 3432: A g , f' ' 7 - L., N, , .f1,,Mf2 1 N:---Q ffl-12. ff- . f - v W ' 11 fr'-fiiffvi av MM 4' MIL.. "f5i5L f- -gl' wrt? 1-:?f,f1igQ .Wim c'h'w1gf?M', W: , . - igfsf- 1. "1 '-A ,W MM u f 1 -.1:21'1J 'W M 5525352 mf? M, 'WWW' ,ff f Yo Students of North Central ' Wthe t 'tional footwear of the American Indian, took Sy th earer ow ny paths - to victories as well as defeats - to 'o as 1 as s r ws. They could have told many tales of the events at --.'Qs t '1 ays Q- ike t lnoccasins, the Tamarack tells of the triumphs, hum- o us m ts Special events that are very rnuch a part of each ' orth tra ian's school year. fx. Qincerely W P91 A LI'heiTamarack Staff of '66 A liSQpQ5yb it J NJ Y at pjjgfgyse Martha Boswell Editor-in-Chief Faculty Editor 3 Phil Huey 1 Assistant Editorj si Diane Brown Q Copy Editor Advertising Mainageig 5, sa ,tw rss ,, A ,I . , W G. M ,K ,, Rosemary - I? P J Carol Newett ,glamarack Advisor sm .I?i1dyiiHamP Activities Editor L 2,5 luaulfliingsley Procljtctions Editor 'll Ricli2iQHenson Bbys Sports Editor ai? kr In s,..,Mm f 5 it Q 3? Mgnaging Editif Editor iit , - Afhzlgef, r as 5P0ftS Editor V it A :Pam Cfsfingttfi iiti Q Schoqi ahidltof to ,l is A Y "rrr i Rat Ahfitrson , A B - . . s A en Daniel C?feaSSfSrEd4tOr1 r is 'rre 15 Photographers E5 N y rr r ssrrl r s s , K t at Brooks Nasa, Cliggeg' llsrrlrr A ttA P A lyyyyy, A Assistant Business 2 " 9 iwtffelfi jennifer Typist ylrsy . 5 vs . ,e vra X - f . ,liatysy Jgfigldell A' ' TyP1St I ALN, r..,,,41 l ' 'Ta fi Wt, . is,rt iismifsi itifiw 'Wmiiii K Mrs. Barbara Eddy Art Advisor Mr. John Krause Photography Advisor Administration School Life Graduates Classes Activities Productions Sports Advertising 4 22 34 72 104 142 156 192 Index B 1 . . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 si. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 g 1 1 1:1 vw 1 Q 1 1 0 L 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1. 1. 1. Q 'V .1 1 , o ..-. i 1 . ,1 ' Q IA1., We, Me Staff af '66, Dedicate the Tamarack 2 At loft -- typical ulomcnts in IIVI' day. , if 'Z' 4 R 4 X545 f 1 s , ' V54 - I -fi., v ,wg 1 - A :H .Q ,ii 'af 'mfgk k , rw- 3? L-,L:i 'f'-: ' .. ' gr . K, Q . Kjsa. .. ,. ., f A V ' ,.',', -.I 1 "Wi :mx . V 1 i as if g J Qi? . r ss, ' -: . 1 A aa aa '-: , Mrs, Helen R. C,Si'LlI'SOI1 Mrs. Helen Oscarson- , '3 K ' fziifl 3 5 , ' i 3 Qs-Qigdff Pictured above is Mrs. Helen Oscarson, wife of Mr. Roger O. Osvarson, foriner inining engi- neer and employee of the Department of the Interior of the U.S. Government. Mrs. Osearson, Latin and French teacher, retires this year from the North Central staff, and plans on spend- ing more time with her husband and their two daughters, Mrs. Lorenzo Gonzales of Upland, California, and Linda Suzie Oscarson of Spokane. Mrs. Osrarson is also the proncl grandmother of Lisa Gonzales, three, and Larry, one. Mrs. Osearson attended Willamette Universit Salem Orefon her freslnnan and so Jhoinore . 1 i - . , 4 i , . - . years, and received her B.A. degree with a rnajrn' in lrreneh, and minor in Latin frown the Universlty of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. , . . x , . . She then attended the University of Grenoble, Grenoble. Isere, France, !'KiCClVlI'1g the certifirate d' Etudes Francaises. From there she wr-nt to the University of the Sorhonne, Paris, Franee, Sehool of Phonr-ties. An inspiring tearher, MI'S. Osearson exeinplifics ll. B. Aclarns' famous quotation: HA teavher affeets eternity: He ean never tell where his inflnr-nee stops. ' 7 .. 'di . ll Superintendent Ayars Sets Year's Pace Dr. Albert Lee Ayars Efficient operation- of Spokaneis educational system was the result of frequent meetings of the principals and administrators of the city's schools. School District 81 had a new chief executive this year, Dr. Albert Lee Ayars. Among his respon- sibilities is the task of carrying out all policy-mak- ing decisions of the board. Plans for improvement, maintenance, or expansion of the buildings, sites and facilities are also under the supervision off Dr. Ayars. The School Board has general legislative duties, establishes policies, adopts and provides for enforcement of rules and determines how the dis- trict is run. Specific obligations of the board are also to employ a city superintendent, one or more assistants to him, principals, supervisors, teachers, janitors and other personnel to help the schools function smoothly. By state regulations, they ane also to prevent secret sororities and fraternities from operating among the students in Spokane schools. Textbooks, audio visual aids, and other essen- tial supplies to aid teachers are also provided bvy the board. Members of Spokane's School Board have for many years given their time and energy to main- tain fine schools. They serve without reward other than the satisfaction that they receive from oon- tributing to the success and happiness of succeed ing generations. Dr. Ayars stated that the primary purpose of education is to aid people in leading happy and successful lives. --.,-f -r Meeting in regular session are District 81 Board of Directors: H. Avery Peyton, George R. Nethercutt, VVilliam Gordon Luscher, Byron L. Swanson, Helen Hazen Ryinond, and Dr. Albert Lee Ayars, superintendent. 5 2 3 all 'summar- 'S .mf Stwn discussing school uffziirs uri- N111 Rotllwv, l'rin1'ip:il, :incl hir. Arikw, Vit'c--Priiivipnl. Administration Sets Pace for School l 'Slll't'l'SS f'OIllt'S to pvoplt' who art' not Corl- siclt-riiig thi- Iiurrow cluvstion ol' what tht-y :uv pzticl lor. hut tho hrozicl quvstion ol' what thvy vim clo ht- lullpliul. lt is that zittitucln' whifh lvzitls to tht- prouiotiou ol thv uiclivitluzil, thc' proli hu So wrott- fizilxiu Cioolitlvgv uiuuy yvzirs ago Suwt-ss is Il moi! tlil'l'ic'ult lt'llll to cltliiiv. l7t'l'll2 on sim-ss auicl tht' prospt-:ity ol' thul tuition." IPS t' ol lllt' H1091 SllCl'f'SSllll llll'Il ol Olll' tlllll' XVLIS t ol tho IM. Allit-it Scliwt-itzt'i'. pliilosopluw, iiiiisicizin, phi Slflllll. uiissiouzuy. llllllllllllllllililll. 'Iwo souiv, his Ol- loits wvit' ll wzixtc' ol tiuu-, Hut to otlu-rs. who have Qtutlivcl his liticltuiotniitl. limi' was Il man who will hui l'CI1ll'lIll'7Cl'l'il for uizuiy yvars licwzulsc ol' his Cle- votiou, fll'Cllfl2lllUll. :mtl liiiiclliiivss to liumzmkiml. lt would hv n git-att thing, iiiflcvcl, il' all of us Wsgztvt' closvi' zittvntion to our abilities :md irltcitt-sts zuicl clizuuullt-cl our cl'l'o1'ts in tht- grvat CZILISC of mniiltincl. No l5Il't'2ltCI' l'tlXVilI'Cl czm hcl 1't'z1c'l1c'cl than Z1 svllilvss dc-votiou to such givzit czuisvs. As grzlcl- tizitiiiff svuiors lvziw- our coiupzmy. wr- will he wzitcliiiig' with f'ilQ'l'l'Ill'SS :mtl iiitcrvst thx' liuturo Z1C'lllCX'PIllllIltS ol' vucli oiiv :is ht' ttilu-s his place in socivty, XX? will miss you. hut wo will also cherish that iiitfiiiory of your yvurs ut North flu-ntrzil and thv lliuiiclsliips which wvrc uiziclv. COI1gliZLUllLltlOflS from all ol thc stall for your limi ac'hiCvc'mcntS. North Cciitiul is Z1 littls' riclit-1' hvcnusc you wcrr: WW? Zffw: M7 hero! Deans', College Counse-lors', and Nurse's Work Advising students is the main job of Mr. Mhyre, Dean of Boys, and Mrs. Butterfield. Dean of Girls. Responsibility to counsel in personal, vocation- al and educational problems is the task assigned to the Dean of Boys and the Dean of Girls. They en- courage boys and girls to help themselves and solve their problems. Students who have passed through the deans' offices are familiar with the concern and sympathy that Patricia Butterfield and Kenneth Mhyre ex- tend. Dean of Girls, Patricia Butterfield, helps the girls of North Central with their social and emo- tional problems. as well as their academic prob- lems. She has helped many a girl to find an after- school and summer job. Mrs, Butterfieldfs objective is helping the in- dividual adjust to life around them for she is very interested in the youth of today. Dean of Boys, Kenneth Myhre, besides coun- seling North Central's boys, assists the vice-prin- cipal in scheduling problems, speaks to students who have academic problems, and issues transfers and early dismissals. Mr. Myhre,s accomplishments can be seen through the outstanding graduates of North Central who have achieved recognition in society. These deans certainly deserve a hearty thanks from students and parents. Many long and filled hours were spent trying to help a student or to better North Central. 3 Nfrs. Baclienstoe and hir. Nfhyre answer the many questions brought to the Student Office. Is Necessary Part of College counselor, Lorraine McNcw, helps to guide North Central's seniors in planning future education. To make planning easier, she gathers various information from many colleges and uni- versities. Seniors planning to further their educa- tion are often required to take several tests which are also provided by the college counselor. North Central's school nurse, Anita Swanson, even with her busy schedule, has kept accurate and up to date health records on each student. Though she was not available every day, she was always ready to advise or assist any student with broken arms, headaches, sprains, or just colds. Cots in the room next to her office are often occupied by ail- ing students. School supplies from folders and erasers to Compasses and note cards can be purchased in the bookroom at reduced prices. Students can also work in the bookroom under the direction of the bookroom clerk, Mrs. Wayland.- The lost-and-found department is located in the bookroom. All text- books are checked in and out and mended here also. e Student Life Selling school supplies is one of the jobs which Mrs. Wayland, bookroom clerk, does daily. Mrs. Swanson, the school nurse, tends to student ills. Consulting college catalogues are Mrs. MeNew and Mr. Hagen, student advisors Language, Business Ed Meet Student Needs ' 9 5 . fs ,Q 1 ,- L i S" . tr is we ff, if 'Yr xx ff: 4 . " Lf R, ' "1'5'f',- ti lt mg ,saggy 1 Helen Oscarson Department Head International Club Helen Rutherford International Club s l Blair Glover Department Heazl Laura Briscoe Latin Club Lyle Jewell Business Manager Carol Newctt Tamarack Alfonso Manfred Varsity Baseball Those who plan on entering the business world after gradua- tion find business courses and vocational education at North Cen- tral especially useful. They are also helpful while still in high school. Skills that are taught in business classes prove valuable in college and future vocations. Two-year courses in typing, shorthand and bookkeeping are offered to all students. One year classes of office practice and dis- tributive education are usually restricted to seniors. North Central's foreign language classes teach students the ability to communicate effectively in languages other than English. Through foreign languages the student learns about new customs and new people. The audio-lingual methods have advanced so that now tape- recordings, records and films have become key tools in the study of foreign languages. Four years of Latin and German and three years of Spanish and French are available to students at North Cen- tral. Students who are now struggling to conjugate verbs may one day help to bring world peace through world understanding. Z 2 1 ef -, get , ss W ra gga gg: sign 'li ig, avg Wi rr ef ,tg an ,ms in-Q sg, as Q93 fr? sw W , -. 25 ,E X 4 as N f g Q 2 3.34, V, g .5 Louise Wickwnrd ' Rollin Charbonneau Mary York Commercial Club DECA Mr. Kuljus, part-time German teacher, explains to his students that German is not Mrs. Evans Coljfers with Mr. Erickson on the mater- as hard as it looks. ial she IS teaching for him while he convalesces. I2 .A 'W .gngkdiv Z ,s-::E j . 'el 'A , -,E 1. N, -' i c W V .il ' Harold Thompson Hlilliam Diedrick Leslie Hogan Kay Selde Dejzartment Head Freshman Football Varsity Football Color Girls Director of Athletics Freshman Baseball Varsity Wrestling Modern Dance raw .K ' . , Z , l t ,Ag , :Sv Lucile Lill Q Linda Bruns A, G. Tiemfm Miami caidwai l Varsity Tennis Color Girls Department Head Music Prtodztctions Red Feathers Art, Music, PE Expression is one of the most basic desires of man. In high school, art and music courses are designed to allow the student to express-this desire. The Art Department emphasizes techniques and skills. Basic principles of design and colors are learned by students, and later they specialize in phases such as fashion design, crafts and oil paint- ing. To help students develop their artistic abil- ities, courses in basic art, lettering, drawing, arch- itecture, painting and senior studio are offered. Decorations for special events, publicity of school activities, and stage settings for plays and pep cons were directed or created by the Art De- partment. Providing students with an enduring basis of enjoyment and pleasure and great appreciation for musical expression is the main goal of the Music Department. North Central's band and choral groups have repeatedly won high ratings in com- petition. The ACappella choir, a select group, was privileged this year to perform in Curtis High School, Tacoma, Wlashington. North Central's concert and marching bands have also been guests at various parades in the state. Students enrolled in Physical Education classes are aware of the variety of activities and opportunities which are available. The department functions with the thought that a healthy mind works best in a healthy body. By combining co- ordination and sportsmanship, a better, more well- rounded individual is made. Mflfif Pfoduffifmf Mr. Montroy, art instructor, explains balance t Cheryl johnson and Betty White. Develop IndividualTalents e -. ., 5,512 ' 3 3 .sttr .... A .,.,. 1" "-- ,.t. fitiifl' t'. ' Barbara Eddy Daisy Chapman Ralph Montroy Department Hear! Hall Displays Staffe Manaver Art Club Coach Diedrick demonstrates correct football position to left to right Eric Reisi, Boyce Portrey, Joe Mott, and Mark Boyson Homemaking, Industrial Arts Prove Practical An increasing number of mothers are assuming the dual role of homemaker-career woman and it is important for girls, while in high school, to develop a greater profi- ciency of homemaking skills. The girls are given an excel- lent chance to receive this training in cookery and sewing classes. The girls also must have an understanding of hu- man relationships that will help them to raise their chil- dren properly and provide for a happy, stable, 'and satisfy- ing home for the whole family. Instruction in this area is offered in classes such as child development and social re- lations. All girls are required to take two credits in some home- making courses. Up to two years in any subject are avail-- able. Learning useful skills and those important to future vocations is the main objective of the boys who engage themselves in industrial arts classes. The courses taught are designed to help the boys to be well rounded in such arts and able to do more things, such as household repairs, themselves. In auto shop, a class which most boys are interested in, proves valuable to those with cars, and will probably help them to save money in the future. Wood, metal, auto, andlelectronics shops and voca- tional metal and mechanical drawing are offered to the male students of North Central, above the ninth grade. Helen Beavfir Sally McMasters Elizabeth Killingsworth Scllvvl-5'21'U1Ce Cercle de Nlenage Department Head we K N40 ,l ff ls' 9 n 43 1 1 .. A 'S sas P, K my 2 1 ff, , . , , George Theodorson Herbert Russell Alvin Olson Department Head Rifle Club Student Buxes School Service Leonard Graham Vern Broadwell . Alvin Meyer Radio Club S.E.A. Rcpresentatzzfe Traffic Squad Randy Walker, left, and Lannie Robinson, right, work under the supervision of Miss McMasters indicates to Homemaking students Mr. Graham. that Homemaking is a diversified subject. Math and Science Challenge Students Science, ever-changing, challenges each stu- dent to seek the answers to questions that are in- strumental in the advance of our society. The sci- entific method of thought provides a means by which these questions may be answered. At North Central students are offered several science classes. Physical science is offered to fresh- men, and sophomores may take biology, which proves to be an exciting as well as an educational course. Many juniors and seniors make successful attempts at passing chemistry while still others en- joy physics. Students are now experiencing more freedom in science classes, freedom to think and develop ideas and learn through frequent inquiries. The world of science today is in a constant state of flux. Every day new advances 'are made. It is imperative that we depend less upon factual and technological aspects of science. Inquiry and curiosity are the keys to the future. Mathematics, as an excellent human achieve- ment, offers satisfactions and aesthetic values equal to those offered by any other branch of our culture. Although students are not required to take a math course above their freshman year, the ones that choose to continue find math courses stimu- lating and intriguing. All math courses are a chal- lenge and of great value to students who intend to take physics or chemistry. c.. ...... We rrrr x g ll it lieell 5 99, 5 We ..,r.V,k ,Q I 1, 5 rx .. A to .. Burrill Exley Edwin Kretz Robert Barnard n Esther Lancaster Dffjmrtment Head I-'nr.vif1' Football Aflrr-sclmol Bowling Biology Club l--- afree Demonstrating the use of the graduate to Donna Newberg is Mr. Smith, chemistry teacher. Freshmen listen intently as Mr. Kretz explains algebra principles l with with Q,:,.,i. 17" Dale Blair Croxx Country Varsity Traok Wlilliam Nye Aflrr- vrlmnl Bowling . N K K hi i f ff- , ,bv 'ff 'rr er- ,ggi the 1' 'Jr nb' if Q, 52. , M' 4 . .' , EE"Q?51,, ,gf K file li 515 'I ' FK, - : Jia 'ff' UWA' 3" t ... - we an 'il 252233 . r gfl riseslsezasf -gl ' 'Ji :-" :i'i.."'Stft:2':s::, . Q .ph N "" - ' ' 'said : 'S . .5 l .FE iss:-sEEExs::. itaaail.: 1 ' r 3 gig '. Gerald Cunningham Dan Olson S.E.A. Rejlreserztatioe Chess Club Math Club ref - A 251 y an ,Q l 1- r . , A. we C .eel - C , fe, George Smith Orval Theisen Paul Tobie Department Head Senior Class Advisor Fire Drills S.E.A. Representative Biology Club Dorothy Congdon Future Teachers Raymond Simonson Boys' Golf Coach Del Jones Communzty Serzfzce - . - '-..p " - ,.-, .af ,,-.4 .2 '-mk '.-, a af .. ' ,, Wallace Russell Social Studies Emphasize Knowing Ronald Wlalker Gregory Sanford Varsity Basketball Department Head In todayis troubled world, the importance of cultural study within one's country cannot be overlooked, nor can it be under- stated. The keynote of all history study can be summed up in the statement: "He who knows the past understands the present: and he who has an understanding of the preesnt has the key to the futuref' Four years of study are now required for all students. Fresh- men are required to take Wlashington History and World Geogra- phy, Sophomores must take W'o1'ld History and the following year, United States History. A new system of contemporary world prob- lems, economies. and government are courses available to seniors on a nine-week basis. Economies is the science that deals with the production, distri- bution and consumption ol' wealth. and with the various related problems of labor. finance and taxation. Government is a tool devised by man to enable him to live the best possible lile and when it is no longer able to meet his needs, it should be changed. Sociology is the study ol' the development. organization, and problems of society and social groups. This has proved to be one of the most popular history Classes at North Central. This course is 'designed to help the students better understand themselves. their fellow man and their environment. Blaine Bennett Richard Pelkie Varsity Football Key Club Varsity Wrestling I - GGN7' cowl Law-2064147 vyaw- A.-IA!-L -ef' -.J .. ,..L 4 ...-.l Aidfff-yn. Miss Huff explains mental breakdowns to Marya Graf, one of almost one hundred in the largest sociology class at North Central. Dast to Understand the Present Clara Czap and Bob Boyce find their YV:1shington History Class slightly amusing. , r-'.f Discussing world problems with his senior history Class is Mr. Pelkie. Robert Bundy 9llt Football 9th Track new it 5-.Q gf an 1 Robert Bland Audio-r'z.izu1l Coordinator 'S Muriel Allison Honors Board Edward Luders Eugene Lister Jerry Hopkins Social Committee Varsity Twzck Social Studies Forum Cross Country i i WVR ,- Q 'z?? 1 ' W Richard Harman Ken Hagen Virginia Drew "B" Football Conrlz Vomtimml !1.S.B. Elections i "B" Baxketball COIICII Coordinator sllll""'E Mr. Jones reviews the City budget as his United States History class listens with interest. x Mr. Tremblay is clarifying ll question on the writing of in term paper for Dave Noble. I if Carol Huff Joseph Tremblay Future Teachers Deparlmeut Head I17.l67'1ZfIlf07lI1l Club i r s , , ri 'lll -iff 151' li fl fu 'W-M1 L X ' 1 Riff , .Neff gf . f f W Q mf, ye.J,r it Kgs a, is is-iii if if Virginia McCarthy Girls' League Anne Stilson School Publicity Girls! League English Teaches Oral and Written Expression Sophoinorcs find that English is not all grmninzir as they rencl "Julius Caesarn. Miss llulvorson is instructing three of her students in the art ol feeding birds. l8 Dorothy Murray Dan Davis John Malterner Girls, League Talent Club Pep Con Coordinntoa Mr. Malterner hopefully hammers the art of diagraming into the heads ol his sophomore English class. its Life Preparation In the English Department we strive to pre- sent to the students something fresh and new in the study ol' language, composition, and literature. ln each area we try to bring into the classroom the ideas and methods that have been developed from the extensive and intensive study of language dur- ing the past thirty years. All students must take the first six semesters of English. In addition, students who have com- pleted six semesters of English may enroll in Sen- ior Coinposition and Senior Literature. These courses are practically "musts,' for students who will attend college. The department also offers two English classes on the senior level for those stu- dents who are not interested in going to college, but who feel the need of additional practice in communication skills and who enjoy reading. Journalism, a one-semester subject, provides rich opportunities for a practical application of the traininff learned. Students soon recoffnize the re- N 5 sponsibilities of staff positions, as well as the seri- ousness of meeting' deadlines. Speech and Drama offer both pleasure and practical training. Speech covers the general field of public speaking and prepares the student to meet the requirements ol public appearance. Drama I members study stage technique. acting, and mal-ze-up. ln addition to public presentations, second semester drama students make an in depth study of the history of drama. Marilyn Klawunder NC News Quill and Scroll I aaa l Nona Halvorson Elizabeth Peck Dramatic Prozluctions Vox Puellnrum Tlzespiavzs l Russell Nleyer Slffllllli' C01lff?Sf.Y College C0orfli1t11to1 Lorraine McNew LV,- .sii my 352:51 1 is . ,lf V lf f f ,etc H V .. . ,ei h atsfsw .4 ViVif1U Hagel' Guy Griswold Fllfufe Nuwes Honor Student List '55 3 Mwwm Jim Bowell, junior, gives one of several required book reports as Mrs. Peek listens intently. I9 Checking roll of absentees are the Sfudent Office secretaries, Mrs. Baekenstoe and Mrs. Jennings. Busy in daily routine are Mrs. Kliewer and Mrs. Conrath of the Public Office. 20 Making NC Fun Is Job of Gfflc Money for Iootlizill tickets, basketball and wrestling' tickets, inoney for dance tickets, money for CUHl'f'l'l tickets, and yes, even money for fees will be pleasantly received by the personnel of the business office. The efficient staff workers keep ac- curate and detailed accounts of fees and records of school clubs. The public office is the center of school busi- ness and receives visitors. Here each teacher tnust check in and out every day. They also collect their mail and attend to other necessary business. Every student, at some time or another during his high school years, enters the student office. Some are tardy, some return from absences, others are seeking guidance and counselling. Students who require disciplinary action are usually in the stu- dent offiee more than once. The secretaries and student helpers here keep a daily attendance rec- ord, too. Need to study? North Central has a very ade- quate and up-to-date library. Students can find many kinds of magazines, a variety of vocational information, and of course, many, many books. " ' ' M i i I f ' ee ' Ji .19 ' ' sf' Eiasti' -AW in Q' ' ' , 511-W, " ,L . ar, .sf 55325 - r X ,,.27f' x Y ,ef -A 5 Stella Mills Librarian Lillian Barnes Librarian ion Smoothly nd Service Staffs Preparing and serving nourishing, attractive, yet low cost hot lunches is one task assigned to the cafeteria personnel. The meals are well-balanced to give growing' teenagers the nutrition they need to be active each day, all day. The snack bar is a supplement to the hot lunch progrrun and is used frequently by those who bring a lunch from home. The hot sandwich line, just recently created. offers a slightly different main course, but is still a hot lunch. The staff works continually, and the cafeteria is bustling almost any time of day. Shortly after school ends for the day, the cus- todians can be seen restoring order to the halls and classrooms of North Central. Pushing large trash containers, cleaning blaekboards, dusting and sweeping keep them busy. They are also responsible for the heating in the rnain building, in band and choir rooms, and the boys' gym. All necessary repairs are made prompt- ly and many burnt out lights are replaced. Main- taining the exterior also takes many hours of work. Left to right: first row: Dick Muzatko, night foreman, Mrs. Zada Wend- ler, Hugh Leppell, head custodian, engineer, second row: Bob Ness, Tom Young, Cliff Ward. Robert Cochran, and Blaine Gill. L. 5- Q -Az. H. 4 e 7 ,-1 Left to right: Edith Johnson, Marjorie Waid, Viola Santora, Marie Johnson, Alice Gillespie, manager, June Covey, Corrine Hirst, Alice Kruger, Lela D'Andre. Dick Muzatko, night janitor 5511- ,mia LEW? N a wif" " ' V fr ai" - i fi. WTFN . 1 - x . . T15 2.QHf , Q .af-, 5 - 'Sir'-X - 1-419' 'Esa:f, " 11. 122 4 u f-Iwi' w w 1- ,iff eg -Q.:-fa ' ir lif k 1 ..,,. ,i ,,,., My 1. . School Moccasins were designed with love and care, the beadwork often displaying the particular interest of the wearer. Now our shoes reflect the passing fashion. a sign of the wearer's interest -whether this might be com- fort or modish elegance. f '54 -44AI QQKSSYX Ls K V W gf fu. X vl 1 Lil: L VF 'Mn ,- My -1 . 1 if' KJ -Nh. 'mf' 7 all Activity... I S and Pep Squads Unite for Victory "M-m-rn. . .banana cream!" says Brian Simpson as he receives a pie full in the face at the Key Club carnival booth. Girls, League President, Karen Compton, presents the Big Sister Award to junior, Peggy Hansen, while her little sister, freshman, Connie Hirst, proudly looks on. Behind the dark glasses is Linda Ahrendt signing up girls for the Big and Little Sister party. Lunch room supervisor, Richard Pelkie, puts the finger on Dorian Chastain, "Watch where you put that apple core!" Who's gonna win? Big Red! Bob Johnson, with his plumberas helper, is caught trying to wipe out Al Strom but gets Dan Nichols instead. "All you have to wear is a smile and a Van Heusen night gown, and you'l1 feel perfectly at ease in any crowd," says Bonn1e Remmers "All right, everyone srnilef' says our photographer as he drops the camera. 'iIt's a bird. It's a plane. NO, it's Batmanln yells Denny Moss. "We can wrestle tool, exclaims the great acrobatic team of Ken Zarko, Ben Hayden, Al Strom, Gary Neiswender, and Dave Neff, .R .3 I ' exif j-Ps. vw This year's Football Festival Royalty are Donna Newberg, Queen Robin Brockway and Sally Meranda. Sergeant York and Flatfoot Wickward rest after patrol- Dancing to the music of Candy and the Casuals at the Christmas ling their Sadie H3WkiH,S Hbeatul dance are Sherry Deloach and Butch Mickus. Showing their ability to play football are Donna Revard, Lori Gausrnan, Sally Mer- anda, Robin Brockway, Donna Newberg, Carol Austed, Judy Johnson, Candy Frash- er, Sue Shinn, Terry Starr, and Danelle Davies, Football Queen Candidates. Fall ASB officers, Bruce Wald, around the Christmas tree, arc unaware of culprit, Randy Thompson and spray gun. Donna Revard, Russ Oslund, and Robin Brockway Bob Johnson and Hank Green check two-way communication on - results of football game. Members of Mr. Theisexfs homeroom revive an old tra- dition season. by decorating homeroom doors for the Christmas swf 1 Senior, Steve Kensok, tries to convince fellow classmate, Bruce Schlettert, that this IS how Rem- brandt got his start. "Step on my foot once more, Butch Mickus, and I'1l really let you have it!" threatens Donna Newberg. Richard Pelkie, Key Club advisor, and members Jim Daly, Ken Grimm, Steve Stradley, and A1 Hanson work at the March of Dimes Mixer, sponsored by Key Club. Dick Aagard, Gary Bel, Denny Moss, and Chuck Wilkerson wait their turn while Butch Mickus signs up for the Warriors' wrestling smoker. Q-bf' Dave Abrahamson, Ardath Chung, Bruce Larson, and Diane Brown get ready to pelt the photo- grapher with snowballs. Hifi.. " ri '65 '66 Above: Astronaut James Lovell waves a white cloth from his position in the Gemini 7 spacecraft to astronauts Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford in Gemini 6 during their historic rendezvous in space in which the two crafts came within feet of each other. Right: President johnson bids Pope Paul goodbye following their historic meeting. This was the first time a Pope had ever made a visit to the United States. . . W H I ,A,, M if 1 -wvv -an Senior Prexident Lyell Williams Gffice rs Treasurer Arm Hagen Secretary Betty Peters Y Vice President Rick Jones 4.0 Anderson, Patricia M. Simmons, Miriam C. Students receiving 3.2 or better for five semesters, in order of class rank: Hyslop, Janet E. Silver, Robert P. Cowen, John S. Seedorf, James M. Boyce, James E. Floyd, Dennis L. Wickstead, Mike G. Clark, Clifford L. Armstrong, Michael Bowcutt, Pamela R. Hamp, Judy M. Swartz, Linda L. Gibson, Vickie L. Boswell, Martha A. Thacker, Sarah J. Kennedy, Karen L. Shinn, Susan L. Carrico, Thomas M. Fleenor, Sandra L. Starr, Terry Frasher, Candace A. Carney, John P. Grimm, Kenneth W. Huey, Phillip S. Johnson, Michael D. Collison, Robert R. Sandberg, Maryl E. Smith, Roger B. Johnson, Wesley D. Bell, Linda Heimbigner, Gary B. Larson, Karen D. Montgomery, Constance Juhnke, Kathleen Stradley, Steven J. Bodvin, Jill L. Revard, Donna M. Spits, Johanna P. Blizzard, Jerry A. Harding, Jill J. Neff, David R. Heise, Phyllis A. Patterson, Ronald G. Arneson, Linda M. Mir, Vernon B. Nottingham, Carlene R Warehouse, Robert W. Duehning, Dennis E. Tollefsen, Gordon E. Moe, David L. Stradley, Raymond J. Andersen, John Plumb, Peggy Aikman, Philip G. Thompson, Randall D. Hahn, Linda Coyte, Laura E. Davies, Danelle D. Jones, Rick Morse, Susan K. Puddy, Donald R. Guffin, Ronald W. Claeson, Jon W. Bradley, Donald J. Graf, Marya T. Vietzke, Arlene R. 4. Mike lNiCkstc-ad, sc-nior, is pivturocl doing Z1 pantomime as a part of tho 'Fall-nt Club initiation. snuff Alcxzmdcr, Russell D. Allison, Richurcl A. if 1 WT L zlmk, 5 I .f Anderson, Patricia M. Armstrong, Michael 38 ' f .i :,, ,513 mu i s ':-. i 'ig' 5 2 1-499 MX S f A ,,' 3 3 A al? Aagard, Robert L. Achziger, Mathilda L. Adams, Connie J. Ahrendt, Linda S. Aikman, Philip G. Akins, John B. I I l I Actlvltl es Fl AndCfSCI1, .lflhfl Anderson, James N. Anderson, Kevin E. Mani i Arneson, Linda M. Arvas, Mary K. Ashlock, Jack R. if -W,+"57fmg'Ml sei . .-L i., 'QTY " ' ' sm ,ilt 1'f1f'f'il5f'l5?fiL5-' ks3"' '5f3i7'fI1?"'. 1 f 751' ,w's"f2: 1: ' ', 41:52 E' 'I--3 A 'f3z'figZ5i'5- iffv,1'sff.ff'.1,5:., fm, k 7' '. -f,fg.r,.1,'- r., ' 'Ig , fb J' l kvx 9 a -...f!5aQ2siw?rif.s1 , 1.3 ' " - .--.qw w,,L- iw, ' 592155555215 'Nix l o QQ Austed, Carol J. Baldwin, Carol Baldwin, Gary L. Bambino, Denise I. Barkley, Paula Barry, Thomas F. Bassett, Barry A. Bauer, Michael D. Bell, Larry Berg, Steve inal Senior Year Binder, Sharon K. Black, Susan K. Blizzard, Jerry A. Bodvin, Jill L. Bolser, Charlotte L. Boswell, Martha, A, Senior, Phil Hur-y, Prc-sid:-nt of International Club shown pr:-Sr-rating' ll prim- to the initiate with the IJ 1'uSlumc', 1 .K - gb ...a. ,., .., , .... A" 5' A A f:'- 2 ff:-f V 1 V . 4 42253 Klh ji fin. 3 if X , 5 ij, me H, mfg lf' inf. ? in ii J 50 rf si S ,gi V ws J f N W -,, A J?-Q2 315' 'ki C 2 Q 6 f wt? F if 2 lf img' '- fm 3 1-K vm. Far., .. if ,. 53 .sgarirgsy f new 3, -'faf g .wfufff f 3 Bowvutt, Pnmr-lzi R. , 'J rid 15 ,rim f I Q xr ' 3' 3 if 3 Y' ' g. Qgvy K. 5 X ,ff 435 sb r :V 1. Bowf-ll, Marilyn B, Boyce, James E, Brnclls-y, Donald J. Brand, Tomi Brannigan, Judy Breedcn, Karen Brockway, Robin Brooks, Judy Brougham, Ruth V Brown, Diana R. Brown, Mary L. Browning, Sonja L. Parents Receptlo Bruce, Janet M. Buckley, L. Sue ii I f V ll' of J . .. Era . . ' - Burk, Thomas D. Burrow, Jerry W. Bursch, Gary S. uxton, Juanita Cannata, George L 40 Cardwell, Randy G. Carney, John P. Carrico, Thomas M. Cartee, Floyd M. Carter, Judith F. Caruso, William P. Cassady, VVilliam E. Caven, Julia A. Chaffee, James R. Chullender, Ronald L. -I e I d A p ri I 2 2 Chapman, Juli A. Charbonneau, .lack Chastain, Jon Christensen, Vickie L. Chung, Ardath A. ,pw-V. VBWY: diy' Claeson, Jon W. Clark, Clifford L. Cleveland, Muriel A. Clukey, Douglas G, Clukey, Janice M. Cobb, Vicki L. Coffey, Rosalie Collison, Robert R. Compton, Karin A. Cook, Benjamin R. Copeland, Harley E. Corigliano, John Dennis Dc-Bill represents the typiral senior after 21 qruelling week of finals. Cotter, Micheal P. Countryman, Walter Cowen, John S. S e n I o rs Fl n 4 W iy yryir Coxen, Pete E. Coyte, Gail L. Coyte, Laura E. . N-sw-1, CFHKHCU, MCFUJCUC L- Cumpton, Bobby M. Cyrus, Candice R. Ww w, lf., my g,gyg,Egg5g,5Q5,Q .Kif..2:,:w-.,z-mff . 53295lgifsgzfizgslifliiifeisfmfif'' wwlzgsllfi2s?2.2eiz1:... . '1v: - ff..gv- as-.eP1:1fl92s-wffxwas 111 fi, .. i rf, .1 ,- ss. A. ,451 f fe sfafffeywzfifsfiam-f fS 's ' .5 sew"-4 ,X 4. .M .,,, ,.,k , W ., ..4 , .. ,L,,....,.., .....,....... 'sfeieaafyfms-is 'z-wg-'L-'1fa'f:.4r. nm. f ,ff.1.,..,..,...-. , , .,. ,k,: k,,,, , ,A ,A ,E ,.,,,,,,.w.,.iX. . ,,,., -, ,,W . ... , ,..,.,,..,,V.,.,,,. M , ,,. ,. , ., ...H N I ,N z -.., f,,.: . . if . S f ma 76 ,, 1 K 5 , K ,gg 1 ef, TU in ,L Q? . , K gf ,Lg :f f l i l 7 'in- M1'mrsrix' ss1'i-f' - 1 1 .A.. ,Est 1 , Daley, Kathleen Daly, James Daniels, Jess b ra ry H e 2 ze, Davies, Cathy L. DeBill, Dennis R. D'Assisi, Steve E. Ipful Davies, Danelle D. '1--- .. -ifikiifiif :Navi . : 38532552329 . :H wifi?-Z-ill' A, ,,-mis . 5 2 ' ' ' ff-Es" ssifziifs ' V I '-:'5?E? fifl Jw" ' SEE? . ,. 1 Decker, Donna D. , H vi ,, '--Q y i ' 7 J I Y 1 X2 Ji, I S .. .W X . .H . .C fm, ig. . . 5 f Li 'S Kev .M , K Dalziel, Susan A. ef? 4 J r' fer ' i 4 , 3 Kb 5 fi. iji, rw vga, -Z A 2' Ml i YL., Qi David, Renee Pictured in the library, working on term papers, are Wes Johnson, Jim Daly, and Dan Mitchell. Davis, Carol J. Deal, Joy Deasy, Mark D. Degenstein, Ellen Diggs, Robert E. Douglas, Gregory Douglass, Sandra K. Doyle, Dennis Drury, Robert G. Duehning, Garlen Duehning, Dennis Duffy, Colleen K. Duprie, Robert E. Durgan, Susan M. Eakins, Janice K. Edwards, Diane M. P ro m CI I m axe "YE Eldred, Delmer L. Elixman, James R. Ellingson, Laurence G. Enquist, John Eschenbacher, James E. in 95525. . f .f,.-wmszr. ig. Quffiizm ipvgkw 3 i if ,. SW? S i 212 I , ...K k i 1 flex- le m sg ,Q in ,-,',- . 1 ..f.,- .,, Q, ,sf g,- f .-.o,, ,,,,- ,., if- 1'ff:i-was-viii limi?-5 f--"affix .i My 15-.ffuswiy :Wim-I 'Asif-ivgswg-.1 . 1. 1,41-i:f.ff. qw:.:mf,f :fiwmf , "'5s...f . . ' f'f1fv11'..-Q14 Qiilsiieilfiii Evans, Craig Evelancl, Robert O. Fair, Nancy Farley, Gilbert Filippini, Steve Fisk, Kathy E, Forry, Michael VV. lforsell, Sharon L. Flanigan, Dennis J. Fleenor, Sandra L. Forster. Ray .usy Senior Year Francis, B. Joyce Galambie, Terry C, 'Sw' Frankfurth, Valera R. Frzlsher, Candace A. G211ViI'1, Arline Gambill, Susan M. .Wg ,wi , 5, ,air 'MV Florin, Daniel M. Floyd, Dennis L. 'i A' av Nl fe .4 : . fr H, Vg L if A I Q. if K. A f .xv J? " 13? rfag-Q?f3 711 Q. .. ' Plwlliiilifr i if X Fountains, Karen M. French, John R. Furgeson, Gwendolyn ig' . ,M- Fournier, Jack W. R. Garcea, Joseph A. Garinger, Pamela R. fi E , Gausman, Lora L. Giampietri, Richard Vickie Gibson is seen conferring with Mrs. McNew about furture plans for college. ' ' ' Gilbert, Dale E. Af el 4 Rs Wiz Nu l 'l ff me f A..- S5-.M Gibson, Vickie L. Senior Officer Goddard, Sandra Goexz, Rosemary Gossett, Robert M. Goudzward, Susan M. Graf, Marya T. Graham, Eugene R. Greeley, Michael F. E331 s, .1 is X iv fv 'Yr J 5 it-M sf X g lwga Sw ., .,,. 'Q Wir .,,, A ....i. ,,,,.. . , .2 ,..,.. 5 5 if ii is . ', 1 - 5 Green, Harry A. Gregg, Bobbie M. Griffith, Pamela J. Griffith, Ralph, H. Grimm, Kenneth W. 46 Groves, Judy M. V ,,,g 4 Y - 'e r 4 1 ' ' ff J 'VAL ' " QE: - 7 'Ii' . ' Hall, Delores A. Lhoose Committees Harding, Jill J. Haugen, Raymond Guffin, Ronald W. Gump, Steven E. Hagen, Ann M. Hahn, Linda " .. ,d., J . Pi: 2 -.isiifbiifiiffi ' Hall, Mark R. Halstead, Harold Hamilton, Charles Hamp, Judy M. .Mig-. Hanson, Dwain L. Hanson, Jack A. Hathaway, John R. Haugen' Roger A' From left to right, the newly c-lc-Ctccl senior Class offivcrsz Ann Hagen, treasurer: Betty Peters, secretary: Rick Jones, vice-president: and Lycll VVilliams, president, are seen sorting the lists for sc-nior class committees. K fa "' is Haupt, Frank A. Havens, Laurel L. Havens, W. Diane Hawlsinson, Thomas L. Hawley, Linda M. Hayden, Benny L. Heaclstrorn, Robert G. Heimbigner, Gary B. Heine, Suzanne M1 Heise, Phyllis Helms, I. Frank Hendrickson, Gregory Qi aa Herman, Joyce D. Hill, Lynda Hengen, Linda Hill, R. Mike Seniors Kept Bus Henson, Richard Herberg, Brent ll. .g .... , F 4 L Hoag. Richard YV. Hochstedler, Sharon Hone, Larry M. Huelleinann, David C. :th Term Hyslop, Janet E. Johnson, Michael D. Hooke, Ralph R. Huey, Phillip P a p e rs l Jewell, Ronald Johnson, Robert H. A f ,V L V j 532.5 fix K 3 F AQJW. House, lkfyrna J. Howell, Linda M. Hoy, Alice E. Husby, John T. Hutts, Vickie E. Hyko, Janis G. Johnson, April K. Johnson, John F. Johnson, Judy L. Johnson, Wesley O. Jones, Charles E. Jones, Richard A. Jones, Richard E. JOI'd2.n, Jim W. v-..,,, Kapfer, Gregory Karr, Mary K. XV' "'v , WL., 1, ,. fri, i.....z,f'fes:ZZf: 5'-5'5:i?'5' 5Q1 7, Qu. 1 . I 325 " " . , ,1 ., , , ,,.., . - ":gZjk!,a5?fE.?:QZ55l':: . L We 'ii .. V rw Egg , 5 hy: . ,wwf rw 15: f H? S gf' S y, a . .Qi " . 4 Q U 'i ' X 'Q fr J 353.12 2 '13 if s ,K "W Te gnu 15 , Yi gin gr up S 2 Eve saggy.. Q, 1 wr .ff afwirii ,., -. 'L f . K in ,Z 3, V ,L .N W .af Q , K . 5 E ,R M m NY Ms? ,, 6 2 Q. R Q L sr. K New 'gi 'js' , Jordan, Joyce L. Juhnke, Kathleen Keevy, Karen L. KEI1HedY, K9-TCD L- Justice, Susan D. Kephart, Thomas C. Kersul, Corrine A. Killian, Linda. L. Pep Cons Boos King, Roberta ff! In a pep con before a big game at the stadium, Hank Green and Bob Johnson are Kinnan, Gail seen whipping up school enthusiasm. Kingsley, Paul L. Si L 1. . J? .. Y A-f L3 -,iff fi.5lf'?7kfi?:i'l'il. J .Sf L i'i7i:z' V e Kgfgfgk 7 " " fl? I' . i .s7f" 645' 5, . . Kling, Jeanette D. Kolbet, Gregory C. Komberec, Clinton H. Kostelecky, Sandra J. Krieg, Harvey A. Beniors' Enthusiasm Larson, Karen D. Larson, Robert L, ...,.. ,r,, ,... 5 57 Y W -einem .V 1' 4- 5, flltkmiirg' H tl ' ' . ' , 251 ' , A k .z,:.wif,sA: .445 ,.... r'i! A .- LeGrant, Joanne Lerch, Sam D. Football quc-en f'Z1l'lCllfl2lU', Bc-rtha 'Yum Tum, shows surprise- as slum' is ll2lIllf'Cl queen Bill Caruso and Ron .Ivwf-ll look on with envy. LaPlante, Catherine Larson, Donald R Lawson, Barry L. Lee, Dale W. Lee, Robert E. -...Q-r' Leslie, Terry J. I-'0S0I1ik, R011 L- Lewis, Earl A. Liddell, Patricia F mlsjrgf ' 255: , , .ig,.B.W , , . A L 4 u if a x22k,.gg.g,':,g,.?.esf,f.:ff' .. 4 ,1 . .. .... ,W,N.... S f 4 f w F J Nb . as fl 2 'f . ,Wag -' 2 fjwifiiis W ,. T ifrilf -. M "1'ff M.-. - 1' 1. --Yr' A .pm V. : P. ' .fJl1. K Y' .' ,',lf2v"':i-,FSWL Q5 sii'.-iii?" " . iam? jf Nil K -- we-5.f,s:..nx , I - if iiisftlgw wfi ,K .. 1. , wg -gf f- -, , , A. ,W Maddox, Kay B. i Lotze, Mary J. Ludke, Keith D. MacGregor, Penny C. .V 'im ,. ' if 2' ' i' -Tig . . M . M , , ., M y I Y Q55 5 ' av 2. M , 4 .f 73 I S3 x fl 33.35 . ap WL '2 : 33? K S , 3 Mghrt, Thgmas Makarczyk, Jacqueline Mandt, Cathy K. Marsh, Timothy J. Marshall, Rebecca L. Marston, Sherrie L. Martin. Linda M- 52 naw-ff Mason, Gary P, Mathistad, Kenneth P, Mattie, Suzanne R. Mattix, George Macknicki, James Marsh, Linda IT1 G rl C9 IT! G nl Marx, Loretta McAllister, Valerie I. McAridrews, Patricia A. MCG uirv, Don J. 928 WW? 3ff:5'x7'i5fiiigQff?fff33.52i t'?'fl"XF?'lNi9Q7fug?l:5Ly 15321 .git 'E :Sf-Mis--1 2: EQZ ,,,2. . . ..L, W. L if AK V vnuv Z K f 5.r..Qf!fi?F he v ' 1,-iw - -wid .f fillx g K' f.2si7ifL.: K Q iii : Mcflhcsncy, Viki Melby, Michael L. -leld on June 5 Milli-r, Jamcs Mitmrlwll, Diane B. N Miller, William R. Moc, David L. McCormack, Victoria Mcranda, Sally Mills, Kathleen M. 'Wi M4 ffl i" I Montgomery, Uonstzuivm- 1 " i. , McGavran, Barbara J. McGrath, Sharon L. Merritt, Danny J. Mickus, Francis L Mir, Vvrnon B. Mitchell, Dan V. Mofelltail, WHy'1ll' fl. Nforgnnv Jmnq-5 g ,,.. - . I ' f 'K' A . We-"" i is Lei I sl ' - 'l3"7 i V i if W K Q-as '52, 'zf " . 5: :DW 5 , ,fn ., f , ' 1 : k 1. 3 .fig :Zhi .",'8lM :kai 1 - Morrow, Raymond P. Morse, Susan K. Mouser, Jacqueline A NHYIOT, R9-11dY Neff, David R. Neiswender, Gary Seniors Ralph Radmf-r and Randy Naylor are seen rv- S e n I O e C fleeting different pastime-s :luring homr-room. Nelson, Monte J. Nelson, Nancy M. Nevers, Robert D. Newberg, David Newberg, Donna K. Newell, Sherrie L. Nichols, Daniel A. Noble, David R. Northquist, Marilyn K. Nottingham, Garlene R Nygren, Mari Ann Oberg, Jerry L. i Olson, Susan Orne, Betty Representatives Oslund, Russel R. Othmer, Fran J. ' i Park, Dani J. Parker, Kathleen M. O'Connor, Merri Ogle, Marilyn I. Olson, Mary Ann Ortiz, Trina, M. Osborne, William R. Osburn, Leslie S. A sf s . f' il?" ' . ,hs at 5 5,V..sfffi5? . f 5-Yr' -'V .... . sf A.. ' ig smi-V if f s s, f I-Qtssg' . 511752 .- -- fnxixr AIU ? j!'7f.w,: ' Tis Page, Sandra M. Parker, Robert Physics students, Mike Armstrong, Mike Mslby, and Dave Newbcrg are shown making sensitive balances. 55 audsn Patterson, Harold F. Patterson, Ronald G. Pearsall, Diane L. Peters, Betty M. Peterson, Kristine A. 3 Petragnllo, James E., Pichctto, Peter L. Picht, Don A. Plue, Beverly L. P1umb,'Peggy I S e n I o rs Ta ke Plunkitt, Donald L. Prater, Judith Prechtl, Sandra Prudente, Joseph A. Puddy, Donald R. KX' as-r Radxner, Ralph E. Rail, Marilyn Reedman, Sandra Reida, Rudy C. Renault, Stephanie G. Revard, Donna M. l Rice, Thomas J. Richards, Susan K. 9. . . . 3 . ... jf Rizzuto, John Roach, L. Dennis Robbins, Tobe final Tests June 1 Rocksor, Robert J. Rowley, Russell ,,Qe' f. ' 'GESWW vi 4' 52 - fvffllsf - ' ' W " at , 5 I J ' R 'e ...X Roder, Kathleen Sabiston, Jeannie R. L. ll Richardson, Christine Richardson, jean Roberts, Kenneth Robison, Eric L. 4 Roseberry, Beverly A. Rothwell, Robert J. Rouleau, Paul R. ' S :E .?':'..:E2.'.s'i' -1. ' '-ff,zf,ifi1'1- 'f , lil: ' V' ' . 55 ,. Sacco, Karen L. Salvage, Donald A. Sandberg, Maryl E , if ' Fifi E it 5 4 its 1 Sander, Douglas R. Saruwatari, Beverly J. jp: bl: bam -,y, s i n v ' ' W , , Q, S 7,5 " t .,g,.::.ff' , V , ,::.- ft... 'A 41zyf:f: ' S f S in A ' S 'Sy f?W'?5fs2Qi-QESSV . ' V .f - ' - Vi? ' file V Sauser, Greg J. Sayward, Donna M. Scammon, Janette Schafer, Linda R. Schafer, Steven R. Schafer, Terry L. Schmalle, William Scott, M. David Seniors Exchang S"-7l"l'f7 Sdao, Roseann Seedorf, Jaines M. Seidel, David D. lnjurm-cl in the linr- of cluty at nn N.C.-Shadlr' gzune was Debbie Stf-icll. But her enthusiasm remains at its peak. Serin, Sheldon G. Shane, Dorothy A. Slwellenberger, Gael C. Shinn, Susan L. Silver, Robert P. Simmons, Miriam C. Qiiwfli f ws M W E if ,, 5 SQ. S, i 0 U mx . Q k is S. s f if K , F Li i : if ' f' H . ' we I sc 'tfflfgfililf f L f, lg giw 4 K . fff if or , i 5 NP L fi -2 7:5--' 5152.-fi. . ii VY? ., H Q Y i. View N A YV . if. 575 .. Simpson, Christie A. Sisk, David A. Skelton, Gari D i u S a n d C a S Eegxalsxzorhgngihliirgsxicion pictures above are Dianae W it I. -1.5. .,, ., ,.1f':'?:,iSgnz. -lv -wsgseisii xl' K I . 1 9 ' in K f Jr , 1 ...V 5 Smith, Darlene K. Smith, Larry E. Smith, Louis D. Smith, Roger B. Snider, Larry M . i6 -1 :QSME in will ' Y' L f g ' " u f - 1fZ:1gi?i.iiifl -.. .. A, - fi? -. dag . is ,Q Sonner, Kelly A. Spann, Cynda Sperling, Richard L. Spits, Johanna P. Stannard, Nancy Starr, Terry D. Steenhard, Robert L. Steidl, Deborah J. Steiner, Jerry J. Stevens, Frank L. Stone. Rebecca II. Stotts, Karen L. Stradley, Raymond J. Stradley, Steven II. Strand, Michael C. 4 Strom, Alver Stuart, Linda D. Swanson, Barbara Swanson, Ronald D. Swartz, Linda L. se s .. t t':' -.., Teal, Nancy Y. Thompson, Randall D. Thompson, Terrie L. Tieman, Gregory L. Tiffany, Pamela K. 60 Tofte, Dan R. Tollefsen, Gordon E. l Tregellas, Stephen W. Tribble, Marjorie A. Plans for Con Van Cleef, Michael R. Vaughn, Thomas J. Walker, Donald J. Walker, Frank A. Torrisi, Alfred Townsend, Donald E. Treffry, Larry R. Turnley, John T. ' Tyree, Pat J. Usher, Patrlcxa K. f reer. 1 e.,- gi . . 5 r ee.. ele.. A 'V li or r . W A A . is .9 fit az K. Veter, Linda M. Vietzke, Arlene R. Wacker, Penelope K. f-'gm Wallen, Sharon D. Warehouse, Robert W. Warfield, .Ion B. Warren, Renee E. Wasley, Larry D. From left to right, in the second row, are seniors Joyce Francis, Bev. Saruwatari, Lori Gausman, and Betty Peters singing "Red and Blank" after ru thrilling tourhdown. Wassom, Gary L. Watts, Jennifer R. Seniors Completl Wayne, Melanie A. West, David D. West, Robert K. Westover, Kathleen H. White, Claudia V. White, Daniel L. White, David W. Wx. . White,ALinda G. Whitney, Linda K. Wickstead, Mike G. Wilhelm, David K. Wilkerson, Charles L. Willenborg, Joyce P. Williams, Lyell M. Wilson, Pauline E. Wohl, Linda K. Wold, Thomas L. WO0ClS, DOH T. Wren, Chris J. Wright, Sharlenc L. Wunderlirh, George H. Zarko, Kenneth P ,ctivity-Filled Year Jamieson, Lauren A. v, NorbY, Juleanne SENIORS NOT PICTURED Ahrendt, Howard S. ' Anderson, Gene Aune, Kathleen I. Basso, Philip A. Bel, Gary E. Bell, Linda Brunette, Bruce A. Campbell, Russell B. Chavez, Alfred D. Conrad, James E. Currier, John Custer, Paul Davis, Linda R. Edwards, Elizabeth Foster, Diane L. Frazier, Delores A. Gendron, Leonard J. Hansen, Arthur M. Harris, Earl Heaton, Donald C. Heaton. Douglas E. Hern, James A. Hill, Gary S, Hunt, Sharon E. Hynes, Gary Johnson, Daniel E. Kensok, Steven B. Lee, Lani Jo Lopez, Linda R. Lubbess, VValter Lundin, Richard hfagers, Micheal McCoury, John G. McDonald, John McLaughlin, James Midkiff. Dennis M. Moss, Dennis H. Munyan, John W. Olsen, Alan C. Osier, Pamela Partridge, David Paschall, Gerald A. Press, George M. Ryckman, Charles Saville, Larry R. Schlettert, Bruce Swanson, Kathy J. Sweet, Dennis R. Thacker, Sarah J. YVait, Dennis E. Vfells, Janine Schuh, Gerald D Pictured in the first row are Blaine Bennett. Miss Killingsworth, Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Drew, and Burrill Exley. In the second row are Dan Davis. Leslie Hogan, Raymond Simonson, Robert Barnard and Blair Glover. Not pictured are Mrs. Congdon, Del jones, Mrs. Lancaster, Edward Luders, Alfonso Manfred, George Smith, Orval Theisen, and joseph Tremblay. Senior Homeroom Teachers Advise Graduates Mr. Orval Theisen 64 hir. Orval Theisen, chairman of the senior class homeroom teachers, has successfully led the class of 1966 in its many senior activities. The other teachers have assisted him by taking the re- sponsibilities of various senior functions. Students turn to their homeroom teacher for guidance. counseling. and friendship. A homeroom teacheris job is more than just reading the bulletin and signing the attendance slip. Accurate records of grades, extra-curricular activities, test scores and attendance must be kept by the teacher for each student. From this information many letters of recommendation are compiled in years to come and oftentimes the record itself is studied by fu- ture employers as well as college officials. Therefore the homeroom teacher who keeps these records feels a deep personal responsibility for the student under his direct guidance. The homeroom thus lit- erally becomes 'fthe school home" of the student during his years at North Central, and the teacher becomes his confidant in times of trouble, and in- termediary in times of misunderstanding, a source of encouragement in times of doubt. Seniors Fatigued After Eventful Day Enjoying themselves at the Senior Breakfast from left to right are: Terry Galambie, Greg Kapfer, Doug Sander, Judy Johnson, Dave Neff, and Terry Star. 1 w Seen at the beginning of a busy dress-up day from left to right are: Pictured after a hectic day. Front row from left to right: Bob Aagard, Bob Aagard, Pauline Wilson, Gary Neiswender, Becky Stone, Sue Buck- Becky Stone, Gary Neiswender, Jack Ashlock, and Sue Gambill. Stand- ley, Jack Ashlock, Sue Gambill, and Ben Hayden. ing are: Pauline Wilson, Sue Buckley, and Ben Hayden. 65 Robin Brockway Randy Naylor Don Bradley Donna Newberg Fran Othmer Laurel Havens Bob Larson Senior Committee Chairmen: Left to right: First row: Marilyn Northquist, Marilyn Bowell, Gwen Furgeson, Christie Simpson, Linda Hill, Janet Bruce, Jill Bodvin. Second row: Claudia White, Karen Larson, Peggy Plumb, Linda Stuart, Gail Coyte, Jan Clukey. Third row: Mike Johnson, Ken Grimm, Rick Henson, Jon Claeson, Don Puddy, Bob Aagard, Phil Huey, and Dennis Floyd. John Aikens Breakfast Committee Gail Coyte, Cochairman Jack Ashlock, Cochairman Gary Neiswender Martha Boswell Dorothy Shane Joanne LeGrant Reception Committee Gwen Furgeson, Cochairman Mike Johnson, Cochairman Dave Noble Vicki Gibson Larry Snider Commencement Committee Sue Shinn, Cochairman Dennis Floyd, Cochairman Stephanie Renault Ruth Brougham Eric Tolletsf-n Finance Committee Don Puddy, Cochairman Ken Zarko Joyce Herman Dennis Duehning Sue Goudzward Lori Gausman Mike Magers Butch Mickus Karen Compton Claudia White Jan Clukey, Cochairman Carlen Dueh ning Caps and Gowns Committee Marilyn Bowell, Cochairman Jon Claeson, Cochairman Jim Macknicki Phil Aikman Dave Park Val McAllister Convocation Committee Karen Larson, Cochairman Bob Aagard, Cochairman George Cannata Bev Saruwatari Pauline Wilson John Andersen Decorations Committee i Jill Bodvin, Cochairman l Phil Huey, Cochairman Senior Homeroom' Representatives: Left to right: First row: Fran Othmer, -llldy Hemp Sherrie Manton Gwen Furgeson. Second row: Danelle Davies, Sue Gambill, Kris Peterson, Jlm Boyce DCHHISHDCEIH Corine Kersul, Pam Tiffany. Third row: Peggy Plumb, Steve Stradley, Dave Laura Come Bremu Sr gtg Noble, Jim Seedorf, and Greg Kapfer. Berry Lawson Dane C avles Ticket Committee Refreshments and Chaperones Committee J2j3,dZtg2i?,C8E2SgE2Sgn Peggy Plumb Cochairman GH , - - 1 , Y . 4 y Bursch Beccy Marshall Bob Johnson, Cochairman Greg Kapfer Wes .Johnson Bob Warehouse Jack Fournier Barney Halstead -iemllfcr Watts Corrine Kersul Nancy Nelson Debbie Steidl Meribelle Craggett Pictures and Publicity Committee Music and Arrangements Committee Christie Simpson, Cochairman Marilyn Northquist, Cochairman Ken Grimm, Cochairman Rick Henson, Cochairman Jan Eakins Don Smith Dan Merritt Sharon Binder Russ Oslund Ray Stradley Don Townsend Dave Partridge Maryl Sandberg Jackie Mouser Kris Peterson Bob Headstrom Sandi Goddard Sharon Hunt Sue Durgan Judy Johnson 66 M as In L 5 .vel .2 Roseann Sdao and Sandy Page carefully do some lettering. Coordlnatlon The Cooperation Jan Hyslop assists Mrs. Conrath in the Business Office, Mr. Roclkey congratulates Jeannie Sabiston for her per- fect attendance record since she entered the first grade at Audubon School. Congratulations C's Concentration Jim Boyce and Steve Stradley are shown in their roles of Dino and Mr. Sheridan respectively. 67 Well, HELLO, honey! Now that I'm comfortable .... Tie straight? Almost ready! So lovely to look at! 1 5... I YL HIE-HLIGHT OF THE YEAR Qi Hi ww , , f 223. "fw-fbi '5:1IW1i2'L',5?fa - . , ,V 13, 3-nzf f .V Q .. WEN ,ss SWL X , ,wggfv my '43 K A fflzm --Qaffkwlm. W . . "aw: ,..,g5'L W f-'Mum' A-5 -f W gala' zw3Q5g"'?:L 7 ,V 15545 -5 Qiijiji Wi: xx -vm, 2 , 'gf wig? V -A - 1: sf' ,. --vw, ,K ,. mm-L fm my -QQ ,- 7 ' L',-23551 iff' if-fsS?fif1?'4LHw,g?3Ei ' f vw' 1a2Fzwm,i9Kf'.. 5' ,L gf V i isis 's?3:sz..e, :IST k 9' . '51 "Sl F QQ J .iw '- 'withLiZa1v?:Mf2"1w7 i Qiff, -w1s7'7fL V ,,., ' :ff 1' :lf -' . .k4.:LW' :Awe-.Q ,' 1 ity? r A, nf ig, - , 45,2 ,:fei'z1w.fi7 Wag: , f ww-M2,,w .,,, ,,:1 W QW,i5-ggw,-5, ??:2iQfQwg"f2?'f5'5Siw - . :W-W1 ,H--.iw : - L - 353 -2 . NX, M -ij, , km 1, gf i21i1Q":,f X-S 5' -' .9 'X' .. 'A',Qi5:3f'L'li GL.,-m ' 75:59 :H M. QU- V ,5,,, ggi Qsxiiw' ffzgy.vii,s gp, gfzivwf, ' L: 7 fgY'Yf??"1W' ,"Ziff-if" iidlzgs . 'i?', M A Sw Y"-:NLE :SRV '5h,1LMl' ' 'K' 'YUM fE2,,zKiQfw ,V Q 'Ol i xvwb i i Ur I ' .ft 14 ' fffuh mf , This day has ended, How absolute and omnipotent is the si- lence of the night. But there are new horizons and worlds W to conquerg Our senior year is finished. Where now-what paths do we take? Youth is the opportunity' to do something, ' a '-.-ilu S G .' 1 , -Q rev- K - I. 1 , .11 , Q. Qi . ' si"f..f'F 'F' '13 -,g,,f: . 6 i . . :.g ,V lwg., sf. J: - . ' Q ' - .1 ,A .ily And our opportunities are' given to us . 55535 'A by God, our nation, our state, and ' our city- Home, home - crowded, massive, throbbing it with life - Our belovedcity. Here live the dreams and memories of our high school days. ' 71 Wx5PWwi'5'm Vx 'Q i 1 i fgiffix. , gan x9JT7Z1f -2'-fi' M' , ' " f. f "H W . I 1 1 1 1 W 1 , , ,fx ' , , . A l A A '24- ak, R. Participating in a Car wash to earn money for the junior class are Barb Hosea, Jim Swan Auclrcy Brooks, an eager Gonzaga Prep lielpvr, Daylc-:inn Stcvviisoii. Don Morse, Bill Arnold and John Litten. Junior Class Prepares to Accept Leadership sv4"""'- Mr. Greg Sanford Dick Engstrom Class Advisor President -juniors, the ones who don,t know that they know. Throughout the year the juniors learned to be the leaders of North Central. Each of the homcrooms chose a representative to be a part of the -junior Council, with Gregory Sanford as the class advisor. At the council meeting, nominations were taken for class officers. Dick Eng- strom, president: Mike Hume, vice presidentg Peggy Hansen, secretary, and Bonnie Remmers, treasurer. were chosen by the class. Planning and organizing committees for the ,junior Prom kept them busy. The Prom, which was held in the old gym,had the theme of "Paris by Night? A new way of raising money for the junior Prom was introduced this year. A Prom queen was chosen from live candidates, Pam Ricco, Linda Nicholson, Kathy Bullis, Marilyn Pasicznyk, and Sally Pickens. The girls received their votes in the form of pennies. The girl whose jar had the most pennies in it won the election. Each vote cost one penny. junior English classes were busy preparing vocational notebooks to help them Mike Hume Vice President learn more aboutia future occupation for themselves. Chemistry was also a popular subject among the juniors, who enjoyed the strange odors and reactions they got from some of the experiments performed in the classroom. Peggy Hansen Secretary JUNIOR HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES. Left to right:First row: Carolyn Jacobsen, Bonnie Remmers Patti McLaughlin, Sue Revard, Carol Altenburg, Teresa Hanson, Audrey Brooks. Pam Doty. Treasurer Second row: Jan Naylor, Judy Rowland, Peggy Hansen, Jack Burk, Bruce Wald, Fred Yancey, Linda Boye, Peggy Henning, Kathy Bullis. vie 71 . f Vp-s g 3T7?" A 4 , y ' . 4' LW gg :Q , , - 3 ' 4 151 V G 23' fQf,, ,5g.,.f ' ,K ' if K x- A vy A v W gf, xt. 5 I ., , ff S55 5 ' E , , . ,,.. I , v lg 5 , ,.kL - Q5 A .:.,,, ff. fafill ,5 , 7 ' A i 5 g f: Ladies before ' , ..' Q ' -' X? L- ,V A ,M 2 V ,, " Q f 2 U- .: Sq 'T ' we T, 1 f, vii i ? vi S A E' Y' U fx if Ar! 45 el f Homeroom 320 Baker, Paula Bartline, Dave Boehm, Twyla Caballero, Vic Davey, Terry Downing, Joan Dyer, Jerry Farrell, Tony gentlemen but in this case. . . J Q, , -rf L3 , t 9 M ,.. yi Q S ma 1, 1. XY. Tig, Gibson, Sharon Graham, Karen Hall, Tom Hartle, Gary Harwood, Jerry Kelm, Shawn Kennedy, Lu Lauzon, Rose McGuire, Connie McLaughlin, Kathy McNutt, Georgia Mitchell, Lynn Mutton, Gloria Ocker, Louis Rasmussen, Diane Richardson, Marv Rick, Parry Schuh, Mike Shaffer, Steve Simpson, Brian - Q Y Homeroom 320 gCont.Q A "' f 9 2 Smith, Evelyn :QV Lk 'Q '1 if Taylor, Mike L V Z Whicker, Tom 4 ' 1' 'Q , .--- ,QM t- , , X. 28, -'S ' I' 2 I as ' 2. Q.. , ,Lf W' 4 H A 3 5 I .1 , Wilant, Bev I 'Q i i n Yancey, Fred W ,S Homeroom 135 lk ,I ' ' Albee, Mike m H i,.f3E - I 5 i .i V, ' L, -' ' J ' lf i If I W Vg rf I : 1 if " IM.. 1 , Alexander, Mike ' , 3' , M Bolander, Vickie 'K K ie f B1-ooks, Audrey I. , ,,. , K Dahl, Carol 5 5' Doyle, Judy ' 6 lv Gerkensmeyer, Dave "1 K h N e 5 - 'L A fo ff- 2 4, - W ' 'ff 3 llutts, Cliff , , . ' Johnston, Marilyn .. Xin ' , X 'N , , 5 Jukach, sreve 'g ' if 5 T " Q' , Q , ,-,, yrtt .f,. . ,, V, Q , V .. "" T ' J as -f . Q X' "' Q K g f F- V We f 'W Yw"'M S 5"L'S'r'Q ' ef, K t S :L I J S s. . F29 4 "Tw 'iz Lk -f l ,sale ,Marg . , , f ,,,,, 5 Q Will the line ever end? .., A-'V ,g 1 Larson, Jim ,' Marsh, Deanna I ' Q5 - 'wi McLean, Tim ,,f' A f' j , fa fwfr, 'f ' fx A f 1,.,, , 9 Midkiff, Kathy ..,., , 'A My Morse, Don I ""' fl in Olson, Kathi y ' i f ! .. W, Homeroom 135 Cont. Q Orne, Sharon Poetter, Janet Rushton, Erwin Smith, Les Wallen, Bernie Weitz, Mary Ann Oh, no! It's Canadian. ' 'A' 23' ,- lk ii M -H 7' ' 1 5 if is 1 . we e ,, , I i ' -xf lf: lfg: 'vi QR ai fly t f l a Q ,wfkfei -' f i M- A Z. 51 'fl x ,X is ml. 1 3 ill? llgggiit Q . . , ,fog 'CW ihglbg -ni W '61 'll' A 51 N 7 5 -Z, . k i 'ni ,V , i All Q W. 45533 ,Q i 1 C iili L Whalen, David Wolfrum, Vickie Wright, Lea Zinnecker, Verna Zwischenberger, Leo Homeroom 118 Bell, Robyn Bove, Linda Carter, Duane Casselman, Linda Chantry, Pat Clark, Pat Cotter, Pat Douds, Mark Gates, Danna Grimm, Scott Homeroom 118 gCont. Q Hendricks, Steve Hosea, Barb Jones, Donna Kalamon, Bonnie Kelly, Steve Kennicutt, Verna Kuhn, Mike Lareva, Joan Lean, Jim Litten, John McCammond, Put McTigue, Tina Mulvey, Terri Olinger, Linda Pasicznyk, Marilyn Price, Mike Ross, Tim Stowers, Dennis Thompson, Diana Wise, Kathy a Wi i - , '7 1 , 1 ., is E 1 L G . 31? rr, v' C B ' if-1 1 X ' Q ' Q: .lg A-,Ml gi,,,,y,,5,,Qk,, K 5 X fi . 5 .: gi 7' . we ig, 1 V . , V- ., V ,gig fi, f fl 1' " eff ' 1 an .J 'we ,' ...L ws , , ',,. 1' -, 'ih- ' ... -. , :ki . 1 , fini-' : f H X e . . fs pf 1 wif' if .h w Q ' I K.. , Ki 2 W - ' n .., I L i - ' .. SVN, Q gr L , . :KJ ' in Z5 F '71 . f wf tween we , 9, WM, :gQ'w'i5CHxfLZ'i'ff.ff as I wonder if anybody is watching? Homeroom 409 Barr, Mari Lu Blair, Mike Cooper, Gay Daley, Bill Ferguson, Sandy Giles, Dennis Goin, Linda Griffith, Jim 'L il K It agen. 1 U r i if 'R Q fr rr ir 1 1 :fi 5, . . . ig Q 1 'Y , W . . ,WEA "J ' fl 9' , is W ,Z A . L K .uw . in, -2 , - ' fi. 1' VW. , x i' f,,, 5' I ., 3, kv: A - L ,K aiu ix v :V . E 2.5!-M Q . V' Avl : i I . L'- L"h 1' Q ' Q " ig if ' E ,fig 1, W ,wz"'S'l"'W! ' ., ,- A'AA, Q . E. 6' 1 5 .. if ' ' 5 V I S' X -f 5 W f V N f f iw x t 8' i 3 f ez 'U ' f-1 375 1 V fa-9 M . i ii 42 Z W if 1 1' S' N W 5 , " I' 'ky' :-::, 'll .V , . , .. Q , ,xA, J iv ,Q , M- V, gk H 5 Eli, V " V, ii .. ,,,. 1 A If I If Z 4 , 3 , 5 Vw -V ,,iiV X 'Em -7 3? 1 s-if' sw. -N V , V 1 t r f V ,rts 7 T L ' E 4 , 232 X , .ii:egf few 'N V ggg ' 3 if H i . . V h i , ri wirwx X, 7 Homeroom 409 gCont.p Hill, Joe Hill, Joyce Holmes, Larry Judd, Vicki Kent, Sharon Knnff, Sharon Littell, Jnnell Munyfin, lizithy Samms, Sheryl Stuart, Dennis Tatum, Wes Wald, Bruce Walker, Randy Watson, Linda Williams, Rose Woodruff, Gregg Wright, Dave Ilomeroom 224 Buelo, lien Bullis, Kathy Cossette, Sid Fugate, Bob Johnson, Carol Jones, Tim Karnes, Barb Killmer, Martha Kirby, Stan Larson, Bruce McDougall, John Miller, Terry Nelson, Steve O'Gr:idy, Rnenell Peonc, Gordon llomeroom 224 gConL.j Riccio, Pam Rizzi, Frank Rousseau, Dee De Sleeth, Mike Smith, Ron Stein, Linda Vernon, Kathy Wasley, Ch:u'lotLe Wilson, Bob Wold, Marie Ilomeroom 108 Allbery, Judy Allen, Carol Arnold, Bill Blau kstone , Barry Brophy , Dan Bybee, ' Barry' Dziviclson, Jim DeL:1nge, John Dillon, Pntti Ewing, Sue Greenwood, Crirol House, Nancy Johnson, Jim Jones, Pat 8 is-1 ,,,V,gVg fsifiiisiisiefii ll qy Vx ' ,.Q:1e :.X5 3 QE J '51 -J" L-f'wffaefv K sg 55, ifi. we sa? 'f ,gg ,, ,Q . 5 V V 'ish MN -. 'wi QL. Q M ' 4 , . J 1 QV rs. Q, V ,, i f , M :WE .1 ,QQ 4, 'cf fr uf' gt.,-.,. va W WAV U , I' Q A 4 4, 4 Ill, 'ga A Y 19' '5 ,aim Y Q ' 'N jf x jf 4 . W i 3 :vis A ' If .. ii S 2, fi 5 , ,E F f"J!5.,. , ' -A 1 14 Marv Hill, Susan Gamble, COHr1iC Elde diligently study in the libl-ary Juniors David Elliot and Les Smith seem to act indifferent about Whlle Carol Greenwood daydreams. their experiment, 78 , N . if in L.: X y i Homeroom 108 QCont. . 3 , X W , at sf " ll my I la if z l if gl , , lt asf I I HR 7 :.- pl an .CQ 4' 6? 'fa L .IES , ff 25-11,-H, Lamp Dwayne McKinney Dun Mc Lean Mil'e Meredith, Lynn Peterson, Steve Ruborn, Jerry Rockstrom, Kathy Rose, Doug Rowland, Judy Stevenson, Dayleann Thompson, Kathy Wenrick, Ed Wood, Carol llornerooxn 306 Benner, Paul Boyet, Kzithy Carlson, Jan Chadwick, Sue Contos, Kim Hume, Mike Kegley Dztle McClure Diana McVey, Rich , 5 llomeroom 306 QCont. Q U W' I 4 . ,asia ri R ii all 3 5 fs Merrill, Bettie Nlullenix, Rita Nielson, Bob Patterson, Bill Press, Dezm Ramsey, Chris Remmers, Bonnie Sanford, Gene Saunders, Byron Steitmitn, Sharon Stewart, Dcloris Walker, Chris Wxirner, Karl Wilkinson, Dave Woods, Rita Homeroom 216 Adams, Steve Anderson, Shirley Arnold, Bev Bordwell, Don Brown, Mark , Farwell, Nan Carlson, llizine Gracio, Pat Dziugfherty, lfrzink M XM' Grant, Glen Gnnible, Susan 1 'V 'Q ,1 Gentry, Sherry tv' 52 9 wi 4 ,Ngo ,dl i Hansen, Peggy Goddard, Doug jg, ' ":i I-lerzel, Lindzi Graham, Gale , 1 i I t I-lossner, Evelyn Halstead, Debbie if 35,13 11' Harvey, Larry ' jf? 'I ,J V iy ' l my Q' ., ,fy "' ' 1 Q' ,f X V : an ,, :If 'A 97 V ,I , ,V w 1' 1- E five K, 'Vx R 1 We x 'ft 'F' f 1, 4' A 4 S'. Bill ' F' ,ff wi 1' J 5 4 a ,gt FK 5 F 5 'N' I I K Q2 Q! H-. 2221 Q N Q 'Q' , i ' 'Y Wm: 'u Xu t 'fi of J . Q. 9 2 x 1 ' '33 x Lf ,., is ., ,- Xv s lf: X Q .4 in 4 I WW? raw ' ,--rx ' as i S" 1 M, Mft 1 if ww" ' is Q1 :?""'f 2 Z .. 1, ,. we 1 35' Z?" '5 ' 3 . ' f fx - . K , J 41 . -ft? ,fix s Nw 1 l Pt are J H.: 2 , l 4 'QQ Y, .. 1 wleyfm. Juniors enrolled in Team English are studying hard to complete their assignment. S. 1555252 gk i s A f i" 'V V ff Wyclef! , ' E 'S . f ll, . Martin Mar ,M 45, K A, - Y V ,, ' I McNutt, Steve ' Morgan. Lynn i fe at 5 ff ma' af-4' .- .fi e'if1122 ,. . ,r 2.77, : -, ' ll .ggi F in . Nolan, Steve 51 ' ' ix' - Petersen, Sharman f s R 5 Rowley, Rita iw f Trevillyan, Bob I J A A Westover, Barbara ii ' Homeroom 321 ' X V Abel, Joyce ,, ' f' N is . rx K k 7 W ' I , v Ashley, Larry '- K2 ' if A Blizzard, Tom Q, ff ' 9 .K f ' Bowell, James A :av 3 B S' ' . " 2325 at xr., s - Qi 1? - .4 'ly 4 l - iii ' "1 ' vr 1 .Q my .1 , 1:-:XY ii, T2 was .. B lv I .xx l fi ififffi itirtf' i ' fc 9 4 ' 5' 'fl 3 , .1 ' A if M N ,ll Lu if , 3 .J J krkx ii fllimx if 80 A A kV,. L , Nll' ' t Homeroom 216 Cont. Hern, Gary Jacobsen, Carolyn Luger, Loretta Lynn, Lynda Math students eagerly leave as the bell rings. Burk, John Day, Colleen Elde, Connie Hill, Larry Johnson, Darrel Keeling, Rick Kennedy, Lynda Lee, Gary MeGi1vra, Dale Overfield, Bonnie Pesik, Cathy Peterson, Cynthia Homeroom 321 gCont.j Pickens, Sally Pringle, Donna Royer, Paulette Stills, Bernice Swan, James Tom, Kenny Veter, Dennis Wallis, Lloyd Williams, Cindy Wittenberg, Loralee Wolf, Peggy Homeroom 316 Aagard, Dick Clark, Marcia Clemenson, Nick Collins, Art Cotter, Patsy Crouch, Tom Daniel, Ben Davey, Put Durkin, Tim Evans, Kris Griffith, Donna Haworth, Dick Hill, Mary Hill, Terry Jordan, Sandy Judd, Bob Lines, Rick Magnus, Kathy Marquardt, Randy U ,3 -1, v , 1? Q, . A If E115 , gg, 1 tei i s A I-AL, vu. 7 1 , -My 5 lry B se 5, isitt . ' f is ,r,, L r e , V ff , gf- , A, "'1 ' ' i f vii'-55.1 :1.f'1"f::j':f,AQlff'f:-3 Y l. Y V -5 A : Q 'g Pri it -I-5.5152 Q. may wg. i 1 ,, Q-r .,, P if l l r . fe in S Q is 3 5 1 III ' 2, ' X f- K, i V, - r i ,ii - 1 - - 5" . .,,. I 3 X N a . W' , ll ll ,"'i ,yi - E ,xii V f i ln 'w- L , , zi an ff' fy ri' -1 Q , x 1 ws, fc, 1 , 4 , T 1 fit ? it i .A-A Miami f K " ' V ' ii i 4 S I . " w 'sneak s Q? ,gy ..k' 2 . Q KJ i BY i i -..- 6,1 W r N i an 'll M5 ,V iv , 5 is x, Q: :iffy ., . WJ' 1 'J'-' '-il Q y I ii Sn- K Q fi ,K 1 . ,s ' ' P . 5 La in 1 ,. V - ' x I ' - ':,- T 1' ' . A 3. , 2V1'. mn -t. v,' ...f '.,E3" ,, rf Cs is if , nu 1 ' f bi," , 1 ' , Ai! 1- 'if ff , . V ,, , " , is i s ,,,, ,, pf 1 eii, my w ji m .. ,... .M f N um by 'f I 9- . 3, 'JS 1 Q 4 8 is-:Q V , , Pill n -,Ai ' I I meroom 316 Co Ho Q nt. McDavid, John Nesbitt, Don Olson, Szmdi Retzloff, Peggy Revard, Sue Rounds, Elaine Solverson, Paul Trantum, Ed White, Betty Homeroom L10 Albright, Mike Aronson, Judy Austin, Rex Brougham, Beth Buck, Gary Coffin, Jon Daniels, Bill Derr, Nyal Douglass, Alice Engstrom, Dick Evans, Randy Frey, Mary Funk, Ed Gausmnn, Nancy I-leathers, Cheryl Kenney, Pat Lattimore, Ken Lindeblad, Dave Martin, Joan McLaughlin, Patti Mullen, Colleen Homeroom 110 1ConL Q ,.-KW" Pielli, Carla Rice, Rod Riehle, Mike Ross, Joe Taylor, Paula Webber, Louise Wickstencl, Geoff Winestorfer, Bonnie I-Iomeroom 112 Barnes, Frank Black, Sheba Caruso, Judy Clemons, Ron rm:- . . i .J . xv 11 Q 4 l if ' A " ki 'if 'K s i .s ,,.. 14 i ii" Colling, Cathie Dykstra, Debbie Glendenning, Robin "I guess you're right--the engine is missing!" Marv Richardson admits to ft , :Lv 1 si 1 - E E I .wk A A , at : 1 .' -V is I tr 5 ' i 'Q' ' 1137+ " ., 92 , M935 ' 'fi aiu if v ..f Y Hanson, Terri Harrison, Mike f .,.. 11 Zgiafziiiiiifiii ' Eg, sgim, , Wu E? S, ,111 Q-,. is .Q-. .4 1, -S.: ,,,: 5.5! ' R mfvm, In Jess, , A ,- 1 , , ..,.. Q T' Larry 1 Jones, Linda Sue , Keck, Ettn King, Richard me -i l X , Jin J Dick Aagard. -' 2 ' - fi s ,Serial 1 :4 - V , Lkr, 5 ' ,. -i f Ex , ss lX1cVIiy, Lynn -3' .. VL , rr., Q, Mehlert, Ron ' 'A Melby, 1-'orrest E, 'K "mf y A 'f i tis, 1 i -A M Q 1,1-I K. " V fi ai - Q ,,4.,zYiiLi:Eff A L . -K 'inf Nygren, Lois y 5 , ' ' 1, ,ff , , NYPGQU- Mickfy awe" , ,,,, f if Rohrbach, Charlie 5' ' Q ' ff ' Rowland, Bob J M Y hm 'Q ., '--' w- 5 lu ul .. A . Ig:-'gg -if 'Y' ""lwes: 81 A la' 'H i f ,fig H, ,f ..-.l ,V,lu,l, , ,I .H . ,- h I I 'fl - SQ- n , gg. -an -.-,will M . -igrafw, -- L. V .,,.. 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L Radmer, Walt Roberts, Karen Seitz, Jo Sekijima, Dale smyth, Pat Thosath, Vikki Wallace, Kenneth Zehm, Wayne Homeroom 417 Anderson, Marjeztn Bjaalzmd, Karen Bowman, Ron Brusseau, Wayne Campbell, Ruth Dawson, Sharon Decker, Pat DeLoach, Sherrie Elliott, Dave Hanson, Alan Henning, Peggy Hyko, Bob Lindon, Karyn Lunzer, Don Mashtare, Chuck Mattix, Terry Merry, Dick Naylor, Jun Olds, Ron O'Meara, Dan Palmer, Joe Parish, April t ,gg E ' , ,. L' 6 -.H 5 ,Q if la, ' I X, 'Y ' ,S V u --V K x A f YZ' ,M I WK I L 42255 I . 45' 7 Q W m uf' . " W 5 Q ' X n no L ,, E10 4' SK in xx .mt t I " f A ' Q' ieell ag? .J Q4 f , ,J ,I . -. .1 - if ,, J' ' 1 1 . "-.21-ofa ww- , ' w geqggee-'ezv 'gf 1 7 ' AIQ, t ' i 51, Hg W g -Q gg, , lk ,, 0. A ,, , , an I Wu a f. , K VV J , In Ei ' l', I A' , I llll ll -,,'., eng? eeg -, -gg '75 my 'v p cliel 1 t," il- Q if V' , Q, i ..., 1, I f, Elini if , 'Kg if f z 0' , 'Nu my , , , L Q, as V ,, , Q is H X40 if ,, H , ai 1 , 'QF Q, sv ' 1 ,ff al a ,X 5 F1 it ff 'K Mx S li r if My 11, 1.4 53 , " f i :Lx A 'ff 'x rf K ie Sin , 'W' A 02923,-. ff h , ir. i K f . i -fa K, ' Il, 1 ,. l , ,v b Q. Q 9 J . V 'i . x I K f r L M' .-,4 ,Z V -L .J51 1 J, '. A. k X H ,Fl , L as was QQ K A fd A - P 5, 1,5 ,k . Q' ' 1 , f 5 , , av ., fi- Q , y as J -sip , - .2 , gg - N ' A 1 ' M 'Q 5 9 ' ' I 5, .,' ff .fl 7 . ' ,Q, .l , E , I Q , -M K ' try, ,,,x fra :UL VJ 4 i f - F" Q53 ' 'fl pw gf 39 L ga-QA' J-Q, . Q, L f 42 . 'X' " P 9' , . Homeroom 417 gCont. Q Perkins, Cheryle Phillips, Jeanie Roper, Deedre Saunders, Barbara Swanson, Jean Wavra, Cliff Wright, Mary Homeroom 106 Albert, Wes Altenburg, Carol Benzi, John Biggs, Patti Burkhart, Gail Carlton, Carolyn Custer, John Ecllin, Judy Erickson, Robert Felton, Melvin Glass, Janet Haskins, Dayle Hipperson, Brian Jackson, Gloria Kostelecky, Jerry Lawson, Ben Northcutt, Gayle Oulman, Donna Peters, Carol Pickens, Cheryl Piper, Steve Reed, Dale Rogers, Judy Homeroom 106 gCont. Smith, Susan Soapes, Barb Taylor, Michelle Horneroom 412 Abrahamson, Dave Allison, Connie Bafaro, Mike Bassett, Larry Brendmoen, Dan Brophy, Pat Carlson, Frieda Chertrude, Cathy Doty, Pam Faraone, Jeanne Ford, Roberta Harris, Chris Maseher, Anita Miller, Rose Olsness, Doug Portrey, Judy Poston, Chris Renner, Paul Rouleau, Norma Shadduck, Bill Still, Sue Wavada, Mike Wilson, John Wright, Mikki 'qs ,. .-all 'EES' ex 5 J xi.. J 7 lv- Jarr ad, Linda Keck, Ron ,sw-...J-fx .L .ga J' - in M-'K "" 479113, hfif Qxzlilfl MAJ ea- , at any a , ,I it if 'Q' X . aa, W2 -X' , 'ge f X L , .f J, W5 X. 455. , 1 .Iv el .sf ff up 'HK 6- F JM xx 55 11 .. F X Q I ,X N . 5 9 i 7.5.1 if ' 4 ' is 1125 -'i: ii :iz "::" 1 5 ff ,' . 4,215 V ., s , , f A ,fee J .W P' ' L41 jf f N, :sig fi 4 s ,.. 3, l.., V at A ff Q 4 ' Qi X fl W . .. 5, I 1 - JP ' - QA-I 4 fs l ,M " 1 I W Tl! r 2 :lf . W ,535 H , i J V it Z' if ,Y fr s-dxf 11,5 f' c Q - in xy ABSENTEES First Row: Paulette Johnson, Mary Hoy, Margaret Boyd, Sandra Nelson, Linda Knutson, Susan Geyer, Cathy Morris, Carolyn Ogle, Karla Ridgely, Sharon Nikotich, Lynn Everson, Gaynelle Glover. Second Row: Frank Huston, Jim Wavada, Scott Briscoe, Dennis Hen- jum, Bill Lund, Ken Wallace, John Lanz, Jim McCormack, Mike Cald- well, Don Beach, Jim Peters. Third Row: Dorian Chastain, Tom Hen- ning, Mike Heimbigner, Doug Rose, Larry Ryals, Dave Norby, Steve Holden, Ed Dillenger, Tom Hunt, Mike Huston, Buzz Vineyard. Camera Catches Absentees and New Students NEW STUDENTS First Row: Pattie Morris, Cheryl Dugger, Kathy Schraut, LaVette Barnes, Jody Bauer, Sheila McGinn, Sheryl Lovell, Ramona Fry, Joy Land, Pam Knapp, Cathy Stiewe, Judy Martin, Dixie Dennis, Karen Dirkes. Second Row: Eric Earney, Dustin Harmon, Eu- gene Hawk, Pat Brown, James Johnson, Jim Wisher, Max Green, John Gullic, Scott Cameron, Greg Higgins, Rod Packard, John Linerud, Skip Garrett, Mike Andrus. Third Row: Tim Merwin, Karl Jackson, Robert Osmun, Larry Power, Gregg Pryde, Gordan Bisset, Tim Flanigan, John Snyder, Pat Younker, Warren Teasler, Michael E. Jordan, Mike Allen, Rick Stone. .15 'V f ai I iif? 2.1 "'i ' f k if iq., I K " :,L ,- If 'L K I . V 'M' A 1 . gg ., . .. 2. '27 ' ii? ,f::r.5ii,f,fL X i . 4 J ' ' 1 fc 52 . r 'ff 3 X of X -A hz ' we o S 'net' L ith ,5 is -if M - fy. Homeroom 419 Adams, Kathy Anderson, Diane Barnes, Harry Brammer, Barry Carlson, Nancy Deforge, Nikki Detmer, Chris Ferraby, Eva Fogg, Thana Hartman, Fred Hossner, Vivian Jones, Gary Keene, Pam Kling, Joyce Larson, David Mitchell, Dolores Moland, Linda Pasicznyk, Mikki Phillips, Denny Robison, LeAnne 1-1 Posing in the old gym after an energetic practice are Sophomore cheer- leaders Janet Daves, Susie Northquist, Joan Davey, Mikki Pasicznyk and Cheryl Rayon. 6 Sophomores Enthusiastic Sophomores, the ones who know they don't know. One couldn't find a better description of our industrious Sophomore class. With new enthusiasm, they began to realize how much was offered at North Central. Soon many sophomores were entering clubs and school activities. This class, the largest in North Central, was a big encouragement to all at every sport and school activity. With a wider choice of electives, they began to select courses that would help them with fu- ture responsibilities and vocations. Many took courses suggested for college-bound students such as geometry, chemistry and a foreign language. Others signed up for business courses like typing, bookkeeping and shorthand. Geometry is a required course for many soph- omores who plan to enter college. Its reward in study is a greater ability to do creative thinking and to make original problem solutions. World History, another sophomore subject, alerts the student to the problems man has faced and how he did or did not solve them-thus edu- cating the student to learn from the past to better prepare for the present, l-Iomeroom 419 QCont.l Rowland, John , :Q Sandall, Tom Schernitzki, Darryl are I R S 1 Smith, Steve , K " M Stenmark , Marlene 1 Tuter, Tom 'f u g , QM S' Pi 5 Homeroom 220 . Adams , Larry I Baldwin, .10 me , Bishop, Steve ii W Nik I QL, ,sb s , . wwf t . ii i Boberg, Rose I W,-::2':"' Boles , Charlotte Boyce , Morgan P H Cowley, Donna Culnane, Steve Davey, Sue "film A, i 'iw i' .V ,.iswf'f"f 'J' te ..r. Sophomores Richard Trippel, Dale Walker, John Johnson, Pat McVay, John Taylor and Gary Fievez show their srhool spirit by wearing beanies on Friday. .. if ,. ' .k'LL 1, A 1 -,y, if i t L Ca it .'1r,Tf-., f '. I X. . ,ir -geftgg-as 1., -J, if N mr' HH ' Q 2 ez' it 11 ra , A in V I , A ' m ' .V it up . , if h e E? ' 1 ,Q ,. ,...,,,' .,., .ia I 1 ex! f 2 di ei s s , - .9 ii 1, J M ff' 335 J ' .v " 1 . ,5 A ' ' f it - ii Viv .. as-3 ,f meroom 220 Ho gCont. Q Fodey , Susan Frank, Sue Hunt, Dave Jacobs, Duane Jelsing, Larry Karr, Dian Lawson, Cheryl Lewis, Theresa McVay, Pat Meier, Larry Ortiz, Dolores Patterson, Vicki Poutre, Mary Quant, .lldie Ria-se, Curtis Homeroom 220 fCont.l f '- 1 A M Sha1'pe,Mi0hae1 y- 3 . i 4. K' l Q Snider, Neil ' ' it at -Ilif f? , l, xi" 'ysjrh Stewart, Ray - .. x i 5 I V f g .fb Ir' QT -f ' il, ,. . ,L ,, -- ,sry Homeroom 307 ' AL l ' ' " " Baldwin- Kathy ' elite . .ti I A .A 25' 4 Bell, Eric A - W B1-ch-ff, Karen f " ie is - David, Darlene In E rif t' A, L -3 lfiihfif i: r -pa 'hifi 4 ' Ewen, .nm ' if V , , ',, Farquaharson, Jorie A t . f ,Q Z. ik. X' Fievez, G3-fy ' , ,gi i. H 1 .- K I Fisher, Dana JI fi 31.55 A , Vi ..,.- gig iggg ll V f , ' Y J ' I .f f ,,.: ' 4, 4 ' in - ' 7 ie.. ' rs . ' 1 ' rs' , W - 1-Ml-if . .,,.s-sei? , fl . Fry. Tom finely V ' Gamble, Jim K. J - Griffith, Sabria ,ag K fi 3 Gronseth, Trudy ii 1 ,z I , ,b V3 Tr , A I-h H2-.11. Joan , " if if V54 Hamilton, Kim L f 45 Q -- fix K. Havelick, Paula f' 5 to Q 1 Q Johnson, Bonnie I ,wisp 4 , is 3 lil if i Tia, . A Sophomore Year Hard Sophomore English placed an emphasis on oral expression with six weeks spent on preparing and delivering speeches be- fore fellow students. judged on preparation, contents and de- livery by both peers and teacher, students soon improved greatly in oral expression. In either case, the once bewildered and carefree fresh- man realized that special efforts must be made for the reward of satisfaction. Even bug hunting in biology proved helpful to the Soph- omore by teaching him patience and perseverance. Anyone who has tried to catch a butterfly or a grasshopper knows what this means. After an exhausting, exciting and memorable year, one considered by many as the roughest in high school, the Soph- omore emerged as an upper classman and a leader. 152' E i S, I S 'irii .5 ' ici it N' , J? 2 N 5 if , . , V 339 "3 ,i , - A if-'12 ,Q 'gi E A? L . '51 A i 1229? .C ,E ,f 'J 'ntl f -'xx , if X it W ,Aj-0 ' L ., i 'lg P ,, A fi. AV- 1 j -S, .3 . 9 t'siili,'1iz2 P ., A A.AI . 5 V 1 , , i M -,I is ,f it 5 'fi ' V L,,' 8 511, ' A' ,f f 1 if 1 .k,,-kV .NW i -2 "i1i V Au' iff CN fx 45 J, I , .. S A , .:.: gy, ., kll' . , 5. . V A Qtff ri VV -. 'E . 5 K. . A . L fb V if YW Q ,X MA iw . V 5 ' L ,. I 1 5 i i Q , Z -V Es , ji Homeroom 307 QCont. Q Keppler, Lonnie Meier, Geraldine Polello, Sherrill Schafer, Marc Schmidt, Darrell Seiss, Dave Shives, Janet Williams, Cynthia Homeroom 120 Alexander, Steve Anderson, Bill Bouten, Debbie Brandenburger , Mike Butz, Carla Campbell, Dan Chapados, Lea.nne Czap, Loretta Damm, Allen Emter, Terry Fritz, Chris Graham, Patsy Havens, Rosemary Hengen, Sharon Horobiowski, Steve Jewell, Marlene Johnson, John Knapp, Marvin Kruger, Linda Kuch, Dan Liddell, Sandy Lipfert, Fred Nelson, Doug Nevdahl, Dan Owens, Rosemary Pederson, Sandi Rayon, Cheryl Sliajfer, Linda Smith, Jerry Sniokas, Edene Taylor, John Trippel, Richard Homeroom 120 gCon . Q Walker, Dale Homeroom 201 Ahrendt, Grant Aiken, Jerry Baker, Carl Becker, Henry Bensel, Phil Challender, Kathie Cleveland, Ben Covey, Mike Davis, Connie Diggs, Ron Dunn, Patti Emoto, Jerry Eschenbacher, Jud Evans, Lee Johnson, Margie Knight, Dick Krell, Tom Lannigan, Kathy LaPlante, Mona ,,.. i, ..,. Jyy . Ag Qi! , jf K: , Y Makarczyk, Georgann Mashtare, Mike McClarin, Lavinia McMullin, Joh.n Nelson, Candy Pichette, Starleen Pringle, Bruce Sapp, Joe Sather, Carol Sonsteng, Elaine "V, if in . . gff.m,, ' Si' In ' V i , - g :Si i " W ir ,- s k it I 2, W! M ii 3 C, W, il 5:3 1 i ,ii .ff 'e wiki' ti 5 in Y ' V 1 gi f 2 f or 5 me A B it i lp , .fx in ,-M , " an n e, x is x A X . , iizigg Mivh . K 11" 0. ri Qaiiiin ,. g. K- . r sms I 9 I ii VV, .lili rfiffw i. ' i VVV- 5 .V.. z i g ii SVVV n i t .,,,.qxyie+ , 1 5 M 16 " Y' , 'f V" ...... he Vi f l if SSAV 1' .if f ..-'Q Q , J A .tml ,ye f. 1, gf -, J. Ge, A--1 aw .. . cbt i nn. ks. 5 . 'Q as ,if .n r ,Wag 1 1 W 6 ii .. , 'f r f, fav, gwiw I A ' l l li fi 55 141 . 'Q f- .in 'li ,snr xg- 7 . K lx it S 15 B, Sufi '- 129-rift , 1. ' 3 I 1' YA . , . , ' h.-, . , , Us an 4 'Q' 1 A .. x., ,, l ,, ' IT gpg? Ad' 2' his i, .sg x lx L gy, nv 4 was .4 - . :X W lx 9 . , . , 'wr -Q. L.-PE-1 f l gi . .5 3' ,Gy .',,3 sf, -Aff v .v 1 ',,'-9' n' . it 7 I , N f Y. . uv: if -1 1 .v 1. 1 .219 'a A 1 as ' , Q, n V49-f faulgffif x, Homeroom 201 Cont. Steenhard, Terrie Homeroom 226 Bell, Ross Brown, Janet Brown, Marlena Burchett, Tim Davis, Sharon Doescher, Jon Graham, Kathy Griffith, Bill Ilasler, Marion Jewett, Doug Johnson, Gail Krahn, Dale Kurowskil, Bob Larson, Linda Marchioro, Larry McLain, Bonnie McVaugh, Linda Morrow, Terry Northcutt, Pam Rison, Lester Russell, Paula Sale, Shellle Saruwatari, Mike Shinn, Larry Witt, John Homeroom 119 Allen, Steve Armstrong, Cathy Campbell, Darlene Davey, Joan meroom 119 Co H0 nt. Dearing, Dennis Denney, Dan Green, Kathy Gregg, Eva Griffin, Nzincy Hanson, Larry llelbig, Loreli Jesmore, Jimyce Kitterman, Rick Krous, Steve Larson, Carol Mason, Debbie Owen, Carl Pesik, Timme Potter, Dan Reed, Nancy Rouse, Larry Seitz, Steve Siegel, Stan Standaert, Donna Thompson, Larry Thur, Ron Homeroom 203 Abel, Dennis Bailey, Pat Bassett, Sue Benshoof, Bob Bischoff, Max Bogenreif, Gary Bridgewater, Chris Brown, Kathy Chastain, Nancy Corskie, Dawn lfarquhar, Scott Giger, Phyllis Harper, Rick Jahn, Bob Kafton, Steve McGirk, Carol BIcMillian, Terry McNally, Della ' Qi vm if l Q f 1' vl J , , if ' as st? ' ,.t..4lis4u- 1 , y ...Q W ,f i Q 5 X X I ' 1 h , ie. 4' 91 ' B X Q - , ,sv-Q , IL. fy 125,11 :ss ,,..,, if, - wwf, ?fif'4rLss,f es 1 ' ' , .. . ,E i'?'r-, ,. r, x2C::.'l .1 , K a , ff, - ne' V- ,ga ' ' A ,. ri if ta ,Q ,re - F G , ,i A -6 ,R 0 A .gs ,Y Q K Y ,t N I K ,Wi '- if H ' if ai V - W '-., 3 A ' . . - V I rw N,. rl' , i i' f S- le" f" 1 is 7 T my I ,,: a ll fl R .',' ' X Q ' . , k l ixfg li G- if 7 ,5 Af-1 - -4 - .I L ' 5 3 V -we fs' " ' B 'Q ' ll Q? S Q' 27: ' 4 ,,. 1 if . vV,h 'ii' V -,-r ef. 3.-at :HE 'J L' ii, N ii i ' 41 iill' f lu 119 .w 1- " fi r F7 ' M, J E . 7. Q1 , ',,'5Z.f,f f li vii ii W -f' sm 'hi . 1, .. , 1' . , 5 1 L J? 'HQ' F s Q is H-f. Y 1 KY -4 EW as 1 , , I lit wg: :L ii 5 f 1 , : 4 , 1, ' 'd he '65, JS ir is 1 ,- ig 3 J . Q I t U' ,, , if A U i , , ' rf 9'4" W I ,gf- 'Q 5 'tl am? -if f' as xv or f Homeroom 203 gCont. p it li , J M m E' :,,f ' gt g , Teater, Mary 4 4 'il- jf! Thacker, Gayle Ulvin, Tom 5 - g x .. Fax' ' SQ-1. . QW? qu 4' White, Par Homeroom 314 Adams, Jill 1' J Weisser, Cheryl Weller , Ron Barraclough, Donna Blake , Dave Miller, Gary Morris, Stan Parke, .nu Strong, Cindy Shown at locker between classes is Dennis Walkup. T , I J A , Bost, Theresa 15 Brown, Tom K il S-ff i I. Carringer, Marion ,i ,rihzffim 51 . :VQ'1.. ,,:- QT ' 5' si g: , I8-A X ' Mft' . W' as- ' ' - A-Q," , Q if ' xg 3 .Yi , f "3 ' tr " 1 I X K' , , -4 l ' ' . ,:,- ill 9 . . 5, ,fr X - gg. .' 2' A 4 .Q QN -i ,Q fd. TX. If Chandler, Toni Dicus, Shirley Dotson, Jolm Hoag, Robert Hoag, Steve Hoffman, Greg John, Joyce Johnson, Eric Jones, Cheryl Jukich, Dave Knopp, Kathy LaSalle, Brian Homeroom 314 gCont. p McDonald, Nick Montgomery, Pam Peterson, Carla Jean Saling, Sue Sheets, Brenda Signs, Allen Smith, Paulette Van Lith, Paul Ward, Tom Whitt, Lynn Wright, Carolyn Homeroom 117 Achziger, Johnny Bergstrom, Howard Broztdwell, Yvette Browning, Gloria Colhy, Linda Dixon, Mike Edwards, Steve Ann Everett, Stan Franklin, Lyle Gibbs, Butch v Groh, Dan Harwood, Linda Jones, Marcia Logan, Jackie Martin, Ken Matts, Tom McAndrews, Barbara McLeod, Cherrie Mellstrom, Dennis F V I QI4. fp 'qg l 1 lx v .-V ' i J Y X r .', ,. 2 : fit 3' I' W ,,.:- E f af- t Ye T, ,"E t yf f ff' ful J, W-,. J. 'il , C 5.6. 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J Moen, Teri Perkins, Jane Radmer, Szmdra Reeder, Wzilt Schilling, Walt Screday, Jim Swan, Roger Szep, Clara White, Ray Homeroom 302 Barclay, Sue Brophy, Mike Caldwell, Mike Candler, Kathy Caven, Elissa Culp, Bnrbcirzi Drury, Carey Eickmeyer, Tom Faris, Pat Himes, Bob Hobson, Richard Holt, Jenny A Keller, Nancy Kube, Kathy Lalloint, Bill Lewis, Duane Lund, Bill Mel-lenry, Jan Mott, Janet Nlulvey, Sharon Nyberg, Dave Homeroom 3021Cont.j , " M , 1 A . Powers, Dale Q M 7 J G-4 Rieckers, Steve , A 5, I Salvage, Terri r 55, 35 in Simmons, Al 'L ' .. ' liege . W 'A l ' Smith, Karen , ., 3' D, " Stickel, Arlene ' Q7- W 35 Lg' Vineyard, Buzz -5, 7 'ti K 'xr Walker, Penny JN- K , 1 ,vv I if A. gi , y .. .,, . A ' ": ii Xa.. Z : f wit, ,,1, ft l . 1 , . ,., .. M , Wheeler, Berl 5, ' ,"f 4 Wold, Linda " ' H I ' Homeroom 408 ' , 8 ' ' 'iq' ' Albee, Linda - ' Bare, Claudia gk 'A' -L ' .Q 3 4, . . 4 1 .-.,,. f fl My I W i 1, fi I ' - s Brown, Gail Buell, Sherry Carver, John "Sure hope he notices !" Hubbard, Steve Juhnke, Fred LaVulle, Bonnie 3-fe of 1 Coleman, Cathy Dashiell, Steve Grothe , Ken Hannum, Paul Magney, Gary Mathias, Debbie McGavran, Linda Merrill, Robin F' Q ig. " is S 3. .En if swf, ti Q Davis, Jeannine Fong, Charlotte N , ' ,fl ifiiiil, t5 ifggma 2 ilfflfa fini f.:- lii if 4 Q, X 2 ff Q ,t , xl ., Q -w u 9 1 ' S-fi wi I f ati? ew gi ' s 'E' av , V :rw ,5 f,.: 4 ,,f W, 4, , S ' A 4, t N x ,, 1 We .W 1? A ' 'A' are .Rf we we Sri 1 ,lf 3 it R M L . - aC"r'6'HFdS ' ar E4 4 es X "43zT"' , he "It's the third time I've been late this week." . ' ,, like 53 avr Y , : nb - ,L fx. . . I J 5 A 1 , 'fi M , D .- -, .1.-.V ws r ai fr i , rg , ,L as ig' Homeroom 408 Cont. 1 , 1 , 5 . g , be Vlorris Sheila Nlaylor Roger Parker Ray Pf e ifer Nancy Snbaclo, Bob Scott, Kevin Seibert, Pat Swanson, Rita l-lomeroom 225 gCont. Sibulsky, Steve Speer, Terrie Strong, Cheryl Trautman, Gary Wunderlich, Cheryl Ilomeroom 309 Blackmer, Mike Q 4 if . ,t ui ff: ' , f . l as 2 ' 'V . View I qw. ' 5' S ' A., ,. - e i Magi I ' l fi IH KP, , ff' ' lf " 5 f :'r1f:r:' 22?-iii: V 7 " ' a hectic day. .m ij' v . ff ia' W , ,, . an . D .left ' Qi Q 'iii' f- -av M y ,,, 1 :ive ye f " '51, Us-. , 4 5-if . 4, if 1 S '5 i 5. it . .L fx . . ' ' "5","'v' ,im , , 1 ww, 1 :" . ' in 'v-' T ,1 f-- -we tl, A gf 'ti l .fe V . it L- in A at vu' kr .., . 'X ' K r - ".. ie , l 'A ii 5 ,A Q f .lt ' , Q .if ,. , il A :QQ .V - - . 4' L " . ff' ::. R ,fr I 'V I " E Q x ey V? rny , Q M , ' r S r , ey., ' 1 5 ' 'I Warehouse, Bill White, Tom Wilson, Cathy Homeroom 225 Benjamin, Sherrida Broom, Phil Caton, Walt Cole, Judy Decker, Mynette Hausken, Steve Kromm, Jill Lindeblad, Gary Linden, Jackie Maple, Gene Merritt, Bill Northquist, Sue Page, Glenda Pagel, Debbie Palmer, Darlene Pearson, Gary Phillips, Sheila Rogers, Lee Saville, John Seagrave, George Senter, Lance It's 2:30, and students are leaving after Judy Rowland, John La Vigne, Shellie Sale, and Cheryl Lawson seem to be concentrating on their typing assignment. Bland, Roberta Brand, Kathy Burr, Steve Cowin, Sharon Everett, Kathy Gates, Dan Graham, Bill Haux, Sandy l-Iill, Duane Huston, Pat James, Bill Lawson, Greg Marrs, Darlene Masters, Gary Maxwell, Doug Meredith, Jan Nlms, Ann Pesik, Patti N: ik , A 'fs L 9 rift-tQ25f'5'q' Tif:" if . A , ' K' 1' -, ig EL y V f V V ," z 5 1 A R 5 B il af ,,,., L 59 6 c-Q - ' -f ,S 4. . fill . ,,,. ,far '1 ,'. M, f.': , rn i f " .xi V, I, Q 1- K T D iii S A r if rlelol rr? Q, f , .4 . 1 V , V, --W 2 .. , y, i,,,iK V ,gm ., ig- t Am f at 'EE r 'Su-,w Q 1 S Q :sf rr X 1 K V 'LL KK i K ' Homeroom 309 gCont.b " KK , ' - '55 Roberson, Henry L D. 5 in 7',5"L3 Roper, Neil ' 4 " fi Russell, Jay , .Q K 'g R Sf ' V ' gp " 'wifi K Scott, Doug ' . " I Simpson, Lewis Stern, Laura of fa Q. Lrg? ,L K K K K K ,Fi will in 5115 'T ,!L J, Stewart, David - :li , l 'Rf , , jg 3 L Stonehoeker, Leona V. ' Tuter, Dean -.,.. fi + ye. -. V' Vaughn, Judie I ' KL ,,N Walkup, Dennis ' I ' A Willis, Georgia , . . ' i . K Y A Homeroom 323 3, K4 KK Alexander, Barney K h fi C' , K Barrick, Greg WJ, K LK ,K 5 Cross, Vicki 47:1 rf' 3 .K .LK - Lg " sf' i..-fix ' A ,hm ,f3,iaL1, 1 - '1- N f f ig ' , a l' I , I New-5 T K 11 Cutter, Garolyn - 5 ' - Dolan, Dlane ' ',V H - Emmel, Steve V "" i + J ' ' ,..,.,,. f, ' f r 1 4 "Maybe I won't take Chemistry next year," Neil Snider frightj seems to say as he and John Datson, Tom Brown and Dick Thomas do a biology experiment. Homeroom 323 Co Il t. McDonald , Kerry McRae, Paul Meuler, Dale Pettis, Linda Rash, Ron Ross, Larry Rowicki, John Tuter, Mick Vaughn, Tom Verhaag, Eileen Vivit, Jean Wald, Sandy Webb, Marcia Homeroom 418 Allbery, Steve Atwood, Pat Brower, Bill Bugenhagen, Vicki Carter, Isaac Cuffin, Cynthia Davis, Dorothy Davis, Eric Dolan, Dick Egger, Mike Fox, Ruby ,GKKKKK K K K K - ns- 9 ' fl L , K :F W' ' K . LK gy KK -, vw, J fi . K ,L K .2 11 I ,'l,,1,,, J 521,415 so f rut , L, L W W. , 62 I K V X A 1" K w L' H , -' KK K , W A L K K - I , ..- 5 s F 'W f f f? mi! .FM L vw fi wb: ,C L K L M w. S ,ff A' 'K 1 A ur? -,..-.9 t W. M K yi "" f1,iK,Lf" f.. -VN ,, v our pun DV Q' A L sts 0 ,Ki L J L, SK , L K , , W, L, l g , , , Ls K K KKK. , L, i' if Q, f " o f J i -:L -: as Ls 1? .Lfdfifif S V A- -:1. I - i- S L :':'- i X 4 at lL Hi " Sophomores are required to "Maybe I'm not hungry after all! read Julius Caesar for Eng- lish. - -' r, Fry, Larry a ' 1? A ' Q i R Findley, Ruth Galvin, Larry . . ""' L' 3 Gill, Sandra Gates, Marv ., D - fs Ki ,KK K Goolie, Molinda. House, Leslie 431 - 1 - L V if i if f Xl J KKK. . VK L' ,E , , Q Q - ,, - - - ig,-L - wi- it gs wi 4 X f N , f ' , 'ii',"g'7'ii. ' Y L L K , K KK-. . :L L -1 KKKK K K: L K Jensen, Kathy L v ' NK K : - ' mf 6 KGSVY, B111 Johnson, Cheryl ,K J K o t r t'KK- 1? K ' .K KL if F- f Larson, -Shirley Johnson, Paulette ',-' ' 'Z -I f' 'KKLL L " A Lewis, Karen Knight, Larry - x ii 5, ' i i K y L, KK KK K KKK KK,, . gf, ,KKK L , s ' 2' ' ii 5 ,ffff 5 K v ""'K- 4 ' e A J 1 Q A . si 'M I f si-'f if ' LK' in r M 'L zz, 5 1 , . f 9 'i 5 .ei xh -15, fe ig. -np, limi' f Q M . : , klgffjri rr, 5 il' . wi H.. ' JI gl 'fl 'UD sa M 1 ? .N ..y,' a, ,mr ,X - Ext 1, ',. . , 3 rf ,R if wi," , , I ' A y . A KZ. s-1,.g. 4 5x ff! '+ Tk G K , eff K1 'Ke ,X .... ,W I K er :ef K i 5 ,B pf 2119 'Z if ,W ' H. 1 m . L., ,,.. ' Xil w,. 'gg J 1 A E. i W. I V : gs A+ - k 7 W , Qrifffi -f2- ':-- : f' . X f . . Q i, v -mf-r, .,, I V, l i k 7 12 3' "F ,J ,..A 331. ., .pq.f,,,,B .?.,1..3,-P'W:'fS'-ff" lm - 3 rf' Florez, Nikki Ford, Karl Graham, Kevin E g l S S K gif iii, ,K -:L , 'x , - ix J VW,, A .A , 6. V eyrr ' J i s I 3 ' V . , , , ir-,, 3, ' NS 2 M , 1 , K1 22, ' 'N rlggg Homeroom 418 gCont. Koch, Ron Kvalevog, Jim Likarish, Greg Morgan, Lonnie Mullen, Kathryn Palmer, Bob Robar, Karen Salvage, Pat. Stanley, Sheron Ullrich, Don Homeroom 411 Ashford, Don Barline, Linda Bierig, Nadine Coyle, Kathie Dahs, Curtis Daves, Janet Davis, Cap Donais, Ralph Duehning, Kay Evans, Donna Greenwood, Charles Haile, Denise Lercli, Mary MacNaughLon, Tom Melby, Frank Melby, Becky Mills, Sandra Morgan, Randy Pearson, Linda Pfarr, Mary Meg Ross, Dick Shoemaker, Cecelia Vaughan, Jane Westfall, Dave Wilcox, Randy Wright., Dave Homeroom 222 Anderson, Billie Bartoletm, Marilyn Bristlin, Terisha Carrico, Frank Chavez, Don Delong, Kim Fairbrother, Party Feaster, Lynn Haas, Nances Hendrickson, Doug Hooke, Dave Jarrad, Ken Jones, Tom Jordan, Mike Lavigne, John March, Mary Miller, Dick Moore, Joanne Owens, Mary Lee Parker, Brad Pfeifer, Penny Redd, Vickie Reida, Wayne Schiffner, Mike Sian, Doug Thomas, Dick Walker, Jon Wolf, Andy Wren , Mary Swischenberger, Laurel A -Q - , - 4 ' 5 'ff' , if If is , ,, J A E, in - ,sg ,f V .,, , ,I . Q , A -vfilafg . 4 ': , r I f.,' 'VV 5-??7f'9".'fd 55 -7'i','4f- ,L f'w,"-v- MAA , , i .kiwi 7' J 52 ,HIYU + .iw flr' ie ,ffl af "f ' 5-5 ,L 1356 . ,,f, "v'rf-'lf fr A 3 ,. X L is 'iflilll : if 4715 lm mi I mi il JW' iii: 2 .4 .J ,Q ri ' 1 KA 1 ' ,, 1 haf ' f .. ' ,X . , r f l Na ' 4? A 5. , , J D., Q6 ' W ,R k , 5 i J ' 5, H, -' 'ff Q . c, -' J A 1 lv, ' ' ' 2 . aw w ,,- . - .,., , 5 V S' W'g2 , ,, Q, , ,i , a ' ' fi U' P' W, , if 'K ' V x K .. ., - " 'E 45912, ,, ,,r, X V fn., 4, A, has i.r:.J:'4?2r7l'f K Q. if "L, X, 5, -, gh , , We , as :Emu S! pa " B' ' ' ,N fs. lm X K Q - V,,q e V y fwlx-1 - w W 4 a ll 5 S A i . : -1 ' ,Tl , .VM ff-ww' 1 lrryy our 1 for 1 1, r s ,yee ' 1 4 f 2 z- f.,77f ll FIQOSH Shown getting their first taste of North Central tradition arc- freshmen Greg Sarber, Jim Fos ter, John Branda, Carol Farrell, Peggy Brown, and Chris Bailey. . ,K A Sa... , f 5, 5 , 1 .img 5 if Y' IQ' QNX' izzf 1 i5,...s .5-5 1 ffm .idle ii ,, ,. . . .-f ff .X fl? ,wif . , A y , - ,,.""M:ii ., it N 1 '7' Homeroom 221 Blair Aiken, John Bruya, Don Chandler Fnraone Curran, Kelley Davis, Jerry DeLauder, Tim Galvin, Patricia Groh, Janice Homeroom 221 fCont.l Willis, Duane Homeroom 221 Bundy Hengen, Bruce Hildreth, Muriel Hill, Marsha Hirst, Connie Hirst, Gary Y H622 1 J L. ' ,V p ':l- .- A fglll' if? V g f . iff' I iliffr aes Y ti. wi' it i' .wwe . VA i Qfvyi L,,' V Y 'Ze A f ,fs . ai, .... .-., N - f Kane, Harold Hoover, Kelvin 4 . 6 A Roseberry, Ann Hubbard, Barbara ' " 3 I ' Seger, Vicki Hunstad, Tom I 5 , V' ff' . I Lie' ..ifi. Seibert' Shan' if an if 'bg A ii iii Qi, ,Y . at Krogh, Lois N ' "E ' Freshman S irit Great U .lf A ,f Freshmen, the ones who know they don't know. This statement sums up the true bewilderment which was a major characteristic of every freshman that wandered V through North Central. Being completely new to customs, rules and crowded halls, the freshmen were often the cause Law, Marcia 2 .13 of hall congestion, the disorganized cafeteria lines and the . nearly hysteric freshman teachers seen muttering over their tardy sheets. if 1- ir "Hello, Mom, I forgot my lunch again," sa ys Kathy Alexander. The hope of some day becoming an upper classman, a leader, and something besides a freshman spurred them on in spite of all the embarrassing and difficult situations they encountered. But, given a little time, the freshmen began to settle down and take a firm grip on their classes and soon were out rooting for the team at nearly every sports event. A great deal of their discipline and enthusiasm was due to the interest and concern of their homeroom teachers. Soon classes became settled, and the newcomers showed interest in their subjects,putting smiles back on their teachers' faces. K , L Seigal, Janice monroe- Eonuie r' ' 'V I ' Sorenson, Rick unya-U' -Oy f N5 "V' .,,,, if Stannard, Jerry Nelson- Lmus J " ft . i.: Sugrue, Marcia ' ' if Q v if 5 1 'i "' ' , ' -r '- , ., " V N' '- K i "il, 151 5? ' .."' i' . I ,X Trantum, Therese Overfield' Bill I . L f Tyree, Mary Owen, Pat - iv .. Walker Ron Patterson, Candy 'f V, Ward, Veldeen ,. 4 an 'ii , ' "Tx X , rl Q T "" E 14, N Weatherly, Roxie Peterson, Debra Vi Qwf ' . "f A -- ,K Warwick Bob Petruss, Lauretta .WM 2 Wethereu, Mike Phillips, Valerie .. f, A 4 . Wieber, Jackie . were -f A 'V I 1 ' ' S ' Lawrence, Dan MacPherson, Kevin fr - vm ,.-5 1. rex f ui K X ,S 1, ,rue . , 'ks '71 X m ek! , ff, T I I I . is M" f ' . I K 5 ,' S ei, N ' ja ,fl V , ik 5 5 E 5 i if aan . 5 , .' , A X Q? rm f ' A . .-N i , ' I ie ww' K. ings "rm 2 -.-,V S 2 . AV VV3 Homeroom 221 Cont. Q Homeroom 002 QCont. Q 3 ' ik , ' ' xii Pielli, Ron Mason, Robert i ' Q i i ' -V KV Pillsbury, Donna Moffitt, Glenn V Y' gi' M '. .-P ' Price, Pat Morlan, Dusty VV V . Oulman, Matt K' . f Q s gs- 4, Q L , ,I ' HW' , 5 A V V -::' Risen, Chuck Parkins, Jackie 'V fr ' V t V Vi Sather, Kathy Radmer, Richard V ' sig, ,LV V .W V 'ft' .. rj. K Homeroom 002 Robideaux, Barbara 'k" V7 fi? ,7 ...V I ' Branda, John Ross, Jim V VVVV VV , 5 V,fVV.VVVVV V V VV, 3, , y,iy f V , ,. . X, J '. . ' ff. ,X t Q 4 , . iv.. -. .. . . Q ' Brown, Peggy Seigie, Allen W. I in - M . . . V V ' , Browning, Ailene Sniokas, Christie L' 3 Q P - 5 . 'V ,l x V' Cooper, David Spann, Ginny -RF V' Va, '," K " N ' 7 ' if Trautman, John ,M -f,, . 1 -1 . VV, .,,- fi I .V its ,E X A 1 ' ri . i . f +5 'tw I 1 K of if ff,f"aQZf'2t-it 'V Curnpton, Dan . Freshman Year Irylng lg. 1 I Czap, A1 ,Q Q " gf' 52 1 tg., r..e Because all but one of their courses were chosen for them, the freshmen looked forward to the coming V "growing up', years, when they could determine for fl themselves what classes they wanted. In their only elec- DECRGVVJOM tive, many freshmen chose either music courses or typ- lfiff to briffhten their da and make their load seem . ma, V a fl At the end of a trying, exciting, busy, and studious ' 'M ' year, the little freshmen proved their capability of being sophomores. This experience prepared them for the rest of high school and the future beyond. ' roster, .nm V V V "Now I get it!" exelaims an alge- bra student to his instructor. gl- .J ' Weathefmwi Sue .1 .. . 5 ' i t t L ' , VV G d ,. Ch 1 wiuis, Mei no ,V fi-gf ' , .V V . H, ik o mn, ery e 5- A V . Vrf V .f Hansem Chuck Homeroom 308 , V 'N V as , M if ' Hobbs, Donna Alexander' Kathy '. bf WX " 1 E V ' K I Beckman, Raymond rx A X K . 2 sz, V. ,V ,V . V Val .,.,..,...,. ...V. , 0 1 'A -1 4 Binder. Greg ' . V K V Q- Hunk Kathy Erangengurgef, Pat i S X V iVVVVV:,V f r V V Hunt, Randy ouc , eorgianna Q V V N '- ft Tr- Knutson, David Chapman' Kathy if , . 5. x, Hp fin , f i V "il ,...zx2zzYiii -r. , f fi" 'I tw, V , - Q , V 1: ::1:r' ""' l NI gil ' K - f sl 'I N . , DeArth Arnie 4433 if f 'sw . -- " 4- - ' ,A 5... .. I X t Krous, Teresa Eewitt' guifn ld 1 ,. XV XQ l' Larkin, Debra Dug usb' iujol 33 ' ' t ... 5 ' ' , I V 14-4' Lunzer Ken Edwards, Emilie I A f 7' 9 ? ' lffr ' 1 .- 1 - S-.L M ' 1 fr 1, ist? ' , . s . faq i 5 li I N X' it xl -? fir ' 2 -94: M igifyililg Q t it . l 1 49' -at 4- 1 Y fs if t +55 f- hifi 97 .4 Many girls receive serving instructions in their freshman Home Economics classes. C 1 E , , 5. ,r M, 1. , af ' v '-nv 1 v : .ew , , it trzc- L me re, K --. ia 'N Q V 5' W, 5 E 'R K5 ,Wav if or K 1 0--ff: .5 J 7 , wi if E i' f ' 1 Q it ir 5 HWWMHW ' ka 1 - H 1. ,. Q fu? 9 5 Vis 5 ' ' , l Y an 5 ' - 1-fi i fg 1 5 ,i A ,355 is 5 'KL-Q Mit , 'T-1 Q: ' .Y - ' a To 1 1 1 ri r , k Li H La , 98 y ADV X , ,N , SF 2553 1 11 ,,,. if W fel, , 1 vf xc , c. n 'X ,fir X f... '-2,4 ,,.:. W -w+b" ef-an W Homeroom 308 gCont.p Emoto, Connie Hawk, Eugene Hendrix, Diane Kerr, Colleen Malott, Doug Martin, Brad Mattoon, Judy Mulberry, Marcia O'Neill, Linda Ormberg, James Prosser, Wally Sliz, Allen Sullivan, Cecilia Sullivan, Scott Turbert, Anim U11-igg, Gregg Wolfrum, Brad Woo, Tom Zielinski, Ute Homeroom 101 Abbott, Bob Ahrendt, Billie Homeroom 101 gCont.y Aiken, Sandy Barzee, Peggy Bass, Jolm Bell, George Bennett, Vicki Biem, Curtis Bouck, Steve Bradford, Rick Bush, Bill Cartee, Linda Carter, Debbie Christensen, Bob Doherty, Rick Dyreson, Sandy Earling, Jane Edlin, Lora Erickson, Robert Fleck, Robert kv, ,- at a- li gi ' ' if i f I . ,. A 'i i I i , er If ei: F ff - , if , ,... , Q Carly, Sandra Czintlon, Mike 'V' F m-t i 9, .rgta L kylfeif, i B213 ?Q4McW3l5V L?f'ji'1'i'i7'?:'-Vfi 35132 2 5 344 f ,f1f,,f.-a- . H U,,. 1 Q W 1,-' , f iiiff 2 ,....,.W. -V' ' '-4 .. sf vt, 'W Q 4 V x as qi xiii 3 wk ,f'3w,x V' f rfg' 33 , a -1545. fei is m 57 K 'Q 32" ix :fefutizt-,.1:: kzvwfr-is 'eww ,Z-4.39-1'3.', ...tilt '--t:m5y.'1-:z:- x ,. M , ,25:,.- wgw- L Q .-vi., 1.-1 S ., x 1 , i rrrrrr K ' e ,,w . if 2 ,lg H , it Ffiwzgl L x., P I - ..: i .. :,,,.,?3E , in -L RSL" 'N 14. ,M vzpqg r,xi,M? X f .C K 3, , I f . fivyi , . 'Til' 4, via 'av x, .. , 1 . Vs S' N 'Ta S 'WJ R 1 L, 'if' ,i la"-1 " ur S 9 '15 -gg? ,swf A is f ff, 46 5- ' , X V L L , . C 1 sr. - - ,xr .. ,VVLV 5, V .. N .-. g P- V.5,1f:,,i,f. ,,,,, fe if 19321, ,. 0- . ' ' ' -- ' or I W , as ' x 'Wx '? gf. '2'13'f-3.31 , 'f2'g:Y'j,,3, ' i, 54 C 37' as 3 T. ' N 5 '-:jg I at I -' f L 1' N as. M7 NK, - in f I i I is -'N " B ,+'f't" , , : 7 Y ' f -' I . , , fa q. f 3 '- K! ' ' T ,fi 'E ' mf' 5 . Q ' - 53 i ,Q .fi V 111 V Homeroom lOl Cont. Gunstrom, Lois Haupt, Ruth Hiller, Steve Hopkins, Leigh Jones, Jocelyn Kennedy, Ben Kerr, Catherine Kitterman, Mike Kruger, Don Lowden, Wayne McCormack, Ed Homeroom 221 Allbery, Norm Anderson, Ron Arnold, Sue Bigelow, Charles Boles, Caprice Bosch, John Boyson, Mark Bower, Bob Browning, Arlene Brunner, Mike Homeroom 221 gCont. Carpenter, Melody Carver, Kathy Clayton, Cindy Cronin, Eileen Cullitan, Randy Culp, Steve Currier, Sue English, Jerry Franklin, Ben Haney, Roland Havens, Gregg Hawley, Bill Roberts, Kerry Roof, Debbie Homeroom lll Betts, Patty Birtles, Virginia Boyce, Bob Campbell, Toni x , ' .,.o A you fi, .M ,- i 4 new , 'wwf .W-X Q, ' 3 ' :hw 9 , ". fbi 3? , . f , Jw, ,L . ' 1 f , i 'M H Q 'RQ 4 ff 15' P , Garbarino, Diana Greer, Clu'istina Rjq ,w . . fi-,gif gf' it Kawai" K ' Mn fx' .W E3 37V W C iii ' V' i lo 9 -ir, , V 5 Vlyvuul ' 5 in A ixv or wiser 2 x - 4 x Ja ery- vs , 2 if- is A Wrestling is one of the many activities offered in frosh boys' PE. 99 5 2- ' if 1 ,iiifi 3 4. . ,I Q Canter Steve Combs Spencer W. i bv- it Homeroom 111 Cont.Q X , Q - , Mi ' T W 537 it ' L A 1'-- ' w 5, , ,,.: P3 .,, M Q 3 Q ,,V. 2 - 111 45 'I S, ,f 3 ,X .V.,1 fi V W, 5 ., Compton Bob Cress, Ginnie Endicott, Chuck Hagen, Connie Hobbs, Darrell Losh, Richard V Typical traits of freshmen are: disinterest .roast-'Q , V ' A Kg, , , . V fe , f , ,f Q fi if f ' 1 i lwjg? , hifi- I f , K . -s i V, ,.Vf 2 7' N M" W . K M . H , ,A ,, ,Q 4 i!' I . ex fp 5 A U N ' Vg ' , ' 11, - ,,,, a n 'X , iw 'L f'f'5' 5' 'io' I A . I ' 7, 'fy K I ,S gy ,yf 1- V5 1 x Q , Q 3 We mf, -X Vg? 1 4, .' ,Q 1 , I Maley, Elaine McAndrews, Mary Meyers, Gene O'Mcara, Ralph O'Nei1l, Mac Perkins, Jim Pickens, David Roseberry, Mary Smith, Stan Spidle, Charlotte Stafford, Jack Tnlnrico, Thomas Tollcfsen, Mark Waggener, Mary Homeroom 319 Berens, Bill Cameron, Kathy Cervantes, Fred Cox, Kathy Durgan, Joe Edlin, Tony Homeroom 319 C nt.p Farrell, Carol Farwell, Brian Gebeke, Laura Holzer, Tom Judd, Jerry Kostelecky, Tom Lee, Kathy Lloyd, Vincent Louden, Lorna Mott, Joe Oglesbee, Steve Orne, Barbara Payne, Craig Peterson, Cheryl Reagan, Nadine Sarber, Greg Schafer, Penny Scharlf, Bob Tussey, Bob Vaughn, Bonnie Ventola, Pam V if 'S S t x C , ,C - fi t . 'F' 5 3 9,1 ,, i 8, 'i i " Q Q.,- . L: JE5., , . .mm , ,. A E, ,, 13 I' ' i K K qty as 1 Yi ' 5 -x1'Q'fi7:9F',lY' i ,if - , - , ,. 'if' - ,Q S 5 7' S 4' ,. N ix 'N X 'J' -1 it 1 gg., , ,Ve'-'gtjif ' S52 if 'Z Ailliffi l .E kai, Il Q C 3 S H' V. fu-Q V M 'QI ':s- my lk Vie l Z xg ill-Q it A .1 :Ms l t Q l-lomeroom 319 fCont.j Zielinslci, Klaus Homeroom 310 Bartlett, Wendy Blizzard, Bob Brown, Kevin Burr, Bruce Calhoon, Gary " wg., ' owl, ,vs Y K' ma vw . '- ' 55 ' of ' Q1 :..a. :a T , 5 + fi, ' 1 'E "Q 5753 , Q . 7 .,,. s W - . tree ,F 'Y' ,, , fa N 9 1 r 3 1 rv, 7 wa.- Qfx Q -Sal: . . concentration Cameron, Tom Christensen, Georgia Costello, Tom Fry, Ray Geng, Linda Goodman, Elaine Graham, Candy Hilby, Rich Larison, Bruce Lesser, Bruce lVlcMullin, Paul Neely, Barbara Peterschlck, Darlene Rainey, Les Rhodes, Ross Homeroom 310 . Riese, Eric Samms, Glenn Sanford, Judy Shaw, Daryl Smith, Steve Thur, Ron Welch, Rick Home-room 322 Allen, Monte Atwood, Jack Beam, Tom Brown, Shirley Calvert, Buddy DeC2tro, Sam Emter, Linda Evenmo, Arlyne Frazier, Bill Gill, Linda Goodell, Jeff Gosline, 'l'om Graham, Darlene , 2 5,1 ff 5 IU Q. ff 5 VL i . 41 w l . i, 54 R 5 E ' X n x xr B 4 "- "lf 3. , f ' H. '1 ff f 5. Cont - L1 K-' 5, 1 if 4 , Q gift? t QE ku, I xg Q -7 :eff Q' 39' , f -. , G , "EN ' a . " 7e. : 1 4 . r? 'Fei am 21. M J ES? S Y K., . 5 'T ,. 'Y ,, .hy .- f - t ' nd-an -, .LA I., . , a s rir. l D rlsil i , . ' f.. V. . ,Q Rf it , R 57 ., 2 4 l a s Greenwood, John Horrell, Corky Knutson, Marcella Kraay, Tony Labrie, Cherri Lernmons, Sherry Logan, Anita Matthews, I-'ae J, N , Qc., mtl rl 4: . ,Q wonderment. in ,f '15, A I W LV ' 1... ' .Jam ' H N ,H G It V 5 4 V H 'Y ,. ' l iy- ti D' if 7 3 JJ ' T' l -9 lOl X fi wr W S ' 1 i NF' , fl.-fi 5 f K' ii 2 u- ek if V , ff, 3 .-ff . 1 V. - , ,H if N fr ji, .,,, ,. I .,,,, , 1 i' F' 'Z ,,v E X A -hnnr ' L 2 , ,,,, , fix w Q w ,, vi V,,h. , Q .. i , W-1 if . ' ' f ,. W , any lO2 The freshmen in the balcony seem very Homeroom 322 Cont. McGi1vr:1, Jean Mitchell, Slove Pnrkins, Lindam Peonc, iid Rounds, Sue Ryckman, Al Shane, Mike Smyth, Carol Trevillyan, Mike Voelker, Jerry Homeroom 101 McConnell, Jeff Nelson, Susan O'Lezi1'y, Shannon Olson, Niki Pnschnll, John PorLrey, Boyce Prophet, Karen Rnclmer, Mae Riclmrils, Vickie Rooney, Jimmy llomeroom 101 gConL.p Rowickl, Michael Schuenexnainn, 1-'red Smith, Bob Smith, Scou Solem, Ron Summers, Ben Swanson, Nancy Thompson, Doug Thompson, Leanne Torrance, Michael Trevillyan, Ann Versteeg, Tom Wacker, Priscilla While, Pat Wilponen, Don 1 N, ,. K A , 9, IX ' ' I k H in K 125 lxf. ,'2' el G li .lli , M n. 2-fun 5' ,, X- E ,- I I if ' fig Q Y s e YQ , S ifi L , 5" MQ. , W 4 l 4' K? 5, 5 3, interested in the con they are at tending. ,ir i s em I P 3 -if in -Y Q I J ,, , ' ,, . 3 5 L X e "' vu- iv M 1 ,fl 5 'K I Arky ,rr if wi.. . 2? 1 ,BW 8 4 L gif, if af' AfE!Q,4,zg3,Mf 'w 9 ,if f.. X X if , - V x Q '71 ve we 'ii Wolfe Don Zielinski Helga Qgnieroom 213 Allison Rhonda . Humeroom 101 jCon1..p I. , X , , .wg L.. . is Bailey, Chris Barnes, Mike Binder, Theresa Boone, Bob Burnette, lvlziurice Davidson, Beverly Dzivis, Earl Ellxman, Terry Fong, Meichele Foster, Jim Jokinen, Roy Larkin, Jim Its down the hall and to the right," Rick Welch points out to Shirley Brown. Homeroom 213 Cont. Laue, Liz Logan, Leslie Lundberg, Boyd McVziy, Eileen Millar, Vickie Phillipson, Jonnic Radmer, Louise Rayon, Larry Reed, Sharon Reegziri, Lynnda Rigg, Steve Strunk, Ken Thacker, Al Thorsen, Jeanne Tobeclc, Glenda Tonelluto, Tony Uhden, Becky Wullen, Anita Wilkinson, Karla Wright, Jim Mrs. Wayland cheerfully shows Bill Hawley merchan- dise in the bookroom. '45 W 5 We fr lame' 5 "' I X 4- ' yy ,gi-I: - 'fs .1. . , i i f iif 1 ' L ,V A 7 3. .,,. i 1. e f , W Q bile- kill K i ni-nfl W, ..,, , , AL f ,mi kr V X w K if Lk ,, . A If ,f V- s Q, , ' ,ivy ff? Q an 1 W , , if A. , ' A iii! ' " ' iffy: 9 ' I 'ii ni 5 , ,' i , W ' , , Alfie K F I I I , M, I, .s ry , r g X ' '- - ff lO3 ' 1 ,rwirm .ffm 'X bww . I A A 11432: 'ex 42 JV MHZ , i ,f.m zwgq 1 .-.P if ii 2? W' A Vw ' Lp ! J N' 'f .5 my 1? ,. , Lf G 5 ,Q T . if ,Q k fx 7' I lv ,Q , ! 1 Q 2 6,21 -Q :Jn -fe, rf v 'Het dcii "l'i Moccasins arc made to fit the need of the wearer- from light to heavy, unbeaded to ornately decorated. So today do we change shoes to Ht our activities and their needs. Through these activities, a greater knowledge of ourselves and others is learned. 'I is ' " xx X F X M MW Pwwr' 1A"""29 Russ Oslund Randy Thompson President Vice President WEEK. Robin Brockway Donna Revard Secretary Treasurer Fall ASB Collects Books The Associated Student Body, during the fall semester, sponsored many varied activities in order to acquaint the students of North Central with their school. The first Friday of the 1965-1966 school year, September 10, was featured by an ASB Get-Acquainted Mixer. The following week, September 13-17, was HELLO On Qctober 1, the ASB Carnival was held. The ASB took charge of the jail. The carnival was supported by the present students and the alumni of North Central. Robin Brockway was chosen as Football Queen at the third annual Football Festival on October 15. Sally Meranda and Donna Newberg were chosen as her princesses. This event was a grand success. The ASB Thanksgiving Con was held on November 24. The program was Bruce Wald Fifth Executive Amcricanjf centered around a musical presentation by the A Cappella Choir, called H1 Am An "Sleigh Bells" was the theme of the ASB Christmas date dance. It was held on December 10, with 'lCandy and the Casuals" playing. Co-recreation nights were held on November 29 and 30 and on January 10 and 11. The ASB also sponsored a paperback book drive to send toboys in Viet Nam. uGee, the floor's crowded." "Isnlt the tree huge?" These were some of the comments at the ASB Christmas Dance. 106 Pausing for a few moments, Mr. Kenneth Mhyre poses with the Fall ASB officers, Russ Oslund, Bruce Wald, Robin Brockway, Randy Thompson and Donna Revard. Y Sally Meranda Debbie Steidl David Neff Rick Giarnpietri Treasurer Secretary Vice President President Mixer Given by Spring ASB During thc spring semester, the Associated Student Body sponsored various activities. ' On Friday, March ll, the ASB Mixer was held which was enjoyed by all who attended. More pep cons were presented to the student body by the Pep Gom- mittee. Although there were fewer than in the fall semester, they brought recognition to the spring sports' teelins. The Teen-Talk Gonnnittce made further plans for a patriotic con. The Landscaping Connnittcc niude additional plans for beautifying our school grounds. Further plans were inzide for the football scoreboard. On May lfl, the North fic-ntrzll Studs-nt Body cast their votes in the ASB General Election. - Chuck Wilkerson Cons to introduce new students lo our school were held on May 31 Fifth Executive and -lime l. l V, .f -gff Rick Giarnpetri accepts the original version of Shadle's water tower from Russ Oslund. The original tower is red and black, while Shadle's copy is green and gold. Cathy Pesik, Gwen Furgeson, and Gael Shellenberger stop while signing up for spring semester ASB activities. lO7 Fall Senate Fall Senators were Pam Bowcutt, Tim Burchett, Cheryl Rayon, Wayne Reida, Pam Nakagawa, and Dan Mitchell. The North Central Senate was made up of one girl and one boy from each class level. All issues pertaining to school affairs were first approved by the Senate be- fore presented to the House of Representatives. North Central, the last remain- ing school with a bicameral legis- lature, voted in January to adopt the unicamcral form of govern- ment. Thus the fall Senators of 1965 were the last at North Cen- tral. House of Representatives An elected member of each homeroom met each Wlednesday morning in the cafeteria to con- duct business in the House of Representatives. All issues con- cerning the students of North Central arc brought before this body. On Wednesday mornings lively discussions could be heard with many representatives taking an active part in our school gov- ernment. Rick Giampietri is shown conducting a House of Representatives' meeting. i 1 1 Twinlow The fall presidents of ASB and Girls' League, Russ Cslund and Karin Compton, were chosen to represent North Central at Twinlow. Students from all over the state met on the lower Twin Lake in Idaho to discuss and learn about leadership and or- ganization. Trying to get a ride to Twinlow, Russ Oslund and Karen Compton seem to be traveling light. Q g u I 1.....,,,g,,M J N' . A, N J, V , ,C . " -5- A 1-Lf"f"'-ff f Ara-Est' , wr- A i , , 45 ,M W- Q -- .. ' 1+ YW ' 3f'!x.W A , Q' , N Y ' , t-ft aa 5, T "'f' -f T 2 r an f "M -'gf 1 "' " C, ' fr'1Js.' :F 7, "U L, ,- L H ,,,,..........-- K'We're going to Ellensburg representing North Central." Donna Revard and Terry Starr are shown leaving for Girls, State. Girls' State Learning the meaning and use of democratic forms of American government is the purpose of Girls' State Leadership camp. Terry Starr and Donna Revard returned to North Central full of enthusiasm and with a better knowledge of leadership. Cities were organized and Terry Starr was elect- ed mayor of a hport city." A State Legislator was chosen along with all types and levels of leadership which were studied. Boys State Mike Johnson, .lim Seedorf, and Mike Wickstead represented North Central at Boys' State last summer. Chosen from the .Iunior class, these school leaders learned about the responsibilities and privileges of an American citizen and the actual working of the gov- ernment. ll Ill "We're off! Let's get these pictures over with so we can be on our way to Boys, State,' seems to be the common cry of Mike Wickstead, Mike Johnson, and Jim Seedorf. lO9 A - - .1 ff Fall Teen Talk Committee - Left to right: First row: Connie Hirst, Karen Bjaaland, Leslie Logan. Second row: Pat Chantry, Pat Ander- son, Kathy Alexander. -ls 1-M Freshman-Sophomore Senator Committee-Left to right: First row: Claudia Bare, Janet Daves, Leslie Logan, Janice Groh, Sherry Lem- mons. Second row: Ruth Haupt, Maria Webb, Timmie Pesik, Pris- cilla Wacker. Mona LaPlante, Jeanne Thorsen. Third row: Patti Dunn, Carol Sather, Vicki Segar, Carol Farrell, Marcella Knutson. HO Spring Teen Talk Committee -- Left to right: First row: Fran Oth- mer, Suzanne Heine, Marcia Webb. Second row: Cathy Wilson, Sharon Steitman, Bernice Stills. Students Are Involved il we-rin Junior-Senior Senator Committee - Left to right: First row: Kathy Midkiff, Dana Gates, Peggy Henning, Marilyn Bowell, April Parish, Ardath Chung. Second row: Kris Evans, Suzanne Matti, Sharon Steitman, Judy Albery, Fran Othmer, Sandy Kostelecky. Third row: Sharon jones, Laurel Havens, Betty Peters, Janine Wells, Ruth Campbell. -.X lk.. Carnival Committee - Left to right: First row: Penny Pfeffer, Gail Coyte, Kathy Bul- lis. Second row: Bonnie Remmers, Don Pud- dy, Jill Bodvin. Third row: Tom Krell, Dave Hooke. Building Committee 1 Left to right: First row: Gayle Northcutt, Kathy Iluhnke, Linda Nicholson. Second row: Gordan Peonc, Jackie Mouser, Blike Johnson. umerous Activities in ' "',' -W X-ivayvx iq. V 'A 1 .-we 1' f " T er A fs-ia fr- A g .- ' ,A Q J. xx, Tai 4. P f 1 1- . 'A 'Q f' , qv' Fall Mixer Committee S Left to right: First row: Sue Rounds, Denise Bambino, Dayle Haskins. Second row: Doug Thompson, Rick Giampietri, Don McGuire. 1' Fall Date Dance Committee - Left to right: First row: Chris Fritz, Pam Riccio, Bev Saruwatari, Deb- bie Bouten. Second row: Larry Thompson, Beccy Marshall, Butch Mickus. Even though North Central placed last, Mike Johnson, Safe Driving representative, was elected president of the AAA Safe Driving League of Spokane. pw- i 4 I g f f iv- , fggi -4, x eff 1, 'fm it, 1 f 1 A ian 'mf' 'Q . " Q 55 ' A I Kg -L ME ,mrs jj. 5. M. 1, ii ffl' . K '-Y. 7" . 1, f .,,,. iff Spring Dance CommitteefLeft to right: First row: Leslie Logan, Cathy Mandt, Joan Martin. Second row: Sue Durgan, Phyllis Heise, Valera Frankfurth. Third row: John Andersen, Micki Forry, Steve Adams. iii . K. V, Q .ya ' 5 lf2li.t.,f . : ' . - L, .A .7 f ii f:L ., ,,.,., 1 t - X X I ,, A W Nt X, l . v K Fall Election Committee 1 Lcft to right: First row: Diane Pc-arsall, Spring Election Committee Q Left to right: First row: Patti Pesik, Kathy Vernon, Dc-loris Hall, Cathy Coleman. Sf-Cond row: Marilyn Jeannie Sabiston, Julia Caven, Linda Killian. Scrond row: Roberta Northquist, Judy Hamp, Ken Grimm, Judy Rowland. Bland, Ralph Radmer, Terry Galambie. Third row: Pat Chantry, Cathy Pesik, Sandy Pederson, Gail Burkhart. ASB Com m ittees Pla 105 2 t-' ' lim i T . Fall Co Rec Committee f Left to right: First row: Judy Vaughn, Spring Co Rec Committee - Left to right: First row: Cheryl Ray- Roberta Bland, Gwen Furgeson, Cathy Davies. Second row: Terry on, Debbie Carter, Fran Othmer, Becky Stone, Vicki Coldh. Second Hanson, Star Pichette, Micki Forry, Terry Galambie. Third row: row: Peggy Plumb, Penny Pfeffer, Jill Adams, Marcia Law. Third Jeannie Sabiston, Yvette Broadwell, Susie Northquist, Eva Ferraby. row: Tom Krell, Al Strom, Phil Huey, Greg Kapfer. 112 K' ff . Fall Publicity Committee - Left to right: First row: .Io Seitz, Mikki Spring Publicity Committee -- Left to right: First row: Ardath Pasicznyk, Sheryl Pickens. Second row: Sally Pickens, Barbara Soapes, Chung, Kathy Lannigan. Second row: Terry Davey, Mike Taylor, Jan Naylor. Third row: Bob Drury, Barry Lawson, Hank Green. ' I ntl re Year S Events Connie Montgomery. Third row: Kathy juhnke, Chris Fritz. BBQ Honors Committee - Left to right: First row: Joss Jones, Sharon Binder, Jane Vaughan, Patty McLaughlin. Second row: Mike Wick- stead, Ken Grimm, Don Bradley. . 5 ' Wi. Q 7 S Xb T Pep Committee - Left to right: First row: Elaine Rounds, Vicki Cobb, Marilyn Pasicznyk, Cheryl Perkins, Sue Arnold. Second row: Jack Rizzuto, Penny Schafer, Kathy Olson, Sherrie Marston, Dick Aagard. Third row: Ray Morrow, Al Strom, Gary Neiswender, Hank Green. ll3 Nz! www-yv Karen Compton Laura Cpyte President Vice-president Karen Compton Cwith back to cameraj gives Gail Coyte the Girls' League gavel as Marilyn Rail and Laura Coyte look on during the Girls' League Installation Con. Discussing activities for Girls' League are Mrs. Murray, Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Eddy, and Mrs. Stilson. I4 Lori Gausman Treasurer Marilyn Rail Secretary League Sponsors "Dogpatch Doin's" New and old met at the Girls' League Big-Little Sister Party held on September 2. Following a sack lunch, the girls enjoyed entertainment in the auditorium and then a tour of our school. The girls entertained their fathers at the Dad-Daughter Dessert on October 13. The theme this year, 'GTO Dad With Loven, was carried out as an international idea with the decorations, programs, and enter- tainment. Dogpatch Doin's, the annual Girls' League girl-ask-boy dance, was held on November 12. lt was one of the largest crowds in years. A clothes drive was sponsored by the girls of North Central along with selling ASB stationery. The Santa Claus pictures were enjoyed again this year by all girls with the five "Santas", Rick Giampietri, Bill Caruso, Mike Magers, Dave Neff, and Russ Oslund. While Marilyn Rail and Lori Gausman look enviously at Karen Comp ton sitting on Santa's lap fDave Neffj, Mike Magers, Russ Oslund, Rick Giampietri, Bill Caruso look forward to their day as Sant.. Sue Shinn Bev Saruwatari Treasurer Secretary Sunshine Committee Is Started In the spring semester, the first activities for the Girls' League were the Spring Style Show, Cotton Day Dance, and Cotton Day held on April 1. Girls modeled clothes in the style show. Following the theme L'April Showersf, the girls wore out- fits made of cotton to start the spring season. The Cotton Day Dance was boy-ask-girl or girl-ask-boy and the theme was 'fles- ler's Night Outf, Collecting "Pennies-for-Hams" for needy families and mak- ing favors for nursing homes were functions of the Easter Proj- ect Connnittee. The lviijliillll Coinniittee inade visits to Lakeland Village and sent gifts and cards. Held on May ll at 7:20 p.m. was the Mother-Daughter Tea. The Sunshine Cfoinniittee, a new project, sent cards, greet- ings, and appropriate gifts for illness and death in the school. They also sent congratulations to wrestlers and other spring ath- letes. Correspondence was renewed with our sister high school, Nishinorniya, in our sister city of the same name. Throughout the semester, the officers exchanged greeting cards wtih other high schools, on special days and holidays. They also made tags for teachers and cadets. Continuing a tradition, the Girls' League hr, 1, . 3 -. t ,B . ,V let ,il ,131 4 nil Sue Richards Gail Coyte Vice-president P resident officers wore matching outfits again this semester. j -1 M-,"'4,,,,.,. ,,1..,.f -4 Serving the North Central girls for two continuous years is the Points Committee, left to right, Gayle Northeutt, Peggy Henning, and Audrey Brooks. "Who's the girl on your left?" was the Get-Acquainted question at the Girls, League party. Players, left to right, are Mary Wren, Mar- ion Carringer, Gayle Northeutt, Pat McCammond, Maryl Sandberg, and Elaine Rounds, Busy with preparations for the Girls' League Style Show are Cathy Pesik, Marie Wold, Martha Kilmer, Elaine Rounds, Jan Littel, Audrey Brooks, Carol Austf-cl, and Rosemary Got-rx. H5 December Danelle Davies was chosen December Girl of the Month for her sin- cere personality. N ov e m b e r Sue Richards was the November Girl of the Month. She was chosen for her long hours of work as general chairman of the Dad- Daughter Dessert. H6 January For being the most courteous, Phyllis Heise was the January Girl of the Month. "Girl of The Girls' League officers continued the selection of a Girl of the Month this past year. In its third year, this award was initiated to show the Leagucls appreciation for the hard work ol' many girls. Awarded each month for def- inite reasons, it is a great honor to wear the long necklace with the Girls, League emblem. A committee consisting ol' one 1nember per club se- lected the first four girls: then Central Council took over the sometimes hard job of narrowing the selection down to one girl. October Betty Peters, October Girl of the Month, was chosen for excellent work as general chairman of the Big-Little Sister party. th Maryl Sandberg, Girl of the Month for February, was chosen as the most school-spirited. !Ionth" ls Chosen new-' ' 'mfs'-31:s,g,q', 4 in 41 ' , my f ff- We ' -. . --'72 is ,. jf , 2 , K X w " + r f img ' -a - 4jlf.ffy1Qpgim,4vwi 2,13 ,, , 5 , JH, f X W 5 , .55 :- Q'f:.ff-+6 -w--135 " -fav -f A ,f f- ' ' W .UH . :ffwif ,1,- fam , s if , Q, . In A ,.l - were - , . . I ,r: wf,f signali-:,7,zzzfirffifiw Qzf yfvf-ffl 4 ' ' f H.,Y2.if5f'if:fgf5Y4fs,,.' "f'1H3'im- - HiJ1if7'CI4Mj,i'5'f!fI?fl 'IW'iQfXf3Q?V G Q if ,5lf',g,,,3fjj 7f9'w7U ii ' I ngif-fflffff5,':i4'f'ffg,g3.gj7Ql,ZH I' 535-Sei4s4g..wg:gfl5gg:gigg i , V ,QQ ,X ,sfK?ff:sf,:i::firisifms'-m5w21fff.i'- ' we fi 2fi,Q13f fgg?1i K e :1 ' 1 if N in sH"fi'f4:if- if 2' ' fTNQifsg:3i"fW,i4f-Wiwff' , 127 , , sv 54:4w5i45'6,z:'LU5,f:iiffilffiisvg-ngegs,sssxqwgafxzrq3g?wg,Qg,g21f fm-2 f'1.,N-W 4 ' , , .. .42 .Q .. Harms. ,Y . , , ,. , I vs., ,X v,.. M, ,gn 5 ik .,-T ffl .R H fy X ' 1 'am '. -Q--V-f 1 Q ? -Y 1 -40' fi:-ffffsszxi ' ' ixfgel -4 iavsgfvggwe,QSM-fygijwfiwg was if on V 'L' 1 N K new , ., z i ' - i 'is . iw ,-.a W, zz ia zfziiiilw ?HEZBe:zsw?i2?l5iefiaiL25Eam1I5mfsi1s Wearing the Girls, League necklace is an honor for any girl. ' -. gin A Opening the door to welcome all is Donna Newberg, the March Girl of the Month. She was chosen as the most cheerful girl at NC. Peggy Hansen, sliding down the railing, was selected May Girl of the Month for having the best sense of humor. Pam Riccio, April Girl of the Month, was chosen as most feminine ll7 Rick Henson Tom Barry Judy Hamp Boys' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Activities Editor ' Mardi Boswell I Edim-in-Chief 6 6 Ta m a rac k Sta1 E .5 Preparation for the 1966 Tamarack started early in June, 1965, with ' V ' f r' the selection of Tamarack Staff members. Several meetings were held before ' the school year was finished and other gatherings concerning cover, color, L Q .1 f and theme were held during the summer with staff assignments given in HEX y early August. V l,', g Many spare summer hours were spent soliciting advertising from Spo- f kane businessmen. Staff members were given sales' tips and a free rein to Q V - X gather as much advertising as possible. K K ,i e 3 ., For the first time, the North Central Tamarack was rinted b R. . ... 1 . . - P .V - Wallace Pischel, Inc., of Pasco, Washington. The Staff made a trip to . r Pasco on November 12 just before their first deadline to learn more about , erra journalism and book printing. Another trip was made for final proofreading in early A if 6 Apr-ii. On October 15, the annual Tamarack Terry Starr Con was presented to advertise the sale of Business Manager the 1966 North Central Tamarack. With the help of the News Staff, Tamarack sales began in the homerooms the following week. Mrs. Carol Newett Tamarack Advisor Rosemary Goerz Patsy Liddell Paul Kingsley Greg Hendrickson Audrey Brooks Managing Editor Typist Production Editor Photographer Assistant Business Manager inishes in a Flourish - ' ' . ' it ,P ,S lf- l 2 -3 ' ,Q 5 -. fewer. '1 I I 'Q-z sf fgt-in -Q34 - 112:51 , - - -- , ,, y t t Et fl, S Egg, i by : w i , Ee f inf ,f-lf tfgifkeigi ' f .I 15 21 " 2 ,xi K K ' eel'F...,,, ri 1 ' " f i 13511: . ., ',-.wsezzfer " , ' Ji.: gif? ' g7fIi"1'1ffif9Qi'Ivgl 7 ii Pam Garinger School Life Editor Carol Austed Senior Editor Pat Anderson Class Editor Phil Huey Assistant Editor Layouts of each section to be approved by the managing editor and the editor-in-chief, the writing of copy and caption to be given to the copy manager for revising, and the assignment of necessary pictures to be sched- uled with the managing editor and photographers were duties required by each section editor, Everyone joined to help those whose sections were soon to be mailed to the printers. Even though one could hear remarks such as, "Oh, it's still only 7:30 a.m.l" or"Why did I get up this morning?,', mem- bers were helping others as well as finishing their own sections. With the cover and division pages first to be finished, other sections soon followed. As the fourth and final deadline drew near, tensions grew, shouting prevailed, pictures were misplaced, and copy was re-typed. With the help of Mrs. Carol Newett, faculty advis- or, the 1966 Tamarack was completed with silent relief, wonderful memories, and hopeful anticipation of the new an- nual. 'EW -an i f 1 it if ' ,irs,, , 2 t tt' 2 t i Vk' 7 114-gf ' f -i Dave Gerkensmeyer Fran Othmer Head Photographer Senior Editor Don Puddy Art Editor by X X Merri OiConnor Art Editor "-t 2 , it ,... A ,. F N, Y S t YQ, Q fr X X We Jmfig uwxf n Q5 at gf A ii .Mattie Achziger Jennifer Watts Diane Brown Girls' Sports Editor Typist Copy Editor H9 Judy Allbery, Peggy Henning, Alice Douglass, Judy Rowland, and Sandy Douglass, News Staff members, are looking at old Tamaracks. Judy Hamp, Diane Brown, Pat Anderson, Pam Garinger, Rosemary Goerz, and Carol Austed invite all to buy a 1966 Tamarack during the Tamarack Con. 120 Production Stat Bob Warehouse, North Central News' editor-in-chief, and Tom Keel, printer, show juniors, Judy Allbery, Terry Hanson, and Peggy Henning, the print shop. A'Wliy is lie bleeding in that corner?" L'That should run into the gutterf' k'lNe've got everything put to bedf' Expres- sions like these can be heard in Room 109, the home of the Tamarack and News staffs. Assembling' the annual and news- paper, the staff members become acquainted with printing procedures and reader appeal. Carol Altenburg, Vicki Wolfrum, and Elaine Rounds, junior members on the Tamarack Staff, are busy indexing the activities section. Work ,af Aaiiv Ben Daniel and Don Plunkitt look at the final results of a picture in the photo lab at North Central. Looking over the 1966 Tamarack cover when the staff came to school on Saturday are Carol Austed. Rosemary Goerz, Diane Brown, Fran Othrner, Mardi Boswell, and Mrs. Newett, advisor. if: P l- X . . V QQ l 24' 'Y 'Fifi X 'J ' Q Distributing Tamaracks to homerooms on Tamarack Day is Tom Barry. His muscles give out, and they fall to the floor and scatter while Tom seems quite amused at his clumsiness. Browsing over the other annuals at Pischel Printing, Inc., are Audrey Brooks, Fran Othmer, Rick Henson, Jennifer Watts, Rosemary Goerz, Patsy Liddell, Judy Hamp, Don Puddy, Phil Huey, Tom Barry and Pat Anderson. 121 Jeannie Sabiston Fall Editor in Chief -sis:-2 ,gate ,sa , .',.35f5sff5?::-Ilffgz 515- sf. BW 924. s-1.s,.s.,r fmt, ,s 1' . ta.. ,.. ' - .sv ars.-a-ar'-M- ., , sa.-,,f - N yum... 1 'aze- fe, 0, ,ri ,A , if , i ff as 5 V at-,Z--wrafi ,. ' get W we, ,sf tgfaea- Q ia 5'Sff'wZ" Q 4-J-'PJ' -saws: rs , an .Q ,, .., ,V ..,,t e,v. ,N r if Meri? "vx X A tffiifj, :3f,'f Q4s'f3 :QP-:', F s X r fgqf 4 t it s t ,Eg sg , E6 az fm if K 'iff J if as Mit ,Y 'R 1 W Y P afarfig, ea t 1 is is M 2 , 1 Ui -' -1ff'1-KY 1 ,F ex? -,, we , as N - wg-S. gagsrmqrg ,anime , a3f,:,,w,z,,,,s- i g Dei 'Q Barry Lawson all Associate Sports Spring Sports Ed Editor itor Karen Compton Fall Reporter Lori Gausman Marya Graf Sandra Douglass Fall Associate Editor Fall Feature Editor Fall Mailing Manager Spring News Editor Staff Records School Events North Central News Staff has the responsibility of publishing the North Cen- tral News. Planning layouts, scheduling pictures, reading galley and paging proofs, meeting deadlines, and writing news and feature articles are the tasks of the staff. By publishing' the North Central News eighteen times yearly, the News Staff keeps the school informed about events - past, present, and future. During homeroom on Friday mornings, newspapers are distributed and are soon read from front to back. All news stories must be written and handed in by Thursday, a week before the publication goes to press, and feature articles are due on Wcrclntrsday of the week of publication. Over the past 30 years, The News has been awarded highest honors by both QI' Greg Hendrickson Fall gl Spring Reporter Gathering information from Mr. X, Patti Dillon asks, "Why?," Jan Lindgi Abu-mit Naylor asks, "When?," Alice Douglass asks, "What?," Judy Rowland Fall Reporter - . :guy 1 Betty Peters Robin Brockway Corrine Kersul Bob Warehouse Fall Girls' Sports Editor Fall Advertising Manager Fall News Editor Spring Editor-in-Chief Spring Feature Editor Spring Associate Editor Spring Managing Editor Juniors Are Added to Staff the Columbia Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. These plaques and certificates won by The News line the walls of the newsroom. This year the staff worked under the watchful eyes and leadership of Mrs. Marilyn Klawunder, advisor. All News Staff members are required to first take one semester of beginning journalism. Upon appointment by Mrs. Klawunder, they become members of the staff. In beginning journalism, students learn the fundamentals of writing and proof- reading copy. Outstanding writers are selected for membership in Quill and Scroll, which is an international honor society for high school journalists. Mike Blair Spring Associate Sports Editor asks, "So," Teresa Hansen asks, "If," Gayle Northcutt asks, "Where?" and Peggy Henning asks, "How?H. i,', f if if :ii 1 S ' :"' e A xl 55 ,rr , if ai? 5' Dave Gerkensmeyer Photographer Judy Allbery Spring Advertising Manager flh- Marie Wold Spring Mailing Manager Left to right: First Row: Jan Hyslop fTalentj, Debbie Bouten fLibraryj, Gerald Schuh CHall Patrolj, Colleen Duffy CDECAD, John Cowen QSSDFD, Gayle Northcutt CCercle de Menagej. Second Row: Phil Huey flnternationalj, Arlene Vietzke KFNAJ, Dennis Floyd fKeyj, Maryl Sandberg CVox Puellarumj, Jill Bodvin fCommercialD, Lynn Morgan CArtj, Judy Hamp KFTAJ. Third Row: Russ Alexander fThespiansj, Linus Nelson CChessj, Wayne Morehead fRiflej, Matt Carrico QMathj, Mike Johnson fLatinj, Rick Giampietri CWarriorsl, Bob Collison QRadioj. Clubs Vie for Award This year, as in the past, a service award was presented to the club at North Central that per- formed the most service for our school and com- munity. There was a great deal of anxiety just be- Iane'Vaughan, Mike Wickstead, Patty McLaughlin, Connie Montgom- ery and Colleen Day discuss the club which will receive the service award. 124 fore the presentation of this award at the spring awards' convocation, As the time drew near for the announcement, the presidents of the various clubs vied strenuously for the award. or sits , The Service Award given to the year's best club is pre- sented by ASB President, Russ Oslund. Left to right: First Row: Jan Naylor, Donna Newberg, Audrey Brooks, John Anderson, Tom Wold, Dave Neff, Lyell Williams. Fourth Row: Peggy Henning, Kathy Juhnke, Gayle Northcutt. Second Row: Carol Bruce Wald, E-ric Tlollefson, Ralph Radmer, Steve Stradley, Mike Arm Greenwood, Katie Stotts, Sue Durgan, Linda Hahn, Judy Rowland, strong, Rick Giampietri, Jim Daly. Chris Wren. Third Row: Dave Lindeblad, Don Bradley, Jim Boyce, Biology Club Sells Mistletoe Field trips constitute much of the main activity of Biology Club and also help raise the interest of its members in the scientific field, which is the main purpose of this club. A trip to visit the Washington State University Open House in the spring was partly financed by the selling of mistle- toe. Biology Club also operated the Panda Toss at the North Central Carnival this past year. Mrs. Esther Lancaster guided the club throughout the year. K3-thi' .luhnke and Katie Stotts have just sold some mistletoe to ' ' if t Mr. Russell. . . Ralph Radmer discusses second semester plans wlth Jan Naylor and Donna Newberg. 125 Left to right: First Row: Muriel Cleveland, Pam Garinger, Marilyn Pasicynyk, Becky Stone, Linda Nicholson, Sheryl Samms, Elaine Rounds, Karen Sacco. Second Row: Colleen Day, Pat McCammond, Terry Starr, Jeanie Sabistan, Diane Brown, Gayle Northcutt, Peggy Henning, Barbara Soapes, Teresa Hanson. Third Row: Pat Anderson, Kathy Ol- son, Audrey Brooks, Judy Allbery, Delores Hall, Marilyn Ogle, Nancy Nelson, Sandy Kostelecky. Cercle Stuffs Animals Since Cercle de Menage was organized in l959, it has en- deavored to promote broader interest in'all fields of homemak- ing and to serve North Central in whatever capacity possible. Any girl who has taken a course in Home Economics, with a 2.0 or better grade point average, is eligible for membership. By trying to fulfill its pledge of serving North Central and the community, Cercle has accomplished much under the guid- ance of Miss Elizabeth Killingsworth. In an attempt to promote school spirit, Cercle made fight ribbons, Smoke Signals, which were sold during the football sea- Gayle Northcutt, Peggy Henning, and Linda Nicholson are busy pre- paring for the Cercle open house. 126 son. They also made stuffed animals which were sent to South Viet Nam by the Red Cross. Along with serving the school, they have tried to add some spice to the club. They had a foreign buffet, slumber party for new initiates, had a booth at the N.C. Carnival and attended Washington State University to visit the Home Economics center. ' Thinking of an original poem to introduce themselves at Cercle open house are Kathi Olson, Patty McLaughlin, and Elaine Rounds. Left to right: First Row: Elaine Rounds, Jennifer Watts, Ann Hagen, Cheryl Pickens, Pattie McLaughlin, April Parish, Kathy Bullis. Second Row: Sally Pickens, Terry Davey, Marilyn Northquist, Sue Shinn, Peggy Henning, Teresa Hanson. Third Row: Joyce Francis, Gail Burk- Commerci Members of Commercial Club carried on projects through- out the year which increased interest in business education and gave insight into careers in the business world. Students who have completed one semester in a business subject and have earned at least a 2.5 grade point average are eligible for membership in this club. Working at the switchboard in the student office every night hart, Audrey Brooks, Robin Brockway, Sandy Kostelecky, Pam Riccio, Pat Chantry. Fourth Row: Peggy Plumb, Jackie Mouser, Gloria Mut- ton, Christie Simpson, Linda Hahn, Sue Justice, Jill Bodvin, Bonnie Remmers, Sue Revard. al Club after school is one way in which members served the school. Sev- eral of the members also took turns supervising the typing room after school. At the ASB Carnival they sponsored the assorted animal wheel. Every year pins are awarded by the club for winners of the typing contest. They must type 60, 50, or 40 words per minute. Faculty advisor for the club was Mrs. Mary York. -:ik Ya! 45,15 gig 6 f. 'lx 0:4 is " if f mf Peggy Plumb is busy at the switchboard in the student office. Joyce Francis, Gail Burkhart and Jackie Mouser worked often in the typing room after school. 127 fb la ILA Left to right: First Row: Kathy Juhnke, Sue Gamble, Sheryl Samms, Marilyn Rail. Second Row: Jeannie Sabistan, Peggy Hansen, Mary Ann Weitz, Debbie Steidl, Mary Pharr, Judy Rowland, Laura Stern. Third Row: Sharon Jones, Judy Allbery, Pat McCammond, Fran Othmer, Sue FNA Serves St. Luke's Future Nurses of America was organized for girls who are interested in nursing as a career. The girls must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors, and must maintain a C-plus grade point HVCIHUC. D A certain number of girls worked at St. Luke's Hospital each week as a part of the clubls activities. The club had other various activities and money raising projects this year too. Some of these included the balloon dart booth at the carni- val, caroling at the hospital and making toys for the chil- dren at Christmas, and touring different places which are re- lated to nursing. The advisor of the club was Mrs. Vivian Hager and the Alumni advisor from St. Luke's was Mrs. McAllister. Durgan, Nancy Fair, Sandy Wald, Mrs. Vivian Hager. Fourth Row: Sharon McGrath, Terry Galambie, Pat Anderson, Linda Swartz, Judy Johnson, Arlene Vietzke, Cheryl Wunderlich, Yoka Spits, Sue Goudz- ward. 1 . 5 . . 1 P Q! i Fran Othmer and Judy Allbery are assisted by a medical technolo- gist at St. Luke's Hospital. 128 Standing are Laura Stern, Linda Swartz, Sandy Wald, Ann Nims and kneeling are Mary Ann Weitz, Sue Gamble, Clara Butz with Cheryl Wunderlich as the patient. Left to right: First Row: Barbara Hosea, Patty Dunn, Marilyn Barto- letta, Pam Nakagawa, Christina Fritz, Carol Johnson, Kathy Midkiff. Second Row: Mrs. Dorothy Congdon, Carol Altenburg, Michele Pasi- cznyk, Kathy Brown, Carol Greenwood, Mary Hill, Mary Lotze, Mrs FTA Raises Scholarship Talking as usual, FTA members are gathered at a dinner before the installation of their officers. Carol Huff. Third Row: Janet Poetter, Katie Stotts, Lois Nygren, Ray Stradley, Paul Kingsley, Jan Naylor, Vickie Wolfrum, Jori Farquharson. Fourth Row: Carol Sather, Billie Anderson, Evelyn Hossner, Sharon Steitman, Nancee Haas, Kathy Vernon, Jill Harding, Judy Hamp. Many North Central students who want to learn more about teaching as a profession join the Spokane Garry Chapter of the Fu- ture Teachers of America. To promote further interest in teaching as a profession and to show the advantages and disadvantages of teaching are the purpose of F.T.A, The club sent three people to the Eastern Washington Region- al meeting in Walla VValla in October. On November 12, all senior members visited elementary, junior or senior high schools to observe. F.T.A. had two 'LRed and Blacks' licorice sales to earn money for their annual F5100 scholarship given to a senior member. The club helped Judy Hamp, district coordinator, with the Wfashington State Northeast District Conference at Whitworth College on March 26, and on April 20 the F.T.A. sponsored the second annual Student- Teacher Day. Judy Hamp led the club during the fall semester while Ray Stradley was the spring semester president. Mrs. Dorothy Congdon and Mrs. Carol Huff are the club advisors. Yi? Judy Hamp initiates new members into FTA. 129 Left to right: First Row: Marya Graf, Jan Hyslop, Judy Rowland, Anita Mascher, Judy Hamp. Second Row: Pam Garinger, Ardath Chung, Diana Brown, Diana Thompson, Kathy Thompson, Janet Poetter, Pam Griffith. Third Row: Muriel Cleveland, Phyllis Heise, Barbara Soapes, Judy Allbery, Nancee Haas, Carol Altenburg, Evelyn Hossner, Carolyn Cutter, Sue Olson. Fourth Row: Don Bradley, Mike Armstrong, Matt Carrico, Steve Stradley, Phil Huey, Jim Seedorf, Gary Heimbigner, Robert Wilson. International Club Busy Group International Club, composed of the German, French and Spanish components of our foreign languages, promoted further interest in the foreign language field throughout the year. At the beginning of the year the constitution was revised in favor of a stronger constitution and more club unity. Mr. Mashoko Chenhenzwah, Rhodesian pre-med student at Gonzaga ---Q... Mrs. Newett, Nancee Haas and Robert Wilson seem amused as Inter- national Club President Phil Huey points out club's purposes to Kathy Thompson. 130 University, spoke to the club members on Rhodesian world problems, life and education. A Spanish pinata party was held at Christmas as well as International Club's traditional basketball game with Latin Club. In the spring, the annual International Club picnic was held. The club was guided throughout the year by Mrs. Carol Newett, faculty advisor. Q 0 Q N K From left, Janet Poetter, Katie Stotts, Judy Rowland, Judy Allbery, Evelyn Hossner, Barbara Soapes, Carolyn Cutter and Naneee Haas watch as Pam Garinger and Jan Hyslop pose for initiation picture. Mike Johnson escorts Jim Boyce through the public office to show Mrs. Conrath they are carrying out the instructions in the bulletin for "skirt and tie!" My - -ns. ., -N., ,3- t ,- ' .f -st Brian Simpson, Phil Huey, and Mike Johnson accept food from Sue Revard during Key Club's food drive. Key Club Collects Food Key Club, the boys' service club at North Central, serves not only the school but the community as well. It is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. The club, winner of last year's service award, ushers for all school convocations and takes tickets at most athletic events. This year they set up and dismantled all booths at the school carnival. Key Club helped the community by helping in the March of Dimes drive, the Diabetic Society, and Goodwill In- dustries. Membership is open to junior and senior boys with a 3.0 grade point average. Key Club requires good character, leader- ship ability, interest in service, good citizenship, and approval by principal. Mr. Richard Pelkie is the clubis faculty advisor with Dennis Floyd as the fall semester president and Phil Huey leading the club during the spring. fail?-'Q l ' N if i 2 5 . f if Left to right: First Row: Don Bradley, Jerry Blizzard, Mike Armstrong, Jim Boyce, Mr. Richard Pelkie, John Cowen, John Anderson, Tim Burchett. Second Row: Glen Grant, Phil Huey, Bill Daniels, Dennis Duehning, Dennie Floyd, Matt Carrico, Al Hansen. Third Row: Ken Grimm, Mike Johnson, Bob Collison, Vernon Mir, Gary Heimbigner, Greg Hendrickson, Jim Daly, Lyell Williams, Bob Silver. Fourth Row: not a member, Steve Stradley, Ron Guffin, Ray Stradley, Brian Simp- son, Jim Seedorf, Wes Johnson, Bob Warehouse, Jack Ashlock, Mike Wickstead, Robert Wilson. Fifth Row: Roger Smith, Steve McNutt, Don Puddy, Cliff Clark. 131 Left to right: First Row: Linda Nicholson, Peggy Henning, Cheryl Pickens, Sally Pickens, Peggy Hansen, Terry Starr, Melody Carpenter, Raymond Beckman. Second Row: Pat McCamrnond, Kathi Olson, Kathy Magnus, Carol Greenwood, Gayle Northcutt, Jeannie Sabistan, Sue Goudzward, Chuck Wilkerson, Maryl Sandberg, Bob Silver, Randy Cullitan, Linius Nelson, Tim Goslin. Fourth Row: Greg Hendrick- son, Bob Warehouse, Dick Allison, Mike Johnson, Steve McNutt, Steve Adams, Steve Hubbard, Mike Hume. Debbie Larkin, Ron Koch. Third Row: Linda Lynn, Arlene Vietzke, Latin Club Holds Banquet Senatus Populusque Romanus or the Senate and the Roman People is the proper name for what is commonly known as Latin Club. The officers are two equal Consuls, a Scriptor Csecretaryj, a Quaestor, Ctreasurerj, and Centurio Praetorius Qfifth execut- ivej. SPQR requires a 2.5 grade average and a year pr more of Latin. SPQR had a candy sale to earn money for two book scholarships given to senior members who plan on going to college. In November the annual Sen- ate meeting was held following a potluck dinner. Be- fore Christmas vacation Latin Club played their an- nual basketball game with lnternational Club and came out the victors. In March the traditional Ro- Q. file f ? LV 'vlfvmlsirhii against At the annual Latin Club Senate meeting Randy Cullitan reports to the two consuls, Bob Silver and Terry Starr. man banquet was held with members dressed in togas and Roman food served. Faculty supervisor was Mrs. Laura Lee Briscoe. Perfect shot! Mike Johnson makes a basket at the Latin-International basketball game. Left to right: First Row: Lori Gausman, Robin Brockway, Karen Jeannie Sabiston, Fran Othrner. Third Row: Diana Brown, Donna Compton. Second Row: Marya Graf, Corrine Kersul. Rosemary Goerz, Decker, Barry Lawson, Greg Hendrickson, Audrey Brooks, Betty Peters. Quill and Scroll Sells Suckers The Edward R. Murrow chapter of Quill and Scroll sponsored the sale of plastic Tamarack covers and Nlick 'emu suckers this past year. Membership is open to outstanding junior and senior students on the Tamarack and News staffs who rank scholas- tically in the upper third of their class. A banquet in the spring, a formal initiation for all city members and a grant of a college scholastic fee were offered to all Quill and Scroll members. , , Greg Hendrickson, Robin Brockway, Karen Compton, Lori Rosemary Goerz, Betty Peters, Audrey Brooks, Lori Gausman and Corrine Gausman, Betty Peters and Jeannie Sabiston have just bought liersul are giving their attention to pictures while the others seem more suckers from Corrine Kersul and Barry Lawson' interested in the camera. l33 Left to right: First Row: Carol Austed, Cathy Armstrong, Donna Re- Pfarr, Bonnie Johnson, Larry Ellingson, Don Larson, Steve Filippini, vard, Lynn McVay, Peggy Hansen, Susan Revard. Second Row: Kathy Mike Wickstead, Pat Jones, Sandy Pederson, Karen Bjaaland, Kim De- Lannigan, Jim Ormberg, Doug Scott, Mardi Boswell, Jan Hyslop, long, Barbara Hosea, John Benzie with Mitzie. Phyllis Heise, Chris Fritz. Third Row: Dayleann Stevenson, Mary Meg Talent Club Shows Skills One of the oldest clubs at North Central, Tau Chi gave tal- ented students an opportunity to gain experience in the field of entertainment. Their purpose was to furnish talent for outside or- ganizations throughout the school year. Performing for various clubs, small organizations, and Masonic Temple groups has kept the club active this year. Talent ranged from a classical piano solo to a trained dog routine. Assisted by the Tau Chi band, the N.C. majorettes have given many performances. Dancers and singers have also taken their places before the footlights to fulfill a club requirement of one performance each semester for every member. Membe1'ship in Tau Chi was chosen through auditions each semester, Requirements included a 2.5 grade point average, suit- able talent, and willingness to give of time and talents to the club. Mr. Dan Davis, advisor for the club, was invaluable in organizing many programs. At a Talent Club meeting Karen Bjaaland and Donna Revard watch close- ly a fellow memberls demonstration. l34 Donna' Revard is shown during her pantomime for admission to Talent Club. Left to right: First Row: Patty Dillon, Leslie Logan, zxatny Lkilllllgdll, otevenson, Miss 1-ialvorson. Third Row: Larry Meier, Russ Alexander Sue Justice, Diana Thompson, Sue Morse, Kathy Juhnke. Second Row: Jon Coffin, Don Larson, Joe Ross. Debbie Carter, Lu Kennedy, Twyla Boehm, Linda Wohl, Dayleann The National Thespian Society of North Central was or- ganized to promote interest and skill in dramatics. Members participate in school plays and other dramatic productions. Thespians planned a series of one-act plays for the Eng- lish Department and some for the student body. Membership in Thespians was more than doubled after the cast of the All-School play, "Dino", was included in the club. At least one representative of the club is expected to attend the annual National Thespian Societyis convention in Portland, Oregon, this summer. Thespians Present Plays Russ Alexander presides over a Thespian meeting with Linda Wohl taking notes. "Wow! Look what we found! What is it?,' says Leslie Logan 2 ii varieties ..', -1. Serving Senior Citizens are Peggy Hansen, Marilyn Rail, a cook, Marilyn Bowell and Maryl Sandberg. Linda Nicholson, Judy Johnson, Marlene Jewell, Sue Goudzward, Roberta Bland, Eva Ferraby, Ruth Campbell, and Gail Burkhart are new Vox initiates. Vox Puellarum Serves School Vox Puellarum, under the sponsorship of the Soroptimist Women, emphasizes service to the community and school. It is one of the most active clubs at North Central. Serving lunch every Saturday at the Senior Citizens, Center, making Advent calendars at Christmas time, cleaning the North Side Branch YMCA and running two concessions at the North Cen- tral Carnival were just a few of the many activities carried on by this club. For just plain fun, Vox Puellarum members had a joint Christmas Party with Key Club this past year. To become a member of Vox Puellarum, a girl must have a 2.8 grade point average, be a sophomore, junior, or senior girl and pass a test on community affairs, Soroptimist Club of Spo- kane, and school life. This year the club was under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Peck. Left to right: First Row: Karen Compton, Gayle Northcutt, Marilyn Row: Mrs. Peck, Danelle Davies, Gail Coyte, Ruth Campbell, Kathi Rail, Jan Hyslop, Pat McCammond, Debbie Steidl, Marilyn Bowell. Olson, Peggy Hansen, Marlene Jewell. Fourth Row: Sue Dalziel, Jill Second Row: Linda Nicholson, Sue Shinn, Donna Newberg, Eva Fer- Bodvin, Arlene Vietzke, Judy Johnson, Sue Goudzward, Laura Coyte, raby, Roberta Bland, Jan Naylor, Gail Burkhart, Maryl Sandberg. Third Cheryl Wunclerlich, Donna Revard. 136 Left to right: First Row: Mike Magers, Tom Vaughn, Dick Engstrom, Mike Albee, Dale Sekijima, Don Walker, Steve Saruwatari, Lyell Wil- liams, Gary Bursch, Brian Simpson, Jim Daly, Gary Neiswender. Seqond Row: John Munyan, Jack Ashlock, Wes Johnson, George Mattix, Ralph Radmer, Rick Giampietri, John Anderson, Alan Hanson, Mickey Ny- Warriors Buy Warriors, North Central Boys' athletic club, is open to all boys who have received a major athletic award in a varsity sport. As a money making project, Warriors had a neon" and a wrestling 'ismoker" and sold refreshments at North Gentral's home football games. The money earned from these projects was green, Dave Elliot. Third Row: Ken Zarko, Don Smith, Ben Hayden, Dave Neff, Butch Mickus, Dan Nichols, Rick Hensen, John Warfield, Mike Sharpe. Fourth Row: Bob Rockser, Russ Oslund, Bruce Wald, Roger Smith, Tom Wold, Dennis DeBill, Jerry Steiner, Bill Caruso, Ron Jewell, Bruce Burnett. Equipment spent on athletic equipment to be given to the school. Recognition was given to the year's outstanding athletes at the annual sports' banquet. Rick Giampetri led Warriors during the fall semester. The coaches advised North Central's athletic club during the past year. A 4 At the Warriors' concession hungry appetites are satisfied. 6 "Buffalo eyes??? M-m-m-rn good!" says Bob Rockser at Warriors' initiation l37 Left to right: First Row: Norma Rouleau, Linda Herzel, Mrs. Eddy, Jan Littell, Sandy Goddard. Third Row: Gloria Mutton, Don Puddy, Cheryl Rayon, Elaine Rounds. Second Row: Mvrna. House. Lynn Morgan. Marge Johnson, Claudia Bare, Tomi Brand. Art and Chess Clubs Popular Since the main goal of Art Club is to promote the fine arts, The main purpose of Chess Club is to provide an opportun- the club made many visits to the Cheney Cowles Museum to ity for chess competition. Tournaments were played with other art shows. This year, as in the past, the club operated 'gThe schools after competition among North Central's own members. Place" at the ASB Carnival. A cupcake sale was held a week be- Other strategy games were added as funds were available. fore Christmas to raise funds for a visit to the Seattle Art Mu- The club, under sponsorship of Mr. Dan Olson, tripled its seum in the spring. They also had a Christmas party during the size over past years and promises to continue to grow. Christmas vacation. Many of their activities were held at the home of Mrs. Barb- ara Eddy, advisor. Left to right: First Row: Eric Riese, Sue Black, Eileen Harvey, Scott Linius Nelson. Fourth Row: Tom Mahrt, John Achziger, Matt Carrico Smith. Second Row: Ken Strunk, Ron Walder, Chuck Endicot, Mike Larry Treffry, Dan Johnson, Mr. Olson. Hansen. Third Row: Steve Rigg, David Sisk, John Bass, Tom Gosline, 138 Left to right: First Row: Charles Jones, Sandy Fleenor, Pat Tyree Kay len Third Row' Karen Fountaine Linda Veter S a H ' L' d , . . , , uz nne eine, in a Maddox, Vickie Christensen, Pat Usher, Sue Justice, Rick Jones. Second Hahn, Arlene Galvin, Chris Richardson. Fourth Row: Gerald Schuh, Row: Linda Schafer, Sharon McGrath, Charlene Wright, Sharon Wal- Gary Wassom, Bob Steenhard, Dale Eldred, Ron Olds. DECA and Distributive Education is an organization which offers the opportunity to learn while you earn. Colleen Duffy was elected governor of the class and repre- sented North Central at the Governor's Conference in Olympia, Washington. Ten members competed in the annual Leadership Confer- ence held in the spring. DECA members honored their employ- ers at the annual Employer-Employee All-City Banquet in the first part of May. Library Club In 1961, a new library club was organized by Mrs. Lillian Barnes to clarify the work of the library student assistant. A book study group joined with the Library Club in 1963 to be called the Amores Librorum. Each member worked one or more hours each day to re- ceive points for an assigned task. The library duties were rotated among the members. Award pins were received in the spring. Left to right: First Row: Mrs. Barnes, Ann Andrews, Lynda Hill, Deb- bie Bouten, Mrs. Mills. Second Row: Sharon Binder, Sandi Olson, Kay Maddox, Gay Cooper, Joanne LeGrant, Linda Lopez. Third Row: Lorna Liacos, Rose Williams, Charles Smith, Larry Sacille, Paulette Royer, Loretta Czap. l39 'Left to right: First Row: Larry Hanson, Janet Brown, Cheryl Jones, Bob Silver. Second Row: Bob Collison, Cliff Clark, Matt Carrico, Mr. Cunningham. Math and Rifle Clubs Active Math Club, new at NC this year, was created to promote an interest in higher mathematics and careers involving mathema- tics. Members must be currently enrolled in Honors Geometry, Intermediate or Advanced Math and have a 3.0 grade point average. The president is known as Omnivac, the vice-president as Univac, the secretary as a Data Processor, and the treasurer as Statistical Analyist. Mr. Gerald Cunningham was the advisor. In its second year at North Central, the Rifle Club member- ship was promising. The members continued to learn more about the art of marksmanship. Mr. Herbert Russell, who is an excel- lent marksman, was the faculty advisor for the club this year. Left to right: First Row: Cindy Clayton, Don Heaton, Sherrida Benjamin. Second Row: Vernon Mir, John Lang, Jay Russell, Wayne Morehead, Charles Bigelow, Jim Elixman, Linus Nelson. l40 Left to right: First Row: Gerald Schuh. Second Row: Robert Eveland, Mikki Wright. Third Row: Tobe Robbins, Betty White, Don Heaton. Fourth Row: Charle Hamilton, Wayne Morehead, Cliff Clark, Elmer Darrah. Hall Squad Directs Traffic Traffic squad, under the direction of Mr. John Malterner, regulated the flow of student traffic in the halls of North Central. Planning the flow of traffic and carrying out these plans required the full attention of these students. Radio Club and SSDF Left to right: First Row: Glenn Moffitt, Scott Smith, Mike Andrus, Left to right: First Row: Mary Hill, Cherie DeLoach, Joyce Hill, Sue Ray Stewart. Second Row: Larry Hanson, David Larson, Kenneth Rob- Black, Jeri Farquharson, Alice Douglass. Second Row: Mr, Hopkins, erts, Sam DeCaro, Cliff Clark, Bill Schmalle, Leigh Hopkins. Third Row: Gene Sanford, Bob Collison, Lonnie Keppler, John Branda, Bob Chris- tensen, Mr. Graham. Wlith its own amateur radio station, Radio Club helped Carol Greenwood, Larry Hill, Matt Carrico, John Cowen. The Social Studies Discussion Forum provided students students acquire their novice and general' amateur radio li- with an opportunity to learn more about the community and censes. its careers. The club supervisor for the year was Leonard Graham. l4l 1 --- Y +2 1- em: 'gg :mg B 0 ' -M 4 ii m ' ., , ,gifih an 5, . ,-, X ibm "?if . X- fl . , Hx ff 1 gil 5.3, ., ., , .. .1235 EJ. , i,s:. ,g Q , ,. 5 N? A -if -ffm - -' ' ix fzzw, '24 11: V i u-Q13 - if 1- Q, 33,555 .1 ,, ,, .ph , , , I 14 ya,,W-A H 4131 1 , 5, -I' ff.. . U 'V 1' Q 24, ,wM5': , WV 5 'Ji-'J1l'a ' viii- f u kr W J Mpgggi, 1' 115521555- W , Jim ESF51, - W1 g 4,264 , , fs 7 f , , -' Q5 H ' 1 , f We ' ' 4 af. Q ng. ,L A 1, fi ,A I W in J viii? fe K ? 'I 1 A , , A EW f Q f 'fm if f' MP J M 'ZW W5 J? A sf 'E E. , - iwga, ff. Q MY 4 , fit if r f? if 'E ef : 55555. , ,.. 4 ,: i E 5 33864 5 if, 'K assi? if A Fife f QQHSA .H 4 5 P ggi! V 'W'-If?" ., .M V ,g Gln ' f- ,-. ,fm ' UMW ., Mig .EQJQ-S wggnpr 2- fl ,, A we V2 fri. X , .lk 34.65, -Q43 5 ,M ., ,i . f Q 512 1, 'lg-'lwv , f . 2 455.23 sw- 'gg - 1' ?Qf""!Qgf'- mx WQ""t ,- - ' X-yiggliw 57 A' N - f 8252? H' -1 rf 5533, Sig.. 4? 5. ,. N ' ' LfExw' iv5Qy"'iTg'7Q1Qgi'??5X17' iff-m-, -- N Ma1..6SaE,, ,5gsq5f:3Tig,:: 1. 2 -My-.1 ion produe For their ceremonies, the Indians called on all their gifts of specch, music, drama, costume, and decora- tion. Their ceremonial moccasins, headdress, and robes were works of art. We. too, appreciate the gifts of musical, artistic, and dramatic expression and spend much time cultivating these skills. l . r 4 ' X ,1,P' f ,v A' ff-'fi ,l'P1 I 'fllllllllllllmm ' ' 'ff y.-ff' an 'X-3' "Dino" Cast members: First row: Jon Coffin, Steve Stradley, James Boyce, and Joe Ross. Second row: Leslie Logan, Diana Thompson, Judy Edlin, Verna Zinnecker, Judy Portrey, Twyla Boehm, and Dayleann Stevenson. ' the adults had failed. Dino - James Boyce Mr. Sheridan - Steve Stradley Shirley Wallace - Patti Dillon Jackie - Judy Portrey Miss Haines - Diana Thompson Danny - Bob Larson Steve - Jon Coffin Mrs. Mikula - Verna Zinnecker Jim Boyce is given a few pointers by director Nona Hal- vorson. Student Body Presents "Dino" As Fall Play, "Dino" is an account of a youth's return to society. When Dino returns home from reform school, he is hard and bitter towards the world. A probation officer and a psychologist attempt to temper his bitterness, but a shy studious girl succeeds where Sylvia - Dayleann Stevenson Della - Judy Edlin Pat - Kathy Kube Bea - Kathy Lannigan Mr. Mandel - Joe Ross Tony Falcaro - Larry Meier Mrs. Falcaro - Miss Carol Huff Mr. Falcaro - Mr. Merlin Omans Unsympathetic parents, played by Merlin Ornans and Carol Huff, abus- Dino, Jim Boyce, tries to persuade brother Tony, Larry Meier, not to ively scold son, Dino. join the Silk Hats. l44 Satirizing Daisy Mae from popular Lil' Abner comic strip are blonde Claudia White and Pauline Wilson. Senior Con Features Music and Satire of American Way of Life Watching Karen Larson, center, doing the Jerk are, left to right, other hopeful Go-Go Girls Bev Saruwatari, Denise Bambino, Marilyn Bowell, Claudia White, Pauline Wilson and Lori Gausman. Don Larson, left, waits for his lines during a rehearsal of "Ham1et', as Hamlet, Steve Stradley, makes his point to Larry Ellingson. Discussing plans for the senior con are, left to right, Pauline Vfilson, Don Larson, Steve Stradley, Larry Ellingson, Claud- ia White and Bev Saruwatari. The radical American tradition of burning draft cards is il- lustrated by Steve Schafer. 145 Teepee Lighters performing before Washington State Meeting of Public White, Martha Boswell, Rosemary Goerz, Carlen Duehning, Linda 1 Works, left to right: Bob Rothwell, Jan Hyslop, Lea Wright, Tom Kep- Wohl, Jan Clukey, Mark Hall, Karen Roberts, Ben Cook, with Mike hart, Larry Meier, Shellie Sale, Verna Kennicutt, Steve Ann Edwards, Wickstead at the drums. Pat Jones, Barry Bassett, Jim Eschenbacher, Don Larson, Claudia 1 w Specialty Groups Popula Performances of popular vocal selections at Various school and civic functions has made this group well known throughout the city. They met Tuesday and Thurs- days after school. Composed of students who were interested in music and willing to work for the fun of it, the Tcepee Lighters received much acclaim. HSing Out" might be the motto of the N.C. Folk Group. Meeting Mondays and Wednesdays, they practiced for their many performances around the Spokane area. The group sang music that told the story of America as the people who built our country saw it. Shown in practice are, from left to right, Lea Wright, Rosemary Goerz, Pat Jones, Linda Wohl, and Carlen Duehning. cms emma GLEE arrow 65 H+ 55s5'iLf5lliF'E Folk Group members are from left to right, Ileen Harvey, Bev Wilant, Bob Roth- Singing at an outdoor performance is North Centra1's popular well, Don Larson, Kathi Olson, Ben Cook, Chris Fritz and Jan Clukey. folk group. A :in S . 7' " ' mens V , QL 1 v , cv' . ' Girls' double sextette are from left to right, Linda Howell, Billie Ahrendt, Donna Stzmdaart, Jane Vaughan, Jill Parke, Judy Cole, Kathy Candler, Jo Sniokas, Kay Duehning, Mary Ann Olson, Jill Krornm, Vicki Redd, Linda Gill, Sherry Buell, Linda Moland, Carolyn Cutter, Dawn Corskie. I M U S I C M af d e F U n Waiting to perform are members of the Boys' Barbershop quintette, They are, from left to right, Ray Beckman, Karl Ford, Barry Blackstone, Bob Boone and Jim Me- Cormack at the piano. , Twelve female voices singing in unison formed the Double Scxtette. Depth of sound was achieved by doubling of parts. They performed as a special treat at regular choral concerts. That barbershop music is far from dead was proven by the Boys' Barber Shop Quintette. This group and the Girls' Double Scxtette met at 7:30 a.1n. two days a week. Girls, Glee Club was the only regularly scheduled special choral group which rnet every sixth period. g i Jxfffkl as " ' f ,I 3 ' ch 5 uric, Vi, as 0 Girls' Glee, left to right, front row: Veronica Rushing, Betty Orne, Patty Howell, Terry McMi1lian, Linda Martin, Marcia Jones, Cynda Spann, Fairbrother, Cindy Clayton, Alice Nance, Judy Brooks, Annie Trevillyan, Joyce Hill, Renee Warren, Joy Deal, Linda Shaffer. Third row: Car- Sharon Orne, Jackie Wieber, Gaynelle Glover, Joan Downing, Sherrie men Fry, Mary Fry, Elaine Sansteng, Jay Land, Cheryl Johnson, Kathy Lernmons. Second row: Pam Knapp, Tina Ortiz, Berl Wheeler, Linda Knapp, Bonnie Kalarnon, Ginny Spann, Ute Zelinski, Vicki McCormack. Treble Clef Staff - Kathie Challender Dolores Mitchell janet Daves Linda Casselman Barbara Hosea Jill Parke Lianne Carlson Vicki Redd Mary Lee Owens Bob Boone Kathy Juhnke Garlen Duehning Chris Detmer Eileen Harvey Pat Brophy Dick Thomas Kim DeLong Larry Meier Earl Harris Bob Silver Lea Wright Mary Lotze Bob Rothwell Russ Alexander Neil Roper Ken Buelo Ben Cook Walt Reeder Dan Merritt Steve Barry Don Dan Jim John Akins ' Torn Kephart Yoka Spits Linda Wohl Linda Bell Loretta Marx Kathy Kube Lynn McVay Jackie Mouser Connie Elde Shellie Sale Steve Ann Edwards jill Harding Pat Jones Sandy Pederson Dawn Corskie Jan Clukey Choir Prepares for State-wide Tour Bottom to top: Jan Hyslop Starleen Pichettc Bev 'Wilant "W' Marjean Anderson Trudy Gronseth Diane Brown Martha Boswell Chris Walker Karen Roberts Diana Thompson Jeannie Sabiston Claudia White April Parish Carol Larson Chris Fritz Preparing to leave on choir trip to Tacoma: Yoka Spits, Martha Bos- Choir, rehearsing for its spring concert, sings a scale pattern. well, Bob Silver, Claudia Wlhite and Linda Wohl. Performances Keep Choir Busy Under the able direction of Mr. Caldwell, practices for their many concerts kept the choir busy during second period class. Their appearances varied from special holiday cons to downtown luncheon performances. Their repertoire covered a wide field, from classical Sonatas of old mas- ters to the compositions of our most contemporary composers. Highlights of this year were a KREM radio broadcast of a combina- tion band and choir Thanksgiving con, and a trip to Tacoma, Washington. "One - two Q l Buckle your shoe. Three - four gl Tune up moref, Mr. Caldwell ad- monishes the choir. x Choir officers checking over candy sale receipts are from left to right: Karen Biefllfmd prepares for Pcrlormanrff before the North Central Tal Bob Rothwell, vice prcsiclentg Lea Wright, treasurerg Karen Bjaaland, Cm Club While .lfm HY5l0P Hffolrlpflnlffs he-r OU Plar10- secretaryg and Bob Silver, president. 149 French horns and trombones are from left to right: Gerald Gibbs, Tomi Brand, Gregg Tieinann, Dan Lawrence, Richard Hobson, John Litten, Richard Lines, Dave Huellemann,and Glen Grant, Not pic- tured is Bob Rockser. Saxophones and bassoons are from left to right: Bob Blizzard, Kelvin Hoov- er, Steve Bishop, Lloyd Wallis, Paul Kingsley, Barb Hosea, and Mike Al- bright. Not pictured are Linda Bell and Geoff Wickstead. Glarinets are from left to right: Delores Frazier, Ron Patterson, Vickie Patterson, Lisa Caven, Jay Russell, Larry Ellingson, Don Bradley, and Eric Bell. Left to right, band officers, Steve Filippini, Karen Stotts, and Mike Wickstead trying to decide whether or not to have a meeting without Randy Thompson, vice president. Drums are from left to right: Arlene Stickel, Bill Brower Ralph Gr'f- fith, Mike Wickstead, Jim Griffith and Randy Evans. Not pictured lis Randy Thompson. Symphoni in Britis "Special'! described the activities of this year,s Sym- phonic Band. First was a Choral-Band presentation of NI Am An American" for the Thanksgiving Con and radio broadcast. Next came a concert with nationally famous special guest artist, Paul Tanner. Then they visited Sum- merland, British Columbia. where they presented two pro- grams, one for the students and one for the community. Hard work and mental discipline were required to be '4tops" in this area. lt took more than talent to present an interesting show, it took showmanship, and for this quality, the band always strived. Paul Kingsley, Geoff Wickstead, Jim Griffith, and Steve Bishop seem to be enjoying the action on stage during a pep con. String Bass: Russ Oslundg Baritone: Jerry Burrow, Basses, Patti Front row: Third Clarinets: Connie Davis, Sharon Reed, Sandy Aiken, Pr1Ce, Dennis Giles, Jim Larson. Sandra Olson. Alto Clarinets: Karen Stotts, Darlene Campbell. Back Band'Tours Zmumbm In Canada two band members displayed skills in solo performances. Barbara Hosea played a bassoon solo and Steve Filippini, a trumpet solo of "Danze Allegro". Discipline for breaking band rules was established by band officers. Punishment for offenses ranged from a nickel fine for chewing gum to expulsion for smoking in uniform. Travel arrangements, finances, and uniforms were also handled by the officers. 1 Mr. A. G. Tiemann directed the band, aided by Mr. M. W. Caldwell in sectional rehearsal. row: Bass Clarinets: Leanne Thompson, John Taylor. Trumpets: Randy Cullitan, Ray Beckman, Stanley Morris, Doug Thomp- son, Allen Signes, Bob YVilson. Dave Wilhelm, Steve Filippini, Larry Jess. Flutes: Kathy Stotts, Lois Nygren,Delores Frazier, Joan Hall, Elizabeth Laue. MMWWWWWWQEWMM 5 X I I it -gi 3,3 ., HZGH SCHOGL ,, BAND air. H- iff' . """ ffl? EN 1: ' ,V ,.2'- Q Q. ff' Tx it f"' 3 i l 5' I' ' i X , 49"-2.65 t .V if ' Q i 4: . 143 49 Q Na' X b-:at at y Band's pep music spurs the Indians on towards victory Mural marks the home of the N.C. Symphonic Band at basketball games. 151 Concert Band '66 if 11 ! ti a ! First row, left to right: Kathy Everett, Susan Currier, Karla Wilkinson Arlene Browning, Sue Dewitt, Gayle Thacker, Pam Doty, Barbara Hosea Second row: Nancy Pfeifer. Leona Stonehocker, Paul Custer, Steve Hiller John Aiken, Frank Carrico, Robert Boyce, Anita Tarbert, Bruce Lesser Cheryl Johnson, Ailene Browning, Eugene Hawk, Don Wilponen, Mikf Music Students Learn Academic Bac Hllm sure that the freshmen we get today are far more knowledgeable than when I was in schoolf, stated Dr. Karl D. Ernst, chairman of the division of creative arts at Cali- fornia State College. Hayward, California, at Washington State hlusic Educators' Conference in Spokane. But he add- ed that the position music enjoys in schools today is threat- encd by more concentration in other fields. He said there is an attitude in schools that reduces mu- sic education to an elective status that serves only a small percentage of students. North Central has fortunately had a large proportion of students interested in music. Perhaps because rehearsal time was not only devoted to learning parts but also to ex- plaining music history or style. L f 3 tml N t , 1 ,V I fa 4: Q, " 'Wt - . 'T 79 V ' ,,, tvvr 1 if S , 1 WKVJ Xtykl il .. . A at , .. e "f 'K' G "fl V vs t is ' ff',- ,, F . ' 1 , 'te' r r err. is x e ,,,... rstt ere. fm fi w Q A , M ,' ,RQ , , ,s,,-, , J ittet ssts rse... t, 'W 2 ' 3 if it R 8 ,4 I Q if Y l First row, left to right: Mynette Decker, Elaine Maley, Linda Gill, Terri Moen, April Johnson, Carol Wood, Eva Gregg, Karin Compton, Jill Kromm, Eileen Verhaag, Verna Zinnecker, Becky Melby, Julia Caven, Judy Caruso, Jane Vaughan, Gwen Furgeson, Patti Fairbrother, Trina Ortiz, Sharon Nikotich. Sherrill Polello, Judy Brannigan. Second row: Molinda Goolie, Diane Mitchell, Paula Barkley, Donna Hobbs, Donna Standaart, Joy Deal, Mary Ann Olson, Billie Ahrendt, Kay Duehning, Karl Ford, Mike VVetherell, Steve Kafton, Pat Cotter, Greg Lawsol Linda Lynn, Betty Orne, Carolyn Cutter, Judy Brooks, Mary Waggener, Laura Stern. Third row: Laura Hunt, Sharon Orne, Rosemary Owens, Jan Meredith, Thana Fog mon, Jackie Makarczyk, Vickie Cross, Renee Warren, I Dick Southwick, Jim McCormack, Dick Merry, Dennis R ers, John Walker, Doug Heaton. Tim Mervin, Brenda Mat Carrico. Third row: Tom Blizzard, Bill Daniels, Doug Mr. Caldwell, Bob Smith, Morgan Boyce, Bruce Burr, Jane Earling, Tom ike lfVillard, Bob Bower. Gregg Havens, Greg Likarish, Jim Cameron, Brad Wolfrum, Glenn Moffitt, Charles Endicott, Mr. Tiemann, Kerry Roberts, John Schraut, Dan Nevdahl, Ray Fry, Grant William Overfield, Rick Miller, Greg Barrick, Tom Talarico, Don Fisher, Bob Pickett, Bob Fleck, Gary Hirst, Bob Palmer. Fourth row: Tony Kraay, Mark Hall. und and More Effective Techniques The importance of music in the lives of the students has also been stressed by our directors, lX4r. Tiemann and Mr. Caldwell. Students were drilled on academic background as well as techniques so that they recognized a fugue, a canon, or a sonata. Technical performance is at such a high level in Amer- ica that European nations and Australia are calling upon American educators to help them in the development of more effective techniques. However, we have much to learn from them when it comes to the development of the culture behind the world,s music. This has been the theory behind the hard work of Mr. A. G. Tiemann and M1'. Michael Caldwell, North Central,s band and choir conductors respectively. Concert Choir Jamieson, Gail Kenna, Mary Frey. Fourth row: Robbie Glendenning, Linda Howell, Linda Martin, Bobbie King, Jo Sniokas, Gail Johnson, Terrie McMillian, Ken Zarko, Rick Jones, Tim Flanigan, Ben Cook, Walt Lubbess, Darryl Scheonitzki, Dick Block, Bob Warehouse, Roland Haney, Phil Basso, Judy Cole, Cindy Williams, Vicki McCormack, Janet Bruce, Chris Peterson. Mr. Tanner shows his versatility as the band under Mr. Tiemann's direc- tion accompanies him. North Central's Dance Band is shown busily rehearsing for one of many programs. At right, Mr. Tan- ner shows the form that made him one of the worldls greatest trombon- ists. World renowned trombonist, Mr. Paul Tanner present- ed four of his original numbers with North Centralls Sym- phonic Band. Mr. Tanner with members of area schools formed a trombone choir and also played a duet with Mr. Jon Nicholson of Gonzaga. Member of the Academic Faculty of UCLA, Mr. Tanner has also appeared on various TV shows and is first trombonist of the American Broadcasting Co. Mr. A. G. Tiemann concentrates on the ubig sound" in instructing the North Central dance band. Desiring the solid beat of such greats as Glenn Miller and Count Basie, Mr. Tiernann rehcarscs his group each day. Ability is being demonstrated by the evident popularity of this group. Ready for action are NC's Dance Band members. Saxophonists, left to right, are Steve Bishop, Bob Blizzard, Kelvin Hoover, Mike Albright and Paul Kingsley. Bass is Russ Oslund, Second row: trombonists, Richard Hobson and Dave Huellemanng Guitar Drums, Lonnie Keppler and Bill Brower. On the piano is Dennis Phillips. Third row: cornets are, Larry Jess, Dave Wilhelm, Steve Filippini and Frank Rizzi. 154 Practices for the game were held during the regular band period. The best marchers of both Symphonic and Concert bands formed this marching unit. Marching Band and Color Units Perform Stunts 2 1 Q Drum Majors who led the band are fleft to rightj Steve Filippini, Russ Oslund, head drum major, and Gregg Tiemann. Russ Oslund leads the band during a football game. The heart of the Marching hand, the percussions. Left to right, Charles Endicott, Jean Earling, Ralph Griffith, Mike Wickstead, Randy Thompson, Jim Griffith, Larry Ellingson, Randy Evans, Bill Brower and Arlene Stickel. 155 3 fi' gf Indian squaws carefully fashioned special moccasins, securely sewed and perfectly fitted for the braves who participated in ball games, wrestling, foot and canoe racing and snow sports. So today have we fashioned special shoes designed to give the support for strength and the traction for speed which are so necessary for a successful athlete. Qtws S Q WQJQV f o !!fP7' ' sw 'Y 1 it . if .--, -n..,v.. W., -wxwm Ng Harold Thompson, Edward Kretz, Blaine Bennett Eugene Lister, Athletic Director Varsity Football Varsity Football Varsity Track Varsity Wrestling Varsity Cross Country Coaches Lead Boys Th roug h Year of Athletics William Dieclrick, Leslie Hogan, t Dale Blair, Varsity Swimming Varsity Wrestling Varsity Cross Country Ronald Walker, I Varsity Basketball R1ChHfCl HHUDZIH, Alfonso Manfred, Raymond Sirnonson, Varsity Tennis B-Squad Basketball Varsity Baseball Varsity Golf 159 Watag fatlivrrgsgiear as f. Q- .iiiiilfff 'K at 47 .... , . . .f it 'i . Bruce Burnette, Right Guard it K T' V,.., K Dennis DeBill, Halfback ,. 314. G 3. . 1-2 tiki, s 5 i f , EJ is . Eh . fisflf fi ti' Gary Bursch, Bill Caruso, Split End Tackle Micki Forry, Right End 5 1 21 4: in V 1 V Xffivr' V gf? X Q t. ., it ' 5 'Z sl G Q sal M? if . if . an ex . all ful. """' R ,- .. -15' '- 't U . . rss. .. . . A " "'- p , , Egan 1 , - .siiiii Q 'J l l I K K ., ,fi,gg':J,.,: - . it . x, M ' ' :VJ fiiiiii ia , . UM ...WL . l M A. iillw 7' 'dial . . 'il 1 9297 . , r it ::. s 1 .. . .,.,,n. .,...,, -. .argl 9 .55, -k ' Jiri 'X Rick Giampietri, F ullback Butch Mickus, Right Guard Dave Neff, Left Guard Gary Neiswender, Left Guard Dan Nichols, Right Halfbaek Jerry Oberg, Tackle Harold Patterson, Left Guard A f Lg ir M fx ' f 5 ,.'..,, . Jia ., . , I, .. "I . . , ' ..,f'j,,,:, 1, ,' , ' .' '. . ,, gf ,gk ,M -1, k , f -,, ,,:, .f Q-. .. f. , ., ,-,. .. -'F . if n, 5. ,iii f- T if T if tii I A V V ' -. V si 1 . 1.52. In ,. ,i iz .- K M "" A - ,, -at - fw . 2 ,. Q V . 3 it , Q Sak We . 4 3 .X if ul tr, wgagggggr... V.. V , .6 t Jim Chaffee, Jon Chastain, Al Chavez, Art Collins, Swing End Right Tackle Left Half Fullback Vg. ,. In , .t : 13:9 in H iff 5 ' s sist X 1 - T ' es. . . istts ' - itii , gr if .si 5' if Xl . as i . George Mattix Injured Dan Merritt, Left Guard Mike Magers, Ron Jewell, Slot Back Tight End Varsity Mem be Varsity football, as any sport, allows boys an excellent opportunity to compete with each other. It prepares them for the competitive world which they will have to face in the future years. At the same time, they learn the importance of good sportsmanship, both on and off the field. It teaches them the importance of a healthy body, and how to use their minds quickly, precisely, and to the best advantage. All of these things, and also the ability to work as a team, prepares the athlete of today for his life in the future. Coached by Ed Kretz, Blaine Bennett and Leslie Hogan, the In- dians finished the year in third place with three wins, five losses and one tie for their seasonis record. Beginning the season in a game with Lewis and Clark and playing all the teams but Shadle twice, it proved to be a difficult league. Determination, courage and the will-to-win were the feelings shown by this year's squad. They went into every game ready to make an all-out effort to uphold North Central's name. They fought each game like true warriors. Cnce more they played in the annual Shriners, Game at the stadium against Rogers, defeating them 19 to 7. Although the team placed third, the coaches were not disappointed in the team and are looking forward to a more successful year with next year's varsity gridders. The coaches start looking for these future warriors during the summer training, which is when they get ready for the coming season of play. Below, Rick Giampietri f32j drives for yardage against Rogers as Jerry Har- wood f83j comes to his aid. At left is the coveted Apache emblem. I' i' f ,,,:1: 1' . 1 ' C 1 'Egg 1 Running around Gonzaga's end is Dennis Stuart C151 as Scott Grimm C251 runs interference. Also shown are Lyell Williams C531, Rick Keeling C24-1, and Rick Giampietri C321. trive for Perfection Shown tripping up a Roger's ballcarrier is Mike Magers C261 in a Will Dennis Stuart C151 be able to elude this Shadle linebacker in game at NC's field. time? V .,.: .,,. .. . . ,.,, , V'-' B - if-1 it Q ga ' . t . . " 1 i .. . , , ., yi Z . wg e t H ir .f. A, c r , t f Vkkr of Z Q 1, A . . .,,.W,, 15 , V . .:., . A zg. s A - Walt Radmer, Jerry Steiner, Bob Warehouse, Chuck Wilkerson, Lyell Williams, Tom Wold, Ken Zarko, Right End Fullback Right End Sblit End Center Quarterback Center ,.. i , - :W ,- mvt., , ' A V . ,, - --i' . 4 S e ' tt. . My K gl" A "', W ig , ' f i"' -t l QRS S A . gf' 1 ft ttl . tottoot f A V T , vi? .gf TKA lr M 7. 51 :.. V Q ,Z . .1 1 'Q I All I Vkyk :V :': Y I l "' .'., L , Qv :I ' 1 1- ' . ' , ,.,. , . Don Bordwell Dorian Chastain, Jon Coffin, Nyal Derr, Mark Douds, Dick Engstrom, Doug Goddard, Left Guard Tackle Center Swing End Right End Halfback Right End Pat Gracio, . . Th Il S E d it rl mg eason n ,K Scott Grimm, A A " Left End At the annual Sports Award Banquet at North Central, many of ' the football players received their first, second, and third letter awards -' for playing in the varsity games of the season. Among the boys re- ceiving their second year awards were Captain David Neff, Rick Giam- pietri, Mike Magers and Gary Bursch. Third year award went to Jon I '-'.f l 'Q G5 . ff fl Jerry Harwood, Swing End Steve Hoag, Right Guard Chastain, who also was placed on the All-City football team which is made up of outstanding players of all the city teams. Many of the first year lettermen will be trying for their second year award next season. During the year, an Apache was given to Gary Neiswender for an outstanding play against the opposition. Three years ago, Coach Kretz started this honor program. It is used to build team spirit and drive. After the Apache insignia is awarded, the proud recipient places it on the side of his helmet and wears it in all following varsity games. Although not all of the boys on the varsity football squad received awards this year, many Juniors and Sophomores will have a chance next year to win recognition. Those who did not win awards received the honor of playing on the varsity team. They played the best they could, and that is all the coaches asked. At the left, Rick Giampietri C32j charges into LCls line for more yardage. Below, Bob Warehouse f80j and Gary Bursch C84j attempt to stop the ballcarrier in a game against LC. - - f f itl 2 . LLW, ttii Sk, ,H hwrw K kyyy . W ,. ,ia t. e A ' me T .QQ., -' ,KY1 if .L' , ' hK'-" H f it ' x".' mzz, LZY im, 1 , rf W ",L . , -.,: X 1 f ,J W 1'A ' Vyyg M ,.,.. fl , w i l l W Brian Hipperson, Rick Keeling, Jerry Kostelecky, Ben Lawson, Steve McConnell, Mike Price, Chris Ramsey, Tackle Left Half Quarterback Halfback Tackle Right Tackle Tackle ' L'il J I 1-. .1 . 'Liz W .. kk , V lf Q , it lell 2 e T 2 it T ff . llel e ii eli 5 .,-. 5 ' mb: ,LA ,, , V tim, ev ie- .. an " ' V ,Zi K .5 I' T ee 'l 2' ,ii 1 tt, "', ,lLkk, 2 :YI :" N r ' l, ell " T eel Dale Reed, Doug Rose, Bob Rowland, Mike Sharpe, Dennis Stuart, Wayne Zehm, Leo Zwischenberger, ' Fullback Left Tackle Left Half Tackle Quarterback Left Guard Swing End I I John Andersen, , , 'Vit h Awa rd s Co n V ,. ,JE Pat Cotter, 'V , ii ' Manager tl ,.,ff :i r ' ' A First Half: ini' North Central ........ .... 0 Lewis and Clark .... 20 2 M Y North Central ........ .... 6 Gonzaga ............... .... 2 6 North Central ..,..... ..... 1 2 Rogers ..... .... 6 g ,- 1 North Central ....... .. 6 Ferris ............. .. 6 North Central ........ ...,. 0 shadle Park .... .... 1 9 David Elliott, ' de. Manage r 1 ,53 1 ,gi :Em Q, tic Second Half: -1t. North Central ........ .. 0 Lewis and Clark .... 33 i"' . rf' North Central ....... ..... i 19 Rogers ................. .. 7 North Central ....... .. O Gonzaga ...... ..... 2 1 North Central ........ .... 4 2 Ferris ..... .... 2 7 John Johnson, Below, an unidentified Indian wrestles down a Rogers player as Jerry Oberg Q79l comes to help out. At the right, Jerry Steiner C461 makes an all-out effort to stop a Gonzaga player. Manager f ,wx- . hifi ' . , T T , ' 1 EI, - f gf Q7 -W, t, 'gi 5 r 2 3 X ,W r ' ,- '9 at I "'Y it 'fr 3 A'W' 5, ,J A - we la FQ 1 l .it Wh 'inn B SquaclhFirst Row: Kim Delong, Bill Keevy, Duane Jacobs, Frank Barnes, Brad Parker, Steve Allbery, Mike Jordan, Roger Swan, Steve Dashiell, Steve Hubbard, Dan Groh, Bob Trevillyan, Mike Caldwell, Steve Bishop, Dan Gates. Second Row: Gene Maple, Don Ullrich, Rick Davis, Stan Siegel, Lee Evans, Gary Buck, Dick Lang, Tom Krell, Jerry Smith, Bill Griffith, Tom Matts, Joe Sapp, Kevin Graham, Dale Walker. Third Row: Larry Jelsing, Steve Culnane, Dave Nyberg, Ron Diggs, Harry Barnes, Bob Nielson, Dennis Walkup, Bill Warehouse, Wayne Reida, Jim Kvalevog, Pat McVay, Lloyd Schaeffer, Larry Galvin. Fourth Row: Steve Holden, Steve Smith, Mike Blair, Tom Jones, Dick Thomas, Tom Ulvin, John Rowland, Gary Miller, Mike Brandenburger, Steve Kelly, Dean Press, Larry Fry. Hard Work Pays Dividends Being on the B-squad team teaches the boys how to be good sportsmen, while it furthers their knowledge of the game's fundamentals. The varsity coaches watch these boys very closely and try to find the ones that show the most promise as future varsity players. If the boys are not chosen for the varsity team, they have still had the benefit of be- ing a part of this organization. During the year they play other B-squad teams throughout the city. The Braves finished the season with a record of thrcc wins and five losses, placing 6th in the city. Outstanding players for the Braves were Dave Nyberg, quarterback, Kim Delong, end, and Eric Davis, end. These boys, plus many others, also received their letter awards for being on the team. Coach Hannan was looking forward to next year's team and perhaps a better season. The Frosh football team is made up of boys who have plans for football in their later years of high school. It helps to prepare them mentally and physically for B-squad and varsity football. The boys learn to block and tackle with authority which Coach Bill Diedrick thinks are important factors for a good team. They played only four games, tak- ing games from LC Q7-Uj , and Ferris KQO-7D , and losing to Rogers Q19-71, and Gonzaga Q13-Oj. The Gonzaga game was considered the worst defeat because of injuries to key men in the previous Some of the starting boys Coach Dicdrick considered outstanding were Ross Rhodes, half- back, Rick Bradford, centerg and Rick Daugherty, end. Coach Diedrick feels the experience gained throughout the season will greatly benefit the boys when they play varsity ball. Freshmen-First Row: Rod Thur, manager, Bruce Hengen, Bob Bliz- Wally Prosser, Dusty Morlan, Rick Doherty, Steve Mitchell, James Per- zard, Chandler Faroane, Tom Kostelecky, Chuck Hansen, Steve Canter, kins, Jim Wright. Third Row: Greg Ulrigg, Pat Blair, Maurice Bur- Bud Allbery, Brad Martin, Ross Rhodes, Glen Samms, Greg Sarber, nette, Bill Bush, Monte Allen, Rick Bradford, Kevin McPherson, Tony Tony Kraay, Bob Erickson, manager. Second Row: Don Wolfe, Kevin Tonellato, Randy Culliton, Tom Verstig, manager. Hoover, Ralph O'Meara, Sam DeCaro, Kelley Curran, Bill Hawley, Left to right: First row: Walt Caton, Roger Smith, Randy Naylor, Russ Oslund, Bob Rockser, Bill Daley, Charlie Greenwood, Terry Schafer, Steve Hendricks. Second row: Doug Hendrick- son, Roger Naylor, Terry Mattix, Tom Vaughn, Ralph Radmer, Eugene Graham, Bob Duprie, Bob Lee, Ben Hayden, Al Strom, Jack Ashlock, Rick Welsh, John Munyan. Hard Work Builds Cross Country Runners Miles of hard work and pure dedication devel- oped North Central's Cross Country team this year. Coached by Gene Lister, with Dale Blair's assistance, the boys worked out in all types of weather. This year's team was led by seniors Roger Smith, Randy Naylor, Russ Oslund, Bob Roekser, Terry Shafer, Tom Vaughn, Ralph Radmer, Eugene Graham, Bob Duprie, Bob Lee, Ben Hayden, Al Strom, Jack Ash- lock, and John Munyan, with underelassmen Bill Daley, Charlie Greenwood, Roger Naylor, Terry Mat- tix, and Rick Welsh backing the team for future years. Most of the boys who were on the Cross Country team in the fall are now turning out for the track season. Bill DalCY is Seen Outfuflfllng an UU' Randy Naylor is seen finishing off an identified opponent. other long race 5 Q ai it was 5 J? mir gg er 94 P Q vtiqil' 2 .:.. Q35 rar ,aw gait: ,et .. V. 1 fit i' :rages . 12332 " we ,, Vi! Ieft to right First row: Jim Daly, Dennis Duehning, Les Smith, Mickey Nyreen Dale Sekijima jack Fournier. Second row: Coach Ron Walker, Dave Westfall Greg Hendrickson Al Hanson Brian Simpson, Wes Johnson, Dan Mitchell. Boys Work for Third Straight Title Led by the top performers in the city, Jack Fournier and Jim Daly, the North Cen- tral tennis squad came out with its second straight city championship. Coach Ron Walker was very pleased with the fall season, and is looking forward to an equally successful spring season, Along with the two city champions, ten boys are returning for more action. They are Dennis Duehning, Les Smith, Mickey Nyreen, Dale Sekijima, Dave Westfall, Greg Hendrick- son, Al Hanson, Brian Simpson, Wes Johnson, and Dan Mitchell. Spring Schedule April 21 North Central vs. Gonzaga April 26 North Central vs. University April 28 North Central vs. Shadle Park May 3 North Central vs. Central Valley May 5 North Central vs. West Valley May 10 North Central vs. Lewis 8: Clark May 12 North Central vs. Ferris May 17 North Central vs. Rogers May 20 St 21 Inland Empire Tournament im Daly is caught serving to one of Jack Fournier is caught slamming a his weaker opponents serve to one of his eight victims Left: Indian Bob Johnson QIOD drives for lay-in against Ferris opponent. Bruce Wald f45j watches the action. Right: Ron Jewell C4-31 attempts Center: Helplcss Highlanders look on as Chuck Wilkerson C4-lj shoots. to check shot of unidentified player. Indian Hoopsters See Action NC ,,i,,,,,,,,, 55 Sandpoint ,,..... .....,, N C Lewis and Clark NC ...,.,...,,, 49 Kellogg ,.,.,.,... NC Rogers ...,.,.......... NC ....,,.,.... 63 Lewiston ..,...,............. NC Gonzaga ........... NC ..,s.,...... 51 Shadle Park .............. NC West Valley ..... NC .,,,,,.,.... 60 Coeur d'Alene NC Mead .............. NC .,.,,,,,.... 56 Ferris ...............,.......... NC Ferris ....,.......... NC ,,.,....,.,. 48 Gonzaga .,....... ....... N C University .........,....,... NC ,..,,.,...,, 73 Mead .,........Y... NC Lewis and Clark ..,..... NC ,,,,,,,,.,.. 51 Central Valley NC Central Valley ,.,....... NC ,.,......... 32 University .......... .... N C Shadle ..........,..,. Left: Chuck WVilkerson HOF executes jump shot as Shadle player ris player as Jack Rizzuto f12j, Eric Johnson Q4-D and Don Ulrich C501 futilely watches. Center: Bruce Wald Q-My maneuvers for basket as get ready for the ball. puzzled Tigers look on, Right: Bruce Wald UH-J jumps against a Fer- 434' Chuck Wilkerson 4- , .. J if .f 5 '99 f f" xy , ' .. 7 -1 1 ' i 5 FW' ig, 3 H1 2. fn, sa 5' in in flf fsfiflw 3. 451 - 6-lkfsiil 252521zylsfigsliiiwl 'xgiifiikr nj? , will Dfnnnis l7PBill Ron If-well iff 6 I Q47 ' 1 'W Varsity Season Prove Jack R K I F 1 1 i I 1 1 4 il 5 l l Q 4 4 5 M is Left to right: Jagk Fournier, Chuck Wilkerson, Bob Johnson, Bill Keevy Hanson, Don Ulrich, Bruce Wald, Dennis Phillips, Ron Jewell, Eric Joh: izzuto l lnrolcl Patterson g rsli Q if 3 if 2 MWM4-A 3 - Af 1 www-Y in Z 'f' N- wks , i ,S my , ii? ff 1 y . 'Q Km if f fin, f mix, QQ 'V 2 X 2 'l 1-ix is 2 kg, W ff, N fs l X . , l - as , , I , Q., -V f D hallenging to Indians rimm, Tom Wold, Dennis DeBill, Harold Patterson, Jack Rizzuto. In the Dave Noble, Mr. Ron Walker, and John Anderson. Tom Wold iff, ff 4 , .f' nfl' 4 f ft X3 s3n5i,g4,v5, 2 3 K' 2 4 Q f Q' 'yup W si WN illi s,oo, V f'-- M Q 51 K , .fialxfzogvg X ' a ',s',-1" A M , A' ' ,5 Ron Walker Coach ,X 2 4 ' X . f lllsf lgmi Ken Grimm Bob Johnson Jack Fournier A'-Sp. 5 . rw- , ,Q- . A 4 - . iii r.. Rick Dans fllj takes 3 Shot from undef B-Squad Basketball 1 Left to right: First row: Bill Warehouse, Gary Lindeblad Coach the basket during one of the games, Hannan, John Carver, Manager, Dale Krahn, Lonnie Morgan. Second row: Jerry Harwood Steve Allbery, Mike Schiffner, Rick Davis, Isaac Carter, Steve Kelly. B-Squad Takes Championship Our B-Squad Basketball team of 1965-66 had an outstanding year. With a league record of 15 wins and three losses the team placed first, undis- puted, for the first time in recent history of B- squad action. Coach Hannan felt the reasons for such a victory were good team discipline, hard work, and with only ten boys on the squad, work- ing together on the court as a team. Mr. Hannan was sure that these boys were looking eagerly for- ward to their varsity year of basketball. Freshman Basketball - Left to right: First row: Second row: Chan Faraone, Ross Rhodes, Rick D Bud Allbery, Bob Blizzard, Joe Durgan, manager. Boys of the Freshman basketball team learn the fundamentals of basketball. They first learn how to control the ball, shoot the ball from dif- ferent positions on the court and how to work as a team. Even though they played under a handicap because of a mixup of coaches, the boys ended the season and had a league record of three wins and nine losses. The boys have to wait a long time for their chance to play on the varsity team and they look forward with anticipation to when they can play against the best the other schools have to offer. Roger Jokinen, Spencer Cones, Tony Kraay. oherty, Bill Hawley, Bob Mason, jim Wright, qdfgfns mi , W' 3' Steve Saruwatari Cliff Wavra Torn Vaughn John Munyan Jerry Kosteleeky Ben Hayden 103 112 120 130 136 14-1 594' X x Dave Neff Gary Bursch Rick Giampietri Lyell Williams john Warfield Mike Sharpe 148 154 165 178 191 Unlimited Wrestlers Work Towards State Staging a strong comeback after losing their first three . . . matcheS, the Indian matmen ended the season with a , 1 ,," 1 record of five wins and three losses, in a third place tie with Ferris. Three North Central wrestlers placed well at JE ,Q I .,,. the district matches, and in so doing, earned a trip to the 'AW state matches in Ellenshurg. These were Rick Giampietri, , fi Mike Sharpe, and Steve Saruwatari. The members of the team devoted themselves to their 1 ,J wrestling. For two hours a day, six days a week, the boys at dedicated themselves, always trying to achieve the point of perfection. Leslie Hogan Blaine Bennett Coach Coach A. eeee ,V fgQ:f"'sr 'A' i 'P' Vvfesfliflg an unidentified Ferris OPPOUQN is Rick Giampietfi- John Munvan is pictured here with his unknown grappler from Mead y .,L f S i K was I Left to right: First row: Steve Saruwatari, Gary Burseh, Mike Sharpe, Ben Hayden, Rick Giarnpeitri. Athletes Receive Awards in Spring Con Special awards seemed to be limited to a lew wrestlers this year. Three wrestlers participated in state competition. They were Steve Saruwatari, Mike Sharpe, and Rick Giampeitri. At a special awards, eonvoeation late in March, awards voted on by the team were presented to the win- ners. Rick Giampeitri received the eaptain's award, the Mr. Hustle trophy, and was best wrestler from advantage position. Gary Burseh was best from a neutral position, and Ben Hayden was best from a disadvantage position. Seen getting ready to pin his opponent is John Munyan. Mike Sharpe is seen taking advantage of an unidentified opponent B-Squad Wrestling. - Left to right: First row: Don Lunzer, Terry Mattix, Tom Whicker, Steve Hendricks, Dan McCort, Wayne Zehm. Second row: Dave Norby, Jon Coffin, Brian Simpson, Steve Hoag, Doug Goddard, Walt Radmer, Dan O'Meara. Upcoming Talent Shows Outstanding Ability Meeting their challengers prepared, both men- tally and physically was the challenge of,the B- squad and Frosh grapplers. Hard work and dedi- cated spirit led the team through the year. All of the boys were working for a spot on the varsity team. A few of the boys showed exceptional talent and could be a serious threat to those boys already on the varsity. Coached by Blaine Bennett and Les Hogan, the combined B-squad and Frosh team had a high- ly successful season. They won most of their matches, showing us what we can expect in the future. Coach Bennett feels that the squad worked harder and was more dedicated than any other squad he has coached. Freshman and Sophomore Wrestling - Left to right: First row: Wolfrum, Kevin Scott, Jim Wisher, Dennis Walkup, Kim Delong, Dave Cooper, Roy Munyan, Rick Welsh, Doug Hendrickson, John Rick Sorenson. Third row: Robin Merrill, Ben Cleveland, Mike Johnson, Greg Davis, Larry Marchioro, Steve Dashiel, Jim Gamble, Brandenburger, John Rowland, Pat McVay, Darrell Schmidt, Rich- Ken Lunser, Glenn Samms, Mike Saruwatari. Second row: Dan ard Miller, Rick Kitterman, Wayne Reida, Dave Norby, Steve Hub- Groh, Neil Snider, Cap Davis, Don Wolfe, Ralph O'Meara, Brad bard. 173 Golf team members Front row, left to right: Gary Lindeblad, Doug Jewett, Mike Dennis Floyd shows excellent form whlle driving Hansen Bob Duprie Dennis Phillips, Ken Grimm, Dennis Floyd, Dick Hobsen. Second row Vince Lloyd Doug Scott, Kim Hamilton, Lanny Senter, Kim Buelo, Ron Mehlert, Richard Lines oe Durgan, Dan Gates, Rick Sorenson. Golf Squad Works Hard As Swim Team Makes In an attempt to bring back a long forgotten sport at North Central in 1966, swimming was re-established. Under the firm coaching of William Diedrick, the swimmers, although winless in five meets, had a successful season, with one member of the team, john Johnson, going to the state meet in Seattle. Debut After a fairly successful fall season, the boys' golf team is looking forward to the spring season. Coach Simonson, stated that the boys would play a total of ten matches, winding up with the Inland Em- pire tournament in which all the teams from the Spokane area compete. Swim team members Front row, left to right: Lee Rogers, Mike Armstrong, Brian La- Kenny Tom-seen executing the backstroke dur Salle Dale Meuler Kenny Tom, and Tony Tonellato. Second row: Bill Miller, Tom ing practice. MacNaughton Steve McNutt, Marv Richardson, John Taylor, Dave Bartline, Rich Miller Don Ashford Gary Fievez, and Eric Bell. 175 - ' . 4 . Q g . r .f t , L 5 ff . . . - s . 1g'?l'?7i iff? ' ' i . 2 It --:. .. .. H-V' vf-W ".-WSE' ' m f. " il514 2 ?:i3- it lf' , " r r H - 1- ,ry X- g - gf- - t sf w N... fl. 1 ., - -. ' ' :Q H ' . a at-def-W W . . . . a - . .... . 1 -f-----'S---" I W. ,q.,.r,,.,... ...,.. .,..,,......a,. , ,s...,,...-. g ' lim at j r --l""'-'- EV. " " N- A . 41:11 ' ' ' ' it .. ,F 4 Q 3 kd' .. . , s ., -- A is , wa, 'Mg-: f x Q f I' yy .,--. .V 'RJ' .ut ' 'agp rwnvfsx 1, ' r ' Y . x A-, A- ", . 'K .. ' , . -f tg . ' xl 4 -. ' 1 M . '-wfib.. f.f.i1f.1:gz". Fifi" - -'Tis in , . N 'I if-2: .A "1 Q ,. , :qv-if H- ' Y W 'K N W , -.. r w xr, . ., 4 -,. Lonnie Morgan is caught watching for a hard ground ball. v...1jj f . H -it .:. I.. at A .. ze ..r-1.-,......... 'rt . . I . - ' . ' M '. .. , , , ,- V . . V . .,.,.1.., AL. 3 .. 4 gw41'fgvf,W.,,..,ggr.,,g,fs.-' f' - ,,,- , 9 . 1ffl,,g,,j,.,,L.f... I , .ffmsgggn gf5, s.'ss1sma:.w - - ' . '- 1 . i iiwiff . . - ' A o 'i 3?i2W" '5i tl " 1W 'f's1ti'.1v,L, 'WL . N s Y Q. f. .M .V wg, Z4 .g i f , I - .. f- 12.0, -fm, . a:g.5,E',., ,J.,'fi..-3-W S -s A X .sg .A -' -f 2. .g ,gf : ' ' 1 H 1 'YW W,.. w ere H V' .f I , .f ...- 'f t 5 ,V E. :-- ..r. .. ' 'W ' f n-'!f'w.r Psi - ... Kim Contos beats out an infiel d single against C V. Chuck Wilkerson fires a fast ball in prepai lnexperienced Varsii April 12 April 14 April 19 April 21 April 26 April 28 April 29 May 3 May 5 4 North Central vs. Lewis 81 Clark North Central vs. University North Central vs. Central Valley North Central vs. Shadle Park North Central vs. Gonzaga Prep North Central vs. Ferris North Central vs. Rogers North Central vs. West Valley North Central vs. Mead Don Smith warms up the pitcher a: Don Smith tags up on a sacrifice fly and heads for home. -gr I nys., ,V E we ,f ,, may 1. ,,,v.! S, it 3, I .,, ,A M I. " ':'2':A . . l 5 I s V a - V, , if +1 if N ,L . Q . M .M W . , 4 I 'lark ff' in "' ef :,,' 5 F - fy' """' S- . ' t F "S 115 4 V A nl . gif 4 AYAZ VV, C Q ' ,: C K V r , Qg. . fi ff, P f . -, . h p ff, s, , V Q,.f.,msf'vesw:g,,. ' -. f , ,X f 2 ,,- A ar, -i . -kVFgW5!Q,5 . ,,, , . M, N 3., " ,, . it , ,, . . 2 ' ' 'jj' - , Q W1 . L .". -Q ir ,Q .ali -' l ti Wie' 'K '-fr f La, -'Cf-r t,!"L- A3.fg2r,1t 'W KW., Q if ,rfb -Vt V, V sa ft' , f , ' Hel. ,. ' , A lh ' L4 . , 3 C . . ,N M.. M Q ts W ,S ' 5 , t f .' , . , -fs.-y .,. - , ,L M , nn, - 11,3 1 e season opener agamst Coeur d Alene. 935715, V 9 1 K 9' .. V - 5 iw x ,Qi Q , ,- V' 0- , A. V. ' -,. . ' - ia- .tai ' 2 I ,, -, WW- -+1 'MQW1 "L vw' 'J --" Ng, .Q 7,4 . ,few " , X .VV 4 '- Marv Richardson gets set to take out an opponent. trives for Championship Mary' May May May May May May May Mayf using batter 6 North Central vs. Lewis and Clark I0 North Central vs. University 12 North Central vs. Central Valley 13 North Central vs. Shadle Park 17 North Central vs. Gonzaga Prep 19 North Central vs. Ferris 20 North Central vs. Rogers 24 North Central vs. Wlest Valley 26 North Central vs. Mead looks on in hc-wilclerment. 't 4' if 7 'ei ..f1"','v'pf 4' 'VFIII V ' .pq dwg. K ' ., 'if w , , A 53339-'ff"f"fi:'i:i ' f'4wg6ff,"ti'iV oQll!l all-f I W 7 4,3-V315 51:3 ffiZ1,j'fiLf??IlqW.'QV'-'Q ,v-W,-fi-g."Jl.? V- wtajfff i,4F5.?'g ,fg13, " f' ggglgwg. Q ,. ,sat , . 4 ff? ,tr , ,s,, tlrsr, 1 s,,r .V r,,rr Q ttts 3 : " hal ,v tyr, thtt ',, ,K K Q .1 i M-f+ffffm+wff1f3fTJs ,,s,tt . V tak, g:3g!!ifr!f+f!9!5ffll6 gr W ,fl .afgeeswg ffl!-Q .. f- frrt i , ffi"1f!'1-?i'1'f5i9ff39'.vf4fQ'Vf.fr5f:eg Wf'ffffr .1 M.. I., y A 4 , IIIQQ 5 'Q . f'-Wifi-6'W 'EI92 ' ..h- ,L , !3f,,g' , I M A 's"agQf-a,-Q-,.., f N . ' Q ...Q VMH-f:.gggVf9Ysig f-Eff. p C ' i L ....,,, V. m, . A y. . ,. .,a,,va., . . V A We Don Smith rounds first on the way to an easy double, watt , Q ,,, -MM-M I 5 I 5 K, :N 5 A 1 V 1 3 V - M K' ,. 'U gs - If Z 3 E A' L f- ,. . LV f , .V mar, rams, X. ,, ,XC ,' ,. ,rrx - , ,R . t i,,, ,,,,M,,Yrw H ' , NM 3: . ia ffm-A-mf:-'+-w-'-"f'wN1, we-.rf .- Q .I L-. wgfetkr-+ek,fft: ,,,. V . ' 2' in-' -f i N- ' X ' , 5 X . H V85 4, , 7 ' e--f A 5-Q V, , ,,,f,w2y, ., . I' f N ze .i :J 5, 4 V mg g f .5.: 2,3,: :riff V I V W' , ' We Tifisidi- WS5s1Y" ',,".i:i Zarwmm f,v..,,V-Q .Q':f'ie," 15: - V H ' f , m f VVVVV . , - ,M A Af-,, 4,1 ,lv Wm- Vi W., V. " W 'Ti , .wk " 2:Q.L5f't,,"rfg"'9'3' 5s?7z"?e H ,k kwa,-,., ?.wi,.,! E ,,W ,S ,a ,,:. . .,., ..,,. 1. .,,.: ...,. , .... , ,',,,w.,,1w ,,:, Kim Contos is seen preparing to steal serond base. B-squad Baseball 1 Left to right: First row: Tom Brown, John McDavid, Tim Ross, Roger Swan, Isaac Carter, Jim Ewell, Larry Marchioro. Second row: Greg Havens, Karl Ford, Gene Maple, Steve Bishop, Mike Branclenburger, Jim Coleman, Kerry Roberts. Future Varsity in Training B-squad Schedule Freshman Schedule April 12 North Central vs, Lewis gl Clark April 20 North Central vs. Ferris April 111 North Central vs. University April 27 North Central vs. Lewis Sc Clark April 19 North Central vs. Central Valley May 4 North Central vs. Rogers April 21 North Central vs, Shadle Park May 9 North Central vs. Gonzaga April 26 North Central vs. Gonzaga May 11 x North Central vs. Ferris April 28 North Central vs. Ferris May 16 North Central vs. Lewis 8: Clark April 29 North Central vs. Rogers May 23 North Central vs. Rogers May 3 North Central vs. West Valley May 25 North Central vs. Gonzaga May 6 North Central vs. Mead May 10 North Central vs. Lewis 81 Clark Freshman Baseball 1 Left to right: First row: Scott Sulivan, Chuck Risen, George Bell, Tony Kray, Larry Rayon, Greg Sarber, John Bosch, Dusty Morlan, Pat Blair. Second row: Lester Risen, Bob Smith, Jim Wright, Glenn Samms, Ross Rhodes, Brad Martin, Chuck Han- sen, Jim Kvalevog. Third row: Greg Lawson, Dean Reed, Rich Miller, Mike Heimbigner, Ron Koch, Rick Bradford, Doug Malott, Ray Stewart. ' I ff Y' Gene ,...M.....1..,,e Maple i 1 5 seen throwing a man out at the plate. X 'Ldg ,, I Q 1 . . 5 . , X l - 1 E f gi , Y l Q I X V, sf 7,873 I , ,R --.U ...H jx- f , jf Ld' W i l , A ' ' H alf. ty, M M H - V H .. , , . 1 W 4 , W yi ' ' ff s - -53 , ' ., . - ,A ,, ,A - .t,.,,+,',..M me-iv X - I . -5:5g:yi?f,, . t A Q M A. 1 l, - . A Q , f , a, if 7' - ' - ' A '. 2 .4 , ,A sf., , . N -Sew w' M . ' Irby ff' g Isaac Carter is seen punching out a hit in a practice session. 1 A fel?-." Q' A fe y y f+ , -qv' J Y jftrf " , ' W.. .. P K 'L Q lg . - f l 'rv 1 sf, .... , ., H ' .- .V A4 .. 'f Wk., :ig M v I ., Q, .QA I , . . ..,..""tw ' ' '- 'Z-WN, .M ii I - H . f . A - f , . 5 i, '- W . - i r . I -'-' - .- ' " I . t"s T gsmsg ' f .. . pu '-1 ,, a t.. -1 q if ' 'N -i 1 ' 'mi' - ff -, A ii 332' ' t-1.2.4 A' ' 'S 'f ' Q. ., il: Q .. - . 2 . . 5.2i'.,1 . -'Af' V - Q' " ' 4 Jim Ewell leads off first as Karl Ford awaits the pick-off attempt. 2 .f Whig YK! uk ' BMV ' I' I : . A14 3 ., . . 5 Q A aa' A if Q1 . . 5, by .- fa ,.N.-wrms ww: zz., ' "1.'.,'.'a.:f.:': 2:f1f?'::nf:.c.,-rff.,w:fsfi'i1V-Hw.:1ew'S?'H"' .5f:z'e::,.rm-1-"VV-: '- - I 1 ' 1 g Egge r i s , .4 wee' .is ',-,'fi', ,' -,'- . A-'f,v ,. .- ,fw .sfff,, H.. s f' ,, -,-if Q, .pf ., 1 W . .,i..s.. .v-2 K . :' 1 'kites -8.1.2 Q: 2- 'ig3.'s -M , . ,, f . 1 I .:,Ej.ri3jl, ' t- """' :,v.f:5a.:,,'... .V . f , ew, :YJ .1 ' .1f'iiiiL- N .. . ,-iii M X - ...f.'2' ff 2 J, 'ww .,,. ., ff ,- K:- L , jj - :M was-,,-ki 17236 ' ,-1. - ,, -mf.-1. -. Q- 'f.e,kg.':--f gy ky,Meg,-.wggsfwfz-.Maggy-.0 -W. ff ... . W ...1-, it .' V - ,W W2-," ' " '-2,g,42igiL?2.iw.:: F2-Q ,l'tT"f"f'Q-wi . ., ef. F ,,,, .. .... HM.. .M,3..,.,5. .q,,,.,. .41 M5387 q.M,,.G,,V ,,,,,v My I KZ A. a - .V r . 1 , .. . 'V I we Tom Brown rounds first on his way for an easy double. Tim Ross crosses first for an infield hit. Jerry Emoto fires a strike in batting practice. 179 Varsity-B-squad Track f Left to right: First row: Rick Keeling, dan, Tom Jones, Gerald Keevy, Bill Daley, Gene Graham Tim Jim Griffith, Bruce Wlald, Mike Sharpe, Ralph Radiner, Dick Eng- Burchett, Walt Radmer, manager. Third row: Mike Melby man strom, Russ Oslund, Roger Smith, Bob Rockser, Don Ullrich, Scott ager, Charles Greenwood, Greg Hendrickson, Roger Naylor Steve Grimm, Brian Hipperson. Second row: Don Diggs, Randy Naylor, McConnell, Mark Douds, Harry Barnes, Jerry Oberg, Larry Fry Torn Ulyin, lklike Brophy, George fvlattix, Al Sinnnons, Mike Jor- Larry Ross, Larry Shinn, Rick Trippel, manager. North CentraI's Cinder Men Aim for State Below: NC's This year's track team, under the able direc- tion ol' Coach Eugene Lister and Dale Blair, prac- ticed long and hard in an attempt to secure the city track title for North Central. Hard work and dedication, as with all sports. was the key to suc- cess. Led by Terry Schafer, Mike Sharpe and Russ Oslund. the track team looked forward to a win- ning season. Although the above mentioned boys were the most outstanding, team work was con- stantly einphasized by Coach Lister. The team waited eagerly for its fiye City League opponents. the district ineets at X'Vest Valley and to climax the season. tht- Slate ineel at Pullman. track tt-ani piartiees in an attempt to capture the city Right: Terry Schafer shows city leagues best pole vault- April April April April April lklay lk-flay lylay lviay lXIay League Schedule l Central Valley vs. 7 Ferris vs. 15 Gonzaga vs. 22 University vs. 29 Rogers vs. 6 North North North North North Central Central Central Central Central Championship finals at Hart Field ll District preliminaries at West Valley ld District meet at Viest Valley 20 Bi-District nicet at 'Nest Valley 27-28 State ineet at Pullman -I championship. ing form, I t i , ,W L. K "V, ' ,M 'if . ,.....,:-ffm., .A e , N . me-iiefger-'53, QM, . - -5 .f 'fs .. ts-wad'-'fbklzhn 80 F1'l?ShIIl?lI1 Trulx L to II lust 1 s 1111 I11k111s M1lxf Nrlson Rox okmen an Smith, John GICCDXNOOCI P t Owmn Ix1lx111 U our Slillllil 1 BILICL HCD56H, R05 Fry, Gregg Pryde Ralph O Mmm ohn A1l'xCH Lwrry Pwrrott Don Ullrich attempts to Clear the bar in the high jumping event. Nlikc- Shzlrpc shows shotputting form. 5219 fffwia up 211121 Proud to be leading North Central at performances and parades are majorettes: Sue Revard, Peggy Hansen. Lynn MeVay, Donna Revard, Cathy Armstrong and Color Added by Performers Carol Austed. Both majorettes and marching units agreed that it takes team work to get things done. The majorettes were an important part of the half- time stunts performed by the band and marching units. Besides the numerous performances during football season, the majorettes displayed their skill and imagination in the annual Red Feather con, In the spring, they led the NC marching band and pep units in the Lilac Parade. In order to qualify, a Red Feather or Color Girl must be in good standing which means no grade below a C. She also must have imagin- ation, gracefulness, and resoureefulness. This year the majorettes made several appearances at the Ma- sonic Temple, and the Ridpath Hotel. They were in a variety show at Eastern State Hospital and at the March of Dimes Marathon. Donna Revard Chairman Majorettes Peggy Hansen, Lynn McVay, Sue Revard, Carol Austed, Donna Revard and Cathy Armstrong take time out to show-off their new outfits. I Us if-1 l ' A151 - nun-Ak r fwsiiw gg, mx Ah 'fi 1.----ali:--1,---f The Color Guwrd C01'1S1St11'1g of Dnne IIIQQCHS, Lori Cimnmn limp H1r5t Grant Ahrendt Damn Gates and Cheryl WundLr11ch pmctivc fOl'lU'1l1OI1 fox the L111c Pfimde F4 ix 5 Q E Sally Meranda Football Robin Brockway Wrestling Looking back over the events of the year, we, the cheerleaders, have many precious memories. We got to know each other better as we had regular practices during the summer. We'll never forget the Big and Little Sister Party because that was the first time we had ever cheered in front of an audience. We all had lumps in our throats as the band played 4'Red and Black? The crazy car caravan we had for the first football game was an- other memorable event for us. The horn of the car behind us got stuck on the way to the stadium, and we laughed and yelled all the way. I Before the Shrine game, we all visited the Shriner's Hospital for crippled children. Our visit made us thankful for the wonderful job the Shriners and the hospital staff are doing to help the little children. We were also made aware of how lucky we are to be strong and healthy. Then the exciting football season came to an end. A cheerleading clinic was held at West Valley High l l l "School Spirit had little chance to hai ported our teams. Agreed?" Leaders of Jan Hyslop, Danelle Davies, Arlene Vie Robin Brockway, and Donna Newberg. Spirit Exemplified Be: School where we met many of the cheerleaders from the other schools. Then came the exciting basketball games and wrestling matches. Wie were so proud and excited in our new uniforms. Spring sports were great fun sitting out in the sun at the baseball games and the track meets. But now it is all in the past. It is now time for a new group of cheerleaders to make their own memories. Wfe only hope theirs will be as wonderful as ours. Z1 QM ' Gap gmlgtew 5452! everyone from seniors to frosh sup- froni left to right, Debbie Steidl, nclu, Candy Frnshc-r, Maryl Sandberg, y Cheerleaders Qeffw?-fvS?,eaefwL ! in ,'VkCJd-ZGQ N Q Mme Qs, i f - Uwwayfwliih Danelle Davies Basketball Maryl Sandberg Spring Sports Arlene Vietzkf-, Jun Hyslop, and Debbie Ste-idl cheer the team on to victory. First row, left to right: Bev Saruwatari, Kathy Juhnke, Sue Gambill, Becky Stone, Denise Bambino, Pam Garinger, Linda Killian, Marilyn Bowell, Sue Shinn, Gwen Furgeson, Debbie Steidl, Robin Brockway, Lori Gausman. Second row: Donna Newberg, Garlen Duehning, Carol Austed, Mardi Boswell, Rosemary Goerz, Joyce Frances, Jeannie Sabiston, Corrine Donna Revard, Laura Coyte. Red Feathers Spirited Red Feathers is an honor marching unit and pep club composed of about eighty girls. They support the Indians in both fall and spring sports. Football, basketball, and wrestling seem to rate highest with the girls. The Red Feathers served the school and community this year by help- ing a family at Thanksgiving, being usherettcs for concerts, P.T.A., the school play and stadium events, and by giving their support and boundless school spirit to the teams. They also performed stunts at halftime during football games and marched in spring parades. This group really cared about its school and represented it favorably. Many days were spent marching in "knee-dcepn mud in preparation for half- time stunts, and more precious hours were spent in devoted team support. The Red Feathers were and are proud of North Central. Q Chg Linda Swartz Chairman Kersul, Pat Anderson, Jan Hyslop, Maryl Sandberg, Gail Coyte, Terry Galambie, Danelle Davies. Third row: Linda Swartz, Judy Johnson, Jackie Mouser, Candy Frasher, Betty Peters, Jill Bodvin, Peggy Plumb, Phyllis Heise, Arlene Vietzke, Cathy Mandt, Sally Meranda, Sue Goudzward, Gail Coyte Pam Garinger Carol Alusted Denise Bambino Jackie Mouser Secretary Treasurer Historian Sergeants at Arms 186 First row: left to right: Pam Nakagawa, Cathy Pesik, Patti McLaughlin, Colleen Day, Danna Gates, Pat Chantry, Bonnie Remrners, Kathy Cheryl Pickens, Sharon Gibson, Mary Ann Weitz, Cheryle Perkins, Thompson, Marie Wold. Third row: Audrey Brooks, Pat McCammond, Peggy Henning, Linda Nicholson, Marilyn Pasicznyk, Barb Soapes, Sally Kathi Olson, Jan Naylor, Janet Poetter, Judy Rowland, Judy Allbery, Pickens, Marcia Clark. Second row: Teresa Hanson, Kris Evans, Lea Sue Revard, Peggy Hansen, Lynn McVay, Evelyn Hossner, Ruth Camp- Wright, Gail Burkhart, Kathy Bullis, Gayle Northcutt, Terry Davey, bell, Kathy Wise, Robyn Bell. Marilyn Bowell Chairman Spirit and enthusiasm are energetically displayed by pep units. 'Tis Judy Rowland Sue Gouclzward Judy Johnson Lori Gausman Jeannie Sabiston Sergeants at Arms Historian Treasurer Secretary 187 ix Wt Left to right: First row: Dolores Mitchell, Clara Szep, Chris Fritz, Cheryl Rayon, Marilyn Bartoletta, Timme Pesik, Patti Dunn. Second row: Lavinia MeClarin, Patty Pesik, Michele Pasicznyk, Mary Meg Pfarr, Kathy Brown, Cindy Williams, Debbie Bouten, Kathy Jensen, Suzie Bassett, Cathy Armstrong, Joan Davey, Starleen Pichette, Kay Duehning, Roberta Bland, Susie Northquist. Third row: Chris Det- mer, Yvette Broadwell, Billie Anderson, SteveAnn Edwards, Shellie Sale, Carol Sather, Carla Butz, Cheryl Wunderlich, Kathy Green, Marlene Jewell, Cheryl Strong, Marge Johnson, Bonnie Johnson, Judy Cole. Color Girls Demonstrate School Spirit 5 Y ,it ii 'i 'TCSF' f MM ii 1 K Joan Davey Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Wunclerlieh Chairman Kathy Brown Tirnrne Pesik Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Green Cathy Armstrong Sergeant-at-Arms Historian if .. .rf Cheryl Rayon Billie Anderson Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Left to right:First row:Niki Olson, Sue Rounds, Lois Gunstrom, eella Knutson, Vicki Seger, Debbie Peterson, Connie Hagen, Ruth Leslie Logan, Linda Gill, Patty Betts, Nancy Swanson, Linda Emter, Haupt. Third row: Billie Ahrendt, Marcia Law, Dianna Garbarino, Georgia Christensen, Ginnie Cress, Wendy Bartlett, Emilie Edwards. Roxie Weatherly, Debbie Larkin, Diane Hendrix, Jonnie Phillipson, Second row: Kathy Alexander, Margaret Boyd, Kathy Cameron, Sue Arnold, Cathy Morris, Karen Prophet, Becky Uhden. Kathy Sather, Carol Farrell, Jeanne Thorsen, Penny Schafer, Mar- Organized for the purpose of demonstrating and en- couraging school spirit, freshmen and sophomores com- pose the pep unit known as the Color Girls. Any girl wishing to join the Color Girls is invited to try out. Mk'1Ill3Lll'S are chosen by the girls, physical ed- ucation teachers, lXfIrs. Linda Bruns and Miss Kay Selde, according to their grade point average, citizenship re- cord and ability to march. These girls attend all sporting events, which include varsity football and basketball games, wrestling matches, track meets and spring sports. Frosh and B-squad cheerleaders are selected from this group. Because Color Girls is a stepping stone to other various honor units, members work hard to keep high grades and develop leadership ability. Pep units proudly sing the Alma Mater after a game. 'f-T37 'gg' ,V Roxie wCath9YlY NHHCY SWIIHSOH Marcella Knutson Connie Hirst Becky Uhden Chairman Secretary - Treasurer Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Drill Master gf-3 sl sf' 5 x i N? i First row, left to right: Becky Stone, Patti Dunn, Mikki Pasicznyk, Marylyn Bartoletta, Colleen Day prepares to sink a Eva Gregg. Second row: Colleen Day, Chris Wren, Sandy WVo1cl, Kathy Wilson, Laura Stern, putt at Downriver Golf.Course. Jackie Logan, Competitive Sports Require Skill 4 Spotting for Becky Melby are Leanne Thompson, Terry McMillian, Pam Northcutt, and LeAnne Robison. 190 A I f' .X 'LL 1 s-if . ,Q V 'ii 33 ' i In U 5 ,:-, 'E W 4- i iy. . 4 4 . 1 f Q R . :,1 E rs Q, Q1' V eei A ' A in A I ii . , fl get YQ "', fa if - ii- ii f-Lk it si li .Folia 11" -Af""' First row, left to right: Dolores Stewart, Gwen Furgeson, Terry Starr, Third row: Cheri DeLoach, Loretta Czap, Starleen Pichellc, Sandy Merribelle Craggett, Sharon Binder. Second row: Sue Frank, Cathy Pederson, Cheryl Wunderlich, Joyce Hill, Linda Harwood, Kathy Boyet Colling, Karen Keevy, Karen Compton, Donna Newberg, Sally Mer- Patti Biggs. anda, Karen Kennedy, Carlen Duehning, Jo Seitz, Donna Standaart. Varsity tennis, coached by Mrs. Lucile Lill, was limited to nine members. Competition for top positions was keen with the girls practicing three nights a week and many weekends. AB- squad was established to help the netters have more competition between themselves. Girls' golf was another challenging and competitive sport. It was under the direction of Mrs. Linda Bruns. Spokane Park Department allowed members to play free twice a week on any city golf course. Many girls were attracted to participate in gymnastics, an after school sport, coached by Miss Kay Selde. Watching one of their girls jump on the trampoline are Mrs. Linda Bruns, Mrs. Lucile Lill and Miss Kay Selde. Terry Starr demonstrates her skill with a backhand swing l9l 5112 y ,H L ,ww Wm I1 clclv Moccasin design was many times a means of tribal identification. A special picture or distinctive bead- work symbolized various names and places. Even today can we identify many a product of mod- ern industry by its particular design Q a design made familiar through the many media of modern com- munication. my ,I Q L fl ' H 2 fx ,C Ne gf I ' 041 u y L While outside winter is raging, our cheerleaders are happy with their tacos. From left to right they are: Danelle Davies, Donna Newberg, Maryl Sandberg, Arlene Vietzke, Jan Hyslop, Robin Brockway, Debbie Steidl and Sally Meranda. TACO TIME TAC OS RE FRIT OS BURRITOS BA NDIDOS T OSTADOS Wirsche CALL HERBISON'S FA 7-6679 ' Developing F 0 R W127 Indiana Ave. ' Enlarging FA 19651 ' Copying TELE-PHARMACY SERVICE NATURAL COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE Delivery Service Hes! Wishes far Earzfinucd Success Q ag ,M - 57? ,r Ac A r X-:Q-A 3 ' , ' 'T' Q., -.,, "i-is -'O Band Instruments i Blessing Music Center Sales - Rentals - Lessons Guitars - Amplifiers - Banjos N2209 Monroe St. f' FA 6-l24l Why Not Let Us Print For You? WILLIAMS NORTH WALL PHARMACY N. 5525 Wall St. Phone FA 6 0244 85 Spokane, Wash. Haro1dG Williams FAirfax 7-5238 Wes? 408 Indiana Avenue Spokane, Washington 99205 Prescription Delivery .5:5:5z5:5:5:5:5:5:::,:5:::: 5:,:1:::::::,:-:.:. :-:':-:-sz-:-. N-ze-:-:::.-:g-:..1: :1:2:1:2:2:1.-.-:1:2 -4 1-:-1 533333 335' if 3 .31 '5. .5S3E5E5E5.I 3 I'I'3'3'f" ' 'mx i Fai W Q Garland Theatre Bldg. Garland and Monroe :3:1:1 3355 : : : : : : : : : : 3 :f'2'f'5':'f:5 : : 7 ' 5259 -5525252552351 Uustanote to remind you good grooming is es- sential to success. That's why successful peo- ple rely on Scollard's Laundry and Dry Cleaners to keep wardrobes looking like new. Scollard's is a master sanitone dry cleaners-and that means the finest. Let Scollard's begin serving you now. Give us atry. We think you'll be happy for years to come. 1310 NW Blvd. Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Car- pet and Furniture Cleaning. ilr-r-in-1 Iillll 1, t-1-1 I 1-1 au mn FA 7-7764 . . P. QBritish Auto Parts, European . Loma Vista Auto Parts Drugs Free Prescription Delivery Parts and Service for All Foreign Cars N. 5507 Alberta FA 7-4662 N2l06 Monroe St. FA 8-3811 LEARN TO BE A I ggubggh X PROFICIENT SECRETARY, W BOOKKEEPER, OR STENOGRAPHER Let Kelsey-Baird Secretarial School be your direct route to your career goals. Instruction provided by our well-trained teachers is of the highest quality, Our classes, being limited in size, allow you tto receive in- dividual instruction and assistance. New classes begin at frequent intervals. We operate our own job Place- ment Service, and take pride in the achievement of the many graduates that we have placed in good jobs. KELSEY-BAIRD GRADUATES EARN TOP WAGES Q? 5 9 rv-- n, irrrvi -mfeamrin Q0 o 23 E o 3 HW ODWCDCD 0:21-I-I-' giasvm Paxil-'QCD Hg!-I-2: gfcpml 3910+-'U' glatnili g,3Ol-" 285511 :IWOQJ Sf?-I Deciding on graduation gifts is difficult for seniors Don Puddy and Jan Cluckey. 9001301473 jewelers W. 517 Riverside Avenue Shadle Center Moscow TOWN 81' COUNTRY DRUGS, INC. Complete Prescription Service Free Prescription Delivery School Supplies W. 820 Francis FA 8-9660 Monte Neel, Owner CORBIN PARK CLEANERS DRAPERY SPECIALIST Phone FA 7-1361 N. 2814 Monroe Street Spokane 17, Wash. ARLENE LEITHAUSER The problem of Unwanted Hair Solved forever ARLENTE LEITHAUSER, R.N. Electrolysis 417 Zukor Bldg. Temple 8-1982 , v Polly Nana Bafzwuf U Fancy Cakes and Pastries Nl82l Division St. f FA 7-9341 culgyginn V LARRY KEGLEY'S W. 618 Francis FA 8-1612 CHEVRON M l co gi, "Q X " 5 2.39 JCARAQPAIRC 1 8 THE FUTURE BE LONGS TO YOU To you, who have prepared for it. To you, who look to its mysteries with eagerness rather than apprehension. To you, who will master the challenge of the future, our hands are raised in salute. The thousand men and women of The Washington Water Power Company, an organization that has also prepared for the future, extend to you their sincere best Wishes. The Washington Water Power Co. Investo-r owned, helping build your community j.A.Gendron 8: Co. Q' Spokane's One-Stop Engineers Supply Store I A4-fi. A. Surveying - Drafting Materials W. 821 1X2 First MA 4-6412 Thrifty Auto Supply i Jack Hanson presents Sue Dalziel with House of Horsepower ilowers to make the occasion complete. Custom and Marine Engines COLDWELL-GARLAND Floriszfs XX'l4l-4 Gzirlziml If FA 7-5511 N200i Division S+. f FA 7-447i GOODBYE AND CONGRATULATIONS --to the Seniors of 1966 HELLO AND BEST WISHES --to the Seniors of 1967 z I 1-L until I ll THE RESCENT PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO Invites you, the Seniors of 1967 to take advantage of our SPECIAL SUMMER PRICES. 1 - 8 x 10 2 - 5 X 7 6 - Friendship Wallet Size oNLY 39. 95 P.S. A Photograph is a part of forever. . . and we take our responsibility of making your photograph very, very seriously. f .- RESTAURANT 7 . . z. 4324 snucuz Avzuuz Spadizmg nsurv or muuana - in FM' Try Our 5 Family Style f tx givin: Chinese Dinners J CI d M d ouon vjzzkdas: tTx.2 In A Sundays: noon to mldlllghl 'X X XXXXI TO fi' Woo1worth's QT 7: 5551... IN NORTHTOWN A maxim for happiness: "If ou see someone Without a smile, Y give him yours. " PELLA PRODUCTS INC. W. 319 Boone FA 8-2490 f-'39 100670 Soft VVater in Your Home ' N0 Equipment to Buy Nor Work to D0 Service, Sales, Rentals SERVISOFT SYSTEM INC. YV507 Indiana j FA 8-6651 personal counseling ir cosmopolitan student body -lr superior faculty ir championsliip athletics ir suburban campus ir CEEB scores required -lr ill Wll ITYVUIITII CULLEGE Kes! af luck, Seniors a place for doodling --- Compliments of --- Broadway Pharmacy B IIIIIIW QUEEN W UREAT FOR TASTEQA mop fog Hlllm W. 1702 Broadway PEIRONE PRODUCE COMPANY NSQO4 Monroe Sl. FA 5-5313 TE 8-3513 East 528 Trent Ave. Spokane, Washington 'aE??V2w2'N-'K Q . .w - . . . pf ,,.:o.. , , .. .,, , .H . 0 4 ' CHASE Sz To the class of '66 DALBERT Body and.Fender Repairs STONES P u t- AUDUBON FUEL INC. 21111 lflg and Simonizing Corner Indiana and Stevens FA 7-7510 North 1329 Ash SL. . 4 'Q W CI-IATTEAU STUDIO W729 Garland Ave. all rr 4 Q Q Bowl Where Bowling Is Fun Home of the NORTH CENTRAL BOWLING TEAM North Bowl T L D MILK Carlen Duehning, a Darigold driver, and Diane Brown enjoy a cold drink compliments of Dari W125 same o FA 8-7090 gold. ognnlrlpl - o x f A s- A " "I turn into the best ham- T j burgers in town. " ,QF I O af 1 '4'bi ?0Z'j..4 DON UTS f 42 5 T in N3209 MONROE FA 8-909l O GLAZED AND CAKE DONUTS L S9 Posi Sireei MA 4-68 I 5 North Hill Drug Co. Prescription Druggists Corner Post and Garland The Garland Avenue Pharmacy . X3- iQ1'nat10n-BETTER FROM THE BEGINNING pw if 'li 31113111011 A QTHGIIOU 735 My MILK QQ , ,. i HW M NWN C M , ' Ga JW Wlljiqlgjxvw' W HNam.sw BQ? W M5551 Ng-A 54 or My 5 25 ,sf X V f Dessert Problems? , HU 7-2757 LET US HELPYOUI We can furnish 28 varieties of 8" or 9" pies,cakes and sheet cakes, plain or decorated. we deliver All orders baked fresh VERN'S PIES, INC. 3003 N. Crestline FA 7-9548 FA 5-0252 52,4 amz BEAUTY SALON P H O T O CENTER Division at Garland o H HowARo sr. Spokane , Washington d Air Conditione S OKANE, WASH. 99204 Congratulations to the , efrickner s tuoao Class of '66 All Wafk wzaranfeed HU 7-5884 E. 538 Kiernan N. 2424 Division Evening Appointments Quafity .cfvlofzist 1 3' ..A, , ..:.,4 1' 'I We telegraph flowers. Ma Q N. 1602 Monroe street Z "'-Vim" . Iii' Spokane, Washmgton ...fa U K fir ' 151 - ' LOUICS if V . 1 SPECIAL CHINESE 1 4 I Sz American Food 1 ' ig gig Orders to Go I lift "fBusiness Mens' Luncheon E- ll "fLarge Free Parking Lot QA, -, Iii 1 .. -E Open: . I Mon. -Sat. Sun. 12 noon- 1 -5 , , R f b 11 A. M. -3 A.M. 12 m1dn1ght Q reg mg yemem range , ' "':""- . .Vg ,.21.,Lf'?v l FA ' 1 1 2819 N. Division,Spokane,Wn. O I I I with R. Wallace Pischel, Inc P. O. B O X 10 0 9 HPASCO, WASH, 99301 FRENCH'S Don Smith A 0 , 7 STYLING SALON Zlgzfrzrcllett 511410110 Mnfwrs of F1116 Porfwzif5 S13 Howard St. lf' MA fl-2821 W' 416 Sprague RI 7-3161 Modern Business Training S+ar+ any Monday +I'1roughou+ +I1e enfire year FREE Life+iine Employmeni' Depar+men+ Take one of Ihese exci+ing courses if Secrefarial sk Business Ac.Iminis+ra'rion if Civil Service iff Machine Bookkeeping ik Dicfaphone Secrefarial sk Execufive and s'I'ore managemenr ik Business and salesmanship SQ? Aufomafion KINMAN BUSINESS UNIVERSITY silo Howard Tea-3522 illow Meat Packers, Inc. Try Our Willow Brand Products fr1fr'k'ir"k'A"A'71'191"A' We are proud to be part of the North Central Tamarack 1ff'i1"!rir'k'k'D1'kx5r'k A05 'K f .S'n,v.zQ?4., " , L5-SLLG1 use oPEN 'Af 7 DAYS A WEEK W - 'vi ' ' ' ..s.-T-T 1, ' ---- ,, - --4 s-.-7-rlvpzii-,L:,L:1J'. , ' if ' Av4-. ' 1:-eff SUMMER WINTER 6 A.M. 6 A.M. T0 TO 9 P.M. 8 P.M. WE HAVE A COMPLETE MENU HU 9-+2160 BREAKFAST - IUIICH - DIIIIIEIIS SGUIHERII FRIED CHICKEN CHAR-BROIIED SIEAKS AISO BAIIOUEI RO0MS N. 5903 DIVISION ST. W. 1508 Third St. BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS UDB Paul C. Fossum, Inc. WA 4-0900 I-'Aa-6710 E9307 SPRAGUE NIG22 DIVISION HONOR SPONSOR SP Walt's Auto Tune-Up N. 2701 Monroe W. A. Swift E. 8022 Sprague 146 ONSORS App1eton's Paints N. 1306 Howard Checki's Cars N. 2715 Division Davis and Hosch Music Company N. 1202 Monroe Les Jones Distributor E. 917 Walton Accurate Print and Letter Shop 195 Appleton's Paints 205 Arlene Leithauser 197 Beacon Cleaners 194 Blessing Music Center 195 British Auto Parts 196 Broadway Pharmacy 200 Burchett Studio 203 Burger-Haus 201 Carnation 202 Chase and Dalbert 200 Chatteau Studio 200 Checki's Used Cars 205 Coldwell-Garland Florist 198 Corbin Park Cleaners 197 Crescent Photo Studio 199 Dairy Queen 200 Darigold Farms 201 Davis and Hosch Music Co. , Inc. 205 Deery Oil 202 Dodson's Jewelers 197 Dorian Studio 201 Far East Restaurant 199 Fossum Paints 205 French's Beauty Salon 203 General Store 202 Henle Studio 195 Herbison's Pharmacy 194 Howard's Photo Center 202 J. A. Gendron 198 Kelsey-Baird Secretarial School 196 Kinman Business University 204 Larry Kegley's Chevron 197 Les Jones Distributors 205 Loma Vista Drugs 205 Louie's Restaurant 203 North Bowl 201 North Hill Drugs 201 Peirone Produce Co. 200 Pella Products 199 Pollyanna Bakery 202 Quality Florists 203 R. Wallace Pischel, Inc. 203 Scollard's Cleaners 196 Servisoft System, Inc. 199 ,Seven-Up 203 Smitty's Pancake House 204 Stone's Audubon Fuel 200 Strick's Donuts 204 Style Trend 202 Taco Time 194 Thrifty Auto Supply 198 Town and Country Drugs, Inc. 197 Vern's Pies 202 Walt's Auto Tune Up 205 Washington College 199 Whitworth College 199 Williams North Wall Pharmacy 195 Willow Meat Packers 204 Wirsche Photo Lab 194 Woolworth's 199 SENIOR INDEX AND ACTIVITIES Aagard, Robert L. 38, 65, 66 Varsity Gymnastics, Junior Prom Decorations Committee, Senior Con Co-chairman Achziger, Mathilda Lorraine 2,38,119 Tamarack Staff Girls Sports Editor, Junior Achievement, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Locker Monitor Adams, Connie Jean 38 League Representative, Big Sister, Office Worker Ahrendt, Linda Sue 26, 38, 122 News Staff Reporter, Girls Basketball Manager, Music Festival, Special, Marching, Concert Bands, League Rep- resentative, Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, News Rep- resentative, Locker Monitor, Cafeteria Worker Ahrendt, Steve Howard 63 Not a Candidate for June Graduation Aikman, Philip Gregory 37, 38 Transferred from Rogers, Scholastic Honor Roll 6, ASB Pep Committee, Varsity Football, Track Akins, John Burton 38,148 Homeroom President, Choir, Tepee Lighters, Senior Com- mencement Committee Alexander, Russell Darwin 38 124,135,148 Thespians President, Home Room President, Vice-Presi- dent, Choir, School Play, ASB Representative, Junior Class Representative Allison, Richard Alton 38, 132 B-Squad Football, Frosh Foot- ball, Latin Club, Homeroom Sergeant at Arms, Art Club Andersen,Andrew John 37, 38, 111,125,131,137,163,168,169 Scholastic Honor Roll 3, Warriors Secretary, Treasurer, Key Club, FTA, ASB Co-Rec Com- mittee, Dance Chairman, Junior Prom Decorations-Clean Up Committee, Team Trainer Var- sity Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Track, Frosh Basketball, Baseball, Marching, Concert, Pep Bands, Biology Club, Senior Con Com- mittee Anderson, Gene N. 63 Not a Candidate for June Graduation Anderson, James Norman 38 Anderson, Kevin Emil 38 Scholastic Honor Roll 1, 3C's, Home Room President, Vice-President, Junior Var- sity Tennis, Transferred from - Lincoln High, Seattle, ASB Representative Anderson, Patricia Marie 2, 38, 110,119,121,l26,128,186 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Tamarack Staff Classes Edi- tor, Red Feathers, FNA Presi- dent, Historian, Cercle de Menage, Honors Club, Junior Prom Entertainment-Decora- tions Committee, League Big Sister, Representative, Silver Pin, Committees, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, ASB Elections, Teen Talks Commit- tees, Orchesis Treasurer, N.C. KREM TV Panel Representative Armstrong, Michael Spaine 38, 55, 125,130,131,174 Transferred from West Lafay- ette High, Indiana, Scholastic Honor Roll 2, Key Club, Inter- national Club, Boys State Alternate, Swim Team, Biology Club, National Merit Semi- Finalist Arneson, Linda May 37, 38 Transferred from West Valley, Library Worker, Club, Honor Roll 1 Ashlock, Jack Richard 38, 65, 131, 137,165 Honor Roll 4, Junior Class Fifth Executive, Key Club, ASB Co-Rec Committee, Freshman Senator, B-Squad Football, Frosh Football, Wrestling, Track, Varsity Wrestling, Track, Cross Country, Senior Break- fast Committee Chairman Aune, Kathleen Irene 63 Not a Candidate for June Graduation Austed, Carol Joy 2, 28, 39, 68, 115,119,121,134,1s3,1s6 Scholastic Honor Roll 2, Tamarack Staff Senior Editor, Red Feathers Historian, Li- brary Club, Color Girls, ASB Honors Board Committee, B- Squad Cheerleader, Majorette, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Tamarack, Library Representatives, After-School Sports, Library Worker, Roll Checker, Talent Club, Lilac Princess Finalist Baldwin, Carol Jean 39 Big Sister, Bookroom Worker, FNA Baldwin, Gary Lee 39 Bambino, Denise Jamayne 39, 111, 145,185 Red Feathers Sergeant at Arms, Color Girls Secretary, Art Club, ASB Carnival, Pep Com- mittees, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Home Room Secretary, Treas- urer, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After- School Sports, Library Worker, Locker Monitor, ASB Dance Committee Barkley, Paula Marie 39, 152 Transferred from Sprague, Washington, League Big Sister, Junior Achievement Barry, Thomas F. 2, 39, 118, 120, Tamarack Staff, Sports Editor, Varsity Golf, Red Cross Rep- resentative, Home Room Vice- President, News, ASB Repre- sentative Bassett, Barry Alan 39, 146 Not a Candidate for June Graduation Basso, Philip Anthony 63, 153 Marching Band, Concert Choir Bauer, Michael D. 39 Bel, Gary Emile 30, 63 B-Squad Basketball, Frosh Football, Basketball, Baseball, ASB Representative Bell, Larry Douglas 39 Rifle Club 121 Bell, Linda 37, 63, 148, 150 Scholastic Honor Roll 3, Special Marching, Concert, Honor Bands, Music Festival, Choir Berg, Steve R. 39 Binder, Sharon Kay 39, 113, 139, 191 Commercial Club, Varsity Ten- nis, School Play Committee, Home Room Treasurer, President, League Committees, Represent- ative, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Bowling, Library Club, Senior Prom Music Kr Arrangements Committee, Hon- ors Board, ASB Representative Black, Susan Kaye 39, 138 141 League Big Sister, Office Worker, Social Studies Dis- cussion Forum, Vice-President, Chess Club Blizzard, Jerry Andrew 37, 39, 131 Honor Roll 4, Key Club, B- Squad Cross Country, Frosh Cross Country, Marching, Concert Bands Bodvin, Jill Laraine 37, 39, 65, 111,124,127,13G,186 Honor Roll 6, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Historian, Com- mercial Club President, ASB Honors Board, Building Improve- ment, Carnival Committees, Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Treasur- er, League Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, Committee, Roll Checker, Office Worker, Vox Puellarum Secretary, Sen- ior Prom Decorations Chair- man, Bowling Bolser, Charlotte Louise 39 Transferred from Central Valley Boschee, Sylvia Lorraine 214 Transferred from Central Valley Boswell, Martha Anne 2, 37, 39, 11s,121,134,146,14s,149,1s6 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Tam- arack Staff Editor-in-Chief, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Tal- ent Club Vice-President, Sec- retary, ASB Co-Rec Committee, Music Festival, Choir, Tepee Lighters, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Quill and Scroll, Tamarack Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Office Worker, Locker Monitor Bowcutt, Pamela Rose 37, 40, 108 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Junior Prom Committee, Dec- orations-Clean Up, Home Room Secretary, Senior Senator, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Junior Class Represent- ative, League Bowling, Lilac Princess Finalist Bowell, Marilyn Beth 40, 66, 110, 136,145,186,1S7 Honor Roll 3, Red Feathers Chairman, Color Girls Sergeant at Arms, Vox Puellarum His- torian, ASB Teen Talks, Build- ing Improvement, Elections, Committees, Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Secretary, League Com- mittees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, After- School Sports, Gym Office Worker, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, Senior Committee Chairman Boyce, James Ellery 37, 40, 67, 125, 131 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Biology Club President, Key Club, Junior Achievement, Chem- istry Lab Assistant, Dino, Math Club Secretary, National Merit Finalist, Senior Decor- ations Committee, Home Room Vice-President Bradley, Donald James 37, 40, 113, 125,l30,131,150 Scholastic Honor Roll 5, Key Club, International Club Vice- President, Special, Marching, Concert Bands, Biology Club, Senior Breakfast Committee, ASB Honors Board Co-Chairman Brand, Tomi Lea 40, 138, 150 Art Club President, ASB Land- scaping Committee, Girls Basket- ball Manager, Music Festival, Special, Marching, Concert Bands League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Gym Office Worker Brannigan, Della Judith 40, 152 ASB Committee, Library Club, Choir, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Library, Cafeteria Workers Breeden, Karen Lynne 40 Art Club Treasurer, ASB Pub- licity, League Committees, Big Sister, News Representative Brockway, Robin Rae 28, 29, 40, 106,123,127,133,184, 185, 186, 194 Scholastic Honor Roll 2, ASB Secretary, News Staff Associate Editor 8: Advertising Manager, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Commercial Club Secretary, International Club, ASB Rep- resentative, Pep, Dance, Co-Rec Committees, Home Room Presi- dent, Secretary, Junior Senator, Varsity Cheerleader, Wrestling Chairman, League Committees, Silver Pin, Big Sister, Quill and Scroll, After-School Sports, Senior Breakfast Committee, Lilac Princess Finalist Brooks, Judy Elaine 40, 147, 152 League Representative, Mixed - Chorus, Girls Glee Brougham, Ruth V. 40 ASB Committee, League Commit- tees, Bronze Pin, Senior Com- mencement Committee Brown, Diana Ruth 2, 30, 40, 59, 110, 119, 120,121, 126, 130, 133, 201 Tamarack Staff Copy Editor, Advertising Manager, Interna- tional Club, Cercle de Men- age, 3C's Secretary, A Cappella Choir, Marching Band, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, Honor Roll 2, Tamarack Representative, ASB Publicity, Teen Talks Committees, After-School Sports, Quill and Scroll, Library Worker Brown, Mary Lou 40 Girls Glee, League Big Sister, Representative, Mixed Chorus Browning, Sonja Lynn 40 Bruce, Janet Marie 40, 66,152 Music Festival, League Big Sister, News Representative, League Representative, Teen Talks Committee Brunette, Bruce Allen 63, 137, 160 Varsity Football Buckley, Loretta Suzanne 40, 65 League Committees, Big Sister, News Representative, After- School Sports Oh, Adam,I bet you say that to all the girls! E Bundrock, Eugene Merle Transferred from Rapid City High School, North Dakota, Key Club Burk, Thomas Dale 40 Bowling Burrow, Jerry Wayne 40, 151 Frosh Baseball, Concert, Pep Bands, Stage Crew, Symphonic Band Bursch, Gary Stan 40,137, 160, 162,171,172 Warriors, Varsity Football, Wrestling, B-Squad Football, Baseball, Basketball, Frosh Football, Track Buxton, Juanita Arlene 40 Home Room Treasurer, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin Campbell, Russell B. G3 Cannata, George Lewis 40 Home Room Officer, Music Fest- ival, Special, Marching, Concert Bands, ASB Representative, Senior Committee Cardwell, Randy Gene 41 Transferred from Colville High School, Colville, Wash. Carney, John Phillip 37,41 Honor Roll 3, ASB Dance, Car- nival Committees, Representa- tive, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Class Representative Carrico, Thomas Matthew Jr. 37, 41,124,130,131,138, 140,141, 153 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Inter- national Club Treasurer, Key, Chess Clubs, Chess President, Treasurer, Frosh Tennis, Special Marching Bands, Honor Student, Math Club, Social Studies Dis- cussion Forum Cartee, Floyd Major 41 Transferred from Great Falls, Montana Carter, Judith Frances 41 Caruso, William Patrick 41, 51, 114,137,160 Transferred from Gonzaga, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Warriors Cassady, William Eugene 41 Caven, Julia Alice 41,112 School Play, League Big Sister, ASB and Girls League Represent- ative, After-School Sports Really Eve, considering there are only two of us! Chaffee, James Richard 41, 160 Junior Prom Committee, Junior Varsity Wrestling, B-Squad Football, Frosh Baseball, News Representative, Varsity Foot- ball, Senior Con Committee Challender, Ronald Lee 41 Junior Varsity Cross Country, B-Squad Track, Wrestling, Frosh Cross Country, Track, Concert Band, ASB Representative Chapman, Juli Ann 41 Transferred from Deer Park High School, League Big Sister Charbonneau, Jack Lester 41 Rifle Club, Home Room Vice- President, Treasurer Chastain, Jon Austin 41,160,162 Warriors, Home Room President, Varsity Football, B-Squad Wrestling, Track, Frosh Foot- ball, First String All-City Football 2 years, Mixed Chorus Chavez, Alfred Dwight 63, 160 Transferred from River View High School, Varsity Football, Basketball Chavez, Gary Earl Transferred from Riverview High School Christensen, Vickie Lee 41, 139 DECA, ASB Co-Rec, Teen Talks Committees, League Commit- tees, Big Sister, Representa- tive, Bronze Pin, Locker Mon- itor Chung, Ardath Ann 30, 41, 110, 113, 130 International Club, ASB Pub- licity Committee and Elec- tions, Transferred from Lewis and Clark, League Big Sister, Representative, Com- mittees, Bronze Pin, Office Worker Claeson, Jon Werner 37, 41, 66 Honor Roll 1, Junior Var- sity Wrestling, B-Squad Football, Co-Chairman Caps and Gowns Committee Clark, Clifford Lynn 37, 41, 131, 140,141 Honor Roll 6, Radio, Key, and Chess Clubs, ASB Rep- resentative, Hall Guard, Traffic and Grounds Squad, Honor Student Cleveland, Muriel Ann 41, 126, 130 Cercle de Menage President, International Club, ASB Co- Rec, Red Cross Committees, League Representative, Com- mittees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports Clukey, Douglas Glenn 41 Varsity Football, B-Squad Football, Track, Frosh Track, Football, Stage Crew Clukey, Janice M. 41,66, 146, 147,148 Honor Roll 1, Color Girls, Junior Class Elections Com- mittee Chairman, Choir, Tepee Lighters, Bronze Pin, Folk Group, Senior Committee Chairman Cobb, Vicki Lee 42,112,113 ASB Pep, Co-Rec, Red Cross Committees, Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Office Worker, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Home Room Secretary, Senior Con, Locker Monitor Coffey, Rosalie 42 School Play, League Commit- tees, Big Sister, Representa- tive, After-School Sports Collison, Robert Ralph 37, 42, 124,131,14o,141 Honor Roll 4, Radio Club, Key Club, Math Club, ASB Representative Compton, Karen Ann 26, 42, 109, 114,122,133,136,152,191 Honor Roll 2, Girls League President, Committees, Big Sister, Gold Pin, Representa- tive, News Staff Mailing Manager, Reporter, Girls Sports Editor, Red Feathers, Color Girls Sergeant at Arms, Quill and Scroll, Vox Puellarum Fifth Executive, Honors Board, ASB Dance, Thanksgiving Con, Co-Rec Committees, Representa- tive, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Treasurer, Twinlow, Varsity Tennis, B-Squad Ten- nis, Tamarack, News, Jimior Class Representatives, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, Senior Con Committee Conrad, James 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Cook, Benjamin Reuel 42, 146, 148, 152 Choir, Tepee Lighters, FTA, Spanish Clubs, Folk Group Copeland, Harley Eugene 42 Rifle Club, Radio Club Corigliano, John David 42 Home Room President, Vice- President, Sergeant at Arms, ASB Representative Cotter, Michael Phillip 42 Countryman, Walt Leroy 42 B-Squad Wrestling, Frosh Football, Wrestling Cowen, John Stedman 37, 42, 124, 131, 141 Honor Roll 6, Chess and Key Clubs, Honor Student, Social Studies Discussion Forum Pres. Coxen, Peter Emery 42 Home Room President, Treasurer, B-Squad Baseball Coyte, Gail Louise 42,66,111, 114,115,136,186 Girls' League President, Big Sister, Committees, Silver Pin, Representative, Junior Class Vice-President, Red Feathers Secretary, Chairman, Color Girls Secretary, ASB Building Improvement, Carnival General Chairman, Representative, Vox Puellarum Secretary, Home Room Secretary, Vice-President, After-School Sports, Office Worker, Senior Breakfast Co- Chairman, No-Smoking Panel Coyte, Laura Ellen 37, 42, 114, 136, 186 Honor Roll 2, Girls' League Vice-President, Committees, Big Sister, Representative, Silver Pin, Red Feathers, Color Girls Sergeant at Arms, Vox Puellarum President, His- Torian, Junior Prom Tickets Committee, Office Worker Craggett, Meribelle Leah 42, 191 Home Room President, Secre- tary, Varsity Tennis, League Committees, Big Sister, ASB Representative, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Senior Prom Committee Cumpton, Bobby Michle 42 Currier, John 63 Custer, Arthur Paul 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Cyrus, Candice Rose 42 Big Sister, Library Repre- sentative, Bowling Daley, Kathleen May 43 Not a candidate for June graduation Daly, James Mead 30, 43, 125,131, 137, 166 Transferred from Gonzaga, Hon- or Roll 1, Warriors, Biology Club, Key Club, ASB Committees, Varsity Tennis, Frosh Tennis Dalziel, Susan Ann 43, 136 Red Feathers, Color Girls, Vox Puellarum, Junior Prom Dec- orations Committee, Home Room Secretary, Varsity Tennis, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports Daniels, Jess Ann 43 Big Sister, Roll Checker Darrah, Elmer Bert 214 ASB Representative, Hall Guard D'Assisi, Steven Ernest 43 Home Room Vice-President, ASB Representative David, Renee 43 Transferred to Continuation Davies, Cathy Lee 43, 112 ASB Representative, March of Dimes, Red Cross Co-Chairman, Co-Rec Committees, League Rep- resentative, Committees, Big Sister, News, Red Cross Repre- sentatives, After-School Sports, Home Room Treasurer Davies, Danelle Darlene 28, 37, 43,66,116,136,1s5,1s6,194 Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers Sergeant at Arms, Color Girls, Vox Puellarum Treasurer, ASB Elections Committee, Home Room President, Varsity Cheerleader, Basketball Chairman, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Honor Stu.- dent, Girl of the Month, Senior Prom Decorations Committee, Sen- ior Class Representative, Lilac Princess Finalist Davis, Carol Jane 43 Transferred from Harmon High School Davis, Linda Rae 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Deal, Joy Naomi 43, 147 Not a candidate for June graduation Deasy, Mark Duane 43 ASB Teen Talks Committee, Swim Team, Frosh Football, Marching Band DeBill, Dennis Ray 42,43,137, 160, 168,169 Honor Roll 3, Warriors Secre- tary, ASB Dance, Pep, Co-Rec Com mittees, Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Varsity Foot- ball, Basketball, Baseball, Track, B-Squad Football, Basketball, Baseball, Frosh Football, Basket- ball, Baseball, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Home Room President, Senior Con Decker, Donna Dee Louise 43,133 News Staff Feature Writer, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Freshman Senator, League Rep- resentative, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, ASB, Tamarack Representa- tives, Quill and Scroll 1 Degenstein, Ellen Lorraine 43 Denny,Robert C. 214 Diggs, Robert Earl 43 B-Squad Football, Gym Office Worker Douglas, Gregory 43 Not a candidate for June graduation Douglas, Sandra Kay 44, 120,122 News Staff Mailing Manager, Editor, Varsity Golf, Marching, Concert Bands, After-School Sports, Quill and Scroll, Hon- or Roll 1 Doyle, Dennis Lynn 44 Chess Club, B-Squad Cross- Country Drury,Robert Gibson Jr. 44,113 B-Squad Basketball Team Mana- ger, Varsity Golf, ASB Repre- sentative, Publicity Committee Duehning, Garlen 44, 119, 146, 148, 186,201 Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, ASB Representative, Teen Talks, Building Improvement Commit- tees, Varsity Tennis, B-Squad Tennis, Choir, Marching Band, League Representative, Commit- tees, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Tepee Lighters, Senior Committee, 3C's News Rep. Duehning, Dennis E. 37, 44, 131, 166 Honor Roll 4, Radio Club, 3C's, Key Club, Varsity, B-Squad Tennis Duffy, Colleen Kathleen 44, 124, 139 Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, Color Girls Sergeant at Arms, FTA, FNA Treasurer, DECA, Head Majorette, Choir, League Big Sister, Silver Pin, ASB Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Bowling, DECA President Duprie, Robert Edward 44, 165, 174 Varsity Golf, Library Worker Durgan, Susan Mary 44, 111, 125, 128 Transferred from Stanwood, Wash., FNA Historian, Biology Club, ASB Elections, Red Cross Committees, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Red Cross Representative, Library Worker, Gym Office Worker, Locker Monitor Eakins, Janice Kaye 44 Red Feathers, Color Girls, Junior Prom Publicity Com- mittee, Home Room Secretary, League Representative, Big Sister, Bronze Pin Edwards, Diane Marie 44, 152 League Representative, Big Sister, Roll Checker, Office Worker Edwards, Elizabeth Jane 63 Transferred from Mead, Mixed Chorus Eldred, Delmer Lee 44, 139 Transferred from Rogers, DECA Elixman, James Raymond 44, 140 Rifle Club Ellingson, Laurence George 44,134,145,150, 155 Talent Club, B-Squad Cross- Country, Choir, Special, March- ing, Concert, Pep Bands Enquist,John 44 ' ' Not a candidate for June graduation Eschenbacher, James E. 44, 146, 148 Choir, Tepee Lighters Evans, Craig Allen 44 Rifle Club, B-Squad Golf, Marching Band Eveland, Robert O. 44, 141 Library Club, Vice-President, Library Worker, Hall Guard, Traffic and Grounds Squad Fair, Nancy Janine 44, 128 FNA Secretary, League Repre- sentative, Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, ASB Repre- sentative, After-School Sports Farley, Gilbert James 44 Rifle Club Filippini, Stephen Alfred 44, 134,150,151,154,155 Music Festival, Marching Con- cert, Pep Bands, Band President, Talent Club, Drum Major Fisk, Kathy Eileen 45 Library Club, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Library Worker Flanigan, Dennis Patrick 45, 152 Fleenor, Sandra Lee 37, 45, 139 Scholastic Honor Roll 4, DECA, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Bowling League, Secretary Florin, Daniel Michael 45 Scholastic Honor Roll 1, Cross- Country, Track Manager, Junior Varsity Track, Stage Crew Floyd, Dennis Lee 37,45,66, 124, 131, 174 Honor Roll 6, Key Club, Presi- dent, Secretary, Home Room President, Varsity Golf, ASB Representative, Flag Committee Chairman, Senior Commencement Committee Co-Chairman, March of Dimes Chairman, Varsity Bowling Forry, Michael Wayne 45, 111, 112, 148,160 Varsity Football, Choir, ASB Representative, Chairman Co- Rec Committee, Dance Committee Forsell, Sharon Lynn 45 ASB Committee, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After- School Sports, Junior Achieve- ment, Clerical Work Forster, Raymond Bruce 45 B-Squad Football, ASB Repre- sentative Foster, Diane Lee 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Fountaine, Karen Marie 45, 139 Honor Roll 1, Commercial Club, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Office Worker, DECA Fournier, Jack Warren 45, 166, 168,169 ASB Co-Rec Committees, Repre- sentative, Home Room Vice- President, Frosh Tennis, Var- sity Basketball, Warriors, Senior Committees Francis, Barbara Joyce 45, 62, 127, 186 Red Feathers, Commercial Club, Junior Prom Committee, League Big Sister, ASB Representative, Girls' League Refreshment Committee Frankfurth, Valera Rae 45, 111 Scholastic Honor Roll 2, Color Girls, Secretary, Treasurer, Commercial Club, Home Room Vice-President, League Com- mittees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, News Representative, After- School Sports, Chairman, ASB Dance Committee Frasher, Candace Ann 28, 37, 45, 184,185,186 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Color Girls, Chairman, Red Feathers, Sophomore Senator, Frosh B- Squad, Varsity Cheerleader, Choir, ASB Representative, Roll Checker, Office Worker, Lilac Princess Finalist Frazier, Delores Ann 63, 150, 151 Special, Marching, Concert Band, Big Sister French, John Randall 45 Transferred from Idaho Falls, Idaho Furgeson, Gwendolyn Rose 45, 66, 107, 112, 152,186,191 Red Feathers, Color Girls, ASB Representative, Committee, Junior Prom Chaperone Commit- tee, Varsity Tennis, Home Room Secretary, B-Squad Ten- nis, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, News, Junior Class Representative, After-School Sports, Intramural Letter, Senior Class Reception Co- Chairman, Varsity Letter Galambie, Terry Cecelia 45, 65, 112,128,186 Scholastic Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, FNA, ASB Co-Rec Committee, Home Room Secretary, Choir, League Committee, Big Sister, After-School Sports, Office Worker, League Bowling Galvin, Arline Claire 45, 139 Red Feathers, DECA, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After- School Sports, Library Worker Gambill, Susan Marie 45, 65, 66, 186 Red Feathers, Color Girls, League Committees, Representa- tive, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Senior Representative Garcea, Joseph Alan 45 Varsity Golf, Frosh Baseball, Wrestling Garinger, Pamela Rose 2, 45, 119, 126, 130, 186 Tamarack Staff School Life Editor, Red Feathers, Treasurer, Color Girls, Cercle de Menage, League Committees, Honors Board, Big Sister, Gold Pin, Representa- tive, Home Room Vice-President, International Club Secretary Gausman, Lora L. 28, 46,62, 114, 122,133,145,1s2,1s6,187 League Treasurer, Committees, Big Sister, Gold Pin, Represent- ative, News Staff Associate Editor, Mailing Manager, Red Feathers, Treasurer, Color Girls, Color Guard, ASB Co-Rec, Dance Committees, Representa- tive, Junior Prom Committee, Tamarack, News Representative, After-School Sports, Junior Achievement, Honors Board, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll 1, Senior Caps and Gowns Com- mittee Gendron, Len James 63 Transferred from Shadle Park Giampietri, Richard Allan 46, 107,108,111,114,124,125, 137,160,161,162,171,172 Scholastic Honor Roll 1, ASB Fifth libcecutive, President, Representative, Elections Com- mittee, Warriors President, Home Room President, Secretary, Sophomore Senator, Varsity Football, Track, Wrestling, B- Squad Football, Wrestling, Track, Athlete of the Week, Second String All-City Football Gibson, Vickie Linn 37,46 Scholastic Honor Roll 7, Color Girls, Red Feathers, FNA, International Club, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports, Library Worker, Office Worker, Locker Monitor, Senior Reception Committee Gilbert, Dale Everett 46 Not a candidate for June graduation Goodard, Sandra Lynne 46, 138 Art Club Treasurer, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Senior Committees Goerz, Rosemary 2, 46, 115, 118, 121,133,146,186 Tamarack Staff Managing Editor, Red Feathers, Color Girls, 3C's, Library Club, ASB Committee, Tepee Lighters, League Representative, Com- mittees-Chairman, Big Sister, Gold Pin, After-School Sports, Library Worker, Roll Checker, Quill and Scroll Gossett, Robert Merle 46 Photography Goudzward, Susan May 46,128, 132, 136, 186, 187 Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, Color Girls, FNA, Latin Club, Treasurer, President, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, After-School Sports, Vox Puellarum, Girl of the Month Committee, Senior Caps and Gown Committee, Locker Monitor Graf, Marya Thoen 16, 37, 46, 122, 130, 133 Honor Roll 2, News Staff Feature Editor, International Club, Home Room Secretary, President, Varsity Golf, League Committees, Bronze Pin, Representative, Roll Checker, Junior Achievement, Quill and Scroll Graham, Eugene Ralph 46, 165, 180 B-Squad Cross Country, Track, Varsity Cross Country Greeley, lVIichael F. 46 Not a candidate for June graduation Green, Harry A. 29, 46, 50,113 ASB Representative, Pep Com- mittee Chairman, Co-Ree, Car- nival Committees, Home Room President, B-Squad Basketball, Frosh Basketball, Track, Intra- mural Sports Gregg, Bobbie Marie 46 League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Cafeteria Worker Griffith, Pamela Jean 46, 130 League Big Sister, Silver Pin, International Club, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor Griffith, Ralph Hariold III 46, 150, 155 Frosh Football, Wrestling, Track, Special, Marching Bands Grimm, Kenneth Wayne 30, 37, 46, 66,113,122,131,1es,169,174 Honor Roll 2, Key Club, Treas- urer, ASB Dance, Carnival Committees, Representative, Varsity Basketball, Golf, B- Squad Basketball, News Repre- sentative, ASB Elections, Hon- ors Board Committees, Senior Prom Pictures-Publicity Co- Chairman, Warriors Groves, Judith Marie 47 Transferred from Shadle, League Representative, Modern Dance, Gymnastics, Locker Mon- itor Guffin, Ronald Wreed 37, 47, 131 Honor Roll 4, Key Club, Var- sity Tennis, B-Squad Tennis, Frosh Tennis Gump, Steven Everett 47, 148 Choir, Library Worker Hagen, Ann Marie 36, 47,127 Honor Roll 1, Color Girls, Com- mercial Club, Vice President, ASB Pep, Co-Rec Committees, Representative, Home Room Sec- retary, Roll Checker, Freshman, B-Squad Cheerleader, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Senior Class Treasurer, Lilac Princess Finalist Hahn, Linda Katherine 37, 47, 125, 127, 139 Red Feathers, Color Girls, Biology Club, Commercial Club, DECA, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representa- tive, ASB Representative, Roll Checker, Fashion Board, Honors Club, Honors Pass Hall, DeLoris Ann 47, 112, 126 Cercle de Menage, Orchesis, President, Varsity Tennis, League Committees, Big Sister, Gold Pin, ASB Representative, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, ASB Elections Com- mittee, Bowling Hall, Mark Ralph 47, 146, 153 Concert, Marching Bands, Lock- er Monitor, A Cappella Choir, Teepee Lighters, All-City Choir Halstead, Harold Barnard 47 Home Room President, Varsity Golf, B-Squad Cross-Country Hamilton, Charles Thomas 47, 141 Hamp, Judy Marlene 2,37,47, 112, l18,121,124,l29 Honor Roll 6, Tamarack Staff Activities Editor, FTA Secre- tary, President, District Co- ordinator, International Club Secretary, Honors Club, ASB Elections Committee, General Chairman Junior Prom Enter- tainment and Decorations Committee, Girls State Alter- nate, League Representative, Big Sister, Committees, Gold Pin, Roll Checker, Office Work- er, League Girl of the Month Hansen, Arthur Michael II 63, 138, 174 Varsity Golf, B-Squad Foot- ball, Track, Frosh Track, Cross- Country Hanson, Dwain Lee 47 Frosh Baseball, News Representa- tives Hanson, Jack Allen 47 Home Room Vice President, After-School Sports, Varsity Golf, Carnival Committee Harding, Jill Joan 37,47, 129, 148 Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, Color Girls, International Club, FTA, ASB Representative, Dance Committee, Courtesy Week Chairman, Junior Prom Chaperones Committee, Chairman, Junior Varsity Tennis, Choir, League Committees, Junior Class Committees, After-School Sports, Orcesis, President, Secretary, Roll Checker, Senior Class Representative Harris, Earl 63,148 Choir, Varsity Baseball Hathaway, John Russell 47 Varsity Football, Track, B- Squad Football Haugen, Raymond Lee 47 Haugen, Roger A. 47 Not a candidate for June graduation Haupt, Frank Adolph 48 Transferred from Cleveland High, Seattle, Washington Havens, Laurel Lee 48, 110 Library Club President, Red Cross, League Big Sister, Gold Pin, Representative, Library, Office Worker, ASB Elections Committee, Senior Reception Committee Havens, Wilda Diane 48 League Big Sister, After-School Sports, Girls Glee, Concert Choir Hawkinson, Thomas L. 48 Varsity Golf Hawley, Linda Marlene 48 Transferred from Bremerton West High, Bremerton, Washing- ton, After-School Sports, Girls League Representative Hayden, Benney Lee 26, 48, 65, 137,165,171,l72 B-Squad Wrestling, Frosh Track, Wrestling, ASB Representative, Warriors, Varsity Wrestling, B-Squad Cross Country Headstrom, Robert George 48 Varsity Tennis, B-Squad Foot- ball, Frosh Tennis, Senior Prom Committee Heaton, Donald Charles 63, 140, 141 Traffic Squad, Rifle Club Heaton, Douglas E. 63,152 Not a candidate for June graduation Heimbigner, Gary Brian 37, 48, 130, 131 Honor Roll 4, Key Club, Inter- national Club Heine, Suzanne Mae 48,110,139 ASB Publicity Committee, Rep- resentative, League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister, DECA Heise, Phyllis Ann 37, 48, 111, 116, 130,134,186 Honor Roll 3, International Club, Secretary, 3C's, ASB Pub- licity Committee, Girls Glee, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, PTA Representative, After- School Sports, Office Worker, Locker Monitor, Tepee Light- ers, Talent Club, Girl of the Month Helms, Jimmie Franklin 48 Not a candidate for June graduation Hendrickson, Gregory Alfred 2, 48,104,112,118,122,131,132, 133,166,180 Honor Roll 2, News Staff Re- porter and Photographer, Key Club, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, B-Squad Wrestling, Track, Football, Tennis, Warriors, Tamarack Photo- grapher, ASB Building Improve- ment, Date Dance Committees, Senior Elections Committee, Tamarack Representative Hengen, Linda Kay 48 Honor Roll 1, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Junior Prom Com- mittee, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Repre- sentative, Junior Class Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Office Worker, Bookroom Worker Henson, Stanley Richard 2, 48, 66, 68,11s,121,137,175 Tamarack Staff Boys Sports Editor, Home Room President, Sergeant at Arms, Varsity Baseball, B-Squad Baseball, Warriors, Prom Committee Chair- man Music and Arrangements Herberg, Brent James 48 Home Room Secretary, Varsity Golf, Senior Prom Decorations Committee Herman, Joyce Diane 48 Not a candidate for June graduation Hern, James Albert 63 Transferred from Junction Ginn Kansas Hill, Gary Steven 63 ASB Representative, Carnival, Dance Committees, Jr. Prom Committee Hill, Lynda Lee 48, 66, 139 Big Sister, Committees, Library Worker, Senior Committee Chairman Hill, Raymond Michael 48 Frosh Football, Varsity Swimming Hoag, Richard Warren 48 Chess Club, Junior Achievement Hochstedler, Sharon Rae 48 Transferred from Deer Park, Washingon, FNA Hone, Larry Milton 49 Hooke, Ralph Richard 49 ASB Co-Rec Committee, Frosh Baseball House, Myrna June 49, 138 After-School Sports, Art Club Howell, Linda Marie 49, 147, 152, 153 Choir, Big Sister, After-School Sports , Hoy, Alice Elizabeth 49 Transferred from Niobrara County High, Lusk, Wyoming, Girls Glee Huellemann, David Charles 49, 150,154 Special, Marching, Concert, Pep Bands Huey,Phn Sang2,37,39,49,6Q 112,1l9,121,124,130,l3l Honor Roll 5, Tamarack Staff Associate Editor, Key Club Vice President, International Club President, Honors Club, Junior Prom Clear-up-Publi- city Committee Chairman, Junior Class Representative, Bowling, Senior Class Decor- ations Committee Chairman, Key Club President, ASB Rep- resentative, Junior-Senior Co-Rec Chairman, Auditorium Improvement Committee Chair- man, Annapolis Nominee, North Central's Youth Looks to the Future Panel Hunt, Sharon Elverna 63 Biology Club, ASB Committee, Representative, League Com- mittees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representatives, Locker Monitor Husby, John Thomas 49 Marching Band Hutts, Vickie Elizabeth 49 Hyko, Janis Gay 49 Transferred from Clearwater Valley, Idaho, FTA, Library Work- er, Library Club Vice President, Girl of the Month Council Hynes, Gary G3 Not a candidate for june graduation Hyslop, Janet Elizabeth 37, 49, 67,124,130,134,136,146,148 149,185,186,194 Honor Roll 6, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Talent Club Vice President, President, Vox Puel- larum, Honors Club, ASB Build- ing Improvement Committee, Junior Prom Pictures Committee Chairman, Home Room Secretary, Varsity Cheerleader, A Cappella Choir, Tepee Lighters, League Representative, Committees, General Chairman Cotton Day Dance, Big Sister, Gold Pin, Girl of the Month Council, Junior Class Representative, After-School Sports, Office Worker, Locker Monitor, Cheer- Leading Conference, Internation- al Club, All-City Choir Jackson, Kathleen Ida Transferred from Denver, Colorado, Art Club Jamison, Lauren A. 63,152 Transferred from Mead High School Jewell, Ronald Alan 49,51, 137, 160,167,168,169 Varsity Football, Basketball, B-Squad Football, Basketball, Track, Frosh Football, Basket- ball, Track, ASB Representative Jolmson, April Kay 49, 152 ASB Elections Committee, Rep- resentative, Choir, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representative, After- School Sports, Modern Dance, Library, Office Worker, Locker Monitor Johnson, Daniel Emil 63, 138, 148 Johnson, John Fredrick 49, 174 Tamarack Staff Photographer, Radio Club, B-Squad Baseball, Intramural Swimming Johnson, Judy LaVonne 28, 49, 65, 128,136, 186, 187 Red Feathers, Historian, FNA, President, Junior Prom Committee Home Room Secretary, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representative, After- School Sports, Vox Puellarum, Senior Prom Music and Enter- tainment Committee Johnson, Michael Dennis 37, 49, 59,6G,1o9,111,124,131,132 Honor Roll 6, Latin Club, President, Key Club, Treasurer, Board Member, Home Room Vice- President, Boys State, B-Squad Basketball, President AAA Safe Driving, ASB Committee Chairman Johnson, Robert Howard 27, 29, 49, 50,168,169,175 ASB Co-Rec Committee Chairman, Junior, Sophomore Senator, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, B-Squad Basketball, Baseball, Frosh Basketball, Baseball, Cross-Country, Lew Turner Inspirational Award, Senior Prom Refreshment Sz Chaperone Committee Chairman, Home Room President, Treasurer Johnson, Wesley Orin 37, 43, 49, 131,137,166 Honor Roll 6, Warriors, Key Club, Varsity Tennis, B-Squad Basketball, Frosh Track, Basket- ball, Tennis, Senior Committees Jones, Charles Edward 49, 139 Transferred from Biloxi High, DECA, Rifle Club, Radio Club Jones, Richard Alan 37, 49, 139 DECA Jones, Richard Earl 36, 47, 50,152 Honor Roll 3, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Treasurer, Rifle Club, Concert Choir, Senior Class Vice-President Jordan, Jim Wayne 50 Jordan, Joyce Lynne 50 Big Sister, League Represent- ative, After-School Sports Juhnke, Kathleen Joanne 37, 50, 111,113,125,127,133,135,148, 186 Transferred from Holy Names, Honor Roll 4, Red Feathers, Thespians, Treasurer, FNA, Junior Prom Pictures and Refreshments Committee, Choir, Girls Glee, School Play, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, News, ASB Represent- ative, After-School Sports, Children's Theater, Junior Achievement, Biology Club, ASB Building Committee Justice, Susan Dianne 50, 127, 135, 139 ' Transferred from John Marshall, Portland, Oregon, Commercial Club, DECA, League Committees, Big Sister, After-School Sports, Thespians Kapfer, Gregory John 50, 65, 66, 112 Transferred from Gonzaga Prep, Senior Class Representative, ASB Co-Rec Committee Karr, Mary Karolyn 50 ASB Teen Talks Committee, Rep- resentative, Home Room Secre- tary, Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, Choir Coun- cil Representative, Bowling Keevy, Karen Leila 50, 191 3C's, Varsity Tennis, Bronze Pin Kennedy, Karen Lee 37, 50, 191 Honor Roll 6, Art Club, 3C's, All-Activity Shield, Varsity Tennis, League Representative, Big Sister, Gold Pin, Junior Class Representative, After- School Sports, Roll Checker, Honors Club Kensok, Stephen B. 29, 63 Kephart, Thomas Clair 50, 146, 148 Transferred from Butte High School, Tepee Lighters Kersul, Corrine Ann 50, 66, 123, 133,186 Honor Roll 4, News Staff Girls Sports Editor, News Editor, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Secretary, Treasurer, Quill and Scroll President, Color Guard, ' League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Junior Class Rep- resentative, After-School Sports, Senior Class Represent- ative, Prom Refreshments and Chaperones Committee Killian, Linda Lorraine 50, 112, 186 Scholastic Honor Roll 1, ASB Red Cross, Red Feathers, League Committees, Big Sister, Repre- sentative, After-School Sports King, Roberta Anne 50, 152 Color Girls, Gym Office Work- er, Girls League Committees, Big Sister, ASB Committees, Girls League Representative, Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus Kingsley, Paul Lawrence 2, 50, 118,129,15O,154 Tamarack Staff, Productions, Special, Marching, Concert, Pep Band, Math Club, Vice Presi- dent, FTA Kinnan, Gail Mae 50 Transferred from Rogers Kling,Jeannette D. 50 Not a candidate for June graduation Kolbet, Gregory Charles 51 Junior Prom Committee, B-Squad Football, Basketball, Baseball Komberec, Clinton Harold 51 Kostelecky, Sandra Jean 51, 110, 126, 127 Color Girls, FTA, Cercle de Menage, Commercial Club, ASB Red Cross, Dance Committees, Junior Prom Committee, Girls Intramural Letter, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Tag Sales, Cercle Vice President Krieg, Harvey A. 51 Rifle Club LaPlante, Catherine Louise 51 League Representative, Bronze Pin, Gym Office Worker, Locker Monitor Larson, Donald Ryan 51, 134, 135, 145,146,148 Thespians, Talent Club Vice President, Music Festival, Te- pee Lighters, School Play, Pep Band, Folk Singing Group, Sen- ior Con Committee Larson, Karen Denice 37, 51, 66, 145 Honor Roll 3, Red Feathers Sergeant at Arms, Color Girls Sergeant at Arms, ASB Public- ity Committee, League Commit- tees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, After-School Sports, Senior Con Co-Chair- man, Junior Prom Tickets Committee Larson, Robert Larry 51, 144 ASB Elections, Nominations Committee, Representative, All- School Play, Home Room Vice President, Senior Reception Committee, Thespians Lawson, Barry Leonard 51, 113, 122, 133 News Staff Sports Editor, Art Club, Thespians, ASB Represent- ative, Pep, Co-Rec, Publicity, Dance Committees, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Home Room Vice President, B-Squad Cross- Country, Track, News Representa- tive, Senior Prom Committee, Quill and Scroll Lee, Dale William 51 B-Squad Football, Wrestling, Home Room Sergeant at Arms Lee, Lani Jo 63 Girls Glee Lee,Robert E. Jr. 51, 165 Transferred from Rogers, Var- sity Track, Cross-Country LeGrant, Joanne 51, 139 FNA, ASB Red Cross Committee Chairman, March of Dimes Com- mittee, Home Room Secretary, Treasurer, League Representa- tive, Big Sister, Red Cross Representative, News Repre- sentative, Library Worker Lerch, Samuel D. 51 Not a candidate for June graduation Leslie, Terry Jeanne 51 Transferred from Pasco High School, After-School Sports Lesonik, Ronald Lee 51 Lewis, Earl Albert 51 News Representative, Intra- mural Sports, Locker Monitor Liddell, Patricia Ann 2, 52, 118, 121 Tamarack Staff Assistant Production Editor, League Representative, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Library Worker, News Representative Lopez, Linda Rose 63,139 Bronze Pin, Library Pin Lotze, Mary Jean 52,129 Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, A Cappella Choir, League ,Big Sister, Silver Pin, Committees, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor, All-City High School Choir, Music Festival, FTA Vice President Lubbess, Walter G. 63, 153 3C's Ludke, Keith David 52 Deceased Lundin, Richard Vaughn 63 Varsity Wrestling, B-Squad Football MacGregor, Penny Caress 52 Not a candidate for Jime graduation Macknicki, James Duane 52 Home Room Vice-President, ASB Representative, Cap and Gown Committee Maddox, Kay 52, 139 DECA, Mixed Chorus, School Play, Big Sister, Red Cross Represent- ative, Library Worker, Pin Magers, Michael Ray 63, 114,137, 160, 161, 162 Warriors, Varsity Football, B- Squad Football, Basketball, Baseball, Frosh Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, ASB Repre- sentative, Home Room Chairman for Christmas Door Decorating, Chairman ASB Junior-Senior Co- Rec Committee, Senior Con Com- mittee Mahrt, Thomas Edward 52, 138 Not a candidate for June graduation Makarczyk, Jacqueline Mary 52, 152 Choir, Girls Glee, A Cappella Choir, Girls Ensemble, Concert, Marching Bands, League Repre- sentative, Big Sister, Junior Achievement Mandt, Cathy Kay 52,111,186 Red Feathers, Girls Glee, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representative, After-School Sports, 3C's, Art Club, ASB Date Dance Committee Marsh, Linda Cheryl 52 Marsh, Timothy James 52 Concert Band Marshall, Rebecca Lea 52,111 Cercle de Menage, ASB Co-Rec, Carnival Committees, Repre- sentative, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor, Senior Prom Tickets Committee Marston, Sherrie Lynn 52, 113 News Staff Feature Writer, Add Solicitor, ASB Honors Board, Junior Prom Decoration Commit- tee, Marching, Concert Bands, League Committees, Big Sister, Representative, Silver Pin, ASB Representative, Intramural Sports, After-School Sports, Library Worker, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, Girls League Honors Board, Senior Decora- tions Committee Martin, Linda Marie 52, 147, 152, 153 Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports Marx, Loretta Donelle 52, 148 Music Festival, A Cappella Choir, Office Worker Mason, Gary Pat 52 B-Squad Baseball Mathistad, Kenneth Paul 52 Mattie, Suzanne Ruth 52, 110 Junior Prom Chaperone Com- mittee, Special, Marching, Concert Bands, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor Mattix, George Edward 52, 137,160, 180 Home Room Vice-President, Treasurer, Football Manager, Varsity Football, Wrestling, B-Squad Football, Wrestling, Track, Frosh Football, Wres- tling, Track, Warriors McAllister, Valerie I. 52 Art Club Historian, ASB Com- mittee, Representative, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, PTA Representative, Office, Bookroom Worker, Locker Moni- tor, Junior Achievement McAndrews, Patricia Ann 53 Transferred from Montana, In- ternational Club, News Repre- sentative, Nurses Worker, Of- fice Worker, Library Worker, Amores Liborum McChesney, Viki Susan 53 Color Girls, League Represent- ative, Big Sister, ASB Repre- sentative, Bowling McCormack, Suzanne Victoria 53, 147 , 152 Transferred from Venice, Cali- fornia McCoury, John Gerald 63 Rifle Club McDonald, John 63 B-Squad Baseball, Track McGavran, Barbara Jean 53 Girls Glee, Bronze Pin McGrath, Sharon Lea 53,128,139 Junior Prom Committee Co- Chairman, League Representa- tive, Junior Class Representa- tive, Office Worker, Senior Class Representative, FNA, DECA Treasurer McGuire, Donald J. , Jr. 53,111 News Representative, Varsity Tennis, Marching Band McLaughlin, C. James 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Melby, Michael Loyd 53, 55, 180 Transferred from Portland, Oregon, Track Meranda, Sally Leona 28, 53, 106, 107, 184, 185,186, 191,194 Honor Roll 1, Red Feathers, Color Girls, ASB Treasurer, Representative, Pep, Co-Rec Committees, Home Room Presi- dent, Vice-President, Sopho- more Senator, Cheerleader, Fall Chairman, Varsity Tennis, Choir, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, News Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Junior Class Representative, Friendliest Freshman, Football Festival Princess, Lilac Princess Finalist Merritt, Dan Jay 53,148,160 ASB Honors Board, Publicity Committees, Varsity Football, B-Squad Football, Baseball, Senior Class Arrangements Committee Mickus, Francis Leroy 28, 29, 30, 53, 1l1,137, 160 ASB Honors Board, Home Room President, Varsity Football, Wrestling, ASB Date Dance, Warriors, Senior Representa- tive, Senior Con, Warriors' Vice-President Midkiff, Dennis 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Miller, James 53 Not a candidate for June graduation Miller, William R. 53,174 Varsity Tennis, B-Squad Ten- nis, Basketball, Varsity Swim- ming Team Mills, Kathleen Marie 53 Girls Glee, League Big Sis- ter, Representative, News, ASB Representative, After-School Sports Mir, Vernon Boyd 37,53,131,140 Honor Roll 2, Rifle Club, Key Club Mitchell, Daniel Vernon 43, 53, 108, 166 International Club, Warriors, Home Room President, Senior Senator, Varsity Tennis, ASB Representative Mitchell, Diane Barbara 53, 152 After-School Sports, Bowling Team Moe, David Lawrence 37, 53 Honor Roll 1, 3C's President, Tepee Lighters, Special, Con- cert Bands Montgomery, Constance J. 37, 53, 113, 124 Honor Roll 5, Red Feathers, Talent Club, ASB Honors Board Committee Chairman, Represent- ative, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room President, Bronze Pin, Senior Class Representa- tive, After-School Sports, ASB Publicity Chairman Morehead, Wayne Howard 53, 124, 140, 141 Hall Guard, Traffic and Grounds Squad, Rifle Club President Morgan, James Ernest 53 Morrow, Raymond Paul 54, 113 ASB Representative, Stage Crew, Locker Monitor, Senior Class Representative, ASB, Pep Committee Morse, Susan Kay 37, 54, 135 Thespians Historian, Interna- tional Club, School Play, ASB Representative, Home Room Secretary Moss,Denny H. 27,30,63 Transferred from Coupeville, Washington, Varsity Baseball, Intramural Sports, Warriors, Christmas Decoration Commit- tee Chairman Mouser, Jacqueline Annette 54, 111,127, 148, 186 Red Feathers Sergeant at Arms, Color Girls, Commercial Club Secretary, Home Room Secretary, A Cappella Choir, Tepee Light- ers, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, ASB Representative, Build- ing Improvement Committee, After-School Sports, Senior Prom Pictures and Publicity Commit- tee Chairman Munyan, John William 63,'137, 152, 165, 171 Varsity Wrestling, Warriors, B-Squad Cross-Country Naylor, Randy Arthur 54, 165, 180 Varsity Track, Cross-Country, Junior Varsity Track, Cross- Country, News Representative, Warriors, Senior Breakfast Committee Neff, David Roy 27, 37, 54, 65, 107, 114,125, 137,160, 162, 171 Junior Class President, ASB Vice-President, Warriors' Vice- President, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Annapolis Alternate Nominee, Biology Club Neiswender, Gary Gene 27, 54, 65, 113, 137, 160, 162 Biology Club, ASB Representa- tive, Stationary, Pep Committees, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Junior Varsity Football, B- Squad Wrestling, News Repre- sentative Nelson, Monte Jay 54 Home Room Sergeant at Arms Nelson, Nancy Marie 54,126 Color Girls, Cercle de Men- age Secretary, ASB Dance Com- mittee, Representative, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After- School Sports, Senior Prom Com- mittee Nevers, Robert Daniel 54 Rifle Club, B-Squad Wrestling Newberg, David Gordon 54, 55 Newberg, Donna Kay 15, 28, 29, 54, 106,117,125,136,184,185,186, 191 , 194 Honor Roll 2, ASB Secretary, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Chairman, Vox Puellarum, Bi- ology Club Secretary, Treasurer, ASB Honors Board, March of Dimes City Chairman, Committees, Rep- resentative, Home Room Secre- tary, Treasurer, Varsity Cheer- leader, Varsity Tennis, B- Squad Tennis, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Repre- sentative, Gym Office Worker, Senior Breakfast Committee, Football Festival Princess, A Cappella Choir, Lilac Prin- cess Finalist Newell, Sherrie Lynn 54 Choir, Big Sister Nichols, Daniel Andrew 27, 54, 137, 160 Home Room President, Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, B-Squad Baseball, Foot- ball, Frosh Football, Track Tennis, ASB, News Representatives Warriors' Sergeant at Arms Noble, David Richmond 18, 54, 66, 168, 169 Honor Roll 1, Home Room Pres- ident, Team Manager, Basket- ball, ASB Representative, Senior Class Representative, Senior Reception Committee Norby, Julianne Marie 63 Transferred from Staples, Minnesota Northquist, Marilyn Kaye 54, 66, 112, 127 Commercial Club, ASB Honors Board, Pep, Committees, Repre- sentative, Home Room Secre- tary, B-Squad Tennis, League Big Sister, Silver Pin, Repre- sentative, After-School Sports Nottingham, Carlene Rae 37,54 Honor Roll 2, FNA, 3C's, League Committees, Silver Pin, After- School Sports, Bookroom Worker Nygren, Mari Anne 55 Not a candidate for June graduation Oberg, Gerald Lawrence 55, 160, 180 J Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Wrestling, Warriors O'Connor, Merri Lee 2, 55,119 Tamarack Staff Art Editor, Art Club Secretary, Home Room President and Vice-President, League Big Sister, Silver Pin, League Representative, Locker Monitor, Roll Checker, Bowling Ogle, Marilyn Irene 55, 126 Cercle de Menage, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Roll Check- er, Office Worker Olsen, Alan Curtiss 63 Olson, Mary Ann 55,147,152 Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representative, ASB Represent- ative, After-School Sports Olson, Susan Irene 55, 130 3C's, International Club, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representative Orne, Betty Kathaleen 55, 147, 152, 153 Mixed Chorus, League Big Sister, After-School Sports Ortiz, Trina Mae 55,147, 152 Transferred from Shadle Park, Girls Glee Osborne, William Robert 55 Manager Varsity Track, B-Squad Track, Cross Country, Frosh Football Osburn, Leslie Sanford 55 Osier, Pamela Ethel 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Oslund, Russel Ray 29, 55, 106, 109, 114,124,137,151,154,155, 165,180 ASB President, Honor Roll 1, Warriors, Twinlow, Varsity Track, Cross Country, B-Squad Track, Basketball, Cross Country, B- Squad Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Marching, Concert Bands, Drum Major, ASB Representative, Frosh Home Room Representative Othmer, Frances Jean 2, 55,66,110, 112,119,121,128,133 Tamarack Staff Senior Editor, FNA, Quill Kr Scroll, ASB Com- mittees, Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Secretary, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Represent- ative, ASB Representative, News and Tamarack Representative, Senior Class Representative, After-School Sports, -Office Worker Dwain da bathtub! ! I'M DWOWNINGI Page, Sandra Marie 55, 67 Home Room Secretary, League Big Sister, Representative, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Home Room Treasurer Park, Dani Joyce 55 Transferred from Fairbanks, Alaska, Senior Cap and Gown Committee Parker, Kathleen Marie 35 Big Sister, Girls League Representative Parker,Robert F. 55 ASB Committees, Representa- tive, News Representative Partrige, David Wilbur 63 Home Room Secretary, Treasurer Not a candidate for June graduation Paschall, Gerald Alan 63 Rifle Club, B-Squad Manager, News Representative, Locker Monitor Patterson, Harold Freeman 56, 160, 168, 169 Transferred from North Caro- lina, Varsity Football Patterson, Ronald George 37, 56, 150 Honor Roll 4, International Club, Marching, Concert, Band Pearsall, Diane Lorraine 56, 112 Honor Roll 2, FNA, Library Club, Secretary, League Big Sister, Silver Pin, Library, Office, Bookroom Worker, Nominations Committee Peters, Betty Marie 36, 47, 56, 110,l16, 123,133,186 News Staff Feature Editor, Girls Sports Editor, Feature Writer Reporter, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Quill and Scroll, Secretary, ASB Building Im- provement Committee, Senior Elections Committee Chairman Home Room Treasurer, Special, Marching, Concert Bands, League Committees, Repre- sentative, Big Sister, Silver Pin, General Chairman Big and Little Sister Party, Tamarack, News Representa- tive, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor, Junior Achievement Corresponding Secretary, September, Girl- of-the-Month, Senior Class Secretary Peterson, Kristine Annetta 56, 66, 152 ASB Committees, Representa- tive, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, League Bowling, Chairman League Tag Sale, Senior Representative Petragallo, James Elton 56 Transferred from Shadle Pichette, Peter 56 Picht, Don Albert 56 Transferred from Tucson, Arizona Plue, Beverly Louise 56 Transferred from Melvindale, Michigan, Big Sister Plumb, Margaret Jean 37, 56, 66, 112, 127, 186 Scholastic Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, Commercial Club, President, International Club, Junior Prom Publicity-Clean- up Committee, League Repre- sentative, Committees, Bronze Pin, After-School Sports, Sen- ior Prom Refreshments- Chaperones Committee, Senior Class Representative, ASB Junior-Senior Co-Rec Com- mittee Plunkitt, Donald Lynn 56, 121,123 Transferred from Rogers, Photo Staff Batman and Robin 007 Prater, Judy Anne 56 League Big Sister Prechtl, Sandra Lee 56 League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, PTA Representative, Library Worker, Hall Guard, Locker Monitor Press, George Marshall 63 ASB Representative, Home Room President, Secretary Prudente, Joseph Angelo 56 Thespians, Rifle Club, ASB Dance, Pep Committees, B- Squad Track, Frosh Baseball, School Play, News Represent-, ative, Stage Crew Puddy, Donald Ray 2, 37, 56, 66, 11,119,121,131, 138,194, 197 Tamarack Staff Art Editor, Key Club, Art Club, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Honor Student, ASB Publicity Committee, Bowling, Locker Monitor, Spokane Music and Arts Festival, Second Place, ASB Carnival Committee-Co- Chairman, Chairman Senior Finance Committee, Art Club Historian Tamarack is IN! I News is OUT! See pages 118, 119, 121 Radmer, Ralph Eugene 54, 56, 112, 125, 137, 165 Biology Club, Varsity Track, Cross-Country, Junior Varsity Track, Cross-Country, Frosh Track, ASB Representative, Warriors, President of Junior Warriors, Biology Club Pres- ident, President of Junior Achievement Rail, Marilyn Joy 56,114, 128, 136 League Secretary, Committees Big Sister, Silver Pin, Red Feathers, Color Girls Sergeant at Arms, Vox Puellarum, FNA Secretary, Cercle de Menage Secretary, ASB Improvement Committee, Representative, Junior Prom Decorations Com- mittee, Home Room President, Secretary, Junior Senator, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor Reedman, Sandi Jean 56 Big Sister Reida, Rudolph Clark 56 B-Squad Football, Home Room President, Frosh Football, Baseball, Stage Crew Renalt, Stephanie Gaye 56 Red Feathers, Color Girls, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representative, ASB Rep- resentative, Office Worker, Sen- ior Commencement Committee Revard, Donna Marie 28, 29, 31, 37, 57,106,109, 134,136,142,183, 186 Honor Roll 3, ASB Treasurer, Pep Committee, Representative, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Vox Puellarum, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Pres- ident, Treasurer, Girls State, Head Majorette, League Com- mittees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Library, Junior Class Repre- sentatives, After-School Sports, Library Worker, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, Talent Club, Red Cross Representative, American Legion Oratorical Winner Rice, Thomas Jefferson 57 Marching Band Richards, Susan Kaye 57, 115,116 Girls League Vice-President, Honor Roll 2, FNA Vice Presi- dent, ASB Co-Rec, Elections, Robbins, Tobe Lee 57, 141 News Representative, Hall Guard, Traffic and Grounds Squad, Locker Monitor Roberts, Kenneth James 57, 141 Radio Club Robison, Eric Lee 57 Junior Achievement Rockser, Robert Jerome 57, 137, 150, 165, 180 Varsity Track, Cross-Country, B-Squad Track, Cross-Country, Fro sh Cross-Country, Marching, Concert Bands Roder, Kathleen 57 Not a candidate for June graduation Roseberry, Beverly Ann 57 Locker Monitor Rothwell, Robert Joseph 57, 146, 148, 149 Frosh Wrestling, News Repre- sentative, Talent Club, Choir Vice-President, Tepee Lighters, Folk Group, All City 8: All State Choir Rouleau, Paul R. 57 Rowley, Russell Phillip 57 Transferred from Shadle, Rifle Club Ryckman, Charles Edward 63 Sabiston, Jeannie Rae 57, 67, 112, 122,126,128,132,133,148,186, 187 News Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Advertising Manager, Red Feathers, Secretary, Color Girls, FNA, Cercle de Menage, Latin Club, Secretary, Quill and Scroll, ASB Landscaping, Jr.-Sr. Co-Rec, Elections Committees, Big Sister, Chair- man, Gold with Ruby Pin, Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Tamarack Representative, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, Hon- or Roll Sacco, Karen Lee 57,126 Cercle de Menage, Commercial Club, FTA, ASB Committees, Junior Prom Committee, Silver Pin, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, League Committees, Big Sister, Tag Sales, Cercle Fifth Exec- utive Committees, Junior Prom Tickets Salvage,Donald A. 57 Committee, League Committees Big Sister, Silver Pin, Girl of the Month, Office Worker, After-School Sports, Dad and Daughter Desert Chairman Richardson, Christine Margaret 57, 139 Cercle de Menage, DECA, ASB Landscaping Committee, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin Why's there air? 7 ? Richardson, Jean 57 Not a candidate for June graduation Rizzuto, John Allen 57,113,167, 168, 169 Home Room President, Vice- President, Varsity Baseball, B-Squad Basketball, Baseball, Frosh Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Basketball Roach, Lloyd Dennis 57, 152 Frosh Wrestling, Football, Intramural Sports Varsity Track, Cross-Country, B-Squad Track, Frosh Track, Wrestling, Cross-Country Sandberg, Maryl Ellen 37, 57, 115, 117, 124, 132, 136, 185, 186, 194 Honor Roll 6, Red Feathers, Historian, Color Girls, Chair- man, Latin Club, President, Secretary, Vox Puellarum, President, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Home Room President, Cheerleader, Chairman Spring Sports, League Committees, Big Sister, Gold Pin, Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Gym Office Worker, Locker Monitor, Girl of the Month Sander, Douglas Richard 58, 65 Warriors, Junior Senator, Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Football, Baseball, Frosh Football, Basketball, Baseball Saruwatari, Beverly Jeane 58, 62, 111, 115, 145, 186 Girls' League Secretary, Hon- or Roll 3, Junior Class Treas- urer, Red Feathers, FTA, Inter- national Club, ASB Representa- tive, Publicity, Mixers Commit- tees, Special, Marching, Pep Concert Bands, League Represent- ative, Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor, League Honors Board, General Chairman of Sadie Hawkins, Senior Con Committee, Office Worker Sauser, Gregory J. 58 Transferred from Gonzaga Prep Saville, Larry Ray 63, 139 Library Worker, Hall Guard Sayward, Donna May 58 Girls Glee, Big Sister, Locker Monitor Scammon, Janette Mary 28, 152 League Big Sister, After-School Sports Scammon, Eugene Lyle 214 Late listing Schafer, Linda Rae 58,139 Scholastic Honor Roll 4, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Commer- cial Club, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Repre- sentative, After-School Sports, Office Worker, DECA Secretary Schafer, Steven Robert 58, 145 Home Room Sergeant at Arms, School Play "Dino" Schafer, Terry Lee 58,165,180 Varsity Track, Cross-Country, Junior Varsity Football, Wres- tling, Frosh Football, Wrestling, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Representative Schlettert, Bruce L. 29, 63 B-Squad Baseball Schmalle, William Ferne 58, 141 Radio Club Schuh, Gerald Duane 63, 124, 139, 141 Manager Frosh Football, Junior Varsity Cross Country, B-Squad Football, Track, Traffic and Grounds Squad, Locker Monitor, DECA Parliamentarian Scott, Murray David 58 Sdao, Roseann Marie 58, 67 League Big Sister, Roll Checker, Gym Officer Worker Seedorf, James Melvin 37, 58, 66, 109, 130, 131 Honor Roll 6, Key Club, Inter- national Club, Vice-President, Honors Club, Boys State, Var- sity Golf, Junior Class Repre- sentative, Senior Class Repre- sentative Seidel,David D. 58 B-Squad Football, Baseball Senn, Sheldon Grier 58 Radio Club Shane, Dorothy Ann 58 League Representative, Com- mittees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Senior Committee Shellenberger, Gael Curtis 58, 107 Varsity, Football, Track, Wres- tling Shinn, Susan Lorraine 28, 37, 59, 115,127,136, 186 Vox Puellarum, Vice-President, Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Color Girls, Red Feathers, Commer- cial Club, ASB Representative, Honors Board, Building Improve- ment Committees, Home Room Secretary, President, News Representative, Civil Defense Representative, Junior Prom, Chairman, Publicity, Clean- up Committee, Honors Program, After-School Sports, Girls League Treasurer, Representa- tive, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Committees Silver, Robert Phillips 37,59 13l,132,140,l48,l49 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Latin Club, Consul, 5th Executive, 3C's President, Key Club, Choir President, Tepee Lighters, Math Club Simmons, Miriam Christine 59 Honor Roll 4, International Club, Honor Student, Junior Prom Committee, League Honors Board, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, ASB Representative, After- School Sports Simpson, Christie Ann 59, 66, 127 Color Girls, Historian, Latin Club, Commercial Club, ASB Co-Rec Chairman, Honor, Teen Talks Committees, Home Room Vice-President, League Commit- tees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports, Locker Monitor Sisk, David Allen 59, 138 Rifle Club, Chess Club Skelton, Gari Gale 59 Slaven, Janice Kay 214 Late Listing Smith, Charles Alan 59, 139 Not a candidate for June graduation Smith, Darlene Kay 59 League Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports, Bowling Smith, Larry Eugene 59 Home Room President Smith, Louis Donald 59, 137, 175, 176,177,203 Home Room President, Varsity Baseball, B-Squad Baseball, Frosh Baseball, Football, Senior Prom Pictures-Publicity Com- mittee Smith, Roger Bruce 37, 59, 131,137 165,180 Scholastic Honor Roll 4, Key Club, German Club, Honors Club, International Club, Warriors, ASB Committees, Junior Varsity Track, Cross-Country, Frosh Track, Cross-Country, Senior Breakfast Committee Snider, Larry Mervin 59 Music Festival, Marching Band, Bowling, Senior Reception Committee Sonner, Kaley A. 59 Spann, Cynda Lou 59, 147 Transferred from Lewis and Clark, Choir, Big Sister 00695 is all-time! l ! Sperling, Richard Lee 59, 113 B-Squad Football, Baseball, Frosh Baseball, Football Spits, Johanna Patricia 37, 59, 128,148,149 Scholastic Honor Roll 2, FNA, Home Room Treasurer, A Cap- pella Choir Treasurer, Tepee Lighters, League Committees, Big Sister, Representative, Bronze Pin, Office Worker Stannard, Nancy Frances 59, 152 153 - Transferred from East Valley, League Big Sister Starr, Terry Davsm 2, 28, 37, 60, 65, 1o9,118,126,132,191 Scholastic Honor Roll 5, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Cercle de Menage, Tamarack Staff Busi- ness Manager, Latin Club Presi- dent, Talent Club Treasurer, ASB Representative, Elections, Landscaping, Mixers Committees, Home Room Secretary, Girls State, Mayor, Color Guard, Honor Student, B-Squad Cheerleader, Varsity Tennis, Captain, League Committees, Big Sister, Gold Pin, After-School Sports, Fashion Council Steenhard, Robert Lee 60, 139 DECA Historian, Photography- junior Steidl,Deboraa June 58, 60, 107, 128,136,185,186,194 Honor Roll 1, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Chairman, FNA, Vox Puellarum, Board Member, ASB Secretary, Carnival, Elec- tions Committees, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Vice- President, Varsity Cheerleader, Ellensburg Cheerleading Camp, Lilac Princess Finalist, Varsity Golf, League Commit- tees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, Library Club, After-School Sports, Office, Library, Gym Worker, Locker Monitor, Senior Prom Ticket Committee Steiner, Jerry Jerome 60, 137, 162 Transferred from Gonzaga Prep, Junior Prom Committee, Varsity Football, Track, Junior Varsity Wrestling, ASB Representative, Senior Prom Committee Stevens, Frank Lee 60 Stone, Rebecca Jo 60, 65,112,126, 186 Red Feathers, Color Girls Historian, Cercel de Menage, Junior Prom Chaperone Commit- tee, Varsity Golf, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin Stotts, Karen Louise 60,150,151 Music Festival, Marching, Con- cert Bands, League Committee, Band Secretary Stradley, Raymond James 37, 60, 125,129,131 FTA Vice President, Key Club, ASB, Red Cross Committee, Senior Committee Stradley, Steven James 30, 37, 60, G6,67,l30,131,l44,l45 Honor Roll 6, Latin Club, Key Club, Bowling, Biology Club, International Club, School Play, Senior Representative Strand, Michael C. 60 Home Room Vice-President, Treas- urer, B-Squad Football, Wrestling, Frosh Football, Wrestling Strom, Alvar John Joel 27, 60, 112, 113, 165 ASB Committees, Varsity Foot- ball, Wrestling, Junior Varsity Wrestling, B-Squad Football, Stage Crew, B-Squad Cross- Country Stuart, Linda Daneen 60, 66 Commercial Club, Cercle de Menage, Varsity Golf, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, ASB Representative, Elections, Library, News Representative, Library, Office, Bookroom Worker, General Chairman Senior Prom Swanson, Barbara Joan 60 Big Sister, After-School Sports Swanson, Katherine Jean 63 Transferred from Marian Heights, After-School Sports, Library Worker Swanson, Ronald De-Los 60 Swartz, Linda Lee 37, 60, 128, 186 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Red Feathers Chairman, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, ASB Representative, FNA Vice-President, Honors Club, Roll Checker, Orchesis Modern Dance Club, Vice-President, Senior Representative, NC Youth Looks to the Future Panel Sweet, Dennis Roger 63 Teal, Nancy Yvonne 60 Transferred from Rogers, ASB Representative, League Big Sister, Roll Checker Thacker, Sarah Jane 37, 63 Scholastic Honor Roll 6, Big Sister, Commercial Club, 3C's, Silver Pin, Girls League Rep- resentative, Office Worker Thompson, Randall Douglas 29, 37, 60,106,150,155 ASB Vice-President, Special, Marching, Pep Bands, Band Vice- President, Drum Sectional Leader Thompson, Terrie Lynne 60 ASB Representative, Dance Com- mittee, Girls Glee, League Big Sister, Bronze Pin Represent- ative Tiemann, Gregory Lynn 60, 150, 155 Music Festival, Special, Pep, Concert, Marching Band, Assistant Drum Major Tiffany, Pamela Kay 60, 66 Big Sister, League Committee, Bronze Pin, Library Represent- ative, Library Worker, Office, Gym Worker, Junior Achievement, Senior Class Representative Tofte,Dan R. G1 Tollefsen, Gordon Eric 37, 61,125 Scholastic Honor Roll 4, German, Biology, International Clubs, League Bowling, Senior Com- mencement Committee Torrisi, Alfred Carmen 61 Townsend, Donald 61 Senior Prom Music and Arrange- ments Committee Treffry, Larry Robert 61,138 Varsity Track, Junior Varsity Cross-Country Tregellas, Stephen Walter 61 ASB Co-Red Committee, Home Room Treasurer Tribble, Majorie Ann 61 Color Girls, Commercial Club President, FTA, School Play Programs Chairman, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Points Committee, ASB Representative, After-School Sports, Office Worker, Most Courteous Freshman Girl, Roll Checker, ASB Committees Turnley, John Thomas 61 Bowling Tyree, Patricia Joelyn 61, 139 DECA, Library Club, Art Club, ASB Representative, Committee, Home Room President, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Library Representative, Library Worker, Roll Checker, Gym Office Worker, Locker Monitor Usher, Patricia Kaye 61, 139 League Big Sister, Bronze Pin, Representative, DECA Van Cleef, Michael Robert 61 Rifle Club, Junior Varsity Track, B-Squad Basketball, Locker Monitor Vaughn, Thomas James 61, 137,165 171 Warriors Treasurer, Varsity Wrestling, B-Squad Football, Track, Frosh Football, Track, Wrestling, ASB Representative Veter, Linda Mae 61,139 Commercial Club, ASB Land- scaping Committee, Junior Prom Pictures-Refreshments Commit- tee, League Committees, Big Sister, Bronze Pin, DECA Vice President Vietzke, Arlene Rae 37, 61, 124, 128,132,l36,185,186,194 Honor Roll 2, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Historian, Latin Club, Vox Puellarum Board Mem- ber, Vice-President, FNA Vice- President, President, ASB Elec- tions, Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Secretary, Varsity Cheerleader, Bowling, League Big Sister, Gold Pin, Representative, News Representative, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor Wacker, Penelope Kae 61 Bowling League Wait, Dennis 63 Not a candidate for June graduation Walkee, Donald James 61,137 Honor Roll 1, Latin Club, Warriors' Secretary-Treasurer, ASB Honors Board, Carnival, Mixers Committees, Home Room President, Varsity Wrestling, Golf, B-Squad Football, Frosh Track Walker, Frank Alexander 61 Junior Varsity Golf Wallen, Sharon D. 61,139 Transferred from Cheney, Com- mercial Club, League Commit- tees, Big Sister, After-School Sports, Library Worker, Junior Achievement, DECA President Warehouse, Robert Wesley 37, 61, 123,l31,132,152,162 Honor Roll 4, News Staff Sports Editor, Latin Club, Key Club, Warriors, Varsity Football, B-Squad Football, Frosh Track, Editor-in-Chief of News, Sen- ior Prom Refreshment and Chaperone Committee Warfield, Jon B. 61,137,141 Varsity Wrestling, Junior Var- sity Football, Wrestling, Frosh Football, Tennis, Wres- tling, Marching, Concert, Pep Bands Warren, Renee Elizabeth 62, 147 Transferred from West Valley Wasley, Larry Dale 62 Not a candidate for June graduation Wassom, Gary Lee 62,139 DECA, Library Worker, Hall Guard Watts, Jennifer Rose 2,62,119, 121, 127 Tamarack Staff, Commercial Club, ASB Representative, Red Cross Chairman, March of Dimes, Red Feathers, Junior Prom Commit- tee, League Committees, Big Sis- ter, Bronze Pin, Red Cross Rep- resentative, After-School Sports, Roll Checker, Locker Monitor, Red Cross Leadership Conference, League Representative, Senior Prom Ticket Committee, ASB Publicity Committee Wayne, Melanie Ann 62 Red Cross Club, League Big Sis- ter, After-School Sports Weathermon, Peggy May 214 Late Listing Wells, Janine 63,110 Talent Club, ASB Elections Com- mittee, Junior Achievement After- Sohool Sports West, David Dale 62 West, Robert Keith 62 News Staff Feature Writer, Home Room Treasurer Westover, Kathleen Helen 62 Transferred from Rogers, Big Sister, Roll Checker, Clerical Practice White, Claudia Vernette 62, 66, 145, 146,148,149 Color Girls, ASB Representative, Pep, Co-Rec, Dance Committees, Home Room President, Secretary, A Cappella Choir, Teepee,Light- ers, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, After-School Sports, Office Worker, Folk Singing Group, Senior Con Committee White,Da.niel Lee 62 White, David William 62 Transferred from Gonzaga Prep White, Linda Gale 62 Big Sister, Office Worker Whitney, Linda Kay 62 Not a candidate for June graduation Wickstead, Michael G. 37,38, 62, 109, 113,124,131,134,146,150, 155 Honor Roll 6, Key Club Secre- tary, Honors Club, ASB Honors Board Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Presi- dent, Boys State, Special, Marching, Pep, Dance Band, Junior Achievement, Junior Class Representative, Symphonic Band Treasurer, Talent Club Presi- dent Wilhelm, David Kenneth 60, 151, 154 Special, Marching, Pep Bands, Bowling Wilkerson, Charles Leslie 30, 62, 107, 132, 162, 167, 168, 169, 175, 176 Honor Roll 2, Latin Club, Var- sity Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Tennis, B-Squad Football, Basketball, Baseball, Frosh Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, ASB 5th Executive Willard, Michael E. Late Listing Willenborg, Joyce Phyllis 63 After-School Sports, Roll Checker Williams, Lyell Marshal 36, 47, 63, 125, 131, 137, 161, 162, 171 Honor Roll 4, Key Club, Bi- ology Club, Warriors, Home Room President, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Junior Varsity Football, Wrestling, Track, News Repre- sentative, Senior Class President Wilson, Pauline Elizabeth 63, 65, 145 League Big Sister, Senior Con Committee Wohl, Linda Kay 63,135,146,14S, 149 Thespians Secretary, School Play, League Representative, Committees, Big Sister, Girls Ensemble, A Cappella Choir, 3C's Secretary, Teepee Lighters Wold, Thomas L. 63,125,137,162, 168, 169 Warriors, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, B-Squad Football, Basketball, Baseball, Frosh Basketball, Football, Baseball Woods,Don T. 63 Home Room President Wren, Christine J. 63, 125 Color Girls, Biology Club, ASB Committees, Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room Vice-President, League Committees, Big Sister, Silver Pin, Representative, Varsity Girls Golf, Junior Class Representative, After-School Sports, Gym Office Worker, Locker Monitor Wright, Sharlene Lee 63, 139 DECA, League Representative, Junior Achievement Treasurer Wunderlich, George Howard 63 ASB Publicity Committee, Cross-Country Manager, B-Squad Cross-Country, Baseball, Frosh Wrestling, Football Zarko, Kenneth Peter 27, 63, 137, 152,162 Warriors, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Cross-Country, Junior Varsity Football, B- Squad Wrestling THE END fwhewl! l l That's basic .... Caught up a ladder are these spring-struck seniors, Janice Slaven, Bob Denny, Gene Scammon, Sylvia Boschee, and Peggy Weather- mon. Not pictured are Elmer Darrah and Gary Chavez, also late listings. UNDERCLASS INDEX Aagard, Richard 30, 80, 81 Abbott, Robert 98 Abel,Dennis D. 89 Abel,Joyce L. 80 Abrahamson, David L. 30, 83 Achziger,Johnny L. 90,138 Adams, Jill C. 90,112 Adams, Kathy 86 A Adams, Larry L. 86 Adams, Steve V. 79,111,132 Ahrendt, Billie R. 98, 147, 152, 189 Ahrendt, Grant E. 88, 153, 182 Aiken, Gerald J. 88 Aiken, John P. 96,153,181 Aiken, Sandra K. 97, 151 Albee, John M. 76, 137 Coyle, Albee, Linda L. 91 Albert, Wesley 83 Albright, Michael c. 81,150,154 Alexander, Barney R. 93 Alexander, Kathryn R. 92, 97, 110, 189 Alexander, Michael W. 76 Alexander, Stephen D. 88 Allbery, Judith K. 78, 110, 120, 123,126,128,130 Allbery, Norman E. 99, 164,170 Allbery, Steve 93, 164, 170 Allen, Carol J. 78 Allen, Mike 84 Allen, Monte 101, 164 Allen, Steve 89 Allison, Connstance 83 Allison, Miss Muriel 17 Allison, Rhonda 103 Altenburg, Carol M. 75, 83, 120, 129, 130 Anderson, Billie 94,129, 188 Anderson, Diane 86 Anderson, Janet H. 82 Anderson, Marjean R. 82, 148 Anderson, Ronald 99 Anderson, Shirley S. 79 Anderson, William 88 Andrews, Ann 139 Andrus, Mike 84, 141 Anker, Mr. Walter 9 Armstrong, Cathy 89, 134, 183, 188 Arnold, Beverly J. 79 Daley, Arnold, Susan J. 99, 113,189 Arnold,William 74,78 Aronson, Judy C. 81 Ashford, Don 94, 174 Ashley, Larry M. 30,175 Atwood, Jack 101 Atwood, Pat 93 Austin, Rex R. 81 Austin, Sidney C. 82 Ayars, Dr. Albert Backenstoe, Mrs. Georgiana 10, 20 Bafaro, Michael 83 Bailey, Christine 94, 103 Bailey, Pat 89 Baker, Carl 88 Baker, Paula 76 Baldwin, Jo Anne 86 Baldwin, Kathleen 87 Bare, Claudia 85, 91, 110, 138 Barline, Linda 94 Barnard, Mr. Robert 15, 64 Barnes, Frank 81, 164 Barnes, Harry 86, 164, 180 Barnes, LaVette 84 Barnes, Mrs. Lillian 20, 139 Barnes, Michael 103 Barr, Mari Lu 77 Barraclough, Donna 90 Barraclough, Susan 91 Barrick, Gregory 93, 153 Bartlett, Wendy 101, 189 Bartline, David 76, 174 Bartoletta, Marilyn 94, 129, 188 Barzee, Peggy 98 Bass, John 98,138 Bassett, Lawrence 83 Bassett, Susan 89,188 Bauer,Jody F. 84 Beach, Don 84 Beam, Martin 101 Beaver, Mrs. Helen 14 Becker, Henry 88 Beckman, Raymond 97, 132, 147, 151 Bell, Eric 87,150,174 Bell, George 98, 178 Bell, Robyn 77 Bell,Ross 89 Benjamin, Sherrida 92, 140 Benner, Paul 79 Bennett, Mr. Blaine 16, 64,160,171 Bennett, Vicki 98 Bensel, Philip 88 Benshoof, Bob 89 Benzi, John 83, 134 Berens, Lester 100 Bergstrom, Howard 90 Betts, Patricia 99, 189 Biem, Curtis 98 Bierig, Nadine 94 Bigelow, Charles 99, 140 Biggs, Patricia 83, 122, 191 Binder, Gregory 97 Binder, Theresa 103 Birtles, Mary 99 Bischoff, Max 89 Bishop, Stephen s6,150,154,164,17a Bisset, Gordon 84 Bjaaland, Karen 82, 110,134, 149 Black, Sheba 81 Blackmer, Mike 92 Blackstone, Barry 78, 147, 148 Blair,John M. 77,123, 164 Blair, Mr. Dale 15,159,180 Blair, Robert 164, 178 Blake, David 90 Bland, Mr. Robert 17 Bland, Roberta 92, 112, 136,188 Blizzard, James 80 Blizzard, Robert 104,150,154,164 Blizzard, Thomas 153 Block, Richard 152 Boberg,Rose M. 86 Boehm, Twyla 75,135, 144 Bogenreif, Gary 89 Bolander, Vickie L. 76 Boles, Caprice E. 99 Boles, Charlotte I. 86 Boone, Robert 103,147, 148 Bordwell, Donald 79, 162 Bosch, John 99,178 Bost, Theresa 90 Bouck, Georgiana 97 Bouck, Steven 98 Bouten, Deborah C. 88, 111, 124, 139, 188 Bove, Linda 75, 77 Bowell, James 19, 80 Bower, Robert D. 99, 153 Bowman,Ronald A. 82 Boyce, Morgan E. 86, 153 Boyce, Robert A. 17, 99, 153 Boyd, Margaret 84, 189 Boyet, Katherine 79,191 Boyson, Mark A. 13, 99 Bradford, Rick 98, 164, 178 Brammer, Barry E. 86 Brand, Kathryn L. 92 Branda, John 95, 97,141 Brandenburger, Michael 88, 164, 173, 178 Brandenburger, Patsy 97 Brendmoen, Daniel 83 Bridgewater, Chris 89 Briscoe, Mrs. Laura 12, 132 Briscoe, Scott 84 Bristlin, Terisha D. 94 Broadwell, Mr. Vern 14 Broadwell, Yvette D. 90, 188 Broom, Phillip 92 Brooks, Audrey 2, 74, 75, 76, 115, 118, 125,126,127, 133 Brophy, Daniel J. 78 Brophy, Michael W. 91, 180 Brophy, Patrick L. 83, 148 Brougham, Beth 81 Brower, William 93, 150, 154,155 Brown, Diana M. 148 Brovlm, Brown, Gail 91 Janet 89, 140 Brown, Kathleen A. 89,129,188 Brown, Kevin 101 Brown, Margaret E. 95, 97 Brown, Mark L. 79 Brown, Marlena J. 79 Brown, Pat 84 Brown, Shirley 101,103 Brovlm, Thomas D. 90,93,178,179 Browning,Ai1ene 97, 153 Browning, Arlene 99, 153 Browning, Gloria 90 Brunner, Michael J. 99 Bruns, Mrs. Linda 13,191 Charbonneau, Mr. Rollin 12 Chastain, Dorian R. 26, 84, 162 Chastain, Nancy D. 89 Chavez, Donald L. 94 Chertrude, Mary fCathyl 83 Christensen, Georgia 101, 189 Christensen, Robert A. 98, 141 Clark, Marica V. 80 Clark, Patricia N. 77 Clayton, Cindy 99, 140, 147 Clemenson, Nicholas A. 80 Clemons, Ronald M. 81 Cleveland, Ben R. 88,173 Cochran, Mr. Robert 21 Coffin, Jon W. 81, 135, 144,162,173 Colby, Linda D. 90 Cole, Judith 92,147, 153,188 Coleman, Catherine M. 91,112 Coleman, Jim 82,178 Colling, Cathie E. 81,191 Collins, Frederick Art 80,160,175 Combs, Spencer D. 100 Compton, Robert A. 100 Cones, Spencer 170 Congdon, Mrs. Dorothy 15, 64, 129 Conrath, Mrs. Evelyn W. 20, 67, 131 Contos, Kim 79, 175, 176, 177 Cooper, David J. 97,173 Brusseau,Way'ne N. 82 Bruya, Donald 96 Buck, Gary A. 81,164 Buell, Sherry A. 91, 147 Buelo, Kenneth 78, 148,174 Bugenhagen, Vickie 93 Bullis, Kathleen 75, 78, 111, 127 Bundy, Mr. Robert 17 Burchett,Karen M. 87 Burchett, Tim 89, 108,131,180 Cooper, Gay L. 77,139 Corskie, Dawn M. 89, 147, 148 Cossette, Sid C. 78, 175 Costello, Thomas R. 101 , Patrick V. 77, 152, 163 Cotter Cotter, Patsy 80 Covey, Michael C. 88 Covey, Mrs. June 21 Cowin, Sharon L . 92 Cowley, Donna R. 85, 86 Cox, Kathleen M. 100 Katherine J. 94 Caballero, Vic 76 Cady, Sandra L. 98 Caldwell, Michael W. 91, 149, 151, 153 Caldwell, Mr. Michael 13, 164 Calhoon, Gary W. 101 Calvert,Richard A. 101 Cameron, Kathleen L. 100, 189 Cameron, Scott 84 Cameron, Tommy E. 101,153 Campbell,Daniel L. 88 Campbell, Darlene M. 89, 151 Campbell, Ruth 82, 110, 136 Cress, Ginnie L. 100, 189 Cronin, Eileen 99 Cross, Vicki Y. 93,152 Crouch, Thomas V. 80,175 Cuffin, Cynthia C. 93 Cullitan, Randolph 99, 132, 151, 164 Culnane, Steven P. 86, 164 Culp, Barbara A. 91 Culp, Stephen A. 99 Cumpton, Daniel 97 Cunningham, Mr. Gerald 15, 140 Curran, Kelley M. 96, 164 Campbell,Thomas J. 99 Candler, Kathleen K. 91, 147 Canter, Steven 100, 164 Cantlon, Michael 98 Carlson, Freida 83 Carlson, Jan 79 Carlson, Liane 79, 148 Carlson, Nancy L. 86 Carlton, Carolyn A. 83 Carpenter, Melody 99, 132 Carrico, Frank L. 85, 94, 153 Carringer, Marion J. 90, 115 Currier, Susan A. 99,153 Custer, John S. 83, 153 Cutter 152 , Carolyn J. 93, 130, 147, Czap, Albert 97 Czap, Clara 17 Czap, Loretta E. 88,139 Dahl, Carol L. 76 Dahs, Curtis F. 94 William L. 77, 165, 180 Cartee, Linda 98 Carter, Debra 98, 112,135 Carter,Duane E. 77 Carter,lsaac J. 93,170,178,179 Caruso, Jucith 81,152 Carver, John H. 91,170 Carver,Kathleen C. 99 Damm,Allen H. 88 D'Andre, Mrs. Lela 21 Daniel, Benjamin C. 80, 121 Daniels, William J. 81, 131, 153 Darrah, Elmer Bert 141 Dashiell, Stephen G. 91,164, 173 Casselman, Linda S. 77,148 Caton, Walter 92, 165 Caven, Elissa J. 91, 150, 152 Cervantes, Frederick 100 Chadwick, Sue L. 79 Challender, Kathleen 88, 148 Chandler, Tomi Lea 90 Chantry, Patricia L. 77,1l0,112, 127 Chapados, Leanne M. 88 Chapman, Cathy Ann 97 Chapman, Mrs. Daisy 13 Daugherty, Frank 79 Daves, Janet E. 94,110,148 Davey, Joan Y. 89,188 Davey, Patrick 80 Davey, Susan A. 86 Davey, Theresa A. 76,113,127 David, Darlene R. 87 Davidson, Beverly A. 103 Davidson,James C. 78 Davis, Mr. Dan 18,811,134 Davis, Connie 88,151 Davis,Dorothy L. 93 Davis, Eric W. 93,164,170 Davis,Henry E. 103 Davis, Jeannine M. 91 Davis, Jerry M. 96 Davis, Sharon 89 Davis, Stuart A. 94,173 Dawson, Sharon 82 Day, Colleen 80,124,126,190,191 Deal,Naomi J. 152 Dearing, Dennis J. 89 Dearth, Arnold R. 97 DeCaro, Sam R. 101,141,164 Decker, John E. 97 Decker, Mynette F. 92, 152 Decker, Patricia M. 82 DeForge,Nicolette M. 86 DeLange, John 7 8 Dalauder, Timothy 96 Deloach, Cheri 28, 82, 141, 191 Delong, Kim J. 94,134,148,164, 173,175 Denney,Daniel K. 89 Dennis, Dixie 84 Derr, Nyal G. 81, 162 Detmer, Christine E. 86,148,188 Dewitt, Peggy 82 Dewitt, Susan 97, 153 Dicus, Shirley E. 90 Diedrick, Mr. William 13, 164 Diggs, Ronald 88, 164,180 Dillenger, Ed 84 Dillon, Patricia 78, 135, 144 Dirkes, Karen 84 Dixon, Michael E. 90 Doescher,Jon S. 89 Doherty, Richard 98, 164,170 Dolan, Richard C. 93 Dolan, Sylvia D. 93 Donais,Rlaph E. 94 Dotson, John C. 90,93 Doty, Pamela M. 75, 83, 153 Douds, Mark M. 77,162,180 Douglass, Alice E. 81,120,122 141 Douglass, Harold 97 Downing, Joan K. 76,147 Doyle, Judith 76 Drew, Mrs. Virginia 17, 64 Drury, Carey S. 91 Duehning, Kay I. 94, 147,153, 188 Dugger, Cheryl 84 Dunn, Patricia A. 88,110,129, 188 Durgan, Joseph P. 100, 170,174 Durkin, Timothy A. 80 Dyer, Jerald 76 Dykstra, Deborah S. 81 Dyreson, Sandra A. 98 Earling,Jane L. 98, 153 Earling, Jean M. 82, 155 Earney, Eric 84 Eddy, Mrs. Barbara 13,114,138 Edlin, Judy I. 83,144 Edlin, Lora L. 98 Edlin, Tony 100 Edwards, Emilie M. 97,189 Edwards, Steveann 90, 146, 148, 188 Egger, Michael W. 93 Eickmeyer, Tom 9 Elde, Connie 78, 80,148 Elixman, Terry 103 Elliott, David 78, 82, 137, 163 Emmel, Steven W. 93 Emoto, Connie 98 Emoto, Jerry 88, 175, 179 Emter, Terry 88 Emter, Linda 101, 189 Endicott, Charles 100, 138, 153, 155 English, Jerry 99 Engstrom, Richard 75, 81, 162, 1 Erickson, Mr. Norman 12 Erickson, Robert 83, 98, 164 Erickson, Ronald 82 Eschenbacher, Judith 88 Evans,Donna L. 94 Evans, Mrs. Joan 12 Evans, Kristine 80,110 Evans,Lee M. 88 Evans, Randy 81, 150,155 Evenmo, Arlyne 101 Evens, Lee 164 Everett, Kathy 92 Everett, Stanley 90, 153 Everson, Lynn 84 Ewell,James 87,178,179 Ewing, Susan 78 Exley, Mr. Burrill 15, 64 Eyre, Richard 82 Fairbrother, Patricia 94, 147, 152 Faraone, Chandler N. 96, 164 Faraone, Jeanne L. 83 Faris, Patricia N. 91 Farquaharson, Jorie 87, 129 Farquhar, J. Scott 89, 141 Farrell,Anthony D. 76 Farrell, carol J. 95, 100, 110, 189 Farwell, Brian 100 Farwell, Nan 79 Feaster, Lynn M. 94 Felton, Melvin J . 83 Ferguson, Sandra 77 Ferraby, Eva J. 86,136 Fievez, Gary M. 87, 174 Findley,Ruth E. 93 Finkbeiner, Virgil Finney, Ruth A. Fisher, Dana E. 87,153 Fleck, Robert J. 98, 153 Florez,Nikki L. 94 Fodey, Susan 87 Fogg, Thana L. 86,152,153 Fong, Charlotte K. 91 Fong, Meichele D. 103 Ford, Karl 94,147,152,,178 Ford, Roberta 83 Foster, Jim 95, 97, 103 Fox, Ruby Jacqueline 93 Frank, Susan C. 87,191 Franklin, Benjamin 99 Franklin, Lyle C. 90 Frazier, Billy 101 Frey, Mary 81,147,152,153 Fritz, Christina M. 93,111,113, l29,134,148,188 Fry, Carmen 147 Fry, Lawrence J. 93, 164,180 Fry, Thomas P. 87 Fry, Ramona Fry, Raymond 101,153 Fudberg, Gail Maire Fugate,Robert B. 78 Funk, Edwin 81 Galvin, Larry 93, 164 Galvin, Patricia 96 Gamble, James 87, 173 Gamble, Susan 78, 79, 127, 128 Garbarino, Dianna 99, 189 Garrett, Skip 84 Gates, Daniel 92,164,174 Gates, Danna 77,110, 182 Gates, Marvin L. 93 Gausman, Nancy 81 Gebeke, Laura J. 100 Geng, Linda 101 Gentry, Sherry D. 79 Gerkensmeyer, David J. 2, 76, 119, 123 Geyer, Susan 84 Gibbs, Gerald 90, 150 Gibson, Sharon 76 Giger, Phyllis M. 89 Giles, Dennis 77, 141, 151 Gill, Mr. Blaine 21 Gi11,Linda L. 101,147,152,189 Gill, Sandra 93 Gillespie, Mrs. Alice 21 Glass, Janet D. 83 Glendenning, Roberta 81, 152, 153 Glover, Mr. Blair 12,64 Glover, Gaynelle 84, 147 Goddard, Douglas A. 79,162,173 Goddell,Jeffrey E. 101 Godwin, Cheryle 97 Goin, Linda 77 Goodman, Elaine L. 101 Goolie, Molinda 93, 152 Gosline, Thomas 101, 132, 138 Gracio, Patrick 79, 162 Graham, Candy 101 Graham, Darlene 101 Graham, Gale R. 79 Graham, Karen J . 76 Graham, Kathleen 89 Graham, Kevin 94, 164 Graham, Mr. Leonard 14, 141 Graham, Patsy 88 Graham, William A. 92 Grant, Glen A. 79, 131,150 Green, Kathryn L. 89, 188 Green, Max 84 Greenwood, Carol J. 78, 125, 129,132,141 Greenwood, Charles O. 94, 165, 180 Greenwood, John 101 Gregg, Eva 89,152 Griffin, Nancy 89 Griffith, Donna J. 80 Griffith, James 77,150,155,180 Griffith, Sabria M. 87 Griffith, William 89, 164 Grimm, Scott 77, 161, 162,180 Griswold, Mr. Guy 19 Groh, Daniel D. 9O,164, 173 Groh, Janice M. 96, 110 Gronseth, Trudy 87, 148 Grothe, Kenneth W. 91 Gunstrom, Lois B. 99, 189 Gullic, John 84 Haas, Nancee L. 94, 129,130 Hagen, Constance A. 100,189 Hagen, Mr. Kenneth 11, 17 Hager, Mrs. Vivian 19, 64, 128 Haile, Margaret D. 94 Hall, Joan M. 87,151 Hall, Tom 76 Halstead, Debbie L. 79 Halverson, Miss Nona 18,19,135, 144 Hamilton, Kim R. 87,174 Haney, Roland A. 99,153 Hannan, Mr. Richard 17, 164,174 Hannum, Paul A. 91 Hansen, Charles 97,164,178 ' Hansen, Peggy A. 26, 75, 79, 117, 128, 132,134,136,183 Hanson, Alan R. 30, 82,131, 137, 166, 168, 169 Hanson, Larry J. 89,140,141 Hanson, Theresa L. 75, 81, 112, 123,126, 127 Harmon, Dustin 84 Harper, Rick 89 Harris, Christina 83 Harrison, Michael 81 Hartle, Gary R. 76 Harvey, Eileen 82, 138, 148 Harwood, Jerry R. 76,160,162, 170 Harwood, Linda V. 90, 191 Haskins, Dayle 83, 111 Hasler, Marion 89 Haugen, Gerald D. 82 Haupt, Ruth H. 98,110, 189 Hausken, Steve 92 Haux, Sandra L. 92 Havelick, Paula L. 87 Havens, Gregg M. 99, 153,178 Havens,Rosemary A. 88 Hawk, Eugene T. 98,153 Hawley, O. William 99,103, 164, 170 Haworth, Dick 80 Heathers, Cheryl 81 Heimbigner, Mike 84, 178 Helbig, Loreli 89 Hendricks, Stephen T. 77, 165,173 Hendrickson, Douglas 94,165, 173 Hendrix, Diane 98, 189 Hengen, Bruce 96, 164, 181 Hengen, Sharon A. 88 Henning, Peggy L. 75, 82, 110, 115 120,123,125,126,127,132 Henning, Tom 84 Hern, Gary 80 Herxel, Linda 79, 138 Higgins,Greg E. 182 Hilby,Richard L. 101 Hildreth, Muriel 96 Hill,Duane E. 92 Hill, Joseph R. 78 Hin, Joyce R. 78,141,147,191 Hill, Larry 80,141 Hill, Marsha K. 96 Hi11, Mary M. 78, 30, 129,141 Hill, Terry A. 80 Hiller, Steve L. 99, 153 Himes, Robert C. 91 Hipperson, Brian 83, 163, 180 Hirst, Connie 26, 96, 110, 189 Hirst, Mrs. Corrine 21 Hirst, Gary R. 96, 153,182 Hoag,Robert E. 90 Hoag, Steve B. 90, 162,173 Hobbs,Darrell E. 100 Hobbs, M. 97, 152 Hobson, Richard C. 91, 150, 154, 174 Hoffman,Gregory J . 90 Hogan, Mr. Leslie 13, 64, 160,171 Holden, Steve 84,164 Holmes, Larry A. 78 Holt, Jenny D. 91 Holzer, Thomas R. 100 Hooke, David R. 94, 111 Hoover, Kelvin P. 96,150,154, 164,181 Hopkins, Mr. Jerry 17, 141 Hopkins, Leigh S. 99, 141 Horobiowski, Steve P. 88 Horrell, Corrine E. 101 Hosea, Barbara E. 74, 77,129, 134, 148,150,151, 153 Hossner, Evelyn D. 79,129, 130 House, Leslie G. 93 House, Nancy R. 78 Howard, Brenda 152, 153 Hoy, Margaret 84 Hubbard,Barbara F. 96 Hubbard, Stephen T. 91, 132, 164, 173 Huff, Mrs. Carol 16,18,129, 144 Hume, Michael D. 75,79,132 Hunjum, Dennis 84 Hunt, David L. 87 Hunt, Kathy 97 Hunt, Laura 152, 153 Hunt, Randall 97 Hunt, Tom 84 Huston, Mike 84 Huston, Patricia A. 92 Hutts, Clifford G. 76 Hutts,Kathleen M. 82 Hyko, Robert A. 82 i Iron, John 82 Jackson, Gloria J. 83 Jackson, Karl 84 Jacobs, L. Duane 87, 164 Jacobsen, Carolyn A. 75, 80 Jalm, Robert 89 James,William I. 92 Jarrad, Kenneth B. 94 Jarrad, Linda B. 83 Jelsing, Larry A. 87, 164 Jennings, Mrs. Marjorie B. 20 Jensen, Kathryn A. 93, 188 Jesmore, Janyce 89 Jess, Larry D. 81,151, 154 Jewell, Mr. Lyle 12 Jewell, Marlene K. 88,136,188 Jewett, Douglas H. 89,174 John, Joyce 90 Kerr, Catherine A. 99 Kerr, Colleen L. 98 Killingsworth, Miss Elizabeth 14,611,126 Killmer, Martha L. 78, 115 King, Richard E. 81 Kirby, Stanley K. 78 Kitterman, Michael H. 99 Kitterman, Richard H. 89, 173 Klawunder, Mrs. Marilyn 19 Kliewer, Mrs. Betty 20 Kling,Joyce M. 86 Knaff,Sharon R. 78 Knapp, Marvin L. 88 Knapp, Pam 84 Knight, Larry R. 93 Knight, Richard L. 88 Knopp, Kathleen 90 Knutson, David L. 97 Knutson, Linda 84 Knutson, Marcella 101,110,189 Lewis, Theresa C. 87 Liacos,Lorna J. 139 Liddell,Sandra J. 88 Lievez , Gary 87 Likarish, Gregory 94, 153 Lill, Mrs. Lucile 13,191 Lindblad, Gary G. 81, 92, 174 Lindeblad,David A. 125 Linden Lindon ,Jacklyn K. 92 ,Karyn N. 82 Linerud, John 84 Lines, Rick 80, 150,174 Lipfert, Fredrick A. 88 Lister, Mr. Eugene 17,159, 180 Littell, Janell J. 78,115,138 Linen, Lloyd, John N. 74,77, 150, 154 Vincent 100,174 Logan, Anita 101 Logan, Jacqueline E. 90 Logan, Leslie 103, 110,111,135, 144,189 McGilvra, Cecilia 102 McGilvra, Dale H. 80 McGinn, Sheila 84 McGirk, Carol L. 89 McGuire, Connie 76 McHenry,Jan W. 91 McKinney,Daniel R. 79 McLain, Bonnie J. 89 McLaughlin, Patsy L. 75, 76, 81, 113,124,126,127 McLean, Michael L. 79,153 McLean, Timothy M. 76 McLeod, Cherrie L. 90 McMasters, Miss Sally 14 McMullen, Shelly L. 82 Mclvlillian, Theresa 89, 147, 152, 190, 191 McMullin, John L. 88 McNally,Della M. 89 McNaughton, Tom 94 McNew, Mrs. Lorraine 11, 19, 46 Johnson, Bonnie M. 87, 134, 188 Johnson, Carol E. 78,129 Johnson, Cheryl L. 13, 93, 147, 153 Johnson,Darrel B. 80 Johnson, Mrs. Edith 21 Johnson, Eric R. 90, 167, 168,169 Johnson, Gail 89, 152,153 Johnson, James H. 78, 84 Johnson, John D. 87, 88, 163, 173, 175 Johnson, President Lyndon B. 33 Johnson, Mrs. Marie 21 Johnson, Marjorie A. 85, 88, 138, 188 Johnson, Paulette F. 84, 93 Johnston, Marilyn E. 76 Jokinen, Roy L. 103,170,181 Jones, Cheryl A. 90, 140 Jones, Mr. Del 16, 17, 64 Jones, Donna 77 Jones, Gary 86 Jones, Jocelyn M. 99,113 Jones Linda S. 81 Jones, Marcia K. 90,147 Jones, Patricia L. 78,134, 146, 148 Jones, Sharon T. 82,110,128 Jones, Thomas M. 94, 164,180 Koch, Ronald L. 94, 132,178 Kostelecky, Jerry J. 83, 163, 171 Kostelecky, Thomas G. 100, 164 Kraay, Anthony G. 101,153,164, 170,178 Krahn, Dale C. 89,170 Krell, Thomas J. 88, 111,112,164 Kretz, Mr. Edwin 15, 160, 162 Kromm, Jill A. 92, 147, 152, 153 Krough, Lois M. 96 Krous, Stephen C. 89 Krous, Teresa 97 Kruger, Mrs. Alice 21 Kruger, Donald R. 99 Kruger, Linda K. 88 Kube, Kathleen 91, 144, 148 Kuch, Donald E. 88 Kuhn, Michael E. 77 Kuljus, Ilmar 12 Kurowski, Robert 89 Kvalevog, James M. 94,164,178 LaBrie, Cherri 101 Lamp,Dwayne D. 79 Lancaster, Mrs. Esther 15, 64, 125 Land, Joy 84 Losh, Richard 100 Louden, Lorna 100 Lovell, Mr. James 33 Lovell, Sheryl 84 Lowden, Wayne 99 Luders, Mr. Edward 17, 64 Luger, Loretta 80 Lund, William 84, 91 Lunberg, Boyd 103 McNutt, Georgia R. 76 McNutt, Steve 80,131, 132,174 McPherson, Kevin 164 McRae, McTigu Paul J. 93 e, Tina 77,113 McVaugh, Linda 89 McVay, Eileen D. 103 Mevay, Lynn 31, 134, 148, 183 McVay, Patrick J. 87,164,173,175 McVey, Rich G. 79,175 Lunzer, Donald A. 82,173 Lunzer, Kenneth 97, 173 Lynn, Lynda 80,132,152,153 MacNaughton, Tom F. 94, 174 MacPherson, Keven 96 Magney,Gary L. 91 Magnus,Kathy L. 80,132 Makarczyk,Georgann S. 88 Maley, Elaine A. 100, 152 Malott,Douglas S. 98, 178 Malterner, Mr. John 18, 19, 141 Manfred, Mr. Alfonso 12, 64, 159,175 Maple, Eugene M. 92,164, 178,179 March, Mary F. 94 Marchioro, Larry J. 89,173,178 Marquardt,Randall F. 80 Jones, Timothy S. 78 Jordan, Michael C. 94,164,180 Jordan, Michael E. 84 Jordan, Sandra A. 80 Judd,Bob A. so Judd, Jerry 100 Judd, Vicki R. 78 Juhnke, Fred 91 Jukich, David P. 90 Jukich, Steven N. 76 Lang, John 140 Lang, Richard 82, 164, 175 Lannigan, Kathleen A. 88, 113, 134, 135, 144 Lanz, John 84 Marrs, Darlene 92 Marsh,Deanna J. 76 Martin, Bradley A. 98, 164, 178 Martin,Joan C. 81,111 Martin, Kenneth R. 90 Mehlert,Ron L. 81,174 Meier, Geraldine R. 88 Meier, Larry A. 87,135,144,146, 148 Melby, Forrest L. 81 Melby, Francis E. 94 Melby, Rebecca S. 94,152,190, 191 Mellstrorn,Dennis C. 90 Meredith, Janet E. 92, 152 Meredith, Lynn B. 79 Merrill,Bettie R. 79 Merrill, Robin L. 91,173 Merritt,Bill R. 92 Merry, Richard G. 82, 152 Mers, Mr. Bob 21 Merwin, Tim 84, 152, 153 Meuler,Dale M. 93,174 Meyer, Mr. Alvin 14 Meyers, Gene W. 100 Meyer, Mr. Russel 19 Mhyre, Mr. Kenneth 10, 106 Midkiff, Kathy L. 76,129 LaPlante, Ramona L. 88, 110 LaPoint, William C. 91 Lareva, Joan M. 77 Larison, Bruce 101 Larkin, Debra 97,132,189 Kafton, Stephen L. 89, 152 Kalamon, Bonnie J . 77, 147 Kane, Harold 96 Karnes, Barbara J . 78 Karr, Diane 87 Keck, Etta L. 81 Keck, Lloyd R. 83 Larkin, James 103 Larson, Bruce M. 30,78 Larson, Carol K. 89,148 Larson, David M. 86,141 Larson, James A. 76,151 Larson, Linda R. 89 Larson, Shirley A . 93 LaSalle, Brian K. 90, 174 Laue, Elizabeth A. 103,151 Lauzon,Rose M. 76 Keel, Tom 120 Keeling, Rick L. 80,161,163,180 Keene, Pam 86 Keevy, Gerald W. 93,164,168,169,1 Kegley, Dale A. 79 Keller,Nancy J . 91 Kelly, Steven V. 77, 164,170,175 Kelm, Shawnette M. 76 Kenna, Gail 152, 153 Kennedy, Ben M. 99 Kennedy, Lucile L. 76,135 Kennedy,Lynda F. 80 Kenney, Patrick C. 81 Kennicutt, Verna R. 77, 146 Kent, Sharon C. 78 Keppler, Lonnie A. 88,141,154 LaValle, Bonnie J. 91 LaVigne,John P. 92,94 Law, Marcia 96,112,189 Lawrence,Dan A. 96, 150 Lawson, Ben S. 83, 163 Lawson, Cheryl J. 87, 92 Lawson, Greg 92, 152, 153, 178 Lean, James B. 77 Lee,Gary 80 Lee, Kathleen 100 Lemmons, Sharon 101,110,147 Leppell, Mr. Hugh 21 Lerch, Mary L. 94 Lesser, Bruce N. 101,153 Lewis,Duane E. 91 Lewis, Karen A. 93 Martin, Mary L. 80 Mascher, Mary Jane 83, 130 Mashtare, Chuck 82 Mashtare, Michael 88 Mason, Deborah A. 89 Mason, Robert A. 97,170 Masters, Gary O. 92 Mathias, Deborah 91 Matthews, Fae 101 Mattix, Terry W. 82, 165,173 Mattoon,Judy A. 98 Matts,Thomas E. 90,164 MaXwell,Douglas L. 92 McAndrews, Barbara J. 90 McAndrews, Mary 100 McCammond, Patricia A. 77, 115, 126, 128, 132, 136 McCarthy, Mrs. Virginia 18, 114 McClarin, Lavinia F. 88,188 McClure, Diana 79 McConnell, Jeff 102 McConnell, Steve 82, 152, 163, 180 McCormack, Edwin E. 99 McCormack, James 84,147,152 McC0rt, Daniel James 82, 173 McDavid, Jon D. 81,178 McDivitt, James 32 McDonald,Kerry S. 93 McDonald, Nikolas A. 90 McDouga1l,John W. 78 McGavran, Linda L. 91 Millar, Vickie 103 Miller, Gary 90, 164 Miller, Richard A. 94, 173, 174 Miller, Rick 153,178 Miller, Terry C. 78 Mills, Sandra J. 94 Mills, Mrs. Stella 20,139 Mitchell, Dolores D. 86,148,188 Mitchell, Lynn C. 76 Mitchell, Steve V. 102,164 Moen, Teri Lee 91,152 Moffitt, Glenn C. 97,141,153 Moland, Linda S. 86,147 Monroe, Connie 96 Montgomery, Pamela M. 90 Montroy, Mr. Ralph 13 Moore, Joanne M. 94 Morgan, Lonnie L. 94, 170, 175, 176 Morgan, Mary Lynn 80, 124,138 Morgan, Randy W. 94 Morlan, Garvin 97, 164, 178 Morris, Cathy 189 Morris, Patti 84 Morris, Stanley W. 90, 151 Morrow, Terry W. 89 Morse,Donald W. 74, 76 Mott, Janet M. 91 Mott, Joseph F. 13,100 Mulberry, Marcia 98 Mullen, Mullen, Colleen M. 81 Kathryn J . 94 Mullenix, Rita M. 79 Mulvey , Mulvey, Sharon L. 91 Terri 77 Munyan, Kathy M. 78 Munyan, Roy 96,173 Murray, Mrs. Dorothy 18,114 Mutton, Gloria A. 76, 127, 138 Muzatko, Mr. Dick 21 Nakagawa, Pamela H. 82, 108, 129 Nance,Alice M. 82, 147 Naylor, Janice 75, 82, 113, 122, 125, 129, 136 Naylor, Roger 92, 165,180 Neely, Barbara V. 101 Nelson Candy 88 Nelson, Doug 88, 153 Nelson, Linus 124, 132, 138, 140 Nelson, Mike 181 Nelson, Sandra G. 84 Nelson, Steven W. 78 Nelson, Susan K. 102 Renner, Paul 83 Nesbitt, Donald G. 81 Ness, Bob 12 Nevdahl, Dan 153 Newett, Mrs. Carol 2, 12, 118,119 130,132 Nicholson, Linda L. 75, 82, 111, 126, 132, 136 Nielson, Robert 79, 164 Nikotich, Sharon 84, 152 Nims, Ann 92, 128 Nolan, Steve 80 Norby, David 84, 173 Northcutt, Gayle K. 83,111, 115, 123,124,125,126,132,136 Northcutt, Pam 89, 190,191 Northquist, Sue 92, 112, 188 Nyberg, Dave 91, 164 Nye, Mr. William 15 Nygren, Lois J. 81,129, 151 Nyreen, Micky 81,137,166 Ocker, Louis 76 Oconnor, Pamela D. Oconnor, Terri M. Ogle, Carolyn J. 84 Oglesbee, Stephen R. 100 O'Grady,Raenell M. 78 Olds, Ronald 82, 139 O'Leary, Shannon M. 102 Olinger, Linda 77 Olsness,Douglas C. 83 Olson, Mr. Alvin 14 Olson, Mr. Dan 15, 138 Olson, Katherine L. 76, 113, 126, 132,136 Olson, Marvin L. Olson, Niki L. 102, 189 Olson, Sandra L. 81, 139, 151 O'Meara,Daniel M. 82,173 O'Meara, Ralph 100,164, 173 O'Neill,John M. 100 O'Nei11, Linda M. 98 Onstad, Karyl E. Ormberg, James F. 98,134,153 Orne, Barbara 100 Orne, Sharon K. 77, 147, 152 Ortiz, Dolores J. 87 Oscarson, Mrs. Helen 6, 7, 12 Osmun,Robert W. 84 Ostin, Gary Oulman,Donna 83 Oulman, Mathew 97 Overfield, Bonnie J. 80 Overfield, William 96, 153 Owen, Carl B. 89 Owen, Patrick 96 Owens, Marylee 94, 148, 152 Owens, Rosemary 88 Packard, Rod 84 Page, Glenda S. 92 Pagel,Deborah O. 92 Palmer,Darlene N. 92 Palmer, Joseph 82 Palmer, Robert W. 94, 153 Parish, April L. 82, 110, 127,148 Parke, Jill K. 90, 147,148 Parker, Bradly A. 94, 164 Parker,Raymond A. 92 Parkins, Jacqueline L. 97 Parkins, Linda L. 102 Parrott, Larry 181 Paschall,John C. 102 Pasicznyk, Marilyn F. 75, 77, 113, 126 Pasicznyk, Michele F.. 86, 113, 129, 188 Patterson, Bill 79 Patterson, Candice G. 96 Patterson, Vicki L. 87,150 Payne, Craig 100 Payne, Patrick D. 82 Pearson, Gary Allen 92 Pearson, Linda M. 94 Peck, Mrs. Elizabeth 19, 136 Pederson, Sandra 88, 112, 134, 148,191 Pelkie, Mr. Richard 16, 17, 26, 30 131 Peone, Eddie J. 102 Peone, Gordon 78, 111 Perkins, Cheryle 83, 113 Perkins, James 91, 100,164,181 Perkins, Jane Ann 91 Pesik, Catherine L. 80, 107,112, 115 Pesik, Patricia A. 92, 112, 188 Pesik, Timmie 89, 110, 188 Peters, Carol Jeanne 83 Peters,James 84 Peterschick, Darlene 101 Petersen, Cheryl K. 100 Petersen, Sharman D. 80 Peterson, Carla J. 90 Peterson, Cynthia J. 80 Peterson,Debra 96,189 Peterson, Stephen A. 79 Petruss, Lauretta 96 Pettis, Linda M. 93 Pfarr, Mary Meg 94, 128,134,188 Pfeffer, Penny A. 94,111, 112 Pfeifer,Nancy L. 92,153 Phillips, Dennis 86, 154, 168,169, 174 Phillips, Sheila 92 Phillips, Jeanine I. 83 Phillips, Valerie A. 96 Phillipson, Jonnie 103, 189 Pichette, Starleen A. 88, 112, 148 188, 191 Pickens, Cheryl E. 83, 113, 127, 132 Pickens, David 100 Pickens, Sally A. 75,80,113,127, 132 Pickett,Robert S. 153 Pielli, Carla J. 81 Pielli,Ronald L. 97 Pillsbury, Donna 97 Piper, Steven H. 83 Poetter, Janet L. 77,129,130 Polello, Sherrill J. 88, 152 Pope, Paul 33 Portrey, Boyce 13, 102 Portrey, Judith A. 83, 144 Poston, Cris 83 Potter,Daniel M. 89 Poutre, Mary D. 87 Powers,Dale R. 91 Powers, Larry 84, 152,153 Press, Dean L. 79,164 Price, Michael W. 77, 163 Price, Patricia S. 97, 151 Pringle, Bruce D. 88 Pringle,Donna J. 80 Prophet, Karen M. 102, 189 Prosser, Wallace W. 98, 164 Pryde, Gregg 84, 181 Rowicki, Michael 93, 102 Rowland, John 86,164,173 Rowland, Judy 75,79,92, 93,112, l20,122,125,128,130,187 Rowland, Robert 81, 163 Rowley, Rita 80 Quant, Judith K. 87 Raborn, Jerry 79 Radmer, Louise A. 103 Radmer, Mae 102 Radmer, Richard D. 97 Radmer, Sandra L. 91 Radmer, Walter 82, 162, 173,180 Rainey, Lester 101 Royer, Paulette L. 80, 139 Rushing, Veronica 147 Rushton, Erwin 77 Russell, Mr. Herb 14, 125, 133, 140 Russell, Jay 85, 93, 140, 150 Russell, Paula 89 Russell, Mr. Wallace 16, 125 Rutherford, Mrs. Helen 12 Ryckman,A. James 102 Ryals,Larry B. 84 Ramsey, Chris 79, 163 Rash, Ron 93 Rasmussen, Diane L. 76 Rayon, Cheryl 88, 108, 112, 138, 188 Rayon, Larry 103, 178 Reagan, Nadine 100 Sabado,Robert F. 92 Sale, sheuie D. 89, 92, 146, 148, 188 Sale, Steve 82 Q Redd Victoria 94,147,148 Reed, Dale 83, 163 Reed, Dean 178 Reed, Nancy 89 Reed, Sharon K. 103,151 Reeder, Walter 91, 148 Reegart, Lynnda 103 Reida, Wayne 94,108,164,173 Remmers, Bonnie 27, 75, 79, 111 127 Retzloff, Peggy A. 81 Revard, Susan 75, 81, 127, 131, 134,183 Rhodes, Ross 101, 164,170,178 Riccio, Pamela 75, 78, 111, 117, 127 Rice, Roderic 81 Richards, Vicki 102 Richardson, Marvin 76, 81, 174, 175, 177 Rick, Patsy 76 Ridgely,Kar1a J. 84 Rieckers, Stephen 91 Riehle,Michael D. 81 Riese, Curtis 87 Reise, Eric J. 13,101,138 Rigg, Steven 103,138 Rison, Charles 97, 178 Rison, Lester E. 89,178 Rizzi, Frank 78,154 Robar, Karen L. 94, 146 Roberson, Henry 93 Roberts, Karen 82, 148 Roberts, Kerry L. 99,153,178 Robideaux, Barbara 97 Robinson, Lannie 14 Robison, Le Anne 86, 190,191 Rockstrom, Kathleen 79 Rodkey, Mr. John 9, 67 Rogers, Jucith A. 83 Rogers, Lee 92,174 Rohrbach, Chas R. 81 Roof, Deborah 99 Rooney, Jimmy 102 Roper, Deedre 83 Roper, Neilan 93, 148 Rose, Douglas 79,84,163 Roseberry, Ann 96 Roseberry, Mary 100 Ross, James 97 Ross, Joseph 81, 135, 144 Ross Larry 93, 180 Ross, Richard 94 Ross, Tim 77,178,179 Rouleau, Norma 83, 138 Rounds, Elaine 81,113, 115,120, 126, 127, 138 Rounds, Susanna 102,111,189 Rouse, Larry 89 Rousseau, Dee Dee 78 1 Saling, Susan 90 Salvage, Patty J. 94 Salvage, Theresa 91 samms, Glenn D. 101,164,173,178 Samms, Sheryl K. 78, 126, 128 Sandall, Thomas A. 86 Sanford, Gene A. 79, 141 Sanford, Mr. Gregory 16,75 Sanford,Judy E. 101 Santora, Mrs. Viola 2 1 Sapp, Joseph D. 88, 164 Sarber, Greg E. 95,100,164, 178 Saruwatari, Michael L. 89, 173 Saruwatari, Steven J. 82, 137, 171, 172 Sather, Carol L. 88, 110,129,188 Sather, Kathleen N. 97, 189 Saunders,Barbara G. 83 Saunders,Byron J. 79 Saville, John L. 92 Schaeffer, Lloyd 164, 175 Schafer, Marc D. 88 Schafer, Penny J. 100,113,189 Scharff, Robert J. 100 Schernitzki, Darryl A. 86, 152 Schiffner, Michael D. 94 Schilling, Walter C. 91 Schirra, Wally 33 Schmidt, Darrell B. 88, 173 Schraut, John A. 135 Schraut, Kathleen Mary 84 Schuenemann, Fred 102 Schuh, Michael H. 76 Scott, Douglas A. 93, 134, 174 Scott, Kevin 92, 173 Seagrave, George E. 92 Seger, Vicki 96,100, 189 Seibert, Patricia N. 92 Seibert, Sharon 96 Seigal, Janice 96 Seigle,Allen G. 97 Seiss, David W. 85,88 A Seitz, Josephine A. 82,113, 119 Seitz, Stephen J. 89 Sekijima, Dale R. 82,137,166 Selde, Miss Kay 13,191 Senter, Lance E. 92, 174 Sereday,James J. 91 Shadduck, William V. 83 Shaffer, Linda J. 88, 147 Shaffer, Stephen N. 76 Shane, Michael H. 102 Sharpe, Michael J. 87, 137, 163, 171, 172, 180 Shaw, Daryl A. 101 Sheets, Brenda L. 90 Sheets, Terry P. 82 Shinn, Larry P. 89,180 Shives, Janet 88 Shoemaker, Cecelia 94 Sibulsky, Steve 92 Siegel, Stan 98, 164 Signs, Allen 90,151 Simmons, Al 91, 180 Simmonson, Mr. Raymond 15, 64, 174 Simpson, Brian L. 26, 76, 131, 137, 166, 173 Simpson, Lewis 93 Sleeth, Michael J. 78 Sliz, Allen 98 Smith, Evelyn C. 76 Smith, Mr. George 15,64 Smith, Jerry 88,164 Smith, Karen 91 Smith, Lester L. 77, 78,166 Smith, Paulette 90 Smith, Robert L. 102,153, 178 Smith, Ronald C. 78 Smith, Scott D. 102,138,141 Smith, Stanley F. 100,181 Smith, Stephen C. 164 Smith, Steven F. 101 Smith, Susan D. 83 Smyth, Carol J. 102 Smyth, Patricia 82 Snider, Neil A. 87,93,173 Sniokas, Christine L. 97 Sniokas, Edene J. 88, 147, 152 Snyder, John 84 Soapes, Barbara L. 83,113, 122, 126, 130 Solem, Ronald 102 Solverson, Paul E. 81 Songsteng, Elaine 147 Sonsteng, Diane M. 88 Sorenson, V. Ricky 96, 173,174 Southwick, Dick 152, 153 Spann, Ginny 97, 147 Speer, Terrie 92 Spidle, Charlotte 100 Stafford,Jack G. 100 Stafford, Tom 33 Stan, Doug 94 Standaart, Donna 89, 147, 152, 191 Stanley, Sharon 94 Stannard, Gerald 96 Stein, Linda J. 78 Steenhard, Terrie 89 Steitman, Sharon 79, 110,129 Stenmark, Mavis 86 Stern, Laura 93, 128, 152 Stewart, David 93 Stevenson, Dayleann 74, 79, 134, 135, 144 Stewart, Deloris L. 79, 191 Stewart, L. Raymond 87, 141, 178 Stickel,Arlene 91,150,155 Stiewe, Cathy 84 Still, Suzanne B. 83 Stills, Bernice A. 80,110 Stilson, Mrs. Anne 18,114 Stone, Rick 84 Stonehocker, Leona 93, 153 Stotts, Kathleen E. 82,125,130, 133, 151 Stowers,Dennis A. 77 Strong, Cheryl 92,188 Strong, Cindy 90 Strunk, Kenneth W. 103, 138 Stuart, Dermis W. 78, 161, 163,175 Sugrue, Marcia J. 96 Sullivan, Cecelia 98 Sullivan, Scott 98, 178 Summers, Benjamin 102 Swan, James L. 74, 80 Swan, Roger 91,164,178 Swanson, Mrs. Anita 11 Swanson, Jean R. 83 Swanson, Nancy 189 Swanson, Rita 92 Szep, Clara 91,188 Talarico, Thomas H. 100, 153 Tanner, Mr. Paul 154 Tarbert, Anita L. 98, 153 Taylor, James M. 76,113,175 Taylor, John C. 87, 88, 151, 174 Taylor, Michelle 83 Taylor, Paula D. 81 Teasley, Warren T. 84 Teater, Mary 90 Thacker,Alan L. 103 Thacker, Gayle 90, 153 Theisen, Mr. Orval 15, 29, 64 Theodorson, Mr. George 14 Thomas, Richard W. 93,94, 148, 164 Thompson, Diana 77,130,135,144, 148 Thompson, Douglas B. 102,111, 151 Thompson, Mr. Harold 13, 159 Thompson, Kathy 79, 130 Thompson, Larry D. 89,111, 175 Thompson, Leanne K. 102, 151, 190,191 Thorson, Jeanne 102, 110,189 Thosath, Vikki 82 Thur, Rod 101,164 Thur,Ronald S. 89 Tiemann,A. G. 13, 151,153,154 Tobeck, Glenda 103 Tobie, Mr. Paul 15 Tollefsen, Mark 100 Tom, Kenny G. 80,174 Tonellato,James J. 103,164,174 Torrence, Michael 102 Trantum, Ed 81 Trantum, Therese 96 Trautman, Gary L. 92 Trautman, John 97 Tremblay, Mr. Joseph 18, 64 Trevillyan,An.nie L. 102,147 Trevillyan, Bob 80, 164 Trevillyan, Michael 102 Trippel, Richard 87, 88, 180 Tussey,Robert L. 100 Tuter,Dean H. 93 'D1ter, Mick 93 Tuter, Thomas K. 86 Tyree,Mary M. 96 Uhden, Becky 103, 189 Ullrich, Don 94, 164, 167, 168, 169, 180 Ulrigg, Gregg 98, 164 Ulvin, Thomas 90,164,180 Wheeler, Berl V. 91, 147 Whicker, Thomas E. 76, 173 VanLith, Paul 90 Vaughn, Bomiietta K. 100 Vaughan, Jane 94, 113, 124,147, ' 152 Vaughn, Judie 93 Vaughn, Tom 93 Veelker, Jerry 102 Ventola, Pamela S. 100 Verhaag, Eileen 93, 152 Vernon, Kathy 78, 112, 129 Versteeg, Tommy W. 102,164 Veter, Dennis 80 Vineyard, Buzz 84, 91 Vivit, Jean 93 Wacker, Priscilla 102, 110 Waggener, Mary 100, 152, 153 Waid, Mrs. Marjorie 21 Wald, Bruce 29, 75, 78, 106, 125, 137,167,168,169,180 Wald, Sandra L. 93,128 Walker, Christine 79, 148 Walker, Dale 87, 88, 164 Walker, Glenn 87 Walker, Jonathan 94, 152 Walker, Penny 91 Walker, Randy 14, 78 Walker, Mr. Ronald l6,166,168, 169 Walker, Ronald 96 Walkup, Dennis 9O,93,164,173 Wallace, Kenneth 82, 84 Wallen, Anita 103 Wallen, Bernadette 77 Wallis, Lloyd 80, 150 Ward, Mr. Cliff 21 Ward,R. Veldeen 96 Ward, Thomas 90 Warehouse, Willard 92, 164, 170 Warner, Karl 7 9 Wasley, Charlotte 78 Watson, Linda 78 Wavada, James 84 Wavada, Michael 83 Wavra, Clifford 83, 171 Wayland, Mrs. Helen 11,103 Weatherly, Roxie 96,189 Weatherman, Susan 97 Webb, Marcia J. 110 Webber, Louise 81 Wederspahn, Dennis 82, 175 Weisser, Cheryl A. 90 Weitz, Mary Ann 77,128 Welch, Richard 101,102,l66,173 Weller, Ronald 90 Wendler, Mrs. Zada 21 Wenrick, Edward E. 79 Wenrick,Robert W. 96 Westfall, David L. 94, 166 Westover, Barbara 80 Wetherell, Michael J. 96,152 Whalen, David 77 White, Betty J. 13, 81,141 White, Ed 32 White, Patrick L. 90, 102 White, Raymond C. 91 White,Thomas J. 92 Whitt, John 89 Whitt, Lynn J. 90 Wicks tead, Geoffry R. 81, 150 Wickward, Mrs . Louise 12, 28 Wiebe r,Jackie Z. 96,147 Wilant, Beverly J. 76, 148 Wilcox,Randy L. 94 Wilkinson,David L. 79 Wilkinson, Karla M. 103, 153 Willard, Mike 153 Willia 188 Willia ms, Cynthia A. 80, 88, 152, ms, Rose A. 78,139 Willis,Duane W. 96 Willis, Georgia J. 93 Willis, Melvin L. 97 Willis ,Roger D. 82 Wilponen, Donald E. 102, 153 Wilson, Catherine H. 92, 110 Wilson, John L. 83 Wilson, Robert C. 78, 130, 131, 151 Winestorfer, Bonnie 81 Wise,Kathy A. 77 Wittenberg, Loralee 80 Wold, Laura M. 115,123, 124 Wold, Linda L. 91 Wolf, Andrew 94 Wolf, Peggy 80 Wolfe,Donald P. 103,164, 173 Wolfrum, Bradley L. 98, 153, 173 Wolfrum, Vickie C. 77, 120, 129 Woo, Thomas A. 98 Wood, Carolyn A. 79, 152 Woodruff, Gregg 78 Woods, Rita 79 Wren, Mary 94,115 Wright, Carolyn A. 90 Wright, Dave A. 78 Wright, David W. 94 Wright, James A. 103, 164, 178 Wright, Leatrice L. 77, 146, 148, 149 Wright, Marjorie 83, 141 Wright, Mary E. 83 Wunderlich, Cheryl C. 92, 113, 128 136, 182,188,191 Yancey, Fred 75, 76 York, Mrs. Mary B. 12,28, 127 Young, Mr. Tom 21 Younker, Pat 84 Zehm, Wayne 82,163,173 Zielinski, Helga 103 Zielin Zielin ski, Klaus 101 ski, Ute 98,147 Zinnecker, Verna 77, 144, 152 Zwisc Zwisc henberger, Laurel 94 henberger, Leo 7 7, 163 Sincerely...Our Thanks To: . . .the Crescent photography studio for the faculty pictures. . . Mr. john Krause whose excellent training has made our photographers Htopsn. . .Mr. Dale Quincy, Pischel representative, who ably helped us with problems . . . Mr. Dale Lantz whose color photos and special pictures so enhance our book. . .The Spokes- man-Review and The Chronicle for photos released for our use . . . Mrs. Evelyn Conrath, Mrs. BettyKliewer, and Mrs. Marjorie Jennings for innumerable questions answered. . .Mr. Orval Theisen and Mr. George Smith for assistance. . .Mr. John Rodkey, Mr. Wfalter Anker and all the faculty for being so understanding as deadlines came and went. . advertisers, subscribers, and booster members with- out whose help there would be no book. . .Mrs. Barbara Eddy for supervising the art arrangement, cover design, etc. . .Mrs. Carol Newett, advisor. . . and R. Wallace Pischel, printers, for an excellent publishing job. Tamarack Staff of '66 -u .1 -J , w U X 'S 5, .7 J .r-, WN 'ffW My 7 WWW f J Q! Wiiflaw ,gflawfindg WWA! WW 0 ,afwjyw P 1 Y e 55Wf19M5WZwMiwM,,Af'5 1 X iw? ,WW , . I fad! 90766196 M , JM pf? 01 AU! E wg! D H' ff gala f U X ' - f4W0 lgfafgj LKff.SJ! ear' M Qf 3 A, J 1 . L Z9 ' f ',', g0,!!!b,-5 ijaf 049 QQ S S M of ywv QA ' QU I5 N N ,,.J' , J -ef A R , Xb Qjl I , 41 ,A'0g!.j gf- sli-? 5 S ff fl kzff 61,0457 if J QQ Q2fqA -5 jgfwf 3 S gg f K DQ Z- jf MS 5YE"sfi I 'Sgsbbzaug xy ,045 Q5:S'5'5S X L 56, .' N Y as is 3 Q M X i Q 5 9 eff? ' H Q jj f 'fi 09 , 555 Q6w- 'QJQXQTX 'l ' if ,QELNLZSQ OJ if jiqiyjwljp Q i ,Sk Xmjgl Q E yy X :fx QF :Q 1- x JEQYW Xxjjypx ,ip u 5205? X545-2 XD Sjiij UH. Hy If ' . 'f'llf.Sffff: , . ,. .,-lem.. fsmd SX Y wiv w K X Sig is JR ff Q Q pf 3 GQ? X3 A0106 yx Qs 'Q rfb Q W Q sf 09 f

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