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,f3'2.SL4J I fqxfmmkjfql A ff-A.,,f fL1f.1, L .jf 7f-f1'Lf1.c,V,-7 A f wvs, Q,4,Q..,55fx, ,?,,1, ,AUA ,nmvyf m,,,.,,H , w W 67 g,i,J.,,f4,X 4 'ww U Film 'K Hvlm X xv lv 4 I ff fm f-Q . W if 1'j,f,,I f 511 5 , -an A X I 3 W ,Q IK., ,mx , " v " , I i , . ,wi . 1 gf? 225 H 311 bali , J .41 Z ft. ' I .fxiffxyflwk A ,, J vig 3 fx ,V A . 1, J . f smxkrs. 156, ' if , W ,ily QW? W ff ww N? SW X1 WV Wu, 0 ff my WW , -Y, . :Y f R: Vx ' J 1 e my C., 6 .. fa .Z ,. Cixi-7Ci?' ' ,f .1 J QQ-I 'F ,Q Qffs, fgqbw J rl "P 716 J, vi Maia' 55,16 my 11584 QW ' fd L: 5445 3 'W L7! waefvz. A' , GQ ,was yan " fm due 0424, naaeifff kg 0416766 ,Qin GJ fcfpou . ' Jew , K, ' Qcsed QA-'Z mi, ' 777-gg KQV 'JZ-aff we Q! ' fine ' X g ,ff Jai, C ' Ll- 'lfffacfp 4' L WQM TAMARACK I96O M vdl' M- , :Q ' - . . W Wg Wu fwbm? M, ,W , O' W vwfb Fffsw ' www' 969 EL1 5 ' 4 ' fyb' Ur- Swv, 1, l wg bykcnmc cv, X UK?-V ' 'V Q W, N Divx-' XF I I NW! Am -Jw 1 nXf"'lL'L4 A 0""'x'g GJ NOX, XM c D 7 Q VL 5,QfvvU'fV9 JUG. 1' x X A .M wx, WU L Od, M711 pi 10 I w'VC'Q ' 'ef JV 0 - K7 QM jwd , . V ' wcbt QM' , SW 1 ,twill rg i 1 H' . Wmiaff' KEQQESZNNQ EW ww MM" fm, JH HQ i W" ,ft zff KX at f ,Q +: if ' LIN ' A, ND' 'LOU , fsggliiqb J Q-J! Vw' 'n -T Ax f ff in , ' 306' X ' ' , 09 Gr? , 2,3 S15-fi, J gac j:Zg4.1?,2,i Um 2f1MW,z,,,,g ' H W' Qlwawifiw WM Lfgfizfk .Wg il if ,W ff 7, ZLL, WXMZZIZ 9 ,XM ffnflfwf-Mfzfw-Qmfufbdl thfwyffzzu, ,f 4 ,-,W waz 5, wwf waz 4QQZf,f2 www, ,Zami ,zifwff M0 i QM! Qja 7 VZ sfxgk ' c, INTED N C oo C s .bag-Jigga OF THE SPOK c C oc sc 0 , -1 X 'P , ' ' 1 1 , ' , 1 I u. 1 , 1 I' vu L 11 V I I .5171 ,L , A , ,1 1, , + A wb I M we 1 vf I f I 'L L Q! 1, L Lfjf Lf 'X f Y !LVAjZ!e Z I fx' K I L! Lf L V L N f A I y UL ' '1 V" if ' YFLXCU f M M w 1 I , y , f f U JL I 1 I ,r If , ' 1 4 1 A W L ' . ' f, 1 , . . , 1 . .' ' J . v 1 'OIL' V' V11 A Q p In NV , I . ' I X ' 'F N 1' 1 I ' , 1' . ' I I , 1 ,J ' ' 1 , , , ' L Jw x., I I 1 1' ' I . . r I I r AIU I I In I My Mm ffl E41 ' L YJ RZ - LA!" If v ,lx I AVL L 1 'U P LU ,V +13 11 I U ,, 1 41 E, ,Vx , L1 If IL H H SPOKANE,WASHINGTON EDITOR ....... . . TERRY PALMER MANAGING EDITOR ...... CARRIE UNGER ASSOCIATE EDITOR ..... GA.RY CARPENTER PHOTOGRAPHY .... . . . LARRY FIFIELD ART EDITOR ....... MARDELL JACOBSON BUSINESS MANAGER ..... SHARON MILLS . MRS. CAROL NEWETT PHOTOGRAPHY ADVISER . . . ADVISER ....... . ORVAL THEISEN ART ADVISER. . . . . . WILLIAM MACARTHUR I Q YO X, L I- oy - QL X1 N., ll i, i ' N-ul '4' ,XA fx I I' -C1 1 Q fl ff-. . 1- 7 if 'S bf- If. Q. zf - 4? 1 f 1 Q , " f. P Q, ,Q 'qi IH., . L-J' 55 - 51 A 1, L 2 ' xl.. N.. " ww , ? ' A' C., K, , Q "' 1 ln' 1 If , A ,. 4 'Q fd 4 ,, 1 iff .. . Y- 'J 'fs 1.1 , 'a , A 3. if I M I 61 1 f f 1 i I, .1 yu I y f , 4 ya gy 1 tifuvtffwyaf' wwf, te ,W ,ZLVI My 4' . , UU ' ,ru R Wjw ' We . , W ,917 W to r In ,,. yy f T Q. 'i 'X 1 M1 Y ' L 'Ufllf' lil! . J p L f ' Oh, Red and Black, dear Red and Black, Vfq i Xjo bl! Our hearts are true to you. l W' On field and track we'll never lack, 7 tt -. . . .V And wzn thee honors, too. X , v Front dea1'Spohane, through every land, The name of our school ery. We'0'e through and through North Sictefrstr11.e, North Central High. And so . . . we dedicate this book to you . . . The Spirit of the Red and Black! A spirit that will, year after year, inspire each new stu- dent and serve to remind alumni the world over of the spirit of the Red and Black which pervades the halls of NC-a never-changing, ever-living inspiration. To represent this spirit, the totem has been chosen as this year's symbol, representative of the Indian, our mascot. The figures of the totem pole stood for the Indian him- self, his life, his ideals, his tribe. And as in the shadows of the totem, he fulfilled his life, so through the shadows on the division pages are portrayed the everyday life of those at North Central. The Indian word for the totem means "the pole that holds up the sky!" . . . North Central, our pole that holds up the sky, has for four years sheltered us under its wing. So . . . to the eagles, the maidens, warriors and last, but not least, to the I dear Red and Black, we dedicate this book. Yes, truly . . . "Our hearts are true to you!" I I PAGE 1 ADMINISTRATION 8-23 GRADUATES 26-36 CLASSES 66-95 63? 9 xiii E SIA 1 Q 5 4 1 N:'l::::I"f Q 9 Q ACTIVITIES 98-Ill-8 Sc:-noon. LIFE I52-I67 SPORTS I7O-2 I5 ADVERTISING 2I8-232 INDEX 233-239 EE Q3 75 NNQ-r S657 if QQ 6 I' 6 xl iii A,-ww. ,QW . wig a .4 QV ., A , S fx M-L K ff 5333s, ' ' Z Lx- ai, hi is w .af fifzli U Ufffff X 1 ,NM w K .5 5 'flaw 4' II' 1 of fu? is 'f , x fy V I M157 .V 'jf li -awww., Upper left: Walter Mayer, Spanish teacher is a little' excited. Upper right: A weary teacher at the end of a tiring day is Mrs Sue Stipe. Lower Left: Tom Anderson, history teacher is emphasizing a point. Lower right: Orvol Theisen, is demonstrating centrifugal force with the Hula Hoop. 'l'he close of another successful year brings an awareness of lost or found oppor- tunities. VVe can retrace our steps in space but not in time. XVL- can move quickly or slowly, or not at all if we wish, but no one can regulate the flow of time. 'liime rolls on at the same even, uncontrollable rate for all of us. This 1960 'llamaracli carries a story mark- ing the beginning of the second half of a century of progress for North Central High School. It has been a good year, one filled with accomplishments of which we are proud. 'llime marches on, and for you who grad- uate, college is an opportunity' ahead. Habit simplifies the movements required to achieve given results, makes them more accurate and diminishes fatigue. 'llhere is no habit more important to the college student than that of budgeting his resources. ',l'ime is one of your greatest resources. May you always Mr. William C. Sorenson, be proud of your achievements. Superintendent of Schools. i My Q Ms... Superintendent ol' Schools 4 ,wwf THE SCHOOL BOARD deiiberates over important issues concerning our modern-day system of education. Pictured left to right are: James E. Winton, Keith H. Campbell, Oscar C. Santschi, Richard E. Brown, Mrs. Mary F. Wurth and W. C. Sorenson. 9 Principal John P. Rodkey Now that it has ended . . . Tl1e end of the year has come at last! With it have come the joys of anticipation for a sum- mer of fun! Also has come the feeling of something worthwhile accomplished . . . or a feeling of something left undone. To you who are leaving our family circle, we send our best wishes for many years of hap- piness as you assume the responsibilities of greater tasks, whether they be college, vocational training, employment, or family. It was pleasant to have known you these short years. Your absence will be keenly felt. To you who remain, we anticipate your conscientious effort based upon a realization of the good things your community and your school desire for you. Before we forget the accomplishments or frustrations of the past year, perhaps we should took again at the goals we have set for the future, goals which demand planning and prepara- tion, that require our best effort, and goals that may change with new interests gained from experiences and learning. One of the basic facts of growth is this: THERE IS NO PROG- RESS WITHOUT EVALUATION. Vtle express our deepest thanks for your co-operation and spirit during 1959-1960. You are proving that you are equal to the task of responsibility so vital to our country's need. May your summer be most enjoyable, and may it awaken in you new challenges for the future! q 1 THEVP . . Vice-principal Edward Gill takes time out from his busy schedule to pose for the photographer. The main duty of the Dean of Boys and the Dean of Girls is to encourage boys and girls to help themselves. This arduous task extends deeply into the areas of personal, vocational and educational problems. Maintaining a job of great responsibility, the vice-principal is the executive officer of the school. He is responsible to the principal for the smooth and efficient operation of the school, for assisting the staff in matters of student control and procedures, and for evaluation of permanent records of candi- dates graduation. WOl'k permits and early dismissals are also issued. AND THE DEANS Miss Patricia Damon, Dean of Girls, and Kenneth Myhre, Dean of Boys, seem to be enjoying themselves as they enroll a new student. 3 , fx., W W, all r e'---. K . ,.--"' Either the books are' pretty big this year or the freshmen are getting smaller as Jim Oberst is practically hidden behind the' dictionary, with Linda Kachinsky and Terry Merriman making good use of the reading guides. 'llhe goal of the English program is to proviile the stuclents with an effective means of verbal conununication. lu reading, the objective is to develop sufficient speed anrl skill to be able to comprehend the written ideas of others, in writing, to develop a clear and forceful style, in speaking, to acquire the ability to organize thoughts and convey them logically and clearly, and in listening, to appreciate and evaluate the spoken word. English l'-VI are basic courses offered for the first three years of high school and are requirerl of all stuclents. Here emphasis is placecl on spelling, vocabulary, ENGLISH w ' f X, l Top row: Mabel S, lVIcLaugh1in, depart- "" --" i E. I ment head: Robert Bland, Margaret ' Campbell. B o t t o rn r o w: Dorothy S. ti. Chandler, Ruth E. Coon, Daniel C. Davis, t ' ' I Joyce Demco, Gladys Dunphy ., J ' i Q 'X Y W we ' ew - ,.,, , H , flap.. vfx . , 7 Sgt, i Ku V "ex I2 "Let's see now, just what is the meaning of that word 7" wonder Judy McKay and Dave Olson as Sue Nelson waits to write the word on the board, with Mrs. Dorothy Chandler, English teacher, keeping watch. fundzunentuls of correct speech and written composition, and instruction in tech- niques of reading and interpretation. Mziterials used are selected to emplizlsize the basic American ideal. Democracy is presented as the finest way of life yet discovered. A student may also select courses from senior literature, senior composition, voczibulary, debate, journalism, speech, and drznnatics. The first three of these are Il necessity for the college-bound student, but for all students they contribute to the reaching of the iniportzint goal of effective verbal coniniunication. ENGLISH 4' ' Top row: Helen Haltom, Lyle Jewel, Lor- raine McNew. Bottom row: John Malter- ner, Russell Meyer, debateg Margaret Nistad, Virginia Wilcox, Shirley Wrangle. ie i Xi' if 'J A F 2-nr X o ,Q gn X x Top row: P. H. Nygaard, department headg Robert Barnard, algebra: Dorothy Congdorl, geometry: Burrill Exley, alge- bra: Edwin Kretz, algebra. Bottom row: William Lowther, algebrag William Nye, algebrng Mack Saunders, algebra. MATHEMATICS "The science of pure nzmlzemalics, in its modern develojizncnfs, may claim I0 bc ilzc most original creation of the lizmzaxz spiriff' -A. N. XVhiteheacl Colleges and universities are placing more emphasis on mathematics by raising their stanclarcls of requirement in nearly all fields of education. In addition to rc- quirccl freshman inzlthematics, higher courses such as geometry l and 2, algebra 3 and 4, and trigonometry and analysis for seniors are offered. P. H. Nygaarcl, department hczlcl, is known nationally for his magazine articles on mzltlieinzllics. 'F U .Xb .I 19 X1 K. Q' xr.. I4 , .ffm As John Peters and Ron Tonani solve a problem, Henry Burger assists Linda Randall. if Top row: Ernest Hix, department head: Dale E. Blair, biologyi Raymond Simon- son, biologyg Walter Spangenburg, biol- ogy: Orval Theisen, physics. Bottom row: Paul Tobie, geologyg Madeline Carroll, head librarian: Lillian Barnes, assistant .. 1 ue' fps librarian. SCIENCE -.,,,. Q.. Both student and teacher are challenged by the rapid advance the world has taken and is taking in science. One year of laboratory science ahove the ninth grade is required for high school graduation. General science is a special course for freshmen only. Biology, chemistry, physics, geology and photography are the other science courses. Madeline Carroll, librarian, and Lillian Barnes, assistant, are vital to the stu- dents at North Central. Many students use the library every day for reports. Miss Carroll and Mrs. Barnes give appreciated help to numerous students. ., ,,. This is the way it's done, says Wayne Duke to Jim Hanley. 5 .........,f--vs--3 "Comment vous appelez-vous?" asks Joseph Trembley, French teacher, as Dawn Hopkins, Meredith Ault, Alice Hendricks and Larry Cowley look on in question. The aim of the foreign language courses is the mlevelopimciii uf the :timilily lo understand, speak, read, and write the language studied. In the past few years, North Central students have shown a rapidly increasing interest in foreign languages, especially the modern languages. This is shown hy the addition of French to Latin and Spanish, which were already offered. A thriving extra-curricular class in Russian is another indication that modern languages are gaining in popularity. Beginning German may be offered next fall if there is enough demand. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Top row: Helen Oscarson, department head, Latin: Laurea Lee Briscoe, Latin. Bottom row: Walter H. Mayer, Spanishg Carol Newett, Lating Genevieve Oppen, Spanishg Joseph C. Tremblay, French. ' . 4. Q. 'f ifv 'ty it -s V f, . xc .2 T X -5 M' 'lw I ,Ml-zf, X Q 91 .4 ,,fv""' Typing busily in the front row are Douglas Lentz and Linda Lenard as typing instructor A.. A. Manfred looks on. Typing in the back of the room are' Sue Mueller, Suzie Anderson and Larry Judd. In preparation for careers in the business world, the business education de- partment offers two-year courses in stenography, bookkeeping, and typing, and a one-year course in office practice. Not only are these courses helpful in laying a foundation for a career in business, but they also provide useful information for all walks of life. It is important that students arrange enrollment in business education courses in the latter semesters of their school years so that they will not lose any of the skills acquired in these Subjects. V. BUSINESS .EDUCATION is A it Top row: James Griggs, department head: Norman Erickson, typing. Bottom row: Blair Glover, shorthand: A. A. Man- fred, typingg Helen Stockdale, typing: Mary York, bookkeeping. I7 Top row: Guy L. Griswold, department head: Muriel Allison, U.S. history: Thomas B. Anderson, world history: Kenneth G. Hagen, world history: Del Jones, cur- rent problems. Bottom row: Edward Luders, psychology: Virginia Riegel, world history: Wallace Russell, U.S. history. SOCIAL STUDIES In today's world of tremendous social, political, and economic unrest a great conflict has ensued over what type of governmental system best provides the material, moral, and spiritual development of the individual. This conflict is primarily one of ideas and ideals, and it is the objective of the social studies department to present both the historical and contemporary developments of man's search for a better life. By offering a well-balanced program of courses, including: World, Northwest and United States history, economics, social psychology, current problems and geography, the social studies department attempts to fulfill its obli- gations to today's youth. atty Person and Wilson Draper explain part of the ever-expanding world problems as Del Jones, teacher, Deanna Sylte and Jim Warner pay close attention. i i t , A i dmv ii i . " ii i I v Top row: Elizabeth Killingsworth, home- making departnent headg Helen I. Beaver, clothing, Patricia Brown, social relations: Jane McLeo:l, clothing: George Theodor- sen, industrial arts department head. Bottom row: Vern R. Broadwell, wood shop: Leonard F. Graham, electronics: Alvin T. Olson, auto shop. HOMEMAKING AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Homemaking classes strive to aid in the developing of skills and interests for the homemaker of tomorrow. To develop an understanding and appreciation for abundant living as family and community members in an ever-changing society is important. Industrial arts benefits students interested in work in the trades as well as students interested in college. Drafting is especially essential to would-he engineers. The various departments of industrial arts are: Drafting, including mechanical drawing, architectural drawing, and engineering drawing, metal shop, electronics, auto mechanics, and plastics. p. M., ff I Watching and assisting Frank Nichols under the car are All Hill, Dan Zabel and Larry Basinger. "DIG THAT COOL COMBO" as band members Gene Sawyer, drummer, Norman Webster, clarinet: Eddie Doyle, trumpet: Terry Merriman, Dwayne Mizoguchi, tr-umpetg Stan -Bronpggslg, guitar, and Gabe of l . KI ., 'f , Iii rf-W ' if are It? 20 Lapano, pianist, hit the down beat! 'l'lic ability to fully zippiecizitc :incl L1IltlCl'Si2lllCl tht- lizisis and :irt of all types of niusic is cultured in thc clcpartmcnt of music. For this reason, girls were given tlic opportunity to enroll in our conccrt and nizircliing lmancls, and are participziting with enthusiasm. 'lllic pliysiczil ccluczition clcpartnicnt is an increasingly important part of school lifc. Not only clot-s it lu-cp thc stuclcnt physically fit, but clcvclops good sportsman- ship, llotli boys :incl girls :irc girl-ii tlic clizincc to participate in It wide ficlcl of zictivitics including baslcctluzill, tennis, golf, :intl many otlicrs. MUSIC AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Top row: Barbara Simpson, girls' physi- cal cducation department head: Joan L. Voligny, girls' physical education: Ger- ald M. Stannard, boys' physical educa- tion department head. Bottom row: David L. Holmes, football coachg William M. Diedrick, boys' physical educationg A. G, Ticmann, music department head: James G. Simmons, choral groups. William MacArthur, art director, shows Charles Kaufman and Frances Romano the correct way to draw their subjects. Learning and appreciating basic principles of design and color are important factors to a student of art seeking a specialized phase of this field. The school nurse is an important part of the school in seeing that our students are properly advised concerning their health. Providing materials essential for the everyday needs of students, selling articles for school organizations, and keeping a complete record of books are the functions of the bookroom attendants. The office staff is kept continually busy in maintaining records of activities, grades, and attendance for students and graduates of North Central. ART, NURSE, BOOKROOM . AND OFFICE STAFF Top row: William MacArthur, art depart- ment head: Helen Wayland, bookroom clerk: Dorothy Guild, nurse. Bottom row: Marjorie Stoner, secretary: Marjorie Jen- nings, attendance clerkg Marilee Baum- gartener, clerkg Adeline Daves, book- keeper. as ,w i ' as 4- 5-.4 eau Wmkma Left to Right: Alice Gillespie, Dorothy York, Viola Santora, Lela D'Andrea The cafeteria personnel is largely respon- manager, two cooks, a baker, a snack-bar sible for the smooth-running lunch periods manager and a salad lady. Besides the reg- and cheerful atmosphere. The aim of the ular personnel there are students who Work cooks is to serve good, nourishing food at low as cashiers, dishwashers and milk sellers. prices. A complete lunch is provided as well as an The staff has six members, including a ala carte counter. 'W it ,Www Left to Right: Ruby Wiley, Corinne Hirst, Earl Schneider, Irene Minaker, Jack Albright 22 Hcazfaafiam Left to Right: R. M, Sherman, Eathen Sisk, Edward Barnes The custodial staff is on the job the year around with only a three-Week vacation for each member. The custodians are responsi- ble for the upkeep and Well-being of the North Central buildings and grounds. There are ten members on the staff, with Art Baker heading the list as chief custodian. The duties of the custodians range from those of being night watchmen to replacing burned-out lights, cleaning the swimming pool, taking care of the furnaces and clean- ing the building inside and out. Left to Right: Bob Gooler, George Trudeson, Austin McDonell, John Miller, Herman Wooddell 23 . ei + null! ,J ff? ' ixku if ,z 55,15 1 is if iw! . Q rw., pai ' Af-"wi f""M', , . iv. S S I E 1 av" , a Tom Alberls, Vice-Presidenl Sensor Class Officers. Nancy Johnson Secre+ary X Rick Sfreef, Treasurer Ralph Jones, Presidenf Wally Collins, Alfernafe 26 .lu l rl, Q ww UfI.aJ:-vv!.,QfZ2a'1,o1-Egtfodfl-f OM fwvfgingqwwamwdrr 4 . Alberts, Tom Arnold, John Austin, LaVern Ayers, Linda Baker, Janice Barnes, Maureen Barnes, Roberta Beck, James Bizier, Judy Burge, Lynn Burger, Henry Callahan, Patricia Carpenter, Gary Coleman, Karen Collett, Jo Anne Condon, Laurel Cunningham, Robin DeM inter, Kathryn Downey, Barbara Dudley, Roger Duffy, Peter Eacho, Jennifer Fackenthall, Christy Featherly, Gerry Frank, Nancy Frucci, Dominic Paul Meilleur Nancy Johnson HONORS 3.0 +o 3.99 Gallemore, Sandra Gladder, Gail Hacking, Dorothy Hamilton, June Hilpert, Elizabeth Hopper, Janet Jackman, Georganne Jones, Ralph Kringlen, Marilyn LaFlam, Sharon Lewis, Douglas McCoy, Deborah McKay, Judith McGoldrick, Peter Maund, Carol Merriman, Michael Mickey, Max Miller, Ralph Miller, Stephani Mills, Sharon Moore, Karen Morig, Robert Nakagawa, Marjorie Nelson, Mary Nelson, Susan O'Connor, Maureen Oien, Wayne Olsen, Nancy Olson, David Palmer, Terry Pare, Nancy Parker, Carole Peterson, Carole Piper, Janet Randall, Linda Reavis, Reed Reuss, Judy Riediger, Sandra Riley, Sharon Ruby, Marilee Sander, Catherine Saruwatari, Kenneth Sears, Elizabeth Stern, Sharron Szymczak, Michael Sylte, Deanda Sylte, Deanna Thompson, April T urner, Donna Underdahl, Bonnie Unger, Carrie VV ittenberg, Wallace York, Stephanie Based on all grades earned from all schools except physical education and partial credits as compiled at the end of the seventh semester. Adams, Howard Industrial Arts Transferred from Zillah, Wash- ington. Varsity Basketball: Feder- ation Representative Airey, Allison Claire Bu.viue.r.r Education ' Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Scholastic Honor Roll: L e a g u e Representative, Big Sister: Home- room Vice-President: Gym Office Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Office Worker: Senior Commence- ment Committee: Library Worker Alberts, Tom Dale Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll: Varsity, B- Squad, Freshman Football: War- riors: Special, Marching, Concert Band: Senior Class Vice-President Albrecht, Bobbie Jean Business Education League Style Show: Big Sister: League Representative Allen, .lerrilynn Lea Bu.vine.v.v Education League Silver Pin, Big Sister: ASB, News Representative: Amores Lib- rorum: Junior Dance Committee: L i b r a r y Worker: After-School Sports: Concession Stand Worker Anderson, Alva Dorine Education Transferred from D e e r P a r k, Washington. League Big Sister: Study Hall Roll Checker Anderson, Judy Kay lill.l'1lIt'f.i' Educalzou Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: Tamarack Staff, Index and 'Facul- ty Editor, Representative: League Committees, Silver Pin, Big Sis- ter, Office Worker: '3C's:' Music Festival: Girls' Glee: Bookroom, Office Worker: Junior Dance Com- mittee: Senior Cards and An- nouncements Committee: Home- room Roll Checker ArneH', Lucille M. Foreign Languages League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: ASB, Red Cross Repre- sentative: 3C's: Music Festival: Girls' Glee: After-School Sports: Study Hall Roll Checker Austin, Lavern Maynard Matlleiltatics Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: Homeroom Vice-President: Feder- ation Representative: Tennis: Jun- ior Achievement Ayers, Linda Ann Foreign Languages Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: ASB Scholarship Com- mittee, Chairman: Tamarack, ASB Representative: FTA: Commercial Club: Songleader, Cochairman: Color Girls: Doll Shop: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 1 star: League Treasurer, Gold Pin: Commercial Club, President Bacon, Alice Carrol Bu.viue.fs Education League Silver Pin, Representative, Big Sister: ASB Scholarship Com- mittee, Representative: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Commercial Club: Doll Shop: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: Tennis Manager Baker, .lanice Elizabeth Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: News Staff, Associate and Girls' Sports Editor: Quill and Scroll, Secretary: Amores Lib- rorum, Vice-President, Treasurer: Medecine d'Avenir: Tamarack, News Representative: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Tennis Team Cocaptain, Letter: High School Singles Champion: News Feature Editor: Amores Librorum, President Barnes, Maureen Elizabeth Business Education Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Scholastic Honor Roll: League Big Sister, Bronze Pin: Library Worker Barnes, Roberta .lean Business Education League Silver Pin, Committees, Sextet, Big Sister: ASB Commit- tees, Representative: Tau Chi Tal- ent Club: Aquettes: Doll Shop, Music Festival: Girls' Glee: Tama- rack, News Representative: Bowl- ing Team: Homeroom Roll Check- er: Office Worker Barthule, Shirley Ann Business Education League Bronze Pin: Girls' Glee Homeroom Treasurer: Ticket Of- fice Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: Junior Dance Committee: Awards Convocation Committee Basinger, Larry Industrial Arts Library Worker: Not a candidate for June graduation Bassett, Ricltiiean Mathematics Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Scholastic Honor Roll: Thespians: All-School Play: Homeroom Sec- retary: ASB, News Representative: After-School Sports: Bookroom Worker: Children's Theater: Girls' Glee Batters, Gary Neill Social Studies Transferred from Rogers. Bean, Roger Walter Science Transferred from Mobridge, South Dakota. ASB, Red Cross Repre- sentative: Marching, Concert Band: Golf Team: Warriors Beck, James Arthur lllathemalics Transferred from Shadle Park. Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times Beclter, Larry Social Studies Homeroom President, Secretary: Federation Representative: Fresh- man, B-Squad Football: Freshman, B-Squad Basketball: Intramural Sports: ASB Dance Committee Bell, Robert Garlin Science Homeroom Vice-President: ASB Representative: Junior Dance Com- mittee Bennett, Dorothy Anna M atlieinatics League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Beginning Debate: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Rifle Club: Commercial Club: Doll Shop: Choir: Tennis Team, Letter, 2 stars: After-School Sports, All- Activity Shield, 3 stars Bishop, David Allen Mathematics Boys' Glee: Intramural Sports Bizier, Judy Nadine Itusincss Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: News Staff, Representative: Tamarack Staff, Productions and Girls' Sports Edi- tor, Represenative: Color Girls: FNA: Commercial Club, Sergeant at Arms: Doll Shop, Music Festi- vals: Choir: ASB Finance Com- mittee, Representative: Tamarack Business Manager Blessing, Joyce Carma Hontenzaking Transferred from Twin Falls, Idaho. League Big Sister: FNA: Bowling: Locker' Monitor: Gym Office Worker: Nurse's Office Worker Boeh, Sharon Louise Business Education Transferred from Columbus, Mis- sissippi. Book, Constance Anita Busincss Education Transferred from Holy Names. League Committees, Big Sister: ASB Representative: Study Hall Roll Checker: Library Worker: After-School Sports: Red Cross Representative Borden, Betty R-ozanne Business Education Transferred from Rogers. Breeclen, Susan Elizabeth Business Education League Gold Pin, Committees, Represetative, Big Sister: Sopho- more, Senior Senator: Red Feath- ers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Home- room President, Treasurer: News Representative: A f t e r - S c h o ol Sports, All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Golf Team, Captain: Science Fair Winner V Brookman, Virginia D. Foreign Languages League Silver Pin, Committees, Representative, Big Sister: Tama- rack Staff, Assistant Art Editor: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Mede- cine d'Avenir, Treasurer: Latin Club: Doll Shop, Winter Music Festival, Children's Theater: ASB School and Grounds Committee: Red Cross Representative: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Senior Convocation Com- mittee: Homeroom President Brooks, Loretta Business Education League Big Sister: Music Festival: Girls' Glee: Library Representa- tive: Study Hall Roll Checker: Li- brary Worker: After-School Sports Brunelle, Marjorie Kay Ma th etnatics League Silver Pin, Committees, Representative, Big Sister: News Staff, Advertising Manager: ASB Representative, School and Grounds Committee: Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer: News, Tam- arack Representative: L i b r a r y Worker: Locker Monitor: Amores Librorum: Junior Prom Commit- tee Bunch, Joseph Roger Industrial Arts Equipment Manager Burge, Emerson Lynn Illathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: Debate: Marching, Concert Band: Homeroom Treasurer: Red Cross, Federation Representative: Gym Office Worker: Rifle Club, Alter- nate: Bowling: 3C's: Radio Club Burger, Henry Arlo M athentatics Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times Burk, James Edward Social Studies B - Squad Football: Intramural Sports Burtness, Byron M. Illathematics , Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: Sophomore, Junior Senator: Fresh- man Basketball: News, ASB Rep- resentative Callahan, Patricia C. Business Education League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Medecine d'Avenir, Secretary: Doll Shop, Music Festival, Cochairman: ASB, League Representative: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Football Princess Attend- ant: Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: Scholastic Honor Roll: Medecine d'Avenir, Vice- President: Senior Convocation Committee Calvert, Carol Jerrine Business Education League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: 3C's: Library Worker: Typing Pin Campbell, Winifred Sharon Business Education League Representative, Big Sister: ASB Representative: Poetry Con- test Winner: Gym Office Worker Carlson, Sharon Linda Business Education League Bronze Pin, Representa- tive: Concession Stand Worker Carnahan, Amanda Alice Foreign Languages League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister: FNA, Secretary: Red Cross, News Representative: Li- brary Worker: Red Cross Secre- tary: ASB Scholarship Commit- tee: League Silver Pin Ca rpenter, Gary Edward Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: News Staff, Editor, Associate Edi- tor, Sports Editor: Tamarack Staff, Associate Editor, Sports Editor: Junior Press Club, Vice-President: B-Squad, Freshman Football: 3C's, President, Fifth Executive: Quill and Scroll, President, Sergeant at Arms: 1958-1959 Outstanding Jour- nalist Award: Spokesman-Review Correspondent: Northwest Press Conference, 2 first places: Junior Press President Carpenter, Gayle Eileen Social Studies Scholastic Honor Roll: News Staff: Color Girls: Thespians: Doll Shop, All-School Play, Children's Thea- ter: ASB School and Grounds Committee: League Silver Pin, Big Sister: H o m e r 0 o m Vice- President: After-School Sports: Li- brary Worker: Talent Club: Thes- pians, Treasurer Ca rstens, Lyle Martin M atheinatics News Staff, Feature Editor, Cir- culation: B - S q u a d, Freshman Football: Doll Shop, Music Festi- val, All-School Play: Homeroom Vice-President, Secretary: Red Cross Representative: Thespians, President: Quill and Scroll: Yell Leader: Junior Dance Committee: Children's Theater, Student Di- rector: Scholastic Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll, Secretary Chamberlin, Richard Wesley Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll: Chess Club: Radio Club Chance, William E. Mathematics Junior Varsity, Varsity Track: Intramural Sports: Spanish Club Chapman, Sterling M. M atheniatics Clapp, Richard Bryan Science Scholastic Honor Roll: Freshman Cross Country, Track: Homeroom President: Federation Representa- tive: Rifle Club Clark, Loren B. Jr. Social S tndies Transferred from Moline, Illinois. Spanish Club: Rifle Club Clayton, Carrie Augusta Foreign Languages League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: 3C's, Vice-President: FNA: Tau Chi Talent Club: Music Festival: Choir: Homeroom Secretary: ASB, News Representative: Tau Chi, Secre- tary: All-State Choir: Red Cross Representative Cliff, Dennis Raymond Science Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Coleman, Karen Eileen Social Studies Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Tamarack Staff, Homeroorn and Activities Editor: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Commerical Club, Vice-President: League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: ASB Elec- tion, School and Grounds Com- mittee: After-School Sports, All- Activity Shield: Junior Dance, Senior Caps and Gowns Commit- tees: League Secretary, Gold with Ruby Pin , . Collett, Jo Anne Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: News Staff: Thespians: Doll Shop, Chi1dren's Theater: Homeroom President: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: League, Red Cross Representative: Science Fair Winner: League Gold Pin Collins, Wallace E. Science Varsity, B-Squad, Freshman Foot- ball: Varsity, Junior V a r s i t y Track: Senior Class Alternate Condon, Laurel Lenore Science Transferred from Mead. Spanish Club: Junior Bowling: League Rep- resentative: Aiter-School Sports Conover, Donna Jean Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: FTA: ASB Committees, Representative: A f t e r-S c h o o 1 Sports: Library Worker: Office Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker Cook, Lawrance Allan Science Cooper, Richard Joel Fine Arts Red Cross, ASB Representative Cowin, Carol Marie Business Education League Committees, Big Sister, Representative: FTA: Homeroom President, Vice-President: Red Cross Representative: ASB Nomi- nating Committee: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor: League Bronze Pin Craggetf, J. Patrick Science Junior Varsity Track, Cross Coun- try: Freshman Track, Cross Coun- try: Homeroom Vice-President: Intramural Sports Crosbie, Karen Elaine Business Education League Silver Pin, Committees, Representative, Big Sister: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: ASB Con Scheduling, Dance Com- mittee: Homeroom President, Sec- retary: Junior Dance Committee: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: ASB Representative: Sen- ior Prom Committee, Cochairman Cunningham, Robin Hugh Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: Radio Club: Homeroom President, -Vice-President: Rifle Club: Junior Achievement: Red Cross, Federa- tion Representative Cyr, William R. Mathematics Intramural S p o r t s: Federation Representative Daschbach, Mary Helen Fine Arts League Bronze Pin: Bowling: Study Hall Roll Checker Daugherty, Karen Business Education League Representative, Big Sister: Music Festival: Library Represent- ative: Homeroom President: Study Hall Roll Checker: Library Work- er: Locker Monitor: Homeroom Secretary Davidson, Sharon Kay Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: After-School Sports: Bowling DeMin+er, Kathryn Elaine Matlieiiiatics Scholastic Honor Roll: League Committees, Representative, Big Sister: Color Girls: Doll Shop, All- School Play, Chi1dren's Theater: Thespians: Bowling DeWi'H', Dan D. Industrial Arts Varsity, B-Squad Football: Track: Marching Band: Children's Theater Dinwiclclie, Gary Lee Industrial Arts Transferred from Clarkston, Wash- ington. Varsity Football Dodge, Mike S. Science Varsity, B-Squad, Freshman Foot- ball: Homeroom President: ASB, Red Cross Representative: Federa- tion Representative, Committee: Science Fair, Honorable Mention Doherty, Susanne Elizabeth Science League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: I-Iomeroom President, Vice-Presi- dent: ASB Representative: Study Hall Roll Checker: Office Worker: Senior Senator Downey, Barbara Jean Business Education Transferred from Shadle Park. Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Big Sister: Music Festival: Girls' Glee: Homeroom Treasurer: Study Hall Roll Checker: Locker Monitor: League Silver Pin Drader, Marilyn Fern Business Education League Silver Pin, Representative, Big Sister: FNA, Treasurer: Nurse's Office Monitor Dudley, Roger Allen Matlzeinatics Scholastic Honor Roll 2 times: News Staff, Advertising: Spanish Club, Treasurer, Fifth Executive: Homeroom Secretary Duffy, Pete George Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: Math Club: ASB Scholarship Com- mittee: Red Cross, Federation Rep- resentative ,JDMLV Duke, Jim Mathematics Varsity, B-Squad Football: War- riors: ASB Representative: Home- room Vice-President Duncan, Connie ,lean Business Education League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Homeroom Secretary: Red Cross, ASB Representative: Study Hall Roll Checker: Nurse's Office Worker Eacho, Jennifer Lyn Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Math Club: Doll Shop, Music Festival: League Gold Pin, Big Sister: Homeroom President, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary: Red Cross Presi- dent: After-School Sports, All- Activity Shield, 1 star: Tennis Team, Letter: Study Hall Roll ghecker: League Gold with Ruby ll'1 Eddy, Rosemary Business Education Transferred from Wellpinit, Wash- ington. Elbrecht, Brian Kea'H's Mallzeniatics Debate: Varsity, Junior Varsity, B-Squad Baseball: Marching, Con- cert Band: Bowling Emoto, Tommy Talcao Social Studies Homeroom Vice-President Erickson, Bonnie Sheryl Business Education League Bronze Pin: Color Girls: Commercial Club: Homeroom Pres- ident: Red Cross Representative Erickson, Gary Science Color Guard: B-Squad Football: Marching, Concert, Special Band: ASB Dance Committee: Fed 1'1- tion, News Representative: Borl- ing: Study Hall Proctor: Senior Breakfast Committee: Varsity Bas- ketball Manager: Federation Com- mittees: Warriors Eveland, Darlyne Nadine Honieinaking League Big Sister: 3C's: Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: Locker Monitor Fackenthall, Ch risty Harriet Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister: ASB Treasurer, Commit- tees, Representative: Red Feathers, Chairman: Color Girls, Chairman: Doll Shop: News Staff: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield, gold star: Tennis Team, Cocap- tain: Senior Breakfast Committee: League Gold with Ruby Pin Falkowski, Walt Industrial Arts Featherly, Gerry Lynn H onteniakin g Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sis- ter: News Editor: Junior Press Club, Secretary: Songleader: Doll Shop, Music Festival: ASB Treas- urer, Dance Committee, Chairman: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Golf Team: Senior Convo- cation, Chairman: Quill and Scroll, Vice-President, President: News Managing Editor Fifield, Larry James Science Tamarack Staff, Photographer: Varsity, B-Squad, Freshman Track: B-Squad, Freshman Football: In- tramural Sports Forbes, Judith Ann Mathematics League Silver Pin, Big Sister: FTA: News Representative: After- School Sports: Study Hall Roll Checker: Bowling: League Repre- sentative: Senior Cards and An- nouncements Committee Forclik, Darlean Carol Science Transferred from Pavilion, New York. League Committees, Big Sis- ter: News Staff: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Gym Office Worker Forrey, Frances Ellen Social Studies Transferred from Omak, Washing- ton. Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin, Committee, Represent- ative, Big Sister: After-School Sports: Golf Team: Junior Achieve- ment: Medecine d'Avenir Fowler, Peggy Louise Math eniatics Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: League Silver Pin, Big Sister: I-Iomeroom President, Vice- President: ASB Representative: Study Hall Roll Checker: Senior Reception Committee, Cochairman: Ticket Office Worker Frank, Nancy Darlene Foreign Languages Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: League Vice-President, Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister: News Staff, Feature and Girls' Sports Editor: Twinlow: Red Feathers: Color Girls: ASB Junior Senator, Committees: Senior Prom Com- mittee: Red Feathers, Secretary: ASB Nominating Committee, Chair- man: League Gold with Ruby Pin Franklin, Harry Thomas Social Studies Transferred from Ferndale, Wash- ington. Freeman, Nancy Joy Mathematics League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Spanish Club, President, Secretary: Aquettes, President: Doll Shop, Music Festival: Choir: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Li- brary Worker: Ticket Office Worker Frovilc, Sandra Kay Business Education League Bronze Pin, Committees, Representative, Big Sister: Color Girls: ASB Committees, Represent- ative: Red Cross Representative: After-School Sports: L l b r a r y Worker: Locker Monitor Frucci, Dominic Ernest Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: ASB President, Fifth Executive, Junior Senator, Honors Board: Boys' State Delegate: Varsity Football, Baseball: B-Squad Foot- ball, Basketball, Baseball: Warriors: Latin Club: Medecine d'Avenir: Federation Committees, Represent- ative: Senior Prom Committee, Co- chairman: Federation Clerk Fuhriman, Thomas Earl Science Varsity Football, Baseball: Home- room Secretary, Sergeant at Arms: Library Worker: Hall Guard Fyfe. Douglas Roy Mathematics ASB Representative: Special, Con- cert, Marching Band: Band Offi- cer Gaines, Vern LeRoy Science Freshm n Football Track' Sta e 2 , , g Crew: Library Worker: Science Fair Winner Gallemore, Sandra Lucile Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin, Com- mittees, Representative, Big Sister: Debate: Red Feathers, Sergeant at Arms: Color Girls: FTA, Vice- President: Commercial Club: Doll Shop, Music Festival: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 3 stars, 2 honorable mentions: All-Activity Points Chairman: Red Feathers, Chairman: Gym Office Worker Gibbert, Paula S. Business Education Transferred from Marycliff. Red Cross Representative Giese. Maita Ann Business Education Transferred from Shadle Park. Gladcler, Gail Anne Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Representative: ASB Secretary, Dance Committee, Con Scheduling Committee: Songleader: Medecine d'Avenir: Horizon Club, President: Doll Shop: Senior Breakfast Com- mittee, Cochairman: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Golf Team, Manager and Captain: Bas- ketball Banquet Committee Glenn, Ann Carole Homemaking League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Red Cross Representative: Library Worker: Gym Office Worker Goebel, Verna Marie Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Big Sister: Hall Guard: Library Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker Goeclen, Steven Jerome Science Transferred from Gonzaga. ASB Representative: Rifle Club Goeller, John William Mathematics ASB Vice-President: Boys' State Delegate: Varsity Football, Basket- ball: B-Squad Football, Basket- ball, Track: Freshman Basketball, Baseball: Federation President Goodman, Gerald Robert Fine Arts Scholastic Honor Roll: Art Club: Special, Marching, Concert, Pep Band: Bowling Gorrell, Marlys Joyce Social Studies League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers, Historian: Color Girls, Chairman: Music Fes- tival: News Representative: ASB Committees, Representative: Junior Achievement: Football Princess: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: ASB Secretary: League Gold with Ruby Pin Gorremans, Pamela Dwyla Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: Red Feath- ers: Latin Club: FNA, President: Homeroom Roll Checker: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: Bookroom Worker Grasser, George Thomas Science Transferred from Tokyo, Japan. Graves, Jean Foreign Languages Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Gym Office Worker: League Bronze Pin Griffith, Pamela Ann Fine Arts Transferred from Lewis and Clark. League Big Sister: Homeroom Treasurer: ASB Representative: Junior Achievement: After-School Sports: Tau Chi Talent Club: Choir: League Representative Hacking, Dorothy Ann Mathematics Transferred from Sandpoint, Idaho. Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times Hamilton, June Eleanor Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: Music Festival: News Representative: Li- brary Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Office Worker: Home- room President Hanley, Arthur John Science Bowling: Gym Monitor Hansen, Jerry A. Jlflatlzeinatics Freshman Track, Cross Country: Junior Varsity Track, Cross Coun- try: Rifle Club: Red Cross Rep- resentative 'G' Hartman, Loretta Mae Business Education League Bronze Pin, Representative, Bi Sister Girls' Glee Music Fes- E I I tival: After-School Sports: 3C's Harvey, Diana Kay Fine Arts Transferred from Holy Names. League Big Sister, Office Worker: News Staff, Advertising: Tama- rack, News Representative: Library Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Safety Poster Contest Winner Havens, Jon Allen Fine Arts Freshman Basketball, Baseball: Homeroom Vice-President: Intra- mural Sports: Art Club Hill, Alton C. Social Studies Transferred from San Raphael, California. Homeroom President, Secretary: Intramural Sports: Li- brary Worker: Junior Dance Com- mittee: Gym Office Worker: B- Squad Football Hill, Harvey Ross Industrial Arts Homeroom Treasurer Hilpert, Elizabeth Bette Business Education Transferred from Seattle, Wash- inton. League Big Sister: Red Feathers: Bowling: Ticket Office Worker: League Bronze Pin Hitchcock, Karen Veneta Social Studies Transferred from Freeman, Wash- ington. League Big Sister: Music Festival: Girls' Glee Hoerner, Leroy Joseph Industrial Arts Hopper, Janet Katherine Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Tamarack Staff, Homeroom Editor, Representative: Color Girls: Red Feathers, Secretary: Mede- cine d'Avenir, Fifth Executive: Latin Club: Vox Puellarum: Sen- ior Commencement, ASB Nominat- ing Committee: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Foot- ball Princess Attendant: League Vice-Presdent, Gold Pin Horn, Marilyn Joan Homcmaking Scholastic Honor Roll: League Big Sister: Red Cross Representative: Bowling: Study Hall Roll Checker: ASB Representative: L e a g u e Bronze Pin: Homeroom Vice- President House, Richard Lee Fine Arts Hubbell, Denny Leroy Mathematics Intramural S p o r t s: Homeroom President Huellemann, Shirley Joan Business Education League Big Sister: News Repre- sentative: 3C's: Girls' Glee: Music Festivals: Ticket Office Worker: League Representative: Senior Re- geption Committee: League Bronze in Hurley, Murl Gene Science Special, Marching, Concert Band Hyer, Donald LaVern Industrial Arts Junior Achievement, Vice- President Jaclcman, Georganne Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Office Worker: Tamarack Staff, Advertising and School Life Editor: Color Girls: Songleader, Cochairman: Doll Shop: Music Festival, Cochairman: ASB Con Scheduling Committee, Chairman: Golf Team, Manager: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 2 stars: Senior Convocation, Junior Dance Committee: Activity Shield, Gold Star Jacobsen, Donna Rae Business Education League Silver Pin, Representative, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Home- room Vice-President: Gym Office Worker: All-Activity Shield Jacobson, Mardell L. Fineflrts League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Tamarack Staff, Art Editor: Red Feathers: Art Club, President: Doll Shop: Homeroom Vice-President: ASB Representative: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: Senior Prom Com- mittee Jersild, Elice K. Business Education Transferred from Central Valley. League Big Sister: 3C's: Bookroom Worker: 3C's, Secretary John, Ronald Science Scholastic Honor Roll: B-Squad, Freshman Cross Country: Rifle Club: Homeroom Sergeant at Arms Johnson, Jeannette Joy Business Education Transferred from Lewis and Clark. League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Girls' Glee: 3C's: After-School Sports: Music Festival: Typing Pin: Junior Dance Committee: Scholas- tic Honor Roll Johnson, Nancy Kay Foreign Languages Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Representative, Big Sister, Honors Board: Tamarack Staff, Senior Ed- itor: Color Girls: Tamarack, Red Cross Representative: After-School Sports: FTA, President: Junior Dance Committee: Senior Class Secretary: ASB Election Commis- sion, Representative Johnson, Wilma Jean Matlzezrtatics League Bronze Pin, Committees, Representative: ASB Representa- tive: Library Worker: After-School Sports Jones, Don Harold Science Varsity Football, Baseball: Junior Varsity Football, Baseball: B- Squad Baseball, Football: Fresh- man Football, Baseball: Federa- tion Election Committee, Repre- sentative: Homeroom President, Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President Jones, Gerald Merle Science Stage Crew Jones, Ralph Edwin Math einafics Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: ASB School and Grounds Com- mittee, Chairman: Latin Club, Fifth Executive: Sophomore Sena- tor: Varsity Football, Basketball: B-Squad Football, Basketball: Homerocm President: Intramural Sports: Golf Team: Senior Class President Kalvis, Joseph George Business Education Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: 3C's: Chess Club: All-School Play: Library Worker: Junior Achieve- ment Kaufman, Charles Eugene Industrial Arts 3C's Kelly, Edward Science Transferred from Munich, Ger- many. Marching Band: Concert Band, Treasurer: Bowling Kelly, Trudy Rae Business Education League Committee, Representa- tive, Big Sister, Office Worker: Color Girls: ASB Committees: After-School Sports Kemp, Linda L. Business Education League Big Sister: Doll Shop: Homerocm Roll Checker: Golf Team: Library Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: After-School Sports Kersul, George Lawrence Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll: V a r s i t y Football, Manager: Warriors: Var- sity Baseball, Manager: Homerocm President Kilcup, Kermit Dillon Science Rifle Club: Spanish Club Kimmel, Ken M. Social Studies Marching, Concert Band: Bowling Kopp, David Thomas Mathematics Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Varsity, Junior Varsity Football Korst, Bernard G. Industrial Arts Kreitz Darell Industrial Arts Federation Representative: Wres- tling Kringlen, Marilyn Kay Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Homeroom President, Treas- urer: Red Cross Representative: ASB Committees Kuch, Bill Jay Industrial Arts Homeroom President, Treasurer Kuhlmann, Karlynn Business Education League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Commercial Club: Doll Shop: ASB Committees: After-School Sports: Study Hall Roll Checker LaFlam, Margaret Sharon Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin: FNA: Home- room President: Red Cross, News Representative: Ice Skating: Red Cross Vice-President Langdon. Patricia Kathleen Business Education Transferred from Lewis and Clark. League Big Sister Larson, Tom Charles Science Junior Varsity Track: Federation Representative Lashbroolc. Dick Leroy Mathematics B-Squad Football: Varsity Foot- ball, Manager: Junior Dance Com- mittee: Warriors Laughlin, Sanclee Business Education League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Color Girfsg Homeroom President, Secre- tary: ASB Committees: Doll Shop, All-School Play, Music Festival: Choir, Secretary: Girls' Glee, Sec- retary: Medecine d'Avenirg After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 2 stars: Chantelles: Medecine d'Avenir, Fifth Executive LaVine, Gloria Fine Arts League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Tamarack Art Staff: Art Club: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Library Worker: Quill and Scroll Contest Winner Lee, Hazel Rae Business Education League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Doll Shop: Junior Dance Committee: News Repre- sentative: Gym Office Worker: Locker Monitor: Concession Stand Worker Lee, Paulanne Honieniaking D011 Shop Leuer, Dick Science Library Worker: Junior Achieve- ment: Rifle Club: Gym Manager: Red Cross Representative Lewis, Doug Ray Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: ASB Fifth Executive: Boys' State Alternate: Twinlow: Honors Board: Junior Varsity Track: Marching, Concert Band: Homeroom Presi- dent, Treasurer: Federation Execu- tive Council, Representative: Sen- ior Commencement Committee, Co- chairman Liclsione, Calvin Science Marching, Concert Band Liere, Sally Ann Business Education League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Office Worker: ASB Com- mittees, Representative: Red Cross, L e a g u e, News Representative: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Homeroom Sergeant at Arms, Roll Checker: Nurse's Office Worker Long, Joan Rae Business Education Music Festival: Girls' Glee: Home- room Roll Checker: Study Hall Roll Checker Loutherback, Linda Lee Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll: League Sil- ver Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: Color Girls: Red Cross, News Representative: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Junior Dance Committee: Cafeteria Worker: League Gold Pin Luchini, Ernest Fine Arts Homeroom Secretary Lulten, Kathi .Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Committees, Big Sister, Representative: ASB Committees: Medecine d'Avenir: Choir: Girls' Glee, President: Doll Shop, All- School Play, Music Festivals: Var- sity Tennis: Science Fair, Third Place: Art Award, 3500: Red Cross Representative MacCulloch, Judy Ann Hoinemaking League Bronze Pin: ASB Repre- sentative: All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker McChesney. Karen Joanne H oniemaking League Gold Pin, Big Sister: Girls' Glee, Secretary, Vice-President: Music Festival: Homeroom Sec- retary: All-Activity Shield: Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: Library, Bookroom Work- er. McCoy, Deborah Elaine M uric Sholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Tau Chi Talent Club, President, Treasurer: FTA: Latin Club: Doll Shop, Music Festivals: Three Fives: Library Worker: Choir McGoldrick, Peter Robert Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: Bowling: Locker Monitor McKay, Judith Ann Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Commercial Club, Fifth Executive: Doll Shop: Medecine d'Avenir: Homeroom Treasurer: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: League Representative: Medecine d'Avenir, Treasurer: ASB Dance Committee, Chairman McKinney, William Henry Mathematics Federation, Red Cross Representa- tive: Homeroom President, Vice- President Maloy, Auclre Fine Arts League Bronze Pin, Committees, Representative: ASB Representa- tive: Homeroom Treasurer: Girls' Glee: Music Festivals: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield Martin, Carolyn Mae Business Education Transferred from Shadle Park. Scholastic Honor Roll: League Big Sister, Representative Martin, Don J. Industrial Arts Junior Varsity Track, Cross Coun- try: Freshman Track: Warriors: Varsity Track. Cross Country Martin, Jerry Science Mathers, Arlynn Marcia Business Education League Bronze Pin: FNA: Red Cross Representative Mathers, Gary Daniel Industrial Arts Locker Monitor Matthews, Darrell Mathematics Transferred from Davenport, Wash- ington. Scholastic Honor Roll: Freshman Baseball: ASB Repre- sentative: Homeroom President, Sergeant at Arms: Red Cross Rep- resentative Maund, Carol Ann Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll: League Sil- ver Pin, Representative, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Color Girls: ASB Representative: A f t e r - S c h o ol Sports: Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: League Gold Pin: Senior Reception Committee, Cochairman: All-Activity Shield Meilleur, Paul Richard Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: Student Court, Defense Attorney: Latin Club: Varsity Debate: Math Club, Vice-President: ASB, Fed- Sration Representative: ASB Presi- en Mell'gren, Larry Kent Mathematics Junior Varsity Football, Track: Math Club: Federation, ASB Rep- resentative: Marching, Concert Band: Rifle Club: Junior Dance Committee: Intramural Sports: Bowling Mellstrom, Gary Norman Science Varsity, B-Squad Baseball: Intra- mural Sports Merriman, Michael E. Matlieiriiatics Scholastic Honor Roll: News Staff, Associate Editor: Tamarack Staff, Boys' Sports Editor: Equipment Manager: ASB Representative: Junior Press Club: Quill and Scroll: Junior Press Club Winner, Feature Writing: Senior Convo- cation, Cochairman: News Manag- ing Editor: Quill and Scroll, Pres- ident. Not a candidate for June graduation. Metcalf, Carol .lean Business Education ASB, Red Cross Representative: After-School Sports: L i b r a r y Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker Mickey, Max Sanders Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Latin Club: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary-Treasurer: Feder- ation Representative: Bowling. AJBC Championship Team Mills, Sharon Louise Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Secretary, Gold Pin, Com- mittees, Big Sister, Representative: News Staff, Business Manager: Tamarack Staff, Business Manager: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Vox Puellarum, Treasurer: Quill and Scroll Treasurer: 3C's: Choir: Vox Puellarum, Vice-President: League Gold with Ruby Pin: 3 C's, Treas- urer Miller, LaMar John Science Freshman Football: ASB Commit- tees, Representative: Federation Committees: News Representative: Librar Worker' Locker Monitor: Y . Senior Caps and Gowns Commit- tee Miller, Ralph Edward Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 'I times: Math Club, President: Marching, Concert Band: Special Band, Sergeant at Arms: ASB Nominat- ing Committee, Representative: Homeroom Secretary - Treasurer: Senior Senator Miller, Stephani Sue Mathematics Transferred from Seattle, Wash- ington. Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Thespians, Vice-President: Doll Shop, All-School Play, Chil- dren's Theater: League Represent- ative, Big Sister: Red Cross Rep- resentatlve: After-School Sports Mitchell, Kathryn N. Business Education League Big Sister: Color Girls: ASB Representative: After-School Sports Morgan, Gerald Eral Industrial Arts Varsity, B-Squad Football Morig, Robert Dennis Mathematics Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Scholastic Honor Roll: March of Dimes Representative Montour, Alan Dale Science Varsity, B-Squad Football: Varsity Baseball, Manager: Warriors: News Representative Moore, Karen Foreign Languages Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin, Rep- resentative, Big Sister: Big and Little Sister Party, Chairman: ASB Election Commission Chairman, Finance Committee, Junior Sena- tor: Tamarack Staff, Girls' Sports and Activities Editor: Red Feathers: FNA: Vox Puellarum, President: Doll Shop, Music Festival: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 2 stars: League President: Vox Puellarum, Treasurer Myers, Roberta Norene Business Education League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Library Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: After-School Sports Nalragawa, Mariorie Sachiko Matlzematics Scholastic Honor Roll: League Sil- ver Pin, Representative, Big Sis- ter: Rest Monitor: Homeroom Vice- President: After-School Sports Nelson, Andrea Marie Fine Arts League Big Sister: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Art Club: Study Hall Roll Checker Nelson, Bruce Gerald Social Studies News Staff, Photographer: Tama- rack Staff, Photographer: Home- room President, Secretary, Treas- urer: Federation Representative Nelson, Mary Louise Anne Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: Debate: Math Club, Treasurer: Choir: Vox Puellarum: Music Festival: Ice Skating Nelson, Michelle Kay Fine Arts League Representative, Big Sister: Art Club, Vice-President, Treas- urer: After-School Sports Nelson, Susan Burdeen Zlffathetnatics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Honors Board, Big Sister, Sextet: Debate: Red Feathers: Color Guard: Latin Club: Tau Chi Tal- ent Club, Secretary: Medecine d'Avenir, President, Vice-President, Treasurer: Three Fives: ASB Nom- inating Committee: All-Activity Shield: Doll Shop, Music Festi- val, All-School Play, accompanist: Tau Chi, President Nichols, Frank A. Social Studies Nichols, Phyllis Business Education League Committees, Representa- tive: ASB, Red Cross, News Rep- resentative: Homeroom President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treas- urer: Music Festivals: Study Hall Roll Checker Nilcofich, Dolores Jean Business Education League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister: ASB Election Commis- sion, School and Grounds Com- mittee, Representative: A f t e r - School Sports: Library Worker: Ticket Office Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker Novalcovich, Linda Rae Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll: League Big Sister: Junior Achievement: After- School Sports Bowling: Study Hall Roll Checker M ia, X O'Connor, Maureen Gale Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin, Big Sister: Color Girls: Commercial Club: Homeroom President: Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: After- School Sports: Study Hall Roll Checker Ogle, Lonna Lee Science League Silver Pin, Big Sister: ASB Representative: FNA: Study Hall Roll Checker: Senior Recep- tion Committee: FNA, Vice-Presi- dent Oien, Wayne Milton Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Homeroom Vice-President: News Representative: Locker Monitor: Science Fair Winner Olsen, Nancy Christine Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: League Silver Pin, Big Sister: Tamarack Staff, Faculty Editor: 3C's, Treasurer: Math Club Olson, David Leroy Matheinatics Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: Science Fair Senior Division Win- ner, Second Place Olson, .lean Elizabeth Science Transferred from Ro ers. Home- E room Secretary: FNA Overhauser, Janine C. Business Education League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Homeroom Vice- President, Treasurer: Golf Team: All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: Office Worker: Junior Achievement Palmer, Terry Mathematics League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Tamarack Staff, Editor-in- Chief, Girls' Sports Editor: Color Girls: Songleader, Chairman: Mu- sic Festival: ASB Dance Commit- tee, Publicity Chairman: National High School Anthology Award Winner: After-School Sports, A11- Activity Shield, 1 star: Junior Dance Committee: Quill and Scroll: Honor Roll Pare, Nancy Gene Business Education Transferred from Savannah, Geor- gia. Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Big Sister: News Staff, Feature Page Editor, Mailing Staff: Junior Press Club: Commercial Club: Quill and Scroll, Vice-President: Homeroom Vice-President: Library Worker: League Silver Pin: News Editor Parker, Carole Loleta Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Bronze Pin, Committees, Representative, Big Sister: Doll Shop: Homeroom President, Sec- retary, Treasurer: ASB, Red Cross Representative: Golf Team Payne, William David Mathematics Varsity Football: B-Squad Foot- ball, Basketball: Freshman Foot- ball, Basketball, Baseball, Track: Golf Team: Warriors: Bowling: Homeroom President: Intramural Sports Peightal, Janet ,lean Mathematics League Bronze Pin: Doll Shop: Homeroom S e c r e t a r y: Junior Achievement: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Locker Moni- or Peters, John E. Mathematics Debate: Concert, Marching Band: Homeroom President: Federation Representative Peterson, Carole Mildred Science League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Medecine d'Ave- nir, Vice-President, Secretary: Homeroom Secretary: ASB Rep- resentative: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Vox Puellar- um: Gym Office Worker: Red Feathers, Cosecretary - Historian: Medecinde d'Avenir, President: League Gold Pin Peterson, Gary Allen Science Stage Crew: Not a candidate for June graduation Petruss, Julie Ann Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: FTA, Treasurer: ASB Committees, Representative: News Representative: After-Schoo 1 Sports: Library, Office Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker Pierce, Nancy Gay Business Education Transferred from Grand Coulee, Washington. Big Sister: News Staff, Reporter, Mailing Staff: Commer- cial Club: After-School Sports: Bowling Pilger, Carol Mae Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin: Big Sister: Color Girls: Tau Chi Talent Club: FNA: 3C's: Red Cross, News Representa- tive: After-School Sports: Nurse's Office, Gym Office Worker Piper, Janet Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin, Com- mittees, Big Sister, Representative: ASB Representative: Red Feathers: Color Girls, Historian: Tennis Team, Manager: Commercial Club, President, Sergeant at Arms: Spanish Club: Doll Shop: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield, gold star Pitts, Thurman Lee Mathematics Pockrus, Donna Louise Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: League Silver Pin, Big Sister: Homeroom President: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor: Bookroom Worker Pockrus, Dorothy Marie Business Education League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: ASB Representative: After-School Sports: L o c k e r Monitor: Rest Monitor Poss, Ga ry Peter Industrial A rts Bowling Powell, Alan Delos Mathematics B-Squad Football, Manager: Spe- cial, Marching, Pep Band ed' Powis, Roy Edward Mathematics Marching, Special, Concert, Pep Band, Bowling, Federation Rep- resentative Prague, Richard Business Education Varsity Baseball, Manager, Spanish Club, Treasurer, Library Worker, Bowling, Junior Achievement Preston, Mary Ellen Music Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times, News Staff, Advertising, Color Girls, League Silver Pin, Big Sis- ter of the Year Award, Sextet, Committees, Doll Shop, Music Festival, Choir, Homeroom Presi- dent, Vice-President, ASB, League Representative, A f t e r - S c h o ol Sports, Not a candidate for June graduation ,ff ffl, Prophet, G r ld Science Varsity Foot , ck J ' Varsity Track BLS , Track, Hom 'e-P s t, Sergeant at r ' A W fy W WM, Quis+, John Holger Social Studies Doll Shop, Bowling Randall, Linda Starr Science Scholastic Honor Roll, .2 times, League Silver Pin, Big Sister, Math Club, Medecine d'Avenir, Amores Librorum, President, Ten- nis Team, Letter, 1 star, Golf Team, B o w 1 i n g, After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield, Office Worker Raver, Gerald Robert Science Tau Chi Talent Club, Thespians, All-School Play, Chi1dren's Theater, Choir, Boys' Glee, Marching, Con- cert Band, Junior Achievement Read, Vicki Joan Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, League Bronze Pin, Representative, Big Sister, Red Cross Representative, Homeroom President, ASB Dance. gommittee, Representative, Honor oll Reavis, John Reed Jr. Science Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Scholastic Honor Roll, Varsity, B-Squad Football, ASB Repre- sentative, Varsity Track Reuss, Judy Ellen Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times, News Staff, Reporter, Mailing Staff, Red Feathers, Color Girls, Commercial Club, Fifth Execu- tive, Secretary, Doll Shop, Tama- rack, Red Cross Representative, After-School Sports, Tennis Team, Manager, All-Activity Shield, gold star, Senior Cards and Announce- ments Committee, Junior Press Club, News Co-Associate Editor, League Gold with Ruby Pin Riddle, James William Industrial Arts Rifle Club, President, Vice-P.resi- dent, Homeroom Treasurer, Red Cross Representative, 3C's, Horse- back Riding Ridge, Lawerence Leonard Mathematics Transferred from Spangle, Wash- ington. Marching, Concert Band Riediger, Sandra .lane Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Committees, Silver Pin, Big Sister, Representative: FNA, Vice-President: Doll Shop: Home- room Secretary: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield Rigas, Sherry Lou Mathematics League Silver Pin, Representative, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: Homeroom President, Treasurer: Spanish Club, Fifth Executive: Library Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Golf Riley, Sharon .S'cu'ncc' Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Representative, Honors Board: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: ASB Honors Board, Committees, Representative: Color Girls, Sec- retary: Red Feathers: Doll Shop, Music Festival: Tamarack, News Representative: Senior Commence- ment Committee, Cochairman Roberts, Thad D. Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: Junior Varsity Track: Marching Band Roian, Jack E. Social Studicx Transferred from Rogers. Federa- tion Representative Rooney,-.Iudy Lee Bu.fiuc.r.r Education League -Representative, Big Sister, Office Worker: ASB Committees: Red Cross, News Representative: Amores Librorum: After-School Sports: Library Worker: Junior Dance Committee Ruby, Marilee LaVerne Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: Big Sister: Amores Librorum: FNA: Doll Shop, Children's Thea- ter: League Silver Pin: Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Jun- ior Dance Committee: All-School Play, Publicity Ryen, Gary L. Matlzciiinlirri' Saccomanno, Kathi Iilatlzenmlics League Bronze Pin, Big Sister, Representative: Red Feathers: Mu- sic Festival: Homeroom Roll Check- er: Junior Achievement: After- School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: Locker Mon- itor Sander, Catherine Ann Bu.riue.r.r Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: League Bronze Pin, Committee, Big Sister, Representative: Color Girls: Commercial Club, Treasurer: Tau Chi Talent Club: Red Cross, News Representative: Doll Shop, Music Festival: Choir, Junior Li- brarian: After-School Sports: Of- fice Worker Sanders, Jerilyn Jean Buxincss Education L e a g u e Big Sister: Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer Sandgren, Michael Kent Fine Arts Tamarack Art Staff: Tau Chi Tal- ent Club, Historian: Thespians, Historian: Art Club, Treasurer: Doll Shop, All-School Play, Chil- dren's Theater: ASB Publicity Committee: News Representative: Junior Dance Art Director: Sen- ior Prom Committee Saruwatari, Kenneth Larry Matlxcmatics Scholastic Honor Roll: B-Squad Football, Track: Concert, March- ing, Special, Pep Band: Federa- tion Representative: Intramural Sports: Junior Dance Committee: Varsity Football: Federation Vice- President Sayler, Linda Lou Business Educariou Gym Office Worker CNot a candidate for June gradu- ationj Schirmer, Patricia Rae Business Educatiou League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister: ASB Committees: Homeroom President: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Golf Team: All-Activity Shield: Library Work- EI' Schroeder, Larry Paul jll0fllU1llflfiC.S' Scholastic Honor Roll: Thespians: Doll Shop, Chi1dren's Theater, A11- School Play: Homeroom President: Library Worker: News Represent- ative: Tennis Team: Amores Li- brorum Book Contest, Second Place: Junior Achievement Schaum, Dee LeRoy Industrial Arts Red Cross Representative: Intra- mural Sports: Homeroom Treas- urer: Gym Office Worker: Stage Crew Manager Sears, Elizabeth Jean M0fl1811lfGfiCJ L e a g u e President, Committees, Gold with Ruby Pin, Big Sister, Representative: Girls' State Dele- gate: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Latin Club, President: Vox Puel- larum: Red Cross Vice-President, Representative: Science Fair Co- chairman: After-School Sports, All- Activity Shield, Gold Star, Honor- able Mention: Tennis Team, Letter: Doll Shop, Music Festival: Red Feathers, Sergeant at Arms Shafer, Joe Walt I1zc1u.rtrialArt.v Varsity Football: ASB Representa- tive Shoemaker, Nora Anne Social Studicx Transferred from Holy Names. League Big Sister: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Junior Dance Commit- tee Shoop, Dick Social .S'tudic.v Transferred from Kettle Falls, Washington. Simpson, Terry Ann Zllaflzcuztalics League Big Sister: Red Feathers: News, Red Cross Representative: Girls' Glee: Doll Shop, Music Fes- tival, All-School Play: After- School Sports Smyth, Sandra Irene Busiuerx Education League Big Sister: All-School Play: Ticket Office Worker: Li- brary Worker Somerville, Bonnie Kay Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: Aquettes: Doll Shop: Gym Office Worker: Locker Monitor: ASB Committees: Ticket Office Worker Sprecher, Jerry A. Mathematics B-Squad F o o t b a l l: Homeroom President Stanford, Jay Mathematics B-Squad Track: Rifle Club Stein, Janice Marie Business Education League Bronze Pin: Girls' Glee Stern, Sharron Marie Social Studies Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Treasurer, Gold Pin, Com- mittees, Big Sister, Honors Board: Debate: Red Feathers: Latin Club, Secretary: FTA, Historian-Report- er: Vox Puellarum, Fifth Execu- tive, Sergeant at Arms: ASB Rep- resentative: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: League Gold with Ruby Pin Sterritt, Leslie George Industrial Arts Sterritt, Susan Ann Business Education League Big Sister: Concession Stand Worker Stephens, C. Lavaughn Mathematics Transferred from Okanogan, Wash- ington. Varsity Football, Cocap- tain: Junior Varsity Track: War- riors, President: Honors Board: Homeroom Sergeant at Arms: Fed- eration Representative: ASB Vice- President Stevens, Karen Lew Honieinaking League Bronze Pin, Committees, Representative: Study Hall Roll Checker: After-School Sports: Homeroom Roll Checker: Nurse's Office Worker Stohs, Phillip Wayne Social Studies Federation President, Committees: Student Court: Twinlow: Varsity Basketball, Track, Cross Country: Junior Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, Track: B-Squad Football: Warriors: Doll Shop: ASB Finance Committee: Marching, Concert, Special, Pep Band, President: War- riors, President: F e d e r a tio n Treasurer Stone, Jacqueline Marion Business Education Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Feathers: Color Guard: League Silver Pin, Committees, Repre- sentative, Big Sister: ASB Rep- resentative: Spanish Club, Fifth Executive: Doll Shop, Music Fes- tival: Red Cross, News Repre- sentative: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Junior Dance Committee Street, Rick Social Studies Varsity Track, Cross Country: Junior Varsity Track, Cross Coun- try: Doll Shop: ASB Dance Com- mittee: Choir: Music Festival, All- School Play: Senior Class Treas- urer Sylte, Deancla Mae Music Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister: ASB Finance Committee, Representative: Student Court, Secretary: Thespians, Secretary: Tau Chi Talent Club, Historian: Children's T h e a t e r, All-School Play, Doll Shop, Music Festival: Choir, Librarian: Girls' Glee, Vice- President: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield Sylie, Deanna M mic " League Gold Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Red Feathers: ASB Elec- tions C o m m i s s i 0 n: Children's Theater, All-School Play, Doll Shop, Music Festival: Tau Chi Tal- ent Club: Choir, Librarian: Girls' Glee, Librarian: Thespians, Treas- urer: Homeroom President, Sec- retary: After-School Sports, All- Activity Shield Szymczak, Mike Ronald Jlffxtlzvnzzzfivs Scholastic Honor Roll: Federation Clerk: Varsity Football, Baseball: B-Squad Football, Baseball: War- riors: Intramural Sports: Senior Breakfast Committee, Cochairman Tanium, Peggyanne l?1i.vi1ir.v.v Edumiioii Doll Shop, Children's Theater, All- School Play: After-School Sports: Traffic Squad: Locker, Rest Moni- tor Taylor, Yvonne June Business Education Doll Shop, Children's Theater, All- School Play: News Representative: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: Office Worker: Rest Monitor Thompson, April Joy Homemakiiig Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister: Spanish Club, Vice- President, Treasurer: Doll Shop: ASB Representative: After-School Sports: Ticket Office Worker Thomson, Eileen Anne Science Transferred from Oroville, Wash- ington. Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin, Big Sis- ter: Red Cross, News Representa- tive: Library Worker: Science Fair Winner: Children's Theater Thorpe, Joanne Evelyn B1L.fiIlC.f.V Education League Big Sister: ASB Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: Bowling: Gym Office Worker Thorpe, Judie Lee Social Studiex League Big Sister: Homeroom Secretary: After-School Sports: Golf Team Thopoulos, Maria Eminent Education League Bronze Pin, Representative, Office Worker: Library Repre- sentative, Worker: News Repre- sentative Tonani, Ronald Mathematics Homeroom President: News Rep- resentative Tornow, Michael Henry M atlzematics Scholastic Honor Roll: Debate: Warriors: ASB Con Scheduling, Nominating Committee: Varsity Tennis: Senior Cards and An- nouncements Committee Tucker, James.Wesley M ailiematics Homeroom President: Varsity Golf: Warriors Tucker, Marilyn Jo Bnxiriexx Education League Big Sister: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Study Hall Roll Checker: Locker Monitor Turner, Donna Lea Bn.vincs.r Education Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: League Bronze Pin, Big Sister, Representative: ASB Representa- tive: Gym Office, B o o k r o o m Worker: Typing Pin: Locker Mon- itor: Junior Achievement Turnley, Robert Science Marching, Concert Band Tussey, Nancy Anne Honzcnmking League Big Sister: Red Cross Worker: Children's Theater: Betty Crocker Homemaker Award Ullrich, Patricia Lee Bnsinemr Education League Bronze Pin, Big Sister: Junior Dance Committee Underdahl, Bonnie Kay Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Repre- sentative: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Math Club: Secretary: Art Club, Vice-President, Secretary, Fifth Executive: Doll Shop, Mu- sic Festival: ASB Committees: Homeroom Vice-President, Roll Checker: After-School Sports, All- Activity Shield, 2 stars Unger, Carrie Mae Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 7 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin, Com- mittees, Representative, Big Sis- ter: Tamarack Staff, Managing Editor: Debate: Red Feathers, Sergeant at Arms: Color Girls, Secretary: Vox Puellarum, Secre- tary: FTA, Secretary, Historian: Latin Club, Vice-President: After- School Sports, A11-Activity Shield, gold star: FTA, President: Vox Puellarum, Sergeant at Arms Varner, Larry Thomas I1idnsfriaIf4rl.v Marching, Concert Band: Bowling Wacker, Pam Raye B1i.ri11c.v.r Education League Big Sister: Homeroom Treasurer: Ticket Office Worker: After-School Sports: Library Worker: Homeroom Sergeant at Arms: League Bronze Pin Wahl, Kathryn Ann Science e League Bronze Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Representative: News Staff: FNA: Homeroom Vice- President: ASB Committees, Rep- resentative: Tamarack Representa- tive: After-School Sports: Tennis Team: Library Worker: Locker Monitor: Not a candidate for June graduation Walker, Cecil Justin Mntlieiiiaticx Walker, Howard I ndnstrial A1-fx Photography Staff: Doll Shop: Stage Crew: Gym Monitor Wallace, Barbara Jean Buxiucss Education League Big Sister: 3C's: Music Festival: Library Worker: Girls' Glee: After-School Sports: Bowl- ing: Study Hall Roll Checker: Office Worker: Not a candidate for June graduation Walt, Jerold Mathematics Walter, Nancy Lou Business Education League Gold Pin: Spanish Club, Fifth Executive: Junior Toastmis- tress, Treasurer: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Ticket Office Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Locker Monitor Wartield, Julie Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: League Gold Pin, Representative, Big Sister: News Staff: Tamarack Staff, School Life and Advertising Editor, Representative: Latin Club, Fifth Executive: FTA: Doll Shop: Homeroom Secretary - Treasurer: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield, 3 stars: Science Fair Win- ner: League Gold with Ruby Pin: ASB Election Committee, Cochair- man: Senior Committee, Cochair- man Warner, James Lloyd 5'ocialStudics Federation Representative: Tennis Team: Debate: Tau Chi Talent Club: Doll Shop, Music Festival: Homeroom President, Vice-Presi- dent: Special, Marching, Concert Band, Sergeant at Arms: Science Fair Winner Watt, David Loyd Illalllmnalirs Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Federation Vice-President: Senior Senator: Student Court Baliff: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman Track: Varsity, B-Squad, Fresh- man Football: B-Squad Football Manager: Warriors: Homeroom Vice-President: Intramural Sports Wavra, Robert Louis Mathematics Varsity Track, Cross Country: Warriors: News Representative: Junior Varsity Track, Cross Coun- try Webster, Norman Russell Jr. Social Studies Transferred from Chateauroux, France. Rifle Club: Not a candi- date for June graduation Wellhouser, Evelyn Christina Businavs Education League Bronze Pin, Big Sister' After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield Wellman, Howard Science Transferred from Shadle Park. Varsity Football, Manager Whitesitt, Rita Faye I-Iomcmaking Transferred from Central Valley All-School Play, Children's Thea- ter: Thespians Wigen, Alan Lee Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll Wiley. Sue Bzrsinzcrs Education Transferred from Seattle, Wash- ington. Homeroom Secretary: All- School Play: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Library Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Junior Dance Committee Williams, Keith Richard Social Studies Junior Varsity Baseball: B-Squad Football: Marching, Special, Con- cert Band: ASB Committees: Homeroom President: Golf Team: Intramural Sports: Bowling Willoughby, Bruce Mathematics Junior Varsity Basketball, Track: B-Squad Basketball: Freshman Basketball, Football: Homeroom President: Federation Representa- tive Wirsch, Ron Science Varsity, Junior Varsity Baseball: Marching, Special, Concert Band, Vice-President: Federation Repre- sentative: Bowling Wittenberg, Wallace Lee Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: Tau Chi Talent Club: Music Fes- tival: ASB Con Scheduling Com- mittee: Choir, President, Accom- panist: Locker Monitor: Senior Caps and Gowns Committee, Co- chairman Wood, Colleen Faye Foreign Languages League Gold with Ruby Pin, Committees, Honors Board, Big Sister, Representative, Point Chair- man: ASB Publicity Committee, Honors B o a r d, Representative, Freshman Senator: Vox Puellarum, Historian-Recorder: Doll Shop, Mu- sic Festival: Red Feathers: Tama- rack Staff, Productions Editor, Representative: A11- A c ti v i t y Shield, l star: Science Fair Co- chairman: Medecine d'Avenir: News, Library Representative: Vox Puellarum, President: ASB Record Committee, Chairman 'T - . York, Stephanie .lane ,Matlzumatifs Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin, Committees, Big Sister, Awards Con, Chair- man: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Commercial Club: FTA: Doll Shop: Homeroom President: After-School Sports, All-Activity Shield: Mede- cine d'Avenir, Secretary: Commer- cial Club, Vice-President: ASB Con Scheduling, Chairman Young, Dennis Gay Industrial Arts Bowling Zinnecker, Eva Mae Business Education 18 Transferred from Rogers. League Big Sister: Music Festival: Girls' Glee: Study Hall Roll Checker Seniors Not Pictured Arnold, John Caruso, Niclcolas Foster, William Humphries, Orin Kupers, Edward Mattie, Kermit Probert, Dale Rogers, Sharon Kay Stevens, Victor Zabel, Dan Decorating for the dance, Te'rry Palmer and Georganne Jackman struggle with the crepe paper, and Gail Gladder helps with the tape. ln the background Sharon Riley, Nick Frucci, Nancy Johnson and Mike Sandgren assist in putting up the decorations. SENIOR HOMEROOM TEACHERS-First row: Mrs. Jane McLeod, Mrs. Helen Beaver, Mrs. Carol Newett, Mrs. Joan Vollgny Mrs Dorothy Chandler, Mrs. Virgina Wilcox, Mrs. Helen Stockdafe, Mrs. Patricia Brown. Second row: Vern Broadwell, Mack Saunders, Leonard Graham, Russell Meyer, Walter Spangenberg, Paul Tobie. ewdafz ,4otc'arIZc'ea Senior Convocalion Gerry Featherly Clzaimimi Ginny Brookman Pat Callahan Lyle Carstens Georganne Jackman Deancla Sylte Deanna Sylte Senior Prom Karen Crosbie Nick Frncci Clzairmm Nancy Frank Marflell Jacobsen Karen Moore Mike Sanclgren ll im VVarner Senior Recepiion Peggy Fowler Carol Manncl Clzairnwn ,loan Huellemann Lonna Ogle Senior Breakfasl Gail Glaclcler Mike Szymczak Clzrzirllimi Sue Doherty Gary Erickson Christy Fackentliall Carrie Unger Coki W'oocl Senior Caps and Gowns .lnlie Warfielcl Wfally VVittenberg fqflfliflllfll Alice Bacon Karen Coleman Maureen O'Connor Ken Sarnwatari Sharron Stern Senior Commencemenl Dong Lewis Sharon Riley Cl1l1iI'77l'C1L Allison Airey janet Hopper Phill Stohs Dave Nlfalt Stevie York Senior Cards and Announcemenfs George Kersnl Mary Nelson Clmiruz rn QI ucly Anderson Robert Bell Dorothy Bennett Donna Conover Robin Cunningham ,lncly Forbes XN'ilma -lohnson Ralph Miller Bruce Nelson Judy Reuss Terry Simpson Mike Tornow i VL3 W SENIOR CON - Lyle Carsfens as Schroeder captivafes Lucy lGerry Featherlyl with his playing of a Beethoven concerto. Violet, played by Pat Callahan, listens with sucker in hand while Patty lGinny Broolcmanl 'fakes care of Snoopy. Whexv! We made it! This was the most frequently used saying on April 24, 1959, as the juniors of '59 were the first class to organize and have 21 class function. Suspended from the ceiling were coins which reflected the lights in the room. The bubbling of the fountain could be heard and even in the pictures that were being taken, the theme "Three Coins in a Fofzmtainu was carried out by 21 fountain mural as a background. l ' iff , R e A gr L 1 2 Y 1 W . ' ff-. r 5 - . .. ki I ,r ie f ' X -33 l 5 r lr?-'Q.Qlik r iii' f , , f i .FQ I 'L . ri E 2 is E fl 5 Ax. l ., A. 65 ,, ,AR ij . 'Q' " SENIOR PROM--The wonderful, once-in-a-life+ime momenf is capfured as Mike Szymczak helps Karen Crosbie wifh her corsage. The dance was solely a stuclcut effort with Mrs. Patricia llrown aucl Mrs. Hclcn Stoclcclalu advising. I Clotting senior activities off to a good start was the Senior Con, with "J lux lx BYOIH' Lif1'ff11111'Iii' Bl'l7TC'1l,i lrcaclliuiug' the show. After rr-llcarsals and more rclicarsals, the performances look placc on Marclr 31 for the parm-nts' rcccptiou and the grand finale convocation April 1. Going from laughter and confusion to cuclianting music and lustrous surround'- iug, the Senior Prom of 1960 took form on the evening of May 29-. . 5 ' SENIOR DRESS-UP DAY-Byron Burlness, Darrell Mallhews, Vicki Read, Sandee Laughlin and Don Jones are complelely buslned af+er spending a +iring day all dressed up in suils and heels. just as the goonl fairy wavecl lier magic wand and turned Cinderella into a charming princess, so were all the senior Class stuclenls of everyclay attire lurnecl into laclies ancl gentlemen of the social worlcl. June 2, ah, that was the clay! A combination, tl1at's what it wasgllrcxs-Up Day and the ,S'e11i01' lfrealcfaxi. Everyone was clressecl up in the gayest of spring fashions and the aroma of bacon and eggs coulcl lie smellecl tlirongliout the hotel. 'llo lop off the fine menu, the entertainment and speakers were superb. E o s E r i i S X 5 5 V . f 5 i 5 f .7 . 4-.,i qi Wx SENIOR BREAKFAST-Colleen Wood pours for Carrie Unger as Gary Erickson sea+s Sue Doherfy and Chrisfy Fackenfhall looks on. As all wood thin fs must come to an cud, so must our hi fh school carecr. With b tonal fzircwclls in our hearts, the SC11101' Class of 1960 movccl to the Coliseum for Ci0UIllIClICL'IlIt'llf .S'cr'-zuiccx, Sunday, june' 5, at 4 p.m. Rohcd in thc tizulitional caps and gowns thc sr-niors rr-ccivcd lhcir nlipiomzns. To thc strains of Olivacloti's "Homage to Youthf, thc seniors siluntly paid their lust lrihutc to North Central Hi rh Schoolwtheir Alma Mater. S 1 Q. ,M ,.:A:Sd t5xwf' -,-,,-L . L X X . , s- Sax A J, .,,W..,V,.,.M Z,.a+ A - Mauve-ANY 11 KX Q 5 gal ffgf k. ,L V fig wifi E Qfigi my 'w Laxman, l 1 l l l Front row: Muriel Ingham, Diane Francis, Roxanna Byers, Judy Ross, Linda Roper, Cala Chilton, Dorothy Tillman, Beverly Birge, Nancy Patterson, Gerry Proctor, Second row: Clifford Mishler, John Gallegos, JoAnne Foster, Linda Edgar, Maxine Woodward, Maralee Haynes, Sharan Lee Elder, Karen Boesche, Glenn DuPrec, Nor- man Stein, Miss Allison.Third row: Verlin Martin, Richard Stanley, Ronald Bush, Kenneth Michell, Judson Benway, LeRoy Richard- son, Bob Warn, Dan Wayman, Dan Hurley, Pat McCarthy, Wayne Duke. The iunior, finally an upperclassman, wends his way 'through ihe familiar halls l l ,, , 7 MR. 1 Front row: Peggy Murphy, Shirley Haegele, Jeanette Larson, Michelle DeTroy, Connie MacArthur, Barbara Hammond, Reginald Cullitan, John Kurlc. Second row: Judy Howarth, Marna Bergfalk, Cherry Clapp, Colleen Zelnn, Vera Ellen Bice, Edith Reynolds Sallie Olson, Joe Hines, Mervin Swenson, Mr. Bland. Third row: Rodney Niemeyer, Ron Landberg, Eric Wolters, Steve Anderson, Robert Sleeth, Mike Jones, Eric Aldinger, Don Hammond, Mark Schroeder. 67 MRS. Front row: Judy Updike, Judy Noll, Ken Johnson, John Coffey, Kay Anderson, Garth Andrews, Stan Bronowski, La Verna Kiperts, Sharon Duncan. Second row: Gay Richardson, Darrell Larson, Rose White, Sylvia Daniels, Sylvia Bursch, Beverly Chrysler, Judy Hensel, Elaine Fifield, Marilyn Weishaar, Mrs. Campbell. Third row: George Alberts, Jackie Potter, Dennis McCunc, Harold Beard, Jim Burke, Charles Zibulka, Jim Murphy, Brian Kelley, Sue Muel- ler, Phil Roger. wiih an air of confidence. His leadership is now recognized, and he is. ofien a 1 e i i 1 Front row: Dorothy Miller, Jean Carroll, Cheryl Nance, Mildred Price, Catherine Perry, Bonnie Bennett, Lucy Ann Hughes, Gwendolyn Smith. Second row: Charlotte Lipps, lvlarilyn Siegel, Margziret Lee, Put- ricia Fletcher, Marjorie Tracy, Robert Murphy, Clyde Kruger, Charles Read, Mike Rojan, Mrs. Coon. Third row: Dennis McGloeklin, Steve Liptaek, William Lanter, David Farris, Don Milward, David Hunter, Kenneth Kringle, James Maddox, Kenneth Baune, Johnny Burrow. 68 XA- Front row: John Choate, Merrilie Nevdahl, Connie Olsen, Marjorie Flint, Frances Vollert, Sharon Auer Sue Christensen, Beverly Wimmer, Carol Routson, Frances Romano, Charles Teasdale. Second row: Louis Mendoza, Charles Gaumer, Donna Greene, Jean Cook, Elaine Smith, Louise Erickson, Donna Schaber, Dennis O'Keefe, Rob- ert Bigham, Darrel Dashiell, Mr. Griggs. Third row: Tom Coffin, Randy Caldwell, Gordon McCammond, Tom Martin, Dean Griner, John Othmer, Darrell Schwartz, Delaney Ralston, Ray Perron. candidate in NC's elective offices. Although he enjoys privileges of the Front row: Dona Brooks, Mary Montoya, Alice Hirschkorn, Colleen Tighe, Marilyn Burch, Sharon Larson, Catherine Adams, Vicki Litten. Second row: Sharen Stewart, Nancy Jones, Linda Bradbury, Charlene Graves, Mary Galt, Ardis Zacher, Valerie Denton, Ron Cafaro, Mr. Griswold. Third row: Robert Helm, Ed Lnmphier, How- ard Reeves, Louis Grande, Harold Walker, Fred Betts, Toby Tabor, Clarence Torchie, Gene Coffey, Delbert Clute, Stan Kimrnerly. 69 1 1 Front row: Joan Roberg, Norma Craft, Naomi Gray, Janice Kcnnedy, Hannelore Marten, Cathy Prihar, Sharvl Burgeson, Eloise Glaizer. Second row: Pam Eakins, Judy Cave, Beverly Thompson, Sharon Froth- h h inger, Carol Dcno, William Swzinson, Mike DeMinter, Mike Biggs, Vern DeChenc, Gail Cook, Mr. Hagen. Third row: Marvin T ac , Bill Randall, Tom Hedeinark, Merlin Smith, Robert Haney, Jim Sackett, Roger McMaeken, Rick Nichols, Pete Lopez. upperclassman, his primary in'I'eres+ is his many subiec'I's, one of which is his i l Front row LeRox Sheibuxn Lamona Baldwin M'1ry Ann Rolnik Karen Vogelgesang, Mary Jo Fuller, Patty MR. HIX-405 f -' ' '- 1 - v - LaPoin1, Shirley Bezotte, Dinnc Thomas. Second row: Judy Allwardt, Richard Davis, Gary Goodman, Ray White. Sharon Conroe Charlene Telford, Carol Hutchings, Maxine Blair, Mr. Hix. Third row: Charles Januscheitis, Craig Butters, Dana Atwood, Bud Might, Rudy Werle, Larry McCauley, Lynda Koers, Lynda Blangercs. Loretta Beringer, Wihnn Stinson. 70 pf' Front row: Judy Hutchinson, Victoria Belieu, Frances Bayley, Marie Oiland Cannata, Alla Jean Ciallella, Sandra' Hayward, Sally Ann White ton, Michael Poff, Mickey Davis, Robert Marler, James Hulmberfz 'mm vial: Mertens, Janet Fendley, Judy Lemley, Elana Bradshaw, Judy Second row: Allen Lyden, George Morgan, Sharon Fisher, Elaine Carol Partridge, Ronald Bell. Third row: R Terry Houger, Dennis Hull, Mike Mitchell. ussle Harris, Les Nor- vocaiional noiebook. One may o'Fien find ihe iunior in ihe library hasiily iaking MR- Front row: Velma Hogan, Bonnie Burgin, Marie Alexicve, Sandra Rudy, Maxine Walker, Alice Rey- nolds, Judy Downey, John Kelly, Frank Oberst. Second row: Dick Stejer, Carolyn Muller, Eleen Chambers, Donna DeChenne, Mabel Hunter, Connie Lappin, Carol Musgrave, Sarah Duke, Wilson Draper, Mr. Lowther. Third row: Delmer Adams, Gene Allen, Ron Anderson, Gary Krick, John Lattimer, Dick Nielson, Gene Sawyer, Bud Shaw, Howard Shuck, Dan Womack, Marvin Henthorn. 7I MRS. Front row: Kaye Beck, Edith Knapp, Barbara Searcy, Elizabeth Scott, Patti Person, Carolyn Albright, Carol Ramage, Second row: Duke Sturgeon, James Hanley, Jerriann Rew, Fay Fobes, Annette Vnn Dyke, Teresa Merrick, Carol Frucci, Mike Sturgeon, Mrs. McLaughlin. Third row: Robert Leonard, David Crosc, Georgc Brown, Larry Eldore, Bill Stcg, Richard Heaton, Steve Muench, Art Blystonc, Mike Swank, Charles Ruby. noies on his fuiure vocaiion from sriacks of books and pamphieis. Looking 'Forward 4 D' ,, -A V w. it ge, 'Q 'W ' -sr' i MR. -I Front row: Kenneth Williams, Gordon Allen, Sandra Swope, Eileen Anderson, Thelma Olson, Marilyn Lowery, Mary Cullen, Marcia Dungan, Pat Butler, Marion Humphries. Second row: Dennis Regis, Gene Sponcler, Dun Davis, Robert Reiser, Dennis Sdao, Marilyn Nyberg, Joyce Greenwood, Sharon Sinclair, Joyce Henslee, Frances Aubin, Mr. Nygaard. Third row: Larry Wilde, Ronald Hildahl, Jim Cozzetto, Gary Jennings, Ronald Helm, David Mingo, John Wickstrom, Jerald Forrester, Dick Aris, Ronnie Brock. 72 MRS. L Front row: Mary Bailey, Patty Naccarato, Sherry Hindman, Kathy Santorsola, Judy Buxton, Patty John- son, Susan Lang, Judy Stanger, Second row: Meredith Ault, Charles Burch, Ron Peaslee, Bob McLean, Lco Hamilton, Dennis Riddle, Frank Tayloe, Zella Reed, Marianna Cook, Mrs. Oppen. Third row: Bob Newcomb, Jerry Swan, Ron Harris, Lee Hutchins, Leonard Picard, Gary Kaatz, David White, Don Woodbury, James Kippen. io his. iasi' year, +i1e iunior sirives 'ro materialize his dreams and ambitions. MR. Front row: Sandra Bowen, Barbara Stemmer, Jan Rogers, Oleta Doty, Nancy Peterson, Darlene Fisher, Gloria Tussey, John Platt. Second row: Richard Westfall, Gabriel Daratha, Morris Bierig, Donna Potter, Sandra Condon, Nikki Deatherage, Terry Mitchell, Don Veter, Third row: Marty Seedorf, Jim Lutz, George Cheroke, John Cook, Ron Weber, Jim Buchanan, Dave Spetch, Gary March. 73 Q Qesno l l 5 'av Dl N ' Jjk t wil' - ff cs. f 1 't'uN In "..','ei' J W., , , .vga t . ..'-vw! . Q .,w, s,,5 Ax: , x x v pgs' s' ba., .1 Q .' 0' -:iff -1, Y flwsf,,fgkfli gA ri tl ffiza ,WT 'V'?jf--Q1 K ,fa .K W 4,,, f jgxgffj elf 21 Ill Typical cf all Sophomores these biology students are dlagramlng the human body m Mr Span b gen erg's class. Shown are Larry Baum, Linda Headstrom, Fred Brown and Kathy Sanders 74 MR. Front row: Dunne Wengeler, Linda Berryman, lvlarge Street, Betty Bailie, Mary Mullenix. Susan Brownlow, Barbara March, Pat Slniford, Marian And:-rsqm. Mike Williams. Second row: Lziann Con- don, Judi Hunter, Joan House, Cherly McMullin, Jerry lllr-Laughlin, Jack Tetum, Gary Aull, lflerberl Alclinggc-r. Mzirizin Grzieio, Judy McCauley, Cleone Gregg, Janet Peterson. Third row: Steve McMacken, John Jamieson, Gordon Burnett, Bill Hoitink, Darrell Cluckcy, Tom Forkner, Bruce Wilson, Ardee Steele, Marvin Nelson, Harvey Luiten, Don Ludwigson, Gary Pinkley. Dissecling worms, 'frogs and grasshoppers is only a small par'r of'H'1e many MR. - Front row: Paula Ayers, Wanda Chapman, Sherri Lee Miller, Mary Ellen Ingalls, Linda Warren, Tammy Kimpel, Charlotte Vagenzis, JoAnne Monbleau, Joe Giron, Second row: Lynn Cooper, LaVon Elmore, Florence Waller, Lennie Husen, Nancy Jo Clemenson, Bill Leonard, Paul Breeden, Ralph Caballero, Doug McGuirl-c, Peter Sieber, Ed Doyle. Third row: Jim Delameter, Dan Deardorff, John Cook, Ron Johnson, John Campbell, Berry Davison, Jerry Bill, Dick Skaug- stad, Douglas Lentz, Larry Hanson, Charles Austin, Mr. Davis. 75 rw I f...-Q.. Yf' -, Front row: Dixie Donkelaar, Judi Naccaruto, Nancy Hoering, Karen Welch, Margaret Pitts, Joyce Tollef- son, Lois Van Doren, Judith Bartleson, Jim McKne1ly, Ron Veter. Second row: Theresa Kubas, Joanne Pot- ter, Lonnie Yancey, Joel Wright, Mike Walker, Robert Claeson, Richard Walker, Keith Larson, Roberta House, Joan Lanterman. Third row: Loralee Jones Nikki Nelson, Senna Leach, Rex Hamilton, Don McKimrney, Frank Watson, Gary Unfred, Jerry Watt, Bill McConnell, Robert Hansen, Mr. Exley. exciting experiments +ha+ +he Sophomore conquers in his biology class. i I 1 , 5 i 1 Front Row: Helen Schubert, JoAnn Charbonneau, Sue Wells, Pat Key, Mamie Spruiell, Bonnie Ander- son, Bill Semro, Ron Amenrud, Tom Powell. Second row: Mr. Glover, Jerry Suiter, Linda Durbin, Nancy Hyko, Sherry Goeden, Doris Pfeiffer, Virginia DeLoney, Sharon Evans, Lynda White, Stuart Putnam, Lyle Richardson, Third row: Roger Bjornson, Jim Goforth, James Black, Noel Stubbs, John Lopez, Dale Davis, Phillip Cameron, Gene Hubbell, Rusty Jackson, Dennis Jackson, Lynn Dalziel, Jim Emoto. 76 1 Front row: Stan Hill, Diana Montoya, Charlotte LaBarge, Leona Costin, Kathy Davis, Ellen Pedersen, Bonita Cotter, Mary Sue Cate, Bill Cross, Ted Hegg. Second row: Dianna Johnson, Iona Costin, Barbra Cox, Gloria Lipps, Pat Whelan, Shirley Benway, Pat Belair, Sandra Whitten, Christine Jacobson, Cathy Coffey, Frank Murphy, Miss Killingsworth. Third row: Tom Ball, Bill Battin, Ken Yarncll, Paul Mather, Jim Lowry, Ron Thompson, Ed Ellefsen, Clyde Ciallella, Dave Charles, Dwight Evans, Larry Percy, John Anderson. Butterfly nets and mounting pins are common equipment to him tor making his MR. Front row: Mickey Williams, Gary DuPree, Linda Hendricks, Sherrie Hayashi, Wanitta Spann, VirginIn Johnson, Peggy Hardcnbrook, Joe Duprie, Carol Moe, Roger Forbes, Vicki Benn. Second row: Robert Clark, Mike Colwell, Karen Lanouette, Frances Hawk, Shirley Vinge, Anita Daniels, Jane Lanierman, Julie Henry, Dorothy Tourtel- lotte, Ola Vevick, Jim McKe1vey, Mr. Luders. Third row: Mike Brower, Pat Miller, Bruce Webster, Barry Gray, Marty O'Brien, Dan Grist, Mike Cavanaugh, Allen Sykes, John Wavra, Larry Judd, Jerry Litzenberger, 77 l I Front row: Ronald Allen, Chuck Tillman, Sandra Edlin, Cleosn Wilkerson, Janet Oesch, Gordia Bergland, Nancy Monohon, Jean Ayers, Gary Westerman. Second row: Bob Chambers, Sharon Evans, Frances Jones, Linda Hcadstrom, Bonnie Holl, Roberta Whitt, Vic Sulisky, Sharon Brown, Judy Fairbrother, Gail Brown, Lonnie Bates. Third row: Richard Pierce, Lora Lee Williams, Kaye Wallingford, Floyd Atwood, Ronnie Lawson, Gerald Mutton, Tom Benn, Robert Aircy. Boyd Farris, Mr. Mayer, colorful bug collec+ion. ln English he has learned 'I'o speak before his wi' X, z 6 Ili: MR. Front row: David Christiansen, Charlene Howe, Connie McSpadden, Kathy Sanders, Rachel Doty, Kathy Dic- tor, Jackie Schauer, Ben Porter. Second row: Jim Allen, Nnrina Bartelt, Beverly Wright, Patty Aubin, Sandra Sugruc, Pattiu Wilson, Gerrie Toth, Pat Wellhouser, John Clements, Jim Moore, Mr. Nye. Third row: Dick Egger, Bill Jennen, Glen Jones, Mike Miller, Harvey Waller, Dick Herron, Loren McKnight, Jim Mulligan, Bob Fanning, Andy Simpson, Mike Gilberg. 78 MRS. Front row: George Giakovmis, John Stalick, Gloria Riediger, Susan Buery, Candyce Plante, John Nor- ton, Ron Rude, Charles Sullivan, Larry Threlkeld. Second row: Ruth Gregg, Orma Roberts, Mar-e Fair, Cindy Baker, Barbara Peters, Leona Dolsman, Pat Rowland, Patsy Pyne, Judy King, Margaret Duke, Sue Gratton, Mrs. Riegel. Third row: Neil Wenrick, Dale Nickerson, Pete McCune, Elmer Johnson, Carole Hay, Larry Baum, Carol Timmons, Roger Biesen. Jim Cyr, Melvin Horn, Don Larson. peers. Now +ha1' he's more acquainted with his school, +he Sophomore is busy MR. Front row: Ronald Wilson, Rebecca Mertens, Nancy Gates, David Breen, Davie Sykes, Robert Kim, Sandra Wallen, Sandra Somerville, Jo Ann Stapleton, Second row: Ken Kortness, Glenn Miller, Betty Powell, Barbara Crews, Sandra Minkler, Julie Lidstone, Jeannie Mueller, Faye Romig, Carol Mascher, Joe Garrison, John Slater. Karen Carter. Third row: David Terry, James Kreshel, Terry Thompson, Henry Hinshaw, Dayle Thompson, David Mann, Evans French, Kenneth, Owen, Gary Martin, Bill Mehl, A N 79 MR. 1 Front row: David Nims, Mary Ann Scharff, Robert Fah, Kay Worthington, Alvin Funk, Janet Moore, Juanita Bierig, Gretchen Hoyt, LeRoy Perry, Sherri Melton, Gary Garafano. Second row: Richard Frank, John Black, Sandra Schraufnagel, Mary Marston, Margaret Butler, Jacqueline Ivey, RaNae Dohs, Anita Nelson. Janet Nelson, Sharon Kimberling, Karen Loutherbach, Frederick Brown, Mr. Stannard. Third row: Gerald Gosline, Robert Leingang, Duane Anderson, George Hogue, William Leesburg, Ronald Ullrich, Tom Smith, Clifford Martin, Harry Hamilton, Charles Taschereau, Lawrence Burke. serving on committees. and being active in various school clubs. Happily he ends 7 E Us more pi MR. 1 I I I Front row: Weldon Broom, Deitra White, Judith Mishler, Holly Vogelgesang, Mary Fremstad, Claudia Latimer, Gerrie Skewis, Mary Plumb, Bonnie Stephenson, Betty Williams, Ronnie Holmes. Second row: Jack Bradford, Duane Nyberg, Jim Mead, Gary Pleasant, Donna Byrorn, Sheriun Thompson, Patricia Bjaaland, Jeannette Fraser, Jean- nette Lambert, Ca1'oline Brady, Kathleen Cole, Mr. Tremblay. Third row: Ernest Laitinen, Don Goffinet, Rick Stern, Bruce Hayden, Jim Baldwin, Stuart Hill, Albert Otterness, Arthur Brooks, Randy Turner, Robert Gewalt, Robert Shaw. 80 E? 'wwf 11 11 ll Av' 5' if H F i i Front row: Dennis DeMinter, Irene Schneider, Susie Anderson, Lois Ellis, Goldie Snyder, Beverly Sparley, Dennis Shuck, Richard Wayland, Larry Buck. Second row: Judy Mills, Dorothy McTaggart, Mary Sisk, Donna Wilson, Kay Turnley, Florence Clark, Phillip Lindquist, Danny Jones, Dennis Farup, James Larson, Dennis Duffy, Craig An- derson. Third row: Vicki Davis, Leah Kundert, Judy Brunette, Andy Stinson, Richard Bagley, Leonard Ruby, Ted Nelson, Clifford Burger, Leland Weinhold, Alton Hassel, Mrs. York. his second year, eagerly looking 'Forward io his role as an upperclassman. WW, 6 sg ' i Q' ll? , 3, . i ,N , ,. 7. ., Z J, ,r is 'A mi Q 'T Homeroom president, Ron Tonani, counts hand votes in electing dance candidates. 8I - .,... ,--.7.,,,,,,, ..... ,. ,,.,,.-. ,,,.. W ' " X ,f .., Q.-11 , an xg ig. 'I gg ' .-,'k'9'l: f ' .img 'f Q . 7 if ff' x iii' .. 1 fp, A ' in ' :qi-it. I I il Q X -s. an ki , 4 a i' W3 A 1-if .fl...,.ls Mr. Davis' second-period unit class is shown learning courteous phone technique Required of all Freshmen, this class studies the activities of the school. P Q fn .Q rw 2-M., Vi' MR. BARNARD - 305 Front row: Linda Lancaster, Theresa Rutledge, Valrie Walke1', Lynne Materne, Anita Baldwin, Linda Stier, Karen Grace. Second row: Kathryn Peterson, Marline Miller, Sharon Barry, Roberta Drader, Pamela LaFace, Carla Gardiner, Gladys Neville, Barbara Matson, Mr. Barnard. Third row: Lonnie Burrow, Dennis Morehouse, Terry Merriman, Richard Sanford, Richard Warren, Kelly Watson, Don Rinck, Lynn Vanbelle, Warren Starr, Floyd Baune, Mike Nienstedt. Hidden behind s+acks of books and with an expression of frusrrafion on his MR Front row: Christena Parish, Linda Pcden, Velma Van Doren. Sharon Pitts, Sharon Burkhardt, Kay Mc- Dougall, Judy Usher, Karen Gilbertson, Linda McMillin. Second row: Melvin Zinnecker, Sheila Bayley, Bar- bara King. Mary Warn, Sharon Westrom, Karen Bannning, Donn 1 McFarling, Sally Mast, Bob Thomas, Mr. Blair. Third row: Steve Kellams, Richard Anderson. Edward Johnston. Jim Thompson, Steven Priel. John Lane, Bill Kirk, Owen Mir, Ron Graves, Joe Chat- terton, Stan Edbu rg. 83 , 'Q 90 XWN MRS' Front row: Ralph Evans, Carol Hallquist, Donna Bell, Vickie Olsen, Linda McMillan, Marlys Haney, Johnny Emoto, Mrs. Briscoe. Second row: Mickey Caurteau, Dale Payne, George Nethercutt, Carol Brand, Nancy Bixby, Karen Whipple, Karen Vance, Susan Randall, Barbara Prague, Jack White, Don Westerman. Third row: Bob Tice, Don Locher, Jerry Bourguignon, Jeannie Curryer, Loraine Brooks, Donna Conrath, Sharon Banning, Teena Watson, Doug Chrysler, Jim W. Thompson, Jerry Britton, .Tim Palmquist. face, the typical Freshman wanders 'io his class. A+ last' he has 'Found himself Front row: Linda Leonard, Roberta Aurand, Meredith Ratzeburg, Janet Sundberg, Carol Hobbs, Linda Ortiz, Evelyn Kirkevold, John McCauley, Duane Mizoguchi. Second row: Sandra Marshall, Mary Blackwell, Barbara Crossman, Carolyn Davis, Joan Othmer, Norma Jean Coulter, Janet Barnes, Laurel Brown, Patricia Bark- ley, Judi Scivers, Mrs. Congdon. Third row: Larry Brogdon, Fred Fisher, Bill Peters, Alan Anderson, Bob Hartman, Bill Lussier, Jim Simons, Dennis West, David Griffith, Don Lovell. 84 - Front row: Keith Condon, Nancy Levy, Pamela Vincent, Doralee Henthorn, Ron Adams, Myra LaBrie, Patty White, Shirley Hamel, Harold Dailey. Second row: Dick Vandervert, Hazel Rowand, Mattie Grua ber, Heidi Aldinger, Carol Burch, Kay Gilbert, Larry Chafiin,, Kathleen Kelly, Dawn Hopkins, Shirley Herrlinger, Mike Jens, Miss Demco. Third row: Bob Collas, Joe Allwardt, John Daniel, Dick Berg, Joan Patterson, Karin Ingalls, Bonnie Allen, Vern Jokinen, David Hunter, Scott Hull. in high school, iamicisi 'ihe mas.s confusion of crowded halis and one-way 'v il I I . Q-M I at vs' 1 Cafe-NE Front row: John Dupric, Trudy Thomson, Mary Young, Karen Simpson, Paulette Blair, Kay For- ester, Terry Whitley, Jay Anthony, Dennis Heinekin. Second row: Richard Mendoza, Cheryl BH1't10S0I'l, Sillly Heitlhan, Janet Percy, Ronda Lussier, Marcia Johnson, Susan Goehring, Juanita Hildesheim, Trudy Howland, Mr. Diedrick. Third row: Manley Bly, Ken Thompson, Steve Gallemore Ed Bone, Ervin Williams, Roger Ferris, Bob Debill, Jack Cravens. 85 ,Q . 5, , Jw' 'H-Q - Front row: Curt Gallop, Ron Knapp, Janet Buxton, Shirley Graf, Darlene Abell, Rose Shankman. Sec- ond row: Don Jersild, Jerry Marks, Rita Heckman, Judy Amdahl, Joe Richardson, Linda Herr, Lorma Smith, Irene Williams, Mrs. Dunphy. Third row: Sharon Wishon, Jim Hansen, Tom Harker, John Preston, John Merrill, Brad Bengson, James Child, Linda Cave. stairs. Learning +he scl'1ool's regulations and 'rradifions and memorizing MRS. 1, Front row: LeRoy Christenson, Raymond Ouimet, Dsnnis Tlirom, Patricia Peterson, Jean Turner, Sandra Auer Jack Brock, David Rodda, Jim Hartill. Second row: Julie Tye, Hazel Ward, Dianne Johnson, Pa- tricia Snow, Donna Rose, Margaret Stone, Michael Huff, June Deardorff, Carol Griffin, Larry Ferger, Mrs. I-Ialtom. Third row: Jon Strain, Richard Kerr, Arthur High, Tresa Pounders, Kristi Kurtz, Diane Barckert, Peggy Muller, Jan Wathen, Margaret Petty, Jack Moon, Dean Samuels, Sylvester Davis. 86 MR Front row: Tom Frazier, James Becker, Gene Nelson, Karen Knudeson, Pam Battan, Janice Haas, Charlene Goode, Judy Brahe, Gloria Costin. Second row: Nancy Cauvel, Sue Edinger, Lorene Easter- wood, Georgiana Bertholf, Linda Barnes, Phyllis Douglas, Judy Pointer, Iola Pisito, Mr. Holmes. Third row: Will Stan, Larry Pickett, Lawrcncc Eberhardt, Carl Pederson, Charles Halstead, Howard Smiley, Gary Olive, Les Cooper, John Congdon, Randy Johnson, John Samuels. the school songs are only part of ihe activities of ihe Freshman. MR. Front row: Barbara Brannon, Donna McIntosh, Sherry Rowland, Mike Anderson, John Meier, Don Rod- man, Suzzanne Brashear, Rita Hull, Karen Logsdon. Second row: Cheryl Burge, Marlene Button, Cheryl Throop, Marilyn Nelson, Marie Meilleur, Sandra Gosline, Veanne Gillctt, Katheen Keeler, Coni Koontz, Helen Hughes, Janis Willett. Third row: William Pancake, Timothy Johnson, Don LaPoint, Marvin Ronnfeldt, Alan Grcear, Nathan Hair, John Ent, John Biggs, Jim Harris, Mr. Jones. 87 nw 1 Front row: Sherry Bledsoe, Cheri Rasmussen, Kathy Hagen, Judy Brattin, Janice Davidson, Kip Gladder, Sharon Marshall, Darlene Blair, Beverly Stills, Yvonne Haines, Second row: Linda Jacobson, Mary Womack, Jim Prudente, Dean LeBret, Pat Nance, Charlotte Hill, Ann Hallstein. Laura Clark, Calvin Sanger, Don Leonard, Teri Haskins. Third row: Morris Wolff, Alex Campbell, Meyer Ziman, David Featherstone, Bill Schoenfeldt, John Thompson, Tom Keen, Dan Weaver, Mr. Krctz. His firsir pep con, his firsi dance, and his firsi game are experiences - 3 I Front row: Daniel Lyons, Vicki Mackenzie, Sharon Kellis, Judy Campbell, Diane Berg, Arloine Dedrick, Diane Cosgriff, Judy Amell, Einar Vevik, Second row: David Christiansen, Miles Harding, Judy Eveland, Lynda Petty, Kathy Crockett, Jeanette Hoerner, Carol Mann, Pamela Endicott, David Coombs, William Delameter, Mrs. McNew. Third row: Eugene Matera, Mike Jarvis, Bruce Wiedmer, Joel Culp, John Thomas, Sharon Cook, Dean Kinnc, Carol Brusseau, Janice Chris- tenson. 88 MR. 1 Front row: Gary Carlsen, Darlene Grant, Colleen Garrett, Delores Shaw, Diane MeSpadden, Linda Woods, Jean Lyerla, Cheryl Sherburne, Homer Mason. Second row: Ray Schafer, David Hyslop, Bill Hutchinson, Clara Cyr, Kathy Nuechterlein, Linda Kachinsky, Ann Larson, Gary Logsdon, M1'. Malterner. Third row: Herman Kruis- wyk, John Raniage, Terry Martin, Janet Steele. Orlean Sherar, Annette Mead, Lynn Schneider. Milton Chapman, Jerry Lobo. he will never forget. He will remember hearing +he campaign speeches of gan 5? -Q MR. 1 Front row: Patricia Vantella, Rebecca Mendoza, Janell Sheer, John Spruiell, Gregory Kreshel, Dale Nor- ris, Loretta McClarin, Pamela Rhodes. Susan Hester. Second row: Delly Davis, John Keller, Carol Miller, Judy Kennedy, Martha Curry, Judi Lewis, Alice Hendrick, Judy Hart, Thomas Reavis, Mr. Manfred. Third row: Dana Dueweke, Marvin Randleman, Chris Krus, Judy Kemp, Susan Ray, Velda Sleeth, Linda Pickett, Mahlon Moe, Dale Tate, Ray Henning. 89 I0 '40 mei- MQW' ,-, Front row: Judy McLaughlin, Sandy Diehl, Larry Katzenbogan, Jerry Wright, Thomas Staly, Myra Kitchen, Jerry Click. Second row: Carol Holmberg, Anna Sue Butler, Ann Amdahl, Ron Alderson, Paul McMaeken. Stephen Poole. Phyllis Mills, Ray Sdao, Archie Anderson. Judy Stowers, Lynne Sehernitzki. Third row: David Bolton, Gary McDonald, Stephen Mann, Cordelia Holt Christine Jenkins, Marilyn Locher, Edward Fiskland, David Winnington, Stanley Por- ter, Jerry Rufencr. hopeful canclidaies af elec+lon lime and will also remember l'l1e fun of 4 1 Aufo Front row: Ellis Nunn. John Anderson, Terry Ziegler, Rollie Jacobson, Robert Jones, Fred Sterritt, Charles Boehme, Larry Nutting, George Collas, Second row: Neil Solverson, Louis Procopio, Vern Wittenberg, Leroy Miller, Charles Miller, Michael McDonald, David Mason. Larry Woodard, Mr. Olson. Third row: Darrell Kippenhan, Dave Brown. Bruce Fyfe, Barry Santana, John Kenney, Fred Lubbess. Donald Reamy, Donald Hornbeck, Terry Kolb. 90 ii C 5 MRS. - Front row: Dave Betts, Bob Korst, Sharon Kay, Becky Cheek, Mitzi Iovine, Carolyn Stack, Joanne McKelvey, Miriam Mitchell, Dan Goodman, Calvin Cuthcart. Second row: Sam Hubbard, Geanine Crenshaw, Rae Ellen Jones, Sharon Pierce, Joyce Falkowski, Nancy Luce, Cheryl Roach, Frankie Jean Ruby, Tom Choate, Ken Egger, Mrs. Oscarson. Third row: Tom Hansel, Jay Hastings, Margie Tschlrgi, Sandra Pockrus, Dave Paggett, Bob Ryan, Ralph Robinson, Goldie Skelton, Sandra Keller, Melanie Homick. si'r+ing on San+a's lap. Gradually a glow of accomplisl1men+s.uf'Fuses ihe .QAM A 1 WH ig.. -W, ,,.., - f W Q Si X fe L-1 , gi' . X . ' ,ai-Xii-45" ang ia 1... K 9' f- ' , .A- RX, MR. -I 3 Front row: Gail Van Slate, Sylvia Bollen, Marjorie Carney, Janice McGuirk, Carol Perry, Joan Lashbrook, Gail Davis, Terry Kroske, Steven Taxeraas. Second row: Mike Campbell, Stanley Judd, Janet Baker, Phyllis Neville, Larry Cowley, Jerry Enos, David Gibson, Sharon Payne, Penny Stoeser, Claudia Hay, Mr. Russell. Third row: Eve rett Kaufman, Clayton Burrill, Richard Putnam, Dale Wyatt, Gary Connall, Alan Burtness, Carol Huffman, Gail Crisp, Darlene Pariso, Patricia Fritz. 9I MR. - C-I Front row: Marianne Davis, Celia Shuck, Diane Dickinson. JoAnne Randall, Ken Alexander, Jim War- field, Bob Schaber. Second row: Barbara Busby, Marilyn Edmunds, Andrea Edwards, Carole Baird, Shir- ley Miller, Micki Durkin, Gloria Tryon, Suzanne Thompson, Connie Carver, Vicki Holloway. Third row: James Helm, David Jcrsilcl, Clyde Grigsby, Don Parkins, Bob Nyberg, Brad Bodley, Warren Eakins. Wayne Aaseby, Mr. Simmons. Freshman as he muses over +ha'r ever-incomparable "firs+ year." ,C-2 Front row: Helen Miller, Jennifer Spence, Karen Holton, Jacquelyn Jacobsen, Jim Christensen, Jim Oberst, Susan Westfall, Susan Evans, Susan Paschall, Second row: Kathleen Worley, Nancy Gilberg, Kathleen Aiken, Sue Meister, Sally Knight, Merlin Burke, Judy Wolf, Vicki Henjum, Darlene Husby, Kerine Anderson, Sandy Stratton. Third row: James Greer, John Danly, Ronald Dassow, Bill Johnson, Lyle Zacher, Walt Schroeder, Doug Southmayd, Mr. Tiemann. 92 wales' k., 'QW 'la . .fm IMP x gs. MRS' 1 Front row: Rodney Swope, Gary Williams, Sharon Wilson, Vickie Morrison, Eileen Bro, Carol Allen, Patricia Holland, Carmine Stompanato, Andy Carnahan. Second row: Creta Bacon, Judy Jennings, Barbara Knowles, Ted Francis, Allen Hammack, Pat Kelly, Bill G, Johnson, Don Rothrock, Joe Rigg, JoAnn Walton, Mrs. Wranglc., Third row: A1 Roger, Roger Ketron, Kathleen Stone, Ellen Morlan, Killie Cortner, Dick Daniels, David Sharer, Dan Johnson. Norih Ceniral welcomes you, 'rhe "Frosh," as ihe fuiure leaders of our school. Typing names and cutting out pictures form the makings of a homeroom bulletin board. Shown are seniors Cecil Walker, Carol Glenn, Kirmit Kilcup, Lonna Ogle and Denny Hubbell. 93 K J l N Front row: Joe Goeller, Ruth Weigle, Sandy McKee, Judi Carter, Leila Purcell, Bernice Lightel, Jan Reynolds, David Mascher, John Brower. Second row: Bob Ralston, David Morris, Kathy Lareva, Myra Atwood, Darlene Green, Jo Peters, Joyce Ryan, Marian Wilkinson. Ron Strand, Paul Masters. Third row: Jim Paley, Dennis Jackson, Earl Tripp, Don Basinger, Pat Frowrin, Dale Tyree, Terry Thompson, Jon Havens, Ron Steele. Wea: Zadenta -qui il " A 1 -V ,tif-...Q . a, ' .. , 4 ',,:-rv , it . H a Q fs ,, 'M K f "' J f '-,fi , .. ffpfm-.sf ' ' L' is 'ff " ., A A , pf 'e4f1':'.'z1s:wf' X- ' J' The usual primping, yawning and talking are carried on while the photographer adjusts the camera. 95 AN Ex Y, W. 2 . r I 'IH 'apn- . L, if 5 Q P., Eff 5 1 1 5 5 4 5 f Y wh .f 3 , i 5 if-s Mm. E be ,K kwriwgg. a P I www., 4 The annual get-acquainted mixer, the Papoose Pow Wow, was held early in Sep- tember. Because of the recently refinished gym floor, the mixer took the form of a sock hop. NC's daring young gals grabbed their fa- vorite Lil' Abners and dragged them off to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Dogpatch-style costumes added color to this event, and prizes for the best costumes were given. 'LI-lurry, Hurry, Hurry! Step right up and buy your ticket to the spectacular, colossal NC carnival." These words could be heard above the roar of excitement from hundreds of students and parents alike who were anxiously awaiting the opening of the first carnival sponsored by the fall Associated Student body. Needless, to say this was the biggest project undertaken by these officers. Prizes, games and booths were furnished through a local novelty shop. School clubs, 98 FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS Top row: Nick Frucci, president: John Goeller, vice-president: Gail Gladder, secretary. Bottom row: Christy Facken- thall, treasurer, Doug Lewis, fifth executive. 740' Awmazed Scum: Em, including the Federation and the League, participated in this gala event by operating such booths as the ring toss, fish pond, darts, cotton candy, and spin and win. The student body officers and faculty ad- visers controlled the distribution of the money throughout the clubs according to the number of tickets taken in, population and budget of the club. This project was a huge success and will be continued in the future. A little happiness was brought into the home of a needy family at Thanksgiving time, and again at Christmas time because money or canned food had been collected in homerooms for these projects. The reverence of the age-old Christmas story was related in the religious con at Christmas. ASB officers and senators por- trayed the familiar parts and thus closed the fall semester's activities. SPRING SEMESTER OFFICERS Top row: Paul Meilleur, presi- dent: Lavaughn Stephens, vice-president: Marlys Gorrell, secretary. Bottom row: Gerry Featherly, treasurerg Kay Anderson, fifth executive. Spain? 144 Swim: 26:11, The House of Representatives and the Senate make up the student governing bod- ies. Each homeroom selects one student to represent them in House meeting. The House is presided over by the ASB presi- dent. The Senate consists of the Federation and League presidents and two members, one boy and one girl, from each class. The ASB vice-president is in charge of the Sen- ate. Each body helps to settle and discuss problems of the student government. Much time was spent this year in rewriting and bringing the constitution up to date. An im- portant decision was made when both the House and Senate passed a bill placing ASB officers on a yearly basis. 'This procedure will go into effect next fall. Standing committees and their chairmen are selected each semester with the approval of the Senate. These committees include: Dance committee, which arranges and Ol'- ganizes all ASB dances, the election com- mission, which plans the election procedure, con and candidate nominations, the honors board, which determines the number of awards to be given out, the con scheduling committee which schedules ASB cons, and the scholarship committee which makes col- lege information available to interested sen- iors, as well as underclassmen. A lonely, poverty-stricken Korean war or- phan, Kwak Yong In, was adopted six years ago by the ASB. Thanks to their support each month, Kwak is now able to enjoy a few of the privileges so many of us take for granted, such as food, clothing and educa- tion. A benefit dance was held in May for further funds for this endeavor. Spring activities included the Shamrock Shuffle, a mixer, the ASB-sponsored bas- ketball and spring sports' banquet, and a 46-foot trophy case was donated to the school as a school improvement project. 99 FALL CLASS SENATORS-Front row: Sue Breeden, seniorg PattyJohnson, junior: Tammy Kimpel, sophomore. Back row: Dave Watt, senior: Delbert Clute, juniorg Dick Herron, sophomore, 7 enazfafw JS!! mam- .1 " f Boys' and Girls' State Representatives: John Goeller, Betty Sears, Nick Frucci. IOO The Senate, which consists of one boy and one girl from each class level, conducts its meetings with the ASB officers every Tues- day, second period. Discussing new proj- ects and amending the ASB constitution were among the projects of this year's Sen- ators. Chosen by popular vote from the var- ious classes, the Senators are sworn into office along with the ASB officers in an installation ceremony before the student body. "Being chosen to represent lNorth Central T at Girls, State was a very great honor," re- plied Betty Sears in an interview. Girls' State was held on the campus ol' Central VVashington College ol' Education for one week in June. Three hundred and fifty girls from various sections of the state attended this organization. City, county and state government was studied, as well as the basic legislature, senate and house of representa- tives. Sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, girls were chosen on the basis of their leadership, citizenship and scholastic ability. 'Q Also in June was Boys, State at Pacific Lu- theran college in Tacoma. Attended by sen- iors John Goeller and Nick Frucci, the group learned the fundamentals of United States govermnent. Two U. S. Senators and a representative from West Point military academy were general speakers. The boys made up their own state, called the Ever- green state, with two political parties and justices. This yearls Twinlow counselors were Ed- ix 4 ,. . . . 1 ward Cfill and Miss Patricia Damon. Repre- 5 senting North Central were Nancy Frank Twinlow Representatives: Nancy Frank, Pnn sions. and Phill Stohs. Held at Twin Lakes, Idaho, from August I6 to 24, this group also studied student government and leadership. They attended classes in government, were . K P given lectures and enjoyed the comforts of in I9 e a hot August sun. 'VN 10 SPRING CLASS SENATORS-Front row: Sue Doherty, senior: Marie Oiland,junio1': Sandy Whitten, sophomore: Sharon Cook, freshman. Back row: Ralph Miller, senior: Bob Helm, junior: Jim Mulligan, sophomore: Terry Kolb, freshman. IOI Busy planning the fall convocations are, left to right: Karen Crosbie and Georganne Jackman, chairman, Stephanie York, Julie Petruss and Wallace Wittenburg. Suiclcnls who scrvc cm .-X513 cT0lllllllllCCS plan many ol' thc plczxsurnblc lhuncilions ol' thc school. The cionvoczltioll ctommillcc 14 S 2 plans and sclicclulcs most of the ASB con- vocations. Members ol? thc clancc colmllitlcc make all necessary clancc alfzmgemculs. X I 1 Here we go 'round again with the ASB Dance committee getting ideas for tickets. Left to right are: Gary Erickson, Judy McKay, spring chairman, Larry Becker, Jim Warner, Gerry Featherlv, fall chairman and Nancy Gates. ASB Election Committees of the fall and spring semester were: Karen Moore, fall chairman Mike Tornow, Nancy Hoering, Julie Warfield, spring co-chairmen, Nancy Johnson and Carol Frucci. The election connnittee sclieclules pri- mary and Ifinal elections, sets cleacllines lor the filing olf petitions, accepts nominations , from the House, and plans installations. The committee of finance supeiintencls a vital, if not so pleasurable, part ol' school life. l r E i s f l . . 2 J I 5-1 Z1 "K 1 .np ASB finances were taken care of by: Phill Stohs, Judy Bizier, Cathie Dcminier and Meg Stone. 64 Honors Board members: Joan Huellemann, Cala Chilton, Karen Crosbie, Bob Morig, Marty Seedorf, Margy Flint and Lavaughn Stephens. Rules by which awards are presented to North Central students are always subject S 2 to honors board discussion. The committee in charge of publicity tries to keep students llllv01'1l1Cll on school events worthy of rec- ognition. l T., THOSE ' K ASB Publicity Committee members for the fall and spring are-front row: Nan Fare, Joyce Henslee, Ginny Brookman, spring chairman and Terry Palmer, fall chairman. Back row: Larry Mellgren, Lyle Carstens and Mike Sandgren. IO4 Arranging the display on the scholarship bulletin board are committee members Alice Bacon, Linda Ayers, fall chairman, Carol Ramage, spring chairman, Fran Forrey and Alice' Carnahan. The school and grounds committee's job is to keep the outside appearance of North Central clean and free of debris. The schol- , arship committee keeps many folders eon- 00404455664 lilllllllg lllli0l'1ll2lllOl1 on various plans zxvuilu- ble lo students seeking '1id. O C Getting ready to clean the s:hool are Ralph Jones, fall chairman, Linda Headstrom, Karen Coleman and Rick Stern, committee members. FALL OFFICERS-Left to right: Betty Sears, president: Nancy Frank, vice-presidentq Sharon Mills, secre- tary, and Sharron Stern, treasurer. League projects began this year with the Big and Little Sister party in September, and this year's Winner of the sixth annual Big Sister awarcl was M ary Preston, senior. Central Council, which is composed of one representative from each honierooni and the League officers, plans and carries out all activities and projects for the seniester. Among these projects were a Central Coun- cil Get-Acquaintecl Pizza party, the annual Dacl and Daughter banquet, and sponsor- ship ol' a pep convocation in Uctober. A gale ' Thanksgiving convocation and a CO-fCC1'CZ1- tion night were co-sponsored with the Boys' Federation. At the first school carnival, the League operated the cotton cancly and snow-cone booths. Needy lianiilies were proviclecl for at Mrs. Margaret Nistad, Girls' League adviser, helps Ju dy Mishler select her- program for the coming year. IO6 X, SPRING OFFICERS-Left to right: Karen Moore, president: Janet Hopper. Vice-president: Karen Coleman, secretary, and Linda Ayers, treasurer. ecayae Thanksgiving time when students brought canned food. The traditional Santa Claus pictures were taken to raise money and food for Christmas needy families, Fall projects were brought to a close with the Cupid's Caper mixer. The installation of officers launched the spring semester. To start the league rolling, the annual courtesy week was held. Spring was personally ushered in at the Cotton Day Mixer, "The Parasol Twirlf' The Mother's Tea, Simplicity Style Show, pancake feed, get-acquainted party, awards convocation, a series of Coke parties called "Teen-Talks" and co-sponsorship with the Federation of co-recreation night and vocational confer- ences highlighted the semester. A white shirt cheering section was organized to stress school spirit. Thus another prosperous year drew to a close, but the league's ideals of honor, service and loyalty will continue. LEAGUE COMMITTEES-Seated: Karen Moore, Big Sister party: Coki Wood, Dad-Daughter banquet: Sharon Mills, co-recreation night: Patty Johnson, winter mixer, Sharon Larson, points chairman. Standing: Carol Pilger, Coke partyg Vera-Ellen Bice, Cotton Day mixer: Christy Fackenthall, style show: Karine Anderson, Coke party: Ginger Eacho, vocational conference. IO7 Fall Federation Officers: Phill Stohs, presidentg Dave Watt, vice-president: Mike Szymczak, scribe: Harold Beard, clerk. Edward Luders was appointed head ol the Boys! Federation at North Central in October by John P. Rodkey, principal. Thus the Fed began its year after more than a nionth's delay. Major activities during the year included a fall-semester niixer called Wfhe Frosty F rolic," vocational conference. two co-recre- ation nights and and a spring niixer. 'Fhe Archie Buckley Inspirational Award, an annual presentation, went to Mike Szyin- czak of North Central's championship foot- ball squad. Zaye ' Fall co-recreation was presented by both the Fed and the League. ln the spring the Fed gave a hco-rec" night for the uniors and seniors While the girls gave one for fresh- inen and sophomores. 9: x ie, ww sa! aa. .V Front row: Frank Oberst, Bob Murphy, Gary Pleasant, Mike Lobdell, Walt Schroeder. Back row: Bob Morig, Larry Mellgren, Gary Martin, Marty Seedorf, lO8 Spring Federation Officers: John Goeller, presidentg Ken Saruwatari, vice-president: Nick Frucci, scribeg Phill Stohs, clerk. 7edfmcu'6an Both mixers were good money-raisers for the federation. The vocational program was a big asset to students as they learned about the various fields of Work. Each student Went to two sessions. Nick Frucci and Ginger Eacho were co-chairmen of the vocational event. Other projects the Federation planned were a novice track meet, swim meet, boys' stag and intramural basketball after the reg- ular season. Federation representatives met to plan the activities and committees were set up from the group. Rudy Werle goes over come of the plans for the Boys' Federation with the new adviser, Ed Luders. I09 Terry Palmer, editor-in-chief Carrie Unger, managing editor Gary Carpenter, associate editor Mardeil Jacobson, art editor. ck 'iLollypops! Buy your lollypops! Help lick Rogers and Shadle!" This was a frequent cry from the Tamarack staff as they they sold lolly- pops to help support the yearbook. Hardworking and hurried are two words that could be used to describe the staff. First a nCll11HlUY,H which includes a complete layout of pictures and copy, must be prepared. This was done by the three top editors, Terry Palmer, Carrie Unger and Gary Carpenter. After that there were a host of things to be done-checking and more checking, writing, typing, pasting, mounting, cutting and clipping. Dozens of pictures must be taken. These were done under the direction of Orval Theisen by Larry Fifield and Dave Hunter with the help of the photography class. Art Lacey is the pro- fessional photographer. julie Warfield and Georganne Jackman were in charge of the advertising which helped Below, left-Busily approving division pages are Mrs. Carol Newett, adviser, Donald Townsend, printer and Orval Theisen, photography adviser. Right-Judy Bizier and Terry Palmer seem to be pleased with the art work submitted by Gloria Lavine and Mike Sandgren. Szagg finance the book. Nancy Johnson and Sharon Riley worked on senior activities and pictures. The cover was designed by Mardell Jacobson. Gerry Featherly, Donna DeChenne, Annette Van Dyke and Judy Bizier wrote copy. Judy Anderson and Gail Gladder Worked on the big job of indexing. Gary Carpenter and Marty Seedorf Wrote copy for the boys' sports section While Janet Hopper and Karen Coleman worked on the homeroom section. Karen Moore directed the work on the club section. Other jobs done by the staff are the school life and activities sec- tions. The printing was done under the direction of Donald Townsend, and the art layout was planned by Williaiii MacArthur and art stu- dents, Gloria LaVine and Mike Sandgren. Members of the staff are chosen from out- standing juniors and seniors by Mrs. Newett. It is preferred that they have had journalism. Judy Anderson, faculty and index Judy Bizier girls' sports Karen Coleman, homeroom and activities Gerry Featherly, senior and girls' sports Below left-Mr. MacArthur and Mardell Jacobson confer with Gary Carpenter and Carrie Unger in deciding how the photos can be arranged most attractively. Right-Printing a picture' are Dave Hunter and Larry Fifield. Larry Fifield, Nancy Johnson, head photograher seniors Gail Gladder, faculty and index Mike Merriman, boys' sports Deadline day for the Tamarack was April Janet Hopper, homo,-oom 12. The yearbook was printed in four to five weeks and was at the binders three to four weeks. Proofreading was one huge continuous job for the staff. Page layouts were sent to the print shop and when they came back they had to be proofread and sent back again. If there were Georganne Jackman, school life and adver- tising. Below, left-Karen Moore, Carrie Unger, Coke' Wood and Nancy Olsen wrap and lick suckers in prepa- ration for the NC-Shadle Park football game. Right-"Where7 Oh, where can he be?" chorus Georganne' Jackman and Gail Gladder in search of a missing boy in the index section. . Nancy Olsen, Sharon MINS' index and faculty business manager Karen Moore, , ' U Sharon Riley, activities and , l seniors girls' sports mistakes the printer revised the page and then Julie Warfield the process started all over again. Whoo' 'iff and advertising The end of the year brought a publications banquet for both The News staff and the Tam- arack staff. A picnic or party was also held for the yearbook staff. During the second semester two juniors joined the staff to be trained for next year. Colleen Wood, productions Below, left-Performing the tedious job of pasting are Annette Van Dyke, Julie Warfield and Donna DeChenne. Right-Star performers in the Tamarack convocation are top row: Sharon Riley, Karen Moore, Ginny Brookman, Janet Hopper, Karen Coleman and bottom row: Judy Anderson, Nancy Olsen, Judy Bizier and Nancy Johnson. V,- -1-...g Gary Carpenter Editor-in-chief Mike Merriman Managing editol Janice Baker Associate editor Gerry Featherly Managing editor 'Me 770154 "Where is tl1at story?" is a c0111111o11 cry 2l1l10l1g the editors of Tl1e News staff. Other co111111o11 lainents are, iiwllill can I write for llly feature?" and 'AI-Iow ca11 I ever get all these stories i11 011 ti111e?'l The News staff has a Ll'C1l1Cl1ClOllS 1'CSP01lSl bility to get The News to press 011 ti111e. The staff writes and edits copy, makes LIP tl1e pages a11d reads galley a11d page proofs. Dtlllaltl A. Townsend directs the printing of tl1e paper i11 tl1e print sl1op of tl1e Technical a11d VfJC21tlO112ll School. For the past 24 years, both tl1e Columbia Scholastic Press Association and tl1e National Scholastic Press Association have awarded The News highest l10l10l'S. Joseph Tremblay is pub- licatio11s adviser for The News a11d ad staffs. Members of The News staff are cl1ose11 from tl1e beginning journalism class by Mr. Trem- blay. I11 tl1e beginning journalism class, the stu- Below, left: Going over page layouts are editor Gary Carpenter, Marty Seedorf, Joseph Tremblay adviser, and Nancy Pare. In the picture at right Tammy Kimpel, Janice Baker, Judy Reuss, Bob Murphy, Mike Merriman and Gerry Featherly discuss stories in the paper. KF' mf 77am dents learn the fundamentals of writing and proofreading copy. They also supplement the copy written by The News staff with copy which they have written. The mailing and circulation staffs are an im- portant part of any school paper. This job re- quires much outside work before and after school. Advertising also plays an important role in The News. The duties of this staff are to solicit ads and to prepare copy. Outstanding writers on The News staff are selected for membership in Quill and Scroll, in- ternational honor society for high school jour- nalists. Each semester four members of the staff are elected to the Spokane Junior Press club. For the first time in the history of The News, a person has held the position of editor-in-chief for two semesters in a row-Gary Carpenter has held this position all year. Nancy Pare News editor Lyle Carstens Feature editor Judy Reuss Associate editor Sharon Mills Business Manager Bottom left: Examining copy are Sharyl Burgeson, Annette Van Dyke, Lyle Carstens and Florence Waller. Bottom right: Marge Flint, Juanita Bierig, Sharon Mills and Carol Ramage check the finances of the paper. NEWS MAILING STAFF: Karen Loutherback, Janice Kennedy, Checking on an ad are staff members: Millie Price', Eloise Sharon Kimberling, Claudia Latimer, Mildred Price, Eleen Chambers, Nancy Monohon, Kay Worthington. Glazer, Roger Dudley and Diana Harvey. " ,falstaffandg ' 'yfowzaalum ,Xu lllllfgllll part ol' any si1c'c'cssl'i1l paper is l:lIl,lll'C slzill' lncililaers ol' North ciClllI'2lli5 Llll cllcclivc busilicss, cil'c'i1lz1Lio11 mul mail- publicalioils will be chosen liI'0lll beginning ing stall. Members are chosen from the be- journalists who are learning luiiclzuneutals ginninq journalisin class. ol' good style and effective writing. L BEGINNING JOURNALISM CLASS-Seated at table' Hannelore Ma . rtcn, Nancy Monohon, Jim Cyr. Second row: Gene Hubbell Claudia Latimer, Kay Worthington, Kathy Sanders, Bonnie Stephe nson. l .-Q-.-,p Back row: Joel Wright, Gerry Toth, Sharon Kimberling Janice Kennedy, Charlotte LaBarge, Tom Coffin, Eleen Chambers, II6 Top row: Mr. Broadwell, Jim Maddox, Bob Reiser, Gary Poss, Dennis Young. Bottom row: Mervin Swenson, Ron Peaslee, Dean Griner, Don Martin. Stage Maeva and 7mff6a Sguad The stage crew, under the direction of It is the duty of the traffic squad to niini- Mr. Broadwell, operates the lights and ere- niize confusion in the halls between classes ates the settings that make the auditorium and during lunch periods. They see that presentations so enjoyable. the one-way stairs are used properly. r'-s. re? fm M..- 'WW Top row: Duke Sturgeon, Lawrence Cook, Henry Burger, Mike Sturgeon. Bottom row: Peggy Tan- tum, Venra Goebel, Linda Durbin, Yvonne Taylor. II7 L JUNIOR PRESS REPRESENTATIVES: Gerry Featherly, Carol Ramage, Bob Murphy, Gary Carpenter, Lyle Carstens and Judy Reuss. . . mme ?fze4a W5 Wmutg Delete Spokane area Junior Press Clubbers, in Coach Russell Meyers debate tezun meni- addition to regular meetings, interview vis- bers had first in the championship division iting celebrities. Gary Carpenter and Gerry at University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Faetherly were president and secretary. Wasliiiigtoii. VARSITY DEBATE-First row: Francis Vollert, Elana Bradshaw, Mary Nelson, Donna Byrom, Russell Meyer, coach. Second row: Paul Meilleur, Dave DeVidn1, Jim Warner, Phil Roger, Jim Kippen. ll8 AA. RED CROSS-First row: Jeanette Fraser, Jennifer Eacho, Marjorie Tracy, Mary Montoya, Second row: Judy 4 Buxton, Donna Potter, Mrs. Lorraine McNew, cmdcvz fed 6-:aaa '7aa4L'm64L'ze44 66:45 Junior Red Cross, represented by every The objective of Toastrnistress Club is l1Ol11C1'0OIT1, had filling a treasure chest for to foster free and open discussion, stressing children overseas as a niain project this year. the iniportzlnce of unbiased opinion. TOASTMISTRESSES-Jeanette Fraser, Donna Byrom, Nancy Walters, Sherrie Miller, Carol Maseher. II9 Jan Baker, Linda Randall and Bob Murphy look over the paper-bound novels that club sold as a project. 74040164 .ldffzofzam "lo give its members a Wider knowledge ol' books in reading and to assist the librar- ian in increasing the library's efficiencyf, is the purpose of Ainores Libroruni. Any boy or girl on the honor roll who passes an entrance exam consisting of questions on books, authors and current events and has an interest in books is eligible for membership. Witli Linda Randall and Janice Baker serving as fall and spring presidents, respec- tively, the rnenlbers sold novels and French, English and Spanish dictionaries in pocket- book size as their niajor money-raising proj- ect. In additon, they took part in the school carnival and held a fall bake sale. A joint Coke party with another school, a potluck dinner and an open house were ac- tivities of the club throughout the year. Amores Libroruni, or "Lovers of Books," is advised by Miss Madeline Carroll. 27' AMORES LIBRORUM--First row: Kay Brunelle, Sandra Bowen, Donna Schaber, Marilee Ruby, Joanne Potter, Jane Lanterman, Janice Baker, Bonnie Anderson. Second row: Miss Carroll. Third row: Louise Erickson, Judy ROOHSY, Shari Sinclair. Linda Randall, Karen Louthcrback, Dorothy Bennett, Frank Oberst. I2O 'l'he dolphin, the ballet leg, the whale and the kip are just a few of the many swimming techniques demonstrated by Aquettes swim- ming club during their annual water per- formance. Each year the club demonstrates its knowledge of synchronized swimming in the form of a water show. Colorful costumes and beautiful girls, gliding with precision movements, are the high lights of this exhi- bition. A tryout is held in the early fall of each year, and the girls are chosen for member- ship on the point system after demonstrating their skills in the water. The club requires all its members to maintain a "CH average. Aquettes sponsored the Fish Throw booth at the carnival as one of their fund-raising projects and furnished food for a needy fam- ily at Christmas. Mrs. Stipc is faculty adviser, and Mrs. Bess Milton is Red Cross swimming instructor. Perfect synchronization is demonstrated by Cherry Clapp, upper right, and Nikki Nelson, lower right. Jgaedea First row: Cherry Clapp, Ann Amduhl, Judy Amdahl, Dianne Thomas, Sherie Miller, Frances Hawk, Jerry Wright, Laurel Brown, Teri Haskins, Phyllis Mills. Second row: Judy Ross, Nancy Luce, Margie Tschirgi, Sandy Pockrus, Nikki Nelson, Sandy Minkler, Meg Stone, Sally Hcitman. Third row: Mrs. Stipe, Carole Mascher, Linda Petty, Margaret Butler, Bev Thompson, Nancy Patterson, Nancy Freeman. l2I ART CLUB-Pete McGo1drick, Janis Willett, Tammy Kimpel, Pam Griffith, Mardell Jacobson, Andrea Nelson, Bon- nie Underdahl, Gloria LaVinc, Mr. William MacArthur. 1:6041 Darrell Larson and Mardell Jacobson look to Mike Sandgren for approval. All students holding a major or minor in the art department and maintaining a B average in this course and a C average in the rest of their program are eligible to seek membership in the Art Club. The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in fine arts. The group used unusual 'ADogpatch atmosphere" portraits for the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Other projects of the club included spon- soring an all-city meeting of Art Clubs at which objectives and activities of the clubs were discussed and participating in the ASB Carnival Club members were honored to have as a guest at a November meeting, Miss Opal Frackenstone of the art department of the Eastern lfV2lSlllHgfOI1 College of Education, who showed slides and spoke on the arts of Mexico. V? VF Ev First row: Carrie Clayton, Edith Knapp, Nancy Clemenson, Sharon Evans, Richard Wayland, Dianne Johnson, Nancy Monohon, Dar- lyne Eveland, Second row: Elice Jersild, Orma Roberts, Diane Barckert, Carol Bursch, Patty Bjaaland, Marianna Cook, Nancy Olson, Andy Carnahan. Third row: Deanda Sylte, Deanna Sylte, Ken Kringle, David deVida1, Larry Judd, Gary Carpenter, Carol Calvert, Marna Bergfalk, Sharon Mills. With Christian fun and fellowship as the , objects of the weekly Three C's meetings, 4766 6 4 the club sponsors internationally known speakers and musicians, skits, local musical talent, films and group singing. High light of the year is the city-wide k'Hadie Sawkinsu party, sponsored by the North Central club. Also widely attended are the formal Lilac Time banquet and the "Hayloft Havoc." Providing music and devotional speakers for musicales and skatespirations on the third Sundays and Mondays, respectively, of each month is a new activity of the Bible clubs of the area. Fifteen clubs in the Spo- kane area also participate in the regular Saturday -evening programs of Youth for Christ. Membership in the North Central Three C's is open to all interested students with consistent attendance as the main require- ment. Wallace Russell, history teacher, serves as adviser of the club. Ken Kringle leads the club in singing at the Friday morning meeting. I23 i Putting the old shine on a few trophies are: clockwise, Louise Erickson, Judy Reuss, Janet Piper and Cathy Prihar. mefzcrfal Q Donating the new 111enu board in the cafeteria was the main service project of the year for Commercial Club. The members also made 85 corsages for both 1nen and women in a nursing home at Christmas time. Selling candy was their money-making K K project for the year, in addition to manag- ing the goldfish booth at the school carnival. Spring projects included polishing the tro- phies on the first floor, which is an annual event followed by a potluck dinner and a sleighing party. Sixteen new members were taken into the club at the Spring open house. Witli Mrs. Mary York acting as the groups adviser, janet Piper and Linda Ayers served as Fall and Spring presidents, respectively. A "C" average, a major or minor in Com- mercial, and passing an entrance test are the requirements of Commercial Club. Meetings are held the first and third Thurs- days of each month. '-' i 3 w :Q it 4- COMMERCIAL CLUB-First row: Nan Pare, Louise Erickson, Mary Lou Fremstad, Marge Flint, Alice Bacon, Karen Coleman, Helen Shubert. Second row: Thelma Olson, Cathy Sanders, Judy McKay, Linda Ayers, Judy Reuss, Fran Bayley. Third row: Stevie York, Marilyn Weishaar, Cathy Prihar, Joyce Henslee, Nancy Pierce, Sandy Gallemore Dorothy Bennett, Maureen 0'Connor, Janet Piper, Mrs. York. I24 All girls truly interested in the nursing profession are eligible for membership in the Future Nurses Club. The purposes of this club are to interest students in personal and community health, to encourage them to find out what nursing requires and offers, and to help them decide wisely about professional or practical nurs- ing as their career. One of the most important. functions of the club is the bi-weekly reading sessions at the St. Luke's pediatrics department. This year the club adopted a girl at Lakeland Village. Each year a scholarship is awarded to the senior girl who plans on a career in nursing. To earn money for the various . ' . . . Living it up in costume as initiates are Mary Fremstad, piojects the club sponsoied the Panda booth Mama Ruby and Sherri Lee Miner- and merchandise wheel at NC's carnival. FNA is affiliated with Future Nurses of America and is sponsored by alumni of St. Lukeis Hospital. Zxpzded 5. 1-7 7 .. FUTURE NURSES OF AM ERICA-First row: Mary Cullen, Sherri Lee Miller, Carol Pilger, Pam Gorremzins, Karen Moore, Lonna Ogle, Nancy Hyko, Jackie Ivey, Mary Fremstad, Beverly Sparley, Miss Guild. Second row: Patti Person, Sandy Riediger, Sharon LaFlam, Gayle Carpenter, Arlynn Mathers, Joan House, Nancy Clemenson, Barbara Stemmcr, Marilee Ruby, Charlotte Vagenas, Mrs. Dunphy. Third row: Kathy Santorsola, Shirley Benway, Sharon Kimberling, Stephani Miller, Julie Lidstone, Sarah Duke, Donna Potter, Jeanette Fraser, Joyce Blessing, Marilyn Drader, Roberta Myers. I25 'I 'C uw' ,N eo we Y' FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICAfFirst row: Catherine Perry, Julie Warfield, Frances Vollert, Frank Oberst, Judy Forbes, Patty Johnson, Marlys Gorrell. Second row: Sharon Evans, Marjorie Tracy, Nancy Johnson, Carol Cowin, Stephanie York, Teresa Merrick, Julie Petruss, Valerie Denton. Third row: Cheryl Nance, Linda Roper, Donna Conover, Beverly Chrysler, Annette Van Dyke, Debbie McCoy, Sandra Gallemore, Mrs. Congdon. ?az'wze 6465054 Left to right: Carrie Unger serves coffee to Mrs. Congdon at the Tuesday evening teachers' meetings as one of FTA's service projects. IZ6 Trying to teach students something you haven't learned yourself isn't the easiest job in the World. Ask any FTA member who has taken charge of a class during the absence of the teacher. This actual teaching experi- ence familiarizes the members with teaching procedures and problems. The Future Teachers of America are very popular with the North Central faculty on Tuesday afternoons when they serve coffee at the weekly faculty meeting. One of the main events of the year is the potluck dinner and installation of officers. Parents and guests of the future teachers are invited. The old gym was the scene of a morning mixer sponsored by FTA. Leap Year was the theme. The purpose of this mixer was to earn money for a S550 teaching scholar- fhip presented each year to a graduating senior. ev N, F. First row: Carol Perry, Karen Simpson, Jane Lanterman, Kay Gilbert, Creta Bacon, Sandy Goslin, Pat Holland, Patti Theodorson. Second row: Mrs. Patricia Brown, Sharon Barry, Marilyn Edmunds, Shirley Miller, Meg Stone, Bobbie Aurand, Barbara Busby, Sheila Bayley, Miss Killingsworth. Third row: Barbara Prague, Barbara Crossman, Carol Huffman, Sharon Wes- trom, Georgiana Bertholf, Jeannie Currier, Carolyn Davis, Sharon Payne, Judy Kemp. Pep and energy was the motto of the fresh- man girls who, with the help of Mrs. Brown egldze de M6476 and Miss Killingsworth, organized the new homemaking club this year. Holding a tea for two home economics teachers fl'O1ll Greece and Turkey was the first activity as a club. HOMEHAMNC K The first open house was held at the be- Q ginning of the spring semester. The club was opened to all girls who had taken home W yf,:3,, . p .SZHJQA-g.. S is PY. N i"i filer economics courses or were interested in 1 140 homemaking. The membership is limited to thirty- five members and the girls must have a 2.0 or better grade average. Many activities are still in the planning stage. For a money-making project a car wash was planned. ln the future, the club would like to visit Washington State University's experimental home economics laboratories and the Doro- thy Dean kitchens in Spokane. Putting up a sign for the open house of the Homemaking Club are Sharon Westrom, Pat Holland, Jeannie Currier. I27 "When in Ronie, do as the Roinans do" is a lainiliar saying to all Latin club ineinbers, especially in the spring around the "Ides ol? Marehi' during their annual Roman ban- quet. The North Central cafeteria suddenly linds itself portraying a Roman teinple with slaves, togas and all the trininiings. This ban- quet aequaints the inenibers with the dress, food and customs of ancient Rome. This year as a Christmas project Latin 1 l club donated gifts to the children of a near- by hospital. Une of the main events of the year was the annual Latin elub-Math club basketball gaine. The Whole elub turns out to cheer on Sharron Stern, Sandy Whitten and Betty Sears salute as the teaul- Julie Warfield ascends the stairs on the way to the Latin Club Roman Banquet. Because 2111 21CUlEil trip to ROIHC XVEIS llll- possible, the nieinbers did the next best thing. Slides were viewed on the reinains ol' , that great empire. 'Zahn '6Senatus Populus que Roinanusf' or "The Senate and the Roman People," is their offi- cial title. G LATIN CLUB-First row: Sheila Bayley, Fran Bayley, Gloria Riedeger, Sandra Whitten, Nancy Monohon, Patti Theodorson, Rose White. Second row: Nick Frucci, Sharron Evans, Carol Ramage, Carrie Unger, Maralee Haynes, Florence Waller, Sharon Cook, Betty Sears. Third row: Linda Headstrom, Beverly Chrysler, Vicki Benn, Sharron Stern, Annette Van Dyke, Janet Hopper, Pam Gorremans, Mrs. Briscoe. Fourth row: Frank Oberst, George Alberts, Rick Sebring, Don Ludwigson, Ron Helm, Rick Stern, Jack Bradford, Joe Chatterton. I28 Numbers, be they rational, irrational, e fractions or just plain integers, interest Math Club members. To be eligible for Math Club a student should have three semesters of mathematics with a HB" or better grade average, and no lower than an over-all "C" average. The club's concentration is centered most- ly on the sponsoring of math contests. They sponsor two competitions solely for North Central students. These consist of an algebra contest for freshmen and a geometry contest for sophomores. A national math contest for upperelassmen, held in March, is also spon- as . sored by Math Club. The traditional basketball gallle with the "Are you sure that's right?" says Ralph Miner, Latin Club furnishes much excitement as 'eff' 'O Lam' N'e"g'e"' club members wonder which group of schol- ars possesses the most brawn. The club was led by Ralph Miller during 4:4 the fall semester, until Pete Duffy took over in the spring. Robert Barnard is adviser of the group. 'Cr ww Cf MATH CLUB-First row: Ra Nae Dahs, Nancy Olsen, Caroline Brad y, Frances Vollert, Gerry Proctor. Second row: John Campbell, Mary Nelson, Linda Randall, Pete Duffy, Tom Benn Ron Lawson, George Alberts, Bonnie Underdahl. Third row: Darrell Clukey, Ralph Miller, Dick Herron, Paul Meilleur, Larry Mellgren, Ron Helm, Randy Caldwell, Jim Mulligan, Mr. Barnard l29 MEDECINE d'AVENIR-First row: Karen Carter, Janice Baker, Ginny Brookman, Judy McKay, Dominic Frucci. Second row: Gail Gladder, Maralee Haynes, Janet Hopper, Sandee Lauglin, Stephanie York, Judy Howarth, Mr. Spangenberg. Third row: Carole Peter- son, Fran Forrey, Pat Callahan, Linda Randall, Karen Boesche, Sue Nelson. deahe d'z4aea0z l Taking their medicine are left to right, Carol Peterson, Gail Gladder, Judy McKay and Sue Nelson. I30 Interest in the medical profession is stim- ulated by Medecine d'Avenir through var- ious activities closely associated with the medical field. The club was founded in the lall of 1955. Furthering their interest in this subject, members olf the club witnessed the films "Birth ol' a Baby" and i'Birth of Twins" shown in the courthouse by Dr. David C. Groenig. The major service project of the club con- sisted ol' collecting medicine samples from local doctors and sending them to mission- aries abroad. To be eligible for Medecine Club, a stu- dent must have and maintain a 2.5 scholastic average, be interested in the medical pro- fession and have a science or mathematics major. As a means of making money, the medical enthusiasts supported the ASB carnival in the fall with a cane-toss booth, and in the spring presented a morning mixer. 'H--4 l l 8 First row: Nan Parc, Judy Reuss, Sharyl Burgeson, Gerry Featherly, Janice Baker, Carol Ramage, Second row: Carrie Unger, An- nette Van Dyke, Mike Merriman, Marty Seeclorf, Gary Carpenter. Bob Murphy, Mr. Tremblay. Sponsoring a literary contest featuring prose and poetry divisions was the chief project of Quill and Scroll society this year along with the many other journalistic activ- ities of its busy members. Outstanding journalism students on The News and Tamarack staffs are recommended to this society by the publications' advisers and must rank scholastically in the upper third of their classes before applying for membership. Quill and Scroll is an inter- national honor society organized in 1939 for high school journalists. The club's members were honored to have Dorothy Powers of the Spokesman-Review as guest speaker at their installation banquet this year. The fall out-going president at this time was Gary Carpenter, who was re- placed by Mike Merriman, spring choice for president. New adviser to the club this year is Joseph Tremblay, who took over the position when Miss Mary McKenna transferred last year. adlfcwd Preparing for the Quill and Scroll initiation quiz are Joseph Tremblay, adviserg Gary Carpenter, presi- dent: Terry Palmer, Carrie Unger and Gerry Featherly. l3I Lion and with the Washington State Rifle tion in rifle marksmanship. scopes and two rifles, compete in a four- school league in which jim Riddle, fall pres- ident, received one of the eight medals awarded, and win two matches over Shadle Park. Last year, this organization was able to give letters to deserving members for the first time. Boasting twenty interested members, Rifle Club is assured of a tough, oncoming year I . since the majority of its members are under- RIFLE CLUB-Ready, aim, fire! Lower right-Sieve Priel, Joe Hines and Bob McLean. Classmen. Not only does the club offer opportunity to improve marksmanship, but it also gives , the participant fundamental lessons in the 466 care and use of firearms. Students seeking membership are re- quired to pass a rifle safety course. 19" we-,Q 'f RIFLE CLUB-First row: Bob McLean, Darlene Abel, Shirley Benway, Karen Carter, Charlene Graves, Gordia Berglund,Kay Turnley, Mickey Corteau. Second row: Dennis Riddle, Fred Brown, James Riddle, Joel Culp, Bill McConnell, Chas Austin, Steve Priel, Dennis West, Rick Bagley, Joe Hines, Mr. Bland. l'32 Affiliated with the National Rifle Associa- Association, Rifle Club stimulates apprecia- This year's club was able to buy four Promoting the culture and correct inter- pretation of the language of Spain is the goal of Spanish Club. Open to all fresh- man, sophomore, junior and senior students of Spanish with a "C" average, the club maintained active projects throughout the year. Beginning the year with an open house at the home of Nancy Freeman, president, 25 new members were taken in. They were initiated at a night meeting on October 6. At the school carnival, Spanish Club oper- ated the ring-toss booth in the cafeteria. Sponsoring one of the Christmas needy fam- ilies was the year's service project. A Mex- i ican Christmas party was held as the Decem- J D , , , , "What word Can we use here?" asks Marcia Durlgarl as Dah ber social. Two other parties and a picnic womack and Bonnie Burgin help her amend concluded the year's activities. A business meeting and a group social are held once a month. Mr. Walter Mayer ,M 5 has served as the group's adviser for the past page M two years. the Spanish Club constitution. SPANISH CLUB-First row: Lucy Hughes, Muriel Ingham, Janet Baker, Nancy Freeman, April Thompson, Kathleen Cole, Marcia Dungan, Judith Huss, Mary Jo Fuller. Second row: Roxanna Byers, Virginia Johnson, Kay Gilbert, Sally Knight, Sharyl Burgeson, Vera Ellen Bice. Thirl row: Cala Chilton, Senna Leach, Merlin Burk e, Sharon Lee Elder, Janet Barnes, Sharon Barry, Joanne Potter Suzanne Thompson. Fourth row: James Harris, Brad Bodley, Richard Prague, Dan Womack, Doug Chrysler, Boyd Farris, Mr. Mayer. I33 TAU CHI-First row: Joan Lanterman, Rose White, Karen Boesche, Jean Cook, Susan Nelson, Debbie McCoy, Vera Ellen Bice. Se'cond row: Gwen Smith, Cheryl Sherburn, Edith Knapp, Catherine Sander, Kathy Sanders, Kerine Anderson, Carol Pilger, Cala Chilton, Carrie Clayton. Third row: Mrs. Haltom, Gregory Kreshel, Steve McMacken, Mike Sandgren, Bill Johnson, Deanda Sylte, Deanna Sylte, Gabe Lapano, Wally Wittenburg, Jerry Raver, Mrs. Wilcox, Stan Bronowski. Striving to further their talent and to per- dd ' form before a live audience are the aims of the members of Talent Club. In addition to performing for entertainment purposes at various civic, church and school organiza- tions, the group sponsored two needy fam- ilies, presented a talent con before the stu- dent body and worked in the school carnival. Children at an orphanage were entertained at Christmas time by members of Tau Chi. Invitational tryouts were held in February and ll new members were selected. The club is proud that this year four of its members were represented in the All- State Orchestra and Chorus at Wenatchee. Many of the members also applied for the nation-wide talent contest, in which a schol- arship or cash prize was offered. Mrs. Helen Haltom and Mrs. Virginia Wilcox are club advisers. Anyone with talent is eligible for membership in Tau Chi. Greg Kreshel and his monkey act charms audiences at various Tau-Chi engagements. I34 .av um, Q?" THESPIANS-First row: Kathy Dietor, Gayle Carpenter. Second row: Deanna Sylte, Deanda Sylte, Mrs. Genevieve Oppcn, Lyle Car stcns, Stephani Miller, Yvonne Taylor. Third row: Peggy Ann Tantum, Ron Harris, Ed Lamphier, Mike Sangrcn, Larry Schroeder, Jo Collet. After earning 15 points either by acting in dramatic productions or working back- stage, one may be qualified to become a member of Thespians. The club's purpose is to improve standards of acting and to learn more about theatrical methods. Troupe 628 of the National Thespians society has per- formed in two outstanding plays, 'Pinoc- chiol' and "Little Brown Jug." Thespians' main money-raising projects for this year were a booth in the carnival and a mixer, "Jug Jivef, The club invited the alumni to an installation of officers, held the annual Hogie Party and they feasted at a potluck dinner after a Childrens Theater performance. A party was given for the graduating seniors who, along with the other members, will never forget the rewarding experiences of performing on the stage. Mrs. Genevieve Oppen is the club's ad- viser. eayedcme Deanda Sylte watches Lyle Carstens install her sister Deanna, as president of Thespians. Sharon Mills, Sharron Stern and Carrie' Unger wrap presents for the Christmas needy family Vox sponsored this year. Wax ?ueZZafzam "l"rie11dships true, service too," are the central aims of Vox Puellarum, girls phil- anthrophic and honorary society. Vox Puellarum Cvoice ot the girlsj was organized in 1913 and up to this year has emphasized and promoted musical, voca- tional and dramatic tendencies within the club. Vox was chosen by Soroptimist Wom- en's club for trial affiliation. Soroptimist fthe best of womenj is an international or- ganization including only those women who are the best in their particular vocation or own their own business. Under the influence of this new sponsor, Vox is now emphasizing community as well as school service. Many activities filled the calendar of events for Vox. Revising the constitution was the biggest accomplishment within the club and several service projects were com- pleted. Vox presented their annual award to an outstanding senior girl, operated the ring toss booth at the carnival and held an alum- nae party and Mothers' Tea. First row: Carrie Unger, Marge Flint, Fran Bayley. Second row: Janet Hopper Carole Peterson, Sharon Mills, Sharron Stern, Bev Chrysler, Karen Moore. Third row: Mrs. Wrangle, Carol Ramage, Colleen Wood, Sharon Riley, Mary Nelson, Sandy Rudy, Cathy Perry, Mrs. Moore. I6 Main projects of the year for the VVar- riors were sponsoring the annual football banquet, at which members of the schools championship football team were feted, and a spring-semester convocation. Money in the treasury is used for athletic projects, trophies and special equipment to benefit sports at North Central. A diathermy and whirlpool were purchased in the past for North Central by the VVarriors. During the first semester there were 49 members. Membership increased, however, with varsity awards for the spring. Require- ments for joining are good citizenship and having lettered in a varsity sport. Athletes are chosen from football, cross-country, bas- ketball, wrestling, tennis, golf, baseball and track. First-semester officers were Lavaughn Ste- vens, presidentg Mike Szymczak, secretary- treasurer, and Tom Alberts, sergeant at arms. Leaders of the second term were Phill Stohs, presidentg Rick Street, vice-president, Tom Alberts, secretary-treasurer, and Jim Duke, sergeant at arms. Mike Szymczak receives the coveted Archie Buckley Inspira tional Award at the annual Football banquet held by the Warriors at the end of the football season. Zfcwzdaze Front row: Ken Saruwatari, Ron Wirsh, Dave Watt, George Kersul, Tom Alberts, Mike Szymczak, Don Martin, Ken Johnson, Glcn Dupree. Second row: Orin Humphries, David Hunter, Gene Coffey. Phill Stohs, Dick Herron, Russle Harris, Nick Frueci, Bob Wavra. Mr. Diedrick. Third row: Delmer Adams, Lavaughn Stephens, Ralph Jones, Jim Tucker, Jim Duke, Alan Nlontour. Roger Bean, Mike Tornow, Lorne McKnight. I37 First Shirlc l38 row: Edith Knapp, Orma Roberts, Bette Bailie, Larry Weinhold, Jerry Raver. Second row: Sharon Auer, Peggy Melochc, y Vinge, Gabe Lapano, Norman Webster. Third row: Maxine Woodward, Merrilie Nevdahl, Susan Gratton, Christine Jacobson, Danny Wayman. Fourth row: Judy Howard, Dorothy Bennett, Sandy Hayward, Bill Steg, Bill Johnson. The North Central Choir, under the able direc- Oal tion of James Simmons, received a great honor this year by having two representatives in the All- State Choir. These two girls, Carrie Clayton and Debbie McCoy, journeyed to VVenatehee to sing with 380 high school music lovers who ranked among top singers in their school's music depart- ment. Among the many performances of the choir this year were the caroling in the halls and on tele- First row: Wally Wittenberg, Stan Bronowski, Carrie Clayton, Holly Vogelgesang, Mary Fremstad. Second row: Rod Niemeyer, Rick Street, Nancy Patterson, Marilee Ruby, Karen Vogelgesang. Third row: Dave White, Sandee Laughlin, Donna Conrath, Bobby Bley, Nancy Freeman. Fourth row: Mickey Davis, Pam Griffith, Kathy Luiten, Bev Thompson, Karen Boesche. vision during the Christmas season, supplying back- ground music for the annual Christmas convoca- tion, and singing appearances at local hotels. As the seasons changed from winter to spring, the choir followed suit by preparing a new reper- toire for their Spring Music Concert. "Ballad of Brotherhood" and excerpts from "Porgy and Bessl' were among the spring selections of the choir. Singing at graduation on June 5 in the Coliseum will bethe last performance of this year's choir. J I39 Left to right: JoAnne Foster, Rose White, Orma Roberts, Sharon Mills. gala' .league Zumtet gale' ee Organized late in the year, the quartetis Two concerts and several appearances in opportunities to sing publicly were few but convoeations were part of the year's pro- they did perform at the spring installation. grain for these musically-ininded glee girls. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB--First row: Marian Anderson, Gloria Tryon, MaryAnn Scharf, Karen Holton, Jean Turner, Karen Simpson, Janice Stein, Susan Hester, Judy Campbell, Bonnie Allen, Joanne Stapleton, Sharon Mills. Second row: Shirley Herrlinger, Paula Owsley, Marilyn Lowery, Delores Lucas, Joanne Roberg, Helen Hughes, Sandra Schraufnagel, Mary Womack, Pamela Vincent, Kittie Cortner, Linda Jacobson, Vicki Henjum, Third row: Sharon Westrom, Kathleen Aiken, Vicki Olsen, Donna Roberts, Nancy Revey, Bernice Rightel, Karen Hitchcock, Bonnie Bennett, Patsy Pyne, Sandy Stratton, Judy Noll, Jeanette Johnson. Fourth row: Janet Barnes, Joanne Potter, Annette Mead, Linda Pickett, Nancy Hyk 0, Sue Meister, Micki Durkin, Marilyn Nelson,Rita Heckman, Karen Logan. Carla Gardiner, Diana Harvey, Ludelle Glover, l40 CHANTELLES-Left to right: Nancy Patterson, Marianna Cook, Marcia Johnson, Dorothy Bennett, Alla Jean Ciallella, Sharon Fisher, Jeanette Larson, Sandee Laughlin, Maxine Woodward, JoAnne Foster. Ait piano: Sue Nelson. 64emz'eZ!e4 gage' Qfee 60:5 Eleven girls compose the select choral Singing at the Boys' Federation installa- group known as the Chantelles, which per- lion and presenting a conciert were just two forinecl lm' lfVhitwoi'l.l1 college and various ol' the many engugeinents of the Boys' Glee lVOlllCll'S orgzinizations. Club. BOYS' GLEE CLUB-First row: Dan Lyons, Richard Wayland, Leland Weinhold, Stan Bronowski, Dennis West, Richard Mendoza, Bob Ward. Second row: Jerry Raver, Wally Wittenberg, David White, Rick Street, Bob Haney, Rodney Niemeyer, Norman Webster, Louie Mendoza. Third row: Charles Zibulka, Gabe Lapano, David Bishop, Bill Steg, Danny Wayman, Bill Johnson, Herman Kruiswyek, Bill McConnell. I4l ORCHESTRA-First row: Vera-Ellen Bice, Cheryl Sherburne, Peter McCune, Rose White, David deVidal. Second row: Donna De- Chenne, Bob Hartmen, Ralph Miller, Don Womack, David Coombs, Linda Barnes, Sharon Kellis, Jim Murphy, Wilma Stinson, Mary Ingalls. Third row: Judy Amdahl, Anne Amdahl, Frankie Jean Ruby, Jerry Suiter, Martin Tyan, Dennis DeMinter, Rollie Jacobsen, Don Woodbury, Duane Mizoguchi, Ed Doyle, Phill Stohs, Andy Stinson. Standing: Steve McMacken, Ken Saruwatari, Jim Warner. Uudewm This year seems to be full of new things and new ideas for NC, especially in the mu- sic department. The orchestra, which was formerly used only for such productions as I'42 Doll Shop, this year has become an inte- grated part of the music department. Consisting of thirty-one pieces, which in- clude eleven stringed instruments, the or- chestra appeared with the other groups of the music department in their annaul win- ter concert at the Masonic Temple, and at the sping music concert held in the North Central auditorium. The orchestra was under the excellent direction of Iames Simmons. STAGE BAND-First row: Jim Lutz, Dick Stanley, Richard Westfall, Mervin Swenson, Garth Andrews. Second row: Ed Doyle, Duane Mizoguchi, Meyer Ziman, Duane Nyberg, Alan Powell. Third row: Phill Stohs, Stan Bronowski, Steve McMacken, Don Woodbury, Gabe Lapano. From A. G. Tiemann's skill and inter- est in organizing musical combinations has evolved a band which will, by next year, be able to play for school dances and enter- tainment, concerts and contests. The new Stage Band was Well under way this year when it supplied music for Bill Page, one of Lawrence W'elk's saxophonists. All except one of the eighteen members will be left next year to carry on the good start made by this year's members. Zaye game! The reorganized band has performed for PTA organizations and parents' groups, as well as appearing in other programs, con- certs and contests. l43 All set? A. G. Tiemann is ready to direct the band in one of their many very enjoyable numbers. 7754, Vdemam , , . and Me Dwm 77Z472vw "North Central has been a fun year-won- derful and really terrific," said A. G. Tie- mann, our new band director. Born in Se- dalia, Missouri, and educated in Arkansas City, Kansas, where he played in profes- sional dance bands for a few years before entering Kansas State Teachers' College. After teaching for two years, he was drafted and served four years in the Army Engineers. Then he resumed teaching at Colfax in 1948, and moved to Wenatchee in 1953. Since Mr. Tiemann came to NC this fall, his outstanding enthusiasm and teaching ability has been reflected in the music de- partments achievements. Jim Lutz, assistant drum major: Phill Stohs, head drum major: Don Woodbury, assistant drum major. I44 James F. Simmons is caught by the camera as he leads the choir in a rehearsal of their Christmas songs. 770. Samma , . . and zfie Wzayheewea Originally from Shelton, Wfashington, Mr. James F. Simmons graduated from WSU. His first teaching position was that of choral director in Wenatchee's high school. While in Weiiatcliee, he directed such groups as the community chorus, a mixed civic group, the Appolos, a group of business men. Ac- cording to Mr. Simmons, the future for NC's music department is bright. He stated that Broadway musicals such as "Annie Get Your Gun," 'iOklahoma," and ' 'South Pacific" will be undertaken by the music depart- ment. Majorettes, another first for NC, paraded at the head of the band for the Apple Blos- som and Lilac festivals. Our new majorettes, Louise Erickson, Kaye Beck and Sandy Rudy, give us a sample of their style. I '45 1,55 A ., A , N' .,, iv , g S-. 1 W s V 3.44:-0 rs Y fa H if" Ks- Q 1, vi 4 . .. st' if 'Fw ' x N' x J 1 1 F ' w .iz s V N 4-uit if ,W 1 RQ 3 1 4 W 'ia ff f ' 1 1 P Q W Q A Y 1 . 37 ,, . ,, EJ Q m, h ,Q I 'M Q 'N AMS Sa Mx F2235 I Ek 4? ' ' a--Lf , .. f ' ' L ig wwt , Q + 4 1 .L.-' f-1' ' Y saw 1 V get '1L' 2-. I ' 'f W -f' Q f?'.'w 'N V V M .1 S' Q 5 K , . - ,. Wg ,K lui 'f ffffifmffm ,. .L1, ,, K Fx iz 5 Q '51 Y 9, W '? T' Ya K bi B , - , . f W sg Ki- 'uf 1 . "lf AJ-f 11 -, ff-K J w E5 M wee.-ff fl f KE gg LM M- - , 'ff-ga l - U mf Q H .a gf 3j:qbff'2ffi , .. Q p g5fQTi7' N53 Qi f f it f ' ' ai- W. fx, .. ?.W,f ,K ewan , wwf, Q, W,L:fSY:,qs, - - :1 af: ' , Q Ex: fu," 7 ki fr 5 5 ' '-J, n ' ' . Q ,ik wyylgih , k 'ir i 4 . X L. Q A -gf: , t 1 - J 1 Q 'x 1 n 'f . . 4 Q SM I I K--1, f f X N, f WH H b 77 1 X . im, V yy - 5 , 4- g fx ,' 3 sniff Q ' . n 4, Ylff .wig . :wg -.-, Q We f, . Y j Q 9 g , -'f ' Q Q 'f - 'wink - . ii . ,, A, x -,X , g- .. ' - ' . .. " ls! X , fr M L Q V Af - , '--V X. rx , . A i '4- , Q .. 7 Ezsef E I - VIA , f s 'I' -X ' 1 5 f - f - ' - ,eww I X. , g , ' Q 5? f , '51 , ,4- 1 i V 5. 531' 2 V sf. TQ , W J .,, p ,t L55 gg fgggwg- x Q. my , KY' . an Y :WM M1 'ix . , V. I f 7v.y y K 3 K1 fy V' 5. 'Z ' A L 'IN ' 11 'l A , h "QQ -Jw il 92? lf ,xg N Q1 Q QW :Wa . 2 P . ww! 5. f RU.: M35 . ,wa fx ff ff 'ff . fb., Sw' 1' H - ppm' if ' sais: 55:21:51 N Xmwwwz K, W, ,gu 9 ,VL fx? A ',-gl 1 1-A 3, f' vi , , 5551, 22 , 3' i ' ff? , ,, 'fe ,.:i' 321 -ff I 5 warg 5 if 2 , A 5 ' ' W o + 5 fl I , el' XV A 5 X ? Q 2 w fi 52 5 5 Ei ,g ,f 5 4 "2 T ., I Mm w Y ,J Q K 2 5, fy. :- i 2 1 X M Q LM - we UPPER LEFT-The ladder in the typing class is unnoticed by Beverly Chrysler and Marjorie Tracy. Construction in the school was a common occurrence during the year. RIGHT-Well, at least he's high and dry at the moment anyway. If a fire ever occurs in the auditorium, the sprinkling system will act immediately and wet everything completely. Wish the workmenluck. LOWER LEFT-If you're superstitious, you'll be late to class. Most students ran into this same problem that is pictured here and many have conquered the old superstition about walking under ladders. p l i 3 . i a l l .sal 1 UPPER LEFT: Busy work? No, registration. Miss Simpson and Mr. Nye register girls for the physical education classes. UPPER RIGHT: Which one? A hard choice for Football Princess Marlys Gorrell. The hand- some boys are cocaptains Lavaughn Stephens and Mike Szymczak. LOWER LEFT: Excitement reigns supreme at the CV game on our field. Mardell Jacobson, Judy Huss, Sandee Laughlin, Sue Mueller, Paula Ayers, Francis Vollert and Miss Pinkham exhibit differ- cnt cxpressions. LOWER RIGHT: Introducing the champs! Those big guys take up the whole stage during the introductory con as football season begins. UPPER LEFT: The Band, Red Feathers and Color Girls are blasting off for the CV game on our field, UPPER RIFHT: Val Denton, Colleen Wood, Sharron Stern, Karen Moore and Sharon Riley went beatnik for the .19 ,q i 7 1 I! Rx Vox Puellarum football con, LOWER LEFT: Nothing like enjoying your work, eh? Judy McLaughlin certainly seems to be excited about carry ing Mike Dodge, Don Jones, Bill Payne, Jerry Prophet and Jim Duke'5 books for the "Be Kind to Football Players Day." RIGHT: The notorious "Sebastian," John Havens, is busily engaged in painting numbers on the lockers for our new system of locker identification. LOWER V- L ,, its UPPER LEFT-The new fire escapes are being used for the first time, unless, of course, someone tried to sne'ak up them before. UPPER RIGHT-The Sadie Hawkins dance was completed when the little outhouses came. Inside the houses are Bruce Nelson and Bette Bailey. MIDDLE-"Well, l'ain't so sure," stammers Howard Walker as Marry- in' Sam, Rick Street, tries to perform the ceremony for the reluc- tant groom and eager bride, Marge Street. LOWER LEFT- Patty Theodorson and her father, Mr. George Theo- dorson, seem to be paying more attention to the photographer at the Girls League Dad-Daughter banquet than the waitress, Christy Fack- enthall, who just might spill all over them. LOWER RIGHT-Mr. Ed Gill, Rev. Hiram Hogberg, Mr. John Rod- key and Mr. William Sperling try to harmonize in a barbershop quartet at the Dad-Daughter banquet. Betty Sears, Mr. H. O. Lentz and Nancy Frank get a big charge out of the sour notes that are produced. ' Ff""'-7 'ill iff d . . f. l- ,boy-Lg' N: fe., .., W' Nw ,, m.,l:'Lsxne.,. m,.,V. 425- , K! UPPER LEFT: A city policeman tries his luck at the first North Central carnival. is paying more attention to photographer than his RIGH T: Students are trying out their luck at the carnival baseball throw. -un. -l fn-Q Judy Anderson and Donna DeChenne run into main b ,l lc... '-nl classes. LOWER RIGHT: Marilyn Judy Hensel b . Ngwfzw Gary Erickson booth. UPPER LOWER LEFT: uilding between Edmunds and ring food for needy family. T1 " Comes l in U PPER LE FT: T The Wise men bring gifts to the Holy Child while Mary, portrayed by Gail Gladder, watches during the annual Christmas convo- cation. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Simmons leads the choir as they sing in the halls the day before Christmas vacation. LOWER LEFT: Trying to carry the Christ- mas tree' up the east stairs are Don Jones, Dennis Regis and Susan Sterrit. LOWER RIGHT: Bet Frances Vollert doesn't flunk her test! Around grade time most students at are seen putting special effort on their studies. MJ -.--........, v-ffX, ,ff l59 7fca44 740135466 "I feel that these boys have come along enough during the season that they will play good ball when they are juniors and seniors," stated football Coach William Diedrick, speaking of the progress his freshman team made in learning the fundamentals of the game. Opening the season with an 8-0 triumph over the young Panthers of Mead high school, the Papooses dropped all league tilts except an October 28 encounter with Shadle Park. North Central emerged victorious in that event, walloping the Highlanders 19-0. When the Papoose defense was clicking, FRESHMAN SQUAD COACH-William M. Dlederlck Frosh Srandings the offense was able to push across enough NQ "'A" """ 1 J iiomilga """"" . . . NC, ...... ..... l J Iohn Rogers .... .. points to win the games. The two wins and NC O CWB md Chr, fOLll' lOSSCS-0-26, 0-39, Ellld 0-l2-clearly NC '----- I 0 Xyest Vallu,-mn indicate this. NC ...... ...... 1 9 Shadle ,,...,, 1 ,,,,, FRESHMAN FOOTBALL- First row: Mike Huff, Don Westerman, Ron Knapp, Vern Wittenberg, Allen Reavis, Stew Carxsis, John Ramage, Floyd Baune, Mat Kelly tManagerJ, Gary Williams tManagerJ.Second row: Ed Fiskland, Kip Gladder, Charles Boehme, Roger Keetron, Nathen Hair, Jack Moon, Bill Johnson, Dale Tate, Mike Campbell lManagerJ. Third row: John Daniel, Ed Bone, Dick Berg, Steve Poole, Terry Martin, Fred Fisher, George Nethercutt, Eurvin Williams, John Congdon, Don Lovell. Fourth row: Bill Johnson, Dana Deweke, Stan Porter, Jim Thompson, Mike Hoover, Mike Nienstedt, Brad Bodley, Bruce Wiedmer, Herman Kruswicki I77 .Z it 'Vff wa-4' f V5 we-' BASKETBALL COACHES-Left to right: Ed Kretz, freshman squadg Jerry Stannard, varsity head coach: Ken fNipJ Hagen, B squad. Wmadtq gcwkelfczfi Although it is usually regarded as the easy way to explain a poor year, North Central basketball fans had real reason to say "Wait until next year" at the end ol' the l959-60 season as only three team members will be lost by graduation. Combining the leagues worst defense with a sometimes-hot, sometimes-cold offense, the Indians wound up the season I78 with mediocre 5-7 league and 8-ll season records. The hot-cold streaks are in evidence in View ol' the league record--North Central, filth in the league, failed to defeat only champion Central Valley in the top l'our at least once. Yet sixth-place John Rogers twice buried the Indians by lopsided scores. Only West Valley bowed twice to the Braves, by almost identical scores ol' 48-42 and 49-42. 'lihe squad split with Shaclle Park, 37-45 ancl 58-53, as well as with Lewis ancl Clark, 4-8-45 ancl 34-48: and Gonzaga Prep, 55-50 and 42-65. Central Valley elobberecl North Central by 68-40 ancl G4-43 margins. Only Gonzaga inanagefl to stop the Champion Bears. Nonleague tilts also furnished thrills and clisappointinents for the Recl and Black. The teani cleleatecl sueh squads as the Eastern lVashington College ol: Fcluciation junior varsity. YVapato. Moses Lake, Kel- logg and Eastniont ol' Wfenatehee. Behind junior Steve .-Xnclerson's 21 points and sen- ior Phil Stohs' I8. the squad upenclecl EVVCE 70-67. 'VVapato fell till-5l, Moses Lake 49-48, Kellogg 53-52. ancl Eastniont 54-32 as An- clerson lecl the way every lainie. Stohs, sen- iors John Coeller ancl Ralph Jones and junior Craig Batters took turns for scoring honors hehincl .-Xnclerson. Filth in the league in olflense with a 4-6.2 point average. North Central wouncl up Upper left: Phill Stohs 1113 attempts a lay-in as Steve Anderson and an unidentified Shadle player look on. Upper right: Steve An- derson 1415 looks for a way out as Central Valley players heavily guard him. Lower left: Ralph Jones 1459 doesn't want to let go as Steve Anderson 1413 claps his hands approvingly. Lower right: Craig Batters fights for the ball as John Goeller tries to help him against a Rogers player. I79 last in defense allowing 53.8 points per game. Individual honors were few and far between. A-Xnderson, second-team All-City choice, was in a three-way tie for fourth in scoring with a l2.7 average. He was tenth in lield goal average with .392 and fourth in free throws with an .830 percentage. Stohs was No. l2 from the foul line, 709, and No. lo from the floor, 374. He had a 9,4 point average. Batters was 18th and 22d from the floor and loul line, respectively. On the boards, Goeller was the league's filth highest with 72 rebounds. Anderson had lil for tenth. lVith several returning lettermen and many moving up from the B squad, next season could be a big one lor North Central. -W fl in-.457 VARSITY BASKETBALL-Top row: Steve Anderson, Craig Battc rs, John Goeller, Tom Hedcmark, Ralph Jones, Phill Stohs. Second row: Jim Buchanan, Delbert Clute, Ron Harris, Dan Hurley, Dave Mingo, Eric Wolters. Left picture: Craig batters 1305 dribbles around LC player Kerry Frey. Right picture: Phill Stohs plows through as John Goeller, C337 and Craig Batters 1253 look on. l8O Left: Craig Batters gets the ball from Gonzaga player with John Goeller's help Right Craig Batters dribbles around ShadIe's Barry Livengood. League Scores NC 48 XX'csi Valluy ',.. NC 37 Slizullc l"a1'lq ..,.. NC 40 Central Valley., NC 48 Lewis and Clarl NC 57 hlolm Rogers .,.... NC 55 Gonzaga .......... NC 49 XXX-st Valley .... .. NC 58 Shacllc Park ...... NC 43 Central Valley... NC 34 Lewis and Clark NC 43 hlolm liogcrs ,.,..,. NC 42 tlonzaga ....... l C , C is f' L : Gary Erickson and Ron Hildahl Varsity basketball managers pose for the camera. Harvey Luiten is tripped up by a Central Valley player as . N C B Season Scores N C LC ....A............ NC CX' .........., .... 4 0 NC Gonzaga ..,.... NC ,..,.... Sliadle .......... 45 NC ........ Rogers .......,.. NC NYY ....,......,.. 62 N C ....,... 36 CV ..,.............. NC LC .....,.....,.... 43 NC Slladle ..,......,. NC Gonzaga ...... 37 N C NYY .,..,,.,..,.,,, NC Rogers .,....... 42 N C LC .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NC CV ,.,...,,.,, ..,. 5 7 NC ,..v..,, 40 Gonzaga ....,.. NC Sliadle ,.... ..,. 4 ll Rogers .......... NC r W V ...........,.... "Bee squaders finished the league se '38 21S 011 with a 6-win, I2-loss record although the boys played some real sharp ball games," stated Coach Kenneth QNipj Hagen. "In nonleague tilts the boys Won five Without ' V X :J losing a game. Six juniors played for the Bees this sea- ?-Sgacwl Zaekdfdl son and several are top prospects for varsity action next year. A few of this year's sopho- mores may gain spots on next year's varsity also. Top games were a 39-19 trouneing of Lewis and Clark, a 53-42 victory over Rog- ers and a 52-40 win over Shadle Park. B-SQUAD BASKETBALL-Front row: Steve McMacken, Mike Williams, Gary Pleasant, Skip Holmes, Harvey Luiten, Marty O'Brien, Gary Willians, assistant manager. Back row: Bill Sem ro, Mike Brower, Dick Herron, Bob Fanning, Bob Bas- sett, Don Goffinet, Mike Black. l82 Frosh Season Scores N C ....... ......... 2 9 Gonzaga ....,. .......... 5 4 NC ........ ..,.,.... l 9 LC .,........... .......,. 4 2 NC .,...... .......,. 3 l Rogers ,,... ..,.,..., Z 4 NC ........ ..,...... Z 9 VVV ........... ......... 3 4 NC ........ ......... 3 4- Shadle ,.....,... ......,.. Z 0 NC ........ ......... 2 2 Gonzaga .......,........... 21 NC ......., ...,..... l 2 LC .......,........ ..,...... 3 l NC ........ ....,.... 3 6 Rogers ...... ......... 4 0 NC ........ ....,,.,. Z 8 WV ,.......... .,....... 4 0 NC ,....... ......... 3 8 Shadle .......... ......... l 8 Witli four games decided by five or fewer points, the freshman basketball team ended the league season with a 4-6 won-loss record. Victory did not come to the Indians until the third game of the season. After bowing to Gonzaga, 29-34, and to Lewis and Clark I9-42, the team dropped Rogers 3l-24. Another defeat, 29-34, at the hands of WVest Valley preceded a 34-20 trouncing ol' Shadle Park, to end the first round. The 22-2l win over Gonzaga opened the second round and a 38-l8 win over Shadle Park closed it. Losses to LC, Rogers and WV, by scores of l2-31, 36-40 and 28-40. Three North Central players scramble for a jump ball in the tilt with Central Valley's Bears. 714144 244015456 FROSH BASKETBALL-Front row: Bill Johnson, Don Rinck, Mike Lobdell, John Samuel, Brawl Bocileyg Second row: Ed Fisklund Terry Kolb, John Kenny, Bill Johnson, Herman Kruiswyk, Stan Porter. Third row: Wayne Aaseby, Nathan Hair, Meyer Ziman, LeRoy Miller, Ed Bone, Ervin Williams, Gary Logsdon I83 sr ua COACHES-Front row: Bill Diedrick, freshman baseball, and William Lowther, B squad baseball. Back row: Dale Blair, varsity track: AI Manfred, varsity baseball and Lyle Jewel, freshman track. Wafzadtg 2cwe4aZ6' Only three returning leltermen greeted varsity baseball Coach Al Manfred this sea- son. However, besides a good crop of jun- iors, the coach said he expected "good things from my three returning seniors, Nick Frucci at first base, Mike Szymczak at second base and Ron Wi1'SCll in center field. "These three should excell in their re- I84 spective positions. Right now, I lieel that Mike is the best second baseman in the league." Several preseason scrimmages with league rivals and several practice games were in- cluded in the warmup schedule. New foe for the Indians this season was the Coeur d'Alene Viking team. Varsity diamondmen drew 21 2-2 split in four games with Lewiston. North Central won 6-3 and 3-2 and dropped 5-4 and 9-7 de- cisions to the Bengals. The indians also drew an even split in early scrimmages with West Valley and Gon- zaga. The Eagles were soundly defeated l 1-2, while the Bullpups ran away from NC l2-6. The Zags continued their dominance of the Braves with a 4-l victory in the league opener. Besides the three lettermen, Indian pros- pects are mainly juniors, giving high hopes for next season. A sophomore and a junior with senior eligibility are also in the lineup. Marty O'Brien, at shortstop, is the sopho- more, and pitcher Ron Smith is the player with senior eligibility. Others according to positions are: First base, Fruccig second base, Szymczakg third base, Del Cluteg catchers, Gordie Allen, Rick Nichols and Don -Ionesg outfielders, jones, Ron Wirsch, Bob Sleeth and Marvin Henthorng pitchers, Smith, Mfirsch, Steve Anderson and Gary Kaatz. Upper left: Ron Smith is "out" as Del Clute touches him with the' ball. Upper right: Steve Anderson picks up a ball out in left . field. Lower left: Mike Szymczak waits for the' ball as Don Jones gives the signal for the pitch. Lower right: Nick Frucci catches the ball on first. I85 Two following games, before the Tama- rack went to press, saw the Indians draw an even 1-1 split with Lewis and Clark and Rogers. The Pirates romped over NC, 8-2. Overcoming early 2-0 and 3-1 Tiger leads, the Braves outscored Lewis and Clark. Final score gave the squad a decisive 13-6 victory. Coach Manfred said that if the team con- tinued to show progress as it had during early-seaon workout, the squad "will be very hard to beat. It is experience that counts." Following an April 26 encounter with Shadle Park's Highlanders, the squad drew a bye in league play the following Thurs- day. However, the team traveled out of state to tangle with the Coeur d'Alene Vik- ing, the new addition to the Indian schedule. Weather was a major hindrance to the squad this year as many practice sessions were rained or snowed out. The slated April 14 game at West Valley high school was rained out. It was to be made up on May 9. D071 Anderson Bob Sleeth Del Clufe Dominic Fruccl 911 X fl. Jones Gary Kaatz Lennie Lyde'n Ron Smith Mike Szymczak Ron Wirsh Marty 0'Brien Stan Kimmerly 186 George Kersull Alan Montour Upper left: "Right in the glove," says Don Jones, catcher. Upper right: Al Manfred hits flies for infield practice. Below: Ron Wlrsch slides into home safe as Mike Szymczak and Don Jones move out of his way. VARSITY BASEBALL LEAGUE SCHEDULE Firsi Round April 12 ........,...,,........ Gonzaga at Gonzaga April 14 ........ April 19 April 21 April 26 May 3... May 5 ........ ..........VVest Valley at WV ...............,LL-wis and Clark at NC ...............R0ge1's at Rogers .............Shaclle at Sliadle .........Central Valley at NC ............G0nzaga at NC Second Round May 10 .......................... NVest Valley at NC May 12 .......... ..,..... 1 ,C at Hart Field May 17 .......... .............. R ogers at NC May 19 ......... ................ S hadle at NC May 26 .......... .........Ce11t1'al Valley at CV , er 1 1 i B BASEBALL-Front row: Gary DuPree, Dan Ludwigson, John Black, Mike Williams, Gary Westerman. Back row: Coach William Lowther, Joel Wright, Harold Beard, John Jamison, Bob Bassett. 75- gauges!! With a team of 17 boys, the B-squad baseballers were still looking forward to their league contests when the Tamarack went to press. After a practice game with Newport March 30, the squad met Central Valley in the league opener April lfle. Coach Williaiii Lowther hoped to schedule other warm-up games before the encounter with the Bears. Charles Bass, Paul Mather, Harold Beard, john Black, Gary DuPree, Bob Fanning, Harvey Luiten, Jim Mulligan, Skip Holmes, Cary W7esterman, Mike YfVilliams, Dick Frank, Ted Hegg, Don Ludwigson, John Jamison, Jim Meade and Bob Bassett were the players surviving the first cut. Gary Westerman attempts to hit the ball but strikes out. John Jamison is acting catcher. I88 FROSH BASEBALL-First row: Don Rinck, Gary Logsdon, Meyer Ziman, Tom Piehette, Walt Schroeder, Gabe Lapano, Mike Lobdell. Second row: Brad Bodley, John Strain, Leroy Miller, Mike Hoover, George Nethercutt, Nathan Hair, Gary Williams. Third row: Bill Johnson, Herman Kruiswyk, Arthur High, John Ramage, Ed Fiskland, Terry Kolb, Mr. Diedrick. mllhis is the best group of baseballers l've had since I fielded the Shadle Park team 1044 gqgegdg Q North Central freshmen who transferred to Shadlej four years ago." Coach Williaiii Diedriek optimistically said this ol' his fresh- carry a I6-man squad through the season. man baseball team at the beginning ole the Believing that "baseball is a game that is season. learned by playing every day," the coach Twenty-seven frosh showed up at the always schedules a busy slate ol? practice early workouts. Coach Diedrick planned to games up till league-play time. Here come some fast balls from Meyer Zirnan, Mike Hoover. Walt Schroeder and Herman Kruiswyk as Ed Fiskland and George Nethercutt look on. I89 1 ,Eff-A 'Vi Q? '57 U2 31 iiii f ra CROSS COUNTRY-First row: Jim Thompson, Ken Johnson, Bob Wavra, Gene Coffey, Roger McMacken, Walter Schroeder, Dale Payne, Paul McMaeken, Steve Gallemore, John Coffey. Second row: Fred Lubes, Andy Simpson, Loren McKnight, Merlin Smith, Del- mer Adams, Bob DeBill, Steve Kellams, Dick Vandervert, Larry Chaffin, Larry Ferger, Orin Humphries. Third row: Louis Grande, Dave Mingo, Allen Sykes, Robert Leingang, Ron Johnson, Jim Allen, Glen Jones, Jerry Watt, Ron Hildahl, Phil Roger. EMM-bmw Despite a successful dualeineet season as far as winning more than it lost, the North Central cross-country squad had to settle for a fourth-place berth in the city league's final standings at the end of the fall season. tif League wins Caine at the expense of Cen- tral Valley, Rogers and Gonzaga. Shadle Park and Lewis and Clark were the only teains to drop the harriers. In nonleague ac- tion, Mead fell to the Indians on Septem- ber 29. This season marked Burrill Exley's last as North Central's cross-country coach. ,ew--4. Q 2 Left: Bob Wavra leads the pack in the Rogers meet at Comstock Park. Right Gene Coffey C1063 and an unidentified Gonzaga runner are shown in a close match with the Indian thinclad ahead. i9O Bob Leonard, Larry Fifield and Eric Wolters run the high hurdles during practice session. As this story was written the varsity thi11- clads were matching their ability against the Central Valley trackmen in the valley. The Indians lost their first meet, 74-35, to Gon- zaga. Larry Baum, Loren McKnight, Bob Leon- ard and the relay team took first places against the Bullpups. At the Moses Lake relays Indian hurdlers racked up l5 points as they placed first and third in the shuttle L :mfs I S1333 5.3 Wcvzecltq 'hack hurdles races. Bob Leonard, Eric Wolters, Dave Mingo and Larry Filiield ran the shut- tle races. Other track meets were scheduled against Rogers, Lewis and Clark, lfVest Valley and Shadle Park. P? wks ti VARSITY TRACK-Front row: Jerry Watt, Jim Delameter, Frank Watson, Larry Baum, Bruce Wilson, Harold Walker, Bill Steg, Merlin Smith, Loren McKnight. Second row: Phill Stohs, Rick Street, David Mingo, Bill Davis, Eric Wolters, Gerald Prophet, Ken Johnson, Ron Johnson- Back POW! Gene Coffey, Delmer Adams, Lynn Dalziel, Bob Leonard, Russle Harris, Mike Miler, Larry Fifield and Ron Hildahl, manager. I9l ggi, Q 4 '9 fringe - 'G RWEE4' iiaigyib fr l rs' it None' X Sf K. A ,... K ki ix: ,xtsxvz 5' I K il k?i..k Vi g a M., rut, . .fag hx kkklix GAY, lag T -400 s ""' g . 1 , R- 1 , - ,A JV TRACK-Front row: Louis Grande, Randy Turner, Lonnie Yancey, Eugene Frost, Bob Leingang, Gerald Gosline, Second row: Herb Aldinger, Don Goffinet, Jack Bradford, Clyde Kruger, Jim Allen. Back row: John Coffey, Roger McMacken, Ron Landberg, Reed Reavis and Mike Black. M7 Varsity Coach Dale Blair worked with the junior varsity boys this year, also, as both squads practiced together and had meets on the same days. Junior or sophomore boys not making the varsity, run for the JV's. Players can move up or down from the two squads and both have the same events. 'llhe thinclads have meets with Gonzaga, Central Valley, Rogers, Lewis and Clark, West Valley and Shadle Park. May 6 was the District meet and on May 13 the Tridistrict meet. Both were held at Hart field. The state meet at Pullman was May 20 and 21. Left: Larry Baum strains to get over the high jump. Right: Russle Harris practices the shot-put on the NC field. i92 1 I Dennis Throm huris his body over the crossbar during a pole-vaulting event. Freshman tracksters were under the coach- ing ol' Lyle Jewell this spring. About boys turned out for the squad. Events included the 75-yard dash, G60- yard run, three-quarter mile, high jump, broad jump, pole vzmlt, low hurdles, and the eight-pound shot throw. The 440-yard relay was the last event of the frosh track meets. wed 'mae As the 'l'znnarack 'Awent to hed,', Bob De- Bill and Steve Gallemore looked like good prospects for the distance runs While Dick Berg, Kelly Davis and Ken Thompson were effective in the high jump. FROSH TRACK-Front row: James Harris, manager, Allen Reavis, Charles Boehme, Bob DeBill, Dave Betts, Don Lovell, Dennis Throm, Mike Corisis, Paul McMacken, Steve Gallemore, Don Rodman, Charles Mille1'. Second row: James Warfield, Larry Chaffin, Robert Nyberg, Dana Dueweke, Richard Berg, Ken Thompson, Alexander Campbell, Richard Wolff, David Paggett, Dick Vandervert, John Congdon, Dave Winnington. Back row: James Hansen, Fred Fisher, Stephen Priel, Fred Lubbess, Roger Ketron, Bill Delameter, Doug Chrysler, Steve Kellams, Mike Jens, Jerry Cross, Vern Wittenberg, John Daniels, I93 GOLF--Left to right: Mr. Simonson, Jim Tucker, Allen Sykes, Larry Hanson, Glen Jones, Dennis Hendricks, Gary Pinkley, Mahlon Moe, Ron Rude, David Gibson. Q04 North Central's boys' golf squad lost its opening match of the season to Gonzaga SJW to SW. Remaining matches were with Gon- zaga, Shadle Park twice, Lewis and Clark twice, Rogers twice, mixed two-ball and In- land Empire tourney, Only six boys played in each league match. Against Gonzaga, Maylan Moe got K1 point, Jim Cozzetto 2, jim Tucker I, Dennis Gib- son 3, Roger Bean 2 and Anderson 0. They were listed according to first to sixth places on the team. "There were I6 boys out for the team and most of them were sophomores," stated Coach Ray Simonson. "I had only three let- termen in Cozzetto, Tucker and Bean." ru H INC I94 Jim Tucker holds his position after hitting a beautiful drive off the back nine at Downriver. Left: Ron Helm shows the correct form in making a serve. Rig ht: Glenn DuPree moves up on the ball to hit it over the net. Expecting a fairly successful season, var- sity tennis Coach Mack Saunders had six returning lettermen this spring, five of whom were juniors. Top prospect for the Indians was Glenn DuPree, city mixed doubles champion. Twenty boys, including Glenn and the other lettermen, made bids for team positions. Coach Saunders let the boys earn their spots on the squad through a ladder tourna- emzia ment. By winning practice matches, a boy moved up a rung. Opening league match was with Shadle Park, April 28. Robert Bland, freshman coach, opened the season with a large group of netsters who appeared to be good future varsity material. 4,5efsis.wfv,l K TENNIS-Front row: Dennis Regis, Ron Cafaro, Glenn DuPree, Ron Helm, Brian Elbrecht. Back row: Coach Mack Saun- ders, Mike Tornow, David deVidal, Ken Kringle, Charles Tascherau. I95 Left: Two unidentified wrestlers grapple for position in a league match. Flight: Dana Atwood attempts to pin a league foe during the wrestling season. Wzeddng Wfrestling is the newest competitive sport at North Central, and this was the lfirst year ol' league play for the Indians. The niat teani, niacle up mostly olf juniors, shoulcl be very goocl in next year's events. None ol' the city teanls was any lllillfll lor the out-ol'-town schools as Cheney and Meacl cloniinatecl the league this year. Kenneth Grissom. the wrestling coach, is a graduate of VVhitworth. He letterecl in football at XfVlllUVO1'tll and wrestled in Okla- honia. 'rv ,.,...,..- WRESTLING-Front row: Tom Staley, Ted Hogg, Dick Anderson, Tom Frasher, Orin Humphries. Second row: Don Hammond, John Coffey, Jerry Click. David Winnington, Gene Coffey, Charles Bass Bob Reiser, Ron Alderson, Bill Stag. Back row: Steve Kellams, Jim Hansen, John Congdon, Jon Strain, Dan Deardorff, Gary McDonald, Jim Maddox, Dick Vanclervert, Gary Unfred, Bill Randall, Dana Atwood, Coach Ken Grissom. II96 CM :Gian l Riff 'S,,,,f' l l J l as 'M J' - BOWLERS-left to right, row 1: Art Hanley, Nancy Walter, Kathy Saccomanno, Bev Birge. Row 2, left to right: Mr. Nye, Joanne Thorpe, Judy Reuss, Linda Headstrom, Mrs. Coon. Secirelznries Lincla I-Iezlclslroni and Ari , , , Hanley pose wilh the coaches and repre- 0 I .tau senlatives of the bowling reams who scored We highesl in the season. in checking rolls and showers in Lhe PE cle- Girl monitors served as valued assistants parlnient. MONITORS-left to right, row 1: Lennie Husen, Pam Gorremans, Yvonne Taylor, Suzanne Thompson, Judy Buxton, Andre Malay, Darlyne Eve-land. Left to right, row 2: Janet Piper, Judy Ruess, Bev Birge, Joanne Thorpe, Sue Edinger, Linda Durbin, Margaret Lee, Donna Schilling. Left to right, row 3: Sherri Hayashi, Teresa Merrick, Carol Pilger, Sandy Gallemore, Pat Callahan, Jackie Stone. Peggy Tantum, Connie McSpadden. I97 Georganne Jackman Linda Ayers Terry Palmer Gail Gladder Gerry Feafherly Sentara A slumber party in the latter part of Au- gust topped the events for the songleaders of 1960. This little get-together and practice ses- sion was held at the home of Gerry Feather- ly. Practice makes perfect, but the morning I98 4 alter, the girls found out they had overdone it just a bit. By the time the first football game rolled around in September, the girls were all ready to cheer the team on to victory. Chair- men for the fall were Georganne Jackman Marge Flin+ Fran Bayley Cheryl Nance PaH'y Johnson Val Den+on mica cwzglecwlew and Linda Ayers, leading senior songlead- ers Gail Gladder, Gerry Featherly and Terry Palmer. Junior songleaders were Marge Flint, Cheryl Nance, Fran Bailey, Patty Johnson and Val Denton. Basketball season was here and gone again much too soon. To end the songleading season, Terry Palmer, spring chairman, had a dinner for the girls at her home the eve- ning of the last basketball game. This was the final event ol? the many memorable oe- casions for the songleaders. I99 ,- V l A X ,,,, e,,,,,.,...WJ,.,,.,.,.' :Cl , t' i The Fall Re'd Feather officers re- view the write-ups of the champ- ionship football team. They are, from left to right: Carrie Unger, ser- geant at arms: Sandy Gallemore, sergeant at arms: Christy Fackenthall, chairmang Janet Hopper, histor- ian: Marlys Gorrell, secretary. 1 ,f ed ?ecu'5m Ufficma Pert Color Guard, Susan Nelson, steps high as she readies for her trip to the Apple Blossom Festival in Wenatchee. 200 i'Carry on Red and Blackf' sing the song- leaders as they lead North Central through another year of pep and enthusiasm. These hardworking girls are the essence ol' school spirit. To be a songleader takes much get-up- and-go and is an honor. For this reason, tryouts are held the first semester of each year for all sophomore girls. From these, ten or eleven are chosen to be members of the songleading class the second semester. School songs and yells are taught to the girls in this class by the veteran songleaders. During the spring semester five girls, udged on their cheering ability, participation in the physical education department. spirit, pep and personality, are chosen to be song- leaders for the next two years. Those who do not make songleader automatically be- come Red Feathers, an equally important honor. The new Red Feather officers talk over their plans for the spring semester. They are, from left to right: Sharon Stern, sergeant at arms: Nancy Frank, co-historian-secretary: Sandy Gallemore, chairman: Carole Peterson, co-historian-secretary: Betty Sears, sergeant at arms. X Xs ,fi 1 alan Qaeda Color Guard is a name which stands out among the groups formed for support of North Central. Tryouts for this position are held among the junior Red Feathers in the spring. On the basis of their height, niarching ability and over-all participation in Red Feathers, two girls are chosen. These, to- gether with the two boys who also serve as color guards, lead the marching units in pa- rades and stunts. The Color Guards, uniforms are unique in that they are dressed in snappy red jack- ets and bright white pleated skirts. Their accessories include red hats with a white plume and white marching boots. Heading the Red Feathers are the offi- cers including chairman, secretary, historian and two sergeants at arms. lt is the job of the chairman to keep the girls well informed on their responsibilities and activities. Jackie Stone, Color Guard, flashes a winning smile as she readies for the Lilac Parade. 20l T x 11 ff? - ' : ,Y H 1- 53 .3729 Q1 - ' 1 First row: Sharon Larson, Jan Overhauser, Kathy Saccomanno, Christy Fackenthall, Sherrie Hindman, Judy Hensel. Second Shirley Haegele, Marlys Gorrell, Ginny Brookman, Julie Warfield, Sue Breeden, Karen Crosbie, Donna Schaber, Patty Olson. Third row: Karen Coleman, Janet Hopper, Sandy Bowen, Carol Maund, Nancy Freeman, Velma Hogan, Rose Thomas. Fourth row: Marcia Dungan, Janet Piper, Judy Reuss, Sandee Laughlin, Judy Ross, Pam Eakins, Vera Bice, dahl, Kay Anderson. Fifth row: Bev Chrysler, Sarah Duke, Annette Van Dyke, Donna Jacobsen, Mary Galt, Carole Peterson, Ca Bursch, Pat Callahan, Marilyn Nyberg. Sparkling white uniforms with red trim are the most distinctive characteristics oi the Red Feathers. This organized cheering section has been in existence for over twenty years and is the backbone at North Central's sporting events. Much work goes into making the Red Feathers the distinctive marching unit which they are. Many a girl can remember the long early morning and afternoon practices in the lall as they make ready for the Merry-Go- Round game. Each girl has found this Work 202 Well worth the trouble as they carry the North Central tradition on and on. Tryouts for this outstanding group are held for junior and senior girls twice each year. Members are chosen for marching and dancing ability, grade average and partici- pation in the physical education department activities. The girls are chosen by Miss Bar- N3 Person, Sal' White, Dia Merrilie Ne in Aig- f'r'm,,.. Q-L. row. Catherine Perry, Cariie Unger, Karen Moore, Nancy Frank, Carol Routson, Shirley Bezotte. Second row: Eleen Cham- Colleen Zehm, Lucy Hughes, Patty LaPoint, Judy Huss, Pam Gorremans, Cathy Prihar, Kathy Santorsola. Third row: Colleen Louise Erickson, Marjorie Tracy, Cala Chilton, Frances Vollert, Ardis Zacker, Linda Roper, 1Maxine Woodward, Nancy Patter- Fourth row: Mary Bailey, Sharron Stern, Bonnie Underdahl, Sandra Rudy, Marilyn Weishaar, Sharyl Burgeson, Linda Brad- Thelma Olson, Maralee Haynes. Fifth row: Susan Mueller, Terry Simpson, Mardell Jacobson, Dorothy Bennett, Elaine Cannata, Teresa Merrick, Sandy Gallemore, Betty Sears, Vicki Read. 7 ew bara Simpson, Red Feather director, and the Red Feather officers. Each year football and spring sports prin- cesses are chosen from among the Red Feath- ers. They are nominated by the girls them- selves, and the student body has the final vote. The winners are awarded traditional Indian bracelets. The marching ability of this group is dem- onstrated in stunts and parades in which it participates. The Red Feathers are widely known and have attained 11 fame of their own throughout the years. Besides performing as a marching unit and cheering at games the girls also participate in fund rasing, charitable projects, and pro- mote ticket sales. School spirit is a quality which is cherished and kept alive by each of these girls as they give their all for the Red and Black. 203 YI? Miss Barbara Simpson, girls' physical education department head. Browsing through the Color Girls' scrapbook are' the fall officers, left to right: Gloria Riediger, sergeant at arms: Linda Headstrom, chairman: Kathy Sanders, historiang Cleosa Wilkerson, secretary: Sherrie Hayashi, sergeant at arms. 04 Each semester five girls elected by popular vote comprise the officers of Color Girls. The chairman presides over all meetings and sees that all committees run smoothly. The secretary records the minutes of all meet- ings: the historian keeps an accurate record ol' all Color Girl activities in a scrapbook, and the two sergeants at arms hold order at all Color Girl functions. Girls enrolled in the athletic program are eligible to work toward meriting all-activity shields. A total of 500 points earned by active participation in the field of physical education must be earned for the shield, with 500 additional points for each of the black stars and one gold star. Honorable mention is awarded girls holding 2,000 points or over. 'llhe goal of the physical education depart- Sharp and on time for inspection are the spring semester Color Girl officers-Kay Worthington, secretary: Vicki Benn, chairman: Lois Ellis, sergeant at arms: Susan Buery, sergeant at arms, and Virginia Johnson, historian. W ment is to promote sportsmanship, physical fitness and good standards of health. There is also a tremendous carry-over value for leisure in this department. Girls are taught just how important a healthy, clean body is in forming and preserving keenness of mind. Completing her first year as head of the girls' physical education department and di- rector of Red Feathers, Miss Barbara Simp- son has had a busy schedule this season. She is assisted by Mrs. Joan Voligny, who heads the Color Girls. Courses in tumbling, volleyball, basket- ball, softball, badminton, tennis, golf, pad- dleminton and swimming highlight the ac- tivities of girls enrolled in regular physical education courses. Also undertaken in these classes are techniques of marching, rhythms and calisthenics. Mrs. Joan Voligny, Color Girl director - - l Q COLOR GIRLS-First row: Joanne Potter, Kay Turnley, Julie Lidstone, Jeannie Mueller, Linda Warren, Judi Naccarato, Second row: Karen Simpson, Karen Whipple, Lynn Materne, Gloria Riediger, Connie McSpadden, Helen Miller, Marge Street, Sharon Pierce, Charlotte Vagenas, Patti Theodorson. Third row: Sherri Lee Miller, Patricia Whelan, Karen Welch, Joanne McKelvey, Pat Snow, Gloria Tryon, Judy McCauley, Christena Parish, Carol Perry, Kathleen Sanders, Kay Worthington, Linda Ortiz. Fourth row: Mary Mullenix, Cheryl Sherburne, Cleosa Wilkerson, Joyce Tollefson, Phyllis Neville, Gladys Neville, Joan Othmcr, Meg Stone, Ann Larson, Cheryl Roach, Sally Mast, Paula Ayers, Sandie Minkler, Judi Seivcrs, Faye Remig. Fifth row: Barbara Prague, Sharon Pitts, Tresa Pounders, Carol Mascher, Patty Nance, Velda Sleeth, Janet Percy, Nikki Nelson, Sharon Kimberling, Kathy Peter- son, Karen Loutherbaek, Sandy Poekrus, Ronda Lussier, Sharon Westron. 'I'o develop each girl physically, mentally and socially is the aim of Color Girls, a marching unit. organized in N330 with a charter group ol' twenty. A Color Girl may be identified by her deep wine sweater bearing an arrowhead em- blem, a black, gored skirt and spotless white collar, shoes and socks. She promotes the sale of tickets l'or athletic events, partakes in fund-raising and charitable projects, ush- ers at many school functions and partici- pates in football hall'-time stunts and pa- rades. 206 04 Boasting 88 members, Color Girls is the second largest marching unit at North Gen- tral and serves as a preparation for Red Feathers. Girls seeking membership in the group must have C grades or better, be active in the department of physical education and be a member of the freshman or sophomore his OLOR GIRLS-First row: Susie Anderson, JoAnn Charbonneau, Kathy Hagen, Nancy Hyko, Sherry Bledsoe, Kerinc Anderson. Sec- nd row: Becky Cheek, Susan Buery, Suzzanne Brashear, Bette Bailie, Susan Evans, Juanita Hildesheim, Mary Fremstad, Connie arver, Carol Allen, Gordia Berglund. Third row: Bobbie Aurand, Sherrie Hayashi, Nancy Gates, Nancy Hoering, Lois Ellis, Anna utler, Pat Holland, Marianne Davis, Marilyn Edmunds, Sheila Bayley, Sharon Cook, Linda Kachinsky. Fourth row: Lennie Husen, haron Evans, Barbara Cox, Judy Brahe, Laura Clark, Cheryl Bartleson, Alice Hendrick, Joan House, Linda Headstrom, Virginia John- on, Jacqueline Ivey, Yulene Campbell, Margaret Duke. Fifth row: Melanie Homick, Georgiana Bertholf, Carole Hay, Vicki Benn Marcia Johnson, Claudia Hay, Judy Amdahl, Judy Kemp, Jeannette Fraser, Jeanie Curryer, Barbara Crossman, Barbara Busby, Ann Amdahl. W class. They are judged on their marching and dancing ability, on the basis of attend- ance, health, co-operation in school activities and good citizenship, by the director, Mrs. Joan Voligny, and the Color Girl officers. Tryouts are held each semester, along with the election of Color Girl officers. Girls recommended by their principal from a pre- vious school are received directly into the organization. Color Girls did a solo half-time stunt on the home field during' the victorious football season. A new demerit system was introduced this season whereby any girl who broke estab- lished regulations would be dropped. The organization holds a banquet each semester to introduce new members and in- stall new officers. The January banquet this year was headed by Vicki Benn, Lois Ellis and Connie MeSpadden. 207 Front: Janice Baker and Sherry Hindman. First row: Pat Snow, Marilyn Edmunds, Marianne Davis, Pat Holland, Susan Westfall, Nancy Hoering, Nancy Gates, Cleosa Wilkerson, Gloria Riediger, Susan Buery, Charlotte Vagenas, Lynn Materne, Sherry Bledsoe, Connie McSpadden. Second row: Norma Jean Coulter, Phyllis Douglas, Jackie Ivey, Virginia Johnson, Velda Sleeth, Patty Nance, Barbara Prague, Sally Mast, Sharon Pitts, Margaret Duke, Gretchen Hoyt, Joan Othmer, Judy Pointer, Sharon Cook, Suzanne Thompson, Tammy Kimpel. Third row: Sherrie Hayashi, Georgiana Bertholf, Kristi Kurtz, Jeannie Curryer, Vicki Benn, Jackie Stone, Karen Loutherback, Sharon Kimberling, Linda Headstrom, Judy Kemp, Barbara Crossman, Betty Sears, Sandy Gallemore, Claudia Hay, Jeannette Fraser. Spank that birdie! Z, ' , , This year because of the tremendous turn- out and enthusiasm for badminton, it was divided into three different divisions: Jun- ior - senior doubles, freshman - sophomore doubles and junior-senior singles. There were no freshman-sophomore singles be- cause their doubles started so late in the year. The team of Julie Warfield-Janice Baker defeated the Linda Ayers-Terry Palmer combination to win the junior-senior dou- bles crown. For the second consecutive year Janice Baker and Sherry Hindman have battled it out in the junior-senior singles. It was a fight to the finish with Janice emerging as the victor. The freshman-sophomore badminton doubles began with the second semester, Monday through Thursday mornings. Will Gerry Skewis hit the birdie? Sandy Gallemore' prepares to give her another point. 208 BASKETBALL-First row: Sherry Bledsoe, Lynn Materne, Marilyn Edmunds, Pat Belair, Gerrie Skewis, Janice Baker, Sheila Bay- ley, Nancy Cauvel, Georgiana Bertholf. Second row: Pam Gorremans, Linda Woods, Pat Snow, Sharon Cook, Patty Nance, Velda Sleeth, Dee Holt, Sandy Pockrus, Sally Liere, Jackie Stone, Sandy Gallemore. Come on Redl After school during February and the first part of March in the old gym it was basketball time again. Over one hundred girls were divided into ten teams with six of the teams playing on Tuesday nights and four teams battling it out on Wednesday nights. Janice Baker's team, consisting of sopho- more and junior girls, Won the Tuesday bas- ketball battles and ended up the round- robin tournament by defeating the Wednes- day night victors, Lynne Maternels all- frosh team. An added event this year was the invita- tional tournament at Rogers. Six schools sent their best eighth and ninth graders for the age classed games. North Central's fresh- men defeated all. In the sophomore tourna- ment NC's girls skimmed by the Rogers team 28-26 to capture the championship. gaeeelfczll Janice Baker oes up for lay-in shot afte'r receiving ball from Gerrie Skewis while Velda Smith and Pat Belair guard. 209 More than one hundred enthusiastic girls turned out for the annual volleyball tourna- ment, which extended from November through December. Surprisingly enough, the winning team of the two-month tourney this year was com- pletely composed of freshmen girls, headed ,y by Sharon Cook. The volleyball events were held alter school on 'l'uesdays and Wednesdays in the old gym. Mrs. Voligny supervised the Tues- day games and Miss Simpson, those on Weclliesclay. A total of six teams participated on these nights and to qualify for the tour- ney, each had to turn out five times plus one championship game. Two practice sessions were held before the tourneys were sched- Gerr-ie' Skewis and Vicki Benn hit the ball over the net as Sharon COOK' Faye Romig and Pa' Emi' 'ook fm' uled to familiarize the girls with advanced techniques of volleyball. Points were awarded toward all-activity shields for those who took part in the af ter- school sport. VOLLEYBALL-First row: Janice Baker, Marilyn Edmonds, Sheila Bayley, Sharon Cook, Pat Snow, Sherry Bartleson, Terri Haskins, Shirley Herrlinger, Frances Hawk, Kay Worthington. Second row: Wilma Stinson, Sherry Goeden, Pat Belair, Gerrie Skewis, Cordelia Holt, Tammy Kimpel, Sandra Whitten, Bonnie Anderson, Mary Marston, Lanna Condon, Margaret Duke. Third row: Janet Barnes, ' Faye Romig, Maxine Woodward, Sandy Gallemore, Betty Sears, Sally Liere, Sandy Pockrus, Terry Simpson, Laurel Condon, Margaret Butler, Georgeanne Bertholf. 2I0 To the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game!" teams of girls' softball enthusiasts turned out to play a single round robin of five games in the Warm spring sunshine. The teams were coached by Miss Simpson, de- partment head, and met at 7:50 a.m., playing until 8: l 5 a.m. Kennedy field was the setting for the annual softball tournament at which girls were taught useful techniques of the sport and to umpire their own games. An annual intramural track meet was held in May for girls interested in this sport. The events in which they could participate in- cluded the relay race,150 and 75-yard dashes, shot-put, broad and high jumps, 200 and 370-yard dashes, and baseball and basketball throws for distance. ,, l I Carole Hay is prepared to catch the ball, but Lennie Husen gets a hit that is sure to be a home run Suffix!! SOFTBALL-Front row: Phyllis Neville, Gladys Neville, Joanne McKelvey, Joyce Falkowski, Ricki Mendoza, Janet Baker, Sus- anne Westfall, Karen Simpson, Frances Hawk, Linda Roper, Pat LaPoint. Second row: Teresa Pounders, Gerry Skewis, Evelan Wellhouser, Margi Tschirgi, Velda Sleeth, Patty Nance, Linda Woods, Judy Amdahl, Ann Amdahl, Sue Christensen, Carol Hutchen- ings, Sherry Heinman, Dawn Hopkins, Back row: Laana Condon, Carole Hay, Barbara Matson, Sarah Duke, Sandra Condon, Ronda Lussier, Sandi Hayward, Eleen Chambers, Cathy Prihar, Claudia Hay, Cordelia Holt. 2lI . Front row: Gerry Featherly, Marge Tshergi, Gail Gladder, Florence Waller, Carol Hallquist, Sherian Thompson, Cordelia Holt, Georg- anne Jackman. Second row: Susie Anderson, Sherry Bartleson, Lennie Husen, Fran Bayley, Marge Flint, Cheryl Nance, Patty Johnson, Nancy Hoering, Nancy Gates. Third row: Kerinc Anderson, Kay Turnley, Gordia Berglan, Vickie McKenzie, Nancy Luce, Linda Ayers, Terry Palmer, Cleosa Wilkerson, Linda Headstrom, Faye Romig. 9045 MQ 43? is XY 'll 'K - WK W 'Fa l i -Q , ., 'W . L . Q -J of-vga' ,E ,'efwv.L, Will the ball go in? Georganne Jackman certainly will as she putts in good form. 2I2 . .9 -3 W " aitfiffwif . , t- t, A W, ,.,, Q, f r-ga " ., ' 'iw hopes it "Fore!" Was a familiar word when the North Central girls' golf team with a huge class of beginners took their places on the fairways and greens of Spokane's three mu- nicipal golf courses. Although the team was composed of only eight girls, captained by Florence Waller in the fall, the spring group boasted 33 en- thusiastic girls With Sherian Thompson as captain. Fall golfers received lessons from Jim Shriver, professional at Indian Canyon. During the winter months, Neil Christian of Esmeralda golf course demonstrated tech- niques of golf at High Bridge indoor recre- ational center. Spring team members played the season at Downriver where they were instructed by Joe Durgan. Featured this year were tournaments with LC, SP and Rogers, plus a mixed two-ball tournament with the boys. As First row: Tammy Kimpel, Jddy Huss, Janice Baker, Christy Fackenthall, Nancy Monohon, Bonnie Anderson. Second row: Pat Belair, Gerrie Skewis, Colleen Zehm, Nancy Frank, Janet Piper, Judy Reuss, Sharon Evans. Third row: Ginger Eacho, Sharyl Burgeson, Kathy Wahl, Linda Randall, Dorothy Bennett, Betty Sears, Sandy Gallemore, Miss Simpson. . . . J . emzia Rain, rain, rain! 'iOh, will those clouds never dry up and blow away?" This was the repeated wish of the girls' tennis team for the fall semester. Despite the rain, the girls placed third in the all-city tennis tournament. Fall semester cocaptains were Christy F ackenthall and Nancy Frank. Janice Baker, senior member of the team, won the All- City Girls' Singles in Spokane and was pre- sented the Elsa M. Pinkham trophy. Starting off the spring practices in March, the weather looked promising for a good spring season. The girls practiced Monday and Wednesday sixth period and after school until 4:30 p.m. Captain of the spring team was Ginger Eacho, with janet Piper and Judy Reuss co- managing the team. An awed expression covers Nancy Frank's face as she awaits a serve. ZI3 One oli the most eagerly awaited class each fall at North Central is the after-scho girls' swim. Encouraging all girls to become not onl better swimmers but also to become mor aware ol: the healthful body-building aspen of swimming as a physical activity is th goal of alter-school swim. Girls in this class may pass tests for th Red Cross beginner's, intermediate, swin es ol Y e 18 C C 1- mer's, junior life-saving and senior life- saving certificates. Water-safety and life- saving skills are emphasized for all who a tend with the hope that more knowledg will prevent the annual toll of deaths fron needless swimming accidents. t- C ll Gym make-ups and all-activity points are also awarded to members who are regular in attendance. To many, however, who have alread passed their tests this is a time for the pur pleasure that this sport gives to a participan Front row Carol Huffman Susan Evans Barbara Matson Judy Brattin, Goldie Snyder, Darlene Grant, Sharon Key. Second ro Pittv Byrxland Irene Williams Carol Mascher Joyce Fa1k0WSk1 Lennie Husen, Laurin Brown.Third row: Sherri Miller, Ann Larsox Lynda Petty Marie Meilleur Melanie Homick Janet Barnes, Sandy Pockrus, Terry Haskins. Y C K. W! 1, Flashing blades on a shimmering rink of ice, with a few sudden flops was the skating environment that existed during the winter months of November through March at North Central's skating classes, held at the Coliseum. 'l'his group was composed of some better skaters with a few intermediates and the usual yearly beginners. Dancing, school figures and free skating were the three divi- sions of skating in which the students par- ticipated. Fundamental figures gave the beginners as well as the intermediate boys and girls more accurate balance and a smoother stroke for dancing and free skating. Mrs. Joan Voligny, a beginner in this slippery field herself, enjoyed working with the group as adviser. Perfect form is exhibited by Sharon LaFIam in a spiral position '7ce eaten? 5 f RQ: 3 li as if fr First row: Sherry Goeden, Sharon LaF1am, Nancy Tussey, Sandy Whitten, Tammy Kimpel, Bonnie Anderson, F1 ink Obs ist Second row: Mary Marston, Ann Hallstein, Sharon Evans, Nancy Monohon, Bette Bailie. Third row: Jim Mulligan, Lindi Kemp Pat Schix mer, Margaret Butler, Judy Howarth, Karen Boesehe. rr .M L,Zil. . 1 my U s+N,.-.uw Mr. Torm Tronscn explains LII6 USC of the 31-inch process calnera Lo Gary CZl1'PClllCl',C2l1'1'iC Unger and Terry Pzllmer. 1 SPOKANE ANI ERICAN I ENGRAVI NG COMPANY MA 4-4553 'k 402 CHRONICLE BLDG., SPOKANE 10, WASHINGTON E xxti r l Q IF E 5 E tv l c The Photographer is the professional you call upon to record the major events in your life . . . select him with care. For a fine studio portrait, visit the studio that takes this responsibility seriously . . . THE CRESCENT PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO, Street' Floor THE CRESCENT namaamm. 4Q44Lw4wf5fwJ l?efQff4 Sclmlein W725 Riverside Avenue, Spokane North Centro! Grads Attend KBU Front' row, seated, left to right: Judy Fitzpatrick, Jerry Knowles. Xl, Middle row: Roger Warren, Karen Weberling. Back row: Pat Silvernail, Janice Elvigan, Gary Wesfrom. 23, Inquire Now Eg, for New Catalog X? Early Registration my Advisable Cozwses Offered: Xl, Business Administration Accounting Xi, Medical Secretarial Secretarial E? Private Secretarial Machine Accounting I Xl? IBM Data Processing Q 23, BUSINESS UNIVERSITY UNMAN I X? il 2I9 D0LLY9S CAREERS QAFE With a 1? NISZS xVZ1Shil'lgt011 1 0116? F v 2-I H om s , 'X a Day 0 0 Sf:o'wi1'zg ' no B1'eakfast5, Q s i Lunches nos ' . I 1 2 PM 2 --1 'Q' Q and I7i717?ff3'I'.S' School of Nursing STEAKS AND CHOPS South 422 NVall MA 4-0171 CAS E Y 7 S Open 7u.m.-8p.m. Ext' 316 N2126 MONROE FA 5-9089 M O T The Studeufs FA Us I Headquarters 0066 4 'A for Sportswear Halldmade Candies S.9 POST STREET MA 4-68 I 5 PAUIJS MCIIQS Shop NYS26 Riverside MA 4-3031 BETTY DEVI NI? Rdail Sfvcffialist N2 Post Strccl RT 7-S816 220 CONGRATULATIONS to the Seniors IIWQ IIIAMIIND BIIWL, IN C. N6706 DIVISION HU 9-1300 gpogana O40 haf Firsi' and Sfevens G G G' I10Il1fCmlffl1C. . . Famous SILVER GRILL New Silver Banquef and Ballroom For Dancing, Parfies and Banquefs ii -. I' 'Z I ' Jw- - "'Irwm.., wi BEST WISHES CLASS OF '60 from PEIRONE PRODUCE CO. E 528 Tren'I' Avenue TE 8-35 I 5 just a Little Nicev' . YOUR CORSAGES Artistically Styled by eazcewzz Qaalancf FLORISTS W1414 GARLAND AVE.- FA 7-5511 Com lete Floral Service P Corsages - Wfeclcling Flowers . 'wiw ff 3, X ff 1, 5' .M fs A f .P 4 A lt W 'Wife ii , A em " ,- ff f ing ART LACEY Commercial Photography n .. I r ffl? 93 , i f fl 'aifiiffagi fp QMS A .ll i- A gi P h j is . gill Q is jzf s Home Por+ral+s is ,am Weddings , A wiv WWW F 'I G ami y roups 'f QR i X PARRISH 81 SELLS Florists Fx 7-9467 WIZZ8 Augusia Avenue FA 7-8504 N3036 MONROE ST. h Address Inquiries Blast Ofzf NC' . . . NC grads, you're lziunehecl . . . :Incl big things lie ahead! Plan HIC . . . zlncl assure yourself of the BIG equipment to achieve those plans. Equip with the proper college eclueation, high-level mo- tivations and top ambitions. Investigate the full Arts and Sciences and l're- lf'1'ofessi0nal curriculum . . . the competent facul- ty, offering individualized instruction . . . the wholesome Christian atmosphere of . . . WHITWORTH DIRECTOR COLL EG E of.ADMISSIONS SPOKANE Red dy Kilowatt and over a thousand C inployees of The Washington Wfater Power Co. say: "Congratulutions, graduate, ya an d good luck. Yi' 'Br ii? Norlh Cenlral s+uclen+s Donna Rose clerson and , S+eve An- Joyce Henslee pause for a momenl on 'rhe picluresque island al' . . . THE WASHINGTON WATER POWER CO. :XS graduation appronclics, North Central seniors, as well as hundreds ol other students in the urea, consider careers or further educzition :ls possihil- ities 'lor the future. ln lXl'l1C1'lCZl,S Competitive systein of free enterprise these opportunities are limitless. GGThank You, Semi XVe have appreciated mak- ing your portraits and will look forward to seeing you on the .NEXT iinportant occasion. lizteh grztdiiztte will ree,-ive Il free portrait with the next new order. orsw Seniors Ronnie LlIlClCl'4lZllll, Tom Grzisser :ind Shan-on E Lztlilznn quench their thirst. HC rcaN,x' l'Cf1'f'.Y1ICd . . . XV5l41A Sprague Avenue HAVE A Pacific Coca-Cola Bottling Co. N901 lVEOlll'OC7F.'xx 7-554-1 T223 1 me --:::::1-:--:'::: .,4.w , wb WARM mv. ,Ati "' . 1-' - R 1:i:: 9 l " 'f f- f ff 1 I X Sfeam-form Press 1 Casual Clothes Smartly Cleaned 1 1 C O I. I. A R D ' mo Noamwesr sLvn. 1 FA 5-9886 Cleaning Specializing in Elecrfonically Conlrolled Cleaning A' CE qX SQ' Laundry Home of +l1e Sleeping Collar 7 , 6 Jam L52 Ml -5501 Ldffdffgff My I . 7 A , do 'MZ Jbedem fWww5fv.J WV fmfm wg 0 4-1ff7yi7U" U f 1 7 ff W' wMwi tHn ei W fg,Zf,,f-pf ..,,A...Af.,,.4,.4,.....,, .. A ggmand Th f Bldg. 5-3342 and 8: M roe el- , .SMVMW My RS, NM wWJ?JMMWWMaM' gQ The KELSEY-BAIRD Secretarial School J I' 334 Hu and ' u- K M 46746 .az p I Secretarial I S+enographic I O Bookkeeping Courses Be The Well-Dressed Girl G0 To cqfoafi VV706 MAIN Best Wishes, Graduates, for a Bright Future CHATTEAU STUDIO XV729 Gnrlzuld Avenue Mfay This Be the Beginning L of fi Succes.s'ful Cm'em', Senioozsf 'Q4' 2 X yox SPRUUSE - REITZ Everyone Is Welco111e'at Dodson's Come In S0011 Outside looking in are Paul Mcillcur, Mzirlys Gorrcll and Judy Bizicr. DODSONWS Fine Jewelers VVSI7 Riverside Jerry says 1 9 fnmYOUR Z ft CAMPUS 3 A LEADERS... i Wear Clothing from Le Roi's SPORTSWEAR JET SHOP!" Your Headquarters for: From North Central High -ianfzfnl i School-go North on Wall 1I3f'f'f'f Tuul" and turn left on Garland to ar ene. Bercktowne est 817 e Jet Shop W . . . Th I 6? Open Daily 9:30-6 p.m. Lord Jeff! Friday to 9 p.m. Congratulations, Seniors, From Spokane Youth for Christ I Rallies I Bible Clubs O Camps O Funspirations O Bible Quizzes O Slcatespirations PHIL ADAMS I Singspirations Executive Director W520 GARLAND FA 8-6820 I-Inge Master Portraits -Q W503 RIVERSIDE - MA 4-587I 'U 'U' 'Q' Congratulations, Seniors E AT EMRVS E E 0 ' : G0 Well Dwfsscd : E CHOOSE YOU R CLOTHES : iw 0 ! -F KO '1 My 'Nw' .w ' LMA H C for a Strike "limi, Dependable SC"'Zf'I.Ct'H C S op , . , Ilzlppy with quality IEILIIICIYQ' and clczmmg scrx For Shiflgy irc :irc julio XVzu'Iiclcl :md Sherry Rigas XVIZS SINTO :is they 1'cv:c1x'C 11 package from BIZIIIFCCII O'Ccm11c1'. BEAC ONS XYSOZ IIKIIHIIIIYFIX S-5450 E EMRY's HOUSE OF QUALITY 5 CoNcsRATULAT10Ns 5 E TO THE CLASS OF 1960 Q FROM ALL OF US : NORTH BOWL 5 . . . I I' Alzuays Pays E Q lflcoixfl 'PHE WORIQIYS E g 'mv NAME 1:1e,xNns E E Q. - in , N E INA I-':2Y'S THE HOUSE OF QUALITY RIVERSIDE AT STEVENS MA 4-2373 228 Portraits of Distinction PHILLIP STOHS ,focgwoocf .cgifucfio S3 POST STREET QGSUCCESS BE YOURS, CLASS OF '60" ? " W 321' 11 S. Burchett Studio Makers of Fine Portraits S13 HOXVARD MA 4-2321 MM A9 50 W' er an .gi S H S Q. -- . S1 iix S 2' .Sins Za E .5121 Ei? SQUIRT NESBITT COMPANY wss'r 124 BOONE FA 5-9097 .lllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli. Join, Zale's Student Credit Club GRADUATES, 5'i'Q'iff:Q5f'fff 5 235:51 - S2252 'fwin Solitaire ,...., ,. . A.,,S,S,S.,A, SA,.,.,.A.A., E S f diamonds BEST WISHSS E EEEE 1112156 in .fa "SV :'::: S0PhiStiCHtCf1 FOR YOU R new Offset SZZV 5 CONTINUED mounting Of ' 'IEEESSSSSSSS'S' SSVS .E .,.:S .:.:.:. - T wk white .SS,S SSSSSSSS S SSSSS,4 S.S . i 1 f SUCCESS , yellow Sold' Twln'Dlam9Pd,..S9h,Sau'e ' SS S S S 5.50 .,..1.:.Z:.. :1-' I in ,A.. Bc Well IJo'es.sed NO MONEY DOVVN - 353 WEEKLY ZA:4fRlcA's LARGEST Jewemzsl I"'lF0r,,lerI3y A B011 Cohn Jewelers MainD2:113LTvZfxiS:are for lgf gkane Z "IIlIlllllIllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIV Milli DARIGOLD the 111Hg1C Wotd to health lxobm Culllllllgllllll Notm 111 Vlfdustu md Pitttcla Callahan make Professional Nurse Education May Be Meant For You For Information Contact Director of Nursing FA 7-1551 Ext, 68 St. Lukc's Hospital 830 S ll m m i 1 Blvd. ST LUKES SCHOOL OF NURSING X Hate to Iron? Whg Iron . .. ll You Unn't Iron-rite? Ren+aI S2 per Week Free Ins+ruc+ion SPUKANE IRUNRITE CU. BEST WISHES FROM Pratfs Leading F1,w'nitu1'e Store N215 POST TE S-2922 SCHOOL SUPPLIES DANCE TICKETS Everett W. Fitch 8: Sons PRINTERS N2404 MONROE FA 8-9092 Marten llllerrillk PALACE OF SNVEETS Sends CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '60 NV429 S PRAGUE "just for Fun" l lc a hint from Carrie Clayton, Mr. Russell nd Nancy Olsen and have a skating party at P2lttiS011,S Rollercade Nl1505 Division uaflffy gfo fziif Q9 Nl6OZ Monroe FA 7-7746 "HILL" OLSON ADVERTISERS' INDEX Art Lacey , . . . Beacon . . . Brook's .... Burchett Studio . . Casey's ..... Chatteau Studio .... Christian Studio ..... Coldwell Garland Florists . Cooke's Candies ..... Crescent Photograph Studio Darigold Farms ..... Deaconess School of Nursing Diamond Bowl ..... Dodson's . . . Dolly's Cafe . Dorian ..... Emry's ..,.... Fitch 8: Sons Printers . . Hagen's ...... Henle ......... Kelsey-Baird ...... Kinman Business University Le Roi Jet Shop. . . . . Lilac Lanes . . . . Lockwood Studio . . Merrill's .... North Bowl .... Pacific Coca-Cola . Parrish 8: Sells . . . Pattison's Rollercadc . . Paul's Men's Shop . . Peirone Produce Co. . Pratt Furniture Co. . Quality Florist . . Schuleins ...,... Scollard's ........ St. Luke's School of Nursing . . Spokane American Engraving Co. . Spokane Ironrite ..... Spokane Youth for Christ . Sprouse-Reitz ...... Squirt Nesbitt ,... . . Taylor's ........ Washington Water Power . Whitworth College . . . Za1e's ........ 222 228 229 229 .220 226 .223 .221 220 219 .230 220 221 227 220 220 228 231 .227 .225 .226 .219 227 232 228 231 228 223 .222 231 220 221 .231 232 .219 .224 230 218 231 .227 .226 .229 226 223 .222 229 Where all the 'Family enjoys bowling iogether Lila Lanes OPEN BOWLING Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 p.m. on N8 I 08 Division--HU 9-0270 SINCERELY. . . OUR THANKS TO: thc Crcsccnt photography studio for the faculty pictures. . .Art Lacey, photog- rapher . . . AI Kciglcy, manager of the Spokane American Engraving Company . . . I'z1t Murphy, artist on the cngraving staff...Donald A. Townsend, printing adviser, and printers, Carl R. Bridge, Fred L. Hocfer, Tom L. Kccl and Maynard Rikcrd . . . our advisers, advcrtisers and subscribers . . . the faculty and administra- tion. . . Orval P. Thciscn, adviscr to thc photography staff and class . . . Joseph Ilordcn of thc Arts and Crafts Bindery . . . Jim Palm and thc S. K. Smith Company, cover producers. 232 Brown lk Aaseby, Wayne .... Abell, Bertha ,..... Adams, Catherine . Adams, Delmer , . . Adams, Howard .. Adams, Ronald .... Aiken. Kathleen . . Airey, Allison .... Airey. Robert .... Alberts, George .. . Alberts, Tom .... Albrecht, Bobbie . . Albright, Carolyn . . . Albright, Jack .... Alderson, Ronald . . Aldinger, Eric ...,.. Aldinger, Heidin-mrie Aldinger, Herbert . Alex'inder, Kenneth Alexieve, Marie .... Allen, Bonnie ,..... Allen, Carol .. , Allen, Gene .... Allen. Gordon . . Allen, James ..... Allen, Jerrilynn . . . Allen. Ronald ..., Allison, Muriel L. . Allwardt, Joe .... Allwardt, Judy . . Amdahl, Ann .... Amdahl, Judy .... Amell, Judy ..... Auer, Sandra ... Amenrud, Ron . . . Anderson Alan Anderson Archie Anderson Bonnie Anderson Craig . Anderson Dorine Anderson Duane . . . . .... 92, 183 132, ..ffhif13m .....s9 190 ...........2s ...,....,a5 . . . . .92, 140 .......28,57 ................7a,12s,129 ..,26,27,28,137,172 .................28 ....12,12s,1ss ...,..,....22 .....9o,19s . ......,.... 67 .. ............ as ....15,146,17e . ........... 92 .........71 .....85,140 ......93,207 ............71 ....72,173,174,19o .........2s ......vs ....1s,c7 .........,....s5 ..1o , , ,211 ...90,121207,211 ., .IQ1b6'i2i'262 .76, 120, 210, 213, 215 .....80,146 Anderson Eileen ................. '72 Anderson John M. , ................ .77 Anderson John R. ................. 90, 196 Anderson, Judy ....... 28, 57, 111, 113, 158 Anderson, Kay .. .......... 68, 99, 202 Anderson, Kerine . . . .92, 107, 134, 207, 212 Anderson Marian ................. 140 Anderson, Mike .... ................. 8 7 Anderson, Richard ........ 83, 196 Anderson, Ronald .............. 71 Anderson, Stephen ....... 67, 173, 223 Anderson Susie . . . .17, 81, 207, 212 Anderson Thomas ...,........ 8, 18 Andrews, Garth Anthony, Jesse Aris, Richard . . Arnett, Lucille . Arnold, John Arnold, Sara . . . Atwood, Dana . . . Atwood, Floyd Atwood, Myra .. Aubin, Francis . Aubin, Patty . . . Auer, Sharon Lee .. . Ault, Gary ........ Ault, Meredith Aurand, Roberta . . Austin, Charles . . Austin, LaVern . . Ayer, Jean ..... Ayers, Linda . . . ... Ayers, Paula . . ,. .. B Babb, Delana ... .. Bacon, Alice ..... Bacon, Creta ...... Bagley, Richard . . Bailey, Mary .... Bailie, Bette . . . . . . Baird, Carole .. . Baker, Cindy .. Baker, Janet .. Baker, Janice . . Baldwin, Anita Baldwin, James Baldwin, Lamona .. . Ball. Thomas ...... Banning, Karen . . . Banning. Sharon . . Barckert, Diane Barkley, Patricia . . Barnard, Robert . . Barnes, Edward Barnes, Janet .... . . . Barnes, Lillian . . . ....68, 146,147 ......28 .......27,55 .: .......... 94 ....70, 172, 196 ....72 '78 .....69,94,138 ......16,73 .....84,207 .....75,132 ..............28,27 .27, 28, 105, 107, 124, 198, 212 . . . .75, 155, 206 , .... . .......... 94 .. . .28, 57, 105, 124 ..............81,132 ............,.73,203 .75,138,157,207,215 .........93,133,211 .27,28, 114,120, 130, 131, 208, 209, 210, 213 ....70 ....77 ......83 .......84 .....86,123 .......,....14,83,129 .84, 133, 140, 210, 214 INDEX Barnes, Linda .,. Barnes, Maureen . Barnes, Roberta . . Barr. Gerald ..,.. Barry, Sharon ..,.. Barthule, Shirley Bartleson, Cheryl Bartleson, Judith Bartlet, Norma .... Basinger, Don . , . . Basinger, Larry . . Bass, Charles ....... Bassett, Rickijean Bassett, Robert . . . Bates, Lonnie . . . ....87,146 ....27,29 ....27,29 ............83,133 . . . ................. .29 85 207 210 212 .....,..........1s ..,...,.......7a .. ...... 95 ........19,29 ............196 ....20,126,166 ......176,182 .........7a Battan, Pamela . ...... 87 Batters, Craig .... . . .70, 173 Batters, Gary .... ........ 2 9 Battin, William ...,.. ........... 7 7 Baum, Larry .......,.... ...74, 79, 176 Baumgartner, Marilee . . ,............. 21 Baune, Floyd ......... .,.......... 8 3, 177 Baune, Kenneth ..... .,....... .... ..... 6 8 Bayley, Frances .. .... 71, 124, 128, 136, 199, 212 Bayley, Sheila .. .... 83, 128, 207, 209, 210 Bean, Roger . . . .........,..... 29, 137 Beard, Harold .,.. . . .6B, 108 Beaver, Helen . . . Beck, James ... Beck, Kaye .... Becker, James . . Becker, Larry Belair, Patricia , . Belieu, Judy . . . Bell, Donna , . . . Bell, Robert . . . Bell, Ronald .......... Bengson, Brad Benn, Tom ............ Benn, Vicki ...... 77, 1 Bennett, Bonnie Bennett, Dorothy Benway, Judson . . Benway, Shirley . Berg, Diane ..... Berg, Richard . . . Bergfalk, Marna . , Berglund, Gordia . . Beringer, Lotetta Berryman, Linda Bertholf, Georgiana .. ....19, 57 ..,.27, 29 ...72, 145 ............29,102 ,...77, 209,210,213 . .,............. 71 .,......84 ....29,57 .............71,176 .............86,146 , ............ 78,129 28.205, 207,208,210 .............68,140 . .29, 57, 120, 124, 138, 213 Betts, David .......... Betts, Fred ........ Bezotte, Shirley . . Bice, Vera-Ellen . . Bierig, Juanita . . . Bierig, Morris .. . Biesen, Roger . . . Biggs, John ...,. Biggs, Michael ..... Bigham, Robert . . Bill, Gerald ..... Birge, Beverly . . Bishop, David . . Bixby, Nancy ......... Bizier, Judy ..... Bjaaland, Patricia Bjornson, Roger . . Black, James .... Black, John ....... Blackwell, Linda . . Blackwell, Mary . . Blair, Dale ....., Blair, Darlene . . . Blair, Maxine . . Blair, Paulette . . Bland, Robert ...., . Blangeres, Lynda Bledsoe, Sherry . . . Blessing, Joyce . Bley, Bobbi .... Bly, Manley .. Blystone, Art . . Bodley, Brad . . Boeh , Sharon ..... . 141,203, .. . .77, 132, 125 .88 .67 123 ....78, 132,207,212 87, 207, 208, 209,210 .............70,203 ....67, 107, 133, 134, 202,211 ..........80,115 ......73 ....79 ......87 ........70 ...69,176 ......75 ........67 ..............29,141 ,27, 103,110, 111,227 ..........80,l23,214 Boehme, Charles , .... Boesche, Karen Bollen, Sylvia . . Bolton, David . . . Bone, Eddie ..... Book. Constance . . ....76, 176,182 ....15,83.176 ........70 .......l2,67, 132 ,..88, 207, 208, 209 ..........30,125 ............139 .72 .. .92, 133, 177, 183 ........,....90,177 67,130, 134, 139,215 .............91,146 ....85, 177, 183 Bordn, Betty .......... Bourgungnon, Jerry Bowen, Sandra .... . . Bradbury, Linda . . Bradford, Jack . . . Bradshaw, Elana . . Brady, Caroline . . Brahe, Judith . . Brand, Carol ..... Brannon, Barbara .... Brashear, Suzzane . . . Brattin, Judy ..... Breeden, Paul . . . Breeden, Sue .... Breen, David ...... Briscoe, Laura Lee .. Britton, Jerry ...... Bro, Eileen ....,. Broadwell, Vern . . Brock, Kenneth ........ Brock, Ronnie .......... Brogdon, Larry ......... Bronowski, Stan ..20, 68, , , , 147 30, 57, 58, 104, 113, Brookman, Ginny . Brooks, Arthur .. Brooks, Brooks, Loraine . . Brooks, Loretta . . Broom, Weldon . . . Brower, John ... Brower, Mike . . David . . Dona .... Brown, Dorothy . Brown, Fred .... Brown, Gail ...... Brown, George .... Brown, Geraldine . . Brown, Laurel . . . Brown, Patricia . . Brown, Richard . . . Brown, Sharon .... Brownlow, Susan . . Brunelle, Kay .... Brunette, Judy .... Brusseau, Carol .. Buchanan, Jim . . . Buery, Susan . . . Bunch, J. Roger Burch, Carol .... Burch, Charles . . Burch, Marilyn . . . Burge, Cheryl .... Burge, Emerson . . Burger, Henry . . . Burger, Robert ..... .IIII2hfi26f .........s9. .84 202 203 . . . , .80,128, 176 71 118 129 207 146 ....,.80, ....87, ....84, ....,...B7 ......87,207 .......88,214 .....30, 100,202 ....16, 84, 128 ....19,57, 117 134139141 130, 202 80 69 84 30 95 .....77, 176, 182 90 ...74, 80, , 94 46 72 94 .....84, 121,214 ........19,57 .....78 .......75 ....30,120 , 172 .73 .. , ,207,208 79 205 . .... 69,126,166 30 ........,.27, 14, 27, 30, 117 .70115 131133 Burgeson,Sharyl Burgin, Bonnie . . . Burk, Jim ....... Burke, James ...... Burke, Merlin ..... Burkhardt, Sharon . Burnett, Gordon . . . Burrill, Clayton . . . Burrow, Johnny . . Burrow, Lonnie . . . Bursch, Sylvia . Burtness, Alan . . Burtness, Byron . . Busby, Barbara .. . Bush, Ronald .... Butler, Anna ...... Butler, Margaret . . . Button, Marlene . Buxton, Janet . . Buxton, Judith . . . Byers, Roxanna . . Byroin, Donna .. Caballero, Ralph . . Cafaro, Ron ..... Caldwell, Randy . . Callahan, Patricia . . Calvert, Carol ..... Cameron, Phillip . . Campbell, Alexander Campbell, John .... Campbell, Judith .. Campbell, Keith H. Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Michael . Campbell, Norma . . Sharon . . Campbell, Campbell, Yulene .. Cannata, Elaine .. Carlsen, Gary . . . Carlson, Sharon . I 203,213 .........71,113 ......31 ........68 ....92,133 ......83 .....75 .....91 .....68, 123,202 ........91,94 .....31,60 .........92,207 .67 .........90,207 80 121 210 215 - - , , v .........67, .86 . .. . .73, 119 133 . . . . .80, 118,119 ....1s,11s ............69 .........69,129 ...27,31,57,58 130,202,230 .......31,123 ..........7s ........88 ....75,129 ....88,140 ...12,68 ....91.177 .......94 ........31 ....94,207 ....71,203 .......89 .....31 233 Crossman, Barbara . . Davidson, Sharon Kay Carnahan, Alice .... Carnahan, Andrew . Carney, Marjorie Ann Carpenter, Gary .... Carpenter. Gayle .. . Carroll, Jean ....... Carroll, Madeline B. Carsis, Stewart ..... Carstens, Lyle . . .. 118 Carter, Judith Carter, Karen ...... Caruso, Nick .... Carver, Connie . . . Cate, Mary Sue . . Cathcart, Calvin . . Cauvel, Nancy .... Cavanaugh, Mike . . Cave, Linda ...... Cave, Judy ......,.. Chaffin, Larry ..... Chamberlin, Richard Chambers, Eleen ..... Chambers, Robert . . . Chance, Ed . ....... . . Chandler, Dorothy S. Chapman, Milton .. . Chapman, Sterling . . Chapman, Wanda . . . Charbonneau, JoAnn Charles, David ....., Chastain, Ronald Chatterton, Joseph . Cheek, Rebecca . . . Cherokee, George . Child. James ...... Chilton, Cala . . Chilton, Lila .. Choate, John ... Choate, Thomas .. . Christensen, Dave . . Christensen, James . Christensen, Janice . Christensen, Suzanne Christensen, Walter Christiansen, David . Chrysler, Beverly . Chrysler, Doug ..... Qiallella, Alla Jean . Ciallella. Clyde .... Claeson, Robert . . Clapp, Cherry ,. Clapp, Richard , . . . Clapper, LeRoy . . Clark, Florence . . . Clark, Laura .. . Clark. Loren . . Clark, Robert . . . Clarke, Albert .... . Clayton. Carrie ...... Clemenson. Nancy . Clements, John .... Click, Jerry ...... Cliff, Dennis ....,. Clukey, Darrell . . Clute, Del ...... Coffey, Gene .... Coffey, John ..... Coffey, Kathleen ..... Coffin. Thomas ...... Cole, Kathleen Coleman. Karen .. .27 Colwell, Mike . . . . . Collas, George . . Collas. Robert . . . Collett, Jo ........ Collins. Patrick Collins, Wallace Congdon, Dorothy . . . Congdon, John Congdon, Keith . . Condon, Laana Condon, Laurel . . . Condon, Sandra . . Connall, Gary ,... Conover, Donna . . Cook, Gail ...... Cook, Ida ....... Cook, John R. ... Cook. John V. ,. Cook, Lawrence ... Cook, Marianna .. Cook, Sharon .... ,... Coombs. David . Coon, Ruth .... Cooper, Les ..... Conrath, Donna .. . Conrae, Sharon . . . 234 ....31, .. ......... 93, 105 123 .......27, 31, 110. 114, 118, 131, . . . . .31, 123, 125. 135, 164, 165, 111, 218 126, 163 120 ..31 57. 58 104. 115 ,126, 135, 164,165 166 .........79,130. 132 ....92 207 ......77 ........91 ....87 209 ......77 .....86 ......70 ., ......,.... 85 190 .71 116 203 211 , , 78 31 . . . .12, 13, 57 89 32 75 .. .... 76 207 ......77 ....83 128 ....91 207 172 ......66, 67, 104, 133, 133, 134,165 203 .......69.94,146 .,.,,...78 . .... 92 .. ........ 88 .. ...... 69211 . ............ 86 ....68, 126, 128. 136,153 202 .......84,133 ......71 141 ......77 ,.......76 ....67 121 ......32 .......94 ........81 ....88 207 . ...... 32 .32,1'23, 134. 139 231 .........75,123l25 .....90, 146 196 .....75.129 176 ......69, 100 173 ....60, 137, 190 196 .....68,19019S 116 133 ,3Z,57,105,lll,113, 124,202 ........90 ......27,32 135 ....,,...26,32,173 .....14,84, 126 161 ......87, 177 196 .....75.210,211 .....27.32,210 ....32, 57, 126 . ........ 101 ....69 134 ......73 .,....75 146 117 .........72, 123, 141 83, 101,123, 207. 208. 209,210 146 ...12,68 ......87 ....84,139 ..70 Cooper, Lynn .... Cooper, Richard ..... Courteau, Mickey , . . Cortner, Kittie ..,. Cosgriff, Diana .. . Costin, Gloria , . Costin, Iona Costin, Leona . . Cotter, Bonita .. Coulter, Norma . Courser, Kathryn . . . Courteau, Michale . . Cowin, Carol ....,. Cowley, Larry . . . Cox, Barbara .. Cozzetto, James .. Craft, Norma ..... Craggett, James .... Cravens, Jack ....... Crenshaw, Geanine .... Crews, Barbara ........ Crisp, Gail ....,........ Crockett, Kathy ........ , 57, 59, 102, 104, Crose, David ..,..,..... Crosbie, Karen ..... 33 Cross, Bill .............. Cullen, Mary ........ Cullitan, Reginald . . . Culp, Joel ............. Cunningham, Robin . . . Curry, Martha ....... Curryer, Jean ..... Cyr, Clara .... Cyr, James .. . Cyr, William .. . . .. D Dahs, NaRae ......... Dalziel, Lynn Clry .. Damon, Patricia ....... D'Andrea, Lela ........ Daniel, John Frederlck Daniels, Anita Louise . Daniels, Richard Vance Daniels, Sylvia ......,.. Danly, John , .......... Daratha, Gabriel . . . Daschbach, Mary .. . Dcshiell, Darrel . . Dasson, Ronald . . Daves, Adeline ...,.. Davidson, Janice ....,.. Davis Carolyn ..,..... Davis, Dale .......... Davis, Daniel ,. Davis, Gail ..... Davis George .... Davis Davis Kathleen .... Kelly ...... Davis Marianne .. . Davis Michael . .. Davis, Richard ..... Davis, Sylvester .... Davis Vicki ..,... Davis, William . . . Davison, Berry .... Daugherty, Karen .. . Deardorff, Daniel . . Deardorff, Doris .... Deatherage, Nikki .. Deaton, Phil ....... DeBil1, Robert . . . DeChnne, Donna .. DeChenne, Vern .. . Dedrick, Aleine .... Delameter, James .. . Delameter, William . . . Deloney, Virginia . . . Demco, Joyce ....... DeMinter, Dennis .... DeMinter, Kathryn , , DeMinter, Michael . , Deno, Carl ......... Denton. Valerie .. DeTroy, Michelle . . deVidal, David ,...... DeWitt, Dan ......... Dickinson, Diane Diedrick, William M., Sr. Diehl, Saundra ....... , . Dietor, Katherine .. . Dinwiddie, Gary . . . Dodge, Mike ....,.... Doherty, Susanne ,. . Dolsmrn, Leona ,... Donkclaa r, Dixie ... Dothy, Oleta ..... Dothy, Rachel ... Douglas, Phyllis . , , Downey, Judy . .. ....75 .......32 ........132 ....93.140 . ...... 88 .....87 ....77 .....77 .......77 ....84,208 .......94 ....33.126 .....16,91 . ..., 77,207 .......72 .....70 ....33 ....85 91 79 202 .77 , . . .84, 207, 208 ........72, 125 ...........88,132 .....27, 33, 57, 230 ....84, 207, 208 ....77, 116, 176 ....80,129 .......76 ....11,161 . ...,... 22 .. ..... 85.177 .. ..... 77,146 .. ....... 93 . ..... 68 ....92 ....73 ....33 ....69 ....92 ....21 . .... 88 . .... 33 .....84 .......76 ....12,75 .......91 .....72,146 ....92, 207, 208 ......71,139 ....70,146 .......86 ...,.81 ......176 ....75,176 . ..,... 33 ....75,196 .....,.86 ........85,19O ....71, 113,158 ....75,176 .....12,85, 161 ........81,146 .....27,33, 103 199 ...69, 126, 155, 195 .. ....118, 123, ....33,126,166 ......20,85,137, 175,177 . ......... 90 .....78,135 ........33,174 .....,.33,155, 174 .....34, 57, 61,101 .....73 .......78 ,....87.208 ........71 Downey, Barbara . . . Doyle, Ed ......... Draden, Roberta . . Drader, Marilyn Draper, Wilson . . . Dudley, Roger . . Dueweke, Dana . . . .............27,34 ....20,75. 146,147 ........34,125 ........18,71 ....27,34,1l6 ....89, 177, 193 Duffy, Dennis .. . .....,... . .81 Duffy, Peter ..... .............. 2 7, 34, 129 Dugger, Roberta ..........,............ 94 Duke, Jim ......... 15, 34, 137, 155, 172, 175 Duke, Margaret ........... 79, 207, 208, 210 Duke, Sarah .... ........ 7 1, 125, 202, 211 Duke, Wayne .... Duncan, Connie .. Duncan, Sharon .. . Dungan, Marcia . . . Dunphy,Gladys . . . DuPree, Gary .... DuPree, Glenn . . Duprie, John .... Duprie, Joseph . . Durbin, Linda .. . Durkin, Michele E Eacho. Jennifer Eakins, Pamela , . . Eakins. Warren ..... .............15.67 ....72, 133,202 .....12,86,125 ........77,188 ......67, 137,195 . ............... 85 .....76, 126, 166, 167 140 ............92, ...27, 34, 107, 119, 213 202 92 87 Easterwood, Lorene .... . . - . Eberhardt, Lawrence Edburg, Stan ......... Eddy, Rosemary .... Edgar, Linda .... Edinges, Susan .... Edlin, Sandra ...... Edmunds, Marilyn . Edwards, Andrea . . . Egger, Ken ........ Egger, Richard .... Elbrecht, Brian . . . Elder, Sharon ... Eldore, Larry ,... . Ellefsen. Edward Ellis, Lois ......... Elmore, LaVon . . Emoto, James . .. Emoto, Johnny .... Emoto, Tommy ...... Ednicott, Pamela . . Enos, Jerry ....... Ent. John ......... Erickson, Bonnie Erickson, Gary Erickson, Louise ..... Erickson, Norman . . Evans, Albert ..... Evans, Ralph ..... Evans, Rocky ...... Evans, Sharon Lee . Evans, Sharon Lee . . Evans,Susan Kaye . Eveland, Darlyne . . . Eveland, Judy ..,. Exley, Burrill . . . . F Fackenthall, Christy 107 Fah, Robert ......... Fair, Marjorie .....-- Fairbrother, Judy - - Falkowski, Joyce . - Falkowski, Walt . . Fanning,Robert . . Farris, Farris, Farup, Feathe Boyd .... David . . . Dennis ..-.--- rly, Gerry . . . 87 83 . . . .34 67 87 78 . .'.'.'iii,'i58,'i691Q bbs, 209, 210 ....34 146 195 1 1 .......67.133 .llisil hbEs','2d'i,'i 77 11 75 76 . . . .84 34 88 91 87 .35 57 61 102 146 ' ' ,158,181 .69, 120, 124, 145,203 ..............77,176 ....76, 126, 128 ....78, 123, 126, 207,213,215 ....92, 207, 214 .......35,123 ...,.14,76 . . . . . .27, 35, 57, 61, 98, , 157, 161, 200, 202, 253 ....91, 214, 211 .35 ....78, 176, 182 .......78.133 .. .............. 68 27 35, 57, 58, . . . .. , 99, 102, 111, 114, 118, 131, 198, 212 Featherstone, David .................. .88 Ferger, Lawrence .................. 86, 190 Ferris, Roger ..... .................. 8 5 Fifieid, Elaine . ................,.. sa Fifield, Larry .... .... 3 5, 111, 112, 163, 191 Fisher, Darlene . . . ................. . .73 Fisher, Fred .... ......... 8 4, 177, 193 Fisher, Sharon .. ...71. 126. 141. 155 Fiskland, Eddy .... ......... 9 0, 177, 183 Flanigon, David ..... Fletcher, Patricia . . . Flint, Margaret Fobes, Fay .... Forbes, Judy .. Forbes, Roger Fordik, Darlean Forester, Marion . Forkner, Tom .... Forrester, Gerald .. 69, 104, 115, 1.24, 136, 199,212 ...35,57, 126 ........35 ......85 .....163 ....72 Forrey, Fran . . Foster, Bill ...... Foster, Joanne . . Fowler, Peggy Frame, Jim .... Francis, Diane .. Francis, Ted . . Frank, Nancy Frank, Richard . . Franklin, Harry .... Fraser, Jeannette . Frasher, Thomas . Freeman, Nancy . . Fremstad, Mary Lou French, Evans ..... Fritz, Patricia ..... Frost, Eugene ..... Frothinger, Sharon Frovik, Sandra . . . Frucci, Carol ..... Frucci, Nick ...... Fuhriman, Thomas Fuller, Mary Jo Funk, Alvin . .... . Fyfe, Bruce .... Fyfe, Doug ... Gaines, Vern ....... Gallegos, John ....... , . . .35, 105, ffff07fi40f 130 55 173 141 .......35,57 Gallemore, Sandy . .27, Gallemore, Stephen Gallop, Curt ........ Galt, Mary ....... Gardiner, Carla . . . Garofano, Gary . . . Garrett, Colleen Garrison, Joe . . .. . . Gates, Nancy ....... Gaumer, Charles . . Gewalt, Robert ..... Giakovmis, George Gibbert, Paula ...... Gibson, David ..... Giese, Maita . . . Gilberg, Mike .... Gilberg, Nancy . . . Gilbert, Kay ........ Gilbertson, Karen Gill, Edward .... . Gillespie, Alice . . Gillett, Veanne . . Giron, Joe ...... . . . Gladder, Gail Gladder, Kip Glaizer, Mary . . ...........,.......67 ...............,. .93 27,35,57,101,106,157 161,201,203,213 ................. .80 ...........35,126,166 ..80,119,125,207,208 ...............87,196 ..36,121,133,139,202 .,80,124,l25,139,207 ................. .79 .................91 .....192 .. .,.. 70 ....,..............s0 ...............72,10s ...27,36,56,57,93,100 109,12a,130,1s7,17s ..,................36 70,133 ....... .ao ......90,146 .. .... 36,146,163 G5 ..................,3s ..07 201 203,208,209,210,213 ...........85,190,193 ...................a0 ..,..69,202 .....83,140 ..... .00 .................a9 ...............79,146 ..79,102,207,208, 212 ...................e0 .................a0 .. ....... 79 .........30 .....91,194 .......s0 ......78 .......02 .....s5,1ss .........s3 .....11,1s7 ...................22 ...................a7 ...................75 .27,3e,56,9s,112,1s0 159,161,198,2l2, 177 ..........70,116,s3 Glenn, Carole Glover, Blair Goebel, Verna ..... Goeden, Sherry .... Goeden, Steven . . . Goehring, Susan . . . Goeller, Joe ...... Goeller, John . . Goffonet, Donald .... Goforth, James ..... Goode, Charlene, .... Goodman, Danny . . . Goodman, Gary . . . Goodman, Gerald . . . Gooler, Bob ......... Gorrel, Marlys . . Gorremans, Pam .... Gosline, Gerald . . . Gosline, Sandra . . . Grace, Karen . . ,. Gracio, Marian . . . Graf, Shirley ....... Graham, Leonard Grande, Louis .... Grant, Darlene . . Grasser, Tom .... Gratton, Susan . . . Graves, Charlene . Graves, Florence . . Graves, Ronald . Gray, Barry .... Gray, Naomi . . Greear, Alan . . . Green, Darlene . Greene, Donna .... Greenwood, Joyce Greer, James ..... Gregg, Cleone . . . Gregg Ruth ..... Griffin, Carol . . Griffith, David . . . Giffith, Pamela . . . Griggs, James .. . ........17,76 ........36, ....76,210, 117 215 .....,... ..37 fff57f00fi00f 172,179, , .....80,176,182 . . . . . .95 109, 163, 180 181 192 .............. .76 ............a7 .......91 ...........,.....70 ...............37,14e ...................23 ...37, 99,126,154,161 200,202,227 ..37,203,209,125,128 .........,.80,176,192 .................87 .......s3 .........75 .........l9,57 ....s9,190,192 ..,....89,214 .....37,223 .....79,13s .....69,132 .......37 83 77 70 87 ....95 ....69 ....72 ....92 ....75 ....79 . . ........ 86 ....37, 122,139 ........17,69 Grigsby, Clyde . . Griner, Dean ..., Grissom, Ken Grist, Dan , , . . .. Griswold, Guy .. Gruber, Mattie .. Guild, Dorothy . ti .......,.92 .....e9, 117 .......190 ,......,77 ....l8,69 ...,..0s ....21,125 Hacking, Dorothy . . ------ 27, 37 Haegale, Shirley . .------ 67, 202 Hagen, Kathleen . --------- 38, 207 Hagen, Kenneth . . . ..... 18, 70, 178 Haines, Vvonne . . . --..------- - ,33 Hair, Nathan .... .... 8 7, 177, 133 Hallquist, Carol . . ....... 84, 212 Hallstein, Ann .... ..... 8 8, 215 Halstead, Charles . . . . --.--.- - -37 Haltom, Helen . . . .... 13, 86, 134 Hamel, Shirley .. . -.-.-,- . -35 Hamilton, Harry . . ........ 80 Hamilton, June . . ---- 27, 37 Hamilton, Leo . . . ,... . -73 Hamilton, Rex .... ..,. 7 6 Harnmack, Allan . . . . . . .93 Hammond, Barbara . . .....- 67 Hammond, Donald . . , . . .67, 196 Haney, Marlys ........ ...... 8 4 Haney, Robert . . . ..... 70, 141 Hanley, Arthur . . . .... . . . . Hanley, James . . Hansel, Tom .... Hansen, Bob .... .. .37 72 193 ....15, , ........76 Hansen, Jerry ...... ..37 Hansen, Jim ....... .... .8F, 196 Hanson, Larry ........... ....... 7 5, 199 Hardenbrook, Margaret ....... 77, 126, 166 Harding, Miles .......... . Harker, Tom ............... . Harris, James ................ Harris, Ronald .... 73, 135, 164, Harris, Russle ........ ,... . - Hart, Judy ....... .......... Hartill, Ernest . . . Hartman, Loretta . . . Hartman, Robert .... . ...... . Harvey, Diana .. . . . Haskins,Coralee . . Hassell, Alton ..... Hastings, Jay . . Havens, Jon ..... Hawk, Frances . . . ,. . . Hay, Carole . . . Hay, Claudia Hayashi, Sherrie ...... 77, 2 Hayden, Ronald .. . ..,. . ... 00 77 Haynes, Maralee . . .... 66, 67. Hayward, Sandra ............ Headstrom, Linda ..... 74, 78, 91, 04, . ........., 88 . .87, 133, 146 165, 180, 193 137, 172, 191 ... . . . . . .38 . . .,,,,84 .38 116 140 121, 210, 214 ..............81 "'fff25f05f 121 210 ......hen.79,20Z .91 155 , .211 211 207, 208, 211 207, 208, 211 . ..... .80 , 130, 203 211 ..71, 138, 105, 128,- 204, 207, 208, 212 Heaton, Richard . . ,,,. . ................ . .72 Heckman, Rita . ..... ......... 8 6, 140 Hedemark, Thomas . . . .... 70, 173, 180 Hegg, Theodore ..... ....... 7 7, 196 Heinekin, Dennis . . . ....... . .85 Heitman, Sally . . . ...., 85, 121 Helm, James .... Helm, Robert . . . ......69, 101,128 195 Helm, Ronald ... . . .72, 129, 162, Hendrick, Alice . . . ......... 16, 89, 207 Hendricks, Dennis . . ...... . . 194 Hendricks, Linda . . . .... 77, 126 Henjum, Vicki . . . ..... 92, 140 Henning, Ray . . . .... ......... . ...89 Henry, Julie .... ................... 7 7 Hensel, Judy .... . . ............. 68, 202, 158 Henslee, Joyce ........ 72, 104 124, 211, 223 Henthorn, Doralee ................ ...... 8 5 Henthorn, Marvin . . ....... .... 7 1, 173, 175 Herr, Linda ..........................., 86 Herrlinger, Shirley . . .... ........ 8 5, 140, 210 Herron, Frank .... 78, 100, 129 137, 173, 182 Hester, Susan ...................... 89, 140 High, Arthur ................ Hildahl, Ronald ....... Hildesheim, Juanita . . Hill, Alton .......... ....72 Hill, Harvey . , ..... Hill, Charlotte . . . Hill, Stan ....... Hill, Stuart ......... .. .... . . . . . Hilpert, Elizabeth . . Hindman, Sharon Hines, Joe ......... ...73 hi00' ' . . . .86 , 181, 191 207 .......s5 H ........ 19, 38 ......38 ....88 .....77 .80,176 ....... ...3s,27 202,208,211 , ......... 67,132 Hinshaw, Henry ,... . ............. 79 Hirschkorn, Alice . . . Hirst, Corinne ..... Hitchcock, Karen Hix, Ernest ...... .. Hobs, Carol ..... . . ....69 ......22 ....38,140 ...............15,70 Hoering, Nancy ......, 76, 103 207, 208, 212 Hoerner, Jeanette ........... ........ . .88 Hoerner, LeRoy ......... . . . Hogan, Velma ......... Hogberg, Rev. Hiram . . . .....38 ....71,202 .....157 Hogue, George ..... Hoitink, William Holl, Bonnie ...., . . Holland, Patricia . . . Holloway, Vicki Holmberg, Carol H. .... 80,176 fffff00f207f .78 208 Holmberg, James . . ..... ............. 7 1 Holmes, David . . . .... 20, 87, 170, 171, 175 Holmes, Ron . . . ....,...... 80, 176, 182 Holt, Cordelia ........ 90, 209, 210, 211, 212 Holton, Karen ..................... 92, 140 Homick, Melanie .............. 91, 207, 214 Hoover, Mike .......................... 177 Hopkins, Dawn ................. 16, 85, 211 Hopper, Janet ..27, 38, 57, 107, 112, 113,128, 130, 136, 200, 202 Horn, Marilyn .......................... 38 Horn, Melvin .. . ........... 79, 146 Hornbeck, Don . . . ..... ...90, 146 Houger, Terry . . . ........., '. . .71 House, Joan ....... ..... 7 5, 125, 207 House, Richard House, Roberta Howarth, Judy Howe Charlene . . . Howland, Trudy . . . Hoyt, Gretchen . . . Hubbard Sam . . . Hubbell, Denny . . Hubbell, ugene . . Huff, Michael ..... Huffman, Carol . . Hughes, Helen . . Hughes, Lucy . . . Hulet, Willia . Hull, Dennis . . . Hull, Rita ......... Hull, Scott ......... Huellemann, Joan . Humphries, Marion . Humphries, Orin . . . Hunter, David H. . . . Hunter, David W. . . Judith .... Hunter, Hunter, Mabel . . . Danny . . . Hurley, Hurley, Murl .... Hurst, Robert . . . Husby, Darlene . . . Husen, Lennie ... . Huss, Judy ......... Hutchings, Carol . . . Hutchins, Albert . . . Hutchinson, Bill . . . Hutchinson, Judy . . Hyer, Donald . .... Hyko, Nancy . . . Hyslop, David . . . . Ingalls, Karen . . . . Ingalls, Mary . . . Ingham, Muriel . . . Iovine, Mitzi ....,... Ivey, Jacqueline ......... J Jackman, Georganne Jackson, Dennis . . . Jackson, Homer ..... Jacobsen, Donna .... Jacobsen, Jacquelyn Jacobson, Christie . . Jacobson, Linda . . . Jacobson, Mardell . . Jacobson, Roaland .. Jamieson, John ..... J anuscheitis, Charles Jarvis, Mike ........ Jenkins, Christine . . Jennen, William . . . Jennings, Gary .... Jennings, Judith . . . Jens, Robert ..... Jersild, David . . . Jersild, Don ... Jersild, Elice ..... . . ....67, 130, 138, 215 ....80, 208 ......91 .....3s,03 ....76,11s ......86,177 .......91,214 ......,..87,140 .....0s,13s,203 .....,.94,172 . ....... 87 . ..,... 39, 57, 104 . ...........,... 72 . . . .51, 137, 190, 196 .. . .68, 111, 137, 172 .....67, 173,180 ...75,'207, 211,212,214 .120, 133, 154, 203, 213 ...............70,.211 ....,.89 ....76, 125, 140,207 146 . ........... aa . ..... as Lg.p..75 . ......... 67,133 . ......,...,..... 91 .a0,125,207,200 . . . .27, 39, 56, 57, 102, 112, 163, 198, 212 ........'.L5..76,95 . ...... 1?.z....76 ., ..:.39, 154,202 . ......... 77,138 ..............88,140 .. .39, 57, 110, 111, 122, 155, 203 ............90, 146 ..... 75,176,188 ...... 1.1...70 88 90 .....78 .....72 ......93 ....85,193 ......92 .....86 John, Ronald .......................... 39 Johnson, Bill ...... 92, 134, 138, 141, 177, 183 Johnson, Bill G. ............... 93, 177, 183 Johnson, Dan .......................... 93 Johnson, Dianna . . . ......... .77 Johnson, Dianne . . . .... 86, 123 Johnson, Elmer . . , .......... 79 Johnson, Jeanette . ....... 39, 140 Johnson, Kenneth .. ...... 68, 137, 191 Johnson, Marcia .............. 85, 141, 207 Johnson, Nancy ......,.. 26, 27, 39, 56, 103, 112, 113, 126 Johnson, Patricia . .73, 100, 107, 126, 199, 212 Johnson, Randall .................. 87, 146 Johnson, Ronald .............. 75, 190, 191 23.5 Martin ............ . Johnson, Tim .......................... 87 Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Wilma . . Johnston, Ed - . - 77, 133, 205, .207, 208 ................39,57 Jokinen, Verne . . . - - - -35 Jones, Danny .. . ................... . .81 Jones, Del ..... . ....................... 18 Jones, Don ..-.- - - - 39, 60, 155, 159, 161, 173 Jones, Frances .......,................ 78 Jones, Glendon ................ 78, 190, 194 Jones, Jerry ..... Jones, Loralee . , Jones, Mike .... Jones, Nancy . . . Jones, Rae Ellen Jones, Ralph ..--.- Jones, Robert . . . . . Judd, Lawrence Judd, Stanley ....,..... Kaatz, Gary ......... Kachinsky, Linda Kalvis, Joe ..---- , - Katzenbogan, Larry Kaufman, Charles Kaufman, Everett . Keeler, Kathleen . . Keen, Thomas .... Kellams, Steve . . Keller, John .... Keller, Sandy - . . Kinne, ....67 .26, 27, 40, 105, 137, 173 175, 179 . . .......... . . .90 . . . .17, 77,123 ....12, 89, 207 ........90 .....21,40 ......91 ....83, 190,196,193 Kelley, Brian . , . .---- -03 Kelley, Patsy . ........ 94 Kellis, Sharon . . ---- 38, 146 Kelly, Edward . --.- 40, 145 Kelly, John ..... ---.-- 7 1 Kelly, Kathleen . . . -.-.- -85 Kelly, Patrick .... ----. 9 3, 177 Kelly, Trudy . . . ......... . .40 Kemp, Judith . . . .... 89, 207, 203 Kemp, Linda ..... ....... 4 0, 215 Kennedy, Janice ----- 70, 116 Kennedy, Judy . . . ...... . .89 Kennedy, John .. . ---- 90, 133 Kerr, Nada ..... ....... 1 63 Kerr, Richard -------- -30 Kersul, George -.-f 40, 57, 137 Ketron, Roger .. . .... 93, 177, 193 Key, Pat ............. ........... 7 6 Key, Sharon ............. .... 9 1, 214 Kilcup, Kermit ....... ..... 4 0, 93 ....,.....19,127 Kiiimgswoi-th, Eiiiabeni ' Kim, Robert ............ Kimberling, Sharon .. .80, 116, 125, 205, Kimm Kimm 208 el, Ken .......................... 40 erl Stan 208 100, 114, 122, y, . . . . . Kimpel, Tamara King, Barbar . . King, Judith ...... Dean Kruger, Clyde ..... Kiperts, Laverna . . . Kippen, James ...... Kippenhan, Darrell Kirk, Bill . ........ . . Klrkevold. Evelyn Kitchen, Myra .... Knapp, Edith .... Knapp, Ronald . . Knight, Sally ..... Knowles, Barbara Knudeson, Karen Koers. Lynda ..... Kolb, Terry .... Koontz, Coni . . Kopp, David . . . Korst, Bernard .. Kortness, Ken . . Kreitz, Darrel ..... Kreshel, Gregory . Kreshel, James . . . Kretz, Ed ..... .... Krick, Gary ......... Kringle, Kenneth Kringlen, Marilyn Kroske, Terry ..... Kruiswyk, Herman . . . Krus, Chris ........ Kubas, Theresa . . . Kuch, Bill ...... . . . . Kuhlman, Karlynn Kundert, Leah ..... Kupers, Ed ....... Kurle, John . . . Kurtz, Kristi . . .... . . LaBarge, Charlotte 219,213,215 ......88 ........68 ...73,118 ......90 ....83 ....72, 123, 134, 138 ......86, 162,177 .........92,133 ....90, 101, 183 . .... 40,172 ......40 ....79 . ..... 41 ....89,134 .......14,178 ....68, 123,195 ....27,41, 163 . . . .89, 141, 177, .91 ......68,173,192 183 76 41 41 ......81 55 146 . .... 86,208 ............77, 116 LaBrie, Myra ...... .................. 8 5 LaFace Pamela . . , . .................. .83 LaFlam, Sharon . . . .... 27, 41, 125, 215, 223 236 Laitinen, Ernest ... ... Lambert, Jeanette ...... Lamphier, Edward .... 69 Lancaster, Linda Lou . . . ...........80,176 '1 Landburg, Ron ............ Lane, John .....,... Lang, Susan ......... Langdon, Patricia . . . Lanouette, Karen . . Lanter. William . . Lanterman, Joan ........ Lanterman, Phyllis Lapano, Gabe ..... 20, 94, 35, 146, 164, 165 .,..67, 173, 192 41 77 68 134 120 147 1 LaPoint, Don . ............ , LaPoint, Patty ......... .... Lappin, Connie ...... . .71, 1 Lareva, Kathy . Larson, Ann . . . Larson, Darrell . Larson, Donald . Larson, James . Larson, Jeanette Larson, Keith . . Larson, Sharon Larson, Tom , . . Lashbrook, Dick Lashbrook, Joan .. . Latimer, Claudia . . Lzittimer, John . . . Laughlin, Sandee LaVine, Gloria . . . Lawson, Ronald . . Leach, Senna ... LeBret, Dean .. Lee, Hazel ..... Lee, Margaret .... Lee, Paula ......... Leesburg, William Leingang, Robert . . Lemley. Judy .... Lentz, Douglas .. Leonard, Don .... Leonard, Linda .... Leonard, Robert . . . Leonard, William . . Leuer, Dick . .... . Levy, Nancy . . . Lewis, Doug Lewis, Judith ...... Lidstone, Calvin . . . Lidstone, Julie . . . Liere, Sally ........ Lightel, Berniece . . Lindquist. Phillip . . Link, Karen ...... Lipps, Charlotte . . . . Lipps, Gloria ....... Litten, Vicki ....... Litzenberger, Jerry Lobdell, Mike ....,.. LoBo, Jerry ........ Locher, Don ...... Locher, Marylin .... Logsdon, Gary . . . Logsdon, Karen . . Long, Joan ..... Lopez, John ............. Lopez, Pete ........,.... Loutherback, Karen . .80 Loutherback, Linda ..... 77, 34, 138, 141, .....70, 203 211 26, 164, 165, 166 ....89,206, 214 ....68,94,122 ........67,141 .66, 69, 107,202 ........41,174 .........80,116 .. . .... 41, 60, 130, 139, 141 202 Q1 Lovell, Donald ............. Lowry, James ...... Lowery, Marilyn . . . Lowther, William . . Lubbess, Fred . . . Lucas, Delores Luce, Nancy ...... Luchini, Ernie Ludwigson, Don . . . Luiten, Harvey . . . Luiten, Kathi . . . Lussier, Ronda Lussier, William . . . , 154, . . . .41, 110, 122 ...78, 129, 176 ......76,133 .....4l ....68 ...80, 190,192 ....17,75 ,......88 . ,... 17,84 ....72,191 .......75 ...27, 42, 57, 98 ...79, 125, 206 ...42, 209, 210 ....94 ....68 .....77 .......69 ....77,146 ...108,183 .......89 .......84 ....89,193 .......87 .....42 16, 120,206,208 .. ..,........ 42 ,...84, 177, 193 ....72,140 .,,...14, 188 ...90,190,193 ...........140 ...91, 121,212 ...75,128, Lutz, Jim ......... .... Lyden, Allen . . . Lyden, Larry .. . Lyerla, Jean . . . Lyons, Daniel ... ,... M MacArthur, Connie . . . MacKenzie, Victoria . . Maddox, Jim ........ Maloy, Audre ...... Mann, Carol .. . Mann, David .,. Mann, Stephen ... March, Barbara . . March, Gary . . . Marks, Jerry .,,.. Marler, Robert . . . Marshall, Sandra ... .42 188 ....75, 176, 182 .42 139 85,121, 206, 211 73,144, 146, 147 ....88,141 , ......... 67 ..,.....88, 212 ...68, 117, 196 43 88 79 90 ....75 ....73 ....86 ....71 84 Marshall, Sharon . , Marston, Mary .... Marten, Hannelore . . Martin, Carolyn .. . Martin, Clifford . . . Martin, Don ..... Martin, Gary . . Martin, Jerry , . Martin, Terry .... Martin, Thomas . . . Verlin. . . Mascher, Carol . Mascher, David .... . . Mason, David . . , Mason, Homer . . Mast, Sally . . . , Masters, Paul . . . Matera, Eugene ..,.... Materne, Lynn . . Mather, Paul .... Mathers, Arlynn . . Mathers, Gary ..... Matson, Barbara . . . , Matthews, Darrell Mattie, Kermit ...... Maund, Carol ......... McCammond, Gordon McCanley, Lawrence . . McCarthy, Patrick . . . McCauley, John ..... McCauley, Judith ..... McChesney, Karen ,. . McClarin, Loretta .... McConnell, William McCoy, Deborah . . . MacCulloch, Judy . . . McCune, Dennis . . . McCune, Peter . . McDonald, Gary . . McDonald, George McDonald, Michael McDonnell, Austin McDougall, Kathleen .. McFarling, Donna .... McGlocklin, Dennis McGoldrick, Pete McGuirk, Doug . . . McGuirk, Janice . . McIntosh, Donna ..... McKay, Judy .... . . , McKee, Sandra .. . . McKelvey, James . .... McKelvey, Joanne McKimmey, Donald McKinney, William McKnelly, James . . . McKnight, Loren . . . McLaughlin, Jerry McLaughlin, Judith ' McLean, Robert . . . . . McMacken, Paul . McMacken, Roger McMacken, Steven . McMillan, Linda Jean McMillan, Linda Lee ....80, 210, 215 .......70,116 ....43,117.137 .......79,108 ...89,177 .67 79, 119, 121,206, 214 . ........ 83,206,208 83, 206, 208, 209, 211 .....,.......77,176 .........,...43,125 ....83, 211,214 .........43,60 ...27, 43, 57, 202 . .....,....... 69 . .. ....... .70 ....67 ......84 .....75,203 ....76, 132, 141 ...27, 42, 134 ........68 ...79,146 ...90,196 ......94 ....90 . .... 23 . .... 83 ........83 ...27, 42, 122 124 .87 13, 27, 43, 102, , 130 ....91,206,211 ...78,137,190,191 ........90, 155 .73 132 ........90,190,193 ... .66, 70, 190, 192 146 182 .......75,134, , McMullin, Cheryl ...................... 75 McSpadden, Connie ....... 78, 206, 208, 211 McSpadden, Diane ..................... 89 McTaggant, Dorothy . . . ............ . .81 Mead, Annette ........ ..... 8 9, 140 Mead, James ........ . . ......... 80 Mehl, William . .......... 79, 126, 166 Meier, John .... ....... . . . . Meilleur, Paul . ..... Meilleur, Marie .. .. Meister, Lillian ..... Mellgren, Larry ...... Mellstrom, Gary . . Meloche, Peggy . . . Melton, Sharon . Mendoza, Louis . . . Mendoza, Rebecca . . Mendoza, Richard . . Merrick, Teresa .... 27, 43, 99, '1'1h,'1a6, .87 227 .............87,214 .92 140 , , , 129,146 .115 '1'o11'Ai6zi' ' .44 .............94,13s ...69,141 .......89,21l .. ........... 115.141 .........72,1.26,203 Merrill, John .............. , ........... 86 Merriman, Michael .... 27, 44, 112, 114, 131 Merriman, Terry ........ .... . 12,20, 83, 146 Mertens, Rebecca . . . . ................. 79 Mertens, Victoria . . . Metcalf, Carol ..... Meyer, Russell . . Mhyre, Kenneth Mickey, Max ..... Might, Alfred . . Miller, Carol .... Miller, Charles . . . Miller, Dorothy . . . Miller, Ernest . . . Miller, Glenn . . Miller, Helen Miller, John ..... Miller, LaMar . . . Miler, Leroy .... Miller, Marline . Miller, Mike ... 8,13,57,1l8 ........27,44 ......70 ........89 ...90,193 ......68 ....77 ......79 ...92,206 ....90,147, 183 ....78, 176,191 Miller, Sherri ..... 75, 119, 121, 125, 206, 214 Miller, Shirley ..................... 92, 228 Miller, Ralph ...... 27, 44, 57, 101, 129, 147 Miller, Stephani 27, 44, 125, 126,135,164, 166 Mills,Judith ............................ 81 Mills, Phyllis ...................... 90, 121 Mils, Sharon ....., 27. 44. 106. 107, 113, 115, 123, 136. 140 Milward. Don . .. .................. . .68 Mingo, David ..... ..,66, 72, 180, 190, 191, Minaker, Irene ... Minkler, Sandie . Mir, Owen ......... Mishler, Clifford . . , Mishler. Judith .. . Mitchell, Kathi .. . Mitchell, Kenneth . Mitchell, Mike . . . Mitchel. Miriam . Mitchell, Terry .... Mizoguchi, Duane . . Moe, Carol ..,...... ....79, 121,162,206 .....67 ....80, 106, 126, 166 .....67 ............73.174 .....20,84,146,147 Moe, Mahlon ...................... 89, 194 Monbleau, JoAnne .........,........... 75 Monohon, Nancy ..78, 116, 123, 128, 213, 215 Montour, Alan ..... Montoya, Diana ..... Montoya, Mary . . . ...........44, 137,172 ......69,119 Moon, Jack ..... .... 8 6, 177 Moore, James . . . ............ 78, 176 Moore, Janet . . ...................... 89 Moore, Karen .......... 27, 45, 57, 103, 107, 112, 113, 125, 136, 155, 203 Morehouse,Dennis ..................... 83 Morgan, George .... . ........... , .71 Morgan, Gerald . . . Morig, Robert . . Morlan, Ellen . . . Morris, David ..... Morrison, Vicki .... Mueller, Geraldine .. Mueller, Jeannie .... Mueller, Susan .. . Muench, Steve . . . Mullenix, Mary . . . Muller, Carolyn .. ............44,172 .....27, 44, 104, 108 .........95,194 .......93 . ............ 147 . ........,.. 79,206 54,203 ..72 .....17, 68,1 ' '.' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' 35, 206 Muller, Peggy ............. ..86 Mulligan, James . .... 78, 101, 129, 215 Murphy, Harry . . . ............. . .77 Murphy, James ..... ...... 6 8, 108, 147 Murphy, Margaret ...................... 67 Murphy, Robert .... ..... 6 3, 114, 118, 120, 131, 174 Musgrove, Carol . Mutton, Gerald . . . Myers, Roberta . . .......78 ....45,125 N Naccarato, Judi .... . ......... 76, 206 Naccarato, Patricia ..... . ...... . . . . Nakagawa, Marjorie Nance, Cheryl ............. 68, 126, , Nance, Patricia ..... Nelson, Andrea . . . Nelson, Anita . . . Nelson, Bruce . . Nelson, Gene .... .....73 ................27,45 199 212 ..88, 206, 208, 209, 211 ...............45,122 ....45,57, 157 Nelson, Janet .... . . ........ 80 Nelson, Marilyn .......,............ 87, 140 Nelson, Marvin ...,.................... 75 Nelson, Mary ....... 27, 45, 57, 118, 129, 136 Nelson, Michelle ........................ 45 Nelson, Nikki ..... . ,...... . . .76, 121, 266 Nelson, Susan .. .... 13, 27, 45, 130, 134, 141, 200 Nelson, Ted ........ ............ 8 1 Nethercutt, George . . . ......... 84, 177 Nevdahl, Merrilie . ..... 69, 138, 202 Neville, Gladys . . . ..... 83, 206, 211 Neville, Phyllis .... ..... 9 1, 206, 211 Newcomb, Robert .. ............ 73 Newett, Carol .... .... 1 6, 57, 110 Nichols, 'Frank .... Nichols, James .... Nichols, Phyllis . . Nickerson, Dale .... .......19,45 ....70,173 Nielson, Richard ...... ............ 67 139 Niemeyer, Rodney Nienstedt, Mike .... Nikotich, Dolores . . . Nims, David ...... Nistad, Margaret .. Noll, Judy ........ Norris, Dale ..... .71 , ,141 .......83,177 .......80 ....13,106 ....68,140 89 Norton, John .......... ..... Norton, Les ..,........... ..... Novakovich, Linda . ....,... . .... Nuechterlein, Kathleen .... ..... Nunn, 'Ellis .......... Nutting, Larry ......... .......... Nyberg, Duane .... Nyberg, Marilyn . . . 79 71 45 89 .....90 90 .......80,147 211 .....72, 202, Nyberg, Robert . . Nygaard, P. H. . . Oberst, Frank . . Oberst, Jim ....... O'Brien, Martin . . 0'Connor, Maureen . . . Oesch, Janet ..... Ogle, Lonna ..... Oien, Wayne . . . Oiland, Marie .... . . O'Keefe, Dennis . . Olsen, Connie .... Olsen, Nancy . . . Olsen, Vickie . . . Olson, Alvin . . . Olson, David . . . Olson, Jean . . Olson, Sallie . .... . Olson, Thelma ..,. Oppen, Genevieve Ortiz, Linda ....... Osterberg, Gordon Othmer, Joan .... Othmer, John .... Overhauser, Janine Owen, Kenneth . . Owsley, Paula .. . Pagett, David . . Paley, James ... Pamer, Terry .... Palmquist, James . . . Pancake, William Pare, Nancy ..... Parish, Christena Pariso, Darlene . . Parker, Carole . . Parker, Suzanne . . . Parkins, Don ..... Partridge, Carol Paschall, Susan . . . Paslay, Micheale Patterson, Joan ........ Patterson, Nancy Payne, Dale ...... . . Payne, Sharon . . . Payne, William . Peaslee, Ron .... Peden, Linda . . . Pedersen, Ellen . . Pederson, Carl . . . Peightal, Janet . . . Pence, Larry . . . Percy, Janet . . . Percy, Larry . . . Perron Ra . , y . . . Perry, Carol ..... Perry, Catherine Perry, LeRoy ...... Person, Patricia Peters, Barbara . . Peters, Joelene . . . Peters, John .... Peters, William Peterson, Carole Peterson, Gary Peterson, Kathryn Peterson, Nancy ..... Peterson, Patricia Petruss, Julie ..... Petty, Lynda ...... Petty, Margaret . . . Pfeiffer, Doris . . . Picard, Leonard . . . Pickett, Larry . . . Pickett, Linda . . . Pierce, Dennis .... Pierce, Nancy .... Pierce, Richard . . Pierce, Sharon . . . Pilger, Carol . . . Pinkley, Gary . Piper, Janet .... Pisito, Iola ..... Pitts, Margaret . . . Pitts, Sharon .... Pitts, Thurman .... Plante, Candyce .... Platt, John ....... Pleasant, Gary .... Plumb, Mary . . . Pockrus, Donna . . Pockrus, Dorothy 'fff2if ....92, 147,193 .,......71, 108, 120, 126, 128, 147, 215 . .......... 12,92,147 176,182 228 . .27, 46, 57, 124, .....46,57,93,125 ..........27,45 ..........71,101 27 46 112 113 123 ' ' ,129,231 140 ....13,27, 46 ........67,202 ....72,124,203 ......84,206 ....84,206,208 .....46,202 . ...... 79 .....94,140 .............91,193 '21 '46 '56' 164' ..95 . . , .110, 131, 198, 212, 218 ...........84,147 .....27,46,104,l14, 115,124,131 ..........83,206 ....27,46 ......94 92 71 85 isif 121.'12b1'141,'2os 190 .91 . . . .46, 155,172 117 ......73, .....87,147 .......46 .....85,206 .......77 ..91,206 203 ..'.'.'62','1 , 136, 26 ....18,72, 125,202 , ........... 95 ..............14,47 ...........84,147 5151, 130, 136, 201, 202 .....83,206 . . . .88, 121, .86 , ,126 214 ....76,147 .......73 ....87,147 .....89,140 47 124 .............91,206 ....4'z, 107,125,134 .............75,l94 .27, 47, 124, 202,213 ............76 ....83,206,208,1oa,1'1s,182 ....47 Pockrus, Sandra . . .... 91, 121, 206, 209. 210, 214 Poff, Michael . . ..... ......... 7 1 Pointer, Judy .... ..... 8 7, 208 Poole, Stephen .. ....... 90, 177 Porter, Ben ..... ............. 7 8 Porter, Stanley . . .... 90, 177, 183 Poss, Gary ..... .... .... 4 7 , 117 Potter, Donna .....,........... 73, 119, 125 Potter, Jackalyn ,.... ................. . 68 Potter, Joanne .... 76, 119, 120, 133, 140, 206 Pounders, Tresa ............... 86, 206, 211 Powell, Alan .... ....... 4 7, 147 Powell, Betty . . ......... 79 Powell, Tom . . ........... 76 Powis, Roy ...... ...,......... 4 8 Prague, Barbara . .... 84, 206, 208 Prague, Richard . . ....... 48, 133 Preston, John . . . ....... . .86 Preston, Mary . . . ....,... . .48 Price, Mildred , . ............ 68, 116 Priel, Steven .... ......... 8 3, 132, 193 Prihar, Cathy . . . ..... 70, 124, 203, 211 Probert, Dale ..... ................ 5 5 Procopio, Louis . . . .......... . . . .90 Proctor, Gerry . . . ........ 67, 129, 163 Prophet, Gerald . . . . .... 48, 155, 172, 191 Prudente, Jim . . . . . .......... . . . .88 Purcell, Leila ...... .............. 9 5 Putnam, Richard . . ...... 91 Putnam, Stuart . . . ...... . .76 Pyne, Patsy ..... . . . .... 79 140 Q Quist, John . . . .. .... 48 R Ralston, Bob . . . Ralston, Floyd . . Ramage, Carol . . . Ramage, John . . Randall, Bill .... Randall, Linda . . Randall, JoAnne . . Randall, Susan ..... Randleman, Marian Rasmussen, Charleen Ratzeburg, Meredith Rausch, Ronald .... Raver, Gerald ..... Ray, Susan ' .... Read, Charles . . . Read, Vicki .... Reavis, John . . Reavis, Tom .... Reed, Zella ....... Reeves, Howard Regis, Dennis Reiser, Robert ...... Reuss, Judy ........ Rew, Jerriann . Reynolds, Alice . . . Reynolds, Edith . . . Reynolds, Janet . . . Rhodes, Pamela . . . Richardson, Gay .. Richardson, Joe .... Richardson, LeRoy . Richardson, Lyle .. . Riddle, Dennis .... .. ............... 95 '.'.'i2'id5'115"' 69 118 '121i,13i,136 ..............a9,1v'1 ...............70,196 ....14,27,48, 120, 129, 130,213 .....84 ......89 .. .............. 88 , .............. 84, 147 . .... 48, 134, 138, 164, 141, 165 ..'.'.'.'.'.Es','66,' .,..27,48,172, . ..... ss, 177, .68 203 192 193 .. . '. '. 12, '1'-i'i,'i56,' ...........72,117 .69 195 , 196 27, 48, 57, 114, 115, 118, 124, 131, 202, 213 " ............ ' .Vial Riddle, Jim ........................ 48 Ridge, Lawerence . . Riediger, Gloria ...... Riediger, Sandra . Riegel, Virginia . . . Rigas, Sherry . . . Rigg, J oe ...... Riley, Sharon .... Rinck, Don ..... Rinck, Edward . . Roach, Cheryl .. Roberg, Joan .... Roberts, Donna . . . Roberts, Orma . . Roberts, Patricia . . Roberts, Thad ..... Robertson, Leilani .. Robinson, Ralph .. Rodda, David ..... Rodman, Donald . . Roger, Alvin .... Roger, Phillip .. . Rogers, Jan .... Rogers, Sharon .. Rojan, Jack ..... Rojan, Mike .....,.. Rolnik, Mary Ann . . v 71 67 95 89 68 . .86 67 76 132 132 . ................... 48 79, 128, 204,206,208 ............27,49,l25 ............49,228 .....27, 49, 56, 57, 113, 136,155 ............83.183 .......174 ....91,206 ........70,140 ..........94,100 ...79, 123, 138.140 . .... 94 ......91 .......87,193 ....68, 118 190 1 ....49 . ....68 . .... 70 237 Romano, Frances . . Fllll .............21,69 212 Romig, Faye ..,........... 79, 206, 210, Ronnfeldt, Marvin ..................... 87 Rooney, Judy ...................... 49, 120 Roper, Linda ......... 67, 126, 163, 203, 211 Rose, Donna .... ....,........,,. 8 6, 223 Ross, Judy ....... .......... 6 7, 121, 202 Rothrock, Donald . . ............ 93 Routson, Carol .... ...... 6 9, 203 Rowand, Hazel ..... ...... 8 5 Rowen, Catherine . . .... 163 Rowland, Pat ...... ..... 7 9 Rowland, Sherry ... ..... ..87 Ruby, Charles .... ........ 7 2 Ruby, Frankie .... ............ 9 1, 147 Ruby, Leonard ... ................ . .81 Ruby, Marilee . . .... 27, 49, 120, 125, 139 Rude, Ronald . . . .............. 79, 194 Rudy, Sandra . . . .... 71, 136, 145, 203 Rufener, Jerry . . . Russell, Wallace .. . Rutledge, Theresa . . Ryan, Joyce ...... Ryan, Robert . . . Ryen, Gary Lee ...... S Saccomanno, Kathi . . Sachett, Jim ........ Samuels, John .... Samuels, Phillip . . . Sander, Catherine . . Sanders, J erilyn ...... .......83 ........95 ....91, 147 .......49 ....49,202 ........70 .........87,l83 .....27,49, 124, 134 Sanders, Kathleen -..----- 74, 73, 115, 134, Sandgren, Michael ..49 Sanford, Richard Sanger, Calvin .... Santana, Barry .... Santora, Viola ...... Santorsola, Kathy . . . Sarawatari, Kenneth . . Saunders, Mack .... Sawyer, Gene . . Sayler, Linda . . . Schaber, Donna Schaber, Robert . . Schafer, Ray ...---- Scharff, MaryAnn . . . Schauer, Jacqueline .. Schaum, Dee .....--. Schernitzki, Lynne . . Schilling, Donna ..... Schirmer, Patricia . . . Schneider, Earl .... Schneider, Irene . . . Schneider, Jessilyn . . Schnettler, Harold . . . Schoenfeldt, William Schraufnagel, Sandra . Schroeder, Larry Schroeder, Mark . . Schroeder, Walter . Schubert, Helen .... Schwartz, Darrell . . Scott, Elizabeth . . Sdao, Dennis . . . Sdao, Ray ....... Searcy, Barbara ...... Sears, Betty ...27, 50, Sebring, Richard Seedorf, Martin 2011203,208:2l0, .................,94, 204,206 ,56,57,104,110,122 134,135,164,165 .....73, 125,203 ....27, 50, 57, 109, 137,174 ....14,57,195 .......20,147 .....69, 120,202 ....80,140 .. . ..... 78 .....50 ......90 ........94 ....50,2l5 ......22 .....8l .....89 ....147 .. ...... 88 . ...80,140 ....50,135 108 ....67, ..,.92,190 ....76,124 ......69 .....72 .....72 100 106,128 157, 162 213 128 .73, 104,10B,114,131 Seivers, Judith . . . ........... .... . 84, Semro, Bill ..... Shafer, Joe ....... Shankman, Rose . . . Shaw, Delores .... Shaw, Haven . . . Shaw, Robert . . . Shaver, David .... Sheer, Janell ...... Sheneman, James . . Sherar, Orlean ....... Sherburne, Cheryl . . Sherburn, LeRoy . . Shoemaker, Nora . . Shoop, Frederick . . Short, Mike ...... Shuck, Celia ..... Shuck, Dennis . . . Shuck, Hoyard ..... Shuford, Patricia . . Sieber, Peter ..... Siegel, Marilyn . . Simmons, James . . Simons, James ...... 206 ..........76,176,182 174 .......50, ,....89 ...'ll .....bU .....U3 .....89,134,206 50 50 94 92 81 .....71 ....,20,145,159 .84 Simonson, Raymond . . . ...... 15, 194 190 Simpson, Andrew . . . Simpson, Barbara . Simpson, Karen , . Simpson, Terry . . 238 .........78, ............20, 204 . . . .85, 140, 206, 211 . . .50, 57, 203, 210 Sinclair, Sharon .... .... 7 2, 120 Sisk, Mary .............................. 81 Skaugstad, Richard .................... '75 Skelton, Goldie . ....................... 91 Skewis, Gerrie .. .80, 208, 209, 210, 211, 213 Slater, John ............................ 79 Sleeth, Robert .... .... ............. 6 7 , 173 Sleeth, Velda .... .... 8 9, 206, 208, 209, 211 Smiley, Howard .... .......,........... 8 7 Smith, Brian ..... ................ 1 47 Smith, Elaine ...... ....... 6 9 Smith Gwendolyn - - ------ 63, 134 Smithz Lonna ...... Smith, Merlin . . . ...,70, 190,191 174 Smith, Ron ...... 1 .............. ..... . Smith, Smyth, Sandra Snow, Patricia Snyder, Goldie Thomas ...86, 206, 208, 209, 210, 211 ....................81,214 Solverson, Neil . ....................... 90 Somerville, Bonnie , Somerville, Sandra Southmayd, Douglas .....50 .. .......... 79 . .92 Spangenberg, Walter . . , ..,.. 15, 57, 171 Spann, Wanitta ....... .......... 7 7 Sparley, Beverley A - ' ' ---- 81, 125 Spence, Jennifer . . . Spetch, David . . . Sporcher, Gene . . Sprecher, Jerry . . Spruill, John ..... Spruiell, Mamie .... Stack, Carolyn . . . Stalick, John . . Staly, Thomas . . Stanford, Jay .. Stanger, Judy . . Stanley, Dick .... Stannard, Jerry . . . Stapleton, Carolyn . . Starr, Warren ...... Steele, Janet ..... Steele, Ronald . . . Steg, Bill ....... . . Stein, Janice .... Stein, Norman . . . Stejer, Dick ........ Stemmer, Barbara . . Stephens, Lavaughn 92 73 72 51 ....89 ....76 ....90,147,196 ....67,147 ......178 . .... 79,140 .......83 ..72,138,141,191,196 ..............51,140 125 , , , ,154, 163, 170, 172,175 ..5l 99 104 137 Stephenson, Bonnie ....... 80, 116, 126, 166 Stern, Rick ................ 80, 105, 128, 176 Stern, Sharron ...27, 51, 57, 106, 128, 136 Sterritt, Fred Sterritt, Leslie . . . Sterritt, Susan . . . Stevens, Karen Stevens, Victor . . Stewart, Sharen Stier, Linda ...... Stills, Beverly ,... Stinson, Andrew . . . Stinson, Wilma . . Stipe, Sue ........... Stockdale, Helen . . . 155,201,203 ...................90 "ffff5ifi 51 59 51 . . . . . 55 69 83 88 .fffliffffsi ....70,210,2l1 ....................s ................17,57 Stoeser, Penny ......................... 91 Stohs, Phill . . .51, 57, 101, 103, 108, 109, 137, 191 228 144, 147, 179, 180, , Stompamato, Carmine Stone,Jackie ........ Stone, Kathleen ..... Stone, Margaret . . . Stowers, Judy .... Strain, Jon ...... ......51, 201,.208, 209 ....86, 103, 121,206 .........86,196 Strand, Ronald .. ...,............. . . .95 Stratton, Sandy .................... 92, 140 Stret, Margery ................ 75, 157, 206 Street, Rick , ...... 26, 51, 139, 141, 157, 191 Stubbs, Noel . . . .................. 76, 176 Sturgeon, Duke . . ................ 72, 117 Sturgeon, Mike . . .... 72, 117 Sugrue, Sandra . . ......... 78 Suiter, Jerry .... .... 7 6, 147 Sulisky, Vic ...... . ....... 78 Sullivan, Charles . . ..... 79 Sundberg, James . . Sundberg, Janet . . . Swan, Jerry .,... Swank, Mike ...... Swanson, William . . . Swenson, Mervin . . Swope, Rodney .... Swope, Sandra ...... Sykes, Allen ................. .......94 . ........ 84 ....73,176 ....67,l17,147 . .......... 93 .77, 190,194 Sykes, Dovie .......................... 79 1 57 123 134 135 165 Sylte, Deanda . .27, 5 Sylte, Deanna ...... Szymczak, Mike .... 1' Tabor, Lewis .. Taft, Mike .. 18, 27, 52, 57, 123, 134, 135, 164, 165 27, 52, 57, 59, 108, 137, 154, 170, 173, 175 .....69,176 .......94 Talmant, Alex ......... Tantum, Peggyanne . . Taschereau, Charles . . Tate, Dale ............. Tatum, Jack ........ Tayloe, Frank . .. Taylor, Yvonne . . . Taxeroos, Steven . . . Teasdale, Charles . . . Telford, Charlene . . Terry, David .... .... Thach, Marvin ...... Theisen, Orval ......... Theodorson, George Theodorson, Patti Ann . Thomas, Diane ......... Thomas, John ........ Thomas, Robert . . . Thompson, April . . . Thompson, Bev ......,. Thompson, Dayle ........ Thompson, James Donald Thompson, James W. . . Thompson John .......... Thompson, Kenneth . . Thompson, Ronald . . Thompson, Sherian . . . Thompson, Suzanne . . . Thompson, Terry .... Thomson, Eileen . . . Thomson, Trudy . . Thopoulos, Maria . . . Thorpe, Joanne ..... Thorpe, Judie Lee . . Threlkeld, Larry . . Throm, Dennis . . . Throop, Cheryl . . . Tice, Robert .... Tiemann, A. G. . . Tighe, Colleen .... Tillman, Dorothy . . . Tillman, Chuck ..... Timmons, Carol . . . Tobie, Paul ....... Tollefson, Joyce .. . Tonani, Ronald ..... . . Torchie, Clarence ........ ....l9 ...94, 128, 157, ............163 ....52, 117,135 ....80, 147,195 ...,...89,177 . .......... 75 ....52, 117, 135 ....70 ......79 .70 ..........8,l5,110 157 206 202 .83 133 139 ......70, 121, ..ff2if52f ....7o,121, . ........... 78 ......84, 177, 190 .....85, 193 ........80,212 ....92, 133,208 ........79,95 ....85 ....52 ....52 ......52 ........79 ...86,193 ...,..87 ........84 ....20,144 ......69 ....67 ....78 .........15, 57 ......76,206,21l ........14,52,81 195 Tornow, Michael ....... 52, 57, 103, 137, Toth, Geraldine ......... Tourtellotte, Dorothy .... . . . Tracy, Marjorie ...... 68, 119, , 153, Tremblay, Joseph ........ Tripp, Earl ......... Trudeson, George .. . Tryon, Gloria ......... Tschirgi, Margaret . . . . . . , , Tucker, Marilyn .... Tucker, James .... Turner, Donna . . . Turner, Margaret . . . Turner, Randy .... Turnley, Robert Turnley, Roberta . . . . . , , 206, 212 Tussey, Gloria .... . . Tussey, Nancy ..... Tye, Julie .. ..,.... . . . Tyree, Heydon Dale . lJ Ullrich, Pat .......... Ullrich, Ron ........ ..........78,116 ..77 126 203 ....... 16,114 206 ......92, 140, 91 121 211,212 ....52, 137, 194 .........27,53 ..........s6,14o so . . . , 147, 176, 192 ..........5a,147 81 132 ..............7s 53 126 166,215 ... , , ..........80,176 Underdahl, Bonnie . . . .... 27, 52, 122, 129, 203, 223 Unfred, Gary ...................... 76, 196 Unger, Carrie ..27, 53, 57, 61, 110, 111, 112, 126, 128, 131, 136, 200, 203, 2 Updike, Judith .......... Usher, Judy .............. ll Vagenas, Charlotte . . . VanBelle, Lynn ..... . Vandervert, Richard . . . Van Doren, Lois ........ Van Doren, Velma ...... VanDyke, Annette . . . .72 VanSlate, Gail ..... . . Vantella, Patricia . . . Varner, Larry ..... Veeter, Ron ..... Veter, Don .... Vevick, Einar . . . Vevik, Ola ..... Vincent, Pamela ....... Vinge, Shirley .......... Vogelgesang, Holly-Ann Vogelgesang, Karen .... Voligny, Joan ........... Vollert, Frences ..... 69, 18 . .75, 125, 206, 208 83 -...---'n.--.- Vance, Karen ............ 84 ...85, 190, 193, 196 76 113 115 126 128 131,202 ..........9l,163 ......89 ....53 ....76 ....73 ....88 ......77 ...85,140 ...77,138 ... .,1as . . . . ...... 70, 139 . . ..... 20, 57, 205 118, 126, 129, 154, 159, 203 Yarnell, Kenneth . Wacker, Pam .... Waller, Harvey .... Wallingford, Kaye . . . Walt, Jerold ........ Walter, Nancy . . Walton, Jo Ann .. Walker, Howard . . Walker, Mike ...... Walker, Richard . . . Walker, Valrie . . . Wall, Lucille ..... Wallace, Barbara Wallen, Sandra . . Waller, Florence Ward, Hazel .,... Ward, Robert .. . Warfield, James . Warfield, Julie .. . Warn, Mary .... Warn, Robert .. Warner, James .... Warren, Linda ..... Warren, Richard Wathen, Lillian . . Watson, Frank .... Watson, Kelly ...... Watson, Tenna ..... Watt, David ...... Watt, Jerry .. . . .. Wavra, John ........ . . .. Wavra, Robert ..... Wayland, Richard Wayman, Danny Weaver, Daniel . . Weber, Ronald . . . Webster, Bruce . . Webster, Norman Weigle, Ruth ..... Weinhold, Leland . . . Weishaar, Marilyn Welch, Karen ........ Wellhouser, Evelyn Wellhouser, Patricia . . . Wellman, Howard .. . Wells, Suzanne ..... Wengeler, Duane . W7 Z ........53 ....78,176 .......7a .......54 ....5-1,119 .......93 ....53,157 ........7s ....76,17s .......s3 .....94 .. ............. 54 . . . .79 . . . .... '75, 115, 128, 212 ....,......92, 141 193 . . . . . . .92, 57, 103, 113, 228 54, 126, 128, 202, ............83 "'1b2'1i3' .67 .13, 54, 57, , ,147 , ............... 75, 206 .,.76, 176,191 ... , . . . .. .84 .54, 57, 100, 108, 137, 174 190 191 ...7s, , ...54, 137 ,190 ...81,123, 141 ...67,138, 141, 176 176 , 54, 138, 141, 230 ............95 .,.81, 138,141 ...6s, 124, 203 ......76,206 ....54,211 ........78 ....54, 174 .......7s .....75 f Wenrick, Neil ., Werle, Rudy ....... West, Dennis ..... Westerman, Donald Westerman, Gary . Westfall, Richard . . . Westfall, Susan . . . Westrom, Sharon Whelan, Patricia . . . Whipple, Karen . . . White, David ..... White, Deitra . . White, Jack . . White, Lynda . . White, Patty ..... White, Raymond . White, White Rose ..... Sally ..... wimeim, Rita .. . Whitley, Terry . . . Whitt, Roberta . . . Whitten, Sandra ...... Wickstrom, John . Wiedmer, Bruce .. . Wigen, Alan ...... Wilcox, Virginia .. . Wilde, Larry ..... Wiley, Ruby ,.,... Wiley, Sue .,..... Wilkerson, Cleosa Wilkinson, Marion Willett, Janis ...... Williams, Betty .. Williams, Ervin . Williams, Gary .. Williams, Irene .... Williams, Keith .. Williams, Kenneth Williams, Lora Lee Williams, Mickey Williams, Mike . . . Willoughby, Bruce Wilson, Bruce ... Wilson, Donna . . . Wilson, Patricia . . Wilson, Ronald . . Wilson, Sharon . . . Wimmer, Beverly Winnington, David f f I ,114 . . .176 ..70, 132 . .84, 176 v .79 109 141 177 188 ....,......73, 147 208 211 206 206 206 147 . ......... 92 , ....83, 121 140, ...........77, ,...73, 139 141 33, 123, . .154 ......80 ......84 ....76 ......85 ......70 140,202 ......71 ......54 ......85 . ................ 78 77,101, 128 210,215 .....88,177 .,.....54 ....13,57 ......72 ....78, 163, 204, 206, 208,212 ......87,122 ....85 177,183 ....93 177, 182 ......86,214 . .I I 73, '176, 1211752 911, ......55 .....72 ......78 ......77 182,188 .55 176,191 . . . . ..81 ....79 ....90 .69 , 193, 196 J I Winslow, Everette Wirsch, Ronald .. . Wishon, Sharon .. . Wittenberg, Vernon Wittenberg, Wallace Wolf, Judy ......., Wolff, Morris . . . Wolff, Richard .. Wolters, Eric ...... Womack, Daniel .. Womack, Mary .. Wood, Colleen . .. ..,...55, 137, 147 .,..90. 147, 170, 193 . ..... 27, 55, 57. 102, 134,139,141 ...67, 172,180, 191 .......71,133,147 .............88,140 55,57 Woodward, Larry , . . Woodbury, Don .... ,Gl, 107,112, 113, 136, 155, 203 ... .90 144 147 .........73, , Wooddell, Herman ..,.................. 23 Woods, Linda ................. 89, 209, 211 Woodward, Maxine 67, 133, 141, 203, 210 Worley, Kathleen . ,.......... ...... 9 2 Worthington, Kay . 80, 116, 205, 206, 210 Wrangle, Shirley . ......,...... 13, 136 Wright, Beverly . . . ............... . .78 Wright, Jerry .... ...,........ 9 0, 121 Wright, Joel ..... ...76, 116, 176, 188 Wright, Penny .. Wyatt, Dale .... Yancey, Lonnie ....... ....76, 176,192 . ............... 77 York, Dorothy ...,. York, Stephanie .. . .... 27 55, 57, 102, 124, 126, 130 Young, Dennis ........ . ........... 55, 117 Young, Mary Ann ...... . ..... 85 Z Zabel, Dan ..... .... Zacher, Ardis .. . Zacher, Lyle .... Zehm, Colleen . . . Zibulka, Charles . Ziegler, Terry . . . . ..... 19, 55 .......69, 203 147 . . . .67, 203, 213 . ...... 68,141 .. .90 47 183 2 '66 1 Ziman, Meyer . . . Zinnecker, Eva .... Zinnecker, Melvin . 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Suggestions in the North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) collection:

North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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