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5 5. L n V E P Q i - , ' W , Q- Q" . U , Q5 'mg , ,eo 2 QR mNr4VJ0faM N vwffmf fffgvf-ybj f Q 1 k Y yx 9' 5 WN K fl Q y WX My ' QQ?NiJgjyj CEA ffm Maj? Y 'ffw WW JM CBREIER QM V Aw 9391 XUEWW gg QYJQMLQ W mv ' N?-U p. I -A J gf ' my Q WM M Q , fgfyffjw M W M ff ff' Mf z f m, M 6 L -,V J J 6,41 1 7 P A ,ff M ff kc 'if' Glu l fm V, ,,'r'Wf""'-""-""':::' M M M ff , ,, , , M:,fl,,l!, JMS + NCI! ig- 1' 1 1 'e ,g',1Yw,,l,-QW: , , y ,,..q I ,4 , 4 -rf ww.. 34 L'x.f"f A - 'N fy E' ' ' QI ' :A .Qlff ' 5. V5 1-:Q'f'Q '. 7 'X' " K, -j,.: ",',, 51,1 1 A 'KV 1 3 V E ' w'w :- m . Y f P- . if 2 1,7432 gif, 'j' f ,' ,AMW I U Q,,gjf""'kffW' ,1Q., Az' 1-A4 - ' f 5' ,' ,M ,V 1 , .f 75 V V ' f' 'rv' if A ' , . ,f,J 0 71 ,F 747 . 4 , f A1 - ' , 1 ? A , V' V u 1, I I J ,I , , , I' f , IV q ,pw NIM, If Q7 DL' flf' , If ,IVV I ,AW 1,1 - J' - 'fy ,f 'A fvgf, A , CM My , ff V 1 ,LJ ' ' ff,A.f4' rafv A , ,rv 'W X, ,. J , 1 h yi , L fgwwgzlywfiiklfff M ,f W M Q fm WWW 'Y A' 'L "' J- M222 ' WML W ww Q P 237 " 0'5y F My yy jwlf XJ W WM gxmfwff, N fu. QA PM ifllfwwwfplm A R W M f A 0,1212 774 Om ' I 'NI sd X Ky , ' My R ,4t.,'.,-4,r- I-',, L5hHl,2.,I' Ei "3 if "' ' - "' , C 'i 440 aim? fyiffisffgx M a im by fsiffiffxffv Q65 ap, 5 wig! , Q iygfigf w 9?Qg3'Qi5N'N?L iw mffwffy yy 1? Ggjygfwy L is ff 45 ., t0?w7UM Y MQW f wif,wWJW'm ij? ybyfigfffg WQWQQZ X 6 MHZ?" EDITOR Janine Grattou ART EDITOR Janine Grattou ADVERTISING LIANAGIQR Carol Jean Ellis :X I:-V I S ER M iss Mary McKenna BUSINESS M,xX.xoHR Dorothy Rudisilc Tamarack -1 1 'W-.sith 'Q fx wa- u ,,,y.n ,V ' . WWV A-Q Wywf, ',,, M , .. f ff ," 'Wy ev. ,,,,,M v . 4 wi 7 'Fw QQ ' " ff. 11. s , , 1 my 1' ,qiiv 24 1 T ,f fi-1 ,A ...Lx X XJ. .4.! x vw -nn swag- , 1-4 ' ,.-,J r -44 - J ,A-" 5 V 3 4 ffl .. 'fe 3 vi ,, 55 2 il'?!':i,f.fZ 7M,W ' ..,.4,nQsviV'MLI.2iYQl,: 'iP'4 ' , I f wr'-fi? , mi' f 1 afzemafwl This is. then. Progress eternal . . Nflorking best for what we love. Each step above the one before it. Striving toward the stars above. The theme of the 1957 Tamarack might be called "Progress," because within this book is not only the record of year of whirling activities at North Central. but also proof of the progress that has been made since Spokanes first school opened in the home of Henry T. Cowley. the teacher. I-lere, in brief, is a history of Spokane, her schools. and the legends that make up North Central. Reading this. we can see how some of our traditions came into being. and we can appreciate more fully the many advantages we have over Spokanes first students and North Cen- tral's first class 48 years ago. These. then. are the reasons for using history as the theme of this years Tamarack. The division pages depict those early scenes familiar to the pioneers and the Indians who once frequented the dusty Spokane streets. A dawning of a new era is represented by the SlZt1'S twinkling over the tree on the cover. A broken wagon wheel reminds us of other years. forgotten years. in which our forefathers fought and struggled valiantly for a richer education for themselves and for their children. liven the colors seein symbolic -green has long been considered a sign of life and growth. and yellow. a bright future. "One generation passeth away and another generation conieth. but the earth endurelh fltl'L'YL'l'.H-l4ii'C'lL'SlklSlL'S III. T' 'T 'iw -. Administration Pages 10-25 Classes Pages 28-91 School Life Pages 94-131 Productions Pages 134-143 Sports Pages 146-185 Advertising Pages 186-202 Acknowledgements jay-e2Q 9 FMA, -Qsyy ,pl la of Wfmiew' ll HW . iffy N55 P 1 '29 w r,cj,wM,s-grew' ww? if " Mg,-ff' rl Spokane citizens have always shown a sincere interest in the educational growth of their schools. Because of the progress evidenced today in our public schools, we turn to early education in Spokane as the theme for the l957 Tamarack. Strange as it may seem. the areas first school was for the Indians. Spokane O XN'hG1' I out Christianity. languages and afrriculture. Returning here in CQar1'y'. i T of the Spokanes. was sent to a Presbyterian school in lVinnipe0'. C O l83tl.1H?3aRe L school near Drumhellers spring. now Euclid and Maple streets. There in a 20x50 foot frame btiilding. he taught his fellow tribesmen about Chris- tian ideals and the growing of wheat and vegetables. The first school for white children in Spokane came much later. During the sum- mer of l87l. the Reverend Mr. Cowley came to the infant town as a missionary for the Indians. It was in the Cowley home and mission that 'rst school for white children opened. District No. 8 was organized, with fo ,Q X ls eagerly pursuing , f. their studies. Nlr. Cowley. Cyrus F. Yeaton and a Mr. Po T' Time the directors, and L. S. Swift, a lawyer. was clerk. Since no building was availa le, the students met at the home of Nlr. Cowley. Until the summer of l878, it was not necessary to build a real public school house: besides. there was little money available for the purpose. Since lVashington was not yet a state. the sections of land set aside as school property could not be sold. Then, many of the districts landowners were bachelors who didn't see why they should have to pay taxes to educate other peoples children. Finally, a one-room building. the first public school in Spokane. was erected near the Northern Pacific Railroad just off Lincoln street. A very crude structure. it was about 20x30 feet, furnished with rough. hand-made desks. a wood stove and a rickety kitchen table for the instructor. lVhen Browne became superin- tendent in l879, an enrollment of 22 pupils was reported. By l88ll-81, the Rev- erend VV. I-l. Stratton and Professor A. YVa1gy 'Tyyeyeftlie teachers, and the total number had jumped to 45. The enrollmentt. 'V A Q e A the next two years to 200 scholars. Now, four teachers were needed. f J li As the school prospered and grew, a new biii ding!becanie necessary. On the present site ol Lewis and Clark high school in ISSI4. Spokane's second public school was built, and an enrollment ol ITA! was recorded. XV. YV. -lohnson was principal until ISSN, when he was succeeded by Professor I.. H. Prather. The lively little town of Spokane was growing rapidly now. Two new rooms were added to the school. The primary grades were taught in the Congregational church on Sprague and Bernard and in a frame building on Post street near Second avenue. The fall of l886 saw an enrollment of 523 pupils and seven teachers. The rec- ords of April of the following year showed 648 students. Professor XM B. Turner. principal in l886. felt a need for a monthly teachers' meeting to help iron Olll the problems confronting the instructors. The first meeting. in November of 1887, re- corded l3 teachers for 7l5 children. By the closefofgthe fall term in 1888. over l000 scholars were counted. ,sh ln those booming years of l888-89. Spokane - lfishness, poor politics and corruption nearly ruin her wonderful strugglei ation for her children. The schools study system fell apart. the building deserted. and violent quar- rels over public offices took place. Some of the regions best teachers packed up and left. Then. on August 0. 1889. wild. devastating flames consumed the entire business district of the pioneer town from Railroad avenue north to the river. and from Lin- coln street east to 'Washington street. Things started to look brighter for the schools when Professor D. Bemiss. a young man ivitlnfgiietiy and practical ideas. arrived in Spokane. Breathing life into Q, 5 It LPQ- ,, the dying foi'iglQi2f:hefeai'liei' education. Professor Bemiss took over the schools and conquered insurmountable obstacles and difficulties. VVorking in har- mony with otheifsfhe managed to increase the number of teachers needed for the 2000 pupils. to make the system of study more organized and thorough. and to persuade the people to look to the needs of their future leaders. The citizens voted to issue bonds to raise the 55250000 over the l2iX levy needed to provide accommodations for the students. Four large grade schools were con- structed. and another high school, named Spokane high school. was built. After faltering in her early steps toward education. Spokane picked up her skirts and trudged determinedly along. until in l802 her schools were something of which to be justly proud. Now. entrance examinations into the best eastern and western colleges were not required of her graduates. The athletic program was greatly encouraged, and patriotism was given a boost as Old Glbry was flown from 5 5 "Wil f , every tower of every school house. Credit was given the teachers for their magnifi- cent job in procuring higher enrollment, in harmonizing the classroom work with outside interests, and in the charming int-rest shown each of their students. -,annum vii f - f s i I , . . N 6 . , Q 1 2 ... .w-,LQ c 'Nu ' X , Hn, V The beginning. Spokane House, com- monly known as "Fort Spokane," was the state's first business establishment. O 'ff ' O 5 , ff , G nifwmv 1. 'f fi JOHN A. SHAW W. C. SORENSON City Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent of Schools I . L 'N Q0 . "If SCHOOL BOARD xrcmbg-rs fur 1956-57 lm-Indo, top: Mrs Mary F Wurth, president, A, Putlun Bfttomz Jn ,rcs E, Wmtn. Ott.: Orr, Keith H, Cntxxplmll. Dr. Jamvs PRINCIPAL JOSEPH M. TEWINKEL 'fWe5twai'c1 Ho, the Wagons!" It is good to discover that the 1957 Tamarack theme is' pioneer days in Spokane. These days are closer than they might seem. My father, left an orphan at seven, worked his way West in the 1880's and knew vigilante days, citizen posses, and the terror of Indian nprisings. He numbered dozens of Indians his friends and taught English to Chinese attracted by gold rushes. When we were youngsters, he would drive about Spokane on Sunday afternoons point- ing out historical landmarks. The most exciting visitor to our home was Samuel Augli, a long- haired, White-bearded scout, naturalist, and geologist who had fought many lndian engagments. engagements. The word "pioneer" has wonderful implications. The pioneer believed in lan' and order and felt that it was his personal responsibility to aid in dealing with wrong-doers, 'l'oday's exaggerated TV Westerns distort Western life, but they correctly portray the willingness of every good citizen to back what was right. The pioneer always Wanted good schools, good churches, and a good community, He sacrificed freely to bring them into existence and to malic' the West what it is. Whenever a community loses the basic pioneer ideals centering about the support of law and right, the maintenance of educational opportunities, and a man's responsibility to his Maker, it is on the trail to decadence. May we long liye in the pioneer spirit in this fine community I I I VICE-PRINCIPAL ROEERT J. HOESLY Tamarack Day is a happy. friendly day. a day when si-me students soherly reflect upon their educatiwnal achievements uf the past four years. Americans have accepted the principle that yming pefvple are entitled to an education. Erlucatiwn is a term which shiiuld hring In the mind more than knowledge acquired from hiifiks. lt creates a sense uf re-pfinsilviliti' and the aliiliti' tu uswrlc with and cooperate with other people. It develwps luith twlerance and appreciation uf the people we meet in our daily lives. May' iiiur achiexenients here ri-u'ard ywu dividends in success and happiness in the years j 91 H to Come. Wiemmw an am 4ea,u'c-- gag -www xxh,f 4 M 1 - ' fwifm, 4 ,, Q, iw: N mg H: ' -. .W E ,ga N- ,W , i i .. A x 1 if-itat, . - r , A , 1, -. A . if . ' f- , ax-35.5, Q K ,f , ,Q ,Z ,,,. 3 V K 5 M K X- xr, - X -K fm, .f X, ' ,pw 4? 'Til QQ: K i 3 .- . - .5 1 .. .- ' 0. f M Qi s ., Z 4 4 4 0 f -was . . -- 5 X Nasa H -N 'ri . if r ig s.-s gps il fqxgii., i 9 s':'sX,SQx1sXqv - . Q w, ifsrs Iii ADVISERS AND COUNSELORS-Lowell C Bradford, boys' adviser: Patricia Damon, girls' adviser: John Rodkey. acting, vice-principal: Lowry M. Bennett, office counselor Z J ,fx 3- Miss Damon gives instructions to messengers Caryl Briscoe and Anne Isaak as they work in the League office. 5 si? Qfmtefaila weadaiaaedaneaa DN mv' y as , ,A s ll s l n OFFICE WORKERS-Top row: Helen Wayland, bookroom clerk: Jane Richter. cashier: Marjorie Jennings, attendance clerk. Bottom row: Marjorie Stoner. school secretory: Blarilee Baumgartner, receptionist-clerk. -dswandsuw 'Q' uri NJ- ,.L' Iv.. ,, -.Y A fl' -vw nf!!!-Q EM! I I Another hard day cf tests. homework assugnments and grades behind them, Messrs. Glover, Griswold Barnard and Fqldhusen slgn out Ill the offlce. ' echo! naw ,fade away. ur : .-::-g.a- xf: igmfeewwuamimr A -f . .1 -.Mew-pluvw-'df ,ws . Q ww. Spring housecleaning hits even the' sewing classes as Ruth Ann Reid and Ctnnie Brault sort out the drawers iflha vnu Q X - ' 5? s YQ 'bv hir L i "a""'- 5 "Y 'fi' E' ' v . G . . A . A1531 .,, V, A HOMEMAKING-Top row: Elizabeth Killingsworih, department head: Helen I. Beaver, clothing. Bottom row: Christine Neuman, clothingg lX'Iargarei Kroske, social relations: Patricia Brown, clothing. ' -cz ' l C Bfaciford MUSIC, ART. LIBRARY-Top row: Stanley Taft. music department head: Lowel . - - band director: Madeline Carroll. head librarian: Elizabeth Hill, assistant librarian, Bottom row! ' I head: Mervin Manuel. art: Stanley Day. jewelry. Kenneth M5 hre, art departmen 4 trees p'se a problem 0 X K t Shirley M00 "Oh, zat nrtlstlc touch!" Palm . I ' d ring an oil panntung class. a helplng hand u S25 asf-gf!! a A 1 if-' fi l Q affi- an A ei"1P.mflb-f re as Liz Hassell lends e- cz Da!! hge mee an aff to ace, A minor boom qwe hopelj from the hydrogen being prepared by Dorene Hagen and Janet Eppley during the chemistry lab. -K . N ' 58 ' f . ' w fl"5"wfZ? :fe yep 'il , , " 43, -xl fL 'Q"N i fivx " .N K , Yfhft' I nw I--x . Q AN? F? is - 'fi ' in is 33 'f Q V ' ' , if vii Q Q I 2 'assi-:ir ""'4' J ' 'is-' f , N lm, ' v4?,,.. V ' , rrrr, i rrrr i i fan V fl L I V 5 55.51 4 N ' 45,4 ,QS err'-v l r Q -'QQ 2 me ii'?"71'w in .ffl .. -is 'X' . 'ef' fm i ' 4 Q SCIENCE-Top row: Ernest Hix, department head: Raymond Simonson, biology: YVilhelmine Timm bmluhx Don: Bonamy, biology. Bottom row: Orval Theisen, physics: George Smith, biology and photography: Walton Npang,f,1ibu1g, gen eral science: Dale E. Blair, biology: Paul Tobie, biology. , ' aclcltablaa, 1 -, fl "Last chance' to cram!" Genny Wassberg and Charlene Schmidt check roll as eager students finish last-minute work in study hall. 'al' 556' .Q .V 1 Q ' Y' ,, I? 34 f ., I 5 V, ill XM I V 31 L .1 .W .. . '50 .W PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND STUDY HALLS-Top row: Elsa Pinkhain, girls' physical education department head: Eleanor Beard, physical educatinng B.irbm':i Simpson, physical education: Gerald Stannard. boys' physical eduction de- prtment head, basketball coach. Bottom row: Gladys Dunphy, study hall: Wallace Russcll. study hall: Edwin Kretz, studv hnlli Edmund Sc'liwcil7ei', sludy hall: David Holmes, flmthallg Xifillizim Diedrick, physival education. W cz ' ' fam affdoeaflfie ,452 v 1 1 , 1 ff 9, 4 4 2454 X f 1. f bi J- i fy 1 jf .f 1 X -, '-iz. H . My INDUSTRIAL ARTS-Top row: George Theodorsen, department head, Leonard Graham, elec- tronics, Kenneth Hagen, plastics: Alvin Olson, auto shop. Bottom row: Dale Spurgeon, metal shop: Vern Broadwell, woodshop. 23" was , A is "You take this little screw, solder that little wire . . ." Building a radio set in electronics class are Bill Flatt, Gary Nelson and Richard Steinrnetz. fi A x I 9 cad1!45'6aZaggcZczca,,. " ' if I gn 4 W , 5 'F-A tr '1. Lx - . I vw V I 1' .4 3 ' 921 ' gi " ' ff' 'S v no, . A. ,T lv s., . ,,. ' 1 V F- -.....,- ,,,,, we ' if s 'si ' li V M RQ ,V il., Y' 4" J COMMERCIAL-Top row: James Griggs, department head: Mary York. bookkeeping: Mary Bowker. shorthand: Helen Stockdale. typing: Alvin Danielson, typing. Bottom row: A. A. Manfred, E i "1 Conscicntu typingg Blair Glover, bookkeeping. 3 ous typists4BarbJra Brown. Ken Znnk and Julie Mickey-trv to work up speed for these all-umportant tnmed writes ' ' aiaiwcw 'eafeazi Trying to figure out what makes a slide rule tick are Pat Barton and Ray Cottrell in a typical geometry class. if- lf, 33' Gr ,cn-.' , , mv x -.'- TTT , Q 4 Q ,N 2 W ' lg W a an 'CN YJ- ,- fi l lr: i lrifr 'K 7 4 'L . , xN Q ' 1 i P H N gaard department head' Norman W Erickson general mathematics: Dorothv Cong- MATHEMATICS-TOP POW: - . Y . I , . . U . don, geometry: Mack L. Saunders, algebra: Edward G111, geometry. Bottom row: Larry Wriggle, algebra: R. A. Baldwin algebra: Howard V. Jones, algebra: Burrill Exley, geometry: Robert F. Barnard, algebra: William Nye, algebra. Qacvzdmy afadaglmwde Karen Moore acts as operator as Richard Clapp and Sue Eddy demon t t s ra e the telephone unit in their school life class. 1' L 'X 1 'Kr ' ,ff ,f FQ' -Z '1' I ,'?- fwf fz ' , . ,,,v-,, -. . . ' Q 'FQ .' ,A G Jv- , .A . . .1 '. u Y L -s. , 3 J A ' it hu . L ,V Ni, ENGLISH-Top row: Mabel S. McLaughlin, dcpartmcnt lwncl, Imugcnu L Knight, English. Second row: Margaret Nistad English: Harold E. Sklnncr, English: Laura Lt-Q Briscoe. Latin. Thomas .'XI1dCl'5Ol1. En list. ' Englishg John NIalternt'r, Englial' Mar' " - ' ' ' g 1 Bottom row. Ruth E. Coon: 1, 1 Lain Rnxxlimzf-, English: Robert Bland, English: Dorothy S. Chandler, Englishg Helen L Hnltram, English. keeping eteemfq ,eeee Za Zaye 'e zeezemae feet ! "M-'ii 4. X X .,. G G V E? Q' 5 r ' N. E q. - -. is .K ,l k Q ef vw , f I .' fffe .5 lgk 1N.w5v.Ps 4 1 il ' , ff -52. ' , tail X '. Q gn. 'Wg .5 it Q ' ?e,.' f.'+2' , ' -' G Z ENGLISH, FOREIGN LANGUAGES Top row Hel 0 - : en scarson, department head: Fred G. Monohon, English: Robert Row- ley, Spanish: Daniel C. Davis, English: Helen L. Cleveland. English: John Fay, English. Second row: Virginia Wilcox, English: Russell Meyer, Englishg Lorraine McNew, English: Arthur B. Miller, debate. Bottom row: adviserg Carol Hauck, Englishg Genevieve Oppen, dramatics. Mary McKenna, publications Famous last words-"Such an easy one-and I'm stumped!" Esther Ray manages to confuse Fav-rel Romig with an overpowering Latin word during a class discussion. L. 'N zeadmen, 602 I I I I ll n 606 mg Fi, x"" ,rv Bobbie Applegate. at the map, helps clear up those incorrect answers to test questions after a rugged U. S. history exam. f,.,Wf ,x ff .1 Q. 'A , 6 ,..- 4 y J 'ff 'VX ' , i x r Y A Q M-2+ -Q .Y Ling QV fly, 4 L if ,, ' ' . , 5-v i , k', ' , ' 'hd Q, c rw K 'N "Ml Ul'5"'1- U- 5' 111510111 Dcl Jones, Amcrxcan SOCIAL STUDIES f- Top row: L'Iu.nIvs Cfmruilw, nlrpgultmn-111 Iuuul: Ml ' .A r lf! ,Il lurx XVIIQIIIII Illugvl wurlsl lustnry. xvllllillll Whlhakur, world lustury: Howard L XIQ- W-xmm-nl.'X Glam, xx'-x s . . . . ' ' '-ws Q Ihunmclall, L' S hlsl-wax. Gux L Griswold. world hl5lUl'XQ Edwlrd A'L.w- L' 5 H1-lmx, Cimll I l.urlc-Vs. gnydmuluygy, Brxlu' Wxlclvr, world hlstury, Zifzdifed cw me may de fed and 36446 dang, 42' ww- fi: '-NW ' W X .1 if ,V x vm O Jw 'Y1 IT1 -4 ITI E Z0 U7 -I J: 'T1 '71 5 T L11 2 FD af E D' '4 H S92 25 Em Ei PTF? 39 D.,-I ga fn? r QQ- mi' U0 515' '1 an 52 912 ,- -Y f 7 X mx Q X W we Sw X V4 , , f ,zz ,Z M Agnes Foskin, Mrs. Viola Santora, Mrs jug Vff ,Ll biz CUSTODIANS-Lucy Poutieri, Bob Gooler, Art Baker, hgad custodizmg George Truedsou, R. M. Sherman and Eathen S1Sk. . ' 'Ji' 'W Ns. wg: 'H 'N-. w.,M .. .3 7'x":- w.5 1fa Q 2,Jfv1fMf ,dcoffuef dee-fwL2"fL'Sfaf-:4f5f9M'm WQ4 961041 ddmjit Shelter for Wanderers. Tshimakain M1SSiOH became another stepping stone on the road to education for the Indians and early white settlers. lm KMXX A 9 Sw W emicvz Ufficew I i GARY BURR S. ,' president JOHN RAYMOND treasurer DAVE RICKETTS. vice-president , -1' ERNIE MCLEISH. alternate its-ne, PHYLLIS FIX 'M secretary A5 we, the class of 1957, blcl goodbye Aaseby, Janice Ruth Comme1'rial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Feathers, Chairman: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Homeroom Secre- tary: League Honors Board: Vox Puel- larum: League Sextet: Big Sister: Golf: Ice Skating: League Representative: League Committees: News Representa- tive: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Gym Office Worker: Senior Committee Abernathy, Judith Ann H0llIL'7llGl?ll1Q Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Tolo Day Chair- man: Girls' Golf: ASB Representative: Tamarack Representative: Homeroom President: After-School Sports: Cour- tesy Committee: Junior Achievement Acree, Charles David Music Scholastic Honor Roll: All-State Chor- us: Pep, Special, Concert Band: Choir- Federation Quartet: Amores Librorum: Math Club: Doll Shop: Junior Sym- phony: Spokane Symphonic Chorale: Spring and Winter Music Festivals: Rifle Club Adams, George Robert llIaflzt'1natic.x' Adoltson, Donald L. Iizduxfrial :Iris Junior Achievement: Band Alberts, David J. S0c1'alSfudics Junior Achievement Albright, Vernon Dale Industrial A rts Junior Achievement fl. . QD if X. . in is' X... A L x , f 1 1 y 1 . if 1 ,. :ff '- ft all 9 'V 1 A fy fef.,,M .. eeg,,,,. , 2, , X Q' 1 ' wwf , if 5' ' J J 44, fy 4 '- f Z ,5 ,Pg f ' ,f ' 'VNV f , . ' , , .,- 'f -H" 5 .N M lo fellow classmates anal Ii6ClC'll67'5, we EQ. me me . ,.:,: 3 :- J ff 1 K L 4 , J 1' i ' P xiii ' T, isnt- ' . .,,., ' 'D' Allen, Alice Ann Co HZ1llt'l't'lfll Scholastic Honor Roll: League SUV91' Pin: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Honors Board: Big Sister: League Representa- tive: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: Amores Librorum: Roll Checker Amsden, Floyd Harrison ll'1f1Zl.l'll'l.tIl.'ll'fS Federation Representative: Ho:ncrO0m President: Varsity Football: Track: Boys' Glee Anderson, Charles Calder Siflifllft' Federation Representative: ASB Rep- resentative: H o m e r o o rn President, Vice-President: Band Vice-President: Concert, Special, Pep Band: Junior Achievement: Red Cross Representa- tive: ASB Committees: B Squad Base- ball: West Point Nomination Anderson, Clarice Rae CIlHlH1t'l'L'li0l Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: League Representative: A f t e r - School Sports: Amores Librorum: Big Sister: Ticket Office Worker: Tama- rack Representative Anderson, Dennis Wayne fl I mit' Talent Club: Thespians: Choir: Wres- tling: Doll Shop Lead: School Plays. Lead: Winter and Spring Music Festi- vals Anderson, Kay Francis lllllIl.l'lVl-til . lrlx Sports for All Anderson, Keith Kelvin 1llull1t'111i1lir.r Scholastic H 0 n o r Roll: ASB Vice- President' Marching, Concert, Special, Pep Band: Dixielanders: Doll Shop: Orchestra: Dru'n Major: ASB Nomi- nating Committee, Election Commis- sion. Chair van: Vocational Conference Chairman: Student Court, Defense At- torney: Homeroom President: Federa- tion Representative: B Squad Football: Junior Toastmasters, Treasurer: Talent Club 29 recall many of the events and lzrrjzpcrzirzgs that meant 50 much to 145. VVe re- Anderson, Lanny Dale 5061.111 Sflldlfi Freshman Basketball, Football, Base- ball: B Squad Football, Basketball: Varsity Football, Basketball. Baseball: Federation Senator. Clerk: Federation Representative Anderson, Nels Joseph Jr. Industrial --lrts Radio Club: Red Cross Representative Anderson, Sharon Lynn Homcmaking Transferred from Cheney, NVashington Applegate, Barbara Jane Conznicrcial Transferred from Baker, Oregon. Scho- lastic Honor Roll: Big Sister: Roll Checker: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: Orchestra: League Silver Pin Aris, Laura Lee L uninzvrrnil Transferred from M a r 3' cl i f f High School. Girls' Glee Club Aronson, Beverly Ann lrfffilrrurnkiirry Red Feathers: Red Cross Representa- tive: Doll Shop: League Committees: Library Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 2 stars: Gym Office Worker: FNA: Medecine d' Avenir: Tennis Team: Orchestra: Big Sister: ASB Representative: League Silver Pin Beckman, Roberta Anne t ffiirnzrrrmf Scholastic Honor Roll, League Silver Pin: After-School Sports: Orchestra: Big Sister: Roll Checker 30 s' A , at 1 4' f ,af .7 "V., .145 .A .. . Z 4 iii- f !N, . K, 1-Ji f W L 'SI' in 9' .0 K ."'44,i I 3 f 4' - V , ,Z ,i 4 :.,r A VI: l, ' Th "5 .. wr? I L' 4' , , , 4 KH ' uv 1 E V .. vt s A T Q.:"7-fa? ' ut ,r gait' te I Q7 Bailey, Roberi' Laurence Industrial .-I rts ASB Representative Bailie, Barbara Anne Social Stzzdicr Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: League Representative: C o 1 o r Girls: ASB Representative: Red Cross Representative: Homeroom President: Dad-Daughter B a n q u e t, Cornrnittee Chairman Baker, Dick Oren Industrial -iris B Squad, Varsity Cross-Country, Cap- tain: Talent Club: Warriors: Freshman, B Squad, Varsity Track Baldridge, Thomas IllCZ1IlJ'i7'l.t1I-'1Ff.Y Transferred from Los Angeles. Cal- ifornia. Ballo, Gary Richard .lfi1H1i'H1afft'J Scholastic Honor Roll: Rifle Club: Amores Librorum: Debate: B Squad, Varsity Basketball Manager Barber, Ronald Charles .Uailzviunfirs Scholastic Honor Roll: ASB Cleanup Committee: Science Fair XVinner: War- riors: Amores Librorum: Marching. Concert Band: Varsity Track: Cross- Country Barclcert, Lois Marie fum un'r.'ial League Bronze Pin: News Representa- tive: 3C's: Hall Guard: Choir, Secre- tary. Robe Committee Chairman: Roll Checker: Tepee Lighters: Winter and Spring Music Festivals: Office Worker: League Sextet: Science Fair. Honorable Mention: Big Sister: Concession Coun- ter Worker member our first imlbression of "high Barratt, Judy Arline Homemaking ASB Representative: Hall Guard: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Roll Checker: After-School Sports Bass, Roger Leonard Il1zIu.vlrir1lflrf.r Marching, Special, Concert Band Beals, Dennis Eugene JlfClf1lL'llIUfl't'S Talent Club: Rifle Club: Federation Representative: Homeroom Vice-Presb dent Belden, Dale .ZlIl1l'1lt'HZ0l'iL'.S' V a r s i t y Football: Freshman Cross- Country: Debate Benson, Arnold Dean I'J1d1t5l'1'1Al1lfdI'f5 Cross-Country: F r e sh m a n Track: Freshman Basketball: Tamarack Rep- resentative Berg, Ronald L. I1zdur1'1"1'aI Arts Transferred from Salt Lake City, Utah. Bickers1'a'f'F, James Edward Inclmt1fialArts Freshman, B Squad, Varsity Basket- ball: Warriors: Intramural Sports: News Representative N? . , LV QL -f-, ail in f f " 1 X as we gazewoz ri that long cor- school" l , IAC," ' ii. ,. 1 . S "" ' 2 15, -tt, im- ef 1 X' it 'fb I .44 ,M f 4 :If J' l 1 Ulf ff ! -"4 Biefen, Don Josledhifvnl-"e' I7'1Il'Z'LS1i7't!1I A 545 ASB Representative: Federation Rep- resentative: H o m e r o o m Treasurer, Vice-President: Rifle Club, Secretary: Wrestling Bishop, Russell Eldon I11flmfrialArl.r B Squad Football: Rifle Club: Home- room Secretary, Treasurer Bixby, Janice Jean Cumnzercial Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: ASB Committees: After-School Sports: Library Representative: Big Sister: Library Worker: League Bronze Pin Biornstad, Robert James I11d1L.Tf1'14GIAI'f5 Blair, Richard Dee COll1HZP7'fliClIfi7'f ASB Representative: Hayward-Larkin Poster Contest Winner: Intramural Basketball: Warriors: Marching, Con- cert Band: Freshman, B Squad Foot- ball: Baseball: Cross-Country: Tennis Team: Golf Boberg, Martha Louise 1110111 l'IIlUfl.l'.V Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Red Cross Representative: FTA: Big Sister: League Bronze Pin Bodley, Karen IIUHIUIIIUJCLIIQ Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Choir: Winter and Spring Music Festivals: Doll Shop: Vox Puellarum: League Style Show: ASB Nominating Committee, Chairman: League Repre- sentative: Homeroom President, Vice- President: League Committee Chair- man: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Golf Team: Roll Checker: Tamarack Representative: Big Sister: News Representative 3I ridor and stared af a mass of faces, our fellow sfurlenfs, in '53, Gradually we Bomerslieim, Jerry William .lfatlicuzatirx Scholastic Honor Roll: Varsity Base- ball Manager Boss, Don .lames Sufltll Sllldlirfj Boys' Glee: News Representative BoH's, Janice Elizabeth Hunzvnzalriiig League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Thanksgiving Drive Committee: N e w s Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity S h i e 1 d, l star: Library Worker: FNA. Treasurer: Girls' Glee: Library Representative Bousquet, Arthur Antoine L'.fum1vrt'z'al Band, Federation Representative Bowen, Carol Ann Con: uzrrcial League Silver Pin: League Representa- tive: Roll Checker: Hall Guard: After- School Sports: Doll Shop: Debate: Tennis Team: All-School Play: Big Sister: Homeroom Bulletin Monitor, Secretary: Library Worker Bowen, Darrell Waicle Slfrliil .Sif1ldllU,i' Spanish Club Bowerman, Maxine Carol L ffmmrrwal Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Library Representative: News Representative: After-School Sports. All-Activity Shield: Sp a n l s h Club, Fifth Executive: FTA: Girls' Glec: Or- chestra: Locker Monitor: Ticket Office-5 Big: Sister 32 :.:: ff, ,ae ,4 41 L an 'Q' JL ,:- ,A l r V' is AY, ,Q Q if -af' I 1 2, iii Bowlrer, Barbara BenneH hlomcmaking League Silver Pin: Commercial Club, T r e a s u r e r: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Library Representative: All-Activity S h i el d: After-School Sports: Hall G u a r d: Homeroom President: Rest Monitor Bradley, Roy Glenn C0uzniu1'rz'al Ari' Doll Shop, Lead, Student Director: Head Yell Leader: Talent Club: News Staff: Thespians: All-School Plays: Childrens Theatre, Student Director: PTA Vaudeville: Winter Music Fes- tival: Greater Spokane Music Festival Award Bragg, Leia Rose C0u1u1rr'C1'al Transferred from Philadelphia. Bra ndt, Janet Lee faux nurczlil Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: ASB Committees, League Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Ticket Odice Worker: Commercial Club: Big Sister: Locker Monitor: League Style Show Committee: Dad and Daughter Banquet Committee: Mother's Tea Committee: ASB Election Commission Bredesen, Daryl Ray Ii1d11s1'rial .-1 rts Freshman, B Squad Football: Fresh- man. Varsity Track: Cross-Country: Hall Guard: Talent Club Brinson, Terry Thomas .lIafl1l'mafii1r Scholastic Honor Roll Briscoe, Caryl Anne Fins .-lrI,v League Bronze Pin: All-School Plays: Doll Shop. Lead: Thespians: Children's Theatre: Big Sister: League Office Worker: League Style Show: PTA Vaudeville: Spokane Music Festival were caught in the whirl of c'lz1.s'.sf'x and r1cfivZliu.s'. Rad arid Black book in hand Brower, Gary Ernest Mathematics ASB Representative: Federation Rep- resentative: Freshman, B Squad, Var- sity Football: Freshman Basketball: Wrestling Brown, Barbara Ann Ca mmcrcial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: League Cominittee Chairman: Tamarack Representative: Rest Moni- tor: Locker Monitor: Golf: Big Sister: ASB Committee Brown, Constance Lynn Illarlzcmatics League Bronze Pin: ASB Representa- tive: Hall Guard: Girls' Glee: Roll Checker Brown, Rexter Wayne Science Transferred from North C a r o l i n a. Grounds Squad. Brown, Richard Dale Izzdustrial Arts Transferred from Roanoke, Virginia. Bruce, William Richard Science B Squad, Varsity Football: Basketball, Manager: News Representative: Home- room Vice-President Buck, Patricia Jean Commercial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Homeroom Treasurer: 3C's: League Committees: League Repre- tative: Red Cross Representative: Big Sister: After-School Sports: Library Worker: Math Club: Junior Achieve- ment: News Staff ,MER W LQ- X iw? , Q , L... V, "'i"' I A 4 44-A ' 1 wwf ' ..,, .LM 5 - q,,. , f 5-Q ? .-:',' Buckles, Betty Louise C0 nz mcrcial Transferred from Wenatchee. Home- room Secretary Bullard, Margaret Deanne Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years: League Rep- resentative: Homeroom Secretary: Big S i s t e r: Red Cross Representative: League Committees: League B r o n z e Pin Burley, Ted Roger Industrial Arts Freshman, B Squad Football: 3C's: ASB Representative: Varsity Baseball Burney, Nancy Comuicrcial Big Sister Award, League Bronze Pin Burris, Wiliam Albert Slfifllft' Rifle Club: Marching Band, Sergeant at Arms: Concert, Special Band Burrus. Gary M. .Sil'l1'l1t'L' Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shop: Homeroom President: ASB Commit- tees: Federation Committees: ASB Representative: Student Court, Prose- cuting Attorney: Warriors: Medecine d' Avenir, President and Founder: Varsity Track: Federation Vice-Presi- dent: Toastmasters, Program Chair- man: Senior Class President Butts, Audrey Lynne .9m'ialSf11div.v Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin: After-School Sports: A m o r e s Librorum: Big Sister 33 wt' nfffvzflvfl gflI7lf7.9 and fflfmwl our fmm. Cameron, Sally Marie Homumakillg Transferred from St, Cloud, Minnesota. Campbell, Douglas .-Irf Red Cross Representative: ASB Com- mittees: News Representative: Home- room Vice-President, Treasurer Campbell, Richard Duane Siwz't11Sf1zdic5 Campbell, Sherry G. .lfuric League Bronze Pin: Three Fives, Pres- ident: Talent Club, Historian-Record- er: Choir: Doll Shop: Winter and Spring Music Festivals: Girls' Glee: After-School Sports: League Sextet: ASB Representative: N e ws Repre- sentative Carlson, Beatrice I. Homt'u1akz'11g Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Cross Rep- resentative: After-School Swim: 3C's Caro, Ronald Armond I1Id1l.YfI'llIl.lI'f.t' Transferred from Central Valley. 3C's Caudill, Kent Henry lnrf11,rlri11l , lrlx 34 'ui if-.'2' 403 if - 1 ,fr Y vb' E' . A 'D 4- " V Frwslz man ':. ,.. 'Y' . i 43,2 , : T w f first i . :. supyy w ,- .?'. ,, , Q g 4 'KW eff' gil? I K lv--K ' I 2 ,ik si 3 3 gy .l i -war Izrozrglzt room num- Clnamberlin, Bonnie Rae Hoimwiiakiizg Doll Shop: Lib r a r y Worker: 3C'S: Girls' Glee: Big Sister Clwassy, Xan Honzuumkiizg Color Girls: After-School Sports: D011 Shop: League Gold Pin: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: ASB Nominating Com- mittee: Commercial Club, Secretary: Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: Big Sister: Library Representative: League Representative: ASB Representative: Hall Guard: Rest Room Chairman: League Committees: ASB Committees Chrisiensen, Larry Emil 1IIdllA'fl'lAtll,dI'f5 Red Cross Representative: ASB Com- mittees: Federation Committees: ASB Representative: Federation Representa- tive: Sports for All: Varsity Football: Boys' Glee: Wrestling C1 'n,William Edward l In 11 ' I H 3 llrgolll ,Sh ' Varsity Football: Fresh- a ll 1 i Clark, David Lee 111dl1,rfrit7l .-l rfr Boys' Glee Clark, Francis Warren .Nxt 'Cl-dl Xflll11l.l'j ASB Honors Board: Choir: Federation Representative : Cross-Country: Track: Debate Clark, Karen Jean t'fw11i1i'r't'1'r1l Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: ASB Representative: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Big Sister: Home- room Secretary bei' changes, "Doll Shoji," rejminfecl moms, Hu? thrill of jmfrclziasing or fini: Tam- Clarlc, Kenneth Norman Industrial Arts Clark, Robert Gerald Social Sfudicsv ASB Representative: A f t e r-S c h o o 1 Sports Clausen, Roger Duane Commcrfial Homeroom Vice-President: Tamarack Staff and News Staff Photographer Coghill, Leslie Roy Science Collins, Dennis Vee Social Siizdirx Varsity Football: Photography Staff: Talent Club: Choir Collins, Wayne Douglas Iizdusirial ,-1 Vis Warriors: Varsity, Freshman Football: Basketball: Baseball: Varsity Westling Conklin, John Brody Mafhcmatirs Federation Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll: ASB Dance Committee: Science Fair Winner: Marching, Con- cert, Special Band: Band Council: ASB Nominating Committee: Toastmasters f - .. 515512. af, ye 46:44 ,e ff c ,ss smw 5' 2 f.,iil VW E seat' QW 'K Connick, John Richard I11dzi.vl1'ir11 ,'i1't.v ASB Representative: Varsity Football, Track: Freshman and B Squad Track: Cross-Country: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Sergeant at Arms Conrath, James L. Ilfatlzvuzrzlirsv Scholastic Honor Roll: ASB Repre- sentative: Chess Club: Junior Achieve- ment: Homeroom Secretary Costello, Richard H. flfGIill4'1IlIlfii'S ASB Representative: Marching, Con- cert and Special Band Cox, Barbara Louise L'UIJ1llIl'I'i'iGl Office Monitor: Big Sister: PE Mon- itor Cox, Donald Lee fllflfllfllltlflifj Freshman Football, Track: B Squad Football. Track: V a r s i t y Football, Track, Wrestling: Warriors , Michael R. 1i'n1f1lz'r.v Transferred from Boulder. Montana. ASB Committees: ASB Representative: 3C's: Track: Cross-Country: Chess Club: Homeroom President: Sports for All Dalen, Joanne Elma .ht'1t'lIi't' Library Worker: Hall Guard: Tennis Team: All-Activity S h i e 1 d: After- School Sports: FNA: Gym Office Worker: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Red Feathers: Children's Theater: League Silver Pin 35 amck, and a feeling of belonging. I-Iaziermale joined us in '54, and as Big SiSli6l'S Dalton, Joann Marie L4UHlll1i'I'l'l'L'II Gym Office Monitor: Winter Music Festival Daly, Ma rilyn Lee Com nzt'reiaI Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Color Girls: Library Representa- tive: Tamarack Representative: After- S c h o ol Sports: All-Activity Shield: Library Worker: Choir: Girls' Glee: Tepee Lighters: Golf Team Manager Daly, Ronald Louis Ir1d1l5fr1'al,41'fx Tamarack Representative: Homeroom President: Sports for All: Football Darroch, Cherilyn Ann Fine .-I rts Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Bronze Pin: T a m a r a c k Art Staff: Library Worker: 3C's: Hall Guard Davidson, Dorothy M arga ret LAUHI u1i'ri'1'Ui League Bronze Pin: Red Cross Repre- sentative: L e a g u e Representative: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Gym Office Monitor: Rest Monitor: Big Sis- ter: Study Hall Roll Checker Davidson, Harold Lee IIIIill.VfI'i1'll.'iI'l.Y Marching Band Davis, Judith Ann lllutl1i'Hu1lir.t League Silver Pm: 3C's, Vict--Prcsi- dent, 5th Executive: Big Sister: FNA. Historian - Recorder: D c b xi t t-: Ri-cl Feathers: After School Sports: NUWN Representative: Bnnkrrimii WIlI'k1'I' 36 is ,fr . ,Al Jr: "Cf, A :fs , if -..-1 " ' ' , X . , v- ,I I Sgt' I R 1 , ,V . Ender 'D' in -GK -I' YN rl Davis, Leonard Averill IllCl1llJ'fVifl1.tiI'fJ ASB Representative Davis, Ramona Patricia C0 mmcrrial Transferred from Winchendan, Massa- chusetts. 3C's Davison, Glenda Gayle Coiiziizciritil Library Worker: Big Sister Declcer, Clyde Guy .lft1f1lt'IllClfl't'5 Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: ASB Representative Delvechio, Barbara Lee fwi11i11t'rt'ii11 Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Library Representative: ASB Representative: League Representative: News Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Rest Monitor: Roll Checker: Homeroom Vice-President Denny, Arlynne Gail LuH1H1i'r'i'lc1i Scholastic Honor Roll. 3 times: Girls' Glee: All-Activity Shield: Red Cross Representative: Gym Office Worker: League Committees: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Red Feathers: Color Girls: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Winter Music Festival: All- Activity Point Committee: League Silver Pin Derogatis, Ronald Charles Irninxlrnil . lrlx Freshmnn Football, Track: B Sqiigd Football, Track we .YIIVOZUFII 11167171 the way. B1'r1z1r'fy, wc CC?HfflffI'fIi i11..w'1,'i.S' fm' Ulll' biology r'lr1.s'.s' j11'r1j- Diclcey, Robert Wayne Ilffa1'liv111,c1t1'rs Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: ASB President, Fifth Executive: Sophomore Senator: Federation Clerk: Varsity De- bate: Talent Club: Latin Club: Stu- dent Court, Prosecuting Attorney: Toastmasters, President Dietzman, Garry Lee I11dz1st1'iaI.-l1'!.r Junior Achievement Donley, Beverly Jean C0711 111 crfial Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Homeroom Sec- retary, Vice-President: League Repre- sentative: ASB Representative: Library Representative: Red Cross Representa- tive: FTA President, Vice-President: Latin Club: Big Sister: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: League Committees: ASB Committees: Doll Shop: Winter Music Festival: League Gold Pin: Choir: Debate Drischel, Robert SOL'ltl1Sl'IldiU.l' Freshman Football Duchene, Carol COHlH'lL'7'C1'Gl Graduated in SV2 Years: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: ASB Representative: Office Worker: Tama- rack Representative: News Representa- tive: Girls' Glee Duclcett, Larry I11dz1.vtrial Arts Freshman Baseball: B Squad Fooifall: Intramural Basketball Duty, Delavena Anne Music Doll Shop: League Representative: Choir: Three Fives: Big Sister: Da- sidrian: League Bronze Pin! Tama' rack Representative ,,,,.. 1 2 ..... . ? , .414 I g ,fi 4 QM! i,,,V Q f s.: g L .- ..l .ix in 42? 'W' ij", 'V' ,gl ,ct ,A V air: ' , b ,,,Qa,,, Q, X l is ln. Dyson, Eugene Charles Jllatlz l'111,11t1'i'.v Transferred from Grangeville, Idaho, Echo, Gary Vincent I11r1zi.s'l1'1'al fl 1'lx ASB Representative: Freshman Track: Hall Guard Eagle, Shirley Louise Jllzzsif Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Choir, Vice-President: Three Fives, Secretary: Talent Club, Vice- President: Doll Shop: Big Sister: League Representative: Winter and Spring Music Festivals: Dad-Daughter Banquet Committee: League Sextet: Children's Theater: ASB Committees: Dasidrian Edge, Carol Virginia L'UH1IIlL'I't'iU! Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Homeroom Secretary: Color Girls: Songleader Cochairman: A q u e t t e s: News Representative: Tamarack Rep- sentative: Lib r a r y Representative: League Representative: Library Work- er: Big Sister: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 2 stars: ASB Dance Committee: Hall Guard: Gym Office Worker: Convocation Dep- uty: Walk Slip Monitor: League Corn- mittees: ASB Committees Egger, Robert Wayne I11r111.vl1'ir1l A 1'f.r ASB Representative Elder, Paul Douglas ,3'l'lll'lIl'L' Federation Representative: T e n n i s Team Ellis, Carol ,lean ll11111l'111l1!c11151 Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Red Cross Council, President: Football Princess: Quill and Scroll: Amores Librorum, Treasurer: Latin Club, Secretary: FNA, Vice-President: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Tamarack Staff, Advertising Manager. Senior Ed- itor: Toastmistresses, Second Vice- President: ASB Finance Committee: League Style Show: Science Fair Com- mittee: Science Fair Winner: League Representative: Library Representa- tive: Red Cross Representative: Dad- Daughter Banquet: Mothers' Dessert: Big Sister: Doll Shop: Winter and Spring Music Festivals: All-Activity Shield, 2 stars: Tennis Letter, 1 star: Tennis Team Manager: After-School Sports: Choir: Library Worker: Rest Room Monitor, Chairman 37 Url. Tin: lllzifm' iilllilrf Ffiifllilfll and H10 Ellsworth, Larry Ray .lfl1tlz.'u1t1lz'l'5 Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: Latin Club: Spanish Club: 3C'S: Freshman Basketball: Debate Engstrom, Mary Anne JJ-rx A rl' Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Silver pin: All-Activity Shield, 1 star' After-School Sports: Art Club. Vice- President, Historian-Reporter: FTA: Amores Librorum: Big Sister Erdmann, Marvin John Sofia! Stzztilirs Transferred from Port Angeles, Wash- ington. Boys' Glee Erickson, Eugene Arthur ,N'nr'1't1l Slzzditxv Esmieu, Diana Berthiel .-lr! Girls' Glee Evans, Edmund Siewarl' .S.l'l'l"ll'l' Evans, Patricia Joan N1u'l1lfNlll1fll'.i' League Honor Roll, Bronze Pin: Srlm- lastlc Honor Hollg Aftr-r-Sclnml Sports: Hall Guarcig Big Sistair: Ni-ws Henri-- sr-ntatixc 38 .--X if fi " Q' Q! Nh PTA Vaildfzfille infrigum' IIS.: f1fl1f6ffC 'zz-ff in T Fealt, Paul Arthur .llailzematim Fernalld, Ann Marie Pfonzanzaking League Bronze Pin: League Repre- sentative: Big Sister: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Homeroom Vice-President: League Style Show: Nominating Corn- rnitte: Thespian Treasurer: All-School Play: Childrens Theater: Doll Shop Ferrier, Jeffrey Earl ,Hath auzatics Concert Band: Marching Band: Red Cross Representative: Library Work- er: Traffic Squad Feiriers, .lack Murray Industrial--1 rfs Transferred from Vlfenatchee. Varsity Football: Varsity Track Fisher, Jack Wendell .Valli rvnitici Intramural Basketball: Freshman Bas- ketball, Baseball. Fisher, Robert Edwin 5051111 Stirdicr Transferred from Goldendale. Intra- mural Sportsg Varsity Football: Fed- eration Representative Fix, Phyllis Joan t .+mn1urrml ASB Representative: League Rep!-Q- sentativeg L e a g u e Secretaryg Spring Swing. Ticket Chairman: Big Sister: Honicroorn President. Secretary: Stvle Show: League Style Showg Office Monitor: League Silver Pin awards in B-squad made ns Flechsig, Edward Raymond Industrial A rts News Representative: Hall G u a r d: Grounds Squad: Gym Monitor: Rifle Club: 3C's Flint, Roberta Rae Commercial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: Homeroom Roll Checker: ASB Repre- sentative: L e a g u e Committees: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Hall Guard: After-School S p o r t s: Gym Office Monitor Foley, Sally Diane Commercial Red Cross Representative: ASB Com- mittee: Gym Office Monitor: Girls' Glee, President: Roll Checker: League Bronze Pin Forester, Thomas Everett Illatlzcmatirs 3C's Franz, James Joseph Industrial A rfs Tamarack, News Photographer Franz, Marvin Lee C40MlH16'P'f1.llI Rifle Club Freeman, John Charles I11d1LSf7tUlAffX Rifle ciub eager for vanity. Dancing lessons in Totem In "jare- ,4 WV. M ' y 3 f HQ' f ,',, . f W K 2 W 72 J as Q ',,., if 9 it E ..:- -5, +2 K 4 5 t 1,4 f ' 441 11 'MW ' A, .Vf,. -.M if f ' . .f 5 2 A ,xii . ,,., ' . , A Freeman, Marilyn Jeanne Fine flrfs Doll Shop Fried, William Allen Illaflzrziiaiifs Federation Representative: Marching Band: Concert Band: Color Guard French, Patricia Cum mcrrial Transferred from Portland, Oregon. Big Sister: Study Hall Checker: PE Monitor: Red Cross Representative Fry, Doris Elaine I"z'm' Arts Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin: Songleader: Color Girls: Junior Senator: Aquettes, Historian: Doll Shop: Art Club, Vice-President, Secretary: ASB Committees: League Committees: League Representative: News Representative: Gym Office Worker: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Big Sister Galloway, Elizabeth Anne llozuiwznlrizzg Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Homeroom Vice-President, Secretary: Big Sister: L e a g u e Representative: Study Hall Roll Checker: ASB Com- mittees: Hall Guard: Aquettes Gardner, Dell Gail llouivizzilkiazgf Library Worker: Big Sister: After- School Sports Gcrl, Jacky Lee C'm11111t'ri'1't1l Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin: League Treas- urer: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: ASB Christmas Committee: Big Sister: ASB Representative: News Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Library Worker: Gym Office Worker: Talent Club, Srcretary, Historian-Recorder: FNA, President: Hall Guard, Chair- man: Convocation Deputy: Chamber of Commerce Clean-up Week Cam- paign Winner 39 pared" as for the ASB Sadie Hawkins. Gies, Ronald A. S if lit' ll L' L' ASB Representative: News Representa- tive Gillespie, Glenda Franceen Cuiiiii1rr'ci'til Tamarack Representative: Big Sister: Girls' Glee. Business Manager Glen, Sheila Rae Ht,"lllt'lIlLlkllltf Transferred from Bellingham. Glenn, Robert Eugene l'l1d1z.vtrit71.Jr!,v Transferred from Richland Glidden, Sandra Lou ,lft1tln'iiit1Iz'r5 Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold with Ruby Pin: League Vice-Presi- dent: Sophomore Senator: Songleader Cochairman: Tamarack Staff: News Staff: Color Girls: Doll Shop: League Committees: ASB Election Commis- sion: Dance Committee: Spring Swing Chairman: L e a g u e Representative: ASB Representative: Big Sister: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Vox Puellarum, Secretary: Quill and Scroll: Locker Monitor: Rest Monitor: Cochairman, Teens for Polio X Goetz, Allan Charles xx, 5t'1l'llt'ti Scholastic Honor Roll. 6 times: Red Cross Representative: Honors Board: Election Commission: ASB Representa- tive: Student Court Judge: Latin Club, President: Band: Junior S e n a t n r: Toastrnasters: Junior Red Cross Coun- cil, Prcszdcntl Doll Shop: Senior Sen- a1or Gohsman, Mary Carol I umnlrri lil! Transfr-rrf-cl fron Billings, Mnnlann Scholastic Honor Roll, li illlll'!-il Lt-:iuuc B r ri n z 1- P u n, Aftrr-S:-html Sports. Imagiizi Coiuiiiiili-vs: Vow: Put-llnruiii: News Stuff. C'lrt'ul:itirin. Hug Slsii-i. Gain Nlonlloi' 40 .fees ,, "1 -of 41" .99 .,, .. Eyes 1' ug. rv, 'J' IR' rw- "U", 7'1" J A Coliseum was h nf' 'wer me 1 4" he Q s 11:1' . - 1 0 D' G' xi ke. K' v fi 5-1 " Lit , ' --Gigi 'r . isa , ' : 'img "grit 1 Q ll gi i dedicated and the band Goodrich, Douglas Robert .lfatlzvniatirs ASB Convocation Scheduling, Chair- man: Honors Board: Toastmasters. Treasurer: Debate: GoLf: Marching Band: Concert Band: Latin Club Graf, Ernest William C0111 nzerrial Federation Representative Gratton, Janine Gale -iff Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League Silver Pin: Tamarack Staff, Editor. Associate Editor, Campaign Manager: Library Representative: Quill and Scroll. Vice-President: Art Club. Pres- ident: Junior Press Club: Junior Achievement: Big Sister: News Staff: League Representative Gray, Gail Kathleen L uiiiiizcruitil Big Sister Green, David Westphal 5 Clfllfc' ASB Representative Green, Gary Lee 1l1di1.vfrii1l nl rfr 3C's. Treasurer Green, William John .lftill1t'mtif1't',r Scholastic Honor Roll, li times: Val'- sity and B Squad Football: Warriors: Debate and mai'chi'ng units jmfrticijmzferi in the "Schools on Pamdow show with Li cfs' Greenfield, Peggy Louise C0llHlIL'P'l'l'f1I Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin: Doll Shop: League Representative: Big Sister: Red Cross Representative: Tamarack Representative: Homeroom Vice-President Greenwood, Lionel Charles Illaflzvmafus Federation Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: All-School Play, Lead: Thespians, Vice-President: News Representative: Doll Shop: Greater Spokane Music Festival: Christmas Pageant: Junior Achievement of the Year Award Grier, George Melvin .S'orif1lSfltd1'vx Scholastic Honor Roll: News Staff, Editor, Associate Editor, Copy Editor: Tamarack Representative: Quill and Scroll: Junior Press Club: Amores Librorum: Doll Shop Orchestra: Or- chestra: C h o i r: Spokesman-Review School Page Correspondent Griffith, Dick IIldlLSl'I'l.UI Arts Gross, Leone Grace Commercial Commercial Club, President: Silver Spurs, Secretary: Doll Shop: Scholas- tic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: ASB Representative: ASB Committees: After-School S p o r t s: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: Girls' Glee Grow, Marilyn Jane flll1fl1C1'llGfl.l'.S' Transferred from Lewis and Clark Gutenberg, Carol Marie Commercial Doll Shop, Lead: All-School Plays, Leads: Children's Theater: Big Sister: Thespians, Secretary: Red Feathers: FTA: League Representative: News Representative: ASB Representative: Homeroom Treasurer: League Bronze Pin: After-School Sports: Horizon Club. Sergeant at Arms ER :. t NA, l -.EQ . 153. 1 i 3 Y , : mer ' J 'Z r Yf., , , W, N1 A . FQ' Wa- -x :, l If . ff S 2 at ,,:, fi ' A ,pw ' , , . V: mf .,,, ,,,. f ' QS Kgs- 4 r i new 'grasp 1" 4 sz Q .st Hagen, Dorene Kay .S'oi'z'nl .S'l11clz'i'.v Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold with Ruby Ping League Treasurer: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Doll Shop: League Winter Mixer, Chairman: ASB Representative: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Library Worker: Latin Club, Vice-President: Talent Club, President, Vice-President, Secretary: Vox Puellarum, Treasurer: FNA: News Staff: Rest Monitor: All- School Play: Sophomore Senator: Big Sister: League Represenstative: Wint-r Music Festival: Thespians Hair, Lester Allen llfiillivizirifiw' ASB Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: 3C's: Marching Band: Concert Band: Homeroom, Treasurer Hall, Verlena Marcia l'l11C .-lrlx Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: FNA: Art Club: Homeroorn President, Secretary: Hall Guard: Big Sister: After-School Sports: League Committee: Stage Crew Hallin, Gwendolyn Joy L40lII1IlFI't'l!7l Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Home- room Vice-President, Secretary: Roll Checker Hammond, Michael Roy illilllivzziilfirx Varsity, B Squad Football: Varsity. B Squad Track: Golf: Doll Shop: Fed- eration Representative: H o Ill e r 0 o ni President: Warriors: Wrestling Hansen, Richard Earl .Shriiil .N'l1n!1'l'.r Hanson, Martin Seymour l'111r . lrlx Transferred from Pullman, Nlurching Band: Boys' Glee 4l cameras shooting tlze scene. Crispy coal dresses and shirts, plus tlze night mixer, Harke, Gerhart Franlc SCiCllCC Sports for All: Track: Skating: Fed- eration Representative: Radio Club Harris, Judith Gayle Commercial Big Sister: Hall Guard: Girls' Glee Harrison, Frank Oscar Industrial Arts News Representative: Hall Guard: Traffic Squad: Rifle Club: Radio Club: C h e s s Club: ASB Representative: News and Tamarack Photographer Hassell, Elizabeth Ann Fine A rts Transferred from Seattle. Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Tama- rack Staif, Art Editor: Big Sister Com- mittee Chairman: Spring Mixer Deco- rations Chairman: ASB Representa- tive: League Representative: Tama- rack Representative: All-A c t i v i t y Shield: S c i e n c e Fair Winner: Vox P u ell a r u m, Historian: Art Club: Aquettes: News Staff, Reporter, Mail- ing Manager: Stage Crew: Big Sister Hawkins, Larry Neil Industrial fl rts Marching Band: Concert Band Hedemark, George Edward Industrial .-Iris Transferred from Sioux City, Iowa. Sports for All Hegna, Joyce Evelyn C'nri1rr1e1'i'i'11I Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: L e a g u e Committees: Dad-Daughter Banquet: College Panel Dessert: Office Worker: Hall Guard: Gym Office Monitor: Vaudeville Show: Big Sister: League Style Show 42 Q5 7 Hembigner, Daryl Neil ilfatlzematies Heinz, Edward William Industrial :1 rts Helgoe, Larry Keith Industrial .-1 rts B Squad B a s eb all: Track: Cross- Country Herbison, John Steve Jfatlzcmatirs Scholastic Honor Roll: AS Nominat- ing Committee, Honors Schol- arship Commi Fede n Repre- sentative. Com ni ' S ice Commit- tee Chai man Ne preseutative: Latin Cl ' oncer , lax-ching, Spe- cial, Pep d, Man er: Head Drum Major: Representative: J unior Toas rs X K. rrl ohn li " l-4rt: 9 i fl id i ews Representative: Rifle Club Hewitt, Brenda Frances Hamcnialcing Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: League Representative: Tamarack Representative: Vox P u ella r u m: Aquettes, President: Doll Shop: ASB ecretary: ASB Representative: FNA Secretary: Big Sister: League Com- mittees: After-School Sports: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Red Cross Rep- resentative: All-Activity Shield Higgens, Lance E. Industrial .-lrts slbmked Cotton Day. One snowy day in 1955 we yelled 01m'.w'l1fe.Q ll0fl.7'SI? as we Hill, Diana Marie Commercial League Silver Pin: Doll Shop: Tama- rack Representative: A f t e r-S c h o o 1 Sports: All-Activity Shield: Library Worker: Hall Guard: Gym Office Monitor: 3C's: Big Sister Hill, Miles Kelly Industrial A rts Hill, Shirley Mae Commercial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold with Ruby Pin: Library Worker: Ten- nis Team: Red Cross Secretary: Sil- ver Spurs: League Honors Board: ASB Election Commission: League Repre- sentative: C o l o r Girls: Commercial Club: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Debate: ASB Nomi- nating Committee: Roll Checker: After-School Sports Hill, Thomas George lllathematics Talent Club: Doll Shop: ASB Commit- tees: Marching Band: Concert, Special Band: Pep Band Leader: Band Secre- tary V V 'W .f 2 , Hoehne, Carol we Mathematics 5' 'gl i ' f ' A Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver ww ' Pin: Red Cross Representative: League Committees: League Representative: FNA: 3C's: Debate: Choir: Big Sister: ' League Sextet V- Holloway, Larry Jason , Q Industrialflrtx .1 g " .QQ ' l 1 Hall Guard is 7 W' y Holm, Iryll Wandayne Commercial League Bronze Pin: Red Feathers: Girls' Glee: Library Worker: Winter and Spring Concerts: Big Sister: Doll Shop: Roll Checker: 3C's: Horseback Riding Ms ' it .,.. Q ' Q. .3 ' L'f'i3Iisfi'- .-,:32.,s'- ' 1 If ,.,,-. Holmes, .lack Alexander Indu.vfrz'alf1rls Homeroom President: Federation Rep- resentative: Varsity, B Squad Football: Warriors Horley, Georgia Arlene Homemaking Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Color Girls: Doll Shop: ASB Rep- resentative: Tamarack Representative: After-School S p o r t s: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: Vaudeville Show: Homeroom President, Treasurer: ASB R a l l y Day Committee, Convocation Committee: Election Committee: Golf Team: League Style Show Horn, DeAnna Lynne Commercial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Committees: League Representative: After-School S p 0 r t s: All-Activity Shield, l star: Gym Office Worker: Locker Monitor: Big Sister: Ticket Office Worker: Roll Checker Houclalc, Gary James Social Siudicx B Squad Football: Varsity Football: Homeroom President: News Repre- sentative Howard, Kathleen Marie Commercial League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Junior Latin Club, Secre- tary: All-Activity Shield: Homeroom S e c r e t a r y: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Choir, President: Three Fives: League Committees: After-School S p o r t s: Winter Music Festival: Girls' Glee: League Representative: FTA, Historian Huber, Audrey Jean L10HlHI4'l'E1'Ul Transferred from Bozeman, Montana. Girls' Glee: After-School Sports: Big Sister Hundeby, Marilyn Louise Art Hall Guard: PE Monitor: Big Sister: Orchestra: 3C's 43 wrzfclwrl, in rzfmosf rlisbefzfff, our fC?fl,77l dozunrjofuz,Rogers, flu:Cityf00tbf1NCf1cLmj25. . , by if i , HUn'l', Pa+I'lCK William X 1 Johnson' James Blake Sfrfitil .S'fzzr1'z'0r fig was .- ,, Sfipnfg Scholastic Honor Roll: Federation ' 6 'zgw tr After-School Sports: Marching Band: Representative: Freshman Football: A uv' " Concert Band: Debate: News Repre- Baseball sentative: Radio Club ,gg V I 1 s :fe . HuS+0nI Luane Rufh Qql 71. , 2 Johnson, John Richard Hommmkmg L gi flfatlzpyizafzm 'X V lt F b 111 C' Q W tl' Q Girls' Golf Team: After-School Sports: Rglgiieintcgcgvg. F3deEatiO:,e1sQegI.ise?,iE Library Representative? Study H311 eww' tive' Tamarack Representative' Scho- Monitor: Big Sister: Hall Guard 'EA Iastfc Honor Ron ' X Johnson, Jotina Ann Hutchins, Larry Freemoni C0,m,m,C1-al rUflfliCl11Uf1f5 gf? gi Scholastic Honor Roll: After-School iiitiliit? izabsilifissstziszos: 521:21 We 2222S?2fui1f5ia3iSli3Zf122iSeB5ii room President D ' S -arp? Shop: Winter Music Festival: Gym ' f Monitor: Homeroom Secretary: Vaude- , ville Show: Thespians: Big Sister: ' League Silver Pin Jackson, Douglas Ralph Johnson, Karen Kathleen lUclflu'l1zc1l1'i'.S M A . . , , ' L ozizzzzclfzal ASB Representative: Marching Band! Concert Band: 3C's Transferred from Seattle. League Style Show: League Representative: Dad- Daughter Banquet Committee: Chil- dren's Theater. ffv ff 5 1 f it f -pf 4 2 M W f f Q Z Jacobsen, Gerald Bernhardt " -l0l'1f1S0n. l-Sli Ann W 'i ii ' , llfCll'1H'H10f11'5 3' IW " f'IU1llUlIlt7k'llIg Scholastic Honor Roll: ,Marching Band: , Gym Office Monitor: Gym R011 Check- Concert Band: 51990131 Bafldl P911 er: Homeroom Secretary: Big Sister: Band: D011 Shop Orchestra After-School Sports: Library Repre- V sentative :' I' I V, E Jahn, Theodore Lee f 1 , 1 ' f Johnson, Nancy Kay ,SL'ZUlItwt' A I C. . I 3. 1 ri ' ' ' Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shop Or- my I Hmimla chestra: Talent Club: Amores Libror- A pe Color Girls, Sergeant at Arms: Doll um, Treasurer: Marching Band: Con- 'V 'M ,, Shop: League Representative: Gym cert Band: Special Band: Pep Band: "' Office W01'liCl'1 Big Sister: League All-State Band: Spokane Junior Sym- Bronze Pin phony ' Jacques, Thelma Jeanne JOHNSON. Shdffdn Lea C1UHZll1f'l'l'iUl Hrrlllflllclk 1-Hg Doll Shop: Big Sister: Towel Monitorg in 'Q Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: League After-School S p o r t sg All-Activity Silver'Pin: After-School Sports: Gym Shield: League Bronze Pin: Study I-lull Q4 3,4 M 01111012 League Representative: Roll Chcckcr , N li Hnmeroom President: Study Hull Roll Checker: Big Sister 44 VVJIVO can forget rc Clzfristmas Johnson, Wayne Elmo Scienrc Red Cross Representative: B Squad Track: Homeroom President, Vice- President, Treasurer Johnston, Judy Kay Conzmvrcial Color Girls: FTA: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: League Repre- sentative: Tamarack Representative: After-School Sports: Gym Office Mon- itor: Big Sister: League Silver Pin Jones, Norman Clair llgfrwic Doll Shop: Marching Band: Concert Band: Special Band: Medecine 'd Ave- nir Kaatz, Joan Arlene Jl1'aflzt'uzf11'z'r5 Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin: Latin Club: Big Sister: News Representative Kandler, Margaret Ann Couzmvrcial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: ASB Committees: League Committees: ASB Representative: League Representa- tive: Tamarack Representative: After- School Sports: Library Worker: Latin Club: 3C's: Amores Librorum: Quill and Scroll, Secretary: Big Sister: News Staff, Exchange Editor, News Editor: Debate Kane, Dennis James I11dzz..virialA1'f.v Homeroom President Karn, David Robert Scholastic Honor Roll: 3C's: Amores Librorum: Grounds Squad QM MW 'i'.,. ,Q 1 at Nofrtlz G-IV' S W4 ., " .. '41 M Cantml with its Izomcroom j1r1:i'fif'.S, the , 1 '--- . , a 'W W sr. 'J ' W ,A- 4, k fi' f A4, i. M 4 2 1 Wu ,Q , .., V ,.,. , - V: . ,fm r if Waker if 1 , f My 1 -- ,x ., f 5 A - I 1,99 ' I . 'Ze-ffd' ,,j f' :ff J 1 , -.. 7 , , 1 Keene, Louise L4l7lH1lICI't'lIll ' Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin: ASB Representative: T e n n i s Team: After-School Sports: Big Sister: Horizon Club: Red Cross Representa- tive Keller, Jerome Mathew l11rl11.vl1'1'r1l,flrtx Keller, Joanne Verlee H0lllt'IllU,ClllU Transferred from Vancouver, Wash- ington. League Representative: Big Sister: Roll C h e c k e r: After-School Sports Kelly, Kay Lynn Couziizvrrzal Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Color Girls: Doll Shop: ASB C o m mit t e e s: League Committees: League Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield, 3 stars: Gym Office Worker: Hall Guard: Medecine d' Avenir: T e n n i s Team: Orchestra: Locker Monitor: Big Sister: Homeroom Roll Checker Kienbaum, Robert Lee .S'nrz'11l.S'l1zr11'1's Killmer, John Charles ,Sfi4'u1l.Sl11cl11'x Kinder, Sharon Marie L'UHllllt'1't'lt, Sc : astic -' or Bell' Leag Gold Pi Re ' hers: C o Doll Sl up 'ivnit ague C0111- im sg League R 2 tative'g1zyfx 4 c 4 : 1 fe A t oo Snoits cti 1 f stars oclne Avcmr e Team: Orches- tra: Locker M 1 tor: Big Sister: Homeroom Roll iecker .1 1 R EQ- At V l ' lllllfx ' y S ' 1 Gym ff Workerfrf Ylf uard: Med- ' ' ' 1 n f 45 door decoration Contest and the ASEE brightly lighted tree? T116 Yuletide spirit King, David John Si'tt'JIt'C Varsity Track: Federation Representa- tive: Wrestling King, Gerald Lee I11dzi.vtriat.4rt:r Kingen, Larry George llIatlivii1atz't'x Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shop, Lead: ASB Representative: News Representa- tive: Tamarack Representative: Thes- pians, President: News Staff: All- School Play, Lead: PTA Vaudeville: Red Cross Minstrel Show: Homeroom President: Childrens Theatre: Tama- rack Staff Kinney, Huberta lmilda .lIt1tlirn10tz't'x Scholastic Honor Roll. 4 times: League Silver Pin: FTA: Latin Club, Secre- tary: Vox Puellarum: Color Girls, Secretary: Red Feathers: League Style Show: League Committee Chairman: ASB Honors Board Chairman: ASB Representative: Homeroom Secretary: ASB Committees: Varsity Debate: All- Activity Shield: Gym Office Worker: Big Sister: After-School Sports Kirchan, Eugene Edward I11dzi,rtr1'al,l1't.v Boys' Glee Knight, Marlene Rae Hmiivuzfikiziyf Doll Shop: Big Sister .af -di! I B : X I 14' if . Q.- :W X, . , wr- 'R-yi .,-'X if -s 0 3' s A 3: i is 5 w 0 gud' .. , QQ -Y I 1 S ' U' s All A SW! 2 if uf ,- . , ,Q st il, 4 '7 'Y 'S 1 va' X bs . Knostman, Paul Brayton Sftfllft' Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: Math Club: ASB Scholarship and Nominat- ing Committees: ASB Representative: Marching, Concert. Special Band: Student Court Judge Kolb, Donald Robert St'it'l1t't' Federation President, Treasurer: Fed- e r a t i o n Committees: Latin Club: Marching Band: B Squad, V a r sit y Baseball: ASB Committees: Boys' State Alternate: Senior Committee: Teens for Polio, Co-Chairman Kucti, Claudette Marie Fin: :1 1't,r Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Art Club: Latin Club: Vox Puel- larum, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms: ASB Dance Committee: Winter Mixer Co-Chairman: League Representative: Big Sister: Tamarack Staff, Senior Ed- itor: Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer: Tamarack Representative: Doll Shop: ASB Nominating Committee Chair- man: Girls' Golf: After-School Sports Kuhlman, Gayle Maiigief Luizziziuruiiil .drt Nl' Tr gerrea fr rnkcltmai Valley. Tal- ent lub: Offce Worker: Doll Shop Committee: Gi ls' Glee , V- K f x, Kumm, Carolyn t'uu1ii1t'r't'it1l Graduated in 312 Years. Tennis Team: Library Representative: League Rep- resentative: Medecine d' Avenir: After- School Sports: Traffic and Grounds Squad: Junior Achievement: Scholas- tic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Homeroom Secretary: Doll Shop Kurle, James Robert .N'urit1l ,N'tiidit',r Marching, Concert, Junior Band: Chess Club: Library Worker: Hall Guard: Convocation Deputy: Grounds Squad ' 1' -M Knoles- Caro' Ann 'A Ladwig, Dennis Craig c""""'i"ti"'l ,Q - IllttIl.VtVl.t11. lrtx Color Girls: Drill Shop: Ni-ws Hi-prc'- ' -' , Vwqih, B S Had Frvl F '11, sentativc: Library Worker, Big Sis- 1,1 " qw ,' , Lblman Oonm ' ter: Childrens Theatre: ilrmu-mmn fx N' I Flwhman Babkbau' Doll Shop Presidr-nt: Ii:-agile Silvt-r Pin ' s,ig:'i:'i- . I .L 46 nfl wzfovwzitwl as Hzwmiziglz .vcrlmol I,'l'I1ft1.Si v LaLonde, Ronald Illnflzrnzatzrtr 3C's: Marching Band: Intramural Bas- ketball Lancaster, Jeanette Marie Commcrvial Red Feathers: Doll Shop: 3C's: Girls' Glee: Big Sister: League Bronze Pin League Bronze Pin Lang, Elaine Dianne Comnivrfial Girls' Glee: Big Sister: Study Hall Roll Checker: Homeroom President: League Bronze Pin Lanlctord, James Roy Induxfrial .-11-for Cross-Country: B Squad, Freshman Track Lanphere, Marilyn Elsie jlIt1f1lt'Hlflfl'L'.S' Scholastic Honor Roll: League Pres- ident: League Gold with Ruby Pin: ASB Fifth Executive: Junior Senator: Girls' State: Vox Puellarum, Vice- President: Talent Club, Treasurer: Latin Club: FNA: Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Representative: League Committees: ASB Dance Committee: Doll Shop: Winter Music Festival: Girls' Glee, Pianist: League Sextet: Big Sister: Basketball Manager: De- bate: ASB Nominating Committee: All-Activity Shield Lantgen, Joseph Richard .qCiCJ1CC Transferred from Gonzaga. Larson, John Michael Scicnce Transferred from Medford, Oregon. ASB Representative: Grounds Squad, Captain af 1 -.., 5, , i ,xi .L ,iii L , H iizl If lffljmrl 71177133 fr1171,Ifflf1'.s'. Wf1,lf,'fli91,gll1f: Cflirisl- Leingang, Dorothy Ann L4Ull1flIlt'l'l'tC1I Office Worker: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Study Hall Roll Checker Lemmer, Lois Cecelia Cunt uzvrfial Red Cross Representative: League Silver Pin: Doll Shop: ASB Commit- tees: Library Representative: News Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Library Worker: Gym Office Worker: Big Sister Leonard, Robert Nolan .S'ofir1l,S'!zzflivs Lewis, M arilyn Rae CUlIl1IIL'7't'lUI Transferred from Portland. ASB Rep- resentative: League Representative: ASB Committees: Big Sister: Gym Office Worker: After-School Sports: League Bronze Pin Lindberg, Jack Bernard .S'm'z'11l.S1I11dit'.v Marching, Concert, Special Band: Hall Guard: Grounds Squad: Traffic Squad Lindstrom, Donna Lee L411lllHI1'l't'lUl League Committees: League Repre- sentative: Hall Guard: Homeroom Sec- retary Litten, Judith Cheri Curiz1l1t'1'rit1l Big Sister: Library Worker: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Roll Checker: League Silver Pin 47 nms C011 and !It'lll'l.llQ the rf1o1'i',rii1q nzmii' L L Liitlemore, Jerry Joe Fmvigiz Liiiigirizgux Transferred from Gonzaga. Scholastic Honor Roll: Tennis Team: Grounds Squad Littleton, Joyce Kay Scirlzft' Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: Red Cross Representative: League Commit- tees: FNA: Big Sister: Homerooin Sec- retary: League Silver Pin Lohoefer, Carol Kay Li0H1Hlt'I'L'lL'll Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Doll Shop: ASB Representative: A f t e r-S c h o ol Sports: All-Activity Shield: Gym Locker Worker: FTA, Secretary, Historian: Golf Team Lorenzen, Phillip Henry ,llaflzmiiafirx Scholastic H o n o r Roll: Varsity, B Squad Football: Hoineroom President Lowery, Gilbert LaVerne lm1zz5frz'al.4r!r Freshman Track Lowery, Charles Richard llizluxlriiil ,-Irlx Library Representative: T a m a 1' a c k Representative: Library Worker: Hall Guard: 3C's Lund, Sharon Anne t nuliiivrrifll Scholastic Honor Roll: Lcziuiic Gold with Ruby Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Talent Club, President, Secre- tary: Thespians, Fifth Executive: Vox Puellarum, Reporter: Quill and Scroll: Junior Press Club, Secretary: Silver Spurs: Red Cross Representative: After-School Sp orts: All-Activity Shield: News Staff, Co-Eclitnr, Feature Page Editor: All-School Plays, Lead: Junior Toastmistresses, Secretary: ASB Committees: Big Sister: Winter Music Festival: Cl'lllfll'L'll'?i Ti'll'illt'l'1 Imzipiiu- Cmiiiiiitti-es 48 ,Frei wr' , , 5 fl Of vet' 1 E -3 ,ffgfyt ,. . an .L Q-mei. ' 'kc vw, Ag5'i,,.,. A W WW' -2: im jvc! fiizznbfz' CJ- l ,Rudi ., A t .ai l -cf' 'J' ,g-f' l V F' ' -V, . Q 'M r , . iw 'the . 'tfjki t , 3-C. Ill' fowl! 'dmzcirzg in Lussier, Barbara Leona Com martial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Thespians: Children's Theater: All-School Plays: League Committees: Red Cross Representative: Big Sister: Hall Guard: Ticket Office Worker: Doll Shop: Toastmistresses Lyons, Harold Dean :Until Uuzatirs Scholastic Honor Roll: Freshman Foot- ball: Federation Committee Lyons, Joelle Janet' Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: League Gold Pin: Red Cross Representative: Red Cross, President, Treasurer: North Central Science Fair, First Prize: In- land Empire Science Fair, Honorable Mention: Orchestra: Vlinter Music Fes- tival: Spring Music Festival: News Staff, Feature Editor, Associate Ed- itor: Quill and Scroll: Junior Press Club: Big Sister: Vocabulary Contest, Third Prize McCoy, Dennis Clark .qL'lFllt'C ASB Representative: Federation Rep- resentative: Varsity, Freshman Foot- ball: Freshman Basketball: Track McCoy, Michael William t'i'ii111i1i'i'rit1l Graduated in 312 Years: ASB Repre- sentative: ASB Committee: Marching, Concert. Special Band: Hall Guard: Traffic and Grounds Squad: Junior Achievement. Vice-President, Treas- urer, Sergeant at Arms: Spokane Achievers, Vice-President McGee, Vern Wesley ,lIi1f11t'uiat1't'5 Scholastic Honor Roll: Tamarack Staff, Campaign Manager. Associate Editor: Doll Shop: ASB Representative: Quill and Scroll, Treasurer: Junior Press Club: Debate: Toastmasters: Marching. Concert Band: Homerooin President McGeorge, Janet Louise C iiniilwrrial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: All-Activ- ity Shield, 1 star: Library Vvorkerg Hall Guard: Locker Monitor: Convoca- tion Deputy: Homeroom Vice-President our soeksu at the "Sock Hop" in the new gym. Weeks of Mclnally, Michael James Foreign, Languages Transferred from Great Falls, Mon- tana. Grounds Squad, Lieutenant: PE Monitor McKay, James Leonard llfaflzvuzafirs Varsity Football, Track: B Squad Foot- ball, Track: Warriors: ASB Repre- sentative McKee, Donald Duff .ZlfflI'1lL'IlIClfl.t'5 Federation, Vice-President, C 1 e r k: Boys, State: Boys' Nation: Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shop: ASB Dance Committee: Federation Department Head: ASB Representative: Talent Club, President, Vice-President: Quill and Scroll: Thespians: Latin Club: De- bate: News Staff, News Editor, Asso- ciate Editor: All-School Play: Toast- masters McKinney, Michael Gene Science Freshman, B Squad and Varsity Foot- ball: Pep Band: Marching Band, Ser- geant at Arms: Concert Band: Spe- cial Band McKinney, Robert James .ZlfflflH'7llUf1:f.S' ASB Representative: ASB Dance Com- rn i t t e e: Federation Representative: After-School Swimming: Toastmasters: Golf McLeish, Ernie DeWain Science Transferred from Phoenix, Oregon. Varsity Football and Track: Warriors: Lineman of the Year: All-City Foot- ball McRae, Lawrence Paul Science 3C's: Scholastic Honor Roll J 5 f?E- ,gaps if 4 svn f wi 2-f ' ' 'tm mg ' jill av . 'lbw' . 2 ' xv i i ,r A we "::,.-M Z aff' T ,let f iiifgusilg, I 679' ,., Q, .. ,gy A 'iffy E gb, A VM' -. 5 :"' -if I oi' f T .E , :.,,,.,, 4 ..,.- Y . , 12 A H 'l'l5'lli6fl'l'.S'lL1 fJ7'OCl'Il,CCCl rm- Mabee, Karen l. Conzmcrfial Golf: Gym Monitor: Girls' Gleeg After- School Sports: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent Mack, Georgia Ann Commercial Transferred from Northwest Christian High School. Scholastic Honor Roll: League Sportsmanship C 0 m m i t t e e Chairman: L e a g u e Representative: 3C's: Hall Guard: Big Sister: Ticket Office Worker: League Bronze Pin Maddux, Sam Allen I1lC11LSfl'iG1r4l'f.S Magner, Dennis Brooks I11rlzl.vf1'if1IAr1'5 Radio Club: Rifle Club: B Squad Track Magney, Raymond .hiflfilll ,S'md1'es Doll Shop, Lead: Music F e st i V al Award: Thespians: All-School Play: Hall Guard Martin, Glen Gordon fllflllzvlizilfiux ASB Committees: ASB Representative: Federation Representative: News Rep- rcscntative: Homeroom Vice-President Martin, Richard James .Nr1i'111'1' Transferred from Sioux City, Iowa. Scholastic Honor Roll 49 other "Doll Slzolivj' and we zrere all part of it. Debate squad came flzirouglz with Mason, Ray Chester Jfatlzcnzafics Scholastic Honor Roll: Warriors: Var- sity Football, Captain. Blocking Award: B Squad Football: Freshman Football: Heshman Track: Junior, Senior Senator: XVrestling Mast, Janice Rosaleen Cuiiiiiicwitii Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin: Tamarack Staff, Homeroom and Girls' Sports Editor: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: ASB Rep- resentative: L e a g u e Representative: After-School S p o r t S: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Commercial Club, Vice- President: Debate: Rest Monitor: Big Sister: Homeroom Secretary, Presi- dent: Science Fair Winner: Aquettes: Dad-Daughter Banquet. Chairman of Arrangements: Volleyball Manager: Senior Senator Mathis, Beverly Joan .Uafliemafirs Graduated in 312 Years. Scholastic Honor Roll 5 times: Color Girls, Chair- man: Red Feathers: ASB Representa- tive: League Representative: Home- room Secretary-Treasurer: L e a g u e Silver Pin: Latin Club: Big Sister: Gym Office Vllorker: ASB Committees: League lVinter Mixer, Election Chair- man: After-School Sports Mayther, Ray Fredrick Industrial --1 ris Varsity, B Squad, Freshman Football: Stage Crew, Manager: Wrestling Mead, Judith Arlene Sofia! 5 fudzcs League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: Thanksgiving Drive, Chairman: Library Representative: League Repre- sentative: Tamarack Representative: After-School S p o r t s: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: Medecine d'Avenir, Secretary: Gym Office Monitor: Hall Guard: Homeroom President Mehlert, Gerald Lewis Ir1du.virz'alArt.r Varsity Golf: Warriors M elclier, Raymond Scott ,lfaili Flllflfl-t'.Y Election Commission: Sports for All, Committee Chairman: ASB Repre- sentative: Freshman Senator: Fcdcra- tion Trcasurer: Federation Rcprcsvnta- tive: Junior Latin Club, Vice-Presb dent: Talent Club 50 fs 1 fm V' " L f it an D ti x.: 'ir 7 V... M K gy Q-..- ifaivfm Lf" 'ff -. af wr fl N0 Eg- 1 L- U rr"-'T my wr ,-. ov- Merriman, Larry Dan .lfaflzfmafics Scholastic Honor Roll: Rifle Club: ASB Representative: Track Manager Mickey, Julie Ann Li0IilHiCl'L'iGI League Silver Ping Doll Shop: ASB C o m mi t t e e s: ASB Representative: League Representative: News Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: - Gym Office Worker: Girls' Glee: Big Sister: Red Cross M i n s t r el Show: Ticket Office Worker: Homeroom President Miclcus, Dale Everett Iizdzixirial --I rfr Tennis Tearn Middaugh, Donald Lee 5L'l'UllL'L' Varsity Basketball, Track: Freshman Basketball. Track: B Squad Basket- ball, Track: Cross-Country Miellce, Fred Robert Ii1a'1ixfri'al.-Iris Bc Squad Football: Gym Office Mon- 1 or Miles, Lee Allen .lIafl1t'u1afir5 Transferred from Cuero, Texas. Scho- lastic Honor Roll Miller, Keith Dwayne liidiixlrial .iii-lx Sscihnglglstic Honor Roll: Science Fair flying colors by placing first in the If2ng1m.Inflzesjming Miller, R-oberi' H. Illathematifs Red Cross Representative Miner, Jean Marie C0lll1HL'I'Cil'lI Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Feathers: ASB Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: After-School Sports: Aquettes, His- torian-Reporter, Pageant Director: Doll Shop: Football Princess Attendant: Big Sister: League Silver Pin Minnick, Kay Marilyn Conmierrial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Library Worker: Gyrn Office Monitor: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Red Feathers: Big Sister: League Representative: Commercial Club: All- Activity Shield: Woodshop Monitor Mix, Nancy Arleen Social Studies Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Doll Shop: League Representa- tive: ASB Representative: Big Sister: Roll Checker Mizell, Richard Marvin ,gg :, I S0cialStudie.v ' tv. f.,,,,. gf' .-.Z - -3 I, X I l M ' f w :.,, ,,., . 'Q , ' ,, M ,. .?Q.W ' i , Y- ' ' ' X X l A ' V, 4, 2 ,ta Transferred from Everett, Washington. G, Spanish Club .av v Moe, Earl Lester M uric D o ll S h o p: News Representative: Library Worker: Talent Club: Traffic Squad, Commissioner: Hall Guard Mongelluzzo, Nancy Lee Commerfial Girls' Glee: Study Hall Roll Checker . I ! 1 9 ' ,.1.., .. I li . A e ' -...M x A I Q s 'W-wa.. the gals lassoerl tha' guys Montgomery, Ryan William Mafhematifs Choir: B Squad Football, Track, Base- ball: Golf: Varsity Track Moore, Patricia Olive Fine A rtx Scholastic Honor Roll: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Doll Shop: ASB Repre- sentative: League Representative: Library Worker: After-School Sports: Big Sister: Girls' Glee: Spring Music Festival: League Bronze Pin Moore, Robert I1zdurv1'r'z'aI A rfs Marching, Concert Band ooyggfirl I " I ,- W . schoiasuc Hoi' R011: Lea e Gaia Pin: Red Feathers, Histori : Color Girls, Secretary: Vox Puella m, His- torian-Recorder: Art Club, asu.rer, President: Toastmistresses, President: Amores Librorum: League Representa- tive: Red Cross Representative: Silver Spurs, Treasurer: Doll Shop: League Style Show: League Committees: Big Sister: After-School Sports: All-Activ- ity Shield: Gym Office Monitor: Sen- ior Committee Morigeau, Joan Marie Art Homeroom Treasurer: After - School S p o r t s: All-Activity Shield: Color Girls: Girls' Golf: Stage Crew: Hall Guard: Study Hall Monitor: Big Sister Morlan, Lois Elaine L4UlI1U1ft'P'Cl.0l Doll Shop: Big Sister Morris, Mildred Lee Illaflzruiatirs Transferred from Vancouver, Wash- ington. FNA: After-School S p o r t s: League Representative: Big Sister Sl v for ffm il'Tc'7lfic9l' Trap Morris, Roger M. rUi1f1zc111afz'rs Transferred from Helena, Montana, Murlcen, Janet Evelyn Fins -1175 Red Feathers: Doll Shop: League Rep- resentative: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield. 2 stars: Library XVork- er: FNA: Big Sister: Tennis Team: Ice Skating: Hall Guard: League Silver Pin Myron, Lorie Illdlliffl-Cl1.'1P'liS Nash, Louise Ann C. 1 111111 5111111 League Gold Pin: Big Sister: Library Representative: Library Worker: Doll Shop: Amores Librorum, Vice-Pres1- dent: 3C's, Secretary: Spanish Club, Fifth Executive, Secretary: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Red Feathers Nelson, Gary James I11d11.r1riaI -41-ts Tamarack and News Photographer: Stage Crew: Radio Club: Doll Shop Nelson, Wallace lvor I11fI1rsfrz'aI A1-tx Federation Representative: 3C's Neuman, Ernest William .S'rir11fv Chess Club: Convocation D c p u t y: News Reprcscntativui Tamarack RCD- rcscntntivc: PTA Variety :md Vauclc- ville Shows: Winter Music Festival: Silver Spurs: Junior Torisluiaslt-1'S2 Federation Representative 52 and H10 11m1'Cf1i12g band nmflc its 50th trip fo the BI0550171 Neumann, Marcia Anita HL7Il1c'l!1Llkillg League Bronze Pin: ASB Representa- tive: League Representative: News Representative: Tamarack Representa- tive: Hall Guard: Girls' Glee: Big Sister: Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer ,vow Nichols, Donna Rae C0111 111 c1'r1'u1 League Bronze Pin: Big Sister: 3C's: 1 in if 1 is at 1,3 ff' A on W After-School Sports M Noel, Arlene Mae C0111 11zu1'r1'a1 Scholastic Honor Roll. 6 times: League S il v e r Pin: ASB Representative: L e a g u e Representative: Red Cross Representative: Science Fair XVin.ner: - Big Sister: News Representative i Z' fb K Noonan, Bette Lind ky'-'1 . ., . V Social .5f11d1f5 ' League Silver Pin: Commercial Club, Fifth Executive: FTA: Homeroom Sec- ' if "5 retarv, Vice-President: League Repre- , 9.5, sentative: ASB Committees: Red Cross 5 , Representative: League Office Worker: s' 31 5 M Doll Shop: League Committees: FNA: ar" e 1 , After-School Sports: News Representa- vg tive: Big Sister g Noren, Richard David ' ,A ilft1fl1v111u!i'i'5 fy 5' ff! Q Q' 'gf Scholastic Honor Roll: Federation Rep- A '13, . , w resentative: Golf: S p o rts for All: rf I ,,,. , ,:" Homeroom President, Vice-President, A ,, I I N 7' Sergeant at Arms ,if 'Kraft It F25 LS W2 1 A W I ,,-ur' 5, trim .4-f' . Norman, Tony E. .lftlfllfllltlfllilf Freshman Football. Baseball: B Squad Football: Homeroom President: Vice- President: Federation Representative Northrup, Kenneth Ernest .Xi'1i'11t'i' Freshman Football: Radio Club Festival. "On field and track we never lacked" as Muck and Imwball .s'c2a.s'on fnzgfwi. ova , Marvin Eugene .gf Olson, Dennis C. Jl!IatIW"'laf1.f'3 ,, Cmrz111w'vir1l :lrl Homeroom Vice-President: Marching H gg it Tamarack Representative: Federation Band. Concert Band Q ' " Representative: Tamarack Staff x . ,, .,, P i Olson, Etta Joanne Obde, John Edward 5 ' f'UHl7IlL'l'l'lIIlI ' 5. ., 'E M0fllF771Uf1L'5 1 League Bronze Pin: League Repre- Scholastic Honor R011: Golf 9 A ii vs, pp giJ:2t1ilsiyel5oll3i2ho?lSteAoueAt'2-Sr-iileggl i ,pi X urer: 'Office Worker: Hall'Guard: 3 ' if I, ,Q News Representative ,--,- . " , 'J t O Conner, Janice JoAn . V .Q ' Iflfnfzvfnamfig Commcrcial i ,V if Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times: ASB , if s 1 ,g L S'l Pi g T - League-Bronze Pm: ASB Representa- 7 ' 'vm ' rjslie Staff, igiiggeiiizatigiiis C10-Ecirtloi: l51Y9C Blg SISTSGFQ After-School SDONS3 , 'P' ,,, . Honors Board, Secretarv: ASB Elec- Llbrary Workeri HHH Guard C f i?- - f-Q' tion Commission: WinteriMiXer. Ticket 5.7 , , Chairman: Dad-Daughter Banquet: - -,W Vox Puellarum: Commercial C lu b, " f Treasurer: Big Sister: League Repre- sentative: Golf: Doll Shop: Tamarack ,4 Representative . O'Flynn, Linda B. , ,,, ' , S , , , : ' Pacldoclc, Thomas James france , " V , . H 11 G k ' P .Jas f f 5 f1f'11fF a dl R ll Ch g Aft - ,- 4" 1 ff School glggrts O ec er er fig? f W Talent Club: Thespiansg A11-school , Play, Lead: Tamarack Representative: .aw Doll Shop: FTA: Childrens Theatre , ., ,Q Ogle, Charlene Marie Pagnotfa, Austin Michael C0llZHIt'1'L'iC11 I Illtillzmznfzhr League Bronze Pin: Red Feathers: ,W H Scholastic H o n or Roll: Homeroom 3C's: Hall Guard: Rest Monitor: Lock- inf' President. Vice-President, Sergeallf H1 er Monitor: Tennis Team: All-Activity Arms: Freshman Football. Track: B Shield: Big Sister: After-School Sports: 'I Squad, Varsity TI'-BCR. CTOSS-C0Ll!1I1'3'3 All-School Play: Childrens Theater Z! 7, W3fl'i0fS3 ICG S k 8 1 i 11 EZ FQGGYHUOII Representative: Tamarack Representa- tive 1 Oliver, Phil Eugene -Q gciem-L, ,tw p A V 1 Patrick, Clarlc D. 9 it IIlliI!XfI'1.t7I1iI'f.Y 'r t . ,1 'Y 1? Oliveri, Joayne Barbara ' , Paulson Joe paul ,i I Commwmal ,,,,hX pij f IIltill.YfI'l.t7l."il'fX Big Sister: Hall Guard: Library Rep- ga . ' . resentative: Roll Checker ri at 23E?ntSg5f2eSemam'e' Fsdefaflfm Rep' it' ,,..,.f.,,qg Yxn L, 53 ll'lIc'Il gmclzmfion IIIIIDVOIICZICCI for the scfzziom, we campaigned for office. If we Paulson, Myrna Yvonne Com nz rrrial Scholastic Honor Roll. 6 times: League Silver Pin: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Spanish Club: Hall Guard: Big Sister Pebles, Tim Scott .llailzcimzfirs Scholastic Honor Roll: ASB Repre- sentative: News Representative: Fed- e r a t i o n Representaitve: Freshman Track: B Squad Football: Golf Pence, Roger D. Indurlrial Arts Grounds Squad: Rifle Club: Intra- mural Swimming Peterson, Liane Elizabeth L iyuizilvwztil Transferred from Bellevue. Washing- ton. Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Tamarack Representative: L e a g u e Representative: Commercial Club, President: Vox Puellarum, Fifth Executive: League Committee Chair- man: Big Sister: Office Worker: Girls' Golf Peterson, Marie Annette Ho mvmalr my Library Representative: Hall Guard: Roll Checker: Big Sister Phelps, Larry Dale In1d1r.rlr'ml rlrlx Phillips, Gary H. slr! News and Tamarack Staff Phfvtoizra- phcr 54 ,gf ff-N.. .,, f -1 --ws, ir 'hi ar 4,- K .il 4' X I if it T271 L 1-'V N Y s , fan , if ei ' , t. l: Q if 4-'EY' B Ilia ,as ill' ii, '-vw -fr . V ,W Phillips, John David Industrial .-1 rfs Pickett, Ka ren M arga ret Coninrcrrial Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: League Gold Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: ASB Committees: League Representative: Tamarack Representa- tive: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: 1 star: Commercial Club: Ten- nis Team: Golf Team, Captain, Man- ager: Medecine d'Avenir: Big Sister: Senior Committee Plath, Arthur Eriven .lfaf1zt'u1afz't'5 Golf: Skating: Gym Office Monitor Plein, Judy Anne Sciflzu' Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Color Girls: Red Featheisz Aquettes. Pageant Director: League Committees: Amores Librorum: Girls' Glec: Choir: Doll Shop: Winter Music Festival: Homeroom President: Big S i s t e r: Red Cross Representative: News Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Library 'Workerz After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield Powell, Marie Fern Com nicrriul Scholastic Honor Roll. 3 times: Home- room Secretary: ASB Representative: League Representative: After-School Sports: Ticket Office TVorker: Hall Guard: Big Sister: Golf Team: Roll Checker: League Gold Pin: Locker Monitor Powis, Raymond Leslie jfifllft' Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Cross- C o u n t r y: Track: Wrestling: Latin Club. President: Choir. Busines Man- ager. Sergeant at Arms: Homeroom President, Sergeant at Arms: Radio Club Praetorius, Peter Richard ,l fiillwnzuliri' Scholastic Honor Roll: ASB Treasurer. Nominating Committee: Talent Club. President, Treasurer: Latin Club, Toastmasters: ASB Honors Board, Election Commission: Doll Shop: lklarching, Concert, Special. Pep Band 'Ii7O7l,, we kept Om' heads . . if we lost wr' fwfif Om' fzwzvrfs. S11mmm'jol1.s' . . rmfl Price, James Willard 5urialSt11die5 Homeroom President: Freshman, Var- sity Tennis: Warriors Proctor, Calvin Henry Illlllltjfflifll Arts Quanbeclc, Brian R. SL'lFlIf'0 Scholastic Honor Roll: ASB Repre- sentative: Latin Club: Freshman Base- ball Manager: Varsity Football, Bas- ketball Manager: Varsity Golf: War- riors Quincy, Ronald Ray .7lIaflzrma!irs Federation President, Secretary, Rep- resentative: Warriors, Secretary, Treas- urer: ASB Representative: Homeroom President, Vice-President: Doll Shop: Varsity Wrestling: Freshman, B Squad, Varsity Baseball: Varsity Football, Track: All-City Football Randall, Karen Jo Art ASB Representative: After-S c h o o l Sports: All-Activity Shield, 1 star: Library Worker: Hall Guard: Locker Monitor: Orchestra: Rifle Club: 3C's: Tennis Team: Big Sister: League Sil- ver Pin Randall, Sheila Kay Com 11-1 vrfial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Amores Librorum: Chess Club: All-Activity Shield: A f t e r-S c h o ol Sports: Big Sister: Library Representa- tive Rauch, Robert Paul I11dz,L.vlrialArfcv Scholastic Honor Roll: Intramural Bas- ketball: Marching, Concert Band: News Staff: Wrestling: Varsity Tennis: Freshman Football, Baseball: B Squad Football, Baseball, Basketball imma W We Q A Lv, -. M10 life-SX 'L is , ,i vy M gg X NX s i' 37 'VY 'VN 1 I : V V2.1 1 we I I 1 .. fix' jaw, iff' pit if V , QQ , UP I 1 gy! w N ' ' 1 Raymond, John Wendell lllrrilzvnzatifs ASB Representative: W a r rio r s: B Squad, Varsity Football: Homeroom President: Varsity Track: ASB War Orphan Committee: Medecine d' Ave- llll" Reece, Janet Ann llurzzvulflknlq Transferred from C o l u m b i a Falls, Montana. After-School Sports: R oll Checker Reed, Mary Emma Cum mvrfial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: News Representative: All-Activity Shield, 2 stars: Gym Office Worker: Latin Club: Tennis Team: After-School Sports: Library Representative: Big Sister: Locker Monitor Reilly, Judith Anne Cin11z111vn'z'af Transferred from Holy Names Acad- emy. League Bronze Pin: Red Feath- ers: Red Cross Representative: Big Sis- ter: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: League Representative Reinhold, Gary Marvin lllizilzmzatirs Federation Representative: Marching, Concert Band: Color Guard Remington, Franque Lou C'UIlllII4'7't'lG! Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Feathers, Secretary: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Homeroom Secretary, Vice-President: ASB Honors Board: Commercial Club: Big Sister: Tennis Team, Co-Captain: Red Cross Repre- sentative: League Committees: All- Activity Shield, l star: Gym Office Worker: Latin Club: After-School Sports Rentro, Charlene Lea t'nu11m'rrir1I After-School Swim: Girls' Glee: Roll Checker: 3C's: Big Sister 55 all foo .mon mme our fnxf -war of Izigiz srlmol with its ,mzilfs andfmr.Q,i1'sIf11lgf1ter' Restad, Ron Dale ImI1r.rfrz'iil.4rt.v Freshman, B Squad Football fl wil fi 5 Reuier, William Ely -f ,ff L .lfatlzruzafitf ' Scholastic Honor Roll: N ws Repre- sentative: Freshman Tennis' Go Team f Reynolds, Marshall George .llatlzcnlafirs Quill and Scroll: Federation Quartet: News Staff, Sports Editor: Warriors: Tennis Team Richardson, Hoa Ili 3 r .llulli t'HIUfl.t'S Scholastic Honor Roll: League SUV91' Pin: 1NTath Club: Latin Club: lvledecirie d' Avenir: Big Sister: ASB Nominating Committee: Choir: Homeroom Secre- tarv Ricketts, David Wayne IJIl11l!Sffil11.d7'f.Y Freshman, B Squad, Varsity Football: Inspiration Award: Freshman Track: Wrestling: Warriors, President: Fed- eration Representativeg D 011 Shop, Homeroom Vice-President: Federation Sports for All, Head: Senior Commit- tee Robbins, Marilyn Rose C'fm1nzt'rt'ial League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: A1l-Activ- ity Shield: Big Sister: League Style Show: Ticket Office Worker: Roll Checker Roberts, Margaret Annette l"1'm' A-lrlx League Representative: After-School Sports: D e b a t eg Color Girls: Roll Checker: Office Worker 56 1 ,um .Y-..., , ,,-. . 'Y' , W., ..,, aku, - H vnvfe 4-sa. ix! G . 4 '71 xx . .M by ,-1 Q fi f , Mr. . ,-J -V, 'S E 4? I 'N- th : ?- 1 iv. Rober+s, Edward Jerome .Uafli cn1afz'r.v Transferred from Gonzaga Roberts, Patience Cum mrrrial Big Sister: Red Cross Representative: 3C's Robinder, Ronald Charles .5 0101150 Scholastic Honor Roll: Math Club: Tamarack Representative: Chess Clubg Medecine d'Avenir: Special, Concert, Marching Band: Debate Robinson, Beverly Covzuivrdtil League Comitteesg Big Sister Robinson, June LiOIl1HIL'l'L'iL1I Library Worker Robinson, Kathleen Diane 5 6101156 Scholastic Honor Roll: League Repre- sentative: Latin Club: Ice Skating: Big Sister: League Silver Pin Rockwell. Geri Joyce L'uum1i'r'l'iul League Bronze Pin: Big Sister: Ticket Office Worker rmrl Clzemzf. A f01'feifr2d football game Roff, Barry Lyle Art National and State Scholastic Art Awards: Homeroom Sergeant at Arms: Choir, President, Robe Committee: Winter and Spring Music Festivals, Student Art Director: All-State Choir: Freshman, B Squad, Varsity Track: B Squad Football: Intramural Sports: Senior Committee Rollo, Dave A. Indu.rfrialAr1'r Freshman, Varsity Football: Tennis Romig, L. Fa rrel Illatlivmatirs B Squad Football, Baseball: Varsity Football, Baseball: Homeroom Presi- dent: Warriors: ASB Representative: Federation Representative: ASB Nomi- nating Committee Rouse, Joyce Ann .gOCiI11SflldiCS Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Doll Shop: All-School Plays: League Style Show: League Repre- sentative: News Representative: ASB Representative: Red Cross Representa- tive: Homeroom President, Secretary: Library Worker: Big Sister Rudlsile, Dorothy Diane Jllaflzezzzafifs Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Taxnarack Staff, Campaign Man- ager, Business Manager, Girls' Sports Editor: News Staff, Business Manager, Mailing Staff: Color Girls: Red Feath- ers: Doll Shop: League Committees: League Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Science Fair Winner: Future Teachers, Vice- President, Secretary: Quill and Scroll: Math Club, President: Big Sister: Office Worker Rule, Richard Alan Science Rifle Club: Chess Club Russell, Linda Lea Science Transferred from Seattle. Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: News Staff, Exchange Editor, Circulation Staff: Red Feathers: Vox Puellarum: Tamarack Representative: News Rep- resentative: Doll Shop: ASB Nomi- nating Committee: Hall Guard: Big Sister: All-Activity Shield: League Representative: Tamarack Staff A 41 ,, ,Q 'lk V: -f V 1 ', q..5,r:r1t-r to I,1fwi.s' nnnrl Clrm'k.w1flrlem2rl us. Five lzfmrl- 4 A f 4 " '9' M ff ' M5 ,CQ 9 4 .... ,agar sign, " ,fs ' f f A va Wi V' Q 'QW' 1'2f'?'f7' l i 11 1 2, MW ig . 'fait l Russell, Martha Gayle Social .S'!nclif'.r League Committee Chairman: League Representative: Roll Checker: Girls' Glee: Big Sister: Junior Achievement, President Rypczynski, Michael Andrew CUHZHlrt'l'flUl Federation Representative: Sports for All: B Squad, Varsity Baseball: B Squad Football: Homeroom Sergeant at Arms Sampson, Barbara J. Commvrrial League Representative: News Repre- sentative: Tamarack Representative: Hall Guard: Big Sister: 3C's: Librarfv' Worker Sander, Errol Elroy I1zdu.rfr1'alArf5 Sander, Leon George Illatlzvuzafifs Doll Shop: Freshman Football: Con- cert, Special, Pep Band: Drum Major' Orchestra: Wrestling v Savas, Susan Mae Cam uzvrfial Color Girls: After-School Sports: Gym Office Worker: Ticket Office Worker: League Representative: Big Sister: League Committees: League Silver Pin Schaeffer, Ervin Illd1L,Yfl'l'l'1l Arts Freshman Football, Basketball, Base- ball: B Squad Football, Baseball: Var- sity Football: Homeroom President, Vice-President: Federation Representa- tive: News Representative 57 some Santas posed zuiffz ZlSfOl'l1?I'C1LIll'FS Sch'1eH'ler, John Dwayne IIltl1ll.VfI'l.tlI.'lI'f.V Schonert, Ken Ii1du51'ritil-Jrt:v Schuclel, Joy An neHe C'0HlH1t'l'L'lL'lI Scholastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin: Color Girls: League Representa- tive: Study Hall Roll Checker: Tama- rack Representative: Office Worker: Big Sister Schultz, Dale William A . n ravi 1,- Iizduxfrzal .-1 rtx Boys' Tennis: After-School Skating a v-' 4 'y J" Schultz, Joan Elaine . Sczvnce FNA: Latin Club: Towel Monitor: League Representative: ASB Repre- sentative: League Silver Pin: Horse- , back Riding: After-School Sports: News Representative: Nurse's Monitor: , f - Scholastic Honor Roll: Tamarack Rep- be resentative I C vw Schuster, Janei' Gay C f1i11rizt'rt'zaI Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold with Ruby Pin: Tamarack Staff, Pro- ductions: Student Court, Secretary: Freshman Senator: Color Guard: Red Feathers: Color Girls. Chairman: De- bate: Vox Puellarum, President, Treas- urer: Talent Club, Historian-Recorder: Thespians: Big Sister: Doll Shop: All- School Play: ASB Representative: T a m a r a c k Representative: League Representative: Homeroom Secretary: ASB Committees: League Office Work- er: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Monitor: Dad- Daughter Banquet Committee: Senior Committee Scott, Myrna Elaine 5' L,0HllIll'!'L'l!7J AP League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Color ' Girls: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: - All-Activity Shield: Gym Office Work- er: Big Sister: Tennis TL-am: Debate: Scholastic Honor Roll, 4 times 58 flznnks to the League. United States his- s. 'W J V X f 4: 'U Seely, Richa rd Arthur .lft1flzt'n1afz't's Choir: Math Club: Latin Club: Tama- rack Representative Selivanoff, Nancy Louise S0t'i't11Stzzd1'c5 L e a g u e Representative. Committees: Junior Achievement Selivanoff, Nikki Carol SCI-Cllft' League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: ASB Representative: After-School S p o r t sz All-Activity Shield: Gym Office XVorker: FNA: Big Sister Severn, Laura Lee .llatlivuiatirx League Committees: League Repre- sentative: 3C's: Hall Guard: Big Sis- ter: Library Worker: After-School gports: Office Worker: League Bronze in Seymour, Judi Anne ITUVCI-till Lmzgzztigrx Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold with Ruby Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop. Lead: ASB Election Commission: Nominating Cominittee, Chairman: League Committees: ASB Representative: News Representative: After-School S p o r t sz All-Activity Shield: Spanish Club, Secretary, Vice- President: Vox Puellarum, Sergeant at Arms: Thespians. Historian: All-School Plays: Big Sister: PTA Vaudeville: Childrens T h e a t r e: Toastmistresses. Secretary Shaw, Jack St'l'i'llt'C Autores Librorum. President: Math Club. President. Treasurer: Federation Representative: ASB Committees Shawley, Janis Kay t'uir1rl1t'rt'i'til Scholastic Honor Roll. 5 times: League Gold Pin: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: League Committees: League Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield: Library Worker: De- batc: Girls' Glco: Tennis Team: Bovs' Glev. Avcompzmistg Big Sister ' tory and psychology shozucrl us what .itmlies 'l'C'fLHy zuere Sheridan, Diana Marie COHl'H1Cl'C1.G1 League Bronze Pin: Red Feathers: FTA: League Representative: Tama- rack Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: T i c k e t Office Worker: Ice Skating, Manager: Golf: Big Sister Sherwood, Irene Lillian Jllatlzcniafzrs Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: League Silver Pin: News Staff, Exchange Ed- itor, Advertising Manager: Math Club: League Committees: League Repre- sentative: News Representative: Tama- r a c k Representative: After-School Sports: Ticket Office Worker: Quill and Scroll: Hall Guard: Big Sister: Homeroom Secretary: Homemaker of Tomorrow, Contest Winner: ASB Rep- resentative: News Feature Page Edi- tor: Junior Press Club Shinlcoslcey, Ga ry Ea rl ilICll'1lCll1Gfl'L'5 Transferred from Walla Walla, Doll Shop: Orchestra: Warriors: Concert Band: Special Band: Pep Band: All- City Track: Tri-District Track: All- State Track Shugert, Robert Morris JlIGf1ZClllGfiL'.l' Talent Club, Treasurer: B Squad Foot- ball: Doll Shop Orchestra: Latin Club: Marching Band: Concert Band, Presi- dent: Special Band: Pep Band: Mede- cine d' Avenir, Fifth Executive: Toast- masters: Dixielanders: Spokane Junior Symphony Sipe, Steven Ray Industrial A1-is Sisich, Lyn Joyce Ilfaflzcuzafirr Color Girls, Sergeant at Arms: Red Feathers: Color Guard: All-Activity Shield: Tennis Team, Co-Captain: League Committees: FTA: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Big Sister: League Representative: Horizon Club Sleizer, Lynn Rosemary Jl'Il1fflL'l1ZClfl'l'S Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: After-School Sports: Ten- nis Team: All-Activity Shield: Library Worker: League Representative: Red Cross Representative: Big Sister: Math Club: Spanish Club, Sergeant at Arms. President: Thespians: Children's Thea- tre: All-School Plays: Doll Shop, Lead qw' 3, wuz' I, ,,,. p ,,' - . Q 1 in - V , l,,' 3 , . V A r s ' ' .,:r ..f. ,. .3 ,:vv,,, I .wa Z: , 'WM , , .sig 'V pf ' --fc? ' f TR I K ,4 f 1 if 4 6 , 8? 7 W 4 109' f 5 my f r ' so 3 0 1 . Red Fmtlims' concen- Slosser, Charlene Marie Fine Arts Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold with Ruby Pin: League Committees: Big Sister: ASB Standing Committees: Winner of Door Decorating Contest: Tamarack Staff, Art Editor: News Staff, Exchange Editor, News Editor: Red Feathers, Historian: After-School Sports: Tennis Team: All-Activity Shield: Doll Shop: Talent Club, Sec- retary, Vice-President: FTA, Historian: Art Club: Latin Club: Amores Libror- um: Quill and Scroll: Dasidrian: Jun- ior Toastmistresses, Historian: Home- room President: ASB Representative: League Representative: News Repre- sentative: Tamarack Representative: Library Representative Sly, Zaida Kay .S1fiCllC6' Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Cross Representative: FNA, President: Red Feathers, Sergeant at Arms: Homeroom Secretary: After- School Sports: Gym Office Monitor: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: Tama- rack Representative: Doll Shop: Roll Checker: Junior Citizen of the Year Smith, Carol Ann ClJl11JlZL'l'l'l'0l Transferred from Winchendon, Massa- chusetts Smith, Della Mae 5001.01 .51fZldl'U.Y Graduated in SV2 years: League Silver Pin: Big Sister Smith, Dianne Marilyn C0lll1l1t'1'l'iU1 Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: League Silver Pin: Tamarack Staff, Organ- izations Co-Editor: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: League Style Show Chairman: ASB Committees: Locker Monitor: Commercial C lu b, Sergeant at Arms: Big Sister: Home- room Secretary, Treasurer: T i c k e t Office Worker: Tamarack Representa- tive Smith, Earla llulalullliikilzg Girls' Glee, Librarian Smith, Ernie Allen 1lIllflIi'Illl'IflAt'.V Freshman Football, Basketball, Base- ball: B Squad Football, Basketball, Baseball: Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball: Warriors: Homeroom Presi- dent, Vice-President: Scholastic Honor Roll, 6 times: ASB Representative 59 frafccl on bandages, fO'lll'IZiq'IlFfS and f7l'6SSIll'C7 points. Eiztrants in the Science Fair Smith, Gary Izzdzzsfrial Arts fx I ' L Stage Crew: Intramural Basketball Smith, Gordon Lee Science Football Equipment Manager: Rifle Club, President: Track Manager Smith, Robert -rr B Ti --- . is , S . Il1d1l5ffiUIAI'f5 ' Q fg rl' ws! ., . 4-S'Qv il", Smith, Ronald Harold .lIatlzcmaIic.v Library Representative: Federation I Representative: B Squad Basketball, Q Track: Varsity Basketball: Medecine d' Avenir: Warriors ' I D Smith, Thornton llfatlzcmatics Traffic and Grounds Squad: Cafe Worker: Hall Guard: Student Court Bailiff: Homeroom Vice-President Snow, Carol Jean Cunzmcrcial Library Worker: Nurse's Office Mon- itor: Gym Monitor: Chess Club: Choir: Orchestra: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: League Bronze Pin Solandros, George Nick .ifIlilll'HIfIfl.t'.Y T r a n s f e r re d from Bonnr-rs Ferry, Idaho, Warriors: Varsity Basketball, Track: B Squad Basketball, Baseball 60 ,syn l 4' -E9 mf.. 3 -Q H. 'ff' v. ,,, J, ,.,g,.,y EJ s T 5' '77 .S lll 'N c ' . 915.1 avi if , 13- X-ffl . 'Tk- e z! . X ':, tsl, .vi . a 1, . iz 3 lx fix. W' ' N W "Z,1Hf' A f- is t . 4 gp Tx Q dc s . -Y Solem, Barry Jay Science Scholastic Honor Roll, 5 times: ASB Treasurer: Math Club, Fifth Execu- tive: ASB Committees: ASB Repre- sentative: 3C's: Marching, Concert, Special Band: Medecine d' Avenir, Treasurer: Junior Toastmasters Solheim, Kenny llfaflz cmafics Transferred From Portland. Federation Representative Peggy Ann Arts Sports: XVinter Festival: ASB Committees: Gym Sister: Homeroom Secre- Representative: Locker Bronze Pin Solverson, Glenn Dale Industrial .-1 rts Sorenson, Victoria Ann Cn mm vrcial Scholastic Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: Gym Office VVorker: Rest Mon- itor: All-School Play: League Silver Pin: After-School Sports Sprecher, Sandra Jean Hmncmaking Big Sister: Doll Shop: League Bronze Pin Squibb, Richard Rodney ,l Izmir C ho i r Business Manager. Organist, Librarian: Winter and Spring Music Festivals: Doll Shop: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Federation Representative: All-State Choir sfzowcrl in Staliclc, Phyllis Jean Mathematics Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Tamarack Staff, Associate Editor: News Staff: Vox Puellarum, Vice- President: Quill and Scroll: Red Feathers: Three Fives, Historian: Doll Shop: Winter and Spring Music Festi- vals: ASB Committees: ASB Repre- sentative: Tamarack Representative: Debate: All-Activity Shield: After- School Sports: Big Sister: Homeroom President, Secretary: League Repre- sentative Siansbury, Daniel Pa JI Jl1'a1'Izematirs ASB Represe v , Federation Rep- resentative: B ad Football, Track: Varsity Track: cholastic Honor Roll: News Represen ative Steiner, Carol Jean Ht7lIIL'll1UkiI1g Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Cross Representative: After School Sports: Big Sister: H ero President: Roll Checker 1. , YC! 1 L Stempel, Judy Lynn C M 0 Commercial ' V ASB Representative: Homerop Presi- dent, Secretary: Hall Guar , Winter Music Festival: Doll Shop: Girls' Glee, Vice-President: Choir: Tennis Team: Library Worker: After-School Sports: League Silver Pin Stevens, Mary Louise Science Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Red Feathers: Latin Club: Red Cross Representative: Big Sister: Homeroom President: Library Worker: Tennis Team: After-School Sports: Science Fair Winner Stewart, Carolyn Elizabeth Homrmaking Big Sister: League Representative: Homeroom Secretary: League Silver Pin: ASB Committees Still, Diane Elaine Commercial Transferred from San Francisco. Scho- lastic Honor Roll: League Bronze Pin! Red Feathers: Amores Librorum: Com- mercial Club: Red Cross Representa- tive: After-School Sports: Science Fair Winner ilzisficdri. Drcfmnily wr? rlnncml wif J , 2 we ? 'i- W i 2 . t A L 14 1 " f if, mi. M W I t: X 'Qu 1 X M-N Qs H, f 1 ms ,K ww ,, .ww 71 our 'fijnffifff fluff?" nf: Stowers, Sandra Lee Cum IIIUITIIHI League Bronze Pin: Doll Shop: League Committees: League Representative: After-School Sports: Roll Checker: Choir: News Representative: Gym Office Monitor: Locker Monitor: Big Sister Strain, Gerald Lee Fnz'rz'gf11 Lfziigzmyvs Library Worker: Talent Club: Span- ish Club, Treasurer: Marching, Con- cert, Special and Pep Band: Hall Guard: Junior Achievement, President, Sergeant at Arms Swenson, Harvey Gary I11dzL.vfrialA1'f.f Marching, Concert and Junior Band: Rifle Club: Stage Crew Syler, Marilee COlIlllH'7'fl-UI Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Ping Color Girls: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: League Repre- sentative: All-School Play: Big Sister Tabatt, Janice Joy Cuzllllivwiiil Library Representative: Debate: Roll Checker: League Bronze Pin: News Representative Tewinlcel, Charles Gerhardt ,S1L'l'4'lIi'i' Varsity Tennis: Scholastic Honor Roll 5 times: 3C's, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurer: Debate: News Repre- sentative: Boys' Federation Quartet: Warriors Thew, William Arnold S'm'inl.S'Iz1d1'v.r Homeroom President: Red Cross Rep- resentative: B Squad Football: After- School Sports 6 I fin: "Ti'1'1iff'i' Ti'0iifIei'la11fl."' Thomas, Florence Alice C0111 ni urrial Scholastic Honor Roll, 2 times: Tama- rack Representative: Red Cross Rep- resentative: N e W s Representative: L e a g u e Representative: Doll Shop: Library Rpresentative: Library Work- er: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: G ro u nd s Squad: Big Sister: Roll Checker: Ticket Office XVorker: Cafe Worker: League Silver Pin Thomas, Joanne Audrey Ht7lIlt'll!LIkl-lltl Doll Shop: Library Representative: Tamarack Representative: Hall Guard: Big Sister: League Bronze Pin Thompson, Dave Arthur Industrial .-1 rig Scholastic Honor Roll: Marching Band Thompson, David Douglas Iiidzz.vfri'aI Arts Radio Club: Library Representative: Hall Guard Thompson, Gail Marie CiJIlIllIL'I't'l-111 Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Aquettes: Doll Shop: ASB Commit- tees: League Committees: ASB Rep- resentative: L e a g u e Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Spanish Club: Big Sister: Ice Skating: Junior Toastmistresses: Ten- nis Team Thompson, Philip .lfi1!liwi1zi1Ii't'.r Red Cross Representative: Boys' Fed- eration Committees: Homeroom Vice- President, Secretary Thompson, Nancy Irene L ffiiinli'ri'1ul ASB Representative: Girls' Glce: Big Sister: League Bronzi- Pin 62 ,ge-U l ' V 'WP' ' Q E '5' X I P Fi 'AL -U , ' V ' af :' . 1 'wa W 5? M agn a . 5 -.Q ' J '9- H bl' fi!" ll7Ol'!f1.l1g on smzioi' Coiiiiizififes uw: made new fiends. W Z : lg '53 Qs' ' ,9--1 yu, ff" 2 5' 46 Thorsen, Harold Ray .lfilf1lr'NIt1l'l'L'5 Freshman Football, Basketball, Track: B Squad Football, Basketball: Varsity Basketball, Track Th rom, Richard William Industrial -iris Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Red Cross Representative: ASB Cornmit- tees: XVarriors: Varsity, All-City, Freshman Track Thueson, Helen .lean Scicizrc Horseback Riding: Doll Shop: Aiter- School Swimming: Spanish Club: Rest Monitor Tierney, James L. .lfuili aiiuitirx ASB Relpryesentativeg Homeroom Vice- resi B Sguad Tr , Football: Va sit- ootball: XVar ' s ll gi fl Tiplce, Ronald Dowell Iiid11.r1'ri'i1I-4ri5 Golf: Swimming: Freshman Football, Baseball: Basketball: ASB Representa- tive Todd, Patricia ,lfi1flit'iiit1fii'J Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: News Staff. Co-Editor: Tamarack Staff. Girls' Sports Editor: Red Feath- ers: Doll Shop, Student Director: Quill and Scroll, President: Amores Libror- um. Secretary: Math Club: Junior Latin Club: Thespians: Junior Press Club: L e a g u e Committees: Junior Achievement: News Representative: Tamarack Representative: L e a g u e Representative: Childrens Theatre: Big Sister: After-School Sports Tollefsen, Thelma lrene t'uii1iiii'f'.'i'i1l Color Girls: Aquettes. Vice-President: Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: League Representative: League Dance Committcc, Chairman: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shieldg Office Worker: Senior Senator: Girls' Glee: Big S i s ter: Songlcader. Chairman: League Silver Ping Homeroom Secre- tary, Roll Checker Girls slziaecl shoes and totecl books for Toomlos, Duane Brian Science Freshman and B Squad Football Toy, Walter Terry Ma flz vm atirx ASB President and Vice-President' Scholastic Honor Roll: Talent Club: Latin Club: ASB Committees: March- ing Band: Concert Band: Voice of De- mocracy, State Winner: Homeroom President: F e d e r a tio n Executive Council: Federation Representative: B Squad Cross-Country: Debate: Nom- inating Committee, Chairman: Honors Board: Junior Toastmasters, Program Chairman, Secretary Tschirgi, Wes Lyle S0via1SfudivJ B Squad Baseball: Federation Repre- sentative: Federation Election Judge Turbak, Charles David ZlrIl1fll6l1'10fZ.L'.Y Transferred from Gonzaga. Homeroom President, Vice-President, Sergeant at Arms: League Style Show: Cross- Country: B Squad Track: Latin Club Turnbull, Arlene Kay Coizzmercial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Silver Pin: Color Girls: Doll Shop, Lead: ASB Representative: League Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Ticket Office Worker: Spanish Club: Ice Skating: Golf Turner, Ronald Zlifatlzefmafirs Scholastic Honor Roll: 3C's, President, Fifth Executive, Treasurer: Tamarack Representative: Library Representa- tive: ASB Representative: News Rep- resentative: Freshman, Varsity Track: B Squad, Varsity Cross-Country: Sci- ence Fair: Homeroom President: Or- chestra Tyler, Charles Phillip Ii1da.v1'r'ial A Vis Freshman Baseball 1:' A a r, 4 , Q , N e ix X if J 'ik' iii, ' -::,, ,xre- 'll W. ,,.. ,Y WH, f4gff3'Le, ,- , ' ., l, 51 ' ,. ',V, , K ' K X ' ., - S 'f , , A ,,.., E.. , 1, f -- - ' '::'l, 2 'ix , the boys eve... 'ii' - Q. . V ,.,:,.:.1 4M on T010 Day. Once again we 4525422 .. " ,f ' ." 2'ffL1!f :V . X V F1 J , ff X f i ' f f fmt " MM. fas2s,sm.r, , 5 f- 'fmt ,. , .'-t-2--we-4, .ae f.., K , . ,,,, fy. , i 49 ,f t i ,Q f 52 'Q' X 3 1 Hr' f s I, S r , L 4 ',., , up ,T .f fy . ,,V4 , ,.,,:Z.: I 5.2, D A ,, an we 1 2 ,. ,, ai' i 4 W' , I 0 V '09?5?aa2ft" 5 ' f if V.. iw , 4x1 f 9 ZW 7 time f f 9 1, ff E i 'YA ,af as W W? 94 ' " A '-,," Q it l,, 5 , ff , Tyree, Richard William I11da.s't1'ial A rl.: 'Zf jllUifH'l'II'flfil1S' I Math Club, Vice-P ly ' ,:. : om- inating Committ .v or Toastmas- ters: Junior Ach - ' ent 7 r, Da algl 15 Upham, G r Wayne S 'al ics Fre Squad Track: Westling: Rifle : Toastmasters Van Allen, Judith Louise Commrrfial Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Big Sister: League Bronze Pin Vandervert, Larry Raymond Sofia! Sfzfdiur Scholastic Honor Roll: Debate: Fresh- man Track Van Hersett, David George Illntlzruzafirx Transferred from Narisniasu, Japan. Math Club: ASB Representative Wagner, Bob Eugene ilIaf1zi'1l1cifii'.v Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Math Club: News Representative: Debate: Math Contest, First Place Winner 63 Czzrizlizflzgrzafl for office Waldo, David John ,lfiiflzcizztztzrr Transferred from Wilbur. Walliclc, Fredrick Charles Social Sflldivx News Representative: Freshman Base- ball: Tennis Team Wa rner, Roberta Pauline Cu nz in crcial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: League Committees: League Representative: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 3 stars: Library Worker: Football Princess Attendant: FTA: Big Sister: Tennis Team: Girls' Glee Watkins, Jerry LeRoy .llafl1t'i1zt1tz'i's Scholastic Honor Roll: Library Repre- sentative: ASB Representative Watson, William Ross .N'.irz't1l .Nilziflicr Red Cross Representative: Marching, Concert, Special, Pep Band: Dixie- landers Weir, Michael Charles .N'ffi'1'r1l .N'fi11lit'.r Transferred from Gonzaga. Varsity Track, Baseball, Football Welch, Geraldine Jo 1 iflHHIi'l'i ml Aftr-i'-School Swim, Roll Clll'L'liL'liI Big Sistvr: I,l'ElllIlf' BI'1II'l7l' Pin 64 zuiflz jaosfffrg in ttf' nu K V: ff, vw, Tl the lzalls. Altlzouglz the snow was ,bil-'ffl Wells, Jettry Seaman Social Sludirs Transferred from Lauindale, Califor- nia. 3C's West, Viola Ann Com murriul Transferred from Boise, Idaho. After- School Sports: 3C's: Big Sister: League Bronze Pin Weston, Duane Dale SKI-CIICL' Freshman. B Squad Baseball: After- School Skating Wheeler, Pat Fm-vigrx Languages Golf: After-School Swim: Tamarack Staff, Photographer: ASB Representa- tive: After-School Sports: Big Sister: League Bronze Pin White, Jaclc Lloyd Iiiduxtrial -4 rfr News Representative White, Shirley Ann Cu i1iiilt'i'fi'i1l Library XVorker: Hall Guard: News Representative: Gym Office Worker: Big Sister: League Bronze Pin Whiteside, Marcia Lee ll. 1 in i'HH1Ix'l.IlgI L e a g u e Gold Pin: Red Feathers: L i b r a i' 5' Representative: Tamarack Representative: 3C's: FTA: After- School Sports: Doll Shop: L, Q 3 g U g C o in in i t t e e s: All-Activity Shield: Locker Monitor: Red Cross Representa- tive: Big Sister: Tennis Team !t1'f'f1. im' r1ri'i'i'm'rl for Ihr' 'tLion l,f'nj1," flu' Clzilx' Lf'flgll,I' Wickham, James Aaron jl1l'lfllFII1Ufl't'.Y Concert Band Wiedmer, Kenneth George Social Siuidivs Intramural Sports Wiggens, Donald Lee lllailzvuzafifs Scholastic H o ri o r Roll: Doll Shop. Cross-Country: Basketball: Golf: Jun- ior Achievement: Warriors: Wrestling. Red Cross Representative Williams, Kenneth Allan .llIflf1ll'lIIllI'it1Y Scholastic Honor Roll: Math Club: Federation Representative: News Rep- resentative: Amores Librorum: Sports for All Wilmann, Walter Alton M'af1zvnzafz'i's Transferred from Great Falls, MOU' tana. Homeroom President, V1ce-Pres- ident: Varsity Football, Basketball Wilson, Brenda Ann Coimzzvrrial Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Library Worker: League Bronze Pin Wilson, William G. M0f11U1llUfif3 ASB Representative: Federation Rep- resentative: News Representative: Tamarack Representative: Homeroom President nd if N if 'H' ' 'L ' . M Z? ,, 4 f, ff ,il , s is 'rw' , ei '-A af , ,,f,.43 , ' 4' . 3,4 wr ff 4 . 4 K , 4 ,. , W 1 Z f X , , 93 " E I? ,ffi'7Kf?i?'2:'. i 'tif' 1 ff-., L Fe vwff' 2 ., it 6? J' H 14' f---. wiizrlwi' nzrixwr . Wing, Gary Lee I11clzlsl1'ialAz'!5 Wing, Sharon Colleen Fim' .f-lrtr Big Sister: League Silver Pin: Tennis Team: Golf: Ticket Office Worker Womacl1,Julie Ann Couzuzcrcial ASB Representative: FTA: Big Sister: After-School Sports Wood, Helen Diane .Shcizcr Scholastic Honor Roll, 8 times: League Gold with Ruby Pin: League Presi- dent: Tamarack Editor: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: ASB Committees, Chair- man: Dad-Daughter Banquet, Publicity Chairman: Library Representative: ASB Representative: L e a g u e Repre- sentative: News Representative: Tam- arack Representative: Vox Puellarum, President: Junior Press Club, Presi- dent: Junior Toastmistresses, F i r s t Vice-President: Quill and Scroll, Fifth Executive: Latin Club: News Staff Associate Editor, Feature Editor: Var- sity Debate: Big Sister Woodard, Sally Ann CUHIIIICITIIIII Big Sister Woodhurst, Stanley Ill11lln'nzat1'ri' Scholastic Honor Roll, 3 times: Fresh- man, B Squad, Varsity Baseball: B Squad Basketball: News Staff, Sports Writer: Warriors: Intramural Sports: Tamarack Representative Woodrutt, Diana Margaret Srwirzl .ffltdliihf Transferred from Napa, California. 65 The prom and H10 Comzmwcenzenf-grand finale Wrenn, Jack Gary Sofia! St1m'l'v.v 'wVal'riors: Varsity Football: News Rep- resentative: Homeroom President, Ser- geant at Arms: B Squad Football Wright, John George Industrial Arts Freshman Track: B Squad Track Young, Joan Eleanor C0 HIH1z'7'L'1LL'li Scholastic Honor Roll: League Gold Pin: Doll Shop: ASB Representative: Red Feathers: Tennis Team: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield, l star: Horizon Club: Big Sister: Gym Office Monitor ang, 4 eff 1 to a wonderful four ymrx 0 Zinlc, Ken Neil Social Studies Scholastic Honor Roll: Federation REP' resentative: Freshman Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball: B Squad Football- Basketball, Baseball. Track! VHTSITY Football, Baseball. TTBCK hw as 'if L Q' ,v I .. Zu moto, James .llaflzsmatics B Squad Football, Baseball: Varsity J Football, Basketball, Baseball: War- riors: Homeroorn President M cM u r+rey, E. Eugene .lfatlz rmafirs Scholastic Honor Roll: Freshman Baseball: B Squad Football, Baseball and Track: Varsity Track. Football: Quill and Scroll: News Staff, Tama- rack Sports Editor if lf? tk iii' if 751 JI "' 1" Y" Q ik I is S: ' fx f-1 W A il' it Seniors Noi' Pictured in the Tamarack ,lennet Laura Atkinson Kristina Louise Bloolnquist Carleen Ruth Carlson ,lanles Cooper Gene Lyle Davis Howard Barry ElllL'l'5l in Patricia .xllll H:i1'l'is 66 Larry Ray XvIllllit'l'YCl'l glared 3IZll'Ylll HQlltll'lCiiSLWll Carol Lvlltl6l'CiZlili Hollis llillianl Mcllullill Ronald Rees' Rladdux Donna llurpln' Sharon fill-il'lE'll l,nYt-rm' Ezligfll' Stone frienclslzlijns and of studies thatfzaz1efJ1'ejmv'6cl us to meet the world rmrl win! QQ , wah, Mm' ,g 'WR Senior Committee Co-chairmen are, front row: Carol Edge, breakfast: Karen Bodley, prom: Sharon Lund, breakfast: Shirley Eagle, convocation, Back row: Brian Quanbeck, Barry Roff, commencementg Brody Conklin, prom: George Solandros, picnic: Don Kolb. convocation. Not pictured is Barbara Bailie, senior picnic. Brody Conklin and Keith Aiiflcrspmii, Ann SENIOR PROM COMMENCEMENT CIzc1z'1'111i'1z: L'l141i1'u1v1'1: lizii-ry Roff zmrl Karen ljmllcy llriaii Quaiillcck Fernallrl, Hallg 'llom lhlclrlock, Kathy l'Imx'a1'cl, Vlackic Gcrl, Romig, Ni'fr'i'xl1- .lim llickwslziff, Chuck l'XllflCl'SHll, Louisc Sandy Gliclclcii, Farrcl II14'llI'.V,' Chuck Turlmak, -lanct F-cliuslcr, Nash, Cl1Zll'li'IlC Slnsscr, Hulicrla liiinicy, Ilalzdg -lurly Oty, -lucli Seymour, Evzfvr- Vlwcllc Lymis, lion llzirlvcr, ,Ul'HHZL'lIf,' Doiig' Camplicll, hlancl llranrll, Tl-L',IE'Cf.Y,' Lizmc Pete-rsmi, Boll lliclicy, Duc- SENIOR PICNIC oniffullx. 1 - I I ' QfIllIl'HII'III In-oi'gc bulaiiclrims :mil ll2il'll2iI'2I llziilic SENIOR CONVOCATION lizirry Swlcni, .lzmicc .Xziscliy Ifl1fi'rli11'l1111i'11l 5 QQIIUIHVIIIFII3 DWI 141111211111 Gail 'llliimipsmy Gcmgizi Muck, lfrzmquu Shl1'lK'3' Eflslc Iicniiiiglmi, lx'cfri'.vl1lalvfzix,' Mike Ham- ljclc l'1':1c1uriiis, Gln-nn lirarllcy, iXllzui mimcl, Kelly I-lill, -lim Zuniulu, IIVIIIIIIISII Goctz, Karon -luhiisim, -lulic lXIivl4cy, tim: of IEIIIIIUS, Marilyn Lcwis, SENIOR BREAKFAST Cll1az'1'1ni'11: Carol Eflgc and Slizirmi Luiiil Miko Craggett, Doug Gooclricli, Peggy liamllcr, Sliirlcy Moore, Ken Williams, Dave Alberts. 67 PSST! WHAT PAGE? Janice Aaseby turns to ask Gary Houdak 3 question on an assignment during a homeroom Period. W. if my in-ya asf ,. , .fs . -if 1 if 5 P P . fs A xx 2 In F 3 1 'A wi 1g Q, "4 .xl 5 1 Front row: Emily Anton. Mary Bonin. Gary Gibson. Bob Hooper, Frank Thomas. Cara Lee Perkins. .Berniece Keller, Seconq row: Mr. .Anderson Dario Tschetter. Don Brown. B111 Robinson. Sandra Talbot. Janice Elvlgan. Carol Charest, Third row: Skip Perry, Francis Eccleston, Ken Glock. Robert Pack. Jerry Morris, Gloria Sloan, Betty Dickeson. Joanne Bishop. Robin Hollis. X 1? 17 " I ,MVP ,g 1 Q sa 1: fs: 1- 1 E Y- ' Q, inf , . ,V , E .xv A ' v gy Q-, , A X X A . . A W' I. f 'T' UV Front row: Mrs. Bv.ix'cr. Li-n Burg:-, Iluwnril Bnhkirk. Nlxrna Schiller. Dorothy Starr, Carol Jorges, Ann ' Vaiiipi-I, .lack Higgs. Roy Kin-I1 Second row: Cunstqncc Conlon. BnI'bau'n Adams. Marian Brunette. Lois Rll'hUl'll5, Nliiry Ann Juvksmi, Elzilni- Hxngslrm, RIVIILIIW1 llaivigvli-, EllL.1l'lll' H.n'l'iixx' Third row: Sivplivn Bairraitt, Juliws Christie, Tod 051911. Jerry Bull, lNllCl1Bl'l Snmli-lun, Jump-s Vullvrsun. lXllll'Ylll Hlumgi-ri-s, Willignn l-'i.iil, D.i1'u-ll l,qiri-inn, Richard Hickman. ,, , 1 , fi 0" E522 2 ,aff , 463 mg MR 1 Front row: Joe Greco, Judi Street, Tom Russell, Donna Countryman, Kent Amsden, Janice Shoenwald, ' Blaine Fletcher, Donna Graham, Linda Clements. Second row: Laurin Lee, Rosa Jo Krogstad, Bonnie Richmond, Judy Rizzuti, Sandra Masters, Mary Tollefson, Rosalie Hill John Carlson, Mr. Bonamy, Third row: John Reilly, Tom Smith, Harold Hendrick, Paul Shepard, Gary Cotter, Alfred Pack, Gerald Bloom, David Cramer, Gerald Horn. TS? Wei f .. f S aw , 1 Front row: Nellie Charter, Barbara Bacon, Dixie Chamberlin, Diana Thiele, Carol Koch, Mary Pat Curtis, ' Ramona Tipke. Second row: Russell Flint, Carl Moore, Janet Derington, Marlene Mastne, Betty Rolfsness, Theresa Ann Schaefer, Mary Ann Witt, Richard Gunter, Mrs. Bowker. Third row: Robert Lambert, Harvey Conrath, Richard Materne, Gary Sander, Bill Sarratt, Dennis Armstrong, Ray Kafton, Gerry Widger, Ivan Payne. mf ' ' 'ga-t if ' Front row: Carol Urbach, Janice Sipe, Brita Johnson, SaraLee Wizeinann, Patricia Anderson, 1 L'brary E Joan Buxton, Susan Rogers, Linda Shriver. Second row: Miss Carroll, Sheila Fitzsimmons, Linden Lovegren Ronald Cowan, Buddy Wickstrom, Merlene Jones, Bill Fairfax, Donald Lieske, Robert Ullman, Karin Wallace. Third row: Don- ald Lobdell, Richard Rew, Gary Mix, Erwin Jackson, Donald Oglesby, James Lancaster, Gary McGee, Richard Weaver, Dennis Woodhnrst. 69 ,i!,1"N', f 'rt' f: f - -:- an l 5 , g 21? QV' ,V 74: 2 if Jf 4' K 'K -RW ,Ag A L 'Q .915 1 2, 1 x Q S , -cf JR F ? ' ' L W Q ff' X 5' X' H ' z f ', fm , . " J 1 I Front row: Patricia Flynn, Patricia McGrath. Dianne Pence. Arlene Johnson. Carol Frernstad. Patricia Sil- ' vernail, Duana MacPherson. Kaylene Justus. Sally Swift. Second row: Jerry Barnes, Dennis Sullivan, Don Audel. Judith 1lcVay. Virginia Hulicl-c, Judith Mead. Julie Fish. Virginia Tobin. Mrs. Coon, Third row: Richard Hanson. Stanley Hood, Jerry McBride. Daniel Waldby. Dennis Harmon, John Hein. Ronald Pryor. Ronald Pantzarl William Murken, Dennis Spurlock. T -A5 . .2 .' 5- '. .- -V ' :.' ., 1 T. , . ffl If ,"' J it "' 3- 13" 7" " 5 ' ' V 1 'mf 5- 1 I i 3? A, Q . x . -5" ' f , as 5 1. ,.,. . -'C 5 'T 1 ' . v-o 1 ' Q 'l - ' 2 a- 1. ' Q .-.- fsf . . I V T7 T Q f . ' -f? H ' ! f-Z I J' xf , 7 'T , v K 4 s ' 1 ch , Y: J 1 MR Front row: Kay Newland. Pat Morgan. Pat Altman. Margaret XYalker. Dorothy Miller, Sandra Rouse, Vivian ' Countryman. Second row: Sharon Caldwell. Ruth Bentley. Fern Barrett. Sally Alcan. Nancy McDougall, Jerry Miller, Bob Tansy. Ron Jess. Jim Ryan, Mr. Day, Third row: Chris Shears. Don Newcomb. Larry Boyd. Harry Cordell, Erich Luschei, Rod Hansen. Jim McClintock, Bill Gottbreht. LeRoy Schmidt, Bruce Reid. ,nf 'L 0 of Q., 5 -will Itwu Ann Hmnilhm, June i Front row: XISIVNIN flnmit-rin, Judy Bti , . , ' Xlm-nvh Second row: Pnlricm Wctlu-rn-ll, Lmi1.i I-'lc1st'h4u1cl'. Kaye Bal ' ' xl-x Third row: 3l.irxm Gallia, Lgirrx Knutson, B11 Huron, Judy Eng:-Im.m. G.nI Stngnpght. NI: E Q . Hal:-inn. Jim Whliv, Nixon Rlvh.u'flsm1. 70 Morris. 'Ckcrt. Je l Baker, ENGR lxIL'ldll11Ll, Lgurglig anno Aldcrson. Carol La- Robert Lnbrw, Sheldon MR 1 Front row: Sandra Phillipson. Lorraine Miller, Billie Jo Maloney, Linda Engle, Donna Buell, Sharon ' Pardun, Jeanne Harter, Second row: Ronald Bourassa, Bradley Anderson, Chere Steinbach, Mollex' Io A A ' ' ". G ld Hooper, Don Wilson, Lance Girnus, Duane Zimbrick, Dick Shaver, Larry White. Mr, Feldhusen. Third row. Dennis Banilx, era Munk, Russell Brown. Kermit Anderson, Pete Freeman. . A ,ff qw e , , ' fa ,i i li ee f Y l W lfe Judx Vkfhite Darlene Amsburv Cheri Jeffries. Linda MR 1 Front row: James Hobbs, Clifford Bursch. Darrel o , ' j . . 4 . E ' Barnard, Donna McChesney. Second row: Richard Page. Michael lVIoe, Gene Erickson, Sharon Qlllflllg, Bex 'ff Third row: William Bradford, Donald Evans, Larry Schiffner. Jerry Well- erly Harris, Darlene Dickey. Margaret Weilel-ies. Mr, GFl,gS. sandt, Gerald Davis, Victor Schaum, Clive Goodman, Gary Koeppel. 1 :H u vi W, A xf'3:, N, Q ' I x ti W Q 3 r l Caiolxn Unicume Lvnne I-leans Sandra Sn th, Jovce Rob W Frcnt row: Sharon Young, Carole O son, ' Q , k Ve, i MRS- -' ' 'nary ertson, Earlene Clapp, Carol Jones, Mildred Mueller. Second row: Lloyd Wengclvr, Leah Trzwv, Larry . , M t' , George Anderson, Kathy Whelham, Larry Wornstaff,.Mrs. Hill. Thurd row: Howard Hwisloy, Jerry Harris Dlxon' Rosemarb allilmden, Barbara Troyer, Jim O'Sull1van, Jerry Bolen, Ernie Nye. Jlm Salvage, Lyfllle ay 7l r - 1 "P 4' 1 V- is-wi., QF V H fy- . Q 9 . I , . . fig! :L 1 M 4- . if W.. ,' 5 . ' f: .1 'R xi R 5' Q f wi fi X Q - it in .. MR Front row: Elizabeth Vaughn. Julie Ball. Dawn Herrick. Patty Smith, Pat Barnes. Marilyn Israel. Lum ' Thompson Nlarv -inn NIcLau2hlin. Esther Rav. Mr. Hix. Second row: Gale Bernardy. Jerry Knowles.. Donna Zimmer. Glenice Yan Tuyl. Sandi' Weatherhead.-Dorothy' Braaten, Kath-5' Carter, Douglas Paquin, Billy Seidel. Steve Young. Third row. Gale Farup. David Wall, Dale Gage, Dick McCra5'. Delroy Thorpe, Ron Solinsky. Richard Steinmetz. Gordon Mills. Don Carmichael. ,."r""' 1 9 K 3 B s., sv V7 5 C . -.. - Front row: Kay Sayles. Lila Johnson. Darlene Stapleton. Sheryl Lynn. Susan Merriman. Kay Dodge. Alice Collins. Karen Winn. Second row: Norma McDonald. Marge Casperson, Bar- bara Durcen, Darlene Egger, Ellen Gardner. Gary llilder. Steve Schuman. Lori Gorman, Miss Killingsworth. Third row: Phil Harris. Mike Tachell. Raleigh Clark. Kenneth Finl-ce, Ray Goeller, Larry Pine. Mil-ce Keller, Glenn Robinson, John Keen. Jerry Hauri. 1- f ' Q . Q 1 01 5 A - q. 1 '- 'fi' ik ' ' -3 1 Us 1' - ' 1 Q. .-'aff' ,, ,. 7 'Q I " , 3- , . v -N ' SQ . V sf: 2, - + 'Q G ' , --X . I as-fr lf' fl' Q9 ' - Q .L Y' Front row: I-'1.nn'nx lllnf-1, IJn.nn- lbuni-.m, Sli.n--n KL-imp, Dnrlcnv Slum. Sully Engstrom. Kaya 015011, .I.nn-I lflymlvi. -7"Mw- l'I.lkll1s,J.u'lx lI.mIwI. Nt-.1 Smith, John Bolcs Second row: Donn.: Xluripn. MM-long Smith,C211-11.14-.ini 'I'lill1,mIl, .Mull-II.iSl1nIxl4m, XVVIIIJ SVHIHIIIQ, lln1l.i Svlhilx, l'.il Ill-.un, John Skelton. Alllvrl Jm'ulJs. Gaiw Barton Mis-. Knight Third row: Us-iw N1-IN-rn .I:n'li l.lllln'nnrlv, .lgumw Nl.n1sI.ull,'rx Liux'i'vm.l1is, R05 XYalhl. Pat Shcldun. Run Ctimp, Dido Pliiynh, Chrlo Crvlylv, Tenn XVl'Irlll.I.ll', Disk Wu-stlinm 72 Front row Tom Slentz Nancv Bowen Lois Johnson Lee Morris Marv Voorhies, Lena Slinkard, MRS' 1 S dra Green, Vickie Dlsen. -Second row: Ray Vlollert, Florine Heine,L.Pennysue Bailey, Burniss an Carter, JoAnn Lucas, Jane Hester, Harlan Knobel, Mrs. McLaughlin. Third row: Morris Martin, John Sullivan, Daryl Triplett, Jack Maxwell, Dick Fanazick, Jim McBride, Jim Woodard. ' ' , an -y., , " ,M vi 'Q MR Front row: Georgia Hill. Charlene Sampson, Susan Haynes, Karrell Peterson, Kathy Smith, Sharron ' Ott. Dolores Hole, Mr. Manuel. Second row: Randy Batten. Robert lXIcKuhn, Tom Rickard. Don Rater. Julia Wilcox, Joan Ross, Karen Allgor. Joan Banks. Third row: Ronnie Hedstroni, Benny Corigliano, Kenneth Blossom, Richard Han- nan, Delroy Taskey, Michael Metzger, Ronald Reid, Ken Wilson. fa 1 , ,:-,..,. ,4 ' 5 ,qu gigs A - ' v W- 2. -f 4 -. in? " ,365-" 4, W as , it -1 1 , X A at ' T A m a F A .' .f gif P V, If M , 'W 'mx ,N ,A ' ,- 1,2 2 T T ' Front row: Morrie Simpson, Carole Gornall, Diane Morris. Nancy Spafford, Lnilln Watson, Margaret Ham- ' -1 blin, Joyce lfVoodworth, Cecilia Stimson. Second row: Fred Parrish, Ed W'e-iss, Ron Christensen, Beverly Shephard, Fredene Moran, Elinor Lee, Marcy Whitten, Jim Reetz, Mrs. Nistad. Third row: John Pacello, Dell Williams, David Munk, Bob Neale, Terry Templeton, Jim Bertrand, Ron Foreman, Mike Welch. Stewart, LaVerne Stone, Roger 73 Lf 'JI' wk., T9 if 3 , V 1 ' 4: -5- n , T 7 . ,U v I N M . ,, ,X M . V- r, 'F V K A .. , X ,' X 'Z ' i ' f f " Y' V , N vm" "' ' ago, s ,X A Lqx X rv , - an in Y x xxx x MR Front row: Shannon Gaskell, Jeannie Johnson, Sharon Ripke. Connie Darrah, Wilda Simpson, Linda Green, ' Molly Kromm. Lee Riddle. Second row: Jack Alberts, Dave Fell-ter. Tom Robideaux, Gary Bondahl, Sharon Cogley. Tim Nye, Vernon Dunsxvorth, Gary Travis, Mr. Nye. Third rc-w: Roger Paine. Neil Williams, Kent Sleizer, John Mix. Galen Miller, Russell Foster. Carl Biesen, John McGinnis, Pat Powers, Riley Brown. ' i , "Jn , I 2321, , I ff --' ' lf! Q? Rh if-" ,FQZL ny' v ' au- ' cr cr' a 1 3 Front row: Lorna Overmyer. Yvonne Weiss. Shelby Rice. Jeren Appell. Marilyn Fried, Janice White, Inez Steen, Mike Spill-zer. Ray Cottrell. Second row: Daryl Olin. Terry Dea, Roxey Glenn, Roberta McFarland, Carrol Killin, Maureen Anderson, JoAnn I-Iattell. Joan Bundy, Richard Costello, Mrs. Riegel. Third row: Gary Coyer, Elva Duvall, John Hertzog. Fred Buell, David Peelgren. Gary Fanning, XVayne Thomas, Dick Nye, Jerold Seollard. 7 P 7 7 I 4 in I ,, .5 ' rf , T I 'Iv X' 2, v ? F x, MR - 2 I Front row: .Xin-v l,.n-Lx, Ibn-ksx K1-1-Img, Snslv Cm'lls,Clxll'1l1c Bmusmd, Judy Wa1ti1ig,B0y.,-y13- Hair' ALI: nf- Ibn-luv.-Il Second row: ,I-mlm, Dvnnnn .Xlbl-Vis, Arlcnc Dlslad, Sharon Mather, Bnrbm-3 Swan-fm, Shawn Allnul, Xlnnml Sqnlfn, Sin-:suv llulnn-s, I-Illon Gln-n, XI: Sdixvcmln-11 Third row: Doug Shurllcff, Curley Hardt Ivan , , Ifrhlwurl, T1-H2 Cmtvr, llwptln I'114-I-, l'!I.II1li M1-run-li, Dau- Szzmllnwe, l.mI BLIVHL1 74 , J , , Wig W V, ' ivy., aaa. p i I Front row: Lorraine Kyle, Sandra Erickson, Barbara Hooper. Claudia Mclntosh, Delrene Lee, Joyce Clem- - enson, Kathy Alberts, Second row: Bert Provost, Roger Solverson, Dick Hiller, Sherrie Miller, Sandra Hall, Ruth Smith, Roberta Chase, Lois Morre. Third row: David Hanson, Ferol Preston, Jack Quist, Denny Livengood Jim Kolb, Ken McDonald, Don Metler, Stan Bragg, Tim Bordxvell. ' . Q- .Q , ' SL ,,, 'er ' Q Mg 2 J ir ,Jn be J new J 2 , tri' ' uc." s X, r , ,q 1 , if s T7 0 2.2-Q , " , ' Vi, -SN, 4.0 , J 1 Front row: Kent Weaver, Frank Schubert, Delores Chertude, Lillian Randall. Jacqueline Shackelford, Kay Knapton, Sharon Carlton, Valerie Jenkinson, Ann Litzenberger. Second row: Glen Burge, Carol Bloomfield, John McCoy, Joan Geiger, Janet Bofto, Ronald Anselmo. Pat Thompson, Miss Timm. Third row: Roy Fair, Walter Duty, Leon Carper, Victor Rizzuti, Al Titus, David Johnson, Ron Vawter, Jack Lyons. vu- 'f2'7 Front row: Geraldine Bloom, Sharon Nelson, Carmen James, Sharon Alger, Ann Issac, Karen Hammond, ' Marlene Franke, Guy Schilling, Joseph Ralrick. Second row: Belly Lewis, Deloris Howard, Vanetta Mellon, Virginia Ogg, Barbara Ficklin, Sydney Thompson, Gloria Schulz, Sandra Johnson, Deanna Woodward, William Lyons, Mrs, York. Third row: Ray Jacobs, Walter Pope, Milton Thompson, John Burdick, Larry Carroll, Robert Waldo, Daryl Stokes, David Watson, Richard Ripley- 75 -qv: 5 -o if 5 fm 1' "7 I 1 Front row: Elinor Hunter. Carolyn McIntosh. Susie Stretch. Nancy Noonan So Kristy Meckelson, Barbara Harrison. Judy Zumoto. Second row: Sandra Dono hue. Linda Edburg, Diane Chamberlin, Doug Stoeser, Earl 1IcPhail. Tim Merriman. Dav1d.Fair, Bill Bailie Third row: Mr. Bennett. David Reger, Fred Voliva. Brian Viehouser. Ron Albo, Ralph Bell, Ken Haskinis. Vincent Novits. ink W. -rw M :' 1 7 'Q' f'K:- 4775 IW . 7, T, 3 Q4 MR Front row: Charlotte Vancil, Joan Couture Geraldine Livenffood Dixie -XFIDE Tourl ll K . 3 . . . e ot. ay Kellberg. Joan Rohrback, Sue Helsby, Sharon Monohon, Second row: Norman Anselmo. Donald Miller. Marie Aune. Sue Bonser, Jean Featherstone, Warren Burrows, Douglas Stephens, Mr. Blair. Third row: Alfred Greenwood. Gary Lawton. Bill Richards Dennis Smith, Lemuel Huthcings, Dick Reser, Earl Hamilton, Mial Wagner. Patil Williamson. Abt: f. Q V.. 3 an an' V2.1- 5-- .-w 9, wr! 3- sn M R. BLAND Qll, Tom IIllHlL', Stine, Clark Irlu, 76 x x 1 IA, .. 2 T -:Le qw . -. 55 Q WN-3 Front row: Joan Custer, Roimvrtn Burdick, Ggiil Morgan, Karon Hnrailn. Patti Rickey. Adicio Turner, A1-lgne Riiasl-ll. Second row: Carole Flcklin, Slizirun Kiiudson. Put Sflllllldl. X'L'l'UlllL'Ll .-Xlbcrts. Joe Dillow, Gary Mitch- Artliur Swt-t-llancl. Third row: Marlin Wilson, Goixulil Coollmiiizli, Don Bnbkirk, Charles Crawford. Don l-lumnmr. Dannv Ed Rulmw, Mr. Bland, ' MR Tom Def, , "', M! ' ,, ' 'Zi' , , A 1 "f ' , QQ: ,L if Wm , Q . ,f 4,- Yu wr' -Cafe VV Front row: Diane Steckling, Karen Benshoof, Karen Fisher, Sherry Fleenor, Patricia Gardner, Annabel W'atk1ns. Mary Burnside, Gail Joy. Second row: Kathy Witt. Gail Adams, Bobbie Solem, James, Leon Sams, Che Che Pantzar, Toni Baldwin, Karen West. Third row: Jim Ellsworth, Ron Stilson, Fred Heeter, Dick Har- Ron Kobloth. Dave Gambill. Leland Sarl, Gordon Edwards. Mike Shaw, Dave Cassidy. 3". T Front row: Sonya Johnson. Judith Phipps. Nancy Aagzird. Norman Harris. Diane Swninerlin, Kay Gaus- nian. Linda Hughes. Second row. Bill Rheinschniidt, Fred Gioneineiei, Jud5 Tuibak. Robeita Klinert. Carol Quarles. Maureen Aiken. Patricia Claflin. Judi Whittier, Ida Masterson, Mrs. Briscoe. Third row: Neil Feighner, Richard Olson, Bill Stone, John Magnuson, Brad lVIcHenery, Gary King, Bill Bailey, George Honshcll, Bob Westfall. 1 Front row: Raymond Davis, Patricia Platt, Kay Hutchinson. Marilee Fisher. Lois Allen, Sharon - C i Buckles, Margaret. Ann Dougherty, Rick Schrier. Second row: Ronald Standley, Judy Conklin, Dennis Gulliford Linus Morris, Karen Sailor, Ellen Hetrick, Judy Watts, Barbara Davis. Mrs. Chandler. Third row: Donald Holscen, Gary Wes- trom Gary Millay, Richard Homick, Gary Barckert, Myron Congdon, Gary Morgan, Terry Roberts. 77 . gy, 15, Q n- . if li 1 ' A xi? 5 'vw L Front row: Joe Barrow. Larry Rogers, Karen 'V.rsch. Paula I-Ieyer, Sandra Thompson. Kay Wol- ford, Jacquelyn Enos. Jeannie Christensen. Dan Kelly. Second row: Darrell Shane.-Phyllis Reed, Joan Richardson. Gloria Draper. Daye Floyd. Virginia Nebergall. Barbara Sampson. Pennie Lane. Phyllis LaBarge.A 3Liss Cleveland. Third row: Charles DeR0shia. Ben Yoliva. John Karon. Mary Alice Lyons. Mike Conway. Don Johnson, Carol Jusrus. Jim Hammond. Ed Edinger. , ,, W: Q 4, . 4 , .4 my--1, 1' ,,,, A , , 5 M1 . 51 if or 'W' 1 Front row: Nancy Nal-cagaxya. Robin Gordon. Rita Franz. Donald Sprague. Dorothy Barker. LaVonne Svhuster. Judy Youngnian. Virginia Parker. Second row: Harold Ruark. Gary Hurley. James Eng- strom. Jlyrl Chapman, Jeanette Vollert. Philip Ostendorf. Wesley Johnson. Mrs. Congdon. Third row: Larry Lee, Brian Titus, Bob Lincistrom, J Brad Hare, Richard Carper. Charles Moser. Bricker Cortner. fa " - J .1 A ' Va' i ir., A . , 1 9,18 ' t MR Lcafe Front row: IJ.n1--nn Srlnnnll, L'---1-Inn It-wiv, Erlylh Mn-h.1cl, Sh.n'on Ewcll. Sniidrn McCaughal1 ' Karin XX-inf. .Imlx l.inlrn Second row: Kathy XluDon.1lri, Terri Rao Johnson, Joan Spgnggnbgrg .T.n'L:z4- Xl.'r'n'., T- ni X-.I Chun!!-.n1,nu, Ihlhvrln G.nIln.nIh. Nlnrx Eunglr-. Mr, Un-rlrn-R Third row: Larry Mix, Duane Dishno, Ray Ran l.nn11,TulJf- XIX.-r-, 'I'fu1'4-mf' Ch-vI.41, lloli Il-in-N, Viv Gnnuf, Mark Snow, Ch.n'lvs B.u'nus. ' 78 'ii 5: Y V.-3, ,gp W ,M ,, -V :ing . Y' , f, 1 ,g,,,,W, if 4 1921 , w ,f 'QM me " ' ' r , . M V .ya nf jffv I 7 7 is ,f L: X' , K 'fv ' 7 , ,mv . WWA, ff ' M f hw 'W f -up n...l' , Z' MR. 1 3 I Front row: Bruce Dalsanders, Genevieve Wassberg, Donna Morsbach, Nancy Bennett, Sandra Wilson, Sandra h Vincent, Linda Henwinerling, Joline Brett, Lonna Brown, Paula Hubbard. Second row: Carol Piper, Doris Clut- ter, Janis Seger, Janet Johnson, Alice ,Akan, Joann Bolnia, Judy Fitzpatrick, Marie Gargano, Richard Hardenbrook, Kermit Forbes, Mr. Fry.Third row: Charles Hiatt, Gary Hills, John Evenson, James Dewey, Clark Daly, Pat McNee, Ronald McLaughlin, Michael Dunn, Dennis Alkire, Richard VanHeisett. 4 W 1 N - ' 'T F' .A 'W Q ,wg W, "5""' ' V Q: '3 ,. I 'V , MR 1 Front row: Judy Derogatis, Denice McGinn, Connie Ernst, Carol Glass, Lynn LaCombe, Doralene Losh, ' Jarra Merica, Donelda Hartle. Kathy Jensen, Second row: Mr. Glover, Barbara Gormley, Judy Connors, Doris Gerike, Naomi Ross, Ruth Olson, Diane Rothwell, Pauline Paul, Sandra Beard, Joyce Hauschild. Third row: Bill Bacon, Paul Norris, Carl Smith, Alan Whiteside, Bernard McGlocklin, Buddie Schroeder, Dan Brinson, Clinton Britt, Dick Lehinger, Linn Edinonson. F Q G: C 55 f 'wr Front row: Jerry Johnson, Judy Frye, Vicki Anderson, Marjorie Harris, Margie Huelle, Sharon Witt, Jan- MR' -' ice Lundy, Margaret Bruce, Sharon Rinck, Bonnie Tuke. Second row: Annie Blossom, Joanne Hawley, Donna Johnson, Sharon Kimball, Warren Lamson, Gary Hardwick, Gary Corkins, Richard O'Conner, Sharon Cuddy, Judi Chesrown, Carol Austin, Carol McLellan. Third row: Lloyd Anderson, John Walker, Jim Gates, Russell Nelson, Dan Kroetch, John Roberts, Gary Anderson, Eddie Paro, Jeff Kyle, Dick Stannard, Mr. Hagen. 79 A ' -.7 L , H , 4 A V E , I f 5 U 411' 5' -. A .V M ,' , . f l 5 1, ' Q 't 1. M fi ...Q lg., ' 25' ' .. A 2 Q., , , fini : .Q . Q f' mv .1 o 2 ff.- l 1. .Wir ' -ey 1, L 1 Front row: Jo Green. Rosie Stockton, Sharon Wilbur. Mary Phinney. Judy 3IcVa5'. Jeanne Howard. Carol ' Anstis. Marilyn Forrester. Judy Conger. Second row: Dave Cox. Jon Opsal. Jim McMullen. Terry Thach Deanna Wiediner. Diana Martin. Deedy Gerl. Karwyn Bright, Grace Tregallas. Third row: Jack Sarratt. Bob Lovell, Ed Smith. Clare Thomas. Brent Gates, Bill Pierce. Donald Wogberg. Mrs. Haltorn. f , . ,Q as fm" 'Q if 53, 1 gf 4 ...N lift V Y l MR 1 Front row: Barbara Hughes, Nora Duffy, Berierd Schertenberg. Pamela Struck. Patricia Massender. Linda ' Poiilin, Kay DeChenne. Louise Ives. Dale Ault, Second row: Terry Paddock. Rod Lincoln. Karin Weberlmff Sonja Nelson. Lee Glen, Larry Tillman. Roger Kiihrt. Toni Dellers. Mary Ann Schooler. Third row: Jim Connes. Dwight Merkel. Rob ert Ullrich. Ronald Hawkins. Ronald Becker. Steve Odell. Larry Oty. Mr. Jones. ,ma - -L 'aw aff- W ,rf at Q Q ' sf gf 7: jxaggyqasfsn 1 ll K3 f -r ,. A L I L -1 Front row: Jann-v NIUI-'.n'lnnv. Kurt-n Johnson, Judy Sxxxinson, Marilee Brookp. Nan 'Y Ri' li- D Tofem Inn B Ie-nr Rilknwski, Mum Ann Sl-lnnsii-xg .Inyt-e l-Richards, Dennis Grattnn Second rovrvi Sltaixfrvimkifilsgim Turiwll Hum, l,nIIv l,-intl.-1, I-Hin' Nl.lvl1sm1,'I'1ll'l14' NI.-out-. B.n'lJur.u Wallin-v. D.nslt-ne Bvckcr. Rohr-1't Wnmlvrlicli, Mr. Kurtz. Third rgow Jim fliilwll-lvlui. Hnllwll XI.nllv. llvnnls ,X-lnlivvl-4, Kllkm' Lilmpi-il, Gl'llI'21' Krall, J-:lin Sllllllllfffb, Berry Bnwnigni, Rubin RISICCII La K8f'Il, Carl C':nmpln-ll ' 80 4 I 3 Vai I s MRS. - Front row: Luanne Hein, Janice Hahn, Dennis Ballo, Virginia Murphy, Elaine Newcomb, Diane Dickey, I ' Pat McNab, Bill Carinain, Claudia Gardner, Kathie Kringle. Second row: Judy Hawley, Gaye Koeppel, Dan Martin, Ed White. Coline Davidson, Sandra Inman, Edna Race, Linda Eickerman, Ardyth Anderson, Mrs. Kroske. Third row: Richard Rockstd, Dave Roark, Glen Showalter, Steve Potter, Joan Hallgarth, Miriam Witham, Pat Murphy, Dave Anderson, Norm McPhee. mfg fjir-1, ' , 'K' M LH, L A 5 W . f a - l .,"C' E, . fi fn - , . , 3 Q I MR 1 Front row: Janice Corrigan, Jerre Jordan, Marlys Horn, Sharon Mehl, Bev McAllister, Nancy Nethercutt, ' Sharon Welding. Roberta Gibson. Second row: Jim Kemrnish, Barbara Lingle, Kay Lindquist, Sherrie Sor- ensen, Gay Sisich, Linda Porter, Bonnie Palinlund, Madeline Riches, Sharon Boles, Monty Faler. Third row: Alan Balderson, Marion Gordon, Norman Erickson, Robert Davis, Duane Thompson, Henry Luce, Joe Perez, Edward Thomas, Tom Ovendale. - ' ' A fran, warfare, I -L 7 S M Front row: Gayle Kuest, Jean Anderson, Judy Bickerstaff, Joanne Johnson, Bill Porter, Linda Rodgers, ' C - Patti Monohon, Jo Storch, Sharon Simmons. Second row: June Tillett, George Burkhardt, Roger Hall, Frank Smith, Thomas Judge, Dan Kraut, Betty Helbig, John Fort, Mrs, McNew. Third row: Gary Johnson, Larry Summers, David Meek Robert McGe0rge, Mike Connors, Stanley Casperson, Denny York, Douglas Denton. 8l -. '5' at X F ,717 'lb T -I 1 f' D. . ' ' 1 , ' gr' c N "' S 'T 1 , 5 YS X 4, V W , lay- 1 gl f F, W. ' f lf Ai 9' 'sv ,jk I xv. ""x"z-if-,A b rlinf' Carol Bruce Xlargaret i Front row: John Fowlds, Bill Alberts, Lynne Stenhotise. Sharon Gem e D. , - Ducl-zett, Joy Putnam, Larry Walker, Karen Mcliibbin. Second row: Richard Xv3.DCBl'DD. Gary Kurtz. Jun Bruck, LeRoy Stockton. Lynne Buroker, Joyann Obde, Starr Fohlman. Pat Dillow, Arleen Johnson. Sharon Howard, Mr. Malter- ner. Third row: Darrell Sullens, Jerry Berendes. John Thomson, Don Paggett. Gary Eakins. Bill Bovrman. Dave Morlan. Gordon Sar- ber. Clyde Matlock. A Q 1 Y . 1 , gf' Y 7 1' 1 ,ja ...ic 342 , , ., 1- i':""" -L vw l Sxlvia Connor Julia Kvle. Karen Jensen. Pa- MR L C Front row: Marlene Burns, Marilyn Jones. Helen Ons ejr. -j . X ' tricia Waddell, Peggy Stockton. Cheryl Hamilton. Ralph Graedel, Second row: Melvin Shaw. Walter Mer- rick, William Powell. Karen Graupner, Judy Tobias-pn. Pamela Fonts. Ruth Norbjf, Robert Sletten. Jim Moore, Dale Pratt. Third row: ' ' ' ' b ll. Bruce Brockway. Douglas Weoldle. Robert Albright. Hans Robertson. Richard Bishop. Mr. Manfred, Richard Hoering. Larry. Camp e Jerry Atkinson. 'QS 7 .4 iff fill: t -. lllll v ' Nl' an UNK l 'lr l . .4 'x 1 y ' f"VP alas--. ,,.,.,, we so Q NK I I S nclri Bllvvlx Craig Cosby, Phyllis Daniel MR .- Front row: Nlllln-Y:lln'l1llli1',G.lNlm' llriirlrlrk, Pvilul 'l-li 301 on . , . ' Xlnrilsxn Salina, .l.nlilm'Juhl1smul1. Jlnly Xlullvnlx Second row: Karen Ricketts. Lola Walker, Steven Chcroke Richard Frank-, l,.nu Ilrwsmi, Ed Shqnn-V, Daxltl Nt-lwn, Miko Hk'llbhllNk', Hivlnnxl Emerson. Mr Mhyic. Third row: Donald Vannurdcn - 'I -lt Twin 'l':u1ni', Maxwell Mau h0u.M1kc Spring.: Cai'-il Toll. Sharon Lenhart, Kenneth Harris. Barbara Brnnrxllu, Rffliwt Hr xx L , I K WX ,i me l ,ik V MR. Front row: Sharon Ocheltree, Judy Greear, Susanne Robinson, Carol Peterson, Sharon Wells, Dixie Hoyt, Marlene Garberg. Mr. Miller. Second row: Leonard Kress, Ronald Wellman, Theresa Frampton, Sharon Murgatroyd, Phyllis Todd, Doris Keeling, Kathy O'Keefe, Karen Hedge, John Blake. Third row: Dennis Smith, Jon Hulbert, Maynard Moe, Jon Couture, Gary Wagner, Larry Prophet, William West, Ronald Lang, Dallas Smith, Alan McBurnett. ,N , V W 2' ,.. MR T Front row: Helen Dueweke, Mickey Brenton, Mary Anne Edwards, Animarie Andrews, Starr Ha- ' green, Betty Town, Louise Larson. Second row: Jim Tollefson, Sue Long, Judy Gustafson. Jean Hively, Freda Brown, Judy Lawrence, Emily Noel, Sharlene Cozzetti, Art Martin. Third row: Mike Mix, Ron Peterson, Steve Bischoff, Esse Bjorklund, Ken Weber, Jim McClenahan, Mike Pratt, Dennis Wilde, Mr, Monohon, Q3 tx Q' ' Q76 V' 12,1 ' 'M -,... 5 -Wg j fi if MR T Aufo Front row: Melvin Stapleton, Glenn Templeton, Gerry Becker, Richard Voss, Terry Byrnes, Ken- ' P neth Higbee, Ronald Williams, Howard Starn, Ronald Zimmerman, Larry Heckel. Second row: Lynn Keys, Tom Collins, Gary Skaife, Jerry Wilkinson, Walter Bare, Richard Clark, Albert Pence, Donald Bruchett. Third row: Ed Thomas, Mickey Carney, Gary Munyon, James Hansen, Larry Chatterton, Rich ard Burris, Jerry Hildahl, Fred Brown, Kenneth McDonald. Mr. Olson. 83 C ' , ,op 5 . , W Q . 1' 1 . 1 w V - , , -'e lg 35 ,- ' 1 Q- I X X wh. ua -n - 1 S X , : 1, r r , , 1, f 1' 'Vw . .. '-ew, - V X l .gs 4 .iff-T551 li 1 Front row: Terry Hopkins, Larry Beaman. Ellinore Richards. John Jones. Lois Norman. Robert Brown. Gary Burkhart. Second row: Rodney Schultz. Steven Poutre. Paul Lorenzen. Janet Gleason. Mary Schaum. Lynne Winnington. Rebecca Beehler. Carol Pry, Pat 3lcLay. Miss Rawlings. Third row: Daryl Glubrecht. Keith Pratt. Keith Bremner, Alan Peterson. Jim Smith. Joyce O'Connor. Billie Jo Butler. Roberta Weller. Steve Hoitink. Karen Heinz. Judy Ladwig. i K if 2 v P fx K MR 1 3 Front row: Eyelyn Baker. Donna Nudell. Patricia Sandgren, Marlene Ransbottom, Al5Tie Ferguson. Judy ' Deyaney. Charles Rodman Second row: Jackie Robinson. Gloria Pack. Sandy Van Doren. Carol Casselman. Carolyn Babcock. Carrol Herrinian, Arthur Schindele. Mr. Spurgeon. Third row: Wayne Simpson. Barry Fell, Dick Shears. Gary Cook, Don Smith. Bob Eckberg. Charles Koehler. Ron Odell, Guy Sligar. C' C Q, ' I-fl, 74: s ,Q bv 1 G m Front row. .-'tln-v l1.n'nn. Karyn llwrnnt-r. Rust' llcwcy. Lynda Baklcy. Sharon Dgyid- ' Y sun, Lint-I lfrx, Sinn-in I3ll4'Il.lll. l.num ll-txxard Second row: Sharon gouge,-. Kathy' .fXn.rsIn-rn. .lull t funk, Xlmh-nv Ili-nm-It. lN.nn-X I'I.lblk,14lIlKl.l ll.n'.1hlsun, KIill'j0l'lL' Conrad, Christy Fackenthnll Thnrd row: Ii:n'h.n'4i Plxnns. Hun-mln ligullrnnsl, Ilnln-:ln Ilnsst-lt, Pnl C.nll:uhun, llunnlvt- Iillls, Sandra Gnllcnmrc, Ruth Capps, Mrs. Bvardp. , . , ,.,, Zh . .l V ,V ,, , ii af , 769 M ,, , ,A V ,V W1 f 'WW ' gi , FW 'T T15' f 3 VM 4, f 2 , ,pn f f' .v, 1 2 UW WW1 . 5 4 , f L, My X, ., I MR I Front row: Mike Dodge, Jimmy Sundberg, Peter Duffy, Donald Sheldon, Art Michaels, Jerry Walt, ' William McMurtrey, Terry Freeman, David Fried, Dean Roath. Second row: Mr. Broadwell, Charles Novits, Bob Williams, Jerry Russell, Fred Alexander, David Selvig, David Youngman, David Hodson, Dennis Turnbull, Ralph Miller. Third row: Terry Barr, James Lee, Allen Hall, John Grigsby, Ronald Stevens, Kenneth Lundy, Marvin Costin, David Bishop, Michael Merriman, Jim Austin. be ,!g'f.s, ' 1 Fw , V K5 ' 1To+em Inn A Front row: Faye Harriman, Pat Barton, Ed Hanson, Jan Tuinanga, Dennis Nelson, Dolores ' Reinbold, Audre Maloy. Second row: Mary Slager,Geo1-geanne Jackman, Sherry Rigas, Marjorie Armstrong, Joe Whelham, Neil Bernardy, Mrs. Brown. Third row: Stephen Rainbolt, Gary Peterson, Shirley Barthule, Norman Ran- tanen, Wanda Poesy, Yvonne Webb, Monte Duncan, Linda Loutherback, Kenneth Doelman. - 1 , "fill P' 'V' fr ff, 3 Q ' 'Q 2 , ' ' 'M ,.n.. , V X 7 v..,r"' f' H 3 . , x i MR 1 D Front row: Ronald Routon, Mary Jo Jimenez, Kathleen Hanson, James Nelson, Randy Grimes, Susan ' Edy, Julie Keizer. Second row: Carole Parker, Jerrilynn Allen, Penelope Ginther, Susan Breeden, Dee Schaum, Joan Long, Margaret Chase, Pamela McLaughlin, Mr. Erickson. Third row: Robert Ritchey, Stephen Atkins, Ray Adams, Sally Liere, Rodney Harris, Mardell Jacobson, Donald Willett, Gerald Hansen, Dennis Shaver, David Ingram. 85 Q 4 1 7 1 M, ,,. , , , 7 I ff V' 431 I vt ,Lf f l! if g if , 5 24 ggi 5 , ""f'n'fk 45" ' 1' , ,... 3 diff? ny A. ff .3 , ex - V 1 B Front row: Phyllis Tonasket. Pat Chamberlain. Joanne Wynne. Bob Todd. Frank Nichols. Marilyn Taylor. Donna Hatch. Penny Opsal, Second row: Karen Kienbaum, Roger Buckman. Mike Lowery, Jack Merry, Eddie Ecl-choff. Arlynn Mathers. Ruth Nasburg. Julie Petruss, Miss Grant. Third row: Walt Falkowsk, Dick Gibson. Loren Saling. Charles Robb. Ron Countryman. Colleen Mellen. Bob Egger, Trudy Kelly, Barbara Knaack, Janice Franz. 1 5 '15 , I ir in- 4 iff' rf T Front row: Marjorie Brunelle. Donna Zornes. Stan Bump. David Richards, Bernard Harris. Karen 3IcChes- ney. Janet Kroll. Janice Ault. Second row: Carol Cowin. Loretta Hartman. Robin Cunningham. Lynn Burge. Bruce Nelson, Jacqueline Hogue, Judy Rooney, Judith Brown, Jerry Potter. Miss Houck. Third row: James Riddle. James Stan. Terry Hiatt. Robert Bassett. Frank Barale. Ronald Tonani. Gerry Morgan, Dorothy Pool-Zrus. Linda Randall. +1 J J ff .. -4 ef 'A if I v 5 " A H ' -s..1 , 4' , ' 'iv f'2"ff - - ml . ff ,A , -. - 1. . f , ' . , 4 ' 4 - 3, ir I Q ,. X . . if ,- . "' 'W . -, ' 37 , " e X f ' - 427 r V' v -r-9 MR H T Front row: Cqnol Surrqutl, Slmn-4-n SumlI.u'i'i4. C'.n1'-il Swett, I,Ul'.ll0l Coukl'4m. Shirley Zerbst, Miko Rihm. ' ' Second row: limi-:lx I-'Ii-mimi, B:nh.ii.n lit-mixing. Diiullns Thmims, Patricia Yancoy, Rita Duff, Claude Hgimplfm. Ruin-it XIIT-I, NIV .IIIIHN Third row: Mu-Inn-I Nlllli-r, Nlirhgn-I Samlerl-ui, Irgnrrx Ru'kvl'. Hnw.ii'd W.nlkur, Douglas Huxsol, Jim Crmlballgh, Hirllxilrl Clnyrgi. NVXIIIJHH Dull:-lin. Gfsiwy, mx fwf, ! M 'sf MR 1 A Front row: Virginia Brookman, Pat Pauling, Barbara White, Judy Burnell, Karen Crosbie, Shirley Keegan ' Ronald John, Lyle Carstens. Second row: Shirley Fromm, James Nance, Charles Minnick, Jennifer Eacho Joyce McCoy, Sandra Riggs, Lucianne Anderson. Ruth Ann Reid, Mr. Meyer. Third row: Lenore Sheldon, Bonnie Haney, Marlene Riley Ronald Boatsman. Bruce Nelson, Jerry Breeden, Larry Thompson, David Bennett, Mickey Barnhill, Robert Lund. 4-Q-my Mm X.. 5 ef , '1"7 -L51 G m Front row: Sandra Miller, Pat Madison, Judy Lightfoot, Jean Nikotich, Sandra McCaskey, Bev- Y erly Jamison, Sandra Mulvey. Second row: Sharol Ogle, Judy MacCulloch, Patsy Overby, Faye Long, Joan Mitchell, Marilyn Kringlen, Hazel Lee, Miss Pinkham. Third row: Roberta Myers, Marlene Mead, Mike McLellan, Linda Kemp, Ellen Lantis, Susan Nelson, Debbie McCoy, Sandra Laursen. . ,J S, , fee' W M ,za W -fwyq,., QQ, ,rag ,., V. ay.. . i i V, -wy MR Front row: Emogene Erling, Bill McKinney, Raymond Seely, Darlyne Eveluncl, Jerilyn Sanders, Janet ' Retter, Connie Brault, Sandra Edwards, Mr, Randall, Second row: George Wilson, Shirley Coolbaugh, Phyllis Ertz, Kathy Browne, Larry Puretoy, Donald Smith, Jim Thompson, Richard Chamberlin, Larry Sherling, Jim Bosquet. Third row: JoAnn Collett, Sandra Altig, Andea Nelson, Gary Carpenter, Steve Bell, Jim Beck, Ron McMackin, James Peterson, Barry Jesson. 87 I 1 f: ,: M , , fr,- sa- N , '- - 1 s ' f' MR 1 Front row: Jill Graham. Sandra Nickelson. Lynne Pierce. Lydia Anton, Floyd Burchett. Bobbie Jean A1 ' brighi. Lynette McGee. Sally LaRose, Rosalie Maxwell. Second row: Michael Grunerud, Judy Anderson Nancy Johnson. Donna Rockrus. Karen Knapton. Madelynn Abitz. Jean Marr, Janet Swenson. Wardene Marr. Thu-d row: David Rosen ki-anz.Larry Koffel. Bill DeLoney. Larry Riclfield. Earl Watson.Dick Leuer, Dwayne Severn. Don McNearney, XVarren Barnes, Mr. Rowley I A . ...A ,J 2 -, -- ,V .4 ' 1 'if ' , A QZ"r""e W I ,M ,QL ,uf-2 A ff," my Q- - s ' I 9 v, fj Kuo, I? Q- ,f ,J MR. RUSSELL - Snlpizio, Bonnie Eric Carolyn Brewster. MR. SAUNDERS - 322 row: SHI IJ1lnnf'n,D.n'.l 88 r 4 ?,t e., E' Q1 'CJ' ' , Qg una' our all 'ur f I r X ' CF' 4 Frc nt row: James Jordan, Mary Ann Wilson, Patty Mack. Sandra Riecliger. Gayle Carpenter. Barry Benoit, Second row: Lenore Johns, Shanon Gee. Wayne Bro. Ronald Bradshaw, Gaylord Carter, Peggy Holt, Diana l-ison, Mr. Russell. Third row: Linda 1IcCrea. B1ll Pardnn. Darrell Kreitz, Robert Yantella. Don Hyer, Jeff Brown. 5. 3 'fn ,7- ,,, l A Front row: .llnln llvn-X, lmlzn-1.1 XIL'I,.lllL1llllll, S.nnirgr Stull, Currie Unger, Julio W.n'flcld. Second row: Hlnnnn Nlmlls. .lr-.mnnw llnm, Nlnrx .I.1nr Wm-lls. Dun Jones. Phil Gardner, Don RIJUIISCII, Third 'I fl!-fun, llvrlwll Nvkmu, Jlnlx Ul.n.ksIn1u', Disk TJNIHI1 Ijmlll Xl.ll'Iil1, 'XIII S.lllI1dCl's. x, V Zim 'W if ff' ' , T 1 G m Front row: Dianna Schneider, Shari Reetz, Carole Rountree, Judy Thorpe, Bonnie Somerville, Y Maureen Slagg, Marilyn Tucker, Pam Wacker. Second row: Yvonne Taylor, Peggy Tantum, Betty Wilson, Sharron Richardson. Marilyn Towne. Sandra Richardson, Judy Wegeler, Jacqueline Van Lippleloy, Miss Simpson. Third row: Janet Piper, Sharon Rauer, Linda Sayler, Esther Shouse. Terry Simpson. Jackie Stone, Carolyn Stewart, Sharron Stern, Bonnie Underdahl. 2 1 MR. SMITH - 408 i fra 'HY Front row: Nancy XValte1'. Michael Cowles, Sheila Ohneck. Janet Miller, Marilee Ruby, Toni Merrick, Danny Clark Ernest Luchini. Second row: Patty Jo Voss, Linda Headley, Gary Poss, Karen Hughes, Elaine Peter- son, Dwight Severn, Donna Conover, Naida Fisher, William Church. Mr. Smith. Third row: Mike Jones, Bob Ott, Dan McCormick, Alan Kaul, Calvin Pethers, Michael Milner, Don Dunnell, Sharon Carlson. Dorothy Bennett. i V5 4 4-., : , r , sn. f. I a. 1 i 1 MR. SPANGENBERG - 4 I s 55,335 Gorremans, Donna Cozza, Marlene Jacobson, Sylvia Idoux, Mr. Spangenberg. Third row Nimmer, David Altvater, Bruce Rankin. FOWI GEIFY Kobloth, Wayne Holland, Larry Schrocder, Sharron Hatch, Joyce Wederspahn. Shull, Virginia Fluman, Clifford Myers, Tom Fuhriman. Second row: Kathy Wahl, Pamela Madelene Cosner, Shirley Cunningham. Nora O'Hzira, Louise Lnnkford. David Driftrneyer, Lloyd Burchett, LaMar Miller, Nick Caruso, Leo Davis, Leroy Hoerner, Ruby Hahn, Dick 89 Q 'V 1 f :A . J 0 rv '1' ,Kev in-J K -Q, ' M, g V4 ,. , Q, ,A 1 Front row: Don Larikford, Ozzie Cherrapkin. Ray McMullen, Lonnylea Tysver. Barbara Kelhner, Cathy Sander. Henry Faulhaber. Bob Sherman. Second row: Pat Craggett. Jim XVarner. Karen Moore. Deanda Sylte, Deanna Sylte, Millie Majvbee, Rebecca Wood. Dona Branson. Mrs. Stockdale. Third row: Kenneth Srxiith, Ralph Stratton, Pat Schirrner, Veronica Voss, Jacquelyn Thompson. Bill Payne, David Watt, Richard XVhai-f, Paul Meilleur. L Je fy is . 1: -if V ' A. 1 f 5 QT' as 75,3 'al ' . ' F' . 1- 7 , , a A V , af-, . ,,, , V 4 .-I i ,',j5:3, ,-5 ' V srl ' 1 5' 1 L 4 ':"11,,,g,-i-'-gq,'- Ci' ' ' pr f , S 1, saigzgfggil., f 6 ,. if ' A 1, zgvm.-.i-1 , , . ' -Q Q- V Lx IM :-. . .5 I ' i, M ' 4 i ' i ,a ,.f, R , in R . .hut A -4 N in 5: - in it ' 3 " E ' R R z c 1 Qt R' R tz Joe Bunch Donald MR 1 4 Fr-ont row: Nick Hill, Ralph Sehonder. John Woody, Ronald Zink. Leslie ee . . ' Barth, Peter McGoldrick, Second row: Vern Gaines. Glen Robnett. Charles Yoda. Jerry Justus. John Goeller, Don Dragoo, John Peterson, Byron Burtness. Mr. Theodorson. Third row: Gene Allen. William Spangler. Dougles Turnbow, Robert Adams, Ronald Klaus, Odis Denmon, James Owens, Robert O'Brien. ,Mx V W Y .,,. , Q Q41 ay 'T ft """" 2 R 1 ' x Y Rb, X . I M' Ki gg,-f Mtv!!! uhngt, " nt llowxrd XV0llmun, lXIarv Dashbaclx, Darrell MR Front row: llnli Humlm-V, Xlfllmn Julmsm, X7ll'p2,llllLl Nitin -. ' . K ' Smith, Cnllvt-n Wood, I7-.num Byrant Second row: Dick llodeo. Eddie Edvnnge. Linda L.aVxgne. Julio Fanning, Vicki Read, Belly Scars, Pal Rnwlls, lNI4nr'l1-nv Srhmilz, Mr, Tublv. Third row: Lloyd XVilbnnks, Jim Braun, XVallacc Collins, Sandra ' I"t'Hi1' I'1l'rv Smith Frovik, Hturvt-v Koehler, Dianna- Il me , H , 90 W , A I f -3 M.. M' 1 . 5 Q, ,. , 4, V., 4, g .5 "f"'9lWH'5. Last chance! Homeroom period provides a few moments for last-minute preparation-whether it is intense studying for a test or a much-needed 40 winks. "GoIIy, I've just got to memorize that last line," muses Sandra Sprecker. Shannon Haskill, Connie Darrah and Sharon Cogley cf homeroom 409 show off their winning Christmas door decoration. 9I gg? a ' v : 4 ' ,kin , 'YW' ., ' .f ,. ,.-W -V X.- ., 1, -f 2' . a La 1. 1 -r 4. 1 , 2, 5, f BP .ygrf 1 ' 7 ,s. ., , - ' "3-.Q if-x.,5 7,1- 'S if-" N, , ,. -, ' , I . ,. K 4 ----V ' g - 'f K v-ki -. u " - "rw-. ff- ' 'Q ' R V --,gy ,gi -, . 2 ,, ,Y , , 4, - V. , A ,f" r'-,J ' 1, K , . :V "ff ' 'Li ' - W TF A' A M--f-"iw-I. V -, - ., a. - , -,..- ,. 3 'K W" l f'1:'?" i'1 N " 'A .fb l J - s 4, jdw ,lx -f 17. l., -51, 1 N- ,, ff-.-,, -V W 3 LJ "xx -,. .ik :I '-.A V., " J ,. 1.. ki,-A V - N X, ' 'N " was '- my A N , X , A --f --.. . ,V x, 1 -Q-' - 9 "1--'B wb., , u. ' : 4' "WF . K, ' k 4 ,JS ff-' z""" s E, . A 1 ,uf f ' , 1 f'2??!'iQ:f,'X4 ' ' A .-,-9i" f'l?!,i?ff"'f"D V -' 4' , , 1f-WH ,, . Ag W V" 'f:5!5f!f2fW25f""W"5 iifvvif-' ,- 1-' J ' f f ,f.,f,w' w -- , f- fwf- " ' ' rfrzfaf' 'f " f f eww., , ,- j' V," i' f'.!f-diy :lk , ff f 1 V 1 V , , fr ,1,,,,,,-N-f id' V4 A f ' V ,:,,q,-gL,,,1',f0, -' ,M Inga. ,?3jy"vm, If V,mv V , , X XF' 5, rn. p I, V ,V MW fff 2 5 Z f x fm, 2 ,rf if fulffaf M49 M. "" f'f"'Wf" , f-KW-15Wf"' Y " 'f4'4f7'Wff'f""' " ' ' A lf? I ' " .,,,,,W.,,,..M:f-fm-fm, .' vfg,-qgyfw , , ,, .,, T .vii l , aZ :! ? V k,W,M1,vQ,., ., ' V:.gQ?'ii1'?5?5Zif - f - A Wei- 'LZ,',. 'Y J, N? X film up so me Zag Wo1'lcivzg togetfwr. Early lumber and mining industries, however crude, paved the Way to a prosperous, growing city. Eccry' bmtfc and nzfzjdcrz is rt rrzczrzllfw' of Hu' ASB. Sjzorzsorizzg a Korean orplzan, X is 136 . sl ' -fl. w x b ..,f f 'L-.L A ev 'W FALL ASB OFFICERS-Bob Dickey. president: Terry Toy. vice-president: Brenda Hewitt, secretary: Pete Praetorius. treasurer: Tom Russell, fifth executive. Main objectives of the A-Xssociated Stu- dent Body are to increase interest in school activities and in general school welfare. The House of Representatives and the Senate make up the student governing bodies. Each hoinerootn sends a representa- tive to House ineetings each Thursday. One boy and one girl elected front each class and the Federation and League presi- dents constitute the Senate. Standing connnittees. appointed by the president and the faculty advisers, include honors board. dance. convocation schedul- ing. election. finance. school and grounds. and scholarship. Highlighting the first week of school was the "How Hop," the third annual get- acquainted inixer. On November 9. not- too-eager boys were dragged by over-anx- ious girls to the Sadie Hawkins dance. g f ii' f x 5 'E- ., gt f-4 FALL SENATORS-Lulu Wulke-I, ?4UUllUllIHl'UQ Tln-lnm Tollefsun, senior: Kay Dodge, junior: Bill Bailie. 5HlJllUIlIHl'L'I Gary Kovppcl. junior: Huy Manson, senior. 94 lilllltfllig f1'.s'son.s', zlnlw rl111z1'f'.s',r1mI 7'!1f1r1f:.x'giwir1g mul l,'f1ri.xl111r1.x H1'1'll'Y jr1n11'fif'.s i V ,i .-., E ., y :fain if if ' L X A fa. if ,ig l yt, Q , A Y M ' W' ,,1?li.,w ' WM, 1 "" f" ,155 Q My , ' J SPRING ASB OFFICERS-Kay Dodge, fifth executive: Barry Solemn. treasurer: Judy Oty, secretary: Keith Anderson, vice-president: Terry Toy, president, which proved to be one of the most suc- cessful of the year. Christmas was a busy time as the ASB raised money for a needy family and staged an impressive convoca- tion. The semester was climaxed by the "Wi11te1' NVonderland." a date dance held at the Spokane Hotel. A new idea put over by the ASB during the spring semester was the Co-Rec night. On this night, the gym and cafeteria were open to all those who wished to take part in various forms of recreation. Another new idea was carried out in the bulletin boards placed in each homeroom to display the students activities. At inter- vals during the year, money and supplies were sent to Kwak Yong ln, Korean war orphan, adopted by North Central. Later fancy socks and Bermuda shorts set the scene for the "Sock I-lop," held in the gym. L W CMJ SPRING SENATORS-Colleen Wood, freshman: Diane Steckling, sophomore: Larry Oty, sophomore: Ron Quincy. Federation president: Diane Wood, League president: Allan Goetz, senior: John McCoy, junior: Fred Alexander, freshman: Jan Mast, senior: Linda Shriver, junior. 95 wzfffrfw ff ffm' mmf llfxflbl'f, fUvQ1ffHf,:f!f1'fJH in ffzwwflfml. fJOHZf'I'00l7I IJ11Hwf1'12 fwrl S b J A f 'VA'-WTWZ 77 " 5W1?f'7f? , , f M, 1 9 ' ' PS9 f ' 7 ., ' ' ' . f ' ' ' ,. 'lc 5? HONCRS EOARD-3e:t:d: Ca'-1LJi,a1u T'11EnaLxlt H.IDP1'!.I CON SCHEDLJLING-Kay Sales, Dore-me Hagen. Ga x 11,1121 N J. P S,Ql1.':m. Demi? Girl Stand ng: .Sine A1152 Morgan. Glen Martin. Doug Goodrich. 3211-ze L3 'D:'x'L. Funk C15 I-1 Tl I Y 'fl ,.. 021 w -3 , 'x Q4 Q . N SCHOLARSHIP In .L KI.-Mr W ,ry IMH1. XY.-.HI in-xl DANCE -Mnily Kromm, Juyvc H.1LxschxId.D1g" 6 1 II1 ul-1--vu, l'in.uM114 Sl 1--v NIvKm-, Stmmn Lund. Brody Cunklm I 1 s and a mobile sound unit foo' Totem In 2 '. N , 3 - ...f were the mann f?7'Oj'6CIf.S this year. I, .,f, ' - ,,,.., 2, ,fe 7 1 so la- ek l ,,?,,M,l 'QQ' 5 'Zh ' 24" f ,, f - ' f- ,. 2 '- - 'f ,: ,ir ifeh ,. 'Q f , ' i VM 4 . ,Q Z 7676 9,7 -, , ., if ,11 791 f, , ' ,,- X 1, Y .Aff . :WA V, 437159 ,Q fm " 5 'ff A f , fl f1:Wff 'L' i ff' 4 ww: : 1 wig i ff J Moy Y: 4.41 ' fmez f-'gf vff,.fefw ' Q , 1 , ff: ,ig -, Y 'f Q 4 i ', fe: 'Q .' ,gf ff 3 4 1,2 gem i , : ff 1, f 4 4 ,6 , I. V. 9 , f ' , 2 ,Aga J, f , V' 1 1 X ,J ey f V J ' ' l, f , ' "" f ff '-5 ' ' f',' 1.57, ,f.77,'Q' 1.47 "' ,:, ' :JCI f ,ff ,Ln ' " ' ' 2 Y Q HONORS BOARD-Karen Bodley, Nancy Nethercutt and Virginia Hulick. First row-School and Grounds: Janice Sipe and Kay Dodge. Second row- Don Cox and Ron Smithg Finance Commission: Richard Van Camp and Barry Solem. Q, 9, -'lg ' 'WW Maw, A V5 5 wi' wg ' Q ig .cf .,, ,d if ,IA Seated-Election Commission: Margaret Bruce. Standing Spring and Fall Election Commission-Clockwisez Judy -School and Grounds: Bonnie Underdahlz Honors Board: OW, Buzz Davis, Keith Anderson. TOYU Russell. Carol Jean Thibault: Election Commission: Billie Jo Maloney, 97 A4 -iflfllf Off li2'lUI1Kf.9lI1if? and coojlfamziolz among fill? girls is clevlojlcfl' 193 FALL LEAGUE OFFICERS-Marilyn Lanphere, president: Sandra Glidden. vice-president: Phyllis Fix. secretary: Jacky Geri, treasurer. Every girl in school belongs to the Cirls' League. Established in 1918 by Miss Jessie Gibson. the organization strives to attain the ideals of honor, service and loyalty as symbolized on the League pin by the Amer- ican flag. a young girls face and the Red Cross flag. Nliss Patricia Damon is adviser. Central Council. the ruling body of the League composed of the League officers and representatives from each homeroom. directs the semesters activities. During the fall semester. the girls spon- sored the Big Sister program. the P.T.A. membership drive. the annual Dad-Dauglr ter banquet. the Lion Leap. the winter mixer. a fall style show. a college panel and Courtesy iVeek. New activities introduced this vear in- cluded a Coke party after school to promote a more friendly relationship among the girls: and a popular money-raising project in which girls had their pictures taken at Christmas time sitting on Santas lap for a small contribution to aid needy families. wid ' 1' VPN i 4: Fall League Committees -- Dad-Daugh- Style Show: Linda Green, Diimm Lion Lcap Mixer: Dnrenc Hagen QU. ter Banquet: Barbara Bailie, ticketsg Smith,, chniruiam, Carol Ja-un chairman: Joyce Littleton, clccuxxitlxuns' Charlene Slosser, dvuuralimis. Thibuull, - ' C' 98 Claudette Km li. eo-ghml-,mm their jzarrticijzalion in tin' nmny jn'ojc'c'l.s izmrlarlaffwi by Hu' l.mgu.f'. . K, SPRING LEAGUE OFFICERS-Dorene Hagen, treasurer: Janice Aaseby, secretary: J:-net Schuster, Spring semester projects included pro- viding the League office with a clock. pur- chasing an engraved gavel for the Shadle Park High School Girls' League and adopt- ing a child at Lakeland Village. Annual Cotton Day, April l2. was high- lighted by a mixer in the evening. The Old Gym, scene of the dance. was a bower of spring flowers forming a lovely settting for the gaily hued cottons worn by the girls. Other spring activities included co-spon- sorship of the vocational conferences. a style show and a Mothers' Tea. vice-presidentg Diane Wood, president. The League trio furnished entertain- ment for various convocations and school activities. Janice Aaseby, Shirley Eagle. Beverley Donley, and Marilyn Lanphere. accompanist, compose the trio. The third annual Big Sister award went to Nancy Burney-the evaluation being done by her Little Sister. Each girl earns League points for which she receives either a bronze pin. a silver pin. a gold pin. or a gold pin with a ruby. depending upon her record of service to the school. Spring League Committees-Moth- April Showers Mixer: Janine Gratton, pub- Vocational Convocations: Maxine ers' Dessert: Kay Minnick, arrange- licityg Joanne Dalen, arrangemeritsg Sheila Bowerinan. Huberta Kinney. ments: Arlene Noel, decorations. Randall, election: Betty Rolfsness, decorations. 99 ll'l1t'fl1er ln' be fltpjlllllflll or .sffnior lad, awry boy belongs to the Feflemfion FALL FEDERATION OFFICERS-From left: Don Kolb, p Ron Quincy, secretary: Gene Ericks The Federation. founded in l9l8 by Lowell C. Bradford, is still under his super- vision. This organization has done much for all boys who have been or are now students at North Central. For boys new to the school. the Federa- tion gives an annual stag party. The Archie Buckley Inspirational Award is presented each year by the Federation. It goes to the football player who has been the greatest inspiration to his teammates during the season. This year, it went to Dave Ricketts. senior. gg ., , i iiii 4-f-1 . W-3 resident: Gary Burrus, vice-president: OH, U'e8SL1!'6I'. Courtesy lVeek in November. which in- cluded Chivalry Day and Tolo Day, and the Vocational Conference in March were sponsored by the Federation and the Girls' League. The annual novice debate tournament. sponsored by the Federation. promotes in- terest in debate and in public speaking. A plaque is provided on which the name of each years winners are engraved. A novice track meet during the spring semester is another of the Federation projectsg and a year-round project is the convocation for boys. held each month. far FALL FEDERATION CONINIITTEES. Upper Class Representatives- Front row: John Raymond. soniorg Jim Mt-Bride. junior Back row: Lanny Anflm-rsnn, st-nlnr: Gordon Mills, junior. Lower Class Representatives-Clockwise: Jerry Brccdcn. ft-Ltshmanl Jeff Kyle, snphtnnrrrt-3 lvlztynnrrl lvlm-, Stlljlllllllillllf Gcnt- Allen, frcslnnzm. Department He'ads- Front row: Dave Rickvlts, gpmttgl fm-nllj Guorgt- Solunrlrrv:-, nt-rsnnnl st-rvicu. Back row: Duff IVIUKQQ. school service: Steve Herbison, community st-1-yin.. I00 which endeavors each year to trench the goal -- beiiei' .S'f'IlfKfl?7lff.S', belief .wrlz.rml. ,,.. lf: . i ' - i e,,. r M -' ' , xc i - .f fe.. W i to T la 4 'W rr -I 1 2' f i j 'x ' 7-' 2 4 SPRING FEDERATION OFFICERS VICE To give the boys experience in conduct- ing elections, a precinct system. siinilar to the city election system. is used in Federa- tion elections. Each honierooni is considered as a pre- cinct, having its own election officials, vot- ing, and counting of votes. The four offi- cials include an inspector, a judge and two clerks. The hornerooin representative acts as the inspector: and he, in consultation with the teacher, appoints a judge and two clerks who help the inspector with the entire election. -Skip Perry, treasurerg Lanny Anderson, clerkg Gene Erickson, -president: Ron Quincy, president. The boys are required to register first. then vote, thus preventing any mistakes in the balloting. One of the Federations inost iinportant projects is sending a boy to Boys' State dur- ing the sunnner. At State he learns, by actual practice, how the government func- tions. and how it is connected directly or indirectly with Mr. John Q. Public. Bob Dickey, Du ff McKee and Ray Mason were elected North Central delegates to the meeting last sunnner. Duff was later selected as representative to Boys' Nation. held in Wlashington, D. C., in August. SPRING FEDERATION COMMITTEES. Department heads-Seated: Dave Ricketts, sports-for-all: Ron Barber, community service. Standing: George Solandros, school serviceg Paul Knostman, personal service, Vocational Conference Committee- David Acree, Jack Maxwell, Jerry Jacobson. Federation Novice Track Committee- Seated: Jeff Kyle, John Raymond. Standing: Austin Pagnotta. IOI HmfIc'l1t'.s. zum'rz'f'.s, jun. fzzugfu mul Hlflllil' C'.X'jICl'I.c'IlC6S, .XOlIlc'f1'I7Zt'.Y Zllllljllllfy. go , 1 , 5 .. Uh- - y 4,'la x but , W. 1 l02 ,:f4 gint: -5. Af 2 C82 af- 1:9-A , J X 1' - 1 19 I Ju. vnnnuu-any-I-rv' pig. TAMARACK -Left to right: Janine Gratton. editor-in-chief. art editor: Denny Olson. art: Larry Kmgen. art. boys' sports: Jan Mast, Vern McGee, associate editors, homeroom editors. lVith Ll history of traditions. activities and legends of another year at North Central tucked between the Covers of the lSl5T Taniarzrck. the staff may now stop to reflect upon the years eyents. Pictures taken by the school photographers. under the direction of George Sniith. were mounted by Denny Olson anal Larry Kingen. The art work was clone by lnnine Grat- ton. with Nleryin Manuel zulyising. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF - Front row: Jim Franz. Gary Phillips. Middle row: Roger Clausen. Dennis Collins, Esther Ray, Pat Wheeler Back row: Mary Gattis. Frank Har- rison. Tamarack staff: Linda Russell. girls' sports: Phyllis Stalick, associate editor. 7 a Eisqlq l v 1 f' , . -- 1vrl.'1t::.' l l -2 it 251113 'H ' 197 ff-mwwq-mum-vim -f -at .1 5 Qu Il mtg with ztfmftirzg on the ytfrnlzoofc .s'lr1.ff--jz1tf1H.s!1t11g lllf 1957 lrmmmcl Left to right-Tamarack Staff: Trying to understand the complicated workings of an engraving camera, as explained by Torm Tronsen, engraving camera operator, are Janine Gratton and Joelle Lyons. Claudette Kuch and Judy Abernathy, senior editors: Advisers: George Smith. photography: Mervin Manuel, art: Mary McKenna. publications. During the two-week sales campaign. a record nuinber of 2050 subscriptions were sold as the probability of padded covers. the first in North Centrals history, was featured. Dorothy Rudisile was campaign and business manager, and Carol Jean Ellis. advertising manager. Printing was done at the Technical and Vocational School under the direction of Don Townsend. Janine Gratton was editor-in-chief: Vern McGee. .Ian Nast, Judy Abernathy. and Phyllis Stalick, associate editors. ii-ff -- t' KliL'll 111 11111111113 N1 R Ii 'tim 11111' of ilu' 1t'llCffllg l11'gl1 5611001 j111j11'1's in 1116 llI1fI'OIl, a.,s..:. M ,i 14. ' , 1... ,M 5 Q f, we sf Q ,, J 62' L. , Z NEWS STAFF-Left to right: George Grier. editor: Joelle Lyons. managing editor. Sports Writers-Seated: Stan Woodhurst: Jo Storch, girls' sports: Lois Richards, ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' L d. Lois sports editor: Bill Bailey, Standing: Mike Conway, Jim Dewey. Sharon un Richards and George Grier check copy on one of their weekly trips to the print shop. No einotional "stop the presses" is heard above the Click of the tvpewriters and the continuous huni of voices in the North Central News office. The News staff writes and edits copy. inakes up the pages. 31- -v' reads the galley and page proofs and "puts the paper to bed" each YVednesday afternoon. Under the direction of Bliss Mary Nici-Qenna. publications adviser. The News has won top honors each year. Miss Nlciienna was awarded a gold key "for pre- NEWS STAFF - Left to right: Mailing - Seated: Freda Brown, Diane Steel-zling. Ruth Olson. Standing: Janet Bofto, Cecelia Reuss, Circulation: Sherrie Miller. Ray Volert, Bill Bailey. Erich Luschei. Business Staff-Seated Sharon Albert, Advertising Man- ager. Standing: Dorothy Miller. bool-:I-Zeeper: Dorothy Rudisile and Linda Green, business managers. QF' - IO4 'lv . W Mays an mfegml part of H10 SfIlIllfllfY.S life Illlllllg lzzfs lzigfz .scfmol ynnxsp . --J Ll lima- K 9001 VS?" -or Q' -QP Reporters-First row: Pat Wetherell. Yvonne Weiss, Janet Bofto. Sherrie Miller, Sharon Ott, Ruth Olsen. Second row: Mary Engel, Nancy McDougal, Cecelia Reuss, Diane Steckling, Ray Rantanen, Jim Hansen, Gary Nelson, Norman Harris. Third row: Erich Luschei, Ken Wilson. Eliriore Richards, Freda Brown, Carol Quarles, Randy Battan, Jim Bruck. eminence in her field" bi' the Columbia Scholastic Press Asso- ciation. The award was made in New York, in March, during the associations annual convention at Columbia University. Outstanding writers on the News staff are elected each semester to Quill and Scroll. international organization for high school journalists: and four members of the stall who have done exceptional work are appointed each semester to membership in Junior Press Club. NEWS STAFF- Left to right: Feature writers: Diane Wood, fall feature page editor: Betty Rolfsness, Irene Sherwood, spring feature page editor: Joan Geiger, news editor: 190 'HDV' wma, 5 Sue Helsby, reporterg Nancy Noonan, exchange editor. Pat Todd, Sharon Lund, fall co-managing editors. -PG ,,-W. ..,, 9,51 jwfzfff .1 I ,, i , " Q 5:-ww 55 V ,IQ Q , . 'sz r ' 'cfmf 7? Y E I05 l'1zr.vjf'v lI't'lIfIff'l'.X mir! mort' fI'0!2!I1it'.9 to flu' grozvirzg C'OHFCfl0l1. l, 5 I? I Seated around the table are Howard Emerson. Terry . v V ' e, ,453-t't.rf1 Duff McKee polnts out helpful information to fellow de- baters- Bob Dickey, Huber-ta Klnney and Sally Akan. 5-'F ,QQf.f'V LT? " -'ca -1 ? ,1,.'pft a 1 Toy, Sally Akan, Duff McKee. Huberta Kinney. "Resolved to win manv debatesf This must have been the resolve of this vear's varsitv Debate team. who won first-place honors in the North' west District 'liournament. entitling them to compete in a state competi- tion at lVashington State College. Sec- ond-place honors were awarded them at the Northeast Debate League Tour- nament. lVeel4s belore the debate league started, the debaters worked on the vear's question. "Resolved that the federal government should adopt the basic principle of the llrannan Plan." Practice debates were held under the direction old Arthur Nliller. Studemf CO1lf7'Ii C?7IfI7'l'C,'HS school 'l'7lllI?.9 nm! 'lY?g7LffIf7iU7I,.9'. 'fNot guilty, your honorf pleaded a "kid" brought into student court for violation of a school rule. The judicial branch of the student government was headed during the fall semester by Judge Allen Goetz. Working for the students and court were: Defense attorney. Keith Ander- son: secretary. Janet Schuster: Gary Burrus, prosecuting attorney, and bail- iff, Thornton Smith. Presenting the accused to the judge, Paul Knostman. were defense attor- ney. Ray Mason: prosecuting attorney. John Raymond, and bailiff. Gene Erickson. All the spring proceedings were recorded by Brenda Hewitt, sec- retary. Chief among the violations was smoking Within restricted areas. Stu- dents were sentenced according to the severity of the offense. An offender is lectured by court judges, Allan Goetz and Paul Knostman, as Janet Schuster looks on. Front row - Fall Student Court: Thornton Smith, Janet Schuster, Keith Anderson, Gary Burrus. Back row -Adviser Del Jones. Spring Student Court: Gene Erickson, Brenda Hewltt, John Raymond, Paul Knostman, Ray Mason. ,i K' f 'Q ., W N.,-,,..f" mazda Q1-1 3? 4 , xr W1 , 7 . tr' F5 1 f P 5 E a ' I at Q V I 4 ., ,7 WARRIORS-First row: Dick Throrn. Dave Ricketts, Dori Lobdell. John Skelton. Dick Baker. Blike Hammond. Austin Pag- notta. Ray Mason, Jim Bickerstaff. Ray Jacobs. Second row: Jack Holmes. Bill Green. Bill Bradford. Stan Woodhurst, Ron Vawter, Russ Foster. Gary Mehlert. Ernie 3lcI.eish. Ron Hedstrom, Brian Quanbeck, Bill Diedrick. Third row: Gary Burma. Jim Tierney, Fai-rel Romig. Laurin Lee. Ron Barber, Gary Koeppel. Ernie Nye. Don Cox, Tirn Richard. Jim McBride. lX'arriors are the letternien of all inajor and ininor sports. The group. supervised by Xvllllfllll Dietlriclt. sponsors the annual football banquet and helps a needy fainily at Christinas. Funtls raised by an entertain- 111611K convocation anal the sale of booster buttons. are going towartl the purchase of a inovie projector. Three Cs Bible Club is one of six Youth For Christ groups in this area. lnterclub functions. parties and YFC rallies are among their niany activities. Meetings each Fritlay inorning are open to everyone. 'lihree Cs. one of the largest school clubs. has an attentlance oi about 50. Nlr. Russell is atlviser. ff' 'W Qfo THREE C's- First row: Ruth Olsen, .It-ann: Johnson, Gail .Ml.uns. Ardxlh .-Xtnlt-isuii, Dnrlync EYCl.lIlL'l. Kathy Kringle. Jeanne Milt-hcl, Jvwm- App:-II. H.imon.i Davis. Put Buck, Loulst- Nash, Run Second row: Shannon Haskill. Marilyn Israel. H4-it-rlx Hair, Barbara Waillat-t-, Bt-x Fleming, Sharon Copley. Host-in.ery Klarlin. Carol Hnchnc. Sharon Murgntruyd, Jgmge lilxlugm, I.xn Enlnionson Third row: Terry'h. Bill DuLulit'X. Ron Fnivsliiali. Ron Turnqr, Cali Tl'XK'IHkt'l, Ron Harris, George Honshcll, John Johnson. Mr Russell IO8 ated ' ent da tie E Ms Q lt wand fora memlma. TALENT CLUB- First row: Mrs. Haltoni, Jacky Gerl. Pam Fouls, Susan Nelson, Gail. Ku-hlrna.n,, Penny Ginther, Miss Houck. Second row: Tom Paddock, Sharon Lund. Shirley Eagle. Marilyn Lanphere, Charlene Slosser, Dorene Hagen. Kay Hutchinson, Joyce Hauschild, Janice Lundy, Barbara Knaack, Dennis Beals. Third row: Pete Praetorius, Earl Moe, Dennis Anderson, Bob Shu- gert, Duff McKee, Keith Anderson, Terry Toy, Toni Hill, Ted Jahn. Dennis Collins. "Theres No Business Like Show Busi- nessu is the niutual feeling aniong the nieni- bers of Tau Chi talent club. In groups, they entertain for various organizations in school and throughout the city. Mrs. Hal- toni and Miss Houck are the aclviscrs. "Curtain going up!" is a fainiliar expres- sion to inenibers of the National Thespian Society, Troupe 628, who are active in the presentation of all school procluctions. Eli- gibility for inenibership is hasecl on points in various drama activities. THESPIANS-First row! Mrs. Oppen, Jane Morris, Peggy Solinsl-cy. Carol Gutenberg, Rose nary Sliuzcr, Slicrric Miller, Barbara Lussier Judi Seymour, Sharon Lund, Wilda Simpson. Second row: Ruth Bentley, Alice Rae Collins. Glenn Bradley, Ray Magney, ' Tom Paddock, Lionel Greenwood, Larry Kingen, George Anderson. Caryl Briscoe, Morrie Simpson. I09 median Pm. 1 ct" ,Lu :E - I 47 e7 i I4 1 cr , , FY Q l FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA - First row: Sharon Howard. Carol Jean Thibault. Virginia Hulicl-Q. Jacky Gerl. liarcia YYhiteSide. Joanne Dalen. Zaida Sly. Sandra Phzllipson. Second row: Roberta Gibson. Geraldine Livengood, Sarah Wizemann. Judy Gustafson, Lorna Overrneyer, Marilyn Lanphere. Kay Newland. Arlene Distad. Edna Race. Third row: Barbara Hughes, Marjorie Harris. Carol Gutenberg. Sharon Cosley. Janice Botts, Julie Wilcox. Carol Jean Ellis. Roberta Burdick. Sharon Gimbell, Nikki Selivanof. To be a "woman in white" is the aini of every nieniber of Future Nurses of Amer- ica. The club periodically tours the blood bank. the public health departinent. a hos- pital and Lakeland Village to learn niore of nursing opportunities. Advisers are Nliss Guild. school nurse. and Nlrs. Riegel. Gary Burrus. senior. with the help of the Spokane Medical society. organized Bledecine tl' Ayenir, Hineclicine of the fu- ture." to promote interest in medicine and to educate members on their chosen careers. A 2.5 scholastic average and a science or niatheinatics inaj or are required. -,A ff, ,C L ,. l K 'i-J MEDECINE D' AVENIR First row' XI,-ix .XIxr.- lhmlt, Hsin.. LR-ml--n, Anlymu- I-'ritgusi-h, B.u'b.u,i Swanson Second row: Pam - . . - . 1 - 1 . 1 f , . Iwwl Tutu' N-fl'-lu. T-I 1- hu-sf H, thnx lhuzns. lam Shuenll, .Mill Turm-xx Third row: lfluather Richardson. Norman Jones. Sally .Xl4,m, Soni.. IN'-lain, Pm Nlcbrtntli, Run Suulh, Ht-xi-rlx -Xi'-mson, Sharon Kinder, Esther Ray, Paul Knost- 1:w.m, Kan--h Xl4'KllJlIIll. Pal B1-am, cllkllllll' Iiow.n'rI, Roh Robmder, Bill Alberts, Pa! Claflin, IIO 6666 mmf ,dzaoldcaf Z ' ' monk! aiazaafew. I 2 MATH CLUB-First row: Lyn Sisich, Rosemary Sleizer, Pat Todd, Irene Sherwood, Joanne Lucas, Second row: Rod Hanson, Dorothy Rudisile, Dorothy Miller, Lin Lovegren, Dave Van Hersett, Mr. Barnard, Third row: Kent Sleizer, Richard Seely. Dave Unger, Gerald Bloom, Ken Williams, Jack Shaw. The annual mathematics contest and the basketball game between Math club and the Latin Club were among the highlights of the club projects this year. Mr. Barnard is club adviser. During the first semester, Dorothy Rudisile served as president: second semester, Jack Shaw. "A teacher affects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stops." FTA is a national organization whose purpose is to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher. The club annually awards a teach- ing scholarship to a senior planning to enter the profession. +3 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA- First row: Dorothy Rudisile, Sharon Ott, Ida Masterson, Deedy Gerl, Sharon Mather, Mary Arm Engstrom, Sharon Lenhart, Joanne Bolma, Ruth Olson. Second row: Karen Weitz, Sharon Alger, Carol Olson. Carol Quarles, Huberta Kinney, Charlene Slosser, Sally Engstrom, Diane Duncan, Joyce Hauschild. Thurcl row: Judy Johnson, Irene Sherwood, Roberta Warner, Lyn Sisleh, Linda Schatz, Fredene Moran, Diane Sheridan, Julie Womaeh, Mrs. Congdon. gunned and Zaagcmgec add to tie ext ' -is wr: AMORES LIBRORUM - First row: Louise Nash. Geraldine Blooin. Janet Eppley. Ida Blasterson. Peggy Kandler, Sally Engstrom. Charlene Slosser. Janet Bofto. Second row: Jack Shaw, Ken Williams. Ted Jann, Dave Acree, George Grier. Pat Todd. Joan Geiger. Ron Barber. Lois Richards. Third row: Kathy Carter. Shirley Moore. Marcy Yfhitten. Carol Jean Ellis. Sharon Lenhart. Audrey Butts. Diane Still, Clarice Anderson. Sheila Randall. Mars' Ann Engstrom. ln l935. Nliss Mary Bacoii. former li- brarian. selected BH honor roll students as a library reading group. The group IIICCKS twice a lllfllllll to discuss books and to hear book reviews and travel talks. Xliss Carroll and Xlrs. Hill. present lllJllLll'llllli. are advisers. T v - I Qfi "Senatus Populus que Roinanusf' or Senate and the Roinan people. is the offi- cial naine of Latin Club. lt was founded in lflll by Miss Klart' Evans to create a friendly relationship among those who liare an interest in Latin and the ancient lore of Roine. Nlrs. Briscoe is adriser. 1 fs., LATIN CLUB-Furst row: 11.111-. W1-111-mtl, l.-us H1t'l1.11'ds.C.11'-fl Jt-.111 Ell1s, 31.1111 Wliltlcii, Esther Ray Second row: Xanax' Nvllwlf ill, ll ihvllti l'x1111v1",, CI1.1ll1'1u- 5l1rssa'l'. row: Nli- fir:-11-1-, Slim P1-1'1' IJ1-lable NMC-13, Silt- Hclsby, .-Xiu-v Collins, Matirccn Slagg. Brian Qtlaiibcrk. Third 2, Htlllllllllkl P11w1s, P.111l K1111sl111.111. Gvrdou Nl1ll:, I-"wif ' MH' 1 s it uit ti:111, .Tunis Clilllillll. Dlillll' Halliwell. Dvvdi Gerl. ll2 ammm Zaaafc ozecufe an en ' Zia clad SPANISH CLUB- First row: Carol Fry, Sharon Rinck, Freda Brown, Rita Goodwin, Sherry Rigas, Second row: Jerry Strain, Rosemary Sleizer, Judy Seymour. Edna Race, Carol Babcock, Julia Kyle. Third row: Robert E. Rowley, Erwin Jackson, Jack Lind- berg, Roberta Backrnan, Janet Piper, Starr Fahlman, Jackie Stone, Terry Templeton, Dick VenHersett, Darrell Bowen. Spanish Club. originally named La Ter- tulia. was organized in 1913 by Miss Edith Broomhall to encourage the study and use of Spanish. Robert Rowley. adviser, who taught in Mexico for three years. adds au- thenticity to the old Spanish atmosphere at the meetings. umm! LIBRARY CLUB - First rovy Darrah, Second row: Mrs. Hi? row: Jerry Strain. Bfmnie R' , 3, 'llhe Library Club was organized last year to provide better library service and to stimulate and to promote student inter- est in library work. Pins are awarded on the basis of points earned through assist- ance. Present adviser of the group is Eliza- beth I-Iill. 7az'a'ze aecfzezfcnckea amd yhamaidazfa me Zfmdaeaf, mwwvmvsw ...sea fkf f QUILL AND SCROLL -Left to right, around table: Dorothy Rudisilie, Lois Richards, Joan Geiger, Pat Todd, Charlene Slosser, Phyllis Stalick, Peggy Kandler, Irene Sherwood, Carol Jean Ellis, Janine Gratton, Joelle Lyons, George Grier, Sharon Lund. To become a member of Quill and Scroll, the international honorary for high school journalists, one must have done out- standing work on The News or the Tama- rack. The North Central chapter is namecl lor Fd Murrow, CBS commentator. Special project of Commercial Club girls this fall was typing cards for the new library system. They also shine the school trophies each spring, under the supervision of Mary Bowker, adviser. Club pins were macle available for the first time this year. 43 g Q ' 4 V, Q Q W -1 T S iv E -2' K G . . , it A in - N 'ws' ' ' -4, 4 :S Q " If ,X gi - . Q 15 lzuxsznun, Second row: Dianne llll'lJlll'11 Bowkor. Kny Dodge. In Schulz, Rust-mary lvlnrlin, lliu Jo lvlnloncy. rlqv '15 P Qwwle ,hadnt cwemgea eaten mia memfmaicga. vw a. .-3 ,,' J ,X X' , 414 5 VOX PUELLARUNI -First row: Linda Shriver, Lorna Overmyer, Janice Sipe, Janice Aaseby, Dorene Hagen, Judy Oty. Second row: Huberta Kinney. Claudette Kuch, Janet Schuster, Sandy Glidden, Diane Wood, Marilyn Lanphere, Brenda Hewitt, Liz Hassell, Karen Bodley. Third row: Linda Barnard, Janet Eppley, Liane Peterson, Sally Engstrom, Carol Quarles, Alice Rae Collins, Billie Jo Maloney, Shirley Moore, Sharon Lund, Patti Flynn. Fourth ro fv: Mrs. McNew, Phyllis Stalick, Virginia Hulick, Joyce Robert- son, Deedy Gerl, Fredene Moan, Linda Russell. Judy Conklin, Betty Rolfsness, Carol Gohsman, Judy Seymour, Miss Cleveland. Vox Puellaruni QVoice of the Girlsj, an 'l'he Eye Opener mixer, Painting of the honorary and school service club, was or- Year contest, decorating the gyin for the ganized 44 years ago as the girls' debating Sock Hop and the Sadie Hawkins dances society. Money raised by the club this year were aniong Art Clubs activities during is going toward the building of a new the year. podium for the auditorium stage. fi ,-. 11" is 09- tv .Q' lt ART CLUB- First row: Janet Murken, Janine Gratton, Alice Rae Collins, J, P. Sullivan, Carol Koch, Charlene Slosser. Back row: Mary Ellen Hurley, Virginia Tobin, Mary Ann Engstrom, Rosemary Martin, Judy Rizzuti, Robin Rollis, Sue Killin, Shirley Moore. lI5 Zena demic cue made Zhang! eden! afzgcmcyozziam. ' ,J , as - at ,- ll 9 ' Y aj? V may M K M A J AQUETTES- First row: Mary Alyce Hobbs, Donna Graham, Jan Mast, Lorraine Kyle, Susan Breeden, Theresa Frampton. Second row: Sylvia Connor, Jackie McCoy, Lola Walker, Arlene Distad, Nancy Noonan, Joanne Bolma, Marge Casperson, Brenda Hewitt, Dorothy Braaten. Third row: Thelma Tollefson, Virginia Tobin. Jean Miner, Alice Akan, Joanne Olson, Gail Thompson, Diane Rothwell, Deanna Weidmer. "The last one in is a moron!" Twice a month the Aquettes, girls' swimming club. hold their "Wet" meetings. Under the di- rection of Bess Milton, Red Cross swim- ming instructor, the merniaids present an- nually a spring swim show. The present faculty adviser is Imogene Knight. ah 2 ami ' Toward the close of Wforld Wlar I, local groups of the International Junior Red Cross organized to supply medical Care for less fortunate students. A dental and ton- sil clinic was established: the dental clinic is still in operation. Advisers at North Cen- tral are MrsNNlcNew and Miss Grant. xg ,I V 1 rs to iz 1: ii' RED CROSS OFFICERSASeated: Kay Sayles, Carol .lean Ellis, Decdy Gurl, Standing: Kay New- lnnrl, IVlrs. I.orrainir lVIc'N1'w, Gary IVIorgan, AI Goetz, Miss Nancy Grunt. II6 ewdcea me Q6'bf0'Z0t6d cad!!! 44564 acliaa. ,"7A .2 ,f W, '75 L ,J fa' T .- TRAFFIC AND GROUNDS SQUAD- Front row: Paul Norris, Beverly Shepard, Barbara Durcan, Florence Thomas, Ciline Dax'- idson. Richard Costello. Second row: Ed Flechsig, John Hertzog, John Larson, Albert Pence, Ron Foreman, Rex Brown. Gene Lott. Earl Moe. Third row: Dennis Alkire, Jerry Strain, Terry Cedar, Thornton Smith, Terry Thacii, Dick Hardenbrook, Charles Anderson, Jeff Ferrier, Mike Mclnally, Traffic and Grounds Squads are essen- tial for the maintenance of orderly conduct. Directing students through the halls is the job of the Traffic Squad: patrolling the building for "lawbreakers" keeps the Grounds Squad busy. Junior Press Club is nizide up ol repre- sentatives froin the newspaper and year- book staffs of every Spokane high school. During the year the inenibers are given a chance to meet and interview noted per- sonalities. gr- JUNIOR PRESS CLUB-Left to right: Tom Ambrose of the Chronicle editorial department. adviser: Janine Grniton, 1957 Tazna- rack editor: Irene Sherwood, feature page editor of the Newsg George Grier, spring News editor: Joeile Lyons. inunnging editor of the News: Diane Wood, 1956 Tamarack editor, former feature page editor of the News: Sharon Lund, fall News editor, II7 . Y' , Y? , NSN Looks as though "somebody's goose will be cooked"-for Miss Grant's Thanksgiving dinner,tI'lat is. Nick Dagget gets a kick out of the whole situation. Tinkering with the motor of their "latest" automobile are' Ron Tipke and a friend. F 1 K ...Q f .Q I Dianne Smith, engrossed in The North Central News, seems oblivious to the villainy of Janine Gratton. Linda Russell munches away on a cinnamon roll. New cafeteria facilities are closely examined by Joy Hallin, Judy White and Tom Smith. Mrs. Agnes Foskins beams approvingly. ly - W ., NS' K?" A e A 1 !.,,'- The Dixielanders warrn up for the Saint Patrick's Day mixer. Front row: Pete Praetorious at the piano: Keith Anderson. leader. Second row: Gordon Mills, Tom Hill. Bob Shugert, Brody Conklin, Lonny Sander, Dick Garcea. x - .-1-1...i.....f---u-- Barry Roff polishes up his "hubangi" wood carving, place winner in the Scholastic Art Contest held in Seattle. llll a 120 J. P. Sullivan adds the finishing touches to Soc Hop decorations at the sign painting party, as Janet Murken, Mary Ann Engstrom, Charlene Slosser and Janine Gratten "supervise." ff' Who says chivalry is dead? Ken Zink. Nliflkey Carney and Tom Smith escort Dorothy Davidson Julie Mickey and Judy Holly to class on Chivalry Day. 1- ' X6 n V," One of the projects of the Girls' League was a Santa Claus stationed in the lower hall at Christmas time. For a quarter and a can of food, which provided for a needy family. the gals had their pictures taken sitting on the bewhiskerecl gentle- man's knee. Above: Gary Phillips pauses to adjust the cam- era while a curious crowd look on. Left: The results! Alice Akan smiles prettily as St. Nick lDon Kolbl rears his approval. ,, "Tis the Season to be Jolly!" Yes, Christmas is a Jolly time of legends and traditions. And, tra- ditional with NCites is the ASB Christmas tree, situated in the lower hall. Hanging the sparkling ornaments are Barbara Brown, Phyllis Fix, and Terry Toy. Q y Qi :Wi 4' Reminiscing about their ' trips to the Boys' and Girls' States last summer on the Central Washington College of Education campus are representatives Bob Dickey. Marilyn Lanphere, Duff McKee and Ray Mason. Duff went on to Boys' Nation. 2 , AHC ig f' if W lf- Ki 1 if l mf S' Federation president Ron Quincy shows trophies to be awarded at the novice debate tournament to contestants Sharon Lund and Brent Gates. i Not tfo young to out the mustard . . . ! Enjoying a Quill and Scroll wiener roast are, back row: Joelle Lyons, Phyllis Stalick, Sharon Lund, and Joan Geiger. Front row: Irene Sherwood, Charlene Slosser, and Peggy Kandler. Latin Club members putting the finishing touches on their togas they are wearing to the Latin Club Roman banquet on the ldes of March are Debbie McCoy, Paul Knostman, Skip Perry, Maureen Slagg, and Carol Jean Ellis. , 72.4 , V. 5- ,f'2'g ,A , ff: fjyw ,jf 2, 1 In f ' ff' 4 1 X 1 ,My ,..,, U , , f 'V .gy " 3" , I f f .f"' ' A Vx . , QQ! Q ,, ' mv , I 1' i W . ? y ,. ,f ragga .f ,. 4 me - Oblivious to all that is going on around them, Dick Franks and Myron Congdon COI'1CEf'ltf'3fE Oh 3 Ci"l6SS game. .-if ' 4 . wav" l25 -1.4 Q "1 l ,f fi -if . . E .F 2 A radar device for checking the speed of automobiles on the highway, invented by Ron Barber. left was the Grand Prize winner in the Science Fair in March. Tom DeMers. center, won second. and Tom Russell. right. first in the physical science division, ' L1 5 2- , - .ff ,waf L , x 'ff The beginning of 3 tradition. Sharon Lund, editor of The News. interviews John Carpenter. 1924 Sports editor and the first to use Indians as the name for North Central athletes. Mr. Carpenter, a radio and television broadcaster fcr KOIN -Portland. was visiting former teachers and stopped by the newsroom for a chat, , .Nm fha? ,Wu I Raw oysters, ugh! , l The rigors of a Math Club initiation are experi- Fwst, day bluest enzed by Cecelia Reuss as she is fed raw oysters Bewilderrrlent written by Ray Goeller. all over his face, Doug Stephens seems to have "lost" a class. M4 :ffwf 4-1 ' .-fwzrf '- f mal M -. 0 i -1fua, : f1 ' ' ' 1 A t , Wm ls that what they wear? Judy Phipps shows shocked amusement as she and Brody Conklin survey the "Hepcat" apparel for the annual Soc Hop being modeled by Bev Stradley and J. P. Sullivan. l27 Kathy Witt "screams her lungs out" urging the Indians on to victory at one of the exciting football ames "t Spok2ne's Memriri'l stadium C1l'0l Pioer sits tense 1s the team pushes on tcwzrd a touch- Q s- . . , ,. . , ,, , , down. Ellinfre Richvd-: locks concerned when cne of the Warriors is knocked out temporarily. I P' -1 ml up No-Co-H So off the warpath' Caught snapping! Marvin Gattis "shoots" some of the exciting action of .1 basketball triple-header :lt the Coliseum. H ap UQ chief Bill 0' - e - I Bradford waits with arms akimbo for an indlan warrior to sink a free throw. Ooooolol Just a few more yards! C'mon, lnjuns! Smash 'em!" screams Sharon Kinder. With a big date on the agenda, Carol Urback primps after the exciting action. "Honestly!" A Central Valley Ekearette looks completely disgusted at the e'xl-iilaration shown by Indian songleaders when the Warriors go ahead in 3 basketball thriller. l x ffm. W , W www x IZ9 ,A ee x A6 e Q55 Q0 9 ravi'-92-600150 491' 'Va' 9" ir for 5271 els- e1l'v'-'lglh -'uilh 'ban U2-"Q :ribs l'e'1e1.v damaged fbe unbq- 00013 014' sbotahe 712-flqival Gad V !i0n-'U SCIJOQL JI-arc-I2 11. Q, The News and the alnaraclr QQ prlnfed ai the lqhbgl, which d 5. heave, he school um:-fer pf-iq: e 5 chop. '-ffwevef, 0. 4. Tawncenq all I-inf' : on heaq Said that the two R Il . .11-I hub :Qs ma will continue "on -- s Seller. 'ev " gi 6 P A 010810 Btn Tonhsenri the u G a lr1a'r1k.!' of U16 dirnage Io 1,59 pri-.: shop was ce'-Lied qv mater l X' MASQ -Yeebed Chrough the onlie, L 3. QW Lhofm :bro U16 shop. "Pu-amen fbi! if 4 , A4 P1 I an , abd 'MRF of the Inacbmery d J mme, Wil-'J wpauxjm and 1: 5, 'V ' 7 S9190 Nw damage Polwdelublxh y 37 3, ' John 4. Shaw, why-intendenl of 711 - " ' 1 swoon we mar me mn which Q , ,, Q Wltimed Me 'half lgvef-e damage. '-ebably have been re- CQ X ""' of Me lvaelr. ! ' nl were put O 0 shew. "winch was ro.. QQPINU the new vel-fy ur the bl... "We six-nt Prlldal' SS co'l1.v,,t-121011 dir V f ' L0 i'P1YlhA"'9 -Y, 1 ' Q Cali - " 3 if , ut ,at , cleaning up." , Tohhsenq '3!q0' aqv to fvmrlnuo publi- on of 8:-Izfhl Dqhe-'tv and -iq- nualv again BIOIIUGJZ I am Elqd I no orc dafha L' was done. :Zi ll-0 :ill law- Obit' about one doy or our Dfwufbbh -W.-f,'SN1ule." . rs k ed.t0 boo elr d y F an A , New re' sca what 8 gr xhffe In fl'- t5 -or nd heal-n1RJ S 3 d theLPenTge New ha -I W re ffS h 1 he sfa rc IW ,- Ma hoo the' n SC anofilthsfiade In ghe wi s wa 93 ing' a"'3,u'd nf ted. ge ls.: we Hn of or D n w are vo. n fS3l'C"o Tan rf' d p,,,. he . ed an dll Eonfgrlefh sihe n0w,d 0 nne' W' ww'-W XA -Ani V .af Q- -- , Q f W i al , 5 QM ' , Ah in Qu-Q up ,f , , , l , if ' ' - F. uf. J -.L The decorations committee for this year's Cotton Ball, "April Showers," were caught by the photographer as they sat sorting their decorations, Umbrellas covered with gay crepe paper, dogwoc-d flowers, balloons shaped like raindrops, and a charming t reated a lovely background for the evening dance. Seated on the floor are Betty Rolfsness, chairman, and Shirley ' ht are Sue Eddy, Lind Engle and Linda Poulin. flower car c Nloore. Standing left to rig Sm 2 v I EY E i ' 1- ' v , . A- ,. . X + , i mln:-uv1,.,.-w ,f ' -'-4'if" V - ..n pw 5 'AJ ,Ep-xnlf 1 ' U' ' nun' " p'--, n I X 1 I i .'. 1 1 A 5 Q xghwx SN , it J Q: fd .QR 1 u 1 gi .0 Nb diy' 6' Q' 04 N ot N' 4 :fo 1554, 'V O9 .Q 'L fi'-S3 00.39.25 Goa, Q .Q . 'Oat-gg-.900 M5609 f1?f:.x Ne if '54, Q Y C75'C?Z, Q-YFJ? egib +1-' .aQ4VQf'ZoQ .if gc' 069900.3- qwyioge ONS Q12 Ne'ixQ',D4o,55tS +0 Q S Ofagcsegegf. Q? ' QQ E 66 6002 fig- Q' '77 S' Q 00' X qiZoqi84j:Q-2 I U N , v ' Yyffbbvvgff . A II mzj1m'ln11f mhz bt. IXIICIIZIC1 S M13- w 0 , . ,. . iggfflygf V 1 sum bcczune the i n'st cstnbllslmccl church vyey 5 4 - , 175- I4 Q 111 the Spokzlm' urea. we i . 1 7 X , 1 x "Not one penny!" insists Mrs. Savage iCal-ol Gutenbergl to her children, HIOHEI Greenwood. Torn Paddcck and i Caryl Briscoe. while Barbara Lussier listens ln. ii ",ltfm'i'zciflznzf1xfml"'jfl11.tf1jlwrliwcfrmlilzgmlfl Ill? fn ,4.21.,4f..,-aa. f - - Glenn Bradley and Jane Morris listen as MVS- SFWHQE claims. "I was a star besnde Ethel Barrymore. Ethel . . - len million dollars!! Une would think life ivould be f1"lJ1'E'6ZE'n with this nutch money: but it proved to be quite a headache for Nlrs. Savage. main character in the lall school play. 'lilie Cur- inus Savage 1." llaclagrtunul nl the single set used was a lmnlg rack lilling the entire rear of the iwmi. lt was constructed and painted by the stage crc-iv under the direction ol Ken Nllnarc. art llepartnient head. Prnpg1'tics. inani' ol' them borrowed from tlass lllL'llllJL'l'5. were handled nicely by l.arrx' liingen and his stall: and the faculty saw lluir laianrite suits. dress and hats nwzlclctl lima thcnt by the cast. XS cxprcssul ln' thc cast. the llllllll' hours ul rclu-arsals. work un the sets. and attena llllll lil xnanxa llclails all scent wmlliwliile. JN fW'i3"'m' lfmlsa llllrls In the lun and ex' lu'l'lt'lltL' lu' 1'L'l't'lXcll llum " l'l1g QUI-iuus Sgtxgigcf' in ,kg Ji -.Ms I "- ,l.,.s . -W .Xu ,XX "Play Hannibal, play." is echoed by Rosemary Sleizer, Ray Magney and Jane Morris to Glenn Bradley as he plays a Gypsy melody. IIIICHUIICC'C16'll'Q!lf in ffzwfzlfffifriy,"ThuC11l'zb0l1.xSflzfngw. L. . K Tcp: As Caryl Briscoe brushes up on her lines from 'lThe Curious Savage," Barbara Lussier adds a "line" of her own, Bottom: Carol Gutenberg waits patiently for Jane Morris to complete the "fixin's" of her new hairdo, while Glenn Bradley and Caryl Briscoe add the final touches to a teddy bear poster, 4 i 35 ii "Odds. bobs. hammer and tongs. . sing lusty pirates Ervin Schaeffer, Ron Solinsky. Bill Bradford. Mike Stroud lCaptain Hookb. Gary Koeppel, Henry Luce, Joe Grecco. Larry Bergman and George Anderson as they plot to poison the lost boys in Peter Pan. Cfzifdiwz from jour lo ll1'llL'fY'fUll1' In-pull "Palm Pun" ffzmzzgfmzzf jfs lllllc' Mb 'VUE 'QW A ,ie- ,si I36 Top: It seems Nana lL.arry Kingenl has lost "her" head over Peter F'an's iGlenn Bradleyl four- point landing. Bottom: Barbara Lussier pauses to reflect on a line from her script. An aspirin seems to be in order for the "pirates" listening to Mike Stroud's rehearsal of Captain Hook. "What a wonderful little house," exclairns Wendy to the Lost Children-Carol Austin, Carol Peterson, Phyllis LaBarge, Bev Stradley, Deanna Sylte, Deanda Sylte, John Hartman, and Jerene Appel! -as Peter beams with excitement. llt'I'fOI'I7Z,ClllCt75 with Hn' lost' boys, Hit' mzinzuls mid, of Coznxsic, I!1t'j11fraff3ts'. I11 tl1e wonderliil Il121lRC-TJCTTCYC place ol Neyerlzmd lives Peter Pan. This spri11g the tlllilllli classes presented the Cll2lTl11l1lg story lor the Children's Theatre. witl1 Glenn Bradley as Peter Pan. The great Challenge of flying Peter was niet with 21 "home made" rigging and hare ness which worked yery well. The niasks wor11 by the east were made by the art de- partinent. The set was co11str11cted by the stage erew u11der Mr. Mhyre's direction. The original script of NI. Barrie was followed Closely from tl1e killing of the pirates to the shooting ol' lVendy and Peters return to Neverland. Once again this play, which was present- ed under the direction of Mrs. Oppen. draina coach, proved that both young and old enjoy it, love it and renieinber it. fw "I'Il teach you to fly!" laughs Peter Pan as Wendy listens in amazement, 7 ,4 gem a mania 64 ,bzaacdeoi dy lie . .Iii . ' ,',1QQEc' l1'4 lil f l H ,S g I si ' f 5 'i , 1 4 , l 1 A Q , l ' el l ,ll l F 6 THREE FIVES - First ro-v: Say Hutchinson, Kristy Meckelson. Janice Corrigan. Shawn Howard. Second row: Barbara Hughes. Roberta Burdick, Jeanne Howard. Delavena Duty, Elaine Peterson. Third row: Florine Heine. Marlene Franke. Shirley Eaglef.-Xnn L Litzenberger, Sherry Campbell. Phyllis Stalick. Kathy Howard. 5 sn 5- ' 'sf lf 4 I x 'k '. x V N Qs. GIRLS' GLEE --- First row: limi- n.. L'li.-mln-ul.i1n. llqnxlv Kiiwl, D.vnn,i Glues. lymp,-V yuh-X .xlq,,,,y Second row: Ili lun-N, llnl--4 .Jul-lx llnrrix. .Iw.-in Lung, G.ixl- Hcmleickx, S4113 Full-5, X141-ll,-1 lqugwllv CMTM lhwuumn' 'Thx G rcw: Virginia.. Alurplux, .lmlx .Xmli-rami, liulyu-In Gullmrnilli, Sliirli-N B.ll'llllll1'. Lllillllll' llcln, Lmm-ll.: l".iului0 Paxil Four-in row: Jlmn Nlxlnluvll. Ilx'sAu1ll,s linllqiiisl, Yi-imiii-.1 .Xlhi-ills, 1Jil'lb Clutter, Num? Mmi:ullu,'g.i, 131.11110H1ng5!0n,II'X'llHxlllii I38 hee Jaw, 'a ee and Qfmmanetlee, '-x X , 5 I I E , 1' X ww. A , ve " 4 -- ,,,, f.z71f'3 " evw I f 1 A HARMONETTES- First row: Dianne Summerlin, Rose Dewey, Janet Swenson. Sharon Underwood, Kathy Kringle, Sue Ellsworth. Second row: Darlene Amsbury. Beverly Jainison, Lucille Arnett, Rosalie Maxwell, Karen Harala, Linda Howard. Third row: Bar- bara Davis, Bonnie Palmlund, Karen Kienbaum. Donna Cozza, Starr Hagreen, Marlene Riley, Pennie Lane. Fourth row: Patty Voss, Deancla Sylte. Sandra Laughlin, Jackie VanLippoloy, Deanna Sjvlte. Earlene Clapp, Darlene Dickey, T' ti , , , f .tg ew ' f, Q E Y , , "1 l 'i K f ' - pf X J 'f' is 'fa GIRLS' GLEE- First row: Delores Reinbold, Sharon Conger, Madeline Cozner, Darlene Stapleton, Cathy Sander, Diana Esinieu, Genevieve Earling. Second row: Darlene Amsbury, Carrie Unger, Becky Wood, Julie Fanning, Pai Madison, Marlene Garberg, Cc- celia Stimson, Jane Hester. Third row: Susan Long, Pat Rollis, Barbara Jean Downey, Sheila Fitzsiminons, Lenovo Johns, Beverly Fleming, Diane Chamberlin, Fourth row: Patty Voss, Phyllis Ertz, Jeanne Aldorson, Doris Keeling, Glenda Gillespie, Earla Smith, Laura Aris. I39 644246 guage Zecwec memafzdea ' 4. 1 CHOIR - Front row: Louise Larson. Maryly Sandeno. Ann Litzenberger. Judy Plein. Pat Barnes. Shirley Eagle. Second row: Larry Rogers, Doug Pacquiu, Margaret Daugherty, Sidney Pruitt, Linda Eckerman. Emily Noel, Third row: Lois Barckert. Kaye Barcla- ert, Marilyn Israel. Pat Wetherell, Floririe Heine, Kathy Howard. Back row: Dayid Acree, Vic Rizzuti, Richard Burris, Walter Duty, Dicl-: Squibb. Ray Powxs. .1,.. . .. wxffgi: t . v.-, 5 digg, i1?2if""'f 'V 4 -3. 6. if . ,Pm f ' ' 1 g r' r 19,12- . K ' . 1 ' 1 "2 Q 9-' 'r .xl ' - : f A 23. -. . '-22.11 -Qt' ww WA -if 4 if if P 'fa W X t -' g,1f3ux g.wt fig ' A . QV. - 1, . l , .X , . f il 1 V . iv- 6 in Q - N 4 ' . v ' '- 1 I , fy qsiq, 1. .. ' e- 1 ' i ,L 1' ' it I li f wg I .. , ,Tu .5,...Z,i.3?, . Q 1, ' , y ' ' fi ' -. r F--WP' X' 1: W 'f ll kv 5 . X'4'i'5g F7-7' ...y ' if - lf' 1 ' 'fvfn -'- 1 .Q 2' 1 , , . . - . .vt 1' ' ..-w " iL ' " " -Sunni: . f. els .- -91 ' .ze i Ja" " ' -1. 'K ..L ' ' 'x ' .2 Yu .. Q1 i .4 if I f . U i 11-gm 1.21, 11'z jj? . eajig A , . t ff'--.ff wp if va . ,Q if 1 Ig 1. . ww H i . . 11 Q J Q Q .' .' Fu QM! f STAGE CREW- Front row: Don Amlvll, G.l1'N Nl-lwn, Huy Bluyllu-1', Gary Smith. Gary Swenson Back row: Xl.n'lt-iw Xldxllhl, xl'lll'l1il Hull, Ju.m Klmllnnm. 1.11 Hiram-l I4O an 604t4lf'tCl6f6d Kg Zaye deem. CHOIR-Front row: Pat McLa3', Kay Olson, Sharon Gernberling, Dianne Pence, Genevieve Wassberg, Jean Anderson. Second row: Connie Darrah, Karen Bodley, Pat Altman, Delavena Duty, Jim Braun, Dale Pratt. Third row: Carol Jean Ellis, Ramona Tipke, Diane Rothwell, Lynn Buroker, Ann Vaupel, Dorothy Carr, Dick Sparks. Back row: Gary Barckert, Dennis Anderson, Jack Maxwell, Earl Moe, Bob Larson, Rick Schrier. "And now, ladies and gent . . . eek . . scree . . . bloop!" This shouldnt happen to a mike. and to make sure that it does not is only one of the many tasks handled by the stage crew. Managing light and sound effects. opening and closing the curtains, painting sets, and performing other backstage jobs necessary for the success of a show are taken care of by the nine-member class under the direction of Kenneth Mhyre, art department head. Stage Craft class is a combination of stage crew and stage design, open only to a lim- ited number of students who have had Fine Arts or Industrial Arts training. During a production, the group has complete charge of public address systems and stage lighting. "Music is the universal language oil man- kind."-Longfellow Outstanding performances have been provided for both school and community activities again this year by thc various music groups of North Central. under the direction ol' VV. Stanley 'I'allt. 'lihe musical year was opened by the ape pearance oil the Choir and the 'lihree-Fives in the Thanksgiving convocation. Sixty voices strong. the Choir. along with the Three-Fives and Girls' Glee Club. partici- pated in the "W7inter Music Festival" in December and the "Spring Music Festival" in May. The popular 'lihree-Fives were kept verv busy, entertaining for various community organizations and conventions. I4I "Thu flrtims go lmizg, the t"x'12zl1ftl.w elrzizg.1'fzt'l1oi'11.s,flzt'-r t1lft:t'11zt'ro' . . as the G FN Q4 BAND- First row: Tom Hill, Gary Shinkosl-cey. Ivan Johnson. Jon Opsal. Larry Bryson, Patil Knostman. Don Kolb, Jack Granger. Ron Jess David Cox. Ron Zimmerman. Larry Wornstaff. Second row: Glen Showalter, Douglas Weddle. Gene Loi. Ken Blossom. Ed XVeiss, Dick Plumb, Gary Morgan. Steve Bell. Ken Haskins, Roy Kuch. Dave Roarl-1. Jan Tuininga. Charles C. Anderson. Tom James. Third row: Warren Barnes. Ron Hawkins, Gary Anderson. Jeffrey Brown. Dan IXIcCorrnicl-t. Dan DeXYitt. Bernard Harris. Roger Bucknian, James Jordan. Dwight Severn, Gary Lawton. Claude Hampton. Lynn Burge. Fourth row: Bob Shugert. Lonny Sander. Dick Nye, Dare Aeree, Steve Herbison, Mike Rhodes. Dick H. Costello. Jerry Bolen. Jun XViekhani, Bill Flatt. John Elmore. Charles Hiatt. Ray Kafton. Jun McClintock, Jiin Kennish, Allen R3b1llard. Fifth row: Terry Roberts. Dick F. Costello. Tom Alberts. Dwayne Severn. Gordon Mills. Ron Pryor. Doug Goodrich, Ken Sletzer. Hal Hendrick. Bill Sperling. Donald Babkirk, Harry Cordell, Gary Hurley. 'llhe bantl. untler the tliret tion ol Lowell Cl. Bratllorcl. has eontinuetl lor Ill years to establish school tratlitions. Concert worla ancl inarehing has brought praise lroni all parts ol the Northwest. Football season o aenetl with the Nlerry- l , Cio-Rountl ffaine anal the bantl antl the Retl PV lleathers Jresentinwt the Javeant "Salute to l A l A Sousa. .-Xt the Shrine gatne. the hantl. the Recl Feathers antl the Color Girls appearetl in "No Nlatter lVhat the lYeatl1er." .Xniong the other outstantltng stunts ln the lianrl antl the Real lreathers tluring lootlpall season was gt style show. entitletl .Xutuntn l,t-axes, in whith ntetnliers ol the Retl lltuttlit-is ntotleletl typttal teeiraee I42 sts les while the bantl aeeoinpanietl thein. .Xn intorinal eoneert was given in the tall antl a forinal eoneert in the spring. Later. inarehing with their usual style and precision. the boys tlitl theinselres and their school tretlit in the annual Lilac Parade antl lYenatthee Blossom festival. l'ntler the stutlent leatlership ol loin Hill. the Pep llantl swung its way through another busy season playing lor numerous st hool inixers. 'llhe Special Bantl. eotnposetl ol' the l'ep llantl with specialty instrumen- talists. playetl lor sports eonyoeations antl other ex ents. 'llhe Dixielantlers. organized in lllfwil. hai e proyetl their popularity with the stutlents hy playing strictly ian niusif, lmml, 11111111 lifllllub' fl1'1w'l1'f111, fllllilllll' wjlff :ml 111114111 l11l1111fl 1','lll 11'1'w fI'l'f'IllIl'.N. Y' rn! fwfr Fi A WW - as We in CONCERT BAND - First row: Ted Jalin. Jerry Jacobsen, Keith Anderson, Mike McKinney. Dick Garcea. Norm Jones, Pete Prae- torius, Charles A. Anderson, Don Oglesby, Arthur Bousquet, Timothy Mayhew, Mike McCoy. Second row: Jeffrey Ferrier. Bob Rauch, Gary Swenson, Glenn Robinson, Don Lieske, Dick Olson, Gary Westi-om, Richard Hoering, Duane Thompson, Ron Stand- ley, Dick Steinmetz, Gary Reinbold, Dave Floyd, Charles DeRoshia, Third row: Ron Becker, Wesley Johnson, Esse Bjorklund, Dick Gibson, Bob Sletten, Darrell Shane, Daryl Glubrechl, Ralph E, Miller. John Woody, Floyd Burchett, Mike Lowery, George Hon- shell, Clark Ide, Don Burchett, David Hodson, Larry Harkins, Gary Millay. Fourth row: Roger Bass, Gary Bondahl, Bob Moore, John McCoy, Ron Irwin, Jim McMullen, John Lemon, Howard Babkirk. Harold Ruark, Denny Graedel, Toni DelVIers, Steve Young, John Burdick, Daryl Triplett, Don Adolfson, Ron Robinder, Fifto row: Jerry Strain, Bill Watson. Ron Barber, Brody Conklin, Ron Vawter, Bill Richards. Clark Daly. Jim Kurle, Bobby Cleinenson, Martin Hanson, Don Sprague, Jaznes VVarner, Lloyd Burchett, Larry Hart, Bob Hood, Lester Hair. Bill Burris. of PEP BAND- First row: Keith Anderson, Mike lVICKinney, Ted Jahn, Dick Garcea, John McCoy, Jim Mclylullen, Ron Irwin, Jerry Jacobsen, Glenn Robinson. Second row: Ivan Johnson, Gary Shinkoskey, Tom Hill, Bob Shugert, Lonny Sinidcr. Dick Nye, Dave Acree. Third row: Pete Praetorius, Jerry Strain, Bill Watson, Gordon Mills. I43 fs' I 4 ..y... ,. . M.-. , . '- f 5: k i 4 ' i K P : f 1 4111 ' r 7 -gnu J I3 ff, ,.g , A325 gfgyf, ., ,txt-3 w. ,c . , -t 1'5-:A x x"Q, NES-xXwfw ,. X ' -A, K. fx: ,'..-Q ,LN ..x.X -, , ' '.:'Zx J - fgv. Y --a w. My .4 ,Vx X .gs ,,95.-wg, 1 Ji!! 1 '- 'c:, WY-qs ...Ten .Q-Vg, .Q nmsnrnxmwmr- Incentive to push ahead and win. Hard- ships and peril left the early White man undaunted, and the Pacific Fur Company on the Spokane river came into being. Q .lf :Y gif, I . ' 1 .f f , yf , , If .1 fl Q ux I 7 Lg' , , ,Y ,K L V . j 1' mir. Lf ' 3 ivhf' V COACHES -- Front row: Dale' Blgmy B bquud, Wall Spumgcnlyurg, iruahmvng Ed Krctz, B squad Back row: Invxva-ry Bvnuutt, vqursmtyg Dum' I-levlmos, hcad xnrslty vwuuhg Blll Dledrick, varsiu 742455 actin!! 'l'he Warrior football squad finished the IQ56 season in second place in the city league with an over-all record of four wins and four losses. Three Indian players were named to all-city first teanis - Ray Mason. Ron Quincy and Ernie McLeish. 'llhe seven others who were Chosen for second team honors were Walt Wlilniann. Farrel Romig. Ernie Sinith. Ray Mason. John Derington. Clive Goodman and Dave Ricketts. ln the annual Merry-Go-Round classic. the varsity finished third by nosing out Gonzaga 6-O in the third period. Rogers topped the Red and Black l2-ll in the first quarter action. League action opened with the lVar- rw, fw VARSITY MANAGERS- Front row: Ron Hedstrom, Brian Quanbeck, Rusty Brown. Back row: Dick Costello, Gordon Smith. up Indians and their powerful ground CJ'- attaek, l--1. Witli the Pirates leading 7-ti. t F Braves took over on downs to set up riors forfeiting a contest to arch-rivfal and Clark, but Rogers fell the winning touchdown. Mike Hannnond scanipered 28 yards and three plays later y i 'ga ,.. 'TP it x I 9 - ., "i U I '81 i VARSITY FOOTBALL- Front rcw: Ray Mather, Gary Barton, Dick Rew, Gary Brower, James McKay, Larry Christensen, Mike Hammond, Bill Claflin, Bruce Reid, James Magstad, Philip Lorenzen. Second row: John Graeio, Russell Foster, John Raymond. Ken Zink, Bill Green, Raleigh Clark, Ernie Nye, Don Wilson, Benny Corigliano, Chris Shears, John Johnson. Third row: Tom Rickard, David Peelgren, Jim McBride, Tom Smith, Ron Quincy, Jack Fetters, Tim Pebles. Ray Mason, Wayne Collins, John Skel- ton, Jack Holmes. Fourth row: Lanny Anderson, Jim Zurnoto, Dennis McCoy, Ernie Smith, Walt Wilmann, Dave Ricketts. Ray Jacobs, Don Lobdell, Dennis Spurlock, Bill Baker. Fifth row: Gary Koeppel, Jim Tierney, Mike Weir, Farrel Romig, Dale Belden. Don Cox, Ernie McLeish, Bill Bradford, Ivan Payne, John Derington, I47 f Wi ,595 ,,, 1 s. 4 M vi". A X 1 ' 1101: 1, 1i4'!f'l'v 1 s 1 '1 Y ,"."5-.. 5 1 5 Y Vrii, , if J , i Kiw' 1 fi Ai ,M A wifi fi 15611 Jim Zumoto grapples with Dennis Morgan 4887 of Gonzaga as Jim McBride C705 charges up from the rear. Klll2il'lC1'lJ2iCliJflllll Deringtoii passed to lialfback Ron Quincy. who scooted seven yards into the end zone with just a niinute and Sl seconds reniaiiiing in the ganie. Gonzaga was scalped 25-7 for the second Brave XVll1. After being held to a scoreless first period. the Indians tallied twice in the second stanza and twice inore 111 the third. The Bullpups finally scored in the fourth fraine. Disaster struck as Lewis a11d Clark tallied twice 111 the last two l11iIlLllCS of play to upset the varsity 27-20. Only a second reinained 111 the contest when lack Sclilangen of the Tigers passed to Gary Cogdill on the goal line lor the winning 'l'D. TOP RIGHT TO BOTTOM RIGHT! Jim 1lCKa3'. Dave Peelgfeli. IYBII PHXUG. Ray Rlayiher. JOh!1 RBD'- viiond. Ras' Nason. Lanny Anderson. Gary Kneppel. Bill Bradford. Dennis Spurlock. Tom Rickard. Ernie Nye, Jim Tierney, Raleigh Clark. Dave Ricketts, Clive Goodman. I48 wg-J , tl. . ky. s-J Q Z ff' 5 f' V f f? . . if , ,f f , N ap jf ffm! ' A' ' ' , - l if 'S- - M23 Farrel Romig twith bally goes under in 'a Gonzaga attack as John Raymond 1523, Ron Quincy and Jim McBride 1701 come in from behind. Shrine game action produced another closing-minute upset of the Red and Black. As before. an aerial, this time from Rogers' Norm Harding to Art Anderson. accounted for the winning tally, which broke a 13-13 tie. The Indians evened their win-loss record at three and three with a soggy 19-6 triumph over the Central Valley Bears. Farrel Romig. Ray Jacobs and Ron Quincy scored for the VVarriors. Gonzaga was the last victim of the Indians in league competition as NC dumped the Zags 16-6. Jim McBride blocked 21 liullpup punt and Ron Quincy fell on the ball in the end zone lor the winning touchdown. TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM LEFT: Ron Quincy, Farrel Romig, Ken Zink, Don Lobdell, Don Cox, Jim Zumoto, Tom Smith, Ernie MeLeish, Chris Shears, Russell Foster, John Skelton, Gary Barton. Ray Jacobs, Jim McBride, Bruce Reid, Mike Hammond. ,ax -v? ,af iv 6 it ' .me fi -, n "-v J X. L h svn. s A fi ' X B-SQUAD MANAGERS-Gary Corkins, extreme left, and James Cooley. right. aid an "injured" player. North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central 1956 B-SQUAD SEASON . . . 14 Gonzaga . . . . . 16 Rogers . . . . . . 31 Lewis and Clark . . . 12 Gonzaga . . . . . 27 Central Valley . . . 20 Rogers . . . . . . 13 Lewis and Clark . . . 13 West Valley . -S 7 Gonzaga proved the stumbling block for Coach Ed Kretz' B-Squad football team which ended the season in third place with a -l-4 record. The layvees were hampered by tough breaks at the beginning of the season but managed to finish strong. The high point was their victory over Rogers. their tough- est competitor. by a score of 20-O. Outstanding players were: Dick Rock- stad. halfback and co-captain. who account- ed for many of the touchdowns: Mickey Carney. who made many tackles from the defensive end position: Larry Summers. quarterback. an outstanding passer: Delroy Thorpe. linebacker. who doubled at offen- sive end: Ron Albo. center guard. who added strength to the middle of the line: Cale Farrup. strong defensive tackle. and Bill Bailey. lineman-at-large. strengthening both the defensive and offensive lines. Nlickey Carney was voted the Doug Kra- mer inspirational award by his teammates. B-SQUAD FOOTBALL-Front row: Jn-rry .-Xrninur. John Pncolly. .John Magnuson, Gary Johnson, Richard Harper, Jeff Kyle Dick Hocl-cslxlrl, Bill Bruin-, Thin L'-llllns, Mike Dunn, Gary iXIlll.iy, Hobt-rl lVIlllLllllS Second row: Mickey Carney, yy,'a1tm. Merrick: Richard Enu-rson, lliuliaiwl O'Cnnnor, John Tlmnison, Jun Moore, Jun Hohcnstcin, Henry Luce, Bill Sarratt, Earl Hamilton' Bob llllrit-ll Back row: Du-lt Slit-urs, I.:-nun-l llult-lungs, Larry Og, Muynurd Moc, Slove Cherokv, John Eyenson, Bill Sperling, Bill Hwlll-x J - Pa-r4'l 'lvl' ' "" " 1 ISO in , . Html, Douglas Dtnton. ?aaZ!5aZZ "The transformation from flag to tackle football is the freshman's biggest problemf' in the opinion of Walt Spangenberg. head freshman coach. "Blocking and tackling make up most of the game of football. Al- though we finished in the cellar. l think the boys have learned these fundamentals very well." The young gridders were taught the "belly series": and by the end of the season. they were running it fairly well. A look at the freshman record shows that the season was unsuccessful from the won and lost standpoint. However. one of the purposes of a freshman team is to start building for the varsity: and as Coach Spangenberg said. "The boys learned a lot of football this year." The team scored only twice and that was against West Valley in their first game. which they Won, 13-6. 2 FROSH MANAGERS-Dave Bennett, left, and Gaylord Carter repair damaged equipment. North Central North Central North Central North Central 1956 F-'RESHNIAN SEASON . . . 13 West Valley . . . 0 Gonzaga . . . O Rogers . . . . . O Lewis and Clark l1..1?Y. FROSH FOOTBALL-Front row: .loe Whalman, David Selvig, Lloyd Wilbanks. David RosenkrunL. Ton Alberts. Wallace Collins, Gene Allen, Odis Denmon, Jerry Breeden, Ray McMullen. Alan Kaul, Gary Kobloth. Wuyn: Holland. Second row David Fried, Bernard Harris, Frank Barale, Pau! Meilleur, James Nelson, Bob Ritchey, Gary Carpenter, Lyle Carstens. Bob XVil liams, Vern Gaines, LaMar Miller, Third row: David Watt, Mike Milner, Major Walker, Bill Payne, Jim Owens, Clitf Mxeis Loren Salirxg, Larry Fifield, Larry Sherling, Terry Barr, Mike Miller, Jeff Brown, Back row: Lloyd Burchett, Monte Duncan, Terry Diffendarfer, Don Jones. Larry Becker, Jim Nance, Richard Wharf, Doug Hux- sol, Mickey Barnhill, David Youngman, Leo Davis, Floyd Burchctt. 1111 0 'T-""' X 0-4 .P 4' 1 1'- .v',, COACHESf Left to rnght: ICJ Ku-lf, In-xlmmn h.ukcth.lIl. Jv1'l5 5l.IHl1.lI'd x.n-nu M.l-klllmli. Km-11 Hamm-n, H xqnmd lmskclhull Wmadtq Zaakelfall MX Varsity cagers finished the '57 season in the city league cellar with two wins and eight losses. One triumph was over loop champion Rogers and the other over third- plaee Gonzaga, while five of the reversals were by eight points or less. North Central opened the season with a lost to West Valley, 54-48: then lost another close one to Gonzaga the next week. 44-37. Rogers was rudely awakened by a hard- fighting Braves squad, which won its first game of the year and broke a three-gaine .l it ,,, tv V3r'Slty basketball manager GBFY BBHO. losing streak by posting a 58-45 margin over the Pirates. Ernie Smith was high point man with 19 points. Together. he and George Solandros accounted for 37 of the 58 Indian points. VARSITY- Front row: Dick Hannan, Ron Smith, Harold Thorsen, Denny Spurlock. George Solandros, Laurin Lee, Lanny Anderson, Jim Zumoto. Back row: Elva Duvall, Denny Livengood, Gary Gorremans, Don Middaugh, Jim Bickerstaff, Walt Wilmann, Ernie Smith, Delroy Thorpe, l53 NX V ' T TIE BALL! HANNAN Jumps: ,. """ Lewis anal Clznla held nn in L1 ilii1'il-pciiml sings by thc iliibe Ln salvage a 48443 win. Sevcizil Linics the Rell and Black pulled to m--0 within um points ot Lhe lczul but couldn'r seein to flose the gap any ' liLl1'lllC1'. , .All flfndfy 'llhc xq'ii1'siiy gnincil their scconil Lrininpli by cnniiiig buck against T a liaul-ligliliiig Cfuiizaga siluail. Bl--ln. Cmiizzigzi mieiraiiie I1 fl-9 mr inargin and finally weni in limni 32-ill in the ihinl fitniie. At the h I " beginning nil the final period. Hninolil Vlll1U1'SC11. Ernie Sinilh. Dick 'A-ff Hzinnzin and Gcorgc Solznnlms Lulileil ll quirk eight points to give thc liitivci thc bulgc iieccssi11'y lm' x'icLrn'y. ,.-'I-1"7-Qi ' f:.:.l"-411' jf' ',nf:Q gi 29 ggi, -f :L Q -Q ff' "1 JL' .-of -1-1 ,.. dl . ,M - ,Y . 'V X - "" 1-J A, TOP TO BOTTOM RIGHT: El'lXl1'SIIllll'I,JlIl1 Iln-ki-1'-t.1l'l', L.mnx AlulclAami,.J1un Ziinumm. 111,11-Um Tgm,,N,H l,:1llrin I1-v, Hun Smith, D-in 3llklli.lllLQl1 1 THORSEN TWISTS! HEY, ME TOO! M , 345 , . ,f , At the close of the season. Captain Ernie Sniith was naniecl to the all-city second teanis of both the Spokane Daily Chronicle ancl the Spokesman-Review. 7 ,,,n lxlnn larsl Rogers ..................,.. .. N 2 Lewis and Clark ..,.... .. 7 3 Gonzaga Prep ...... ,, 5 5 MW VVest Valley ...... ., -l 6 Central Valley .... .. -l fi img North Central ,... .. Z N C ' 'A -4531 At the annual basketball banquet, Ernie Sniitli was awarclecl the Captains trophy and the free throw award. WNW .M.,...x,--.w.,:n.,,.,....,...,... ,gi ,ggi giqfgggqq 1 55 , 3 in A as 4 fl ,T if , Q- V. 'W Q A ma W' .M in .P - ' 4-419' wfw "W" l . 5 M' 1 'M " ' W, .ww " ,, .. C ml' , T! 5 I Wm -.awww , Z, 5, V, . V f fa , if- T r ., . VV V .Z ,,,.,, A ,r..,A3jk 4 H 5:3 U: M, is TOP TO BOTTOM LEFT: Dick Harman, Walt Wilmann, Denny Spurlock, Gary Gorremans, George Solandros, Elva Duvall, Delray Thorpe, Denny Livengood, z Lf' x, Manager. Dick VanHersett Lewis and Clark West Valley. . Gonzaga . . . y..a.....,.. , , PREP B BASKETBALL W. L, W, L. . 13 2 John Rogers . . 6 9 . 11 4 North Central . . 4 11 . 8 7 Central Valley . . 3 12 Ei? Losing two ganies in over tilllf? iilld fOL1l by fewer than 5 points this season. the B hoopsters finished in fifth place. Larry Suniniers was high point inan of the teani. having 22. 27 and 25 point games. Suniniers and Clint Britt accounted for 315 points. 'AOur season was not successful from the won-lost standpoint." stated Coach Nip Hagen. "hut l think the boys improved steadily froni the start of the season. They will supply good material next fall for Coach Stannards varsity '." A-Xinong those who saw a lot of action were: Larry Sunnners. Clint Britt. Jeff Kyle. john Evenson. Gene Robards. jim Dewey. Halt Merrick and Mel Stapleton. Several others turned out. however. for the entire season. i V JT' Furs! row: Larry Stnnlncrs, Wult Merrick, Mol Slzlnluton, Jun Moore. GSU' Ctink, Rohm Rtslecn, Second rowg Dusk yanH9rS,3u " Rb d CII Bill l1Nllll John Evenson, .Ivll Kvlc, Gt-ne o ar s, nl r .Jchr Sl l nets. .Inn Downy, Miko Rhodes. Thxrd row: Jerry Armour: Nllkt- Mlx, Mike Ltnnpt-rt, Brntl MVHL-nrx, Gum Johnson, Lari'5 Chnlterlon. I56 ?fzea4mcm Zacdelfall Although this years lreshman basketball squad had an average 4-4 record. they were real hustlers, according to Ed Kretz, fresh- man coach. "The games they lost were close ones." "The morale of the boys was great," he said. "This team has produced the best North Central has had for some ti111e. How- ever, the majority of them will probably enroll this fall at the new Shadle High School." Coach Kretz tried to use all his players during the season to permit each boy to learn as much as possible about game tech- nique. Q1 ' I ""v"'f , 4 fr :Z f f th Z X I 9' 1 ,M 5 4 G Q Q, if ,f ! f MANAGERS-Left to right: Jim Jordan Bob Ot Lloyd Burchett, Terry Diffendorfer PREP FROSH BASKETBALL Lewis and Clark West Valley . . North Central . W. L. W L Gonzaga RDQEFS . it FRESHMAN BASKETBALL - First row: Ray McMullen, Dick Wharf. Second row: Byron Burtness, Larry Becker Jeff Brown Jerry Russell, Dennis Turnbull. Third row: John Goellor, Bill Payne, Bruce Willoughby, Steve Bell. Gene Allen Llovd Wllbanks i-vim whiff "J ' ' 2 - lf ., Q .a A W 2:1-A 'lq' ' vs sf!-w 04 1-. A936-sl mv , ,.. -45 ta fo. 4. COACHES-Standmg: Bull Whitaker, Jumor vnrsltyp Al Manfred, vars: l58 , .1 g W , .5 K' ' - 'lf 'L - - J 7-' t " L v '.,Ka Y Af 4 in J. nk' V 'J .-?.,E, 1 W 'T -flux, I -1, fi, . nf -. 5 - ' ff." K - , .YI Z - F. - , - 'Mv , ,-f . lv -LL-9, . gg ' f" Asks , ' 5 y, . X . ., -5 . K- , x nf,- N 4 ' 51955, h ' X 5- , K5 , 'W' A . . U 5 A 0 "9 K. .WN W . - A 0.5 , -g X- -V Q-V Q V .,-. "' an-.A lx ' ",f'.aBs ' "ith Kneeling: Bill Diedrick. B-squad. Z Varsity baseballers opened the l957 sea- son with high hopes and a bumper crop ol' TCUITDCGS from last year's team. Coach Al Manfred welcomed back sen- iors Ken Zink, Stan Woodhurst. Bob Rauch, Don Kolb, Farrel Romig, Lanny Anderson, Ernie Smith. and Jim Zumoto and junior Laurin Lee. Moving up from the B squad were Ray Jacobs, john Skel- ton, Dick Blair, Gary Gorremans. Dick Page, Dennis Woodhurst and Ivan john- son. Jacobs, Anderson and Romig were set in the outfield positions while Skelton battled with Fred Brown and YValt Merrick for the starting catchers job. Pitching pros- pects included Zink. Stan Hloodhurst. Rauch, Kolb, Johnson, Lee. Dennis Mfood- hurst, and Larry Summers. a promising sophomore. rl I JJ .CH fn., ., W, . A-lx' . ,V We-1 . MW' -4! A ff! f aff if 1 hnv Varsity Managers: Gary Mix, Jim McClintock. VARSITY BASEBALL PITCHERS- Left to right: Ken Zink, Denny Spurlock, Dick Page, Bob Rauch, Dennis Woodhm-st, Ivan Johnson, Larry Summers, Laurin Lee, Stan Woodhurst. l59 Zumoto and Smith held down the third and first base duties respectively while Dick Blair filled the shortstop position. Tl1C second sack spot was occupied by Dick Harman and Don Kolb. The Brave diamondmen played seven warm-up contests before the regular city league season began-three with Mead, two with 'i r N I lVenatchee, last seasons state champions. and two with Lewiston. In the YVenatchee series. North Central captured the first game of a double-header. 6-5. with Larry Summers allowing eight hits. The Red and Black drew first blood in the second inning when Merrick reached first on an error and came in on Kolb's double, but YVenatchee scored two runs in the third to move in front 2-l. The Varsity exploded for five tallies in the fifth to cinch the tt' victory. Summers started things off with a one-base hit and scored 1 Q 'Zi s the tying run on successive singles by Anderson, Jacobs and Romig, who also tallied. Smith reached first on an error and scored the final Indian run of the inning. Hlenatchee battled back for a tally in their half of the fifth and added two more in the sixth. but couldnt notch the tying run in the seventh. . is "'+fif'Q' Y ' H b ff lx RWM" Top to bottom right- Laurln Lee, Ivan Johnson, Lanny Anderson. Gary Gorremans. Dennis Q 'f Woodhurst, Stan Wfoodhurst. Farrel Romig, Denny Spurlock, Fred Brown. ' fi if I .at df., . , - 'Z -V 4 as ' . ff- ' f nn, :- Dick Blair takes a mighty swing at thelball as Farrel Romig steals home during a practice session. John Skel- ton attempts to tag him as Lanny Anderson umpires. . Ah N l.,- Jim Zumoto slides home just befcre the I ball hits Ernie Smith's glove. Calling the play is Stan Woodhurst. 'ES 'Vw iii. 7 Lee was the losing pitcher for the Tribe in the second contest when Wenatchee added two more runs in the bottom of the sev- , I 3 avmrzla-az..,...f..m , , I -Lk, V pm , , iJf"i.L, if 'f , ,. .gg . , , .11 H V 2 I if My-C Q, , l enth on a single and a home run. The Chiefs tallied first in the second stanza: but the Braves tied it at l-l in the third, and neither team could score until the final inning. League contest began on April l7 when the lnjuns opened the city loop race by playing Rogers on the Buc diamond. After that, they played Lewis and Clark at Hart Field, Central Valley at North Central, Gonzaga on the Bullpup field, and West Valley at North Central to Wind up the first round of play. During the second half action, the Warriors tackled Rogers on the Indian diamond, Lewis and Clark at North Central, Central Valley on their home ground, Gonzaga at North Central, and the West Valley nine on the Eagle field. Top left to bottom -Jim Zumoto, Ken Zink, Dick Blair, Ernie Smith, Dick Page, Dick Hannan, Ray Jacobs, Walt Merrick, Larry Summers. , .KV ,, kv-A A X N , '.,, , . , , - ,..,, 4, , " Qc."' ' ' 'Vi' , f t . : - Q 53235 f - . , 1, 1 . .1 ,L ,.qm.,- --xc X- if E I6I f JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL- Front row: Tom Imme, Don Rater, Roger Buffington, Mike Spelker, Bill Sperling, Blike Rhodes. Roger Haisley. John Fort, Jerry Wichterman. Ray Schroeder. Middle row: Fred Brown. John Evanson. Maynard Moe, Linus Morris. Richard Shears, Ron McLaughlin, Douglas Denton. Steve Hoitink. John Magnuson, Steve Bischoff. Dave Knightsen. Back row: Robin Risteen. Bud Schroeder, Robert Boies. Bob Ullrich, Gary Gorrexnans. James Dewey. Ronald Koblath, Don Hammer. Larry Chatterton. Gary Johnson cmiafz Wawdfq, 2 S ' 'W' " "eve .Q B SQUAD BASEBALL- Front row: Otis DCIWIIILIIX, Bill Pnylw, Stcv- Hill, G' - All' D4 1-X11 M- . .- ' ,X . aol, Monte Duncan, Second row: Dun Jones, John Iluvcns, Lloyd l.V1ll:uu1ks, Bi'oxvniluBol9 Jllxn-R'u'fiIFf.?:mg Bm-ukur, John Gm-lla-r. Ed Wan! Back row: Lloyd Burchull, Wuynv llnllnncl, nmnxn:0l', Bill Bassett. Pun! A1Q1ill,m.lUj"Ul' Lflu Richard Wh:n'l', Byron Bnrtncsv, Ray 1XIr'lXIuIlvn. ' lm Aublm' I62 Zww-Www Repeating their previous efforts, Burrill Exleys varsity cross-country squad fin- ished second to Lewis and Clark in the league schedule. The Indians started off bv whipping Gonzaga 2l-38 flow score winsj. but were beaten by LC lb-42 in their second con- test. The Tribe closed the season with a I5-45 triumph over Rogers. The Injun B squad copped the city title with wins over Gonzaga. I5-70: Lewis and Clark. 25-52. and Rogers. I5-51. The fresh- rnan squad also won top honors in league running. The varsity finished second in the In- land Empire high school run in Moscow. scoring 53 points. topped only bv LC's 20. In the AAU nieet at Downriver. the Indian Dennis Gratton displays his winning trophy, plus the B team award, won in the AAU meet at Downriver. varsity finished runner-up to LC. Snoho- niish and Incheliuin. The B squad. how- ever. had better luck. Dennis Cratton and Steve Poutre finished l-2 for the Injuns as they captured the B division and won tro- phies for their efforts. CROSS-COUNTRY - First row: Steve Poutre, Dennis Gratton. Ron Turner. Austin Pagnotta, Ron Barber. Seccnd row: Gary Burrus. Steve Young, Dick Baker. I63 , YV? J- P t , milling? at ..i - VARSITY TRACK - Front row: Don Wilson, Gary Koeppel, Gary Shinkoskey, Mike Hammond, Dan Stansbury, Dick Throm, Dick Van Hersett, Jim Langford. Second row: Bruce Reid, Bill Bradford. Barry Roff, Jim Tierney, Ron Turner. Dick Baker, Jerry Wilkenson, Steve Poutre, Dennis Gratton, Ken Higby, Tom Hill, Ryan Montgomery, Ron Barber, Third row: Dennis Wilde, Myrl Chanman, Jim Moore, A1 Balderson, Dick Franks, Fred Heeter, Barry Bowman, Myron Congdon, Dick Raw. Ernie McLeish, Chris Shears, George Solandros, Don Middaugh, Daryl Smith, manager. Fourth r-ow: Chuck Turback, John Raymond, Phil Harris, Mike Lampert, Mickey Carney, Charles DeRoshia, Ron Albo, Robert Davis, Richard Rockstead. Rick Connick, Walt Wilmann, Stan Casperson. Back row: Dave Reger. Tom Collins, Bill Bailey, Gerald Bloom, Gene Allen, Wallace Collins, Ray Mason, Larry Oty, Esse Bjorklund. I Wcvzeczfcy As the '1q21lllZll'2tCli goes to press the Varsity , Track teain has its full season ahead under p the supervision of Coach Burrill Exley and Assistant Dale Blair. The track season opened April 2 with the relays on the playfield. Schools partic- ipating are the all-city schools and VVest Yall-y and Central Valley. Other track events are the Moses Lake Relays, Tri-Dis- trict Nleet. and the State Meet. Coach Exley was pleased to see the re- turning letternien: Ron Barber in the lmroatl jump: Phil Harris in the -Htl: Ron Turner and Ernie Mcl,eish. the half mile: llick 'l'hroin, pole vault: George Solandros. ers. Clary Shinkoskey is back as ll hurdler. Ron lizirbcr :is at sprinter, and Dick Baker Coach Exley times 'trzck men as they warm up for n meet, tl Inllkl' I64 llruce Reid and Bill l3i'adl'ord. high junip- x .quam is., A' .. 26227.-.V , B-SQUAD TRACK- First row: Bob Brown, Ken Higbee, Terry Thach, Dick Franks. Second row: Stan Casperson. Alfred Greenwood, Larry Oty, Don Hammer, Esse Bjorklund. Dick Van Hersett, Third row: Clark Daly, Jerry Wilkinson, Phil Harris, Barry Roff, Chuck Turback, Mike Keller. madman, 2-Squad mek FRESHMAN TRACK- Front row: Jerry Hansen, Ron John, Bill Mclvlurtrey, Don Barth, Pat Crugget. Randy Grimes, Back row Dwight Severn, Roger Buck, Calvin Pethers, Jim Coolbaugh, Richard Clapp, Dwayne Severn. l65 it J haw" Marshall Reynolds plays the net during a preseason workout on the Indian courts. made The varsity tennis teani played double- round-robins with several near-by schools. including Mead. this year. Central Valley, however. did not participate. Returning letter netsters were Marshall Reynolds. Cary Tewinkel. and Jiin Price. Other top players include Erich Luschei. Bob Larson. Bob Rauch. Charles Hiatt, kliin NlcClenahan and Jerry Littleniore. "Other fine boys have turned out," said Coach Ernest Hixf' and will be great assets to the teani next year '." The annual Inland Empire tournament was held in May. BOYS' TENNIS- Bottom row: Bull Larson, Jim lvlt-Clt-nnliam, Paul Williamson, Fred Wullick, lXIarshnll Rcvnolds Tgp ,-ow. l,:lrry KI1lIlS4lI1, Jl-rry Iiilllvmnrt-, Chxurles lliull, Holm Rntlvli, Gxlrx' Tvwlnkcl, Dirk Blair, Erich Lnschei, KEllll5'LNX'l'b6ll Jim Price' Ibb emzia Competition was great when the North Central racketeers began to "smash and lob" in the single round robin played with each of the four other high schools partic- ipating-Lewis and Clark. Rogers. lfVest Valley and Central Valley. They practiced every Monday and Wlednesday during pe- riod 6 and after school and "bright and early" on many Saturday mornings. Fall semester co-captains were Franque Remington and Lyn Sisich: spring semes- ter, Sharon Wiiig and Sharon Kinder. Re- cording the scores of the practice sets and ranking the players accordingly were Carol Jean Ellis, manager: Tarrell Hunt. assist- ant manager, and Deedy Cerl, Papoose manager. ,ml l ' x ,lr M Demonstrating her serve, Franque Remington hits one to the far right of the court. v ,. 1- 1 Youn , Bev Aronson, Charlene Slosser. Carol Jean Ellis, Tarrell Hunt, Deedy Gerl, Alice qjisdgeaiiii-:Z giivzivgigalilliddle gow: Sharon Alger, Judy Ladwig, Geraldine Bloom, Franque Remington, Judy Stempel Sharon, Wing Carol Jean Thibault, Shirley Hill, Mary Reed, Elaine Scott, Donna Graham, 'Charlene Ogle, Betty Rolfsness.. Top row' Robin dordon Lola Walker, Joanne Bolma, Janet Johnson, Diane Rothwell, Diana Martin, Mary Ann Jackson, Sharon Kinder A Roberta Warner, Lyn Sisich, Louise Keene, Dorothy Braaten, Connie Darrah, Janet Murken, Linda Barnard. I67 4 .rf-, . A Swish! Mike Hammond takes a few practice leaving for the golf links. 5 . .. i swings before Wi! Ytirsity golfers stnrtetl their trips zlrountl the green in early April with 21 match against Rogers. followed by contests against Lewis and Clark :intl Gonzagn. The lnlantl Einpire High School Golf Tournament anal the Boys' and Girls' niixetl tournfnnents were helcl in May. Linksnien this season are Hike Hain- niontl. Gerry Nlehlert. Ron Yawter. Bryan flUfXlllJCCli. Larry Lee. Llini Ellsworth. Cap Ainstlen :intl Dave Hill. "The boys :ire great supporters of golf Qtntl execute excellent techniques." Coni- inentetl Don Boiiaiiiy. golf coach. "XVe invite every boy to turn out for golll in the spring." Nlr. Bontnny srtitl. "lVe play on all the inunitiptilly ownetl golf courses. inclntling Esinerztltlrif' aw sw? 1 331 I x-qi Haul F' GOLF-Front row: Iii-ii ,-Xin-,iii-ii, IEi' l.Qii.iiiln-wk. l7.ix'lil X'.iiillt'i'svll. .lim Ellsxx'oi'lh. Jim Kolb. Back row' Nlr Bi Milli- ll.iuiiiiioiiil. Cam ,Xinsili'ti. 'Vim l'vhIiw, Hill Hlvlnilds, 1,31-I-5 14-9. Rim Y, ,pri l A ' miami' I68 IXX l Qdzfe Qc!! Eighteen girls, coached by liaculty dircc- tor Miss Willieliiiiiie 'llimm, participated in golf Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this year. The girls began playing golf at High- bridge recreation auditorium, where they received instructions from pro Neil Chris- tian. Later the girls played at Downriver. where they received instructions from Joe Durgan. Two tournaments with Lewis and Clark were scheduled in May. One tournament was a two-ball foursome in which both boys and girls competed and only girls played in the second event. A similar tournament was held with Lewis and Clark in the fall. Fall captain was Karen Pickett with Mar- ilyn Daly as manager. Captain and manager lor the spring semester were Linda Schatz and Julie Wfilcox. respectively. f im w fi ' f if , f . if rf. 'MQ I' ,yy , QNX., A f ff . - Q W l .Z if 4 ' ef , ,git , I gl " . Marilyn Daly drives a long shot onto the fairway. GOLF- Bottom Row: Lois Richards. Carol Quarles, Linda Szhatz, Sharon Partlun, Marilyn Daly, Julie Wilcox. Middle row: Lorna Overmyer, Marlene Smith, Billie Jo Maloney, Liz Hassell, Darlene Schmidt, Janice Aaseby, Judy Holly. Top rcw: Joe Dllrgan, ingtructorg Kay Dodge, Patti Flynn, Linda Barnard, Beverly Harris, Rosemary Martin, Karen Pickett, Claudette Kuch, Kay Newland, Karen Mabee, Barbara Hooper, Valerie Jenkinson, Wilhelmine Timm, instructor, I69 "'vu...,, fb , 4 I . N 2, X D U ., A. 5 ' J I Y so i I-3 5+ - , ,L K . I I :P .. I I If? . sf , 1 QQ - i 3 3, 1 - -I , 5 Y , . ' It w+--I-w-+w-a-qauq- .5 .A I MM Q-pa,-1. f I' I --N-vw -at-ws-wana GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION -Left to rlght: Elcunnr Hvurd, nssislzmt: Elsa Pinkham, clvpzlrtvm-ul, In-adg H1lI'b!ll'll Simpson, nsslstant. Saturday golfers, Judy Lipscomb, Hailey qldahoj High, Claudette Kuch, Barbara Brown, North Central, and Vicki Holm, Lewis and Clark, visit while preparing to tee off during a practice session at Downriver golf course. Qdzfa' ?4qe6mZ Zdaaalim Keeping physically fit and developing the proper attitudes toward good health is the aim of the girls' physical education de- partment. Volleyball, badminton, softball, basket- ball, track, horseback riding, swimming, ice skating, tennis and golf make up the highly varied sports curriculum. A chance to participate in competitive sports is offered to girls enrolled in golf and tennis. Rhythmic fundamentals are taught to improve posture and graceful- ness. Senior Red Feathers are given a course in first aid through the physical education department. All-activity points are earned by partic- ipating in sports, special productions, com- munity drives, and other department ac- tivities. A girl with 500 points is awarded 21 shield, l000 points, a black star, l500 points, a second black star, and 2000 points, a gold star. A Football Princess and a Spring Sports Princess are selected annually from the senior Red Feathers selling the most tick- ets to the football and spring sports games, respectively. The Football Princess is pre- sented with the traditional bracelet at a half-time stunt in the fall: and the Spring Sports Princess is honored at a convocation on the playfield in the spring. I7l fed ?ecu'4efz4 High light ol the Red Feather activities this year was the trip niade to XVCII-3lChCC to take part in the Apple Blossoni Festival parade. Organized in 1938 by the present direc- tor. Elsa Pinkhain. the original l8 meni- bers chose the naine Red Feathers to uiatch their unique uniforins. Colorful perforiners in football stunts and parades. the Red Feathers are active supporters of vear-round sports activities. Junior and senior girls niust receive C grades or better to be eligible. They trv out before a connnittee coinposed of their officers and Nliss Pinlthain. and are judged on their dancing and marching abilities and their participation in the phvsical edu- tation activities. 1 r"'i5"" -23' -4? rst w Elii it I it x t xmuu Lmtla Russell. Brcuda Htwitt, .Icanctlc Lancaster, Bcvcrlx' .athls Second row I A st px Xluilul liupluu I-1 muut lt'I!1llUll.ll1. Dorothy Hudisilo, Duma Sl1Cl'lClAlIl. Judv Plvixi fm Y time M um 1 w t ltmsc Nash, Dort-no Hugun Third row: Sharon Lund Phvll .Jliek 1 1 I xt! t Ll x Carol Juan Ellis, Judy Davis, Dunno Still. Pcugv Kigmdler in lvlasl N Fo r r w 1 u tm t in imp u Karen Plckt-tl. Bcvurly Donlcy. Maxine linxvefiimn, Rtmel If x Qtr 1 uint: Kay Mlmllck. Janet Murkcu, Sharon Kinder. 5 ,Q- VF' nl? if SPRING AND FALL RED FEATHER OFFICERS-Spring: Sharon Kinder, Sergeant at Arms: Huberta Kinney, Chairman: Beverly Donley, Secretary: Shirley Moore, Historian. Fall: Zaida Sly, Sergeant at Arms, Janice Aaseby, Chairman: Franque Remington. Secretary: Charlene Slosser, Historian, zeal ?em!4m4 5511: f I , :as '. 0 gs' A X 'cp Z RED FEATHERS- First rcw: Carol Urbelch, Dianne Pence, Geraldine- Blom V, Janet Epvplvey, Pnl All man, Sallx' Lnggiro vw, Susan Merriman. Second row: Linda Green, Suzanne Curtis. Pat Anderson, Lallla Walsonu Billie' Jo Maloney, Lorra nr lVI1l1er,- Kay Dodge Beverly Hair, Third row: Sally Swift, Pat McGrath, Joanne Bishop, Vllgrlllil Hulick,-Carol Cliaresl, Sharon Quiring, Joyce ,Robertson Carol Fremstad, SaraLee Wizemann, Fourth row: Pat Wetherell, Bonnie Richmond. Sharon Mather, Mary Tollefson, Linda Schatz, Barbara Troyer, Sharon Cogley, Carol Jean Thibault, Betty Rolfsness. I73 fvv 66 Color Girls accurately describes this peppy cheering unit. who add color. zest and rousing spirit to all North Central sport functions. A vital organization in the student body. the girls proinote ticket sales. inarch in pa- rades. and soinetinies apppear in football half-tiine stunts. Sitting and niarching to- gether. they niake a striking picture in their deep red sweaters with arrowhead shields. black skirts and spanking white shoes. LOF? GIFILS rst Iow Ix IIIIIII-, KIIII-I1 H.II.IIII, NLIIIk'5' NvlI1t'I'vIIIt. CIIIHHL, I-,cwest Jmwf r n row III I I Il I I II I IIIIIt I I lx ZIIIIIIIIII, .'XlIK't' Rm' CIIIIIIIs. SIIs.III EIIIIX. FI'l'd.l Bruwn, Iow: KIIII-II NIIIII1-, Mary AIIII WIII. l.IIItI.I EdbIII'Ig. SIIaI'oII I I I III H I IIIII UI I I IIIIII I I I I I III LII I I IIII II lI1lx'l1.1lIt', HIIIQI-I'I.I HIII'llIL'li, Fourth Vow: Unit-0 'Tl-LI,.L.II.N I III III IIIII, IJI I It II w II N III II I II I II I II I I III IIII AII I 1XI4.III, PIIIII FIIIIls, Lois RlL'll1lI'dS,.IOXJIHI Olnic, .I.III0tJoI:Ii:Iin. alan Quia Organized in l930 by Miss B e r t ha Boehme, former Spanish teacher. the Color Girl group has increased from 20 to over 80 members, to become the third largest marching unit at North Central. Each semester tryouts are held to select new members. Mrs. Eleanor Beard. adviser, and the Color Girl officers act as judges SPWNG 0FF'CERS-Backfowf Diane Rothwell, Sef- U I s geant at arms, Judy Conklin, sergeant at arms..Front as the girls go through routine marching row' Deedl' 1238211Fifi?2'QQ,'0,.ijfkQjCU1ffi,'f3'f?l' Chawman' drills and dance steps. Freshman and soph- omore girls with a C average or better are eligible to try out. l . ...Q ai 41. .. .1 -. COLOR GIRLS- Front row: Karen Wirseh, Linda Poulin, Sharon Witt, Kay Newland, Jo Green, Ellinore Richards, lvlargaret Bruce, Gayle Carpenter. Second row: Julie Warfield, Sharlene Cozzetti, Patsy Platt. Gerry Livengood, Sue Helsby, Diane Steck- ung' Nancy Noonan, Sidney Pruitt, Lynne Buroker, Bev Stradley. Third row: Karen Crosbie,-Susan Breeden, Jackie lVlcC0y. Janet Piper, Joanne Bolma, Carol Piper, Judy Brown, JoAnn Johnson, Sandra Inman. Bonnie Erickson, Lola Walker, Carol Aus- tin, Carrie Unger, Fourth row: Georganne Jackman, Deecly Gerl, Deanna Wiednier, Judy Conklin, Jo Anne Lucas, Beverly Shepard, Gaye Koeppel, Linda Loutherback, Bonnie Underdahl, Naomi Ross, Nancy Johnson, Trudy Kelly, Nancy Frank, Christy Faekenthall. I7 594 ZW: SWIMMING - Bottom row: Marilyn Tucker, Lynne Larson, Pat Powling, Marie Gorgano, Mary Alice Hobbs. Top row: Janet Swenson, Annie Bloom, Sandra Gollemore. Barbara Finklin, Barbara Adams. Judy Conklin. Pam Fouts, Judy Barratt. I I Advanced swimmers and beginners alike if . , . . ,f . were out for alter-school swiinnnng. A ?"'f 'r ' record number-I75 girls-turned out for ,gf W the swimming class, which was held each W Monday after school. Perfecting numerous strokes and taking gm Red Cross tests highlighted the afternoons ol' swinuning. Gym make-ups and zill-zictiv ity points were given to those who took part in this alter-school sport regularly. The class was under the direction ol Miss Bztrbarzi Simpson, physical educzuion in- structor. Phyms LaBa'3fvST'FX1i ?.?E1d21'2'f 1'f1e",fJ2T.""i"9 a "OM I76 VOLLEYBALL- First row: Margaret Bruce, Carol Charest, Carol Bruce, Carrie Unger, Linda Poulin, Tarrell Hunt, Second row: Cecelia Reuss, Nancy Nethercutt, Sharon Witt, Beverly Harris, Bonnie Underdahl, Carol Cowin, Margaret Walker, MaryJo Jimenez, Jean Nikotich. Third row: Jan Mast, Colleen Wood, Millie Mueller, Susan Eddy, Deedy Gerl, Joanne Bolma, Carol Grow, Sandy McCaskey, Pat Claflin. Fourth row: Virginia Tobin, Shirley Moore, Janet Johnson, Karen West, Genie Welch, Diane Rothwell, Diane Steckling, Maxine Bowerman, Arlynne Denny, K VOLLEYBALL MANAGERS-On hand for all tournament games Janice Botts, Cecelia Fleuss and Arlynne Denny 'took care of all team statistics and scoring. vfazeeawe Six teams, composed of 175 girls, played in the volleyball tournament in January. Each team played five games. Team 5, captained by Gerrie Welch, took first place with a total of four Wins and one defeat. Other team captains were Diane Still, Janet Murken, Deanna Horn, and Rosemary Sleizer. Mrs. Eleanor Beard was in charge of the tournament games, which were played Tuesdays and Thursdays in the old gym. To prepare the girls for school team- work, fundamentals of volleyball are taught in regular gym classes. I77 BASKETBALL-First row: Louise Keene, Bev Aronson, Sharon Kinder, Franque Remington, Joan Young, Second row: Betty Town, Joline Brett, Paula Heyer, Margie Gar- A gano, Third row: Pat Moore, Zaida Sly, Bonnie Unclerdahl. gmt "The Mob," captained by Sharon Kin- tler, won first place in the girls' basketball tournament in December. Freshman teams were "NoCoHoSo." jucly Brown: and "Little lepeesf' Colleen VVoocl. Sophomore teams were "Crazy Cats," jackie McCoy: :mtl "I-Iouncl Dogs." -Iune Tillett. "Julie's junior -ICIllllSCS,H Julie Wilcox: and "-Itmior Birtlmeir' rep- resentecl the juniors. Any girl interested in bztsketbztll is given the opportunity to play in this tournament. l78 5 -wi ' wt we 5 -if as " ,. is s '1 'I -1u-- 1 -5.5 4 A sat A3211 ' lx! ,jxkf BASKETBALL MANAGERS- Margaret Bruce, Cecelia Reuss and Sharon Witt check over team statistics, 3 fl .rs 1 . in . rf, , FF 4' . I W, il QQGQX t cz L ,t 65 ' ' ' K ' 1 - A -fa s .ZZii'f: ' ' fn" 5.53.51 : WEE 61 . , I ' file, , rr N , 5 ' ' Ii vt ' -- 5 - km . ' - ' 1 vi X .ig , - . ' , ' t of i ' Q- . Y' , , .' ' W 'Q' X Xb Tx S S a , We 5 f t 2' ,I X t :D 115' W Vfi iw uf G , wg F K X , ,v- ,..e,.t5.., XA if BAUNIINTON MANAGERS-Front row: Andre Maloy. Middle row: Virginia Hnlick, Florence Humphreys. Back row: Judy Brown, Karen West, Lola Walker. BADMINTON FINALISTS- Front row: Betty Rolfsness, Pat Beam Sharon Kinder. Roberta Warner. Linda Poulin. Back row: Janet Swen son, Joanne Bolma, CheChe Pantzar, Tarrie Hunt, Sally Engstrom 'ga,afmc'aZaa One hundred fifty girls turned out lot singles and doubles in the badminton tout nznnent in February. Divided into upper and lower divisions. the girls played Tues days und 'lihursdays before school and YVednesdztys and 'lilntrscluys alter school Wlinners in their divisions were Lindt Poulin, Pat Benin. Joanne Bolnia, Terrell Hunt, Roberta Wlarner and Sharon Kinder Play strategy and badniinton rules Mele practiced by the participants. its HORSEBACK RIDING-Left to right: Barbara Swanson, Marilee Ruby, Sylvia Idoux, Karen Hughes, Marlene Bennett. . 4, wg.. , Barbara Swanson prepares to saddle her horse as Marlene Bennett, perched on the stable fence, waits impatiently to get started. IBO W 2646447 Fifteen girls took part in the fall and spring sessions of horseback riding at lVellesley Stables Lifter school each Monday and lX'ednesday. Mrs. Beard and Miss Simpson, advisers. provided transportation to the stables in their ears. Learning good "horse sense" and proper equestrian etiquette was included in the lessons. Mrs. Ida Stevens. guide and owner ol the stables. corrected the poor riding habits ol' the novice horsewonien. Fee was Sl ti ride or six rides for All- ztrtivity points :ind gym make-ups were t'1u'ned lor catch ride. Cl1llll'llll1ll of the group was llztrburzt Swanson. SKATING - First row: Nancy McDougall, Kay Newland. Linda Barnard, Thelma Jacques. Lela Johnson, Patti Monohon, Karen Hedge. Seoond rows Gary Harke, Blake Johnson, Dale Schultz, Duane Weston, Arthur Plath, Austin Pagnotta, Tim Pebles, Vhss Timm. Third row: Janet Iilurken, Liz I-Iassell, Marcia Whiteside, Joan Kaatz, Miss Pinkham, Linda Schatz, Pat Moore, Beverly Harris, Elaine Scott. November t li r O u g h March, every lVednesday at 2 p.m. .the skating class leaves for the Coliseum. Forty-two boys and girls participated this year. Qualifications necessary to join the skat- ing class are two: Owning a pair of ice skates and having period 6 free. The skat- ers learn spirals. inside Nlohawks. three turn, figure eight. pivots and Dutch waltz. Girls earn points and gym make-ups for regular attendance and tests. Miss Elsa Pinkham and Miss VVlll'lClllll1lC' Timm are in charge of the group. Thelma Jacques and Linda Schatz were cochairmen this season. Linda Barnard performs a JacksonfHaines spin cmd Snappy song and yell chairmen Thelma Tollefson arid Glen Bradley demonstrate their sparkling technique before thrilling game-time action. Carol Edge, Sandy Glidden and Doris Fry go through their routine for a new song. Ze!! lemma SONGLEADERS -- Left to right: Janice Sipe, Barbara Bacon. Linda Shriver, Sandy Glidden, Carol Edge. rw ff 'CSV P z 'S 'Y4'4 T 1 of , s ,F i X , , X , . 4 F3 xff' ne si I K "'s.. First row: Maureen Slagg. Susan Eddy, Barbara Bacon, Bonnie Underdahl, Rita Duff, Bonnie Greenwood, Carol Grow, Mildred Mueller. Carole Chaplin, Robbin Gordon, Janice Sipe, Alice Bacon. Carrie Unger, Ellinore Richards, Sandra Inman, R th Ol . S d : S d Still C J L' d H d N O'H M v J W ll .P ' Holt, Janet Pi er, u sen econ row an ra , arman arnes, in a owar , ora ara, ar, ane e s, eggs A D Sandra Gallemore, Jill Cook, Deanda Sylte, Deanna Sylte, Sandee Laughlin, Julie Vvarfield, Karen Moore. Jo Storch, Linda Poulin, Julie Kyle, Nancy Nethercutt, Janet Eppley. Third row: Pat McGrath, Kiki Brunelle, Adele Turner, Nancy Naga- gawa, Pat Pauling, Judy Zurnoto, Sandy Bilyew, Marie Gargano. Shelby Rice, Marilyn Fried, Sandra Smith, Bonnie Raney, Virginia Tobin, Joanne Bolina, Sue Helsby, Carol Cowin, Elaine Peterson, Diana Sulpizeo, Joline Brett, Phyllis Tonasket, Gayle Carpenter, Audre Maloy. Fourth row: Marlene Bennett, Janet Swenson, Sharon Iiimball, Terrie Hunt. Judy Gustafson, Sally Swift, Sharron Stern. Diane Higgelke, Marilyn Towne, Marlene Jacobson, Joanne Bishop, Linda Schatz. Sharon Kinder, Karen Vvest, Deedy Gerl, Pam Fouw. Lynne Buroker, Deanna Widemer, Diane Still, Barbara Adaxns, Pat Claflin. Joyann Obde, Nancy Noonan, Carol Fry, Dorothy Bennett F Margaret Bruce, back left, calls the play as Julie Wilcox slides home, Catching in Ardella Stockton. Sharon Witt is at hat, with Rosie Stockton pitching. l84 sway "One! Two! Three strikes! Youre out!" Six teams of girl softball players inet every Tuesday and Thursday before school in April to play a single round robin of ball. or fiye games. The girls met on Ken- nedy field at 7:30 a.m. and played until 8:15 a.m. Mrs. Beard, coach, kept all three diamonds busy at once with the help of the managers. Joanne Bishop. Sharon lVitt. Nlargaret Bruce, Barbara Swanson, Lor- raine Miller and Janet Eppley. The girls are trained to umpire their own games. Ninety girls turned out for softball this spring. S qsfsxfgif' X, , , lag wa X 'df Y, V, Q79 GYM MONITORS- First row: Freda Brown. Bev Aronson, Zaida Sly, Sharon Kinder, Linda Schatz, Charlene Slosser, Sec' ond row: Carol Quarles, Lorraine Miller, Grace Tregallas, Virginia Hulick, Esther Ray, Jeannine Roos, Pat Altman, Carol Edge.Third row: Janice Aaseby, Cecelia Reuss, Ellinore Richards, Nancy Noonan, Lois Richards, Arlynne Denny, Huberta Kinney. Thelma Tollefson, Franque Remington, Lorna Overmeryer, 'da' ?. 77Zan6L'aw we ss 1 GYM MONITORS-First row: Patsy Platt, Deanna Weidmer, Mary Reed, Judy Pilant, Elaine Scott, Karen Harala. Second row: Jean Hively, Pauline Paul, Deedy Gerl, Janis Seger, Sandra NICC3llgh8l1. Third row: Jeannine Roos, Janet PHJCY, Julie Wil' cox, Sharon Cogley, Carol Piper, Pattie Monohon. H. ,,,k ,,,.u-f fb I iwzf U ,cl :,Q,,..v,., 'S ". F - ',.,',l'fwr-4 , V '.f'f, ' x Q, .,g'--sg-f-fr gf 3 Q. :e. 1. , 1 , ,-5 , :gf , -'Y' k' K..-"Ji ' ':1'w:f?' K ,J ' .3 -I g . . "-. Sy.: .Q-n ,MNH W. Way! 5 4 ,Xu , Qxwff , xii ' V W, , 512. Y: J .. -w cgi., . U 1.3 K.: -fiwii 1, W., 4 F ' A, wx 4, 5, -,f5g,gg4,.zfsa?!fsi 'wus-..,.. mqqul immune The past - and present. Undaunted by hardships ands perils, early pioneers worked together to provide a better life for those coming after them. W 7 Y , , ....,,.m-11 'Ioan Uuigcr, CIILIVICIIC Slmscll liwmllmy Rualisilc. Ray Yullcrl. Gcurgc CL1'ic1'au1cl Aluninc cLl'LlllUll watch inluullyglsthcpruccsxul'prcp111'i11qthc 1 Im llll'L' llllgl' ul thc Spnlws111g111 lh'x low IS mlcswllml. Sm nm If AM lilolcm 402Ci-IRONICLE BLDG 'SPOKANE WASHINGTON I88 1 I l 1 Prices In Tune Planning 1'o Pain+? Sll1T1C3' Hill 51111405 A clwril xrliilc Czirwl ,la-:in llliyllis Slaliclc :nul lanicc Mast ngrcc wlmlulicart- Ellis :mil -l:inc1 Sclnmcr ln-ik nn wiili iim-rwl :il U115' 111211 1111 llllllfy 1I1'mUm2l1iC1'H 211 NC 51lf'll111 XX'nrd Pizinu COIDDZUIXYXYllk'I'L' pricw :irc in "l111n-" 13111-"111'W mI111'1"511S tm' 111111. PH111l"1g 'mms 111 with yuur pockclluiiilc. W P F C . . U el' O. ' N229 Post E102 Boone Co, MA 4-4161 FA 7-4431 77 A F N Paint, Glass :incl Nlnllpapcr 11-16 Inclianzi-FA J-11691 A C0061 pjm-L, N, G0 nrth Cn-ntral stuclcnts Vern fxlcflcc, BZll'lJE11'Zl 31111115011 and Gail Straiglit, enjoy the lanalscapci grounrls at the newly occupied Central Service Facility of thc Nllirvliiiigtoii XYntcr l1llNYCl4 Crmipaiiy. Lncatcrl on thc bank of thc Spolcuiie liivcr just upstrcznn from Klisasiun Park, tln- m-xx' quartcrs inalxc pufsilwlu llic must inmlcrii mill 1-ffiriviil nicthorls of servicc 111 CllSlUIllt'l'5. I89 I-"' l I 3 aj- Look Shirley Moore, Judy Conklin and Dorene Hagen believe that "three glasses of milk a clay" if Z1 gfmcl habit. H1803 'rum-.1sTE s-a5m D A R I G O L D yr' 5 11 Will Thaf Be All? Thinking of Hwe Fufure Wlilll lim-:umln L'lm':11u'1's' 4-lmur N4'I'X'll'L' :ll 11-1 1-xlm "l lilw lllli 11:lllv1'11," t'Xk'lIlll11S -lllllj' 013' lu Cl1llltlk'llC c'usl,wl1lrly .Xlu'rl1:1lI1y :xml lll'llll5 Hlsnn lmmx llnvfll lillL'lI, :IQ llwy wlvvl llwir Clllllll l32lllk'l'llS all 414, pl:-:wing rvsl1lIs, DODSON'S BEACON'S lfmr .1l":vrll'1'.v for 70 llwlr, xml: lH.1m..4l :ax small 517 Riverside NIA 4--4163 In 2,4 Q. 'Qffg Some ln+eres+ing Values Accessories Make +he Home Limlzl Puuliu and Nzmcx' Ncllmcrcull unjm' thu uml Jacky and Dccdy Gerl arc 1-ilhlillg imucrcsliug Yillllti imp UI' thu 1-lll'11i1I.lI'C-211111 thc nowl smucusswrig ul PC1l11Cj"S in the line of Gollum lnzxluxials. 1lVUlHI'lV :ll J. POLILIN CO. J. C. Penney Co.. Inc. WN STORES N1912 DlX'1S1Cr!1iF.X J-4331 N1-H1 MUHYOC 1354312 Spmgm, FX 8-1910 XXX 4-11360 Was I+ A S+rike? Skip 1,L'1'1'j' zmml Clmc fX11llC1'SU11 report thy-11' sum-s to Vattx' l'1'cncl1 11111-1' lun NORTH BGWL XY125 Sinn, FX S-7134711 vling' xt Q, Carol Schroeder, 1956 NC graduate, practices Cn the new IBM Card Punch machine. 'llhc latest in n1i,mclci'11 office Cl1lllIllTlk'Ill :mil slrczimliuccl teaching proCQc,lu1'cs qualify sluclcnls quickly for top business positiims. Kinman Business University Sllll lliixxziiwl SL- l'llriIlL' lllli N-352l TRAIN FDR BUSINESS For an interesting. profitable CE1l'CC1'. KBU business Lmiuecl gmcluates are always in cleuiaucl. Don Davies, 1951 NC graduate, trains on the new Burroughs Sensimatic bookkeeping machine. 1 33'..zf3lIff , "S 55. N Q-Q 'L ,s .f sf- ,X 1 7 A I 's 1 ,X , 1' f W . N ii, Reis xxfl ..--f' Always High Qualify if .1 M R "One-Sfop Shopping" lllellll l'ilH""'l9l 5l"'l Milf' fll1'lSl'H'4'3 N52 "VHA lllllPL'I'l2l liiiiiivy :mil llIll'lI1ll'il lliiiliu in-uiiiiiimuiiil il. yilll' iii-xl unit :iiifl siiil :il l'lllll's Nli-ii! Xiipziivl Svliiiiil siiliplii-Q' giiix ii..1i.,H,l ,iii-I ulmlk-H-V Mm ulivri- fllllllllj is liiglivi' Iliziii lln- living my-,ll 3,,l,'ll i'i,,,1 il 511 PauI's Men's Apparel The Variety Mart XXHlfi Iiixvixifli- Nw. MX 4f.ill.4l Nisiifi llixisiiiii l"X 3-'NSS I92 XX. lf, liusllull QKlXXllL'l'l Y 'M 1 .gl 'sv Q Z swgawi " K 4 4 a Hnlilsutiiigiigizs Happy Occasion" A Slop Thai' Refreshes Mario Ftvwcll anal Dull Gzmliiui' say: "H:1x'ii1g' Shipping lm' ll Cults :il Zips wliicli is wry pupul ll your scuim' pm'l1':1i1s lzmkcii is 11 lizippy llCC2lSl4IIlf with NC sluclt-ills, :irc Slizmni Lmul :mil Liiifll Ospccinlly xxlicii tlic stusliu in Grvt-ii. HAGEN'S Z' ' D ' -I lp s rlve n Fc1'mYcll llltlggklk -l'-5371 Nlllll llivisimi-FqX 3-H3311 Gvusider Harcyfully Your COLLEGE NEEDS and then CHECK CVD what i WHITWORTH COLLEGE OFFERS X-QQ Qxfj Full Accrcclitatioii QVQ Top PFC-P1'OliCSSlUll2ll 'llmiiiiug Qyj 'llilllC-l'IO110I'C4l Liberal Arts 'lintlilioii QVQ Oulstancliug Faculty Qyfj Excellent Facilities on Z1 Bcziuliful Campus QVQ Personalizecl Ecliicxilioni in Small Classes Qxfj Reasonable Cost I lvl Positive Clirisliaii Emphasis FOR FURTHER INFORMATION WRITE: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS, BOX T, WHITWORTH COLLEGE, SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Memorial Campanile All iuurlc g11u1n1iili'm Lyn Sisich says: Brickner's Studio GERS NV at E538 Kiernan Ave. HU 7-5884 has some very fine offers for +he fufure seniors of Norfh Cen+ral Qlltllllfj' Q 11111: I iiy fi 5 ff 555355 1 4, ' 3. sf 2 1 Yum-m-m Good! um-m-mf Gmini?" is the well-satisfied sigh Q1 c Ih-lsliy :mil Pau XX'u1l1era1l as they leave a mjiwiiiq time faumnls "IU cent" burgers at Kirk's Drive-In XYI7 XX1-llcslcyf HL' 3-2602 I r ,ff W f f i f f wi X yi! I I 5. ff J X71 T sf ff If - i 1 1' 1: , y ' , A - AIR A f ' A ii fd .- Wig e re+ riil School A A' lx Fil! fi A 'xx G :gf 1 V J, W I ii 'X M 'il in l il 5 'ifatutton Bldg. l 1-. H CONGRATULATIONS 1, ? 447.41 MA 4-6746 if T 1957 GRADUATES f 5 " y M M jewelers ' Secrefarial 9 Sfenographic 9 Bookkeeping Courses "F:1111uus' for Dinnmnds and XY2llCi1k'S Since 1907" 'Iii' YET if iff ffi 'iff Complefe Opfical Deparfmenf iil'. XY. Copclzlnd lilll1ll'I1k'il'iSi in Clmrgv West 807 Riverside Ave. i PORTRAITS X x wm-1 PERSONALITY fi 9 Gradua+ion 0 Weddings 9 Children Christian Studio W514'a Sprague - MA 4-1025 Compliments of Pratt Furniture Company X213 Post Strect TE S-2922 COI1gl'?lUllE1llOl1S to the Graduating Class of 1957 from the entire staff of the Security Branch Seattle-iiirst Rational Bank at SARTORI Jewelers DIAMONDS of Every Size and Kind 'Xxx' .- 1 . i ,- - X. V53 Is- " xxx' ' i X Beautiful assortment To Begin from S5950 SARTORI Alluxfcr L2'41fz'.x'n1t'11 III fuzuuI1'x N10 Wall Street v L S9 Pos+ S+ree+ MA 4-68I5 Iv cifgofgcuza 5I7ZOfaf C O U R T E S Y Firs+ and S+evens K I N D N E S S G, S E R V I C E Q SERVING SPOKANE and Ihe Q INLAND EMPIRE SINCE I9IO C lfffmw nj ffm' Famous SILVER GRILL New Silver Banquef HAZEN 8 .IAEGER Funeral Homes ln .N'f'wkI11I.' lu IRIX." and Ballroom I ' II N1306 Monr N1306 Pines Rd For Dancing, Parfies and Banquefs FA 76666 WA 4-2000 I I 4 NC Sludenfs Are Welcome 0 a+ +I1e I 1 Y MCA MI Qyws Q! -Q ' TE? Izorleen-agers,'rI1c"Y" ' lllll feafures: BasIce+baII, I ' , H Body Building, Swim- ll from l ' ming, Judo, Game it Room, Co-ed Camp- Q T B u R C H E 'I' 'I' ing, Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, You+I1 and Government Camp Cuclge on S T u D I 0 Pries+ Lalce. If1llC1'7'A' uf f'ilAl11' l'1H'iH I s1aHm-1-x1x4- 1 SPI Ulu II I I IL I EXCEPTIONAL ' 1 'Qiwl Q! " 74 7 J , ' . - X T J Makers of SpoIcane's Originafors and Exclusive "Catering Quality" ICE CREAMS FIFTH and WASHINGTON Look for +I1e Ice Cream Clown Trademark I97 E .gfsml lllk A .l - ' Qi 'Q'-, - 2 of v fo - I lg -ff' L x-llh llbl !Z"""'l' Q Mrtheyqnig FARM ani? SHOP Stewart's I-lame Hardware is yd V 1 N. W. Boulevard and Monroe A fl! l ll, in rj Q kV jg? lr fx' XJ f K ' lf VF!! Tlunlc of us lor your needs . . xxx Aj A15 - NN 'I ixff, xx ,A X 'l Y l X 5 ,fl zlfxpf JV .1 r X plrj ' el S N S rl vl ll V' lu L K .gf V 'J fl Nl , 0 Super Kemtone 0 Garden Supplies 0 Rental Tools 0 Grass Seed Q 'R Ji 44 It it Q ii 1 A ON .lj ax N 3. gl TS X ax X or lx ' EE T LAWN ROLLERS AND SPREADERS W al, fi-.15 .4 -qw X1-x Y, L, .Q 5 ' :X QQ 1 ix 5? SX 1 , 2, A ea-N X l8f8l30 for Your Needs -as +4 'fe ! -. R as E M EY 1 'i K. Qi mf! 5 Vufl fit,- X W i i ,J X Z ' Epyfl' ,icff Vi? J l-lb l E A - Mifjgfi fi Q X -Q nnounclng. . is , VO + J A ' X , if M ,ff A if ' .xi if" 1- I pe edrom J, 'X XX. 15, I , E.. g 1 , cy, I um It Co trol - 1 x,f"'- L, " yur' L, 5 I rJm,f."7?2!f1, Lb Ji. , ri Fawn -9 ff yi, Nj. Z off, WM hprws res+oreslas'ri freshness +o clofhingl R . ak?-F65 g r'men'rs loo and feel like new! if vgf'2es?lliVbvijh+ and more ac+ive! 4. llminale sh age due 'ro washing! W 5. Re vesiileply embedded dir+ and soil! . scienfifically confrolled mefhod of dry cleaning! 4-HR. LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING SERVICE l3l0 N.W. Boulevard e Q L FA 5-9886 Laundry-Dry Cleaning GRADUATES BEST WISI-IES Commercial Photography For Your . Conhnued XX-. .X L -. S uccess X Home Po rl'rail's Be Well Weddm9s Famil Grou s DRESSED Y P 15252-:2?1i2i?iEiEi5i5E1::.: .,.x H I' :Q .:.j. .' .- WI228 Augusla Avenue FA 7-8504 Congralulalions and Besl Wishes lo lhe Graduales Hennessey Funeral Home, Inc. N2203 Division-FA 8-2600 9 CONVENIENCE Modern one-s+op shopping ' ECONOMY Everyday low prices ' SERVICE Friendly, courleous personnel ' FINEST Meals, groceries and produce in Spokane Mako! Eafikel ----,, 5 Q ' . X ,, W l l if h 5 5 f Q lm lv' I ' . rm, f i DOCTQR PHOTOGRAPHER men you think about it, the family photographer falls somewhere in the family doctor-lawyer classification. The photographer, like the doctor and lawyer, is called upon when major events in your life occur. With a fine studio portrait you can relive in later years the happiness of the engagement, the wedding, the arrival of children. A photograph is part of forever, and our studio takes this responsibility seriously. THE RESCENT f--'---- , .... 5 ...Q .... .. .,,,,,,,,,,, , U ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' " " " -rag . . . . . 1'Z'1'I'I'I2E 'I . . . . . : :-E2E2E1E1E2EfErEr3rErErEr.5.5.-,-.A 5:55:25 5:5E12iii:SE1Ei:1:1:ii1:3i52522222E121212121212135122212zizizizliiifzrffiif '2:5:215:5:,,V:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:g:j Q Q - YEEEEEEE- , f f f f f if - .. as Y . ,:1:1:1::1fe111if11ei:I:1:i1I1111121:gr1ix21:112:rf212:rf111:15:55::::gg5:5:5:5:5:5q- - - - f-::1:5:1:5:s.5g59,55:5,5,5,5,5, 1:15, v-- :-:-:-:-. 211111-1:-111111112-211-r1if11:1:1:111:12:r:::1sssf2af::11::1::1:2:21 ::::::::.:.,.:-- - - . . . . . , . , .,:::::: 255555 "4 Y' fzfsasm :-:-:-:-:-:+A 5 -'::5,.:.:.:.: .gg :::::::::- :iq 152.5 :gg .5.:.:,:Q 55:5 5.:.:.:. :-:-:- .:.:.:.:. .:.:. :.:.:, -:-5 -:-:-:-:- - ::::: :5:i:5' :-rx, :-:-: '-:-:-: -:gg :g:3:g:3: - -:-:A 22232555 5222215 51225 21:2 :5:5:55 X X 52:32 :gzgt 5:5:I:5: 5:5: :5: 4-5: -:-,gf .-.:,:.: :Q- -:-:-:-. :-z-: :-:-:-:- :-:- . :- :-:te gQ.g-- -:' -:-:-:-:- -I' -I-2 'E5:5:5 'PEN -5:-:5' -:3:5::::: :-:::-:-. :::::::5:,. :555 gig: .:.:., ::.:::., :5k::s: -:-::- g.,::.:. 2:::2::::: :E:g:E:E 5:I:5:I:5:5:-. "5:5" .-:5S:5S 5:5:5. IRE- ::5:::5S:5:4.4 '5:5 v::q::3 5-5-5-5'5'5w , , uqqxqqqi, ,,.tQ.,E,: 5:5:5:::::::3:::::g:5:::1:::g:g:g::::z5:::::::5:3:::::::::::3:g:::g:g:g:g:5gtgIgI:I:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5. 515' .5 . -:5:ft5S'5:-: 5: 35 5 . -.5::::.,' -:-:-:5:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4:5z-:-z-:-:-:-:-:-:5:-:3:::::::::::::::::::gg:3:5:5:5:5:Q:5:5::5:5:5z::::g:::5:::::::::::::::.,.,..4.5::...,.:.,,., . , . 0 l i M l, . . ..:.:.:.:q :.3.:.:.3.5q.59.:.:.-.:.5.25355:51:55:555:53.:.:5:5g5g5g55g5g55:55555:55 Garland Theafre Bldg. Garland 81 Monroe 1446 'llo our advertisers, to lion 'llovvnsend and Carl llridge of the Print Shop: Al H. Keigley and Pat Murphy. Spokane American Engraving Company 3 and to photographer Art Lacey, we would like to express our sincere thanks for their help "above and beyond the call of duty" in the publication of this 1957 Tamarack. The Crescent Photography studio deserves a special yote of thanks for doing the faculty portraits. For the splendid photography work in this year's hook, we would like to thank faculty member George Smith and his hard-working staff of "shutterhugs." To Meryin Manuel goes a special bouquet for his advice on the art work, and to Sharon Lund and loelle Lyons for their work on copy. Last, hut certainly not least, our greatest and most heartfelt "thank you's" go to our general adviser, Miss Mary McKenna, who worked so very hard in making this year's Tamarack another book of which to be justly proud. -The Tamarack Staff wbilliwk XB Jka-eq QQ! JY-5-Q N ' Sxwwff 5. v .. I r V U44!a,ZZ20'.f 19, WM Zd344W4Ho,4bLWpf5, WM' ' , . M:'i.',1Q4L1A.xzL '- - ,. f., ' - f: A1.-f - .4 Fl. ' L 1.f., . ,,'.q 'V ,f ,V - ft? .VI 5 X, I., r 1? A xfjxl - 'Wi rwf' f-QM. 3 - J wiv QA, .t , X U. V gf" 17? g I I wad! ., ,X 1, 1 - y ' .h 1 fy f' 3, ,ew ' X , f - , I Vx J Hx! ' I A. JL, lf 44475? . , ' mil. a x 5 -VJ - 1 H X WED A 57 J W aff. ' ' Q 1 w N S2449 egwfw M , fwwf, 5 ' 4 ' . ,.4.'4Q4Ld . K V gy if M' J! ff' ,xy-ei ? ff M W , VQBX fa-L M' , if I , 2 I M NJDQJQJ ffulmgwlmw? in N 1' u' god." ?4.,e,4,,L0Kf mf X076 '1,77'a4.,9 -, ...J .L 4 ' Vx ,, ' ' . Mm.: N .. H4-hd-max e.,.M,..,.., - ,Q R" x X ,..x F M, .M 1. if , 51' , 414.. .fi- ,w, ' FA-, 5 K9 E: . de -9 , 5551 v 'xi' -. :SL V l s H3 A- fw 59 iwwwW .www 2 + K widow if W I 7 u . K ' n I ' M' Z NW vf' QNX 3 'few yy X303 ' 0 . Wm wo gf! M5555 RWM 3 'DNN iso Mi. x .ax Z. ,S .WNJ VV, .- 5-44, my A f-QL? A iv - 'K 32 'ff' Jw' ' 'ity T' gi 'R Rmrtmf QHMMQQR fn? ' NQQMQ .K 3 W "ZEN 7 'Lu-41 2 'Wa 2 N 5. Juv, C' M Y 17 V 1 2 4 ga ,fs .4.', ,.4,,,. . LT-may Z

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North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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