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 - Class of 1954

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North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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A , A ffgww A AM M A JM ? fix A fa W A A A A QgA,.lg'xg A AM AA MA A A ANA Zi A3 xg A MAA B A Q5 A A Elway Wm., Wwwmwmw I 'Q 'W "N' W w"N-N! !-!N W., , , ' ,V , 1 X 1 IAA W ' ' "" 3'w11:"f'W"m-ww fxrxxx M V W W , - WNW T,!3vwW5wwwM?!W'M1ummWmW, BA!! Deal' Dbl MA AA V, My W WW WfWwMi Wimwy MQ www M wgjmwmfdqjg Mxjj y., BW Eff' W M 4950, 49 A6 augifla, mf- . my a ww 1954 Tamarack NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL SVUKANE, VVASHINGTON CQ'0-lfdiiom: June Elston, Natalie .TOIIIISOII qlrl lfdifori 1312111116 .IOIIHSOII I3z1.vi1'Less Mamu cr: A1111elte A11clc1'sr111 .I .-ldzfixwz Miss Mary McIic1111z1 g 5. yu f'- 1 V! X W L fks . -new f r-' - JJ, '.v . n ti., Qi, ,,,g7,,V.QWf'- X., .wiwyxqx-E., - ' Q - 4 M .- Y was." ' ' ir 1, Mk,.::'s. W f ..,ig.g? X.,,??,,0,g . Nif- ' ' fl M :iw-1 'f-if -w .rr t. I. ' . ,. im 'e my-yeh as 53,-Q J ,w 'H , V. A i 'PM ' . , , Q ,, ., .5.,K,,,,, V y... QR I . tx ., ' -.fifiiai His ' . , - , , . X J L,A- , fl-,f X-.,,,,k3,3t .9 L- , 1 X V. , V mfg Q qi?EWiz,,1Spf5qY?.Q .mf L 4 "- .gif -- I 'rfifgjh '- gf. ay' V f 1? 5 LR,-. gligiggxf . , , 'Q . - x 1 . Y fy I 'ykvy ig. 342,15 iv 1 . K M 'AVA iw -,xqmfm Q' H QQ ,1-'gf f A ilgfff f ' . 1,-:VJ Ig f - 'J ' f, ' I 5-,A .X , 1 ,,L, , ,, ,tw L . S ' Q ' Q .. , " avi'-E ,fl .'L' .-. 'Ar ' ff -f- ' . ' 3 vgvgfz 4 1 ff :W-fi. ' Mf'ff+3f" E. ,QS -. .' X K 4,513 , - .1-Q -f ,f.Qy5gi34:AM,2HgfLf'S':,,-? bmw- H Q'- w il 4 , gli- .1533-i..i :59.,wS?2f I Lg' Sf Af 5 ,ix , , gb ., , A- ff.,-1,-.,fv..ff.-?.h15'yfM H1 M, hh., af N , -,,gfkg.w,uI'Y?'?i'i'Z?mff,f:AfCw ,AW M15 - " V, - sgfggi X t ..V4 .h:Qj1,:lVfwHi 3Jv5i-2g5:yJ?3?Wv3i,g V 1fmam,4 -,.?Pk , , . - " Q-, - NY f Effgiijii' ' fggiilxfltifiti' :T .1 ' , f ' .'.fs A Us-yfi1?'f,'3? .' I . "Q 5 ' ...aff . . " , ,Janie . '- M V- 16? " 'U :Q-if 1iiiJE5Qf..ffiWeI2. ' 599' W' . ' Q L . .5 Kr , if rg,-41? 4 Y. 5 J,.q.i, yi, Wy lags f.. . .ffm QL., , Si 'X 'Ljgf.AA'ff3g15jf?w51: -.sgff,1,' 5 fjd, . 4 . . , X f - ',' .gs 'f ff- ,gig iff? , ,gf Jljjfiiy-f" .',.5j,j,:.' "3 QM W ,' 1 W Q x 4' M WQFEJQQE' :mmm vg,'5qvNl!lHQiQ-5-,1qg,. 1 - ', . xi :Mp - X' . 2 . - A V. -N' , ii : qf,i,-5 .M - 1 ' , f M959 ' . hsgik- -rss: X ff Wi' V' W ... .N .. . .A " 0' ' I 15 '-." .JI V' . Z ' " , M, 5, ff L w1Lif11?Qk.ii -Lk.,,f1l - f ff . , '91 'w L-2 iff wg 2 NVEEE Af ,551-iff Qwflmgm, . V Q A '1 -'fait if - I ' ' A 4143.5 -f Tryk . W .V ylgmi, . MMSM N M. W. .0 aw' . fw , . ,V ,g1'3iQ,fe, K mp . ,sl 4.1 '4- JW ,M w 9 . --.0 . 7 x LP' :wr 55'-,X , n . X as cn my 54 . 1 h W 4 . .M . . w K Q W , W., A 4 L A 5 ,z Ny ,gag x , K W 1 ' 'A :Q . f' 2?n,: 0 ' .V M , it j.ewgA?Q. ,.kV k x..l.a v . f' ', X ,L ' JV" 119.14 F - .f . ff N.-cf +'kw Q5 -. - , g,. Nu gf 3 1- A . L . 2 .' A " 4? 5 x x. -xg, av I5 frgvmi-Q 3 ', V. . , ua V,..,w: x . . U1 'ffl 'S -' A ' , iff ,- ' D ' ' '. ,I Vis -we .. Y , v i, A 1, v ' . v yu A A M, ! JM' A X a V . 6 . A gy ' 5- F H. . v , , nf Y .Q 1 . I ' G may ,ra-A. M ..-fv.-. my www , 4 . '-A '-.. A 'W yrs' 2: . - 1 Evil J 5 ff N -Qwm - ' , V- -wi " Q 'mm 2 .X -f ' fr' -11 , it fiwgw, :QI Y- M . , Q73 . NR q', . Q K . Wm' Q W x., Q ,..'e. Q ., -QQ. Q . :qe..', , H I V , A ' . -' , + e "Q -. ,,, fy I !yn,YAj,T4k,f " if ' . ' 4 If W5 ' " 1 3 p a 'N-Ahh .' ' R 'Q Mi I .1 1 -, . 3' 4 ., . . . I f, M, M, Amman ,UI In ,H , - xx. Y af W V .111 A Qfvxr W N.. jg, 'Q W W. ' ge . 1 ' 1, Q. ' ., K A ,gy K w 'Y "ar M 3 U' - 4 I .QSM 3 4, ff "5 fav", L 1: . x 5. Q r-ui: 4 . ,s, 43' Cai , :W if J fx 'Qi .xx 11 mf-W fm wr W. , f 3 1' H X V 'R nw. lwkegwf. mr Wy-' , . xA -ff?" Q ,QM , X -N 3 f V., N ,mls ,aiu ' wf f V , 1 . ...swift v -l , , K my ,,?-,.,v:-aff -- wx C ,. wg ,Q Lg. , V, -swf' A 1 - 5 we 4732 'S' , - I Q h?!'g5.,.v'wy- ', 4 .k,..t,ap, V -fwxwk ,gf 'SQ . 928516. 9 iv 1 X6 Foreword "The true test of civilization is not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops-no, but the kind of man the country turns out . . . " -Ralph Waldo Emerson Education, we are told, is to the soul what sculpture is to a block ol marble. Teachers cannot hope to have their students retain for- ever history's dates, literatures allusions, the fine points of science. Rather they have the task of molding citizenship through the devel- opment of habits, attitudes, and ideals. The backbone of America's greatness is her impressive educational system-her schools, the development of moral and spiritual values through her churches, hard work and persis- tence through the lifelong school of Hhard knocks." In composing the 1954 Tamarack, we have tried to create a volume of remembrance for those who shall remain here, for those who are leaving to pursue higher education, and for those who are enrolling in the school of life- endeavoring to paint, through the talents of the written word and the brushes of art and photography, a living panorama of memories from a great school year. Table of Canienis F A C U L T Y Pages 8-I7 C I. A S S E S Pages 20-74 ACTIVITIES Pages77-I03 SCHOOL LIFE Pages I06-I2I PRODUCTIONS PagesI24-I35 S P O R T S Pages I38-I73 .1-""' ..,.,v" -5 ' M9 I JOHN A. SHAW Superinfendeni' I eight SCHOOL BOARD - Seafed around +he fable: George E. Fallquisf, Dr. G. Burwell Mann Dr. James A. PaHon, Clinfon M. Perry, Mary F. Wurfh. NCE MORE, with the end of the school year, june 4, 1954, another section of a great panorama moves beyond our vision. The class of June, l954, has gone on to g r e a t e r opportunities and sterner responsibilities. By now its members are beginning to realize how much they really enjoyed their school years. Those who enjoyed the chal- lenge of learning and the pleasures of school friendships will enjoy the years to come. That's the way life is! Our good wishes follow them all. But the Tamarack editors are not satis- fied with felicitations. They have asked a "message" Here it is: The person who places what he VVANTS to do above what he SHOULD do, is his own worst foe. It is of tremendous importance to triumph over self. How desperately America, 1954, needs to follow a stern course of self-discipline, to bend its efforts toward character and spiritual values! It's a task which can begin only on an individual basis. lt's a chal- lenge which points to a life worth living. May you live all the days of your life! l 'l . N, l Q l 4 J X 1 1 5 I 1 3 f I 'nine I f N.-f 57" 1.-.a ' S IZ R. J. HOESLY, Vice-Principal ADVISERS-Lowell Bradford, band and boys' adviser: Patricia Damon, A. S. B. and girls' adviser. OFFICE ten STAFF-Marjorie Stoner, secretaryg Vera Bayley, bookroom clerkg Elizabeth Shand, attendance clerk. endow, Mech ' , Kenneth Abraham English Publicity C hairinan Muriel Allison Social Studies Assists with Girls' Golf and Skating Edward E. Anderson English Thespian Adviser Mary R. Bacon Library, Head flniores Librornin Adviser R. A. Baldwin lllatheniatics Robert F. Barnard Matlieiiiatics Helen I. Beaver Home Economics C ostnniing Adviser Lowery Bennett Matlieniatics Frosh Basketball Coach Robert Biner Art Art Club Adviser Robert E. Bland English Assistant Football Coach Bertha Boeh1ne Foreign Language, Head Spanish C liib Adviser Donald Bonamy Science Golf Coach Zaaddacdaafwngeevzaafdigdecdaol eleven twelve Mary Bowker Commercial C on Supervision Vern Broadwell I nd ustrial Arts Stage Crew Adviser Madeline Carroll Assistant Librarian Charles Chandler Social Studies Ticket Manager Dorothy Chandler English John Christenson Social Studies Rifle Club Adviser Helen Cleveland English Vox Puellarum Adviser Dorothy Collins Home Economies F. H. A. Co-adviser Marjorie Collard Commercial 3 C 's Adviser M ary Congdon M athematics Alvin Danielson Commercial Track and Cross-Country Coach Daniel Davis English League and Fed Choral Groups ' 601244 ' afeleqe ' VVillia1T1 M. Diedriek Physical Education Warriors Adviser Eleanor Dixon Physical Education Color Girl Adviser Gladys L. Dunphy Study Hall Burrill Exley Mathematics Assistant Varsity Track Coach Blair Glover Commercial Finance Committee Leonard Graham Industrial Arts james O. Griggs Commercial, Head Guy L. Griswold English Pay Cons-Tickets Kenneth G. Hagen Industrial Arts B Squad Basketball Coach Lucille Hawes English Calendar Committee Gerald Hilby English Detention Room Ernest L. Hix Science, Heaci Boys' Tennis Coach :emma cam Zeaaaew aaa cam 4 L 5 Q v f gs fs 'Z gsiliszshe ' -W s7a.'f,5i9,,. ,, f- 1 at 5 , , .sf N, .ts fn 5 ,k 1. EY X n A 5, 4, xiii? f A 1 5 we lf a thirteen i , David Holmes Study Hall Freshman Football Coach Del Jones Social Studies Student Body A d'-viser Elizabeth Killingsworth Home Economics F. H. A. Co-adviser Joan Kopf Home Economics .flqueltcs Adviser Edna Lauer English Mary M CKenna Journalism Publications Adviser Mabel McLaughlin English Honors Board Adviser Howard MCNCW Social Studies Tumbling Coach Christine McRae English, Head Dutch Uncle Program john Malterner Engl-ish Traffic, Grounds Squad A. A. Manfred C onimercial Baseball Coach Kenneth M hyre Art Art Club Adviser aakadewe ' aadeaemeeleelfdedzwaqa fourteen Arthur Miller English Debate Coach Kenneth Moore lllatheniatics Con Proctor, Head Christine Neuman Home Economics Paul Neuman Science Chess Cliib Adviser P. H. Nygaard Matlieiiiatics, Head Math Cliib Adviser Alvin Olson Industrial Arts Maintenance, School Vehicles 'Ll' L , If .520 , wdadaae Genevieve Oppen English Jirnior Red Cross Adviser 51 e ge LAL5 hgfw . -naar, -' ' 1' ' msn-.,:s .X , -fs:-N, ,f .f x Q 3 Q . till? :Ai A " -' , ,is s I Helen Oscarson English Elsa Pinkhain Physical Education, Head Red Feathers Adviser Charles Randall Social Studies Visual Education Margaret Rawlings English John Rodkey Social Stiidies Senior Class Adviser s 'A A lab -4.19. 6, fifteen Ng, if David Rowand Science Radio Club Adviser .., y xii, ' . Raymond Simonson Science A ' Detention Room 'Q ' , 1 E RM X34- .. poi' ' H-sift l 5 George Smith i Science Photography Adviser Dale Spurgeon Industrial Arts jerry Stannard Physical Education, Head Head Football and Basketball Coach , N f li - x sixteen Helen Stockdale English Con Deputy Head Stanley W. Taft M usic, Head ,Music Productions Frances Theis Foreign Languages Latin Club Adviser George Theodorson Industrial Arts School Treasurer Willlelmine Timm Science Golf and Skating Coach Paul Tobie Science VVilliam Whitaker Social Studies B Squad Football Coach etmfcadadcwe catdem' XS 3 l 2 Cafeteria staff includes, left to right: Mrs. Viola Santoria, Mrs. Vivian Rowley, Mrs. Sybil Pick, Mrs. Alice Gillespie, director, and Mrs. Agnes Foskin. CUSTODIANS - Seated: Edward Barnes, Lucia Pontieri, Arthur Baker, head custodian, Edwin Praeter, and Tony Cannata. Standing: Herman Woodell, E. D. Trapp, J, Wesley Harvey, engineer, George Truedson, Fred Verich. 0 I Z I 4 Q . seventeen .3 M xx , Xevfg- ' m ,, Q .M ff., 'ig '-'21, ' .f " V ' , 2 , 1 'Z aw W as if ia L' ,L nf 1 sw V f 4, W. , , , 1 fb 9 ? B' Wfefff My 7329 faggg A Q ,,,,,, ,133-l . , my , yr, . , ,, 4, we ,,1:-M iw Q44 J! f i n 4 ' . a n x f W A QA' uf .f vw Y 1 1, e if 1 Q V f--fy : 435' iw A L, Q JW U W MQW K. NORMAN Vice-President Ross Gomz President DARLENE CooN Secretary DON NEWLAND Trcaswcr tw enty Aamot, Ragnhild Crone Social Studies Transferred from Rogers. Home Room Vice-President: Spanish Club, Presi- dent, Secretary: Vox Puellarum, Secre- tary: Ski Club: Quill and Scroll: Red Feathers: Tennis Team: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: Doll Shop: Honors Board: A. S. B. Nominating Committee Chairman: A. S. B. Secretary, Representative: News Staff: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll: Football Princess: Girls' State, Lieutenant Governor. Alilstrand, Gary Transferred from Rogers. Akland, Karen .lane History Library Worker: Ticket Office Worker: News Representative: Spanish Club: L e a g u e Representative: Dad-and- Daughter Banquet: Red Cross Repre- sentative. Albert, Patricia Joan History Home Room Roll Checker: A. S. B. Representative: Hall Guard. Allen, Jerry Biner Industrial Arts Frosh Football: Gym Monitor: Roll Checker. Anderson, Annette Evelyn Commercial Red Feathers: Commercial Club, Vice- President: Tamarack, Senior Editor, Advertising Manager, Business Man- ager: N e W s Bookkeeper, Business Manager: Math Club: Quill and Scroll: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll: After-School Sports: All-ActiV- ity Shield: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Dad- and-Daughter Banquet Committee. 9e!W4ff' s Anderson, Beverly .lean Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Home Room Secretary: News Representative: Ad Staff: News Staff, Business Manager: Tamarack, Senior Editor, Business Manager: Quill and Scroll: Doll4Shop. Anderson, Marjorie Mae Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: A. S. B. Representative: C on Deputy: Gym Monitor: Library Worker, Representa- tive: After-School S w i m : League Honor Roll 6 times: A. S. B. Pin Com- mittee, Chairman: All-Activity Shield: Hall G u a r d : Junior Achievement, Treasurer: D o ll Shop: After-School Sports: Big Sister: Girls' Track Meet: Commercial Club. Anderson, Nadene Home Economics Hall Guard: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representative: Big Sister. Applonie, James Rodney Science A. S. B. Representative: After-School Sports: J u n i o r Achievement, Vice- President, Sales Manager: Radio Club: All-School Play. Indu.rtrialA1't.r Varsity Football: . S. B. Representa- tive: Wrestling. Arnold, Edward A Aschenbrenner, Ernestine Elizabeth Science Girls' League President: League Repre- sentative: League Honor Roll 8 times: Math Club, Treasurer: Talent Club, Treasurer: Latin Club: Junior Senator: Color Girls, Chairman: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Li- brary Worker: Tamarack Representa- tive: Gym Office Monitor. :de . 5 twenty-one all twenty-two Asker, Willa Marie Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls, Sergeant at Arms: A. S. B. Representative: A. S. B, Committee: League Representative: L e a g u e Honor Roll: League Style Show: Scholastic H o n o r Roll: Big Sister: All-Activity S h i e 1 d : After- School Sports: Doll Shop: News Repre- sentative: Junior Achievement: Com- mercial Club, Treasurer: Home Room President. Aspaas, Ralph Einar Mathematics Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: B Squad Baseball: Home Room Presi- dent: Warriors. Baertsch, Joy Ann Home Economics Big Cousin: Girls' State Representa- tive: All-Activity Shield: Golf Team, Captain: Tennis Team, Manager: Red Feathers: League Representative: Dad- and-Daughter Banquet, Ticket Chair- man: A. S. B. Committee Chairman: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Gym Office Monitor: Aquettes: Golf Letter. Bigger, Gene Wilson History Varsity Football: Track: Concert Band: Marching Band: Radio Club: News Representative: Sports-for-All: Frosh Baseball. Biggs, Robert William Science L a t i n Club, President, Sergeant at Arms: Math Club: Ticket Sales: Home R o o m Vice-President: News Repre- sentative. Bigham. Donna Lee Home Economics Home Room Vice-President: News Representative: League Representa- tive: Golf: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Gym Office Monitor: League Honor Roll: Rest Room M o n i t o r : League Office Monitor: Red Feathers: A. S. B. Representative. Billberg, Donna Kaye Home Economics Doll Shop: Horseback R i d i n g Club: League Representative: Horizon Club: Library Worker: News Staff. Blakely, Barbara Mae Commercial Transferred from Salem, Oregon. Red Feathers: Commercial Club: Tau Chi Talent C l u b : Tamarack Representa- tive: Girls' Glee Club: League Honor Roll: After-School Sports: Li b r a r y Representative: Big S i s t e r : Junior Achievement. Blakely, Beverly Jeanne Commercial Transferred from Salem, Oregon. Big Sister: Red Feathers: Girls' Glee Club: League Office Worker: Tau Chl Talent Club: After-School S p o r t s : League Honor Roll: Commercial Club: Tama- rack Representative: Home Room Sec- retary: Debate Team: Talent Show: Red Cross Representative. Blancly, Shirley Ann Commercial Melody Capers: Girls' Glee Club: Roll Checker: News Representative: League Representative: Red Cross Representa- tive. Bollinger, Roger Keni' Ivlailiemat-ics Transferred from Chelan High School. Bombino, Judith Yvonne Commercial Big Sister: Doll Shop: Hall Guard: Con Deputy. ,64606 , Boskill, Jaclc Music Band: Special Band: Spokane Junior Symphony: Talent Club: Home Room President: Red Cross Representative: News Representative: Con Scheduling Committee, Chairman: Tennis: Hall Guard. Boston, Myrna Christy Social Studies Hall Guard: Con Deputy: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: Student Court, Secretary: A. S. B. Committee, Chairman: Fresh- man Election Commission: L e a g u e Representative: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Home Room Secretary, Roll Checker: Choir: Operetta: Girls' Glee Club: Red Feath- ers: Tennis Team. Bostrom, Grace Eilene Commercial Big Sister: League Honor Roll 4 times: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield: Tennis Letter: C on Deputy, Head: Library Representative: League Representative: News Repre- sentative: Library Worker. Brady, Phyllis Joyce Home Economics Big Sister: Golf: Ice Skating: D oll Shop. Britton, Dolores Elain Commercial League Representative: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Office Worker: League Honor Roll 6 times: Doll Shop: Ticket Room. I Broclcmier, Verna i Commercial C o l o r Girls' Librar Re res a iv back Riding: After-School S or : Gym Monitor: League H or : League Office Monitor. . y p A11-Activity Shield: Big Ho y 1 we faecal! Brown, Constance Mae Commercial A. S. B. Representative: League Rep- resentative: Study Hall Roll Checker: Office Worker: League Honor Roll 5 times: Doll Shop: Hall Guard: League Office Worker: Towel Monitor: R e d Cross Representative. Brown, George Alan Social Studies H o m e Room President: Band: News Representative. Brown, Idella Marie Commercial Color Girls: Red Cross Representative: Hall Guard: Roll Checker: Soft Ball: Spanish Club: Big Cousin: L e a g u e Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll. Brown, William Robert Foreign Languages Basketball: Intramural Sports: Feder- ation Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: H o m e Room President: Dance Committee. Buck, Beu Ella Mae Commercial Graduated in 3 years. Red Feathers: Color Girls: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: Cholr: Girls' Glee Club: 3 C's: After-School Sports: League H o n o r Roll: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Library Worker: Scholastic Honor Roll: Melody Capers: Christmas Concert. Buettner, Ronald Mathematics Home Room President' A.S B. Re 1 - P' resentative: Intramural Sports: Band: Varsity Track: Con Deputy. l I twenty-three Bump, Bette Rae Art Home Room Secretary: Red Feathers: L e a g u e Mothers' Tea: Gym Office Monitor: Rest Room Monitor: Roll Checker: League Honor Roll 3 times: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: After- School Sports: Junior Achievement: Stage Sets. Burns, Patricia Aileen Social Studies Transferred from Holy Names Acad- emy. Bursch, Howard Allen Social Studies Frosh Basketball: Home Room Vice- President. Burtness, Bette Lumonde Art Art Club, Secretary: Math Club: Red Cross Representative: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: League Representative: Big Cousin: L e a gu e Honor Roll: Rifle Team, Secretary: Hall Guard. Byrne, Bonnie Caryl Art Vox Puellarum, Historian, Treasurer: Doll Shop: Commercial Club: Art Club: League Representative: .Library Repre- sentative: Home Room Secretary: Ten- nis: Red Feathers: Big Cousin: After- School Sports: News Staff, Assistant Advertising Manager: Freshman Con- vocation: League Honor Roll: Scholas- tic Honor Roll. Cabo, Richard William Mathematics Home Ro om Vice-President: News Representative. Ca puto, Richard Mathematics Transferred from Gonzaga High School. Ca row, Ronald Mathematics Home Room Treasurer: Choir: Melody Capers: Chess Club: Federation Quar- tet: Doll Shop. Carstens, Karen Home Economics Home Room President: League Repre- sentative: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Aquettes, President: Big Cousin: After- S c h o o 1 Sports: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll: Doll Shop. Casselman, George Lewis Commercial C h o i r , Assistant Business Manager: Doll Shop: Operetta, Lead: Federation Representative: Traffic Squad: Melody Capers: Sports-for-All Representative: All-School Play: Thespians: Assistant Library Representative: Chess Club: Library Worker: Election Committee: Scholastic Honor Roll: Tennis: Tepee Lighters. Chappell, Del Arthur Mathematics Band: Special Band: Pep Band: Doll Shop. Chase, Douglas Riley Industrial Arts Varsity Football: Golf: Library Repre- sentative: After-School Sports. 7a' , '. twenty-four Christensen, Elizabeth Ann Commercial League Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Hall Guard: Study Hall Roll Checker: League Honor Roll. Christie, Gordon Social Studies Clark, Daniel Merle I u d ustrial A rt.: After-School Sports. Clark, Frederic Arnold Mathematics Federation Representative: Chess Club: Junior Achievement. Clark, Margaret Joan C ommerczal Color Girls: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: Aquettes, Vice-President: Slip Collec- tor: O ffic e Worker: A. S. B. Nom- inating Committee: Scholastic Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: After-School Sports: Assistant Library Representa- tive. Coffey, Alan Ross Social Studies Frosh Football: Home Room Fifth Executive: Library Representative. Cogley, Mary Ann Social Studies League Representative: A. S. B. Nom- inatin Committee' S anish C l u b g . P 2 3 C's: Roll Checker: Slip Collector: Ice Skating: League Office Worker: Golf. Coil, Sue Commercial Home Room Vice-President, Secretary: Big Sister: Study Hall Roll Checker: Library Worker. Coleman, Janice Marie Art Color Girls: Red Feathers: L i b r a r y Worker: All-Activity S h i e 1 d : After- School Sports: Home Room President, Secretary: A. S. B. Representative: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: Senior Senator: Girls' League Vice-President: League Office Monitor: Gym Monitor: Horse- back Riding: Library Representative: League Representative: AS. B. Nom- inating Committee: League H o n o r s Board: Senior Reception Committee. Collins, Edward Charles Matlieiuatics Library Representative: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: B Squad Football: Math Club: Grounds Squad Commissioner: Varsity Baseball Manager. Collins, Myrlene Couuuercial All-Activity Shield: Library Worker: Con Deputy: Tamarack Representative: A. S. B. Pin Committee: Skip Slip Col- lector: League Honor Roll 5 t i m e s : League Representative: Home R o o m Secretary: After-School Sports: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: Color Girls. Cook, Dolores Anita M uric Assistant Roll Checker: Library Rep- resentative: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll: Library Worker: Glee Club, As- sistant Librarian. ' um ' mzaeaadalau. twenty-five twenty-six Cook, Reid Gustav I url-ustrial Arts Stage Crew: Library Representative. Coomes, Carolyn Sue Commercial Graduated in 3M years. Commercial Club: Gym Monitor: Big C o u s i n : League Honor Roll: Operetta: Scholas- tic Honor Roll: Nurse's Office Monitor. Coon, Darlene Cecile Social Studies A. S. B. Representative: Sophomore Senator: Talent Club, President: Color Girls, Historian-Recorder: Math Club, Secretary: Doll Shop: Operetta: Mel- ody Capers: Fall Football Attendant: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 8 times: Study Hall Roll Checker: Red Feathers, Chairman: Library W o r k e r : War Orphan Committee, Chairman. Cooprider, Gary Alberi' Art Home Room President: A. S. B. Adver- tising Committee, Chairman: F r o s h Basketball: Frosh Track: Art Club. Cothlin, Barbara Elaine Commercial Home Room President. Cox, William Social Studies Frosh Basketball, Baseball: B Squad Football, Baseball: Home Room Secre- tary: Library Representative. Craig, Harold Leclell Industrial Arts Stage Crew: Rifle Club. Crisp, Carolyn Lee Commercial Big Cousin: Operetta: Hall Guard: Roll Checker: Library Worker: League Rep- resentative: Choir: Scholastic Honor Roll: Gym M o n i t o r : After-School Sports. Crowder, Hazel Marie Music Orchestra, Concert Mistress, Librarian, Student Conductor: Operetta: D o ll Shop: Spring Concert: Big Cousin: Red Cross Representative: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: L i b r a r y Representative: News Staff, Mailing Manager, Associ- ate Editor: Tamarack Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Honor Roll 3 times: Music Office Monitor: girls, Guard: Amores Librorum: Talent u . unningham, Darlene Ma e Home Economics Color Girls: Home Room President, Secretary: League Representative: Li- brary Representative: News Repre- sentative: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: League Honor Roll 6 times: Ticket Of- fice Monitor: Red Feathers: Scholastic Honor Roll 3 times: Hall Guard: After- School Sports: A. S. B. Dance Commit- tee: League Reception Committee. Cunningham, Dorothy Mae Home Economics League Representative: Home Room Secretary, Librarian: Hall Guard: Red Feathers: Color Girls: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 7 times: League Re- ception Committee. Daniel, Marilyn Lee Home Economics Library Representative: Big Sister: Melody Capers: Hall Guard: Choir: Three Fives: Glee Club. 41149 fed Ewa Daniels, Delores Jean Commercial Transferred from Butte, Montana. Davidson, Mary Beth Commercial Hall Guard: Library Worker. Davis, Eleanor Alta Social Studies Latin Club: Operetta: Red Feathers: News Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: L e a g u e Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Honor Roll 3 times. Davis, Marilyn Joanne Commercial L e a g u e Treasurer: Song Leading Chairman: Color Girls: A. S. B. Rep- r 11 t t i v e ' All-Activit Shield: e s e a , y League Honor Roll 6 times: Commer- cial Club: Big Sister: News Staff, Fea- ture Editor: League Representative: Scholastic Honor R o 11 : Home Room President, Secretary: Gym O f f i c e Worker: Doll Shop: Operetta: Spring Pageant: League Style Show: Library Worker: After-School Sports: Nurse's Office Monitor. Disney, Jacklyne Marie Commercial Color Girls: Girls' Track Meet: League Honor R011 3 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Home Room Vice-President, Sec- retary, Treasurer: H all Guard: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Freshman Con- vocation. Doc.lgge'H', James Social Studies Choir: Tepee Lighters: Operetta: Mel- ody Capers: Federation Representa- tive: Home Room Vice-President: Gym Office Worker: News Representative: Red Cross Representative: Choir Board: Christmas Concert. Donahoe, Michael Dennis Social S tudies Transferred from Gonzaga. Downes, Florence Joan Science Transferred from Salem, Oregon. News Representative: Tamarack Representa- tive: Latin Club: Talent Club, Presi- dent: Talent Convocation: After-School Sports: Junior Achievement: Honors Board: League Office Worker: Big Cousin: School Play, Program Chair- man: Gym Office Worker: Debate. Draper, Juanita Home Economics Color Girls: Red Feathers: A1l-Activ- ity Shield: After-School Sports: Vox Puellarum: Home Room President, Treasurer: L e a g u e Representative: Tamarack Representative: Red Cross Representative: League Honor Roll: Honors Board: Operetta: Choir: Doll Shop: Student-Faculty Finance Com- mittee: Library Worker: League Style Show: Big Cousin: Gym Monitor: Towel Monitor: Glee Club: A. S. B. Nominating Committee: League Con- vocation Committee: "Green Valley," Production Staff: Constitution Com- mittee. Dupre, Dawn Marie Commercial Transferred from Polson, Montana. Eakins, John M usic Transferred from E1 Paso, Texas. Home Room Vice-President, Treasurer: Mel- ody Capers: Operetta Lead: Choir Vice- President. Easton, Stanley Evan Social Studies A. S. B. Vice-President, Fifth Execu- tive, Representative: Sophomore Sena- tor: Honors Board: News Staff Sports E d i t o r , Editor-in-Chief: Tamarack Staff: Quill and Scroll, President, Vice- President: Junior Press Club: Amores Librorum, President: Doll Shop: Silver Spurs: J unlor Senator. L I I twenty-seven tw enty-eight Eaton, Kae Norene Home Economics Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Ice Skating, Chairman: Home Room Secre- tary: Golf: Gym Office M o n i t o r : League Honor Roll. Edlund, Donald Edward Industrial Arts A. S. B. Representative: Home Room President: Spanish Club. Edwards, Earl Dean Industrial Arts Concert Band: Special Band: A. S. B. Representative: Rifle C lu b : Tennis: D o l l Shop: After-School S p o r t s : Marching Band. Elder, Karen Elaine Commercial Red Feathers, Secretary: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Commercial Club, Presi- d en t: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor: Gym Office Monitor: League Representative: League Honors Board: Towel Monitor: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 6 times: Con Dep- uty: Scholastic Honor Roll: Softball lgtlanager: League S tyle Show: Big ister. Ellis, Sally Mae .Social Studies A. S. B. Representative: A. S. B. Con- stitution Committee H e a d : Library Worker: N e w s Representative: Doll Shop: After-School Swimming: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Con Deputy, Head: F. H. A.: Big Sister: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: A. S. B. Clean-up Com- mittee: Hall Guard. Elsion, June Marie Social Studies Tamarack Co-Editor: News S t a f f , Girls' Sports Editor, Editor-in-Chief: J u n i o r Press Club: Red Feathers: Operetta: Doll Shop: Commercial Club, President: Quill and Scroll, Fourth Executive, President: Latin Club, Sec- retary, Corresponding Secretary: Slip Collector: L e a g u e Representative: After-School Sports: Con Deputy: Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield: Scholas- tic Honor Roll: Vox Puellarum, Re- porter: A. S. B. Nominating Commit- tee: League Honor Roll. dlezedteal English, .lol1n Henter Social Studies Transferred f r o m Clark Fork High School. Hall Guard. Ericksen, Ray Alexander Industrial Arts Federation Vice-President: V a r s l t y Football: Varsity Basketball, Captain: Varsity Track: Warriors: Home Room President: Federation Representative: Frosh Baseball: All-City Football: All- State Football: All-City Track: All- State Track. f JMX. I W rlclcso nora Arlene ominercial League Office Monitor: Hall Guard: Ll- brary W o r k e r : Bookroom Worker: After-School Sports: League Repre- sentative: Melody Capers: Gym Moni- tor: L e a g u e Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll: Junior Achievement. Esmieu, Richard Henry Industrial A rts Frosh Baseball: B Squad Baseball. Evans, Joan Loa Conunercial Re d Feathers: Election Committee, Chairman: Horseback R i d i n g , Co- Chairman: Con Committee: Honor Roll 3 times: Home Room Secretary: Gym Office Worker: After-School Sports: 3 C's: Big Cousin: Library Worker: Li- brary Representative. Evans, JoAnn Rae Art Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Art Club, Secretary, Treasurer: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Red Feathers: Honor Roll: Tennis Team. I Evans, Judy Kathryn Home Economics Songleaders, Fall Chairman: Golf Team Captain, Manager: Tennis Team: Vox Puellarum, Treasurer, Vice-President: A. S. B. Committee Chairman: R e d Cross Representative: League Repre- sentative: Doll S h o p : All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: League Honor Roll 6 times: Tamarack Representative. Evans, Thelberi' Rodney H irtory Basketball: Home Room President. Finch, David Transferred from Tekoa. Fines, Bonnie Diane Home Economics League Representative: H a ll Guard: Roll Checker: Glee Clu b : Library Worker. Fisher, Larry Gene Mathematic: Honors Board: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary, Treasurer: A f t e r - School Sports: Federation Representa- tive: Warriors, Sergeant at A rm s : Basketball: Varsity Baseball, Football. Fluman, Jo Anne Commercial Melody Capers: Vox Puellarum: Doll Shop: A. S. B. Representative: Big Sister: Library Representative: G o l f Team: Tennis Team: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Home Room Secretary: A11- Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 2 times: After-School S p o r t s : Color G i rl s : All-School Play, Production S t a f f : League Style Show: Locker Monitor. 4 Foster, Beverly Scieizce Latin Club: Silver Spurs: Doll Shop: BIB C01-lain: After-School Sports: Home ROOIH Seffretary: Color Girls: League HOHOI' R011 5 times: Scholastic Honor R0113 Library Representative: Library Worker: League Style Show, Fotlfiergill, Elaine Science Locker Monitor: Hall Guard: Doll Shop: Library Worker: Home R o o m Secretary-Treasurer: Big C o u s i n : After- School Sports. Franks, Betty Lou Coinmercial Doll Shop: Library Representative: A. S. B. Representative: News Staff: Red Feathers: Home Rome Secretary: Li- brary Worker: H o n o r Roll: After- School Sports. Freeman, Gordon James Illathematics Transferred from Polytechnic H i g h School, San Francisco. B Squad Track: Varsity Track: Federation Representa- tive: Varsity Football: Wrestling: War- riors: Con Deputy. Frounfelter, Janice Lucille Home Economics Color Girls: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: Library Representative: Library Worker: H all Guard: Roll Checker: Big C o u s i n : League Honor Roll 5 times: After-School Sports: League Representative. Frye, Ladelle Maynard History Za tale. twenty-nine l thirty Funseih, Claudia Gail C ommerrial Red Feathers: Home Room Secretary: Tamarack Representative: Commercial Club, Vice-President: Golf T e a m I After-School Sports: Doll Sh0P3 Study Hall Roll C h e c k e r S All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor 1l01l- . W will Home 1::c mmics Hall Guard Con Deputy: Big Sister: Melody Capers: Glee C lu b: Home Room Secretary. lardi, J Paula Gambill, .lack Henry Social Studies Home R o o m President: Math Club: A m o r e s Librorum, Vice-President, President: Chess Club, President: Var- sity Debate Team: Library Representa- tive: S t u d e n t Court Prosecuting Attorney, Defense Attorney: Tennis T e a m: Library Worker: J u n i o r Achievement: A. S. B. Representative: Federation Treasurer. Gardner, Donna Joy Social Studies Songleader: League Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: Thespians: A. S. B. Dance Committee: All-School Play: Color Girls: League Honor Roll: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister. Gardner, Gayle Doris Home Economics Hall Guard: Library Representative: Refreshment Counter: Assistant Li- brary Representative: R o 1 1 Checker: Big Sister. Gehrlce, Marlene Lila Commercial Geisler, Shirley Rae Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll: Operetta: Ticket Room. Geiss, Tecl Mathematics Frosh Football: B Squad Football. Gemberling, Barbara Joan Social Studies League Representative: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Tennis Team: Vox Puellarum, Historian Reporter: Latin Club: League Honor Roll: Big Sister: League Office W o r k e r : Dad-and- Daughter Banquet Committee: I ce Skating. George, AI James Industrial Arts Transferred from Idaho. Boy's Federa- tion Representative: Grounds Squad. Gibbs, Carolyn Social Siudies Songleader: Vox Puellarum: Talent Club: Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: Locker Monitor: Dad- and-Daughter Banquet: Mothers' Tea Committee: League Honor Roll: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: After-School Sports: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Big Sister. Gilbert, Sharon Glee Club: News Representative. Social Studie: I 0 I 244 , cz dai Goddard, Charles William S cicuce Home Room Vice-President: Spanish Club: Chess Club: News Representa- tive: Amores Librorum: M a t h Club, Sergeant at A r m s : Scholastic Honor Roll: A. S. B. Representative. Goering, John S cience P. E. Monitor: Roll Checker: Frosh Football. Goetz, Ross Warner S cienee A. S. B. President, Vice-President, Fifth Executive: sophomore Senator: Talent C 1 u b , President: Latin Club: Thespians: Quill and Scroll: Debate: News Staff, Editorial Page Editor: All- School Plays, Leads: Junior Red Cross Representative: Boys' State: Boys' Na- tion. Gooch, Eldon Gilbert Industrial Arts B Squad Football: B Squad Track. Gothmann, Marlene Rae Foreign Languages Transferred from Central Valley. Span- ish Club: League Honor Roll: 3 C's, Secretary, Vice-President: League Sex- tet: Ticket Office Monitor: League Council: Scholastic Honor Roll. Gower, Marlene Julie Commercial Towel Monitor: Hall Guard: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll: Commencement Usher: Baccalaureate Usher: Junior Achievement, President: W o o d s h o p Bookkeeper. Graham, Betty Louise Art Library Worker: After-School Sports: 3 C's Club: Library Representative: Big Sister: F. H. A., Secretary, Historian- Reporter. Gray, Frederick Cooper Mathematics A. S, B. Representative: Boys' Federa- tion Representative, Department Head: Math Club, President: Junior Toast- masters, Program Chairman, Secretary: B Squad Cross-Country: Chess Club: Honor Roll: Scholarship Committee, Chairman. Griswold, Roberta Jean Social Studies League Secretary: Color Girls: Red Feathers, Chairman: Commercial Club, Secretary: League Honor Roll 8 times: Talent Club, Historian-Reporter: Thes- plans, Secretary: All-School P l a y s , Lead: Children's Theater: Doll Shop, Lead: All-Activity Shield: Big Sister: After-School Sports: Con D e p u t y : News Representative: League Repre- sentative: L i b r a r y Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll. Gronwold, Kenneth Allan Industrial Arts Grossman, Robert James lllatliematics Band: Pep Band, Manager: Special Band: Doll Shop Orchestra: Boys' Fed- eration Representative: Federation Ex- ecutive Council: News Staff: Traffic Squad, Captain: Home Room President, Vice-President, Secretary: Math Club: Amores Librorum: Tennis Team: Scho- lastic Honor Roll. x Guftin, Marcia Carolyn Home Economics Spanish Club: Big Sister: League Sex- tet: Nurse's Assistant: Red Cross Rep- resentative: A. S. B. Representative: Freshman Convocation: Girls' Track: Library Worker. 2 X! j f ff we ke I- Wi 1 P ff I I I -1 If ,,,. 41- .f lv!V,,,i ! yi thirty-two Guske, William Wilson Science News S t a f f , Editorial Page Editor: Latin Club: Thespians, Historian Re- porter: Talent Club: Quill and Scroll: Junior Press Club: Tamarack, Asso- ciate Editor: Doll Shops, Leads: Mel- ody Capers: All-School Plays, Leads: Yell Leader, Chairman: Federation Ex- ecutive Council: Federation Represent- ative: Federation Committee Head: A S. B. Nominating Committee: Inter- school Convocations: P.-T.A. Vaude- ville Shows: Scholastic Honor Roll: Talent Shows. Guter, Loretta Lee Science D o l l Shop: N e w s Representative: League Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative. Hagemann, Bill Eugene Industrial Arts Choir: Traffic Squad: Doll Shop: Mel- ody Capers. Hahn, Patricia Ann Commercial Red Feathers: Big C o u s i n : After- School Sports: News Representative: Nurse's Assistant: Hall Guard: League Honor Roll 2 times: 3 C's: Gym Worker: Library Worker: Home Room Roll Checker. Hall, Gae Joanne Science C h a i r m a n of After-School Swim: Aquettes, Treasurer: News Represent- ative: Color Girls: Red Feathers: After- S c h o o l Sports: Big Cousin: Office Worker: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 4 times: All-Activity Shield: Slip Col- lector: Towel Monitor. Hall, Thomas Matthew Science A. S. B. Representative: Student Court: Scholastic Honor Roll: Federation Rep- resentative: L i b r a r y Worker: Gym Monitor: After-School Sports: Frosh Football. Halliday, Michael Ragsdale Science Band: Math Club: Cross-Country: A. S. B. Representative: Track. Hallin, Marilyn Joyce Social Studies Color G i rl s : Roll Checker: League Honor Roll 5 times: League Represent- ative: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: After- School Sports. Hamblin, Edward Burton Science Choir: Doll Shop: Operetta: Frosh Baseball, Football: B Squad Football, Baseball: Intramural Sports: C h e s s Club: Student Court. Hammer, Marilyn Muriel Commercial League Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Commercial C l u b : Talent C l u b : Red Feathers: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Operetta: Melody Capers: Doll S h o p : League Honor Roll 3 times: Big Cousin: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: Office Worker: Roll Checker: Slip Collector: Red Cross Representative: Choir. Hancock, Valdene Mae Home Economics Con Deputy: N e W s Representative: C o l o r Girls: Red Feathers: Library Worker: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 6 times: After-School Ten- nis: All-Activity Shield. Hanford, Helen Julia Comrnercial League Representative: Library Repre- sentative: A. S. B. Representative: Latin Club, Secretary: F. T. A., Secre- tary, Treasurer: After-School Sports: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Tamarack Representative: League Honor Roll 7 times: Gym Monitor. ' ' emelz4S'z? Hanley, Thomas James Social Studie.: Transferred from Gonzaga High School. Golf. Hannah, June Ellen C ommcrcial R e d Feathers, Historian Reporter: Color Girls: Big Sister: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Thespians: V o x Puellarum, Sergeant at Arms: Commercial Club, Fifth Ex- ecutive: Talent Club, Secretary: All- School Play: Chi1dren's Theater: Doll S h o p : Operetta: League Representa- tive: Con Deputy: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 1 S tar : Towel Monitor: Hall Guard: Gym O f fi c e Monitor: League Secretary, Hanneman, Rodney Elton Matlzcmalics A. S. B. Representative: Fed Council, Department H e a d : Varsity Golf: B S q u a d Basketball: Warriors: Chess Club: Scholastic Honor R o 1 l : Tama- rack Photographer: Ground Squad: Li- brary Representative: Sports-for-All. Hansen, Carol Jeannette Art Transferred from Northwest Christian High School. Red Feathers: League Honor Roll 6 times. Hansen, Carolyn Joyce Commercial Hall Guard: A. S. B. Representative: Library Worker: F. H. A.: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll. Hansen, Thomas Jay Mathematics Red Cross Representative: Fed Repre- sentative: Home Room Vice-President, President: Band: Special Band: Rifle Club: Orchestra: A. S. B. Committee, Chairman: 3 C's, President: Scholastic Honor Roll. W mwle Hanson, Carol Jean Commercial Song Leader, Chairman: Color Girls: Home Room Secretary: Senior Recep- tion Committee, Chairman: A. S. B. Dance C o m m i t t e e : After-School S p o r t s : Tennis Team: Doll Shop: Friendliest Girl: League Style Show: League Honor Roll 5 times: Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield: A. S. B. Nominat- ing Committee: Dramatics Production Staff: Commercial Club: Talent Club. Hanson, Patricia Ann Music Bookroom Worker: League Office Mon- itor: Ticket Room Worker: Melody Ca- pers: League Representative: Choir: Glee Club, Student Director: Library Worker: Christmas Concert: Spring Pageant: Home Room President, Sec- retary: F. H. A.: Horizon Club: News Representative: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 4 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Election Commission, Chairman. Harbour, Le Roy Iiidiistrial Arts Hargrave, Gary Lyle I ndiistrial A rt.: A. S. B. Representative: B Squad Base- ball: Cross-Country. Harris, Lorna Valeria Commercial Transferred from L e w i s and Clark. League Representative: H a l l Guard: Melody Capers: League Office Moni- tor: League Honor Roll. Hart, Gary Douglas Science thirty-three Hawkinson, Robert Eugene Science Hayden, Gail Commercial Red C r o s s Representative: Library Representative: League Representative: H o m e Room President: After-School Sports: T e n n i s Team: All-Activity Shield: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: Library Worker: Vox Puellarum, Historian: Commercial Club: W alk Slip Co-Chairman: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll. Heckel, Dolores Alice Home Economics Helms, Robert Dale Industrial Arts Home Room President: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Warriors: Football: Track: Silver Spurs: Doll Shop: Melody Ca- pers: Intramural Baseball. Helpingstine, Kay Lorraine Commercial Operetta: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll: Nurse's Monitor: A, S. B. Repre- sentative. - Hendricks, Gary Mitchell Industrial Arts Football: Library Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room Ser- geant at Ar m s : Wrestling: After- School Sports. Hetlxerton, Marion Louise .Music A. S. B. Representative: Melody Ca- pers, Lead: Glee Club: Choir: Operetta, L e a d : Library Representative: 3C's: Big Sister: Tennis: Junior Achieve- ment: Gym Monitor. Heuston, Jack Bill Mathematics A. S. B. Representative: Federation Representative. . 1 ic y, Carol ominercial olor Girls: Big Sister: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: N e w s Representative: League Honor Roll 4 times: Softball. Hickey, Duane James Industrial A rts Rifle Club: Traffic Squad. Hieb, Garfield Myron Industrial Arts Higgins, Neil Arnold History Grounds Squad. ' and warm!! Hinkle, Donna Lee Commercial Color Girls: Red Feathers: All-Activ- ity Shield: L e a g u e Representative: News Representative: Home Room Sec- retary: Library Representative: After- School Sports: Tamarack Staff: Doll Shop: Big S i s t e r : Library Worker: League Honor Roll. Hodgson, Darlene Commercial Doll Shop: Gym Office Monitor: Junior Achievement: Cafe Cashier: Golf. Hottman, Richard Earl Industrial Arts Rifle Club, Secretary: Tennis. Holmberg, Gerald Albert Industrial Arts Home Room Vice-President. Holmes, Ellen Commerrial Transferred from Cheney High School. League Representative. Hugo, Janetha Marie Art A, S. B. Representative: A. S. B. Com- mittees: League Decoration Committee: Art Club, Fifth Executive: Color Girls, Secretary: Red Feathers, Historian-Re- corder: H o m e Room President: Ski Club: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 7 times: Big Sister: Tamarack Art Staff. 6 Hutchins, Joyce Edna Slfifllfl' Jackson, Thomas Edward Social Studies B Squad Basketball: Home Room Pres- ident. 5 j A' K Jenkins, H 1 gf. Art A. S. B. Secr .: x ice-President: A S. B. Repre nta -- : phomore Sen ator: Vox Puellar , ' ident' Inter school Relations Com -f eague Representative: L gue e Roll 8 times: Scholastic f l Big Cousin: Library Wor ' ns President: A. S. B. .L - ommitte , Chairman: Art , A N in ating Committee: Tamarack . 6 ' mimi? V Q. 7 Johnson, Dianne Katharine Art Art Club, President: Big Cousin: Home Room Secretary: League Honor Roll 4 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Tama- rack Art Editor. Johnson, Edward William Sofial .S'tudie.v Frosh Football: F ro s h Basketball: Frosh Baseball: B Squad Football: B Squad Baseball: Hall Guard: Ho m e R o o m Secretary, President: Library Representative. Johnson, Eileen Viola Commercial Tennis Team: Ice Skating, Co-Chair- man: D o ll Shop: League O f f i c e Worker: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room Secretary: All-Activity 'e d' Honor Roll: After-School rts, 1 Guard: Big Cousi : Li Wo er: F. H. A.: Freshmv t Sho B League Honor Roll 4 times: y - W2 2 r r 144. . thirty-six Johnson, Elizabeth Jane Mathematics Latin Club: Con Deputy: Library Worker: C o 1 o r Girls: Red Feathers: Home Room President: Doll Shop: News Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: Scholastic Honor Roll. Johnson, Natalie Agnes lllatlzcmatics Tamarack, Co-Editor: News S t a f f , Girls' S p o r t s Editor, News Editor: Girls' League President: Red Feathers, Sergean at Arms, Ciolor Girls, fe- tary: i1?s' State: ootball P cess Attend : Hon s Boa d, Char an: Leagu onor 118 ' s: oastic Houma l hespia s, H' ian-Re- 'p rt- , urer: Q '11 an croll: La? ub, Sec et y: l-School Pl s, eads: Child en? eater: Doll SE p, ead: Home R om President, S cretary: Le agu e Representative: After-School S p o r t s : All-Activity Shield, .2 Stars: Library Worker: Big Cousin: A. S. B. Nominating Commit- tee, Chairman: G i r 1 s ' Gym Head: Junior Press Club. Johnson, Thomas Shaw lllathematics Federation, Clerk, Vice-President: A. S. B. Representative: Tennis: Home Room President: Federation Repre- sentative. Jones, Daniel Forrest Industrial A rt.: Con Deputy. Jones, Jesse Ray Matlzematics Jones, Walter Raymond Social Studies Graduated in 3 years. Concert Band: Special Band: Spanish Club: Toast- masters: Math Club: Traffic Squad: Grounds Squad: Student Court, Prose- cuting Attorney: Debate: Federation Representative. awe on? Jordan, Kenneth Walter I1zdiistrialArt.r Home Room President, Vice-President: Football: Wrestling: Warriors: Intra- mural Basketball: A. S. B. Representa- tive: Sports-for-Al1: Baseball. Joyner, Roberta Marie Commercial A. S. B. Representative: Honors Board, Secretary: Big Cousin: Convocation Committee, Chairman: Home Room Vice-President: News Representative: League Representative: League Style Show: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Track Meet: Roll Checker: Doll Shop: A. S. B. Con Committee: League Treasurer. Ka bush, Mark Jarrett Matlzcmatics A. S. B. Representative: A, S. B. Treas- urer, President: Student Court, Prose- cuting Attorney: Junior Toastmasters, President: Boys' State: Home Ro o m President: Federation Representative: Math Club: Debate: Chess Club. Kandler, Geraldine Louise Commercial Home Room President, Vice-President: A. S. B. Representative: League Repre- sentative: Red Cross Representative: A. S. B. Committee: Scholastic Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Golf: All-School Plays: After-School Sports: Chi1dren's The- ater: Thespians, Sergeant at Arms, Vice-President: Talent Club Founder, Program Director: Quill and Scroll, Secretary, Fifth Executive: 3 C's: Doll Shop: Operetta: Christmas Convoca- tion: Big Sister: News Staff, Editorial Page Editor, Associate Editor. Karn, Margaret Mary Commercial Scholastic Honor Roll: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: 3 C's: Girls' League Representative: G l e e Club: Home Room Secretary: B i g Cousin: League Honor Roll 4 times: Tamarack Staff: Red Cross Representa- tive: Melody Capers: Doll Shop. Keevy, Gene Charles History Transferred from Spangle High School. Home Room President: Cross-Country: Baseball: Tamarack Representative: Mikado: Warriors. mwlWm4cJ1Q'a Keller, Janice Kay Science League Honor Roll: Color Girls: Red Feathers: League Representative: Red Cross Representative: Roll Checker: All-Activity Shield: Hall Guard: Li- brary Worker: After-School Sports: Big Cousin. Kelley, Sand ra Jeanne Commercial Color Girls: Roll Checker: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: Big Sister. Keicham, Donna Claire Home E0o1wm1c.f Red Feathers: League Honor Roll 4 times: All-Activity Shield: Doll Shop Prompter: Operetta: Library Worker: Study Hall Roll Checker: Grounds Squad: Thespians: 3 C's: Future Home- makers of America: Big Sister: Gym Monitor: After-School Sports: Mothers' Dessert Committee. Keys, Cleda Edwina Home Economics Home Room Secretary: News Repre- sentative: Library Worker: Ticket Of- fice Worker: Con Deputy: Glee Club: Library Representative: Hall Guard: Red Cross Representative: Big Sister. Kindle. Darlene Mae Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll: News Representative: Doll Shop: Home Room Secretary: Big Cousin: After-School Sports: Scholas- tic Honor Roll 2 times. Kipp, Howard Arnold Industrial Arts Federation Representative: Operetta: Melody Capers: Doll Shop: Library Worker: Latin Club: Chess Club: Gym Locker Monitor: Traffic Squad. 04 df rf: .1 . KiveH', Carol Marlene Commercial Tamarack Representative: Home Room Treasurer: Library Representative. Knight, Janet Lillian Fine A rls Library Worker: Library Representa- tive: Red Cross Representative: League Representative: After-School Swim: Big Sister: League Honor Roll. Koski, Patsy Anne Home Economics F. H. A.: After-School Swim: Horse- back Riding: After-School Sports: Li- brary Worker: A. S. B. Representative. VW? 1 Krebs, Gay Le e League epr s tati : 1 ary Rep- I D fy! rs' o nc t ' ' resen ive elody Ca- m icer, Home S r ta : fied eathers: Doll : n to Ticket Room ker. v' ' . ' - i W all O Uyvfrl iw, i ug s Floyd mi T sfer ed from Grandview High S ool Special Band: Concert Band: arching Band. V Kurle. Milo Donald Science Con Deputy. i thirty-seven We ra thirty-eight LaBarge, Kay Sandra Social Studies Graduated in 3 years. League Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: Home Room Sec- retary, President: Operetta: Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll: News Staff, Ex- change Editor, Advertising Manager: Tamarack, Advertising Staff: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield. Lambclin, Carrole Janice Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years. League Repre- sentative: News Representative: Tam- arack Representative: Library Repre- sentative. Lane, James Milton Social Studies Band. La Pierre, John Wallace Industrial Arts Transferred from Tekoa High School. Home Room Vice-President. Larson, Agnes Marie Home Economic.: Doll Shop: Home Room Roll Checker: Library Worker: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: News Representative: Big Cousin. Larson, Patsy Ann Commercial Gym Worker: League Representative: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Doll Shop: 3 C's: Spanish Club: Junior Achievement, President. LaRoche, Jerome Alexander Industrial A rts Varsity Football, Baseball: Boxing. Lauva, lnava C ammercial Graduated in 3 years. Color Girls: Red Feathers: Big Cousin: After-School Sports: Melody Capers: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll: Three Fives. Lee, Barbara Anne Commercial Big Cousin. Lee, Bobbie Leona Commercial Transferred from Vallejo, California. Lee, Darla Joan Home Economics Home Room President, Vice-President, Fifth Executive: After-School Sports: Roll Checker: Glee Club. President: Library Worker: Gym Office Worker: F. H. A.: News Representative: Tama- rack Representative: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Big Cousin: Christmas Con- certs. Lee, Rosalie Art Art Club, Fifth Executive, Sergeant at Arms: Library Worker: Big Cousin. Leighton, Patricia Meree Ccin1ne1'cial Transferred from Missoula, Montana. League Representative: Library Rep- resentative: After-School Swim: Mel- ody Capers: Tepee Lighters: Library Worker: Christmas Pageant: Big Cousin. Leppell, Valeta Marie Home Economics Library Worker: Library Representa- tive. Leuthy, Robert Dan Science Spanish Club: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: Science Fair. Lipscomb, Marilyn Ann Foreign Languages Red Feathers: Vox Puellarum, Fifth Executive: Big Cousin: Latin Club, Treasurer: M a t h Club: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: League Con Committee: Scholastic H o n o r Roll: League Honor Roll. Lobdell, Walter Mathematics Varsity Football, Baseball: Frosh and B Squad Football, Basketball, Base- ball: Warriors. Long, Goldie Eliza beth Social Studies A. S. B. Secretary: All-School Plays: Doll Shops: "Musical Melange": Radio Teen Clubs, KXLY, KSPO: Thespians, President: Quill and Scroll: Latin Club: Melody C a p e r s : News, Associate Editor, Co-Editor: Children's Theater: Interschool Cons: J u n i o r Senator: Home Room President: Golf Team: All- Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 6 times: Big Cousin: Junior Press Club: "Band Barrage." Luce, Donald Willis Industrial Arts Lust, Carol Elizabeth Co1nmerf1'al A. S. B. Representative. Lyons, Beverly .lean Commercial Home Room Sergeant at Arms: Big Cousin: Library Worker. Lyons, James Edward Mathematics Library Representative: News Repre- sentative: Latin Club: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Intramural Sports: Frosh F o o t b a 11 : Cross-Country: Track: Grounds Squad. MacKenzie, Judith Dorothy History Transferred from Lynwood High, Lyn- wood, California. Roll Checker: Art Club. Mackey, Florine Dolores Home Economics F. H. A.: Silver Spurs: Doll Shop, Lead: Operetta: Tamarack Representative: C ol o r Girls: League Representative: All-Activity Shield: Roll Checker: Big Sister: After-School Sports: Library Representative: League Honors Board. owe! gdfzfetacz ae6e7z!n!e. thirty-nine 3 z i I 5 a 2 forty Malikowski, Frank Edward Industrial Arts Basketball: Baseball: Cross-Country: Home Room President: Red Cross Rep- resentative. Masters, Robert Revelle Mathematics Graduated in 3V2 years. Band: Home Room Vice-President: Federation Rep- resentative: Ho m e Room President: after-School Sports: Scholastic Honor o . . Mather, Carol Lorena Social Studies Big Sister: Math C 1 u b : All-School Play: A11-Activity Shield: Golf Man- ager: Golf Letter: F. T. A.: League Representative: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 2 times: League Mixer Committee: Ski Club: Con Deputy. Matteson, Mary Ann Commercial League Representative: Red Cross Rep- resentative: N e W s Representative: Gym Office Monitor: T i c k e t Office Worker: League H o n o r Roll: Golf Team: Doll Shop: Operetta: A. S. B. H o n o r s Board: After-School Sports: NAVAC Delegate: Ski Club. Matthews, Richard Industrial Arts Frosh Track: Frosh Basketball: Cross- Country: B Squad Football: B Squad Track: Varsity Track: Concert Band: Sports-for-All. McCarty, V'on Delmar Commercial Grounds Squad. We -4' McConnell, Richard Dale Science L a t i n Club: Home Room President, Vice-President: Federation Representa- tive. McCoy, Patricia Anne Commercial Transferred from Lewis and Clark. McDonald, Marlene Lee Commercial Red Feathers, Sergeant at Arms: Red Cross Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Con Deputy: Tennis Team, Co-Captain: All-Activity S h i e 1 d , 2 S t a r s : After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 4 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shops: Library Worker: All- Activity Point Chairman: Gym Office Monitor. McGillis, Lettie Joan Commercial Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Mclnelly, Richard Melvin lllatliematicx Marching Band: Concert Band: Special Saad: Pep Band: Scholastic Honor 0 . McKimmey, LeRoy Ferrel Industrial Arts Home Room President: Tumbling: Li- brary Representative. Zettma McKinnon, Daniel John Art Wrestling: F ro s h Track: B Squad Track: Varsity Track: Warriors: Doll Shop: Traffic Squad: Art Club: Junior Toastmasters: Federation Representa- tive: News Representative: Home Room President. McNeal, Daniel Cecil Mathematics Transferred from Springfield, Ohio. McNeil, Robert Lee Ind-ustrial Arts Transferred fr o m Lewis and Clark. Grounds Squad: 3 C's. McNeilly, Stewart Allen Art Transferred from Gonzaga. A. S. B. Representative: Ski Club. Mead, Jimmy Hommer .Mathematics Frosh Football: B Baseball: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room President: Library Representative: Junior Band: Grounds Squad: Con Deputy, Captain: Radio C 1 u b , Vice-President: Varsity Baseball: Warriors: Freshman Frolic: 3 C's: Marching Band: Cafe Worker: Hall Guard: After-School Sports. Meacl, Kathryn Mae Art A. S. B. Representative: Operetta: Doll Shop: Big Sister: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Roll Checker: Locker Monitor: Library Worker: League Honor Roll: Art Club: Vox Puellarum: After-School Sports: Basketball: Volley-Ball: Badminton: Talent Con: Stage Sets. Za Meck, Nancy Jane C ommerczal Red Feathers: Color Girls, Historian- Recorder: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representative: Hall G u a r d : Aquettes, Historian-Reporter: Library W o r k e r : Doll Shop: After-School Swim: Home Room Vice-President: Big Cousin: League H o n o r Roll: Gym Office Monitor: A11-Activity Shield: Scholastic Honor Roll. Meier, Janet Lorraine Art Red Feathers: League Representative: Home Room President, Secretary: Art Club: News Representative: Tamarack Representative: L i b r a r y Worker: League Honor Roll: Home Room Roll Checker: Freshman Play: Doll Shop. Mellgren, John Edward Science Band: Special Band: Grounds Squad. Mellinger, Gerald Kenneth Illatlzmuatics B Squad Football: B Squad Baseball: Varsity Football: Library Representa- tive: Hall Guard: Home Room Secre- tary. Merrick, Doris Ethel C0mme'1'c1al Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Representative: Home Room Secretary: After-School Sports: Commercial Club: All-Activity Shield, 1 Star: Thespians: Doll Shop: A11-School Play: Library Hostess: League Honor Roll 6 times: Horseback Riding: Big Sister. Meusy, Lawrence Albert Aff Home R o o m President: Federation Representative: Traffic Squad: Stu- dent Court. af I forty-one Miclclaugh, Terry Edward Mathematics Track: Cross-Country: Chess C 1 u b : Tumbling: Ho m e Room President, Treasurer, Secretary: Honor Roll 3 times. Middleton, Florence Jean Home Economics Study Hall Roll Checker: Gym Office Worker: Towel Monitor: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: Con Deputy: Office Worker. Miller, Esther Melinda Commercial Red Cross Representative: Towel Moni- tor: Big Sister. Miller, Jacqueline Commercial After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Tal- ent Club: Gym Monitor: News Staff, Advertising: Home Room Treasurer: Study Hall Roll Checker: Big Sister. Miller, .lo Layne Lee Art Library Representative: League Rep- resentative: Art Club: League Honor Roll 2 times: League Office Monitor: After-School Sports: Big Sister. Miller, Kenneth Clay Social Studies Transferred from Yakima High School. Dixie Land Band: Pep Band: Special Band: Concert Band: Marching Band. Mills, Pearl Elaine Commercial Study Hall Roll Checker: Red Cross Representative: Girls' Glee : Melody Capers: Big Sister: Doll Shop: Girls' Golf Team: Baccalaureate Refreshment Committee. Milligan, Ronald Lester Mathematics Frosh Football: B Squad Football: Varsity Football: Math Club: Chess Club: Doll Shop: Intramural Swim- ming: Operetta. Mims, William Thomas History B Squad Baseball: Varsity Football: Federation Representative. Monaghan, Dennis Altrecl Science Frosh Football: B Squad Football: Grounds Squad: Home Room Vice- President, Treasurer, Fifth Executive: Sports-for-All. Moore, Kenneth Warren Science B Squad Basketball: B Squad Tennis: Nominating Committee. Moore, Peggy Lenora Social Studies D oll Shop: All-School Play: League Representative: Cafeteria Worker: A. S. B. Election Committee: Gym Moni- tor: Big Sister: After-School Sports. .lining ' ,mem ' forty-two fuck Moore, Thomas Gerald Science Frosh Track: Varsity Track: Cross- Country: Intramural Sports: C h e s s Club. Morigeau, Helen Maxine Art R 0 ll Checker: C o n Deputy: Home Room President: Library Representa- tive: Junior Track Team, Captain: Big Sister. Morrison, Barbara Carole Home Economics Red Feathers: A. S. B. Representative: League H o n o r Roll: Roll Checker: Nurse's Office Worker: Big Sister, Morrow, John Bernard Indn.vt1'ial Aris Frosh Football, Basketball. Mosling, Alice Irene Foreign Languages A. S. B. Representative: Spanish Club. Mossuto, Lorene Donna Home Economics Towel Monitor: Doll Shop: League Representative: Big S i s t e r : After- School Sports: Tamarack Representa- tive: League Honor Roll: Commercial Club: Red Feathers: League Ticket Committee: Gym Office Monitor: All- Activity Shield. e ' E Munk, Ivan Dale Art A. S. B. Representative: Concert Band: Art Director of Mikado: Art Club: Junior Toastmasters. Nealey, Carol Sue Science Library Representative: D o l l Shop: 3 C's: Library Worker: Golf: League Honor Roll: Track: Con Deputy. Neher, Glenn Carl Industrial Arts Frosh Football, Track, Basketball: B Squad Football: Tamarack Representa- tive. Nelson, Ruby Kay Commercial Red Feathers: Commercial Club: Home Room Secretary: Amores Librorum: League Representative: B i g Cousin: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll: Library Representative. Newland, Donald Ely Matliematics Federation, President: Representative to Senate: Executive Council: Fresh- man Senator: House of Representa- tives: Student Court, Bailiff, Defense Attorney, Judge: Con Deputy: B Squad Cross-Country: Varsity Cross- Country: Track: Home Room Presi- dent, Clerk: Warriors, President: Sena- tor Nominating Committee Chairman. Nickerson, Catherine Mabel Home Economies Library Worker: After-School Sports. We I forty-three Nielsen, Richard Boynton Science Federation Representative: Track: Tal- ent Club: Thespians: Melody Capers: All-School Play: Federation Quartet: Junior Achievement: Library Repre- sentative: Entertainment Chairman. Nixon, Janet Rae Science Big Cousin: Library Worker: Red Cross Representative: A m o r e s Librorum: League Honor Roll 5 times: All-Activ- ity Shield: L e a g u e Representative: Tamarack Staff: Scholastic Honor Roll. Norman, K. Allan ltlathematics Federation Treasurer: Senior Senator: Warriors: Home Room President, Vice- President, Treasurer: Frosh Basketball, Baseball: B Squad Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Cross-Country: A. S. B. Nominating Committee: Varsity Track. Notis, Helen Georgiana Commercial Home Room Vice-President: Commer- cial Club, Sergeant at Arms: 3 C's: Red Feathers: A. S. B. Representative: Tal- ent Club: B i g Sister: All-Activity Shield: Library Representative: League Honor Roll: Library Worker: Scholas- tic Honor Roll: Junior Achievement: Doll Shop. Nyloerg, Donald Wesley Mathematics Track: Federation Representative, Ex- ecutive Council: Operetta Orchestra: Football: Melody Capers Orchestra: Band: News Representative. Overholser, Sally Lane Commercial Color Girls: Red Feathers: Color Guard: Tamarack Representative: Ten- nis Team: Golf Team: Doll Shop: Red Cross Representative: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Vox Puellarum, President, Sergeant at Arms: Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield. forty-four Paggett, Jeanette Marie Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: A. S. B. Representative: Con D e p u t y : Hall Guard: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: 3 C's: Con Committee: All-Activity Shield: L e a g u e Honor Roll: After-School Sports: Horseback Riding, Co-Chair- man: Library Worker: Ticket Seller. Paris, Mischael Mathematics Amores Librorum. Paul, Mary Ellen Commercial News Representative: Hall Guard. Payne, Edwin Robert Industrial Arts Pedersen, Dennis Ralph I nditstr-tal Arts C 0 n c e r t Band: Special Band: Pep Band: Orchestra: Doll Shop Orchestra: Library Representative: Federation Representative: Tamarack Representa- tive: Home Room Vice-President: In- tramural Wrestling: Tennis. Pederson, William Louis M athematics A. S. B. Representative: B Squad Basketball: Frosh Baseball: B Squad Baseball: Hall Guard. Pennell, Leland Lee Ma th ernatics Stage Crew Manager: Federation Rep- resentative: News Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room Vice- President: News S t a f f Circulation Manager: A. S. B. Nominating Com- mittee. Peters, James Martin Ind uxtrial A rts Graduated in 3V2 years. Frosh Football: Hall Guard. Philip, John Percy Commercial Band: Special Band: 3 C's, Treasurer, President. Phillips, James Don Fine Arts Art Club, Vice-President: Federation Representative. Phipps, William Glen, Jr. Science News Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Doll Shop: P. E. Manager: 3 C's. Pierce, Dolores Yvonne Music Glee Club: Special Glee: Library Rep- resentative: M e l o d y Capers: Hall Guard: Choir: Big Cousin: Winter Fes- tival: 3 C's. Pierson, Sara Joline Home Economies 3 C's: Advanced Swim: Hall Guard: Con Deputy: Big Sister: After-School S w i m : League Honor Roll: R 011 Checker: Glee Club: Nurse's Office. Pope, Joanne Arlene Commercial League Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Big Sister: Home Room Secretary, Roll Checker: Con Deputy: Red Cross Representative: Towel Moni- tor. Pra'H', Bobbie Ellen Social Studies Transferred fro m Western Canada H i g h School. Thespians: All-School Play: Hall Guard: Library Representa- tive. Quinn, Harry Nlatlzematics B Squad Football: Home Room Presi- dent: Library Representative: Tama- rack Photographer: Radio Club: Science Club. Ragon, Rosemary Cecilia Art Girls' League Point Chairman: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representa- tive: News Staff: League Honor Roll 6 times: A. S. B. Committee Chairman: Home Room President: League Honors Board: Library Worker: Art Club, Sec- retary: League Office Worker: G l e e Club: Big Sister. Ramsey, Clauclia Commercial Transferred from Tekoa, Washington. Big Sister: After-School Sports. an Jemima an ee 7Zew4. forty-five Randall, Barbara Jean Social Studies Hall Guard: Library Worker: F. H, A.: League Honor R o 1 l : Library Repre- sentative. Reese, Jean Anita Commercial Big Cousin: Nurse's Assistant: Roll Checker: Doll Shop: Red Cross Repre- sentative: League Honor Roll: After- School Sports. Reichert, Robert Leroy Industrial Arts Varsity Basketball: Varsity Football: B Squad Baseball: Warriors. Reidt, Vernon Ulrich Industrial Arts Reidt, Virgil Wayne Fine Arts Relling, Robert' James Social Studies Transferred from Palm Springs, Chess Club. I I Remington, John Rollin Mathematics Track: Home Room President: Latin Club. Reopelle, Milce David Mathematics Varsity Football: Varsity Track: Base- ball: Basketball. Rex, Lois Marie Home Economics Library Worker: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: 3 C's: Red Cross Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll: Junior Achieve- ment. Reynolcls, Shirley Julie History Roberts, Barbarann History Roberts, Janeen Kay Commercial A. S. B. Representative: Home Room President, Vice-President, Secretary: Big Sister: Golf. ,-44 , forty-six Roberts, Nancy Jo Ann Foreign Languages Color Girls: Red Feathers: Color Guard: Vox Puellanim, Vice-President: Latin Club: Doll Shop: Golf Team, Captain, Manager: Tennis Team, Co- Captain: All-Activity Shield: League Representative: Red Cross Representa- tive: Big Cousin: Scholastic Honor Roll: After-School Sports. Robertson, Dawn Rae Commercial 3 C's: Hall Guard: Library Worker: Locker Monitor: Gym Office Worker: Big Cousin: Library Representative. Robertson, Monte Levern Industrial A rts Hall Guard, Rogers, Sharon Lucille Commercial Home Room President, Vice-President, Secretary: Hall Guard: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Library Worker: League Representative: B i g Sister: League Sextet: Scholastic Honor Roll. Rogers. Walter Frances Mathematics Home Room President. Ruhs, Marlene Janice Art Doll S h o p Q Library Representative' Tamarack Representative: News Repre: sentative: L e a g u e Representative' Choir: Home Room Roll Checker: President, Vice-President. Rummer, Donna Rae Commercial Orchestra: D o 1 l Shop: Home Room Secretary: Library Worker: League Honor Roll: After-School Sports. Salvage, Robert Wesley Industrial Arts Sampson, Jack Richard Social Studies Band: Doll Shop. Sandeno, Bernacline Ruth Home Economics Color Girls: Library Worker: Ticket Office Worker: League Honor Roll. Sander, Claudia Rae Commercial B i g Sister: League Representative: H o m e Room Vice-President: H a 1 1 Guard: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll. Savage, Amy Lou M uri c Doll Shop: Operetta: Melody Capers, Lead: Choir, Secretary: Tepee Lighters: Girls' Sextet: Glee Club: Spring Con- cert: Red Cross Representative: Home Room Vice-President: Christmas Con- cert: Library Worker: 3 C's: League Representative. W .... 3 u gn I forty-seven Scher, Sha reen Rae Commercial Big Sister: League Representative: Home Room Sergeant at Arms: Roll Checker: H all Guard: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll. Schinzel, Mary Ann Commercial Big Cousin: Home Room Treasurer: Dad-and-Daughter Banquet Commit- tee: After-School Sports: Baccalaure- ate Committee. Sch midt, Louis John Industrial Arts Rifle Club: Library Worker: Grounds Squad, Captain: News Representative. Scott, Mary Elise Home Economics Red Feathers: C o 1 o r Girls: After- School Sports: Tennis, Co-Captain: Ice Skating, Chairman: All-Activity Point Chairman: Home Room Roll Checker: Big Sister. Scroggin, .lesse Anthony Industrial Arts Selivanoti, Sandra Gayle Science Home Room Secretary: Library Repre- sentative: Library Hostess and Worker: H o r i z o n Club, Historian: Junior Achievement: F. H. A.: Chess Club: Tamarack Representative: After-School Sports: Nurse Monitor: News Repre- sentative. Sells, Leroy Walter Industrial Arts Rifle Club: Grounds Squad. Settle, Daniel Louis A rt Art C 1 u b , Vice-President: Libxary Worker. Shand, Richard Lee History A. S. B. Representative: Traffic Squad: Amores Librorum: Scholastic Honor Roll. Simpson, Larry Carl Mathematics Concert B an d : Math Club: Traffic Squad. Sims, Lorraine Mildred M uric Glee Club: Cafeteria Worker: A. S. B. Representative: Hall Guard: 3 C's: Big Cousin: Library Representative. Singer, Maureen Ann Home Economics Con Deputy: League Representative: League Honor Roll: Bookroom Worker. Library Representative: Hall Guard: Wlvmq ' caeexgbe' el effuyd forty-eight Sleeth, Sharon Lou Home Economics Library Worker: 3 C's: After-School Sports. Smith, Barbara Leigh Art Melody Capers. Smith Carol Jean I Science Junior Achievement: R i d i n g Club: After-School Swim: Library Worker: League Office Worker: F. H. A.: Big Sister. Smith, Donald Lee IHdH.YfI'f!ll Aris Home Room Vice-President: Grounds S q u a d : News Photographer: Frosh Football: B Squad Football. Smith, Doris Jean Q27 fri? Smith, Janei' Lee C ommercial Hall Guard: Con Deputy: Horseback Riding: Advanced Swim: 3 C's: After- S c h 9 o 1 Sports: Big Sister: League Honor Roll: Roll Checker: Scholastic Honor Roll. Smith, Lee Roy Mathemalics Smith, Roberta Jean Commercial Red Feathers, Secretary: Color Girls: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: A. S. B. Representative: Doll Shop, Lead: Con Deputy: A. S. B. Finance Committee: Library Workei: Library Representa- tive: Walk Slip Co-Chairman: All- Activity Shield, 1 Star: Big Sister: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic H o n o r Roll: Gym Office Monitor: League Representative. Soss. Richard D. Science Home Room Vice-President: Federa- tion Representative: B a n d : Special Band: Pep Band. Sparrow, Janice Elizabeth Home Economics Hall Guard: Big Sister: Nurse's Office Sfiem-'C' Monitor: L i b r a r y Worker: League Honor Roll: F. T. A.: A. S. B. Repre- sentative. , Stack, Arlene Joan Smith, George AN 111d1lSffff1lAffS Art Club: Big Sister: Doll shop: Li- Varsity Football: Warriors, Secretary. 'Prary RGDYGSBHYSUVBZ H0l'SebBCk Rid- ing: League Honor Roll. 0 0 I forty-ni-ne Wag asian Siarn, Barbara Art Steiner, Doris Lucille Commercial Hall Guard: Library Worker: League Honor Roll: Home Room Secretary: Red Cross Representative: Big Sister. Sfevig, Bob I ml ustrirrl A rls P. E. Monitor: Library Representative: Spanish Club. S+. John, Thomas Illallzr-malics Band: Head Drum Major: S p e c i al Band. S+. Michell, Lennie Commercial Transferred from Myrtle Point, Ore- gon. Library Representative. Straight, Kaye Robert Matlzcmalics B o y s ' State Representative: Amores Librorum, Vice-President: Math Club: Concert B a n d : Special Band: Pep Band: 3 C's: Doll Shop Orchestra: Orchestra: Federation, Clerk: A. S. B. Nominating Committee: Home Room Fifth Executive, Sergeant at A r m s , Secretary. Vice-President. Suclhoff, Karen Conmiercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: Aquettes, President: Bookroom Worker: Tama- rack Representative: Doll Shop: Tennis Team: Spring Dance Committee: Junior Achievement: All-Activity S h i e 1 d : After-School Sports: G i r 1 s ' League Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Gym Monitor. Swam, Raymond Industrial Arts Grounds Squad: Frosh Football. Templeton, Ann Frances Music Gym Locker Monitor: Rest R o o m Monitor: Hall Guard: Doll Shop: Color Girls: Red Feathers: League Repre- sentative: League Sextet: L e a g u e Honor R o ll : Choir: Melody Capers: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: 3 C's: Horizon Club: Winter Music Festival: Spring Pageant. Tesclahl, Darrell Science Thompson, Beverly Commercial Doll Shop: Operetta: Melody Capers: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Aquettes, Secretary: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield: Home Room President: Library Representative: L i b r a r y Worker: League Representative: Con Deputy: League Sextet: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll. Thompson, Richard James Matlzcmaiics Home Room President: Federation De- partment Head: A. S. B. Representa- tive: H o n o r s Board: Scholarship Committee: Varsity G o 1 f : Warriors: Cross-Country: Scholastic Honor Roll: Federation Representative. I I O Z . Throop. Gary Buell Science Thrush, George Ferrell Mathematics Concert Band: Marching Band: Special Band: Pep Band: Library Representa- tive: Red Cross Representative: Home R o o m Vice-President: After-School Sports: Scholastic Honor Roll. Thue. Ronald Duane Mathematics Home Ro o m Treasurer: Math Club: Chess Club: Amores Librorum: Traffic Squad: Junior Toastmasters: R a d i o Club, Treasurer: Sports-for-All: News Representative: Federation Representa- tive: Federation Recreation H e a d : Marching Band: Concert Band: Pep Band: Special Band: Scholastic Honor Roll: Science Club. Tobeck, Carolyn Ann Commercial Transferred from Rogers High School. Tobin, Merna Helen Commercial Color Girls: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield: League Representa- tive: L e a g u e Honor Roll 5 times: Orchestra: Library Representative: Li- brary Worker: Scholastic Honor Roll. Todd, Donald Earl Industrial Arts Transferred from Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Red Cross Representative: A. S. B. Representative. Trail, Phylis Mae .Social Studies R o 11 Checker: I c e Skating: After- School Swim: News Staff: Big Sister. Traaen, Duane Myron I1zdustrialArts Sports-for-All: Traffic Squad: Library Representative: Tamarack Representa- tive: Varsity Football, Manager: War- rxors. Tronsen, Janei' Lee Commercial League Representative: Red Feathers: Gym Monitor: Doll Shop: Scholastic Honor Roll: Big Cousin. Uliiohn, Harvey A. Mathematics Home Room President: Radio Club. Ulrich, Peggy Kath ryn Science League Representative: Nurse's Office Monitor: After-School Sports: Latin C lub , Treasurer: Glee Club: 3 C's: League Honor Roll: Gym Monitor: Library Representative: League Point Co-Chairman: Melody Capers. Unicume, Edward Blain Science Varsity Football Manager: Tennis Manager: Ski Club: Warriors: Band: Special Band: Tamarack Representa- tive: Traffic Squad Commissioner: Doll Shop: Orchestra. , -- 1 .3 -gi ' A i gi, .nf L . We few and 4. fifty-one Upp, Dwayne Robert S ciencc Varsity Baseball: Warriors: H o me R o o m President: Federation Repre- sentative: Frosh, B Squad Baseball: Frosh, B Squad Basketball: Band: Doll Shop: Concert Band. Urbach, Jerry Wayne I1idu.vtrialArt.r Home Room President, Vice-President: Federation Representative: L i b r a r y Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll: Band. Vandervert, James Social Studies Home Room President: Frosh Track: Varsity Track. Van Doren, Bonnie Lou Commercial Choir, President: Operetta Lead: Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: 3 C's: Library Representative: Tepee Lighters: Melody Capers: Doll Shop. Veach, Norman Charles Mathematics Frosh Football, Basketball, Baseball: B Squad Football, Basketball: Varsity Football, Basketball: Warriors: Tack- ling A w a r d 1953: Football All-City 953. Viehouser, Darrell Marvin Social Studies Um pawn, 2? fifty-two Wagner, Walter Loren Iiidustrial Arts Waite, Robert Allen Iizdiixtrialflrts Varsity Football: B Squad Football: Frosh Football: Federation Treasurer, President: Warriors, Vice-President: Home Room President: Sports-for-All: Wrestling, H e a d : Football All-City 1953. Walden, Donna Jean Art Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Representative: Big Sister: League Honor Roll 5 times: Doll Shop: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Con Deputy: Rest Room Co- Head: Library Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Library Worker: News Representative: H o m e Room President: Melody Capers: All-School P 1 a y , Assistant Director: Thespians, Treasurer: Art Club, Treasurer: Spring Pageant: Girls' Glee: League Style Show: Frosh Talent Show. Walden, Janice Carol Home Economics Red Feathers: Color Girls: Orchestra: A. S. B. Representative: Tamarack Representative: Library Worker: 3 C's: Spanish Club: Big Cousin: A1l-Activ- ity Shield: League Honor Roll 5 times. Walker, Patsy Gail Science Color Girls, Chairman: Big Cousin: Li- brary Worker: Ticket Office: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll. Walser, Alan Kieth Matlze-matic.: Federation Council: Federation Repre- sentative. W 'ff Walter, Kathleen Rose lllusic Graduated in 3 years. G i r l s ' Glee, President, Sergeant at Arms: 3 C's: Library Worker: Library Representa- tive: L e a g u e Representative: Big Cousin: Choir, Robe Manager: All- School Play, Assistant Director: Oper- etta: Melody Capers: Doll Shop: News Staff, News Editor, Mailing Staff. Thespians: S p r i n g Pageant: R e d Feathers: League Sextet: G r o u n d s Squad: Tamarack Staff: League Honor Roll: Christmas Concert: Music Office Monitor: Scholastic Honor Roll.- Warren, Kenneth C. Science Radio Club: Chess Club. Watson, Buddy Leroy Illathemafics Track: Tumbling: Swimming: Wres- tling: Operetta: Doll Shop: Federation Quartet: Latin Club, President: Math Club: Talent Club: Thespians: School Play: Yell Leader: Chess Club: Debate. Watson, James D. Mathematics Home Room Vice-President, Treasurer: Library Representative: Band: P e p Band: Special Band: Dixielanders. Watt, Edward Ole Industrial Arts Frosh Football: B Squad Football: J. V. Football: Hall Guard. Watt, Edwin Jackson IudustrialA1't.x' Home Room Vice-President: Warriors: Football, 4 y e a r s : Tamarack Repre- sentative. Wayland, Gilbert Industrial Arts Library Representative: Traffic Squad: 3 C's: News Representative: Band. Weberling, Arlen C. Mathematic: Concert Band: Marching Band: Pep Band: B Squad Football: Varsity Basketball: B Squad Basketball: Li- brary Representative: O p e r e t t a Orchestra: Cross-Country. Weir, William Martin Mathematics H o m e Room Vice-President: News Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll. Welch, Theodore Clifton .Mathematics Football, Manager: Baseball, Manager. Wiedemann, Viola Marie Home Economics All-Activity Shield: Library Repre- sentative: Scholastic Honor Roll: Big Sister: League Honor Roll 5 times: Amores Librorum: League Worker: Horse B ack Riding: League Repre- sentative. Wilkerson, Dennis Ray .Mathematics Operetta Orchestra: Melody Capers: Baccalaureate and Commencement Committee: Radio C lu b : Orchestra String Ensemble: Grounds S q u a d , Lieutenant: Red Cross Representative: Federation Representative. . . W6 J fifty-three Wilkes, Robert Science Varsity Football: Warriors: Freshman Football: B Squad Football: A. S. B. Representative. Willia ms, James Mathematics Home Room President, Vice-President: Red Cross Representative: Wrestling: Swimming. Williams, Robert Science Transferred from Great Falls, Mon- tana. Ski Club. Wing, Billye Home Economics Songleader: Golf Team: Tennis Team, Co-Captain: Doll Shop: Vox Puel- larum, Secretary, Fifth Executive: Art C lu b : League Representative: Red C r o s s Representative: After-School Sports: Con D e p u t y : All-Activity Shield: League Honor R o ll 3 times: Home Room Roll Checker: League Committee, Chairman: Big Cousin: Scholastic Honor Roll: A. S. B. Com- mittee, Chairman: Library Representa- tive. Wittenberg, Kenneth John Science Home Room Sergeant at Arms: B Squad Basketball: B Squad Baseball: Federation Committee: Junior Varsity Basketball: Cross-Country. Wolte, Margie Ellen Home Economics Big Sister: Red Cross Representative: Towel Monitor: Home Room President: League Representative: Home Room Roll Checker. get , we Woodard, Wallace Gittorcl lllatliematic.: All-City Football: Basketball: B Squad Baseball: Sports-for-All Representa- tive: Library Representative. Woodbury, Jeannine Lee Art Tennis Team: Doll S h o p : Cafeteria Cashier: All-Activity Committee: Gym Office Monitor: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Home Ro o m President, Secretary, Treasurer: League Honor Roll 8 times: A. S. B. Representative: Locker Monitor: Con Deputy: After- School Sports: Library Worker: Home Room Roll Checker. Wright, Carole Marie Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: Hall Guard: League Honor Roll 4 times: Tamarack Representative: Big Cousin: Commer- cial Club: Junior Achievement: All- Activity Shield: After-School Sports: Ticket Office. Yancey, Karen Joanne Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: Home Room President, Secretary: League Repre- sentative: Library Worker: Big Sister: League Honor Roll. Youst, Steven Lee Industrial Arts Cross-Country: Grounds Squad. Zidalis, John Charles Mathematics Chess Club: Math Club. azz n Zorn, Carol Faye Commercial League Honor Rollg Big Cousing A11- Activity Shieldg Red Feathers: Color Girls, Sergeant at Armsg Gym Moni- tor: Home Room Attendance Clerkg A. S. B. Re resent tive' Aft 1'-S h 1 Graduates Not Jerry Lee Cole Richard Laird Cole Richard Everett Fields Wallace Michael Glatt Pictured Donald Lester Hunt Vlfilliam Dix Roney Phillip Shade Rost Gerald Lee Smith iirilririlrifr aiirifriirilrsir 'ikilrifkfilrifkf ilrilriiriirilr Graduation Committees BACCALAUREATE 0 COMMENCEMENT Ernie Aschenbrenner Chairman Natalie Johnson Roberta Griswold Roberta Smith Gerry Kandler SENIOR PROM Carol Jean Hanson Chairman Margie Anderson Marilyn Jenkins Joan Downs Pat Hanson Jack Gambill Kae Eaton Donna Gardner Billye Wing Rod Applonie Shirley Geisler Dory Britton Sally Overholser SENIOR BREAKFAST laguna Randy Aamot Delores Pierce Nancy Roberts Jeannine Woodbury Karen Elder Bobbe Joyner Joyce Brady SENIOR PICNIC Janice Frountfeller Chairman Beverly Thompson Helen Notis Joy Baertsch Sue Coil Claudia Funseth June Elston Marilyn Hammer SENIOR CONVOCATION Delores Mackey Chairman Goldie Long Bill Guske Juanita Draper Chairman Gerry Kandler Marilyn Lipscomb Gail Hayden Darlene Cunningham Peggy Clark Dorothy Cunningham June Hannah Claudia Sanders Bob Waite ta am pfaee in meld affadw. fifty-five ' 1 0 Front row: Linda Marlowe, Wanda Eplin, Bonnie Williams, Donna Felio, Georgia ' Howard, Joyce Anderson, Marjorie Sampson. Second row: LaVerle Sutherland, Meta Baker, Patricia Holliday, Karen Wiley, Clifford Akers, Richard Haunschild, Donald Morse, Carleen Newcomb, Eleanor Yarbrough, Mrs. Beaver. Back row: Stanley Haveriland, Donald Reichert, William Fyfe, Raymond Delivuk, Robert Buzzell, ,f,f.,v.ffMm1,54fg,W,4ffhDavid Coe, Robert Boss, Norman Myers, Ronald Detrick, Dale Ryan, Harold Kaatz, Robbin Lucas. 1 y 1 MR Front row: Janet, Novak, Bonnie Stills, Nancie Payne, Kay LaBarge, Sally Wolford, Margie Hen- ' thorn, Second row: Dale Dvergsdal, Dick Pyne, Marylin King, Carole Lipscomb, Deanna Kuhlman, Carol McNeW, Merle Funk, Gary Hooper. Back row: David Hopper, Richard Clough, Joanne Tollefson, Carolyn Cotterel, Carol Armitage, Anna Pierson, Gary Anderson, Darrel Hulbert, Mr. Bonamy. -E,.. K ie 1: E MR 1 Front row: Joanne Dickey, Charlotte Douglas, Donice Naccarato, Marlene Nilsson, Pat Jacobs, ' Kay Yarbough. Second row: Leonard Butler, Mr. Bradford, Nancy Battan, Bobbie Voshell, Jean Barnes, Virginia Lindberg, Dan McDuffie, Edward Jensen. Back row: David Hundeby, Gerald Kellogg, Richard Lightfoot, Larry Seed, Ralph Bridgens, Robert Muzzy, Paul Trost, Melvin Inch, Darrell Pringle, Bill Sander. fifty-six 0 Front row: Gloria Robb, Evelyn Hankel, Sally Caudill, Louie Luchini, Larry Rol- V 1 1 stad, Jeanette Schaeffer, Sonya Bowker, Ann- Materne. Second row: Frank Pebles, Gerald Smltn, Joan Barnes, Pat Nordby, Pat Arnevick, Judy Gorman, Claudia Paulson, Ron Stan, Miss Collord. Back row: Dave Nordby, Ken Soper, Phil Amerman, Lyle Phillips, Roger Johnson, Mel Miller, LeRoy Sutherlin, Bob Lightfoot, Bert Mills, Don Kofmehl, Larry Faris. . . A L in First row: Sharol Cannon, Marcia Armstrong, Doris Mann, Darlene Marquette, Norma MR' Adams, Joan Gager. Second row: Ren Hager, Helen Jersild, Bechy Nelson, Verlyn Dean, LaVina Morlan, Betty Jean Rohrer, Dennis Kingery, Larry Mossuto, David Nash, Mr. Diedrick. Back row: Tom O'Hara, Dick Erikson, Dave Carsella, Larry Reid, Gary Bass, Gene Griffin, Mike Crandell, Glen Hamilton. A L ' L ,. MR - First row: Leona Lawrenson, Marlene Motycka, Florente Lambert, Laura Crosby, Patty Nelson, Barbara Hol- ' man, Mabel Bennett, Betty Buckley, Jackie Bunch, Mary Cushner. Second row: Phillip Caruso, Willene Over- myer, Shirley Leingang, Carol Poppe, Janet Dalzell, Ruth Womack, Allen Holman, Joan Christiansen, Mr. Exley. Back row: Gary Walters, Robert Couper, Robert Scott, Morris Clark, Wayne Plumb, Gary Bakken, Ronald Johnson, Raymond Emerson, Marvin Larson, Ken Bumgarner. fifty-seven A A an v -1 Front row: Mariann Gleason, Barbara Miller, Shirley Taylor, Beverly Etchepare, Janice ' Wallick, Carol Daisley, Naomi VVing, Kay Daugherty. Second row: Janet Wyatt, Jodine Woodard, Donna Loftis, Chuck Bahm, Ken Ritchie, Bud Davies, Helen Keene, Vernadene Palrnlund, Carolyn Gage, Mr. Glover. Back row: Gordy Recor, Bud Blackwell, Larry Sease, Allen Gwynne, Leo Christopherson, Jack Brooks, Ryder Chronic, Leslie Rider, Jerry Fenton. MR 1 Front row: Donna McConnell, Phyllis Ripley, Betty Smith, Annette Hammond, Arm Charlene Martinson, ' Carol Dunlap. Second row: Rosemary Hollister, Sharon Hill, Ann Rymond, Beverly Wilcox, Deanna Jenkinson, Darlene Lindsley, Mervyn Michael, Mr. Hagen. Back row: Arnold Baltzley, Fred Duthweiler, Mike Odell, Perry Plantz, Gary Smith, Dan Boutwell, Gene Corrigan, Bob Telford, Mickey Hannah. MR Front row: Eva Babbitt, Norma Steele, Donna Pulver, Dorothy Carmichael, Elizabeth Hanson, Janice ' Twombly, Jeannette Barr, Carley Richardson, Cleo Brown, Worth Martin. Second row: Mr. Hix, Carol Brunette, Carol Bays, Judy Anderson, Kay Bruesehoff, Don Throm, Bob Waiting, Judy Lareva, Carol Cave, Claudia White, Cherry Rowen. Back row: Bill Sims, George Mors, Tom Wurth, Gary Smith, James Lovejoy, Gerald Fairbanks, Ron Vietzke, Ron Fowler, Howard Bailey. fifty-eight 0 Front row: Charlotte Gardner, Eleanor Meek, Karen Harker, Pat Fairfax, Sharon ' I Carrico, Mary Lou Edwards, Cathy Stinison. Seconcl row: Judy Elynn, Joyce Vietzke, Joan Lamping, Pat Barney, Helen Moore, Mary Shepherd, Coiinne Gaffaney, Mildred McGetr1ck, Mrs, Kopf. Back row: Larry Sleizer, Mark Schorzman, Carl Griffith, Bill Spedden, Alan Robinson, Phil Walker, Steve Roadruck, Ed Snith, John Ellsworth. 1 Front row: Mary Jane Hamby, Carol Park, Rita Fulwiler, Judy Acree, Myrna Nestoss, Margaret ' Kritzer, Elaine Rizzuto, Dennis Tuffli. Second row: Janis Osborn, Barbara Kennedy, William Burgass, Curtis Cogswell, Diane Hawley, Darlene Basquette, Barbara Sperling, Mrs. McLaughlin. Back row: Robert Burkart, Philip Kooistra, Ray Weilekes, James Flanigan, Alton Hieb, Don Manderscheid, William Gothmann, Margaret Jennings, Jean Tobin, John Thamm. 1 Front row: Liann Hass, Dianne Foster, Sharon VVilson, Lee Ann Koch, Darlene Gerkensmeyer, Carol Varnum, Arlene Ruark, Myrtle Knutsonhaydahl. Second row: Bob Bowen, Dick Ehtee, Marion Mayo, Virginia Worley, Janice Viehouser, Linda Quist, Elaine Plastino, Patricia Kachinsky, Miss McRae. Back row: Christ Berger, Douglas Davis, Barie Smith, Ward Spoonemore, Richard Miedema, Duane Sander, Dean Pledger, Max Dennison, Philip Bentley. fifty-nine Is? 0 1 Front row: Charles Porter, Barbara Burgess, Beverly Whealer, Phillis Beldin, Martha ' l Winton, Cathy Pearce, Patty Mossuto, .Gwen Green. Second row: Louie Lang, Francine Jackson, Mary Lou Schweitzer, Prudy Potter, Nancy Halloway, Elleen Smith, Agnes Tollefsen, Warren Galloway, Angelo Petruss, Mr. Mhyre. Back row: Delbert Rundle, Bob Nance, Dean Larson, Gary Glen, Larry Liptac, Bill Clemons, Ben Schudel, Dale Kenworthy, Lee Tillotson. 'Hn MR i I Front row: Donelle Lind, Virginia Bishop, Joyce Hyer, Joanne Lewis, Ron Hair, Belle Forester, Char- ' lene Burke, Sally Smith. Second row: John Ternest, Nathan Narrance, Joan Hetherton, Frances Soren- son, Carolyn Greening, Claudia Phelps, Betty Rosa, Betty Britt, Mr. Neuman. Back row: Earl Sayler, Albert Lund, Bob Barton, Bill Lillengreen, Tom Anderson, Gary Thor, Dale Newland, Leslie Fried, Robert Lloyd, Dennie Walker. 1 Front row: Ed McCoy, Don Beals, Ed Beldin, Gene Baxter, Jim Backman, Roger Torgerson, Mr. Olson.Second row: Harry Carr, Ron Cauvel, Dick Haas, Dick Alberts, Ray Killmer, Buck Brumblay, Bob Ralston. Back row: Don Smith, Larry Luedke, Bill Russell, John Waltz, Harold Swenson, Jerry Lindvall, Mike Praetorius, Ed McCadam. sixty 0 1 Front row: Norma Anderson, Willene Clark, Darlene Ross, Nedra Ellis, Dorothy Zumoto, Mary Glass, Sandra Mikoski. Second row: Bob Fuher, Deanna Coleman, Donna Coleman, Carole Johnson, Ann Armani, Kathryn Stephenson, Lee Moran, Miss Rawlings. Back row: Bill Stewart, Wayne Evenoff, Don Norman, Bill Nance, Olan Morris, Ron Davis, Ted Schultz, Roy Carriker. MR L 3 Front row: Darlene Bradley, Juainta Fletcher, Nancy Glass, Myrna Morford, Pat Daugherty, Joyce ' Bohnet, Connie Solseng. Second row: Erna Wilson, Carmen Porter, Dick Phillips, Jim Neighbor, John Fuller, Joan VanDerhoef, Diane Knight, Janice Becker, Mr. Spurgeon. Back row: Jack Riggins, Don Fremstad, LaVernc Smith, Bob Rackett, Bill Ziskler, Jack Oakes, Larry Jordan, Ron Schmidt, Bill Nickell. 1 Front row: Barbara Cowden, Diane Olsness, Mary Dimitroff, Ann Fackenthall, Della Marshall, Marlys Q Glasgow, Eva Poindexter, Second row: Larry Jessup, Lee Gates, Sally Wiggens, Carolyn Joyner, Anna- belle Dizmang, Roberta Brandt, Janet Sullivan, Dick Walden, Miss Theis. Back row: Lester Starkey, David Quiring, Lee Walker, Ronald Hubert, Ralph Tregellas, Gene Alberts, Perry Jordan, Clarence Bennett. sixty-one .. ' Front row: Dolores Craig, Karer Plough. Janice Purcell, Ruth Thomas, Lois Salmon, Shirley Wagner. Second row: Miriam Randall, Carolyn Guffin, Jackie Jacobs, Elaine Hieber, Diane Krell, Joan Prather, Diane Burdick, Gary McKinney, Miss Timm. Back row: George Hicks, Richard Mielke, Tom Turk, Delano Wood, Bob Johnson, Jim Clemmens, Bill Fanazick, Rod McBroom. 1 Front row: Shirley Gustafson, Veva Barnes, Bobbie Faye Allison, MR' Janice Perry, Caryl Teegarden, Joan Hively, Barbara Johnson, Doris B Griffith, Lynette Freeland, Gary Wolff, Dick. Young. Second row: Jim Esmieu, Jack Woodbury, Virginia randenburg, Deanna Koerner, Gladys Graham, Joan Schweitzer, Virginia Lyng, Roberta Johnson, Joyce Martin, Carolyn Kumm, Mr. Anderson. Back row: Don Jordan, David Johnson, Bob Adams, Ray Buckholz, Dan Riegel, Alan Foster, Clifford Snow, Dick Davis, Ralph Burlock, Charles Moe, Dennis Peterson, Charles Wilkes. MR 1 Front row: Merlee Conrath, Karolyn Unger, Joyce Richter, Mary Jones, Georgia Hill, Mary Manuth, ' Marilyn McLaughlin, Anita Zehm, Earlene Qualls. Second row: Mr. Bennett, Bill Overholser, Roger French, Joe Cyr, Charlene Brockel, Majorie Laue, Willean Pledger, Alice Woods, Tony Caputo, Tom Allen. Back row: Tim Nielson, Doug Hammer, Allan Crisp, Niel Hoitink, Tom McLaughlin, Jerry Oien, James Wallace, Ralph Marshall, Gary Payne, Jerry Tucker, Gary Matterson. sixty-two 'Q MR Front row: Phillip Glidewell, Ronald Maddux, Ellen Hall, Kay Featherly, ' Nancy Mickey, Dorothy Beaty, Karen Kastberg, Darlene Graham, Judy Mor- ris. Second row: JoAnn Gronwold, Roberta Michlitch, Richard Batdorf, Larry Hale, John Selby, Tom Graedel, Keith Finley, Janine Adams, Gay Lundstrom, Mr. Bland. Back row: Serge Urling, Terry Livengood, Tommy Rizzuto, Paul Merrill, Conrad Barnhart, Errol Nunn, Jerry Hubbell, Claude Duty, Larry Romig. Front row: Gayle Kuhlman, Diane Haugen, Lois Worthington, Judy Rollis, Mervin Merry, Hank Adams, Doris Brandt, Sharon Wells, Billie Atteberry. Second row: Betsy Jones, Rose Marie Head, Jonnie Ablutz, Bob Burns, Wilbur Watson, Ken Berger, Darleen Canningham, Sally Braun, Alma Bahr, Miss Boehme. Back row: Adele Fothergill, Connie Kern, Lyle Liptac, Terry Felker, Cliff Denney, Melvin Clark, Don Welch, Bob Bostrom, Dee Bowker, Diane Sharp, Kathy Moran. - Front row: James Bordwell, Robert Tatum, Phil Slusser, Gary Keller, Alvin Werner, Robert Little- MR' I john, Bill Wayland, Newton Skaife. Second row: Pat Kennedy, Mike Larango, Larry Anderson, Fred Keen, Mike Kabush, Gary Reynolds, Mr. Broadwell. Back row: Neil Johnson, Dennis Koerner, Robert Nordby, John Rigis, James Madden, Ken White, Mike McVay, Joe Mayer. sixty-three - Front row: Karen Olson, Judy Workman, Lorraine LaPierrc, Cleu 3 I 8 Smith, Elaine Dahl, Mrs. Chandler. Second row: David Rainbolt, Dar- lene Foreman, Fern Lovejoy, Diane Wilson, Wilma Uhden, Patricia McDermott, Gary Schlueter. Back row: June Hanford, Don Gordon, Michael McCollum, Perk Randall, Bob Bowles, Bernard Johnson, Kenneth Abel, Theodore Westfall. .1 Front row: Norman Fish, Joy Decker, Katherine Rubow, Shirley Slead, Patricia Green, Cleo Lux, Dorothy Maloof, Geraldine Smith, Joyce Fair. Second row: Marilyn Schumacher, Marnie Meusy, Diane Wittstruck, Gary Dutton, Marilyn Larson, Eric Anderson, Beverly Thompson, Jean Carrier, Velda Heine, Dave Robnett, Miss Cleveland. Back row: Daisy Henry, Ron Bartlett, Cliff Jenkinson, Byron Warinner, Don Tyler, Paul Quam, Les Parton, Darrel Gustafson, Bob Dressel, Mel Hamilton, Pauline Shelly. M A M ,- Front row: Margaret Bjerke, Betty Bridgham, Cheri Groth, Kathleen Baumgart, Carol Thompson, ' Judy Nicholson, Donna Moore, Carol Burk, Beverly Gormley. Second row: Allen Hall, Linda Buchan, Drena Berthiaurne, Billie Van Amburgh, Barbara Walker, Jeniene Poutre, Joe Miller, Margaret Ewell, George Nikotich, Mrs. Col- lins, Back row: James Gulliford, Charles Botchek, Donley Thue, Douglas Hohenstein, James Caudill, Robert Johnson, William Waldby, Robert Lancaster, Edward Todd, Kirsten Johnson, Jenilee Whitney, Laura Lee Kepke. sixty-four 1 Front row: Floyd Rudnick, Duane Becker, Dorothy Breeden, Sonia Woods, Louise Meyers, LaDonna Huston, DeAnne Dunn, Dixie John- son, Glenn McGee. Second row: Jerry Ledbetter, Claudia Field, Verna Lamson, Virginia Fuller, Bob Collins, Dick Daschbach, Vicki Beehler, Ruth Cooprider, Beverly Maybee, Muriel Lundy, Edward Nelson. Back row: Dick Martin, George Brosinske, Roger Maine, Doug McPhee, Russell Coykendall, John Peterson, Robert Allen, David Gullidge, Dee Beckman, Beverly Schuster, Mrs. Congdon. r y l 1 Front row: Darleen Campbell, Joan Allen, Evelyn Beldin, Lorraine Badt, Fay Gay, Carole Fromm, Marcia Looft, Betty Jean Dalagen, Mona Draper, Phyllis Gran. Second row: Sally Barnum, Marilyn Blough, Janet Callahan, Jeanne Gilbert, Frances Castle, Janet Klein, Carole Fisher, Janice Hewitt, Miss Dixon. Back row: Judy Gates, Marilyn Bergman, Georgia Bryant, Karen Brown, Barbara Camyn, Bonnie Jackson, Marjorie Jump, Ramona Joy Johnson, Bev Lang. 1 Front row: K. Allen, Karen Dickinson, Eleanor Bro, Donna Barnes, Delores Jesmore, Claudia Bunge, ' Diane FonCannon, Sally Mills, Shirley Miller, Dianne Buell. Second row: Joyce Anderson, Marjorie Jo Ewy, Kaye Hyer, Nellie Adams, Betty Jean Lee, Peggy Morris, Charlotte Allen, Deanna Oveson, Linda Eldenburg, Karen Anderson, Mrs. Hawes. Back row: John McNee, Gene Moore, Robert Kelley, Alvin DeVore, Richard Fry, Mike Mikoski, James Roach, Robert Caruso, Sheila Hanson. sixty-five MR Front row: Larry Coolbaugh, Jack Kippen, Ethel Grant, Margaret Montour, ' Sandra Weddle, Lola Nichols, Richard Ralstan, Claudia Miner, Larry Gilbert. Second row: Mr. Hilby, Donna Muzzy, Joan Fox, Marcia Gross, Carol Noble, Lois Smith, Elaine Lamb, Janice Gardner, Sandy Batman, Dave Bohart, Norm Hawkinson. Back row: Eddie Roland, Jack Jacobsen, Don Mastne, Gary Stevig, Al Braaten, Tony Gross, Gerald Thompson, Tom Vanderwal, Jerry Strand, Orville Kirkevold, Don Alberg. MR .1 Front row: William Gariepy, JoAnn Higgins, Carol Hunt, Marla Traxinger, Donna Braaten, Charlene ' Caryl, Judith Fiskness, Claudia LaPoint, Marilee Greear, Gail Flynn. Second row: Gary Janson, James G'bs Gerald Petheram, Roger Brown, Terry Snedden, Alice McKenzie, Janet Watson, Judith Anderson, Judith Miller, Sandrea 1 on, Mielke, Mr. Jones. Back row: Harold Hughes, Ronald Meyer, Royce Gorseth, Ned Olsen, Edward Hatcher, William Slentz, Robert Beaudette, Charles Stevens. Charles Riblet, David Love, 'lom Bates. . , , V Q . v MR 1 2 I 3 Front row: Berlene Davis, Sharon Smyth, Don Jenkins, Carol Beam. Shirley Mullowney, Lavonne ' Peterson, Howard Rowley, Erma Lee, Gary Gillespie. Second row: Dorthea Wolfe, Rockly Jordan, Bob Clark, Roger Warren, Gail Morgan, Beverly Forbes, Shirley Johnson, Phil Rhea, Mike McBride, Mr. Malterner. Back row: Janice Eden, Howard Wheeler, Lawrence Ness, Mike Edmunds, Darrell Dickey, Roland Stahl, Richard Lovejoy, Jim Lammers, Roger Lincoln. Nancy Fretwell. sixty-six MR ,- Front row: Stanley Morse, Ayvon Hendricks, Carol Matterson, Joan Dur- ' gin, Louisa Habel, Olga Meloslavin, Patsy Rockwell. Second row: Mr. Manfred, Delbert Carpenter, Eddie Holm, Connie Sutcliffe, Marilyn Clark, Kathleen Ruby, Patricia Quist, Shirley Maxwell, Harry Harbour, John Duncan. Back row: Maurice McLaurin, Roger Pearson, George Dupree, Dean Meyers, Frank Vawtcr, Bill Baker, Bob Nebcrgall, Jim Porter, Dick Mizell. k - L- MR 1 Front row: Rodney Udd, Jim Littlefield, Janice Bennett, Deanna Monaghan, Sally Ramsey, Sandra Free- ' land, Joyce Haugan, Joan Ewell, Prudence Roberts, Pat Ferguson. Second row: Don Nolan, Roy Madison, Lynne Palkman, Dolores Miller, Nadra McAuley, Joanne Pederson, Dianne Osborn, Donna Anderson, Mary Lou Nordby, Tom Gal- lagher, Bill Burris, Mr. Miller. Back row: Bob Penman, Charles Lowery, Timmie Rodgers, Charles Stewart, Chcrre VanAmburgh, Dick Webster, Janice Hancock, Fred Strang, Bill Pratt, Tom Montgomery, Ed Loski. f rw ' A A Front row: Donna Sayler, Deanna McGhan, Delores McKinlay, Donna North, Carol Schroeder, Sharon Syler, Gloria Schlenker. Second row: Anita Sonderen, Carla Manis, Isla Myers, Marilyn Mingo, Marilu Miller, Jerene Vincent, Marilyn Staufier, Carole Page, Miss Pinkhamm. Back row: Vicki Pruitt, Sally Stewart, Gayle Smith, Mary Jo Switzer, Anne Pein, Gayle Phelps, Sandra Strand. sixty-seven f -- .L f . M Q t I 1 Front row: Joe Anselmo, Larry Wandler, Alberta Saunders, Donna Howell, Eilene West, Arlene West, Beverly Howlett, Mariette Bundy, Larry Han- sel, Guy Granger. Second row: Bob Phipps, Barbara Welch, Colleen Burke, Evelyn Maxwell, Marsha Boam, Betty Koon, Jackie Simonitch, Carol Mitchell, Virginia Barns, Anita Reyerson, Mr. Randall, Back row: Don McCammond, Tom Dev- holm, Harold Cave, Don Vandevert, Bob Large, Gale LaPoint, Larry Steorts, Bob Ashley, Albert Miller, Pat Kelley, Steve Provant. V . . W. Y L.. -,. .... -, ,. . , . . . ,,- -, . -wc L ' ls ,,, ,A W 5 M- MR L Front row: Lynn Riggins, Darlene Jackman, Judie Merica, Billie Lee, Janice Clayton, Carl Toombs, Carol ' Ann Tabatt, Kathy Corrin. Second row: Ron Wheatherwax, Lorretta Benner, Joanne Basquette, Janice Mellgrcn, Dale Griffith, John Tallent, Larry Murray, Sharon Isaksen, Jinka Strassburger, Diane Finlay, Mr. Smith. Back row: Gerald Bundy, Edwin Crouse, Keith Clarno, Dennis Kyle, Caryl Heth, LaVern Belshaw, Danny Pederson, Vernon Hayne, Jim Dearing, James Whittier, Dennis King. , -nn.--............r?..-..-.,.-.......-,-.,. .... . . . . K - ,A A 1 I Front row: Pat Merrick, Karol Woodbury, Janna Meriea, Shirley Cerenzia, Bette Carr, Valerie ' Johnson, Diana Babb, Phyllis Tatum. Second row: Geraldine Heier, JoAnne Cook, JoAnn Hickman, Carol Hunt, Iris Grandstaff, Jim Gelbertson, Wayne Lisenbee, Bonnie Parr, John Keegan, Mrs. Stockdale. Back row: Joan Fother- gill, Kayleen Kinnier, Gordon Wilcox, Margaret Finlay, Larry Swartz, Merlyn Hoover, Dick Boyd, David De Foe, Louis Inks. sixty-eight .ar 1 Front row: Ed Shriver, Steve Hager, Richard Nelson, Mike Tye, Bill 4 Kroske, Joe Marchioro, Philip Magnuson, Robert Belair, Ned Slentz. Second row: Mr. Theodorson, LeRoy Sundberg, Paul Watt, Jim Knowles, Fred Rowley, Robert Van- Leuven, Clayton Lugwig, William Nessler, Mike Mattice, Donald Childs, Fred Sharp. Back row: David Bury, Fred Plastino, Philip McClintock, Andrew Wright, Robert Bean. Richard Courteau, Jerry Collins, Jerry Hollman, Stanley Lyon, Jack Bockstruch. f 1 MR Front row: Dean Brockmeir, Donna Steelman, Jackie Humes, Carolyn Gardner, Janice Carlsen, Sharon ' Neuman, Audrey Fairfax, Carol Keller, Bobby Fulks. Second row: John Bowen, Sandra Williams, Glenna Mullenix, Ann Lloyd, Barbara Sheridan, Shari Ann Pilant, Sharen Hunt, Donna McKinnon, Mr, Tobie. Back row: Bob Biel, Milton Benshoof, Lloyd Pilant, Wayne Bingham, John Kain, Bing Johnson, Dennis Hallgarth, Ronald Deshno, Rodney Perkins, Hugh Charest, Jerry Miller. 1 Front row: Joan Somerville, Karen Smith, Carol Steiner, Peggy Lang, Ilene Holmes, Marcia Downard, Diana Sheridan, Berlene Harless, Jean Hall, Barbara Delvechio. Second row: Leslie Coghill, Dick Rule, Bob Thomas, Dick Noren, Arlene Turnbull, Mar- garet Hand, Gail Thompson, Rick Connick, Jim Kurle, Mr. Abraham. Back row: Charlie Hutchinson, Pat McDonald, Dick Baker, Gary Ballo, Ervin Schaeffer, Jim Lankford, Dave Alberts, Vernon Daniels, Ken Schonert. sixty-nine Freshmen -, Front row: Kent Caudill, John Freeman Deanna Horn, Gary Eacho, Marilee NIR' Syler, Nikki Selivanoff, Barbara Rieken, Carol DuChene. Second row: Mr. Baldwin, Janet McGeorge, Dorene Hagen, Corrine Mnats, Richard Blair, Lorie Williams, Glenn Bradley, Craig Ladwig, Marilyn Freeman, Donna Moore, Maxine Bowerman, Charlene Ogle, Connie Brown. Back row: Pat Todd, Ray Magney, Jerry Cosby, Larry Hutchins, Michael Connors, George Murphy, Robert Rauch, Gerald Jacobsen, Robert Sills, Duane Toombs, Ray Mason, John Derington, Sharon Kinder. MR. BARNARD - 22I A Front row: Sheila Glen, Janice Tobatt, Karen Randall, Judy Streeter, April Del Williams, Doris Rex, Diana Esmieu, Dale Belden. Second rcw: Harry Mattson, Robert Park, Carol Gutenberg, Deonna Suiter, Marie Powell, Judy Seymour, Robert Watson, Gordon Smith, Clara Belle Porter. Back row: William Irwin, Dennis Kane, Richard Hays, Lanny Anderson, Don Biesen, Bob Dickey, Kenneth Wiedmer, Gilbert Lowery, MR. DANIELSON Barry Rolf, Mr. Barnard. 1, Front row: David Tuffli, Lorelei Lang, Wilma Sherman, Carolyn'Lee, Marlene Knight, Phyllis Stalick, Margaret Howard, Jeannette Enos, Carol Edge, Robert Kirk. Second row: Gene Davig Laurence Merriman, Kathleen Howard, Eloise Stockner, Shirley Moore, Nancy Dauber, Marilyn Lewis, Pat Costello, Bob Wells, Clark Patrick, Mr. Danielson. Back row: Bill Luedke, Ron Turner, Lyle Mace, Harold Tobeck, Janice O'Conner, Barbara seventy Lussier, David Sandberg, Arthur Dunsworth, Gerald Mehlert, Roger Bass. ., ,V ' ff V F t row' Marilyn Hundeby Cherilyn Darroch Lynn Kimberling, Glcnys Bowles, -,, ron . , , , MR' Judy Applonie, Alma Coder, Joyce Bill, Doris Fry, Nancy Mix. Second row: Jerry Skogstad Larry Vandervert Jack Lindberg, Jerry Lobe, Kay Anderson, Allan Goetz, Bob Clark, Joayne R' h ine Janine Gratton, Janice Davis. Back row: Ronald Harris, Barry Solem, Norman Jones, Gary ic w , Olix eri, Laura Lcc Severn, lVIr. Botts, Gene McMurtrey, Steve Sipe, Duff McKee, John Thompson. MR 1 2 Front row: Joyce Rouse, Sandra Ross, Judy Seder, Arlene Schoenwald, Marcia Neumann, Doreen Camyn, ' Judy Plein, Lorraine Rothrock. Second row: Ronald Tipkc, John Wright, Armand Parcher, Gary Paul, d M ther Bob Clemenson Jonathon Johnson Mr Graham. Back row: William Bruce, Bill Bob Manion, Dennis McCoy, Raymon ay , , , . Tallant, John Galardi, Thornton Smith, Bob Wilson, Gary Smith, Larry Ellsworth, Don Ziegler, Pat Coble. '19 MR -w Front row: Jerome Keller, Shirlcy Lessor, Janice Bixby, Lelia Hacking, Jo Anne Thomas, Myrna Paul- ' son Philip Oliver. Second row: Donald Middaugh, Dolores Easter, Patricia Davis, Dick Costello, Donna k C rol Mullenix, Karen Pickett, Ochsner, David Karn, Larry Christensen, Alice Ann Allen, Jackie Gerl, Judith Mead. Bac row: a Billy Graf, Mike McKinney, Wesley Lamphiet, John Graham, Gary Brower, Robert Bjornstad, Kay Kelley, Mr. Holmes. seventy-one Freshmen Beverly Aronson, ,. V3 MRS. OPPEN Wx 1 Front row: Robert McKinney Dean Benson, Charlene Slosser, Pat Everett I Nancy Selivanoff, Leone Gross, Janet Hartil, Marvin Franz, Daryl Brede sen. Second row: Janet Murken, Joanne Dalton, Gordon Upham, Harold Lyons, Paul Feak, Irene Bussard Karen Clark, Barbara Bennett, Miss McKenna. Bark row: David Ricketts, Frank Cook, John Johnson, John Cook Frank Harrison, Michael McCoy, Keith Miller, John Davis. 'TW '- N. 1 3 Front row: Larry McGinn, Pat Kofmehl, Elaine Lang, Thelma Tollefson, Sharon Johnson, Carol Knoles Saretha Hall, Harold Davidson, Ray Melcher, Henry Proctor. Second row: Glen Martin, Vincent Sterritt Peggy Solinsky, Jotina Johnson, Katherine Poe, Vivian Ellsworth, Jack Fisher, Bill Thew, Mrs. Oppen. Back row: Janet Schuster, Dennis Anderson, Larri Reynolds, Ernie Smith, John Welsh, David Thompson, William Schaffer, Austin Pagnotta, Mary Reed, Robert Bailey. - Front row: Larry Duckett, Arthur Bousquet, Gail Zehm, Donna Willson, Sharon Lund, Marcia Whiteside Lorna Burlock Don Herrick, Bill Fried, Tim Pebles. Second row: Daryl Heimbigner Jerry Watkins, Gary Reinbold, Jack White, Patricia Buck, Judy Johnston, Patricia Moore, JoAnn Maxfield, Diane Wood, Beverly seventy-two Robinson, Mrs. Oscarson. Back row: Tom Smith, Howard Culver, Raynor Lilleby, Ron Restod, Dick Campbell, Lloyd Starr, Joe Chavez, Walter Groom, Leonard Davis. 1 Front row: Blake Johnson, Judith Stempel, Myrna Scott, Janice Mast, Marie Peterson, Muriel Bliss, Marjorie Robinson, Sandra Glidden, Doris Smith, James Holenbeck. Second row: Dick Humes, Gerhart Harke, Mike Murray, Marjorie Stockton, LaVerne Langlois, Ruth Bass, Bev Donley, Marilyn Daly, Etta Olson, Betsy Noonan, Don Cox, Mr. Rowan. Back row: Jim Campbell, Larry Kingen, Dennis Magner, Frank Flambouras, Ronnie Smith, Jim Price, Arthur Plath, Harold Thorsen, Ed Heinz, Lionel Greenwood. MR Front row: Marjorie Savage, Bill Wiggins, Dick Griffith, Dennis Lucas, Brian Quanbeck, Carol ' Snow, Jacqueline Holder, Judy Litten, Mr. Simonson. Second row: Rosemary Sleizer, Allexandra Chassy, Anna Bjorneley, Kay Minnick, Donna Murphy, Susan Savas, Yvonne Holland, Florence Thomas, Shirley Davis, Gary Brown. Back row: David Rollo, Stanley Wooclhurst, Donald Adolfson, Terry Brinson, Ted Burley, Ernest Neuman, Leonard Lunde, Jim Bickenstaff, Jerry Bomersheim, Clyde Decker. MR Front row: Lois Lemmer, Carolyn Stewart, Evelyn Rieken, Marilyn Robbins, Bonnie Chamberlin, Sally ' Foley, Nancy Thomson, Diana Hill, Thelma Jaques. Second row: Mr. Taft, Gary Swenson, David Cramer, Barbara Brown, Kay Shawley, Roberta Warner, Joan Schultz, Gail Pugh, Peggy Kandler, Wally Nelson, Bradley Anderson. Back row: John Inch, Kenny Zink, Bill Green, Ronnie Daly, Lonny Sander, Jerry King, Errol Sander, Denny Olsen, Bill Claflin, Dick Hanson. seventy-three 1 Front row: Jimmy Patterson, Tony Norman, Wayne Collins, George War- MR' rington, Deanna Marsback, Louise Nash, Joanne Dalen, Dale Schultz, John Killmer, Charles Anderson. Second row: Arlynne Denny, Carole Underdahl, Roberta Flint, Carole Stumpf, Shirley Hill, Pat Evans, Shirley White, Barbara Sampson, Rodger Green, Ronald Derogatis. Back row: Mr. Whitaker, Eunice Fuehrer, Sonja Anderson, Vern McGee, Duane Weston, Tommy Forester, Kenneth Northrup, Robert Mayer, Joan Koatz, Roberta Backman. Billyc llfing, Nancy Roberts, Joy Bczerfsch, Judy livam, Miss Timm, Carolyn Guffin, and foau Prather go golfing. seventy-four 1 iw Q5 3229 1 ,wk 'N' gy 'ii QW 22 iw,-wx?-f F mf Z2 3 ez W A f'Qifam,,i3f,Q fits f.,fft45f v31f1' , - 3351,-:sg.'.: H: f 3, v--, ,dz 5 W ' x 'HEQQ : - " A ROSS GOETZ President STAN EASTON RANDY AAIVIOT MARK KABUSH MIKE PRAETORIUS Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Fifth Executive ' wt' Zaafq lea asian! To promote student interest in various fare, the Associated Student Body has activities and increase general school wel- supervision over the joint committees, Red FALL A. S. B. REPRESENTATIVES-Front row: Pat Kachinsky Roberta Griswold, Kathy Stephenson, Marion Hetherton, Rosemary Hollister, Gerry Kandler, Jeannine Woodbury. Second row: Patty Holliday, Judy A. Anderson, Hazel Crowder, Marilyn Jenkins, Carol Daizley, Marilyn Davis, Judy Acree, Eileen Smith, Mary Cushner. Third row: Larry Sleizer, Fred Gray, John Fuller, Carol Rae Cannon, Lois Salmon, Bobbie Voshell, Dick Walden, Tom Hall, Stewart McNeilly, Mike Halliday. Back row: Mr. Jones, Chuck sev enty-eight Goddard, Dick Thompson, Jack Heurton, Rod Hanneman, Lyle Phillips, Don Todd, , Bill Russell, Dale Newland. ,Q E ,. 3, ---- M-A--A SENATE-Front row: Miss Damon, Adviserg Mike Praetorius, Fifth Executive: Ross Goetz, President, Stan Easton, Vice President: Randy Aamot, Secretary, Mark Kabush, Treasurer: K. Norman, Senior Senator. Back row: Ernie Aschenbrenner, League Senator, Don Newland, Fed. Senator, Jim Gilbertson, Sophomore Senator, Janice Coleman, Senior Senator, Alan Robinson, Junior Senator, Joyce Anderson, Junior Senator, Joan Hively, Sophomore Senator. wtandaaiatmeatia Cross, conduct board, and popcorn and is composed of the five officers, one boy nut stands. and girl from the sophomore, junior, and Two bodies, the House and Senate, senior classes, and representatives from the constitute the student governing bodies. Federation and League. One boy and girl Representatives from each home room and are elected from the freshman class during A. S. B. officers make up the House. Senate the second semester of each year. FALL A. S. B. REPRESENTATIVES-Front row: Sandra Weddle, Judy Nicholson, Sally Ramsey, Lois Worthington, Carol Du- Chene, Barbara Delvechio, Nancy Mix. Second row: Dianne Buell, Roberta Flint, Marilyn McLaughlin, Pat Green, Dolores Reed, Carol Mullenix, Judy Stempel, Marilyn Lewis, Nancy Thomson. Third row: Marilyn Blough, Bonnie Parr, Karen Clark, Marie Powell, LaVerne Belshaw, Dee Beckman, Janice Eden, Judy Anderson, Gary Brown, Ray Melcher. Back row: LeRoy Sundberg, Ralph Burlock, Bob Ashley, Herb Munro, Lloyd Pilant, Alvin Werner, Leonard Davis, Gay Lundstrom, Marilyn Clark, Miss Damon. seventy-nine .qv- SENATE-Front row: Mr, Jones, adviser: Mark Kabush, president: Marilyn Jenkins, vice-president: Goldie Long, secretary, Mike Praetorius, treasurer: Lee Walker, fifth executive. Back row: Kathy Stephenson, junior senator, Marilyn Clark, sophomore senator, Janet Schuster, freshman senator, Rod Hanneman, senior senator, Natalie Johnson, league senator, Ray Melcher, freshman senator. Wauae and eaczte apaaeaz cam , Armanda Necci, the little girl in Italy whom the A. S. B. adopted two years ago, is sent letters and packages each month. Each fall, a modern dancing class is held lor all those who are interested. Revision of the public address system in the auditorium during Ross C0etz's administration, cost the A. S. B. approxi- mately 215350. Twelve small speakers re- placed the previous two and new inputs and cords were installed. Ballroom dancing was a new project A. S. B. Front row: Lee Walker, Leroy Suadeberg, Dale Duergsdal, Tom Hall, Diane Nord, Karen Caun, Sandra Selivanoff, Bar- bara Delviche, Diane Buehl, Dennis Lucas, Marilyn Jenkins. Second row: Ron Turner, Ed Jansen, Max Dennison, Larry Mossuto, Walt Jones, Newton Skaife, Gene Gule, Janice Sparrow, Duff McKee. Back row: Del Jones, Dick Webster, Gerry Kandler. Charles Goddard, Jack Gawl, Randy Aamot, Judy Anderson, John Fuller, Dolores Daniels, Bill Phipps, Dick Shand, Bob Bailey, Lyle Phillips. eighty X l 1 E Q , , NIAFIK KABUSH . ' :'. President tit Awe ' .H, ,A k me I MARILYN JENKINS GOLDIE LONG MIKE PRAETORIUS LEE WALKER Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Fifth Executive I I deg needed defect! cmpzaaemeale. undertaken by the highly active Associated Henderson instructed thc samba, ruinba, Student Body this spring. Edwin i'Red" foxtrot, and waltz. A. S. B.-Front row: Mike Praetorius, Shirley Maloney, Barbara Johnson. Ann Fackenthall, Catherine Stimpson, Judy Rollis, Bonnie Byrne, Kathy Stephenson, Jackie Bunch, Agnes Tollefson, Ed McCoy, Goldie Long. Secc-nd row: Roberta Flint, Marilyn McLaugh- lin, Lois Salmon, Sandra Williams, Bonnie Parr, Philo Corser, Sally Stewart, Barbara Weishaar, Darlene Lindsley, Pattie Holliday, Myrna Nestoss, Marilou Miller, Miss Damon. Back row: Larry Murray, Betty Britt, Betsy Noonan, Helen Keene, Pat Walker, Paul Quam, Herb Munro, Dick Batdorf, Terry Snedden, John Petersen, Orville Kirkevold, Ross Goetz, Steve Provant. eighty-one K in 'Wir U 1 lr ' . JANICE col.eMAN ROBERTA GRISWOLD MARILVN DAVIS . gg . ,,i:,?55!5i 3 Vice-President ERNIE ASCHENBRENNER President Secretary Treasurer Qaeda' .Z Za cwlwmce dal , Cirls . . . Girls . . . Girls . . . Every North Central girl belongs to the Girls' League. Originated in 1918 by Miss Jessie Gibson, the organization strives to attain the ideals of honor, service, and loyalty as symbolized on the League pin by the American flag, a young girl's face, and the Red Cross flag. Central Council, the ruling body of League, is composed of home room repre- sentatives and elected officers, and directs the semesters activities. Sponsoring the P.-T. A. membership drive is an annual project of the League. .Dads and daughters scored record-breaking numbers at the annual banquet in Novem- ber. Earlier in the fall the freshman party was given. Christmas and Thanksgiving baskets were sent to the needy. A girl may earn League points by ser- vices to the school and by having at least C grades. Those having 50, I75, 325, and 475 points receive honorable mention, 100 points earns a bronze ping 250, silver, 400, FALL CENTRAL COUNCIL-Front row: Roberta Brandt, Peggy Moore, Janet Tronsen, Mabel Bennett, Peggy Lange, Shirley Cerenzia, Sharon Neuman, Barbara Miller, Donna Pulver, Juanita Draper, Ernie Aschenbrenner. Second row: Natalie Johnson, Goldie Long, Nedra Ellis, Sonya Bowker, Claudia Phelps, Janet Novak, Elaine Dahl, Margie Ewy, Karen Carstens, Claudia LaPoint, Carol Matterson, Janice Coleman, Marilyn Davis, Carrole Lambdin. Third row: Roberta Griswold, Dolores Craig, Margorie Savage, Billie VanAmburgh, Roberta Johnson, June Hannah, Sandra Strand, LaVina Morlan, Doris Fry, Carol Stewart, Lorna Burlock, Sandra Glidden, Nikki Selivanoff, Nancy Selivanoff. Back row: Rosemary Hollister, Linda Quist, I.aVer1e Sutherland, Maggie Kam, Grace Bostrom, Betty Christensen, Bobbe Joyner, Adele Fothergill, Daisy Henry, Donna Bigham, Dolores Mackey, Erna Wilson, Janet Schuster. eighty-two L YTMWI? L,,L4,,, - .. JUNE HANNAH ROBERTA JOYN ER Treasurer Secretary . Mi' f ,W ,i L' -L' '. '. jk , N , .. RANDY AAlvloT Vice-President NATALIE JOHNSON President qv wclvadea eaefzg emaffed 9616 gold, 550, gold with ruby set. This year an unprecedented number of pins were given out because of the change in the point system. Annual spring style show, vocational convocations, awarding of League pins, Mothers' Tea, and the appointment of Big Cousins who will counsel new girls enter- ing North Central in the fall are among the many activities of the spring semester. Annual Cotton Day was sponsored by the League on April l5. A Cotton Day eve- ning mixer highlighted the event. Speakers representing various careers and occupations were invited to vocational convocations. This year the vocational con- vocations were presented for the benefit of the boys as well as the girls. A mixer was held in March to secure funds for pins. League Sextet is made up of senior girls who are on call for special occasions. Miss Damon is faculty adviser. GIRLS'LEAGUE--Front row: Janet Tronsen, Mabel Bennett, Charlotte Douglas, Roberta Smith, Joan Downes. Second row: Carol Beam, Pat Green, Claudia LaPoint, Randy Aamot, vice-presidentg Natalie Johnson, president: June Hannah, secretary, Judie Merica, Shirley Hill, Dixie Johnson. Third row: Viola Wiedemann, Janet Nixon, Patricia Buck, Alexandra Chassy, Georgia Howard, Virginia Worley, Karolyn Unger, Sally Mills, Shirley Moore, Marry Breeden, Back row: Ann Lloyd, Carol Hurt, Betty Koon, Joan Fox, Kathy Moran, Carolyn Joyner, Donna Coleman, Sandra Strand, Patsy Quist, Karen Pickett, Dolores Mackey, Miss Damon. eighty-three RAY ERICKSEN Vice-President DON N EWLAN D President TOM JOHNSON K. NORMAN CIe'rk Treasurer can ealevmldcwz dqemlmenta gamanlee Organized to promote cooperative ac- tivities involving all boys of North Central, the Boys' Federation has been under the direction of Lowell C. Bradford for the past 36 years. The executive committee meets weekly and transacts the business of the organization. To train members in civic duties, the Federation patterns its elections after those of the city. Highlight of the fall semester was the annual Boys' Stag, giving the new boys of the school an opportunity to get better acquainted. Also featured were several spe- cial convocations including the Fisher Body and wrestling demonstrations. The Federation sponsors the Archie Buckley Inspirational Award, which is pre- sented annually to the football player who BOYS' FEDERATION-Frcnt row: Fred Gray, Dick Thompson, Rod Hanneman, Tom Johnson, Don Newland, K. Norman, Bob Waite. Second row: Bob Thomas, Mike Tye, Larry Sleizer, Ken Wittenberg, Ross Goetz, Walt Jones, Walt Lobdell, Gene Keevy, Gary Smith, Les Rider, Mr. Bradford, adviser. Third row: Gordon Freeman, Jack Boskill, Ed Collins, June Hanford, Jerry Fenton, Stan Easton, D S ttl Bill G k Bill Phi s Lero McKimme . Back row: Ka e Strai ht Alan Walser Dick Shand Charles Goddard Jack an 9 9, US 9, PD 1 Y Y Y E 1 , v 1 Gambill, Tom Hanson, Jim Hanley, Dave Carosella, Rich Nielson, Bob Grossman, Dick Soss. eighty-four KAYE STRAIGHT JACK GAMBILL TOM JOHNSON Treasurer Clerk Vice-President BOB WAITE President czofdacltq eamg Wadi Zag. is voted by his teammates to be the greatest inspiration to the squad. This year the award was won by George Smith. Four departments in the Federation in- clude: School service, which handles adver- tising, Comanche guard, rooters, supplies, stenographer, tickets, and ushering, per- sonal service, which arranges the new boys' stag, dances, fellowship, vocations, welfare, and personal services, community service, which attends to civic affairs, and world af- fairs, and sports-for-all, which handles the boys, intramural sports program. Spring projects of the Federation in- clude: A new school flag, the judo wrestling demonstration, the International Club speaker con, sales of No-Co-Ho-So decals, and promotion of intramural sports. N... A BOYS' FEDERATION-Front row: Gordon Freeman, Fred Gray, Bob Grossman, Jack Gambill, Bob Waite, Tom Johnson, Kaye Straight, Bill Brown. Second row: Mr. Bradford, Jim Lyons, Bob Biggs, Bob Thomas, Duff McKee, Mike Tye. Third row: Dean Edwards, Larry Sleizer, Jack Boskill, Bill Nance, Walt Jones, Alan Walzer. Fourth row: Ken Wittenberg, Ed Collins, Ross Goetz, George Casselman, Bill Guske, Bob Nance. Fifth row: Bud Watson, June Hanford, Rich Nielson, Tom Hanson, Dave Carosella, Walt Lobdell. Back row: Charles Godard, Gary Smith, Dick Shand, Gene Keevy, Bill Phipps, Stan Easton, Jerry Fenton. eighty-five Ze 26604 64 cafzrfttea fy enemy ' ' 4, .A-'H EDITORS-Left to right: Lee Ann Koch, associate editor, Stan Easton, editor: Gerry Kandler, associate editorg Rosemary Hollister and Darlene Gerkensmeyer, editorial page editors. 'lhc Noith Cential News is planned, wut ten, and published by lnelnbeis of the Joui nalisin classes under the dnection of Miss Mary Nlclxenna, advisci Fai semester editor St n Easton , . ,,-,. BUSINESS STAFF-Left to right: Annette Anderson, busi- ness manager: Bonnie Byrne, advertising: Judy Nicholson, bookkeeperg Kay LaBarge, Chuck Bahm and Jack Riggins, advertising solicitors. As a inembei of the National Scholastic Press Association, The News has received its highest oi Xll American Award for 17 consecutive years In 1948, the paper be- came a member of Columbia Scholastic 1 ress Association and has received its Med- alist oi highest award each year since. Other awards include Quill and Scroll In- ! I QU- A . NEWS STAFF-Left to right clockwise: Clara Sonderen, Annette Anderson, Georgia Howard, Sally Smith, Joyce Anderson, Gerry Kandler, Barbara Sperling, Lee Ann Koch, Carole McNew, Darlene Gerkensmeyer, Jerry Fenton, Goldie Long, Kay LaBarge, Bonnie Byrne, Chuck Bahm, Stan Easton, Rosemary Hollister, June Elston, Natalie Johnson. eighty-six and ccwzadazfewtlq ' ternational, lVhitman College Press Club Award, for the best high school paper in the state, and the George H. Gallup Award for outstanding community service. Four members of the staff are appointed semiannually to the Junior Press Club. Meetings are held once a month with news- paper and radio men as speakers, and mem- bers are frequently asked to press confer- ences where they have an opportunity to meet and talk with famous celebrities visit- ing Spokane. Editor for the fall semester was Stan Easton. Associate editor was Goldie Long, and managing editor was Jerry Fenton. Natalie Johnson, news editorg Diane Haw- ley, assistant news editorg Rosemary Hollis- ter and Gerry Kandler, editorial page modicum! czwafwla. SPRING NEWS EDITORS-Shown with linotype operator, Francis Willard, are, left to right: Stan Easton, sports editorg Goldie Long, editorg Carole McNew, news editorg Jerry Fenton, editor. editorsg and Kay LaBarge, advertising manager. Goldie Long Lee Ann Koch McNew, news Gerkensmeyer, and Jerry Fenl.on were the spring co-editorsg and Gerry Kandler, associate editorsg Carol editorg Rosemary Hollister and Darlene editorial page editorsg and Chuck Bahm, advertising manager. Spring semester co-editors, Goldie Long and Jerry Fenton. lbs. NEWS STAFF-Left to right clockwise: Mark Schorzman, Ken Bumgarner, Verna Lamson, Herb Munro, Dan Riegal, John Downes, Marilyn Brewster, Dorothy Zumoto, Sonya Bowker, Margie Sampson, Virginia Bishop, Carl Toombs, Jerry Mellinger, Janet Dalzell, Karen Anderson, Miss McKenna, Ann Armani, Agnes Zimmerman. eighty-seven TAMARACK STAFF- Front row: Joyce Anderson, Janet Nixon, Marilyn Jenkins, Barbara Sperling, Kathy Walter, Bobbe Joyner Donna Hinkle, Annette Aderson. Back row: Carl Toombs, Bill Guske, Jerry Fenton, Roberta Smith, Bonnie Byrne. atafjeacleawwta Although the yearbook has been known as the Tamarack since the first issue in 1915, this is the first staff that has used the Tamarack tree throughout the book as the art theme. Diane johnson has been 21l't editor. Kenneth C. Mhyre and Robert Biner were the advisers. June Elston and Natalie johnson were co-editors and Miss Mary McKenna adviser. June Elston and Natalie Johnson, co-editors of the book. Kat 'jf' ., . was ..., V s,5wwmm9sww mmn- A 3 ART STAFF-Front row: Diane Johnson, Philo Corser, Jeannine Woodbury, Ann Materne, Kay Yarbrough, LaVerne Belshaw Mr eighty-eight Mhyre. Back row: Mr. Biner, Robert Allen, Floyd Rudnick, Ray Jeffries, Rosemary Hollister, Marlene McDonald. PRINT SHOP -Maynard Rikerd and Don Townsend show Natalie Johnson and June Elston the operation of the folding machine while Bill Fyfe, student at the print shop, helps with folding. in www! and piafme, Annette Anderson was advertising and business manager. Harry Quinn was head staff photographer with Carl Toombs as assistant. George A. Smith was faculty ad- viser for photography. A three-week sales campaign was con- ducted during November with Goldie Long as campaign manager. The sale was conducted through Tamarack representa- tives in the home room. Members of the Tamarack staff, The News staff, and the journalism one class, who were floor collec- tors, contributed much time and effort to the success of the campaign. Don Townsend, head of the print shop, was printing adviser of the book and the Spokane American Engraving did the en- graving work. Miss McKenna was general director and co-ordinated work of the edi- torial, photography, art, and business staffs. In the past three years, the Tamarack has won two Medalist Awards, the highest award given by the Columbia University Press Association of which the Tamarack is a member. zecafwl af ,anal gem, MARY MCKENNA Adviser PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF-Left to right: Harry Quinn, Carl Toombs, Dee Bowker, Don Smith, and Lyle Liptac. eighty-nine HONORS BOARD--Seated: Ken Burger: Bobbe Joyner, secretaryg Natalie Johnson, chairman: Larry Fisher: Mrs. Mabel McLaughlin, adviser. Standing: Janet Dalzell, Dick Thompson, Lee Walker. STUDENT COURT-Gathered Around the Table: Christy Bosten, secretary: Jack Gambill, defense attorney: Del Jones, adviser: Don Newland, judgeg Walt Jones, prosecuting attorneyg Ed Hamblin, bailiff. Zuma gnuew "Wow, look at that letter he's wearing." Appointed by the student body each semes- ter, the very important Honors Board de- cides what students are qualified to wear school letters and receive the coveted ath- letic and service awards. Outstanding among the awards is the one that goes to the senior who has given outstanding service to the school and has received no other recog- nition. Mrs. McLaughlin and Mr. Stannard advise the committee. ninety L "Guilty or not guiltyg that is the ques- tion." Any unfortunate student who has re- ceived a conduct slip during the week pre- vious to the court session is brought before Student Court. This body is conducted along the lines of regular courts. Members review separately each case that comes be- fore them, giving the "criminal" a chance to present his defense. Often the court re- quires that offenders make up time after school. Mr. jones is the adviser. ' Q "Resolved to win many debates," was the resolution of this year's varsity Debate Team, who tied for second-place honors in the Northwest District Debate League, and also in the Northwest District Tournament. Question this year was on the fair employ- ment practices law. Weeks before the debate league starts, the debaters work on the year's questions and schedule many practice debates. The debate coach is Mr. Miller. ffgt P ft ' alike aahzad Outstanding students from every high school in the state are given a lasting lesson in citizenship at Girls' and Boys' State by learning the various methods by which our government operates. Nominated by the junior class, the boys and girls are inter- viewed by a committee from the American Legion who choose three of each as repre- sentatives. Boys, State was held at Ellens- burg during the first part of July, and Girls' State, the latter part. DEBATE-Preparing for a Debate are: Bud Watson, Jerry Fenton, Ross Goetz, Mark Kabush. Carole McNew, another debater, is not shown. wwf W- fn . E , r it , . GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE-Seated: Joy Baerstch, Roberta Griswold, Randy Aamot. Standing: Kaye Straight, Ross Goetz, Mark Kabush. Not pictured is Natalie Johnson. nin ety-one TRAFFIC AND GROUND SQUAD-Front row: Roberta Brandt, Sharol Rae Cannon, Barbara Holman, Carolyn Kumm, Donna Claire Ketcham, Kathy Walter, Carolyn Gardner, Gwen Green. Second row: Gary Henslee, Alvin DeVore, Edward McCoy, Bob Knox, George Casselman, Gilbert Wayland, Charles Stewart, David Johnson. Back row: Perry Plantz, Bob Grossman, Duane Traaen, Dick Shand, Larry Meusy, Duane Hickey, Howard Kipp, Bill Hagemann. ' .A - if :ASSZSXEYZI LOCKER MONITORS-Front row: Jeanne Marie Musser, Helen Jersilcl, Joyce Anderson, Myrna Nestoss, Kathy Corrin, Elaine Dahl, Margie Ewy, Margie Anderson. Second row: Joyce Anderson, Shari Ann Pilant, Jeanette Schaeffer, Barbara Sheridan, Joan Ewell, Becky Nelson, Deanna Coleman, Carolyn Joyner, Donna Coleman. Back row: Roberta Brandt, Muriel Lundy, Mary Reed, Cherre Anne Van Amburgh, Donna Anderson, Vicki Pruitt, Joan Fothergill, Connie Kern. 7466 'beatdweia " QGGJUZU6 Jaw cmd afwlefz. "Youll have to go to the end of the line and take your turnf' Grounds Squad members patrol the cafeteria and school grounds. "Lawbreakers"are given a conduct slip and summoned to the next Student Court session. lt is the Traffic Squad who directs stu- dents through the halls between classes. Mr. Malterner advises the two groups who, in a friendly way, preserve law and order. ninety-two "Sentinels" ot the locker rooms must be hardworking, conscientious, alert, and Will- ing to accept responsibility. Six periods a day, these 'Asisters" ot the hall guards make certain the safety of articles kept in the lockers. Disorder or intrusion of property is prevented when the protectors are on duty. In return for this all-important task, Girls' League points are earned. They also excuse gym classes. dedeew have mama decide , As that "delightful" bell in the library rings at the beginning of each period all is suddenly quiet, and We know that it is time to settle down and begin studying. Much time and effort is expended to keep thc library functioning properly, therefore, there are Library Workers. In order to become a Library Vlforker one must be willing to learn and be efficient. They serve as hostesses, entrance and exit- door monitors, art library monitors, cleri- cal workers, and charging desk assistants. LIBRARY WORKERS-Front row: Vicki Beehler, Beverly Thompson, Karol Woodbury, Phyllis Belden, Doris Fry, Barbara Miller, Karen Smith, Nedra Ellis, Jeanette Schaeffer, Donna Walden, Donna Stedman, Carol Jean Snow. Second row: Mary Dimitroff, Bobbie Allison, Helen Notis, Marilyn Jenkins, Della Marshall, Sharon Isaksen, Billie VanAmburgh, Shari Wells, Eileen Smith, Rosemary Sleizer, Denna Lea Murphy, Carolyn Greening, Janet Murken, Deanna Koerner, Judy Workman, Mickey Demings. Third row: Anita Sonderen, Sonya Bowker, Barbara Sperling, Sandra Selivanoff, Donna Billberg, Charlotte Allen, Sharen Hunt, Sheila Hanson, Jacky Gerl, Joanne Dolen, Sharol Rae Cannon, Betty Graham, Ruth Bass, Dixie Johnson, Virginia Fuller. Back row: Bernadine Sandeno, Patsy Walker, Janice Becker, Joyce Vietzke, Pat Barney, Janice Mellgren, Joan Fothergill, Caryl Heth, Carol Hurt, Doris Mann, Carol " I V, A ' .Q Dunlap, Joan Schwietzer, Virginia Lyng, Alice Marie McKenzie, Carol Jean Keller. LIBRARY WORKERS-Front row: Lilli Knight, Myrna Nestoss, Rita Fulwiler, Gloria Ann Schlenker, Diana Hill, Carol Ann Tabatt, Billie Lee, Delores Jesmore, Darleen Campbell, Evelyn Rieken, Judy Mead, Louise Nash. Second rcw: Jeannette Barr, Joan Hether- ton, Ruth Thomas, Karen Blough, Marilyn Daly, Linda Troope, Myrna Morford, Charlene Burke, Betty Britt, Carolyn Joyner, Marilyn Brewster, Dorothy Duckett, Veva Barnes, LaDonna Huston, Betty Jean Dalager. Third row: Janice Sparrow, Mary Lou Nordby, Connie Sutcliffe, Roberta Johnson, Willene Overmyer, Evelyn Hankel, Beverly Schuster, Marlys Glasyou, Bonnie Laface, Valdene Hancock, Liz Johnson, Roberta Smith, Darlene Bradley, Leona Lawrenson. Back row: Mary Davidson, Margaret Finlay, Frances Sorensen, David Johnson, Linda Buchan, Roberta Warner, LaVerle Sutherland, Jean Rollo, Janet Dalzell, Carol Jean Smith, Jean Tobin, Doris Steiner, Janice Frounfelter. ninety-three NURSE'S WORKERS AND TICKET SELLERS-Front row: Peggy Ulrich, Worth Martin, Betty Jean Dalager, Betty Buckley, Mabel Bennett, Sandra Selivanoff. Second row: Darlene Cunningham, Marlene Gothmann, Carole Wright, Cleda Keys, Erna Wilson, Dorothy Beaty. Back row: Patsy Walker, Mary Ann Matteson, Shirley Geisler, Robert Biggs, Dory Britton, Carol Zorn, Jeanette Paggett. GYM OFFICE MONITORS-Front row: Darleen Campbell, Darlene Pankey, Naomi Wing, Georgia Howard, Sally Smith, Jeannine Woodbury, Lorene Mossuto. Second row: Barbara Sperling, June Hannah, Darla Lee, Karen Elder, Dolly Coon, Marilyn Davis, Bobbie Allison. Back row: Bette Rae Bump, Judy A. Anderson, Darlene Gerkensmeyer, Elise Scott, Rosemary Hollister, Natalie Johnson, Marlene McDonald, a a e 1 4 0 ei Ticket Office YVorkers, under the di- rection of Mr. Chandler, receive, count, and record money taken in from sports events, pay convocations, and stage pro- ductions. Miss Rowena Fritchie, school nurse, is at North Central on Tuesday and Thurs- day of each Week. Her office is open each day, however, with a student in charge. ninety-four "Towel please, thank you." One of the duties of the Gym Office Workers is the distributing of clean towels to girls after each gym period. They also check attend- ance daily and keep individual records of every girl taking physical education. They assist Miss Pinkham and Miss Dixon When needed. The gym office "helping hand" maintains a fine program. Uzdw awe mlm, az . A'Patrolling" all the convocations, the Con Deputies keep order and attention. Offenders are summoned to student court and given a sentence. New arm bands, made by the home economics department this semester, distinguishes each as a Con Deputy. Mrs. Stockdale supervises the Deputies. lt is the duty of the Roll Checker to account for the presence or absence of all the students enrolled in study hall. "Errand girls?" No, these Office Moni- tors do more than just run errands. They collect attendance slips, file cards, and type office material, under the direction of Mrs. Stoner and Miss Shand. CON DEPUTIES-Front row: Eva Babbitt, Joanne Pope, Karol Woodbury, Maureen Singer, Diana Hill, Sue Nealey, Maxine Morigeau, Diane FonCannon. Second row: Mr. Moore, Sally Ellis, Grace Bostrom, Fred Clark, Judy Mead, Arlene Ruark, Rod Mc- BmBerlTh Jk'GlJA G1 ' ' :J Hht J1' P' J tS'thBbS1 roo , ve y ompson, ac ie er , o nn a ardi. Third row oan et er on, o me ierson, ane m1 , o a vage, LaDe1l Fry, Carol Hurt, Cleda Keys, Linda Buchanan, LaVerne Belshaw, Mrs. Stockdale. Back row: Ron Bartlett, Mark Schorzman, Don Alberg, Dan Jones, Gerald Thompson, Jerry Tucker, Les Fried, Lyle Phillips. ROLL CHECKERS AND OFFICE WORKERS-Front row: Judy Nicholson, Judy Gorman, Donna Claire Ketcham, Sandra Strand, Anita Sonderen, Phyllis Talum, Phyllis Goran. Second row: Lois Worthington, Marcia Looft, Donna Muzzy, Alice Kelp, Judy Flynn, Cleo Brown, Sally Foley, Judy Mead, Kay Keller. Third row: JoAnn Galax-di, Roberta Brandt, Peggy Clark, Betty Britt, Dolores Craig, Sally Caudlll, Billie Atteberry, Connie Brown, Carolyn Crisp. Back row: Bobbe Joyner, Cherre Ann VanAmburgh, Jackie Disney, Betty Christensen, Myrlene Collins, Jackie Simonitch, Dolores Mackey, Kae Eaton, Gae Joanne Hall, Joyce Hutchins. ninety-five HALL GUARDS-Front row: Eleanor Bro, Ann Fackenthall, Lorraine Sims, Idella Brown, Barbara Cadwallader, Shirley Gustafson, Judy Nicholson, Sharon Neuman, Rose Marie Head, Ann Charlene Martinson, Carol Edge, Dolores Pierce, Jan Watson. Second row: Mary Jo Switzer, Joan Van Derhoef, Glenna Mullenix, Claudia Sander, Shareen Scher, Joyce Anderson, Kay Bruesehoff, Daisy Henry, Karen Brown, Sandy Botman, Sally Barnum, Peggy Cawrse, Betty Bridgham, Jerene Vincent, Judy Mead, Hazel Crowder, Mr. Rodkey. Third row: Mary Lou Schweitzer, Virginia Lyng, Diane Sharp, Joline Pierson, Janet Smith, Claudia Paul- son, Sandra Kelley, Gayle Gardner, Sheila Hanson, Karen Anderson, Sandra Lee Larsen, Joanne Tollefson, Marsha Boam. Chick Barnes, Jean Tobin, Joan Schweitzer. Back row: Mary Davidson, Elaine Fothergill, Cleda Keys, Janice Coleman, Nathan Narrance, Bob Penman, Bob Rackett, Ed Johnson, Dick Phillips, John English, Bill Pederson, Janice Frounfelter, Linda Buchan, Janice Mellgren, Carol Park, Deanna Kuhlman, LaVerle Sutherland, Carol Brunette. THREE C's-Front row: Mary Jane Hamby, Marlene Motycka, Helen Notis, Donna Claire Kctcham, Tom Hansen, John Philp, Bill Gothmann, Louise Nash, Joanne Dalen. Second row: Barbara Sperling, Karen Wiley, Bctty Britt, Helen Jersild, Charlotte Douglas, Shari Ann Pilant, Bonnie Parr, Lois Smith, Bonnie Laface, Ruthie Womack, Betty Graham, Sharol Rae Cannon, Myrna Nestoss, Louise Meyers. Third row: Lorraine Sims, Pat Larson, Pat Hahn, Charlotte Gardner, Cherilyn Darroch, Gerry Kandler, Lola Nichols, Sue Nealey, Mary Ann Cogley, Marlene Gothmann, Wanda Eplin, Berlene Harless. Miss Collard. Back row: Dolores Pierce Carolyn Gardner, Dorothy Zumoto, Peggy Kandler, Bob Clemenson, Bob McNeil, Edward McCoy, , Ron Turner, Dave Sandbery, Cherre Ann VanAmburgh, Helen Keene, Francine Jackson. ' , develop oiwmolm. "Your pass, please?" inquires the Hall Guard as he encounters a student going down the hall during class time. Hall Guards, under the direction of Mr. Rodkey, are stationed at strategic points throughout the school to keep order. ninety-six Cleaner speech, cleaner character, and cleaner conduct is the objective of each member of Three C's. Membership is un- limited and everyone is welcome. Programs are arranged by the executive council. Miss Collard is adviser. I I da "Senatus Populus que Romanusn which translated means. the Senate and the Roman people, is the official name of Latin Club. For initiation, a Roman banquet is generally held and new members, Wearing short tunies, are slaves to the older mem- bers, garbed in togas. Any Latin student is eligible to join. Miss Theis is adviser. Zcmgaagea, "Si, si, senor and senoritai" Any student who is studying Spanish and who has at least a C average is eligible to become a member of Spanish Club. Each month, the club has one business meeting and one social event at which the members create an atmosphere of old Spain. Miss Boelime is adviser. LATIN CLUB-Front row: Carl Toombs, Bob Biggs, Mary Shepherd, Kaye Hyer, Marilyn Lipscomb, Janice Perry, Carol McNew, Darlene Gerkensmeyer, Chuck Bahm, Angleo Petruss. Second row: Peggy Ulrich, Joan Downes, Annabelle Dizmang, Judy Hanford, Marilyn Brewster, Ann Lloyd, Bobbie Voshell, Nornie Davis, Jeniene Poutre, Goldie Long, Miss Theis, Adviser. Third row: New- ton Skaife, Phillip Caruso, Dick Webster, Jim Backman, Lee Gatzs, Jeanne Gilbert, June Elston, Karen Anderson, Adele Fothergill, Sandra Lee Larson, Pat Kachinsky. Back row: Larry Liptac, Bob Barton, Bud Watson, Howard Kipp, Dan Riegel, Jim Whittier, Gary McKinney, Jerry Lindvall, Mike Praetorius. SPANISH CLUB-Front row: Myrna Paulson, Joan Hively, Margie Sampson, Judy Nicholson, Mary Cushner, Louise Nash, Judie Mercia, Janna Mercla, Pat Larson. Second row: Kay Kelley, Rosemary Sleizer, Gail Thompson, Alice Mosling, Eileen Smith, Janice Walden, Randy Aamot, Janet Dazell, Sonya Bowker, LeeAnn Koch, Mary Lou Nordby, Miss Boehme. Third row: Diane Sharp, Arlene Turnbull, Marllu Miller, Gayle Smith, Judy Acree. Linda Buchan, Sally Mills, Linda Eldenburg, Billie VanAmburgh, Kathy Stephenson. Judy A. Anderson, Sally Smith. Back row: Vern McGee, Larry Sleizer, Les Fried, Phil Walker, Alan Robinson, Dee Bowker, Roy Carrlker, Walt Jones, Tim Rodgers. ninety-seven - ' l, J - s :.s?1.i ' . 'W Q 'r-dirvff. ANIORES LIBRORUNI-Front row: Rita Fulwiler, Margie Sampson, Nedra Ellis, Viola Wiedemann, Janet Nixon, Mary Lou Edwards, Barbara Miller, Kay Nelson. Second row: Judy Acree, Sonya Bowker, Willene Overmyer, Eilene Smith, Hazel Crowder, Chuck Bh FldRd'kV"" ' - ' ' ' ' " a m, oy u nic , irginia Bishop, Betsy Jones, Llann Hass, Carol Armitage. Back row. Kaye Straight, Jim Whittier, John Fuller, Charles Goddard, Jack Gambill, Bob Grossman, Dick Shand, Ryder Chronic, Leo Christophersori, Stan Easton, Jerry Fenton. CHESS CLUB-Front row: Rider Chronic, Bob Watson, Larry Swartz, Phil Caruso, Bob Caruso, Larry Rolstad, Betty Graham, Sharol Cannon. Second row: Richard Milke, James Lovejoy, Jim Clemmens, Bill Gothmann, Gary Glenn, Charles Hutchinson, John Downes. Back row: Leo Christopherson, Carl Griffith, Al Lunde, Jack Cambill, Ron Thue, Fred Grey. gan! and M644 dl "Lover of books" is the meaning of Amores Librorum. This library club was founded lfi years ago by Miss Mary R. Bacon, head librarian. Composed of 30 honor-roll students, members are devoted to promoting greater interest in books. For many of their monthly meetings they invite foreign students as guest speakers. Miss Bacon is the present adviser. ninety-eight Workiiig hard at developing their pow- ers of concentration, chess enthusiasts meet every Wednesday after sehool to engage in friendly matches. Purpose of the club is not only to instruct those who want to learn to play the game but also to help those who already play to better their skill. This year, the club has engaged in several tournaments with Gonzaga. Mr. Neuman is the adviser. Ha! za 'AI-low to sit on the boss's lapy' is not the motto of Commercial Club. Rather creat- ing an interest in commercial subjects is their objective. Any girl majoring or mi- noring in commercial is eligible to join. Members were responsible for the issuing of typing books, and Christmas and Easter were made happier for a needy family be- cause of the club's thoughtfulness. Club adviser is Mrs. Bowker. dome 4694 azfcmalwwle, Student journalists who have done out- standing work on The News or Tamarack are eligible to become members of Quill and Scroll. Purpose of this international honor society is to raise the standards in the field of writing and to direct the course of high school journalism. Quill and Scroll pins were awarded to the new members this year at a formal ceremony. Miss Mc- Kenna is the club adviser. QVEQ ,wif , .wg i -, as ,l cz COMMERCIAL CLUB-Front row: Judy Nicholson, Mrs. Bowker, June Elston, Annette Anderson, Helen Notis. Second row: Carole Wright, Betty Jean Rohrer, Marilyn Hammer, Karen Elder, Carol Jean Hanson, Lorene Mossuto, Marjorie Anderson, Audrey Fairfax, Kay Nelson. Back row: June Hannah, Bonnie Byrne, Doris Merrick, Gail Hayden, Beverly Blakely, Barbara Blakely, Carol Lipscomb, Roberta Griswold, Eva Babbit. 'rv sw' . QUILL AND SCROLL-Front row: LeeAnn Koch, Annette Anderson, Natalie Johnson, June Elston, Randy Aamot, Gerry Kandler, Goldie Long, Barbara Sperling, Rosemary Hollister, Back row: Chuck Bahm, Bill Guske, Jerry Fenton, Stan Easton. ninety-nine VOX PUELLARUM-Front row: .Billye Wing, Nancy Roberts, Marilyn Jenkins, Randy Aamot, Judy Evans. Second row: Juanita Draper, Kathy Stephensonx Bonnie Byrne, Lee Ann Koch, Margie Sampson, Janet Dalzell, Joyce Anderson, Georgia Howard, Mrs. McLaughlin. Back row: Miss Cleveland, June Hannah, Marilyn Lipscomb, June Elston, Gail Hayden, Ann Armani, Annabelle Dizmang, Sonya Bowker. THESPIANS-Front row: Donna Walden, Sharon Wilson, Ann Charlene Martinson, Donna Ketcham. Second row: Kathy Walter, Gerry Kandler, Goldie Long, Natalie Johnson, Roberta Griswold, Roberta Brandt. Back row: Nancy Batton, Bud Watson, Mr. Anderson, Darrell Dickey, Bill Guske, Rich Neilson, George Casselman, Ross Goetz, Dick Green, June Hannah, Glen Bradley. I 0 I I l "Voice of the Girls" or Vox Puellarum is a social and philanthropic group. Money raised by the members this year has gone toward building a trophy case for the school. The group gives an annual award to the senior girl who has overcome the greatest handicap during her four years in high school. Club advisers are Miss Cleve- land and Mrs. McLaughlin. one hundred "Everybody on stage" are familiar Words to members of Thespians. To become a member of this Troupe 128 of the National Thespian Society one must participate in plays and other dramatic activities. Pur- pose of this organization is to create active and intelligent interest in dramatic art among the boys and girls in high school. Mr. Anderson is adviser. 776 hgdfze ' mewzmzdei, To provide entertainment for service and business organizations is the purpose of Tau Chi. They have entertained Parent- Teacher groups, Red Cross, Postal Em- ployees, and Federation of VVomen,s clubs this year. To the March of Dimes convoca- tion, jointly sponsored by Tau Chi and the A. S. B., the club contributed 51525. Miss Lauer is adviser. "Rembrandts of the Future" must have a "B" average in all subjects and be art majors to be eligible to join the Art Club. i'Eye Opener Mixern and i'Painting of the Year" contest are annual projects. Promot- ing interest in the art lields is the objective of the club. Several members have won prizes in various city and state contests. Advisers are Mr. Mhyre and Mr. Biner. TAU CHI-Front row: Barbara Blakely, Hazel Crowder, Ann Charlene Martinson, Helen Notis, Margie Ewy, Martha Winton, Sharon Lund, Charlene Slosser. Second row: Kirsten Johnson, Joyce Vietzke, Darlene Jackman, Joan Downes, Sally Braun, Gerry Kandler, Carolyn Gibbs, Jackie Miller, Carol Jean Hanson, Miss Lauer. Back row: Beverly Blakely, Dick Baker, Dennis Anderson, Larri Reynolds, Bud Watson, Dick Green, Bill Guske, Gordon Wilcox, Mike Praetorius, Diane Burdick. ABT CLUB-Front row: Eilene West, Judy Workman, Mariann Gleason, Jinx Hugo, Arlene West, Ann Materne. Second row: Robert Bmer, Floyd Rudnick, Marilyn Jenkins, Rosalie Lee, Dianne Johnson, Mr. Mhyre. Back row: JoAnn Evans, Rosemary Hollister, Daisy Henry, Judy MacKenzie, Philo Corser, Claudia White, Don Phillips. one hundred one MATH CLUB-Front row: Dolly Coon, Carole Lipscomb, Eleanor Yarbrough, Sonya Bowker, Marilyn Lipscomb, Ernie Aschen- brenner, Eileen Smith Ann tt A d . S d : ' ' ' ' , e e n erson econ row John Fuller, Edward Collins, Gene Alberts, Mike Halliday, Larry Sleizer Mark Kabush, Roger Torgerson, Larry Simpson, Bob Biggs. Back row: Kaye Straight, Bud Watson, Jack Gambill, Ronald Milligan Charles Goddard, Ronald Thue, Walt Jones, Fred Gray, Bob Grossman. AQUETTES-Front row: Janet Novak, Agnes Tollefsen, Thelma Tollefsen, Dorothy Carmichael, Diane Olsness. Second row: Joy Baertsch, Karen Carstens, Bobbie Voshell, Virginia Worley, Bobbie Allison, Mrs. Kopf. Back row: Karen Sudhoff, Peggy Clark, Joyce Anderson, Georgia Howard, Carol Armitage, Mary Lou Nordby, LaVerne Belshaw. 77642 ' ' mama: GM . i'Two + two I four" is usually known before one enters high school, but it takes much more knowledge of mathematics than that to become a member of the Mathe- matics Club. Three semesters of at least B grades in math and no grade below C in any other subject is a requirement for membership. One of the annual projects is the math contest, which is open to all stu- dents. Club adviser is Mr. Nygaard. one hundred two '4Left, right, left, right," directs instruc- tor Mrs. Milton from the Red Cross, as she helps the Aquettes learn synchronized swimming fundamentals. Aquettes, who seek to promote skill and interest in swim- ming, are planning to present a water show. Tryouts are held annually for girls with C grades or above who enjoy swimming and have passed the Red Cross swimmer's test. Advisers are Mrs. Milton and Mrs. Kopf. :deem 464464 wqeiaacge afmzam ' . "Them heap big chiefs!" describes mem- bers of the letterman's club, the Warriors. A player participating in any sport who has earned a varsity letter is eligible. This or- ganization pledges its members to clean lives and to hard and fair play. Outstanding activities of the club this year have been the football awards banquet and the new time clock for the gym. Mr. Diedrick is their adviser. "VVham! Bang! Direct hit!" A direct hit is not unusual for these members of Rifle Club. The club belongs to the National Rifle Association. Each member owns his own gun and must pass a training course. Main activities of the club are directed to- ward developing safe, skilled marksmen. The group competes in regional matches and receives training and practice in the use of rifles. Mr. Christensen is adviser. WARRIORS-Front row: Alan Robinson, Gordy Freeman, Larry Fisher, Norm Veach, Gary Smith, Bob Waite, George Smith, Bill Nance, Ed Unicume, Gene Keevy. Second row: Lynn Riggins, K. Norman, Rod Hanneman, Ray Ericksen, Wallace Woodard, Mike Reopelle, Bob Reichert, Jim Mead, Tom Wurth, Duane Traaan, Gary Bass, Bob Helms, Mr. Diedrick. Back row: Don Newland, Bud Watson, Ed McNel, Les Rider, Doug Davis, Ralph Aspaas, Dick Thompson, Larry Sleizer, Allan Holman, Dan McKinnon, Buck Brumblay, Gordy Recor, Gene Baxter, Walt Lobdell. RIFLE CLUB-Front row: Harold Craig, Dick Hoffman, Gary Glenn, Tom Montgomery. Back row: Mr. Christenson, Ray Emerson, Charles Moe, Gerald Bundy, Bill Waldby, Ed Crouse, Gorden Smith. one hundred three i' K Q it Y r , 4 4 X5 K ff f bv gm 1-ff? M 1, V., . ,f F - - f i Kr Q 2' ' E RG ?3iE5l?3S L "No parleing, huh ?!?!" Red eathers and Color Girls pause before entering their bus as they leave for Walla Walla to attend a football game. "lf the shoe fits, wear it." Football boys scramble to put on their shoes for a V Workout on the field. . "Dorff B ,' d01'1!f B ,' 'mf I? J" The Federation uartet and Lea ue sextet et in a little raetice. J fl g g P Left to right, back row: Rich Nielsen, Les Rider, Bud Watson, Ron Carow. Front row: Ann Templeton, Marcia Guffin, Marlene Gothmann, Beverly Thompson, Christy Boston, Kathy Walter. Accompanist Elaine Heiber and director Dan Davis are at the piano. one hundred six l'70llid smile loo" f if youlcl just been elected football princess. Left to right, Attendant Darlene Coon, Princess Randy Aainot, and Attendant Natalie Johnson. "Nuclear plzysicis- is-isfisf's?" In chemistry lab a pinch of this and a dash of that could make a BOOM -like that. snows Al Cl 9 "Does if hurl!" ask the nervous ones as they enter the portable 'ERN WA X-ray unit for a TB checkup. YQ? .2 one hundred seven That Pepsodent smile." The men's faculty glee club entertain at the PTA benefit and steal the show. The accompanist, Miss Collord, seems to be pleased with the results. HSt17'l1'Cl baby-" Rosemary Hollister and Gerry Kandlcr crowd out the younger set as they ask Santa to bring them all their Christmas gifts. one hundred eight Af-8 Pow-right in the orchestra' pit!" This kind of practice could be mighty rough on the anatomy. .KN "First day frustration" "Whe1'e do we go from here ?" seems to be a popular question asked by new North Centralites on their first day of school. one hundred nine Students and faculty give of their talents in the PTA Vaudeville Show and the March of Dimes Convocation. Opposite page, 'upper left-hand corner: Ross Goetz, M. C., Linda Hemmerling and Phyllis Burgess, tap dancing . . . Faculty women style show: Left to right, Helen Oscarson, Dolores Collins, Madeline Carroll, Dorothy Congdon, Elizabeth Killings- worth, joan Kopf, Marjory Collord, Helen Stockdale, Mabel McLaughlin . . . Beverly Etchepare, vocalist . . . Carolyn Gibbs, piano, and Jackie Miller, organ. Upper left: Jerry Strand, singer. Upper riglzf: Hawaiian dancers, Dorene Hagen, Joyce Rouse. Lower left: Gordon Vtfilcox, Larri Reynolds, guitar players, Ron Turner, marimba. one hundred eleven one hundred twelve ".S'011p'.r on." Cadets Holm Kuchl and Toni O'l.cary line up for soup served by Mrs. lioskin. "It was 10:09 - first con. lioss Goetz and Mark Kabush portray Joe Friday and Frank Smith at A. S. H. basketball con. "Oh, flzc lifflc' r'ZU1lUf.YlfS7!UlllC, is brokerzf' Darlene Kinclle, Carolyn G u f f i n , and Marilyn Lipscomb watch Nr. Norclby, driving in- structor, explain the functions of various gadgets and ''wliatdoyoucallcms." "History was use-ver like this!" Behind the mask We would find Mr. Rodkey, who takes time out after school to clown with one of his history classes. Hallway serenaden Mr. Taft directs the choir in a Christmas songfest. T 'Snip Snipu Lorene Mossuto, Carol Jean Hansen, and Diane Olsness, use the cafeteria tables for cutting out a new wardrobe. one hundred thirteen one hundred fourteen "Expert chefsn- are these warrior braves as they mix up a Bullpup stew in a pep con before the Gonzaga football game. "Money, money ,1n0ney"- Herb Munro and Veva Barnes have quite a job ahead of them as they count the money from the annual March of Dimes con. rr Great job"- Mrs. Oppen surveys the work of Sharon Kinder, Sonja Ander- son, Carol Bowen, and Mary Breeden as they prepare food and clothing for a needy family. wAv.Ruukse A BULLPUP STE "Put cmofflcr nickel in-J" Red Feather Roberta Smith helps collect nickels and climes at the March of Dimes Con. Hey, ll'l1a!'.s' the IJlt1ffC7'2jU Color Glrls Janna lXllCl'lCZ1, NVilma Uhclen, and Deanna Oveson seem to say, ur x - A ' 1 V ' 1 V rx Ihings just arent going om way. Fore!" Golf pro, Neil Christian, explains the finer points of the game to Nancy Roberts and Joy Baertseh, while Miss Timm looks on. one hundred fifteen I l ...X il ll W, "Hawk thai for size?" . . . Bringing clown costumes from "Pinlc's Heaven" and trying them on is only a small part of the preparation for the biennial Doll Shop. W fd X one hundred sixteen "Crew Cul" . . . M r. Dicclrick also seems to be Z1 first- class barlwcr as he trims Ray Erickson. Lynn Riggins and Bob Reichert view the procedure. Come, buy your TU1llU7'!ICk.,U . . . Tainaraclc staff presents a skit in the cafeteria to promote sales. Goldie Long, sales manager, is "putting it over." "Lost, huh? Red Feathers about to return lost boy to mama. "Stew riglzz' zap!" These bookroom workers were always willing and waiting to help students in the matter of supplies. Left to right: Pat Fairfax, Mrs. Vera Bayley in charge of the bookroom, Karen Sudhoff, Audrey Fairfax, Delnora Erickson. 1 "Ma3r the bcsf man wiuu- Friendly competition reigns among dramatic students as they try out for the various parts in the spring play, "Stardust.', l . ' ' VI 'Nw' i QNX H' ' 'Nr 'fGe0rgc, you fry RGilllll1ld,J, coaches Mrs. Oppen during further tryouts of "Stardust." The play is is about a group of crazy, mixed-up drama students and their even more mixed-up Russian director. one hundred eighteen "lVarpaint"e- Toy Troops, Honey Buns, and Tennessee VVigwalk girls put on makeup for the final performance of Doll Shop. 'Dancing in the dark !"- The mixer following Doll Shop was a huge success. The old gym was crowded with the cast and their friends. one hundred nineteen one hundred twenty ,ir. Y "Sweet singers"-Choii' members joan F o x , Marilyn Robbins, Mary Io Switzer, Sally llraun, .loan Christian- sen. Back row: Claudia La Point, Pat Green, Sandra VVilliams, Doris Grif- fith, Pat Leighton tune up on a "Chinese Lullaby." Deck the lzalIs"- Herb Munro, Marilyn Davis, Roberta Griswold, Mark Kabush, and Ross Goetz decorate the traditional Christmas tree in the lower hall outside the cafeteria. 9 "Wire willz yon, team," shout enthusiastic Color Girls and Rod Feathers at thc N. C. vs. L. C. game. 'Q-vw--....,.,,,,,mM,m-Q-f K A "Romper Svcfizlgf' one of the many cxercises of the girls in P. E. classes, 'Tiffin' in the Suu." Cameraman catches students gossiping at lunch time. one hundred twenty-one fn. f a sf '8 gf Q, ,f S W , uv: Q f ,Lf . , f, ., .. Left to right: Ross Goetz, Eldon Berry, and Roberta Brandt, Prim Stokes, listen to Dick Green, Tinker Smitlz, explaining ilze lzorrible siglii of Ilie breaking of the dam. "They'd never believe it!" mused Eldon Berry, the hero of "Green Valley," about the way things had been growing there. And neither did the audience, until they saw al- falfa as tall as a man, strawberries bigger than apples, and vegetables so large a man could hardly carry them. These were only a few of the sur- prises that greeted the large audi- ence who came Nov. 19-20 to see 'LGreen Valley," the all-school play written by Frank Watt1'o11 and di- rected by Mrs. Genevieve Oppen, draniatics coach. Many complications arise in pro- Wken kim Z cmceetafza "came to ' , 0 Left Io riglzf: George Casselnian, Grandpa Berry, tells Eldon's ancestors Nancy Btaion, Dan Bontwell, Glen Bradly, ferry Miller, and George Bennet, the plan to save Eldon Berry's land in Green Valley. one hundred twenty-four ducing a play like "Green Valley"g for in stance, making bean stalks growright before the eyes of the audience. But all problems were handled extremely Well by the pro- duction staff and a successful play was the result. "Green Valley" requires a cast of 31, l8 of Whom are boys. The play, which takes place in a California valley, has a compli- cated set, including real leaves on the trees, a huge rock, and a rustic cabin surrounded by gigantic sunflowers. Several newcomers to the stage carried leading roles, and the play gave a chance for many to do character parts. "Everyone was so co-operative, so how could a play like this be anything but a success," said Mrs. Oppen, who directed "Green Valley." Mrs. Oppen chose this particular play, she revealed, for its variety of ideas and its folksy characters. The production was received with tre- mendous applause by the audience and was cited as another outstanding North Central production. aimnge Mmga dappen in " wen Waifeq " Left to right: Darrell Dickey, Tobias f. E'-Uerlieel, relates the plan to take the I?crry's land to Roberta Griswold, Martlifa Mears, while the ghost of Grandpa Berry listens to the plan. one hundred twenty-five JACK-IN-THE-BOX - Goldie Long This twelfth biennial, sparkling musi- cal production was presented March 17, l8, and l9 to capacity audiences. Doll Shop is the creation of Miss Elsa Pinkham, head of the girls' P. E. depart- ment, who also directs the cast of 300. Miss Pinkham likes to use as many people in her show as possible and to have boys as well as girls take part. Everyone who tries out and has a sincere desire to work gets a part in the show. Setting for the l954 Doll Shop was a large candy house with multicolored hoops hanging from above. It looked just like something from a child's storybook and de- lighted the youngsters from 6 to 60. Dolls in the shop ranged from Eskimos from the North Pole to Guatemalan girls from Central America. Goldilocks was there with her friends the bears, as was Snow VVhite and Raggedy Ann and Andy. ie afamefcaq peqmmmaea 4,6 D066 SEVEN DWARFS-Margie Ewy, lead, Jeannine Woodbury, Karol Woodbury, Joyce Haugen, Marilee Syler, Sharon Syler, Arlene West, Eilene West. one hundred twenty-six DOLL SHOP LEADS - Front row: June Hannah, Thelma Jaques, Roberta Smith. Second row: Donna Walden, Dick Green, Peggy Moore, Goldie Long, Bill Guske, Roberta Brandt, Natalie Johnson. Back row: George Casselman, Roberta Griswold, Jerry Miller, Joyce Brady, Glenn Bradley, Billye Wing, Nancy Roberts. -Za-50 eden mem ' , Romance, excitement and a certain freshness prevailed throughout the show with the penguins keeping the 'Kshop" in a continual state of confusion. Adding a professional touch to the pro- duction were the colorful costumes that literally dazzled the eye. Life-size lolli- pops Which looked good enough to eat had the candy lovers drooling. All marveled at the top-notch dancing. "The Pink Doll," Written by C. Olin Rice and dedicated to Miss Pinkham, dances on tinkling toes. Other "Pops" Rice originals were "Toy Troops," "Guatemala Glide," 'Penguin Parade," and "Rag Doll Dance." r,.,,, Y ,. , .Q if ' if P . w, ' 'War ,,. -.. ESKIMO DOLLS t ai 'N 'U m ff' td DI 11 : fb fe sv :S sn. F' FD ru Q 91 F. O U1 ., 3, ,Jil , by f, - 1. ,. i ' l , l ? l j win' .. .5 one hundred twenty-seven LADY OF SPAIN -Carol Armitage Mainniies and p i e an I1 i ll i e s decked in polka-dot dresses and pai11ted with blackfaee rolled their eyes Plllll paraded. L. C. Bradliord's special Doll Shop orchestra performed magnifi- cently. Credit for choral director Went to Mr. Davis and draniatics to Mrs. Oppen. Mrs. Beaver's eostuniingwas "the most", Hllil the set designed by Mr. Mhyre and his art students, Elllll con- structed by Mr. Broadwell a11d his stage erew was fabulous. The finale, i'Oh! You Beautiful Doll," was truly a salute to the beau- tiful doll responsible for tl1e greatest show at North Central - Miss Elsa Pinkhani, Hdahlingl' director de luxe. Wcndetq of :Lola 44654 and ez TEDDY BEAR PICNIC -Connie Solseng, Goldilocksg. DANCERS -Alice Allen, Judy Seder, Kay Helpingstine, Jacky Kneeling: Marlene McDonald. Standing: Sally Gerl, Janice Mast, Sharon Lund, Seated: B111 Guske. Smith, Claudia Bunge, Virginia Brandenburg. one hundred twenty-eight HONEY BUN - Front row: Mark Kabush, June Hanford, Larry Rolstad, Ross Goetz, Ernie Aschenbrenner, Roger Torgerson, Alan Goetz, Vern McGee. Back row: Ann Materne, Elaine Heiber, Linda Quist, Mary Shepherd, Sonja Bowker, Sharon Hill. Za 6464 fading monica! ,azadactdam x XMQ ff' ORCHESTRA - Front r-ow: Hazel Crowder, Lee Ann Koch, Rosemary Hollister, Dolly Coon, Kirsten Johnson, Annabelle Dizmang, Janet Watson. Second row. Mr. Bradford, Wilma Uhpen, Janine Adams, Mike Praetorius, Dick Batdorf, Dennis Pederson, Kaye Straight. Back row: Jerry Hubbell, Richard Mclnelly, Bob Grossman, John Philp, Bill Sander, Les Parton, Dick Soss, Jim Watson. one hundred twenty-nine aizpzeaealap mm 01165066 ' . Outstanding performances have been provided for both school and community activities again this year by the various musical groups of North Central. W. Stan- ley Taft, head of the music department and his student assistant, Pat Hanson, have di- rected the Choir, Three-Fives, and the Girls' Glee Club through a crowded fall and spring schedule. Sixty-five voices strong, the Choir, along with the Orchestra, Three-Fives, and Girls' Glee Club, participated in the "Winter Music Festival" in December and the 'Spring Music Festival" in May. Both were held in the school auditorium. Programs were presented during the year at several churches - North Hill Christian, St. John's Cathedral, Knox Presbyterian, and Grace Baptist. The group also sang at Whitworth S College and the Greater Spokane Music Festival. An annual tradition was carried out at Christmas time when the Choir marched through the school halls singing Christmas carols. The Three-Fives presented programs for several elementary school PTA meet- ings, Inland Empire Art Association, KXLY, Fairchild Air Force Base, Veterans' Hospital, the Greater Spokane Music Fes- tival, Eastern Star and both school Music Festivals. They also sang at the Knox Pres- byterian Church and St. John's Cathedral. Girls' Glee Club appeared in the "Win- ter Music Festival" and "Spring Music Fes- tival" here at school. Pat was the student director for this group this year as well as for the Choir. ' z 1 y 1 --i. 1 CHOIR-Front row: Kathy Walter, Amy Savage, Kay Nelson, Ann Templeton, Sally Barnum, Marlene Ruhs, Dolores Pierce, Bonnie Fines. Sec-ond row: Jeannette Barr, Velda Heine, Bonnie Van Doren, Lois Smith, Helen Jersild, Beverly Thompson, Beu Ella Buck, Marilyn Daniel, Bernadine Sandeno, Loretta Guter, Marlene Rogers, Charlotte Thompson. Third row: Neal Hortink, Royce Gorseth, Gary Dutton, Connie Solseng, Merlee Conrath, Carol Cave, Elaine Hieber, Gay Krebs, Diane Burdick, Carol Bays, Betty Quist, Anita Reyerson, Pat Hanson, Worth Martin, Laura Crosby, Norma Steele, Ken Berger, Dick Waldon, Bob Clark. Back row: George Casselman, Bill Nickell, Ron Carow, Bill Pratt, Howard Kipp, Laurie Ness, Darrel Dickey, Bill Hageman, Dan Boutwell, Ed Hatcher, Rich Nielson, Larr Romi Err 1N J k B k G K ev Jim Porter Jim L m J h y g, o unn, ac roo s. ene e y, , e mers, o n Eakins, Jim Doggett, Les Rider, Tony Caputo, Jim Knowles. one hundred thirty THREE-FIVES-Front row: Mariette Bundy, Elaine Hieber, Diane Burdick, Linda Quist, Carol Bays, Sharon Hill, Carolyn Cotterel. Back row: Jeannette Barr, Miriam Randall, Carol Cave, Marilyn Daniel, Janet Wyatt, Beverly Etchcpare, Mr, Taft. I I l I hee- , gyda Qfee wlmtaca gfzwwa. GIRLS' GLEE-Front row: Shirley Cerenzia, Joy Decker, Donicz Naccarato, Deanna McGhan, Nancy Thomson, Leone Gross, Eve- lyn Rieken, Audrey Fairfax, Corrine DeChenne, Elaine Lang, Darleen Campbell. Second row: Yvonne Holland, Marilyn Clark, Carol Mitchell, Mary McCroskey, Barbara Paro, Iris Grandstaff, Gladys Graham, Alice Wood, Roberta Warner, Chcrre Van Am- burg, Carol Hurt, Janice Shawley, Barbara Rieken. Third row: Marjorie Savage, Lorelei Lang, Janice Clayton, Barbara Holman, Judith Applonie, Joann Dalton, Berlene Davis, Jean Carrier, Arlynne Denny, Nancy Glass, Dolores Cook, Glenys Bowles, Mary Glass, Shirley Lessor, Carol Keller, Mae Raudebaugh. Back row: Thelma Tollefsen, Sharon Wells, Nancy Dauber, Dolores Easter, Darlene Ross, Darlene Baril, Cherry Rowan, Shirley Anderson, Kathy Howard, Carole Fromm, Elaine Dahl, Marilu Miller, Judv Stempel, Alma Coder, Judy Lavera, Muriel Lundy, Patsy Rockwell. one hundred thirty-one BAN D-Front row: Jim Watson, Larry Sleizer, Del Chappell, Phil McClintock, Bill Sander, Dave Bohart, Mike McCoy, Charles Anderson, Tom VanoerWal, Les Parton. Second row: Dick Soss, Dean Edwards, Steve Hager, Glen Hamilton, Darrell Hulbert, Ron Hare, Joe Marchioro, Bill Baker, Max Dennison, Larry Gilbert, Norman Jones, Mike McKinney. Third row: Gerald Jacobsen, Barry Solein, Blake Johnson, Bob Rauch, Harold Davidson, Bob Clemenson, Dan McNeal, Ivan Munk, John Fuller, Don Gordon, Gary Hcnslce, Doug Krous, Jim Clemmens. Fourth row: Arlen Weberling, Harold Swenson, George Thrush, Bill Fanazick, Bob Knox, Don Throxn, Don Reichert, Ron Thue, Roger Torgerson, Rod McBroom, Gene Moore, Phil Rhea, Warren Galloway, Jim Kurle. Back row: Jack Lindberg, Don Fremstad, Bob Burns, Jim Mead, Brad Fanning, Perry Plantz, Bob Grossman, Tom Turk, Frank Vawter, Ray Emerson, Dave Hundeby, John Philp, Don Nyberg. Uaeoflflee miie Wdfzlhaedfd PEP BAND- Front row: Dick Soss, Les Parton, Arlen Weberling, Jim Watson, Sonny Thrush, Del Chappell, Larry Sleizer, John Fuller, Bill Sander. Second row: Don Smith, Dick Batdorf, Denny Pederson, Kaye Straight, Dick Mclnelly, Jim Backman, Del Wood, Dick Johnson, Mike Praetorius. Back row: Fred Strang, Ron Thue, Ed Unicume. one hundred thirty-two BAN D-Front row: Kaye Straight, Dennis Pederson, Phil Walker, Dick Batdori, Don Smith, Ken Richie, Lee Walker, Bud Black- well, Tom St. John, Don Beals, Ren Hager. Second row: Gilbert Wayland, Orville Kirkevold, Allan Goetz, Eddie Shriver, Bob Dickey, Jim Lane, Dick Hoffman, Bob Dressel, Dennis Higgins, Donley Thue, Larry Swartz, Bob Waiting, Bill Burris, Don Adolf- son. Third row: Dick Blair, Bill Fried, Dick Martin, Gary Kirkevold, Bob Mayer, Bill Schaffer, Bill Stewart, Gene Alberts, Bert Mills, David Quiring, Don Alberg, Wilbur Watson, Floyd Rudnick, Jack Woodbury, Fourth row: Fred Sharp, Tom Wurth. Jim Backman, Biff Johnson, Bill Spedden, Rich Mclnelly, Les Fried, Del Wood, Lonny Sander, Tom Hansen, Jerry Hubble, Dave Hop- per, James Wickham, Les Rider, Richard Miedema, Tom Graedel, Bill Wayland. Back row: Bill Thomas, Fred Strang, Ed Unicume, Paul Quam, Mike Praetorius, Larry Simpson, Dwayne Upp. Jerry Urbach, Dan Pederson, Jerry Oien, Lewis Inks, Vincent Steritt, Dick Costello. zfiefanddatie Qalmd "G-u-i-d-e - right!" The Band, one of the largest in the Northwest, began their marching season with the Merry-Go-Round game in which the Red Feathers presented at half time "Play It YVith Music." Then came their participation in the crowning of the foot- ball princess or the "BOW and Arrowi' pageant and the "Battle of the Champions," the stunt presented at half time at the Gonzaga-North Central game. Salutes to opposing teams, marching demonstrations, representing Texas Chris- tian in a game with WSC, and taking part in the Armistice Day and Lilac parades were other activities of the all-male band. A band convocation was presented in january and the fifty-fourth annual formal concert in April. Another highlight of the year was their participation in the Wash- ington State Apple Blossom Festival at Hfenalchee, April 30-May l. Special Band furnished the music for pep convocations, Christmas convocations, basketball games, and some of the members also played in the Doll Shop Orchestra and were in the Pep Band. Pep Band, under the student leadership of Jim Watson, gave outstanding service to the school by playing at morning dances, school cons, and concerts. Other special ac- tivities in which the Pep Band participated were the PTA Vaudeville Show, and a con- cert at Havermale. About half of Pep mem- bers performed in the Doll Shop Orchestra. Faculty director is L. C. Bradford. one hundred thirty-three ORCHESTRA - Front row: Virginia Fuller, Beverly Aronson, Karen Randall, Jackie Holder, Lee Ann Koch, Sharol Cannon, Lola Nichols, Gayle Pugh, Sharon Kinder. Second row: Phyllis Ripley, Hazel Crowder, Prudence Roberts, Gail Morgan, Carol Snow, Deanna Oueson, Joan Christiansen, Wilma Uhden. Back row: Jerry Collins, Janine Adams, Rosemary Hollister, Janice Mellgren, Sharon Hunt, Maxine Bowerman, Janet Watson, Dennis Wilkerson. Uzciealm, mga Geena , 64,5 ' . STAGE CREW - Front row: Bill Blackwood, Louie Lang, Edward McCoy, Reid Cook. Back row: Bill Sims, Ray Swarn, Lee Tillot- son, Leland Pennell, Harold Craig, Jack Riggins. one hundred thirty-four r Hflzo "Can Can" Like They "Cara CCIWU? Orme of the many sueees.vf'z,zl acts of fhe 12111 biermialDollS1zop. 'Dig that crazy eoffee table!" The Stage Crew at work on one of the "Green Valley" props. Left to right: Bill Sims, Lee Tillotson, Harold Craig, Louis Lang, and Reid Cook, one hundred thirty-five ,, , Nw- 'X , m. 1 f f ,v ,ff,,5.i3'j 1: -,g,.,::'i1. , twigs-e-.r iff T1 K V .4':f',37 ' "fx . fu fy. n 1. ,, r.. fa ' E, . --.WF ' ,!i'fQff5g?:- UQ? -Je'-1 1 'K s. vii' M. 21353 a f Q ? , X 'e if A ff X Yi 0 gi . f, . Q 5 1 1? A si "" -V 8 pi X E3 SQUAD FOOTBALL--Front row: George Brosinske, Raymond Jeffries, Robert Caruso, Rockly Jordan, Michael Tye, Joseph Cyr, Robert Bowles, William Krcske, Charles Wilkes, Dennis Peterson, Wilbur Watson. Second row: Perk Randall, Larry Anderson, Marius Hanford, Neil Hoitink, Clifford Jenkinson, Frank Pebles, Kenneth Berger, Michael McVay, Douglas Hammer, Curtis Pearson, Terry Felker, Fred Strang. Third row: James Porter, Lyle Liptac, Tim Nielsen, Alvin Werner, Daniel Riegel, Frank Vawter, Dennis Kyle, Alfred Bratton, Gerald Petheram, William Overholser, William Pratt. Back row: Neil Johnson, William Sanders, Vernon Hayne, Byron Warriner, Douglas McPhee, Robert Adams, Kenneth White, Michael Edmunds, Ralph Burlock, James Caudill, Ned Olson. emi, as The l953 B squad had its first losing season in four years. The gridders won two but lost five games in their regular season of league play. Coached by Bill Wliitaker and assistant Burrill Exley, the entirely 7'ze44mcw Zeczma sophomore squad found three-season rec- ord of sixteen wins, three losses, and two ties an almost unmatchable one. Several in- juries to key men made the final difference. This season's team, though it lacked an impressive win-loss record, showed size and speed, and, according to Coach Wliitaker, Aswlfll the experience gained, there is little COACHES-William Whitaker, Burrill Exley. one hundred forty doubt that this year's varsity will rely strongly upon such names as Ken White, Laurie Ness, Lyle Liptac, Ned Olsen, June Hanford, and Mike Edmunds." MANAGERS-James Dearing, Michael Johnson. FROSH FOOTBALL-Front row: Ron Derogatis, John Derington, Lanny Anderson, Tom Smith, Ray Mason, Ervin Schaeffer, Gary Brown, John Welch, David Ricketts, Ray Mayther, Daryl Bredesen, Ernie Smith, Jim Higgins. Second row: Austin Pagnotta, Roger Bass, Ronnie Daly, Ken Zink, Harold Lyons, Dennis McCoy, Jerry Skogstad, Don Cox, Bob Rauch, Larry Hutchins, Ron Restad, Wayne Collins. Third row: Mike McKinney, Bob Wilson, Duane Toombs, Ted Burley, Blake Johnson, Ken Northrop, Bill Cloflin, Lonny Sander, Harold Tobeck, Harold Thorsen, Baack row: Leonard Lunde, Craig Ladwig, Jack Fisher, John Galardi, Tony Norman. Jaw! expemfeaae fm Za came, Frosh Papooses, under Coach Dave Holmes, ended their l953 season by taking third place in the city freshman league. Double losses to the Gonzaga "Puppies" and the Lewis and Clark A'Kittens" spoiled chances for a better record, but large score upsets over the Rogers "Bucs" and the West steadily improving and should turn out to be fine material for next year's B squad." The Papoose gridders also met the Cen- tral Valley Cubs and the Cheney frosh in nonleague play, falling before the former, but defeating the latter. Valley "Eaglets," earned them their third- place finish. '6Although the squad has not had such an impressive record this season according to wins and losses," said Coach Holmes, com- menting on the season, Hthey have been MAN AGERS-Jim Holenbeck and Duff McKee. COACH ES-David Holmes and Dale Blair, cadet. one hundred forty-one Wanna fylffddlfmd meme Amd la Zami The l953 Indian football season was the kind most people would consider ex- ceptional. As the final gun sounded, in the last game of the season, there was little doubt but that Coach jerry Stannard-as- sisted by Bill Diedriek and Bob Bland-had carved a championship Tribe. All-city foot- ball team was dominated by VVarriors Norm Veach, Bob YVaite, Mike Reopelle, and Ray Ericksen. The 16th annual Vic Dessert Merry-Go Round classic, in the stadium, was a no- score evening for the Indian Tribe. In the first quarter, they fell before the Gonzaga Bullpups, li to Og in the third, they edged the Rogers Pirates by yardage alone, 0-all. COACHES AND MANAGERS-Front row: Fred Strang, Ed Unicume, Duane Traaen, Lynn Riggins. Back row: Tom Wurth, Coach Bland, Head Coach Jerry Stannard, Coach Diedrick. one hundred forty-two VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front row: Mike Reopelle, Bob Reichert, George Smith, Norm Veach, Bob Waite, Wallace Woodard, Ed Watt, Bill Nance, Bob Nance, Walt Lobdell, Bob Wilkes, Ray Ericksen. Second row: Dick Lightfoot, Doug Davis, Gordon Freeman, Ralph Aspaas, Lee Moran, Jerome LaRoche, Gary Bass, Ken Jordan, Gary Smith, Gordon Recor, Buck Brumblay, Mervyn Michael. Third row: Bob Helms, Mel Miller, Larry Liptac, Gene Bigger, A1 Jacobson, Wayne Plumb, Bob Lightfoot, Bud Blackwell, Mickey Hannan, Gene Baxter, Don Nyberg. Fourth row: Ronald Milligan, Kevin Healy, Gary Bakker, Fred Duthweiler, Gary Walters, Nathan Narrance, Stan Haveriland, Dave Carosella. Back row: Dean Pledger, Larry Mussoto, Mike Ryan, George Hix. In their first official game of the season, the Tribe bowed to the Bullpups again, after an evening of hard fighting. The score was 31-20. Two touchdowns in the last twelve minutes gave the extra Pirate points needed to make Rogers victorious in the second game of the seasong and bad breaks in the Lewis and Clark game a week later brought defeat from the arch Tiger rivals. At this point, the Tribesmen hitched their wagon to a victory star. They started Columbia Basin records with a 6-6 tie with Yakimag then they climbed onto the vic- tory bandwagon as, to the tune of 'iRed and Black," they whipped the Bullpups, lfl-7. A victory parade through the halls key- noted the next event - defeat by 7-6 over one hundred forty-three one hzmclred forty-four JP' the league-leading Rogers Pirates. It was to be the Pirates' only season spill. The VVarriors went on to meet Wz1Hi, anal sent the Blue Devils reeling, 18-3-the first time a Spokane team has ever Whipped the Devils on their home Borleske field. Six days later, tlie lnclians again niet the Tigers, in a game which would decide linal city league standings and tleterniine the wearer ol' Columbia Basin conference Starting from bottom left clockwise: Bob Nance, Ralph Aspaas, Dick Lightfoot, Bill Nance, Mike Reopelle, Norm Veaeh, Bob Waite, Bob Wilkes, Buck Brumblay, Gary Smith, Bob Helms, Bob Reichert, Jerome LaRochc, Ken Jordan. ug C f Qrfvinm 'in-., Inf' crown. Another one-point lieartbreakcr, 20-19, closed the WHl'l'lO1' season. Receiving top football awards at the close of the season were: George Smith, Buckley inspirational award, Ralph Aspaas, blocking awarclg Bob Waite, line- nian ol' the year, Norni Veatili, tackling awarclg and Ed YVatt, Ecker presentation. George Sniitli, of the line, and Bob Wfilkcs, of the backliielcl, were co-captains. Starting from bottom left clockwise: Jerry Mellinger, Doug Davis Gordon Recor, Gary Bass, Ray Ericksen, George Smith, Ed Watt Wallace Woodard, Mervyn Michael, Lee Moran, Bob Lightfoot, Gene Baxter, Walt Lobdell, Gordon Freeman. sftai ff 1 ,fri '5',,,zY,:..,.' one hundred forty-five Waway Zmkellad COACH AND MANAGERS-Front row: Lynn Riggins, Don Smith. Back row: Coach Jerry Stanndard. one hundred forty-six ,HGV VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front row: Lee Walker, K. Norman, Phil Walker, Buck Brumblay, LeRoy Sutherland, Larry Reid. Back row: Wayne Evanoff, Arlen Weberling, Perry Jordon, Rav Ericksen, Norm Veach, Larry Jordon. eddkda Mme Aeccwwl in cdfq. After completing half of the c i t y league's double round-robin schedule un- defeated, the North Central Indians went down before powerful Gonzaga and West Valley to wind up the 1954 season in pos- session of second place. With six returning lettermen, the Braves whipped through I0 preseason hoop tilts with a 7-3 win-loss record. Posting wins over Mfapato, Sunnyside, Richland, Walla Walla, Kalispel, Mead, and Wenatchee, the North Centralites became the preseason favorites of city sports reporters to cop the league title. In the league opener, Gonzaga fell to defeat at the hands of the Redskins, 43-37, before a huge audience at the l6lst in- fantry armory. Bob Reichert swished the cords for 20 tallies to pace the Tribe in its 55-44 defeat of West Valley's Eagles. Edging the john Rogers Pirates, 41-37, in a hard-fought battle, the Indians main- tained their unbleinished league record. Perry Jordon sparked the Red and Black squad in the contest with 20 counters. Lewis and Clark's winless Tigers fell victim to the victory-minded North Siders in a 65-47 tilt that wrapped up the Tribe's undefeated record for the first half of the league schedule. North Central came within one point of tying the city league single-game scoring record. In the first game of the second half, Gonzaga upset the Redskins, then rated No. I high school hoop team in the state by an Associated Press sportswriters' poll, in a 55- 44 thriller. NVest Valley slapped the War- riors 53-49 a week later, in a fast-moving ball game to take over the league lead. Rogers bowed to the Tribe, 55-46, as N. C. fought to remain in contention for the city loop crown and a berth to the state basketball. tournament at Seattle. Meeting a much-improved squad of Lewis and Clark Bengals, the Redskin hoopsters wound up on the long end of a 44-37 score in a see-saw battle. West Valley one hundred forty-seven VARSITY BASKETBALL-Bottom Iefthand corner to top right: Wayne Evanoff, Phil Walker, Ray Ericksen, Rod Evans, Larry Jordon, K. Norman. mtee ae Zmaeafeat adwce 7?50. won its final game against Gonzaga to win the city championship. North Central fin- ished second, just ahead of Gonzaga, Rog- ers was fourth, and Lewis and Clark stood in fifth. The year 1954 provided Spokane high schools with several memorable events in basketball-West Valley's Eagles walked away with their third straight city title, Gonzaga threw off its league jinx of two' years and won some ball games, and Lewis and Clark suffered its worst season in his- tory by losing all its league tilts. one hundred forty-eight Bob Reichert, who led team scoring, was selected to receive first-team honors on both the Spokane Daily Chronicle and Spokesman-Review all-city teams. Perry Jordon was named to the RevieW's first string and the Chronicles second. Rod Evans hit 447 shots out of 500 to win the Indians' annual free-throw tourna- ment. Buck Brumblay was second with 410 points. Ray Ericksen was awarded the Warriors Club captain's trophy at the annual bas- ketball banquet. VARSITY BASKETBALL-Left to right and down: Arlen Weberling, Norm Veach, Perry Jordon, Bob Reichert, Buck Brumblay, Lee Walker. i . f 66 006 6 . afwlm 2 'cient' dadadeal cz!! ' "We have certainly enjoyed this sea- son," remarked Coach Jerry Stannard, who is completing his fourth year as varsity basketball mentor for the Red and Black. "I think everyone who attended one of our games got a real thrill from watching the boys play. "If winning were the most important part of the game," reasoned the Tribe boss, "basketball wouldn't be the bright picture it is now. At the start of this season, over 300 teams started out with one objective- the basketball championship of the State of Mfashington. Somewhere along the line, all but one dropped out." Next year when Central Valley re-enters the city loop, triple-header ball games will be staged in the Spokane Coliseum. North Central 43 ,YV-,wY,,,Vw--,, Gonzaga 37 North Central 55, ....,.,, VVest Valley 44 North Central 41 ,Y-,,,,-,,.,---,,- Rogers 37 2 North Central 65,,LeWis and Clark 47 North Central 44 ,,,,,- ,,o,-- Gonzaga 55 North Central 49 ,,,o--w c,,,West Valley 53 North Central 55 ,ttt---,,,, H ,,---4 Rogers 46 North Central 44-Lewis and Clark 37 one hundred forty-nine B SQUAD BASKETBALL-Front row: Ken White, Bob Biel, Chuck Wilkes, Alan Crisp, Mike Edmonds. Back row: Bill Kroske, Jerry Hubbell, Curt Pearson, Bob Thomas, Laurie Ness, Byron Warriner, Mike Tye. MW Although their late-season bid for first place was stopped short by the Rogers Pi- rates, next year's varsity aspirants showed that they had the ability to keep fighting, as the Bees had to be content with third place. Starting off play with two straight losses, the B Squadders took hold, coming back an ' f with five wins. Following a 48-43 loss to the Bucs, the Indians retaliated with four wins, but the Rogers game, coupled with three other defeats, shelved them in third place. "It's a good team," remarked Coach "Nip" Hagen proudly, "and I am sure they will do a fine job on Coach Stannard's varsity." Seeing action on the squad were: Bob Beil, By Wa1'ri11er, Alan Crisp, Bill Kroske, Bob Thomas, Carl Hubbell, Mike Ed- munds, Laurie Ness, Chuck WVilkes, Mike Tye, and Curtis Pearson. Kenneth Hagen, coach, George Brosinske, manager. one hundred fifty FROSH BASKETBALL-Front row: Ken Zink, Harold Thorsen, Raynor Lilliby, Jim Bickerstaff, Tom Smith, Ernie Smith, Gary Brower. Back row: Jack Fisher, Jerry Lobe, Dennis McCoy, Wayne Collins, Bob Thomas, Don Middaugh, Ervin Schaeffer. 71044 ' In winding up their season, Coach Lowry Bennetts frosh hoopsters left little doubt as to the championship caliber of their team, even though they didn't cop first place. The frosh, after losing seven of their first eight games, came back to win six straight, giving the other league occupants quite a scare. Mr. Bennett declared that they had shown a spirit seldom seen in a high school squad, and that he was sure they would be an asset to the future N. C. varsities. wccaeaa ad woman. Freshman letter winners were: john Derrington, Tom Smith, Ken Zink, Larry Ellsworth, Ernie Smith, Raynor Lilliby, Ervin Schaffer, Harold Thorsen, jim Bick- erstaff, Jack Fisher, Lanny Anderson, Jerry Skogstead, Don Middaugh, Bob Thomas, Jerry Lobe, Denny McCoy. Bill Bruce, manager: Lowry Bennett, coach. one hundred fifty-one Placing second in the city cross-country league, Coach Al Danielson's Redskin har- riers completed a successful 1953 season. Rogers and Richland fell before the Tribe runners, but perennially strong Lewis and Clark defeated the Braves to win the city title. North Central finished third t out of ten competing squads in the Ama- ' Q teur Athletic Union meet at Comstock J Park. 2 Alan Robinson, Dick Haunschild, and ts John McNec proved themselves to be bril- iii' A liant prospects for the team next fall. ' Tommy Moore, Gene Keevy, and Don A Newland, graduating seniors, are outstand- ing lettermen who will be sorely missed next season. The smile on the face of Coachi-IlDal1ieIs0n is well jizsiified by the brilliant prospectts' for 11,8171 fall. " 666 alczlefza " ,Mace aeaaaal da Z . CROSS-COUNTRY-Front row: Curtis Cogswell, Tommy Moore, Dale Newland, Doug Hohenstein, Ron Turner, Dick Baker. Second row: Dean Benson, Bob Thomas, Jim Lankford, Bob Wells, Don Middaugh, John McNee, Ed McCoy, Gary Paul, Bill Wiggins, Coach Danielson. Back row: Gene Keevy, Alan Robinson, Terry Middaugh, Jack Buss, Fred Gray, Mike Halliday, David Sandberg. one hundred fifty-two Placing second in the N. C. relays, sponsored by Warriors, and fifth in the American Legion Moses Lake relay meet highlighted the opening weeks of the Red- skin track and field squad's preseason schedule. In the North Central relays, the Indian cindermen finished second to Lewis and Clark's powerful Tiger team. K. Norman, Don Nyberg, john McNee, and Gary Smith set a new record at Moses Lake with their 9:04 mark in the two-mile relay. At the start of the season, Coach Al Danielson was counting heavily on the in- creased depth of this squad over that of last year, but expected about the same kind of season as the previous one. "Lewis and Clark will be the team to beat,', remarked the Indian mentor. "Rog- ers Will be plenty tough, too, and we are looking forward to an exciting season." Tamarack press deadlines do not per- mit coverage of city league events. Coach Bmfrill Exley assisfed Mr. Danielson with varsity track. We ' ,sam mmf aaa. XX 554' fkfn ga mg N 4 Qty A , , ., 'QR l tat "- W Ego 15.3943 ,ici-,bi we ,G 0 'L , if 5- Q Z1 'ii H' fs I' 7 i 2 r ivy! UID P 3 Q-we if ff J .' ' A 'J A -'11 i M-Q TRACK - Front row: Dan McKinnon, Bob Nance, Bill Overholser, Rich Nielsen, Tom Larson, John McNee, Ken Berger, K. Nor- man, Alan Robinson, Tom Moore. Second row: Don Nyberg, Dick Haunschild, Ray Emerson, Mike Riopelle, Bob Helms, Terry Mid- daugh, Phil Walker, Bill Russell. Back row: Les Parton, manager: Doug Hohenstein, Mickey Harman, Bob Doyle, Bob Adams, Ned Olson, June Hanford, Larry Merriman. one hundred fifty-three Ken Berger, Rich Nielsen, and Dan McKinnon are shown rounding the tnrn during a recent workout. one hundred fifty-four John McNee, Don Nyberg, and Alan Robinson finish the last lap of a distance run. ' .nhl Roy Ericksen and Rich Nielsen clear the hurdles during a practice. If , ...W . ,. , -.M .A A 3 su. 1 Q ... 1-3.,w,. . tw an - - I .XX QQ. t. W I no K - f ,F '. W u 5 ' x .. x,,L i , . . A A ..,... x 1 A , . my W., t A , to -N i H , 5 Q K J 1 z X V A ,ik K I K . W . I it - A G W. A N fl if A W I ff' K f -go.. ' , X. t , A ,, f, V . K E . . ' H t ' ' ,- 1, A- - gg A , Q , - ,I in ,Q . b - ll if A .. A - -' - . ' W - of A iyro QQ 5 I ,,.t U X ,L, I ,Qi .ggi Y . I X Q B SQUAD TRACK - Front row: Bob Bostrom, Wilbur Watson, Gary Smith, George Mooney, Bob Waiting. Back row: Ray Buckholz, Jack Buss, Steve Provant, Larry Anderson. ?fza45, Z ' mama I e fly. Q 31 FROSH TRACK - Front row: Ron Turner, Les Coghill, Gilbert Lowrey, Tom Smith, Don Middaugh, Bob Watson. Back row: Gary Eacho, Daryl Bredesen, Dick Hays, Jim Lankford, Dave Ricketts. one hundred fifty-five Nw ,lu , , ' . " k . 5 4 X Q ., .2 fi K + Q ' , - new .gi :: e,,:1mgwif 1,-F-,iffi W" - A " Laying 0111 cl bzmi. Wcmadtq gcwefczd one hundred fifty-six y , ee L' Q le U i 2 COACH ES-Front row: Bill Stewart, manager. Back: Bill Diedrick, head frosh coachg A1 Manfred, head varsity coachg Bill Whitaker, head B squad coach. VARSITY - Front row: Rodney Moen, Dwayne Upp, Gordon Recor, Jim Backman. Second row: Ken Wittenburg, Bob Lightfoot, Dick Lightfoot, Ralph Aspaas, Larry Ness. Back row: Walt Lobdell, Larry Fisher, Wallace Woodard, Gene Keevy, Arlen Weberling, Larry Reid. vmfdcw ' mea adm 5 . Bolstered by six returning lettermen and a horde of players up from B and frosh squads, the outlook for a league pennant this season looks good as the Tamarack goes to press. Although there are no returning in- fielders, this does not seem to bother Coach Al Manfred, for the slack is well filled by Bob Lightfoot, jim Backman, Ken Witten- burg, and Larry Reid. Unlike the inner grass, the "cow pas- ture" sports two veterans, Ralph Aspaas and Wally Woodard, to inflict on enemy pitching staffs. Backing up these hardy fellows, we find Dick Lightfoot, Doug Davis, and Don Smith patroling the fences in quest of fly balls. In preseason contests the Tribe made a good show, splitting a two-game series with Lewiston, and taking two from Central Valley. The league opener found the Redskins playing the happy host to the Gonzaga Bull- dogs, but their smiles changed to sighs as the Pups walked away with the win, 5 to 0. Piling up two runs in a wild first inning, the Zags withstood several N. C. drives, adding three more runs in the seventh, to down the hard-fighting Warriors. Proving as bad, if not worse, the second league start saw the Rogers Pirates doing the honors, l4 to l, on "one of those days" for the T ribesmen. 'iNot having much experience, the boys are a little flightyg but after a few games they should settle down," declared Coach Manfred. "It is one of the best all-around teams I have ever coached, though the pitching leaves something to be desired." one hundred fifty-seven "Just Dustizfzg Off the Plate" , eczema la ca , medal! ' ache With three of last year's pitching staff back, Walt Lobdell, Gene Keevy, and C-ordy Recor, and the addition of Norm Nickerson and Arlen lflfeberling, N. C. mounders are sure to provide several wins this year. Larry Fisher, veteran catcher, is back again this season with Laurie Ness ready to fill out the spot when needed. "It is a tough league," declared Coach Manfred, "with our main attention cen- tered on the teams from Gonzaga and Rog- ers, but I am ready to say after Watching the boys that we will be a hard team to beat." "We have a good all-around squad," he added, Hand the boys are looking forward to lifting the scalps of several opponents." s -4' as "Practice Session on the Diamond" one hundred fifty-eight BUSQUAD -- Front row: Melvin Miller, Tom Rizzuto, Ralph Burllock, Bill Kroske, Danny Peterson, Neil Johnson, Dan Reigel, Dick Dashbach. Back row: Don Smith, Kenneth White, Wayne Plumb, George Nikotich, Mike McVay, Mike Edmonds, Charles Wilkes, Michael Tye. r FROSH - Front row: Duane Weston, Gene McMurtrey, Jack Fisher, Jerry Skogstead, Tony Norman, Larry Anderson, Kenny Zink. Second row: Stan Woodhurst, Norm Harding, Bob Rausch, Harold Thorsen, Roy Mayther, Edwin Shaffer, Dennis Lucas. Back row: Ernie Smith, John Darrington, Wayne Collins, Jim Higgins, Dick Blair, Larry Duckett, Craig Ladwig, Norman Jones. one hundred fifty-nine i if Nhxmlx COACH AND MANAGER-Jim Hanley, manager of the golf team, and Don Bonamy, coach, assist the golf players while on the green. Coach Don Bonamy's golf team, with only two lettermen this year, has been de- veloping from several sophomore and jun- ior prospects. Jim Hanley and Allan Holman, letter- men, back for their third season with the Indians, have proved tough customers for any of the opposing golfers as in tourna- ment play they have consistently been within a few strokes of par. Among the sophomore and junior prospects who are in there pitching as this Tamarack goes to press are Terry Liven- good, Ron Meyer, Dean Edwards, and Tom Anderson. They have been carding low 80's to make the golf team strong potential in the city. Results of the first match this season pitted North Central against Rogers in which the score put North Central on top. Highlights have been the boys' and girls' mixed two-ball tourney and Inland Empire high school golf tourney. QQ ' ' malmelcwa Za. I GOLF TEAM - Front row: Dean Edwards, Gordon Freeman, Allan Holman. Terry Livengood. Back row: Jim Watson, John Downes, Tom Anderson, Ron Meyer, Dick Soss. one hundred sixty Relying heavily upon four lettermen - Bud Blackwell, Les Rider, Larry Sleizer, and Ed Unicume - Coach Ernest Hix's varsity tennis team played hard and well throughout the entire season. Included in their season's contests were two meets with fellow netsters from Rogers, Gonzaga, and Lewis and Clarkg and one each with Central Valley and West Valley. An Inland Empire championship tourna- ment annually closes the season, as teams throughout the Inland Empire match their skills. 'Although the tough defending cham- pions, the Rogers Pirates, have a good deal of experienced talent and seemed headed for city championship," commented Coach Hix at the beginning of the season, "we feel confident of doing a good job." Coach Ernest Hin: surffeys 1954 prospects. am ea wand aecwm, .-A A I BOYS' TENNIS Front row' Stan Morse Gary Ballo B b C L S1 ff. lp, -- . , , 0 aruso, arry eizer, Ed Unicume, Les Rider, Dick Selby, Mike Halliday. Back row: Tom Vanderwal, Rocky Delivuk, Bob Large, Dave Quiring, Bob Grossman, Dave Rollo, George Dupree, James Price, Bob Ashley. one hundred sixty-one RED FEATHER FALL OFFICERS-Bottom to top: Dolly Coon, chairman, Karen Elder, secretaryg June Hannah, historian- reporterg Natalie Johnson, sergeant at arms. 0 1 CW Unique uniforms and striking perform- ances have made Red Feathers, a group of over one hundred junior and senior girls directed by Miss Elsa Pinkham, an out- standing unit in the city as well as at North Central. The group was organized with l8 girls by its present director in 1938, and chose "Red Feathers" as the name for their unit. Red Feathers is not only representative of the North Central Indians, but also of Spokane. T h e i r outstanding performances in football half-time stunts, their participa- tion in parades, and their active support of the year-around sports program have given the Red Feathers a position of prominence in the city. Seniors in the unit are candidates each year for fall football princess and spring sports princess. Color Guards and Song Leaders introduce the candidates in annual dug-:em RED FEATHERS-Front row: Dorothy Cunningham, Annette Anderson, Janet Tronsen, Dory Britton, Jeanette Paggett, Joan Evans, Lorene Mossuto, Betty Rae Bump. Second row: Darlene Gerkensmeyer, Dolores Craig, June Elston, Claudia Funseth, Janice Walden, lt D1 C Ntl'Jh K Nl KLB A Fktl ' :M 'S Ann Tempe on, ar ene oon, a ale o nson, ay eson, ay a arge, nn ac en iall. Third row argie arnpson, Roberta Griswold, Goldie Long, Bonnie Byrne, Joy Baertsch, Gay Krebs, Roberta Joyner, Roberta Smith, Jan Meier, Marilyn Lipscomb, Shirley Taylor. Fourth row: Virginia Bishop, Claudia White, Dianne Foster, Carole Lipscomb, Carol Daisley, Betty Jean Rohrer, Judy Flynn, Diane Hawley, Kathy Stephenson, Nancy Roberts. Back row: Carol Armitage, Joan Prather, Pat Barney, Carolyn Cotterel, Gail Hayden, Ernie Aschenbrenner, Willa Asker, Carol Mather, Lee Gates, Rosemary Hollister. one hundred sixty-two fall and spring convocations which are tra- ditional at North Central. Each Red Feather is given a semester course in first-aid training. Each girl pass- ing the course receives a Red Cross card. Girls with C grades or better are eli- gible to try out for Red Feathers. They are judged on dancing ability, marching abil- ity, and participation in the variety of ac- tivities offered by the physical education department. Candidates are chosen by a group composed of Miss Pinkham and the Red Feather officers. The princess is selected by popular vote in the fall 5 the spring sports princess is also chosen by popular vote, the candidates be- ing the senior Red Feathers who have sold the most spring sports tickets. Each princess receives the traditional Indian Bracelet and a bouquet of flowers from the principal and student body president. and ,' -..ff 1 are 5 RED FEATHER SPRING OFFICERS--Bottom to top: Roberta Griswold, chairmang Roberta Smith, secretary, Jinx Hugo, historian-reporter: Marlene McDonald, sergeant at arms. I I RED FEATHERS-Front row: Carol Wright, Helen Notis, Bonnie VanDoren, Darlene Cunningham, Jinx Hugo, Carol Zorn, Donna Claire Ketcham, Kathy Walter. Second row: Joan Lamping, Beu Ella Buck, Elise Scott, Karen Elder, June Hannah, Marilyn Hammer, Inara Lauva, Janet Dazell, Donna Coleman. Third row: Barbara Miller, Margie Anderson, Donna Walden, Karen Carstens, Helen J 'ldL'Jh G J HllD B'h MkD M 'kF th S110 hl E'l S'th ersi , iz o nson, ae oanne a , onna ig am, Nancy ec , oris erric . our row: a y ver o ser, 1 een mi , Judy Acree, Judy A. Anderson, Sally Smith, Sonya Bowker, Ann Materne, Erna Wilson. Back row: Mary Shepherd, Frances Sorensen, Deanna Coleman, Beverly Blakely, Barbara Blakely, Myrlene Collins, Marlene McDonald, Jean Rollo, Sharon Hill, Betty Britt. one hundred sixty-three Q,- .V . - KW V1 V - . 14 , -' - . ' , COLOR GIRLS FALL OFFICERS - Seated: Carolyn Joyner, chairman: Barbara Sperling, secretary. Standing: Elaine Hieber, sergeant at arms, Janet Novak, historian-reporter. Promoting school spirit, cheering, sing- ing, and adding color, pep, and zest to all North Central's affairs is the purpose of Color Girls, the second largest marching unit in the school. Miss Eleanor Dixon, as- sistant director olf the girls, physical educa- tion department, is the adviser. Color Girls was organized in 1930 with a nucleus of 20 freshman and sophomore girls under the direction of Miss Bertha lioehme who was their first adviser. Mrs. Gladys Dunphy was also adviser for several years. The name Color Girls accurately de- scribes their organization, now numbering over 80. The girls promote school spirit, support ticket sales, march in parades, and sometimes take part in the football half- time stunts. Dressed in their black skirts, deep red sweaters, and arrowhead shields, they add much to the color and excitement of games aim 66164 ,bfmmale asian! 4766265 and COLOR GIRLS-Front row: Anne Pein, Janice Hewitt, Vickie Pruitt, Elaine Hieber, Carolyn Joyner, Roberta Johnson, Marilyn Mingo, Patsy Quist. Seca-nd row: Philo Corser, Lois Smith, Sharon Isaksen, Sandrea Mielke, Margie Ewy, Judie Merica, Sharon Neuman, Eilenc West, Arlene Vvest. Third row: Virginia Fuller, Karen Kastberg, Sally Mills, Marilyn Bergman, Daisy Henry, Beverly Thompson, Lorraine Badt, Janice Perry, Janna Merica. Back row: Karolyn Unger, Jan WVatson, Sandra Strand, Janine Adams, Karen Brown, Mary Lou Nordby, Marilyn Blough. one hundred sixty-four as they sit together in the stands or march together on the field. On game days, the girls add color to the school by wearing their striking uni- forms. Throughout Color Week, sponsored by the A. S. B., the group took their tra- ditional part in making it a success by Wear- ing their uniforms every day. Each semester the officers and Miss Dixon compose the group which selects new Color Girls by judging them at try- outs. Freshman and sophomore girls who have been active in the girls' physical edu- cation department and who have C grades or better are eligible to join. Applicants must turn in applications and show their marching and dancing ability at the tryouts held each spring and fall. Officers are elected each semester from among the sophomore members of the group. COLOR sergean Blo 1-. .gn .ff GIRLS SPRING OFFICERS-Seated: Jan Watson, t at arms, Daisy Henry, chairman. Standing: Marilyn ugh, historian-reporter, Merlee Conrath, secretary. ' mwz'4!ez!aaa"', COLOR GIRLS-Front row: Judy Nicholson, Carol Beam, Claudia Miner, Barbara Sperling, Janet Novak, Gail Morgan, Linda Buchan. Second row: Shirley Gustafson, Valerie Johnson, Dixie Johnson, Sharon Syler, Karen Olson, Joyce Fair, Merlee Conrath, Bobbie Allison, Karol Woodbury. Third row: Pat Green, Kay Featherly, Gayle Phelps, Sally Braun, Frances Castle, Diane Wilson, Donna Anderson, Judy E. Anderson, Beverly Forbes. Back row: Shirley Johnson, Karen Anderson, Betty Koon, Kathy Moran, LaVerne Belshaw, Adele Fothergill, Janice Melgren, Janice Eden. one hundred sixty-five For the sixth straight season, the girls' tennis team, coached by Miss Elsa Pink- ham, head of the girls' physical education department, has smashed, lobbed, and driven their way to the city championship title. The girls practiced every Monday and Wednesday during period six and after school. Scores of practice sets were kept on file, and players were ranked according to these records. Ten singles and five doubles matches were played with each of the four schools - Lewis and Clark, Rogers, West Valley, and Central Valley. Elise Scott and Marlene McDonald were co-captains of the team for the fall semester, manager was Joy Baertschg and Papoose manager, Karol YVoodbury. Co-captains for the spring semester were Billye Wing and Nancy Roberts. Karol W'00dlmry and foy Baertsch were tennis Manager Was JOY Baertsch Hnd Karol Wood- , managers for both semesters. bu1'y as Papoose manager. TENNIS TEAM - Front row: Anita Zehm, Gail Zehm, Nancy Roberts, Randy Aamot, Carol Dalsley, Marlene McDonald, Sally Smith, Grace Bostrom, Judy Evans, Clara Sonderen, Karol Woodbury. Back rcw: Betty Jean Rohrer, Elaine Scott, Deanna Jenkinson, Bar- bara Walker, Carolyn Kumm, Claudia Miner, Elaine Hieber, Darlene Lindsley, Gail Hayden. LaVerne Belshaw, Sally Overholser, Billye Wing, Joanne Lewis, Joan Van Derhoef, Joan Lamping, J eannlne Woodbury, Eileen Johnson, Carol Jean Hanson. one hundred sixty-six Swinging their way to a tie with Lewis and Clark for the city golf title this year highlighted the activity of the North Cen- tral girls who turned out for golf. Miss Willieliiiiiie Timm coached the group. Every Tuesday and Thursday, period six and after school, the girls traveled to Downriver golf course, either to try their hand at playing or for a golf lesson from Neil Christian, pro instructor. if i Intramural tournaments were held dur- ing both golf seasons, with the girls com- peting against each other. Players were ranked according to the outcome of these matches. Every girl had to play at least 18 holes a Week. Fall captain of the golf team was Joy Baertsch, and Nancy Roberts was the fall manager. Judy Evans captained the spring team, and Carol Mather was manager. , N. V K +44 Judy Eilazzs, spring captain and Billye llfillg prepare for an afternoon on the green. ' dwzfevw Zadie apnea, GOLF - First row: Sally Overholser, Mary Ann Cogley, Carolyn Guffin, Joy Baertsch, Carol Mather, Judy Evans, Nancy Roberts, Billye Wing, Claudia Funseth, Lee Gates. Second row: Joan Prather, Judy Hanford, Barbara Walker, Nancy Holloway, Claudia Paul- son, Mary Lou Nordby, Roberta Michlitch, Naomi Wing, Cathy Corrin. Back row: Shirley Taylor, Joyce Brady, Margaret Ewell, Barbara Cadwallader, Betty Holliday, Bev Etchepare, Wilhelmine Timm, Darlene Jackman, Deanna Jenkinson, Cleo Smith, Gail Flynn, Elaine Dahl, Joan Hively, Dianne Buell. one hundred sixty-seven "Red Hot Mammas," junior team cap- , my tained by Virginia Bishop, won first place in the girls' basketball tournament with i A nine wins and one defeat. "Louie's Unos" captained by Joanne A Lewis captured second-place honors with eight wins and two defeats. Other teams and their captains were: "Senior Screw- balls," Goldie Longg "Junioritas," Elaine I-Iieberg "Bowk's Knock Outs," Sonya Bow- kerg "Sophomore Siouxs," Diane Sharpg "Dragonettes," Barbara Walkerg "Basket- belles," Jacky Gerlg "Hot Shots," Sally Millsg "Bloomer Babes," Claudia Miner, and 'tDragmopps," Lynn Kimberling. One hundred and fifty-six girls turned out and were divided into ll teams, each team playing 10 games. 11-nv-'Q-qv 1 -1-wearer . MW Barbara Sperlirzg worked with Janice Perry, Adele Fotherglll, and Lirlda Bulzcan to manage basketball games. Z llaffew' " . V W-, L-.H . LN.- ..,,v ,-.........-..,..,........-i..... .. .. ., , , , ., . ,, . . M, Z BASKETBALL FALL 1953-Front row: Virginia Bishop, Jackie Bunch, Agnes Tollefsen, Charlotte Douglas, Joan Van Derhoef, Janet Wyatt, Sally K. Smith, Joanne Lewis, Clara Sonderen, Joyce Anderson, Betty Britt, Francine Jackson, Norma Steele, Diane Hawley, Janet Novak. Second row: Joanne Dalen, Yvonne Holland, Nancy Holloway, Bev Etchepare, Maggie Karn, Goldie Long, Bobbe Joyner, Marilyn Lipscomb, Annette Anderson, Claudia Funseth, Donna Coleman, Carolyn Joyner, Deanna Coleman, Deanna Jenkinson, Annette Hammond, Betty Smith, Elaine Hieber, Sharon Kinder. Third row: Eleanor Dixon, Carol Edge, Arlynne Denny, Jo- dine Woodard, Carole Lipscomb, Dianne Foster, Jeanette Schaeffer, Margie Sampson, Rita Fulwiler, Judy Acree, Nedra Ellis, Belle Forester, Diane Krell, VaVina Marlan, Darlene Lindsley, Connie Solseng, Lianne Hass, Barbara Kennedy, Sonya Bowker, Donna Felio, Carol Armitage, Myrna Nestoss, Marilyn Robbins, Philo Corser. Fourth row: Karen Kastberg, Ruth Cooprider, Joan Ewell, Gail Morgan, Dorothy Duckett, Kathy Moran, Daisy Henry, Marsha Boam, Betty Bridgham, Adele Fothergill, Sharen Hunt, Sally Mills, Barbara Walker, Dorothy Beaty, Karolyn Unger, Marilyn Bergman, Linda Elderburg, Joan Fothergill, Diane Sharp, Colleen Burte, Lois Smith, Janice Hewitt, Vicki Beehler, Sharon Syler, Arlene West, Thelma Tollefsen, Back row: Roberta Flint, Lynn Kimber- ling, Janet Schuster, Berlene Harless, Phyllis Stalick, Susan Savas. Janice Mast, Janet Murken, Karen Pickett, Jacky Gerl, Kathy Howard, Marjorie Stockton, Janet McGeorge, Arlene Turnbull, Barbara Lussier, Patricia Todd, Karen Brown, Claudia Miner, Patsy Quist, Anne Pein, Sandra Strand, Gayle Phelps, Margie Ewy, Eilene West, Nikki Selivanoff. one hundred sixty-eight Under the direction of Miss Eleanor Dixon, girls' volleyball teams played over 30 games throughout the season which opened February 2. 1. it Eilenc West, Virginia Bishop, and Erna Wilson assisted Miss Dixon in managing the tournament by reiereeing and keeping scores. The l'70 girls were divided into six teams each playing five games. Team V, captained by Agnes T ollefson, captured first place in the tournament, with a total of five wins and no defeats. Other team captains were Roberta Joyner, Maggie Karn, Nancy Batton, Inara Lauva, and Elise Scott. Miss Edith Carlson, cadet from Wash- ington State College, assisted Miss Dixon with the tournament games which were played Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the old gym. I , , MANAGERS-Left to right: Eilene West and Virginia Bishop. They referee and keep scores of all games, Waffeyfnff ' awed Zeam aampeldliaa, ', ,, t-:.i,1 , , ',w""'WT VOLLEYBALL SPRING 1954-Front row: Sally Braun, Janice Mellgren, Jackie Bunch, Agnes Tollefsen. Joan VanDerhoef, Carole Lipscomb, Dianne Foster, Judy Gorman, Sonya Bowker, Ann Materne, Margie Sampson, Nancy Battan, Charlotte Douglas, Annette Hammond, Pat Green, Nancy Mickey, Karolyn Linger, Rosemary Sleizer. Second row: Barbara Miller, Jeanette Schaefer, Sharol Rae Cannon, Carolyn Greening, Liann Hass, Betty Smith, LaVina Morlan, Janet Wyatt, Sandra Selivanoff, Elise Scott, Bobbe Joy- ner, Inara Lauva, Diane Krell, Darlene Lindsley, Elaine Hieber, Elaine Plastino, Marilyn Bergman, Betsy Noonan, Sharron John- son, Leone Gross. Third row: Carol Bowen, Judy Plein, Patricia Buck, Marilyn Robbins, Shirley Hill, Joan Somerville, Maxine Bowerman, Marjorie Stockton, Janet Murken, Colleen Burke. Bobbie Allison, Pat Wright, Dixie Johnson, Vicki Beehler, Karol Wood- bury, Barbara Weishaar, Dorothy Beaty, Lois Smith, Claudia Miner, Sharon Syler, Janna Merica, Wilma Uhden, Charlene Brockel, Carole Fisher, Wilene Pledger, Sandra Weddle, Janice Perry, Marilyn Blough, Fourth row: Sharon Kinder, Nikki Selivanoff, Arlynne Denny, Yvonne Holland, Roberta Boekman, Elaine Scott, Deanna Overson, Jerene Vincent, Jeanne Gilbert, Ruth Cooprider, Mar- sha Boam, Betty Bridgham, Barbara Walker, Roberta Johnson, Patsy Quist, Anne Pein, Louisa Habel, Gail Morgan, Marilyn Mingo, Judy Merica, Margie Ewy, Gayle Phelps, Sally Mills, Carol Burk, Thelma Tollefsen, Shirley Gustofson, Marilyn Blough, Arlene Turnbull. Back row: Joyce Rouse, Joanne Dalen, Carol Edge, Charlene Slosser, Lynn Kimberling, Alexandra Chassy, Roberta War- ner, Karen Brown, LaVerne Belshaw, Caryl Heth, Connie Kern, Jacky Gerl, Janet McGeorge, Judy E. Anderson, Frances Castle, Lorna Burlock, Judy Seymour, Karen Anderson, Judy Mead, Karen Kastberg, Doris Fry, Sharon Neuman, Judy Nicholson, Darlene Graham, Shirley Moore, Sandra Glidden, Pat Todd, Marilyn Daly, Janet Watson. one hundred sixty-nine Sixty-four girls turned out this spring for badminton doubles, directed by Miss Eleanor Dixon, assistant head of the girls' P. E. department. Fifteen-minute games were scheduled before and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the finals, regulation games were played, the girls having to Win two out of three sets. Clara Sonderen and Sally Smith cap- tured the doubles title, with Karen Randall and Gail Zehm as consolation winners. Two separate tournaments were played in the singles division, with 48 girls turning out to play Tuesdays and Thursdays in the old gym. Jean Rollo and Nedra Ellis won the singles crown, while Clara Sonderen i and Peggy Moore were consolation Winners. Arlene West and Sharon Syler assisted Miss Dixon by managing both the doubles and singles tournaments. Arlene lfVest and Sharon Syler managed both doubles and singles divisions. . fad' .fn BADMINTON - Front row: Anita Zehm, Elaine Scott, Gail Zehm, Karen Randall, Beverly Aronson, Joanne Dalen, Sandra Strand, Sandra VVeddle, Nedra Ellis, Sharon Kinder. Second row: Jeanette Schaeffer, Bobbie Allison, Carolyn Greening, Elaine Hieber, Darlene Lindsley, Diane Krell, Patsy Quist, Anne Pein, Charlene Brockel, Louisa Habel, Claudia Field, Janice Hewitt. Back row: Judie Merica, Sharon Neuman, Lynn Kimberling, Joan Somerrille, Wilma Uhden, Doris Merriek, Willean Pledger, Marilu Miller, Janet Murken, Eilene West. one hundred seventy Perfecting numerous strokes and taking Red Cross swim tests were the activities of the girls' after-school swimming group di- rected by Miss Eleanor Dixon. Advanced swimmers and beginners alike were urged to turn out and learn the principal rules for a "top swimmer." Free swims, races, and Red Cross tests high- lighted an afternoon of swimming for over 40 girls who turned out every Monday throughout the school year. Gym make-ups and all-activity points were given to girls who took part in this after-school sport regularly. Miss Barbara Simpson, cadet from Wash- ington State College, took charge of the swim group as a part of her cadet work. Eilene and Arlene West were co-chairmen. Chairmen Eilerze and Arlerlc lVcst assisted Miss Barbara Simpson in superwsirzg the swim group. SWIMMING-Front row: Charlotte Douglas, Judy Gorman, Deanna Jenkinson, Karen Wiley, Gail Thompson. Second row: Carol Jean Smith, Bobbie Voshell, Darlene Bradley, Sharon Wilson, Beverly Etchepare. Third row: Mabel Bennett, Myrna Morford, Cleo Smith, Mert Knutsonhaydahl, Sheila Glen. Fourth row: Arlene Stack, Joyce Brady, Jackie Simonitch, Shirley Reynolds. Back row: Judy Hanford, JoAnn Higgins, Beverly Gormley. Eleanor Dixon, adviser. one hundred seventy-one H i 3 ff' f 'E W jlflIlIUfjC7'A' fzrdic JWCHCKI aim' SIICIVOH Nt'Il11I0lZ tI.YSi.YI'L'!17 .llixx Difml tllllfillfj 1110 scaxon. aww mm ,ww "lf We don't Win it's a shame . . ." Beginning in April, softball enthusiasts met Tuesday and 'llhursday mornings at 7:30 to have good, clean fun playing soft- ball. Miss Eleanor Dixon was assisted by managers, Sharon Neuman, -Iudie Merica, and Sonja Bowker during the season. Over a hundred girls participated keeping three diamonds alive with action each morning. Practice beforehand in the gym classes helped encourage girls to participate in the annual girls' track meet May 26. Basketball throw for distance, 370-yard run, 370-yard four-man relay, shot-put, broad jump, high jump, 50 and 75-yard dashes, and the base- ball lhrow were included in the meet. Nicki Selivanoff was manager. 'l'Wenty girls enjoyed horseback riding Monday and VVednesday afternoons. Miss Dixon drove them out to Seven Mile Rid- ing Stables in the Indian Wagon. Jngolefaaeeadand Left to right: Janet McGeorge, Virginia Brandenburg Dotty Breedenburg, Marjorie Stockton. In front: Carol Edge. one hundred seventy-two "Ice skates? Period six free? Let's go skating. And it's off to the ice arena every VVednesday for the girls filling these quali- fications. Miss Timm and Miss Pinkham are the directors. For the 20 girls who participated in ice skating, class began this year as soon as the arena opened in the fall and terminated with the closing of it in March. The skaters learned forward and back- ward circus steps, three turn, inside mo- hawks, spirals, two-foot spin, outside and inside forward rolls, figure eight, pivots and the Dutch waltz. Miss Timm taught them jumps. Points were given for attendance and tests. Gym make-ups earned for skating could be substituted for one gym day a week. Ice skating managers this year were Connie Solseng and Eileen Johnson. Miss Pinkham, Miss Timm, and Miss Allison provided transportation to the arena. 'l.r. KHHQK X' 'l iill' .H i . . 1 1 - I Manager for tlzc semester -was Comzic' Salscng. eaten take in dm at 7ce meme. ! Leading into the Indian wagon are: Sonya Bowker, Marnie Meusy, Virginia Brandenburg, Carole Fromm, Claudia Paulson, Connie Solseng. one hundred seventy-three Lou Gaetano showing merchandise to Jan Tronsen, Dwayne Upp, and Annette Anderson at LOU'S RADIO 8 TV CENTER 1401 N.W. Blvd. FA.3161 Open 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. SALES O SERVICE I RECORDS I APPLIANCES SYLVANIA -gf slvusnsom gy BENDIX gy wss'rlNc.HousE ii n V A 3 S mv I 3 I Densow's Drug Store Prescription Druggists ODRUG SUNDRIES OTOILETRIES OFINE CAMERAS Roberta C. Densow Owner Phone MAIn 53I I I' COAL H1 jimi +1 +I se ou. Hnrzgrzzfulafious, Graduafczs' Besi' Wishes on This Impor+an+ Evenf A U Dei! E .F U '5 L Since 1911 OFFICE 1904 N.W. Blvd. COAL YARDS N. 1411 Oak Street DIAL FA. 2525 one hundred seventy-six Check YOUR Future BE ALERT ! PLAN AHEAD ! APPLY NOW ! WHITWORTH COLLEGE Spokane, Washington I Fully Accredited Liberal Arts and Pre-Professional Training O Qualified Instructors in a Wide Choice of Major Fields Q Excellent Facilities on a Beautiful Suburban Campus I Easily Accessible- Reasonable Cost For Complete Information IVrite Director of Admissiorzs or Call GL. 1686 Donna Hinkle, Marilyn Lipscomb, and June Elston shopping at THE VARIETY MART N.I809 Division W. E. Rosholt Qownerj School Supplies, Gifts, Notions, etc. 571206035 ofa!! First and Stevens O G G' .C7 Home of the Famous SILVER GRILL New Silver Banquet and Ballroom For Dancing, Parties and Banquets CONGRATULATIONS '54 GRADUATES Possum, Paint ancI Wallpaper E. 3I5 Sprague - MA. OI49 W. 9I6 Garland - FA 932I Spokane, Washington one hundred seventy-seven Open 24 hours a day STEAKS AND CHOPS I' ...- -,ri-oz: N.2126 Monroe FA. 9089 DXXNXNRX "T EX '-RN RNNNNN. A MXN QQQgNx,, - WRQQQ X xy. n ri- iwwx s NQ A, 'F ci Rig Q 7 A,.,, X If " 4 2r:15'."x . . , Xi? X R .six X s . X -veg Xxx' YQ EX XXX xx ,ao Nfixxxvgmf E12-N : SS s X'-:E 5:13-cj-Egsfsixxqk -3'-I-is N rw. g am Wgxk Mc XX Mwaama, R . NSA y xfxasms xxx N L .Q x Q12 99 Xfxx ,I q S Qu 1 5. XNQQX has 'ug T ' 0 . livbg b: . A .lk 'xixsxfclgyl f A Q, v -in Q' -- XXX -. .' E A SN :.,,-.e N- be-.X K N SX 1 Y SQ in .""Xf' -"N-.L " X-. xx 5 4' O 5 Q ' X Q give ,".':' A O 'Q lffqxo 4 x gy XXX 9 , D nv' '-' he' ... Q N X Q gx L.. 5' NX s fr XNXQ QRWESQQWE S SXT: fgkggwk CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS ROLAND JEWELERS N. 1918 MONROE STREET BR. 3018 -7117 Diamonds jk Wafches iz Silverware if Rings Watch and Jewelry Repairing We're Easy on Dad's Pockeibook Master Portraits H A G E N ' S 356 Fernwell Bldg. MA. 5871 WE SERVE EVERY FAITH, CREED AND FRATERNITY wir HENNESSEY FUNERAL HOME N. 2203 Division one hundred seventy-eight Yvwwih-ki!-n.,B,9,q...w--q' ig- gm .I Mk f".v."'E,,...J'C"'1"y3,.tx"'w WW' WMM- .Lk 4 ' ,LL-an -Q,,, ibfvhveh-f4'. mm! Qu we Gvu kg ,2AJlfvNq.JzAu4iAa,g,2,04A-d-hfwu.a,n.,5-wN.jj,. M uqsquitul. """"W'L ff 'vw' 4'-Him-'ML sm sas. i.nQ,...z..x ,ASC-KP M A' ii 8 f Suu. i p " " "" hdd ty E , 1 ' I-xxmxmmv-. wv.ussE V Where L15 eaaq topank Q oxvxsxon - svovxr-Nl F U RN ITU R E of Known Quality FOR LESS SPOKANE DIVISION AND BOONE "H"s Easy io Park" AT SARTORI n buy a good wafch 'For Grad 'I' FROM Sl 995 O th B dget Plan-Without E f X92 Jlzutm 04-Mmm l.l0 WALL SLXJSYDKANI CONGRATULATIONS Class 0f1954 PCFFENROTH AND C A R R E A U , R U T H E R R D S Ifi:ffifgffiffrfiijzfififi51111111511ii: TRIPLE TV-RADIO APPLIANCES Sales and Service d d ghty J. POULIN CO. Twin Stores MODERN FURNITURE Comple+e for Ihe Home N. 1411 Monroe BR. 4851 E 8012 Sprague WA. 6221 KI II The KELSEY-BAIRD SECRETARIAL ,, ,L M 5 SCHOOL 7 5 -?,? Scwfcfariczl, SZLCII0fjl'lIf711iC and Hookkecfwing Courses Hutton Bldg. - MA. 6746 Spokane, Washington George Smi+h being phdrographed in his IeH'er sweafer a+ ihe I CHRISTIAN STUDIO W. 5l4V2 Sprague For "Portraits WitI1 Personality' always go to the Christian Studio one hundred eighty-one When in or out of school always remember four things the most essential in life: 1. Love AMERICA first 2. Love your parents 3. Be devoted to your school 4. Patronizc your friend y Hat Freeman Suits, 332.50 Follow 'the example of Marlene Ruhs and l , Furmshmgs, Shoes Roy Carriker and save your pennies. When your piggy bank is full deposil' a+ N. 117 Post St., MA. 2795 Seattle-illirst Rational Bank Credit if Desired SECURITY BRANCH N. 804 Monroe Street Congratulations S E N I O R S Burchett Studio "Makers of Fine Por+rai+s" S. 13 Howard Street MA. 2821 0-ne hundred eighty-two COURTESY KINDNESS SERVICE HW! EN S John Eakins, Hazel Crowder, and Linda Buchan enjoy 'lheir shopping four af N-1306Mw0e BR-0244 North Monroe Furniture Exchange N. 1420 Monroe where you can gel' fishing +ackle, licenses or pain+s and furniiure. I fhftistlfy in lphotograplry 436 Peyfon Bldg. MA. 63l5 one hundred eighty-three Dwayne Upp, Frank Malikowski, Jim Mead, and Kay La Barge were amazed by the giant Coke bottle they saw when they toured the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Company by v Coca-Cola Bottlm Inc. l Spokane, Washington : "E1?Ii f ' i g:,:g:g ?12:s:1:s:f 5555E3E5Eg55555:Q::i5E,:,:,:3:5E53E55 ' 1gigigigi55523555255a.s5EE355E5EfS?2525S-.- EEZESEQEESESWQS 'Nfsisfsfziifiifififfifrh 5' QS? . i an i 4 35,-. 2 ' it . 5 , -. J fi 4 pg x s 1 1 .- f ....,. 55 S:m31:1:ar:r:2:'- .aww :0E:r"' gsfvr-' 3f:2:f:2EfE1E5EIfIE-.wikfilili 'ir' -5:25251 55:f:r:r1rf5:5:3:::1: .-21:24 -'P-:.5s:,' g:5:r:r.-.,...-: 5.3:f:f:f:fq:g:':?:9S "5:3fifffl51E3 s5:3:5:::3:Q:f:2:f:3:" :55'5:5r7:5:F ':5:5:1:1:!:I::..,.,.,.,. 3?5E5E5S5E5E5E5Eg5g 'fE5E5E535E5E55EEEr5E f2:fEE:E:E:E:f:E:f:4:5' 'i:2:E:f:2:Q:f:f:ff2f 1 S51::5,5::E:5i:5:-' 5:5:55E:5:F:: iY:5:iElEIE!EfE:I1E2. E2:f:2:1:2:F:I:-: Ei:t!:ZI:5:3:g:,:::::::::::::gf:f:E:5:I:P -:izlrfz .::E:::5:E:IRI:-:l:I:I:I:7:1:I:Ig:g:g:3:::5:3:, 5 -:-25. 5:5:5:7::::g::.::::::g:g 7' 9 a N-. x as 5 4 BENEWAH Sells Only One Kind of Milk- Grade A lT'S THE BEST IN TOWN! - 65- " TTU. 'ie 551 , fi " ETX-f Fishing Tackle - Power Tools Models and Model Supplies Guns - Ammo - Toys BOULEVARD Sports - Hobby Shop CNext Door to the Artic Fountain Lunchj Spor+ing Goods LARRY AND MONROE ROBERTSON OWNERS 2019 N.W. Boulevard Phone EM. 7471 one hu-ndred eighty-four PHOTOGRAPHS Q ll V 14 f a n fs J by e' ARTISTS - PHOTOGRAPHERS Norfolk Bldg. W. 816W Riverside Phone RI. 6831 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES fo The Graduating Class of I954 Biplinger Funeral Home N. 4305 Division HU. 8558 l.LUYD'S :dbz f 3? lgqf I Soft lce Cream O Maltecl Millcs I Milk Shakes I Beefburgers ESKIMIJDE NC Gracls 1 ' Attend KBU Standing by National Cash Register Hotel-Accounting Machine are: left to right- Carol Maas, Bill Mickus, jim Rosa, Bonnie McGlocklin, and Betty Kindle. Yes, to prepare for a good position in business, attend KBU. KBU helps place you, too, in a good well-paying office position. Free Lifetime EIlZf7l0y1llCl'1l' Department KINMAN BUSINESS UNIVERSITY South 110 Howard Street, MAdison 1131 one hundred eighty-five Do as Roberta Griswold, Goldie Long, and Claudia CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '54 CARNATIIIN CUMPANY Fresh Milk and Cream W.411 Cataldo Ave. Funseth and patronize the cleaners EM. 1581 of the students' choice. BEACON CLEAN ERS ONE - DAY SERVICE BR. 6000 W. 502 Indiana . fd-'jk : 'Q I' ART LACEY 3. ,I f .P 1 "T 5' Uommazaiaf Q-Dgofo fcafzfiy 'I' 'A will .9 X , I Q , , , 1 . X I ilk Home Portraits 71? Weddings ik Family Groups W. 1228 Augusta BR. 5514 CONGRATULATIONS l954 GRADUATES M M jewelers "Famous for Diamonds and Watclies Since 1907" irxlrflfffiki' CompIe+e Optical Depar'rmenI' Dr. W. Copeland Optometrist in Charge West 807 Riverside Ave. one hundred eighty-six I 3041012 5. Fine Jewelers for 67 Years 517 Riverside CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '54 GEORGE R. DODSON, Inc. K miiiiiliheigfi A Store for Everyone 1 819 With 20 Departments TGI I2 DISPENSING gi"l'lCIANS WE DUPLICATE BROKEN LENSES "IN ONE DAY y A , - ' :AFM lx I 'Je mid Hinnnwnniefief . ff I A f I.. O : -Sl L: ' ' XI T IN 1 I ,. .', A ii W A L L P A P E R f PANTS SteW3l'tS HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT H O M E H A R R E TOOLS ik GENERAL HARDWARE i C. STEWART, Proprietor BR. 5785 See Our New Kemfone Colors NORTH I905 MONROE 0 SUPER KEMTONE I WHERE N. W. BLVD. MEETS MONROE one hundred eighty- LGI-I M- M t 5 o . we ea S Ie f Ii ,F by if The Inland Empire's Largest ,Z H me Freez F d Plan D I l'i"ifl01ESIlI6 M Retail Cuslom Cufling and Wrapping Meal' for Individuals a'l Wholesale Prices Five Months to Pay VIRG HALBIG Located in MOURINE LOCKERS GRADUATE! Reddy Kilowatt Reminds You That a Bright Future Awaits Youth in a Free America VVith Free Enterprise THE WASHINGTON WATER POWER CO. Xxx Z I- u ,Z -- A 7 U3 if ! Union Sash 6- Door S. 15 Greene Street Phone KEystone 1504 Bank, Slore and Office Fixfu res All Kinds of Sash and Doors, Special Millwork Manufacfurers of Delail Millwork Vinther 6- Nelson Qunnownns QSince 18925 , Supplies of s Weslinghouse Equipmenl 5 Vi Vi Refrigerators W Ranges Freezers 5 and TV I ii Sp0ka1ze's Q. l Oldest Q Hardware Q li N. 706 Mom-oe sr. B Roadway 2271 one hundred eighty-eight Gooowfwcff 1 ll E f f! LES CRITZER'S MEN'S SHOP W. 712 Sprague Home of the Famous Winthrop Shoes Congra+ula'iions I954 Graduafes AWN 30 QL 'I ei 468 x FAMOUS for DRESSES COATS and SUITS Ray Ericksen and Harry Quinn buying M GRADUATION I ' SUITS School Supplies Varieiy Sfore Merchandise If Ifs New U70 Haw It X, '7fuad fbime Slade Operated by System Variety Stores, inc. N 1810 M FA 0215 o e hundred eighty nz e Off to the Right Start With x 'X ,jj ' 2 CASHMERES A good investment for your college life is 21 versatile ward- robe of cashmere sweaters. ,a. I acffws . ' - - ,-.cot TABLE LAMPS of All Types The Store And thc right place to start is gf a Thousand Lifes the Sport Shop, where you'll find B r a e in a r s, ScotIand's finest, in twenty lovely colors. 7 WQVENEQEQSE Q h1f'Q1f S IQILZQET EBSQ? Opposite Davenport Hotel the Davenport on Sprague YMCA SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Sponsors of Hi-Y Clubsg Youth and Government ACTIVE ACTIVITIES FOR YOUTH 5 ' Basketball - Boxing f ' Swimming - Diving Wrestling ":!:5:f:f" . 3 N Body Building Xx9"7- weighf Lifting W ff -rx' is 713' we 1: Wilderness and Adventure Camping for Active High School Youth. Information at "Y" Camp Office - MA. 3351 For 110 years the YMCA has been training Youth for Leadership Fred Gilbert - President L. B. Knisley -- General Secretary one hundred -ninety L.- Il 402 CHRONICLE BUILDING ' SPOKANE, WASHINGTON hdd ty K' 6Z,d, 7925's f?zc'JP'2 -f YQ.. ce,6f,Q.Q2,!.5' 25165 SC' sf-Sf7e,Zc 7vLe7LZfQ.,6 gfl..,Z47,Zcw -44J6c2,5XSlV7,LZC27L6 N,-xfa E' 5 545771-S NSKC' f- if Cjyj 75,51 c C1372 ld 666-Dzcjfzf ,iff 794,542 7"Z,,,CL 772,61 fz,c1-OCZ 661405-6, CQJAZYZ, Q. -:QQ 5x GZ 5-'gLL" :: -oc-763 ,Z'C,F6'.-'tif Z5 SQOZZ' ,g,7Z ,gocfcbfd -' ,LKVZLQZ 770-Cty! 5-2,C ,-2 .,4.J0'22bhL6 1 .z,fJ':fC'A 74244 .ZLL-6' ,fczg-VZ" M56 7,1475 fovc ,Sf-Cf! 7?fc.i6! 7'?'2 62, t C4 6,-,aa 554,-7,951 - 7261-54544, 55-516477 526, fa'g 725?f:4 CVQQOZ 5179115 E46 61, 53545 , iff ,gag :af 5-C ,777 6? .7 xoza X27 '58 . Z, CZ- -.2-LZ 'fvz E, fzfgif QQ -cggqg 'yahoo lava C1,!a,Q,af ,?,6Qj,6L6,: 655701 ef ,CL z C8572 Q Ja-c..f 77013 . 4 72 We 544, AQ-z OQXLQZ7 a,4,a72-Z .. Sc-M Lf? 4-2615, 14941, .w,,4Q,g jfpbffff 'fdffaffdi fi 721 140447 6"7'Lft' 21561 'S' X170-46 - 4-01.2" 777.447 44554155 762-EC., if ,2,4Q,Q,.6'76,r abcfccf 427 5 .- !?.Q, Z Cys A x ZA A A A A A AAQA A A .A AA A A QA A A ' A AAL-g d A142 A A H fix A lm A M A3112 ADA A A A A A MAA A Af A X A fl A A

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