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Text from Pages 1 - 198 of the 1953 volume:

1953 TAMARACK NUIQTH CEN'IxIQ1-Xl, HIGH SCHOOL SVC JIQAXNIC. XX'.XSHTNll'l'f JN f-U-f'.lllvfU2'.fI llmm R, U:1L1n1Q:11't, -luzm Venn ,ltfT'f.X'z'I'I Miss Nlznry AICIQCINIII 1 3 5 fi W gi E3 S? ,X A ,,..,-- , .- -x xx 4 ., .W 5 V MW' , 1 ,,,-f Lx,, -a . ,WWW V V gi Wav ' m M-2 -1 aff .- 14 f,,.f , Q, - if-1 .gy 4 3 "f'4 V13 A 44: Zorcufo d 53351 N 2-as fu it -.,. 'llliis is a theater. :X theater where the curtain never goes up, because it never comes clown. 'llhe audience changes from time to time, however, this audience is special . . . we are part of it. VVithin the weather-carved brick playhall, a myriad of characters moves across the stages, 'llhey play important roles, each representing one phase of high school life, in this great passing parade. No two actors are alike. Each represents something dif- ferent, yet related to the others. Every character is needed. If one is missing, the entire drama is incomplete. 'llo write a review of this supreme drama, each gayly whirling bit of choreography must be caught in midaction and frozen into permanency on paper. To this end we have devoted ourselves, and on the succeeding pages of this book we present a reconstruction of the actors, pageantry, and drama that is North Central. K. ' x V K-HV -1 M ui -W a t . """"" 521615 af Cfvufmfs e Q F A C U L T Y Pages 7-2I ' C L A S S E S Pages 24-8l ' S C H O O L L I F E Pages 84-I23 Q PRODUCTIONS Pages I26-I37 QL 5 PQR Ti LL L Pages l40-I 75 QU SOCIAL STUDIES FINE ARTS E U CC u.: E E Q u Q15 I'- Z ft -I E 1 I-' U5 : Q z I-LI u z I-LI U an en L' I-' 4: E u.: I I-' 4 E li Sf E ight J. M. TEWINKEL, Principal lt may surprise those who read these lines to know that they were written at 'llhanksgiving time, l952. In the excitement of reading and 'fsigningn this fine new book, few will realize how long it has been in preparation. Maybe "thanksgiving" is about the best possible theme for this message, anyway. North Central High School is thankful for the fine young people who make up its student body. lt is grateful for more than 400 seniors who have stuck to their books, laboratories, and work shops in meeting Spokane-'s graduation requirements. XYe of the school's staff know that no graduate ever will regret "seeing it through." 'llhere will be many who read these lines who will eon- sider withdrawing from school. XYe hope that they will profit by the example of the '53 graduates, instead. 'llhere is another side to thanksgiving. ln an America and in an age which take too much for granted, we hope that our graduates will be grateful for the opportunities given them by public schools. NYe hope that their voices will be the first raised in defense of youth when the selfish would restrict public school opportunities. Vtve hope that H1953 gratitude" will take a practical form: leadership in providing comparable chances for those in the later ranks of the steady procession which constitutes civilization. 0 A 0 nine GTI, if W inifpliiiiifii fi! H1 V it WL'1:1wb1fL2if'w1d2-L 'tfmt-wc gy , My 4 R. J. HOESLY, Vice-Principal To the V353 Graduates: North Central High School has helpecl set the stage for your clrania of life. llefore you leave our stage for the last time I would like to ask you the following questions: l. Are you aware of the problems that are likely to confront you after leaving school? 2. Have you cleyelopecl interests antl attitutles which will help you to lieconie acceptable citizens? 3. Have you the knowledge which will help you to take aclvantage of your intlivitlual talents and abilities? 4. Are you leaving as an infliyiclual reatly to keep on learning when the neetl or oppor- tunity arises? lf you can answer yes to these questions. you haye :lone a goocl joli. North Central has clone a good job. After you receive your diplomas, inany of you will he on your own, 'llake advantage ot the opportunities which arlult citizenship offers, accept your increasing responsibilities, ancl become active, intelligent participants in the affairs of your country. Q git O FICE STAFF-Marjorie S retary: Alice V. Mc- ell, attendance clerkg V ley, bookroom clerk. Cur faculty, by wise leadership, guides tomorrow's citizens as they seek experience for the great stage of life. f'rn1.w-if'l1lio11.w r1j'fi1'r stuff zcnrL'f'r.x' lYl'1'II 1gIl'1fll"If, .llicw V. Jlcllrmwll, IIIIII .Uarjnriw Sfmlwr, ,HIS-If 111 Ihr' join. ele We look to our advisers and to our teachers to guide us twelve The Inst pvrinrl of H111 day in study 111111 is zz "tough m1r"' for both ilu' teacher and flu' sfzlrlmzt. ea STUDY HALL-Top row: Gladys Dunphy, David Holmes. ADVISERS-Bottom row: Lowell Bradford, boys' adviserg Palricia Damon, A. S, B, and girls' adviser: Del Jones, A. S. B. and student court adviser. R as we co-ordinate hands and head in learning useful arts. INDUSTRIAL ARTS-Top row: Vern Broadwell, Dale Spurgeon, George Theodorson, head. Bottom row: Alvin Olson, Kenneth Hagen. Hill l'i.1rlr"1f, Il'ill1ur Paul, and Ilmfizl Nelson, Ialring ouf flu' zrzzlzmv in a motor in flu' nrfzvly l'l'r"fIt1'Il Jufo Shop. Tlzix work is fl Ifllllf'-Yt'llIl'8ll'Y' course dealing with all plzamfs of Carr' and rzzairlfvrlarzczf of ll car. thirteen, Whether used in preparing for a vocation or homemaking Ex!! COMMERCIAL-Top row: Marjory Collorcl, Alvin Danielson, James Griggs, head, A. A. Manfred, Blair Glover, Violet Starkwcather. HOME ECONOMICS-Bottom row: Helen Beaver, Joan Kopf, Elizabeth Killingsworth, head, Christine Neuman. Irene Wood. ' 7i',Q1!7f?n w.S1ffwia'fH' ,lliss KiIli11g.s'1cnrH1rl1'n1o11,s'frz1tf'.sIujlinrzie 1"r1rv.x'fr'1' 111111 Gail Garzlnwr the proper nzanrzfr nf flzrvrzding a szffvillg mrzclzinc. fourteen. -ef ivffgffgi , , M they bring the joys of self-expression and accomplishment. Two Illl'7IlIIl'I'X of .'lIr. lfi111'r'.v claxs, Luuiw Luclzini llllll .Warilyrz .lv11L'i11.v, are .Y1lU7tl'Il "4-reali11g" odd 'l.UI'lII.S'. SClllllfllI'llIg is 11111' of 1111111.11 cr111r.w'.s' 0fff'rr1l i11 ffm' arlx. 'Gs Lowell Bradford, Band Director: W. Stanley Taft, Music Department head. ART-Kenneth Mhyre. head: Robert Biner, fifteen We catch but a glimpse of our worId's wonders and laws, sixteen SCIENCE-Top row: Donald Bonamy, Ernest Hix, head, Paul Neuman, George Smith. Bottom row: David Rowand. VVi1he1mine Timm. Paul Tobie, .funn I'v1'lIf0ll, faffing llUfI'-9 ml 1li.vfiUing 11 l'0r'1'S.x' Illlrillg llwr f'l1f'7IIi.YfI'If 11111 pwrirul, ix zlrwfflopilzy 11 rr afnilify In "0l1.w1'7'1' Illlll l'1'1'0r'ff." get it incites us to search for answers to our questions. 3' ' f5 ,gl lion If!l!'Il5I1Sln"If, IJIIII If0'ZL'It"If, 111111 Ifllfllllfll f'llI1II.:H fry fo Hlfgllf up" flu' lflrfvfric' Prulzlrm lgflllfll, 1l1'1'i.w'1l Illlf P. Il. .Xv'lfgIlllV'II, 1111111 lzvml. l'o.v.s'iI11f' 1'111'i11fin11.v of 1z11.x'1c1'l'.s' for fllix lmllrfl llfl' l.02Ii.l-88. MATHEMATICS-Top row: P. H. Nygaard, hvad, Verna Betz. Bottom row: R, A. Baldwin, Kvnncth Mcmre. Rohn-ri B2il'llilI'Cl, Burrill Exlvy. seventeen Expressing our thoughts and a preciating this way of life, EN GLISH-Top row: Edward Anderson, Myrtle Chitty, Genevieve Oppen, Mary McKenna, Helen Cleveland, Robert Bland. Second row: Barbara Brown, Dorothy Chandler, Daniel Davis, Guy Griswold, Margaret Rawlings, Mabel McLaughlin. Third row: John Malterner, Lucille Hawes, Christine McRae, head, Helen Stockdale, Arthur Miller. , t,9,.G,,. ng ., W was Panel discussfonfllelen Danquist, Charles Goddard, and Ernestine Aschenbrenner. eighteen we can make history as dramatically as did our fathers. Nesziiiia A.. I'vI'07Il ll .Yr':c'.v7c'f'r'L' map, Jlr. l'l1r111r1lf'r is lllllllflllg oul lu Il fern' of 11i.v lf S. IIi.vlf11'l11 Sfll!1l'llf-V ilu' l'!'lllflT'I' Illllllllllf of oil prr1rl11f'r'rl in Iran. HISTORY-Top row: Howard McNew. Del Jones, Charles Chandler, head, Randall, Bottom row: William Whitaker, Muriel Allison, Joh if 21 John Cliristvnson, Charles ll Rodkey. nineteen Here it is that youtlnthrough study, can acquire knowledge Two Lnfin 'L xlllflrfrzts, Dolores Albffrg and Hzzrlmra TVhiI1', enjoy an illustratrfrl fall' 011 the Roman ,Alqzufrlzlct by Dan Benedict. FOREIGN LANGUAGE-Frances Theis, Bertha Boehme, head, LIBRARY-Madeline Carroll, Mary Bacon, head. twenty to attain a healthy mind and body for future's varied roles. A -mr PHYSICAL EDUCATION-William Diedrick, Jerry Stannard, head, Elsa Pinkham, head, Eleanor Dixon. TI11' 514300 71'l1irIp1111I, l1llI'C1llISl'll by TVIll'I'iUI'S fvllll 111111 Bolqx' I"1'11'1'r11lim1 ix Iming pm' to goml um' .s1:11H1i11g 111111 lll'tlliI1g Hillujllljl'-Y.U 191111 l"Ill'IlC'tl tlllll 131111 U'11iI1' xl11m' 111171: twenty-one FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE ESHMAN FR JUNIOR SENIOR ORE SOPHOM AN M FRESH D rw I-X A x ,ART K,xxx'AGL'Cu1 XYAYNE Llvlzxczoon Box: S1,121zE1a LORA IJQIQ McDm'cs,xLL V'ilTC-P7'U,Y1d6'l'Il 7.7'UCZ5Zl7'C7' Surgeon! of .'l7'l71S SCl'7'6'fl17'j' -I ICRRY Cox N IQLLY f17'CSLdL'1If Shorwz, looking ovrfr fIllIIIlll7'y grarluafion plans are senior orlvisers 111111 committee heads. In the front row: John Rodhrfty, R. 41. I5!lZll7i'i7l, Clourlia Bratfon and A. .-1. Jlanfrvd. Second row: TV. Stanley Toff, Ilarry Perry, Rona Toll, Carol Halvrfrson, and Nancy Phillips. As our last January class goes forth to meet the world, twenty-four Abener, Ka ren Rhoda Science Graduated in 3Vz years. A. S. B. Rep- resentative: Home Room Roll Checker: Locker Monitor: Library Worker: Hall Guard: Color Girls: Badminton: Big Cousin: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 4 times. Althouse, Gloria Lucile Commercial Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 8 times: League Representative: Home Room President: Locker Monitor: T o w e l Monitor: Color Girls: Red Feathers, Historian: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield, 1 bar: Doll Shop: Red Cross Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll. Anderson, Ray Harold Science Home Room Vice-President, Bla ndy, Beverly Joan Commercial Locker Monitor: Gym Monitor: Roll Checker: Home Room Sergeant at Arms: After-School Swimming. Bra'H'o'n, Claudia Kay Social Studies League Vice-President: Song Leader: Color Girls, Secretary: League Sena- tor: Doll Shop, Lead: Operetta: Spring Pageant: Melody Capers: News Staff, Girls' Sports Editor, Mailing Manager: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: League H o n o r R o 11 7 times: All-Activity Shield, 2 bars: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Locker Monitor: Con Deputy: Library Representative: Big Cousin: Red Cross Representative: Roll Checker: News Representative: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: League Representa- tive: Prom Committee, Co-Chairman' A. S. B. Nominating Committee. Brotlierton, Robert Douglas Industrial Arts Varsity Football: B Squad Football: Frosh Football. Brown, Peter Lynn Social Studies Transferred from Coalinga, California. News Staff. Burson, Robert Harry Science A. S. B. Representative! Latin Club, President: Junior Toastmasters, Treas- urer, Program Chairman: Math Club. Cha rbulalc, Jean Elizabeth Commercial League President: Commercial Club, President: Red Feathers: Color Girls: After-School Sports: Home Room Vice-President, Secretary: Big Cousin: Library Worker: A. S, B. Representa- tive: Gym Monitor: League Repre- sentative: All-Activity Shield: Doll Shop: Red Cross Representative: Silver Spurs: League Honor Roll 5 times: Football Princess. Calling, Margaret Mary Home Economics League Representative: Home Room Roll Checker: Gym Monitor: After School Sports: League Honor Roll. Collins, Larry Farrell Mathematics Choir: Operetta: Home Room Treas- urer: Varsity Track: Cross-Country' Varsity Football. Connelly, Gerald Herbert Mathematics Choir, President: Operetta: Doll Shop, Lead: Home R o o m Vice-Presidentl Varsity Track: Cross-Country: Library Representative: Senior A Class Presi- dent: Tau Chi. we wish them success in new roles they are undertaking. twenty-five Corrigan, Carolyn Jean Social Studies League Honor Roll 5 times: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: Operetta: Chil- dren's Theater: Towel Monitor: Big Cousin: League Representative: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: After-School Sports: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor. Dahy, Michael Lorenzo Social Studies Transferred from Gonzaga. Daisley, Roger William Mathematics L i b r a r y Representative: Federation Speakers Committee: A. S. B. Dance Committee, Chairman: Pep Con Com- mittee, Chairman: Doll S h 0 p : S k i Club: Math Club. Daly, Kenneth L. Mathematics Varsity Football: B Squad Football: B Squad Baseball: Home Room Ser- geant at Arms: Hall Guard. Denbeigh, John D. Music Graduated in 3Vz years. ,Concert Band: Operetta: Intramural Swimming, Dolan, Donald Clyde Mathematics A. S. B. President: Quill and Scroll, President: Warriors, Vice-President: Varsity Track: Cross-Country: Federa- tion Class Representative: Library Representative: News Staff, Sports Writer, Feature Editor: Doll S h o p : Home Room President: Student- Faculty Finance Committee: Sports- for-All: Boys' State Representative: Tamarack Staff, Business Manager: Senior A Con committee. Together, for twenty-six Ebel, Ga ry lrvin Industrial Arts Eclcley, Meredith Anne Fine Arts Transferred from Lewis and Clark, Tamarack Representative: Tamarack Art Staff. Fechner, Ronald Charles Social Studies Fislcen, Jean Louise Social Studies Color Guard: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Central Council: Big Cousin: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 7 times: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 1 bar: Locker Monitor: Towel Monitor: Con Deputy: Red Cross Representa- tive: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Honors Board: Rest Room Monitor: Library Representative: Cards and Announcements Committee. Frampton, Richard Irvin Industrial Arts After-School Sports. Glen, Phyllis J. Mathematics A Library Worker: League Honor Roll 5 times: T a in a r a c k Representative: After-School Swimming, Chairman: Volleyball: Baseball: Roll Checker: Scholastic Honor Roll: Spanish Club: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin. a few brief years, they worked and playeds Gross, Arlene Janei' Home Economics Hall Guard: Red Cross Representative: Home Room Secretary: League Honor Roll 5 times: Locker Monitor: Study Hall Roll Checker: Senior A Nominat- ing Committee: Senior Con Committee, Chairman. Gunning, Nancy Carol Art Color Girls: A. S. B. Representative: League Representative: T a m a r a c k Representative: Big Cousin: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Honor Roll 4 times. Halverson, Carol Margery Social Studies Vox Puellarum, President: Red Feath- ers, Sergeant at Arms: Color Girls: Tamarack Staff, Associate Editor, Sen- ior Editor: Central Council: Honors Board: News Representative: Home Room Secretary: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 7 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shop: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Foot- ball Princess Attendant: League Con Committee: Dad-Daughter Banquet Committee, Chairman: Locker Deputy: Senior A Nominating Committee: Sen- ior A Entertainment C o m m i t t e e , Chairman. Hamilton, Stella Lea Commercial Locker Monitor: Towel M o n i t 0 r : League Office Worker: Rest Room Monitor: Big Cousin: League Repre- sentativc. Hampton, Derald D. Mathematics Frosh Baseball: B Squad Baseball: In- tramural Baseball, Basketball: Band: Concert Band: Special Band: Federa- tion Representative: Home Room Vice- President, Sergeant at Arms, Hanneman, Gary Philip Mathematics Doll Shop: Operetta: Cross-Country: Track. .i I.- , Harriet Louise Home Economics Refreshment Counter: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Senior Con Committee. Henriclcsen, Carol Bernice Home Economics Horizon Club, President, Secretary: Hall Guard: Roll Checker: 3 C's: Li- brary Representative: After-School Sports: Library Worker. Henry, David Austin Science Home Room President: A.S.B, Rep- resentative: Federation Department Head, Committee Head: A. S. B. Elec- tion Commission: Math Club, Presi- dent. Sergeant at Arms: Amores Li- brorum: Rifle Club: Radio Club: News Staff: Doll Shop: Concert Band, Sec- retary: Marching Band: Special Band: Varsity Football: Baccalaureate Com- mittee, Chairman: Tamarack Repre- sentativc. Henry, lla Janaine Science Red Feathers: Locker Monitor: Towel Monitor: Big Cousin: Math Club: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll: League Representative: All-Ac- tivity Shield. Hilborn, Dorothy D. Commercial Graduated in 3'6 years. Football Prin- cess Attendant: Color Girls: Red Feathers: League Honor Roll 6 times: League Representative: League Wel- fare Committee: Big Cousin: Home Room Offices: Roll Checker: News Representative: Tamarack Staff, Sen- ior Editor, Advertising: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Operetta: All-Ac- tivity Shield, 2 bars! Scholastic Honor Roll: Silver Spurs: All-School Play. Hilby, Maridee M. Social Studies Transferred from Rogers. now they follow separate paths, each on his own venture. twenty-seven Hill, John Edward Industrial Arts Sports-for-All: Hall Guard. Hirth, Patricia Ann Commercial League Treasurer: Songleaders, Chair- man: Color Girls, Chairman: Co-Head Gym Department: Co-Head Rest Room: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: News Staff, Girls' Sports Co-Editor: League Honors Board: Doll Shop: Operetta: Spring Pageant: Melody Capers: All- Activity Shield, 2 bars: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 7 times: Library Representative: Rest Room Monitor: Gym Office Monitor: Towel Monitor: Golf: Big Cousin: Scholastic Honor Roll 8 times: Senior A Honor Roll: Senior A Nominating Committee: Commencement Committee. Holmberg, Donald Paul Mathematics B Squad Football: Hall Guard: A. S. B. Representative. Howard, Rodney F. Industrial Arts Hughes, Dolores May Mathematics Red Feathers: Locker Monitor: Thes- pians, Treasurer: Operetta: Senior Play: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 2 times: Amores Librorum: Children's Theater: Big Cousin: All-School Play: News Representative: S c h o 1 a s t i c Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: News Staff: Tamarack Representative. Hulbert, Ronald Edward Science Home Room Vice-President, Sergeant at Arms: Federation Representative. Jamison, Ruth C. Home Economics League Representative: Library Rep- resentative: Nurse's Assistant: After- School Sports: Big Cousin: Home Room Secretary: Doll Shop: Red Cross Rep- resentative. Kawaguchi, Arthur Mathematics Football: Track: Honors Board: Home Room Vice-President: Federation Rep- resentative: Frosh Basketball: Senior A Vice-President. King, Geneice C. Commercial News Representative: Assistant Li- brary Representative: Red Cross Rep- resentative: A. S. B. Representative: Big Cousin: Library Worker: After- School Sports: Gym Office Monitor. Kinne, Priscilla Mae Home Economics A. S. B. Representative: Doll Shop: Operetta: Locker Monitor: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. Kirkevold, Iris Myrna Commercial A. S. B. Representative: L e a g u e Honor Roll 2 times: Scholastic Honor Roll 5 times. Koon, Beverly Jane Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Red Feathers, Secretary: Color Girls: League Repre- sentative: Library Representative: Doll Shop: Badminton: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll. Proudly we see them depart, for as high school graduates, twenty-eight Kussman, Bernadine Jean Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: Library Representative: League Honor Roll 8 times: All-Activity Shield, 1 bar: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Towel Monitor: Big Cousin: Locker Monitor: Scholastic Honor Roll. LaBarge, Jane Ann Mathematics Graduated in SV2 years. Math Club, Treasurer: News Staff, Advertising Manager: Tamarack Staff, Faculty Sec- tion Editor, Advertising Manager: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: News Representative: Library Representative: League Honor Roll 3 times: Big Cousin: Junior Achieve- ment: Quill and Scroll. Laface, JoAnn Susan Social Studies Color Girls: Red Feathers: Hall Guard: Library Representative: Big Cousin: News Representative: Towel Monitor: Locker Monitor: 3 C's: After-School S po rts : Red Cross Representative: League Honor Roll 6 times. La Pierre, Joann Barbara Commercial Graduated in 3112 years. Transferred from Tekoa, Washington. Home Room President: L i b r a r y Representative: Towel Monitor. Larson. Jerine Marie Social Studies Red Cross Representative: Choir: Op- eretta: Girls' Glee Club: Home Room Treasurer: L i b r a r y Representative: League Honor Roll: News Representa- tive: Con Deputy: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: After-School Swimming. Larson, Jerome Leland Mathematics Frosh Football: B Squad Football? Track: Frosh Baseball: B Squad Base- ball: News Representative. Lininger, Robert G. Industrial Arts Football: Wrestling: I n t r a m u r al Sports: Warriors, Sergeant at Arms: Home Room President. Livengood, Carl Wayne Mathematics Football: Basketball: Golf Team, Cap- tain: Sports-for-All: Federation De- partment Head, Executive Council, Representative, Con Committee: A. S. B. Senior Senator, Representative, Nominating Committee: R e d C r o s s Representative: Home Room President, Sergeant at Arms: Honor Roll: War- riors: Senior A Treasurer: Honors Board. Lucas, Eugene Social Studies Football. Ludwick, Anne Helen Social Studies League Secretary: Red F e a t h e r s : League Representative: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: News Staff: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: Doll Shop: Operetta: League Honor Roll 6 times: All-Activ- ity Shield: News Representative: Home Room Secretary: Big Cousin: Scholas- tic Honor Roll: Senior A Honor Roll. McDougall, Lora Lee Commercial S e n i o r A Secretary: Red Feathers: Home Room President, S e e r e t a r y : Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: Golf, Manager, Letter: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 5 times: League Representative: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: News Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll: Senior A Honor Roll. Materne, Donald James Mathematics Track: Football: Basketball: H 0 m e Room President. they possess the qualities that will guide them to success. twenty-nine Morford, Darrel Dean Social Studies Baseball: Sports-for-All: Swimming. Morse, Roger K. Foreign Languages Junior Toastmasters, President, Vice- President, Program Chairman, Fifth Executive: A. S. B. Representative: Cross-Country: News Representative: News Staff: Jeffersonian Contest Win- ner: Debate Team: Spanish Club: Latin Club: Amores Librorum: Junior Achievement: Federation Committee Head, Representative. Mullenix, Vivian Dorothy Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years, After-School Sports: Roll Checker: Horizon Club: League Honor Roll 2 times. Pencoslcy, Joyce Kathleen Commercial Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Color Girls: Refreshment Counter. Perry, Harry Delbert Mathematics Baseball: Frosh Football: Band: A. S. B. Representative: Federation Presi- dent: Student Court Judge: Library Representative: Senior A Nominating Committee: Prom Committee. Peterson, Margaret Marie Commercial Transferred from Grafton, North Da- kota. Graduated in 3V2 years. Library Worker: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor. avi W Hx , . Phillips, Nancy Lee Home Economics Home Room President: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: News Staff, Mailing Staff: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: League Honor Roll 3 times: Operetta: Doll Shop: League Office Monitor: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: League Representa- tive: Senior A Nominating Committee: Cards and Announcements Committee, Chairman: Senior A Honor Roll. Price, Lola Leona Home Economics Quine, Paula Ann Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Home Room Secretary: Vice- President, Roll Checker: Big Cousin. Rice, Joan Alene Commercial Graduated in 3'f2 years. Color Guard: Red Feathers: Color Girls, Chairman: Silver Spurs, All-Activity Point Chairman: Co-Head Gym Department: Co-Head Rest Room: Big Cousin: S. R. A. Representative: Operetta: Doll Shop, Dance Chairman: Nominating Committee: Home Room President: League Honor Roll 7 times: Junior Senator: Gym Office Monitor: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: Booster Hat Com- mittee Chairinan: All-Activity Shield, 3 bars. N Rogers, Ronald G. Mathematics Federation Representative. Rollins, Edward Max Social Studies Participating with enthusiasm in every phase of school life, thirty Russell, Sharon Lee Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Home Room Secretary: News Staff, Ad Staff, Busi- ness Manager: Tamarack Staff, Busi- ness Manager: Quill and Scroll: After- School Sports: Operetta: Doll Shop: Scholastic Honor Roll: News Repre- sentative: Library Representative: Big Cousin. Shaw, Larry Douglas Science Shields, Allan Lloyd Mathematics Football: Baseball: Golf: Intramural Basketball: Scholastic Honor R o l 1 : Warriors. Simonson, David Social Studies Band: Special Band: Orchestra: Oper- etta. Simpson, Shirley Mae Home Economics Slanger, Gary J. Mathematics Cross-Country: Sports-for-All: Retail- ing, Sergeant at Arms. S as Sleizer, Kenneth Robert Mathematics Varsity Football: B Squad Football: Frosh Football: Junior Varsity Foot- ball: Baseball: Basketball: Sports-for- All: Home Room Vice-President: War- riors: Senior A Sergeant at Arms. Smith, Roberta Mae Home Economics Red Cross Representative: 3 C's, Sec- retary, Treasurer: Big Cousin. Tolcarz, Richard D. Industrial Arts Toll, Rena Ernestine Social Studies Tamarack Staff, Associate Editor: Red Feathers, Chairman: Color Girls, Ser- geant at Arms: Co-Head Gym Depart- ment: Co-Head Rest Room: League Honor Roll 'I times: Junior Press Club: News Staff, Girls' Sports Editor: All- Activity Shield, 2 bars: Quill and S c r 0 11, Vice-President: Commercial Club, Treasurer: Vox Puellarum, Re- p 0 r t e r: D o ll Shop: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: A. S. B, Repre- sentative: Locker Monitor: Home Room Secretary: Gym Office Monitor: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: Senior A Nominat- ing Committee: Commencement Com- mittee, Chairman: Senior A Honor Roll: A. S. B. Nominating Committee, Chairman. Ullman, Barbara Jean Commercial Transferred from Central Valley. Graduated in 3V2 years. Choir: Op- eretta. Van Dorn, Caryl Louise Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. League Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Home Room Secre- tary: 3 C's: Library Representative: L i b r a r y Desk Assistant: Scholastic Honor Roll: After-School Sports. they have grown in personality, knowledge, and character. thirty-one Walliclr, Lee Ferrall Science Wllks, Norfleel' Ellzabellw Home Economics , Transferred from Tekoa, Washington, Graduated in 3V2 years. Library Repre- sentative. Worley, Jol1n Hagen Industrial Arts Concert Band: Special Band: March- ing Band: Doll Shop Orchestra: Pep Band: Hall Guard. W 4 l. 2' "1 L - - -Z no 1 ' l' .W W .- , Young, Dorolhy Marie Home Economics Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor. And they will enter the business and professional world, l'fr1'prf'.v.vi11g lllfl t'll'l0'lfIllt'llf Ilzvy 1'.1'pf'rlf'nc'1'rl Iulzllrf r.'fl1'r111lng ilu' Sflllflf' Prom 11rr', left lo riglzlz filllzlj IIIIIIIIUIIIIIII, Sl1irlf"11 1'r'rn'i11.v,.f111l-If S1'r1lf'1'11, Ifarlmru lll'1'llIIl'Il, lfrngffr I,Ill.Vlf'lf, Illlff Larry f'nlll11.v thirty-two 1 5 . -1 L. 1 Q Q ,111 QE QW wi, Mfg 3. D11n111'11 ill 1'11p.v 111111 !10i'L'IIS, H111 ,.. .l11111111r'11 Qfllllllflff'-Y 111c'11if l'111111111'111r1'1111J11f 1f,1'1'r1'ix1f.v. I I I I each with the strong dete -fm. , I: W -,W 'yt K 1 6.1 rmmatuon to play his part well. f 'F TII1' Illllllllll 1Jl'f'11A'f.ll.Vf, gi1'1'11 ill flu' Silzwr 1'1111111 of flu' S!111L'11111' l111l1'l, 1'u'11.v 11111' of fill' final s1'1zinr 111'fi'1'1fi1'.v. thirty-three Divx Fosmass IJIANNA Pcmrilcm' I'14:'1'1f BE1eQ1'ls'r DON VV1M1:ER1,Y Viva-l'rC,vif1'v1zz' SL'f'?'4'fCIJ'vX' 'freaxzzrcz' Fifflz lfxeczzlizfc 1 VAT SLf1,l,1x'AN I-,1'CJ'l'lIIL' 111' , S?1ul1'nf.v of .wniur ,-1 lmnm rrmnz, 112 nuff for Hzeir choice of class 0fficf'r.v. As we, the June graduates of I953, receive our diplomas thirty-four Abbott, Carol Yvonne Mathematics Big Cousin: Math Club: After-School Sports: League Representative: Library Representative: Library Worker: News Representative. Alberg, Dolores M. Science League Representative: Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll, 4 times: All-Activity Shield: Math Club, Secretary: Latin Club: Library Rep- resentative: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. Alberts, Patricia Mae Commercial Hall Guard: League Representative: Retailing Club: Con Deputy. Alverson, John Social Studies Anderson, Ka ren L. Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: Math Club: Amores Librorum, Secretary: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield, 1 bar: League Honor Roll, 6 times: Scho- lastic Honor Roll, 8 times: Big Cousin: Home Room President: Student Court Secretary. Anderson, Marvin G. Mathematics Frosh Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Sports-for-All: Library Representative: Cross-Country. Applonie, John D. Jr. Science Red Cross Representative: J u n i 0 r Achievement: Tennis: Radio Club, As- sistant Secretary. Baever, Arlene Lillian Commercial Office Worker. Baker, Duane Arnold Science A. S. B. Representative: Federation Representative: Math Club. Baldwin, Charles Ace. Mathematics Transferred fro m Tacoma. A. S. B. Representative. Baron, Robert E. Industrial Arts Band. Barringer, John P. Science school-day memories stir our hearts. What do we recall? thirty-five Baumgart, Donald Ray Art - Debate: Junior Toastmasters: Grounds S q u a d , Commissioner: All-School Plays: News Staff, Associate Editor: Tamarack Staff, Co-Editor: Thespians, Vice President: Quill and Scroll: Jun- ior Press Club: Junior Achievement: Student Court, Judge. Baxter, Gerald Clair Social Studies B Squad Basketball: Baseball. Beeman, Charles W. Mathematics Red Cross Representative: 3C's. Bemis, John Robert Mathematics Spanish Club: Library Representative. Benedict, Dan Earl Mathematics A. S. B. Representative. Benson, Elbert H. Mathematics Football: Wrestling: Track: Warriors: Home Room President: Library Rep- resentative: News Representative. 2 1 X r ff' i gl . nfs. A . , iv r S t 'Ht' Y Berquist, Peter Barton Science Frosh Basketball: News Representa- tive: Latin Club, Vice-President, Ser- geant at Arms: Math Club, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Vice-President: Hall Guard: Federation Committee Head: Senior Class Treasurer. Betts, Sylvia Lea Foreign Languages Color Girls: Library Worker: Doll Shop: Spanish Club: Library Repre- sentative. After-School Sports. Blackman, Kenneth Ralph Science Blackstone, Yvonne Aurelia Music Choir: Radio Choir: Teepee Lighters: Spring Concert: Christmas Pageant: Operetta, Lead: Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Home Room President: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Dasidrian. Blandgers, Shirley Ann Commercial Library Representative: Doll Shop: Op- eretta: After-School Sports: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representa- tive. Bleck, Hanarlissa Amelia Art Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll, 6 times: All-Activity Shield: After-School Sports: Latin Club: News Staff, News Editor: Li- brary Representative: Scholastic Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Quill and Scroll, Vice-President: Horizon Club: A. S. B. Letterhead Committee: A. S. B. Nom- inating Committee Chairman. Large halls, hundreds of new faces met us that first day. thirty-six Bollinger, Lowell Thomas Mathematics Transferred from Chelan High School. Marching Band: Concert Band. Bowlcer, Gary A. Science Spanish Club, President, Vice-Presi- dent: Tamarack Representative: Red Cross Representative: Cross-Country: Tennis: Track: Grounds Squad: Traffic Squad, Captain, Commissioner: Ski Club: Gym Monitor: Con Scheduling Committee, Chairman. Boyd, Raymond M. Mathematics Transferred from Balboa High School, Canal Zone. Varsity Football: Chess Club: Radio Club: Federation Clerk: Operetta: Swimming Chairman. Brockway, Nyla Marie Art Tamarack Art Editor: Art Club, Presi- dent: Math Club: League Representa- tive: After-School Swimming: Volley- ball. Brown, James Industrial Arts Rifle club. Brown, James S. Mathematics 41 'Q- Brown, Lloyd E. Science Red Cross Representative: Baseball: Hall Guard: Football: Frosh Track. Brown, Roberi' Oran Mathematics Traffic Squad: Frosh Baseball: Rifle Club: Latin Club. Bruclr, Joanne Marilyn Commercial Operetta: Melody Capers: Library Rep- resentative: Choir. Brunette, Gordon Lee Industrial Arts B Squad Football: Varsity Football: News Representative: Warriors. Burlcey, James E. Mathematics B Squad Basketball: B Squad Baseball: Election Committee. Byrne, Herbert Kerr Social Studies A. S. B. Fifth Executive, Vice Presi- dent: News Staff Editor, Associate Edi- tor, Sports Editor: Junior Press Club, President: Boys' State Representative: Varsity Track: Quill and Scroll, Vice- President: Latin Club, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer: Math Club: Fed- eration Executive Council: Tamarack Staff: S. R. A. Representative: Federa- tion Representative: News Representa- tive: H o m e R o o m President, Vice- President, Secretary. To new, but loyal Indians, North Central proved friendly. thirty-seven Campbell, Kay Arlene Commercial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Honor Roll 8 times: League Office Worker: Locker Monitor: Commercial Club, Sergeant at Arms: Thespians: Big Cousin: All-School Play: Doll Shop: Color Girls: Ticket O f f i c e Worker: Red Cross Representative: Red Cross City Council: Con Deputy. Caputo, Jo Ann Mary Home Economics Locker Monitor: Library W o r k e r : Home Room Treasurer: Big Cousin. Ca rosella, Carolyn Joanne Music Orchestra: Choir: Doll Shop Orchestra: String Quartet, Spring Concert: News Representative: League Representa- tive: News Staff: Tamarack Staff: Li- brary Worker: Talent Show: League Honor Roll 4 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Art Club: Dasidrian: Quill and Scroll: Vox Puellarum: Big Cousin: League Sextet: A. S. B. Representative. Carlson, Edward A. Industrial Arts A. S. B. Representative. Ca rpenier, Gerald Elmer Mathematics Band. Caudill, Barbara Joan Mathematics Library Worker: Amores Librorum: Doll Shop: Operetta: Melody Capers: Orchestra: League Representative: Li- brary Representative: Red Feathers: All-School Play: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll: Scholastic Honor Roll: T a m a r a c k Representative: Westernaires. Cliaresi, Gorden Lee Mathematics Frosh Baseball, Basketball, Football: B Squad Baseball: Library Representa- tive: Tamarack Representative: Fed- eration Dance Committee, Chairman. Circle, Donald Burton Mathematics Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Operetta, Lead: Doll Shop: Federation Quartet: Math Club: Tau Chi. Clermenis, Elda Marie Home Economics Transferred f r o m Olympia. Student Finance Committee: F. H. A. Cody, Peggy Jo Commercial Transferred from Rogers. 3C'S. Cole, Donald Industrial Arts Home Room President, Sergeant at Arms: Football: Cross-Country: Fed- eration Representative. Cole, Virginia A. Commercial Doll Shop: Library Worker: League Honor Roll: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary, Treasurer: Red Cross Representative: League Representative: After-School Sports: Dance Commit- tee: Big Cousin. A black lock on our locker cured such absent-mindedness. thirty-eight Coleman, Mary Ann Commercial Scholastic Honor Roll: League Honor Roll, 3 times: A. S. B Representative: News Representative: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Roll Checker: Li- brary Worker: Big Cousin: Hall Guard. Conrad, Eugene Francis Social Studies Transferred I r o m Rogers. Football: Warriors. Cooper, Leta Lorraine Home Economics Big Cousin: Gym Monitor: Office Monitor: Girls' League Representative: Roll Checker: Home R o o rn R o ll Checker: Red Cross Representative: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Track, Cap- tain: After-School Sports: Red Feath- ers: Costume Chairman: League Honor Roll. Corbin, Diane Elizabeth Commercial Library Representative: L i b r a r y Worker: Big Cousin, League Repre- sentative: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 7 times: Home Room Presi- dent: Color Girls: Gym Locker Moni- tor: Doll Shop: Student Court: After- School Sports. Countryman, Barbara Gene Commercial Operetta: Melody Capers: Doll Shop: Library Representative. Cox, Nancy Ann Foreign Languages Tamarack Photographer: Home Room President, Treasurer: Big C o u s i n : Tamarack Representative: Latin Club: Gym Monitor: League Honor Roll. Coyliendall, Mary Louise Science Color Girls Chairman: Co-Head Gym Department: All-Activity P o i n t s Chairman: Co-Head Rest Room: Gym Office Monitor: After-School Sports: Home Room Vice-President: A. S. B. Representative: Quill and S c r 0 ll 1 Amores Librorum, President: N e w 5 Staff: Tamarack Staff, Associate Edi- tor: Rerl Feathers: 3C's: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield, 2 Bars: Library Worker: Jr. Press Club. Crabb, Robert M. Science Transferred from Latah, Washington. Tennis Team: Band: Spanish Club. Cravens, Charles A. Mathematics Transferred from California. C h o i r Tepee Lighters: Doll Shop: Tau Chi. Crowe, Marion Louise Commercial Home Room President, Vice-President: League Representative: Tennis Team: Basketball: News Staff: Tamarack, As- sociate Editor: Color Girls, Secretary: Red Feathers: Big Cousin: Quill and Scroll: Doll Shop: Operetta: Scholas- tic Honor roll 8 times: League Honor Roll 7 times: All-Activity Shield: Jr. Press Club. Cufton, Betty Jean Commercial Girls' League Representative: R e d Cross Representative: Hall G u a r d : Gym Monitor: After-School Sports! Doll Shop: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll. D'Assisi, Elaine Joyce Home Economics Color Girls: After-School Sports. Caught going down the wrong stairs, we felt we 'belongedf thirty-nine Davies, Patricia Lee Commercial Retailing Club. Deatherage, Ronald B. , Social Studies Pep Band: Concert Band: Head Drum Major: Operetta: Orchestra: C o 1 o r Guard. DeGroa+, Mary Ellen Music Transferred from Holy Names. Dance Committee: Red Cross Representative: League Representative: After-School Sports: Gym Monitor: Towel Monitor: Operetta, Lead: Choir: Roll Checker: Dasidrian, Secretary: Red Feathers: League Honor Roll, 2 times: Ticket Seller: Hall Guard: P.-T. A. Vaudeville Show: Children's Theater: A. S. B. Representative. Disney, Richard O. Science B Squad Football: Varsity Football: B Squad Baseball: Varsity Baseball: War- riors, President. Dixon, Paul Harmon Commercial Varsity Football: Library Representa- tive. Dougherty, Shirlee Ann Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: T e n n i s T e a m : Thespians, Secretary: Doll Shop: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Bas- ketball, Manager: After-School Sports: All-Activity Point Chairman: Gym Of- fice Monitor: C h o i r : Dad-Daughter Banquet Committee: Red Cross Repre- sentative: L e a g u e Representative: League Honor Roll 3 times: Home Room Roll Checker: Big Cousin, Rest Room Monitor: Library Worker. Wise sophomores, we tried to arrange a 'perfect' program forty Dowler, Barbara Jeanne Social Studies Home Room President, Roll Checker: Color Girls, Historian-Reporter: Red Feathers: Locker M o n i t o 1' : Hall Guard: League Honor Roll 6 t i m e s : Scholastic Honor Roll: League Repre- sentative: L i b r a r y Representative: Spanish Club: Big Cousin. Dresser, Miles Joel Mathematics Math Club: Choir: Operetta: Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Honors Board: Library Worker: 3C's: Federation Welfare Committee, Chairman: Chess Club. Dulce, Sandra .loan Commercial Home Room President, Vice-President: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Tamarack Representative: Red Cross Representa- tive: News Representative: League Honor Roll 2 times: Ski Club: League Representative: Gym Monitor: Doll Shop: After-School Sports. Ellis, Donald L. Industrial Arts Band. Elmslie, Virginia E. Social Studies Red Feathers: Vox Puellarumg League Honor Roll 5 times: Home Room Presi- dent: A. S. B. Representative: Library Representative: Doll Shop: R o ll Checker: Ticket Office Monitor: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. Emley, Marlene Delores Commercial Golf Team, Manager: League Repre- sentative: Red Cross Representative: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Li- brary Worker: Doll Shop: Horseback Riding, Co-Chairman: Golf Captain: All-Activity Shield. O l Erickson, Delmert O. Science Frosh Football: Intramural S p 0 r t s : Latin Club: Honor Roll: Sports-for-All. Ewy, Katherine Social Studies Towel Monitor: Office Monitor: Red Cross Representative: Home R o o m Secretary: News Representative: After- School Sports: Tennis, Co-Captain: Color Girls: Big Cousin: Locker Moni- tor: All-Activity Shield. Ewy, Shirley Grace Commercial T am a r a c k Representative: Girls' League Representative: Sophomore Senator: Tennis Team: After-School Sports: Home Room Roll Checker: League Honor Roll 8 times: Senior A Reception Committee, Chairman: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Doll Shop: All- Activity Shield, 2 Bars: S. R. A. Con- stitution Committee: Vox Puellarum, Historian-Reporter: Latin Club: Math Club: Honor Roll: A. S. B. Nominating Committee: Big Cousin: Senior Senator. Failgren, Gary Social Studies Transferred from Rogers. Fa raca, Dominic Patrick Mathematics F r o s h Football: B Squad Football: Varsity Football: Basketball: Baseball: Home Room President, Vice-President: A. S. B. Representative: Warriors, Sec- retary, Treasurer. Fendler, Pauline M. Commercial League Representative: A. S. B, Repre- sentative: L i b r a r y Representative: Gym Monitor: Golf: Big Cousin: Li- brary Worker: After-School Sports. Fenton, Joan Social Studies Roll Checker: Amores Librorum, Sec- retary: Latin Club: Quill and Scroll, Secretary: Doll Shop: News Staff, Edi- torial Page Editor, Co-Editor, Managing Editor: All Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Junior Press Club: News Representative: Tamarack Staff, Co-Editor: L e a g u e Vocational Con Committee, Chairman. Fisher, Joseph Jack Mathematics Erosh Basketball: A. S. B. Representa- tive: Federation Department Head, Clerk: Student Court, Prosecuting At- torney: Sophomore Senator: Varsity Basketball, Manager: Basketball: Sen- ior Reception Committee. Fisher, Rose A. Art Library Representative: Library Worker: Home Room Roll Checker: League Office Worker: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 2 times: 3C's. Forbes, Carol Jean Commercial Locker Monitor: Amores Librorum: Commercial Club, Fifth Executive: Red Cross Representative: Home Room Sec- retary: League Representative: After- School Sports: League Honor Roll 4 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Feathers: Big Cousin: Towel Monitor: Horizon Club, President. Forrester, Minnie F. Science Big Cousin: Library Worker: League Honor Roll 5 times: 3C's, Secretary: F. T. A., Secretary: Horizon Club, Sec- retary, President: Amores Librorum: After-School S p o r t s : Red Feathers: Home Room Secretary: League Repre- sentative. Fosness, Richard James Mathematics Football: Basketball: Baseball: War- riors: Home Room President: Red Cross Representative: Federation Rep- resentative: Senior Class Vice-Presi- dent. First touchdown in the new stadium brought us to our feet. forty-one Foihergill, Howard Leslie Industrial A rts Stage Crew: Hall Guard: Federation Representative. Fowlds, Donald W. Social Studies B Squad Baseball. Foxfon, William Edward Industrial Arts B Squad Track Manager: Radio Club: Rifle Club: Library Representative. French, Patricia Joyce Science Home Room Sergeant at Arms: Tama- rack Represerltative: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. Garcea, Raymond Commercial Choir: Tepee Lighters: Operetta. George, Sa ra Lenice Music Doll Shop: Red Feathers: F. T. A.: Or- chestra: Dasidrian. Gilsirap, Charles Lee Music Band: Orchestra. Glenn, Lois Science Library Worker: League Honor Roll. Goodman, Sherrill Mathematics Gow, William Mitchell Commercial Choir: Tepee Lighters: Con Deputy. Grable, JoAnn Carole Commercial Roll Checker: Commercial Club, Secre- tary: Red Cross Representative: League Honor R o l 1 4 times: All-Activity Shield: Red Feathers: Big Cousin. Green, Michael K. Social Studies Home Room Treasurer: Radio Club: Scholastic Honor Roll. Remember 'zero hour,' the pressure points and bandages? forty-two Greco, Paul William Social Studies Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Varsity Football: Federation Commit- tee: Debate: Band: Pep Band: 3C's: Or- chestra: Doll Shop: Warriors. Green, Cecil Walter Mathematics Latin C l u b , President: Yell Leader: Home Room President: Scholastic Honor Roll 4 times: Sophomore Sena- tor: Junior Senator: A. S. B. President: Doll Shop: Football: F. T. A. President: Student Court, Defense Attorney: A. S. B. Representative: Federation Committee Head: Band: Toastmasters, Vice-President. Grimes, Gene Industrial Arts Hadley, Herbert H. Industrial Arts Hagen, George Blain Social Studies Choir, Business Manager: Operetta, Lead: Spring Concert: Tepee Lighters: Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Western- aires: Thespians: Gym Monitor: Cafe Worker: Office Worker: L i b r a r y Worker: Stage Crew: Boys' Glee Club. X H I I5 it . ir., Halin, Walter Douglas Industrial Arts Basketball: Varsity Football Manager: Baseball: Warriors: Home Room Presi- dent: Band. Halin, Lois Janet Social Studies Red Feathers: Tennis Team: Basket- ball, Manager: Volleyball: Ice Skating, Chairman: Gym Monitor: Costume As- sistant: Con Deputy: Library Worker: Slip Collector: A. S. B. Representative, Roll Checker: Girls' Chorus: League Honor Roll 5 times: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Bulletin Board Manager: All- Activity Shield, 1 Bar. Hamblin, Jeanette K. Mathematics League Representative: League Honor Roll 8 times: Library Representative: Library Worker: Tennis Team, Co- Captain: Operetta: Doll Shop: Alter- School Sports: Spanish Club: All-Ac- tivity Shield, 2 Bars: Gym Monitor: Costume Co-Chairman: Red Feathers: Big Cousin. Hamilton, Mariorie Maxine Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll 6 times: League Sextet: Choir, Secretary: League Representa- tive: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Con Scheduling Committee: After- School Sports: Operetta: Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Commercial Club: Te- Pee Lighters: Spring Concert: Tau Chi: Election Committee. Hansen, Gary Martin Industrial Arts Junior Band: Hall Guard: Football. i I Harper, Sarah Yvonne Hahn, Norma Helen Social Studies Comfmef,-cial Tamarack Representative: Red Cross 305: Big Cousin: Gym Monitor: Li- Representative: 3C's:.Hor1zon Clu b, brary Hostess, Art Library Monitor. Presldent' Gym Monitor' l l l l l That same year the basketball team placed fourth at state. forty-three Harris, Vernon E. Mathematics Hasper, Fae Joanne Home Economics Transferred from Bonners Ferry. Haunschild, E. Larry Mathematics B Squad Basketball: Varsity Basket ball: Track: Cross-Country: Warriors. Hawes, Barbara Gene Music Glee Club: Library Worker: Choir Doll Shop: Red Cross Representative Operetta. Hecla, Gloria Irene Commercial Library Worker: Big Cousin: After School Sports. Heimbigner, Sylvia Mae Commercial Transferred from Valley High School. Big Cousin: Red Feathers. Heinelcin, Patricia Ann Commercial Color Girls: Red Feathers: Vox Puel- larum, Sergeant at Arms, Treasurer: Latin Club: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representative: League Rep- resentative: Tamarack Representative: League Honor Roll 8 times: Con Sched- uling Committee: Ticket Seller: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: Assistant Tennis Manager: After-School Sports: Tama- rack Staff, Senior Editor: All-Activity Shield: Dance Committee. Hemphill, Lora L. Commercial Color Girls: A. S. B. Representative: League Honor Roll 4 times: All-Activ- ity Shield: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: Commercial Club, Secretary: League Representative: Home Room Secretary: Red Feathers: Locker Moni- tor: Hall Guard. Hendrickson, Felice Marie Mathematics Transferred from Coulee Dam. Home Room President. Hansen, S. Diane Science Math Club: Latin Club: Library Worker: Roll Checker: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Library Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield: Horizon Club: News Representative. Herbison, Ralph Neil Science Concert Band: Marching Band: Special Band: News Representative: R i f l e Club, Treasurer: Math Club: Latin Club: A. S. B. Representative. Hiatt, Sandra Joan Science Home Room President: Dramatics: De- bate: Thespians, President: All-School Play, Lead: D011 Shop: Big Cousin: C. P. S. Debate Tournament: Red Cross Representative. Our hearts were light when we joined that important club. l forty-four Hilliard, Carole Louise Commercial Library Worker: Big Cousin: A. S, B. Representative: League Honor Roll 4 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: After- School Sports. Hilperf, John Arihur Social Studies Varsity Football: B Squad Football. Hiner, Raymond D. Transferred from Rogue River, Oregon. Football: Basketball: Track. Hingsion, James William Science Holien, Melvin Douglas Industrial Arts Holman, JaneH'e Gail Commercial Big Cousin: Library Representative: Gym Monitor: Roll Checker: Glee Club: Softball: Roll Checker: League Honor Roll. Hood. Wesley Dell Science Track: Cross-Country: 3C's, Vice- President: Band: Hall Guard. Horn, James Mathematics Intramural Sports. Hoseley, Rex A. Jr. Social Studies Football: Basketball: Cross-Country: Warriors: Track: State Track Meet: In- tramural Sports: Operetta, Lead: Tepee Lighters: Choir: Talent Con: 3C's. Hundeby, Gary Theodore Science Orchestra: Band: Concert Band: Frosh Baseball: Budget and Finance Commit- tee: A. S. B. Representative. Hutchins, Lewis David Science A. S. B. Representative: Golf Team. Huston, Sharon Lynn Foreign Languages After-School Sports: Big Cousin: Golf Team: Library Representative: Math Club: Radio Club: Amores Libroruml Hall Guard. Then, with a boom, the gas explosion created quite a stir. forty-five Jacobs, J. Ronald Science Library Representative: Federation Representative. Jahn, Virginia Dorene Commercial After-School Sports: Home R o o m P r e sid e ri t : News Representative: League Representative: Girls' G 1 e e Club: Office Messenger: Ticket Office: League Honor Roll 5 times: H a l l Guard: Big Cousin. Jamme, Lawrence E. Art ' Janisch, Joe Julian' Art Operetta. Johnson, Cleo Marie Commercidl Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Orchestra: Towel Monitor: Library Representa- tive: League Office Monitor. Johnson, Dan Industrial Arts Frosh Football. 61' Johnson, Greta Marlene Music Girls' Glee Club: Christmas Pageant: Music: Operetta: Melody Capers: Choir, Vice-President: L i b r a r i a n : Spring Concert: Home Room Vice- President: Red Cross Representative: Hall Guard: Library Worker: League Honor Roll 6 times: Tamarack Repre- sentative. Johnson, Lowell Andrew Industrial Arts Home Room President, Vice-President, Treasurer: Rifle Club: Traffic Squad: L i b r a r y Representative: Tamarack Representative. Johnson, Robin Dell Commercial A. S. B. Representative: League Rep- resentative: Before-School T e n n i s : After-School Sports: Operetta: H o m e Room Secretary, President: H o n o r Roll: Big Cousin. Jones, Dorothy Lorraine Home Economics F. H. A. President, Treasurer: News Representative: Roll Checker: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: Big Cousin. Justice, Marlene Sarah Commercial Kachinslcy, Donald Jose ph Mathematics News Representative: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Math Club, T r e a s u r e r : Choir: Amores Librorum: Operetta: Melody Capers: Library Worker. One- junior became a Red Feather: another made varsity. forty-six Karlson, Ulla Annalisa Social Studies Home Room President: Library Repre- sentative: Library Worker: Red Cross Representative: News Representative: Locker Monitor: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 1 time: Big Cousin: Color Girls, Katsel, Lawrence Martin Mathematics Latin Club, Fifth Executive: Math Club: A. S. B. Representative: Federa- tion Representative: Varsity Football: Frosh Football, Basketball, Track. Keen, Kenneth Frederick Mathematics A. S. B. Representative: Band: Spanish Club: 3C's: Sports-for-All: Home Room President. Kellberg,Tl1eda Mae Commercial Color Girls. Kindle, Betty Jane Commercial Library Representative: Library Host- ess: After-School Sports: Red Feath- ers: Doll Shop: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin. Kine, Patrick Dennis Mathematics Concert Band: Marching Band: Special Band: Pep Band: Federation Commit- tee Head: A. S. B. Committee Head. King, Jeanne L. Commercial. ' Red Feathers: Color Girls: Home Room President: News Representative: League Representative: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 3 times: Choir: Doll Shop: Operetta. Kippen, Joyce Mariorie Home Economics After-School Sports: Library Repre- sentative: Color Girl: Nurse's Assist- ant: Doll Shop: Vox Puellarum, Sec- retary, Sergeant at Arms: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin. Knack, Donald Dale Industrial Arts Ski Club: Sports-for-All. Koenig, Patricia Mae Commercial Color Girls: Roll Checker: Office Worker: After-School Sports: Tennis Team, Manager: Home Room Presi- dent: League Representative: Dad- Daughter Banquet Committee: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Red Feathers: League Honor Roll 8 times: Big Cousin: League Sextet: Locker Monitor: Elec- tion Committee: League Honors Board. Kohl, Ronald G. Mathematics Locker Monitor. Kohli, Sondra Lynn Commercial Transferred from Lewiston: League Representative: After-School Sports: Gym Monitor: Doll Shop. Donning clever costumes, we danced through Doll Shop. forty-seven Kooistra, Lois Arlene Mathematics Big Cousin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Library Worker: Locker Monitor: Gym Office Worker: League Honor Roll: League Representative: Hall Guard: All-Activity Shield, l Bar: Doll Shop: Operettai Tennis: After-School Sports. Kronenberg, Katherine Ann Art Silver Spurs: Melody Capers, Lead: Art Club: Library Representative: Glee Club: Hall Guard: Golf: Retailing Club: Roll Checker. Kuta, Arlene Dagmar Commercial H o n o r Roll: Concession Manager: Horizon Club: A. S. B. Representative: Library Representative. Lane, Darwin, Wayne Mathematics Frosh Baseball: Track: Football: Oper- etta: Grounds Squad: I n t r a m u r al Sports: 3C's. Lang, Norma Jean Social Studies Home Room Roll Checker: A f t e r - School Sports: Junior Achievement: Hall Guard: Gym Monitor: L e a g u e Honor Roll: Big Cousin. Lanham, Diana Mae Commercial Library Worker: Home Room Secre- tary: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. La Point, Jack N. Science Transferred from West Valley. Lansing, Charlotte E. Home Economics Spanish Club: A. S. B. Representative: Library Worker: Junior Achievement: News Staff. Leahy, Navena Darlene Art Golf Team, Captain! After-School Swimming: Art Club: Melody Capers: Doll Shop Prop Manager: News Repre- sentative: Big Cousin: Girls' Glee Club: Home Room Vice-President: Choir: Operetta. Lecl better, Thomas Robert Music Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Choir: Tepee Lighters: Operetta, Lead: Doll Shop, Lead: Federation Quartet: Grounds Squad: Melody Capers: Tau Chi. Lennard, William Thomas Mathematics Frosh Baseball: B Squad Baseball: Varsity Football. Lewis, Shirley Bernacline Commercial Transferred from Missoula, Montana. Orchestra: 3C's: String Ensemble. The pin or letter we earned, the contest won are highlights. forty-eight Lilleby, Marlene Ramona Commercial Transferred from Palouse, Washington. Thespians: Quill and Scroll: All-School Play. Linden, Janet Ruth Home Economics Pep Con Committee: Latin Club: League Honor Roll 4 times: After- School Sports: Red Feathers: Gym Of- fice Monitor: A. S. B. Representative: Big Cousin. Lindholm, Gordon Alma Industrial Arts Home Room President: Track: Cross- Country: Federation Representative. Lindsley, Rosalind Commercial All-Activity Shield: Study Hall Roll Checker: After-School Sports: Big Cousin. Linsesay, Beverly Home Economics Transferred from Portland, Oregon. Lobclell, Dorothy Jeanne Commercial Volleyball Manager: Library Roll Checker: Color Girls: After-School Sports: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: All- Activity Shield: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin. Lowery, Darlene Kelly Commercial League Representative: Orchestra: Op- eretta: Doll Shop: Melody C a p e r s 3 Spring Festival: Big Cousin: Music Li- brarian. Ludke, Gary Alan Music Pep Band: Special Band: Doll Shop Orchestra: Melody Capers: Orchestra. Luschei, Phyllis Lucile Mathematics Red Feathers: Color Girls: After- School Sports: Horseback R i d i n g Chairman: All-Activity Shield, 2 Bars: Doll Shop: League Representative: Li- brary Representative: News Repre- sentative: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Big C o u s i n : Locker Monitor: Towel Monitor: Gym Office Worker: Library Slip Collector. McCoy, Carol Ann Social Studies A. S. B. Treasurer: Home Room Presi- dent: A. S. B. Representative: All-Ac- tivity Shield: Math Club: Amores Li- brorum: Red Feathers: Color Girls, Historian-Reporter: Girls' State Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 4 times: Big Cousin: Magi- cian Con Committee, Chairman. McGee, Lorna Belle Commercial McGeorge, Marlys Jean Commercial Color Guard: Red Feathers: Color Girl: Big Cousin: Commercial Club: Hall Guard: Locker Monitor: Towel Monitor: Home Room Secretary, Treas- urer: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Tennis: Horse- back Riding: Basketball Manager: All- Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Library Rep- resentative: Tamarack Representative: League Representative: Girls' Glee Club. Our posters lined the halls: melodies we made still linger. forty-nine McGetrick, Mack Elwin Mathematics Basketball: Baseball: Track: C r o s s - Country: Band: Home Room Sergeant at Arms: Sports-for-All. McC-Sillivray, Roderick Hugh P. Mathematics A. S. B. Representative: Home Room President: B Squad Basketball: Frosh Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Li- brary Representative. McGlocklin, Bonnie Lou Home Economics Big Cousin: Library Worker: Red Feathers. McKennett, Ga ry Robert Science McLachlan, Mary Lee Home Economics A. S. B. Representative: Big Cousin: Locker Monitor: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: League Representative: Home Room President, Vice-President: Aquettes: Con Deputy: A. S. B. Nom- inating C o m m i t t e e : All-Activity Shield: Operetta: Spring P a g e a n t : League Honor Roll 5 times: Red Feath- ers: Office Worker: Melody Capers. McLaurin, Beverly Ann Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls : Library Representative: Library Worker: Big Cousin: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: League Honor Roll 8 times: All-Activity Shield, 3 Bars: Towel Monitor: Red C r 0 s s Representative: League Representative: News Repre- sentative: Walk Slip Chairman: Doll Shop: Horseback Riding. McLam, Jerome Music Transferred from Prineville, Oregon. Marching Band. McLean, James Furman Science Federation Representative: Federation Class Representative: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Frosh Football: Basketball: Baseball, Hall Guard: Library Repre- sentative. McNabb, Robert George, Jr. Science Home Room President: Stage C r e w Manager: Grounds S q u a d Commis- s i o n e r : Federation Representative: Ainores Librorum: Intramural Basket- ball: Gym Monitor. McRae, Jerry D. Commercial Library Representative: Con Deputy. Maas, Carol Diana Science ' Big Cousin: Doll Shop: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Tamarack Staff, Associate Editor: Westernaires Club: S D r i n g Plays: Horizon Club, President. Maas, Mary Katharine Elizabeth Science Graduated in 3 years. Transferred from Louisville, Kentucky. Home R oo m President: Red Cross Representative: Tamarack Representative: L e a g u e Honor Roll: Library Worker: G l e e Club: Choir: Operetta: Doll Shop: 3C's: Tamarack Staff: Big Cousin: Melody Capers. Remember that election? Making headlines in The News? fifty Malikowski, Benjamin Lewis Science Frosh Baseball: Frosh Basketball: Fed- eration Representative: B Squad Base- ball. Mess, Janice Mae Commercial Doll S h o p 1 Library Representative: League Representative: Big Cousin: Library W o r k e r : Red Cross Repre- sentative: Home Room Secretary: Roll Checker: Hall Guard. Miles, Dixie Leanne . Commercial Operetta, Lead: Melody Capers: Doll Shop, Lead: Color Girls: Gym Monitor: Library Monitor: League Representa- tive: Honor Roll: League Sextet: Home Room Secretary: Big Cousin: Choir: Girls' Special Octet. Miles, Dorothy Ellen Commercial Color Girls: Home Room President: Tamarack Representative: Vox Puel- larum, Fifth Executive: Latin C lu b , Vice-President: League Honor Roll 2 times: Con Deputy: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Pep Con: League Style Show. Morgan, Arlene Louise Home Economics After-School Sports: Golf: Big Cousin: Home Room President. Moore, Donna Lee Social Studies Vox Puellarum, Vice-President, Presi- dent: Election Commission: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Melody Capers: Oper- etta: Color Girls: Red Feathers: After- School Sports: T e n n is : Badminton, Manager: League Honor Roll 7 times: Choir: Home Room Secretary: All- Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Tamarack Representative. .fl V K e , , . or-Wi 95 15--. , . . .f'.'-F-F 1 is Q '-Q ,gi .'., aw S-Lili , . !:'..'I.:f. ' ::.'-16:9 - "" - if -5.. - . ,-are Moore, .loan Commercial Transferred from Deer Park. Moore, Sam W. Mathematics Ski Club: Rifle Club: Tennis: Stage Crew: Federation Representative. Muclge, Claudia A. Commercial Red Feathers: League Honor Roll: Li- brary Representative: Home R 0 o m President: After-School Sports: Doll Shop. Nelson, David B. Mathematics Traffic Squad. Nelson, Gary G. Mathematics Federation Representative: Retailing, Vice-President: Con Deputy. Nevins, Jack Neil Music Marching Band: Concert Band. Stage-struck behind footlights, in con we yelled like lnjuns. fifty-one Niclcell, Catherine Rae Commercial Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Li- brary Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room Vice-President: Locker Monitor: Scholastic Honor Roll: Big Cousin, Noclland, Paul Douglas Industrial Arts Nolan, Dorothy Rosiland Art Art Club: Red Feathers, Historian-Re- porter: C o 1 o r Girls : A11-Activity Shield, 3 Bars: After-School Sports: Tennis Team: Ski Club: Gym Monitor: Doll Shop: Library Representative: Li- brary Worker: Big Cousin: H o m e Room Secretary, President: League Honor Roll 8 times: Badminton Mana- ger: Tamarack Staff. Nordby, James Science Frosh Basketball. North, Forest Allen Industrial Arts Intramural Sports: Hall Guard. Nygren, Leslie James Mathematics Band: Color Guard: 3C's President, Treasurer: Cross-Country: A. S. B. Representative: Federation Quartet. O'Brien, E. Lorraine Home Economics Choir: Retailing Club: Operetta: Melo- dy Capers: Con Deputy. Oien, Melvin Clarence Social Studies Concert Band: Special Band: A. S. B. Representative: Federation R e p r e - sentative. Orth, Thomas Joseph Industrial Arts Grounds Squad, Captain, Commis- sioner: Gym Monitor: Home Room President: Federation Representative: Stage Crew: Frosh Baseball: B Squad Baseball: Varsity Baseball. Owen, Ron Richard Industrial Arts Rifle Club. Owens, Alvin J. Science Transferred from Coulee Dam High School. Football: Track: School Play. Paulsen, Sharon Joy Mathematics Transferred from Holy Names: Library Representative: Glee Club: A. S. B. Representative: Hall Guard: Library Worker: Office Worker: League Honor Roll. The Sadie Hawkins Dance, Rally Week, and Cleanup Day fifty-two 1 Pederson, lnga Marie Home Economics Red Feathers, Chairman: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Art Club, Vice-President, President: Big Cousin: Ski Club, Sec- retary: Tennis Team: League Honor Roll 8 times: Home Room Ro1lChecker: A. S. B. Representative: Gym Office Monitor: News Representative: All- Activity Shield, 3 Bars: League Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Bad- minton Manager: Tamarack Staff. Penna, Dorothy Lee Commercial A. S. B. Representative: League Rep- resentative: After-School Sports: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop: Tennis Team, Captain: Honors Board: Con Deputy: Red Feathers: Color Girls, Sergeant at Arms: League Honor Roll 7 times: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Big Cousin. Perdue, Mariloeth Social Studies Nurse's Assistant: League Representa- tive: A. S. B. Representative: Doll Shop: Operetta: Latin Club, Corre- sponding Secretary: Red Feathers: Hall Guard: League Honor Roll 4 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Cross Representative: After-School Sports: League Style Show: A. S. B. H o bby Show Committee: Tamarack Staff: Senior Committee: All-Activity Shield. Perkins, Lloyd Science Football: Track: Warriors: News Representative. Peteck, Dennis Frank Science Transferred from Memorial High School, Ely, Minnesota. Petty William Ralph ' x socmzswaies lg is Q F d r R if - L, L' I ton. e era ion epresen a ive. ' , ,. ,gl Transferred from Clarkston, Washing Philips, Mary Jane Commercial Basketball: Color Girl: Sergeant at Arms: League Representative: Honors Board: A, S. B. Nominating Commit- tee: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Home Room President: Operetta: Doll Shop: Commercial Club, Vice-President: Vox Puellarum: Red Feathers: Honor Roll 3 times. Pieroni, Richard Lee Social Studies Transferred from Gonzaga. Pickett, William Alan Mathematics Spanish Club: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representative: Tamarack Representative. Pilant, Gayle Ardythe Foreign Languages Debate: Thespians, Secretary: C. P. S. Tourney: A. S. B, Representative: Amores L i b r o r u ni : After-School Sports: Operetta: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll: Doll Shop. Pilgrim, Phyllis Jean Commercial Red Feathers: After-School Sports: All-Activity Shield, l Bar: League Honor Roll 5 times: League Style Show: Doll Shop: Library Worker: Con Deputy. Pixley, George William Science Frosh Football: Varsity Football: Bas- ketball: Track: Home Room President: Federation Class Representative: Fed- eration Council: Hat Committee: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Junior Senator: After-School Sports. recall to each of us amusing incidents, experiences shared. fifty-three Plock, Myrna Lea Commercial 3C's: Advanced Swimming: League Honor Roll 2 times: After-School Sports: Red Feathers: Westernaires: Big Cousin. Pomeroy, Dianna Faye Commercial Big Cousin: Doll Shop: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Dance Committee: Honors Board: Nomination Committee: League Representative: League Honor Roll 8 times: Sophomore Senator: Roll Checker: All-Activity Shield, l Bar: Vox Puellarum, Vice-President: News Representative: A. S. B. Secretary, Senior Reception Committee: Library Representative: Senior Class Secretary. Poole, Orville Social Studies Library Representative. Powelson, Donald Leon Mathematics Debate: Library Representative: Track: Spanish Club: Toastmasters: T e p e e Lighters: Federation Quartet: Choir: Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Operetta. Provant, Delbert Ray Mathematics Transferred from Boise, Idaho. Track. Putnam, Robert Mathematics 215-A .F -9 'fag 5 fft. '-sf to :,.Q I' V ' I Quass, Joan Ann Social Studies News Representative: League Repre- sentative: After School Sports: League Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield: Doll Shop: Operettas: Library Worker: Girls' Glee Club: Tennis: Hall Guard: Aquettes, Quist, Edward Vaughn Music Transferred from Provo Utah Hig h School. Pep Band: Band: S p e cial Band: Doll Shop. Randall, , Richard Frank Industrial Arts Marching Band. Reed, Donovan Thomas Commercial Concert Band: Marching Band, Drum Major: Traffic Squad, Captain: Ski Club: Federation Representative. Reed, Joanne Commercial Big Sister: Library Representative: Home Room Secretary: League Office Worker. Rendle, Clara belle Eliza beth Home Economics Golf, Captain: Tennis Team: A f t e r - School Sports: Home Room Secretary: Library Representative: League Rep- resentative: Red Cross Representative: Roll Checker: Con Deputy: Hall Guard. Seniors at last, the responsibility of leadership was ours. fifty-four Richwine, Joyce Evelyn Commercial Home Room President: Ticket Office Worker: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Color Girls: Roll Checker: Towel Monitor: Big Cousin. Ricketts, Mary Jane Home Economics F. H. A. Vice-President: League Honor Roll: Library Worker. Rinehart, Charles David Mathematics A. S. B. Representative: Federation Representative: Library Representa- tive: Hall Guard. Ring, Joanne Frances Commercial Red Feathers: Color Guards: Thespi- ans: All-School Plays: Doll Shops: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Operetta: F. H. A. Vice- President: League Style Show: Chil- dren's Theater: Spring Pageant: All- Activity Shield: Library Worker: rlall Guard: Big Cousin: Spanish Club: After-School Sports: League Repre- sentative. Rizzufo, Ralph Joseph Industrial Arts Transferred from Canada. Robb, Mariane Social Studies Con Deputy. Roberts, Willis Dean Mathematics A. S. B. Representative: S. R. A. Rep- resentative: Federation Representative: Federation Executive Council: Federa- tion Vice-President: Varsity Football: Frosh Track: Frosh Basketball. Rogers, Dona Jean Social Studies Transferred from Metaline Falls. After- School Swimming: Ice Skating. Roshol+, Anna Mae Social Studies Tennis Manager: Color Girls: League Representative: Vox Puellarum, Treas- urer, Secretary: Choir: Melody Capers: Operetta: Doll Shop: Hall Guard: All- Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Honors Board: Dance Committee: L e a g u e Honor Roll: Home Room Secretary: Red Feathers: After-School Sports. Rowe. Shirley Mae Commercial Glee Club: Octet: Orchestra: Towel Monitor: Big Cousin: Track. Rowley, Dan Michael Industrial Arts B Squad Baseball: Home Room Rep- rescntative: A. S. B. Representative. Rozelle, Kenneth Lee Mathematics Math Club: Special Band: Concert Band, Manager: Orchestra. Confidently we served, for growth had increased our abilities. fifty-five Ruberson, Sian Leyroy Industrial Arts Home Room Treasurer, Secretary: A. S. B. Representative: S. R. A. Representa- tive: Grounds Squad, Lieutenant: Traf- fic Squad: Federation Representative. Sampson, Shirley Ann Commercial Con Deputy: League Representative. Sander, Marilyn Mae Commercial Library Worker: Big Cousin: League Representative: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll: Color Girls: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Tamarack Representative: Floor Collector: Scholastic Honor Roll: Home Room Secretary. Sanders, Ronald D. Mathematics Frosh Football, Manager: Frosh Bas- ketball: Library Representative: Math Club: Warriors: Track: Cross-Country. Sarver, Marlene Joyce Commercial League Representative: Library Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Library Worker: Red Cross Representative: A. S. B. Representative. ' Sawyer, Charles K. Industrial Arts Frosh Football: Frosh Track: Varsity Track: B Squad Baseball. fi , A A , if - -63 S ia Swv Gu 43 - Scalera, Ronald Leroy Art All-School Plays: KSPO Radio Teen Show: "Musical Me1ange,"Lead: Band: Operetta Dance, Lead: Make-up Artist for Productions: Spring Pageant, Lead: A. S. B. Election Committee: Toastmasters: Melody Capers: Chil- dren's Theater, Lead: Warriors Con: Star Thespian: Junior Achievement: Doll Shop, Lead: Interschool Relations Con: NC Vaudeville: Senior Play. Schaeffer, Arlys Ann Commercial Library Worker, Chairman: League Representative: Library Representa- tive: Glee Club: F. H. A., Secretary, President: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 2 times: Locker Monitor: Hall Guard . Schroclr, Carol Commercial After-School Sports: Horizon Club: Big Cousin: News Representative: Tamarack Representative: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Home Room President: Math Club: Amores Librorurn: Quill and Scroll, Secretary, President: News Staff, Co-Editor, Editorial Page Editor: A. S. B. Representative: Library Worker: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: All-School Play: Doll Shop: Junior Press Club! All-Activity Shield, .2 Bars: Walk Slip Co-Chairman of Gym Department: D. A. R. Representative: Tamarack Staff, Associate Editor. Schultz, John E. Music Hall Guard: Choir: Federation Repre- sentative: Sports-for-All: Operettas: Library Worker: Tepee Lighters: Tau Chi: Frosh Baseball. Schussman, Carol Deon Commercial Transferred from Garfield High School, Garfield, Washington. Schwoob, Wayne W. Foreign Languages Transferred from Cody, Wyoming. Band: Spanish Club. W We offered helping hands to a war orphan across the sea, fifty-Six' Seay, June Commercial Seniw, Diane Marie Commercial Red Feathers: Tamarack Photographer: Thespian: Home Room President: School Play: Tennis Team: Golf Team: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: Li- brary Worker: Hall Guard. Shand, Eliza beth Louise Social Studies A. S. B. Representative: Con Deputy: Nurse's Office: Roll Checker: Secre- tary of Retailing Club: League Honor Roll 6 times. Sheehan, Darlene Cerita Social Studies Hall Guard: Talent Club, Vice-Presi- dent: Library Representative: Operet- ta, Lead: Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Red Feathers: Home Room Sergeant at Arms, Fifth Executive: Big Cousin: All-Activity S h i e 1 d : After-School Sports, Chairman: League Sextet: League Honor Roll: Tepee Lighters. Shepard, Joan Kay Commercial F. H. A.: Library Representative: Hall Guard. Sipe, Gerald S. Industrial Arts Smith, Bonnie Ellen Commercial A. S. B. Representative: Library Rep- resentative: League Representative: Gym Monitor: Library Monitor. Smith, Gordon Christopher Mathematics Rifle Club: Grounds Squad: Library Representative: Home Room Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms. Smith, Daryl Richard Social Studies Smith, Gary Social Studies Smith, Mary Alice Commercial Library Representative: Red C ros s Representative: Big Cousin: League Representative: Library Worker: P.-T, A. Representative: Roll Checker: Home Room President, Roll Checker: A. S. B. Representative: Hall Guard: Tama- rack Representative. Sorenson, Claudia Nadine Mathematics Library Worker: Amores Librorum: Library Representative: After-School Sports: Scholastic Honor Roll 5 times: League Honor Roll 5 times: 3C's. and here at home gave generously to those in need of aid. fifty-seven Spinlc, James W. Mathematics News Representative: Golf. Springer, Keith Alan Mathematics Federation Vice-President: Sports-for- All. Stark, Richard Douglas Mathematics A. S, B. Treasurer: Cross-Country: Track: A. S. B. Representative: Ush- ering Committee Head: Math Club, Vice-President: News Staff: Junior Toastmasters. Starry, Robert James Mathematics Band: Special Band: Home Room Ser- geant at Arms: Grounds Squad: Or- chestra: 3C's: Football: Federation Committee Head. Stenerson, Carol Jean Commercial Book Room Worker: Library Worker. Stoebner, Donald Allan Mathematics Band: Pep Band: Special Band: Latin Club: Doll Shop: Orchestra: News Rep- resentative: News Circulation: Fed- eration Representative: Dixieland Band. it 's ,. ,a 4:1-f in Stoller, Elnora Deloris Science Color Girls: Red Feathers: Doll Shop, Lead: A. S. B. Representative: Library Worker: League Honor Roll 8 times: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Gym Moni- tor: Hall Guard: News Representative: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: Red Cross Repre- sentativc. Sturm, Doris Home Economics Library Worker: Library Representa- tive: After-School Sports. Stoner, Earl William Mathematics Warriors: Varsity Baseball, Sullivan, Jerry H. Mathematics Track: Wrestling. Sullivan, Patrick Arthur Social Studies Baseball: Cross-Country: Senior Sena- tor: Band: Pep Band: Doll Shop: Or- chestra: Special Band: Election Com- mittee: Honor Roll 2 times: S e n i o r Class President. Taigen, Robert Industrial Arts Varsity Basketball: Tennis: Warriors: Hall Guard: Frosh Football: Library Representative. Leaving our classes to meet two nominees for President, fifty-eight Tallent, Mary Eliza beth Social Studies Roll Checker: Doll Shop: Home Room President: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Library Representative: Vox Puellarum: Big Cousin. Taylor, Richard Sherman Science Concert Band: Special Band: M ath Club: Latin Club: Library Representa- tive. Thomas, Julia Elaine Commercial Thomas, Marvin Wenclell Science Concert Band: Marching Band: Ski Club: Federation Representative. Thomas, Patricia Louise Social Studies Amores Librorum, President: F. T. A.: Con Deputy: Library Representative: Library Worker: A. S. B. Representa- tive: Horizon Club: League Honor Roll 5 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Pub- licity Committee: All-School Play: Big Cousin? Honors Board: T a m a r a c k Staff. Thompsen, Joy Elaine Social Studies Transferred from Vienna Dependents High School. Roll Checker, 'Af as A any -'Uk B if.. mm B ei Thompson, Shirley Ann Home Economics A. S. B. Representative: Gym Office Monitor: After-School Sports: Figure Skating: Roll Checker: Red Feathers. Throndson, Roy Thomas Commercial A. S. B. Representative: Ski Club, Treasurer: Spanish Club, Treasurer: News Representative: Finance Com- mittee. Thornton, Jack Milton Mathematics Home Room Treasurer: Band. Tierney, John Science Tinnell, James C. Mathematics Frosh Basketball: B Squad Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Track: C r o s s - Country: Home Room Vice-President: Warriors. Todd, Norma Home Economics u our ambitions soared. We planned for college and careers. fifty-nine Tschirgi, Betty Jo Commercial News Representative: Doll Shop: Home Room Vice-President: Library Representative: After-School Sports: Big Cousin. Tucker, Joyce Patricia Commercial Home Room President: Roll Checker: All-Activity Shield: Golf T e a m : League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Nurse's Assistant: Red Cross Representative: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Ticket Office: League Repre- sentative. Turner, Lewis Franklin Social Studies Transferred from Rockford High School. Varsity Football: Basketball: Baseball: Warriors: Federation Repre- sentative: Sports-for-All: Tamarack Representative. U pp, Gwen Loreen Foreign Languages Red Feathers: Freshman Senator: Jun- ior Senator: S, R. A. Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Honors Board, Chairman: A. S. B. Nominating Com- mittee: League Representative: League Style Show Committee: League Honor Roll 8 times: Big Cousin: Tennis Team: After-School S p o r t s : All-Activity Shield: Doll Shop: Operetta: Latin Club, President, Vice President, Sec- retary: Math Club, Treasurer: Hcme Room President: Scholastic H o n o 1' Roll: Girls' League President. Vaciera, Edward Louis Science Grounds Squad: Library Representa- tive. Vogelman, Robert John Science ' Home Room Vice-President: A. S. B. Representative: Pep Band: Band: Dix- ieland Band: Special Band. 53 Vonah, Kenneth Roy Science Transferred from Galena High School. Federation Representative: News Rep- resentative: Honor Roll. Walker, James Ray Industrial Arts Library Representative: Federation Representative: Home Room V i c e - President: Rifle Club, President. Walters, Suzanne Mathematics Hall Guard: Locker Monitor: Towel Monitor: Library Representative: F. T. A.: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: After-School Sports: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Big Cousin: Home Room President: League Honor Roll 8 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Doll Shop: Ticket Office. Wanless, Frederick P. Mathematics Band: Pep Band: Federation Repre- sentative: Library Representative: Doll Shop: Orchestra: Special Band: Dixie- land Band. Watson, Gail Frances Social Studies Home Room President: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Hall Guard: Latin C lu b : League Honor Roll 3 times: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Big Cousin: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Representative: Christmas Decoration Committee. Watson, Margaret Elizabeth Art Home Room Secretary: Thespians: League Representative: League Honor Roll 6 times: All-School Play: Doll Shops: Hall Guard. Senior Ball, Breakfast, Baccalaureate bring gay confusion. sixty Weeks Elton I C' 1 Mathematics gl, A '- .: . - 'v i - , 'ei A s i . is A- .1 li Weishaa r, George Eugene Mathematics Transferred from Mead. Varsity Bas- ketball: Baseball: Warriors: A. S. B. Representative. Welch, Leslie Ray Art Wester, Joan Barbara Commercial Transferred from Rogers. Home Room Secretary: Big Cousin. Wheeler, Sidney Wayne Home Economics Band: Pep Band: Operetta Orchestra: Federation Representative. White, Barbara .lo Science Choir: Doll Shop: Operettas: Home R 0 o m Secretary, Treasurer: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Color Girls: After-School Sports: L e a g u e Representative: Tamarack Representative: All-Activity Shield: Tepee Lighters, Secretary. White, Donna Kay Commercial N e w s Representative: Commercial Club: League Cons: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Big Cousin: All-School Play Ticket Committee: Nominating Com- mittee. Wiggins, Betty Joan Art Art Club Secretary, Fifth Executive: Home Room Secretary: Library Rep- resentative: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Operetta: Melody Capers: Doll Shop: All-Activity Shield: After-School Sports: League Treasurer. Wilson, Charlotte Ann Science Transferred from Van Nuys,California. Red Feathers: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room Secretary: League Repre- sentative: Roll Checker: Office Mes- senger: Latin Club, President, Secre- tary: Thespians: Doll Shop: Operetta: All-School Play, Assistant Director: Tennis: Horseback Riding: L e a g u e H o no r Roll 6 times: After-School Sports: F. T. A. Treasurer: Chi1dren's Theater Play, Lead: Tamarack Staff, Ice Skating: Mother's Tea Committee: League Style Show: League Pep Con: All-Activity Shield. Wilson, Charles Edward Social Studies Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Wimberly, Donald Cordell Mathematics Transferred from Puente, California. Band: Pep Band: Special Band: Tennis Team: Warriors: Hall Gualdz Dixie- land Band: Senior Class Fifth Execu- tivc. Wood, Barbara Joanne Commercial Transferred from Marycliff. After- School Sports. Now, diplomas in our hands, we feel an instant of regret. - sixty-one Worthington, Kay Marie Foreign Languages Vox Puellarum: Latin Club, Treasurer: League Representative: Mother's Tea, Chairman: F. T. A.: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Home Room President. Treasurer, Secretary: A m o r e s Li- brorum: 3C's: Tamarack Representa- tive: News Representative: Horizon Club: After-School Sports: Gym Towel Monitor: Roll Checker: A. S. B. Dance Committee. Vfrighi, Barbara Ann Commercial Home Room Secretary: Commercial Club: Con Deputy: Doll Shop: Refi Cross Representative: League Honor Roll 2 times: Scholastic Honor Roll. Yeager, Lowell Chapman Mathematics Library Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Amores Librorurn, Treas- urer: Math Club: Chess Club: Junior Toastmasters, Vice-President, Secre- tary, Fifth Executive: All-School Plays: Operetta: Doll Shop: News Staff: Tamarack Staff: Concert Band: Doll Shop Orchestra: Sports-for-All: S. R. A. Awards Committee: Band Uniform Manager. . Young, Carolyn Maude Social Studies Home Room President, Secretary: Li- brary Representative: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Choir: Tepee Lighters: Operetta, Lead: Melody Capers, Lead: Doll Shop: All-School Play: Tau Chi, Secretary: League Honor Roll 6 times: League Sextet: League Style Show: Big Cousin: Roll Checker: After- School Sports: All-Activity S h i e l d : Thespians. Zuber, Marilyn .loan Commercial Color Girls: After-School S p 0 r t s Q L e a g u e Honor Roll: All-Activity Shield, 2 Bars: Doll Shop: Library Worker: Con Deputy: Red Feathers. Young, Maxine Pearl Home Economics Roll Checker: Hall Guard: Red Cross Representative. Young, Clarence Robert Mathematics Library Representative: Chess Club: Rifle Club. Zimmerman, Beverly H. Commercial Library Worker: Library Representa- tive: Big Cousin: Color Girls: Red Feathers: L e a g u e Representative: Amores Librorum, Vice-President: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Home Room Secretary: 3C's: League Honor Roll 8 times. Ziglar, Marilyn Gail Commercial Color Girls: Red Feathers: Home Ronin President, Secretary: League Repre- sentative: L i b r a r y Representative: Senior Senator: Doll Shop: League Con: Commercial Club: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 5 times: Style Show: All-Activity Shield. These experiences are not only memories - but steppingstones l on which we climb to greater heights, reach new horizons. sixty-two l 'S-.... "Ha ,. k 1.4 ,. W' ef L' ggi ga H A 2 i w .v :rl- 2 K all ,., ,kfa-ffqfiy A .J ,L ,, -.i,5g?i"f",""YwN Q.-wr .Q 'JM A .... kr nil, , ,Y3 , 4. L. I km' ' .,3'C1? ' K. If . . ' ' .wg Q A uv: !y5'?'R"- ' k : K ' ' , , x f 'ik' I f, . 1 xy ma., 7 ,J ,fl A ag ,Qu ' k 'YV' ' W I kjfwif 'V' .. Nj, fl W 'V V K A q- ' Aw ,S ,y 4 HEX' 5. we K Q A , cf ' W W4 A fy Y ' b ,, if f 5551-vw' ' ' , : ' x ' 1"xf'v 1 , f - ,M - ., QM x M., , pf. Q: f wa . , ,V - I . , , V: ng ,Ar ,fx K xv' i . , K Q . el? nw - . ,... M .1-f Af - ,ff f ' A M "' if - 'M , X., " -1 5,5 LL s K A i . ly 'mf ,K :A 7, . 3 A y lark lf' ... the ' if V ,inf 2 V ' " 4 pd' fb, , ,. A -,L QQ 4 6 'v 521 x ,vw 9 1 Front row: Maxine Morigeau. Joan Evans, Marilyn Hammer, Mary Ann Cogley, I I A S Beverly Anderson, Eleanor Davis, Jeanette Paggett. Second row: George Cassel- man, Jack Boskill, Roberta Griswold, Gay Krebs, Peggy Clark, Karen Sudhoff, Miss Allison. Back row: Monte Robertson, John Remington, Howard Williams, Wallace Woodard, Burrell Nutt, Larry Meusy, Dick Shand, Eldon Gooch. MR Front row: Bette Rae Bump, Janice Walden, Bonnie Van Doren, Jim Williams, Kathy Mead, Donna Hinkle, ' Donna Ketchum. Second row: Don Newland, Sharon Rogers, Carol Kivett. Marion Hetherton, Myrlene Collins, Natalie Johnson, Mr. Biner. Back row: Don Nyberg, Leland Pennell, John Goering, Norman Veach, Ken Jordan, Kay Norman, Milo Kurle, Bob Simon. Front row: Peggy Ulrich, Carole Johnston. Georgia Matlock, Ann Templeton, Betty Franks, Betty Jo Bonner. Second row: William Brown, Vergil Reidt, Frank Rogers, Margaret Karn, Carol Lust, Judy Han- ford, Richard Cabo, Miss Brown. Back row: John Zidalis, Bob Hawkinson, Dave Thompson, Bill Guske, Charles Goddard, William Weir, Tom Hansen, Milton Browne, Jim Lyons. sixty-four a fi? life 7 1 ' Front row: Rosemary Ragon, Shirley Blandy, Donna Billberg, Marlene Ruhs, I I A S Llbrary ,Juanita Draper, Pat Crossler, Sandra Selivanoff, Second rowrz Leroy McKim- mey, Bonnie Fines, Helen Danquist, Beverly Lyons, Elaine Fothergill, Cleda Keys, Roger Bollinger. Back row: Leroy Sells, Louis Schmidt, Toni St. John, Raymond Swam, William Pederson, Gerald Holinberg. MR Front row: Marilyn Lipscomb, Karen Elder, Bernadine Sandcno, Niona Ncwcomb, Sue Coomes, Shirley ' Geisler, Dory Britton, Janet Tronsen, Carol Zorn. Second row: Dan Clark, Don Jacoy, Beverly Mills, Kay Nickerson, Bonnie Patrick, Pat Burns, Joanne Hall, Tom Hall, Mr. Chandler, Back row: Dick Hoffman, Rich Mclnelly, Bob Salvage, John Morrow, Roger Scott, John Waltz, Duane Heckey, Jack Sampson, Larry Luedke. MR Front row: Dolores Cook, Janet Nixon, Caroline Rciscr, 1VIark Kabush, Jackie Miller, Jeannine ' Woodbury, Idella Brown, Darla Lee. Second row: Bette Burtness, Shareen Scher, Jo Ann Fluman, Geraldine Hover, Denny Monaghan, Don Butte, Claudia Sanders, Joan McGillis, Marilyn Hallin, Mr. Christenson. Back row: Roger Clark, Alan Caffey, Kaye Straight, Edwin Watt, Les Starkey, Ron Milligan, Jack Gambill. Jay Rellineg, George Hnrter. Dirk Matthews. sixty-five 'bru- . 4' 4' '? w f fe ,N Sf, sa. I I Cunningham, Janice Coleman, Dorothy Cunningham. Verna Brockinicr. Second row Mike Rcopelle, Marilyn Jenkins, Marcia Guffin, Rosalie Lee, Joan Downes, Carol Hickey, Carol Jean Smith, Marlene Gehrke, Miss Damon. Back row Dick Fields, Tom Stevenson, Charles Killin, Gary Hendricks, Daryl Frost, Gene Bigger, Ted Welch, Ross Goetz, Dick Cole, Dick Esrnieu, Larry Simpson. A Q S Front row Dclnoia Erickson JoAnn Galaldi Eileen Johnson Peggy Moore Dailene Front row: Venee Stewart. Sarah Merry, Helen Notts, Janetha Hugo. Carolyn Gibbs. Carol Jean Hanson. ' Lorene Mossuto, Mrs. Dunphy. Second row: Donald Smith, June Elston. Sue Coil, Patricia Albert, Barbara Roberts, Janice Sparrow, Karen Carstens, Mary Ann Schinzel, Elaine Mills, John Hoy. Back row: Kenny Conner, Michael Halliday, Donald Johnson, George Brown, Kenneth Warren, John Philip, Donald Luce, Neil Higgins, John Mellgren. Garfield Hieb, Tommy Moore. MR Front row: Carole Wright, Lorraine Sims, Pat Hanson, Eddie Unicume, Dolores Pierce, Pat Leighton, ' Darlene Kindle. Second row: Dolores Mackey, Arlene Stack, Valdene Hancock, Elizabeth Johnson, Del Chappell, Bill Cox, Bob Stevig, Barbara Lee, Kay Keller, Judith Boschce. Back row: Randy Aamot, Ed Hawnblin, Dick Thompson, Larry Fisher, Norm Bates, Ray Jones, Eddie Johnson, Ralph Aspaas, Stan Easton, Gail Hayden, Mr, Griggs, sixty-six .JZ . , if LIL vw X' -rw 'vi , ,, gow ,Q ,-gag, ,. .o F 3 K li i MR Front row: Dick McConnell, Pat Larson. Margie Wolfe. Darlene Hodgson, Jo ' Anne Pope, Pat Hahn, Kay Nelson. Don Edlund. Second row: Kae Eaton, Donna Bigham, Janct Smith, Phyllis Trail, Jolene Pearson, Beverly Thompson, Claudia Funseth, Mr. Griswold. Back row: Fred Clark, Ivan Munk, Bill I-Iagemann, Robert Lenthy, Ken Miller, Walter Wagner, Bob Owens, Jack Heuston, Dennis Pederson. ' A's Front row: Agnes Larson, Shirley Sayler, Marilyn Davis. Sharon Sleeth, Larry Simpson, Edna McNabb, Marjorie Anderson, Barbara Pratt. Second row: Jim Doggett. Jerry Urbach, Wallace Pratt, Doris Merrick, Elise Scott, Barbara Morrison, Janet Meier, Willa Asker, Roberta Joyner, Miss Killingsworth. Back row: Howard Bursch, Bill Phipps, Frank Malikowski. Jerry Mellingcr. Marlene McDonald, JoAnne Patterson, Gart Hart, Jim Mead, Ed Collins. MR Front row: Gary Hargrave, Alice Mosling, Shirlcy Hetrick, Joy Baertsch. Lorctla Guter, Lila Purduin, ' Carrolc Laxnbdin, Norman Vaueh. Second row: Fred Gray, Carol Hansen, Mary Davidson, Barbara Smith, Jo Ann Evans, Mary Ellen Paul, Nancy Roberts, Bobbie Krehe, Mr, McNew. Back row: George Smith, Bob Donaldson, Eddie Payne, Orville Moc, Bob Reichert, Arlen Weberlinpr, Howard Kipp, Rod Evans. sixty-seven W m, f 'E ff' ffiifig l M Q 1- Front row: Pat Koski, Bonnie Byrne, Karen Yancey, Barbara YVhitc, Jackie Disney, I I A S I Sally Ellis, Kathleen Darling, Miss Neuman. Second row: John Eakins, Nancy Meek, Bill Kling, Duane Traden, Donald Carow, Jack Briggs, Janice Frounfcltcr. Vernon Reidt, Valetta Leppell. Back row: Donald Todd, Dick Soss, Bob Helms, Terry Middaugh, Gene Kccvy, Bob Grossman. Jim Watson. Alan VValser, Ron Thue, Sonny Thrush. MR Front row: Mary Ann Matteson, Annette Anderson, Jean Reese, Ron Berryman, Gilbert Wayland, Lee ' Smith, June Hannah, Barbara Gemberling, Dianne Johnson. Second row: Sally Overholser, Carolyn Crisp, Sharon Mitchell, Roberta Smith, Pat Walker, Marlene Gower, Dolores Heckel, Joyce Hutchins, Reid Cook, Mr. Nygaard. Back row: Dan Settle, Bob Masters, Le Roy Melum, Rod Hanneman, Richard Nielsen, Tom Johnson, Hamid Craig, Doug Krous, Wayne Clairmont, Bill Sparrow, MR Front row: Betty Christenson, Pat Trost, Judy Evans, Billyu Wing, Donna Gardner, Sue Nealey, Mr. ' Rodkey. Second row: Ken Wittenburg, Everett Eccleston, Barbara Stain, Florence Middleton, Shirley Perkins, Hazel Crowder, Doris Smith, Ken Gronwold, Back row: Mischael Paris. Al Harper, Ken Moore, Mike Donahoe, Jim Hanley, Tom Jackson, Darrell Viohouscr, Doug Chase, Jim Lane. sixty-eight 9 1 Front row: Claudia Ramsey, Bobbie Lee, Maureen Singer, Nadene Anderson, Christy I I A S 9 Bosten, Beverly Foster, Judy Bombino, Viola Wiedemann. Second row: Barbara Homan. Gayle Gardner, Myrna Tobin, Glen Neher, Ted Geiss, Bob Wilkes. Michael Clark, Delores Daniels, Barbara Blakely, Sandra Kelley, Back row: Dwayne Upp. Buddy Watson, Dan McKinnon, James Mahoney, Phillip Rost, John Riley, Ray Erieksen, Walt Lobdell, Ole Watt, Jim Vandervert, Lloyd Harris, Mr. Stannard. Front row: Janeen Roberts, Barbara Randall, Sherry Larkin, Doris Steiner, Grace Bostrom. Second row: JoLayne Miller, Geraldine Kandler, Donna Walden, Gordon Freeman, Daniel Bainter, Beverly Blakely, Karen Thompson, Miss Starkweather. Back row: Albert George, John LaPierre, John Cooper, Gordon Christie, Eddie Arnold, Gary Cooprider, Ron Buettner, Bill Crowe, I I I Front row Maxjozie Sampson Wanda Eplin Dale Ryan Harold Kaatz James Amante, i 1 I ' ' - . . .' , ' . I 0 A S Stanley Haveriland, Richard Haunsehild, Linda Marlowe, Patty Halliday. Second row: Mrs. Beaver, Donna Bello, Carleen Newcomb, Bonnie Williams, Meta Baker, Mary Lou McCroskey, La Verle Sutherland. Carol Nyberg, Karen Wiley, Georgia Howard, Joyce Anderson. Back row: William Sander, Don Reichert, Norman Myers, Ronald Detrick. Raymond Delivuk, Robert Buzzell Robert Boss, David Coe, Robin Lucas, Fyfe, Elden sixty-nine ev 'Q 2 ik y - Front row: Bonnie Stills, Martha Dixon, Kay LaBarge, Dale Dvergsdal, Gary Hooper. I 0 A S MR' 3 Dick Pine, Carole McNew, Eileen O'Brien, Sally Wolford. Second row: Sue Reeder, Marilyn King, Janet Novak, Dean Meyers, Gary Anderson, David Hopper, Larry Rice, Merle Funk, Deanne Kohlman, Carol Lipscomb. Back row: Deanne Colvine, Carolyn Cotterel, Darrell Hulbert, Ronald Long, Tom Barton, Richard Clough, Joanne Tollefson, Mr. Bonamy, MR Front row: JoAnne Dickey, Marlene Nilsson, Peggy Atherton, Dolores Radtke, Geraldine Heuer, Roberta ' Voshell, Sally McGee. Second row: Virginia Saiter, Charlotte Douglas, Edward Jensen, Melvin Inch, Paul Trost, Shirley Rozell, Nancy Battan, Jean Barnes. Back row: Larry Seed, David Hundebv, Darrell Pringle, Dick Lightfoot, Gerald Kellogg, Derald Drinkard, Dennis Higgins, Ralph Bridgens, Ronald Willard, Bill Sander. Front row: Evelyn Hankel, Gloria Robb, Barbara Cadwallader, Jeanette Schaeffer, Ann Materne, Sonya Bowker, Kathleen Walter. Second row: Miss Collard, Claudia Paulson, Judy Gorman, Patricia Arnevick, Louie Luehini, David Nordby, Larry Rolstad, Patricia Nordby, Jocelyn Evans, Joan Barnes. Back row: Gerald Smith, Steve Saldin, Bert Mills, Lyle Phillips, Melvin Miller, Bob Lightfoot, La fry Faris, LeRoy Sutherlin, Roger Johnson, Phillip Amerman, Ron Stan, Frank Pebles, Don Kofmehl. seventy . . I F ont row Dax id Nash Ren Hager Darlene Marquette, Jean Musser, Evelien ? -. r : ' . , , I U A S MR' Cafe Steen. Norma Jean Adams. Joan Gager, Larry Moseuto. Mr. Diedrick. Second row: Tom O'l-Iara, .Tim Engdahi, Sharnl Cannon, LaVina Mar len, Helen Jersilfl, Doris Mann, Betty Jean Rohrer. Becky Nr-lSon, Luther Lewis, Glen Hamilton. Back row! Mike Crandell, Richard Erikson, Gary Bass, Larry Allen, Eugene Griffin. Dennis Kingery. Dallas Sonimerville. Dave Carosella, Larry Reid. MR Front row: Mabel Bennett, Barbara Holman, Marlene Moiyeka. Mary Cushner, Donna Bretthaner, Leona ' Lavvernson. Betty Buckley, Jackie Bunch. Second row: Marvin Larson, Allen Harris, Ruth Womack. Joan Christenson. Janet Dz1lzell.Deonnc Schultz, Shirley Leingang, Laura Crosby. Phil Caruso. Dean Proffit. Back row: Allan Holman, Ronald JohnSon, Rin-hard Melylinimy, XVayne Plumb. Lloyd Phinney. Gary Bakken. Morris Clark. Ray Emerson, Jackie Smith. Mr. Exley, MR Front row: Ken Hilehie. Charles Bohm, Carol Daisley, Naomi Xving, Shirley Taylor, Barbara Miller, La- ' Vonne Mitcliell. Mariann Gleason. Janice Walliek, Shirley Roeter. Beverly Etchepare. Leslie Rider, Sec- Dnd row: Mr. Glover. Vernadene Palmlund. Kay Daugherty. Carolyn Gage, Donna Loftis, Helen Keen, Inara Laura, Janet NVyatt. iodine Woodard. Pai Jacobs. Ramona Reidburn, Back row: Larry Sense. Ryder Chronic, Leo Christopherson. Jack Brooks, Jerry X " X ' ' z vd Bud Davies. Gordon Rvcor, Bud Blackwell. Fenton, Allin Gwynne, .Iaek Southmix . S01'f'7lly-0710 wr mi' M tv ua bb D nna Jenkinson Richard Green Betty Smith. Ann Charlene i i Front row: Ray We , ea - . . , I O A S 6 Martinson, Darlene Lindsley, Donna McConnell, Pamela Whitaker. Second row: Annette Hammond, Sharon Hill, Marilyn Morgan, Rollin Carlson, Eugene Corrigan, Dennis Ryen, Beverly Wilcox, Rose- mary Hollister. Carol Dunlap, Beu Ella Buck, Mr. Hagen. Back row: Sandra Larsen, Mike Odell, Vernal Jensen, Gary Smith, Perry Plantz, Fred Duthweiler, Robert Telford, Dan Boutvvell, Mickey Hannan, Ann Rymond. MR Front row: Eva Babbitt, Norma Steele, Worth Martin, Cherry Rowen, Claudia White, Donna Pulver, Dorothy ' Carmichael, Cleo Brown, Carley Richardson. Second row: Carol Brunette, Carol Bays, Judith Anderson, Bob Waiting, Ron Vietzke, Gerald Fairbanks, Kay Bruesehoff, Judy Lavera, Carol Cave. Back row: Bill Sims, Marvin Mochel, George Mors, Tom Wurth, Jamcs Lovejoy, Gary Smith, Ron Fowler, Howard Bailey, Mr. Hix. Front row: Roberta Davis, Mary Lou Edwards, Eleanor Meek, Sharon Carrico, Mary Shepherd, Karen Harker, ' Patricia Fairfax, Charlotte Gardner, Mrs. Kopf. Second row: Judy Flynn, Joyce Vietzke, Corinne Gaffaney, Larry Sleizer John Ellsworth, Mark Schorzman, Robert Young, Joyce Brady, Joan Lamping, Mildred McGetrick. Back row: Corinne k A1 e Hallin, William Spedrlen, Edward Smith, Patricia Barney. Thompson, Carl Griffith, Alan Robinson, Phil Walker, Steve Roadruc . 'n seventy-two 4,8 vh 3 I 0 A! Front row: Rita Fulwilcr. Camille Chrysler. JanisvSells,. William Burgcsi S Alton Hieh Iohn 'lla nnm Mny Jana Hamby Pit rlcncliix Elaine RlZllllG. Second row: Phyllis Ruger. Barbara Kennedy. Darlene Basquette. Barbara Spcrling, Richard Hammond, Donna Obcrg, Jucly Acrec. Jean Tobin, Mrs. McLaughlin. Back row: Diane Hawley, Clara Sonderen. Bob Burkart. Roh Everhnrt. Jim Flanigan, Ray Wcilckcs, Bill Gothmann, Jim Hill, Bob Vogel, Lillian Wcllcr. Myrna Nestoss. Front row: Darlcnc Gcrkcnsmcycr, Carol Varnum, Sharon XVilson, Dianne Foster, Lec Ann Koch. Liann Hass. Arlene Huark. Myrtle Knutsonhaydahl, Leanna Voss. Miss McRae. Second row: Kay' Edlin. Janicc Viehouscr, Linda Quist. Judith Mclnelly, Max Denison. Philip Rhea. Bob Bowen, Marion Mayo. Virginia VVorley. Patricia Kachinsky. MR. Nlrrrrr Back row: Dean Plcfigcr, Gary Bryant. Philip Kcenc. Philip Bentley. Barnic Smith. Douglas Davis. Kcnncth Bumgarner, Richard lklicrlcma. Clint Bergcr. Front row: lllartha Winton. Agnes Tollefson. Phyllis Bc-Irion. Pat Mossutn, Gwcn Green. Warrcn Galloway. Den Sclmcicl. Bill Clemons. Charles Porter. Second row: Louis Lang. Donna Wilcox. Prucly' Pottcr. Fred nv. Larry Liptac. Gary Glcnn. Eilccn Smith,Sh1-rman Schultz. Mr, Nlhyre. Back row: Bob Nance. Dean Larson. Eyahmaric Wash, Rlaiic Saylcr. Nancy Holloway, Franvinc Jackson, Mary Lou Schwcitxvr, Les- Lillatson. Dale Kcnworthy. Scrcrlty-rlirm' .., 9 1 Front row: Belle Forester, Ron Hair. Luella Goodwin. Joyce Hyer, Sally Smith, I 0 A S Charlene Burke, Betty Britt, Mr. Neuman, Second row: Donna Park John Ternest Nathan Nairance, Joan Hetherton, Joanne Lewis, Claudia Phelps, Marlene Rogers, Betty Rosa, Virginia Bishop, Leslie Fried, Back row: Albert Lunde, Tom Anderson, Gary Thor, Denny Walker, John Street. Bob Barton, Dale Newland, Robert Lloyd, Bob Merrick, Carolyn Greening, Frances Sorenson. Mechanics Front row: Gene Baxter, Ron Cauvel, Don Beals, Rav Ovcrlie Merlin Bomstad Jim Back man, Martin Melum, Second row: Mr. Olson. Bob Ralston, Roy Killmer. Dick Haas, Norm Nickerson, Buck Brumblay, Roger Torgerson, Jerry Lindvall. B1ck row: Harold Swenson, Don Shaw, Ed McCadam, Bill Russell, Jack Buss, Don Smith, George Bennett, Mike Praetorius. Front row: Janet Knight, Darlene Ross, Willene Clark, Nedra Ellis, Mary Glass, Paulee Ki b l n lm al, Dixie Foss, Norma Anderson, Frances Dayton, Bob Fuher. Second row: Jerry Stumbaugh, Deanna Coleman, Dorothy Zumoto, Sandra Mikoski, Donna Coleman, Paralee Kelley, Nellie Mayer. Ann Armani, Kathryn Stephenson, Miss Rawlings. Back row: Don Fi k tt B'll r ' ' ' ' ' c e , 1 Stevx art, Bill Nance, Wa5 ne EXGl'lOff,J91lj Johnson, Ronald Davis, Lee Moran. Olan Morris. Ted Schultz, Rn: Larriker. sev amy-four ls' . Ak.,. 1 S 9 - 1 Front row: Darlene Bradley, Nancy Glass, Joyce Bohnct, Patricia Dougherty, Willene I 0 A S 3 Overxneyer, Dorothy Clayton, Myrna Mayford, Joan Van Derhoef. Second row: Car- men Porter, Erna Wilson, Dick Phillips, Spencer Hester, Jack Mitchell, Walter Jones, Morris Rocklin, Carl Chad- sey, Janice Becker, Diane Knight. Back row: Robert Rackett, Bill Nickell, Jack Jordon. Ronald Schmidt, John Fyler, Hugh Barnhill, Tom McLaughlin, James Neighbor, Donald Grainsted, Bill Zickler. Front row: Esther Sayler, Bonnie Baker, Barbara Co.vden, Diane Olsness, Sylvia Stanger, Ann Fackenthall, Palsv Wetzsteon, Second row: Marie Glen, Della Marshall, Dick Walden. Larry Jessup, Duane Leuer, Janet Sullivan, Marlys Glasgow, Miss Theis, Back row: David Quiring, Bonnie LaFace, Lee Gates, Sally Wiggins, Perry Jordan, Ralph Tregellas, Lee Walker, Carolyn Joyner, Anabelle Dizniang, Roberta Brant, Gene Alberts. Front row: Karen Blough, Janice Purcell, Miriam Randall, Carolyn Guffin, Ruth Thomas, Nancy Buchan- nan Delores Craig Second row: Garv McKinney, Lois Sidenblacl, Joan Prather, Diane Burdick, Diane Krell, Jackie Jacobs, Elaine Hieber, Miss Timm. Back row: Richard AMielke, Delano Wood, George Hicks, Bob Johnson, Toni Turk, Bill Fanazick, Gordon Grant, Roderick McBroom, Roger Hamilton. seventy-five LA- ? E 5 5 i P Q 1 Front row: Mr. Anderson, Bobbie Allison. Janice Perry, Joyce Martin, Veva 9 A S Barnes, Dick Young, Jack Woodbury, Gary Wolff, Shirley Gustafson, Barbara Johnson, Joan Hively. Second row: Charles Wilkes, Deinna Koerner, Virginia Brandenburg. Joan Schweitzer, Virginia Lyng, Carolyn Kumm, Doris Griffith, Roberta Johnson, Caryl Teegarden, Lynette Freeland, Charles Moe. Back row: Tom Larson, Dan Riegel, Ray Buckholz, Alan Foster. Bob Adams, Dick Davis, Dick Johnson, Clifford Snow, Ralph Burloek, Dennis Peterson, Jim Esmieu. Front row: Edward Nelson, Ruth Coopricler, Floyd Rudnick, LaDonna Huston, Louise Meyers, DeAnne Dunn, Richard Daschback, Gail Manskey, Duane Becker. Dixie Lee Johnson, Second row: Virginia Fuller, Elizabeth Rocklin, Verna Lamson, Glenn McGee, Robert Collins, Richard Martin, George Brosinske, Robert Allen, Claudia Field, Suzanne Frank, Vicki Beehler, Miss Betz. Back row: Russell Coykr-ndall, David Gullidge, Douglas McPhee, ROQGF Maine, D8Vid Fisher, Richard McDonald, DeeAnn Beckman, Barbara St, John, Beverly Schuster, Karen Johnson, Dorothy Duckett, Muriel Lundy. Front row: John Fiedler, Merwin Merry, Dennis O'Sullivan, Judy Rollis, Lois Worthington, Billie At- teberry, Doris Brandt, Lonnie Morrow, Larry Riggens, Jonnie Ablutz, Hank Adams. Second row: Kenneth Berger, Rose Marie Lillis, Betsy Jones, Sharon Wells, Diane Haugan, Adele Fothergill, Connie Kern, Sally Braun, Bob Bostrom, Miss Boehme. Back row: Cliff Denny, Terry Felker, Melvin Clark, Rosemarie Head, Gayle Kuhlman, Kathy Moran, Barbara Bursham, Diane Sharp, Dee Bowker, Don Welch. seventy-six Hl Q land, Rannond Jeffiies. lNCnton Skaiie. Don S1n.p:-on. Second row. Mi. Bioadxull. Wayne Springer. Gary Henslee. Patrick Kennedy, Bob Nordby. Larry Anderson. Miko Larango, Robert Knox. John Regis. Mike Kabush, Alvin Yverner. Back row: Sandy Cowie Garland Detlcfsen. Robvrt Dicschvl. Dennis Koerner. Neil Johnson, Charles Edwards, Ken White, Edward Koski. Bob Thomas, Lea Sunderland, Don Mastnv, Dan lVIcCadam. 9 A ! S MR. Front row: Fred Koen. Gary Koller-,vJirn Bordwell. Robert Littlejohn. Bill Way- ' Front row: Bruce McAllister. David Rainbolt, Judy Morris, Judy XVorkman. Lorraine l.aPiL-rre, Fern ' Lovejoy, Janet Elliott,Wilnia Uhdon, Jerry Lyons. Steve Bergman. Second row: Larry O4Sh3llf.fhYlCSSj'. Cleo Smith, Darien Foreman, Patricia McDermott, Diane Wilson, Sally Jo Pettcy, Elaine Dahl, Bonnie Bright, Joyce Dailey, Mrs. Chandler. Back row: Albert Snoddvrly. Dennis Martin, Michael ML'Colluin. Herbert Munro. .Tune Hanford, Robert Bowles. Gordon Milnor, Kenneth Abel, Bernard Johnson. Tod XVOstfall. m Front row: Philip Magnuson, LeRoy Slll'lfibE!'ll,, Donna North, Evelyn Beldin, Dolores Recd. Sharon Y Syler. Phyllis Gran. Carol Scliroeder. Steve Hager. Eddie Shriver. Second row: Larry Hood. Donald Childs. Maxine Reilly, Marie Olson. Jeronc Vincent. Connie Mackenzie. B0i.'v1'ly Lang, Carla Manis. Bill Krosko, Miss Dixon, Back row: Jack Bockstruck, Bud Morris, Bob Vt'-Il1I,L'llN'Gl1. Joanne Gilbert, Mary Jo Switzer, Barbara Marsh. Gayle' Smith. Carole Pago, Bill Ncssler. Hugh Watt. Joe Marchioro, svrtfrzly-svzwn cz: vm' 4h.,..l. .. L .nhl ' F - l 9 - Front row: Donna Barnes, Eleanor Bro, Diane Fon Cannon, Dolores Jesmore, Dianne 9 A S Buell, K. Allc-n. Se-cond row: Robert McGee, Sally Mills, Linda Eldenburg, Claudia Bunge, Margie Ewy, Kaye Hyer, Pat Purdy, Shirley Miller, Robert Caruso. Back row: John McNee, Robert Kelley, Rhaelee Kirk, Karen Anderson, Peggy Morris, Sheila Hanson, Charlotte Allen, Betty Jean Lee. George Martin, Jim Branstitre, Mike Mitoski. MR Front row: Dick Webster, Roy Madison, Deanna Monaghan, Margaret Hamby, Jim Littlefield, Sally Jo Ram- ' sey, Janicc Bennett, Tom Gallagher, Philip Robinson, Pat Ferguson. Second row: Don Nolan, Bill Burris, Donna Anderson, Agnes Zimmerman, Sandra Freeland, Nadra McAule,v, Prudence Roberts. Joyce Haugan, Dolores Miller, Joan Ewell, Roger Swanson, Mr. Miller. Back row: Bob Lenman, Tom Montgomery, Tim Rodgers, Charles Stewart, Janice Hancock, Cherry Ann Van Amburgh, Joanne Pederson, Mary Lou Nordby, Dianne Osborne, Lynn Palkman, Charles Lowery, Fred Strang, Eddie Loski. MR Front row: Guy Granger, Donna Howell, Arlene West, Larry Wandler, Larry Hansel, Mike Krey, ' Charles Sterritt, Don Starbuck, Darlene Pankey, Eileen West, Second row: Barbara Welch, Alberta Saunders, Beverly Howlett, Joseph Anselrns, Bob Ashley, Don Vandvert, Larry Wolfe, John McDonald, Virginia Barnes, Collenn Burke, Evelyn Maxwell, Mr. Randall, Back row: Tom Denholm, Don McCammond, Bob Large, George Petheram, Albert Miller, Jerry VirhB1St, Betty Coon. Jackie Simonitch, Sandy Signs, Anita Rcyerson. Marsha Boaxn, Harold Cabe. Gayle La Point. 5011 enty-eight tix ., YV' nv 1 Front row: Billy Lee, Carl Tooinbs, Carol Tabatt, Florence Lelnley. Janice Clayton. A S ' Betty Ann Brooks, Anita Zehm, Judie Merica, Darlene Jackman. Shirley Raiser, Dale Griffith, Second row: Diane Finlay. Kathy Corrin, Sharon Isaksen. Larry Murray. Eugene Collins, Myron Rig- gins. Edwin Crouse. John Tallent, Virginia Strassburger, Loretta Benner, Bessie Howard. Mr. Smith. Back row: Joanne Basquette, LaVerne Belshaw, Wallace Dearing. Keith Clarno, Bob Stutsnian. Dan Pederson, Ron Weath- erwax, Jiin Whittier, Allan Lobdell, Gerald Bundy. Caryl Heth. Janice Mellgren. Front row: Karol Yvoodbury, Joanne Cook, Shirley Cerenzia, Bette Carr, Shirley Christiansen, Va- ' lerie Johnson, June Seaf, Phyllis Tatum. Second row: Judy Treudwell, Geialdine Heier, Wayne YLiseQee,iohnYKe-egan, X!aymLReiohert, Bon Dewey+ Lamar lNIul.leni-me Die!-2 Bowel. Jax-ma A-lerierDia-na Lee Babb. Back row: GoT- don XVilcox, Kayleen Kinniel, Carol Hurt, Bonnie Lee Parr, Jo Anne Hickman, James Johnston. Margaret Jinlay. Joan Fothergill. Iris Grandstaff, Beverly Mytinger, Louis Inks. MR Front row: Ann Lloyd, Glenna Mullenix, Sandra Williams. Janice Carlson. Carol Keller. John Bowen, ' Sharon Neuman, Tucly Wannamaker. Audrey Fair fax, Carolyn Gardner, Donna Steelrnan. Second row: Dean Brockniier, Marilyn Brewster, Rosalie Byrd. Ronald Dishnzv. Lloyd Pilant, Bob Biel. Vernon Hayne, Bobby Fulks, Milton Benshoof, Donna McKinnon, Sharen Hunt, Orville Farris. Back row: Barbara Sheridan, Dennis Hallgrath, Wayne Bingham, Bing Johnson, John Kain. Jerry Miller, Gary Murray, Hugh Charest, Ronald Perkins, Scott Trent, Mr. Tobie. seventy-nine 'Qty f 9 A S I 3 Front row: Margaret Bjerke, Betty Bridgham, Judy Nicholson, Carol Jean Thompson Cheri Groth, Alice Kelp Margaret Well, Allen Hall, Joe Miller George Nikotich DuWayne Larson. Second row: Miss Wood, Beverly Gormley, James Gulliford, Billie Van Amburgh, Linda Buchah, Kathleen Bauml gart, Jeniene Poutre, Maxine Farris, Barbara Walker, Drena Berthiaume, Barbara Weishaar, Ed Todd. Back row: Donley Thue Jim Caudill, Bill Waldby, Danny Leach, Hazel Rutherford, Kirsten Johnson, Laura Lee Kepke, Doug Hohenstein, Charles Botcheek, Bob Johnson, Bob Lancaster. f, 3 A 4 Thr vzaiizvify Scene on the door of home room 220 also TCH-S' a prim' rvinner in Ulf' "bewi- rlfcoraterl floor" contest at l,'hrixt1na.v time. eighty y Stuclwzfs of hmm' room 150-L ICUII firxf prim' in flu' 'IIJt'Sf'fllt'f'Ol'fIff'll floor" 1-on wifi: Uris flisplflky of fvlIl'i8fIIIIlN 1'ar0l1'r.s'. 259 H lJi.w'14.s'.vi11g rwpurfs frmn flu' AISH arf' lmnn' rmmz l'I'l2I'l'A'f'llfllfiT'!'A' l'11H.1f .'Il1u'rf.v and llwlwn Nnlix. 3 eighty-one N TORS ER MO CK IC SQUAD LO FF GROUNDS SQUAD TRA S. B. BOYS' FEDERATION Y K Student governineiit is c a 1' r i e d o ll through the work of the Associated Student Body. Planning, planning and more plan- ning seems lo be its motto as the oi'i'icers and the committee members work on the many school projects. House and Senate make up the two bodies of the A. S. Pm. and representatives from each home room occupy the House. The Senate is composed of the five student body officers, senators from each of the four classes, and representatives from the Girls' League and Boys' Federation. Striving to promote student interest i11 various activities and increase g e ll e r a 1 1 school welfare, the student body takes an 'X L FALL OFFICERS-F f :D' P , t f. ' ' - -f ' F - ' ' Second row: Dick Srtcaijlx,rgigasiirhargnionolgillgh, iuiilsidiliit. acuvc Intel SSL In lnauy Pl Olects' Igesldes Back row: Bert Byrne, vice-president: Ross Goetz, - - fifth executive. sponsoring innunierable types of convoca- Associated Student Body governs and directs school lite. FALL A, S. B. REPRESENTATIVES-Front row: Bert Byrne, Dean Edwards, Don Dolan, Charles Botchek. Second row: Ivan Muck, Gary Hargraves, Darrel Hulbert, John Ellsworth, Bert Mills, Walt Green, Harry Perry. Third row: Mr. Jones, Jackie Bunch, Char- lotte Lansing, Shirley Rieser, Bonnie Smith, Rosemary Ragon, Betty Franks, Helen Notis, Eileen Johnson, Diane Hansen, Joan Hively, Darlene Pankey, Darlene Gerkensmeyer, Claudia Bratton, Karen Blough, Mary Jane Hamby. Fourth row: Agnes Tollef- sen, Janet Novak, Marilyn Morgan, Sharon Paulsen, Sherry Wells, Karen Anderson, Donna Walden, Kathy Stephenson, Lee Gates, Marlene Rogers, Kay Helpingstne, Laura Crosby, Vickie Beehler, Toddy Burtness, Charlotte Wilson, Dianna Pomeroy, Carol Maas, Miss Damon. Fifth row: Carnen Porter, Gail Watson, Nancy Meek, Donna Anderson, Ernie Aschenbrenner, Marilyn Ziglar, Pat Barney, Randy Aamot Janet Dalzell, Barbara Marsh, Pat Albert, Janice Jacobsen, Barbara Morrison, Helen Jersild, Donna Gardner. Back row: David Henry, Robert Ralston, Dick Stark, Ross Goetz, Pat Sullivan, Wayne Livengood, Dan Rowley, Ken Jordan, Jim McLean, Jerry Fenton, Kenny Keen, Stan Easton, George Hagen, Jim Neighbor, Leroy Melium, Gerald Kellogg, Richard Shand, Don Baumgart. eighty-four tions. the .-X. S. ll. has presentecl this year two i'.fl', A. programs, two senior recep- tions, several niixers, the annual Saclie Hawkins Day Dance, and Rally VVeek. This year, for the lirst tinie. the .-X. S. li. spon- soretl a spring sports banquet. North Cen- tral has also "a:loptetl" a little girl in Italy. Arniancla Necci, to whom letters and pack- ages liftllll the sttulents are sent each nionth. Each semester nienihers ol' the five standing connnittees are appointed by the presiclent. These include tlance connnittee. con schetluling connnittee, the stnclent- taculty finance connnittee. the h o n o r s board, and the election connnission. A lac- ulty adviser serves on each connnittee. Del Jones and Patricia Damon assist the oliicers antl council in their work. 'T SPRING OFFICERS-Front row: Marilyn Jenkins, secretary, Walter Green, president: Carol McCoy, treasurer. Back row: Stan Easton. fifth executive: Ross Goetz, vice president. Its goal is to promote student interest in various activities. SPRING A. S. B. REPRESENTATIVES-Front row: Del Jones, Suaanne Frank, Shirley Reiser, Diana Babb, Charlene Burke Jackie Bunch, Marilyn Jenkins, Eva Babbitt, Darlene Gerkensmeyer, Ann Fackenthall Carolyn Carosella Karen Olsen, Judv Nicholson, Ann Materne, Sally Ellis, Marjorie Sampson, Darlene Pankeyi Mary Jane Hanihy, Miss Damon. second row: Don Newland, Walt Green, Donna Gardner, Lynette Freeland, Sally Braun. Judy Anderson, Janice Colenan. Jenilee Whitney, Karen Anderson, Helen Danquist, Charlotte Lansing, Lois Kooistra, Joan Hiatt, LeRoy Sundberg, Betty Jean Rohrer, Alice Mosling. Third row: Ed Collins, Bob Lloyd, Donna White, Gwen Upp, Jeanette Paggett, Mary Ellen DeGroat. Carol McCoy, Goldie Long, Joanne Ring, Randy Aainot, Don Beals, Merle Funk, Joyce Vietze, Virginia Saiter, Janice Becker, Janice Jacobson, Mike Kabush. Back row: Tom Johnson, Ron Buettner, Ross Goetz, Mike Praetorius, Dick Stark. Neil Herbison, Jerry Fenton, Gary Bowker. Roy Throndson, Jim McLean, Les Nygren, Fred Duthweiler, Stan Easton, Keith Springer. eighty-five FALL CENTRAL COUNCIL-Front row: Claudia Bratton, Jean Charbulak, Anne Ludwick, Pat Hirth Second row: Diane Olsness, Arlene West, Delnora Erickson, Kay Nelson, Betty Wiggins. Shirley Taylor, Sally Jo Petty, Mary Cushner, Judy Nicholson, Sharon Neuman, Janice Perry, Marilyn Davis, Juanita Draper. Third row: Connie Brown, Billye Wing, Cebe Rendle, Rita Fulwiler, Anne Charlene Martinson, Carol Nyberg, Janice Becker, Charlene Burke, June lilston, Roberta Griswold, Kay Bruesehoff, Pat Alberts, Marjorie Ewy, Joan Lamping, Karen Elder, Muriel Lundy, Back row: Barbara Gembernng,Caro1yn Corrigan, Marion Crowe, Phyllis Luschei, Dorothy Penna. Iris Grandstaff, Shirlee Dougherty, Grace Bostrcm, Carol Abbott. Lora Lee Hemphill, Louise Fisken, Janice Hancock, Nancy Battan, Dolores Mackey. Every girl at North Central is a member of Girls' League. Girls! Girls! Girls! Yes, every girl reg- istered in North Central belongs to the Girls' League. Organized in 1918, the high ideals ol' girls are symbolized in the League emblem of honor, service, and loyalty. Nlany activities of the League include the appointing ol' llig Cousins, a selected group to aid new girls entering school: the new girls party: a dancing class, a vocational convocation: Dad-Daughter Banquet: the !XIothers' 'lleag and the spring style show. 'llhey also sponsored a "Cotton Day' on April 8. Awarding pins to honor-roll girls is a FALL OFFICERS: Claudia Bratton, vice-president Anne Ld'k,.' t,':P'l,H'tl,l.'.":! ' ' i -" - ti w.cJegicgis:gLHal?. Drgzigienfasilfel perennial actin ity ol the League. I o bc on eighty-six SPRING CENTRAL COUNCIL-Front row: Miss Damon, Kay LaBarge, Diane Corbin. Cebe Rendle, Gwen Upp, Mary Philips, Bar- bara Miller, Shirley Gustafson, Second row: Peggy Ulrich, Karen Elder, Connie Solseng, Patty Tucker. Lorna Harris, Janet Meier, Elaine Dohl, Elda Clenmients. Third row: Kathy Corine, Loretta Guter, Barbara Gemberling, Linda Quist, Janice Hancock, Annabelle Diztnang. Barbara Walker. Colleen Burke. High ideals of the organization are symbolized in its emblem. the honor roll, ezteh semester. zt girl inustgl. . 3 have C, grades or better :mtl have earnecl l.ea 'ue Joints b f service to the school. ll K A new point system was initizttecl in the spring semester. 'l'his system mztlaes it pos- sible lor zt irl lo earn more Joints than in l previous years. Points have been incireasetl lor jobs consicleretl more llllPOl'l2llll, than others. :mtl the number ol' points ll girl must have to eztrn 21 pin hats been inereftserl proportionally. A bronze pin goes to the girl who has given two semesters ol service: at silver pin lor four semesters: 21 Otoltl Jin lor sixg zuicl zt D ruby set in fl goltl pin. lor eight. SPRING OFFICERS: Cebe Rendle, viee-president.: Betty Xkligfiins, treasurer: Gwen Upp, president: Mary Philips. seeretary. eighty-seven OFFICERS-Front row: Mr. Bradford: Jack Fisher, clerk: Harry Perry, president. Back row: Dick Fosness, vice- presideritg Willie Roberts, treasurer. L yu Vx'- A I' X Motto of the Boys' Federation Motto ol' the Boys' Federation is "to serve the boys of North Central and the school as a wholefl Lowell C. Bradford founded the Fed- eration in l9l8. As present adviser, he su- pervises the Work of the four departments: School service, personal service, community service, and sports-for-all. An executive council, composed of the four elected officers, five class representa- tives, heads of the four service departments, and representatives from each of the activi- ties in which boys participate, directs the work of the group. ii' 'ilk i p , i 1' x BOYS' FEDERATION-Front row: Dave Henry, Jack Fisher, Willy Roberts, Harry Perry, Dick Fosness. Walt Green, Lew Turner. Second row: Jim Littlefield, Mark Kabush, Don Newland, Ron Hulbert, Jim McLean, Wayne Livengood. Third row: Lowell Yeager, Bill Russell, Dick Disney, Don Faraca, Lee Charest, Bob Waite, Gary Cooprider. Fourth row: Mr. Bradford, Bill Crowe, Bob Bur- son, Roger Morse, Don Circle, Bert Byrne, Kay Straight, Marvin Thomas, Jack Tierney, Ross Goetz. Back row: Buddy Watson, Lee Walliek, Rich Nielsen, Ray Boyd, Miles Dresser, Dick Stark, Rex Hoseley, Ron Deatherage, Pat Sullivan. eighty-eight is "To Serve North Central." .X school llag featuring No-Co-Ho-So, North Centrals mascot, has been purchased by the Fed. ll is to be llown with the American flag. Other noteworthy activi- ties of the group have been the awarding ol the Archie Buckley inspirational trophy to Lew Turner, presenting convocalions for the boys once a month, sponsoring the Sports-for-All program and the new boys' stag party, and purchasing new decals. To train members in civic duties, the Federation patterns its elections after those ol' the city. Each sunnner. representatives are sent to Boys' State. OFFICERS: Keith Springer, vice-president: Ray Boyd, clerk: Willy Roberts, president: Bob Waite, treasurer, Mr. Bradford, adviser. .f' tr J' ii sg I 3 , l BOYS' FEDERATION-Front row: Lee Charest, Lew Turner. Keith Springer, Willy Roberts. Ray Boyd, Larry Katsel, Bob Waite, Mr, Bradford Second row: Mark Kab h D B 't T L. bet ' ' J k ' s , us , on aumgai , am ed L ter, Ray Hiner, ac Tierney. Bud Watson, Ron Scalera. Third row: Rich Nielsen. Jim McLean, Bill Russell, Dave Nelson. Kevin Scanlan, Lowell Yeager, Den Powelson, Don Newland. Fourth row: Les Nygren, Don Circle, Pete Berquist, Dick Stark, Gary Bowker, Pat Sullivan, Paul Greco, Don Stoebner, Ken Rozelle. eighty-nine ,mis 3, Q 25.4 1-cjV3gjg7,:f5gglg 3: is ef' H' K FALL NEWS STAFF-Seated at left: Daniel Binford, June Elston, Roger Morse, Goldie Long. Standing: Pete Brown, Pete Berquist, Ed Collins, Jackie Miller. Seated at right: Joan Fenton, Carol Schrock, Holly Bleek. Standing: Ross Goetz, Bert Byrne, Don Baumgart. Hlleadline today! All copy niust be inlu lVords such as these are heard daily by all stall nieinhers. The deadline inust be niet so the weekly paper niay go to press on tune. Student editors take the entire respon- sibility of seeing that copy is in on time and Student editors have complete accurate. that pictures have been taken for page one and sport pages, that the make-up is attractive and the copy exactly the correct length. CIRCULATION STAFF-H Ssatedz Betty Franks, Jane LaBarge, Randy Aamot. Sharon Russell, Beverly Anderson, Kathy Walter, Pat Crossler. Standing: Hazel Crowder, Stan Easton, Pete Berquist, Jerry Fenton, Ed Collins. Natalie Johnson. ninety SPRING NEWS STAFF-Seated: Natalie Johnson, Randy Aanmot, Kathy Walter, Karen Thompson, Kay LaBarge, Annette Ander- son, Jackie Miller, Bev Anderson. Standing: Rosemary Ragon, Betty Franks. Carole McNew. Lee Walker, Bonnie Patrick, Gerry Kandler, Phrlis Trail, Marilyn Davis. Georgia Howard, Alan Robinson, Diane Hawley. Barbara Sperling, Rosemary Hollister, Charles Bahin. charge of editing The News. Each VVednesdz1y. the editors spend the zilternoon in the print shop :it the Spokane 'l'et'linit'z1l and Vocational School setting np the pages and correcting printing errors. i Carol Sclirock and xlozin Fenton were fo- editors ol' 'llhe News last fall. June Elston was editor this spring. The News. under the direction of Miss Nlztry Nlcliennzi, PlllJllC'2lll0llS adviser. has won highest national zrwztrds for seventeen coiisectttire years. ""'i'1I SPRING NEWS EDITORS-Shown with linotype operator, Francis A. Willard. are. front row: Hazel Crowder, June Elston, Goldie Lonfz. Bill Gnske. Back: Jerry Fenton. Stan Easton. 7li7'l9fy-07141 FALL TAMARACK STAFF-Front rcw: Lora Lee McDougal, Claudia Bratton, Jane LaBarge, Nancy Philips, Dorothea Hilborn, Dorothy Young, Back row: Carolyn Corrigan, Louise Fisher, Anne Ludwick, Pat Hirth. Tamarack staff works diligently to prepare the yearbook- School Days. School Days Good old N. C. School Days Readin', Ritin', and Rithnietic . Theme for the 1953 yearbook is a year at North Central. 'llypilying school life are the many outstanding photographs taken under the direction ol' George Sniith, pho- tography adviser. x ' A BUSINESS MANAGERS: Don Dolan, Carol Halverson, Rena Toll. ninety-tivo Miss Mary Mclienna, publications ad- viser, eo-ordinates the work among the editorial and photography departments, the engraver and the print shop. Kenneth Mhyre supervises all art work and Don Townsend directs the printing of the book at the Spokane 'l'ec'hnical and Vocational School. NF' PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF-Front row: Kaye Straight. Back row: Don Smith. Nancy Cox, Rod Hanneman, Diane Seniw. SPRING TAMARACK STAFF-Front row: Mary Kay Maas, Pat Heinfekin, Joyce Anderson, Maribeth Perdue, Janetha Hugo, Mary Coykendall. Back row: Carol Maas, Pat Thomas, Don Phillips, Carol Schrock, Dan Settle, Nyla Brockway, Dorothy Nolan, Inga Pederson. Not pictured: Marion Crowe, Stan Easton. to carry out its theme in art work, creative writing, pictures. qxlllilllg the nnporlznn Jobs oi the Vlxillllillilfk SLHH. are Lo selerl Lhe cover and the theme. plan the make-up. collefl and assemble senior pic'Lures and activities, write copy Zlllil photograph all school groups and activities. XVriling copy. checking prools. and col- - n.a,M, . EDiTORSfJOEl11 Fenion. Don Baurngzart. 1CCllllg2lllll photographing activities taking plate in the spring are the jobs ol' the spring slalllf Last year the '52 'l'a1na1'ac'k won the Medalist .-Xwarnl. as one ol' the lop len books in the country. This years slafl' hopes. loo. lo attain that honor. ADVISERS-George Smith, photography: MGD' MCKCUHH- general adviser: Don Townsend. prmtmgg Kenneth Mhyre, art. ninety-three Honors Board gives final approval on presentation of awards. Student Court upholds the rules made bythe student body. "lsn't that a beautiful trophy!" It is the Honors Board that decides each semester what students are qualified to receive vari- ous athletic and service awards. Newly in- augurated this year is the award given to the senior A who has done niueh for North Central and has received no other recog- nition in school. "Guilty or not guilty?" These words are heard each week as the holders of con- duct slips from the previous days are sunl- nioned before the Student Court. Organ- ized and conducted like a "true to life" court, nieinbers review each case separately, giving the "criminal" a chance to present his "defense" GATHERED AROUND THE TABLE-Larry Sleizer, Georgia Howard, Miles Dresser, Gwen Upp tchairmanl, Dick Fosness, Mrs. Mabel McLaughlin tadviserl, Carol Halverson, Stan Easton, Wayne Livengood, Juanita Draper. SEATED-Don Newland, defense attorney: Mark Kabush, prosecuting attorney: Harry Perry, judgeg Carol McCoy, secretary. Standing: Del Jones, adviserg Don Reed, bailiff. ninety-four f r ? ' 1 K i , , tt .F f fs...-l . HALL GUARDS-Front row: Elnora Stoller, Rose Fisher, Maribeth Perdue, Jackie Disney. Dorothy Cunningham, Wanda Eplin, Darlene Cunningham, Betty Buckley, Charlotte Gardner, Barbara Holman, Peggy Watson, Deanna Kuhlman, Betty Culton, Second row: Arlys Schaeffer, Marjorie Anderson, Sharon Paulson, Nadine Anderson, Kay Bruesehoff, Barbara Sperling, Marjorie Hamil- ton Hazel Crowder, Ann Fackenthall, Nancy Buchanan, Sherry Larkin, Joanne Lafaee. Back row: Bob Everhart, Dorothy Jones, Marilyn Morgan, Annette Hammond, Gail Gardner, Janice Frounfelter, Gary Hanneman, Paul Nodland, Helen Danquist, Marlys McGeorge, Gail Watson, Joan Barnes, Janet Novak, Marilyn Daniels, Doris Steiner. CON DEPUTIES-Front row: Sarah Harper, Lorraine Beckman, Pat. Davies, Marian Robb, Lorraine O'Brien, Kay Kronenberg, Joy Thompson. Second row: Roger Torgerson, John Alexander, Don Newland, Don Osborn, Gay Krebs, Barbara Starn. Back row: Betty Shand, Milo Kurle, Gary Nelson, Bill Gow, Gordon Christy, Gary Slanger, Jerry McRae, Ross Goetz. Hall Guards are stationed in the corridors during classes. Alert Con Deputies assure attention during all convocations. "May l see your pass, please?" questions the Hall Guard as he encounters a student outside ol' class. A pass, signed by a faculty tneniber, must be carried by a student pass- ing through the halls during class period. Stationed at various points in the halls, the alert Hall Guards issue conduct slips to students who cannot produce a pass. "l-ley. you in the blue shirt, will you please lower your voice?" "l'atrolling" in all tionvoeations, the Con Deputies see to it that order and attention prevail throughout the auditorium. Issuing tiondurt slips for st'ul'l'ling. loud talking. and other disturb- ances, the Con Deputies are ever 011 the "alert." 'ninety-five Traffic Squad responsibilities develop leadership qualities. Supersleuths help maintain clean, attractive surroundings. "l'ni sorry, but you'l1 have to go up the north stairs. These are the down stairsfi These are familiar words coming from members of the Traffic Squad as they carry out their duty. Directing students through- out the halls, these boys do an excellent job of taking care ol' traffic at North Central. The Grounds Squad is constantly on the Hprowli' for "lawbreakers," and meni- bers patrol the outside of the building as Well as the inside, especially during lunch periods. Receiving a conduct slip for crowd- ing in lunch lines and throwing things in the cafeteria, an offender is summoned before the Student Court. 5 I ,fi -i- ' M ,. .Ks TRAFFIC SQUAD-Front row: Ed Unicume, Walter Jones, George Casselman, Duane Tradena. Second row: Lloyd Harris, Gary Bowker, Ronald Thue, Mr. Malterner. Back row: Donovan Reed, David Nelson, Bob Grossman, Richard Shand, Howard Kipp. GROUNDS SQUAD-Front row: Angelo Petruss, Larry Liptac, Don Baumgart, Bob Barton, Mr. Malterner. Back row: Lloyd Phinney, Jerry Fenton, Ray Swam, Louis Schmidt. ninety-sizr t U an LIBRARY WORKERS-Front rcw: Eileen Johnson, Agnes Larson, Betty Franks, Nedra Ellis, Sue Nealy, Geraldine Hyer, Lorene Mossuto, Roberta Johnson. Second row: Peggy Cody, Norma Hahn. Sally Ellis. Janet Sullivan, Peggy Watson, Claudia Bunge, De- anne Dunn, Elizabeth Rocklin. Third row: Cleda Keys, Lillian Knight, Joan Evans, Sharon Paulson, Jeannette Paggett, Margie Anderson, Sylvia Betts, Gloria Heela, Lee Gates. Back row: Mary Shepard, Frances Sorensen. Jean Rollo, Nancy Meek, Myrlene Collins, Minnie Forrester, Don Kachinsky, Bonnie McLachlan, Pat Barney. LIBRARY WORKERS-Front row: John Hoy, Rose Fisher, Darlene Coon, Darlene Bradley, Sandra Selivanoff, Bonnie Stills, Ann Faekenthall, Karen Blough. Second row: Marlys Glasgow, Charlotte Douglas, Belle Forester, Claudia Phelps, Louis Rex, Pat Leigh- ton. Jeannette Schaeffer, Donna Billberg. Third row: Charlotte Lansing, Marilyn Brewster, Eileen Smith, Myrna Morford, Doris Mann, Della Marshall, Ruth Thomas, Arlys Schaeffer. Back row: DeAnn Beekman, Patsy Koski, Valeta Lepell, Bonnie Williams, Beverly Lyons, LaVerne Belshaw, Gail Hayden, LaVerle Sutherland, Myrna Tobin, Carmen Porter. Library Workers, largest group of helpers in the school, give valuable assistance to students as well as librarians. It l2lli6S Zl lol of work to kee J the lihrar ' liction section workers. Librar ' workers l 5 l lunclioiiing properly, and the L 1 lm 1' 21 1' y help to keep every hook lll llS correct place itlorlaers help to make it easier. They rom- on the shell' and roiilribute greatly to the prise the largest of workers 111 the school. elficfieiicy ol' the library. lQllC5gS!i1'YC 11s.l1ostesses. eiieixlnfe ami. -?.'l'llLLllC.l.S21 tTQJ.I.l.PlCLC.LLllZlllg'Cl.J.lLS1.Z1lll'fiZ:l,K.lll exit-cloor lll0llll0l'S. c'le1'ic'z1l workers, c'l1zi1'0'- Jeriocl. 'llhex' Hive lllY21llllll!lC zissistzuice to n l , s 111 'clesk ass1stz111Ls,a1't librar lIl0I11t0l'S, and the librarians and to the stuclents. Y ninety-seven l li Recording study hall attendance keeps Roll Checkers busy. Distributing clean towels is one duty of Gym Office Workers. "Has anyone seen John Jones?" "Heres your towelf' 'llhe Roll Checkers, each period, uc- Yes, the girls' Gyni Office VVorkers, count for the presence or absence of all besides checking attendance daily, inain- students enrolled in study hall. They check tain a line organization, keep individual slips sent in from the library, trace "1niss- records on each girl taking gym and dis- ing" persons and keep neat, e f f i c i e n t tribute clean, fresh towels to everyone alter records. each gym period. S' 3 -fm ROLL CH ECKERS-Front row: Bonnie Stills, Donna Pulver, Phyllis Belden Martha Winton. Second row: Jean Reese, Willene k row: Barbara Holman, Sandra Kelly, Delores Overmeyer, Betty Jo Bonner, Betty Britt, Lee Ann Koch, Janette Holman, l Bac V Mackey, Gail Gardener, Diane Wilson, LaVina Morlan, Betty Fairfax. GYM OFFICE WORKERS--Front row: Betty Rae Bump, Lorene Mossuto, Mary Ann Mattenson, Elnora Stoller, Ann Templeton. Second rcw: Carolyn Gibbs, Mary Coykendall, Barbara Sperling, Phyllis Lusehei, Edna Clements, Janette Holman. Back row: Dorothy Nolan, Carol Halverson, Inga Pederson, Shirley Dougherty, Jeanette Hamblin, Judy Hanford. ninety-eight Q LOCKER MONITORS-Front row: Rae Nickel, Karen Blough, Beyerly Blandy, Joanne Lewis, Lois Kooistra, Elaine Dahl, Marlene Molycka. Second row: Suzie Walters, Bonnie Lafaee, Bonnie Patrick, Bernadine Kussman, Gloria Althouse, Natalie Johnson, Janaine Henry, Marlene Gower. Back row: Lora Hemphill, Carol Armitage, Joanne Fluman, Kay Ewy, Marlys MeGeorge, Beverly McLaurin, Stella Hamilton, Beverly Mills. NURSES WORKERS-Standing: Marcia Griffith, Jolene Pierson, Peggy Ulrich, Mabel Bennett. Seated: Miss Fritchie, Barbara Morris. Locker Monitors are protectors of our personal property. Workers in the nurse's office keep it functioning properly. Locker Monitors protect our personal Because the nurse is present at North property six periods a day. It is their job Central only twice a week, it is necessary to to guard the locker rooms from intrusion have someone to carry out her duties in her and disorder, and prevent damage to the absence. The recently organized group of iarticies kqaetheie 'Haese area hard- i'gl'P1'S' wh4+ do this work learn to aeeept working group that must be alert, cionsci- responsibility, keep orderly records, and to entious, and willingtoacceptresponsibility. handle human relations. ninety-nine Talented members of Tau Chi serve through entertainment. Aquettes promote skill and interest in competitive swimming. Members ol' lan Chi, new talent club. are on call at all times to entertain service and business organizations. 'llo be a mem- ber, one must have at least a C average and good citizenship, besides having a special talent. Two talent cons are to be presented each year. Aquettes, North Central's swimming club organized last fall, seeks to promote skill and interest i11 synchronized and com- petitive swimming. Members chosen by try- outs IIIUSI be girls who enjoy this sport, In the spring the club presented its first water show. Officers are elected once a year. vu 9-4 ll 0i'l TAU CHI-Front row: Marilyn Hammer, Marjorie Ewy, Ann Charlene Martinson, Martha Winton, Dolly Coon, June Hannah, Carolyn Young, Suzanne Frank, Darlene Jackman, Dick Green. Second row: Bill Guske, Elaine Hieber, Joan Downes, Frances Sor- enson, Gerry Kandler, Ernie Aschenbrenner, Kirsten Johnson, Roberta Griswold, Sally Braun, Hazel Crowder, Joyce Vietzke. Back row: Miss Brown, Mike Praetorius, Jack Boskill, Jerry Connelly, Don Circle, Rich Nielsen, Jack Schultz, Ross Goetz, Bud Watson, Torn Ledbetter. AQUETTES-First row: Joyce Anderson, Karen Carstens, Carol Daisley, Janet Novak, Judy Flynn, Mary Lee McLachlan, Mrs. Kopf. Second row: Diane Hawley, Karen Suclhoff, Nancy Meck, Peggy Clark, Marilyn Morgan, Carolyn Griffin, Carol Armitage, LaVerne Belshaw. Back row: Suzie Walters, Virginia Worley, Joy Baertsch, Mary Lou Nordby, Delores Craig, Joan Moore, Beverly Thompson, Bobby Allison. one hundred wi A , , shura! 3 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA-Front row: Dorothy Zumoto, Donna Bretthauer, Donna Steelman. Second row: Janice Bennett, Darlene Foreman, Doris Griffith, Jeannette Scheaffer. Back row: Carolyn Greening, Barbara Sheridan, Betty Graham, Dorothy Jones, Arlys Scheaffer. COMMERCIAL CLUB-Front row: Annette Anderson, Eva Babbitt, Lorene Mossuto, Kay Nelson, June Hannah, Bonnie Byrne. Second row: Carol Jean Forbes, JoAnn Grable, Mary Philips, Jean Charbulak, Rena Toll, Miss Collard, Kay Campbell. Back row: Helen Notis, Marilyn Hammer, Doris Merrick, Lora Lee Hemphill, Bev McLaurin, Marjorie Hamilton, Marlys McGeorge, Roberta Griswold, June Elston, Claudia Funseth, Karen Elder, Marilyn Davis. FHA creates interest in home, school, and community life. Commercial Club attracts majors in commercial subjects. Future Homemakers ol. Anierica. na- Commercial Club sponsors typing tests tional organization lor girls. creates interest each week and awards pins to those typing anal appreciation in the home the school. -lil. 50, 60 words a minute. Girls wishing to and in'eorrrm1inityliteilvlerrrbei'saremafforfse hero ihers are-reqrrirerl to haverar or minors in home economics and have a commercial major and must pass a com- B average. mercial test. one hundred one Quill and Scroll is an honorary for high school journalists. Spanish Club members create an atmosphere of old Spain. Outstanding journalists who work on Senors and senoritas studying Spanish the 'Ilamarack or 'l'he News are eligible are eligible to become members ol' Spanish lor Quill and Scroll. Purpose of this inter- Club. An annual dinner. featuring exotic national society is to raise the standards in loods of Mexico and Spain is a highlight of the lield ol writing and direct the course ol' the club's social activities. Regular busi- high school journalism. ness meetings are twice each month. QUILL AND SCROLL-Front row: Holly Bleek, Carol Sehrock, Second row: Ross Goetz, Don Dolan, Don Baumgart, Back row: Rena Toll, Joan Fenton, June Elston. SPANISH CLUB-Front row: Mary Ann Cogley, Allen Hall, Larry Sleizer, Frank Pebles, David Nash, Sonya Bowker, Marlene Gothmann, Miss Boehme. Second row: Marjorie Sampson, Sylvia Betts, Mary Lou Nordby, Judy Aeree, Pat Larson, Deanna Monaghan, Eileen Smith, Carolyn Young, Judy Nickelson. Third row: Ann Materne, Bob Biol, Dee Bowker, Gary Mors, Betty Koon, Jackie Simonitch, Randy Aamot, Janet Dalzell, Kathy Stevenson, Meta Baker, Charlotte Lansing. Back row: Bob Lenthy, Don Powelson, Bob Crabb, Ken Baumgarner, Gary Bowker, Roy Thronclson, Alan Robinson, Phil Walker, Lee Walker, Walt Jones, Tim Rodgers. one hundred two TH ESPIANS-Front row: Delores Hughes, Gayle Pilant, Joan Hiatt. Don Baumgart, Gerry Kandler, Joanne Ring. Second row: Caro- lyn Young, Roberta Griswold, Peggy Watson, Natalie Johnson, Shirley Daugherty, Donna Walden, Marlene Lilleby, Kay Camp- bell, Charlotte Wilson. Back row: Miss Chitty, George Hagen, Bill Guske, Carolyn Cotterel, Richard Nielsen, Bud Watson, Ron Scalera, Goldie Long, Donna Keteham. ART CLUB-Front row: Betty Wiggins, Inga Pederson. Nyla Brockway, Donna Walden, Rosalie Lee. Second row: Bette Burtness. Bonnie Byrne. Dorothy Nolan, Billye Wing, Arlene Stack, Diane Johnson. Back row: Dan McKinnon, Dan Settle, Don Phillips, JoAnn Evans, Mr. Biner. Thespians create active, intelligent interest in dramatics. Art Club encourages artistic ability through painting contests. 'I-Xct well your part for there all honor lies" is the motto of the Thespian Club. Membership in this Troupe 628 of the National Thespian Society is open to those who have participated in plays and other tlramatics activities. An Art Club member must have at least one semester of art, have received a B or above in the subject, and be majoring in art. The club sponsors an i'Eye Opener" Nlixer, proceeds of which go for prizes for their annual S'Painting ol' the Year" Contest. one lumdred three Chess enthusiasts promote friendly competition in their club. Clean character, living, and speech are objectives of 3 C's. Chess Club, organized by Paul H, At the meeting of SCS each Friday Neuman five years ago, has no outside morning, a speaker from some Spokane activities. Each week, between 25 and 30 church, some special music and some sing- students attend continuous ladder tourna- ing are enjoyed. Everyone Whose aims are ments between players-deciding the top cleanercharacter,cleanerliving,andcleaner chess players for the week. speech is welcome at the meetings. 'dai CHESS CLUB-Front row: Al Lunde, Ray Boyd, Mark Kabush, P. H. Neuman, Minnie Forester, Sandra Selivanoff, Larry Sleizer, Gene Alberts, Don Powelson, Tom Moore. Second row: Lowell Yeager, William Haynes, Carl Griffith, Howard Kipp, Miles Dresser, Rod Hanneman, Dick Stark, Jack Gambill, Donovan Reed, Ron Milligan. Back row: Larry Rolstad, Fred Gray, Bill Gothmann, Charles Goddard, Terry Middaugh, Bill Phipps, Ed Collins, Ronald Thue, Gary Glenn, Ron Carow, Bob Young, George Casselman. THREE C's-Front row: Miss Collard, Wanda Eplin, LaVonne Mitchell, Joanne Laface, Carol Hendrickson, Betty Britt, Belle Fores- ter, Charlotte Douglas, Peggy Cody, Norma Hahn, Sharon Sleith, Karen Olsen. Lois Rex, Charlotte Gardner. Second row: Donna Ketcham, Judie Merica, Doris Sturm, Robin Johnson, Helen Notis, Sue Nealey, Jeanette Paggett, Pat Larson, Joan Evans, Mary Cogley, Barbara Holman, Marlene Gothmann, Carolyn Gardner Third row: Janna Merica, Ruth Womack, Barbara St. John, Joyce Dailey, Beverly Goodwin, Minnie Forester, Beverly Mills, Betty Graham, Anita Reyerson, Shirley Lewis, Evahmarie Wash, Diane Wilson, Helen Jersild, Back row: Wilma Uhden, Al Owens. Les Nygren, Wes Hood, Margaret Caine, John Philp, Torn Hanson, Charles Wash, Miles Dresser, Bill Gothmann. Gary Anderson, Bill Wayland. one hundred four Q i 5 . i i VOX PUELLARUM-Front row: Rena Toll, Carol Halverson, Joyce Kippen, Dolly Miles. Second row: Mary Philips, Pat Heinekin, Donna Moore. Dianna Pomeroy, Anna Mae Rosholt, Shirley Ewy, Nancy Roberts, Judy Eyans, Billye Wing. Back row: Carolyn Carosella. Carolyn Gibbs, Sally Overholser, Barbara Gemberling, Joyce Anderson, Georgia Howard, Miss Cleveland, Bonnie Byrne, Kay Mead, Kathy Stephenson, Randy Aainot, Marilyn Jenkins, Lee Ann Koch, Annabelle Dizmang, Janet Dnlzell, Kay Worthington. WARRIORS--Front row: Bob Tziigen, Earl Stoner, Bob VVaite, Bill Lennard, Don Faraca, Bill Pixley, Dick Disney, Ed Unicunie, Mr. Deidrick. Second row: Dick Haunschild, Don Dolan, Jack Biggs, Willis Roberts, Elbert Benson, Dick Fosness, Walt Green, Don Wimberly, Lew Turner. Third row: Bob Linninger, Alan Robinson, Bob Wilkes, Francis Conrad, Harry Perry, Gordon Brunette, Burrell Nutt, Ron Sanders, Bob Crabb. Back row: Walt Lobdell, Larry Fisher, Wayne Livengood, Rod Hanneinan, Norm Veach, Woody Woodard, Ray Erickson, Jim Tinnell, Paul Greco. Vox Puellarum is a social and philanthropic organization. Warriors works for betterment of boys' gym department. Vox Puellzirunl tVoice ol' the Girlsj is ll social and philanthropic group which gives 21 needy fzunily ll complete Christmas. from tree to turkey, each year. An annual "Fight hznil :incl never complain" is the niotto ol' the lC'LtCl'Ill2lll,S club. the XVar- riors. :incl working for the betterment oi the boys' gym clepzirtinent is one of their award is given tcrrhe girhf 1 duate who has nccoinplishecl the most in high school under the greatest liancliczip. outsluncling activities. l11'l95I-52. they rziisetl luntls to purchase the whirlpool bath. one hundred five Latin Club members show interest in ancient Roman lore. Rifle Club teaches safe and proper rifle-handling technique. Holding a Roman banquet is one of Latin Clubs most interesting semester ac- tivities. Members Wear togas and sit around tables decorated like those ol' the old Ro- mans. Any student enrolled in Latin and interested in the ancient lore of Rome is eligible to become a member. 'Sure shots" are those who are members of Rifle Club. They own their own guns and most ol' them are members of the Na- tional Rifle Association. Purpose of the club is to learn proper rifle-handling tech- nique with a special and consistent empha- sis on safety. RIFLE CLUB-Front row: Carol Smith, Gary Glenn, Dick Hoffman, Russell Coykendall, Charles Moe. Don Nolan, Second row: Jerry Felker, Jim Walker, Joe Marchioro, Dick Rainbolt, Bill Burris, Eddie Shriver, Jack Woodbury. Back row: Mr. Christenson, Neil Herbison, Harold Craig, Dean Edwards, Skip Haynes, Dennis Martin, Gerald Bundy, Tom Montgomery. LATIN CLUB-Front row: Angelo Petruss, Bob Burson, Betty Jean Rohrer, Roberta Voshell, Holly Bleek, Willene Overmyer, Dolores Alberg, Walt Green, Bobbie Biggs. Second row: Peggy Ulrich, Diane Hanson, Mary Shepherd, Nancy Cox, Ernie Aschen- brenner, Janet Linden, Gail Watson, Joan Fenton, Hazel Crowder, Judy Hanford, Dolly Miles, Maribeth Perdue, Kay Worthington, Charlotte Wilson, Gwen Upp. Back row: Bert Byrne, Mike Praetorius, Larry Liptac, Bob Barton, Roger Morse, Pete Berquist, Larry Katsel, Del Erickson, Ross Goetz, Jerry Lindvall, Gary McKinney, Neil Herbison. one hundred six 'r Lfltsfs f"9 nuns lt MATH CLUB-Front row: Diane Hansen, Jane LaBarge, Gwen Upp, Carol McCoy, Nyla Brockway, Carol Abbott, Dolores Alberg, Dolly Coon, Second row: Kenny Rozelle, Bob Burson, Larry Simpson, Karen Anderson, Ernie Asehenbrenner, Duane Baker, Michael Halliday, Lowell Yeager, Dave Henry. Back row. Ronald Thue, Dick Taylor, Don Circle, Bob Grossman, Pete Berquist, Neil Herbison, Miles Dresser, Richard Stark, Fred Gray, Don Kachinsky. AMORES LIBRORUM-Front row: Mary Coykendall, Viola Wiedemann, Janet Nixon, Mary Lou Edwards, Dorothy Clayton, Willene Overmyer. Second row: Marjorie Sampson, Lowell Yeager, Karen Anderson, Pat Thomas, Carol Sehrock, Kay Nelson, Minnie Forester. Third row: Beverly Zimmerman, Sonya Bowker, Dave Henry, Karen Thompson, Carol McCoy, Carol Jean Forbes, Hazel Crowder, Rita Fulweiler, Eileen Smith. Back row: Ron Thue, Kaye Straight, Misehael Paris, Stan Easton, Dick Shand, Bob Grossman, Jack Gambill, Joan Fenton, Shirley Rozelle. Math sharks are amused by tricky problems at meetings. "Lovers of books" sponsor annual Book Week convocation. Sharpening their wits by working tricky inatheinatic problems, ineinbers of Nlath Club are required to have three semesters of B grades in lll2ili1Clll2lllCS ancl no grade below C in other subjects. Each year the club concltlcts a contest open to all students at North Central. 'lxhe Mary R. Bacon chapter ol' .-Xinores l.lbl'OI'llIll, naniecl for its tountler and acl' riser. is inacle up oi' honor-roll stutlents. 'l'o proniote interest in books, the club spon- sors such service projects as the Book XVeek convocation. Members also have an oppor- tunity to nieel foreign slntlents. one hundred seven Custodians and Cafeteria Staff, in ministering to our needs, play important roles in our school life at North Central. "The school looks sparkling clean." Such are the words you may have heard lroni students after spring vacation. The custodians, always busy, spent their spring vacation scrubbing and waxing liloors. washing windr ns's. cleaning wood- work and caring lor the lawn. Preparing health lul, attractive food at a low cost is the task of the cafeteria staff. 'lhese live, always anxious to please, spend hours preparing our lunches. In addition to serving complete, well-balanced ineals with hot dishes, salads, and dessert, they provide the students with appetizing extras. - A-,. "."fi!s Q . ig 53' 7 51. Q K we .Ek as Z4 . 1 Vw? . if 4 'il' A 4 if -i CUSTODIANS-Front row: Edwln L, Prueler, George Truedso n, B. E. Gooler, Fred Verich, Lucia Pontieri. Back row: William E. Hummer, E. D. Trapp, Arthur Baker, head custodian. CAFE-Sybil Pick, Vivian Rowley, Viola Santoria, Alice Gillespie, Agnes Foskin. one hundred eight v' w ag if SQ, Q5 2? w ,,s"x"'Nff ig if f one hundred ten "Till I TValtz Again With You" Liann Hass and Elaine Heiber enjoy the potato dance at the new girls' party sponsored by the League. :N "Tm for Two" Goldie Long gets the thrill of a lifetime when she interviews movie star Piper Laurie. nf IV0r1'f 'Fha Buy' il booster hatfu plead Bob Burson :md Roger Ilaisley. ... .u . ,.A, 3 is doing just that. ' -M g-9,1 Q, 11 x 1,Ilf Your Shoes Un . . ." Gordon l"rc-enum f yi ,www , one hundred eleven rf Uonll Tvclz It" says .lolin Hilpcrt to liolm Tuigcn, who is clo:-toring his kncc. liottom lt-ft: "I lVono'r'r, I lVOPIIl1'l'v Tln- unknown Miss 'l':i11i:1racli of 15353, SllIll'0I1 Itussc-ll. rccvivus :L crown, :is Anno I,uclwic'li :mil Put Hirtll look on. .J one hundred twelve Bottom right: " Yr' s' Sir, IVIIIZFS Bly Hairy" M. C. lion Billllllgiift wutcllcs Holly B11-ck do the Cl1i1l'll'fSt0Y1 thu 'Il!1lIlIll'2ii'li skit in fyuvb A ii -G Q "Sify Ifiglzf fp" and buy your til-kct from tiicsc girls who work in room ll!! during frm- prrioris. Left to right, seated: Shirley Geisler, Bonnie Smith. and Carol Abbott. Standing: Barbara Dowlcr, Marlys McGeurgc, Carol Zorn, Mary Ellen DeGroat, Shirley Blangers, Louise Hill- yard, Patty Tucker. -.L . WWF? 3 "Oh, llapplzf ljllffv Ill-d i"t'2ltill'l'S ox- prcss joy as the Tribe scores again. 3 l ,, iw!-, Q 4 .il W 5 Y 4 'Y '- i W-W-QW. . irril one hundred thirteen "Uh, lwlzrisfmas Y'TI'f'.lv Bert Byrne :md Roger Morse get "decorated" at Latin Clubis Christnias Party. "Frosty the Snowman" seems to enjoy the attention he is getting from these '53 graduates. one hundred fourteen l,!'f'k flu' IIaH.v," sing tllcsc tllrvc as they dv1'or:1tc thc cvllYiStlI1!1?i tra-0 in thu lowvr hull. Swim in' 1107011 flzr' J I,f1n1',' :arc tlxcqm- golf:-rs. Randy Azunot is in tlu' f-0!'6'0'l'0llTld. F' one hundred fifteen -fi , .Q one hundred sixteen V l'm an Indian Ton" Charlotte YVilson, Bob Barton, and Maribeth Pi-rdue examine Mrs. Dunningfs Indian crafts. "If l'd Known You Were Coming, Fd Haz'f' Baker! a Cake" Shirley Hctrick, Jackie Bunch, hlargic Hcnthorn, Carol Varmnn, and Marilyn Daniels frost a cake they baked in foods' class. 0 S1100-fly I'i1f mul ,Ipplr 111121 IJfnf'1f'lf' News :md 'l'ilIIl?lI'1lCk stuffs cnjoy tllClIlSt'lVt'S at tllvir wmi-:mnual puhlivzltions bzlnquct. 'jlakr' I1'r'li1'11f"' is il favorite gftllllf' of tllcsc actors as they make- up for thc' tale-nt con. one hundred seventeen 2'-B mu' hundred eightven "Yf111'lI ,Yffzwfr GM ,Alu'aLy" until your copy,s dont. Vlvlltf News stuff is working dilige-ntly to mm-t the dm':1dlim'. H1'vlII'!Z'Zl'Il.lf 1'Iacf'.v" arc vontzxctcd by Harrie Smith, opm-rating :1 'ham' svt. u Twfldy Hr'ar,.v Picnic." This teddy boar Sl'l'IllS to bc llilYiIlg one with Rose Red flfarolyn Youngj and Snow VVl1itc fffllarlottc VVilsonj in thc CllildYl'Tl'S 'I1llC2ltl'L' production. "If I Had flu' Tfings of an fingclu wish those- who come bcforc thc studcnt court can-l1 W'cdncsday. Luft to right arc: Don Ncwland, bailiifg Karcn Anderson, sccrc- taryg IA-W Turncr. prosecuting attorney: Uon B2lllII'lg2lY't, judgcg and Dick Stark, dcfensc attorncy. FQ.. one hundred nineteen "Off We Gov! Kay Campbell and Ross Goetz pack Red Cross boxes for nccdy children abroad. one hundred twenty The Olrl Ma.9fer Pzzintff' has nothing on these artists who are working on 21 mural. Left to right are: Nyla Brockway, Betty lviggins, Dan McKinnon, and Gcrald Robinson. 1 f'l!Il,f Sfup Tallring Allmuf' this ye':1r's dvlmtn' topiv. thx- de-lmtv t1-:un finds as thcy rvgistvr for distrivt tour- nuxm-nt :xt Hzzstm-1'n XV:1sh- ington folk-gc uf Educa- tion. Left to right aw: Don l5:111111gz1l't. Mark Knlmush. Kms Gm-tz. Diana- Huw- lvy. :md Wlilt Jones. Tlzervfs' ,Yo Ifzzsirzffxx Lilfe Show l5'11Sil1rfs.v" cxprcsses the fm-lings of Gm-orgc Hagvn, Sally Ge-urge-, and Mrs. Gcorgc. who p:nrtic-ipatvd in the P.-T. A. XY!llldPViHt' Show. one hundred twerzzy-one one hundred twenty-two "His In flu' HooL"' tllcsi' lNl0lil'00Ill workvrs know. llclnoru Plrickson, Mrs. Bailey, Pat l":iirf:1X. :md Pat Hanson scll school supplies to Carol Stem-rson. "Tell fllr' a Story" tlicsu youngsters urge during gfilllLlIll'Cl'Zil'kCY-Zil'ld'lI1illi time- at thc' nursery school. Assisting :ire Mursliu Guflin, Sharon Rogers, :md Rosalind Lindsey, mcrnlurrs of thc child da-vQlop11u'nt class. :md Mrs. Nygziurd. clircvtor of the nursery sc-liool. lv' 1111.11 the Good Lord Hlffxx and Keep You" is our wish for the graduates of ,53. one hundred twenty-three Z 75 3' U O -'I rn f m rn : Q I -l rn Z an RA HEST RC O I N A .V if x 1 if ! f 1 'M A rj' , L Nw Y X R x ,W , . - J' ' 6655? BU 'E ' . ' f - . ,. gl h : w ia- L , ff fa A -3? x N- STAGE CREW CHOIR my . .. a - 'g A v .1 5 Q ciif' : ':f1 ' A , ' ' ' 5 - - , 5: W wt, A 7 V . , 1 -ft 3 f. X.. i K1 A-7 Af- Q A , ip Q . we M- g V ,A ,f ' 1' y 1 5 , f g 2 Q A - , A RR R Q ,.,Lg , 1 .- - A ' +A Q. 3, gy I6 RY UA AN FJ HTO NIG H "1 ik "4"-F?-, -:Q - 5-rf X wif? Choir, Orchestra, Tepee Lighters, finish fine musical year. i I 1 1 y Music Department presents programs for school, civic groups Music has had another successful year at North Central. Under the direction of NV. Stanley Taft and student directors, the Choir, Orchestra, and Tepee Lighters have completed a busy schedule. Sixty-four members ol' choir gave a line performance last fall in "The Mikadof' by Gilbert and Sullivan. They sang at Bacca- laureate, and presented programs at the Davenport Hotel, at l o ur S p o k an e churches, and for the Elderbloom Club. "The Greater Spokane Music Festival" and "Melody Capers!! were the main activities lor the spring semester. Choir presented as its main feature, "Kyrie in D Minor" by Bach, in "Melody Capersf, Recordings ol this were made for Red Cross overseas service. Orchestra, comprised ol' 35 members, provided music lor the operetta, "Melody Capersflaud Baccalaureate and Commence- ment programs. Tepee Lighters presented A'Christmas Cantata," by Gerald Hartley, in the lobby ol' the Davenport I-lotel. 'Fhey gave pro- grams also for a Faculty VVives Banquet, the Greater Spokane Music Festival, and, trav- elling to Pullman, the Eastern Wfashington Music Educators Festival at lhfashington State College. CHOIR-Front row: Don Kachinsky, Connie Solseng, Kathy Walter, Marilyn Hammer, Bonnie Van Doren, Darlene Leahy, Barbara Hawes, Barbara Countryman, Shirley Geisler, Betty Wiggins, Mary Lee McLachlan, Leslie Rider. Second rowr Rex Hoseley, Juanita Draper, Mary Kay Maas, Greta Johnson, Beverly Thompson, Yvonne Blackstone, Darlene Sheehan, Elaine -Hieber, Marion Hether- ton, Ann Rymond, Barbara Ullman, Marjorie Hamilton, Jerine Larson, Carolyn Young, Barbara White, Dixie Lee Miles, Joanne Bruck, Gene Keevy. Back row: Don Circle, Jack Schultz, George Hagen, George Petheram, Don Powelson, Don Walker, George Casselman, Bill Hagemann, Bob Telford, Dan Boutwell, Jerry Connelly, Marvin Mochel, Howard Kipp, Steve Gabriel, John Cosby, Bob Everhart, Jim Doggett, John Eakins, Tom Ledbetter, Ed Hamblin, Jack Brooks. one hundred twenty-six O 1 ar "' fy ORCHESTRA-Front row: Janice Melgren, Rosemary Hollister, Carolyn Carosclla, Hazel Crowder, Shirley Lewis. Second row: Dar- lene Lowery, Prudence Roberts, Sharon Isakson, Sharol Rae Cannon, Annabelle Dizrnang, Judy Rollis, Virginia Fuller, Karen: Olson. Back row: Torn Turk. Boi: Bac-kett, Dennis Wilkerson, Ray Bond, Arlen XVeberling,, Kirsten Johnmon, Kay Biuesehoff, Sally George, Sharen Hunt. Wilma Uhden. TEPEE LIGHTERS-Front row: Toni Ledbetter. Carolyn Young, Don Poweleson, JoAnn Bruck, Ray Garcea, Barbara Countryinan, Jim Doggett. Back row: George Hagen. Barbara White, Bill Gow, Joan Christiansen, Jack Schultz. lvlarjorie Hamilton, Don Circle, Yvonne Blackstone. Rex Hoseley, Greta Johnson. one hundred tuwntgf-smwiz North Central's Band has continued its fine musical work. Members participate in musical concerts and athletic events. yillt' dr1r111.s' lift! lltlllfj, T110 t'xX'IlIl70l.V clnfrff, Hn' lIU7'lI.Y, lucy filarft' tITt'tI-X' North Central Band, under the direc- tion ol' Lowell C. liradford has continued to build up its excellent school tradition ol' thirty years standing. 'l'he filty-third lor- iual concert, presented in March, indicat- ed that they have indeed iuerited their twenty-seventh invitation to the lVenat- chee .Xpple Blossom Festival. Nlarching with their usual style and precision they did themselves and their school credit as the host hand in the annual Lilac Parade E i and in the Stadium Show, where with the Red Feathers they presented "A Century of Transportation." The Pep Band, under the student leadership of Pat Sullivan, has continued its outstanding work playing for nuinerous belore-school dances. The Special Band, coiuposed of the Pep Band with specialty instrunientalists, played for sports convo- cations and other events. The Dixieland Band, newly organized this year by Don liliniherly, has proved its popularity with the students by playing strictly jazz iuusic. 1 l E s l BAN D-First row: Pat Sullivan, Jim Watson, Kenny Rozelle, Don Stoebner, Lowell Yeager, Bob Vogelman, Bill Sander, Leslie Nygren, Ron Sealera, John Denbeigh. Second row: Pat Kine, David Henry, Del Chappell, Larry Sleizer, Melvin Oien, Jack Nevins. Marvin Thomas, Frank Randall, Gary Ebil, Dick Soss, Jack Boskill, Mike Halliday, Third row: Steve Hager, Dick Pyne, Bill Kling, John Millgren. Darrell Hulbert, Max Dennison. Dean Edwards, Glen Hamilton, Bill Nessler, John Fuller, Donovan Reed, John Worley. Fourth row: Doug Kraus. George Thrush, Harold Swenson, Gerald Carpenter, Bill Fanazick. Arlene Weber- ling, Perry Plantz, Larry Allen, Rod McBroom, Richard Green, Don Fremstad, Eugene Moore. Back row: Warren Galloway, Phil Rhea, Roger Torgerson. Ron Thue, Bob Grossman, Neil Herbison, Paul Greco, Tom Turk, Jack Thornton, Wayne Schwoob, Wesley Hood. Don Nyberg, Kenneth Miller. one htmdred twenty- eight cs is is 1 SPEGIRTBJANDA-First row: John NVorlev, Bob Vogelnian. Pat Sullivan. Jinx Xvatson. Diek Soss. Don Stoebner, Del Chappell, Lowell Yeager. Pat Kine. Second row: Ron Deatherage, Sid Wheeler, Don Wiinberly, Gary Ludke, Fred Wanless. Richard Melnelly. l Z l z ....-I ,...e...l BAND-Front row: Gary Luclke. Tom Elmer, Sid Wheeler. Ron D 'ath9rage, Don Wirnberly, Diek Taylor, Dennis Pederson, Bob Masters, Doug Halin. Bob Baron, Second row: David Nordby. Ray Emerson. Phil Walker, Tonnru St, John. Don Beals, Jirn Lane, Richard Hoffman, Don Reichert. Bob VVaitinp5,, Third row: Dwayne Upp, Donlev Thue. David Huncleby, David Qlll1'lllLl,J8Ck Wood- bury, Bill Bulris, Ren Hager, Ken Ritchie, Gary lVleKennett, Gene Alberts, Bert Mills, Kaye Straight, Bill Stewart, David Simon- son. Fourth row: John Hoy, Leslie Rider, Bob Crabb, Fred Wanless, Richard Nlclnelly, Don Ellis, Gene Bigger, Gary Hundeby, Toni Hansen, Delano XVood, Riehxird Mieclexna, Jini Baekinan, Bernard Johnson, Toni Wurth. Bill Spedflen, Fifth row: John Philo. Rollin Carlson, Ed Unicunie, Chuck Gllstrap, Danny Pederson, Jerry Uibaeh. Larry Simpson, Mike Praetorious, Walter Green, Derald Hampton. Bob Starry. one hundred twenty-nine one hu il clred thirty "Mikado," comedy operetta of '52 entertains audience. "'l'he Mikadof' l952 opereua written by Gilbert and Sullivan and directed by XV. Stanley 'l'z1l'L, music department head, was presented on December l2, 13 and 14. An entertaining comedy operelta, the story lells old Nanki Poo QGeorge Hagenj who runs away from home because his liuher, The Mikado QRex Hoesleyj wants him io marry Kzuisha fYvonne Blackstonej. Nanki Poo arrives in 'I'iLLipo, meets Yum Yum fllixie Lee Milesj and wants Lo marry her. She canili, however, for she is promised Lo Lord High Executioner flleorge Casselmanj. The lily in the oint- menl is The Mikado, who plans to come lo Top: "YVill you be n1ine?y' questions George Cassel- nizm to Yvonne Bla:-kstone. iwiddle: "Gimme a little kiss, will you. hull?" is the theme of this pose he- tween Dixie Lee Miles and George Hagen. Bottom: "You mean weire going to he executed?" say John Eakins, George Casselinan :md Don Circle. l efaife , A Q Memorable performances were given by the cast. Tittipo to see the execution ol' someone. anyone. Nanki Poo is to be executed within the month, but he and Yuin Yum disappear and a fake execution is "cooked up." The Mikado hears, falsely, that Nanki Poo, his own lost son, has been executed. so he plans Lo execume the exeeutioners. Nanki Poo and Yum Yum reLurn. how- ever: Katisha and Lord High Executioner are niarriedg no one is executed: and every- one lives happily ever after. The cast gave a ineinorable perllorni- ance ol' a delightful operetta. Top: liarharu C'ountryn1:m. Dixie l,ee Miles :ind Bonnie Van lloren smile lvriglitly :it the thought of the t'XCC'lltlOY'l'WVllli'll is :i lmig event. fllirlrlle: Un- happy thoughts are in the minds of Yvonne Blaek- tone and Rex Hoesley. lfolfom : Coolies. front row-- llon Powellson, Howard Kipp, Toni Ledhetter. l,es Rider, Bob Everliurt. Back row: Steve Gabriel, .lolm Cosby, George Petllrzxm, .lim Doggett :md lion KIll'lllHEkf'. :J one hundred thirty-one Audience enjoys participation in "The Night of January I 6 " one hundred thirty-two .lllmzwfz lfirst row: Murlcnc Lillelmy, Peggy Wlatson, Carolyn Young, Carol Schrovk, Sharon VVilson, Roberta Griswold, Gerry Kandlcr. Sccond row: Dick Green, Dotty Hilhorn. Lowf-ll Yeager. Barbara Caudill. Al Owl-ns. Bobbie Pratt. Bud VVatson, Nata- lio Johnson, Joanne Ring. Miss Myrtle Chitty. dircctor, Back row: Donna Wyalden. Kathy Wziltcr, Gayle Pilant. Rich Nielsen, hlark Schorzmun, Bill Gusko, .loan Hiatt, Carolyn Cottrell. Left: Ruby Oufoole Qffzxrolyn Cottrcllj looks as if sho is enjoying thc cross-examination hy llilHllSOIIl0 district :xttorncy Flint QBill Guskoj. Right: Magda Svensson Qflzirol Scllrookj uemns to luv tolling dofonso attorney Stevens CJozzn Hiuttj oxactly what llllpPCRCd that fatal "J:mu:xry 16" night :is jury meinbers Harlem- Lillehy. Donna VV:xlden. Gerry Handler. Kathy Vtlaltcr and Lowell Yeager, look on. Court secretary is Dotty Hilborn. Done in three acts, the play takes place in a courtroom. "1110 Night 01' -Illllllllfy' 111," by A1111 R211111. M115 1116 1952 2111-s1'11001 play 1111011011 by Miss NIy1'11e C11111y, 111'21Ill2111C'S 1'11211'11. 11 is 2111 CIllCl'l211l11Ilg 1'OIIlC11y-1111111121 01 ll Il1lll'11C1' trial. 11111211 1121ppe11e11 111211 11211211 x1211111211'y 111g111 w21s 11es1'r1be11 by 1we11'e 11111168565 011 1'21ry- illg 111sp0s111011s 211111 1'11211'211'1er. 21s 111e1r lll1'11S 10 1JC1lLlCS110l1C11 0211110 21b0111, 150110 111 1111126 2111s. 1110 CIlL1l'C play lk11iCS p1211'0 111 21 1'011r1r00111. N0ve11y 01' 1110 pro- 1111111011 is 111211 1116 jury 111611113613 are C11'21YVI1 11111111 1110 111111161116 be1'0r0 1'l1l'1211l1 111110. N01 1iIl0YV1l1g w11e111er 1110 11C11CIlC12lIlK w111 be 110111111 g11111y or 1101 g11111y.s11spe11s0 111011111s Zllllflllg 1110 1'21s1 211111 111e 2lllC11Clll'6 218 10 1110 v01'1111'1 1116 k1LlT1SIS will l'Cl111Cl' 211 111e 1'011- 1'111s1011 01' 1116 play. A 131'02111w21y S12lgC 1111. "1110 Night 01 l12111u21ry lb." was 01110y011 by 2111 8111116111 b011y IHCIll1DCl'S 211111 1'211'1111y w110 s21w 11. 1,l'CSClll2l11OI1 112110s were N0ve111ber 13 211111 1 1. '111113 1'21s1 was 111111011 10 11111510111 11121511- 111glO1l College 01' E111112111011 November 25 by H. K. Stevens. 1111111121 1'0a1'11, where they pr0se111011 1110 Pllly for 1110 1'011ege s1ll11CI1lS. .X 1JCl'1iO1'Ill2lIl1'C w21s given by 1110 1'21s1. lree 011 1'11z1rg0. 101' 1110 11l'2lIl12111CS classes 01' Rogers 211111 Lewis 211111 C121111. 1110 e1'e11i11g 01' N0y0111ber 12. This was 110110, 2101'0r11i11g 10 Nliss C11111y. 10 2111111211111 1110 1i21s1 wi111 111e l'C2lCl1OIlS 01' 1110 2111111011116-10 10211111 1110111 10 wait 101' 12ll1g1l 111105 211111 10 C'IlllI1l'121lC IIIUTC 111s11111'11y. '1'111s IJCI'1iO1'lll21Ill'C. 2l1l110llg11 21 111'0ss re- 1lCZll'SZi1. gave 1110 1'21s1 2111 0x1'e11e111 111621 01 1111w 211'1111g be1'0re Z1 real 211111101110 w011111 be. Dale 111111111011 is 11ra11121111's 111s1r111'10r 211 Rogers 111111 Miss 1f10re111'e xV21gCI' 211 Lewis 211111 C121r11. 11 11 11 11 11 111111111 thirty-three I .N . Z. KX -A 1 s iv, Martha Wvinton plays it nursery song. Bill Ciuskt- ulIlillil'S upu Ross Got-tz. for tht- show :is Miss liarlmra Brown looks on. Talent convocation entertains school with a diversity of acts. Ann Chzirlvne Martlnson and Carolyn Young nialie last-niinute preparations. one hundred thifrty-four 'l'au Chi talent club presented a pay convocation tlirevtecl hy Miss Barbara Brown on February 5 in the autlitoriuin. Protieetls ol' the convocation went into the March of Dilnes luncl. An enjoyable 37 ininutes of outstantling entertainment was given by North Central stutlents lor North Central students. Variety of entertaiinnent was provitlecl with whistling, tap tlanting, instrumental solos, and the Nlereniaitls. only a iiew ol' the many acts. Master of t'erenionies, Ross Goetz, tlicl an excellent job ol' announcing the acts. antl hatl the auclience "rolling in the aisles" with his inagician tricks. 'l'ln'm- Fives lmli-nd voicvs to bring lovvly inusic to their listeners. Front row: Hlainc Ilim-ber. .lam-t YVy:1tt. lim-ve-rly litc-In-pzirm-. Vurol Cave, Nliriain Rzmdall. Shirley Router. Srrmzd row: Ann Rynmnd. Donna Mc- Cmnn-ll. NIill'lt'NC lingers. Third row: Slmron IIi1l.Jcanncttc Burr. Linda Quist. llianc Bilrdick. Rack row: Carol Bays. Sznirlra Larson, Inara I,Jll1VJl. Three Fives, Stage Crew play important parts in productions. Stage frm-W left fu right: lIcm':ii'd Futllmfrgill. Ima' Tillntson. Darwin I,!iIlt'. Howard Wvilliziiiis. Harold Vraig. Lloyd Harris. Iwi' Pcnncll. Ri-id Cook, Us-urge Ilzigcn. Tlicsc boys :irxronfln-jubto:1rr:1ligi-sm-:wry and lighting for all prodlivtiolls. 0110 hzlndrvd thirty-fi1'c' First annual P. T.A. Vaudeuille 1411151 21111111211 XI21L1C1CY111C Show sp1111so1'e11 by 1111: Pz111e11l-'1'e211T11e1' 1-Xss111iiaLi1111 was given 1111 l11e CYC1111lgS 111 FC1D1'l1Z11'y 1 1 211111 12. l'11llC1'L2111l1l1Cl1l was vz11'ie11, with parents, l,ea1'11e1's. 211111 S11l11CI1lS Je1'1'111'111111U. School O 111111111 s1ie11es. 21 111z10'11'1z111's acl, 211111 111111011 ' 11 players were z11111111g l11e llliilly 1J111s1z11111111g 21115. Top: .11111y H1':11e1':1. N112 S1':11erz1, 11011 S1':111'1'z1 :11111 Hrs. S1':111'1':1. Jliffrllrz .11111y :11111 11011 Sl'!i1Q'l'Il. 111111111111 .1011 '1'1'wi111i1'1 Les Nygren. Wves 110011 :11111 173111 c1l'0VCl'. proves tremendous success. 'Q "NIc'll's Bullet." ccllllprlsccl of lczlcllcls. in cllslrlrlizllls. llllll lJlll'CIll,S. welll owl' willl ll nlJ2lllg.H Dilullccl by Nliss lilszl Pillkllzllll. IIIC lllcll n1l2lIlCCl'SH IJL'l'l'Ol'lllCil lo pclfcrlirlll. Miss Nlyrllc Chilly flircflccl IIIC sllm-J. YVIIII ljllll IUZIYIS .ls plallllllllg ullllllllllcc llcglcl. 7,011 lwfl: Hay Ilinvr. l'll:ll'll's ciilStl'iill :lllcl I,:ll'l'y ,W cilluillfd. Top rigllfz Fully :lllcl Mrs.Ch-llrgg'l'.JIi1lflll': Miss B:ll'll:ll':l BFUNVII Jlllll Hr. xI1lUl'4'. lgflffllllli NIV. I St:llmzll'cl, WY-w lI:ll'x'l'y. IDJIYK' Hlllllll-Q. Hr. M:llh'l'- m'l'. Hr. X ill! l',lllcll'sllll. NIV. lllx. NIV. IIIIQPII :llld AI Ulm-ll 5 xl, , 3 O'IIt'lI1L7IdTf'd thirl y-sem' ll FOOTBALL GOLF BASEBALL -I -J 4 CQ P' LH -I QI O P Z O I- Z E Cr 4 an LD Z 2 E 2 .I -I 4 I QU CQ I- ... 'N bd va 4 CD Q5 1 1 W Er IJ X. A 42 as 5 5? Q one hundred forty o 11 4' hu mired forty-one "Final-gun fight" of Warriors thrills large stadium crowds. Red and Black gridders turn in memorable season of play. They werenit the champions of last season, but you still could recognize the "final-gun fight" of the North Central l952 football team. Hopes for 1953 burn bright as Coach jerry Stannard loses but half the squad via the diploma route and next year's Tribes- men should be a sure bet to improve on the I-7-I win-loss tie record posted by this year's crew. Led by All-City Captain Lew Turner, explosive Mike Reopelle, and hard-charg- ing Don Faraca, the Indians gave every team they met something to think about before the final gun. A record crowd of over 25,000 Merry- Co-Round spectators saw North Central shine in the second quarter as they out- classed archrival Lewis and Clark Tigers, I2-0. Meeting defending champion Gon- zaga in the championship battle the Tribe found tough going and dropped a 7-0 count to the vet-heavy Bullpups. After a 28-0 loss to the Richland Bomb- ers in Richland, the Indians bounced back to tie Lewis and Clark, 6-G, in a game com- pletely dominated by North Central. The traveling Indians received no hos- pitality from the Yakima Pirates in their first Columbia Basin Conference game and they came out second best, I2-I4, on two missed conversion attempts. In the first Gonzaga game, the Indians saw victory cruely snatched from their grasp as the Bullpups pulled one out of fire to win, I3-7, in the final minute of play. Lewis and Clark was upset minded in the next Indian tilt and the Tribe fell, 19-13, in Varsity fllIllClLf'?ST1J!l7JI? Holmes, Jerry Stannard QHead Varsity Coachj, Bill Diedrick, Robert Bland. one hundred forty-two VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front row: Paul Dixon, George Smith, Ed Watt, Larry Fisher, Bob Wilkes, Bob Boyd, Bob Lininger, John Hilpert, Bob Waite, Mike Reopelle, Bill Pixley. Second row: Gor dy Brunette, Bill Lennard, Wayne Livengood, Jack Briggs, Ray Erickson, Wallace Woodard, Larry Collins, Bob Brotherton, Burr ell Nutt, Paul Greco. Third row: David Henry, Doug Chase, Larry Katsel, Willie Roberts, Don Cole, Dick Lightfoot, Ray Hiner, Walt Lobdell, Norm Veach, Floyd Perkins. Back row: Doug Chase tmanagerl, Ken Daly, Kevin Scanlan, Lewis Turner, Don Faraea, Al Benson, Francis Conrad, Dick Disney, Bob Sleizer, Walt Green. the annual Shrine classic. played in Memor- ial Stadium. Getting back on the victory trail so common the season before, the Indians downed the John Rogers Pirates, 26-12, for their most decisive victory of the year. Goliath came north in the form ol' powerful and heavy VValla Wlalla and the Indians couldn't cope with the experienced and heavy Blue Devil team as they dropped another, 7-26. Records fell right and left in the next Indian engagement. The 'l'ribe gave Gon- zaga a scoring battle before losing, 42-25, in a hectic point-a-minute game played at North Central. The last game of the year found an inspired Rogers crew getting a 35-7 victory over the Indians in a game played at Rogers. Outstanding all season were Turner. who received the coveted Archie Buckley Inspirational Award: guard Paul Dixon, voted lineman of the year: junior back Bob lVilkes, tackling: end Bob Sleizer. blocking. and Don Faraca and Turner, co-captains for the season. Assisting Coach Stannard were Bob Bland and Bill Deidrick. .lI!lIIlIgl'l'S this .year rwrff Erlrlif' lvllifllllll' and Doug llalin. one hundred forty-three B squad promises brilliant future for Indians on gridiron. The 1952 Season North Central 7 ssss.,, c John Rogers 7 North Central l3,,Lewis and Clark ti North Central Tc, eVVest Valley fi North Central 'fuss Wilonzaga 9 North Central 35 CCVV s lllllll John Rogers 0 North Central 7-,Lewis and Clark 0 North Central l3 r,w- ACAC A ,Gonzaga l9 For the second straight year Coach Bill hVllll2llQCl' has guided the North Central B squad football team to second place in the city league. Finishing the season with a 4-2-l record, the Tribe varsity ol' next year dropped two close decisions to the Gonzaga Bull- pups, the champions of the league. A I-1 tie with John Rogers was more than nullified by a 35-0 pasting administered by the Braves later on in the season. f fp MANAGERS-Front row: Carl Tooms, Ed Shriver. Back row: Dee Bowker, Gene Alberts, Charles Moe, wah. eff-Q 3. S? B SQUAD FOOTBALL-Front row: Managers, Gene Alberts, George Petherom. Second row: Jerry Johnson, Bob Buzzell, Bob Lightfoot, Melvin Miller, Ken Miller, Bob Helms, Gary Smith, Bob Boss, Bob Nance, Bob Vogel, Bud Blackwell, Marvin Mochel. Third row: Gene Baxter, Mickey Harman, Gordon Recor, Ralph Aspaas, Bob Reichert, Bill Cox, Gary Bakken, Dave Carosella, Wayne Plumb, Stan Haveriland, Gary R. Smith. Fourth row: Nathan Narrance, Eddie McCadom, Norman Nickerson, Bill Nance, Fred Moran, Leroy Sutherlin, Bud Davies, George Bennett, Roland Carlson, Ron Willard, Ron Caurel. Back row: Mr. Whitaker, Gordon Freeman, Buck Brumblay. Phil Ammerman, Doug Davis, Gary Bass, Larry Liptac, Ron Schmidt, Gordon Grant, Lee Moran, Larry Mosstzto, Mr, Exley. one hundred forty-fo ur Freshman footballers end rugged season in fighting shape. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-Front row: Bob Collins, Dan Riegel, Vernon Hayne, Bill Kroske, Clinton Burlock, Bing Johnson, Neil Johnson, Larry Anderson, Bob Drischel, Bob Adams, Al Foster, Mr. Davis. Second row: Mr, Bonamy, Bob Caruso, Chuck Wilkes, Jim Branstitre, Tom Larson, Bob Bowles, Ken White, June Hanford, Ken Berger, Larry Wolfe, Cliff Denny, Doug Hohenstein, Lloyd Pilant. Back row: Allan Lobdell, Don MeCammond, Tom Montgomery, Dave Fisher, Fred Strarxg, Ron Weatherwax, Bob Penman, Ray Buckholz, Jim Caudill, Harold Cave. John Keegan, Bob Bostrom. North North North North Central 2l C Gonzaga 25 Central 7 , john Rogers 32 Central 0 Lewis and Clark 26 Central I3 C ovooo aNVest Valley 6 Showing plenty of ability and hustle late in the season, Coach Don BOIIZIIHYYS freshman gridders proved they will be a valuable addition to future Indian varsities by winding up their schedule with a well- earncd lf?-G win over West Valley. ww.--so fe 'UHUWLQAQRQQI' -,W 952' one hundred forty-five Redskin hoopers take third-place tie in hot city loop action. Warriors hustle in sharp attacks, fast-breaking defense. North Central 42 ........ Lewis and Clark 37 North Central 45 .... ,........,.t, C ionzaga 42 North Central 40 ....,..,.,,.....,....,.. Rogers 45 North Central 47 .,......,,.... VVest Valley 48 North Central 40 ......,. Lewis and Clark 48 North Central 52 ,.., ...,......... C ironzaga 38 North Central 47 ....,., t.........,.,. I togers 46 North Central 46 ......,.,..... West Valley 53 Hustle and speed were the key Charac- teristics of the l953 Indian cage team. jerry Stannard coached the Tribe to a third-place tie with the Lewis and Clark Tigers. Not a single team left the floor after meeting the Red and Black without a certain amount of admiration for the powerful hoop squad. journeying into Montana, the Warriors dropped their first preseason tilt to the Helena Bengals, 7l-46. The Missoula Spar- tans dumped the Redskin live, 53-3l, in the two-day Missoula Invitational Tourney. Fighting hard, the Indians were edged by the Flathead Braves from Kalispel, 42-41. Richlandls Bombers were entertained by North Central as the Tribe dropped its first home game of the season, 56-52. In a return match at Richland, the Tribe still could not capture a win. The Bombers were victorious, 53-37. Defending state champion Mia-Hi tri- umphed over the scrappy Warrior five, 5l- 37, at Walla VValla. The Indians smashed Sunnyside, 65-51, to hit the victory trail. In a double overtime tilt, VVapato edged the Tribe, 59-57. Lewis and Clark's Tigers were the first to feel the strength of the Red and Black as , Q VARSITY BASKETBALL-- Front row: Jack Fisher, manager: Marvin Anderson, Bob Reichert, 'Dick Fosness, Jim Tinnell, Don Faraca, Rod Evans, Dennis Petek. Back row: Larry Jordan, Perry Jordan, Ray ETICRSSH, Lewis Turner, Norman Veach, Larry Haunschild, Arlyn Wemberling, Coach Jerry Stannard, one hundred forty-sis: Top lrfffz Lew Turner puts one up for the Trilze :against VVL-st Valle-yls Eagles. Bottom Ifff: Accurate .lint Tinnell follows suit :mtl proves that the tingle tit-tk-me is vulnerzihle. Top right: Lanky eenter Huy Erick- sen tllj tries for two against lV:1-Hi Blue' lit-vils in an afternoon Arinory tln'illt'r. The Braves took the contest, SO-1-7. Ifolfom rir lil: lion l"ar:iea finds ron fli ffoinlf in this action afvziinst the iowerfnl ROTCTH . 5- h r- r- l,lI'!1tl'S. eventual eo-ehxnnpions with YV:-st Valley. the lnclians besterl the South Siclers, 12-37. in the prep loop opener in the Spokane A-Xrinory. Next victiin ol' the XC hoop quintet was cellar-clwelling Gonzaga. 'l'he 'llrihe cznne troni behincl to take the Pups. 45-42. John Rogers l'irates staged a turning oli the tables to hancl North Central its lirst nity league cleleat ol' the year. The Pirates won. 115-LIU. lfpset-ininclecl Reclslcin cagers manic within a hair of gxtting their Iionclest hopes. hut were etlgerl out. 48-47. hy eventual co- chanipion XN'est Valley in the years hottest- lought tilt. l,ewis antl Clark in a return en- gagement with the 'lirihe showed new strength in cleleating the lavoretl North Centraliles. -I8--Ill. Powerliul XValla lVztlla Blue Devils. who one hundred forty-seven Stannard ends third season as Indian cage team mentor. had earlier defeated the Wlarriors, lost to the Red and Black. 50-47, in an alter- noon Armory tilt. Returning to city loop action, N. C. tronncied the Gonzaga Bullpups with a 38-point second-hall' scoring spree. The Indians took the contest, 52-38. Ray Erieksen sunk a last-diteh howitzer to give the Red and Black a 47-46 win over the favored Rogers Pirates. XN'est Valley Eagles foiled Redskin plans for a second-place tie by dropping the Tribe five. 53-46. and stepped up to share the league title with Rogers. l953 will go down as the year ol' the little inan in Spokane prep basketball. 'l'wo of the smallest ciagers are North Centralites - Captain Dick Fosness and No. 9, Larry Jordan: No. 8, Rod Evans: No. 6, Larry , Haunsehildg No. 10, Don Faraca: No. 15, Perry Jordan. Varsity Bzisketlmll Coat-h .lerry Stannartl cheeks over the Tribe roster to pick :1 hnstling starting five. The Indian nn-ntor eoinpleted his third sea- son :it North Central this year. one hundred forty-eight aw t s x i . it ' t H., Wi if t tiff: p IITRAL 4459, if rl 1 B xv -2. 'J 'E x it A C S f l I6 f- I1 , L 3 t it 2 9 1 SE' I X s ff tc 5 X lffwggi 5 l il i A , My . it l A ti? ly at va 5' ' e lil., f .ft w il l g .kd 15 mm t l l J V L'-,f QU HTL? 5 .t . 1 in 1 4 ' TRAJ, 'B 2 lf, J K , Q- V--A , 511111 +11 , MTUL 1112. ' ,x i 2 N l All-City gllIll'Kl Boh Iteicliert guts his shot away in spite of lid Liiecitkt-'s efforts to check the speedy eager. Uiek Fosness watt-lies upprovingly from Illitlt'0l11't in this Wiest Valley tilt. Reichert, Fosness, Tinnell receive All-City posts. Bob Reichert, a junior. Fosness gener- alecl the 'liribe on the floor and niacle op- ponents respect his 5-foot-8-inch frznne. Reichert ranked thircl in the city scoring race, but he rates first for hustle anal driving spirit. YVith another season lo play lor the XVarriors. Bob is a ray oi' hope for the i954 wrecking crew. Most accurate scorer in the city prep race was Jini 'liiinnell with a .409 average lroni the lloor. Ray Ericksen turnecl in a fine season of bac khoarci work and is to he reineniherecl for cluniping in the win- ning shot against Rogers in a fierce contest. I.ew 'l'nrner fought harcl and conlcl be countecl on when needecl. X J , X 1 No. 3, Jim Tinnellg No. 17, Lew Turnexz No. 14, Ray Erick- seng No. 7, Diek Fosness: No. 11, Bob Reichert. one hiuidred forty-nine A lone unidentified Indian B squad baske-tballt-r battles with four opposing team Ill0IIllltil'S for eon- trol of the always elusive sphere. JUNIOR VARSITY-Front row: K. Norman. Kenny Witten- berg. Back row: Dick Thompson, Walt Lobdell, Larry Fisher. B Squad five finishes rugged season with twin victories. Finishing strong by winning their last two games, Coach "Nip" Hagen's B Squad still could only muster fourth place in league standings. LeRoy Sutherlin paced Indian scorers with 59 points in the eight league games. Taking a close second was I,ee lfN'alker with 57 points. In one ol' the final games, North Central took a revenge tilt from Wfest Valley, 59-54, alter dropping a 39-37 heartbreaker to the Eagles earlier. The Tribe also dumped second-place Lewis and Clark, 44-38, to iinish the season with three wins and five losses. Others who saw a lot of action were XVayne Evenoii, Buck Brumblay, Bob Vogel, Cary Bass, Bill Russell, Bob Nance, Phil YValker. Dick Haunschild, Bob Light- foot, Don Norman, and jack Buss. t -1 Front row: Dan Boutwell, manager, Richard Lightfoot. Bob Lightfoot, Wayne Evenofi, Gary Bass. Second row: Bill Russell, Mel Miller, Don Smith, Don Norman, Jack Buss, Bob Nance, Coach Hagen. Baek row: Phil Walker, Buck Brumblay, Bob Vogel, Gordon Recor, Dick Haunschlld. one hundred fifty Frosh cagers gain experience useful in future varsity play. North Central 25 ...,.,,. Lewis and Clark 117 North Central 26 ....,,,,.. Central Valley 'L7 North Central 23 ........,...,, .lohn Rogers 39 North Central 541- ....,,, ..7,.. H iiYl'l'lll2llC 59 North Central 'Vi ..l. ,,,..... C ionzaga -L5 North Central 32 ...................,.,,... Libby 51 North Central +25 ..........t.,. YVest Valley 37 North Central -12 .....,,. Lewis and Clark -M- North Central 30 ,...,,,... Central Valley -L-L North Central 51-2 ,...... ...e.,. H avermale 351 North Central 26 .,...., ..,,.. l ohn Rogers 60 North Central IH- ....,,, .,,,..,. C ionzaga 50 North Central 37 ,,.,... ..........,,,.lt I ,ibby 38 North Central 29 ,...,,,,t.,.t. VVest Valley 32 Although their win-and-loss record was nothing of which to Speak highly, Coach Bob I-loeslyfs frosh basketball squad lost some very close contests that could have gone either way to Lewis and Clark and Libby. "NVQ progressed a long way in the field ol' sportsinansliipf' said Coach Hoesly. "The boys' conduct on the Iloor was something to be proud ol '." 1 Chuck YVilkt-s eans two tallies for the Papooses in a frosh contest with Lewis and Clark's Kittens. Bob Biel. who led club scoring with I33 points. and Chuck XVilkes, who is a line floor player and was runnerup with H37 points. are two players to keep an eye on. 'l'hey should do a good job lor the 'liribe in their varsity years. ,., ,, A , , :tw -f ' . ,.,: ,. if 2 ii x Q K ...z ., Sf is-srl is 4 .- V fg N other ii If ,, Y' ' .KVA WM., A FROSH BASKETBALL..-Front row: Chuck Stewart, Keith Clarnu, Danny Peterson. Dennie Peterson, Ralph Burlock, Alan Lobdell, Bob Biel, K. Allen. Second row: Bing Johnson, Mike lVIeVay. Bob Thomas, Ken White, Herbie Munro, Danny McCadam, Bob Bowles, Neil Johnson, Mr. Hoesley. Back row: Dick Daschbach, Jim Gulliford, Mike Kabush. June Hanford, Chuck Wilkes. Bill Kroske, Ray Jeffries, Wilbur Watson. one hundred fifty-one Baseball coaching staff looks to future seasons of play. Prospects ol' a league pennant look good t h i s s e a s on for defending co-champion North Central Indians as the Tamarack goes to press. W'ith lettermen and a host of players up from the B squad and freshman teams, Coach Al Manfred has hopes of re- peating last year's championship form. Cordy Brunette and Dick Fosness re- turn to infield posts this season, giving the Tribe nine much-needed experience in that department. Brunette, a sparkling first sacker, provides plenty of power at the plate, and Fosness brings some of his bas- ketball hustle into the diamond sport. Others vying for infield spots are: Bill Cox, Frank Malikowski, Bob Reichert, Dwayne Upp, and Ceorge VVeishaar. Veteran fly chasers Don Faraca and Lew Turner will patrol the outer garden this season. Turner, by no means a stranger to North Central athletics, is a long-ball hitter and should be taking quite a few round trips over the base paths this year. Burrel Nutt, Ralph Aspaas, Bill Len- nard, Dan Rowley, Hlallace W'oodard, Dick Disney, and Ben Malikowski provide good material to fill out the team in the fielding department. Earl Stoner. letterman hurler, returns to action for the Tribe this year. Adding depth to the mound staff are 'Walt Lobdell, Gene Keevy, Rodney Moen, Dennis Petek. Gordy Recor. Torn Orth, and Pat Sullivan. "Our pitching staff is one of the best since l've been here," remarked Coach Manfred. "We have a lot more depth than last year." Larry Fisher will be the starting back- stop for the Redskins this season. Dick Lightfoot, up from last yearls frosh squad. will be a reliable substitute. Conzaga, who shared the title with Baselmll fvllllflllf'-YC Bill Diedriek, Froshg Bill Xvllltllktlf, B Squad, Al Manfred, Varsity. QHO hntnclred fifty-two ,ln A VARSITY BASEBALL-Front row: Dennis Petek, Dwayne UDD.Gordy Re-cor, Ralph Aspaas, Second row: Don Faraca, George Weishaar, Dick Fosness, Gordy Brunette, Dick Disney, Bill Lennard. Back row: Walt Lobdell, Larry Fisher, Lew Turner, Earl Stoner, Tom Orth, Pat Sullivan, Coach Al Manfred. Indian baseballers defend co-championship in '53 title chase. N. C. in 1952, is rated as the Tribes great- est threat. The Zags won last summers American Legion baseball loop title. "I am quite sure," commented the In- dian mentor. "that the trophy will be at North Central this spring." In the seasons first two contests, the ltarriors emerged victorious. Lewis and Clarks perennially strong Tigers were the initial victims. The Redskins downed L. C.. paced by Dick Disneys two-run single and Don Faraeas homer inside the park. Conzagas Bullpups tasted deleat at the hands ol' the Tribe, 9-7. in the years lirst meeting ol' the two ball clubs. Veteran hurler Earl Stoner went all the way lor S V 1 Y E V V 1 ' 1 1 . ll. allowing Ill hits. Ditk Fosness slammed out a four-bagger to drive in the tie-breaking run ahead of him. l illarzagwrs: .lim Mt-ad, Ed Collins. one hundred fifty-three Returning lettermen, strong mound staff mark Tribe nine. Too row: Larry Fisher, Gordon Brunette, Lew Turner. Middle row: Dick Disney, George Weishaar, Earl Stoner. Bottom row: Don Faraca, Dick Fosness, Tom Orth. one hundred fifty-four I I B Squad, Fresh diamond men prospects for future uarsltles. 5-3 B SQUAD BASEBALL-Front row: Eddie McCoy, Bill Nance, Ji 'fl Backman, Larry Reed, Hugh Barnhill, Bob Vogel, Dick Light- foot, Burrell Nutt, Rodney Moen, Bob Lightfoot. Second row: Bob Fuher, Norman Nickerson, Bill Pederson, Wayne Plumb, Don Smith, Gary Smith. Back row: Nathan Narrance. Rich Miedema, Dan Boutwell, Gary Bass, Bill Mims, Doug Davis, Bill Cox, Dick Esmieu, Bill Whitaker, FROSH BASEBALL-Front row: Chuck Stewart, Jim Gilbertson, Dick Daschboch, Bob Biel, Clinton Burlock, Ken Berger, Richard McDonald, Wilbur Watson, Bill Kroske, Frank Nelson, Ed Shriver, George Nikotich, Carl Toombs. Second row: Ray Jef- fries, Alan Lobdell, June Hanford, Dan McCadam, Neil Johnson, Bob Bowles, Chuck Wilkes, Bing Johnson, Mike McVay, Ken White Steve Provant, K. Allen. Back row: Gary Keller, Jim Dearing, Bob Drischel, Keith Clarno, Dan Riegel, Terry Felker, Ray- ' mon Buckholz, Larry Anderson, Russell Coykendall, Clayton Ladwig, one hundred fifty-five 'Hill and dalers' carry on high lloacli Al Danielson tradition of Red and Black. Moving up one notch from the 1951 cross-country standings, Coach Al Daniel- son's "hill and dalersl' finished a strong second to the Lewis and Clark Tigers in city competition. Witli Larry l-launscliild leading the way in the first ineet ol' the year, the Red and Black defeated John Rogers, ZQKQ to WSW. The B teani made it all victory for the Indians by edging the Pirate l5's, 20-52. Lewis and Clark proved to be North Central's downfall as the Tribe varsity was defeated by the talented Tigers, l8-53. LC scored a clean sweep by taking the B ineet, lfi-46. ln the annual All-City meet North Cen- tral placed second to Lewis and Clark in both the A and B events. Letternien include Larry Haunschild, Dick Haunschild, Don Dolan, jerry Con- nelly, Ron Sanders, and Al Robinson. Left to right: Don Newland, Larry Haunschild, Ron Sanders, K, Norman, and Don Dolan. one hundred fifty-sin' City track and field meets rated 'close' by Indian mentor. Indian hopes for a track and field championship lJlll'll bright as the 'llama- raek goes to press. Bolstered by two All- City Cinder IllCIl, Ray Erieksen and Rex I-loseley, the lVarriors have a talent- packed squad. Mike Reopelle flllfl Bob Nance look good i11 the sprint department. Rex Hose- ley Zilltl Dan McKinnon defend the 'llribeis honor in the 440 while Floyd Perkins, K. Norman, and Gordon Lindholm pace oil the 880 event. Ron Sanders, Alan Robin- so11, Dick Haunsehild, and I.arry Hauns- ehild represent the Red Zlllfl Black in the mile run. Hurdlers Ray Erieksen, Ken Miller. and Don Brown are looking sharp Elllll i11 good form. "Our chances i11 city eon1petition are brighter lll2lll last year," stated Al Da11iel- son. track Coach. "Meets will be much closer this season Plllfl we'll have a better chance i11 tight contests." Beginning their regular season April 17, the Braves traveled to Rogers to be de- feated, 39 to 05. However, Rllll Sanders and Larry Haunschild did a good job i11 the 111ile as did K. Nornian i11 the 440. Ray Erieksen took first in the high hurdles while Mike Reopelle took two thirds in the l00 and 220-yard dashes. April 24 the 'liribe defeated favored Gonzaga, 55 U5 to 48 4f5. Ray Ericksen wo11 the high hurdles, Zlllll Bob Donaldson and Bud XfVatson tied for first i11 the pole vault, while Rex Hoseley won the broad jump. The Red and Blaek swept the IllllC eve11t with R011 S2llltlCl'S turning i11 the winning time ol' 42502. l VARSITY TRACK-Front row: Don Brown, Ken Miller, Bob Vofel. Alan Robinson. Rex Hoseley, Mike Reopelle, Ray Ericksen, Dan McKinnon. Second row: Bob Brown, Dick Stark, Bob Helms, Richard Nielsen, Gordy Freeman, Floyd Perkins, Don Newland. Third row: Bill Foxton, Diek Haunschild, Lee Walker, West Hood, Les Nygren, Terry Middaugh, Tommy Moore, Gordy Lindholm. Back row: Phil Walker, Bill Russell. Ron Sanders, Larry Haunsehlld, K. Norman. one hundred fifty-seven TRACK-Front row: Dan McKinnon, Rex Hoseley, Floyd Perkins, Ron Sanders. Back row: Gary Haunschild, Ray Ericksen, Mike Reopelle, K. Norman. All-City tmcksters bolster hopes of '53 cinder squad. g V nk A g one hundred fifty-eight B SQUAD TRACK-Front row: Buddy Watson, Fred Gray, Bill Sander, Dale Newland, Del Rendle. Second row: Jim Lyons, Larry Liptac, Ray Emerson. Bob Barton, John Ternest. Back row: Del Provant, Bob Buzzell, Jack Buss, Virgil Wright, Don Nyberg. Freshman, B Squad thinclads work out with varsity squad. ,rim-4, K, Gov-' 'IW' . ,Elf f FROSH TRACK'-V-Front row: Charles Mae, Fred Strang. June Hanford, Larry Riggins, Second row: John McNee, Dick Boyd,George Brosinske, Donlay Thne. Back row: Bob Thomas, Larry Hansel. Bob Adams, Wayne Springer. one hundred fifty-nivz e Intramural basketball heads Sports-for-All program. ' r No rough stuff now. boys." Top: Al Benson. Hollow: Kenny .lOl'llIiIl. l Sports-for-All program sponsored by the Boys' Federation was headlined tl1is year by tl1e intraniural basketball league. Coached by Dave Holines, tl1e six teams engaged in 21 battle royal. Although teanis were sonietiines short- handed, tl1e boys enjoyed tl1e spirit ol' keen competition found i11 tl1e hoop sport. lack Fisher guided his Fishhawks to the loop chzunpionship by dropping tl1e Green VVZIVCS, 57-33, in ll playoff contest. The G r e e n i t e s were runners-up and Paul Grecds Goodies followed in third spot. Heading the second-division cage tezuns, Dick Disney's Diniwits pulled up to fourth place with 21 .400 averztge. Disney topped all intraniural scorers with l I5 points in live games lor 21 23.0 average. Gary Bowker placed second on l5.7 lztllies per game. 0111 row: Walt Green, Dick Disney. .luck l"ishe1'. Back row: Kenny Jordan. lion lfowlds, Paul Greco. one hundred sixtg Tumblers, grapplers provide entertainment in Fed conuocations Don Fowlds and Ken Jordan finished the season dwelling in the league cellar. 'l'he Fuinblers and the Giants each had a l-All win-loss record. illlllllbllllg, coached by Howard Mc- New, drew about six boys into the new gyni, alter school for workouts. Performing lor the P.-'lf A. vaudeville show and a Fed convocation was a highlight of the tuni- bler's season. Bob Bland coached Nolsth Central wres- tlers to an enjoyable season. The boys turned out for the inat sport purely from a keen interest in the pastime which is fast becoming a lad through television. Kevin Scanlan, Bob Wlaite, Ken jordan, and El Benson perlorined lor a Boys' Federation con in February. Alter-school swiinining began in April under the direction ol' Jerry Stannard. . W .is Q ,,,,,. .-r ..I.... Putting on :1 serious pose for the ezunera are Qleft to right Dnld Coe C lllltli Czllstrap, Don Edlund Al in Foster, :md .lim Deuring, who :ire takin 1 dlp in N C s indoor swimming hole Bob Tziigen gets in some ezirly-morning pmt-tice. Title fever runs high for indian netsters in city competition. YVith all hopes represented in the form of three returning letter winners, Coach Ernie I-lix's varsity tennis teain played a double-round-robin schedule with th e three other Spokane city high schools, and inet the Valley schools once in this year's effort to unseal champion John Rogers. As the Tamarack goes to press, seniors Bob Taigen, Bob Crabb, and Don Wini- berly are counted upon heavily to lead the Indian netsters this season. Top reserves include seniors Don Reed and Ron Death- erage, junior Ed lfnicunie, and sophoniore Larry Sleizer. I BOYS' TENNIS-Front row: Dave Quiring, Les Rider, Stan Haveriland, Sid Wheeler, George Casselman, Ed Unicume, Larry Sleizer, Bob Young. Second row: Denny Peterson, Gary McKinney, Tom Turk, Dean Edwards, Howard Kipp, Jack Gambill. Steve Roadruck. Bob Large. Back row: Jack Boskill, Ken Moore, Don Reed, Bob Taigen, Bob Crabb, Don Wimberly, Tom Johnson, Ron Deatherage, Gary Bowker, John Applonie. one hundred sixty-two l Downriver, Indian Canyon are hosts to Warrior diuot diggers. Out to try to better last years seconcl- place standing in the lnlancl Empire goll' tournament. Coach Don Bona1ny's tlivot cliggers openecl the goll' season with ll match against archrival Lewis :intl Clark. the cle- liencling champions. At 'I'amarack press time the starting line-up went like this: -lim Hanley, Lewis Hutchins. Allan Holman, Rod Hanneman. George Hicks, john Ellsworth, Dick lhonipson, and Riley Chase. The squad lost all lettermen through une graduation. Highlights of the season were the boys l and girls' mixetl two-ball tourney. ancl the , , . . , . Rod Ililflllvlllilll :mtl John lzllsworth improvi- annual Inlancl Empire High School goll Um, skill. l0lll'l121lllC11t. IIIM Illll llvli ll!! ...A :sal 'llill BOYS' G0LF4Front row: George Hicks, Louie Hutchins, Ron ild Johnson, Bill Lillengren. Ken Buingarnc-V, Bill Wolf, John Ellsworth, Back row: Dallas Sommerville, Dick Thompson. Douglas Chase, Jim Hanley. Rod Hannernan, Al Holman, Toni Anderson. on e hundred sixty-three , K FALL OFFICERS-Left to right: Carol Halverson, sergeant at arms: Beverly Koon, secretary: Rena Toll, chairman, and Gloria Althouse, historian-reporter. Red Feathers, an outstanding conuocations, parades, Une hundred junior and senior Red Feathers topped off the 1953 school year with their pageant of N100 Years of Trans- portation," presented the evening of the Lilac Parade in the Memorial Stadium. Under the superb direction ol' Elsa Pink- ham, head ol' the girls' P. Department, they executed a meniorable performance. Red Feathers, organized in l938 by Miss Pinkham, started out with only I8 girls. Wfith their unique uniforms and their participation in football stunts and parades, they have made themselves an outstanding marching unit in the city. f W- ,a we c are 0 A , . ,....- , ' ?.Qf'7,'-gi' iiitif , vt i -W-55,2 . x 1 ,r I , - . Lf? . ts- RED FEATHERS-Front row: Dory Britton, Eleanor Davis, Helen Notis, Betty Franks, Annette Anderson, Darlene Cunningham, Shirley Geisler, Darlene Coon, Roberta Smith, Donna Ketcham. Second row: Carol Sehrock, Jean Charbulak, Jane LaBarge, Dotty Hilborn, Lora Lee McDougall, Anne Ludwiek, Carol Halverson, Joan Rice, Gloria Althouse, Bernadine Kussman, Dolores Hughes, Carolyn Corrigan, Jo Ann Lafaee, Maribeth Perdue. Third row: Joy Baertseh, Sally Overholser, Nancy Roberts, Jo Ann Grable, Marilyn Sander, Mary Ellen DeGroat, Donna Moore, Minnie Forester, Myrna Plock, Bonnie McGlocklin, Sylvia Heimbigner, Sally George, Marilyn Ziglar. Fourth row: Kay Keller, Marjorie Hamilton, Beverly Thompson, Karen Carstens, Peggy Clark, Mary Coy- kendall, Bev Zimmerman, Donna Walden, Doris Merrick, Carol Jean Forbes, Elise Scott, Carol McCoy, Holly Bleek, Back row: Marilyn Zuber, Carole Wright, Phyllis Pilgrim, Janet Linden, Darlene Sheehan, Carolyn Young, Gwen Upp, Dorothy Nolan, Jan Meeir, Liz Johnson, Virginia Elmslie, Dorothy Cunningham, Elnora Stoller. one hundred sixty-four marching unit, participate in and football stunts. .Xll outstanding trziclition among the Reel Feathers is the choosing of the Football Princess and the Spring Sports Princess, who are chosen by popular vote. Each prin- cess receives tlic traclitional Inclizni bracelet zincl bouquet ol' flowers. 'lilicir two zittencl- zxnts receive corszigcs. Membership in Reel Feathers. an honor group. is bzisecl on nizircliiiiq and clzincing K K ability. good grades, and the interest shown in the girls' gyin clcpartiiient. A lllislillfl 401130 15 g1VCu 10 Cflfh Rcfl SPRING OFFICERS-Left to right: Anna Mae Rosholt, sec- Q , , rotary: Inga Pederson, chairman, Dorothy Nolan, historian- lsczitlicr. All girls passing thc course rc- fspoflsfr Bfweflf'MCLHIINH-Sefg'fHmHfH1'mS4 ccivc ai Rccl Cross rzirll. RED FEATHERS-Front row: Shirley Thompson, Claudia Mudge, Betty Kindle, Barbara Morrison, Dorothy Lobdell, Darlene Kindle, Kay Nelson. Janice Walden, Marilyn Lipscomb, Mary Lee McLachlan. Second row: Dianna Pomeroy, Betty Wiggins, Doro- thv Penna, Phyllis Luschei, Gail Watson, Pat Koenig, Beverly Koon. Louise Fisken, Rena Toll, Joanne Ring, Jeanette Hamblin, Inga Pederson, Shirlee Dougherty, Mary Phillips. Third row: Karen Yancey, Bonnie Patrick. Lois Kooistra, Suzie Walters, Bev McLaurin, Natalie Johnson, Lora Hemphill, Karen Anderson, Gail Hayden, JoAnn Evans, Ernie Aschenbrenner, Gerry Kandler, Shirley Ewy. Fourth row: Margie Anderson, Karen Elder, Donna Hinkle, Willa Asker, Bonnie Byrne, Helen Danquist, June Han- nah, Clandia Funseth, Carol Mather, Roberta Griswold, June Elston, Charlotte Wilson, Dolores Alberg. Back row: Barbara Dowler, Marlys lV!cGeorge. Gay Krebs, Valdene Hancock, Carol Hansen, lularlene McDonald, Janet Halin, Pat Heinekin, Anna Mae Rosholt, Jeanne King, Bonnie Van Doren, Janice Coleman, Wanda Erwin, one hundred sixty-flu e l tiff H V,' - Color Girls, peppy rooting unit, further interest in our sports. 'l'his peppy cheering unit promotes school spirit anal shows an interest in all athletiat activities about North Central. The group was organized in l93tl with twenty girls. During the past srhool year, Color Girls have partiaiipateal in football hall'-time stunts anal in inarafhing in parades along with the North Central Bancl anal the Real Feathers. Several of the girls participated FALL OF,,,cERS-Lef, to ,,g,,,, Pa, Walken Cha,,.,,,a,,, in the Lilac Stunt at the Statliuin. Under Naney Meek, historian-reporter: Janethn Hugo, secretary: . W . I N Cami Zomv Sergeant at arms- the guiclanee ol Eleanor Dixon, the ollieers elefteal eaath semester from the sophomore ll class. carry on the activities ol' this unit. COLOR GIRLS-Front row: Deanna Coleman, Idella Brown, Jeanette Paggett, Pat Walker, Naney Meek, Karen Sudhoff, Carol Hickey, Erna Wilson. Second row: Diane Hawley, Betty Jean Rohrer, Joan Lamping, Janet Dalzell, Barbara Sperling, Ann Char- lene Martinson, Carolyn Gufiin, Janice Wallick, Janet Novak. Third row: Sonya Bowker, Joyce Anderson, Kathy Stephenson, Mary Shepherd, Janet Wyatt, Dolores Craig, Darlene Gerkensineyer, Ann lvlaterne, Charlotte Gardner. Back row: Judy Acree, Ben Ella Buck, Carolyn Cotterel, Diane Burdick, Jean Rollo, Elaine Heiber, Donna Coleman, Inara Laewa, Carol Armitage, Eileen Smith. one hundred sixty-six They promote school spirit in such activities as Rally Week. During Rally lVeela. a tratlition at North Central sponsoretl hy the .X. S. ll.. these girls atltl color to the variety ol' eyents by wearing their unilorins every clay. On all game tlays. Color Girls clressetl in the hlarle skirts antl tleep-reel sweaters promote interest in attentlanre at the games. Each semester. tryouts are heltl to select new Color Girls. Nliss Dixon antl the 'i' ., .. , . , . ' .,. I . ,. , , . SPRING OFFICERS!Left to right: Carolyn Joyner. historian- Ullutls 'ul 'ls xluill-hL5' I llelllllflll -mtl Wllllfl' reporter: Betty Jean Rohrer. ehairinang Darlene Gerkens- ineyer. secretary: Diane Burdirk. sergeant at arms, more ll girls with C averages or better may apply lor tneinbership. COLOR GLJARD4Front row: Pat Barney. Beverly Foster, Ann Templeton. Carol Zorn. Janetha Hugo. Myrlene Collins Sandra Kelley. Lee Gates. Second row: Gwen Green. Mary Lou Edwards. Elaine Plastino. Janet. Sullivan. Barbara Miller. Charlotte Doug' las, Belle Forester, Judy Flynn. Laura Crosby. Third row: Shirley Taylor, Kay I.aBarge. Sally XVolf0rd. Jackie Bunch. Agnes Tol- leison, Linda Marlowe, Barbara Cowden, Marilyn Hallin, Bernadine Sandeiw. Back row: Dorothy Carmichael. Carol Daislcy, Virginia Worley. Annette Hannnond, Judy Anderson, Judy Gorman. Carolyn Joyner. Betty Britt. lXl:1ril5n Martian, Carol Dunlap, one lntudrvd S'l.l'l1l-SCl3Cll Entries in the volleyball tournament numbered over l30 girls. One hundred and thirty-two girls, di- vided into six teams, entered the volleyball turnout with Miss Elsa Pinkham and Miss Eleanor Dixon in charge. Natalie Johnson and Bev Mclsaurin were co-managers. 'iMerry Moronsf' captained by Jeanette Hainblin, won the volleyball tournament with four wins and one loss. A play-oft with the Robinettes with Gwen Upp as captain, was necessary to secure the crown. Referees lor the complete tournament were Dorothy Nolan, Inga Pederson, and Shir- lee Dougherty. Other teams and their captains were: Boppies, Elaine Hieberg Applettes, Leta Cooper, Blue Belles, Pat Koenig: and the Volleyettes, Rose Fisher. VOLLEYBALL MANAGERS: Bev MeLaurin, Natalie Johnson. VOLLEYBALL-Front row: Natalie Johnson tmanagerl, Betty NViggins, Suzie Walters, Marlys McGeorge, Jeanette Hamblin, Gwen Upp, Dorothy Nolan frefereer, Inga Pederson frefereel, Leta Cooper, Pat Koenig, Rose Fisher, Phyllis Pilgrim, Marilyn Zuber, Joyce Sarver, Marilyn Lipscomb, Claudia Funseth, June Hannah, Bev McLaurin frnanagerl. Second row: Bobbie Voshell, Lee Gates, Pat Barney, Meta Baker, Margaret Karn, Gail Hayden, JoLayne Miller, Janice Coleman, Peggy Ulrich, Judy Hanford, Bette Rae Bump, June Elston, Anette Anderson, Judy Acree, Rita Fulwiler, Myrna Nestoss, Jeanette Schaeffer, Barbara Miller, Shirley Taylor, Dorothy Carmichael, Karen Olson, Shirley Gustafson, Virginia Worley. Third row: Elsa Pinkham, Diane Krell, Dar- lene Lindsley, Liann Hass, Carole Nyberg, Janet Sullivan, Judy Gorman, Betty Jean Rohrer, Joan Lamping, Sonya Bowker, Donna Coleman, Marlene Rogers, Sally Smith, Joan Prather, Belle Forester, Marilyn Morgan, Jodine Woodard, Marie Sayler, Carol Armi- tage, Sharon Neuman, Bonnie Parr, Gayle Smith, Caryle Teegarden, Connie Solseng, Ruth Cooprider, Deanna Monaghan. Fourth row: Elaine Hieber, Betty Britt, Carolyn Joyner, Joan Van Derhoef, Virginia Bishop, Carolyn Greening, Carmen Porter, Charlene Burke, Cheri Deanne Groth, Willene Overmyer, Eileen Smith, Beu Ella Buck, Annette Hammond, Betty Smith, Joyce Anderson, Georgia Howard, Prudy Potter, Virginia Saiter, Judy Flynn, Agnes Tolletson, Jackie Bunch, Shirley Reiser, Agnes Zimmerman, Diane Sharp, Sharen Hunt, Joanne Basquette, Donna Anderson. Back row: Sandra Selivanoff, Charlotte Douglas, Judy Workman, Vicki Beehler, Verna Lamson, Roberta Johnson, Cleo Smith, Dorothy Duckett, Anita Reyerson, Sandy Signs, Dolores Miller, Bar- bara Walker, Jean Ewell, Barbara Sheridan, Karen Anderson, Sally Mills, Carol Schroeder, Eilene VVest, Arlene West, Linda El- denburg, Joan Hively, Elaine Dahl, Jinka Strassburger, Claudia Bunge, Sally Braun, Margie Ewy, Janice Perry, Carol Varnum, Barbara St. John. one hundred sixty-eight Basketball teams increase competition through girls' sports. Under the direction of Miss Eleanor y Dixon. the girls' basketball teams managed by Inga Pederson, Dorothy Nolan. Pat Hirth. and Rena Toll. played over l'orty games throughout the season. 'l'he "Sophomore Rods." raptained by Carolyn Joyner. was the tihanlpionship team. "Sophomore Secundas." captained by Dorothy Carmichael. took second place and the "Senior Somethingsf' with Phyllis I.usc'hei. captain. were third. Games were played 'I' ll e s d 21 y s an d 'llhursdays alter school. two being played each afternoon. Carol Daisley grabbed individual scor- ing honors with lorty points lor the season. BASKETBALL MANAGERS: Inga Pederson, Dorothy Nolan. BASKETBALL-Front row: Carol Abbott, Phyllis Pilgrim, Marilyn Zuber, Dorothy Nolan. Inga Pederson, Suzie Walters, Phyllis Luschei. Marlys 2VIcGeorge, Gwen Upp. Holly Bleek, Rose Fisher. Second row: Joan Vanderhoef, Joanne Lewis, Diane Krell, Jua- nita Draper, Carolyn Gibbs, Pat Koenig. Carol Jean Hanson, Bette Rae Bump, Lorene Mossuto, Ernie Asehenbrenner, Judy Han- ford. Peggy Ulrich, Third row: Miss Dixon, Charlotte Douglas, Janet Dalzell. Carolyn Joyner. Betty Britt, Inara Lauva. Virginia Worley, Carol Daisley, Joyce Anderson, Carol Armitage, Dorothy Carmichael. Sonya Bowker. Belle Forester. Fourth row: Mary Shepherd, Donna Coleman, Deanna Coleman, Jean Rollo, Clara Sonderen, Nancy Holloway, Sally Smith, Liann Haas, LaVina Morlan, Eileen Smith, Kathy Stephenson, Darlene Lindsley. Back row: Eileen West, Judy Workman. Barbara Walker, Linda El- denburg, Diane Sharp. Colleen Burke, Roberta Johnson, Joan Ewell, Sally Mills, Dixie Johnson, Arlene West. one hundred sixty-nine 'Watch the birdlef sums up system of playing badminton. "lNateh the birdielw One hundred girls turned out for bad- minton practice beginning February 24, with play, March 3. Under the supervision ol' Miss Pinkham and Miss Dixon, who were assisted by Miss Elsie Rubin, cadet lrom VVhitworth, the girls played every 'liuesday and Tlnirsday alter school in the old gym and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the new gym. Totirnainent manager lor the badminton season was Judy Flynn assisted by Dorothy Nolan, Inga Pederson, and Shirlee Dougherty. BADMINTON MANAGER-.may Flynn Top doubles team of the year was Inga Pederson and Dorothy Nolan with Clara Sonderen taking over the singles title. BADMINTON-Front row: Marilyn Lipscomb, Marilyn Zuber, Phyllis Pilgrim, Dorothy Nolan, Inga Pederson, Gwen Upp, Jeanette Hamblin, Shirley Ewy, Bev MeLaurin, Karen Elder, June Hannah. Second row: Annette Anderson, Peggy Ulrich, Claudia Funseth, Elise Scott, June Elston, Roberta Griswold, Judy Hanford, Natalie Johnson, Joan Evans, Jeanette Paggett, Lorene Mossuto, Carol Zorn, Bette Rae Bump. Third row: Connie Solseng, Janet Sullivan, Karen Anderson, Deanna Jenkinson, Judy Gorman, Joan Van Derhoef, Joanne Lewis, Sally Smith, Joyce Anderson, Betty Jean Rohrer, Elaine Rizzuto. Back row: Arlene West, Judy Flynn, An- nette Hammond. Betty Smith, Joan Lamping, Clara Sonderen, Colleen Burke, Nedra Ellis, Roberta Johnson, Sharon Syler, Eilene West. one hundred seventy Girls' tennis team wins city championship for fifth time. For the fifth straight year, the girls' tennis team, coached by Miss Pinkham, wound up the season by winning the city championship title. Dorothy Penna was team captain last fall with Jeanette Hamblin and Kay Ewy as co-captains this spring. Kay and Dorothy won the city titles for doubles champions, and Jeanette for singles. Fall manager was Anna Mae Rosholtl spring managers were Pat Koenig and Joy Baertsch. Karol W'oodbury was fall and spring Papoose manager. Tennis practices were period 6 and after school each Monday and VVednesday. TENNIS CAPTAINS-Left to right: Kay Ewy, Jeannette Hamblin, Dorothy Penna. - -. 1.1 sm-sr-. TENNIS TEAM-Front row: Kay Ewy, Jeanette Hamblin, Shirlee Dougherty, Janet Halin: Gwen Upp, Dorothy Penna, Diane Seniw, Cebe Rendle, Inga Pederson, Dorothy Nolan, Shirley Ewy, Anna Mae Rosholt. Back row: Karol Woodbury, Eileen Johnson, Sally Smith, Elise Scott, Grace Bostrom, Marlene McDonald, JoAnn Evans, JoAnne Flurnan, Clara Sonderen, Randy Aamot, Bar- bara Gemberling, Carol Jean Hanson. Jeannine Woodbury, Pat Koenig, one hundred seventy-one Shown at a softball practice in early April are Karen Elder :md .lime Hannali. Girls' softball teams meet mornings before school. "Three strikes! You're out." Girls' softball, organized the week ol' April 15, was played each Monday and Wecliiesclay mornings at 7:30. Miss Eleanor Dixon was director assisted by Miss Elsie Rubins, cadet from VVhitWorth. Basketball throw for distance, the 370- yard run, and the 370 four-man relay race were among' the events ol' the girls, track meet Monday, May 25. Horseback riding was enjoyed e a ch Wfednesday alter school with Cathy Stim- son manager. Twenty-five girls made up the group. They were accompanied by Miss Dixon who drove them out in the lndian wagon. SOFTBALL-Front row: June Hannah, Roberta Griswold, Marilyn Hammer, Gae Joanne Hall, Rose Fisher, Inga Pederson, Dorothy Nolan, June Elston, Annette Anderson, Karen Carstens. Second row: Jean Tobin, Claudia White, Kay LaBarge, Georgia Howard, Margie Anderson, Donna Walden, Karen Elder, Joyce Anderson, Clara Sonderen, Sally Smith, Sonya Bowker, Janet Dalzell. Third row: Connie Solseng, Phyllis Belden, Pat Fairfax, Joanne Lewis, Joan Van Derhoef, Barbara Kennedy, Nancy Holloway, Virginia Worley, Betty Britt, Roberta Johnson, Bobbie Allison. Fourth row: Karol Woodbury, Sandra Williams, Donna Anderson, Barbara K A d L' d Eld b B t J J E ll S ll M'll Andre F irfax Back row Eilene West Mari- Weishaar, aren n erson, in a en urg, esy ones, oan we , a y 1 s, y 'a . I : , lyn Lipscomb, Marsha Boam, Joanne Basquette, Sharon Hunt, Betty Koon, Jackie Simonitch, .Iodine Woodard, Arlene West. one hundred seventy-two After-School swim classes help perfect swimming strokes. llnder the direction ol' Miss Dixon, seventy-live girls turned out for after-stihool swimming during the liall and spring se- mesters. Classes met each Monday lrom 3 p. m. to -l p. m. Clae Hall was swim Chair- man. All girls taking these swim courses as part ol' their alter-school sports improved their strol-tes. Red Cross beginning. inter- mediate, and advanced swim tests were passed and "free" swim was enjoyed by all. Gym points lor all-activity shields and bars were earned by those turning out for we swiunning. Cjuc gsylu lI121kC-uP was given Swimming eliziirinun tae .lozinne Hall demon- - L3 1 I 1- A - - -K' strutt-s the mrtuiststro e :is Pat Hanson, Rat- lm Gull blue thc gill Pdlllupdlul In tht Nic-kell. .lo Anne Bzisqnette. and Claudia Swllll t'l2lSS. Phelps look on. SWIMMING-Front row: Mary Lou Nordby, Sandra Selivanoff, S'1aren Hunt, Annette Hammond, Betty Smith, Jinka Strassburger, Ben Ella Buck, Kathy Moran. Bobbie Voshell, Linda Eldenburg. Second row: Marsha Boam, Betty Bridgham, Judy Workman. Betty Franks, Myrtle Knutsonhaydahl, Agnes Tolleisen, Jackie Bunch, Jackie Simonitch. Third row: Betsy Jones, Pat Koski, Betty Koon, Gao Hall, Janice Mellgren, Arlene West, Ruth Cooprider, Karen Olson, Roberta Johnson. Charlotte Douglas. Back row: Louise Meyers, Dolores Craig, Joanne Basquette, Karen Anderson, Dolores Miller, Donna Bighain, LaVerne Belshaw, Randy Aamot, Daisy Johnson, Sharon Huston, Deanna Jenkinson, Sonja Bowker. one hundred seventy-three Girls' golf team wins city title for seven consecutive times. Girls' golf manager, Judy Evans, and captain Nancy Roberts. Wfinning the city golf title champion- ship lor seven consecutive times, the girls' golf team, coached by Neil Christian, Downriver golf professional, emerged vic- torious over their opponent, Lewis and Clark. Faculty director is Miss lfVllllClIT1lIlC Timm who is assisted by Miss Muriel Al- lison. Fall officers of the team were Cebe Rendle, captain, and Marlene E m l e y , manager. Nancy Roberts was spring cap- tain with judy Evans, manager. Tournament date for the two-ball foursome in the fall was October Ili, while May ll and May l8 marked the spring events. Tuesdays and Thursdays found the girls practicing at Downriver golf course. The usual play consists ofa team of four girls. Each school plays with as many teams as they have girls for, using the aggregate medal score. GOLF-Left to right: JoAnne Fluman, Diane Seniw, Patty Holliday, Darlene Hodgson, Mary Ann Matteson, Elaine Mills, Joy Baertsch, Cebe Randle, Marlene Emley, Claudia Funseth, Randy Aarnot, Joan Evans, Billye Wing, Marilyn Hammer, Mary Ann Cogley, Sue Nealy, Donna Bigham, Miss Timm. one hundred seventy-four Song, Yell Leaders, Color Guards portray school spirit. 95 9 fl 0 ,f s W f s 1 ge, sg, 'ff' SONG LEADERS-Front row: Claudia Bratton, Pat Hirth lfall ehairtnanl, Billye Wing. Back row: Carol Jean Hansen. Judy Evans, Donna Gardner. Mz11'i1y11 Davis lspring ehairinanl. Song llllll Yell Leziclers, co111pz111io11s to ez11'l1 other i11 botli pep coiivouitioiis :intl 211 gznnes. help ciezilcf tlie e111l111siz1s111 ol' the sluclent burly i11 support ol' the tennis znicl z11'e an iiitegral pant ol the line stliool spirit. 'lllie Colm' Cill2lTllS, :ts they 111z11'1il1 i11 parafles and stunts with the Song :incl Yell I.ez1cle1's. :ire syinbols ol' mn' sclmul colors. All llll'CC groups :ire clzul in 113ml Zlllll while 1111 C2ll'llg2lll1Ctl1ly. Pill Hi1'tl1 was c'l1z1i1'111z111 ol' Song Lezul- e1's i11 llie l':1ll :incl Nlzirilyn Davis siiccecclecl l1e1' i11 the spring. Bill Unske lizts been t'l1z1i1'111z111 ul' Yell Leziclers both se111este1's. lim, CHEER LEADERS-Bill Crowe. Bill Gnske lL'l12'llI'lHU'll Bud Watson. COLOR GUARDS-Susie YVZllit'l'5. Marlys: MeGec11'ge. Louise Fisken :ind Juan Rice were Color Gnzirds cliiring the tall seniestei. mir' liurzclrvcl sam-nty-fiiw LIGHTING and LAMPS al ROHRER'S Oplbosite the Davenport Hotel The KELSEY-BAI RD SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Sn-C11-tz11'iz1l, Slenugrapliic :incl lloulclteeping Courses Hutton Blclg. -- MA. 6740 Spokane, Washington ill 45 THIN MODEL Ngoaeou I gawmlibii ll Iwsapm M, SHEIIl.II:IIIEIQS I I Ill y QQSMQRKELQQ Nu one has ever imagined a pen that actually clrinlas in its own inlf supply without clunking the point. This znnzizing new invention enrls messy filling, dripping, wiping. 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Secrelarial Science W Bookkeeping if Business Adminislrafion 'lf' Machine Bookkeeping fi' Accounling 'ff Comp'l'omel'er lwn' those with gooil lmelxgruuml training who neeml :l lmmvleilge uf Slmrtliziml quickly, we reemnmenmlz THE ABC EASY-TO-LEARN SYSTEM . . . 'llrziining to l20 wcmls pei' minute lakes six weeks in llziy School classes f-A twelve weeks in Night School classes. full fn' 'wrife fur ilzfmwzuliuil and frm' luwklvtx liuxuribiznf flu' lzlwzx' K' B ' U ' 'lc Soulh ll0 Howard Sfreel Phone MA. lI3l on e hundred eighty-seven Famous for Dresses BUDGET ACCOUNTS INVITED DICK ROBERTS Charles Dress Shop CONGRATULATIONS 1953 Graduates TITHHIJUHTIUH... 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