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I A W N M '4 ST MIC MISSIO FIRST Cl , ' , 'VSPOKANE House'- FIRST ausmess ESTABLISHMENT uN wAsHnNcsToN D P V"2'TSHIMI,KAIN Mnssnom' FIRST'-l"ll'5SlONARY V ' EsTA BLn s HMENT V N EA R' S-POKANE x An , . ,- - 1 h V. , RN ,,Ll 5 YN X. A if V .. 'BATI LE..TnsgoKAN'i F W.f' '1'PLA N- 5 + - Q , co1,oN E n. GEORGE , BATTLHEK w mcs HT FOUGHT-1656 LED BY Q f ---.ff-L-- -M f f...-,,.- ' -. r-.-.wg -an - " 144' ' -' :-gg-g,.,,,Avn-efrf-.-,.' .,,x--Q - - 1 LASTED 4 . -Y . ,..-,,,...-, , ,MSF , f-1:-vqqaifv-f:2".,-f-- 91:7 .ff fgfgfu T',,,?g,,2Z..,-up-ww qvmvn Y Y V , ,-H V A- k F - ,ff -- -s - -.,,, AXA W ,.- , ,rf -1.1-1+ 4 - ,-ffi-i'.A..--1-251 f ,--.aa-,fT""' ...g,111?:+..ff:1-rj-vw,:-si. ' f ' ' Q-S I A C MT. SDOKANE A ELEVATIQN saoe J l909 '5 'fSPOKANE amuse' T THET FIRST amuse TBUILT ON THE :ENTRALEHS 3PO K ANE FUVER T LAKE T COEUR d'ALENE VERMALEISY T f Q IES RETREATED LAND WHEN TNS ATTACKED 'HANGMAN TREE' INDIANS WERE T HANGEDT FOR v A sTEPToET's DEFEAT TA I .9 NrQ-7 af 6 BATTLE of STEPTOE STEPT E DEFEATED BY IN IAN UPRISING T T5 TTE' T ff I I , ,V ' Q , ' V ,A , , , , X 1 J v ' .1 Xgyff iff? 310 Joanne Cogley, edifor Maybelle Mead, arf edi+or Miss Mary McKenna, adviser Ufllilfiill ,A 5 5 qu . 'MW K A QQ, N -x M ,. -- M gg Q v, , . . ,, N QM'Af"'Y 7 ' ' x ' 31 . -S N A mm-A A-Wien K , ,- ' - i . 5, . - Mwwwwm,-gig'fW 5 L Q W' - A 5 S ,S ...X L 4 5 f :L ,wgggtik QQ 5 , . . Wffme A X , ,M . 2 ,,., A SQ A f A - A W wg, 55515 we , i . Sf? s, gag , ff. V K O ig! QQ X 'Il yr X.: 5 " f - ,M , gg i 92 ,b 5. , ,- W,.. B , ,... ., my -aff .1 . NN' . - " k A x X 2 MH A Www - , W T5 is 50,9 L L V , . W . -fgggffllg--"i'wg it ' ' Aff Lil' Q gp: -,.1f:A-.EQM1 yq kwmgg ., QQSJAV4fnrsggfiyig. - H wg, gf N, kai M Z 19. fl? QW! ""5 - ui s wifi Eg xg X ...i:..Q. 3 rm lie WW' mm N -Q-can-inn: XM W W., Sams sQia.:a4m-, Xi, - HQXXSQ-Qa,.x:'-"'1 .iii A x .. is 551' fe ...Q --A3 . Mg f "E ,g f- it - mf 2 gg ,X if ' W ' fi .. L 5, 7 ww., 1W....r1.1-+X:ssw-Mi 7 'Ny fx 5 3 , L' Q' Q. 5 E 3 N ' v A ...... Q.. -W W... x ' Q :ig gas iswavmxsaaxwsx. ,. . f - - M Q I Q X . ,- 5 . 5 w F' A 3,51 w-A ns.-A ww A W-fi "1 2 i F i . - -E1 TL ,bf 55 1 if ,f R4 M. . 4 , , V, . nw K .- Q ww. ww X WM-1 ,Www A .K W .ug - A. -ei . Az Xmswxbgw mmm If fi V. i .L 1 k-,- ' 7 Q A E552 FQ R X w 5 fl kvtvix KN ,... 1 x Sz swf Q . num J W A QE? . X 9 ix . A A . i Si W . in 5 'N' Qi f il f Lx L, QA XS A h , 0 ,. l X N v N 1 . , Q K . M -f .x g , WM x' 5 . ' -' -' - - K - ' -X 5 .. R A A . . - - - A K sk WNQQSYM-xx I wr N ,. Gmduates ,Iv bk ...s . Sbhool -lje Q rwA . N N I. Pwdwfvvfls - l SWS 21 d1QQ:1ftis'ing . , ' V 1 ,L :xg -- 1 , '3 'U ' T W I , . ' Q 25 61 75, 111 125 167 , . i e E 's lNI1-mlwrs of the Spokane District 81 School Board arc: Dr. G. Burwcll lllann fvicc-prcsidcntj, Clifford l.uc:1s, Mrs. 'Illl0lll11S C. VVurth, Howard C. Frisscll, George E. Fullquist Qprcsidontj. .lalncs A. Biod- gctt was appointed to the School Board to replace Clifford Lucas who resigned in Fclmrimry. .lonN A. SHAYV, 8'Il1J!'7'i7ItI'71l1!'71ff of Spokane public sclzonls, and Miss IJIILA IJAVIN, a.s'.s'i.s'tant superintendent. Q71 ALAN '1l0llGlCRSON, fl. S. 13. prr'.vid1'nt, confers with .losmfii M. VFICXVINKEI., principal, on Z1 student body problem. To the Graduates of I952 f 1 f XVhen Abraham Lincoln's mother whispered a last good-by to her gaunt off- spring, she is reported to have said, "Be somebody, Abe." I imagine that would be the cumu- lative injunction ol' the North Central faculty to the graduates of 1952, il? final laculty admonitions could be compressed into three Words! Deep in the heart of every teacher is the wish that his students may make a good "go" olflife, that they may be better people than the instructor himsellf. Wfhen swift-moving years chroni- cle the success of those who "got their start with me," the teacher feels a glow of pride and participation. So, what better can we say than to re- peat the admonition ol' a wonderful mother to a wonderful son? You are now a graduate of a great high school. By the mere fact ol graduation you have entered a select circle ol' the Ameri- can electorate: the high school graduates. Fewer than one American voter in five is a high school graduate. America expects more from you than its "average citizens." Don't shoot low. Shoot for the best. Be somebody! Your friends ol' North Central will watch your achievements with eager hearts. I 0 C eleven WALTER C. HAWES, Vice-Principal Office Staff i N Patricia Barton, Attendance Clerkg Marjorie Stoner, Secretaryg Vera Bayley, Bookroom Clerk twelve Gut of brash outh, these master sculptors mold maturit it iff iff il' 4? fi? Allison, Muriel L. Commercial Figure Skating Adviser Anderson, Edward E. English Publicity ' W. E. A. Public Relations Committee Chairman Bacon, Mary R. Library, Head Amores Librorum Adviser Baldwin, R. A. Mathematics Barnard, Robert F. Mathematics thirteen 'ik Beaver, Helen I. Home Economics Costume Adviser Betz, Verna C. , Mathematics P. T. A. Membership Chairman Biner, Robert E. Art . Art Club Adviser Bland, Robert E. Social Studies, English, Mathematics Assistant Football Coach Bloom, Ruth Home Economics Boehme, Bertha .V Foreign Language, Head Spanish Club Adviser Bonamy, Donald Science Frosh Football Coach Brad ford, Lowell C. Music Boys' Adviser Broadwell, Vern R. Industrial Arts Stage Crew Adviser Brown, Barbara M. English Operetta Campbell, Grace C. English, Head Carroll, Madeline Library Chandler, Charles A. Social Studies, Head Ticket Manager Chitty, Myrtle M. Speech, English, Dramatics Thespian Adviser Christenson, John T. English, Social Studies Debate Rifle Club Adviser Cleveland, Helen L. English Vox Adviser Craft, Rose Marie Physical Education Color Girls' Adviser Damon, Patricia Girls' Adviser Student Body Adviser Danielson, Alvin B. Commercial Track Coach Davis, Daniel C. English Boys' Federation Quartet Adviser 5 fourteen Dieclrick, William M. Physical Education Safe Driving ' Assistant Varsity Football Coach Dunpliy, Gladys L. Study Hall Head of Con Deputies Exley, Burrill Mathematics Intramural Coach Glover, Blair Commercial Griggs, James 0. Commercial, Head Griswold, Guy L. English Chairman of Pay Cons Hagen, Kenneth G. Industrial Arts B Squad Basketball Coach fifteen is gf ' imma I we ii Q Q 2- sa te ""'!5 ss is s is 5 QS Q sk? K A we s 5 'f 5 K ES? N Es W Ji? x 9 P rc Q, X wg? -mv N X V fs as Nl 58+ 3+ Hawes, Lucille Study Hall Chairman of Stage and Entertainment Hix, Ernest L. Science, Head Boys' Tennis Hoesly, Robert Social Studies Frosh Basketball Coach jones, Delbert E. Social Studies Student Body Adviser Killingsworth, Elizabeth Home Economics, Head McKenna, Mary Journalism, English Publications' Adviser McLaughlin, Mabel English Honors Board Q ' SSX? A4 QNX Sl! 5 yr ssl? B . X 2 as M. 'W 2 . .:. Jim M cNeW, Howard L Social Studies Intramural Coach McRae, Christine Psychology, English Student Body Election Adviser Malterner, John Jr English Traffic and Grounds Squad Adviser Manfred, A. A. Commercial Varsity Baseball Coach Mhyre, Kenneth C. Art, Head Tamarack Art Adviser Neuman, Christine C. Home Economics F. H. A. Club Adviser Neuman, Paul H. Science Clocks and Bells Norby, John Mathematics Nygaard, P. H. Mathematics, Head Math Club Adviser Oppen, Genevieve English Red Cross Paulson, Mary K. Commercial Pinkhain, Elsa M. Physical Education, Head Red Feathers Randall, Chas. R. Social Studies Visual Education Rawlings, Margaret English sixteen Rodkey, John P. Social Studies Senior A Class Adviser Rowand, David K. Science Radio Club Adviser Smith, George A. Science Photography Intramural Swimming Coach Spurgeon, Dale H. Industrial Art Stannard, Gerald M. Physical Education, Head Varsity Football Coach Varsity Basketball Coach Starkweatlier, Violet Commercial Stockdale, Helen Retail Training SC'UG'l'l.fCG'l7. ,. .9 ., QM 2 - .asa .f -if? . H - Q it . Y r l'aft, VV. Stanley Music, Head Music Productions Theis, Frances Foreign Languages Latin Club Adviser llieodorson, George Industrial Arts, Head School Treasurer Vlllllllll, VVill1eln1ine Science Golf lobie, Paul E. Science VVll1l?lliCl', William M. Social Studies, Saie Driving B Squad Football Coach lVood, Helen I. Home Economies Costume Adviser Among the hostesses :it the Christmas tea, given for the faculty by the foods classes, are Letu Cooper :md Arvillu lioekstud. Grouped around the table are Miss Muriel Allison, Miss Mary Mc-Kenna, :md Miss YVilhelmine Tinnn, faculty members. 1 f f Foods classes offer the girls training in the preparation of good, Whole- some food. They Are taught methods that will be of use to them in later life, no matter what they do. The basis of family eighteen health is the food it eats, and the girl who is wise in the ways of nutrition is well- prepared for family life. The home eco- nomics departmentys foods classes provide training seldom obtained elsewhere. , , , ln Industrial Arts, important in the high school curriculum, the student learns through actually doing. Experiences provide the basis upon which the individ- ual becomes a more intelligent and satis- fied consumer, a better producer. and a more useful citizen. Industrial Arts encourages a respect for the skills and knowledge that are a part ol' each skilled profession. lh 1 2 Mt-mhcrs of the industrial arts production Class are shown at work on the easels they :irc huilding for . . city grade schools. Students in this class build equipment for School District 81 rather than for their own use. nineteen 'for Y G lion .l:1eoy, Bill Crowe, :ind .leraldine Crenger :ire shown completing u Sl1:ikespe:n'e:m tlleuter niomlel which they :irc building in conjunction with English III studies. Projects sueh :is thi-so develop keen interest in the Slizikespmiremi plays. , , , English is a major part of high school ecluczuion. Not only is traclitional grannuar Lzulghl, bul also i1np1'oven1enL in wriuen and oral expression and an inierest in goocl lilerzilure are slressecl. The English twenty cleparuuenli ollers such subjects as clrzunzl Lies, journalisni. clebale, and voculiillziry in aclcliiion Lo the regular English Classes Each of these increzises the sluclenlfs knowl eclge ol' spoken ancl written English. f , 1 Art courses are offered not only for those students who intend to become professional artists, but also for those who will employ it merely as a relaxing hobby in years to come. The various phases of Art teaeh the student to ,express l1llIlSClli and to create beauty with his luind and hands. Instruction in stage design. leather work, connnereial art, and jewelry are ol'- lered besides the regular subjects. ln addition to regular class projects, the art department designs and paints the sets for North Central stage productions. Here Berniee Gutenberg, Larry Nelson, and Pat Breeden paint paper flowers for the operetta "The Marriage of Xannettef' twenty-one '1- Operating under the assumption that 'lone visual demonstration is worth a thousand words," physics classes employ numerous demonstrations and experiments to emphasize lessons. Roger Daisley, Joan Fenton, and Bob Burson are shown studying dvnamos bv usinv' the oscilloseo me. , , , One year of science above the ninth grade is required for graduation, and the student has a wide variety of courses from which to choose. If he selects biology, he will be rewarded with a rich and lasting twenty-two V as , . 2: l knowledge of living things. Photography will reveal the techniques and procedures of picture-taking, developing, and printing. Very important are chemistry and physics, the advanced sciences. , , , ln the clothing classes, girls learn the art of clothes making. From selec- tion of materials to actual sewing of the garment, the girls gather practical knowl- edge in clothing construction. ln years to come, the woman who can make part ol! her own wardrobe will be money ahead. Many of the girls realize this, and conse- quently the department's classes are al- ways popular. ,4f""' ,L---"""" ...-""""'Kw' Marlene Patjens checks the hem of Put ltodin's dress. The dress is :1 product of the home economics depurtmcntys clothing class. In this class girls learn the tricks of sewing which they may employ to good :ulvantage in later life. twenty-three January Graduates LIARGENE I,ANG .. twenty-six Presirlmzt Now we 'go forth to contquer life Discussing J:1nun'xfj',scni01' class activities are scnitir advisers. Front rom: Bcrthn Boclilhe, Ggxqrgc Smith. Hack TLOTUZ Don Bfmauuy, John Rodkcfy. - VIIKCPINIA Comms JUDY C001-EI: I.AIIIIY VVIIIMIQII AI, .IoNIcs Vicz'-l'rf'si1lr'11f Srcrcffary 1'7'l'llSIll'1'T Stffgfllllf at ,'1I'IlI-V armed with the'lance of education. I ii X sy i SS S I E 2 . ,3 K 5 wg. Iliff I -s:3,:sI,. i Taking :I minute out at thc Senior Prom :irc Carol Haus, Skip Pixlcy, Mubcllc Mead, Dick Nybcrg, Xvillllll 'IYIIYIOI' :md Larry VVidlllCl'. twenty-seven Akland, Joan Carol Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. League Honor Roll once: League Office Monitor: League . Representative: Tamarack Representative: Big Cousin: Health Service Monitor: Library Monitor: Ticket Office Monitor: After-School Sports: Melody Capers: Glee Club. Berg, Donald L. Social Studies Football: Baseball: Track: Intramural Sports: Chorus: Home Room President: Library Representative: Tamarack Representative. , Berglund, May ' Commercial League Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Melody Capers. Berry, Norman W. Art 4 Football: Track: Band. Blackwell, Beverly Jean Commercial News Staff, Co-Managing Editor, Girls' Sports Editor, Mailing Manager: Tama- rack Staff, Associate Editor, Ad Staff: Junior Press Club, Librarian: Quill and Scroll: Red Feathers, Secretary: Vox Puellarum, Secretary: League Honor Roll 8 times: All-Activity Shield, 2 bars: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Operetta: Honors Board, Secretary: Tennis Team: Scho- lastic Honor Roll: Red Cross Represen- tative: Election Commission: League Representative: Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: Prom Committee, Chair- man: Tamarack Representative: Big Cousin. Blossey, James H. Science Stage Design. Bond, Drew Industrial Arts Federation Representative: Intramural Sports. Bowles, Roma Marie , Commercial League Representative: League Honor Roll 6 times: A. S. B. Representative: Library Worker: Big Cousin. ' Brand, Norma Jean Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Song Leader: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: News Representative: Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: Glee Club, Secretary: Tepee Lighters: League Honor Roll 2 times: Operetta: Roll Checker: Commercial Club. Breeden, Patricia Margaret Art Vox Puellarum, Vice-President: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Color Guard: Art Club: League Honor Roll 7 times: Doll Shop, Lead: Spring Pageant: Operetta: Melody Capers, Lead: Hansel and Gretel: League Representative: Floor Collector: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: Gym Office Monitor: Roll Checker: After-School Sports: Red Cross Repre- sentative: All-Activity Shield, 2 bars. Brown, ,Donald Eugene Industrial Arts Home Room Vice-President. Brown, Richard Vernon Math Home Room Treasurer: Hall Guard: Intramural Sports. Burnette, jean Marelyn Home Economics Graduated in 35 Years. A. S. B. Repre- sentative. Burns, JoAnn Mae Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years. Color Girls: Red Feathers: Spring Pageant: Hall Guard: Red Cross Representative: Roll Checker: League Representative: League Honor Roll 2 times: Library Representative: Big Cousin: Basketball. twenty-eight Coder, Lois Lorene Social Studies Graduated in 3V2 years. Transferred from Oroville, Washington. Coe, Richard Claude Social Studies Football: Track: Intramural Sports: Home Room Vice-President: Library Representative. Cogley, Joanne Cora Commercial Tamarack, Editor: League Vice- President: Red Feathers: Football Princess Attendant: Color Girls: Co- Head Gym Department: Co-Head Rest Room: Girls' State Alternate: P. T. A. Drive Chairman: League Honor Roll 8 times: Junior Press Club: News Staff: Girls' Sports Editor: All-Activity Shield, 3 bars: Quill and Scroll: Math Club: Spanish Club, Treasurer: Oper- etta Dance Chairman: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: After-School Sports: Con Deputy: Big Cousin: Silver Spurs: S. R. A. Nominating Committee, Fi- nance and Budget Committee. Coomes, Virginia Jane Commercial Senior Class Vice-President: Commer- cial Club, President, Secretary: Home Room President, Secretary: League Representative: Red Feathers: Color Girls: League Honor Roll 5 times: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: All- Activity Shield: Volleyball: Badmin- ton: Baseball: Basketball: Office Moni- tor. Cooper, Judith Helen Commercial Senior Class Secretary: Spanish Club, Secretary: Home Room Secretary: Choir: Operetta: Con Deputy: Library Representative: News Representative! League Representative: Hall Guard: Library Worker: Big Cousin: Central Council: League Honor Roll: Art Library Monitor. Cowden, Beverly Joyce Colmmercial Graduated in 3M years. Home Room Secretary: Big Cousin: Roll Checker. Cross, Seeran Louise Home Economics Home Room President, Treasurer: Li- brary Representative: A s s i s t a n t Library Repesentative: League Office Monitor: Library Desk Assistant, Host- ess: Con Deputy: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant. twenty-'nine Denny, Betty Luella Social Studies News Staff, Exchange Editor: Library Worker: 3 C's: Quill and Scroll. Donahue, William M. Social Studies Home Room Treasurer: Red Cross Representative: Intramural Sports. Dorr, Herbert Barclay Social Studies Football: Intramural Sports: Sports- for-All. Eilders, Patricia Eileen Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Home Room President: League Representative: Big Cousin: Doll Shop: Hall Guard: After- School Sports. Evans, Mary Lou Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Library Repre- sentative: Red Cross Representative: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: League Honor Roll: Spring Pageant: Glee Club: After-School Sports. Evenson, Arden Social Studies Football Manager: Comanche Guard: A. S. B. Representative: Operetta: Melody Capers. Fackenthall, Lynn Frances Science A. S. B. Representative: League Honor Roll 5 times: League Representative: Vox Puellarum, Treasurer: Latin Club, Vice-President: Home Room, Presi- dent, Vice-President: Con D e p u t y : Hall Guard: Health Service Monitor: Big Cousin: Roll Checker: Office Worker: After-School Sports. wwe? Fiskness, Kenneth Wayne Art Federation Representative: Tennis: Home Room Vice-President: Hall Guard. Flinn, Marilynn Rose Home Economics News Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Tamarack Representative: Big Cousin. Fowler, LeRoy H. Industrial Arts F ritsch, Beverly Elenora Commercial League Secretary: League Honor Roll 4 times: Central Council: Big Cousin: League Office Monitor: League Sena- tor: Red Feathers: Football Princess Attendant: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: Election Commis- sion: A. S. B. Representative: Spanish Club: Con Deputy: Hall Guard: Roll Checker: All-Activity Shield: Library Representative: Home Room Secretary, Sergeant at arms. Graham, Gale Lowry Math Football: Home Room President. Green, Gerald M. Social Studies Home Room Treasurer, Secretary: Track: Basketball: Football. Grose, Gerald Frederick Math Band: Home Room Treasurer. Q. Q .. , W . u -' sg .. r if 1+ Haas, Carol Leona Commercial A. S. B. Secretary, Fifth Executive: Tennis Team, Captain: Friendliest Girl: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Operettas: Red Feathers: Football P r i n c e s s: League Honor Roll 4 times: Library Representative: All-Activity Shield, 1 bar: After-School Sports: H o n or s Board. Hannan, James F. Social Studies Football: Comanche Guard. -if Harbour, Joan Louise Commercial League Representative: Gym Office Monitor: 3 C's Club. Hardin, Roy Social Studies Frosh Baseball: B Squad Baseball: Football: Track, All-City, All-State: Hall Guard: Warriors, Vice-President: Sports-For-All: Spring Pageant. Harkins, Dorothy Marie Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years. Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Tennis Team: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Girls' League Representa- tive: Locker Monitor. Heckel, LaVerne Mae Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years. Glee Club: Big Cousin: F. H. A.: Library Hostess: League Representative: Red Cross Representative: Tamarack Represen- tative: French Club: League Honor Roll 1 time: Westernaires. Hill, Charles W. Music Band: A. S. B. Representative. thirty johnson, Hallie Ruth Commercial After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Roll Checker: Towel Monitor: Locker Monitor: Commencement Com- mittee. ones, Al Lynn M ath, Track: Cross-Country: Sports-for-All: Choir: Operetta: Melody Capers: Ground Squad: Traffic Squad: Senior Class Sergeant at Arms: Warriors. Jon es, Patricia Ann Home Economics Graduated in SV2 years. A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Y-Teens: After-School Sports: Latin Club: F. H. A.: Western- aires: Color Girls: League Honor Roll 2 times: Con Deputy: Big Cousin: Sen- ior A Election Committee. Kinne, Shirley Jean Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Big Cousin: Basketball: Baseball: Hall Guard: Operetta: Red Cross Representative. Koenig, Dorene Ann Commercial Home Room Treasurer, Secretary: League Representative: League Honor Roll 4 times: Red Feathers: All- Activity Shield: After-School Sports: Spring Pageant: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Towel Monitor: Westernaires. Kohl, Robert Milton Science Kolb, Joyce Ann Commercial Home Room Vice-President: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Spring Pageant: A. S. B. Representative: All-School Play: Con Deputy: Westernaires: Refreshment Stand: League Honor Roll 5 times. thirty-one LaFleur, Arlea Mae Art Graduated in 3V2 years. News Repre- sentative: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. Lang, Margene Joy Commercial X Senior A Class President: Red Feathers, Sergeant at Arms: Color Girls: News Staff, Girls' Sports Editor: Tamarack Staff, Senior Section Editor, Campaign Manager: Math Club, Secretary: Span- ish Club, Secretary, Vice-President: Home Room President, Secretary: League Honor Roll 8 times: League Representative: Tamarack Representa- tive: A. S. B. Representative: After- School Sports: Badminton, Manager: All-Activity Shield, 3 Bars: Operetta: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Cen Depu- ty: Big Cousin: Gym Monitor: Library Worker. Langdon, William Math Warriors: Football: Track, All-City, All-State: Intramural Sports, Head: Intramural Wrestling Instructor: Home Room President, Vice-President, Secre- tary, Treasurer: A. S. B. Representa- tive, N o m i n a t i n g Committee, Constitution Committee, Clean-Up Committee: Interschool R e l a ti o n s: F e d e r a tio n Vice-President: Choi": Operetta: Hall Guard: Ground Squad: All-State Art Award, lst Place: Library Representative. Lust, Janice Rae Art Graduated in SV2 years. Art Club, Vice- President: Doll Shop: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 2 times: Hall Guard: League Rep- resentative: B i g C o u s i n: News Representative: Glee Club, Secretary: Home Room Secretary. Marisch, Florence Home Economics Big Cousin: 3 C's Club: Hall Guard: Roll Checker: Red Cross Representa- tive. McCoy, Richard Lee Science Intramural Boxing: Rifle Club: Home Room P r e si d e n t: Concert Band: Federation President. McDermott, Sally Ann Home Economics Graduated in 3Vz years. League Honor Roll 1 time: Girls' Golf: French Club: F. H. A.: Westernaires: Roll Checker: Con Deputy: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: Library Representative: Library Host- ess: Towel Monitor. fd McGuire, Amy Inez Commercial All-Activity Shield: Red Feathers: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop: Home Room Secretary: Big Cousin: Library Representative: 3 C's Club. McKeever, Elmer Neil Social Studies Track, All-City: Cross Country, All- City: Football: Basketball: Intramural Sports: Warriors, Secretary, Treasurer: A. S. B. Representative. Mead, Mabelle El Marie Art Library Representative: Library Work- er: Big Cousin: News Representative: News Staff: Tamarack Staff, Art Editor: Song Leader: Tennis: Track: Con Commissioner, Hall Guard: Art Club: Quill and Scroll: 3C's Club: Thespians, Historian-Reporter: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop: Operetta: All- School Plays: Melody Capers: Senior Play, Stage Manager: League Honor Roll 6 times. Meinke, Glenn Social Studies Football: Basketball: Baseball, All- State: Warriors, Sergeant at Arms: Intramural Sports: Spring Pageant. Milam, Patricia Commercial League President: Central Council: League Honor Roll 8 times: Big Cousin: League Office M o n i t o r: A. S. B. Secretary: Junior Senator: A. S. B. Representative: Song Leader: Vox Puellarum, Historian, Reporter: Home Room Treasurer: All-Activity Shield: Spring Pageant: Operetta: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor: Interschool Relations Committee, Secretary. Miles, Maurice B. Math Football: Tennis: Basketball: Intra- mural Sports: Warriors: Latin Club: Math Club: Federation Representative: Doll Shop: Yell King. Mills, Larry Vern Math Monteith, Shirley Joyce Social Studies Graduated in 3V2 years. League Honor Roll 5 times: A. S. B. Representative: Student Court: Library Representa- tive: Roll Checker: 3 C's Club, Secre- tary: Big Cousin: Library Monitor: Gym Locker Monitor: Con Deputy: Tennis Team: After-School Sports. Morton, Patricia Ann Science News Staff, News Editor, Co- Managing Editor: Junior Press Club: Amores Librorum, Treasurer: League Honor Roll 5 times: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Big Cousin: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Spanish Club, Secretary: Quill and Scroll, President: Math Club, Sergeant at Arms: After- School Sports: Scholastic Honor Roll: News Representative: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Doll Shop. Nordby, Kay Viane Science Graduated in 3V2 years. Doll Shop: Commercial Club: Latin Club: Red Feathers: League Honor Roll 4 times: News Representative: Badminton: League Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Office Worker: Big Cousin: Roll Checker: Baseball. Nyberg, Richard Carl Science Football: Basketball: Baseball: Track: Tumbling: Wrestling: Swimming: War- riors: Boxing: Sports-for-All, H e a d : Hall Guard: Spring Pageant. O'Brien, Kathleen Rowena Social Studies 3 C's Club: Library Worker: Big Cousin. O'Grady, Helen Irene Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years. All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Library Represen- tative: Red Cross Representative. Olsness, Donna Lou Social Studies thirty-two Oxrieder, Lois Ann Science League Treasurer: Amores Librorum, Vice-President: Vox Puellarum, Ser- geant at Arms: S p a n i s h Club, Treasurer: Home Room President: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Honors Board: League Honor R011 6 times: All- Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Library Repre- sentative: Central Council: Operetta: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant. Patjens, Marlene M. M ath. Study Hall Roll Checker: League Honor Roll 5 times: Honor Roll: Red Cross Representative: Big Cousin: 3 C's Club: After-School Sports. Pearson, Dolores Rose Commercial Pederson, George J. Industrial Arts Stage Crew, Manager: Band: Color Guard: Hall Guard: Library Repre- sentative: News Representative: Stage Design: Doll Shop: Operettaz Spring Pageant: Swimming: B Football: In- tramural Sports. Penna, Virginia Commercial Red Feathers, Chairman: Tennis Team, Captain: All-Activity Shield: Home Room Vice-President: League Honor Roll 5 times: After-School Sports: Spring Pageant: Big Cousin. Petruss, Dan M ath Library Representative: Intramural Sports: Wrestling: Softball: Basketball. Picard, Azalia Doris Social Studies Softball. thirty-three vi- Y H.- fg! ":.-qJN,:,",j,.-.Za . 'I ... . 5 wx. .. gs ., - Pixley, Morris Science Freshman Baseball, Basketball, Track: B Squad Basketball, Baseball: Varsity Track, Basketball, Football: Warriors: NewsRepresentative: Library Representative: Spring Pageant: Intra- mural Sports: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room Sergeant at Arms. Porta, Rose Mary Commercial Home Room Secretary: League Repre- sentative' Doll Shop: Sprin Pa eant: 1 S 8 Commercial Club: Red Feathers: Soft- ball: Library Worker: Towel Monitor. Rice, Jacqueline Rae Home Economics Doll Shop: A. S. B. Representative: Commercial Club: Constitution Com- mittee. Rogers, Robert C. Math Home Room Vice-President: A. S. B. Representative. Santorsola, Mary Ann Home Economics News Representative: League Repre- sentative: Gym Monitor: Towel Moni- tor: First Place in State T. B. Contest. Scher, Robert Harold Social Studies Library Representative. Slosser, Carol Joyce Home Economics Senior Senator: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Girls' Tennis Manager: Latin Club, Secretary, Corresponding Secre- tary: Spring Pageant: Operetta: Home Room Secretary: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor: Dad and Daughter Ban- quet Committee Chairman: A. S. B. Nominating Committee, Constitution Committee: Gym Monitor: League Monitor: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 5 times: Big Cousin. Spitzer, Lewis E. Social Studies Football: Track: Choir: Band: Intra- mural Sports. Springer, Quetta Janette Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years. League Repre- sentative: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin: Study Hall Roll Checker: Com- mencement Committee. Stack, Jerry B. Industrial Arts Melody Capers: Glee Club. Sumerlin, Jim C. Math Football: Track: Stage Crew: Senior Senator. Taylor, Lois Mykeen Commercial Song Leader: Home Room Secretary: Tamarack Representative: Con Deputy: Library Monitor: Nurse Assistant: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: All-School Play: Big Cousin. Taylor, Wilma Commercial Graduated in 3'!2 years. News Repre- sentative: L i b r a r y Representative: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Tennis: After-School Sports: Home Room President: League Honor Roll 2 times: Big Cousin. Thompson, Carol Louise Social Studies Graduated in SV2 years. Spanish Club: Doll Shop: Hansel and Gretel: Quill and Scroll: Color Guard: Color Girls: All-Activity Shield: News Staff: Tam- arack Staff, Associate Editor: Girls' League Representative: Tamarack Re- presentative: Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times: Swimming: Con Deputy, Cap- tain: Big Cousin. Tollefsen, Ane Helen Commercial Song Leader, Chairman: Math Club, President: Spanish Club, Sergeant at Arms: Awards and Emblems Commit- tee: Student Court, Secretary: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Operetta: Gym Department, Co-Head: News Staff, Mailing Manager: Rest Room Head: Big Cousin: Con Deputy: Quill and Scroll: Hansel and Gretel: All-Activity Shield, 3 Bars: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 8 times. Torgerson, Alan Wesley lliath Band, Uniform Manager: Pep Band: Doll Shop Orchestra? Track: Tennis: 3 C's Club, President, Vice- President: Spanish Club: Ski Club: Warriors: A. S. B., President, Fifth Executive: A. S. B. Nominating Committee: Ground Squad, Commissioner: Home Room President: Federation Repre- sentative: Honors Board: March-of- Dimes Committee: Boys' State: Operet- ta Usher: Interschool Relation Com- mittee: Spring Pageant. Walton, Jereld Leigh Social Studies Graduated in 3V2 years. Frosh Baseball. Widmer, Larry Industrial Arts Football: Boxing: Senior A Class Treasurer. W'illiams, Leon Math Graduated in 3V2 years. Traffic Squad: Band. Wilson, Carolyn Myrtie Science Red Feathers, Historian-Reporter: Lat- in Club, Vice-President, Treasurer: Home Room President: Color Girls: League Honor Roll 8 times: After- School Sports: Big Cousin: Tamarack Representative: Library Worker: Gym Monitor: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Tamarack Campaign Manager: Cards and Announcements Chairman: All- Activity Shield, 1 Bar: Math Club. Wirch, Joan Eleanor Commercial Home Room Secretary: Color Girls: Spring Pageant: League Honor Roll 1 time: Glee Club: Our Town: Library Representative: Locker Monitor: Doll Shop, Make-Up: After-School Sports: "Life With Father": Big Cousin. thirty-four Wolbert, Ralph M. ' Industrial Arts thirty-fiv e Wolford, Deanne Commercial Graduated in 3V2 years. Home Room President, Treasurer: League Repre- sentativeg A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representative: Red Feathers: Spring Pageantg Doll Shop: Roll Checker: After-School Sports: Big Cousin. i S 2 S Signing senior-day memory books are: Carolyn Wilson, Jim Hardin, Joan Aklaml Ma14rice M-iles, Joanne Coglely, Dick Coe and George Pederson. Q Jun Graduates .loyal-: Tw: 1'r1f.vi1lf'l1f We will continue to learn . . with the world .llllllf class advisors meet to talk over Colnulcnccluent plans. Fran! row: Rose Marie Craft. Georgie Hagan, Vern Broudwcll, .lolm Rodkcy. Svcoml row: Paul Tolrie Christine McRae. Vl'ill1cl1nine Timm, Irene VVOod, Grace Campbell. Hack row: Edward Anderson, John Norby, Dol Jones, Blair Glover. thirty-sir A T,ICli Boswwm CQAY S'1'11:PuENsoN FIQANCELLA BLADE I,Almv O'r'ro I!iL'U'1,Tl'Sill1f'l1f Secrrvfary 1'1'C'l1SIlTl'7' Sl'7'gl'!llIt af Arms our schoolroom and with experience our teacher. Trying on cups :md gowns for size are Bill Kiper, Peggy Kookcn, Nancy Springer, and Ron Pick. thirty-seven , KW A if sl? ' X 'J A Adams, Janet Lee Commercial Red Feathers: Doll Shop: Spring Pag- eant: Operetta: All-School P l a y : League Representative: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Library Representative: Tamarack Staff: After-School Sports: Commercial Club: Hall Guard: News Representative: League Honor Roll 3 times: Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield. Albright, Jack Richard Industrial Arts News Representative: Retailing Club. Anderson, Burdell Clifton Math Anderson, Darlene Renee Commercial Doll Shop. Anderson, Ivan Teador Math Senior Play: Stage Crew: Stage Design, Chairman: Sports-for-All. Anderson, Jane Music A. S. B. Secretary: Dasidrian, Vice- President: Choir, President, Vice- President, Librarian: Vox Puellarum: Spanish Club: Color Girls: Red Feath- ers: Doll Shops: Operettas: Melody Capers: Locker Monitor: League Honor Roll: After-School Sports. Andre, Kay Eloise Social Studies Graduated in 3V2 years. Red Feathers: Color Girls, Historian: Doll Shops: Op- erettas: Spring Pageant: A. S. B. Treas- urer: League Representative: Vox Pu- ellarum, Vice-President: Con Deputy: News Staff: League Honor Roll 6 times: All-Activity Shield 1 Bar: Home Room President: News Mailing Manager: After-School Sports: Big Cousin. Armfield, Shirley Anne Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years. Library Rep- resentative: Glee Club, President: Soft- ball: Spring Pageant: Red Cross Rep- resentative. Arnold, Nada Lynette Commercial Big Cousin: Tamarack Representative: Hall Guard: Volleyball, Manager: Ten- nis: After-School Sports: Towel Moni- tor: Roll Checker: Operetta: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop, Lead: Library Worker: Library Representative: Con Deputy: Commercial Club: S e n i o r Play: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Silver Spurs. Aspaas, Lee Rosco Industrial Arts Atkinson, John Social Studies Stage Crew: Sports-for-All: Swimming. Audel, Paul Hazen Math Graduated in 3 years. Math Club, President: Radio Club, President: Latin Club: Grounds Squad: Band: Debate: Junior Toastmaster: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Student Court, Prosecuting Attorney: Election Commission: Tama- rack Staff: Federation Representative: All-School Play. Baker, Bruce Douglas Social Studies Band: Concert Band: Football: Intra- mural Sports: Operetta: Home Room President, Vice-President, Sergeant at Arms. Ballo, Ronald Herbert Social Studies Graduated in BV2 years. Concert Band: Operetta. thirty-eight Barker, Grace Lenore Commercial Songleader: Tennis Team: Doll Shops: Operetta: Spring P a g e a n t: R o ll Checker: Library Worker: All-Activity Shield: R e d C r o s s Representative: News Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: Vox Puellarum: Westernaires, Treas- urer: League Honor Roll 7 times: So- cial Service Committee. Barney, Donna Bee Art Library Representative: Color Girls: Red Feathers: League Representative: Co-Head Gym Department: Art Club. President, Treasurer: Home Room Sec- retary, Sergeant at Arms: Red Cross Representative: News Representative: Doll Shops: Spring Pageants: Operetta: League Honor Roll 6 times: All-Ac- tivity Shield: Rest Room Head: Gym Office Monitor: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: Tamarack Art Staff. Bass, Shirley Jane Commercial Library Representative: League Rep- resentative: Doll Shop: Operetta: Spring Pageant: Color Girls: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Tennis Team: Swim Team: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Roll Checker: Red Cross Representative: News Representative: Home Room Secretary, Vice-President, Sergeant at Arms: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 6 times. Beck, Patricia Ann Commercial Red Cross Representative: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: Color Girls: News Repre- sentative: League Honor Roll 2 times. Beeman, Elva Mae Social Studies League Representative: News Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Li- brary Worker: 3 C's Club: Spanish Club, Treasurer: Red Feathers: Gym Office Monitor: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor, Floor Collector: A. S.B. Rep- resentative: League Honor Roll 4 times: Girls' Glee Club: Big Cousin. Beidleman, Beverly jane Music Girls' Glee Club Special Octette: Choir: Operetta: After-School S p o r t s : Li- brary Representative: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Melody Capers: League Hon- or Roll 4 times: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: A. S. B. Representative. Bennett, Charlotte Home Economics Transferred from Umatilla, Oregon. League Representative: Orchestra. thirty-'nine .in-. . :.- ,v f1,,,.,-q-f - 30 'Q' gs Benson, VVillis Earl Math Varsity Football: Track: B Squad Foot- ball: Frosh Football: Warriors: Sports- for-All. Biggs, Larry Dennis Math Federation Representative: L i b r a r y Representative: Signs and Advertising Committee: Nominating Committee: Ticket Sales: A. S. B. Representative: Home Room Vice-President, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms. Bishop, Patricia Ann Commercial Hall Guard: Doll Shop: Big Cousin. Blade, F rancella Jean Art ' R e d F e a t h e r s, Historian-Reporter: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: League Representative: Home Room President, Secretary: League Honor Roll 3 times: Towel Monitor: Locker Monitor: Operetta: Roll Checker: Latin Club, Secretary: Art Club, President, Secretary: After-School Sports: Senior Class Treasurer. Blincow, Beverly Ann Math News Staff, Exchange Editor: Tama- rack Staff, Senior Editor, Floor Col- lector: 3 C's Club: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll 5 times: Home Room President, Treasurer: Hall Guard: Library Worker. Bondahl, Adonna Malene Science Transferred from West Valley. Hall Guard: Badminton, Manager: Home Room President, Fifth E x e c u t i v 92 League Representative: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: Red Feathers, Sergeant at Arms: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 2 times. Bostrom, Richard Gene Science Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball: Federation Treasurer: Warriors, Presi- dent: Senior Class Vice-President. . . Y, - Tay, R . Si K, is 1 .- . it QF . 'K Mx , a s C N, : M ga Boutwell, Loretta Louise Math Graduated in 31!2 years. Spanish Club, President, Treasurer: M a t h C 1 u b : Choir: Operettas: Melody Capers: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 5 times: League Representative: Library Rep- resentative: Tamarack Representative: A. S. B. Concessions Counter. Brandt, Nina Lou Social Studies Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: Hall Guard: Ticket Office Worker: Softball. Bray, Lucille Frances Home Economics Library Worker: League Honor Roll 3 times: Library Representative: 3 C's Club, Fifth Executive. Bredesen, Beverly Lou Commercial Library Representative: League Rep- resentative: N e w s Representative: Home Room Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fifth Executive: Girls' Glee Club: Choir: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Operetta: Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Tepee Lighters: League Honor Roll 5 times: After-School Sports. Brennan, Barbara Elaine Social Studies League Representative: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: Library Worker: Gym Monitor: Vox Puellarum: Big Cousin: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: All-School Play: Election Commission: League Honor Roll 5 times: Senior Reception Committee: Basketball Ban- quet Committee: Red Cross Represent- ative: After-School Sports: Volleyball, Manager. Bresgal, Suzanne Joan Commercial League Secretary: League Representa- tive: Office Monitor: League Honor Roll 7 times: Doll Shop, Lead: Oper- etta: Tennis Team: Office Messenger: Hall Guard: Con Deputy: Con Com- mittee: All-Activity Shield, l Bar: After-School Sports: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: L i b r a r y Representative: News Representative: N o m i n a t i n g Committee: Big Cousin. Brockmier, Boyd Industrial Arts 4 Bulloch, Joyce Carol Home Economics Songleader, Co-Chairman: Home Room President: Library Representative: Red Cross Representative: League Office Monitor: Roll Checker: Library Work- er: Doll Shops: Operettas: Tennis Team: Con Scheduling Committee: Af- ter-School Sports: Commercial Club: B i g C o u s i n: All-Activity Shield: League Honor 7 times: Senior Senator, Nominating Committee. Burkhart, Robert Harold Math Federation Treasurer: Home Room President, Sergeant at Arms: Hall Guard: Sports-for-All: Football: Var- sity Basketball. Butler, Patricia Ann Home Economics Transferred from Spirit Lake, Idaho. Tamarack Representative: Red Cross Representative: League Representative. Carpenter, Lance Foreign Languages Transferred from Vancouver, Wash- ington. Football. Carroll, David Francis Science Scholastic Honor Roll: Home Room Representative: Student A d v i s o r y Committee: Federation Representative: Chess Club: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: Rifle Club, Executive Officer: Amores Librorum: Library Representa- tive: Hall Guard. Castleberry, JoAnn Commercial Christeson, Gerald Lloyd Math Frosh Football, Baseball: Home Room Sergeant at arms, President: Library Representative: Varsity Baseball. forty Clark, Bonnie Mae Home Economics Orchestra: Junior Symphony. Cochran, Keith Z. Industrial Arts Doll Shop: Operetta: Sports-for-All. Cole, Frank Murle Math Transferred from Billings, Montana. Ground Squad: Library Representa- tive. Collins, Colleen Mae Science Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Li- brary Worker: Library Representative: Hall Guard: News Representative: Big Cousin. Cooper, Floyde N. Industrial Arts Cox, Maxine Louise Home Economics Library Worker: Home Room Attend- ance Monitor: Big Cousin: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: Library Repre- sentative: Westernaires: News Repre- sentative. Cozzetto, john Social Studies Home Room President: News Repre- sentative: Sports-for-All: Baseball. forty-one ,i 'G gi: X , nil' V kv . r-Y Crandell, Ioan G. Foreign Languages A. S. B. Representative: Nominating Committee, Signs and Advertising Committee, Clean-up Committee: Red Cross Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Library Worker: League Honor Roll 4 times: Home Room Ser- geant at Arms: Spanish Club: 3 C's Club, Secretary, Vice-President: Hall Guard: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor, Floor Collector: Scholastic Honor Roll 6 times: News Mailing Staff: Student Court. Creek, Carol Nadine Home Economics Big Cousin: Library Worker: F. H. A. Treasurer: After-School Sports: News Representative: League Honor Roll 5 times: Hall Guard. Cummings, Louella Mae Commercial Transferred from Rogers. Big Cousin: Operetta: Choir: Library Worker: Hall Guard: Attendance Clerk. Dambegoff, Ioan Commercial Towel Monitor: Library Representa- tive: Library Worker. Danielson, Diane Roberta Home Economics ' Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: Hall Guard: Color Girls: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: F. H. A.: Refresh- ment Counter: League Honor Roll 4 times. DeFeyter, Barbara Jean Math Red Feathers, Chairman: Color Girls, Chairman: All-Activity Shield, 2 Bars: Big Cousin: Home Room President, Roll Checker: Chairman, Crusade for Freedom Committee: A. S. B. Spring Dance Committee, Chairman: Tama- rack Staff, Senior Editor, Floor Collec- tor: Doll Shop, Lead: Spring Pageant: League Honor Roll 6 times: After- School Sports: Tennis Team, Manager: League, News, Tamarack, Representa- tive: Nominating Committee: Con Deputy: Ski Club: Honors Board: Gym Office Monitor: Scholastic Honor Roll: Mailing Staff. Donaldson, Guy William Music Dostert, Edward John Science Chess Club: A. S. B. Representative: Tamarack Representative. Douglas, Richard Murvel Math Concert Band: Special Band: Swim- ming: 3 C's Club. Draxton, Ruby Leona Home Economics S. R. A. Representative: Home Room President, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms: French Club: League Honor Roll 3 times: Hall Guard: Retailing Club, Treasurer: After-School Sports. Duncan, Glenna Jean Science News Representative: Orchestra: Roll Checker: After-School Sports. Dunn, Kenneth Lee Math ' Band: Frosh Baseball. Duthweiler, Ludwig Edward Industrial Arts Federation Representative, Fellowship Committee Head: Melody Capers: Amores Librorum, Treasurer: News Staff: Library Representative: Election Commission: Cross-Country: Scholastic Honor Roll 8 times. Duven, Bonnie Lou Home Economics Transferred from Portland, Oregon. Home Room Treasurer: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Welfare Committee: Big Cousin. Eason, Ward Randall Math Rifle Club, Treasurer: Golf: Intramural Swimming: Spanish Club: Latin Club. Edgerton, Edwin Leroy Math Sports-for-All: Grounds Squad, Cap- tain: Gym Monitor. Ehrgott, James Frances Commercial Hall Guard. Ehrgott, Jack Robert Industrial Arts Ekman, Donald E. Math Hall Guard: Choir: Operetta: Pep Band: Band, Head Drum Major: Li- brary Representative: Federation Rep- resentative. Enlow, Martha Joyce Art Transferred from Olympia. Big Cousin: Westernaires: A. S. B. Representative: Library Worker: F, H. A.: All-School Play: Red Cross Representative. Ensberg, David Norman Science S. R. A. Representative: Honors Board: Varsity Football: Federation Vice- President: A. S. B. President: Band: Special Band: Warriors: Hall Guard: Home Room Sergeant at Arms: A. S. B. Christmas Convocation Committee. forty-two Erickson, Duane Merton Math Federation Representative: Traffic Squad: Home Room Vice-President: Intramural Sports. Fairfax, Betty Lou Helen Home Economics Book Room Worker: Library Repre- sentative: Baseball. Farley, Gordon Lee Social Studies Transferred from Lewis and Clark. News Representative: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Tamarack Representative: Boys' Gym Monitor: Library Worker: Amores Librorum, President: Doll Shop: Library Representative. Ferguson, Edward Walter Math Federation Representative: Hall Guard. Fish, James Elmer Science Fitch, Oas Albert Art Track: Sports-for-All: Federation Vice- President: Home Room Vice-President: Spanish Club: Art Club. F lath, Gerald Commercial Spanish Club: Art Club: Library Rep- resentative. forty-three I Flynn, Vanna Frances Foreign Languages Thespians, Treasurer: Children's Thea- ter, Lead: All-School Play: Doll Shop: Operetta: Home Room President. Foley, Dorilee Commercial Color Girls: Doll Shop. Ford, Faye Ilene Music Transferred from Bellingham, Wash- ington. Tamarack Representative: Melody Capers: Operetta: Tepee Light- ers, Business Manager: Library Rep- resentative: Girls' League Sextette: Choir. Foubert, Helen Tcssie Home Economics Big Cousin: News Representative: Library Worker: Library Representa- : tive. Fraser, Mike C. Math Warriors: Track: Cross-Country: Base- ball: Library Representative: Frosh Football. Freeman, Elizabeth Ann Science Red Feathers: Big Cousin: Doll Shop: Gym Locker Monitor: Office Monitor: League Representative: Library Rep- resentative: All-Activity Shield: News Representative: After-School Sports. Freeman, William Commercial Graduated in 356 years. Spanish Club. - .1 ra- , 'UC ,,f X at U V . S x fx: a F S' x Gage, Patricia Ann Commercial Red Feathers: Home Room President, Secretary: Roll Checker: Hall Guard: Library Worker: Doll Shop: After- School Sports: Big Cousin. Galloway, Lois Diane Commercial Latin Club: Westernaires: League Rep- resentative: League H o n o r R o ll : Tamarack Representative: News Rep- resentative. Gardner, Janetta Marjorie Commercial Library Representative: After-School Sports: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Con Deputy: Roll Checker: Slip Collector: A. S. B. Nominating C o m m i t t e e: League Honor Roll 6 times: F. H. A.: Scholastic Honor Roll: A. S. B. Repre- sentative. Geraghty, John Vincent Science Senior Senator: A. S. B. Fifth Execu- tive: News Staff, Managing Editor, Sports Editor: Quill and Scroll: Fed- eration Executive Committee: Band: Student Court Judge, Prosecuting At- torney: Traffic Squad: Rally Week Committee. Chairman. Gibford, Shirley Ann Home Economics Home Room Sergeant at Arms: Re- freshment Counter: Doll Shop: Locker Monitor: After-School Sports: Office Messenger. Gies, Shirley Ann Social Studies Transferred from Oakland, California. Hall Guard: Home Room Fifth Execu- tive: Tamarack Representative: Doll Shop. Goodfellow, Marlene Cecile Social Studies Color Girls: Red Feathers: Election Commission: Amores Librorum, Secre- tary: Debate, State Championship, 1951: Home Room President: Big Cousin: D. A. R. Representative. Grandstaff, Bruce Social Studies Band: Baseball. Griggs, Carol Mae Math Color Guard: Red Feathers: Color Girls, Historian-Reporter: All-Activity Shield, 2 Bars: Tennis Team, Co-Cap- tain, Letter, 2 Stars: Big Cousin: News Staff, Copy Editor, Editorial Page Edi- tor, Associate Editor: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: League Honor Roll 8 times: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor: Quill and Scroll, Secretary: S. R. A. Representative: Library Rep- resentative: Math Club: Spanish Club: Election Commission. Gutenburg, Bernice Ann Art Doll Shops: Operetta: Library Worker: Red Feathers: Big Cousin: Chi1dren's Theater, Lead: All-School Play: Thes- pians, Secretary: Art Club, Historian, Treasurer: League Representative: League Honor Roll 4 times. Hanson, Jan Bernette Home Economics Color Girls: Red Feather: French Club: Towel Monitor: Hall Guard: Big Cous- in: After-School Sports: Tennis: All- Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 5 times: Roll Checker: Home Room Vice- President: Tamarack Representative: Red Cross Representative. Harman, Roger Elmslie Social Studies Federation Representative: Sports- for-All: Spanish Club: Hall Guard. Harter, Gerald Ralph Social Studies Boys' Glee Club. Hatch, Angela S. ' Social Studies Transferred from Davenport, Wash- ington. forty-four Hemphill, Ruth Home Economics Hendrickson, Donald Russell Science A. S. B. Representative. Young, Edgar Industrial Arts Track. Henthorn, Charles L. Industrial Afrts Football: Baseball: Warriors: Intra- mural Basketball: After-School Sports: Choir: Glee Club: Band: Spring Pag- eant: Operetta. Hetherington, Gary Virgil Math Home Room President: Federation Representative: Dance Committee: Baseball: Varsity Basketball. Hickey, Joan Darlene Commercial Spanish Club, Fifth Excutive. Hieber, George Herbert Math Home Room President, Secretary: Ten- nis: Varsity Football: B Squad Foot- ball: Basketball: Warriors, Secretary- Treasurer: Choir: Doll Shop: Operetta: Melody Capers: Traffic Squad, Com- missioner: Grounds Squad: Intramural Sports. forty-fiv e Hill, Becky Joyce Home Economics League Vice-President: Red Feathers: League Representative: League Wel- fare Committee, Chairman: League Hone: Roll 7 times: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Roll Checker: Office Moni- tor: Big Cousin: Tamarack Representa- tive: Doll Shop: All-Activity Shield: Junior Senator. Hill, Richard Social Studies A. S. B. Representative: Federation Representative. Hitchcock, Marjorie Lorene Home Economics Transferred from Valleyford, Wash- ington. 3 C's Club: Retailing Club. Hoagland, William Richard Math A. S. B. Vice-President: Sophomore Senator: Junior Senator: Student Court Judge: Honors Board: Federa- tion Class Representative, Committee Head: Warriors, Activity Manager: Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball. Hoeg, Shirley Anne Home Economics Big Cousin: Volleyball. Hoehne, WVilliam F. Music Concert Band: Special Band: March- ing Band. Hoffer, Noreen Lynn Math Library Worker: Orchestra. 3 5 , 5 2 I i fi. .J X . .. A ,Ig ...ft Y. Q. sf' 2 was g Q . , M 'ez 5 R XX! e .see sun! Holloway, Theodore Math A. S. B. Representative: Latin Club. Holmberg, Carole Ann Home Economics After-School Sports: Westernaires: Library Representative: Nurse's Assis- tant: A. S. B. Representative: Roll Checker: Library Worker: Retailing Club. Howell, Dewayne Hart M ath, A. S. B. Representative: Baseball: In- tramural Sports: News Representative: 3 C's Club. Hugo, Lynne Karen Art Hall Guard: League Office Monitor: Gym Office Monitor: Library Repre- sentative: News Representative: Tama- rack Representative: Doll Shops: Oper- etta: Art Club: League Honor Roll 6 times: After-School Sports. Humphrey, Adele Commercial Transferred from Yakima, Washing- ton. Red Feathers: Operetta: League Honor Roll: Big Cousin: News Repre- sentative: Choir: Roll Checker. Hundermark, Enzia Social Studies Hurd, Jacolyn Ann Commercial Graduated in 3Vz years. A. S. B. Nom- inating Committee, Chairman: After- School Sports: Vox Puellarum: Doll Shop: A. S. B. Representative: League Honor Roll 3 times. Inman, Marion Port Social Studies Football: News Representative: Tama- rack Representative: Hall Guard. Jackson, Lenora I. Commercial Library Worker: Home Room Presi- dent, Secretary, Treasurer: Library Representative: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop, Co-Chairman, Costume Chair- man: League Office Worker: Refresh- ment Counter: Big Cousin: F. H. A. Historian-Reporter, Vice-President: Chi1dren's Theater: Red Feathers. James, Louise Virginia Math Color Girls: Red Feathers: Home Room Treasurer: Library Representative: Li- brary Worker: 3 C's Club, Secretary, Vice-President: Spanish Club: League Honor Roll 7 times: After-School Sports. Jamison, Mary Lou Home Economics H Library Worker: Library Roll Checker. Jenson, Catherine May Home Economics League Representative: Home Room Secretary, Sergeant at Arms: News Representative: Roll Checker: At- tendance Monitor. Jess, Betty Noraine Commercial After-School Sports: Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: League Honor Roll 6 times: Operetta: Red Feathers: Nurse's Office Assistant: Roll Checker: Locker Monitor: News Representative: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Girls' Glee Club. Johnson, Durwood Kenton Social Studies Home Room Sergeant at Arms: Band: Baseball: Warriors: Sports-for-All: News Representative. forty-six Johnston, Edith Eleanore Commercial After-School Sports: 3 C's Club: De- bate Team: League Honor Roll 3 times: Scholastic Honor Roll 6 times: Nurse's Assistant: Library Worker. Johnson, JoAnn Elaine Home Economics Giris' Glee Club. Johnson, Neysa Carole Commercial Red Feathers: Golf: Tennis Team, Black Star: Hall Guard: Home Room Chairman: Library Representative, Worker, Hostess: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 6 times: All-Activity Shield: Election Commission: After-School Sports. jones, Janet Louene Commercial Math Club: Latin Club: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 7 times: Operetta: Spring Pageant: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Home Room Secretary: Library Representative: Locker Moni- tor: All-Activity Shield: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Girls' Glee Club. Kain, Patsy Ann Commercial After-School Sports: Westernaires: Hall Guard: Nurse's Office Monitor. Keene, Sarah Judd Foreign Languages League Honor Roll: A. S.B. Nominat- ing Committee: 3 C's Club: Chess Club: Library Representative: Big Cousin. Kennedy, Dorothy Claire Mann Retailing Club: After-School Sports: Home Room President, Vice-President: League Honor Roll. forty-seven A -f , 6 K Na . "' 2 . W: synli Fa eg? gE XX . . King, Dennis A. Social Studies Football: Baseball: Library Repre- sentative. Kin g, George Norman Math A. S. B. Representative. Kinzer, Sharon Lyllis Commercial Transferred from Salem, Oregon. Kiper, William D. Math Varsity Football: Track: Baseball: Warriors: Sports-for-All: G r o u n d s Squad: A. S. B. Representative: Li- brary Representative: News Repre- sentative: Tamarack Representative: Honors Board: Hall Guard. Knight, Glenn Ellis Art Football: Track: Warriors. Koefod, Darlene Kay Commercial League Representative: League Honor Roll 5 times: Home Room Secretary: Office Monitor: Library Representa- tive: News Representative: After- School Sports: Ski Club: Doll Shop. Kooken, Peggy Jean Home Economics Home Room President, Treasurer, Ser- geant at Arms: Senior Senator: S. R. A. Representative: A. S. B. Representa- tive:A. S. B. Welfare Committee: A. S. B. March of Dimes Committee: Color Girls: Red Feathers, Secretary: Vox Puellarum, Fifth Executive: League Honor Roll 4 times: Red Cross Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: After- School Dance Committee: A1l-Activi- ty Shield, 2 Bars: League Honor Roll Committee: Tamarack Staff: .Doll Shop: Hall Guard. Koth, Barbara Evelyn Commercial Home Room Attendance Monitor: Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Locker Monitor: Westernaires. Kreager, Dale Versal Industrial Arts Home Room President, Vice-Presi dent: Warriors: Hall Guard: Federa- tion Representative: Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Football. Kroboth, Robert Allen Math Track. LaLonde, Robert Daniel M ath. Spanish Club: Federation Committee Head: Special Band: Band: Tennis: Warriors: Doll Shop: Chess Club: Orchestra. Lamb, Carolyn Jean Commercial Doll Shop: Operetta: Spring Pageant: Home Room Secretary: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Library Representative: Red Cross Representative: Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield: After-S c h o o l Sports: All-School Play, Assistant Di- rector: Color Girls: Red Feathers. Lamson, Velda Ann Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: All-Activi- ty Shield: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 3 times: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Gym Office Monitor: News Representative: Hall Guard: Scholastic Honor Roll 4 times. Langsctt, Ralph Edward Industrial Arts Band: Ground Squad: Federation Rep- resentative: Traffic Squad. i J ss ei X' . ., ' Pri 1. if , M F Nun.- el fri i Leaf, Rodney Allen Music Band: Pep Band: Frosh Football: Doll Shop Orchestra. Lefler, Philip Al Math Federation Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Football: Warriors: Chess Club: A. S. B. Hat Committee: News Representative. Lehfeldt, Darlene Sue Commercial Commercial Club, Secretary: Vox Puellarum: Doll Shop: Home Room Secretary: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Library Representative: A. S. B. Repre- sentative: League Representative: Ticket Seller. Leppink, Shirley Joy Home Economics Library Hostess: Roll Checker: Red Cross Representative: Home Room Sec- retary. Leuthy, Darlene Joyce Science Color Girls: Red Feathers: News Rep- resentative: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: League Representative: All-Ac- tivity Shield: Big Cousin: Chess Club: Spring Pageant: Rest Room Monitor: Doll Shop: Locker Monitor: Scholastic Honor Roll: League Honor Roll 5 times. Linder, Jacquelyn Eileen Commercial Color Girls, Secretary: League Repre- sentative: After-School Sports: Red Feathers: Spring Pageant: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 4 times: Operetta: Home Room Vice-President. Lovejoy, Lynn Gene Industrial Arts forty-eight Luce, Tommy Science Band: News Representative. Lucinger, Donald Eugene Industrial Arts Hall Guard. Lunneborg, Mary Laura Math Graduated in 3V2 years. Math Club, Secretary: League Representative: Red Cross Representative: Locker Monitor: Refreshment Counter. Lussier, Annette Yvonne Social Studies McAlpin, Lorraine June H orne Economics Con Deputy: League Representative: Big Cousin: Library Representative. McCuddin, Charles Robert Art Tennis: Golf: Intramural Swimming: Spanish Club. McCutchen, Frances Louise Home Economics League Honor Roll 5 times: A. S. B. Representative: Calender Committee: Senior Reception Committee: Library Representative: Doll Shop: Tennis Team: Commercial,C1ub: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. forty-nine McKay, John Howard Math Intramural Sports: Frosh Basketball. McKennett, Allen Franklin Math Home Room President: Federation Representative: Library Representa- tive: Sports-for-All: Special Band: Band. McKnight, Myrtle Ellen Science Library Worker: League Representa- tive: Library Representative: Red Feathers: League Honor Roll 5 times: Tamarack Staff: Hall Guard: March of Dimes Talent Con: Co-Chairman of League Vocational Con. Maddux, Alice Kaye Art A. S. B. Representative: Art Club, Sergeant at Arms: League Representa- tive: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Tamarack Staff. Malikowski, Lois Joy Home Economics F. H. A.: Red Cross Representative: Library Representative: News Repre- sentative: Library Worker: Hall Guard: Softball: Westernaires: Big Cousin: Girls' Glee Club: League Hon- or Roll. Manskey, Jo Ann Art Graduated in 3V2 years. Library Work- er: Tamarack Art Staff. Mason, Jerry Ray Industrial Arts Varsity Basketball: Warriors: Sports- for-All: Frosh Baseball, Football: A. S. B. Representative. Mehlert, Fritz Math Frosh Baseball: B Squad Baseball, Basketball: Spanish Club, Sergeant at Arms: Scholastic Honor Roll: After- School Sports. Meier, Donald T. Math Band. Meister, Karl Frank Math Band: Pep Band: Football: Basketball: Track.: Warriors. Merrick, Donald Lewis Math News Representative: Frosh Basket- ball, Baseball: B Squad Basketball: In- tramural Sports. Mertes, LaVonne Commercial Library Worker: Red Cross Repre- sentative: S. R. A. Representative: Student Court Committee: Western- aires, President. Mickus, William Eugene Science Tennis Team. Miller, Patricia Lee Commercial News and Tamarack, Bookkeeper, Business Manager: A. S. B. Representa- tive: After-School Sports. Mills, Eldon LeRoy -Science Home Room President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Fifth Executive: S. R. A. Publicity Committee: Polio Committee: Library Representative: Track: Foot- ball: Warriors. Minkler, Richard Burton Foreign Languages Band, Librarian: Special Band: Or- chestra: Doll Shop Orchestra: Wood- wind Ensemble: Federation Repre- sentative: Amores Librorum, Vice- President: Spanish Club, President: 3 C's Club, Treasurer: Student Court Committee: Chess Club: Math Club: Library Worker. Mitchell, Marilyn Social Studies News Representative. Moe, Mary Joanne Social Studies League Treasurer, Central Council: Home Room President: Library Rep- resentative: After-School Sports: Golf, Manager: Doll Shop: Operetta: Color Girls: Red Feathers: Ski Club: Vox Puellarum: Con Deputy: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: After-School Dance Com- mittee: League Honor Roll 4 times. Moede, Austin L. Math Band: Latin Club: Math Club: Federa- tion Representative: A. S. B . Repre- sentative: Chess Club: Sports-for-All. Mogill, Rogers David Mann Football: Baseball: A. S. B. Vice-Presi- dent: Federation President: Warriors, President. Morigeau, Paul Industrial Arts Football: B Squad Basketball: Sports- for-All: Stage Crew: Stage Design: Home Room President: Hall Guard: Federation Representative. :fifty Moylan, Robert Laverne Social Studies Transferred from Lewis and Clark. Home Room President, Vice-President: Boys' Glee Club: Cheer Leader, Chair- man: Choir, Vice-President, Business Manager: Operettas, Lead: All-School Plays, Lead: Art Club: Thespians, President, Vice-President: Federation Quartet: Tepee Lighters, Sergeant at Arms: News Representative: News Staff Circulation: Doll Shop, Lead: Melody Capers, Lead: Children's The- ater: Tamarack Staff, Associate Art Editor, Floor Collector, Senior Editor: 3 C's Club: Junior Toastmasters: Fed- eration Executive Council, Secretary. Mull, Dorothy Ann Home Economics Library Representative: News Repre- sentative: Library Worker: Office Mes- senger. Murphy, Joseph D. Science Latin Club: Traffic Squad: A.S. B. Representative. Myers, Jim Earl Industrial Arts Stage Crew, Manager. Nelson, Jeanne Anna Science Red Cross Representative: Library Representative: Doll Shop: Retailing Club: Hall Guard. Nelson, Lawrence Ernest Art Art Club: News Representative. Nelson, Marilou Elizabeth Math French Club: League Representative: A. S. B. Representative: Junior Sena- tor: Doll Shop, Lead: Tennis Team: Red Feathers: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: League Office Monitor: League Honor Roll. fifty-one -my Newby, Peggy JoAnn Commercial Student Court, Secretary: Con Deputy: Big Cousin: League Representative: Operetta: Doll Shop: After-School Sports: All-Activity Letter: Locker Monitor: Gym Office Monitor. Noel, Betty Louise Social Studies League Representative: A. S. B. Sec- retary: A. S. C. Representative: Vox Puellarum, President: Commercial Club, Executive Reporter, Secretary: Doll Shop: Operetta: Melody Capers: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield, l Bar: Home Room President: League Office Monitor: Color Girls: Tennis Team: League Honor Roll 8 times. Noel, Francis William Science Transferred from Republic, Washing- ton. Band: Orchestra: Ski Club: Spanish Club. Noel, Richard Leo Social Studies Nordlund, James G. Math ' Federation Representative: Frosh Bas- ketball: A. S. B. Representative. Noren, Don Nels Science Home Room Treasurer: Sports-for- All: Federation Committee Head: Fed- eration Department Head: Orchestra: Melody Capers: Rifle Club: Scholastic Honor Roll. Nutting, Carole jean Social Studies Commercial Club: Spanish Club, Sec- retary, Fifth Executive: Library Work- er: Library Representative: After- School Sports. Nyreen, Lois Ann Home Economics T a m a r a c k Representative: After- School Sports: F. H. A., Secretary. 0'Grady, Don Blalock Industrial Arts Olson, Beverly B. Art Red Feathers: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 2 times. Big Cousin: All-Activity Shield, 1 Bar: News Rep- resentative. Oslund, Carol Ann Social Studies Graduated in 3M years. Library Rep- resentative: News Representative: Tamarack Representative: League Hon- or Roll 7 times: Red Feathers: Rest Room Monitor: Con Deputy: Tennis Team: Big Cousin. Otto, Larry Eugene Math Home Room President, Vice-President: Track: Operettag Senior Class Sergeant at Arms. Pahkama, Robert Leroy Math Palmer, Dwight G. Science Marching Band: Pep Band: Cross- Country: Intramural Swimming. Parker, Harold E. Math Pelleberg, Robert Herman Social Studies Warriors, Vice-President: Federation ' Clerk: Varsity Basketball. Peterson, Helen Home Economics Peterson, Gary Bryan Social Studies Rifle Club, President. Pick, Ronald Gene Science Publications Photographer: Rifle Club: Boys' Glee Culb. Poole, Raymond James Social Studies Band. Powell, William H. Industrial Arts Warriors: Baseball: Band: Basketball: Home Room President. fifty-two Pratt, Bonnie Jean Social Studies - Transferred from Hunters, Montana. Reed, Donna Lee Commercial Song Leader, Co-Chairman: After- School Sports: Spring Pageant: Operet- ta: Doll Shop: All-Activity Shield, l Bar: Gym Office Worker: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 6 times: Hall Guard: Home Room President, Secretary: Library Representative: League Rep- resentative. Reser, Helen Lorraine Commercial Red Feathers: Color Girls: Sophomore Senator: Vox Puellarum, Secretary: Commercial Club, Treasurer, Vice- President: League Representative: League Honor Roll 6 times: Doll Shop, Music Manager: Tennis Team, Letter: Con Deputy: Honors Board: Nomina- ting Committee: Tamarack Staff, Senior Editor, Floor Collector: After- School Sports: Gym Office Monitor: Home Room President, Vice-President. Roach, Jimmy Allen Industrial Arts Robertson, Bruce Donald Industrial Arts Varsity Basketball Manager: Frosh Basketball Manager: B Squad Basket- ball Manager: Warriors: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: Cross-Country: Latin Club: Rifle Club. Rodin, Patricia Joan Home Economics Westernaires: Refreshment Counter Worker: Ticket Office: A. S. B. Repre- sentative. Rohrer, Donald Dean Math Hall Guard. fifty-three rj : y .,,: Q :e x ,,. V. is' Te A I ,, 'Q 'fe .2 4 is Y as S ,s f .new 1- -- Russell, Carol Anne Social Studies Red Cross Representative: Constitution Committee: A. S. B. Representative: Commercial Club, President, Execu- tive Reporter: Vox Puellarum, Ser- geant at Arms: Con Deputy: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 8 times: Red Feathers: Rest Room Monitor: Gym Office Monitor: Big Cousin: Nurse's Monitor: All-Activity Shield: After- School Sports: Home Room Vice- President. Salvage, Jacqueline Diane Commercial Color Girls: Red Feathers: Golf Team, Manager: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll: Home Room President, Vice- President: Commercial Club: Red Cross Representative. Samels, Leslie C. Science Concert Band: Special Band: Pep Band, Manager: Home Room Vice- President, Sergeant at Arms: Federa- tion Representative, Committee Head: Debate Team: Junior Toastmasters: Intramural Basketball: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: A. S. B. Election Commis- sion, Chairman: Math Club. Sanders, David Lee M ath, Federation Executive Council: A. S. B. Representative: Federation Representa- tive: Awards and Emblems Committee: Honors Board: Rifle Club: B Squad Baseball. Savage, John William Industrial Arts Stage Crew: Home Room President. Sawyer, Sally Sue Art Red Feathers: Operetta: Doll Shop: A. S. B. Representative: League Rep- resentative: Library Representative: Home Room Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms: Con Deputy, Captain: Art Club, Secretary, Vice-President: All-Activi- ty Shield: Ticket Office Worker: Vox Puellarum, Historian: League Honor Roll 4 times: Ski Club, Executive Board: Skating: Golf: Big Cousin: Af- ter-School Dance Committee. Schmidt, Beverly Louise Commercial Red Cross Representative. 1 -of 4. ..., J is-fu. -- -' . 1. Schrader, Patricia Lou Math Color Girls, Sergeant at Arms: S. R. A. Representative: A. S. B. Representa- tive: League Representative: News Representative: Library Worker: Red Feathers: After-School Sports: All- Activity Shield 2 Bars: League Honor Roll 8 times: Doll Shop: Big Cousin: Spring Pageant: Spanish Club: Home Room President. Schultz, Donna Lee Commercial Transferred from Dutton, Montana. Library Representative. Schweitzer, Patricia Ann Commercial Library Representative: Library Work- er: Tamarack Representative: Gym Locker Monitor: League Honor Roll 6 times: Scholastic Honor Roll 2 times: Big Cousin. Scott, Richard Thomas Math Baseball Manager: Track: Cross- Country: Swimming. Seedorf, Ronald F. Science Latin Club: Math Club! Amores Li- brorum: Intramural Basketball: Schol- astic Honor Roll 5 times. Seidel, Marian Jane Art Vox Puellarum: Commercial Club: Red Feathers: Color Girls: Operetta: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 4 times: League Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Library Representative: Big Cousin: Con Deputy: Hall Guard: News Representative: Home Room Ser- geant at Arms: After-School Sports. Shawgo, Hugh Anson Art B Squad Basketball, Football, Base- ball: Varsity Track, Football: Warriors: Home Room Sergeant at Arms, Treas- urer: Tamarack Representative: Doll Shop. Smith, Carol Jean Commercial Vox Puellarum, President: League Honor Roll 7 times: Commercial Club, Vice-President: Home Room President. Secretary, Treasurer: League Presi- dent: Amores Librorum: League Hon- or Roll Chairman: League Representa- tive: A. S. B. Representative: Ice Skating Chairman: Color Girls: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Operetta: Li- brary Worker: All-Activity Shield 1 Bar. Sontag, Lenor Florence Commercial Home Room President: Library Rep- resentative: Tamarack Representative: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Spring Pageant: Big Cousin: Color Girls: Red Feathers: All-Activity Shield: League Honor Roll 2 times. Springer, Dawn Joy Science ' Graduated in 3V2 years. Color Girls: Red Feathers: Doll Shop: F.H. A. President, Historian: F. H.A. City Council, President: Math Club, Vice- President: Latin Club: All-Activity Shield 1 Bar: After-School Sports: Library Representative: A. S. B. Rep- resentative: League Honor Roll 6 times: Big Cousin: Home Room Roll Checker: Scholastic Honor Roll 7 times. Springer, Larry Social Studies Sports-for-All. Springer, Nancy Sue Music Doll Shop, Lead: Operetta: Home Room Roll Checker: Library Representative: News Representative: League Honor Roll 3 times: Choir: Melody Capers: Tennis: After-School Sports: Memorial Plaque Committee: Big Cousin: All- Activity Shield: Interschool Relations Committee: Red Feathers: All-School Play: Rest Room Monitor: After- School Dance Committee. Steffer, Robert W. Music Concert Band, Secretary. Business Manager: Pep Band: Special Band: Or- chestra, Student Director: Operetta, Student Director: Doll Shop, Pianist, Student Director: Melody Capers: Spring Concert: Westernaires: Spanish Club, Sergeant at Arms: 3 C's Club: Quill and Scroll: Federation Repre- sentative: Federation Executive Coun- cil: Home Room Secretary: Gym Moni- tor: Library Worker: Library Repre- sentative: News Staff, Associate Edi- tor, News Editor, Feature Writer, Cir- culation Staff: News Representative. Stempel, Doris Joan Commercial Tamarack Representative: Hall Guard: After-School Sports: Locker Monitor: Commercial Club: Big Cousin: Con Deputy, Commissioner: Spring Pag- eant: League Honor Roll: Red Feath- ers: Home Room Treasurer. fifty-four Stempel, Joyce Anne Science Thespian, President: All-School Play, Lead: Children's Theater: Spring Pag- eant: A. S. B. Treasurer: Student-Fac- ulty Finance Committee, Chairman: Athletic Board: Refreshment Counter, Chairman: A. S. B. Representative: Tennis Team: All-Activity Shield: After-School Sports: League Honor Roll 5 times: Scholastic Honor Roll: Red Feathers: Con Deputy: Big Cous- in: Home Room Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms: League Representative: Tam- arack Representative: News Repre- sentative. Stenstrom, John Lloyd Math Stephenson, Gay Blanche Commercial Doll Shop: Melody Capers: Spring Pag- eant: After-School Sports: Home Room President, Secretary, Treasurer: Li- brary Representative: Commercial Club, Treasurer: Hall Guard: Big Cousin: Con Deputy, Captain: Library Representative: League Representative: League Honor Roll 5 times: Senior Class Secretary. Stickel, Joann Christina Home Economics French Club: Thespian, Vice-President: Home Room President: League Repre- sentative: Red Cross Representative: All-Activity Shield: Big Cousin: Red Feathers: Color Guard: After-School Sports: Doll Shop: Operetta: All- School Play, Lead: Dance Committee, Chairman. Stroud, Laura Commercial Transferred from Pierce, Idaho. Stutzman, Bonnie Jean Home Economics Library Worker: 3 C's Club. Sullivan, Evelyn Elaine Social Studies League Honor Roll: Home Room Vice- President: Library Representative: News Representative: Big Cousin: Gym Office Monitor: Rest Room Monitor. fifty-five Q ,, .... 'Nun X ale R Swam, Margaret Science After-School Sports: Westernairesi C.A.R,E. Committee: Latin Club: Big Cousin: Home Room Secretary: Hall Guard: Con Deputy: Red Cross Representative. Sutherland, Richard Harold Industrial Arts Band. Swanson, Ardith Lorrayne Social Studies Transferred from Umatilla, Oregon. Thomas, William Arie Industrial Arts Library Representative: Hall Guard: Tennis: Swimming. Tuft, John Rolland Industrial Arts Varsity Football, Baseball: B Squad Football, Baseball: Frosh Football, Baseball: Warriors: Federation, Com- mittee Head: Sports-for-All. Turk, Priscilla Ann Social Studies Vox Puellarum, Reporter: Commercial Club, Sergeant at Arms: Red Feathers: C o l o r Girls: All-Activity Shield: League Representative: League Honor Roll 6 times: Doll Shop: Red Cross Representative: T a m a r a c k S t a f f, Floor Collector, Senior Editor: A. S. B. Senior Reception Committee: Tennis Team: Big Cousin: After-School Sports. Tye, Leah Joyce Art A. S. B. Vice-President: Senior Class President: Girls' State Representative: Friendliest Girl: Songleader: Dance Committee, Chairman: Nominating Committee: Tennis Team: Red Cross Representative: League Representative: Vox Puellarum, Reporter: Library Rep- resentative: Operetta: League Honor Roll 8 times: Art Club: Ski Club: Doll Shop: Home Room Roll Checker: Senior Reception Committee: All-Ac- tivity Shield 1 Bar: After-School Sports: Big Cousin. af, ,xx ' mt Vazanko, Harold W. - rr it Math Basketball: Track: Warriors: Junior Senator. llama-iff Vedder, Louise Commercial i Big Cousin: Roll Checker: Red Feath- ers: Doll Shop: Girls' Chorus: After- School Sports: League Representative: League Honor Roll. Visby, Marie-anne Commercial League Representative: League Honor Roll: Home Room Roll Checker: Big Cousin: Latin Club. Vohs, Carole Lanelle Social Studies Hall Guard: Study Hall Roll Checker: After-School Sports. Voss, Jim Industrial A rts Wahle, Catherine Harriett Social Studies Transferred from Ellensburg, Wash- ington. Waite, Eldon Earl Industrial Arts Football: Basketball. Walker, Shirley Joan Social Studies Color Girls: Red Feathers: After- School Sports: A11-Activity Shield: A. S. B. Representative: Red Cross Representative: Big Cousin: League Honor Roll 5 times. Walser, Reba Mae Math Spanish Club, Sergeant at Arms: Home Room Secretary, President: A. S. B. Representative: Big Cousin: Library Worker: League Honor Roll 8 times: Color Girls: Spring Pageant: Melody Capers: Golf: Glee Club: Library Rep- resentative: League Representative: Math Club: After-School Sports. Yvallis, Joe Patrick Math Transferred from Gonzaga. News Rep- resentative: A. S. B. Representative: Ski Club, President: Choir: Tepee Lighters: Operetta: Melody Capers: Operetta Usher: Gym Monitor. Wtlarrington, Frank Marvin Math Track: Cross-Country: Football: Tam- arack Staff, Photography. Wayland, Jean Lucille Home Economics League Representative: Library Work- er: Red Cross Representative: 3 C's Club, Secretary. Webb, Jack Ray Math Home Room President: Basketball: Baseball: Warriors: Hall Guard. Webbert, Jim Elvert Science Baseball: Basketball: Track: Cross- Country: Warriors. fifty-six Weller, Virginia Amelia Social Studies A. S. B. Representative: After-School Sports: Retailing Club. Wells, Roger William I udustrial Arts Transferred from Colville, Washington. Werhan, Marjorie Ann Social Studies Songleader, Chairman: Mother's Tea Chairman: League Representative: Doll Shop, Co-Chairman: League Hon- or Roll 5 times: News Representative: Home Room President, Sergeant at Arms: Red Cross Representative: Li- brary Representative: League Quartet: Choir, Secretary: Interschool Relations Con: Operetta: After-School Sports: Melody Capers: Glee Club: All-Ac- tivity Shield, 2 Bars: Gym Office Monitor: Big Cousin: Library Hostess. Wetterhus, Samuel Louis Industrial Arts A. S. B. Representative: Sports-for-All: Basketball: Federation Representative: Student Court, Bailiff. Wheeler, Janet Mae Home Economics Transferred from West Valley. Li- brary Representative: Art Library Monitor: Library Hostess: Hall Guard: Home Room President: League Honor Roll. White, Barbara Lee Art Color Girls: Red Feathers: Locker Monitor: League Honor Roll 4 times: League Representative: Big Cousin: Spring Pageant: All-Activity Shield: Art Club, Fifth Executive, Historian- Reporter. White, Jeanette Commercial Red Feathers: Vox Puellarum: Doll Shop:All-Activity Shield: League Hon- or Roll 2 times: Big Cousin: Operetta, Lead: Red Cross Representative: League Office Monitor: Roll Checker: Commercial Club, Treasurer: After- School Sports. fifty-seven we-w -'--1 i me gli ? -.i. 'S I ii ' ...i We 4 .. WVhite, Kenneth Industrial Arts Stage Crew. WVidger, Darlynn Lois Commercial Graduated in SV2 years. Home Room Secretary, Fifth Executive: After- School Sports. 'Widman, Leah Rae Commercial Color Girls: Red Feathers: Spring Pageants: Doll Shop: Operetta: Li- brary Representative: News Repre- sentative: Locker Monitor: A. S. B. Representative: League Honor Roll 5 times: After-School Sports: All-Ac- tivity Shield: Vox Puellarum, Treas- urer: Rally Hats Committee: Big Cous- in. 'Wiley, Carolyn Commercial Color Girls: Red Feathers: Gym Worker: Hall Guard: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Big Cousin: League Hon- or Roll 4 times. Wilks, Norton Louis Social Studies Federation Representative: A. S. B. Representative. Willey, Darolyn Rae Math League Representative: Hall Guard: Roll Checker: Spanish Club: Home Room Secretary: Doll Shop: League Honor Roll 2 times: Scholastic Honor Roll. WVilson, Coralyn Rae Math Color Girls: Red Feathers: Vox Puel- larum, Fifth Executive: Latin Club: Doll Shops: Melody Capers: Operetta: Library Representative: Tamarack Representative: League Honor Roll 5 times: Big Cousin: Con Deputy: After- School Sports: All-Activity Shield. Wolfe, Barbara Home Economics Graduated in 395 years. League Rep- resentative: Home Room Roll Checker. Wolff, Jean Carol Commercial Softball, Manager: Locker Monitor: After-School Sports: Home Room Ser- geant at Arms: Library Representative. YVomack, David Alfred Foreign Languages Band: Debate Team: 3 C's Club, Presi- dent, Vice-President: Spanish Club: Federation Representative, Department Head: Home Room President: Sports- for-All: A. S. B. Representative, Fi- nance Committee. ik it 'lx' fr 'fr 'iff 'fr it 'A' it 1? if ik Y? if if? 'Z Worthington, Edna Mae Science Red Feathers: Gym Office Monitor: Gym Department Head: Softball, Man- ager: Red Cross Representative: Li- brary Representative: Tamarack Rep- resentative: Vox Puellarumg Latin Club: Math Club: Westernaires: League Honor Roll 6 times: News Representa- tive: All-Activity Shield 2 Bars: Li- brary Worker: Big Cousin: After- School Sports. Wright, Bruce Science Transferred from Klein, Montana. Swimming: Tumbling: Wrestling: Math Club: Spanish Club: Junior Toast- masters, President: Debate Club, Presi- dent. Young, Darlene Joy Home Economics Spring Pageant: After-School Sports: Library Monitor: Tamarack Repre- sentative: Home Room Vice-President: Cafeteria Worker: League Representa- tive: Welfare Committee: Big Cousin: Gym Office Worker: Scholastic Hon- or Roll: League Honor Roll: Hall Guard: Ticket Office Worker. if if :fr Y? fi if il' GRADUATES NOT PICTURED A Donald Raymond Brown John Allen Roger Anderson Ron Biggerstaff Frank Bos JAN UARY Dave Allen Keene JUN E Charles Clinton Ed VV. Gilkey Bob Lockhart Dorothy Aleta Melf Donald Lloyd Miller Dolores Ann Lentes Bill Robinson Doris Schoenberg Frank Ulijohn Wilma lV0od fifty-eight v I2B's M R. BALDWIN 206 F r o n t r o w: Carol Hendricksen, Meredith Eckley, Kay Andre, Clau- dia Bratton, Patricia Hirth, Shirley Armfield, Joann Laface, Roberta Smith. Second row: Mr. Baldwin, Ronald Ballo, Ann Ludwig, Jane Klaus, Louise Fisken, Rena Toll, Pat McVay, Lora Lee McDougall. Back row: Gene Lucas, Bob Burson, Thad McAtee, Robert Brotherton, Bert Byrne, Dick Schmidt, Rioh Corser, Rodney Howard, Donald Holmberg. MR. MANFRED I00 Front row: Myrna Kirkevold, Lola Price, Beverly Olson, Mr. Manfred, Dorothy Young, Nancy Phillips, Jean Charbulak. Second row: Dor- een Pangborn, Shirley Simpson, Do- lores Hughes, Joyce Pencosky, Car- olyn Corrigan, Gloria Althouse, Carol Oslund, Arlene Gross, Jan- aine Hulbert, David Henry. Back row: Allan Shields, Delbert Reidt, Don Lucas, Richard Frampton, Donald Gravos, Bob Sleizer, Don Dolan, Roger Daisley, Bill Freeman, Gerald Connelly, Robert Putnam, Claude Merrill. MR. TAFT C-2 Front row: Ray Anderson, Art Ka- waguchi, Ruth Jamison, Beverly Blandy, Jerine Larson, Becky De Loreto, Don Fowlds, Harry Perry. Second row: Darrell Morford, Ron Hulbert, Carol Halverson, Letty Boutwell, Stella Hamilton, Berna- dine Kussman, Mary Lunneborg, Don Materne, Mr. Taft. -Back row: Lee Wallick, Gary Hanson, Wayne Livengood, John Worley, Larry Shaw, Tommy Luce, Ken Daly. I IA's MR. BARNARD I I7 Front row: Arlene Beaver, Shirley Ewy, Joan Quass, Joan Rice, Dor- thea Hilborn, Norma Hahn, Gayle Pilant, Pansy Tuttle. Second row: Jim Walker, Derald Hampton, Peggy Peterson, Minnie Forester, Phyllis Glen, Joan Hiatt, Bob Baron, Ed Vacura, Mr. Barnard. Back row: Don Wimberly, Bill Pix- ley, Gary Lomax, Chris Smith, Larry Haunschild, Jim Walkup, Jim Tinnell, Eddie Rollins, Bob Starry, Ron Sanders. sixty-two MISS BETZ 2I9 Front row: Joanne Bruck, Cecil Hodgson, Shirley Rowe, Barbara Countryman, Donald Cole, Carol McCoy, Joan McGil1is, Jane La- Barge. Second row: Dorothy Penna, Steve Gabriel, Dona Rogers, Kay Campbell, Marjorie Hamilton, Mary Philips, Duane Baker, Miss Betz. Back row: Floyd Perkins, Jim Spink, Bill Gow, Stanley Rizzuti, Jim Quasehnik, Sam Strickland, Gordon Brunette, Jim Burkey, , Gerald Carpenter. MR. BLAND 304 Front row: Margerie Barker, Joyce Sarver, Shirley Blangers, Joan Shepard, Leta Cooper, Pauline Fendler, Nancy G u n n i n g , Mr. Bland. Second row: Gary Sipe, Le- roy Stangland, Bruce Oliver, John Alexander, Jeanette Hamblin, Dor- othy Jones, Gary Slanger, Dan Johnson, Wayne Schwoob. Back row: Bill Graham, James Horn, Gerald Anderson, Joe Jantsch, John Denbeigh, Robert Crabb, John Bar- ringer, Jack Schultz, Don Berilla, Howard Fothergill, Jerry Stillwell. MISS CHITTY 2 I 7 Front row: Janette Halman, Norma Todd. Carol Fairfax, Carol Schrock, Mary Smith, Sylvia Betts, Charlotte Wilson, Janice Mess. Second row: Pat Schneider, Lowell Johnson, Barbara Wolfe, Carol Schussman, Carol Abbott, Mary Ellen DeGroat, Jean Clark, Dick Fosness, Miss Chitty. Back row: Tom Orth, Stan- ley Ruberson, Don Batelaan, Don Circle, Edward Quist, Charles Bald- win, Bill Petty, Patrick Sullivan, Elbert Benson. MISS CLEVELAND 203 Front row: Felice Hendrickson, Jo Ann Grable, Don Osborn, Diane Hansen, Stewart McNeilly, Betty Wiggins, Sid Wheeler, Carol Jean Forbes, Kay Ewy. Second row: Don Matney, Nancy Cox, Sherrill Good- man, Anna Mae Rosholt, Gordon Lindholm, Jack Thornton, Barbara Mosier, Bill Van Ry, Gerri Raymas, Richard Tokarz, Miss Cleveland. Back row: Jim Brown, Miles Dres- ser, Pat Koenig, Rex Hoseley, Joan Fenton, Mike Green, Grace Carney, Les Nygren, Ken Vonah. sixty-three . .... .si --T.. 4? MR. DANIELSON I02 Front row: Theda Kellberg, Mari- lyn Zuber, Phyllis Pilgrim, Shirley McMurray, Maribeth Perdue, Janet Linder, Sylvia Heinbigner, Donna White. Carolyn Young, Betty Cul- ton. Second row: Gail Watson, Nyle Brockway, Marilyn Job, Mary Ann Coleman, Pat Bickford, Arlene Morgan, Marilyn Ziglar, Julia Thomas, Barbara Wright, Cebe Rendle, Dolly Miles, Louis Hutch- ins. Back row: Larry McCarrey, Frank Randall, Marvin Thomas. Jerry McRae, Bill Foxton, Gary Ludke, Jim Aldrich, Pat Kine, Wes Wood, Mr. Danielson. MR. DAVIS I I6 Front row: Greta Johnson, Gloria Hecla, Joy Thompsen, Phyllis Lus- chei, Bonnie Ennest, Priscilla Kin- ne, Joyce Kippen, Mary Lee Mc- Lachlan. Second row: Darwin Lane, Ron Scalera, Darlene Lowery, Bev- erly Koon, Lois Kooistra, Beverly McLaurin, Marlys M c G e o r g e , George Hagen, Willis Roberts, Mr. Davis. Back row: Jack Fisher, Ben Malikowski, Dan Rowley, Paul Greco, Les Richardson, Jack Hill, Gary Hundeby, Bob Olson, Coewell Gaines, Ronald Kohl. M RS. HAWES I I 5 Front row: Margaret Watson, Ulla Karlsen, B e v e rl y Zimmerman, Gwen Upp, Joyce Richwine, Sharon Russell, Barbara White, Diane Cor- bin, Elnora Stoller. Second row: Don Lang, Bill Lennard, Arlys Schaeffer, Marilyn Sander, Suzanne Walters, Jo Anne Ring, Barbara Caudill, Claudia Sorenson, Ron Layton, Darrel Cafaro, Mrs. Hawes. Back row: Ray Welch, James Bu- chanan, Roger Morse, John Mul- lenix, Wilbur Paul, Merwin Grif- fith. James Nevin, Mack McGetrick, Robert McNabb, Ralph Rizzutto, Jack Nevins. MR. HIX 303 Front row: Norfleet Wilks, Patricia Scribner, Barbara Wood, Sally Miles, Sharon Paulsen, Geneice King, Sondra Kohli. Second row: Gary Siebert, Charles Gilstrap, Geraldine Ross, Joyce Eagle, Nor- ma Lang, Charlotte Lansing, Jim Larkin, Norm Petheram, Mr. Hix. Back row: Charles Sawyer, Jim Phillips, Paul Nodland, Herbert Hadley, Lewis Turner, Jerry Mc- Lam, Ronald White, Gary Mc- Kennett, Gene Grimes. sixty-four MR. HOESLY 320 Front row: Ron Jacobs, Walt Green, Dolores Alberg, Jean King, Virginia Cole, Claudia Mudge, V i r g i n i a Elmslie. Paul Dixon. Second row: Sam Moore, Bob Vogelman, Mary Jane Ricketts, Bonnie McG1ock1in, Lorraine O'Brien, Lora Hemphill, Caryl Van Dorn, Don Kachinsky, Mr. Hoesly. Back row: Ed Carlson, Mike Moore, Don Ellis, Don Reed, Roy Throndsen, Dave Simonson, Jerry Donelson, Arley Olson, Vernon Harris. MR. MALTERNER I I3 Front row: Melvin Oien, William Wurtz, Robert Martin, Holly Bleck, Mary Tallent, Esther Sponagel, Larry Jamme, Melvin Holien, Dave Ashton. Second row: Dale Segner, Betty Jo Tschirgi, Patricia Heine- kin, Shirley Sampson, Patty A1- berts, Betty Shand, Karen Ander- son, John Bemis, Mr. Malterner. Back row: Richard Taylor, Fred Wanless, Stanislaw Gwiazda, Neil Herbison, Tom Lawrence, Don Knack, Richard Stark, Dave Nelson, Don Powelson. MRS. OPPEN IO7 Front row: Rae Nichol, Pat French, Joanne Caputo, Sharon Levick, Carolyn Carosella, Rose Fisher, Jo- anne T aPierre, Second Row: Donna Jean Thomas, Karen Abener, Mary Louise Coykendall, Barbara Hawes, Kay Worthington, Diana Lanham, Pattie Tucker, Carol Maas, Rosa- lind Lindsley, Mrs. Oppen. Back row: Kay Kronenberg, Virginia Jahn, Sharon Huston, Joan Roach, Paula Quine, Maple Speller, Joanne Reed, Marian Crowe, Barbara Dowler, Darlene Leahy. M R. ROWAND ZI6 Front row: Barbara Westor, Shirley Hauge, Sarah Harper, Dorothy Lob- dell, Joan Duke, Betty Kindle, Mr. Rowand. Second row: Bill Myers, Inga Pederson, Myrna Plock, Kathy O'Sul1ivan, Vivian Mullenix, Mar- lcne Emley, Shirley Thompson, Yvonne Blackstone, Charles Rine- hart, Back row: John Tierney, Gale VanHover, Bob Taigen, Ray Walt- ers, Rod McGillivray. Clarence Snow, Bob Lininger, George Weishaar, Arnie Wandler. sixty-five we MR. THEODORSON 2 Front row: Dick Sharp, Gary Smith, Don Baumgart, Lowell Yeager, Ron Barthell, Larry Katsel, Marvin An- derson, Del Erickson, Gary Ebel. Second row: Ron Owen, Dale Mar- quette, Bill Beeman, Keith Spring- er, Robert Young, Kenneth Black- man, Dan Benedict, Jimmy Brown, Mr. Theodorson. Back row: Paul Audel, Gerald Robinson, B o b Brown, Alan Pickett, Pete Berquist, Jim Nordby, Jay Jarpe, Gary Bow- ker, Jim Rosa, Don Stoebner. MR. WHITAKER 300 Front row: Betty Warrington Dixie Lee Miles, Doris Sturm, Diane Seniw, Dorothy Nolan, Bonnie Smith, Pat Danes, Dianna Pome- roy. Second row: Orville Poole, Dick Disney, Grace Dickey, Ar- villa Rockstad, Janet I-Ialin, Max- ine Young, Lee Charest, Ron Brown. Back row: Dave Dollarhide, Forrest North, Don Faraca, Lloyd Brown, Ron Fechner, Jim McLean, Ron Deatherage, Mr. Whitaker. IOA's MISS ALLISON 20I Front row: Lois Rex, Marilyn Ham- mer, Roberta Griswold, Beverly Anderson, Eleanor Davis, Joan Evans, Jeanette Paggett, Roberta Byers, Phyllis Wayman, Mary Ann Cogley. Second row: Howard Wil- liams, Donna Shawen, Maxine Morigeau, Karen Sudhoff, Gay Krebs, Peggy Clark, George Cas- selman, LeRoy Harbour, Elinor. Gooch, Miss Allison. Back row: Jack Boskell, Larry Meusy, Dick Shand, Burrell Nutt, Wallace Woodard, John Remington, Albert Holly, Arvin Kiehn, Monte Robertson, Gary Throop. MR. BINER I3 Front row: Mr. Biner, Doreen Gran, Donna Hinkle, Janice Wal- den, Bonnie Van Doren, Betty Bump, Donna Ketchum, .Tim Wil- liams. Second row: Barry Baun, Jerry Allen, Wilma Sills, Carol Ki- vett, Sharon Rogers, Dawn Robert- son. Kay Mead, Don Newland, Ben Milne, Milo Curly. Back row: Le- land Pennell, Jim McDane1d, Don Nyberg, Marion Hetherton, Myrlene Collins, Betty Graham, N o r m a n Veach, Ken Jordan, John Goering, K. Norman, sixty-sim MISS BROWN 2I I Front row: Ann Templeton, Peggy Ulrich, Betty Jane Means, Karen Akland, Connie Brown, Judy Han- ford, Carole Johnston, Betty Franks. Second row: Virgil Reidt, Margaret Kain, Gary Brook, Bill Guske, Milton Browne, Bill Brown, Miss Brown, Frank Rogers. Back row: James Lyons, William Weir, David Thompson, Tom Hansen, Jim Peters, John Zidalis, Charles Goddard, Bob Hawkinson, Glenn Trimble, Richard Cabo. MISS CARROLL LIBRARY Front row: Rosemary Ragon, Jua- nita Draper, Opal Burley, Cora Sue Hale, Amy Savage, Marlene Ruhs, Patricia Crossler, Sandra Selivan- off, Lucille Griffith. Second row: Ronald Mattson, Leroy McKimmey, Robert Waite, Robert Snyder, Don- na Billberg, Beverly Lyons, Cleda Keys, Bonnie Fines, Leroy Sells, Miss Carroll. Back row: William Snyder, Harvey Eilertsen, Eldon Steelman, Max Beebe, Thomas St. John, Raymond Swam, Victor Langsett, William Pederson, Louis Schmidt, Charles Roberg, Gerald Holmberg. MR. CHANDLER I20 Front row: Carol Zorn, Marilyn Lipscomb, Bernadine Sandeno, Sue Coomes, Janet Trousen, Dolores Britton, Shirley Geisler, Tom Hall, Richard Young, Dan Clark. Second row: Karen Elder, Kay Nickerson, Carolyn Crisp, Beverly Mills, Niona Newcomb, Pat Burns, JoAnn Hall, Russ Livingood, Dean Edwards, Mr. Chandler. Back Row: Dick Hoff- man, John Thibadeau, Richard Mclnelly, Bob Salvage, John Waltz, John Morrow, Jack Sampson. Duane Hickey, Larry Luedke, Jerry Smith. MR CHRISTENSEN 2I6 Front row: Dolores Cook, Darla Lee, Geraldine Van Hoover, Idella Brown, Jeanine Woodbury, Janet Nixon, Caroline Reiser, Jacqueline Miller, Elizabeth Burtness. Second row: Claudia Sander, Carolyn Han- sen, Goldie Long, Roger Clarke, Jim Hinshaw, Don Butte, Don Hunt, Alan Coffey, JoAnne Flu- man, Marilyn Hallin, Shareen Scher. Back row: Jerry Turcotte, Dick Matthews, Kaye Straight, Jack Gambill, Ron Milligan, Lester Starkey, Jay Relling, David Nevin, Mr. Christensen. sixty-seven MISS DAMON 208 Front row: Jo Ann Galardi, Doro- thy Cunningham, Darlene Cunn'ng- ham, Janice Coleman, V e r n a Brockmier, Peggy Moore, Eileen Johnson, Delnora Erickson. Sec- ond row: Miss Damon, Marcia Gui- fin. Joan Downes, Marlene Gerke, Carol Hickey, Rosalie Lee, Larry Simpson, Dennis Wilkerson. Back row: Dick Fields, Daryl Frosh, Dick Esmieu, Gary Hendricks, Gene Bigger, Harvey Ulijohn, Fred Lee, Larry Cooper, Mike Reopelle, Ted XVelch. MRS. DUNPHY ZI4 Front row: Arvin Morrow, Mary Ann Schinzel, Carolyn Gibbs, Helen Notis, Sue Coil, Carol H a n s o n , Janetha Hugo, Venee Stewart, Mi- chael Halliday. Second row: Mrs. Dunphy, Janice Sparrow, June El- ston, Pat Albert, Carol Mather, Elaine Mills, Karen Carstens, Ken- eth Conner, Garfield Hieb. Back row: Don Johnson, Ladell Frye, John Mellgren, John Philp, James Allen, Don Philips, Don Luce, Neil Higgins, Othon Naos, Dun Smith MR. GRIGGS I03 Front row: Dolores Pierce, Carole Wright, Darlene Kindle, Kay Kel- ler, Arwood Sandvold, Del Chap- pell, Eddie Unicume, Patricia Han- son, Patsy Leighton, Lorraine Sims. Second row: Valdene Hancock, Marilyn Burlock, Arlene Stack, Eddie Johnson, Ralph Aspaas, Bob Stevig, Elizabeth Johnson, Barbara Lee. Back row: Dick Thompson, Bill Johnson, Stanley Easton, Ray Jones, Gail Hayden, Judith Bos- chee, Dolores Mackey, Oscar John- son, Laverne Cummings, Mr. Griggs, MR. GRISWOLD 2l5 Front row: Esther Miller, Myrna Rizzuto, Beverly Harseth, Darlene Hodgson, Joanne Pope, Pat Hahn, Kay Nelson, Dennis Peterson, Don Edland, Robert Leuthy. Second row: Claudia Funseth, Marcia Cole- man,Joline Pierson, Phyllis Trail, Pat Larson, Margie Wolfe, Beverly Thompson, Dick McConnell, Mr. Griswold. Back row: Bill Wolfe, Walter Wagner, Jack Heuston, Fred Clark, Janet Smith, Donna Bigham, Kae Eaton, Bill Hageman, Mike Moore, Tommy Jacobsen. sixty-eight MISS KILLINGSWORTH I0 Front row: Shirley Sayler, Agnes Larson, Donna Seger, Sharon Sleeth, Marilyn Davis, Beverly Goodwin, Marjorie Anderson, Janet Meier. Second row: Wallace Pratt. Larry Simpson, Howard Bursch, Elise Scott, Lynda Peterson, Bar- bara Morrison, Ed Collins, Steve Youst, Gerald Urbach, Miss Kil- lingsworth. Back row: Frank Mali- kowski, Bill Phipps, Jerry Mellin- ger, Joanne Patterson, Kay Hel- pingstine, Doris Merrick, Frankie Burch, Jim Doggett, Bill Hamilton, Gary Hart. MR. McNEW 3I9 Front row: Carrole Lambdin, Lor- etta Guter, Joy Baertsch, Alice Mosling, Leonard Allison, Gary Hargrave, Don Lynd. Second row: Joel Roberts, Fred Gray, Nancy Roberts, Mary Ellen Paul, JoAnn Evans, Barbara Smith, Carol Han- sen, Mary Davidson, Dave Mayers, Doug Neil. Back row: Ed Payne, Howard Kipp, Ellsworth Holm, Arlen Weberling, Bob Donaldson, George Smith, Tom Chadwick, Or- ville Moe, Dick Tillman, Mr. McNew. MISS NEUMAN II4 Front row: Karen Yancey, Patsy Koski, Sally Ellis, Jackie Disney, Barbara Clothlin, Kathleen Darling, Barbara White, Yvonne Azure, Donna Hummer, Mary Kay Maas. Second row: Duane Traaen, Bill Kling, Murray Jennings, Vernon Reidt, Terry Middaugh, Bonnie Byrne, Nancy Meck, Janice Froun- felter, Valeeta Leppell, Rosa Cock- rell, Miss Neuman. Back row: Jim Watson, Lloyd Humphreys, Bill Glass, Alan Walser, Bob Helms, Bob Grossman, Ronald Thue, Ronald Carrow. MR. NYGAARD II8 Front row: June Hannah, Annette Anderson, Jean Reese, Wanetta Jones, Jeraldine Creager. Jean Cas- sis, Ronald Berryman, Gilbert Way- land. Second row: Sally Overholser, Betty Exnch, Patsy Walker, Dianne Johnson, Sharon Mitchell, Mary Ann Matteson, Barbara Gember- ling, Joyce Hutchins, Tom Johnson, Mr. Nygaard. Back row: Dan Settle, Richard Nielson, Bob Masters, Rod Hannexnan, Emery Gepford, Harold Craig, LeRoy Melvin, James Peter- son, Rod Applonie, Reid Cook. sixty-nine MR. RANDALL 200A Front row: Lee Smith, Marilyn Jenkins, Roberta Smith, Shirley Blandy, Edna McNabb, Lorene Mossuto, Tom Moore. Second row: Mr. Randall, Pat Trost, Roberta Joyner, Helen Danquist, Bonnie Patrick, Georgia Alberts, Jack Jarpe, Don Fickett. Back row: Elaine Fothergill, Barbara Starn, Marlene McDonald, Gary Coop- rider, Ray Ericksen, Bob Reichert, Ed Hamblin, Sonny Thrush, Ivan Munk. MR. RODKEY 305 Front row: Ken Gronwold, James Lane, Judy Evans, Darlene Coon, Donna Gardner, Billye Wing, Sue Nealey, Douglas Chase, A l l a n Ruddy. Second row: Rollin McCabe, Davis Smith, Arlene Thomas, Shir- ley Perkins, Betty Christenson, Florence Middleton, E r n e s t i n e Aschenbrenner, Tory Ann Lane, Carol Romig, Hazel Crowder, Mr. Rodkey. Back row: Alvin Harper, Larry Dosser, Tom Jackson, John Snell, James Schweikert, Darrell Viehouser, Mike Donahoe, Kenny Moore, Mike Paris, Ken Witten- berg, Bill Blackwood. MR. STANNARD 9 Front row: Viola Wiedemann, Donna Whipple, Beverly Foster, Dwayne Upp, Judy Bombino, Na- dene Anderson, Maureen Singer, Ted Geiss, Glen Neher. Second row: Audrey Cherry, Gayle Gardner, Sandra Kelley, Barbara Homan, Merna Tobin, Lloyd Harris, Lor- etta Howlett, Barbara Blakely, Dawn Marie Dupre, Mr. Stannard. Back row: Buddy Watson, Wesley James, Jim Vandervert, Michael Clark, Ole Watt, Daniel McKinnon, Walt Lobdell, Philip Rost. MISS STARKWEATHER l2I Front row: Barbara Randall, Jean- ine Roberts, Linda Keeling, Doris Steiner, Barbara Lambert, Donna Walden. Second row: Loren Lang- land, Gerry Kandler, Jo Layne Miller, Grace Bostrom, Karen Thompson, Marilyn Daniel, Beverly Blakely, Miss Starkweather. Back row: Albert George, Bob Hossfeld, Wallace Glatt, Bill Crowe, Ron Buettner, Gordon Christie, Darrell Tesdahl, Jasen Clark. seventy 9A's MRS. BEAVER I I I Front row: Linda Marlowe, Barbara Thew, Wanda Eplin, Carleen New- comb, Georgia Howard, Patty Hol- liday, Robbin Lucas, William Hodg- son. Second row: Mrs. Beaver, E1- den Sander, Karen Wiley, Harold Kaatz, Joyce Anderson, Carol Ny- berg, Richard Haunschild, Dale Ryan. Back row: Rodger Gold- schmitz, Robert Buzzell, Raymond Delivuk, David Coe, Donna Felio, Bonnie Williams, LaVer1e Suther- land, William Fyfe, Norman Myers, Donald Gray, Stanley Haveriland. MRS. BLOOM I4 Front row: Mrs. Bloom, John Ells- worth, Sharon Carrico, Charlotte Gardner, Mary Louise Edwards, Pa- trlcia Fairfax, Karen Haeker, Rob- ert Young. Second row: Mary Ann Shepherd, Joyce Vietzke, Joyce Brady, Mildred McGetrick, Edward Smith, Larry Sliezer, James Allen, Corinne Gatfaney, Judy Flynn, Joan Lamping, Ardith Eilertsen. Back row: Pat Barney, Carl Grif- iith, Philip Walker, Alan Robinson. Joseph Doutre, Arne Hallin, Steve Roadruck, James Garrett, Jean Rollo. MR. BRADFORD l26 Front row: Joanne Dickey, Char- lotte Douglas, Peggy Atherton, Dan McDuffie, Edward Jensen, Ramona Mason, Carolyn Day, Sally McGee. Second row: Mr, Bradford, Larry Seed, Richard Trost, Marilyn Arm- strong, Virginia Sailer, Nancy Bat- tan, Jean Barnes, Duane McAllis- ter, Russell Morrow. Back row: Roger Babb, David Hundeby, Rich- ard Lightfoot, Derald Drinkard, Oscar Hamilton, Ralph Bridgens, Dennis Higgins, Bill Sander, Bill Gilbert MR. DIEDRICK CAFE Front row: Darlene Marquette, Norma Jean Adams, Ren Hager, David Nash, James Engdahl, James Dollarhide, Larry Allen, Nyalline Steinbach, Mary Louise Grindheiwi. Second row: Mr. Diedrick, Mike Crandell, Jean Musser, Lucille Look, Winnifred Sharp, Rebecca Nelson, Doris Mann, Betty Rohrer, Helen Gersild, Glen Hamilton. Back row: William Haynes, Donald Thie- man, Lloyd Tremer, Nancy Cooper, Verlyn Dean, Dallas Somenvillc, David Carsella, Larry Reid. seventy-one MR. EXLEY 220 Front row: Barbara Zehm, Leona Lawrenson, Mabel Bennett, Lorna Innes, Betty Buckley, Donna Brett- hauer, Florence Lambert, Jackie Bunch, Marlene Motycka. Second row: Sharon Cottrell, Marilyn Mc- Bride, Evelyn Mull, Judy Scalera, Ruth Womack, Deonne Schultz, Vallarie Allen, Joan Christensen, Janet Dalzell, Laura Crosby, Bar- bara Holman. Back row: Ray Em- erson, Morris Clark, Ronald John- son, Richard, McMinimy, Lloyd Phinney, Robert Carrico, Gary Bakken, Wayne Plumb, Allen Hol- man, Marvin Larsen, Mr. Exley. MRS. McLAUGHLIN 2 I 3 Front row: Elaine Rizzuto, Ruth Wolfe, Dennis Erickson, John Thamm, John Sarber, Bill Burgess, Lorraine Carr, Barbara Henry. Sec- ond row: Judy Acree, Myrna Mes- toso, Lorraine Lincoln, Barbara Kennedy, Patricia Peterson, Rich- ard Hammond, Pat Todd, John Thomas, Rita Fulwiler. Back row: Jean Tobin, Jim Hill, Bob Vogel, Jim Flanigan, Jerry Thomas, Bill McEwen, Glen Ellsworth, Beverly West, Mrs. McLaughlin. MR. MHYRE I2 Front row: Sherman Shultz, Louis Lang, Phyllis Belden, Warren Gal- loway, Gwen Green, Agnes Tollef- sen, Patty Mossuto, Ben Schudel, Angelo Petruss. Second row: Larry Liptac, Mary Lou Schweitzer, Mel- ba Robinson, Norma Clower, Ve- neta Corbin, Charles Porter, Eileen Smith, Marie Sayler, Prudy Potter, Mr. Mhyre. Back row: Bob Nance, Gary Glenn, Delbert Rundle, Pat Killin, Barbara Paro, Eva Marie Wash, Nancy Holloway, Den Lar- son, Lee Tillotson, Fred Moran, Dale Kenworthy. MR. NEUMAN 3I0 Front row: Leslie Fried, Nathan Narrance, Ronald Hair, Joyce Hyer, Carol Cooper, Betty Rosa, Belle Forester, Claudia Phelps, Betty Britt, Tom Anderson. Second row: Earl Sayler, Bill Lillengreen, Joan Hetherton, Joyce Moede, Joanne Lewis, Frances Sorenson, Donna Pack, Virginia Bishop, Carolyn Greening, Marlene Forsgren, Mr. Neuman. Back row: Albert Lunde. Bob Barton, Gary Thor, John Ler- nest, John Street, Bob Lloyd, Dale Newland, Bob Merrick, Dennie Walker, Larry Lorentzen. seventy-two MISS PAULSON IO4 Front row: Evelyn Hankel, Kay Wallace, Gerald Smith, Frank Pe- bles, David Nordby, J e a n e t t e Schaeffer, Kathleen Walter. Second row: Miss Paulson, Claudia Paul- son, Sonya Bowker, Ann Materne, Judy Gorman, Sandie Pearson, Ronald Stan, Louie Luchini, Bert Mills, Steve Saldin, Larry Rolstad. Back row: Joan B a r n e s , Pat Nordby, Jocelyn Evans, Nina Mast- ers, Pat Arnevick, LeRoy Sutherlin, Larry Faris, Bob Lightfoot, Kenny Soper, Roger Johnson, Don Kofmehl. MISS RAWLINGS 204 Front row: Eddie Beldin, Pauleen Kimball, Nedra Ellis, Darlene Ross, Frances Dayton, Mary Glass, Dixie Lee Cooper, Norma Anderson, Wil- lene Clark, Dave Fuher. Second row: Jerry Stumbaugh, Jerry John- son, Jack Acor, Donna Coleman, Scherran McVay, Dianna Coleman, Kathryn Stephenson, Paralee Kel- ley, Janet Knight, Ann Adrienne, Miss Rawlings. Back row: David Eliason. Billy Nance, Wayne Evan- off, Bill Stewart, Roy Carriker, John Nyberg, Lee Moran, Ted Schultz, Ronald Davis, Olan Morris. MR. SPURGEON 3 Front row: Darlene Bradley, Joyce Bohnet, Nancy Glass, Myrna Mor- ford, Willene Anermeyer, Dorothy Clayton, Sally Brown, Diane Jo Knight, Carmen Porter. Second row: Richard Phillips, Morris Rock- lin, Walt Jones, Donna Mae Mur- ray, Della Banning, Erna Wilson, Janice Becker, Joan Van Derhoef. Mr. Spurgeon. Back row: Bill Zick- ler, Jack Riggins, Steve Weisgerber, John Fuller, Thomas McLaughlin, Carl Chadsey, James Neighbor, Ronald Schmidt, Bill Nickell, Carl Fremsted, Hugh Barnhill. MISS THEIS 202 Front row: Keith Keller, Larry Jes- sup, Esther Sayler, Ellen Campbell, Barbara Cowden, Diane Olsness, Ann Fackenthall, Roberta Brandt, Ronald Hubert, David Quiring. Sec- ond row: Clarence Bennett, Janet Sullivan, Marlys Glasgow, Marie Glen, Della Marshall, Carol Burns, Bonnie La Face, Dorothy Abel, Miss Theis. Back row: Gene Al- berts, Ralph Tregellas, Lee Gates, Sally Wiggins, Carolyn Joyner, An- nabelle Dizmang, Sharon Ingraham, Lillian Weller, Lee Walker, Gene White. sevrmzty-tlzrecf mnmmmrzmn-.. mm. 'za ,Ju ,.,,-.-.- ...........1.-.. ,.... Vw' my M--'WYE' Y 1' - L: x - ' .r 1' . V . , Q W 'J , t .f,,g-,46- 1. y lf,-1. 'mga :f-' w.,Ql:,t, ,Eff 1 , if mx ,..v . , ag I r rxf FALL OFFICERS-Front: Betty Noel, secretary: Alan Torger- son, president: Joyce Stempel, treasurer. Back: Rogers Mogill, vice-president: Jack Geraghty, fifth executive. The Associated , , , Striving to promote student in- terest in various activities and increase general school welfare are the main objec- tives of the Associated Student Council. During the semester, the A. S. C. had charge of the popcorn and peanut stands in the cafeteria. Rally Week, which was a combined Pep VVeek, Friendly Week, and Color Wfeek, the Sadie Hawkins' dance, the annual spring dress dance, the senior reception, a freshman dancing class, were some of the many activities sponsored by the group. The A. S. B. is composed of the house and the senate. The house is made up of FALL HOUSE AND SENATE-Front row: Jack Geraghty, Betty Noel, Alan Torgerson, Joyce Stempel, Rogers Mogill. Second-row: Walter Green, Jack Jarpe, Joyce Enlow, Linda Marlowe, Janetha Hugo, Betty Franks, Leah Widman, Patty Milam, Beverly Frltsch. Third row: Mr, Jones, Peggy Kooken, Myrna Kirkevold, Erna Wilson, Judy Scalera, Ross Goetz, Adonna Bondahl, Elva Beeman, Virginia Elmslie, Fran McCutchen, Darlene Coon, Marilyn Jenkins, Jim Summerlin, Dave Sanders, Fred Gray, Dick Shand. Fourth row: JoAnn Johnson, Della Marshall. Janet Linden, Rosemary Ragon, Pat Schneider, Margene Lang, Gwen Upp, Carol McCoy, Carol Russell, Willa Asker, Dick McCoy, Darrell Tesdahl, Stan Easton, Bob Burson, Michael Clark. Back row: Joyce Hutchins, Frances Sorenson, Patty Tucker, Bill Van Ry, Larry Katsel, Harry Perry, Gayle Pilant, Gerri Ross, Joan Rice, Mary Coykendall, , Pat Schrader, Myrna Plock, Norton Wilks, Phil Lefler, Dick, Stark, Dan Rowley, Leland Pennell. seventy-six 1 SPRING HOUSE AND SENATE-Front row: Mr. Jones, Kay Andre, Bert Byrne, Dave Ensberg, Bill Hoagland, Jane Anderson, Miss Damon. Second row: Mark Kabush, Janetha Hugo, Mary Grindheim, Linda Marlowe, Ardith Eilertsen, Pat Heinekin, Peggy Kooken, Betty Noel, Sally Sawyer, Gerri Ross, Myrna Kirkevold, Darlene Coon, Maribeth Perdue, Roberta Smith, Reba Walser, Shirley Sayler. Third row: Della Marshall, Ardith Swanson, Marcia Guffin, Erna Wilson, Becky Hill, Nadene Anderson, Carol Me- Coy, Gwen Upp, Jeanette Hamblin, Marlene McDonald, Donna Walden, Lorraine Carr, Joyce Enlow. Ann Ludwick, Pat Koski, Barbara Brennan. Fourth row: Tory Ann Lane, Don Edlund, David Nordby, Dewayne Howell, Richard Hill, Willie Roberts, Harry Perry, Norton Wilks, Stewart McNeilly, Bob Salvage, Don Newland, Ronnie Matteson, Margaret Karn, Gail Hayden, Carol Zorn. Back row: Bill Pixley, Roger Morse, Jack Geraghty, Dave Sanders, Phil Lefler, Rod McGillivray, Charles Baldwin, Alan Pickett, Roy Throndson, Stan Easton, Darrell Tesdahl, Richard Shand, Fred Gray, Rod Applonie. Student Council representatives from each home room. The senate is composed of the five student body ol'l'icers, two senators from each ol' the Your classes, except the freshman which has one, and representatives of the Girls' League and Boys' Federation. Wforking to establish better friendships between North Central and the other city schools, the interschool relations commit- tee, sponsored by the A. S. B., meets with committees lrom the other schools to work out various problems. Advisers are Del Jones and Patricia Damon. 1 i ,Y SPRING OFFICERS- Front: Jane Anderson, secretary: Dave Ensberg, president: Kay Andre, treasurer. Back: Bill Hoagland, vice-president: Bert Byrne, fifth executive. seventy-seven Girls' , 1 , The Girls' League is a service group striving always to attain those high ideals deemed so essential by its creator. Miss Jessie Gibson, in l9l8-ideals symbol- ized in the League emblem ol' honor, serv- ice and loyalty. The League began the fall semester in its newly remodeled olliice liinished in a Chinese motif. Under the advisership ol' Miss Patricia Damon, the League this year sponsored t the PTA membership drive, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets lor needy lamilies, FA" 0FF'CERS-Frfnt: Petty Milam. prc:ielfnt: Bcverly Fritgzch, SCCl'Cl.Q1l'Y.VBGCKZ-JOZHDE Cowley, vice-prisidini. I-HS Oxflfdefv flw-lltft' and the annual Dad-Daughter banquet. FALL CENTRAL COUNCIL-Frcnt row: Lois Oxrieder, Joanne Cagley, Miss Damon, Patty Milam, Bev Fritseh. Second row: Doreen Gran, Dolores Britton, Darlene Koefod, JoLayne Miller, Virginia Saiter, Carolyn Crisp, Doris Mann, Ruth Jamison, Jackie Bunch, Judy Evans. Third rcw: Margaret Colling, Sally Brown, Joy Baertseh, Claudia Mudge, Patsy Leighton, Bonnie Fines, Lorene Mos- suto, Carolyn Carosella, Kathleen Darling, Ann Templeton, Dorothy Cunningham. Fourth row: Judy Cooper, Joyce Vietzke, Barbara White, Donna Coleman, Mary Phillips, Lois Kooistra, Claudia Sander, Christy Bosten, Nancy Gunning, Barbara Brennan, Beverly Thompson, Becky Hill. Back row: Carol Mather, Prudy Potter, Shirley Armfield, Gloria Althouse, Jane Klaus, Joanne Patterson, Darlene Young, Pat Koenig, Joan Harbour, Carol Abbott, Grace Barker, Donna Park, seventy-eight SPRING CENTRAL COUNCIL-Front row: Mary Moe, Carol Jean Smith, Miss Damon, Becky Hill, Suzie Bresgal. Second row: Lorene Mossuto, Sonya Bowker, Donna Walden, Nada Arnold, Dol ares Britton, Donna Rummer, Eleanor Davis, Dolores Alberg, Carol Jean Forbes, Kay Worthington, Myrtle McKnight, Sondra Kohli. Third row: Nyla Brockwav, Sue Lehfeldt, Inga Pederson, Mary Phillips, Lois Kooistra, Donna Barney, Claudia Sander, Darlene Leuthy, Nancy Phillips. Rosa Cockrcll, Louise Vedder, Joyce Vietzkc. Fourth row: Mary Ellen DeGroat, Kay Keller, Joan Christiansen, Darlene Koefed, Becky Nelson, Annabelle Dizeiang, Carol Mather, Claudia Phelps, Joanne Pope, Janice Coleman, Dianna Pomeroy, Barbara DeFeyter. Back row: Joann Van Derhoef, Judy Hanford, Arlys Schaeffer, Marlys McGeorge, Darolyn Willey, Louise Fisken. Stella Hamilton, Lorraine Carr, Doris Merrick, Kathy Stephenson, Pauline Fendler. League Perennial activities ol? the League are the awarding ol pins to honor-roll girls and appointing "Big Cousins," a counsel- ling service for new girls entering North Central. To be on the League honor roll, each semester, a girl must have grades ol: C or better and have earned ten League points. For two semesters of service a bronze pin is awarded, four semesters a silver pin, six xggu wif semesters a gold pin, eight semesters a ruby X set in a gold pin. Those on the honor roll for one, three, five, and seven semesters SPRING OFFICERS-Front: Srzie Bresgal, secretary: Carol ..' ' Je SL'th, 'd LBKIIVI lVI,t 1 ieeeive honorable mention. an m ,'2Q2Ey'2,'f,,,,Q29-p,.e2Qgen,f'e feasum seventy-nine FALL OFFICERS-Front: Dick McCoy, president: Bob Moylan, clerk. Back: Dick Bostrom, treasurer: Lowell C. Bradford, adviser: David Ensherg, vice-president. The Boys' , , , Serving the boys of North Cen- tral and the school as a whole is the pur- pose of the Boys' Federation. Founded in 1918 by Lowell C. Brad- lord, still its adviser, the Federation has contributed niuch towards the develop- nient oi' the school. lt has invested over 352,000 in the playlfield, purchased the auditorium prosceniuni curtain, and the nickelodeon in the Toteni In. This year, the Federation held nionthly convocations for the boys, bought and dis- tributed newly designed decal stickers, presented the Archie Buckley inspirational award to Rogers Mogill. and sponsored the sports-for-all program. V f-TQ , t-V. X FALL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL AND COMMITTEE HEADS-Front row: David Womack, Bili Langdon, Bob Moylan, Dick McCoy, Dave Ensberg, Dick Bostrom, Bill Hoagland, Dick Nyberg. Second row: Gary Ebel, John Tuft, Ron Thue, Walter Green, Ross Goetz, Angelo Petruss, Dick Stark, Ron Scalera, Albert George. Third rnw: Mr. Bradford, Don Baumgart, Pat Kine, Leon Williams, Bob LaLonde, Skip Pixley, Willis Benson, Bob Steffer, Ray Erickson, Glen Meinke, Harry Vazanko. Fourth row: Les Samels, Neil McKeevcr, Jerry Stack, Don Noren, Larry Biggs, Don Stoebner, Roger Morse, David Henry, Wayne Livingood, Ludie Duthweiler. eighty SPRING EXECUTIVE COUNCIL AND COMMITTEE HEADS-Front row: Bob Burkhart, Spike Fitch, Mr. Bradford, Rogers Msnill, Bob Pelleberg. Second row: David Henry, Willie Roberts, Bob LaLonde, Dave Sanders, Don Noren, David Womack, Bill Kiper, Ron Scalera, Harry Perry, Mark Kabush. Third row: Jack Fisher, Dan Dolan, Bill Guske, Pat Kine. Dick Stark, Bob Grossman, Roger Morse, Ross Goetz, Ward Eason, Larry Biggs, Ron Thue. Back row: George Hieber, Jack McKay, Roger Daisley, Dick Bostrom, Willie Benson, Don Ekman, Les Samels, Ludie Duthweiler, Gordon Farley. Federation Departments of the "Fed" include C0111- niunitv service, personal service, school service, and sports-for-alll. Twenty-l'ive committees make up these departments. lfVork ol' the group is directed by an executive council, composed ol' the four elected officers, heads of the four service departinems, live class representatives, and iepresentatives from each of the activities in which boys participate. To train inenibers in civic duties, the Federation conducts its own elections, fol- lowing as closely as possible city election procedure. Mogill, president. Back: Spike Fitch, vice-president: Bob Burkhart, treasurer. SPRING OFFICERS-Front: Bob Pclleberg, clerk: Rogers eighty-one his .... u....... FALL NEWS STAFF-Front row: Betty Denny, Carolyn Carosella, Pat Hirth, Carol Schrock, Helen Tollefsen, Rena Toll. Back row: Ro n Pick, Lowell Yeager, Ludie Duthweiler, Bert Byrne, Bob Steffer, Jay Jarpe, Don Dolan. The North , , , Hurry! Hurry! Deadline today! Such are the famous last Words over- heard in the newsroom-for deadlines must be met in order to get the paper "to press." Amidst the clicking of Lypewriters and FALLEDl'roRs-From wze Bl ke11,PtM 1 ,c 1 - ' 7 - - '- 'f 3 -1 Griggs. Back row: Jackffaeragfiiiy, ?5aXvFent0?1y Bgstfgyrnifo Lhe d1 oning ol voic es, the stall cditois ale BUSINESS STAFF-Front row: Jane LaBarge, Pat Miller, Claudia Bratton. Kay Andre. Back row: Karen Abener, Nancy Phillips, eighty-two Bud Watson, Jack Jarpe, Mary Coykendall, Sharon Russell. SPRING NEWS STAFF-Front FQW1 Mary Coykendall, Jack Jarpe, Carol Schrock, Don Baumgart, Charlotte Lansing. Back row: Marion Crowe, Rena Toll, Peter Berquist, Dick Stark, Claudia Bratton. Central News busily planning make-up, checking cuts, or looking over copy. The News, under Lhe direction of Miss Mary McKenna, publications adviser, has won its All-Ainerican or highest award lor SIXICCH COHSCCUUVC years' SPRING EDITORS-Front row: Carol Griggs, Bert Byrne, Joan Fenton, Back row: Jay Jarpe, Jack Geraghty, Bob Steffer. Qqwxix nm QQKXX g .nm s , un I-....""l't'i3Z SPRING NEWS STAFF-Front row: Karen Abener, Carolyn Carosella, Nancy Phillips, Anne Ludwick, Dolores Hughes. Back row: Ross Goetz, David Henry, Holly Bleek, Don Dolan, Bob Grossman. eighty-three K EDITORS-Carol Thompson, associate editor: Bev Blackwell, associate editor: Joanne Cogley, ART STAFF-Meredith Eekley, Ron Pick, JoAnn Manskey, Bob Moylan. BUSINESS STAFF-Margene Lang, Carolyn Wilson, eighty-four Pat Miller, Jane LaBa1'ge. editor-in-chief: Mabelle Mead, art editor. The I952 f f , "Come on, you Indiansu Because for 29 years, North Central has been the home of the Indians, an Indian theme was chosen by the stall' for the 1952 Tamarack. The theme is carried out by art Work on the end sheets, the division pages, and the cover. Mabelle Mead, art editor, was assisted by Bob Moylan. After the theme was selected, the next important job was planning the make-up of the book, collecting and assembling sen- ior pictures and activities, and photograph- ing all school groups and activities. The writing of copy, checking proofs, and getting pictures of spring sports, Doll Shop, plays, and other activities were the ,nu- SENIOR EDITORS AND COPY WRITERS-Front row: Priscilla Turk, Bev Blincow, Joan Crandell, Carol Halverson, Elva Becnian Back row: Barbara DeFeytcr, Helen Reser, Bob Steffer, Bert Byrne, Don Dolan. Tamarack lirst tasks ol? the spring sLalfl'. They also assembled the secLions and planned Lhe dislribulion ol the book. Joanne Cogley has been editor-in-ehiel' ol' the 1952 Tainaraek. The staff is divided into four groups-publicalions, phologra- phy, art, and priming. Miss Mary Me- Kenna, publieaiions adviser and general adviser ol' the laniaraek, eo-ordinates the work among the editorial deparL1nenL, pho- Lographers, engravers, and print shop. IL is the job ol' George Slllllll, phoumgraphy ad- viser to see Lhat all scheduled pieuircs are Laken, developed, and prinLed. All arL work is done under the direction of Kennelh Mhyre. Don 'llownsend supervises the printing ol Lhe book at the Trade sehool. ADVISERS-Kenneth Mhyre, Mary McKenna, Don Townsend, George Smith. -' gh ,Q ,V .w-www . . oi.::'i'az-c"7" EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAFF-Front row: Myrtle Me- Knight, Sharon Russell, Peggy Kooken. Back row: Lowell Yeager, Don Bauingart, Ross Goetz. eighty-five HONORS BOARD-Front row: Jay Jarpe, Willa Asker, Lois Oxrieder, Anna Mae Rosholt, Carol Haas. Second row: Bill Langdon, Mr. Stannard, Diana Pomeroy, Mrs. McLaughlin, Dave Sanders. Honors Board , , , "Oh, boy, look at the big letter that boy is wearingf' It is the honors board appointed each semester by the A. S. C. who decides who is to wear these letters and who are to receive the various athletic awards. Student Court f , f Any unfortunate student who has received a conduct slip during the pre- vious Week is brought before the student court on Wecliiesclay. Patterned after the real thing, this court often requires that offenders make up nights after school. STUDENT COURT-Front row: Bill Van Ry, Jack Fisher, Duane Erickson. Back row: Mr. Jones, Bill Hoagland, Helen Tollefsen. eighty-six F I E 'xxx ' t-. CON DEPUTIES-Front row: Marjorie Anderson, Karen Elder, Marilyn Zuber. Phvllis Pilgrim, Joyce Stempel. Joan Stexnpel, Peggy Newby, Mary Moe, Sally Sawyer, Nancy Springer, Lois Oxrieder, Beverly Fritseh. Second row: Judy Cooper, Nada Arnold. Janine Woodbury, Elizabeth Johnson, Lorraine McAlpin, Gay Stephenson, Carol Mather, Sherry Larkin, Kay Andre, Mary Lee McLachlan. Shirley Monteith. Back row: Valdene Hancock, Mabelle Mead, Grace Bostrom, Carolyn Wilson, Myrlene Collins, Joyce Kolb, Janetta Gardner, Barbara Wright, Marilyn Ziglar, Dolly Miles, Barbara Countryman, Jim Mead. Con Deputies , , , Adding to the effectiveness ol' any convocation is the silence maintained by the con deputies. They are stationed in all parts ol' the auditorium and may give conduct slips to all who cause disturbance or save seats. Hall Guards , , , i'Hey, do you have a pass?" Every student has been asked this question at sometime by an alert hall guard. These guards are stationed at strategic spots in the building between classes to see that every student in the halls has a pass. HALL GUARDS-Front rfw: Bill Blackwood, Eileen Johnson, Joyce Stemoel, Dawn Robertson, Betty Jean Rohrer, Joan Crandell. Barbara Sperling, Betty Buckley, Don Butte. Second row: Patsy Kain, Sally McDermott. Beverly Blincow, Laura Pixley, Barbara Holman, Carolyn Hansen. Marylin Burlock, Marjorie Anderson, Betty Wiggins. Third row: Mr. Roclkey, Darlene Sheehan, Wilma Wood, Janetta Gardner, Roger Harmon, Sam Wetterhus, Jack Hill, Janice Frounfelter, Pat Heinekin. Fourth row: Ole Watt, Oroville Moe, Jim Phillips, Bob Burkhart, Bill Van Camp, Don Noren, David Carroll, Jim Materne, Back row: Jim Peters, Austin Moede, Jim Ehrgott, Wilber Paul, Al Showalter, Peter Berquist, Jack Ehrgott, Jim Norby. eighty-seven GROUNDS SQUAD-Front row: Darwin Lane. James Lyon, Ed Vacura, Ed Edgerton, Steve Youst, Richard Fields. Back row: Mr. Malterner, James Mead, Bob Starry, Jim Walkup, Bob Helms, Frank Cole, Darrell Tesdahl. Grounds Squad , , , "Dick Tracy" has nothing on the grounds squad officers as they fearlessly patrol the building, always Watching for an unsuspecting "criminal," For any serious offense, these officers may send a student to court by giving him a conduct slip. Traffic Squad f , , 'Tm sorry, you'll have to use the other slairsf' This is the pet saying that the members of the traffic squad use as they direct students through the halls be- tween classes. In a friendly but firm way, they help preserve law and order. 4 .- wa- ! TRAFFIC SQUAD-Front row: Ed Unicume, Duane Traaen, Jack Geraghty, Larry Simpson, Floyd Harris, Mr. Malterner. Back row: Bob Grossman, Ed Dostert, Joe Murphy, Willie Benson, David Nelson, Leon Williams. eighty-eight I LIBRARY WORKERS-Front row: Roberta Smith, Joan Crandell, Louise James, Reba Walser, Margaret Watson, Joyce Sarver, Kay Helpingstine, Lucille Griffith, Diane Corbin, Phyllis Luschei, Jean Clark, Larry Sleizer, Jackie Miller. Second row: Sue Ncaly, Char- lotte Lansing, Jeanine Woodbury, Cleo Johnson, Beverly Blincow, Marjorie Anderson, Barbara Paro, Lucille Bray, Myrlcnc Collins, Betty Graham, Jeanette Hainblin, Elizabeth Johnson. Third row: Marilyn Jenkins, Nadine Creek, Roma Bowles, Valdene Hancock, Georgia Alberts, Bonnie Van Doren, Janice Walden, Beverly Zimmerman, Joan Lamping, Belle Forrester, Cena Look, Nancy Meck, Cleda Keys. Back row: Pat Thomas, Grace Bostrom, Elva Beeman, Phyllis Glenn, Evah Marie Wash, Marlene McDonald, Richard Minkler, Miles Dresser, Claudia Sorenson, Lois Glenn, Bob Stefier. Library Workers , , ., 'Vfill I be able to find any book the fiction section, serving as monitors, and in the library easily?" You bet you will! clerical workers, and helping at the charg- The library workers keep every book in its ing desk. These Workers also do a great correct place and give invaluable help to service to their fellow students and save the librarians. They contribute greatly to thein money by warning them when they the efficiency of the library by working in have overdue books. SP R X if' ly LIBRARY WORKERS-Front row: Carol Hendrickson, Sandra Selivanoff, Donna Rumlner, Opal Burley, Phyllis Pilgrim, Marilyn Zuber, Carol Schrock, Delnora Erickson, Kathleen Darling, Shirley Sayler. Second row: Patsy Koski, Arlys Schaeffer, Rose Fisher, Donna Hinkle, Beverly Foster, Marilyn Davis, Agnes Larson, Lois Kooistra, Carolyn Carosella. Third row: Rosalie Lee, Sharon ' ' t M 'lv Sander Norma Hahn, Margaret Peterson Sally Ellis Bev Goodwin, Joyce Enlow Natalie John- Rogers, Minnie Fox res er, ari , n , , , , , son. Back row: Gail Hayden, Beverly Lyons, Janice Frounfelter, Merna Tobin, Elise Scott, Doris Merrick, Karen Yancey, Rosa Lee Cockrell, Donna Billberg, Carol Johnson, Lynda Peterson. eighty-nine t 'BP GYM OFFICE WORKERS-Front row: Juanita Draper, Betty Rae Bump, Carol Moss, Margie VVerhan, Marlene Gower, Donna Reed. Second row: Elnora Stoller, Elaine Sullivan, Donna Barney, Virginia Penna, Jean Charbulak, Mary Ellen DeGroat. Third row: Joan Rice, Peggy Kooken, Elva Beeman, Edna Worthington, Patty Breeden, Carol Russell, Back Row: Margene Lang, Suzie Walters, Mapel Speller, Donna Bigham, Janet Halin, Helen Reser, Stella Hamilton. Gym Office Workers f f , mfhe helping handu in the girls' gym department, gym office workers assist in co-ordinating duties Within the depart- ment. They not only cheek the attendance daily, but also keep individual l'CZTOl'tlS on every girl taking gym. ' Roll Checkers , , , It is the duty of the roll check- ers to survey the study halls each period and mark attendance. They also check the study hall slips sent in from the library. In performing their tasks, the roll checkers learn to keep neat, efficient records. ROLL CH ECKERS-Front row: Claudia Bratton, Shirley Bass, Pat Gage. Darolyn Wiley, Kathy O'Sullivan, Bonnie Patrick, Louise Vedder. Second row: JoAnn Grable, Rosalind Lindsley. Carol Ny berg, Florence Marisch, Jeanette White, Quetta Springer, Marlene Patjens, Shirley Montieth. Back row: Carol Halverson, Janetta Gardner, Joan Fenton, Dorene Koenig, Judy Bnschee, Pat Koenig, Patty Alberts, Vivian Mullinix. ninety Hx i L 3 , 2 e 5 LOCKER MONITORS-Front row: Mary Ann Santorsola, Doreen Gran, JoAnn Caputo, Carol Maas, Barbara Brennan, Carolyn Wiley, d N da Arnold Carol Jean Forbes Phyllis Lusehei Patricia Alberts Marlene Patsy Larson, Carol Zorn, Jean Reese. Secon row: a , , , . , , , Gower, Elaine Fothergill, Gae Hall, Karen Abener. Back row: Lois Kooistra, Barbara Dowler, Karen Sudhoff, Beverly McLaurin, Kay Ewy, Marlys McGeorge, Pat Schweitzer, Jean Wolff, Locker Monitors Nurse's Workers , , , Locker monitors six periods a day in the girls' They are the guardians and property. It is the job of the tors to make certain of the ticles in the locker rooin. are on duty locker room. protectors of locker moni- safety of ar- , , , Since the nurse is at North Cen- tral only part ol' the week, it is necessary to have someone else operate her office in her absence. This newly organized group pro- vides an opportunity lor girls to develop responsibility and ellieieiitiy. NURSE'S WORKERS-Front: Carol Russell. Back row: Betty Jess, Pattie Tucker, Barbara Lambert, Sue Coomes. ninety-one f .ir. 1 - . .,:, L,,m ,LW, gv, ., . L-A ..2,V:, . Z . l , ..t. .... . . t X :L 'ff 9' ' X am ,six 5 333 af. WW, ff-f ,.,- ,M -f f5,:g25a2?ff1ff2f1ef.-, . ny., Q Sf' fw'gK9?zw:fa'fff,frfffiff K 41'-ui: ,,.. rf. . . . -- - K ' A . . ,VA, ,. L,,, .a. ..,,...m,.,t....W.. W,h, ,., - t i .iff W-3' 1? w is' i M' I CAFETERIA STAFF-Mrs. Doris A. Crow, Mrs. Sybil Pick, Mrs. Alice Gillespie, Mrs. Viola Santora, Mrs. Agnes Foskin, Cafeteria Staff , ,1 , The way to a students heart is through his stomach. This fact makes the Cafeteria staff perhaps the most popular of all. Flhey serve healthy, well-balanced meals at a low cost, as well as ice cream and other extras. Custodians , 1 , Some people have to do the dirty Work and at North Central it is the custodians. Besides their daily chore of sweeping floors, they clean woodwork, care for the lawn. and do everything to make the school look spiek-and-span. CUSTODIANS-Lucia Pontieri, Wesley Harvey, Fred Ullrich, Ed Trapp, R. E. Gooler, Arthur Baker, William Rummer, George Treudson. ninety-two F. H. A.--Front row: Nina Masters, Mary Jean Ricketts, Joan Shepherd, Dorothy Jones, Arlys Schaffer, Betty Graham, Miss Neuman Sandra Selivanoff. Back row: Joanne Ring, Dawn Springer, Carolyn Greening. F. H. A. Commercial Club , , , The purpose of the club is to , , , To become a member ol' Com- further better home and community life. mereial club one must have a commercial This year the members are helping a needy major and must pass a commercial Lest. family. A girl with a C average and a home The club, organized to further interest in economics major or minor, is eligible to commercial subjects, sponsors typing tests become a member. each week open to all students. COMMERCIAL CLUB-Front row: Mr. Glover, Second row: Carol Nutting, Jeanette White, Gay Stephenson, Helen Reser, Ginger Caomes, Carol Jean Smith, Barbara Wright, June Elston. Back row: Joann Grable, Helen Notis, Kay Nelson, Jean Charbulak, Nada Arnold, Lorene Mossuto, Sue Lehfeldt. ninety-three SPANISH CLUB-Front row: Gary Bowker, Richard Green, Letty Boutwell, Pat Morton, Elva Beeman, Carol Nutting, Reba Walser, Joan Hickey, Bob Steffer. Second row: Miss Boehme, Judy Acree, Sonja Bowker, Jane Anderson, Carolyn Young, Agnes Tollefsen, David Nash, Randy Aamot, Third row: Bob Leuthy, Margene Lang, Marie Glen, Eileen Smith, Kathryn Stevenson, Charlotte Lan- sing. BHCK row: Gerald Flath, Bill Wolfe, Bill Freeman, Dave Womack, Roy Throndson, Dale Newland, Allan Robinson, Don Edlund, Bill Nickell. Spanish Club , , , To join Spanish Club a student must be enrolled in Spanish and must have a C average. For social gatherings, nieni- bers prepare the exotic foods ol Mexico and Spain lor relfreshments. Two business meetings and one social are on the agenda each month. Quill and Scroll , , , This chapter, named for Edward R. Murrow, a graduate of Washington State College, who is now one of the vice- presidents of C. B. is one of thirty-five hundred chapters in several countries. Miss McKenna, adviser, was international presi- dent ol' Quill and Scroll in 1945-l94li. 1--1 1.-M. ,st S, QUILL AND SCROLL--Front row: Bert Byrne, Joanne Cogley, Helen Tollefsen, Pat Morton, Bev Blackwell, Jack Geraghty, Jay Jarpe, Rena Toll. Back row: Don Dolan, Carol Thompson, Carol Griggs, Carol Schrock, Mabelle Mead, Mary Coykendall, Joan Fenton, Betty Denny, Bob Steffer. ninety-four i-- 3. THREE C'S-Front row: Gilbert Wayland, Sharon Sleeth, Shirley Rozelle, Janice Walden, Charlotte Gardner, Gwen Green, Kathleen Walter, Helen Jerild, JoAnn Laface, Janet Nixon, Patricia Beck. Second row: Carol Henricksen, Norma Hahn, Louise James, Roberta Smith, Joan Crandell, Lucille Bray, David Womack, Barbara Holman, Opal Burley, Shirley Sayler. Third row: Mr. Rodkey. Sarah Harper, Bonnie Van Doren, Elva Beeman, Jeanie Wayland, Marjorie Hitchcock, Margaret Herschelroth, Margaret Karn, lvlabellc Mead, Minnie Forester, Mary Coykendall, Beverly Zimmerman, Bob Steffer. Back row: Miles Dresser, Kaye Straight, Gary Harder, Dan McKinnon, John Philip, Howard Kipp, William Phipps, Richard Minklcr, Dewayne Howell, Robert Starry, Leslie Nygren, Wesley Hood, Richard Douglas. 3 Cs Cleaner s eeeh, cleaner charac- 1 f f ter, and cleaner conduct is the motto of the 3C's Club which was organized in the spring ol' 1950. Meetings are held each Friday morning. 'l'he group combines with similar clubs lrom the other eity high schools lor fellowship. Radio Club , , , Radio Club was founded in 1918 by "Radio" Smith, a science teacher at North Central, who also founded the radio station now known as KSPO. 'l'he purpose of Radio Club is to further interest in amateur radio and to promote e1'l'ieiem'y among its members. RADIO CLUB-Front row: Jim Mead, James Neighbor, David Henry, James Applonie, Floyd Harris. Back row: Roger Johnson, Paul Audel, Roger Daisley, Tom Luce, Joan Roach, Sharon Huston, Bill Burgess, Mr. Rowand. ninety-five MATH CLUB-Front row: Diane Hansen, Jane LaBarge, Helen Tollefsen, Gwen Upp, Mary Lunneborg, Margene Lang, Second row: Lowell Yeager, David Henry Dawn Springer, Joan Roach, Sharon Huston, Pat Morton. Back row: Richard Taylor, Miles Dresser, Bert Byrne, Peter Berquist, Paul Audel, Don Kachinsky, Lctty Boutwell. Math Club , f , One of the older clubs in the school, Math Club requires three semesters of mathematics with final B's and no other grade below C for membership. Each year the Math Club sponsors and conducts a math contest which is open to all. Amores Librorum , , , To promote interest in books is the purpose for which Amores Librorum was organized fifteen years ago by Miss Mary Bacon, present adviser. The club is made up of fifteen boys and fifteen girls, all of Whom are honor roll students. AMORES LIBRORUM-Front row: Lowell Yeager, Stan Easton,Mark Kabush, Ronnie Mattson, Carol Schrock, Don Kachinsky. David Carroll, Dick Minkler. Second row: Karen Carstens, Carol McCoy, Carol Jean Forbes, Marlene Goodfellow, Gordon Farley, Lois Oxrieder, Pat Morton, Kay Worthington, Sharon Huston. Back row: Joan Fenton, Roger Morris, Kaye Straight, Jack Gambill, Karen Anderson, Barbara Caudill, Ludie Duthweiler, Pat Thomas, Beverly Zimmerman, Mary Coykendall, Minnie Forester. 'ninety-six LATIN CLUB--Front row: Bobby Biggs, Ronald Mattson, Ross Goetz, Lynn Fackenthall, Maribeth Purdue, Charlotte Wilson, Delmert Erickson, Lee Charest, Walter Green, Francella Blade, Second row: Bill Guske, David Mayers, Jack Jarpe, Bob Burson, Margaret SY1 C lS1 C l' VV'1 Sh'l E PtH' k' D'tl M'1 K Wth' t J R h.Backrw:R nan, aro osser, aro sn 1 son, ir ey Wy, a eine m, oio 'ty 1 es, ay or ing on, oan oac o oger Morse, Ted Halloway, Edna Worthington, Dawn Springer, Bert Byrne, Peter Berquist, Jay Jarpe, Gwen Upp, Gail Watson, Janet Linden, Elizabeth Johnson. Latin Club , f , When the club meets, the 1l1Clll- bers are those who have an interest, in Latin and a11cie11t lore of Route. Initiation finds each prospective nieniber, a Latin student, interpreting a famous Ronian character. Rifle Club 1 , , The activities ol' Rille Club are directed toward developing safe, skilled niarksnien. The group competes in regional matches and receives training and practice ill the use of rifles. Each 111e111be1' owns his own gun and must pass a training course. is RIFLE CLUB-Front row: Gary Glenn, Ward Eason, Dennis Walker, Dave Quiring. Jim Walker. Back Row: David Carroll, Tom Hansen, Duane Hickey, William Haynes, Harold Craig, Mr. Christenson. ninety-seven if ART CLUB-Front row: Barbara White, Bernice Gutenberg, Sally Sawyer, Francella Blade, Alice Maddux, Donna Barney, Mr. Biner. Second row: Donna Walden, Patty Breeden, Nyla Brockway, Inga Pederson, Dan McKenna, Bob Moylan, Gerald Flath, Larry Nelson, Gary Cooprider, Mabelle Mead, Rosalie Lee. Back row: Carolyn Carosella, Betty Wiggins, A1 Fitch, Kay Kronenburg, Joyce Tye, Darlene Leahy, Jack Allen, Bonnie Byrne, Kay Mead, Toddy Burtness. Art Club 1 , , Artclubal'l'o1'tlsz111opporttniity for those interested i11 art to 111eet other people with the same lllLClCSlS. This year tl1e club sponsored the " E y e O p e ll e r Dance" to provicle litncls lor the annual "Painting ol' the Year' contest. Thespians , , , 'AAct well your part, for there all llOIlOl' liesy' is the motto of North Ce11t1'al's chapter ol' the National Thespian society. The cilub's purpose is to Create active and intelligent interest in Cll'2llll?lllC arts among boys ancl girls i11 high school. TH ESPIANS-Front row: Bob Moylan, Joyce Stempel, Mabelle Mead, Ron Scalera. Back row: Goldie Long, Bernice Gutenberg, Bill Guske, Vanna Flynn, Don Baumgart, Joann Stickel, Natalie Johnson, Miss Chitty. ninety-eight VOX PUELLARUM-Front row: Lois Oxrieder, Bev Blackwell, Pat Breeden, Carol Jean Smith, Lynn Fackenthall, Joyce Tye. Second row: Barbara Brennan, Coralyn Wilson, Carol Russell, Kay Andre, Betty Noel, Helen Reser, Leah Widman, Sally Sawyer, Jane Ander- ion, Carolyn Carosella. Back row: Juanita Draper, Dorothy Miles, Anna Mae Rosholt, Edna Worthington Barbara Smith, Miss Cleve- land, Carol Halverson, Pat Heinikin, Donna Moore, Jeanette White, Jackie Hurd, Joyce Kippen. Vox Puellarum , , , Vox Puellarum, K'Voice ol' the Girls," is a social and philanthropic organi- zation. Each year Vox awards the graduat- ing girl who has accomplished the most in high school under the greatest handicap. Vox sponsors the convocation introducing spring sports princess candidates. Warriors , , , To encourage attendance of games is one oi' the many activities of North Central's lettermen. The Warriors sponsor and put on an annual pay convo- cation to raise funds for their football han- quet and provide for captain trophies for each major sport. WARRIORS-Front row: Jerry Mason, Phil Lefler, Eldon Mills, Bill Kiper, Larry Widmer, Roy Hardin, Skip Pixley, Bill Hoagland, Neil MCKeeVEl', George Hieber, Jim Webbert, Maurice Miles, Mr. Diedrick. Second row: Al Jones, Don Dolan, Glen Knight, Ike Henthorn, Hugh Shawgo, Don Faraca, Alan Torgerson, Bob LaLonde, Coewell Gaines, Glen Mienke, Dick Bostrom, Bill Langdon. Back row: Jim Summerlin, Rex Hoseley, John Tuft, Gary Hetherington, Willie Benson, Carl Meister, Lottie Turner, Bob Lininger, Bob Pelleberg, Jim Webb, Bruce Robertson, Ron Sanders. 'ninety-nine Fold fret? Apparently to the delight of Gary Ebel and boredom of Hob llloylan, tl10llg'lltfl1l Bill Guske and Claudia Bratton revive Joyce Tye's feet at Z1 football game. Locker room lII1lF.9+N.C. gridslzers get lialf-time pep talk from Couch Stzmnard. one hundred s ,....,,. -dl Flick! f'1ick.' Candid l'1llllCI'1llll2ll'l czztc-llcs lunch gossipcrs tllfllllgll ax c'1:1ssr0om window. "Elf gf'ffIlNl Jingle!" shouts "Sitting Bully' Stannurd as he ove1't:1kcs"E:1glc,'Dicdrick ut an f:u-ulty-sponsored pep um. one hundred one .1lII7IIIIlIifi0ll 11011014-4 Hookroom workers, Dorothy Mull, Mrs. Bailey, Betty l'lZlll'fZlX, Evelyn Mull, lluvc lmccn on the job :ill your to dole out school supplies. is Q one hundred two "By germ' By gum f Hy j'i11g0.',' sing Musical Demons, Judy and Hon Sculcra and Goldie Long, in one of their top-notch acts presented in cons. "King for a N'igl1f"fA typical scene :it the I.t'2lgllC5,S lyild-ljilllglltlfl' banquet. i 'ff E , 1 'i fl Xi' Page makr'-up presents :1 weekly prohlc-in to news staff mcmhcrs- Hero .Im-k Gcruglity and Carol Schrovk with Curl Bridge, printvr :it thc 'l'r:1clc School shop, :md Marion Inmzm. printing stud:-nt, sct up thc pages. one lumdrecl three one hundred four Football I,7'i71L'f'S.S'-lxlf. Tewinkel, principal, and Alan Torgerson, A. S. B. president, rehearse the bracelet presentation with Carol Haas, princess, and Bev lfritsell and Joanne Cogley, attendants. Something 7IP7C'.I Two interested students, Neysa Johnson and Bill Mic-kus, watch as the new auto mechanic shop goes up. H1'II?'17lfI'bl11l7II, U11 7,1111I1PIIl1Il7IIDfI.C21gllC and Federation committee trims annual tree under the direction of Mr. Bincr. Rem P711 Imring th rf 1191111.11- Dolores Britton, Darlene Young, and Becky Hill puck League Christmas boxes. one hundred five Gab Sass-ion+Students in the lower hall after lunch to talk over the problems of the day. "Nuts," say Lenoru Jackson, l,enor Sontag, and Mary Lunnehorg as they patronize the A. B sponsored counter. Carol Oslund and Letty Boutwell wait on them. one hundred six .Vnggin 'warrf in the form of rootcr caps is here being pllI'CllIlSCd from thc A. S. C. committee in preparation for Rally Vlluck. Xvtilkbgwwsrv NSRTBYB! GNL? 53 5-'SQ we ess? CAHPNQ-4 C 05' N 1,400 or I3IlSll.l say thc clctcrlnincd lncnllmcrs of the '.llilllllll'!lCk stuff as they calnpzzigrl to make the publication of this hook possible. one hundred seven 5, - NF' sw X 1 f S Qi if 5 , ' U 'W J 1 W was 5, K My M -S ???5i55l':iQ2Qfiin , Z.,3,H: 3.5 ff 7 JJ Oh, Ilolly Night one hundred eight Spring f'lc'a1zingf'I'l1e C21I11C1'21 catches :1 triof Karen Elder, Joanne Ring, Bob Lz1Londe-cleaning up thc grounds on clean-up day. .nu Members of the choir singing the season,s hymns in Christmas convocation I--.-.-1 ,M Barking the Baby-Seven members of the home nursing class get practical experience undvr the supervision of nurse, Mrs. Moline. "Oh, you beautiful dollv- Pat Hirtll strikes fl profefzssionul pose in the League style show- one hundred nine si. vnnnumlnns GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-Front row: Becky De Loreto, Jeanette Schaeffer, Kathleen Darling, Dolores Pierce. Second row: Betty Britt, Esther Sayler, Darla Lee, Dorothy Clayton, Charlotte Douglas, Shirley Armfield, Carol Fairfax, Connie Solseng, Betty Warrington, Lorna Innes, Mary Glass, Lorraine Sims, Shirley Blandy, Ann Templeton, Jerine Larson.Third row: Diane Knight, Barbara Mosier, Becky Nelson, Darlene Ross, Helen Jersild, Nancy Glass, Mary Kay Maas, Kathy Walter, Louise James, Delores Cook, Frances Day- ton. Back row: Shirley Rozelle, Dorothy Abel, Bonnie Williams, Jolene Pierceson, Rosetta Barcklay, Joan Hetherton, Pat Burns, Gay Krebs, Nancy Holloway, Barbara Blakely, Beverly Blakely, Pat Hanson, Barbara Kennedy. CHOIR-Front row: Nancy Springer, Faye Ford, Beverly Bredesen, Amy Savage, Marilyn Hammer, Margie Werhan, Arlene Thom- as, Linda Keeling, Bonnie Van Dozen, Beverly Thompson, Louella Cummings, Shirley Geisler, Barbara White, Betty Wiggins, Jo- anne Bruck, Mary Lee McLachlan, Dixie Lee Miles, Juanita Draper. Second row: Greta Johnson, Jane Anderson, Darlene Sheehan, Anna Mae Rosholt, Donna Moore, Coralyn Wilson, Jerri Raymas, Letty Boutwell, Lorraine O'Brien, Adele Humphrey, Joanne Patterson, Marian Hetherton, Robin Johnson, Marjorie Hamilton, Carol Romig, Christy Bosten, Carolyn Young, Jeanne King, Beverly Beidleman, Yvonne Blackstone. Back row: George Casselman, Don Powelson, Howard Kipp, Bob Moylan, Joe Wallace, Ron Keen, Tom Jacobsen, Jerry Connelly, Miles Dresser, Joe Jantsch, Rex Hoesly, David Eliason, George Hieber, Don Circle, Lewis Spitzer, Ike Henthorn, Larry Dosser, Don Kachinsky, Tom Ledbetter, George Hagen, Ray Garcea. one hundred twelve ORCHESTRA-Front row: Carolyn Carosella, Noreen Hoffer, Haz 11 Crowder, Barbara Caudill, Ardith Swanson, Darlene Lowery. Richard Minkler, Annabelle Dizmang, Dawn Dupre, Kenny Rozelle, Back row: Jack McKinley, Don Nyberg, Bob Raekett, Dennis Wilkerson, Bob Steffer, John Denbeigh, Doug Neil, Sid Wheeler, Charlotte Bennett, Kaye Straight, Bob Starry, Janice Walden. Sally George. Bob LaLonde. Girls' Glee Club, Choir Crchestra lllusic is a voice, .11 lore zfoicr calling as I1 friend, Slu' fills all 'ways will! flancing slmpns . . . flirowning , , , The music groups-the Choir, the Orchestra, and the Girls' Glee Club- have providecl another year ol line music, uncler the clireetion of NV. Stanley Taft, and stuclent directors Bob Steller, George Hieber, anal Pat Hansen. The 64 members ol' the choir ciompletecl a crowclecl fall schedule, appearing at Bact- ealaureate, the operetta, and the student ancl PTA Christmas programs in which they wore the new robes lor the lirst time. This spring, the choir has presentetl programs lor the Federation ol' YVomen's Clubs ancl the Greater Spokane Music Festival. ln the spring concert. they sang Faure's "Requiem," a memorial service honoring alumni who clietl in the service of their country. The 35-member orchestra has provitletl music lor operetta. Baccalatueate, Com- mencement, ancl the Spring Concert. Girls' Glee Club appeared in the Christ- mas program ancl the Spring Concert. one hundred thirteen 4 Z CONCERT BAND-Front row: Pat Sullivan, Alan Torgerson, Kenneth Rozelle. Don Ekman, Lowell Yeager, Allen McKennett, Austin Moede, Bob Vogelman, Richard Minkler, Jim Watson, Arlen Weberling, Donald Stoebner, Del Chappell, Leslie Nygren, John Denbeigh, Ron Scalera. Second row: George Pederson, Pat Kine, David Womack, David Henry, Charles Henthorn, Dick Soss, David Ashton, Ken Dunn, Don Lang, Melvin Oien, Mike Halliday, Larry Sleizer, Dean Edwards, Glen Hamilton, John Mellcgron, Ronnie Ballo, Jack Nevins, Marvin Thomas, Jack Boskill. Third row: Jack Geraghty, Gary Lomax, Bill Donaldson, George Brown, George Thrush, Bruce Baker, Michael Clark, Don Wimberly, Donovan Reed, John Worley, Tom Chadwick, Michael Moore, Les Samels, Neil Herbison, Bob Grossman, Ron Thue, Paul Greco, Bob Lalonde. Back row: Charles Gilstrap, Ed Quist, Walter Jones, Ed Unicume, Wesley Hood, Wayne Schwoob, Allen Showalter, John Philip, Dave Ensberg, Bob Steffer. PEP BAND-Front row: Bob Vogelman, Pat Kine, Pat Sullivan, Alan Torgerson, Jim Watson, Don Ekman, Don Stoebner, John Worley, Lowell Yeager. Second row: David Keene, Dick McCoy, Gary Ludke, Rodney Leaf, Karl Meister, Dick Schmidt, Dwight Palmer, Fred Wanless. Back row: Les Samels, Bob Steffer, Paul Greco, Ed Quist, Gary Lomax. one hundred fourteen CONCERT BAND-Front row: Dick McCoy, Rodney Leaf, Gary Ludke, David Keene, Sid Wheeler, Richard Taylor, Ron Deatherage, Bruce Grandstaff, Bob Master, Bill Noel, Richard Sutherland, Coewell Gaines, Doug Neil, Tommy St. John, Merwin Griffith. Sec- ond row: Dennis Pederson, Ron Hager, Ray Emerson, Dwayne Upp, Larry Simpson, Richard Hoffman, Bert Mills, David Hundeby, Don Reichert, Dave Quiring, Jerry Urbach, Doug Halin, Lee Walker, Phil Walker, Richard Matthews, John Foss, John Fuller, Ralph Langsett. Third row: Lee Charest, Arvin Kiehn, Jack Sampson, Don Ellis, Gene Bigger, Bob Crabb, Tom Hansen, Gary Hundeby, Tommy Luce, Richard Mclnelly, Grant Deeble, Ron Biggerstaff, Dwight Palmer, Karl Meister, Dick Schmidt, Fred Wanless, Norman Berry. Back row: Gary Mc-Kennett, Robert Baron, David Nordby, Bill Stewart, Gene Alberts, Kaye Straight, David Simonson, Leon Williams, Richard Douglas, Walter Green, Harry Perry, Derald Hampton, Bob Starry, Bill Hoehne. The North Central Band , , , For 29 years, the band and their director, Lowell C. Bradford, have con- tinued to build a school tradition. One ol the largest bands ol the Northwest, the lall enrollment reached 150, and the spring, l40. 'llhe marching season began with the Merry-Go-Round game, with the band and Red Feathers presenting, HA Bit of Old Hawaii," at hall time. Other football game pageants were the crowning of the foot- ball princess, "At the End of the Dayf' and A Salute to the U. N." A first-semester program was presented at a convocation early in January and the lifty-second lormal concert was in March. Other spring appearances included the lfVenatchee Apple Blossom Festival, the Lilac Festival, the Memorial Day parade, and a concert at I-lavermale. The pep band swung its way through another busy season playing lor numerous dances before school, under the student di- rection oli Alan Torgerson and Pat Sulli- van. The special band, composed ol' the pep band with specialty instrumentalists played for the sports convocations, the con- cert at Havermale, and accompanied the soloists at the concert. one hundred fifteen one hundred sixteen "The Marriage , , , "The Marriage of Nannettef' a three-act operetta written by Peterson- Curtis, was presented by the choir, orches- tra, and l50 dancers, on Dec. I3 and 14, under the direction of W. Stanley Taft, music department head, Miss Elsa Pink- ham, choruses and dancers, and Miss Bar- bara Brown. Student director was Bob Steffer. It was North Central's lortieth operetta. The story centers around the village ol' Champs des Fleurs, in northern France. Nannette QMarian Hethertonj, a village maid, is i11 love with Rene fDavid Eliasonj, a village youth. As the plot thickens the Duc d'Antin QRay Garceaj, who lives near TOP--"Oh, Rene, I love thee only, but my mother declares I must wed the duke!" explains Nannette. CENTER-Hilaire tTom Ledbetterh proposes to Madelon tMary Ellen DeGroatr. LOWER LEFT-"Comrades! The dance!" Joanne Cogley and Bill Guske were gypsy dance leads. LOWER RIGHT-"I still love you as Yvonne, a court lady," Says Henri tBill Langdonl. of annettev the city, linds his bride kidnaped. This clears the way for Nannette to nlarry him. Nannette has no such desire, but is pushed by her orer-doinineering mother, Madame Zenobie QDarlene Sheehanj, keeper ol' the village tavern. The bride returns and the Duc niarries her instead. Other leads were Yvonne Blackstone as Gitana and Don Gircle as Pierre. Taking other speaking parts were: Mary Ellen De- Groat, Toni Ledbetter. Bill Langdon. Dixie Lee Miles, Charles Henthorn, Caro- lyn Young, George Hagen, George Hieber. Margie Wferhan, George Casselinan, Jerry Turcott, Al Jones, Rex Hoseley, Nancy Springer, and Donna Reed. TOP-The Duc d'Antin poses with his ugly bride, the Corntcsse Heloisc dc Martigny lCarolyn Youngl, the winning of his last card game. CENTER-Patty Breeden, Dawn Ballet dance lead, is pictured in hex' final pose. LOWER-Nannctte and Edmond 4George Hieberr, her brother, sadly await her wedding day. ...- l gin ix? ix one hundred sev entcen "Our Miss Brooks" , , , Depicting the trials and tribu- lations of an English teacher, the all-school play "Our Miss Brooks" was the first pro- duction directed by Miss Myrtle Chitty, North Central's new dramatics coach. YVhile attempting to supervise a stu- dent play, Miss Brooks encounters such obstacles as broken love affairs fmostly her ownj, irate school board 1ne111bers, spoiled children, and broken vases. Before the final curtain she manages to successfully present the play and also snag her man. Students showed special interest in this three-act comedy since the story is such 21 familiar one. Topfllliss Brooks QJoann Stiekell watches eagerly as the eoaeh Qllob Moylanj explains all about his hobby, sailing. l'l'II'fl'7'+-IRIIIC Qxatalie Johnsonj looks on in envy as Rhonda QVanna Flynnj applies the "clinging vine" technique to Ted QBill Guskej. Bottom-As Miss Brooks and the other students listen patiently, Rhonda reads at the play tryouts. "Students" are: Kay Campbell, Joyce Stempel, one hundred eighteen Judy Sealera, Diane Seniw, Joanne Ring, Natalie Johnson, Donna Gardner. Nine girls-Joyce Stempel, Carolyn Lamb, .lo Ann Caputo, Lynne Hugo, Aleta Melf, Carole Vohs, Vanna Flynn, Joyce Peneosky, Dolores Hughes-try out for "Nine Girls." Grease paint plays a major part in all plays. Bernice Gutenburg seems to enjoy being made-up by Joann Stir-kel. "Nine Girls" , f y "Nine Girls," a Broadway stage hit, was the 1952 Senior Class Play, pred sented May 22 in a student convocation, and May 23 in an evening performance. Directing this year's play was Miss Myrtle Chitty, assisted by Patty Schrader. An unusual play which lets the audi- ence know right from the start who the guilty party is, "Nine Girls" is somewhat different from the regular productions pre- sented at North Central. The plot centers around nine girls in a mountain club house. Une by one strange things happen to them until, in the suspense-filled finale, one girl meets the killer with bravery and cunning -which leads to the killer's downfall. one hundred nineteen Doll , , , VVith all the polish of a top Broadway hit, the eleventh bi- ennial Doll Shop, sponsored by the girls' physical education depart- ment, thrilled capacity audiences at three evening performances and one student convocation, March 18, 19, 20, and 2l. General director was Miss Elsa Ron and Judy Scalerrfs original skit, Popo the Puppet, was one of the highlights of the "Shop" Myrtle, Goldif' Long, and Marvin, Hill Guskv, fraternal twins, worked the strings- Czimern vutclles Miss Pinklirtm in one of the rare moments when she took time out from her mvriud of one hundred twenty responsibilities to put the final touches on some costumes. 0111 King f'oIf'-Larry Otto, Don Dolan, Claudia Bratton, Roger Daisley, David Henry, Gary Hzmnemun. Shop Pinkham, the lady with the magic touch. VVith the assistance of L. C. Bradford and his special Doll Shop orchestra, and the costume class under the direction of Miss Helen Beaver, Miss Pinkham assembled the best production yet. Mixing luunor, romance, and excite- ment, the A'Shop" moved along at a very lively pace with its traditional jack-in-the box, its penguins, hop toads, Raggedy Ann and Andy, the three little kittens, and di- versified songs and dances from the cast ol' 300. I?1m'1'r'y+K:1y Andre, Bud lvatson. Barb:lr:1 Countryman. one hundred tw enty-one DOLL SHOP ORCHESTRA-Front row: Carolyn Carosella, Hazel Crowder, Annabelle Dizmang, Barbara Caudill, Jane Anderson. Second row: Lowell Bradford, director: Lowell Yeager, Pat Sullivan, Del Chappell, John Worley, Don Stoebner, Richard Minkler. Back row: Rod Leaf, Gary Ludke, Kaye Straight, Ed Quist, Ed Unicume, Bob Grossman, Bob Steffer, Karl Meister, Fred Wanless. one hundred twenty-two STAGE CREW-Front row: Lee Aspaas, Paul Morigeau, Ed Gilkey, Jim Meyers, George Hagen. Back row: John Atkinson, Ken- neth White, A1 Showalter, Tom Orth, Bill McBride. Stage Crew , , , "Move that spot a little to the right!" Building sets, managing the light- ing, opening and closing the curtains, and PCl'llOl'l1llI1g every backstage task necessary to the success of the show, the stage crew has been a vital part of the year's pro- ductions. Under the direction of Vern R. Broad- well, of the industrial arts departnient, nieinbers of the stage crew, besides han- dling the backstage arrangements for the plays, the operetta. the Doll Shop, and inusic festival, also operate the lighting and loud-speaker systenis for convocations and special programs in the auditorium. a Waqai KM' new-M .Q ,,,,ijim1rr-I.. , new Up goes the curtain! Al Sliowzilter. .liin Meyers, :md Paul Morigeau do ll little beliind-the-scenes work. one hundred twenty-three COACHES-Fronl' row: Don Fluke, Bill Diedriclc, Jerry Sfannard lhead varsify coach Back row: Don Bonamy lheacl frosh coachl, Roberl Bland, Bill Whifaker l head B squad coach l, Burrill Exley one hundred twenty-six Varsity Football N. C. 14 .,,..,. ......., I ,ewiston O N. C. 32 .,,.. ......,...... C lonzaga 7 N. C. 0 ....... ...... N Valla VValla I3 N. C. 19 ....... ........ h lohn Rogers 13 N. C. 14 ....... ....... I ,ewis and Clark O N, C. 58 ....... ............... Y aliinia 0 N. C. 13 ,,,. ...,......... C Ionzaga Z6 N. C, 46 ....... ........ b lohn Rogers I3 N. C. lel.. .......... ......... I ,ewis and Clark 6 irikffrilf 1 1 , "The King is back! Long live the King!" King lootball returned to North Central high school this year alter an ab- sence olf twelve long and lean seasons. Sparked by eleven returning letterinen, the Indians, coached by Jerry Stannard, captured a first-place tie with Gonzaga high in the Spokane City league. Playing in the newly lornied Columbia Basin conference also, the Tribe turned in a 3-2 record good enough lor third place. This new MANAGERS-Jim Kennedy, Doug Halin, Jerry Bauer thcadj. league includes the lour Spokane high schools and Walla IValla and Yakima. 'lihe strong Blue Devils lroni Vlfalla INalla be- came the first champion ol' the conference. Preseason favorites lor the lirst time in niany years, the Illarriors started out like a house-a-fire. Gonzaga was handed its worst deleat ol' the season. 32-7. In their next outing, North Central niet the eventual .Q .. ..1 .. J-'J ff' xxx. 1' I AWARD WINNERS-Kiper, lineman of the year: Mogill, Archie Buckley award: Hardin, co-captain: Diedrick, assistant coach: Stannard, head coach: Bland, assistant coach: Hoagland, co-captain: Widmer, tackling award: Bostrom, blocking award. one hundred twenty-seven 79 Get that Tiger! league champions, YVa1la Walla, and lost a close one, 6-18, to the Blue Devils on their home field. The Braves got back on the winning trail with a close but convincing 19-13 win over the John Rogers Pirates. Archrival Lewis and Clark was next to fall before the Tribe's onslaught, 14-0. A red-hot bunch of Gonzaga Bullpups, plus a heavy fog in the last half of the game, helped to upset the league-leading Indians, 13-26 in Spokane Memorial stadium. North Central went touchdown crazy in the next game swamp- ing hapless Yakima 58-6 to set a new scoring record for the past TOP RIGHT TO BOTTOM RIGHT: Hieber, Roberts, Langdon, Slizer, Hannon, Hoagland, Pixley, Ensberg, Lininger, Meister, Graham, Miles, Turner, Benson, Hardin, Mienke. one hundred twenty eight Hey! Let go of my leg! 24 years. Continuing their scoring parade, the Mfarriors ran rough- shod over the John Rogers Pirates 46-13. In the season's final against an improved Lewis and Clark teani, the hard-fighting In- dians grabbed a share of the city crown with a l4-6 victory. All-City Guard Skip Pixley was voted the U. Ecker lXIC1I101'l2ll award. Guard Rogers Mogill received the Archie Buckley Inspira- tional award. Bill Hoagland and Roy Hardin were voted co- captains for l95l. End Dick Bostroni received the blocking award, and Guard Larry VVidn1er, tackling. Bill Kiper, guard, was hon- ored as "lineman of the yearf' Assisting Stannard in the coaching were Bill Diedrick and Bob Bland. TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM LEFT: Berry. Bostrom, Nyberg, Disney, Faraca, Summerlin, Kreagar, Tuft, Henthorn, Vill, Kiper, Mogill, Widxner, Shawgo, Brown, Green. one hundred twenty-nine Ted Welch, manager , , f Coarihed by ,Bill lVlllt21li6l', the B squad had a successful season, coming in a close second lo the Lewis and Clark eleven. A tie with Gonzaga, 0-0, giving NC one loss and one tie, kept North Central from B Football N. C. O .....,. ..... C onzaga O N. C. 26 ....... ..................., R ogers 6 N. C. 26 ....... ...... L ewis and Clark 6 N. C. 33 ,...... ......... W est Valley 7 N. C. 20 ....... ....... C onzaga 6 N. C. 48 ...,... .................. I logers 25 N.Ci 7 ............. ...,.... L ewis and Clark 26 uk T-lf il' iff Lying with the future Tigers for first. Lewis and Clark had but one loss. A Winning streak, started by last year's undefeated squad, was lengthened to 13 this year, but was ended by a loss to LC, 26-7. l Standouts on the squad this year were ends, Norm Veach and Bob Lobdellg backs, Ray Ericksen, Bob Wilkes, Mike Reopelle, and Burrell Nutt, and Bob W'aite on the line. B FOOTBALL-Front: Denny Monaghan. Second row: Larry Fisher, Harry Quinn, Burrell Nutt, Bob Reichert, Bob Wilkes, Kenny Jordan, Mike Reopelle, Wallace Woodard. Bob Waite, Ray Ericksen, Ron Milligan. Third row: Bob Donaldson, Ted Geiss, Don Nyberg, Edward Collins, Glenn Neher, Eldon Gooch, Gary Brook, Bob Helms. Back row: Norm Veach, Ole Watt, Orville Moe, Le- Roy Melum, Ed Hamblin, Walt Lobdell, Harvey Eilertsen. one hundred-thirty v Frosh Football N. C. 14 ....... ....... L ewis and Clark 21 N. C. 6 ,,....,. ............... C Zonzaga 13 N. C, 20 ,,,.,.,. ......,.... l Qogers 6 N. C. 32 ........ ...... W est Valley 0 fic ii' '12 il' , f , Headed by such players as Roger Babb, Dick Lightfoot, Tom Mc- Laughlin, and Bob Nance in the backlield and Bill Nance and LeRoy Sutherlin in the line, the 1951 lrosh squad finished second in the city league-tied with Rogers and Gonzaga. Lewis and Clark came through unde- feated, but West Valley dropped all four of their city league contests . . . to North Central, 32-0. Coach Don Bonamy mentioned that besides the gaining of experience, members Roy Carrilcer, manager of the little Indian squad learned other lessons that will prove precious to them in later years: Development oli good sports- manship, experiencing the desire to win and to keep going when the going gets rough. FROSH FOOTBALL-Front row: Fred Moran, Tom McLaughlin, Roger Babb, Dick Lightfoot, Bob Nance, Wayne Evenoff, Jerry Johnson, Bill Nance, Bob Buzzell, Bill Stewart, Lee Moran, LeRoy Sutherlin, Bob Vogel. Back row: Roy Carriker, Danny MeDuff, Carl Griffith, Bill Sander, Gene Elberts, David Carosella, Gary Bakken, Lloyd Phinney, Bob Lightfoot, Ron Schmidt, Don Fremstad, Denny Kingery, Morris Rocklin. one hundred thirty-one 9 COACHES-Ken Hagen fhead B squad coachj, Bob Hoesly fhead frosh coachj, one hundred thirty-two Jerry S+annard fhead varsify coachj. Varsity Basketball , , , Losing four of the starting line- up from the l95l city league basketball champions, Coach Jerry Stannard had his work cut out lor him in continuing the SCVCIILCCII-galllc city league winning streak compiled by indian teams lor the past three years. Victors in six ol ten preseason games, the Tribe extended their city league win streak to eighteen games by edging John . Rogers Pilates in the league opener, 25-23, MANAGERS-Bruce Robertson theadl, Jack Fisher. on Dick Bostrom's last-second field goal. N.C'Z5-mm mmmmmhlolul Rugcrs 23 'l'he eventual city champion, West Valley N- C- 33 -e--- '--'--- l tVCSl Villlvb' 50 , , , N. C. 47 ..... .................. C lonzaga 211 Eagles, caught the Indians without their N. C' 35 ',AA- --ulwqb 1 qcwis ,md Cla,-1, 43 shooting eyes, and the illribe bowed 33-50. Back on the winning trail again, the 40 ..,., .,.,...,.,........ t Zonzzigztw N. C. 30 ..........,.,. ...., l ,t-wis and Clark 55 t .Li VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front row: Jack Fisher, Dick Fosness, Bob Reichert, Bill Hoagland. Don Faraca, Harry Vazanko, Bruce Robertson. Second row: Larry Haunschild, Bob Taigen, George Weishaar, Jerry Mason, Dick Bostrom, Jim Tinnell, Skip Pixlcy, Jim Webbert. Back row: Ray Ericksen, Bob Burkhart, Lewis Turner, Gary Hetherington, Bob Peilebcrg, Jay Ja1'pe, Rod MeGillivray. one huncl-red thirty-three Pellebfrg hooks! Gimme the ball! Warriors defeated the Gonzaga Bullpups 47-26. Meeting cross- town rival Lewis and Clark Tigers, North Central fell before Squinty Hunter's crew by a 35-43 count in a very hard-fought game. Starting the second hall of city play, the Tribe found John Rogers much tougher the second time out and lost a 27-53 game to the Hillyard crew. Still in a shooting slump, they couldn't buy a basket from the West Valley quintet and lost 37-50. Stepping outside the loop, the Indians traveled to Pullman to play the Wfashington State college freshmen. For three quarters the Tribe kept pace with the fast-moving irosh, only to fall behind in the fourth and conie out on the short end of a 50-62 Score. - .Sam - 35 ' - J F TOP LEFT T0 BOTTOM RIGHT-McGi11ivray, Faraca, Burkhart, Mason, Jarpe, Vazanko, Tinnell, Weishaar. one hundred thirty-four I?a.vL'cf Iuzllrtf TVl1er1".s' the hall? ln one of the n1osL exciting games ol' the year, the Indians flCliC21lCIl an improved Gonzaga squad, 40-39. The final game of the season found Norlh Central playing a clelerininecl bancl ol' LC Tigers. Wlieii Lhe gun sounded, they had been defeated by Lhe league runners-up Tigers, 30-55. Jerry Mason, senior guard, was selecLecl by his Leannnames as honorary captain for the season. Senior cenLer Gary I-leLheringLon was Lhe winner ol Lhe lree-throw award. Other leuer Winners in- cluclecl: Dick Bostroni, Harry Vazanko, Bob Pelleberg, Lewis Turner, Dick Fosness, Glen Meinke, Jun Tinnell, Bob Burkhart, and -Iini VVebberL. -'..,,.fwm My BOTTOM LEFT T0 TOP RIGHT-Meinke, Hetherington, Turner, Bostrom, Webbert, Fosness, Pelleberg, Haunschild. one hundred thirty-five Ross Goetz, manager. N. C. 40 ,.,.. N. C. 52 ..... N. C. 52 ........ N. C. 47 ..... N. C. 50 ,....... N. C. 40 ,,...... N C 7 . .50 .... . 4l N. C. ..... ...... . ...zlolin Rogers 41 ...Wt-st Valley 40 ....................Conzaga 32 ewis and Clarlt 35 ..........hlolin Rogers 33 .....XN'est Valley 44 ............Gonzaga 39 l,t-wis and Clark 37 .ls A B Basketball y 1 1 From B squads, mighty varsities growl Such is the hope of North Central since the B squad came through with six wins and two losses to share top-spot honors with NVest Valley in the city league this year. Tied with Lewis and Clark, 37-37, going into an overtime, Coach "Nip" Hagen's boys came out old the contest lead- ing 4l-37, ending their season with a hard- lought, hard-won game. Bob Reichert, who merits watching in the future, led all scoring by accounting lor an average of l9 points a game lor the sea- son. Uther high scorers were Bob Donald- son and Ray Ericksen. . , 3 B BASKETBALL-Front row: Kin Moore, Dwayne Upp, Boyd Olson, Ray Ericksen, Frank Malikowski, Tom Jackson, Ken Witten- berg. Second row: Burrell Nutt, K. Norman, Bob Reichert, Larry Fisher, Norman Veach, Dick Thompson, Coach Hagen. Back row: Bill Pederson, Bob Garrison, Ray Swam, Bob Donaldson, Wallace Woodard, Arlen Weberling, Rod Hanneman, Larry Simpson, Ross Goetz. one hundred thirty-six Frosh Basketball f , , "They were great competitors." VVith these words, Coach Bob Hoesly described this year's hard-dying lfrosh bas- ketball squad, which tied with Libby lor sixth position in the city tussle. Although the record ol' live wins and nine losses may not look too impressive, the fact that live ol? the games were lost by only one or two points should be considered be- fore udging too harshly the tean1's efforts, Top scorer of the season was LeRoy Sutherlin. Other standouts were Lee lfValker, Phil lfValker, 'VVayne Evenolili, Bob Vogel, Dick Lightfoot, and Larry Reed. One thing these boys have surely learned is the necessity ol' "lighting until the final bell." Gene Alberts, manager. Rogers ......... X Gonzaga .............,. Central Valley ....... west Valley ,.,.. XVou Lost 2 ........l4 9 5 O 5 7 7 Havermale ........,o .i... f 1 8 North Central ..,.,., ..... 5 9 Libby .................. ...., 5 9 Lewis and Clark ......,..,.,.....,.....,.,. 3 ll FROSH BASKETBALL-Front row: Bob Nance, Don Reichert, Bill Nance, Gary Bakken, Wayne Plumb, Alan Robinson, Frank Pebles, Hugh Barnhill. Second row: Gene Alberts, Larry Ferris, Richard Lightfoot, LeRoy Sutherlin, Robert Lightfoot, Lee Walker, Phil Walker, Bob Vogel, David Nordby, Ron Schmidt. Back row: Albert Lunde, Tom McLaughlin, Richard Haunschild, Bob Buzzel. Raymond Delivuk, David Carosella, Dallas Somerville, Larry Reed, David Hundeby. one hundred thirty-seven 'iv COACHES-Al Manfred, head varsify coach: Bud Weis: Bill Whifalcer, head B squad coach: Bill Dierick, head fresh coach. one h undred thirty-eight .A , ,,N,?,,,m.,.,. t . -ss. Varsity Ba eball , f f For the first time in a decade, the baseball outlook lor North Central is very bright, as the '1'Zlll12ll'2lCli goes to press. Bolstered by five experienced lettermen and numerous talent from last yearis championship B squad, Coach Al Man- l i l'red's horse-hiders are favored by the Hex- l perts" to bring home the league bunting for the lirst time in sixteen years. Strengthened by the faet that all but MANAGERS-Jim Mead 'head"Hmy Quinn' three of the team played American Legion summer baseball, under Man fred, and Won that erown from teams representing live other Inland Empire high schools, the 'Ulu VARSITY BASEBALL-Front row: Gordon Brunette, Dewayne H'we1l, -Tvhnnv Cozzotto. Harry Perry, Bob Pahkama, Dick Fosness. Second row: Dick Bostrom, Larry Fisher, Earl Stoner, Coach Manfred, Dale Kreager, Bill Hoagland, Don Faraea. Back row: Jim Webbert, Jack Webb, Jerry Christeson, Lew Turner. one lnmclred thirty-niizc 1 one hundred forty Tribe stands an excellent chance of lifting the crown from Art W7alther's perennially strong Lewis and Clark Tigers. Showing preseason power, the VVarriors defeated the West Valley Eagles twice, and the Central Valley Bears once. Traveling down to Lewiston, Idaho, during spring vacation, they split with the strong banana-belt Bengals. The Tribe won the first tilt, 5-fl, but dropped the second, 2-9. Veteran catcher Bill Hoagland, a starter last year, provides much-needed power at the plate, plus being the probable number one backstop in the city. Sophomore Larry Fisher, up from the frosh, is a capable replacement for Bill. The pitching staff lilies up as the leagues tops. Heading the list of moundsmen is Dale "Lefty" Kreager and Jerry Christeson. Rounding out the staff are newcomer Earl Stoner, from Texas, and Dewayne Howell. At the initial sack, junior Gordy Brunette, up from the B squad, gives the Tribe more power at the plate, plus good fielding. "Practice session on the diamond" TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT- Howell, Webb, Cozzetto, Tvrncr, Faraca, Brunette, Hoagland, Christeson. TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT- Bostrom, Fosness, Pahkama, Perry, Stoner, Kreager, Fisher, Webbert. "Kill the U1np."' Basketballer Dick Fosness, also a unior is the starting second base- man. Dick's speed and agility make him very valuable for his fielding ability. Two seniors, jack VVebb and Bob Pahkama, are fighting it Otlt for the starting call at shortstop. Jack, a returning letterman and a good hitter, had the edge at press time, over the small but scrappy Pahkama. Five outfield candidates give the Tribe speed plus valuable hitting power. Senior jim Webbert is one of the best hitters on the club. Johnny Cozzetto, a Converted in fielder, patrols right field, making good use of his short, fast legs. Big Lew 'I'urner, transfer from Rockford, Wasliiiigtoii, is a potential home-run hitter every time he steps to the plate. Don Faraca and Harry Perry back up the outfield regulars. Bill Powell, a letter winner, is also an outfielder who may pitch occasionally. North Central plays a nine-game city-league schedule with six games at home and three away. one hundred fortyaone B and Frosh Baseball B BASEBALL-Front row: Coach Whitaker, Walt Lobdell, Bill Lennard, Ralph Aspaas, Frank Malikowski, George Weishaar, K. Norman, Dick Disney, Tom Orth, Don Osborn. Second row: Gary Hargrave, Ted Welch, Ben Malikowski. Charles Sawyer, Burrell Nutt, Dan Rowley, Dwayne Upp. Mike Reopelle, Bill Cox, Jason Clark, Back row: Arlen Weberling, Lee Charest, Norm Pether- am, Jerry Mellinger, Dick Fields, Pat Sullivan, Bill Pederson, Wallace Woodward, Harvey Eilertsen. FROSH BASEBALL-Front row: Bill Nance, Larry Reid, Bill Nickell, Robert Nance, Robert Vogel, Wayne Plumb, Coach Diedrick. Second row: Dean Larson, Frank Pebles, Bill Lillengreen, Alan Robinson, Phil Walker, Carl Griffith, LeRoy Sutherlin. Back row: Earl Sayler, Edward Jensen, Richard Lightfoot, Lee Walker, Dennis Erickson, Robert Lightfoot, Hugh Barnhill. one hundred forty-two arsit , , , A completely revamped track team, coached by Al Danielson, continued the Indians' four-year victory skein by tying a highly favored Gonzaga Bullpup cinder squad by a score of 52-52 in the opening dual meet of the 1952 track season. The tie was the first ever recorded in city competition. By breaking even with Gonzaga, the Tribe, destined by the "ex- perts" to wind up in the cellar, established themselves as a possible threat for second place behind the powerful Rogers Pirates. Sophomores Mike Reopelle and Ben Milne are the top sprinters. Ray Ericksen and Ken Blackman are North Central's top hurdlers. In the 440-yard dash, letterman Rex Hoseley is the top man. Sophomores Dan McKinnon and K. Norman and Bert Byrne, a converted sprinter, add depth for the Tribe. In the half mile, junior Track Floyd Perkins, and versatile Dick Bostrom give the Indians two capable middle dis- tance rmmers. Don Dolan, who was second in the preseason meet at Pullman, Larry Haunschild, Ron Sanders, and Bob Lock- hert are North Central's top milers. In the field events, "Spike" Fitch, Coe- well Gaines, and sophomore Bud WHISOII are the pole vaulters. "Spike" also broad jumps along with Rex Hoseley. In the high jump, basketballer Bob Pelleberg, Claude Merrill, and Don Materne repre- sent North Central. Bostrom, Ericksen, and Willie Benson throw the shot-put for thc Tribe. North Central's schedule called for the Pullman preseason meet, Mead, and Cen- tral Valley, and one meet with each of the city high schools. Then, the all-city meet followed by the tri-district meet and the state meet at Pullman. VARSITY TRACK-Front row: Ron Sanders, Bob Helms, Ray Ericksen, Mike Reopelle, Floyd Perkins, Don Dolan, Willis Benson, Wes Hood, Ken Blackman. Second row: Assistant coach McNew, Dick Scott, Hugh Shawgo, Don Materne, "Spike" Fitch, Bob Pelleberg, Coewell Gaines, K. Norman, Don Newland, Karl Meister, Bob Lockhert, Coach Danielson. Back row: James Neighbor, Glen Knight, Bert Byrne, Dick Stark, Claude Merrill, Gary Hanneman, Jerry Connelly, Bob Haunschild, Dennis Walker. one hundred forty-three Distance men Don Dolan, Larry Haunschild, and lfloyd Perkins practice form and develop endurance. one hundred forty-four Ken Blackman and Ray Ericksen "level out" over the high hurdles in preparation for "them Tigers, Bullpups, and Pirates." "Spike', Fitch in action, making the difficult job of pole vaulting look easy. B and Frosh Track B SQUAD TRACK-Front row: Rod McGillvray, Arley Olson, Hugh Shawgo, Gordon Freenian, John McKinley, Gordon Lind- holm, Don Powelson, Ben Milne. Back row: Bill Foxton, Jerry Cannelly, Gary Hanneman, Bob Kroboth, Gene Webb, Ron Kecn. FROSH TRACK-Front row: Morris Rocklin, Wayne Plumb, Phil Walker, Ron Stan, Lee Walker, Ray Ezncrzcn, Larry Mossuto. Back row: Gary Bakken, Richard Lightfoot, Dennis Erickson, Bobby Buzzell, Walt, Olson, Wayne Evcnoff, Tom McLauglin. one hundred forty-five Cross-Countr , , , "Vile want that trophy back," is the principal thought in the niincls ol' all cross-country runners in '52. For the first tinie in four years, the team lailecl to win the all-city nieet and the trophy given an- nually to the school winning this nieet by the Spokane Chronicle. Lewis ancl Clarks barriers won it last season. North Central runners, coached by Al Danielson, ll1Ct Rogers and Lewis anal Clark eaeli onee in dual meets and together in the all-city event. Gonzaga was not rep- resented in the city competition because too few turnecl out for the sport. Al Danielson, track and cross-country eoucll. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM-Front row:Ron Sanders, Bill Crowe, Coewell Gaines, Don Newland, Ray Emerson, K. N0I'maI'1, Phil Walker, Alan Robinson, Lee Walker. Back row: Neil MeKeever, Jerry Connelly, Don Dolan, Dick Scott, Bob Lockhart, Gary Han- neman, Dick Stark, Claude Merrill, Dick Matthews, Bill Pederson, Fritz Mehlert, A1 Jones. one hundred forty-six F 'M ' 1 ,ww . ag "'Yisi5't Ex? "' 1- , :M Fil we was EES Nj Don Newland, K. Norman, Ron Sanders, and Coewell Gaines get in shape. Rogers defeated the Tribe by a score ol' 26-30 flow score winsj, but the Red and Black B squad beat their Bees, 23-36. Then the squad met Lewis and Clark! This proved a sad experience for the ln- dians as they were beaten 15-43 by Tiger George Couchman and comrades. i But a week later, on a cold, windy, drizzly day, the Tribe won over Rogers, in the all-city meet. In this meet, it was Lewis and Clark in the lead, with North Central and Rogers fighting hard for second. The score was LC 15, NC 57, Rogers 63. George Couchman ran the 1.9 mile race in 9:14 to finish the season without seeing a competitors back. I-le'll be on their squad again in the fall. North Central had no returning letter- men in the starting line in the LC and all- city meets because of sickness, injury, and various reasons. Runners who earned their varsity let- ters and will not return this year are Ron Sanders, Coewell Gaines, and Don Dolan. Uther varsity letter winners were Neil. Mc- Keever, Claude Merrill, and Bob Lockhart. B squad letter recipients were K. Nor- man, Dick Stark, Don Newland, Jerry Con- nelly, Cary Hanneman, Alan Robinson, Dick Mathews, Dick Scott, and Gary Slanger. "This was rebuilding year!" explained Coach Danielson, Hbut with plenty of hard work, we expect to have a more successful season in '52." More freshmen, sophomores, and jun- iors turning out for this character-building sport would do away with many of these rebuilding years. Although Lewis and Clark is losing half its squad by graduation, it will still have a strong team and will be the one to beat next season. Rogers will be without their top lettermen in the fall. one hundred forty-seven one hundred forty-eight Sports- , 1 , Two big events highlighted the winter sports-for-all program this year. The first was an exhibition of tumbling and wrestling given at a Boys' Federation con- vocation, Jan. 25. Performing the tumbling feats were Dick Nyberg and "Spike" Fitch, two experienced tumblers. Another well-received act on this pro- gram was a "tag'l wrestling match pitting the strength and know-how of Bill Lang- don and Roy Hardin against that of Willie Benson and Bob Waite. It was a draw. The second standout feature of the sea- son came in the form of a swimming dem- onstration, presented for the P a r e n t - Teachers' association, jan. 28. This demon- stration included a relay and some water polo, in which all got into the act. But the main feature was a diving show, with John Denbeigh, John Thamm, and john Tuft performing difficult maneuvers from the springboard. The boys were coached by George Smith of the faculty with the "much-appre- ciated assistance of john Tuftf' More than 60 boys developed the arts of diving and swimming in this phase of the proceedings. Sponsored by the Federation, with Dick Nyberg as head, this year's program in- cluded wrestling, tumbling, swimming, ping-pong, and que-croquet. Wrestling, coached by Robert Bland, and "ably assisted" by student chairmen Bill Langdon and Willie Benson, was much for-All enjoyed by many boys, as the importance of clean and hard lighting was stressed. Although many boys reported occasionally, only four were consistent in attendance. 'l'hey were Lee Moran, VVillie Benson "Spike" Fitch, and Bob Waite. v lfVith Howard McNew as coach, tum- blers learned many coordination feats. A definite developer of sell-confidence was the front flip. no-hands style. Those who attended 80 per cent of the turnouts and received I0 points towards a sports-for-all emblem were Terry Middaugh, 'iSpike" Fitch, Duane Traaen, Dick Nyberg, Tom Moore, and Bud VVatson. "Spike" and Coe- well Caines were student chairmen. Under the tutelage of Coach Burrill Exley, ping-pong and que-croquet provided many thrilling hours for numerous boys. Alter a hard-fought tournament, Don Circle proved the sttperior of the paddle- wielding boys by defeating last year's cham- pion, George Hieber, and in the play-offs, by taking the first two games from Don Noren, thus becoming "Champ of '52." An elimination tournament was also held in the que-croquet phase of the ac- tivities, with Bud NVatson beating out Larry Sleizer lor top honors. An advantage in sports-for-all program is that a boy doesnt have to possess any outstanding athletic ability to participate in the fun and thrills-just the will to learn. one hunclrecl forty-nine Warming up before a match are the only return lettermen on this ye:1r,s squad, George Hieber :md Bob LaLonde, ing Boys' Tennis 1 , ,f Witli only two returning letter- men, George Hieber and Bob LaLonde, the lndians will do Well to finish second, as the tough defending champions, Rogers, has fielded a strong team and are expected to retain their top-spot honors again this season. Coach Ernest Hix has two good pros- pects for victories for the Red and Black in Mickey McCuddin and Bob Taigen. The probability of consistent experi- enced tennis teams from North Central was strengthened this season by a larger turn- out of freshmen and sophomores than usual. 2 .. BOYS' TENNIS-Front row: John Fuller, Dean Edwards, Larry Sleizer, Ed Unicume, Stan Haveriland, Leslie Fried. Second row: Tom Jacobson, Tom Johnson, Walter Green, Allan Ruddy, Bob Grossman, Kenneth Moore, Dallas Somerville. Back row: Coach Hix, Bob Crabb, George Hieber, Bill Mickus, Bob LaLonde, Don Wimberly, Don Reed, Bob Taigen, Mickey McCuddin. one hundred fifty Girls' Tennis , , , Smashing, lobbing, and driving their way to a perfect four win and no loss record, the girls' tennis team wound up the season holding the City championship for the liourth straight year. The Papooses, coached by Miss Elsa Pinkham, head ol' the girls' physical educa- tion department, defeated Rogers, Lewis and Clark, l'Vcst Valley, and Central Valley in the league play. Carol Haas was the fall team captain while Lenor Sontag and Carol Griggs served as the spring co-captains. Fall team Captain, Carol Haas, :md spring co- vziptains, Carol Griggs and Lcnor Sontng. talk over the te:im's possibilities. GIRLS' TENNIS-Front row: Anna Mae Rosholt, Pat Heinikin, Joyce Stempel, Jackie Hurd, Shirley Bass, Joyce Tye, Virginia Penna, Bev Blackwell, Suzie Bresgal, Neysa Johnson, Carol Griggs, Lenor Sontag, Barbara DeFeyter, Back row: Gwen Upp, Elise Scott, Diane Seniw, Kay Ewy, Charlotte Wilson, Beverly Olson, Karen Sudhoff, Janet Halin, Joanne Fluman, Marion Crowe, Shirley Ewy, Cebe Rendell, Suzie Walters, Dorothy Nolan, Jeanette Hamblin. one hundred fifty-one Boys' Golf , , , "Oh, no! Not the sand trap again!" At Downriver and Indian Canyon golf courses this season, Coach Don Bonamy's "fresh" team competed twice against Gon- zaga and Lewis and Clark in city-league competition. The boys gained much experience while competing against teams from Ore- gon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Captain this year was Wayne Liven- good. Medalist in the first contest was Lewis Hutchins with a score of 78. YVayne Livengood, captain, believes that practice makes perfect and here he gets in a few practice licks. BOVS' GOLF-Front row' Louis Hutchins Dave Norby Bill Crowe Larry Cooper Second row Bob Lal nd All H 1 . , , , . : o e, an o man, Rod Hanneman, Bob Reichert, Ward Eason, Mickey McCuddin, Bill Wolf. Back row: Jerry Baxter, Gary Lomax, Alan Shields, Wayne Livengood, Don Greenwood. one hundred fifty-two X ' 9 G I rls Golf , , , The girls' golf team, coached hy is Miss Wilhelniine Timm. emerged victor- ious over Lewis and Clark and Rogers in the Medal tournament last fall, which took the place of the regular competition. The girls practiced at Downriver goll' coursg every Tuesday and Thursday. Team captain for the fall semester was Pat McVay and the manager was Lora Lee McDougall. Darlene Leahy and Mary Moe were chosen captain and manager for the spring team. Darlene Leahy and Mary Bloc watch Cube llendle as she dCIl10TlStl'll.tCS some of the finer points of golf. GIRLS' GOLF-Mary Ann Cogley, Judy Evans, Pat Hirth, Mary Moe, Sally Sawyer, Loretta Guter, Sherry Larkin, Arlene Mor- gan, Pat Tucker, Claudia Funseth, Jackie Salvage, Marlene Emley, Cebe Rendle, Pauline Fendler, Joan Roach, Nancy Roberts, Pat McVay, Lora Lee McDougall, Miss Timm, Mr. Christian. one hundred fifty-three N fr! l RED FEATH ERS GROUP-Front row: Beverly Bredesen, Donna Barney, Janet Adams, Edna Worthington, Margene Lang, Caro- lyn Wilson, Jeanette White, Neysa Johnson, Francella Blade. Second row: Nancy Springer, Louise James, Joyce Stempel, Joan Stempel, Sally Sawyer, Adonna Bondahl, Carol Halverson, Anne Ludwick, Louise Vedder, Kay Andre, Holly Bleck. Third row: Carol Sehrock, Dianna Pomeroy, Shirley Ewy, Marilyn Ziglar, Pat Heinekin, Donna Moore, Anna Mae Rosholt, Pat McVay, JoAnn Laface, Jean King, Phyllis Pilgrim. Fourth row: Jean Charbulak, Carolyn Corrigan, Carol McCoy, Dolores Alberg, Gloria Alt- house, Rena Toll, Dolores Hughes, Joan Rice, Janaine Hulbert, Dorothy Penna, Charlotte Wilson, Maribeth Perdue, Back row: Louise Fisken, Bernadine Kussman, Marjorie Hamilton, Karen Anderson, Jane Klaus, Beverly Koon, Beverly McLaurin, Pat Koenig, Suzie Walters, Lora Lee McDougall, Diane Hansen. FALL COLOR GUARDS-Carol Thompson, Patty Breeden. .. FALL OFFICERS-lvlargene Lang, sergeant at arms, Virginia Penna, chairman: Bev Blackwell, secretary, Carolyn Wilson, historian-reporter. one hundred fifty-four The Red , 1 1 The Red Feathers, a group ol' over l00 junior and senior girls directed by Elsa Pinkham, head olf the girls' P. E. department, dressed in their striking uni- forms of White and red are a familiar sight in Spokane all year round. Presenting spectacular football half- time stunts and marching in parades are only a few of their activities. The fall Football Princess and the spring Sports Princess are selected from the senior A's of this organization. The Color Guards and Song Leaders introduce the candidates for princess in annual fall and spring candidate convocations. The prin- cess, selected by popular vote in the fall RED FEATHERS GROUP-Front row: Beverly Fritsch, Deanne Wolford, Ginger Coomes, Janice Lust, Virginia Penna, Beverly Blackwell, Amy McGuire, Lois Oxrieder, Joanne Cogley. Second row: Leah Widman, Becky Hill, Bernice Gutenburg, Pat Morton, Priscilla Turk, Dorene Koenig, Carol Haas, Wilma Taylor, Carol Griggs, Patty Schrader, Pat Gage. Third row: Joanie Walker, Lenor Sontag, Lenora Jackson, Janet Jones, Betty Jess, Jackie Linder, Dawn Springer, Carol Oslund, Betty Noel, Betty Freeman, Adele Humphrey, Marilou Nelson. Fourth row: Coralyn R. Wilson, Carol Russell, Velda Lamson, Barbara Lee White, Jackie Sal- vage, Beverly Beidleman, Carolyn Wiley, Nada Arnold, Jan Hanson, Carolyn Lamb, Peggy Kooken. Back row: Darlene Leuthy, Helen Reser, Barbara DeFeyter, Suzie Bresgal, Joann Stickel, Gay Stephenson, Marlene Goodfellow, Shirley Bass, Jane Anderson, Barbara Brennan, Myrtle McKnight, Elva Beeman. Feathers and in the spring by the number of spring sports tickets she sells, receives the tradi- tional Indian bracelet and a bouquet of flowers. Her two attendants receive beau- tilul corsages. The senior A Red Feathers are given a semester course in first-aid training. They are the only athletic group to earn a first- aid certificate for their work. Red Feather officers are elected from the senior A girls. They help Miss Pink- ham judge the tryouts in which new Red Feathers are selected on their grades, danc- ing, marching ability, and participation in the variety of activities offered by the girls' physical education department. sirimwc coLoR GUARDS-Joann sticker cami Griggs. ,A 1 Pan SPRING OFFICERS-Adonna Bondahl, sergeant at arms: Peg- gy Kooken, secretary, Barbara DeFeyter, chairman: Francella Blade, historian-reporter. one hundred fifty-five I ! COLOR GIRLS GROUP-Front row: Theda Kellberg, Ulla Karlsson, Gail Watson, Carolyn Young, Marion Crowe, Barbara Dowler, Inga Pederson, Shirlee Dougherty, Jean Clark, Dorothy Nolan. Second row: Beverly Thompson, Margie Anderson, Barbara Jo White, Karen Abener, Lois Kooistra, Phyllis Luschei, Nancy Gunning, Marilyn Job, Dorothy Lobdell, Marilyn Zuber, Dolores Mackey. Third row: Gerry Kandler, Helen Danquist, Beverly Zimmerman, Kay Campbell, Marlys McGeorge, JoAnne Ring, Myrlene Collins, Lora Hemphill, Dolly Miles, Juanita Draper, Sharon Levick. Back row: Shirley Geisler, Carol Romig, Roberta Smith, Janice Colc- man, Dorthea Hilborn, Verna Brockmier, Idella Brown, Donna Walden, Elnora Stoller, Diane Corbin, Darlene Cunningham, Sylvia Betts. FALL OFFICERS-Front: Mary Coykendall, chairman. Back row: Barbara Dawler, historian-recorder: Marion Crowe, secretary: Mary Philips, sergeant at arms. SPRING OFFICERS-Natalie Johnson, secretary, Ernie Aschen- brenner, chairman, Darlene Coon, historian-recorder. Not pictured: Willa Asker, sergeant at arms. one hundred fifty-six Color , , , The name Color Girls accurately describes this peppy cheering unit of over 80 freshman and sophomore girls. Not only do they add color to the school, but they also cheer, sing, and add pep and zest to all North Centrals sports affairs. Promoting sports ticket sales, marching in parades, and sometimes appearing in football half-time stunts, the Color Girls, directed by Rose Marie Craft, assistant di- rector olf the girls' P. E. department, are a vital organization in the student body. Displaying the school colors at every game, sitting together and marching to- gether as a unit, dressed in their black COLOR GIRLS GROUP-Front row: Sally Overholscr, Carol Jean Hanson. Janctha Hugo, Carol Zorn, Mary Philips, Mary Coyken- clall, Judy Evans, Dolores Britton, Donna Gardner, Nancy Roberts. Second row: Carol Hickey, Edna McNabb, Karen Carstens, Darlene Coon, Willa Asker, Ernie Asehenbrenner, Merna Tobin, Bonnie Van Doren, Janice Walden, Donna I-Iinkle, Doris Merrick. Third row: Elise Scott, Marilyn Davis, Natalie Johnson, Carol Mather, JoAnne Flunian, Judith Bosuhee, Gail Hayden, Marlene Mc- Dinald, Karen Yancey, Valdene Hancock, Karen Elder. Back row: Dnrothy Cunningham, Bernadine Sandeno, Kay Keller, Marilyn Hallin, Pat Walker. Gae Hall, Sandra Kflley, Nancy Meek, Jackie Disney, Darlene Kindle, Carole Wright, Ann Templeton, 3 . E i t l GIYIS i Q - i skirts. deep-red sweaters, and arrowhead i shields, they are the third largest niarrhing unit at North Central. The of'fit'ers, elected from the sopho- 9 s more B Class, and Miss Craft, compose the bb.. g , . group ol' udges who select new Color Girls W X S J at tryouts held earh semester, Freshnian ' 1 X X and sophoniore B girls with grade averages P of C or better are eligible to try out. Ap- plications ll1llSt be turned in by girls in- terested in girls' sports activities. During Color VVeek. sponsored annu- ..., J ally by the ASB, these girls add color to the various functions held that week by M555 Rose Marge Qrafflfacutty direcfor wearing their unilfortns each day. Of H19 COIOF GMS- one hundred fifty-seven Basketball f 1 , Under the direction of Miss Rose Marie Craft, seven girls' basketball teams played over thirty games throughout the season. Marlys Mclleorge, Suzie lfVal- ters, Inga Pederson, and Shirlee Dougherty were managers. The HSenior Sensationsf' captained by Ni Beverly Blackwell, with the record of live f gg V wins and no losses were the champions. L The "Junior Squawsu took second place BASK'g1'?rQeEeLD,'flQ1f,QgF'gj5,FfgQ,f Mgj1'LgMSQgjQjrggf'a1fef5' and the i'Frosh Driblets" were third. PM Koenig' Inga Pederson' Cebe Rendle grabbed individual scor- ing honors With G4 points for the season. GIRLS' BASKETBALL-Front row' Barbara DeFeyter, Margene Lang, Virginia Penna, Peggy Kooken, Dorene Koenig, Mary h lt D Lee Moe, Joanne Cogley, Helen Tollefsen. Second row: Caryl Van Dorn, Lois Kooistra, Shirley Ewy, Anna Mae Ros o , onna Moore, Dorothy Penna, Cebe Rendle, Phyllis Luschei, Dianna Pomeroy, Jean Clark, Betty Wiggins, Mary Ann Coleman, Elnora Stoller, Minnie Forrester. Third row: Phyllis Pilgrim, Dolores Alberg, Janet Halin, Rena Toll, Anne Ludwick, Lora Hemphill, Dorothy Lobdell, Sylvia Betts, Betty Kindle, Joyce Pencosky, Pat Hirth, Carol Hendricksen, Holly Bleck, Charlotte Wilson. Fourth row: Georgia Howard, Janice Becker, Prudy Potter, Ernie Aschenbrenner, Darlene Coon, Claudia Funseth, Marilyn Hammer, Juanita Draper, Marilyn Lipscomb, June Hannah, Elise Scott, Roberta Brandt, Helen Jersild, Barbara Paro, Jean Rollo, Donna Cole- man, Janet Dalzell, Charlotte Douglas, Nancy Battan, Sonya Bowker. Back row: Belle Forester, Betty Britt, Carolyn Joyner, Joan Lamping, Deanna Coleman, Sally Wiggins, Virginia Saiter, Pat Nordby, Pat Barney, Carole Nyberg, Kathy Stephenson, Joyce Anderson, Jackie Bunch, Agnes Tollefsen, Doris Mann, Judy Gorman, Janet Sullivan, Donna Murray, Eileen Smith, Ann Armani, Erna Wilson. Cena Look. one hundred fifty-eight olleyball f 1 1 "Volleybnnipers," eaptainecl by Lois Kooistra, won the fall volleyball tournament with four wins and one loss. The 90 girls were cliviclecl into six teams. rllOlll'll?llllCllL eo-managers were Phyllis Luschei and Elnora Stoller with Dorothy Penna, Sylvia Betts, Nada Arnold, and Bar- bara Brennan reffereeing the matches. Other teams and their captains were: DDT's, Joanne Cogleyg Unpreclictables, Beverly MeLauring Volley Cats, Inga w VOLLEYBALL MANAGERS-F f Z El Sl ll ', Pl '1- Peclersong boeketeers, Rena Toll, and mn row nm O 9' ll lis Lusehei. Back row: Dorothy Lobdell, Barbara R Brennan, Sylvia Betts. . 1 V Hazardous Hellions, Margene Lang. l A l L, it - 4 l GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL-Front row: Joanne Cogley, Lynne Hugo, Peggy Kooken, Joann Stickel. Second row: Holly Bleek, Dolores Alberg, Carol Jean Forbes, Janet Linden, Betty Wiggins, Marlys McGeorge, Beverly McLaurin, Suzie Walters, Pat Hirth, Carol Halverson, Louise Hilliard, Rae Nickell, Pat French, Inga Pederson. Third row: Miss Craft, Jeneiee King, Mildred MeGetriek, Linda Marlowe, Cena Look, Shirlee Dougherty, Gerry Ross, Lois Kooistra, Karen Anderson, Marjorie Hamilton, Rena Toll, Anna Mae Rosholt, Pat Heinekin, Donna Lee Moore, Shirley Ewy, Dianna Pomerov, Bernadine Kussman, Gloria Althouse, Jeanette Hamblin. Fourth row: Barbara Cowden, Doris Mann, Belle Forrester, Janet Dalzell, Carolyn Joyner, Kathy Stephenson, Karen Harker, Donna Park. Natalie Johnson, Roberta Griswold, Grace Bostrom, Alice Maddux, Elise Scott, Donna Rirnmer, Merna Tobin, Doris Merrick, Jean Tobin, Marilyn Ziglar, Kay Ewy, Juanita Draoer. Back row: Sonja Bowker, Eileen Smith, Betty Britt, Jean Rollo, Joyce Vietzke, Pat Barney, Pat Nordhy, Joyce Anderson, Connie Sloseng, Sally Wiggins, Sally McGee, Joanne Lewis, Joan Van Derhoef, Joan Lamping, Donna Coleman. Mary Shepherd, Deanna Coleman, Donna Murray, Nancy Batten, Charlotte Douglas, Judy Flynn. one hundred fifty-nine Badminton y , , Competing forsingles honors in the badminton tournament held early in the spring were 104 girls who pla y e d Tuesdays and Thursdays under the direc- tion olf Miss Craft. Yll0lll'll3lll6lll managers were Joyce Bulloch and Peggy Kooken. In the finals, Bev Olson topped Rose Fisher to grab first place. Dorothy Nolan was defeated by Lenor Sontag who won second. Kay Rwy defeated Jeanette Hain- BAD'V"NT0N MANAGERS-Peggy Kookeny Joyce Bulloch' blin to win third place and Joyce Bulloch defeated JoAnne Fluinan to win fourth. GIRLS' BADMINTON-Front row: Darlyn Widger, Anne Ludwick, Louise Fisken, Jean Charbulak, Francella Blade, Neysa John- son, Darlene Leuthy, Beverly Beidleman, Beverly Olson, Barbara Lee White, Lenora Jackson, Lenor Sontag, Louise Vedder, Velda Lamson. Second row: Gloria Althouse, Jeanie Forbes, Holly Bleek, Gloria Hecla, Beverly McLaurin, Betty Wiggins, Lois Kooistra, Phyllis Luschei, Pat Koenig, Geneice King, Diane Corbin, Mary Ann Coleman, Jeanette Hamblin, Carol McCoy, Bernadine Kuss- man. Third row: Linda Marlowe, Mary Grindheim, Jeannine Woodbury, Dolores Alberg, Roberta Joyner, Donna Bigham, Pat Heine- kin, Donna Lee Moore, Dorothy Penna, Gerry Ross, Shirley Dougherty, Inga Pederson, Dorothy Nolan. Fourth row: Donna Hinkle, Beverly Thompson, Carol Romig, Myrna Plock, Margaret Peterson, Anna Mae Rosholt, Shirley Ewy, Jean King, Mary Tallent, Dianna Pomeroy, Pat Crassler, Juanita Draper, Donna Gardner, Carol Jean Hanson. Back row: Jeanette Schaeffer, Connie Solseng, Nancy Battan, Jean Rollo, Deanna Coleman, Mary Shepherd, Donna Coleman, Joyce Anderson, Kathy Stephenson, Darlene Bas- quette, Elaine Rizzuto, Eileen Smith, Sonya Bowker, Joanne Lewis, Carmen Porter, Charlotte Douglas, Joan Van Derhoef, Erna Wilson, Carolyn Joyner, Janet Dalzell. one hundred sixty Swimming , , , After-school swimming was open not only to advanced swimmers but also to beginners this semester. The 57 girls who turned out for the after-school swim class, which was held each Monday, worked on perfecting the numerous swim strokes and on Red Cross tests. Assisted by Phyllis Glen, chairman, the class met under the supervision of Miss Craft. Gym make-ups and all-activity points were given for participation. SWIMMING CHAIRMAN-Phyllis Glen. GIRLS' SWIMMING-Front row: Marilyn Armstrong, Sherran McVay, Pat Koski, Patsy Leighton, Sharon Huston, Joan Roach. Second row: Kay Nickerson, Carol Mather, Karen Elder, Marilyn Hammer, Sonya.Bowl-zer, Darla Lee. Back row: Barbara Parc, Claudia Funseth, Jackie Bunch, Marie Glen, Edna Worthington, Phyllis Glen. one hundred sixty-one SOFTBALL MANAGERS-Peggy Kooken, Edna Worthington Softball ,f , , One! T wo! Three strikes! Youlre out! These words could be heard echoing round the playfield every Tuesday and Thursday morning before school as the girls' softball teams battled it out. Organizing during the first Week after spring Vacation, the teams were managed by Peg Kooken and Edna Worthington and directed by Miss Craft. On May 26 the annual girls' track meet was held. The girls practiced for the meet in their gym classes. L g Jan Hanson slides into home safely as Barb ara DeFeyter, catcher, stretches for the ball. Beverly Olson, batter, watches the play. one hundred sixty-two katin f f f "Come skate with nie . . . And for our skating girls this meant every lVednesday at the Ice Arena. 'llhe class began as soon as the arena opened in the fall and terminated with the closing ol' the arena in March. School figures, dance steps, and lree skating were practiced under the direction of Miss Tinnn, Miss Pinkhaiu, and Miss Allison. Elise Scott was chairman of the fall group and Janet Halin of the spring. SKATING CHAIRMEN-Janet Halin, Elise Scott. Girls' Skating-l.enor Sontag, Donna llllI1lll1l'l', Elise Scott. .lt-:lllcttc llmnlmlin. llundy Aaunot, Miss Pllllillillll. .lxmet Hnlin. one hundred sixty-three SONG LEADERS-Front row: Donna Reed, Margie Werhan, Helen Tollefsen, Patty Milam. Back row: Grace Barker, Pat Hirth, Joyce Tye, Claudia Bratton, Joyce Bulloch. Song Leaders , , , Always present at games and pep convofations are the song leaders. The girls are an integral part of North Central school spirit. Song leaders meet twice weekly under the supervision ol Miss Elsa Pinkhani and Miss Rose Marie Craft. Riding Club , f , Love of riding and the wide open spaces caused a group of North Cen- tral girls to band together under the di- rection of the girls' P. E. department and form the Riding club. During the inild weather this group enjoys horseback rides. RIDING CLUB-Donna Billberg, Rosemary Ragon, Phyllis Luschei, Doris Merrick, Viola Wiedeman, Lois Kooistra, Merna Tobin, Carolyn Wilson, one hundred sixty-four YELL LEADERS-Gary Ebel, Bill Guske, Bob Moylan, Bill Crowe. Yell Leaders , , , Rah! Rah! Rah! The yell lead- ers, companion unit to the song leaders, help maintain the enthusiasm of the stu- dent body in support of our teams. These red-and-white clad yell leaders are symbolic of our school spirit. Ski Club , , f VVheellVhizzing down the slope amid swirls of flying snow go members ol' the Ski club. These outdoor enthusiasts have week-end skiing sessions on Mount Spokane when the weather permits. The club adviser is Miss Rose Marie Craft. SKI CLUB-Janetha Hugo, Carolyn Wilson, Bill Wolfe, Barbara DeFeyter, Steve McNeely, Merwin Griffith, Tom Lawrence, Roy Throndsen, Don Knack, Marvin Thomas, Gary Bakken, Randy Aamot, Joe Wallis, Sam Moore, Gary Bowker, Larry Jessup. one hundred sixty-five ?0z'... Little Gifts Ill' Big Gifts ,Your Choice Is Easy at : 707-711 'M Sprague Ave.-708-716 ve. If You Want 0 SOLID N 55,7 COMFORT 5, f W MAY I-.5 A L 'VIII1 ' ' Nllyyflf vi X, o X ' L Y Probl t Audubon Fuel 1904 N. W. Blvd. A FA. 2525 Coal - Heat -1 Oil SCHOOL SUPPLIES Toys, Gifts, Eic. 0 Thue's Dime Store N. I8l0 Monroe F THUE O d d xty- ght Car 77dazagfmp44 I I Wifh a Personnel of +l'1e Besi' in Camera Ar+is+s, Colorisl' and Re1'oucl'1ers, DCRIAN will give you Porl'rai+s l'l1a+ You and Your Friends will +ruly Admire 436 Pey+on Building MA. 68I5 DQR' N Smdaa Spokane 'e laden? Stadcb hdd ry, When Your Picrures Are Signed Hpawmz 44, xveamff They Bear Ihe Mark of Disrincrion The NELSON STUDIO MAIN FLOOR SHERWOOD BLDG. 510 RIVERSIDE SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOYS, GIFTS, ETC. ik sir Ik THE VARIETY MART N. 1809 DIVISION Wm. Rosholt, Owner Awflofiana chfofaf A Firs+ and Sfevens X I xx I A CONGRATULATIONS G Lf 'sz sENloRs G .. Q' . G Home of Ihe Famous SILVER GRILL Beaufiful SILVER ROOM New Silver BanqueI and Ball Room e hu d d seventy 'We lveaea Gfcue' NIM'S CAFE ya EI ,Q X K 'Img' .,..:: :mm 1 E :N fg'lMII' 5? Is' 6, , - V:-w-N , L' I fx mf man nfmsr 3' S ,, C01'llf71IHIE7lfS of a Coke JI 'QE as 1? IR I! ET I I H I ' .I 'I' 24' T 7 E3 - I . I sfixzfvi EAI i s Coca-Coca Bottling, Inc, DODSON'S 517 R d CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '52 GEORGE R. DODSON, INC. .-I Sforc for E"zJc1'yo11C II'ifl1 20 Dt'PU?'I'HICIIf.Y I COLLEGE I ENTRANCE 0 REQUIREMENT I 'U ScoI'Ia nd 's Finesi' Sweafers Cashmere or Lambswool in sixteen luscious colo WQVENEQEE S?Q T Siena? Davenport Hotel one hundred seuentj AN DY'S NORTH MONROE Furniture Exchange NEW AND USED FURNITURE SPORTING GOODS 'f i 1 Y N I420M S+ 1' FOOD SHOP Oualiry Service and Economy f 5? 3 F hF a+ lf Me + Vege+ables A S+ H 8a.m.--IOp.m. EVERY DAY s CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1952 RUTH ERFORD'S T R I P L E XXX EGM Zleduc WHOLESALE 1 '21 . QF Q 3 WViring Supplie hdd 5 f I P -I We 7 li VX, fh TQ - T I fy E 1 1 ' W Tv. N' ' . N A D it Eihrthe Hovgzgllfffu "'iEQ SWF W A L L P A P E R- P A I N T s 5 5 if HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT M 4 TOOLS gg OENERAL HARDWARE I. C. STEWART, Proprietor BROADWAY 5785 See Our New Du Poni Colors NORTH 1905 MONROE 0 SUPER KEMTONE 0 WHERE N. W. BLVD. MEETS MONROE E gif?-'11 . .QTQL 0 I 'F I. , '22, A A ' A ur num fer ings T . nv. ,R T stately new pattern ' . Q ' . 1' ? 'N . w LC Class of '52 7 ' Fqgwcgo? .sf ' Q A fresh and brilliant interpretation of pre-Vivtorian elegance! Let the I timeless grace of new STANTON ' HALL shin y table . . . use il, love it, for this is Sterling sil- ' ver, and a century f e will only L make it lovelier! 5 - 6-piece place setting , x-Lv S33 25 .vi ' ' Fed. Tax incl. T of CARNATIUN CUMPANY -T'XT i'1- . . . ' ' H - . l'rc.vlz lllzllc and L rvanz SARTQRI UMMM Qadwmm W. 411 Cataldo EM. 1581 l.lOWAl.l. ST. SYOKANB one hundred sev cnty-three J. Poulin Co. YMCA SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Sponsors of Hi-Y Clubsg Youth and , Government Twln Stores ACTIVE ACTIVITIES FOR YOUTH f-QXQ Nzzzm 4 T Baskefball - Boxing ' ' swimming - Diving , I wfewling MODERN FURNITURE "" 'f' As .. Body Building C o M P L E T E F o R I weigm Lif+ing T H E H O M E w iff -pf gy -gf ,gf ff ,. "Y" C "C cl " EII' CI ff anleiesz Llikgiuana mgwoo TVilde1-ness and Adventure Camping for Active High School Youth, Information at "YH Camp Office - MA. 3351 ii? iff 'iff ik' i? ik' if-T 'Dx' 'ik' For 108 years the YMCA has been training Youth for Leadership N' 1411 Monroe BR- 1184 Charles Frazier - President L. B. Kmsley - Gen. Se 'y CONGRATULATIONS I952 GRADUATES CN N 6 I Ylxvlefsxae FAMOUS for DRESSES COATS and SUITS one hundred s eventy-four CONGRATULATIONS 1952 Graduates MM JEWELERS Famous for Diamonds and PVatches since 1907 W. 807 Riverside Ave. Qageatulatdaae S E N I 0 R S Bu rchett Studio "Makers of Firje Por+rai+s" S. 13 Howard Street MA. 2821 SUITS AT 1.222555 GRADUATION 11 1 0 rrr I A BROOKS Interesting Frames 25??5i?E5E2?f N for 593:5:5:5:z?si:3 S' t ' All ues 5" ,egg Interestmg Faces Re Iars, Shorts and Lon s, A, .-4, :f .,5'35Q5Q5f,Q5::. "' Sggle or Double-breasteil A 11 Q, Models- .. '-22325251 . 15: 21, 'fzffgtI.,-1.,.,1,:::g:5sg5'5 'E g 4950 ' 15 331 ..f12si52Qf:1:1:fF553:" H Others 1 339.50 to 575.00 1 iam 8. OPTICIAN 1' SHOES FOR MEN. ,, , , M , M, w. 418 Riverside MA. 1819 X' X " L' SP "' 2 one hundred smzenty-five The Best in Photography STUDENTS sir BABIES if WEDDINGS T ik GROUPS Sf? HOME PORTRAITS if Day or evening appointments in your home or Ours Prices That Please ROBERT L. HOUSE NORTHWESTERN PHOTO ART COURTESY KINDNESS SERVICE HAZEN AND JAEGER FUNERAL HOME N. 1306 Monroe BR. 0244 2408 N. W. Blvd. at Cleveland FA. 0410 670129 'zafufafiona Q I952 SENIORS ix? Complete Banking Service STBITHITY HHHNEH Seattle-Firsl' National H ll N K N. 804 MONROE STREET HC1'biSO11,S Pharmacy U-fealtlz Hcadquarlcrsj Prescription Service Sick-Room Items General Drug and School Supplies FAirfaX 1236 2911 Northwest Boulevard one hundred seventy-six "l'r's a Pleasure," Seniors To Give You Qualily Porlrailure as Done Only by 'flue gvigficm Sfmoio Our localion will be different buf work will be The besl always: so come again on llme nexl irnporlanl occasion The KELSEY-BAIRD SECRETARIAL SCHOOL St'CI'ClIZl1'lZ1l, Stenogrzlpliic :mel Bookkeeping Courses Hutton Bldg. - MA. 6746 Spokane, Washington I. B. HANKS AND ASSOCIATES " all ' A ll- , :iz x 0 ,,- 1. 1 a 0 'D .QF BUILDING MATERIALS Storm Sash - Plywood - Celotex Ope 7:30 . m.-6 p.m. Monday th gh S t d y 2120 N thwest Blvd FA. 4111 one hunclrcd seventy-seven R E D D Y S A Y S 2 Congratulatlons A BRIGHT Class gf F U T U R E Awai+s +he Graduafe '52 in a Free America wifh Free Enferprise C0l'Ifj1'0f'lIllIfI0ll.V c1mll? Oflfllfk X 5 I ' X CYUCIT v nun 5 inn ASIIINGTON v -K WATER POWERQO. ' I Arden Farms Co. W. 729 Mallon WE SERVE EVERY FAITI-I, CREED AND FRATERNITY Here's Wishing You . . . A Successful and iff Happy Fufu re HENNESSEY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY FUNERAL HOME if: W. 926 Gam. Ave. N. 2203 DIVISION one hundfred seventy-eight ' heck Your Future and lfrcpare om at . . WH 'TV'C.Q!il1!.3! MSMQLLEG E Art Education Philosophy Speech 6, Dramatics Bible English Physical Ed. Pre-Medicine Biology History Physics Pre-Engineering Business Home Ec. Political Science Pre-Law Chemistry Journalism Psychology Nursing Christian Ed. Language Recreation Leadership Medical Tech. Economics Mathematics Secretarial Science Teacher-Education Music Sociology Inquire: Ottice ot Admissions, Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington Phone GL-i686 To Be the """ BEST-DRESSED MAN -re' On the Campus On the Job O'A"YWle'e BEST WISHES to the SENIORS OF 1952 STYLIZE YOUR WARDROBE from With Clothes from George House Cafe HAT FREEMAN ' S Ave. .t ws... N. 117 Post Street MA. 2795 Complete Ilrive-In Service one hundred seventy-nine Garla11d's Complete Appliance Store DENSOW Hecfric Spokane's most modern 9x13 Mefgon 2843 Spokane's Silver Center You will find over 50 of the worlcl's m o s 'r beautiful sterling patterns. by appliance store in Spokane's Kirk ' Alvin . International most desirable . Heirloom district lillustraiedl p Watson - National N l W. 815 Garland BR. 2681 W. 408 Riverside Opposite Paulsen Bldg. 9 m Y-XXYKRXKXXRE ESR NESS 'Where do eaaq to peak Q 004. O 'L m -- .. Q uxvxsxou - swovxbnlt FURNITURE of Known Quality FUR LESS SPOKANE IDI VISION AND BOONE "It's Easy to Park" We Make Our Own Ice Cream Variety, No Limit More than 75 different Flavors through the year 'fir it Sir Try Our Splits With Fresh Fruit The only of their kind in Spokane ik- it it HOT LUNCHES Cometo ACE ICE 'CREAM 2704 N. w. Blvd. FA.95s7 for Kind Service with a Clean Atmosphere. V Meet your friends here with Don and Marvel Wyatt one hundred eighty CONGRATULATIONS 1952 SENIORS LES CRITZEIVS MENS SHOP YV. 712 Sprague Home of the FHIIIOIIS YViuLl11'op Shoes CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1952 GRADUATES ln.f'lpf1rcciali01z HAGEN smuo EHHHIN PHHK HHHISIS Mrs. Small -- Mrs. Gage Weddings Our Special+y Corsages 5 r -D B N North 3036 Monroe Street Telephone, EM. 2462 OPEN EVENINGS This Space Reserved for Aufographs Comp1imen+s of Baker's Beacon one hundred eighty-one ART LACEY Uommszaiaf gbgofog 'zalb VV sir Home Portraits il? Weddings if Family Groups . 1228 Augusta BR. 55 E H 14 Beauty Is Our Business 3 . I W' . 3 .Si Q' isis .: :f-r : 1. 2:'-- f.f'- 6:53 'ffef5rf-:::..' 1f2fFfff1f3:-J" Soft, natural-looking permanent waves on long or short hair- Haircuts as you like them. Western I-Iair BEAUTY SALON 8I9 Riverside MAin 5I6I Open at 8 A. M. - Friday Nite Till 9 Open 24 hours a day STEAKS AND CHOPS I can--" '55 -t ni.- - L-7' Eiga ....- z5"7'1 i": - N.2126 Monroe FA. 9089 RoI1rer's SPOKANE'S LIGHTING FIXTURE STORE OVER 400 LIGHTING FIXTURES ON DISPLAY opprtho prspg one hundre d eighty-two C0l1g1'2lLl1lHliO11S on one of Lhe milestones in your life from the makers of . . . DARIGOLD MII. D VVQ, too, :irc dcdicut- ARIGQLD cd to the molding Q r lllllllllll of ll greater future for thc Northwest ! Inland Empire Dairy Assoc. Spokane ' -X :ii?xf3i:f -Q99 ig . , S 6931 su X :ir xl M 53322235 mira Insure Your APPCHIHIIC6 With the GH1'111C11tiCiH11S fcoc ONE-DAY SERVICE Z West 502 Indiana Phone BR. 6000 ' Shaw 6- Borden Co. ' Our Business ls to Help Your Business CHOOL IS a business and business is a school. We take pleasure in serving with Office and School Supplies, Printing, Kodak Serv- ice and Fine Engraving. 325 27 R d MAin 3361 Congratulations to the citizens ot our tuture . . From the store dedicated to the concept ot bringing the community all the tamous names you know and trust in Menswear. ooto ..., M. "" ....,...... 'S :E5E5E Ef5E3?5iSEE5f?5?'55"'rf:fl!'iris,EQ-fiEf"EfEfEfE'Zj-ffiffirirzii-E5'E15'535235553-,5E533?E551EEE2E5E1E:352:S5ErE5ErE515EEi?' Z-.rr fix: 22. 2.1.fs-1-1:::1:s.a:.:1:.:,4a:s:2:e:s:a:.:a:as1s ...ez:ss:sesas:a:e:s:ae:s:.:s:s:'4't' aes: :4:.-:-:-,:1-V-':'::.A--zz-:-:-.411---:-:-:-:-:-:-::-.-:-:-xt.V:-.'-:-:-:+:+:-:-:-f:-:-Q:-:-Q:-s' :-.-:-:-:-:--:-:-:-r-- - -1-:' ,' ":53:"3:':f2:""."'f:2:Q:Q:f'f'2:1:f:2:f'"Q?:E5EE:2:3:-:1:E:T:3:i.3:-:T:1:i:3:5:-LRSZKX 'E7:3:3:f'f'1'3?:i.7:' .- " 311: sit nfs 'ss s st one hundred eight y-three ir ir 'k ir ir 'A' ir So that you need not guess! We maintain the finest equipment and an experienced staff of artists, photog- raphers and engravers so that our patrons need leave nothing to chance. 402 CHRONICLE BLDG. i' SPOKANE ir d d eighty-four '4 ff5T-, 'Ml . 'V'1 3, Q4 F lRSfT, ' , f 1 54E5 TABL.lS.i 4u 'jsvoRANE House' FIRST Busmsss e 5TABusH MENT q N WAS!-HNGTON ,,:' A, Q N LA LAS BY ' TED 1 J - - W- Af. ,E --.Z-',,,,.1. -13 ,Y , IERMALE IST LS RETREATED .AND WHEN JS ATTACKED NT. SDOKANE , EI.EvA'rIoN xsaoe fs 'SPOKANE 'BRIDGE' TI-IE FIIRSTABRIDGE Bum' ON THE ENLEISAIE HS SPOKANE' RIVER fa i 'I-IANGMAN TREE". + INDIANS WERE I HANGED Fon sTEPToE's DEFEAT IL J II I9 XrQ-5 I. f BuT-TIE" STEPTOE DEFEATED BY INDIAN UPRISING t"6'BATT ILE of STEPTOEI LAKE COEU-R dfALENE VERA- ...L '.::--f'- , fr-N-5 - ,Alf ' ---A'--" ' ' -A -:-vf.-.-,.., ,,,-f1,iy--

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