North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA)

 - Class of 1947

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North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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347 C7 + 51 15 Q wx. HLCIH M-"meal ckmidl ww 9C'9421-L MM XJ' f .wif-a.f LU 'n1L.f1.'tL, " q 66- -CJK J. Law bdwni CQ! M ' H 0, A bfi-f X 3 UA' - lil 7' PALTII4, 4 JIAXYT T Xtwxifmfifm Q sd 8 fy H' DKLAMNCT NW 1 7511, X, ,gy . I X. Wow ox 'LQQM SADNE ' DMI. ANY Low, ru ANQATCH ANN! RON SUN UP sou DON N S-95513. 515035- Q N 95:1 C URMYWMLY W Y wa M :A-Ammm w ' "Alf il Slim-qwlvmdajvfb-jwkmm, .-,, Mu XXX X 'WfAfuWqwQ5' WWLmHflf J fn , f 1 '71, f flffff DN,Qf A Qf""P A f 1 ' 1 fff 'f wif, A A , , iq .50 , , ,A .fVV,. yff I A ' A 2 X L' LZCAL "5 ' Q S C: I fa' , .' b . iiwlwu .7 fl. 07, Mp , , V H I 5,471 wt.: ff fl , if K kf"f5f'.1l -- -A ,- ,KIM fK , X ,Ni ,T XA . XA Yu, xg ,ffff Wg gvjh A W w f, fX in X 4, W ' H ' W g'9 5 "A'V-' " EL 5, XX N 'Y-R"4.l. Y ijylf ji I, xxx , i xx M 0 in ' 7- 'X nw, XX '14-fa UIURTH GENERAL ti. a. Lmmuil SPUKMIF.. WASHINGTUI 1 ' ' vt S1 Q TQ X., , Q5 :df JL Q, vm 7 W xx XXX ,,A-,.,a1 Ai m A ' I """- y X X X Bax 5 we "U0,k,,, mm g- ghaqk, 4 Nz, out TO' 'G-..o., Steam Hi ,, Nj' f hy X A 5 X J' 3 f 4 KX- f , 7 'X-3 Q 2 1' ! S . ' 0 f V rf' gi f ' 5 N 'M k ff? 44 9 SNP 6 C . Ek 50531 y i? I 1 Ngxwifwx t " ' Q XX - .5 Q f Mya :iff X , 'Civ W W 4535891 ' X ' '9a1fTLo.,h.c1,c:k Clem., para .zanxt ut-4, cm. Ao-Evmm. ,oApLa.i..'C X Z,- Q""L"'.,Ijjff, "'frQr5j WWW This Book WWJAVXYX7 BI t Wwf K' eongs o 6Q4,,776+264'i4?203 wfwww X I Ulf- k NE' 5 .4 x w ev, , -A. 1 u - 1 v. Q This Book Belongs to 14 4 1. r .x. .JI f . -x 1, .1,. 'a x v r cf' , ff ..t. ,w. .wi f 5 W: 4 4 V V' V! V1 4" :Qi 'E N. -.1 ..,V, .X-,. .'r-' -. -A 5 is , s.-1 If, .-., I L., Q . '1 v -1 ' . " 5.2: 5-RT . . 1. ,bd 4, 1 ,- 4 Q 'J ff ff: , ,B ' f C Tamarack 794 7 Tamarack North Central High School Spokane, Washington Editor ...... . . .Wesley Cameron Art Editor ..... . . Sally Bourbeau Business Manager . . . . .Ernie Bentley Advertising Manager. . . . .Don Johnson , V 5, . z ' H, . H ,f ".. , -"N , r X' ' - K A, x '-Qx - ' an . ' n- X I , wx f X, A WX g x , 1 , f 'N .2 ix X lf N' 'H . a ,I fx' . N I , - 1' .Lili J M pn. f v,,A. xfq... 1551 1,1 'Ns T3 'WE Vx Xx.5ifK 5K W' -4' .M F 'Ri -up X We Have a H 'II and the Future" Foreword THE FUTURE-a -word that holds a magical meaning for any poet or artist who has ever beheld a setting sun or a star-filled sky-a word to bring adventure and courage to the meekest of hearts and love and hope to the souls of all mankind. ' THE FUTURE-that to which all humanity looks forward. Noah, in his antideluvian preparations, held for it no fear, for he had supreme power-faith in his Maker, his God. The creator, the builder, the thinker, the dreamer-all have this in commong they have faith in the future, the future in which they have an indefinable part. THE FUTURE-the youth of a world builds its future. That the youth of this school are building, are creating their future is aptly proved by their insatiable thirst for knowledge, their keen interest in all that exists and their complete understanding of all that has ceased to exist. A Future success and leadership of today's youth is suggested by the theine of the 1947 Tamarack, depicted by various hand symbols,-- "We have a hand in the future"--and indeed, the future belongs to youth. I . Q v. 9 hx I 1 , r '- A-'ii 4 ,Q '. Y' .P 1 .gm -nh -. ,I 1 Y QU" 'fgfwifw VXI, ,- I . ' -slam: lcv. . I' v 'F ' A 'X . .x Y" pg 'I fa Kvikx h , v I K, V .fr ' 1 H 1 1 I v 1- fl I 5 -41 1. v. -nil' 'il Q u P 4 Ag -.-' jf-Nw 5 f Aff. P ,4 ' wr- if' Y A of ' ' f M f 3 '4-Fw. - Br X . pn 4' sv -Q... I 'I Q X if 5 fl F gn 'SN fi-fx. ' R Ed s ,C VV, X , fig 5 ww - , H' L- km,E:t,,::w L- . . . ,ghaxf f - . 1113" x V yi , MVK A, .Q vw, . .4 I .L b Qfviiv A , Nu A-N'g"1.1CfQ Wi 'QT wg Ki!-N5' ' l N W' 4. ., X A f 1.I QLi1Y.a5:s?:, if F f' Q4 Contents Administration f Seniors -lCIasses 414 Activities' ' 7 'si -X ,Q lf. Productions i 'f NX Y Sports - . Eu., , - . 1 ,s. ,. ' ' W ,nz 1 . ' . iff-:i ,. I Administration JOHN A. SHAW, Superintendent of Schools, Mrss LEILA LAVIN, Assistant Superin- tendent of Elementary Education, and E. R. JINNETT, Assistant Superintendent. ADMINISTRATION Superintendent Shaw is a gracluatc and former vice- principal of North Central. Miss Lavin is the assistant superintendent in charge of the grade schools. Mr. Iinnctt is the assistant SllPCl'IIll.CllCICl1l in charge ol' the high schools. wi' ui' uh' ul' SCHOOL BOARD We are truly appreciative ol' thc efforts ol' the School Iioartl in obtaining for North Central the site for Kcnnctly Iicltl and the gyIIllIElSlllII1 anal the heating plant IIl'OIll the former Baxter General Hospital. MRS. D. S. BENNION SHELDON F. KISER CLIFFORD E. LUCAS Vice President MR. GEORGE E. FALLQUIST President DR. G. BURWELL MANN thirteen I JOSEPH M. TEWINKI-IL WALTER C. Hzxwrts Prznczpal Vice Principal Jw JN. JN, J, J, A. xx 1-x Ix IX lk IX CFFICE STAFF ,,,,,..m1 , YJ ff is 'Wil 4 J , it lk . rlvcn HMA-:N L. DWYKR Svcrvtfxry 51 ,, 1-, VERA E. BAYLEY Bookroom Clerk EFFIE OLSON Attcndancv Clerk IURTH GENIHAL ri. a. Llonmill SPOKAIE. WASH English Journalism Dramatlcs Delightfully English-Wot? EMMA CLARK E English Dept. Head BRYSON L. JAYNES HELEN CLEVELAND GRACE GORTON ELEANOR PETERSON MRS. F P LORENCE ARISH English Enghsh Speech, English English English NELLIE CATTON GRACE CAMPBELL MARGARET RAWLINGS CHRISTINE MCRAE English English, Dcbate English Psychology, English MARY MCKENNA E , , . . . ek.-a -mouse. Publications Adviser fifteen Art Home Ec. Library Study Halls "Paging Mr. Conrad? MARY .BP-CQN Head Librarian ETHEL ASHLEY CAROLINE BUSCH MRS. GLADYS DUNPHY ROY CARRIKER HOWARD MCNEW Art Dep ' t. Head Art Study Hall Study Hall Research, Counseling HARRIET PROUDFOOT CHRISTINE NEUMAN EMMA DALQUEST AGNES IVICHUGH Librarian Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics f. ,AM N, uni, I ,ff BESSIE GRAHAM What, no fork? I-Ionic Economics Dept. Head sixteen Commercial Social Studies Putting on the touch. J- O- GRIGGS Commercial Dept. Head PRISCILLA LARKIN RUTH WINKLEY MURIEL ALLISON VIOLET STARKWEATHER MARY PAULSON Social Studies Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial C. R. RANDALL MARIAN WUI-:STI-IOFF J. WESLEY TAYLOR FAY LOUISE ERZ J. W. WILLIAMS Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies, Driving Social Studies Social Studies C. A. CHANDLER S- th HT' jf Social swam Dept. Head lgns of C mes N scvcutccn Science Math 'Q ERNEST L. Hlx "I"i1 kfd .flft thfbo H DOT 1 muy ' O 1 M Scimzce Dept. Head -A 'er PAUL NEUMAN WI1.HEx.M1NE TIIVIIVI PAUL TOBIE DAI,E HIGGINS DON BONAMY Scivncv Scicnco Science Scieitccf SCii"l1Cl' VLHNA Bwrz H.AROI.IJ THOMPSON R. A. BALDWIN JOHN L. WUHRMAN JOHN NORBY Mathrfmatics Mathvmatic's Mathematics Mathematics Mathvinatics P. H. NYGAARD "On Target." Math Dvpt. Hvad 1'ightc'c'l1, Muslc Languages Industrial Q Arts Advisers --M k M- M ' ROBERT BRUMBLAY G 0 me usw Boys' Physical Ed. Dept Head 'W' 'Q'-Y' BERTHA BOEHME FRANCES THEIS W. STANLEY TAET LOWELL C. BRADFORD CONAH MAE ELLIS Language Dept. Head Spanish. Latin Music Dept. Head Boys' Adiviser, Music Girls, Adviser GEORGE THEODORSON WILLIAM M. BAYNIC E. C. FRAZIER GUY O. BARNES BETTY GAZETTE Mathematics, Drawing Industrial Arts Drawing Boys' Physical Ed. Girls' Physical Ed. ELSA PINKHAM Girls' Physical Ed. Dept. Head J Architects of Tomorrow. ll'lllf'lCL'l1, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Q3 dj ,flllgwd teachers f Q W -sh af The Pear NO ADMHTANCE , A QF. fm gik fs X f 6 R w 0 K K 'N A: Miss Pinlrham . . . If she can 'I' kde-sh I + + 9 2255, k z L , I S Y Nfs12f5QNEQP'i J C2 Q f , Q ff M s Q Q fav 4 W 0 9 IV? j 1 mg IZ fh l ,L , fr . .A 3.1. g 0 0 6' dl? + Z L Q X ,I s 1.3 -4 V L 'r' l ' V .. 1- ' 71 r- v Mr. Tafi' will be issued Y A Us X N' n I wi h S A7 azijliiveinfyng be! I,--vw.-42: V twenty Gafes' K Senior JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS JOHN BRYHNI PHILLIS IVIOODY DON DORAN Prrfsidvnt Svcrvtary-Trvasirrvr Vim' Prvsidvnt A, A A, A, A A ,A, XA TA A A '7 A N 1 x A 1--x 1 A 3 um "and Graduation Dances." 11lw':11j1-mu Alexander, Stephen C. Manual Arts Football 1, 2, 33 Baseball 4. Andrus, Glen G. Math, Science Football Manager 23 Athletic Board 23 Library Representative 23 Traffic Squad 23 Fire Squad 3. Barlow, Jerre Lou Music Operetta 2, 33 Doll Shop 23 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Tennis Team 2, 33 Spring Pageant 23 Girls' League Honor Roll 3 timesg Slip Collector 2, 3, 43 Gym Locker Monitor 33 Baseball 2, 33 Volleyball 23 Red Cross Representative 4. Basye. Juanita Edna Social Studies Transferred from Rathdrum, Idaho. Bengel, Richard Vance Science, Math Federation Representative 23 Traffic Squad 3, 43 Lieutenant 43 Stage Crew 43 Comanche Guard 3. Blanchard, Elizabeth June Home Economics Library Representative 13 Slip Collector 23 Roll Checker 33 Red Cross Representative 2. twenty-two Anderson, Harold C. Miisic. Math. Graduated in 31,2 years3 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pit Band 2, 33 Pep Band Leader 3, 43 Band Section Librarian 23 Doll Shop Orchestra 33 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 lnterscholastic Relations 43 Bandmaster 3, 4. Baker, Forrest Sandusky r. Math, Science Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Traffic Squad 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 Fire Squad 33 Library Tertulia Representative 23 La 3, 43 Chairman Service Flag Committee 4. Barnes, Benicia Lajoy Commercial Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Operetta 1, 2, 33 Big Cousin 1, 23 Slip Col- lector 1, 23 Doll Shop 2, 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 8 tlll'iESQ Base- ball 33 Basketball 23 All-Activity Letter 1 bar 43 News Representa- tive 23 Library Representative 3. Beary, Donald A. Math, Science Operetta 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 Vice President, Junior Red Cross 43 News Repre- sentative 23 Ground Squad 3. Berger, Jackson Thorne Art, History Art Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 43 Doll Shop 43 Red Cross Representative 33 Traffic Squad 2, Lieutenant 3, Captain 43 Federation Council 43 News Rep- resentative 23 Comanche Guard 43 Library Representative 2, 4. Bogar, Audrey Fay Home Economics Color Girls 23 Spring Pageant 23 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times3 Big Cousin 43 Slip Collector 1, 23 Tamarack Representative 3. Bowman, Mardelle Marie Art Operetta Costumes 4, Art Club 4, Graduated in SV2 years. Bryhni, john Nels Science, History, Manual Arts Track 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Senior A President 4, Warriors 3, 4. Butler, Charles Leonard Music Band 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, Fire Squad 2, 3. Case, Glorene Katharine Home Economics Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, Red Cross Representative 3, Library Worker 2, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times. Collin, Eleanor Jean Math, Bookkeeping Graduated in 3V2 years, Big Cousin 3, 4, Roll Checker 3, Senior Counselor 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times, Girls' League Representative 1, Library Repre- sentative 2, 3. Cozzetto, Gloria Marie Commercial Girls' League Vice President 4, A. S. C. 4, Color Girl 1, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Athletic Board 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, Spring Pageant l, 3, Doll Shop 2, 4, Vox Puel- larum 3, 4, Vice President 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times, Senior A Honor Roll, All-Activity Letter 1 bar 4, Big Cousin 1, 2, Tamarack Staff 4, Gym Monitor 1, 2, 3, Central Council 4, Chorus I, Commencement Panel 4. Bozarth, Lavere Social Studies Color Girls l, 2, Office Monitor 3, Slip Collector 3, 4, Spring Pageant 2, Library Representa- tive 2, Girls' League Honor Roll 2 times. Buchanan, Alice Linelle Science, Social Studies, Music Red Feathers 3, 4, Chairman 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times, A. S. C. 4, Central Council 4, Color Girls l, 2, Secretary 2, Doll Shop 1, Doll Shop Orchestra 3, Operetta Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Spring Pageant l, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, All-Activity Letter 2, l bar 4, Senior An- nouncement Committee 4, Gym Office Monitor 3, 4. Butterfield, Patricia Jean Art Graduated in 314 years, Girls' League Honor Roll 7 times, Senior A Honor Roll, Doll Shop l, 3, Spring Pageant 2, Operetta 2, 3, Student Chairman 4, Vox Puellarum 3, President 4, Thes- pian 3, Vice President 4, Art Club 2, President 3, Quill and Scroll 4, Junior Press Club 4, Amores Librorum 3, A. S. C. 4, Central Council 4, News Staff 4, All-Activity Letter 3, Red Feath- ers 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee 4, Associate Editor Tamarack 4, Commencement Panel 4. Clark, Mildred Social Studies Locker Monitor 2, 3, Big Cousin 4, Three Fives 4, Operetta 4, Central Council 4, Senior Coun- selor 4, Girls' League Repre- sentative 4, Girls' League Honor Roll, A. S. C. 4. Cooper, Marie Cora ,, Social Studies Chorus l, 2, Horizon Club 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 2 times, Red Cross Representative 3, Library Representative 1, 2, 3. Crosby, Frances Irene Foreign Languages Girls' League President 4, Foot- ball Princess 4, Central Council 4, A. S. C. 4, Red Feathers 3, 4, Color Girls 2, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Spring Pageant 3, Doll Shop 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times, Girl Reserves 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Three Fives 4, Choir 3. twenty-llu'cc Dayton, Patricia Social Studies Doty, Lorraine Home Economics Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Library Rep- resentative 2, 3, 43 Locker Moni- tor 3. Edwards, Beverly I. Art Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times3 Senior Play 43 Operetta 43 Thespian 43 Li- brary Representative 23 Gradu- ated in 31!2 years. Evans, Shirley Lucille Math Doll Shop 43 Horizon Club 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 2 timesg Red Cross Representative 3, 43 Girls' League Representative 33 Library Representative 2. Ferg, Paul W. Math, Science Forsyth, Eldon Eugene Math,'Manual Arts Graduated in 3V2 years: Track l, 2, 33 Football 23 Ground Squad 2, 3, Lieutenant 43 Comanche Guard l, 23 Spanish Club 3, 4. twenty-four ua ...t . Doran, Donald George Science, Math Senior Class Vice President3 A. S. C. 43 Comanche Guard 33 War- riors 4, President 43 Conduct Board 4, President 43 Traffic Squad 3, 43 Federation Depart- ment Head 43 Tamarack Repre- sentative 33 News Representative 33 Federation Representative 33 Commencement Panel 4. Ebel, Richard John Math Band l, 2, 3, 43 Federation Rep- resentative 4. Emery, Lee Math, Science Feeder, Margaret Mary Commercial Graduated in SVZ yearsg Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Locker Monitor 43 Roll Checker 43 Nurse Messenger 43 Red Cross Representative 23 News Representative 33 Library Representative 2, 4. Feske, Raymond William Science, History Football 3, 43 Warriors 3, 43 Boys' Federation Council 43 A. S. C. 43 Football Captain 4. Fruit, Donald Mechanical Drawing Discharged from Navy. F unseth, Jacqueline Commercial Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Big Cousin 3, 45 Red Feathers 3, 45 Central Council 45 A. S. C. 45 Doll Shop 35 Spring Pageant 25 Girls' League Secretary 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times5 Red Cross Repre- sentative 25 Senior A Announce- ment Committee 4. Graves, Robert Edward History, Art Art Club 2, 3, Treasurer 35 A. S. C. 45 Conduct Board 45 Boys' Federation Representative 25 Traffic Squad 2, Captain 3, Com- missioner 45 Doll Shop 45 Co- manche Guard 2, 3, 45 News Representative 25 Library Repre- sentative 2. ' Hall, Betty Lee Home Economics Graduated in 31!2 years5 Roll Checker 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 2 times5 Big Cousin 3, 4. Heard, Donna Lou Commercial Big Cousin5 Central Council 45 A. S. C. 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times5 Library Worker l, 2, 3, 45 League Department Head 4. Holsclaw, Lois Eileen Music Girls' League Honor Roll 7 times5 Senior A Honor Rollg Color Girls 25 Red Feathers 3, 45 Operetta 3, 4, Lead 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Doll Shop 35 Spring Pageant 25 Three Fives 3, 45 Vox Puellarum 3, 45 All-Activity Letter 45 Girls' League Representative 2, 35 Red Cross Representative 25 News Representative 35 Senior Coun- selor 45 Tamarack Representa- tive 2. Howland, James Grant Math Ground Squad 3, 4. Garrett, Joanne Home Economics Girls' League Treasurer 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 10 times5 A. S. C. 45 Central Council 45 Song Leader 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Doll Shop 45 Spring Pageant 25 Big Cousin 2, 3, 45 Color Girl 25 Vox Puellarum 45 All-Activity Letter 3, 1 barg Senior A Honor Ro1l5 Library Representative 25 Library Monitor5 Red Cross Rep- resentative. Grossman, Mary Jane Home Economics Princess Attendant 45 Red Feath- ers 3, 45 Color Girls 1, 2, His- torian 25 Central Council 45 A. S. C. 4, Vice President 45 Prom Committee Chairman 45 Tennis 3, 4, Captain 45 La Tertulia 2, 3, 4, President 45 Athletic Board 45 News Staff 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Vox Puellarum 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times5 All- Activity Letter, 3 barsg Operetta 2, 3, 45 Doll Shop 2, 45 Spring Pageant 1, 35 Figure Skating 1, 2, 3, 4. Hawes, Richard A. Science Band 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 45 Choir 2, 45 Senior Dramatics 45 Thespian 45 Boys' Federation Committee Chairman5 Tamarack Representative. Holmes, Doris Mae Art Doll Shop 45 Operetta 45 Senior Counselor 45 Art Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Amores Librorum 3, 45 Red Feathers 3, 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times5 Li- brary Worker 2, 35 Red Cross Representative 4. Horrocks, Phyllis Ann Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years5 Library Worker 2, 35 Roll Checker 3, 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times5 Big Cousin 3, 4. Jenkins, Beverly June Social Studies Slip Collector. twenty - five Kennedy, Patricia Social Studies Library Representative 23 Doll Shop 4. Koch, Geraldine Mae Social Studies Transferred from Ritzville3 Slip Collector 23 Girls' League Office 3, 43 Senior Counselor 43 Central Council 4. Landry, Lorraine A. Home Economics Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop 43 Girl Reserves 2, 33 Senior Dra- matics 43 Thespian 43 Red Cross Representative 33 Slip Collector 43 Tamarack Representative 33 News Representative 2, 3. LaVigne, Robert Clair Art, Social Studies Boys' Federation Representative 33 Art Club 3, 43 Senior Dramatics 43 Doll Shop 43 Operetta 3, 43 Thespian 4. Luchini, Albert Angelo Architectural Drawing, Math Track l, 2, 43 Football 4. McMahon, Robert O. Math, Science Assistant Business Manager 3, 43 Athletic Board 3, Secretary 43 Federation Council 43 Federation Committee Head 3, 4: Traffic Squad 2, 3, 43 Band l, 2, 33 Spanish Club 3, 4, Secretary l, President 23 Amores Librorum 2, 4, Treasurer 33 Tamarack Repre- sentative 33 News Representative 1, 43 Senior A Honor Ro1l3 Com- mencement Panel 4. twenty-sil' King, Wyman Lyle Manual Arts Discharged from Navyg Cross- Country 2, 33 Traffic Squad 43 Athletic Board 2, 33 Federation Representative 23 A. S. C. 3. Kynast, Fred S. Social Studies Discharged from Army. Lary, Stanley D. Math Traffic Squad 43 Comanche Guard 4. Livinghouse, Frances Ellen Bookkeeping Girls' League Honor Roll 2 times3 Roll Checker 1, 2, 33 Library Representative 23 Girls' League Representative 33 Senior A Honor Rol13 News Staff 43 Tamarack Senior Editor 4. I Ludwick, Michael Laurie Math, Science Transferred from Gonzaga3 Dis- charged from Submarine Service. Mandick, Nedra Co mmercial Secretary Conduct Board 43 A. S. C. 43 Central Council 43 Red Feathers 3, 4, Secretary 43 Color Girls 23 Girls, League Honor Roll 9 times3 Doll Shop 43 Spring Pageant 23 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 News Representative 2, 3, 43 Tamarack Representative 43 All- Activity Letter 3, bar 4. Martz, Richard Math, Science Ground Squad 35 Solo PianisL5 Tamarack Representative 45 Red Cross Representative 2. Moody, Phyllis Home Economics Red Feathers 4, Sergeant-at-arms 45 Big Cousin 2, 3, 45 Doll Shop 45 Operetta 45 Central Council 3, 45 A. S. C. 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 3, All-City President 35 Red Cross Representative 35 Tamarack Rep- resentative 3. Perko, john Anthony Math, Science Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 35 Federation Treasurer 3, President 45 A. S. C. 3, 45 Warriors 3, 4, Sergeant-at- arms 35 Ground Squad 2, 3, Captain 35 Band 1, 2. Rector, Margie Lee Home Economics Roberts, Marjorie R. Home Economics Dance Committee 45 Football Princess Attendant 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times5 A. S. C. 45 Red Feathers 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Spring Pageant 25 Doll Shop 45 Big Cousin 2, 3, 45 Tamarack Representative 2, -1, Library Representative 35 Red Cross Representative 4. Rohlf, Donald R. Math Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 N. C. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Federation Council 2, 35 A. S. C. President 45 Warriors 3, 45 Dance Com- mittee 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Commencement Panel 4. Miller, Elden F. Science Boys' Federation Community Service 45 Pep Band 3. 45 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 25 Amores Librorum 2, 3, Treasurer 25 Traffic Squad 3, 45 Senior Dramatics 45 Doll Shop Orchestra 45 Senior Prom Committee 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, Band- master 4. Morgan, Audrey Patricia Bookkeeping Book Room Monitor 2, 35 Rest Room Monitor 15 Girls' Leaguo Honor Roll 4 times5 Tamarack Representative 4. Quam, Carol Elaine Art, Music Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Reed, Darlene Nell Art Library Worker 2, 3, 45 Big Cousin 3, 45 Art Club 2, 3, Vice President 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 3 times5 All-Activity Letter 4. Rogers, Richard Math Football 2, 35 News Representaa tive 4. Scamahorn, Lorraine Adele Art Prom Committee 45 Art Club 2, 3, Vice President 45 Tennis Team 2, 35 Doll Shop 45 Tamarack Representative 45 Girls' League Representative 25 Library Hosta ess 45 Big Cousin 2, 3, 45 Senior Counselor 4. tiiventy-seven Schoenberg, Alvin F. Math, Science Transferred from Gonzaga3 Dis- charged from Navy. Simonson, Raymond W. Science Golf 2, 33 Baseball 33 Latin Club 2, 33 Traffic Squad 2, 33 A. S. C. 33 Federation Council 3. Snell, Thelma Constance Home Economics Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta Orchestra 2, 43 Doll Shop lg Big Cousin 2. Tanino, Katsumi Math, Science Virgin, Raymond Leroy Math, Science Federation Committee Chairman 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Ticket Manager 3, 4. Wilson, Charlie Howard Math, Science, Drawing Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 13 Federation Council 33 A. S. C. 3, Treasurer 43 Warriors Vice Presi- dent 3, Secretary 43 Senior Prom Committee. twenty-eight ,991 in W4 ? Simons, Bill Roy Math Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Locker Moni- tor 33 Federation Representative 33 Comanche Guard 43 News Rep- resentative 2. Smith, Burtt Russel Jr. Math Traffic Squad 23 Ground Squad 3, 4, Commissioner 43 Spanish Club 33 Conduct Board 43 Federa- tion Council 43 A. S. C. 43 Tamarack Representative 43 Fed- eration Representative 33 News Representative 2. Storie, Kenneth G. Commercial Discharged from Navy. Taylor, Robert L. Math Graduated in 31!2 years3 Traffic Squad 2, 3, 43 Math Club Vice President3 Basketba1l3 Boys' Fed- eration Representative 2, 3. Wages, Doris Claudia Home Economics Amores Librorum 3, 43 Slip Col- lector 43 Library Worker 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 6 tirnesg Senior A Honor Roll3 Commence- ment Panel 4. Woellner, Beverly Jean Home Economics Tennis 2, 33 Softball 33 Big Cousin 2, 33 All-Activity Letter 23 Library Monitor 23 Red Cross Representative 4. Wood, Flora Mae Commercial Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times, Operetta 3, 4, Lead 3, Red Cross Representative 2, 3, 4g Three Fives 3, 4, President 43 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, Treasurer 3g Doll Shop 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, 45 Senior Counselor 43 Thespian 43 Senior Play 4. Collard, Lois Gene Foreign Languages Transferred from Bellingham, Graduated in 31!2 years, Senior Counselor 4g Gym Monitor 2. Young, Roberta L. Home Economics Library Worker 4g Big Cousin 2, 3. Geschwinder, Delores Ione Music Graduated in 315 yearsg Color Girls lg Choir 1, 2, 35 Operetta 2, 35 Three Fives 33 Central Council 2, 3, 4, A. S. C. 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 2, Red Feathers 3, 43 Girls' League Quartet 3, 4g Con Deputy 33 Con Commissioner 45 Conduct Board 4. january Seniors Wilnanl Parfraits Neil Leslie Allen' Otis Buchanan Dell Carroll Verge' Mary Bruno Anderson Robert Maxwell Kingsley Donald Lloyd Warnkc Robert Bishop Harold- Arthur Nevdahl Robert Wuerch Clifford Schultz sk Sir wk Scholastic Honor Roll To ualif for the Scholastic Honor Roll, a senior A must have a rade avera e of B or fl Y ' S l S better and have made at least 16 credits in a Spokane public high school with no semester grade below D. The following seniors, listed in the order of their averages, have lllflt these qualifications: Doris Wages Robert McMahon Donald Doran Gloria Cozzetto Raymond Simonson january Hass Patricia Butterfield Alice Buchanan Mary jane Grossman Russel Smith Joanne Garrett Doris Holmes Frances Crosby Jacqueline Funseth Lois Holsclaw twenty-nine JUNE CLASS OFFICERS l. ws QW' R I' ERNH: BHNTLI-:v PHIL STRAWN Lols SULLIVAN DON JOHNSON PTf'SidL'Hl Vicr' Prvsidvnt Svcrvtary Trvaszzrvr X A A A A A A A X X 1 I X X X X a v thirty Allen, David Noble Science, Math Boys' Federation Council 4 A. S. C. 43 News Staff 43 Tama- rack Sta ft' 4. Anderson . Robert A. Drawiiig Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Fedora- 3 tion Representative 3: Band l 2, 33 Red Cross Representative. Aspaas, lvar A. Math, Social Studies News Representative 2, 31 Boys' Federation Representative 1 Basketball 3. Baldwin, -lean Marie Art Chorus 4. Beasley. Robert Elmer Iiiclastrial Arts Band 2, 3, 4. Bech, Mary Anna Social Studies. Home Economics Big Cousin 3, 43 Dance Commit- tee Chairman 43 Mother's Day Convocation Chairman 43 Vox Puellarum l, 2, 3, Treasurer 4: A, S. C. 2, 43 Central Council 2, 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop l, 33 Tennis Team l, 2, 33 All Activity Letter 33 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times: Hi-Nite Representative 4, Secre- tary 43 Red Cross Representative 23 Girls' League Representative 23 Tamarack Staff 43 Spring Pageant 4. Anderberg, Clara Louise Home Economics Transferred from Coeur d'Alenc. Idaho3 Library Representative 23 Big Cousin 43 League Represen- tative 43 Senior Dramatics. Anderson, Robert C. Math, Science Boys' Federation Representative 2: Band 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 3, 43 Pep Band Leader 43 Ticket Man- ager 3. Ault. Richard Ray Industrial Arts, Math Bardsley. Patil William Math Boys' Federation Council 43 Dance Committee 43 A. S. C. 4: Football Manager 3, 43 Baseball Manager 1, 23 Basketball Man- ager 4. Beaughan, Lola Jean Art Color Girls 23 Big Cousin 2, 33 Red Cross Representative 1. 2, 3, 43 News Representative 33 Nurse Messenger 43 Spring Pageant 23 Locker Monitor 23 Thespian 43 All Activity Letter 2: Art Club Secretary 3, President 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times: Senior Dramaticsg Senior A Honor Roll. Bellamy, Dwight Vlilliann Shop Transferred from Tacoma, Wash-- ington3 Track 4. thirty-one Bender, Dee Ardith Social Studies Bennett, Paul james Math Band l, 2, 3, 41 Orchestra 4, Fire Squad 2. Bentley, Ernest Arnold Social Studies, Math Tennis 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 41 News Staff 41 Assistant Sports Editor 43 A. S. C. 43 Federation Vice President 4, President 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, President 41 Warriors Charter Member, Treasurer 43 Senior A President. Berg, Beverly Louise Home Economics Con Deputy 43 Senior Counselor 3: Vox Puellarum 3, 43 Color Girls lg Operetta 23 Library Representative 4: News Repre- sentative 13 Red Cross Represen- tative 1. Blaydon, Virginia L. Home Economics Red Cross Representative l. Blincow, Maxine Social Studies League Representative 4, News Representative 2, 4, Library Monitor 2, 31 Big Cousin 2, 3, 4. thirt y-two 1.3 Benner, Jack W. Social Studies Frosh Football 13 News Repre- sentative lg Tamarack Represen- tative 2g News Staff 3, Editor 4, Feature Editor 4, Student Ad- viser 4, Associate Editor 4g Tam- arack 4, Hi-Y 3, Secretary 43 Federation Dues Lieutenant 33 Department Head 43 Dance Com- mittee Chairman 4: Hi-Nite Council 43 Junior Press Club 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 A. S. C. 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4, Boys' State 4. Bennion, Mary Edna Music, Social Studies Operetta 3, 4, Lead 33 Choir 3, -l: Three Fives 3, 41 Doll Shop 3: Senior A Honor Roll: Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times: Latin Club 2, 33 Big Cousin 2, 3, -ll Library Desk Assistant 43 Li-- brary Representative 3. Benton, Ivan 0. Math, Manual Arts, Science. History Transferred from Priest River. ldahog Traffic Squad 3, 4: Foot- ball 4g Warriors 4. Berry, Charles Eldon Music Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 3, 4, Football 4. 4 . Bliesner, Floyd W. Social Studies Transferred from Fairfield, Washington: Football 4. Bond, Dan Music Tennis 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4. Bonn, Ronald Industrial Arts, Math Stage Crew 1. Bourbeau, Sally Ann Art A. S. C. 43 Central Council 43 Art Club 2, 3, President 43 Thespian 3, 43 Color Girls 1, 23 Red Feathers 3, Chairman 43 Vox Puellarum 43 Operetta 3, 43 Stu- dent Chairman 3, 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 League Honor Roll 8 times3 All Activity Letter, 3 Bars3 Senior A Honor ROllQ News Staff 4, Editorial Page Editor 43 Tamarack Art Editor3 Girls' League Representative 1, 23 All Activity Point Chairman 43 Big Cousin 2, 33 Doll Shop Prompter 33 Student Chairman. Brandt, jack James Math Transferred from Mullan, ldahog discharged from service. Brueback, Maxine Mary Commercial Girls' League Representative 23 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Locker Monitor 3, 43 Girls, League Honor Roll l. Bush, Shirley Lorraine Math, Science, Color Girls 23 Historian-Reporter 23 Tennis Team 2, 3, 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 All Activity Letter 33 Amores Librorum 3, Treasurer 4, President 43 Latin Club 43 Senior A Honor Roll 6 times3 Big Cousin 33 Badminton 4. Calbom, Bert Donald Music, Social Studies Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Con Deputy 3. Borset, Marilyn Alice Science, Social Studies Color Girls 33 Orchestra 2, 33 Operetta Orchestra 2, 33 Red Feathers 3, 43 Big Cousin 33 All Activity Letter 33 Senior Counselor 43 Spring Pageant 23 War Stamp Representative 23 Library Representative 33 League Honor Roll 4 times3 Senior A Honor Roll. Bowers, Bonnie Lee Science, Math Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Color Girls 1, Treasurer 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Tennis Team 3, 43 Doll Shop Lead 33 Central Council 43 A. S. C. 43 Girls' League Vice President 43 Con Deputy 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Vox Puellarum 3, 43 Senior A Honor Ro1l3 Girls' League Representative 3, 4. Brown, Lillian Mae Social Studies Library Representative 23 News Representative 33 News Staff 33 Horizon Club 3, Sergeant-at- Arms 43 Senior Counselor 4. Bursch, Wilton Chester Math, Science Transferred from Harrington, Washington. Buxton, Betty jean Social Studies Senior Dramaticsg Girls' League Honor Roll 3 times3 Senior A Honor Roll3 Baseball 1, 23 Volleyball l, 23 Basketball 1, 23 Badminton 1, 23 Library Hostess 2, 3. Cameron, Clyde Wesley Math, Drawing News Staff Photographer 3, 43 Business Manager 43 Tamarack Staff Photographer 3, Tamarack Editor 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Junior Press Club 4. thirty-three Carrick, Ramona Eloise Coniniereial Transferred from Bremerton, Washington3 Roll Checker 23 Slip Collector 33 Red Cross Repre- sentative 33 Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times3 War Stamp Repre- sentative 23 Social Service 43 Senior Counselor. Chandler, Marjorie Ruth Home Economics Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Spring Pageant 23 Operetta 33 Senior Counselor 4. Christian, Shirley Mac Science Transferred from Missoula, Montana3 Horizon Club 33 Red Feathers 3, 43 Big Cousin 43 Spring Pageant 43 All-Activity Letter 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times. Cogley, Betty Mae Math, Science Cheerleader 2, 3, Chairman 43 Tamarack Associate Editor 43 A. S. C. 43 Central Council 43 Athletic Board 43 Dance Committee 43 Totem Inn Chair- man 43 Vox Puellarum 3, 43 League Representative 43 League Honor Roll 6 times3 Red Cross Representative 23 Color Girls 23 Badminton 43 Tennis 43 Baseball 3, 4: Basketball 43 Volleyball 43 Senior A Honor Roll. Connelly. Dorothy Mae Com ni ercial Library 3, 43 Roll Checker 2, 33 Girls' League Honor Roll 2 times3 Senior Counselor 43 Horizon Club 23 Gym Door Monitor 2. Cooper, Gary Floyd Social Studies, Math, Science Transferred from Lewis and Clark3 Track 4. thirty-four Carroll, Dorothy Deane Art Transferred from Sunland, California3 Chorus 4. Chitty, Myrtle Marie Foreign Languages League Honor Roll 9 times3 Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Big Cousin 2, 3,43 All-Activity Letter 33 Tennis Team 2, 3, 43 Senior Counselor 43 Con Deputy 43 Senior Dramatics 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Latin Club 2, Secretary 43 Thespian, Secretary 3, President 4. Clark, Grover Donald Drawing Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Warriors Charter member. Cole, Doris jean Home Economics Graduated in 3Vz years3 Girls' League Representative 23 Big Cousin 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 4. Cool, Dolores Jean Math Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 33 Spanish Club 43 Girls' League Representative 23 News Repre- sentative 3, 43 Tamarack Repre- sentative 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 33 Badminton 33 Spring Pageant 23 Library Worker 2, 3, 4. Cooper, Harry Victor Math, Science Foreign Languages, Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Radio Club 3, President 43 Traffic Squad 2, 3, Commissioner 43 Conduct Board 43 A. S. C, 43 Boys' Federation Committee Head 43 Amores Librorum 33 Tamarack Repre- sentative 23 News Representa- tive 3, 43 Comanche Guard. Cosby, Virginia Home Economics Color Girls 1, 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Doll Shop 1, 33 Operetta 2, 33 News Staff 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Thespian 4. Cozzetto, Mary Frances Home Economics Graduated in 35 yearsg Color Girls 1, 23 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 Spring Pageant 2. Critzer, Leslie Anne Social Studies News Staff 3, 43 Ad Staff 3, 43 Advertising Manager 43 A. S. C. 43 Central Council 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Senior A Tamarack Editor 43 Vox Puellarum 3, Historian- Reporter 43 Golf Team 33 Girls' League Honor Roll 3 timesg All- Activity Letter 43 Operetta 2, 33 Doll Shop lg Spring Pageant 43 Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 43 Con Deputy 43 News Representative 43 Li- brary Representative 1, 2, 3, 4. Crowe, Ronald Social Studies Transferred from West Valley3 War Stamp Representative 23 Spanish Club 33 Amores Librorum 43 News Staff 4, Associate Editor 43 Tamarack Staff 43 Junior Press Club 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Boys' Federation Committee Head 43 A. S. C. 43 Operetta 43 Amores Librorum Representative to Boys' Council 43 Senior A Honor Roll. Daggett, Ralph Richard Science, Math Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Amores Librorum 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Boys' Federation Council 3, 43 Traffic Squad 43 Junior Red Cross Vice President 43 Senior A Honor Rollg News Representative 23 Boys' Federation Representa- tive 2. Davis, David G. Math Band 2, 3, 4. Countryman, Arlene Fay Home Economics Library Hostess 23 Baseball 1. Crampton, Doris Colleen Social Studies Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times3 Girls' League Treasurer 43 A. S. C. 2, 43 Central Council 2, 43 Co- Head Girls' Gym Department 43 Rest Room Head 33 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 1, Chairman 23 Operetta 1, 2, 33 Doll Shop 1, 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Girls' League Representative 13 News Repre- sentative 33 Debate Team 33 Golf Team 4. Crosby, JoAnne Social Studies, Science Transferred from Yakima, Wash- ington3 Operetta 43 Orchestra 4. Cunz, Richard Social Studies Transferred from Gonzaga. Dalziel, Mureen Faye Science Transferred from Willmar, Min- nesotag Horizon Club 3, Presi- dent 43 Big Cousin 43 Library Representative 43 Library Worker 3, 4. Davis, Katherine Social Studies Roll Checker 2, 33 News Staff 4: Associate Editor 43 Doll Shop 3: Senior A Honor Ro1l3 League Honor Roll 3 timesg Quill and Scroll 43 Junior Press Club 43 Tamarack Staff 43 Library Worker 3. thirty-five Dietrich, Thomas Irving Math Comanche Guard 23 Discharged from Navy. Doggett, Betty jo Science Graduated in 3V2 yearsg Color Girls 1, 23 Roll Checker 1, 2, 33 A. S. C. 23 Central Council 23 School Service Head 23 Library Worker 13 News Representative 43 Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 6 times3 Gym Monitor 23 All-Activity Letter 23 Red Cross Representative 23 Spring Pageant 23 Girls' League Representative 33 News Staff 43 Badminton 23 Senior Counselor 43 Chorus 1. DuChene, Marion LaVerne Commercial Tennis Team 3, 43 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Red Cross Representative 23 Senior Counselor 43 Locker Monitor 23 After School Sports 43 Roll Checker 23 Commercial Club 4. Ebbesen, Betty jean Science News Staff 4, Associate Editor 43 Tamarack Staff 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Doll Shop 33 All- Activity Letter, 1 Bar3 Latin Club 2, 33 Amores Librorum 2, 33 Vox Puellarum 3, 4, Historian-Re- porter 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 6 tll1lBSQ Big Cousin 23 Senior A Honor Roll. Elder. Irving Social Studies Federation Representative 3, 43 News Representative 33 Band 3, 43 Debate 4. Fitzpatrick, Patricia Ann Commercial Tennis 23 Girls' League Repre- sentative 33 Red Cross Repre- sentative 23 Library Representa- tive 2,32 Color Girls 2, Secretary 23 Girls' League Secretary 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 9 times3 Big Cousin 2, 33 A. S. C. 3, 43 Central Council 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 Spring Pageant 2, 4. thirty-six Divine, Wilma Merel Science Library Representative 43 Chorus 43 Transferred from Colville. Ducharme, LaVon joan Social Studies Transferred from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Dunn, Lucille Art, Home Economics Girls' League Representative 3, 43 Tennis 33 Volleyball 33 Big Cousin 2, 33 Red Feathers 43 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 4. Edlund, Phyllis Commercial Commercial Club 4. Farley, JoAnne Home Economics Transferred from Lewis and Clark: Big Cousin 3, 43 Red Cross Representative 43 Operetta 33 Senior Dramatics 43 Locker Moniter 3. Flory, Everette Music Operetta 2, 33 Band Transporta- tion Manager 3, 43 Football 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Franke, Margaret Julia Social Studies Central Council 45 A. S. C. 45 Spanish Club 45 Con Deputy 45 Three-Fives 45 Senior Counselor, Chairman 45 Doll Shop 35 Spring Pageant 2, 45 News Representa- tive 25 Library Representative 25 Tamarack Representative 15 Color Girls 1, Vice President 25 Big Cousin 2, 3, Chairman 45 Red Feathers 3, 45 All-Activity Letter 35 Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times5 Library Monitor 3, 4. Garcia, Clara Doris Math, Science Slip Collector 15 Library Worker 35 Monitor 201, 35 Big Cousin 4. Gillisple, Patricia Lou Home Economics Red Feathers 3, 45 Color Girls 25 A. S. C. 2, 45 Central Council 2, 45 Big Cousin 2, 3, 45 Senior Counselor 45 School Service Head 25 Doll Shop 35 Operetta 45 Locker Monitor 2, 35 Spring Pageant 2, 45 Con Deputy 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times: Baseball 35 Red Cross Repre- sentative 4. Goering, George Henry Social Studies Band l, 2, 3, 4. Gossett, Johnnie Louise Math, Science Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Color Girls 15 Song Leader 2, 3, Chairman 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times5 Tennis Team 2, 3, Captain 45 All-Activity Letter, 2 Bars5 A. S. C. 45 Central Council 45 Conduct Board 45 Vox Puellarum 3, 45 Senior A Honor Rollg Big Cousin 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Badminton 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Gottwig, Walter Phillip Music Operetta 2, 3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Pep Band Vocalist 3, 45 Doll Shop 3. Fraser, Patricia Commercial, Home Economics Tennis Team 35 Golf Team 3, 45 Operetta 2, 45 Spring Pageant 1, 35 Central Council 45 Color Girls 1, 25 Roll Checker 15 Horizon Club 25 League Messenger 35 Office Messenger 45 Library Monitor 3. Garofalo, Pearl Rocca ' Science, Math A. S. C. 45 Central Council 45 Co- head of Gym Department 45 Color Girls 25 Red Feathers 3, 45 League Honor Roll 9 times5 Chairman of Spring Pageant 45 Tennis Team 3, Assistant Manager 45 All-Activity Letter, 3 Barsg Vox Puellarum 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 4, Treasurer 35 Amores Librorum, Secretary 3, 45 Girls' League Representative 25 Library Representative 4. Glotfelty, Wanda Louise Bookkeeping Transferred from West Valley High School. Gongwer, Burrita ' Home Economics Transferred from Cusick, Wash- inton5 A. S. C. 45 Central Council 45 Latin Club President 4. Gottbreht, Marilyn Math News Staff 45 Operetta Make-up5 Dramatics 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Library Representative 15 Tamarack Staff 4. Grose, Lois Claire Commercial Color Girls 25 Red Feathers 35 Library representative 25 Big Cousin 2, 35 Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times5 Central Council 45 A. S. C. 45 Senior Counselor 4. th.irty.- seven Gwiazada, Frances Anne Math, Foreign Languages Transferred from Boston, Mass., Horizon Club 3, Vice President 4, Library Assistant 3, Big Cousin 3, 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times, Library Representative 3. Hagan, Phyllis Eileen Science Harty, Anna Mae Social Studies Tamarack Representative 2, 3, Volley Ball 3, News Representa- tive 2, Big Cousin 3. Hegel, Martha Ann Math Transferred from Clarkston, Wash., Horizon Club, Treasurer 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Library Worker 4, Math Club 3, Secretary 4, Big Cousin 4, Library Repre- sentative 3. Hickey, David Herbert Math, Science, Drawing Traffic Squad 3, 4. Hogan, Richard Manual Arts Transferred from Gonzaga, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. thirty-eight Hass. Mary Ellen Art Library Worker 1, 4, Book Room Worker 3, Big Cousin 4, Red Cross Representative 1, 2, 3, Li- brary Representative 4, Color Girls 1, 2, Senior Dramatics 4, Spring Pageant 2, All-Activity Letter, Girls' League Honor Roll 6 times, Art Club 4. Hanks, Robert Drawing Haworth, Carl Gene Math, Social Studies Boys' Federation Representative 3, 4, Con Deputy 3, Baseball 3. Henderson, Louise Commercial Commercial Club 4, Big Cousin 3, Tamarack Representative 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 2 Times, Nurse Monitor 3, Hockridge, Lucille Janet Commercial Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Library Worker 1, 2, 3, Doll Shop 1, 3, Senior Counselor 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 1, 2. Holt, Marion Bernice Home Economics Color Girls 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, Spring Pageant 2, Doll Shop 1, All-Activity Letter 3, Track 2, Basketball 1, Badminton 1. Hunter, Arthur L. Math Band 2, 3, 4. Jensen, Bonnie Lee Social Studies Big Cousin 2, 35 Roll Checker 3, 45 Tennis Team 25 Library Representative 25 News Repre- sentative 45 Red Cross Repre- sentative 2. johnson, Donna Lou Commercial Baseball 25 Big Cousin 4. Johnson, Bob Elwood Manual Arts Stage Crew 15 Special Pro- ductions CWood ShopJ. Jones, Barbara Lee Home Economics Transferred from Los Angeles, California. jones, C. Ralph Math, Science Jahn, Lois Melba Commercial Doll Shop 1, 35 Girls' League Representative 1, 2, 35 Senior Counselor 45 Locker Monitor 45 Library Representative 15 Library Worker 25 Big Cousin 3, 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 3 times. Johanson, A. Warren Science Transferred from Lewiston, Idaho: Cross Country 45 Senior Dramatics 45 Thespian, President 4. johnson, Don L. Math, Social Studies News Representative 25 News Staff, Editorial Page Editor 3, Editor 45 Student Adviser 4, Circulation Manager 3, Business Manager 45 Boys' Federation Council 35 Junior Press Club 45 Amores Librorum 35 Quill and Scroll 3, President 45 Boys' Fed- eration Committee Head 35 Tama- rack Staff, Advertising Manager 45 A. S. C. 3. Johnson, Loran E. Math, Science Transferred from Cusick. jones, Bill Stewart Manual Arts Special Productions QWood Shopj. Kennedy, Gwen Geraldine Home Economics Color Girls 25 Red Feathers 3, 45 Girls' League Honor Roll 6 times5 Library Representative 2, 35 Big Cousin 2, 35 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 45 Doll Shop 1, 35 Spring Pag- eant 2, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Senior Counselor 45 Vox Puellarum 45 Senior Dramatics 45 Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Spring Concert 2, 35 All- Activity Letter, 2 Bars5 Bad- minton 2, 3, 4. thirty-nine Kienbaum, Eleanor Marie Home Economics Transferred from Lewis and Clark, Doll Shop 3, Chorus 3, Big Cousin l, Red Feather 4, All- Activity Letter 4. Kingsley, Maxine Bookkeeping Krauel, Ernest Wesley Math., Science Latin Club 4, Amores Librorum 4, Traffic Squad 4, Locker Moni- tor 4, Senior Counselor 4, News Representative 2, Boys' Federa- tion Representative 3, 4. Landreth, Audrey Ruth Math, Social Studies Spanish Club 1, 2, Sergeant-at Arms 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, President 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Senior Counselor 3, Locker Mom- tor 1, Slip Collector 2, 3: Girls' League Representative, Central Council 4, A. S. C. 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 7 times, Senior A Honor Roll. Lanphear, Philip Lee Math, Industrial Arts Library Representative 1, Ground Squad 3, Traffic Squad 4, Amores Librorum 4. Lewis, Anna Patricia Social Studies Big Cousin 3, 4, Red Cross Repre- sentative 4, Library Representa- tive 3, Tamarack Representative 3, 4. forty Kincaid, Lawrence Social Studies Boys' Federation Council 4, Foot- ball 3, 4, Dues Lieutenant 4. Kirk, Jean Elizabeth Foreign Languages Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times, Operetta 2, 3, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Doll Shop 3, Senior Counselor 3, A. S. C. 4, Central Council 4, Library Representative 3, 4, Big Cousin 3, 4, Thespian 4, Amores Librorum 2, 3, 4. LaDow, Kathleen Home Economics Transferred from Seattle, Color Girls 2, Girls' League Repre- sentative 2, News Representative 2, 4, Roll Checker 2, Gym Moni- tor 3, Art Club 4, Con Deputy 4, Tennis 2, Golf 2, 3. Langdon, David Edmund Math, Science, Social Studies Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Amores Librorum 3, 4, War- riors 4, Math Club 3, President 4, Ground Squad 3, Captain 4, Fed- eration Representative 3, Red Cross Representative 2, News Representative 4, Comanche Guard 3, 4, Senior A Honor Roll, A. S. C. 4, Boys' Federation Council 4. Lenke, William Music Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4. Lewis, Frank Earl Science, Industrial Arts Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ground Squad 2, 3, 4, Amores Librorum 1, 2, Tamarack Representative 4, Boys' Federation Representative 2. Lind, Marguerite Joyce Social Studies Girls Golf 2, 3, Captain 4, Red Feathers 4, Tamarack Repre- sentative 4, Vox Puellarum 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Representative 2, Doll Shop 3, Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times. Luschei, janet Josephine Math, Science Central Council 3, 4, A. S. C. 3, 4, Color Girls 1, 2, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Red Feathers 3, 4, Senior A Honor Roll, Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times, Con- duct Board 3, Big Cousin 3, Red Cross Representative 4, Tennis Team 3, 4, All-Activity Letter 3, bar 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Badminton 3, 4. Malloy, La Rene Mary Art Transferred from Holy Names, Slip Collector 3, Girl Reserves 3, Secretary 3, Girls' League Honor Roll 2 times. Mason, Patrick Science, Music Band 2, 3, 4. Maxwell, Marvin Math, Manual Arts Senior A Honor Roll, News Staff, Sports Editor 4. McBride, Gladys Pearl 5 Commercial Transferred from Seattle, Wash- ington. Lindley, John Social Studies Mackliet, Bonnie Lou Commercial Tamarack Representative 1, Roll Checker 2, Library Monitor 1, 2, Senior Counselor 4, Big Cousin 2, Senior A Honor Roll. Martin, Katharine Ann Social Studies Vox Puellarum 3, Vice President 4, A. S. C. 3, 4, Central Council 3, 4, Red Feathers 3, Historian 4, Tennis Team 3, Color Girls 2, Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times, Operetta 3, Doll Shop 3, Spring Pageant 3, 4, Senior Counselor 4, All-Activity Letter 2, Library Chairman 3, Depart- ment Head of Social Service 4, Amores Librorum 2, Vice President 3, Secretary 4, Home Room Library Representative 2, Library Monitor 1, 2, Red Cross Representative 3, Big Cousin 2. Massey, Bettie Mae Home Economics Transferred from Grand Forks, N. D., Big Cousin 2, 3, 4. May, Mary Lois Commercial Horizon Club 1, 2, Senior Dramatics 4, Red Feathers 3, 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, Thespian 3, 4, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Doll Shop 3, Tennis Team 4, A. S. C. 4, Central Council 4, News Representative 1, 2. McDaniel, Ralph William Science forty-one McDonald, Joyce Luella Home Economics Big Cousin 2, 3, Library Worker 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times. , McGetrick, Myrtle Cora Math Transferred from Butte, Mon- tana, Girl Reserve 2, 3, Slip Collector 4, Library Worker 3. McKinney, Ronald C. Math, Drawing Ground Squad 1, 2, Tamarack Representative 2, 3, Cross Country 3, 4, News Representa- tive 3. Mehaffey, Donald Math Transferred from Gonzaga, Locker Monitor 3. Meredith, Betty Social Studies Girls League Honor Roll 6 times, Operetta 3, Color Girls 1, 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Doll Shop 3, Spring Pageant 2, Library Representa- tive 1, 2, All-Activity Leter 3, Con Deputy 4, Gym Monitor 3. r Montroy, Jeanine Velsie Social Studies Roll Checker 2, 3, 4, Water Pageant 2, Track 3. forty-two .UM McDougall, Robert Art, Science Transferred from Lewis and Clark, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 4, Baseball 4, A. S. C. 3, 4, Boys' Federation 2, 3, Secretary 4, Warriors 4, Fire Chief 3. McKeen, Elizabeth Jeanne Math, Foreign Languages Central Council 3, 4, A. S. C. 3, Treasurer 4, Conduct Board 4, Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Vox Puellarum 3, 4, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, All-Activity Letter, Girls' League Honor Roll 6 times, Senior A Honor Roll, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Doll Shop 3, Spring Pageant 2, 4. Medcalf, Laurence A. Industrial Arts Football 3, Manager 4. Mehl, Ray Industrial Arts tai Minden, Gerald Neal Math, Science Moore, Jacqueline Commercial Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, Secretary 4, A. S. C. 4, Central Council 4, Office Monitor 4, Gym Monitor 2, 4, Doll Shop 3, Spring Pageant 2, 4, All-Activity Letter, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times, Art Club 2, 3, Vice President 4, Con Deputy 4, Tennis 3, 4. Moore, Gordon Wray Science, M ath Murphy, Gordon Neil Math Operetta 45 Choir 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Boys' Federation Representative. Musser, Gerald Oliver Science Band 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 3, 45 Pep Band 3, 45 Groundsquad 3, 45 Operetta 25 Doll Shop Orchestra 3. Nygren, Del Carl Math Band 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 45 Boys' Federation Representative 25 Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. Olstad, Donald Science Track 15 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Federation Council 2, 45 Warriors 45 Commanche Guard 45 Handball. Paggett, Arthur Math, Science Math Club 3, 45 Latin Club 45 Traffic Squad 3, 45 News Repre- sentative 45 Tamarack Repre- sentative 35 Radio Club 3. Moss, Ted Social Studies Band 3, 45 Library Representa- tive 3. 9 Murphy, Patricia Helen Art Three Fives 2, 35 Art Club 1, Secretary 25 Choir 2, 35News Representative 35 Operetta 1, 2, 3. Nolen, Nina Jane Math Tennis Team Manager 3, 45 A. S. C. 35 Central Council 35 Athletic Board Chairman 45 Locker Monitorg Vox Puellarum , 4. Olson, Bruce Valdemar Math, Science Traffic Squad 3, 45 Amores Librorum 3, Vice President 45 A. S. C. 45 Senior A Honor Roll. Oslund, Betty Jean Foreign Languages Girls' League President 45 Central Council 3, 45 A. S. C. 3, 45 Vox Puellarum 2, 3, Secretary 45 Red Feathers 3, 45 Color Girls 25 Big Cousin 2, 35 Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 D011 Shop 35 Spring Pageant 2, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 All-Activity Letter5 Girls' League Honor Roll 6 timesg Senior Counselor 4. Pahkama, Dorthy Luvern Social Studies Senior Counselor 45 Library Monitor 3, 45 News Repre- sentative 25 Girls' League Representative 35 Red Cross Representative 1. forty-three Palmer, Lloyd Arnold Math Operetta 2, 3, 4, Locker Monitor 2, 2, Ground Squad 2, Choir 2, 3, . Peacock, John A. Social Studies Band 2, 3, 4. Penny, Daniel Gene Science, Math, Social Studies News Representative 4, Boys' Federation Representative 3, Boys' Federation Council 4, Thespian 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 4, Traffic Squad 2, 3, Captain 4, Operetta, Leads 3, 4, Doll Shop Lead 3, Home Room President 4, Warriors 4. Peters, Marilyn Faye Bookkeeping Transferred from Lewis and Clark, Tamarack Representative 4, Library Monitor 2, Gym Monitor 3. Poole, Carmen Kathleen Math Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, All-Activity Letter, Girls' League Honor Roll 6 times, Senior A Honor Roll, Senior Dramatics, Big Cousin 4, Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, Library Representa- tive 3, Spanish Club 3, 4. Quackenbush, justin L. Math, Science Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Football 4, News Staff 3, Sports Editor 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, President 4, Dues Lieutenant 4, A. S. C. 4, Home Room Rep- resentative 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Warriors 3, 4, Charter Member. forty-four 'Av Patterson, Verna Rae Home Economics Red Feathers 3, 4, Color Girls 2, A. S. C. 4, Central Council 4, Dance Committee, Chairman 4, League Monitor 4, Girls' League Representative 2, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times, Baseball 3. Pease, Ruth Evelyn Bookkeeping P.-T. A. Representative 3, Li- brary Representative 4, Girls' League Representative 3, Hori- zon Club 3, Scribe 4. Perry, Hazel Nadine Social Studies Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Vox Puel- larum 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Amores Librorum 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Representative 2, Big Cousin 2, 3, Library Representa- tive 3, Girls' League Representa- tive 3, 4, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Doll Shop 3, Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times, Color Girls 1, 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Senior Coun- selor 4, All-Activity Letter 2. Peterson, Donald Industrial Arts, Social Studies Boys' Federation Representative. Porta, Robert Theodore Math Band 2, 3, 4. Reece, Victor Math, Social Studies Transferred from New Castle, Indiana. Rhett, Harold Eugene Math Traffic Squad 45 Locker Monitor 45 Tennis 3g News Representative 2, 3. Riblet, Audrey LaRue Home Economics Color Girls 25 Red Feathers 3, 45 Spring Pageant 25 Library Representative 3, 45 Gym Monitor 35 A. S. C. 35 Central Council 35 Senior Counselor 45 War Stamp Representative 25 Tennis Team 3. Rittenbach, Doris Mae Commercial Transferred from Turtle Lake, North Dakota. Robinette, Ervin James Social Studies, Manual Arts Con Deputy 35 Baseball 3. Roning, Robert Drawing, Math Graduated in 315 years. Rummer, Betty Lorraine Commercial Girls' League Representative 2. Rhodes, Opal Jean Commercial Transferred from Hollywood, California. Richardson, Florence Home Economics Red Cross Representative 45 Girls' League Representative 15 Roll Checker 2. Roberts, Kent Manual Arts Wrestling 4. Roller, Clara Belle Home Economics Transferred from West Valley. Ruddy, Bill Lewis Social Studies Tennis 3, 45 Library Representa- tive 25 Federation Representative 45 News Representative 3. Sanner, Robert Eugene Social Studies Band 2, 3, 45 Ground Squad 2, 35 Chess 2. forty-five San torsola, James Math Transferred from Gonzagag Graduated in 3V2 years, Stage 1, 2, 3. Schoepke, Harry Benjamin Science, Math, Drawing Boys' Federation Representative 2, 3. Schwarz, John Stephen Math A. S. C. 43 Boys' Federation Trea- surer 4, Vice President 43 News Staff 43 Assitant Sports Editor 43 Tamarack Sports Editor, Tennis 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 43 Warriors 3, 4, Vice President 43 Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4. Simmons, joan Commercial Gym Monitor 23 Roll Checker 13 War Stamp Representative 2. Sines, Grant WV. Social Studies Transferred from Chelan, Wash- ingtong War Stamp Representa- tive 23 Boys' Federation Repre- sentative 3, 4. Smythe, Ronald Sooal St1:c7"s 'l'r:1:1sfcrrcd from Wilmington, Delaware, Senior Dramatics. forty-six Savas, Dorothy Ruth Commercial, Home Economics News Representative 23 Girls' League Representative 2, 33 Li- brary Representative 23 Doll Shop 23 Slip Collector 3, 43 Li- brary Monitor 2g Social Service 43 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 13 Girls' League Honor Roll 7 times3 Commercial Club 4. Schutz, Patricia Belle Commercial, Home Economics Locker Monitor 23 Vox Puellarum 3, 43 Art Club 43 Senior Counselor 43 Con Deputy 43 Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Representative 2, 33 Roll Checker 4. Sherman. Patricia Ann Home Economics Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 News Staff 4, Associate Editor 4, Co-Editor 43 Spanish Club 43 Quill and Scroll 4, Secretary 43 Orchestra 23 Spring Pageant 23 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 2, 33 All- Activity Letter 33 Girls' League Honor Roll 6 times3 Senior A Honor Roll3 Big Cousin 2, 33 Girls' League Representative 2. 4 Simpson, Darlene Mae Home Economics Graduated in 3V2 years3 Color Girls 1, 23 Spring Pageant 23 Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times: Big Cousin 1, 3. Smith, Gloria Helen Math Girls' League Honor Roll 8 timesg Library Monitor 1, 33 Vox Puel- larum 3, 43 Girls' League Repre- sentative 2, 3, 43 Slip Collector 43 Bookroom Worker 23 Chorus 33 Music Festival 33 Library Rep- resentative 2g Central Council 43 A. S. C. 43 Senior Counselor 4. Sostrom, Evelyn Marie Commercial Library Representative 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Big Cousin 2, 33 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 2, 3. Stammerjohn, John Math, Social Studies Traffic Squad 43 Boys' Federation Representative 23 Locker Monitor 33 Stage Crew 13 Red Cross Rep- resentative 23 Tamarack Repre- sentative 2. Starr, Lois Math, Science Transferred from Portland, Ore- gon3 Girls' League Representa- tive 43 Big Cousin 4. Steitman, Roger E. Math . Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 3, 43 Band Business Manager 33 Tama- rack Representative 23 Locker Monitor 3. Stewart, Della Virginia Social Studies Color Girls 23 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 23 Operetta Orchestra 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 News Rep- resentative 33 Spanish Club 3, 43 Library Worker 43 Senior Counselor 43 All-Activity Letter 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 5 times3 Basketball 43 Badminton 43 Senior A Honor Roll. Straub, Jack Earnest Manual Arts Boys' Federation Committee Chairman 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop 3. Sullivan, Lois Dian Home Economics A. S. C. 13 Central Council 13 Doll Shop 1, 33 Operetta 13 Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Representative 1, 2, 43 News Rep- resentative 43 Library Repre- sentative 33 Senior A Secretary 4. 4' Staples, James Kay Math, Science Fire Squad 23 Traffic Squad 3, 43 Boys' Federation Committee Head 43 Senior Counselor 43 A. S. C. 43 Choir, 43 Boys' Choir 43 Operetta 3, 43 Senior Dramatics 43 Tennis 4. Starry, Richard Rhodes Math, Science Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Doll Shop Orchestra 33 Traffic Squad 43 Math Club 3, 4. Stempke, Shirley jean Commercial Transferred from Missoula. Montana. Stilz, john Social Studies , Football 23 Boys' Federation Rep- resentative 4. Strawn, Walter Phillip Foreign Languages, Social Studies Latin Club, Vice President -2, President 33 Armors Libroi-nm. President 43 Debate 43 Conduct Board 43 A. S. C. 43 Senior Counselor 43 Ground Squad 3, Commissioner 43 Boys' Feder- ation Representative 2, 3. Swanson, Eleanor Jean Math, Science Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 43 Latin Club 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Thespian 3. Secretary 43 Tennis Team 3, 43 Senior Dramatics 43 All-Activity Letterg Doll Shop 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Girls' League Honor Roll 6 times3 Senior A Honor Roll3 After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Big Cousin 23 Library Repre- sentative 33 News Representative 4. forty-seven Taylor, Doris Arlene Commercial Commercial Club, Secretary 43 Library Worker 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Representative 23 Big Cousin 2, Tellefson, Douglas Rollin Math, Science Math Club 2, 3, President 43 Traffic Squad 2, 3, 43 Tennis Team 2, 3, 43 Boys' Federation Department Head 43 A. S. C. 43 Tamarack Representative 1. Thibeault, Colleen Ann Social Studies Transferred from Lewis and Clark3 Big Cousin 3, 43 Senior Counselor 43 News Representa- tive 43 Locker Monitor 33 Slip Collector 3. Thorsen, Wanda Elizabeth Math Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 33 Color Guard 43 Central Council 43 A. S. C. 43 Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, President 43 Con Deputy 33 Girls' League Honor Roll 8 times3 Vox Puellarum 3, President 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Tennis Team 3, 43 Operetta 2, 33 Doll Shop 33 Big Cousin 33 All- Activity Letter 33 Locker Moni- tor 2. Till. George Albert Math, Science Transferred from Kellogg, Idaho: Boys' Locker Commissioner 3, 43 A. S. C. 3, 43 Boys' Federation Council 3, 43 Football 43 Operetta Lead 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop Lead 33 Boys' Federation Representative 43 Band 3, 43 Conduct Board, President 43 Boys' State 3. Toppin, Dorothy June Math, Bookkeeping Senior A Honor Roll3 Girls' League Honor Roll 3 times3 Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 All- Activity Letter3 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Big Cousin 23 Basketball 2, 43 Badminton 43 Volleyball 3, 4. forty-cight Taylor, Peggy Joyce Commercial Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times3 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Dance Com- mittee 43 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 2, 3, 43 A. S. C. 43 Central Council 43 Conduct Board, Secretary 43 Spring Pageant 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Vox Puellarum 2, 33 News Representative 2. Thaut, Beverly Jeane Science Color Girls 1, 23 Girls' League Representative 23 Red Cross Rep- resentative 33 Con Deputy 43 Senior Counselor 4, Thill, Jean Lucille Social Studies Transferred from Cheney, Wash- ington3 Horizon Club 33 Roll Checker 43 Senior Counselor 43 Big Cousin 4. Tibbitts, Forrest Donald Science, Math Transferred from Pomeroy High School3 A. S. C. 43 Boys' Feder- ation Council 43 Basketball 2, 33 Golf 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Toms, Mary Ellen Foreign Languages Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Con Com- missioner 43 A. S. C. 43 News Representative 23 Con Deputy 33 School Service 2, 3. Tronson, Edgar M ath. Graduated in 3V2 YBHFSQ Boys' Federation Chairman. Tweet, Martin Manual Arts Basketball 4. Ulrey, Richard Duane Math, Science News Representative 2, 33 Traffic Squad 33 Boys' Con Deputy Commissioner 33 Math Club 2, 33 Federation Representa- tive 4. Vevea, Charles F. Math Operetta 4. Warren, Kenneth Roscoe Social Studies Football 3. Waugh, james Science, Music Band 2, 3, 4. Weaver, Laura Home Economics Transferred from Layton, Utah. Tuttle, James Irvine Social Studies Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 43 Choir 43 Boys' Federation Representa- tive 43 Tamarack Representative. Van Liew, Hugh D. Science Graduated in 314 yearsg News Staff, Co-Editor 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Traffic Squad 43 Latin Club 43 World Affairs Organization 43 Debate 4. Wallace, Bernice Lee Commercial Transferred from Richmond, Californiag Tamarack Repre- sentative 43 Girl Reserves 3, Treasurer 33 Girls' League Honor Roll 2 timesg War Stamp Repre- sentative 3. Washburn, Darrell R. Social Studies Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Warriors Charter Member. Waye, Allen Clark Math., Science Federation Representative 23 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Warriors 43 Locker Monitor 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Tamarack Representative 3. Wellman, Emmett Earl Mechanical Drawing Operetta 13 Vocational Director 13 Boys' Federation Department Head 43 War Stamp Representa- tive 1, 23 Discharged from Army. forty-nine White, Loris Social Studies Wilcox, Lowell C. Math Transferred from Avery, Idaho, War Stamp Representative 3, Locker Monitor 4. Wilson, Margaret Corinne Bookkeeping Red Cross Representative 2. Wood, Stanley Eugene Social Studies Boys' Federation Council 3, 4, A. S. C. 3, 4, Dance Committee 4, Football Manager l, 2, 3, Cheer Leader 3, 4. Wycoff, Rosa Eileen Commercial Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, News Repre- sentative 2, 3, Red Cross Repre- sentative 4, Library Worker 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club President 4, Slip Collector 4, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times. iiflu Wiggs, Phyllis Lee Home Economics Senior A Tamarack Editor 4, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, Sergz.nt-at- Arms 4, Decoration Committee for Totem Inn 4, A. S. C. 3, 4, Central Council 3, 4, Girls' League Representative 2, 3, As- sistant Floor Chairman 3, Red Feathers 3, 4, Color Girls 2, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Doll Shop 3, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Con Deputy 4, Big Cousin 2, 33 Girl Reserves 2, Secretary 2, Girls' League Honor Roll 4 times, All- Activity Letter 4. Williams, Neil Alexander Math Band 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross- Country 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 4: Warriors 3, 4, Basketball 3, Federation Financial Secretary 4: A. S. C. 4, Federation Council 4, Doll Shop Orchestra 3, Boys' State 3, Athletic Board 4. Wiltfong, Iris Mae Social Studies Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 4, Girls' League Representative 3, Library Representative 3, 4, Big Cousin 2, Senior Counselor 4. Woodward, Lois Mae Home Economics Red Feathers 3, 4, Big Cousin 3, 4, Con Deputy 4, Operetta 4, Doll Shop 3, Spring Pageant 2: Girls' League Representative 4, Base- ball 3. Yamada, Frank Industrial Arts Transferred from Hunt, Idaho, Football 4. Young, Marjorie May Home Economics Transferred from Medical Lake, Washington, Horizon Club 3, Vice President 4, Library Worker 4, Senior Counselor 4, Big Cousin 4. Boyd Black Curtis Cade VVendell Clark George Coomes Anetta Ebert, Gordon Emery 5 ,func Seniors Without Portraits QM 4 Garnet Fitzpatrick Keith McDaniel 5 5 Betty Fleming Charles Hedget YVesley Irwin Fern .Larson Sam Lundeen Marshall Martin uffltmilv wif Mary Lou O'Donnell Stan Roderick Johnnie Lee Stone Ronald Van Gelder Lloyd Zorn Scholastic Honor Roll Fifty-seven june graduates received the Scholastic Honor Award. 'lhe three-year average must be A or B. Following is the list in order ol each average. lNIari1yn Borset janet Luschei Betty MeKeen Pearl Garofalo Hugh Van Liew Carmen Poole jean Kirk Doris Garcia Philip Strawn Katharine Martin Del Nygren Ronnie Crowe Katherine Davis Wanda 'fhorsen David Langdon Lois Grose Ramona Carrik Sally Bourbeau Hazel Perry George Till Virginia Stewart Patricia Sherman Eleanor Swanson Patricia Fitzpatrick Harry Cooper Bonnie Mackliet Shirley Bush Marilyn Gottbreht Betty Ebbesen Wesley Krauel Richard Starry Mary Ellen Toms Bonnie Bowers Bruce Olson Richard Daggett Arthur Paggett Virginia Stewart jean Beaughan Doris Cole Marvin Maxwell Betty Uslund justin Quackenbush Betty Cogley Edgar Tronson Mary Bennion Myrtle Chitty Corrine Wilson Richard Ault John Schwarz Audrey Landreth Darlene Simpson Betty Buxton Don Johnson Doug Tellefson Lucille Hoekridge Phil Lanphear Dorothy Toppin Larry Wriggle fifty- one 7? Q Just to Kemember SIGN HERE 1.00 Classes 3 Front row, left to right: Leland lllcMacken, Ted Robinett, Don Holmes, John Trimble, Dick Culton, 1' ' rs , Bob Lancaster. Harford Hanson, Ted Williams-second row: Dolores Prather, Betty Stcvcns, Betty ff' -' Twitchell, Dorothy Harmon, Patty Bozarth. Alice Rhodes, Elizabeth Grandstaff, Mary Ann Heath- S ' third row: Viola Koenig. Opal Murdock, Gloria Warn. Jackie Robbins. Jeannette Bogar, Luann Millcr, f ff ' A Alice Paine, Diane Lucas, Peggy Marie Greenside-fourth row: Robert Krause, Dick Struchen, Jo Ann . X- , Lygek, Helen Coburn, Avis Nagle, Muriel De Mander, La Bertu Tessendorf, Dick Myers, Bill Mimkers. .Toe Phillips. Front row, left to right: Bob Dietrich, Torn Perko, Vern McVay. Ed Anderson, Larry Baker, Bill Q Evans, Jim Burson, Duane Sinyard-second row: Jeannie Haas, Jackie Salmon. Dorothy Powell. Elaine ' -X , Ellis, Maralce McReynolds, Norma Lea Swank, Mavis Berg, Marjorie Oakes, Betty Cauvel, Mary Koleff f y V' f . -third row: Dick McKenney, Larry Hall, Don Lewis, Lyle Emch, Stu Davis, Tomme Fowler, Jerry I. X X Sherred, Don Powers. Lawrence Clark, Bill Sjoberg, Dick Hubbard-'fourth row: Marian Sampson, f I 'X Marion Todd, Vera Wilhelmi, Gayle Hegle, Edna Clark, Arlette Keiner, Phyllis Liggett, Bonnie -ss., Cornwell, Beatrice Smith-fifth row: Don Hilby, Cliff Foote, Jack Moad, Dick Alexander, Marlyn Berg, - Dorance Dean, Tom Edwards, Don Klavane, Willard Mclnnis. -X 'r' fifty-three Juniors Front row. left to right: Maiy Blume, Bererlee Gibbons. Ann De Freese, Bernadinv Peterson. Ann Clarke, Barbie Phillips. Ardis Palmer, Caroline Sperryfsecond row: Joan Efferlz, Pal Harding, Suzanne Jack, Shirley Harlan, Jackie Rupp, June Erickson. Ula Duckctt. Barbara Duryev, Yvonne Gwiazda, Beverly Butte. Many Ann Barnhari-third row: Don Pierce, Bob Lancaster. Jack Gilkvy, Gene Hendricks, Le Roy Howell, Austin Nyreen. Jack Welch, Walter Yeager, Don Reichurt. Bob Kun-hl, Ralph Jensen-fourth row: Beverly Harder. Dorothy Allen, Jean Robinson. Janet Ac-hen, Pat Williams, Pat. Patrick, Juanalie Free. Shirley Richwine, 'Vlay Louise Olson, Mitzi Chichester, Rae Marlon. Frances Hiller-fifth row: Harry Hunt, Jiin Lee. Don Blinrow, Marty Krueger. John St. Marie. John Lee, Merle Emerson. Kenneth Jones, Clarence Nickerson, Don Holt-sixth row: Jack Finley, Paul Wzillintzforcl, Charley Swain, Bob Fasig, J.-ark Dc-no, Bill Brophy. Jack Thompson. George Ferrer. Front row, left to right: Vera Ellis, Georgcne Guter, Donna Daggott, Beverly Johnson, Donna Cozzotto, Ruth Kienhulz, Jeri Bombino, lVlary Unger-second row: Joanne Pandclis, Dolora Pease, Raymona Morgan, Elaine Timboc, Irene Benner, Marjorie Jamison, Delena Ayers, Evva Lou Chamberlain, June Branch--third row: Sue Philips, Arden Sudhotf, Leona Morgan, Lila Graham, Tillie Alley. Beatrice Carlson, Ruby Klemz, Betty Walz, Jo Anne Biggerstaff, Pattie Ruby-fourth row: Dorothy Moe, Dorothy Knapp, Lois Till, Shirley Shelton, Dolores Osterback. Beverly True, Patricia Krieglur, Charlotte Martin, Gwenn Miller -fifth row: Marjorie Mewes, De Lorys Gronwold, Beverly I-Ivenoff. Margaret Oakes, Joan Krammvr, Joyre Loomis, Annabelle Sells, Esther Virden. fifty-four 0 JUIMDYS ffiiiil J Front row. left to right: Pat Howard, Virginia Evans, Hcnryctta Koleff, Ann Clarke, Helen Chandler, Dolores Murray, Mollie Pierce. Marilyn McCarty-second row: Gladys Cerenzia, Marian Fritsch, Patty Prague. Rosemary Schneider. Barbara Crosby, Nlargery Nobles. Grace Nluclgc. Edythe Rasmussen, Barbara Fracefthird row: Shirley Geschwinder, Annabelle Olson, Donna Theiss, Grace Clark, Ronn Bossio, Beau Hannah, Kenny Perxy. Fran Kirkendall, Betty Kellbeg. Dona Tokarz-fourth row: Lou Endsley, Ken Om-ieder. Clare Hart, Elmer Dean, Barry Brewer, Don Heiscr, Dick Bankson, Don Gothberg, Ralph Nlontroy. Fred Martin, Jim Smith, Herb Rnih. Front row, left to right: Wall Becker, Eddie Stohs, Bob Youell, Bob Conrad, Don Cameron, Wally l l l Teseh, Warren Kite, Chuck Brandt-second row: Marion Stickney, La Berta Badden, Jackie De Mers, Dorothy Aslin, Dolores Gargent, Bernice Horch, Virginia Dunn. Virginia Hoefner. Rosie Davis-third ' row: Phyllis Hall, Donna Bruce, Ruth Burnam, Pearl Cooper, Marian Skinner. Carrie Smith, Dorothy Clark, Mae Casteel, Cynthia Bishop-fourth row: Mary Alice Ring, Viola Koenig, Odetta Kiniry, Alice ,dis-1 Van Dorn, Donna Fraser, Joanie Britton. Bonnie Johnson, Joan Deeble. Collecn Bivins-fifth row: f ,fav f Barbara Carey, Helen Anderson. Beverly Vehrs, Jeanne Smothers, lvlarguerite Kincaid, Jean Erickson, Marianne Ericson. Dorothy Cedar, Elaine Johnson-sixth row: Harold Layton, Derald Johnson, Kenneth Grathe, Albert Kozacik, Dick Colton. Homer Davis, Glen Evans, Casper Aschenbrener, Dale Wood, John Hunton, Don Close-seventh row: Jim Worley, George Lambdin, Don Agost. George Swedberg, Jack Walters, Bill Jones. fifty-five 4 Y Front row, left to right: Louise Cannata. Donna Leiter, Betty Littell, Jane l-Iubbell, Bev Cisna. Joanna Baily. Barbara Fisn, Pat La Rue--second row: Joyce Essick, Lorraine McKelvey, La Vone Brown, Shirley Ingham, Lorraine Hall, Vivian Ingham, Joanne Boldcn. Marilyn Reynolds, Louise Johnson-third row: Nona Siverson, Shirley Kooken, Nancy Van Schoorl, Jeannie Stinson, Gordon Fanning. Carol Jean Babbitt. Kathleen Zupan, Donna Bill, Lorna Skow-fourth row: Alan Tronsen, Dick McDonald, Jack Lyons, Derald Johnson, Martin Burns, Walt Baker. Ken Lovejoy. Bill Wilkinson, Don Hahn-fifth row: Richard Warning, Charles McQuarry, Jack Denny. Charlie Carman, Frank Brotzman, Walt, Lower, Roger Smith, Wally Bratton. Harold Cross, Don Beck. I- if Front row, left to right: La Mar Fielding, Jack Seidel, Bob Whipple, Dick Collins, Arthur Finke. Dean Tucker, Francis Berry, Johnny Pandelis-second row: Cliff Nickell, Calver Schaffer, Jayne Bartlett, Dave Stoddard. Joe Good, Jim Watkins, Lewis Peters, Bill Koenig, Bob Cochran, Ernie Watkins, Bill Shawley-third row: Marylu Heaston, Bobbie Cobb, Hazel Sather, Caroline White. Greta Simpson, Maxine Matthews, Mayme Williams, Lavonne Riley, Deloris Porath, Dorla Conner, Jean -- Lambert, Bobbee Karnm-fourth row: Darlene Johnson, Elsie Brynni, Joan Gought, Barbara Musser. N Lucille Wieder, Vivian Vill, Jackie Cook, Leatrice Davidson, Norma Lee KachinskyAfifth row: Kathryn Rutt, Doris Weaver, Bobbe Hansen, Virginia McAninch, Ellen Mann, Elizabeth Mann. Beatrice Davidson, Donna Dickey, Irene Triplett-sixth row: Keith Adams, Bob Lee, Wally Smith, Bob Brown, Eugene Bardsley, Bill Zupan, Roger McGee, Dave McNelis, Daryl Eagle-seventh row: Leonard Warren, Don Boisen, Donald Raeder, Earl Dreyer, Edward Fairchield. Ron Remington, Eldon Morris. fifty-seven xl :W QW kd A M, Sffv' Qfxj. 2 Ms. Fl 62 :Mr I 5 i 1 , I 4 1 Av' , f iw N fl ffm es? X' X an ' gg 'it X if J X 4 lg X lm gf! a . . . Q S, 'dn -1 Li, MN 5, sk vw 1. M' , . 'Q V M ,QM ,gm WW' fi Q , 'f' , hw ,, ' L V I y ,,,, wg I QB: 2 1 x.. fr ix , ww ,fur 'Aw k fl I ' 21 iii mia, Kai N 'I' an W ISS A 3 3 gifs? . V, A-vin V I , aa. 1 Y' f "' M 'i .A P 5 -:Ai' up i:: f . :AE f 5 -4-' f 3 R A . ,3 j'-: iii- i i f ,E W .LW A ,Wi Q J S M4 ' 3 in-lv wh! J, .ii Ereiljmen J ,325 Front row, left to right: Joan Kuehl, Lucille Bennett. Beverly Smnmers, Pat Gerlach, Joan Cochran, Beverly Timmers. Mary Ann Reilly, Eddie Lou TarvenAsecond row: Jody Bates, Norma Fairflax, Dorene Herrington. Ann Maas, Le Ann Johnson, Wilma Poe, Shirley Abbott, Lois Jaeoy, Darlene Lobdell, Pat Smith, Roselie Collins-third row: Bob Colasurdo, Raymond King. Jimmie Gaines, Jackie Williams, John Adams, Bill Schienger, Dick Adams, Myoin Werner, Louie Pollak, Jim Ferry- fourth row: Marvin Nyberg, Bob D. Fmmm, Don Barth, Donna Hall. Joannie Grolapp, Thelma Doggett, June Hartnett, Loretta Gleason, Darrell Peasley. Layle Materne. Lawrence PowerAfifth row: Jerry Reinen, Kenny Allen. Harvey Smith, Douglass Rhoads, Clare Tracy. Dave Strawn, Bill Hienz, Don Loclizirt. Jerry Flowers, Bill Ellison. Front row. left to right: Catherine Wagner. Beverly Semling. Jeri Kippen, Shirley Feeder. Beth Reehl. Erma Jenn Alexander. Blanche Pellelverg, Mary Lee Beatty-second row: Carla Rae Harvill, Donna Kellmn, Molly Lambert, Rena Karlson, Shirley Rosenstein, Phyllis Benson, LaVon Taylor, Nadine Ruhling. Laurel Sc-awardfthird row: Pat Armstrong. Donna Hillman. Jospehine Wurtz, Shirley Endersnn. Joann- Dunham. Barbara Seiser. Joan Pederson. Beverly Wagner, Shirley Longly-fourth row: Dolores Brewer. Noreen Chistee, Carol Benner. Margaret Orr. Joan Rutt, Barbara Garside-fifth row: Azalia Picard. Loretta Jones. Ann Henderson, Pat Balderson, Rose Perkins, Bennie Boweutt, Jerry Morrison. Etnerzmee Picard. si.r1y-two V Front row, left to right: Patsy Lindberg, Joyce Holman, Pat Swaboda, Bettie Panter, Pauline V N '9 Tabor, La Donna Ross, Helena Watson, Barbara Wright-second row: Joe Mulvey, Calvin Leppell, f - ' Connie Quam, Wyona Tryon, Mary Moon, Bill Barnett, Billy Weber, Larry Thayerwthird row: Dick Rockstrom, Charles Jones, Jack Arnevick, Don Schudel, Jack Seagraves, Leonel Picard. Dewey Rollins, y, Y-.N Kenneth Thompson-fourth row: Bill Beidleman, Roger Hunt, Clinton Wilkes, Dale Hundebv Dick I A ,A , Smith, Larry Kiser, Gerald Fry, l-Iemett Tabor-fifth row: Chuck Neyman, Eugene Odell, Alillervin ' W Carlson, Frank Glatt, Bob Rogers, Ernie Larson, Douglas Rider. I Front row, left to right: Connie Manskv, Roberta Hanks Marianne Brown Alice May Smith J Edith Rizzi, Shirley Lynch, Gayle Yenney, Hilma Ulijohn-second row: Joyce Byrne, Shirley Manlove, X' Audrey Zimmer, Delores Warnke, Velda Brooks, Pat Berger, Joyce Cardullo, Elaine Silk, Florence Wurtz, Shirley Atherton-third row: Jimmy Roberts, Loren Newland, Alvin Byrne, Joan Lyons. X rf' Dolmalee Wrinkle, Dona Lee Hyer, Pauline Burger, Jim Hallam, Lee Hoover, Don Bredesen-fourth ,' ,f,5!'9""1, row: Frank Storey, Albert Walker, Don Defcytcr, Derl Harter, Benny Decker, Bruce Brotzman, Ray f' ff' " NJ S'h - R' ' ' - ' ' 4, uaman, ichard Munk, Curtis Bentley, Daniel Lev. Sos:-fifth row: James Hoacllev Jack Munn Don Sweet, Bill Lux, Harold Erickson, Ralph Rodolph, Richard Guy, Jim Rhodes, Tom' Clutter, Qdentin ' "i"' ' Smith, Keith Johnson. sixty-three '7 ,mf - 'Af 5 "'466s.1f- Q .aaqffv , ' S ctivnle -as-el 62? Y,- A. S. C Party featured old-time dancing. A. S. C. DANCE COMMITTEE-Front row, left to right: Peggy Taylor, Mary Bech, co-chairman, and Betty Cogley-second row: Jack Benner, co-chairman, Don Cameron, Stan Woods, and Paul Bardsley. sixty - five f Composing the Associated Student roun- rils are the lloys' lfetleratioti rotitiril :incl the Clentrztl council ol' the Girls' league. 'l'he councils have supervision over the xltinior FALL A. S. C. COUNCIL.-Front row, left to right: Bobbie Geshwinder, Sally Vinther. Belly Cogley, lVlary Jane Grossman, Don Rohll. Patty Btttterlield, Charlie Wilson. Ardis Palmer. Shirley lVleGee -second row: Bonnie Bowers, Fran Crosby, Les Criuer, Mary Beeh, Pegilh' Taylor, Donna Hurd, Jackie Ftlnseth, Evva Lott Chamberlain, Carol Jean Babbitt, Sally Bourbeatt-third row: Alice Btiehanan, Mary Aliee Ring. Pat Fitzpatrick, Nedra Mandiek, Midge Roberts. Pearl Garafalo. Janet Lttsehei, Colleen Crampton, Wanda Thorsen Betty McKeen-fourth row: Shirley Bush. Andrey Landreth. Katherine lVlartin, Miekey' McDougall, John Schwarz, Tom Perko, Jim Burson. Jac-li Benner. George Till, Neil Wil- limnsgfifth row: li. C, Bradford, adviser, Don Cameron, Ernie Bentley, Doug Tellefson, Rob Taylor, Bob Graves, David Allen, Russ Smith, Don Olstad. and Miss Helen Cleveland. adxiser. .S.C. K FALL A. s. c. OFFICERS-Left to right: Don Rohlf, president, Patty Butterfield, seeretaryg Mary Jane Grossman, vice president: and Charlie Wilson, Rc-tl Cross. the Concluet lloztrcl. :incl the treasurer' operation ol' several joint cotntnittees. - M -f f-fff .Xtnong these joint committees. the clanre committee holcls at prominent position. c'onstrttt'lecl hy ntetnhers ol' the ,Xrt tlepztrt- l'iC1lllll'Ctl tl tntcs ol' the year were the Sztclie ment. Hawkins clztnce. the Varsity Ball. :incl the 'l'he catnpaign for the Orphans' Christ- 'l'ennis ll.1ll. lhis rotntniltee was also in- mas was highlighted by Il 'Tzttiipztigti within SIl'llllll'llllll in securing the cleeorzttions for at ezttiipztigir' to eollerl mlonzitions lor two the i'l'otem lim." which were tlesignecl :intl Dutch war reliel' latnilies. 'l'he spring si.rty-sir council ttndertook the task of providing for three more Dutch families who have had an unlucky time of it. .Xt the first semester A. S. C. party. old time dancing was a major attraction as it was at the second semester party, where the theme was based on St. l'atrit'k's day. Re- A. S. C. SPRING OFFICERS-Seated, left to right: Betty McKeen, treasurer: Shirley Bush, president-standing: Neil Williams, vice presidentg Tom Perko, secretary. " iv' - L l l , freshments included the traditional Hctokesf' doughnuts, and popcorn balls. A precedent was established, when the council voted to have a "dress up day." A semi-annual affair. it was promoted by older members of the A. S. C. who asserted that there had never been a day in all their fottr years of high school on which they Could wear their dress up clothes. Another "first," for the spring council was a party given from time to time honoring' the individual classes-freshman, sopho- more, junior, and senior. 'l'his series was climaxed by an all-school dance in March. Officers for the fall semester were: Don Rohlf, president: Mary -lane Grossman. vice president: Patty Butterfield, secretary: and Charlie Wilson, treasurer. Spring officers were: Shirley Bush, presi- dent: Neil Williams, vice president: 'l'om Perko. secretary: and Betty Mt'Keen. treasurer. ,. 'H M fwsf-1.1. A. S. C. COUNCIL-Front row, left to right: Tom Perko, Betty McKeen, Shirley Bush, Neil Wil- J liams-second row: Mollie Pierce. Mary Lois May. Audrey Landreth, Verna Rae Patterson, Alice Rhodes, Lucille Dunn, Dianne Lucas, Sally Bourbeau, Elaine Ellis, Dorothy Knapp. Margaret Franke, Wilma Devine, Mary Bech, Bonnie Bowers, Katharine Martin, Coleen Crampton, Mary Ellen Toms, Patty Fitz- X patrick, Miss Conah Mae Ellis-third row: Miss Helen Cleveland. Jim Burson. Betty Cogley, Johnnie I- ,X Gossett. Bruce Olson, Patty Gillespie, Ted Staples, Ardis Palmer, Dorothy Powell, Marian Sampson, , Patsy Deasy, Pearl Cooper, Dolores Paggett, Shirley Lynch, Alice Paine, Wanda Thorsen, Betty Oslund, l- Phyllis Wiggs, Helen Coburn, Jackie Moore, Buretta Gomger, Jean Kirk, Lois Grose. Janet Luschei, Carmen Poole, L, C. Bradford-fourth row: Wally Becker. Jack Benner, Bill Evans, Mickey McDougall, Iohn Schwarz, Ernie Bentley, Bud Quackenbush, Buddy Weis, Kenny Nelson, Don Tibbitts, George Till, Phil Strawn, Dave Langdon, Ivan Benton, Harry Cooper, Rich Munroe, Harold Rhett, lvar Aspaas. sixty-seven M FALL AND SPRING LEAGUE OFFICERS-Spring officers, left to right: Colleen Crampton, treasurerg Pat Fitzpatrick, secretaryg Bonnie Bowers, vice president, and Betty Oslund, president. Fall officers: Fran Crosby, presidentg Gloria Cozzetto, vice preside-ntg Jackie Funseth, secretaryg and Joanne Garrett, treasurer. All North Central girls are lIlCllllJCl'S of the Girls' League anal pay clues ol' ten rents Zl semester. Miss Conzili Male Ellis and Miss Helen Clevelancl are the present aclvisers. Miss Alessic Gibson, who was girls' aclviser. :incl who is now clean of girls al Pomona college. or- ganized the League in ISHS. FALL SENIOR COUNSELORS-Front row, loft to right: Mari- lyn Bnrset, Marjorie Chandler, Margie Young. Eleanor Collins. Audrey Landrelh, Kathy Martin, Lois Jahn, Ramona Carrick, Iris Wiltfonpi-second row: Gwen Kennedy, Lois Holsclaw, Patty Gil- lespie. Patty St-hulz, Myrtle Chitty, Betty Oslund, Hazel Perry, Colle:-n Tliivbault-third row: Lillian Brown, Virginia Stewart, Dorothy Pahkania, Lois Grose, Dorothy Connelly. Mildred Clark, Bonnie Mackliut, Jean Thill, Audrey Riblet, Margaret Franke, Doris Holmes, Gloria Smith, Jean Kirk. sixty-ciglzt ill? SPRING SENIOR COUNSELORS-Front row, left to right: Pat Harding, Joanne Crosby, Shirley Christian, Marilyn Gottbrelil. Lois Starr-second row: Betty Jo Doggett, Marjorie Chandler, Margaret Franke, and Dorothy Savas. l'resiclent lor the lull term this year was Frances Crosby ancl for the spring semester. Betty Usluncl. At Christmas time, the League presented a corsage to each member. They also sponsorecl a special pay convocation featuring Lee Urable. magician. Other projects in- rlurletl reclerorating the League office, a pot luck clinner for members ol the .fXssoc'iateil Stuclent councils, a program anml party lor incoming stuclents in january, ancl another pot lurk clinner lor olliicers ol' the live city schools. .-X girl qualities lor the League honor roll il' she has gracles ol' UC" or better ancl has earnecl ten League points. serv- ing in one ol' the League departments. 'l'wo semesters ol' service are awarclecl by a bronze pin: liour. a silver ping six. a golcl ping anml eight semesters ol' serv- ice, a golml pin with a ruby. A special girls' convocation is helcl to awarcl the pins. 'l'he emblem ol the League expresses its purpose: An .-Xnierican flag repre- sents honor: the beacl of a young girl. servieeg anal a Red Cross flag, loyalty. .-1-awww.. ..,. FALL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-Front row, left to right: Mary Bech, Betty McKeen, Betty Cogley, Gloria Cozzetto-second row: Shirley Bush, Bobbie Gesehwinder, Leslie Critzer, Bonnie Bowers. SPRING COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-Front row, left to right: Lois Grose, Jean Kirk, Dianne Lucas-second row: Audrey Land- reth, Margaret Franke, Verna Rae Patterson. SPRING CENTRAL COUNCIL-Front row, left to right: Peggy Taylor. Betty McKeen, Cookie Crampton, Bonnie Bowers, Betty Oslund, Pat Fitzpatrick, Verna Rae Patterson, Alice Rhodes, Dorothy Powell-second row: Jean Kirk, Sally Bourbeau, Audrey Landreth, Margaret Franke, Mary Toms, Buritta Gomgwer, Phyllis Wiggs, Katherine Martin, Jackie Moore, Mary Bech, Mary Lois May, Diane Heineman, Dianne Lucas-third row: Lois Grose, Shirley Bush, Dorothy Knapp, Pearl Cooper, Janet Luschei, Carmen Poole, Helen Coburn, Wanda Thorsen, Shirley Lynch, Florence Richardson, Johnnie Gossett, Patty Gillespie, Elaine Ellis FALL CENTRAL COUNCIL-Front row: left to right: Kathy Martin, Jackie Funseth, Frances Crosby, Gloria Cozzetto, Audrey Landreth, Mary Jane Grossman, Betty Cogley, Jeanie Meese, -second row: Pat Butterfield, Mary Bech, Leslie Critzer, Bonnie Bowers, Ardis Palmer, Shirley McGee, Sally Bourbeau, Cookie Crampton, Wanda Thorsen, Betty McKeen, Pearl Garofalo-third row: Pat Fitzpatrick, Bobbe Hansen, Mary Alice Ring, Donna Heard, Shirley Bush, Carol Jeane Babbitt, Annabelle Olson, Alice Paine, Gerry Koch, Alice Buchanan, Evva Lou Chamberlain, Janet Luschei, Bobbe Geschwinder, Nedra Mandick. sixty-miie FALL FEDERATION OFFICERS-Front row, left to right: Ernie Bentley, John Perko, Ray Feske- second row: Neil Williams, John Schwarz, L. C. Brad- ford, adviser. 5 ff W' 9 I . 1 I+ Q SPRING FEDERATION OFFICERS--Front row, left to right: Mickey McDougall, Ernie Bentley, John Schwarz-second row: Jim Burson, Rod Stewart. Established to PITJIIIOIC :lflivilies among the boys, the l'lCtlC1'2lllUlI was louncled 29 years ago by its present adviser, Lowell C. l5radI'orcl. One ol the main activities ol' the or- ganization is the upkeep oll the service Ilag. which to slate has 75 gold stars and H523 blue stars. Coinineinoraling the coacliing and war record of the late .Xrcliie Buckley, the ,-Xrcliie l'ruc'kley lnspiralional ,Xwurd was presented to the school by the lfeml- FALL SENIOR COUNSELORS-Front row, left to right: Wes Krauel, George Till, Dick Hawes, Dan Penny, Jackson Burger-second row: John Trimble, Don Tibbetts, Elden Miller, Phil Strawn. sow- iz t if SPRING SENIOR COUNSELORS--Front row, left to right: Wes Krauel, Dick Daggett, Harry Cooper, Dan Penny-second row: Don Tibbetts, Phil Strawn, George Till, David Hickey. eraition. lt is ziwarcletl each year to the Iootbzill player who is voted by liis tezuntnates the greatest inspiration on the scluztcl. Roll Stewart received tlie atwzirtl in tlie lzill ol' lfllti. lfztll l"ecler:ition ollicers were: -lolin l'erko. president: lirnie llentley. rice presitlentl Ray lfeslce, clerk: Neil iVil- lizuns, tinancizil sqcretztryz :incl Don Rolill, treasurer. Spring ollicers: lfrnie Bentley. presi- Ilent: xlolin Scliwarz. rice president: .lint llurson, linzuiciztl secretary: Mickey Mcllougzill. clerk: zuitl Roll Stewart. treasurer. Roll was later replzicetl bv llill lirzuis as lie haul to resign as the result ol' regrettzible complications at lionie. llepatrtntenl liezicls lor tlie Iizill zunl spring setnester respectively were: Per- sonztl service. Mickey Nlcllougall :incl -lack Benner: scliool service, Don Olstzul and Doug 'l'ellelson: connnunity service. jack Berger and Ronnie Crowe: and vocational clepzirtnient. Doug 'l'ellelson :incl Don 'l'ibbets. 'lllte lfeclerzttion council also inclutles: Special activities. clues lieutenzints, and clubs. A A ha- e l r-tg ' q - 4 - I Y FALL COMMITTEE HEADSAFront row, left to right: L. C. Bradford. adviser. Charles Vevea, Edgar Tronsen, Don Beatty, Elden Miller, Diek Hawes, Forrest Baker, Harold Anderson. Harry Cooper. Jackson Berger, Bob MeMahonfsecond row: Diek Ulrey. George Till. Warren Johanson, Jaek Straub. Diek Daggett, Ted Staples, Phil Strawn, Jaelc Benner. Stan Woods, Larry Baker, John Triinble. SPRING COMMITTEE HEADS-Front row, left to right: Don Mehaffey, Don Johnson. Diek Daggett, Wes Krauel, Dave Langdon, Dan Penny, Larry Baker. Jaek Coshow--'second row: John Tritnble. George Terrer. Bob Harper, Don Olstad, Del Nygren, Ivan Benton, Diek Ulrey. Loren Lnseher, Ted Staples. Stan Woods, Gerald lvlllhliell . , , Nw FALL COUNCIL-Front row. left to right: Russ Stnith, Bob Graves. Don Doran. Ernie Bentley, John Perko, Ray Feske, John Svhwarz. Charlie Wilson, Don Rholl--second row: Tom Perko, Jini Burson. Don Olstad. Mickey McDougall, Doug Tcllefson, Eniett Wellman. Hilbert Bender, Don Boisen, L. C. Bradford- third row: Bob Taylor. David Allen. Bill Wilkinson, Stan Woods, Larry Kineziid, Darrel Eagle, George Till, Leon Bardsley, John lVlnrphy. SPRING COUNCIL-Front row, left to right: Toni Perko, Neil Williams, George Till, Ernie Bentley, John Sehwarz, Mickey McDougall, Doug Telletson. Don Tibbits, Jaek Benner, Ronnie Crowe, Ivan Benton-second row: Stan Woods, Bill Wilkinson, Bob Dwinell. Bud Weiss. Bill Evans. Bud Quaekenbush, Harold Rhett. Phil Strawn, Harry Cooper, Larry Wriggle, Ivar Aspess, Rich lVinnroe, Jim Lee, Patil Bardsley, L. C. Bradford, adviser. setienty-one I. FALL DEPARTMENT HEADS-Front row, left to SPRING DEPARTMENT HEADS-Left lo Fighii right: Mickey 1VIcDouga1l, Emmett Wellman-second Doug Tellefson, D011 Tibbitts, Jack Reimer, Ronnie row: Doug "l'0llel'smm, Don Olslzul. Crowe. lx It dx lx lx 1x j lx A3 fx Ax Q 5 Q 5 zu v v v v v v v v gm -w 2 41 -X ,J x4'1w:1I,y-Hun ' m W FALL CONDUCT BOARD-Left to right: Don Doran, Bobbie Geschwinder, Betiy 1VIcKeen, Russ Smith, Bob Graves, L. C. Bradford, Nedra Mamiick. , CON DEPUTIES-Front row, left to right: Lois Woodward, Pat Gillespie, Pat AX Sehutz, Bonnie Bowers, Myrtle Chitty-second row: Ardis Palmer, Shirley McGee, Q Bobbie Gesehwinder, Marian Sampson, Lois Holsclaw, Mary Ellen Toms-third row: ' Bobbie Hansen, Shirley Geschwinder, Beverly Thuut, Joanne Milam, Helen Coburn, .Ioan Lysek, and Beverly Berg. N .N .N .A. .N A. .N .N i ix ll ll xx xi xi ix LOCKER MONITORS-Front row, left to right: Jackie Salmon, Maxine Brue- ' back, Betty McKeen, Vera Wilhelmi, Peggy Feeder, Marilyn McCarty-second row: Mitzi Chichester, Carol Phelps, Donna Tokar, Jeanne Ekman, Pearl Cooper-third . '11, row: Don White, Kent Roberts, Dan Penny, John Trimble, Walter Yeager-fourth row: Alan Waye, George Till, Larry Wriggle, Don Tibbets, Tommy Fowler. sr"m'11ty-1l1.rev J., TRAFFIC SQUAD-Front row, left to right: Bruce Olson, Phil Lanphen Wes Krauel, Harold Rhett, Dick Daggett, Art Paggett, Harry Cooper second row F ' Ted Staples, Jim Lee, Wally Becker, Hugh Van Liew, Ernie Palmer, Lyle Willi nns - 1' Dan Penny, Bob Lancaster, Larry Wriggle-third row: Lowry Bennett Gene Llstei 1 , Bill Evans, Rich lVIunroe, Ivan Benton, Dick Starry, Stu Davis, Daxe Hnkev ind George Ferrer. Ji, ,A, KA, ,A, J, ,A, ,N ,A, 'lx It ll it lx xx it ll GROUNDS SQUAD-First row left to right: John Lee Vic Reese Tom Edwards ,J Gerald Musser, Kenneth Nelson, Dewey Bishop, George lkessner, Tomme Fowler-L second row: Jack Frost, Don Lewis, Don Ross, Dick Collins, Dave Langdon, Phil Strawn, Wayne Hemphill-third row: Homer C1'oyle, Jack Gilkey, Don Pierce, Bob Fasig, C. A. Chandler, adviser, Bob Burr, Daryle Eagle, Frank Lewis, and Tom Evans. seventy-four K., QU' ix X' iii : 'five rx in ii ii Q Q1 .A 3 ,G y al- l , 'V I CAFETERIA STAFF-Left to right: Sybel Pick, Elsie Berry, Ennis Pugh, Alice Gillespie, head, Jennie Derrel, Grace Fry, and Doris Crowe. is 'K QA, ,A, JN, ,A, NA, ,A, ill, l ll Il ll ll lk 7x M CUSTODIANS-Front row. left to right: Wes Harvey, engineer, George Dieter, "G and Roscoe Jordan-second row: George Truedson, Forrest Monelte, Henry Greenhoe, ' Arthur Baker, George Julian, and Fred Ullrich. If V . X sr'1w'nty-fiivc "Kay '9- A R' 44 4 - gov" 7 I RED CROSS OFFICERS-Left to right are Wanda Thorsen, Bertha Boehme, adviser, and Don Beaty. Junior Red Cross The junior Red Cross, under the direc- tion of Miss Bertha lloehme, faculty adviser, collected S384 at the beginning of the fall term. This money was contributed to the Red Cross clinic, which aids under- privileged children. The group also col- lected 1,768 comic books for the soldiers in hospitals. Gift boxes for children in war devastated countries were 1ll2lLlC as a Christ- mas project. Vvlllllllfl Thorsen was president of the North Central Red Cross for the fall se- mester. Don Beaty assisted her as vice president. President for the spring semester was Dorothy Knapp and Dick Daggett was vice president. Dorothy also served as vice president of the Spokane Junior Red Cross. Wfanda attended an all-day Red Cross convention Oct. 23. in the basement. ol' the First Presbyterian Church. At this meeting plans were made and discussed for Junior Red Cross activities for the school year. Delegates ate a lunch provided by the Red Cross canteen and later were guests at Fort smwrtty-si:1: Ceorge WV right, where they saw a program presented by Miss Josephine Jack, field director. The gift box drive in November was one of the most successful ventures ol the North Central Red Cross. Each room was asked to contribute two boxes, but several rooms contributed many more than their quota. Each box contained soap, wash cloths, toothbrushes, and a special gilt lor a boy or girl. depending upon which was to re- ceive the box. The drive netted 197 boxes and expenditures were about 3500, accord- ing to Miss Boehme. Mr. Carrikers room, l l5W'. turned in 29 boxes and Mr. lSonamy's room, 314, completed 22 boxes. Mrs. Berneice li. Quackenbush. director ol' home nursing for the .Xmerican Red Cross. taught a unit on nursing care in Xliss Bessie Craham's home nursing class. A Red Cross representative is appointed in each home room every semester. He at- tends the meetings and brings reports to the room he represents. ww, l x K x. X56 if X iv T1 wg, X ,gr X Ns' ' SONG AND CHEER LEADERS-Left to right: Betty Cogley, Johnnie Gossett, , , 4 Gloria Cozzetto, Joanne Garrett, Carol Frost, Shirley Harris, Dorothy DuChene, and 5-K, Evelyn Achre. Don Boisen, upper left, and Stan Woods, lower right, were cheer X - , loaders. X. I ,A, ,A, ,A, ,A, ,,A, A A, A IA 1 l 1 A A A ii xi 1 x 1 i STAGE CREW-Front row, left to right: John Bryhni, Bill Lenke, Bob Keuhl, I Jim Suntorsolu, Jack Welch-second row: Dick Bengal, Dorrance Dean, Bill Sjoberg, 4 Dick Hogan, and George Theodorson, adviser. A - 3 seventy-seven i COLOR GIRLS-Front row, left to right: Marilyn Colony, Delores Bellmont, Donna XVeisenhurger. Donna Mae Thompson, Sonja Linder, Joan Cochran, Beth Reehl, Mary Lou lilontgomery, Sally Anne Vinther. Dianne Heineman. Shirley Ann Smith. Shirley Wegner. Leslie Jean Nelson. Jeanne King. Marilyn Coon. Blanche Pelleherg, Joan Pennington. Marcella Mielke, Betty Lou lXliteliam, Lucille Meier second row: Nadine Cross. June Hartnett. Shirley Feeder. Loretta Gleason, Darlene Bowers, Diane Moore, Phyllis Lane, Frances Bennett, Doris Nelson, Kathleen Bigham. Marilyn Rubeek, Geraldine Proper, Floy Davis, Dorothy Haight. Helen Murphy. Erma .lean Alexander, Nancy Bemis, Reta Lacey. Betty Anderson, Virginia Schutz, Shirley Hinkle. Beulah Easterwood. Dolores Brewerfthird row: Jean Oberlieu. Louise ESDO, .loan Samuels, Joanie Dunham. Lois Jean Moore. Pat Smith. Verna Doinstad. Connie Quam. Barbara Jones. Susan Morrow. Shirley Maurer, Virginia Larson, Mary Ann Converse, Phyllis Graham, Marilyn Shields. Virginia Althouse, Louise Fairchild. Barbara Alhcrpl, .leri Kippen, Carol Phelps, Jeanie Met-se. Jeanne Lainherson. Dorothy Mele. Nadine Ruliling, and I'e1,1ey Fuqua. Iht puipose ol this group is to proa :note school spirit ttntl interest in all thc SAX, C I G ' I Une ol' the most active groups at North gitlilgiiti ' Lentral tlus past ye -- . w .- ttttixltles zirountl North Lcntrzil. zu' has been the Color Miss Verna llctf, lirst organized the group ' I ilor untler- in I938, N Clirls. :ui Iionorziry service qroui ss Ilerthzt Iloehine :mtl Nlrs. girls were in eliglrqe oi Cilatlys Ilunphy were suceeetlinq atlrisers. class girls. Ihesc ' i 1 I Color XYeeI4 zintl hare taken pzirt in particles. gmtl Miss Ioothtill stunts tincl the spring pageant. zttlriser. FALL OFFICERS-Lett to right: Carol .lean Babbitt, chair- man: Frances Kirkendall, his- torian-reporteri Grace Clarke, 3 COLOR WEEK COMMITTEE ---Left to right: Carol Jean Bab- bitt. Mollie Pierce, and Frances Kirkenelall. secretary: and Nancy Van Schoorl, vice Chairman, se1'm1ty-eight . n Iletty t-zixctte is the present 1 SPRING OFFICERS-Lett to right: Mary Lou Montgomery, historian-reporter: Sally Anne Vinther. secretary: Dianne Heine- man, chairman: Shirley Ann Smith, vice chairman: and Shirley Wegner. Sergeant,-at-arms. Frcnt row. left to right: Jean Kirk. Carmen Poole, Betty McKeen, Audrey Fliblet. Phyllis Wiggs, Betty Oslund, Leslie Critzer. Margaret Franke, Hazel Perry. .lanet Luschei, Gwen Kennedy. Jackie Moore, Sally Bourbeau. Eleanor Swanson, Kathy Martin, Lucille Dunn. Marezueritc Lind, Verna Rae Patterson. Patty Gillespie, Lois Woodward, Betty Meredith. Pat Fitzpatrick, Peggy Taylor, Mary Bech. Colleen Crampton, Mary Toinsi2nd row: Patsy Deasy, Barbara Cobb, Joanic Britton, Jackie De Mers, Joanne Lysck, Elaine Ellis, Mary Koleff, Theresa Cannata. Mary Ann Heath. Betty Twitehell, Dolores . Prather. Alice Rhodes, Bonnie Bowers. Myrtle Chitty. Shirley Bush, Patricia Sherman, Betty Ebbesen, I Virginia Cosby, Shirley Christian, Pcarl Garofalo, Marjorie Chandler, Virginia Stewart., Dorothy Toppin, F' l, N. Muriel Dc Mander. Mary Lois May. Marion Sampson, Marion Todd. LaBerta Tessendorf, Alice Paine. " Maralee Mclteynolds, Norma Lea Swank, Betty Cauvel-3rd row: Marilyn McCarty, Nancy Van Schoorl, ly Shirley Kooken, Norma Lea Kachinsky, Sue Phillips, Shirley Cox, Mary Blume, Joan Deeble, Mary Ann 1, Barnhart, Beverly Butte. Pearl Cooper, Marianne Ericson, Donna Fraser, Bernice Horch. Juanalie Free, lean Lambert, Betty J. Smith. Arden Sudhoff, Delia Springer. Donna Dageett, Marilyn Laughbon, Betty McCormick, Joanne Pandelis, Janet Robinson, Joanne Lowell, Beverly Gibbons, Dolores Paggett, Patty Prague-4th row: Kathleen Zupan. Carol Babbitt. Frances Kirkcndall, Ann Dc Freese, LaBerta Baddcn, Ellen Mann, Elizabeth Mann, Shirley McGee, Ardis Palmer, Jean Storlie, Mollie Pierce, Donna Tokaarz, Beverly Harder. Dorothy Moe, Lois Hagen, Mary Alice Ring, Viola Koenig, May Louise Olson, Gcorgene Guter. Virginia Evans, Caroline Sperry. Jeanne Ekman, Shirley Ingham, Rosemary Schneider, Vivian . 1 x Ingham. Dolores Murray, Marion Fritsch, Barbara Duryee, Shirley Geschwinder, Bobbc Hansen. lhc spring priqczinl "'l'hc Cioocl Ship North a t h e I' Central." prcscnlcal May 28. Onc ol' thc most zicliyc groups ol' thc school. thc Real clClCbl'2lliIlg their lcnlh zinniycrsziry ncxl l:CdlllCl'S. unclcr thc clircclion ol' Miss Elsa lzill. thc Rell l'lC2llllCl'S. ai pcp Ol'g2llll72lllOll Piiilcliani. have hzlclaccl cycry school activity lor junior :intl scnior girls. wcrc lczilurccl in lhcy could pz1rtic'ipz1lc in. l , ,gi ' -Ez' FALL OFFICERS-Left to l'lgl'llI Alice Buchanan, chairman: Doris Holmes, historian: Nedra Mandick, secretary. JANUARY GRADUATES-Front row, left to right: Midge Roberts, LaJoy Barnes, Frances Crosby, Lois Holsclawksecond row: Jackie Funseth, Doris Holmes, Alice Buchanan, Pat Butterfield, Mary Jane Grossman, Nedra Mandick. SPRING OFFICERS-Left to right: Sally Bourbeau, chairman, Jackie Moore, secretary: Kathy Martin, historian, Eleanor Swan- son, sergeant-at-arms. seventy-vzinc Wl1LlfiS'jVc'1ff on the AGE DA! Amores Librorum Each semester, members of Amores Librorum give several book reviews, from which are com- piled a recommended list of new books for the students. This year, the club sponsored a llook week convocation featuring four Spokane writers, who each gave a short talk. The club also spon- sored a Book week contest. Amores Librorum was organized in 1936, by Miss Mary Bacon, head librarian. Every member of Amores Librorum, which means "Lover of Books," must have a "ll" average. Art Club The Art club whose purpose is to encourage interest in fine arts was organized in 1910 by Miss Bessie Curtis. Miss Caroline Busch is the present adviser. Unusually beautiful Christmas decorations for the building were designed and produced by the club this year. They have also given a bleach wood finish to the picture frames found in many of the class rooms. These are being used to display student paintings in the north corner of the basement. Commercial Club Organized in February, 1947, the Commercial club is one of North Central's newest. Its purpose is to promote and extend the interests of com- mercial subjects in North Central and to aid its members in preparing for a career in the business world. Requirement for membership is a commercial major and meetings are held once a month. The club organized with 19 members. Latin Club "Senatus populus que lQomanus," which means, "the senate and the Roman people," was organized in 1914 by Miss Mary Evans. The adviser now is Miss Frances Theis. Eligibility rules were altered this year so that a student might join as soon as he enrolled in Latin. The club now has sixty members. New pins, "Fasces," were introduced this semester. On one side of the pin appear the initials S. P. R.g on the other, N. C. H. S. Mathematics Club Membership in the Mathematics club is limited to twelve boys and twelve girls. Members must have three semesters of mathematics with three final "B's" and no other grade below HC." R. A. Baldwin is the adviser of this club, which was organized by Bruce Bartholomew in 1913. In March, the club sponsored a math contest. The winner received a prize and had his name engraved on a special plaque. eighty Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is an international organization founded in 1926 at the University of lowa. The Edward R. Murrow chapter at North Central was organized in 1939. A student is eligible to join if he does outstand- ing work in news, is in the upper third of his class in grades, and is a junior or a senior. Miss Mary McKenna is the adviser and lion johnson was the president this year. La Tertulia La Tertulia, otherwise known as the Spanish club, means, "social gathering." lt was organized in 1913 by Miss Edith llroomhall. Miss llertha lloehme has been the adviser for the past six years. Students who have "C" grades or better and are in their second semester of Spanish are eligible to join. The group votes on prospective members. A business meeting is held every other VVednes- day morning and a social gathering once a month. Thespian For the first time at North Central, Thespian, this year, observed National Drama week with a convocation. They also produced two, three-act plays. Members of Thespian attended the operetta, "Mikado" and the play "The Glass Menagerie" when they were presented at the Post Street theater this past semester. The purpose of the Thespian society is to pro- mote interest and skill in dramatics and to honor students working on plays. The North Central chapter was organized in January 1945 by Miss Grace Gorton, dramatics teacher. Vox Puellarum Vox Puellarum, "voice of the girls," is a social group which strives to develop vocational, musical, literary, and dramatic talent among its members. lt was organized in 1913 by R. G. Hargreaves, principal at that time, and Miss Jessie Gibson, who was girls' adviser. This year, the group sponsored a mixer and gave the proceeds to a new playfield. They presented a basket to a poor family both at Thanksgiving and Christmas time., Warriors The purpose of the VVarriors' club is to main- tain the highest standards of athletics at North Central. It was organized in 1945. Harold Thomp- son, the present adviser, succeeded lion Bonamy. Each adviser serves only one semester. New members were initiated at a convocation this year. This is the first time in the history of North Central that a club has held an initiation at a convocation. - AMORES LIBRORUM-Front row, left to right: Jean Kirk, Hazel Perry, Kathe- rine Martin, Betty Ebbesen, Delores Prather, Jean Storlie, Muriel DeMander, Doris ,L Wages-second row: Shirley Bush, Phil Strawn, Dave Langdon, Ken Oxrieder, Phil , Lanphear, Bruce Olson, Dick Daggett, Jack Gilkey, Kenneth Nelson, Wes Krauel, X. Jack Frost, and Pearl Garafalo. t JN, UN, QA, ,A, ,A, ,A, .A, A Il li ll Il ii ll It l ART CLUB-Front row, left to right: Marge Oakes, Doris Holmes, Elizabeth J Grandstali, Mary Ann Heath-second row: Delores Murray, Betty Carey, Alice z Rhodes, Shirley Harris, Delores Prather, Delores Paggett, Jean Beaughan, Darlene N' .Q ' Reed-third row: Miss Caroline Busch, adviser, Jim Rhodes, Charles Sands, Kathleen f'Qf1, is l..aDow, Jackie Moore, Sally Bourbeau, Pat Schultz, Jeanette Bogar, Jean Lambert, Beverly Gibbons, and Beverly Willard. . 'H X, 1' - f eighty-one 4, MATHEMATICS CLUB-Seated, left to right: Betty Jean Lambert, Martha Hegel, K - lrene Kerby, Delores Belmont, Marilyn Coons, Barbara Duryee-standing: Bob Taylor, If L X-A Dorothy Powell, Dianne Lucas, Douglas Tellefson, Phyllis Lane, Dick Starry, Dolores 7 4. ,X Paggett, Mitzy Chichester, Dave Langdon, June Eckman, Marian Sampson, Joanie 'lx' 1, Milam, Art Paggett. S 'ff uk' 52' 721' 11' 755 ui' 'ff COMMERCIAL CLUB-Front row, left to right: Rosa Wycoff, Lois Jahn, Jackie Salmon, Louise Henderson, Bonnie Mackliet, Joanne Simmons-second row: Lois Jean Moore, Doris Taylor, Phylis Edlund, Wanda Glofelty, Jean Rhodes, Donna Bill, Donna fy- f Johnson-third row: Dawn Dennison, Marian DuChene, Dorothy Savas, Virginia ffl -X ' ' Schutz, Doris Rittenbach, Irene Tripplet. it ', eighty-two 1 ,fig 4 fi T 1 4 x, 'ff . - QUILL AND SCROLL-Front row, left to right: Marilyn Gottbreht, Betty Eb- A besen, Mary Jane Grossman, Pat Sherman, Katherine Davis-second row: Ernie Bentley, Bud Quackenbush, Jack Benner, Don Johnson, Miss Mary McKenna, adviser, ' ,X Pat Butterfield, and Wes Cameron. 1 f' i . T ,A, ,A, ,A, ,A, ,A, ,A, ,A, WA, Il Il Il ll ll li ll li THESPIAN-Standing, left to right: Miss Grace Gorton, adviser, Lorraine Landry, f Flora Mae Wood, Eldon Miller, Mary Lois May, Louise Cosby, Dan Penny, Lois Hols- ,f,4, claw, Jean Beaughan, Don Warnke, Beverly Edwards, Sally Bourbeau, George Till A je-Q -Seated: Eleanor Swanson, Myrtle Chitty, and Patty Butterfield. ' . eighty-four lf' Ly VOX PUELLARUM-Front row, left to right: Dorothy Mele, Shirley Hinkle, Norma Lea Swank, Elaine Ellis, Betty Cogley, Beverly Gibbons, Johnnie Gossett, Diane Springer, Carol Frost, Grace Clark-second row: Mary Jane Grossman, Dianne Lucas, Phyllis Wiggs, Betty Oslund, Katherine Martin, Mary Lois May, Patty Butterfield, Gloria Cozzetto, Miss Christine McRae, Lois Holsclaw, Wanda Thorsen, Myrtle Chitty, Mary Bennion, Mary Bech, Roberta Knapp, Leslie Critzer, Sally Ann Bourbeau, Shirley Kooken, Caroline Sperry-third row: Joanne Garrett, Bobbie Hansen, Pearl Garofalo, Betty Ebbesen, Betty McKeen, Jane Nolen, Gwen Kennedy, Mary Alice Ring, Beverly Berg, Marion Todd, Dorothy Powell, Marion Sampson, Pat Schutz, Marguerite Lind, Hazel Perry, Bonnie Bowers, Evelyn Franseen, Maxine Matthews. Pi XO S i' LETTERMANS' CLUB-Front row, left to right: Vern McVay, Mickey McDougall, Cole MacFarland, Bud Quackenbush, John Schwarz, Bill Evans, Jerry Verge, Bud Weiss, Ernie Bentley, Ken Stickel-second row: Don Rohlf, Gene Lister, Dick Wash- burn, Ray Feske, Charlie Wilson, Bob Whipple, Don Cameron, Don Doran, Ivan Benton, Kenny Nelson, Dave Langdon, Daryl Johnson, Don Bonamy, adviser-third row: Phil Canup, Frek Bardsley, Allen Waye, Doug Tellefson, Stan Roderick, Don Olstad, Jack Seidel, Dan Penny, Tom Perko, Ben Lister, Jack Lyons, and Wally Tesch. K . X x. 7x ,x L, iz ,f eighty-five ' V L....s. ...J T3 , FALL EDITORIAL STAFF-Front row, left to right: Miss Mary McKenna, adviser, Bud Quackenbush, Patty Butterfield, Betty Ebbeson, Katherine Davis, Francis Livinghouse, Ernie Bentley, John Schwarz-second row: Jack Benner, Mary Jane Grossman, Don Johnson, Leslie Critzer, Delores Cool, Patricia Sherman, Marilyn Gottbreht, and David Allen. Not shown is Wes Cameron, business manager and staff photographer. FALL EDITORS-Jack Benner and Don Johnson, eo-editors, Patty Butterfield, editorial page editor, and Bud Quackenbush, sports editor. eighty-si.1: Wlinning its first All-American award in 1936, The North Central News has since received ten All-American ratings including four Pacemaker awards in 1939, '40, '11 1, and iflti. The News also won the international first place award of Quill and Scroll in 1943, the Quill and Scroll International Honor Award and the George H. Gallup award in 1946. The Gallup award was given for the splendid job 'llhe News did in promoting peace aims. Other honors bestowed directly on the stall' members are: The receiving ol' appointments to the Spokane Junior Press club, and appointment to Quill and Scroll, international honor society for high school journalists. Miss Mary McKenna, adviser, is past international president ol' Quill and Scroll 4' SPRING EDITORIAL STAFF-Front row, left to right: Marvin Maxwell, Mae f-, ' Louise Olson, Pat Sherman, Hugh Van Liew, Sally Bourbeau, Bill Evans, David Allen - X -second row: Marilyn Gottbreht, Betty Ebbeson, Theresa Cannata, Marion Todd, 'A Q ,X Aim Molyneux, Gladys Cerenzia, Katherine Davis, Betty Jo Doggett-third row: I Laurence Hall, Lyle Emeh, Don Johnson, Dianne Lucas, and Jack Benner. society zmtl. this year, il member of 21 national committee lor the improvement olf high school publications. Miss McKenna zntenclecl ll meeting of this committee dur- ing the convention at Atlantic City in November. The Spokane Press club under- wrote the entire expenses for the trip as an honor for the past awards 'l'he News has receivetl. liciitors for the tall semester were: Don .johnson :intl .lack Benner: spring. Pat Sherman :intl Hugh Vain l.iew. rXSS0l'l1llC etlitors, tall. Ronnie Crowe :mtl Put Shermang spring. Betty libhesen :incl Katherine Davis. News eclitor, tall, Mary -lame Grossman: spring, Ann Molyneux. liclitoriul page etlitors. tall, Put Bntterlfielti: spring, Sully B0lIl'lJC2lll anti Marilyn Cott- hrt-ht. Sports editor, lull, Bud Qnzicken- hush: spring. Marvin Maxwell. Business inanziger, lull, YVes Cameron: spring. Don Johnson. .-Xdvertising manager, fall, Leslie Critzer: spring, 'IillCl'CS2l Cnnnztta. Book- keeper, fall. Frances Livinghouseg and spring. Virginia Cosby: slztii' photographer, NVes Cameron. ESM-M Standing, left to right: Theresa Cannata, advertising manager, Marilyn Gottbreht, editorial page editor. Marvin Maxwell, sports editor, and Miss Mary McKenna, adviser. Seated, left to right: Don Johnson. business manager, Hugh Van Liew and Pat Sherman, eo-editors, and Ronnie Crowe, senior class editor. eighty-sevevt, Q qty." , ' an V.. -. Q EDITORIAL AND PHOTOGRAPHY-Left to right, Stuart, Kirk, ART STAFF-Left to right. Juanalee Free, Miss Ethel Ashley. assistant photographer: Miss Mary Mc'Kenna, publications adviser, HVY adViS9l'2 Sally B0lll'b0Hll, HV! Edilflri Shirley Ufll'l2iI1- Wes Cameron. editor and photographer: Dale Riggins, photography adviser. ASSOCIATE EDITORS-Left to right, Betty Ebbesen. Betty BUSINESS STAFF-Left to right, Wanda Thorsen. Ernie Coglvy, Jack Bonner, Pai Butterfield. Bentley. Betty Oslund. Kathie L.aDow, Don Johnson. Bryson L. Jaynes. business adviser, N . ZX! Q, g X 1 , I 'F' 1 .X SENIOR EDITORS-Left to right, Frances Livinghouse, January DIVISION EDITORS-Left to right, Marilyn Gottbreht, Dave senior editor: Mary Been, assistant: Leslie Critzer, Phyllis Wiggs, Allen, Ronnie Crowe, Dolores Cool, Katherine Davis, Pat Sherman, June senior editors. John Schwarz. Betty Jo Doggett was absent when the picture was taken. nigh t y-r-ight Production V ORCHESTRA MEMBERS-Violins. Pal Kelly. Peggy Ann Till. lvlary Ullgf,-l, r1'l1Cllll1l Snr-ll, Mary f Pivcolo, lvlarilyn Coon, Carol Jean Babbitt, Jean Stnrlioz sl-vnlld violins, Avis Lnlnb, Dick Alcxandor. 3 1 Don Rholf, Ellllel' Dean, Lloyd Snyder, Frank Thompson: viulas. Joanne Croauby. Jualll Lyons: cvllo, Alice lgjf X B lll' liallallg bass viola, lvlarllee Collins, Frgncls Be l-1- 5. Gwen lxlllll xl-p 1-la 1-11l el, nil-ll Hllwl-5. Ll-Sllv .Il-all Q' Vi, Q , llfllil'31,3TlU '." 2liffl'?2X5Z'lllVf1L2fQlie3lf'l?l-2lffnlgi-.1lJ?l,liffllf 'cliffll.i"liflli-l-l'l'5l3Q3ffi-Hill.iff '?i.lf-LHRl.lflfl"f'l3f.lTi , ' H llllllif ll: pi: lllcm. lVlzll'iiln Frilvh, Phyllis Nl fill dy: lylllpfllii Zllld tl l'll INS, Bill J mllll' S. B 1'X'4 'Fly Edvv:ll'ClS. . . Orchestra, Choir, Three FIVBS fl0llllJl'iSCd ol 84 lzllclllcll SlllllClllS, lllc lf2ll2llll'C1llC :incl clllllllllL'lll'L'lllL'lll. :ls well :ls Ul'illL'5ll'Ll. Lllllllx. Llllll lllC 'l'lll'CC lfiyvs. alll lol' SCYCl'2ll C'0llYOl'llllUllS. llllllCl' lllc llll'CK'llOll ol XV. Slzlnlcy Vlvilll. :nc 'lllc lirsl zllnpclllxlllcc ol lllc tllflll' llliS llllllllg' lllc' lllfbl zlcliyc Ol'g1llllZllllUllS ill yczn' was in ll K'0lll'L'l'l lJl'CSClllCll lo lllc Slll- Nllllll clClllll2ll. ilCl1l, bocly Cklfly l2lSl lzlll. lllcy ncxl pri'- Vlillk' lll'l'llL'Sll'll llllll Clltllll bolll llllllCl' lllc' SClllCll ll lJl'Ogl'2llll lol' lllL' Slltllilllllf lown liillllll ol Nlr. Vlwllll lilll' lllc lirsl lilllc lllis Nlcclillg Willl lllc youll zlicl ol lllc 'lwlll'L'l' X'L'2ll'. lwll' llClll'll logclllcl' ill lllc Illirly-lillll Fiycs, Clllflllg lllc lzlll. On .Xpril 26. Iliff llllllllll HlJL'l'L'll2l. UllOSlllllllllClC,H Dec. I2-lil. clloil' C'0llllDCICCl willl lllC olllcl' lligll scllool llll-y gllso 2llJlJL'1ll'Cll on one ol lllC Spolxznlc l'll0l'1ll groups ill il loull conlcsl. l'UlX'll Nlcclillg lJl'0g'l'lllllS willl lllc 'lxlll'lfL' Nl2lllC lllJ ol lillccn i'OlllCly Zlllll l1llQlllL'Cl fires. young lzlllics is lllc 'lNlll'CC lfiycs. Ylhllif lzlll VllllL' Ul'i'llCSll'Ll prox illcll lllC lllllsil' lol' lllc' lJl'CSlilClll Ol'llllS0l'g1llllZ1lllUll was Fllllll Nllll' Sllllllillllg' l,lll'LTlll-IlxCllCllL'l' llssocizllion sllow. XVoocl Zlllll lllzll lilll' Sljflllg. ljillllllly Powell. Alfllulllly-lfollxs lfollicsf' llllll lllc Stfllllll' clzlss 'lllis group ol girls llzls bccn lJllSy lllL' lllSl lJlllyS. ulyllllll ls All." llllil 'ZX IBLIIC lViLll yClll'. 2lIJPC2ll'lllg bclorc llllllly clillcrcnl lllmlyf' ll lJl'L'SL'lllL'll ll lJl'0gl'2llll ill lllc Cen- groups sllfll :ls lllc RQISICTII lVzlsllillgloll lllll Nlclllollisl C'lllll'l'll ill lllc spring Zllltl Nlllsic' 2lSSOi'l1lllUIl. lllc c,l'g2llllSl fillllll, Zlllll lllglycll ill bolll lllL' .Izlllllznly :incl -Illllt' llilf- lllC SIJUli1lIlL' Cllzllllbcl' ol ciUllllllL'ITLf. vigllty-nine BAND-Front rowj, left to right: Dick H11bb.11'ci, Gerald Davin. Blonn Bttssc. Gvnrgm- l.z1111htli1i. Dick Epplvy. RiL'l1ilI'Ci lvlunk. lfrank Storey, Dick Hz1wt's. Ji111 Vvilllllll, Gt-1'g1lcl Fry. Alla-11 Ways-, Tumniy l'2vz1i1s. Phillip Ashton, Eltlt-11 ltlillvrfsecond row: Ji111 Winton, Hugh Blnntit-ll. Max Nlll'llIllIl. Dick C'11ltt1t1, Jack Gilkvy, D011 Hoi:-zt'1', Dun Gt1tl1bt-1'g. Clllll'il'5 X1i'QllLil4l'lt', .lark Vugvl, Rugt-1 lltinl. VVt1lly Smith, David Davis. Hub Pzurlti, Put lNlz1:o11, Luwcll C, B1'L1dlio1'cl thurd row: Hill Sl111xx'It-5. l,l'Jll1 T11t'l-at-1', Hill BllK'klllf.fhlllIl, Bill lltvnk. Bob Lt-wis. Cl1ill'iCS N1llW'lL'li, Don Aqumt. Nt-il lXlllI'Ililj', Hunt-1' Stt-it111:111, Rin-h lVlllllI'0C, Dong Tvllt-l's1n1. llnrold A11ctt-1's1.i1 fot11'tl'1 row: Cl1z11'lt1s l,lIl4ilJt'l'l.l, .lintmy Gninvs. Jack Il01.1lll', Wally Bratttnt. J2lt'ii lilllllilllxlfl. .lnhn Pv41t'm-li, Bill Jnnos. Dlvli Crum. .l.11-k Wnltt-1', Divk ll111'tlt'1, 1.411-ry Kiwr, cil'l'illtl lXillSbL'l'. The N. C. Band . . . 'bm' of the Hass! things ever seen" lQ1n'olln1cnt in thc hand 1'cz1c'l1t-tl 1111 ull lllllk' high lust lull XVllCll lhll boys signctl up. I I1t' t'ol1t'cl't illlllti also soztrctl to now ln1 with IHS lllClIllJCl'S. .xlllllllg tht- lalll 11t't1v1t1cs wcrc tht- stu HIS lllh lncsciitctl hy tht- huntl, the Rctl l"t':1ll1c1's nntl thc Colm' Clnils, tltn'ingl1z1ll' tiinc att thc Nlt'1'1'y-CGu-Rtnttitl glllllll. thc Silllllkf gllllll' Lllltl .1t North CCIlll'All'S lltlllllf l'ot1tlmz1ll gun ICQ -.ll0XVlI on thc l'12ll'lllH was tht- thctnc lm tht' Nlt-111.6In-Rrmtttnl stunt. lllllSlllllt'll .1s lllL'l'C wats not any COllllJClilitlll lm' lJl'llK'S thc lflilllly lin' thc host pt-1'l'm'111:111c'c1't'111z1ins ltt'I't' sintt' tht' lnthnns 1vt'1't' thc lust mics lu win it. lht' hull tnnt' pt-iiotl 111 tht' fntlllfltgll- Ilillvfll North CIcnt1'z1l ltmtlpztll QQIIIIC sztw tht' lllllltll- ing units Put on :tn cxhihit ul' uhox sliattluw IIl2ll'C'l1llIg.H whilc ill thc Lewis ztntl Clark- North ciLTllll'lll gznnc. lctttrr iiOl'Il1ill,i0llS to t'Ollll3Clillg stutlcnt lmtlius 1vc1'c lwcsctitctl. "One ol' thc lincst things ever su-11." was the prztistr bcstowctl on thc lllilltllillg units l1yt'1'itits"11'l1okltmxf'whcn"Clz1111pSt'c11t's" was prcsctitctl 215 the hztll' tintc stunt ill thc .Xnnuatl Slnxint- llcliclit gztnic. lhc Pct: huntl. 2llXN'llyS lllllfll in lll'lllllIltl. matic lllillly 21lJlJL'2ll'illlfCS. 'l'l1t'y lliityttl ill thc opening ganna ul' tht' XVcstt'1'11 lntcr- lllllllllllll llockcy lcuguc ill tht' lu' .'Xl'CllLl. :mtl tht-y ll'LtX'ClL'tl to l'l2lSlL'l'll Xviwllillglflll tlollcgc nl' l'ltlllt'LlliOll 111 flllL'llK'y Wllt'I't' they BAND-Front row, left to right: Jim Worley, Neil Williams, Jaek Coshow, Tony Clut't', Dan Bond, 1' Glenn Salmon, Richard Ebel, Art Hunter, Don Peirce, Don Roekstrom. Jim lVlorlan, Charles Butler, Ray V"' Plld"BbY d Dil-tQt PilB tt D Nt'kXllt irp.,m, au ly ne. tx onngman-secon row: e' . arry. zu enne , on a wit-'. .f yer Walker, John White, Dick LaFore, Bob Adolfson, Larry Baker, Arthur Finke, Bob Taylor, Holi Sannt-r, Darrell Osterbaek, Jaek VVeleh, Wayne Hemphill. John Pandelts, Diek Cain. Bill Lenkefthird row: Charles Berry. George Swedberg, Bob Laneaster, Don Ernst, Jack Straub, Bert Calbom. Forrest Baker, Steve Hill, Homer Croyle. Don White, Don Tibbitts, Charles Lewis, George Got-rnn.:, Hayniond King - fourth row: Wally Gottwig, Tommy Edwards, F'rant-is Berry. Dei Nygren, James Hearty, lit-ti Loneostv, Rav lflartman, I"red Goodfellow, Walter Baker, Jinnuy Wood, Tom Clutter, Gerald Groh, Diek lNlt'Donalti, Holi E. Anderson, George l"ert't-r, presentetl a program ol. popular musie to the stutlents there. llesitles provitling en- tertainment tluring the hall ti111e lull at most. ol' the games ol the Alti-A17 session of City Basketball league, they playetl lor eon- vocations, lor school tlances, anti were part ol' the program with the concert bantl in a special convocation on january 23. The spring semester saw several heatlline performances in which the bantl playetl prominent parts. 'l'he concert hantl playetl lor the Spokane 'llown Meeting when Rantlolph Churchill was the speaker. .AX selectetl group which in- clutletl the concert hantl antl the pep hantl. composetl largely oi' llavermale gratluates, presented a complimentary program at llavermale junior high school, March 7. lfottr memhers oi' the hantl representetl the school in an all Northwest group at Seattle in mitlANlarch. lhey were Dick , . . , . Starry, llill -jones. anti Dick Cross in the instrumental group, antl Neil Murphy in chorus. l11 the Eastern NVashington liestival at t Cheney on March lil, the hantl was well represented with intliviclual entries, a clarinet quartet, and a brass SL'Xtel, ln this group were: Charles Lintlherg, 'l'ommy Evans, Neil XVilliams, Ceraltl lfry, 'l'ony Cluili, Charles Berry. Ceorge Sweclherg. Duane Stark, Ceraltl Musser, Larry Riser, llill -Iones. Ceorge 'l'ill, Phil Ashton. Merlyn .-Xntlerberg. jim lVinton. Dan llontl. anti Dick Starry. 'l'he liorty-iiith iormal hantl concert was presentetl in April at a stutlent covocation antl at an evening perlormance. .skmong other programs that the hantl took part in were the Apple lllossom lfesti- val at lYenatchee. the rXll City Music lfestival. anti the Spring Pageant. 'l'he hantl's appearance in the Memorial clay paratle wotmtl up their vear's activities. vzitlety-mit' 'Q fxw Q9 n -Q ff N L-M ff gl 335 If-SSE fa Q Qs ff ff' ' ' 1 ' 'E-' nf' 'F ' 6" '?"1'Q'1w fx. . .. sv, , W1 , ' . M J A' ' X X nh , .X ' 1 'f , 4 .1 ' 5-X ' ' -al 'Q 'i 1 A ' I w 6 'sf 5 - A 'yn WT . . , , gg ki, 5 1 is Q E e5 5 Q " ti? Pictured above in the spectacular dress of the court are Dan Penny as Prince Frederick, the hero, and Frances Crosby, who portrayed the title role of Rosaniuncle. "l61fsamu14dv " "R0samunde," the two-att operetta writ- ten by Franz Shuhert in l82fl. was the thirty-l'il'th annual Upefeltll presented at North Central. lt was presented to paekt-tl houses on Detetnher l2-lfi. under the direction ol lV. Stanley Taft. who lor the Iirst tinie wielded the haton for ll North Central operetta. AX roniantit' tale. "Rosa- lIlllllClC.u has its setting in the isle ol' Cyprus. "long ago." The hero. Frederick. Prince of Candia, who. resolved to PIII down the tyrant usurper of the throne ol' Cyprus, finds lllIllSCll' in love with a beautiful shepherdess, Rosantuntle. .Iealous suspicion and ensu- ing iniprisontnent ol, Rosatnunde. leatl to the tliniax. the loss of sanity hy the ty- rannical king. 'llhe operetta has tt "Fairy tale ending." the gorgeous wedding ol' Frederick and Rosamuntle and the revela' tion that Roszununde is the daughter of the usurped king and rightful heir to the throne ol' Cyprus. ...J ninety-four A Supporting Frances Crosby in the song, 'tAve Maria," are first row, left to right: X Betty Griffith, Bobbe Hansen, and Jackie DeMers-second row: Mildred Clark, J tj Marilyn Griffith, and Doris Osterbach. The grand finale, featuring the wedding of Frederic and Rosarnunde, sparkled with the flashing costumes of the court ballets. lll'lllt'l1J2ll eliztrzu'ters zuitl their umler- stutlies were: l"recleriek, the Prinee ol' Czlmlizt-Dalit Penny tlliek Hztwesjg Ful- geulius, King ol' Cypiits-lleorge 'llill Qliob l'l2lSlg,I llhilzuitler, 11 slielmliertl-Dick Hawes Qllonztltl lieztlyjz llltilemou. il shephercl- Bob Fztsig Qlloytl Pultuerj: Rosauiuucle, at shephercless :tml rightful heir to the llll'0llL'-l'll'2llll'CS Croslmy tlflorzi Mae Wlootljl lleruiitizi. tlziughter ol l'lLllgCllllllS--IZIIICI Rolxitistm Cxlllgllllll livzinsjz Aja. Iioster- mother ul' Roszmituule-l,ois Holselziw tMiltlretl Clztrklp auul ll2llll'lS, zi shephertless -.Nun Clark tlletty Cirillitlij. 'l'he sererzil bullets :intl tlzmees were uncler the llll'L't'llOll ol' Miss lflszi llllllillillll zuttl the eusttttuiug untler the supervision ul' Miss .Xgnes Mellugh. Miss Urziee Clortmi haul eliztrge ol the tlliilllllllih. All nrt work lor the lJC2llllll'lll stage sets zuitl scenery were tlmle utuler the joint tlireelion ol' Miss Ethel .Xsltley :mtl Miss Caroline Busch. George 'lllieutlorstm supervisetl the work ol' the stage erew. 'lille pzlsttmil 0pCl'Cll2l is bzisetl on Zlll original story by lVilhelmiiie Von Chexy with the musieztl score executed by Franz Sehubert. Schubert. zieettstouietl to writing lllC'ltlClll2ll music lor clrztmzi ul' this eltziraeler. was ztttrztetecl to the piece :mtl linishetl the score in live clays. Leading the graceful and intricate ballets were Sally Bourbeau, Bob LaVigne, and Patty Butterfield. ninety-five upapd A7 Vllllv Left to right are: Warren Johanson, Papa: Eleanor Swanson. Frau Ynclcr, thc gossiping neighbor: and Jean Bcaughan, Mama. 4. 'T .Qs ' -. .Q LL-ft in righl are: Jean Beaughan, Mama: Eldon Miller, state patrolmani Warren I .lnhansmr Papa: Beverly Edwards, Daughter: and Don Warnke, Son. iff! nincty-Six Sports . P- - L..."-'Nw -' f-Jf3k.N 'i'- . 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P. w e 7 3' l- ',' .1 f- H ...L 'b 'Li :Yr-'-1.-' 1'!' 11 . " M Qi 5' if f 'Lp ' .2-'1 5, A -.L ' "Trn- : . mp- -. " 1 -W. , - 1 4 : ' -"mfg--. T53 M... .' 4 - N QL- 'h I :, A 'WSF' qv'1-,-'ff-. J... 0.1.4, .' " A-5 355,55 4 'g."4-'r. L,jfLfwli- If'-.1-'5-L,' 'e ie- -" 'QE -pfj-lg . 1 Yff1,"',g'--"lf!x.A M. -j u V 4,.2',,f V. . .- . 1544- -- 4 -- --M-f4-ffs.-mf 5 5--f" .+ 2--.ff Q' - - ' -ff' g-2. . JOHN NORBY Football Coach ' C 1 xl 'Q and . ,AOA 'IA lnoiih au,- I . P QM: 5 8 wg M ,l GUY O. BARNES Track Coach X r QNX X a -,, X E -f S sw GAVQ 1-af . V . .N Y f ,f f 4, vs? gag? .' A fm. J W: O ROBERT BRUMBLAY Basketball Coach N " l-1. -4 144 ll K DoN BONAMY Baseball Coach ninety-seven GUARDS-Left to right: Ivan Benton, Don Olstad, Rod Stewart, George Till. Varsity Football 3 Indians go over for touchdown in final game with Rogers. North Central 32, Rogers 0. nin vty-eight The change from last year's 'I' lormalion to Coach Norby's Notre Dame box forma- tion handicapped the Indian football team in the early season games, but the system paid oll' in the later games. North Central started the season by beating Rogers 6-0, in the first quarter ol' the Merry-Co-Round classic. In the fourth quarter Coiizagzfs Bullpups outgained the Indians to win the game. In the regular season opener. the city- champion Lewis and Clark team rolled over North Central, I8-0. In this game Coach Norby was Iorced lo fall upon many inexperienced players to fill the holes lelt by live injured starters. These same injuries haunted the Indians all season. The second game with the Tigers found the Indians threatening the Orange and TACKLES-Front row, left to right: Jim Burson, Don Rohlf, Chuck Wilson- second row: Joe Phillipps, Larry Kincaid, Everrett Flory, Ben Lister. Black goal nunlerous tiines. but tunable to push over a score. .-X second period pass- play by Lewis and Clark was good enough to give the South Siclers a ti-0 victory. 'l'he North Central-Rogers series showed the Indians to he playing their worst and hest games ol' the season. During the first. lussle. the Indians were unable to bottle up Christianson. later named all-city back, or to stop the passing ol' Dick Uoforth. Rogers walked oll with this game by the score ol Ill-0. ln the second encounter, played on the North Central playlield, Stan Roderick. Bill Evans, john llryhni. and Ray Feske led the Indians to a 32-0 triumph over the Pirates. .X l'ree-for-all contest with Gonzaga re- sulted in a 27-I2 score with the VVarriors on the short end. The two North Central touchdowns were made by llryhni and Cole Mclfarland. 'l'he Shrine game was the setting for the second deleat ol' North Central by the llullpups. Gonzaga. outclassing the Indians. got all their points in the lirst hall' of the c 4- Bill Evans scores another touchdown for North Central in game with Rogers. ninety-nine ,- BACKS-Front row, left to right: Frank Yamada, Mickey McDougall, Neil Smith, Jack Siedel-second row: Cole McFarland, Stan Roderick, Bud Weiss, Gene Lister, John Bryhni, Jack Lyons. wi' ik fr ff if Sir Sir Sir Q 5. 5- one lzundrvcl ENDS-Front row, left to right: Ray Feske, Dan Penny, Floyd Bliesmer-second row: Lowry Bennett, Dick Washburn, Bud Quackenbush, Vern McVay. CENTERS-Left to right: Jerry Verge, Barkley Hill, Larry Hall game, but in the third and fourth quarters it was all North Central. The final score was 20-6. Don Olstad and John Bryhni were elected to the Spokesman- Review all-opposition team and Buck Hill was named by the Chronicle sports staff as an all-city center. Rod Stewart was elected 'by his teammates to receive the .-Xrchie Buckley inspirational award and Ray Feske was honorary team captain. Despite the many injuries that kept the team far from full strength during the sea- son, the Indians gave a good at'c'ount of themselves in all the games they played. Next year the return of Evans, Finley, Burson, Weiss, Lyons, Siedel, lNIcFarland, Lister, Stewart, Smith, MeVay, and Bennett should make North Central tough competition. Another six points for the Indians, adding to the 32 to 0 victory over the Pirates. mic hitndred one Competition was very keen lor positions -.-n..........AN.4...A....,. vc"- --+P Front row, left to right: Jensen, Orcutt, Freeman, Baker, Stoddard, Latanzio, Cross, Muhulkey-second row: Baker, Berry, Davis, Spratt, Alexander, Deno, Spend- love, Schmidt, Hienz-third row: Butler, Willig, Bender, Lundburg, Hammond, Spel- gatti, Lotze, Stevenson, unknown-fourth row: Morlan, Monroe, Schatler, Coach Carriker, Baker, Grothe, Bardsley, Montroy, Lovejoy-fifth row: Hunter, Hawes, Hoeker, Brown, Stohs, Becker, Hunton, Bratton, Klise, Peterson-sixth row: Manlovc. B SQUAD FODTB LL ball squad did the school proud in all their on last season's B liootball squad. 'lihough games. 'nost of the boys were small, this hustling Rov CARRIKER, "BU squad coach. one hundred two VVhat the B squad lacked in weight. they 5 made up lor in speed. clever hall-handling Jfltrm f,,,,' Hr. R' and a "never die" spirit. Though out- ii weighed. they were never otitclassed. ln QV? seven games, they won two and lost live. i They were victors over Central Valley li squad and the North Central lireslnnan learn. 'lhey were deleated by the Nlead Varsity twice and by the I5 squads ol' Rogers. Gonzaga, and Lewis and Clark. Standouts for the I3 team all season were: Bob Latanzio, Jerry Stephenson. XVally Freeman. Gene liardsley, .lack lleno. .lint Hiines, NValt Becker. Dave Sto:ldard. Don Hawker. Larry Baker. Horner Davis. Dave Hawes, Rich Monroe. l'Vally llratton. .Xrt Hunter. John Hunton. Herhy Schmidt. Ken Grothe, Jack Spratt. Don Perry, Dick Alexander. Bill Spelgatti. Keith Lotze. and Ken Lovejoy. xltllg X BN, W A Nl, H8 M ff rm., N Front row, left to right: Seagraves, Eva, Becker, Perry, Rumph, Vogel, Flower, 'FX Rawlings, Strick-second row: Whiting, Hunt, Jones, Bentley, Frarnstad, Mitchell, Q t , Coloswido, Clark, Coach Bill Goode-third row: Webster, Benshoof, Hieber, Klise, 'ilk ff-df' V 'V' Roberts, Kirk, Manos, Wilkes. , X ,f , it-41, FRCSH FOGTBALL Tying the Gonzaga team for top league honors, the Freshman gridders under the coaching of Harold 'l'hompson finished a highly successful season. 'llhe Central Valley Cubs were the first to feel the wrath of the Papooses by losi11g I-1-0. Kenny llenshoof set up the first score with a till-yard reverse and the other touch- down tame at the end of a 65-yard sus- tained drive. At the hands of the ll squad the fresh- men suffered their only defeat. A slippery ball and field kept the scoring at a mini- nmm and enabled the junior Varsity to keep their 7-ti lead all through the game. 'l'he first league game was another elose contest with North Central edging Ollt the Rogers frosh by 6-0. 'llhe Gonzaga game was a thriller but ended in a disappointing scoreless tie. Both sides threatened, and once jones appeared headed for pay dirt when he slipped and fell. Jones and Stan Framstad paced the Indians to a 25-0 vietory over the Lewis and Clark Kittens. Both scored toueh- downs, and brilliant line-play kept the op- ponents from ever threatening. HAROLD THOMPSON, frosh coach. mm hundred three Ne 1, Y, Q ge VARSITY BASKETBALL--Front row, left to right: Don Lewis, Ace McDougall, ,, N-be John Schwarz, Russ Blomgren, Don Cameron-second row: Glen Burton, Lowrey r f in Bennett, Tom Perko, Bud Weis, Ernie Bentley-third row: Phil Canup, Bud Quaeken- bush, Don Olstad, and Fred Martin. Varsit Basketball Starting their long climb from the door- mat ol' the city prep league was the big job that Coach Bob l5rumblay's undermanned hoop squad undertook this season. 'llhey accomplished this task by gaining a three- way tie for second place. 'l'he Indians pre-season invasion of the surrounding Idaho and Okanogan Valley schools was very successful. Such strong teams as Coeur d'Alene, Kellogg, Priest River, Medical Lake, Moscow, Mason City, and Chelan went down before the Red and Black hoopsters. one hundred jour During the Christmas vacation, the North Central quintet ran Rogers ragged to win easily in the opening round ol' the Wlesl Valley Invitational tournament. In the second round, the Indians suffered a de- feat at the hands of the Colfax boys who went on to win the state ll title for the second consecutive time. The first league game against their tradi- tional foe across the river-the Lewis and Clark 'l'igers- resulted in a defeat for the Indians. The initial win was gained at the expense of the West Valley Eagles who were Look! Look! It's rainirtg1 baskvtballs! t lmtlly ottttlztssctl hatll tltth lhttt night in lhis rcrortl wats gootl enough to put tht' thc .Xrtnoryx lhc next wcclvctttl wats at tlill lncliztns in thc chstrict llllly-Olli tvhith wats :t It-rt'nt story. ltoivtwcr. lor thc sliztrpsliooting kt-cn tlisztlmpoittttttcnt to thc ltttliztttc'ztg't'1'stts Clcntrztl Vatllcy lit-airs tutckctl up at big victory they hztttlctl thc l.cwis gtntl Cllttrk tcgnn to at owr thc stttttllct' North Ccntrztl xV1ll'l'ltH'S. 31335 score. North Clcntrttl lost this gtnttt' CLotmtg:t ztntl Rogcrs wcrc thc ncxt rib- only ztltcr lmlttying two orcrtitnc lmcriotls. titns oli Clogtch llI'llllllJl1lylS pivot ztttztfk. 'llhc ncxt night thcy lost to Cmttlatgzt who l'htts thc lntliztns cntlctl thc liirst hull' ol' wcrc too strong lot' tht' lntlittns ttltcr tht- t'ity'lt-ttgttc play with tltrcc wins ztntl two long gztntc ol thc prcriotts night. osscs. lhc scrontl hztll' was atn CXLICK tlttpli- Stztntlottts lor thc tcatnt wcttt': Don tillt' ol' thc first hull' with North Ccntrztl Cznncron. nnztnitnotts :tll-city st-lcrtioni tvpt-:tttttg their wins ovcr XVcst Vztllcy. Ernie licntlcy. rztptztini loin Pt-rko: llntl Rogcrs, ttntl Clottmgtt ztntl losing to Lcwis Qttzxckctihttslii l,owrt-y liunncttz xtntl lfrctl tntl Clark ztntl Central Valley. Martin. "Qt1ftr'k" svortfs for two. Bvnttt-It gatltvrx ont' in. ont' llIIlIlll't'Cl Htw' , h B SQUAD BASKETBALL-Front row: left to right: Bob Conrad, Bob Kuehl, Bill Wilkerson, Jack Lyons, Tracy Walters, Bill Joy-second row: Jim Thomas, Roy Holien, Bob Keen, Rich Munroe, Bill Spelgatti-third row: Coach John Norby, Gene Lister, Lyle Emch, Lawrence Powell. B Squad, Frosh Basketball, Boxing and Wrestling Coach John Norby's -Iunior Varsity pro- yitletl an exciting outlook lor next seasons hoop campaign by wiiming the city title in their own league, which inclutletl Lewis antl Cllarlt. Gonzaga. antl Rogers. ln league play. they won two apiece lrom Lewis antl Clark antl from Rogers but were lorcetl to a tlraw in the two-game series with Gonzaga, liesitles this antl winning a big majority ol their pre-season games. they also racetl through the Christmas vacation tourney heltl at Rogers to gain Iirst place in this neophyte tournament. Stantlouts all season for the team were: llill XtVilltinson antl Gene Lister-who saw action with the varsity this year-antl Bill Aloy. llob Kuehl. 'l'racy lfValters. antl Lyle lCmch. WAY '1At' '1At' ull' The freshman hoopsters, playing untler the coaching ol' Don llonamy, repeatecl last year's leat ol' winning the city league fresh- men title. one lntnrl'rf'rl sia' ln the early part, ol' the season. they lost several games to their cousins, the Haver- male Papooses. bttt micl-year gratluation brought many ol' these Havermale players to North Centrals squatl. ln regular city-league play the team. pacetl by Curt Bentley. Kenny llenshooli, and Gerald NVebster, beat Gonzaga antl Rogers twice antl split with the Lewis antl Clark Kittens. .fu . .fe . it Tilt it ft A new addition to North C1entral's grow- ing athletic program was accluiretl this year -a combination boxing. wrestling antl tumbling room. 1 .X new mat which covers the entire lloor was laitl antl more mats were placetl on the walls. Wfith this equipment Coach llaroltl 'l'hompson tlitl a splentlitl .job in contlition- ing many boys tluring the winter lay-oll. Besides keeping in gootl physical shape lor spring sports, the athletes also learnetl much about the art ol' sell'-tlelense. FROSH BASKETBALL-Front row, left to right: Casey Wilkes, Curtis Bentley, Howard Strick, Chuck Jones, Kenny Benshool, Roger Hunt, Bob Somers, Bob Ytreeide, Chuck Chandler-second row: Coach Don Bonamy, Don Perry, Merlin Anderberg, Gerald Webster, Ray Hartman, Burt Lucas, Gene Whiting, Dennis Cantrell, Ernie Larson. WRESTLING-Front row, left to right: Chuck Neiman, Don Wise, Harry Cooper, ff K -X Chuck Branch, Don Barks, Ralph Jensen, Dave Stoddard, Don Barth, Bob Clausen, 5 ,, Jim Roberts, David Fish-second row: Loran Newland, John Chiementi, Dale Hunde- A ,a ' by, Andy Erickson, John Menlove, Dick Adams, Ken Couch, George Roberge, Ken " ' , Perry, Tom James-third row: Coach H. H. Thompson, Wally Becker, Warren Hebert, 'xN-.f'5' Neil Smith, Stan Roderick, Vern McVay, Ivan Benton, Cole McFarland, Ben Lister, Kent Roberts, Ira Peele. om' lillrlflrvrl swim: STAN RODERICK V a r s i t y Ba eball A large turnout, over 90 boys, was on hand to compete for positions on the Indian baseball squad this spring. The squad was soon cut to less than thirty and with that nucleus Coach Don Bonaniy has molded the niost promising diamond learn seen in niany years around North Central. Eight letternien from last year are back and are having to conipctc with sonic lop- notch under-classinen for starting positions on the teani. As we go to press, it looks as though starters for the Indians this year will be: Bud Quackenbush, Dick XVashburn. Glen Burton, Don Canieron. Grover Clark, Bud YVeiss, Bill Wfilkerson, Don Osborne. Ilan Penney, and Stan Roderick. The last four named will share the hurling duties with one another. Filling out the squad and pushing the regulars hard are: Ken Benshoolf, jack Lyons, Bob Whipple, W'ally Becker, Phil Canup, Jim Colasurdo, Dave Hawes. Chuck Jones, Bob Keen. Bob Kuehl. Don Perry, jack Seidel, Neil Smith. and Jerry Verge. As the liirst hallf of the season ended, North Central was in a tie for first place with Lewis and Clark. 'l'he Indians scored easy victories over Lewis and Clark and Gonzaga but lost to Rogers. Front row, left to right: Bud Weiss, Dan Penney, Grover Clark, Stan Roderick, ,f sc' c Dick Washburn, Bill Wllkinson, Glen Burton-second row: Don Cameron, Bud ff, X-3, Quaekenbush, Bob Kuehl, Wally Becker, Chuck Jones, Kenny Benshoof, Coach Don ff K. X A Bonamy-third row: Bob Whipple, Jerry Verge, Jim Colasurdo, Don Keen, Howard L' f' ff ,If Strick, manager, Dave Hawes. XA' one hmzdred eight DICK WASHBURN BUD BUD Wmss KENNY BENSHOOF C LEN BURTON Center DON OSBORN QUACKENBUSH JACK LYONS GROVER CLARK N CAMERON BILL WILKINSON DAN PENNEY one hundred nine I T. aft Front row, left to right: Bossio, Paddock, Davis, R. Collins, Brown, Canup, Nelson, Williams, Tesch, Stiekel, McVay, Stewart, Johanson, L. Collins, Simpson-2nd row: Ytreeide, J. Good, Wright, Rizzuto, Yeager, Peirce. E, Bardsley, McDonald, Goering. Roberts, Duchow, Cochran, Harper, L. Bardsley, Tronsen, Bodine, Spendlove-3rd row: Coach Guy O. Barnes, Bender, Van Auken. Tabor, Eridsley. Babbitt, E. Smith, Eva, Dreyer, Johnson. LaFore, Cantrell, Freeman, Bell, Beck-4th row: Staples, Soss, Vogel, C. Good, Tibbitts, Reichert, Short, Bradley, Snider, King, Loski, J. Klise-5th row: I Hunt, assistant manager, Homberg, Becker, Flowers, Barker, Seidel, Whipple, Lyons, Musser, Mueller, Kite, 11131133011 Indians on Coach Guy Barnes predicts a close race lor the city prep track title this year as all lour schools have strong teams and none ol them can be considered weak. North Central won an important victory in the second animal invitational meet at lN'ashington State college by putting to- gethcr six lirsts and several seconds and thirds to squeeze past Lewis and Clark 'W flti ill flti Q-.. '- .t . North Central appears to be very strong in the distances with the return ol' Neil lvilliams and Kenny Nelson, who appear rery capable ol' out-running any opposition in their races-the 880 and the mile run. 'I'he 'Htl will probably be run by lVally 'l'esch and Warren Johanson but this position is still wide open. as last year's 440 star. .lack Finley has moved to California. 'l'he sprints were weakened by the transfer on c hu'nd'rcd ten the Track ol Lloyd Raymond to Gonzaga: but Ken Stickle. Joe Simpson. Wally 'l'esch and Bob Whipple are very capable of providing the points necessary to win the dual meets. Coach Barnes has a good crop ol' hurdlers to pick from including Ken Stickle, Vern McVay, Buddy Weiss and Stuart Davis. Stickles time in early season workouts on the low hurdles has been outstanding, and he looks like a suitable replacement for John Bhryhni and Rudy Cozzetto. 'I'he lield events will cause some trouble to North Central, as the broad jump position is not lilled and only Bob Brown has been able to place in the pole vault. Klint Burson and Cole McFarland are handling the shot-putting chore and both boys will be hard to beat. In the high jump. lanky Phil Canup and a sophomore from I-layermale, Bob Ytreeide, appear to be the strongest on the Indian squad. AF' Bardslcy is up and over. Collins on the low hurdles. ui' iff 755 EN' iff 145 if wi' McVay, Sticklc, Simpson, and Tosch start off fast. 1VIcFa'rland hcaves the 12-pound shot. one hundred vlovcn Front row, left to right: Coach Walter C. Hawes, Carl Funseth, Dick Culton, Ted , , X- Williams-back row: Dale Brunette, Don Natwiek. Not shown, Bud Quaekenbush. Boys Playing this season against. some of the strongest teams ever seen in Spokane. the North Central linksmen will find it dif- ficult to maintain the past records of the Indian golf teams. Faced with the loss of all but one of last year's regulars. Coach XVaIter Hawes will spend most of his time this spring developing new players for future years. lhtddy Quac'kenbush. who is back for his third season with the Indians. will be a tough customer for any of the opposing golfers as in prat'lit'e sessions he has con- sistently been within a few strokes of par. 'lied lYilliznns. who played several years ago on the North Central squad, has re- turned andywill do much to bolster the Indian rzitise at Downriver and Indian Canyon. Don Natwirk has shown up well in prac- one hundred twelve Golf tice rounds and will undoubtedly make a good showing. Newcomers to the squad are: Carl Funscth. Dale Brunette, and Dick Coulton. These three will get plenty of experience this year and should be able to come back next year with top honors. Looking at the line-ups from the other schools, Gonzaga has a definite advantage. 'lihey are blessed with the return of Al Men- gert, National junior champion, and a top competitor in every mateh. Also bark for the Bullpups are Joe Lynch. Bob Codd, Ross Muncie, and Walt Devlin. Across the river, Phil Stanton leads another strong Tiger aggregation consisting of Stanton, Herb Cardle. Pete Rheinhardt. and Don Coettle. This might be the year that the long string of Indian victories in the golf series is broken, but N. C. will be no pushover for either Gonzaga or Lewis and Clark. Boys' Tenni A highly successful season looms for the North Central netsters as seven senior letter- men and many other veterans answered Coach l-lix's first call. Bad weather delayed the early practice sessions, but all the players should be in top shape for the first city- league match with Rogers which rolls around on May 7. Besides playing Rogers, Gonzaga, and Lewis and Clark. matches with Central Val- ley, Clarkston. Omak, and Wasliiiigtcmii State college have been scheduled. As a climax to the season, the annual Inland Em- pire High School tournament will be held o11 the Comstock Park courts in the latter part ol' May. This tournament draws many of the best players for several hundred miles around and competition lor the coveted trophy should be keen. l-leading the list of returning lettermen are: Doug Tellefson, Ernie Bentley, Bill Ruddy, John Schwarz, Allen Waye, Dan Bond, and Dave Langdon. All seven players have shown much ability in past matches and tournaments. Dick Monroe. a sophomore from Haver- male. Lyle Emch. Jim and John Lee, and Darryl Eagle look like fine material for next year's team. The opposing Spokane high school teams also look as though they would field strong teams this year. Rogers, paced by city titlist, Terry Campbell, may be a big threat to last year's city-champion Indian netsters. At Boone avenue, lIl0St of last year's squad have been graduated, but Dick Bailey, runner-up in the Washington state boys' tournament, will provide plenty of trouble for any opposition. Front row, left to right: Jack Weathers, John Lee, Torn Evans, Lyle Emch, Dan Q Bond, Rich Monroe, Jim Lee, Bill Ruddy-back row: Homer Croyle, John Schwarz, ' A' Ernie Bentley, Dave Langdon, Doug Tellefson, Bob Fasig, Allen Waye, Darryl Eagle. one hundred thirteen Girl ' Although losing the city title to Lewis and Clark last fall, the girls' golf team. under the direction of Miss XfVilhelmine 'l'imm, was not disheartened and was ready for their meet with their cross town rivals in May. Marguerite Lind was captain aml Dianne Lucas was manager for both the fall and spring teams. 'l'he girls travel to llownriver golf course each Tuesday and lhursday period ti and after school to receive instruction from Neil Christian. professional golfer. 'l'hey are re- quired to play a minimum of l8 holes a week. lo receive a letter they must play in a tournament and receive a score of at least ll5 for I9 holes. Marguerite Lind and Golf Ceorgene Guter were the only two letter winners last fall. Ratings are earned by a method used dur- ing the past three years. .-X ladder arrange- ment was developed and team members challenge one another for top positions. 'I'he top ten girls are members of the team and five others are rated as reserves. The rest are in the beginners' class. Members of the team are: Marguerite Lind. Dolores Prather. Dianne Lucas. Norma Lea Swank, Nona Pashek. Elaine Ellis. Georgene Guter, Marilyn Griffith. Colleen Crampton, Donna Cozzetto. Mar- jorie Mewes. Betty Griffith, Shirley Zieman. Elizabeth Grandstaff. and Suzanne -lack, aim 1' 4- f GIRLS' GOLF-Front row, left to right: Dorothy Powell, Colleen Crampton, Marguerite Lind, Dianne Lucas, Mary Ellis-second row: Betty Marie Griffith, Evva Lou Chamberlan, Lucille Nieman, Suzanne Jack, Marjorie Mewes, Shirley Zieman, Nona Pashek, Norma Lea Swank, Dolores Prather, Donna Cozzetto ,Georgene Guter- third row: Miss Wilhelmine Timm, Marilyn Griffith, Beverly Willard, Carrie Smith, Donna Evans, Virginia Hallores, Gloria Elston, Susan Morrow, Shirlee McGee, Mae Louise Olson, Helen Coburn, Jo Ann Lysek, Joan Deeble, Betty MacGregor, Donna Bellomy, Neil Christian. one lmndrecl fourteen ,fl I Regs. f' I ts af, Front row, left to right: Jane Nolen, Manager, Marion DuChene. Wanda Thorsen, Betty Oslund, Phyllis Wiggs, Johnnie Gossett, Captain, Gwen Kennedy, Janet Luschei, Hazel Perry, Shirley Bush, Jackie Moore-2nd row: Maxene Lee, Shirley Ingham. Bernice Horeh, Loretta Gleason, Kathleen Bigham, Betty Cogley, Shirley Harris, Eleanor Swanson, Dorothy DuChene, Joanie Milam, Lois Jacoy, Ann De Freese, Gladys Cerenzia, Edythe Rasmussen, Patsy Lindberg-3rd row: Arlette Keiner, Juanalie Free, Mitzi Chichester, Virginia Althouse, Lucille Nienau, Carol Frost, Jo Ann Tlbbitts, Shirley . Geschwinder, Mary Barnhart, Betty Lou Mitcham, Elsa M. Pinkham, Coach, Leslie Jean Nelson, df . Barbara Phillips, Mae Louise Olson, Joan Cochran, Rae Marie Roble, Dorothy Allen, Pearl Garofalo, Co-Manager, Donna Weisenburger, Assistant Manager, Edith Rizzi. Girl ' Tenni During the fall semester, the girls' tennis team, under the direction of Miss Elsa Pink- ham and Miss Betty Gazette, won the city championship with a final victory over Rogers ll-4. 'l'hey also defeated Lewis and Clark, Central Valley, and West Valley to go through the season without a loss. Mary lane Grossman, the only member of the team to graduate in january, was captain lor the fall term. Shirley Harris, IOA, won the all-city girls singles' championship. Nearly 90 girls turned out for tennis this spring with the intent of keeping the city title. The girls were divided into A, B, C, and D squads depending upon their ability and experience. Practices were scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays period 6 and alter school and on Saturdays from 8 to ll a. m. Also some practices were held before school. Johnnie Gossett was captain of the spring team which played Omak and Clarkston in addition to the city and Valley high schools. plane Nolen and Pearl Garofalo served as managers lor both the fall and spring teams. Graduating members ol' the team are: Shirley Bush, Myrtle Chitty, Betty Cogley, Virginia Cosby, Marion Du Chene. Pearl Garofalo. Johnnie Gossett, Gwen Kennedy, Janet Luschei, Kathy Martin, Mary Lois May, Betty McKeen, Jackie Moore, Jane Nolen, Betty Oslund, Hazel Perry, Eleanor Swanson, lvanda Thorsen, and Phyllis Wiggs. one hundred fifteen Y-T27 ifiw ,Maier GIRLS' BASKETBALL-Front row, left to right: Jeri Kippen, Joanie Dunham, Dolores Straub, Johnnie Gossett, Betty Cogley, Juanalie Free, Shirley Feeder-second row: Marilyn Colony, Betty Harris, Bonnie Marshall, Dorothy Toppin, Janet Lnschei, Betty Twitchell, Bonnie Rost, Beverly Bennett-third row: La Berta Badclen, Ivy Dale Fisher, Dolores French, Blanche Pelleberg, Joanie Milan, Diane Springer, Nancy Bemis. ATHLETIC BOARD-Front row, left to right: Ernie Bentley, Dianne Lucas, A L Wanda Thorsen, Kenny Benshoof, Jane Noland, Pearl Garofalo, Johnnie Gossett, Warren Kite-second row: Principal Joe Tewinkel, Guy O. Barnes, John Norby, Don Bonamy, Bud Quackenbush, John Schwarz, Ernie Larson, Ernest Hix, Wilhelmine Timm, Elsa Pinkham. on v Ir ll ndrvd si.1't een f'X ,f Nvx we g .fy VOLLEYBALL-Front row, left to right: Sally Myers, Leona Edgerton, Ellen Mann, Phyllis Hall, Elizabeth Mann, Dorothy DuChene, Lillian Flower, Rachel Fields, LaBerta Badden, Jeanne Smothers. Rae Marie Roble, Bonnie Marshall, Sookie Straub, Rosie Milton, Juanalie Free, Marilyn Colony, Marlene Murray, Betty Harris, Dianne SpringerAsecond row: Mary Lou Montgomery, Betty Twitchill, Nadine Cross, Carolyn Sperry, Mae Louise Olson, Hazel Sather, Joanne Lovejoy, Lucien Maricle, Hilma Ulijohn, Dianne Heiniman, Carol Benner, Sonja Linder, Blanche Pelleberg, Phyllis Graham, Edith Rizzi, Lois Jacoy, Loretta Gleason, Joan Cochran, Barbara Garsicle, Patty Prague, Mary Lois May, Betty Carey- third row: Elaine Silk, Jo Anne Crosby, Delores Murray, Roselie Christian, Lucille Nienan, Beverly Wagner, Ivy Dale Fisher, Dolores French, Donna Lee I-Iyer, Shirley Manlove, Louise Fairchild, Patty Marshall, Louise Espe, Joanie Dunham, Thelma Doggett, Barbara Seiser, Dorothea Davis, Shirley Hinkle, Dorothy Mele, Jeanne King-fourth row: Jean Oberheu, Leslie Nelson, Virginia Althouse, Betty Lou Mitcham, Mary Ann Reilly, Phyllis Lane, Shirley Rosenstein, Delores Warnke, Wyoma Tryon, Dawn Denison, Nancy Bemis, Virginia Schultz, Barbara Alberg, Shirley Maurer, Doris Nelson, Frances Bennett, Kathleen Bigham, Pat Balderson, Beverly Timmers, Joanne Frounfelter, Mary Ann Loan, Jerri Kippen, Nadine Ruhling, Nyla Orness. BADMINTON-Front row, left to right: Delores Straub, Lorene Cherry, Lillian Flower. Miss Betty 1' Gazette, coach, Gwen Kennedy. Maxene Lee, Shirley Bush-second row: Johnnie Gossett, Arlette ff , Kiener, Dorothy Allen. Janet Luschei. Pearl Garofalo, Dorothy DuChf-ne. , ,, if KL!! df xxxxxwi fy' one liilnclrvrl svivmitvmi Front row, left to right: Eleanor Swanson, Katharine Martin, Jackie Moore, Sally Bourbeau-2nd row: Janet Lusehei, Gwen Kennedy, Betty Ebbesen, Pattieia Sherman, Hazel Perry, Marguerite Lind, Lueile Dunn, Myrtle Chitty, Bonnie Bowers-3rd row: Betty Oslund, Phyllis Wiggs, Mary Beeh, Leslie Critzer, Margaret Franke, Audrey Riblet, Jean Kirk, Betty MeKeen, Virginia Stewart, Shirley Christian, Virginia Cosby, Mary Toms-4th row: Patty Gillespie, Verna Rae Patterson, Lois Woodward. Betty Meredith, Shirley Bush, Pearl Garofalo, Colleen Crampton, Patty Fitzpatrick. Peggy Taylor, Carmen Poole, Marjorie Chandler, Dorothy Toppin. Spring Sports Princess As has been the custotn in previous years, the Spring Sports Princess was chosen front the senior A Red Feathers. The girls obtained their votes through the sale ol' spring sports tickets. Each ticket carried with it one vote and entitled the holder to he admitted to the track and baseball games. A convocation lor the purpose of intro- ducing the candidates was given April l. The song leaders presented the girls run- ning lor the royal position in five novelty numbers. liucille Dunn was chosen to reign as Princess. Candidates lor Princess were: Mary Bech, Sally Bourheau, Bonnie Bowers, Shirley Bush, Myrtle Chitty, Colleen Cranipton. l.eslie Critzer, Lucille Dunn. Pat Fitz- patrick, Pat Cillespie, Marguerite Lind, Betty Mclieen, Betty Meredith, Betty Oslund. Verna Rae Patterson, Carmen Poole, Peggy 'l'aylor, Phyllis Wiggs, and l.ois XVoodward. one hundred eighteen Spring Pageant "The Good Ship North Central," the biennial spring pageant under the direction ol' Miss Elsa Pinkhani and Miss Betty Gazette, and Pearl Carofalo. student chair- nian, was presented May 28. The pageant was dedicated to the Red Feathers, who celebrated their tenth anniversary this year. As in the past, the crowning oi the Spring Sports Princess was the highlight ol' the show. During the pageant, the princess and her attendants visited the dil'l'erent1 countries including France, Russia, China. South .-Xnierica, lreland, England, and the "good ole' U. S. in a ship guided hy six sailors fsong leaders.j Music ol' the concert hand under the direction ol' Lowell C. Bradlord, helped to niake the pageant the success that it was. Pageant Dancers Representing Various Countries um' hHI1!fTl'd 111'1'1 . -512 .ug ,-. H Q ,V A N I' . 1 W .sn xff ,VJ ,rv ml . 'J 1 W Q - K f-- A . W5 9xv,f-51x w - M- , T5'5xPN',,'Q.:' Q' 1: - Nix- at j ig V 'Qia n -.w ,-'W Q. A if 'jg W -' ' ., 41 Li :' i n ,, , . . r 4"'g'z,L X . -15 4+ ga ., , ,. A ,.. ,Q , 2. r M" z .., -w V f '. . V -fffg. , ,A I ,Q , K,.,' 1., . - 5, ' .v ' ,, . 1, ' , - 1:3 , f 3-.sw Q , , A ' . 4085551 ., I 1 V., , .F .M H , f 1 x ,W ' , , 4. . -,, ' All X1 - .P 3-I H If . f-"',-Jig' L ' V, 3.5 .I ff. :. T ', Q 1 . f V . 1,. . , l,.y,.. .X . .wi -. . a 5 , 2 ':" ,. . ig ,, fa., .Wx-lt, X 4 L ' 1 ' ff' 9 V I u 'f 1 x kde V 1 Q 4' K 1 Q HP--+,,fE, A f x L , fl. 'ry fiffwvk if f HN ,-4' 1 ik . N .. Ed " "". V ",. ..g 1 ' QIHFY , fin-F45 -- , -Al 95 JW, Q , ' ' .-Ha". af I 11 3 J L , ,, :- V if I V . - V A Q 4 , . 1 1. U ,,, f - - h.-s'gwk, " V, 1 I 1 5. 533- x . D ' i . f 4 ' . , , ...ab,. ff xx N tm ,.'-"liz: . mf-vi ,. .. 1 -lrhfilf ' ff 3' " ,sn 1 A , U LF' , Q T D5 w 5 .' .4 Q4- , my x Q ."T-H1 ' , gr-x-f Wu" f . 3 P 'r V ' "r-A111 - , -g cm- ,'- . . 'L x .I L-Q 5.-V . , , ff , . '.'if'1 . ' Ng d I LP? F' v ...A-..,, w- wg' -.. I., , ' 0 Nfl?" 'fer fl", ' ' , , ,, , f .'i"5 x'...5f' : -' 1 , a,- ,HJ--U . . . 1 .., I . . V,.' 'Q 4 . ' ' J , . v wr .. -, ' r .. 2 1444 N ' . H , I -5' Q - '. K ., . 1 . , f 1 ' ' 'H ' "fi: - , w 5 an ' - A. Q.. E ,I . . ,Ti ,L ,. A ' 5 V V. 5. ,. -44. ' Q , , ' , ' A A W ,.. -M X A I I .f y Q., V . 'EQ' , ' 4 ' 1 y f r E Q r ,, . ..,. ,- x 'If one hundred 'A - : t " ,,. ' ' - ' SIGNATURES o n v 'l1L71d'TPd l1l7t'1Il1l-H170 SIGNATURES ty-th SIGNATURES ty-four Q JoIxT.IIJfOwIww.5'Cor O Q2- 707-7II Sprague Ave. 708-7 I 6 Firsi' Ave. Like Having E NEW PAIR OF EYES when ' You Read With a I E SMART I MODERN .gi NO OTHER LIGHT LIKE IT For Reading, Sewing, Study Games. Hobbies, Bedside Students at Nor+h Central You'II Like This Light FLOOR LAMP S2 I .50 , SIGHT LIGHTS are scientifically designed to kj!" T put all the light where you need it-on your book Q I or desk. No stray light can spill into your eyes- because the patented eyeshade ring prevents it. I The solid aluminum reflectors give MORE light, using a standard 100-watt bulb. In appearance, a Tr' slim, trim profile that blends in any room. You d0n't know it's there until you use it, SI4.50 Order it in our Office Supplies Dept. -Third Floor- one hundred twenty -five DOERRIS Fine jeweler Since I888 W. 717 Riversid QUALITY POIQTRAITS are made by Extends Their ,ZOCEMIOOJ Best. Wishes to Axfucfio The Class of '47 l N 3 P f R 698, . .. I . .. . I ... - .... 1. ...1 .-..-. -is .i .1 QUALITY and STYLE wha' EW" Hats Siudw' Should Know The average residenrial cuslromer of The Wash- - Ingron WaIer Power l Company pays less Ihan IVQC per IciIowaII ' h I I Ii v- C155 Ili' C-:Inf 26:15 Thian half Ihe naIIonaI aver- I I The age' "Hat" Freeman's , , Washington Water Power 5 Your fellow-cifizen of Ihe 726 w. Riverside M2195 Company .M E,,,,,I,e h ddt ty-' .....i.. . ,.. . in ,, 1 ., .. , . ,1 . l CBQSI W ishef B Y. M. C. A Firs+ and Lincoln, Spokane Duthie Seed Co HI-Y CLUBS SUMMER TRIPS Physical Fi+ness Program Body Building Boxing 510 MAIN AVENUE Bdskeflball Swimmin Spokane Handball Judo-Fencing 1 1 l i 1 l h d dtwcnty K tty-c V When Your Pidures Are Signed "peaked Ay Nehan They Bear a Mark of Disfincfion The NELSUN STUIHO L eileeee-ee W l -N-M - I e ',,,,,,,,AiL ewee , WW! PIANO CGMPANY WEAVEIQ-YQIQK, LIVINGSTQN and MERCER Pianos ,,, ,,,,, ight Tl-IE DORIAN STUDIO Phone Main 68I5 q 436 Peyton Building Extends its Best Wishes to the Graduates of '47 ... . - i - ......-....... .. opnct Corbin Park and 0 Florist and Nursery '13 STORE ' wg, PERSGNNEL Xi? Wedding Bouquets iff' Funeral Sprays 'ff Corsaqes GOODRICI-I EMPLoYMENT SERVICE ,I W, SAGE l202 OLD NATIONAL BANK BLDG. Riverside 6128 3036 N M n e B' 5 I ll lui 1 l hddt.ty 259 CONGRATULATIONS eIson's SENIORS l Ba ke rg A-f SPUKANE cake. Made +0 order REFRIGERATION CO. for All Occasions -,ff HOUSEHOLD AND ff COMMERCIAL ,H ig REFRIGERATION SERVICE I627 W. Carlisle Spokane, Wash. 1628 N. W. Blvd. B. 0671 N. W. BOULEVARD AND ASH BROADWAY 0205 Appliance 521165 .Q Service EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL B. G. ANNA SPOKANE nz, WASHINGTON l m clred thirty n lil Wraight's Store g6dfllft7S Junior Miss Apparel Dale and Graduffrion Dresses Ouf-of-Door Sporfwear Coals, Suils Formals Wraighfs Store , WALL AT MAIN-SPOKANE l..i.. l ..T...... Congratu latzons Shoe Repairing S en iors That Will Please I from . U . Invisible Half Soles I D 0 B L M E I E R ' S 0 , Arcade , , I The Shoe Flxery - R. H. fBobQ clendenin Shoes Cleaned, Dyed d Sh ed I 1718 N. Monroe Street I I 715 N. Mon li- I Insure Your JQWQIQYS APIl6I:ll'Elll06 Witll Tllv if c1tlI'lIll'llti1'i2lllS Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry Sold and Repaired if E l l823 N. Monroe Spokane l2, Washington West 502 Indiana Prone B. 6000 Congratulations Graduates Spolxane's Pioneer Link-Belt Dealer The Audubon Fuel Co. l904 N. W. Boulevard Fairfax 3322 ldtl L11 PAINTS ENAMELS VARNISH AWNINGS AND CANVAS GOODS MADE TO ORDER 2602 N. W. BOULEVARD, SPOKANE PHONE B 2577 Use Your Telephone lo Buy Hardware and Home Needs SPORTING GOODS FISHING TACKLE HOME NEEDS GENERAL HARDWARE Congratulations to the .. Class of '47 Victory Boys' Club Congratulations to Honest" Don Johnson Handsome" Jack Benner "SI1u+terI'1appy" Wes Cameron Ronnie "Old" Crowe Speedy" Lloyd Palmer from THEIR MOST ARDENT ADMIRERS THEMSELVES ! i '-1 n d zu :J-an Disc Hifs of +I1e Day CQNGRATULATIQNS Gi'H's and Greefing Cards Novelfies of DisI'inc+ion to the Seniors of '47 IH M 5 All GARLAND MONROEX 74275-fi G Recording by I I R. C. A. Vicfor Columbia IOI8 N. W. Boulevard B. l35I ' op E 9 Decca ' F p k g Maiesfic-Capifol I . I -. +00 Qofbgi' Seniors of YI7 II has been a pleasure Io give you The very finesi in phoiography even af graduaiion prices. We Thank you for recommending us Io oihers. CHRISTIAN STUDIO 104 N. Howard Street M. 1025 Sm' Our Camera Deparlmenl For lfqlfipmvnl For Your Photugraplzic Hobby 0 hundred thirty-four I 1 i 1 HOME OF ALL THE , MAJOR PICTURES R, A+ Neighborly Prices Luxurious Comfori' Perfecf Sound FREE PARKING Courieous Service l .-I McBride's KELSEY-BAIIQD SECRETA IQIAL School A SCHOOL OF MODERN BUSINESS Hg, SHORTHAND if TYPING sg' BOOKKEEPING 745 MACHINE WORK Our equipment and meiliods make if possible for flue sludenl To reach his lwigliesl allainmenl. N Classes Start Every Monday M ' g Telephone: Main 6746 6'rl1 Floor, Hu++on Bldg. Spokane one hundred thirty-five Electrical Con+rac+ing - Supplies Sporfing Goods A, A E-x N Boh's Best Wishes from ,M ,M jewelers Famous for Watches and Diamonds "1 EI , Since I907 807 W. Riverside 2607 N. W. Boulevard B. OI73 Q . is 1 " 5 'I Yflvfif' 'mfg 'gl Z' , 'X'-ml" ifrfg QU mv . .. ihvll, 'rhaf gives confidence, lhal means longer service, Q befler workmanship, and finer slyling. These are uf our responsibililies, our aim, when we selecl clorhes 54 for you. These are The ideals we endeavor lo main- 'rain so lhal everyihing you choose ar Alexandefs, regardless of price, is an inveslmenl in excellence 52' 'LX' 'Sr ' 1, C 4 exam en? hundred thirty- 1 if l Makers of Wm' Parfmils Burchett Studio S I3 Howard Sf. For Appoinimenfs M. 282l SHIRTS HATS KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES S FOGELQUlS'l"S Corner Sprague and Howard 3, , . -1 1 , E E D'd YOU SW Pastw? -'- r5EsE:E22E5Z5s3s?sSEz ' 'ju - :5E2E2::-EEEEII "' -EIEIEIEIEISEIEISEPF - " .::f.' M ,.::5:g:j-':2:5:2 ' -1 T 1iIi2??Si3E!E2E'i?' :I:i:2 . 15" " .1'2'IE 21215523522 255 F' ' WI .. .. - A,,: ,:,:q,,,:V. 2 O , ,,., il, ,Q 8 2 Q yi , 3 Q 1 .... . ......,.,, ..:,, ,..:. ig . I :.:.. - - A1A,.,A1, ,,,:4.: , ig, . - .1 :::::,:-:-:1-- -v I . 1 1 IE' ' ' 1? fc:-',:: , - Nj STEVE YEDINAK E : TSLUQIS "Few men -2 E ig come face Io face with "lf 5 E death or old age with- 1'-..-: You'II find cookies, doughnuIs, coffee cakes, sweeI roIIs, whipped cream iIems, dinner roIIs, in amazing variefy and delicious Iasie aI E E out wishing they had fl 'Q' E 5 purchasediarmoreliie E E -E insurance when they E E '.1-E-ii' had the chance.-You E E E E have to buy life insur- E 1 I T C H E H E E ance when you don't Til - E E. needittohaveitwhen 2 E ,gig Norfhwesf Blvd' E -'T " you or your family do " E Phone B I '74 -E 'iii-1 need it." 23, ' Z i E The CAPITOL LIFE ummm coiapany E Cakes IO' 5PeC'aI OCCWOHS E Home OFFICE: DENVER, COLORADO pig, E Made on Order STE WART' S L-Home Hardware ' WALL PAPER ' PAINTS ' TOOLS I905 N. MONROE PHONE B. 5785 ' HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT ' GENERAL HARDWARE I om' hundred thirty-eight Congratulations Grads! . .. far faslziau Hrsis far fizsiidious femininity RIVERSIDE AND WALL Where Smart People Who Are Thrifty, Thrifty People Who Are Smart, Shop TUXEDCDS Vinther 81 Nelson FULL DRESS Hardware Dept. Store "Since 1892" SUITS at Low Rentals Complete outfits for wed- dings ancl formal attairs including shirt, collar, tie Headquarters and studs. Choice ot Tux- for eclos-single or double- breasted. Also masquer- Hunting and Fishing Bde C05fUmeS- Equipment II1' Sllip .Alai-v'zu!1w'c MILLER-DERVANT N, 705 Mom-oe B, 2271 IOI7 RIVERSIDE AVE. 3 Phone Main 6642 ,f mu hundr d thirty mm Come in and 3110? List Your Property Here at Sartnriis If i+'s on the NORTH SIDE WE CAN SELL IT. You Will Always Be Served With Frienclliness and Courtesy uf . . Sdgxgl-gl llllgeroe St. Reeltx dong 'zafufafiolzi IQLL7 Senicbrs if Complete Banlcing Service SECURITY BQANCI-l Seattle- First National 804 N MONROE STREET f lies Hrilzfr is' J1fle14ivSl11fp 7I2 W. Sprague NURTH MUNRUE FURNITURE EXCHANGE CONGRATULATIONS io Charles L. Baldwin Robert M. Eakins Be++y Oslund Jackie Moore Kahe LaDow Lois Sfarr NEW AND USED FURNITURE Phyllis Wigqs on fheir Graduahon N i420 M Si' 69+ ,F H1 S + Ad - Ph B d 1473 Spokane, Wash. iddfnj orthwest Hobby Co ,ct ' Model Airplanes ' Race Cars afilzaa Ayziofz Smari, Compleie 0 Boals Ladies Apparel ' Amateur Telescope Am, Supplies New and Exciting Infanls, Childrens Wear H. s. IHANKI PERRY N' 102 Monroe R' 6918 Phone F. 3442 w. 920 Garland fkgh School Seniors -jraduafes . . . Some universities are 4 already filled to ca- pacity. Veterans will continue to register in in large numbers be- tween now and Sep- tember. is W" e KINMAN BUSINESS UNI- VERSITY is now accepting registrations for the Sum- mer and Fall Term. For a copy of our "Outline of Courses" write, phone, or v sit our office. This bulletin explains the opportunities in business, courses offered, time required, and tuition cost. Make your plans to- day. Killlllall BIISIIICSS ulliY9I'Siflj SOUTH 110 HOWARD STREET M. 1132 SPOKANE, WASHINGTON FULLY ACCREDITED by the American Association of Commercial Colleges om' I1 undrcd. forty-two 1 I MQTQRCYCLES CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM CAN BE LEO I-IOBSON TIUIET I In 0 N COMPLETE LINE OF :Quia Larry Lung ancf rqccwuaaied Indian Motorcycles PHONE BROADWAY 3893 1306 N. W. Boulevard B 1412 lOO7-Il DIVISIQN STREET COMPLIMENTS OF Eangratulafzvus and Kes! Wishes SENIORS 7-Krctlc Homemade Ice Cream 2023 N. W. Boulevard I-IALDI Hardware and Floor Maintenance 0 PAINTS, HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD EQUIPMENT SANDERS for RENT NORTH I802 MONROE STREET SPOKANE hddf h ... ' - 0 164625 Zfou 1 needrzof .guess Q mdzizzfazh dmpye equqbmemf dndafz ex- perzbncea' arf and mec60nzb0f5idf -f' Q50 2566215 ourloatrone needfeave norfizizy to 06421209 X THE S OKANE AMEIUCAN ENGQAVING CDMDANY Established 1904 f , ' .ffff 4 " S1 . ' T.13awf' ! 'Q ' J 1-9' KLA ' 'K -four fb Q f W 7- C3 ' Q' f f9f r Ln-L .M-!'l0oL CLCLLJ4, J!! . dl . f5 ,'R '3 www am gopdnn nnbn-G-'Q . Sf-.vga 'Q an 3 LDL "Q'a""4" llQ-f-u'q-ld n kgx liQ"'k sg Ginn. , A wr PMmZL-fQgL?xXJ2fX SXKN 6 Nh' 'Y ' -R-, X ' A A"" .x -Q, mc, Now B! ip x K. ox -iifMmuAQ K ?LEC,M. SADN2 AY- ., q Wi 4 :v MAWKWSD X xff' ANY LONL FLMALE CANQATCH ANV STRDN MALL? SUN UEWTS ,Sb-mi- Q' PNY- We Q "8v44A,ull1iAl.f, ,N A J, ' ' 11 , ,X 1 ,V W, I I If ,IQQX +0 . Af ,f ,Gan H' , .csv 0' ,lf ,., wf mQmW f.-Nw ffvv, Q:-.nSq,,,. f . ,- -,-. , f . 'dx--J,-gy. L-,Nkv. . J,-in X f ' '. Q. ff'T."A 7:11 KX- V L 3 f Ke Y. X. J Q f V k Q -W' 2 . x f-- . , X X, V A KX " W , N ,R ff K A, 2 1 1 ,- nf, ', ,' 1 K f , ., f, f , y 4- , N4 f1f,f1 1 Q- X . N f- . W..- if - f f -X f 1 'K' gJ fy!! ' M, gk ,MV Q J I 14 , I ' .iff I vy' fm! M , f 02-05 ff, L 1 fx Yr I' f JN ,,, h-XKQR' V117 In , lflr ,v,,. lhflf A, ff! V . 1 !,1, ,VP WX, J ' f X- f' W1 Qf -HQLQA !MM'WNfLeLQ ff W f X ' -Q1-'f','lf" ,XV ,fr I fx ' g if , , P J f v" ' 'QW 9" 3-:Iv ' " A W ml v a .' xv", tg? 1 'Q f ,lc N X f f 1 l -' ff I XgQUyMn-fw . -fiww ' ,MTX , Q ' fx? f X1 "'-. x 1 J X meanmLndL' XXX 111+-I3, 4 V , 1 Gift? 5 Q5 ff 4 K' I Q A VW 15. Q, i fi w w M X M ,Quail f XX - H - -X ox .,.. , .A E h 1"" ' ' X X X Rx 23 ff! "Sum f1'Ti!L wr uf WW Shack. 4 'N Sfcuua. it ff fi ., ..., ,X X .1 37 QTY' " N g wifi X 2 :Q . L-Q-iii-vi,QA, V p - . EQ! ff ' F' ' LW F ff if ' Eff R 4-1 SMP P , ! I X N D, I 00 Q H-A I f ' C1?f0'Xx M, A X' fa! X l N ,f TM7x3x3ikxiXX vt , f i t E - ,.. , mf' W5 'X K 15' 'X' . Q QLJLO ck Cl.cLL,, xx S OJYTL M FWM3 Q ,, Pagzafwxt gf' "M 4 ut-AL cu Ao-Zvmfn. APM-'Ct ! X ff! GAACLLLGAU-mb x

Suggestions in the North Central High School - Tamarack Yearbook (Spokane, WA) collection:

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