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Qfww ,M My Q W My jrjljjiipj, wwf V! M M W - X2 XXI A G .Q . 1 V f if ' V Si' NX! vs-. W aiwwb xqmicd hm, I 'QC"ff: ok is-fwfr,-tff'lQ1.i 'X ,A 4 i,lf,l.i J Qhqkyfvi ,, ' K-. ' --' W fkfi' jf" V35 ' ' I K ,, .--x ,, g .. w.- -'1L .45 fQ'ff.'W .-' , . ,:.fF,?4i " 1"'?' 1 if 355' Y 'K . vf 2,99 M V-vi' " ft-G'-:a . 'lv "" ' " ' . "Q a L,:.f7j'j?- X' 1 - . .,-. . .2 nfkg ,. ,vjnfff , N 1, -f ' ' " 1 1 'Mia V x , , M i f? fy sk? A Z nf- ,. ,.4'.g.', it 1 r. ' . , . 1-lb K ' X 'K V ' Y 'Qc-'V Q., a J " -- " ' ,55- MMM mmf , W fwc MQW Wifi ww ' J f WMM ,Q,,1.,5.fp .41 ali WWW 'ffgfjgkw W xxygfixp f VW www Vg! 6 M z X J , ,AW- p, I 1 I 3 r L I 5 a I F u . + 1 E s 5 H 5 V HN g gf MQVEEQEXX QQ ki f 'M E N F 3 S555 Qs ......Lk., WMMMQ MwW? W wM. wg2 - IWKLWWI if W4e3f'ffIz HRM if W 7 NQRTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOCL SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Ed LAUREL NORRIS JANE SABISTON Ad MISS MARY M KENNA 3 Q' ..- Z 4 4, 1 1 '0oT?'g'AXXN ,P 12 es' ' 3. fb TO THE NORTH CENTRAL BOYS IN OUR ARMED SERV- ICES-to those who have giventtheir lives, to those who are now serving on far-flung battle fronts and in camps far from home, and to those boys who soon will enter the service of their country, it is only fitting that we dedicate this 1945 Tamarack. Without their sacrifices and loyalty, our way of life, our schools, and this year book would not be possible. It is our sincere hope and prayer that be- fore the close of another school year, these boys will be reunited with their families and that a lasting peace will have been established-"that these dead shall not have died in vain." Marching along together, Sharing every song and cheer, Marching along together, Whistling ,til the skies are clear. 0m Smaice Zzlaq 48 N 1, V 3 Q . Q A 1450 Major George Sander looks at the service flag while home on leave in December from the European Theater of Cperations. Major Sander wears the presidential unit citation with three oak leaf clusters, and five stars signifying service in Iceland, Greenland, England, North Africa and Italy. He is not only a North Central graduate, January '29, but also a member of the faculty. WMM 3 ' Sywice Jlanaa lla!! The names in the following list, with the exception of the Gold Stars, are supplementary to those published n the 1944 Tamarack. Only the names of those who have been graduated or who attended North Central as heir last high school are included. 2 ..f GOLD STAR 'Q kilor, Eddie , llfano, Edward J. lnderson, Ernest H. lnderson, lner W. Barnhart, Orthor iryan, Walter T. Buckley, Archie M. 3urke, John F. Zarson, Gale E. Ihapman, Gordon Zhilberg, Robert L. Ionnors, Jack Ionverse, Robert Zorey, Ernest Eugene Cramer, Douglas S. Crowe, Leroy Edward Damascus, Gust Davis, Lee A. Dicarlo, Joseph J. Duchscher, Edward Ek, Bruce Holland, Patrick Holmes, Hugh Hughes, William Jemison, Richard Johnson, Don Jungers, Clifford Keller, Raymond Kinzer, Ervin J. Klise, Cecil Leonard, Jack R. Little, Robert L. Littlefield, Joseph McKinney, John C. Machan, James A. Mathes, Robert Lee McLeod, Andrew Miller, Jerry Miller, Maurice L. Ohman, Roy Pickel, Claire Albert Rogers, Harry Rosenau, Ernest Scott, George Scott, Raymond Scriven, Jack Sipple, Floyd Marvin Smolkowski, Walter J. Somers, William E. Spohr, Tommy Stapleton, Robert Swanson, Harry Upton, Leland B. Valentine, Leo H. Van Gelder, Donald Wilmot, Gerald -.TLS-ei. -.TL ai, Aldrich, Harl Ammerman, Dick Ammerman, Don Anderson, Cliff Anderson, Clyde Arnold, Joseph William Bayley, Bob Bechman, Bob W. Bjorback, Bob Bloom, Harold Bloom, Ray Bonner, Bob Bonner, Dick Botham, Maurice S. Bradley, Gordon Bruno, Bob J. Buchanan, Otis Jr. Burgen, Colin C. Burger, Walter Carter, Marion Jean Carr, Marvin Cave, Jack Cowing, Robert K. Coburn, William P. Cochran, Dean Cody, Paul Edmund Colburn, Bert Conner, Wayne Connors, Wilson Coolbaugh, Wesley L. Corder, Dick Corey, Jack W. Cosby, Art R. Courtright, Maurice Cozzetto, Albert Crandall, Dan Craddick, Roy L. Crampton, G. Harris Crisp, Lorraine Curtiss, Bill Damascus, Jim Davis, Garth L. Day, Bob BLUE STAR Defenback, Roy W. Dicker, Norman Dietrich, Thomas Ervin Dill, Francis W. Dirkes, Kenneth Eaton, Bill Harlow Edlund, Vern R. Endahl, Charles A. Erickson, Leonard Ericson, Donald Espe, Alvin Evans, Jack L. Finch, Torn L. Flory, Neva Force, Carl Froistad, Richard D. Gates, David W. Gates, George D. Gerlach, Ernest E. Goldsmith, Melvin H. Goodwin, Richard W. Gookstetter, Jay Gordon, James F. Gorman, Joseph R. QBob Greco, Frank Hadford, Melvin M. Haffner, Loren E. Hamer, Charles L. Harris, Elmer Harris, Joe Hauschild, Oliver L. Hawes, Dee ' Haworth, Don Henderson, Forrest Henry, John Daniel Hellmer, Hugh Hooke, Ralph E. Holmes, Basil D. Howard, James A. Hubble, James T. Hutchings, Karl Irby, Ray Isitt, Richard D Jacobsen, Merill S. Jacobsen, Gerald James, Dick Jarvis, Burton Jarvis, Jack D. Jensen, Carl Johnson, James A. Johnson, Sydney W. Jones, Fred W. Kane, Robert Kaye, Henry M. King, Doug Kirkpatrick, Hugh Klise, Jerry Lindberg, Harold B. Lonza, R. T. Lorch, Daniel J. Lundberg, Al Lundberg, James E. Lynch, Wesley McCallum, Noble Jack McCallum, Charles E. McCormick, Howard L. McGee, Robert L. MacGregor, Wayne Mandick, Mile M. Mastro, Lewis Mauk, Bob Maylott, Asa Orville Meadow, Jack Miesner, Bill Merritt, Vivian Miles, Floyd Miller, Darrold N. Morris, Manford Morse, Vernon D. Morrison, Marvin L. Murbach, Earl W. Murbach, Vernon L. Murphy, Arvid - Murphy, Juanita Murray, Seymour J. Myhre, Claude D. 'ivinff Jilllf Nasato, Fred. Nygaard, Dick A. Oakes, Fay CBudJ Oatman, George Paeper, Kenneth Palmer, Jack A. Peterson, Eleanor M. Peterson, Henry Howard Peterson, Wayne Philopant, Virgil D. Phipps, Harve, H. Jr. Poindexter, Grover E. Porter, Robert Prague, Chester Quackenbush, Harley Raymond, John Read, Merrill A. Reberg, Arnold Richardson, Dale Owen Ryder, John Staeheli, Glenn Stephenson, Lewis Story, Claire Stratton, Orin Stromme, Bill Swett, Donald Symbol, Kenneth Taitch, Marvin Thomason, Donald Thornberg, Earl N. Tibbett, Larry Toeter, Joe Tollefson, Charles Trusty, Ellsworth Valient, William Vander Meer, Dalmer Van Gelder, Don. J. Verge, Del C. Watkins, Jack B. Weston, Lee Wilson, Bernard Woods, Donald Woods, Jack W, - - X ev 2.4 , D IW 1 52" an 1 "iff wit ' 4 ONE HUNDRED YEARS after Columbus discovered America, Robert Gray sighted the shores of Washington. Since then, the lumbering industry has been of prime importance in the growth of the stare. In the present war, wood is being used directly or indirectly in the con- struction of almost every machine. The Mosquito bombers are made of ply wood. The famed P-T boats are also constructed of wood, and it takes tons and tons of paper for the blueprints of our mighty planes and battleships. In the post war era, trees will play an all-important role. New plastics have been developed from wood and the list of wood products is steadily growing. The mighty forests, the thousands of square miles of virgin timber have built the state of Washington and will continue to contribute to a great North- west after the war. For this reason we have chosen the tree as a fitting symbol for this fourth war-time Tamarack. SOUTH ENTRANCE 7, xx , -1-, X . Ja 8 14 1 . HN , h P ,W L ' 5 ,.lg iw . ' 1 FW- .a""f 1 1-"' V SSE5 1 'ft .A ,Lgigff ' .M ' 1992 A A if ...MA f , . ,g,.Mfv A. . ,W , - ' - gm. M.. ......,..., A 1 Ixzifk, k J A. .K K K I A , kfojqii, ,L M ,L . ,., m.....M ,NWN X ,,. ,,., , 1, A, MW- L Q- Q g1Wg.,, , Hg. , 1 If' M' -V I A Q-Q--WM....,..,,..,. w W Q en-h- ,k.. , , I . fj,-'-F EETQ I . X 7 - ,A , I .L yi. Q , , . '--...NNW K -.., , -. sw Q L s , N A A ' X ' .. ' . . Q 1, ,QQBUWW . 1 k"- ., , R " '7XT'sw' f'Y -" R, X lf ff. 1 ' s - . 44, . ' v av- . Q- .,.. ' 3 H ,Z MI, 'V K .N rw ,D 2 AA :nw . , W -7,15 Eg :Vj OA' ' k"5V,,Q,"alg,Ax r . s 'M 'OA . I ' wwf' iz 'P . 'A -' "fi -mu:-tm saw P' li if-y , .,, If A iv-w ' 1 W., f'nf'f4, ' 'J x ' ' A7 " h. X Y f 6 fi w-up Z wx Qi l ,V 7 9, fixmm M ,v ,vigziza 4 M -fy-ff,,.'w few 3 5 ""?.,.a ff? K S ...X 'o -8 1 if 20 Yak if S 5 2 3 -'Q' 1 f Q vim? :F Q af' - xi, .c.... -HM' -. wg? H-gfgz r - -Xsaxvxv , 1.-2 ,g.f:f1,,,: . .: wx X f . .MQ .,-.N5.f- i fx 2 weasif g xg Q K X all R .R M 5 9-.: gl NA . , 5. Q fx Q- -Nm.. xi ,-ff' 9 1 . 'WF mv-wg? 4 ...f" Ni 1' 94 ,W A 1 'T .fzfww - .QS , 1 X .ga Y53354 E N yt Q -M1 Qanjenit Administration ..... I3 Classes ......... I7 Activities .... . . . 53 Productions ....... 73 Sclvool LW ....... 85 Atlvletics . . . . . 93 -4 Q! ZS? rg X QS- rs Sf M K , A N L xx. KWWWN, , 'mm ,afamynysmaryon I H I f 9 5 2 E r i 2 I i x A at 3 X H. F. G. KENNEDY, Principal Left to right: Mrs. Effie Olson, attendance clerkg Mrs. Vera Bayley, bookroom clerk: Miss Helen Huneke, secretary: Walter C. Hawes, Vice Principal. thirteen 3 . 5' 13 :X 3- QM. N. ii' . il 1 1 Q VA K A , I ' aj K N y, .k - ' fa M " ' V ,X " if fi N SE I x',,. x M .- - ' 33? ' 35 My -,-f 1 2 , , L' K x k 9' 'Q ff: 'M 1 fu if fps" , f w W 1 J, w . -4 J' 6' W , -XF: 55 X x 2 f aww., :rant row, left to right: Miss Conah Mae Ellis, Miss Mary Bacon, Miss Isabel McElwee, Miss Helen 'luneke, Miss Ethel Ashley. Second row: Miss Zelva Moeser fcadet teacherj, Miss Ruth Wiiikley, Miss Jlary Main fcadel teaclu-rj, Miss Violet Starkweather, Miss Caroline Riker. Third row: O. Griggs, Wesley Taylor. A. O. Streiter. :7'011t r0u', left to righti C. R. Randall, Mrs. Gladys Dunphy, Mrs. Clara Cowley, Miss Neva Wiley, Miss sfluriel Allison, C. A. Chandler. Second row: Paul Tobie, C. Olin Rice, L. C. Bradford, Miss Mary Beth loot fcadet teacherj, Dale Riggin. Third row: Paul Neuman, Ernest L. Hix, T. O. Ramsey, Don Bonamy, J. W. Willialmis. fiftvvrz The pictures at the top, direct cen ter and bottom were taken at th Spokane Teachers' picnic on the Norti Central playfield last fall. Stav-ting a the top of the page. left to right, are Miss Conah Mae Ellis, Miss Helc' Cleveland, J. D. Youngrnan, Miss Isa bel McElwce, Miss Margaret Raw iings, Miss Wilhelinine Timrn, Mis Helen Huneke, Bryson L. Jaynes. CENTER: Mrs. Gladys Dunphy. BOTTOM, FRONT Row: Miss Els. Pinkhanz, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Randall SECOND Row: Miss Isabel McElwee Miss Wilhelnzine Timm. Miss Mar garet Rawlings. BELOW: Mrs. Hawes. Walter C Hawes, Miss Emma Clarke. Mis Grace Gorton. FAR LEFT. ABOVE: T. O. Ramsey Mrs. Florence Parish. Mrs. Clar Cowley. Far LEFT. BELOW: Miss Mary Mc Kenna and Miss Mary Bacon aclrnir a little stray dog. hw My M A Ny, ww MW QW Wffi! M fs CAG S7999 Kg, K ,?1:'fg35f wg 8. . fggffjaffvy '25 V. ,ku 5, f . 3 i Q 1 ..-1, QA f -m, .- ww . . 3, ff ri Ai A. iff 133 - LF , 'ifwfxf' .S ,ff .q,sgfvf2w5?1? -1- eL:g-. in 5' - L- Wwe.. 1. ,, my -. ,- 4 1 . YQWI 'H f f sy, K 'Fa' X f H 1 , R ,gs . W? , Z , f ff 65" v f f y I- L f - ',--77V f K ' NE-f" 416 03 N ..: K A 9 An S 2 C264 S7999 E 1 I va f ' 1 ,xyf 7 M A' -f WW" X 7' 'ff 6 1 fx X r " X S? ' X lf. f is " f r XC, ' A NH Zz NEKWX '7 'PA ,L L N fx, 2.1 C2541 S7999 i 1 F . n i , ! E i E ,ff ffffj Aye wfffffgfw fQ2f,1W 'M T5 IWQWGW W JOE LEE .4.,..................,,..,,.,..,,EE..,.....E ,,,,..,,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,..,,.,..,,,,, DICK BONNER ..w...,,,,.............,......,.........,..,........,.,.,,....,....... C ROSILEE MASTRO ......................,.........,..,..............,.,..,...... DAVE HARRY ....,...,......A,....,.........,.,,..,,,,..,,,,,...,,,,.,,, ,.,,...4 .,,,. BILL EBY ...........,.................,...,.........................................,..... Vic AxToN, LILLIAN IRENE Home Ec. Big Cousin 23 Library Monitor 33 Slip Collector 33 Locker Monitor 33 League Honor Roll 3 times3 Red Cross Rep. 4. BALLOU, WILLIAM R. Math, Social Studies Trans. from Lynchburg, Virginia. A.S.C. 43 Dues Lieut. 4. BECK, GEORGE Machine Drawing Grad. in 3V2 years3 Traffic Squad Commissioner 43 Conduct Board 2, 3, 4. BONNER, RICHARD R. Math, Mech. Drawing Traffic Squad 3, 4, Capt. 43 Fire Squad 23 Fed. Rep. 2, 33 Class Orator 43 Sr. A Honor Roll. CAMPBELL, SHIRLEY YvoNNE Home Ee. Library Monitor 23 Roll Checker 33 Red Cross Rep. 43 League Hon- or R011 3 times. CLEAVE, MARY Lou Home Ec. Red Feathers 33 Color Guard 3, 43 A.S.C. 3, 4, Pres. 43 Central Coun- cil 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pres. 43 Tamarack Assoc. Ed. 43 News Staff 3, Ed. 33 Ad Staff Mgr. 43 Pres. Red Cross 43 Spanish Club 4: Doll Shop 2, 43 Operetta l, 2, 3, Lead 43 Tennis Team 2, 3, 43 All- Activity Letter, Barg Color Girls 1, 2, Vice Chm. 23 Spring Pageant l, 33 N. C. Hilights 43 League Hon- or Roll 8 timesg Sr. A Honor Roll. eighteen 1 BAILEY, MARY Math, Languages, Soc. Studies Pres. Red Cross 43 Red Feather: 3, 43 Tennis Team 3, 43 Spanisl Club 3, 4, Treas. 43 A.S.C. 43 Cen- tral Council 43 Athletic Board 4 Tamarack Sr. Ed. 43 Color Girls 2 League Honor Roll 5 timesg Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Sr. A. Honor Roll. BAUER, HAZEL MARIE Social Studies Trans. from Lewis and Clark League Honor Roll 5 timesg Li- brary Monitor l, 2, 33 War Stamg Rep. 4. BLOOM, LORRAINE Home Ec. War Stamp Chm. 43 Big Cousin 4 Slip Collector 43 War Stamp Rep 3, 43 League Rep. 23 Locker Moni- tor 4. BREWER, MICHAEL J. Math, Social Studies Trans. from Gonzaga3 Traffic Squad 3, 4. CHRIsTENsEN, BARBARA MARIE Home Ec. Tennis Team 2, 33 Sr. Counselor: Golf Team 43 Vox Puellarum 3, 43 News Rep. 23 Operetta 23 League Honor Roll 1 timeg Con. Dep. 2, 43 Slip Collector 43 Big Cousin 2, 4. COSTELLO, MARTIN JOHN Math, Social Studies l DELSMAN, JACK Retail, Social Studies Grad. in 3V2 years, Fed. Rep. 1, 2, 39 Tamarack Rep. 2, 3, Oper- etta 3, Senior Dram. 43 Radio 4. DYSART, KENNETH Math. FJELLMAN, ROGER Math. GRAvEs, JUNE Science Trans. from Cusick, Wn.3 Girl Re- serves, League Honor Roll 3 times. HALSTEAD, PATRICIA ANN Home Ec. Roll Checker 2, 3, Slip Collector 4, Art Club 49 Tamarack Art Comm. 43 Tennis Team lg Library Rep. 33 Red Cross Rep. 2, War Stamp Rep. 4. HARRY, DAVID E. Math. Grad. in 314 years, Track 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Leader 4, Doll Shop Orchestra 3: Trombone Quartette Leader 3, 4. DOTY, IRENE JOYCE Math. Red Cross Rep. 3, Library Rep. 2. EBY, WILLIAM LOYD Math. - Trans. from Calumet City, Ill., Track 4, Senior A Class Pres. FOLEY, BI-:TTY Social Studies Grad. in 3'A, years, League Rep. 2, Red Cross Rep. 23 Senior Dram. GREEN, WALLACE D. Science Track 1, 2, Football 2, 3, Frosh Football lg News Rep. 2, Ground Squad. HARRISON, ANITA IRIS Social Studies, Languages League Honor Roll 7 times, Latin Club 2, 3, 4. HAWES, DICK Math. Grad. in 314 yearsg Band l, 2, 3, 4g Math Club 3, 43 A. S. C. Sec. 45 Amores Librorum 23 Sr. Dram.g Doll Shop Orchestrag Fed. Coun- cil. 2 nineteen HERGERT, GENE G. Science Trans. from Springdale, Wn., Ground Squad 3, 4, Lieut, 4, News Staff 4. HIGGINS, EDWARD JAMES Math. HOFFMANN, NoRMAN HAROLD Science Band 2, 3, 4. JOHNSON, MAXINE HELEN Printing Color Girls 1, 23 Big C0uSin 3141 Locker Monitor 3, League Honor Roll 5 times, Library Monitor 1,25 After School Sports. KEELING, RUTH Science, Math. Grad. in 3V2 years, Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 25 Math Club 3, 4, Amores Librorum 3, 45 Doll Shop 4, Operetta 3. KRIKEN1, JOANN BEATRICE Math. Trans. from Kodiak, Alaskag Spring Pageant 33 League Honor Roll " times, Red Cross Rep. 4. twenty HEYDON, MAx1NE LOUISE Art Senior Dram., Art Club 4, Stage Palnting 3, 4, Locker Monitor 3, 4 Tamarack Rep. 3g Red Cross Rep 3, 4, Tamarack Staff 43 Big Cous- in 2, 33 Girl Reserves 3, League Honor Roll 3 times. HILLMER, MURIEL DORIS Home Ec. Operetta 3, Doll Shop 4, Big Cousin 23 League Rep. 33 Locker Monitor 43 League Honor Roll 3 times. JAMES, RICHARD D. Math. Conduct Board Pres. 43 Traffic Squad 3, 4, Tennis Team 43 Fed. Rep. 2, 35 News Rep. 29 Sr. A. Honor Roll. J OHNSON, SHIRLEE Social Studies Doll Shop 4, Senior Dram., Big Cousin 3, 4. ,MARGARET Home Ec. Trans. from Kennewick, Wn. LACKEY, VIRGINIA MAE Bookkeeping Roll Checker 4, Sr. Counselor, Library Monitor 2, 3. LAKE, ESTHER Home Ec., Math. 3ig Cousin 2, Nurse Messenger 3, Spring Pageant 3, League Honor 2011 4 times. LARUE, JACK Fine Arts Track Team 2, 3, 4, Football z, 3, 4. LYON, BETTY Jo Commercial, Home Ec. League Secretary, A. S. C. 4, Cen- tral Council 4, P. E. Dept. Head 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Head 3, Doll Shop 4, Dance Comm. 3, Vox Puellarum 3, 4, Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Prom. Com. 4, News Rep. 3, A11- Activity Letter. MCROBERTS, HAROLD HUGH Math., Science Grad. in 352 years, Operetta 3, 4, Doll Shop 3, Senior Dram. MASTRO, ROSILEE Art Song Leader 3, 4, Chm. 4, Color Girls 2, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-arms 3, Vice Pres. 4, Pres. 4, Vice Pres. League 4, Operetta 3, Doll Shop 4, Spring Pageant 3, A.S.C. 4, Central Council 4. MORGAN, SHIRLEE ILEANE Science Red Feathers 3, 4, Tennis Team 3, 4, Operetta 4, Sec.-Treas. Red Cross 4, Sr. Counselor, Sec. P. E. Dept. 4, Big Cousin 2, 3,4, Cen- tral Council 4, League Honor Roll 4 times, Sr. A Honor Roll, Locker Monitor 3, Library Monitor 2, 3. LANDRETH, LILLIE MAE Social Studies Roll Checker 3, Locker Monitor 3, 4, League Rep. 4, Sr. Coun- selor 4. LEE, J osEP1-I Science, Math. Traffic Squad 3, 4, Lieut. 4, News Rep. 2, 3, Tamarack Rep. 3, Sr. A Class Vice Pres. MCMAHON, ELSA MARGUERITE Math., Science A.S.C. 3, 4, Treas. 4, Color Guard 3, 4, Red Feathers 3, Central Council 3, 4, Spring Pageant 1, 3, Doll Shop 2, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Vox Puellarum 3, 4, La Tertulia 2, 3, Vice Pres. 3, Big Cousin Head 3, Gym Monitor 1, 2, League Rep. 2, Color Girls 2, Hist. 2, Ten- nis Team 1, 2, 3, League Honor Roll 7 times, All-Activity Letter, 3 bars. MACDONALD, JoYcE M. Art Tamarack Rep. 3, News Rep. 4, Doll Shop 2, Operetta 2, 4, Tama- rack Staff 4, League Honor Roll 1 time, Big Cousin 3, 4. MILLER, ALICE LOUISE Social Studies Trans. from St. Maries, Idaho. MURBACH, SHIRLEY RUTH Commercial Red Feathers 3, 4, Sec. 4, Tennis Team 3, 4, Sec. Conduct Board 4, A.S.C. 4, Central Council 4, Lock- er Monitor 3, Amores Librorum 3, Library Monitor 4, League Rep. 2, Senior A Honor Roll, Operetta 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, League Honor Roll 3 times. twenty-one Nl-II.SON, Dolus JUNE Art Football Princess 43 Senior Dram.3 Ad Staff 43 News Staff 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 1, 23 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 43 Spring Pag- eant 1, 33 Doll Shop 2, 43 Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop Lead 23 League Honor Roll 8 times3 Tennis Team 3, 43 Tamarack Ad Mgr. 43 All-Activity Letter3 Quill and Scroll 4. PATTERSON, F. KENNETH Fine Arts Transferred from Great Falls, Mont. Art Club 4. PEASE, ERWIN IVAN Manual Arts RAMEY, BARBARA Commercial Red Feathers 3, 4, Chm. 43 Color Girls 1, 23 Sr. Counselor3 Red Cross Rep. 43 Big Cousin 2, 3,43 Doll Shop 1,33 Operetta 3, 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Roll Checker 13 All-Activity Letter, Bar3 Lock- er Monitor 1, 2, 43 After School Sports 1, 2. SALMON, RUTH CLARA Home EC, Doll Shop 33 Operetta 2, 33 Red Feathers 2, 3, 43 League Pres. 43 Central Council 2, 3, 43 A.S.C. 2, 43 Color Girls 23 Sr. A Honor Roll. SJoBERc, LAWRENCE WILLIAM Industrial Arts and Science Grad. in 31f2 years3 Fed. Rep. 23 News Rep. 33 Stage Crew 3, 4. twenty-two NORRIS, LAUREL JUNE Languages, Math., Soc. Studies News Staff 3, 4, Ed. 3, Managing Ed. 43 Tamarack Staff 3, 4, Asso. Ed. 3, Ed. 43 Red Feathers 3, 4, Hist. 43 Tennis Team 3, 4, Capt. 43 Doll Shop Pub. Mgr. 43 Spring Pageant 33 All-Activity Letter3 Color Girls 23 A.S.C. 43 Central Council 43 Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Head 43 Sr. Counselor Chm. 43 League Honor Roll 5 times3 Spanish Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Vice Pres. 43 Senior A Hon- or Roll. PEARSON, AUDREY IONl Home Ec. PIPER, DOROTHY JENNIE Commercial League Treas. 43 Central Council 2, 43 A.S.C. 3, 43 Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 1, 2, Chm. 23 P.E. Dept. Head 43 P.E. Accordionist 1, 2, 3, 43 Spring Pageant 1, 33 All-Activity Letter3 League Honor Roll 8 times: Doll Shop 2, 43 Operetta 2, 4. RoccA, JOSEPH VICTOR Social Studies Trans. from Gonzagag Grad. in 31!2 yearsg Band 3, 4, Sec. 4. SCHEEL, ROBERT EARL Math., Science Fed. Rep. 3. SMITH, NAOMI JEAN Social Studies Library Rep. 23 News Rep. 33 Locker Monitor 33 Red Cross Rep. 43 Senior Dram. QTEFFER, DOROTHY DELL Printing Sig Cousin 3, 43 Locker Monitor Lg Library Monitor 1, League ionor Roll 4 times, After School Sports 3, 4. FAYLOR, LoU1sE Home Ec. Frans. from Lewis and Clark. Library Rep. 3, 4, Gym Monitor lg News Rep. 3, Big Cousin 43 Qocker Monitor 4g Red Cross Rep. 3. WOLBERT, BETTE JANE Home Ec. Library Rep. 3, 4, News Rep. 4, Senior Counselor, Spring Pag- eant 3, Big Cousin 4, Library Monitor 2, 3. WRIQHT, LEE E. Math. Fed. Pres. 4, Fed Clerk 33 Fed. Treas. 2, N. C. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Sec. 3, Treas. 2, Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4g A.S.C. 2, 3, 4, Athletic Board 3, 4, Math Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Prom Comm. 4. ,-5, SwET'r, VIRGIL Math. WARNER, BYRDENE Home Ec. Transfer from Lincoln High, Se- attle. News Rep. 33 League Rep. 4. Woon, BETTY Lou Commercial Three Fives 2, 33 Operetta 2, 3, 4, Seninr Dram. ZEITLER, JoY Home EC. Doll Shop 4, Operetta 4, Senior Dram., Central Council 43 A.S.C. 43 League Honor Roll 8 times, Horizon Club, Red Feathers 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4. January Seniors Without Pictures in the Tamarack COIL, GENE E. MCLELLAN, RAYMOND fserviceb EVANS, JACK fservicej Mosso, FRANCIS SHEPHERD, LAWRENCE twenty-three twvnly-frmr Looking into the future 3.1111 une Glwu Gffwm Left to right: FRED FRANKE ......,, COLLEEN WOLFE ........ BILLIE LOVE-IOY LARRY ELLISON JERRY POMEROY ,I Vg 3 ,............Treasurer ,.,....Vice President ..........Secretary ..........President fnot shownj ........ .......... C lass Orator twent y- five Allli01"l', PiivLl.1s RUTH Stenography Trans. from West Valley, Slip Collector, 4. ALEXANDER, VIRGINIA MARIE Stenography Trans. from Holy Names, Locker Monitor 2, Color Girls 2, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Big Cousin Head 3, Red Feathers 3, 4, Spring Pag- eant 2, 4, A.S.C. 3, 4, Central Council 3, 4, Sr. Counselor, Lock- er Commissioner 4, Conduct Board 4, League Honor Roll 8 times, Sr. A Honor Roll. ANDREWS, CAROL IRENE Bookkeeping Doll Shop 3, Operetta 2, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, Big Cousin 3, 4, League Honor Roll 4 times, Art Club 2, Con Deputy 4. BAILEY, BETTY JEAN Home Ec., Social Studies Locker Monitor, Library Rep. BARDEN, Boa Science Fed. Rep. 2. as Di BATEY, SALLY Soc. Studies Red Feathers 4, Gym Monitor 3, Locker Monitor 3, Spring Pageant 2, 4, League Rep. 2, 3, Orphan Rep. 2, Red Cross Rep. 2, 3, Or- chestra l, Slip Collector 2, Big Cousin 2, News Staff 4, Tama- rack Staff 4. twenty-sire Q16 AuA1vIs, LAWRENCE Commercial, Math. Amores Librorum 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4. ALLEN, ROBERT GEORGE Math., Science, Soc. Studies Football 2, 3, Captain 4, Football Inspiration 4, All-City Guard 4 Baseball 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4 Fed. Pres. 4, Clerk 3, Treas. 4 A.S.C. 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec. 4. ARMITAGE, PATTI Social Studies Trans. from Seattle, Wash., News Rep. 3, Locker Monitor 4, Stamp Rep. 4, Tamarack Rep. 4, Red Cross Rep. 3. BALINSKI, LILLIAN Stenography League Sec. 4, Red Feathers 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Doll Shop 3, Spring Pageant 2, 4, A.S.C. 4, Central Council 4, League Honor Roll 6 times, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Math. Club 2, 3, 4, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4. BARTLETT, CHERI YVONNE Science, Math. Big Cousin 2, 3, Library Rep 3, 4. BAUMAN, J EANETTE Math. Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis Team , 4. LENNEH, CLAUDE G. Science iround Squad 3. EISHOP, ISABELLE BETTY Home Ec., Social Studies ilip Collector 2, 3. SLAKEMORE, BOB Science BOETCHER, KAY Social Studies geague Honor Roll 2 times, Spring Pageant 2. 3URSON, DON E. Social Studies, Art Fed. Rep. 2, 3, Operetta 3, Lead l, Senior Dram., Gym Monitor 3, A.S.C. 3, 4, N. C. Hilights 4, Tam- arack Staff Photo. 3, Pres. Thes- ,Jian Troupe 628, 4. SAMPBELL, JAMES ROBERT Manual Arts Band 2, 3, 4, Assist. Librarian 2, Head Lib. 3, 4, Bandmaster 4, Trumpet Quartette 3, Pep Band 3, 4, Derby Band 3, 4, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Operetta Orchestra 4, News Rep. 4. Bxscuorr, ELAINE DOROTHY Stenography Color Girls 1, 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Operetta 4, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Amores Librorum 2, 3, Pres. 4, Senior Dram., League Honor Roll 8 times, Room Rep. 4, News Staff Bookkeeper 3, Sec. P. E. Dept. BLAIR, RALPH Math., Science, Social Studies Ground Squad 3, Capt. 4. BLUME, HAROLD Manual Arts BOSTROM, MARY Stenography Trans. from Valley high school, Stamp Rep. 4, Roll Checker 4, Tri-Y 3, 4. CAMMACK, EUNICE Home Ec. Roll Checker 1, Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 4, League Rep. 3, 4, League Hon- or Roll 8 times, A.S.C. 3, 4, Cen- tral Council 3, 4, Operetta 4, Sen- ior Dram., Con Dep. 4, Horizon Club 3. CAMPBELL, KATIILEEN Jo ANN Science Trans. from Troy, Idaho. twenty-sev 971. CARRIER, EARL Math., Social Studies Grad. in 3 years, Frosh Football, Frosh Basketball, Frosh Baseball, 1 Football 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Bas- ketball 3, Sr. Gym 2. CHRISTMAN, RUBY BERNICE Home Ec. Slip Collector 3. CLOUGH, ARLEAN Home Ec. Roll Checker 4, War Stamp Rep., Red Cross Rep. CONRAD, DoNA Social Studies Basketball 2, Library Rep. 2, War Stamp Rep. 4. CREEL, PATRICIA ELIZABETH Math. Doll Shop 4, Spring Pageant 3, Tennis Team 3, 4, League Honor Roll 8 times, Roll Checker 2, Locker Monitor 3, 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4. ,B . CRow, LAURA ALICE Bookkeeping Color Girls 2, League Honor Roll 2 times, War Stamp Rep. 4. twenty-eight J ...f CHRISTENSEN, VERNE ANTHONY Math. Commanche Guard 3. CLAUSEN, ELDRED Music Band 2, 3, 4, Pit Band 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Operetta 3, Lead 4 Senior Dram. 4, N. C. Hilights 3, 4, Thespian Troupe 628. COGLEY, CARROL D. Math. , Track 2, 3, 4, Ground Squad 4 Chess Club 4. COZZETTO, ALBERT Bookkeeping Fed. Rep, 2: Tamarack Rep. 3. CRISP, JOAN Home Ec. Three Fives 3, 4, Operetta 3, Roll Checker 2, Big Cousin 3, League Honor Roll 3 times, Tamarack Rep. 1, Choir 3, 4, Chorus 4. DAVIS, ELAINE Math. Club 2, 3, 4, Vox Puel- larum 2, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, League Treas., Doll Shop 3, Oper- etta 2, 4, Locker Commissioner 4, A.S.C. 4, Central Council 4, Con- duct Board 4, Red Feathers 3, 4, Slip Collector 3, Color Girls 2, League Honor Roll 6 times, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Con Dep. 4, Big Cousin 3, 4. JEAN, MARJQRIE JANE Languages Doll Shop 2, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 led Feathers 3, 43 Spring Pag- ant 2, 43 La Tertulia 2, 3, 43 L.S.C. 43 Central Council 43 .eague Pres. 43 Color Girls 23 .eague Honor Roll 9 times, P. E. Dept. Head 43 Sr. B. Vice Pres., Jews Rep. 3, 4. JIEHL, CLEDA M. Art Jperetta 2, 33 Doll Shop 23 Spring 'ageant 2. JRURY, CAROL Social Studies DWYER, PAT Math., Social Studies Frans. from Gonzaga, Tamarack Rep. 33 Fed. Rep. 4. ELLIS, MARY Lu M ath. La Tertulia 2, 3, 43 News Staff 43 Class Ed. Tamarack 43 Big Cousin lg News Rep. 4. EMRAY, BARBARA JEAN Social Studies Horizon Club 3, 43 Library Mon- ltor 33 Big Cousin 4. DERRICK, A. MERLE Math. News Staff 3, 43 Tamarack 43 Traffic Squad 13 Baseball 3. DowER, JOAN KATHRYN Stenography Doll Shop 23 La Tertulia 2. DYER, TOM Manual Arts ELDER, FRANK Social Studies, Science Band 2, 3, 43 Traffic Squad 3, 43 Fed. Rep. 2, 3. ELLISON, LAWRENCE Math. Dance Comm. 2, 33 A.S.C. Vice Pres. 4, Pres. 43 Football 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, Pres. 43 Band 3, 43 All City Dance Comm. 33 Pres. Sr. A Class. ESPEN, PHYLLIS LORRAINE Science Color Girls 23 Spring Pageant 23 Library Rep. 3, 43 Big Cousin 3. twenty-nine FERGUSON, VIRGINIA LEE Social Studies Color Girls l, 2, Doll Shop 1, 3, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Red Feathers 3, 4, All-Activity Letter 3, Quill and Scroll 4, Treas. 4, News Staff 4, Feature Ed. 4, Editorial Page Ed. 4, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, Hist. Reporter 4, Pres. 4, Sr. Editor Tamarack 4, Spring Pageant 2, 4, League Honor Roll 6 times, Ten- nis Team 3, Con Dep. 3, Sr. A. Honor Roll. Foscmrs, DoRo'rHY E. Commercial Big Cousin 3, 4, Slip Collector 3, War Stamp Rep. 4. FRANK!-T, RICHARD FRED Science, Math. Frosh Football, Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Trans. Mgr. 3, Choir 3, Traffic Squad 2, 3, Lieut. 4, Fed. Rep. 3, Tamarack Rep. 3, Fed. Council 4, A.S.C. 4, Pres. Conduct Board 4, News Rep. 4, Track 1, 2. FRENCH, GLENNA Art Gaz:-rrrrz, PHYLLIS JEAN Social Studies Doll Shop 3, Operetta 3, A.S.C. 3, 4, Central Council 3, 4, Ten- nis Team l, 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Pageant 2. GINTZ, BILL Math. thirty FoLso1v1, Boa Social Studies ' Football 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, E Library Rep. 3. Foss, Amen E. Science Spring Pageant 3, Library Rep. E League Rep. 3, Girl Reserves 2, E War Stamp Rep. 4. FRANKE, GLEN Math., Science Grad. in 3Vz Years, Ground Squat 3, 4, Track 2. FULWILER, Lois MAXINE Bookkeeping GIBBONS, MIRIAM A. Math., Social Studies Latin Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4. GLEASON, EVELYN CECELIA Social Studies, Home Ec. Doll Shop 1, Spring Pageant 2, League Honor Roll 6 times, Roll Checker 2, Slip Collector 3, Sr. Counselor 1, Big Cousin 4, News Rep. 2. RLEETEN, BARBARA JEAN Mechanical Drawing Doll Shop 1, 33 Operetta 1, 23 Spring Pageant 23 Color Girls 23 ted Feathers 43 News Staff 43 All-Activity Letter 43 League ionor Roll 4 times. IOODWATER, GILBERT Math. IRECO, BERNICE LOUISE Science, Social Studies A.S.C. 43 Sr. Counse1or3 Slip Col- ector 2, 33 Spring Pageant 33 Qatin Club 3, Sec. 43 League Elonor Roll 8 times3 Horizon Ilub 2. HAMM, RAY Social Studies HANSEN, JIM Math., Social Studies HARRISON, MARJORIE FAYE Home Ec., Social Studies Girl Reserves 3. GLOTH, ALEC ROBERT Math., Manual Arts Band 2, 3, Business Mgr. 43 Corn- manche Guard 23 Baseball Mgr. 2. GORDI-IN, GLORIA LILLIAN Languages Trans. from Lewis and Clark3 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 3, 43 Vox Puellarum 3, 43 Horizon Club 3, 43 Spring Pageant 33 Social Serv- ice 3, 43 Slip Collector 3. HALL, PAT Art Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 43 Art Club 3, 43 Operetta 2, 43 Doll Shop 33 Library Rep. 2, 43 War Stamp Rep. 43 Red Cross Rep. 43 Roll Checker 3, 43 Spring Pageant 33 Tamarack Staff 43 Golf Team 3, 4. HANKE, GRACE IDA Science Trans. from Lewis and Clark3 Grad. in 31!2 years3 League Rep. 33 Sr. Counse1or3 Latin Club 3, 43 Central Council 33 Doll Shop 33 A.S.C. 3. HARNACK, HARRIET JEANNE Social Studies HARTMAN, VIRGINIA LEE Commercial Vox Puellarum 2, Hist.-Reporter 3, 43 Three Fives 43 League Quar- tette 43 Operetta 2, 43 Doll Shop 33 Senior Dram.3 'l'amarack Rep. 43 Red Cross Rep. 3, 43 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Con Dep. 2, 3, 4. thirty-one HAUG, IRIs M. Commercial Trans. from Rogers3 Operetta 3, 43 Three Fives 2, 3, 43 News Rep. 43 Library Rep. 33 International Club 23 Library Monitor 2, 43 Locker Monitor 43 League Honor Roll 7 times. HAYS, MYLDRED LOUISE Social Studies League Honor Roll 8 times3 Color Girls 1, 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 A.S.C. 4, Vice Pres. 43 Central Council 43 Chm. Dance Comm. 43 Vox Puellarum, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 43 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 1, 2, 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 All-Activity Letter 33 Tennis Team 33 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Con Dep. 33 Slip Collector 43 Library Monitor l, 23 News Rep. 4. HEMPLEMAN, G. NADINE Commercial Color Girls 1, 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Operetta 1, 2, 43 Spring Pag- eant 2, 43 Doll Shop 1, 33 Sec. Conduct Board 43 A.S.C. 43 Cen- tral Council 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. HILDARL, LQRRAINE Art Doll Shop 23 Spring Pageant 23 Library Rep. 23 League Honor Roll 7 times3 Art Club 43 Locker Monitor 43 Slip Collector 4. HOWARD, FLORENCE E. Merry Go R d Stu 13 League Honor R t es ews Rep. 43 Orchest 1 2 3 Operetta Or- chestr L Iy Monitor 1, 33 Math. . Y , . Sli ll . JAYNES, RosE MARIE Music Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Operetta Or- chestra 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Latin Club 2, 33 Ed. The News 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 League Honor Roll 8 times3 Library Monitor 2, 3, 43 Chm. Library 43 A.S.C. 43 Central Council 43 Sr. A Honor Roll3 Sr. Counselor3 Senior Dram. thirty-two HAUGAN, GLEN Social Studies Tamarack Rep. 43 Ground Squz 23 Con Dep. 2. HEINE, PHILIP A. Drafting Commanche Guard 2. HENEFER, PAT ANN Bookkeeping Doll Shop 33 Operetta 23 Sprin Pageant 2, 43 Color Girls 23 Re Feathers 3, Hist. 43 Art Club Sec Treas. 23 Vox Puellarum 2, Trea, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Big Cousin I 33 League Honor Roll 6 time: Tennis Team 3, 43 Con Commis sioner 43 A.S.C. 43 Central Coun cil 43 Dance Chm. 43 Danc Comm. 43 Conduct Board 4. HoL'I', JACK W. Math., Music Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Stage Mgr. 2 Concert Soloist 3, 43 Dist. Contes Soloist 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 43 Chess Club 4. J ACOBSEN, SUSAN ANITA Music Color Girls 23 Operetta 3, 4 League Honor Roll 8 times3 Dol Shop 33 Red Feathers 3, 43 Threq Fives 3, 43 A.S.C. 43 Centra Council 43 Art Club 2, 43 Latil Club 3, 43 Big Cousin 33 Horizoi Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 33 Sr. Coun' selor. J EWETT, GEORGE FREDERICK Social Studies, Science Trans. from Phillips Academy Andover, Mass. JHNS, MARGARET ELIN Math. orizon Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl Re- rves 45 Library Monitor 1, 2, 45 Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 4. DHNSON, EVELYN EUGENIA Bookkeeping treet Locker Monitor 25 Office Iessenger 35 Slip Collector 3, 4. OHNSON, ELIZABETH LUCILLE Math. lews Rep. 35 League Rep. 45 Cen- ral Council 45 A.S.C. 45 Spring 'ageant 45 News Staff 45 Sr. Edi- Jr Tamarack 45 Red Feathers 45 .eague Honor Roll 2 times5 Big Iousin 2, 35 Orphan Rep. 1, 45 Quill and Scroll Sec. 45 Merry- io-Round Stunt 15 Math. Club 5 Sr. A Honor Roll. OHNSTON, MARVEI.LA Home E c. QACHINSKY, ELEANOR L. Science, Math. latin Club Sec. 3, 45 Big Cousin 5, 3, 45 Library Monitor 3. Q0 5 KANIKEBERG, ALENE Music Doll Shop Orchestra 35 Orchestra Z, 3, 45 Operetta Orchestra 2, 3, 4. J oHNsoN, DoRIs Stenography War Stamp Rep. 45 Color Girls 25 Horizon Club 3, 45 After-School Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Monitor 45 Big Cousin 3, 45 Tri-Y 3, 45 Library Rep. 25 League Honor Roll 3 times. JOHNSON, J ACQUELINE MAY Home Ec. Girl Reserves 2, 35 War Stamp Rep. 45 Slip Collector 3. JOHNSTON, GRACE CORRINNE Stenography Trans. from Seattle, Wash.5 Cen- tral Council 45 A.S.C. 45 Con Dep. 35 League Rep. 2, 35 Sr. Counselor Head5 Red Cross Rep. 3, 45 La Tertulia 2, 3, 45 Vox Puellarum 3, 4, Treas. 45 Big Cousin 2, 3, 4. JYDSTRUP, NELLA DARLENE Home Ec. Doll Shop 35 League Honor Roll l time5 All-Activity Letter 35 After-School Sports 2, 35 Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, Capt. 45 Track 1, 2, 4. KALLESTAD, Lowsu. GRANT Industrial Arts, Science KANNBERG, FI-:RN Home Ec. Girl Reserves 15 Rest Room Mon- itor 4. thirty-three KAWAI, Axxxo Math. Doll Shop 33 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girl Hist. 23 Spring Pag- eant 23 League Honor Roll 6 times3 Amores Librorum Sec. 23 All-Activity Letter 33 Big Cousin 33 Red Cross Rep. 23 La Tertulia Sec. 3. KENT, DOROTHY Commercial Operetta 33 Color Girls 23 Spring Pageant 2. KIRK, JOYCE Social Studies Assoc. Ed. News Staff 43 League Honor Roll 9 times3 All-Activity Letter, 2 bars 33 Book Week Con- test's Winner 3, 43 A.S.C. 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Op- eretta 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Jr. Figure Skating Club 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Amores Librorum 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3. LAMBERSON, HELEN M. Commercial Merry-Go-Round Stunt 13 Nurse Messenger 13 League Rep. 23 Art Library Monitor 23 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Library Rep. 33 Slip Col- lector 3, 43 News Rep. 43 War Stamp Rep. 43 League Honor Roll 7 times. LEAF, BEVERLY LoU1sE Social Studies Tamarack Rep. 2. LENKE, HELEN Math. League Honor Roll 6 times3 League Rep. 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Towel Cupboard Monitor 23 War Stamp Rep. 43 Big Cousin 43 Op- eretta 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Math. Club 2, 3, Sec. 43 Girl Re- serves 23 Con Dep. 43 Vox Puel- larum 3, 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Senior Df8m.Q Sr. A. Honor Roll3 Central Council 43 A.S.C. 4. thirty-four KEMP, BETTY ANN Social Studies Color Girls 23 Library Monitor 1 2, 3, 43 League Honor Roll 1 times. KENT, A. LAVERNE Music Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2 Lead 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 Senioi Dram. La Tertulia 3, 43 Thespiar Club 43 Derby Band 2. KRAMER, BOB J. Math., Science Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 43 Red Dues Lieut. 43 Vice Pres. Red Cross 43 A.S.C. 3, 43 Treas. Sr. B Class3 Drum Section Librarian 4, LATHROM, ELSIE Math., Science Color Girls 1, 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Chm. League Honor Roll 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 A.S.C. 3, 43 Central Council 3, 43 Co-Chm. Revision of League Constitution 43 Senior A Honor Roll3 League Honor Roll 8 times3 Girl Re- serves 1. LENERVILLE, MARGARET NAN Math., Science Spring Pageant 23 A.S.C. 33 Cen- tral Council 33 Chm. Library Monitors 33 Con Dep. 43 League Honor Roll 7 times. LEWIS, DONALD EUGENE Industrial Arts QLOYD, ELIZABETH Home Ec. Fted Cross Rep. 43 League Rep. 33 gocker Monitor 33 Slip Collector lg League Honor Roll 2 timesg Fennis Team Mgr. 3, 43 Operetta l3 Doll Shop 33 Sr. Counselor 43 Big Cousin 3, 4. LUCAS, VIRGINIA Bookkeeping A.S.C. 3, 43 Central Council 3, 43 Horizon Club Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 13 Social Service Chm. 43 Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 League Honor Roll 3 times. MCALISTER, ROBERT Science, Math. Ground Squad 2, 4, Lieut. 3, Com- missioner 43 A.S.C. 43 Conduct Board 4. MCDONALD, DOROTHY LAVERGNE Stenography Girl Reserves 3, Sec. 43 Roll Checker 3, 43 Big Cousin 3, 43 News Rep. 43 Tamarack Rep. 43 Library Rep. 3. MCDOUGALL, PATRICIA MARIE Art Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Operetta 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 League Honor Roll 8 timesg Art Club 2, 43 La Tertulia 2, 3, 43 Big Cousin 33 A.S.C. 43 Central Council 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Horizon Club 2, Treas, 3, 43 League Rep. 23 All- Activity Letter 3. MCKEEN, DAVID W. Science Trans. from Cashmere, Wash.3 Traffic Squad 4. LOVEJOY, BILLII-: Bookkeeping, Social Studies League Honor Roll 9 times3 Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, Sgt.-at- Arms 43 Tennis Team 2, 3, 43 P.E. Dept. Co-Head 33 Vox Puellarum 2, 33 Sec. 43 Central Council 43 A.S.C. 43 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Senior Dram.3 League Rep. 23 Slip Col- lector 2, 33 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 Con Dep. 3, 43 La Tertulia 3, 43 Sr. A Sec. LYONS, ROBERT B. Social Studies News Staff 3, 43 Tamarack 43 Fed. Council 43 A.S.C. 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 5th Executive 43 Golf 1, 2, 4, Capt. 33 Operetta 23 Baseball 2, 33 Bas- ketball l3 Football 13 Chorus 2, 33 Fed. Dept. Head 4. MCCANDLESS, JIM Auto Mechanic Trade School Football. MACDONALD, JAMES ALVIN Industrial Arts Frosh Basketball3 Locker Mon- itorg Library Rep. 1, 2, 33 Fed. Rep. 1, 23 Stage Crew 2, 3, Mgr. 43 Red Cross Vice Pres. 43 News Rep. 43 Basketball Mgr. 33 Sr. A Honor Roll. MCGETRICK, MARJORIE PAT Social Studies Girl Reserves 3, 43 Library Rep. 43 Red Cross Rep. 2, 33 Big Cousin 4. MCNEELY, MARJORIE HELEN Home Ec. Color Girls 1, 23 Big Cousin 3, 43 Sr. Counselorg A.S.C. 2, 43 Cen- tral Council 2, 43 Spring Pageant 23 Red Cross Pres. 43 League Honor Roll 7 times. thirty-five MAsoN, GREGORY A. Math. Ground Squad 2, 33 Commanche Guard 33 Fed. Rep. 2, 3. MEISTER, MARILYNN LOUISE Languages Color Girls 2, 33 Red Feathers 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 Operetta 23 Ten- nis Mgr. 3, 43 Athletic Board 3, 43 All-City Choir 33 Chorus 2, 43 League Honor Roll 6 times3 Red Cross Rep. 43 Gym Monitor 43 Music Festival 2. MITCHELL, WANDA ZoE Math. Doll Shop 33 Operetta Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Amores Librorum 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 43 Senior Dram.3 League Honor Roll 7 times. MooRE, LESTER VERNON Math. Band 2, 3, 43 News Rep. 2, 33 Traffic Squad 3, 43 Tamarack Rep. 3, 43 Fed. Council 43 A.S.C. 4. MovLAN, VIRGINIA Social Studies NEusTEL, ARTHUR DONALD Math., Science Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Commis- sioner 43 Conduct Board 43 A.S.C. 43 Athletic Business Mgr. 3, 43 Head Usher 33 Amores Librorum 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. thirty-six MEINCKEI, VERLEE Social Studies Trans. from Twin Falls, Idaho3 Tennis Team 3, 43 League Honor Roll 3 times3 News Rep. 3, 43 Sen- ior Counselor3 Tamarack Rep. 43 Big Cousin 33 Spring Pageant 33 Track Team 3. MICHAELS, GLEN Art Tamarack Staff Cartoonist 43 Band 3, 4, Piano Solo 43 Pep Band3 Operetta 43 Doll Shop 33 Art Club Vice Pres. 23 La Ter- tulia. MIYAKI, FRANK H. Social Studies Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, ' Basketball 43 Track 43 Treas.3 Fed. Fin. SeC.Q Fed. Vice Pres.3 Sr. B Pres.3 A.S.C.3 All- City 4. 3, 4. Fed. MORS, MARJORIE RUTH Home Ec. Doll Shop 4. NELsoN, LLOYD ALBERT Math. Grad. in 3V2 years3 Spanish Club. NIcKERsoN, PAMELA LOUISE Math. A.S.C. Sec. 43 Central Council 43 Red Feathers 3, 43 Color Girls 23 Vox Puellarum 3, 43 Horizon Club Hist. 3, Sec. 43 Amores Librorum 2, Sec. 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Sr. Counselor 43 Sr. A Honor Roll3 League Honor Roll 7 timesg Op- eretta 2, 33 Doll Shop 33 Spring Pageant 2, 4. NICKERSON, PHIL Industrial Arts Fed. Fin. Sec. 43 Fed. Rep. 33 Tamarack Rep. 43 Red Cross Rep. 23 Locker Monitor 43 Band 3, 43 Stage Crew 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Span- ish Club 2, 3, 4. NOLEN, GERALD HENRY Science A.S.C. 2, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 43 Sax. Librarian 33 Assist. Head Librarian 43 Ground Squad 33 Locker Monitor 23 Pa- per Salvage Chm. 4. OSTERBACK, MARION Home Ec. Library Monitor 1, 2, 3, 43 Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 43 League Honor Roll 6 timesg Library Rep.3 Red Cross Rep. PASHEK, DONNA MARIE Science Color Girls 1, 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Roll Checker 23 Central Coun- cil 33 A.S.C. 43 Operetta 43 Ath- letic Board Chm. 43 Con Dep. 4, Golf 3, 4, Mgr. 43 Spring Pageant 23 Big Cousin 1, 2, Chm. 33 Sr. Counselor3 Vox Puellarum 43 Sr. A Honor Roll. PEoPLEs, ELAINE M. Social Studies News Staff 4: Feature Ed. 43 Tamarack Staff 43 Horizon Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 43 League Honor Roll 2 times3 Spring Pageantg Operetta 43 Library Monitor 2, 3, 43 Big Cousin 3. PETERSON, MARYLIN ANN Music Color Girls 23 Red Feathers 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 La Tertulia 33 Doll Shop 33 Operetta Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4, Treas. 43 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Big Cousin 2, 3, 43 All-Activity Let- ter 3, Bar 43 Brass Quartet 23 Tennis Team 23 League Honor Roll 9 times. NICKERSON, WALLY H. Manual Arts, Social Studies Operetta3 Commanche Guard. ODDEN, RENA Retail Selling Trans. from Williston, North Da- kota3 League Honor Roll 4 times3 La Tertulia 43 Tamarack Rep. 43 Library Rep. 33 Big Cousin 43 Li- brary Monitor 33 Sports Ticket Rep. 4. PANDELIS, Lois MAXINE Home Ec. Girl Reserves 13 Room Rep. 23 Li- brary Monitor 33 Slip Collector 43 Sr. A Honor Rol13 Spring Pageant 23 League Honor Roll 6 times. PEARSON, LORNA MAE Languages Girl Reserves 43 Roll Checker 3, 43 Big Cousin 43 Senior Dram.3 La Tertulia 4. PERKINS, LOIS MARIE Stenography Girl Reserves 3, 4, Vice Pres. 43 Tamarack Rep. 43 Big Cousin 4. PICKEL, MARIE Home Ec. Horizon Club3 Doll Shop 33 Sen- ior Dram. tliirty-seven POM!-ZROY, JERRY CHARLES Math. Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Vice Pres. 4, Pep Band 43 Fed. Rep. 33 Fed. Dept. Head 4, Fed. Vice Pres. 43 News Rep. 43 Athletic Board 43 A.S.C. 43 Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas. 43 Sr. Class Orator. REAM1-rs, RICHARD WALLACE Math., Science Fellowship Comm. 33 Community Service 43 A.S.C. 4. ROBINETTE, LAVERN Math. Trans. from Ellensburg high school, Ellensburg, Wash.3 Red Cross Rep. 23 Ground Squad 4. SACCOMANO, ANNA BEi.1.E B. Home Ec. SEIM, ALTHEA Retail Selling, Home Ec. Trans. from Fergus Falls, Minn. SHAWGO, E'rHi-:LDA Home Ec. thirty-eight -'VW x RAMSEY, Lois IRENE Languages Trans. from Topeka, Kansas News Staff 3, Ed. Page Ed. 3 Assoc. Ed. Tamarack 43 Rec Feathers 3, 43 Central Council 4 A. S. C. 3, 43 Dance Comm. 4 Hi-Nite Vice Pres. 43 Vox Puel- larum 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Quil and Scroll 3, 43 Latin Club 2 Operetta 3, 43 Doll Shop 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 Golf Team 33 League Honor Roll 4 times3 Con Dep. RESSA, MARCY LEE Home Ec., Social Studies Library Monitor 2, 43 Big Cousir 2, 33 News Rep. 33 Spring Pag- eant 43 Slip Collector 2. SABISTON, JANE KATHRYN Social Studies News Staff 4, Ed. Page Ed. 4, Copy Ed. 43 Spring Tamarack Ed. 43 Color Girls 1, 2, Chm. 23 Red Feathers 3, 4, Chm. 43 Central Council 2, 3, 43 A.S.C. 2, 3, 43 Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 43 Doll Shop 1, 33 Spring Pageant 2, 43 League Honor Roll 8 times: Red Cross Sec.-Treas. 33 Jr. Press Club 4. SCHROEDER, PAIGE Home Ec. Doll Shop 2, 43 Choir 1, 23 Senior Dram. 23 Library Rep. 1, 43 Oper- etta 1, 2, 33 Basketball 13 Three Fives 1, 2, 3. SELCHO, GERALDINE RosE Science Girl Reservesg N. C. Tri-Y. SHERRIFFS, MARJORIE Home Ec. Color Girls 1, 23 League Honor Roll 3 times3 Big Cousin 3, 43 Spring Pageant 2. SIMPSON, MAVA ELAINE Social Studies Iirl Reserves 3, 4. SMITH, BOB J. Math., Science Band 1, 2, Operetta 4. SMITH, NIDA JEANNE Stenography R011 Checker 1, 3, Library Rep., Tarrgarack Rep. 4, Slip Collec- tor . STABLEIN, SHIRLEY Manual Arts Fed. Rep. lg Traffic Squad 4, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, N. C. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Fed. Dept. Head 2, 3, 4, A.S.C. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Dance Comm. 2, 3, Hi-Nite Comm. 4. STEPHENS, JACQUELYN LOUISE Home Ee. League Honor R011 3 times, Big Cousin 4, Color Girls 2, Doll Shop 1, Spring Pageant 2, Tennis Team 3, 4, Tamarack Rep. 3, 4, News Rep. 4, Red Cross Rep. 2, Orphan Rep. 1. STRONG, NORMA Home Ec. Doll Shop 2, 3, Operetta 3, 4, Art Club 3, 4, Golf Team 3, Ten- nis Team 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3, Spring Pageant 2. SMITH, BARBARA JEAN Social Studies Big Cousin 4, War Stamp Rep. 2, 4, Gym. Monitor 2. SMITH, IVADELI. FI-:RN Science Latin Club 3, 4. SPOERHASE, JAMES FRANK Social Studies Band 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Stage Mgr. 4, Pajamers 4, News Staff 2, 3, 4, News Ed. 4, Fed. Rep. 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Ground Squad 3, 4, Lieut. 4, Tamarack 4, Fed. Comm. Head 4. STAFFORD, JACK G. Science, Industrial Arts Track 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 4. STONE, WESLEY Math., Science Trans. from Lewis and Clark, Usher 4. SUTTON, PHYLLIS JOYCE Home Ec. Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Operetta 4, Three Fives 3, 4, Big Cousin 4, Spring Pageant 2, League Honor Roll 6 times, Choir 3, Horizon Club 2, 3. thirty-nine TAYLOR, BILL Social Studies Frosh Football, Frosh Basketball, Football 2, 3, 4, All-City 3, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, N. C. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, A.S.C. 2. THoMAs, HARRY C. Math., Science Ground Squad 4, Tamarack Rep. 2. TowNE, BEVERLY ALICE Bookkeeping Color Girls 2, Red Feathers 3, 4, Vox Puellarum 3, 4, Sec, 4, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Spanish Club 3, Roll Checker 1, 2, Sr. Counselor. VAN AUKEN, RUTH Art League Rep. 2, 3, Tamarack Rep. 4, News Rep. 3, 4, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4, Spring Pageant 4, Art Club 2, 3. WAGNER, MoLLY Lou Home Ee. Orphan Rep. 1, Girl Reserves 1' Color Girls 1, 2, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Spring Pageant 2, Library Monitor 3, Sr. Counselor, Tama- rack Rep. 3, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4, League Rep. 4, A.S.C. 4, Cen- tral Council 4, Conduct Board 4, Red Cross Rep. 4, Con Commis- sioner 4. 9 WARREN, VIRGINIA LUCILE Home Ec. forty Z i TAYLOR, JACQUELINE ALBERTA Home Ec. Big Cousin 1, 2, 3, 4, Librar Monitor l, 2, 3, Operetta Costunf Mgr. 3, Orphan Rep. 1, 2, 4, Oi fice Messenger 2, Chorus 2, 3, 1 Spring Music Festival 2, Senic Dram. TILL, DANIEL Math. Trans. from Kellogg high schoo Kellogg, Idaho. TWEET, MARY Home Ec. Girl Reserves 3, 4. Voss, HELENA Retailing League Honor Roll 5 times . WALTER, SHIRLEY DEAN Home Ec. Color Girls 2, Doll Shop 3, Oper- etta 2, 3, Red Feathers 3, 4, Big Cousin 2, 3, 4, Sr. Counselori League Honor Roll 5 timesl Spring Pageant 2, 4, Con Dep. 4. WEBER, MARY Home Ec. Library Rep., Girl Reserves, Big Cousin. WESTERMAN, JOYCE ELAINE Social Studies League Rep. 3, 4, Big Cousin 3, Operetta 4, Three Fives 4, A.S.C. 4, Central Council 4, Con Dep. 4, Spring Pageant 2, Horizon Club 3. WHITE, WILLIAM RICHARD Drawing. WILSON, AL MARVIN Math. Band 2, 3, 4, Trumpet Quartet 3, Pep Band 3, 4, Doll Shop Or- chestra 3, Frosh Basketball, Track 2, 3, 4, Tennis Team 3, 4, Derby Band 3, Trumpet Trio 2, Sr. A Honor Roll. WRIGHT, BETTY Science YOUNG, BARBARA ANN Home Ec. Spring Pageant 2, 4, Red Feath- ers 3, 4, Sec. 4, Big Cousin 3, League Honor Roll 4 times, Sr. Counselor, Con Dep. 4, Tama- rack Rep. 3, Math. Club 3, 4, Vox Puellarum 4. WEISSER, HARRY Science, Social Studies WESTON, LEE Science, Math. WILLIS, RICHARD EDWARD Math., Science Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 4, Woodwind Septette 3, Uniform Mgr. 4, Operetta 4, Fire Squad 2, Ground Squad 4, News Rep. 3, Fed. Dues Lieut. 3. WOLFE, COLLEEN Languages Color Girls 2, Doll Shop 3, Oper- etta 2, 3, 4, Pageant 2, 4, Vox Puellarum 2, 3, 4, La Tertulia 2, 3, 4, A.S.C. 4, Central Council 4, Red Feathers 3, 4, League Honor Roll 3 times, Athletic Board 3, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Golf Team 3, 4, News Rep. 2, Vice Pres. Sr. A Class, Vice Pres. League. WRIGHT, DOROTHY Home Ec. Red Feathers 4, Color Girls 1, 2, Sr. Counselor, La Tertulia 3, 4, Spring Pageant 2, 4, Operetta 4, Doll Shop 3, League Honor Roll 6 times, Big Cousin 1, 2, 4, Li- brary Monitor 3, Volleyball 3. ZOELLERN, DONNA L. Home Ec. Sr. Counselor, League Rep. 3, 4, Locker Monitor 4, Tennis Team 3, Big Cousin 3, 4, Roll Checker 3, Library Monitor 3, News Rep. 3, International Club 3, Girl Re- serves 2, Vice Pres. 2. june Seniors Without Pictures in the Tamarack Arnold Anderson, Dave Bryan, Joe Clutter, Gordon Derr, James Durkin fservicej, Dolph Ellingson, Aderene Hamrick, Kenneth Palmer Orness Cserviceb, Al Parker, Myron Root Cservicej, James Savage fservicej, Richard Sims, Mildred Titus, Orol Unsworth, Yvonne Virdell VanDuzee, Betty Sellers. frwty-mic l Oh, these wreckless I-P' ' LM! , ISWANG!! drivers! Lucille johnson Pat Dwyer Old Rockin' Chair's All L'spruced" up Nuthin' but ruff Billie Lovejoy Bathing Beauty GO' Mf' Pat Henefer and Virginia Ferguson Helen Lamberson Ruth Salmon "I Got Plenty of Nothin' just pals Grave Hanlee jackie Stephans and nrt 11-tum Mylrlred Hays Q W Okay, it's a date lean Ramsey and Hob Lyons Tangle Foot Virginia Hartman Summertime Elaine Peoples Out For a Dip Look Here Youse Guys Nothin' But Glamour Hmmmmmmm! Mary Lu Ellis Wally Nickerson Pam Nickerson Phylll5 Efpfrl Fashionable Lady Sally Batey Two jimmies lim MacDonald and lim Spoerhase Ain't I The One? Mary Lu Ellis Oops, My Seam Is Crooked Eighth grade june '41 Frances Willard Take It Easy Nella fydstrup What No Santa Claus? Pat McDougall forty-thrw Alanna. Rall TO QUALIFY for the Scholastic Honor Roll, a senior A must have a grade average of or better and have made at least 16 credits in a Spokane public high school with no semestf grade below HD." The following seniors, listed in the order of their averages, have met the qualifications: Mary Frances Bailey Laurel June Norris Elsa Marguerite McMahon Mary Louise Cleave Richard D. james Joyce Virginia Kirk Al Marvin Wilson Jane Kathryn Sabiston Helen Louise Elva Lenke Pamela Louise Nickerson Elaine Dorothy Bischoff Virginia Lee Ferguson Arthur Donald Neustel Rose Marie Jaynes Elaine Virgie Davis Marylin Ann Peterson forty four Idltudflf Glau JoAnn Beatrice Kriken Shirley Ruth Murbach Ruth Patricia Keeling Richard Ray Bonner Elizabeth Joan Lyon Virginia Mae Lackey uneelau Arnold Anderson Patricia Elizabeth Creel Pat Ann Henefer Elizabeth Lucille Johnson jerry Charles Pomeroy G. Nadine Hempleman Donna Marie Pashek Beverly Alice Towne Wanda Zoe Mitchell Gordon Derr Carden Marjorie jane Dean Shirlee Ileane Morgan Esther Lake Byrdene Ruby Warner Doris June Nelson Ruth Clara Salmon lris Mae Haug Myldred Louise Hays Bernice L. Greco Betty Ann Kemp Elsie Marie Lathrom James Alvin MacDonald Colleen Wolfe Lloyd Albert Nelson Lois Maxine Pandelis ' Evelyn Eugenia johnson Royce Elizabeth Lovejoy Sentara EZ Front row. left to right: Freeman, Gates, Burns, Pratt, Stevenson, Latta, Ivester, second row, Costanzo, Moss, Ioffman, lVIcKelvey, English, Grandinettig third row, Kirk, Everett, Armstrong, Leach, Bryan, Seamon, Barlow: Jurth row. Wiedekamp, Nelson, Neuman, Britt, Blank, lVlcFarlen, Hobson, fifth row, Cobb, Caudill, Bowersox. Glasgow, Lockhead, Elliott: sixth row, Gustafson, Ruebeck, Williams, O'Donnell, Hudson, Bursch, Cosby. Front row. loft to right: Elliot, Delvlander, Till, Myers, Powis, Rhymerg second row, Freeborg, Withers, Mere- lith, Scott, Fruin, Johnson, Drovdahl, Simm: third row, Saling, Fyfe, Gordon, Deery, Haffey, Isaak, Jarvis, More- xousez fourth row, Alexander, Nevin, Krall, Perrin, Berg, Nottage, Bleek, Moe. forty-fivv 15. . I us.. Q W K. Qwf. A xv' if F 1 W W N Q' J Eff Sf 7' Q Q ' ,Q 5 Q' Y t 1 ty 1 X Ls ri, A me A rw Q GX Wt! .SWF .M Q wif' 55.15 if 4. E f W,-4 gg: Q G . , 1f',. K Q in New if 3 I if A he 5- 3 Q S SNA Q R. L - ,...' . M tiff is ff Lf ,, yi +P' A X an Q if 5. ff ., E iii ,JL sn NB? Ng sf-an 53 1 11 "-' K. M VW. mm. 'Q x N M 4 A 4 f , .WE f lil . , , L V ' M 4 4 S - V A - x X .,-'A -fx A V- 2:52 hw,-W 6 h E' E 1- . , fs E N-S '39 ' ,. T 5 W m 1 Q 5 rv Q .1 FW' 4 ' ,,,, f S f c. Q E nf U2 if 2 L AY X. ' . 4 535: . - - 'B S Q Q 'W E 'si f x' fe 1 t' 5 B' F 3 'Ki s U .wi QV fg iv 2 if Q Q QW jj "' -6' ,'l x, Y' 5 Q : X I V' Z.r' gs 'y G , 1 ' Q, 6 'P Af', T ,' 'v 5' ' It f 9 w g W ' if if f 4 . ' r- ' A if FL: ,J K '+ 'QM K'kk Q- : G 17' .liaktl -,T A iv -.5 , 'P V w yy YE' X.. E 63 ga gg gg S N ,W V' .f5f"H'- fi 5 if iw o i - . K A 3 ' . Q K ra 'ff . - 'KD 1 F 1 w .fx ' . ,Q , 1 Q . f., Xi 1 . 0. .4 je! N Ff i H 5 . f ' f .. in .. ' f sQ 'E ir, ',5 'iii Hr 3 .. hbbq b K A 5Qf L L.LX:h . - . Q " ip ,- f K . ? N 1 4 Q 1 Q K - h if 4 E Q i .AN .1 S --ff 1 A l, 'I - ' ZL' A ' LT- Q - ,sa 1--' gf ,,, ...E - Q Q:-fs bf W Q. 'Z x A ' 5 Q lg -Af A Qs, Q Q up. S5 81 X 3 nxt v mv.. v " 'S' 9 sm ei is A 9 f ,X V qw Q' xv mtv? Q X 5 AA W1 XQ KN' we - ,W Wu- in lx Y if N . ' LW 1 gwf H wx xi x . ,X L4 MUS: . X L L Lf L L GJ ' L L P 4 ,X L ax X Qgxae LW XA AFL Q? X ww - v- V H F? - A I , M ,..k T X' is s vw haf A fi' '- X. wk? L L X ,X Aw W' XX X 5 oi - ik- , X X E ' 9 swf Q"""Hk Q .dwg " 0 ' - x 0 6 Q? .Lhgx r " L' f if - ' 3 L L XX. Q I 9 J ek A r Q X Q' iffi X , ,Xv will ' 'L,QL X A 'NVQ' is 1 XX gk XXXKTN ' Y by f SX X, NX X MX 5 mg "ff Y L msg fam A? X,XXXX 7 ff Sw J A L X X, Y X - 4 V 1 X X1 SSX S Q ,qs Kg' Q - X, 1 NX .f 1.-Xe mi, Q his -nk, J' A , - -.'- W fi ',,b . VA I X O ,5""X Q ggi A Xggig WL mf MA 'X .NW we QQ -SW M, wif X My ,hi an SJ 'v 1 M 4 lfuxl rms: lla-ntlrtvlw. llirkxtm, l'.ll1kl', llnkvr, llitnrxm, .Xmlt-rsmi, l"1'v'xI row: llcrkcr, llossio, lflixman, Dwitwll, Grcvne, Lovkheml, Kitt-, .litfkwmig it'.mtflr':f1t', llimvn, Km-lllu-rg, jsuni'-rm, Davis, Griffin, l,t-ssztrg xrtmttl rnfw, llzmwcu, lfrnn-, Frmt, Di-INI1-rs, Hail Ilttultnn, lflltx, l,mvt'll, .Xmlvr-fm, titmpm-rg llrirtl rmu, llnuvr, l,iml' vlvn, llimrw, llalshitt, llztrimis, King, Lyons, tltirfl row, Crtws. llun In-tg, Vmult-it, limi, llztxti-ll, lliggin-. klvllitu, Kli:-rg funrtli 1'rt1t', tml, Ili-isvr, llollzmml, Dahl, llcarty, l,m'kcn, l,alttlHli11, linker lltmt. Ilnlt, rlzttttlmx, I,utft', N. -lultnxmi, ll. julni-mi, Ilt-mphill, limi- llztrt-ttg funrllt Vtmg Avery, L':tm1:ita, llall, ltlillllll, Kttclinc, l,tu':is Nt-up Ilfllt ww, lltum, Iiitttt-, llivt-ly, I:i't-tlrirk. llrtttttut, llttmitisni, Gmt'l1wintlt-r, Vrisp, llvllann. lft't'crt13 fifth rutu, Davis, .Iltllllf-H11 I"1.mi, K4-muy, kim-ttn, kitulwng .vtrfli riffs, llill, lftmrt-limit. Klvlllltlll, lllamgi-rs, llm-fncr, llirkry, .Ml-itt, lfricsuli, l,llhil1t'lli'2 .vitflt fmt' llmnlnnu, llninptmi, lliiilnivt, lint-vtixitlt-, ll:ii'ttlt:iy't, K1-llyg xt':'t'HIlt llzilirtwk, fnfftnatl, l,ut', .Xt1tl0t'sutt, Kern, lszmk, lfitlc, l,l'?lIl, -lztrulu rn'.'t', .Kit-1-, l,3rmx, llum:iw. .Xllt-3, Kilmw, llsirlmtw, llztrnling, .Xnf sung .vt'7't'l1!ll rmr, l,t'itt:ut, kilark, lll'Hllll'y. K'nw0ll, I,llIlClit'l, ,Xguat tlwiwn, l,ttnfl1lt,ll:tit!1ttig wigflifh wrt: Ilittwii. lfvzuis, Ulnw, llmitltvr, llztwcs, llatui: rfyaltllt rttfv, .Xlitlvrsm1, llztrt. l,crt', Dram, funk llsutlvtt. Ifrluml, Il.tlm, tlutltltt-vu. limit, Ilstrtlimg, lfviris, Kvllugt-, Ulst-li, llanwn. lltimwnt, l,utfc. lrktw, ltvllztzttt. l'rr'.vl wmv: 'I'ill, lY:tlf, Smith, Rilvy, ll'nttt-r, Sintpstm, Stivknt-yg Ifirxl row: Sllk'llIlI'tl, Swvtllnwg, Rmlulph, McF:lrl:iml, Mull, Ray- wttwntl :mtg All-uw, XX'itiltlvin:m, Yun St'lmm'l, Ricliwiiit-. lNlttrray, mmul, Nirkcll: .vfrvrttl mtv, Stunn-l, Ulwu, Smith, Rcntington, Mor' llzmtrttwt-tn, Si-lim-iilmitigg Iltfrtl rftrw, XV:trning, XYl1t-lzm, Kicnlmzium, rix, Squircw. Siinmimlig Iltfrtl rmtf, Ruhy, Xlctlcu. XYam-cvk, Murray, I'lut-, XYilwn, 'I'm'nt-1, Nlurrill, 'IR--vlig fwtrrllr wmv, Simartl, Stcwart, Nlt'K't1rinia'k, fXl1'lli'iflu, Titus, Rutnztns, 'fltviffg fftttrtll fvtv. MOP. Nlztixlmll. Martin, Szugt-nt, tllwn. Nlitirzty, l':eltm-i, l'iki'1 fifllt 1'mt', Zupan, Strivk, RUlllllSUll, 'l'i'iplctt, Raiuiur. Mitssvr, Yi-lirs. XY:ttlaml. l't-tt:-1-it, XXX-:tvt'u, St. Nlnliv, St'l1:tt'tl-r. Sliinwr, 'I'olnlt-r, Mitnkt-rs, l'iv.rt'c: fffllt rn:t', XYill1iril, Pctcrwtt, XYilli:uns, Snmtlturs, Mzmn. Xlztitin, Rtimpfg .vitllt www, I,tmtllwrg, l'utt--ky, XY:trim1, XVatkinf, Riley, Mann, llztmlclix. 'Fuum-r. Stillrirg .vi.i'Ili mmf, xvl'Slll!2llI, l'ctvrf, Nttupxuit, Yt-gigt-1, I':mtltlix, l'mtt-1. llllltlllllll ,vt':'t'l1llt win, XXI-lrlt, Rulrt-l'gt-, XYl1ip1wlv, Stt-uzirt, Smith, SQllll'1'N. Stulv, Sll'DlIl'll5Ull. l':tlll, I'iu-Ulu, Xlt'l,1':tlt, lltwlx-tltviri, XX'mlt-5, XY:itliinN, Rt-t-fl. Xvrlgltt. jift y-two WW Qfjfyf wk MW ' WW el f 4 Ill ff i 14 CTYWWYP E Vi ' mliwauu E 'Q-if x ,f I 1 X, Qxq WWQAV -' Q N323 K ar 1 LQWNNN 4 N' s ' -1 1 'L X g , q , iw a ff 'Q .. -X 9 Q fgix N' 5. 9 ta .xx G - Vi Lx' 2? ' X! i K E this ti X is A 5 Q , Q F fi .if-fm. ,xii FALL DANCE CoiviM1'r'ri:I-: -- Left to SADI1-1 HAWKINIS DANCE SPRING DANCE CONINIITTEE-LPff to right: Don Burson, lVlyld1'ed Hays Cr'hziirmunb, Pat Henefer, Lois Ram- sey, Gerald Deery. right: Pat Henefer fchairmanh, Shir- ley Stublein, Lois Ramsey. 4.3.0. 14 ' ' ' THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT COUNCILS, composed of the executive coun- cil of the Boys' Federation and the Central council of the Girls' League, conducts the stu- dent government and sponsors many of the school projects. The Totem Inn, introduced and sponsored this year by the A. S. C., has been the scene of much enjoyment throughout the year, for it is here that the squaws and braves dance before school. The A. S. C. "Pow Wow" was held in Jan- uary, and old time and modern dancing was en- joyed. Two convocations, 'lTepee Talks" and the Color week convocation were also spon- sored by the A. S. C. Three big dances of the year, the Tomahawk Toddle, the Sadie Hawkins and the Varsity Ball were among other A. S. C. activities. Dum-ing in the "Totem Inn." The eternal stag line Shirley Stablein and Betty Freeman "trip the light slowly closing in. l'zmtustic." fifty-four FALI. RED CROSS OFF1cERsYLeft to right: Mary Bailey, president: Shirley Morgan, Secretary-treasurerg Miss Bertha Boehine, faculty adviser: Jim MacDonald, vice president. SPRING RED CROSS OFFlCERSfLCff to right: Dona- jeanne Russell, secretary-treasurerg Marjorie McNeely, presidentg Miss Bertha Boehmeg Jim MacDonald, fall vice president. Dick Kirkendahl, spring vice president, was absent when the picture was taken. 'flecfeaoufq THE JUNIOR RED CROSS, with Miss Bertha Boehme as adviser, collected this year .5356 in dues to be used by the Red Cross clinic. The group successfully conducted drives for the Red Cross and other war charities. The drives included: The collection of ash trays, of potted bulbs for Baxter, gifts for soldiers at Galena along with the collection of Christmas tree ornaments and favorsg the gathering of 9 ASH TRAY DRIVPY-LC'fl to right: Mary Bailey and Jim MacDonald. games and playing carclsg clothing collection for Russian War Relief: the making of puzzle bookletsg and making up of gift boxes for Filipino children. The home economics classes under the di- rection of Miss Bessie Graham made for the Red Cross: 351 pairs of hospital slippers, 32 kimonas, 25 housewives fsoldiers kitsj and do- nated 96 wash cloths. fi? CLOTHES FOR RUSSIAN VVAR Rsusrf--Left to right: Donajeanne Russell and lvlarjorie lVIcNeely. M111-fiww i 1 s 3 I i I Q I Jik X l:Al,I, SIYIIIIQ fiUI'NSlCI,tIllS l"1'nr1I wmv: llumtlly xxvfllllll. Grace l:.XI,l, Sl-iN1olz k'u1'Nsl-lnles I'.l'lHIl ruin: l,illiu Mae l,1llltll'Plll, Cm llzmkv, Nun I,m-lxvrvilla-, Yvi'lc-c Nlcinkcg .wnmnl rm.-, Nzulim- llemplr- iium- vlwlmstml, l3:u'har:1 kl0l'lllt'l', l,llllI't'l Norris, Virginia Alexzmilci num, Molly XK':ug11vi, NI:zrj+n'ii- NlrNi-1-Ivy, lllurm ,lnculm-n. Yirginin llzirlxzim k'llrisIc11si-11: .vrrvml Vatu, Pam Nickerson, Sllirlm- Blurgzm l,:nki-3. lhlly XY41llw1't, lfvvlyn lilvzisun, Shirley Xvnltvly llm'vc'l'ly 'l'nwm', F.xi.L I,l.u:l'i tll-'lfluljlcs fln'lw:.'l: llurollly l'ipi-i, Rosilm- Mnstm, Ruth Sallllull, Holly -In Lyon. aL1'.L' THE GIRLS' LEAGUE, under the ad- visership of Miss Jessie Gibson, now dean ol women at Pomona college, was organized in 1918. Miss Conah Mae Ellis and Miss Helen Cleveland are the present advisers. School service, social service, senior coun- selors, Color Girls, room representatives, Red Cross, library and physical education are the departments of the League in which girls may work. 'X F.fxl,l, LiIfNTR.kl, Umlwm Il, lfrnui rung Luurcl Norris. lflsa McMahon, Shirley Slurlvavli, Dorothy Piper, Rosilcr lllastm, Ruth Salmon, Betty .In Lyon, Yivuinin I,ni-zu, Nmlinr Rule. llk-ggi' l,t'AlHIl1ll'l'Q .x'm'uml ruin, lflsic l,:xlln'mn, Mary lizulvy, INI3-lflim-1IAli:nys, K'm'rinnc .lUllllSl0ll, lxnth- Im-rn l'lr4-y, Hn-In-n Li-nkr, join- XYrstm-rlnan, liuniu- Lillllllllllfli, Mary Lou CI:-:avi-1 Illini rufu, Mivlgv llewm, lliiliv l,m'c-joy. l':al llvm'fvr, jam' Mahi-mn, lu! Rule. Ulnyu- Kirk, lmrillz- violin-un, Luis Rzunsi-5, lglzune Davis. Hfty-xi.r' SPRING Sl-'NIUR COVNSI-il,0RS -First mmf: Betty Lloyd, Gertrude lllank, Doris Stcveilson, Ruth l,:ntta. Sully Batey: .tmqrrd rozr, Don- nn Pashek, llIil'l'HlI'2i Smith, Uorrinnc Johnston, jackie Stephans, janv Pratt. To qualify for a position on the League honor roll, grades of "C" or better are required, plus ten points earned for service in some de- partment. Honorable mention is given for plac- ing on the honor roll one, three, five, seven or nine times. For two times, a bronze pin is awarded: four times, silver pin: six times, gold pin: and eight times, gold pin with a ruby. The Girls' League Central council, made up of department heads and committee and floor chairmen, supervises the activities of the or- franization. U ,lb will Sl-low: L'1fN1'u.xI, C0l'NI'II.f-Fll'.Vf row, Ivfi to fliflllff Nadine Colo, Dun Quatkcn mush Pat 1 f s s os is 1 lialinski, Midge Dean, Colleen Vfolfu, Marjorie Scott, Doris Stevenson I a NItDoup,ill la Q A ur ru l':iln1cr, Gerri Turley. jcailvtte Carlsen, Pam Nickerson, Virginia Lucas nr llmn il 1 Q lol r frampton. I,nl-ille johnson, k'm'rinm- johnston, llohlmiv Gcsrllwirnlcu 1 x XX my aqorn 'NNN m it If Nhir ty 1 es windcr. 1 l'.XI,I, IIIIHKRIKIINI lI1.xns lm!! In nyllll: lfrwl l"1:mlw, Sllll'l4'y hwfulxms ljlV.l'.KR'I'XII'Y'I' llmns l,r!l In figflll: Ilzuolil Ni'Yll1llll, Kiln-11 ililn-m, I.:-lulml lhvlx. lvrlx l'4unv1ux Lmxxslun, llwk Ri-zum--, Hmm Ihusmu. Bcufi' THE BOYS' FEDERATION was or- ganized 27 years ago hy Lowell C. Bradford. the present adviser, to promote activities among the boys. Activities during the past year include keep- ing up to date the service flag, which now has 50 gold stars and 1450 blue stars. Other activ- ities were keeping a file of servicemen and or- l',xl,l,In-ln,lf.xi1-mUi-ruins l4wH1m:.',1l-ffrl 1151111 xliffsfhulu. ganizing 3 senior counselor Service for new l 1- Haipllt, lfrzmk Kliyuklg -lnffml Ima, llulm .Xllz-ll, Hill Sxxcvl. boys. l'.x1I, l'l11ux'11ux l4Il'NlIl l'rm:I wiv, lujt If :nhl l3u11.Xll4-11, 1111! Si-llultl, lfrank Miyuki,' Wright, Ihll bww-I, blnrluy Nu' lmlmm, l'1'm'1l l'i:u1lw: xrimlll wmv, lfvrzilml Da Hung, lli-m lxwnxx-sim: lIfm'mI Xlnllvr Dark ll mm Ill: pf-wiyh! wry. .Ii-rry Null-11. Holm llalsu-sul, I,mn-II L. llrzulimml. Ilutcli XXm-rlrll, Ihll Iixnllml, llli-nn .Xl'IlI' fflrwr-',Xs'l'11n11 Xlrmrv. liuli lxr:m1--1. Hull lgmls. lllltl Xlm-, l'.ml I, ff4?P'4? 1'- ,1 ' 3 ,- m e 5.11 f fgn? E Z L ' X Q-Q f' 1 fy' ' 1 R if My JL ? 3 3 5 -qw, V, 5 if ! 'W A 1 3 . v . f Y' , ,fgsm it .J 29512 K M xfewef No, NOT DowN Ti-Iosi-3 STAIRS! SPRING CONDUCT BOARD-fFTO7lI row, left to right: Virginia Alexander, Molly Wagner, Nadine Hemple- rnang second row, Bob IVIcAlister, Arthur Neustel, Fred Franke. eancfuai Baafuf ORGANIZED IN 1923, the Studen' Conduct board is composed of a president, z secretary, the commissioners of the traffic anc grounds squads and the locker and convoca tion commissioners. The two most important of these groups an the traffic and grounds squads. The traffie squad was organized in 1920 by Lowell C Bradford, boys, adviser, to maintain law anc order in the halls and to prevent confusior around the school. When in 1931 another conduct group wa: found necessary, the grounds squad was or ganized, the duties of this group being to keep the grounds free from waste paper and to pre vent smoking on or about the school grounds The appointees of the Conduct board are sub- ject to approval of the A.S.C. If a student receives a conduct card and be- lieves it unjust, he may appeal his case to the board. Three types of sentences are given by the board: Guilty, not guilty and suspended sentence. Adviser to the squads is Charles A. Chandler. A I E . 5 D ,H .--S SPRING TRAFFIC SQUAD--Front row. left to right: Arthur Neustel, James Campbell, Frank Elder, Vernon Moore, Bud Moe, Bob Peirce, Russ Smithg second row, Howard Miller, David Bourquin, Elden Miller, Winston Duchow, Doug Tellefson, Leonard Finnell. xi.rtJ1 SPRING .X, S. if Ifronl rote, Ivft to rigflit: Derce Quaekenliush, Gr-rri Turley. lflaine Davis, Marjorie Scott, Marjorie llarolmlson, Elsie .athrom. Rose Marie jaynes, Colleen Vt'olt'e, Mitlge Dean, Lois Ramsey. Jeanette Carlsen: xrrwnl row, Pat Rule. Virginia Lucas. Ram Vickerson, Virginia Alexander, .-Xrtlis lrllllllff, Bolihie Gcschwintler, Corrine Johnston, Myltlreml Hays, Lillian lialinski, Pat Henefi-rg liini rtfw, Vernon Moore, Fred Franke, Pat Gillespie, Geneva VVitliers, Marjorie MCNQQ-ly, Nadine Cole, Lucille johnson, Don liurson, Spike lleeher: funrtlt row, Dick Reamcs. jerry Pomeroy, Roh Allen. Phil Nickerson, Sue jacohsen. Patty McDougall, Cletla Diehl, Natline lletnplenian, Dick Kirkcntlahl: fifth mmf, Hob Kramer, Art Ncustel, llal Morril, Holi Lyons, lloh llal:-teatl, Butch VVuertch, Shirley Stali- ein, flein Crowston, Dick Grebe. S ' 4.8.6. A DANCING CLASS for those who do not know how to dance was one of the main Jrojects of the Associated Student councils :luring the spring semester. A. S. C. members instructed the class. For the first time in recent years, boys serv- ed as senior counselors this spring. The boys, together with the girl counselors, taught mixed fvroups of students new to North Central. l Rows' Slimloiz l-Ul'NSICl.ORS- l'.l'UlIf roto, lcft lo rigliti llolm Leach, D Dave Kirk, johnny VVecks, Glenn .Xrinstroiigg srrvritl 11 t Iuk Statifortl, Nlcrlt' Derrick, ,lim killll1I1lN'll, Phil Nickerson .WZ Q.. SPRIANG Gizotixn Sotuxn- lfrtuit row, loft In rigrlit: Gilbert Seaman, johnny Perko, Ralph Blair, Roh NacAllister, jint Spoerhase, Ralph Dog- gett, lzugene Granfllncttlg .vrrmld rnir, Ron Mclxinney, Nob Alcxantler, Dick XVillis, Frank 'lit-ssin, Stan johnson, jim llenwnoil, Carrol Voig- ley. LaVern Robinette. sixty-one gg g Rec! 4 RED FEA'rHERs:Virginia Alexander, Carol Andrews, Lillian Balinski, LaJoy Barnes, Sally Batey, Elaine Bischoff. Betty Blair, Gertrude Blank, Alice Buchanan, Eunice Clark, Frances Crosby, Peggy DeMander, Elaine Davis. Janet Dawe, Marjorie Dean, Cleda Diehl, Patty Dunham, Virginia Elliott, Virginia Ferguson, Carolyn Freeborg. Elizabeth Fruin, Jackie Funseth, Phyllis Gazette, Mary Jane Grossman, Myldred Hays, Nadine Hempleman, Pat Henefer, Myrna Iverson, Sue Jacobsen, Jane Jette, Lucille Johnson, Rosemary Johnson, Akiko Kawai, Rutr Keeling, Joan Kellom, Beverlyrae Kinney, Joyce Kirk, Violet Koch, Elsie Lathrom, Helen Lenke, Ellen Loch- head, Doris Lohr, Billie Lovejoy, Beverly Lubcke, Virginia Lucas, Peggy Lund, Betty Jo Lyon, Maxine Mc- Dougall, Patty McDougall, Nedra Mandick, Marilyn Meisner, Marilyn Meister, Jane Miller, Wanda Zoe Mitchell. Phyllis Moody, LaVar Moon, Shirley Morgan, Shirley Murbach, Doris Nelson, Eloise Nelson, Pam Nickerson, Laurel Norris, Donna Pashek, Marilyn Perry, Marilyn Peterson, Dorothy Piper, Jane Pratt, Barbara Ramey, Jeanie Ramsey, Lois Ramsey, Margie Rector, Pat Rule, Donnajeane Russell, Jane Sabiston, Ruth Salmon, Jackie Schussler, Marjorie Scott, Audree Smith, Pat Smyth, Shirley Steele, Doris Stevenson, Phyllis Sutton, Barbara Tellefson, Beverly Thompson, Erma Thompson, Beverly Towne, Marilyn Townsend, Kathleen Ulrey, Shirley Walter, Miriam Wotring, Zona White, Geneva Withers, Colleen Wolfe, Dorothy Wright, Barbara Young, Joy Zeitler. Color Guards seated on the extreme ends are, left to right: Elsa McMahon and Mary Lou Cleave. RED FEATI-IERS, a pep organization and marching unit composed of junior and senior girls, participated in several football stunts and parades and in the Spring Pageant, "Dance Girl Dance." "Salute to Farragut" was the stunt presented Lan at the Merry-Go-Round game, for which North Central won the Vic Dessert trophy for the third time. The group also presented "Grand- fatherls Clockv at the game with Rogers later in the season. Color Girls and the band also participated in these events. ...V P1-We li l . P. . t ,. in ADVISER: FALL Orrrci-:Rs: Standing, Barbara Ra- mey, chairman. Seated, Shirley Murbach, secretaryg Laurel Norris, historian. sixty-two Miss Elsa Pinkham SPRING OFFICERS: Standing, left to right, Barbara Young, secretary, Pat Henefer, his- toriang Billie Lovejoy, sergeant-at-arms. Seated, Jane Sabiston, chairman. Galen Gala From row, left to right: Darlene Simpson, Betty Cauvel, Verna Rae Patterson, Virginia Cosby, Pat Fitzpatrick, Colleen Crampton, Bonnie Bowers, Margaret Franke, Shirley Bush, Lois Holsclaw, Alice Rhodes, Patty Bozarth, Pearl Cooper, Mary Lee McReynolds, second row, Theresa Cannata, Mary Ellen Hass, Pat Gillespie, Myrtle Chitty, Betty Meredith, Jackie Moore, Betty Oslund, LaBerta Tessendorf, Mary Ann Heath, Alice Paine, Alta lean Haas, Elaine Ellis, Muriel DeMander, Jean Kirk, third row, Verna Wirsche, Betty Ebbesen, Marian Samp- son, Mary Toms, Phyllis Wiggs, Norma Lee Swank, Mary Cozzetto, Diane Lucas, Helen Coburn, Hazel Perry, Delores Cool, Eleanor Swanson, Katharine Martin, Janet Morrison, Audrey Ribletg fourth row, Gwen Kennedy, Sally Bourbeau, Janet Luschei, Betty Doggett, Ardis Palmer, Carmen Poole, Pat Sherman, Pearl Garafalo, Betty Smith, LaBerta Badden, Jackie DeMers, Jo Ann Lysek, Dorothy Powell, Dorothy Toppin, Barbara Wareg fifth 'ow, Betty Twitchell, Viola Koenig. Delores Prather, Betty McKeen, Virginia Stewart, Shirley McGee, Marjorie Chandler, Mary Ellen Mann, Mary Elizabeth Mann, Marilyn Borset, Jean Beaughan, Marion Holt, Wanda Thor- sen Dorothv Moe. blot shown in the picture arc: Mary Koleff, Jackie Raschka, Lois Grose, Marianne Ericson, Jacelyn Errington. THE CULOR GIRLS, an organization for freshman and sophomore girls to promote school spirit, have attended all football and baseball games, participated in parades and halftime football stunts and various other ac- tivities. FALL OFFICI-1Rs: Alice Buchanan, secre- taryg Kathleen Ulry, chairmang Mary Jane Grossman, historian. A pep convocation sponsored by the Color Girls was presented preceding the final foot- ball game with Rogers last season. Talented members of the group furnished the entertain- ment, and a mock football game was the high- light of the performance. ADVISERI Mrs. Gladys Dunphy SPRING OFFICERS: Shirley Bush, sergeant- at-armsg Margaret Franke, treasurerg Col- leen Crampton, chairmang Pat Fitzpatrick, secretaryg Bonnie Bowers, vice chairman. sixty-three 14 .fidfunam it From row, lcfl to right: Wanda Mitchell, Jane Jette, Doris Wages, Theresa Cannata, Pam Nickerson, Gertrudf Blank, Bcverlyrae Kinney, Dick Daggett: second 'row,Gerald Deery, Joyce Kirk, Helen Coburn, Jo Ann Lysek Elaine Bishoff, La Var Moon, Beverly Lubke, Geneva Withers: third row, Art Neustel, Paul Burgess, Laurence Adams, Winston Duchow, Leonard Finnell, Jay Ashley, Ed Anderson, Miss Mary Bacon. 1411! 0046 Q ! E 5 Front row. loft lo right: Patty McDougall, Sue Jacobsen, Pat Murphy, Darlene Reed, Charleen Schlienger, Sally Bourbeau, Zona White, Pat Butterfield, second row, Arnola Jurgens, Doris Holmes, Mary Ann Lucas, Miss Ethel Ashley, Lorraine Hildahl, Pat Hall, Dik Haffey sirty-four iii w f Q 6 Q F: Q -is 55 5 Q 5 .E .ggar W QQQ ' 51, 1. . A X Maid Glad was , Vui, , ,Z , V , v' Front row, left to right: Barbara Young, Lillian Balinski, Helen Lenke, Evelyn Gleason, Gertrude Blankg second row, Elaine Davis, Dick Hawes, Gerald Deery, Lee Wright. Glad Front row, left to right: Jackie Funseth, Frances Crosby, Dorothy Wright, Akiko Kawai, Marilyn Perry, Bev- erly Lubcke, La Var Moon, Colleen Wolfe, Midge Dean, Pat Puelzg second row, Helen Coomes, Mary Jane Gross- man, Maxine McDougall, Rena Odden, Jane Jette, Carol King, Mary Lu Ellis, Pat McDougall, Marylin Peterson, Carolyn Freeborg, Phil Nickersong third row, Dolph Ellingson, Bob Peirce, La Verne Kent, John Perko, Russell Smith, Jim Spoerhase, Karl Wiedekamp. sixty-six udlaml.-Small Front row, left to Tight: Gerald Deery, Gertrude Blank, Jane Sabiston, Mary Lou Cleave, Laurel Norris, Lois Ramsey, Carolyn Freeborg, Merle Derrickg second row, Doris Nelson, Rose Marie Jaynes, Joyce Kirk, Lucille Johnson, Virginia Ferguson, Gene Hergert. Wm fl Front row, left to Tight: Pat Henefer, Myldred Hays, Doris Nelson, Virginia Ferguson, Rosilee Mastro, Colleen Wolfe, Ruth Salmon, Barbara Christensen, Betty Jo Lyon, Elaine Davis, Beverly Towne, second row, Shirley Steele, Virginia Lucas, Gloria Gorden, Pam Nickerson, Lillian Balinski, Pat Hall, Lois Ramsey, Billie Lovejoy, Virginia Hartman, thlfrd row, Barbara Young, Helen Lenke, Peggy Lund, Pat Rule, Pat Hudson, Corrine John- ston, Molly Wagner, Peggy DeMander, Jane Sabistong fourth row, Donna Pashek, Beverlyrae Kinney, Jean Ramsey, Gerri Turley, Peggy Taylor, Mary Bech, Virginia Dwinell. sixty-scvcn i ' SEPTG Y SEPT I5 ASW W? Z' fd 2 z ,g g 1 7 ? ' Q? HI. f 'ix s 65:51 v was E02 L g- Q l all Q l s" fi ' ll ML-ww f- Ji. n ' ' . Q 1 , Q 2 e ss A Q N M -L ' ,, FIRST D OFSCHOOL IVIERRY-GO-ROUND 5ADlE . Nov.3 HAWKINS ci : ww QQ In . DANCE ' Z! -- ff 3 7 V 44 - I ' 6Zy4?, . f J Xxx! .S ug? 1 l NOV5' A W ' X W , -1 FOOTBALL , ' gl, CL SS PLA ' t A , J' Q If Nov I3 f L IME? DEQ, ' . , VJ UP- W4 f J fi J ' f Q G2 , NQ - I ml " 1 ff , ,A I,-f , 151: f 4 I, V fm NA Y f 6AF25lTY PHYSICAL , ! BALL EXAM- Foo BALL RALLY .J v L ' nulgu. .J b 25217 jiibjf 47 uf 145, X X, , v su, J, w . QP? H - 1- 'I QV J, A . .53 ff! Y: Vt1fQ12g,5.V f?FQ ,' k N "'f5fii" Wx X W ' Nw W BA E B NL SK T ALL L AXA ff G.l.JoEsL- 1 ttf- ght 7 7.0 U 55:1 ,F 'TEACHEQS ETING MAQ.29'3O '-1 6 auf. I: ff! Q ob: .H , . fs f if 111 ' Q-gk? - f., 1 fi , W Q? 527 N 'fi N I X . '1i1f."" "-METLQ' - - .L i ?Q W, 'J-we .' w 2 4 5 i U 'X i-f f, I M-35: Hn" -v'f.7Jl'f E Q. 'V fyefvvzcrsw xl 7 ,fr P '53 i .fi ' N9 'I ' Y 1 fd ' ,-I xv 1 wk 'gun . A 'ze za.. "H Q lf? " E S all Xl . -A' l ' . ix if " t ' S J. fa X , . ' , M i N W f' ' A Z N 1 , ' ' R v o X l Q f X ig 1 3591 f Q JAINLI l V' ,V - , . X 7 -"V 2 W "W Q 'Q- 2 A vw 5 : V Hi 'du 4- Qi' x gr 4. N- . - '5 CHRISTMAS' Ne v ixn ' , XLR? NM. JL , ' 'BAND fig? ADRH' corvctnr 1 Q5 1 f fs X 033 K All- JJ NN SKAT x M5 - 'J' CABNNAL 0 SEASON Y V 'MAY ' 3 ,324 1 qw. gf 622 ,S 'if 3.5 .22 'Wg :io A J -' am "0 - -"Mx " .J 1 v. 4: Kr va U A 4'xf 5 W"10'flnWn , W Ufc J XTENW5 ,SPRING PAGEANT MW TRACK QSENIOR PROM. JUNE 4, SENIORS GRADUATE + 020535 Jumsa Czgoszifff XWFI- Q, 0 1 1 -1 gr! 'il 1 053. if? Na O ,-H Zf f N . '. tJ-n'n J? , U FALL EDITORS+L1'fl to right: Merle Derrick, Joyce Kirk, June Sabiston, Gertrude Blank, Gene Hergert. Auvlsmf-Miss Mary Mc- Kenna. ' 0... o...... so -tw '7!ze XVMZA Gwhd !Vew4 THE NORTH CENTRAL NEWS, firs' published in 1917, started as a five-columt monthly, later developing into a seven-columr weekly. Because of wartime paper shortage, the paper was cut to a six-column weekly during the fall of 1942. Numerous awards have been received, in- cluding the National Scholastic Press associa- tion Pacemaker given to the 12 top high school papers in the nation. This was received three times, in 1939, 1940 and 1941. The News has won all-American rating for eight consecutive years. Since 1941, war effort cov- erage has been stressed, with bond drives and S Junior Red Cross proj- ects given special at- go tention. , I L l I FALL EDITORIAL STAFF-Front row, left to right: Gerald Deery, Carolyn Freeborg, Virginia Ferguson, Lucille Johnson, Barbara Gleeten, Bill Thompson, second row: Jim Spoerhase, Geneva Withers, Doris Nelson, Peggy De- lVIz1nder, Bob Lyons. SMH-n I 11 Blank: spring, Carolyn Freeborg, Geneva A Editors for this year were: Fall, Gertrude g g Withers. Associate editors: Fall, Gene Her- Emi ij s J gert, Joyce Kirk: spring, Merle Derrick. News W-3 editors: Fall, Gerald Deery: spring, Jim Spoerhase. Editorial page editors: Jane Sabis- ton: Virginia Ferguson. Sports: Merle Derrick, Bill Thompson, Carolyn Freeborg, Peggy De- Mander: Bill Thompson, Dave Kirk, Maxine McDougall, Peggy DeMander. Feature editors: Virginia Ferguson: Elaine Peoples. Copy edi- tors: Geneva Withers: Lucille Johnson, Jane Sabiston. Business manager: Stan Johnson: advertis- Ing managers' Dons Nelson' Pat Hudson? Cui' SPRING EDITORS-Seated left to right: Geneva culation, Ernest Sagkett Dale Ure Bill Demo- Withers, Virginia Ferguson, Carolyn Freeborg, Bill , , i Thompsong standing, Merle Derrick, Jim Spoerhase. bookkeepers, Louise Cosby, Lucille . Q- X Johnson. Miss Mary McKen- na is faculty adviser. joe Stroud is supervisor at the - h BUSINESS STAFF-St'llfCd Punt 5 0 P9 Spokane left to right: Mary Lu El- lis, Pat Hudson, Doris Nelson, standing, Dale . Ure, Sally Batey, Ernest 1 Sackett. Trade school, where The News is printed. M Olds!! M .. ,.. sulhdliilvld 1 SPRING EDITORIAL STAFF-Front row, left to right: Dorothea Holien, Barbara Gleeten, Lucille Johnson, Sally Batey, Elaine Peoples, Mary Lu Ellis, Maxine McDougall, second row: Bob Lyons. Jim Spoerhase, Peggy De- Mander, Dale Ure, Carolyn Freeborg, Dave Kirk, Pat Hudson, Ernest Sackett. svzwnty-oilv P pax '7!w 7 A THE FIRST TAMARACK, which ap- peared in 1909, was an all-school publication, published once every six weeks. Later on, it be- came a semi-annual hook, and finally, an annual. The yearbook has had many names, among them are: The lVIemorial, The Northern Light and The Talaki. In 1925, it was again given the name, "The Tamarack" and still remains the "Tamarack." This '45 edition of the Tamarack, is dedi- cated to our boys who have gone into our coun- try's service. This dedication is to honor them in our own small way, and to show our grati- tude to them. Upper left hand co'rizc'r: January graduates on Tam- arack stall. Left to right: Laurel Norris, co-editor, Doris Nelson, advertising manager: Mary Bailey, Jan- uary senior editor. Direct lcftiscatcd left to right: Gerald Deery, staff photographer: Mary Lu Ellis, class editor: Sally Batey, class editor: Jane Sabiston, co-editor: Jim Spoerhase, organizations. Standing: Miss Mary McKenna, publica- tions adviser: Bob Lyons, organizations. Lower left corner-seated left to right: Pat Hall, art staff: Dik Haffey, cartoonist: Glen Michaels, art staff: Geneva Withers, copy editor. Standing: Lois Ramsey, associate editor: Dale Riggins, faculty photographer: and Miss Ethyl Ashley, art director. Lower right hand CO'l'l1t'Tf-'SL'Cllt'Fl left to right: Merle Derrick, sports editor and business manager: Pat Hud- son, advertising manager: Carolyn Freeborg, associate editor: Gertrude Blank, associate editor: Lucille John- son, senior editor. Standing: Bryson L. Jaynes, faculty business adviser: and Virginia Ferguson, senior editor. Not shown: Elaine Peoples, organizations. xK ' X pf OD cf CD00 -me ew aww Left to right: Elsa MCM3h0l1, Howard Miller, Mary Lou Cleave wvmzty-thwv First Tow, left to right: Harold Lindberg, Larry Ellison, Dick Willis, Stan Johnson, Jack Holt, Vernon Moore Fred Franke, Bob McMahon, Dave Hawes, Bill Thompson, Gordon Derr, Dick Hawes, Bob Leach: second row Jim Waugh, Jay Ashley, Bob Porta, Dick A. Hawes, Bob Johnson, Hugh VanLiew, Elden Miller, Don Agost, Low- ell C. Bradford Cdirectorj, Bob Donovan, Pat Mason, Jack Deno, Wade Bratton, Dick Cranston, Ron Rodolph Louis Collerg third row, Bob Ellis, Jim Henwood, David Davis, Jerry Nolen, Doranee Dean, Eldred Clausen, Bol O. Anderson, George Lambdin, Don Cunningham, Harold Anderson, Roger Steitman, Neil Murphy, James More phis, Don Anderson, Allen Waye: fourth row, Howard Miller Cdrum majorb, Ray Beeber, Dale Ure, Bob Not- tage, Bob Kramer, Glen Michaels, Jack Lundberg, Jim Tuttle, Phil Spry, Louie Tonani, Bob Beasley, Bill Smith Gerald Musser, Bob Peterson, Marvin McLean. 'Wie WMM 0 Bam! WITH A FALL ENROLLIVIENT of 129, and a spring enrollment of 150, the North Central band was the largest in several years. Tm: PAJAMERS' - Left to right: Jim Spoerhase, Dick Hawes, Bob Leach, Bob Peterson, Vernon Grose, Jim Campbell. sviwnlif-fmir The first public appearance of the group this year was its participation in cooperation with the Red Feathers in the winning half-time stunt at the Merry-Go-Round. Another stunt, "Grandfather's Clock," was presented, with the Red Feathers, between halves at the N.C.-Rogers night game. On Nov. 11, the band, Red Feathers and Color Girls led the Armistice Day parade. The band furnished music for the memorial service held at the American Legion centotaph. The forty-first annual formal concert was presented Wednesday evening, April 11. Other spring activities included furnishing music for the bi-ennial spring pageant and participating in the spring music festival. The band presented two pay convocations, the first being presented on jan. 18 and the second on April 10. Both convocations featured the concert band and the Pep band. First row, left to right: Al Wilson, Richard Morphis, Don Rockstrom, Bob Sanner, Jerry Pomeroy, Malcolm Ayers, Dan Bond, Bill Mooney, Don Holmes, Austin Newton, Don Natwick, Elmer Fox, Del Nygreng second row, Pete Suden, Bob Wuerch, James Campbell, Larry Baker, Rudy Wilkholm, Dick Ebel, Jack Welch, Art Hunter, Ray Virgin, Bill Lenke, Verlyn Hienkle, Neil Williams, Charles Butler, Arthur Finke, Gene Hubbleg third row, Vernon Grose, Leo Hobson, Paul Lloyd, Alec Gloth, Bob E. Anderson, George Sweclberg, Jack Straub, Charles Berry, Frank Elder, Forrest Baker, Dave Harry, Frank Lewis, LaVerne Kent, Paul Ward, fourth row, Everett Flory, Don Kasper, Bill Allen, Bert Calbom, Jim Worley, James Hearty, Paul Mancke, Harvey Lockhead, Dick Starry, Paul Bennet, Jim Spoerhase, John Brandon, Frank Tessin, Kenneth Britt, John Goettel. 7he Pep Kam! THE MOST ACTIVE GROUP within the band during the past year was the Pep band. This group played for innumerable oc- casions during the fall semester, among them being the Red Cross convocation, pep convo- cations, the senior class play and thc annual Chronicle-Fox Football rally. Leader of the Pep band for the fall semester was David Harry. Spring activities of the Pep band included playing at convocations, performing at the U. S. O. and at a Junior Chamber of Com- merce luncheon. They also entertained the con- valescent airmen at Fort George Wright. Al Wilson was leader of the group during the spring semester. Replacing the Derby band this year were the PajaMers, a novelty group made up of eight boys from the band. The main stunt of this group was depicting the apple scene from the "William Tell" Overture at a special War Bond Rally at West Valley high school on Dec. 7 and also at the band pay convocation, Jan. 18. THE PEP BAND-First row: Harold Anderson, Bob Leach, Shammy Clausen, Jerry Nolen, Dick Willis, Louis Coller, Bob Anderson: second row, Glen Michaels, Pete Suden, Jerry Pomeroy, James Campbell, Al Wil- son, LaVern Kent, Dave Harry, third row, Johnny Goettle, Bob Nottage, Bob Peterson. svrivril gf-jiiw Tm: 'l'Hin:i: Fivas Scaled. left to right: Phyllis Sutton, Joyce Westerinan, Doris Lohr, Iris Hang, Virginia llairt- inan, lVlarjoric Scott, Mary Koch: standing. Marilyn Perry, Gaya Sapp, Joan Crisp, Pat Rule. ldlixnluctli Fruin PROVIDING BACKGROUND music organization of 58 members is directed by C. Susan .lucobsen, .loycv lVlcBricic. for baccalaureate and commencement services, Olin Rice, head of the music department. operettas and senior class plays comprises the The orchestra, and the Three Fives. pre- most important work of the orchestra. This sented an invitational convocation this spring. 'VAX Uiiciii-1s'i'RA First row, left to right: Mary Lou Haeseler, Dorothy Stan, Carol Babbitt, Wzinrln Zoe Mitchell, 'l'innnw Fowler, Rose Marie Jaynes, Marilyn Borset, Doris Cole, second row. Iris Wilttong. .lean Sturlic, Carol Quaun, Alice Iiuchunzin, Dorothy Myers, C. Olin Rice, Alene Kzinikeberg, Gwen Kennedy, 'l'hclinzi Snell. llzit Sher- ninng third row, lithelda Shawgo, Wzlndalou Jackson, Betty Wright, Beverly Edwards. Roma Sinn, Marion Ol- son, Ruth Thonias, Bernell Sinn, Mary Lou Till, Virginia Stewart, Murylin Peterson, Mary Beal: fourth rozr. .lack llolt, Bob Nottzige, James Czunpbell, Elmer Dean, Dick Alexander, Charles Berry. lion Rohit. li1lV0l'll0 Kent. Dave llarrv. x1'1w'iu-ly-sir liigggzy ll: ', A I K ,, ' g, 3 J, 2 N f V -. au, f , ....- zg ,A ,U i uv .1 5 f, l'lA 1' 1 . ,. A 1M.,1."'t"c , 1- Ak Agxqiluldl ii s i 'S ,L 7, n ., M, . vwhnz' t.4W,',f I VI' I, Wwnizilznnn nyn'YlVn lrfilnannnHnnxnnf7i:'i2 :'nzg'n 9, p. by 5 Q A-'vw -. f::'Q..., x 1 .hiv .V . 4 'Ullman nuunln n I Ny ih'.nYllllll 'U' H Eihigf ' .V KK. f X 'Q - 1 -EIN 4 ' E? -3.3 1 '-Q 'I Jim ' 4: 5 X . V 12 -.-,gy NWVH K 3' w kQ 1Wr?qgiW?wn 9'fU"MQ Mftn Qxfaftw' 'J' , Tm-1 Suv Hasui-'UL Tvmiw L4-ft to Right: Doris Nelson 71... mama! GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY? Did Karen Andre murder her employer or not? and Elclred C'lau:'cn. This question was answered April 26 and 27 when the June dramatic class presented "The Night of January 16th.,' The three acts represented three days of a 7fae ZUfzale 7 ' UNDER THE DIRECTION of Miss Grace Gorton, "The Whole Town's Talkingf, was presented by the January senior dramatics class to a matinee and an evening audience. Nov. 2 and 3. Chester Binny, tempts to win the ter in marriage. To prove he is makes up a love From there on, it whole town's talking. murder trial. Twelve jurors were picked from a slovenly business man, at- hand of his partner's daugh- a man of the world, Chester affair with a movie queen. is a hilarious mixup until the the audience at each performance and they made their own decision. Two endings were memorized by the cast. One for the verdict of "guilty" guilty." and one for the verdict of "not -sbp : 1 f J ' J . Left to right: Hugh McRoberts, Dick Hawes, Betty Foley, Don Burson and Eldred Clausen in the fireplace. si'm'i1ty-viglzt va eww: "AND IT RAINEDQ, the thirty-third xperetta given by North Central students, was :resented in the North Central auditorium on 'he evenings of Dec. 8 and 9. The operetta, under the direction of Miss Brace Gorton, dramatics, Miss Elsa Pinkham, iancingg and C. Olin Rice, music, was a com- :dy of weary travellers who were stranded at he Wise Hotel. However, Mr. Wise, owner of 'he hotel, didn't let his guests become bored. Qnstead, he presented them with some excellent zntertainment, among which were numbers by the chorus, the Victory dance, the Slave dance, indian dance and others. Highlight of the eve- 1ing was Maibelle Rich singing "Whippoor- vill" from "Sylvia," the first operetta given by Nlorth Centralites. Cast of characters included: LaVerne Kent, The Tango, one of the many colorful dances of the operetta. Mr. Wise: Mary Lou Cleave, Maizie Black, Doris Lohr, M'lle Marie Carayg Wally Gott- wig, Dennis Black, Joy Zeitler, Mrs. Wise: Marjorie Scott, Maibelle Rich, Kenneth Britt, john Rich, Don Burson, Curley Rich, George Till, Steele Black, Eldred Clausen, Jacky Hugh McRoberts, Fred, Pat Rule, Moonflower. Scene from "And It Rainedf' thirty-third annual operetta seventy-uint 'Wrap' Um DORIS JUNE NELSON, elected football princess by the student body, received the tra- ditional princess bracelet at a convocation Oct. 13, 1944. Attendants to the princess were Ruth Salmon and Betty jo Lyon. Other 12A Red Feathers who were eligible for princess were: Mary Bailey, Shirley Mor- gan, Shirley Murbach, Laurel Norris, Dorothy Piper, Barbara Ramey and Joy Zeitler. Red Feathers opened the convocation by singing a parody to '6Red Wing," followed by an Indian dance. Marylin Peterson was ac- companist for the group. Donajeanne Russell, Marjorie Scott, Mar- jorie Dean, Marilyn Perry, Pat Rule and Eliz- abeth Fruin made up a sextette that sang "Indian Dawn." Marjorie Scott, soloist, also sang 'glndian Love Call." Mary Lou Cleave, A. S. C. president, pre- sented Doris with the Indian bracelet, followed by a short congratulatory speech by Principal Q Practicing for the spring pageant, "Dance, Girl, Dance' Frederic G. Kennedy and a pep talk by the Princess. The Spring Sports Princess, who was crownec at the Spring Pageant, was chosen by popular vote. This new method was designated by the A. S. C. Thirty-one senior A Red Feathers were eligible for Spring Princess. Left to right: Betty Jo Lyon, Princess Doris, Ruth Salmon eighty Broadcasting the "North Central Hi-Lights"-Seated, left to right: Barbara Smith, Helen Lenke. Standing: Eunice Cammack, Gerald Deery, Don Burson, Bryson Jaynes, faculty adviser. eighty-one i i 1 8945 k , l l 1 i I ic., 1 2 a -l W is 'I'iu-. S'mc:i' Ciufw 1,f-fr to Tifllllf .lim lVlzicDonzxld, Shirley Stablcin, Phil Nickerson, Roy Klein, Lynn Deno. 'I'Hli STAGE CREW, under the direction of D. Youngman. plays a vital role in the activities of the school. Witllollt their help, many operettas. Doll Shops. class plays and convocations would have sadly lacked both color and glamour. joins of the stage crew vary. Among them are: 'llo keep the stage in repair. to set up props and scenery. to care for the lighting sys tem and to do other odd jobs about the stage Shirley Stablein. manager of the crew for the latter part of the spring semester, succeedec ,lim MacDonald, who is now in the Navy Frank Wiliiiering. also of the stage crew. has entered the Coast Guard. 3, 'W Q Jil llixiif WM' 'ro llizfiviix lmfi io right: Phil Nickerson, BUSY AT WORK---Lvff to right: Roy Klein, Shirley Sliirli-y Stzihlc-in :incl .lim lXlaclJonalcl. Stablein, Jim 1VIacDonald, Lynn Dcno, Phil Nickerson. wlgllrljf-In-o f -' 'Y l 4 24.15 The Three Musketeers and a Pooch Food Doctors Two DeManders and a Moon Can't be that funny! What a fiend! Eager Beaver Charm Course No. 5 Sertie Blank and john Pcrko lane Sabismn Another Conduct Card! Dalia, himd Dorothy Stan Iohnson, Dick Willis Rgtg Readers and lim Spoerhase eighty-three ' f?45??!94ff4?? V' fn 'W-... Q E Ouch! Thar current! Wet, isn't it? n Must have been a good one fackxc Funseth Peg and Muriel DcMar1der Three of a kind Good old first lunch Bvbbif Gwhwindefs Mary Kofi' School daze and Mayrc Lcc Harris A whiz on wheels Where are you going, fellows? Pin-up boys Marjorie Haroldson Spike Beeber and Gene May eighty-four S Il we Wx , , Z X " "I my 'hi f I rss ' 1 5 W U ' Z Xxx 'Lqf' h F: X! ll W0 Z: A 2 33 ' F 5 7 J 21" 'l Q V X l V' 1 U Xi P Kia, 'WWII M QQ MKWQ r N .4 QM E- smf 0 Of ,Ziff Shaalfzlfe f. Dear Sue: We arrived in Spokane yesterday, and it was a delight to see Alice again. She took me to North Central Cshe's a senior now, you knowj, and I visited classes with her. First period she has "U. S." from Mr. Ramsey. He's head of the history depart- ment. It happened to be current-events day. One day a Week is set aside in each his- tory class for Observer Magazine, it's really "neat" for current events. Other social studies are: Washington state history, world history 1 and 2, American govern- ment, problems in American democracy and psychology. eighty-jim' Miss Bertha Boehme's Spanish 1 class enjoys a skit. Performers, left to right: James Morphis, Alice Paine, Alice Rhodes, Joe Stoddard. .B UBUENOS DIAS, SENORITAY' I brush- ed up on my Spanish when we stopped in to see Miss Boehme. She invited us into her Spanish 5 class. This class is concerned with writing and speaking, while the first year group studies grammar, sentence construction and simple con- versation. The Latin room is right down the hall so we went there. Miss Prince explained that first year Latin includes construction, vocabulary and reading. The second year is the study of myths and Julius Caesar. u 4 Latin 4 students studying costumes and War weapon of miniature Roman soldiers are, left to right: Janie Bruce, Bernice Greco, David Bourquin, Janet Dawt Phillip Strawn, Dick Daggett. gnglblfn ON OUR WAY to second period, Alic suggested we stop in room 207 to see Mis Clarke. She was "just swell" about explainin the English department to us. English 1, 2, 3, 4 5, and 6 is required for graduation. The prc gram for these six classes has been revised re cently by a committee of English teachers. Col lege literature and English for everyday use i offered to seniors. Speech and senior dramatic is taught by Miss Gorton, who joined the Nortl Central faculty this year. These college literature students are giving book re- . No, ,1 . xii f I I f r " . 1 1 i .X I Don Heiser, 9B, seated at the desk, is leading a dis ports. Left to right: Dick Willis, Glenn Armstrong, cussion on a Scholastic magazine article in his Englisl Marylin Peterson, Bette Freeman, Betty Collins, Ger- 1 class. trude Blank. vigililgi-si.1' Standing around the table mixing a cake in Miss leuman's food class are: Dorothy Stan, Audrey Rib- et, Jane Nolen, Jean Beaughan. Jfcuneg WHILE STROLLING down the hall, we noticed a pleasant aroma coming from room 14. We went in to find the girls just taking a cas- .erole out of the oven. In this foods 1 class not mly the preparation of foods is studied but also neal planning, packed lunches and nutrients. Foods 2 is a continuation of foods 1. Clothing 1 and 2, along with clothing selec- iion, is offered also. Two credits in home eco- momics are required for graduation. Miss McHugh's clothing classes are making slippers for Baxter Hospital. Sewing on them are, left to right: Delores Carr, Rose Marie Dehann, Marilyn Peters. Jfame Nwudzq HOME NURSING is a war time class, under the supervision ofithe Red Cross. It is taught by Mrs. I-Iamblin, nurse, and Miss Gra- ham, ancl is especially interesting to girls desir- ing to enter cadet nursing. If anyone at home becomes ill, any member of this class will know exactly what to do, because the girls are taught how to bathe a patient, to give medicines, to care for mother and baby and to recognize symptoms of illness. 1!!!.l Pat Henefer is shown at the right taking Jeanette Demonstrating how to make a bed during a homo Bauman's pulse, as she lies in bed, during a practical nursing class are, left to right: Gloria Gorden, Pat Hall, lesson in home nursing. Others are watching, including Ruth Van Auken, Virginia Warren. The "patient" is the nurse, Mrs, Hamblin. Marjorie McGetrick. vigil: I y-swim: SOMETIMES I DO everything wrong! Alice and I were gabbing in the hall, not paying much attention to where we were going when I bumped right into Mr. Nygaard. I blurted out "Oops, I'm sorry!" and then felt silly. I wanted to talk to him anyway so this was my op- portunity. As we walked to his room fl18D, he explain- Bo'rTo1vi: Several stu- dents in Mr. Nygaard's geometry class are at the board learning to use the slide rule. Left to right: Marvin Maxwell, Marilyn Borset, Dick Daggett, Wanda Thorsen. 4-iglilgl-vigil! Tm TOP: Eugene Grandi nette and Arthur Nuestf are standing at the boar working a problem in Mi Barnarcl's trigonometr class. IVIIDDLEZ These member ol' Mr. Theodorsen's aero nautics class are busil, working on their prob lems. -M.--N, ed the various courses of the mathematics de partment. Math l and 2 is the study of every day arithmetic and its application to curreni problems, the metric system, algebra and elei mentary geometry. These courses are required for graduation. Geometry 1 and 2 and algebra 3 follow math 1 and 2 in order. Algebra 4, solid geometry, trigonometry, and aeronautics 1 and 2 may be taken in any order. Aeronautics is open to juniors and seniors but preferably to those who are enrolled in or have enrolled in physics. It has definite pre-induction value for all boys and will be of value after the war in the growing field of aviation. TOP: 'Preparing to blow up the schoolt' are Pam Nickerson, Ray Simonson and La Var Moon from Mr. Hix's chemistry 2 class. MIDDLE: Members of Mr. Riggins' physics class are displaying the experi- ments they have been conducting. Left to right: Bud King, Bill Trefry, Earl Carrier, Gloria John- son, Eleanor Rubeck, Earl Draper. Alice then directed me to Miss Timm's room falso on the third floorj. She teaches biology and at the time of our arrival was displaying a few wild flowers which all the class must collect. Any sophomore or junior may enroll in this class. Science l and 2 is open to freshmen only. This class is very elementary and non-mathe- matical. Physics 1 and 2 is also taught and of- fered only to juniors and seniors who have had math 1 and 2. Mr. Riggin, Mr. Neuman, Mr. Tobie and Mr. Bonamy are the other science teachers. Ac- S . AS WE WALKED into room 300, the chemistry lab, we saw the students conducting experiments. Mr. Hix, head of the science de- partment, explained that they were making iodine crystals which are steel gray in color. The solution of these crystals in alcohol makes the well known tincture of iodine-just an ex- ample of what happens in chemistry class. BOTTOM: Biology stu- dents are examining sev- eral stuffed birds that are included in Miss Timm's collection. Around the table, left to right: Irving Elder, Carmen Poole, Ray Virgin, Johnnie Gossett, Margaret Franke, Jackie Moore, Gwen Kennedy. cording to Mr. Hix, approximately 675 stu- dents were enrolled in the science department during the spring semester. ciglity-711110 N gl I Nl Joyce Mc-Donald and Glen Michaels put the finishing touches on hungings made for Baxter Hospital. Law 'fs wi Put Hall, Lorraine Hildahl and Cleda Diehl are doing the art work for the Tamarack. ine 1411.151 WHILE WE WERE in the locker rooms combing our hair, I noticed Alice's bracelet. She said she had made it in her jewelry class: so naturally we had to go there. I was introduced to Miss Ashley and spent a very enjoyable hour. The class has made everything from book ends to rings, and you'd be surprised how attractive they are. Miss Ashley told us of the other classes of the art department. Art 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are offered in the order named. Lettering is open to juniors and seniors who have had previous art work. Weaving, block figuring, pottery, dyeing are taught in crafts 1 and 2, which is open to all girls. Art appreciation gives a basis for enjoying all phases of art and is open to juniors and seniors. Mr. Theodorson has charge of signs for the lower hall. Glen Michaels does the sketching, and the twins, Ronald and Ray Etten, do the printing. They work down in the little theater. This department also does the art work for the Tamarack. lil l 'H 'ny Displayed here are the signs for the lower hall which were made by Ronald and Ray Etten, Glen Michaels and Mr. Theorlorson, adviser. Hinvfy Miss Ashley's jewelry class is busily working on their book ends, rings and bracelets. 'Nm ASIDE FROM BEING almost trampled to death fthe locker rooms are down there and it was between fifth and sixthl, I really enjoyed going down to the sub-basement to gaze ad- miringly at the projects the boys made in the shop. They are very beautiful pieces of work. J. D. Youngman, head of the industrial arts de- partment, showed me around. The boys have made desks, bunk beds, end tables, coffee tables, dressers and lawn furniture. The shop also completed about 75 bookcases and filing cases for almost every grade school in the district. These bookcases are modernistic and may be arranged various ways. Two filing cases were made for North Central. Shop 1, 2, and 3 is offered but not required. Other courses in the industrial arts depart- ment are aircraft, woodworking, mechanical drawing 1 and 2, machine drawing 1 and 2, architectural drawing 1, 2, and 3. These classes are taught by Mr. Frazier and Mr. Theodorsen. According to Mr. Youngman, there are over 300 boys fand a few girls, enrolled in the in- dustrial arts department. Busily working in the shop are, left to right: Harry Weisser, Don King, Harold Nevdahl. .f""'T Machine drawing attracts girls as well as shown in Mr. Frazier's fifth period class. ,gunna-odiv : boys, as - . i 5 Ray Mehl and Don Locken are putting the finishing touches on bookcases made by members of the shop. AE . "In the good old summertime." Harry Weisser plans to enjoy it with the boat he is making. Gene Hendricks looks on. ninety-one Typing for the ration board are, lel't to right: Doro- Fern Kannberg and Helen Lamberson are studying thy Piper, Barbara Ramey, Betty Jo Lyon, Shirley the mimeograph in M1'.Streiter's office practice class. lVIurbac'h, Betty Wood. 6' " .... TO THE SHORES of Tripoli." No, not a music class: it's just Mr. Streiter's typing l class beating the typewriter in time with a march. This is just the beginners' class. Typing 2, 3, and 4 are continuation. A major in commercial requires stenography l, 2, 3, and 4, office practice and two years of typing. Bookkeeping 1, 2, 5 and 4, typing 1, and business law may also be taken for a major. Business English and commercial law is open to seniors. Reid! 74' BEFORE I FINISHED my tour, I just had to see the courses taught at the Spokane Trade School. Retail training, taught by Mr. Cook, sounds very interesting. It requires two periods a day, either a lecture at North Central or display work at the trade school. Each mem- ber of the class must be working in a retail store, and only senior B's may enroll. lVlodern'prin- ciples of buying and selling, materials, cash ma- chines and employment are stressed in this course. gxmm ,, 'Ns... ,. , ,.. Members of the retail training class are lined up on Two North Central students are learning to run the either side ol' the window display, with Laura Crow presses at the print shop. These presses print The News. and Dona Conrad modeling. nina-tif-Iwo 'T Wfgv? many is - 'V' f -.Q-,V , ' ' .. -2 :2253 1 y X. ' Qiff' ir fn M "On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds which, in other years, on other fields, will bear the fruits of victory."-General MacArthur. "On the fields of friendly strife .... l' Archie Buckley will be remembered by all who knew him as a fiery coach who never gave up. When his team won, he was the happiest guy in the world. Many times when the team was fighting a losing game, the tired, weary players would look over and see "Buck" pacing the sidelines, urging them on, fighting with them every inch of the way. Then they would grit their teeth and fight a little harder, often to victory, for their coach. "Buck," the fighting coach who never gave up-and the players loved him for it. " .... which in other years, on other fields, wi'l bear the fruits of victory." On that fateful spring day in 1945, Archie Buckley sacrificed his life for his country. Itls a sure thing that he went down with a fighting word on his lips. When, in games of future years, a North Central team is down and out, the players might look through the haze of the lighted ball-park and see Coach Buck- ley standing on the sidelines. Then they'll grit their teeth and fight a little harder. "In other years .... on other fields, the fruits of victory." Archie Buckley is gone. The best of play- ers are called out on a sacrifice. ninety-three Sen-iafzrqrq WORKING on a war-time basis, the physical education department, under the di- rection of Wesley Taylor and Guy O. Barnes, have devoted a period a day again this year to senior boys in a pre-induction fitness course. lixercires and games to develop strength, en- durance, stamina, body coordination, and physical skills that will be of direct value to the graduates who enter the armed forces or war work, were included in the program. Physical activities include aquatics, gym- nasium, combatives and sports. These are done to give the boy the extra strength and stamina that will be needed in the near future. Hygiene, health, first aid and life saving, classes of the less competitive nature were also given as an essential part of the training. Swimming has become an important part of the training as is the obstacle course. The boys were put through this many times in an at- Coaches J. W. Taylor and G. O. Barnes tempt to improve themselves and their time in completing the course. This program is considered not only essen- tial for those expecting to go into the armed services, but for those taking part in agricul- ture, industry, commerce, domestic services and other occupations. Going Through the Obstacle Course nim'ty-four Qwzfddl SCORING THE EXACT number of points as their opponents, the North Central Indians copped three out of seven contests in the 1944 football season. Every contest was close and North Central received more than its share of bad breaks. The Indians were regarded from the start of the season as tough customers, with an ex- tremely powerful line and a versatile backfield led by Frank Miyaki. The warriors boasted a line composed of: Ends, Larry Ellison, Grover Clark, Walt Rameriz, Bob Denning, tackles, Doug King, Jack LaRue, Don Rohlf, "Clem" Crowston: guards, Bill Taylor, Bob Allen, John Mancheni, Bob Fulsom: centers, Lee Wright, Floyd Crowe. Members of the backfield were: Cliff Schultz, Jerry Pomeroy at quarterback, Bill Graham, Bill Sweet, Neil Powell at right halfg Frank Miyaki, Bob Jones at left half, and Stan Dragos, Earl Carrier, Dick Washburn at full- back. '31' ..l. iii.. A w-n...A ' North Central's best game was a 14-0 vic- tory over L. C. The feature of the game was a 95-yard run back of the opening kickoff by Frankie Miyaki. Frank Miyaki, halfback, and Bob Allen, guard, were chosen on the all-city first squad. Those on the second team were: Larry Ellison, Bill Taylor, Doug King and Cliff Schultz. l l ninety-Eve CO.:L,..-'-.wb D I 'hw FTOSH -o-Q Il UNHCR -N, 'ff e QI AG. xml' ff' f' ielrl Graham B O. Bmm nznvty-si.1' B x Aw: ravi BMW: Dennix,,RQhlf, F olsam, 4 wg My etCB Yashburn 1 mf, ,mancheni,Crowston.C1ark rzirzvlgf-sn 1 1 rr l E THE BASKETBALL SQUAD for 1944- 45 ended the regular city play with no victories against nine losses, the first time in two decades that an Indian team was unable to win at least one game. However, the team had more than its share of the bad breaks, losing four of their nine games by four points or less. Two other games were close: and in only three of the games were rlirzvly-viglzt the Indians soundly beaten. In pre-season games Kellogg, Grand Coulee, Priest River and Mason City fell to the Indians, before Pine City snapped the win streak. Coeur d'Alene and Wallace were beaten, and then the Indians entered the West Valley tournament. Central Valley and St. John hung up wins over the Warriors, while Wallace was again beaten by the Indians. N-f L. .a . 1 A up :Ft K M 352 5 M W 'Q wi ,,, R1 YT' 5 1,-af,'fU Ski VM ESQ! :Hifi . M I 3 z 5 S s i First row: Weisser, Kirk, Felice, Washburn, Trefry, Jones, Whipple, Allen, Taylor, Grebe, Quackenbushg secom row, Hendricks, Hunter, Penny, Seaman, Grandenetti, Derrick, Thompson, Wiggs, Doran, Miyaki, Oliver, thirc row, Clark, Buckholz, Martin, Morphis, Ferg, Wriggle, E. Palmer, Goudge, Piccolo, Williams, Gravos, fourth row Derry, mgix, Perko, Mueller, Smith, Johnson, Bardsley, mgr., B. Palmer, Carrier, Taylor, Stewart, Stohs, Bryhni B THE 1945 INDIAN baseball team is one of the best North Central has fielded in the past few seasons. The batting lineup this year was a powerful one which, at the third-way mark in the city schedule, boasted of four .300 hitters. The Redmen got off to a good start as they won all three of their pre-season games. Errors by the Indians proved to be their downfall as they lost their first regular game to Gonzaga, 7 to 2. Although Bill Taylor pitched a good game, the Bullpups' hits combined with N. C. errors at the right times to produce the winning runs. Speedball pitcher Earl Carrier got North Central back into the win column as he out- omf hundred pitched two Rogers chuckers to win 4 to 1. He gave up only four hits while his teammates collected seven. The third game, played against Lewis and Clark, was a heart-breaker. The In- dians were ahead until the fifth inning, when two errors were responsible for two L. C. runs. Although Grover Clark tripled and then scor- ed on an error to tie the score, the Tigers came back in the last of the seventh to score one run and win the game. Again, errors had cost the game. The support given by the student body at the games was excellent. At this writing, the Indians have six games to play, and with the help of the N. C. fans, they are out to turn all those games into victories. First row: Finley, Cozzetto, Powell, Clark, Sweet, Burson, Pomeroy, Stafford, Wilson, Reinhardt, Williams, iryhni, Coach G. O. Barnes, second row, Crowe, Cameron, S. Johnson, Elixman, Green, Eide, B. Johnson, Etten, fross, Crowston, Wiggs, King, Rameriz, McVay, third row, Miyaki, Pynn, Black, L. Palmer, Griggs, B. Palmer, iravos, Coller, Woods, ast. mgr., Worley, ast. mgr., Trent, mgr.g fourth row, Dyer, Hubbard, Smith, McKinney, Lutchart, Keen, Stohs, Stewart, Tesch, Bossio, Ayers, McCoul, Tonanig fifth row, Cogley, Boison, Stickle, Cun- ingham, Forsyth, Jones, Nolen, Simpson, Southwell, Wade, Eilmes, Hawes, Raymond. 'hack AS TI-IE SEASON got under way, North fentral's chances of winning track in 1945 lay n the hands of untried material, for the Indian quad boasted but five letterman with the re- nainder of the team having seen little, or no iction, in city competition. The loss of George Smith and Bill Ebbig- iausen to the service weakened still more the Warriors' chances. With them, the Indians vould have been greatly strengthened in the listances. Two dash men, Grover Clark and Neil Powell, were back as veteran performers. Powell won the 220 and 100-yard dashes against Gon- zaga last year. A key veteran was Jerry Pom- eroy. Jerry captured the 70-yard low hurdles at Pullman in a pre-season meet and looked like a prospect for the city title. Jack Stafford and Al Wilson, both high hurdlers, complete the list of veterans. Staf- ford also broad jumps while Wilson does the high jump. Pomeroy, Clark, Powell and Stan Johnson, a junior prospect, are the members of the relay team. A sophomore, Neil Williams, gave great promise of being a good distance man as he beat all North Central competition in pre-sea- son races. John Bryhni, LaVern McVay and Ken Stickle were prospective hurdlers. one hundred om 353' it . E S nf First row, left to right: Roberts, Davis, Barrett, Edwards, Lewis, Padgett, second row, Dwinell, Gillette, Staple Bentley, Schwarz, Tellefson, Lockhead, Bond: third row, Coach Ernest L. Hix, Morphis, Walker, Deno, Leach, Wil son, Lloyd, Claussen, Waye. Langdon, Butler. Eaqfi' efuul AFTER HAVING their seven-year championship streak broke: in 1942, the North Central Indians snapped back to their winning ways by taking the title in '43 and '44. Last year the Indians' single team was undefeated in 60 matches, while the doubles squad won seven of 12 matches. Returning for action in 1945 are letter-winners Al Wilson, Pau Dick James Lloyd and Doug Tellefson. Three other top performers are Ernii Bentley, John Schwarz and Ron Walker. A Dan Bond, Dave Langdon, Jerry Claussen Bill Deno, George Gillette, Bill Ruddy, Bol Leach and Allen Waye are also outstanding Paul Burgess, Stewart Davis, Tommy Edwards Don Lewis, Kent Roberts and Ted Staple, complete the list of those who turn out reg ularly. jack Tellefson won the city singles cham pionship last year while Jack Tellefson ant Jack Tellefson and Paul Lloyd Paul Lloyd captured the doubles title. nm' liuntlrw-rl two BOYS, GOLF TEAM-Left to right: Bud Quackenbush, Dick Kirkendahl, Bob Lyons, Hal Morrill, Bud Moe, Spike Bcufi' l FOR THE SECOND consecutive year, the Indian golf squad Beeber, Bob Bleek. captured the city championship from their south side rivals, Lewis and Clark, by a score of 53 to 15. The event that sparked this year's team was the State junior Cham- pionship in Seattle last summer, when three of its members placed first, second and fifth. The Indians this year were bolstered with five returning lettermen STATE JUNIOR CHAMPION B b L from last year's squad. O yons Bud Moe, Gene May, Spike Beeber, Bob Bleck, Bud Quackenbush and Dick Kirken- dahl will be back next season, the only loss be- ing the captain and State Champion, Bob Lyons who will be graduated in June. In spite of the acute shortage of golf balls if and war-time restrictions on transportation, the boys under the able direction of Walter C. Hawes not only went through the season with flying colors but also can lay claim to the i Northwest or Pacific coast high school title. Walter C, Hawes qcoachy, and Gene May one lm ndrcd thrcv I I i i v Q i 'S '-I. 4 g . ig , I4 . l1 4 2 E ? , X2 S , . A I Q rf , f' 1 .wg 3 X . 4 Q Q' 1 , xy , 3 V I X Z A. , 4' 4... .N uquuuuvm- rv' . -w as Q' -E' Y S ' 'ar "wif L ' il i - SPRING Ti-:NNIs TEAM-Front row, left to right: Verlee Meinke, Phyllis Gazette, Octavia Williams, Ellen Lock head, Virginia Dwinell, Lillian Balinski, Pat Creel, Billie Lovejoy, Derce Quackenbush, Elizabeth Huerlin, Bettg Lloyd, Jane Prattg second row, Jackie Stephans, Myldred Hays, Mary Bech, Shirley Steele, Pat Rule, Pat Fitz patrick, Virginia Huerlin, Nella Jyclstrup, Louise Myers, Beverly Woellner, Barbara Tellefson, Mary Jane Gross man, Virginia Christian, Violet Koch, Jeanette Bauman, third row, Mary Barland, Jo Anderson, Gertrude Blank Shirley Bush, Betty Blair, Pat Frazier, Miss Elsa Pinkham, Gloria Jacobsen, Lorraine Scamahorn, Wanda Thor sen, Bonnie Jensen, Marilyn Meisner, fourth row, Hazel Perry, Maxine McDougall, Johnnie Gossett, Maxin Brueback, Miriam Wotring, Carolyn Freeborg, Myrtle Chitty, Dorothy Johnson, Shirley Swanson, Pat Fosgate Betty McKeen, Beverly Thompson, Marilyn Perry. ,.. , , t Miss Elsa Pinkham 1. f ' 1 - Q .fvf . I l, . LJ x JANUARY GRADUATES ON 'ma TENNIS TEAM-Front row, left to right: Laurel Norris, Mary Bailey, Shirlee Morgang second row, Shirley Murbach, Mary Lou Cleavc and Miss Elsa Pinkham fc-oachl. ont' 'l'lUIllTl'll sim DURING THE FALL semester, the girls' tennis team defeatec Rogers, but lost to the city league winner, Lewis and Clark. In the spring, tournaments were played with Omak on May 5 Rogers, May 95 and Lewis and Clark, May 16. Graduating members of the fall team were: Laurel Norris, captain Mary Bailey, Mary Lou Cleave, Shirley Murbach and Shirlee Mor gan. Girls to be graduated this spring are: Lillian Ballinski, Pat Creel Phyllis Gazette, Pat Henefer, Billie Lovejoy, Marilyn Meister, and Jackie Stephens. The team turnouts are every Monday and ,M Wednesday period 6 and after school, and for special ,practices on Saturday morning from 8 to 11 AQ my Managers for the spring semester were Marilyn Meister and Betty Lloyd, assistant: fall, Betty, manager, and Jane Pratt, assistant, Miss Elsa Pinkham, girls' physical education department head, is coach of the team. I i GIRLS, GOLF TI-:AM-Left to right: Ruth Latta, Jackie Funseth, Molly Wagner, Carol King, Derce Quackenbush, Gerri Turley, Mirna Iverson, Jackie Schussler, Donna Jacobsen, Barbara Jerrow, Donna Pashek, Jean Ramsey, . 1 Q THE GIRLS' GOLF team, coached by Miss Wilhelmine Timm, Miss Wilhelmine Timm. were defeated last fall by their only opponents, the Lewis and Clark Tigers. Tournaments were scheduled for May 14 and 21 this spring. Pat Halstead was the only member of the team to be graduated last fall. This spring, Donna Pashek, captain, Elaine Davis, Molly Wagner and Colleen Wolfe will leave the team. Donna Pashek was manager for the fall semester, and Barbara Ierrow, for Miss Wilhelmine Timm this semester. The team meets every Tuesday and Thurs- day, period 6 and after school, when they travel to Downriver to be instructed by Neil Christian, golf pro. The girls are required to play 18 holes a week. Ratings are given by a new method this spring. A ladder arrangement is used and team members challenge one another for top posi- , Miss Timm watches Betty Freeman while the other tions. girls of the team look on. one lmndrecl, seven l -q l 4. .. On ,, 1 A A2522fQQ 1-1f T MK!'Aw cmkuniuiki g- F X 'OUVEGOT URNLW BAL Nr X N 140 I ,VN 'WVQA X I R V T in Q QDOIZ M f 1 Qgwfi K J X H Q M com 1 I X V E433 X MQ! af args? HOWMANYTME5MU RQN , QHTJN- vm Q! Q vi ITELLVOUDERNWES Q ,i BASUSALL. i51m1ggf1vAR0UN0 ONQqJx iff, f Q, Jfffj K MX mms C 2 swmmumass. Jkff J3 1. - 6 NGK - QXTRACK. U M Q WELL THERE JUST ISNT OHICOMEONMLMORE TEG YOUC NSTILLUSEA X C'f'Qj , 'f GIRLS evmfvfvf usuou AME x A A HX 3-WEZESIDES flu? if ,Y KING PONG BML ESA A ' in mme 7 5?X4"fg' BASKET. , M! 1 4 l ' 4 M, csJL"'xxf ffb 1 i, ,,- ,. . 'F l 5 U X f Q A Ln !ggL!iQ?E?' ' ii, WwML Q J J F GOLR CjNVFxJN ' hdd' l,m-tti-rs +++v:u+ cvi-rytI+ing to lads in thc service. Keep writing t oftvnl And prolong tln- lift- of your pcn by using only inks 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ l 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 + 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4. 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 I I 1 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ S l 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ S 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ I 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ Q-QQ04,40Q00'0000,000Q00,4,,',,',,-,'4444::::.'::4::::::0::::::e:::::::::::::. GraI1am's Sell All the Good Fountain PEN INI4S Safeguard your valuable pen-choose from these ' ' u+'cil2QwedkIn five famous well-known inks! It's stylish to use colors-we sell the new novel inks. ol' n:+tion:+lly known quality. i' Parker's "Micro-Film Black" Quink "Micro Film Black" is a special dense black ink designed to make your V-mail letters reproduce clear and sharp. It is also obtainable in colors: Washable Blue Violet Washable Black Green Royal Blue Brown Red 15c and 25c bottles Royal Blue and "Micro Film Black" in pints 75c: quarts 81.25. ir Parker's "5I" Fast-Drying Ink Made especially for the famous 51 pen in these colors: India Black Tunis Blue China Red Pan-American Green 3-oz. bottles 25c i' WaIerman's Fine Pen Inks I5c Blue Black Patrician Purple Jet Black Aztex Brown Spanish Tile Tropical Green Carnation Red South Sea Blue Skrip V-Black for V-Mail Chemopure Inks Permanent Blue Black, Permanent Royal Blue, Washable Blue, Wash- able Black, Red, Green, Brown 15c and 25c bottles ir CarIer's Raven Black Washable Ink Here is a useful array of inks in popular colors you will like: American Blue, Tulip Purple, Mid- night Black, Forest Green, Midnight Blue-Black, Sunset Brown, Washable Blue, Hunting Red. 15c and 25c bottles 707-711 Sprague Avenue 708-716 First Avenue x I L- 'Q'-.',,-,,a,,-,,,,:::::- -::- :::::::::::::::::::: 0 1+ c hundred ten 4,.,.,,,, A A, A A .... A AAAAA A - - ...,. - v...... ::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::4-:::::0 1 . gi Photographs Have them taken Loclcwooo " S MQBRIDPS gg TUDI0 520 RIVERSIDE N. 4 Howard Street Main 3543 00444 "40,':,:::::,::0:::: ,',0'.,,A,,04"'o4-.,,,,-,AQAJ-.0.,,,,, Q4-4,0"00'r - -Q0 A - Xclusively at the. . BEACCDN DRY CLEANERS Garmentician INDIANA AND STEVENS B 6000 OF , 1 hddl 1 15'-vs''Qv'04Q0,'Q'-"QQ4"'004-',"'.'s'QQ.1, 1-:::40:::::::::::::::::::::::::: I' I' 1 11 1: .I :1 11 :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ARROW ,I ,I 1 1 1 1, 1, 1, C . 1, 1, 1, ongratulatuons, 1 1 1 1 11 1, 1, 1, v 3, 1, 1 en lors 1 , sTETsoN , , 11 1 11 11 '1 '1 1 1 1 -: l-l A l S 1 1 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, II I' I' 1 1 1 KUPPENHEIMER 1, 1 '1 11 1, 1, 1, 1 11 '1 1 CLO I HES " 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,C .swat ggssc 1 1 Mg 131C l 05.5 1 T 1 1 7111111 n :I A :1 11 f- , N , X I . 1 - 1 ' f - 11 11 11 f!1e1111'f,1J,' V1 1 1, 1, 1, ' .L. " ' K' 1, 1, 1, .1-.- 11 0 f :1 1, 1 1 1, 11 ,1 910 SPRAGUE AVENUE 1 1 11 11 11 1 PHONE MAIN 3835 1' Corner S ra ue and Howard 1' 1' ,1 P 9 ,1 ,1 1: 1: 1: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, t.f-..,.,,,,,-,0-,,-,-,,,::::::::::::::::J u::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ys".',""QQ,',,,,"',Q,::,::,::::::':: - -:::::::::::::::::::':::::::::::: 11 1 1 '1 1, l 0 l 1 ' ' 1 ' ' ' OMORR W 11 1: , 1, 0 O O 1, High School Seniors ,Graduales... R 11 K 1, V 11 " 90 l tl 1 B Q F '1 '1 1: Young people going out into the business world half 1, lrained are like soldiers without guns-they stand little 1 chance of success. 1 To earn future security for yourself. to keep and hold 1, a position today and in the postwar world. you must be 1, proficient in your worlr. A few months' intensive training 11 at KINMAN BUSINESS UNIVERSITY under fully qualified :1 teachers, will yield big dividends. 1: Government offices. industrial plants. and business 1 offices urgentl need FULLY THAINED stenoqraphers.sec- 1 Y 1, retaries. accountants. boolrkeepers, machine operators. '1 You can help our country's war effort and provide for 1 your own future by attending Kinman Business University. 1: Call or Write for your copy of "Outline of Courses' 1, and free vocational booklet. "Planning Your Future." 1 1 11 11 11 11 '1 11 11 1 1 '1 1, .-,,--,-----,::::::::::::::::- :::::::::::e:::::,:::::::::::::::::::::::- one hundred twelve 1 Formals . . PROM PARTY if BRIDES and A BRIDESMAIDS E5 598 7.95 Q95 II95 if sw se sz if ik Wraighfs Store WALL AT MAIN-SPOKANE Success to the Quality and Style Seniors - Hats Shirts wiih fhe complimenfs 9 of Tues Clover I-Salt "Hat" Free-:man's 530 W. Indiana Broadway 026I 726 W. Riverside Main 2795 hddt h t 'I If""""""""""""'H"H'xnfl Tx ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'I 'I 'I I I I R cl t H 1 I I E: Y O e p 3: 3: I I jr W1th your I If I I P I W P1 I I I ,I os - ar ans. I 1. I I I , 1, I I 1: VVitl1 frm- 1-ntcrprisv given tlic jf "go ali1':ul," tln- lVasl1ington Vva- It tvr l'owm'r stands ready to In-lp If you rm-alizv your post-war plans. V II 'l'uday tln' VVasliington lvatvr I, I :I Powvr is dm-livvring Grand Coulee I, :I powvr to war indur-strivs. I I I ' 'I Tmnorrow tln- Yvasliington VVa- We Sell' manufadur? and 'n5'IaII 1: tm-r l'owvr vuuld dvlivvr Grand our own awnmgs :: i'oiil4-1' powvr to lionivs. farms and ESTIMATES GLADLY 1' industry alike. I I I :I I :I :I Q I Wash1nqtnnWaterPuwerIIo I I ,I ' ,I I, JD9ImM.1la:Nn43vn. If A Self-Supporting, Tax-Paying Business If If N. 3I8 Division S+. Main 4233 I Enierprise I I If If be cooooooocoo ::::::oo:::::::4:::: -:::J I,-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Nfl! 9959999599559 55:55555555555 '55555555 "" 5555555555 5555555555555 I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I GI rn I3 ' It a our ortralts I :I I I Only Sluduo Ihai Specializes In I 'I II HOLLYWOOD LIGHTING ancl MAKEUP I I 'I 'I II I :I I :I , I ,I cu 5 1 u LO I B ggi I 'I II W. 607 Sprague I Ig Main43e1 It 'I 'I L .,.,,-,,,-,,,',::-:::: ::::::::::::::- :::- v :- ::- - - ::::- : -:::: - - +::::: - - O no hundred fourteen ..,m,,,,.- ............,,,,, W AVE. DE 608 RIVERSI r I V3 0077 DE HONE RIVERSI O : Q : H .- S gf P Q. 1 'ZZ' P' A NE OKA SP vw V V T XV Q4 QA il 41 54 424 451 fs.:-.a-.0o04Q4o'0444,,9404004-4044400440 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I -:::,- I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 4.- T II 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I TUXEDOS and FULL DRESS SUITS AT LOW RENTALS Complete ou+fi+s for wed- dings and formal affairs in- cluding shIr+, collar, Iie and sfuds. Choice of Tuxedos- single or double-breas+ed. Also masquerade cosfumes. We Ship Anywhere MILLER- DERVANT IOI7 RIVERSIDE AVE. Phone Main 6642 04-n0"f04QQQQQOQQQQQQQQQQQ::::::::: o.p.."04Q0"'0" Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 40: :::4-c4::::0:::: -:v Congratulations Seniors from the . . 'Arcade Bakery 1718 N. Monroe Street 0:::00000:::: pg 4 o o by the 'Makers of 57146 Portraits" are of Superlative Quality Burchett Studlo call. . . MAIN 2821 South 13 Howard Street c.-,,,----,,-,,--,-,,,.-.,,,,,,,,,,, -,,,,,:-,,,, ,:,:,, - - - O7 lv hundred sixvtccn '7 1 I I I 'I I II II I I I I I I I 'I I tl 'I I I I I I 4 :I I I 'I I :I I Where Prices Are Righ+ N.222 Pos+S+. M.3bo4 I: I rv-fvavvevvv-va' ofo' 4'::: :::::::::::':::::v::::::oo::":::::f'::"::"':::J :::::::::::H:::A"" 7? Vxxu "NN:::::':::::H:':H'H:TI I fi I 1 1: COMPLIMENTS OF .1 CAS 51461 . . . I I 1' 1 I I I 1: 4: 1, 0 'I I FIRST wlth 'I I 1: I 1 1, 4, , the I 1' Hardware and Floor 1 1, 'E Maintenance Co :E I I, I 1' I t 'I 'I 'I I 1 1, FLOOR FINISHERS R0 3' I I I I 'I , 1' I Sanders for Ren+ 1' MENS SHOP ,I 5 .5 I 4l4 RIVERSIDE AVENUE :I ': 'Z '. NORTH Isoz MONROE STREET 1' OPPOSITE PAULSEN BLDG. 1, it SPOKANE I . :E Ig -: 1 l:He---H,-N: ..,....,.. NN-.,.-..,l 0110 hzmdrpcl S0110 ntcv 'll 0.p4004"040'Q44Q404-444004 QQQOQYQQ 4-4-.asf fN..-,-,s.-,s,-,,-,,-,,,-'...,.,s,,,,,f,.,...,,,,J', n 'i 4, 'I ti I ll , l KELSEY BAIIQD 'i 4 II ' gf f ll 0 4, 1: Secretarial School : , I 4, 4 I , i 1, A School of Modern Business IC ', 4 , 4 i 'P lr " -,4, SHoRTHAND J, ' gf -,gy TYPING 1, 4, 1, ,lf BOOKKEEPING 4' 4 4 MACHINE woRK 4 I 4, 75 4 4 4 J: Our equipment and melhods make if possible l I: for the student to reach his highest attainment , ': l, 'A' 'il' Jr J , New CLASSES START , f ': 4 EVERY MONDAY MORNING 'P J-'QWZL i 4 1 - v-- 4 ,X L , ll 'ff 'fr 4 S T 4, l ji TelePhone: Main 6746 li ,, ,, witm Uaftfimm vi. , if 6+h Floor, Hutton Bldg. Spokane 4, - -U WML H 5 , 4, .4 A N . 4 ll- - -::::::000:::::0:::::::oo:::::::- - ll: -:::::::::::::::::,,::: A A -ll , x: : 3: ' x if 1: F 4, 4 l I I, g ln When our lctures are Sl ned " :i i 4, 4, l 4 4 'P 44 v JJ 'b I: portrait by Nelson they , 4, I: 1, i , . . . li , bear a marlc of distinction. 1 4, 4 4: r 4 4 4' Th N I S cl' ff , e e Son tu no , 4 il Main Floor Sherwood Bldg. 4: 4 4, 4: SIO Riverside 4 n li It 4, 'I 4, ll L-:::::::v :::::::'::::::0::v "::':::: A - -J nm' hundrvrl l'ifIhtl'P1I I-ICDME LGANS Y? Quick Service fi? No Red Tape ff? Low Qates SEQUQITY BQANQH Seattle-First National K so-1 N. MONROE STREET Co n gratulations, 1945 Seniors For Your Next Portraits, in Uniform or Wedding Gown, come back to the Ugfzisficuz fgifucfio North 104 Howard Street Main 1025 one hundv' Y I 'I 'I 'I N 'I 'I 'I U 'I 'I 'I N 'I 'I 'I N 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I N I 'I 'I 'I N 'I II I N 'I N 'I I I I 9,,,,,-,,,---,,,---,-,,,----,-,--,,,-,,,,--,,,,,-,,--,,---,,--,-,,,,,, QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ40-owfv-4-.',0"0Q,4-QJRQQ4-.,004N,x."4'0Q'Q'QQ4-000- - 4-0 .... 40- - - - - - - v - For Portraits StyIecI to Your personality CAMERA CRAFT STUDIO 7 N. WASHINGTON PHONE RIVERSIDE 8333 lxpxpvv-4-.4-, T.p.0.0.Q,.,'0Q.px,4-0-.QAQQ4-,,'040,044Q,'"Q::r:0:::::::::f::::::or::::::::::::::::::::4-' I 'I 'I I 'I 'I U 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I 'I N 'I I U 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I "A SPECIALTY SHOP FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE" 3 I 1804 N. Open Mondays and Fridays tIII 9 p. m. Mm Monroe I I 4,,..,,,--,,,--.,,,--,,,.-,,-,--,,,-,,-,-,-.-,,,,,,.,-,.,--,,,,,..,,,,---,,.,, 07 Ie hundred twenty 0' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I N 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I N N 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I N 'I 4-4-0,1 you're the one for Campus fun Buy your clothes at I I I7 NORTH WALL Congratulations Best Wishes, Seniors il? BROADVIEW DAIRY hddtt f I I 2 0:: 00 q 0 1-0:0000 0::00::: ::000:::0000:00000000000s000 : -:0000 I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I? 9 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4. ll 0 00000 0 00000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 THE DCDRIAN STUDIO 436 Peylron Buifdinq Phone Main 68 I5 Extends fts Eest Wishes to the Graduates of YI5 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0000 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I S I 'I 'I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I 00 0000 0000000 0 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000-00000000000000000000, COMPLIMENTS Les Cl'ilZBl"S MBIYS Shop 7:2 W. SPRAGUE Iv 'IlllIlf'V't'If IIIIIIIIIII-IIIWI 0000 0 0 0 0 00000 00000000 00 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 L0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 DODSON'S 5 I 7 RIVERSIDE AVENUE Dllamoncf Merchants for 58 Years iff Sfandard Prices on Nafionally Known Wafches Gruen, Longines, l-lamifton, Elgin, Jufes Jurgensen, Qmega Q PC1611 lj Ez: 'cgalfhmu Products A - A SUNFREZE ICE CREAM wi, .mx ' II. N I , ARDEN MILK ARDEN FARMS COMPANY I1 l 1 7 1 1 1 41 41 1 1 1 41 41 41 1 41 1 1 41 41 1 1 41 1 41 41 4 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 :1 1 1 41 41 41 :1 1 1 1 1 4 41 fr - - v - - v 0- v Q, :c0::0::QQ'::Q40Q:::0 Q la DARIGOLD AND GET THE ug till Dairy Products 11? INLAND EMPIRE DAIRY ASSOCIATION i803 W. Third Riverside 2I84 ' CHARLES C. PEAKE if wnh 45,700 L53 - people buy- 2 Inq life insur- 1 T i once every day in Ihe United 1 E i Stcnes of America, l17,41O,- li E i 500 C1 yecrI iI's easy to see 2- I I ' I II cIo 1'fe ww on Impor an o r 1 2 ..-:L insurance is Io our American li- E l wczy of livinq. ie ? -'T 'The e is o subsI'I Ie l' o ' su ance. INSURANCE COMPANY o sonar DEN en COLORADO I!orr1l nm r lu " Z 2 t The CAPITOL LIFE 1' 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 1 1 1 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 41 1 1 1 1 41 1 41 1 41 41 1 1 I 1 1 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 ,,,, -----------,----------- --: lt's smart to . . . BUY WAR BONDS . . . An Investment in the Future 1,::: ::::o::::o:::- ---,.---A-- O71 0 hundred tiurfnty-four COM PLIMENTS OF WATSON PAINT AND BODY WORKS gown aww, awww PHONE BROADWAY I6I6 N. l0I5 DIVISION STREET 'I I Manual Ar+s Supplies I II I I I I I I Hardwoods I -k I 'I 'I 'I 'I EXCHANGE I LUMBER 6-MFG. CC. Gienwood I62I :::::'::::::: BELL FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings cAsI-I on TERMS FREE Delivery Anywhere in 'I'I1e Inland Empire Main I386-Main I387 225-229 Riverside Ave. 228-230 Sprague Ave. Spokane, WasI1ing+on --------- "I I I 'I Visif Your Red 5- White Merchant HE IS Youn Neue:-mon -go mmf- "II,'o'lE III:-IIIIW I I I I II 'I I I I II I 'I I II II 'I I I one hundred twenty-fiv C ' f 1 EM-4""'QSV9""3'ff2 1"3::9"':"f3ffzf f I M 1 4,0-"Y , --L'rQf'f fi '1 '.,v,' .-1 f, rw-f ,Z f' 1 -Q." - .fl .f ' ' ' ,I hdd rf -. . 1 ,f c , l rf. x X K .ti -7 .4 4 ' -F f r ,...........E....,, , 1 , l i 0 54015 Zfou 1 needfzof .guess Q mazizrfazh dmpye eqzzqbment dndan ex- 1' v" H , perzbncea' arf dna' me060n1b'0f52f0f -f' 0 56025 ourlvatrons needfeave noiiziztg 250 06421209 I THE. S OKANE AMEIHCAN ENQQAVING COMPANY N Eslablished 1904 I S LM 1-1,35 2, fm X iRxAi2XL:a 55. - , gl v .K " WJZMM 0 gym! M M ,Ml M UW' M . K . . Www I x . 15 A ff? 1 FX M 5 fyk ful f A VFR - lffxxxxlf V? X ii . .7 X, I WL NJ fy , f ,Q ff , FW- , .,z'f ,W XJ f j arp! ix, ,AL 5 NJ JQw ! Q

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