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ja .ff WfZW2fwWy E Seigiii Q Q ixg M xii? ggi I X QS wif THE .... Tamarack Published by the Z. lx ,f GRADUATING CLASS +L, XS C .N 'XX L N3 M 5 X H v f ' Sf an ' W W -f u Q X - NCRTH CENTRAL L ' HIGH SCHOOL Spokane, Washington 655 -, u June, 1938 'L .Q - J hy Q. In Q, The .... E 4 . Tamarack I ry W Z lx I .N ? ML 'WMff'L"?""' , f Wfg'f,i?14:,,HQRTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL e Tamarack Tamarack Staff Published semi-annually by a staff selected from the graduating class. EDITORIAL STAFF , Th 4 4 w 1 rw r r rw 1 w 1 ! 1 3 7 5 . 7 1 4 rw w 4 FRED SCHWARZ ............ ...................................., ...,..... E D I'1 OR IN CHIEF LILLIAN FRANK ............... ........ A SSOCIATE EDIIOR NORINE SFANGLAND ........ ........ A SSOCIA I'E EDITOR lod Sloan ...........................,.,........,.,.....,..... ..........,. B oys Sports Charlotte Claypool Evelyn Partridge ......... ......... G irls Sports Betty Foster Virna Learn ......................... ............ C alendar Rae Samuel Warren Stimpert ......... ............. O rganizations Carol Patz ..........................,............ .......,. lN Iusic and Drama Barbara Carroll ...........,......,.............. .........,............... H umor Mary Lou Conover Marjorie Ayler.-. ....,.,. Art Editors Bruce Penny ..................,.... ......... ........ P i ctuies MISS MARX McKENNA ..,...............,,.................,.. ........ A DVISER BUSINESS STAFF FLORFNCE IHURBER ...............,...,.......................... BUSINESS MANAGER. MARY WALSH ............... ...... A DVERTISING MANAGER E. J. GRIFFIN ...... .......,.... .......... ...,......., B U S INESS ADVISER JUNE, 1938 Exuberance C Page six What are the things I love in life? Scent of woodsmoke, bright blue skies, A song well sung, and laughing eyes, Velvet night, and wind's keen knife. What things in life bring joy to me? Joy in my heart, youth in my heels, Faraway peaks and turning wheels, Clouded red sunsets, love's ecstasy. What things in life make my heart glow with gladness? Laughing red lips, a bright dancing flame, Faces of friends, Vain hopes of great fame, Bright, crystal tears, and moments of sadness. GERALDINE HANSEN he Tamarack T6ll'76-XKQPXCC4 bmi' ' STANGAN3 Pagr ,mm 4 , ,f 1 -r f- . Q2 if xx. , X -ff-ffrd 'ff -. fmf aw ' 'f . , f 'fidh' .f M, T n 0 0 o . Yf ' Y- XZ A ,, , .. , ,WW , ,.,1, . W, N .,,! ,,-.,. A, a We ' fi X in 'W 1 Q i XXX A My . F , I- l f Y 1 ' U A' 3 I1 ,A,,- , ,- N HA- LN, uwa......,.v,, . .N-. .,,x.,.-. ,Ma . ,.., WM., .,,...,.,,. .,.0..,:,,.. . , . ..ff-1,.1-Q--.95-F-Q-T..-..-.Q-f.f,..wwv-...Q-M. .,.w.-.W .M--mv.--K-5-zfsmwfmfwa,-uwwmqywn.wm-,Wm.,-.fn V F---M--f-1-M M,A1-Naval!-.N-vammyvmvpwn-sis-mmfuw,-a.,mmm-.-um.-nn Th Tamarack Pagt eight Lost Moon o Last night I looked at the moon And wondered why it was so Cold and white and bleak. But now I know. It's because you're gone forever. They say I'm too young to feel Heartache, ecstasy, and joy. But they don't know What is the truth About the moon. They think the moon is but The lantern of night's dark skies. Our moon was different. Sometimes it was keen and thin and curved Like the blade of a pirate's cutlass. Sometimes it was bright and halved and shining Like a great silver coin soft hidden 'neath a deep blue rug Sometimes it was full and round and glowing Like a huge pearl on the slim yellow finger of a Chinese CIIIPTCSS. Once it was a luminous pool That drowned all my sadness In the glorious radiance Of a beautiful love. But now you're gone forever And I see the same moon All cold and white and bleak. LILLIAN FRANK Thought o Is it so inconceivable that some day, While wittily discussing the latest play, Or the dire reverberations of a te Or books, or problems political, that May pause, and recalling deeds we have In terror find that we cannot hide from t as we wrought, hought? BILL NOBLE f gmyfmw Www ffiifwfflff 553 is J x fi, 'fly ffwfa The .... Tamarack North Central Faculty Frederic G. Kennedy ...... ----------, P 1'fHCfPU1 Walter C. Hawes .................,.. ......----..-- ------------------------ V 5 Ce P1'iHCiPU1 Miss Conqh Mae Ellis ,,..... ...... G irls' Adviser Lowell C. Bradford ....... ...... B oys' Adviser Office s Home Economics Miss Helen Huneke, Miss Uarda Davis. Miss Bessie Graham CHeadD, Miss Agnes Avent, Miss Emma Dalquest, Miss Agnes English McHugh, Miss Christine Neuman. Miss Emma E. Clarke fHeadD, Miss Grace Campbell, Miss Nellie M. Catton, Miss Helen Cleveland, Mrs. Grace Douglas Leon- ard, Miss Mary McKenna, Miss Christine McRae, Miss Jeanette Maltby, Mrs. Flor- ence Parish, Miss Catherine Parker, Miss Eleanor Peterson, Miss Jessie Powell, Miss Margaret Rawlings, Miss Mabel Sammons, Mrs. Anna B. Sayre, Miss Belle Wynne. Mathematics W. W. Jones CHeadj, R. A. Baldwin, Robert F. Barnard, Mrs. Alva Boozer, Miss Helen Burnham, J. O. Ecker, P. H. Nygaard. Foreign Languages Miss Margaret Fehr CHeadj, Miss Bertha Bochme, Miss Mary Evans, Miss Julia A. Hermann, Miss Helen M. Prince, Miss Frances Theis. Social Studies T. O. Ramsey CHeadj, Miss Catherine Be- miss, Archie Buckley, Charles A. Chandler, Miss Mary Sidney Mitchell, Charles R. Randall, George Sander, Miss Neva B. Wiley, J. Walter Williams. Commercial A. O. Strieter CHeadj, Miss Muriel Allison, Miss Mary Paulson, Charles Read, Miss Lillian Robinson, Miss Violet Stark- weather, Miss Martha Wartinbee, Miss Ruth Wixikley. Science A. W. S. Endslow CHeadj, Ernest L. Hix, E. F. Mennet, L. G. Minard, Paul Neuman, J. L. Sloanaker, A. L. Smith, Miss Wil- helmine Timm. Music Lowell C. Bradford, C. Olin Rice. Physical Education Miss Elsa Pinkham fGirls' Headj, Miss Cath- erine Dittebrandt, J. Wesley 'I'aylor fBoys' Headj, Guy O. Barnes. Manual Arts J. D. Youngman CHcadD, Earl C. Frazier, George Theodorson. Fine Arts Miss Ethel M. Ashley, Miss Caroline Riker. Study Halls Mrs. Hermine Baylis,' Mrs. Clara Cowley, Mrs. Gladys Dunphy. Library Miss Mary Bacon CHcadD, Miss Mabel Tur- llCl'. Iournalism M iss Mary McKenna. Printing E. J. Griffin QHcadD, L. H. Bates, Leo Perrault, Maynard Rikerd, Joe Stroud. Book Room Mrs. Dorothy Kromer. Page eleven I U N E -. -- - " "" ""' ' 2 ali' x X I Tamarack a The .... Pgt Ive FREDERIC G. KENNEDY Principal The Tamarack WALTER C. HAWES Vice Principal Page thirlee 9 Qi. 1' J e Q . The .... Tamarack I i. Q gi Q iii A I I 4 . Page Fourtcen 4 P-1 H if C 2 E: 53 H' r- 5' E PA m v1 .H 5-4 M vi .,-. Q.: .21 E-4 m o Q 5 P2 VJ 2 si O IL 3 , 5 'z 3 G I0 M 2 ri . C1 ,Z C3 O rn ri 2 Y' O -,Q r-1 M YA 1.5 4 xi O W .. s m L4 y, E 2 M .E '24 A .: GJ E F : 6 il H 5 o D1 Q-1 W in E FE U1 .2 E 5-1 Q9 S v G5 9 5 if 55 4-2 CH +2 Q2 O i.-. Y w m H Q 6 as .E L4 fi Lv Z I 2 an E U 5 an Qs 2 SP 4 1 J bl GJ C: 2 .C E V rw V M w 2 5 2 m E U ,- :J 1 A 4 3 CJ 31 'TZ C G 0 JJ Cl? LI w .ld CC ,- E I E 'Es' u U l'-I-1 5 w Ar 13 U1 cs ff T2 .2 m rn an D1 U1 rn n-4 6 2 Vu O1-4 44 L11 :- rc PD rn Ili L' A ui C x1 Z IL. Qi .. .I A M l-4 A 5 ms E 5 iw A Q2 CI I YL 'r' .- -CI O IH IH PQ4 6 'J 7-4 CI LZ' A ci J mr Q4 C Ji Q5 in IJ LU 5 o P11 P: E E4 ni o U CC CQ 3. we bd 6 f .4 1 'g - H - T 2 Th 4 0 V I M , 0 .Q qi 'l' 1 . ' i J . 4' ,, Y O GJ up as If 5 w 2 as 'K E I ao 5 0 Q .QZQ 2 A 2 O m 2501 W 5 9 ,: , gf :U , V E E 1 V - .3 5 L2 sl 22 g 35 2 :L GJ : 4-I : 3 2 Q , R 5 'U r- W-bw Eg 23 , 577 W E pg :saga Q wg fx 1, , ,L U ' if S .. 'f""' 3 E r V' Vi g., 2 E 1 E 1 F5 in F H 1 H E 'fi' 4 Q V5 D2 '- W .r:. :. H , Q9 Q1 A - as 8 '-.1 kr agp: L 2: 2 L .Q -Y ,Z 5 2 m el, 4' 2 :ZZ Oli' Q , Y L: 2 E K Z ici Er 'vw we S U5 1 ' Q 3- 2 ',. gg ' N , v it Di PU ,x 1 to G5 M 4 5, 4 :xiii - E 2: ' - Jag, 'fi is Cl 3 cf Us H1 im Hmmm 5 235 in S. Eg 'M 7 CA: , ,. f U 5 155 L3 w'QQa. A 5: 2 4 'ii'-' an 'L 0.12 wg -i fi iii V u F: ,hcaigr H4 E .gil . 1 D: ,f - p 5 5 as , - H g F WMA - IJ LL. lm 7 , FW ,, Pigs u c 2533 L f,-ff ,Q ,bf m f . 7l i f L2 ., "' is 3 lm ,.x. 3. Nw QQ , fig Y. 1' ' i, ki: 7 ' , ..A., - , 0 Tamarack 5 F Y 5 I 7,1 ' Q 11:1 , J . .9193 X ' ' .,-. :ei lx. Q22 ' bfggiw' .gg ' M- we "ri 4, 55 , iii Tai ' ,uf , ' W' 'N - ,a,, MM,-H 2 E , 3, , 557 lgtuii r g h vi V . ig? i My , , ii 5 :Qs mil' if f , 5. 6 5? ,hi fl M 5 3 Q I Page sixtccn :LO Q . O C. Va-v-1 1: 555 U93 LH:-' 43 ri Scsi OO mm C13 c Q2 if 4-,Cd Q,- 41" 5.2 S.: :UH Q H..-1 :vs E C? ,gr H :. Q5 EZ D P3 4... 'bi md CJ F wa fa O Zo gd 22 if.: Ei EE ID km wa I E 6 w rf ai E 9 ce... -55-5 L. NE D VJ M ...- Fri Q. P73 5? O.. D12 P- '5" . SAV: .:g hh 3' I5 U U Ill-1 P. an Q .EP C '! :- r. 1-S Fi K : F L- I U ,- A P. L1 E I5 rn w ..-1 2 5 .- Q. .Z .2 .E L 1: UI 5' .-. U2 U2 ... 5:4 A ff 5 9 ..f fb c vw .J 3 cu Q4 O as rl 5 c D1 .E ... 5: .J rc '11 ri rd E on E .. o P' H r-1 '-S .- cr 'C CI z IH GJ L. L1 -S- L M 'I gl. HC 3 His-1 o JE 5:2 .29 gm QE? .8 UU QE '54 EE mf: l q ,,w.A.,,, . . L.,...v.,,,a...,, ,A Naam Y Th? ' f TG111Gf0F1f -. .,,.....,. Mm-- ,,.. -.-Hn .,,, -.-A.,..-,,. -,,,,-, pg Ll' Page sevcutccaz WNW 1, ff' 47' 0 E FI MW Q iii I M ' U , . Q . 1: 1 tb x s ii is sham lj- af f WeM wiqvwwfmwa Q-. A-1 rf f X W-'WW' m5'fKW5""fi1i"5""'3,,'Xf5"1"l,...l'.,.'S '5i"7"""...'gH." . W Q5'Y,fl55MffMf1 WMMMW W 273, Zjliiizfw wwwmyglfwfidffmxffmyli Jac fgmymvv M 4! Q! , Q f' rf-5, L The .... Tamarack Good-bye, Class of lune, 1938 It is said that "good-bye" is a contraction of "God be wi' ye." Also, it seems to me that it might have meant in the beginning, "May you enjoy 'good' during this bye period until you come againf, You who now leave North Central with its diploma in your hands will come again. Many of you in person and all of you, certainly, in memories will be back many times in our halls and on the playfield. I know you have had some of the happiest years here, and these years have changed you-have developed your personality, enlarged your purpose, awakened new interests, given you new powers of mind and new appreciations. All this is a part of education. As I say "Good-bye" to you at this commencement time, I truly wish each of you only good things in the years to come. I I Pl NC PAL Page twcnty-one e Tamarack Scho1ast1c Honor Awards receive the Scholastic Honor Award The four year grade average must be A or B Group one is the highest others follow by differences of one fourth grade points Lillian Frank Homer L Calkins Flwabeth Squibb Earl Francis Bossuyt Ev elyn Partridge lNIurthe Betty McCracken Jane Caroline Norden Lsther Lois Greenblat Rogel Hempleman Dorothy Jane Lehrbas Maxine Warner Rae Loraine Samuel Virna Learn Th O I C l C 4 HE following graduating seniors will u . . . . Calvin Englebart "Beverly Beryl Jeanneret Virginia Joyce Watkins Ruth Austin 4'Mary Ann Fleming Mary Jane Robinson "Arthur N. Swenson Jr. Virginia Delgrove Alyne Barbara Carroll Dorothy lNIcDonald Shirley Fay Hawley Norine hlarie Stangland Nita Anderson Bettie Jane Wunsch Carol Patz Florence Thurber Maxine Ruth Homer i'Only two years at North Central. Page twenty-two 1' red Schwarz Leonard C. Smith Jr. Richard Frazier Henry Vogel Ann Elizabeth Kenney Edelle Lewerk Betty Ann Foster Asa Maylott Albert Buxton Patricia Boyle A 1111 a Marie La Pointe hlonroe Smith Jean Livingston Shirley Elaine Van Dorn Warren Stimpert Marian Vanderwall The . . . Tamarack Special Honor Awards OR services within the school in some particular activity for which no remuneration or credit is given, such as the wide use of a special talent, outstanding achievement, leadership or effective- ness of service: Doug Bankson-Boys' Federation. Gordon Bennion-Boys' Federation. Patricia Boyle-Dramatics and Stu- dent Activities. Homer L. Calkins-Student Activ- ities. Elwood Carter-Boys' Federation. Francis Correll-Student Activities. Virginia Delgrove-Student Activ- ities. Fred A. Englund-Student Activities. Jack Finrow-Boys' Federation. Lillian Frank - Publications a n d Girls' League. Richard Farzier-Student Activities. Barbara Gerking--Music. Thomas Hanifen-Student Activities. John R. Harris-Music. Jane Herrington-Girls' League. VVilliam Hughes-Boys' Federation. Wesley J. I-Iulett--Band. Tom Kroetch-Boys, Federation. Edelln Lewerk-Girls' League. Richard E. Lines-Student Activities. Murthe McCracken-Girls' League. Ralph Nelson-Student Activities. Jane Caroline Norden-Girls' League. Fred Olberg-Band and Student Ac- tivities. Evelyn Partridge-Girls' League. Carol Patz-Student Activities. Bruce Penny-Publications and Boys' Federation. William Francis Provost-Band. George Norman Richter-Art. Fred Schwarz-Student Activities. Elizabeth Squibb-Student Activities. VVarren Stimpert--Student Activities. Florence Thurber-Publications. Henry Vogel-Student Activities. Virginia Joyce Watkins-Girls' League. William B. Whitehead-Student Ac- tivities. Bettie Wunsch-Student Activities. Page tzveulydhree The... Tamarack cw-x55 ocfcfcceca Presirlent P was-Q-Q56 an 94:4 M U QLGS ws j U a!neJu Nelson a ' , samsex maxim wavm AIKEN, ALDERT ' Mayor-Srzence ANDERSON, Nru. Major-Science Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance," Lead. ANDREN, MAXINE Doms Major-Science Entered from L. C., '37, ARENTON, JAMES Major-Social Studies' Entered from L. C., '3S. Operetta, "The Count and the Co-ed." Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." ARNOLD, LOUISE B. Major-Home 1?C07l0Hll'L'J Big Cousin, '36. Soccer, '36. Library Rep., '37. The .... Tamarack ANDERSON, ENID V1oLA Major-Home Economic: Locker Monitor, '34, '35, Slip Collector, '35, '36, Baseball, '35. Roll Checker, '36, '37, '38. Fencing, '37, Attendance Monitor, '38, ANDERSON, CHARLES RICHARD Major-Social Studiex A. S. C., '36, '37, Library Monitor, '36, '37. ANFINSON, IMOGENE BELLE Major-Art Operettas, "Hollywood Bound" and "The Count and the Co-ed." Doll Shop, '38. May Festival, '38. Tennis Team, '37, '38. All Activity Letter. Library Monitor, '37, Library Dept. Head. Library Rep., '38. News Rep., '37. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." ARKILLS, ALVIN Mayor-Science Arwoon, MARY FRANCES Major-Commercial Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. Slip Collector, '37, Page twenty-five , u The .... Tamarack AUSTIN, RUTH Major-Co mmercial Girls' League Honor Roll, Nine Times. Central Council, '38. A. S. C., '38. Senior Counselor, '37, Senior A Honor Roll. Friendly Week Chairman, '38. Library Rep., '35. Tamarack Rep., '36. Baimrrr, lvlzuzoznuzi- Illajor-Conmzcrciul Girls' League Rep., '34, '35. May Festival, '36. Slip Collector, '37. Costume Com., '36, Senior A Library Com., '38. lhxmz, Domus Major-Social Studios Con Deputy, '38. Slip Collector, '36, '37, Library Monitor, '37. BAKER, JEAN h Illajor-Home Ecovzoozrzrxv Library Rep., '34, '35. Slip Collector, '36, Fiction Monitor, '35. Library Assistant, '35, Baseball, '35. Gym Monitor, '35. Ad Staff, '36, ,37. Roll Checker, '37, '3S. Big Cousin, '36, '37. 1iANKsoN, Dow: Illajor-Scion cc Football, '35, '36, '37. A. S. C., '37, '3s. Federation Fin. Secy., '37. School Service Dept. Head, '38. "Fed Follies," '38. Executive Council, '36, '37, '38, N. C. Hi-Y. Page t-wznty-.ri,1: ' C0 IOPS AYLER, IVIARJORIE Major-A1't Tamarack Rep., '35. Art Club, '36, '37. News Rep., '38. Roll Checker, '38, Girls' League Honor Roll, Once. BABLER, Rurn ELLEN Major--Commercial Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. Red Cross Rep , '35. Typing Award. BAKER, EVELYN Major--Soriul ,S'lurlir.v BAKER, BIARGARET Major-Home liunuonm v News Rep., '38. Big Cousin, '36, '37. Tamarack Rep., '36. Con Deputy, '38. Roll Checker, '36, '37, '38. Baseball, '35. Girls' League Rep., '37. Fiction Monitor, '35. Library Monitor, '35. BARCXLAY, ICMII. Illajnr-,S'firm'e News Rep., '37, '38, BARTHOLOIQAEW, Mugron Mayor-Munn Orchestra, '35, '36, '37, ' . 38 Theater Masque, '35, '36, '37, , 38. "Romany Rendezvous," '36. Masque Moods, '38. Tamarack Rep., '36. HAYNE, WALT Major-Sclrrzre BEAVERS, HAROLD Major--Scienrr Football, '37. Tamarack Rep., '37. Baseball, '38. BENNION, Connor: Major-Science Football, '35, '36, '37. Basketball, '37, '38, Baseball, '36, '37, '38, Executive Council, '35, '36, '37 '38, Vice Pres. of Federation, '37. Traffic Squad, '37, '38. "Fed Follies," '38, Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance," Lead. Boon, VlRGlNI.K Lim Major-An League Rep., '34. Library Rep., '34. News Rep., '37. Slip Collector, '36, '37. The .... Tamarack ii .l1 - BARTON, MAmAN Major-Home Economic: "D0ll Shoo." '36, '38, Golf Te1...:, '36, '37, '38, Chairman, '37, '38. All Activity Letter, '38, Big Cousin, '37. Library Monitor, '37. Conduct Board, '37. A. S. C., '37, '38. Library Rep., '37. BEAN, KATHRYN G. Major-Social Studitzv Senior Counselor, '38. Girls' League Rep , '36, '38. Decoration Chairman, '37. Library Rep., '37. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. Operetta, "Hollywood Bound." Track, '36, '37, '38. 1S5kaliini,If55, '36, '37, '3S. as et a , 36. Tenniquoits, '37. May Festival, '37. Central Council, '37. All Activity Letter, '37. BELLER, CLETIS Major--Mathematicx Library Rep., '37. Big Cousin, '37. Operetta, "Hollywood Bound." Bmxmxons, Miuxuxu Major-Science Band, '36, '37, '38, Band Secretary, '37, '38. Federation Sten. Com., '37, '3S. Tennis Team, '36, '37, '38. Bonn, HELEN Nlajnrk-C mnmerruul Page twenty-xewn The .... Tamarack semcocas BOLZ, REAMER I Major-Commercial Boys' Federation Rep, '36. Rho Kappa, '34, '35, '36, '37, '38 Secretary, '37, '38. Bonron, Donornv J. I Major-Home Euonomzixv Library Rep., '35, '36, Big Cousin, '36, '37, Basketball, '35, '36, Swimming, '37, Baseball, '35, Hiking Club, '35, ' Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Bownus, Amman H, Jie, Major--Art Operetta, "Hollywood Bound" "Fed Follies," '38, Theater Masque, '37, '38, Reporter, '38, Cons, '37, '38, Art Club, '35, '36, '37, '38, Vice Pres., '38, Ad Staff, '37, News Staff Cartoonist, '38, Senior Dramatics, BOYLE, PATRICIA Major-Music Spring Sports Princess, '36, Operettas, "Purple Towers," "Hollywood Bound," Le a d, and "The Count and the Co-ed," Lead. Chorus, "Carmen," "Martha" and "Il Trovatore." Orchestra, '36, '37, '38, Girls' League Honor Roll, l-light Times. "Doll Shop," lead, '38, Senior A Honor Roll, Theater Masque, '36, '37, '38, Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." BRANENBURG, FAH: Major-Art Library Rep., '35, News Rep., '36, Girls' League Rep., '37, Tamarack Rep., '38, Slip Collector, '36, '37, Roll Checker, '38, Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. Pap: lwmty-eight Bomuzn, Lois .Major-Comnlcrviul Library Repq '33, Ad Staff, '38, Con Deputy, '38, Bossuvr, EARL Major-Manual Art.: Amores Librorum, '37, '38, Traffic Squad, '38 Tamarack Rep., '38, Senior A Honor Roll, "Ferl Follies," '38, BOYCH, FRI-:D Major-Manual Art: BRADEN, RUSSELL Majorhlllathematic: Cross Country, '34, Tennis, '37, '38, Boys' Federation Rep., '36, BRUNO, FRANK Major-Sofia! Stmlirxr News Staff, '38, A. S. C., '37, Traffic Squad, '36, Lieutenant, '37, Dance Com., '36, Boys' Federation Rep., '36, News Rep., '35, Library Deputy, '36, Dues Lieutenant, '37, Cross Country, '35, Bnuu-ron, Noun:- Major--Science Dues Lieutenant, '37, '38, BURKE, ADELINE Major-Art Art Club, '37, '38. Treasurer, '37. Girls' League Honor Roll, Six Times. News Rep., '35. Track, '37. Basketball, '35, Volleyball, '36, '37. Soccer, '36, '37, BURNS, FRANCELI. Major-Social Studi!- Baseball, '35, '36, '37, Soccer, '35, '36, '37, Captain, '37, Track, '37, Basketball, ,'36, '37. Volleyball, 35, '36, '37, '38, Captain, '37. Fencing, '36, '38, BUTTON, MAURICE B. Major-Manual Arts CAIN, EDWARD . . Major-Prmtmg The .... Tamarack BUCHUOLZ, LEROY Major-Malt ual Arts Lead, and "The Count and the Co-ed." Chorus, "Faust" and "Martha," Bvmcs, BQNNIE Major-Commercial Entered from Pasco, '36, BUSH, IAM1-is Major-Matlmnznfirs Cross Country, '3S. Football, '36, '37. Con Deputy, '37, '38, BUXTON, ALBERT Major-QScir11t'e Senior A Honor Roll. Executive Council, '38. Grounds Squad, '37, '38, Dues Lieutenant, '38. Senior Counselor, '37. A. S. C., '38. Rho Kappa, '37, '38. Vice Pres., '38. CALKINS, Hoi-mn Major-Coirznzerrial Senior A Honor Roll. Algebra Contest, '3S. Fire Squad, '37. Ushering Squad, '37. Fellowship Com., '37. Recreation Hour Chairman, '38. Checker Champion, '36, '37, '38, Chess Tournament, '38. Page twenty-nim Operettas, "Hollywood Bound," he. .. ., , Tamarack SCNKQPS Cuxow DICK Major S0c1alStudzes QARROIL BARBARA Major For Languages' irls League Honor Roll 1 ight Times benior Counselor 38 Girls League Rep 37 Vox Puellarum 37 38 reasurer 38 Q News Staff 38 lamarack Staff 38 Senior A Honor Roll Senior Dramatics Spring Dance CASTIE LORRAINE NIARIE Major Home fconomzri Bn, Cousin 36 37 blip Collector 36 37 Library Monitor 38 Locker Monitor, 37. , Q G' ' B ' , 1 . ' y P11 , Y ., , A S. P. . R,, '36, '37, '38, M, ' I v . ' ' 7 I1 , ll I . ',' ' CHARI,o, FRANK ' V Major-Prmtmg CLARK, NIARCARET BIELVINA Major-Canimerciul Big Cousin, '37, '38. Page thirty CARLSON, ALTHEA Major--Science Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. All Activity Award, '37. Orchestra, '37, '3S. Library Entrance Monitor, '38. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. Library Com. Head, '3S. Badminton, '38. Basketball, '34, '35, '36, '37. Baseball, '37, '3S. Soccer, '37. Volleyball, '36, '37, '3B. Tenniquoits, '34, '36, '37, '38, CARTER, ELw0oo Major-Science Football, '36, '37. Baseball, '36, '37, '38. Boys' Federation, '37, '3S. Treasurer, '37. President, '38. A. S. C., '37, '38. Traffic Squad, '37. Ushering Squad, '36, '37. N. C. Hi-Y, '36, '37, '38. Athletic Board, '37. CATTANACH, ANDREW Major-Manual Artx Basketball, '34, Football, '34, '3S. Track, '3S. Boys' Federation Rep., '34, '35, News Rep, '34, '3S. Tamarack Rep., '35, '37. Comanche Guard, '35, '37. Shop Foreman, '37, '3S. Stage Crew Flyman, '37. Stage Technician, '38, CIIYSIIOLBKD, Lois Major-Home IZt'onomiv.v Entered from L. C., '36. CLARK, OPAL Iamu-: Major-Home lfvonmnirs Big Cousin, '36, '37. Operetta, "Hollwood Bound." Basketball, '36, Slip Collector, '37. CLARK, WILL 1Vlaj'or-Manual Arts Dues Lieutenant, '37, '38. Band, '36, '37, '33, Pep Band, '38, Coc:I.I:Y, ALICE Jllajnr-Social Studies CONIIOY, ELLIS Major-Mathematics Boys' Federation Rep., '36. Baseball, '37, '38. Track, '36, '37, Basketball, '36, '37, '38, CONOVER, MARY Lou Major-Art Costume Desi ns '37 g y - Art Editor of Tamarack, '38, Poster Com. Head, '37. Art Club, '37, '38. Secretary, '38. CORRELI., FRANCIS Majov'--Zlflathcmalics Tennis, '34, '35, '36, '37, ' Convocation Captain, '37, '33. Senior Counselor, '37, '38. Ushering Squad, '37, '38. Head Usher, '38. Library Monitor, '34, '35. he .... Tamarack J"""' CLAYPOOL, CHARLOTTE Major-dSCiem'e News Staff, '38. Tamarack Staff, '38, Baseball, '37, '38. 'lrack 37 38. Outing Club 37 38. Tamarack Rep. 37. CoLIP1-oN JACK Major-Science Entered from Mandzm N. D. CoNNoI.I.v ARTIIUR Major-Social .Yrudies COREY, GENE Major-Social Studies Football, '34, '35. Boys' Federation Rep., '36, News Rep., '36. Cos1'm.I.o, CARMEIAA MAI: Major-Commercial "Doll Shop," '36, '3S. Operettas, "Hollywood Bound" and "The Count and the Co-ed." Girls' League Honor Roll, Six Times. A All Act...':y Award, '38. Tennis Team, '37, '38, Roll Checker, '36, '37. Chairman, '51, Big Cousin, '36, '37. Library Rep., '37. Ad Staff, '38. Page thirlyaomf The .... Tamarack CRAIG, Lois Major-Commercial Girls' League Rep., '34. Library Rep., '35. Big Cousin, '36. CROMWELL, LORRAINE YVQNNEA Major-Home Econonzzfs Big Cousin, '35, '36. Operetta, "Hollywood Bound." Cause, Barts I Major-Home Ecovmmlfs "Doll Shop," '36. May Day, '36, '37, '38. Operetta, "The Count and the Co-ed." Big Cousin, '36, '37. Library Monitor, '37. All Activity Award. DANIELS, Lewis Major-Printing Chorus, "Faust," "Martha" and "Trovatore." Operetta, "Hollywood Bound." Boys' Federation Rep., '36. Print Shop Foreman, '36. DAvIs, ROBERT G. Major-Sciencc A. S. C., '38. Executive Council, '38. Dues Com., '38. Golf Team, '35, '36, '37. Page thirty-two CRAIG, Rin-II IoAN Major-Home Eronomic: Slip Collector, '37. Com. Hearl of Hobby Dept., '36, '37, '3s. Crmwn, MARY Major-Science DAI.'ro N, ROY Major-Science DARLING, ENII1 BERYL MGf0ffMdf11FPIlGlll3 Library Rep. '35. Baseball, '3S. Girls' League Rep, '37. Central Council, '37, DEAN, MARY Major-Sofia! Stmlni Girls' League Rep., '37. Central Council, '37. Big Cousin, '37, '38. Slip Collector, '3S. Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. - DELGRUVE, VIRGINIA Q ' Major-Home Econonucs Math Club, fse, '37, '38. Secretary, '37. President, '38. Vox Puellarum, '36, '37, '38. 'Girls' League Rep., '36. Senior Counselor, '37. Con Deputy Commissioner, '38. A. S. C., '38. Conduct Board, '38. Central Council, '38. Senior B Class Secretary. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. D1CK!NSO!f, BETTE 4 h Major-Home bconomzcs Discn, Sijvmu- Majar-Art DRINGMAN, ESTHER Major-Commercial Entered from Oakland, Cali- fornia, '37. Slip Collector, '37. EATON, Pnruns Majav'-Fo1'. Languages May Day, '37, '38. Special Chorus, "Martha," '36 "Doll Shop," '38, Slip Collector, '36, '37. Tamarack Rep., '38. Operettas, "Hollywood Bound" and "The Count and the Co-ed." The . . . . Tamarack DEMrns, CAnoL ' Major-Cammzrcial Senior Counselor, '38. Girls' League Chorus, '35, DIRKES, MARIE Major-Commercial Orchestra, '35, '36, '37, '38, Girls' League Rep., '35, '37. Girls' League Honor Roll, Three Times. Library Rep., '36, '38, Red Cross Rep., '37. Big Cousin, '35, '36, Domus, ANNA . Major-Commcrcial L!b1'3fY Fiction Desk, '34. Library Monitor, '35. Library Main Desk, '35. Slip Collector, '35, Season Ticket Rep., '36. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. Duzvrnv, MILDRED Major-Mathematics Entered from Cheney, '36, Slip Collector, '36, News Rep., '37. Boys' Dancing Class, '36, '37 Euov RICHARD Major-Science Band, '37, '38. Grounds Squad, '37. Page thirty-tlwce The .... Tamarack ENGELBART, CALVIN Major-,S'c1'cm'c News Rep., '35, '36, '38. Boys' Federation Rep. '36, '37. Tamarack Rep., '37, '38. Library Rep., '37. Tamarack Contest Winner, '38. ERLEY, Ronmzr Maior-Science Band, '36, '37, '38. Librarian, '38. EVANS, ELLSXVORTIT Q 1lla,1orvSor1al Studies FAxm1Nc'roN, JEANNE Major-Matlicmaiivs Volleyball, '34, '35. May Festival, '36. Slip Collector, '37, '38. Chairman, '38. Golf Team, '37, '38. Manager, '38. Athletic Board, '38. Secretary, '37, '38. Golf Letter, '38. All Activity Letter, '38. Gials' League Honor Roll, Eight 'i1ncs. Fmttn, MARJORIE Major-l"or. La11yf1ragr.v Entered from Yakima. lVinner Tamarack Contest, '38. Page tlzirly-four '55 -In ENGLUND, .FRED Major-Scmncc Library Monitor, '35, '36, '37 38. Lieutenant, '37, '38. Traffic Squad, '36, '37. Grounds Squad, '37, '38, Captain, '37. Commissioner, '38. Conduct Board, '38. Comanche Guard Lieut. '37, Tamarack Rep., '37, '38. Stamp Club, '35, '36. Esrnv, ROLLAND Major-Mall: ematiar FAnNswon'r1-1, JEWEL Major-Home Economics Enggred from Central Valley, F1LL1anur, ALEX Major-Manual Arts Tennis, '36, '37, '38. Basketball, '36, '37, '38. Baseball, '38. Fmnow, JACK Major-Matheuzatiav Football, '36, '37. Basketball, '37, '38. Executive Council, '37, '38. Boys' Federation Treasurer, N. C. Hi-Y, '36, '37, '38. "Fed Follies," '38. A. S. C. '3 FLEMING, MARY ANN Major-Mathematics May Festival, '37, Baseball, '37, '38. Senior Counselor, '37, Tamarack Rep., '38. Roll Checker, '38. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Foshan, BETTY Major-Mathematiar News Staff, '38, Tamarack Staff, '38. Floor Manager, '38. Senior A Honor Roll. Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. Math Club, '36, '37, '38. Senior Counselor, '37. All Activity Letter, '38. May Festival, '36. Volley Ball, '36, '38. Big Cousin, '35, '36. Senior A Library Com. Co-chairman. FRAZIER, DICK Major-Science Band, '35, '36, '37, '38. Business Manager, '38. Traffic Squad, '36, '37, '38, Executive Council, '37. A. S. C., '37. Fnum, RALPH Major-Mathsfzzatirs Grounds Squad, '36. Ushering S uad, '36. Comanche Guard, '35, '36. N. C. Hi'Y, '36. Gum, FRANCIS Major-Mathcmzzlivs Track, '36, '37, '3s. Tennis, '36. Tamarack Rep., '38. Traffic Squad, '38. Scholarship Com. Chairman, '38. Comanche Guard, '37, The .... Tamarack FLYNNE, MoLLY R. Major--Home Economics Girls' League Rep., '34, Tamarack Rep., '35, Library Monitor, '36, '37. Library Chairman, '36. News Staff, '38, Tennis Team, '37. FRANK, LILLIAN Major-For. Languages Editor of The News, '38. Associate Editor of Tamarack, '38. Senior A Honor Roll. Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. Hobby Dept. Head, '36, '37. Central Council, '36, '37, A. S. C., '36, '37. Scriptorian Society, '36, '37, '38. Vice Pres, '38. Amores Librorum, '36, '37, '38. Senior Counselor, '37, Fmrz, MARVIN W. Major-Manual Arts Library Board, '37, News Rep., '34, Tamarack Rep., '35. GABE, DoRo'ruEA ' Major-Home Economics Track, '36. May Flistival3g37. News ep., ' . Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. Big Cousin, '37, '38. GAmz1soN, MARIE. Major-Science Big Cousin, '37, '38. Page thirty-five The .... Tamarack Gao, FRANCES LILLIAN Major-Printing Baseball, '35, '36, '37. Soccer, '36, '37. Basketball, '37, '38. Volley Ball, '38. Tamarack Rep, '38. News Rep., '38. Badminton Manager, '38. Guan, KENNETH D Major-Safe 'c Football, '35. is .fi Gruw 1, GRANT H. M for-Science Football, ' 4, '36, '37. Track, '35, '36, '37. Grounds Squad, '36, '37, '38. Lieutenant, '38. Boys' Federation Rep., '36. Tamarack Rep., '34, '36. Baseball, '37, '38. Ushering Squad, '37. Goomucn, CARROLL Maj or-Mathematica' GRAUL, MARJORIE Major'-Home Economics' "Doll Shop," '36, '38. Big Cousin, '37. Library Monitor, '37. A. S. C., '37, '38, Athletic Board, '37. Golf Team, '36, '37, '38. Manager, '37. Assistant, '3S. Slip Collector, '38. All Activity Letter. Page thirty-six GERKING, BARBARA Major-Science Orchestra, '35, '36, '37, '38. Girls' League Rep., '37, '38. Senior Counselor, '38. Operetta. Orchestra, '35, '36 , 37, 38. "Doll Shop" Orchestra, '38. Con Deputy, '37. La Tertulia, '37. Vox Puellarum, '37, '38. Big Cousin, '37, '38. Slip Collector, '37. GIBSON, DON Major-Manual Arts. Band, '35, '36, '37, '38. Band Property Manager, '38. GOLDSMITH, TIIERON Illajor-Mathematics Track, '36, '37, '38. Cross Country, '36, '37. Captain, '37. GORMAN, HELEN . V Major-Soczal Studies GREEN, Orgvicmz . Major-Conunerczal GREENBLAT, Esrnmz ' Major-Conwlcwral Senior A Honor Roll. Girls' ea ue Honor Roll, Four t L S' Times, International Club, '35, Amores Librorum, '37, '38, La Tertulia, '36, '37, '38, Treasurer, '38, Baseball, '37, Tennis, '37, Library, '34, '35, '36, '37, '3S. Fencing, '37, GUNN, ANN Major-Commercial Library Rep., '36. Girls' League Rep., '37, Senior Counselor, '37, Girls' League Honor Roll, Three Times. IIAFFNER, .LUCILLE V Major-Sofia! ,Stmlzcr ZHAMPTON, RICHARD Major-Science Operettas, "Hollywood Bound" and "The Count and the Co-cd." Tamarack Rep., '38, Chorus, '38, Cafe, '38, Locker Monitor, '37, HANWEN, TOMMY Illajor--Mathematics Nlath Club, '36, '37, '38, S. P. Q. R., '37, fss. President, '38 Traffic Squad, '36, '37. Captain, '37, A. S. C., '37, '38, Vice Pres., '38, Executive Council, '37, '38, Advertising Head, '37 Chairman of "Fed Follies," '38, Athletic Board President, '37, Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." The . . . . Tamarack GREEK, BEATRICE Major-Commercial Big Cousin, '37, '38. Gurnxuz, WAYNE Majar-Commercial Senior A Class Treasurer, '38, A. S, C., '38, Secretary, '38, Executive Council. '38, Grounds Squad, '35, '36. Lieutenant, '36. "Fed Follies," '38, Ushering Squad, '37, Football, '37, Golf, '36, '37, '38, Cross Country, '35, Boys' Federation Rep., '34, '35 '36. Ticket Com., '38, HALL, ISABELLE Major-Home Economics Scriptorian Society, '36, '37, '38 President, '38, HAND, DONALD Major-Mutlrcmaiiar Band, '36, '37, '38, Tennis, '36, '37, '38, Basketball, '36, '37, Grounds Squad, '38, Boys' Federation Rep., '36. HANNA, MARJONE Major-Art Locker Monitor, '36, '37, Volleyball, '36. Basketball, '36. Baseball, '36, Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38, Roll Checker, '38, Library Rep., '38, Page ih irly-:won l1"""' A131 The .... V Tamarack HANSEN WANDA LLAINE Major Home Economz Operettas Hollywood Bound and The Count and the Coed Lhorus Martha, Faust Trovatore Vews Rep, 5 Fu-ls League Rep 36 Pamarack Rep 35 Ad Staff, 36 ITARMON Doxus Major Sucncc A Staff 36 37 8 Ad Manager 38 Big Cousin 37 38 Famarack Rep 36 37 Nlews Rep Cirls League Honor Roll ix limes HATIIAWAY RAY Major Scum e lire Squad 38 HAY, ROBERT IC. Zllajor-Malhcmalics llEMI'LEMAN, Room Major-Scimtvc Ushering Squad, '37, '38. Head, '37, Conduct Board, '38. Library Commissioner, '38, Boys' Federation Rep., '36, '37. Executive Council, '38. Con Squad, '37. Comanche Guard, '37. Senior A Honor Roll. A. S. C., '38. Golf Team, '36, '37, '38, Baseball, '37, Basketball, '36, '37. Page thirty-eight N l 1 7 HARDESTY, MURIEL Major-Social Studies News Rep., '36, '37. Library Monitor, '36. Library Hostess, '35. Baseball, '36. Library Rep., '38. Big Cousin, '35, '36, '37. Nurse Messenger, '36. Girls' League Rep., '38. Central Council, '38. Ad Staff, '36. Roll Checker, '35, '36, '37, HARRIS, JOHN Major-Music Band, '34, '35, '36, '37, '3s. Bandmaster, '37, '38. Head Librarian, '35, '36. Derby Band, '34, '35, '36, '37. Pep Band, '35, '36, '37, '38. Leader of Pep Band, '37, '38. Outside Entertainment Chair- man, 38. 'tFed Follies," '38. Senior Counselor, '37. Orchestra, '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Director of "Doll Shop" Orchestra, '38. Theatre Masque, '35, '36, '37, '38. HAWLEY, SHIRLEY Major.-For. Laugfnagrxc Senior A Honor Roll. Spanish Club. '37, '38. Math Club, '36, '37, '38. Tennis Team, '37, '38. Tennis Letter, '37. All Activity Letter, '38. Golf Team, '37. Girls' League Honor Roll, Three Times. Senior Dramatics. HEIL, NORMAJEAN Major-Social Studies Girls' League Rep., '36. Red Cross Rep., '36. Attendance Com. Head, '36, '37, Program Com. Head, '35. Vox Puellarum, '35, '36, '37, '38, Treasurer, '36. Vice Pres., '36. Tennis Team, '35, '36. Class Prophecy Com. Senior Dramatics, "Spring -Dance." Girls League Honor Roll, Nine Times. HENYAN, L. Don Illajof'--Mathcmaiirx Operettas, "Hollywood Bound" and "The Count and the Co-ed." Chorus, "Faust" and "Il Trovatore." "Doll Shop," Lead, '38. Theatre Masque, '37. Vice Pres, '38. "Masque Moods of '38." News Staff, '38. Floor Manager, '38. Library Lieutenant, '37, '38. Boys' Federation Rep., '37. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." HERRINGTON, JANE MARY M'ajo1'-Home Ecmxamifx Library Rep., '34, '36, Girls' League Rep., '35, Philanthropic Com. Head, '36 Social Service Dept. Head, '37 Locker Commissioner, '37. Girls' League Treasurer, '38, Conduct Board, '37, A. S. C. '37, '38, Roll Checker, '35, '36, HILL, Avis Major--Science Girls' League Rep., '36, Locker Monitor, '36, '37, '38, Gym Monitor, '36, Girls' League Honor Roll, Fou Times. I-IOMAD, LLOYD Major-Zlflanual Arts Tennis, '36, '37, '38, Basketball, '37, '38, lH0!'PE, JACK MGf0V-Afllfllfllldfllfi Rho Kappa, '35, '36, '37, '38, Treasurer, '37. Comanche Guard, '37. Howmw, LEA A Major-L ommuwml The .... Tamarack HIGGINS, Iumru . Major-Social Studies Entered from Montana, '37. HOLMS, BILLY Majork-Mathematirxr Football, '34, '36, '37. N. C. Hi-Y, '36, '37, '38, Treasurer, '37. Sergeant at Arms, '38, Ushei-ing Squad, '37. Rooters' Com. Hearl, '38, Senior A Class Sergeant at Arms. News Rep., '36, Boys' Federation Rep., '37. Intramural Sports, '37, '38, Homin, MAXINE MGf0f-C017l1llC1'Cf!ll Senior A Honor Roll, Girls' League Honor Roll, Seven Times. News Rep., '35, Tamarack Rep., '37. Library Rep., '36, Baseball, '34, Track, '37. Library Monitor, '36, Horns, BILL Major-Science Rho Kappa, '35, rss, '37, '33, Vice Pres., '37. Fire Squad, '37. Howxs, ROY V Mdf07'-.SAClEI1Cf Band, '35, '36, '37, '38, Page th irty-nine The . . . . Tamarack HUFF, ELM!-:R L.. MUf0Y-SC1CIlCZ 1'lULETT, Was Majo1'YManual Arts Track, '34, '35, '36, '37, '38. Band, '36, '37, '38. Drum Major, '37, '38. A. S. C., '37, '38. Executive Council, '37. Football, '34. Basketball, '34, '35, '36, Dues Lieutenant. '37. Fire Chief Assistant, '38. Cross Country, '36, '37. IAconsieN, LLOYD . Major-Commcruzal Locker Monitor, '37. Boys' Federation Rep , '37. News Rep., '38 JAMES GLADYS Major-Scirufe Vox Puellarum, '36, '37, '38 Secretary, '37. Vice Pres, '38. Sans Souci, '36, '37. Vicc Pres., '38. Tennis Team, '36, '37. Manager, '37. Golf Team, '37, '38. Senior Counselor, '37. Officer Messenger l-lead, '37. News Staff, '38. Athletic Board, '36, '37. ji:NsoN, DARWIN Major-Scirncc Football, '36, '37, Track, '36, '37, '38. Cross Country, '37. Library Monitor, '36. Cards and Announcements Coin. Library Com., '37. Boys' Federation Rep., '37, '38 N. C. Hi-Y, '34. Page forty S ' NCOPS Huauias, BILLY Major-Mathematics Football, '36, '37, Baseball, '37, '38. Dues Lieutenant, '37, Federation Vice Pres. '38, "Fed Follies," '38. Executive Com, '38, Traffic Squad Lieutenant, '37. Senior Counselor, '37, Senior A Class Secretary. N. C. Hi-Y, '36, '37, '38. Secretary, '37. President, '38. IACKMAN, SHIRLEY JUNE Major--Commercial Vox Puellarum, '37, '38. Tennis Team, '36, '37. Senior Counselor, '38. Dance Sponsor, '37, Orchestra, '35, '36. Girls' League Honor Roll, Six Times. Girls' League Rep., '35, '36, '37 JACOBSEN, EVELYN M a for--C ommcrcial Baseball, '36. Big Cousin, '36, '38. Jmnnnnm, BEVERLY BERYLE Major-Commercial Library, '37. Library Rep., '37. Girls' League Rep., '38. Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. Senior A Honor Roll. Senior Counselor, '38. Joimsorr, BETTY JAN:-3 Major-For. Languages Entered from Wenatchee, '36, Tamarack Rep., '38. Library Rep., '36, '37. JOHNSON, Lskov Major-Commercial Locker Squad, '35, '38, JOHNSON, ROLAND ' Major-Commerrml Grounds Squad, '36, '37, JUUL, LAWRENCE Major-S cieuce Basketball, '35. Football, '34. Boys' Federation Rep., '35, '36 Library Rep., '35. News Rep., '34, '36. Chorus, "Carmen" and "Martha," Kr-:ATs, KAno1. Kov Major-Home 1?ronomir.v Roll Checker, '36. Office Messenger, '36. Girls' League Rep , '37. Senior Counselor, '37. Tamarack, '37. "Doll Shop," '38, KEI.I.ER, BETTY EILEEN Major-Aft Rest Room Monitor, '34. Gym Office Monitor, '35. Tennis Monitor, '35. Towel Monitor, '37, Girls' Baseball, '36. Operetta, "Hollywood Bound." The .... Tamarack JOHNSON, N. Roman-r Major-Commercial Chorus, "Martha," "Faust," "Il Trovatoref' Bogfg' Federation Rep., '36, '37, Library Rep., '37, Operetta, "The Count and the Co-ed." News Rep., '36. JONES, XVQRREN Major--Nfatlzfrfzaiiies KAUFMANN, FAY Major-Home Ecouomiixv Costume Com., '35. Tamarack Rep., '37. KERGAN, EDWIN MajorSScieucc Debate, '37, Hockey, '37. Skating Relay Team, '38. Tamarack Rep., '38. KENNEDY, MARVIN .7VIajor--Mathffnzatius Rho Kappa, '35. Conduct Board, '37, '.lt4. Page forty-ana The .... Tamarack KENNEY', ANN E1,1z.u3lz'rn Major-Commercial Senior A Honor Roll. Girls' League Honor Roll, liiglir Times. ' Locker Com, Chairman. Locker Monitor, '37, Library Rep., '36, A, s. C., '36, '37, KNAUFT, HELEN Major-Home Eronounfm Entered from Rogers, '37, Komfon, RAYMOND M. Major-'Social Studio.: N. C. Hi-Y, '36, '37, '38, Vice Pres., '38, Football Manager, '36, '37, Baseball, '37, '38, News Rep., '37, '38, Boys' Federation Rep., '37, Ushering Squad, '37, Ticket Com., '38, Kxnus, Cuzo Major-Home I?r0nnn1ic.v Basketball, '37, '38, Track, '37, '38, Fencing, '38, May Festival, '37, '38, Operetta, "The Count and the Co-ed," Chorus, '37, '38, Three Fives, '38, "Doll Shop," '38, Soccer, '37, '38, Baseball, '37. Locker Monitor, '38, News Rep., '38, Boys' Dancing, '37, '38, LANGNES1-:, GEORGE Major-Sciencc Operetta, "The Count and thc Co-ed." Boys' Federation Rep., '36, 37. Pag: forty-nun A 56011055 KLEE, LEONARD IVIajor-Sricnrc Tennis, '36, '37, '38, Boys' Federation Rep., '33, Traffic Squad, '38, News Rep, '37, Tamarack Rep., '36, Comanche Guard, '37, Philanthropic Com, Head, '38, A, S. C., '37, '38, N. C. Hi-Y, '37, '38, KNIGHT, NELLIE I h Major-Surml Studie.: Girls' League Rep., '35, News Rep., '37, Operetta, "The Count and the Co-ed," Soccer, '37, Basketball, '37, Volley Ball, '38, Knmnmz, JEAN I Major- -Commercial Knomcu, Tom Major-Matlxcmalics Boys' Federation Financial Secretary, '38, Senior B Treasurer, '37, Fire Chief, '37, Stage Crew, '36, '37, Traffic Squad, '36, Math Club, '37, '38, Executive Council, '33, Senior Counselor, '37, Convocation Com., '37, A. S, C., '36, '37, '38, Sports Business Staff, '37, Ushering Squad, '37, "Fed Follies," '38, LA POINTE, ANNA RIARIIC Q Zliajiof'-Cozzzrrzrrfial , enior onor Roll, All Activity Letter, '38, Girlls' League Honor Roll, Six imes, News Rep., '36, '37, Library Rep., '37, Tamarack Rep., '38, Locker Monitor, '38, Big Cousin, '37, Baseball, '35, Volley Ball, '36, '37, Basketball, '36, l,.L.1L..ii- LEARN, VINNA Major-Mathrmatirs News Staff, '38, Tamarack Staff, '38, Floor Manager, '38, Senior Counselor, '37, Math Club, '36, '37, '38, Big Cousin, '35, '36, Volley Ball, '36, '38, Senior A Honor Roll. Dance Sponsor, '38, Program Chairman, '38, I Girxils' League Honor Roll, Eight imes, May Festival, '36, LEMRBAS, DoRo1'IiY Major-Science Senior A Honor Roll, Girls' League Honor Roll, Five Times. Library Rep., '37, News Rep., '38, Big Cousin, '36, '37, Tennis Team, '37, Fencing, '37. Track, '37. Basketball, '35, ' Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance. Vice Pres., '38, LEWERK, EDELLE Illajor-Commercial Head of Library Dept., '38, Central Council, '38, A. S. C., '38, Reserve Desk Monitor, '37, '38, Fiction Desk, '37, Senior Counselor, '37, Girls' League Honor Roll, Six Times. Senior A Honor Roll. Amores Librorum, '36, '37, '38, Vice Pres., '38, LINCOLN, HELEN LOUISE Major-Home Economics Cirls' League Rep., '34, '35, Library Rep., '36, Red Cross Rep., '36, News Rep., '37, Girls' League Honor Roll, Five Times. Head of Cards and Announce' ments Com. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." I.,INDSEY, FRANCES Major-Social Studics Girls' League Rep., '34, '36, Locker Monitor, '35, '36, '37, Big Cousin, '36, '37, Conduct Board, '37, Girls' League Honor Roll, Four Times. The . . . . Tamarack LEE, FLOYD M a for-S cieince Con Deputy 35 3. Track 37 38. Cross Country 37. Rho Kappa 35. LESLIE Io11N Majot'-Scicmu' Boys Federation Rep. Cross Country, 35. Track 36 37 . . Go 36. Dues Lieutenant '37, Executive Council 3'. Sf, Senior Counselor 38, Head Visitation Com. . . Famarack Rep., 38, Class Will Com., 38. Lswis CuARLI-is XVILLIAM d Aglgj'0f?M0fh?lIlUfil'.V n 3 . . . Library Rep. 35. Basketball 34 35. frack, '34, 35. Football, '37, , , 6 I , Y , , , . 5 , . , . W8 If, ' ' , , I I A, S. C., '37, Iss, , r " , 'as , Ba , ' , ' , '17, ,Is , Y , 1 , ' J LINnNI-in, RonN EY Maj0rfl'VlaIl11'm1I1I'I'r LINES, DICK Major-Commcrrial Entered from Sandpoint, '36, Grounds Squad, '36, '37, '38. Comanche Guard, '36, '37, Ushering Squad, '38, Civic Affairs Com., '37, Football, '35, Basketball, '34, '35, Tamarack Con, '38, Perfect Attendance, Three Years. Page forty-three e Tamarack L1v1NGs1'oN JEAN Major Home Economns Famarack Rep 37 Nurse Messen er 36 'Wews Rep , 38 Senior Counselor 38 Girls League Honor Roll I ight Times Senior A Honor Roll Big Cousin, 37 l YMAN DLRAID Major Mathemanrs Boys Federation Rep 34 News Rep 3 6 Con Squad 37 Locker Squad, 35 37 Track, 35 Ushermg Squad 37 lfire Squad, 37 School Dance Com 36 NILDONAIII, Donorny Major Home Fronnmxrr Graduated in Three and One Half Years 3 0160 PS Th C I I l 5 Q I l T. I A 4. 8 ,' - Conduct Board, '35, '37. l U . ' . y . . , ' , 'T Q, 5, 35, '36. ., ' 4, '3 . ' . , y 4. , ' i ' Senior A Honor Roll Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. Flower Com. Chairman, '37. Philanthropic Com. Head, '37. School Service Dept. Head, '38, Central Council, '38. A. S. C., '38. Amores Librorum, '37, '38. M CKN IGHT, ICVELYN Major-Home l?c0nonucs LICLLOD, MARv1N Major-Commercial Pap: forty-four Love, Annan-:A I Major-Commermal Library Monitor, '36. MCCRACKEN, Mukruiz Major-Home Economics Senior A Honor Roll. Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. Angores Librorum, '35, '36, '37, ' 8. President, '37, Senior Counselor, '37. Senior Counselor Head, '38. Central Council, '38. A. S. C., '38, "Doll Shop," '38. Tamarack Rep., '37. May Festival, '38. RICDONNELL, ANN1: Major-Social Studim News Rep., '36. Red Cross Rep., '37, Girls' League Honor Roll, Five Times. Senior Counselor, '38. "Doll Shop," '36. Library, '35, '36, McLnnn, ANDREW L. Major-.S'ciPncr Rho Kappa, '35, '30, '37, '38, Vice Pres., '37. President, '38. Hockey, '37. Baseball, '38. lNIFQllAR,RlF, JEAN Major-Commercial il MAHONEY, JUNE Major-Commercial Golf Team, '36, '37, '38. Girls' League Rep., '35. Library Rep., '36. Big Cousin, '36, '37. Golf Captain, '37, Golf Letter, '38. Mar Hrs, Bon Major-Science MAYLOTT, ASA Major-Scicnfe Senior A Honor Roll, Traffic Squad, '37, '38. Rho Kappa, '36, '37, '38. Amores Librorum, '36, '37, '38. Tennis, '36, '37, '38. Manager, '38, Boys' Federation Rep, '38, Tamarack Rep., '38. YVelfare Com. Head, '38. MEnLHoFF, Runsri Major-Art NIRREDITII, DORIS Major-Social ,S'tudir,v Girls' League Rep., '37. Office Messenger, '37, '38. Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. The . . . . Tamarack 560160635 MARNOCK, Mluzcamw Maior-For. Languages Library, '35. Roll Checker, '38. 1 U 9 N 3 E 8 MAXWELL, ALICE Major-Home Efonomics Volley Ball, '36. Gym Office Monitor, '37. Faculty Tea Chairman, '38. MEENACH, BETTY Major-Social Smcliex Library Rep., '36. Girls' League Rep, '36. Office Messenger, '38. lvlanmum, GI-:onmANNA Major-Home Evmmrnirs Roll Checker, '3S. Nurse Messenger, '37. Senior Counselor, '38. Mrcnm., CLAYTON Major-Social Stmliex Baseball, '38, Basketball '38. Locker Monitor, '37, '38. Page forty-five - I - 1 - I 2 Q 2 1 f gmirw Y , Tamarack MILLER MARGARET MAE Major-Science Senior Counselor 38. Cirls League Rep. 35. Bi Cousin, 35 36 37 . Vox Puellarum 37 38, Library Rep, 34 36. News Rep. 36. 'lamaraclc Rep. .. XIILNE ALTA Major--Social Sturlicx P, E. Dept. Secretary ' , May Festival, '37, ' 8. "Dol Shop, . Operetta 'The Count and the Co-ed. ' Skating Com., '37 '38, Bi Cousin, 35 '36, 7. Library Rep., 37. Baseball '36, RIONEY, IRENE MUf0f-COIP1lPlFl'CfH1 Slip Collector, '37, Library Rep., '37. BCNKOPS I f Th . . . . 'W I ix K 1 1 1 1 lg' ' ,:",',' ,'38 U 9 . N 3 E 8 1 1 , 38 3 l l"'38 g ',, ' '3 News Rep., '36, Orchestra, '38, Library Hostess, '35, Basketball, '36, Valley Ball, '36, Mouse, VERNON Major-Nlatlzmnnticx Grounds Squad, '38, Engineers' Club. MUELLER, MARMN lllajorh-Home Et'0?I0lIIl'f.Y Orchestra, '35, '36, '37 Ad Staff, '37, '38. Library Rep., '36, Big Cousin, '37, '38, Library Rep., '36, Page fortyrix - IVIILLS, MAXINE Major--Social Studies Orchestra, '35, '36, '37, '38, Roll Checker, '35, '36 Girls' League Rep., '36. Mormon, VIVIAN EI,AINE Major-Social Shzdifs Ad staff, '38, Library Rep., '37, '38, All Activity Letter, '37. lVIay Festival, '37. '38 "Doll Shop," '38, Roll Checker, '36, Girls' League Rep., '35, Baseball, '36. Basketball, '34. Mouse, DAN MHj'07'-flldlllVllldfifj Band, '36, '37,-J38 Stage, '38, Locker Squad, '38, 3' Moss, RONALD F, Major'-Iilafllemalirx Hockey, '37, '38, Tennis, '38. NATNVICK, LEO Major-Commrwciul Football, '35, '36. Traffic Squad, '36, '37. Locker Squad, '35, '36, Comanche Guard, '36, Captain, '37, '38, Senior Counselor, '38, NElI.ANS, BETTY B. Major-Sofia! Studim P. E. Dept. Assistant Head, P, E. Dept. Student Assistant. A, S. C., '37 Central Council, '37. Ad Staff, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Discussion Leader, '38, News Rep., '36, '37. Tamarack Rep., '36, '37. Track, '37. Operetta, "The Count and the Co'ed." Tenniquoits, '37. NEVERS, Bon Major-Matlwnlafirr Cross Country, '35, Track, '36, '37, '38, Football, '36, '37, Baseball, '37, '38, Grounds Squad, '37, '38. Senior Counselor, '37, Class History Com., '38, "Fed Follies," '38, Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." C NoimEN, JANE C OLINE Major- thematics Girls' League ce Pres. Girls' League onor Roll, Eight Times. Entertainment Dept. Head, '37. Central Council, '37, '38, A. S. C., '37, '38, Tamarack Rep., '37, Senior A Honor Roll. Omuskc, Fmzn Major-Scieucc Band, '35, '36, '37, '38, Business Manager, '37, Uniform Manager, '37. Pep Band, '36, '37, '38, Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance," Lead. Executive Council, '37, '38, Community Service Dept. Head, '38, Library Commissioner, '37. A. S. C., '37, '38. S. P. R., '36, '37, '38, "Fed Follies," '38, OWEN, HAROI.D R. Major-Science Boys' Federation Rep., '35, Locker Squad, '34, '35, '36, '37 Comanche Guard, '35, '36, '38, T e Tamarack NELSON, RALPH Major Mathcmalirx RifeCluh 35 36 Cross Country, 34 39 31 3 ack 35 36 7 Locker Monitor Basketball 35 36 Football 36 Librarian, 38 Traffic Squad 37 3 Dance Com Head, Senior B President Senior Counselor Held 38 Senior A President N1xoN CLEO Major Commcrlzal Big Cousin, 38 Home Room Discussion Leader, 38 Nuzzx FDYTIIF Mmur Mayor Home Itmzonnar Gills League Honor Roll Head h O I O O ' 1 i, if, ' . ' Tr ' , '36, . , Band, jsls, lie, '37, '38, ' ' , ' s. , . l '37. . . T " Senior Counselor 37 Girls' League Honor Roll, Six Times. Girls' League Rep , '34, '35, '36, Central Council, '37, '38. A. S. C., '38, Tamarack Rep., '38, Osnonms, -CATHERINE ' Major-Home Econornmr Girls' League Rep., '37. PANT!!!-tn, GLAnvs Majm'-Home Econnmirrx Page forty-smfen M The ,W . . Tamarack PARTRIDGE, EVELYN Major-Far. Langnagvs Girls' League President, '38. Scriptorian Society, '37, '38. President, '37. Sans Souci, '36, '37, '38. Central Council, '37, '38. A. S. C., '37, '38. Basketball, '36, '37. Baseball, '36, '37. Tennis Team, '37, '38. Hobby Dept. Head, '37, News Staff, '38. News Floor Manager, '38, Senior A Honor Roll. PAULSUN, LAVERNE Major-Sciencf' I Entered from Moorhead, Minn '37. Big Cousin, '38. PEARSON, XVELDON Major-Science Aviation Club, '35. Boys' Federation Rep., '3R. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." PENTZ, GRACE A Major-Home Ifrmzonziux Conduct Board, '3-4. Library Rep., '35. Red Cross Rep , '3S. Big Cousin, '35, '36, '37. Operetta, "Carmen." Girls' League Rep., '35. PETERS, Q!-ZRALDINE 1 . Nlajor--Home I:l'onon11t'.v Entered from Central Valley, '37. Page forty-eight Pnz, CAROL Major-Social Studies Senior A Honor Roll. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance," Lead. Senior B Vice Pres. Associate Editor of The News. Tamarack Staff, '38. A. S. C., '36, '37, '38. P. E. Dept. Head, '37. Girls' League Honor Roll, Nine Times. Athletic Board, '37, '38. Tennis Captain, '38. Theatre Masque President, '38, PEARCE, DAVE W. Maj'or-.S'oi'ial Studilvr Football, '35, '36, '37. Track, '36, '37, '38. "Fed Follies," '38, Boys' Federation Rep., '38, Rifle Club, '35. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." PENNY, BRUCE E. Major-Science Football, '36, '37. Co-captain, '37. Basketball, '37, '38. Track, '37, '38, Boys' Federation Dept. Head, '38. A. S. C, '38. President N. C. Hi-Y, '37, '38. Amores Librorum, '37, '38, Cards and Announcements Com., '38. Tamarack Staff, '38. News Staff, '37, '38. "Fed Follies," '38. PI-ZRDUE, Ion Major-Commercial Boys' Federation Rep., '35, '36 '37 Tamarack' Rep., '36, '37. News Rep., '36, '37. Rooters Commission, '37. PETERSON, En Major--Mathematics PETERSON, MARJORIE FRANCES Major-Honze Economics Operetta, '34, '37. Con Deputy, '38. All Activity Letter. May Festival, '36, '37, '38. Golf, '36, '37, '38. Home Room Discussion Leader, '37. Dance Sponsor, '38. "Doll Shop," '38. PITCHER, GLENN Major-Social Studie: Senior Counselor, '37. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Theatre Masque, '36, '37, '38. President, '37. Library Monitor, '36, '37, '3S. Chorus, '36, '37, '38. Operetta, "Hollywood Bound." Business Manager, "The Count and the Co-ed." "Fed Follies," '38. POSSON, LAWRENCE lllajor-Manual Arts Track, '36, '37. '38. Football, '36, '37. Fire Squad Lieutenant, '38. N. C. Hi-Y, '36, '37, '38. Pnovosr, BILL A Major-Soczal Studics Pusnon, CIIARLOTTE Major-Commcrcial Big Cousin, '35, '36, '37, '38. Gym Monitor, '3S. Roll Checker, '34, '3S. News Rep., '35, Library Rep., '36. Tamarack Rep., '38, The .... Ta crrczck PETERSON, RALPH I . Major-Soczal Studzcs PORTER, GOLDA , Major-Hofnrc Econumnxr Entered from Portland, '35, Sans Souci, '35, '36. Locker Monitor, '36, '37. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. POWELL, RILEY , Major-Muthcmatzcx Football, '34. Boys' Federation Rep., '35. Firc Squad, '36. Dues Lieutenant, '37. Executive Council, '37. Puon, TOM MGj.0V-M0't11C1llGfiL'S Football, '34, '36. Basketball, '34. PYLE, RUTH Major-Social Studies Dance Sponsor Hearl, '37, '38, All Activity Letter, '37. Girls' League Rep., '37. Central Council, '37, '38. A. S. C., '37, '38 Boys' Dancing Class Head, '38, Vox Puellarum, '36, '37, '38. Tennis Team, '36. Golf Team, '37. Operetta, "The Count and the Co-ed." Page forty-nine The .... Tamarack RADKEY, JANE Louisa Major-For. Laftguagrx Tennis, '36, '37, Theatre Masque. '37, '38, Operettas, "Hollywood Bound" and 4'The Count and the Co-ed." Secretary of P. E, Dept., '37, Dance Sponsor, '38, "Doll Shop," '38. Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times, Athletic Board, '38, All Activity Award. Girls' League Rep., '38, R131-311, BETTY Iltlnjor'-Social Stzrtlics Entered from Marycliff, '36, RnoAu, JOIIN fllajore-flltutuul Arts Hockey, '37, '38. Roa1akTsoN, RIARVIN 4 Major-Math cmatnzv Track, '36, 17, '33, 1 H Senior Drarnatics, "Spring Dance." "Doll Shop" lead, '38, Operetta, "The Count and the Coed." Chorus, "'1'rovatore." Football, '36, Boys' Federation Rep.. '35, 130, Red Cross Rep., '37, Comanche Guard, '37. 'Vraffic Squad, '37, '38, Rotsmas, AIARl.l'1NIr. Major'----Contmrr't'it1l Baseball, '37, Fencing, '37. Volley Ball, '36, Library Hostess, '36, Exit Door Monitor, '34, Consultation, '34, Fiction Desk Monitor, '3S. Reserve Desk Monitor, '35, Slip Collector, '35, Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Page fifty Rftsnussx-zry, IIELEN ' Major-Cammrrczal REULAND, .Do1zo'r1rY MAY . Major-C'ommcrc'ial Girls' League Honor Roll, Foul Times. All Activity Letter. Slip Collector, '37. Tamarack Rep., '38, Roll Checker, '37, '38, Basketball, '35, '36, '37, Volley Ball, '35, '36, Hiking, '35, Ricnrizn, GEORGE Illajor--Art Track, '36, '37, '38, Scenery, '36, '37, '38, Grounds Squad, '37, '38, Fire Squad, '38, RoniNsoN, JANE lllajor-For. Languagrr Girls' League Honor Roll, Five Times. Girls' League Rep., '35, '37, '38, Decoration Com. Head, '37, Senior Counselor, '37. Central Council, '38. A. S. C, '38, Senior A Honor Roll. News Staff, '38. S. P. R., '35, '36, '37, '38, Secretary, '36. Vox Puellarutn, '36, '37, '38, Rooms, Rex 1 . Major-bczcufc RYAN, jimmy Major-Social Studies Athletic Board 36 37. Cross Country Manager 36. Crounds Squad 36 37. Drum Major 37 38. Comanche Guard 36 37. licket Sales Com. 36 37 38. Assistant Football Manager 36. Ushering Squad 36 37 3. Lo or y ., . . Decoration Com. Head 37. Dues Lieutenant, 38. SAMUEL RAE LORAINE Major-Social Studies Library Mo 'or 34 . Slip Collector, 36. Library Rep. 37. Sans Souci 37 . Vox Puellarum . Vews Staff 38. famarack Staff . Famarack 1'loor Manager 38. Ad Staff. Senior A Honor Ro . Senior Dramatics. SCHAFFERT, VIOLA VIRGINIA Major-Fo1'. Languages Tamarack Rep., '3S. hecker Head '36 6 Tamarack SAMPSON Rui-ER-r Major-Sciuzcc Boys Federation Rep. . Con Deputy 37 38. SAVAGE ROBERT IJ, Major-Science Basketball 36 37 . lrack 36 37. Ushering Squad 35. Frounds Squad 36. lfxecutive Council 37. Dues Lieutenant 37. Rooters Commissioner . News Rep 38. Scuwmzz, FEED Major-Social Studies Editor of the Tamarack, '38. News Staff, 38. Executive Council, '3'. Th . . . . -all" 'S 5 53 lfei- Q , ,' ,' , 1 3 335 ,Y ,J,1'S 'I Da Com '36 y l'l1ty,' ,'35 H , ,Z y' ,'3S y , , yy yas 1 ,'37,'3s . , 1 ,' y' : . ,HS . , ,W ll l 1 Roll C , . Operettas, "Hollywood Bound" Sid Yxhe Count and the o-ec. Girlsli League Rep., '36, '37, La ertu ia, '36, '37 '38. Secretary, '37. ' President, '38. Tennis, '36, '37, '38. Big Cousin, '37. :Ag AcgilyitynLetter, '37. ' oll op, '38. May Festival, '38. Sco'r'r, GEPRGE M a 1 or-A rt Seuaznr, ELEANUR Illajor-Social .5'tmli'cs Grammar School Relations Com., '38. Speakers Com., '37. Traffic Squad, '38. Debate Squad, '37. Class Orator, '38. Track, '36, '37. Cross Country, '36. News Floor Manager, '37. Senior A Honor Roll, Scorr, WESLEY ANDREW Major-Matlwmatics Tennis Team, '36, '37, '38. Operetta, "The Count and the Co-ed." Slil,LlCRS, XVILMA lVIajor-YMat11vmulic,r linggred from Eugene, Oregon. Girls' League Rep., '37. Basketball, '38. Baseball, '37, '38. Volley Ball, '37, '38. Locker Squad, '38. Page fifty-ouc 1'he.... Tamarack SHEER, Ton Major-Science Band, '34, '35, '36. Drum Major, '36. Boys' Federation Rep., '34, '37 Chorus, "Martha," Library Rep., '35. SHERIDAN, JACK A A Major-fSo1:uzl Studzcxr SLOAN, Ton Major-Comuicrcnzl Baseball, '37, '38, Tamarack Staff, '38. News Staff, '38. Executive Council, '3S. A. S. C., '38. Dues Lieutenant, '38. Grounds Squad, '37. Ushering Squad, '37, '38. N. C. Hi-Y, '37, '38. Treasurer, '37, News Floor Manager, '3S. Surrn, LEONARD C. JR. Major--Mathematics Traffic Squad, '37, '38. Civic Affairs Com. '38. Comanche Guard, '37. Grammar School Relations Com.. '38. Fire Squad, '38. Lieutenant, '38, SMITH, ZELPHAV Major-Commrrulal Hiking. '35. Basketball, '35. Girls' League Honor Roll. Three Times. Girls' League Rep, '37. Library Monitor, '37 Roll Checker, '37, '38. Page fifty-iwa .'E'0llU 5' -'77 SHEPHERD, JOHN Major-Social .S't11dic.s- Entered from Lehi, Utah, '37, Traffic Squad, '38. Ushering Squad, '38. SINRU11, IRENE G 1 Major-glows,3Ec0nomic.r ir s' League ep., 6. Roll Checker, '36. Big Cousin, '36, '37. Vox Puellarum, '36, '37, '38, Secretary, '38. Dance Sponsor, '37. Giiils' League Honor Roll, Five imes. Sun-xr, JAMES IR. V Major-Muthcniutzcs SMITH, LIONROE Major-Mntlzcmalics Traffic Squad, '37, '38. Amores Librorum, '36. News Rep., '36. Tamarack Rep., '35. Senior A Honor Roll. Snyrn, SIIEILA Major-Art Locker Monitor, '36, '57, Library Rep., '37, Girls' League Rep., '36. Library Monitor, '37. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. SNYDER, DON Major-Mathematics Handball Champion, '37, '38. Debate, '36, '37, '38 . Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Comanche Guard, '37. Ushering Squad, '37, '38. Grounds Squad, '37. Boys' Federation Rep., '38, Fellowship Corn. Head, '36, '37. Stamp Club, '35, '36, '37. Amores Librorum, '37. Tamarack Rep., '37, '38, SPLETZER, ROBERT Major-Science Comanche Guard, '36. Chorus, "Faust." STAHL, Doms MILDRED Major-Commercial Tamarack Rep., '38, Con Deputy, '37. Girls' League Honor Roll, Four Times. Volley Ball, '36. STANGLAND, NORINE 4 Major-Social Studies Associate Editor of Tamarack, '38 News Staff, '37, '38. Central Council, '38. A. S. C., '38, Senior A Honor Roll. Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. Hobby Dept. Com. Head, '37, '38. Tamarack Rep., '38, All Activity Letter, '38. Basketball, '34. Vollcy Ball, '38. STEINMETZ, BETTY JANE Major-Commercial Swimming, '38. Hiking, '35. The .... Tamarack Som-:n, Donoruv Major-Mathematics Library Hostess, '3S. Girls' Gym Bulletin Board, '35. Big Cousin, '34, '35. Library Rep., '37. Girls' League Rep., '38. Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. SQUIBB, ELIZABETH Major-Science A. S. C. President, '38. Senior A Honor Roll. Sans Souci, '37, '38. Secretary, '37. Entertainment Dept. Head. Tennis Team, '37. News Staff, '38. Girls' League Honor Roll, Nine Times. Class History Com. Central Council, '37, '38 Tamarack Floor Manager. "Doll Shop," '36. STALKER, ISABEL Major-Art Girls' League Honor Roll, Three Times. Big Cousin, '36, '37. Senior Counselor, '38, Library Rep, '35. Sans Souci, '37, '38. Vice Pres., '38. STAPLETON, LORAINE Major-Mathematic.: Girls' League Rep., '34, '3S. Operetta, "Rose of the Dan- ube" and "Margie Goes Modern." Theatre Masque, '35, '36, '37, '3S. Romany Rendezvous, '37. "Doll Shop," '38, STIMPERT, WARREN Major-Mathematics Senior A Honor Roll. Conduct Board President, '38 Traffic Squad, '36, '37. Commissioner Lieutenant, '37, News Staff, '38. Tamarack Staff, '38. A. s. C., '37, '38, Executive Council, '37, '38 Tennis, '35, '36, '37, '38. S. P. Q. R., '37, '38. Math Club, '37, '3S. "Fed Follies," '38. Page fifty-three e Tamarac STONE IWIARIAN E. Major-Social Studies Conduct Board, 37. ig Cousin, 36 37 . ym Office 36 37. a , 37 . STROMME, WlLLIAbl Major-Scicncc Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Dues Lieutenant, '38. A. S. C., '38. Executive Council, '38. "Fed Follies," '38. Boys' Federation Rep., '37. News Rep., '35. Tamarack Rep., '36. SUGDEN, Jizssui 4 MUj01'-c07ll1llCVL'1dl J Th .... - . A . OK 6 SULLIVAN, PHYLLIS Major-Commercial Entered from Valley City, N. D., '37. Roll Checker, '38. Swenson, ARTHUR N. ju. Major-Scicufc Track, '37, '38, Cross Country, '37. Band, '37, '38, Baseball, '38. Senior A Honor Roll. Page fifty-four STRAIN, CLAKE Eunice Major-Music Orchestra, '35, '36, '37, '38, Girls' League Orchestra, '37, '38 Slip Collector, '37. Reserve Desk, '38. S1-vim, Amee Major-Hnmc Economiar Entered from Glasgow, Mon- tana, '37. Big Cousin, '38. SULLIVAN, MAYME Major-Home Economics "Doll Shop," '37. Operetta, "The Count and the Coed." Library Hostess, '36, Big Cousin, '36, '37. SWANSON, DONALD Major-Montreal Arts Track, '36, '37. Cross Country, '37. Baseball, '37, '38. Comanche Guard, '37, '38. SWIFT, Ronmu' PAUL .Majo1'--Mathvcmnfirx Track, '36, '37, '38. Cross Country, '36, '37. Federation Lieutenant, '37. , '1'noMPsoN, GEEALDINE G. Major- rt Tamarack Rep., '34, '35- Operetgagy "The Count and thc Co-e . "Doll Shop," '38. May Festival, '38. THORNEURG, KPINN'ETll4 V Major-Souml .Simlzus Tnummn, FLORENCE Major-For. Languages News Staff, '37, '38, Business Manager of Tamarack. Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. Senior Counselor, '37. Girls' League Rep., '36. Library Rep., '34, '37. Head of Consultation Room Monitors, '37, Fiction Desk Monitor, '34. Senior A Honor Roll. TRAvscnun, Romik-r V lllafor-Matllcvmtws 'I'x'vAN, MARVIS FM' Illafor-fllomc 1fl'o110v11r.i Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. Roll Checker, '38. The . . . . Tamarack 'lfnoMPsoN., HELEN' B. E Major-Social Studies Tnoxzson, BEN MUf01'-MGtl1C?l1dffL'.Y Football, '34. Track, '34, '35. Operetta, "Rose of thc Danube." TJos'roLvs0N, AGNES Ilflajm'-Hams Economics '1'REFFRY, HARRY R. Major-Science N, C. Hi-Y, '38, Football, '36, '37, Basketball, '37. Track, '36, '37, '38. Cross Country, '35. Baseball, '38. Grounds Squad, '35. Boys' Federation Rep, '36 Unnrnmvr, CECELIA Illajof'-Cofxlfnrcwial Library Rep., '35, Gym Monitor, '34. Big Cousin, '35, '36, '37, '38. Page fifty-five :sn 'il' F' The .... Tamarack VANIIER MEER, LEE Major-Social Studies Entered from Fairfield, '36. VAN DoRN, SHIRLEY Major-Commercial Senior A Honor Roll. Girls' League Honor Roll, Six Times. Big Cousin Chairman, '38. Central Council, '38. A. S. C., '38. Senior Counselor, '37. Scriptorian Society, '37, '38. Roll Checker, '34, '35. Slip Collector, '35, '36. Tennis Team, '36. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." VOGEL, HENRY Major-Matlzcmatics Senior A Honor Roll. Math Club, '36, '37, '38. Treasurer, '37. Vice Pres., '38. Traffic Squad, '37, '38. Lieutenant, '38, XXVALSII, HELEN Major-Hom: Economics NVARNER, MAXINII Major-Social Studiex Senior A Vice Pres., '38. Senior A Honor Roll. Roll Checker, '36, '38, Girls' League Rep., '36, Library Rep., '35, '36, Girls' League Honor Roll, Three Times. Tamarack Rep., '36, '38. . French Club, '36. Big Cousin, '37. Pall: fifty-six I,-M 1' VANIIERWALI., MARIAN , Major-Home Economics Library Work, '35, '36. Senior A Honor Roll. VINCENT, .OPAL Major-Home Economics Tamarack Rep., '38. WAGNER, LoRRAINE Major-Sriencc Orchestra, '36, '37, '3S. Basketball, '37, School Service Com. Head, '36, '38. Scrapbook Com. Head, '37. WALSH, MARY CECELIA Major--Commercial Senior Prom Com., '38. Tamarack Ad Manager. Operettas, "Margie Goes Mod- ern" and "The Count and the Coed." May Festival, '36, '37. Chorus, "Faust" and "Trova- tore." "Doll Shop," '38. Con Deputy, '38. Library Monitor, '35, '36. Ad Staff, '35, '36, '37, '38. Big Cousin, '35, '36, '37, '38. Secretary of Chorus Class, '38, WARNER, VIRGINIA Major-Art Girls' League Rep., '35. Tennis Team, '37, Library Monitor, '37. Library Rep., '37, '38. Senior Counselor, '37. Invitation Com., '37. Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38. La Tertulia, '36, '37, l-l- WATKINS, VIRGINIA Major-Corrznzcrcial Senior A Honor Roll, Senior Counselor, '38, Girls' League Secretary, '38, Central Council, '36, '37, '38, A. S. C., '36, '37, '38, Girls' League Honor Roll, Eight Times. Orchestra, '35, '36, '37, '38, Big Cousin, '37, '38, Amores Librorum, '35, '36, '37, 38, All Activity Letter, '37, Red Cross Rep., '36, Library Rep., '35, WEBER, VIOLET Z. Major-Home Economics Entered from West Valley, '36, Girls' League Telephone Com., '37, Wirrrnnmo, BILL lllajor-Mathematics Band, '36, '37, '38, Assistant Band Librarian, '37, Con Deputy, '38, Captain, '38, A, S, C., '37, '38, WILLIAMS, DENNIS Illajor-Co'mmM'cial Football, '36, '37, Baseball, '36, '37, Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Boys' Federation Rep., '36, Yell Leader, '36, "Fed Follies," '38, Ad Staff, '37, WILSON, Dunn: Major-Sofia! Studie: Hockey, '37, '38, The . . .' . Tamarack WEIIER, ELOISE MARY Major--Science Entered from West Valley, '36, Library Hostess, '36, Invitation Com , '37, Vocational Group, '37, Vocational Chairman, '38, XVIIEI-ILER, Ten .MajarfCommr'rz'iul Con Deputy, '35, '36, Grounds Squad, '36, Library Rep., '37, '38, WIEDER, JACKIE Ilflajm'-For, Lmzgnagfxv Librarian, '35, '36, Tamarack Rep., '35, Roll Checker, '38, r Girls' League Rep., '37, WILLIAMSON, MARIE Major-Sfiencc Roll Checker, '37, Library, '38, XVILSON, IDA Major-Commcrviizl Big Cousin, '36, '37, '38, Roll Checker, '34, '35, Baesball, '35, Page fifty-.vrzfrn The .... Tamarack Woon, BETTY Major--Science Roll Checker, '36, '37. Chairman, '37. Senior Dramatics, "Spring Dance." Woruvuam., Gamma: Major-Social Studies Entered from West Valley, '37. Vox Puellarum, '37, '38. Dance Sponsor, '37. WURTH, Aunmzv Major-For. Languages Buss, Wzlnrsn Major-Mathematics Cook, Janes ' M afar-Science DAx.c1nzN, BILL Major-Science Boys' Federation Rep., '35, Fire Squad, '37. Baseball, '38. DAVIS, GEQRGE A Mafor-Science Boys' Federation, Rep., '34, '35. Tamarack Rep., 36, 37. News Rep., '35, '37, Library Rep., '36, Pay: fifty-eight J Woons, DON Major-Social Studie.: Fire Chief, '38. Assistant Fire Chief, '37. Boys' Federation Rep., '35, "Fed Follies," '38. Golf, '36, '37, '38. Band, '35. Ad Staff, '37, '38. Wuuscu, BETTIE JANE Major-Commercial Entered from L. C., '36. Conduct Board Secretary, '38. Central Council, '38. A. S. C., '38. Girls' League Honor Roll, Two Times. Senior A Honor Roll. MATTHEW, JACK M0107-j'L'I'flICE Frsxr, Rrcr-num MGj0TfSC167lC8 OHLAND, VERNoN Major-Sciein ce Track, '35, '36, '37. Cross Country, '35, '36. Boys' Federation Rep., '36. Library Rep., '37. Pmmrsxr, WESLEY MGj0V-SOC1'GI Studies SLOCUM, Pun. Major-Scie-nce The . . . . Tamarack Class Will EING in a bold and daring mood, we, the class of June '38, on the strength of our being almost the largest and of course best group ever to be graduated from North Central, do hereby take liberties to will and bequeath to those unfortunate underclassmen such things as we see fit. Since we are in a sound, although foggy state of mind, we make haste to publish and declare this, probably our last document of any sort, before we are forcibly or otherwise ejected from North Central. Therefore, under penalty of loud boos and hisses, we issue our final will, to-wit: Fred Schwarz, illustrious editor of the Tamarack, bequeathes his "come- hither" eyes to Birney Blair. Rae Samuel leaves her movie star figure to Glorian Rohrbach. To Jane Snure, Betty Foster wills her attempts at dance sponsoring. Marvin Fritz gives his arguing ability to Bill Noble. Tod Sloan leaves Frances Forrester sad. Lillian Frank leaves her executive ability to the next editor of Ye News, along with her best wishes and a dozen roses. Ralph Nelson leaves Barbara Dickinson with a sigh. To Cliff Smith, Bob Nevers bequeathes his clowning ability in senior dramatics class. 4 Warren Stimpert leaves that mysterious blonde he has worried so much about. Edythe Nuzzi wills her graceful walk to Faith Everett. Monroe Smith leaves Valma Gilman. A flashing smile is left to Maxine Dye by Irene Sinrud. To any girls who take charge of the Girls' League room representatives, Jane Norden hands over infinite patience. Don Snyder leaves his oratorical ability to Jack Duitch. Jane Robinson leaves her good humor to all inspiring newsies. Marjorie Ayler bequeathes her lovely blonde hair to Mary Chafee. Marian Barton wills her beautiful complexion to her little sister, Virginia. Walter Bayne leaves his tennis form to Ray Wilson. To Earldene Homer, Kathryn Bean leaves her track records. A wardrobe of well-selected clothes is left by Harold Beavers to the wearers of dirty cords. Alfred Bowles passes his "funny faces" on to the oncoming frosh. Pat Boyle leaves her red hair to Gerry Hansen. Marie Dirkes and Bunnie Burks obligingly will their super-colossal blushing ability to Margery Sabiston. Lloyd Homad gives his tennis playing ability to Harold Downie. Alta Milne leaves her dancing grace to Betty Stevens. Doris Meredith leaves school, but keeps Elwood Sims for herself. Page fifty-nine The .... Tamarack Lawrence Posson passes his ability to "Take it" along to Dick Pleiss. To "Weasel," Fred Olberg bequeathes his massive chest. Margaret Mae Miller leaves her love for "Dopey" Qno reference intend- edj to baby sister Betty. Marian Vanderwall wills her freckles to Ruth Peterson. To Jack Nicholson goes Don Woods's golfing ability. An English accent is left by Shirley Van Dorn to Carol Louise Thomason. Betty Wood hands over her ability to win swimming trophies to Doris Anderson. An addition to the trophy case is made by Dick Lines in the form of his old pair of cords. Ronald Moss bequeathes his ability to "knock those pucks through the goal" to Jim Neidigh. Though Tom Kroetch leaves good old N. C., he takes Jane Radkey with him. Glenn Pitcher reluctantly leaves his flirting to Mr. Chandler, who doesn't need any particular help. - To Kay Small goes Alberta Love's southern accent, suh. Ray Koefod and many others leave Phyllis Henry. Lawrence Juul says that Mrs. Leonard may have his deep voice to use for speech. She might need it if she plays the part of Lincoln. A shy, winning smile is left to Mr. Randall by Bill Provost. Ruth Pyle leaves her social accomplishments to Pat Morrill. Gerry Thompson leaves her Spanish looks to Joy Neff. Roy Howes is thankful that he doesn't have to leave Elizabeth Squibb. Andy Cattanach leaves his sunny disposition to replace the spotlight in the projection room. Darwin Jenson passes his ability to ask endless questions along to thc senior B class. Riley Powell leaves his Clark Gable looks to Bob Adams. Catherine Osborne leaves her agility to Miss Pinkham. To Eleanor Groom goes Jean Livingston's "perfect 36." Derald Lyman bequeathes his curly hair to the girls in the freshman class. Someone ought to leave Ben Thorson a tablet. Henry Vogel leaves his ticket selling ability and the smile that goes with it to Gordon Chatterton. Bettie Wunsch hands over her typing ability to Roger Rice. Doris Baker and Margaret Baker leave only a few more Bakers left at North Central. Bill Holms and Bill Hughes give their football ability to Paul Lee with instructions to whip those "darn Bullpupsf' Fred Englund finally bequeathes his jobs in the library to aspiring frosh. Earl Bossuyt gives his "stomach Steinway" playing ability to Phil Cathey. Reamer Bolz hands over his "cramming" ability to Frank Schwartz. Lorraine Cromwell leaves her nickname, "Spitfire," to any other bundle of dynamite. Page sixty M M The... . Tamarack To Ralph Lissy, Theron Goldsmith bequeathes his "mile." Barbara Gerking leaves Kenny Bishop. Grant Gilbert kindly bequeathes to anyone who wants it his ability to injure himself. To Betty Elsea, Esther Dringman wills her ability to cut dates. Milburn Blakemore, in addition to leaving Marjorie Hand, gives his traffic tickets to Bob Hoffman. Bette Dickinson leaves her nickname "Dickey" to Maxine Dicus. Mildred Dumphy lets her name stay in 214. The volleyball form of Frances Gau goes to Louise Gomsrud. Don Gibson leaves "The bull" to anyone who will edit it. Doug Bankson wills the name "Boofy" to Fred Goettel. Gordon Bennion leaves his poise to Clayton LeDuc. To Bernice Titus goes Cletis Beller's big, innocent eyes. Kenny Gibb leaves Audra Snedden. Ruth Austin leaves her smooth disposition to Inamae Harding. To Miss Mitchell is left Lea Howard's soft, soothing voice. Vivian Mondou leaves to join Joe Barlow. Duane Wilson 'bequeathes all his love to Bette Skoog and Eunice Ruetten. Those big brown eyes of Dorothy Borton are left to Nettie Jean Ross. To John Caruso goes Walter Bale's snap in economics. Avis Hill wills her naturally wavy hair to Pat Petersen. Wes Hulett gives his drum majorship to Don Strain. Irene Money hands over her shorthand experience to Janet Griffin. Vernon Morse's way with the women goes to Joe Kelly. Ralph Peterson passes his experience along to Rod Jones. To Vernon Phillips, Harold Owen bequeathes his pull with the library monitors. Nellie Knight's timid grin goes to Jane Snure. Her low-pitched voice, Virginia Bogar -wills to Betty Morgenthaler. That French accent of Jackie Wieder's is left to Beverly Gregory. Dennis Williams leaves his muscular ability to Jimmy Ryan. Lee VanderMeer gives his bass voice to Miss McKenna, the better to yell at her news classes. Cleo Krebs leaves her earrings to Cleo Gale. The shyness of Marie Williamson is handed over to Virginia Snow. Although Betty Jane Johnson leaves school, she's taking Dave Pearce along with her. Charlotte Pushor leaves her operation to Nancy Lou Clemens. Marian Mueller's temper is passed along to Gloria Thompson. Lois Bonner leaves her grace to Bob N. Johnson. And now, freshmen, sophomores, and lastly little senior B's, we leave you. Still being in sound mind, we realize we must hurry to escape your wrath, so we hastily sign this. EVELYN PARTRIDGE JOHN LESLIE ENID DARLING Page sixty-one The .... Tamarack Class Prophecy 431 ,Av i A 4 459- , ii 5 - ' in Q f Q ? Q Q Q '- . 1 , C Q Z I Q I by 5 0 - l gg' w vt A...' 1 V Name Five Years Hence Fifteen Years Hence Jackman, Shirley ........ Jacobson, Lloyd ......... Stimpert, Warren ........ Cam, Ed ...............,........ Warner, Virginia ........ Spokane society "club" woman ....... .Successful, "optimistic" business man ...................................................... fcensoredj .....,.,....... ......... A bathing beauty .................. ........ Weber, Eloise ,... .......... T rying to catch her man ..,............. Human adding machine ...................... He learns how to multiply. Button, James .............. Button, button, whose got the Buxton, Albert ..,......... button .................................................. Leslie, John ........l......... Great lover-known as "Passion Married ....................... ......... .Wins contest as most accurate roll- ing pin hurler in U. S. Can always be found filling cross- word puzzles in, in ink. fUnprintablej Raising Cains. .Gives Hollywood a break. ....She caught him. Button, button whose got the but- ton. New dean at Vassar. .Beats up hubby when he demands she design dai-ning job on his left sock. The life of the party. Head of Ladies Aid in Ritzville. Flower" Leslie ..,,,............................... Lincoln, Helen ....,,...... Head modiste for Schiaperelli ......... Finrow, Jack ................ Taking ten easy lessons on "How to Play the Piano" ...............,.....,...... Paulson, LaVerne ...... Just a demure debutante .................... Bruno, Frank .............. Magazine salesman ................................ J eanneret, Beverly .,.... Private secretary and typist for Salesmanager. Head of a printing shop-'cause she's the type. In the movies. big concern ...............,.......................... Pearson, Weldon ........ A cowboy ......................... .,....... Weber, Violet ....... ,.,,... C lassic dancer ...,.,.............. ......... Married to piano lifter. Eaton, Phyllis .............. Wow what a dancer! ......,... ......... D ancing career ended-fallen arches. Anfinson, Imogene .... O, la la! ..................................... ......... M arried to a playboy. Eddy, Richard .....,........ Firecracker manufacturer .................. Gone up with a skyrocket. Aiken, Al ...................... Fred Allen's stooge. ..,..................,....... Nursery-Rhyme writer. Maxwell, Alice ............ Takes place of Ginger Rogers ....,..... Suzy-Q coach in Old Maids' home. Radkey, Jane ................ Ping pong champ ..................,,..,........... Still active under the table. Corey, Gene .................. Cigar store owner .,......... ........ ......... S h oe salesman. Correll, Francis ............ Page sixty-two Doorman .................. ......... Owner of the Rex. Costello, Carmela ........ Ziegfeld Follies of U13 .......... Patz, Carol ................... McLeod, Marvin ........ Panther, Gladys .......... Oh, so peachy! .....,........, .She's a Devlin now .....,,... Admiral in new Swiss navy. ........... .. The .... Tamarack of a dog hospital. Dancing teacher. Raising a lot of little sousaphone players. Receives Nobel prize for ventilating Limburger cheese. Tiddely-winks coach at Gonzaga. Mahoney, June ............ Noted woman sports writer ,,... ......... Steinmetz, Betty ........ Reed, Betty .................. Treffry, Harry ............ Braden, Russell .......... Anderson, Richard .... Watkins, Virginia ...... Stalker, Isabel .............. Becomes noted as tuba player .......... Contracts serious case of boy- friend-ltus .......................................... 12A ..,........................................,. A home economics teacher. ............... Bing Crosby's stand-in .....,..... Taking singing lessons ....,.,. Need we say more ................................ Taking up the piceolo. Not even Jergenis lotion will get this chap off her hands. Loud. Professor at Vassar. The singing furnace cleaner. Known as the singing night nurse. Bought a pint of peroxide. Guess what? Writes theme song, "I saw you last McKnight, Evelyn ,,,.,, World renowned lady dentist ............ Strain, Clare ................ Branenburg, Faye ...... Brunton, Nolan ....,..... Stone, Marian .............. Anderson, Nita ............ Anderson, Maxine ...... Maylott, Asa ................ Rasmussen, Helen ...... Noted authority on trumpet playing .....,............................. Married ............... .........,. ........ ..... Actor ..............................,....................... Great diplomat noted for great tact and ability to get along ........ The perfect housewife ..........,............. Happily married .................................... Connoisseur of Hollywood talent .... night and restored that gold fill- ing." On Major Bowes hour. Rug beater. Fuller brush man. Hostess in a Yellow cab. Raising chickens and vegetables. Taking a vacation in Reno. Newly appointed Ritz "vodvil coach." A history teacher .................................. Says now that she has conquered Meenacli, Betty ............ Sweetheart of U. of W. and all Matthew, Jack ............ Squibb, Elizabeth ...... McLeod, Andy ............ James, Gladys ............ Keegan, Edwin ............ Fillerup, Alex .............. Engelbart, Calvin ...... fraternities West ........i....................... Originates "Believe it or Notley" series .................................................... Wins acclaim as adagio dancer ........ Heads bureau for sending out St. Bernard dogs for lost people ....... Famous woman "mob" leader .,........ Head of classy canine "dog" shop .... Hltch hiker ............................................. Graduate of Spokane Junior college ...................,................. .,.,...,, Partridge, Evelyn ...... A Phi Beta Kappa .......... Delgrove, Virginia .... Haffner, Lucille ......... Hansen, Wanda .......... Fleming, Mary Ann.. Kaufmann, Fay .......... Married to William .............. ......... Miss Spokane for 1943 ........ ......... Photographer's model .......... ......... Looking for her man ...........,... .......,. Sweetheart of the campus ...,..,...,,,.,,,, habit of forgetting dates. Joins Foreign Legion to get away from it all. States that one half the married people today are men. Third row in chorus at Minsky's. .Heads bureau for sending terriers out after lost St. Bernards. Public enemy number 43 by rating of Flit parade. Still in dog business but is owner of "hot dog" stand. .Had to retireg he sprained his thumb. Einstein's rival. Woman back stroke champion. Getting bills. Movie stand-in. Banker's wife. She found him. W. P. A. worker. TOM HANIFEN Normajean Heil Dick Frazier Page sixty-three i The .... Tamarack Class History Listen, my children, and you shall hear, Of our class progress year by year. The things we did in old N. C. Make very interesting history. T WAS September of the year 1934-. lhe leaves on the trees had not yet started to turn, the great out-of-doors was still a place all too inviting. But alas-the old school bell was ringing, and a large group of eighth grade graduates were about to reach another stage of their metamorphosis and turn into North Central Indians. Like but- terflies they flitted around from one class room to another almost completely lost in this big wide new world But they became accustomed to this new life and soon began to show the spirit of true Indian braves. As time went on, these little Indians took courage and in 1935 when behind upper-classmen to enthusiastically call out that delightful word, I'rosh! Being thus increased in number, the band took on new strength, new their Havermale brothers joined them, they were seen popping out from power, new glory. Now they were full-fledged braves. And besides, the high and mighty seniors were beginning to notice that these underclassmen existed. Even in the spring of '36, many were engaged in tribal activities. Homer Calkins won fame in the checker tournament. John Harris, who later became bandmaster, started his brilliant career by winning the band inspection con- test. Bette Cruse, Nellie Knight, Charlotte Wallace, Lorraine Cromwell, Mar- garet Mae Miller, Marjorie Graul and Marian Barton also distinguished them- selves in the "Doll Shop" presentation of that year. Many moons passed. Again golden September rolled around. 34-0 juniors braves and maidens came enthusiastically back to the big Wigwam. Football! The braves fought hard that year. Bruce Penny, who later became co-cap- tain, Elwood Carter, Bill Holrns, Doug Bankson, Jack Finrow, Darwin Jen- son and Gordon Bennion put up some stiff competition for the Bullpups, the Tigers across the river and the Pirates on the hill. Spring found the tribe peaceful but industrious. Many of the tribesmen were training to lead the band in various fields. Alfred Bowles entertained the members of the Associated Student councils by imitating Professor Quiz. Gordon Bennion, Doug Bankson and Elwood Carter were elected to offices in the Federation. Indian summer, 1937, found the Wigwam buzzing with excited workers. 346 seniors were starting on their last year at North Central. 34+6 seniors were putting their all into making this year the best ever. Chieftains were cropping out everywhere. Theron Goldsmith and Art Swenson brought back from the hunting grounds first and second honors in the cross-country race. In "The Page sixty-four The .... X Tamarack Count and the Co-ed,', operetta, Patricia Boyle and James Arenton took lead- ing roles. Chief Ralph Nelson, assisted by Carol Patz, vice president, Virginia Delgrove, secretary, and Tom Kroetch, treasurer, the senior B class took over the problem of convocation seating, working out a new system. From that time on, things moved rapidly. Elwood Carter was elected to the presidency of the Boys' Federation with Bill Hughes, vice president, Tom Kroetch, financial secretary, and Jack Finrow, treasurer. Evelyn Part- ridge with the help of Jane Norden, Virginia Watkins and Jane Herring- ton were chosen to guide the Girls' League through a very successful se- mester. In the spring election of senior A officers, Ralph Nelson was again named chief. This time Maxine Warner became vice president, Bill Hughes, secretary, and Wayne Guthrie, treasurer. One of the semester highlights was the big pow wow dessert dinner which was presided over by Elizabeth Squibb, president of the Associated Student councils. There, around the council fire, problems were discussed, and plans for the semester's activities were made. Tom Hanifen has been vice president of the council, Wayne Guthrie, secretary, and Pat Boyle, treasurer. Whenever a large number of people is gathered together, law enforce- ment of some kind must be maintained. Warren Stimpert accomplished this job very efficiently as president of the Conduct board. Other class members who were active on the Conduct board were Fred Englund, Virginia Delgrove, Dick Lines and Henry Vogel. Outstanding scholastically, Lillian Frank with a grade average of 3.95 was awarded first place on the senior A honor roll. Excelling in journalism as well as other subjects, she was editor in chief of The North Central News. Fred Schwarz, a member of the debate team and class orator by election, has also been outstanding in publications as editor of the Tamarack. Closely related to literature is the art of drama. Senior dramatics brought to light this past semester many talented braves and maidens. In "Spring Dance," presented May 20 and 21, Nita Anderson, Carol Patz, Fred Olberg, Gordon Bennion and many others found themselves well on the way to success as thespians. As leaves before a gust of wind, so sped the last three short months of school for 34:6 senior A's. Basketball season had changed to tennis and base- ball. Red letter days were coming and going in quick succession-baseball games, track meets, recreation hours, matinee dances, the "Doll Shop," tue "Federation Follies," the senior prom, the senior tea, Friendly week with "How" day and the crowning of the May Queen as main features. Already some adventurous folk are peering out of the wigwam door eager to explore the worlds beyond, while others are gathering up past memories to carry with them the rest of life's journey. Already, other capable braves and maidens are stepping forward to fill the offices of the departing. We, the senior A class, wish to pass on to others the torch of leadership and friendship that North Central may continue to hold a spot in the hearts of each of her children. ELIZABETH SQUIBB BOB NEVERS Page sixty-five The . . . . Tamarack Calendar O Dear Seniors, When frequently through the years to come, you wish to recall the good times in your senior A class, turn to this calendar of events of the spring semester of '38, January 26-First day of the new semester with 270 green frosh decorating the hall. 27-Miss Imogene Warder, world wide traveler, is presented at a special convocation. 31-Federation names department heads. February 3-Functions of the Girls' League and Boys' Federation are explained to the new boys and new girls at separate convocations. 4-Wow! Did you see the neophyte edition of The News? It really is sumpin! New boys stag it at a semi-annual party given by the Boys' Federation. Today is a day of days-A. S. C. elects Elizabeth Squibb, president, and Tom Hanifen, vice president. Warren Stimpert is chosen to guide all the misled culprits brought be- fore the Student Conduct board. 7-Ping pong balls fly hither and yon as the students turn out for the first recreation hour of the semester. 8-N. C. students take part in a candle lighting service for the P.-T. A. meeting. 9--Teachers drop books and dignity and don basketball suits to play the regular squad. CThey lost.j Deserving students receive band pins, math awards and hockey cups. 16-N. C. day at the arena. We didn't know that water could be so hard. 17-Yippee! Wow! N. C. trims L. C., city basketball champions, to the tune of 27 to 24. 18-Senior counselors and their proteges begin their classes. 23-Girls' League interscholastic playday at North Central. 241--N. C. tribe holds powwow at the semi-annual dessert dinner with In- dian princess, Elizibeth Squibb, presiding. 25-Senior A's elect Ralph Nelson, president, Maxine Warner, vice presi- dent, Bill Hughes, secretary, Wayne Guthrie, treasurer, Fred Schwarz, orator, and Bill Holms, sergeant at arms. March 2--N. C. basketball squad moves into second place in the city series as it defeats the mighty Pirates with a score of 31-19. 3-Students dance around with News on their minds. It is the first dance of the season, carrying the theme of Publications. Decorations consist of newspaper hats and newspaper streamers. During the intermission, the "Man at the Keyhole" is exposed. Snoop! Snoop! 41-N. C. girls' and boys' skating teams "bring home the bacon" with the Page sixty-six The .... Tamarack first skating cups ever presented. Letters are awarded to the basket- ball and hockey teams. Miss Mary McKenna, adviser, names the Tamarack staff with Fred Schwarz as editor and Norine Stangland and Lillian Frank, associate editors. -A. Ottenheimer previews "She Stoops to Conquer" at a double convo- cation. -Girls learn how to take care of their hair and how to apply cosmetics at the first of a series of six special convocations to be given by the Girls' League. Tamarack campaign starts with a bang. -Washington State Theatre presents "She Stoops to Conquer" to a ca- pacity audience in our auditorium. "Tweet tweet! Science convocation on birds. Safety Week convocation, home room discussions and the like! Everyone tries to keep out of someone else's way to avoid an accident. -Drama! Music! Comedy! Chorus girls! It must be the "Doll Shop." It is the "Doll Shop." -Ditto for March 17. Evening performance given for the P.-T. A. What smart people we have! T. O. Ramsey announces 411 students on the June senior A honor roll. Safety con climaxes Safety VVeek. May its memory linger on! -First day of spring! Tra-la-la-la-la! -North Central is honored by a special convocation given by the Wash- ington State college singers. - With balloons over head, Green, yellow and red, And streamers hanging down, While students danced around. It's the Spring Dance! -Pins are awarded at convocation to the girls who have been active in League work. -Time marches on! April -April Fool! We only wish that the teachers were fooling when they pass out those grades! Talk about girls wearing slacks-the brawny football heroes and the muscular teachers are doing pretty well in their short skirts and red bloomers. It's the "Fed Follies" and it is stupendous, swellegant and- well, words can't express how it is. 11-Vacation! Time off while the teachers attend their convention and the students recuperate from their report cards. -Eighty girls swing their rackets to entertain the teachers attending the Inland Empire convention. -Students dust off their desks and begin to work after a week of glorious vacation. -Many students worrying about the information that teachers give to the parents at Open House. P.-T. A. elects new officers. Page sixty-scwczi 7 The .... Tamarack -Clyde Phelps, head of the fingerprint department of the Spokane police, demonstrates various fingerprinting methods. --Students nominate Pat Boyle as Indian Princess with 14 maidens as her attendants. Mrs. Grace Douglas Leonard, dramatics teacher, announces the senior class play to be "Spring Dance," with Carol Patz and Gordon Bennion and Nita Anderson and Fred Olberg alternating in the romantic leads. -Hard-boiled eggs, cotton-tailed bunnies, little chickens and new clothes. Yippee, it's Easter. E -Springs Sports con. TheatreiMasque previews "Spotlights in Tahiti." -It was a close game, but we made it. North Central beats West Valley 2 to 1 in the first game of the baseball season. C -Girls attend the fourth in a series of Girls' League cons and hear William Burnett of the city narcotics squad speak. -Super-colossal, stupendous, gigantic, superb! Masque Moods' presenta- tion of "Spotlights in Tahiti." North Central goes down fighting in the second baseball game of the season with a score of Gonzaga 6, North Central 0. -North Central is favored with a special convocation featuring the A Ca- pella choir, a group of singers from the Eastern Washington College of Education. Here we go around the Maypole. North Central swings around the Maypole with Bob Dudley's orchestra as the swingsters. -The band, consisting of 81 members, leaves for Wenatchee and the Apple Blossom Festival. The North Central News wins All-American rating. Tamarack campaign closes. May May Day, flower day. The first day in Youth Week. -A swing session, a minstrel show and plenty of musical talent. The Cotton Blossom Singers entertain students for the third time at a pay con. -Earl Bossuyt, Sadie Foster and Bonnie'Farrar win first, second and third places, respectively, in the Life Underwriters' association contest. Forty-one different places of business are visited by students as a part of the Youth Week program. ltfiss Grace Phelan, world's amateur typing champion, makes her fingers fly over the keys at the rate of 128 words a minute at a special con. -Bill Noble, junior A, wins three prizes in the National Scholastic Literary contest. -Thirty-one grads receive special awards to be presented at commence- ment exercises. -Girls from thethree high schools of the city enjoy a day of days at the 1 Rogers school. 1-The music department presents the chorus singing a group of operatic numbers from the opera "Il Trovatoref' CContinued on page 1 2 73 Page sixty-eight WQQKEZLW mg' 12 A My Mmm Ziff ' fx ni , . ,mf L 4 "Vw ,., .. X 'lax a Q 154 -NT- Xa .. L, m f gb l 41 :-43 .5 Tamarack qi ' 'MA """ AW" -K" "M A i ' -,gg HR rv Pa .. - ..- Dil ,- lv- :- C5 - o L- o Q.: rn V Q 5 Q Ol m-i C'- O 4-7 Fa 5 ..- O A B s- 1 -0-3 Q :- 5? 271 .Cl U 2 cu CI ..- 'A-l .- ,C o dd CU o S-1 v ..- .- C1 o H 5 o Di +- W .- 1.- vii CD . P nl-I 4.4 llll 4-I 'U 0 ll-1 'rn Pl gt' r-I 6' sz: I5 5 Us an x D-'I SIG o U :- CD BL" ogg L. z: coo --Di- Ln . 'UE Di .-F ..- ,517-1 UI- 55+- 5 HW V EU dvi ,go s: U :Ii-Q 'Zi 'E In O. He cd .V Q! U1 ..- vi E - 2 , - mcefil 'JE 2- Emi E -UE 0-P O tif: my og' U-1 Hia .- -mg sim 552 '5 an O Di . H C3373 ca ..-4. "Sm is in 'U 34 gs if C CS:- I HE in C2 aa s.. M:- H+! P 5 g- :: Q: 5? bil L1 0.7 2 OE O 'UU ED Wd :QQ gs: xi ffm 'U C: EE zn ,- pid EEE : V1 cd GJ -1? lm.- C3 3 -- -if A. . P5 5 5 .: U zn P: 9' B4 .- ,-4 5 ba as ... QM T" LLP' lg l W 3 o Di - 5 .E cn '4".n-1 EEZ Q. .5 A fs V2 'li .si O :S J 4: o GJ A .5 U :I : Q M O :s V1 2 as m as P ..- rl as 913 .- O as U '13 .-4 - YD as -I -C CI oi P1 rf GJ ,Q . 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Tamarack Qs .,.T, g at Pago seventy-two Q 1 -I azag up-' :mga wg x E253 wm- ,.-. . v-irc? an C KD 6 2 ,D O DQ ri : QE L6 Eghs -592.55 H 'op-4 :4 : mi O'.. 2355 ggms 'ws GJ rl Z CQ 5 O 111 S-4 412 ,E fic-w"CS was. QQEQ 'U g8agm m3:5 .sau AAN E mf did In "'.2'U , 91 L. S933 v--Cd fs""r-1 .rg L 5650, xuwm 035' 9 EWSQ Bm s.. -C mgjm 'JEL' omg "' Di L6 'G O25 CI .-4 P sq on I1 V E 50 O FY-4 .5 . Bgmg SEQ, .2 Qu CE 5 O N M Z OU 0 PC 2 2.4 4-J CI 'xl C. E Us :avg CD cb N 4-3 . 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C6 D-4 .2 cv U7 C I5 o o .Ep Cv- CD.: I0 FD va CZ GJ .kt o ,-T .J 930 O Row : Murthe Mc vi sid P CL GJ U W C1 0 '31 ... o Z ll E If '1 l1l llll U 4-7 m L. .- ki sz: 5 o U . 'B' JL' sz: an O 1 ,, .gg ' 'YQ CD I3 U' U CD n-1 ' u UZ F-I l-I llll Sio are o :Q H 1: ... do 'C e6 wh L. IF' V ,CI 573 : 5 3 GJ 33 4-5 GJ ITQ if o Q :I C6 P 5- .93 .E .cz U: 4: .Q S-1 4: o Di C .E F-1 o .-. U si o gm E' C GJ 4-J +A Q9 CD A L. rv m ..-. P 'U cd V m .... Ii an 5 G -C G! C 5 U: .fe E 3 o ai 'U 1: o O GJ w A S.. cv s.. .1 rn cd an :- 0-I V C O -6-P bn E ..-. s.. F-4 as ... .-. 1:4 B +3 cv :- cd 2 'U F- ce III ... GJ ... 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M 2 Q ce L4 :s P as CQ 5 0 ,E .. 44-4 .H :H gn E U .G A2 VJ r-1 +2 GJ 5-4 SU 90 E. .Q 2:13 c .... .1 5-1 Q9 L5 F3 .. cd .cz F- ms ill af 7 O. Z-Ds. - cs Q E A Nu .-Q :-1 CG bn P-4 5 s: ... an i-1 ... P mi gi r-:E .Q o M O c .E o -r- .. 'Sf A ii EU -5 33 me FH 9. 'EC '32 Sw pq! ..N' 23: W F-'Q .5 'cu tio P ,.. Qi G Gin EL .IC Q CV P1 . s 'E Di Q- E5 U1 5: ze... Page seifentyjive ui 1 lu-I u ui " "1 nn l in un- The .... Tamarack Page xeventy-six 173 u 1 -1 U S... 111.5 535 - 11' .IU 53 nv r-1 55 QV Z L4 5 was mm ,L 7: SE ce: NEI C.. 's.. was mia L1 Q : GJ S-4 o - in Li E : w GJ cd Di E :S :A ,ai .D 5-1 82,721 .,-Wm W: .- 1-'C L' Zz Wm Va E :E OU2 E5 .EZ 55 E .Q 'QM 4.1,-X .-.L 'Jo 1.4 rn? td- -.E W3 Vo . O mm C E ,V W 73 iw .Ti SQ I' 22 .N 'FO .. 3,4 1:2 xo C on Q... ':.. wi .Ee ,ZGJ HV fe Ol s: ti E' 5 Il LJ o U1 .nm -Vg Q1 C i' 3 QE 4 3 .. ca U .. E .Y U 5 E B TA 5-1 S A fl 53 YH Q 1 cc YI: IL' Cf c . :Y E3- C r- r- : 5 C 1 H 3 O mf v5 :Lu E U -0-I U2 U2 0 IL S .Q V E H-4 P: S-4 -CJ H 3 c M '12 C o o U W rl .. o i-W .,-. 'U :J 2 3-4 ..- .C +- Q2 Q Ulm N V .H .- QI ian! ,- a 'r' t" F. A35 F-4 S11 Z QU rv 11 E e: F- F o DS I'-. A CD ? C ca ' IU 2 5 tn 1 E 3 U1 af .E E Z P: : U5 .. .. E .2 .E W L: 7 fi Q as .. if m 5 : EV In QQ 4-3 'ES o U fi he 5 o D1 'FS E P4 5 ,-. 0 m --. if 'Te rs ff. 0-3 5 Q cd Q-4 V cd C F fi -1 5 Eb' ... E ve an CT 6 :F if -P ... 5 ,S as Z .E CL 5 U In U O C fs r-1 F-1 XL ,-4 -1 ll Z3 E E CC 2 N, a F i C Q In if 5 5 H-4 E .Q O M r-1 5 C I : :- : p -14 vi :S 3.3. E1 li .2 F 5 CQ SJ 0-3 ll. ,o r-14 if. .- 4-3 GJ C11 E O IL .E ,D O F11 Q G xx V1 A L. c +2 .... 'TJ' cu U1 .. s-1 o Q Ta o P' ra 5 O ..f 4.1 o :- zu .C LJ C. E 1-' Q1 .E UQ Q 11 7-4 Q4 .21 u 3 : '1 -. if S .J F: :L xi : 3. in 5 CC : va .2 O : D3 E 2 f. -1 ri 'a .11 C0 FQ. FmV E :ff 'E E CU cv pl E 3 cr A Q . - P m m O II "5 I Q-4 .4 ,L A 4- u wg 1 E H ra 2 .-CI U L17 lf r.. V Ik 5 O Q ,fp E The .... Tamarack a P ll 5 FLM A 3 S-4 5 U1 aa 9-' S W 59 4: fs 'C' 41 ,D O 'w 1-1 A f. ,- KJ H Q S-1 U QJ m V JJ 'If z: Q.: 5 ,ff 43 ..- if-'Q ,-I H C .11 'J ..- ff: 91 Q1 as 0 if V as Y-4 53 II U1 Q2 C G5 '1 A 4-0 C aa 'U .H ua cv S-4 Q X., Pa E rv O U3 -Q O 31 B O I 4-J U1 S-4 E B Class Senior 'TJ Q Q vu In fu 'I '53 3 '? 15 'Q E m ' ' ' L if AlZ15f"'f,"4' ' v'l'3f1T43' 'f' ' 5357? 77" 5271 The .... V, 'g,-'5a.1b,.,, lx V - 5 . , f 1, , , ,H s Tamarack is E Page .seventy-eight - -- --A- ff-1wwHf,. wr- 1-1 fwggvffyf-,111 .ur 111w1..:wf11Q. W1 ,. 1, 73 S s- W ,- m 1: V 7. E 1' 1 .2 A y. 3 i +4 H 9' Q i A - I U P C Il C ,J Z C In f. E E -2 if O D31 4-2 W 5-1 rn cn U Sen1or B C1 ,K 1 :Qi Kg: :iff wiv! Q, 1 i T, 3 'E 15' The .... Tamarack en and Sophomores IE 's 5' Freshm The .... Tamarack Iuniors o First Row: LeRoy Englund, Cordon Chzmnmn, Andy Cattanuc-h, How- ard Nvuhrlo. Soccond Row: Enlrl Schmidt, Vclrn Broadwrkll, John Aikfm "l'llU1fi,Y1 C msc. Page eighty The .... Tamarack ' ' ' First Row: Evelyn Partridge frcporterj, Isabelle Hall fpresidentb, Lillian Frank Cvice prosidentj, Faith lllvterett Csecretaryj. Second Row: Elane Miller, Nancy Lou Clemens, Margery Sabiston, Maxino Dicus, Carol Louise Thomason, Third Row: Shnirley Van Dorn, Beverly Rowell, Geraldine Hansen, Ilietsx lkoss, Gloria Thompson. Fourth Row: Bernmline Sziwins, Rosemary Wylde, Mznrthn, ous fe . S P Q R First Row: Robin Penney ftreasurerj, Tom Hanifen Cpresidentl, Miss ' ' ' ' Mary Evans Qadviserj, Glorian Rohrbaoh Csecretaryj. Second Row: Bettv Thompson, Dorothy VVard, Betty Halstead, Alice Taber, Bob McCurtain. Third Row: Marg'arnet Kopet, Faye Latta., Mary Stimpert. Fourth Row: Fred Olberg, Dick Bottjer, NVU1-ster Baker, VVlllH.l'Ii Barth. Fifth Row: John Osebold, Jack WVatklns fsergeamt at urmsl. Page eiyhly-one 3 "" 'tw wif ox.. Iitgigefffgi 355. ff? gl 'fx pq 1 sie Zag , 52. . sg ' 9545 3111 ,. M Q . ,gl if: ii. gf LR, -we 0 Tamarack 7 i .gl ff fi-iwf-Sxii iam . Y be-fP:.. 'W r Q 453.1 " 'NYJ 'jflzxifll-.L"" 'L 3-f"4',5M'v1-50,22 l ! . l i ' 2 ...lf . 2 M-.. ., f . aa, if iii iw at ff ., , 3 ia, i .i gg 5 ,M I Q1 5 Q 1 guess ff. N 3 35 1-H A Am01'eS I-1b1'01'11m 25Efefi?l7i Y?flEli'.'il1,XlliEfiEnivE2l?'Fli?SiIilni1f"'illI21?Qwlii'5l5122 tpresidentb. Second Row: Esther Greenblat, Helen Turner, Faith I'lve1't'tt, Maxine llicus, Beverly Bowell, Sally Berg. Third Row: Nettie Jean Ross, Lillian Frank. .luck lluitch, liill is Lewis, Asa, Mgiylott. Fourth Row: XVurster Baker, Dorothy Mcliomtlcl. Murthe Li.CC,l'2iK'lit'Il, Vlgh Delaura, Margery Moulton, Bill Noble. Fifth Row: ldarl Bossuyt, Frank St-hwartz, Miss Mary Bacon tzulviserj, Hugh Mitchell, Phillip Munroe, Ray XVilsnn, Bob Admns. O First Row: Eleanor Mele, Betty Wlflilson, Jeanette lloch- berg tsecretaryj, Bette Carlson tpresirlentb, Geraldine Baker fU'68.Sl1I'6l'J, Eleanor Pontier Cvice presidentb, Second Row: Mary Ann Prior, Thelma 1'i2lgGIl, Bernice Johnson, Marie Hanneman. Third Row: Muryel Zoollern, .Ivztn Cockburn, Lily Andor- son, Evonne Creighton, Mary Cozzetto. Fourth Row: Rose Leone, Miss Violet Stztrkvvvzitluef Cadviserj, Helen Lyman, Frances Perpich. Page eighty-two 5l?iWE'?il'?lffflV'ff:?Wi'3f5Elfii'lY71i??tYii?2li"5Tl'?f?3Q3"W,3"7"W'i3iQ?Zf+53??713"fti'' 1' -Pi -iw. 4 - . ..,..:,,.. ,,,, . . M. ., .nu , Lf. ....- ,aim . ., ,- , 5 . - .1 ,- 'Q ' . , , ,. Lg. 1: ' ew.-'.:.1p:W-f' Y -' -- --.f 1-1-mg-Q: 1-wp-1:-. uv'.-.:r+- r-rr-n1ur.,gm:.1.m-m The .... Tqmarqck fi First Row: Alfrcal Bowles Crcporterb, Lola Mae liowhcr, llik Ross Ctreasurcrj, Carol Patz Cprcsidentj, Patricia Boyle fsccrc- taryj, Don Hcnyan Cvicc prcsidcntj. Second Row: Barbara. Vkficd, Betty Bryan, Both Kuchcn- bcckcr, Mrs. Grace Douglas Leonard iadviscrl, Eloise Jordan, Jane Rarlkcy, Julia McCon- nchcy. Third Row: Eddie Thompson, Milton Bartholomew, Arvod Crulnpackcr, Bcvcrly Adams, John Harris, Marcia. Barnes, Franccs Dean. Fourth How: Glenn Pitcher, .lay Gookstn-ttcr, Harald 'Hartley and Carl Jonson. First Row: Tom Hanifen, Gordon Chattm-rton fvice prcsidcntb, Virginia Delgrovc Cprcsidentl, Rogz-r Rico Qserguant at armsb. Bob Hoffman Ctreasurerj. Second Row: Yirna Learn, Betty Foster, Shlirlcy Hawley, Beverly Gregory, Jean Rosenbom, Fred Goettcl., Third Row: Bob Wyse, Bill Knaack, Jack Bradford, Mary Stimpert, Cora. Hughart. Jean Larson. Fourth Row: Dick Frazier, Joe Carter, Hcnry Vogel. Page eighty-three -1U. 9 ul A If Qu 4 is 1 Qi ua. ,, N 3 ,ax . .1 frm -nw The .... Tamarack wwf' First Row: George Fruse, Andy Molivod Cprcsidentb, Otto Arnquist Ctreasurorj, Roamor Bolz Csecrvtaryj. S4-cond Row: Asa Maylott, Jofl' Giosar, Albvrt Buxton Cvicnz DI'CSlCl1'Ill5, Biunroo Smith. Tliirll How: Biorgun lflndsloy, Hill lloppc, Frank 11kllllll'l'. Fourth Row: .lack Iloppc, Bud Dirkes, Dick Collard. ' First Row: Frances Hutchart, Shirley Hawley, Rose Leone, Esther La Grecnblzit Qtroasurerl, Mary D' Assisi. Second Row: Mildred Brown, Viola Schaffert fprcsidentb, Esta Enzlsley fvice presiclentj, Muriel VVl'ight Qsecretaryb, Jean Shore, Rosemary XVy1de. Third Row: Audrey Vfurth, Helen Kirk, Carol Joan Shurman, M:i,1'ga1'ct Crisp, Mary Ann Prior, Norma Simmons. Pago eighty-four The .... Tamarack JM Wh, 'ue' flhlb- np Art First Row: Beverly Putnam, .Tohn Hagle fpresidontj, Mary Lou Conover tsecreturyh, Helen Coburn Ctreosurorj. Second Row: Alfred Bowles, Margy Gilbert, Dorothy Dean, Dorothy Rc-im, Muriel VVfiley, Adeline Burke. Tlnirfl Row: Clarke: Hirst, Mary .lane Lindnor, XValton Butts, XVos McNoc. ' First ROW: Patricia Morrill fcorresponilirlg sec1'et:11'yJ, Isabel Stalker Cvice presidentj, Phyllis Remmers fsecretaryj, Gloria Thompson fpresi- dentj, Margery Sabiston ftreasurorj, Evelyn Partridge ireporterj. Second Row: Joy Neff, Helen Chandler, Frances Dean, Marjorie Hand, Eleanor Mele. Third Row: Floy Bale, Enlicl Lambert, Elizabeth Squibb, Miss Margaret Fehr Cadviserl, Vigh De Lura. Page ciglity-f1'z'r' X. Haw , -, .f E, -' f wfw- ,. fffmlf-13m wf' --11 1:1-.fK1.,2, ' NMQTQ WJSQ-2g,,'v' Avg? J Q4 W? -js if! iid is ii ,. 23: 8 ive , f? +22 52? 321.- pu' .gp f , ,W -,iz 1 43 fy Sw fm wtia 45 ff :S K L L dl' 'ag 5 62 fi 2- -fm, iw ff 1 . Q , .A R r YS. 1 . 4 , . u ,id SDJ M .Q o :J UO ...T Sr. 59:6 49 JE' S? Q... H3 VH 5 'S T:- PE :fs In 5-4 EM .4 S: Q99 W5 .O 33,1 O 'n Sw -4,24 no m 46 H Ee CTS LL.. MB go ,501 Ofc :H ..-1 'L Ea ,ci s .S 1144 -.- me V2 C OE Er: E: ILO s.. ,fo SE xH 'U GSL' Hifi f E EW 4575 .. ,-o r--'4-4 .232 N... 350 ,. 'nil' QE Q14 53 ma 7, ix.- 'U a- U O N .2 L3 5 MQ-p,,41a,x'gQ4-sq,.,,-Q H Y '- f 455524.21 'J " ,f'1HfGQ?f'?131 ' WL 'na 'L ' 9 Xkffgvliifilvkf 5 ' ' 1. N Y NN 5 X M, , QV., ,S .i . . ru .-WV. Ln' .-1 Va GJ 1'he.... W Tamarack Boys' Federation I Organized by L. C. Bradford, present adviser, the Boys' Federation, composed of all boys at North Central, promotes extra-curricular activities among the boys of the school. Business of the Federation is handled by the executive council com- posed of the adviser, officers, department heads and representatives of the various school activities. Activities are divided into four departments, each of which has a num- ber of committees. The school service department is headed by Doug Bank- son. Gordon Bennion is in charge of personal service. The community serv- ice department is directed by Fred Olberg, and the vocational department functions under the leadership of Bruce Penny. This semester a 16-act variety program of all boys was presented by the Federation on the evening of April 1. It was called the "Fed Follies of '38.,' Officers Elwood Carter ..... ......,...... ...... ....,...........,... P r e sident Bill Hughes .............. ,,.,...,. V ice President Clayton Le Duc ......... ..........,,,.,,.,,,.,..,........... C' lark Tom Kroetch ,.........,. .,.,,,,, F finwnchzl Secretary Jack Finrow ............ .....,,,,-,,,,.,,,,,,., T rea.-mrer L. C. Bradford ,..,..,.... ....,.....,,.., ..,......... ,.,,,.,,........ .r,,,,,, A div 1:8 e r . I I Girls' League I In 1918, Miss Jessie Gibson organized the League for all of the girls to develop sympathy, understanding and an active loyalty to the highest in- terests of the school, the community and the nation. All of the business of the League is transacted by the central council, which includes in its membership the adviser, the officers, the department heads, the floor chairmen and the committee chairmen. League Activities are divided into eight departments. The social serv- ice department, headed by Faith Everett, sponsors most of the philanthropic work of the League and aids girls new to the school. With Maxine Dicus as head, the entertainment department manages all social functions such as teas and parties. Roll checkers, slip collectors and all other clerical workers are mem- bers of the library department, led by Edelle Lewerk. All sports, such as swimming, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice skating, hiking and track are sponsored by the personal efficiency department under Jerry Moody. Page eighty-.raven 1 ll... . H1 1 The . . . . Tamarack Murthe McCracken heads the senior counselors, a group of senior girls who conduct social problems classes for all girls new to the school. The hobby department is headed by Pat Petersen. This group studies outside amusements and hobbies. A girl from each home room is chosen to compose the room representa- tive department. They meet with the vice president of the League and carry messages to the home rooms. The newest group is the school service with Dorothy lNIcDonald at the head. Girls who work faithfully each semester receive mention on the League honor roll. Bronze, silver, gold and gold set with ruby pins are awarded to those on the honor roll for the second, fourth, sixth and eighth times. Officers Evelyn Partridge ,.,,.... ....,.,.,...,,..,.........,.,. , ..,,,,..,.,.. P resident Jane Norden, ........,..,.. .....,. V ice President Virginia Watkins ..i,..,.. ,,,,,,,,..,,, S em-etafry Jane Herrington .i........ ,,,,,,, ,.,.,,, ....... .,,,.,,-.. T 1' e ms urea' Associated Student Councils o Composed of the Girls' League central council and the Boys' Federation executive council, the Associated Student councils is the governing body of all school organizations. The joint council promotes such activities as the recreation hour, home room discussions, school dances and convocations. At the beginning of the semester, the A. S. C. gave its semi-annual des- sert dinner at which over 300 student leaders were present. Otticers Elizabeth Squibb ,,,..,.,, ...,..,.,.......,.,.,, ..,..,,,.,..,,,,,i,,, . P resident Tom Hanifen ....,..,.... Vice President Wayne Guthrie .....,..,. ,.............,,. S ecretary Patricia Boyle ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,. i.,,..... T reasurer Miss Conah Mae Ellis ,,,.t.., .,,..,.., A dvi-:er L. C. Bradford .,.......c., .,.,,,t,,,,,,-,-,,,,,,,,, , ,.,,...., .......,. A d 'viser Vox Puellarum o Vox Puellarum, meaning "Voice of the Girls," was organized in 1913 under the direction of R. G. Hargreaves, former principal, and Miss Jessie Gibson, who was then Girls' League adviser. To support all projects of in- terest and value to the school and particularly to develop within the club dramatic, literary, musical and vocational tendencies is the purpose of the club. Sophomore and junior girls having no grades below C are eligible to try Page cighty-eight A The .... Tamarack out for membership. At the end of each semester the Vox award of S10 is given to the senior girl who is prominent in her class, has a good scholastic standing and has overcome the greatest obstacles during her high school career. Oiiicers Jane Snure ......... ......,....i,....,..,... ..........,.., P r esident Gladys James ,,...... ..,.,,,, V ice President Irene Sinrud r,....... .........,,.,.,.. S eeretarg Barbara Carroll ,,...,. ,,.......,.r,...,...,,. 1 'reasurer Patricia Wright .......,.,. r,,,.,.. S ergeant at Arms Miss Francis The-is ,,,,.r,, , ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.......,,.... .............. ,,,,..........,.,... A d viser The North Central News o The North Central News, one of the most outstanding and successful of school projects, began its publications September 25, 1917, under the di- rection of Ernest E. Green. At that time the paper was a five-column monthly issue. Later the size was changed to its present form, a seven-column paper, and is now issued every week. litany honors have been won by The News. It has been awarded All- American or highest rating in a national contest sponsored by the National Scholastic Press association in 1936 and in 1937 and in 1938. Other honors have been won in contests sponsored by the Sigma Delta Chi honorary jour- nalist society of the University of Vllashington and the Columbia Scholastic Press association. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor in Chief ,,,..,.A880C1h-t6 Editor Assocnklte Editor Faculty Director Barbara- Carroll, feature editor, Bruce Penny, sports editorg Tod Sloan, Fred Schwarz, sports. writersg Evelfyn Partridge, girls' sports editorg Charlotte Claypool, girls' sports writerg Nettie Jean Ross, Rae Samuel and Bemice Titus, copy readers, Virna Learn, Norine Stangland and Jeanette- Hochberg, editorial page writersg Bill Carey, head proof reader, Gladys James, Betty Foster and Elizabeth Squibb, piroofreadersg Warren Stimpert, Boys' Federatioing Jane Robinson, Girls' Leagueg Molly Flynn, exchiangelsg Mary Buchanan and Birney Blair, humorg Frank Bruno, clubsg Don Henyan, music and dramag Alfred Bowles and Nick Damascus, cartoonists. Lillian Frank ,,,,.,,.. Birney Blair ....,,, Carol Patz ...............,...s,,, .....,...................,............,,,.............,.,..,,,,,,,..,,,,........,,.,.......,,..Y,,,., Miss Mary McKenna ...,..,..,,,,,.......,.....,,....,.,.....,.,,,,..,,,.....,.,,,,.A.,.......,,,,,,,....i.,,,..,,.,..,,..., Florence Thurber, news editor, Geraldine Hansen, editorial page eiditorg BUSINESS STAFF Roger Rice ,,,, ,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,.....,..,...,,...,,...,,,. , .,,,,,,.. . B usiness Manager Doris Harmon ..,,,..r.,...,.,,,., . ,,,,,,,,.....,. ,..... ,,A..... . ...,..,,,....,,.,..A.......,..,,,1,..,,.... .... . A d vertising Manager Don Arthurs 4..,,,,...,....,.......,,,,.,,,,, . ....,,...,,......,.i.....,..,.,...,,,,,,,,.,.,,......,..,,,, Assistant Advertising Manager Advertising solicitors: Carl Carter, Virginia Holland, Elaine Hartman, Gail Gardner, Norma MacGregor, Joe Kelly, Maria.n Mueller, Frances Broderick, Betty Neilans, Vivian I Mondou, Virginia Reeder, Carmela Costello, Phyllis Stocks, Sonny Furr, Morris Page, Lillian Wetherell, Rae Collins, Deloris Gerlach., Jimmy Shriver, Mattie Ellefn Scott, Lois Bonner, Dolores Culver, Sheila Leary, Mona Sanford, Beth Kuchenbeckelr, Mary Walsh.. Bob Hocum ...............,,.....,,,,..,.,,....,..,.......,,..,.,,,,.,,.,,,,..,,,.,,..........,,...v,,.. ,..,......,......v,,,,, C' 'iroulationl Manager Page eighty-mine The .... Tamarack Homer Calkins ,,,,.A.,,,.......,.....,,,,,......,....,,..,,,,,,7,,,,.,,A,,,,, ,.,,, ,,,7,,,7,w . ,,,,7,,, ,M.,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,, B 0 0 k keeper Mary Walsh .,.,,,.....,.,.,Y........,.,v....,,,,..Y,Y.,,.....,,,,,,.,,,,......., ,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,..,,A,,,,.,,,,,,,,A.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S e cretwry B019 H0ffII1a11, Fred Goettel, Betty Ott, Roger Rice, Jean Rosenbom .,...........,..,..,........ Collectors E- J- Gl'1fflI1 ....ff-...........f-,....f..,,,,,,,,,,.A,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,.....,,. ..,,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,....,....,, ,,..,...,,,,,, ,.,.,,,,, B u s i ness Adviser o o o Student Conduct Board The duty of the Conduct board is to govern student conduct in the halls, library, convocations, lockers and on the school grounds. The board consists of a president, secretary and the commissioners of the five departments. Offenders of school rules have the privilege of appearing before the board at its weekly meeting, Monday morning, to appeal their cases. Of- fenders are sentenced automatically for failure to appear. Warren Stimpert ......,. Bettie Wunsch ,.... Bob Adams ....,........,..... Roger Hempleman ..,....... Fred Englund ............,.. Virginia Delgrove ,,...,, Ruth Chafee ,..,,,..,,,.,. L. C. Bradford ......... Officers o o o Athletic Board ,...,.,,..Tra f fic .,.,.,,,.Libra'ry Grounds Convocation- ...,,.,...,...,Looker ......,.Presiden,t ..,,,...Secretary Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner ...........Ad'viser Consisting of the principal, vice principal, athletic directors, coaches, captains and managers of all sports and honorary members, the Athletic board was established to decide questions of athletic policy and to design, regulate and award athletic emblems. Otticers Tom Hanifen, ...........,... ...................... ....... P 1' esident Jeanne Farrington. ,,,,. ,... ....... .,..... ...,. . . S ocfetwry Traffic and Grounds Squads Organized in 1920, the purpose of the traffic squad is to maintain order in the halls and on the stairways. Officers of the squad are: Commissioner, Bob Adams, captain, Calvin Shumakerg lieutenants, Henry Vogel and Har- old Downie. In 1931 the grounds squad was organized to keep the school grounds Page ninety The .... X Tamarack orderly and to enforce the rules of the Conduct board. Fred Englund is com- missioner, with Dick Lines as captain and Grant Gilbert and Kenneth Strick- ler as lieutenants. Both groups are advised by C. A. Chandler and L. C. Bradford. Amores Librorum o In the fall of 1935, Miss Mary Bacon, librarian, selected 30 boys and girls from those on the honor roll to become members of a library reading group, meeting twice a month to discuss books and to hear book reviews and travel talks. This group was organized as a school club in 1936 under the name Amores Librorum, meaning "Lovers of Booksf, Each member must read a group of books on a certain topic each se- mester in order to enlarge his reading interests. Officers J ack WHitkillS ..,,,.... Edelle Lewerk ............ Geraldine Hansen Virginia Watkins ....... ,.. Bob Adams ........,......... Miss Mary Bacon l......... I O O Rho Kappa . ................ President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms dmser The Radio club was started in 1921 with the motive to promote an in- terest in radio. When social activities became a part of the club, the name was changed to Rho Kappa. The club has a radio shack on the roof of the school and the mem- bers are allowed to spend vacant periods in the shack. Several members have amateur radio stations of their own. Radio station KFIO was originated by the old Radio club and for years the station presented student programs. Candidates for membership must pass a radio test given by the members. Andy McLeod ......... Albert Buxton ....,.,,. Reamer Bolz ........ Otto Arnquist .....,,,, Monroe Smith .......,.. George Frese ........... L. G. Mlnard .......... Officers .....................President Vik-e President ................,Secretary Treasurer Sergeant wt Arms Trustee dviser Page ninety-one The .... Tamarack Math Club To promote an interest in mathematics is the purpose of the Math club. Algebra, geometry and first-year math contests are the projects of the club. VVinners of the algebra and geometry contests receive silver loving cups and their names are engraved on the plaque displayed in the lower hall. A certifi- cate is given the winner of the first-year contest. Officers Virginia Delgrove ..,........ ................,.,77, ....,....i,.,...,,, P r esident Gordon Chattefrton ....,.. -. .,.,,,,. Vice President Jane Snure ...............,..... .,.....,.......... S ecretary Bob Hoffman ..,...... .,,,..,...,.,..,...,,.,.. T reasurefr Roger Rice- ............ .,... - ...Sergeant at Arms R. A. Baldwin ....eev..r. ,.,....,......r .,.,e.,..c.,........,........, c,eoe.,i,,, , c..e..... A J i, em Stage Crew I The stage crew is composed of outstanding members of shop classes. These boys construct the sets and take care of lighting effects for all school presentations. Officers Vern Broadwell ......... .. ,,.........,............ ..,...... M wnager LeRoy England ........ ................,. .,..,,,. T e clinician Andy Cattanach ........ ....,.,.. - ...Booth Gordon Chapman ......,.. ,..,....,......,..... C urtain Howard Wohrle ,....,,.........,..A.......,....,..,............,...A.....,.....,,,. ..,..,.....,........,.A...... F lyman Earl Schmidt .....,............., ....,,..,.......,,....,.......,,,,..,.i....i,........... P roperty Manager Don Shaw, Bob Komp, John Aiken, Truman Chase ........... .,...i...i...,,...,.. A ssistzmts I O O so Po Q0 Ro O Miss Mary Evans, present adviser, organized the S. P. Q. R. club in 19145 for the purpose of getting together students interested in the study of Latin and Roman history. The members have three social parties a semester. "Senatus Populusque Romanusf' the Latin meaning of S. P. Q. R. in English means "the Senate and the Roman people." Tom Hanifen ............ Gordon Chatterton ........ Glorian Rohrbach ...,,.,,. Robin Penney ............ Jack Watkins .............. Miss Mary Evans ......... Page ninety-two Officers ..................President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ..........S6rgeam,t at Arms dmser , Th . ... Tamarack Sans Souci To develop a knowledge of the French nation, Sans Souci, meaning "without care," was organized in 1913 Every year the club sponsors a French essay contest for those students having at least one year of French. Prizes are awarded to contestants plac ing first and second. Membership is limited to 25 girls who have at least two final C's in French. Gloria Thompson ...e....,, Isabel Stalker ....r,r....., Phyllis Remmers ......,,,. Margery Sabiston ,.,... Patricia Morrill .,.,.,... Evelyn Partridge... ........ Miss Margaret Fehr .......,,, Oifxcers Presrdent Vrce President Secretary Corresponding Secretary Reporter Adfwser Art Club The Arty club was organized in the interest of fine arts. Each semester, besides working on one special project, club members make posters for dra matics and other school activities. To be eligible for membership in the club, a student must have two se mesters of art, with no grade below C. John Hagle ......... Betty Wagner .,.......,.. Mary' Lou Conover ...... Helen Coburnc .... Miss Ethel Ashley .,...., . I Treasurer O O I O Officers ....,.........President . . ....... Vrbe President ..............Secretary Treasurer .......,Fa.culty Advfiser Theatre Masque o Organized to foster interest in music, dancing and drama, and to de- velop these talents, the Theatre Masque is composed of 15 boys and 15 girls who are talented in some way. The club's annual pay convocation was given in the auditorium April 15. Centering around a "television" theme, the show, entitled "Spotlights in Ta- hiti," was under the direction of Grace Douglas Leonard, club adviser. Carol Patz ..,,.... Officers ..............Pre8ideut Don Henyan ............ ....... Vice President Patricia Boyle ........ ................. S ecretary Dik Ross ................................ ............... - ....... T reasurefr Lola. Mae Rohwer ....... - ........... ........ S ergeant wt Arms Grace Douglas Leonard ........ ..................,,..., A dmiser P ag: ninety-thru The .... Tamarack International Club o Girls who are foreign born or whose parents are foreign born are eligible to become members of the International club if they have grades of C or better. In the spring of 1932, the club was organized by a group of girls under the direction of Miss Helen McDouall with the purpose of making a better understanding between the United States and foreign countries. Officers Bette Carlson i,.,.,..i, ..,,,,,,,,.,,......,,, ,--,,,,,,,,,,,,., P r esident Eleanor Pontier ......,... o4,ii,,,, V ice President Geraldine Baker, ......,........,.., ,,-,,,-,,,,, 7 'reasurer Jeanette Hochberg .....,......,...... ,,,,,,,, A Secretary Miss Violet Starkweather ......... ,,,r..,r ,,.r,,, ,,,,.,, ,,i,i,,,, A d 'vis e r La Tertulia o The purpose of La Tertulia, meaning "Circle of friends," is to encourage the study and use of Spanish and to promote an interest in the customs and forms of government in Spanish speaking countries. Two final C's in Spanish are the requirements for membership in the club . Viola. Schaffert ,,....... , .r.,,,.... Esta Endsley ..,,....... Muriel Wright ,...,,.... Esther Greenblat ............ Miss Julia Hermann ....,,, ,. Officers Scriptorian Society o ....,.......,.,,...,Preside11t Vice President Secretary Treasurer dviser The aim of the Scriptorian society is to offer constructive criticism to the girls who write stories, poems, essays or plays. At each meeting members present for approval some examples of their literary work. Once a month the club has a fireside to study and discuss the modern style of literature. Any girl having four semesters of A or B in English and no grade below C is eligible for membership in the group. Isabelle Hall c........ Lillian Frank ....,.,. Faith Everett ........v,. Valma Gilman ,,r....,.. Evelyn Partridge ,.,..,.. Miss Nellie Catton ....r,,.,, Page ninety-four Officers ,,,....,,...........President Vice President Secretary .,c,,...Treasurer .........Reporter dviser 1. ,""-,wi ,,, ,, . "AW a V. .. .1 , f. . 4 . . 1,4 ' . , H I .K J ,... 1. . .lu I I- . . 1 ' f. 9 ' ' A , ' , ' Vlbjv ,x, .k-'A -Q 4 , ' ,,, ,A 'lv ,. K X . -" in , '14 ,, -' 1 , ,V .' V . .V - , M' .- ..A K f-,my W, , , , ,Aus ,, Vw, ,. I K Y .A . V, , W Y V- - N J- z L. 1: . ,M r , -1 .if nwymismagmawkwifmazizgi:s.aaL1Q5'.:s., '- ' fmaummzl ' ' 2az4wm.zf:Augzm,s.r.MJLQL.-Hannah " -' Tamarack ' ' First Row: Shirley Van Dorn, Marlene Rogers, Rae Samuel, Senior Dramatlcs Normajean Heil, Helen Lincoln. Second Row: Mary Ann Fleming, Dorothy Lehrbas, Shirley Hawley, Imogene Anfinson, Mrs. Grace Douglas Leonard idirectorl, Carol Patz. Third Row: Dorothy Borton, Barbara Carroll, Betty Wood, Nita Anderson. Fourth Row: Jimmy Ryan, Glenn Bitcher, James Arenton, Alfred Bowles, Bill Stromme, Patricia Boyle, Don Henyan. Fifth Row: Tom Hanifen, Dennis Williams, Fred Olberg, Francis Correll, Gordon Bennion Weldon Pearson. Sixth Row: Dave Pearce, George Scott, Marvin Robertson. The .... d Senior Dramatics I ORE than keeping up the custom of a "good show," the senior dramatics class presented Philip Barry's "Spring Dance" in the auditorium on the evenings of Friday, May 210, and Saturday, May 21, under the direction of Grace Douglas Leonard, dramatics instructor. The three-act modern play by one of the leading authors of the day was interpreted cleverly by the senior thespians, Comments such as "the play with the spontaneous dialogue," "refreshing as a cool swim," "typically mod- ern," "true to life and characteristic of college students," Hemotional, spon- taneous and natural," and the fact that the audience laughed, cried and smiled proved its success. According to hlrs. Leonard, the change from the deeply dramatic plays of the past made this one even more entertaining because of its modern new- ness and variety in stage setting, costumes, acting and dialogue. f'Spring Dance" is set in the dormitory of a girls' college in New England near two popular boys' colleges, Yale and Princeton. The plot winds around the college romance of Alex and Sam. Bright, comical, attractive Mady Platt, serious, calm, judicious Kate lNIcKimg dashing, dramatic, attractively vulgar Sally Prescott, pretty, child-like, senseless Frances Fenng and vital, intense, Page ninety-seven ,I The .... Tamarack attractive Alex Benson are the closest of friends and live a happy life of study and worry, dances and gaiety and romance and sympathy. Prim, New England Miss Ritchie, the housemother, enters to spoil several good times, and Mildred, the housemaid, produces plenty of laughs. Alex and tall, good-looking Sam Thatcher, from Yale, are in love, but complications arise when Sam, overlooking Alex's feelings, plans to take a trip with his friend, the dark, contemptuous Lippincot. Alex is heart-broken and harsh words result between the lovers. The girls tell Sam that he Hneednit expect her to be around when he returns." Sam's best friend, humor- ous, likable, peppy John Hatton, urges him to leave this "trap" and con- tinue his trip, which Sam proceeds to do. The girls realize that it is up to them to keep Sam there and save Alex's feelings. So they conspire, unknown to Alex. Mady's father offers Sam a job and when that doesn't work they talk "Hat" into having him put in jail. After he gets out he comes to the dormitory to apologize to Alex and she ends up by going with him. Tall, urbane Buck Buchanan and stocky, athletic-built Doc Boyd from Princeton furnish amusement, as do Frances and "Hat" in their scenes together. Thirty- five-year-old Walter Beckett, biology professor, brings in the older element and helps Alex out with her "thesis." The double cast was as follows: Alex ...........,.., ......,,. .,,i,...,,,,,,.,..,.,..... C A ROL PATZ ...,.. .,,,,,..l...,. N ITA ANDEnsoN Sam .,.,.,.,,,,,.,..,,........,.,.,,............,,....., Gonnox BENNION .....,.. FRED OLBERG John Hatton ,,..... .......... G LENN PITCHER. l........i. BILL STROMME Lippincot ,.,.,,..., ........,. D AVE PEABCE ,,,,,,,.,,,,.... TOM HANIFEN Mady Platt., ......,.... ......,,.. B ARBARA CARROLL ........ PATRICIA BoYI.E Katie McKim .... ,..., . . ........ DORUPHY LEIIEEAS ..i.,, DOROTHY Boa'I'oN Sally Prescott ,.,...... ........,, N URMAJEAN HEII. ,,,,..,, HELEN IAOUISE LINCOLN ' Frances Fenn ............. .......... M AILLENE Rooms ......... MARY ANN FLEMING Buck Buchanan ......... ...,....., M ARVIN ROBERTSON ...,.. DENNIS WILLIADIS Doc Boyd ................. .......... D GN HENYAN ....,,,.v..,.. JIMMY RYAN Walter Beckett ...,....... .......... Vt YELDON PEAnsoN ...,.... JAMES ARENTON Mildred .......A,...............,.,......,..,.,..... IMOGENE ANFINSON ..., SHIRLEY VAN DonN Miss Ritchie ,.....,..............,.,.,.......... BE'rI'Y Woon ........,.....,.,. SHIRLEY HAWIAEY The production staff plays a big part in the producing of any show. The staff for "Spring Dance" was: Business manager, Don Snyder, advertising and publicity managers, Francis Correll, Bob Nevers, Alfred Bowles, setting, George Scott, property managers, Rae Samuel, Shirley Van Dorn, Shirley Hawley, house manager, Weldon Pearson, costumes, Dorothy Lehrbas, Hel- en Louise Lincoln, Imogene Anfinsong makeup, Glenn Pitcher, Normajean Heil, Marvin Robertson, Mary Ann Fleming, script holders, Betty Wood and Dorothy Borton. To the Scientist o These scientists are clever men Who live efficient lives by rules, But thank God they cannot convert A love song into molecules! BILL NOBLE. Page ninety-eight troubles. The . . . . W Tamarack One-Act Plays URING the semester, the senior dra matics class worked on the following one-act plays and presented some of them before school audiences Outclassedu by Carl Glick, in which two adventurous boys have theii Director .... ,.....u,...,.. Georgie Smith ......i, Eddie Simmons ........,,..., Mr. Dodge, the preacher The Tramp ,......,, ............ GLENN PITCHER JIIVIMY RYAN ALFRED BowLLs DENNIS WHLIAMS JAMES ARENTON The Valiant" by Holwarth Hall, in which a convict tells a he to save the feelings of his mother and his sister Father Daly ................,... ,James Dyke, the comwwt ......,...,........ Josephine Paris, the sister ,.......,,..,i,, Director ,,......,,.,...,..,.................,.,.i.........,,. FRANCIS Co1u1ELL Gonnow BENNION NIIA ANnE1IsoN CAROL PA'rz C Warden Holt ...,.......,,.,,,,..,..,u,..,...,...........,.,.....,,..,,,....... l ..,.......................,., F RED OLBERG i ' t Grandma Old-Style" by Walter Prichard n which grandma saves the day. Grandma Bowdoin ....... .....r,,.. S HIRLEY HAWLEY Grandma Clark r..,...... ..............,.........,r......,,,......,.,,,, I MOGENE ANEINsoN Willie Bowdoin ...,.,.... l..,.,,,.,.., B ILL STROMME Mildred Bowdoin ....,...,., ,,,,,,,.. B ARBARA CARROLL Bessie Bowdoin ....,.. ....... . .. .........,,,... ....,,,,,,,.,,,, N ORMAJEAN HEIL John Bowdoin ,.................,.,.,.................,................,,,,,,,........,,........,.,.......... DoN SNYDE11 Letters" by Colin Clements and Florence Ryerson in which love let- ters cause trouble. Pamela Whitney ..r....., ........... D OROTIPIY LEHREAS Dolly Darling ,,....,,............ ...,.......... . .. .........,.,.,,,,, .,..,,,,..., I MOGENE ANEINsoN Helen Kane .,.,..,...4...................................,.,,........,,..,,,,..r.,,,,,,,,.... MARY ANN FLEMING A Wedding" by John Kirkpatrick, telling of a nervous bridegroom. Bridegroom ....,.,,..................,.....i.................................,,,i...........,,.,............. DAVE PEARCE Best man. ....v..,,, ...,... ,....,.,.l, L ,... M ARVIN ROBERTSON Groomsman ,.,... .....,,,.,,,,..,.,,,. D oN HENYAN Bride ....v..,......, .,,.,..,, S HIRLEY VAN DonN Father ....r.,... ............ W ELDON PEAEsoN Mother ,............ Aunt ..,,......,.......,. ..........,.DOBOTHY BoIvroN ..,,,,,,,,DOROTHY IAEHRBAS Mr. Grayson, ,,....,. A , ..., .. ,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,, GLENN PITCHER Director, ...,. .r.,....,,.....,.............,.,l....,.,r..........,.............,.,,,,,r.i,,,.,... .....,, D o nofrny BonroN Mary of Scotland" by Maxwell Anderson in which jealousy causes dra- Ill3.t1C conflict. QA cuttingj Mary, Queen of Scotland ......... -., ............. CAROL PATZ Elizabeth, Queen of England ...,..... ........ P ATRICIA BOYLE Bothuwell ...........r.......,...............,......... .,,,,,.... T oM HANIFE.N Burghley ...,..........,.......................... ......v G LENN PITCHER Page ninety-nine The .... Tamarack "Fatal Quest" which was done at the Rogers Hi-Jinx. A side-splitting comedy with no sense. CUNZRIHS ,-f.f-. ...----..-,ff-..........,.........................,A.,,.......... F RED Ommw, ALFRED Bowu-:s Bell Riilgel' -------, ..,...........,..........,..,, M ARLENE Romans King ,ff--------------- .....,,..............,.,,,.,.., T OM HANIFEN QIICCII. ----------- ,........., D onofrl-Iv LEHRBAS Pl'lIlCCSS ,,.,... ...,.,.,................. ,..,,,,, ,,.,,,L, -,,, -,,,,,,,,L.,,,,,, RA E S A M UEL Duke VVYYKK.. ...........,,.-..........,,,..............,.,,,.,.............,,...................,,.....,....... J AMES ARENTON "Sunset by Slantsky," a satirical comedy of people who go "high art." Dr. Chl'0Ile .......... ,,A,..,..... ......... D E NN1s WILLIAMS Mr. P8111 ,,f,v-........... ...,........... .....i......,,.. B 0 B Nrzvmns -Mrs. Featherstonehugh ,..,,..... ,,,,,,,-,, M ARLENE Rom-ms Miss Featherstonehugh ...,...,,,.,...7 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,7,,,,,,,, ,,i,,,,,,,,, H E LEN Lmcomf uDo11 Shop ll in for O THE tune of the "Frog Dance," composed by C. Olin Rice, the curtain was raised on the fourth biennial "Doll Shop," sponsored by the girls' physical education department, under the di- rection of Miss Elsa Pinkham, in the school auditorium on St. Patrick's day, Thursday, March 17, at a double pay convocation, and again on Friday, March 18, for the Parent-Teacher association presentation. No sooner' had the show begun when Patricia Boyle and Don Henyan, an old Irish couple who owned a doll shop, were honored with the presence of two little girls, Gloria Sherwood and Betty Rehfeld, who had come to buy a "dolly," To the antics of playful frogs, Dawn Carpenter and Katherine Higgins, the shopkeepers showed their wares, after which the girls decided to "buy them all." Opening the show were the "Doll Shop Tune Twisters," composed of Dik Ross, clarinet, Bob Porter, guitar, Jay Gookstetter, slap bass, and Carl Jensen, washboard, who received a larglovation. The "Mammies" dressed in polkadot negro costumes stuffed with pillows were Eleanore English, Betty Gazette, Jerry Moody, Joy Neff, Betsy Ross, Viola Schaffert and Audra Snedden. A body-twisting acrobatic dance was presented by Fern Carlock after which Ruth Peterson and Geraldine Hansen interpreted "good St. Pat- rick's day" with their version of the "Kerry Singers." Following that, Ruth Pyle presented a Spanish dance, during which she threw a rose into the audi- ence in a regal fashion. Iona and Leona Mottaz as "Farmerettes" sang "There's a Gold Mine in the Sky" accompanied by Bob Porter on his guitar. An eccentric rope tapping number saw Bette Cottrell as a "Schoolday Lassie." Swinging along came Frances Forrester, Beverly Gazette, Inamae Harding, Mae Milne, Alta Milne, Vivian Mondou, Virginia Reeder and Betty Stevens as "Hawaiians" followed by Betty Bryan and Barbara Wied as "Susie Q's." Page one hundred The .... Tamarack Beverly Adams and Marvin Robertson, as a bride and groom, sang "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," while an impressive ballet was danced by Phyllis Eaton, Sylvia Green, Dolores HaroldsQ,n,Mary Mathews, Pat Morrill, Murthe McCracken and Phyllis Henry. Flopping in every direction were Marjorie Peterson and Mary Walsh as "Raggedy Anus." "Flamenco Oriental" was in- terpreted by Eloise Jordan and then Bob R. Johnson and Eddie Thompson "brought down the house" with their "Come and Get It" act. Beverly Berg was lovely as the "Doll in Pink," a toe dance, as were Velma Swett and Gerry Thompson as "Mexicans," A part of the navy performed when the "sailors," Irene Anderson, Betty Bowman, Maxine Dye and Arleen McBean danced. Giving two of the loveliest solos were Elsie Stephens, soprano, and Jane Radkey, torch singer. A clever "Top Hat" tap by Katherine Barry was en- tertaining as were Carmela Costello and Victoria Faraca in the "Bowery." Dainty Marianne Peterson portrayed the "Bareback Rideri' and Julia Mc- Connehey did a roller skating act. Also much enjoyed were Betty Bittner as the "Jockey Doll" and Phyllis I-Iunt's Chinese whistling. A peppy Irish jig saw Imogene Anfinson, Floy Bale, Helen Chandler, Nancy Lou Clemens, Cleo Gale, Frances Gilleland, Eleanor Mele and Florence Prague as "lassies." Not to be outdone by the navy, two military dolls, Frances Dean and Loraine Stapleton, danced with "guns ready." The last number, featuring the bride and groom, was beautiful when a chorus singing "When the Mighty Organ Played Oh Promise Me," made an archway with their long crooks for the couple. In the chorus were: Marian Barton, Virginia Barton, Margaret Crisp, Marjorie Graul, Cleo Krebs, Mar- garet Kopet, Margaret Little, Eleanor Mauk, Carol Patz, Jayne Rice and Bette Thompson. The "Doll Shop" theme song as well as "Little Doll in Pink," "Raggedy Ann" and the "Frog Dance" were composed by C. Olin Rice, musical direc- tor. Elsa M. Pinkham was dancing coach and general director, Grace Doug- las Leonard, dramatics and make-up, Agnes Avent, wardrobe adviser, Ethel Ashley, scenic decorations, E. J. Griffin, business adviser, and J. D. Young- man, scenic construction. The "Doll Shop" orchestra, directed by John Harris, consisted of: Cello, Barbara Gerking, violin, Phyllis Remmers, trombone, Joe Carter, trumpets, John Harris and Bill Provost, piano, Mary Jean Sloanaker, Joyce Millspaugh, flute, Cora Hughart, clarinet, Hugh Mitchell, and drums, Gerald Hartley. The business staff was Carol Patz, property manager, senior dramatics class, make-up, Geraldine Hansen and Ruth Peterson, business managers, Carl Carter, advertising manager, costumes, Vivian Mondou, Karol Keats, Jean Cockburn, Joyce Ferris, Veda Burks and Emma Lou Jydstrup. Stage staff members were Vern Broadwell, manager, LeRoy Englund, technician, Andy Cattanach, booth, Gordon Chapman, curtain, Harold VVohrle, flyman, and Earl Schmidt, Bob Komp, Don Shaw, John Aiken and Truman Chase, assistants. At the performance sponsored by the Parent-Teacher association, the special concert artists were Dorothy Tesch, soprano, Jan. '38, Phyllis Rem- mers, violinist, Bob R. Johnson, baritone, Gerald Hartley, xylophonist, and Mrs. Harry Doose, June '19, who sang "Moonbeams" and Killarney." Page one hundred one 1 a' M at c u Q 0 5' is l 0 f Tamarack f ,sifgi 4 .I ix' 2 f - 1' " T12 he If fi fi 1 V' , U 9 N 3 S' bt E 11 , N iv ? Puyc one hmzdred two Wf"5f""' W? 'V .W-.-. M... M--,A - ..V... ...., .M ... f,.. .-sq., g,.v:.f--Gam-mzuiaaaullsm, sans-:X 1- ...-'ref'-".:P11m4:u.' 1' sw--'r'e'1'f' :w:u:ux1w.-:snvvx-fw:nu--L'-vmara.-:::--'--.gswv The .... Tamarack Page one hun The . . . Tamarack "Federation Follies oi '38" HE "Federation Follies of 19-38M was presented by thc Boys' Federation in the school auditorium on the night of April 1. The management of the show was as follows: General arrangements, Tom Hanifen, Gordon Bennion, Elwood Carter, Billy Hughes and Lowell C. Bradford, publicity, Dik Ross, Harry Ashley, Warren Stimpertg tickets, Dick Frazier, Rod Jones, J. O. Eckerg program, Gordon Chatterton, Roger Rice, Tom Watson, Bob Proctor, stage, Vern Broadwell, Andy Cattanach, Earl Schmidt, Gordon Chapman, LeRoy Englund, Howard Wohrle, John Aiken, Don Shaw, Bob Komp, Truman Chase, ushering, Francis Correll, Carol Patz, C. A. Chandler, E. L. Hixg cuemasters, Fred Englund, Billy Hughes, Elwood Carter, Bill Strommeg adviser, Lowell C. Bradford. Introducing each number cleverly and capably were Gordon Ben- nion and Tom Hanifen as masters of ceremonies. Act 1 opened the curtain on "Horace Heidt-It and His Crippling Wrythcmn which consisted of the Pep band dressed in tuxedo waists. In the band were John Harris, leader, Bill Provost, Will Clark, Joe Carter, Clarke Gist, Jack Bradford, Hugh Mitchell, Ken Strickler, Fred Olberg, Bill Wells, Bob Wyse, Rod Jones, Willard Barth, Jay Gookstetter, Arvod Crumpacker, Gerald Hartley and Bob Hoffman. Accompanied by C. Olin Rice, Johnny Harris playedptwo trumpet solos, closing Act 2. Act 3 presented Harold Hughes and Tom Watson as "Kampus Kutupsf' They gave a clever tap dance number, accompanied by Merlyn Philo. Winning the audience in Act 44 were the "Stringsters,,' Arvod Crum- packer, banjo, Bob Porter, guitar, Jay Gookstetter, bass viol, and Don Henyan, piano. "Pump Pump Pull Away" was the clever accordian number by Earl Bossuyt for Act 5. One couldn't possibly express the hilarity of the audience in Act 6 when "The Little Read Schoolhouse" saw the faculty dressed as "pupils" in "The Bookworm Turns." The 'teacher was portrayed by Alfred Bowles. The "pupils" were Messrs. Walter Hawes, Archie Buckley, Earl Mennet, George Sander, Guy Barnes, Walter Williams, Glen Minard, Paul Neuman, VVarren Worth Jones. Act 7 opened with complete contrast when hlarvin Robertson, tenor, Bob Porter, guitar, and Doug Deissner, Whistler, capti- vated their listeners with "Hawaiian Moonlight." Bob G. Smith capably in- terpreted "Tiz Tizzie Lish Smith." Then came Act 9 with the melodrama directed by Tom Hanifen en- titled "The Revenge of Count Ten." The characters were: Draft, Bob Neversg tapestry, George Petschg Count Ten, Warren Stimpertg captain of the mud guards, Harry Treffryg Lady Isadumbella, Glenn Pitcher, Mark Tyme, Birney Blair, Punko Polo, Denny Williams, Chin Deep, Dave Pearce, Page one hundred four ,LM M M M 1, e Tamarack circular staircase, Gordon Chatterton. New, different and entertaining were the talents of Bob R. Johnson, Swinghi, Eddie Thompson, Swinglo, and Don Henyan, Swing Interlude in Act 10. Bob won laurels with his singing as did Eddie with his comical tumbling and Don with his piano playing A beautifully shadowed stage held Gerald Hartley, xylophonist in 'fHil arious Hammers" in Act 11. Willard Barth accompanied him. Always at their best, the Tin Can Tune Twisters presented "Rushin Ragtime" led by Minsky Corsetoff. They were: Dik Ross, clarinet, Bob Porter, guitar, Jay Gookstetter, bass fiddle, and Carl Jensen, what not. Act 13 saw "Boofina and Her Beautiful Bevy of Bouncing Ballerinasn directed by Miss Elsa Pinkham. The premiere danseuse was "Bitsy" Le Grant. In her troupe were Elwood Carter, Doug Bankson, Tom Kroetch, Fred Goettel, Billy Hughes Don VVoods, Bill Stromme, Don MacPherson, Bruce Penny, Roger Rice, Jack Finrow, Ray Koefod. Act 14 and 15 saw Gordon Bennion and Tom Hanifen extending the "Season's Greetings" and "Ditto.', The show ended with the entire company in Act 16 presenting "Red and Black" with Wes Hulett, drum major. Lowell C. Bradford was then presented with an "Indian Head" ring. The "anything to be different attitude" was helped by girl ushers under Carol Patz, head. They were: Nettie Jean Ross, Virginia Watkins, Maxine Warner, Virginia Delgrove, Evelyn Partridge, Patricia Boyle, Glorian Rohrbach, Mary Walsh, Lillian Frank, Jane Snure, Elizabeth Squibb and Shirley Hawley. rn J ! "Masque Moods of '38" ' EATURING the talent of the Theatre Masque club, "Masque Moods of '38" presented "Spotlights in Tahiti" on Friday, April 22, in the auditorium. The opening curtain showed a Tahitian village. The four natives, Dik Ross, Bob Porter, Jay Gookstetter and Carl Jensen, started the show with a hangmby playing HO, By Jingof' Exotic as a human native sacrifice in Ta- hitian dress was Elsie Stephens sitting on a pedestal singing "Pagan Love Song." In keeping with the native theme, Eddie Thompson, as the Medicine Man, did a tumbling act. Suddenly the natives sight the scientist, Feather- stone Peabody and his wife, played by Alfred Bowles and Carol Patz, and capture them. In order to save themselves, the Peabodys amaze the natives with the wonders of their television machine. Flash! The spotlight turned to the center stage where modernistically arranged silver steps were backgrounded by a skyscraper scene. Mr. Pitchorsky, the announcer, read by Stan Beck, connected the acts. Beth Kuchenbecker played "Manhattan Serenade" on her accordion, followed by a toe dance by Frances Page one lmndfed five W! , Q The . . . . Tamarack Dean to the tune of "There,s a New lNIoon Over the Old lNIill." Ushering in pep and vitality was Jane Radkey's singing of "Joseph! Josephlfi "When Nellie Came Back From the City" was cleverly acted and sung by Patricia Boyle. Swinging from the skies came Lola Mae Rol1wer's acrobatic dance. The Frenchman, Gerald Hartley, played "Whirlwind" on his Xylophone. Switching down to "good old Spain," Barbara Wied did a rhumba dance, followed by the singing of "A Heart That's Free" by Beverly Adams. "Song of the Islands" featured Arvod Crumpacker on his banjo. Betty Bryan did a fast tap and Bob Johnson sang "Jubilee,' and "Please Be Kind." Milton Bartholomew, violin, Bob Porter, guitar, and Carl Jensen, slap bass, enter- tained. An oriental dance was given by Loraine Stapleton after which John- ny Harris was featured in a trumpet solo, "Moon of lNIanakoora." But the highlight of the show was the roller skating act by Julia McCon- nehey and Harry Leonard. Accompanists for all numbers were Marcia Barnes and Don Henyan. Modern, clever and talented was this fourth Masque show, keeping up the tradition of good productions. From the proceeds of "Spotlights in Ta- hiti," the club presented to the school a public speaking recording machine to be used in the music and speech departments. Radio Plays PEECH 2 was very active in radio play work this semester, since the public speaking system has been available. On Thursday, March 10, students presented the "Signing of the Decla- ration of Independence," directed by Grace Douglas Leonard, over the radio under the auspices of the Parent-Teacher association. Taking part were: Gloria Sherwood, Mary Walsh, Jane Snure, Harold Beavers, Stanley Beck, Cherrill Curtis, Chris Christie, Bob R. Johnson, Lawrence Juul, Derald Ly- man, Charles Moore, Glenn Pitcher, William Singer, Kenneth Thornburg, Dennis VVillianxs, Fred Goettel, Tony Ressa and Jim Neidigh. On March 31, over KFPY, "When Lincoln Came to Pittsburgh" was presented for the Spokane Parent-Teacher association. Characters were: Doctor John Goucher, Charles Moore, Mrs. John Goucher, Pat Wright, Tom, Harold Beavers, Mark, Chris Christie, John, Enid Darling, Spike, Pat Rich- ert, Mr. Dunn, Stan Beck, Mr. Adams, Derald Lyman, Mrs. Allen, Kath- ryn Bean, announcer, Glenn Pitcher. For the radio demonstration during the Inland Empire Teachers' con- vention, Glenn Pitcher gave cuttings from "Emperor Jones" by Eugene O'Neill, Gloria Sherwood, nurse, and Gloria Thompson, Juliet, gave a cut- ting from "Romeo and Juliet." Patricia Petersen and Billy Hughes read radio speeches. Page one hundred :ix The . . . . Tamarack Mixed Chorus CASTING nearly 80 members, the mixed chorus under the direction of C. Olin Rice completed a very success- ful semester with the singing of Verdi's "Trovatore." Participation in the inter-school concert and the spring concert were the main features this se- mester. At the May inter-school concert the class sang Stephen Foster's "De Camptown Races," Sigmund Rombe1'g's "Will You Remember," Arthur Sullivan's "The Long Day Closes," and Noble Cain's "Nocturne," Members of the chorus class are: Sopranos, Beverly Adams, Arlenne Snyder, Geraldine Hansen, Carol Patz, Maxine Reiniger, Floy Bale, Betty Rehfeld, Elsie Stephens, Leona Mottaz, Doris Cook, Bette Skoog, Dorothy Cameron, Geraldine Tollenaar, Pat Tenglund, Dorothy Johnston, Mary D' Assisi, Marguerite Williams, Beryl Yonkie, Betty Kimble, Elizabeth Bitt- nerg altos, Cleo Krebs, Jayne Rice, Margaret Little, Annalee McQueen, Wanda Hansen, Mary Walsh, Patricia Boyle, Evelyn Russell, Carol Brandt, Marie Larson, Margaret Thorsen, Eva Costa, Sally Berg, Iona Mottaz, Mar- garet Crisp, Margaret Kopet, Gwenn Willard, Betty Bryan, Lucille Hughes, Eleanor Maukg tenors, Don Henyan, Bill Pemberton, Bob Porter, Ray Koe- fod, Ben Thorson, Howard Crockett, Arthur Chandler, Marvin Robertson, Dik Ross, Ken Strickler, Lawrence Peterson, Bob R. Johnson, Bob N. John- son, Dick Hampton, George Cape, Al Richards, basses, Stanley Cress, Tom Pugh, Delmar Partch, Charles Anderson, Bruce Lamb, Richard Brede, Doug Deissner, Harold Short, Carroll Robinson, William Miner, Lyal Ringquist, Glenn Pitcher, Bob G. Smith, Joel Peters, Harvey Low, George Hayden, Merlyn Philo, Paul Palmer, Arden Howey, Lewis Daniels and Bill Knaack. Mary Walsh has acted as secretary and Stanley Cress and Bob N. John- son took care of the books. Three Fives o The Three Fives have had a busy semester. They appeared at the Rotary club and were active in the spring concert and the inter-school concert. The Three Fives club has the following members: First soprano, Bev- erly Adams, Arlenne Snyder, Elsie Stephens, Geraldine Tollenaar, Helen Turner, Geraldine Hansen, second sopranos, Doris Cook, Floy Bale, Betty Rehfeld, Cecelia Brault, altos, Cleo Krebs, Jayne Rice, Sally Berg, Marie Larson, Eleanor Mauk. Page one hundred seven The .... Tamarack Orchestra J INCE its origin in 1916, North Cen- tral's 56-piece orchestra, under the direction of C. Olin Rice, has presented a concert in the spring of each year along with the band and chorus. This year the orchestra played at the inter-school concert in May. A picked group of musicians, under the baton of John Harris, furnished the mu- sic for the "Doll Shop." The group also provided music for the class play and for baccalaureate and commencement exercises. For their various concerts this group played "Phedre Overture" by Mas- enet, "Finlandia" and "Valse '1'riste" by Sibelius, "Student Prince" by Rom- berg, "Southern Roses Waltz" by Strauss, "Walther's Prize Song" by Wag- ner, "Ballet of the Flowersi' by Hadley, "Narcissus" by Nevin, "Raymond Overture" by Thomas, "By the Blue Hawaiian Watersn by Ketelbey and "Swedish Coronation March" by Svendsen. Members of the first orchestra are: First violins, Phyllis Remmers, con- cert mistress, Barbara Dickinson, Betty Armstrong, Milton Bartholomew, Floyd Griffith, Virginia Snow, John Cummins, Virginia Watkins, Margy Gilbert, Virginia Dittmer, George Frese, Delbert Sontag, Lorraine Wagner, second violins, Grace Cook, Mary Chafee, Donald Havens, Maxine Mills, Vivian Elvigion, Marie Dirkes, Carroll Robinson, George Baker, Everett Clarke, Althca Carlson, Irene Granberg, Helen Kurz, Irene Money, June Pilent, viola, Helen Stapleton, Bob Sims, cello, Barbara Gerking, George Noreen, Ruth Chafee, Virginia Scruggs, bass, Pauline Daniel, Margaret Eichelberger, oboe, Eleanor Smith, first clarinet, Hugh Mitchell, Pat Boyle, second clarinet, Esther Swenson, bassoon, Bob Proctor, saxophone, Betty Jean Clarke, first trumpet, John Harris, second trumpet, Rose Marie Chafee, Clare Strain, Will Clark, first horn, Lovina Standeford, second horn, Bob Hix, third horn, Bob Read, trombone, Joe Carter, George Lotzenhiser, sou- saphone, Jack Bradford, tympani, Gerald Hartley, drum, Carroll Osman, and piano, Joyce Millspaugh. Second Orchestra O A varied class from semester to semester is the second orchestra. This semester it consists of Betty Burke, Phyllis Cline, Mary Ellen Johnson, Vir- ginia Jones, Kathryn Kemmer, Dorothy Miller, Leslie McGee, Marguerite Munn, Jack O'Brien, John Simpson, Helen Stowell, Frances Wilmot, Lola Margaret Furman, Elsie Stephens, Nylene Scamahorn, Gladys Pushor and Clementine Force. Pagc one hundred eight 6 ' 1: Tamarcrc y Th . . . . H x 1- , ef ,wx ,fx .- Ig .f 0 ,..........,. M, ,N . W .,VV WH. .....:....-.. H,-,-.4.n.-.m-...I-u1.w, vlan- -nsmiuaufinuhv f' ' s UI,-1 -2 tm U2 C 3 E E S4 41 ba 3: 113 WE -as So U1 .53 MP1 .Si Qs fo Q91 E2 :IIE .H A Q . 25 -o-15 -QM Ea Q9 Es OH S . 355 as s"-34: Eu 55 GS ff: 5233 'Qc :Di D-4 in wo fm 5323 ,BD-4 5533 2 .E 5-4 cus.. Q33 C6 E2 SH U -E 2.2,-4 no 502 'sw 2+- EE mm U 4'2"- m 0 .-C3 0 f-I 'E OGVE, U mg- .2 " :A lbs Ei' UP, I CD -as U2 S: an ,-4 cv H Q5 m as 5- ki an UD L. O an U 65 S52 u-4 'U G3 s-1 FQ 15 ce P1 E o DG E 7-4 ka +3 s-1 cd cd s-4 o U cf o ffl .E -Q .o D74 'E s- f. G5 O sf O 2 s-. cd U CY? og .S 2 4 S: 35 lo S-40 .H Q, P.: ai E3 .- SDS U bi s- :vi 2 'U V .E 5 L5 SQ? o Qs: gm "ls-. C13 3 ba O P1 ui .E .M -0-7 fe 5 :G .... E .,-1 bn -. as .G U Eur: 52 ,Q bn : D1 bi ce 'OJ S2 O w A-3 5-1 Q2 'E CD Q B O Di fc -OJ 'A-4 .- in w:S F-1 O 94-K UQ! C1 an cv C1 'Q S-4 S-1 O v-I Q. O .. UD .H V - na S2 G5 .. P .H P vi .H S1 S-4 cd E : .Q O vw Page one hundred E me Ez ci G ,-. P 0 A P2 as : S GJ Q QJ 5-4 P-4 4: Q GJ I L14 CD c 5 P1 .-. "'O EZ an O DS 3 O DS 4: -ii Q GJ P 412 w 2 E U1 O CU U P2 nv .-. 43 s-1 C5 I E C5 S.. W U E EV .-1 +1 ZH Lv s. is U bi C ..-1 vi s- ca U cc 5-4 3' S-4 as FQ :E 3 P1 EI U 'U LA 2 B4 E O F13 fi +1 .5 U2 sl nv E +-I as ..- Q ,E SI O +- 'ni .E an L: cu as s- o Z cu ED s-1 O cu U A L4 O 4-1 NH I1 U9 N E 8 1 7 W J The . . . . Tamarack Band NE of the most progressive organi- zations in the school is the band, which is known as one of the finest school bands in the Northwest. This spring, besides participating in the Apple Blos- som Festival in Wenatchee, the band played at the interschool concert, at hockey games and at ice carnivals. In the spring concert the band featured the "William Tell" overture and the "Atlantis Suite." Bob Wyse played a flute solo, Gerald Hartley played a Xylophone solo and .mln Harris, Bill Provost and Jack Bradford entertained with a trumpet trio. Officers of the band are: Bandmaster, John Harris, business manager, Gordon Chatterton, uniform manager, Dik Ross, stage manager, Dan Morse, advertising manager, Dick Frazier, property manager, Don Gibson, assist- ant manager, Bob Hoffman, secretary, Bob Proctor, head drum major, Wes- ley Hulett, Boys' Federation representative, Leslie McGee, head librarian, Bill Provost, who has Art Swenson, Bob Erley, Donald Hand, Richard Eddy, Kenneth Strickler and Roy Berglund as assistants, instrument manager, Bob Read. Members of the band are: Trumpets, Don Ammerman, Wurster Baker, Bob Beckman, John Bell, hlilburn Blakemore, Jack Bradford, Will Clark, LeRoy Englund, Wallace Goetz, Glen Grote, John Harris, Philip Hintz, Don- ald Leonard, Leslie McGee, Dick Myers, Bill Provost, Don Richardson, Bob Sims, Lloyd Trout, Berl Warren, Phil Zachrison, Jack Materne, John Simp- son, horns, Harry Ashley, Eugene Corey, Richard Eddy, Bob Erley, Robert Hix, Dan Morse, Bob Read, Paul Richter, trombones, Jim Armstrong, Fred Backlund, Leonard Bayley, Bob Brooks, Keith Campbell, Joe Carter, Dick Frazier, Don Gibson, George Lotzenhiser, Wallace Mahoney, Harley Quack- enbush, Dick Sprint, Art Swenson, baritones, Gordon Chatterton, Clarke Gist, Donald Hand, basses, Walter Bayne, Charles Burghduff, Stanley Butchart, Don Gessel, Bob Gleason, Bill Knaack, Charles Sands, Glen Staeheli, piccolo, Bob Wyse, flutes, Rod Jones, Bob Snow, bassoon, Bob Proctor, clarinets Bill Bailor, Willard Barth, Phil Cathey, Richard Cox, Dick Ennis, Oren House, Frank Joscelyn, Bob A. Johnson, Fred McLucas, Hugh Mitchell, Ralph Nel- son, Melvin Noreen, Jack O'Brien, Albert Parsons, Lawrence Peterson, Mer- lin Philo, Dik Ross, Don Strain, Ken Strickler, Harold Webster, Bill Wells, saxophones, Roy Berglund, Bob Chilberg, Wesley Dahl, Melvin Foltz, Har- old Hughes, Wesley Hulett, Dean Kent, Jack Key, Donald McGann, Fred Olberg, Bill Whitehead, drums, Leon Craig, Arvod Crumpacker, Paul Davis, Gerald Hartley, Ernest Hayes, Bob Hoffman, William Howard, Roy Howes, Bob Lechner, Frank Poutre, Harold Short, Ray Sullivan, Ray Youngman. All of the above are members of the concert band except Wurster Ba- ker, Leonard Bayley and Oren House who are in the full band only, and the following who are in the junior band: LeRoy Englund, Wallace Goetz, Don- ald Leonard, Don Richardson, Bob Sims, Berl Warren, Jack Materne, Eu- gene Corey, Fred Backlund, Bob Brooks, Wallace Mahoney, Harley Quack- Page one hundred ten '? wx sm .1 fa V ug , H ,effffm ' f pk, -Y - E' , ,, nw .. ., Vx .th Ta -..Y 1,:,,Kf,a,,5.55,4i f:.Vl::3,: 'Tags 7'71'CICk f ---nlgf, YQ gf- is S E gn 5 .,. , N 5 LA "5 'A mg Q-P Y FQ FQ 515 j 'S sv. m A' O ,W .., fig .GEM 4 M" .-. V if , , A Q ,S gal- if Q Y ,QB as ,iii ' if : 55 :Ii 31 Y, 2 vm as td 2 7 F' f+ E In 1 41111 f Q' C, 'D Q 93 bn? E in 324 oi M was 3 il ri 351: - 3 ,H il 'c O o Q M 2 3 E E 8 V W -we 5 gl? ' o pq gg E 52 n ' aa D+ fs X32 Z?-Q 5 3 L: O m Em cv S N E W O Q o me Q 53 'H Q .E N A 3 E 2 3 -u f-4 4 Q V1 SI all Q 3 ,Q D34 5 n F4 2 . Q Vg 4 5 : P-4 SD -. 1 SU E 5 ' GDB-4 ' as g W C , ce E E E 'Q 1 w O - 3 m 'E .E 4.5 3 is S bp F-4 5 as ,3 C -1 S me . 2: 5 G1 Q QP Ll' "' aa 33.2 'D 4-I 5. V BD G5 an H GS 6 3 'H 5 C ai E fa' H E s.. 5104 as 0 91: E U .Q '-' :Q ."" PQ :- AU +4 S-1 ,Q Q S Q z-... U S .2 V E is 'U E6 m S as 'U D3 'E RE Q S 5 Q W, mi -,,, DQ as E P. . as wi? 9 , .E V E O E 25 E .. ES E L5 3 B P 3 2: O T5 G .A 3 Q, +1 I S VJ A-J , ..,, Y U h rn ,. , ., , Cl QS U -gm . ., V Y, -ww. ,WV M , age ,,.,.m,,-V' f'1'Yf"v'31sbI4',i,m:Y', MQW' f A , Vw 0412 I mr ,,,, A f,.,,m,m Www ,L Lundred L, I we H W ,V M 'MW' --- W... ' f""f-x,.m1f,qx,,,,WWN W 'u""'5 gm, I ' A B- The . . Tamarack enbush, Dick Sprint, Charles Burghduff, Bob Gleason, Phil Cathey, Fred McLucas, Melvin Noreen, Jack O'Brien, Dean Kent, Jack Key, Leon Craig, Paul Davis, Ernest Hayes, Frank Poutre, Harold Short, Ray Sullivan and Ray Youngman. Pep Band o Furnishing of lively music for convocations has been done by the six- teen-piece pep band, a very popular organization which has contributed much to the entertainment of the school. The group has played for pep convoca- tions, special convocations, "Federation Follies," Chamber of Commerce and all the home basketball games. Their main engagement was the spring concert. Members of the pep band are: Trumpets, John Harris, Bill Provost and Jack Bradford, trombone, Joe Carter, baritone, Clarke Gist, sousaphone, Walter Bayne, drum, Bob Hoffman, Xylophone, Gerald Hartley, slap bass, Jay Gookstetter, flutes, Rod Jones and Bob Wyse, saxophones, Ken Strick- ler, Fred Olberg, Hugh Mitchell and Bill Wells, banjo, Arvod Crumpacker, and piano, Willard Barth. John Harris directs the pep band. I O I Girls' League Orchestra o Under the direction of Joyce Millspaugh, the Girls' League orchestra helps out at teas, convocations, etc. This semester the orchestra contains 28 pieces. They are: Violins, Phyllis Remmers, Barbara Dickinson, Virginia Dittmer, Helen Kurz, Mary Chafee, Vivian Elvigion, Grace Cook, Berna- dine Hardy, Virginia Snow, Eloise Elvigion, oboe, Eleanor Smith, trumpets, Clare Strain, Rose Chafee, cello, Barbara Gerking, Virginia Scruggs, Ruth Chafee, piano, Marjorie Hand, flute, Cora Hughart, clarinets, Patricia Boyle, Esther Swenson, Virginia Jones, bass, Pauline Daniel, violas, Marian Mueller, Helen Stapleton, saxophone, Bette Clark, horn, Lovina Stande- ford, and drums, Carroll Osman. I I O Paradox O Each small misfortune leaves its mark Like craters dimpled by the rain, Like faces mirrored in the dark Beyond some dusky windowpane. Yet losing you has left no weal Upon the surface of my soul, My little world is calm as steel . . . Serene . . . a self-betraying whole. BILL NOBLE. Page one hundred twelve JV fjfk fu!! 1 , I 1 1 1 1 mf., , .r - r , . , ,. - , 1 l ' f xi lv' . gs The .... Tamarack 1 ' First Row: Gordon Bennion, Jack Einrow, George BOYS Team Jackson, Bob Savage, Mac Goold Cassistant coachl. t B11 Z' e n Jack Nicholson Second Row: Guy Barnes Ccoachb, Bob Hoesly Kcap ainb, i 1H'lIl'l rma , , Clifford Smith Cmanagerj. Third Row: Lloyd Scott, Wesley Dahl, Ralph Johnson, Bruce Penny. Basketball TARTING the second half of city series play, North Central's basketball team won five consecutive games to climb from the cellar position to second place in the city series standing. In- cluded in this string of victories was a surprising win from the previously undefeated Lewis and Clark Tigers. This season was the first under the mentorship of Guy O. Barnes, who took over the coaching duties vacated by J. Wesley Taylor. Mr. Taylor rc- signed in order that he might devote more time to intramural sports. Freshman VVesley Dahl was named on the first all-city team. Captain Bob Hoesly, Jack Nicholson and Ralph Johnson won berths on the second all-city team. Letters were awarded to the following boys: George Jackson, Bob Savage, Jack Finrow, Bruce Penny, Gordon Bennion, Bill Zimmerman, Jack Nicholson, Bob Hoesly Ccaptainj, Lloyd Scott, Ralph Johnson, VVesley Dahl and Clifford Smith fmanager's letterl. Pre-Season Games Opening against Central Valley on Dec. 3, the Braves won the first of their pre-season games by the' score of 37 to 12 and then meeting Central Valley again the following week, the Red and Black quintet was again vic- torious 28-13. Traveling into Idaho, the Spokaneites dropped a low-scoring tilt to Priest River 20 to 15. Page one lmmlrml fiflven Th .... Tamarack Playing West Valley before Christmas vacation, the Reds lost a thrill- ing encounter 42 to 44, but they avenged this defeat later in the season by winning 43-36. The Braves played eight games during the Christmas vacation, winning five and losing three. N. C. won from' Wenatchee, Chewelah, West Valley, Spirit Lake and Coeur d' Alene. They dropped games to Cashmere, Harring- ton and Lewiston. Lewis and Clark Series North Central lost its first city series basketball game to Lewis and Clark by a 40 to 14 score. Play was rather ragged in this game. Lewis and Clark won the next two games in the four-game series, 48 to 30 and 30 to 19, but were defeated in the final tilt 27 to 24. This victory came as a surprise but was well earned by the fighting Indian quintet who dominated the play throughout the entire contest. Series With Gonzaga In this four-game series the Boone avenue lioopsters captured the first two games, but the Red and Black quintet rallied to take the final two con- tests. Scores in these games were: North Central 27, Gonzaga 305 North Cen- tral 15, Gonzaga 31, North Central 34, Gonzaga 30, and North Central 31, Gonzaga 19. Rogers Series North Central's basketeers captured three out of a possible four games played with Rogers. In one of the most thrilling battles staged during the entire season the Reds captured the first game 21 to 20, but the Pirates swamped the Indians 44-25 when the teams met the second time. N. C. won the final two games 34 to 26 and 38 to 34. Season's Summary North Central ,........ Central Valley ,, North Central ...i..... Priest River .,...Y,. North Central. ,........ Central Valleyw. North Central ....,,,.. Wenatchee ......... North Central ...,..... Cashmere ........... North Central ......... West Valley ,,,,,... North Central. ....,.... Chewelah .......i,., North Central ,..,..... H8l'l'iI1gt0I1 --.---- North Central .......... Spirit L3-ke -------- North Central ,,,,..,.. West Valley ,,.,.... North Central ......... Lewiston ..-.,.e.,--- North Central ......... Coeur d'AlCne fee. North Central ,A,,-,,,, Lewis and Clark North Central ......... G0I!Zllg21- . ..---.-.--- North Central .......,. Rogers --------V-------- North Central ..,,,.,,. Lewis and Clark North Central, ......... Gonzo-go ...,...A.,,...f North Centra.l ,........ Rogers ---.----.--..-.-- North Central ,...,.... Lewis and Clark North Central ......... Gonzaga ........,-..... North Central .....,... R0gCl'S ,,,.-f-............ North Central .......,, Lewis and Clark North Central .... ..... G Orlzagil- ff-.f,AAff.-.. North Central. ....,......,, Rogers ,..--.-..----.-- -- Page one hundred sixteen The . pp . Tamarack Baseball I'1H but four lettermen returning from last year's squad, Coach Archie Buckley issued the call for baseball which was answered by 180 candidates. Letter winners back for another year were: Elwood Carter, last year's captain, Sherill Pradella, first base, Bill Hughes, outfielder, and Tod Sloan, pitcher. Others from last year's squad were: Howard VVohrle, Frank Lucas, Clayton LeDuc, Jack Ramsey and Harold Rehn. Intramural Tournament Played Coach Buckley scheduled an intramural tourney which atti icted twelsc named after faculty members who acted as sponsors C. R. Randallis team and Robert Barnard's nine met in the semi final game of the single elimination tournament. Randall's team, with Clayton Le Duc as captain, won the game 6 to 4 and the opportunity to meet P H Neu man's team in the finals. Neuman's squad, Howard Wohrle as captain, man aged to squeeze out a 5 to 4 win in an extra-inning battle and by virtue of their victory became the intramural champions Q 1 - , teams. Boys from last year's squad acted as captains, and the teams were With the intramural tourney completed, Coach Buckley turned to the weeding out process. He picked a squad of 21 to represent North Central in baseball for the season. Boys chosen were: Catchers, Frank Lucas, Clay- ton Le Duc and Bill Dalgarng infielders, Sherill Pradella, Eugene LeGrant, Wesley Dahl, Elwood Carter, Edgar Peterson, Howard Wohrle and Marvin Jacobs, outfielders, Bill Hughes, Ted DuPont, Don Morgan and Dick Neversg pitchers, Tod Sloan, Andy McLeod, Harold Rehn, Jack Ramsey, Bob West- berg, Bruce Wylder and Bill Pemberton. North Central 2. West Valley 1 Opening the season against West Valley on the North Central play- field April 20, the Braves barely managed to down the West Valley Eagles 2 to 1 in a close game which was marked by tight fielding. Elwood Carter was the outstanding hitter of the day, getting a double and a triple in three trips to the plate. Carter also scored both of the Indians' runs. Gene LeGrant made the only other hit scored by the Braves. Bob Lewis of the Eagles, and Tod Sloan of the Reds, staged a tight mound duel in which the North Central hurler emerged victorious. Lewis struck out four and allowed only three hits while Sloan whiffed 15 but allowed four hits. North Central .........................................................,.. O 1 0 1 0 0 0-2 West Valley .,............................................................ 0 0 0 0 0 1 O-1 Gonzaga 6. North Central 0 Playing a poorer brand of ball than was displayed against West Valley, the Warriors dropped their second game April 26, to the Bullpups by the ' Page one hundred .vefucnteen The .... Tamarack score of 6 to 0. Starting in the second inning, the Gonzaga nine pushed over two runs and then tallied twice more in the fourth and the sixth innings to put the game on ice. The Indians lost every chance to score by hitting into three double plays while the Pups played heads-up ball. Bob lNlolitor, lanky Gonzaga hurler, held the Braves to three hits while his teammates garnered seven off the combined pitching of Sloan and lNIcLeod. Don Morgan, sophomore out- fielder of the Vlfarriors, captured stick honors by getting two safe blows in three times at bat. Gonzaga ,,.........,....,. ..... 0 2 0 2 0 2 0-6 North Central ....... ....,...............,......,.,,................ 0 0 O 0 O 0 OMO Rogers 7, North Central 6 Although they showed marked improvement since the Gonzaga tilt, the Indian nine was beaten 7 to 6 at North Central May ft, by the Rogers base- ball team. Trailing 7 to 1 in the final inning, the Braves staged a determined rally which ended 7-6 in favor of the Hillyard aggregation. In this inning Ramsey singled, Wylder walked, and then Hughes singled to score Ramsey. Carter walked, filling the bases and Sloan connected for a home run, scor- ing the three men ahead of him. Innes replaced ltlarrier on the mound and retired the side. Seven pitchers were used by both teams in this battle. Sloan, McLeod and Westberg for North Central and Hardy, Mead, hlarrier and Innes for Rogers. Rogers ................... ..... 2 0 0 0 0 5 0 0-7 North Central ...................................................... 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 5-6 Lewis and Clark 7, North Central 0 Led by Dick Wouters who hurled a no-hit, no-run game, thc Lewis and Clark nine handed the Braves a 7 to 0 defeat at North Central on May 10. The Indians played a poor brand of ball while the Lewis and Clark team took advantage of all breaks. North Central's hitters were unable to connect sol- idly with any of 'Wouter's pitches. Westberg and McLeod hurled good ball for the Braves while Wouters whiffed 14- North Siders and walked seven. Lewis and Clark ........................................................ 2 3 0 1 O 1 0-7 North Central ....... ............................................... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 ' North Central 7. West Valley 2 A rejuvenated Indian baseball team took the field against the YVest Valley nine in the teams, second meeting May 12 on the opponent's field, and scored a 7 to 2 victory. Taking advantage of breaks, the Indians made two double plays. After scoring two runs in the first inning, the Eagles were unable to score, while the Braves tallied in the second, fourth and sixth stanzas. Ramsey led the North Central batters with three hits in five trips. Both teams were handicapped by a very strong wind which made fly balls difficult to handle. Lewis of West Valley allowed eight hits, while Sloan allowed only three. North Central ....... ..... 2 0 0 2 0 3 0-7 West Valley ........ -. 2 0 0 0 0 0 0-2 Page one hundred eighteen The . . . . Tamarack ,- .Eg 252 D3 :H Q1 Em O 2.556 m hm 15. U1 43522 wg cd ,WM is .582 Psa 5-1:-4+-2 'GFQE 2 W Jigs Egg PM 2 5 K Q24 .-CIC 7398 ef E .G-1 'EMO N2 s-wg if Jo V1 EE as CD 5, . G3 EEE HUM Q53 v-1a-4m F-1 .1 3 -:sax U1 E 5 E55 M36 0:85 fu Q iIJ"5Q9 :og me 3: .-4"'O :Bl PQ QSO gan.. ESE Q Q a a Q4 oe : Q S ..-1 O DQ ,gin if MZ PD 4, ... ,M CD mo D 7' 'B' O GJ A . U .5- 2 MQ Mm 'Car Q5 'U QE san QE mg CD53 .-'Tumla ,U U E: CGFQ U2 .-Q 0 rn USS Q?-1 m '14 Page one hundred nineteen I The . . . . Tamarack Track OACH Guy Barnes' call for track xandidates is as ansu ered by 175 boys, the largest turnout in the history of the school 'lhe eight lettermen who returned for another year's competition is ere Bill Zlmmerman, Bob Swift, Theron Goldsmith, LeRoy Crowe, Chuck hfoore, frank hfoore, Lawrence Posson and Darwin Jenson. Indians Smash Tigers 85 lf3 to 18 213 Winning a first place in every event and taking all but four seconds, the overwhelming margin of 85 1f3 to 18 2f3. Bill Zimmerman of the Indians scored more points than the entire South Side team combined by taking first place m the high and low hurdles broad and high jump and tied for top honors in the pole vault Walter Frieske won the 100 vard dash, and his teammate, John Leslie, chalked up a first place in the 440 Chuck Moore took the 880, and Theron Goldsmith, crack North Central miler, won the mile in the excellent time of 4 110 The Warrior relay team of Crowe, C. Moore, B. Swift and Leslie cap- tured the relay in the credltable time of 1 :35.8. Braves Repeat Performance C the North Central cinder squad swamped the Lewis and Clark tracksters by . . J Repeating their performance of the week before, the Braves trounced the Rogers Pirates 87 to 17 as Bill Zimmerman scored 24 points in this meet. Holding the Hillyard aggregation to only one first place and two seconds, the Indians swept five events, garnering nine points for each event. Zimmerman and Goodman, Rogers, staged a thrilling duel in the high hurdles in which Zimmerman barely managed to beat the Pirate hurdler. John Leslie, North Central sprinter, ranked second in the number of points scored. Leslie garnered a first in the 100 and 220-yard dashes and ran anchor man on the relay to garner 1111, points. The North Central relay team, composed of Crowe, C. Moore, B. Swift and Leslie, captured the relay in 1:35. This victory virtually assured the Indians of the city championship. North Central Captures City Title By virtue of their 821f3 to 212f3 victory over Gonzaga on lNIay 13, the North Central tracksters won the 1938 high school track championship. The Braves won all of their meets by overwhelming margins, usually sweep- ing at least five events. Bill Zimmerman again was the outstanding performer, garnering 14M points. John Leslie of North Central and Pete Hupperten of Gonzaga ran to a dead heat in the 100, but the Indians retaliated by scoring a clean sweep in the furlong. Goldsmith turned in another fine performance in the mile, winning it in 4:42.2. The Indian relay team, composed of Zimmerman, B. Swift, C. Moore and Leslie, covered the distance in 1 :34.8, just 1.8 seconds over the city record. Page one hundred twenty f Th ouoo K X' 1 9. 5 Tamarack M-mum-wfmfm my..-mr-Q '-Jw X " ' 5V5f55BMn.5E' "2 M 5f.32?IV.f Q -rf r .- .S a 9' 5 P - O A me cd U .E O C1 as 3-4 m fa- .- 3 i U2 .Q O CQ 52 GJ rl 4: .Ci O 5 E 5 E .E N .- ... ..- Dil TJ- -R o an Q ca VT' .E 3 :- cd Q ws 0 5-4 Q 5-4 Q 3 4 .M CI CRS 5-4 Wr- 3 o Di 43 rn :- ..- IH 'cf J 115. :Y as :F 6 -6-W Q5 .5 3: E V1 E o C5 C1 O 5-1 Paw Oi Di aw E o E .M o 5 .C O o w U1 o C-1 Lv o G an :- 3 L!! r-I Q? o S- 15 cv P-1 ca 7 25 Fl 1? +4 5-1 9 5 N E -C2 o G2 C11 +2 5-1 11 5735 ff.: gm E O 5-1 w E 3 O D1 ws s O O U rn C5 o W 4-3 :- as .Q o Ffa -N U U :- I E-I ci if aa sf O V1 C cu 3 .ki o cd P1 :I ca S- :s o PQ E H Q5 :- E O o 2 fr: Q bn o Di 'U cu 3- P1 N .-. o .S-1 J-1 o 5 FQ b. o Q3 aw rl ti as I3 C1 5 E :s :E Q -I C1 IJ S- .M :- o O E G3 :- aa C5 'D EI o eu .-I r. E Q E4 o CC 'P' E E4 V3 E EE 'U o o 3 .- FYI ti V1 .E .J DQ .2 EE ce-1 x: .Ei L5 ui 'EJ .. cd .c .2 DS .- fri LT wi'-' .C as .- .-. ..- D3 H-T 9-I H :s 4-3 :: F4 U S x: O Q 'E .- E U2 'CS :- o 'H U-4 ... .-. O sf O 11 E .5 2' S3 .e O 2 2 3 2 2 U 5 Z Q 3 if In 2 V1 sf 7 Y 3 o Di 2 1' .- 5 ro .1- S. 6-3 ... GJ 5: .4 E C .C o P-. wi Q2 U7 rid 'S S YQ .MQ Ea vi E EF Q5 ID if was .uw H . z: O 2 f-I as P ,hr - 5 2 F115 JM 4-7 2.15 52:9 NE :cn mo E. OID : ce U5 cd O .M .SO Q . im S'-7 EE mu 'U 32-. .J E - S 2321 QF' P-E CG:- Q3 :do Ff 'ES mi? E Sm 940.1 C as CQ if MU 5 O U S -.a Q- .-1 in -r: Cm is mm pd flu. ol! L32 gil: I-'I Of' Q! 1 ':f cd H1 Q QP C -E5 db PP. s egg, ESQ- LG .5-1 :WG ORS 2525 OES EMM Page one hundred twenty-om' wus: 3 an Lava , E2 0 Tw J X 5'-L. f wx if.-X . E El? E S E E Q 1 I U N E 2 1 . . 1 gg"'f-, M if 1 w 31.4 8 2' c nj 55:1 if A- Hi' 3. f as E We 5 . 1, I 9 3 8 1 vl. . fi WW . E ? f Ln-,.:,L..:..5..44.1.v -..,-.m..:xf,.f.s.,..4.- - -afar..--.:1-::.r.-1.1. yr :,.g.f.:..:..'w -4: 4111: :ga - -. z.':.,.,z, Q1,-L14::,:::-1m::u.4mzs::r1f-eggsm' a:.L.z:-.gLL,.,:f:.1 1, .. mf-:L:LL:.. 4.,1L4.:f:q:.44 f. -, L.: .1 . ,.,, , M--. ........, -N X.-na., The .... Tamarack Hocke First Row: .Tack Robideaux Cca,ptainJ, Bob Johnson, Jay Robideaux, Warren Y Brooks. Second Row: WVesley Towner, Art Pachernegg, Ron Moss, Jim Neidigh. Third Row: Lauren Cool fmanagerb, Edwin Keegan, Andy McLeod. Hockey ORTH Centralls hockey team fin- ished second in series play in the first season of high school hockey i11 Spo- kane, losing only one game and that to the pennant-winning Lewis and Clark Tigers. Coach J. VVesley Taylorls squad, though handicapped by lack of size, played clean games throughout thc entire season and won the respect of their adversaries by their fine sportsmanship and by their fight. After losing their first game to Lewis and Clark by the score of 1-0, the Indian puck chasers steadily improved in team play and did not lose another game although they fought to scoreless ties with Gonzaga and L. C. in the second half of the double round robin tourney. Twelve boys received letters in this sport: Bob Johnson, .lim Neidigh, NVL-sley Towncr, lid Keegan, .lack Robideaux Qcaptainj, .lay Robideaux, Andy McLeod, Ronald Moss, Duane lVilson, lVarren Brooks, Tony Ressa and Art Pachernegg. Begin Season With Loss Meeting the L. C. Tigers in the first game of the season, the Braves dropped the contest by the narrow margin of 1 to 0. Play was very ragged with both teams showing dire need for improvement which came later in the season. This was proved more conclusively when the teams met the second time. Pagc unc hundred twenty-two ,,,. R -l V If. 1 The .... 1 Tamarack Even with a five minute overtime period in this second match, neither team was able to score and the final whistle ended the game with the score still O to 0. Win Both Games From Rogers Playing the Rogers hockey team twice in the course of the season, the N. C. pucksters won both games by convincing margins. In the first game which the Braves won 3-1, the victors took the lead and held it throughout the entire game. Both teams showed considerable improvement since the first games the previous week. In the teams' second meeting the game went into the third period with- out either team able to score. Two goals by Moss and two by Jay Robideaux in the last period enabled the Red and Black team to win over the Pirates to the tune of 4 to 0. Win One and Tie One With Gonzaga Meeting the husky Gonzaga stick wielders, the Warriors won their first game from the Bullpups by the score of 2-1 in a thrilling overtime contest and fought to a scoreless tie in the second tilt. In the first game with the score tied 1 to 1 at the end of the final period, a five-minute overtime was called. Midway in this stanza, Jack Robideaux broke away and scored, unassisted, to give N. C. a 2 to 1 victory over the Zags. In the last game of the season the teams fought to a scoreless tie. I I O Boy's Golf K ITH a full team of lettermen re- turning, Walter C. Hawes, golf coach, issued the call to practice. Prospects seemed bright for the Indians, who were last year's city champions. Mem- bers of the golf team are: Jack Nicholson, Warren Tschirgi, Wayne Guthrie, Don Woods, Bob Davis, Roger Hempleman and Lowell Bell, the only new letterman. Candidates for the team played a tournament before interschol- astic play was started. Opening the golfing season and the defense of their city championship at Downriver on April 23, the North Central golfers downed the Gonzaga divoteers 10 to 5. The Braves won four matches and dropped two to the Bullpups. Tschirgi, Woods, Davis and Hempleman won points and Guthrie and Nicholson dropped points. Continuing the defense of their city crown the following Saturday at ln- dian Canyon, the North Centralites swamped Rogers 15 to 2. Nicholson, Guthrie, Woods and Hempleman garnered 3 points each while Tschirgi won two and lost one. Davis split one with his opponent. In the last match of the first half of the double round robin tournament, the Indians downed the strong Lewis and Clark golf squad 12 to 6 at In- dian Canyon. Nicholson and Davis each won three points while Hempleman, Woods and Tschirgi each won two. Guthrie lost his match to Rucker of L. C. 3 and 0. Page one hundred twenty-three - l "nu IJ K 2, 'A -1,'3m' 1 25519 ,-f"9"'4'k, if Cigar' ugqggw 53555 am- ,f,-.n-egfg-'25-5-Q."'cs,f.L:-.-T:-wx-fo ggifishzfv v 739.7 1-x.5vaQx5f?:J,,5 E5.Jw1.1 J, 'waz-tQ.91'. - 34 ' 5 sf' lf' lv ', ' Tamarack so cc of llwm. .,,k A L, mi Q ,v P 52- 2241? ' Mn ' E 4: ff bg Ffa 1 ,Q ., 1 .3 1-, ,f w fi if kt kg 2.2 ,gl if E5 ' 1 YS U 9 'S--ff T' 5 cg I A E 8 fi i , S' First Row: Don Vfoods, Roger Hcmplcman, XVar1'en Tschirgi, Jack Nich- Y Olson. Second Row: Lowell Bell, Clayton Lo Duc, VValte1' C. Hzmwvs bl Ccoachh, Bob Davis, Vvaync Guthnie. S. I n . . . . Flrst Row: Jim Munroc, FI'2lHClS Correll, Alex Fxllerup, Ron Moss, Second Row: Asa Maylott, VVes Towner, Ray NVilson, Russell Brzulcn. Third Row: Joseph Brasch, VVcs Scott, Harold Downic, Jack Bradford. Page one lmudrcd twenty-four A' ' X ' "7f1'Tis-5'?15??-.MTE u2Mn"fl34?f4?55i5f?XYTEFEW-f'l1f,wil MaL+"5i7TW' w:'5.11?9?'fil3 """' L . . E' iii. 2' :'1. ' Z.2'1C2:',L1T':li21:' , ,.':t5 ,' ., 1 !:"?7.1.Plk13,.5.A.5:' .,.. 1 K 1 1' ', Lt ,, ' jlviifl .... .AY H.. Y V- . , ,. .. V... . di.. ,-,,4 The .... Tamarack I x Boys Tennis IVE returning letternien, Harold Downie, Lloyd Scott, Wes Scott, Alex Fillerup and Jim Munroe and a prom- ising group of newcomers greeted Coach E. L. Hix's opening tennis call. A singles tournament was conducted and from the tourney's outstanding play- ers, this year's squad was selected. For the fourth consecutive year the Indians won the city championship. The Warriors defeated Gonzaga 6-1, Lewis and Clark 7-0 and Rogers 7-0. The season was the most successful in North Central history. In addi- tion to winning the city championship, the Indians scored victories over such top-notch out-of-town aggregations as West Valley, Coeur d' Alene, Bon- ners Ferry and the Washington State college freshmen. Later in the season the North Central squad will play Wenatchee and several of the outstanding high school teams in Seattle. Asterisks o The asterisk is a waste of time, To a person reading prose, It interrupts the story, To tell him what he perceives? While reading in my English book, With asterisks profuse, I'd like to skip them over, But it isn't salutary? For curiosity rears its head, And I must look to see, If the meaning I would give the word, And the asterisk accede.3 ln comedy or tragedy, Or where adventure frisks, It always spoils the story, To put in ............ 4 1 Knows. 2 Any use. 3 Agree. 4 Asterisks. CLAIR DES VOIGNES. Page one hundred twenty-five The .... Tamarack NMa-CII C AC is one of the family of six Eng- lish Pit bulldogs, all of whom are immensely proud of their famous brother. He remembers very little of his infancy, so he tells me. Even as a puppy, however, Mac gave unmistakable signs of his studious nature-he preferred to chew on newspapers and books instead of old shoes. Often Mac would lie in the shade and thoughtfully devour a book or two with possibly a magazine thrown in by way of variety sh ' while he pondered over his fu- ture career. One of his brothers is em- ployed as companion to a min- er, another makes his home with a business man and still a third with a priest, thus the house of McDougal is well rep- resented in the world of indus- try, the business world and in the clergy. It was not until one evening as he polished off the remains of a leather-bound copy of the "Schoolhouse in the Hills" that lNIac had the great idea-he would go to North Central, become a schol- ar and represent his family in the academic field! Since that very day, Mac in- variably arises at an early hour, takes Ka brisk run around the block for health's sake, re- turns home to eat a hearty breakfast and then, promptly at 8:15, he scratches at the door to be let out of the house in order that he will have time to run to school and to greet his many friends as they file past him. All school affairs have interest for Mac. As a spectator, he is interested wherever North Central athletes compete. Football games hold a special attraction for him, and every game finds him rooting on the sidelines for old Red and Black. He barks loudly after every touchdown and leads himself in a cheer whenever a brilliant play is made. His love of football games, however, caused him a great deal of embarrassment during the last Gonzaga- Oregon State game. At the half, a group of Gonzaga students captured Mac, dressed him in Gonzaga colors and forced him to parade in front of the bleachers along with the Oregon State duck mascot. Page one hundred twenty-six The .... Tamarack Big and good natured, Mac is tolerant of all things except Airedales and cats. Airedales he fights on general principles, and as for cats, he will have none of them. "Cats are villainous creatures," he earnestly warned me. "You've got to watch them carefully. Why, I've known them to carry off bones that I'd saved for over two years-yes, two years," he continued in a tone of righteous indignation. "It is my opinion that cats are responsible for much of this world's trouble. You may quote me as saying that I am definitely anti-cat!" Aside from Airedales and cats, hfac likes everything in North Central and the vicinity. He enjoys lunch periods especially and always puts in his bid for last bites of ice cream bars of which he is passionately fond. All in all, Mac is a typical North Central student-he likes to study, he likes to eat, he has that fighting spirit- and most of all, he likes North Central. BOB McCUR'l'AIN. O O O Calendar O fContinued from page 681 13-The fifth annual spring concert is presented by the music department and features the band, chorus and the "Three Fives," a group of 15 girl singers. 17-X-i'X-3X:? Give up? That is just one, of the problems that the con- testants in mathematics contest must answer. 20-21-Roses and orchids to the senior class play cast for their interpretation of "Spring Dance." 23-Students turn on the smiles, for this week is to be one of friendliness. 24-After listening to campaign speeches for offices in the league, the girls are sure that the league will be in good hands next semester. 26-Students turn out in full regalia to see Pat Boyle crowned spring sports princess and to see the first appearance of the Red Feathers, girl yell leaders of the future. 27-Every senior, and then some, do some fancy swinging at the Senior Prom with Bob Dudley furnishing the music. 30-Memorial Day! Vacation! 31-How do you like that super-book, the Tamarack, distributed today? Iune 1--The newsies and the newsies-to-be see a journalism film. 2-The seniors show the English in them as they and their parents attend the senior tea. 3-Here it is with only 204 days till Christmas, 174 days till Thanksgiving, and 150 days till Hallowe'en. 5-Baccalaureate with Dean McAllister as the speaker. 6-Exams and more exams. 7-Seniors get their shocks ahead of time. It's the report cards. 8-Seniors realizing what their school days have meant to them as they wind up 12 years of school and receive their diplomas at commencement. 15-The school building closes its doors for an 83-day rest. Page one hundred twenty-seven The .... Tamarack Girls' Athletics Prominent Senior A Girls o VERY year brings out its prominent senior A girls in the physical education department who win as their re- ward an all-activity shield. A total of 500 points is required and 500 addition- al points for each bar on the shield. There are many ways of earning activity points, such as working in the gym office in vacant periods, presenting health charts for each month and turning out for all activities in the athletic line. Carol Patz, one of the most active girls in the department, has received a shield and three bars, the maximum number awarded. Phyllis Eaton earned a shield by her dancing in the operettas, the "Doll Shop," and May day pro- grams. Others who received shields for various 'activities were Elizabeth Squibb, Shirley Hawley and Jane Radkey. Many were active in sports, such as volleyball, baseball, tennis, skating, soccer and track. These include: Francell Burns, Evelyn Partridge, Charlotte Claypool and Frances Gau. o o o May Pageant o For the third in the series of May pageants on the playfield, the "Good Ship North Central" was presented to the students Thursday, May 26, in a colorful program. Pat Boyle, previously elected by the student body, ruled as princess. Her court, the "Red Feathers," included Nita Anderson, Phyllis Eaton, Lillian Frank, Cleo Gale, Jane Herrington, Cleo Krebs, Jerry Moody, Jane Norden, Evelyn Partridge, Carol Patz, Marjorie Peterson, Ruth Pyle, Jane Radkey and Virginia Watkins. In a "good will" ship carried by sailors, Princess Pat visited various coun- tries, represented by dances. These included Hawaii, China, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland and a return to America. Music was furnished by the con- cert band. Senior A's participating in the dances, in addition to the princess' court, were: Viola Schaffert, Bette Cruse, Nellie Knight, Gerry Thompson, Vivian Mondou and Charlotte Pushor. The pageant, outstanding performance of the year, was presented by the girls' physical education department, under the direction of Miss Elsa Pinkham. It was noteworthy because of the colorful costumes, picturesque dances, originality and direction. Others responsible for its success were Miss Ethel Ashley of the art department, J. D. Youngman of the stage crew and Miss Agnes Avent who was in charge of costume making. Page one hundred twentyfeight 1 C e Tamarack ' ' ' First Row: Betty Gazette, Betty Halstead, Imogene Anfinson, Helen Girls Tennls Senter, Jerry Moody, Mary Sloanaker, Audra Snedden, Elizabeth Provost, Ruth Schultz, Betty Wagner. Second Row: June Larson, Dorothy Ward, Shirley Hawley, Pat Shaw, Maxine Dicus, Pat Wright, Betty Morgenthaler, Beverly Gregory, Jean Smith. Third Row: Carmela Costello, Eleanore English, Dorothy Jarvis, Ruth Peterson, Evelyn Partridge, Faye Latta, Mary Mathews. Fourth Row: Jean Larson, Alice Taber, Robin Penney, Pat Peterson, Maxine Dye, Frances Gilleland, Betty Bowman, Arleen McBean Fifth Row: Elsa Pinkham, Nancy Lou Clemens, Cleo Gale, Betsy Ross, Frances Bowler, E 'ii X I U N Margaret Hoffman, Virgdnia Herbert. Red Feathers o OR the first time in the history of North Central, a group of girls has been formed to represent the school at athletic events and other school affairs. These girls must be seniors who have been outstanding scholastically in addition to being active in the physical education department. From many names suggested for the new group in a contest, the name "Red Feathers," submitted by Jerry bloody, was chosen by F. G. Kennedy and a committee. This spring the "Red Feathersf' consisting of fifteen girls chosen by the student body in an election, took part in the annual lNIay pageant. Pat Boyle, who received the greatest number of votes in the election, was princess. She has been active in the "Doll Shop," boys' dancing classes, operettas and the class play, besides being an honor student. Costumes of white duck with red trimmings were made under the di- rection of Miss Agnes Avent for the princess and her court. They are de- signed to be symbolic of lndians in addition to being attractive and service- able. Page one hundred twenty-nine Ta arack Girls' Baseball I O I Volleyball o NE hundred-two girls turned out for this season's volleyball, under the direction of Mrs. Eleanor Hyslop Small, substitute for Miss Catherine Dittebrandt. The junior team narrowly defeated the sophomore A team to come out winner with six wins and no loses. Captain of the junior team was Ruth Wyattg sophomore team, Marjorie Smith. There were eight teams: Two freshmen, one sophomore B, two sopho- more A, two junior and one senior. The manager was Ruth Van Liew and chairman was Mary Lou lXlcPher- son. Both are sophomore A's. X 9, P. E. Department o The P. E. department is one of largest in the school and consists of 600 girls who are interested in school activities and athletics. Jerry Moody has acted as head of the departments this semester with Audra Snedden as assistant head and Nancy Lou Clemens and Cleo Gale as other assistants. Alta Milne is secretary, Mary Jean Sloanaker, head of the entertainment, Joy Neff, point chairman, and Geraldine Smith, filing and typing. Pugefone hundred thirty Tamarack i The .... First Row: Mary Jane McBride, Shannon Mahoney Ccaptainb, Jane Radkey, Gladys James, Ruth Pyle, Gloria Sherwood. Second Row: Marjorie Graul, Margaret Kopet, Glorian Rohrbach, Esta Endsiey, Beverly Byers, Ermalie Shaw. Third Row: Marian Barton, June Mahoney, Wilhelmine Timm Qcoachj, Jane Robinson, Daphne Nelson. I I O Boys' Dancing ' I Boys' dancing classes have long been a successful activity at North Cen- tral. This semester' about a hundred boys were taught, with the aid of the girls, the fox trot, waltz, drag, two-step and variations of the fundamental steps. Three classes were conducted this semester on Friday after school in the big gym. Ruth Pyle acted as student chairman with Miss Anita White at the piano and Miss Elsa Pinkham as instructor. Prominent senior A girls who helped were: Imogene Anfinson, Evelyn Partridge, Ruth Pyle and Norine Stangland. o o o Skating I With the introduction of skating as an activity in 1938, the school gained a popular winter and spring sport. This past winter one hundred seventy-one students signed up for the skating on Wednesday afternoons at the Ice Arena. Each week Miss Elsa Pinkham, instructor, arranged something of interest for the skaters. Gloria Sherwood, figure skating chairman, performed several times. Glo Larson was chairman of this activity and Alta Milne, Mae Milne and Betty Stevens, assistants. One hundred lhirlyxo-ne The .... Tamarack Badminton o More than 100 girls turned out this semester for badminton, a compara- tively new sport at North Central. Althea Carlson, senior A, and Gloria Sherwood, senior B, won the doubles tournament. The sixteen quarter finalists in the doubles contest were drawn to play in the singles tourney. In the final match Gloria Sherwood defeated Frances Gau to win the tournament. Mrs. Eleanor Hyslop Small, substitute for Miss Catherine Dittebrandt, directed the tourney. Most of the girls had never played before but enjoyed the games very much. Frances Gau acted as manager and official score keeper. Outing Club o Approximately 70 girls under the direction of Miss Catherine Ditte- brandt, learned the fundamentals of outdoor life by participating in Outing club activities. There was a swimming and skating trip and several outings, among which was a hike to Indian Canyon. The girls learned Indian trail signs, campcraft and various other things pertaining to outdoor life. The hikes were on Saturday morning. Doris Kline acted as chairman and manager with Ruth Van Liew as secretary. Mrs. Eleanor Hyslop Small, substitute for Miss Dittebrandt this se- mester, accompanied the girls on several of the hikes. Recreation Hour o Recreation hour has proved very successful this year with an average of 250 enthusiasts attending every Monday. Ernest L. Hix and Miss Conah Mae Ellis were the faculty members in charge, assisted by P. H. Nygaard. Student assistants were: Homer Calkins, Asa Maylott, chairman and assistant respectively, of the boys, Betty Morgen- thaler, chairman of the girls and Marion Anderson, assistant. The school table tennis and chess championships were won by Bill Noble. A ping pong team, coached by Mr. Hix played Havermale and Wenatcliee. A special all-girl play hour was held in which 100 girls from the three city high schools attended. Games of ping pong, lotto, chess and anagrams were enjoyed. One hundred thirty-two 1 M M 1 1 - - H e Tamarack A Pencil You Can Sharpen With Your Thumb Wou1dn't the Graduate Like One as a Gift? Most Assuredly' Eversharp's new Repeating Pencil is the handiest-and handsomest pencil we have ever seen! Click! Click! Click! Just press the top-and, click! a new point appears! When one stick of lead is used, just press the top-and, click! a new lead appears! And you need reload it only once or twice a year. Th .... i Every one who writes can use this pencil, and if you do much writing-then you have discovered the handiest and handsomest repeating pencil to date. In Pyralin and Gold Filled Models 52 52.50 53.50 and S5 I I See them in our Fountain Pen Department SPRAGUE AVENUE FLOOR C lf Irs Niade nf Paper- We Have lt. 707 711 Sprague Ave. 708-716 First Ave. One hundred th ty h Tamarack Fwo mosquitoes once lit on the fea- tures E Of two fair and peroxided creatures. E VI' hen asked by ws hat right E lhey replied, VVC re not tight 5 ' e re ust seeing the game from the : ble-ichers. -California Peli- can UI shall have o get rid of tia new ehauffeurf he told his wife. "H nearly killed nie today." Said she, "Oh, give him just one more chance, dear." . ............ ........................................... 5 P 4 ""' -1 . g f 4 sv ,Q Q54-.22'5.'Q,. 5 -if x : -N ' " : .Mx-fit.. is f - x 1 - I , -s 2 .g f' . n-- w.. lg, x , E -' -J-'av -3' - - - , ,, - -i . ,I .K g - E g !2Vm.w , ...H . ., E 5 T I l Y 7 , V1 fi , , . W' O f D 1 f C 5:1 EI 4' Y K 'T 'Q K PJ 5 1 1 : , , , i ' F' " '.'?l- f i-1:41 S:-4-ni E E " ie-fx E BANANA: C Pl.IT VANILLA 6. STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM TOPYED WITH CIUSHED STKAWIEAAIES E ANAS UTS PINEAPPLE we ,N e. 5 wnnfveo CREAM, 'I' InullulununuunnulInlulllInlunuunInunnmnnnnnunu Camp Reed SADDLE HORSES WATER SPORTS NEW TENNIS COURTS NEW SAIL BOAT CRAFT SHOP RIFLE RANGE CAMP FIRE PROGRAMS HIKING PROGRAM Y.IvI.C.A. Spokane, Wash. - Ennnunnnnnunnnununnunumnnlumnmunnunnm nun - Eumnnnmnmnumnuuuumumnnumuuununmnn unnuu u Congratulations Illinois Market 2114 N. HAMILTON , ERNIE ROSEJNAU, Manager E E S It is our desire to build a good 5 E E business by offering good values J E Z and courteous service. Two Deliveries Daily 5 E fi GLEN. 4100 E lllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllll llllllllllllg lI llllllll Ill lllll llllllllllllllllllllll lllllll One hundred thirty-four ,,,,-E,-H,- E .- , , l m - -gi l- ,I ,P eens C ,C I I The .... Tamarack ANGVIRE Studio Portraiture a E a aaa a iiiiiiii ii ii i i riara aa a i aaa aa a a a a 4 . ,a- "' is Expressive of Incom parable Quality Today's Finest Graduation Portraits ANGVIRE STUDIO of Art Photography 505 RIVERSIDE AVENUE One hundred Ella, E' e Tamarack A man ws ho had been Nw altlng pa E txcntly ln the post OffICC could not attlact the attentlon of elther of the SIFIS belund the counter 4 Thls evenmg wrap, euplamed one glrl to her companlon, was a redmgote deslgn ln gorgeous lame We wish you unbounded sue. blocade wlth fox fur and Wlde pa - Soda Q16 ev e S cess m your future career At tll1S polnt the long suffcrmg customer broke 1n wxth I wonder 1f you could possibly provide me wlth ol deep plnk wlth a touch of black H rt ml D 1 t h stamp xx 1th a dlnky perforated hem a' 1 a' lhe whole ensemble treated on the Professional Pharmacists, reverse slde w1th a dellcate tan mu cllage Somethmg at about two N9 Stevens SPOIHDC: Wash' Cents o "MATTY" MATT1-mws, Pres. Agents Marcelle Non-Allergic He Am I a httlc pale? Cosmetics She No you IC a blg tub Th C I I I , , ' ' - 1nmnmnuuunumnnnnunununumunlulnmnunnnunuu . I . V W . E P . E rl I - rx 1 : - - cc E H I 7' ' t . : Y . . H . E K , E Y . . . E . E . V ' 7. . E v t 5 I ll A ' E n E ' I 0 2 11 . x 1 my E w cz n . . ,, E x , ' . T E Ennnn lnmnnnnunlnlu nun B1 oudway Wh1ms. KELSEY-B A I R D fi',jj',2i,",,""'1' SECRETARIAI. SCHOOL 33f,f2i,Z"TV'i,,,,A SCHOOL or MODERN BUSINESS We prepare young men and women for positions in business offices. Business men are always in need of good bookkeepers and stenographers. Our equip- ment and methods make it possible for the student to reach his highest at- tailnnaent, a condition that should not be overlooked in making a, choice of sc oo s. TELEPHONE. MAIN 6746 Fifth Floor Metals Bldg. N. 108 Washington Street Spokane. Washington NEW CLASSES START EVERY MONDAY MORNING ElIlllllllllllllIlllllllllllllll lllllll 0-ne hundred thirty-six The .... Tamarack Personality and Charm Are Always Outstanding in Dorian Studio Photography I To each and all of the graduates we hereby extend All Good Wishes to Future Success We Apprec t Y P 1 ge and Will Alway A'm to Be Sp If L ding Studio The Dorian Studio The . . . . Tamarack Oscar was very careless about his personal effects. When his mother saw clothing scattered about the room, she said, "Now, now, who didnit put his clothes away when he went to bedP', A muffled voice came from under the covers, "Adam." Pat determined to pass his favor- ite tavern on his way home. As he ap- proached it, he became somewhat shakyg but after gathering his cour- age, he passed it. Fifty yards past, he turned, saying to himself, "Well done, Pat me bye. Come back and l'll treat ye." O Said the janitor in the museum to the inquiring visitor, "Naw, that ain't Venus de Milo, that's plaster of parisfi Wraigh t's STORE L fifQ?9f?x or it E ' X I ff' L .f efe ,aff--4 L' EL ' i Erma' fitt er' Q F E I5 aW1sLea,nWfi5 ,N we T1 A H' ,wllun . . - U ' AWNINGS WE SELL. MANUFACTURE AND INSTALL OUR OWN AWNINGS Estimates Gladly EW W Features . . . Formals 1 for ' ' if E1 I Graduahon rw 96 95 , fi and up L I ........................................... Q One hundred thirty-eight fi? Y , . W, ,Yv.7W?,., Y Y Y vlfrf 4, , N. 318 Division M. 4233 E:nunnnnnnunnnnnnunnlllan1nnnnulunnuunlnnuluull E .' Y' ',VV' 1 A 41' Y w Th T k Q U N Ccmplimen ts of JIU' fw-UAW? fX9,i,f '7 eh Frie T e Tamarack Haxe you heard about the mldget that dledp Hls wufe had hlm em balmed and lald out upstalrs About a day later a frlend called to VICW the last remalns He wx as dlrected up stalrs Upon descendlng he remarked to the bereaved one how well her husband looked Dld you shut the door? she asked VVhy no replied the man Oh nn gosh sald the wife he cat had hml dossnstaus twuce already today UI1lWt'YSltX of VVashmgton Columns Gen Wormell The pohce caught that man os er there stealmg a 3310 000 sable coat What do you thmk they ll do to hun? Shlrley Jackman Hmm hard to BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS Wh1t1ock s Prescnptlon Pharmacy Spokane's Original Exclusive Prescription Pharmacy F. R. Robertson, Pres. R V. Robertson, Sec'7. Paulsen Medical and Dental Bldg. SPOKANE, WASHINGTON h . O Q . , y ' Elnl:nunlnnnlinulnuIuIuInInnIlllunlulnnnunnnnnnnv E . . 5 - I : l l it ' J! : 7 . Y' . . 3 .K y H . 1 E . . 1 f ' : H U . . ,, 5 . .7 . , . , E , - . . - . . ,' . . 5 77 . . . : v nt, , y. V y I : . ., . ' 5 . v ' E ' E . 5 ' E . , - U : 4 - U E y i . .- 1 : 1 T 1 , . H : A V' ' ElnlInnlnunnnuunllunnunnnnlnlnInlnnnllnnnnunnlnnu say 'lhat s a hard wrap to beat Elllluunu lun nnnul uulu E Congratulations to the Class of lune, 1938 FROM The Stores of Youth .... . . The Stores of Progress mnn1nnnmm-umnnnnn lllllll E One lumdred forty The .... Tamarack uuluunununu When you think of .... PHOTOGRAPHS ---think of NELSON STUDIO STUDIO IN Sherwood Building 510 Riverside Avenue The .... Tamarack A parrot M as slttlng 1n the salon of a ll1Xl'lI'l01I9 steamer Watchlng a 111ag1C13I1 do trlcks lhe mag1c1an M sers ed notlce that he was now golng to do a tuck newer befo1e accom 1Jl1SllCd He pulled up lns sleeves ind D W k made several fancy I'l1OlSlOHS .lust at S that moment the slnp s bollers blew up demollshmg the shlp About f1VC lT1lIllltCS later, as the parrot came to, floatxng about the ocean on a P1606 dern clever pletty dern clever Dyers Mother Wllere llaxe you been and what have you been domg all lfternoon P on Out shoot1ng crams, mother BRDY 1808 N713 MONROE Mother 'Ihat must stop lhose llttle thlngs have as much rlght to SPOKA-NE WASH I v 'N ' l ' A Qllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllw , 5 ' 2 . of drift wood, he muttered, "Pretty E Pioneer Cleaners and 0 . . - , S --.1 . 1 V' 2 i V x 6 " Y 'U Ennnnnunnnunnnunnnunnunnnnmnluumuunumnmm:smug lm as you have THE EXPERT SCHOOL Congratulates You Upon Your Coming Graduation F rom North Central High School After graduation, if you desire training in commercial subjects, Northwestern invites your investigation of its faculty, equipment and spacious building occupied exclusively as a business college away from noise, where, because of small classes and personal attention, our students are able to advance faster and reach a higher degree of ability. YOU MAY ENTER ANY MONDAY MORNING THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. We will take ad- vantage of any previous training you have had along commercial lines and start you in at whatever your point of need is. Write or call for information. Riverside 2196 NURTHWESTERN Business College The Expert School S. 317 Howard SPOKANE Your Neighbors O nc l1Il'VLd1'L'!i forty-two The .... Tamarack CGMPLETE FUEL SERVICE A ton of coal is a mighty nice thing to have around-keep it on hand always The Housewife Never Needs Touch a Furnace With a Conco Stoker Audubon Fuel Company 1904 N. W. Boulevard Phone Brdy. 0757 WM. V. STONE, Mgr. csince 19111 E nnmuunn lInAnlnnnnuunnluuu E FOR FLOWERS for every occasion. by expert artists. reasonable-consult . . . . . . . Albert Burt's npaface of Zllawww' St t Phon Th t Bldg Main 2000 PHIL CATHEY, Mgr. 0 f The .... Tamarack Farmer-"Gosh all fish hooks, you must be brave to come down in a parachute in a hundred-mile gale like this!" Tod Sloan-"I didn't come down in a parachute. I went up with a tentf, "I think you're just swell," said Rae Samuel when visiting her friend with the mumps. Pat Boyle Cannoyedj to head waiter-"By the way, did that fel- low who took our order an hour or so ago leave any family?" I Irene Sinrud-"Does this bus stop at the Davenport hotel?i' Driver-"No, we leave it in the liarn at night."-Widow. lil Bullululuullulululnnlnulnluuunnun uunu Enunlnunullluuuuluulllluununlnlnuununun nuunnlu "COME TO THE nz :ca STORE" O WE CATER TO STUDENTS Ring Books, Drawing Instru- ments, Fountain Pens and Pen- cils, Brief Cases, Purses, Folders Spokane Office Supply Co. WEST 908 SPRAGUE AVENUE M. 3155 Spokane, Wash. Pat's Shoe Rebulldmg Nonrn 1816 D1v1s1oN 5 All Types of Shoe Rebuilding and Shoe Findings Guaranteed Work We carry a double soled police shoe and a kid dress shoe. with steel arch and guaranteed all-leath- - er, styled to fit the foot. 5 Proprietor, Pat Cataro, Graduate ot Class ot 1933 O h ed forty fo mlllIIllIIIllIllIIllIIllIIIIlIllIIllIIlIIllIIllIIllllIllIllIIIllIIllIllIllIIllIIllIllIIIllllIIIllllIllIIllllllIIllIllIllllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllll ne undr - ur he Tamarack X , the fm g oiazw A A 'N'5llVl3R W LOAF f 5 J E now at your grocers! .Yv.1I f? 74' 'a'1' 2 g ift forget apple a day S Eat it in the new SILVER LOAf PPLE BRE D faked Ag Silver Loaf flecfifuh Bakers The .... Tamarack A Mississippi river steamboat was stopping in the mouth of a tributary stream, owing to a dense fog. An in- quisitive passenger inquired of the captain the cause of the delay. "Can't see up the river," was the laconic reply. 'fBut I can see the stars overhead," the passenger replied sharply. "Yes," came back the captain, "but unless the boilers bust, we ain't going t h a t w a y."-West Point Pointer. ar Ah wins." What yuh got?" Three aces." 4: 1: cc No yuh don't. Ah wins What yuh got?,' Two eights and a razor." cs ar UND t xif 7 ,y QOCERY IE! """""" ''"""""''"'"'"'"'""""'""""""""""' If 1 2 452545 O o This Well Known Brand Is Recommended for Those Who Want the Best A supply of Roundup Canned Foods in your pantry is always advantageous to have-and this is especially true when unexpect- ed callers corne to visit you. These goods are always sure to please-and prices are very rea- sonable. "Yuh sho do win. How cum yuh 3 The CIGGIH of thePack so lucky P E' uuuulnunuun u nnuulu Doerr's lewelry High Grade Graduation 412 Certified Watch Repairing Elmlllunnnuunlunuu nnul E One hundred forty-six The .... Tamarack E lunlullulunnl .E ululuulunnulllullnlunnlullululuullulnullulullllluluunulluenuunlnlulunlunnllnlunu Perfect Work Needs Perfect Tools . This is why Red Bird Tea Towels are used by dis- criminating women everywhere. They dry dishes and polish glassware easily. quickly and without lint. For Sale in Stores Spokane Toilet Supply Co. E+ -------'------------------- m E ulunlululuululnunululnunnun lunluuuuuunulul:nunuuulullll E For 50 Y DCD GNCS' Spokane's Largest Iewelry Store at 517 RIVERSIDE AVE. FEATURE Gruen Longines Hamilton Elgin WATCHES ears George R. Dodson, Inc. Have Sold Reliable lewelry at Standard Prices E I llll nlnulln lllll lull lun E 0 f or Tamarack THE BEST IS NONE TOO GOOD FOR OUR CUSTOMERS IIHEVRULET SKY'S 22 -- X North Years ' 4' 'H E Mylzyl Monroe on ffl! qnxf Q, ,Q ' YQ s -I h V 'S 7' O L' V- h .... 'S """""' '"'"'""""""""""""" """""" S' 'i' Leads the Freld North Side Cleaners Better usedicixlzrdcazr: always be SKY HULETT, Mgr. Your Chevrolet Dealer Brdy. 0651 Suits to Ordegert Repairing Chevrolet Co. Call for ancgvery Service Und HIV. N. Monroe SL El- ------------'----------------------------' ---------------------------- E1 El- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ El ------- -------------------------------------- -------------- la El ---------------------I-------------------------------------------------------- SUSSSSS To Regular and Authentic "THE INDIANS" COSTUMES WIGS and "MAKEUP" E X C hi a nl g e for Class Plays and Parades LUMBER 6. MFG. CO. i Spokane, Wash. I Mlller-Dervant "You can always get it at the Exchange" m sl O hundred forty-efflt Pioneer Theatrical Costumers, Characterizers and Wig Makers 1015-1017 W. Riverside Ave. MAIN B642 lnnnun 1Illnlnnnulunllnnlul nnlullnnm The .... Tamarack lullunnununlnunuuunnunlnnnnlInnlulunlnululuululum ElllllllIlllllllllllIllIllIllIllIllllIllIllIllIllIllIllllllll"'ll'l'i"""' Congratulations to the Graduating Class ot Iune, 1938 J. C. Penney Eu. Post and Riverside Spokane's Downtown Shopping Center Congratulations to the IUNE GRADUATING CLASS McWilliams Creamery and Bakery Co. llInulInlunrInannlunulunlnanunlunnnlnuuulnunn llll E Bunn Graduating Class of 1 une, 1938 A o ' . pp. MUNROE HARDWARE co INW Bol a ccept ur congratulations. We wish you ha mess and success O.. Incorporated Monroe St. a . . u ev rd Brdy. 1611 6 glllllllllll llIllIllllIllllIllllIllIIIllIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll :sq gunuunn nun-nunnnu mm at I O I ,S'a1'torifs YOU CAN BUY A Beautifully Styled Yellow 23? gold fl: ELGIN WATCH X for only S25 ' Z You can always depend 2. 6 on th f t q lity at the lowest cost at Sar- tori's. S f 5: CII' O11 S Makers of Fine Jewelry NORTH 10 WALL STREET One hundred forty-'m The .... Tamarack Whatever trouble Adanl had QIllullIllIllnlIllnlIllluluullullInulInInIlnlnnlnuluullllu NIO man in days of yore if Could say when Adam cracked a E ioke E I we heard that one before. E LUBRICATION Rose will you marry me? 5 Harry I cant marry you but I E The Modern Upkeep shall always admire your good taste. E System Minister- Do you know where -I 1 L . , I 1 7 .i , Y ,, .I ,, 5 ii , J J ,, . . aSlfll.I1 'lIOI1 .I V I g 7 3? l ll ' , ,, . U ,, I Y if bl !! . little boys go who fish on Sunday E my son? 5 - Iimmy- Sure I do. Follow me 'md Ill show you. -Texas Ranger. OIL Bridegroom- I thee endow with E 'ill my Worldly goods. E . - His father- There goes his hicy- E Washington and Indmna L e' 1CO1umnq' ginInluInInullunllunnInnuIluIInllullunnnlnlnunnnn QulluuulnuuunlnunnuunulnununlnIluuIuluIulInlununuununnnnun :nun Au'f0mafiC Stoker i,. .. ' 7 --.', ' " 1 , ,,....,... .--- - - - - i i i . -be . ' ' i"" ' """""t2' 1. Hea bn g an d .1 , Air Conditioning Equipment Manufactured and Sold by Heating Assurance, Inc. 124 E. AUGUSTA BROADWAY 1703 One hundred fifty The .... Tamarack El -- -------------------------------- ---- El NEW LOCATION Security Branch SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK SPOKANE AND EASTERN DIVISION BROADWAY and MONROE ree ar ing e offer every form of bankmg servrce. rn cludrng modern safe deposrt vaults Mortgage Loans Made on Homes Without Red Tape-Low Rates F P 1: Space for Our Customers W I l l - E lllll I llllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll lllllllllllllll llllll E C'o11g1'atu1ations! to the IUNE GRADUATING CLASS Broadview Dairy Co. luuluununlnl ullllllllll 4 fff 7 The .... Tamarack New REX Theatre Always a Good ' 4 " fl Show ! ! Always a Great Show I ! Admission 10C till 5 p. m. 15c after 5 p. m. C me and try ur new seats RCA H'gh Fd 1'iy S d Pay Less Drug Store D R U G. S Toiletries Sundries W. 602 Q Riverside nnmnnunnnu nnnnununnnnunnunnnnlnnnluln I fl ' - K 6 Tamarack VVith a grinding of brakes, the of- ficer pulled up his motor car and shouted to a little boy playing in a field, '!Say, Sonny, have you seen an airplane come down anywhere near here F" "No sir!" replied the frightened boy as he tried to hide his sling shot. "live only been shooting at :L bottlcfl Uvvllilt is puppy love?" "The liegiuning of :1 doggfs life."- f'. Cf. N. Y. llereury. Mothers used to blush every time they were asliamed, but daughters are ashamed if they blush. I Give a house-to-house salesman an inch and he'1l take a foot and shove E3 oun Congratulatlons TO THE Graduatlnq Class cv4rden Farms Co. Th .... ........... -------N51 X I I - U 9 N 3 , E 8 O it through the door. Gable Servlce Statlon 5 Your Independent Dealer-We Aim to Please 5 g N20l2 Hamilton Street Spokane, Wash. I3 ------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------.----------- El Page one hundred fifty-thrcc K4

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