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m i ■p W J.-LVES RYLIE DLKES I031QL-EE. STE 4 LZTSTE M-UUE 0. T n r I f ' " ' VTE 7f CD ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBI CbwxgSi 3 1833 03299 6578 J J.I 7 . i 7 " I Gc 9 7 7,202 ln3nor 1976 Northerner V Cfct E 76 76 CELEBRATE ATE 76 CEL ATE 76 CELEBRATE 76 X TE 76 CELEBRATE 7 RATE ELEBRATE 76 RATE •LEBRi BR ATE 76 CELEBRATE fjij hy r 7 C f IP I (■ RE fcLfaoHlil t o vti 6 CELEBRATE 76 ELEB UtLtkSKATE 76 CEL i PCI COOATC 7C " Wi ATE 76 CELEBRATE 76 CELEBP EBRATE 76 CELEBRATE 76 EL vCLCOif.HI C O vEbLCDiiAI EL O 76 CELEBRATE 76 CELEBRATE RATE 7fi WM ERRATE 7ft HEL ERB YOU RE INVITED TO A CELEBRATION ! DATE: 1976 place: north central — " 1801 E. 86th St. 1 Indianapolis, IN SIGNED: The Northerner Volume 20 I TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life 10 Academics, Organizations, Fine Arts 40 Sports 98 Album 140 Ads 242 Index 264 1976 is the year for the great celebration. Not only is it the year of our country ' s birthday, but it ' s the twentieth birthday of another super tradition — North Central. Add to that everyone ' s personal birthday, and you ' ll find that this really is a year worth celebrating! Clockwise from left: Chaos breaks out in the boys ' locker room as football team members celebrate their victory over then number two state-ranked Lawrence Central. . , A roll of streamers tucked under her chin, benior Sheri Sates decorates for a surprise party. One of Eagle Creek ' s duck residents applauds the fishy catch of a friend. High jumper Denise LaRue fires up the crowd as she leads cheers for the year ' s first pep session. Opening — 3 Preheat oven to 1976 degrees. Take a few good ideas, countless imaginative Patri- ots, and 13 colonies and mix well for one Revolution. Let simmer for 200 years in a large melting pot. Combine this mix- ture with baseball, hot dogs, and Mom ' s apple pie, as well as voices, young and old, rising in unison to proudly say the Pledge of Allegiance. Tint red, white, and blue and put into a baking dish large enough to accommodate 50 states. Bake until July 4. When done, gar- nish with stars and stripes. A sure crowd-pleaser, this can be served to taxi drivers and exec- utives, teachers and students. Just call it America. and High on the Continental Divide, Pete Peterson, T9« Fryen and Pete Meginnis survey the vista ' the top of Crystal Light Mountain. • • • • • I X 30 foot American flag borrowed •m foung Chevrolet sets the stage for the Descants rendition of God Bless America in the - ' y - V Long before anyone had even heard of North Central, the 8400 block of Westfield was nothing but a farmer ' s field. By 1954, someone came up with the idea of building a school on the site, and since then construction has rarely stopped. Over the years they ' ve built two different North Centrals — the first opening in ' 55 and the second in ' 64. And at every opening, they had — guess wnat? — another celebration. Aren ' t you glad we don ' t have to fit 3700 students in this vintage 1840 schoolhouse, now at Conner Prairie Farm? " Let ' s hear it from the Seniors, WIN, WIN! " Me bers of other classes feign inattention while waiting for their turn in the cheer at a fall pep session. ;• ' ■ ' " jBrtfiH ' Would you believe that this is how it all began? Drivers ' Ed cars are visible on their lots in this aerial Many dignitaries were present at groundbreaking shot taken in the summer of ' 74. Since then, the ceremonies in 1954. park and some baseball diamonds have been built. Carefully fitting the cornerstone in its place, work- men ado finishing touches to the first North Cen- tral as students of the " future " look on. Do you ever wonder what happens to old cars like the ' 53 Pontiac, ' 55 Chevy, and ' 54 Dodge parked outside " North Central " in this old picture? Opening — 7 5— Ooe- • . Clockwise from left: A blazing sunset over Lake Huron silhouettes a dark point of land. The " red sky at night " forecasts a beautiful day. Peckerwood, a Southern plantation, was the setting for this scene from the Spring musical, Mame. " Don ' t forget to stop and smell the " . . . wildflow- ers. These can be found growing just about every- where from August on. Another sunset — this one over North Central — outlines fans in the stands as players come on the field following halftime in the Broad Ripple game. We started out with a lot of things worth celebrating — our country, our school, and our individual birthdays. As each crucial year passes, the US will count its people, NC its gradu- ates, and individuals their wrinkles. And each birthday will be significant. Ironically, some abstract things don ' t have birthdays. But like life ' s continuation and the daily sunset, they still call for a celebration. i v ' 33Z ' , - A ' - Ready for the big event, Dave Watts, Bill Hamil- ton, Jeff Schaefer and Mickey Bolanos pose for the traditional scrapbook pictures. If by chance you should come to school one day only to find that all the Seniors have on formals and tuxes, don ' t worry, it ' s not that they were too tired to change after the dance — it ' s Senior dress-up day. On another occasion you may think they are all going trick-or-treating a little early this year but it ' s only Senior Slop day. This is when you may see a few gorillas, a couple of frogs, and who knows what else. Mr. Walker even dares to dress differently for once in the year! As Wendy Rabin looks on, Bloor Redding " hams it up " at the Eagle Creek picnic. »f75 Masses of unusual students squeeze thru the stu dent center on Senior Slop Day. Finding out what togetherness is all about are Mary Beth Oblinger and Peg Stamper. Pit action during time trials catches drivers, crews, spectators, ana pressmen gathered around cars and equipment. 14— indy500 One of the thousands of race fans happily points out something she likes at one of the numerous sou- venir stands. " Oh yeah, the race! " is what a lot of people find themselves saying about halfway through that " big day in May. " Maybe they even go to the track intending to really watch the race this year, but once again, as soon as friends get together — especially in the infield where everybody seems to be, the partying begins. From then on, the race is usually a lost cause. True, a few kids will stroll on over to the track to see what ' s going on every once in a while, and listen to the radio reports of what ' s hap- pening, but that ' s about it. Not that it ' s not worth it to actu- ally go to the track because one of the great things about it is the relaxed and uninhibited mood of practically everybody. Besides being a fantastic place to have a good time, if it ' s a sunny day, they can even get a start on a tan! As he tensely awaits the start of the race, Johnny Parson ' s face shows a grim determination. IT MCI f Everybody needs a job, right? Well, that ' s what most XC students seem to think — at least a summer job, anyway — to take up some spare time and make a little extra money. And you might be surprised at what all that money is used for! College, a new car (or any car), and new clothes are, of course, the usual reasons for saving money, but some put the money to a completely dif- ferent use. For instance, how many people save their money to spend in Iran?, or Mexico?, or to buy a canoe?, or even to buy new stamps for their col- lections? But even with all these tempting and sometimes exotic ways to spend that hard- earned money, the most popu- lar ways still seem to be just having fun! Mop in hand, Laura Widduclt cleans up after a long days work at Orange Julius. College, Car, Clothes 16— Jobs With a satisfied look on her face, Missy Shackleton arranges a back-to-school display at The Sycamore Shop. «• T " " a • ffiSSKm m jSSmm ' XT: . ' ■ ' ■ ' -. ' ■:■ ' fl 3 j p ■i ' W ' . Tfl ■©(©a? How many times a day do you hear it? " I ' m not in the mood! " , " Wow, I feel great today! " , or " Gee, what a rotten day! " On any day at North Central, you ' re bound to hear at least one of those. Moods affect how all of us act-some more than others. Fights with friends or parents or flunking a test can throw us down in the dump as fast as a compliment or a good grade can give us a lift. So if y ou ' re in a thought- ful, quiet mood today, or if you feel a little rowdy, or anywhere in between, don ' t worry, it ' s perfectly normal. Absorbed in conversation, these two spent a quiet Saturday afternoon in the park. Crazy moods sometimes inspire Senior Parker Lanier to behave a little differently than usual. I P TBEmiEaDOSg A " ... ..v r Checking out this year ' s cafeteria food brings var- ied reactions! Refreshing their memories as to what ' s where, Jun- iors John Rapp, Brian Heckart, and Rick MacGill meet before a class. f rectory north central hiq ' r 1 " H I I Si h f L I j 20 — First Day of School " Now if I can only find the class that started ten minutes ago. I ' ll be all set. " Although nobody will admit to saying it, everybody ' s heard something like that during the first days (or weeks?), of school. Really, though, it isn ' t that bad get- ting back into the swing of things — even the sophomores adjust quickly. After the hun- dreds of screwed-up schedules are finally figured out, every- thing settles down to routine again, and students start thinking about next year . . . HI? It I? W E till Mi A I N !.— , Warren ' s Warriors are put up their pole by the Raising spirit tor the game, faculty members dis Junior class ' Panthers. p | ay their talents in a skit. A peppy crowd gives the team moral support by standing and cheering. " Well, here we are back at the good old football field again. I guess it ' ll probably never look any different. " The returning alumni sigh and look around themselves to refresh their memories and look for other friends home from college or whatever they ' ve been doing. When familiar faces are seen, every- body gets together and the conversation switches to " remembering. " Pretty soon all the games, bonfires, mixers, and parties are remembered and some kind of wish they were back at NC — just for a weekend to relive those happy days. ' QHTjJ ght . HAP HEttt Homecoming — 23 24 — Smiles Haven ' t you noticed that there ' s a certain time of year when everybody is a little hap- pier; when people are a little more generous and giving; and when they smile a little more often? It ' s just something about December that gener- ates " that holiday feeling. " With decorations almost every- where you look, it ' s hard not to get in the spirit! From the huge tree of lights on the circle to Santa Claus out at Castleton to the spinning of the dreydl, more smiling faces are seen. Smiles— 25 At the Eagle Creek German picnic, Russ Johnson tries out his volleyball skills. You caught me! A shopper in a jovial mood is sur- prised while pretending to try on pants a few sizes Just feelin ' good, these two head home after too small. good day. Sometimes, if you ' re feeling glum, it ' s surprising how little it takes to brighten up your day. At school, a special sur- prise from your secret pal can do it. An unexpected " A " on a test can bring a smile to your face as well. And when you walk into class and see a sub- stitute teacher on the very day you thought you couldn ' t stand the usual everyday lecture again — well, it ' s a great feel- ing. Working on a favorite hobby can give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, too. It ' s those small, everyday thing that make you feel like you ' re on top of the world. With lots of enthusiasm, the crowd cheers our lat- est goal. Completely absorbed in his hobby, Brad Sawyer puts the finishing touches on a model airplane. On Top Of The World— 27 o CZZ3 ! Hey ¥«i Come here. Have I about everybody ' s your school, so in the cold. Most celebration of the 200th birthday, but enthusiasm of those got a deal for you! Just got it, even people at don ' t leave yourself out people get it from the Bicentennial, America ' s you can catch it from the at school, too. Maybeyou will get it competing for Bicentennial scho- arships, or wearing a flag pin. You can get it from red, white, and blue anything: cars T-shirts, ROTC minutemen uniforms, parades, and even red, white, and blueberry icecream! Just think " patriotic " and you ' ve got it . . . WW W 28 — Bicentennial M ' Even though Ben Franklin preferred the turkey as our national bird, the eagle won out and now appears on money and the National Seal. The 1976 license plates proclaim Indiana as the " Heritage State. " Lii Hackl and Katie Foy install their new one. Free Spirit? The Spirit of ' 76? They ' re both the same when driving to school in this red, white, and blue auto. Even stop signs get into the spirit of things overexuberant paint-slingers invade the area. Anyone eating at the cafeteria during this Bicen- tennial year was met with red, white, and blue dec- orations and cheerful cafeteria workers. The Washington Township logo, designed by Mark Kippert, found its way to a special edition folder; Cheryl Jordan buys hers from Bob Wille. More on the logo is on pages 36 and 37. Bicentennial— 29 M. ■■4L ■ c-: :sei 10:00 AM, Feb. 5: I can ' t believe this is really hap- pening! They always say that Washington Township never closes its schools. But when I got up this morning, that was the first thing I heard on the radio. NO SCHOOL! Naturally, I went back to bed right away. It ' s freezing raining. 4:30 PM, Feb. 5: Boy, what a great vacation! No homework and nothing I have to do. Spent the day listening to records and watching the lights flicker on and off. The electricity finally went off about five minutes ago. It ' s still rain- ing, and all the trees are coated with ice — really beautiful. When the wind blows, it hits the branches together and makes this really strange clacking sound. It ' s too quiet around here without the stereo. 8:00 PM, Feb. 5: Funny, the electricity never came back on. We called the Power Co. and got a busy signal. Mom and Dad had to drive out to get dinner and it took them a whole hour. Burger Chef by candlelight isn ' t too romantic, but I guess we ' re not the only ones suffering. The whole neighborhood ' s blacked out. Streets are empty. Silence. Nothing to do but go to bed. 3:00 AM, Feb. 6: Brrr! I am awakened out of sound sleep to cold house. I get up to let the dog out. Checked the thermostat with my flashlight — it ' s 56° in here. Feels like about 0°! Wonder if we ' ll have school tomor- row — I mean today. Well, I ' ll have a super excuse for not doing my homework — Calculus by candlelight just doesn ' t cut it. I wonder if I can get back to sleep. This complete silence is driving me out of my gourd! 8:00 AM, Feb. 6: Good news: no school again today! Bad news: it ' s 51° (as low as thermostat goes) and NO electricity. No heat, no lights, no music, no hot food. Newspaper says 72,000 without electricity- worst disaster in Power Co. ' s history. A thousand power lines down, National Guard called in to New Cas- tle, over 200 men working fixing lines — not enough! At least it ' s daylight now and I can see what I ' m doing. Hands numb. 12 Noon, Feb. 6: I ' m bored silly. Little sister get- ting restless. Whole outside dripping with ice-skating and sledding down drive- way. Dad ' s not even work- ing today. I ' m freezing despite long Johns, sweat- ers, three pairs socks, etc.. At least I found some music — an old transistor radio I won somewhere. Says elec- tricity back by 5 tonight. Baloney! 5:00 PM, Feb. 6: Still in the dark. Have disrupted whole house, put up sheets, etc., to seal off family room where we are. Got sleeping bags out so can sleep by fire tonight. Having stew a la Coleman stove for dinner. Lost all feeling in toes. 8:00 PM, Feb. 6: THUMP! With that famil- iar noise, the furnace turned over, the radio started playing, and the lights are on! I think I ' ve gotten a cold — should I sue Mother Nature? Glad this isn ' t 1776 — I ' d have made a lousy pioneer! Dreams turn into reality for Senior Chip Gilmer as he finally gets his ice cream sandwich. OH.THAT IRRESISTIBLE URGE! 32 — Cravings Have you ever been sitting in class when suddenly you have just got to have an ice cream sandwich? Or you ' re at the big football playoffs and out of nowhere you feel you will die without chocolate? Or it is semester exam week and you are trying to pass your chemistry test but you think you ' ll scream if you don ' t have a pickle? Many students at NC have experienced such inci- dents. No matter what we each like, we all have these fre- quent, strange little cravings that we have to learn to live with. Temptation gets the better of Senior Leanne Dren- nan as she munches hungrily on the leftovers from lunch. Oftentimes the urge to talk on the telepho f icult to resist. Although she appears to be studying a government book, Senior Maria Barnett can ' t tear herself away from a current love story. Vroom, vroom! Obviously, Senior Kent Mason would rather be whizzing along on his motorcycle than sitting in class. The desire to smash a photographer right in the lens is hard to control for Senior Alan Berkowitz. And they make us ride to school in these?! Relaxing before the flood of students, bus dr enjoy the best part of their day. THEY RE COMING TO lift TAKE U6 PWPY! Try to imagine getting used to this in driver ' s ed. It takes control to be a bus driver! " Oh no, it can ' t be here already! " " And I haven ' t even eaten breakfast yet! " " Now where did I put my shoes? " " I ' m not ready! " Almost every- body has gone through morn- ings like this. Even the super- organized people sometimes fall behind in their morning schedules. The bus always seems to come early on those days when nothing ' s going right. But, like it or not, the bus is sometimes the only way to school. And whatever you haven ' t had time to do — home- work, putting on make-up, eat- ing — gets finished on the bus. Relieved that another day of school is over, Sopho- more Dane Morrison wearily boards his bus. Look familiar? It should. You will see this symbol on everything from school pro- grams to stationery. And you probably didn ' t even know that it was designed by a for- mer (75 grad) NC student! Yep, this design won over all the other entries from Wash- ington Township. That ' s what M.S.D. stands for — Metropoli- tan School District of Wash- ington Township. Of course, the 1776 and 1976 stand for our country ' s bicentennial, and that one room schoolhouse rep- resents the 200 years of prog- ress in our school system. If you noticed, there are even 13 stars which symbolize the orig- inal 13 colonies. So, from now on whenever you see this sign, you ' ll recognize it and better understand what it means. IT ALL HAS meRnifiG Letting the football players go first in the dinner line made the other guests at the banquet a little nervous; however there was plenty of food for all. A Greek Connection — the theme of the banquet added a light, humorous touch to the serious- ness of thanking those involved during the season, and the handing out of awards. What a sight to see two ruff- and-tuff seniors doing a Greek dance with Coach Pappas. After the cheerleaders led the Panther fight song, the mood changed to a more serious note. Each player, reserve and varsity, was introduced and the coaching staff thanked. Awards were presented, with Coach Pappas ending the ban- quet with a speech for the Sen- iors leaving and the returning players for next year. Of course, every other sport has a banquet to give awards, too. They ' re the perfect way to say THANKS to all. Inspired by Coach Pappas ' encouraging remarks, members of the varsity football team listen intently. oih own G3EE connection 38— Football Banquet A lighter side of the banquet included participa- tion in a traditional Greek dance. Guests at the banquet, including friends, families, and boosters in addition to players and coaches, feasted on fried chicken and other delights. " All eyes on the ball, " well, almost all eyes, seems to be true of the reserve cheerleaders at the Shel- byville game, won by NC. Guests of honor, football team members were the first ones through the food line. After all, it takes a lot of fuel to power the Panthers! Football Banquet — 39 We sure have come quite a way from the one room school- house of 200 years ago. The facilities have improved a great deal — no more splinters from wooden benches. And a ten mile venture to school is hardly the same nowadays with all the modern conven- iences — like windshield wipers — to help out. Those may have been 200 long years, but the changes which have come about make the wait well worth it! - ? ■ th books and purso, Junior Lori Millor Democratic mayoral candidate Bob Welch speaks his views on current topics to NC students. He is one of many speakers who visited the school. New Faces New Places ,; ' .?!-: () By the time one graduates from North Central, hopefully he or she _ should know how to correctly use all of these marks. Whether you are going to be an engineer, a psychologist, a teacher, or even if you plan to spend your life traveling around the world, everyone will have to know how to express themselves clearly in their writing. In classes such as English com- position, students learn to do just that. Besides the mechani- cal part of English, students have a chance to read current plays and novels about unusual people in different parts of the country. If you would like to visit South America or the Orient without having to leave North Central, you should enroll in the Latin American and Asian studies classes. These are just two out of many electives one can take besides the usual his- tory courses that are required. Other interesting electives include: psychology, Russian history, and cadet teaching. NC was a stop along the campaign trail tor mayo- ral candidate Bob Mantooth to express his ideas. English, Social Studies Classes — 43 2DDS s 137E All goggled up are Caryn Frisch and Libby Willson who make it a practice to be careful while working with acid. Plants are not the only thing that grow in botany class. Students ' knowledge of the subject grows almost as fast as a wandering jew! Spinach milkshakes anyone? Well that ' s what you would get because this spinach is going to be put into a blender for a botany experiment. Even 200 years ago there were all kinds of figures around. Some of these figures are used in science and math. These courses do take much brainwork but can be a bunch of fun. Math isn ' t the same as it was then. Now it involves working on computers that even talk back to students, for example: " Hello Don ' t be nervous . " At least a person won ' t get lonely this way. Science classes still work with formulas or in the lab with gases, acids and all sorts of things. Not only is there a learning atmosphere but also the idea of having a good time. Science. Mathematics Classes — 45 SPANISH HEB " The thing that I find the most different between Australia and the United States is the food . . . The best thing to do is to arrive late for the meal, look around for a green face, then glance down and see what not to get from the lunch line. Generally the food is much sweeter in the U.S., and there are some stomach turning combinations . . . peanut butter and jelly . . . three flavors on one glob of ice cream . . . Hamburgers seem to be the health food of this nation, whereas meat pies and sausage rolls are the equivalent in Australia . . . The moral to this experi- ence is: Eat first and ask what it is after. " — Yvonne Vidovic, Australia „ reils, action! " Miss Beck ' s French stage in the Career Centeritj fn»m the second-year Ft 46 — AFS, Foreign Language Classes 6ERMAI Clad in togas, students model ancient Latin attire at their spring banquet. " The smell of popcorn and blankets . . . the noise of people yelling . . . paper cups rustling on the ground . . . the thump of players beating each oth- ers ' heads in. In short, American football games. This is the American way of congregating with friends. Everybody wanders to the football stadium . . . throughout the game they sit and chat . . . show pictures. Still, they try to pretend that they are watching. Three seconds too late they stand up and yell when their own team scores . . . occasionally their eyes wander to the scoreboard, but they always desecrate the game afterwards. " —Carina Tolge, Sweden AFS, Foreign Language Classes — 47 No, this girl isn ' t being strangled but instead Deb- bie Gorman is participating in a practice drill on how to save someone from drowning. If you ' re still in the locker room without your sneakers and socks on and you hear the first whistle blow to get into your squad, you had better hustle. Don ' t get too worried though, gym classes are not bad at all. As a matter of fact, they can be a lot of fun. Everyone needs exercise and gym provides this for students. It also changes the pace of day from sitting around in hard chairs to running, swimming or whatever event may be tak- ing place. This year at NC, an athletic organization has begun called the FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes. If you ' re a young man looking for fellow- ship, you should go to a FCA meeting where you might find a guest speaker, movie, or maybe a discussion. So next time don ' t complain about taking gym but remem- ber this class has helped to keep North Central ' s students and athletes in good shape. Sam Thompson doesn ' t have his mouth open and his hair standing on end out of fear but because he ' s tired from trying to hustle and do his best. Serving in a volleyball game is more than socking or After all is said and done at the weekly Fellowship bopping the ball anywhere, but it takes practice of Christian Athletes meeting, the guys finish off which these girls are doing. the night by filling up with food. 48 — Physical Education Classes Oops! Somebody made an illegal hit, causing gym assistant Pam Zenor to " blow the whistle " on them. O ' o Physical Education Classes — 49 Proud service of community and country is exempli- fied by the JROTC philosophy as members pre- pare to serve with safe rifle practice As I walked through the door that first Wednesday morning I wondered what it was going to be like wearing my uniform to school. I knew I really looked nice, and I had confidence in myself. I was proud to be wearing the uniform of the Jun- ior Reserve Officers Training Corps. It was one of the rare moments in my life when I knew I stood out in a crowd. I could feel people staring at me every- where I went, and it brought a great sense of satisfaction to me. The longer I was at school the prouder I became. I held my head higher and higher, and I stood up straighter and straighter. It was hard to fight off a huge grin during my classes; it was something that surged up within me and I just couldn ' t hold it back. Each time I passed a mirror in the hall I had to take a non- chalant glance at myself ... I was beautiful! My imagination was running wild with all the things I was sure I could do while ROUD wearing that outfit. Yes, I could leap tall buildings with a single bound; I was President of the United States; and I envisioned my irresitible self with sexy creatures crawling all over me. (Of course I kept my compo- sure!) The biggest thrill was standing at atten- tion for the Pledge of Allegiance. I was cov- ered from head to toe with goose bumps, and my spine tingled with chills. It was such a shame to have to go home and take off my uniform, because with it went my ambition, my pride, my confidence, my irresistibility, even my stupid grin . . . my dream was now back in the closet for anothe r week. Wednesday is uniform day for JROTC, but for Tom Haynes it is also a day to display the medals he has earned. Contrary to popular belief, JROTC isn ' t all march- ing outside the stadium and parking duty at ath- letic events; it requires hours of study. The view down the barrel of a shotgun isn ' t a pleas- ant one; gun safety is part of the JROTC program. JROTC— 51 OEA OFFICERS— Secretary Cheryl Goldstein, Treasurer Cyndi Phillips, President Debbie Maze, Vice President Brad Nielsen, Historian Marilee Gleason, and Parliamentarian Bridget Sleater. 52— Secret a Cerca C-_-.e; OE 1 FIXING FDR TH£ FUTUR£ Trying to find a misplaced account number is Teresa Justice who is scanning through a couple of books. " Discover The World Of Ceramics " is just one of the many displays put out by the DECA organiza- tion. CERAMICS! At the annual OEA carwash, students work extremely hard to make this Volkswagon clean and shiny. Have you been wondering what you ' re going to do the rest of your life? Wouldn ' t it be exciting to know? Well, some North Central students have already decided. They have the basic information needed for a business career. If you have thought that business was only sitting around typing and taking dic- tation, you were wrong. Stu- dents can take a three hour secretarial and clerical course that will help them get a good, well-paying job. Many people are fascinated by computers. Here at NC there is a course in computing where you can sat- isfy your curiosity. These and many other courses will also help in preparing students for college. Many people are looking for involvement and at the career center there are two organiza- tions looking for people. OEA, Office Education Association, not only does office work but also holds car washes, skating parties, and picnics. DECA, Distributive Education Associ- ation, is part of the market merchandising course, which can teach you how to manage a store. Guys as well as girls are planning for a business future. So next time you have an appointment don ' t be sur- prised if you see a male secre- tary. It ' s finally the last form letter of the day to fill out for Paula Hottinger, and this time it ' s even in tripli- cate. Secretarial Clerical Courses OEA— 53 It is hard work but at the same time fun for Chris Deiti, Jerry Lacy, and Andy Ebbert working at the television controls. f " Lights, Camera, Action! " These are just some of the terms one might hear at a visit to the Radio-Television classes at the Career Center. This year radio station WJEL, broad- casting from the Career Cen- ter, received its license from the FCC. It broadcasts news, weather, sports, and music. Those students enrolled in Electronics class soon discover that there is more to electron- ics than just flying a kite. Stu- dents study amplification, elec- tric currents, and the many other uses of electricity. They learn just how dependent our modern world has become on electricity. While constructing power sources, Tom Horn and Doug Yaryan sometimes wonder if Edison began this way. While standing in the television studio, Mr. Arlan, Radio-Television teacher, gives a color camera demonstration. 54 — Radio-Tele ision Electronics Disc jockey Pete Murray confers with assistant Greg Carmean over the next album to be played. While clowning around in Electronics class, Brian During radio-station WJEL ' S second day of opera- Montgomery becomes a believer in electric shock! tion, disc Jockey Pete Murray adjusts the volume. The cool, calculated gaze of a debater is unmistak- able in Dennis Malone ' s face as he prepares for his nert rebuttal speech. Not the National Football League, but the National For- ensic League, better known as the speech team, had a win- ning year. Receiving high awards at New Castle, Kokomo, Logansport, Warren, Lawrence, and other meets, members not only discovered the early-morning stars from a bus departing at 5:45 A.M., but made friends, won ribbons, did the morning announcements, and even partied once in a while. Quick recall and memory are vital to Exercise in Knowledge team members. An all-male panel met every week to pre- pare for upcoming competi- tion. Repeated wins character- ized their televised appear- ances. 56 — NFL Exercise in Knowledge Before giving her next speech, Helen Robins com- pares scores on ballots at the New Castle meet. Planning for the upcoming North Central speech meet, officers Susie Ochs and Laura Rich discuss 1 assignments. NFL, Exercise in Knowledge — 57 Legend has it that a mysteri- ous woman once appeared to an eager alternative ed student while he was visiting at Cocky Locky. As she was leaving, she said, " You should have a new name for the announcements which come from the ceiling above. " And so it was that the strange announcements heard each morning in the alterna- tive ed rooms were named " The Voice from Above. " Soon after " The Voice from Above " got underway, strange things began to take place beneath the surface of this alternative ed program. Even- tually, a newspaper emerged from within called " The Voice from Below. " The paper warns its readers to remember where this name came from. Learning Unlimited, also known as the Big Sky Train- ing Company, offers students infinite opportunities in educa- tion. A person can set his own goals and his own pace for Sleepy listeners are wakened by horns and anything else Richie Allen and Mark Edelstein decide to attack their ears with. It ' s shocking to discover that the mysterious " Voice from Above " heard each morning comes from mor- tals like Richie Allen. attaining these goals. He may choose his methods of educat- ing himself. This individual- ized form of learning is set up with the cooperation of stu- dents, parents, and teachers. The program is not ideal for everyone. A great deal of self- discipline and responsibility is needed on the student ' s part. Those who are interested in being a part of Learning Unlimited are carefully inter- viewed, and conferences are set up with their parents. Family cooperation plays an impor- tant role in the success of the program. The entire program func- tions as a sort of community. Members are separated into family groups which meet each week. Teachers and students are on first name terms. In a democratic fashion, town meetings are also held weekly. All of this keeps a meaningful sense of unity within the pro- gram and makes it a success. ITS a in SEY - ous planning is necessary in setting up student curriculum. Greg Meyers and Laurel Wille discuss project objectives. One method of presenting what a student has learned is through oral presentation. Ivan Stiller man seems to be at a loss for words. Alternative Ed— 59 Candidate for Secretary, Mary Kohlstaedt dis- cusses her qualifications with friends a few days before the elections. It ' s not a mixer, not a dance, but " Better Than A Back for an encore, the " Panther Post " makes its Mixer, " and music is provided by more than just a second appearance just before Valentine ' s Day for band — it was " Special. " the delivery of carnations. 60 — Student Council FROM WASHINGTON -TO STILLERMAN... " Ivan Washington " . . . the name has a certain ring to it! What is it exactly that links these names together so well? Some similarity must exist between these two people There doesn ' t seem to be any resemblance in their outward appearances . . . Can you imagine Ivan wearing a ruf f 1 shirt or a curly white wig? (And if so, imagine him st being elected president!) Somehow it seems hard to picture George Washington addressing the Co, tinental Congress while dressed in a pair of Le and a work shirt. Ivan Stillerman is hardly t six feet and two inch image of George Wash, ington, but as some well versed intellectua once said, " The best things come in small packages . . . " Most students agree that this year ' s Student Council has accom- plished a great deal in improving our school. It seems students have always been somewhat skeptical about the effectiveness of student government. This year stu- dents have been surrounded by projects originated within the council: the homecoming festivities, the new " Panther Post " with its Christmas cards and Valentine carna- tions, convocations, carpool sign-ups, movies, shopping week, the book drive, the pa- perback bookstore, the annual talent show, the film festival — Ivan and the council must have done something right! So, " Ivan Washington " should not sound odd unless you prefer " George Stillerman. " WML G€RM9 and artwork, ads editor sements for that section An epidemic of staff infec- tion has broken out in the yearbook office. The disease was first discovered in nine staff members upon their return from a week long jour- nalism workshop this summer at Ball State University. Experts say that the infec- tion stems from sleepless nights spent working on copy, layout and captions for the " 76 Northerner. Other probable causes include too many pizzas followed by hilly elev ator rides and a slight frostbite acquired in the chilling lecture room. Staff germs spread so fast that the entire clan of editors, photographers and assistants carried the disease throughout the year. To its victims, the malady is commonly referred to as " TGATBS " or " the Gos- pel According to Ball State. " Camera always close at hand, photographer Danny Epstein is ready to take pictures of whatever excitement develops. Beaming with delight, editor-in-chief Darby Dyar shows her layout idea for pages 276 and 277 to edi- tors Sue Uhl and Pam Hamilton. Clad in wagon race t-shirts, the Northerner staff demonsfrates their school spirit as they display their balloon-covered car at Homecoming. Organization is extremely necessary in the produc- tion of the Northerner. Sue Uhl refers to her notes to check on a rule. Representing Rod ' s Rambunctious Rollers, Bill Roman and Marcia Webster steer on to a fourth place finish in the wagon race. Concentration is expressed on the face of Robin Lewis as she cuts out type to set a headline for a spread in the sports section. A modern day replica of Washington crossing the Delaware, photographers Jeff Fisher, Rick Kearney and John Porteous wade in a golf course pond. The cabinet holds a menagerie of yearbooks which Becky Alford uses to inspire her creative ability. Drawing a layout on a triplicate, academics eaiTor Susie Fogle prepares a spread for mailing to the printer. Northerner and Photography Staffs — 63 Dear Editors: Guilty of writing the copy on this page, Russ John- son and Bill Roman work together on a layout for the sports page. To the editors of the Northern Lights: Many of you and possibly all of you have been uneasy about the fact that we are writing copy for the yearbook about the newspaper. We can easily understand your worries and concerns, as you may feel that we will be partial and non-objective in our approach. We have taken your concerns into account, while also realizing that we owe it to our readers to reveal the truth no matter whom it may hurt or whatever high place he or she may occupy. To this end, we feel that we have done our best in preparing the following copy. Sincerely yours, Bill Roman Russ Johnson " In reviewing this year ' s newspaper it is only natural that our attention be focused on page four. This year ' s sports page featured many interesting articles, consist- ently outstanding layouts, and a fine array of photoengrav- ings. Personalities included, page four takes the proverbial cake. To the contrary, little or nothing in the way of work has been put into the other pages. Each issue has revealed the parsimoniousness of the ' edi- tors ' of these pages when it comes to creative effort. Mean- while, the sports page has taken great pride in its unend- ing spirit of dilligence, dedica- tion, sacrifice, perseverance, character, and consanguinity among men which have clearly made it the consummate page of the Northern Lights. This rose among the ashes, this shining star in the dark sky, this prize in a box of Crackerjacks, this cathedral in the graveyard proves that only great men make great things. " Hamming it up in the print shop, Curt Arnott and Bob Pike pretend to be busy printing an issue of the Northern Lights. In the hope that th e feature page has returned from the print shop without an error, editor Trade Munro carefully reviews each article. Print Shop. Northern Lights— 65 Even though being an editor is a rough job, Marcia Webster seems to be enjoying herself while work- ing on a yearbook spread. There are many different ways of using your head and some are pretty good. One way that has really proven a bene- fit to some students is by work- ing hard at school. The kids who belong to the National Honor Society not only are brainy, but they participate in fun things like tutoring fellow students or working with the exchange program. If you have enough time, energy, and brainpower to be an editor for one year, then you can become a member of Quill and Scroll which is an honor society for people involved in journalism. Instead of sitting in class as a student you can switch roles by becoming a cadet teacher, which lets you share your knowledge with others. So next time you have nothing to do, make use of what ' s in your head. Whether it ' s about chemistry, calculus, or girls, the president of the National Honor Society, Mike Wenning, is always willing to talk. 1 HATS THE WAT TO USE TOIIIt HEAII It is finally time to erase the last French lesson of the day and cadet teacher Betsy Manifold is sure glad about that! Why that isn ' t a North Central teacher but rather it is Steve Lave, a cadet teacher, who is always will- ing to help a young lady. NHS. Quill and Scroll. Cadet Teaching— 67 r When mid-day hunger pangs strike, even the Car Drive must wait until Kelly Queisser can satisfy hi; " Can it, you guys! " Believe it or not, Key Club members aren ' t being impolite or even rude when this becomes their slogan each Christmas season. The Can Drive, a long-time tradition, pits class against class to collect cans of food and money for the needy in Wash- ington Township. This year ' s goal of 25,000 cans was only short a few cans. Key Club ' s duties don ' t stop there, how- ever. Members sort cans every day for two weeks after the drive ends. A homecoming float and aftergame mixer were also planned. Christmas is also a busy time for Lockets. Members usher children at Santa ' s House and help patients at LaRue Carter Hospital wrap their children ' s presents. " Babysitting " is an important school project. Fac- ulty members may bring their children to school on the night of the faculty dinner, and Lockets will babysit. Triangle Club members put out the North Central Mes- A December Lockets ' di+h with a lot on her mina. r« about Santa ' s house or the Swii tant club projects. 1E3SBJB m " f ■ those who want the Key Club. Lockets. Triangle Club— -69 70 — Class Councils High ponytails and slicked back hair were typical at the " 77 Bop " — an affair to raise cans for the annual can drive. All slicked up {or greased down) for the " 77 Bop, " the Royals prepare to challenge the Demons to a rumble. ' 7f Seniors, seniors ' 76, we ' re ' " the class that never quits! Never quits winning . . . homecoming float, can drive, the return of " Mean Machine " . . . Deciding on announce- ments, tassles and t-shirts . . . the Grad Dance, and . . . GRADUATION! ' T ' T is the best, we ' re the class • • that beats the rest! Espe- cially when cruisin ' Pop ' s Soda Shop with slicked back hair and bobby socks! Nostalgia . . . " Put ' Em Up Their Pole!, " " Red Hots, " Spec and . . . JUNIOR PROM! nn . . . we ' re the class with- t O out a yell . . . but with spirit — holiday spirit! Valen- tine ' s Dance, Christmas deco- rations . . . Choosing CLASS RINGS! picasso betty crocker? Art work is usually not completed In a hurry. Dave Sherron takes time to figure out his lettering design for an industrial arts class. Easy to follow directions: Paint l ' s blue, 2 ' s red, 3 ' s green, and 4 ' s black. North Central has a fine art department and stu- dents enrolled in many of the advanced art courses have a tal- ent far beyond that required by " paint by number. " Students ' creations of sculpture, ceramics, weaving, and silvercrafts are included in the Spring Arts Fes- tival. Have you ever hit your thumb instead of a nail? Well, industrial arts classes might give you that chance. Seriously, students in industrial arts classes are involved in many fields of study other than simply wood. These fields include: drafting, furni- ture making, power mechanics, metals, presswork, and the use of tools. Home Economics is a course you can get your teeth into. Stu- dents learn to prepare foreign foods as well as how to meet the needs of a family. In ceramics class, Stacy Harrington takes a breather from working on her vase and accepts a little assistance from her instructor, Mr. Howell. These proud cooks are anxious to try their lasagna. Kathy Bowe wants the first taste! Work done for Industrial Arts classes requires pre- ciseness. Deborah Ward works carefully on a letter- ing assignment. Students have a chance to express their creative- ness in art classes. Gwyn O ' Leary designs a coil pot. Art, Industrial Arts, Home Economics Classes — 73 6PIRIT COMMITTEE 5REQK6 INTO LOCKER6 Bang! A deafening explo- sion rings out in the almost empty halls before school. A few startled teachers pop out of their doors, only to find that someone blew a little too much air into a balloon, and it burst in her face! In most instances, this person is on the verge of hyperventilation as she stands surrounded by the 50 balloons she has blown up in the last 30 seconds. This same girl has come to school on numerous occasions before sunrise to decorate ath- lete ' s lockers. She has spent plenty of hours after school painting banners and making decorations. This is not to men- tion all the paint flinging and the days spent decorating the player ' s bedrooms before a game. Who is this mysterious female? She ' s a member of a pep club, School Spirit Com- mittee of a sneaky Panther Pal! Spirit Committee. Flag Girls — 75 The human body from " A-Z " is studied very thoroughly say students enrolled in the medical auxiliary at the Career Center. Students work in labs and simulate a hospital, taking turns acting as patient and doctor. Many field trips were taken throughout the year to visit hospitals, laboratories, and other health centers. If you are interested in a field of dentistry, then the J. E. Light Career Center has a course for you in dental assist- ing. Beside classroom studies, this class gives you a chance to work with dentists and learn from your experiences with them. In the spring the class goes to the I. U. Dental School and Riley and Long hospitals to work in the clinics there. Struggling to dress a " really " unconscious victim are Betsy Beck, Julie Wobschall, and Sheila Allen during the medical class at the Career Center. By " word of mouth " these are some of the dental projects worked on by students enrolled in the den- tal laboratory. Perhaps future dentists Dave Keck, Monte Hen- drickson, and Matt Cooper get in practice con- structing bridges. Medical, Dental Classes— 77 IT- STAGE RIGHT Ladders may be dangerous to your health but not to Stage Crew member Sheila Bosworth with David Alder ' s assistance. Every aspect of a set has to be perfect, as Stage Crew members and Mr. Shallenburg know as they gather knowledge about this one. 78 — Stage Crew. Thespians. Repertory Theater 3333 Have you ever built a set, painted scenery, operated a spotlight, or worked sound effects? These are everyday occurrences for Stage Crew members. Led by President Mike Miles they ran all the backstage activities needed to present a first-rate show. Imagine yourself presenting a play while costuming and applying make-up to fellow actors. Repertory Theater members did just that. Rep members selected scripts and presented them throughout central Indiana. Thespian Troop 1851, headed by Betsy Manifold, continued their participation in NC pro- ductions. New members were 5X X} initiated into Thespians after earning the minimum require- ment of ten points. Members of Stage Crew, Repertory Theater and Thespi- ans not only produce but also present many plays and pro- ductions during the school year. Stage Crew, Thespians, Repertory Theater — 79 All he needed was a little help from the birds and the bees, known as love, and the beast would return to a prince. The children ' s play Beauty and the Lonely Beast, featured Carina Tolge as Beauty with Bill Warner as the beast and Larry Nelson as the prince. Clare Henkel and Jeane Walker portrayed Beauty ' s sis- ters, Agnes and Sue. Scott Dunham was cast as their father, Mr. Merryweather. In the winter play, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ross Glazier por- trayed Atticus Finch, a widower in a prejudiced town in the deep south. His daugh- ter Jean Louise (Scout), was played by Teri Levin, as a child, and Linda Segall as an adult. John Hamilton por- trayed his son Jem. Father and daughter, Ross Glazier and Teri Levin practice their lines for To Kill a Mockingbird. Sisterly love doesn ' t seem to exist between Carina Tolge, Beauty, and Clare Henkel, Agnes, in the children ' s play. 80 — Beauty and the Lonely Beast, To Kill a Mockingbird The fifties hit everywhere, even heaven, as super jocks Jeff Dugdale, Fritz Lay, and Tracy Howe per- form in " Heaven Forbid. " Tht Last Plant Iiain The dance line for " No Name City " rehearses the part In " The Last Resort. " He sold his soul to the devil, went to heaven, then a circus. Naturally " he " wasn ' t the same person, but the three acts of Junior Spectacular ' 77 fea- tured those themes. " Heaven Forbid " was about a man who went to heaven dur- ing the 50 ' s and found what he didn ' t expect. Trying to escape his nagging wife, another man unknowingly sold his soul to the devil in " The Last Resort. " " Peanuts, Popcorn, and Crack- erjacks " showed what life in a circus is really like. ife in a circus is fun as this part of the cast of Peanuts, Popcorn, and Craclcerjacks " knows. Junior Spectacular — 83 " You coax the blues right out of the horn, Mame. " The popular song " Mame " along with " Bosom Buddies " and " Open A New Window " high- lighted the musical production Mame. Set in the 20 ' s and 30 ' s, Mame featured Cleanne Rey- nolds in the title role. Also starring were Chuck Owens as her husband, Colonel Burn- side, and Nancy Wagner as her friend, Vera. Her son, Patrick, was portrayed by Kevin Hen- derson, as a boy, and Larry Nelson, as an adult. The love of a boy and girl in a Smoky Mountain community and the superstitious towns- people ' s resentment was the theme of the fall play Darl of the Moon. Ann Norton starred as Barbara Allen, and John Tindall portrayed John the Witch Boy. Both the drama and music departments took two Broad- way hits and made them two local hits. Everyone ' s invited to one of Mame ' s many parries where laughter and merriment abound. ' ?f w I With the blare of a trumpet, Cleanne Reynolds as Mame enters one of the numerous party scenes in the musical production. Cleanne Reynolds and Nancy Wagner rehearse " Bosom Buddies " and the accompanying dance routine in the spring musical. Mame, Dark of the Moon — 85 BUSING AT MC? You ' ll never forget a bus trip with the Marching Panthers. The largest band in the school consists of members from Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. Beginning two weeks before school and end- ing the first week in Novem- ber, Band Director Sam Rhi- nesmith and Assistant Direc- tor Doug Wagner present a relaxed yet working atmos- phere. Wind Ensemble is the top concert band. At regional band contests, they have practically made a habit of returning with a first division rating. Many promising musicians make up the Concert Band. Intermediate Band works on precision for the future. Play- ing for basketball games, Pep Band consists of any member of any band. Many people don ' t under- stand Stage Band. However, a member helpfully submitted the following with directions to unscramble. Hopefully this will help clarify the purpose of Stage Band as a school institu- tion. Esom leepopyas hatt het merseps ni Egats Nabd era tre- vreps. Hits si slaf e. (ginpedned no sone noipt f o wive.) Ew nodt gub klof s, ew stuj twan ot eb telf nolae. TEL ROU LOPEEP OG!! Proper fingering Is the main concern of band men bers Larry Nelson and Sally Harris. 36— Bands Half-time during the football game against Penn, is filled with the sound of the Marching Panthers. The golden tones of the saxaphone bubble forth with the help of band members Brian Rochester and John Froelich. The half-time presentation at the Penn game fea- tured the Marching Panthers. Practice isn ' t all hard work as band members Todd Gleason, Dave Nelson, Dave Lucas and Dane Poteet know. HUNGARIAN INGi When walking down dark G- hall you might run into some Hungarian with a wild look in his eyes. Don ' t be afraid — it ' s just Dick Dennis, our orchestra director. If you don ' t, you ' ll find him in front of both the Symphonic and Concert Orchestras. This year in partic- ular he has worked above and beyond the call of duty to make the NC Orchestra program one that is acclaimed throughout the state. Always receiving highest honors at contests, the orchestra members also enjoy playing at concerts, musicals and trips that bring their music to the public. Demonstrations are given by Orchestra Director Dick Dennis to help Concert Orchestra members achieve perfection. While practicing, orchestra members Caroline Ben nett and Shelley Friedman smile for the photogra pher. During a concert, orchestra member Paul Ray takes time out to have his picture taken. 88 — Orchestra Orchestra — 89 CHHD Before a Descants show at the Airport Ramada Inn, Bobbie Branam, Mindy Baker, and Becky Branam exchange greetings. 90 — Counterpoints. Descants Relaxing is all Julie Fansler, Lisa Cavalier, Orr and Veronica Lewis have on their minds after a Descants show. What do you think of when someone mentions Counter- points or Descants? A top choir, right? Someone who misses a lot of classes in December for shows? Someone who comes in bleary -eyed after a 6:45 AM rehearsal? Well, you ' re right on all three counts. A spirit of group achieve- ment and friendship underlies many long hours and much hard work by Counterpoints ' members. While individual voice excellence is encouraged, the key to success is an empha- sis on vocal blending and group unity. Receiving many honors, Counterpoints per- formed at such places as the Columbia Club and Monument Circle. With only four returning members, Descants also spent long hours working towards perfection in sound. From their first show on October first to the end of the year, they sang for public and pri- vate groups from the Riviera Club to Market Square Arena. Slumber parties and pitch-in dinners intermixed with shows to produce sensitivity and unity among Descant mem- bers. Before their show, Counterpoints members Cindee Moore and Bill Eagleson go window shopping on Monument Circle. The luxurious atmosphere of the Atkinson Hotel surrounds Descants Libby Willson, Paula Lurvey, and Tammy Becker as they await their cue to go on. Traffic problems are non-existent to Counterpoints members on their way to a show. SOMETHING SPECIAl Can you think of one thing Varsity Singers, Girls ' Ensem- ble and Bell Choir have in com- mon? It ' s music. Accents, one half of Varsity Singers, spend many hours enjoying themselves while entertaining others. The forty girls in yellow dresses started and built lasting friendships while singing. The other half of Varsity Singers, Music Men, enjoyed the distinction of being the only all-male choir. Both groups were busy with Bicentennial shows. Frequently known as the Ladies in Pink, Girls ' Ensem- ble has a friendship circle before each performance which may partly account for the special closeness they are reputed to have. Their many performances include small intimate groups as well as large conventions and recep- tions. The smallest group in the Music Department, Bell Choir, was also one of the closest and most unique. Each member learned to arrange music for the group ' s brass Schulererich handbells and mastered the art of playing bells and dancing simutaneously. Through the unusual sound of the bells, members tried to share some- thing special with each of their many audiences. " Til the season to be jolly. " Girls ' Ensemble mem- bers celebrate the arrival of Christmas vacation. 92— Varsity Singers. Girls ' Ensemble, Bell Choii After mastering the song, Music Men concentrate on the accompaning dance routine. With a blending of voices, Accents and Music Men become Varsity Singers for a Bicentennial Show. i The stage is filled with the ringing of bells as Bell Choir performs on Monument Circle at the lighting of " The World ' s Largest Christmas Tree. " a Jfc 1 §■1 1 ™ i ' § i Quickly catching on to new music, Accents Ka ' rla Austin, Terry Schlegel, and Karen Armor rehearse tor the upcoming Holiday Sounds program in December. Dance steps have to be learned, here by Crescen- doe members Betsy Beck, Janice Lotts, Betsy Shanks and rvlary Lynn McPhail. New music is rehearsed by members of Treble Tones, the newest NC choir. 94 — Treble Tones, Allegroes. Crescendoes the ftaliinihoiuu Singing and dancing simultaneously are the scendoes members. ■ Cre- Dance routines prove trying for Crescendoes mem- bers Beth Root, Ann Zintel and Julia Fleming. " Kung, " " Ensemble posi- tion " and " Copper Kettles carry comfort " are just a few things you might hear if you walk into the Treble Tones ' room. The choir, formed this year and dressed in a rainbow of colors, sang songs like " Bri- an ' s Song, " " Wonderful Thing to be Me " and " Singing a Happy Song. " Along with the Christmas program the girls performed for clubs, retire- ment homes and churches. Although Allegroes dresses are basic black, their spirit is anything but dull. The girls make up the smallest choir and consequently they are very close. They really get a kick out of singing and being together. Their shows incorpo- rate a wide variety of songs geared for the pleasure of ever- yone. From Beatles to Broadway Crescendoes perform a wide range of songs. The girls, dressed in ice-blue, sang for clubs, nursing homes and school productions. Good musi- cian-ship, self -discipline and responsibility all add to make Crescendoes a fine music organization. Dance routines are perfected by Allegroe members for Opus 75. Treble Tones. Allegroes. Crescendoes — 95 Soloing helps Northernaires member Jeff Kennedy with his singing while fellow members Bob Butters and Scott Moreland await their turns. Sight reading takes up a large amount of A Cap- pella members Cici Lemcke ' s and Jeanene Blastic ' s time as they learn the fine art of singing. Practice helps Girls ' Concert Choir members Vicki Broron and Cheryl Wilburn achieve singing perfec- tion. These Girls ' Concert Choir members know singing takes practice, concentration, and hard work to achieve the goals of the training choir. 96 — ACappella Northernaires. Girls ' Concert Choirs Scaled aL HelgM ? Picture yourself at the top of a human Christmas tree formed by the three non-per- forming ensembles, Norther- naires, ACappella and Girls ' Concert Choirs. The choirs devote their time to learning the basic aspects of vocal technique, choreography and working with others. They also prepare for departmental programs and the Fine Arts Festival. The proper way of singing and breathing simulta- neously is taught to these members of Norther- naires, one of three training choirs. Non-performing ACappella members strive to achieve the basic aspect of breathing and singing properly and membership in a performing choir. •pcaM aa Ponder decides if he ' s set e. All tired out from a long cross country run, Senior Bob Deitch sprints into the home stretch at the Uwrence Central meet. t l; aJIJPJPJIjM Anxioui facet reveal the thoughts of Julie Sent and Karen Kitterman, bat girls, as they watch the Car- tel game. Run! A North Central ball carrier knocks his way through Southport ' s defensive line to win a nine yard gain for the Panthers. would we be wi sports? Over the years, athlet- ics at NXJiave converted untrained mnWs and bodies to well-trained ones. But that ' s not the only benefit of sports. How much school spirit could we have if there weren ' t bas- ketball games? And of course there ' d be no excuse for Home- coming without football. That ' s why we ' ve had twenty years of great sports — and why we ' ll hopefully have at least twenty more! Sultan of Swat, . Varsity Baseball Wins— 21 Losses— 7 NC 10,9 Goshen 3,4 NC 7 BeechGrove 2 NC 6 Arlington 4 NC 5,9 Pike .W. 6,4 NC I Lawrence Central NC 14 Tech NC Lafayette Jefferson 3 NC 4 Kokomo 2 NC 4 Broad Ripple NC 5,8 Greenfield 6,0 NC 6 Ben Davis NC 7 Perry Meridan 5 NC, 6 Carmel NC I Warren Central 2 NC 4 John Marshall 5 NC 4,12 Southport 2,9 NC 7 Howe I NC 4 Southport (County) .2 NC 4 Lawrence (County) 9 NC 8 Shelbyville 4 NC 2 Mount Vernon I NC II Shortridge (Sect.) NC 5 Broad Ripple (Sect.) 4 NC 3 Chatard (Sect.) 5 Reserve Baseball Wins— -10 losses— 7 NC 3 BeechGrove 2 NC...:. ..17 Arlington J NC 12,3 Pike 6,4 NC 3 Lawrence Central ,. 2 NC I Lafayette Jefferson 7 NC 12 Tech I NC 3 Ben Davis 4 NC 4 Kokomo ..« ,6 NC 6 Perry Meridan 72 NC 13 Broad Ripple NC 3 Warren Central 2 NC 10 John Marshall. . ..»-.. ' 3 XC 1,3 Southport 0,8 NC I Howe 5 NC 2 Carmel 5 V ' These boys shows. During a close c the pressure for j with Arlington, Bill Tait : asy Ball Pour. mmmm e fear into Jii -hitter at Sho Go to a baseball game and you will see fans, a few stu- dents, teachers, parents, and bicyclers passing by; all sitting on the bleachers watching the game intently. Enthusiasm for our team is growing quickly. If per chance the game gets a bit dull, the outfielders begin chanting, " Hey batter, batter, batter! " Everyone gets riled up, and the game is alive. Real- ize, though, that it is not only the batter who makes baseball America ' s Number One sport. The catcher has to be alert, watching for flying bats. The pitcher is another key player. We were blessed with Jim Rust, who pitched a " no- hitter " at the Shortridge Sec- tionals. The fielders are vital, and of course, so are the coaches. To top it all off — are the batters! After all, someone has to hit ' em over the fence! »»1S 1 Milr ffgrajMEM iHRHHI A long arm ext anded saves a po ssible home during practice Drills on c atchi g fly balls rehears ed, so the re is no excu e for missing a fly matter what the adder he anc i ne res MarkS jrves prac )ntry is lis Tice using a challenge ening to Blair Karsch as Coach E uckley disc uss the day ' s matches. Boys ' Spring Tennis Wins- - 1 1 Losses — 1 NC .. ....7 Shelbyville .0 NC .. ....6 New Albany .... .1 NC .. .... 7 Jeffersonville . . . .0 NC .. ....5 Pike .0 NC .. ....5 .2 NC .. ....7 Lawrence Central .0 NC .. ....7 Park .0 NC .. 7 Brebeuf .0 NC .. ...J Southport .0 NC .. ...A Bloomington South .3 Blooming-fan N orth Tourney ; — 2nd Mooresville Doubles Tourney — 1st Boy s 1 Fall Tennis Wins- - 1 6 Losses — 2 NC .. ....4 Anderson .1 NC .. ....5 Carmel .0 NC .. ....5 Pike .0 NC .. ....5 Speedway .0 NC .. ....5 Perry Meridian . . . .0 NC .. ....5 Mooresville .0 NC .. ....3 Lafayette Jefferson 2 NC .. ....5 Arlington .0 NC .. ....5 .0 Sectional — 1st Regional — 1st State- -2nd State Mental Attitude Award — Rick Hurst 59 straight dual meets won BOYS ' TENNIS— FRONT ROW: Rick Hurst, Rich Number one player Rich Vandish shows his de W: Coach tating ground stroke in the State Finals. , )m Rogers, and Tom Hall. WmmmSfmimmm It was a season of nothing but firsts. Well, almost noth- ing but firsts since the tennis team took the state runner-up trophy instead of the sought- after first place trophy. How- ever, the season was encourag- ing to the players because of many other victories. They received much school backing, even being recognized at a pep session. Parents weren ' t the only fans backing the team; many students turned out to cheer the team on to a success- ful season. The players became a team instead of a group of players. 102 — Boys ' Tennis ' ' 6TQTE MEET REPEAT RUNNER-UP PPLL 74 C 75 " Rocltetman " Tom Rogers proves his niclcn a powerful serve. th A strong forehand by Bill Bastian scores another point for htm and doubles partner Tom Hall in the Anderson match. •We ' re Number One! 9 So close, yet so far away! For Stacey Smith that ' s another stroke to add to her score. The putt was perfect, but the ball rolled a vew inches short of the hole. |tR- ' ' NT ROW pcey Sr " K ROW?luTe Hudson, Kyle nd Coach Inikeep. NC 197 Sc • NC I 70 U County — first Sectionals — first State — first Girls ' Golf Wins— 15 Loss. 1 70 Lebanon I 71 Carmel 172 Ben Davis 288 Speedway . . . 188 Perry Meridian Pike 180 Broad Ripple . 180 Ladywood . . . 156 Ben Davis 181 Pike 184 Yorktown .... 193 Carmel Broad Ripple . 197 Southport I 70 Ladywood . , . It ' s not every day you see a shot like this. After a hard practice round, Kristy Williams sometimes finds the club a little hard to hold onto. What can you say about the only girls ' team to go unde- feated for two straight years, including two state meets? The sectionals caused a lot of excitement but not too much worrying for the girls. The tournament was held at Syca- more Springs, which happened to be the girls favorite course. Only two weeks earlier, they had their best total on the same course. NC was predicted to win. The girls not onlv wanted to win but had two other goals besides the cham- pionship. The first success was to have all the team members place 12 or better. The ' ! second goal was to have the top two individuals both from NC. First in section- als went to Kyle O ' Brien and second went to NC ' s " secret k weapon " Kristy Williams. As was expected, the State meet also went to these " fabulous five. " First place went to Kyle once again, along with the Mental Attitude award. Girls ' Golf— 105 m CROSSCOUNTRY wins — 3 losses — 3 NC..69 Southport Bloomington 26 39 NC..I5 Broad Ripple ....49 NC..4I Ben Davis ....15 ....77 NC..I8 Kolcomo Haworth . . . ....44 NC..34 Perry Meridian Lawrence Central . . . ....46 ....48 NC..30 Warren Central .... ....29 ...106 Arlington ...133 Pike Invitational — 9th Carmel Invitational — 3rd Ben Davis Invitational — 7th Washington Invitational — 5th County — 3rd Sectionals — 4th Regionals — 9th rosskopf receives another speeding ticlcei Ah, but this one has positive results as he finishe strong in the Broad Ripple meet. Looks like he ate his popsicle too fast; but actually Junior Scott Wolf is looking for some oxygen after winning a hard run meet at Lawrence. m m @_ r GQ A very hilly course at Kokomo Haworth gave J " m. After finishing the t • s earned this deserved rest. 106 — Cross Country Although a beautiful day and only practice, Da Young runs full force on the co " - ' day. u AV [« e energy crisis was a dead ssue for Coach Wille ' s cross country crew this year as his runners took third in the County and fourth in the Sec- tional before finishing ninth in the Regional. The top four teams from the Panthers ' tough Regional were in the state top ten, with state champ Southport leading the way. Seniors Bob Deitch, Mark Grosskopf, Jerry Taylor, and Darrel Young represented North Central in the Sectional and Regional meets. Sopho- more Bob Haslam rounded out the tournament team. y T Young turned in the Pan- thers ' best Regional run, fin- ishing in 18th position. Cross Country — 107 ' u. 161 • • 12 U to halfback Al Da against Arlington. .. .,iith pitches the ball vho runs it in tor a TD 108— Varsity Football Our Panthers captured the AAA county title not held since 1969. Hard work and pride were key factors to suc- cess. After beating themselves in a fumble-filled game with Carmel, one has to ask where pride came from. Coach Pap- pas and staff gave the team the will to win. The Panthers came back to win the next 5 games; includ- ing a grand victory over 2 ranked Lawrence Central. The team found it hard to fire up for underrated Warren Cen- tral. Although it was Home- coming, the Warriors did hit the war path. Knocking off Southport gave the Panthers a county championship. What a back- field— Flash Pipkin, Al Dar- ling, Bam Bam Pinner, with Smitty as QB. Bryan Pinner, honorable mention All-State, barely missed the 1,000 yard milestone. Second team All-State hon- ors were rewarded to Senior George Brown and Junior Mike Gilbert. i. Alan Warnock i Idles out on the field bui »ne gmar iwu aic »« lg their eyes on the photographer. John Wake ady for the picture. Looks good for Varsity next year. The B-team finished strong to end a respectable season with a 5-4 record. With several key sophomore " foot- ballers " on Varsity, the Reserve squad worked hard to retain the Panthers ' fearful image to opposing teams. After losing some close games in the beginning, Head Coach Dick Pritchard and Coach Mike Miley never lost their cool and kept the team ' s spirit alive. A revived defense led by Bob Walsmith kept a goose egg that was never cracked on the opponents ' scoreboard for the final three games. ■ » ' B i pass dropped right into Ha is with only one Broad Ripple . .no iw».Yg |ji .y. 11 i nam ro 3 field Varsity uses Friday night iphere surrounds the field h ' s hard to picture it as the f0 - RESERVE FOOTBALL Wins — 5 Losses — 4 NC. ..0 ...21 NC. .28 Lawrence Central . . . ...34 NC. ..7 Beech Grove ....9 NC. .28 Broad Ripple ....6 NC. .14 Ben Davis ...48 NC. .12 Warren Central ...26 NC. .28 Southport ....0 NC. .18 Lawrence Central . . . ....0 NC. .20 Bloomington South . . . .. . Lanky John Rapp ' s immense concentration rewards him with an eventual basket. Varsity Basketball Wins— 7 Losses— 15 NC ...60 Shelbyville 52 NC...65 Newcastle 67 NC...73 Carmel 80 NC . . .41 Lawrence Central ...54 NC ...59 Kokomo 65 NC...68 Southport 62 NC...74 John Marshall 76 NC . . .61 Speedway 65 NC...7I Tech 82 NC . . . 7 1 Warren Central 68 NC...77 Ben Davis 69 NC...65 Pike 89 NC ...59 Arlington 65 NC...72 Bloomington North .. 69 NC...74 Marion 87 NC ...66 Northwest 74 NC . . . 72 Kokomo Ha worth .... 74 NC...76 Anderson 92 Panther Hilton Hudson goes hungry for a rebound as remaining teammates protect his rights to the ball. VARSITY 8ASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: Randy Davidson, Scot Garrison, Andy Sexson, Curt Neff and Duane Dye. SECOND ROW: Grog Cowser, Hilton Hudson. Todd Ponder, John Rapp. Steve Clymer, Dave Sherron. and Gregg Herke. Struggling for the rebound, Todd Ponder and Steve Clymer try to keep the Devils from scor- A shorter team than accus- tomed at NC struggled through an unrathful season. The Panthers not only lacked in size but also were short a couple of players for much of the season. Dave Sherron led the Pan- thers in scoring with a better than 20 point average. Hilton Hudson was also a key figure on the squad, and Steve Clymer resurrected his round ball talents for tremendous support. Juniors Todd Ponder and Scott Garrison had an expected good season. Sopho- more Andy Sexon really spar- kled during Sectional play with the style of a real veteran. Shooting tor the stars, Curt Neff finds he has scored another two points. Combined efforts by all brought the Panthers a victory. m O -n o o ■D Varsity Basketball— I 13 I 14— Girls Basketball pi j ■ ■ ■MSI ' ■ 43B ra r J ETJK , V 33 , 3 L ' " " " 1 140 | L 32 . Wfi • - L£ H J ] £T GIRLS ' BASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: Wanda Se.ton Sara Walker. Diane Jones. Jill Slavin. Kathy Walker, Becky Alford and Paula Bortl. SECOND ROW: Coach Maines, Kyle O ' Brien, Karen Benbow. Judy Kilbury, Beth Pennington, Monica Eber. Roilyn Din widdie, Dianne Steinmeft, Lorrie Knierem, and Manager Jackie Just because two Tech players are in Kathy Walk- er ' s way doesn ' t mean she can ' t score two points. Nevertheless, Tech won the game. Girls ' Basketball Wins— 10 Losses — 4 V ...R V . ..R NC ..59 .. 18 Decatur.. 38 .14 NC ..35 Tech 46 NC ..58 . .2 4 Beech Grove ... 50 ..9 NC ..66 Marshall .53 NC ..51 ..45 Carmel . .46 • 16 NC ..51 ..28 Warren ..46 .24 NC ..56 ..14 Ben Davis 35 .23 NC ..60 Lawrence 35 NC ..61 .. 18 Southport 40 .25 NC . .46 Chatard .52 NC ..57 Roncalli ..40 Secti onals- -2nd Tired near the end of a hard practice, Paula Borti shoots one more lay-up to perfect her form. What ' s the magic of the bolt? Just ask the team. That good luck piece was exchanged between two players each game and has been since late last season. Maybe that ' s not really why they won so many games. Could it be 7:30 A.M. practices or the warm-up exer- cises? Possibly they won because the other team had an off night. If you want to know the truth, it ' s because they love to play basketball and work hard as a team. With those two things, there should be a win- ning combination every time (or maybe it was the bolt). I H CD UJ H O X m c o x H 1 CO m CD Basketball— I 15 ' " o HURRAY! N Under the guidance of Coaches Bruce Blomberg and Paul Johnson, NC ' s all-sopho- more reserve basketball squad fought to a 9-11 record. A first place trophy in a four-team tournament featur- ing Ben Davis, Lawrence, and Warren highlighted the Pan- thers campaign. The Panthers lost tough games to Marion and Ander- son but defeated city-rival Tech. Coach Paul Johnson said " our full-court press and man- to-man defense were good and we had lots of depth in the guard position. " Practice isn ' t really all that bad! Mark Gentry, Brad Leaf and Tom Mitchell not only enjoy Friday nights but also afternoon practices. On the way up for the easy shot, Darryl Henderson shoots as the referee watches for foul play. RESERVE BASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: Mile Scanlon, Andrew Dan Connor. Tom Mitchell, Merle Gentry. Jeff Masten, Derryl Hendenon, Mllre Goitineau, end Auiitent Coach Paul Johnson. SECOND ROW: Coach Bruce Blomberg, Dave Seagren, Mark Brown, Dan Low rlng. Greg Mueller, Kurt Shaver. Jim Horsfield, Brad Leaf and Bill Hall. I 16— Reserve Basketball At an attempt for the extra point, Bill Hall reaches for the hoop — and one more point is added to the scoreboard on the Panther ' s half. Two Northwest players, determined to stop Greg Mueller from a basket, approach him from both sides. % Boys ' Reserve Basketball Wins — 9 Losses — I I NC..55 Shelbyville 35 NC..59 New Castle 42 NC..48 Carmel 51 NC..36 Lawrence Central ...47 NC..5I Kokomo 53 NC..53 Southport 40 NC..46 John Marshall 47 NC..36 Speedway 43 NC..57 Tech 54 NC..36 Warren Central 38 NC..5I Ben Davis 63 NC..65 Pike 55 NC..49 Arlington 44 NC . . 49 Bloomington N 59 NC..50 Marion 62 NC..54 Northwest 32 NC..49 Kokomo Ha worth 55 NC . .45 Anderson 62 Reserve Tourney — I st Pressure builds as Dan Connor searches down the court for a teammate to help him out of this bind. Reserve Basketball— I 17 s Intramural Champs A LEAGUE Intramurals— Eric Wagner. Sam I Rascoe, Brant Cowser, George Brown. John Baines, and Terry Wharton. B LEAGUE N P. B.C. — Brian Carter. Joe Co., Mike Vea. Ron Pike. Joe Kirsh. Sherman liaks, John Abrams, and Mark Smith. K C LEAGUE Utopians— Gary Summers, Rick Walters. Jeff Carmichael, Brad Baker. Mark McCormick, Scott Campbell. Bobby Green, Fred Bel 1 lar, Kim Schneider. D LEAGUE B M All Stars— Bob Toler, Paul DeIRe, David McMurtury, Jay mm S Steinbaugh, Jeb Conrad, Dave T Strapman, Steve Justice, Rob Warsler, Dan Hammond, Pete L Jackson, and Rick Farber. In position for a one and a half somersault, Jami Durrett listens to Coach Barnes for last-minute instructions. Later she captured 5th in Section- als. Not playing at the beginning of the second half Scott Smith and George Gilmer warm-up while the action is at the other end of the court. The " Intramurals " upset defending Intramural champi- ons " B.A.D. " in the final game of the year. Each team carried a seven win, one loss record before the outcome of the championship game. Eric Wagner and Sam Rascoe led the Intramural ' s surge that upset B.A.D. Though Joe Per- kins was absent for the final game, the depth of B.A.D. was still overcome by the hustling Intramurals. r With the greatest of ease, Tom Morgan does an inward dive layout position as he competes against the other four divers. THE INTRAMURALS— Terry Wharton, Eric Wag- ner, George Brown and Sam Rascoe. The ability to maneuver through the air is impor- tant as Dave Fang completes a one and a half rev- erse somersault. Performing dives with diffi- culties as high as 2.7, Senior Tom Morgan racked up 303.15 points and first place in this year ' s State Diving Finals. In three years of competition, Morgan lost once. Charlie Plechette was elimi- nated in the third round of competition, and David Fang dropped out after the first round. As for the girl divers, three who competed regularly were Jamie Durrett, Dawn Durrett, and Ellen Dean. Ellen placed 6th in the State Meet. The rest of the pack stands back to watch as Mike Sanich brings down the rebound. Diving. Intramural Basketball— I 19 MlrtvX BOYS 1 VARSITY SWIMMING— FRONT ROW: Scot Folley, Ted Hoehn, J!m Clark, Mark Miller, John Buddenbaum, and Milt Char bonneau. SECOND ROW: Jeff Chappel, Eric Sundquist, Dave Die kinson, Mike Miles. Jim Lawall. Mike Doty, and Tim Miles. DIVING BOARD: Tom Morgan. David Fang, and Charles Pechette. THIRD ROW: Coach Powell. Julie Cappello, (Assistant Manager), Kerry Rose, Joe McArdle. John Culver, Chris Fisher, and Todd Pitts. BOYS ' RESERVE SWIMMING— FRONT ROW: Coach Barnes. Ken dall Rump. Josh Edwards. Jeff Cappello. Rick Wurster. Bill Plauti, Tom Svenstrup. and Jim Buddenbaum. SECOND ROW: Jeff Eicher. Beck. Paul Henry. Jeff Clark. Brad Folley, Andy Morgan, Steve Bond. Kurt Goudy. and Steve Blatt. Boys ' Swimming Wins— 1 3 Losses — NC. I20y 2 481 j j NC ..94 Muncie North . . 78 NC .127 Warren Central 45 NCI 03 Pike 69 NC .120 Lawrence Central 5 1 NC .113 Perry Meridian . 59 NC ..52 Southport 30 NC .117 Lafayette Jeff . . .55 NC .116 54 NC .116 Ben Davis 56 NC .116 Kokomo 50 NC .102 Bloomington N . 62 NC .117 Speedway 52 County — 1st North Central Relays — 1st South Bend Adams Invit. — 1st Sectional — 1st State — 3rd Girls ' Swimming Wins- -1 1 Losses— -0 NCI 37 Yorktown 81 NCI 36 Warren Central ..83 NC ..140 Perry Meridian . ..80 NC...69 Southport 35 NCI 24 Ben Davis 96 NCI 34 Carmel 86 NCI 32 Muncie North . . . .88 NC ..146 Pike 74 NCI 35 West Lafayette . . .84 NC ..167 Decatur Central ..53 NCI 50 Lawrence Centra .67 Sectional — 1st State— 5th Why not sit down and psych-up for the 100 yards of butterfly Leslie Nemec has to plunge into. Boys ' Reserve Swimming Wins— 10 Losses — NC .116 NC..86I 2 NC.I20 NC .124 NC.I26 NC66 NC .128 NC.I22 NC .125 NC .124 Richmond 49 Muncie North . . .82l 2 Warren Central .36 Lawrence 47 P. Meridian 45 Southport 16 Laffayette Jeff ..25 Carmel 32 Kokomo 37 Bloomington N . .38 GIRLS 1 SWIMMING— FRONT ROW: Cheryl Schiffli, Betsy Boring, Jami Durrett Dawn Durrett. and Ellen Dean. SECOND ROW: Den ise Flynn. Saily Wells. Cathy Nemec, Suiy Pantzer, Jane Schrage, Nancy Wells and Stacy Maurer. THIRD ROW: Lucy Tutterow, Carol Paik, Amy Schilling. Jean Fargo, Cindy Arkin, Coach Barnes. Julie Cappello. Leslie Nemec. Lii Taylor, and Tie Jewell. BACK ROW: Debbie Hart. Karen Kola. Dawn Flynn. Linette Boline, Kim berty Helmen, Betsy Parrtier, Kathy Miller. Lynn Stark, Sharon Yount, and Lorelei Jewell. Girls ' swim team coach Mark Barnes was " very pleased and very proud " with his team ' s performance this year, as the girls finished with a perfect 11-0 record. After outdistancing their nearest rival by 96 points in the Sectional, the Panthers finished fifth in the State finals, four positions better than last year. Nine school records were bettered this year. Panther record-setters included Julie Cappello, Ellen Dean, Susie Pantzer, Nancy Wells, and the medley and freestyle relay teams. With Mike Miles leading the way with two firsts, Powell ' s tankmen stroked their way to third at the State finals. Chappel swam to third in 100 yd breast stroke with Miller in fifth. Bartlett took fourth in medley and the 200 yd medley team grabbed third place. The team broke eight school records, posted a dual meet record of 13-0, captured both County and Sectional crowns, and extended the NC winning streak to 29-0. 120 — Swimming Impartial timekeeper Cathy Nemec can ' t help but show a little enthusiasm as the boys ' relay team pulls ahead to win. Senior strolcer Mike Miles stretches for his d tiny — an easy victory but a hard landing. Waterlogged but still going strong, reserve free- styler Tom Svenstrup takes a last gulp of air before reaching the wall. Churning away, Lynn Stark heads toward home on •Ti? her last lap of backstroke. ling— 121 Bottoms up! Or sideways or upside down. It ' s remarkable the ways the gymnasts can twist and turn. They can even leap side horses in a single bound. The team made a decent showing with many meet wins and a 3rd in Sectional. Jim Laurent and John Peet (for his second visit) each placed at State. John won first in Tramp while Jim got fifth in parellel bars. Although Scott Stiles excels on side horse, he also does the horizontal bar. Wristbands provide added support for tired arms. Airborne during his trampoline routine, Dwight Lil lie does a full twisting back in hopes of capturing ribbon. ■ ; " WWM 1 - HIIIL ■ - " £ ffgB ; • : • 1 plft I ] fl • A ' • ' " - ■ - BOYS ' GYMNASTICS— FRONT ROW: Brian Becker, Frank Stone, Dennis Watson, Dan Harris, Gary Summers, Jim Shelley, Scott Stiles, Steve Ells berry, and Drew Geiser. SECOND ROW: Coach Smith, Dwight Lillie, Jeff Sanders, Jim Hicks, Jim Laurent, Jim Culver, Chris Hubbard, Scott Phillips, John Peet, Dave Lucas, Steve Moldt, Manager Maggie Monforte, and Assistant Coach Burkebile. Versatility and limberness are shown by Jii also for facial expression. Laurent. Judges look not only for technique, but The world looks a little different to Steve Ellsberry as he executes an inverted hang on the still rings. Boys Gymnastics — 123 A handstand on the uneven bars leaves Louise Queisser in ready position for her dismount! From a handstand, Diana Dickey drops into a flan cast while Coach Lewellen analyzes her routine. Diana is preparing for Pilte where she placed first. What a way to start out the season, beating the number two ranked team in the state. The team is in great shape and it looks good for next year. Missy Wilson, the only Senior, works on one event, the bars. Coming to the team for her 1st year, she started from scratch and has done a nice job for NC. The Panthers made it through an undefeated season with the exception of the Columbus North Tourney where they received 2nd after Diana Dickey, an excellent gymnast, injured her knee and was not able to compete again this year. The girls emerged victors from the hardest sectional in the state, then topped all in state competition. Kay Pashos displayed her talent with a first on beam. Karin Kemper got second in All- Around while Ann O ' Neill placed fifth on beam. Louise Quiesser added her points to give the team a victory. PEPJLS of the PHLRHLLELS Girls ' Gymnasyics Wins — 8 Losses — NC 92.10 Howe 84 NC 91.35 Decatur Central 78.5 Warren Central 78. 15 NC 93.95 P. Meridian 76.05 NC 92.2 Northwest 59.3 NC 91.25 NC 89.45 Pike 69.75 Carmel 76.85 NC 93.35 Plainfield 74.20 NC 88.75 Southport 79.75 Columbus N orth Tourney — 2nd West Dell Tourney— 1st Sectional — Regional — State- GIRLS 1 GYMNASTICS— FRONT ROW: Petti Kelliher. SECOND ROW: Karin Kemper. Sandy Moore. Kay Pathos, Louile Queiiier, Mrify Wikvon. Ann O ' N.ill, and Lite Chab. THIRD ROW: Head Manager Donna Ping. FOURTH ROW: Coach Le-ellen, Manager Amy McMinn. Diana Dickey. Lil Krimendahl. Gina Gardner. Bridget Knowles, Marli Taylor, Manager Kim Cihler, and Student Teacher Cindy rarrand. 124 — Girls Gymnastics Individuality is a key factor in placing for floor exercise. Ann O ' Neill rehearses her stride-leap until she ' s satisfied. It takes a lot more than balance to end up like this. A stag handstand is only one move in Ann O ' Neill ' s demonstration. Beauty, skill, and precision make the balance beam event a crowd-pleaser. Almost ready to smack the horse, Diana Dickey is on her way to completing a take-off handspring vault. WOT AMP Rated number three in the state for the 98 pound- ers, Rick Bussell, co-captain, spent countless hours of practice in the mat room. Va rsity Wrestling Wi ns— 8 Losses— 3 Ties- -1 NC ..29 Bloomington South 29 NC ...9 Warren Central .41 NC ..29 Lawrence Central .18 NC ..18 Ben Davis 45 NC ..37 Franklin Central .24 NC ..39 Southport 9 NC ..34 Decatur Central . .18 NC ..47 Richmond II NC ..35 18 NC ..21 Perry Meridian . . .35 NC ..31 21 NC ..53 Arlington 12 Cour ty— 3rd North Central Tourney— 2nd Sect onals— -1st Reg! jnal— 2nd Reserve Wrestling Wins- -9 Losses — 3 NC . .39 Bloomington South 18 NC. ...8 Warren Central . 41 NC. .26 Lawrence Central 28 NC. ..27 Ben Davis 25 NC. ..20 Blind School V . . . 22 NC. ..45 15 NC. .56 15 NC . ..49 Tech 8 NC. ..40 Perry Meridian . . 15 NC. .47 10 NC. .56 6 NC ..22 Carmel 21 Relief spreads over Dave Lumley ' s face as the ref- eree pronounces him winner. Just one more push and heavyweight Dave Brown had his opponent ' s shoulder s down. The ref gave the signal of a pin and one more match was added to Dave ' s undefeated season. There ' s no way Bill Eagleson is going to let his New Albany " sit-down " . Bill went on to win the round at the 8-way held at NC. Energy expended, but what a great feeling as Brad Peglow struts off the mat after an early morning victory at the 8-way NC Tourney. A tight headlock and there ' s not much hope for Arlington. Dave Oliver, protecting his broken nose with a face mask, has control of the situation. Far out! Or maybe I should say " weigh-in " ! Coach Far- rand provides for practice, new skills, techniques and meets but it ' s up to each wrestler, excluding Heavyweight Dave Brown, to watch his weight. Before a meet it is manda- tory to get on the scales for the refs and if you are so much as V pound over, it ' s a forfeit. Yee Ford has been known to run up and down icy Butler Hill far into the night trying to lose a fatal pound or two by morning. No sweets and often no dinner until the season is over. Then- SPLURGE! The team, with only four seniors received 1st in Sectional, continued send- ing grapplers to Regional, Semi-State and qualified Rick Bussell, 98 pound, to State where he earned third. Exhausted Mark Hayden gets help fn for his victory against Arlington. Once again, Steve Meador takes advantage of the situation to slip in his famous " wizzer " to capture the match. VARSITY WRESTLING— FRONT ROW: Steve Thompson. Bob Harmon, Mark Hayden, Kevin Elliott, and Rick Bussell. BACK ROW: Coach Farrand, Dav Anthony, Dave Lumley, Dave Brown, Rick Saertner Brad Peglow. Bill Eagleson and Yee Ford. RESERVE WRESTLING— FRONT ROW: Ron Eid, Robert Stone Jeff Costin, and Sam Thompson. SECOND ROW: David Bond Mark Baker, Greg Skillman, Craig Benjamin, Bill Vandivier. Stever Keels, and John McGoff. THIRD ROW: Coach Ferrand, Eddie Johnson, John Lundberg, Steve Wlodek, Mike Coppinger, Rid Jerge, Greg Kroot, Ken Smith, Jay Kelliher, Pat Carr. and Jirr Ingerham. Two points in mind, Jim Bradford hangs on a little tighter. A single leg takedown may be just what is needed to earn him those points. s Captain Steve Smith rushes down the ice on a breakaway to score against Lawrence, going on to win 4- 1! One goal behind Lawrence and one period to catch up! Contemplating Coach Arbuclcle ' s new strategy, the team went back on the ice ready to go- Taking a Carmel opponent out of play with a hip check, Don Leonard fights for the puck. S, Ready for the puck coming his way, Bryan Paul, alternate captain, heads down the ice toward the goal. Looking for something to do on Saturday or Sunday around 5:00 p.m.? Why not check out hockey. Although not spon- sored by NC ' s athletic depart- ment, the club consists of NC students. They take their busi- ness seriously and are known to have a pretty rowdy squad. Returning this year is a big hunk of last year ' s gang. Got It! That ' s the way Mike Sanich uses his head to hit the ball. ' I afr- it ' s a fight to the fjipMp C ' s Frank ©ibortolo ( and a Marshall pl« s »Pw th try for control of the ball. Although not a varsity sport, NC students have turned to soccer. In their two years of competition, they have accom- plished many goals. The crew finished 2nd in the city last year and hope to capture the city title this spring. If you haven ' t caught a part of the action yet, you should. Soccer is one of the fastest rising sports at NC. A little over-anxious to score, Dan Gall hastily kicks his opponent instead of the soccer ball. The method Frank Dibortolo prefers is the " head to teammate " plan. Derec Earl is ready and waiting. CN DCWN BOYS GOLF— FRONT ROW: Bill Hamilton, Reed Hutchens Bill, and Phil Fryhoffer. BACK ROW: Brian Wampler, Steve Toney Da.e Dyar. Mike Vea. and Tom Beam. 3oys ' Golf Wins- —27 Losses — 3 NC . 3 1 5 KokomoHaworth3l4 NC . 3 1 5 Komomo360 NC.304 Richmond323 NC . 379 Southport374 NC.378 Colombus North399 NC.I93 John Marshall229 NC. 144 Madison Heightsl54 NC.I90 South port200 NC. 190 Speedway2l5 NC.I95 PIke224 NC.I95 Broad Ripple268 NC . 386 Lawrence CentraM 14 NC.386 Warren Central394 NC.I59 Colombus North 165 NC.I59 Bloomington South 1 70 NC . 1 59 Colombus East 170 NC . 305 Lebanon303 NC.I57 Ben Davis 182 NC . 378 Yorktown402 NC.I58 Shortridgel95 NC.20I Arlington2 1 5 NC.20I Chatard 219 NC 201 Brebeuf22 1 NC 373 Carmel373 NC.3I0 Lebanon3l0 NC . 206 DecatorCentral2l7 NC 201 Perry Meridien2 12 NC 185 Beech Grove22 1 NC 383 Colombus North426 NC.379 Brebeuf396 Lafayette Jeff. Invitational 1st County 3rd Sectional 1st Regional 9t Looking for the ball? It ' s already been hit. In a chip shot which Rick Ellis is practicing before the Carmel meet, as soon as the club contacts the ball, the swing comes to a halt. I 30— Soys ' Golf Eagles, birdies; what do you think we ' re running — a pet store? There ' s a lot more to golf than tees and greens. As the team continues to have suc- cessful seasons, more and more student golfers try for one of 12 spots on the team. Thirty- seven men tried to be titled an NC golfer. The tremendous trio, Dave Dyar, Bill Hamilton, and Tom Beam caused the other team to tremble and the other nine Panthers didn ' t help steady their nerves. The lowest average went to Steve Toney, who will return for the 1975-76 season as will Lettermen Reed Hutchens and Mike Vea. Often while the team waits for the tardy oppo- nents, they gather around the putting green to practice a few last minute shots. Reed Hutchens quickly moves his tee and ball when he sees Brian Wampler aiming for him. K " X- «»»» W " W -» | Just clowning around are Nancy Glover, Mrs. Elliott, Cathy Hurst, and Suzanne Johnson. They think they ' re illustrating the typical tennis team, with stop watch, jump rope and style. n e 1 4 10 s GIRLS ' TENNIS— FRONT ROW: Bath Root, Shaila Elliot, Mllikan, Emily Wada, and Sara Clark. BACK ROW: Llia Cavaliar, Jill Gordon. Carolyn Cook, and Lorl William.. 13 2 — Girls ' Tennis On " tippy-toes " with arms extended, Carolyn Cook and Michele Millikan practice again and again to improve their serves. The hardest part of girls ' tennis is the tryouts, held in the fall. Once you ' ve made the team, you have practice daily but by then the team is work- ing together and these dedi- cated players have a lot of fun. Usually 40-50 girls go out for the team and using a challenge ladder the team slowly dwin- dles down to the 18 members, varsity and reserve. Once the team gets together, they do everything possible to make tennis a blast. Last year ' s co-captains were Cathy Hurst and Suzanne Johnson. This year ' s will be Michele Milikan. Mrs. Elliot, the coach, leads all pep sessions the girls have before matches. Girls 1 Tennis Wins — 8 Losses — NC 6 Lawrence Central . . I NC 5 Bloomington South .2 NC 6 Arlington I NC 5 Carmel 2 NC 7 Perry Meridian NC 7 Southport (Reserves)O NC 5 Park Tudor 2 NC 6 Ben Davis I NC 5 Ladywood 2 Marion Tourney — 1st As she swings at a tennis ball, Sara Clark partici- pates in a friendly warm up with her future oppo- nent. Girls ' Tennis— 133 In a match against Chatard in Sectionals, Bobbi Branam jumps high to spike the ball, Judy Phillips covers while Paula Hot+inger runs to assist. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Wins— 9 Losses— I NC NC. NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC .15,15 8,15,15 .15,15 .15,15 .15,15 .15,15 .15,15 .15,13 ...3,9 .15,15 Sectionals — 1st Regions Is — 2nd RESERVE VOLLEYBALL Wins— 6 Losses — 4 Lawrence 2,0 Southporr 15,1 1,8 Warren 9,11 Beech Grove 9, 1 1 Roncalli 15,5,8 Deaf School 6,3 Speedway 6,5 Carmel 10, 1 I Ben Davis 15,15 Marshall 6,7 NC NC NC. NC. NC NC NC NC NC NC. ..13,12 ..15,12 10,12,16 .15,12,8 .15,15 .15,15 .15,15 .15,15 ..10,7 13,13,15 Lawrence 15,15 Sou+hport 17,15 Warren 15,9,14 Beech Grove . .9, 15,15 Roncalli 10,12 Deaf School 6,1 I Speedway 13,7 Carmel 7,9 Ben Davis 15,15 Marshall 15,11,7 GIRLS ' RESERVE VOLLEYBALL— FRONT ROW: Diane Lee. Lynda HrhMnger. and Becty AKord. BACK ROW: Marcia Rafferty. Mar ianne Light. Dianne Steinmefc, and Julie Johnston. y 134— Girls ' Volleyball .... ' :. ' • ' :- " : ' " ' ■y -1- k33 1 1 34 m 40 1 I 44 ■ l L Kk A i - M ' E ? Jfl -•;•-: + %i ' M |3s| 421 SO I li 43 A GIRLS ' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL— FRONT ROW: Judy Phillips, Paulo Hottinger, Ruth Anno Greene, and Patty Hicks. BACK ROW: Yvonne Vido.ic, Sarah Dunham, Bobbi Branam, and Becky Branam. MINE... OOPS T Quite a season for the girls ' volleyball team, with lots of exciting adventures besides the scoreboard to show for it. With a victory through sec- tionals, the girls had hoped for the Regional title too, only to be defeated in the final game against Crispus Attucks. Long, dark bus rides home were romanticized journeys for our female athlet es as they watched the moons glow from the rear of the bus. " Bump, set, spike, kill " ech- oed through the minds of the players. Practice is the only way +0 improve. Ruth Anne Greene spikes as Patty Hicks tries to block. Paula Hottinger is ready to help. Carmel ' s attempt, to spike is blocked by Marianne Light. NC won the match. Girls ' Volleyball— 135 Jumping undefeated until state finals, Ruth Ann Greene easily clears the bar for another victory. Qood Climes Girls ' Track Wins — 4 Losses — 3 NC. .57 Sou+hpor+48 NC. .29 Ben Davis58 Lawrence Central45 NC. .83 Warren Central22 NC. .62 Perry Meridian43 NC. .66 Deca+or Central54l 2 Warren Central 1 3 ' 2 NC. .46 Lawrence Central59 Cour +y Mee+-3rd Sect onal Meet-3rd Did you happen to catch a glimpse of what whizzed by on the track lately? Well, it could have been Ruth Ann Greene getting a running start for her high jump. Or maybe it was Mr. Mclntyre trying to boost the morale of his team. Then again, maybe it was Carol Paik just warming up. You never can tell. It ' s been known to happen that to get the girls to run faster, the boys practice with them and chase them around the track. Everyone is truly dedicated to their job. One time, somebody decided that practice was getting bor- ing, so she started thinking of a way to spice it up. What could be better than sneaking up behind someone and sud- denly jerking her pants down around her knees? This caught on in a flash and soon everyone had been a victim. It wasn ' t even safe to get on the team bus for away games. But even though all of this goofing around was taking place, they still worked hard and came out with a winning season. 136— Girls Tract Girls ' track team members Ruth Ann Greene and Paula Hottinger get in a good warm-up before a meet. GIRLS ' TRACK— FRONT ROW: Marcia Rafferty, LaFranz Dun-, Paula Hottinger. Karla Chittenden. Cindy Refkin, Susan Stein. Kriiti William,, Julie Fleming, Mary Montblenc, Bonme Brammer. SEC OND ROW: Ann Trudgen, Ginna Gardner, Dawn Flynn, Lori Knierem, Carol Ciilack, Diedre Eait. Amy Snodgrass, Carol Palk. Diana Einten. THIRD ROW: Coach Mclntyre, Assistant Manager Betiy Patton, Valerie Young, Nancy Everett, Jean Fargo, Monica Eber. Bobble Branam. Kathy Mini, Kim Hankins, Ruth Ann Greene, Jane Schrage, Julie Johnston, Nancy McGuire, Manager Jane Feh senfeldt, Coach Jane Maines. Girls ' Track— 137 Va rsity Track Wins — 8 Losses — 1 NC .. ..56 Lawrence Central .44 NC .. ..73 Kokomo 50 NC .. .103 Southport 43 Washington 13 NC .. ..74 Lafayette Jeff 53 NC .. .III Hamilton Heights . 16 NC .. 88l 2 Perry Meridian . . .40 Brebeuf 29 " 2 NC 91 Kokomo Haworth .34 NC .. ..57 Tech 70 NC .. ..94 NC Relays— 1st Tech Invitational — 1st County — 1st Sectionals — 1st Regionc lis— 1st State— 2nd Reserve Track Wins- -5 Losses — 1 NC .. ..74 Kokomo 43 NC 63 Washington 48 Southport 45 NC .. ..71 Lafayette Jeff.... 45 NC 76 Perry Meridian .65 ' 2 Brebeuf l3l 2 NC 75 Kokomo Haworth 55 ' 2 Maconaquah . . . 28y2 NC .. ..63 Warren Central ..64 NYV Perry M jridian Invitational — tied for 3rd STEP VARSITY TRACK— FRONT ROW: Rick Russell. Bob Deitcti, Dennis Watson, Mil. Dudley Eric Meyer, and Rick Walters. SECOND ROW: Brian Rochester. Al Darrlng. Oliver Pipkin, Albert Johnson, Tom Stump, Kurt Koehler. Dave Gangstad, and Tim Rafferty. THIRD ROW: Coach Riley. Alvin Day, Farland Jenkins, Joe Clark, Ted Huffman, Keith Bridgeforth, Derek Laing. Pete Carllno. Ed Langford. John Underwood, Darrel Young, and Naverne Wille. FOURTH ROW: Assistant Coach Pappas, Sreg Robinson. Jerry Strayhorn, Paul Payne, Jay Robinson, Mike Dormann, Frank Rohm, Dave Segal, Don Baker, Mark Hlghbaugh, Bob Berry, and Assistant Coach Wriorit. TIME! 4T ' ' RESERVE TRACK— FRONT ROW: Gary Ross, Dave Howard, Larry Cerr, Fred Means, Scott Wolfe, Dave Cornelius, Jeff St. Amend, and Brad Gilchrist. SECOND ROW: Rick Bussel, Dave Lucas, Greg Heslem, Bruce Cutsinger, Scott Morgan, Mark Grosskolf , Rick Wal ters. THIRD ROW: Tim Rafferty, Mike Meharg, Geoff Langston, Jeff Matthes, Kevin Kiley, Jamie Skinner, and Brian Rochester. I 38— Boys ' Track Looks close doesn ' t it? Derek Laing of North Cen- tral and the Pike sprinter are running stride tor stride, but the race just started. When it comes to breaking the string at the finish, Derek Laing will do the honors. Derek also long jumps and received first in the state track meet. Eight out of nine isn ' t bad. Neither is second in the state. But for North Central ' s var- sity track team it was just another average season, as the Panthers won their eighth county title in nine years and finished their campaign with a second place showing in the state meet. The Panthers ' dual meet record was marred by only one defeat, and a large portion of the record book was rewritten, with many records being erased before the ink had time to dry. New records were achieved by Bob Berry and Paul Payne in the high jump, Frank Rohm in the shotput, Kevin Crail in the polevault, Derek Laing in the 100 yard dash, and Don Baker in the mile run. Remember hearing the name of Kevin Crail? He ' s NC ' s pole-vaulter. Because of a rainy Saturday for the state track meet, his event was one of a few postponed until Monday. With pressure mounting, Kevin pole-vaulted and NC remained in second. Boys ' Track— 139 A popular guest, te the ichoo! over the tennis program. i Bobby Rigg ' to help pror Smiling to keep the tears back, Homeco Queen Suiy Ball joyfully hugs Sue Hamme afte receiving her flowers. Joan Kennedy, 1974 Queer looks on. There sure are a lot of differ- ent types of people here at this school — all in a constant state of merriment. Would you believe that there are at least ten people celebrating birth- days every day? That ' s several hundred yards of crepe paper a year, not counting numerous balloons and banners. Like the blue jeans which form the standard uniform, birthdays and their subsequent decora- tions are just another part of the NC experience. BRUCE A86IT JOHN ABRAMS— National Honoi Society Ml 2: Hebrew Club 11-12; Chemistry Lab Asst. 10: I.M. Basketbal 12. JOHN ACKERMAN— Class Council 12 Pres. 10,1 I: Student Council 12; Jr. Spec I I : National Honor Society I I ; School Board Rep. 12. DONNA MARIE ACTON— Attend- ance Ottice 10; Girls ' Drill Team JROTC 11-12: Student Council Finance and Library Committee 12. KENNEY D. ADAMS— Counterpoints 12: Jr. Spec Writer II; Class Council II. Vice Pres. 12; Homecom Candidate; Jr. Prom King Candidate TERESA ADAMS DAVID T. ADLER— Stage Crew 10 12; Thespian Troup 1851 I 1-12; Spanish Club 10-12; Trike. Wagon Race 10-12; TugofWar 12: I.M. Football 10-12. SUSAN ADRIAN— Fine Arts Festival 10.12. MIKE KEITH AKIN— Varsity Cross Country 10-11; Varsity Track 10; Hockey Club 10-11; Jr. Spec II; I.M. Basketball 10-11; Student Council 10- II. DEBRA LOUISE ALBERS— Latin Club 10: I.M. Volleyball 10; I.M. Basketball 10; Fine Arts Festival II. MIKEALDERINK BECKY ALFORD— NORIHERNER Staff I I ; Asst. Sports Editor 12; Trike Race II; Volleyball 10 12; Basketball II 12: Softball 10.12. VINCENT AUG— Concert Band 10- 1 I. Marching Band 10-12, Symphonic Wind Ensemble 12; French Club 10-12. SHEILA RENEE ALLEN— I.M. 1 1; Nurs- ing Asst. l2;AVAsst. II. HOLLIEEALT NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY— FRONT ROW: Jay Tzucker. Vice President Rhonda Noveroske, Kim Ketring, Francine Sing, Debbie Blis Sally Bloom. Ann Bosso. Betsy Mockovak. Sarah Simmons, Leanne Drennan. Sally Hardgrove. and Sue Uhl. SECOND ROW: President Mike Wenning, Steve Lave, Darby Dyar, Debbie Osborne. Linden Higgins, Annette Bynagle. Sue Muhlbacher, Kathy Summers Sutan Kleffman, Gndee Moore and Clare Henkel. THIRD ROW: Mark Miller Pam Brewer, Tracy Dentel, Sara Caine, Susan Colling.ood Mary Fend. Laurel Berg, Valerie Young, Emily Dale. Rita Knieiie. and Barb Kuni. FOURTH ROW: Steve Musset, Pern kCfc Reed Hutchens, Secretary Kathy Megenhardt, Dave Scofield, Alan Berkowirt. Susan Stewart. Barb Miles, Bill Plautz, Jay Morten- son, and Jerry Lande. BACK ROW: Mark Calkin, Ed Johnson, Jeff Berger. Steve Horrall. Greg Plauti. Joe Schroedle. Scott Wesffall, Keith Cage. Gregg Newmark, Dave Minton, and Tr Fose. NRTIONAL HONOR 60CIETY REBECCAS. ANI REW JULIE KAY ANTHONY— Alle 10; NORTHERNER staff II 12 scendoes I I : Girls ' Ensemble 12. ELIZABETH JO APPLEGARTH GARY APTER— Student Council AH. KATHERINE A. ARBUCKEL— B Choir I I, Vice Pres. 12: Stage Cre ' CURTIS ARNOTT— TugofWar 12. NANCY ANN ASHLEY SUSAN ASKREN— Attendance Office Asst. 10: Choir 10; Jr. Spec I I. AUDREY LYN ATLAS— Northernaire 10; French Club I I 12; Wagon Race 12; Fine Arts Festival 10; Chemistry Lab Asst. 12. WILLIAM J, BAAS— Student Council 10, 1 1 : Peer Guidance 1 1 ; Jr. Spec 1 1 . 142 — Seniors JOHN SEABURY BAKER— A 10; Music Men II. Counterpoi Jr. Spec Chairman I I ; Fall Ha Cartoonist 1 2. SUZANNE M. BALL— Cheerleader 10- 12; Varsity Gymnastics 10-11; Jr. Spec I I ; Jr. Pr Cla Cou 10 12; Homecoming Oueen 12. KATHY BARDELL— Gym Asst. 1 1 MIKE BARKMAN— Student Alt. I I ; National Honor Soci( Speleology Club 1112: Gen 10-11; I.M. Basketball 10 12 11-12. Football 12. Softb, Wagon Race 12. LISA KAY BARNES— I.M. Volleyba 10 12; Fine Arts Festival I 1-12; Fin Arts Festival I I 12; Student Counc Alt. 12; Library Student Helper 10-11 Student Council Bookstore 12. ROBERT BARNES MARLAJEANBARNETT KATHLEEN 8ARRETT DAVE BARRY— Student Council I I I.M. Basketball 10 12; I.M. Softball II Jr. Spec II. MARK BARTLETT— Swimming 10-12. WILLIAM ALLEN BASTIAN— Varsity Tennis 10- 12; Class Council 10-11; Boys ' State I I; I.M. Basketball 10. 12; National Honor Society II. CHARLES A. BATES BELINDA BATTLE— Black Student Union 10; Fashion Show 10; Attendance Office Helper 10 II. MARK D. BAUN BROOKLEY BAXTER— Wagon Race 12. KIMBERLY ANN BAXTER— Gym Asst. I 1 1 I.M. Volleyball 10-11; Trike Race I I ; Swim Team 10; Student Council 12. ROBERTA. BAYLES5 BETSY RAE BECK— Girls ' Chorale 10; Madrigals II; Crescendoes I 2 co- pres.; Swim Team I I ; Nursing Asst. 12. WILLIAM R. BECKWITH— German Club 10-11; Golf Team Reserve 10, Var- sity 12. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY— FRONT ROW; Susie Ochs. Mary Richards, Suzanne Cecere. Lynn Levy, Ann Sofios, Tammy Runci man. Jenny Busch, Janet Wolf, Bev Sell, Kathy Wilson, and Jeanny Yune. SECOND ROW; Sally Harris. Stacey Smith. Carol White, Karla Heady, Deidre East. Kathy Rust, Susie Pantzer. Sue Hamme, Robin Conger, and Dan Neff. THIRD ROW; Nancy Easley, Jean Edwards. Miriam Silverman, Marilyn Miles, Mary Kohlstaedt, Sherri Gates, Lori Green, Jill Kline, Bryn Searcy, Jane Schrage. and John FOURTH ROW: Kim Kannmacher. Missy Shackleton. Diane Spencer. Denise Leonard. Jenny Lichtenaur, Julie Shoemaker. Sally Kowles. Bill Roman, and Mark Miller. BACK ROW: John Kroe ger, Steve Jones. Annette Howard, Mary Hyde. Jim Overman, Rick Gans. Rick Slocum, Randy Milch, and Bill Slichenmyer. FOOTBALL " Smile and say cheese. " Mon and Dad get pictures for their scrapbooks. 3 L TIME QTR. PANTHERS MIN. SEC. ' £ BALL YDS. OWN VISITORS RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: Richard Bryson, Ralph Bibb). Brownell Payne. Scott Horrall, Jim CaHino, Alan War- nock, David Seagren, Stave Dyar. Brain Tobin, Robert Buckley, Michael Higgs, Chrii Levandoski, Bernard Howard, Michael Shor- tridge. Robert Wantler, Dane Morrison, Scott Freyn, and Ronald Ed. BACK ROW: Hal Darring, Tim Thompson, Robert Harden, John Wake, Guy East Mark Shary, Pete Jackson, Mark Wilson. Wil- liam Ray. Richard MacGill, Michael Ochstein, Tom Ritman, Kevin Lockhart. Alan Gasper, John Heimann. Kenneth Smith, end Jams Ringer. JOYCE ANN BELL ROBERT MATTHEW BELT— Music Men 12: Spring Musical II; Opus 10.12. LAURA BENDER— Student Council Alt. 12; Swim Team 12; Wagon Race 12. CYNTHIA T. BENNETT— Art Show 10- 12; Jr. Spec Poster II. JAMES M. BENNETT JONI A. BENNETT— I.M. Volleyball 10; 500 Art Festival 1 0; Spring Fine Art Fes- tival 10-12. TANITA JOY BENTLEY— Girls Ensem- ble I 1-12; Marching Band, PomPon girl I I ; Black Student Union 10; Student Council Rep. 12; Jr. Spec II. LAUREL J. BERG— Symphony Orches- tra 10-12; National Honor Society 12; French Club II. UNDAS. BERG JEFF BERGER— Reserve Swimming 10; National Honor Society II; Tutor 12; Spanish Club 12; Student Council 12; Triangle Club Award 10-11. ALAN BERKOWITZ— National Honor Society 11-12; Student Council Alt. 12; Vanity Baseball Trainer 10-12; Jr. Spec 1 1 ; Chemistry Lab Asst. 10-11; Student Council Election Delegate 10. R08ERT B. 8ERLING— Varsity Swim- ming 10 II. BRADLEY BERMAN— Track 10; Jr. Spec I I ; Hebrew Club 10-11; Trike Race I I ; I.M. Basketball 1 2; Tug of War 12. BERNADETTE BERNHARD— Speech Teem 12; Transferred Kansas City 12. PEGGY BERNS— Concert Choir 10; Allegro ! II; Girls Ensemble 12: Trike Race 10- II: Student Council II. SHELLE MARIE BERNSTEIN— Trike Race 10: French Club 10: Lab Asst. I I- 12: Stege Crew Club I 1-12; Wagon Race 12. ROBERT C. BERRY— Reserve Football 10; Varsity Track 10-12; Wagon Race 12; Varsity Swimming 12. TERRY LYNN BESSE Ir. Spec 1 1 ; Stu- dent Council I I : Spring Fashion Show 10. USA BILLINGSLEY Ir. Spec II; I.M. Volleyball 10; Trike Race II; Gym Asst. 11-12; Girls Track Club 10-12; Secre- tary 12. DAVID BINES 89 «8o w;«C C 79 ,2 86 ! Kf 5 q 85 ' 73, 20 69 W36 ill f w ,1 144 — Seniors VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: Patrick Carr (All- County). Bradford Uffner. Oliver Pipkin. Bryan Pinner (Honorable Mention All-State), Bryan Hudson, Geoff Langston. Michael Gilbert (2nd Team All State). Kelly pueilier (All-County), Sa«on Smith, Rob- ert Shieldi. Brad Peglow, Thomas Nine. Brian Heckart. Larry Wine- glan. Alvin Day, and Al Derring. SECOND ROW: David Lumely. John Ganon. Jay Brammer, Timothy Hull, Drew Strole, Thomai Cot- tingham. Jay Roblmon, Jeff Harris. David Hocker, Curt Neff. Dave Howard, Tony Pipkin, Mark Highbaugh. Brent Ervin, Elijah Reeves, Richard Newman, and Jerry Strayhorn. BACK ROW: Mark Huber. James Ingerhem. Chris Kelly, Wayne Wineglass, Anthony Hill. Lau- rence Jones, Richard Jerge, Mike Coppinger. Greg Kroot, Andy Seison, Jerry Lacy. Paul Lsmberg, Tom Beatley, Cliff Russell, Greg Echt, and Jay Sternberger. JOHN S. BLACK— Talent Show 1 1; Jr. Spec II; Opus 75 12; Christmas Show 12; Counterpoints 11-12; Class Council 10. KATHY BLACK TIM BLACK— Accents 10-11; Music Men 12; Computer Science Asst. 12. KAZIMIERZ BLEDOWSKI SALLY LYNN BLOOM— Class Council 10; National Honor Society I 1-12; Hebrew Club 10-11; Bell Choir 11-12; Band IO:TrikeTeam 10-11. MARK BLOSS— I.M. Basketball 10-12; German Club 10-11. RICHARD BLUESTEIN— I.M. Basketball 10-12. HOWARD BODELL— Drill and Firing Squad 10-11; Exhibition Drill Team II- 12; Pistol Team 11-12; I.M. Pistol II. Rifle 10-11. BOBBOEGLIN— Northernaires 10; Track 12; I.M. Basketball 10-12; Jr. Spec I I ; Cross Country 10-12. DARSI BOHR— Lockets l2;Tugof War ANGELA BOLANOS— ACapella 10; Book Store Asst. 10; Spanish Club 12: Spring Arts Festival 11,12. MIKE BOLES— Varsity Wrestling 10-12; TrlkeRace 10. DAVID SCOTT BOLLING— Reserve Football 10; French Club 12; Student Council 10-12. Constitution and Evalua- tion Committee 12. GREGORY KEITH BOND ANDY BONGE DAVID BOONSTRA— I.M. Football 10; German Club I I : National Scholastic Art Award 10. ANN BOSSO— Class Council 10-11; French Club 10-11; President 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Spring Rne Arts Festival 10-12; Facets I I . STEPHANINE S. BOWE— Student Council Rep. Asst. 10; Health Center 12. JACK BOWERS— Latin Club 10-11; Chariot Race 10-12; Tug of War 12. FELICIA MARIE BOYD— Style Show 10; Home Ec Asst. 12; Attendance Asst. Anxious parents talk to Coach Pappas and try to take snapshots of their sons at the same time. MATTHEW RAY BRACKEN— Wres- tling 10: Basketball 10-12. SHELLYE ELAINE BRADFORD— Jr. Spec I I; Wagon Race 12; Spirit Com- mittee- 1 2; Can Drive Committee 12; Speech Team 1 0- 1 I ; Sym. Orchestra 1 0- 12. USA ANNETTE BRADLEY JAY 8RAMMER— Football 10-11; I.M. Basketball 10-12; Tug of War 12. CATHERINE MARIE BRAN AM— Des cants II; Counterpoints 1 2; Orchestra 1 1; Asst. Concert Mistress 12; National Honor Society 11-12. CHRISTOPHER CUMMINGS BRAND —German Club I 0- 1 I ; Wagon Race I 1-12: Tug of War 12; Speleology Club 12; National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 12. LAURA BRETZLAFF— Orchestra 10; Bell Choir I 1-12. PAMELA YVONNE BREWER— Tug of War 12; Gym Asst. II; Jr. Spec II; Class Council 12; Student Council Alt. II; Spirit Committee 12; National Honor Society I 1-12. MIKE BRIGHT— Bookstore Asst. 10; I.M. Football I I , Basketball II. DAVID BRILLHART— Music Men 10- II; WJEL Chief Announcer 1 2; Jr. Spec I I ; Repertory Theatre I I ; Radio TV Asst. 12. SUSAN BRILLHART JOY LYNNE BRINKMAN— Descants 10-11; President 12; Stage Crew 10-12; Thespians 1112: Children Play 10-11; Repertory Theater 1 1 ; NORTHERNER Asst. Ads Editor 1 2. JAMES A. BRODY— I.M. Basketball 10- IkTugof War 12; Student Council 10; Spirit Committee 10; Curriculum Com- mittee 12. CAROLYN BROWN— Trike Race 10- 12: I.M. Volleyball 1 0-1 I : Tennis 12. DAVE BROWN— Varsity Football I I 12: Varsity Wrestling I 1-12; Reserve Wrestling 10: Reserve Football 10; I.M. Softball I I ; Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes Huddle Captain 12. GEORGE BROWN —Reserve Wres- tling 10; Varsity Football I 1-12: Jr. Spec 1 1 ; Spirit Committee Lettermen ' s Club 12: I.M. Basketball 10-12. TOD BROWN WENDE BROWN— Trike Race I I . NANCY BROWNE— Accents 10; Deb- tones 1 1 ; Descants 12; Fine Arts Festival 10-12. CHRISTINA BRUCE TONY BUDREAU DAVID BULLMAN — Rifle Team 10; Varsity 11-12; JROTC 10-12; Drill Team 10 I I; JROTC Staff I I 12; Wagon Race 12; Jewelry Ant. II. KATHLEEN MARIE BURKE— National Honor Society 11-12; Versify Volleyball Teem 10; I.M. Volleyball 1112; Speleol ogyClub I I: Trike Race 10. DIANE BURNS DOUGLAS J. BURRESS 146 — Seniors 1 ' n? JENNIFER MARIE BUSCH— Class Council 10 12; National Honor Society 1 1 ; Junior Prom Queen Candidate I I : Homecoming Queen Candidate 12; Glrll ' Tennli Team I I ; Trike Race 12. HANSLBUSER ANNETTE BYNAGLE— National Honor Society 11-12; Girl ' s Track Club I I ; Lab Aiit. 12. KEITH M. CAGE— National Honor Society I I- 12; Clan Council 10 II: I. M. Basketball 10-12: " A " League Champs II. SARAH CAIN— National Honor Soci- ety I 1-12: HSSSI Workshop I I; Schmuckathon II. CHRISTOPHER CAIRNS— Germo,. Club 10: Soccer Club II: Hockey 12; Counterpoints 11-12. DANIEL J. CAIRNS— I. M. Basketball I 1-12; Jr. Spec I I; Trike Race I I; Wagon Race 12. WILLIAM CALHOUN MARK CALKIN— National Honor Soci- ety I 1-12; Reserve Baseball 10; Varsity 11-12; N.C.T.E. Nominee II; Student Council 10. JEFFRY CAMP— Pep Band I 1-12; Marching Band 11-12; I.M. Basketball II. l W ' BOYS ' CROSS COUNTRY TEAM— FRONT ROW: Brad Gilchrist Ted Hoffman, Fred Means, Scott Wolf. Scott Morgan, and Mark Carroll. SECOND ROW: Greg Stark, Darrell Young. Jerry Taylor Mark Grosskopf, and Jamie Dan. BACK ROW: Coach Wille Tom McKellip, Bob Haslam, Jim Skinner, Vincent Conrad, Bob Deitch and Rick Walters. SHANE CAMPBELL TIMOTHY TAYLOR CAMPBELL— Fine Arts Festival 10-12; German Club 10- Varsity Wrestling 1 0. LAREE CANADA Y— I.M. Volleyball 10- Home Ec Style Show 10; Trike Race I I- I.M. Basketball 10. PAUL RICHARD CANNALEY II— Stu- dent Council 10; Trike Race I 0- 1 I; Wagon Race 12; Speleology Club II- BOB CANNON GARY CANTRELL— Reserve Football 10, Varsity II; I.M. Basketball; Student Council 12; Jr. Spec II. JOHN CAPPELLO— Tug of War 12. JULIE CAPPELO— Girls ' Swim Team 12; Swim Team Pep Club Co-President 12; Wagon Race 12. BRIAN CAREY SHARON SUE CARLINO— Class Council Treasurer 10; Track 10,12; Swimming I I ; Descants 10-11; Fine Arts Festival 10-12. Seniors — 147 A BASEBALL TEAB1 Hi VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM — FRONT ROW: Marl Calkin. Rick Arnold. John Corbltt, Larry Hall. Scott Guenther. Gary Kenny. Hal Gallema Joe Perkins, and Ken Schmutte. BACK ROW: Steve Clym.r.Bill Tait. Damion Oancea. Bill Fran:, Jay Hicky, Brad Garri ion. Jim Riot. Bill Farber. Joe Eber. Coach Schmucker, Coach Brad ley. MICHAEL CARLSSON WILLIAM GREGORY CARMEAN— Radio and Television Asst. 12; WJEL :::-;:.= 12. DARLENE CAYE CARR— Gym Asst. 12; NORTHERNER STAFF II. Asst. Academics Editor I 2; Transfer from New York 10. THOMAS C. CARR—Student Council Rep. 10; Latin Club 10; Wagon Race l2;TugofWar l2;TrlkeRace II. JAMES E. CARSON— I.M. Basketball 10-12; I.M. Bowling 11-12. SUZANNE MARIE CECERE— Class Council 10; National Honor Society I I 12. NANCY CHANDLER MARCIA CHANEY LESLIE CAROL CHAVEZ— Spring Arts Festival I I ; Nursing Ajst 1 2. PHILIP CHENETTE JONI CHENOWETH RICHARD CHOATE— Stage Band 12. BRIAN CLARK— Student Council Rep. 10 I.M. Football 101 I. ROBERT A. CLARK— I.M. Basketball 10-12; Vanity SoH 10; Student Council 12: Wagon Race I 2; Class Council 10. STEVEN JAMES CLARK— Tug of War 12; WJEL Radio 11-12; Radio TV Asst. 12: Teachen TV Workshop 12; Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Award I I . SANDRA JEANE CLAYTON— March ingBand 1 I 1 : Off ice Alst. I I. LESLIE CLEMENT CAROL CLOONAN— National Honor Society 11-12; Stage Crew II; French Club 1 0-1 I: I.M. Volleyball IO;Trike Race 10-11. STEPHEN R. CLYMER— Reserve Bai ,■:: 10, ■ ' :■:■, 12; Vanity Baseball 10-12; I.M. Basketball II. ALISA GAIL COHEN— Forerrsics II- 12: Madrigals I I: Bell Choir 12: Student Council Curriculum Committee II 12. Cultural Committee 12; Wagon Race 12. 148 — Seniors RENA COHEN— Hebrew Club 10-11; Tug of War 12. ALANS.COHN— Tug of War 12. KATHERINE M. COHRS— I.M. Volley, ball 10- 1 I; Student Council Alt. 10; NEWSPAPER STAFF 10. JOHN COLEN— Band II. SUSAN COLLINSWOOD— Descants 10-11; Speech Team 10-12; Lab Asst. 11-12; National Honor Society II 12; International Club 10; English Tutor 12. MICHAEL DOUGLAS COLTER PATRICK COMMONS NANCILEECOMPTON ROBIN CONGER— International Club I I. President I 2; Volleyball Manager 10-11; National Honor Society 11-12; Bell Choir II. AMY ELIZABETH COOK— Bat Girl I I ; Baseball Pep Club I I ; Fine Arts Festival 10-12; Trike Race II; 500 Art Festival Honorable Mention Ayres Art Festiv III. DINAE COOK— Style Show I I -10; Sil vercraft Asst. I I . JAMES M. COOK— Swim Team 10- 1 I Jr. Spec I I; Wagon Race I 2; Trik. Race IhTugofWar 12. TERRICORBIN JANICE J. CORNETT— Tug of War 12 Library Asst. 10; OEA President I I LISA ANN COSTIN— Trike Rac. German Club 1112. II; TIMOTHY P. COVEY— Teacher Asst. 12; Marching Bend I 0- 1 2; Concert Band 1112; Intermediate Band 1 0. BRANT COW5ER— Reserve Basket ball 10, Varsity I I, I.M. 10; Jr. Spec II; Student Council 12; I.M. Football 10. THERESA COX LISA COY— Marching Band ION; Flag Corps I I ; OEA 12. LORA CRAFT KIMBERLYCRAYS TOM CRISMORE— Orchestra 10-12; JROTC 1 0- 1 I ; Language Lab Asst. 1 2. KELLY ANN CROSE— Bell Choir 10-11; Stage Crew Club I I ; Student Council ll;TrikeRace 10; NFL 10-12. DAVID CROSS MARY CROWLEY VICKIE CULEY— Student Council Rep. 10. ROBIN LEE CUNNINGHAM— OEA 11-12; Regional-State Contest I I; National Honor Society 11-12; German Club 10; Accounting Career Confer- ence II. LISA ELIZABETH CUTRELL-Jr. Spec I I ; Student Council I I ; Office Asst. I I . ELIZABETH DABBS EMILY RUTH DALE— French Club II- 12; English Tutor 12; Trike Race Com- mittee 10; Volunteer at Wash. Twp. Training Center 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; National Merit Semi- Finalist 12. CHERYL DANLEY SCOTT DARLING— Homecoming Parade 12. MARY JANE DARMER—Northernaires 10; Debtones II; Jr. Spec Usher II; Accents 12; Opus 12. ELIZABETH ANNE DAVEY— Allegroes IO-ll;Trackl2. EDDIE DAVIS— I.M. Basketball II. Seni VALERIE DAVIS— French Club 10-11; Jr. Spec II; Wagon Race 12: Social Committee 12: Spirit Committee 12; Office Asst. I 2. DENISE LYNN DAYE— Class Council 10: Bell Choir 10: Debtones II: Trike Race 10: Peer Counseling I 1-12; Jr. KAREN E. DEARING— Trike Race 10; Student Council Bookstore 10-11; Fash- ion Show II. ERIC DECKER- Music Men I I - 12: Diving Team 10. BOB DtlTCH— National Honor Society II 12; Cross Country 10 12; Track 10- 12: Speleology Club I I 12; French Club 12. JILL NANCY DEKATER— Pep Band 10: Fine Arts Festival 1 0; Jr. Spec Usher I I - Student Council 12: Curriculum Com- mittee II; Bell Choir 12: Office Asst. II; Wagon Race 12. JAMES DELRE— Homecoming Parade 12. ROGER DEL JNGER— Jr. Spec I I; Tug or War 12; Wagon Race 12. JULIE DELOUGHER JEFFERY Rav DEMPSEY SCOTT A. DENNEY— Student Council 12. AH. 1 1 ; I.M. Football 10-12. TRACY LYNN DENTEL— AFS Host Sis- tar I Malic Hon, efy II Sym. Wind Ensemble 1 1-12; Co Band 10; Hag Corps 11-12; Student Council Alt 12; Orientation Committee 12; Wagon Race 12. CHRISTINE DICK— I.M. Volleyball I a 12; Gym Asit. 1112; Girls Track Club I I : Publicity Chairman 12; Office Asst. 10-11. KAREN LYNNE DICKENS— Hebrew Club 10-12; National Merit Letter Of Commendation 12; Senior Bicentennial Scholarship Runnerup 12. MAVA DICKERSON— I.M. Bowling 10; Trike Race 10; Gym Asst. I 1-12; OEA 12. 1ISIIII IBALL DAVID DICKINSON— Varsity Swim- ming I 1-12. LISABETH S. DICKINSON— Jr. Spec H;TugofWar 12. JOANNDISHER DOUGLAS DITTRICH— Northernairs 10; Speleology Club II. ELLIE DLOTT— Tug of War 12; Office Ajst. 10-11. PATTI ESTHER DOCK— Girls ' Chorale 10; Trike Race I I ; Jr. Spec Usher II; Library Asst. I I. MAUREEN J. DOLAN— Trike Race 10 II; Wagon Race 12; Student Council Nominating Convention 10 1 I; I.M. Vol- leybell 11-12: Speleology Club I: Vice President RJi.U. 12. TOM DONAHUE THOMAS W. DORMANN— I.M. Bas ketbell II 12: National Honor Society 1112. LAURIE DOSSMAN— International Club 10-12: Spanish Club 10; Office Airt. 10; Girls ' Track Club 1 1 ; President 12. MIKE DOTY— Swim Teem 10 12. SCOTT WILLIAM DOUGLAS LEANNE CAROL DRENNAN— Accents 10. Secretary 12; German Club 10-12; I.U. Honors I I; Stage Band 10 12; Marching 10 12; Sym. Wind Ensem ble 10-12: Student Council I 1-12: National Honor Society 11-12. KATHYOREW GILBERT DINGLEY SCOTT DUNHAM— Stage Crew 1 12. LEONARD DUNLAP— I.M. Basketball RHONDA DUNLAP SCOTT DUPONS PHILLIP DUPREE— I.M. Basketball II 12; Student Council II. JOAN DUSTMAN MELINDA DARBY_QYAR— Jr. Spec tdi- -ship Fin National Merit Scholarship Finalist 12; Debate Team 10; Speech Team (NFL) 10 12: NORTHERNER STAFF Photog rapher 10-12; Fine Arts Editor II; Edi tor in-Chief 12; ACappella 10; Alley roes 10; Descants 11-12; National Honor Society ll-l2;Tutor 12. WILLIAM F. DYAR— Reserve Basket ball 10; I.M. Basketball Champs 11-12; Latin Club 10-11; I.M. Softball Champs 10 I I; Jr. Spec II. fill RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: Gary Kolti, Brian Denney, Mike Crabb. Mark Crabb, Tom Gardner, Stu Peterson, Jay Kolliher, Greg Evani, Dave Stephens, and Dan Neff. BACK ROW: Coach Staver, Shreve Jones, Mark Smith. Todd Ponder, Curt Neff. Rich Neumann, Brad Uffner, Tom Nine. Mike London and Bryan STEPHEN M. DYKE— I.M. Basketball 10-12, Softball I I: Gym Asst. II. TIMOTHY PAUL DYKE— Reserve Foot- ball 10. NANCY EASLEY— NORTHERN LIGHTS STAFF I I , News Editor 12; Northernaires 10; Accents I I ; Descants 12; National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 12; Stage Crew 10-12; National Honor Society I I- 12: Ball State Work- DEIDRE ANN EAST— Marching-Pep Band 10-12; Wind Ensemble I 1-12; Stu- dent Council Rep. Alt. 12; Jr. Spec I I; Girls ' Track Team 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; German Club 10- 12; I.M. Basketball 10. SHARON E. EATON MARY F. EBER— Northernaires I I ; Cresendoes I 2 ; Transfer Student I I ; Opus 12; Spring Festival I I; Christmas ' i 1 1-12. HEIDI ANN ECKERT— German Club 10 II: Trike Race II; Wagon Race 12; School Spirit Committee 12. PHYLLIS J. EDEN— Office Asst. 1 GREGORY EDWARDS— I.M. Football 10-12; Basketball 1112; Intermediate Band 10; Concert II; Sym. Wind nble 12. JEAN AUGUSTA EDWARDS — Madri gals 10; National Honor Society 1112; Tutor 12; Lockets 10; French Club 10 12; Student Council II; ETCHINGS IN THOUGHT Editorial Board 1 1 . CYNTHIA ELBERT CARLINEELKINS BARBARA L. ELLIOTT— Swim Team Pep Club 12; Tug of War 12; I.M. Vol leyball 12; Library Asst. 10. RICHARD W. ELLIOTT— I.M. Basket- ball 1 0- 1 I ; Jr.Spec I I ; Wagon Race I 2. SHEILA ANNE ELLIOTT— Varsity Ten- nis 1012; Student Council II; French Club; Wagon Race 12. Seniors — I 51 DEBBIE ELLIS— Stage Crew Club 10-12. Treasurer I I ; Thespian I I . Treasurer 1 2; I.U. Honors I ; National Honor Society II-I2;GAA 10: Sym. Orchestra 10-12. DEBRA S. ELMORE— St u den Council II. JOHN W. ELMORE LISA L.ELMORE— Home Ec 10-12: JELCC Bookstore Asst. 12. RANDALL EMILY RICK EMILY— JROTC 10-12: Merits rias Cadet 10: Best Drilled Cadet 10. JEAN ANN E RVIN— Fashion Show 12; Trike Race I I . SUSIE ESTRIDGE— Trike Race 10: Madrigals I I ; Rne Arts Festival 10-12; Tug of War 12. BRET FACKLER JOAN C. FALVEY— Lockets I I . Trea- surer 1 2; National Honor Society 11-12. BILL FARoER— Reserve Basketball 10: Varsity Baseball I 1-12; Reserve 10; Stu- dent Council Alt. I I ; I.M. Basketball I I - 12. GEORGE FARRIS— I.M. Basketball I I- 12, Football 10-1 I: Trike Race 10; French Club 12. JANE ADELE FESENFELD— Norther- nairs 10: Debtones II; Girl ' s Ensemble 12; Track Manager II; Trike Race I I- 12; Spring-Christmas Show 10-12. ROSEMARY E. FEICHTNER— Trike Race II; Jr. Spec Usher II; Fine Arts Festival 10-12. DIANE FELDMAN— Jr. Spec Usher II. MARY FENCL— Stage Crew 11-12; National Honor Society I 1-12; Lockets 10; Library Asrt. IO;Jr.Spec II. ROBERT HUGH FERGUSON III— Stu- 12; Pistol Team I I 12. Ba 12; Drill Te -12; Explon Model United natior Post Treasurer 10-12. BEVERLY FIELDS STACY FIELDS DIANE FISCHER— Trike Race 10; Office Asst. 10: Reserve Cheerleader Spec I I ; Student Coui :il I I. MIKEFISHBURN JEFF D. FISHER— I.M. Bowling 10-12; Photographer 10-12; Student Council Rep. 10; Science Club 12. LIZ FITZGERALD— Student Council Rep. 12. PAT FITZGERALD— Jr. Spec II; I.M. Basketball 10-12. SUSAN LEA FIVEL— Student Council 10-1 I; Trike Race 10; Spring Arts Festi- val 10: Jr. Spec I I; Dental Asst. 12. PEGGY LOU FLEMING— Trike Ra 1011. JEFFREY LYNN FLORA KATHRYN J. FLOREA— FACETS I French Club 12; Spring Arts Festival I S00 Festival of Arts I I ; Student Coun Cafeteria Committee 12. LISA A.FLOREANCIG MARIE ANGE FLORI— Trike Race I Ping Pong 12; Speleology Club 12. SUSAN FOGLE— NORTHERNER STAFF I I , Academics Editor 12; Home coming Parade 12. JOHN D. FOLGER— Swim Team 10; Speleology Club I I - I 2; Jr. Spec I I; Soccer Team I I; Music Men 10-11; Counterpoints 12. SCOTT FOPBE SpelMlogy Club II; President 12: Stage Band 12. Sym. Wind Ensemble 1112; Orchestra 10; German dub 1 0- 1 I ; National Honor Society I I 12. TAO YEE FORD— AAU Wrestling 10 II: Reserve 10: Varsity II 12: Track 10: Trike Race I I ; Jr. Spec II. JEFF FOSE— Student Council 12; National Honor Society 1 1 ; Treasurer 12: Jr. Spec II; Science Lab Asst. 10- II; Wagon Race 12. JENNIFER LOUISE FOSE— Wagon Race 11-12- Baseball Pap Club 1012; Hag Girl 10. Head II; Track Club 10; I.M. Volleyball 10; Crescendoes 12 ' VICKI LYNN FOSTER JIM FOUNTAIN— Student Council 10 12. WARREN M. FOWLER Student Council Alt. 10- 12. MICHAEL ANTHONY FRANCO— Radio TV II; Fall Play I I ; Stage Crew 12; Repertory Theatre 12; Homecoming Committee 12; Wagon Race Judge JANIS FRANKLIN GEORGE E. FREYN— Varsity Wrestling 10 12 GymAsst. 10- 12; I.M. Softball 10-12. ALAN FRIEDMAN— Student Council I I ; Sym. Orchestra 1011; National Honor Society " | 1-12- NCTE Essay Contest Semi-Finalist I I ; Spring Music Festival 10; National Merit iemi-Finaii.i 12. CARYN MARLENE FRISCH— Tennis Team 10; TrilteTeam 101 I ; Student Council Nominating Commitee I I , Alt. 1 0, Social Committee 1 2. LAURA FRUCCI DAVID LOWELL FRY— Reserve Football 10; I.M. Basketball 10; Electronics Lab Asst. 10-12; Tug of War 1 2. KENNETH FUDGE TERRY FUNK— Scuba Club 12. RICHARD C. GAERTNER— Wrestling 1 - 12; Wagon Race 12; Latin Club I I ; Gym Asst. I.M. Basketball I - DIANA GAINES— Stude 112. RICHARD R. GANS— National Honor Society II I 2; Jr. Spec I I ; Student Council 1 0; Pep-Marching Band 10-12; Sym. Wind Ensemble 11-12; Sym. Orchestra I I 12, Jan-Rock Ensemble 11-12. ROBERT HENRY GARDNER SHERIDAN GATES— National Honor Society II 12; Student Council 10; French Club 12; Fall Play 12; Peer Tutor 10- 12; Jr. Spec Usher II. MARY SUE GAVIT— National Honor Society II l2;TrikeRace 10; Wagon Race I 2: Tug of War 12; Jr. Spec I I ; Student Council 10. GREG H. GEMMER— German Club 10-12; Chem- istry Asst. 10-11; Wagon Race 12; American Chemistry Test 10. NIKI GEORGOPULOS— Girls Chorale 10. MIKE GERINGER— Key Club I I ; Zoology Lab Asst. 1 0; Latin Club 1 0- 1 I ; National Honor Society I I 12; Marion County Math Day 10-11. BECKY GILBERT— OEA Fund Raising Chairwoman 12; Office Asst. 10; Jr. Prom Decorating Commit tee ll:OEA Float 12. MIKE GILL— Concert Band 10 1 I : I.M. Basketball 11-12. ANN GILLIOM-Office Asst. 10. Campus life means having the time between classes to enjoy the surroundings and talk with friends like Dave Smith and Janet Sievert. " I have to get out of this place! " This is a common lament of seniors with acute cases of Senioritis. This not-so- dreaded disease strikes with- out warning, usually after first semester finals, although cases have been reported after the first six weeks of school. Those stricken with this malady have an intense desire to leave NC and find out " where it ' s at. " Many plan to go to college to do this. They look forward to taking a breather from the familiar homework, partying, and learning. Yet many decide not to go on at all. GEORGE CARL GILMER II— I.M. -.---.: 10 12: Basketball 10- 12: Volley- ball 10: Trlke Race 10; Gym Asst. 12. MICHAEL GILSON ILSA GLANZ8ERG— Wagon Race 12; Tug of War 1 2 : Peer Counselor 1 2. MARILEE ANN GLEASON— Baseball Pep Club 10; Office Ass . 10; Style Show 10-11; Home Ec Asst. I I ; OEA 12. LAUREN GLICK— Tug of War 12. JULIE GOLBERG CHERYL L. GOLDSTEIN— Concert Band 10-11; Marching 10-11; Pom Pons Corps I I ; OEA I I ; Secretary 1 2. CINDY SUE GOLDSTEIN— Student Council 1 0-1 I: Allegroes I I; Trlke Race 10; Jr. Spec I I. ELAINET. GOLDSTEIN— Home Ec Style Show 10. USA RUTH GOLDSTEIN— Latin Club 10: Student Council Curriculum Com - mittee I I; National Honor Society I I- 12; National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 12; ETCHINGS IN THOUGHT Staff 12. HOWARD GOLDWASSER— Student Council Alt. 12; Wagon Race 12; Tug of War 12. JILL MILLER GORDON- lr. Spec II; Tennis Team 1112; Gymnastic Team 10. WENDY JEANNE GOSNEY— Office Asst. 10 1 l:0ECAL I I 12; Student Council 12: Fashion Show 10. TERRI MCKAY GOSSETT— JROTC Girl Drill Team 10; Sewing Asst. 12; Black Student Union 10; Student Coun til Art. ll;Jr.Sp«c ll;OEA 12. DEBRA G. GOTTHELF— Spring Arts Festival I I : Nora Cottage Volunteer. MAUKttN GRADY KATHI GRAY— Tennis Team 10; French Club 10-12; Trlke Race 1112; English Tutor 12; Jr. Spec Usher; Deco rating Committee 1 1 ; FACETS 1 1 . ELAINA GREEN— Swim Team Pep Club 12; Thespians I I ; English Asst. 12; Health Center Asst. 12; Treble Tones 12; Office Asst. 10. LORI ANN GREEN— National Honor Society 1112: Trlke Race 10-11: Class Council 10; Student Council 12: French Club 12: Opus II; Fine Arts Festival 10- 12. 154 — Seniors RICHARD GREEN BETHGREENBERG Seniors — I 55 ACAPPELLA— FRONT ROW: Debbie Sieloff. Amanda Merchant. Denise Erler, Maria Gerson, Judy Dock, Body Golay, Jennifer Boyd, Amy Haerle, Jayne Sigo, Kimberly Schuyler, and Jeanene Blastic. SECOND ROW: Kathy Modlin, Anne Spoelstra, Joanne Lukins, Jud- ity Ann follii. Lisa Barker, Pebba Weil, Laura Sowers, Yvett Blakey, " hris Foy, Becky Williams, and Lisa Vollnogle. BACK ROW: Karl Kahlo, Sue Walker, Stephanie Tyson, Helen Yune. Karen Earnest, Kristy Williams, Karin Clark, Sue Potter, Lyn Taggart, Jill Sandler, Kathy Heaton, and Carmen Ross. NOT PICTURED: Valerie Swift. KARLA HEADY— Nati e+y II 12: Orchestra 10-12; Treai 12: I.M. Volleyball 10-12; Bowling I I Jr. Spec II. JANEHEARN KAREN JEAN HENDEE— OEA Trilr. Race II. KIM R. HENDEE 156 — Seniors GARY HENDRIX CLARE M. HENKEL— Counterpoints 12; Homecoming Queen Candidate 12; National Honor Society II 12: Stage Crew 10-11; Secretary 12; Class Coun cil 12; Repertory Theatre 10-12. GREGG HERKE— Marching Band II 12; Varsity Basketball Manager 1112. MICHAEL LEE HERMAN— Student Council 10; Class Council I 1-12; National Honor Society 1112; Wagon Race 12. CATHY HEROD COLLEEN M. HERSHBERGER— Volley ball Team 10. PARTICIA JOAN HICKS— Reserve Volleyball I I ; Varsity Volleyball 12; Orchestra 1011; Gym Asst. 1112. GREGHIGBEE LINDEN HIGGINS— Speleology Club II 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Tutor 12; Orchestra 11-12. JOHNF. HILFIKER JR. GIRLS ' CONCERTCHOIR— FRONT ROW: Teresa Hatchett. Julie Mueller, Karen Holmes, Kathy Overmyer, Peggy John- Connie Held, Nancy Wilson, Julie Ottilie. Shannon Lyst, Jenny Betly Borns, Jane Cairns, Marian Smith, Julie Schact, Denise Kline, Julie Bush, Cheryl Wllburn, Lisa Elliott, Kim Mainer, and nerth. and Julie Fram. NOT PICTURED: Collen Smith. Maura Shackleton. BACK ROW: Brenda Chambers, Dawn Pearcy, SHARON HILL— Black Student Union 10-11; Fashion Show 10; Heme Ec Style Show 10-11. MARY MORGAN HILTON— Office Asst. 10; Swim Asst. I 1-12; Wagon Race 12. DEBORAH SUE HIMELSTEIN— Jr. Spec I I ; Student Council I i ; Dental Asst. 12. BRIAN D.HINTON— Northernaires 10. JOAN HOBBS 10 THEODORE HOFFMAN— Cros Country 1 0,1 2; Track 10-12. BRENDA HOLLIS THERESA HOLMES— OEA 12. HOPE ANNETTE HOPKINS— Jr. Spe. Act Chairwoman I I ; Trike Race 10 Spring Style Show 10. Seniors — I 57 TOM HORN— Electronics Club 1112. ANDY HORNING— National Forensic league 10-12; Speech Team 10-12; Debate Team 10-12. STEPHEN B. HORRALL— Marching Band 10-12: Wind Eramble 10-12; Pep 11-12: National Honor Society 11-12. TIM HOSIER— Swim Team 10; I.M. 1 I- 12. TRACY L HOSTEIN— I.M. Tennis 10; Orchestra 10: Descants 12; French Club II: Track Club 12: International Club DANA HOTTE— Stage Crew 10-12. PAUL L HOTTINGER— Varsity Vol- leyball 11-12: Girls 1 Track I I ; OEA Club 12. ELIZABETH BLAIR HOUCK— Baseball Scorekeeper 11-12; Baseball Pep Club 11-12; Student Council 10.12: French dub 12; Wagon-Trike Race 10-12; Tug of War 12. BRENT HOUTZER— Wagon Race 12; Tug of War 12; WJEL 12; Teachers Asst. 12. ANNETTE MARIE HOWARD— Latin dub 10-11. Co-President 12; National Honor Society 11-12; I.U. Honors II; Trike Race 1 1 . CHRISTINA L HOWARD— Art Fasti val 10-11. DAVID S. HOWARD— Football 10-12; Wrestling 10-12; Track 10-12; Varsity Letterman 12. EARL HOWARD— I.M. Basketball II; Student Council Alt. 12. JANE A. HOWELL— Allegroes I 0, Crescendoes I I. Treble Tones 12; Ger- man Club I 1-12; Opus 10.12; Christmas Program 10-12. SALLY HOWELL— Allegroes 10; Girls Ensemble 11-12; Opus 10.12: Spring Festival 10-12; German Club 11-12. SALLY HOWERTON— Spring Hne Arts Festival II. DOUGHOYT CHRISTOPHER GEREARD HUBBARD —Opus 12; Music Men 12; Gymnastics Team 12. TIM HUDNUT BRYAN HUDSON— Reserve Football 10. Varsity I 1-12; I.M. Basketball 10-12; Peer Asst. 10-12: Homecoming King Candidate I 2; Tug of War 1 2. HILTON M. HUDSON II— National Honor Society 11-12; Student Council 10: Class Council I 112; Varsity Basket ball 10-12: Student Rep. To School Bard Meetings 10. CARRIE HUFFAKER STEVEN H. HUFFMAN— A. V. Asst. 10: I.M. Footb all 10. DEBORAH HUGHES KIMBERLY HUGHEY— Sym. Wind Ensemble 10-11; Marching Band 10-11; Sym. Orchestra I I ; Jr. Spec I I . ANITA K. HUNGERFORD— Student Council Alt. I I; Trike Race 10-11; Office Asst. 10; Spirit Committee 10. REBECCA DENISE HUNT— Student Council Alt. I 0. 1 2: Girls ' Drill Team Commander I 2; Health Center Asst. IOM;Gym Asst. 12. CHRIS IAKIN HURLBUT— French Club 1 I I ; Trike Race 1 0; Wagon Race 12: I.M. Volleyball 10. NEEDHAM R. HURST— Varsity Tennis 10-12: I.M. Basketball 10 12: Class Council II 12: Bicentennial Committee 12: State Mental Attitude Award 12; Nominating Convention 1 0-1 I. REED HUTCHENS— Golf 10- 12; National Honor Society I I 12: Key dub II 12: I.M. Basketball 12: Latin Oub 10-11. DAVID HUTCHINSON KIMBERLY K. HUTSON— Style Show 101 1 : Nurses Office Asst. 1 1 12. MARY E. HYDE— Latin Club Praetor 1 1. Consul 12: Catapult Builder fZephy rut) 10 12: National Honor Society II 12. MARK A. HYLTON— A.V. Asst. 10,12. THOMAS H. HYLTON— Stage Crew 10 12: Tug of War Captain 12: A.V. Asst. 10: Spanish Club 10 II, 158 — Seniors VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— Derme LaRue, Kelly Clayton, Beth Klingaman, Carrie Ziska , Stacey Wurzman, and Suzy Ball. MARY ANN ISLER — Tennis Team 10 12; Tug of War 12. DJINA SILVYA IVANISEVIC— 500 Art Feitlval 10; Spring Fine Arts Festival 10- 12; I.M. Volleyball II; Student Council Alt. 12; Math Contest 10. MARY SUE JACKSON ROBERT EARL JACKSON— I.M. Bas ketball 12. SCOTT W. JACKSON— Fine Arts Fes- tival 1 1-12; I.M. Basketball 10. CHRISTIAN JACOBSEN— Accents 10- I I; Jr. Spec I I; Spring Musical I I; Counterpoints 12; Student Council Alt. II. JULIE JAC08SEN— Trike Race 10,12; OEA 12; I.M. Volleyball 12 Bowling 12. CYNTHIA KAYE JAMES— Fashion Show 10; Office Asst. 10; OEA 11-12. REBECCA JAMES— Student Council 1 1-12; Trike Race 1 0-1 I ; Swim Asst. II- 12. PATRICIA LYNN JARVIS— Descants ALEX C. JEFFERSON JR JROTC 12. MARY JANE JERDEN— Student Coun- cil 1 0-1 I; Fall Play 12; Northernaires 10; Madrigals I I , Secretary; Girls Ensemble 12. KATHY JEWETT— I.M. Volleyball 10 I I ; Bowling I I ; Jr. Spec I I ; Children-. Play II; Trike Race 10-12; Girls Track ClubM-12. DIANA S.JOFFE EDWIN C. JOHNSON— Key Club 12; NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff 12; National Honor Society 12; Curriculum Committee 12. JANET LEE JOHNSON— Office Asst. 10-11. KATHY LYNN JOHNSON— Crescen- does II, Girls ' Ensemble 12; Make-up Crew Spring Musical II; I.M. Volleyball 10; Student Council Alt. II. MARSHALL JOHNSON— Football 10; I.M. Basketball 10-12. RUSSELL B. JOHNSON— National Merit Semi-Finalist 12; German Club 10-12; NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff 10 II, Sports Co-Editor 12; I.M. Basketball 10 12; Speleology Club I 1-12; Quill- Scroll 11-12. SUSAN JOHNSON Seniors— 159 12. STEPHEN R. JONES — NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff 10. Managing Editor II. Editor-in-Chief 12: National Honor Society 11-12; Student Council Com- mitted Chairman 12: National Forensic League 11-12; Quill-Scroll 12: Accents I I. Music Men 12. KIMBER LEE JORDAN ROBERT B.JORDON II SUSAN L JORDAN— Dental Asst. 12. TERESA JUSTICE— Student Council 10-11: OEA 10-12; Member Of Execu- tive Board 12; Curriculum Committee II. MAUDE JUWLE— International Club 12. KEVIN L. KAHLO— Senior Float 12; Tug of War 12: I.M. Basketball 10-11. Football 10-11. ADRIAN KAMMERAAD KIM KANNMACHER— Girls Concert Choir 10; Madrigals II; Treble Tones 12: National Honor Society 11-12; Jr. Spec 1 1: English Tutor 12. BLAIR ADAM KARSCH— DECA I I- 12. Executive Officer 12; Student Coun- cil AH. 10-12; Campus Traffic, Safety, and Evironmental Committee 12; I.M. Basketball 10-12; Football 10-1 I; Tennis Team Reserve I 1-12; Homecoming Parade I I -12: Tug of War 12. JULIA ELIZABETH KASSIG- lr. Spec I I : Nort hernaires I 0, Madrigals I I . Girls Ensemble 12; Latin Club 10 II; Stage Crew 10-12: Stage Office Asst. 12. KARL KELB— Speleology Club I I I 2; Marching Band 11-12; I.M. Basketball 10-12; Bowling 10-12; Table Tennis 10; German Club 10. CHRIS KELLY— I.M. Basketball 10-12: Student Council 12. CHRISTOPHER NOLAN KELLY— Var- sity Football 12; I.M. Football 10-11; Basketball 10- 1 2; Gym Asst. 11-12. COLETTE H. KELLY— Orchestra 10. RANDALL ALAN KEMMELING— I.M. Basketball I 0- 1 2; Bowling I 2; Tug of War 12. JEFF KENNEDY—Music Men 12; Inter- national Club 12. TIMACINE L. KEOUGH— Home Ec Fashion Show 10; Office II 12; Trea surer DECA Club 12. KAREN SUZANNE KERR— I.M. Volley- ball-TSnnis 10-12; Northernaires 10; French Club 11-12; Wagon Race 11-12; Student Council Spirit Committee 12; Swim Team Pep Club 12. ' " IKETRING— Spanish Contest 10- I I; Na al Ho -12; Wagon Ra WENDYE SUE KIDD— Softball 10: Bas- ketball 10; Volleyball 10; Wagon Race 12. KEVIN R. KILEY— Track 10-12; Jr. Spec I I: Graphic Arts Asst. II. ERICH JON KILMER— Music Men 12; Concert, Pep and Marching Band 10-11; Model United Nation 11-12; Fall Play 12. ELIZABETH JANE KIMBLE— National Honor Society I I -12; Spanish Club 12. KENNETH E.KIME— Music Men I I; Northernairs 10; Trike Race 10; Senior Boat 12: Student Council 12. 8RADLKINCAID KAREN SUE KINDER— Nursing Asst. 12. EILEEN LYNN KING— Spring Fine Arts Festival 10 12; Trike Race 10-11- I.M Volleyball 10: Student Council Cultural Committee 12, Nominating Convention 10-11. J. WILLIAM y I NGSTON— Spring Art Festival IOI2: Student Librarian 10 1 2 : Student Council Committees 1 2. TINA MARIE KINKEAD— Marching Band 10 12; Pep 1012; Concert 10 12: Tug of War 12: I.M. Volleyball 10. JEFFREY KIPINGER JULIE ANN KIPPERT KELLY LYN KIRCH— Madrigals I I : Accents 12; Gym Asst. I I ; Student Council II; I.M. Volleyball 12: Wagon Race 12: Opus 12. 160 — Seniors GIRLS ' TRACK CLUB SIRLS TRACK CLUB— FRONT ROW: Sandy Stover, Kethy Jewett, Chris Dick, Jean Sundstrom, and Laurie Dossman. SECOND ROW- Beth Sullivan, Barbara Gnat, Jeanne Hess, and Terri Schlegel. BACK ROW: Lisa Chab. Amy Welsh, Kim Zingraf. Cheryl Tarak, Wendy Swmton. ROBIN KIM KIRKHAM DENISEKIRKHOFF ZENO A. KIRSCHENMAN— Student Council I I ; Reserve Football I I : Soccer Club II; I M. Basketball 10-11; Volley ball 10. KATHY KITTINSER— OEA 1 1 . SUSAN LYNN KLEFFMAN— I.M. Vol- leyball I I ; National Honor Society I I - 12; Office Asst. IO;TrikeRace 10. JILL A. KLEIN— Trike Race 10-11; Wagon Race 12; National Honor Soci- ety I I - 1 2; Student Council Alt. 1 0. JOHN KLINE— Marching Band 10-11; Pep 10-11. KEVIN KLINE— I.M. Basketball 11-12; Lab Asst. 11-12; I.M. Football 12; Soft ball 11-12; Student Council Bookstore Asst. 1 2. STEVEN S. KLINSER— Tennis Team I I . BRIAN KLOER GARRY KLOTZ— Baseball 11-12; I.M Basketball 10- 1 I ; Tug of War 12. RITA KNIESS— Sym. Band 10-11: Girl, Chorale 10; Stage Band 1 0- 1 I ; Speleol ogyClub 12; German Club 12: Nation,, Ho ety 11-12. SALLYS. KNOWLES— Accents 10, President II; Counterpoints 12; Trike Race II; Spring Fine Arts Festival I I JOHN THOMAS KOEHLER— Hockey 10-12; I.M. Basketball II. MARY CATHERINE KOHLSTAEDT— Student Council 10-12. Secretary 11-12; Captain Varsity Gymnastics 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; School Board Rep. 12. RICK KONTOS— Soccer 1 0-1 I. MARK C. KOOPMAN— Music Men 1 1 12; I.M. Football 10-12; Basketball II- 12; Volleyball I I ; Northernaires 10; Trike Race 10-11. SHARI KORNFELD KRIS KOZA— Scuba Club I 0; Scuba Asst. 11-12. JEFFREY KREEGAR JOHN H. KROEGER— National Honor Society I I 12; Cross Country 10-12; Track 10, 12; Pistol Team 10 l2;JROTC 10-12; Jr.Spec II. YUZURU KUBOTA— International Club 12; Exchange Student From Japan. CARLA K. KULL— Fine Arts Festival I0-II;OEA l2;Tugof War 12. BARBARA JO KUNZ— Jr. Spec I I ; Stage Crew 10-12; Band 10- 12; Speleol- ogy Club I 112: National Honor Soci- ety 11-12. TIMOTHY JAY KWITNY— I.M. Basket MICHELLE LAIN GLENNA MARIE LAMBERG — Student Council 10; Office Asst. 10- II; Girls Concert Choir 10; OEA Civic Service Chairwoman 12; Black Student Union 10. JERRY LANOE— I. M. Basketball 10: Trike Race 10: National Honor Society II 12: Wagon Race 12: Hebrew Club 10-12. CAROL LANDERS— National Merit Semi.Rnalist 12: Fine Arts Festival 10; Tuo of War 1 2; Trike Race I I ; Schmuc- kethon 1 1 . MIKELANDON— I.M. Basketball 10- 12; Football 12. DAVE LANGEBARTELS— Band 10. WILLIAM LANDFORD CATHY LANGHAM GEOFFREY S. LANGSTON— Varsity Football 11-12: Reserve 10: Reserve Track 10- II; Varsity 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Key Club II; Secretary 12: I.M. Basketball 10-11; Bowling II- 12; Second in State Spanish Exam 10. PARKER W. LANIER II— Marching-Pep Band 10-12; Sym. Wind Ensemble II- 12: Jr. Spec Act Writer I I ; Spring Music II. I I ; Fall Play 1 2; Sym. Orchestra DENISE E. LAREAU— Band 10; Art Fes- tival II; French Club II; Nominating Convention I I ; Student Council 12. DENISE LARUE— Varsity Cheerleader 12: Reserve I I ; Black Student Union 1 0- I I ; Jr. Spec I I ; Jr. Prom Queen Court 1 1 : Class Council Secretary 11-12. JAMES AUSTIN LAURENT— Gymnas- tics 1 0-1 I; Captain 12. STEVEN H. LAVE— Student Council 10; Treasurer 12: Cultural Committee Chairman 12: National Forensic League 10-12: National Honor Society II 12; National Merti Scholarship Letter of Commendation 12; NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff 1 1 ; Editorial Editor 12. JAMES WILLIAM LA WALL— Varsity Swim Team 10 12; Gym Asst. 12. STEVEN LAWRENCE— I.M. Bowling 10: Ping Pong Team 10. BETTY LAWSON BOB LEE— Varsity Baseball 12; Varsity Wrestling 12. KIMBERLEYLENESCHMIDT DENISE MARIE LEONARD— Bell Choir Vice President II; President 12; Stage Crew II; Treasurer 12: National Honor Society I 112; I.M. Volleyball 10; Wagon Race 12: Chemistry Lab Asst. 12. PATRICIA LYNN LEONARD DAVID LESLIE GAIL BETH LEVINSKY— Transfer I I ; Wind Ensemble. Concert Band II -12; Marching Band I I - I 2; Jazz Ensemble 12; Ping Pong Club 12. LAWRENCE LEVY— Transfer From England I 2: Cultural Committee 12; Construction Evaluation Committee 12; Sepleology Club 12; International Club 12: French Club 12. LYNN SHARON LEVY— Trike Race 10 II; Wagon Race 12; Chemistry Lab Asst. I I ; Stage Crew I I ; Student Council Curriculum Committee 12; National Honor Society 11-12. Although meetings can be hectic, Lockets members sometimes take short breaks to relax. DENISE LEWIS ROBIN LEWIS— Trike Race I NORTHERNER Staff 10- 1 I ; Spor WIW I 7- Student Council 11-12. Il-IUMAS w. LbWIb — Swim Teem Student Council I I ; Finance-Grievar Committee Chairman 11-12. VERONICA LYNWOOD LEWIS— Spec I I; Descants 12; Northernaires I JENNIE LICHTENAUER— Natio Honor Society 1112; Softball Team I.M. Volleyball I 0- 1 2: Girls Cone Choir 10. CAROL ANN LIEBRICH— OEA 12. SHARON LIEBSCHUTZ— Office Asst. 1 0; Jr. Spec Usher I I ; Hebrew Club I I - 12. DONNA LEE LIENERTH— Wagon Race 12; Tug of War 12; 500 Festival Of Arts I I . MARIANNE T. LIGHT— Trike Race 10; Volleyball 1012; Basketball 10; Softball 10; Jr. Spec 1 1; Gym Asst. II. fa„:GORY WADE LINCOLN— Pep- Marching Band 10-12; Drill-Firing Squad, Exhibition Drill Team 10; JROTC Staff 10: Electronics Club II. BRADFORD LINDEMANN JEFFREY A. LINDERMAN— Jr. Spec I I ; Hebrew Club 1 0- 1 2; Tug of War I 2; I.M. Basketball 12. JENNIFER SUSAN LITZ— Costume Make Up Club 10; Trike Race 10; Alleg- roes 10; Girls Ensemble I I 12; L«n guage Lab Asst. I I ; State Crew 1 2. CRAIG LLOYD BOBBI LOCKHART— Student Council 10; FACETS. LliA LUNUt SUSAN LYNN LONDERMILK— Trike Race 11-12; Spring Arts Festival 11-12; Girls ' Track Team 10. NANNETTE L. LOVE— Girls Swim Team 10; Student Council I I ; Costume- Make-up Crew 10; Spring Arts Festival 10-12. DONNA LUDWIG— Majorettes 10-1 I; Head 12; Trike Race 10; Talent Show 1 0: Sand Officer 1 2; Office Asst. I I . JEFFERY L. LUNDY— Language Lab Asst. 10- 1 I; JROTC 10-12; Rifle Team Manager 10. CHERYL LYNN LUNSFORD— Pep- Marching Band 10-12; Flag Corps 12; Northernaires. Madrigals 10; Sym. Wind Ensemble 11-12; Concert Band 10. JOANN KATERI LYKINS— Dental Asst. I 2; Trike Race 1 0-1 I ; Descants 12; Debtoness II; Crescendoes 10; North emeries 10. ELIZABETH HELEN MACARTHUR— Jr. Spec I I; Marching-Pep Band 10-12; Concert Band 11-12; I.M. Volleyball 10 I I ; French Club IO;TugofWar 12. SUSAN MACY LOCKETS CLUB OFFICERS— Vice President Lynne Morton, Historian Teresa Robins, Treasurer Joan Falvey, and President Kris Suttmiller. NOT PICTURED: Secretary Liz Munger. IOCKCTS Officers Seniors— 163 KEY CLUB KEY CLUB— FRONT ROW: Jim Hill, Doug Doitch, John Patern- heimar, Reed Hutchem. John Babcock, and Eric Woodham. SEC- OND ROW: Fred Cunningham, Ed Johnson, Duncan Rogers, Jim Overman, Tom Dugan, Jay Stienbaugh, Chip Mercer, and Ronny bonge. THIRD ROW: Dan Hammond, Mike Higgt, Tom Hall, Ted Everett, Drew Murray, Dave Frsije, Mark Sati, and Tod Martens, BACK ROW: Larry Hullett, Mark Hayden, Tracy Howe, Chuck Bollei. Bret Hendrlckt, Randy Becker, Jay Beattey and Paul Lam- CINDY A. MAGUIRE— Trike Race 10 Sym A«t, I I : Jr. Spec Coordinator I I Stage Crew Vice President 10-12; The NANCY P. MAGUIRE— Trike Race 10: Track Team II; Wagon Race 12; Spirit Committee 12. ERIC MAHRENHOLZ OTTO J. MAIER— I.M. Basketball II; Trike Race 10. DEBORAH LYNN MALLAH— Student Council 10-12; Trike Race 10; Wagon Race 12; Cultural Committee 12; Nomi- nating Convention 12. JON MANDELBAUM— Key Club I I Student Council I I ; National Honoi Society I l-l2:SpanishClub I 1-12; Phyiici Asst. l2;Tutor 12. BETSY C. MANIFOLD— Thespians 10, Historian II, President 12; NFL Speech Team 10, Secretary II, President 12; National Honor Society I 112; Student Council 10; Committee Chairwoman II; Stage Crew 11-12; National Merit Semi Finalist 12. GERALD DAVIS MANN II— Mi Men 10 12: Jr. Spec II; Spring Musi- cal 1 0-1 I; National Honor Society I I 12 DONNA MANSON MICHAEL H. MARIENTHAL— Student Council 10-12. THOMAS CARR MARSHALL— JROTC Battalion Staff 1112; Rein- forced Battalion Staff 10-12; Drill Firing Squad 10; Key Club 10-11; Teen Star Reporter 10; JROTC Explorer Post 10; President I I . GREGORY A. MART— Accents 101 I: Music Men 12; Electronics Lab Asst. 12. JULIE MARTIN— Trike Race 10-11; Office Asst. 10; Fashion Show 10. RANDY MARTIN— NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff I I - 1 2; I.M. Basketball 1 12. MARK MARTINDILL— Tug of War 12: I.M. Softball. Football, Basketball 10-11- Trik. Race II. JEFFREY CASE MATHEWS— I.M ketball 10 12; Bowling 10; Reserve __ II: Varsity 12: Graphic Arts Asst. 10 IhTugotWar 12. CATHYA.MATHIS JEFF MATTINGLY— Bookstore Asst II l2;DECACIub II 12. SUSIE MATTINGLY PAULA MAUDLIN tA — je ' ----. 5TACY MAURER— National Society 1112; Swim Team 1 01 Team Pep Club 1 1-12] Office Jr. Spec Usher I I . JOSEPH E. MCARDLE— Varsi ' Team 10-12; Latin Club 10 12; I Honor Society I 1-12; Jr. Spec I SAYLEMCCAULEY LOUISE A. MCCLAIN— Swi, 10; Student Council II; Trike R Debtones 10-11; I.M. Volleyl Track 12. DAVID ALAN MCCLURE— C Tug of War 1 2 ; Wagon Race 1 2 THERESA ANNE MCCOMB— NORTHERN Staff 10-12; Jr. Spec Usher II; Student Council Alt. 10; Wagon Race 10 12; TAPESTRY Editor in-Chief 12. TAMMY ANN MCCONKEY— Office Asst. 10; DECA Club I I ; Wagon Race 12. MICHELEMCCORD MARK MCCORMACK DARRELL MCCRACKIN— I.M. Basket ball 10 12: Football 11-12. BRENT C. MCCULLOUGH BETSY MCDONEL— Latin Club 10; Speleology Club I I ; Jr. Spec I I ; Model United Nations 10 12. SCOTT MCDOWELL TIM MCELROY VINCENT J. MCFARLAND— Student Council 10; Graphic Arts Workshop 10 I I. KEY CLUB OFFICERS— Richard Freije, Ed John- son, and Geoff Langston. OFFICERS JAMES MCGARVEY HAL MCGEE— Student Council 10 12; Repertory Theater 10-12; Stage Crew 12; Winter Play II: Fall Play 12; Chil- dren ' s Play II. KEVIN PATRICK MCGRATH— Stu- dent Council 10; School Spirit Commit- tee 10; Social Committee 10; Nominat ing Convention 1 0- 1 I . WILLIAM T. MCGUIRE JROTC 10 12. DEBORRA MCINTERFF— Marching Band 10 12; Bell Choir I I 12; Latin Club 1 0- 1 I ; I.M. Bowling 1112; Wagon Race 12: ISU Summer Honors Seminar 12. JOE MCKALLIP— Soccer 1112; Basketball 10-12. MICHAEL MCKINNEY— Wagon 12; I.M. Basketball 10-12: Stu Council 11-12. LARRY MCLAUGHLIN MARLENE MCNICHOLAS MARY LYNN MCPHAIL— Girls ' cert Choir 10. Madrigals II, Cre does 12; Trike Race I I: Wagon 17 Wing Christmas Shows 10 12. STEPHEN J. MEADOR— Reserve Wres- tling IO-ll:Varsrry 12. TRACY MEDSKER— Office Asst. 10- II; Special Ed Asst. II; Madrigals 10; ebre es I I; Descants 12. KATHY MEGENHARDT— National Honor Society II; Secretary 12; Inter- national Club 10-11; Vice President 1 2; AFS Ejchange Student to Turkey I I ; Wind Ensemble 12; Concert Band 10- II; Pom Pons 11-12; Marching-Pep Band 1 0- 1 2; Jr. Spec I I ; Spring Musical II. MARY MEIER LISA KATHER1NE MELLOR— Alleg- roes 10: Siris Ensemble I I; Latin Club I I ; Counterpoints 1 2. JEFFREY DAVID MELROSE— Varsity Tennis 11-12; Hebrew Club 10-11; Jr Spec II: Wagon Race 11-12; I.M. Bas letbell 10-12. VICTOR H. MERCER JR Stage Crew 10; Key Club 12; Publications Ptiotogra pherl2. JILL MERRITT— Student Council Com mittee Chairwoman 12; Jr. Spec Usher II; I.M. Volleyball 10; Trike Race 10-11; Wagon Race 12; German Club 10-11. SUSAN MESSINSER— Office Asst. 10; Student Council I I ; Trike Race 12; Tug of War 12. KIMBERLY METZSER— Trike Race II; Office Asst. I I ; Pom Pons I I ; French Club 10: Pep Band 10-11. TERRY S. MEYER— Office Asst. I 0; Home Ec Style Show 1 0; Fine Arts Festi villi. TRACY LYNN MICHAEL— Crescen does 12; Madrigals II: Volleyball I.M. 1 2: Tug of War I 2; Trike Race 10. RANDAL S. MILCH — National Honor ety 11-12: Class Council I 1-12; Th. I I ; Vic 12; Exei ' n Knowledge 11-12; National Merit Semi-Fin 112. SUSIE MILLENDER— OEA 12. BARBARA MILES— National Hor Society 11-12; Repertory Theater 12: Thespians 11-12; Stage Crew WJEL 12; Thespian Historian 12. ©IFIFIIClil JAYNE MILES MARILYN JO MILES—Student Council 10: Spanish Club 10-12: IU Honors II; National Honor Society 11-12; Girls ' Ensemble I I; Counterpoints 12. MICHAEL R. MILES— Varsity Swim Team 10 12; Stage Crew 10-11; Presi- dent 12; Wagon Race 12. BARBARA MILLER— Trike Race 10; NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff I I ; Style Show 10-11; Home Ec Asst. I I ; Student Council 12. BRENTJ. MILLER— Student Council 10. MARK ADAM MILLER — Nationa Honor Society I 1-12; Latin Club 10-1 I Physiology Club I I; Homecomim Parade 12. MARK ALLEN MILLER— Varsity S- I 1-12: Cla al Ho 10- N. Stat. I I; Trike Race 10: Jr. Spec II. MiCHELE R. MILLIKAN— Varsity Ten nil IO.II:Ceptian 12; Wagon Race 12; Student Cou..cil 10.12; Trike Race 10; Fine Art, Festival 11-12. DIANE E. MILLS— Sym. Orchestra 10 12: Netionel Honor Society 1112: Sen ior Bonfire Committee 12. PAMELA JEAN MILLS— All Stat. Orchestre 12: Speech 10 12; Debate 10 12; Jr. Spec II; French Club 10-12; Netionel Honor Society 12: Tutor 12. 166 — Seniors LISA MINOTT— Student Council 10-11 DAVID P. MINTON— National Honor Society I II 2; Jr. Spec II; I.M. Foot ball. Basketball. Baseball 10 12; Latin Club 10; Student Council 12 KATHRYN ANN MINX— Trad Team 10-12: Wind Ensemble 1112; Marching Band 1 01 2; Jr. Spec II. ANNE MITCHELL— Fine Arts Festival 10-11. BETH S. MITCHELL— Spring Art Festi val 1012; Stud ent Asst. 10-11; Style Show 1011. CAROLYN DENISE MITCHELL— Office Asst. 10,12; Black Student Union I I ; NORTHERNER Staff II. MARGARET MITCHELL MICHAEL A. MITCHELL— Sym Orchestra 10-12. Concert 12; Black Stu dent Union 101 I; Fine Arts Festival 10 l2:GvmAsst. 12. SUZANNE tLICb MOAK— Madrigals 10; Girls Ensemble 11-12; People to People 10; Tug of War 12. ELIZABETH N. MOCKOVAK— Natic al Ho 12; Vai Softball 10; I.M. Volleyball 10 1 I; French Club 10-12; English Tutor 12; Student Council Nominating Conven tion 10-11. KRISTI E. MOELLER— Trike Race II- 12; AFS 10; Student Council Publicity Committee 12; Jr. Spec II; German Club 11-12. BRIAN DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY— Cross Country 10; Gymnastics 12; Advanced Electronics Club 12; Elec tronicsClub I I ; Probes 10-12. SARAH MONTGOMERY CINDEE CAMILLE MOORE— I.M. Vol- leyball 10 II; Latin Club II; National Honor Society 1112; Madrigals I I; Counterpoints 12; Science Club 12. JAMES W. MOORE— Student Council Alt. 12; Trike Race 12; National Honor Society I I - 1 2 ; I.M. Basketball 10-12. TAG CiiW JONI E. MOORE— Dental Asst 12- Fashion Show 10. RICHARD T. MOORE— I.M. Basketball 10 I 2; Concert Band I I ; Sym. Wind Ensemble 12; Marching Band 11-12- National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist CORKY MOORES SCOOTER MOORES— Trike Race II 1 2; Student Council Alt. II. KIMBERLY MOORMAN— Health Cen- ter Asst. 10-12. THOMAS D. MORGAN— Student Council 10; Varsity Swim Team 10-12: SANDRA LYNN MORRISON— Trans- fer From Arlington High School II. JAY MORTENSON— Marching Band II 12: Pep 1012; I.M. Football 12. Soft. " 1-12; National h- 12. iety II SUSAN MUHLBACHER— Pom Pon II. Head 12; Wind Ensemble II 12: Orchestra 12; Stage Band 11-12; National Honor Society I I 12; Ger- man Club 10-12. KATHY MUHLENFELD— French Club 1 0; German Club 1112; Home Ec Asst. I I; National Honor Society 12; Teach ersAid 12. LAURA MUINZER— English Office Asst. II; Stage Crew 11-12. W. THOMAS MUIRHEAD— Stage Crew Club 10 II; Gym Asst. II; Key Club I I. TRACIE J. MUNRO— NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff II. Feature Editor 12; United Nations 1112; International Club I 2; Student Council 12; Stage Crew I 2; Library Asst. 10-11. CHARLES D. MUNSELL— I.M. Softball 10-12; Ping Pong Club 12; Radio TV Production II; French Club 12: Trike Race 10. JIM MURDUCK— Soccer Club Captain 11-12; Chess Team Vice President 10 I 2: Ping Pong Club 1012: I.M. Football, Basketball. Softball 1012: ETCHINGS- IN-THOUGHT 10; National Honor Societv 11-12. .-TV Ass . 12 KATHRYN MARIE MUSKAT— Studen Council 10; Science Lab Asst. II 12 National Honor Society I 1-12. STEVEN MUSSETT— Spanish Contes 1011; National Honor Society 11-12. LYNN RENEE MYERS— Trike Race IC Wagon Race 12; Student Council IC Tug of War 12. ESTHER NAHMIAS- Jr. Spec 1 1 ; Spe leology Club 11-12; Latin Club 10-12 Trili. Race 1 0; Student Council Alt. 1 0. STEVEN NAHMIAS— Class Council 10; Student Council I I : French Club 1 0- 1 I . ANTHONY NAJEM— Student Council 10-12: Wagon Race 12; I.M. Basketball 12: Campus, Traffic Safety, and Eviron- mental Committee 12. JAMES D. NATHAN— Print Shop Asst. 12. PATRICIA E. NATHAN— OEA 12; Trite Race 10: Nominating Convention I I; I.M. Volleyball 10. JAY B. NEAL— I.M. Basketball 10 12; Softball I I 12; Jr. Spec I I; Wagon Fteca 12. DANIEL W. NEFF— National Honor Society I 1. 12; Varsity Baseball 10 12; Music Men 10-11. SUSAN LINN NEFF— Descants 12. DAVID NELSON MIKE NELSON— Student Council 10- Spring Arts Festival 10: Hebrew Club 1 0-1 1 ; Class Council President 12. VICTORIA LYNN NELSON— ACap pella 10. Crescendoes co president I I; Descants 12: Tennis Team 11-12; National Honor Society 1112; Chemit try Ub Asst. 12. CATHERINE E. NfcMEC— Iwim learn Pep Club 11-12; Girls ' Swim Team 10 12; Trik. Race 1012; Student Council Aft. 10-12: Gym Asst. II: I.M. Volley- bell 1 1. VICKI ANN NEUMANN— Student Council II 12; Opus 10- 12; Jr. Spec II; Musical II 12; Trike Race II 12: Des- cants 10-11; Counterpoints 12. BARBARA J. NEUMEIER— Bell Choir 1012; Chemistry Lab Asst. I 1-12; Spe- leology Club I 112. JAMES RICHARD NEWELL— Music Men 10-11; President 12; Stage Band 12; Jr. Spec II: Trike Race 11-12; Tel " rfShow 10: WJEL 12. GREGG STEPHEN NEWMARK — Soccer Teem II 12: National Honor Society II 12: I.M. Football, Bowling 10 12; Student Council 10- II: People to People 1 1 : National Merit Letter of Commertdetion 12. 168 — Semors ADELINE HANE NICHOLAS— Girls ' Chorale 10, Northernaires I I, Allegroes 12; Christmas Program 10-12; Opus 12- Tug of War 12. GREG NICHOLS— I.M. Basketball 10 l2;TugofWar 12. DARLENE NICKLESON— Girls ' Con cert Choir II. Allegroes 12; Black Stu dent Union II; Cafeteria Committee 12. DAN NOLAND CHRISTY NOONAN— Student Coun cil 10; Class Council II, Treasurer 12; Homecoming Queen Candidate 12; Jr. Prom Queen Candidate II; Repertory Theater 10. RICHARD L.NORMAN ANN VICTORIA NORTON— Counter points 1112; Fall Play 11-12; Winter Play I I ; Repertory Theater I I ; Jr. Spec I I; Thespians 11-12. RHONDA NOVEROSKE DAMION OANCEA— Varsity Baseball 11-12. s Country KYLE JEAN O ' BRIEN— Varsity Golf 1 12; Varsity Basketball 10 12; Class Council 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Student Council 10: Bicentennial Committee 11-12. SUSAN B. OCHS— Debate Team 10, Speech Team 10 12; NFL 10 12, Secre tary-Treasurer 12; NORTHERN LIGHTS I I, News Bureau Editor 12, Quill Scroll 12; National Honor Society 11-12; French Club 10; Ball State Work shop 12. MATTHEW W. O ' CONNOR— I. M. Basketball 1112. CARLA KAYE OFF— Student Council I 1-12; Girls ' Basketball Team 10; Wagon Race 12. JEANNINE ANN OGLE MARK O ' LEARY— Speleology Club I I 12; German Club 10-11. MARC J. OLIVER DAVID OLSON— Homecoming Floa 12. PEGGY O ' REILLY DAVID ORR— Hockey 10- 12; I.M. Bas ketball 10; Student Council II 12. DEBORAH LYNN OSBORNE— National Honor Society I 112, Tutor 12; Girls ' State I I ; Student Council I I ; I.M. Volleyball. Basketball. Tennis 10-12; Trike-Wagon Race 1112. DAVID A. J. OSTERMEYER— Track 10 I I; Office Education Assoc. 12; Speech Team 12; NORTHERNER Asst. Ads Edi- tor 12. JAMES W. OVERMAN— National Honor Society I 112; Basketball 10; I.M. Basketball II 12; Key Club l2;Spe leology Club 12; Chemistry Lab Asst. 12. ANN OVERSHINER— Latin Club 10; Orchestra 10 12: National Honor Soci ety II 12; Speleology Club 1112. LEEOWEN— I.M. Basketball 1 0-1 I; Stage Crew I I : Marching Band II; Stu- dent Council 10; Jr. Spec II. GLEN SCOTT OWENS DAVE PADGETT KATHY PALMER— Girls ' Chorale II Choir II SUSAN ANNE PANTZER— National Honor Society 11-12; Class Council 10 12, Vice President I I ; Girls ' Swim Team Captain I 1-12; Tennis Team 10-12; Boys ' Swim Team Manager 10 12; Swim Team Pep Club Co President 11-12. BESS A. PAPPAS— NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff I I 1 2 ; Jr. Spec Usher I I : I. M. Volleyball 10; Latin Club 10 II: Student Council 1 0- 1 I ; Library Asst. I I . ANDY PARKER JOHN SAMUEL PARTENHEIMER— Counterpoints 11-12; Accents 10; National Honor Society 1112; Jr. Spec I I; Panther 12. GLORIA LEIGH PATE— Descants 10, Counterpoints II, Co-President 12; Jr. Spec II: Spring Musical 10-11; Talent Show 10-12. DENISE PATTERSON— Nurse Asst. 12; Office Asst. 12. ALISON PAUL— Orchestra 10-12; Stu dent Council 10; Model United Nations II 12; German Club 1011, President 12; Girls ' State I I; National Honor Society 11-12. g X X X X X X X ? ? d A Thespians THESPIANS — FRONT ROW: Jeene Waller, Debbie Bin. Kathy WThon Ann Norton. Betsy Menifold. end .... Sti ' llerman. SECOND ROW: Cindy Magulre, Patty Standeford. Clare Henkel. Barb Miles. Lori = --.■- Danny i, j and Mrs. Lord. BACK ROW: Mr. Hen- derson. : ... ■ Alder. Randy Milch. Mitch Rolsky. and Hal McGee. BRYAN HUCK PAUL— Hockey 10-12; Reserve Football 10; I.M. Basketball II. DAVID PAUUN DENISE YVETTE PAYNE— Model United Nations 11-12: Marching Band 10-12; Pom Pons 11-12; Wagon Race l2:FrenchClub 1 0-1 I ; Tennis Team 12. JODY MICHELLE PEACHIN— Deb tones 1 0- 1 I ; Girl ' s Track Club I I ; Trike Race 1 1 : Wagon Race 12. RICHARD C. PEARSON— Student Council 1 0-1 I; Tennis 10; Spanish Club I I ; National Honor Society 1112. USA PELLER BRADLEY STEVEN PEGLOW— Varsity Football 11-12; Varsity Wrestling 10-12; Gym Asst. 12. BETH PENNINGTON— National Scho- lastic Art Award I I ; Class Council la 12: Bicentennial Committee Co-Chair- woman 1112; Swim Team 10-11; Peer Counselor 1112; Allegroes 1 0; Cres- nts 12. JOHN F. PEOPLES— Sym. Orchestra, Wind Ensemble 11-12: Band President 12; Stage Band 12; Pep Band 11-12; Marching Bend 11-12. JOSEPH ALLEN PERKINS— Radio-TV Asst. 12: WJEL 12; Reserve Basketball 10; I.M. Basketball III ' - Varsity Base- ball 10-12. BARTON R. PETERSON JOHN DWIGHT PETERSON II— Trans- fer from Brebeuf. CYNTHIA JEAN PFAU— Spring Arts Festival 10-11; Jewelry Asst. 10-11. CAROLYN JAYCE PFEIFFER— IU Honors I I; German Club 10-12; Orchestra 10-12. KAREN S. PFRANG— Style Show 10; Student Asst. I I I 2; DEC A 12; Fine Arts Festival II. SANDRA PHELPS— Student Council 10; Black Awareness Week Fashion Show 1 0; Off ice Asst. I I ; Certificate of Recognition for Speed and Accuracy Machine Test I I. CYNDI PHILLIPS— Trike Race 11-12; OEA I I; Treesurer 12; Jr. Spec I I; Stu- dent Council 10. JOY PHILLIPS— Trike Race 10; Student Council I I; Tug of War 12; Opus 10; Fine Arts Festival 11-12. JUDITH PHILLIPS SCOTT A. PHILLIPS— Jr. Spec I I ; Gymnastics 10-12. JOHN ORBREY PHIPPS— Student Council 10: German Club 10-11; I.M. Basketball 12. JOAN M. PICKETT— Jr. Spec I I ; Trike Race 10; Student Council 10; Library Asst. 10. DENISE PIERCE— Special Ed Asst. 10; Library Asst. IO;OECACIub 1112. GERALD PIERCY BOB PIKE— Hockey I 1-12; Tug of War 12. l r j — ' -, " .- ■ J -: BRAD PILLOW— Library Asst. 10; Accents 10; Music Men 11-12; Student Council Curriculm Committee I I; Sci- .no Club 12. LAURIE A. PINCKARD— Student Council 12; Tug ot War 12; Transfer from New Jersey 12. LISA KAY PINDELL— Student Council 10- 1 I ; Trite Race 10-12; national Honor Society 1 1 -12; I.M. Volleyball 10-11. BRYAN L. PINNER— Varsity Football 10-12; I.M. Basketball 10-12; Jr. Spec I I ; Trike Race 1 0- 1 I ; Class Council 1 2. OLIVER P. PIPKIN— Reserve Football 10; Varsity 11-12; Varsity Track 11-12; I.M. Basketba II 12. MARK WILLIAM PLANE— Sym. Orchestra 11-12. GREGORY E. PLAUTZ— Stage Band II, I.M. Football. Basketball I 1-12; National Honor Society 11-12. KIMBERLEY LYNNE POLEN— Sym. Orchestra I 0- 1 2; Jr. Spec Usher I I; Trike Race 10,11; Lockets 12; Opus 10 12. JOHN PORTEOUS— NORTHERNER Staff 11.12; Concert Band 1012; Marching Band 10- 12; Pep Band 10 12; I.M. Sports 10-12; Soccer 12. DANE POTEET— Marching Band 10-12; Concert Band 10- 1 I ; Jr. Spec I I; Talent Show I I; Opus 12. Repertury REPERTORY THEATER— FRONT ROW: Mike Franco, Lucy Noo- nan. Linda Segal!. Kathy Wilson, Lori Stlllerman, Hal McGee. and Debbie Ellis. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Wolf, Jeene Walker, Karen Stuart, Chris Foy, and John Tindall. BACK ROW: Dave Scofield. Clare Henkel. Randy Milch, Pern Smith, Ginny Hagewood. Barb Mile. Kim Reed. Patty Standeford, Sheila Boswoth. Jene Rice, and Danny Selig. Theater RALPH POWER REGINE PRADEL- Jr. Spec I I. STEVEN E. PRANGE- JROTC 10-12. WILLIAM PRICE— Homecomin Parade 12. CINDY PRIDE— Home Ec Asst. K Trike Race 10. MONICA PUROL— Speleology Club 11-12; Ping Pong Club 12; Trike Race I I; Wagon Race 12. DAVID KELLY QUEISSER— Key Club 10-12; Track 10; Reserve Football 10; Varsity 11-12. ANNE VIRGINIA RADIGAN THOMAS W. RAFFERTY— Track I ; Natl. B.D.C. 10-12; I.M. Basketba Cross Country 1 0- 1 I . JIM RALSTON ety 11-12; 10-11; Senic JAMES ARTHUR RAMAKER— Ger- man Club 10-11:1. M. Basketball 12. SAMUEL E. RASCOE— Student Coun- cil 10-12; l-M. Basketball 10-12; Tug of War 12. DAWN M. RATTAY— Softball Team IO:SymAsst. II. SUZANNE MARIE RATZEl CINDIE RAY— Office 10-11; Dental Asst. 12. CYNTHIA LYNNE RAYMOND— Orchestra 10-12: National Honor Soci- ety 11-12; Jan Ensemble 10-12; Pom- Pom Corps 11-12: Wind Ensemble 10- 12: Marching Band 10. DAVID REED KIM REED— Trike Race I I; Wagon Race 12; Stage Office Asst. 12; Stage Crew Club 11-12; Repertory Theatre 12. RONALD E. REEHUNS— Pep Band 10- 12: Model United Nations 11-12; Spe- leology Club II 12; Stage Crew Club 10-12; Marching Band 10-12; Thespian Troupe 1851 11-12. KATHLEEN REESE— Home Ec Style Show IO;Tug-of War 12; Bookstore Asjt. II. KEVIN L REICH— I.M. Basketball Trike Race I I ; Tug of- War 12. LYLE REID— German Club I I ; I.M. B ketball: Football 10- 1 2; Wagon Ra 12. ROBERT REIFEIS— Scuba Club I WJEL 12; Science Asst. I I ; Radio t Asst. 12; Softball 10 12. KATHLEEN REIK WILLIAM A. REINKING— I.M. Bask ball 10; Varsity Tennis 10. ROBERT DOUGLAS RELICK— Count- erpoints 11,12: Key Club II; Accents 1 0: Exercise in Knowledge 1 2. ROBERT REUSS DIANE I. REYNOLDS— Trike Race II; Special Ed. 10-12; Gold Key Award 10; Library Asjt. 10. VICKIE L. RHEA— Style Show I I ; Library Asst. I 2; Attendance Office Asst. 10,11. RICK RHEINS— Chess Club 10-12; I.M. Baskeball, Football, Softball I 1,12; Latin Club 11,12; Speech Team II: Wagon Race 11-12; Student Council 11,12. SYMPHONIC CONCERT DAWN RHOADES— Trike Race 10-11. JEAN MARIE RICE— Marching Con- cart Band 10-12; Fall Play 10,12; Make up, Costume Club 10-12; Spanish club 10-11; Repertory Theater 1 2. TIMOTHY EDWARD RICE— I.M. Bas- ketball, Softball 10-12; Tug of War 12- I.M. Bowling 10-12. RANDY RICH— Spring Arts Festival 11-12. MARY GABRIELLE RICHARDS— Con- cert Band I 0- 1 I, Pom Pon I 0- 1 I; Sepleology Club 10-11; Latin Club 1 0- ' I I ; Ping Pono Club I I ALIITA JANET RICHARDSON— Nurses Asst. 12. BETH RICHEY— Northernairos 10; Madrigals II. CATHERINE C. ROBERTS— Spring Arts Festival 10-12; Trike Race I I. CYNTHIA L ROBERTSON— Bookstore Asst. 10-11; Trike Race 1 1 ; Tug of War 12; Student Council 10. DANA LEE ROBINSON— Trike Race 10: Gymnastic Team Manager 10; Soph. Class Float 10. MARK A. ROBINSON TONYA ROBINSON BRIAN ROCHESTER— Concert Ba 11-12; Varsity Football 10-11; Manac 12; Varsity Track Manager I 1-12; I.I Basketball 11-12; Pep Band 10-12; S dent Council II. CHERYL LYNN ROE— Volleyball I Special Ed. Asst. I I ; Reserve Volleyb 10. CORY L ROGERS— Tug of War 1 2. DOUGLAS ROGERS— Spanish Club 10-12; Key Club 11-12; I.M. Basketball, Football, Softball 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12. ERIC D. ROGERS JONATHAN RICHARD ROGERS— Sym. Orchestra, Wind Ensemble 10-12; Stage Band 10-12; Jr. Spec Act Chair- man I I ; Marching Band 10-12. MITCHELL JAY ROLSKY— Stage Crew 10-12; Thespian 11-12; Student Council 10-12; Class Council 10: Trike Race 10-11. BILL ROMAN— Speleology Club 11-12; IU Honors Program I I ; National Honor Society 11-12; NORTHERN LIGHTS 10-11, Sports Editor 12; Quill-Scroll I I- 12. MINDYROSENZWEIG BRIAN ROWE— Peer Counselor 1112; Student Council 10; Stage Band 12; Pep Band I 0-1 I ; Sym. Orchestra 11-12; Marching Band 10-12. TAMMY RUNCIMAN— Trike Race II; National Honor Society I I ; Nurse Asst. l2;TugofWar 12. AMY RUNKLE CLIFTON RUSSELL JR.— Varsity Foot- ball 12; Reserve Wrestling 10, Varsity 11-12. MICHAEL L. RUSSELL— DECA Club 10-12; Trike Race 10; Reserve Basketball ll;Varsity l2;Track 10; Gym Asst. 12. KATHERINE M. RUST— Sym. Orches- tra 10-1 I; IU Honors Program I I; National Honor Society 11-12; Baseball Pep Club I I, President 12; Spanish Club 1 0-1 2; Vice President 12. NANCY LOUISE RYBOLT DEAN ALAN SABLOSKY— Opus 12; Jr. Spec I I ; Music Men 11-12; North- ernaires 10. JON SALGE— Student Council 12. ORCHESTRAS JOSHUA SALTZMAN— Hebrew Club 10-12. MARIA SANCHEZ— Track Race 12: Spirit Committee 12; International Club II. GEORGE STEPHEN SANDERS MIKE SANICH— Soccer 10-12; Student Council II. NANCY ELLEN SAVILLE— Fall Play 1 0; Repertory Theatre 10-11; Madrigal I I ; Accents 12: Jr. Spec I I : Tribe Race 1112. CYNTHIA ANN SCANLON JILL SCHAEFFER— Student Council II: Trike Race 10: I.M. Volleyball 10; Spring Arts Festival 10-11. CHRISTOPHER J. SCHATZ— Concert, Pep. Marching Bands 10-12: Ch _..;-■.; ll;OEA 12. ELIZABETH ANN SCHAUB— Poo Asst. I 112; Trike Race 10; Nations Honor Society 11-12; Spanish Club 1 0. JOHN SCHERER— Lab Asst. II; Stu dent Council I I - 1 2 : Wagon Race 1 2. c c JUDY SCHLEGEL— Descents I 1-12; President 12; Style Show 10- 1 I ; Student Council I I ; Spirit Committee 11-12. KENNETH SCHMUTTE— Reserve Base- bell 10. Varsity 11-12; I.M. Basketball 10.12. CHARLES SCHNEIDER— Speleology dub I I 1 2: Jr. Spec I I : German Club 10- i I : Wagon Race 12. KAY LEE SCHNEIDER— Pom Pon II, Asst. Head 12; Marching Bend 11-12; German Club 10-12; OEA 10; Tug o( War 12: Pep Bend 11-12. KIM MERRILL SCHNEIDER— Pep Marching Band 1012: Tug of War 12 German Club I M 2; I.M. Basketball I I 12. JANE MARIE SCHRAGE— Spirit Com mittee 10 12; Student Council 10-11- Boys ' Swim Team Pep Club 12; Wagon 10-12; Girls ' Track Team II 12; Girls ' Swim Team Letterwoman 10 12. STEPHEN SCHROEDER— Hockey 10 l2:TugofWer 12. JOSEPH R. SCHROEDLE— National Honor Society 12; German Club 10-11; Speleology Club 11-12; I.M. Basketball. Football 10-12. MARY SCHUNK— Trike Race 1011; Botany Lab Asst. II; Stage Crew II; Latin Chariot Race 10. DAVE SCOFIELD- lr. Spec II; Char lot Race 10 12; National Honor Society II 12: Counterpoints 12; Homecoming King 12: Fall Play 12. KATHRYN JANE SEAL— I.M. Basket ball 10: Girls Track Team 10; Dental Asst. 12. BRYN SEARCY USA ANN SEBASTIAN— Office Asst. 1 1 ; Fine Arts Festival 1 1 ; Wagon Race 12. UNDA SUE SEGALL— Descants 10 II; Counterpoints I 2; Childrens Play I I; Trike Race 10-11: Repertory Theatre 1 1 - CONCERT BAND I 74 — Seniors DANNY SELIG— Repertory Theatre I I- 12; Stage Crew I I 12; Theipians 11-12. BEVERLY K. SELL— Concert. Marching Bandi 10-12. Sym. Wind Ensemble II 12: Pom Pon I 1-12; National Honor Basketball Symphcnic ▼Vind Ensemble JAMESP.SILCOX— Soph- Float; Jr. Spec II. MIRIAM LYNN SILVERMAN — Class Council 10; Trike Race 10-11; Girls ' Swim Team 10; Student ;IICu glum Corf Honor Society SARAH JANE SIMMONS — Na ety 11-12: Sym. Orchestra 10-12: Quill-Scroll II 12: ETCHINGS IN THOUGHT Editorial Staff 12 NORTHERN LIGHTS 10. Feature Editor II, Man aging Editor 12; Speleology Club I 1-12. Secretary MARTIN SIMPSON YVONNE L. SIMPSON— Choir Asst. I 0; Girls Concert Choir 10. Allegroes I I. Crescendoes 12 Trike Ra. i 10. SUSAN SINCLAIR FRANCINE SING — National Honor Society I I I 2- French Club I I : International Club 12. JOEL SANFORD SINGER— I.M. Basketball 10 12: Student Council 10: Zoology Lab Asst. 10; Jr. Spec II- Wagon Race 12. SCOTT R. SIPPEL— I.M. Football 10-11, Basketball I I; Tug of War 12. COLLEEN SIRKA— I.M. Volleyball 10; Wagon Race I 112: National Honor Society 1112. Pom POM PONS — FRONT ROW: Kay Schneider and Sue Muhlbacher. SECOND ROW: Mary Richards. Jayne Loiier. Bev Sell, and Judy Dock. THIRD ROW: Marilyn WoH, Wendy Tseng, Cindy Raymond, and Lisa Webster. BACK ROW: Cindy Gnat, Denise Payne. Jill Knoi. Laura Underwood, and Kathy Megenhardt. JAMES S. SKINNER— Student Council 10 12; Track 11-12: Cross Country 12; Key Club 12; Jr. Spec I I: I.M. Basketball II. W. KEITH SKINNER— Wrestling Reserve 10; Var- sity Baseball 12; Wagon Race l2;OEA I 1-12, Vice President 12. State OEA Conference 1112. MICHAEL SKOWRONEK. BRIDGET SLEATER — Northerners 10. Crescen- does II; Wagon Race 12; Tug of War 12; OEA Pariiamentarien I 2; Fine Arts Festival 10. BILL SLICHENMYER— Student Council II. Vice President 12; Chess Team 10 12; Speleology Club 11-12: I.M. Football. Basketball. Softball 10-12: Latin Club 10 12; National Honor Society 11-12. RICHARD WARD SLOCUM— Marching Band I 12. Asst. Drum Major I I. Head 12: Stage Band I 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Table Teni Club 11-12. President; Sym. Wind Ensemble I I - 1 Pep Band 10-12, Sym. Orchestra 12. LINDA L SMITH — Orchestra 10; German Cli 10-11. MARLA JEAN SMITH — Student Council III Cultural-Social Committee 12. BRION PERRY SCOTT — Language Lab Aist. I Student Council Bookstore Asst. 1 2: Student Cou cil I 112: IU Honors French II. PAMELA K. SMITH — Jr. Spec I I ; Spirit Comm tee 12: Student Council 10: Trike Race I 0-1 Wagon Race 12: Home Ec Fashion Show 1 0. PATRICIA IRENE SMITH — Christmas Program 10 I I : Spring Festival 10-11; Crescendoes I I. SAXON SCOTT SMITH— Varsity Football 10 12 Reserve Baseball 10. Varsity 12; I.M. Basketball 10 12: Homecoming King Candidate 12: Jr. Spec I I NORTHERNER Asst. Sports Editor 12. STACEY C. SMITH— Varsity Golf 10 12; Nationa Honor Society I I 12; Student Council Asst. S tery 10; Class Council I 1-12; Cadet Teaching 12; AATG Runner up II. STEPHANIE SMITH STEVEN W. SMITH — Cross Country I I ; Hockey Teem I 1-12; I.M. Softball 10 12. MAJORETTES— Donna Ludwig, Wanda Thurston, Andrea Dosey, Wandy Swenion, Karyl Koopman, and Cathy McDermott. ANN MARIE SOFIOS— Clan Council 10.12; Girl. ' Ensemble 12; National Honor Society 11,12; National Forensic League 1012; Baseball Pep Club 11,12; an 10-12. aICo .itteeCoCha JAMIE LYNN SOHN- Jr. Spec II; Allegroes II; Accents-Varsity Singers 12; Special Ed. Asst. 10,1 I; Varsity Girls ' Golf 10 I I JENNIFER L SOHN— Golf Team 10; Descents 1 2; Jr. Spec 1 1 ; Fine Arts Fes- tival I 0, 1 I ; Nora Cottage Volunteer 10,11. CHARLES C. SOLTAN— Jr. Spec 1 1 ; Cross Country 10; Student Council 10,11. KAREN SPALL— Fine Arts Festival I a 12. DIANE SPENCER— Pom Pon Corps 1 1, 1 2; Baseball Pep Club IO;Sym. Wind Ensemble 11,12; National Honor Soci- ety 11,12. DAVID SPOELSTRA— Music Men 12; English Asst. I I; Library Asst. 10; Sci- ence Club 12; Student Coucil I I. JEFF ST. AMAND— Track I I ; Cross Country 12; I.M. Football 12. MARK STALL ALICE STAMP— Student Council I I ; I.M.VollebyalM2. PATTY STANDEFORD— French Club I I ; Jr. Spec Coordinator I I ; Stage Office Asst. 11,12; Stage Crew Club 10-12; Repertory Theatre 12; Interna- tional Thespian Society 11,12. KATHERINE J. STARRETT— Girls ' Var- sity Softball 10; I.M. Volleyball 10; Track Club 10; Fine Arts Festival I I; 500 Fes- tival of Arts I I . DEBRA V. STEIMAN— Stage Crew 12; Wagon Race 12; Tug-of-War 12; Hebrew Club 10-12; Publicity-Cultural Corr . 12. FLAG CORPS— Terri Gosney, Liia Plane, Debbie Mclnturff, Sally Oldham, Lisa Helm, Mary Anne Ping, Traci Dentel, Nellie Scherreni, and Cheryl Luniford. NOT PICTURED: Joan Dustman. Flag irls SUSAN LYNN STEINMETZ— Student Council 10-12: Nominating Committee 10-1 1 ;Rne Arts Festival 10-1 I; Jr. Spec lit Traffic. Safety and Environmental Committee 10. JEFFEREY CHARLES STERNBERGER —Track 10: I.M. Basketball 10-11; Key dub 11-12: Jr. Spec I I ; Student Coun- cil 10: Boys ' State II. DOUG STEWART— Marching Band 10- II. SUSAN TISH STEWART— Girls ' Track 10: National Honor Society 11-12: Home Ec Style Show 10-11; Stage Crew Jr.Spec IhLatinClub 10-11. R. SCOTT STILES— Varsity Gymnas tics II 12; Soccer 12: I.M. Softball 10 12: Stage Band 1112. IVAN STILLERMAN— Student Council 10, Curriculum Committee I I , President 12: NFL 11-12: Debate II; Thespians 10-12. President I I ; Stage Crew 10-12; National Honor Society I 1-12. KATHEY STITH ALARICE STONE SYDNE JANE STONE— Student Coun- cil 1 0-1 I; Jr. Spec Usher I I; Trike Race 1112; Accents Co President 12; Madri- gals Co-President I I; ACapella 10. ROBERT R. STORMS— AV Asst. SANDRA LARAY STOVER— Swim Team Pep Club 1 0- II ; Girls ' Track Club II 12: Co President 12, Queens Court I 1-12; Tug of War 12. STEVE STRATMAR KAREN STUART PAUL STUT2MAN— Marching Band 10-11, Orchestra I 1-12; Lab Asst. II. BARBARA LYNN SULLIVAN— March- ing, Pep Band 10-12. Treasurer 12: Wind Ensemble 11-12: I.M. Volleyball 10-11: Gym Asst. I I ; German Club 10- II; Jr. Spec II. Choir JEFFREY A. SULLIVAN JEFF N. SULLIVAN— I.M. Football, Bas ketball 1012; Tug of War 12. JOANNE SULLIVAN BOS SULLI VAN— Latin Club 10-12; Film Festival 1112; National Honor Society 11-12. GARY GRANVILLE SUMMERS— Stu- :ll I I ; Tr. :IM. KATHY S. SUMMERS — Bell Choir I I 12; Accents 10; Stage Crew 12; Ceb- tones I I : Chemistry Lab Asst. I I ; National Honor Society 1112. JEAN MARIE SUNDSTROM— Girls ' Track Club 1 01 2: Trike Race 10. 1 I; I.M. Volleyball 10-11. LINDA ANNE SURBER— Varsity Bas ketball 10; I.M. Volleyball Basketball 10- 12; Vanity Softball II; Orchestra 10- 12. CELIA SURFACE— Trike Race 10; OEA 12: National Honor Society II 12; I.M. Volleyball. Bowling 10. KEN SWENSON— Marching Band 10 1 2 Wind Ensemble 12. BELL CHOIR— FRONT ROW: Missy Arbuckle. Sally Bloom, Meg Alisa Cohen, Kathy Summers, Jayme Strawn, Laura Bretzleff, Beth Newland, and Barb Neumeier. SECOND ROW: Debbie Mclnturff, Boone, Denise Leonard, and Jill deKater. Dawna Klrkpetrick, Kathy Palmer, and Karen Deckert. BACK ROW: 1 78 — Seniors MARK SYLVESTER DE8RA KAYE TAKASH— Trike Race 10; Jr. Spec Usher I I ; German Club I I. JULIE ANN TALBOT— Student Council 10; NORTHERNER Staff II; Advertis ing Editor 12. MARK TAMER— Varsity Basketball 10; Varsity Baseball 10 12; Reserve Football 10: Student Council 10: I.M. Football. Basketball II 12. VENEITA LOUISE TAMMER— March ing Band 10: Style Show 10- 1 I; Black Student Union 10-11; Wagon Race 12. DESCANTS— FRONT ROW: Nancy Browne, Medsker, Tammy Becker, Carrie Ziska, Julie F Judy Schlegol, Vlcki Nelson, and Libby Wills; sa Cavalier, Tracy ssler, Tricia Jarvis. . SECOND ROW: Anne Trudgen, Tracy Hoitein, Joy Brinkman, Julie Hertsa Eatley, Barbara Somes, Lori Baird. Becky Brai Darby Dyar, Nancy Capron, and Louis i, Veronica Lewis, Orr. BACK ROW: Joann Lykini, Karen Stuart. Mindy Baker, Amy Buis, Beth Pennington, Ca oline Ballard. Paula Lurvey, Susan Net,. Sally Oldham. Bobbie Br nam, and Jennifer Sohn. DARLENE TATE— Home Ec Style Show 10; Trike Race 10; Black Student Union 10; Library Asst. 10-11; Wagon Race l2;OEA 12. MARY TAW— Student Council 10; I.M. Bowling 10; Volleyball 10; Speleology Club 12; Fine Arts Festival 10. POLLYS. TAW— I.M. Volleyball 10; AFS 12; Speleology Club 12; Fine Arts Festival 10-11. JERRY D. TAYLOR— Cross Country I I - 12; Track 11-12. COUNTERPOINTS— FRONT ROW: Vlcki Neumann, Lori Green, Marilyn Miles. Clare Henkel. Gloria Pate, Beth Ayers. Stacy Hess, Cathy Branam, Linda Segall. Cindee Moore. Diane Brown, Lisa Mel lor, Sally Hardgrove, and Sally Knowles. BACK ROW: Jim Rowe, John Partenhaimer. Scott Westfall, Chris Jacobsen. Dave Scofield Kenney Adams, Nell White, David Cornelius, John Black, Bill War ner, Bill Eagleson. Rick Kearney, Rob Relick, John Baker, Jeff Sauf- f.r. Bill Turk, and John Folger. NOT PICTURED: Ruth Campbell. Ann Norton, Chris Sego. Rob Bayless. MICHELE RENEE TAYLOR— Black Stu- dent Union II; Fashion Show 10: Jr. Spec I I : Jr. Prom Queen Candidate I I ; Office Asst. MARY HELEN TERRELL— Pom Pon II; Marching Band 10-11; Style Show 10; Wagon Race 12; Student Council II; English Office Asst. 12. KAREN THARP— Student Council 10; :il I 112; Ho n Candidate 12; National Ho BARBTHOMPSON- 10: Dental Asst. 12. DEBBIE THOMPSON Seniors— 179 .OSE»H THOMPSON— Student Coun- cil 10-11; Reserve Wrestling 10, Varsity 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; NFL 10-11; I.M.Softball 11-12. SHARON A. THURMAN— Black Sty- dent Union 10; Trike Race II; Office Ant. 12. JOHN R. TINDALL— Repertory Thea- tre 10-12: Homecoming Parade 12; Winter Play II; Fall Play 12; NORTH- ERNER Photographer 10. DONNA LYNN TIRMENSTEIN— Girls ' Chorale 10; Christmas Program 10-12; Fine Arts Festival 10-12; Crescendoes ll:Opus 12: Varsity Singers 12. STEVE J. H. TOBEY— Soccer 1 0. HARRY F. TODD— National Hono Society I I 12; I.M. Basketball 10-11. JEFF TODD— I.M. Basketball 10-12; Jr Spec I I ; Tug of War 12. DEBORAH KAY TOLER— Swim Tean 1 1 : Basketball Team 1 2: Swim Team Per Club 1112; I.M. Volleyball. Basketbal 10. CARINA B. TOLGE— AFS Eichang. Student From Sweden; International 12 Children Play 12: Speleology Club 12. STEVE TONEY— Student Council I I Reserve Golf 1 0, Varsity 11-12; Jr. Spei I I ; I.M. Basketball 10 12. TRUNGTRAN KING R. TRAUB JR.— I.M. Basketball 10-1 I; Jr. Spec I I ; Scuba Club 12; Ten- nis 10-11; Wrestling II; Class Council Teasurer II. AMY ELLEN TRUESDELL— Jr. Spec II; I.M. Volleyball 1 0; Gymnastics I I . MICHAEL EUGENE TRUSS— I.M. Bas ketball 1 0- 1 2 ; Student Council I I : Black Student Union 10. ELLEN STACY TUCHMAN— Jr. Spec II; Trike Race 10-11; Student Council 12: Spanish Club 10. ACCENTS— FRONT ROW: Sue Arnold, Jennifer Jeske, Lyn Reehl- ing. Donna Tirmenstein. Marguerite Monforte. Wendy Swenson, Joni Georgopulos. Terry Schlegel, Karen Armor. Sherry Bond, Laura Dickinson, Katrine Tracy. Stacy Young, Kathy Hughey. Jamie Sohn, Wendy Foy. Nina Henderson, and Leenne Drennen. BACK ROW: Alice Owens, Bet- Doherty, Kathy Blunck, Mary Jane Dormer, Carol Black. Lome Schmldgall, Anne Hunger-ford, Kathy Megenhardt, Kim Griffith. Sydne Stone, Blie Armstrong. Lynn Hirshman, Kelly Kirch, Nancy Seville. Nancy Kincennon, end Leigh Scheutte. NOT PIC- TURED: Karla Austin, and Joe Ha bagger. i ELIZABETH ANN TURNER Ir. Spec I I : Student Council 10; National Honor Society I 112; Panther Pal 10 12; Spirit Committee 12; Chairwoman of Jr. Prom Decorations I I . JAY TZUKER— National Honor Society 11-12: I.M. Bowling 1112; Spanish Club BRAD UFFNER SUSAN ELAINE UHL— NORTHERNER Assistant Sports Editor II, Production Editor 12. Ball State Journalism Work shop I I : Student Council Publicity Chairwomen 12; National Honor Soci- ety 11-12; Junior Spec Program Com- mittee 1 1 : Model United Nations 1112; National Merit Letter of Commenda tion 12. CARYD. UMEMURA LAURA S. UNDERWOOD— Concert Marching Bend 10 12; Pom Pon II 12 Trike Race 10-12; Fine Arts Festival I I 12. USA URBANCIC— OEA 12. SUZIE UTTER— I.M. Volleyball 10 I I Betketbell Manager I I ; Swim Team Pec Club 1112; Dental Asst. 12; Gym Asst II 12. JOHN UTTERBACK— I.M. Basketball Softball 10 II. SAM VALENCIA- lr. Spec I I. 180 — Seniors SUSAN VAN FOSSEN— German H;OEAI2;PomPon 12. RICKY VAN METER GARY R. VANDEVER— Drill F Team 10-12; Rifle Teem I II 2; Guard 10-12: Battalion Staff 10-12 RICH VANDISH— Vanity Tennis 11-12. BRAD VANSTEENWYK— Mer Pep Band 10 II; I.M. Basketball I Tug of War 12. BILLIE VAUGHN YVONNE VIDOVIC— AFS Eichange Student From Australia 12; Volleyball 12; International Club 12; Stage Crew 12; Cultural Committee 12; Speleology Club 12. RANDALL P. VOGT— I.M. Basketball 1 0-1 I; Student Council II. CHRISTY VON GRIMMENSTEIN YVONNE KAREN VOORHIES— Tug of War 12; Northerners 10. CHERYL LEA VOORHIS— Student Nominating Committee I 0- 1 I ; Spirit Committee 12; International Club 12; Tug of War 12. EMILY C. WADE— Home Ec Fashion Show 10; Varsity Tennis 1012; Tug of War 12. PAUL T. WAGNER— Student Council 10; I.M. Basketball 10; Hockey Team II- 12. BARBARA WALDSCHMIDT— I.M. Volleyball 10; Student Council 12; Lock- ets 1 2; Zoology Lab Asst. 1 0. JEANE SUZANNE WALKER— NFL 10- 12; Fall Play 10-11; Childrens Play 10- 12; Thespians I 1-12; Stage Crew 10-12; Winter Play II. mmmm iiiiii MUSIC MEN— FRONT ROW: John Kautiman, Dave Spoelstra, Mark Koopman, Gary Barker, Rob Baft, Hans Prosser, Tim Black. Stu Smith, Dean Sabloslry, Doug McCord, Jeff Fose, John Towle, Jim Ingerham. Brad Pillow, Rick Kilmer, Eric Decker, Stephen Jones and Scott Cory. SECOND ROW; Bill McKinley, Kenny Edmonds, Al Laughlin, Chris Hubbard, Cary Smith, Mark Brown, Brian Baker, Dava Mann, Jim Newell, Bill Schmiti, Joe Ofengender, and Nell Hellwig. BACK ROW: Tim Thompson, Bob Butters, Phil Madison Jeff Kennedy, Fred Webster, Steve Moldt, Chris Hall, Tom O ' Brien, Tony Pond, Pete Nygaard, Dale Pike, and Kenny Widgery. NOT PICTURED: Shedrick Madison, Greg Mart, Scott Moreland, and Brian Tobin. KATHLEEN WALKER— Basketball 10 12; Trike Race 10; National Hono Sociey 11-12. TERESA L WALKER— OEA 1 2. WENDY K. WALKER— Student Counc 1 1 ; Volleyball 10; Trike Race 10. KEITH WALLACE— I.M. Basketbal Softball 10. KENT WALLACE— Student Counc 1 1 ; Speleology Club II. TIMOTHY WILLIAM WALLS— Stu dent Council 10- 12; Stage Crew 11-12; I.M. Basketball, Football 10-11; Wagon Race 1 2. RICK WALTERS— Track 10 12; Basket- ball 11-12; Cross Country 11-12; I.M. Basketball 11-12. DAVID HULL WALTERS— Football 10. KIMBERLY WALTERS— Student Coun- • f :il,Gri -Social Co .ittee 10; Trike Race Judge I I ■ 12; I.M. Sports 10- II. CONNIE S. WAMSLEY— Library Asst. Seniors — 181 © m zzz: s ° — (jrovs ALLEGROES— FRONT ROW: Sherry Greenwood, Patty Jewett, Anne Smithmeyer, Maria Block, Kelly Adams, Debbie McLean, Becky Jams. Betsy Boring, Teri Levin, Bobbie Willaert, Janis Allen, and Meryanne Clark. BACK ROW: Robyn Calkin, Diana Morse, Adeline Nicholas, Ann Ashley, Anne Lanagan, Jane Leigh, Linda fleck, Meridlth Meller, Darlene Nickleson, Julie Hudson. Alyssa Knelsley. and Cathy Jackson. NOT PICTURED: Veronica Mac. Kenzie, and Lisa O ' Neil. DENNIS WATSON— Reserve Footb, 10: I.M. Basketball 10-12: Track 12 Gymnastics II 12; Jr. Spec II; Com ial Art Advisory Board 12. WANDA KAY WATTS— Style Sh 10; Student Council II. THOMAS WEBBER HERMAN WEBSTER— Student Counci II. 12. LESLIE H. WEEDMAN— I.M. Gymnes tics. Volleyball I 0- 1 2: Trike Race II Gym Asst. I I ; Swim Team Pep Club 1 2 GinV Track Club 12. KEVIN WEEKS— I.M. Basketball 1012 Wagon Race 12: Jr. Spec II. BRENDA GAIL WEIKEL— I.M. Basket ball 10: Student Council 10-11: Band 10 12: Spanish Club !2;TugofWar 12. MARLENE WEINER— Speech Team 10 Office Asst. 10: Wagon Race 12. BARBARA WEINMAN— Fine Arts Fes tival 1 1; Hebrew Club 10-12. NANCY WEINSTEIN— Student Coun ell 10; Trike Race I I: Opus 10-12 Spring Arts Festival 1012; Internati Club 1 0-1 I: Debtones 10 1 I. i Ensemble 12. NANCY WELLS— Student Council 10- II; Swim Team 12; Trike Race 10; Wagon Race 12; French Club 10. STEVE A. WELLS— Tug of War 1 2. AMY C. WELSH— Library Asst. I I ; Girts Track Club 11-12. MICHAEL WENNING— Sym. Orches- tra 10-12: I.M.Softball 11-12. Football. Basketball 12: Speech-Debate Team 10 12; National Honof Society II, Presi- dent 12. ANDY WERT SKI via i J| ' " ■ 1 HE 1 82 — Seniors TAMRA R. WESNER— Band 10-12; Pom Pon I I ; Trike Race 1 0- 1 I . KATHERINE WEST— Library Ass . II; Friko Ra SCOTT WESTFALL— Accents 10; Counterpoints I 1-12; Jr. Spec I I; national Honor Society 11-12. SEANORA G. WESTLAKE— Home Ec Style Show 1 0;OEA 12. KIMBERLY SUE WESTOVER— Jr. Spec II; National Honor Society 11-12: NORTHERNER Staff 1 0-1 I ; Speech- Debate Team 10-12; Student Council 10- 1 2; Stage Crew 10-11. LYNN E. WHITAKER— Trilce Rao Crescendoes I I; Treble Tone: Wagon Ra 12; National Merit Schol- arship Semi-Finalist 12. CAROL ANN WHITE— National Honor Society 11-12; Baseball Pep Club 10-12; Hag Sirl 10-11; Sym. Orchestra 11-12; Secretary 12; German Club 10- 12; Treasurer I I ; Marching Band 10-12, Secretary 12; Jr. Spec II. GENEANE RENE WHITE— Student Council 10; Black Student Union 10; Jr. Spec 1 1 ; Style Show 1 0; Trike Race 1 2. NEIL E. WHITE— Accents 10. Counter- points II, President 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Jr. Spec II; Key Club 1112; JROTC Battalion Commander 12. JEFFREY ALAN WHITELEY DEBRA S. WHITTED— I.M. Volleyball 10; Office 10-11. JILL WHITTEN— Bookstore Asst. 10; Dental Asst. 12. KATHIEWICKSTRAND— Swim Asst. 10; Jr. Spec I I; Homecoming Float 10 II. RONALD J. WIDES— National Merit Scholarship Semi. Finalist 12; National Honor Society I 1-12; Orchestra 1 0- 1 I , President 12; Student Council 10; Spe- leology Club 12; Am. Chum. Society Test Semi-Finalist 10. JODYWIEDMAN KEN WIGGINS— I.M. Basketball. Foot, ball, Softball 10-12. ANTHONY WAYNE WIGGINGTON —Black Student Union II; I.M. Basket- ball 1 1 • 1 2; Office 1 1 ; Library Asst. 1 2. SUSAN WILD LAUREL WILLIE ROBERT G. WILLEY II — Bookstore Asst. 11-12. o o o o 9- 1 • y i vis Cl) mole GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE— FRONT ROW: Debbie Phillips, Leslie Finch, Sally Howell. Suzanne Moak. Jenny Lift, Diana Einterz. Karen Ford, Nancy Everett. Ann Sofios, and Julie Cave. SECOND ROW: Dolly Bretzlaff. Helen Robins. Hilary Brand. Jane Fehsenfeld, Julia Kassig, Penny Peterson. Lisa Lenham. Julie Anthony, Sue Hamme, and Nancy Weinitein. BACK ROW: Julia King Tanita Bentley, Kathy Johnson. Rhonda Noveroske, Susan Sinclair, Lisa Stein, Kyle O ' Brien. Peggy Berns, Julie Hoster. and Mary Jayne Jerden. Seniors— 183 CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS— Black Stu dent Union 10: Office Asst. 1 1-12; Stu- dent Council 10: Fashion Show 10; Trike Race I I . HENRY WILLIAMS LORI C. WILLIAMS— Trike Race 10; Tennis Team I I ; Jr. Spec I I. MICHAEL WILLIAMS— Sol 10-12; CHRISTIE WILLIS KATHY WILSON JUDITH M. WILSON— Latin Club II- 12; National Honor Society I 1-12. MISSY WILSON— Gymnastics 12; Training Center Volunteer I 1-12; Sym Asst. II. PESSY WILSON— Trike Race 10; Office ll:OEA 12. SHERRI LYNN WILSON— Library Asst. 10-11; Black Student Union II; Student Council I I ; Opportunities LAB TERRY WILSON DEBBIE LEE WINEGAR— Trike Race 10-11; French Cub 11-12; Baseball Pep Club I I- 1 2; Spirit Committee 12. JULIANNAWIREY— Trike Race I I; Gym Asst. 11-12; Radio-TV Asst. II; Student Council Bookstore 1 0. STEVE M.WITTE— Stage Crew 10-11. CRESCENDOES— FRONT ROW: Janet Atkins, Janice Lotts, Betsy Shanks. Fran Berco.iri. Holly Kuhn. Nancy Slichenmyer. Liz Hackl. Tracy Michael. Debra Moorman. Cheri Pryor. Jennifer Fose, Cindy Centrell. Yvonne Simpson, and Susan Langford. BACK ROW: Julie Smith, Betsy Beck, Mary Lynn McPhail, Beth Root, Julia Fleming, Gena Koch, Jennifer Traas, Shaun Lehman, Susan Eadie, Debbie Carlson, Andrea Dosey. and Mary Eber. NOT PICTURED: Caro Lamberg and Ann Zintel. DENNIS WM. WOLBERT— I.M. Basket ball 10. Manager 10; National Hoi Society 11-12. DIANNE WOLD ANNE WOLF— Class Council Office Asst. 10; Nominating Conv JANET L WOLF— Student Coui NORTHERN LIGHTS Staff 101 I National Honor Society 1 1-12. CAROL M. WOODS— Student Office Asst. 10-12. DOUGLAS WOODS KENNETH R. WRIGHT— Student : Jr. Spec II; I.M. Basketbal TIMOTHY WAYNE WRIGHT Basketball 12. UN WURSTER— Home Ec Style Sho 10-11; Dental Asst. 12. 184 — Seniors BOB WURSTER— Vanity Wrestling 10-11. SANDRA HELENE YANEZ— Chariot Race I I ; Sym. Orchestra 10-12; Opus 10 12; Spring Fine Arts Festival 10-12; Speleology Club 12; Library Asst. 12. DOUGLAS YARYAN— Drill-Firing Team 10; I.M. Rifle Team I I ; Battalion Staff 10- 12; Band 10. DARREL YOUNG— Varsity Cross Country 10-12- Captain 12; Varsity Track 11-12. NINA YOUNG— Hebrew Club 10-12; Special Ed Asst. II. STACY LYNN YOUNG— Madrigals II; Accents 12; Spring Musical II; Girls ' Track Club II; Trike Race 10-11; Triangle Club Production I I . VALERIE K. YOUNG— National Honor Society I 1-12; Girls ' Track Team 10 12; Swim Team 10-11; French Club Treasurer 10-11; Swim Team Pep Club JEANNY YUNE— 500 Art Award I 0; Student Council 10; Class Council 11-12: German Club Secretary I I, PR Officer 12; Natic e+y 11-12; Homecoming Dance Chairman 1 2. BRENDAZASARINSKY— Trike Race 10; FACETS I I ; Fine Art Festival I I ; Student Council I I • French Club 12. RICHARD ZEIGLER M. Volleyball 10; Gy PAM ZENOR— OEA Asst. 12. LEE ANN ZOBBE HAROLD B.ZUHLKE— Homecoming Parade 12. DAVID A. BINKLEY— Reserve Basketball 10; Jr. Spec II; I.M. Basketball, Softball II 12; Wagon Race 12. HOLLY DIANE BRILLHART— Tug of War 1 2. TIM CARR— Trike Race 10; Biology Lab Asst. I I Student Council Alt. II. STEPHEN CROOKS— S Council II; Tug of War 12. TIM GARRISON JUDY GREEN— Home Ec Style Show 10; Black Stu dent Union 10; Trike Race 11-12; Student Counci 10-11. PHIL KOMSISKI— I.M. Basketball, Football 12. ng 10; Student TREBLE TONES— FRONT ROW: Kim Kannmacher, Eli Sheryl Allis, Parr, Gilham, Marlena Wilkerson, Jane H, Foy, Kathy Swan, Lisa McLeod, Anne Hall, Janis Bort. Smith, and Joyce Meredith. BACK ROW: Cindy Jacks. Ross, Joan Eudaly. Lisa Peeler, Julie Fairfax, Terri Joseph, Chris Bruce, Kathy Hoyt, Lynn Whitaker, Nancy Mamlin, Linda Masley, Mal ia Robertson, and Carol Burnett. R8 F BR16R mawuREB r«- 3 E 7t -s e- -=-r- 3 T — ■s r- -ar- -- r- -a r- a e- sr- -at- t-e- •2K- -! Terry Abbott Perry Grimaldi Neil Nicholson " ■ Jill Allen Chris Hamilton Jeffrey O ' Brian - ™ Marc Alstadter Stephen Harrer Thomas O ' Brien Richard Ball Stephen Harris Stephanie Patsiner Dean Barker Thomas Harrison Thong Pham Charles Bartlette John Baynes Timothy Hensley Brian Pickett k Thomas Hermeling John Pisarski Thomas Beatley John Hixon John Polomski Debra Bercovitz Eliot Hodges Mark Porter Richard Bernstein Mark Holdgrater Susan Prenatt « Daniel Berry Charles Houck Tracy Puckett k " John Beyer James Houck Howard Rabb " Gloria Bills Jeffrey Howard Susan Rappaport Kenneth Black John Hughes Eric Reinking Robert Black Carol Boleman Yolanda Humphrey Michele Reis - Katherine Jenkins David Richardson Kevin Brazil Keith Johnson Bruce Robertson Darryl Brown Kimberly Hones Charles Roth Cynthia Burch - Larry Burns Dora Katz Thomas Ruhl Richard Kearney Debra Rutherford - " Patrick Callahan Richard Kemper Jeffrey Sablotne 1 Leroy Catlin Joanna Kidder Yvonne Sanders Michelle Chase Jeffrey King Roma Saunders Mary Clark Carl Clouse James Kingery Paula Scharffin - Dale Kinslow Stephen Schulz Karin Coe Matthew Klein Brion Scott Paul Coogan Paul Korak Susan Smay Karen Cooper Joseph Lambert Tracy Snider - Scott Daggett Norbert Lane Ernest Solomon . Tu Dang Thomas Davis Michael Larkin Farroll Speake " Betty Lawson David Spence Karen Dewar Karl Lehenbauer Gregory Staples Sharon Dewar David Dickey Mark Dinkel Jan Levie Anthony Starks - Michael Levin Clinton Stewart Thomas Litton William Steineker " James Dinwiddie Brian Lovell Carol Stine Mary Dinwiddie Steven Lyday Chris Strafes Richard Dobbs Wade Martin Gary Strodtman - Keith Dollins Ernest Maul Andrew Swiss ' Carol Dorsett Byron McFuire Thomas Thompkins Gerald Drew Richard McNutt Richard Tornes Howard Duncan Dawn Durkee Joseph McGuire Duane Trinkle - " Bruce Meier Thaddeus Tucker Kenneth Edmunds Christopher Milam Kenneth Valentine Mi chael English Audrey Miller Srar Verner Audrey Epstein Andrew Moline Tammy Vice Vivian Farris Beth Moreland Lee Wagner - Walter Fesenko Phillip Fogel Scott Morris Kevin Walters 1 Neal Mulligan Julie Wawrzyniak Thomas Franklin Elizabeth Munger Lula Wesley David Fry James George Beverly Murray Carol Whitten t Carol Nelson James Wilson " Edward Gibbs Tony Nelson Phillip Winkler Mary Glines Anh Nguyen Cory Wollenweber IvanGreenhut Hoa Nguyen Kim Woodruff ll James Gremillion Steven Yarling y Michael Greven ., 3ET — Tr- srr _z z_ -3E " Susan Youngkin -=E- 3t J=E_ 3ET I 86 — Seniors Not Pictured SHIRR ETCHINGS IN THOUGHT STAFF— John Hamil- ton, Sarah Simmons, Dr. Jenkins, Peter Galvin, Jane Leigh, and Adam Wegener. NOT PICTURED; Lisa Goldstein. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: Secretary Denise LaRue, Suiy Ball. Karen Tharp, Ann Sofios, Carol White, Stacey Smith, Jeanny Yune, and Pamela Brewer. SECOND ROW: Hilton Hudson, Kenny Edmonds. Ruth Ann Greene. Clare Henkel. Suzy Pantier. Jenny Busch. and Beth Pennington. BACK ROW: Ronnie Wldes. Vice President Kenny Adams. President Mike Nelst and John Acke . NOT PIC Betty Crocker Family Leader of Tomorrow is Rhonda Noveroske. Lieedep Seniors — 187 1976 This is a year that we ' ll tell our grand- children about. And when we think back, we ' ll have lots to remember. High School is an unfor- gettable expe- rience in 1976 " ' " •- ' ■ : 1 Is that object actually alive? This creature seems to move with ease and grace as if it is alive. I ' m really not quite sure, but from a distance it seems to be moving. As I move qui- etly in the night, I notice this creature following me! Dodging in and out of streets and alleys, I can not seem to lose it. Finally coming to a streetlight, I notice it has left me. I wonder what or who this creature was, not making a sound as it followed close behind me. AiiitAi iftf Although this hand may have artistic connotations, it is not the product of our fine art department, but a student ' s expression of frustration. In an attempt to sprout new leaves, this plant soaks up the days sun. Wow! Look at that profile, belonging to none other than the one and only Mr. Walker. Profile in Courage: A face that launched a thou- sand yearbooks, Rod Cord. With the picture of a bone in mind this dog waits politely for the reward. Mitch Abel. Debbie Adams, John Adams. Kelly Adams. Andy Adjieff, James Alkman. Jeff Alderson. Scott Alexander. Richard Allen. Stacey Allen. Jim Allerdice. Sheryl Allis. Jeff Altman, Cindy Amos. Myra Anders. Vanessa Anderson. Vickie Anderson. Tammy Angell. Cindy Arkin. Karen Armer. Susan Arnold, Stu Atkins. Regina Atkin- son. Beth Ayers, Cathy Baehner, David Bailey. Rachelle Bailey. Brenda Baird. Lori Baird Brian Baker. Melinda Baker, Rod Baldwin. Caroline Ballard. Cara Ballew, Mark Banki. Ed Bannon. Peter Banta. Mitch Bardwell. Gary Barker. Janet Barnes. Steve Barnes, Bill Barrett. Nikita Bates, Krlstie Beamon, Jay Beattey, Randy Becker, Tammy Becker, Robert Beck- wlth. Jeff Beeson, Jocelyn Bell. The woes of a South Paw Lefties are a group all to themselves. They ' re special even though they ' re in minor- ity under the right-handed people. From the beginning, they ' ve had to learn every- thing backwards such as using scissors, writing in spiral note- books, and tying shoes. So all you lefties who are dis- couraged from this right- hand-oriented world remem- ber: " Lefties stick together! " Fred Beller, Tim Bellish. Craig Benjamin, Caroline Bennett, Gregory Bennett, Julie Bennett, Fran Bercovitz. Sabine Bergmann Bill Berkowiti. Dwayne Ber- nard. Lisa Bernhard. Roger Berry, Steve Berry, Kittina Bishop, Chris Bisson. David Blain, Lmda Blanchard, David Blatt, Ricky Be-.r Ja d Blocr. Mark Block, Maria Block, Nancy Blue- stein. Adrienne Bluiett. Holly Blum. Gregor Boeblnger. Karen Boles. Sheila Bolin, Bob Bolles, Ken Bolles. Wondering how to do his physics, left-handed John Abrams gives it a try. ill Bond. John Bonner Booker, Charles Borinstein, Teresa Bor- man, Bob Born, Janis Borton, Tim Boruff, Laura Bosler, Sheila Bosworth. Kathy Bowe, Charles Bowen, Angela Bowling, Cynthia Boyd, Toni Boyle, Beth Bracken, Jim Bradford, Cynthia Bradley, Barbara Bradshaw. Bonnie Brammer. Becky Branam, Hilary Brand, Norman Brandinger. Caroline Brass, Dan Breault, Sue Breisacher, Phyllis Bretzlaff, Duane Brigham, Dave Bright, James Brink. Kevin Broaddus, Sharon Brodsky, Julie Brooks, Stafford Broumand, Diane Brown, Sally Brown, Dan Brunner, Kirk Brunso, John Buddenbaum, Frank Budreau. Amy Buis, Charlie Bunes, William Burk- ley, Carol Burnett, William Burstadt, David Bursten, Julie Bush. Rick Bussell, Mark Butler, Scott Butler. Teresa Butler, Dan Byrne, John Caldwell, Mike Callahan, Craig Campbell, Ruth Campbell, Cindy Cantrell, Nancy Capron, David Carlson, Debbie Carl- Kevin Carmean, Kimberly Carmean, Larry Carr. Pat Carr, Philip Carroll. Bryan Carter, Barbara Cartwright. Lisa Cavalier, Julie Cave. Felicia Cazares. Chappel. Marc Chappell. Milt Char- bonneau. Karla Chittenden. Helen Christ. Bruce Clark. James Clark. Sara Clark. Wanda Clark. Barbara Clayton, Kelly Clayton. Veronica Coakley, Terry Coats. Benedict Cobb. Candis Coers. Donnald Coffman. Mike Concannon, Martha Conder. Kim Conrad. Vince Conrad, Brian Cook. Carolyn Cook, Frances Cook, Ross Cook, Kathy Cooper. Matthew Cooper, Jeff Corbin, George Corey. David Cornelius. James Cory, Andrew Costlow. Roy Cotton. Nancy Cottrell. James Counts. Greg Cowser. Eddie Cox, Joe Allen Cox, Joe Michel Cox. Mark Crabb. Mike Crabb, Diana Craig, Donald Craig, Bill Cramer, Sheryl Crane. Liz Creech, Dawn Crews. Patri- cia Crimmins. Jim Crismore. Sarah Cronin. Barrie Cross. Mark Cruger. James Culver, Hope Cum- mings. Richard Cunningham, Andrea Cutler. Bruce Cutsinger, Steve Dallas. James Dan. Mary Daneke. Sarah Darnell, Al Darring. Hal Darring. Barbara Davidson, Randy Davidson. Charles Davis. Jeffery Davis. Rick Davis. Shelley Davis. Tonna Davis. Bill Davis, Wendell Day, Robert Day, Ellen Dean. Diana Dear- dorff. Patricia Decker. Karen Deckert. Steven Deitch. James Deloughery. Brian Denney. Ken Deuser, Paula Devine. Frank DIBortolo. Michael Dick. Pam Dickmeyer. Teri Dickson. Mike Dif- fenderffer, David Dingley. Peter Dinwid- die. Watch out! Your clothes are revealing the most intimate aspects of your personality. That ' s right, T-shirts have lost the " 60 ' s " greaser ' s image and are popular school attire. Peo- ple have converted T-shirts into walking billboards. They express favorite political view- points, movies, movie stars, and rock groups. Many school groups such as Sam ' s March- ing Panthers and the Calculus classes let themselves be known by their T-shirts. Rozlyn Dinwiddie, Barbara Dittus, Beth Divine, Scott Dixon, Dan Donohoo, Patti Donovan, Andrea Dosey, Barb Douglas, Barton Drayer, David Dubow. Cathy Dudley, Jeff Dugdale, Dana Dun- ham. Sarah Dunham, Diane Dunkel, Sherrie Dunson, Vada Durr, Kimberly Durrett. Duane Dye, Cindy Dyer. Eadie. William Eagleson, Derek Earle, Andrew Ebbert, Monica Eber, Thomas Ecktman, Mark Edelstein, Greg Edwards, Margaret Edwards, Diana Ein- terz. Gary Elam, Clifford Ellery, James Elliott, Kevin Elliott, Ora Elliott, Shawn Elliott, Laura Ellis, Rick Ellis, Jerry Elmas, Julie Engiedow. Frank Eppink, Steve Eppink, Daniel Epstein, Brent Ervin, Joan Eudaly, Patty Eusey, Dave Evans, Paula Evans, Casey Everett, Charles Everett. Nancy Everett, Julie Fairfax, Ruth Fal- vey, Brenda Fang, Julie Fansler, Jean Fargo. Martha Farmer, Sam Farrar, Kevin Faulconer, Mark Feichtner. Eric Fernkas, Debbie Fessler, Leslie Finch, Richard Fink, Cathy Finkle. John Finneran. Whit Fischer, Chris Fisher, Ralph Fisher, David Fishman. Audrey Fitzpatrick, Jean Fix, Linda Fleck. Julia Fleek, Eric Fleming, Julie Fleming. Dawn Flynn, Scott Folley. Cindy Ford, Karen Ford. Cindy Fountain. Catherine Foy. Joyce Foy. Wendy Foy. Bruno Francescon. James Frank. Phillip Frank. Ron Free- man, Phil Freihofer, Richard Freije. Lisa Frenzel. Karl Fricke. Shelly Fried- man. Paul Friman. Frederick Fritz. Charles Fry. Rod Saertner. Dan Gall. Peter Galvin David Gammon. Dennis Gant, Tom Gardner. Ginna Gardner Bryan Garlotte. Debbie Garri- son. Gina Garrison. Scott Garrison, John Garzon. Doug Gates. Andrea Gehrung. Jill Gemmer. Sharon George, Robin Germadnik. Janet Geyer, Lisa Giana- kos. Nancy Gibson. Mike Gilbert, Brad Gilchrist. Although rather close to the canal, Sun Jewelry is not for the ducks but for those who like accessories. Where the Ducks Jlre What could be more enjoya- ble than spending a day in Broad Ripple? There are so many shops to see that most of your time would be spent there. Karma Records and Door- mouse are among the many shops to see. Besides shopping, there is also room for cycling and walking along the canal where the many ducks live. Mary Gilgrist, Pamela Gilham, Donald Gill, Judy Gill. Loretta Gipe. Lori Glass- ford. Ross Glazier, Darla Gleason, Sherry Gleason, Todd Gleason. Lynda Glick, Cindy Gnat, Robin Gold- man, April Goodall. Barbara Goodbar, April Goodman. Cindy Goodwin, Taiuani Gordon. Jasen Goslin, Terry Gosney. Thomas Goss. Becky Goulding. Scott Grant. Johnetta Green, Jo Ann Green, Tim Green. Sherry Greenwood, Jon Grigsby. Linda Gross. Joanie Gross- Ronda Gude, Valerie Gulling. Patricl Haas, George Haboush, Liz Hackl Penny Hackney, Anne Hall, James Hall Kathleen Hall. Thomas Hall. Leather seems to be pretty popular among stu- dents nowadays. Purses, belts, and jewelry can be found at Village Leathersmith in Broad Ripple. SHOES -SrBOOTS LEATHER mxn IND ' IN JEWELRY LEAH Chatting is a favorite pastime for many employees while waiting for customers. " The Everything Shop " is what one might call the Doormouse in Broad Ripple Village. Tim Hall, John Hamilton, Pam Hamil- ton, Jim Hammer, Sandy Hampton, Mike Hannowsky, Don Harding, Linda Harding, Jerry Harmon, Bob Harmon. Theresa Harper, Corby Harrington, Stacy Harrington, Ben Harris, Brian Harris. Dan Harris, Jeff Harris, Wendy Harris, Julia Hartsaw. Natalie Haverty. Mark Hayden, Howard Hayes, Mike Hayes, Demarcus Hazelwood, Cyndie Heaton, Brian Heckart, Karen Heffer- nan, Neil Hellwig, Kim Helmen. Dan Henke. June Hennegan, Elfreda Henry, Michael Herman, Debbie Hermann. Gail Her- meling. Dan Herron, Stacy Hess. Keith Hessong, Bill Hetherington. James Hig- gins. Records, records, records! That ' s what you ' ll see if you go to Karma Records for a browse. Genuine leather hats, purses, and belts attract young people to Village Leathersmith every day. James Higgs. Mike Higgs. Steve Higgs. Joe Hirfiker. Cheryl Himes. Andra Hln- kle. Jan Hinkle. Greg Hintz. Steve Hixon. Jerry Hobbs. Faith Hochman. Vicki Hoffman, Ronald Holland. Brad Holmes. Scott Holt. Cindy Hoover, Lori Hopkins. Stephanie Horton, Edwin Horwitz. Julie Hoster. Paul Hottinger. Bernie Howard, Jeff Howard, Jerome Howard, Tracy Howe. Stacey Hubbard. Linda Hudson, Lisa Hudson. Emily Hueber. Tony Huelster. Susan Huffman, Diane Hughes, Kathryn Hughey. Tim Hull. Michael Humphries. Anne Hungerford. Terry Hurtson. Anne Hussey. Jim Ingerham. Sherman Izsak. No matter what color, black, white, or Indian, we are all cre- ated equal. There are so many races at our school that you are bound to meet someone new each day. Students from far away coun- tries and kids from around the block should be considered equals no matter what color. Remember — " we are all one. " Cynthia Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Virginia Jackson. Sally Jacobsen, Mike Jajuga, Joseph Jameson. Debra Jarrett, Ellen Jasper, Sandy Jenkins. Paul Jersild. David Joel. Diane Johnson, Janet John- son. Lisa Johnson. Nancy Johnson. Pam Johnson, Roderick Johnson. Wayne Johnson. William Johnson, Elizabeth Johnston. Julie Johnston. Carvet Jones, Debbie Jones. Ralph Jones. Lisa Jorman. Terri Joseph. Randy Justice. Raymond Kahn, Sonja Kantor, Cindy Karl. John Kautzman. Jim Kearns. Chris Keefe. Kari Kelley. John Kelliher, Patty Kelliher. Jim Kempton. Pam Kendrick, Leigh Kennedy, Timothy Ketring. Q 6M8. Judy Kilbury. Greg Kiley. Nancy Kin- cannon. Julia King, Paul King. Terri King, Linda Kinnaman, Chris Kinney, Jon Kiplinger, Lisa Kirby. Dawna Kirkpatrick. Joel Kirsh. Peggy Kissel. William Kiszla, Samuel Kline. Gmny Kline, David Klinestiver. Beth Klingaman, Lome Knierim, Jim Knipp. Bridget Knowles. Jill Knox. Gena Koch. Kyle Koehler. Karyl Koopman, Philip Kouwe. Susan Kovac. Karen Koza. Susan Krutmeier, Holly Kuhn. Jerry Lacy, Karlin Ladd. Susan Laikii Carol Lemberg. John Landers, Christin Langford, Susan Langford. Lisa Lanhan Laurie Lannerd, Yvette Larkins. Five more seconds! Mike Brown waits excitedly to It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, no, it ' s just Mike Russell get out of class. clowning around! Enid Laroff, Terry Larue, Robert Laugh- lin. Keith Lauter, Karen Laux, Leonard Law, Karen Lawler, Phil Lawless, John Lawrence. Fred Lay. David Lee. Denise Lee. Diane Lee. Ginny Lee. Jane Leigh. David Lempke. Mimi Lentz. Don Leonard. Rick Leser, Lynda Leslie. Missi Levay. Martha Levenson, Harry Levinson, Kurt Lewis, Lisa Lickliter. Linda Liebrich, llyssa Liebschutz, Dwight Lillie, Susie Lin. Pam Linsley. Liane Lisle. Dennis Littlejohn, Alix Lit- wack. Angela Long, Janice Lotts, Linda Lowe, Denise Loyd, Linda Loynes. David Lucas. Donald Lucas. Juniors— 199 Jane Lukins. David Lumley. Jeff Lump- kin. Paula Lurvey, James Lyons. Shannon Lyst. Lori MacDonald. Rick MacGill. Judith MacKenzie, Lydia Madden. Emily Mahrdt. Donald Main. Scott Maley. Neelum Malik. Dennis Malone. Nancy Mamlin, Patricia Mann. Barbara Marer, Beth Margolis. Valerie Martin. Angie Mashaw, Linda Masley, Lowell Masley. Robin Massey. Tom Maxam. Kathy May, Michael Mayes. Lawrence Mayfield. Sally Mayrose. Debbie Maze. Lisa McAllister. DeeDee McArdle. Mark McCardia. Terry McConkey. Doug McCord. Kitty McCormick. Steve McCoy. Bill McCullough, Michael McCurdy. Catherine McDermott. John McG-off. Doug McGrath, Ted McGrew. Brenda McGuire. Eileen Mclnnes. Nikki McKinley, Julie McLaughlin. Debbie McLean. Steve McLear, Lisa McLead. Lynn McMath. Amy McMinn. Leslie McMurray. Laura McNutt, Pam McNutt. Alexandra McQuade, Susie Meador. Lynn Meadows. Fred Means. Mike Medler. Natalie Meek, Brett Meeker. Mike Meharg, Kim Melzer. Joyce Meredith Jennifer Meyer. Lucy Meyer. Cindy Miles. Ben Miller. Chris Miller. John Miller. Kim Miller. Lori Miller. Wendy Milstein. Charles Mitcham. Greg Mitchell, Jeanine Mitchell. Tashia Mitchell. Mary Montblanc. Allen Mont- gomery. Juli Moore. Sandy Moore. Debra Moor- man, Joan Morgan, Scott Morgan, Ken- neth Morlock, Kim Morrison. Deborah Morton. Lynne Morton, Rick Morton. Myron Motley. Bijan Mottahedeh, Marc Moyer. Tori Mudgett. Julie Mueller. Jeff Muller, Jane Munsell, Barbara Mur- phy. Andrew Murray. Jan Myers. Mill Cross the bridge and enter into a land where you can buy anything your heart desires — if you have the money. Holiday spirit fills the air as these people hurry to finish their shopping at Castleton Square. Sometimes one sees some strange things including Serene gleams of sunlight shine through the corner this larger-than-life size butterfly at Glendale of Lafayette Square belying the rushed atn Shopping Center. Pne Norman Niehaus. Tom Nine. Jim Norn- may, Bob Nonweiler, Cindy Norman, Tim Nostrand. Susan Nytko. Stev O brier. Jack O Conner. Phil Oehrle. William Officer, Joni Ogle. Stuart Ohl- eyer, Kim Oldham, Michael Oldham. Sarah Oldham. Marcia Olthoff. Kathy Omahony, Frenard O ' Neal. Lisa O ' Neal. Christine Orme. Louise Orr. Beth Otto. Kris Overley. Ken Overshiner, Alice Owens. Carol Paik, Evan Palmer, Sara Pappas. Mona Parker. Jeffrey Parks. Stephen Parks. Dave Par- liament. Matt Parsons. Kay Pashos, Randy Pate. Jodi Patsiner. Jim Patter- son. Nicky Patterson, Elizabeth Patton. What ' s What ' s in a mall? Jobs, peo- ple and the best of the treas- ures we buy are there. Most everyone goes to a shopping center at least once a week, whether it be Castleton, Glendale or Lafayette Square. Some of us go for a job, if we can get one, but most of us go for the necessities of life — clothes. 3 3- 2 ft Ancient though it may be, this movie theater is probably more artistic than the ones many students frequent. Half time at the movies is much warmer and more delicious than half time at a NC football game. creekbki 1 TWIN H ' neha THE BEST OF WALT DISNE1 TRUE LIFE ADVENTURE: 515 715 915 t» -WHIFFS " - ELLIOTT GOULD 540 730 920 T After the movies on a Friday night, many students go to Dunltin ' Donuts for warming refreshments. Jeff Payne Pam Pearson. Charles Pechette. John Peet Lori Peglow, Mar- tha Peoples Beth Perk, Malinda Pernell. Don Perrirv Glen Perry. Kim Perry. Brian Pesecky. Penny Peter- son. Stu Peterson. Joe Petruzzi, Tracy Phend. Deborah Phillips. Debra Phillips, Dianne Phillips. Mark Phillips. Priscilla Pickett, Melody Pierce, Donna Pike. Ron Pike. Mary Ping. Stephanie Pinkus. Dave Pioch. Tony Pipkin. Nina Pitschmann. Todd Pitts. Lisa Plane Duane Polk. Todd Ponder, Lori Popp Karen Potter. Teri Powell, Dana Powers. Patricia Prather, Larry Prazak Linda Prenatt. Kathy Price Hans Prosser. Robert Prout, Cheri Pryor. Janet Pulliam. Arlene Qui- zon. Mark Radez. Mark Raff, Marcia Rafferty Kathleen Rager. Brian Raines. Robert Raleigh, John Rapp Pam Ray. Jacqueline Reburn, Allison Redd Mary Redding. Cindi Redmon And Reed. Bill Reed. Janice Reed. Teddie Reed. Elijah Reeves. Scott Reid. Dave Reifeis, Kirk Reinking, Lisa Renfro. Valerie Renihan, Avis Reporgle. David Resnick. David Rexroth. Stephanie Reynolds, Mark Rhamy. Lisa Rhodes, Mar Rice, Molly Rice, Laurie Rich. Jenny Riddell. Derek Rippy. Kim Risley. 81p PlftlH Steve Ritenour, David Ritman, Michele Roberson, Carol Roberts, Malia Robert- son. Helen Robins, Teresa Robins, Dar- win Robinson, Harry Robinson, Jay Rob- inson. Regina Robinson, Julie Rochlin, Mary Rodgers, Duncan Rogers, Judy Rogers. Tom Rogers, Amy Rooker, Dennis Root, Elizabeth Root, Kerry Rose. Darcy Rosener. Hubert Rosier, Carmen Ross, Gary Ross, James Rowe, Mark Rowland, Debl Runyan, Becky Rushton, Anthony Russell, Beverly Russell. Sherry Rutherford, Craig Saddler. Albert Sadler, Dav.d Saldutti, Marlon Salomon, Tedann Sandoe, Susan Sandt, Jeff Sauffer, Sara Schacht. Ellen Schank- Attack after attack seemed to be the entire movie, so " they " said. Everyone warned me not to see the movie Jaws, but did I listen? No! Each time I heard " You ' d be a fool to see Jaws before you go to Florida, " I only became more determined to see it. The last straw pre- sented itself in the form of a one dollar bet, which included seeing the movie the night before I left. Standing in line, I pondered the notion to dismiss the whole idea. Just as I decided I didn ' t need the dumb oP dollar any- way, I heard an echo of " How many please? " The tone of the ticket teller irked me just enough to say " ONE, please! " I strolled inside the theater, feeling slightly cocky as others backed away from the line after reading the advertise- ment, pictures included. Tak- ing my seat, I told myself repeatedly, " Now remember, it ' s just some man-made plastic shark that works like a pup- pet. " The curtain opened. The first scene startled me in such a fashion that immedi- ately I grabbed for both arm rests, though rightfully only one belonged to me. I never let go until all the lights flicked on again after most people had left. (Well, I did let go once — to cover my eyes!). That night, I didn ' t sleep. I was too scared to put my feet on the floor, so I just lay there in bed with all the lights on. The next day 1 spent in Flo- rida. It was a super day — blue sky, blue water, hot sand, zil- lions of shells, a strong breeze, and no swimmers. Sure, lots of people were around, wading in the shallow puddles of ocean, but I didn ' t notice anyone drifting about on a raft or swimming far from shore. I guess Jaws had everyone scared! Ilene Schankerman, Barb Schechter, Eric Schechter, Nellie Scherrens. Amy Schill- ing, Terry Schlegel, Lorna Schmidgall, Debbie Schmidt, Kym Schmidt. Beth Schneider. Kristi Schneider. Jean Schrage, Brad Schuette, Leigh Schuette, Kim Schuyler, Steve Schwartz, Delisa Scott, Sharon Secoy. Lisa Secrest, Ann Segar. David Seidel. Janett Selby, Kay Sexton, Lance Sexton, Jim Shelley, David Shi- nault. Charlie Shoffner, Mike Shor- tridge, Catherine Siakotos. Mike Siako- Samuel Sigal, Jayne Sigo, James Sim- mons, Kate Simon, Diana Simons, Jack Simpson, Shellie Simpson, Collette Sirka, Ken Skweres. Jane Slaughter: Juniors— 203 i 4 i k i EUELL GIBBINS. I AIN ' T! Valerie Swift. Joan Szynal, Tom Talbot, Brenda Tansey. Cheryl Taralt. Donna Taylor. Rick Taylor, Marvin Taylor, Mar- ine Taylor, Jim Tays. David Teller, Jennifer Thayer, Dianne Thiel, Reggie Thoman. Christie Thomas, David Thomas, Kathy Thompson, Kathy Thornberry, Wanda Thruston. Mike Tin- der. Brian Tobin, Michael Tompkins, Philip Tondra, John Towle, Jennifer Traas Nancy Traylor, Anne Trudgen, Christine Trueblood. Wendy Tsang. William Turk. Stacy Turnipseed. Frank Unversaw, Les- lie Unversaw, David Valentine, Nancy Van Frank, Mark VanAllen, Bill Vandi- vier, Cathy Vann, Mike Vea. Jay Vermil- lion. Jeff Vezina. Lynette Vincent, Mike Vin- son " ), Cindi Virgin, Jim Voege. Leslie Vollnogle, Nonie Vonnegut, Russell Wadler, Kurt Wagner, Elliot Walkman. Janet Walker, Steve Walker, Kevin Wallace, Janet Wallisa. Anne Walsh, Bob Walsmith, Nancy Waltz, Allan Ward, David Warner, Jill Warvel. Introducing Hain ' s almond and sunflower butter, the new sandwich spreads -for after school snacks. " Some parts are edible. " This famous quote comes from the one and only Euell Gibbins, the cranberry eater. As most of you have seen, natural foods are the " in thing. " There ' s earth bread to natural drinks on the counters the stores. There are even natural food stores in shop- ping centers. America is surely going to be the most healthiest and natu- ral country around. Marcelene Washington, Tara Wasson. Todd Wasson, Mark Weaver. Greg Webb, Marcia Webster, Adam Weg- ener, Dan Wehmeier, Leslie Weidler, Karen Weinstein. Laurie Welter. Matt Welty, Janet Wen- dorf. Robert West, Kyle Whaley, Ter- rance Wharton, Dave White, Steve White, Tammie White, Dorian White- Steve Wichman, Laura Widduck, Wil- liam Widener, Kenny Widgery, Kathy Wiley, John Wilhite, Darlena Wilkerson, Marlena Wilkerson. Sabrina Wilkins, Bobbie Willaert. Stephen Wille. Chris Williams. Dee Wil- liams. Kristy Williams, Susan Williams, Libby Willson. Carol Wilson, Cindy Wil- son, Elizabeth Wilson, Pam Wilson. Juniors— 205 Spectacular Juniors JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: Stephanie Wright. Susie Brenda Tansey. Pam Johnson. Louise Orr. and Treasurer Julie Hosier. SECOND ROW: President Bruce Nelson. Stacy Wun man Carrie Ziska Nancy E.erett. Kay Pashos. Karen Ford. Ann Segar and Anne Trudgen. BACK ROW: Secretary Angie Mashaw. Vice President Eddie Ho itj. Da.e Hocker. Jeff Dugdale, Mike Shortridge. Jim Cor,. John Kautjman, Mike Vea. and Todd Ponder. Stacy Wilson. Greg Winebar, Larry Wineglass Kerry Winter. Allison Win- ters Marilyn Wolf Scott Wolf. Ron Wolf Cary Wollenweber. Teresa Wol- verton. Jeff Wood. Barbet Worrell. Stephanie Wright. Jane Wurster, Patty Wylces, Randy Yates. Tracy Young. Sharon Yount. Tim Ziegler, Dena Ziemelis. Kim Zlngraf Ann Zintel, Carrie Ziska. Tony Zrebiec Mary Zurschmiedi, Adri- enne Anderson, Kim Bertram, Kittina Bishop Susie Brenner, Janice Brown. Michelle Cain Robin Cobb. Tom Cot- tlngham, Jerry Elmas, Michelle Elmore. Tom English Daniel Epstein, Jay Faunce. David Featherston Audrey Fitzpatrick, Jenada Freeman, Andrea Gehrung, Carol Gillion. April Goodall. Kip Goode. Michael Hagan, James Hall, Faith Hochamn, Terry Hurtson, Ellen Jasper. Bob Jernlgan, Patty Jewett, Siyona Johnson. Lisa Jorman, Joseph Kiefer. Vivien Kniess. Darrel Under, Alix Lit- ack Robin Massey Katherine Meyer. Mary Jo Murdock. Karen Nielsen Stuart Ohleyer, Ray Paschke. Deborak Phillips, Paul Ray, Kelly Riddell. Malia Robertson Sally Rodenbeck, Keith Ron gey. 206 — Juniors Anthony Russell. Ann Segar, Tami Shaw. Tom Sicks, Collette Sirka. Jamie Smith Michelle Smith, Daniel Snyder, Tan Snyder. Steve St. Amand. Susan Stein, Lori Stillerman, Lynette Stone, Gilbert Templeton, Leah Thomas, Cindy Tobler, Janet Walker, Lisa Wells, Toya Wharton, Marlena Wilkerson. Bobbie Willaert. Larry Wineglass, Stacy Wurzman. It wouldn ' t appear that Brenda Tansey agrees with the discussion taking place during Junior Class Council. Foiled again! Coach Pappas bows his head despair over the loss of a football game. Often times jubilation overcomes anxious perform- ers as they prepare for a big production. IE tort _auatiff}. Cold winter days and frozen ponds provides the perfect setting for fun! You Win So me Alone and in pain Stacy Hess patiently awaits her turn to practice their Spec act. Is this really the best way to speed up the healing process? The Thrill of Victory and the winner is . . . ! . . . ,You have gotten an A for your semester grade! Coming in first in the speech meet was . . . ! Congratulations to . . . and . . . who have just won schol- arships! Surely, everyone would love to have their names placed in those blanks. However, no one wins all of the time without at least once meeting the " Agony of Defeat. " You Lose Some Juniors— 209 Could this be a disaster at sea? No, just a few sail- ing problems. P4 Terri Acton. April Addison, Laurie Adler. Steve Alderink. Dawn Alderson, Diane Alfonso. Cynthia Allen. Denise Allen. Janis Allen. Jim Alley. Carl Althaus. Kirk Ambs. Michelle Amy. David Anderson. Walter Anderson, Andrea Andrew, Desmond Andrews. Tran Ann, James Anthony. Rebecca Applegrath. Charlotte Apter. Andrew Arbuckle, David Archer. Nina Ardery, Karen Armor, Elsie Armstrong, Steve Arnold, Jane Ashmore. Nancy Askren, Janet Atkins. Arthur Atlas. Diana Austin. Karla Aus- tin. Susan Austin. John Babcock. Glen Back. Lisa Back. John Bade, Carlotta Bailey. Scott Baird. Bill Baker, Brian Baker. James Baker. Mark Baker. Tim Baker, Robin Ball. Carol Bancroft. Pamela Bansch, Alfreda Bar- ber. Jay Barclay. Sonya Bardell. Wendy Bargahiser. Don- ald Barker. Lisa Barker. Linda Bartlett. Jami Bates, Mary Beal, Sara Beane, Mark Beaty, Carrie Beck. Steve Beck. Chris Becker, Mark Becker Janice Bedwell, Jim Bedwell. Robin Bell Brad Belles. Karen Benbow. Mark Ben der. Patricia Benjamin. Nancy Bennett, Rick Berger. Christina Berry. Kathie Berry, Yvette Berry. Lor- raine Bertram. Ray Bevine. Ralph Bibbs, Gregory Bibler, Joe Billingsley. Bradlee Bingham. Gerald Birnbaum. Carol Black, Jennifer Black. Spencer Blackman. Dan Blackwell. Yvette Blakey. Peggy Blanchard. Jeanne Elastic, Barry Blum. 2 1 — Sophomores i m Kathy Blunk. Dan Boeglin. Steve Bolanos. Linette Boline. Chuck Bolles. David Bond, Ron Bonge. Paul Bonham. Felicity Bonner. Beth Ann Boone. Betsy Boring, Chris Borkowski. Betsy Borns, Paula Bortz. Paula Bowe, Harriett Bowling. Jennifer Boyd. Lesley Boykin. Anthony Boynton, Jayne Boys. Arthur Bracken, Cale Bradford. Brent Bradshaw, Greg Bragg. Tim Brickley, Teresa Bridgeforth. Nathan Brindle. Randy Broadus, Debby Brown. Doyle Randy Brown, Jackie Brown, Mark Brown. Julie Bryan. Richard Bryson, Linda Buckley, Robert Buckley, Shirley Buckley, Steve Buckner, Tobbi Bueno. Eugenia Burton, Matt Burton, Bill Bush. Tim Bush, Lawrence Butler, Robert But- lers, Janie Cairns, Dory Calderon, Fran Calderon, Joe Calderon. Robyn Calkin, Jeff Calkins, Laurie Cal- land, Robin Calland. Kim Callis. Jim Cameron, Steve Camfield. Christopher Campbell, Gregory Campbell, Kim Campbell. Mary Canaday. Jeff Cappello, Marcia Capps. Maureen Carlin, Jim Carlino. Jeff Charmichael. Mark Carroll. Bill Carter, Kelly Casey. David Cazares. Lisa Chab, Don Chamberlain. Chris Chambers. Ming Chen. Vicki Chevalier, Kim Cihlar. Karin Clark, Maryanne Clark. Bill Clark, Steven Cobb. re Th an On a clear day you can sail forever and ever, if you can get through the crowd. Where will the wind take him next? To the ends of the earth, even though he ' s on Geist. Smaller than an ocean but the next best thing are the many waterfronts here in Indy. Since Indy lies in the Mid- west, our lakes are usually icy cold all year round. Wawasee, Geist and Monroe are the best crowd pleasers. Sailing, skiing and general putting around are the familiar sights of sum- mer recreations. Our lakes may not be as large as the ocean, but they ' re sure larger than a puddle. X s Sophomores — 2 I I Janis Coffin. Kralg Cohen. Shelley Cohen, Kimberly Coleman. Barry Col- lins. Debbie Comastrl, Kevin Compton, Dan Connor. Jeb Conrad, Jeff Coons. Keith Cooper. Patricia Cooper, Paul Copenhaver. Mike Coppmger, Eva Cor- bin, Cecelia Corcoran. Jeff Cornelius. Karen Cornelius. Scott Cory, Jeff Cos- tin. Katie Courtney. Bryan Courtney. Joy Cowan, Charles Cox. Debbie Cox, James Cox, Teresa Cox. John Coyle. Julia Crabbs, Jackson Cram. Charles Crawford. Alex Crist, Ke Cronin. Rick Cronk, Mark Crooks. Crys tal Crowdus, Caryn Crow Cruise. John Culver, Vicky Cun Fred Cunningham. Aleta Curry. Chris Daggett Alan Dale. Debra Daugherty. Barb Davis Brad Davis, Carolyn Davis. Mark Davis. William Davis. Linda Day. Jim Daywalt, Grant De La Garza. Renee De Neve. Mary Defabis, Patrick DeValeria. Katrina Dewes, Deb- bie Dick, Diana Dickey, Laura Dickinson. Rose Marie Dithmer. Dwight Dixon. Judith Dock. Beth Doherty, Chris Dona- hue, Claude Douglas, Steve Douglas, Paul Dowden, Cindy Doyle. Robert Drake. Scott Drayer, Safronia Duckett. George Dudas. Tom Dugan, James Dugdale, C ndi Dunham, Rosemarie Dunlap, Dar- ry! Dunscomb. Dave Dupons. Diane Dur- flinger. 2 I 2 — Sophomores Touch me easy! A student examines a plant during his botany class soon to find out that he shouldn ' t touch it. Admit it, now, how many of you really talk to your plants? That ' s what I thought. Caring for house plants is a growing hobby among students, and some go to extreme lengths to insure bushy, green foliage. The well-known " fact " that a happy plant is a healthy plant encourages plant " parents " to spoon-feed hungry plants, play " Wildwood Weed, " a plant favorite, haul water from Eagle Creek, and, of course, to gently croon " Be patient, you ' ll grow! " to adolescent plants. Guy Durnil. Diane Dustman, Sammy Dyer, Amy Dyke, Kelly Earl, Elizabeth Earlywine, Karen Earnest, Guy East, Steve Echols, Greg Echt. Barbara Eckel, Derek Edmonds, Norman Edmonds, Geoffrey Edwards, Josh Edwards, Ron Eid, Cora Einterz, Prudy Elam, Karen Elkins, Leslie Elliott. Lisa Elliott, Mary Elliott, Michael Elliott. Jean Ellis. Ted Ellis. Theresa Ellis. Tina Ellis. Larry Eppink, Samuel Epstein, Den- ise Erler. Delise Ervin, Rick Ervin, Yuvetta Ezell, Dave Fang, Richard Farber, Dave Far- kas, Holly Fehnel, Steven Feigenbaum, Andrea Fekkes, John Fend. David Fennerty, Tammy Ferguson, Kim Fesler. Claudia Fidler, Bill Fields, Lisa Finch, Robert Fink, Joanne Fitzgerald, Paul Fleenor, Rhonda Fleming. Kim Fletcher, Staci Floreancig, Craig Florence, Shirley Flowers. Maureen Foley. Lynne Folger, Judy Follis, Sandra Fontanin, Tina Ford, Daniel Foreman. Nigel Foreman, Christine Foy, Lino Francescon, Julie Franco. Jay Franklin, Kelly Franklin, Sandra Frankovitz. Julie Franz, Janice Frazier, Bill Fredrickson. Sophomores — 2 I 3 David Freije. Brooke French, Tracie Freudenthal. Scott Freyn. Mike Fricke. Keith Fried Neil Friedman, John Froe- lich. James Fry. John Funk. Craig Gagnon. Denise Gammon, Alice Garcina. Tia Junia Garrison, Jean Gar- vey. Alan Gasper, Mike Gastineau, Andrew Geiser, Mark Gentry, Jimmy George. Joni Georgopulos. Anna Germain. Maria Gerson. Maureen Gervelis, Paul Gianakos, Anne Gibson, Dennis Gilbert, Kenneth Gilbert. Shirlee Gilbert, Kathy Gilchrist. Brian Gill, Joyce Gill, Mike Gill, Linda Gilliam. Gerald Glapion, Barbara Glick, Barbara Gnat. Rebecca Golay, Jeff Gocden Debbie Gorman. Kurt Goudy. Karen Graham, Bob Gra- ham. Clarice Grant, Barbara Graven, Karen Gray Susie Grayson, Debora Green, Howard Green, Jewel Greene. Beverly Greenhut, Rachel Greenwald, Linda Gresham. Cindy Greven, Natal : e Grier, Klmberly Griffith, Sherry Groves, Gary Grubbs, Gerald Grubbs. Dave Gruber. Angela Grundy, Jane Guetschow, Rich- ard Guliett, Sherri Gurvitz, Rebecca Guy. Karl Haas, Kenneth Haase, Joe Habegger. Ellen Hackl, Amy Haerle. Anne Haerle, Ginny Hagewood, Freda Hale, Dennis Hall, Chris Hall. Bill Hall. Kimberly Hall, Mike Hall. Diane Halvor- son. Barbara Hammer. fMEKP f $ ' § SOU! Platforms, high-brimmed hats, and super-flared pants are a part of the style of most black students. To be different, blacks have abandoned tradi- tional T-shirts and jeans and have created a style all their own. Corn-rowing and other hair styles have also become popular. " Soul fashions " are a way of life for many. 2 1 A — Sophomores An innocent photographer just can ' t walk through the Student Center without being molested by hoards of students. Afros, being easy to take care of, are favorites with many students. Timmy Thomas, with Jill Knox is no exception. SR§3BSai3 |4 ; a!R, _ Daniel Hammond, Susan Hand, Greg Hankins, Patti Hanlon, Debbie Hansen, Madeline Hapak, Kerry Harbin, Bobby Harden. Warren Harling, Albert Har- Randy Harmon. Barney Harris, Mark Harris, Tim Harris, Tom Harrison, Suzy Harshman, Debbie Hart, Roger Hart- zell, Paula Hartzer, Ted Harvell. Bobby Haslam, Monica Hasten, Evert Hauser, Marie Hayden. Ralph Hayden, Jeffery Haynes. Michael Hayes, Kelly Haywood, Kathie Heaton, John Heim- Connie Held, Lisa Helm. Darryl Hender- son, Jay Henderson, Nina Henderson, Ron Henderson. Bret Henricks, Helaine Henry. Paul Henry, Christopher Her- bert. Debbie Herman, Jamie Herman, Glen Herod. Jeanne Hess. Beverly Hiatt, Joellen Hickman, James Hicks, Nora Higgins, Tom Higgins, Anthony Hill. Jim Hill, Lynne Hirschman, Danny Hoff- man. Joe Hoffman. Sharon Holder, Jeanette Holland. Cathy Hoover. Frank Home. Scott Horrall, Jim Horsfield. Shelly Hosier. Lynda Hottinger, Robyn Houchins, Mark Huber, Julie Hudson. Cheryl Huff. Richard Huff, Kim Huff- man, Mike Hughes, Larry Hullett. Carolyn Hunt, Hope Hurlbut, Jean Hut- chison, Kathy Hutson, Michael Hylton, William Hyslop. Mary Irvine. Bobbi Isenberg, Donald Isenberg. Juanita Jacks. Sophomores — 2 I 5 Dunking is fun in a swimming pool, but at a water fountain? Cathy Jackson. Mark Jackson, Pete Jackson. Julie Jacobs, Robert James. Earl Jamison, Rebecca Janis, Bev Jenn. Richard Jerge, Jennifer Jeske. Loralei Jewell, Tia Jewell, Keith Jimer- son, Archie Johnson, Dona Johnson, Earl Johnson, Eddie Johnson, Jennifer John- son, Khymarr Johnson. Peggy Johnson. Theresa Johnson, Curt Jones. David Jones. Diana Jones, Gary Jones, Janice Jones, Kim Jones, Larry Jones, Regina Jones. Tammy Jones. Anne Jongleux, Cheryl Jordan, Jody Jordan. Sherry Jordan, Jim Judge, Steve Justice, Tim Kahlenberg. Kari Kahlo, Kelly Kahn. Adrienne Kantor. Donald Kearns, David Kebler. Lisa Keefe Stuart Keefer, Steven Keels. Aruetta Keeton Tom Keller, Jim Kelly. Karin Kemper, James Kendrick. Marty Kehley. Anne Kenny, John Kenny. Kim Keough. Anthony King, Kim King. Joyce Kinney, Robert Kinsey, Joe Kippert. Susan Klppert. Teresa Kirby Dave Kirch, Richard Kiser, Andrew Kleit, Jennifer Kline, Martin Kline, Lisa Klingenberger, Rita April Klipe. Vera Kolar, Joe Koonfz. Katherine Kovac, Leslie Kraft. Liz Kri- mendahl, Greg Kroot, Kurt Kurman, Lynda Kurtz, Michele Lacy, Scott Lacy, Paul Lamberg. David Lambert. 0P0 ip§t,P i©iP mm 216 — Sophomores PIP E3 Anne Lanagan, Kim Laughlin, Janet Lavin, Elizabeth Lawrason, Denise Law- rence. Brad Leaf, Tami Lee, Shaun Leh- men, Dena Leibman, Cici Lemcke. Pamela Leonard, Kris Leslie, Chris Levandoski, Teri Levin, Steve Lichte- nauer, Dawn Lindemann, Sandy Linton, William Littell, Linda Lob, Kevin Lock- hart. John Loeffler, Douglas Loudermilk, Steve Lowe, Dan Lowring, Jayne Lozier, Debbie Ludwig, Linda Luebke, Joanne Lukins. Richard Lumley, John Lundberg. Tim Lutz. Rick Lyday, Palmer Mabry, Anita Maher, Patio Maiden, Kimberlin Mainer, Eleanor Majors. Lisa Maliga. Dennis Malone, Susan Malone, Kelly Maloy, Todd Manning, Mary Manson, Gregory Marley, Shannon Marley, Mike Marra, Tod Martens, Beth Marth. Carl Martin, Dan Martin, Richard Mar- tin, Amy Martz. Edgar Massey, Jeff Masten, Jeff Matters, Charliesle Mat- thews, Sharyle Matthysse, Tommie Mat- Freddie Maxwell, Terri McAuley, Jill McCann, Debbie McClain. Jim McConnell, Dawn McCrackin, James McDaniel, Bruce McDonel, Donna McDowell, Robin McFall. Sherrie McFarling, Terri McSee, Lynn McGrew, Charles McGuire, Chris McGuire, Tom McKallip, William McKinley, Ruth McKnight, Ted McLaughlin, David McMurtrey. How can two gases form to become a liquid? Nobody but a chemist knows the answer. Water is the most important necessity at school. You can get out of classes for a drink or even be refreshed by a over- powered fountain. Water is not only used as a drink but can also beautify campus grounds. Sprays of water beautify the Greek setting at Holi- day Park. asi Three ' s a crowd around a drinking fountain, as Kerry Harbin, Gary Grubbs and Dave Stephens prove. Sophomores — 2 1 7 John McPhee. Jeff McShay, Ann Meeker. Meridlth Mellor. Debby Mel- rose, Jay Mercer Amanda Merchent. Kathryn Messenger. Mike Middleton. Don Miles. Carolyn Miller. Daniel Miller, Greg Miller. Herbert Miller. Leo Miller. Mike Miller, Richard Miller Susie Miller, Susan Mills. Tom Mills. Mary Mitchell. Thomas Mitchell. Tom Mitchell. Tracy Mitchell. Stephen Moldt. Marguerite Monforte, Shari Montgomery, Edward Moore. Terry Moore. Kenneth Moos. Andy Morgan. Mark Morgan, Michael Morical. Gloria Morris, Dane Morrison, Lee Morrison Robert Morrison. Jerome Morton. Jeffrey Mossier. Greg Mueller. Christopher Mulligan. Joel Munger. Dion Murray. Kimberly Murray, Ron Muskat. Sam Nahmias. Annette Najem, Carrie Nauert. Ken Nealy, Mike Neff. Joe Negus. Patrick Nelson, Leslie Nemec, Christine Nesbitt, David New- land. Anh Nguyen, Michelle Nickleson, Howard Nicks. Marcelino Nickson, Jill Niehaus. Lisa Nisenbaum. Mark Nommay, Lucy Noonan, Brian Nordschow. Lynne Nor- man. Cathi Nye. Linda Nye, Peter Nygaard. Bernadine Oatts, Dennis OBrlan. .Mike Ochstein. Julie Odle, Joe Offen- gender. Craig Ogden, Sam Ogle, Spencer Ohleyer, Steve Ohnen, Gwyn OLeary. Roberta OLeary. David Oli- Andy ONeil. Anne O ' Neil, Julie Otti- lie. Alicia Overley, Kathleen Overmyer, Mark Owen, Jeff Pace, Chris Page, Pam Page Donna Paige. Jeff Paige, Eugene Paik, Marsha Palmer, Pamela Palmer, Betsy Pantzer, Tim Parr, Mike Parrlsh, Monica Pasoke. Terry Paschke, Dan Patch. Jill Patterson, Mitchell Patterson, Scott Patton. Michael Paulin. Brownell Payne. Edith Payne, Bill Payne. Mark Penniston. Lisa Pernell. Ben Perry. Gwen Peters. Becky Peterson, Scott Petri, Joyce Pettigrew, Jackie Phares, Jim Phillips, Tammy Phillips, Toni Phil- lips, Paul Phipps, Marsha Pickett. Pii fii 218 — Sophomores The stress and strain of school is just too much for some students. Hdeety Itto- JMjI Rumbly fingers, twiddly thumbs and chewy pen caps are attacks of nervousness. Many of these attacks are trig- gered by pop quizzes, tests you forgot to study for, or that most important speech you have to give for the benefit of getting an " A. " Other attacks might consist of sweaty palms, a jittery voice, or that just plain oY dull feeling in the bot- tom of your stomach. Although there ' s no cure for these nervous tics, you just have to let them slide right by like water off a duck ' s feath- Dawn Piercy, Dale Pike, Valerie Pillow, Donna Ping, Rhonda Ping, Eillen Pip- pens, Vicky Pittman, Bill Plautz, Deanna Poe, Kathie Pointer. Miriam Pollard, Mike Polomski, Tony Pond, Donna Post. Susan Potter. Mark Powell, John Powers, Kim Prather, Lisa Price, Chris Proffitt. Melissa Proffitt, Dennis Pyron. Louise Queisser.Kris Quince. Karina Quizon, David Ragsdale, Larry Rascoe, Patrice Rattay, Bill Ray, Robin Redd. Julia Redman, Oley Redman, Myra Redman, Byron Reed, Greg Reed, Steve Reed, Lyn Reehling, Jeff Regnier, Ruth Reichard, John Rexroth. Cedric Reynolds, David Rheins. Jenny Rhoads, Larry Rhoads, Carol Rice, Bob Rice, John Rich, Rebecca Richardson, Crystal Riddick, Jim Rinaldi. George Ringer, Cindy Ringlespaugh, Richard Ripma, Richard Ritman, Laura Roberts. Matthew Roberts, Steve Rob- erts. John Robey, Kevin Robinson. Renee Robinson. Valerie Rochester, Debra Roddy. George Roddy, Daniel Rodenbeck. Eddie Rogers, Nancy Rogers, Kelly Rosenberger, Lynn Rosenzwieg, Rick Ross, Michael Ruhl. 2 s 9 Sophomores — 2 1 9 e-ca - c 5a -;- Corr ; e -j sell. Mike Sacks. Dawn Sanders, Jim San- ders. Jeffrey Sanders. Jill Sandler. Mark Satz Betsy Sauter. Gordon Saville. David Sawyer. Dave Scanlon, Mike Scanlon. Julie Schacht. Chris Schaefer. Donald Schafer. Bill Schmitz. Kathy Schornstein, David Schroeder. Bruce Schumacher, Kelly Schumer. Paul Schuster. Brian Schutz, Barbara Scott. Dave Seagren, Debbie Seal, Lori Segal, Tamar Seigel. Julie Selig. Barbara Sell, James Settle, Andy Sex- son, Wanda Sexton, Ed Seybert. Maura Shackleton, Elizabeth Shanks, Laura Sha- piro. Mark Shary. Kurt Shaver. Rain can affect your day at school. It can totally ruin your day, especially if every other class you have is in the Career Center. The rain gets your folders all soggy, and it makes the ink run the words together on your homework papers. If you curled your hair that morning, you ' ve got the droops all day. School would be even more boring if the sun shined everyday. " Variety is the spice of live. " John Sheets. Julie Shelley. Mark Shel- ton. Richard Shevitz, Kirk Shields, David Shublak, Ellen Silverman. Nancy Silvers. Heidi Simanek. Wesley Sing. Jay Singer. Kathy Skarbeck, Greg Skill- man. Margot Slauson. Iver Small. Caro- lyn Smith. Cary Smith. Colleen Smith, Jamie Smith, Kenny Smith. Krystal Smith. Marian Smith, Michelle Smith. Ricky Smith. Sharon Smith. War- ren Smith. Anne Smithmeyer. Kevin Snow, Sue Sofios, Wendy Sommers. Bill Souders. Laura Sowers, Charlotte Sparks. Christine Sparks. Mary Sparrow, Diane Spaulding. Randy Spell. Cheryl Spence. Kathy Spence, Anne Spoelstra. 220— Soph whir Mark Spraetz. William Sproles, Mark Staggs, Susan Stanis, Lee Staukovich, Lisa Stapleton, Anne Steiner. Lee Stein- lauf Dianne Steinmetz, Margaret Stern- berg. Jay Sternberger, Jay Stinebaugh, Rob- ert Stolkin, Judy Stoltmann. Bob Stoltz. Darlene Stone, Rebecca Stone. Robert Stone, Rick Stookey. David Stratman. Leslie Strauss. Steve Streba. Kenny Streeter, James Strother. Peggy Stuckey, Ray Stutzman. Susan Suelter. Nancy Sullivan, Michael Summers. Rhonda Summers. Mike Svenstrup, Jeffrey Swenson. Cindy Swinford, Christine Swingler, Lynn Tag- gart, Debbie Tarshes. Aian Taylor, Elisa- beth Taylor, Ronald Tedeschi. Carl Terry. Kathy Terry, Terri Tharp, Carolyn Thiel, Scott Thoman. Gordon Thomas. Joyce Thomas. Robert Thomas, Mark Thomp- son, Sam Thompson. Timothy L. Thomp- Timmy R. Thompson, Jack Tinder. Eric Tinsley, Edward Tobias. Bob Toler, Monica Tomlinson. Martha Tondra. Katrina Tracy, Karen Troupa, Jim True- blood. Lori Truesdell, Kathy Tuchman, Anita Tucker. Joel Turnbow. Mike Turner, Steve Tutterow. Stephanie Tyson, Lisa Upchurch. Beth Valinetz. David Van Vector. Nancy Vance, Tina Vanderperk. Diane Vanmeter, Bobby Venable, John Verner. Jane Voege, Lisa Vollnogle. Andy Vos. Stephanie Voyles. Alex Waddell. When is it going +o stop? Waiting inside your car you ask this question. What a hassle it is to have to walk in the rain from the Career Center. Sophomores — 221 What ' s that? Many students haven ' t seen half the display eases here at school. The main reason for not noticing them is that they aren ' t attention get- ters. Most displays give you information you should know. They ' re a very good way to learn. You never know there might be one about you some- day. So next time you see a dis- play case take a look. mstbkkmi- Alice Wade Joe Wade. Lisa Walne John Wake. Chip Walker. Sara Walke Sue Walker, Kyle Wallace Davl Wamsley. Dwlght Ward. Mark Ward Darrell Warner. Alan War- nock Richard Warns. Rob Warstler. Phelgar Washington, Van Washington, Sharon Waters Julie Webb, Pamela Webber. Amy Weber Debbie Weber, Frederick Webster Scott Webster, Kathy Weeks, Chris Welsh Joe Wert, Deborah West, Kathy West, Marthinda Whalen. Robin Wheeler. William White, Gary Whiteside, Mary Whitlow. Tim Whitt. Angela Whorton. Chris Wiesen. Mela- nye Wiggington. Thomas Wilber, Che- ryl Wilburn. Beth Williams, Janet Williams. Julie Williams. Madalyn Williams. Mary Wil- liams. Rebecca Williams. Valerie Wil- liams Jeff Willoughby. Mark Wilson, Nancy Wilson. Wayne Wineglass. Neil Winter. Laura Wlrthlin, Becky Wise. Susan Wisner, Steve Wlodek. Melinda Wohfeld. Con- nie Wolff. Cindy Wollenweber, Brian Wolverton. Judy Wood, Scott Wood. Eric Wood- ham, James Woolgar, Tom Wright, Rick Wurster. Janice Yaffe. Randy Yaryan. Deanne Young. Craig Yount. Ruth Yu. Helen Yune, Charlene Zagarin- sky. Steve Zimmerman. Walter Ander- son. Ann Aull. Stephen Bawsel, Chris Be kei Sylvia Bell, Lori Berlinger. Lorra -e Bertram. Regina Bishop, Kathryn Blunk, Cale Bradford. Tim Brick- ley Eugenia Burton. Janie Cairns, Mark Carroll, Jim Carlino. Robin Callard. fcypBfis 222— Sopf Be aware of the best NORTHERNER to come- Bicentennial and twentieth year — 1956-1976. ISO SHI ' Chris Campbell, Alan Chernm. Daniel Cloyd, Lori Cohen. Donna Conner. Kathy Converse. Linda Cooper, Linda Crawley. Barrie Cross, Jody Davis. Mark Davis. Paul DelRe. Becky Dewey, Ruth Dunlop. Candi Duquenne. Steve Dyar, David Featherston, Nigel Fore- man, Bobby Green, Sherry Gurvitz. Dennis Haase. Daniel Hammond. Holl Harrell, Kelly Haywood, Lisa Heir Hope Hurlbut, Alyssa Kneisley, Mir Kniess, Denise Lienerth. Lisa Maliga. Susan Mason. Rita Phelps, Tony Pond, Melissa Profitt. Michael Pryor, Dana Reed, Dan Rieder. Greg Ryan. Debbie Sieloff. Mischelle Synder. Steve Toler. Tu Tran. Anita Tucker. Lori Urbancic. Laura Ward. Lisa Webster. Leslie Weidler, Tara Wesner, Angela Whorton. Melanye Wigglngton. Mark Willock, Joe Wilson. Robert Wil- son, Bill Witt. Scott Wood. Mike Zobbe. SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: Betsy Pander. Madeline Hapak, and Marsha Palmer. SECOND ROW: Secretary Susie Miller, Betsy Shanks, Treasurer Linda Bartlett, Teri Tharp, Pebba West, Louise Ouiesser, and Chairman Scott Cory. BACK ROW: Wendy Sommers. Ann Gibson. Ann Aull. Karen Kemper. Mary Anne Clark. Brownell Payne. Leo Miller, Mr. Stahl. Jim Dug dale, Jeff Mossier, Bob Haslam, and Vice Chairman Brad Davis. Sophomores — 223 c " Freeze, everybody! Act normal. " " What ' s normal about standing in a broom closet? " " Shush! There ' s a teacher coming this way . . . he ' ll hear you. " " Okay, he ' s gone. We ' ve got to move fast. Go out these doors. " " Run! Quick, get in the car. " " It ' s locked! Who ' s got the key? Open it. " " Get in! Start the car. Go, go, go! " " Listen, if I go faster than 60 in the parking lot, it ' ll draw attention to our- selves. " " You ' re right. Go slow, but hurry! " " Great, we made it off the lot without being arrested or getting in a wreck. " " Calm down, I ' ve been driving for 2V2 months. Now, where are we going? " " Well, there ' s McDonald ' s, Burger Chef, Wendy ' s, Sizzler, or Steak ' n Shake. What do you guys think? " " We went to Burger Chef yesterday, so let ' s go to McDonald ' s today. " " Yeah! Let ' s eat! " •A y i ,o 4 The Nora fast food joints become familiar sights to the lunch crowd searching for something other than tenderloin sandwiches and mashed potatoes. tsB v The most serious cases of the after school munchies are sometimes cured by a quick stop at a nearby Extra thick chocolate shakes (with whipped crean McDonald ' s. and a cherry, even) are a dieter ' s folly. I It ' s the same old story — girls with long hair got it cut, girls with straight hair wanted it curly, and those with curly hair wanted it straight. But styles for boys started out long then gradually got shorter with the style. Streaked, cut, curled, frosted, wrapped, bleached, trimmed, pulled, tugged, blown-dry, yes hair went through a lot this year. TlK- .:.- ■ " ' " ■.: IM PAMJJJ, I LVhh " These happy fellows support the new afro style for hair. Some people choose to sport caps and instead of their natural do ' s. Sophomores — 227 PL, CO r Mr. Eugene Clones Mr. Carl Sams 228 — Administrator; Mr. James Ellsberry Mr. William D. Bugher Administrators— 229 ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENTS OF WASHING- TON TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS: Dr. Norman Tur- chan and Dr. Gerald Dewitt. BOARD OF EDUCATION— Dr. H. Dean Evans, Superintendent of Washington Township Schools; William F. Clark, Secretary; Mrs. Jean Sallwasser, Vice President; Richard L Smith, President; and William R. Weest, Second Vice President. Not pic- tured is Mrs. Miriam Morgan, member, who was named to replace Mrs. A ' lelia Bundles who died during the year. 230— S ' .-oo ESoa-a MISS MARY E. ALLEN— B.S.. M.S. Indiana University. MRS. COLEEN BABCOCK— Business Education: B.S.. M.S. Ball State. MRS. ANN BAGGETT— English: B.A., M.A. Ball State. DR. PHILIP BARNES— Alternative Education: B.A.. Purdue Uni- versity. M.S.. Indiana University. D.C.T., D.A., University of Miami. MR. STEVEN E. BERKEBILE — Science. Assistant Gymnastics Coach: B.S.. Ball State. MISS JUDY BERKSHIRE— Alternative Program: A.B.. M.A.T.. MR. JACK G. BERRY— Social Studies. B.S. Oakland City. M.S. MISS RUTH E. BERTSCH— Chairman, English Department- A.B. Western College, M.A. Ball State. MRS. LOUISE BIDDINGER— Reading Consultant: B.S.. M.S. Ed. S.Indiana. MR. JOHN M. BOND— Guidance: B.S.. M.S. Butler. MRS. SONDRA BOWERS— English: B.S. Indiana. M.S. Butler. MR. THOMAS BRADELY— Health Education: B.S. Purdue. , S V W m fE MR. DONALD BREWSTER— Social Studies: A.B.. M.S. Butler University. MR. JOHN HARRISON BROWN— Foreign Language: B.A. Indi- ana. M.S. University of Wisconsin. MISS JUDITH BROWN— Chairman: Business Department: B.S.. B.A. Geneva College, M.S. Indiana. MRS. PHYLLIS M. BROWN— Home Economics: B.S. Ohio Uni- versity, M.S. Butler. MR. C. BYRON BUCKLEY— Social Studies: B.A. University of Evansville, M.A.T. Purdue. MISS CINDY BUEHNER— Physical Education: B.S. Indiana. MR. THOMAS J. BURRIN— Social Studies: B.S. Wabash, M.A. Butler. MR. MORRIS A. CAMPBELL— Social Studies: A.B. Wabash M.A. DePauw. Even technicians want to go home sometimes! Mr. Carmichael does some last minute chores before leaving. Lost Minute Chores Faculty— 231 MRS. PAMELA CAMPBELL— Foreign Language: Certificate LaSorbonne France. B.A. Denison, M.A. Indiana. MRS. BERNICE CARNELL— English: M.S. Ball State. MRS. POLLY CATUS— English- B.A. Butler M.A. Ball State. MRS. DOROTHY CLAYPOOL— English: A.B. DePauw. MR. STEVE COBB— Science- B.S. Indiana. MR. ELBA COLE— Guidance: A.B. Indiana. M.S. Butler. MR. ROD. CORD— Publications Director: B.S.. M.A. Ball State. MR. THOMAS R. COX— English: B.S. Oakland. M.S. Indiana State. VETERANS MRS. LINDA V. CREECH— Guidance: B.S.. M.S. Indiana. MR. ROBERT CRITZER— Music: B.A. UCLA. M.M. Butler. MRS. BETTY H. CULP— Mathematics: A.B. Ohio University. M.A. Ohio State. MR. MICHAEL CUPP— Alternative Education: B.S. M.A. Ball State. MRS. ELIZABETH CURTIS— Social Studies: B.A. Bethel College. MRS. MARIDEE S. CUTTER— Business Education: B.S. Ball State, M.S.Indiana. MR. ALAN V. DAVIS— Industrial Arts: B.S.. M.S. Purdue. MR. THOMAS DAVIS— Social Studies: B.S.. M.S. Indiana MR. GEORGE DEGLER— Science: B.S.. M.S.M. PhD. Purdue. MR. RICHARD F. DENNIS— Music. Orchestra Director: B.S. Ithaca College. M.M.Butler. MRS. LOIS DeROO— Science: B.S.. Indiana, M.S. Butler. MR. THOMAS DONEY.JR.— Social Studies: B.A. Indiana State. MR. JAMES A. DUFFY— English: A.B. Central College. M.A.. PhD Ball State. MRS. CONNIE ELLIOTT— Physical Education: B.A., M.S. Indi- ana. MISS SHARON EVANS— Special Education: B.S. Eastern Univer- sity. M.S. Indiana. MR. ROBERT FARIS— Social Studies: B.S.. M.S. Purdue. 232— Faculty MR. JOSEPH A.B.. M.S. Indiana State. MR. JOHN FR I EDERSDORF— Social Studies; Varsity Golf Coach: A. B. Wichita State. M.A. Indiana. MR. ARIEH FRIEDLER— Foreign Languages: B.A. Hebrew Uni- versity, Jerusalem, M.A. Tel-Aviv University. MR. FOREST FRUITS— Speech: A.B. Wabash, M.A. Ball State. MISS DONNA FULPS— English: A.B.. M.A.T. Indiana. MR. ROBERT GARNETT— Social Studies. EMILY GEMMER— Home Economics: B.S. Purdue. M.S. Butler MR. GORDON GISH— Mathematics; A.B.. M.S.. Indiana. THESE 16 NORTH CENTRAL FACULTY MEMBERS WERE PART OF THE SCHOOLS ORIGINAL FACULTY WHEN THE SCHOOL OPENED IN THE FALL OF 1956. FRONT ROW: Mr. John Wen dling. SECOND ROW: Miss Carolyn Kleifgen, Mrs. Helen Wing field and Miss Cleo Kinnison. THIRD ROW: LTC Charles Wilhelm, Mr. Al Weinheimer. Mrs. Betty Culp. and Mrs. Ruth Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Gene Clones, present principal, and Mr. Ken Patton. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Charles Riley and Mr. Norm Harner. BACK ROW: Mr. Gideon Woodruff. Mr. Robert Prettyman. Mr. Robert Watson, and Mr. William Bugher, present assitant principal. MRS. JUDITH GLORE— English; B.S. Ball State. M.S. Butler. MRS. JANE GRAVES— Librarian; B.S., M.S.. Butler. MR. JAN GUFFIN— Ass ' t Chairman, English Department: B.S, M.A.T.. Ed. Indiana. MR. GARRETT HARBRON— Mathematics: B.S. Anderson Col- lege. M.A. Ball State. MR. NORMAN HARNER— Guidance; B.S. Indiana Central. M.A. Indiana. MRS. CAROLE HARRIS— Foreign Language: B.A., M.S. Indiana State. MR. BROWN HARRISON— Mathematics: B.S. M.S. Indiana State. MRS. GLORIA HASLER— English: B.S. Indiana. Faculty— 233 MR. GALE M. HELFT— English: A.B. Indiana. M.S. Butler. MR. D. C. HENDERSON— Drama. Speech: A.B.. M.A. Easte Kentucky. MR. JAY HILL— Alternative Education: B.S.. Indiana. MR. JON H. HOLLER— Industrial Arts: B.S.. Ball State. MISS JENNY HOWARD— Science: B.S.. St. Ma MR. DAN HOWELL— Art. MR. ELDON D. HOYT— Science: B.S. Manchester. M.A. Ohio State M.A.T. Indiana. MRS. GWEN E. L HUGHES— Art: B.S. Ball State. MR. TOM HULVERSHORN State. MR. PAUL T. HUTSLAR— Mathematics: A.B. Western Kentucky State College. M.A.T. Purdue. MR. JAMES ILARDI— Industrial Arts: B.S.. M.S. Indiana State. MR. ROLAND INSKEEP— Athletic Director, B.S., M.S. Indiana State. MR. ROBERT JEFFERY— Art: B.S. Butler, M.S. Indiana, MR. JAMES A. JENKINS — English: B.S. University of Tennessee M.Ed. Xavier University. Ed.D, University of Tennessee. MR. STEVE KEITH— Social Studies. MR. DON KERCHEVAL— Social Studies: A.B. Indiana. M.S. But ler. 234— Faculty MISS CLEO KINNISON— Foreign Language; M.A. University of Michigan. MRS. RUTH S. KIVETT— English: A.B., B.S. Jamestown College. M.S. Illinois State. MISS CAROLYN KLIEFGEN— Home Economics; B.S. Purdue. M.S.Indiana. MRS. PAULA KNOEBEL— English; A.B. Indiana. M.S. Butler. MR. GUY C. KONKLE— Science: B.S.. M.S. Ball State. MISS MARGERY LAYCOCK— Guidance: B.S.. M.A.T. Indiana. MR. JAMES LEHMAN— Mathematics: B.A. Bluffton College. M.A.T. Indiana University. MRS. BOBBE LETOURNEAU— Foreign Language: B.A.. M.S. But- ler. MRS. TERESA LEWELLEN— Physical Education: B.S. Indiana. MR. ARLAN LICKLITER— Science. Varsity Basketball Coach: B.S. Hanover, M.S. Butler. NSF University of Colorado. MR. DAVID LINN— Mathematics: A.B. Olivet Nazarine College. MR. WILLIAM LORD— Technical Theater; B.A. Evansville. M.A. Northwestern. MISS JANE MAINES— Physical Education: B.A. Purdue. M.S. University of Arizona. MRS. HARRIET MARPLE— Foreign Language: M.S. Butler. MRS. FRANCILEC. MCCLURE— English: B.A. DePauw. MR. J. STEPHEN MCINTYRE— Mathematics; A.B. Franklin, M.S. University of Toledo. I Jitterbuq or Homework MISS KATHRYN A. MERKEL— Foreign Language: A.B. Indiana Central. M.A. Indiana. MRS. SUSAN METZ— English. MR. JAMES MONROE— Chairman. Science Department; B.S. Purdue. M.S. Butler. MR. MARTIN J. MOORE— Social Studies: B.A. DePauw. M.A. Butler. MR. PHIL MOORE— Guidance; B.A.. M.A. Ball State. MRS. ALICE MORGAN— Librarian: B.S. Indiana. MRS. KIMBERLY ANN MORIARTY— Social Studies: B.S. Indi- ana. MR. SAMUEL MORRIS— Business Education; B.S.. M.S. State University of New York. Faculty— 235 F_ C C A N C E - Parlez-vous francais? Mr. Goacher and Mr. Screes talk to Doug Deitch about the French Foreign Study Program. MR. WILLIAM GREG MYERS— Alternative Education; B. 4 North Carolina State, M.A. Ball State. MR. MARK NEWBERRY— Foreign Language-French: Anderso College B.A. MRS. MARY B. O HAVER— English: B.S. Butler, M.A. Ball State. MR. GARY OLIN— Mathematics: B.S. Purdue. MR. JOSEPH PARSONS— Data Processing. MRS. MAXINE PARTEE— Business Education: B.S. Knoxville Col- lege M.S. Indiana. MR. KENNETH PATTON— Guidance: B.A. Muskingum M.S. But- ler. MR. RICHARD H. PAYNE— Head Librarian; A.B. Central Nor- mal College M.A.T. Indiana. MRS. KATHRYN PERRY— Mathematics: B.A. DePauw. MR. WILLIAM J. PHARES— Science: B.S.. M.A. Ball State. MR. GARY PHILLIPS— Director. Alternative Program. MISS ROLEEN PICKARD— Business Education; M.S. Indiana State. MR. ROBERT PRETTYMAN— Science: A.B. Butler, M.A. Univer- sity of Colorado. MISS SHARON PROVART— English: B.A., M.S. Southern Illinois. MISS PATRICIA PULSIFIER— English: A.B.. A.M. Indiana, M.A. Wayne State. MR. DAVID RADER— Art. MRS. EVELYN RHAMY— English: B.A.. M.A.T. Indiana. MR. SAMUEL RHINESMITH— Director of Bands: B.S. Westches- ter State College, M.M. Butler. MR. WILBUR RICHARDS— Guidance Director: B.S. Central Normal College, M.S. Indiana. MISS SANDRA RIDDELL— Music. 236— Faculty I MR. CHARLES E. RILEY— Social Studies. Varsity Track Coach. MR. CHARLES E. RUSSELL— Science: A.B. Butler. A.M. Indiana. MRS. HANNE SAGALOWSKY— Foreign Language: Abitur Mulernes Gymnasium, Denmark. B.A.. M.A. Indiana. MRS. MARY ELIZABETH SALMON— English: A.B. Earlham. M.S. Purdue. MISS DEBORAH SAPERSTEIN— Special Education. MR. MARK J. SCHAAF— Foreign Language: B.S.. M.S. Indiana. MR. JACK SCHIFFLI— Mathematics: A.B. Kentucky. M.S. Indi- N, Jokes can still be just as funny when they ' re told in Spanish as Mrs. LeTourneau and Mrs. Harris prove. MR. GLEN SCHMUCKER— Science: B.S. Manchester, M.A.T . Indiana. MR. DALE SCHULTZ— Industrial Arts. MRS. FLORENCE SCOTT— Home Economics: B.S. Tennessee. A L, M.S. Indiana. MR. ROBERT SEIGEL— English: B.S. Purdue. M.A. Butler. MR. TOM G. SEWARD— Art: B.A. Franklin. M.A. John Herron Art Institute of Indiana. SFC CLAUDE SHANKS JROTC. MR. GEORGE E. SHARP— Mathematics: B.S. Oakland City, M.S. University of Michigan. MRS. SUZANNE SKOGLUND— English: B.S. Butler. MR. JAMES SPARKS— Art. MRS MARY J. SPOON— Mathematics: A.B.. M.A.T. Indiana. MISS EDRA P. STAFFIERI— Foreign Language: B.A. Pennsylvania State. M.A. Middlebury. . ,..,,. MR. ARNOLD STAHL— Guidance: B.S. Western Illinois. M.S. Illi- Faculty— 237 w HAPPINESS IS BEING TOGETHER Happiness spreads over Mr. Stahl ' s face as th photographer snapped this picture. Is this a typical meeting between counselor and stu- dent? Mr. Harner and Sterling Pate casually discuss student problems. MRS. BETTY J. STOKESBERRY— Foreign Language; A.B. Butler, M.A.Texas Christian. MISS BRENDA SWAIN— English. MR. JIM TARNOWSKI— Science: B.S. Wisconsin. MR. H. NORMAN TAYLOR— Chairman. Social Studies Depart- ment: A.B., M.A. State University of Iowa. MR. THOMAS E. TAYLOR— English: B.S.. M.S. Butler. MRS. BEATRICE THOMAS— Music. MR. DOUGLAS WAGNER— Music. MRS. JEAN WAUGH— Social Studies: B.A. Oberlin College. MR. BYRON WEAVER— Industrial Arts: B.S. Purdue. M.A. Butler. MR. ALLAN R. WEINHEIMER— Chairman. Mathematics Depart- ment-B.S. M.S.Purdue. MR. JOHN WENDLING— Foreign Language; B.S.. M.S. Purdue. MISS KATHY A. WHITE— Business Education: B.S. Ball State. M.S.Indiana. 238— Faculty LTC CHARLES R. WILHELM— JROTC; B.S. Manchester. M.A.T. Indiana. MRS. HELEN E. WINGFIELD— A.B.. M.S. Indiana. FACULTY NOT PICTURED . Pat Albrecht s Karen Allen Mark Barnes s Elizabeth Beck s Louise Benbow Max Bnggs William Cruzan Jon Daily Keith Farrand Don Goacher JimGriner ;. Jennie Howe Mr. Paul Johnson " Mrs. Phyllis Johnson Mrs. Ruth Lewis Mrs. Janet Malone Mr. David Mock Mr. George Pappas Mr. Charles Powell Mr. George Screes Mr. Paul Smith Mr. Robert Watson Mr. NaverneW.lle Mr. Gideon Woodruff STAFF PERSONNEL Mrs. Gertrude Baird — Aid Mrs. Bertha Boffo — Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Gladys Buddenbaum — Attendance Mrs. Martha Cahill — Library Secretary Mr. Max Carmichael — Foreign Language Lab Technician Mrs. detty Eib — Guidance Secretary Mrs. Marguerite Farkas — Bookstore Manager Mr. Charles Fish — Head Custodian Mrs. Alice Frazier — General Office Secretary Mrs. Kathleen Funk— Registrar Mrs. Lois Grubbe — Ass t Cafeteria Manager Mr. Pat Huser— Aid Mrs. Geneva Kennedy — School Treasurer Miss Cindy Kriegbaum — Alternative Ed Intern Mrs. Gladys Lindell — General Office Secretary Mrs. Bess Mathews — General Office Secretary Mrs. Natalie Riddell — Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Yvonne Seal— Aid Miss Barbara Shoup— Alternative Ed Intern Miss Freddie Stevens— Alternative Ed Intern Mrs. Betty Stewart — General Office Secretary Mrs. Marie Stover — Receptionist Mrs. Linnia Swigart — Attendance Mrs. Alice Ursery — Aid Mrs. Joyce Vogt — Secretary Faculty— 239 J. EVERETT LIGHT CAREER CENTER FACULTY Mr. Clarence Austin — Principal Mr. Claude Newton — Assistant Principal Mr. Kenneth Zimmer — Assistant Principal Mr. Jay Arlan— Radio-TV Mr. Michael Brinkman — Automotive Service Mr. Jerry Carter — Graphic Communication Mr. Forrest Chandler — Automotive Service Mrs. Marie Cutshaw — Dental Assisting Mrs. Joanne Jones — Medical Auxiliary Mr. Fred Mackey — Guidance Placement Mr. George Mann — Electronics Mr. Hugh McMinn — Instructional Media Center Mr. David Muse — Marketing-Merchandising Mr. Jack Romby — Automotive Body Mr. Robert Stewart— Guidance Placement Mr. Robert Tylinski— Radio-TV Mr. Richard Becklehimer— Custodian Mrs. Ruth Hendrix — Secretary Mrs. Alice Langsford — Secretary Mrs. Louise Light — Secretary NOT PICTURED— Mr. John King— Radio- TV 240— Faculty wft -. " ,: ■ Warm summer breezes make for a serene atmos- phere in which to sail, enjoyed by students and fac- ulty both. There couldn ' t be a better way to sooth a teacher ' s nerves than to give him a Big Mac. Warm, fuzzy leather boots present a spectacular sight on the many feet of our faculty when it ' s cold and rainy outside. Faculty— 241 V4 J 0i A quick trip aboard " The Good Ship Lollipop " There are a lot of traditions floating around this city of ours. The ducks in the Broad Ripple canal, the " world ' s larg- s tree, " North igh School, " the greatest spectacle in automo- bile racing, " and yes, even lolli- pops, all bring to mind just one unique city. Indianapolis is a pretty good place to be. Afl all, look who lives here . . . ., lid tha tomatimai 100-lika a+mosphara of rha aria, Bob Daitch and Chuck Schnaidar ihara a North Central students are invited to bowl at 421 Bowl with parties, individuals, or in any of our spe- cial events. Call 29 1 - 1 295 for reserved lanes. 7420 N. Michigan Road (71st St. and U.S. 421) 421 B£WL CONGRATULATIONS! You, the class of 1976, have reached an important goal in your lives — the completion of high school. Whatever your plans for the future, we at RCA know your many hours of conscientious studying will serve you well in the years to come. Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to each of you. RC 1 An equal opportunity employer Express yourself all year ' round with help from GAF Throw a party; celebrate a holiday, wedding, birthday or any occasion and we ' ll print Invitations for you! Other printing while-you-wait. We have watercolors, oil paints, pastels and colored pencils to express yourself artistically! And we have GAF Instamatlc, 35mn and movie cameras plus GAF color and black white film to express yourself photographically. If y ou want to express yourself technically, we have drafting supplies and equipment and can run copies of your transparent or sepia originals for you. However you want to express yourself, at whatever time of the year, we ' ll help you do 1t fast and inexpensively at ... . Nora Plaza Castleton Shoppes 1300 E. 86th Street 5975 E. 82nd Street Indianapolis, Ind. 46240 Indianapolis. I nd. 46250 Phone: 844-7224 Phone: 849-2842 Ads— 245 We ' ll help you express yourself. Fast and inexpensively. HDDSiCr PHDTD 1 706 East 86th Street across from North Central High School Indianapolis, 46240 Kool Color Film Sony Radios and Recorders Better film developing ♦Darkroom supplies You ' ll get not only the best in photography equip- ment, but a friendly piece of advice too. You can while away the hours if your interests lie in the camera line. Fast and friendly prescription service is offered by Say Bagley. Criterion Pharmacy 8402 Harcourt Road Indianapolis 46260 251-6253 " The standard by which all others are judged. " A new shipment of the latest medical needs is dis- " IT ' S LIKE AN ITALIAN VACATION FOR YOUR MOUTH! " PAUL FISHMAN Prospector GOLD mm key5lonc 3510 East 86th Street crossing Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 ■ ' n im mmmmmmmmKmmmmmmtmmmmm " " " " " ' JOlN US AT ' ■ ' ■■■ ■ j_ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I i i c ©stable BUB 1 1 mi 1 1 in ii irrrrTTT 6b™ DircH RD. (OtOTOWN SrtoPS) Bicycles the world over await you at the Bike Site. C ' mon in and see for yourself. We inc. SEE US FOR YOUR COMPLETE BICYCLING NEEDS Maserati Zeus Concord Crescent Krystal CCM We service all makes Still looking for a little bicycling on a cold winter ' s day? With Weyless Rollers, you don ' t have to go any farther than your home. 1300 EAST 86th STREET 846-3013 An extensive selection of quality men ' s formal wear can be found at Man ' s World. 41 - Who can deny this face a home? Lamb invites you to come and see him and his friends at Animal Fair. Another happy and satisfied customer leaves the Animal Fair. dogs cats snakes birds We handle: turtles fish hamsters many others One of the largest selections of pets in Indiana Complete line of pet supplies Expert grooming and trim- ming of all pets Smiling Seniors Darlene Carr and Andy Parker agree it ' s hard to decide from such a large selec- tion of " unique " jewelry. viva djewelry Designs created in the shop Classes in macrame offered " Decisions, decisions " could very well be what Dave Ostermeyer is thinking as he tries to choose from a huge selection of paperbacks. SAVE ON YOUR READING ENJOYMENT 12,500 Used Paperback Books V2 Price or 10 Cents with Trade Bring in Your Paperback Books And Browse All You Like 6407 N. Ferguson Ave. Broad Ripple Village Indianapolis, Indiana Phone: 259-1980 Set in a pleasant homey atmosphere, Co-op Book Exchange welcomes any student to come and browse. ii; i v 9sa Friendly assistance is offered by an expert of " knot knowledge. " This lady has a knack for knits as she demonstrates these techniques to the many sewing classes. in Northview Mall Stretch V Sew Where can you find pretty waitresses, French cui- sine and reasonable prices? Renee ' s bien-sur! RENEE ' S FRENCH DELICATESSEN 839 East Westf ield 251-4142 Pleasurable dining complete with checkered table cloths in a rural French atmosphere. Our stock boys are constantly lowering prices for your economic benefit. A grand selection of knits will make your decision on a fabric no small task. 720 East 54th Street 255-6800 An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables await you at Atlas. Atlas SUPER Market House of Silver 810 Broadripple Avenue 253-9017 10:00—5:00 Monday- Saturday radios silverware leather goods jewelry watches jewelry boxes dishes glassware » , lL , , . , , , , 1300 86th Street Nora Plaze r r .. . . T . ,. . . , ... Remember that perfect pair of school shoes you __ _, . ..„ CC + in C George Gilmer assists Tim Ziegler in deciding discovered at Goodman ' s? JYlOn. r 1 1. 10 O oftt. 1U— O among a wide variety of hiking boots. Goodman Shoes Aofidaid Automotive 2929 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis, 46218 634-6000 Used and Rebuilt Engines and Transmissions Complete automotive parts and service " We buy junk and wrecked cars! " Castleton Plaza 6334 East 82nd Street Phone: 849-9430 Large selection of bikes and canoes Want to get in on a neat way of saving the money that you spend on gas? Buy a bike; they run on manpower, not money. ' ■ INSURANCE " A Friendly Place To Do Business! " 1811 N. Meridian Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 925-8285 Auto— Homeowners — Motorcycle — Boat- Plane — Life Insurance — We Specialize in Business Insurance And Risk Management One Indiana Square 639-1351 Importers of Diamonds Precious Stones Manufacturers of Fine Jewelry Mr. Mahrdt, Emily Mahrdt, Ka+hy Swan. Mr. Dick Kennard Indiana Representative Yearbook Specialists San Angelo, Texas ( t(y}iA Looking for all the comforts of home? Gary Sum- mers advises you to look at Perkins. 6214 East 82nd Street 849-7722 JCdbA 8110 North College Avenue 251-2294 An enjoyable dinner is anticipated by these wome at Hollyhock Hill. creative | photography Chase j Studio in the BAZAAR keystone at the Crossing 3510 East 86th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 Environmentals Family Portraits Weddings Copies and Restorations Banquets and Parties Your complete photo needs Custom Framing Wedding Invitations Barmitzvah Invitations Party Invitations JROTC What ' s J.R.O.T.C. all about? Well for one thing, it ' s Marksmanship. Anyone inter- ested in shooting would enjoy one of the programs offered. It ' s not hard to get on a rifle or pistol team. Qualifications are held every year in the R.O.T.C. classes. You can try for Army Expert, Sharpshooter, or Marksman badges. If you enjoy competition, this is your thing. National Rifle Association awards are offered Sharpshooter all the way up to Distinguished Expert. Our team of 15 Var- sity, Reserve, and Junior Reserve compete with other schools and have a long record of victories. An Intramural Rifle League of 40 people is also included in the program. So join and check it out! Jlndersprfe Leather Shop Seeming to enjoy modeling the latest leather fash- ions, Susie Fogle and Robin Lewis check out the leather coats and accessories. Hours: 10:00-10:00, Mon.-Sat. 12:00-6:00, Sun. Bags, Belts, Buckles, Coats, Boots, Jewelry, Hats irinhman RealtofS Our staff of capable and experienced sales people is ready to serve you. Brinkman Realtors 7202 N. Shadeland P.O. Box 50116 Indpls., Ind. 46250 K Multiple Listing Service a«iti HAWTHORN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER - 62ND STREET AT ROAD 37 5030 EAST 62ND STREET. INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA 46220 259-1195 CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 1976. The past has met the present and the future looks great. Best of luck in your future. American £$ RED BALL v World Wide Movers ■mmrnffiwffimwmwmmmmmmfmmmfm Ctefeh W©pld ®£ Norm Rothenberg makes it happen. " We do it all for you?- McDonald ' s ® 1435 E. 86th Street (across from Nora Plaza) Norm Rothenberg, Owner Operator a ip in iii BZ9 I, CLASS OF 76 A Abbitt. Burce— 142 Abel. Phil— S2 Abrams. John— 142. 193 Academics — 40 ACappeUe— 96.97. 156 Annh- 92.93. 180 Ackerman. John— 142. 187 Acton. Don na — 142 Adams, Kelly— 182 Adams. Kenny— 142. 179. 187 Adams. Teresa — 142 Adler. David— 78. 142. 179 Administrators — 228. 229 Adrian. Susan — 142 Ads— 242 AFS— 46.47 Akin. Mike. -142 Albers. Debra— 142 Album — 142 Alderink. Mike— 142 Aldrich. Jenny — 74 Afford, Becky— 63. 115. 134. 142.270 Alio. Vincent— 142 Allegroes— 94. 95. 182 Allen. Janis— 182 Allen. Richard— 58 Allen, Shetia— 76, 142 Allis, Sheryl— 185 AH. Hollie— 142 Alternative Ed— 58. 59 - . . . Parr -74 American Red Ball— 259 Anderson ' s Leather Shop— 258 Andrew. Rebecca — 142 Animal Fair— 248 Anthony. Julie— 142. 183.270 Anthony, Tom — 1 27 Applegarth. Elisabeth— 142 Apter. Gary— 142 ArbucUe. M ' rssy— 142. 178 Arkin. Cindy— 120 Armor. Karen— 93. 180 Armstrong. Elsie — 180 Arnold. Rick— 148 Arnold. Susan— 180 Arnott. Curt — 65. 142 Art— 72. 73 Ashley. Nancy— 142.182 Ashram oakery — 252 Askren. Susan— 142,195 A-, - Atlas. Audrey— 142 Atlas Supermarket— 250 Aull, Ann— 223 Austin, Karla— 93 Avers. Beth— 179 Baas. William— 142 Babcock. John— 164 Baird. Lori— 179 Baker. Bred— 143 Baker. Brian— 181 Baker. Don— 138. 139 Baker. John— 143. 179 Baker. Mark— 127 Baker, Mindy— 90. 179 Ball. Suzy— 140. 143. 159. 187 Ballard. Caroline— 179 Band— 6. 87, 174. 175 Barclay. Kris— 52 BerdeH. Kathryn— 143 Barker. Gary— 181 Barker. Use— 156 Barkman. Mike— 143 Barnes. Use— 143 Bemett. Maria— 33. 143 Barrett, Kathleen— 143 Berry, Joe— 143 Barrier!. Linda— 223 Bertie " . Mark— 143. 148. 151 Baseball— 100. 101 Basketball. Girls ' — 114. 115 Basketball. Intramural— I 18. I 19 Basketball. Reserve— 116.117 Basketball. Varsity— 74. 1 12. 1 13 Bestian. Bill— 102, 103. 143 Bates. Charles — 143 Battle. Belinda— 143 Baun. Mark— 143 Better. Brook— 143 Barter Kim— 143 Beytets, Rob— 143 Beam. Tom— 130. 131 Beettey. Tom— 145 Beetiey, Jay— 164 leeut Kid Km oc. ' — 80.81 Beck. Betsy — 76. 94. 143. 184 Beck. Steve— 120 Becker. Randy — 164 Becker. Tammy— 91. 179 Beckwith. William— 143 Beaker. Brian— 123 Bell Choir— 92. 93. 1 78 Bell. Robin— 144 Belles. Chuck— 164 Belt. Rob— 144. 181 Benbow. Karen— 115 Bender. Laura — 144 Benjamin. Greg — 127 Bennett, Caroline — 88 Bennett. Cynthia — 144 Bennett. James — 144 Bennett, Joni — 144 Bentley. Tanita— 144, 183 Bercovitz. Fran — 184 Berg. Laurel — 142. 144 Berg. Linda — 144 Berger. Jeff— 142, 144 Berkowitz, Alan— 33, 132, 144 Barling. Robert— 144 Barman. Brad — 144 Bernhard. Bernadette — 144 Berns. Peggy— 144. 183 Bernstein. Shelle — 144 Berry. Bob— 138. 139. 144 Besse. Terry — 144 Bibbs. Ralph — 144 Bicentennial— 28, 29 Bike Site, Inc.— 248 Billingsley. Lisa— 144 Bines, David — 144 Binkley. Dave— 185 Black, Carol— 180 Black. Kathleen— 145 Black. Tim— 145 Blakey. Yvette— 156 Blastic, Jeanene— 96, 156 Slatt. Dave— 57 Slatt. Steve— 120 Bledowski. Kazimierz— 145 Block. Maria— 182 Bloom, Sally— 142, 145, 178 Bloss, Mark— 145 . Richai Blunck, Kathry, Sodell, Howard— 145 Boeglin. Bob— 145 Bohr. Darsi— 145 ;. Angel! -145 45 Bo!a .Mike— 12 Boles. Mike— 145 Boline. Linette— 120 Bolles. Charles— 127 Boiling, David— 145 Bond, Dave— 127 Bond. Greg— 145 Bond. Sherrill— 180 Bond. Steve — 120 Bonge. Andy — 145 Bonge. Ronald — 164 Boone. Beth— 178 Boor: 9, Da 145 Boring. Betsy — 120, 182 Borns. Elizabeth— 157 Borton. Janis — 185 Bortz, Paula— I 15 Bosso, Ann — 142. 145 Bosworth. Sheila— 78. 1 1 Bowe. Kathy— 73 i, Stephen! So- John. 145 Boyd, Felicia — 145 Boyd, Jennifer— 156 Bracken, Metthew— 146 Bradford. Jim— 127 Bradford. Shellye— II. 146 8radley. Cynthia— 141 Bradley. Lisa— 146 Bremmer, Bonnie— 137 Brammer, Jay— 145, 146 Branam. Becky— 90, 135, 179 Branam. Bobbie— 90. 134. 135. 137. 179 Branam, Cathy— 146. 179 Brand. Chris— 146 Brand. Hillary— 183 Brannon. Craig— 55 Bretzlaff, Laura— 146. 178 Bretzlaff, Phyllis—183 Brewer. Pam— I I. 74. 142. 146, 187 Bridgeforth. Keith— 138 Bright. Mic -■III., 146 Brillhart. Holly— 185 Brillhart, Susan— 146 Brinkman. Joy— 17. 146. 179,270 Brinkman Realtors— 258 Brody, James— 146 Brown. Cerolyn—146 Brown, Dave— 2 1 . 126. 127, 146 Brown. Diane— 179 Brown. George — 109, 146 Brown. Mark— 116. 181 Brown. Michael— 199 Brown. Tod— 146 Brown. Wende — 146 Browne. Nancy— 43. 146. 179 na— 146. 185 Snr -57 Bryson. Richard— 144 Buckley. Kevin— 214 Buckley. Robert— 144 Buddenbaum. John— 121 Budreau. Everett— 146 Bullman. Da. -■4 ' . Burke. Kethy- Burnett. Carol— 18! Burns, Diane— 146 Burress. Doug — 1 46 i - ; two, i 1 i » ' » Busch. Jenny— 143, 147, 187. 275 w , Han -147 Bush, Julie— 157 Bum— 34, 35 Bu.sell Rick— 126. 127, 138 Butters. Robert— 96, 181 Bynagle, Annette— 142, 147 Cadet Teaching— 66, 67 Cage. Keith — 142. 147 Cain, Sarah— 142, 147 Ceirm, Chris — 1 47 Ceirns, Jane— 157 Calhoun, Bill— 147 Calkin, Mark— 142. 147, 148 Calkin, Robyn— 182 Camp, Jeff— 147 Campbell, Shane— 147 Campbell, Tim— 147 Canaday, Laree — 147 Can Drive — 68. 69 Carina ley, Paul — 147 Cannon, Robert — 147 Cartfrell, Cindy— 21. 184 Cantrell. Sary— 147 Cappello, Jeff— 120 Cappello. John — 147 Cappello. Julie— 120, 147 Capron, Nancy — 179 Carey, Brian — 147 Carlino, Jomos— 144 Carlino, Pete— 137 Carlino, Sharon— 147 Carlton, Deborah — 184 Corlsson, Mikael— 148 Cermean, William— 55 Carmin, Mike— 148 Carr. Darlene— 148, 249, 270 Carr, Larry — 138 Carr, Pat— 127, 145 Carr, Tom — 148 Carr, Tim- -185 Carroll, Mark— 147 Carson, James — 147 Carter, Bryan— 151 CosHeton— 25 Cavalier, Lisa— 91, 132. 133. 179,275 Cave. Julie— 183 Cecere, Suzanne— 143, 148 Chab, Lisa— 124, 161 Chambers, Brende — 157 Chandler, Nancy — 148 Cheney, Mareia— 148 Chappel. Jeff ry— 120 Charbonneau, Milt— 120 Chase, Marilyn— 59 Chase Studio— 256 Chavez, Leslie— 148 Cheerleaders— 39, 75, 159. 168 Chenette, Phil— 148 Chenovrth, Joni— 148 Chess Club— 153 Chittenden, Karla— 137 Choate, Richard— 148 Clhlar, Kinv— 124 Citlack, Carol— 137 Clark, Brain— 148 Clark. Jim— 120, 148 Clark, Joe— 137 Clark, Karin— 156 Clark, Kevin— 59 Clark, Maryanne— 182,223 Clark, Bob— 148 Clayton, Kelly— 159 Clayton, Sandra— 148 Clement, Leslie — 148 Clerical Classes — 52, S3 Cbonan, Carol— 148 Cloth World of Castleton— 259 Ch mer, Steve— 113. 148 Cohen, Alisa— 148, 178 Cohen, Rena— 149 Cohn, Alan— 149 Cohrs, Kafhy— 149 Colon, John— 149 Colllngwood, Susan— 142, 149 Colter, Mike— 149 Commons, Potrick — 1 49 Compter,, Noncilee— 149 Conger, Robin— 143, 149 Connor, Don — I 16 Conrad, Vincent — 1 47 Cook, Amy— 149 Cook, Carolyn— 132 Cook, Dianne— 149 Cook, James— 149 Co-op Book Exchange — 249 Cooper, Matthew — 76 Copponger, Michael — 127, 145 Corbin.Tereso— 149 Corbitt, John— 148 Cornelius, Dove— 138, 179 Cornert. Janice— 149 Cory, Jim — 206 Cory.Scott— 181,223 Costin, Jeff— 127 Costin. Lisa— 149 Coftingham, Thomas — 1 45 Counterpoints — 90.91, 179 Covey, Tim— 149 Cowser, Brant — 149 Cowser. Greg— 113 Cos. Theresa— 149 Co., Lisa— 149 Crabb. Mark— 151 Croft, Loura— 149 Crail. Kevin— 138, 139 Crovings — 32, 33 Croys, Kim— 149 Crescendoes — 95. IB4 Crismore. Tom— 149 Criterion Pharmacy— 246 Crooks, Stephen— 185 Crosscountry— 106, 107 Culver, John— 120, 123 Cunningham, Fred— 164 Cunningham, Robi Cufrell, Lisa— 149 Cufsinger, Bruce — 49 Dabbs. Elizabeth— 149 Dale, Emily— 142, 149 Dan. James— 147 Danlay, Cheryl— 149 Dark of the Moon— 84, 85 Darling, Scott— 149 Darmer, Mary Jane — 149, I B0 Darning, Al— 1 0B, 109, 138, 144, 145 Darring, Hal— 1 1 I Davey, Liz — 149 Davidson. Randy — I 1 3 Davis, Bradley— 223 Davis, Ed— 149 Davis, Michael— 214 Davis, Valerie— 150 Doy.Alvin— 138, 145 Daye, Deni Dean. EJIe -120 Deorling, Keren — 1 50 DECA— 53 Decker, Eric— 150, 181 Deckert, Keren— 178 Deitch, Bob— 98, 107. 138. 147. 150. 164. 243 Deitch, Doug — 236 Deitz. Chris— 54 DeKoter, Jill— 150. 178 Del Re, Jim— 150 Dellinger, Roger— ISO Deloughery, Julie — 150 Dempsey, Jeff — 1 50 Denney, Brian — 151 Denney, Scott — 150 Dental Classes— 76, 77 Dentel. Tracy— 142, 150, 177 Descants— 4,90, 91, 179 Dibortolo, Frank— 129 Dick, Christine— 150, 161 Dick, Debro — 89 Dickens, Karen— 150 Dickerson, Mava— 150 Dickey, Diane— 124, 1 25 Dickinson, David— 120, 150 Dickinson, Laura — 180 Dickinson, Lisa both— 150 Dickson. Tori — 270 Dingley, Gilbert— 150 Dinwiddie, Rozlyn— 115 Disher, Joan — ISO Dittrich. Douglas — 150 Diving— 118, 119 Dlott. Eleanor— 150, 252 Dock. Judy— 156, 176 Dock. Petti— 150 Doherty. Elizabeth— 180 Dolan, Maureen — ISO, 192 Donhue, Thomas — 1 50 Dosey, Andrea — 177. 184 Dossman, Laura — 150, 161 Doty, Mike— 120, 150 Douglas, Scort— ISO Drennon. Leonne— 33, 142, ISO. 180 Drew, Gerald— 141 Drew, Kothy— ISO Drum, Susan— 151 Dudley. Mike— 138 Duerson, Deborroh— 151 Dugon, Tom — 164 Dugdale, Jim— 226 Dugdale, Jeff— 82, 206 Dunham, Sarah— 135 Dunham. Scott— 80, 81,151 Dunlap, Leonard — 151 Dunlap, Rhonda — 151 Duc-ons. Scott— 151 Dupree, Phillip— 151. 198 Durr. Veda— 137 Durrett, Down — 120 Durreft, Jami— 118, 120 Dustman, Joan — 151 Dyer, Bill— 151 Dyer, Darby— 62, 66, 142. 151. 179. 270 -130. 131 Dya, Dyai Dye. Duone— 74, 113 Dyke. Stephen— 151 Dyke, Timothy— 151 Eodie, Su! 184 Eagleson, Bill— 91, 127. 179 Earnest, Karen — 1 56 Eosley, Nancy— 143. 151. 179 Eost, Deidre— 137, 143. 151 tost, Guy— 144 Eoton, Sharon — 151 Ebbert. Andy— 54 Eber. Jo -148 Eber, Mory— 151, 184 Eber, Monica— 115. 137 Echt, Greg— 145 Eckert, Heidi— 151,275 Edlestein, Mork— 58 Eden, Phyllis— 151 Edmonds, Kenny— 181, 187 Edwords, Josh— 120 Edwords, Greg— 151 Edwards, Jean— 143, 151 Eicher, Jeff— 120 Eid. Ron— 127, 144 Einterz, Diana— 137, 183 Elbert. Cynthia— 151 Electronics— 54 Elkins, Carlino— ! 51 Elliott. Barb— 151 Elliott, Liso— 157 Elliott, Kevin— 127 Elliott, Richord— 151 Elliott, Sheila— 132, 151 Ellis. Debro— 142. 152, 170. 171 Ellis. Richard— 130 Blsberry, Steve— 122, 123 Elmore. Debro— 152 Elmore, John — 152 Elmore, Liso— 152 Emily, Randy — 152 Emily, Rick— 152 English Classes— 42, 43 Epstein, Daniel— 62, 270 Erler, Denise — 156 Ervin, Brent- Ervin, Je. -152 Es+ridge, Susan— 152 Etherington, Jonet— 74 Eudofy, Joan— 185 Evans, Dove— 74 Everett, Nancy— 17, 137, 183, 206 Everett, Ted— 164 Ezerclse in Knowledge— SA, 57 Fockler. Bret— 152 Foirfoz. Julie— 185 Falvey, Joan— 152, 163 Fang, Dove — 119. 120 Fonsler. Julie— 91, 179 Forber, Bill— 148, 152 Forgo, Jean — 120, 137 Farris, George— 1 52 Fehsenfeld. Jane— 137. 152, 183 Feichtner, Rosemary— 1 52 Fellowship of Christian Athletes- 48 Feldmon, Diane— 152 Fend, Mary— 78. 142, 152 Ferguson, Robert— 152 Fields, Stocey— 152 Finch, Leslie— 183 Fine Arts Festival— 72, 97 Fink. Robert— 42 First Dey of School— 20. 2 1 Fischer, Diane— 152 Fischer, Whit— 60 Fishbum. Michael— 152 Fisher, Chris— 120 Fisher. Jeff— 63, 152,270 Fitzgerald, Liz— 152 Fitzgerald Patrick — 152 Fivel. Susan— 162 Rag Corps — 1 77 Hog Girls— 74. 75 Heck, Linda— 182 Fleming, Julia— IS, 137. 184,275 Homing, Margaret — 152 Hora.Jeffry— 152 Horea, Kothy — 152 Horeancig, Lisa — 152 Hori. Marie— 152 Rynn. Down— 120. 137 Hynn, Denise—120 Fogle. Susie— 63. 152. 258. 270. 273 Folger. John— 152. 179 Folley. Brad— 120 Folley. Scott— 120 Follis, Judith— 156 Football Banquet— 38, 39 Football Reserve— 110. III. 144 Football, Varsity — 2.3,9,74, 108. 109, Grosskopf, Marl— 106. 107, 138, 147. I4S Forbes. Scott — 152 Ford, Karon— 183. 204 Ford. Yaa— 127, 152 Foraign Language Classes — 46, 47 Fose.Jeff—142, 152. 181. 184 Fose. Jenny — 74, 1 53 Foster, Vkki— 153 Fountain, Jim— 153 42 1 Bo J— 244 Fowler, Warren— 153 Fey. Catherine — 29. 185 Foy. Christine— 156. 171 Foy. Wendy— 180 Franco. Michael— 153. 156 Franklin, Janis— 153 Franz. B.1— 148 Franz. Julie— 157 Freije. Devid — 164 Freije. Richard — 69 French, Brooke — 165 Freyn. George — 4. 144. 153 Friedman. Alan— 153 Friedman. Shelly — 88 Friehoffer. Phil— 130 Frisch. Caryn — 44, 153 Froelich. John — 87 Frucci " . Laura — 153 Fry. David— 60. 153 Fudge. Kenneth — 153 Funk. Terry-— 1 53 Gaaleme. Hal— 5. 148 Gaertner. Rick— 127. 153 GAF Print Express — 245 Gaines. Diana— 153 Gall. Daniel— 129 Gangstad. Dave — 137 Gans. Rick— 43. 143. 153 Gardner. Robert — 153 Gardner. Thomas — 1 5 1 Gardner. Ginna— 124. 137.275 Garrison. Brad— 148 Garrison. Tim— 145 Ganon. John— 145 Gasper, Alan — 144 Gastineau. Mike— 116 Gates. Sheri— 3. 143. 153 .Mary Sue— 153 Safe Dm -123 Gammer, Greg — 153 Gentry. Mark— 102. 116 Georgopulos, Joni — 1 80 Georgopufos, Nik! — 153 Geringer. Mike — 153 S arson Maria — 1 56 Gibson, Anne— 223 Gilbert. Mike— 109, 145 Gilbert. Becky— 153 Gilchrist. Brad— 138. 147 Gilham. Pam— 185 Gill. Mike— 153 Anr, 153 Gilmer. George— 32. I 18, 154 Gibon. Mike— 154 Girls ' Concert Choir— 96. 97. 1 57 Girts ' Ensemble— 92. 93. 183. 194 GiHV Treck Club— 161 Glaniberg, Use— 154 Glazier, Ross — 80 Gleason. Marilee— 52. 154 Gleason. Todd— 78,87 Glick. Lauren— 154 Gnat. Barbara— 161 Gnat. Cindy — 176 Goley. Rebecca — 156 Goldberg. Julie— 154 Gold Mine. The— 247 Goldstein. Cheryl— 52. 154 Goldstein, Cindy— 154 Goldstein. Elaine— 154 Goldstein. Lisa— 1 54 Gold-esser. Howard— 154 GoH. Boys ' — 130. 131 GoH, Girls ' — 104. 105 Goodman Shoes— 251 Gordon. Jill— 132. 154 Gorman. Debra — 48 Gos vey, Terry — 177 Goosey. Wendy— 154 Gossett. Terry— 154 Gotthetf. Debra— 154 Goudy. Kurt— 120 Grady. Maureen— 154 Gray. Kethy— 154 Green. Elaine— 154. 135 Green. Judy — 185 Green. Lori— 143. 154. 179 Green. Rebecca — 154 Green. Richard— 155 Green berg. Beth — 1 55 Greenberg, Carol — 155 Greene. Ruth Ann— 135. 136. 137. 1 55. 187 Greenspan, Janet — I 55 G reenwood, Greg— 155 Greenwood, Sherry — 182 Gregg, Cheryl— 155 Gregory, Malcolm— 198 Griffith, Colleen— 155 Griffith. Kim— 1 80 Grinkmeyer. Steven— 155 155 Grover, Nancy — 1 32 Grubbs. Brenda— 155 Grubbs. Gary— 2 1 7 Gruber, Carl— 155 Guenther. Scott— 148 Gulling. Bruce — 155 Guy. Samuel— 155 Gymnastics, Boys ' — 122, 123 Gymnastics, Girls ' — 124, 125 Haarbye, Eric— 155 Habegger. Joseph — 42 Habegger. Sara — 155 Hackl. Liz— 29, 184 Haerle, Amy — 1 56 Haerie. Mary— 155 Hagewood, Ginny — 171 Hair— 226. 227 Hall. Anne— 44, 185 Hall, Bill— 116 Hall, Chris—181 Hall, Larry— 13. 148 Hall, Tom— 102, 103. 164 Halloran. Maureen— 155 Hal.. -155 Hamilton. John— 57. 80. 81 Hamilton, Pam— 60. 62. 74, 270 Hamme. Sue— 140. 143. 155, 183 Hammond, Dan— 164 Hancock. Jon— 1 55 Hancock, Victor— 155 Haney, Hugh—155 Henkins, Kim— 137 Hanley. Kent— 155 Hannoy, Steve- Han ..Jan -156 Hepak, Madeline— 168, 223 Harbin. Kerry— 2 1 7 Harder. Robert— 144 Hardgrove, Sally— 142. 156. 179 Harmon. Bob— 127 I, Stacy— 72 Han .Dan— 123 is. Jeff— 145 Harris, Mike— 156 Harris, Sally— 86. 143, 156 Harris, Suzanne— 156 Harrison, Dierdre— 156 Harshman, Malcolm— 156 Hart. Debbie— 120 Hartfetter, Wendy— 156 Har+saw, Julie— 179 Haslam, Bob— 107, 147,223 Haslam, Greg— 138, 156 Hesler, Jeff— 156 Hatch ett. Teresa— 157 Haverstick. Nancy— 156 Hayden, Mark— 127, 164 Hayes, Pete— 156 Haymond, Chris — 1 56 Haynes, Tom — 50, 156 Heady, Karla— 143. 156 He -156 ..John— 144 Heir Held, Constam Hellwlg, Neil— 181 Helm, Lisa— 177 Helmen, Kim— 120, 168 Hendee, Karen— 156 Hendee, Kim— 156 Henderson, Darryl — I 16 Henderson, Gayla— 12 Henderson, Kevin— 84 Henderson, Nina— 180 Hendrickson, Monte— 76 Hendris, Gary— 157 Henkel. Clare— 80, 81. 142. 157, l( 170, 171. 179. 187 Hendricks. Bret— 164 Henry. Paul— 120 Herke, Gregg— 113. 157 Herman. Mike— 157 Herod. Cathy— 157 Hershberger, Coleen — 1 57 Hess. Jeanne— 161 Hasi. Stacy— 179, 209 Hickey.Jay— 100, 148 Hicks. Jim— 123 Hicks. Patty— 135. 157 Higbee, Greg— 157 Higgins. Linden— 142. 157 Higgs. Jim— 164 Higgs. Mike— 144 Hlghbaugh. Mark— 109. 138. 145 Hirfiker. Joe— 127 Hirfiker, John— 157 Hill, Anthony— 145 Hill, James— 59, 164 Hill. Kelvin— 50 Hill, Sharon— 157 Hilton, Mary— 157 Himelltein. Deborah— 157, 195 Hirrton. Brian— 157 Hirshman, Lynne— 180 Hobbs. Joan— 157 Hocker. David— 145, 206 Hockey— 128 Hoehn.Ted— 120, 157 Hoffman, Ted— 147, 157 Hollis, Brenda— 157 Hollyhock Hills— 255 Holmes. Karan— 157 Holmes. Teresa— 157 Homecoming— 22, 23, 41 , 275 Home Economics— 72, 73 Hoosier Photo— 246 Hopkins, Hope— 157, 195 Horn, Tom— 54. 1 58 Horning, Andy— 158 Horrall, Scott— 144 Horrall. Steve— 142, 158 Horsfield, James— 116 Horwitx, Ed— 206 Hosier, Tim— 158 Hostein, Tracy— 158. 179 Hoster. Julie— 1 68. 183, 206, 207 Hotte. Dana— 158 Hottinger, Linda— 134 Hottinger, Paula— 53, 134, 135, 137, 158 Houck, Dan— 273 Houck. Liz— 74, 158 House of Silver— 251 Houtzer, Bruce — 158 Howard, Annette— 143, 158 Howard, Bernard— 144 Howard, Christina— 1 58 Howard, Dave— 109. 138. 145. 158 Howard, Earl— 158 Howe, Tracy — 82, 164 Howell, Jane— 158, 185 Howell, Sally— 158, 183 Howerton, Sara— 1 58 Hoy t, Doug — 158 Hoyt, Kathy— 185 Hubbard, Chris— 123, 158, 181 Huber, Mark— 145 Hudnut.Tim— 158 Hudson, Bryan— 145, 158 Hudson, Hilton— 112, 113, 158, 187 Hudson, Julie— 104, 182 Huffaker, Carrie— 158 Huffman, Steve— 158 Huffman, Ted— 138 Hughes, Deborah— 158 Hughey, Kathryn — 180 Hughey, Kim— 158 Hull, Tim— 145 Hullett, Lawrence— 164 Hungerford, Anita — 158, 180 Hunt, Rebecca— 158 Hunter, Kim— 77 Hurlbut, Chris— 158 Hurst, Kathy— 132, 133 Hurst, Rick— 102, 158, 187 Hutchens. Reed— 130, 142, 158, 164 Hutchinson, David— 158 Hutson, Kimberiy— 158 Hyde, Mary— 143, 158 Hylton.Tom— 158 Industrial Arts— 72, 73 IndySOO— 14, 15 Ingerham, James— 127, Isler, Mary— 159 Ivansevlc, Diina— 159 Jackson, Catherine — 1 82 Jackson, Cynthia— 185 Jackson, Mary— 159 Jackson, Pete— 144 Jackson, Robert— 159 Jackson, Scott— 159 Jacobsen, Chris— 159, 179 Jacobsen, Julie— 159 James, Becky— 182 Jarvis, Patricia— 159, 179 Jefferson, Ale»— 159 Jerden, Mary— 154, 183 Jerge, Rick— 127, 145 Jeske, Jennifer— 180 Jewell, Loralei— 120 Jewell, Tie— 120 Jewett, Kathy— 159, 161 Jewett, Patricia— 182 Jobs— 16, 17 Joffe, Diana— 159 Johnson, A lbert— 138 Johnson, Da rvea— 141 Johnson, Ed— 127, 142, 159, 164, 165 Johnson, Janet — 159 Johnson, Kathy— 159, 183 Johnson, Marshall— 159 Johnson, Pam — 206 Johnson, Peggy— 157 ?JJou ve yoi l o Johnson, Russ— 26, 65, 159 Johnson, Susan— 132, 133. 159 Johnston, Fred — 160 Johnston, Julio— 134. 137,270 Jones, Diana— 160 Jonoi, Diane — 115 Jon.., Laurence— 145 181 Jordan, Cher I — 29 Jordan, Jody — 77 Jordan, Klnv-160 Jordan, Robert— 160 Jordan, Susan — 160 Joteph. Terete— 185 JROTC— 50, 51,257 Junior Class Council— 7 1 . 206 Junior Spectacular — 82, 83 Justice, Teresa — 1 85 Juwle. Maude— 160 Katilo, Karl— 156 Kahll, Kevin— 160 Kommeread, Adriad— 160 Kannmacher, Kim— 143, 160, 185 Korsch, Blair— 102, 160 Kassig, Julia— 160, 183 Kautiman, John— 181.206 Kearney. Rick— 63, 179.270 Kearns, Jim— 64 Keck, Dave— 76 Keels. Steven— 127 Kelb, Karl— 160 Kelliher. Jay— 127, 151 Kolliher, Patti— 124 Kelly. Chris— 145, 160 Kelly. Chris— 160 Kelly, Colette— 160 Kemmeling, Randy — 160 Kemper, Karin— 124, 125,223 Kennedy, Jeft— 96. 160. 181 Kennedy, Joan — 142 Kenny, Gary — 148 Kaough, Tomacine — 1 60 Kerr, Karen— 160 Ketring, Kim— 142, 160 Key Club— 68, 69, 164 Kidd.Wendye— 160 Kilbury, Judy— 114 Kiley, Kevin— 138, 160 Kilmer, Erich— 160, 181 Kimble, Jano lid. Br -160 Klncannon, Nancy— 180 Kinder, Karen— 1 60 King, Eileen— 160 King, Julia — 183 Kingston, Bill— 160 Kinkead, Tina— 160 Kiplingor, Jeff— 59, 160 Kippert, Julie— 160 Kirch, Kelly— 160, 180 Kirkham, Robin— 161 Kirkoff, Denise— 161 Klrkpatrick, Da 178 Kirshe. i.Zeno— 161 Kitterman, Karen — 99 Kittinger, Kathy— 161 Kleffman. Susan— 142, 161 Klein, Jill— 143, 161 Kleit, Andrew— 116 Kline, Jennifer— 157 Kline. John— 161 Kline. Kevin— 161 Kline, Virginia— 157 Klingaman, Beth— 159 Klinger, Steve— 161 Kloer, Brian— 161 Kloti, Garry— 151. 161 Kneisle, Alyssa— 182 Knierim. Lorrie— 115, 137 Kniess, Rita— 142, 161 Knowles, Bridget— 124 Knowles, Sally— 143, 161, 179 Kno«. Jin— 176,215 Koch. Gena— 184 Koehler. John 161 Koehler. Kurt— 138 Kohlstaedt, Mary— 143, 161 Kolenborg, Dana — 219 Komsiskl, Phillip— 185 Kontos, Richard— 161 Koopman, Karyl — 1 77 Koopmen, Mark— 161. 181.243 Komfield. Shari— 161 Koia, Karen— 120. 161 Kreegar. Jeff— 161 Krlmendahl.Ul— 124 Kroeger. John — 143. 161 Kroot. Greg— 127. 145 Kubota , Yirzuru — 1 6 1 Kuhn, Helen— 184 Kull. Carle— 161 Kum. Barb— 142, 161 Kwitny.Tim— 161 Lacy, Jerry — 54, 1 45 Lain, Michelle— 162 Laing, Derek— 138. 139 Lamberg, Glenna— 162 Lamberg, Paul— 145, 164 Lanngan, Anne— 182 Lande, Gerald— 142, 162 Landers, Carol— 162 Landon, Michael— 151, 162 Langebertels, David — 162 Langford. Edward— 138 Longford, Susan — 164 Langford. William— 162 Langham, Catherine— 162 Langston. Geoff— 109, 138, 145. 162, 165 Mi, De -162 Larkln Larue, Denise— 3, 159, 162, 187 Laughlin, Robert— 181 Laurent. Jim— 123, 162 Lave, Steve— 62 Lawall. James— 120. 162 Lawrence, Steve — 62 Lawson, Betty— 162 Lay. Friti— 82 Leaf, Brad— 116 Lee, Diane— 134 Lee, Robert— 162. Lehman, Shaun— 184 Leigh, Jane— 182 Lempke. Cornelia— 96, 156 Leneschmidt, Kim— 162 Leonard, Pam — 162 Leonard, Donald — 128 Leonard, Pam — 162 Leslie. Dave— 162 Lewandoski, Chris— 144 Levin, Teri— 80, 81, 182 Levinski, Gail— 162 Levy, Laurence — 162 Levy, Lynn— 143, 162,270 Lewis. Robin— 63. 163, 258. 2 Lewis, Tom — 163 Lewis, Veronica— 91, 163, 179 Lichtenauer. Jane— 143, 163 Lickliter, Use— 168 Liebrich, Carol— 163 Liebschuti, Sharon— 163 Lienerth, Denise— 157 Lienerth, Donna — 163 Light, Marianne— 134. 135. 163 Lillie. Dwight— 122, 123 Lincoln, Greg — 1 63 Lindemann, Brad — 163 Linderman. Jeff— 163 Lift Jenny— 163, 183 Uoyd, Craig— 163 Lockets— 68, 69, 162 Lockhert, Bobbi— 163 Lolhamer. Dan— 185 Londe, Lisa — 163 Loth. Janice— 94, 1 84 Loudermilk, Doug — 163 Love, Nannette — 163 Lowring, Dan — I 16 Lozier, Jeyne — 1 76 Lucas, David— 87, 123, 138 Ludwig, Donna— 163, 177 Lukins, Joam 156 Lumley, Dave— 126, 127. 145 Lundberg, John — 1 27 Lundy. Jeff— 163 Lunsford, Cheryl— 163, 177 Lurvey, Paula— 91, 179 Lykins, Joann— 163, 179 Lynch, Dan— 185 Lyst. Shannon— 157 Mac Arthur, Elizabeth— 163 MacGill, Richard— 20, 144 Macremenia— 249 Maddoz, Marvin— 163 Madison, Philip— 181 Maguire, Cindy— 164, 166. 170 Maguire, Nancy— 164 Mahrdt. Emily— 253 Mahrenhob, Eric— 164 , Otto— 164 .Kimberlin— 157 Maiorettes— 177 Mallah. Debra— 164 Malone. Dennis— 56 Mame— 9, 84. 85 Mamlin. Nancy— 185 «i ' ji:i.-. Jeff— I 64 Manifold, Betsy— 67. 79. 144. 170 Mann. Gerald— 164. 181 Manning, David — 1 3 Maroon, Donna — 164 Man ' l World— 248 Marionthal. Mike — 164 Marshall. Tom— 164 Mart. Greg — 164 Martens, Tod — 164, 270 Martin. Julia — 164 Martin, Randy — 64. 164 Martindi Mark — 164 Marvel. John— 155 Mashew, Angie — 206 Mesley. Linda— 185 Mason. Kan — 33 Masten.Jeff— 116 Mathematics Classes — 44. 45 Mathews, Jeff— 164 Mattingly, Jeff— 164 Mattingly. Susan— 164 Maudlin, Paula— 164 Maurer, Stacy— 120, 165 Male, Debra — 52 McArdle.Joo— 120 McArdle. Deirdre— 165 McAuley. Gayle — 165 McCain, Ernest— 77 McClain. Louisa— 165 McClure.Alan — 165 McComb. Teresa — 1 65, 270 McConkey, Tammy — 165 McCord, Doug — 181 McCord. Michele — 165 McCormack. Mark — 165 McCrackin, Darrell — 165 McCullough, Brent — 165 McDermott, Cathy— 177 McDonald ' s — 260 McOonel. Bliabeth — 165 McDowell, Scott— 165 Mcelroy, Tim — 165 McFarland, VincBirt — 165 McGarvey, Jim — 165 McSee, Hal— 165, 170, 171 McSoff, John— 127 McGrath. Pat— 165 McGuire, Nancy— 137 McGuire, Bill— 165 Mclnturff, Debon-a— 165, 178. 179 McKallip. Joe— 165 McKallip. Tom— 147 McKmley, Michael— I6S McLaughlin. Larry— 165 McLean. Debra — 182 McLeod. Lisa— 185 McMinn, Amy— 124 McNicholas. Marlene— 165 McPhail, Mary— 94, 165, 193 Meador. Steve — 127, 166, 193 Means, Frederick— 138. 147 Medical Classes— 76, 77 Medsker, Tracy— 166. 179 Megenherdt, Kathy— 142, 166. 176, 180 Mcginnis, Pete— 138 Meier, Mary — 166 Mellor, Lisa— 166, 179 Mellor, Meredith— 182 Melrose Jeff— 166 Mercar, Chip — 164, 166,270 Merchant, Amanda — 1 56 Meredith. Joyce — 69. 185 Merritt, Jill — 166.275 Messinger. Susan — 166 Metzgef. Kim — 166 Meyer, Jennifer — 270 Meyer, Terry — 166, 184 Michael. Tracy— 166. 184 Milch, Randy— 42. 57, 143, 166. 170, 171 Mb -164 Miles, Marilyn— 143. 166. 179 Miles. Mike— 79, 120, 121, 166 Miller, Barbara— 166 Miller, Brent — 166 Miller, Leo— 223 Miller. Lort— 41,270 Miller, Mark— 120, 142, 143. 166 Miller. Susan— 223 MiHiken, Michele— 132. 133. 166 Mills. Diane— 166 Mills, Parr— 142. 166 Minott, Lisa— 167 Minton, David— 142, 167 Mrror. Kathy— 137. 167 Mitchell, Anne — 167 Mitchell, Beth— 167 Mitchell. Carolyn— 167 Mitchell, Margaret— 167 Mitchell, Michael— 167 Mitchell, Tom — 116 Moek. Suzanne — 167, 183 Mockovak, Betsy— 142, 167 Modlin. Kathy— 156 Moetter, Kriiti— 167 Motdt. Steve— 123, 181 Monforte. Maggie — 123. 180 Morrtblanc. Mary— 137 Montgomery, Brian— 55, 167 Montgomery, Sarah— 167 Moods— 18, 19 Moore, Cindee— 91. 142, 167. 179 Moore, James— 167 Moore, Joan — 167 Moore. Richard— 167 Moore. Sandy— 124 Moores. CourHend — 167 Moores. Merrill— 167 Moorman. Debra— 184 Moormen, Klmberfy— 1 7 266 — Index Moreland, Scott — 59, 96 Morgan, Andy— 120 Morgan, S cott— 138. 147 Morgan, Tom— 119, 120, 167 Morrison, Dane— 35, 42. 144 Morrison, Sandra — 167 Morse, Diana— 1 62 Mortenson, Jay — 142, 167 Morton, Lynne — 163 Mossier, Jeff— 223 Moyer, Eric — 138 Mueller, Greg — 116 Mueller, Julia— 157 Muhlbacher. Sue— 142, 167, 176 Muhlenfeld, Kathy— 167 Mu 167 Muirhead, Tom— 167 Munro, Tracie — 65, 167 Munsell, Charlie— II, 167 Murduck.Jim— 153, 167 Murray, Andrew — 164 Murray, Pete — 55, 168 Musical Arts Center— 259 Music Men— 23.92. 93, 181 Muskat, Kathryn— 168 Mussett, Steve— 142, 168 Myers, Lynn— 168 Nohmias, Esther— 168 Nahmias, Steven— 168 Naiem, Anthony— 168 Nathan, James— 168 Nathan, Patricia— 168 National Honor Society — 67, 14 Neal.Jay— 168 Neff. Curt— 17, 113, 145, 151 Neff, Dan— 143, 151, 168 Neff, Susan— 168, 179 Neilson, Brad— 185 Nelson, Bruce— 206, 207 Nelson, David— 87 Nelson, Larry — 80, 84, 86 Nelson, Mike— 168, 187 Nelson. Vicki— 168, 179, 244 Nemec, Cathy— 120, 121, 168 e, Leslie " Nei -151 Neumann, Vicki— 168, 179 Neumeir, Barb— 168, 178 Newell, Jim— 168, 181 Newland, Meg— 178 Newman, Richard— 145 Newmark, Gregg — 142, 168 Newsfoto Yearbooks— 254 NFL— 56, 57 Nicholas, Adeline— 169, 182 Nichols, Greg — 169 Nickleson, Darlene— 169, 182 Nielson, Bred— 52 Nine, Thomas— 145, 151 Noble Roman ' s— 247 Noland, Daniel— 169 Noonan, Christine — 169 Noonan, Lucy — 171 Nora Bowl— 252 Norman, Richard — 169 Northernaires — 96, 97 Northerner Staff— 42, 63, 270, 2 Northern Lights Staff— 64, 65 Norton, Ann— 84, 169. 170 Noveroske, Rhonda— 142, 169, I 187 Nygaard, Pete— 181 A LITTLE GETOGETHER Oan- , Darr -148. 169 Oblinger, Mary Beth— 1 3 O ' Brien, Dave— 169 O ' Brien, Kyle— 104, 105, 1 14, 1 15, 169, 183 O ' Brien, Tom— 1 8 1 Ochs, Susan — 57, 143, 169 Ochstein, Michael— 144 O ' Connor, Matthew— 169 OEA— 52. 53 Of engender, Joseph — 1 8 1 Off. Carle— 169 Ogle. Jeannine— 169 Oldham. Sally— 177, 179 O ' Leary, wyn — 73 O ' Leery, Mark— 169 Oliver, Dave — 127 Oliver, Mark— 169 Oben, David— 169 O ' Neill, Anne— 124, 125 On Top of the World— 26, 27 Opening — I Orchestra — 88, 89, 1 72 O ' Reilly, Peggy— 169 Orr. Dove— 169 Orr, Louise— 9 1 , 1 79, 206 Osborne, Debbie— 142. 169 Ostormeyor. Dave— 169, 249, 270 Ottilia, Julie— 157 Overmen, James— 143, 164, 169 Ovormyer, Kathleen — 157 Overshiner, Ann — 169 Owen, Robert— 169 Owens, Alice — 180 Owen, Chuck — 84 Owoni, Glen — 169 Palrr , Berb— I , Kathy- 169. 178 -168,223 Panther Pals— 74 Pantzer, Betsy— 120,223 Pantzer, Suzy— 120, 143, 169, 187 Poppas, Bess— 169 Parker, Andy— 169, 249 Partenheimer, John— 39, 164, 169. 179 Pashos.Kay— 10, 124,206 Pete, Gloria— 169, 179 Pate, Sterling— 238 Patterson. Donise— 169 Patton, Elizabeth— 137 Paul, Alison— 169 Paul, Bryan— 128. 170 Paulln. David— 170 Payne, Brownoll— 142, 223 Payne, Denise— 170, 176 Payne. Paul— 138, 139 Peechln, Jody — 170 Pearcy, Dawn — 1 57 Pearson, Richard— 170 Pochette, Charles— 120 Peeler, Lisa— 170, 185 Poet, John— 123 Peglow, Brad— 127, 145, 170 Pennington, Beth— 1 14, 115. 170, 179, 187 Peoples, John— 170 Perkins Gallery of Homes — 255 Perkins, Joseph— 148, 170 Peterson, Bart — 1 70 Peterson, John— 4, 1 70 Peterson, Penny — 1 83 Peterson, Stuart— 151 Pfau, Cynthia— 170 Pfoiffer, Carolynn — 1 70 Ptrang, Karen — 170 Phai , Jackie -115 Phelps, Sandra- Phillips, Cindy— 52, 170 Phillips, Dave— 195 Phillips, Debra— 183 Phillips, Joy— 170 Phillips, Judy— 134, 135, 170 Phillips, Scott— 123. 170 Phipps, John— 170 Photography Staff— 62, 63 Physical Education Classes— 48, 49, -170 170 273 Pickett, Joa Pierce, Deni Piercy, Gerald — 170 Pike, Bob— 65, 170 Pike, Dale— 181 Pillow, Brad— 171, 181 Pinckard, Laura— 171 Pindoll, Lisa— 171 Ping. Donna— 124 Ping, Mary — 177 .Bryan— 109, 145, 171, Pipkin, Oliver— 108. 109, 138, 145. 171 Pipkin, Tony— 145 Pitts, Todd— 120 Plane, Use— 179 Plane, Mark— 171 Plant Parenthood — 244 Ploutz, Bill— 120 Plautz. Greg— 142, 171 Polen, Kimberley— 171 Pom-pon Girls — 1 76 Pond. Tony — 181 Ponder, Todd— 74, 98, 1 1 3, 1 5 1 . 206 Porteous, John— 63, 171, 25B Poteet, Done— «7, 171 Porter, Susan— 156 Power, Ralph— 171 Powers, Dana — 77 Pradel, Regine— 171 Prange, Steve — 171 Price. William— 171 Pride, Cynthia— 171 Pressor, Hans— 181 Pryor.Cheri— 184 Purol, Monica — 1 7 1 Ouiossor, Kelly— 68, 145. 171 Quiosser. Louise— 124. 223 Quill and Scroll— 66. 67 Rabin, Wendy— 12 Radigan, Anne — 171 Radio-Television Classes— 54 Rafforty, Marcia— 134, 137 Rafforty, Thomas— 138, 171 Ralston. James— 171 Ramakor, James— 172 Rapp, John — 20. 1 1 3 Rescoe, Sam — 172 Rattay. Dawn— 172 Rahol. Suianno— 172 Roy, Cynthia— 172 Ray, Pam — 270 Ray. Paul— 88 Ray, William— 144 Raymond, Cynthia— 172, 176 RCA— 245 Redding, Bloor— 12 Rood, David— 172 Reed, Kim— 171, 172 Reehling, Dorothy— 180 Roehling, Ron — 172 Reese, Kathleen— 172 Reeves, Elijah — 145 Refkin, Cindy— 137 Reich, Kevin— 172 Roid, Lyle— I 72 Reifeis, Robert— 172 Reik, Kathleen— 172 Reinking, William— 172 Relick, Rob— 57, 172, 179 Renoe ' s French Delicatessen— 250 Repertory Theater — 78,79, 171 Reuss, Robert — 1 72 Roxroth, David— 102 Reiroth, John— 102 Reynolds, Cleanne — 84, 85 Reynolds, Diane— 172 Rhea, Vickie— 172 Rhoins, Rick— 153, 172 Rhoodes, Dawn— 173 Rico, Joan— 171, 173 Rice, Molly— 275 Rico, Tim— 173 Rich, Laura— 57 Rich, Randy— 173 Richards, Mary— 143, 173, 176 Richardson, Alitta— 173 Richey. Both— 173 Ringer, James— 144 Ritman, Thomas — 144 Roberts, Catherine— 173 Robertson, Cynthia— 173 Robertson, Molia— 185 Robins, Helen— 57, 183 Robins, Teresa — 163 Robinson, Dana— 173 Robinson, Greg— 1 38 Robinson, Jay— 138, 145 Robinson, Mark — 1 73 Robinson. Tonya— 173 Rochester. Brian— 87, 138, 173 Roe, Cheryl— 173 Rogers, Corwin — 173 Rogers, Doug— 173 Rogers, Doug — 1 73 Rogers, Duncan— 164 Rogers, Eric — 173 Rogers, Jonathon — 1 73 Rogers, Thomos— 102. 103 Rohm, Frank— 138. 139 Rolsky, Mitch— 170, 173 Roman, Bill— 63, 64, 65, 143, 173 Root, Elisabeth— 95, 132. 184 Rose, Kerry — 120 Rosensweig, Mindy — 173 Ross, Carmen— 156, 185 Ross, Gary — 1 30 Rowe.Jim— 179 Rowe, Rolph — 173 Rump, Kendall — 120 Runciman, Tammy — 143, 173 Runkle. Amy— 173 Russell, Clifton— 145. 173 Russell, Mike— 173, 199 Rust.Jim— 101. 148 Rust, Kathy— 74. 143, 173 Rybolt, Nancy— 173 Sablosky. Dean— 173, 181 Selge.Jon— 173 Saltiman. Josh— 174 Sonchoi, Morio— 174 Sanders, George — 174 Sanders. Jeff— 123 Sandler, Jill— 156 Sandt, Julie— 99 Sanich, Mike— 119, 129, 174 Sati, Mark— 164 Sauffer, Jeff— 179 Seville. Nancy— 174, 180 Sawyer, Brad — 27 Scanlon, Cynthia— 174 Scenlon, Mike— 116 Schacht, Julie— 157 Schaefer. Jeff— 12 Schaeffor, Jill— 174 Schenkermen. Elliott — 155 Schatz, Chris— 174 Schaub, Elizabeth— I 74 Scherer, John— 174 Scherrens, Mary — 1 77 Schiffli. Cheryl— 120 Schilling, Amy — 120 Schlegel. Judy— 174, 179 Schlegel, Terry— 93. 161, 180 Schmidgall, Lorna — 180 Schmitz, William— 181 Schmutte, Ken— 148, 174 Schneider, Chuck— 174, 243 Schneider, Kay— 174, 176 Schneider, Kim— 174 School Spirit Committee — 74, 75 Schrage, Jane— 120. 137. 143. 174 Schroeder. Stephen— 174 Schroedle, Joe— 142, 174 Schuette, Leigh— 180 Schunk, Mary— 174 Schuyler, Kim— 156 Science Classes— 44, 45 Scofield, Dave— 23, 132, 171, 174, 179, 187 Scott, Brion — 176 Seegren, Dave— III, 116, 144 Seal. Kathryn— 174 Searcy, Bryn — 143, 174 Sebastian, Lisa— 1 74 Secretarial Classes — 52, 53 Segal, Dave — 138 Segal, Greg — 1 74 Segall, Linda— 80, 171, 174. 179 Segar, Ann — 206 Sego, Christine— 175 Seidel. Dave — 78 Selig, Danny— 170, 171, 175 Selig. Julie— 104 Sell, Bev— 143, 175, 176 Senen, Edward— 175 Senior Class Council— 71, 187 Seniors Not Pictured — 186 Servaas.Amy— 175 Sexson, Andy— 113, 145 Sezson. Wanda— 115 Shackleton, Maura— 157 Shackleton, Missy— 17, 143, 175 Shadows— 190, 191 Shanks, Betsy— 70, 94, 184, 223 Shapiro. Tim— 175 Shary, Mark— 144 Shaver, Kurt— 116 Shaw, Robert- She, .Don— 175 Shelley, Jin Shelton, Sherri — 175 Sherron, Dave— 72, 112. 113, 175 Shei , Robir 175 Shields. Shields, Robert— 145, 175 Shinnamon, Cheryl— 175 Shively, Steve— 175 Shoemaker, Julie— 143. 175 Shorr, Steven— 175 Shortridge. Michael— 144. 206 ShuHz, Chris— 175 Siakotos, Christine— 175 Sieloff. Deborah— 156 Sievert, Janet— 154 Sigo, Jayne — 1 56 Silc, -176 an, Ellen— 156 Silverman, Miriam— 143, 176 Simmons, Sarah— 142, 176 Simpson, Martin — 77, 176 Simpson, Yvonne — 176, 184 Sinclair, Susan— 176, 183 Sing. Francino— 142, 176 Singer, Joel — 1 76 Sipe, Townsend, and Mahrdt, Ltd.- 253 Sippel. Scott— 176 Sirka. Colleen— 176 Skltlman. Gregg— 127 Skinner. James— 138. 147. 176 Skinner. Keith— 176 Skowronek, Mike— 176 Slavin. Jill— 1 15 Sleater. Bridget— 52, 176 Slichenmyer. Bill— 143. 153, 176 Slichenmyer. Nancy— 184 Slocum. Rick— 60, 143. 176 Slop Day— 10, 12, 13 Smiles— 24. 25 Smith, Cary— 181 Smi .0«v«_l5 Smth. Jamie— 74 Smith. Jay — 195 Smith. Julie — 184 SmrHi. Ken— 127. 144 Smith. Linda — 176 Smith, Marian— 157 SmrHi, Mark— 98. 151 Smith, Maria— 176 Smith. Pam— II. 171. 176 Smith. Patricia — 176 SmrHi. Scott— 108. 109. 1 18. 145. 176, 270 Smith. Siobhan— 185 Smith. Stacey— 104. 143. 176, 187 Smith. Stephanie— 1 76 Smith. Steve— 128. 176 Smith. Stuart — 181 Smrthmeyer, Anna — 182 Snodgrass, Amy — 137 Soccer— 129 Social Studies Classes — 42. 43 Sofios, Ann— 4. 74. 143, 177. 183. 187 Sofios,Sue — 4 Sohn. Jamie— 177, 180 Sohn. Jennifer— 1 77. 1 79 Soltan. Charles— 1 77. 244 Somas. Barb— 1 79 Sommen. Wendy— 70. 223 Sophomore Class Council— 70. 7 1 , 223 Sowars, Linda— I S6 Spall. Karen— 177 Spec.a— 60 Speleology Club— 153 Spencer. Dune— 143. 177 Spoerstre, Anna — 156 Spoetstre. David— 177. 181 Sports — 98 St.Amend, Jeff— 106, 138. 177 Stable Influence. The — 247 Stage Crew — 78. 79. 166 Stall. Mark— 177 Sta mp, Alice — 1 77 Stamper, Peg — 84 Standard Automotive — 25 1 Standeford. Party— 170. 171. 177 Start, Greg— 147 Stark, Lynn— 120. 121 Starrett, Katharine— 1 77 Steiman. Debre— 177 Stein. Use— 177, 183 Stein, Pam— 177 Stein. Susan— 137, 206 Steinmetz, Dienne— I 15. 134 Steinmetz, Susan — 178 Stephens. David— 1 51,217 Stemberger. Jay — 145 Stemberger, Jeff— 1 78 Stewart. Doug — 178 Stewart. Susan— 142. 178 Stiles. Scott— 122, 123. 178 Stillerman. Ivan— 59.61, 170, 178 StiUerman. Lori— 59. 170. 171 Stinebaugh. James — 164 Stith, Kathleen— 178 Stone. Alarice— 178 Stone. Prank— 64. 1 23 Stone, Robert— 127 Stone, Sydne— I7B, 180 Storms, Robert— 178 Stover, Sandra— 10. 161, 178 Stratman, Steve — I 78 Strawn, Jayme — 1 78 Strayhorn, Richard— 145 Stretch ' n Sew—250 Strole. Drew — 145 Student Council — 60. 6 1 Student Life — 10 Stuart, Karen— 171. 178, 179 Stump, Tom— 137 Stirtzmen. Paul— 178 Stutzmen, Raymond — 48 SuKvan. Barb— 178 Suiivan, Beth— 161 Sullivan, Jeff— 178 SuBvan, Jeff— 178 Sullivan, Joanne— 178 Sutivan. Robert— 178 Summers, Gar, — 123, 178 Summers, Karhy — 142. 178 Sundstrom. Jean — 161, 178 Surber. Linda— 178 Surface. Celia— 178 Suttrniller, Kris— 163 Svenstrup. Mike— 121 Svenstrup, Tom — 120 Swen.Kathy_l83.253.270 Swenson. Ken— 178 Swenson. Wendy— 161. 177, 180 Swimetho n 69 Swimming— 120, 121 Sylvester. Mark— 179 Teggart, Caroline— 1 56 Tart. Bra— 12, 100. 148 Takesh. Debre— 179 Talbot, Julie— 62, 1 79, 270 Tamer. Mark — 179 Tenner, Veneite— 179 Tensey, Brand — 206. 207 268— Index Terak. Cheryl— 161 Tardrff. Steve— 179 Tate, Darlene— 1 79 Taw, Mary — 179 Taw, Polly— 179 Taylor. Marti— 124 Taylor, Michelle—I 79 Tennis. Boys ' — 102. 103 Tennis, Girls ' — 132. 133 Terrell, Mary— 179 Therp. Karen— 179, 187 Tharp. Terri— 223 Thespians—78, 79 Thomas. Tim — 2 1 5 Thompson. Barbara — 179 Thompson. Deborah — 179 Thompson. Jay — 127. 180 Thompson, Sam — 48, 127 Thompson, Tim — 144, 181 Thruston, Wanda — 1 77 Thurman, Sharon— 1 80 TindaB. John— 84, 171, 180 Tirmenstein, Donna — 180 Tobey. Stephen— 180 Tobin. Brian— 144 Todd, Jeff— 180 Todd. Harry— ISO To Kill a Mockingbird— 80,81 Toler, Deborah— 180 Tolge. Carina— 47, 80, 8 1 , 1 80 Toney, Stephen— 130. 180 Towle. John— 78, 181 Traas. Jennifer— 184 Track, Boys ' — 138, 139 Track, Girls ' — 136, 137 Tracy. Katrine — 1 80 Tran, Trung — 180 Traub, King — 180 Treble Tones— 94, 95, 185 Triangle Club— 68, 69 Trudgen. Anne — 1 37, 1 79, 206 Truesdale, Amy — 180 Truss, Michael— 180 Tsang, Wendy — I 76 Tuchman, Ellen— 180 Turk, Bill— 179 Turner. Beth— 180 Tutterow. Lucy— 120 Tyson. Stephanie — 1 56 Trucker. Jay— 142. 180 Uffner, Brad— 145, 151, 180 UM, Sue— 62, 63, 142. 180,270.273 Umemura. Cary— 180 Underwood. John— 138 Underwood. Laura— 176. 180 Unique Jewel. The — 249 Urbancic, Lisa— 180 Utter. Sushila— 180 Uttorback, John— 180 Valencia. Vanrossen, Susan— 181 Van Meter. Rick — 181 Vandever, Garry— 181 Vandish. Richard— 102. 181 Vandivier. Bill— 127 Vansteenwyk. B. M— 181 Varsity Singers — 92 Veughn. Billie— 181 Vea.Mike— 130. 206 Vidovic, Yvonne— 73. 135, 181 Vogt. Randall— 181 Volleyball— 134, 135 Vollnagle, Lisa— 156 Von Grimmenstein, Christy — I Voorhies, Yvonne— 181 Voorhis. Cheryl— 181 Wade. Emily— 181 Wade. Joe— 132 Wagner, Nency— 84, 85 Wagner. Paul— 181 Wake. John— 110, 144.214 Waldschmidt. Barbara— 181 Walker. Jeene— 80.81. 170. 171. 181 Walker. Kethy— 115, IBI Walker, Sarah— 115 Walker. Sue— 156 Walker, Teresa— 181 Walker, Wendy— IBI Wallace, Keith— 181 Wallace. Kent— 181 Walls, Tim— 181 Welsmith, Robert— 110 Walters, Charles— 138, 147, 181 Walters, Dave— 181 Walters, Kimberty— 181 Wampler. Brian— 130 Wamsley, Connie— 181 Ward. Deborah— 73, 182 Warner, Bill— 80, 179, 182 Wamock, Alan— 110, 144 Warsler, Robert— 144 Washington, Donna — 182 Washington, Wilbert— 1 82 Wotlin, Geoff— 182 Watson. Dennis— 123. 138, IB2 Watts, Dave— 1 55 Watts, Wanda— 182 Weather— 30, 31 Webber, Tom— 182 Webster. Fred— 181 Webster. Herman— 182 Webster. Lisa— 176 Webster, Marcia— 63, 270, 273 Weedman, Leslie— 182 Weeks, Kevin— 182 Weikel, Brenda— 182 Weiner, Mariene — 182 Weinman, Barbara — 162 Weinstein, Nancy— 182 Wells and Co.— 253 Wells, Nancy— 120, 182 Wells, Sally— 120 Wells, Stephen— 182 Welsh, Amy— 10, 161, 182 Wenning, Mike— 67, 142, 182 Wert. Andrew— 182 Wesley, Lula— 77 Wesner.Tamra— 183 West, Pabba— 70, 156, 168, 223 West, Katharine— 183 West, Jon— 155 Westfall, Scott— 142, 179, 183 Westtake, Geanora— 183 Westover, Kim— 183 Wheeling Bikes and Canoes— 252 Whitaker, Lynn— 183, 185 White, Carol— 74. 143, 183, 187 White, Geneene— 183 White, Neil— 179, 183 Whiteley, Jeff— 183 Whitted, Debra— 183 Whitten, Ba bare— 183 Wickstrand, Kathie— 183 Widduck, Laura— 16 Wides, Ron— 183, 187 Widgery, Kenneth— IBI Wiedman, Joanne — 1 83 Wiggins, Ken— 183 Wigginton, Tony — 1 83 Wilburn, Cheryl— 96, 157 Wild, Susan— 183 Wilkerson, Marlena— 185 Willaert. Barbara— 182 Wille, Laurel— 59. 183 Willey, Bob— 29, 183 Williams, Bob— 184 Williams, Charlotte— 184 Williams, Henry— 189 Williams, Kristy— 104, 105, 137, 156 Williams, Lori— 132, 184 Williams, Mike— 184 Williams, Rebecca— 156 Willis, Christie— 184 Willson, Kathy— 143, 170, 171, 184 Willson, Libby— 44, 9 1 , 1 79, 273 Wilson, Judy— 184 Wilson, Mark— 144 Wilson, Missy— 124, 1 64 Wilson, Nancy— 157 Wilson, Peggy— 184 Wilson, Sheri— 184 Wilson, Terry— 184 Winegar, Debra— 184 Wineglass. Larry— 145 Wineglass, Wayne— 145 Wirey, Julie— 184 Witte, Steven— 127 Wlodek, Steven— 127 Wobschall, Julie— 76, 184 Wolbert, Dennis— 164 Wold, Dienne— 1 64 WoH, Anne— 184 Wolf, Janet— 143, 184 Wolf, Marilyn— 171, 176 Wolf, Scott— 106, 138, 147 Wood ham, Eric— 164 Woods. Carol— 184 Woods. Doug— 184 Wrestling— 126, 127 Wright, Kenneth— 184 Wright, Stephanie— 206 Wurster, Bob— 185 Wurster, Rick— 120 Wunman, Stacy— 1 59, 206 Yanez, Sandra — 1 85 Yaryen, Doug— 54. 185 Young, Darrel— 107. 138, 147, 185 Young, Stacy — 180, 185 Let Good Times Roll Young, Valerie— 137, 142, 185 Yount, Sharon — 1 20 Yune, Helen — 156 Yun., Jeanny— 143, 185. 187 Zagarinfky. oYende — 185 Zaigler, Plchard— I 85 Zenor, Pam — 49. 185 Zingraf, Kim — 161 Zintel, Ann— 95 Ziike, Carrie— 1 59. 1 79, 206. 273 Zobbe, Lee— 185 Zuhlke, Harold— 185 Zurich miode, Joe — 13 COLOPHON: uiho-dun-it The 1976 Northerner was printed and composed by News- foto Publishing Co. of San Angelo, Texas, with the patient assistance of Indiana Representative Dick Kennard. Body copy is set in 1 2- point Century Bold. Scoreboards are set in 10- point Vogue Bold, and all other captions and folios are 8-point Vogue Bold. All headlines are hand-set using Formatt, Chart- pale, and Mecanorma letterings. 24S0 copies, 280 pages each of 80 lb. white special finish saxmatt dull-coated enamel pages were run and assembled in Smyth sewn-in 16-page signatures. Hand-set endsheets are printed in Super Blue on 65 lb. white index stock. Original cover design by Ann Bosso 76, silk- screened in white on blue shoe-grain leatherette bookcloth. Senior and underclass photography by Chase Studio. All other pictures by student photographers. The Northerner staff would like to extend their thanks to the following individuals who contributed to this book: Mark Lea, Doug Blake, Ann Sofios, Ann Bosso, Parker Lanier, Walter Underwood, Lori Miller, Mary Richards, and Lynn Levy, for providing pictures to supplement those of staff photogra- phers; Mrs. Carol Brown, for providing background informa- tion, slides, and pictures of the dedication and construction of North Central; Carina Tolge, Evonne Vidovic, Lawrence Levy, Bob Lee, Diana Webster, Joan Bedwell Pagoti, Terry Mathews Feezle, and Stephen Paul for writing of their experiences here; Mr. Carter of the Career Center Print Shop for providing the MSDWT logo; Bill Roman for miscellaneous copy-writing; Ann Sofios for an expert proofing eye; all faculty members and stu- dents for their cooperation in a variety of ways, especially Mr. William Lord and the Stage Crew for help with fine arts for- mals; and last, but not least, the entire wonderful staff of the Ball State University Summer Journalism Workshops, espe- cially including Col. Charles Savedge, Mr. Joseph Click, Mr. Randy Stano, " Doc " Chandler, and Mr. Larry Kemp, who tire- lessly put up with nine NC workshoppers for an entire week. hanks. . . Editor-in-chief Darby Dyar Production Editor Sue Uhl Head Photographer Rick Kearney Student Life Lori Miller Academics Susie Fogle Organizations Pam Hamilton Assistant Darlene Carr Sports Robin Lewis Assistants Becky Alford, Scott Smith Album Marcia Webster Assistant Jan Meyer Fine Arts Teri Dickson Ads Julie Talbot Assistants Joy Brinkman, Dave Ostermeyer Special Assistant to the Editor Lynn Levy General Assistants Pam Ray, Julie Anthony, Julie Johnston, Kathy Swan Photographers, .Tod Martens, Chip Mercer, Darby Dyar, Jeff Fisher, Daniel Epstein. 270 — Acknowledgements Somebody at a workshop once told me that " editors don ' t bite nails or tear out hair. " They were wrong on both accounts. Being a yearbook editor does spell panic, but luckily it means much more-like learning how to carry a cropper home in the school bus; becoming a " Rod ' s Rambunctious Roller; " walking all over Muncie, IN look- ing for non-existent lemons; cop- ing with photographers if you are an editor, and coping with editors if you are a photo- grapher; spending the night on Robin ' s living room floor at the Yrbk. slumber party; mem- orizing the yearbook staff mot- to: " the staff that sleeps to- gether keeps together; " work- ing with the one and only Dor Droc (alias Rod Cord) whose fi- nancial wizardry makes this book possible; getting laughed at when you cry that you left your dummies at school over the weekend; learning to like cold pizza; knowing what TGATBS means; being inspired by the great staff of the Ball State Journalism Workshops; and LOVING IT ALL! Acknowledgements — 27 1 " It has been over ten years since I last walked through the doors of NCHS. Yet I still can remember — making friend- ships (that still exist) — the smell of newness that pervaded the new building — having Algebra class interrupted on a rainy November Friday after- noon by an announcement that the President had been shot; learning of his death next period in study hall; and fight- ing back tears — being one of 969 names in the commence- ment program — indeed, my friends, those were the days. " — Stephen Paul Class of ' 63 " Second semester of 1969 was interrupted with an extra free day — the teachers of the township staged a walkout over a contract disagreement. Racial tension in the down- town area of Indianapolis meant a change of plans Grad Dance night. Instead of the formal, decorated affair at the Indiana Roof, couples dressed up to go to the Northview Stu- dent Center. The breakfast afterwards at Sherwood Club was great — made up for an anti-climatic dance. " — Terry Mathews Feezle Class of ' 69 THEN " I remember freezing in the cafeteria as I hurriedly ate my lunch — the annual Senior Slop when all the Seniors ended up cutting classes — the long prac- tices for a much-enjoyed Spec- tacular — being part of a ' living Christmas tree ' during the Christmas convocation — repeating over and over ' Two Bits ' at all the pep sessions for Mr. Walker — and competing in the annual trike race. " — Diane Webster Class of 73 272— Closing " I remember that my North Central days were spent in the building now called Northview Junior High School. I remem- ber the first days at school try- ing to remember my locker number, the combination, and how to get to class (without using the map) on time. I remember straight skirts, full skirts, gobs of petticoats, cinch belts and wide belts, and sweaters with fake collars. " — Joan Bedwell Pagoti Class of ' 61 tv Enthusiasm, delight, and anxiety are shown on the faces in the crowd during the wagon race. JO T R M THRU " Snow falling outside, Julie fleming, Ginna Gard ner, Lisa Cavalier, and Molly Rice ride to Colorad in an air-conditi Eager spectators line the side of the " track " during finals of the Homecoming wagon race. Streaking along at 170 mph, cars like this one are a common sight to crowds at the track dur- ing the month of May. Around here, the big cele- bration usually starts in May. The atmosphere surrounding the parade and the 500 itself gets the whole city excited. And naturally that spirit car- ries over into the next few weeks when school gets out. Of course, the race isn ' t the only celebration around. On the fall scene, Homecoming adds a thrilling touch to ordi- nary classes. And summer lends itself easily to parties and vacations. It ' s hard to talk about the Bicentennial in Indy because we weren ' t even a state in 1776. But we can reflect on tradi- tions like the race and Home- coming which are nevertheless a part of our Hoosier heritage. Closing— 275 i i kJ Some people think the Bicentennial is just a flag wav- ing celebration. But we all have heritage in different ways, like the " Snowbound " quilt design (on this page) that has been passed through many generations. The same idea applies to us too, because NC is a patchwork of people even today. , ' I The lights of the city in the background, cars streak by on 1-465 at dusk. Student studs Chuck Bates, Randy Davidson, Sir dasto Jefferson, De Marcus Hazelwood, and Mike Russel show off during lunch in the cafeteria. © Twenty years is a long time. Two hundred years is even longer. But it has taken all that time to bring us to where we are — 1976. Patriots and Panthers, Minutemen and Music Men, US and NC — they all stand behind us. This coming of age isn ' t something to be taken lightly. But somewhere between where we ' ve been and where we ' re going, we ' ve got to pause just a moment to " smell the roses " and celebrate " 76 " and our COMING OF AGE. JVIJVE SEVEK SIX IT WAS A YEAR WORTH CELEBRATING! Q i wfofrra p fl A Qft (6 to a ' ra ' i ' fl A » Qrt wtcfrfa fr 5. Qft W Qft wfoa ' L a p fl A Q t wtpfrfa p A Q i ra MA 6 fh X JoJtlA 0 Q t to£c0 ' L a ' p ' j6 ftllllkl DOMING OF AGE CO Ml AGE COMING OF AGE CC I AG G OF AGE COMING OF AGE COM DOMING OF AGE COMIftr H GE AGE COMING OF AGE COMINI G OF AGE C r ■ " ' DOMING OF AGE COMING G OF AGE € DOMING OF AGE C IG OF ' DOMII AGE IG OF DOMING OF AGE CO AGE COMING OF AG IG OF AGE COMING O DOMING OF AGE COMING 01 AGE COMING OF AGE COMING IG OF AGE DOMING OF AGE (Q if AGE COMING O I «• m m ■ j ' % m W OMING OMING OF AGE COMING OF AGi iGE COMING OF AGE COMING OF 3F AGE COMING OF AGE COMIT OMING OF AGE COMING OF AGI kGE COMING OF AGE COMING OF 3F AGE COMING OF AGE COMII OMING OF AGE COMING OF AGE " IE COMING OF AGE COMING OF AGE COMING OF AGE COMI G OF AGE COMING OF AGE 5 OF AGE COMING IMG GE COM OMING OF AGE COMING OF AG OF AGE COMING OF AGE COMI OMING OF AGE COMING OF AGE ill COMING OF AGE COMING OF UvMING Ur J E COMING ( G Or Al DOMING O iGE COMI OMING OF AGE COMING OF AGE ibE COMING OF AGE COMING Of j f-nt inur r r rmTmnTrrri w % I 1 '

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