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,, . . , . , , . ,, , , I ,.,., V, H . 4. . . ..,. , .,.. ..,.,-M, ..... ..,, .,,,,. .,.. ., ..... ..,.,..,..,,.,: .,.,...,.-.,,.,....,...,,.W,-,-, 5....,.,.,.,,,,.,,..,,-.Tw,,4,,,,,,4.,,..,,.,.,- ,,.,,.,,,..,,,.-., X fy X1 my N5 L V fx gp-WQEXNIN AJ fy 9 ff BJ' Q2 , Mk GV . v ,N ,. if 0? 2 'CC W gggly JW W M if f W Y rr? N Q ' Q, iq Ax V vp - X Q "vw DJ A XC, 5- 2 X VV fx! fi Xf-. ,Nj :Af X O Lv ik fix X' Hag! , I V W x'x jj-Jw N .351 Q? VJ - N x , KCSSENMQQ' CE , tl 1 I , 5-NSE, N !,2.1 9 V35 f-rw ' MQW W gp. I Lymjyfw S WCLJLQCLQ m LQ Xe Jtlavgwir Lvufxfa K X Q EJ JY WYE my W Gy S S-S35 Q vwvwd gal kj!! jjfady NJ W K f 3 sw 6 Si? 345 a K0 Q A Agp!-Q XCV Q J XJ r f f XX L OX m ff f VL . V A M! V fl Afxfsp' . h ' '1' A9655 7 wx R ' V513 JW wg A S 5, , . A Ax l N Op? A Qs - , X X f , X ' kt' I ,RX xL xx XX H U? , AK I 1 114 A ,3 S Q Q? A Lf vw fc ' 9 Li v f' 2 ,7fz,fgQ7 . 0 n. F- f' 7 ' 35? 53? Q AO, ' ,5 Q b 03 fx A 5? 5 VL F 1 M 'I 43 D N I iv W 59 X V Vxeflfxc XF 'I V3 f ' I Y H2 4 fj Qi Q Q ,-"7 ' f - 'X x mg hx vi Xl! ml 410 f QCQ1 s?.'fgNJ dkfw ff 17? f" Q 57 ,ff Q Q 4 5 1 43 1 Q2 J l 5Qe'Liu95i1'MZM'W5 ,Mlff MLJSWLJC ,LV XJ Oxcj A Z fxflf, LL Iii, K 2 I 1' , I jbv, 1' ll rx , .5067 3 ' O 'I 3 ,xf if HU'XLb , ' I Us SWK Om H MM Ov 0"?ffffA1f0C W1 05 '1474r,Q 'EQ " L QW' f 4 ffw X160 u O42 JLOK4 JT X aj f C px? lv he 17 V X , ' WMWWA W W Aww M Wwiwzwv J? O,yGW,,sM -,v 2 E. ,' 1 H H, K ,, S A 'ofi-KWTQIKL W' gm? Anim -Lfiv ' , ,, fa M wwf ffwfffgb f U M wwe ww X 1 f Wife 009134 JQIWU ag u Q, QW 4 4A,Av wi ' agjg-RM XM 1 f4,6ue,1ff"fJ4,fjL 1 QRQQ FM UKVLL QL r YqW f XXX ""ZLLj X' Shaq' , .x , - -Simi 'si 33. H Q SQQQ Qi X M will M- 'Pi fig I ff 5 L7 , x ' J. f A fi 5' B jf ff 1 if R ' 9' ,J 7j HY 1 N ' .X J' ff V Y! ,ff Rf Jmadxi' 1 f' 1 gffy- A A my I f QV Lfflf - Q wwf' W0 me QQYQJGWQK -J, 341214 5 Q 5 R Q 'f' , 80 Q' 2 'JffWi ,ffW M 1 01 WTO 'M fb Q J, if ,Q 7 Cf' 0 15? VIQ Sm LJQIJQGQVLQYQLX FX, OL TQX' ykyx XQ jlplfvkfff I fb' QQ? F X9 A , , ,'. ' 'UK' ,N ff,mQ'i?5j,ff19! 0nf5OL,fUX fi 35 145259 ,WW fwfpfadfw "f Q fw 79 1 Qmfify bYffv'5hJQ'fzffULf'H'WdFyL OL H mwia Q wp ffl A 1 -N . N' K ,Wx A,3,Uv'p jf Y I , Vp If 16 fw . W ,W yy .. FN l Q NZ' Q5lOGv 'K X ' X . 10 U fN 09' " X504 Qfyf , --X 1 513.1 W 55.6 aio, Q9 J n its X' A k.A0x -,J Q "H, ,V XG' sg, pw L5 v w?, , xgf- Q fhw ff ,M WW 15104 mf JW Qsgwwy QW lffwf 4 W X ' Y 5j,9'u?S X ,UD ,fl HK L. a n,l ' .. L, V 1iQN jI V QU-' V 1 .k .Lf myk' wr X, ,I VHA ff Ji! x 1 P1 Q J , ,X N f W ,X - X , ' x vi' Y x , N4, X 1 ,fl K I w 995 Q I nw ., X .M Xx U MU l , JU M51 UMM 559, 3 jA 5 X31 fnnji fa! M43 Z! J, ja ffm, 311' in fr Table of Contents Academics . . . . Fine Arts ..... . . Organizations . . . . . Athletics ...... . . Individuals ..... . . . Advertisements . . . . . Index ........ . . . 2-Student Life 20 40 58 94 128 .224 .248 Iife abeginswiih med i +a+ions: ihoughi waves Sfanding a+ ihe ihreshold of a momeni in mg hnind labkingbfar info the ceaseless wonders of ihisadaga Calling from fhe mouniainiop- go along our way Std 1:Lf 3 ESCAPING FROM THE NOISE of the student center, underclassmen take time out to make use of the extensive facilities provided in the humanities room of the library. AFS. mixers contribute to friendships lt begins with little thought at all, just another school year. Then suddenly, individuals begin noticing differences in the school's atmo- sphere. An atmosphere of thought: deep thought. A type of meditation. Today marks the era of a search for peace. Today also marks man- kind's conquering of an unknown world beyond ours: space . . . the moon. And we are left here to think about these trying experiences and accomplishments. As we go through daily life and school, we find each day a new experience to evaluate in our minds. Our minds which are de- veloping so quickly. And each of these moments become a meditation, wave upon wave . . . thought waves . . . waves of nature . . . waves of life. DANCING AFTER A FOOTBALL game, stu- dents enjoy the music as they relax. 4-Student Life HiREIK ii 3 SN I THINKING OF THE YEAR ahead are stu- dents Alan Gillespie and Mike Cloncs, student council leaders. EXCHANGE STUDENTS, Bart Vermeulen and Marie Frantz, meet friends at an AFS coke party. During the year parties are planned to make the students feel more at home. SENIOR MERRIL STERN, helping during a school safety check, applies a 1969 safety sticker to a student's car. All cars parked in the school lots must be safety checked. Student Life-5 Seniors swing The theme of the 1969 Junior Prom, "This Magic Moment," de- scribed accurately the feelings of the junior class as they danced to the music of the Jim Edison Dance Band. Reigning as king and queen of the Prom were Doug Kniptash and Judy Allen. ln the final days of their high school careers, the 1969 seniors dis- played their "seniorities" once more as they threw their "volume of four years learning" over the student cen- ter banister. With mixed emotions, the seniors attended graduation cere- monies at the fairgrounds. Louise Steinmetz and Bob Habig served as valedictorian and salutatorian. The senior activities concluded with the Grad D a n c e, "Bourbon Street Blues", held at Northview Junior High School. HUSHED WITH ANTICIPATION. seniors wait to receive their diplomas during com- mencement exercises in the Coliseum. while saging "so-long" NEVER LOOKING BETTER, seniors met in the parking lot and proceeded to the Student Center where they sang the school song. 4' ,MXJC X I NEWLY CROWNED King Doug Kniptash and Queen Judy Allen reflect the theme of the Junior prom, "This Magic Moment." A SUDDEN FLURRY of paper storms the Student Center as seniors bid farewell to North Central. GAZING INTO THE wishing well at last year's Junior Prom are Dave Light a Hehn. Cindy Pribble and Paula Van Ness were co-ordinators of the Prom. nd Bonny , ., ,. -, ,,,.-.,,.,.,.-uw. MQW., MK M, Ami. -,E.,J1t.mS f V ., V f ' - 2 f A f ' -- . -W 1969 Spring Sports Dag highlighted bg A dance featuring the Soul Mes- sengers and the North Central Relays track meet highlighted the eleventh annual All-Sports Day. The event brought out a massive showing of Panther spirit in support of the teams. Although the baseball double header with Shelbyville was rained out, the North Central Relays were a huge success. The contest was a close match between the Panthers and the Tech Titana, who finally de- feated Central by a score of 79 to 72. Representing the Panthers at the dance meet were Rick Lash and Greg Hen- derson in the dashes, Harry Penning- ton, LaSalle Thompson, and Rick Stone in the distance runs, and Steve Callaway and Bob Perlstein in the pole vault, and Joe Poland in the shot put. Pam St. John was elected queen. The All-Sports Dance was a suc- cess that was attended by a larger crowd than ever before. The chair- man of the Student Council spon- sored affair, Barb deRaimes, helped choosing the theme, "Stoned Soul Picnic." BUSILY READYING the award medals, the members of the Spring Sports queen court eagerly anticipate the announce- ment of the winning team. IN A FINAL SPURT of energy, Rick Lash nears the finish line in the North Cen- tral relays. UP, UP, AND AWAY, Senior Bob Perlstein easily clears the bar in the North Cen- tral relays. The Harriers went on to place second in the state meet. Student Life-9 f WHILE LOOKING FOR a receiver, speedy Panther quarterback Steve Clayton is defended by ready Kevin Holloway. WAITING FOR THE BELL to end lunch, students take time out from a busy schedule to gossip in the student center. Panthers enthusiastioallg support activities " "' REHEARSING THEIR LINES for "The Curious Savage" are Charlene Schwartz, John Miller, and Rick McGinnis. Steve Easley managed the stage. 10-Student Life Many different moods are found around our school . . . The war in Vietnam, inflation, pollution, in- creased pornography in literature, and drug usage create a concerned mood over the 1969 scene. Likewise, reaching the moon, successful race relations, efforts toward peace, ar- tificial hearts and cures for diseases leave a mood of accomplishment and tranquility over us. Expanded mass media and a broader education enable N.C. students to make in- telligent observations and to act ac- cording to their good judgment. Though awareness of national and international p r o b I e m s prevail, there is still invaluable time to be spent participating in athletics, music, forensics, art, and drama adding to the book knowledge gained in high school. What we achieve here may help us create a happier mood for the seventies . . . OCTOBER 15 WAS MORATORIUM DAY across the U.S. and at N.C. Those students in favor of the Moratorium wore black armbands, while those against it wore white bands and United States flags around their arms. However, both sides demonstrated peacefully. STUDYING INTENTLY about their belief some students sit in the student center. Bogs partake in mang sports activities VICTOR'S SMILES belong to Mr. Friederdorf's golf champions, Denny Dawson, Scott Stone, Gary Gant, and Bob Koschmann. Coffin Golf Course hosted the event. ROUGH AND READY, B y ro n Weaver's "wonder boys" anxiously watch the game. COACH CHARLES RlLEY'S 1969 state championship cross country team brought North Central its second state crown in six months. , ., A t.l,t ,,.. t,W,. - s i . 1 ,. is 1 lafist b' '1 f -ggg.ggg53igrs,g,:,: .. mmf f- -f ffif M' ' 4' 1 5 Mx. Mlzhfur I hz, an ,:"'A!, l ' V K wi V. V. in H Q , I., ,A LW in X 4.2. I Q " Q . if" , ' 'lk ,,. ,- ' s W s Q? r Q as fbf Q ' 'w w-vu it V 'F i'-' . - . - D 'W' '- 'S . ft , ' ff 'la W' v H . . ., ' '-', si 2" 'fl milf s: WSF? 'f'i- . 5 ' 5" ,, ..'. A' " .Z.-'Q . , . ., . it ' M3 - . TJ 42- " is , ' its ., 'N'ff1i,," ff gs is ai.l A r . 1 urra A V i". .t ,V -V A ' A A ., ' 3 ., Q , . . 3, 2 F i it mf- t Student Life--12 Sports have always been a I part of N.C. life, and winning is a dition too. From the state champs to intramurals, efficie and sportsmanship always pre' Several boys formed intramural f ball teams that practiced after school and on week-ends for the play-offs. senior team, "Sabo," was the 1 champion, with Tom Hudson Gary Gant serving as co-capta School spirit heightened when a booster section was set-off in fl of the press box by letterman. I formation and signs livened up stands, accompanied by spirited Summer found Centralites preparing for fall sports wor out at the tennis courts, run around the block, and participa' in neighborhood football games. Apart from the informal practices, actual football practice started in mid August, followed by tennis and cross country. Large turnouts and active participation help continue the CENTRAL tradition. yells. ' l: ' - l ' r 1, Km kg EAGERLY ANTICIPATE the beginning of the North Central-Ben Davis football the gridmen run through this hoop in order to promote school spirit. DON'S DESTROYERS and the "CCs", in- tramural football teams, battle to the end. 'V Student Life-13 Homecoming 1969 . . . ! WARM SUN, and agile young legs brighten the trike race, held the Tuesday and Thurs- day before Homecoming where one hundred teams tried for the winner's title. SENIOR HOMEROOM E144's float carries a happy, heavy load. MUSIC BY the "Idle Few" surrounds cap- tured thoughts of Jody and Steve. The 1969 trike race, master- minded by Bob Hutchinson, and fea- turing two new tracks, started Home- coming with a bang. A special Stu- dent Council float honored "The Chasers", s o p h o m o r e winners. Awards for best costuming went to two junior homerooms, Degler's Darling Demons and Hillis' Hares. Mitch Engel and Marc Berkowitz collaborated to write the winning skit, which featured a girls shaving scene at the pep assembly. Five float entries followed next in- cluding the winner "Smoke 'Em Pan- thers," sponsored by the junior class. Bill Stevenson emceed half-time ac- tivities during which Jody Reel was crowned queen by Nancy Wrege, last year's queen. The following night Steve Clayton was crowned king at the annual turnabout dance, en- titled "Magic Carpet Ride." The Court included: Debby Franz, Sarah McKinney, Cindy Pribble, Judy Roberts, Dick Briede, Doug Knip- tash, Matt Miller, and Greg Nefouse. NANCY WREGE LOOKS ON, while happi- ness fills Judy Roberts, Jody Reel, Sarah McKinney, Cindy Pribble, and Debby Franz. RUNNING WITH THE BALL, a speedy Panther races toward the goal, resulting in a N.C. victory. Student Life-15 SENIORS ENJOY amusing pep assembly before Hammond-Noll game. DIRECTED BY BETH THOMAS, Senior girls perform skit during pep session. 16-Student Life Cold does not hinder winter spirit In spite of the snow and sub-zero weather, North Central Iivened up the winter with dances, mixers, a play, and an abundance of school spirit. Sarah Dean, Janie Redmond, and Sally Swinford were chairmen of the student council Christmas dance, "Twelve Days 'Til Christmas." ln February the drama department pre- sented Don Quixote, a play about an idealist out to save the world. "Traces of Love", the Valentines Day dance presented by the sopho- more class featured the music group, "The Urge." School spirit exploded during Pan- ther Pep Week which included the County Basketball Tourney. Judy Al- len, chairman of the school spirit committee headed the activities. TAKING ADVANTAGE of the snowy weath- er are seniors Steve Easley and Nancy Wray. PANTHER PEP WEEK posters line the cafeteria before the County Tourney. CHRISTMAS COURT MEMBERS C'Twelve Days 'Til Christmas"9 include Donna Pike, Tom Kennedy, Kris Servaas, Brad Gray, Lynn Habig, and Matt Miller Qnot picturedy. Student Life-17 SCATFERBRAINED KING PELLINORE, Chris Wright, confronts Guinevere, Natalie Giltner, in "CameIot"'s May celebration. ESCORTED BY ALAN GILLESPIE during "Round Table of Fashion", Carol Baker models one of today's highest fashions. 18-Student Life Camelot. can drive. clothes conquer fall "What do the simple folk do?" was the famous inquiry made by Queen Guinevere during the days of King Arthur. Most of the "simple folk" returned to North Central to begin fall classes for the 1969-70 school year. While obtaining new schedules, new teachers, and new friends, mem- bers of the music department found time to rehearse for their perfor- mance of the musical "Camelot'.' The entire atmosphere of the school at the time of the family jamboree was one of chivalry and shining armour, as the Round Table of Fash- ion headed the fall festivities. The can drive, sponsored by the Key Club, pulled in a record-break- ing amount of cans. The results proved the student's unity, regard- less of their schedule differences. BUSILY MOLDING FRESH clay, Billie Jack- son seems to be a "big wheel" in the field of pottery. Mrs. Guerrero and Mr. Buchan- an are ceramics instructors. THE ANNUAL KEY CLUB can drive, a com- petition among classes, provided food for needy families at Christmas time. Seniors triumphed with 8,170 cans. ACADEMICS Eb, y' . P , Q5 rw x ' . ' If 1 R 1 L 1 1 ee. . . Here iheg come- ixg . . . released after gears of being kepi in hiding iheg're WI 8h ihe ladder rung bg rung ,,,,,,,pnsun.a,, . . . buf demanding Vw:-ww, mmm.. f-f1eaf,N.., ,, ocuahon g . . , ..,.x.'.-rf'sv,isgg,Wf "- fam-45:1 - mtg . fi ' . 1.6. ..,,',,1SL.:i,M4'ig. . ef . a' . 1S"3??.5f" ' :W lnfvryyimp A if,g,..,.A., .. ...M gf Jw I - -7 .-4fw.'gQ.w,., .mv n ..- '-V ""' UAH" -4- ,. 14 Wk H V, I if ' f ,. A A """Ff"w i ' +A , w... in . .idd ., . ,. 4 ,Wi . mexgr' .V i -'I---ff 'lean-w......,,., .W . i. . . ,, X 'I ' - if.,- sew" ?'+ff.,, If t " 915, A , - X Y ef 1 i 1 .,...,f, . 1- 'au.i'ifsf?ii!' A,-M-'nw,,,,., Academics-21 UNDER THE DIRECTION of Mr. Fruits. N.C. is active in Forensics. 5 . 4? r i CONTEMPLATING W O R L D PROBLEMS, World History classes compare differing governments. Academics provoke new thought waves STRESSING PROPER PRONUNCIATION, Mrs. Overman teaches attentive students the fundamentals of French l. Simple dialogue, the first verbs, and discussion are included. 22-Academics Hope for the seventies may have started with the strong academic pro- gram that North Central offers, and which stimulated thought waves of conscious change. English, mathe- matics, science, languages, history, business education, industrial arts, and home economics formed the solid base for this change. Literature classes learned to read Old English, and to interpret the New. Pollution's threat caused intense dis- cussions in science classes. Domes- tic problems need scientific observa- tion along with the atom, the cell, and the vertebrae. Foreign relations may be helped by N.C. trained lin- guists. ln keeping with the world's pace, Russian was taught along with French, Spanish, German, and Latin. History classes learned of our Ameri- can heritage-and how to uphold it. October 15 brought about a nation- wide Moratorium protesting the war in Vietnam--this proved as a chance for students to see peaceful protest in action. Black Culture and Interna- tional Relations classes answered a need for more liberal study. SCIENCE-CONSCIOUS Randy Clifford studies rock samples in geology class. NEEDING AN ENGLISH BOOK, Joe Yount stops at student council bookstore. Academics-23 English department tackles pronouns. plags. and Poe Striving to make their classes more interesting, several North Cen- tral English teachers employed meth- ods that demanded active student participation. Mrs. Baggot's junior English class wrote and performed plays to illustrate the works of Ed- gar Allen Poe. Mrs. Nelson added spice to her classes by holding panel discussions. Guest speakers visited many classes. Also adding to this years courses were class field trips. Miss Nees' class attended a performance of Hamlet at Indiana Central in con- junction with their study of Shake- speare. Again, this year students raced the machines in reading lab to in- crease their reading ability. Speech class paved the way for future great orators. DEEP IN CONCENTRATION, Mrs. Pride's sophomore English class learns the finite points of the "New" English. Writing paragraphs and themes with S.R.A. is included. BEFORE THE l.U. OPERA company pre- sents Pucini's Tosca, Mrs. Brothers Hu- manities classes review the story. 24-Academics l THORNTON WILDER'S PLAY Our Town is reiterated by English teacher Mr. Cox. sf .1 D...-'.1. - , . 41- .. . A . in-,l..1f.+la. M, ., .,,w,, SENIOR CINDY PRIDDY jots down ideas from her winning "Freedom's Challenge" speech. This contest, sponsored by the American Legion, awards the winner with a fifty dollar savings bond. SOPHOMORE CARL BURGE uses the Craig Reader in reading lab while his English teach- er, Mrs. Bowers, watches his progress. "Drill in skill" is the theme of lab work. HUXLEY'S BRAVE NEW WORLD brings out the savage in Kirk Johnson as he drama- tizes the tale for English Lit. Academics-25 Language siudenis dream of foreugn BEGINNING SPANISH STUDENTS enjoy hearing real Mexican dialogues. Academucs-26 lands. peoples Fascinated by far away places, language students worked to bring the atmosphere of the country being studied into the classroom. Films, foreign magazines and novels, skits, displays on individual cultures, and tapes of foreign "pop" songs made distant shores seem closer. Many Centralites studied abroad last summer and could report to their classmates exactly what life is like in other lands. Through the l.U. Honors Program, Nancy Hayes, Mike Cloncs, and Alan Gillespie travelled to Germany. Anne Gold- bach, Sylvia Hyde, and Mark Pitt- enger spent two months in France. Jeff Montgomery and Jan Bellard toured Italy, Larry Davenport and Bob Nagey lived in Mexico. Fourth year Spanish students brought a literary flair to the lan- guage department by creating a Spanish newspaper. Mr. Arnold spon- sored this project. The language lab was a most use- ful and valuable tool. Independent study in addition to classwork in the lab was encouraged. ALEX BRAITMAN informs Miss Kinnison's Latin class about the Roman Senate. France DESCRIBING the latest escapade of Le Petit Prince, Charlene Schwartz. leads the class discussion in Mrs. Wells third year French class. Only French is spoken in the course. Academics-27 Social Qtudies brings students Q is li REPRESENTATIVES AT Hoosier Girls!Boys State. Dave Howell, Sarah Dean, Rhonda MIKE DRISKELL and Fogle, Bruce Fisch, Gary Scudder, Mitch Engel, John Jenkins, and Steve Perkins, re- to use a display in member the summer. History class. at FOLLOWING UP their studies Of human behavior, Mr. Berry'S the fesponsibiiities of many different age EVOUPS 3CC0l'ding sociology class designed and display various posters illustrating iflf0l'mafi0f1 Obtained by SUFVGYS taken by the Students- closer to understanding of past We "lived" history: reaching the moon, watching the Vietnamese War enter another year, listening to a senator address his constituents in Massachusetts, and in our meditative generation with thoughts to ponder. Sophomores met in World History classes to discuss major world socio- economic problems. They then re- lated them to the present day happenings. Current events played an im- portant part in U.S. History classes. Special reports from AFS students made pupils appreciate their herit- age. Government and sociology made reports and sunleys on pertinent is- sues of the day. if KID!! 'Mi' i 'fi 9 t an M or . if ' 5"!V'i'?7!i31, , ggi Q57 SEGA ,Q Ni 5 'sa i QM: a 2 ' Qi . f V' 5 r Q - W W 51, ,V g g A is 'Q 'S it Q Future scientists probe atoms and cells 4 1 I 1 BUG SEARCHING REACHES an all time height as proved by zoology students Katie Kahn and Kris Kunz. 30-Academics ln the year 1970 science is an es- sential, even if it starts with the realization that you're dissecting a cat, the esctacy when you can ac- curately rattle off all 103 elements, or the distress when you obtain poison ivy while collecting plants for botony or bugs for biology. The narcotics class, headed by Mr. Robert Prettyman, helped organize a parent-teen program on drugs. A panel of students took part in a dis- cussion on the problems that drug users face. The panel also discussed the availability of drugs in our schools. lt is hoped that more pro- grams similar to this one will help parents and students become more aware and better informed of the drug problems facing many young people. This year, chemistry at North Cen- tral takes on a new look. The depart- ment is trying a new method of study called independent study. ln this pro- gram, the teacher supplies the infor- mation to be covered in an outline form. The student must then seek this information out and reorganize it in a manner which he finds under- standable. It is hoped that this course will make chemistry more interesting, and will also give the teacher more time to devote to the individual student. Battling poison ivy, bugs and in- tangling weeds is not thought of as the normal teenage Saturday activity However for seventy-five North Cen tral zoology students it turned out be quite beneficial. These seventy- five students were participating in Mr. Russell's annual zoology bird hike. The group left early in morning and traveled to a nea state park. The day was spent hik- ing and observing many different types of birds. The students un mously agreed that the trip was great help in the study of ornithology. As a climax of the study of mam- mals, the zoology classes dissected cats in the lab. During this lab, students learned to identify the ous parts of the cat's body and re them to the human body. The stu dents are also given a smattering organic chemistry. Thus, the school year draws to a close, as the memories of chem lab with its periodic charts, an ornithology with its bird hikes into the background. The year 1970 will indeed be a year to remember. " "UmfiE' ' 'H - " , K mu THE IMPORTANCE of careful measurement dures more understandable. The students unanimously agreed HirSh and Helen l'lHfgadOn- This year the science the tapes proved very helpful in bettering their understanding began usirlg visual tapes to help make lab pr0Ce- of the material presented, DEVOTING HIMSELF TO the prevention of drug abuse, Mr. Robert Prettyman, chairman of the Science department, dis- cusses the effects of heroin. Academics-31 32-Academics Math makes space age possible . . . Many of us were introduced to the new math in grade school-then found that our parents were not too much help with the homework of high school! lVlath of every level, general math, business math, algebra, geom- etry, pre-calculus, calculus, and math topics were available to stimulate the minds of a thinking generation. Common in the math department were moans over a major test, panic over a late assignment, or numb fingers from frantic note taking. From the first addition problem of grade school came the real, complex, rational, irrational, imaginary, and pure imaginary numbers of 1970. Projects in Algebra Ill and IV, such as posters explaining proofs, over- head transparencies, and a function machine which illustrated how func- tions worked, broadened the ordi classroom experience. The so o mores traditionally displayed a of their artistic geometric designs which even the upperclassmen mired. Students dreaded their exams. USING FUNDAMENTALS of calculus, Ann Fletcher and Larry Peck solve a puzzling problem. RULERS, SLIDERULES, erasers, and books assist harried math students. GEOMETRIC DESIGNS ENTHRALL math students when they walk by this display case. Us- ing color and creativeness, artistic geometry students labored over these projects. PUTFING HOMEWORK PROBLEMS on the board are Algebra I students, Juli Foust and Scott Hinkle. Equations, graphs, homework, and long tests are included in the course. Academics-33 Business Dept. opens new opportunities EVEN THOUGH IT'S last period, typewriting I students do not loose their pep as Mrs. Cutter dictates an assignment. Here the basic typing fundamentals are refined. The business department ope various new fields to the studs Many senior girls took part in teaching which provided useful l s perience for a career in teac Other girls found that classe shorthand, clerical and secret practice would help in obtaining after graduation. For those bound students, a course in came in handy. Some students to learn the many aspects of and merchandising to acquire able skills for an occupation. students gained experience in distributive education which they devoted many to their jobs. A course in business helped the students variety of the aspects of and gave them a choice as to specific field they may want to enter This year's business curriculum gave the students a look at what was in store for in the future. CAROL BAKER takes time to give one of her students some individual help during her pre-teaching period. 34-Academics SENIOR BETTY BUCHANAN listens intently, as she records some dictation in her secre- IN ORDER TO GET an accurate answer, tarial practice class to increase one of the skills used in the business world. Senior Chris Court uses the adding ma- chine available in her record keeping class. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Front Row: M. Krause, M. Buckner, T. Isles. Back Row: J. Duckett, B. Butler, L. Mahorney, R. Cooper, P. Morgan, M. Ward, A. Null, B. Thompson, G. Elam, D. Humburt, R. Powers, S. Griesel, L. Clark, J. Day, M. Schmidt. Academics-35 WORKING DILIGENTLY and with deep concentration, Georgene MacLennan applies the new techniques she has learned in class in order to complete her project by the final deadline. 36-Academics JUDY ROBERTS MAKES a strong point as she participates with Paula Trattner, Kathy Blood and Brenda Humphreys in a panel discussion as part of their family living class. ALAN CRONK and Bill Kunz use their book to apply their new Electronics skills. o Wy T y New skills acquired bg participation Demonstrations, guest speakers, and projects added to the everyday curriculum in the Practical Arts De- partment. Group discussion, panels, and supplementary texts helped the students gain more insight to their subject. The clothing classes worked on developing their techniques in order to have a fashionable, finished proj- ect for the style show held in May. The foods classes learned by ac- tual participation through preparing meals. ln child development, the girls had group discussions in order to learn important information which will be beneficial to them. The boys enrolled in auto me- chanics learned vocational skills through practice. Projects in the electronics classes kept the boys busy throughout the year. The print- ing classes gained experience by printing the Northern Lights. n-awww. KElTH WARFIELD waits while Sanford Han, Victor Horne and AI Johnson work on the car. Auto mechanics provided boys with an opportunity to work on their cars. ANGIE NORCUTT and Claudia Her- rick assist Sue Seeley in fixing a meal for their foods class. ACBUBITHCS Gum and health classes coordinate mind and bodg The main objective of the Physical Education Department was to coor- dinate the physical and mental abili- ties ofthe individual. For North Cen- tral's 1268 sophomores, the pro- gram proved to be challenging as well as interesting. Through partici- pation in such activities as archery, tennis, football, basketball, volley- ball, and track, students not only developed basic skills and under- standing, but had fun in the process. New experiences were offered in the form of co-educational gymnastics and the traditional square dancing. A new addition to NC's fine equipment was a conditioning machine that al- lowed a wide variety of exercises for a number of people at the same time. Concentrating more on the mental aspect, health classes studied the many systems which combine to compose the human body. Driver's Education proved to be the most popular course in NC's summer pro- gram as well as the largest of its type offered to students in the state of Indiana. STRETCHING FOR THE BASKET, this boy knows how to earn points. V ..,.., N MISS POND ANSWERS the questions of Junior Dan Richard during Health and Safety class. Students learn about the different systems which compose the human body. Academics-38 J. GYM ASSISTANT Mike Altman uses the "Hercules Machine" for muscle building. GOT IT! Active team members are ready to assist in their volleyball game. Academics-39 FINE ARTS ,f 14, f 1 1 -fd ee Open up your h0W evergbodg's go+ io i+'s jusi a maHer f-V, 3 has come 5 vu someiime Fine Arts-41 W L f I Q 'E' 5' at 41 4 .J 1 Q'-' ,, , ., fs Q: 'aww K zu "" XM 'Nu 'W' 4 .-fn Q - . nv x 'R M v , 'Nui .,., -, 'S , S w m x ,,. K W... Y x X X A ft . f ,-f- A W-"Q ffl ,,L,, 'gl' yi n r K1 'QQ' 'Q ,J a we 6 -1 Q -f i V .. .Q W ' za' - W 1 . " 3 4 Q1 Aff" Q 1, uv- '11 U, g yy , " 4' 2 1 L 5 '4 5' kb 1 if wk p w ' W , A K K W Wx 1 4 il.. L- ,,:,,,, A: A Y , if -I J J L , ' Z I V :AV Y sw, if, 7' j K fi "V ' ' A " -D 'mi Q lin' 5' t"7Lvae"?' -3 2 'Q-we x ,lin Emji5 N ,X jp , Q 5 f 5 X. Marching Band welcomes President PRACTICE, PATIENCE, and perfection are the important goals of smith. The band, comprised of sophomores, helps each the Concert Band which is under the direction of Mr. Rhine- achieve better quality and musicianship. 44-Fine Arts what Fine Arts-45 52 xg ,Q K QQ 3 E la g i w Je E9 ff 1 1 3 f -"- 5 2F'wE'6fQ Egg 5' 3 'gi' if Q WWF HM Q 1 . 1 ' Q -V 1. 'A' 1 . a ' . " 1 Y u Q 1 ,f Q Q, X 1 'E fir -r N 5 I' if L I 'E K? s 1 J 2 'fr J 35 Q l -- 2: 33 nf 4 13 5 4 1 A. ' TO RIGHT: K, Kelso, B, Tindall' M. Frankgvitzy Gillies, D. Thomas, M. Ayer, G. Worley, T. Kennedy, J. Gellis, S. Hiland, C. Stone, C. Baughman, V. Sego, C. Osborne, K. Miller, D. Peet, C. Pryor, K. Richardson, L. Wagner, B. Shearer, I S. Shadinger, C. Prosser, K. Williams. G. Lyons, S. Nl-TUST. C- Ford, S- FFIYZ- PARTICIPATING IN the Christmas pro- gram, Sophomores Barb Mathews and Cindy Carl rush to get on stage. Fine Arts-49 fs 6 ef I3 f gi Students believe practice makes perfect AFTER MANY HOURS of hard work, Music Men's "moment" arrives as they present their selection of songs. af if Iegesge, J f WITH THE STATE CONTEST in mind, a trio composed of Richard Eaton, John Miller, and Mark Miles practice ardently. Several music trios advanced to the state contest. REHEARSING FOR THE Winter Pops Con- cert are Urbie Green, a famous trombon- ist and Mr. Rhinesmith, band director. Fine Arts-51 Self-expression plags essential role in studen CAREFULLY SHAPING HER VASE, Kathleen McRee, senior, demonstrates her skill at op- erating the potter's wheel. This is just one of the goals of ceramics. AS THE STUDENTS lN SILVERCRAFT learn the basic techniques, they soon acquire the proper skills. Marsha Johnson applys her knowledge as she makes rings for her friends. Paper-mache, poster board, bright colored paint covered the rooms as the fundamentals of were learned a n d projects created. During the Christmas son, the art classes provided sc decorations for the school by playing their holiday paintings. The girls in weaving class taught to apply two basic ideas design and color scheme before at tempting their first projects. three different types of looms vided the opportunity for the dents to make wall hangings, rugs, and carpets. Imagination and talent were important ingredients in ceramics, sculpture, and silvercraft. The dents shaped pots and statues of dif- ferent sizes and design which l were put in an oven to harden. Jew- elry such as rings, earrings, and rings were made by the students in silvercraft. projects TRYING TO GET "AHEAD" in her art class, Cathy Pigg critically surveys her art work. The art department encourages creativity through its diversity of courses. A ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS and neither does Jody Cook in adding her finishing touches to her paper-mache creation. WORKING WITH ONE of the larger looms, Linda Sherry portrays the correct method for threading the beater. Fine Arts--53 f.. Www labs atmosphere With the rise of the curtain, 'another year began in the drama de- partment. The house lights dimmed and one began to realize the work that had been going on weeks pre- vious to each production. The spon- sors of the department, lVlr. D. C. Henderson, Mr. William H. Lord, and Miss Connie Climer, had been work- ing with Repetory and National Thes- pians in an endless series of re- hearsals. "Curious Savage" and "Doctor In Spite of Himself" were delightful comedies that gave their casts an opportunity to display their talents and to gain theatrical experi- ence. The audience giggled while their eyes were big with excitement as the children's play "A Christmas Carol" was being presented. Old Mr. Scrooge again performed his antics with the three ghosts of Christmas. Don Sancho and Rozinante, the loyal "amigos" of the famous adventurer, Don Quixote, stood by him in the winter production of "Don Quixote de La Mancha". With that the lights went up and the 1969-1970 drama spectacular was over. AN EXCITING STAGE atmosphere is being created as students combine their efforts to present a good show. THE FACES OF Peggy Crisp, Gina Urgo, and Pete Cairns reflect stubborn pride in the play "Curious Savage". Students demonstrate theatrical know-how 1" if F E REHEARSING HIS PART AS Don Quixote in "Don Quixote de La reacting to situations in the play with the varying emotions Mancha", Senior Mark Miller displays his theatrical talents by attitudes of the character he portrays. Last minute details and "encouraging words" are only two of the items that drama coach Mr. Henderson is responsible for during such pre-performance get-togethers. 56-Fine Arts DON SANCHO'S loyal donkey by Senior Tom Farmer, his master's call. AROUND BEFORE a perfor- mance of "Doctor ln Spite of Himself", Richard Eaton, Mike Fairman, and Steve Easley discuss their roles in the play. AS CARRASCO, DAN AGAN MAKES scholarly attempts to bring Don Quixote out of his dreamworld of chivalry in the winter production of "Don Quixote of La Mancha" Fine Arts-57 ORGANIZATIONS .ii ' E , X x QQ 'N X M Be gourself and live a Iiiilgmv . ww 'A don'+ bother painting your face iomorrow H maqrain- andcolors run . . . .1 MPV 42' ,fwihwy I' W , Ou 'A' ww ivwlliis., .1..,y-248 ,W fm.: ww WMA nwnnuw' Wfmmw ,mfg """""KMuuki N 'L our fellow man a su ou W mm-w'Mm"!'mWmN . . f 2 ff ' -f -mmwm.p4Qm,, I kr ligne f K K, W , b I " WPWQAV ,rm 4 1- 1, ,- ggi-if ' V, H wmw,,!w W , ,573 .,k, 1 l A W -uw up ,Q A fine Eff ers a umque aioni . . WW 'W . .. A ,,.. Y V1 ,, , , ,, , . ,K . M., QA. , 1? , ,, .M .LQwz':P .L ' don'+ be afraid - .igx. gqgtbs- oursglf. """"""' ' ' 'A M , -jffzff "f ., wwf 1 I x.,.MfjW,,gff"",,,K, ,i W A Organizations-59 Council strives to reflect student opinion Making the 1969-70 student coun- cil a sounding board of student opinions was the aim of president, Allan Gillespie. This goal was carried out through music, drug, and politi- cal seminars, student forums, and the student council bulletin board. The 119 homeroom representa- tives did their part in co-ordinating such activities as College Night, Career Day, Homecoming festivities, and the Christmas and Spring Sports Dances. The Panther spirit was evi- dent in the success of the council's Panther Pep Week. Posters, beanies, buttons, and school colors all played a part in the exciting week. Much of the council's time was spent in revising the Constitution. Ac- quiring stainless steel stanchions for the combined curriculum ensigna was one of the accomplishments of this year's council. COUNCIL OFFICERS-Jennifer Mills, Ass't. Sec., Steve Perkins, Treas., Allan Pres., Mike Cloncs, Vice-pres., and Lisa Sewell, Sec. SENIORS ON STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row: B. Hutton, A. Kurtz, L. Habig, S. Dean, L. Ziska, S. Swinford, J. Allen, P. Boges, J. Redmond. Row Two: F. Navarro, S. Perkins, L. Sewell, C. Ba- ker, J. Hancock, M. Behrmann, M. Millholland, E. Falender, C. Smith, S. Lewis, R. Eaton, T. Scheele, F. Martin, M. Cloncs, Davenport, B. Freeze, B. Stevenson, N. Kempler, D. Hullett, Rohn, J. Cherterfield, G. Willis, D. Corbin, A. Gillespie. Mr. sponsored the council. Brolin, B. Tindall. Row Three: G. Wilson, J. Poland, D. Gipe, M. 60-Organizations JIWUNIORS ON STUDENTS COUNCIL-Front Row: G. Chavis, J. ills, P. Kendall, E. Fink, B. Boeldt, N. Berkowitz, A. Ferguson, I. Russell, K. Wilson. Row Two: D. Paetz, V. Ziemelis, L. Bader, '. Douthitt, L. Glassmeyer, C. SerVass, B. McKinney, J. Kosch- inann. Row Three: T. Brewster, R. Ratliff, J. Howard, J. Snyder, S. West, R. Hall, B. Marvel, D. Steel, M. Odell. Row Four: D. Cur- ry, J. Taylor, B. Heller, R. Stover, G. Uebelhor, J. Arbuckle. Row Five: T. Elliott, B. Gibson, D. Pinckney, D. Crabb, M. Miles, G. Lecocq, D. Leander. SOPHOMORES ON STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row: W. Schwartz, 3. Clay, J. Wehmeier, M. Delgado, J. Johnson, J. Brown. Row Two: R. Weiske, N. Giltner, J. Bailey, J. Hancock, S. Richardson. Row Three: L. Neff, J. Southard, D. Pike, C. Carl, J. Knowles. Row Four: S. Siggins, S. Miner, P. Schaefer, S. McClain, E. Swish- er. Row Five: J. Levinson, B. Borman, D. Palmer, J. Hixon. Row Six: R. Kautzman, M. Thompson, B. Binkley, B. Lennon. Row Seven: T. Wohlgemuth, L. Becker, C. Melin, M. Redish, Echart. Row Eight: F. Fulmer, B. Gray, R. Habegger, P. St. Angelo, K. No- vick, M. Davis. Organizations-61 Speech teams offer exciting competition NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE: First row: D. Fogle, J. Russell, E. Fink, C. Cotton, A. Ferguson, R. Koehler, M. Cray. Second Row: R. James, L. Schneider, J. Johnson, B. Heller, J. Kahn, E. Swisher. Third row: V. Sego, A. Sacks, J. Vollrath, E. Dock, V. Druker, J. Stogsdill, L. Flynn. Fourth row: A. Freeman, L. Resnover, B. Bur- DEBATE: First row: A. Sacks, L. Schneider, J. Johnson, C. Cotton. Second row: F. Zeckel, T. Drummond, J. Vollrath, R. James. Third row: J. Kahn, L. Ferguson, S. Goldstein. Fourth row: S. Levine, M. Goergen, T. Brewster, S. West. 62-Organizations ger, V. Sissle, V. Calkins, F. Zechel, T. Drummen. Fifth Row: West, S. Goldstein, R. Blake, B. Shanner, R. McGinnis, M. gen, R. Zekle. Sixth Row: M. Beherndt, D. Landers, H. Cohen, Bursky, S. Levine, L. Ferguson, B. Binkley, T. Brewster. READING THE DAILY announcements over the public address system is Jay Bursky. Members of National Forensics League were selected for this honor during the year. By earning the necessary 25 points or membership in National Forensics eague, students who were interest- d in public speaking joined together nd competed in invitational tour- ieys. Speech meets, held at various igh schools, presented ribbons for winners. Presenting arguments was a key goal of Debate research, members able to support their topics of Gam. Members of National Honor So- continued to help tutor stu- in major academic subjects. Honor Society member- was limited to juniors and se- in the upper fourth of their who had gained two merit from their teachers and were in school functions. This year members evaluated each de- ofthe school through polls. of the Society included: Corbin president: Fred Martin, Janie Redmond, sec- Mark Pittenger, treasurer. Jeanine Freudenburger spon- the organization. In early May, members were invited to join. induction ceremony was held in auditorium followed by a recep- in the student center. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Front Row: A. Fletcher, A. Weinheimer, D. Sullivan, C. Me- Iin, R. Fogle, L. Sewell, M. Millholland, K. Flickenger, E. Falender, J. Redmond. Second Row: J. Jontz, N. Hayes, C. Berg, N. Hartman, K. Kahn, K. Kunz, C. James, S. Wright. Third Row: G. Willis, J. Shoemaker, L. Davenport, B. Sanders, S. Bianchini, H. Minton, P. Reynolds, C. Suday, L. Bloom. Fourth Row: L. Peck, D. Miller, T. Farmer, A. Blickman, R. Leff, J. Alexander, M. Pittenger. Fifth Row: J. Chesterfield, R. Eaton, A. Holt, G. Let- win, D. Marsh, D. Rardin, G. Scutter, D. Laux. l l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row: P. Slemmer, A. Goldbach, P. Palmer, P. VanNess, K. Vonnegut, J. Bellard, L. Ein- standig, S. Baker, D. Pickering. Second Row: B. McKinney, L. Habig, J. Thomp- son, M. Moore, L. Deck, K. Lorch, L. Wag- ner, J. Allen, D. DeCoursey, S. Krise, D. Franz, B. Borton, S. Dean, S. Fehsenfeld, M. Levinsky. Third Row: D. Morgan, D. Dlott, G. Sullivan, S. Perkins, K. Shields, J. Wallace, B. Lawson. Fourth Row: D. Corbin, G. Smith, D. Elliot, J. Crane, A. .-.. Gillespie, D. Porter, D. Gipe, F. Martin. Organizations-63 Keg Club, Lockets aid school, eommunitu Key Club, a service organization, was involved with North Central af- fairs and community projects. As a tradition, Key Club members assist- ed with "Back to School Night" and "College Night". One of their proj- ects was the can drive, in which members distributed canned foods to needy families throughout Washing- ton Township at Christmas time. Lockets, similar to Key Club, was a girls service club. Newly formed, the girls did worthwhile services to aid the school and the city. One of their projects included a highly suc- cessful car window wash. Locket m e m b e r s gave Centralites the chance to make their school more beautiful during "Clean Up Week". The girls painted trash cans red, white, and black. BUSILY PAINTING TRASH cans for their "Clean Up Week" are Lockets Margie Koerten, Chris Kunz, Anne Julian, and Terry Tavel. 64--Organizations KEY CLUB MEMBERS Fred Martin, Bob Luginbill, and Miles Kappes set up for a check before the music department's production of "CameIot.' NEWLY FORMED, LOCKETS is a girls service club Mrs. Hillis, with Rhonda Nisenbaum, chairman, vice-chairman: and Bette Perry, secretary. WITH LOCKETS' car window Rogers. Faculty and stu- benefited. KEY CLUB-Front Row: J. Hollander, M. Kappes, S. Burns, B. Stern, F. Martin, T. Scheele, G. Turner, R. Edgarton, J. Kahn. Second Row: L. Peck, S. Ball, B. Heller, T. Moore, G. Lecoq, K. Novick, S. Maxson, M. Fogle, R. Richert. Third Row: J. Taylor, B. Borman, J. Stone, A. Blickman, G. Sullivan, R. Fishman, M. Blickman, D. Pinckney, D. Thomas. Fourth Row: H. Moose, M. Miles, R. Eaton, B. Strong, B. Luginbill, B. Barker, B. Woolford, G. Smith. Fifth Row: J. Kelly, G. Scudder, M. Engle, D. Clacomb, M. Novick, A. Gillespie, G. Hutchinson, L. Becker, J. Stone. 2 Foreign students build international unity Through the American Field Ser- vice and Youth for Understanding programs, foreign students had a chance to live with American families and witness American life. North Central played a role too, as football games, mixers, snow, and "senior- itis" greeted our friends. During the year, a coke party to honor our students was given. Inter- national Day provided them with a chance to speak about their home lands-highlighted when they spoke in their native tongues. Exchanges were arranged, and week-ends were spent with students from other schools. Tours, like a day at Butler University seeing Clowes Hall and a fraternity showed them Indianapolis life. Informal parties helped make friendships stronger and build relationships that make people more aware of other cultures. CENTRALITES PEGGY SEGALL and Peggy Thompson chat with foreign exchange st Porn Vajironuroch about her native country, Thailand. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS and AFS officers include Bart Alf VonKries. Ann Goldbach is president, and Sarah Dean s Vermeulen, from Belgium, Marion Frantz, whose native country is as vice-president. Luxembourg, Porn Vajironuroch, from Thailand, and German born 66-Organizations A U.S. History book are Alf Von Kries, our foreign exchange student from Germany, and his American brother, John Pechette. program promotes international unity and brotherhood for a better world. v'f'3'u1'w AN AFS Club meeting, members chat excitedly about the approaching Interna- Day' Wmch was 'Way' Feb'Ua'Y 20- EXCHANGE STUDENTS GROOVE to Amer- ican music during International Day. Organizations-67 Manu taste excitement, adventure of European life Numerous North Central students took advantage of the opportunities of traveling throughout Europe with student abroad programs. Various groups offered students the chance to travel and study in foreign lands. The tours helped in promoting world friendship and understanding among the young people of the world. The World Academy tour allowed Centralites to travel overseas while studying such subjects as history, foreign languages, and art, as well as sight-see. Mrs. Solman, N.C. teacher, went to Europe to observe. Several North Central students passed the stiff requirements of the l.U. Honors Abroad Program. They were offered the experience of living with European families and observ- ing how their lives differ from Ameri- can life. Mr. Schaaf sponsored a group of students from our school going on the People to People Program. This group was the first from Indiana to go on the international program. They spent 45 days touring 15 cities with home stays in Athens, Amsterdam, London, and Vienna. ln our own country, many N.C. students attended the Washington Workshops, a congressional seminar in Washington. For two weeks in the summer the group studied govern- ment in the morning and spent the afternoons on Capitol Hill. The stu- dents had the chance to talk to many influential politicians of our time. VIEWING AN ANCIENT CASTLE is Susan Marks, N.C. senior who Europe. As a lone Hoosier on the tour Susan learned about dif spent the summer with the American Leadership Study Group in ferent American cultures as well as European ones 68-Organizations WANDERING THROUGH THE gardens of Versailles, Anne Goidbach competition with other students, Anne was one of three to repre- and friends relax after a fun-filled day of sight seeing. After much sent N.C. in the I.U. Honors Program. Organizations-69 Deadline dates push staff to the finish The 1969-70 yearbook staff spent countless hours in preparing this year's Northerner. Perseverance, journalism knowhow, and a lot of hard work went into the book. Work on this year's yearbook really began in the summer. The staff editors attended a journalism workshop sponsored by Ball State University. Also the theme, type style, and cover were chosen. This year's t h e m e was "Meditations, Wave Upon Wave." The 48 staff members then began work on the book in early fall. Meet- ing the Nlarch 6 deadline was the year's biggest challenge. In the spring of 1969, fourteen Centralites made "Quill and Scroll," the national journalism society. Re- quirements for membership included serving one year on a school publica- tion, being in the upper third of the class, and a recommendation by the advisor. BUSILY SORTING PICTURES for the album section in order to meet an deadline for the yearbook are seniors Jill Hancock and Sally Swinford. QUILL AND SCROLL-Speaker, Fred Alexander, Louanne Ziska, Bell, Cathy McCormick, Con Hamaker, Chuck Tate, Joyce Ryder Debbie Boring, Susie Bohard, Karin Lorch, LeLe Bundles, Susie Vicky Carvey, Ray Ochs, Jim Alexander. 70 Organizations NNUAL I 84 ll-Front Row: Phyllis Raphael, Cheryl Dickinson, Gahan, Cheryl Reese, Nancy Weinberg. Third Row: Larry Daven- Mary Ann Pearce, Ann Nickel, Debbie Bellish, Adrienne Zendell. port, Steve Scott, Chuck Bruno, John Fuller, Tom Roberts. Fourth Second Row: Laura Deck, Randy Koehler, Fran Krugman, Patti Row: Rick Bauer, Debbie Bill, Chris Peeler. l Organizations-71 NEWSPAPER STAFF-Front Row: L. Ziska, D. Sullivan, D. Hamak- pictured are: M. Altman, A. Bundles, K. Carson, B. er, K. Servaas. Row Two: S. Wolf, J. Kahn, D. Ziegner, B. Gibson, Gelman, T. Gerholdt, M. McNicholas, M. Murray, D T. Scheele, P. Minx, L. Cannon, R. Ochs, J. Ryder, T. Kiser. Not The staff is sponsored by Mr. Cord. ...if PUTTING HIS ARTISTIC TALENT to use, Senior Larry Davenport sketches a cartoon for the Northern Lights. The paper is printed by North Central shop classes. 72-O rga nizations ' THE ETCHINGS IN THOUGHTS" Staff-A. Stonesifer, at desk, Mr. Jenkins. Standing J Jontz N Hayes A Weinheimer, L. Davenport. SMILING, DIANE SULLIVAN watches as Steve Wolf comments on a feature story. Diane was a member of the News Bureau staff. BUSY DISCUSSING a current issue of the Northern Lights, Mike Altman and Tim Scheele suggest needed improvements. Organizations 73 IQIEWM 22325-5 i ,A I J in-ff, T 3 ,v i Vtzk Q '33 is W , Egg V7 Ai 9353, E z S' 5: 1 i E Qi 1 5 . 51 fum. 7' Language Clubs stimulate earnest studg A deeper understanding of foreign plus an increased knowl- of exotic customs was gained foreign language clubs. French Club was the Gras. Done in true French this event, including floats and foods, was climaxed by the of a queen. Members of Club continued their tradi- Christmas fun, breaking a pinata. This year a new was begun, called Latin Senate. rs studied the Roman way of The club was composed of two elected from each Latin class. Club expounded upon the of its country, and learned new facts. All individuals that the clubs round out their of foreign languages. the clubs did not meet as as they did in the past again managed to have while learning the customs and of foreign lands. GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS-fLeft to rightbz Greg Smith, president, Keter Davidson, sec- retary-treasurer, and Dave Crabb, vice-president. EXAMINING THE PINATA ARE Spanish Club members: qleft to rightjz Mr. Schaaf, Marcia Rust, and Jan Bellard. Organizations-75 Drama groups stage successful productions IN THE PROCESS of building a set, stage crew members Dave McCarty and Dick Waller hand a flat to Julie Eaton and Becky Burger. 76-Organizations North Central's theater produc was cooperation. Costume-Ma Club, Stage Crew and Internati Thespians put forth a grand e in order to excel technically as as dramatically. The International Thespians s sored the three major dramatic ductions this year. Participation the school plays counted toi membership in the lnternati Thespians. The Costume-Makeup Club vided costumes in all modes of d and makeup for all the productions Stage Crew members mainta one of the best equipped stages m l The byword behind the scenes t l the Midwest. Stage crew me were responsible for the constru of sets and the operation of the equipment. PAINTING A SCENE-PROP for one of the productions are stage crew members Car- olyn Nichols and Ann Dean. I "lAL THESPIANS-Front Row: J. Bellard, K. Ogden, G. Urgo, A. Ferguson. Second Row: B. Boyd, E. Fos- A. Stonesifer, K. Goldberg, W. Wurzman, S. Tremps, C. Prosser, Mr. W. H. Lord. Fourth Row: M. Fairman, S. Easley, G. Sullivan, D. Goldstein, J. Case, B. Lawson, T. Far- mer, R. Eaton, D. MacDougall, D. Fowler. Fifth Row: D. Agan, an, A. Weinheimer, A. Freeman, L. Bloom, G. M. Miller, C. Wright, R. McGinnis, K. Ogden, D. Crabb, D. Kin- Third Row: L. Blackburn, C. Lancet, P. Crisp, S. Curry, Calderon, M. Keith, L. Creviston, J. Claypool, B. Burger, C. near, J. Hunter, D. Gipe, S. Kiewitt, Mr. D. C. Henderson. BEFORE A PRODUCTION, Costume-Makeup club member, Christy Tremps, assists actor Mike Fairman in applying his makeup. Organizations-77 ll 1? 23 EET vw? 'M " ' 0 1 4 1 'Q ff ,Q-7 I! as " . ,SQ f 2 ' arious clubs continue to at-tract student interest Although the new scheduling of this year brought about a in clubs, a few continued to popular among Centralites. Music Club, which met every weeks gave students a chance to before the student body. weeks of hard work, these tal- individuals presented an as- in the spring. Another popu- club was International Relations. the direction of Mr. Moore, strove for a better under- of worldwide problems. A innovation among clubs this was a Spanish Club Newspaper. extension of Spanish Club, this included editorials, car- jokes, and crossword puzzles. served as the club l i 4 KEEPING TIME WITH moraccos is Dwaine Merriweather, a member of Folk Music. Folk Music Club met twice a month after school. Organizations-79 Assistants contribute with time and talent "FEARLESS" SENIORS, Holly Minton and Dave Smith, face the perils of being lab assis- tants. Feeding the animals is one of the many dangerous tasks they perform daily. HELPING TO LINE UP colle e re resentatives a uidance office assistant Cind Pribble, E D l 8 - Y sets up appointments for other interested seniors. 80-Organizations Many interested Centralites unteered time to assist faculty secretaries by working as lib lab, or office assistants. Students who were late to sc undoubtedly saw the attendance fice assistants in action. Along issuing admit slips, these stud delivered attendance sheets, and lected absence lists. Guidance office helpers alplf tized, filed, and kept records foi school counselors. Librarians greatly appreciated help of their assistants. She books took up much of their 1 They also checked out books magazines for the students. Science assistants helped out teachers by taking attendance, ing tests, and cleaning lab and equipment. D.,-W' .A,,..w.1-of-"h"f'L . ,,,.feef" , Anne THE KEY word for fourth period library assis- Each period workers offer their time to keep the library quiet, V, ' , ' ' ' . ' d, d ff'c'ent. Clayton Rich Sherlee Ladd, and Debbie Trice organize an e I I Lwmaarrmf.. "BUT YOUR SON lSN'T HERE," explains Karol Stevenson to a disbelieving mother. An- other attendance office assistant, Anne Matney, sorts IBM computer cards. Organizations-81 af-Li FULL OF PEP AND ENERGY are the boys responsible for keeping tion assistants help the North Central coaches demonstrate the underclassmen gym students in shape. These physical educa- thing from basketball to square dancing. COVERED WITH GREASE AND GRIME is graphic art assistant, Larry Passon, running a 10 x 15 platen printer. 82-Organizations Talented Centralites offer aid to faculty Who said that helping teachers a drag? The audio-visual, graphic and gym assistants found it both informative and worthwhile ex- They enjoyed the oppor- to put their individual talents work. Physical education helpers en- leading exercises and demon- stunts to gym students. The appreciated their help in papers and checking shower Delivering, repairing, and operat- audio-visual equipment were performed by A.V. assistants. also laminated, dry mounted, made dittos for the school Printing the school newspaper was of the big jobs undertaken by art assistants during the year. These students also tickets and programs for Central productions. MAKING INTRICATE ADJUSTMENTS on one of the school projectors are audio-visual assistants Eddie Beverly, Mike Lewis, Steve Holtz, and John Raber. THlS "PYRAMID OF MUSCLES" is really the girl gym assistants. Many athletically in- clined students spent one period of their school day helping gym teachers. fx ' f 'Ki' A Vg gg W EM -4' X, im, , N nr Spirited Centralites back our Panthers A zealous pep band, enthusiastic baton corps, and fiery crowd added o the Panther spirit. The seventeen members ot the baton corps practiced daily to per- fect their routines and performances. The corps performs annually in the Veteran's Day Parade on the circle. They also marched in the 500 Festi- val Parade on opening day at the track. This year the twirling corps had the honor of performing at the airport when President Nixon arrived in Indianapolis. The group was led by head majorette, Cindy Kriegbaum and feature twirler, Susie Getz. With such numbers as "Up, Up, and Away," and "Girl Watchers," the pep band did its part to instill spirit at the games. TWIRLING TO THE MUSIC of "Georgie Girl," junior members of the baton corps, Cindy Kriegbaum and Jan Stephenson, work out a new routine. l 2 NORTH CENTRAL BATON CORPS--Front Row: Head majorette, D. Odell, S. Simon, V. Swenson. Third Row: J. Harker, D. Powell, C. Kriegbaum, C. Wright, S. Neese, S. Kauffman, C. Mordoh, L. P. Elliott, J. Stephenson, J. Kimball. Turner, feature twirler, S. Getz. Row Two: R. Hastings, L. Hershey, Organizations-85 , , SQ! E x Q F' 1 Q ' I 3 XT 19 5: E 4-vm -... QA' s wvsfvwwi , ' M .Q . it ,,, ,mfawz-ff ai A 5 'Q .,mg adet corps mphasizes eadership Members of the NDCC Infantry attalion put in long hours of train- ng, focusing on leadership, disci- line, and m e n t a I and physical evelopment. The Drill Team participated in drill eets at a city, county and state evel. The Rifle Team was represent- d by Senior Bob Decker who won he title of State Junior High- owered Rifle Champion. At sports vents and other school functions he Color Guard presented the flag. f great aid to the cadets were the ponsors who assisted in the plan- nifw of the Military Ball and the Inspection. DURING THE 13TH ANNUAL Federal In spection Cadets Burge, Sublett, Ritchie and Cameron present the colors. J. Jones, C. Holder, B. Green, R. Mallinson, A. Goshert, Fourth Row: C. Christena, B. PROPER CARE AND HAND'-',NG of their Melcher, B. Smith, E. Myette, B. Olson, M. Rivers, D. Holder. rifles is part of basic training in the NDCC program at North Central. Organizations-87 60088, mfr n 30 DAYS enables Centralites to lead double lives Central's "fairer sex" enjoy playing a rough and tough sternation, Susie Bell plots her teams strategy. EVER SAID that sports are only for boys? Many members game of football on a Sunday afternoon. With a look of con- enaws 'H IIN! I Il H CHQHI IIN II PICKING UP TICKETS EARLY for their weekend dates are Sophomores Brad Keevil and Fred Coraz. Many Centralites spend their Saturday nights at the movies. Organizations-89 Central students use time A to do "their own thing" DEMONSTRATING THE FAVORITE time of the feminine sex is Susie J son. ANIMAL LOVERS Meg Madawick and Sheila Ostrom spend a few of their spare hours playing with the animals in a near-by pet store. 90-Organizations WE ALL KNOW, eating ranks number one on the list of favo- Central students will stop in for a snack at the bakery or an ice activities. Like Sally Punches and Debbie Jezzard, many North cream parlor before and after school. DISPLAYING THE HEARTY APPETITE of the male sex, Seniors Gary Shirley and Dave Wilcox scan a menu for something "yummy" to eat. Organizations-91 JQIQ, BAUBLES, BANGLES, AND BEADS attract North Central girls, Debbie Detmer and Randy Koehler, who are interested in this year's "now look." 92-Organizations ADDING TO THE TOTAL LOOK of '7O's, chunky heeled shoes are in year. NUOGR MMS Leisure hours spent browsing, shopping E W AT GIRLS LIKE BEST Randy Koehler Anne Holland girls have more money to spend on the latest fashions. H , . , Kempler shop for clothes. By taking jobs after school, 35' WAITING FOR THE TEES T0 THAW, Mike Behnke and Brian Crowder shop for golf clubs for the coming season. Organizations-93 , M2 ww A L ,,, .. ffm V, I ' ami' in-if . U . Vwzsjy-.'iifHLi1f:. ' ' ' 2Q'2, t' i, ' --'lf-w"' , -- M x A W' , f I . . wg. I -fm 'S' ' -1 I I W L L ,.,, , - ,V , H' ,, L-M 5 , an 'ff , f .: K' K' J ik 4 1-J"fbf4P ,,,,,.,.,.i V 'WQ53' "-' Q GW:':.:.'w:ff..,-W-V ' -. , . 'f' ' "WQWf"'4' wb' -' U 2.-'film ,, f H '-H W W ' .J Q. 1 aff! ,4iff'5 nw, gaw- 1 J' if ,W , ,Q ,F ATHLETICS ihrough Ihe never 9 which we whlle un a info Ath letics-95 Gridmen finish third best season ever "9-I" Coach Byron Weaver's varsity foot ball team had one of the best record in North Central's history this year after winning nine games and losin only one. The Panthers won thei fourth consecutive county champion- ship and were rated 18th in the fina AP state ranking. They extended th varsity record to only five losses i the last 50 games. After beating a strong Carme team 13-O, the Panthers defeate their next two opponents, Lawrenc Central and Noblesville. Losing close one to Broad Ripple 21-16, th team rebounded to win the remain ing six games, including victorie over tough Kokomo and Hammon Bishop Noll. Excellent overall team play wa the key to success this year. Sixtee players scored points, led by Dou l Kniptash with 52. RUNNING FOR YARDAGE, senior halfback Greg Nefouse gains against Lawrence Central. Nefouse carried fifteen times for 76 yards, an average of five per carry. ni f .f.1..a Q, em, ,. . 1969 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: M. Obrien, G. Nees D. Pepple, C. Johnston, D. Hullet, S. Clayton, N. Kempler, D. EI Iiott, D. Briede, D. Light, B. Freeze, D. Gates, M. Milender, R. lr- win, D. Avels. Second Row: G. Nefouse, G. Belt, P. Thompson, D Kniptash, R. Colglazier, B. Burge, D. Claycombe, J. Hutchinson 96-Athletics i M. Sebastian, D. Curry, M. Miller, L. Shaw, K. Holloway, T. Mc Soley, H. Bailey. Third Row: R. Fasola, S. Gaither, J. Jorman, Rl Green, F. Fullmer, A. Fowler, G. Summers, J. Moore, 0. Mayfield, P. Griffith, J. Snyder. There will be 17 varsity players returning next year. ' teen receptions. He gained 196 yards and scored four TD's. FOOTBALL-1969-VARSITY Carmel............... 0 Lawrence ....20 Noblesville .... .... 2 6 Broad Ripple .... ..... 2 1 Ben Davis ..... . . . E Warren...... 12 O Kokomo...... NC NC NC NC .... NC NC NC NC Arlington ....... . . . Hammond Noll . . . . . . NC .,.. 7 NC Northwest .... . . . 0 13 22 32 16 . . . .32 20 14 . . . .33 15 34 LEADING THE TEAM onto the field is senior end Matt Miller. Miller caught nine passes for 186 yards, an average of 20.7. FORCING AN INCOMPLETION, seniors Greg Nefouse and Dave Light help defeat Arlington. The two made five thefts this year. l NC 34 NC 32 NC 19 NC .... 27 NC .... 34 NC .... 14 NC .... 29 NC 10 PUNTING AGAINST CARMEL, Senior Steve Clayton boots the ball for a successful kick. Clayton had a 35.8 average for 30 tries, with his longest attempt going 60 yards. FOLLOWING THE BLOCKING OF THE PANTHER LINE, Senior Dick Briede carries for a Substantial gain. scored four touchdowns for the season. Eight Panthers make 196 tirst string All-Countg tea North Central placed eight pls on the 1969 Indianapolis Star County team. Steve Clayton, Kniptash, Chuck Johnston, Dick Claycombe made the offe first string and Greg Nefouse, Elliott, Nate Kempler, and Nl Sebastian made the defensive string team. Quarterback Steve Clayton pleted 60 passes for 909 yards 13 TD's. Leading the rushers Chuck Johnston with 724 yards The reserve team, led by sc more quarterback Joe Moore, ished the year with a 7-1 record, ing the final contest to Blooming 12 to 10. FOOTBALL-1969-RESERVE Carmel .............. Lawrence ........ .... Beech Grove .... . . . Broad Rfipple .... . . . Ben Davis ...... . . . Warren ...... . . . Arlington .... . . . Bloomington .... . . . Briede gained 434 yards I., I 5 'Wh , -iz' ai J iR'ECElVlNG THE HANDOFF, Senior fullback Chuck Johnston was second in scoring, by carrying the ball 112 times for 728 harges toward the line. Johnston led the team in rushing and yards, with an average of 6.5 yards per carry. Ath Ietics-99 1969 RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front Row: T. Mote, S. Huff. Third Row: R. Carmichael qmanagerj, T. Pfeiffer, M. Robi Ball, M. Lickliter, B. Long, M. Redish, L. Franklin. Second Row: son, S. Pel'lrliSf0rl, Coach CHHFIBS Riley. M- Thibodeau. W. Rame W. Gasper, D. Wolf, J. Elliott, D. Wray, W. Yount, J. Soltan, M. D-Dyke.P-MHfS0f1Cm2I1agefD- SPRINTING IN FRONT OF THE STADIUM, Tom Rust, senior and co-captain, heads for the finish line during a meet after school. Rust placed 17th in the state meet. 100-Athletics CROSS COUNTRY-1969-VARSITY NC ..,. 15 Kokomo ..... .... 5 NC .... 15 Manual ....,. .... 5 Broad Ripple . . . . . .7 NC....22 Ben Davis Howe , ..... .. Lawrence Central Shortridge .... NC ..., 15 Warren Central . Arlington ..... Pike Hokum Karum ....... Scecina Invitational ...,. Ben Davis Invitational ..... Bloomington Invitational . .. Broad Ripple Invitational . , . Northwest Invitational . . . Cou nty ....,,........ NC .... 19 Sectional .....,.... Regional . . . State .... 7 8 ....8 ....5 7 ..,.Fir ....Fi ....Firs ....Firs ......Fi Secolril ....Firs Secon . FOUR? ....Firs orth Central Harriers apture first State Crown North Central's Cross Country am under the coaching of Charles placed first in the state cross meet after placing second the last two consecutive years. by returning Iettermen Rick and Dave Porter, the harriers Tech and Highland to be their opponents. Rick Stover the two mile record with a of 9:41. Later in the season he voted most valuable runner by teammates. Stover and Potter led harriers to their state cross crown finishing 15th and respectively. Rust placed 17th, 19th, Porter 39th and Gibson lst to compile a total of 106 points rom the first five finishes to grab he state title. 1969 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front Row: S. Pratt, R. Stover, D. Mills, S. Potter, J. Taylor, D. Porter, Coach Charles Riley. This is North Central's sec- ond state team title on the record books to date. T. Rust and W. Gibson not pictured. 1969 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front Row: R. Car- Grahm, P. Matson fmanagerb. Second Row: Coach Riley, S. Pot- michael fmanagerj, C. Augustin, D. Mills, R. Stover, S. Pratt, A. ter, D. Porter, J. Taylor, C. Wulf, M. Barnett, W. Gibson. Athletics-101 i K Av., " l 7 E ii -rf X -x m, ,h,:i 3 fy, x ,,,.,,3, ty X if W N ' f 4 ,ggi if , ,,.,x ia V 1 ef 4, VK A, ng J .Ei . 9 ,W A v - -xx , 451,11 Y , Ex, ,, 3 a., if ff- Panther netmen capture third county title Starting the season with six re- 'urning lettermen and seven seniors, 'oach Arlan Lickliter coached the 'agers into their fourth consecutive inning season. The netmen opened he season by trouncing New Castle ut then lost to Carmel. Rebounding o beat Lawrence Central and Koko- l o, the hoopsters dropped their next our games. After beating Tech, the anthers emerged victorious over arren Central in a closely contested ame. Finishing the season by win- ning their last six regular games, he Panther netmen finished with a late of 15-7. The highlight of the Panther cagers' schedule came during the County Tourney where they beat Franklin Central, Warren Central, and Southport, three tough competi- tors. North Central's hoopsters lost o Tech in the Sectionals. BASKETBALL-1970-VARSITY 83 . . . Newcastle .,........ . . . . . . Carmel ............ . . . . . . Lawrence Central .... . . . . . . Kokomo ......... . . . . . . Southport ...... , . . ... John Marshall ... ,... . .. Manual ....... . . . Warren Central . . . . . . 68 70 71 70 65 , . .70 Speedway ..... . . . 68 91 62 ...Sl Wabash ...... ... ...74 BenDavis,.. . . .84 Pike ....... . . . . .104 Arlington .,,... . . . . . . .90 Broad Ripple ... ... . . . Marion ....... . , . Northwest ....., . . . C 71 NC 79 NC 58 NC 63 NC 79 NC 73 NC 73 NC 72 NC... Tech .....,.... 77 NC. . . 60 NC 67 NC 86 NC 57 NC 88 NC 73 NC 82 NC 79 NC 61 97 . . .94 . , .88 Noblesville ....... . . . County Tourney NC. . .64 Franklin Central ....... . 52 NC. . .75 Warren Central .... . . . . 67 NC. . .95 Southport ....., . . . . 86 Sectional NC...82 Tech ......... 90 MOVING ON THE FASTBREAK, six foot-one inch senior guard Dave Highmark completes a layup. Highmark and Crowe added much speed to the Panther offense. Athletics-103 FIGHTING FOR THE REBOUND, returning Ietterman and Senior Matt Miller reaches for the ball. Miller played both forward and center positions. Crowe. Week set new school record Setting new school records, Pau Weeks pulled down 26 rebounds i a single game and 578 rebounds fo a new career record. Setting a ne school point record, Larry Crow compiled 416 points during the sea son. Following were Weeks with 39 and Kevin Snow with 378 points Leading the team in assists wer Crowe and Dave Highmark with 8 and 77 respectively. Crowe, Weeks and Snow were named to the all county team. Matt IVIilIer, Snow Weeks and Crowe all averaged i doubled figures to help lead the tea to its fourth consecutive winning sea son, its third county title and a sea son record of 17-5. Obtaining valu ble experience, Greg Blair was th only starting sophomore. The reserve team, coached b Jack Walter, posted a slate of 13-5 Every member of the team gaine much experience. WITH A JUMP SHOT from the charity stripe, Kevin Snow scores and Larry Crowe all averaged in double figures per game for the a bucket against Northwest. Matt Miller, Paul Weeks, Kevin Snow, season. Crowe set a new school point record. 104-Athletics BASKETBALL-1970-RESERVE 50 NC. . . New Castle ........... . 57 NC. . .43 Carmel .............. . 30 NC. . .47 Lawrence Central . 4 NC. . .59 Kokomo ........ .. . 61 NC. . .46 Southport ..... . 43 NC. . .54 John Marshall .... .. . 30 NC. . .48. .Speedway .... . . 44 NC. . .63 Manual ....... . 59 NC...44 Tech ........... 64 NC. . .44 Warren Central . .. .. . 47 NC. . .49 Wabash ....... ... 51 NC. . .65 Ben Davis . . . . 59 NC. . .56 Pike ....... . 49 NC. . .60 Arlington .... . 40 NC. . .70 Broad Ripple .. . 48 NC. . .65 Marion ...... . 59 NC. . .48 Northwest ..... . . . 45 NC. . .53 Noblesville ........ . . . 43 County Tourney NC. . .73 Ben Davis .... . 59 NC. . .70 Warren Central . . . .. . 39 AFTER REBOUNDING, Sophomore Re- .lu ' - . serve Forward Fred Fulmer puts the ball 1 back up for the bucket against Northwest. 1970 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: Tim Stone, Dave Fred Fulmer, Mark Overman, Lou Cantor, Doug Welsh, Carl Burge, Baugh, Steve Kirsh, Mel Arnold, and Joe Moore. Second Row: Dave Black. The reserve team posted a season of 15-5. Athletics-105 1970 GYMNASTICS TEAM-Front Row: K. Baxter, F. Coraz, R. Third Row: Coach John Emry, J. Spickelmier, P. Hueber, Stein, I. Sigal, F. Elam, J. Barrett, P. 0'Mahony, L. Jacobs, B. nett, R. Meyer, D. Monical, M. Spickelmier, D. Hiatt, E. Woodward. Second Row: B. Davis, J. Tuerk, B. McKinney, J. Co- P. St. Angelo, B. Keevil, Coach Jim Glore. Not Pictured: S raz, D. Morgan, J. Weakley, T. Vohlgemuth, K. Cox, M. Peachin. way, B. Gibson, R. Hunt, G. Wilson. .ii PERFORMING ON THE HIGH BAR George Wilson executes a difficult man- euver at the county meet, as Coach Em- rywatches. 106-Ath Ietics Y qu' 2 a X 2 4 1969 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-Front Row: Aaron Benjamin, sen, Dave Nelson, Kevin Holloway, Nate Kempler, Coach Keit Brad Marvel, Don Horning, Mike Altman, Jim Dixon, Marvin Ed- Farrand, Terry Todd, Mike Behnke, Jay Berger, John Hart, Jo monds, Robert Collins, Charles Roesch. Second Row: Jon Andre- Tinay Qmanagery WRESTLING-1970-VARSITY 49 NC. . . Lebanon .....,,.... . . . NC. . .34 Warren .....,..,.... .. 1 NC. . .38 Lawrence ..... . . . NC. . .25 Ben Davis ,...... . . 1 NC. . .39 Decatur Central . . . . . 1 NC. . .32 Southport .... . . . NC. . .41 Franklin Central . . NC 54 Broad Ripple NC. . .40 Carmel .... , . . NC 35 NC 35 NC 43 NC 39 . . . Kokomo .... . . 1 . . . Shortridge . . . . . . . Tech ....... . . . . . . Arlington . . . . New USING A DOUBLE WRIST LOCK, senior Marvin Edmonds controls his man. Edmonds finished the regular season undefeated but lost in the regional for a 19-1 record. 108-Athletics . 3 Grapplers go undefeated: Coach Keith Farrand's varsity ended the 1970 season un- winning 13 matches and county tournament. They went on first in the sectionals and and were runners-up to forthe second straight in the state meet. For the first time in its history, Central had two state cham- Mike Altman taking first in the class and Nate Kempler win- the 175 class. Aaron Benjamin second in the 130 class and Collins took third in the 107 The matmen won the county for second successive year with Mar- Edmonds, John Hart, and Terry odd winning individual titles. ln the team North Central Invitational grapplers placed first. The varsity season records were: Charles Roesch C985 21-35 Robert Collins C1075 24-35 Marvin Edmonds C1155 19-15 Mike Altman C1235 20- 45 Aaron Benjamin C1305 24-35 Brad Marvel C1375 13-6-15 John Hart C1455 18-35 Jay Berger C1555 14-65 Terry Todd C1655 19-45 Nate Kemp- ler C1755 25-1-15 Dave Nelson C1855 11-45 Kevin Holloway Cheavyweight5 14-7-1. The team compiled a total of 222 wins and 45 losses. nish Qnd in state meet ATTEMPTING TO ESCAPE, Senior Terry Todd stands up. Todd was a county winner in the 165 lbs. weight class. RIDING HIS MAN, Nate Kempler grimaces as he executes a move. Kempler was the state champion in the 175 lbs. class. Athletics-109 Panthers continue wrestling dominance In the past five years the North Central varsity and reserve wrestling teams have compiled a record of 12 wins, only seven losses, with tw ties. This year's reserve team won 1 matches and lost one. The highligh of the season was a 60-0 shutou against Tech in which every ma pinned his opponent. They had tw other matches in which every op ponent was pinned except one. The success of this year's reserv team indicated not only a great sea son for the varsity next year bu showed Coach Farrand's outstandin ability to continually produce grea wrestling teams. WRESTLING-1970-RESERVE 47 . . . Lebanon ..,........ . . . Warren.. ..... ..1 . . . Lawrence . . . . . BenDavis... ..1 Pike ...,,.. .. . Brebeuf ....... . . . . . Beech Grove ..... . . 1 Decatur Central . . . Southport ....... . . . 3 ... Franklin Central ... .. 11 Broad Ripple . .. . NC NC 25 NC 45 NC 22 NC 53 NC. . .45 NC 34 NC 46 NC 12 NC 44 NC. . .58 NC . . .39 Carmel ..... . . . NC. . .46 Kokomo .... . . 1 4 NC. . .58 Shortridge . . NC...6O Tech .... WINNING ANOTHER MATCH, Aaron Benjamin breaks down his opponent. Benjamin fin- NC. . .46 Arlington .. ished second in the state meet and had a 23-3 record in the 130 lb. weight class. GETTING THE TAKEDOWN, Senior Mike Altman tries to get con- and became state champion in the 123 lb. weight class and fin trol of his adversary in the state finals. Altman won the match ish the year with a varsity record of 20-4. ,.W,,,,..,,.,.W J ,,l,.,.1.c -f,.,..-Wt., s ' I ' .l4.f,.z....,. CW 'mf . . .Ma - . .,.,..., .s.. . A HE N. . INVITA IONAL, f th WITH A TIGHT WAIST HOLD Jumor John Hart tries to maintain control Hart T C T one 0 e - t ' h' t. one of North Central s three county winners and had a varsity record of 18-3. 162512,-gl Ri Tig eigmrlsviy nitghgponen Row: D. Copenhaver, J. Bennett, M. Nigh, T. Miller, S. Booth, R. Lockhart, M. Reed, S. Shields, J. McAloon, M. Robinson, J. John- son, C. Gemmer, B. Nigh, G. Dresbach, D. Lesh, B. Blakely, M. Voorhies, M. Williams, S. Habig, D. Avels, B. Martindale, Coach Farrand. Athletics 11 1 1969 CHAMPIONSHIP TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: F. Alexander, J. Krueger, M. Holmquist, R. Lash, R. Stover, J. Snyder, B. Milen- der. SECOND ROW: D. Porter, H. Pennington, J. Poland, L Thompson, B. Stoops, G. Henderson, S. Callaway. THIRD ROW TRAC K-1969-VARSITY NC .... 97 Arlington ............. 12 NC .... 46 Lawrence Central ....... 54 NC .... 66 Southport ..... , . . .54 Martinsville .... .... 1 7 NC .... 70 Washington ..... .... 4 9 Southport ............ 29 NC. .81M,, Lawrence Central ..... 672 Richmond ...... .... 5 4 Shortridge ..... .... 2 4 NC .... 81 Ben Davis . . . . . . .45 Broad Ripple . .. . . . .19 NC .... 83 Brebeuf ..,.... ..., 3 4 NC .... 78 Warren Central .. .... 41 Northwest ..... .... 2 6 NC ..,. 89 Lebanon ..,. .... 3 7 Brownsburg .. .... 21 North Central Relays .... .. .2nd Tech Invitational ....... . . .2nd Ben Davis Invitational . . . . . . .lst County ............., .... 1 st Metropolitan ....... .... 1 st Sectional . . .... 1st Regional . . .... lst State .,. ...2nd BREAKING THE TAPE Harry Pennington wins the two mile run: Pennington placed fifth in the state in this event. 1 1 2-Athletics Coach Roland lnskeep, G. Schlegel, J. Taylor, J. Kelly, B. Hasseld, B. Perlstein, N. Kempler, W. Hotte, M. Miller, J. J. Jorman, J. Helms, Coach Charles Riley. This varsity team an unprecedented second in the state. nthers take econd place t state meet ontinuing a four year upward the 1969 track team con- the county for the fourth con- h and placed first in the sectional and regional for the second year in a T ey also won a never-before second in the state meet. season was also highlighted by rst place in the Ben Davis Invita- and runner-up positions in the Central Relays and the Tech The tracksters also their mettle in the nine regu- dual and triangular meet com- winning each of these n the process of scoring these the Panthers broke five records. Harry Pennington set ew record in the mile run of 69 and in the two mile run of ln the latter event Pennington fifth in the state meet. Steve set a new high of 14'6" in pole vault competition, in which placed fourth in the state. Joe made his mark in the record with a 55'91f2" shot put rec- The mile relay team broke the record with a time of 3:21.3. cont. on page 115 AT THE NORTH CENTRAL RELAYS, Greg Henderson passes the Tech runner. Tech went on to win the meet, edging runner-up North Central by seven points, 79 to 72. "' ii SHOWING PERFECT FORM, Nate Kempler practices throwing the shot put. Hours of hard work enabled the track team to win the sectional and regional championships. Athletics-1 13 . ...Q N- f Same.. FX PL' -. 1969 TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: A. Roddy, B. Baun, W. Hotte G. Nefouse, J. Jorman, J. Poland, G. Henderson, R. Lash, M Miller, S. Calloway, D. Reel. SECOND ROW: D. Curry, W. Simpson J. Chesterfield, N. Kempler, S. Perkins, B. Milender, J. Meister, M. Cowser, B. Stoops, H. Pennington. THIRD ROW: D. Handziak J. Hart, M. Davis, G. Summers, L. Shaw, D. Pepple, M. Christy J. Snyder, H. Patterson, D. Deer. FouRTH ROW: B 5 . Row, B. Ben nett, D. Mitchell, M. Barnett, B. Davis, B. Stephenson, H. Miller P. Delehanty, G. Hutchinson, B. Hasseld. FIFTH ROW. R. Brad: ford, J. Helms, A. Garman, S. Ball, D. Mills, E. Kassig, W. Gaspe D. English, B. Brody. SIXTH ROW: G. Turner, J. Kelly, D. Garne J. Gangstad, M. Truesdell, W. Norlin, D. Gipe, T. Mote, J. Taylo T. Pfeiffer, T. Rust. SEVENTH ROW: L. Thompson, B. Perlstein, Krueger, M. Holt, B. Pruitt, G. Schlegle, M. Holmquist, D. Porte R. Stover. EIGHTH ROW: F. Alexander, P. Matson, Coach lnskee Coach Riley, Coach Buchanan, B. Long, R. Carmichael. The tea won the county, metro, sectional, and regional. I TRACK-1969-RESERVE NC. .7122 Southport ..... 471 Washington ....... . . . 2 NC. . .117 Richmond .......... .. 6 Lawrence Central ...... 3 Shortridge ........ . . . 1 NC...11O Ben Davis ...... 2 Broad Ripple . . . NC .... 85 Brebeuf ...... NC . . . . 1 . , .101 Warren Central ...... 3211 Northwest ......,... 13V NC ..., 82 Warren Central ........ 6 Lawrence Central ...... 6 Ben Davis ..... . 2 Tech ......... Shortridge . . . Howe ..... Nc. .64M 811f 7 STEVE PERKINS CONGRATULATES th tired, but happy, winning North Central runner at the county meet. The Panthers won the meet, taking the county crown. ive records fall to 969 Panther olndermen ont. from page 113 'he old mark of 10.0 in the 100 ard dash was tied by sprinter Rick ash. The 880 relay team secured a in the state. The reserve track team also had a successful season, beating 14 its 16 competitors in the season's and triangular meets. Although of the stars of the varsity were Coach Charles Riley com- that the past year's junior with the added power of the reserve team members, a good chance of taking the state the upcoming season. WITH THE BATON, Matt Miller takes the lead IH e Stover Brad Stoops and La Salle Thompson broke the old school relay. Miller and the other mile relay squad members Rick record In this event with a new time of 3 21 3 Varsitg baseballers win sectional. regional North Central's varsity diamon men rewrote part of the school's re ord books last season. They won th sectional and regional for the firs time and finished in an unprec dented tie for ninth place in the stat tournament. The Panthers shut ou the opposing team 12 times and wo 24 games, including the first 12. Dave Elliott and Duke Hardy le the team in hitting. Elliott batte .404 and had 21 RBl's. Hardy wa second in batting with .300 and ha ten RBl's. The pitching staff of Dave High mark, Steve Clayton, Jay Fairman Monty Combs, and Buzz Turner, ha three no-hitters, including High mark's third straight over Beec Grove. Their combined Earned Ru Average QERAJ was an outstandin .981. Coach Glen Schmucker's reserv team finished one of their best sea- sons ever at 16-1. 2. 9 A Q Q 4' as Q ,,,,,. ef s 4 M' 5.4 ffl xix W! 7g ,. an 1969 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Front Row R Hurwitz qMana Coach Tom Bradley D Hullet, S. Jackson, M. Combs, D. High- gerj D Miller J Howard G Thomas B Turner R Langford B mark S Clayton H Baldwin, D. Elliott, D. Kniptash, B. Freeze. Dawe D Light D Hardy J Fairman S Freeze Second Row Therewill be 11 returning Iettermen next year. 1 at X1 J? RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row: R. Irwin, D. Pratt, ginbill, D. Taylor, R. Davidson, B. Howard. Third Row: G. Scudder, ll, A. Benjamin, B. Rich, B. Marvel, B. Parrish. Second Row: B. Lutz, P. Thompson, T. Beatty, R. Colglazier, L. Franklin, H. Glen Schmucker, B. Kelly, P. Fortune, T. Hudson, B. Lu- Moos. BAS EBALL-1969-VARSITY . 2 Arlington .............. 2 .2 Beech Grove O 4-4 Pike ......... 0 2 . 1 Lawrence . . . . 7 Park ....... . 7 Tech ......... . 2 Broad Ripple .. 5-4 Madison Heights . 2 Ben Davis ....... . .. 0 . 1 Kokomo ..,.... . . . 7-1 Carmel ...,... . 3 Lafayette Jeff . . , . . . . 1 Warren ....... 4-6 Shelbyville .. . 7 Howe ........ COUNTY . 3 Pike ,........ .8 Brebeuf...,.. . 8 Warren ....... . 8 Southport ....... . . . SECTIONAL 26 Deaf School .... . . . 15 Shortridge .... . 2 Brebeuf ...... REGIONAL . 2 North Salem . . 15 Washington . . . STATE . 1 Howe ....., nf" '- " , ' 1-1. L f SENIOR DAVE HULLET COLLECTS one of his 17 hits. Hullet had 13 RBl'S and batted .234. The Panther batting strength showed as they scored 158 runs during the season. Athletic MAKING AN APPROACH SHOT, Gary Gant tries to make his par. Gant helped lead the team to the state championship by scoring a 76 the day of the tournament. 1969 VARSITY GOLF TEAM-Kirk Johnson, Scott Stone, Bob Koschman, Denny Daw- son, Gary Gant, and Marc Raphael. The varsity posted an 18-5 season record. Varsitg golf seizes state championship The 1969 North Central varsit golf team, under the direction o Coach John Friedersdorf, won thei first state championship to cap a outstanding 18-5 season. Scot Stone led the school's first stat winning team with a 71, with Gar Gant posting a 76, Bob Koschman 78, and Denny Dawson a 79. Th Panthers qualified for the stat tournament by placing second in th Bloomington regional, and second i the Indianapolis sectional. The links men found Lebanon and Carmel t be their toughest opponents. Junior Scott Stone and Gary Gant led th team with season averages of 75. and 77.8 respectively. With three re turning lettermen and an excellen reserve team, the golf team can loo forward to another successful season. GOLF-1969-VARSITY NC. . .GVZ Lebanon ........... 115 NC .... 10 Beach Grove . . .. 2 NC .... 12 Kokomo .... . . NC. . . .12 Marshall .... . . O NC. . .213 Southport . . . 217 NC. . .213 Speedway ..... 218 NC. . .187 Brebeuf ........ 189 NC. . .187 Shortridge ....... 229 NC ..... 7 Warren Central . . . . . 5 NC. . BM Ben Davis ..... 2M NC .... 12 Pike ......... .. 0 NC .... 10 Broad Ripple . . 2 NC. . .184 Lawrence ..... 187 NC. . .184 Ben Davis . . 203 NC ..... 8 Carmel .... . 10 NC .... 12 Park ....... .. 0 NC. . .393 Northwest . . 392 NC. . .393 Columbus . . . 411 NC. . .230 Arlington . . . 242 NC. . .434 Columbus . . . 430 NC. . .434 Southport . . . 444 NC. . .189 Lebanon .... 186 NC .... 12 Manual ....... .. 0 Bloomington Invitational . .. 3rd County Tournament ..... 3rd Indianapolis Sectionals . . 2nd Bloomington Regional .... 2nd IHSAA State Tournament . . . 1st a.- ali' RESERVE GOLF TEAM-Lance Seagren, Chris Peeler, Dave Bob Barker, Tom Connor, and Dave Wilcox. The reserve r. Q Y in Muir U. 'Af ,R E r . 5, W 5 fr ,5, aff' 'lm ,, ' 3 ,rf-p'z.,wf '- '4 312124 1"5'4 ,Q ga . -f ' -.ff L' " f 1?": .a"F - ' E f fwf' Y "few, , ,1y15 .7' ,iz :gg A ,. ,ff Q Q gk X as-f , - 1' - L ggi ff X f1fr,2-gxxff .Q-' T ' M . ' . '..f. Ale' ff "' "L", i- 'L L1 ' f :ji .fear-, J fs fra' lf- f 7 A ' CONCENTRATING ON HIS DIFFICULT SHOT, Gary Gant prepared to shoot out of the rough. Gant had a season average of 77.8. 11' ?:a..g Ath Ietics-1 19 Netmen capture third sectional title 1969 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-Front row: Fred Fehsenfeld, Clay Tudor. Row 2: Dane Alexander, Bob Meyer, Bruce Butz. The squad posted a 16-2 record. SENIOR BRUCE BUTZ executes a difficult backhand baseline shot as he overwhelms an opponent. Butz played a vital yart in the team's spirited play. men compiled their best record 16-2. Retaining the sectional titl Lawrence, the squad advanced to regional and placed third b Pike and Scecina. Only Pike Broad Ripple could turn the tide the Panthers by edging them and preventing an undef season. fl! L North Central's spring varsity e In the sectional the amassed 41 points nearly do their nearest competitor. North tral was declared champion l: the final day of the tourney other team could catch them wise. Jay Hollander won the si championship and the doubles of Tudor-Campbell defeated S Heiliger in an all North Cl final. The team finished in a tie ninth in the state. Prior to the state tournament Panthers played three matches ' t e l tuning up for tourney compe Eventual state champ Pike, Br and Arlington fell victim to Central 4-3, 7-0, and 3-1 respei ly. The 1969 and 1969-70 tl added to the state-wide prestige has built up through the years Coach John Shirley. REACHING HIGH for the return, Fred Fehsenfeld returns the loft with a driving smash. Plays such as this helped defeat Southport 7-0. PRACTICING HIS FOREHAND, Dane Alex- ander, senior and two time returning let- 'terman, prepares for an upcoming match. TENNIS-1969-VARSITY NC .... 7 Kokomo ........... .. O NC .... 9 Beech Grove . . . . . . O NC .... 9 Shelbyville . . . , . O NC .... 7 Ben Davis O NC .... 6 Tech ........... . . . 1 NC .... 7 Speedway ........ .. O NC .... 7 Lawrence Central .... . . . O NC .... 5 Bloomington U. . . . .. 2 NC .... 3 Pike ........... .. 4 NC .... 7 Mooresville . . . . . . O NC .... 4 Brebeuf ..... . . 1 NC .... 7 Southport ..... .. 0 NC .... 3 Broad Ripple .... . . 4 NC .... 7 Warren Central .... . . . 0 NC .... 7 Franklin Central . . . . . . O NC .... 5 Park ........... .. 2 NC .... 5 Arlington ..,..... . . . 2 NC .... 6 Beech Grove' .... .. 1 'I' NC Reserves vs their varsity 1969 FALL VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: Tom Campbell, Clay Tudor, Jay Hol- lander. Second Row: Jim Stone, Greg Millis, Dave Heiliger, Coach John Shirley. SMASHING THE BALL TO HIS OPPONENT, Bob Meyer follows through with his swing. The netmen placed second in the county and the resenles posted a season of 13-0. Ath Ietics-121 - - ,fiisi f - ,. - mi, ,. We xg V W. Q W f W M ' w l I-M Basketball boasts top participation THE KNOW DUNKS beat the B.P. All Stars in a closely contested tourney for the all- school crown. The Know Dunks lost to the faculty team by three points. season proved to be one of the successful in recent years. A tot 54 teams participated in the leagues. Cut List and the B.P Stars tied for the A league charr ship and Namath and the Ess Morals tied for the B league c pionship. Winning the C league the C e n t r al Simpletons and Black Demons, with the Wild Jc the Rockets, and the Big Ten ning the D league. Emerging victorious over the E I The past intramural baski a All Stars in the championship the Know Dunks went on to p the faculty-student basketball where they were defeated, 58 DRIVING IN FOR THE LAYUP Glenn Summers scores for the mons. The Demons tied for the championship. LEAPING HIGH, Junior Tom Pearcy for a rebound. His team, the Ce Simpletons, finished undefeated to ti the "C" league championship. I I , ax ...- 1 hiv' -yn-1' Ji :W Q INDIVIDUALS QQ Hh Individuals-129 SchooI's administrative staff expanded KEEPING THE ENTIRE SCHOOL'S machinery running smoothly opment of a progressive curriculum for 3550 students and als is N.C. principal, Eugene Clonc's, main job. He directs the devel- gives administrative leadership to 180 faculty members. l J 130-Individuals COORDINATING SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. Assistant Principal Mr. William Bugher contemplates North Central's coming events. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, BILLY WALKER, writes a pass for a student after a brief discussion on disciplinary behavior. IN CHARGE OF PUPIL PERSONNEL, Rudolph Wilson, new assistant principal, promotes positive intraschool relationships. Cooperation enhances I969- WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP SCHOOL AD- MINISTRATORS-Seated: Dr. J. Everett Light, superintendent of Washington Township Schools: Standing: Dr. Norman Turchan and Dr. Dean Evans, assistant superintendents. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS-left to right: Mr. Ted B. Lewis, member: Dr. Roy H. Behnke, second vice-president: Mr. John R. Mote, president: Mr. William T. Ray, first vice president: and Mr. William L. Smart, secretary. 7 132 Individuals demic school gear GLORIA GADDY'S car registration and driver's license at a fall safety check IS security officer, Lloyd Froelich. GENERAL OFFICE SECRETARIES: Row 1: Mrs. Paulyne Scott, Mrs. Lynn Farrington. Row 2: Mrs. Freida Collins, Mrs. Gladys Lindell, Mrs. Betty Eib. Not Pictured: Mrs. Betty McDermott and Mrs. Rosalie Nickels. SECURITY OFFICER William Willock di- rects traffic before and after school, pa- trols the school grounds and finds time to converse with students. Science labs provoke student interest lVlR..STEPHENS STANDS nearby to help instruct his students in the use of a spectrascope in his chemistry class. Mr. Millard H. Arnold-Foreign Language: A.B.: But- ler University: M.A. Indiana University Mr. Ray H. Atto-Social Studies: B.S. Eastern lllinois University: M.S. Butler University Mrs. Elizabeth Baggett-English: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mrs. Gloria Barbour-Foreign Language: B.A. Ball State University Miss Louise Benbow-English: B.S., M.S. Ball State University Mr. Henry Bergherm-Practical Arts: B.S., M.S. ln- diana State University Mr. Jack Berry-Social Studies: B.S. Oakland City College: M.S. Indiana University Miss Ruth Bertsch-English Department Chairman: B.A. Western College: M.A. Ball State University Mr. John M. Bond-Guidance: B.S., M.S. Butler Uni- versity Mrs. Roberta Borlik-English: A.B. Hanover: M.A.T. Indiana University Mrs. Sondra Bowers-English: B.S. Indiana Univer- sity: M.S. Butler University Mr. Thomas H. Bradley-Driver Education, Health 8t Safety, Varsity Baseball Coach: BPE Pur- due University 134-Individuals ,,. Nf.. ..... l, f ,,:-if-1 --flew f. The staggered schedule i initiated at North Central elimii school sponsored clubs from daily program. Faculty members sponsored the student origin clubs devoted extra time befo after school to encourage sti participation. Mrs. Alice Hillis sponsored newly formed girls service or zation, the Lockets. The three sponsors of the French Club, v met on alternate Mondays and T days, were Mesdames Wells hoff, and Overman. The faculty leader for AFS Mrs. Roberta Borlik. The club cerned itself with foreign cul and peoples. Mr. John Brown, eign language teacher, sponsored German Club. Something new, a Spanish r paper, was under the supervision Mr. Millard Arnold. Mr. M Moore was the sponsor of the I national Relations Club in which dents discussed communica problems with foreign countries - f'-- we-.7 dl.: swf, . ,H , Yiiwr . K im l 'W W i 'f fr 'fr i s We f . ,ta . if ff i ral V? 4 ll :fix .N .s ' f vw 1 55113 : 1:65:31 - f T . , 4,,,ki5 . VS, ,U ,, ,f 'Af' r. Donald C. Brewster-Social Studies: A.B. Butler University r. Max I. Briggs-Art Department Chairman: B.S., M.S. Eastern Illinois University rs. Sara Brodt-English: B.E. University of Akron Mr. John Harrison Brown-Foreign Language: B.A. Indiana University: M.A. University of Wisconsin Mrs. Phyllis Brown-Practical Arts: B.S. Ohio Univer- sity Mr. William Buchanan-Art: B.A. Eastern Kentucky University Mr. Thomas J. Burrin IV-Social Studies: B.A. Wa- bash: M.A. Butler University Mr. Morris A. Campbell-Social Studies: A.B. Wa- bash: M.A. DePauw University Mrs. Bernice Carnell-Director of Reading Labora- tories: B.S. Central Michigan University: M.S. In- diana University Mr. Jerry Carter-Practical Arts: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Mrs. Dorothy Claypool-English: A.B. DePauw Uni- versity Miss Connie Climer-English: A.B. Indiana University Mr. Rod Cord-Publications Director, Journalism: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mr. Thomas R. Cox-English: B.S. Oakland City Col- lege: M.S. Indiana State University Mr. Robert Critzer-Music: A.B. UCLA: M.M. Butler University Mr. William Cruzan-Business Education Department Chairman: B.S. Ball State University: M.A. Co- lumbia University Mrs. Betty H. Culp-Mathematics: A.B. Ohio Uni- versity: M.A. Ohio State University Mrs. Maridee Cutter-Business Education: B.S. Ball State University: M.S. Indiana University Mr. James E. Davidson-Mathematics: B.S., M.S. Indiana University: A.M.T. Columbia University Mr. George Degler-Science: B.S., M.S. Purdue Uni- versity Mr. Richard Dennis-Music: B.S. Ithaca College: M.M. Butler University Mr. David A. Dick-Science: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mr. Oliver O. Dixon-Mathematics: A.B., M.S. Indiana University Mr. Thomas T. Doney-Social Studies: B.S. Indiana State University Mr. William Evers-Director Audio Visual Services: B.S. Purdue University: M.S. Indiana University Mr. Robert Faris-Social Studies: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mr. Keith Farrand-Physical Education Department Chairman, Varsity Wrestling Coach: B.S., M.S., Purdue University Mrs. Carol Findley-Guidance: B.S., M.A. Indiana State University: E.D.S. Butler University 419711 dim Individuals-135 I Mr. Joseph E. Fischer-Mathematics: A.A. Vinc ' University, B.A., M.S. Indiana State Universi Mr. Thomas T. Fisher-English: B.S., M.S. I State University Mr. Charles F. Fleming-Social Studiesg B.S., M.A. Indiana University Miss Jeannine Freudenberger-English: A.B. A College, M.A. Indiana University Mr. John Friedersdorf-Social Studies, Varsity Coach: A.B. Wichita State University: M.S. In University Mr. Forest C. Fruits-English, Speech, Debate C A.B. Wabash: M.A. Ball State University Miss Donna J. Fulps-English, A.B., M.A.T. ln University due University Mr. Gordon Gish-Mathematics: A.B., M.S. In University Mrs. Judith Guerrero-Art: A.B. Indiana Univi M.A. Pius XII Graduate School of Fine Arts, ence, Italy Mr. Jan A. Guffin-English: B.S., M.A.T. lr University Mr. Garrett Harbron--Mathematics: B.S. And Collegeg M.A. Ball State University Facultg increases Mr. Norman Hamer-Guidance: B.A. Indiana Central College: M.A. Indiana University Mr. H. Brown Harrison-Mathematics: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Miss Linda V. Hash-Guidance: B.S., M.S. Indiana University Mrs. Patricia Haskett-Foreign Language: B.S., M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Gale M. Helft-English: A.B. Indiana University Mr. D. C. Henderson-English, Drama, Speech: A.B., M.A. Easter Kentucky University Mrs. Joan Henderson-Social Studies: A.A. Stephens College: B.A. Butler University Mrs. Alice Hillis-Foreign Language: A.B., M.S. ln- diana University Mrs. Jennie Howe-Mathematics: A.B., B.S. Butler University: M.A. Indiana University Mr. Terrell G. Hudson-Social Studies: B.S. Han- over, M.S. Butler University Mr. James llardi-Practical Arts: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Mr. Roland lnskeep-Science: Assistant Coach Bas- ketball, Football, Trackg B.S., M.S. Indiana State University 136-Individuals with student enrollment Mrs. Emily A. Gemmer-Home Economicsp B.S. r. James A. Jenkins-English: B.S. University of Tennessee: M.E.D. Xavier University rs. Mary Ann Johnson-Foreign Language: B.A. Purdue University iss Margaret Ann Karnes-English: B.A. Purdue: M.S. Butler University rs. Carolyn Keith-Social Studies: B.S., M.A.T. In- diana University r. Don M. Kercheval-Social Studies: A.B. Indiana University: M.S. Butler University r. James E. Keyt-Art: B.S. Ball State University r. Bryan D. Kimble-Social Studies: B.S. Pennsyl- vania State University iss Cleo M. Kinnison-Foreign Language: M.A. University of Michigan rs. Ruth S. Kivett-English: A.B., B.S. Indiana Uni- versity: M.A. Columbia University iss Carolyn Kleifgen-Home Economics, B.S. Pur- due: M.S. Indiana University rs. Lucille Z. Knight-English: A.B. Indiana Uni- versity: M.S. University of Pittsburg rs. Paula Dee Knoebel-English: A.B. Indiana Uni- versity: M.S. Butler University r. Richard Laughlin-Music: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University tlvliss Margery C. Laycock-Guidance: B.S., M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Arlan Lickliter-Science, Varsity Basketball 3 Coach: B.S. Hanover College: M.S. Butler Univer- I sity: N.S.F. University of Colorado lVIr. William H. Lord-English, Technical Theater, Speech: B.A. Evansville University: M.A. North- western University I Mrs. Lucille Yvonne Lowrey-English: B.S. Indiana University: M.A. Ball State University Mr. James V. Macri-Science: B.S., M.S. Ball State University Mrs. Marilyn Madigan-Mathematics: B.S. Purdue University: M.A. Ball State University Mr. Phillip M. Mann-Practical Arts Department Chairman: B.S. Stout State University: M.A. Ball State University Mrs. Harriett Marple-Foreign Language: B.A., M.S. Butler University Mr. Don E. Martin-Music Department Chairman: B.M. Butler University: M.M. Columbia University Mrs. Marcie A. McCormick-Physical Education: B.A. Anderson College Mrs. Grace McGaughey-Librarian: A.B., M.L.S. Uni- versity of Kentucky Mr. J. Stephen Mclntyre-Mathematics: A.B. Frank- lin College: M.S., ED. University of Toledo ,Mr. Richard Brooks Meek-Social Studies: B.A. In- : diana University: M.S. Butler University lMr. Frank Melson-English: B.S. Butler: M.S. ln- I diana University Miss Kathryn A. Merkel-Foreign Language: A.B. ' Indiana Central College: M.A. Indiana University Jia ff ,rag L Individuals-137 Faculty Not Pictured: Miss Mary E. Allen-Guidance Mrs. Pauline Brothers-Music Mrs. Elizabeth Chaskin-Mathematics Mr. James Duffy-English Mr. Donald Goacher-Foreign Language Mr. Joseph C. Harding-Practical Arts Mrs. Mary Belle O'Haver-English Mrs. Mary Jo Pride-English Mr. Ken Warren-Deceased Mrs. Mary M. Wells-Foreign Language New Teachers Mrs. Pamela Campbell-French Mr. Jon Dailey-Mathematics Mrs. Carole Harris-Spanish Mr. Craig Hawks-Health Education Mrs. Isabelle Main-French Mr. Thomas Hulvershorn-Mathematics Mr. John Main-Chemistry Mrs. Barbara Schneider-Girls Physical Education Mrs. Virginia Wright-Guidance "TESTING 1, 2, 3, . . . " Mr. Max Car- michael checks out the intercom in prep- aration for the morning announcements. 138-Individuals . VTX 4 'nf i- ffiwfx. 5' Mr. Gary Olin-Mathematics: B.S. Purdue University Mrs. Jean Merritt-English: A.A. Williamwood Col- lege: B.S. Indiana University: M.S. Butler Uni- versity Mr. Keith E. Mohr-Physics: B.S. Manchester Col- lege: M.S. Purdue University Mr. Richard P. Moore-Guidance: M.S. Ball State University Mr. Martin J. Moore-Social Studies: B.A. DePauw: M.S. Butler University Mr. James Monroe-Science: B.S. Purdue Univer- sity: M.S. Butler University Mrs. Alice Morgan-Librarian: B.S. Indiana Univer- sity Mr. Samuel Morris-Business Education: B.S., M.S. State University of New York Mrs. Virginia Nead-Home Economics: B.S. Purdue University Miss Martha Nees-English: B.S. Purdue University: M.A. University of Colorado Mrs. Connie Nelson-English: B.A. Luther College: M.A. Purdue University Mr. Claude Newton-Practical Arts: B.S. Lincoln University of Mo.: M.A. Western University of Kentucky Mrs. Janet Occhialini-Business Education: B.A. Eastern New Mexico University rs. Susan Overman-Foreign Language: A.B. In- diana University llr. George Pappas-Social Studies, Assistant Foot- ball Coach: B.S., M.S. Purdue University r. Kenneth Patton-Social Studies: A.B. Muskin- gum: M.S. Butler University r. Richard Payne-Director of Instructional Ma- terials: A.B. Central Normal College: M.A.T. ln- diana University rs. Barbara Ann Pence-English: A.B. Earlham r. William J. Phares-Science: B.S., M.A. Ball State University iss Roleen Pickard-Business Education: M.S. In- diana State University iss Barbara A. Pond-Health Education: B.S. In- diana University r. Robert L. Prettyman-Science Department Chairman: A.B., M.S. Butler University rs. Delores Pugh-Special Education: B.S. Indiana State University: M.S. Butler University iss Patricia Pulsifer-English: A.B., A.M. Indiana University: M.A. Wayne State University r. Frederick Raske-Mathematics: B.A. Olivet Naz- arene College: M.A. Michigan State University rs. Evelyn I. Rhamy-English: B.A., M.A. Indiana University r. Samuel D. Rhinesmith-Music, Director of Bands: B.S. West Chester State College, Pennsyl- vania: M.M. Butler University r. Wilbur F. Richards-Guidance Director: B.S. Central Normal College: M.S. Indiana University r. Robert E. Richardson-Business Education, Work Experience: B.S.E. Eastern Illinois: M.A. Ball State University r. Charles E. Riley-Health Education, Varsity Track, Cross Country Coach: B.S. Indiana Univer- sity: M.S. Butler University Mrs. Nelda S. Rimstidt-English, Speech: B.A. ln- diana State University: M.A. Butler University Mr. Marvin O. Ross-Mathematics: B.S., M.S. In- diana State University Mr. Charles E. Russell-Science: A.B. Butler Uni- versity: M.A. Indiana University Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Salmon-English: B.A. Earlham College: M.S. Purdue University Mr. Mark Schaaf-Foreign Language: B.S., M.S. In- diana University Mr. Jack Schiffli-Mathematics: A.B. University of Kentucky: M.S. Indiana University Mr. Glenn Schmucker-Science, Assistant Baseball Coach: B.S. Manchester College: M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Robert K. Seigel-English: B.S. Purdue Univer- sity: M.A. Butler University Mr. Tom G. Seward-Art: B.A. Franklin College: M.A. Herron School of Art Mr. George E. Sharp-Mathematics: B.S. Oakland City College: M.S. Indiana University: M.A. Uni- versity of Michigan Mr. John Shirley-English, Varsity Tennis Coach: B.S. Butler University: M.B.A.: M.S. University of Southern California I 140-Individuals Mr. Lester Smith-Art: B.S. John Herron, Butl University Mrs. Mary J. Spoon-Mathematics: A.B., M.A.T. I diana University Miss Edra P. Staffieri-Foreign Language: B.A. Pen State University: M.A. Middlebury College Mr. Arnold F. Stahl-Guidance: B.S. Western Ill nois University: M.E.D. University of Illinois Mrs. Sandra Stava-English: B.S. Whitworth Colleg Mr. John Staver-Science: B.S. Indiana University Mrs. Joy Steinmetz-English B.A. Butler Universit Mr. Loren Stephens-Science: B.S., M.S. Indian State University: Ed. S. Indiana University Mrs. Betty J. Stokesberry-Foreign Language: A.B Butler University: M.A. Texas Christian Mrs. Nancy Stolte-Business Education: B.S. Florida Atlantic University Mr. Keith Stroup-Athletic Director: B.S. Indian State University: M.S. Ball State University Mr. H. Norman Taylor-Social Studies Departmen Chairman: A.B., M.A. State University of Iowa Mr. Thomas E. Taylor-English: B.S., M.S. Butle University Mrs. Beatrice Thomas-Music: B.S., M.A. Ball Stat University Mrs. Doris Thompson-Guidance: B.S. Purdue Uni versity: M.S. Butler University Miss Pamela Ann Walker-Physical Education: B. Murray State Mr. Jack D. Walter-Business Education, Assistan Basketball Coach: B.S. Indiana State University M.S. Butler University Mr. Byron E. Weaver-Physical Education, Varsit Football Coach: B.S. Purdue University: M.S. In diana University, M.A. Butler University Mr. Allan R. Weinheimer-Mathematics Departmen Chairman: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mr. John Wendling-Foreign Language: B.S., M.S Purdue University Miss Kathy A. White-Business Education: B.S. Ball State University: M.S. Indiana University Mrs. Kathleen Wiethoff-Foreign Language: A.B. Indiana University Captain Charles R. Wilhelm-National Defense Ca- det Corp: B.S. Manchester College: M.A.T. ln- diana University Mr. Naverne Wille-Social Studies: Assistant Trac Coach: B.S., M.S. Indiana University Mrs. Helen E. Wingfield-English: A.B., M.S. lndi ana University Mrs. Edith L. Wisner-Mathematics: A.B. DePau University: M.S. Butler University Mr. G. L. Woodruff-Practical Arts: B.S. Indian State University: M.S. Butler University Mr. Kenneth Zimmer-Practical Arts: B.S. Purdu University l CHARGE OF ATTENDANCE records are Mrs Swngart and Mrs Buddenbaum Most of day IS spent wrltlng passes and answering phone calls concerning absent students MRS. KENNEDY AND Mrs. Farkas run the bookstore and handle money trans- Numerous area secretaries aid students RS. MARY MARTIN, school nurse, ap- lies a skin test to a Central student. ,W l l Individuals-141 - 42 AS HEAD OF the audio visual department, Mrs. Grossman looks over her daily schedule. She is responsible for distributing films, record players, and video equipment. With the growing student enrollment, the responsibilities of North Central's librarians increase greatly. The library secretaries are, left to right: Mrs. Helen Hunter, Mrs. Anna- bel Rusch, Mrs. Pamela Gilbert, and Mrs. Jane Graves. Linda Stieneker helps prepare the instruments for later use. wr. arietg of aft' keeps .C. on go A combination of hard work and xperience made North Central a lean and pleasant place to work and arn. Chief custodian, Jim Kendall nd his staff had the responsibility f maintaining the appearance of the chool. As the number of students in- reased, so did the job of the cafe- ria staff. Under the direction of rs. Shields, they prepared and erved the food for school banquets s well as their regular duty of mak- g daily lunches. The audio-visual office, headed by rs. Grossman, was responsible for upplying the school with films and ther equipment. The preparation of aids was another of their jobs. An essential part of lite at North was its library. Students it a must for research work for a quiet place to relax and :I book. With the addition new books the librarians' increased greatly. NORMA FISH assists custodial as she washes windows and cleans MANAGER OF THE CAFETERIA, Mrs. Ruth Shields and one of her assistants Bertha Wolf, put much time into planning meals and keeping the kitchen operating smoothly CUSTODIAN ED SLATER and head custodian Jim Kendall relax after a busy day of maintaining North Central's facilities. Mr Kendall has been head custodian for the past few years and is assisted by 21 other men Senior memories linger on as 197 SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL-First Row: Barbara Collins, Sandra Baker, Joan Noonan, Harriett Schenkman, Chris Isenhour, Jody Reel, Ann Holland, Paula VanNess, Janis Rothbard, Susan Bock- stahler. Second Row: Sharon Smith, Beverly Thompson, Sally Punches, Beth Thomas, Laurie Weinstein, Julie Thompson, Su- san Over, Barb Kammeraad, Neysa Meyer, Merril Stern, Cindy Erler. Third Row: Jay Hollander, Bill Adkins, Marc Berkowitz, Dar- ryl Garnett, Dave Light, Mike Goergen, Sandy Burns, Steve Calla- way, Dave Highmark. Fourth Row: Bob Dinnsen, Fred Tishler, Mark Miller, Chris Wright, Kent Shields, Steve Marra, Steve Knowles, Dave Elliott, Mr. David Dick. l "Memories, pressed between the L pages of our minds . . We remem- bered football games, bonfires, en- joying them together as seniors. "Quiet thoughts come floating down and settle softly to the ground . . ." We remembered the lessons we learned as Centralites, and pon- dered the future as we donned our caps and gowns. "Of holding hands and red bou- quets and sunsets filled with purple haze. . ." We remembered the Grad dance and the senior breakfast, as we gathered together for a final time. "Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine." OFFICERS FOR THE CLASS OF 197O-in- clude: secretary, Julie Thompson: vice- president, Jay Hollander: treasurer, Bev- erly Thompson: and, president, Bob Dinn- sen. ades awag A LOOK OF EAGER anticipation, Tom Wallace prepares or . . graduation by purchasing his commencement announcements. of "ece'V'ng fha DAR award' MERIT FINALISTS-First Row: Nancy Hayes, Antion- James Jontz, Anthony Holt, Fred Martin, Don Cohen. Third Row: Galvin, Anne Weinheimer, Marilyn Shevitz. Second Row: Doug Bancel, Larry Peck, Gary Scudder,Jim Barton. AFI'ER THREE YEARS of outstanding leadership and participation f in various school activities, Julie Thompson deserves the honor Individuals-145 ANNE GOLDBACH spends much of her ' extra time tutoring students in French. Q Q --fe, , 7, 3 q 4 f w ie pw., Fist 1 W E' 2 Y T 1 --Q25 -' r N ' 9 51 I W if Q ' J I 1. f s.,jnE5 .T , Q12 trrtt i Individuals-145 Honor Qooietg provides tutoring service NANCY KAY ABEL-German 2-3: Travel Clas Council Alt. 27 Scholastic Award 2-37 Panthe Athletic 2. JESSE J. ABNER-Panther Athletic. STEVEN DALE ACHESON GREG ACKMAN ADAMS Ill-Folk Music 2 mes 2. 'lal Forensic League7 her Athletic. tDANlEL ay 27 1 Act Plays 2-37 Athletic 2-32 Thespians 3 'JAMES M. ALEXANDER-National Honor So- ciety 3-47 Quill and Scroll 37 Head Photogra- pher of Northern Lights 37 Varsity Wrestling 37 Photography President 37 Student Council 3. DEBRA JANE ALLEN-Booster Block 2-37 Pan- ther Athletic 37 Junior Spectacular Usher 37 Style Show Model 27 Attendance Office Assis- tant 3. GARY P. ALLEN-Chess 27 Panther Athletic 2-37 Business Careers 37 Biology Study 2. JANET LEE ALLEN-National Honor Society 47 Knitting 27 Girl's Automechanics 37 Girl's Exercise 3. JUDITH ANNE ALLEN-Cheerleading 3'4: Ju- nior Prom Queen 37 Class Council 37 Student Council 2,42 Scholastic Citation 27 Christmas Dance Princess 2. WILLIAM THOMAS ALSOP-Music Men 3-41 Ad- vance Chess 2-3Q Panther Athletic 37 A Capella 27 Intramurals 3-4. MICHAEL WI L L I A M ALTMAN-Football 2-37 Wrestling 2-42 Lettermen's Club7 Panther Ath- letic7 Student Council Alternate. PEGGY LOUISE AMMERMAN-Panther Athletic 2-37 Spanish 27 Art 37 Trike Race 27 Class Coun- cil 27 Home Ec. Style Show 2. Class of 1970 OBIN L. ANDERSON-Drama 2: French 2-3: anther Athletic 2-3: Lockets 4: Student Council lt. 4: Scholastic Award 2-3. HOMAS ARTHUR ANDERSON-A Capella 2: usic Men 3-4: Folk Music 3-4: Panther Ath- tic 3: Fall Musical 3: Boy's Booster Block 2. ONELL ANDREWS TEVEN RALPH ARBUCKLE-Angler Nimrod: rl: Club. AREN SUE ARCHER-Panther Athletic 3: Knit- ing . QATHRYN E. ARENSMAN-Panther Athletic 2-3: ttendance Office Assistant 3: Intramurals 2. EN L. ARMOLD-Automechanics 3. ESSIE J. ARNOLD-Orchestra 2-4: Chamber usic 2-4: Mandolin Choir 2: Fall Musical 4: Il State Orchestra 3-4: Library Assistant 2,4. HEODORE EDWARD AUSTIN-Panther Athletic -3: Drafting 2-3. HOMAS EDWARD AUSTIN-Marching Band 2- : Panther Athletic 2-3. AVID BACKER-Transfer from Brebeuf. EBORAH J. BAILEY-Costume and Makeup : Panther Athletic 2-3: Class Council Alt. 2: unior Historical Society 3. AROL C. BAKER-Class Council Alt. 3: Junior pectacular Usher 3: Trike Race 2-3: Attendance ffice Assistant 3: Panther Athletic 2-3: Stu- ent Council 4. AVID RANDAL BAKER-Angler Nimrod 3-4: ravel 3-4. ARK DAVID BAKER-Transfer from Arlington: ntramural Bowling 3: Graphic Arts 3. SANDRA JANE BAKER-National Honor So- iety 3-4: Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3: ravel 3: Panther Athletic 2: Drama 2: Folk usic 3. STEVE H. BAKER-Panther Athletic 3: Intramu- rals 3-4: Chess 2: Business Careers 3-4. SUSAN E. BAKER PAM BALAY-French 2: French Teachers 2: Booster Block 2: Panther Athletic 3. ICKI LYNN BALDWIN CHARLES S. BALLARD-Intramural Basketball, Bowling 3: Pep Band 2-4: Travel 2-3: Marching Band 2-4: Symphonic Band 2-4. DOUG BANCEL-Stage Band 2-4: Scholastic Award 2-4. MIKE C. BARBER-Panther Athletic. BRUCE A L L E N BARKER-Government 2-3: Stage Crew 2-3: Electronics 2-3: Secretary 3: Scholastic Award 2-3. MICHAEL DUNCAN BARNETT-Track 2-4: Cross Country 2-4: Panther Athletic 3. JULIA ELAINE BARR-F'l'A 2-3: Library Assis- tant: Ceramics 3. JAMES G. BARTON-Intramurals 2-4: Stage Crew 4: Newspaper Staff 4: Folk Music 4: Base- ball 2: National Honor Society 4. CYNTHIA ANN BA'l'l'S-lntramurals: Girl's Ex- ercise: Spanish Club. . it w Ei -ff . 1 may Q if 1 x ' 'U' 'T Q . ' ., I ' i -. iiz ' it L15 fi' 4' . , gpg 4 1- + - :iff J iii:-tai-ililiiii , ' me . is rl . is 3 ,W - G, li . Y .R .1 .I I Y :if biz: - I I is ' 3 va 2 J ' Q f ibm 'W is--.mi I Individuals-147 Individuals-148 +I--. HDR -rt' Seniors 'GLENDA ALICE BAUGH-French 2-35 AFS Biology 35 Panther Athletic 35 Booster Bloc 25 Journalism 2. GREGORY ARTHUR BAUGH-Chess Club BETH ADELE BAYLESS-Travel 35 Junior Hi togical Society 35 Journalism 2-35 World Cultur 2- . SALLY ELIZABETH BEAL WILLIAM ROGER BEAMAN-Travel 25 Yearboo Staff Photographer 25 Chess 25 Panther Ath letic 25 Newspaper 2. CINDY LELA BEAN-FI'A 35 Knitting 3. CAROL LYNN BEATY-Class Council 25 Fol Music 2-35 Intramurals 2-35 Art 2. GARY JAY BECKER-Chess 2-4. DONALD ARTHUR BEHNKE-National Hono Society. MICHAEL ALLEN BEHNKE-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Wrestling 2-45 Photographer on Year- book and Newspaper Staff 3-4. MARILEE BEHRMANN-National Honor Society 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Student Council 35 Biology 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 German 2. JAMES ALAN BEITMAN-Art 2-45 Junior Spec- tacular Publicity Chairman 35 Class Council Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 2-3. ROBERT LEE BELL-National Defense Cade Corps: NDCC Battalion Formation5 Rifle Team5 Straight Drill Commander5 Intramurals. 'I'SUSAN LYNE'lTE BELL-Quill 84 Scroll 45 Year- book Staff 35 Activities Editor 45 Panther Ath- letic 2-35 Trike Race 2,45 Junior Historical So- ciety 3. JAN ELIZABETH BELLARD-National Honor So- ciety 35 Thespians 35 I.U. Honors Abroad Pro- gram in Latin 35 Drama 35 Spanish 35 Winter and Spring Play 2-3. SALLIE K. BELLER-Panther Athletic. MARY JAQUELIN BENNE'l"I'-Transfer from Tu- dor Hall5 Girls Concert Choir 35 Class Council Alt. 35 Junior Prom Publicity Co-Chairman 35 Trike Race 35 Panther Athletic 35 Junior Histori- cal Society 3. RENA BENRUBI-Junior Historical Society 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Spanish 25 French 35 Jour- nalism 35 Fashion Show 3. ALLEN W. BERENTES-Pa nt h e r Athletic 35 NDCC Drill Team and Battalion 2. 'CAROL RAE BERG-National Honor Society 3- 45 Scholastic Citation 2-45 Girls' Ensemble 3-45 Orchestra 2-45 French 2-4. 'JAY BERGER-Football 2-35 Wrestling 2-45 Stu- dent Council 25 Class Council President 35 Ju- nior Historical Society 3, President 4. "'MARC BERKOWITZ-N a tio n a I Forensics League 2-45 Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 35 Music Men President 45 Daily Announcements 3-45 Announcer for Gymnastics Team 2-45 Pan- ther Athletic 2-3. TERRI SUSAN BERKOWITZ-Madrigals 45 Pan- ther Athletic 35 A Capella 3. JOSEPH C. BERNSTEIN-Key Club 2-35 Varsity Debate 2-35 "Etchings in Thought" 35 Intra- murals 25 Spanish 2-3. CHRISTIAN SCO'l'I' BERRY-Transfer from Chi- cago, IIIinois5 Wrestling 4. DON WAYNE BERRY-Yearbook Staff 3, Sports Editor 45 Intramurals 2-45 Panther Athletic 35 Concert Band 2. SUSAN LEE BIANCHINI-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Concert Band 25 French 25 Panther Athletic 35 National Council of English Teachers Contest Winner 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. DEBBIE S. BILL-Panther Athletic 2-35 Note- hand 25 French Club Secretary 35 Scholastic Award 3. Class of I 970 LEIIIKIXL D O N A L D BINEGAR-Boy's Booster oc . ILLIAM F. BINKLEY-National Honor Society -4: Debate Team 2, Vice President 3: President : Mu Alpha Theta 2-3, President 4. EFFREY R. BIRNBAUM-Reserve Wrestling 2- : Booster Block 2: Review Typing 3. RESTON J. BISHOP-Transfer from Brebeuf AVID B. BLACK-Symphonic Wind Ensemble -4: Stage Band 3-4: Pep Band 2-3. DONNA JEAN BLAKE-Orchestra 2-4: Intra- murals 3: Mandolin Choir 2: Panther Athletic : Booster Block 3. N. KENT BLANKENSHIP-Drafting 2: Travel 2: Panther Athletic 3: Folk Music 2. NDREW ROGER BLICKMAN-Panther Athletic 2: Government 3: National Honor Society 3-4: hess 3: Academic Games 3: Intramurals 2-4. KATHY LYNN BLOOD-Scholastic Award 2: Booster Club 2: Panther Athletic 3: Spanish Sec- retary 3: Girl's Exercise 3: Junior Spectacular. LOREL ADELL BLOOM-National Honor Society 4: International Thespian Society 3-4: Stage Crew 3-4: Costume and Make-up 3-4: Drama 2-3: Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4. DAVID GENE BLOUGH-Travel 2: American Authors 2: Golf Team 2: Great Books 3. 'SUSAN E. BOCKSTAHLER-Madrigals 2-3, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4: French 2-3: Student Council 3: Class Council 2: Junior Spectacular 3: Junior Prom Co-Chairman 3. Senior Class wins Keg Club Can Drive JOHN WILLIAM BODKIN-NDCC Exhibition Drill Team 3-4. PAMELA SUE BOGES-Counterpoints 4: Girls Ensemble 3: Folk Music Secretary 4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Madrigals 2: Student Council 3-4. 'SUSIE W. BOHARD-Yearbook Staff 3, Editor 4: Quill 81 Scroll 3-4: Madrigals 3: Girls' Ensem- ble 4: Junior Spectacular Program Editor 3. 'DEBRA ANN BOLOTIN-Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Travel 2-3: Ceremics 3: Art 2: Office Assistant 2: Lockets 4. ALICE T. BOND-Panther Athletic 3: News- paper photographer 3, Head Photographer 4: Photography 2-3. DEBORAH ELAINE BOND-Panther 2-3: Ger- man 3: Madrigals 2-3: Booster Block 3. ROBERT M. BOOKER PAULA JEANNE BOOTH-Booster Block 2: Pan- ther Athletic 3: Junior Historical Society: Gov- ernment. 'REBECCA ANN BORTON-National Honor So- ciety 3-4: Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3: Student Council 3: Science Lab Assistant 3-4: Scholastic Citation 2-3: Panther Athletic 2-3. SANDRA JEAN BOWEN-Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Red Cross 2-3: Poetry 3: Junior His- torical Society 3: Future Nurses 2: Girls' Ex- ercise 3. LINDA ANN BOWER-Panther Athletic 2-3: Ju- nior Historical Society 3: Booster Block 2. JOANN BOWERS-National Forensics League 3-4: Forensics 2-4: Notehand 2. Individuals 149 P -. -'55 J ' In -f A is 'Fwvy Individuals-150 Class ol' I 970 REBECCA,C. BOWMAN SPRING AVA BRADSHAW-Folk Music 3. PAMELA JUNE BRANCHE-Student Council 2 Alternate 3: Trike Race 3: Panther Athletic 2-3 CHARLES JOHN BREDEMUS-Panther Athleti ELLEN B. BREISACHER-Panther Athletic 2-3 Class Council 2-3: Booster Block 2-3: Junio Spectacular 3. LAURA LEE BRIDGES-Pa nther Athletic 2 World Culture 2: Spanish 2-3: Journalism 3 Home-Ec Fashion Show 3. LESLIE AN N BRIDGFORTH-Transfer fro Broad Ripple. RICHARD PAUL BRIEDE-Football 2-4: Panthe Athletic 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3: Intramural 2-4. BARBARA C. BRIGMON-Booster Block 2: Pan ther Athletic 2: International Foods 3: lntra murals 3. COLLEEN LOUISE BROLIN-Transfer from Hol land, Michigan: Panther Athletic 3: Forensics 3 International Relations 3: Student Council 4 Drama 3. JANICE KAY BROMLEY-Panther Athletic 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3: Fashion Show 4: Studen Council Alternate 4. MARK A. BROWN-Drafting: Chess. STEVEN A. BRYAN BETTY LOU BUCHANAN-Booster Block 2: Panther Athletic 3: Shorthand 3: Class Council Alternate 3. MARILYN JOAN BUCKNER-Knitting 2: Inter- national Foods 2. DORENE MARIE BUDNICK-Student Council Alternate 2: Panther Athletic 2: Travel 3: In- ternational Relations 3. CLARENE M. BUGHER-Costume 2: Health Careers 3: Panther Athletic 3: Scholastic Award 2-3: AFS 4: Class Council Alternate 4. "A'LELlA P E R R Y BUNDLES-Co-Editor of Northern Lights 4: Student Council 2: Vice-Pres- ident 3: National Honor Society 3-4: Quill 84 Scroll 3-4: National Forensics League 3-4: Ayres Fashion Board 4. CYNTHIA ANNE BURNE'l'l'-Booster Block 2: Panther Athletic 2-3. MICHAEL LYNN BURNS-Biology 2-3: Panther Athletic 2-3. 'SANDY M. BURNS-Student Council 2: Class Council 3: Key Club: Junior Prom King Candi- date 3: Tennis Team 2: lntramural Basketball 2-3. MOLLY MARIE BURR-Panther Athletic 2: Booster Block 2: Alternate Office Assistant 3: Girls' Exercise 4. JANICE CAROL BUSH-Panther Athletic 2-3: Future Nurses 2: International Foods 3. BARB JEAN BUTLER-Knitting 2: Intramurals 3. DEAN PAUL BUTLER ROBERT H. BUTLER-Panther Athletic 3: Chess 2: Intramurals 3. KENNETH ALAN CAGE-Student Council 2: Chess 2-3: Travel 2: French 2: Panther Athletic 3: Intramurals 2-3. PETER J. CAIRNS-Folk Music 3: Drama 3: Na- ticgnal Forensics League 2-3: Debate 2: Chess 2- . F Seniors TEVE CALLAWAY-Class Council 25 Student ouncil 35 Spanish Secretary 25 Track 2-45 ymnastics 3-45 Letterman's Club 3-4. HOMAS HENRY CAMPBELL-Spanish 25 Pan- her Athletics 35 Student Council 35 Tennis eam 2-35 Intramural Basketball 2-35 Junior pectacular 3. UCY ELIZABETH CAPEHART-Panther Athletic 2-35 International Relations 35 Booster Block. HOMAS CHARLES CAPEHART-Track 25 Pan- her Athletic 35 Government 2. BONNIE JEAN CAPRON-Panther Athletic 2-35 French 35 Descants 35 Counterpoints 45 Folk Music 25 Junior Spectacular 2. LYNN ANN CARBAUGH-Trike Race 2-35 Girls' xercise 35 Attendance Office Assistant 35 Girls horale 25 A Capella 3. EVIN P A T R I C K CARLIN-Intramurals 2-35 panish 3. HRISTIE JANE CARPENTER-Library Assistant 2-35 Orchestra 2-35 Secretary 4. CHARLOTTE MARY CARR-Attendance Office Assistant 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Class Coun- cil Alternate 35 Chorale 25 A Capella 3. MARK JOSEPH CARR ALAN D. CARROLL-Intramural Basketball 35 Panther Athletic 3. .QANET L. CARSON--Travel 25 Panther Athletic Work experience profitable for Seniors ARTHUR EUGENE CARTER-Rifle Club 2-3. VICTORIA LEE CARVEY-Spanish 2-35 Quill 84 Scroll 3-45 Government 2-35 Newspaper 3-4, Co- News Editor 4. JEFFREY DEAN CASE-National Thespians 2- 4, Treasurer 35 Language Lab Assistant 2-45 Stage Crew 2-4. :RANDALL L. CASE--Panther Athletic 35 Drafting DAVID W. CASWELL-Junior Historical Society 25 Government 25 "Peals of Liberty" 25 Northern Lights representative 25 Library Assistant 2. DIANE E. CHAMBERLIN-Panther Athletic 2-35 Orchestra 2-35 Band 2. GARY ALAN CHANDLER JUDY LYNN CHARLES-Travel 2-35 World Cul- ture 3. ERNEST C. CHASTAIN-Wrestling 25 Autome- chanics 3. 'JAMES S. CHESTERFIELD-National Society 3-45 Journalism President 25 Track 3-45 Student Council, Alternate 35 Junior Spectacular 3. KENARD D. CHILDS-Chess5 Slide RuIe5 Latin. NELDA LOUISE CHRISTENSON-Junior Spec- tacular 35 Folk Music 3. Individuals al- K - fe' 3 1 , we--.f . . fs Individuals-152 Seniors SANDY CITRON-Transfer from Lee Count Kentucky. ELIZABETH ANNE CLAIR-Fall Musical 25 O chestra 2-45 Girls' Ensemble 3-45 Panther At Ietic 25 Folk Music 3. JOE CLARK-FootbaII5 Track5 Intramurals5 J nior Spectacular5 Panther Athletic. KAREN SUE CLARK-Panther Athletic 2-35 Pres ident of Foods Club 2. KATHY ANN CLARK-DECA Club. RICKIE GRANT CLARK-Marching Band 2- NDCC Drill Team 25 NDCC Battalion Officer Intramural Basketball 3-45 Wrestling 25 Blac Culture 2. ROGER CLARK-Panther Athletic 2-45 lntram rals 2-45 Boy's Booster Block 25 Spanish 3-4. RICHARD J. CLAYCOMBE-Varsity Football 3-4 Wrestling 25 Track 2-35 Key Club 3-45 Panthe Athletic 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2-4. STEVE JEFFREY CLAYTON-Class Council 2 Christmas Dance Prince 25 Football 2-45 Basket ball 2-35 Baseball 2-3. RANDY SUE CLIFFORD-Junior Spectacular 3 Panther Athletic 2-35 Reading Lab Assistant 2-4 Knitting 2-3. ROBERT B. CLIFFORD-Stage Band 2-35 Orch estra 2-4. LISA ANN CLIFTON-Baton Corps. 'MICHAEL EUGENE CLONCS-National Hono Society 45 Student Council Vice President 4 I.U. Honors Program to Germany 35 Internation al Relations President 45 Trainer for Basketbal Team 2-45 Teenage Republicans 3-4. JANET LEE CLOSE-Panther Athletic 35 Cho rale 25 Madrigals 3. 'KILL C. CLUSTER-Travel. NANCY SUE COALE-Panther Athletic 35 Trave 25 Attendance Office Assistant 35 Scholasti Citation 2, Award 3. WILLIAM COFFEY KATHRYN A. COGGESHALL-Intramural 2 Trike Race 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-3. ALAN J. COHEN-Band 3-4. DON B. COHEN-Chess 2, Chess Team Vic President 3-45 Orchestra 2-45 Panther Athleti 35 Slide Rule 2. KARIN DEBORAH COLBY-International Foods 25 Knitting 2. GLADYS COLEMAN BARBARA C. COLLINS-Panther Athletic 2-35 Orchestra 2-35 President 4. FRED N. CONNAN JIM'H. CONNER-Junior Historical Society 2-45 Music Men 3-45 Panther Athletic 25 A Capella 2. JAMES ROBERT COOK-Panther Athletic 2-35 Boy's Booster Block 25 Intramurals 2. LEAH A. COOPER-Transfer from Highland High, New Mexico. PETER ANDREW COOPER-Chess5 Intramural Softball. 2: Au- Academic Society 3, 2-4: Panther Athle- 3-4: Chemistry Lab Athletic. Block 2. KATHY COWAN-Panther Athletic 3: In- Foods 2-3: Madrigals 3: Booster Basketball 2: Nimrod 3. from Chicago, CRAIG-Tri ke Race 2-3. JANE F. CRAHAN-Panther Athletic 2-3: Class Council Alt. 2: General Office Assistant 3: Junior Historical Society 3: Girls' Exercise 3: Trike Race 2-3. JOHN GREGORY CRANE-Scholastic Award 2: lntrargiurals 3: National Honor Society 3: Ger- man . ALTHA JANE CRAVEY-Mu Alpha Theta 2-4: Black Culture 3: Scholastic Art Honorable Men- tion 2: National Math Contest 2-3. MICHAEL LEE CRAWFORD-Intramural Bowling 3: Lab Assistant 3-4: Junior Historical Society 3: German 2. SARA ELIZABETH CRAYS-Class Council 2, Al- ternate 3: Panther Athletic 2-3: International Relations 3: Trike Race 3: Girls' Exercise 3. 'LIANNE CREVISTON-National Thespian So- ciety 3-4: Repertory Company 3-4: Stage Crew 3-4: Yearbook Staff 3-4: Concert Choir 3: Mad- rigals 4. ALLEN WAYNE CROI-'I'-Woodworking 3: Poe- try. KIM C. CROUSE-Intramurals: Panther Athletic 3: Junior Spectacular 3-4: Class Council 4: Homecoming Float Chairman 4. erature provides life-like SELF-EXPRESSION THROUGH World Lit- qualities to one of Moliere's famous works. ti,-alfkit ,gmail Hag a i r - - mais 5 u-, r Y 1 21.532 fl.: X 1 nw ge -'Se I ml- P Individuals-153 Seniors BRIAN M. CROWDER-Fall and Spring Play Stage Crew 35 German 2-35 Intramural Baske ball 35 Biology 2-3. LARRY RAY CROWE-Reserve Basketb Varsity 3:45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Lettermen' Club 4. SUSANNE ELAINE CUNNINGHAM-Chess Lab Assistant 35 Travel 25 Science 35 German SALLY CURRY-Stage Crew 2-45 Drama 2-3 Costume and Make-Up 2-4, President 35 Repe tory Company 3-45 Descants 35 Thespians 2-4 DALLAS ALAN DALTON-Industrial Arts Drafting 3. GARY JAMES DANKERT-Angler Nimrod 3 Stagecrafts 2. - ' E ' ' n I: LAWRENCE JAM ES DAVENPORT Nationa Honor Society 3-4, Indiana Honors Progr t Mexico 35 Class Council 35 Student Cou 4 ROGER NEIL DAVIDSON-Reserve Basket 3 IRVA L. DAVID-Panther Athletic 25 Volleybal 25 Booster Block 25 Student Council Alternat 3. PHILLIP L. DAVIS-Travel 2. BOB LOUIS DAWSON-Panther Athletic 25 An gler Nimrod 25 Student Council Alt. 3. JOYCE ANN DEAN Seniors enjog active class participation 'SARAH MELISSA DEAN-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Hoosier Girl's State Representative 35 Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 35 BIock's Fashion Board 45 Student Council 3-45 Descants 3-4. JUDY RA E DEARING-International Foods5 Spanish. LINDA KAY DEARING-Panther Athletic 2-35 Knitting 35 French 2-3. 'LAURA MAYME DECK-National Honor Society 3-45 Girls Ensemble 3-45 Intramural 2-35 World Culture 2-35 Yearbook Staff 45 AFS 4. ROBERT MITCHELL DECKER-Rifle Team 2-45 NDCC Battalion 2-4. DIANNE H. DECOURSEY-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Triangle Club-1st Award 25 Class Council 25 Junior Spectacular 35 Girls' Ensem- ble 35 Mu Alpha Theta 3-4. CINDA LEE DEEB-Panther Athletic 25 Booster glock 25 Trike Race 25 Class Council 3. Alternate MARK EUGENE DEERWESTER-Chess 3. BILLY GENE DEFORD-NDCC Drill Team5 ln- tramural. KAREN LYNN DENNY-Transfer from Chatard. DEBRA ANN DETMER-Panther Athletic 2-35 Drama 25 Junior Spectacular 35 Student Council Alt. 2,45 Spanish 35 Lockets 4. BETTY JO DILK-Concert Choir 25 Girls Ensem- ble 35 Drama 2-35 Junior Spectacular 3. Individuals-154 Class of 1970 ETE K. DILLON-Scholastic Citation 2-4. RICHARD WARREN DIMIT-Fall Musical 27 usic Men 3-47 Concert Band 27 Latin 2-47 ilitary History 3-47 Forensics 2-3. ERI DINE-Panther Athletic 37 Trike Race 27 ab Assistant. OBERT L. DINNSEN-Student Council 27 Class ouncil Treasurer 3, President 47 Intramurals -47 Junior Prom Court 37 Christmas Court 3. OBERT S. Dl'l'l'US-Basketball 27 Golf 27 Cross ountry 27 German 2-37 Intramural Basketball 3. ANA DONALD DLOTI'--National Honor Society -47 Chess Team 2-47 Slide Rule 27 Advanced hess Team 2-3. INDA DOCK EBRA ELAINE DORAN-Library Assistant 2-47 rt 3-42 German 2. AY DORMAN-Panther Athletic 27 Travel 37 ennis Team 2. UDY ANN DORRELL-Orchestra 2-3: Bell Choir -3, President 47 Junior Spectacular 37 Panther thletic 2-37 Class Council 27 Alternate 3. ENNIS JAMES DOTTENWHY-Folk Music 2-42 ell Choir 3'4: Intramural Football, Basketball -47 Art 27 Panther Athletic 2-3. NNA CATHERINE DOUGLAS-Girls' Auto Me- hanics 27 Knitting 3. AVID ALAN DOUGLASS-Tennis 27 Intramural asketball, Bowling 37 Panther Athletic 37 Travel 7 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4. AMES RONALD DUCKETT ICHARD MICHAEL DUGDALE-Drama 2-41 unior Spectacular 37 Spanish 37 Class Council Iternate 37 Biology 2-3. ICHAEL DAVID DUKE-Auto Mechanics 3. YNN E. DULONG-Panther Athletic 2-3: Stu- ent Council Alternate 2. NNE MARIE DUNN-Panther Athletic 2-31 irls' Senlice 47 Art 2. EBBY ANN DURKIN-Booster Block 37 Ger- an 47 NDCC Sponsor7 Library Assistant 47 rake: Race 37 NDCC Military Ball Queen Can- : a e. AVID B. DUVALL-Panther Athletic 2-37 World ulture 37 Junior Historical Society 2. RENDA JO DYER-Shorthand 37 Knitting 27 ECA 47 Typing 2. ORDON LEE DYER-Scuba 27 Panther Athletic 7 Intramural Football. TEPHEN PHILLIP EASLEY-National Thes- ians 3'4Q Government 2'3I Spanish 2-37 Stage rew 2-47 Repertory 3-4. 'RICHARD WILLIAM EATON-Student Council -47 Thespians 2-47 Vice President7 Drum Major 7 National Honor Society 3-47 Junior Specta- ular 37 Stage Manager for Fall Musical 4. THOMAS R. EATON-Panther Athletic 2-37 In- tramurals 2-3: Chess 2. MARVIN D. EDMONDS-Panther Athletic 2-37 Gym Assistant 37 Letterman's Club 3'4I Wrest- ling 3rd in State 2-4. 'JEFFREY C. EGGLESTON-Football 27 Diving 2-47 Music Men 3-47 A Capella 27 Panther Ath- Ietic 37 Intramural Basketball 3. 'LAURA BETH EINSTANDIG-Student Council Alt. 47 Panther Athletic 2-37 French 37 Junior Spectacular 37 Scholastic Award 2-47 National Honor Society 3-4. ,gl-7 far Individuals-155 Seniors GLORIA LEE ELAM-Panther Athletic 2' Culture 3. CHARLES ANTHONY ELLIOTT-Drafting Wind Ensemble 2-45 Intramurals 2-3. DAVID LAWRENCE ELLIOTT-National Society 3-45 Football 3-45 Basketball 35 ball 355 Class Council Alternate 35 Panther etic . MARY ELLIOTT-Class Council 2. ROBERT W. ELLIO'I'I'-Panther Athletic Intramural Basketball 35 Drafting 2. BECKY JO EMMELMAN-Panther Athletic Junior Spectacular 35 Class Council 2-35 Assistant 3. 'FMITCHELL State 35 Junior Key tramurals 2-4 LAURIE ANN Trike Race 2-3, Award Vice President 35 Council Intramurals 2-3. MARGO LOUISE ERGANIAN-Panther 25 Review Typing 25 Folk Music 35 Citation 2-3. "'CYNTHlA KAY ERLER-International Secretary 35 Yearbook Staff 3-45 Student Alternate 2-35 Class Council 45 Folk Music Panther Athletic 3. BARBARA JEAN ERVIN-Clothing 25 Foods Panther Athletic 2. JANE ANNE ESCHENBRENNER-Junior tacular 35 Madrigals 35 Panther Athletic 3 man 2-35 International Foods 35 Debtones Spirits not dampened bg rain at bonfire MARK G. EVANS-Panther Athletic 2-35 Great Music 35 Drafting 2-35 Travel 3. 'MARY EVANS-Senator in Mock Legislature 25 Nora Cottage Assistant 35 Poetry 25 Folk Music 25 Newspaper Activity 35 Scholastic Citation. KATHERINE A. EWING-Knitting 35 Review Typ- ing 25 Panther Athletic 2. 'MICHAEL EUGENE FAIRMAN-National Thes- pian Society 345 National Forensics League 3- 45 Repertory Company 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 Drama 35 Stage Crew 4. ELAINE SUSAN FALENDER-National Honor Society 3-45 Student Council 2-45 Panther Ath- Ietic 2-3. STEVE A. FARBER-Panther Athletic 25 Geo- metry 35 Intramurals 2-3. THOMAS BOYD FARMER-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Thespians 2-3, President 45 Stage Crew 2-45 Repertory Company 2-4. PAT A. FEGLEY-Panther Athletic 25 Art 2-35 Angler Nimrod 2. SALLY JANE FEHSENFELD-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 Booster Block 2. DANA FELDMANN-Panther Athletic 35 Intramu- rals 35 Chemistry 35 Transfer from Broad Rip- pe. "'A. LAWRENCE FERGUSON-National Forensics League 35 Government 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Debate 35 Music Men 45 Business Careers 3. J. KEVIN FINK-Rifle Team 2-35 Intramural Rifle Team Captain 3. Individuals-156 Class of I 970 RUCE JEFF FISCH-Debate 2-35 Boys' State 5 Key Club 3. HARON K. FISHER-Knitting 35 Shorthand 35 anther Athletic 25 Review Typing 2. ANIEL LEE FITZGERALD-Panther Athletic 25 anish 35 Woodworking 2-3. ICHARD O. FITZWATER MES WILLIAM FLACK-Panther Athletic5 Ger- an5 Intramural Softball5 Basketball. IANE LYNN FLEEK-Booster Block 25 Panther thletic 25 Class Council 2-3. ANN M. FLETCHER-National Honor Society -45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Lab Assistant 35 Trike ace 2-45 Intramurals 2-45 Junior Spectacular CATHERINE FLICKINGER-National Honor So- iety 3-45 Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 35 cho?stic Award 2-35 Latin 35 Library Assis- nt . RHONDA S. FOGLE-Hoosier Girls' State Dele- ate 35 National Honor Society 3-45 Junior pectacular 2-35 Gym Assistant 3-45 Drama 25 'cholastic Award 2-4. KATHLEEN ANNE FORD-Junior Spectacular ct Chairman 35 Student Council 25 Class Coun- il Alternate 35 A Capella 35 Descants 45 Pan- er Athletic 2-3. 'ONSTANCE JEAN FORK-Booster Block 2-35 A 2-35 German 2-35 Nurse's Assistant 2. TEVEN J. FORSYTHE-Panther Athletic 2-35 .lass Council Alternate 35 Angler Nimrod 2-35 tramural Basketball 3. OLLIN KEITH FORTIER-Gymnastics5 Black ulture. ANA FOSTER :DONNA LEE FOSTER-Student Council 25 ooster Block 25 Spanish 25 International Foods 5 Panther Athletic 2-35 Trike Race. UDY A. FOWLER-Booster Block 25 Attendance ffice Assistant 35 Panther Athletic 3. ETE O. FRANCESCON-Panther Athletic 2-3: udio Visual Center 2. ICHARD D. FRANCIS-Science Service 35 An- Ier Nimrod 35 Academic Games 25 Intramural ootball 25 Panther Athletic 25 Travel 3. EFFREY ALLEN FRANK-German 25 Beginning hess 2-35 Reading Lab Assistant 2-3. OBERT CHARLES FRANK-Transfer from Ari- ona. ORENZO EDWARD FRANKLIN-Cross Coun- ry 2-45 Track 45 Baseball 35 Basketball 45 Inter- ity Youth Council 3-45 Letterman's Club 4. ARIE GABRIELLE ELISABETH FRANTZ-Ex- hange Student from Luxembourg5 American ield Service. EBORAH LYNN FRANZ-National Honor So- iety 3-45 Student Council 35 Descants 45 Gym ssistant 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Class Coun- il Alternate 2. WILLIAM DALE FREEZE-Football 2-45 Basket- all 25 Baseball 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 For- ign Relations 35 Junior Spectacular 3. ARBARA LOUISE FREYER-Panther Athletic -35 Booster Block 2-35 Trike Race 2-35 French 5 Gym Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular 3. ARK HENRY FRIEDMEYER-Transfer from hortridge. INA J. FRIGO-Panther Athletic 2-35 Home- oming Decoration Committee 25 Spring Sports ecoration Committee 35 Intramural Gymnas- ics 2, Volleyball 35 Algebra 3. OHN D. FRITZ-Counterpoints5 Audio Visual. 5 'f- 'F fggw , 3. -. . '. Haiti? I . it .- 14315525 foal' .Sw . 4. - -if fel- . I ze-surf" 5, . 25,515 f 5 ga I ' .. - 'L 'f 955 1 7 K' K, .xii , if-' ' l?llf:?L" it -A . I . fjiif' 5-,asm-, T- it? ' 55, 4255 54 ,wt 5 lndivid uals-157 -'C ZS, ' . ' cvs. .E 3 I t ,,,.. 1- 23.4.- 2 Q, s 3. Individuals-158 img del?-'Y' JTJZJQILTI 'J E1222ffQ75:53--l7:17I5iit''lit as-I 2-,j',',, gg'2gEgj'l?g"'tf2" "g'g1jfjQ5,f1,,S112f,.iE3j 5 . 5.5, egfgig, ' +-zziff' I 2 ' "'ff'Eii-' i ' .-'lzmiz-5-i:,,1 .f. - '57 A L A Seniors CAROL ANN FROCK-Booster Block 25 Panthe Athletic 2-35 Intramurals 25 Shorthand Award ROBERT L. FRYE-Drafting 2-35 Panther At Ietic 35 Beginning Chess 2. CAROL ANN FULK-Madrigals 35 Panther At Ietic 35 Debtones 4. 'PATRICIA JANE GAHAN-Panther Athletic 2- Clothing 25 Review Typing 35 Intramurals 2- Home Economics Style Show 25 Attendance Of fice Assistant 3. WILLIAM ROBERT GALL-Angler Nimrod 2- Astronomy 25 Intramural Football, Basketba 2-4. ANTOINETTE BROE GALVIN-National Hon Society 3-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 National Bio ogy Honor Society 35 Science Seminar 25 Sc ence Reading 35 Biology 2-3. JOHN M. GANGSTAD-Track 2-35 Football Intrasmurals 2-45 Panther Athletic 35 Angler Ni rod . GARY GENE GANT-Varsity Golf 2-45 Panthe Athletic 2-35 Intramural Football, Basketball 2- f'VICKI LYNN GARDNER-National Honor S ciety 3-45 Symphonic Band 3-45 Scholastic Cit tion 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 American Field Se vice 45 Intramural Tennis. W. DARRYL GARNETT-Track 2-35 Black Cultur 3-45 Drafting 2-45 Panther Athletic 2. ALLEN WAYLAND GARRETF-Intramural Foo ball 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Panther Athleti 25 Wind Ensemble. WAYNE THOMAS GASPER-Track 2-45 Cros Country 3-45 Class Council Alternate 25 Panthe Athletic 2-35 Chess 2-35 Intramurals. STEPHEN B. GATES-Vice-Chairman Clas Council 2, Vice-President 35 Travel 25 Journalis 35 Intramural Football, Basketball 2-35 Year book Staff Ad Co-Editor 4. 'FSTEPHANIE JOANNE GAUCHAT-Madrigals 3 Girls Ensemble 45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Junio Historical Society 35 "Peals of Liberty" con tributor 25 Yearbook Staff, Fine Arts Editor 4. 'KATHY JO GELMAN-Scholastic Award 2-4 Student Council 25 Orchestra 2-45 Mandoli Choir 25 Journalism 2. MARJORIE ANN GEORGE-German 25 Panthe Athletic 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 Booster Bloc 2-3. ALANA MARIE GIBBS-Panther Athletic 2-3 Style Show Commentator 3. WILLIAM L. GIBSON-Golf. WILLIAM R. GIBSON-Angler Nimrod 35 Pan ther Athletic 35 Cross Country 2-35 Track 2-3. 'ALAN RICHARD GILLESPIE-Student Counci 2-3, President 45 Counterpoints 2-3, Presiden 45 National Honor Society 3-45 l.U. Honors Stu dent 35 Tennis 2-45 AFS Finalist 3. DAVE C. GILLESPIE-Language Lab Assistan 2-4. ELIZABETH L. GILMER-Panther Athletic 2-3 Attendance Office Assistant 3. SALLY ANNE GILMORE-Future Nurses 2 French 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 Transfer fro Grosse Pointe High, Michigan. 'DAVID J. GIPE-Stage Crew 2-3, President 45 National Thespian Society 35 Treasurer 45 Junio Spectacular Co-ordinator 35 Language Lab As sistant 2-35 Cross Country 2-45 Track 2-4. 'JOHN LEE GLANTON-Junior Spectacular 35 Folk Music 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 A Capella 35 Music Men 45 Great Music 3. HEATHER RENE GLANZMAN-Class Council 2, Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 25 Travel 35 Year- book Staff 3. ARLENE R. GLICK-Trike Race 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectacular Usher 35 Review Typing 35 Girls' Exercise 3. CLINT THOMAS GLEASON-A Capella 2-35 Music Men 45 Latin 35 Travel 25 Junior Spectac- ular 35 Panther Athletic 3. Class of 1970 PAUL GLYNN-Concert Band 25 Wind En- Intramural Bowling 35 Pep Band 2-35 from Schulte High ity Debate Team 45 CATHERINE GOLDBACH-Junior Spec- 35 I.U. Honors Program in French 35 Na- Honor 3-45 Triangle Club Award -Drama 35 Shake- Repertory ny 35 Latin 35 Fall 45 Costume-Make-up . A. GOLDBERG-Transfer from Broad JOHN GOLDSMITH-Panther Athletic 25 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball D. GOLDSTEIN-Intramural Football, GOLL-Wrestling 2-45 Angler 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 Geology 2. W. GOODE-Audio Visual 2-35 Assistant 25 Panther Athletic 3. GOODE-Symphonic Band 2-45 ln- GOODRICH-French 25 Pan- , FTA 35 American Authors 35 35 Girls' Chorale 3. GORDON-Latin 2-45 Scholastic 25 Slide Rule 2. rike Race 2-35 Pan- Committee 35 Stu- Athletic GRADY-Panther Athletic 2-35 Race 2-35 Girls' Exercise 35 35 Booster Block 2. Crownings highlight homecoming festivities Ea Homsco ocr lO Ng.C vs w THIS YEAR'S HOMECOMING court mem- bers were Cindy Pribble, Judy Roberts, Matt Miller, Steve Clayton, Jody Reel, Greg Nefouse, Sarah McKinney, Dick Briede, Debbie Franz, and Doug Kniptash. Individuals-159 it-r ,H amiga? k F' Ka-Gui px I 1,22:EMI-iVY?i'iiififili'f - .czzi q . ll- sl W- ' ..-'I . is -. L1 fag? , .5 1, ,,A, LL,.1 I 5 5 ,,Ll,.fLi. - lf' 2 -V J- Individuals-160 Seniors BRAUN H. GRAHAM-National Honor Society Class Council 35 Panther Athletic5 Folk Music Junior Spectacular. MARY L. GRAHAM-Girls Ensemble 3-45 Or chestra 3-45 Chamber Music 3-4. DONALD WILSON GRANT-Intramural Football Panther Athleticp Angler Nimrod. 5 ALLEN L. GRAVEN-Band 2-35 Intramurals 3. BILL GRAY-Panther Athletic 2-3. DEBORAH JEAN GRAY-Auto Mechanics 3 Library Assistant 2-35 Knitting 2. KATHLEEN J. GRAY-Art 2-35 Panther Athleti 2-35 Library Assistant 2-35 Knitting 2. DANIEL A. GREENBERG-Government 35 Pan ther Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectacular 3. JACLIAI:-gi L. GREENBERG-Chess 35 Angler Nim ro - . HARVEY SCOTT GRIESEL-Woodworking 3. CAROL JEAN GRIFFITH-Wind Ensemble 2-4 Intramurals 2-45 Knitting 35 Booster Block 2 Panther Athletic 25 Scholastic Citation 2-4. EIZRA ANN GROSBY-Panther Athletic 25 A DEBORAH GAIL GROSS-Panther Athletic 2-3' Booster Block 35 Stage Crew 25 Library As sistant 25 Trike Race 2. DIANE JANINE GRUBE-Panther Athletic 2-35 Booster Block 2-35 Girls Exercise 3-4. TOM SCOTT GRUMME-Panther Athletic. PATRICK DULIN HAAS LYNN HABIG-National Honor Society 45 Cheer- leading 45 Panther Athletic Secretary 45 Student Council 2-4. "DONNA JOAN HADLEY-Girls Ensemble 45 Madrigals 35 Chorale 25 Battalion Formation 3-45 NDCC Sponsor 3-45 Booster Block 2. VICKI K. HADLEY-National Forensics League 2-45 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-45 Pep Band 25 Marching Band 2-4. BOB HAISLUP ANN M. HALE-Knitting 35 Future Teachers 25 International Foods 35 Booster Block 25 Library Assistant 3. JAMES W. HALL-Woodshop 35 Art. RICHARD J. HALT-Forensics5 Wrestling: Stu- dent Council. STEVE C. HAM-Key Club 2-45 Language Lab Assistant. DONALD W. HAMAKER-Co-editor Northern Lights 4, Sports Editor 35 Key Club 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Intramural Football, Basketball 3. JOHN R. HAMERSTADT-Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Angler Nimrod 35 Drafting 2. WILLIAM C. HAMERSTADT-Intramural Foot- ball, Softball, Basketball 2,45 Angler Nimrod 35 Panther Athletic 3. DEBBIE L. HAMMERSTROM-Transfer from Homewood-Flossmoor. Class ol' 1970 ANN Athletic 2 3 Wrestling 23 JII L Council 43 Staff Editor 43 Athletic rack 2 4, Intramurals 3 4, Advanced Chess 33 Scho- nke Race 3, Library ble 43 Panther Ath- S. HARGADON-Student Council 2, Council Alternate 33 Latin 2, Vice Presi- 33 Panther Athletic 33 I.U. Honors Semi- SCOTT HARLING A. HARLING-Latin 33 Football 33 23 Chess 2. HARMON-Panther Athletic' NDCC Bat- LYN HARSIN-Art 2-31 Trike Race 2-3: Athletic 3. Class Council prepares for grad dance NANCI JANE HARTMAN-National Honor So- ciety 3-43 Spanish 2-3: Panther Athletic 2'3Q Junior Spectacular Usher 33 Scholastic Award 2-4. BRUCE ALLEN HARVEY-Concert Band 23 Pan- ther Athletic. LINDA HARWOOD LUCY H. HASKIN-Panther Athletic 2-32 Span- ish 2-42 Booster Block 2-32 Forensics 4. 'JOYCE HAWKINS-Band 2-42 Orchestra 2-4: Junior Spectacular 33 Class Council 2-31 Cham- ber Music3 Scholastic Award 2-3. MELVIN HAYDEN MILLARD HAYDEN 'NANCY LEE HAYES-National Honor Society 3'41 l.U. Honors Program fGermanyJ 33 Stage Crew 23 Etchings in Thought 43 Panther Athletic 2-32 German 4. ERIC B. HEFFLEY JAMES M. HEICHELBECH-Transfer from Rex Mundi High School, Evansville. MARIANNE HEISKELL CYNTHIA LEE HENDERSON-Band 2-4: Scho- lastic Award 2-33 Intramurals 2-4. Individuals 161 162-Individuals Seniors DEBBIE SUE HERMAN-Trike Race 35 Panth Athletic 25 Library Assistant 3. BRENDA LEA HIGGINS-Typing 25 Biology 3. tDAVlD ALLEN HIGHMARK-National Hon Society 35- Varsity Basketball 3-45 Baseball 2- Latin 2-35 Triangle Club Award 2-35 Stude Council 2-3. ANDREW J. HINSDALE-Symphonic Wind E semble 2-45 Pep Band 3-45 Chess 3-45 Intr murals 3-4. RICHARD R. HINTZ-Panther Athletic 2-35 A gler-Nimrod 2. 'KATHY HIRSH-National Honor Society 35 J nior Spectacular 35 Junior Spectacular Cove Design 35 Scholarship Award 2-35 German Drama 2. JHAN R. HOCHMAN-Angler Nimrod 2. RICHARD LEE HODGE-Rifle Team 2,45 Assi tant Captain 35 Rifle Letter Winner 3-45 lntra mural Rifle Shooting Director 45 Battalion Fo mation 2-4. GREg3A. HOFFMAN-Panther Athletic 25 Dra ing - . FAITH E. HOLBROOK-Panther Athletic 25 Ge metry 3. 'FANN C. HOLLAND-Student Council 2, Alte nate 35 Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 2- Trike Race 2-35 Valentine Dance Decoratin Committee 2. i'JAY ALAN HOLLANDER-Class Council 2- Vice President 45 Key Club 2-3, Treasurer Tennis Sectional Champion 45 Tennis Team 2- ANTHONY PETER HOLT-National Honor S ciety 3-45 NDCC Battalion 2-45 Drill Team 2. KYLE ANNE HOPKINS-AFS 3-45 Panther At Ietic 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Trike Race. VICTOR A. HORNE-Woods5 NDCC. 'DONALD M. HORNING-Panther Athletic Wrestling 2-45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Folk Musi 45 Boys' Booster Block 25 Gym Assistant 3-4. CYNTHIA KAY HO'I'l'LE-Panther Athletic 25 Ath Ietic Office Assistant 35 Art 2-45 Trike Race 2-3 Notehand 3. BONITA LYNN HOUTZER-Library Assistant 3 Red Cross 25 Future Nurses 2. STEVE T. HOWARD-NDCC Rifle Team5 Pan ther Athletic. DAVID J. HOWELL-Science Service 3-45 La Assistant 3-45 Panther Athletic 25 Intramural 3-45 Hoosier Boys State 3. EMERSON R. HOWELL-Panther Athletic 2-35 Boys' Booster Block 2. MARCIA HUDSON THOMAS M. HUDSON-Panther Athletic 2-35 Reserve Baseball 2-35 Reserve Football 25 Intra- mural Football 2-45 Drafting 25 Class Council Alternate 2-3. PARKISON KENDRICK HUEBER-Chess Team 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Gymnastics 3-4. RHONDA LAIN HUGGINS-Panther Athletic 35 Girls' Exercise 3. DAVID WAYNE HULLETI'-Varsity Baseball 2-45 Varsity Football 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Class Council 35 Gym Assistant 45 Panther Athletic 2-3. DAVID V. HUMBERT-Panther Athletic 2-35 In- tramural Football, Basketball, Bowling, Base- ball 3-45 Stage Crafts 4. BRENDA SUE HUMPHREY-Transfer from Howe High Schoolg Panther Athletic 35 Intramural Bowling, Volleyball 35 Library Assistant 3. Class ot' 1970 L. HUMPHREYS-Panther Athletic 23 Typing 25 Shorthand 3. A. HUNT-Counterpoints 2-45 Fall Musi- Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectacular M. HUTCHINSON-Football 3-45 Panther 2-3- Intramural Swimming 2-4, Softball, I A U S T I N HUTCHINSON-National Society 35 Wrestling 25 Football 35 Intra- Football 2, Intramural Basketball 35 In- Relations 3. Council Alternate 3' Guid- Office FREDERICK ISLER-Wrestling 3-45 Pan- ic . ROBERT JACKS JACKSON-Panther Athletic ALLAN JACOBSON-National Forensics 35 Spanish 35 Forensics 35 History Pres- Intramurals 3. HANE HUTTON-Student Council 35 Journalism 35 Transfer from Arling- li lsll 1 -National Honor Society 2-35 French 2-45 I.U. Hon- 3 Girls Concert Choir 3' fi A' Historical Society 25 ' 4, 3- Business Careers 'I 'H Musical 2-35 Pan- ,... . Junior Spectacular 35 Counter- ,,. 5, Upperolassmen anticipate graduation rites SUSAN L. JACOBSON-Orchestra 2-35 Scholas- tic Award 2-35 Panther Athletic 25 Travel 35 Chamber Music 2. 'CAROL ANN JAMES-National Honor Society 3-45 Scholastic Award 2, Citation 35 Biology Lab Assistant 35 French 35 English Office Assis- tant . JOHN B. JENKINS-Panther Athletic 2-35 Intra- murals 2-35 DECA 3. DEBORAH ANN JEZZARD-Folk Music 3-45 Pan- ther Athletic 2-35 Madrigals 2-35 Girls Ensemble 45 Fall Musical 4. JULIA ANNE JOHNSON-Art 2-3. KITTY KATRINKA JOHNSON-Class Council 25 Trike Race 2. KIRK JOHN JOHNSON-Panther Athletic 25 Travel 35 Golf 2-45 Knitting 2. 'FMARSHA JOHNSON-Orchestra 2-35 Folk Mu- sic 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 H500 Festival of Arts" lst Place Winner 25 Scholastic Arts Con- test, Honorable Mention 25 Science Reading 2. CHARLES WILLIAM JOHNSTON-German 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Football 2-45 Track 25 Bas- ketball 3-4. CANDICE LYNN JONES 'CINDY LOUISE JONES-French 2-45 Trike Race 45 Intramurals 3-45 Scholastic Citation 2-45 Fall Fashion Show 45 American Field Service 4. DEBBIE L. JONES-Panther Athletic 2-35 Girls Exercise 35 Business Careers 3. Individuals-163 HUMANITIES AND ART classes provide students with an opportunity to observe contemporary art. Seniors examine contemporary art display -Qr at r l ,W S sf- xx sw ,, . .... uf -fini' Y' in . r.,t t - 5 , 451 5 4 7 1 2 I "rt als Q 7 I L ,-.Wi Qf,:..D f 5 ij .ii-1. 11 f 'iii- is ., I I g Lg 5 U! 0415 tag ,, 'Hmmm I I: ., ra- . fi . 15' -' ,Q - I - - .... ,. 5 , 164-Individuals NICHOLAS KEITH JONES-Music Men 2-4 chestra 25 Folk Music 3-45 Panther Atl 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 Fall Musical 3. RANDY JONES-Panther Athletic 25 Chess 2. JAMES P. JONTZ-National Honor Society Chamber Music 3. KATHY E. JORDAN-A Capella 35 Cadet I 25 Girls Ensemble 45 Panther Athletic 35 Fr 25 Review Typing 2. CHRISTOPHER WARREN JOSLIN-Trave Panther Athletic 35 Trike Team Crew 3-45 I mural Basketball 2-4. CYNTHIA LOUISE JUDAY-National Honor ciety 3-45 Home Ec Style Show 25 Home Assistant 3-45 Costume Club 2. DONALD E. JUDD-National Honor Society Intramural Basketball, Softball 3-45 Electronics 2-35 Aquarium 2. JENNIFER JUSTICE tKATHRYN LEE KAHN-National Honor So 3-45 Student Council 35 Junior Spectacular Orchestra 2-45 Chamber Music 35 Panther Ietic 2. NANCY LEE KAHREN-Intramural Bowling 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Folk Music 2-35 E ter Block 2. CHRISTINE LYNN KALLANSA-Panther Athle- tic 25 Shorthand 35 Typing 2. 'FBARBARA LEE KAMMERAAD-Class Council 2-35 Madrigals 25 Girls Ensemble 3-45 Folk Music 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Christmas Court 4. ASUZANNE KIM KAPLAN-Fall Musical 3-45 Stage Crew 3-45 Costume and Make-up 45 Des- cants 3-45 Thespians 45 Scholastic Award 3-4. STEVE K. KAPPES-Tennis 2-45 Panther Ath Ietic 35 Science Service 3. LIENE KARELS MARLENE A. KASLE-Panther Athletic 35 Dra ma 2. Class of 1970 DWARD JAY KASSIG ll-Track 2-45 Cross ountry 2-45 Band 2. DONALD B. KATZ-Great Books 25 Chess Team -4, President 35 Mu Alpha Theta 2-35 Vice resident 4, National Honor Society 3-4. OSANNE KATZ-Knitting 35 Great Music 2. ARBARA RUTH KEENE-Panther Athletic 35 nternational Relations 35 Girls Ensemble 45 I?s Council Alternate 35 Trike Race 35 A Capel- a . ARLENE KAY KEITH-N a t i o n a I Forensic eague 3-45 Thespians 3-45 NCTE Writing Awards emi-Finalist5 Drama 25 Historian 35 German 2-3. ATRICIA ANN KELLER-Counterpoints 3-45 erman 35 Panther Athletic 35 Trike Race 35 'all Musical 35 Junior Spectacular 2. AUL H. KELLOGG-Biology 2-35 Panther Ath- etic 35 Intramural Basketball 2-3. JOHN M. KELLY-Cross Country 2-45 Track -45 Junior Spectacular 35 Folk Music 35 Aquar- um 25 Panther Athletic 3. EBBIE A. KEMPLER-Stage Crew 2-45 Panther thletic 35 Girls Exercise 35 Intramurals 2-4. TNATHAN ALLAN KEMPLER-Football 2-45 Var- sity Wrestling 3-45 Reserve 25 Varsity Track 3-4, Reserve 25 Chess Team 2-45 Panther Athletic -35 Gym Assistant 2-4. AN RUTH KENNEDY-Panther Athletic 2-35 ooster Block 2-35 Trike Race 35 Orchestra 2-35 lass Council Alternate 2. PKAREN E. KENNEDY-Junior Spectacular 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Girls Concert 25 Girls En- emble 3, President 45 Scholastic Citation 2-35 lass Council Alternate 3. SCOTT PAUL KIEWITI'-Stage Crew 2-45 NDCC 25 Electronics 25 Panther Athletic 3. WILLIAM G. KIKENDALL-Scuba Diving. JANET LOUISE KIMBALL-Booster Block 25 Panthzr Athletic 2-35 Marching Band 2-45 Maior- ettes . DAN TODD KING JEANETTE M. KING-Booster Block 2-35 Pan- ther Athletic 2-35 Chorale 25 Madrigals 3-4. KENNETH EDWIN KINNEAR-Stage Crew 2-45 Scholastic Citation 2-3. i'SUSAN E. KLEIN-Clothing Vice President 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Girls Exercise 35 Junior Historical Society 35 Trike Race 2-35 German 2. NILA ANN KLINGMAN-Panther Athletic 2-3. KEVIN L O U I S KLINKMAN-Intramurals 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 Latin 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Travel 2. DOUGLAS WILLIAM KNIPTASH-Class Council 2-35 Basketball 25 Football 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Prom King 35 Baseball 2-4. 'FSTEPHEN M. KNOWLES-Student Council 2-45 Counterpoints 3-45 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Fall Musical 2-35 Intramurals 25 International Rela- tions 2. 'FRANDY JO KOEHLER-N a t i o n a I Forensics League 3-45 Yearbook Staff 45 Scholastic Award 3-45 Student Council Alternate 45 Junior His- torical Society 35 Office Assistant 4. JUDITH MARY KOERNER-Journalism 3. ANNE T. KOHLSTAEDT-Stage Crew 3-45 Folk Music 25 Chess 2. MARY J. KOPLOS-Panther Athletic 35 Yearbook Staff 35 Journalism 25 Spanish 2-3. MICHALE DALE KRAUSE-Football 45 Wres- tling 3-45 Panther Athletic5 DECA 3-4. 9. ff 3. an S W, X . - .- .5 ,...,,I, Ox ? i QS, 2542 I Q 5333? - we XS' 3 .. 5 ' "W ,asa wie- . "' 'mf 'f x -w L -.3-, i ' S13 3' JI... .1 Individuals-165 Seniors i'DEBRA LYNNE KREISHER-Northern Star- lettes 2-47 Scholastic Citation 2'3: Block's Fashion Board Finalist 47 Home Ec Fashion Show Co-ordinator 27 Junior Spectacular 37 Gym Assistant 3. SUSAN ELIZABETH KRISE-National Honor So- ciety 37 Panther Athletic 2-37 Girls Exercise 37 Intramurals 2-37 Student Council Alternate 37 Junior Spectacular 3. FRANCES JANET KRUGMAN-Panther Athletic 2-3: Scholastic Award 2'3: Intramurals 3-47 Year- book Staff 47 Girls' Service. JOAN C. KRUMREICH-Panther Athletic 2-37 French 37 Sewing 27 Scholastic Award 2-3. CYNT3HIA ELLEN KUHLMANN-Panther Ath- letic . 'CHRISTINA LYNN KUNZ-National Honor So- ciety 3'4Q Orchestra 2-3, Treasurer 47 Class Council Alternate 37 Junior Spectacular 37 Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation 47 Chemis- try Lab Assistant 3. tANNA LOUISE KURTZ-Junior Spectacular 27 Scholastic Citation 27 Student Council 2-3: Girls Ensemble 3-47 Human Relations Secretary 37 Panther Athletic 2. LAURA KYLE-Panther Athletic 2'3: Typing 37 Booster Block 27 Spanish 27 Choir 27 Student Council Alternate 3. HFDEBBIE LYNN LACEY-Scholastic Award 27 Trike Race 2-37 Stage Crew 37 Costume 2'3: Style Show 27 Booster Block 2. DENISE JANETTE LAMAR-Panther Athletic 2. PAM A. LAMBERT-Booster Block 27 Panther Athletic 2-37 Trike Race 2-3. LAURIE ANNE LANE-Stage Crew 3-42 Prom Decorations 37 Typing Award 37 Transfer from Ladywood. Missa ...ada-5. 'Fr 2.15. .E -' . 17. 7 . ,5,ys7gx J U53i?MV:?5fZY?'W'.i5"?'l'W T im' "3" 3"U .. U'-Q5-7 gi 7571? F " i if Air' Senior spirit contributes to '70 sparkle 166-Individuals SHIRLEY JEAN LANGFORD-Panther At 2-37 Booster Block 27 Scholastic Award 3. JAY A. LANGLOTZ-Intramural Football Panther Athletic 27 Industrial Arts 2-3. DAVID C. LAUX-National Honor Society NDCC Drill Team, Battalion 2-4. JANET LYNN LAWRANCE-Panther Athletic Academic Games 27 Spanish 3-47 Scho Award7 Spanish Newspaper 47 Library Monitor W. BRANDT LAWSON-National Honor Sc 47 Thespians 47 Panther Athletic 37 Junior 1 tacular 37 Stage Crew 3-4. "'ROBERT DANA LEFF-National Honor Sc 37 Government 27 German 2'3: Panther Atl 37 Varsity Tennis 3, Resenle 2. DENISE LYNN LEFKOWITZ-Booster Block Panther Athletic 2-3. STEVE WAYNE LEININGER-National Honor ciety 3-4: NDCC Drill Team 2-4: NDCC Battalion Staff 3-4: Battalion Formation 2-4. LINDA ANN LEOPOLD-Transfer from Our Lady of GYBCEQ Spanish 27 Panther Athletic 2. CATHY ELLEN LERMAN-Panther Athletic 27 French 27 Girls' Auto Mechanics 37 Girls Exer- cise 37 Guidance Office Assistant 3-4. J. GORDON LETWIN-Chess 27 Team 2-3. BOB LEVENTHAL-Wrestling 2-31 Panther Ath- letic 2. Class of I 970 ICHARD MARTIN LEVINE-Junior Spectacular 7 Panther Athletic 2-37 Latin 3. ARK STEVEN LEVINSKY-National Honor So- iety 3-41 Latin 2-4, Vice President7 Class Coun- il 27 Discussion 37 Class Council Alternate 3. ANDI S. LEVINSON-Panther Athletic 27 Geo- gy 27 Intramural Volleyball 37 Class Council lternate 3. STEPHEN B. LEWIS-Junior Spectacular 2-3: .U. Honors Semi-Finalist 37 Intramurals 37 Pan- her Athletic 2-31 Stage Crew 2-47 National Span- sh Contest7 Honorable Mention 4. DAVID C. LIGHT-Varsity Football, Baseball -47 Panther Athletic 2-37 Scholastic Citation -37 Intramural Basketball 2-41 Class Council 47 eserve Football, Baseball 2. ICHAEL PAUL LINEBACK--Panther Athletic -47 Intramurals 3-41 Drafting 27 Marching Band ARK D. LITZ-Music Men 3-47 Folk Music 2-32 anther Athletic 2-37 Intramurals 2-4: Student ouncil 37 A Capella Choir 2. ICKIE LYNN LOEPER-Girls Concert 27 Mad- igals 37 Girls Ensemble7 Booster Block 27 Pan- her Athletic 2-3. KARIN ANNE LORCH-National Honor So- iety 3-42 Yearbook Staff 3, Production Editor 7 Class Council 3, Alternate 47 Quill 8t Scroll -47 Student Council Alt. 2. AVID F. LOUDEN-Football 27 Class Council 27 ntramurals 2-37 Panther Athletic 2'3: Gym As- istant 3. ENISE ANN LOUTNER-Knitting7 Girls' Auto Mechanics7 Bookstore. MARK L. LOVING DANIEL C. LUCAS-Travel 37 NDCC Battalion Formation 2. ANNA LUKEMEYER-National Honor Society 3- 47 Drama 2-37 Stage Crew 37 Scholastic Award 2-4: Homecoming Dance, Refreshment Commit- tee 27 Intramural Gymnastics 2. MARCIA ANN LUMPKIN-Knitting 37 Interna- tional Foods 2-37 Library Monitor 37 Fall Play 2. DIANE ROSE LURVEY-Booster Block 27 Pan- ther Athletic 2-37 Girls Exercise 3. BARRY ALAN LUTZ-Baseball 3-47 Intramural Football, Basketball 2-4. SCOTT D. MACALLISTER-Angler Nimrod 27 Panther Athletic 2'3Q Scholastic Award 2-3. SUE E. MACARTHUR-French 27 Concert Choir 27 World Culture 37 Panther Athletic 3. DUNCAN C A M P B E L L MACDOUGALL-Thes- pians7 Spring Play 27 Fall, Winter Play 37 NFL 27 Stage Crew. GEORGENE F. MACLENNAN-Panther Athletic 2-37 Trike Race 2-37 Lab Assistant 3. 'MEG RUTH MADAWICK-Trike Race 27 Pan- ther Athletic 27 Guidance Office Assistant 37 Attendance Office Assistant 27 French 2-37 Art 2-3. JAMES GUY MAHER-Travel. f'CHRISTY ANNE MALLINSON-Yearbook Staff 3,4Q Scholastic Award 27 Panther Athletic 2-37 Jamboree Style Show 47 French 2,42 Junior Spectacular 3. CAROL E. MANIFOLD-Fall Musical Lead 27 Counterpoints 2-3: Folk Music 2-37 Panther Ath- letic 2'3: Junior Spectacular 3. PAMELA ANNE MANZIE-Panther Athletic 2-3. SHARON BETH MARER-Class Council 27 Stu- dent Council Alternate 37 Junior Spectacular 37 Trike Race 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-3. SUSAN JO MARKS-Panther Athletic 2-37 Boos- ter Block 27 Junior Spectacular Usher 37 Junior Spectacular Publicity Committee 37 Junior Prom Decorations Committee 37 Trike Race 3. if 2 Individuals-167 ...,-E..--I. 1-f ---f --- i aa., cc ,S as -Q ,-is2ieg'2Y1 11.1.5--gil..--.4Xfamsiyglyfffi-Q-regimes11 ei, 5 'IU-Iiikifitiy E595 , - feqrtrffzeeggge-f.,.5:'zQ5, 1- 'egg .5 -MQ . az -'W v I 439 5, Q. . 3355 eg fly- il ,al gm: gy- .mx - ii 1 f-' . sn ' sig uf' li' was 168-Individuals Seniors STEVE C. MARRA-Panther Athletic 2-35 Intr murals 2-3. CATHERINE SUE MARSH-Travel 25 Red Cro 25 Library Assistant 2. V DANIEL EDWIN MARSH-National Honor S ciety 35 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 Latin 25 Academ Games 25 Science Seminar 2-35 Science Readin 3. BARBARA KAY MARSHALL-Panther Athletic - Spanish 35 Assistant Feature Page Editor Travel 25 Booster 25 Girls Exercise 3. JASON MART-Drama 2-45 International The pian Society 35 Stage Crew 35 National Forensi League 2-45 Folk Music 3-4. DIANNE MARTIN-Class Council Alternate 2- Vice President of International Foods 35 Nation Honor Society 3. DONISE ANN MARTIN-Panther Athletic 2- Art 35 Madrigals 2-35 Scholastic Award 2-3. FREDERIC M. MARTIN-Junior Spectacular Key Club 2-45 Student Council 2-35 Mu Alph Theta 25 Boy's State Alternate 35 Slide Rule WILLIAM R. MARTIN-Library Assistant5 Grea Books5 Advanced Chess5 NDCC Battalion For mation. ERIC DEAN MARTZ-Band 2-45 NDCC Battalio formation 2-45 NDCC Staff 3-4. EVELYN REJEANIA MASON KAREN SUE MASSELINK-Booster Block 3-4 Panther Athletic 3-4. CAROL BETH MAXAM-Panther Athletic 2-3 French 35 Biology 35 Trike Race 35 Junior Spec tacular 35 Student Council Alternate 2. ANNE E. MAYHEW-Panther Athletic 2-35 Drama 3. MARY BRIDGET MCARDLE-Latin 2-35 Travel 35 Panther Athletic 25 Scholastic Award 2-3. GEORGE MCBEE-Panther Athletic 2. JAMES MICHAEL MCBRIDE-Gymnastics 3-45 Forensics League 35 Panther Athletic 35 Junior Spectacular 3. LUCINDA MCCLAMROCH-Yearbook Staff 3-45 AFS Bus Stop Family 45 Review Typing 35 Pan- ther Athletic 2-3. CHARLES MCCLUNG WILLIAM E. MCCOMB-Panther Athletic 35 ln- tramurals 4. 'PEGGY ANN MCCORD-Lockets 45 Guidance Office Assistant 45 Travel 25 French 35 Panther Athletic 35 Junior Spectacular 3. DEBRA LYNN MCCOY-Panther Athletic 25 In- ternational Foods 35 Girls Exercise 3-45 Review Typing 4. HOPE KATHLEEN MCGEHEE-Booster Block5 Newspaper Activity 35 Black Culture. LUCY ANNE MCGINNIS-Booster Block 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Girls' Industrial Arts 25 Lockets 4. i'LlNDA HELEN MCGRAW-Junior Spectacular5 Panther Athletic5 Booster Block5 Class Council 35 Student Council Alternate5 Madrigals. DAVID A. MCGUIRE-Transfer from ArIington5 Chess 3. i'ALAN BROOKS MCKINNEY-Key Club 3-45 Music Men 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Mu Alpha Theta 35 Varsity Gymnastics 2-45 Scholas- tic Citation 2-4. "'SARAH JANE MCKINNEY-National Honor So- ciety 35 Madrigals 35 President 45 Prom Queen Court 35 Student Council 2-35 Christmas Dance Chairman 3. Class of 1970 R. MCMASTER-Transfer from Broad Rip- JO MCMILLEN-Panther Athletic 25 Secretary-Treasurer 35- Girls Exercise rike Race 2-35 Class Council 2. KATHLEEN MCNICHOLAS-Knitting 25 Choir 25 A Capella 35 Folk Music 35 Mad- 5 Home Ec Style Show 2. J. MCPHAIL-Angler Nimrod 3. KRISTINE MCPHEE-National Forensics League 2-45 Debate Team 2-45 Junior Spectac- ular 25 Academic Games 2. Y MEINDERSMA-Exchange Student from Holland. l'ER Basketbal 2-45 c 35 Angler Nin nl-hav Al-hln A N N MELIN-German 25 Black National Honor Society 3-45 Scholas- 2-3. CARL MERCER-Wrestling 2-45 ln- 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Gym Assis- B R O 0 MERS-Boys' Booster Drama 35 Trike Race Representa- ullccula Music 2' 45 Counterpoints Concert Choir 3. College opens new horizons for seniors NANCY ANN MEYER-Panther Athletic 35 Short- hand 3-45 Review Typing 35 Booster Block 2. 'FNEYSA LYNN MEYER-Panther Athletic 2-35 Booster Block 25 Girls' Exercise 35 Junior Spec- tacular 35 Descants 35 Counterpoints 4. DAVID E. MILENDER-Gym Assistant 45 Junior Historical Society 35 Travel 3. CHERYL ANN MILES-Art 25 Panther Athletic 25 Travel 3. KEVIN CHRISTOPHER MILES-Student Council Alternate 25 Class Council Alternate 35 Gym As- sistant 35 Latin President 25 Chess 2. SHEILA L. MILES-Gym Assistant 35 Fine Arts Festival Entree 35 Girls' Exercise 35 Intramural Gymnastics 2. ANN L. MILLER-National Honor Society 35 Student Council Alternate 35 Art Vice-President 3. CAROLYN SUE MILLER-Clothing 2-35 Foods 35 Student Council Alternate 25 Panther Athletic 2. DENNIS G. MILLER-Transfer from Evansville, lndiana5 Music Men 45 Panther Athletics 3. i'DON A. MILLER-National Honor Society 35 Folk Music President 45 Reserve BasebaIl5 Var- sity 35 Reserve Football 25 Folk Music Assem- bly 2-3. DON W. MILLER-Reserve Baseball 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Intramurals 2-4. JAMES HUGH MILLER-Angler Nimrod 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Intramural Football, Bas- ketball 2-3. Individuals 169 Ticket booth center of mang activities LISA PATRICK AND PAULA REICHEL, se- niors, purchase their 1970 yearbooks from Cindy McCiamroch in the ticket booth. Sn -'UN 170-Individuals JANET R. MILLER-Spanish 2'3Q Panther Ietic 2. "'JOHN C. MILLER-Orchestra 2-43 Stage 2'4Q Music Men 43 Pep Band 3-43 Fall Play Fall Musical Pit Band 2. 'MADISON C. MILLER-Varsity Baske Football3 Track 33 Panther Athletic 2-33 I Council3 Lettermens Club 33 Junior Prom C MARK H. MILLER-Thespian 2-43 Stage 2-43 Drama 2-3: Wind Ensemble 2-3. SANDRA MARILYN MILLER-Orchestra Government 33 Great Music, Secretary 33 J Spectacular Act, Music Co-ordinator 3. tMADELYN AN N MILLHOLLAND-Nal Honor Society 3-43 Class Council 33 Scho Citation 2-33 French 33 AFS 33 Panther Atl 2-3. CHARLES EVERETT MILTON-Chess 23 Fr 23 Black Culture 3. BECKY JOY MILTON-Foods 2-43 Clothing Algebra Study. HOLLY S. MINTON-National Honor Society Lab Assistant 33 Science Service 3. DANIEL F. MITCHELL-Panther Athletic Student Council 2-31 Art Secretary 33 Intr rals 3-42 Football 2-33 Track 2-3. MARTHA E. MITCHELL-Transfer from Philip- pines3 Panther Athletic 33 Stage Crew 43 V1 ball Intramurals 33 Tennis Intramurals 3. LINDA FRANCIS MOCK DAVID E. MOLSON-Panther Athletic 2-3: Bio- logy 23 Government 33 Intramurals. WILLIAM JEFFREY MONTGOMERY-I.U. Honors Abroad Program, Latin 33 Latin 2-43 Boy's Boos- ter Block 23 Panther Athletic 33 Junior Spec- tacular. DIANA DEE MOORE-National Honor Society3 Junior Spectacular Act Chairman3 Class Council 2-33 Panther AthIetic3 Booster Block. i'JAN L. MOORE-Yearbook Staff 3'4f News- paper, Yearbook Representative in Homeroom 33 French Club 23 Journalism 23 Drama 23 Fall Play . Class of I 970 MELINDA JOAN MOORE-National Honor So- iety 3-45 Reserve Cheerleading 35 Varsity 45 cholastic Citation 2-45 Descants 35 Counter- oints 4. EBECCA CHARLENE MOORE-Girls' Exercise 5 Journalism 35 Intramural Volleyball 2. 'PEGGY MOORMAN-Junior Spectacular Act hairman 35 Girls' Exercise 3-45 German 35 ooster Block 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 AFS 4. AROLD E. MOOS-Baseball 2,35 Angular Nim- od 2-35 Junior Spectacular. AMELA SUE MORAN-Booster Block 2-35 Pan- her Athletic 2-3. DAVID LEE MORGAN-National Honor Society -45 Student Council Alternate 25 Student Coun- il Representative 35 Varsity Gymnastics 2-45 rack 3-45 Football 2. ATHLEEN MORGAN-Stagecraft 45 Spanish ewspaper 45 Thespians 45 Transfer from Dal- as, Texas. EGGY JILL MORGAN-Descants 35 Junior pectacuIar5 DECA 35 Office Assistant 35 Library ssistant 2. E. ALEX MORRIS-Chess Club. AYNE HOLMES MORRISON OYCE ANN MORTON-Booster Block5 Panther thletic. DEBORAH ANN MOSS-Intramural Tennis 35 Shorthand 35 Business Career 3. TEVEN JAY MOSS-German 2-45 Panther Ath- letic 3-45 Junior Spectacular5 Intramural Football -4. HOMAS RUSSELL MOTE-Cross Country 2-45 Track 3-45 Stage Crew 2-45 Thespians 45 Panther Athletic 3-4. MICHAEL CHARLES MULVANEY-National For- ensics League 3-45 Track Team 3-45 Debating eam 3-45 Chess 2-45 Folk Music 45 Debate 2-4. BYRON EDWARD MUMFORD-Cross Country5 Stage Crew5 Track5 Class Council. CYNTHIA ANN MURDUCK-Panther Athletic. RICHARD M. MURPHY-Newspaper 3-45 Intra- murals 45 Journalism 35 Newspaper Represen- tative from Homeroom 3. MICHAEL CULLEN MURRAY-Travel Club 35 Newspaper 3. PAUL NAHMIAS-Track 25 Cross Country 35 Class Council 25 WFBM High School Quiz Bowl Team 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Government 3. CYNTHIA LORRAINE NASH-Health Careers 35 Red Cross 35 Chess 25 Booster Block 25 Inter- national Foods 2. FIDEL NAVARRO-Transfer from Tech High School5 Spanish 2-35 Class Council 3-4. 'tGREGORY SCOTT NEFOUSE-Panther Athletic 2-35 Advanced Chess 25 Gym Assistant 3-45 Stu- dent Council 2-45 Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3-45 Panther Athletic Vice President. DONALD W. NELSON-German 25 Panther Ath- Iftic 25 Graphic Arts Treasurer 3, Vice President SUSAN KAY NEUMEIER-Chorale 25 A Capella 35 Travel 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 German 2-35 Chess 2. BONNIE LYNN NEWBY-Art5 Scholastic Award5 Chess5 French5 Shorthand Award5 Typing Award. LUCINDA JAN E NEWBY-Art 2-35 Advanced Chess 25 Intramural Volleyball 35 Reading Lab Assistant 2. SCC1TT EUGENE NEWLUND-Transfer from Bre- beu . .yrs - : I .5 ,.,, , ,M xv R. W x Q' I fi I g I ,- j1'75:1T"F ' f-:ff 7 K' I' 5 QPF' F fl' . 2 Egg Q.: g, "' "1 Cf.f E i . A' -QUE, ., .,.c, ,, D 7,135 QM' ,,.. ff WSL-f miie SEB ska gm. X nl Yir Individuals 171 3 xxx ' 4 .3 1, S VTi1QlT5EfQf?t:.-ill-.5555 .weak . 'km Q 5 ,Q .,x: 5, rf " tt gif I I fa I .. -za, zasfhi y i- Seniors BARBARA LEE NICELY-National Honor Societ 3-315 Lab Assistant 2-35 Science Service Activit YVETTE NICKSON-Booster Block 25 Cade Choir 25 International Foods 2-35 Black Cultur 35 Musical Publicity 25 Human Relations 3. tRHONDA NISENBAUM-Art 2-35 French 3 Lockets Chairman 45 Scholastic Award 2-35 Trik Race 35 Guidance Office Assistant 3. JOAN MARIE NOONAN-Art 2-35 Panther Ath letic 2-35 French 35 Scholastic Award 25 Clas Council 4. WAYNE L. NORLIN-Cross Country 2-45 Trac 2-45 Student Council Alternate 35 Science La Assistant 2-35 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Pan ther Athletic 2-4. MARK DOUGLAS NOVICK-Transfer from St John's School, San Juan, Puerto Rico5 Key Clu 4. DAVID KARL OBENLAND-Chess Club 25 Pan ther Athletic 3-45 Intramural Basketball 4. il'RAYMOND STEWART OCHS-Debate Team 2 45 Chess 2-45 Forensics 2-45 Discussion 35 Grea Books 25 Black Culture 3. KAREN LYNN OGDEN-Panther Athletic 2-3 Thespians 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Guidanc Office Assistant 35 Stage Crew 2-4, Secretary 4 WILLIAM E. OGLE WILLIAM MICHAEL O'LEARY-Panther Athletic Photography. JUDY ANN OLIVER-Transfer from Our Lady o Grace Academy. KAREN COLLEEN ORMSBY-French 2-35 Pan ther Athletic 2-35 Review Typing 35 Attendanc Office 4. JENNIFER LYNNE OSBORNE-Junior Spectacu lar: Class Council AIternate5 Panther Athleti 2-3. SHEILA I. OSTROM-Trike Race 35 Art 45 Boos ter Block 2. SUSAN L. OVER-Panther Athletic 2-35 Junio Historical Society 35 Geometry 25 Trike Race 3 THOMAS VERNON OVERSTREET-Graphic Arts5 Photography. JANE OZMAN-Business Careers 35 Ceramics 2. DARREN JOSEPH PALMER-Baseball Manager5 Spanish Club President. PATRICIA ANN PALMER-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 National Foren- sics League 2-35 Class Council 25 Scholastic Citation 2-3. ROBERT M. PARDIECK-Chess Club 35 Cross Country 25 Intramural Basketball 2-35 Intra- mural Baseball 2. SUSAN CA R O L PARTRIDGE-Orchestra 2-45 Booster Block 25 German Club 35 Guidance Of- fice Assistant 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Intra- murals 3. LISA ANN PATRICK-Home Economics Assis- tant 2-35 Style Show 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Gymnastics Intramurals 25 Trike Race 35 Knit- ting Club President 3. VICKY LEE PATTERSON-Band 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Trike Race 35 Knitting Club 35 Style Show 2-35 Band Treasurer 4. BARBARA LEA PATTON-French Club 25 Knit- ting'25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Class Council 3. RICHARD DAVID PAUSTIAN-Intramural Bas- ketball 2-35 Intramural Archery 25 Angler-Nimrod 2-35 Panther Athletic 3. JOHN CHARLES PECHETTE-Orchestra 2-45 An- gler-Nimrod 25 Geology 2. LAWRENCE B. PECK-National Honor Society 3-45 Key Club 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 35 Panther Athletic 3. Class of 1970 HRIS RAY PEELER-Golf 2-45 Folk Music 3-45 ntramural Basketball 25 Yearbook 4. AVID C. PELSUE-Lab Assistant5 Counter- oints5 Angler-Nimrod5 Fall Musical. ERRY GAY PENDLETON-Panther Athletic 2-37 rt 35 Booster Block 2. TTO B. PENN-Typing 35 Black Culture 3. ARBARA ANN PENNO-Panther Athletic 2-35 ooster Block 25 Junior Historical Society 35 nternational Foods 3. OUG JON PEPPLE-Panther Athletic 2-35 Re- erve Football 2, Varsity 35 Reserve Track 3. HEILQ G. PERKINS-Panther Athletic 25 Red ross . STEPHEN WAYNE PERKINS-National Honor ociety 3-45 Track 2-45 Hydronauts 35 Class ouncil Chairman 25 Junior SpectacuIar5 Student ouncil Treasurer 4. CHERYL CHRISTINE PETERSON-Panther Ath letic 2-35 Scholastic Citation 2-35 Student Coun cil Alternate 3. GREG PATRICK PFAU-Drill Team 2-35 Bat- talion 2-35 Rifle Team 2-35 Straight Drill 2-3. HOMAS ADEN PFEIFFER-Reserve Track 3 Art 35 Travel 25 German 25 Orchestra 2-35 In ramural Bowling 2-3. CYNTHIA LYNN PHILLIPS-Transfer from Ar- lington High School. Senior spirit rides booster bus to Wabash DIANE JEAN PICKERING-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 American Field Service 35 Student Council 2-35 Travel 35 Scholastic Citation 2-35 Panther Athletic 2. SSTEPHEN D. PIKE-Junior SpectacuIar5 Pan- ther Athletic 2-45 Junior Historical Society 25 Academic Games 25 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Football 2. STEPHEN WARREN PITI'-Drafting 3. MARK ALLEN PITTENGER-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 I.U. Honors Program in French 35 President of French Club 45 Student Council Al- ternate 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Intramurals 2-4. MICHAEL WAYNE PITTENGER-Debate 2: Geo- metry 35 Panther Athletic 4. RONALD D. PITTMAN-Audio Visual 2. DEBRA LYNNE PLATT-Foreign Study 45 Co- operative Education 45 Shorthand 35 Debate 25 Stage Crew 2. JOE M. POLAND-Track5 Panther Athletic5 Let- termen5 Student Council Alternate. DOUG W. POLLARD DAVE JASON PORTER-Cross Country 2-45 Track 2-45 Class Council Alternate 35 National Honor Society 3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-3. QAECELLA PORTER-Black CuIture5 Algebra u y. LINDA KAY POWELL-Panther Athletic 25 Red Cross 25 Travel 35 Knitting 3. Individuals-173 Seniors REX A L L E N POWERS-Panther Athletic Wrestling 2: Intramurals 2-4: Angler-N 2: Business Career 2-3: Gymnastics 3-4. CYNTHIA JEAN PRIBBLE-Junior Prom C nator: Lockets Treasurer 4: Homecoming 4: Guidance Office Assistant 4: Trike Homecoming Decorations. CYNTHIA M A R I E PRIDDY-Booster Bla ' I I 3 I ' ' ' I c I Athletic 23 German 2 Intern 3, International Food 3, Trike R' RILL-Madrigals 3: Art 3: Chess c Award 3. CLAUDIA KRISTEN PROSSER-Drama: Cos 8t Make-up: Junior Spectacular: Descants: plans: Panther Athletic. DENISE LEANN PUCKETI'-Booster Block Panther Athletic: German 3: Medical Expl 2-3. SUSAN ELAINE PUCKETI'-Travel: World ture: Booster Block. tSALLY JO PUNCHES-Class Council 3-4: ion Board 4: Scholastic Award 4: Style Show Junior Spectacular: Panther Athletic. GAVIN H. PURSINGER-Stage Band: Mar Band: Intramural Football: Intramural B: ball: Fall Musical: Footlight Musical Pit Oi tra: Pep Band. MARY LOUISE QUARTO-Folk Music 2-3: ther Athletic 2: Travel 3: World Culture 3. SALLY W. RABER-Class Council Alternate Yearbook Staff 4: Junior Spectacular L Panther Athletic 2-3: French 3. DAVID P. RARDON-National Honor Society Panther Athletic 2-4: Concert Band 2: Intr rals 2-4: Chess 2. I-9-7-O We're the class that's on the go SAURA A. RATTAY-Travel 2: Panther Athletic MARSHALL W. RAY-Angler-Nimrod 2: Panther Athletic. :JANE ANN REDMOND--National Honor So- ciety Secretary 3-4: Student Council Represen- tative 2,4: Co-Chairman Homecoming Float 4: Junior Spectacular 3: Scholastic Citation 2-4: Co-Chairman Christmas Dance 4. DEBBIE ANN REED-Booster Block: Red Cross: Attendance Office Assistant: Industrial Arts. JUDITH ANN REED-Scholastic Award 2-3: Gym Assistant 3-4: Trike Race 2-3: Panther Athletic. JODY LEE REEL-Class Council 2,4: Panther Planning Committee 2: Class Council Alternate 3: Intramurals 3: Homecoming Queen 4. CHARLES A. REEVES-Football 2: Black Cul- ture 3-4: Band 2-4: NDCC Drill Team 2-4: Elec- tronics 2-4. PAULA JEAN REICHEL-Booster Block: Panther Athletic: Junior Spectacular Usher: Gym Assis- tant: Gym Assistants Club. SYDNEY LYNN REINEY-Booster Block: Panther Athletic 2-3: Office Assistant 3. KEITH REINSCHREIBER GARY WAYNE REKLAU-Graphic Arts Service Club 3-4: Intramural Basketball 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4. KERRY J. RENFRO 174-Individuals Class of I 970 EILA RENOLLET-Booster Block 25 Panther thletic 2-3. AVID E. REUSS-Lab Assistant 45 Chess 2. ATRICIA ANN REYNOLDS-National Honor So- :iety 3-45 Orchestra 25 Lab Assistant 3-45 Na- ional Biology Honor Society 3-45 Junior Spec- acular Usher 35 Forensics 3-4. AY RIFKIND-Symphonic Wind Ensemble Pres- dent 45 Stage Band 2-45 Pep Band 2-45 Orches- :ra 25 Intramurals 3-45 Fall Musical 2-4. OEL RIFKIND-Orchestra 25 Symphonic Wind -nsemble 3-45 Stage Band 2-45 Intramurals 3-45 ep Band 2-45 Fall Musical 3-4. LIZABETH ANN RIPPEY-Transfer from Bar- ington, Rhode Island. OBERT HOWARD ROBBINS-Transfer from owe High School. TEPHEN RAY ROBERSON-Stage Crew5 Junior pectacular. 'FJUDITH ANNE ROBERTS-Student Council 2- 5 Junior Prom Queen Court 35 Girls Ensem- Ie 35 Counterpoints 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Homecoming Court 4. KENNETH ALAN ROBERTS-Transfer from rand Island High School. MARK JOHN ROBERTS PAMELA ROBERTS--Class Council 25 Panther thletic 2-35 Folk Music 35 Review Typing 2. LAURIE ROBERTSON-Class Council 2-35 Pan- her Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectacular 3. STEVE AUSTIN ROBERTSON-Panther Athletic 2-35 Stage Crew 2-35 Fall Play 3. JANICE KAY ROBEY-Drama 2-35 Folk Music 2-45 Panther Athletic 25 International Foods 2. CARAN ANN ROBINSON-Madrigals 45 A Ca- pella 35 Spanish 35 Panther Athletic 3. MICHELLE LYNN ROBY-Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Booster Block 25 Trike Race 2-3. FRANK LEE RODENBECK-Intramural Basket- ball 25 Academic Games 2. CHARLES R O E S C H--Wrestling 2-35 Student Council Alternate 35 Angler-Nimrod 35 Chemis- try Study 35 Panther Athletic 25 Scuba 2. BARBARA ELAINE ROGERS-Transfer from Ar- lington5 German 3-45 Journalism 3-4. 'MARTHA CLARE ROGERS-Student Council Al- ternate 25 Class Council Alternate 35 Junior His- torical Society 35 Scholastic Citation5 AFS 45 French 2-3. MA'I'I'HEW LEE ROHN-N a t i o n a I Forensics League 2-45 Student Debate Society 2-45 Stu- dent Council 35 Intramural Basketball, Tennis 2-35 American Field Service 35 Black Culture 3. BECKY ROLLER MICHAEL G. ROME-Intramural Bowling, Bas- ketball, FootbaIl5 Panther Athletic. WILLIAM ROSENBAUM-Gymnastics 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Angler-Nimrod 3. RUTHANNE ROSENBERG-Poetry 25 Etchings in Thought Staff 35 World Affairs 25 Costume 8t Make-up 35 French 2. NATHAN G. ROTH-Panther Athletic 2-35 Intra- mural Football, Basketball 2-35 Biology 35 Golf Team 4. JANIS FRAN ROTHBARD-Panther Athletic 2-35 Girls' Exercise 35 Class Council 35 National Hon- gq Siorgety 35 Intramural Volleyball 25 Booster oc . RICHARD LEVINE and Richard Eaton cal- culate, ponder, and then doubt the results of their physics experiment. Organization keg to bel-ler studg habits 176-Individuals DONALD KIM ROTHENBERGER-Intramurals 2- 4: Junior Spectacular 3: Chess 3: German 3: Wind Ensemble 2-4. LARRY RAYMOND ROTHER-Band 3: Junior Spectacular. LARRY HENRY ROTHSCHILD-Panther Athletic 2-3: Biology 3: Drama 2. BONNIE GAIL ROUNDTREE CHARLES WILLIAM ROY DIANE LEE RUSH-Library Assistant 3: Interna- tional Foods 2. DEBRA SUE RUSHTON-Panther Athletic 2-3: Shorthand Study 3: Geometry Study 2. DONNA LYNN RUSSELL-Stagecrafts 3: Art 2-3: Ceramics 2: International Foods 2: Typing 2. JEFFREY D. RUSSELL-Football 3: Intramural Basketball, Football 2: Panther Athletic 2-3: Typing 2: Class Council Alternate 2. ROLAND THOMAS RUST-Student Council 2: Cross Country 2-4: Track 2-4: Chess Team Presi- dent 4: Panther Athletic 3: Intramurals 2-4. HARRY HAMILTON RYBOLT-Panther Athletic 2-3: Review Typing 2: Intramurals 3-4. 'XJOYCE ANNE RYDER-National Honor Society 3-4: Quill 84 Scroll 4: Panther Athletic 2: French 3: Journalism 3: Scholastic Citation 2-3: News- paper News Editor 4. BOB WILLIAM SABLOTNE-lntramural Basket- ball 2: Biology 2. JACQUELYN KAY SALGE-Panther Athletic 2-3: Drama 2: Junior Spectacular 3: Review Typing 3: Girls Exercise 3. BETH M. SANDERS-National Honor Society 3: Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4: All-State Band 3: State Solo Ensemble Contest 2-3: Latin 2-3. CAROL SUE SANDER-Panther Athletic 2-3: Booster Block 2-3: Counterpoints 3-4: A Capella 2: Student Council 3. Class of I 970 IVE SARVICH-Panther Athletic 2-35 Folk sic . NDRA KAYE SCALES-Knitting 25 Panther hletic 3. -TH SCHALLER OTHY PAUL SCHEELE-Panther Athletic 35 .y Club 2-35 Historian 3: International Rela- ns 35 Intramurals 2-35 Junior Spectacular. RRIETT DIANE SCHENKMAN-Class Council 5 German Club Secretary 35 Panther Athletic 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Guidance Office As- tant 2. DITH ANN SCHERRENS--Panther Athletic 5 International Foods 35 Library Assistant 25 brary Monitor 35 Booster Block 25 NDCC Spon- r 4. TRICIA LOUISE SCHILLER-Art 25 Intramu- Is 25 French 35 Notehand 35 Panther Athletic Zoology Lab Assistant 4. NNIS LANE SCHMIDT-Panther Athletic 25 vance Chess 3. IKE EUGENE SCHMIDT-Panther Athletic 3-4. EVEN JAMES SCHMINK-Travel 2-35 Intra- ural Bowling 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 ECA 3-4. ORGE A. SCHNEIDER-Panther Athletic 3-45 tramurals 2-45 Drafting 3. CINDA RAE SCHOOMER-Orchestra 2-45 nther Athletic 3-45 International Foods 3. NDA JEAN SCHORTEMEYER HN ALAN SCHULENBURG-Wrestling 25 Key lub 25 Angler-Nimrod 25 Panther Athletic 25 uba Diving 35 Advanced Chess 3. ENRY RUSSELL SCHULL-Panther Athletic 2, 5 Advanced Chess 2-35 Intramural Basketball 2. NN H. SCHULZ-Girls Industrial Arts 25 Lab sistant 35 Future Teachers 35 Geology 25 ln- amurals 2. HERRI LEE SCHUTTE-Junior Spectacular 35 ooster Block 2-35 Class Council Alternate 35 rt 35 Stage Crew 4. ARY ALAN SCHWARTZ-Panther Athletic 35 lass Council Alternate 3. HOMAS CHARLES SCHWENN-Junior Specta- ular5 Intramurals 2-3. IMOTHY C. SCHWENN-Junior Spectacular5 tramurals. ORRAINE KAY SCOTT-Art 3-45 Transfer from ennedy High School, Taylor, Michigan. OBERT MARTIN SCOTT-Intramural Football 5 Intramural Basketball 2-35 Key Club 35 Pan- her Athletic 3. ARY DEAN SCUDDER-National Honor Society -45 Hoosier Boy's State 35 Key Club 3-45 Mu lgha Theta 2-45 Varsity Baseball 45 Orchestra It-SNCE R. SEAGREN-Golf 35 Panther Athletic ARTIN C. SEBASTIAN-Varsity Football 2-45 tudent Council 25 Class Council 35 Reserve aseball 25 Intramural Basketball 2-45 All County ootball, 2nd Team 3. UE A. SEELEY-Home Economics Assistant 3- 5 Nurses Assistant 35 Guidance Office Assistant EGGY SEGALL-Student Council Alternate 2-45 anther Athletic 2-35 National Forensics 3-45 olk Music 35 AFS 3-45 Yearbook Staff 4. EFFREY ALAN SELL-Intramural Basketball 5 Intramural Football 35 Intramural Basketball 5 Junior Spectacular5 German 35 Panther Ath- etic 3. ,,.. . . s1...u.-31.4, fist S311 iff 1i5vl'i2:W"?i.ffit:'i 1-mu 1.1:-A iefivfiifi "fi:'ff2,i'15 : ffz'?i'5-ff:"i?5Ia-lidvmsv Ski -- ai' . . 5 . -' ' i .5 .155 5. .. .L 'A Ogg Il M. 15. 5 fl . :eh -flrf. 2 -azz? ' fl '22-si -I: .-5-I-1- 31- ' K iigiglfei ' - Individuals-177 I 178-Individuals Seniors 'LISA JANE SEWELL-National Honor Socie 3-4: Class Council Secretary 2: Student Coun 3, Secretary 4: Junior Spectacular Student C ordinator 3: Spanish 4. LEONARD B. SHAW-Football 3-4: Track 3. NEAL S. SHERRON-Transfer from Crispus tucks High School. LINDA C A R O L SHERRY-Panther Athletic Girls' Exercise 3: Intramural Volleyball 2-3: Boo ter Block 2: Junior Spectacular 3: Girls' Aut mechanics 3. MARILYN RAE SHEVITZ-Transfer from St. H en's School, London, England 3: Future Teache Association 3: AATF French Contest-First plac at North Central 3: Lockets 4: International R lations 4: National Merit Semifinalist. KENT V. SHIELDS-National Honor Society 3- Intramurals 3-4: Scholastic Award 3: Newspap Staff 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3. GARY M. SHIRLEY-Panther Athletic 2-3. JOSEPH WILLIAM SHOEMAKER-National Ho or Society 3-4: Panther Athletic 3: Intramural 3-4: Advanced Chess 3: Academic Games Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. MEREDITH LEE SHORT-Girls' Exercise 3: Pa ther Athletic 2: Office Assistant 3. BARBARA KATHLEEN SHOWALTER-Art 2- Poetry 3: Intramural Bowling 2-3. PAMELA JO SHULL-Symphonic Wind Ensembl 2-3: Marching Band 3: Panther Athletic 2-3. KATHY LYNN SIDEBOTTOM-Panther Athleti 2-3: Typing 2: Girls Exercise 3. "'MARLA KATHRYN SIGO-l.U. Honors Progra 3: Spring Arts Festival 2-3: Drama 3: Panthe Athletic 3: Stage Crew 3: Scholastic Award 2- ANNE ELIZABETH SIMMONS-Panther Athleti 2-3: Orchestra 2-4: German 2: Chamber Musi 3. SCOTT W. SIMMONS-Panther Athletic: Ele tronics: Industrial Arts: Advanced Chess. KATHY JOAN SIMON-Student Council 2: Girl Ensemble 3-4: Great Music President 3: Pa ther Athletic 2: Girls Concert Choir 2. RICHARD L. SIMS-Graphic Arts Service. 'KRISTINE ANNE SIPPEL-Student Council AI ternate 2-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Panther Ath letic 2-3: Folk Music 3-4: Style Show 4: lntra murals 2-3. VALERIE D. SISSLE-NFL: Library Assistant Knitting: NDCC Rifle Team: NDCC Drill Team Human Relations Council. WILLIAM S. SKIDMORE JR.-Panther Athletic 3. MINDY AMI-BETH SKORA-Teacher Assistant: Newspaper Club. ALLAN P H I L I P SKWERES-Advanced Chess: Biology Study. BRYONA L. SLAUGHTER-Booster Block 2: Chess 2. KATHY ANN SLEATER-Booster Block 2-4: Pan- ther Athletic 3. PAUVLA LOUISE SLEMMER-National Honor So- ciety 3-4: Class Council Alternate 2-3: French 3: Panther Athletic 3: Stage Crew 2: Latin 2. SUSAN JOYCE SMIALEK-Travel 2. DAVID W. SMITH-Photography 2: Panther Ath- letic 2-3: Tennis 2-4: Music Men 3-4: Art 3. GREGORY WILLIAM SMITH-National Honor Society 3-4: Key Club 2-4: German 3: Latin 2: Slide Rule 2: Intramurals 3. Class of 1970 HARRISON SMITH-Drill Team 2-45 Gym 3-45 Intramural Football 3-45 Intra- Baseball 3-45 Battelion Formation 3. M SMITH-Transfer from Yuma High Arizona. Club 35 Panther Athletic Student Council 35 Stu- Junior Spectacular Descants 34 Class ransfer from Lyons Town Illinois Athletic Sargent Assistant. 25 Panther Ath- 4' American Authors 35 ym honic Band 24, Stage Band 2-4. A SOLTAN-Class Council Alter- Council Alternate 35 Trike Race Relations 35 Drama 25 Panther Men5 German. ther Athletic 2 Llpperclassmen strive to bel-ter their world rr1 ERIC JOHN SPICKLEMIRE-Intramural Bowling 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-4. SHERYL LYNN SPIEGEL-Panther Athletic 2. RONALD WILLIAM SPIVEY-Lab Assistant 35 Science Service 35 Panther Athletic 35 Intramu- ral Football 3. DENNIS E. SPUTH-Chess Team 2-35 Chess Club 2-35 Intramurals 2-3. JOHN LOUIS STAMP-Travel 2-35 German 35 Awuarium 2. FRE? MARK STANDEFORD-Panther Athletic 25 Art -4. KATHY STARR-Orchestra 2-35 Panther Athletic 25 Travel 3. SALLY R. STECKLEY-Art5 Newspaper Cartoons5 Advanced Chess5 Scholastic Arts Contest5 Fine Arts5 Scholastic Citation. RICHARD ALLEN STEELE-Panther Athletic 2- 35 Chemistry X Lab5 Lab Assistant5 Intramurals 35 Academic Games 25 Medical Explorers 4. ROBERT J. STEPHENSON-Panther Athletics 25 Football 2-35 Intramural Basketball 3. 'l'BRAD H. STERN-Football 2-45 Track 2-35 Wrestling 25 Key Club 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Gym Assistant Club 3. MERRIL DEE STERN-Panther AthIetic5 TraveI5 Scholastic Award5 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Class Council 2-3. Individuals 179 Q iw? 4' W an-' .urs Q- W skit if 6 R VILL? 180-Individuals Seniors NANCY JANE STERNBERGER-Student Counc 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Girl's Concert Choir Madrigals 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Trike Rac 2-3. GREG B. STEVENS-Panther Athletic 253. 'XWILLIAM A L L A N STEVENSON-Journalis President5 Yearbook Staff 3,4, Advertising Ed tor 45 Intramural Football 45 Homecoming Hal' time Chairman 45 Student Council 3.4. DAVID NEIL STEWART-Intramural Basketb 3-45 Intramural Baseball 3-45 Panther Athleti 35 Scuba Diving 2. TERRENCE JAMES STIEMANN-French 35 Pa ther Athletic 25 Review Typing 25 Intramurals Class Council Alternate 3. SARAH LEE STIENEKER-Panther Athletic Junior SpectacuIar5 Review Typing 25 Trike Rac 3. IRENE S H E L L E Y STILLERMAN-Drama 2- Travel 25 Girl's Chorale 25 Stage Crew 35 A 35 Thespians 3. JOHN KIM STILWELL-Art 35 Panther Athleti 35 Angler-Nimrod 35 Transfer from Arlingto High School. RICHARD DOUGLAS STOCK SCOTT STONE-Varsity Football 3-45 Golf 2- State Champion5 Review Typing5 Letterme Transfer from Glenview, Illinois. ANNE STONESIFER-Thespian 2-45 Panther At letic 25 Repertory Company, Business Manage 2-45 Fall Play 35 Stage Crew 2-4. BECKY LU STOOPS JIM PATRICK STRAHAN-lntramurel Footbal 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Panther Athleti 2-45 Junior Spectacular. RICK ALAN STRATER-Counterpoints 3-45 Pan ther Athletic 3. DAVID M. STREETER-Bell Choir 3-45 Ari: 3 German 2-35 Intramurals 3. WILLIAM HAROLD STRONG-Golf 25 Intramura Bowling 35 Chess 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 Stu dent 2CounciI Alternate 35 Class Council Alter nate . QIILCHAEL H. STUMPF-Orchestra 2-45 Ches MARY R. STUNKARD-Newspaper 35 Intramu rals 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 French 35 Scholas tic Award 3-4. SDIANE SUE SULLIVAN-National Honor So ciety 3-45 Scholastic Citation 2-45 Newspaper 3- 45 News Bureau Editor 45 Latin 25 NHS tutor 4. 'f'GARY DENNIS SULLIVAN- National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Thespians 3-45 French 2-45 Key Club 2-45 Stage Crew 2-45 Fall Musical 3-4. GLENN L. SUMMERS-Football 45 Track 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-3. KAREN LYNN SUMMERS-Booster Block 25 Biology 35 Panther Athletic 3. DAN I. SUMMITI'-Industrial Arts. JEFFREY ALLAN SUMPTER-Intramurals. ROBERT DEAN SUNDSTROM-Beginning Chess 35 Electronics 2. STEVE SUTTON WILLIAM CLAIR SWEENEY-Music Men 45 Glee Club 35 Northern Aires 35 Apollo 2. 'SALLY JO SWINFORD-Student Council 3-45 Yearbook Staff 35 Album Editor 45 French Club Secretary 25 Co-Chairman of Spring Sports Dance 35 Co-Chairman of Christmas Dance 4. Class of 1970 USAN BREWSTER SYMMES-Booster Block 2: eneral Office Assistant 2: Girls Exercise 3: Pan- er Athletic 3: Review Typing 3. 'ILEEN E. TALBOT-Newspaper Staff 3: Panther thletic 2: Scholastic Award 3: Junior Spectacu- r 3: Trike Race 3. OZ TASICH ON L. TAVEL-Folk Music 3, Vice President 4: ewspaper Staff, Cartoon Editor 3: Music Men : Student Council Alternate 3. ARK S. TAYLOR-Intramural Basketball, Soft- all, Bowling: Chess Team. ETH CRAFT THOMAS-Panther Athletic 2-3: unior Prom Invitations Chairman 3: Junior pectacular 3: Folk Music 4: Class Council 4, lternate 3: Panther Team Mascot 4. REG THOMAS EVERLY JUNE THOMPSON-Class Council 3, reasurer 2: French 2-3: Black Culture 3: Track Princess 3: Panther Athletic 2-3. JULIE THOMPSON-Student Council 2: Class ouncil Secretary 3-4: National Honor Society 3-4: Junior Prom Court 3: D.A.R. Citizenship ward 4: Junior Spectacular 3. ARGARET ANNE THOMPSON-Junior Spectac- ular 3: Panther Athletic 2,3: Scholastic Citation 2,3: Trike Race 2. NANCY ANN THOMPSON-Panther Athletic 2,3: Knitting 2: Chorale 3: Debtones 4. HERESA ANN THOMPSON-Junior Spectacular 3: Orchestra 2-4. Seniors proud ot' eountg basketball title - 'fl-Bl 53 ,. 'fr - - gif-f Li 'i- .L I ,E . f 5 :':--We. ' f2'!'3'rf ., I . .,.... ii PAUL R. THORNTON-Library 2: Advanced Chess 2,3: Intramural Basketball 3. f"CAROL ANN TILLER-Panther Athletic 2,3: Trike Race 2: Lockets 4: Scholastic Award 2-4: Junior Spectacular Usher 3: French 3. RANDA L. TIMBERMAN-Class Council 2: Pan- ther Athletic 2,3: Trike Race 2,3: Intramural Vol- leyball 3. JOHN E. TINAY-Transfer from Valley Forge High School, Parma Heights: Wrestling 3,4: Ger- man 2: Marching Band 2,3. ELIZABETH ANN TINDALL-Student Council 2, 3: Folk Music 2,3: A Capella 2: Descants 3, President 4: Panther Athletic 3. PATRICIA SUZANNE TIPPING-Panther Athletic 2: Booster Block 2: Girls Automechanics 3. SANDRA LEE TIPTON-Future Teachers 3: Chess 2: Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Booster Block 2. DEAN E. TIRMENSTEIN-Northern Aires 2: Mu- sic Men 3,4: Folk Music 2: Poetry 2: Stage Crew 4: Etching in Thought Entry 2. FRED TISHLER-Junior Spectacular 3: Intramur- als 2-4: Student Council Alternate 2: Class Coun- cil 3: Panther Athletic 2,3. SAMANTHA TOBERMAN-Girls Ensemble 3-4: Costume, Make-up 4: Scholastic Citation 2-3: Ju- nior Spectacular: German 3: Panther Athletic 3. TERRY T. TODD-Wrestling 2-4: Football 2. "'CARYL C. TOTH-International Foods 2: Stage Crew 3: Science: Panther Athletic 3: Shorthand 3: Booster Block 2. Individuals 181 .:,. f . -it ., v- - glyg l ' -f PM I KE, :J 182-Individuals Seniors DENISE ADELE TOURTELLOT-Girls Exercise Style Show 3. PAULA TRA'I'I'NER-Panther Athletic 2: Trav 3. BRENDA TRESER-Panther Athletic: Library A sistant. THOMAS RANDALL TROU'l'l'-Panther Athleti 2-3: Spanish 3-4: Academic Games 2. MARTIN LEROY TRUESDELL-Wrestling 2- Football 2: Track 3: Panther Athletic 2. SUSAN LYNN TUCK-Panther Athletic 2-3: J nior Spectacular 3: Class Council Alternate Guidance Office Assistant 3. BUZZ S. TURNER-Latin Officer 2-3: Varsit Baseball 2-4: Academic Games 2: Panther At letic 2: Intramurals 2-4: Junior Spectacular WILLIAM ULLOM CURTIS MARK UMINGER-Panther Athletic 3: Tennis Team 3: Class Council Alternate 3- Boys Booster Block 3: FBLA 2: Intramural Ba ketball, Football 2-4. SOMPORN VAJIRANUROCHANA- Exchang student from Thailand: Thai Language 4: Stu dent Council 4. ERNIE VALENTINE PAULA JO VAN NESS-National Honor Societ 3-4: Junior Prom Co-ordinator 3: Student Coun cil Member-at-Large 3: Girl's Ensemble 3-4 Panther Athletic 2-3: Class Council 2. SANDRA VAVUL-Reserve Cheerleader 3, Va sity 4: Junior Prom Court 3: Class Council AI ternate 3: Booster Block 2-3: Orchestra 2-4. JOHN ELWOOD VEZOLLES--Travel 2-3: Angler Nimrod 2-3: Algebra. CYNDI L. VIA-Typing 3: Spanish 3: Attendanc Office Assistant 3: Panther Athletic 2. ROBERT DAVID VOGEL-Chess: Spanish. RICHARD VOGT ALF VON KRIES-Exchange Student from Ratin gen, Germany. CATHERINE VONNEGUT SCOTI' DALE VORHIES--Chess 2: Travel 2 Panther Athletic 2-3. 'YLYNNE WADDELL-Resenle Cheerleader 3: Varsity 4: Booster Block 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Class Council Alternate 3: Student Council Alternate 2. PAM E. WADKINS-Art: Travel. MARY ELIZABETH WAGNER-National Honor Society 3-4: Descants 3-4: Latin 3: Panther Ath- letic 2: Booster Block 2-3: Latin Honors Abroad Alternate 3. MARY V. WAGNER-Booster Block 2-4: Panther Athletic 2-3: Intramurals 2-4. WAYNE WAKEFIELD WALKER-Travel. JOHN M. WALLACE-National Honor Society 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-3: Intramurals 2-4: Ju- nior Spectacular 3. THOMAS RICHARD WALLACE-Fall Musical 2- 4: Junior Spectacular 2-3: Intramural Basketball 2-4: Counterpoints 2-4: Panther Athletic 2. JOE M. WALTER-Chess Team: Panther Athle- tic 3: Chemistry Study. Class of I 970 TEVE R. WAMSLEY-Graphic Arts Service Club. INDA C. WARD-Orchestra 2-35 Foods 2-35 Automechanics 35 Knitting 3. WARD-Student Council 25 Auto Mechan- lntramural Football 45 Chess 35 Panther 2-35 DECA Sargent at Arms. LANCING WARFIELD-Electronics 2-35 25 Track 25 Baseball 25 Rifle Team 25 WARNER-Transfer from Brebeuf5 Golf5 Intramural FootbalI5 Intramural Base- 23, Football 3, 35 Panther Ath- Stage Band 2- 'ST Athletic 2-45 WEEKS-Basketball 2-4 JEAN WEINBERG Student Council 2 Athletic 23 Girls Exercise 3 Class HELEN WEINHEIMER-National Honor 345 Thespians 3, Secretary 45 Stage "Etchings in Thought" Staff 45 Na- Semifinalist 4. R. WEINSTEIN-Class Council Alter- Student Council Alternate 35 Panther 25 International Foods 35 French 3. Honor So 3 Scholas WHITCOMB-Graphic Arts Ser 91 T A-.-if wr li H1- Class president impersonates Santa Claus BARB KAMMERAAD HELPS Bob Dinnsen adjust his furry cap before he presides over the crowning at the Christmas Dance. individuals-183 Seniors MICHAEL WHITE STEPHEN WHITE BENITA KAY WHITLEY 'LINDA SUE WHITMAN-Red Cross 35 A pella 35 Madrigals 45 Cadet Choir 25 Intern Foods 35 Knitting 2. WILLIAM C. WHITNEY-Biology 2-35 Slide 35 Chess 2. KARL F. WICHSER-Travel 25 Chess 2. DAVID WARREN WILCOX-Reserve, Varsi 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Chess Team 2. KEVIN LEE WILKES-Transfer from Wo ton High School, Columbus, Ohio. CAROLYN WILD DANNY L. WI LG U S-Intramural Softball Drafting 35 Panther Athletic 2-3. BETSY JANE WILHELM-Booster 2-35 I 35 Lab Assistant 4. ANN C. WILLIAMS- Booster Block 25 P. Athletic 3. Upperolassmen leave with mixed emotions BELINDA KAY WILLIAMS MARNA LEE WILLIAMS-Madrigals 35 Girls En semble 45 Panther Athletic 35 Red Cross 2-3. SUE WILLIAMS THOMAS R. WILLIAMSON-Graphic Arts 3. GEORGE P. WILLIS-National Honor Society5 Panther Athletics5 Class Council 35 Student Council. HAL D. WILLIS-Algebra Study 35 Student Coun- gil Alternate 35 Intramural Basketball, Bowling MICHAEL C. WILSON-Intramural Softball 35 Panther Athletic 2. WESLEY DAVID WILSON-Advanced Chess 25 Chess Team 2-45 Band 2. W. GEORGE WILSON-Track 2-45 Varsity Gym- nastics 2-3, Captain 45 Student Council 3-45 Alternate 25 Panther Athletic 2-3. JULIE ANN WOLFRAM-Travel: Art JOHN WOOD RONALD ALBERT WOOD-Spanish 2-45 World Culture 2,45 Beginning Chess 2-45 Panther5Ath- etic. 184-Individuals Class of I 970 PAMELA JEAN WOODRUFF-Madrigals 25 Girls Ensemble 3-45 Review Typing 35 Travel 25 Fu- ture Teachers 4. ROBERT T. WOOLFORD-Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 25 Intramurals 2-45 Class Council Alter- nate 25 Student Council Alternate 4. NORA WORKINGS CARRIE LEE WRAY-Madrigals 35 Girls Ensem- ble 45 Panther 2-35 Sewing 25 German 35 Junior Spectacular 3. NANCY ELIZABETH WRAY-Panther Athletic 2- 35 Clothing Secretary 25 Trike Race 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Scholastic Award 25 Homecom- ing Float Co-Chairman 4. "fCHRlSTOPHER WRIGHT-Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 35 Counterpoints 3-45 Fall Musical 2-45 Homecoming Float Co-Chairman 45 National Thespian Society 45 Class Council 3-4. CINDY LEE WRIGHT-Class Council Alternate 25 Baton Corps 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Intramurals 35 Trike Race 2-4. JOHN WRIGHT-Boys' Booster Block. M. DAVID WRIGHT-Latin 35 Black Culture 35 Panther Athletic 2. MELINDA CAROL WRIGHT-Descants 35 Music Office Assistant 3-45 Junior Spectacular 25 Fall Musical 25 Counterpoints 4. tSUSAN ANNE WRIGHT-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectac- ular5 Homecoming Float Co-Chairman 45 Span- ish Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 3-4. JERRY LYNN YORK-Audio Visual Assistant 35 Audio Visual Club 3. DEBORAH JEAN YOUNG-American Field Ser- vice 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Class Council 25 Student Council 35 Fourth Place in Spanish Con- test 35 Review Typing 2. SCOTT ALAN YOUNG-Government 2-45 Latin 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 Junior Historical So- ciety 2. ALICE LUCILLA YOUNT-Girls Automechanics 2-45 Wind Ensemble 2-45 Marching Band 2-45 Clothing 2-3. FRED H. ZECKEL-Wind Ensemble 45 Marching Band 4. CATHY SUE ZELL-German 35 Girls Exercise 35 Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Madrigals 35 Chorale 2. GENE L. ZESSIN-Folk Music. 'tCHRlSTY FAY ZILSON-Student Council Al- ternate 35 Student Council Representative 25 Travel 35 Folk Music 25 Candidate for Christmas Dance Princess 25 Panther Athletic 2. STSEPHEN W. ZIMMERMAN-Panther Athletic LOUANNE MARIE ZISKA-Drama 2-35 Student Council 45 Folk Music 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Newspaper Staff 3-45 Stage Crew 4. 'I' denotes more than six activities Individuals-185 Deborah Austin Joe Bacon Paul Baker Michael Beck Leslie Bell Eddie Beverly David Bixler Richard Black Ellen Bolk Michael Brown Joseph Burgess Loein Clark Steven Coates Joanne Cohen Kenneth Combs Andrew Cosby Michael Crown Gary Cummins Thomas Cunningham Elizabeth Davis Robert T. Dawson James Day Earl Echols Douglas Esmon Keith Estridge Nancy Faircloth Ellen Feinberg Gary Ferguson Harry C. Funk Steven Gaither John Gardner Jane Gregory James Gunn Jerry Hamm Sanford Han Thaddeus Hart Seniors Not Pictured William Hasseld Frank Holloway Richard Hult Karen Hunter Bruce Jensen Alphonzo Johnson John Jones Richard Jones John Jorman Howard Kaye Bruce Kerezman Maryann King Rodrick King John Kline Norvel Landers Robert Landrock John Lateste Lynn Latimer James Lewis Frank Lockhart Marc Lockhart Robert Joseph Lon Larry Mahorney David Mangano Roger McClerg Dan McCuen Jefty McKinney Peggy McMillen Mike Meyer Timothy Meyer Terry Mitchell Janice Morgan Gary Morganson Carol Mulvaney Connie Neal Alex Null S Additionals JOHN DITTRICH WILLIAM HOWARD Ill-Baseball 4 ROSEMARY MCKINNEY JOHN TALLEY RICHARD VOGT RON BECKER HARRY GENTRY KAY HALL DEBORAH KRUSE JOSEPH MCSWEENEY STEPHEN ROBERSON CAROL SNOVER Paul 0'DonneIl Michael 0'Haver Peter Pappas Kim Patterson Karen Peterson Gene Pilling Diane Prenatt Thurman Query Steven Reynolds Riley Richards Calista Richardson Karen Roll Susan Sanders Debra Schaefer Steven Scherrer Richard Schlaegel Michael Schlenk Louis Gregory Schneider Robert Schuman John Simmons Judith Ann Smith Michael D. Stall Arthur Stein Timothy Thurston Clay Tudor Bart Vermeulen Ellen Wade Robert Wadleigh Lawrence West John Wilcurt Myra Wilsted Danuyn Whiteside Deborah Wolfe Wendy Wurzman Phillip Yare r U fi L-.4 ! f N w"""Z1--- Z . H4 3 v L4 1 J' ' X Q , . lf' i Juniors organize varied class activities With an abundance of spirit, Class of '71 strove to make junior year a memorable one. To start off the year, a careful selection of class council representa tives and class officers was neces sary. The results of the electio were: Bob Luginbill, president: Ric Colglazier, vice p re sid e n tg Evi Sachs, secretaryg and Margot Trusty, treasurer. Combining fun and the desire t help others, the juniors had a clas party with admission being one can of food to be donated to needy fami- lies. The fourteenth annual Junio Spectacular dominated the thoughts of the junior class as they wrot scripts, assigned parts and prepared for January cuts. The acts were pre- sented on March 12, 13, and 14. Highlighting their junior year wa the prom, held on May 9. OFFICERS ELECTED TO SERVE THE JUNIOR CLASS include Treasurer Margot Trusty, President Bob Luginbill, Vice-president Rick Colglazier, and Secretary Evie Sachs. The officers were chosen in the fall. JUNIOR CLASS.COUNCIL-First Row: E. Sachs, D. Sawyer, B. Eckel, M. Pratt, J. Moore, M. Pearce, C. Kruesser, C. Elbert. Snyder, S. Harris, C. Disher, S. Ashby, L. Wark, A. Gaddy, M. Fourth Row: M. O'Brien, R. Baum, J. Stone, D. Heiliger, A. Rod- Trusty. Second Row: N. Woodruff, J. Stephenson, V. Tower, K. dy, M. Bregger, B. Shanner. Fifth Row: K. Holloway, B. Lugin- McKinney,-J. Franlc, B. Malizia, M. Koerten, J. Detmer, K. Richard- bill, D. Waller, R. Colglazier, P. Black, T. Connor, S. Lipson. Mr. son, C. Miller. Third Row: T. Ayers, M. Kappes, B. Carraway, N. Ken Patton is their sponsor. 188-Individuals 'fhelf VGYSIOH Of baseball during half chann at one of the mnxers followmg a vlctory game at the Northwest game. KRIEGBAUM AND THE BATON- CORPS THESE SPIRITED MEMBERS of the Junior Class start a dance 'I ' ' ' ' , CRAMMING FOR UPCOMING TESTS, Karol Stevenson and Mark Milender study on H the student center steps before school. Individuals-189 BETH BARNHORST, junior, browses through one of the many reference materials available in the library. Juniors put NC Iibrarg facilities to use 'w I tb, fig, I, ' gg, ' K. In , k ., I ' :1E. .. 4.g,, . 'l V ' K if My A l l i le if J a 'i , , f - Us l 1. . .. elli be - 1 ' zlr 3 it R h N Aft 2 i A Q f' iiiiii ' A ' xQ" IAA ly A " , J. f , .- W B fe., fs JM'-J l iee, i,eee , ,eee ielr eerii f l Q 5 5 5 f J at K. elrl f ' X , , r J A: ltr As A ion Individuals-190 Row 1: Abbott, Leslie: Abel, David: Ad kins, Richard: Agnew, Douglas: Aikman Randall: Akard, Sharon: Albrecht, David Aldous, Becky: Alexander, Jill. Row 2: Alig, Douglas: Amend, Charles: Amos, Austin: Anderson, Donald: Ander- son, Kathleen: Anderson, Kim: Andrews, Mitchell: Applegarth, Deborah: Arbuckle, John. Arnold, Brian: Arnold, John: Arterberry Charles: Anlin, Debra: Ashby, Susie: Ash: kenaz, Larry: Ashmore, David. Row 4: Aton, Walter: Augustin, Judith Austen, James: Avery, Gerald: Avery, Scott: Ayers, Timothy: Baas, Tamara Backner, Bruce: Bacon, Rhonda. Row 5: Bader, Laura: Bailey, Howard: Ba- ker, David: Baldwin, Richard: Bales, Don Ball, Steven: Barbera, Charles: Barker, Robert: Barlowe, Delisa. Row 6: Barnes, Gary: Barnhorst, Beth Barrett, James: Bartlett, James: Barton David: Basch, Jeff: Bates, Terri: Batesole Karen: Battram, Gregory. Row 7: Bauer, Rick: Baugh, Georgia: Baugh, Leslie: Baughman, Cynthia: Baum, Richard: Baumbach, Chris: Baun, Brian: Bea, Steven: Beatty, Timmothy. Row 3: Arfman, Dale: Arnett, Catherine: CI Vi V LVL is A 5- Row 1: Beeson, Sarah: Behrendt, Mark: ff . V, my , -, ,V' ,V -V f . eineke, Steven: Bellish, Deborah: Bellon, Y Y ,gif 'i 1'f,g3,,- if i :of 'pt . gf. David: Belshwender, John: Belt, Gregory: ' W . J if a g, ::,,': , X: ' ' C ' 1 'ii , " Benjamin, Aaron: Bennett, Bryce. .f 'N - " 'f ,- Q if " 1 . H -. -..f "f-- K 1 Vfk Row 2: Benvie, Kathleen: Berkowitz, Nan- - ,wig 1 A A i 3 cy: Berning, Laurel: Berns, Beth: Bern- 2 ,V tai, lf' , ' stein, Shelley: Best, Amy: Bibbs, Beverly: , ,gggyf 1 IC Q ' 3 " X Bishop, Jeffrey: Bixler, Kathy. . ' ,. ' ' iQA 'l,f, g 1 ' 55, ,'1, fx, 25535: "Aii' f PE 2 Row 3: Black, Paul: Blackburn, Lara: X. i -- C 1 ' "Q V' V Blake, Randall: Blakes, McKinley: Bland, , 5 f, 1 , ": Q , John: Blaski, Chuck: Blekking, Kathleen: . Z-ff 'vi Blickman, Michael: Boards, Earnest. ff ,,,,V VV SE V ,. " ll., f VV , V3 , ,,,, V SQ: ,V , . .., ,, V C L gk if 1 Row 4: Boeldt, Bonnie: Boggs, Paula: 'V K ' if 3 , V ., V ' I Bond, Emily: Bonnette, Steven: Boutwell, ,Q g,, :,fV , jf. ll " , ,g QV-1 ' Patricia: Boyd, Brad: Boyd, Cindy: Boyer, ,faq itai ,Q . ' diff' 5 ' . ,,-' if .gf f Patti: Boyer, Thomas. W K.z' L ,. ,g :,, 3 . f f ' A L ii' 4... -Hifi 1 . Q .Q J' , is 1 is will ff - 57" ' - , f L K if Row 5: Bracken, Mary: Braitman, Alex: LZ , , .V V V ' J g 1 V: CV ' Brannan, David: Brannan, Diane: Brans- '35, A ,- f l g , ,351 ford, Janice: Bransford, Jenneice: Brauns, ' ,V , 1 'G-:PJ . Lesley: Bregger, Michael: Bretzlaff, Debra. X -,.,, Q jf me 2 G F . : 1 fr' t . i Row 6: Brewster, Todd: Bright, Cheryl: ' 1, A , Broderick, Karen: Brooks, Cynthia: Brown, 5, ' A l V A. ' . A f - 1 ,"',y Laura: Brown, Marcia: Brown, Wayne: . ,V if V X- G. :Ca C' ,ffl ii, f ' i A 1 if Bruce, Deborah: Bruce, Richard. , W 'VV ' J, ' V VV Vyfl 1 V ' ff' fit fi 5.355 3 if V S Row 7: Bruenger, Carroll: Buddenbaum, L " tw 'C 3: gf: W William: Bullman, Ellen: Bunch, Sherri: . .V '05 Q ,. 4 :fig if . . 5 I K Burge, Bill: Burger, Becky: Burgy, Marcia: V ,Egg 1 ' LW, -4 Q .jill . if 5 . ' V f':?-S iw' Burk, Barbara: Burns, Barbara. V V ' VV :V ' V VV wa -V V A . ,V J Ji. : . H Row 8: Burns, Darlene: Burton, Marcia: ,. , J ff V Byroad, Bruce: Cady, David: Caine, Judy: I I V- , ' ., V .1 , , -ff K C -. Calderon, Howard: Calderon, Paulette: 1 ig 1,, ' V .-.U lg -' , Q' . ', " iff QL .W Cameron, Hugh: Campbell, Sally. -Z V--fy Q' V . xi VV: V, V VV ' N. A tal .JL Row 9: Cannon, Lawrence: Cannon, Stev- t ,. , , V ' en: Cantrell, Linda: Carey, Jacqueline: fi -Vi' fe. V i V3 N -ap ...Q 53 1 Carlin, Sherri: Carmichael, Richard: Car- 1 A . ' ,K gf J ,V M: -Q, Q J penter, Sherrie: Carr, Anna: Carraway, wg "5 'ff' , . Q 1, ' if .gf Q, Brenda. C ' . YH' V Q .1 5 i 'fi 'ii l ' l Q V Q. ' ' .,,- 5 , ' Row 10: Carvin, James: Cary, Brent: Cas- ,R i ' ' L' .,.. ey, Deborah: Caswell, Daniel: Cazee, Lin- ,,... R ,gf f if Q ve 1 as - da: Chabre, Sherry: Chadwick, Jeffrey: L , .VA 1 i- ff, . gf- 4 'V, . Chavis, Geraldine: Cheesebourough, Edith ffi f V V VV V 'TV KV if I , .i ,,.. A 1 1 fo ' :'::i , Row 11: Chesterfield, David: Chevalier, . . , ' Karen: Christea, Lynn: Christena, Craig A 'f 1 . ' wg V ,VD V Clark, Dorothy: Claypool, Julia: Cleaver, i V ' fy J -M l V w tj Katharine: Clouse, Tim: Cobb, Gloria. a.V:' , V 5:35 , ,, V Vg, , Row 12: Cohen, Gary: Cohen, Howard: . 5 . ,W colglazier, Rick: Collins, Rouen: collins, -3 , , G Q.. Ji.. 4. 15 S ff: 3 .V A it , Stanley: Calvin, Mary: Connor, Thomas: i Q . Q, , A if .wife s F Y' 52-65 I ' V' - we J f Conrad, Loren: Cook, Jody. VJ' 'V fy- . VV V ,r I V 6 W if . S' Q5 '55 Individuals-191 , N Y. as -i F5 K V 5. 'f l il , ,,' Cliff? ft if ,l K ' ji' 'J- Q ' 5 Q i f T h ' i1 - W 4 1 .1 A to f, . T -:.- .. 7 I . Ali - -1- :jf ' ' 'L-W1f ' ' .-'- -k,L wzizrsfxf f if f if if ' 1 S f J pp .af I. N 4 :KV , KA 1 9' . V: Q. 1 If . P , ' 3' Q bf T , H .J - . , - ' . T " . ' "11. lt C C 1 , , ,ik in X .I X 'J ,kr -f b., lk' k Z In 1 K . k:a,:,gii,,xf' . , 'A Wd' ' .ff, L- ,5 .7 "fi " ' A , 7. I 34,3121 . h, ffl-Ll' A , . f ii Q ? , . f K, QI ' ,.. f y- 4 kkt,k7fW . I: - Wi An B I il- llll J , , , Q , ., 6 i ., W ' ft A ,- -I 'z A I I in 5 ' l ' V l . 6 B .A , r 116- . 1 ' ,Kg fi , ', g 1 A W5 ji ff.: . r ,631 .. 4. l aw kV4ki l is v ,:'f . In ,. .E I ' I I L 1 - ' V ' 0'.i"7 K ,i -'im 1 1" li? s ttt. , . i F 1 .J Q - , K. +R .2 f Hz T1 L V U -C ls , Yi' ,,,-.- s ' ',b'W - 1 f',2 Q- 1- 'ii-Jff' L . n 1 l il 1 1 4 I f 'LWAG 'l', Q . , A Q sf " I6 1 :fl-f' it 441 2 A J: 'fm .C 'f Q3 J -L iL't C ,.- W. -W' -Q 4 Q 4, 3 ., ' ,V A.: A , ,gif V , . i, I K. ,Q K at T -. s . sir ' ' ' .2 -- ,..,, I Atfk . 'j..": .1 ,,Q.,V, 'E-fra' , . I .MEF I . 1 fs , A W V. gm, - - - A , Q, . f wg ' 5 "'1' I k,fV 'H K +15 , ,.-. -ff ,J QW, V: : 'w jigs all lr Al t ' 1 'f A' Individuals-192 Juniors Coraz, Gerald: Cork, Damita: Corts, Karl, Corwin, Hal: Cotton, Steven: Covey, Rob- Row 1: Cooper, Susan: Cooper, William' ert: Cox, Bill. Row 2: Cox, Kenneth: Cox, Nancy: Cra- vens, Chip: Crabb, David: Cracraft, Doug- las: Crafton, David: Craig, Elizabeth: Crain, Dianna: Crane, Margaret. Row 3: Crawford, Ralph: Crawshaw, Lin- da: Crays, Carol: Crisp, Peggy: Cronin Denise: Cronk, Alan: Curry, Douglas: Dale' Jennifer: Danzig, Lynn. Row 4: Darnaby, John: Davis, Jennifer: Davis, Jerry: Davis, Lindsay: Davis, Marc: Davis, Michael: Davis, Patricia: Davis, William: Dawson, Daniel. Row 5: Day, Deborah: Day, Frances: Dear- ing, Michael: Deaton, Chris: Deel, Cyn- thia: Deer, David: DeGroff, Bob: Delehan- ty, Patrick: Delong, Debora. Row 6: De Masie, Mark: DeRoo, Linda: Detmer, Jacquelyn: Deuser, Gary: DeVoe, Anne: Diblasio, James: Dickerson, Buddy, Dickinson, Cheryl: Diehl, Kathleen. Row 7: Diener, Diane: Dill, Billie: Dimit Nancy: Disher, Catherine: Dison, Ronald . Dixon, James: Dixon, Julianne: Dobson, Dana: Dodd, Debra. Row 8: Donnelly, Cathleen: Dorfman, Mir- iam: Dorste, Bob: Douthitt, Lisa: Dove, Thomas: Dowling, James: Drain, Barbara: Drake, Deborah: Druker, Valerie. Row 9: Dukett, Clinton: Dunham, John Steven: Dygard, Thomas: Earl, Thomas Earle, Ralph: Eastes, David. Row 10: Eaton, Jane: Eaton, Julie: Eber- hardt, Betsy: Eck, Paul: Eden, Joyce: Eden, Ronald: Edgerton, Robert: Edwards, Chris: Effenberger, Karen. Row 11: Einterz, Francis: Elam, Jeffrey: Elbert, Cozetta: Elliott, Becki: Elliott, Tony: Elmore, Bradley: Elmore, Sharon: Engle, Marcia: Englert, Alan. Row 12: English, Daniel: Ensminger, Michael: Epstein, Mark: Evans, Deborah: Evans, Susan: Everett, Jane: Ewing, John: Eyden, Jerry: Fackler, Victoria. v Dunkel, Karen: Dwyer, DruAnne: Dye, 1: Fague, Richard: Farlow, Martin: Pete: Farmer, Kenneth: Farris, Fasola, Robert: Fathman, Gary: on, Ronald: Feeley, Kevin. 2' Fehnel, Dennis: Ferguson, Anne: Steven: Fiedoral, Deborah: Debra: Findling, Debora: Fine, Fink, Elaine: Fink, Jane. 3: Finneran, Stephan: Fischer, Stev- Randall: Fitzmorris, Patty: Flannery, Jennifer: Fledderjohn, Debbie: Charles. 4: Fogle, Martin: Forsyth, Gilbert: Peter: Foster, Ellen: Fowler, Da- Melissa: Frampton, Patricia: Franklin, Jean. Freeze, Julie: Fritsch, Stephen. Row 6: Fulk, Stanley: Fuller, John: Funk, John: Gaddy, Ann: Gaddy, Gloria: Gaith- er, Susan: Garbrecht, Frederic: Gardner, Dacia: Ga rlotte, Barton. Row 7: Garman, Andrew: Gasper, Debra: Gates, Doyle: Gates, Ginni: Gauchat, Jan- ice: Gearhart, Douglas: Gehrung, Ursula: Gellis, Jacqueline: George, Michael. 5: Franklin, Kevin: Frankovitz, Ma- Frattini, Jeannine: Free, Kathleen: Faye: Freeman, Amy: Freeman, DISCUSSING A CURRENT ISSUE during a student council meeting are junior representa- tives Barry Heller and Don Steel. uniors prolit from Council experience l2ss.,r1."rs .tr-11 It W... .,,,, of ff W, J, Q W, A 1-f f-if s .U J r f - -Q, we K ca Vl: X i al. 4 1 ls . if 4 4' 'J W r . 1 F 1 1 ., .S ' 'I , f ..., it " F' :ll " .A t AK I 'MCA i A I A f K Q : -. .,,: r A F - J fr . lr 4 A .:,. A V V V it It 1 . 'F A ' me .1 ' -fr -.-,Vi .16 , ef, "Jig A . , - 1.. - f A :f r t. - anim AY. Q fe' 9 ,e,e A f 3 t 5 Q 4 ls! Q 1 - l X .5 .K ' 3 J .1 J ,TQ A K1 A X 2 i s 'V ,g g J or l J .,.,. ggyy :". ' Q 1 k Aa Q ,,r. s fr - f . J at A ' if --4' :W fig 7 M Z zi, H A V , if ya.. A X15 P L Ln ,ff to f A cf ff' -Q. ' "-"' ii' A J rfl' t , . - tti' A , 'lxl Individuals-193 JUDY MOORE, ,junior, gracefully falls to the ground while competing in the 1969 Home- coming Trike Race. Homecoming inspires Junior school spirit r e V nw., 1 ,R :lg F - , 1 ' . llil, K ' J, i , J if i ' J J krk, 5 H i ' ,, o, M l is J l-T J V,,: f.5 T 34 ,,. , 'A . loc T W li 1 bm.. 11. '2i-1vn' lvl ,,,. V G 'llfvl is , A e l .1 lsl, J f z 1'S A ,Q 1 yy' R ,l-- 'f,1 i rrlf I is Q ., no . ' f! lg, l . f ,lV,V 's,A hAtV b - M l li c 5 i 4 12 l or .1 p i:fl4 V X. 3 tg' H V ' t V , i ii' .I A' l, .,,cll lccoolc 45 A 'KX 'S Q ze .K L j x , if i if A fig, I " " iff. sli ti--. Q- li t. 'tg ' if , u, L . li e Ai J. J" J e .5 N . I kvkikig ,ew in K, ,.,L V. li" ? ,,.VVk,-kl zvi N, V- fi. I x g H s i rszi i vs v - i J f J e 4 'J .g l iili cico if 1 ill Q Individuals-194 Row 1: Gerholdt, Teresa: Geringer, Ja Getz, Susan: Gibson, Robert: Gillies, Sha on: Glassmeyer, Laura: Glick, Alice: Gold farb, Michael: Goldsmith, Daniel. Row 2: Goldstein, David: Goldstein, Faye Goldstein, Martha: Goldstein, Sam: Go mez, Orlando: Goodhart, Bill: Goshert Terry: Grady, Bill: Graham, Bruce. Row 3: Graham, James: Green, Bradley Greene, Richard: Greskamp, Michael Greve, Fred: Grumme, Donald: Gubbins Gregory: Guinnup, David: Guinther, Rita Row 4: Guy, Sarah: Guyton, Betsy: Gwinn Theresa: Haas, John: Haggard, Gordon Hall, Jeffrey: Hall, Ronald: Hallett, Pene lope: Hamilton, Dale. Row 5: Hamilton, Naida: Handley, Em- mitt: Handziak, Peggy: Harden, Stephen: Harker, Joni: Harman, Bob: Harper, Su- san: Harris, Alan: Harris, Kathleen. Row 6: Harris, Mark: Harris, Suzy: Hart, John: Hartley, Carol: Hartley, David: Har vey, Larry: Harvey, Tate: Hastings, Ruth' Hayes, Brenda. Row 7: Hayes, Linda: Hazelwood, Alfred: Hedges, Melinda: Hedrick, Nancy: Hehn, Ronny: Heiliger, David: Heilman, Randall: Heller, Barry: Helms, John. Class of 1971 ow 1: Henderson, Carol: Henderson, Ga : Henderson, Linda: Hendrian, Mary endricks, Deborah: Hene, Lois: Henke, teven: Herrick, Claudia: Hess, Grant. ow 2: Hiatt, David: Hicks, Deborah icks, Margaret: Hiland, Sue: Hill, George odgson, Dale: Hoehn, Betsy: Hoffman erribeth: Holder, Cornelius. Row 3: Hollander, Joan: Holloway harles: Holloway, Kevin: Holmquist tephanie: Holsworth, Suzanne: Holtz Steven: Hopkins, Greg: Hopkins, Keith: Hopkins, Lynn. Row 4: Horth, Karen: Horton, Janet: Houck, Julie: Howald, Linda: Howard, James: Howard, Michael: Hubbell, Carol, Hudgins, Kevin: Hudson, Deborah. Row 5: Hueber, Martha: Hughes, Cynthia Hughes, Nancy: Hughey, Larry: Hughey, Richard: Hulen, David: Hunt, Becky: Hun- ter, Jeffrey: Hurst, Vera. Row 6: Hutchinson, George: Hutzler, Carl: Hutzler, Theresa: Ingram, Mary: lnuin, Roy: Jamisen, Earline: Jarrett, Dianna: Jeffrey, Russell: Jenkins, Michelle. Row 7: Jenn, Cheryl: Johnson, Debbie: Johnson, Fred: Johnson, Juan: Johnston Susan: Jones, Kim: Joslin, Paul: Judkins Cheryl Ann: Julian, Anne. Row 8: Justak, Marta: Kahn, James: Kal- leen, Sheryl: Kalsow, Sharon: Kappes, Philip: Karau, Barbara: Kasle, Michael: Kauffman, Susan: Kautz, Susan. Row 9: Kebler, Richard: Kelb, Don: Kelly, Robert: Kendall, Paula: Kendrick, An- thony: Kennedy, Tamara: Kennedy, Thom as: Kern, Kenneth: Kern, Ronald. Row 10: Kernodle, Mark: Kersh, Ruby: Kesler, Kenneth: Ketterman, John: Kim berlin, Kevin: King, Kennard: Kinney, Phillip: Kinsey, Madalyn: Kirpatrick, Kevin. Row 11: Kirkpatrick, Rodger: Kirtley, Jane: Kiser, Julie: Kiser, Terry: Knierim, Robbie: Knight, Teresa: Knowlton, Brent: Knue, Margie: Koch, Eric. Row 12: Koerten, Marjorie: Koplow, Cheryl: Koschmann, Janet: Kotterman, Paul: Kraay, Martha: Kremer, Rachael: Kreusser, Carol: Kriegbaum, Cynthia: Krueger, Becky. ,. ssiis M ff i s 1 1 , 1 f , 8 J w J. J if i - " .J , N 1 N s' wa ,, ziv. kg ' 5 H ,M r r It K lg . . V , H Lk . 1. T iaei 1 ,J l V . :fi it 3 -K ' Wi . 4 Q' . .K I V ., kr, , 1 fi? k,kk A . ,.. , ,wg --' " 1 ' A Q . ' I I 4K wa l i-f1.-api.. 1 i iii i jj -' . " H ' " 'if 3 . 1 b i A 1 ' if J ' 1 f .9 ::,: '15 'S Alf A Av 1 iw lg t . , t, ,ik J , V, l? , xg, li g .:, SX 2: H , 4 ,, , .w - I ws-XX ' f : -my A K I .1 4 ' 4 1 + R 1 h : ., s G +5-7 us, 1 N i" Q C p ,ypyb A I 1 1 . J .i ix W J , 'NVE I K' I :ai M is I f K I , :" t M K i" in ,, K i'i VA mini 3 LW g A ii,, . '4 ,.' 4W,, V S , I- WV. V f. I ' 1 , , ' I if .V fy' P- X W ' 'X 'J K W' wi Z - Q . f " if i PQ ....,. is A, .ii ,,,., K ki' 'I K 'S qi? - ...,,. 1 1 f- we N f 1: s W ' .15 1' W Q. ,,.' - 1 ' CC , I .H is I R 41 lax la.: - 1 1 C . R as 4 -1 . J id cf ' ii.. TN T. 'J J ' f , : , 1 4 A J 1 .mtl CY1' , To 1 - 1' 3 ' 3 A fm W 'J 2 1 V it ., K . ga A V KT, xr ,V , , -' -f X 4 I ,. 3 Y Wg gr ' Individuals-195 .3 fi -'fi 'A f K an 11 1 ' . RQ: g g ' J. L,,L, Qi K?-2 V W.., L, H, x I-1 . gli? ,..' . at Xi 5' QF! 1 . . -sy T ' -B In A ggf:32g5,,e A:.,,.:, . . f 1' ,,. 'af 3: . QQ 'i . w S ., ig: -i , ,..., 1 ef gg, , Y V V. h,,AW,,g,, V .V V , ,, an N hh L J l L 19 wL J QQ lf. I As A ., : 4r.fl.,iml.All an A A i is E 331: Ei: 'riffs Y :Qui QQ it 1 , . X I I .Q ' ll. .asp S ' S lf? U: gs -ff f , :... uf N N - 1 ,. -:fr - A- 1" in J, 'WT . f View , , 'A R+ 44 4- if A1 li " . .L A 5 i?" H T -g . . , W G Vzr, K R 4 g, 4... fl isi i + , . so lf. L in J U ri A 'st El? fglx if J,vl-i: k'.- ' r kirik 5iYf'v ,1-Y I kk! 'H 'ilk .. 1' Ib L s , an J R ' I Individuals-196 Juniors Row 1: Krueger, Nancy: Kruse, Richar Kublnick, Cindy: Kuder, Barb: Kuhn, Th odore: Kuhns, Vicki: Kunz, William: Kus maul, Judith: Labus, Mary. Row 2: Laflin, Craig: Lake, Diane: Lam Robert: Lancet, Carolyn: Landers, Davi Lane, Phillip: Langford, Carol: Langfor David: Lanham, Michael. Row 3: Lash, Bill: Lawall, Sara: Leande Douglas: Lecklider, Kathy: Lecocq, Ga Lehner, Edith: Lempke, Martha: Leonard Jan: Lesh, David. Row 4: Lesher, John: Levin, Carolyn: L vine, Steven: Leviton, Linda: Lewis, Da vid: Lewis, Robert: Lickliter, Marc: Lie brich, Sharon: Lienerth, David. Row 5: Light, Carol: Light, Keith: Limin Rebecca: Lincoln, Scott: Lindquist, Ro bert: Lindstrom, Chris: Lipson, Steve Lisher, Cynthia: Lockhart, Ray. Row 6: Loeffler, Barbara: Lomasney, Stev en: Long, Bruce: Lotz, Kevin: Love, Sara Lowe, James: Lozinak, James: Luginbill Robert: Lukenbill, Stephen. Row 7: Lynn, Carol: Lyons, Virginia: Maas John: Macy, Debra: Madden, Sharon: Mad dox, Michael: Mahan, Carol: Mahoney Kathleen: Maidens, John. Row 8: Maliff, Jeffery: Malizia, Bobbie Mancini, Alan: Maners, Ervin: Manifold David: Manning, James: Mannix, John Manson, Deborah: Marlen, Cynthia. Row 9: Marlett, Kurt: Marrs, Krystal: Martz, Leslie: Marvel, Bradley: Masselink, Nancy: Matson, Paul: Matney, Anne, Maulden, Regina: Maurer, Marilyn. Row 10: Maxam, Steve: Mayfield, Orlan- do: Mayo, Andy: McCarty, David: Mc- Clure, Michael: McConnelI, Kathrine: Mc- Conville, Jane: McCord, Bruce: McCord, Carole. Row 11: McCord, Dianne: McDonald, Cyn- thia: McGahey, Craig: McGhee, Karen: McGinnis, Richard: McGlasson, Merrilea: McGrath, Timothy: McKinney, Betsy: Mc- Kinney, Brian. Row 12: McKinney, Karen: McMaster, Su- san: McNichols, James: McQuade, Brook: McSoley, Thomas: Mead, Linda: Mealy, Ann: Means, Karl: Meriweather, Duane. Class ot 1971 Row 1: Meriweather, Linda: Merklin, Pam- la: Merritt, Kelly: Messinger, Leslie: Mes- inger, Rose: Meyer, Barbara: Meyer, James: Meyer, John: Meyer, John. 2: Meyer, Ruth: Midkiff, Wayne: Mi- , Mark: Miles, Mark: Millbern, Ro- Miller, Bill: Miller, Christy: Miller, Miller, Kris. 3: Miller, Marsha: Miller, Marsha: Michael: Miller, Sally: Miller, Ste- Nancy: Mills, Donald: Mills, Miner, Jeanie. 4: Minott, Paul: Minx, Paul: Mishe- Samuel: Mitchell, Elizabeth: Mitchell, Mitchell, William: Mitkus, Cathe- Craig: MOEE, Michael. Row 5: Monforte, Rosemary: Monical, Dwight: Monroe, Tom: Montgomery, Cyn- thia: Montgomery, Debbie: Montgomery, Susan: Moody, Karen: Moore, Cynthia: Moore, Judith. Row 6: Moore, Steven: Moore, Susan: Moore, Thomas: Moore, Thomas: Mordoh, Cynthia: Morris, Jan: Morris, Michelle: Morton, Vickie: Moss, Andrea. Row 7: Moss, Susan: Mount, David: Moy er Richard' Mulligan, Sharon: Mumford Sarah: Murphy, Maureen: Muskat, Bar- ' bara: Myer, Cynthia: Myers, Nicki. ilii . ,,,, gg :gg A, Zigi?-5, 5, at . J J , 5 5 ,Qi -W ., il ! J A A -P 'Q 5 :i,: if ' Iifrrwi if 2 . ' 530 J iff J 5- 4,5 .t as AA' ..,,. .,,,..,,,. J i 'u f i sf g 5 A 1 1 K3 ,ij . WE K ,V,g J ' i .4241 i ersl i Assistants relag ottice communications 'sb BONNIE HEHN and Jane McConville Guidance and Attendance Office assistants work dur ,L ing their study hall each day - ff-rise, ' N--.....-.. the J If S Q ,N W g' 9, " n ti pq? .,,.- A . i i me 1.-. 9. if f sf. ii lf X. iw gg? g a ii WTXII ' L K I I . 1 I V1 4 A 2 yxhy V ii i L5 .WM .lj LQE' -- ti f? l, si I Juniors relax fr dents to make friends and re lax from the pressure of class studies. Individuals-198 -W1 w ow 1: Pierce, Julie: Pigg, Catherine: Pig- 3 V V V V ,, ,V ' l ,ott, Dennis: Pinckney, Darryl: Ping, T - 555 1 ,VV .5 . .5 - Thomas: Pinner, Kevin: Pinner, Tanya: 'M' V f ' ff ires, Marcia: Platacis, John. ' V V Vg' VV .VV 34 rf' r' f "' 'W' A ' fl'?5,g,g5f Row 2: Plautz, Judith: Polley, Karen: Pol- . - 9-Fi ' " C . . , . W - . Iey, Terri: Ponsler, Kenneth: Powell, Dena: 3 " "V, . VV V ' i r,. f- VV - VSV. -1 V Pratt, Dan: Pratt, Mary: Price, Barb: Price, . Q92 J' ,XL r 9 ' ' f. i K . . V NGHCY- ll ' ' in .. -. : . If r .. f it ' S J 1 -iw ' 4' iai, 1- - Q T - .. ,f - .QV , . -, V VV ,4 f . 'H V ll,l: ' Row 3: Pruitt, Bob: Pryor, Carolyn: Puck- V 4' Vg- Vg P . . l V t' ett, James: Pulliam, Debra: Pursinger, r :,i"V V ' V gl r ' " i. , 1 Karen: Puscheck, Ann: Pylat, Jane: Query, ' 1,4 V L.: 1 . ,Lg R N' Robin: Raab, Kathy. , 1. , VVVV ' Vw VV V VVV, Row 4: Raber, John: Rager, Mary: Raikos, 'Q ' .5 V V V .. . James: Raikos, John: Ramsey, Denise V 'Q .Lvl - JV Raphael, Phyllis: Rappaport, Steven: Rar- 1Q,..,,' ' r - ' . V gg- ,, - gg, don- Kaf'1YiRaS0fS'1a'a- - ."a- 1, ' ' . Row 5: Ratliff, David: Ratliff, Richard: VV V . V 5. ,V W: Q I V , Ray, William: Reed, Cheryl: Reed, Clay: . V , Vi, -5 'Pg V V V'- rw . gg V. Reed, Michael: Reed, Terry: Reese, Cheryl: 'i..Vi,,gV ' 1 ' .' ,' Vy, V, . : 'ff gg Reifers, Nicholas. V ' . lx - -f :ii Q: Row 6: Relick, Susan: Rembert, Con- . V . Q f V,V i . stance: Resnover, Linda: Reynolds, Lew- "i Q, f , ':"" V -4 ,ga ,Vg V ' 1 :ig TV, VV .V iV V ' is: Rice, Harold: Rich, Bill: Richard, Dan- VV " , ,QV si f iw i Q ' V iel: Richards, Margaret: Richardson, Kathy. 1 l'fV..5 ffm VV V 1 -f f -- - f' VVZVVVV . ' -wifi: 'L -I .1 Row 7: Richert, Randall: Riddell, Linda: A -"' F ' kb 5 eysef , , IVV Ries, Catherine: Riggins, Becky: Riley, ,' .V ' r .' V T V W 4 ' VV - VVV 'w h ,Vw S Jim: Riley, Kevin: Riley, Michael: Ripma, if? V 'V Vg. " 'J -Ia ' ' Joe: Ritchie, Steven. .g"' ..V ' V ' F V l V Row 8: Ritchison, Terry: Roach, Nancy: - , .V - . i":: 'T VV f. J, V - . x f V. Roberson, Bob: Roberts, Barbara: Rob- 2 ':::, gg - f- - 53? .V V V V at , erts, John: Roberts, Thomas: Robinson, .f:,.,. .": VV,,,,V. 4- lV -, VV' Fredric: Roddy, Arthur: Rogers, Cathy. J' V T .. 3 K . VV . V l "F all 5 V ' . V lfzf-1' i'k V445 'xiil f "fi" 1 5. . 4-if-if SYM' , -" if I K' Row 9: Rogers, Carolyn: Rogers, Daniel: 1' ' I U M VV V VV ' Rogers. Patricia: Roose, Randall: Rosen. ' 5' . f" '2 ...T , ' -M. ' ' fr . ' f N55 Judith: Roth, Douglas: Roy, Joyce: Roy, Y Evi l" ' N - 'G+' V' 'F Pamela: Ruede, Joyce. ' ,dl VV -.., V V ff VVV -,. v 'ww 'Fi ' .af , . , . Row 10: Russell, Jane: Russell, Timothy: J ' VV T T V ' . ' V . Rust, Marcia: Ryan, Richard: Ryerson, it 1' 'f .- H ZIV Q - 'W tl -V Charles: Rynard, Michael: Sachs, Becky, IVVVV jV .ti . yt 1: Vi. ' ' QQ. V xi, Sacks, Evelyn: Samberg, Richard. ii' , i V V V ., ,., T 'ii' - ' Q ' 1-T-14, M Q, ' 1 Ls :ff ls I T l mf Ai S f . :S V V V V V . . Row 11: Samper, Michelle: Satter, Kim, fag . V A . Sauer, Robert: Sawyer, Dianne: Schabler, P r?ffV V Q Q, V .M .. +2 .V V f, 1 .V V Natalie: Schiedt, Leslie: Schildmeier, Jan: V 'jg 2 gf. QW' " ' V321 Schlaegel, Christie: Schmidt, Gary. ' VV ,,.. V V 1. iylki ff ...J I . an Row 12: Schmidt, Mickie: Schmoll, Greg- f L T r ory: Schnelker, Philip: Schoomer, Carrie: L:K'L YI' -V VV.: 0 , .- S TV .4 , VV f Q I -:- Schornstein, Doug: Schreibweiss, Robin: W , ,Q Qiarg f. r V4-5 - .1 ' Schroeder, John: Schumaker, Linda, V , as VV. V ,P T Schutt, Thomas. ' M Q i'l'.. R. f . . If fy .f 1 5 A Individuals-199 THE GUIDANCE OFFICE has an array of college catalogues and bulletins available to all interested students. Juniors trapped in frenzy of future plans ,. W,,. , ' s sslsle I I S S f it I' , w- I " 1 lll. 52- ' - W ' , - 44 , ,I N .areal 1- .-A ,. i if " V,: F2 L V I A 1 A N ,gm A. ,, , ., ., A fe., - I , . . it 'ii s Q- ,Lfir 1 - -1 . e at rlls I 4 ga 4 iulgiiiy ' 'rl' - -H, . L,rkk H , , V . . . ,, Q ., il' . 3 ,.'33 'ZY'- f-"' 531 ' V -"Q -. , Q9 --in X , 'B' .. llsl n I - f .f it 'g awk S f S a t Q - " l ,,-' - 'lf,,l ' A922 : 'i', is - ' U' -. ""l fl l 'l,-l L ',-'l Q, .,1N -I 1' 4 f Pi? 5 f Eif iffff Q ,, F . I 5, ,, Y I. Q I Q : 4 A fir, ,S W' J , 2 . f f I' i is I A, iff, --' iff ' I ik . 2 if -I - I is I A 0 W -i ' - H 4 ll, . ,:, IQN it I ,,ll , . y lfl ,M f, , -' - -l1"-' H . - 22, fftgligiiju 61,2 i -I le ' - F , , , ' ,, . l- " iff ' s f . T f -- i V: -1 ,,.,- -A - - .W ,. , . .,., , W , .1 re , 5: me , . ellre .. I at lsle 200-Individuals f,1""?i ' :Q , In ,vwyg K, ,i li I' il? - -I -,'1-:gig-i.:-we ' ' gf, l.,Q. ., 5 A,,, , ug 'J' .bf : ' fl .- ' I" T if U, l,l V ' ,, A. 2. i 'XY f iv -5 Schuyler, Mark: Schwartz, Charlene Schwarz, Ralph: Schwindler, J e r r y Schwindler, Shelia: Scott, Steven: Seal David: Sebastian, Linda: Secheverell, Deb bie. Sedam, Cynthia: Sedberry, Cindy: Segal, Marsha: Segar, Judy: Sego, Vicki: Selle, Todd: SerVaas, Kris: Shands, Bob: Shank, Bill Shanner, Bob: Shearer, Beth: Shepherd, Terry: Sherman, Mark: Shipley, Janis: Shir- ley, Alice: Shockley, Viki: Sieberl:, Randy' Sievert, Kevin. Sigal, Irving: Sigman, Lynn: Simmons, Ka- tie: Simon, Sylvia: Simpson, Kathy: Simp- son, Wayne: Sims, Curtis: Sinex, William: Sissle, Bob. Skillman, Randy: Sleater, Michael: Smith, Lloyd: Smith, Tom: Smoot, Randall: Smoots, Theodore: Smythe, Curtis: Snell- enberger, Dan: Snider, John. Snider, Becky: Snyder, Dean: Snyder, Jane: Snyder, Jonathan: Solley, Evan: Solotkin, Evelyn: Soper, Jean: Sordean, John: So- rensen, Susan. Sourwine, Jack: Southwood, Elaine: Speck- man, Paula: Spickelmier, John: Spyr, Charles: Stanley, Alesa: Stanley, Gregory: Stark, Mona: Stedman, Paul. 1 Class of l 971 Row 1: Steel, Donald: Steele, Bill: Steele, Nancy: Steetz, Sandra: Stein, Randy: Steinbarger, Ann: Steinberg, Stewart: Stephanoff, Sally: Stephenson, Janice. 1 Stevenson, Karol: Stewart, David: Stew- art, John: Stilwell, Fredrick: Stogsdill, Row 2: Stevens, Cheryl: Stevens, Rick Julie: Stone, Cathy: Stone, Jeff. Row 3: Stone, Jim: Stone, John, Storm, Timothy: Storms, Janis: Stover, Richard: Strauss, Pamela: Strickland, Robert: Stro- bel, Julie: Stump, Bob. Row 4: Stunkard, Burt: Suckow, Janet: Sullivan, Brian: Sullivan, Judith: Sullivan, Michael: Sundstrom, Mark: Swain, Timo- thy: Sweatman, Denise: Swenson, Vicki. Tarnow, Vicki: Tarplee, Leo: Tarr, Danny: Tavel, Theresa: Taylor, David: Taylor, Row 5: Swingler, William: Szynal, Steven John: Taylor, Karla. Row 6: Teeuws, Suzanne: Terrell, Zula Terry, Susan: Tewksbury, Marcia: Tharp, Riley: Thomas, Jeffrey: Thomas, Leland: Thomas, Susan: Thompson, Jane. Row 7: Thompson, John: Thompson, Paul Thopy, Joseph: Thornberg, Betsy: Totten Richard: Tower, Vicki: Tremps, Christine Troupa, Debra: Trusty, Margot. Row 8: Tuchman Turner, George: Mary: Uebelhoer, Urgo, Gina: Utley, Row 9: Valinetz, Bob: Tuchman, Michael Turner, Leslie: Tust Gary: Umemura, Cathy Keith. David: Vermeulen, Bart VeZolles, Janet: Vogel, Caryn: Von Fange, Janice: Vonnegut, Mary Sue: Voris, Susan: Wadleigh, Pell: Wadler, Jody. Row 10: Wagner, Martha: Wagner, Mi chael: Wagner, Sheila: Wagoner, Fritz: Walker, Michael: Walker, Sara: Walker, Tra cy: Wallace, Allan: Wallace, David. Row 11: Wallace, Sarah: Waller, Richard Wallisa, Susan: Walters, Mark: Ward, Da vid: Ward, Dennis: Ward, James: Wark, Linda: Warner, Frances. Weber, Barbara: Weest, Pamela: Welch, Denise: Welch, Linda: West, Jay: West, Row 12: Watkins, David: Weakley, John Steven: West, Susan. . K A .:f., ,LJ gu y S fx J - me Q f l " L"fffi -Q i W - Q 3 ' A i 53 'rri 1 . W . ,all l aft ' , : :: . , G ., F S li'll W J 'J It ' V 'mf' ' 5.4 .4 gf Sq: ., ,,. .aim I ' r S K S 1 , l ' - 1 . .,.., J at lik' 'Ki' AL .',. S .f dl iff? 9 l " , Q L if Gi - .7 ,V ' W .1 K if ,K ik' . 37 .5 1 . S - gb bl- g , A5 Ave 4- A c r--.,. :W 1 : - :::- ,,., I i z. ' f A K f,t' 4 r 1 ' .. ,, . I V 'Q ' 5 ny L--f ,Q I -, is ,W el I of-1 V 2? 1 ' J, Q, x gf - -1 fl l f-l 1 1 -1- 'S V S -so l l S 7 5 t. 5 KMMT. iv 1, - so y in QV I Yk r y , K V Few fir ' lk . si: g it lik A W' it ., i ,Q 5 4 22:5 R .Q ,T " ,gi . -'LA J, , ff? S Ad lr. it g , , 1 ,I as 2 . ,A, .. ,q..i 33 ' , l , V , f .V 3 - .,:.: J e of . J-or fi . i i: S 1 11 F f 5 J 'N f A il--.f?'fbw:, W' ' fig! , 1 5 , - ' lik -- 'gftggz , f i S :lx ..,.. ' ielr I trip. lamb , . .. . I I V , 1 U T ' A -gi , In K ,V I , 1' H E y ' i s l : l AVAA ,'V-., Y ,gi ., . . , v ' f ,,,, A M 5 Individuals-201 i -s- ':i:Vi':1'-'ww:.:': r - Vwiifff . Vi., 'lied' AV "TWH f , :zllfiiilfssw -'ff rw.. Minas' asm sk. Vw, ...L 3553? m aifi .-'pf...V.w,V.,f: , .Q T I i. 151 ML . ME - A 5? 1' f1.2,,. Ji- V Vi . V 1 ' . P'-S., - s aMw'w wwe wpsW.WW fwf. JW ' VV 6 -, . ' . ,Ear f 'L ,mimi ,, ' rs' El " wiki: , V- ' -' , f-f-- A ,-V, 9 H V L, L 55. .,. . :- J lem, 5 '-'- . ,N I airy. Vrz- A z ., 'W ,fp 'Y' ' ' . .yqg - . ' V my ,- ' . " ,- -i . HJR--Aa:if 1fV, S' , - , . ' " .2 ' . , 1 A- " ' . , , - ,, N fi" X . If - .'-z:,Hwg,5-'.." ' i i i ,q 5. N-. V . " - ' gg 1 .'.,5:'g.::igii:, 55,21 4 i 1 r 1 ' 4, . V , , HN. . ,. ..,,, .,,, . ,,,,,,m., , ., , . ,V , V , 412: ,ag . 3 , . if V ' , wmnwse.. rwmqe'Q. 4ff.,x 5 v :ia A V . . J I , L ::- - .... il... i P 1 595 I n ew .ff V . 5 , .meal , .,.. . s , gd. , .. . ,, ,- :ggi . . 'W VNV . V 15? 9 . ' 5' ??7'f -i s 'W J S i " -- VV V ,- ,. ,az K ,. I V A , ...,, . 'if:,.- 55721 -. ,.., , ,-,A M- '-ez. Zi ff- 1 . , ' ,. fi 'T' ' V W K . ' LVV if - ,- su, . :wi 5 sy, a :-ng: '.-'zzz' L, 4-1. 2. .. new , ... ,v . . gi.. , ,s : 3 JV -, '. ' fr .4 is 1 i in is A V: , 2:15553 ,Ifv ' -, Jw. i -' ' . ' i . 1 xi ' V V V ' i . W S n lm? lk, , , 1 15 wi- 1 1 . . gig 1231 LQ H Q., , , Q. VV 1 I U gi, 'L W- K"' 4 V '-, . 2 W its 1. ' new V U f . V -. 'Vi V 111, - ' . '-. -,:f::f.:s1'ffvx: , VK., .pf , . .. . 5 1 -,Jr , 1, HV 1... . -- iimgxiiee L--W f 'I .JH 59' . , ,,,,,,1 .:. - W . A ' if r . -1, gg, pl ef' " .. ,,g T, , , , -iii. ,il ,Ag 1 at , I I .. rr r H J. WK' I ,. CM , , V ' -' ilk", ' iiiiii ' fiizfxli 1, A :Vi wi 5 , nz, ii' Addltlonals . .,., Wadi 1 .5 ..- wg if as W .F 9..'!..,... ,. fe Sl J ,,,:z AA 4,-vs if 'xv 4-if 4, 9 ff fi i , 4 lgjai wifi my K l 'i is e UW l ,vm :ft i'-2 ix. We Eri,.,,.,,m 2 61 R sit -49 ia ww -T I l , X . V- .f o J ' ' " K 'fi V - ' ., -fu: :gs '.V,1. -' Q. Q -: sv -- -. r , Q il. .3 115 -e 2 : 1 "' ,V , Fl ' . .... MBV 9 1 " " :W ww sw MwwwH'iW'ww:wMV: , . ' ' , '. i ii V, - , gl'Q '15 ,, 3, aig"'1 1Vj.' ,f"-V z.. M 3, .3-2 sgiggg 335, , .... ve 5 21,5 . ,, 'M i -' ., . V . V - , . V ...-sn- -3 -. , .., Q , V' 1 -M. ,- H -1 v .1 M w'.Qw'WvtwW we My wwe' ' "' ft- -r is 'Zip - 2 ' 53 ,.- , ' V - r -Qi.. sf: - , Q' v , 1 gf i 9' is .zf .. , ' , 'ew 1- W 3 ' , f .: - . j . f , . A ' "5 ' 1-f' .Y -fe' ' . ' if " " ' , M-'Q' ' mf .-wi,--' ., 1 ,Vis , f,i,,.,:. .J ,5 " ' Less if Vw t 1.1, 'Wiliam ,W .-' , .. -- A s V L , . 2 I ' 1 Q., - Q i il, ' . ',e '..' f . 1-" 39' .QQ LiSi" :'w:' ink- 43 " , M . V . V AAAA K K . , as V s- -s sf :HL H. xeff ff ' r M' 1'-" 4: V ' ,. J 202-Individuals Juniors Row One: Westfall, Lonnie: Westman, Gary: Whiles, Richard: Whitaker, Chuck: Whitaker, Deborah: White, Cynthia: White, Richard: White, Sharon: Whitehead, Star. Row Two: Whitman, David: Wichmann, Vicki: Wiedey, Suzanne: Wilburn, David: Wilburn, Maurice: Wilder, Kathy: Wilhelm, Sally: Wilhoit, Nellie: Wilkes, Michelle. Row Three: Willey, Edmond: Willey, Pam- ela: Williams, Bob: Williams, Karen: Wil- liams, Mary: Wilson, Grey: Wilson, James: Wilson, Karen: Wilson, Kathleen. Row Four: Wilson, Mark: Wilson, William: Wiltgen, Ralph: Winn, John: Winter, Esther: Winter, Teresa: Wise, Bob: Woern- er, Kurt: Wolf, Charles. Row Five: Wolf, Steven: Wolff, Douglas: Wollenhaupt, Cathy: Wood, Michael: Wor- ley, Gwen: Wright, Bill: Wurzman, Wykes, Christopher: Wylie, Mark. Mike: Row Six: Yates, Robin: Yeary, Tony: Yen- Bill: rick, Barbara: Young, Bob: Yount, Zemke, Barry: Zendall, Adrienne: Ziemelis, Vineta: Ziker, Bonnie. Row Seven: Zauber, Michael. Row Eight: Anderson, Gilbert: Aton, ren: Brown, Kim: Butler, Debbie: Cloonan, Holly: Cook, Scott: Crain, Dianna. Wa r- Row Nine: Creech, Vicky: Eckel, Nancy: Fisher, Steve: Fletcher, Kent: Goddard, Bob: Higgs, Debbie: Keller, Sharon: Klein, Sheri: Knue, Margie. Row Ten: Lanham, Mike: Malizia, Bobbi: Mauer, Marilyn: McCormick, Linda: Mc- Kinney, Brian: Odell, Mike: Pashos, Gail: Peet, Debbie: Pinner, Kevin. Row Eleven: Pinner, Tonya: Powell, Bob: Raphael, Phyllis: Roy, Joyce: Schwenn, Terry: SerVaas, Kris: Stamper, Scott: Stark, Mona: Terry, Susan. Row Twelve: Uebelhoer, Gary: Umemura, Cathy: Widduck, Greg: Williams, Fran. Ahers, Robert Allen, Bonnie Atkins, Thomas Bargahiser, Gary Beiman, Susan Belcher, Martin Boman, Kim Broaddus, Steven Calvin, Loran Cummins, JoAnne David, Inez Delott, Marshall Dewey, Cheyrl Donlan, David Drybread, Craig Dunham, Richard DEMONSTRATING THEIR FENCING skills, two students from the University of Illi- nois perform for the student body. Juniors Not Pictured Dye, Clifford Dyer, Gary Faatz, Thomas Foreman, Maureen Garcina, Teresa Green, Nathan Hammond, Joseph Harrington, Ward James, Shirley Jewell, Karen Johnson, Debra Justice, Dennis Lapham, Thomas Levin, Robert Malcom, Roberta McAloon, Michael McCampbell, Thomas McCord, Anne Miller, Mark Mockelstrom, Linda Odle, Larry Oliver, Fredrick Osterman, Diane Powell, Joyce Rains, Terryl Jo Ramage, Brad Ranstead, Matthew Reynolds, Ruth Rigdon, Loretta Roberts, Barbara Roberts, Randolph Shumaker, George Shelburne, Terry Smith, Debby Sublet, James Thurston, Kathy Tornes, Ruthann TriPP, Annie Von Spreckelsen, Walker, Gary Weaver, Randy Wolfoff, Bradley Woodruff, Nancy Woods, Dennis Wulf, Charles Young, Tyann Zemke, Rodeny Zeman, Pamela Kurt ony of classes. JUNIORS DON STEEL, John Stewart, Su- sie Terry and Andy Garman indulge in a spirited water fight to relieve the monot- Individuals-203 qw r A., X f T51 4,-W ...w nr- a viii 'Ni fjxieu xul , Junior Spectacular highlights Class of 1970 "Necessity, Or We're Only in For the Money" written by Jane Kirtley, Ellen Foster, and Beth Snyder told of Bubba, a Jewish grandmother who sold vital secrets to the Arabs, and of Sherlock Holmestein who unlocked the mystery. A touching yet humorous love story was the subject of "The Hills are Alive" composed of Jennifer Mills and Dave Crabb. When Norman and Maybelle met, Ma and Pa plotted a romance to prove that the hills really were alive. Bubbles and Dufus carried us into the 20's when their desire to attend the Mafia Festival led them to rob a bank. "Money, Life lsn't" was di- rected by Dave Goldstein and Mar- sha Segal. A crew of girl sailors landed on a primitive Hawaiian island and found a culture unlike their own. When they tried to make women supreme on the island, the men wondered "What- ever Happened to Girls" created by Linda Riddell and Gene Stilwell. In "Money, Life Isn't" Jay Bursky takes us back in time to the gay 1920's and the story of Bubbles and Dufus, played by Bonnie Allen and Andy Garman. AS CAPTAIN NATALIE GILTNER, with the assistance of her firstmate, Julie Pierce, in- spects the crew, the sailors woefully speculate "Whatever Happened to Girls?" Individuals-205 1289 sophomores comprise class of '72 PRIOR T0 THE ENDING of the class period, Katie Krise, Susan Hapak, and Karen Krahn take part in a few minutes of friendly girl talk. NEWLY-ELECTED SOPHOMORE class offi- cers Peter Sewell, chairman: Kent Warren, treasurer: Susie Morgan, vice-chairman: and Mary Joe Barrett, secretary, lead new Centralites in building class unity. 206-I ndividuals Anticipating new experiences, class of 1972 became involved many school activities which cluded election of council mem and officers. ln December they carried on tradition of decorating the Chrisl tree for the holiday season and par ticipated in the annual Key Club Drive. During February the sophom planned and sponsored the sch' annual Valentine Dance with rr , provided by "The Urge." The theme, "Traces of Love," was carried through the decorations which cluded a large heart suspended A' the ceiling. The sophomores eagerly aw: the opportunity to select and c their class rings. The class officers were Sewell, chairman, Susan Morgan, vice-chairman, Kent Warren, trea- surer, Mary Jo Barrett, secretary. I' f a SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL AND ALTERNATES-Front Row J. Caddy, C. Goodbar, V. Cohen, P. Gregory, D. Traylor, J. Ader, P. Eaton, S. Morgan, L. Budnick, S. Brummer, S. Stolkin, P. Deck J. Jacobson, M. Baker, S. Sohn. Second Row: P. Sewell, M. Mil lion, N. Franklin, K. Krise, M. Messerlie, N. Pritchard, D. Boman D. Merrell, D. Brown, M. Blackburn, D. Thomas, V. Lyons, L. Glaz: ier, C. Sparrenberger, D. Wolf. Third Row: K. Warren, G. Bern- stecker, S. Rudy, S. Ladd, B. Jones, L. Crowe, T. Parham, B. Mar- tindill, R. Hunt, M. Barrett, J. Foust, C. Rothbard, L. Hershey, P. Tinsley. Fourth Row: J. Ohlson, G. Millis, J. Pearce, A. Graham, B. Smith, M. Copenhaver, G. Huffman, M. Perlstein, D. Augustin, M. Kennedy, M. Vorhies, M. Maloney, J. Pickering, Mr. James Monroe is the sponsor for the sophomore class. NANCY PRITCHARD AND DEBBIE BOMAN work along with their class in preparing for TAKING PART IN a school tradition, these the Valenl:ine's Dance, sponsored by the sophomore class. The theme, "Traces of Love", three girls of the sophomore class help to was obviously an emotion felt by many at the dance. decorate the Christmas tree. Individuals 207 Gum classes bring sophomores together ONCE A YEAR sophomore gym classes combine to learn square dances and in the process ac- quaint themselves with the members in their class of '72. ' mf - 'E g .. 4 mf- 'Q 'ff 1. , K' f, 'yy . i si, 1 ay :gig ji? .1 ,E j ,sg bfi A LM ::ff,5,f,slf-Je ll::lf.,:f.ff-if.,-me .. :V-: .. . . .. ,, ,,,,:,g,,,,.Q,, K., Q ww 1-as use eww- elf"-'sw ' Wx' 'Q' f.: ,V A :gf 1 r . ,E , 5 , J: i iff ins:-g-f sara. . J, A A 3 V, , K ,p ju.V,V,w.V,E..,k1.,,, 3 - . dj-is Mk ., . :?"25fiEi?2f3Qf3i1 s 5' f , " W , , - f lv""f5a 3 .1 -ras ,. . els 1-'i -. . - ' .N .hge X M ax Qi s .J 2525 2. J - ,T M :N F ,y , A . K, E ffm - U ' itr' :P J i f + ieieei A X --., , , lx - T'-ee. ff 72 - W ' : if 1" . , l : ff J , 208-Individuals ""'-s... N Ja 1 s a .. 2'6'.x- A Q5 5 M. L ef ., .,t.,,i.,,,, ,. K,,,, ,:,V, ,I 1.-me -ss 4 'iii ' Lzztag 5135- ' .xg H- ' up l 1 ,-,.A ,Q Er ..,,,3 . , K I ,, K I K if i.r, ' s be F I J, ,, , , . , K 4,-is a 1 i . gy ""' ' - . A I+ 2 ' Q 9 W 1 ff: , 'Li ,. L - " -I "',' ,, . ., V V' 'feels H J .-125 .1 ., 'Y . A',, , . A, .,: N vi ,-,pig Ai, . ,,., ,,,, , . . , Q ,f-, -sf . , ,X , 3, , E ' nfl", :Tig 7 3 532, :emi-gg-,wf,. x : sg " If - z'1:'::, df- f - K " .. ' zyplfi' 2 'll gi. V, J, wi ' V ..,,. A . f , 1' A ay ' 1 "" f- :mf Q35 I - if ' ,sg 1 A' r J 1 'iii 1 .E ,,,,. ',k. , 1- ,f ' . 5 Abbett, Portia: Abrams, Scott: Adams, John: Adams, Mark: Adams, Robert: Ad- ams, Sandra: Adams, Steven: Addleman, Laura: Ader, Jill. Adkins, Ronald: Agar, Dana: Ahrens, Debra: Aikin, Steven: Alboher, Rita: Aldin, Mark: Alexander, Harry: Alig, Christina: Allen, Kathy. Allen, Keith: Allen, Pamela: Allen, Warren: Allison, Amy: Allison, Harold: Ames, Glen- na: Ameter, Mary: Anderson, Christy: An- derson, Julie. Anderson, Karl: Anderson, Kevin: Ander- son, Siara: Anderson, Stephanie: Andresen, Jon: Ardelean, Susan: Arensman, George Arnett, Cynthia: Arnold, Eric. Arnold, Mel: Arnold, John: Aronstam, Marc: Atkinson, Janet: Augustin, Drew Avels, David: Ayer, David: Ayer, Melanie: Bachmann, Carol. Bacon, William: Bailey, Jennifer: Bair, Gregory: Baker, Bill: Baker, Kathryn: Baker, Mark: Baker, Melissa: Baldrige, Joyce: Baldwin, Beth. Baldwin, Frank: Barlowe, Debra: Barnes, Scott: Barnett, Tony: Barrett, Elizabeth Barrett, Mary Jo: Batrich, Bonnie: Batten, Brenda: Baugh, David. Class of 1972 aumeister, Brad: Baxter, Robert: Bay- ess, Kristie: Beal, Nancy: Bearss, John, eaty, Scott: Beck, Brian: Becker, Elyse: ecker, Lawrence. ehrmann, Susan: Belschwender, Joan: ennet, Jerry: Bennett, Pamela: Benson, Lydia: Berger, Deborah: Berkholz, David: Berling, Leslie: Berney, Babara. Bernstecker, Gary: Bernstein, Allan: Bess, Diane: Best, Peggy: Bethel, Todd: Bian- chini, Julie: Bibler, Bruce: Bill, Pete: Bink- ley, Bob. Birnbaum, Richard: Black, Diane: Black, David: Black, Lawrence: Blackburn, John: Blackburn, Mary: Blackwell, Carolyn: Blanchard, Betsy: Blair, Lindsey. Blakely, Benjamin: Bledsoe, Lynn: Blom- berg, Karen: Bluestein, Jerome: Boards, Neil: Bockstahler, Perry: Bolon, Barbara, Boman, Debra: Boone, Michael. Booth, Steven: Borman, Bob: Boruff, Sheila: Boslough, Gary: Boston, Belinda: Bottamiller, Donald: Bourdon, Mary: Boyle, Jerry: Bracken, Eileen. Brammer, Sharon: Brearton, Joann: Bret- ing, John: Breunig, Nancy: Broaddus, Ricky: Brock, Richard: Brown, Beth- v Brown, Carol: Brown, Darrell. Brown, Debbie: Brown, Harry: Brown Jarvey: Brown, Judith: Brummer, Su zanne: Bruno, Charles: Buchanan, Bren- da: Buckner, Dennis: Buckner, Leonard. Budd, Jeffrey, Budnick, Lynn: Bunes, Mar- cia: Burd, Joy: Burge, Carl: Burgess, Vir- ginia: Burrell, Reily: Bursky, Jay: Butler, Fred. Byfield, Richard: Cady, Deborah: Cain, Beryl: Calhoun, Cynthia: Calkins, Valerie, Cameron, Marsha: Campbell, Bonita, Campbell, Doug: Campbell, Jeffrey. Campbell, Patrick: Cantor, Louis: Cape- hart, Caroline: Capps, Kenneth: Carbaugh, Terri: Carl, Cynthia: Carlin, Peggy: Carr, Randy: Carson, Cathy. Castle, John: Catlin, Karen: Caylor, Nan- cy: Cesinger, Richard: Chab, Carol: Cham- bers, Danita: Chapman, Curtis: Chastain, David: Chauvette, Chris. - -4 y ..... , or wh-,Q ' ' ' , e., . .W-1 A W.-tw W wgi' Q35 1 llkl k -HS W siasaa ., . L R , . ,.. 5.-t . :., ,4 . - ..,. . V. ,, M Q. , iw i , 4 M I, ,gg ., H . 1, mi.. fs , . 1 i , , ?' h 2 r j, ,. K ' ' . ' , .,.,' J A ' , , . A, gt I: ,z, , ,ng v I? I l M., fi C' g .1 ' ii fi' , ,-..... ,: .. ii-Q - . .5 3 . 1 ,,,, 2' 1. 2. -V , , .4 :- at ' Y - 5 'sa Ev ., ,Z .' - Q . jf- 4 f "Q i e ' 1 . La" 'g I .K Eff. . Q --1' .4 , , .W . if I2 ' ' 42 as ' it A I it L , , ,.,, K- -. A f 'Watt . - g 1 '..' 'QT , i" . l li 'Vw 'J 1 -3 1 -X fm - 2 . ilgf Lili --it. -.1 .. I . in ,ish . .1 W. K V "f" 1 7153 . -, . " X 'f,. L " A x K. 4 , .. - ,J L' 1. "" ' ' C ..,. 'a ff "iff X 1 5 C .'.- ff if r . . '1 ., L1 -ii.. . . ffiifl? :i'i . ' 13 3. W-.mi ws- 5 51 ' lfw i .. "' is- .- , Vt in , . Q i ,A Eg? QQ, K. I , . 2- .Q ..Cl , -.C' J -i' H ,'.-,, . f W7 rV,' ' - 1- ' 'N . -if A A C V N' 4 EL' 'V dnt L C ,Q kr:,, i 'fl L 'f i I W V ,ik K K 1 -. ': ' :f il V, 'fl-"Ui 'L' gf .,fk Vi fi.: V gb 'fi V Q r K " E. luv wav. -. 1,7 ,ami gtg A fl-. ,jfs sa 5.9 HR ,vb w Q' ' A ' XE- ,wtf J . 5 - ..,. I V. , . :mx I V " "-- S5 l fl .. f -. Q g g., .,,i. - 1 " . ,,.. f ' .1 '-c"' I ' 'eerll B -e .t ' - " WE fzfi fa 11" fi Q 1.1 ' . ' L '21 - - 'T ,K -:-C' 'Cf C'l' ' if '3ifif.i?f52fi?ffJ57Q2fQQ ' -- ' 1 1 C -if' ,f-12' J --., . C C . i . C i ' sg: 4 5 I H ' 1 L' , L : K K . I 454: sf. if . a- " ' ii i J fs - iv I' Wrkk mfg K., A my gi? . , 5: K 7 I WV 715.1 . . R Individuals-209 all 1 -we 'fir , 1, IW ui l K ' 4' if I A . 1,37 K Q ' H . ...A , .mls 1 , 1 . . , . ,4,M.,,t' ei :nf H . .. 13, 5 .il :,,5,,.- , 2 ' W 'S' 'Ni 4 Z :Fl N . , .,,. . . f- 9. z,5mW,: 210-Individuals Qophomores Chernoff, Barbara: Christena, Caren Christie, Glen: Christie, Patricia: Chumley Michael: Clark, Daniel: Clark, Gary: Clark George: Clark, Linda. Clark, Robert: Clay, Barbara: Cleverly, Gary: Clifford, Terry: Cloonan, Holly Clouse, Brenda: Clymer, Cynthia: Coale, Thomas: Coe, Robert. Coers, Thomas: Cofield, Anne: Coggeshall Jack: Cohen, Vicki: Collins, Jimmy Combs, Ricky: Conner, Rick: Conrad Paul: Cook, Daryl. Cook, Judy: Cooper, Linda: Copenhaver, Mark: Copenhaver, Richard: Coraz, Fred- erick: Corn, Martha: Cornelius, Sharon, Cornett, Carol: Cotton, Cathy. Coulson, Martin: Court, Thomas: Cowser Larry: Cox, Glenn: Coy, Jack: Crahan Mary: Creech, Teresa: Crim, Gregory' Crisp, Carolyn. Cronin, Jeffrey: Crowe, Linda: Cunning- ham, Clinton: Cunningham, Deborah: Cun- ningham, John: Currin, James: Curry, Richard: Curry, Robert: Cutler, Lynn. Dalton, Norman: Daniel, Wayne: Danvold Pernille: DaPra, Diane: Darring, Jerome Davidson, Keeter: Davis, Evelyn: Davis, Gwen: Davis, Jeffrey. Davis, Marlene: Davis, Maxie: Davis, Ron- ald: Davis, Susan: Daye, Connie: Deal, Cathy: Dean, Ann: Dearing, Susan: Deck, Pam. Decker, Linda: DeFord, Kathleen: De- Frantz, Janis: Delgrado, Miriam: Dellen, Michael: DeLong, Barbara: DeLong, Sandy: Delott, Susan: DeMyer, David. Deming, David: Dennerline, Janice: Deppe Paul: Devine, Coy: Dewes, Carrie: Dice Patricia: Dickerson, Michelle: Dickey, Ann Dicks, June. Dill, Mark: Diltz, David: Dine, James Elaine: Donlan, Stephan: Donnell, Con stance: Doran, Heather. Drake, Patricia: Dreiseszun, Laure: Dres- bach, George: Driggers, Jan: Driskell, Michael: Drummond, Theodore: Dudley, Dwight: Dugan, Michaelle: Dunn, James. v Disher, Douglas: Dobbs, Terry: Dock, Class of I 972 Duren, Linda: Durkee, Julie: Dye, Dane: Dyke, Daniel: Dykema, John: Dykema Peter: Dykins, Patricia: Earle, Karen: East: , .2 man, Jos. Paul: Elliott, Paula: Engel, Maxine Everett, Sally: Ewing, Nancy: Failey, Sus lan: Fairfield, Nancy: Fairley, Thomas' i f ' - Fansler, Katherine: Fant, Kevin: Fehsen- . .V , . . - , feld, Debra: Feldman, Stanley. Fessler, Linda: Fielman, Robert: Fink Kimbra: Fischer, Michael: Fisher, Arthur Fitzwater, Michael: Fleming, Kenneth Flynn, Linda: Fogle, Donald. Eaton, Randall: Eckhart, Melvin: Eiche, James: F' ' ' Ellen: Elliott, Elizabeth: - - f Wendy: Ent, Marti: Eppers, Pam- ' fi-1,4 g Axel: Etherington, Nancy: Ev- -F 'V 'F Y A "i',, , Q, I y . yttylt , sl 'ku w r Ns s .ff S S so L 2 .J . , ,V ,.. -g , g' ,. 1 , .- L. Q, 'K ,, . . .- , V, . .5 55 ar ,,,' rr . ,,.r ' rj? lr 'lx Q ws.. -A, -' ' . - X 5, F 'E , 1 we w 1. -. e'ea " vw it 2 . , " :.-- ii.: I if -7511 AAL! f A fl ,- ' ew ,. ., F if .W 1.3, I ' " .i',.Y' , 5 r 'sv f - , - . - -- -r , -- .rex-f..,zf:a..w, K - ..,.'V ' . 3. , ,A 1- , s Q Y X t . fin . . , ,,., . ., ,,,,g,. , Q H. I N, 2 than - .- - f 7 W , 3-.rap , mv rf, jg, all. 11' 5 y I J 5 x r 5 4 I , ,E 1511252 mi r N , .1 , , .. . ll. l rr Forbes, Robin: Foreste, Kimberly: Forte Daphne: Fortier, Kevin: Foust, Juli: Foy, , ,J,,.,g f' Barry: Francis, Carmela: Frank, Susan Franklin, Bob. Franklin, Johnny: Franklin, Mary: Frank- if' S lin, Nancy: Frayser, Vernita: Freije, Elaine: g 7 at T' Freudenthal, Karolyn: Friedmeyer, James Fritz, Susan: Frosch, Karen. ii- ' H -, H rfiw. f area . F W K V K ' if - ' .. f - an , f ,F f -2.1 . gi a .. V X' Jil -. 05 .L - g ig... fig i 1 .y .. ,. , , " ., iii-1 ' z. . , 1" f .' F F: - 1 l,.lT1. ' ' if ' Ez.."W 'ru.g"f! 'L .gy F Q' " dn A F 5 it f l '..j..'v:uJ- 'L A A V - iii., ., I i , ig 9,5 r Q- f In .rw M " K "wif, r -' .fr " W A.. i Q ,T ,,- ,if , Z ,, ' ' A ' 1 -1 ' -,..: gg ., fr, , Q 'igflw F D M ' - 1 Q QE D is wk if as , . W r 5 i , . e 4 , 4 ia , ...J- a 1 in rw. r ,, F Y R ,V E5 L + at ,, in f r r g 37' 5 Q S, .... Q I ., ,, A 'X wh rr' il- rf rl W -r rf if '::r. , ., '1- .. F v .F ,. , Sophomores utilize reference materials , . KEITH STARLING, Donald Savill and Rex Wright supplement classroom texts with materials from our library. Individuals 211 ai i,,.. . it 133' 1 1 . ..., ... .. 1,WW,,, ,. W, .. ,.. ,,,..,, , ' ' if v x -L, 1 .,, .1 . 4 H milf i . .Q 1 l - ,ww '4 Q A , ' J ' , V ff. . Eg. ,.., , 'JS' Vw, "-, N I - y fl i n "' K ak ,1 JM s " f' ,ai ,-ew 1 ?Nf Q.- 4 A H W .ix Q I, . l -. A I .:. 'WEPJI' . ,mAV ? ff. Ja, , 3 fm- , . . sm mg. -F ,.: A am. N Q , , W, sm s.. V in , i ,,,s. ,. , fi? !r, , ! 3, 1 gg-, . .. 9 Individuals-212 ,,i "ri . ..l . 1, 1. L -A ' Q ,fa w E, lv 'W L at . , V7 - ff' D g 5 9?-3 V4 24- " ' - , -2,9 X.,. .sg ,,, ' ig , 'fs any - . ,, , ' P f X kkyy , . .. ky zz ,ze J .5 K. Q1 gg' :ag QQ '34 Egw if . .Mil 1.,,. A lil ' - k':',,' Q .. Q In 'r i - 1 .dl A . Q A ' I p . T1 If KLLV W fy, , , gy Q E - ,S VV ,Ll VK,. H if Mae .?.: view!! 6 use :fr asa, .gary-., , g A -N I 5,77 , VV K in H I ., A, fj,.5,, k'L, 15 it ,4 1, E ' . iff V ,' ' 'fa I A, -. 155' 'ff . , ry i I . , I Q, 1xz:LfL,.il,,L-l , .Tl .!'!ge fa A fl: :5?gaH-Q?!f?f ai. '- . M1 wt, V L A K or f5fW? g.. ..... ?-,M.-Lg, ..... .... , M ,Whse M? ll H SA 'Q' . K' Z Vkky I s 5: 'I' - V. r . , f 7' 'W 4 .9 ,laps r.si5'L,,,f Ewfif ,.2z, - ge 5.'fX -rms, 'VR , ima. :fvf fQ.w ' S ,, ' ' A if 3 . F- F Q ? 'iw ' :V 2' ,' t ' - I H- , L , 1 ":' . . . ' . A M at L.: f .ammawwaaawwmwa www- WL.. 'li4'fiil?',f:fl. ,W 3 . l ,Q V. 1' ' , K ' ' ' ' "'7 if f, ' i?W'. '?f, f?i 'f, ??4gf?? Ylg. S55 F 5 4 In K K I ykyhy VV,k g i 5 , . - l A f in L . A ada f' L':L' A Gi- kkh- I ' fill ' A 1. f V i if ' I 'gr 2 QL- .mrs A in' 1' 3 Qi' 'vi 'lifif' ,. . . ' - - E.-V, ., f- .V. ,vi ,gr J 1:11, ,ii -ff, i., ..- . , ,r,.L K . , lv " 3 "" ' T '15 1: ' ' I. '- ss. ,. ':.,E:' W f V 1 - , rf' ia, f iff' -E71 -1 ' ..' 1? 2 L12 'li V , P Q , , F . V4 fligf-.321-g:2 H' . -f',.'4q. ' 'V' 5 Ji:-i LI' U :W Q 'L-21 4- gg , 3 ,ff T-' 1-'F,,f1i' ' ' " V ,:."- If ' I' ', . :i 2157.5 3 1" A' J . , ' 'i J' ' : fi , 4 , g - . , f -Riu. lH?sQ. 55Qi,f?a3s,v: ?Qif,. .rio A Q as-f .Q ,lf A' ff . k bs' ' if -2 - -Q1 -' mal' .. ' 7 : iff il. ' F E A . - . . , JII -6 , . . . , . B, ..,, , ., . A ,G A VLLV W mg? I f A fl 4,1 ,J ,.., 'I M , ,-A 1 . V . . p 3 A ,QV 5 K -fe 5- F Cafe: tiff 'fit Jar: asff1'f1 'f ,. Y f. ff ,id .. . Q ',VL W ' 'Q ' Q ,M -W" - -f Qophomores Fulk, Dale: Fulmer, Fred: Gaalema, Dwain: Gaddy, Joseph: Gaines, Dallas: Gaither, Bill: Gale, Deborah: Gallion, Susan: Gal- vin, Deborah. Garber, Gayle: Garling, Michael: Garriott Kenneth: Garrison, Susan: Gauchat, Rob ert: Gaylor, Nancy: Gemmer, Charles George, Barbara: Gerber, Michael. Geringer, Laura: Gerrard, Becky: Gibson, Pamela: Gilmore, Julia: Gilson, Robert, Giltner, Natalie: Gish, Kurt: Glass, Ken- neth: Glass, Mary. Glass, Robert: Glasser, Nancy: Glazier, Lynn: Glick, Charles: Glickstein, Lynne: Glover, Anne: Godfrey, Kevin: Goff, Ste- ven: Goldberg, Cheryl. Goldstein, Jeff: Goldstein, Mark: Goodbar, Carol: Goode, Thomas: Goodman, Judith, Goodwin, John: Goodwin, Rolland: Goos- man, David: Gordon, Gail. Gordon, Jeffrey: Goren, Karin: Gornes, Paulette: Goshert, Alan: Goss, Barry: Goss, Bonnie: Gossett, Francine: Grable, Su- sanne: Grady, Melissa. Graham, Andrew: Grant, Elizabeth: Grant, Lydia: Graven, Jeannette: Gray, Bob: Gray, Brad: Gray, Michael: Greasel, Chris: Green, Debbie. Green, Ralph: Green, Stephen: Greenough, Mary: Gregory, Mark: Gregory, Patricia Gregory, Yvonne: Greskamp, Danny: Gres kamp, John: Griffin, John. Griffith, Perry: Grimes, George: Grinston, Cheryl: Haarbye, Nils: Habegger, Richard, Haberman, James: Habig, Steven: Hadley, Sue: Hal, Patricia. Hale, Jon: Hale, Lanson: Hamilton, Gor- don: Hammond, Charles: Hampton, Ste- ven: Hancock, Jeri: Hanger, Constance: Hansen, Mark: Hapak, Susan. Harding, Patricia: Harker, Janie: Harlan, Gary: Harman, Thomas: Harold, Pamela, Harper, Jill: Harrington, Westley: Harring- ton, Jack: Harris, Mitchell. Harrison, Donald: Harrison, Lonnie: Har- rison, Steven: Harshman, Debra: Hartig, Becky: Haverty, Mary: Heichelbeck, Angie: Heilbrunn, Paul: Heiskell, Kathleen. l World Historg stimulates Heiser, Mark: Henderson, Andrew: Henry, Michele: Henry, Sandra: Henshaw, Rob- ert: Herman, Julie: Herman, Nancy: Hermeling, James: Herndon, Gary. Hershberger, Jane: Hershey, Lou Anne: Hibbard, Robert: Hickel, Scott: Higgins, Debra: Higgs, Donald: Hill, Diane: Hines, Robert: Hinkle, Ellis. Hixon, Jeffrey: Hobson, Kathy: Hofmann, Craig: Holder, Donald: Holstein, Donald: Holt, Christopher: Holt, Karen: Holtz, Pa- tricia: Hoopingarner, Cindy. Hotte, Barry: Hottle, Neil: Houck, Lucy: Hough, Judy: Howard, Susan: Howerton, Barbara: Hubbard, Dick: Huff, Linda: Huff, Mark. Huffman, Debby: Huffman, Gary: Hughes, Bonnie: Hughes, Carol: Hunt, Robert: Huntzinger, Mark: Hutt, Bob: Hyder, Rob- bi: lauco, Dianne. lauco, Marienne: Ingals, Bill: Ingram Kathlene: Izsak, Barry: Jackson, Billie Jackson, Cheryl: Jackson, Dennis: Jackson Jeffrey: Jacobs, Jan. Jacobs, Lawrence: Jacobson, Joann: James, Robert: Jameson, John: Jansen, Mark: Jeffries, Richard: Jenehe, Marilyn: Jenkins, Ann: Joffe, Jerome. r .ff-JTLJ Jr. Jw, ..i DEMONSTRATING WEAPONS used during past centuries, Brian Beck and Mary Ann Crahan find themselves faced in battle while in history class. sophomores J,J i ' ' i'i' v ,J ' J-.Q - W K ' . ii" J ii ,J J4 r ,ose :JJ J- J li: 1 Ji fi' 121 if LA J J an-. f J J. - i J 5 ' J f if 'A B A M 53 -LMA ' J J 1 H ssrs Q J J 'Ja V qs J A J es J JJ J . i J J ff el fi LJ i' 4 JJ A ' l'::l J L J 1 J JJ . 1 it J 1 J' Js. J 1 f---- - "W' 'i" 5 " i'- f f .,,... JJ ,. .ttt J J J' J A JJ :Ji J J J " L 81 A J JJJ. S , J , 'El in J, . iv-Jq J, VA V J 2,5 IW M V MI A - J ri' as :J i J- A 4 ' Z J JJJ J - 5' -N: -J ,Ja J: JJ J J my J 1's,...,5 ' sq- ndx sgs-iw -J ,M J . J JJ J .JJJ J ' so - JJ:.JJj.J ' ' J W, ag ,MX gui J f J do is - J J V TL. W M VJJV K J J - Ir J B 1 J f J J ' 1 J- Q- sJJ J J H ' I ' J J JJJJJ J so i' J J JJJ: n is J 2 ,15 J J 555 J? J iliiifti if J i JJJJ ' J ,,..J i H ' l l we J ' 15 J-J, . V I' 5 A M Vlllr Y JJ' g L ' ff Individuals- 213 , V'V, ,T 1 1 A ff h A ,fl A 35 1, ' f . , -J VAX I J f J :KKW w, . ' ' Q'L' ' J . . - , A "' A I ' E.. ,If at in f J M 1 J 1 ., f l 4 i c ff? A Vw' ii ic" ? wir? .- kr fi Im' -' J .. .ft ' - ' 'J .21 V, ' , J' L 445 ' ur'-,Jggg - ' : ' . , .nge-:' 'Ji- H K .,. -W i- , A k V: 1, . Q K L . E N ,g , E 1' i' "1 1 , -B w .' as "af, A if ,,-L if V l . k"":k ., ' W' 7,5 ' M' T2 ' f' - 'm ,, i ' . A h A. Sp a- , lg TQ ' Q. ml 1 ,H 4 . L,' ,L 5 Eff -w ' . J 'N L. ,, : f 4- ' :sill -' ' .. ' f "'kk -A , Q . ' V 1 W ' 97 ffl? l Q' .Tile P' KWL44 J A .ff A , .4 in Aw: J , QQ. ,V , we . - - ,A. , ' . H ,ig f gl.. H K. . if , K Ifi- ,K 5 1, , .J ' , 3, K. ' ,1'L A 1 A ' bfi' . 55.2, - A . ,l ., ., , gg , D14 i 4 A Y ' 55, Q... ll" 21 'M I X .L is A.. f 'A i gfxggg: 'h" 1" f ' ' - h., If , Q , J A A as , A J 1 J ,'b 5 A . . - -I if J .J l ' ix A :fg , A . f Qophomores Johnson, Debbie: Johnson, Judy: Johnson Karen: Johnson, Pamela: Johnson, Ran- dall: Johnson, Tysaud: Johnson, Virginia Johnstone, Philip: Jones, Brenda. Jones, Gary: Jones, Gregory: Jones, Jack Jones, Jacqueline: Jones, Jill: Jones Lucy: Jones, Sheila: Jordan, John: Jor: man, Dominic. Juday, Jerome: Justak, Nora: Justice, Ju lie: Kaforke, Judith: Kahn, Cynthia: Kahn Janis: Kahn, Patsy: Kalsow, Karen: Kap pes, Jeffrey. Kassig, Erik: Katz, Nancy: Kauffman Diane: Kaufman, Jamie: Kautzman, Rich ard: Kavanaugh, Rebecca: Kaylor, Penny Kearney, Judy: Keefe, Jackie. Keene, Alice: Kelley, Timothy: Kellogg, John: Kelly, Frederick: Kelly, Jerome: Kelso, Kathy: Kendrick, Annette: Ken- nedy, Matthew: Kern, Steven. Kilbury, William: Kimberlin, Brett: Kinder, Michael: King, Gordon: King, Janet: King, Kathleen: King, Margaret: King, Pam: King, Stephen. Kinney, David: Kinney, Mark: Kirkham, Sharon: Kirkhoff, Kay: Kirsh, Steven: Kit- terman, Marsha: Klaiber, Keith: Klein, Kandice: Klinger, Rene. Sophomores quicklg abandon fear of NC UNDERCLASSMEN BRAD LENNON and Fred Fulmer pause while on their way to class to read PIato's words of wisdom. Individuals- 214 r 1 Class of 1972 Knauer, Deborah: Knight, Rexann: Know- les, Jennifer: Knueppel, Margaret: Kocher, Kevin: Komsiski, Peter: Koopman, Paul: Krahn, Karen: Kramer, Gary. Kranich, D e b o r a h : Kreisher, Michael: Kreiger, Sara: Krise, Kathryn: Krugman, Deborah: Kuhns, Cindy: Kunlak, Joseph: Kunz, Susan: Kyle, Leslie. Kyle, Lynn: Ladd, Sherie: Laing, Lesley, Lakin, Jeffrey: LeMar, Dennis: Lamb, Pen- ny: Lambert, Gregory: Lambert, Suzanne: Lamle, Kathi. Lancashire, Steven: Lane, Mark: Lateste, Rita: Lawall, Barbara: Lawrence, Mark: Lawson, Barbara: Lawson, Lisa: Laycock, Thomas: Lazar, Denise. Le ett Lawrence Leibacher Bill Lein S8 , 7 , 5 - inger, David: Lenet, Robert: Lennon, Brad- ley: Lesh, Perry: Lesher, Julie: Letwin, Bruce: Leventhal, Howard. Levinson, Jay: Leninson, Lisa: Lewis, Michael: Linn, Paul: Littlejohn, Robin: Lloyd, Kevin: Lockard, Robert: Lockwood, Bruce: Loeffler, Bill. Louden, Steven: Loudin, Bruce: Love, Dane: Lowry, Douglas: Loyd, James: Lu- cas, Stephen: Lukins, B i I I: Lungaard, Carol: Lutz: Deborah. Lynch, James: Lynch, John: Lyons, San- dra: Lyons, Valerie: Maas, Pam: MacGiII, Michael: MacGilI, Steven: Madinger, Bruce: Maier, Donna. Major, Jeffrey: Mallison, Richard: Malo- ney, Michael: Mandelbaum, David: Man- drell, Debra: Mann, Leslie: Manning, La- nita: Mantel, Ed: Martin, Anna. Martin, Eric: Martin, Joyce: Martin, Kath- Ieen: Martin, Kathy: Martin, Linda: Martin, Suzanne: Martindill, Bill: Martz, Daryl: Masselink, Mike. Mathews, Barbara: Mathioudakis, Beth: Matlock, Mary: Matters, Gregory: Mat- thews, Karl: Mattingly, Cathy: Mattson, Karen: Maulden, Anita: Maxson, Ruth. Maxwell, James: Maxwell, Monita: May, Tom: Mayer, Lorraine: McAloon, James McAIpine, Timothy: McCarnan, Chris: Mc- Clain, Sallyg McClure, Peggy. S ,, 'J'-:rl ff. .152 '. "" fi ' 2 3- . if ez' ff S he , eff ., L slre -, , . .. .- . '-'- I ' ' -, ,Q v My . -Ak I K1 I ki, ,,.,, ug, S S4Sfff.:f e, S N1 fl' S. S 'z j-.kgS' - -'.-, f- V S fi we , --,. ff. ,-F9 I f- , 3 " 'J I , ' 7' Gr' Z, 'ti' ' 1' '.:: . 5? mf, 'Q 'wi if A? 9 ,, . A S . .- ,, b .,, A my x , A ,L S533 Q , . S . V , ,gg -", ,W ? 'S I w - . , -f ' . S S S 1 eeli - X ' S S S I H S- V. S I 1 S " N gs A - gg ,,, -. f, J, .S L, I ' , ' ' Vi 1 KIKS C, ., gy - m it f ",' S' SS' ' S 9 I 1 Y , ,y , ' S a., gi f 'ax V3.1 ' . .S ' N' ,, i" - ..1.. --,.- - I , , , 3 .nge ,xtsvgx 5 urn I J, ,K Z 1 h K E, A K :-r 113- ig ?F 5' f 4 Z ,f:'.,i': S' S A R . A I -fSf1L'V7c-iv! I 1' ' ', Sgffi Sv1Z',"" ' IEE-gfifg , ' ' S ' , " ,S , . , ,Sm S f - --2,-fr., ,ga I :-31 I I .,. fl t ,X 1 33- 5 - -S -S.'i, ' E 1 . H ' . ' 'I YS -, , R I , S ' I SS,, - S I Fi s tlrl S " P 2 6? . plllfwr 4 ,ISSJ ft ' li .f " -- 'TX xii . ,.., . , ,... , ,V , . . S D B TPKQJQ 'L ' . 'i ' , f "-- ' . H- it , 1 'Z i' S ui 5 gk., Si, 3' I Q, M f . E 7 T '5 Ei A S' -S rwglr' r, - ' + 2-I. , 2- .9 ls , ,N w ,r V, ,I 2 4 we ' - MQ y, ' 'S , S 1 Ie, 12 , -f 1 4 S , gf: ,,, ,V .S ii' 5 I S' 'i" -iii S . S fi , 'fs-5 , I . H'-5' lr ' if ,S ig , 64 V .,,: V f . ' K , ,,, A -- ki 5 V 245' fa- 'X MA' ' hi, .Ai :T-iii: R - y, A ' Q , I V :.SL r . SW :'A. l .F ff' 'W "r Y -S S, -e 1 ' Y ai ' ' W H I f N , ' lm f' 414 ',,. ,, , ,S S ., Si gf wggsgwf ' SS,, ,f 2. f, ,f, .' .,,. ,S' ' .AS C .. k , 4, W , 'K , 5. V ' ,V Q f -'S ' -I -f ' 1? 'S :SQ ESS 5 S- SS : ii rib S5 S ' L A - , , .V X I H 31,5 V K ,, ., ,A t I if .ywy , 4-gli. - ,L A ,f --., Q I In . . ,V M . ijj ug v , - , S' f .V I, M - S ge I Ssls . ,.,- S S ' - Q24 s S an Q S S 'miiseyw Q ' 3 'fm-, Si" , . fi Y'-ii S , ' ' -'QW' S .- 2. '. 'J i . S bf S-.1 ., ti fp . .f- SS S 1 5 :,.: 55' was: 1 r , l". 'Y T fm' 2" 'S Wir 1 , W 1 l ul' i'b A ,' ' lf.- 5, Q fa ,I fi 1 rex 'A S -ze E f Q 'Q .Sf -Sa ,QS . , Q Q , S I . S I S I .S it-S, l l . 6 Y in my ,J ,fix S 2: I S I ff 31 I .. I I ...Q Q fc , 1 X , , 'S Q , S , , ,. ia 3 F 1 ,L f - ' , Z Ji S ,7'l.,g, :iff , ' fl: S ' .KEY , 44, ' S 'S 'YS A I Elf-LSS1' SISSV A . 'f Sw Il' , ' B I J V I 4 lx up -in - I 1 fl-L S l , . S. a I Individuals- 215 .3,,, H 'tif' .3- 6. we ' lk ginzfagmx . ,,. a , 1 -li' - ,-,.l3,jf.,-S' ,v s iff 'Si "Y ' . :ZH K. .. if ,'. .S 5 4 'W"Y'- V.. 53,2 .:-,. ijfifzzf fill? " . -' Q K f kg ,iz . .A it , . . -fs XJ c 1 5 ff- . J ,,.. Q , Li. it T I tk , Ji , 4 -f new K Wfvkkk 3-,L W: --J, --S . -af a ff an 'W if-1. N 'L ' ..,. .3 at W W ' A 'lx 1 " , ff" , .. , . , I ' fl 'N ' " 1 QQ fy .1 . W- j LK"L 3 f',' , 1 J F f' ' - 'few ' iii . . 1 L 45. J ' 'T "i"?f ' 0 ,, L,-' xg 5 gg ,. . A A V A gy 6 A Zwf , , I i L.,,V by A A is- , - g K fzgg,LQiE' f -ff I .g,..' ,1 W' S ,L . 7 -' w Y jf, ,T ,, ,A., , , 'A' ,,, ' '-fi, . .Q G ' ' ,L':L fgiirj. ' u f . S l 5 it i iff S . ' ' .i . T . l ' F '1,Q J if J ., M "'z1' x ff' Individuals-216 Sophomores McCombs, Karen: McCombs, Sherry: Mc- Cord, Adrian: McCraken, Kevin: McDonald Roy: McFall, Majorie: McFarling, Patricia McGoff, Terrance: McGrath, Robert. McGriff, Amy: McGuire, Jay: McKenzie, Mark: McLeod, Karen: McMonama, Patti McNamara, Tim: McNamara, Tom: Mc- Nicholas, Katheri: McNutt, James. McQuistion, Carol: Meador, John: Meder- nach, Carolyn: Medskar, Jerry: Meek, Deb orah: Mees, James: Meese, Mary: Mel- cher, Bill: Melick, Melody. Melin, Chris: Mellor, Kathy: Melzer, Kath- Messerlie, Margaret: M e t z g e r , Wendy, ryn: Merrell, Deborah: Meshulam, Shelly Meyer, Joyce: Michael, Maureen. Middlemas, Donald: Miles, Carol: Miles, Marilynn: Miley, Scott: Miller. Cynthia, Miller, Dora: Miller, Jeffrey: Miller, Tho- mas: Millican, Robin. Million, Mary: Millis, Gregory: Mills, Bev- erly: Miner, Susie: Mitchel, Bonnie: Mit- chell, David: Mitchell, John: Mitchell, Mar- ilyn: Mockelstrom, Karen. Mockler, Warren: Monforte, John: Moore, Jane: Moore, Joe: Moore, Paul: Moos, Nancy: Moran, Mark: Morgan, Susan: Mor- ris, Susan. Morris, Tony: Morrow, Karen: Morton, Allison: Moss, Bennett: Mumford, Karen: Mumford, Mary: Munds, Ellen: Munro, Judith: Murdock, Susan. Murphy, William: Murray, Pat: Nance, Celeste: Nasser, Sandra: Naugle, Danny, Neal, George: Neal, Steven: Nearpass, Jeff- rey: Neff, Laurie. Nefouse, Allan: Nelson, David: Nelson, Dorothy: Nelson, Pamela: Nelson, Vivian, Neuss, Michael: Newbold, Donald: New- comb, Michael: Newell, Kirk. Nicely, Sarah: Nichols, Carolyn: Nickle- son, Zandra: Nigh, Brett: Nigh, Mark: Ni- Newhouse, Margaret: Newman, Kenneth senbaum, Myrna: Noonan, Joyce. Norcutt, Amy: Norcutt, Angela: Novick, Keith: Nurnberger, Thomas: Oblinger, Jane: O'Brien, John: O'Brien, Patricia: 0'Connor, Ronald: Odell, Patricia. 1 1 RELAXING FROM SCHOOL STUDIES, Dav- id Stiff takes time out to catch up on the latest information concerning flying. Qophomores relax from school pressures Row 1: Oehrle, Jennifer: Officer, Phillip: Officer, Phyllis: Oldham, Pamela: Olson, David: Orner, Debra: Orr, Nancy: Orr, Rob- ert: Orton, Cheryl. Row 2: Osborne, Carol: Ostrom, Buzzy: Ottilie, David: Overshiner, Sue: Owen, Amelia: Packard, Robert: Paige, Lonnie: Palmer, Donald: Pappas, Steve. Row 3: Pardieck, Christine: Parks, Kim: Parham, Tina: Parr, Mark: Parrett, Patri- cia: Passo, Michael: Pate, Brian: Patter- son, Mark: Patterson, Sara. Row 4: Patton, Corina: Paustian, Marcia: Payne, Gavin: Payne, Michael: Peachin, Michael: Pearce, James: Pearson, James: Pechette, Thomas: Peck, Bonnie. Row 5: Peck, Thomas: Peeler, Brad: Pen- ington: Marianne: Penniston, Scott: Penno, Thomas: P e r I o v , Elizabeth: Perlstein, Mark: Peters, Fred: Peterson, Timothy. Row 6: Petticrew, Paul: Pfeiffer, Linda: Pierce, Brian: Pike, Donna: Ping, Becky: Pioch, Gwendolyn: Piskura, Chris: Pitten ger, Karen: Platis, Mark. Row 7: Porter, Wade: Postlethwaite, Beth Michael: Powers, Mary: Prather, Sara Pratt, Jeff: Pratt, Stephanie. Potter, Stephen: Powell, Greg: Powell, -": P "" :si .. 'fll ,, J.. 5 J 1" 1 . "Z: f'f. . 5 I P4 H 5' "::' rrr 2 """"- rf, J ' V , rrrls ' J :sl': wh a 1 " , r V . ' ' I ' ' ' "', 5' " - ., as T J .. rls l . N fesr, ' ,... 1 rl sel' rse' at as QL 1 731i P if 1 a - Ji Al r J .,,' I X Y Tj., -N ,, i Y ' V f si i ,. , . 'if if if rae P is , l:.,, J .4 Q s , Q,f,Qi4':Ai:5rf QT, wi . K 1 ,. I girl 'P ssf. O 'mf J' 5 , - - , 1, H f' V 'tu J 1 ,L , . f 'K f"': . . " , 5 ' . H R A If 9 na 3 m g . P jr. if 4 flf' if ' V , f re - P , - ' ,311 ff iifffilffg . J r 5 r-- ,wr J' A, GG: , , ,. , , T 1 1 - rr essfr, - W -..A ,k g kj , g J kir r V,: 5 .,, ' , Q. A AV N ,ig N .1 , .V A A -A . IA - c X la K , , ,V ...,-5, l,:. . . ., .J T , , ' , 'T K ' - , K ' ,. . . A :glk -A I W i K A A . sarl 9 rv 1 f K .,.. 1 Individuals 217 ONCE IN A WHILE even the student center can be quiet enough for inspiration, as is shown by Lynn Glickstein while she con- centrates on her art work. Sophomores contribute artistic oreativitg . i ff Q I . flii ii itiist ff I f .. ,2 -if 1 is W A, 1 it I g g I 2 , I f.,- , il ' :sg I ,itt , 'T , j i ,ae :Q P' . . - be S 'J siis I' L A , LE., V I f ,,,, ., rtki , -:P i if"',g 4 tg , ff , , : "" T, tg. . ' f .1 Q , K t.. I 51 Q Q., r, 1 5 f f'..'g,y ,- , , Aiiif ' I s .- I -I .N I I ers I , 4 L .L I . ' .7'11-f,1 f - ?a:::.z2r::zf:z:ff:g:.1zvf:v:fzm ., .--, i K I H is-gg V ii .r,s , .gy-ew 'I .p i az P Q- b n Q I iesr ' ,- 1 - Al . .hw ' 'D Ealwpiltl f s ti.t tiiitiis b - l ,, , -,.-, -"i - '1,.- Z -Q 3' it '- WI if-if I I , ' ' Q ,aw .1 Q . . KN i vm K E' . I ,L.,k.,,,. , ,,i: ,,i.k,.., -sf A " L f 6 is I is V ., lg ZW In . -j V- L - ,Vf V: Vvl- V in I 1 , ' 5 4 , wi Kb 1, t t I . . r s . . - . - ' gf- if I , a .a ' 9 if - H In v f , :A i 5? a. , ff 1' ' , V K' I .. 3? zu Q " - e 4 2 A f I 218-Individuals Row 1: Pratt, Steve: Price, Jo Anna: Price Patricia: Prill, Timothy: Pritchard, Nancy, Profeta, Sharon: Prout, Joseph: Pryor Cathy: Punches, Steven. Row 2: Quackenbush, Bobby: Rader, Rob- ert: Radoye, Michael: Raley, Daniel: Ra- maker, Tamera: Ramey, William: Rappa- port, Gregg: Ray, Bill: Redish, Martin. Row 3: Redman, Thomas: Reed, Mark: Reed, Michael: Reichel, Pamela: Reiney, Kathryn: Reinhardt, Nancy: Reiter, Bob: Rembert, Lance: Resnover, Janice. Row 4: Reynolds, Thomas: Rhodes, Har- old: Rich, Clayton: Richards, Versie: Rich- ardson, Ann: Richardson, Michele: Rich- ardson, Susan: Risley, Kathy: Rittenhouse, Mark. Row 5: Rivers, Mike: Rives, Frank: Rob- bins, Jill: Roberts, Brooke: Roberts, Con- nie: Roberts, David: Roberts, Kevin: Rob- erts, Sandra: Robertson, Jeff. Row 6: Robertson, Richard: Robinson, Michael: Rochester, Tony: Rodenbeck, Janet: Rogers, Ivan: Rogers, Judith: Rog- ers, Sarah: Roller, Marla: Rollings, Nancy. Row 7: Romine, Robin: Rooksberry, Agnes: Rose, Susan: Ross, Stephen: Roth, Jeri: Rothbard, C y n t h i a : Roudebush, John: Roundtree, James: Rowe, Richard. Roy, Sarah: Rubenstein, Steven: Rubin, Class of '972 L nnn S . we ,,. gl Q Jeffrey: Rudy, Susan: Russell, Les: Rybolt, Dorothy: Ryle, Denise: Rynard, John: Sacks, Avram. Saddler, Mark: Saddler, Marsha: Samms, Thomas: Sampsell, Pamela: Sanders, Mar- tha: Sanders, Sue: Sangar, Ernest: Savill, Donald: Schaefer, Patricia. Schaefer, Sharon: Shafer, Delwin: Scheele, Christine: Scherrer, Mike: Schiffli, Gary, Schilling, Deborah: Schmoyer, Timothy: Schneider, Leslie: Schneider, Lindsay. Schnute, Richard: S c h u b e rt, Becky: Schuchman, Donna: Schuette, Douglas: Schumacher, B a r b a r a : Schwalm, Jay: Schwartz, Wendy: Scott, Sandra: Scrivner, Rhonda. Scruggs, Debra: Scudder, Shirlene: Scul- ly, Kathleen: Searcy, Scott: Sebastian, Mike: Sebree, Clarence: Sedam, Stephen Seidler, Jason: Selig, John. Sellers, Raymond: SerVaas, Joan: Sewell Peter: Shadinger, Susan: Shanks, Bar: bara: Shaffstall, Anthony: Sharp, Lynda: Shaw, Kathy: Shaw, Kent. Shearer, Michael: Sheehan, Thomas, Sheets, Kent: Shelby, Nancy: Shields, Stephen: Shuba, Michael: Shumate, Dar- rell: Shumate, Winfield: Sickle, Steve. Sidner, Annette: Siggins, Sally: Silcox Christopher: Silver, Marjorie: Simpson, An thony: Sinclair, Georgia: Sisk, Bob: Skin- ner, James: Sklare, David. Skweres, James: Skweres, Sally: Slocum, Barbara: Slosson, David: Smart, Lisa: Smith, Carol: Smith, Cheryl: Smith, Daniel: Smith, James. Smith, Mark: Smith, Michael: Smith, Nan- cy: Smith, Paul: Smith, Paula: Smith, Richard: Smith, Tom: Smith, William: Sni- der, Julianne. Snyder, Cynthia: Snyder, Gayle: Sohn, Su san: Solgalow, Claudia: Solta n, John Somes, Claudia: Southard, Jean: Sparren berger, Cynthia: Speake, Victoria. Spence, Margaret: Spencer, Nancy: Spic kelmeier, Mat: Sponsler, Claire: Springer, Scott: Spyr, Elaine: Srader, Sharon: St Angelo, Paul: St. John, Nancy. .5 .,,.. ,Ia ,.. ., il 2 - " A,,, . ,, ' ' W ,- :Q Z.. -K '. ' 9. i J s ftfr . f f kY,' - i: ,, . f V,bLV W aim, 3 . N , 'ffm -mt Q ' Ar Ai - , "I "', " 'f 'W ' ' m Y K ja, , . .f , , , ,iv ' X ' V 'i ' S 'i , - AB ' ff . I '-.' .21 V ' -':- f 1 -.,'1 I pr- ' Y . ' ',., Q . s J . , L- 'F "-- , , . . if" J ? xx . ,L g ' F ,Sf if f Q -' f A I 1 i i 31" K' . .t ' A A . f 'F S Y' Q .:'i':' ii' ,e S 11: f f 'i 1 .r - 4 ' - - L 1 ,Sf - 1. ' v A I' ' .' V 'Y 15 ' i , . 4 .,El.,Tli P 4 1 is-ei. S tflivf-F we . K s K 1 -- , ,- . ffw. W: -' ', KK J K fig s4, U, , ., fmt KKKQKKW . - 1K K 1.4 ., KK ,,,. 3 , , . .a f i . - 1 f - ' if 4 1 ...M A ' l L. r N41 , ,2 ji: iw , f .- I TNQ 3 iff .. 5 if K 7, A1 K-igffff ' A 'J 'i , ' K, ,K If lwyi 1 1. , ., I .iffgfgf v ' J iffy V .e K K, .43 qw :V K, . ... 1 K ,,,VV K g . , -+ . .,. f EK Y , , .,,. - -- .. r - t .I lv t ,fv:: ., , "QA ' J gy f f X 'Ql"" , . ar g H..f.f . . ' . f im lm if lr. . r L if f R f :Jia S lf.: J :ft 1 'ii' ' f A' A 'i . my f - - ' W V: ,, f' rg r :"' ' r ' - ,. , iii LL,L KKKKQQKQK 5 Ar V, kxry , .. KK , .K K K . K mg KK '..i li T S -J L A f r . 5 ' fi- A W . . me J S , J Q it r J w it f M ' -. - f. W . :Q . J . ' ' A .. 1'-5. x -if i:-: K K h Q, f ns Q 5 . 'f 'kat J V- p - .,,.. i K . K K J teilil ik .q t .S ' . .. , 71" . TY,-fi' V A . . 'I L, B 'j , - t Br Ni 355 ' ijif ' -'I f '- 2 H ,Q . f ' "K" fi lf. --1 ' W 1 -' W ' ' is.. W tags, 1 .W 7 I bi.- if XR- ' ' . . S Q- A 'ff' AA I ' K . ' K "'- Zijgxu V c- Q- S . S TQ ' ' 'V ,5 yt. fi "" ff- :kg J -K', QL: ff 1 J - -' 4 J il.. 2 if- . . . 4.. .. it J S r S as .4 .J . f, f .. f ...anus gpg, . W I J a U -5 . ,.,i,Q N , 2" +1 V- . f f r e ,fx it , 71 f S . f V 'F like l t ff 3 t i A.. r J ',-,' up .-,.,:,,::.:liw:,s:. K lf: Q . .. 'fi' , , ' Yi' i' -I ' ' A ',,fe1ff1efW'-1 S J' V 'K S -.. My 2. . 1 A ,M .. ff ' :V , ' E, gi f- - ' ' sr' , ,,, . , KK ,,-, ,K .K EK KK X .5 .K W, ,, ,I A 1 th I b ' K 'S' ' f R' Individuals- 219 ,,. ,., J ,., H W ' J ,f , D ' H: if , 1 . ,sy ff, J 1l gf lf ff ' N 1 ef r - , "fh 42552-Q ..e.!--jg - l a 52115,-.+..,, i A b , ,W , ,. A.: ' A A f M - , ? l s - ., as , r r -J i A La. Lf , 1 as J ," 7 J J W iii jlw , l Q. , S ,. . if fs ,, , ri 43 - ..,. i l li i '1 it 1 , J 5? ' f y , y VVA, ,S ,hhh , V ,i r.g- 3 Q Akkk -- ,K '- g-wg . C-gil' ff A tw, ' . fr' , . .ff --,VV ,:-eW 2j5 , , .K ' -1 iff -'L,L.' ' '," f , f '- S ...- . J t Kilt" -A AK r I lil Sophomores Row 1: Stafford, Richard: Stall, Santha Starling, Keith: Stedman, James: Steg- man, Sheralyn: Steinbager, Jenny: Steke tee, Carey: Stephenson, Luanne: Stern berg, Steven. Row 2: Stevens, Sharon: Stevenson, Dan ny: Stewart, Kimberly: Stiemann, Daniel Stiff, David: Stines, Vicki: Stock, Kevin Stockholm, Linda: Stokes, Mark. Row 3: Stokes, Wendy: Stolkin, Sue: Stone, Patti: Stone, Ronald: Stone, Timothy: Stot- ler, Patricia: Strater, Brian: Street, Vicky, Streeter, Jeffrey. Row 4: Sullivan, Sylvia: Summers, Cyn- thia: Summers, Terry: Summitt, Diana: Swanson, Norma: Swingle, Frank: Swing- ler, Peter: Swisher, Ellen: Taggart, Alex- ander. Row 5: Talley, Elizabeth: Tamer, Michael: Tannenbaum, Ca re n: Tarplee, James: Tavel, Martha: Taylor, Deborah: Teffeau, Bruce: Te Kolste, Kim: Terry, Bob. Row 6: Terry, James: Thibadeau, Marcel: Thistle, Sharon: Thomas, Daniel: Thomas, Diann: Thomas, Marc: Thompson, Kath- erine: Thompson, Marsha: Thompson, Milton. Row 7: Thurman, Nancy: Tinsley, Pat: Tomlinson, Emily: T o m p k i n s, Debra Towle, Colleen: Traverso, Joseph: Traylor, Debbie: Trice, Deborah: Trinkle, Dennis. Sophomcres participate in class council DURING COUNCIL MEETINGS, sophomores discuss current issues concerning their class and North Central. 220 -Individuals Class of 1972 Tuerk, James: Tull, Susan: Turrini, Na- dine: Turula, Linda: Unterberg, Barbara: Upchurch, Gary: Uzdawinis, Jeanne: Val- entine, Patricia: Vandever, Steven. Vankersen, Chris: Van Meter, Cathy: Van Ness, David: Vendeiy, John: Vestal, Scott: Vincent, Joe: Vincent, Vicki: Vinnenberg, Steven: Vogle, Linda. Voilrath, Jean: Von Fange, Neil: Vorder- strasse, Vicki: Vorhies, Mark: Vos, Julie: Waeltz, John: Wagman, Marc: Wagner, Mark: Wagoner, Raymond. Walker, Leanne: Walker, Patricia: Walkup, Pam: Wallace, Janet: Walls, Jeffrey: Wal- ters, Karen: Walters, Kim: Ward, Bruce: Warfield, Jill. Warren, Richard: Watson, David: Weh- meier, Janice: Weigle, Steven: Weil, Mar- gie: Weinberg, Nancy: Weiske, Renee: Weissert, John: Wells, Bob. Welsh, Douglas: Welty, Timothy: Wessel- man, Mary Ann: Westerman, Richard: Wet- terlin, Scott: Whitcomb, Mark: White, James: White, Lee Ann: White, Michael. White, Susan: Whitehead, Willie: White- side, Beverly: Whitman, Robert: Whitney, Lora: Wiley, Candida: Wiley, Thomas: Wil- ley, Thomas: Williams, Jane. Williams, Michael: Willis, Susan: Willman, Raymond: Willson, Deborah: Wilson, An- drew: Wilson, Charles: Wilson, Charles: Wilson, Denise: Wilson, Greg. Wilson, Greg: Wilson, John: Wingenroth, Holly: Wingenroth, Kristin: Winters, Reg- inald: Wixom, Charles: Wohlgemuth, Ed- ward: Wolf, Douglas: Woodruff, Gary. Woodward, Barry: Woodward, Kathy: Wool- ridge, Edward: Woolford, Elizabeth: Wray, David: Wray, L i n d a: Wright, Carolyn: Wright, Gregory: Wright, Joset. Wykes, Cliff: Wykes, Michael: Yosha, Ann: Young, Timothy: Yount, Joseph: Zeckel, Richard: Zeman, Cornelia: Ziegner, David: Zimmerman, Myles Ziska, Joan: Zukerman, Janet: Zuratt, Richard: ZurSchmiede, Ann fi' - i . . , V gl J .3 ig 5- - ' ' B, 251 3. I Q V f, - t , r A -1 f - .w . is 3- , J -'r - -- fl ' V Lyg' T ' J 'wer f'l "Q QT :N ,V jj 1 ' N K, kg gfegm H ' Q Q' 1? J k VK U- ,gQ. ,Q ' 'J ' ' -, -in .ji Zi iQSQQVfL.' !'fi:' 4 RV: ASA!! ...,, Q S illr , , -lzr -L 11- " ' . .5 gf Y .,-- , , ., ' - .Q -1 -i fi if ' -,gl . ,gg g..-1 A 4- In M v . VV iv A kg Q 43.4 ' . J , fi IHJAP. f- , all 'r A . i Q. -'lA ' . 1 --il 4.1 JA Q - - ,K Q kzah T i tlgk , . V . . D li aisfraart-nmmhea. ' llll- J ' Q l f ' :.-,. L7 C 1 ,, ' ,fl - , --:: 'C -'3i ' A, AAA "ii VAAVY V. W ,Ja V ,na mlgakllgimliafl ii ' l.,, ' L ij if' 23, -r s -...- .,. ii K f , V ,,,.,,g,1,iV wg- l lk ' V la.: S i .,. if . . , , s 'P QWQ 2 W my-we'ii. .W .ff . 3 Vlk, g - f f Tl -issl , sll, ,,,,,. S : c , +P - . arls - S tex, ' .. - 4 if E if ". D 'li' li' L W' r Alf: iff' T mf.. s . A w ,ll . A , s as f , f l llil. b , .al A .E ,ug,, if , k . ?. in by ky vi 7 s Am, W bsl sr :E Z --aaa swaLad Wane ww ,faWwe We , ssysili H ,fi fav fslwwi ,, . , ff ,.-, , v 7' - Q. 'lk -" Vi: ' gb- N ,K fiw .fs fgiJ lap. aw, lwgu ?ll7f53 fsf llss s ..,. g 1 C L or , l E if ' c , J .ra r J is l 3 . gg , , , r.'jfgfQjgj:...g a fz' jj ' ,5 nf- '-Lg, - gxfffxf Vik , I Vigr J .. l I V, , B K -. Z ng KW , K B, U I -sk , rl' - ::,, V3 fr I n K ,'V, :L a w g I ,V V K i A ni : fail if J .s ,J ' 1 ..,: " i" if E 2 l55"i"e T' 'ff 1 'pr i C ' ml C '5?'.,f,Q We a+ f7l w' may wr at if .sf at ' ' A I J ,'TQ3'lg l f "'. 5 ., 4 i I . Individuals- 221 222 it Row 1: Ammeter, Mary' Ardelean, Susie: Avels, Dave: Becker, Sally: Beeler, James: Cooper, Randy: Corey, Jamie: Dixon, Jack: 5 ,.aa g l 5 I 332 ,?E, Q,"'W'i154L' wig" l'f7"iESC?' 'iv -n f g"r7i2L5'15,':,3?f',4 5 f it.,-a .,..i,1:-Y viii- -' " . , - 51 WY was JL X' 'IJ 1 - , if 4,2 X.:a.a.g- sin f i' 1 :-is :wi filiig yii , l ',Q,.31i' - Y . ,. BIPS! A . ' "iz -if , 11 -I ' r 21,3 5' xiii Q. ff?-5, fU"f K A ,' S ' g t - VV v hs' Q - HM W Y , 1f' 5 ' .-L, 'il . 'W , 4 "'l:i?9i8iw - 11:02, - .J A if W I y I 'Wi I 'A .f - . W W ' :vain ' l v 31' 'F L i1?12w,xz. f' - if f 3 - :V fff' if if 4 .Sf ' tl' M gc , , 5725 -- - Haig, fc ,gyjhfat S g .3 Q- A Qg31,.. 'gi,, Qi, 1, J. N k 'Q mafia 'W' " gfws 5 ,,, '1 H" '11 Q I 932: www .F - a 32" 522. f tin :F , . J., a-gi: ' :lk N, gif - 2W1wm.21 'ff" "N1 y - . A Ll, ' 2 4 ' ffu 'Q 5 F I ew' SPF' , A Q, -. Q , z !'!'.k -1 Vi -31' 82 - ' l -A V 1 4'5:gfz,5,35i1qgw -'F , 'ft 1' : f 5511 1, W Q . . ' wt 4 W I ,,,,, 4 L a x-I, 5 W 2 , ,of f p 1 "'- - - A , .' '. fr' ' 5 - -Q . 'Nz ' , .,. ,LLM 2 "' 'D -V:-,HI .L ' : w r ' A "4 + :ff V lx 'ak . ' 1 Fowler, Alvin. Row 2: Gall, Michael: Glover, Bill: Crile, Dale: Hoffmann, Mark: Horner, Dan: Hotte, Barry: Howard, Susan: King, Debra: Kirkhoff, Kay. Row 3: Knight, Rexanne: Larason, Linda: Light, Carla: Maddox, Bruce: Main, Don: McClain, Sally: McKenzie, Mark: McNich- olas, Kathy: Nelson, Dorothy. Row 4: Nidlinger, Dennis: Nims, John: Ogle, Lily: Ohlson, Jim: Parks, Kim: Phil- lips, Tom: Pickering, Jim: Ray, Billy: Reni- han, Dianne. Row 5: Rose, Penny: Rudes, Mary: Sea- gren, Laurie: Shaw, Anita: Smith, Debbie: Smith, Tom: Swanson, Norma. SILENTLY HOPING for a victory, the reserve cheerleaders sit back to watch the Panthers defend their name. SOPHOMORES NANCY ORR and Linda Wray welcome 4:00 dis- Lnissal but are hesitant about the noisy ride home on the crowded us. LUNCH PERIODS PROVIDE a welcome change of pace as students con- WINTER NOT ONLY BRINGS its own sports, gregate to discuss last period's test or tonight's game. but it also causes a snowball to be hurtled at this boy's back. Individuals-223 L - .1 , fig V X ., ,W 6, nf .,. ff . V: I ,n , ,Q I , gkV:,mgKj : ' , ' -fr - up W, 'sf-, X v 2 ' ,' .- -- ' ,-.. 5 . 1B.f':FH'?E3f'Y.- ' 1' ,U 4- i -M A - Qlfswi - - - ,QM ,,, . .fn .. - --v"""""' 3f?g'T,"i":25wfae,muuam-fa-L.,. .... . sw - ' 'si'---f Q' ' E 2 . ,www -f G' .. ' ---- 'V'-4-uw. E 1 W . . fs- - ' wwf' if Y ,.4..:. yeh, ' ' -- """' , . if- - . . gp..-:-N.- , -- E-f n. , -, -.- ,I """'-., - -, ' fh ,A V f - F A ----- '- . . ..Q -K' 'f .f'5QF'i" -I i-QQ? H ii ' "-fl' L., I . E+- " - - - ' -mg : M , A ..., , A ---'Q --- -V--,W .V W' 31:53, 31' 1 . a . E Mff' fl' 3 .W 1 f .- ' 1--, sf A ZH 4 , ,Q sm -1' Qxfmzf V " 4, ' if 1i24:s..?q 'ffl Q' -' ' :.LEf,.4HeE,',,i 1 my '4 Q -V ,H V .212 L .f 11,-.-4-If-W , 1: '- Q 4 .-5 adv - - f V , 1 - - Q11 -1 .sl f - EQ X K , ' ' . ' I .41 5 ,f , ax...f gi - M1 fl . 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But it pays off in big dividends for everybody. Indiana is one big campus. From Michigan City to Madison. . . from Richmond to Terre Haute-indiana boasts hundreds of educational institutions of every size, teaching every subject imaginable. RCA knows this. lt's one of the reasons why FlCA's home is in Indiana. We're always looking for top-flight people to help keep us in the forefront of the dynamic, ever-changing world of electronics and communications. Education is not only the framework on which society is built, but the measure of its progress as well. Education also helps determine the accomplishments of the individual. Thats why we hope that if you're in school-you'll stay there. Both of us will be richer for it. Utrncciiiamnea. RCA is an equal opportunity employer 244-Advertisements THANK YOU . . . the Senior- Class would like to thank the members of the Indianapolis business community who have helped to make our three years at North Central very successful. DON'T BE A WALLFLOWER . . . blossom every Tuesday nigh! and groove wiih all of your friends Io nationally known bands. TEENVILLE JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER 6701 HOOVER ROAD 251-9467 DAVID GOLDSTEIN, PAULETTE CALDERON, .IIM KAHN, CAROLYN I.EVIN - I - 1 THE ORIGINAL RODERICK ST. JOHN'S GLENDALE CENTER 253-3322 JOHN WALLACE NEWSFOTO YEARBOOKS YEARBOOK SPECIALISTS SAN ANGELO, TEXAS MR. DICK KENNARD INDIANA REPRESENTATIVE OPENING EDITOR: SARAH DEAN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: SUSIE BOHARD STAFF MEMBER: LYNN CHRISTEA Advertisements-245 246-Advertisements A COMPLETE LINE OF APPAREL FOR THE YOUNG MAN ' ' ' featuring: CANTERBURY belts pocket secretaries trifolds watchbands Shotgun and Eagle FOGLE'S GENTLEMEN'S QUARTERS 7127 N. MICHIGAN RD. 293-3353 WESTLANE SHOPPING CENTER MR. FOGLE AND BOB DINNSEN l LUNCH AND DINNER CARRY-OUT . . . Hours: 11-6 Tues.-Sat. 11-3 Mon. RENEE'S FRENCH DELICATESSEN 839 E. WESTFIELD BLVD. 251-4142 GARY snmev, Joan ruuen DEAR "ABBY" . . . thank you for solvmg our fashnon problems ABlGAlL'S 852 BROAD RIPPLE AVENUE 255-1428 uNoA Mock cou.ssN GRADY 'F' 1'N4045i 1 Qui! 'ICP-tl R , v Mel' ' ' W' ' ' b A rr ktrr E A ff ,Mg H Wie: W gy: sgfgafixf iw' llllll' liliilllllllli CHAMPIONS . . . . . . always turn io GATORADE for quick energy. Always keep a good supply of GATORADE on hand after a rough practice. Be a champion, drink GATORADE! STOKELY VAN CAMP 941 NORTH MERIDIAN STREET 631-2551 Advertisements-247 TEACHERS-134 SENIORS-146-7 JUNIORS-190 Abott, Leslie-50 Abagail's-246 Acheson, Janet-50 Ader, Jill-206 Adkins, Bill-144 Agan, Dan-57,124 Agar, Dana-99 Agnew, Doug-99 Alexander, James-70,71,63 Alexander, Jill-50 Allen, Bonnie-205 Allen, Judy-7,60 Allen, Janet-63 Alsop, William-47 Altman, Michael-39,72,73,108 AFNB-238 Andreson, Jon-99,108 Arbuckle, John-61 Architectural Brick Sales-240 Arnold, Mel-105 Ashby, Susan-188 Atlas Supermarket-228 Associated Services-240 A'I'I'EN DANCE OFFICE ASSISTANTS-81 AUDIO VISUAL-83 Augustin, Charles-107,207 Austen, James-46 Avels, David-96 Ayer, Melanie-49 Ayers, Timothy-188 L. S, Ayres and Co.-228 L. S. Ayres and Co. Photoreflex-230 TEACHERS-134-5 SENIORS-147-150 JUNIORS-190-1 Bader, Baile Y, Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Laura-61 Jennifer-61 Howard-96 Carol-18,34,60,235 Kathy-50 Melissa-206 Sandy-63,144 Ball, Steven-100 Barker, Bob-119 Barnett, Michael-101 Barnhorst, Beth-186 Barrett, Mary Jo-206 Bartlett, James-106 BASEBALL-116-7 BATON CORPS-85 Batrich, Bonnie-50 Bauer, Rick-71 Baugh, David-99,105 Baugh, Glenda-227 Baugh, Leslie-47 Baughman, Cynthia-49 Baum, Richard-188 Baumeister, Brad-86 Baun, Brian-114 Baxter, Robert-106 Bayless, Beth-50 Beal, Nancy-50 Beal, Sally-48 Beatty, Tim-117,211 Becker, Larry-61 Becker, Sally-50 Behnke, Mike-71,108 Behrmann, Marilee-60 Bell, Susie-70,71,89 Bellard, Jan-63 Bellish, Deborah-71 248-Index Index Belt, Greg-96 Ben's Island-241 Benjamin, Aaron-108,117 Bennett, Bryce-106 Bennett, Maw-47 Berg, Carol-47 Berger, Jay-108,237 Berkowitz, Marc-47,144 Berkowitz, Nancy-61 Berkowitz, Terri-236 Bernstecker, Gary-206 Best, Amy-50 Beverly, Eddie-79 Bianchini, 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Freeze, Bill-6O,96,116 Freije, Elaine-50 Freudenthal, K.-50 Fritz, John-46 Fritz, Susan-49 Fulk, Carol-48 Fuller, John-71,246 Fulmer, Fred-61,96,105,212 TEACHERS-136 SENIORS-158-160 JUNIORS-193-4 Gaddy, Ann-188 Gaddy, Joe-206 Gahan, Patti-71 Gaither, Steve-96,124 Gangstad, John-232 Gant, Gary-118,119,124 Garman, Andrew-205 Garnett, William-144 Garriott, Ken-99 Gasper, Debra-48 Gasper, Wayne-100 Gates, Doyle-96 Bud Gates Co.-226 Gates, Steve-71,231 Gauchat, Bob--233 Gauchat, Stephanie-47,71 Gellis, Jacqueline-49 Gelman, Kathy-72 Gerber, Michael-86 Gerholdt, Teresa--72 Gibson, Robert-61,72 Gibson, William-106 Gillespie, Alan-5,46,18,60,63 Gillies, Sharon--49 Giltner, Natalie-18,46,61,205 Gipe, Dave-60,63 GlRL'S CONCERT CHOIR-50 GlRL'S ENSEMBLE-47 Glanton, John-47 Glass, Ken-47 Glassmeyer, Laura-61 Glazier, Lynn-206 Gleason, Clint-47 Glickstein, Lynne-216 Glover, Anne-81 Goergen, Mike-144 Goldbach, Anne-63,146 Goldstein, David-47,204,245 GOLF-118-9 Goodbar, Carol-206 Goodman's Shoes-227 Goshert, Alan-87 GRADUATION-6-7 Grady, Colleen-246 Graham, Andy-101,206 Graham, Mary-47 GRAPHIC ARTS-82 Gray, Brad-17,61 Gray, Mike-87 Gray, William-99 Green, Brad-87 Green, Ed-96 Gregory, Patricia-206 Gregory, Yvonne-33 Griesel, Scott-35 Guinnup, David-119 Gulf Oil Econo 500 Division GYM ASSISTANTS-83 TEACHERS-136 SENIORS-160-3 .IUNIORS-194-5 Habeggar, Richard-61 Habig, Lynn-17,6O,63 Hadley, Donna-47 Hadley, Sue-86 Hall, Ron-61,117 Hamaker, Don-70,72 Hamerstadt, John-232 Hamerstadt, William-232 Hamilton, Dale-86 Hamilton, Gordon-86 Han, Sanford-37 Hancock, Jeri-50,61 Hancock, Jill-6O,7O,7l Handy Hardware-241 Handziak, Don-114 Hapak, Susan-50 Harding, Victoria-47 Hargadon, Helen-31 Harker, Joni-85 Harper, Jill-50 Harris, Kathy-50 Harris, Mitchell-99 Harris, Suzy-188 Hart, John--108,112,114 Hartman, Nanci-63 Hasseld, William-112 Hastings, Ruth-85 Hayes, Nancy-26,63,73 Hazelwood, Alfred-99 Hedrick, Nancy-50 Hehn, Bonny-7,193 Heiliger, David-121,188 Heller, Barry-61,189,228 Helms, John-112 -234 Henderson, Gary-114 Hene, Lois-226 Hene Meat-226 Herrick, Claudia-37 Hershey, Lou Anne-85,206 Hiatt, David-106 Highlander Laundromat-231 Highmark, Dave-102,116,144 Hiland, Sue-49 Hinkle, Ellis-33 Hintz, Richard-124 Hirsh, Kathy-31 Hixon, Jeffrey-61 Holder, Cornelius-87 Holder, Don-87 Holland, Ann-144 Hollander, Jay-121,144,228 Holloway, Frank-102 Holloway, Kevin-10,96,108,188 Hollyhock Hill-233 Holt, Anthony-86,63 Holtz, Steven-79 HOMECOMING-14-5 Homestead Lumber Co.-236 Hoosier Air Sales and Service, lnc.-232 Hopkins, Keith-99 Hopkins, Robert-87 Horne, Victor-37 Horning, Don-108 Howald, Linda-50 Howard, James-61 Howard, William-117 Howell, David-28 PRIOR TO THE START of the 1970 season, Bill Howard, Dave Highmark, Coach Tom Bradley, and Dave Elliott review the fun- damentals of baseball. Hudson's Men's Wear-235 Hudson, Tom-117,124 Hueber, Park-106 Huff, Mark-100 Huffman, Gary-206 Hullett, David--60,96,116,117 Humbert, David-35 Humphreys, Brenda-36 Hunt, Gary-46 Hunt, Robert-206 Hutchinson, Jim-99,96 Hutton, Barb-60 Hyde, Sylvia-47 TEACHERS-136 SENIORS-163 JUNIORS-195 lauco, Dianne-50 Iles, Tom-35 INTRAMURALS-124-5 Irwin, Roy-96,117 lsenhour, Chris-46,144 TEACHERS-137 SENIORS-163-4 JUNIORS-195 Jackson, Billie-19 Jackson, Jeff-86 Jacobs, Larry-106 Jacobson, Joann-206 James, Carol-63 Jezzard, Deborah-47 Johnson, Alfonso-37 Johnson, Judy-61 Johnson, Kirk-25,118 Johnson, Marsha-52 Johnston, Charles-96,99,241 Jones. Brenda-206 250-Index Jones, Jack-87 Jones, Nick-46,47 Jontz, Jim-63,73 Jordan, Kathy-47 Jorman, Dominic-99 Jorman, John-96,112,114 Juday, Cynthia-63 Judkins, Cheryl-47 JUNIOR SPECTACULAR-204-5 TEACHERS-137 SENIORS-164-5 JUNIORS-195-6 Kahn, James-71,72,245 Kahn, Kathy-30,63 Kalleen, Sheryl-50 Kammeraad, Barb-47,144,183 Kaplan, Suzanne-49 Kappes, Phil-100,226 Kauffman, Susan-85 Kautzman, Richard-61 Keene, Alice-50 Keene, Barb-47 Keevil, Brad-89,106 Keller, Pat-46 Kelly, John-112 Kelly, Robert-117 Kelso Kath -49 . Y Kempler, Nate-60,96, 108, 109, 1 12, 1 13, 114 Kendall, Paula-50,61,241 Kennedy, Karen-47 Kennedy, Matthew-206 Kennedy, Tammy-49 Kennedy, Tom-17,99 Ketterman, John-47 Kilbury, Bill-99 Kimball, Janet-85 King, Steve-99 Kinsey, Madalyn-47 Kirkhoff, Kay-50 Kirsh, Steve-105 Kirtley, Jane-204 Kiser, Terry-72 Knight, Rexann-50 Kniptash, Doug-7,96,116,24 Knowles, Jennifer-61 Knowles, Steve-46,144 Knue, Margie-229 Koch, Eric-99 Koehler, Randy-71,88 Koerten, Marjorie-46,188 Koschmann, Janet-61 Krahn, Karen-50 Krause, Mike-35 Kreusser, Carol-47,188 Kriegbaum, Cynthia-85,189 Krise, Kathryn-206 Krise, Susan-63 Krugman, Deborah-50 Krugman, Frances-71 Krueger, Becky-50 Kunz, Chris-30,63 Kunz, William-36 Kurtz, Anna-60 TEACHERS-137 SENIORS-166-7 JUNIORS-196 LAB ASSISTANTS-80 Ladd, Sherie-81,206 Lambert, Greg-99 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-2 Lash, Bill-46 Laux, David-63 Lawall, Sara-50 Lawson, Brandt-63 Leander, Doug-61 Lecocq, Gary-61,226 Leff, Robby-63 Lennon, Brad-61,212 Letwin, Gordon-63 Levin, Carolyn-245 Levinsky, Mark-63 Levinson, Jay-61 Lewis, Mike-79 1,159 6-7 Lewis, Robert-99 Lewis, Steve-60 Lickliter, Marc-100 Light, Dave-7,96,97,116,144 Light, Keith-99 Lincoln, Scott-47 Lipson, Steve-188 Litz, Mark-47 LOCKETS-63-4 Loeper, Vickie-47 Long, Bruce-100 Lorch, Karin-63,70,71 Lucas, Steve-86 Luginbill, Bob-117,188 Lum's-238 Lutz, Barry-117,124 Lynn, Carol-47 Lyons, Sandra-48 Lyons, Valerie-50,206 Lyons, Virginia-49 TEACHERS-137-8 SENIORS-167-71 JUNIORS-196-8 MacLennen, Georgene-36 MADRIGALS-50 Mahorney, Larry-35 Malizia, Bobbie-188 Mallinson, Christy-231 Mallinson, Richard-87 Maloney, Mike-206 Manning, Lanita-86 Man's World-228 Marra, Steve-144 Marsh, Dan-63 Mart, Stewart-47 Martin, Fred-60,63,229 Martindill, Bill-206 Martz, Eric-86 Marvel, Brad-61,99,108,117 Matlock, Mary-50 Matson, Paul-100,101 Mathews, Barb-49 MATH DEPARTMENT-32-3 Matney, Anne-81 Maxson, Ruth-49 Mayfield, Orlando-96 McClain, Sally-61 McClung, Charles-47 McComb, William-124 McConville, Jane-193 McGinnis, Richard-10 McGraw, Linda-48 McGriff, Amy-50 McKinney, Brooks-47,63,106 McKinney, Elizabeth-61 McKinney, Karen-188 McKinney, Sarah-48,159 McNicholas, Mary-50,72 McRee, Kathy-52 McSoley, Tom-96 Medsker, Jerry-86 Meister, John-102,114 Melin, Charlotte-63 Melin, J. C.-61 Melzer, Kathy-28 Merrell, Deborah-50,206 Messerlie, Margaret-206 Metaxas, Linda-46 Meyer, Neysa-46,144 Milender, Mark-96,189 Miles, Mark--51,61 Miller, Christy-188 Miller, Dennis-47 Miller, Don-116,63 Miller, Jim-124 Miller, John-10,51 Miller, Kris-49 Miller, Matt--96,97,112,114,115,102,159 Miller, Mark-56,144 Miller, Marsha-229 Miller, William-86 Millholland, Madelyn-60,63 Million, Mary-206 Millis, Greg-121,206 Mills, Don-101 Mills, Jennifer-60,61,204 Miner, Susan-61 Minton, Holly-63,80 Minx, Paul-72 Mitchell, Bill-99 Mock, Linda-246 Monical, Dwight-106 Montgomery, Cynthia-50 Moody, Karen-226 Moore, Joe-96,105 Moore, Judy-190,188 Moore, Melinda-46,63 Moos, Harold-117,124 Mordoh, Cindy-85 Morgan, Dave--63,106 Morgan, Peggy-35 Morgan, Susan-206 Morton, Allison-50 Moss, Bennett-99 Mote, Tom-100 Moyer, Richard-106 Munro, Judy-50 Murray, Mike-72 MUSIC MEN-47 Myette, Ernest-87 TEACHERS-137 SENIORS-171-2 JUNIORS-198 Navarro, Fidel-60 NDCC-86-7 Nees, Garry--97 Neese, Sandra-85 Neff, Laurie-61 Neff, Virginia-47 Nefouse, Allan-159 Nefouse, Greg-96,97,114,241 Nelson, David-99,108 Neumeier, Susan-50 Newsfoto Yearbooks-245 Nickel, Ann-71 Niesse, Barbara-50 Nigh, Brett-99 Nigh, Mark-99 Noonan, Joan-144 Nora Bowl-236 Nora Apothecary-242 Norcutt, Angela-37 NORTHERN LIGHTS-72 Novick, Keith-61 Null, Alex-35 TEACHERS-137-8 SENIORS-172 JUNIORS-198 O'Brien, Mark-46,96,188 O'DeIl, Patricia-50 Ochs, Ray-70,72 O'DeIl, Diane-85 O'Dell, Mike-61 Ohlson, Jim-206 Olson, Bob-87 O'Mahoney, Pat-106 Osborne, Carol-49 Over, Susan-144 Overman, Mark-105 TEACHERS--138-9 SENIORS-172-4 JUNIORS-1989 Paetz, Deborah-61 Palmer, Don-61,99 Palmer, Patty-63 Pappas, Steve-86 Parham, Tina-206 Parrish, Bob-117 Passon, Larry-78 Patch, Joe-99 Patterson, Howard-102,114 Paul Harris-235 Peachin, Mike-106 Pearce, Mary Ann-71,188,206 Pearcy, Tom-47 Peck, Larry-32,63 Peeler, Chris-71,119 Peet, Debra-49 Pelsue, Dave-46 Pennison, Scott-100 PEP BAND-84 Pepple, Doug-96,114 Perkins, Stephen-6O,63,28,114 Tom Perkins Realtor-232 Index-251 Perlstein, Mark-206 Perry, Bette-231 Pfau, Greg-86 Pfeiffer, Tom-100 Phillips, Nan-232 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 38-9 Pickering, Diane-63 Pickering, James-206 Pierce, Julie-47,205 Pigg, Cathy-53 Pike, Donna-61 Pickney, Darryl-61,72 Pittenger, Mark-63 Plautz, Judy-50 Poland, Joe-60,112,114 Polley, Polley, Karen-86 Terri-50 Porter, David-101,1 12 Porter, Wade-47 Potter, Powell, Stephen-101 Dena-85 Thompson Powers, Rex-35 PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT-36-7 Pratt, Daniel-117 Pratt, Jeff-46 Pratt, Mary-188 Pratt, Steve-101 Pribble, Cindy-15,80,159,228 Priddy, Cynthia-25 Price, Nancy-86 Pritchard, Nancy-206 Prosser, Claudia-49 Pryor, Cathy-49 Pulliam, Debra-50 Punches, Sally-144 SENIORS-174 J UNIORS-199 Query, Robin-99 TEACHERS-139 SENIORS-174-6 JUNIORS-199 RCA-243 Raber, Sally-237 Rader, Bob-236 Raikos, John-99 Ramey, Bill-100 Rapheal, Phyllis-71 Rardon, David-63 Ratliff, Richard-61 Redish, Martin-61,100 Redmond, Janie-60,63 Reel, Jody-15,114,144,159 Reinschrieber, Keith-47 Rembert, Constance-50 Renee's French Delicatessen-246 Reynolds, Patricia-63 Rich, Clayton-81 Rich, Watson-117 Richard, Daniel-38 Richardson, Ann-50 Richardson, K.-49,188 Richardson, Susan--61 Riddell, Linda-46,204 Rippey, Elizabeth-235 Ritchie, Steve-87,86 Roberts, John-46 Roberts, Judy-15,46,36,159 Roberts, Thomas-71 Robinson, Michael-100 Rochester, Anthony-87 Roderick St. John's-245 Roddy, Arthur-114,188 Roesch, Charles--108 Rohn, Matt-60 Rothbard, Janis-144 Rothbard, Cindy-206 Rudy, Susan-206 252-Index Russell, Jane-61 Russell, Jeff-124 Rust, Tom-100 Ryder, Joyce-70,72 TEACHERS-139-140 SENIORS-176-181 JUNIORS-199-201 Sachs, Evie-188,226 Sampsell, Pam-50 Sampsell, Bill-99 Sanders, Beth-63 Sander, Carol-46 Savill, Donald-209 Sawyer, Dianne-188 Schaefer, Patti-61 Scheele, Tim-72,73,229 Schenkman, Harriett-144 Schiffli, Gary-99 Schilling, Deborah-50 Schlaegel, Christie-237 Schmidt's Drugs-227 Schmidt, Michael-35 Schneider, George-232 Schreibweiss, Robin-72 Schrodder, John-47 Schumacher, Barb-50 Schwartz, Charlene-10,27 Schwartz, Wendy-61 Scott, Sandy-56 Scott, Steve-71 Scudder, Gary-28,63,117 Seagren, Lance-119 Sebastian, Martin-96 Sedam, Cindy-48 Seeley, Sue-37 Segal, Marsha-204 Sego, Vicki-49 Sering Shell-227 Servaas, Kris-l7,6l,72 Sewell, Lisa-60,63 Sewell, Pete-206 Shadinger, Susan-49 Shanks, Barb-48 Shanner, Bob-188 Shaw, Leonard-96,114 Shearer, Beth-49 Sherry, Linda-53 Shields, Kent-63,99,124,144 Shirley, Gary-246 Shoemaker, Joe-63 Siebert, Randy-47 Sigal, Irving-106 Siggins, Sally-61 Simon, Kathy-47 Simon, Sylvia-85 Simpson, Wayne-114 Slemmer, Paula-63 Smith, Dave-47,80 Smith, Debbie-50 Smith, Greg-63 Smith, Mark-60 Smith, Nancy-50 Smith, Sharon-144 Smith, Bill J.-206 Snow, Kevin-102 Snyder, Jane-188 Snyder, Jon-61,96,112,114 Snyder, Karen-48 Snyder, William-204 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-28-9 Sohn, Susan-206 Solotkin, Evelyn-50 Soltan, John-100 Sommer, Paul-47 SOPHOMORES-206-218 Southard, Jean-61 Sparrenberger, Cynthia-206 Spickelmier, John-106 Spickelmier, M.-106 SPRING SPORTS DAY-8-9 St. Angelo, Paul-61,106 Starling, Keith-209 Steel, Donald-61,189 Stein, Randy-106 Steinbarger, Ann-237 Steketee, Carey-50 Stephenson, Janice-85,188 Stern, Merril-5,144 Sternberger, Nancy-48 Stevenson, Karol-81 Stevenson, William-60 Stewart, John-47 Stiff, David-215 Stilwell, Fredrick-46,204 Stogsdill, Julie-47 Stokely Van Camp-247 Stolkin, Sue-50,206 Stone, James-99,121 Stone, Jeffrey-188,231 Stone, Mary-49 Stone, Scott-118 Stone, Timothy-99,105 Stonesifer, Ann-73 Stover, Richard-61,101,112 Strater, Rick-46 Strickland, Robert-46 STUDENT COUNCIL-60-1 Sublett, James-87 Sullivan, Diane-63,72,73 Sullivan, Gary-63 Summers, Glenn-96,114 Swenson, Vicki-85 Swinford and Son Texaco-229 Swinford, Sally-61,70,71 Swisher, Ellen-50,61 TEACHERS-140 SENIORS-181-2 JUNIORS-201 Tavel, Don-47 Taylor, David-102,117 Taylor, John-61,101,112 Teenville-245 TENNIS-120-1 Terry's of California-237 Terry, Susan-50 Tewksbury, Marcia-50 Thibodeau, Marcel-100 Thomas, Beth-144 Thomas, Diann-49,206 Thomas, Gregory-116 Thompson, Beverly-35,144 Thompson, Julie-63,144 Thompson, Milton-46,61,99 Thompson Nancy-48 Paul-96,117 Tinay, John-108 Tindall, Elizabeth-49,60 Tinsley, Patricia-50,206 Tirmenstein, Dean-47 Tishler, Fred-144,241 Todd, Terry-108,109 Tornes, Ruthann-48 Tower, Vicki-50,188 Towle, Colleen-50 TRACK-112-5 Trattner, Paula-36 Traylor, Debbie-206 Trice, Deborah-81 Trusty, Margot-50,100 Tudor, Clay-120,121,124 Tuerk, James-106 Turner, Fontaine-116 Turner, George-99 Turner, Leslie-85 Tust, Mary-49 SENIORS-182 JUNIORS-201 Uebehoer, Gary-61 Umemura, Catherine-48 SENIORS-182 JUNIORS-201 VanNess, David-144 VanNess, Paula-47,63 Vansickle Radio Supply Co.-229 Vermeulen, Bart-5 Von Fange, S. Neil-46 Vonnegut, Catherine-63 Vorhies, Mark-206 Voris, Susan--50 TEACHERS-140 SENIORS-182-5 JUNIORS-201-2 Wagner, Mary-49.63 Wallace, John-63,245 Wallace, Thomas-46 Waller, Richard-188 Walls, Jeffrey-99 Ward, Mark-35 Warfield, Jill-50 Warfield, Keith-37 YEARBOOK EDITORS, Susie Bell, Karin Lorch, Sally Swinford, and Sarah Dean, throw pictures into the air in elation after finally finishing The Northerner. Wark, Linda-50,188 Warren, Richard-206 Watkins, David-46 Weakley, John-106 Weeks, Paul-102 Weest, Pamela-50 Wehmeier, Janice-61 Weinberg, Nancy-71 Weinheimer, Anne-63,73 Weinstein, Laurie-144 Weiske, Renee-61 Welsh, Doug-105 West, Steven-61 White, Richard-227 Whitehall Furniture Galleries Whitman, Linda-56 Wilcox, David--119 Willey, Edmond-106 Williams, Karen-49 Williams, Marna-47 Willis, George-60,63 Willson, Deborah-50 Wilson, Denise-56 Wilson, Karen-61 Wilson, George-60,106 Wohlgemuth, Edward-61 Wolf, Douglas-100,206 Wolf, Steven-72,73 Woodruff, Nancy-188 Woodward, Barry-106 Worley, Gwen-49 239 Wray, Carrie-47,227 Wray, David-100 Wray, Nancy-17,227 Wright, Melinda-46,236 Wright, Christopher-18,46,144 Wright, Cindy-85 Wright, Rex-209 Wright, Susan-63,71,227 Wulf, Charles-101 SENIORS-185 JUNIORS-202 Yount, Joseph-23 Yount, William-100 SENIORS-185 JUNIORS-202 Zendell, Adrienne-71 Ziegner, David-72 Ziemelis, Vineta-61 Ziska, Louanne-60,70,72 Index-253 Auiographs Auiographs With special appreciation to . . . Mr. Rod Cord, our advisor, who managed to remain calm through all emergencies and kept us going. NEWSFOTO YEARBOOKS, for deciphering our layouts and cropping marks. Mr. Dick Kennard, our NEWSFOTO representative, for being so helpful and responsive to our wishes PHOTO REFLEX STUDIOS for the beautiful senior and faculty portraits. Mrs. Marti Ripberger for her photography assistance. Mr. Clarence Downey for his photography assistance. The faculty, for cooperating with staff members and being so understanding about taking pictures and mation. Mr. Phil Ross, our student teacher, who, although he was with us only a few weeks, contributed ideas photography staff. Don Tavel for his art work. The entire NORTHERNER staff, for their hard work and good spirits. collecting infor- to the book and Meditations continue though the gear ends . A '0w..eHhfiii7wbifl'li5ffile Sure Ottseuthih ,q,,L. g ,.., ,,, 4 J f , :M K V I .14 s. :fr f: 7. awww., Q 3 1 fy N. 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Jill Hancock nd Bill Stevenson Head Photographer ..,... ..... ................. M i ke Behnke Staff Assistants: Robin Anderson, Rick Bauer, Kathy Benvie, Debbie Bill, Lynn Christea, Larry Davenport, Laura Deck, Cindy Erler, Patti Gahan, Jim Kahn, Randy Koehler, Frances Krugman, Christy Mallinson, Jan Moore, Chris Peeler, Kathy Raab, Sally Raber, Phyllis Raphael, Cheryl Reese, Tom Roberts, Peggy Segal, Susie Wright, Wendy Wurzman. Photographers: Jim Alexander, Alice Bond, Chuck Bruno, Brent Cary, Kim Crouse, John Fuller, John Nims, Steve Scott. Second Semester Assistants: Debbie Bellish, Rena Benrubi, Cheryl Dickinson, Mary A cia Pires, Nancy Weinberg, Adrienne Zendell. nne Pearce, Mar- :ncic KENNAHD 256 95533322 san angelo, texas A xf W0 Q J ' ' 709.5 2' ' , ' ' sq 2 I M on jf Wiiiflwwfi Q fm wwf? MM? MM j W M f JV ,M ffm , fippifym if film ff W .w f U A A y Q! V . - JJ wj42A !ZwlZ3!ffgj10WWKW Mm ziy,Q?QQfWfW5W W QQ Wu ff WWM mjw QQZMEWW W W fl' WM ww Qggg I , g My 21 1 X R5 V - ix: ix ff if XX XIX x kgTi E- QTEQQQX Nfw i 2, fi? N 1 gg ggi XE fx . NGX Q WG I if Qk+?X-5-1 ' Q q .wx K xx?- 1- xggx EQQTW Q 'Qi A Q xx W A 5 f X X, KY' Nmgvx ,W X SY gk NXQ, xv QMS Q Q , X if m,,,Q,? SR FQ w 'H Xfw' Q QQ Jay f QXQ, NSY X ' 1 1 X fw 3 KY vs, my fx X . K ,IXQK J - XJ , X 44, I ' 'R N9 X' W g- ' M I KX "Lyv1A N rj ,Q I 1X Cy -? N Y 1-J k A x L. XX xy- -SX' ' 'k NJ J QQ Q Q --Q ' Ag, sip I ' If S Q X ' ' y. NJ V E ,ff 'Q .J - -NJ W ' I I F XJ 4 A 'flf' 'Vw ll A - f? CY 7 Q' S' my xi Q mf V PY G' 'R"' Q xg gf Q' 'J J' X fx X XD -fx 555,51 A U ef T Z3

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