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flfT m M fi Tiff: QQ Lfndq Boyygff fly..-.-.,A..., i.-. mY- J ,,,,,:,,-nv, A-mf, - Y ,.. -...f,.,,.n,H,,,,. . ,,.,,... . ,. X. N x 1 J WA V Qsmmmxiitbxljilbk Q QWQAJKX SWK XWW3 QQ A ,, QQ, Q dm QNSQQWYQW' - , ,165 Kwai swiss J ,mi af j,W'wW J f' TY DAJTQOW ff l TX VW ' 'E UW KFAQM Gfjliqawx 13 Lfzlidd' f if V - fwwfff' D M 3315230 ffwjffil lwl ,QMQ ff wwf 213' M ffWff,Qf 4 X L I j0,'J'gUX VVS 7' ,X Uk xi' N ' Cf -. . jjfpilo ' fy!! nf. , yy? 2 ' fa wffg ' ' fwcwfwffff S2-"ig ,jff 'fff AMX .Q 3553 axis 3-if AH gig? Elica, kpy QNX. F K!-!9V'.G-,AMVX H- 'Z f so f Ogjfmggj 'Q n gifqpf W 'vgwsg ffQf'1?'3fQ'iy'? A ? 9' 5fDg4B,q3,f Q .1 df Q . - - IM' TX' 55,07 g Til I 'V 3 . 0 , Zjilkfl lfffk Dfw,-' DIMM 31,1 Jw? if 9' 'lt 9-vp . , . ' Ara 1' 41, fi .'2o . Af M g .V K 36N in H493 Ctf T p1J.Lr0U fKv"QT ev' QU" f 0 , j . 322 ip ww H f N ,. J ZZ4?z,ffm?2'fLQ0g 9K 1 x M J 4 . 19 2 M 5 S m E36 Q 53 '?gN ,Q5fp" Ng, O5xfv'.3 ,' I ,Nj 5'3:--'.9995HoJ.,s:'f6Q9'Sj02'?fN 0 Qi' +.f'27 Z x 230 39 L W gp!-0pw7 Ulf www ,Ofj 9 WMJQP I 'W' M 'SW fijffyowwlwwk VWWyW13fff4WMlEM0KifViTiiQjDwiyJ, O WV WMJMMOJ wif . mp WwffQWUwUipM6ff5i'aAfwfW,w WWMWW w Ugfgfifiif W M M 44,11 1 Q r Q . TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life Academics . Organizations Sports .... People .... Advertising . Index ..... Closing . . . ..6 .20 .50 .90 122 218 243 248 Lif'e's pal-tern begins with three gears Life is a jigsaw puzzle With most of the pieces missing, Three years-time to put A few in place for yourself To form a pattern, A pattern of your life. A pattern of experiences Enjoyed and remembered for years Carefree times dancing, singing, Huddling at football games, Both on the field And in the stands. Patterns of expression Through the arts or drama, Wherever you fit into place. Patterns of competition, For leadership roles, and For that extra winning point. A pattern of spirit and of caring, About school, community, and About the pattern of your life. Pattern put together in, out of class A pattern of learning ' In school and out. ln-formulae, trivia, And things of great consequence. New ideas, old ideas, Expounded and discarded. Mazes of halls, of math, of minds. People-new friends, old friends, Teachers, young and old. Panther patterns-victory, defeat, And perhaps victory again. Out-more people, known, unknown, Wise and foolish. The worldg foreign but beckoning. Exciting new lands, new faces, New thoughts. A pattern of being yourself And no one else, the same Inside and out: to know both. To decide what is right and wrong For yourself and no one else. To form a pattern, Apaffem 0fy0UI'lif9- soRTiNG THROUGH A PILE of lab books, physiology students Rex Callaway, Kathy Plumb, Marcy Jay, and Susie Talley look for their graded books following a lab session. ALL DECKED 0UT.lN their best attire, girls from five heat of the Homecoming trike race. For the first time homeroom teams line up for the start of a qualification teams were judged on costumes. --ng., i Q. -gp. ,FF .., ...- S 1 igllf 1 aa!! . af ' ff.. ' M L17 V its-1 'N ' ilfw fm-5? ff Q51 ++ QS'-f ' - 6 vi if f , . f , ' E 4, ,V lla ,f ?f: ii E 2 M ,xi wwf I 5' -1' fa! u 'FQ Ya 1968 JUNIOR PROM COURT members John Busch, Duke Hardy, Greg Schlegel, and Pam St. John enjoy punch and cookies at a Joy Leimbach, Barb Holt, Bob Habig, Katy Kruesser, Jack Harcourt, pre-Prom party. Joy and Duke were crowned later that night. Spring festivities combine excitement. sadness In Nlay 1968, the junior class pre- sented their prom, "Wear Your Love Like Heaven", which was held at the Indiana Roof. Joy Leimbach and Duke Hardy reigned as queen and king. During the intermission Rick Schae- fer provided music by Donovan. ln Twelfth Night, the spring play, Becky McCann portrayed Viola, one of the sweetest and most wistful of Shakespeare's characters. Jay Mart as Sebastion, Dick Williams as Or- sino, and Gayle Stahlhuth as Nlaria were also included in the comedy. With the completion of their last day of school, seniors continued the tradition of throwing papers over the student center balcony, and began preparing for Baccalaureate and Com- mencement exercises. The Grad Dance was held at the Murat Temple. THE COLISEUM BECOMES A SEA of black and white during commencement exercises. . - f. 4' ' 'X 6-:Sf '-if .ye THE LAST REMNANTS of the class of 1968 are quietly hauled away after the annual paper toss in the student center. HAVING JUST BEEN CROWNED 1968 Junior Prom King, Duke Hardy gives a congratu- latory kiss to beaming Queen Joy Leim- bach. EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY is the motto of Steve Giltner and Mark Miller in North Central's spring play Twelfth Night. NORTH CENTRAL'S JOHN FORTUNE RUNS the high hurdles at the Tech sectional track meet, one of many held during the spring. N 'L it .1 1' mf' K JH5 a - I ft. 7 Summer explorations involve fun. BEAUTIFUL-SUMMER AFFERNOONS found many North Central family boat, docked at Morse Reservoir, provided many hours students enjoy the laziness of local reservoirs. Debbie Boring's of pleasure for her friends, both cruising and skiing. CUSTOMS REQUIREMENTS at Weir Cook International Airport find I.U. Honors Pro- gram students John Busch, Katy Kreusser, and others checking their baggage. Au ,.., .5 ga work. travel Summer provided a busy time for North Central students whether they were busy working, traveling, or re- Iaxing. Several students from North Cen- tral visited foreign countries on exchange or c u I t u r a I education programs. Local young people from North Central and other area high schools spent many summer hours rebuilding an old barn. The rebuilt barn was used as a youth center. The largest driver's education pro- gram in Indiana was taught by 24 in- structors Ied by General DeBard. Basic driving knowledge was taught during a four day period, followed by two weeks of actual driving experience. Baseball games continued into summer, culminating with the state tournament. Football practice began in the late summer months in prepa- ration for their fall grid battles. SUMMER NIGHTS FOUND many area youths listening to such bands as Him Her and Them at the teen club, The Barn. SUMMER PRACTICE of the football team was preparation for head to head contact. STEERING THEIR WAY through the double stanchions to complete the skill tests, driver's education students accomplish their training during the summer months. Musical bonfire plag dominate fall activities Drama and musical comedy high- lighted the North Central stage during the fall. The fall play, "Inherit the Wind," presented the famous monkey trials of the 192O's. The music de- partment staged "Half a Sixpence," the story of a poor English draper who inherits a fortune and falls in love with a sophisticated, high-class woman. George lVlcKown, Katy Kreus- ser, and Sandy Donnell played in the leading roles. Thirty senior girls displayed the latest fashions from Dorothy's to the music of the International Grapefruit during the Style Show. Also during the Family Jamboree, sleepshirts, tee- shirts, school jewelry, and other items were on sale in booths. The class of '69 celebrated with a bonfire after their last football game. Doughnuts, hot dogs, and hot choco- late were served to warm up the cold night. Confused parents wandered aim- lessly through mazes of halls in at- tempt to recreate their children's daily schedules on Back-to-School Night on September 25. ANSWERING QUESTIONS of interested par- ents Mr. Meek speaks to "back to school" crowds in the fall. nv- DEBATING IN THE FAMOUS monkey trials, Ken Hixon played Henry Drummond, the defense lawyer, in "Inherit the Wind." 0. x .yn v ' A eff? H Zz, 2 sf ff ' X ii, nw 1 "9 . - kr i w W W af "S W 35 w Fi, ,pax i ' .wg f x if 'i gf Ei' ' Q 'Q A ff' , 1 : ,ia ,. if , 1 5 'J f 4 4 I Mm .... - ew i, Mk? 'QA X ' I X-5 . f ,,.,. , - .lggyffi .F r Trikes, turnabout, tacklers highlight RICK LASH DASHES ACROSS THE FIELD with the ball uses his blocking skills to keep Kokomo where they be- to assist in Central's Homecoming victory, as Dan Smith long. A fireworks display opened the game. ..,s A n NORTH CENTRAL FANS and cheerleaders tightly cling to students, as Rick Fulmer begins the game by leading his the "HIT" sign, prepared by teammates through the sign. fi' .v-ff" I 'Mft A , , W f I ., -fi gf. L, FINALLY RID OF TRAINING WHEELS, Cathy Umemura races to the finish line. Homecoming The 1968 Homecoming activities began with qualifications for the an- nual trike race. The victor was senior homeroom F 162, "Seigals Super CycIers", setting a new time record. Team members i n cl u d e d Susan Sanders, Linda Schwindler, Susan Schaefer, and Terry Schlossberg. A new addition to usual pep assembly was a group skit. North Central Pan- thers played a victorious game with the Kokomo Kats on Friday night. To add a colorful scene for halftime, the traditional float parade was presented. The five floats were "Weaver's Re- ducing lVlachine" by Nlu Alpha Theta, "Ko-Ko Kats, Breakfast of Panthers" by Senior Class Council, "Panthers Whip Wildcats" by homerooms E 147 and E 149, "Panthers Bottle Katsup" by homerooms A 123, A 124, and H 199, and "No Nlo' Kokomo Go Go" by homerooms E 142, E 144 and E 146. Last year's homecoming queen, Nlarty Youngquist, returned to crown Nancy Wrege. Crowning Gary Linder as King highlighted the dance, "Turna- bout is Fair Play". HOMECOMING KING AND QUEEN CANDIDATES-Kneeling: Rick Lash, Dan McGeary, Gary Linder fKing7, Darrell Pike and Jack Harcourt. Standing: Barbara Holt, Nancy Wrege QQueenJ, Katherine Kreusser, Donna Warfield, and Pam St. John. BRUCE KEREZMAN AND JOHN MACKEY take part in cheering crowd during the Homecoming game half time. presenting the float created by three homerooms to a This was the winning float in competition. 5:35- GOLF fI'EAM MEMBERS spent many spring and summer hours the flag while Jim Jobes putts Gary Gant and Bob Koschmann IITIPTOVIUE their game, playing at various courses throughout the look on while waiting for their turns to putt before continuing on city. Here, at Meridian Hills Country Club, Denny Dawson holds their PVSCUCE V0Und GYMNASTICS TEAM MEMBER, Byron Ho- rine, executes a pike on the still rings. JOGGING AROUND THE TRACK, the cross country team practices for one of its meets. nm. Ap. Sports offer enthusiasm. initiative. pep All North Central athletic teams "socked it to 'em" by continuing their winning tradition. The football squad held the lines back for an impressive 8-2 record. Endurance and stamina brought the cross country team a second place in the state finals. Re- turning lettermen Gary Pittenger, Duke Hardy, Bill Vinton, and Rick Lash kept the spirit of the Panthers at a height. The tennis team retained their sectional crown at Lawrence Central. Aspirations of the state title inspired the wrestling squad to work as a unit. Gymnastics team captain Jack Harcourt led the team with im- pressive performances on the side- horse. The baseball team practiced daily for perfection of aim, pitch, and swing so important for excellence. fwiig 1 f '5fs':fi'2 .. ' 'T' r' 2 . 1 ' f , 9 4 .-531 M I-Aqifcffi 4 ' ,.,t5?',.,: ' ffilfrg . , , 1 ' Q C 'f S fs . , .,,. , . . fit - , S. , N'-'iff' . ,Q ' 'f'-'nz im' i .g::1:.-:.tO0 'T' , ..... 3 , 4 +...t.. f fe' - ' -W' f5'QSVii1"l J "Q Ml" fascia JL , 4. N , C STEVE OVERMAN TAKES A MIGHTY SWING at the ball during the Warren Central game. CHUCK JOHNSTON CHARGES through the line while receiving blocking from Panthers. CANDIDATES FOR THE MILITARY BALL are, Ieft to right, Peggy Howard, Emily Diltz, Diana Carpenter and Charleen Walton. MIKE FAIRMAN INTRIGUES Dan Agan and Claudia Prosser in a scene from the chil- dren's fantasy, "NiccoIo and NicoIette". ' ' I f if . Q fjfilfziiiei I ' 4 K i iv I ' ' E 'i?ki:,4 I -I lk' N :gas I ' i ff QQIfitiQ2QSI1IQiQi5fQfQl2fST?' ,. , 'J 1. ,:E?f'g 2 1 ,Q I I 5 - 1 F , . I ,,g-igf,f,'efffsf:m-I W rm-:ref -A 1' ,igrw,igg.:, , .eM.1:I5,, . , 111, . . ig f f , 5,5 , 5: -2-45? 'EIT , .,1, ,I,,-,Q:1g'fff,zsagu:s,v,.f'k,',w-51.1 ,S iv- .f I. '::1gyf.2 ,.,, ' . g,3g,.gg,ggL I I Y I 1225 I I I s I Ai I --'- 'V " , - I ,,.r.:.:-.zf-zm 1 'faster g ulf - 3' , .za-!f2':f!I I v.. tw . J If -V ' I - , a y I M 5 -'H ,f .fe xref- -I. ' - . s .52 --12 : -fw-,,-MJ Iv V- '- I -' , , A -f f ' '1fm G' 2'4f21 I' ' ' -g t'vsgyg2:gffssJmE.1h , I .aww . f i"1 I' 551:-Y:.Z1f"il' ' 1 ' ew pgS2Qf1Ir:j'3 fgiigiwh V ,I-Er. 'YS'2:l.92A 1.'r"?1'- fIg51Qzq,Q:,5g-.3434 I f- ,'. 3 ,jyg . ESZIEEHLQQZESSZ1-Q Y 1 2. I , ii HANGING OVER THE BALCONY, a beanied North Central student stares in wonder at the banner proclaiming Panther Pep Week. Plag. dances. spirit brighten winter months Despite inclement weather, Central- ites livened up the winter with two dances, a play, and an abundance of school spirit. Student Council spon- sored the Christmas dance "Midnight Snowfall." In February the drama de- partment presented Winterset, a play taking place during the Depression. Playing the "soul sound," The Dawn Five entertained at the Valen- tine dance, "Heart and Soul." School spirit exploded during Pan- ther Pep Week which included the County Tourney. Students featured new booster buttons proclaiming "Wipe 'em out Panthers" throughout the week-long celebration and also during the sectionals in which NC played. CHRISTMAS DANCE COURT MEMBERS in- cluded, Row 1: Jennifer Mills, Joy Leim- bach, Marilee Behrmann. Row 2: Doug Kniptash, Duke Hardy, Rick Colglazier. CENTRALITES ENJOY THE SOUL SOUNDS of The Dawn Five at i'Heart and Soul." Speakers. spirit fill late winter FROM HIGH ABOVE THE FLOOR OF THE Indiana State Legislature, students observe the workings of the House. AII are members of senior government classes. "WE'RE GONNA WIN, WE'RE GONNA WIN, you're gonna Iose!" shouts an enthusiastic crowd at a basketball game with Warren in the county tourney. Q ., 9 . Q "V' . Y V1. ' 4 . , if f - YQ' I X 9 , -9' . 3 , 0 ' ' 0 'f," Q , ,A l "'a g ' . ' 4 ' jg A If I Academics HM Courses join in educational pat-tern There are many pieces To Central's academic pattern. Lit classes learned to read Old English and to interpret the New. Science students decided that All matter is a pattern, of which The atom is only the beginning. History classes learned of our American heritage to better know How to uphold it. Nlath students learned to Find the value of X and Of solving complex equations. Centralites strove to do Our part in foreign relations By learning the native tongues Of our international friends. Such courses fit in each Centralite's Schedule as an integral Part of a pattern, The pattern of our lives. English deparlmenl experiments with IN HER WORLD LIT CLASS, Mrs. Butter- worth explains the significance of the Cru sades and "The Song of Roland." ff 7' few. K, I 3' if f .Emi ii ' . ,J K ,, I Q' 'W 1 - ' 'ggi ,iw I ' e',e ,gi ' is " ff. f N - W I f I f- :V l I -,W fi, ,. wp... IN SPEECH CLASS, personality posters reveal the hidden secrets of Senior Jane May and Sophomore Dave Taylor. Each student was required to make his own poster. fli- new classes This year the English department expanded its program considerably. The administration experimented with several senior classes. Instead of the conventional individual s e m e s t e r courses of literature and composition, seniors had the alternative of partici- pating in combined literature and composition courses covering an en- tire year. ln addition, Humanities was offered to selected senior students. Junior English teachers attempted to modernize their department. Mrs. Kivett and Mrs. Rimstidt experimented with the idea of team teaching. Continuing in traditional manner, the reading lab provided students with the opportunity to improve their read- ing skills. Reading lab instructors introduced new workbooks to present vocabulary in an interesting manner. AS BEETHOVEN LOOKS ON, Mrs. Brothers conducts her Humanities class. Class is usually spent in informal type discussion, using a seminar-like format. PAUSING FROM THE HECTIC activities of the day, this student utilizes the shadow- scope to improve his speed of reading. INDIANA UNlVERSlTY PROFESSOR, Dr. Gottsman, discusses Faulkner's book, The Bear, with a junior English class. Advertising supplements Northern Lights editions NORTI-IERNER EDITORS-Seated: Carole Fiedler, Jan Lingeman, Nancy Scherer. Standing: Tony Burrus, Marcy Jay, Lennie Cantor, Kathy Madinger, Julie Schubert, Dave Morrison. Seven of the editors and two photographers attended summer workshops. During the busy summer, journal- ists interrupted their favorite activities to work out the planning stages for the school publications. Northerner editor Jan Lingeman, accompanied by other staff members, spent two weeks at Ball State drawing layouts and learning production techniques. Beth Harris, Northern Lights editor, was equally busy as she attended the Newspaper Work Shop at Indiana Uni- versity. The beginning of school brought enthusiastic staff members into full operation scheduling pictures and writing copy. An extensive ads campaign and the many Northerner subscribers financed the book. For the first time, the cover was revealed be- fore the book was distributed. Dedication and hard work brought success to the Northern Lights. A new addition to the newspaper, an ads section, helped finance the paper. Excited staff members have high hopes of expanding the present spe- cial and regular bi-weekly issues. W' ll'- NORTHERN LIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD-Seated: Spon- Shields, A'Lelia Bundles, Tina Nehrling, Andy Fogle, sor Mrs. Rhamy. Standing: Kathleen McCormick, Beth Jim Alexander, and Fred Alexander. Editor-in-chief Harris, Anne Ziegner, Jerry Byers, Pam Hurlbut, Kent Beth Harris, grimacing, criticizes a previous issue. NORTHERNER STAFF-Standing: J. Alexander, K. Brueckner, S. bl'Ul1r1- Seated? M- Koplos, C- Mattson, J- HBFICOCK, H- Glanlmanf Bell, J. Hawley, T. Thompson, J. Kahn, L. Selig, D. Boring, L. Cre- K. Lorch, S. Kappes, P. Boleman. Junior members will assume edi- viston, S. Bohard, B. Stevenson, L. Williams, M. Zachar, R. Heil- TOYIHI roles next yeafin DISCS Of graduating SSUIOVS- NORTHERN LIGHTS JUNIOR STAFF-Ann Davidson, Julie Hauck, Alice Bond, Rocky Mers, Kathleen Wills, Vicki Carvey, and Ray Ochs. SORTING SENIOR PICTURES, LiAnne Cre- viston prepares for an early deadline. CINDY CAGLE AND Jan Heppner explann the history of their dlrndls to their class Bi Y , .4 2 t or A tif 'K .1 1 ' ui1 ?:if?i L 25291 V ff" UE L f II, ff ,sim an 2 is rs .1 ' lf rf h im g 9 Q, Q 2 , N , s f -b X r u 'Na S .X-,F .4 if .M -rf Q 3 5 MK ' A 3 ifwwu W s x. We , ,, , ' N 53 , 1 5 'ef 455 u as 223 F . u fr vanasag f . Emmiaf , A w 5, , Mx 93: 1, , -- W 'nazi 1 StUdel"ltS, ' EMPHASIZING pronunciation to her Frenc Mrs. Rodman reviews a lesson Languages advance new cultural ideas Participating in the I. U. Honors Program again were the French, Ger- man, Spanish, and Latin classes. A student is eligible only if he is a ju- nior and enrolled in the third or fourth year of language. Emphasis was placed on audio- lingual, which was used more in class than in previous years. New supple- mentary readers and textbooks, along with new tapes and films were available. Mr. Schaaf, a Spanish teacher, and three German teachers, Miss Pihlak, Miss Sabol, and Mr. Tully traveled to junior highs to teach the ninth grade the same first year language courses that are offered at North Central. Cindy Cagle, a student in her fourth year of studies, accompanied Mr. Tully to Northview as an aid in teach- ing the first year students. STUDENTS IN Miss MerkeI's fourth year Spanish class take notes on grammar. SERVING AS AN ASSISTANT in the Ian- guage lab, Jeff Case prepares to splice a tape. DURING CLASS discussion Mr. Campbell explains the heritage of our government. MANY OF THE social studies classes take advantage of the audio-visual aids. New ideas intrigue social stud EXHIBITING HIS skill on the sitar an Indian folk instrument, Don Tavel entertains Mr. Meeks world history class which studied the various cultures of many countries. ies department A new addition was made to the social studies department, involving a new method of teaching. The ex- perimental class used paperback books rather than the common text- book. The new technique was put to use in the United States history class for juniors. A newly established paper- back library and a classroom set of the new texts were available. The selection of new textbooks for the following year kept the teachers very busy. They also spent a great deal of time reading and reviewing texts that were being considered for state adoption. Along with the choos- ing of new books, the social studies department kept occupied in prepar- ing for participation in the North Central Evaluation. Many politically minded students were enthused by discussions in the social studies classes pertaining to the national and local elections. Panels and debates between students were common. Guest speakers repre- senting local candidates were invited to talk with the students. REPRESENTATlVES Jan Lingeman, Mike Elliott, Tom Milch, and Annette Sachs look at Hoosier Girls', Boys' State scrapbook. DURING CLASS, Gen. Debard explains the functions involved in the Supreme Court. Independent studg, Harvard Project develop STEPHEN JACOBS AND Jane Cravey digest a copper sample in advanced chemistry. PHYSICS STUDENTS Scott Ferguson, Anthony Holt, and Cindy Stackhouse apply the skills learned during class as they experiment with various pulleys and weights in lab. DURING A LECTURE in narcotics class, stu- dents listen carefully to Mr. Prettyman. X X technical skills Practicing the theme of "learning by doing," students in advanced sci- ence classes spent much time in the laboratory. Those studying botany used scientific methods to apply their knowledge of the plant king- dom to their own existence. ln the chemistry section an inde- pendent study program was intro- duced tothe Chemistry 1-X students. Each month directed studies were assigned: the remainder of the time the students were on their own. A new approach to learning was added to physics classes. Using the Harvard Project program, students benefited from current scientific films and a variety of experiments. STUDENTS APPLY SKILLS in physiology as they study the anatomy of the skeleton. MR. LINDBERG EXPLAINS the zoology grad- ing system to Andrea Martin during class. BOB NAGEY, BOB COVELL, Dave Iauco, Ray Ochs, and Stephen Jacobs perform experiments using atomized chemistry in the lab. Math department expands concepts to meet broad opportunities PROVING THEIR KNOWLEDGE of theorems and postulates, sophomores Kris Servaas and Jeff Stone team together to prove to the class a problem in Geometry I. Because of the increased enroll- ment, North Central's mathematics department found it necessary to ful- fill the individual needs of each student. Courses ranging from general math to the more difficult classes of geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and math topics were offered to di- versify the program. ln each field the mathematics faculty made pro- visions to base requirements ac- cording to individual ability. To ad- vance the pattern of learning, teach- ers conducted after-school help ses- sions, and utilized team teaching to bring the process into full develop- ment for each student. STEVE PERKINS AND CRAIG CAPEHART study designs made from mathematical concepts by geometry students. ANSWERING QUESTIONS and solving them on the board is a daily routine for Mr. Gish. , s- ix 2LFM?,lQ'ZE A Y Y V 3:1 v 49" lmfif- ' ' 5'2" f'L:-law: ' 1 Q 'Q' L'2f5f':,-Mk' " gf. HIV., 25:21, .1,.1.:f..Z:' 5.','i2E: W .. :fe g-ggi, -1 rg :Q DURING ALGEBRA V, Mr. Weinheimer ex- plains a problem to Jeff Burris. CONTEMPLATING A difficult Math Topics problem are Todd Quinto and Tom Skelton. ,J 4? M Mx THESE STUDENTS FIND THAT WORKING in stores and commercial relations is benefiting to their individual needs. They achieve KATHY BENNETT AND NANCY BUCHANAN convince David John- ston to buy their product with techniques acquired in related class. 34 'i 5 5 i . l ' 5 ,N . -,,.4.,,,,,gf- this through the work experience program offered to seniors through which they work part-time. ,:1fI.'s5,9'? "'q""Nm I1 3, x ii gift? ji! WORKING AT THE OVERHEAD PROJECTOR, Linda Schwindler ex- plains the basic shorthand symbols to Leslie Ricketts. Business world conforms to new demands Because of the computer-bound society of today, the business world must conform to its demands. To give this field a prospective back- ground, North CentraI's business de- partment offered data processing which deals with the observation and study of computers and their acces- sories. Merchandising, clerical ser- vice, typing, and law trials were also part of the curriculum. The department's faculty also in- creased with the addition of Miss Kathy Ann White and Mr. Samuel Morris in their respective fields, shorthand and clerical practice, and selling and business law. The school purchased new elec- tric typewriters in order to take care of the increased number of business students in the department. STUDENTS PERFECT THEIR SKILLS in typ- ing during clerical practice as a prerequisite of duplicating office situation. DURING DATA PROCESSING CLASS, Joe Blakley, Julie Blakley, and Kirk Fleener ob- serve an l.B.M. computer. Plaster. elag. string. and silver stimulate SENIOR HAROLD ROGERS MAKES USE of technical skills during silver crafts class. PATIENTLY WORKING ON A PROJECT for her second year art board this mobile is only a sample of the imaginative efforts class, sophomore Judy Caine puts finishing touches on a geometric created in the art department. Much time and skill is required mobile. Constructed from colored string, tissue paper, and card- to keepa balanced pattern. creativitg Surrounded by clay, plaster, oil paints and canvas, a North Central art student d e v e I o p e d talents through trial and error. With the ad- dition of the new Instructional Ser- vices Building, more space, equip- ment, and facilities were made available to the individual. The ad- vanced art student and those taking silver crafts made use of this new building. Two new sculpture classes were also added, making twenty- nine hours of art available to the interested student. Creating life-like figures, colored pots, and Egyptian jewelry were some of the goals of the ceramics pupils, while the painting students expressed their feelings on paper. Being realistic or surrealistic were the alternatives of the art-minded Centralite. KX! MR. SMITH CONSTRUCTIVELY CRITICIZES Susan Rlley's weekly drawing in Art I. Molly Belford observes the criticism for her future drawings. DIGGING INTO HER WORK, senior Kathy Moody prepares a piece of clay before starting a design during sculpture class. M es. QW! c A LENDING SENIOR PAM ALBOHER A HAND, Mr. Keyt instructs her in the correct way to determine perspective view for drawing drapes in a proportional manner. J Band. orchestra. choir promote cultural interests BELL CHOIR-Front Row: Judy Dorrell, Susie Avels, Molli Oliver, Holly Hunt, Linda Rid- dell, Karen Batesole, Anne Kostrevic, Rose Messinger. Back Row: Jim Waugh, Matt Ber- ney, Dave Streeter, Duane Fant, Bob Meili, Karl Kellogg, Dennis Dottenwhy. Musically talented students par- ticipated actively in various bands. The marching band entertained dur- ing halftimes of all home football games. The pep band helped to pro- mote panther spirit by playing our school song and fight songs. In addi- tion they helped the cheerleaders in their cheers. Selected as a member of the All American High School Band, Frank Shirley excelled on the trumpet. Ringing their bells at Christmas to promote holiday cheer, the Bell Choir toured the city for their performances. The Concert Band comprised of sophomores, trained students in tonal quality and working together. The Stage Band performed during pop concerts, Junior Spectacular and con- vocations. Performing all orchestral literature, the Orchestra has won many awards. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble also won many honors through their excellent performances. am, Qui' R , DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR, North Cen- tral's orchestra, directed by Mr. Dennis, performed many programs for township schools. STAGE BAND, organized primarly for per- formances, entertains during school con- vocations and Junior Spectacular. CONCERT BAND, comprised of sopho- mores, strives to work together in perfect- ing tonal quality, balance, and expression. PLAYING A CLARINET, Bob Moore marches GIVING THE BASKETBALL PLAYERS that extra boost of morale, the Panther Pep Band in a parade downtown. promotes additional spirit. Qgmphonio wind ensemble boasts new "threads MARCHING TO THE BEAT of "Exodus" down Meridian Street, the tors, The band was also privileged to march at the Speedway in Marching Band performs in the Veterans' Day Parade before specta- opening day activities at the 500 Mile Race. PAUSING AFTER a performance, the Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble dons their new outfits. GIRLS ENSEMBLE-Front Row: Joy Bottoms, A. Graham, J. Hooker, J. Von Fange, J. Sordean, Mrs. Kurtz, J. Roberts, P. Milton, P. Goges, S. Yosha, Brothers. Third Row: M. Whitehead, D. Beck, B. Kam- P. Van Ness, P. St. John, S. McGraw. Second Row: meraad, C. Hunter, D. Bevins, B. Dilk, S. Sherman, F. Capp, M. Jones, D. DeCoursey, N. Ramsey, M. M. Lancet, J. Patterson, J. Lingeman, L. Deck. COUNTERPOINTS-Front Row: D. Taylor, D. Merklin, S. Kramer, Third Row: G- McK0wn. S- Knowles, J. ByerS, N. Sterner. D- Pel- K. Garriott, P. Shute, D. Daniels, P. Clay, C. Isenhour, C. Sander, SUS- G- AFIUSVSOF1, J- QUHKSHDUSN. B- C2I'I'0ll. A- GiU95lJie- FOUVUT D. McLary. Second Row: K. Kreusser, P. O'Heron, D. Conrad, M. ROWS. 3- PetEl'SOf1. D- Smith. R- PSUSVSOH. T- Wallace, C- Wright. Meditch, C. Manifold, S. Donnall, P. Keller, S. Kelso, P. Kramer. J- Fritz, J- Kennedy. G- Hurlt. D-Wright. R- Sirafef- MUSIC MEN-Front Row: M. Fairman, C. Frayer, M. Litz, R. Dimit, K. Reinschreiber, B. McKinney, B. War- ren, T. Anderson. Second Row: D. Tirmenstein, B. Zim merman, C. McCIung, N. Jones, T. Alsop, J. Conner Student music groups create familg atmosphere in practice The outlook of the music depart- ment was a "family affair." The choir instructors stressed the idea of working as a team in order to present successful performances. The students participating in the de- partment were taught to work as a unit and to concentrate on the blend of all their voices, rather than their individual tone qualities. Working to- gether promoted closer friendships, which was necessary for complete cooperation. Knowledge through opportunity was the primary goal of the instruc- tors. The members of Girls Ensemble were given the opportunity to sing at Clowes Hall. Mr. Martin, Mr. Critzer, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Brothers, leaders of the music classes, gave equal chances to all who showed interest and desire. Many choir members were en- couraged to try out for the fall musi- cal, "Half A Sixpence" in order that they would have the experience of combining their musical and acting abilities. J. Mart, S. Hartman, M. Holmquist. Third Row: G Grinkmeyer, J. Marr, J. Eggleston, S. Sipe, M. Schroe - der, J. Brandt, J. Dittrich, S. Ellson, J. Hancock, P. Som , mer. This group was directed by Mr. Critzer. LEARNING THE FUNDAMENTALS of pro per breathing and tone quality, the A Capel la choir is used to train music students. Girls' choral groups brin pleasure to audiences MADRIGALS-Front Row: N. Sternberger, M. Williams, L. Riddell, C. Zell, M. Hudson, C. Moody, K. Prill, D. Hadley, V. Loeper, S. Gauchat, J. Eschenbrenner. Second Row: L. McGraw, S. McKin ney, K. Snyder, D. Hocker, D. Kruse, E. White, J. Close, V. Can DESCANTS SWAY to the music of "Tom Thumb's Tune" during a school perfor- mance. trell, S. Bockstahler, J. King, D. Moore, B. Heston. Third Row: D. Warren, B. Thompson, K. McCormick, C. Hubert, D. Jezzard, N. Hodapp, C. Kelb, G. Humbert, C. Wray, D. Martin, D. Bond, C. Fulk, S. Esmon, K. Cowan. MEMBERS OF THE GIRLS CONCERT CHOIR enjoyed singing and direction of Mr. Critzer. The group performed in the music depart learning the fundamentals of music and choral work under the ments annual spring and Christmas programs. DESCANTS-Front Row: P. Aase, S. Carlson, A. Brown, M. Wright, P. Morgan, S. Over, J. Anderson, S. Hicks, S. Schaeffer, T. Plopper, C. Stackhouse, B. Capron, A. Mc- Clelland, Back Row: C. Prosser, S. Curry, N. Meyer, S. r Dean, S. Smith, S. Kurtz, L. Wagner, S. Talley, M. Bar- rett, J. Patterson, L. Sheridan, B. Tindall, K. Bruekner, K. Dykema, M. Moore. Thos choir was composed mainly of juniors and seniors. Practical Arts stimulates brainpower. ingenuitg DURING A DEMONSTRATION in their Foods class, Becky Potter and Sue Moss busily prepare hot chocolate for the other classmates. , fees' . wig . 'ig if gg? M I ilr a .- .,,s,,:.g f - 1 . - 75 . gf: a.: f V.. . , " "il" 'i ' :EPZ Q MODELING HER FINISHED PRODUCT, Beth Gillen cautiously steps onto the runway during the fashion show presented by the Clothing classes in the spring. v 2Ii4 Semester projects helped the practical arts students become more aware of the fields of home eco- nomics and industrial arts. Clothing classes made a survey of fabrics and finishes and learned to develop good sewing skills. Knitting and sewing "mod" outfits were the goals of the girls. Preparing a meal, considering the nutritional value, and cost taught the students many aspects of the family diet. Reports, planning bulle- tin boards, and speakers helped the girls seek a better understanding of family living and child development. Class activities which instructed the boys in outside fields of indus- trial arts were designing and con- structing a scale model house, re- building air-cooled engines, and con- structing a m p I i f i e r s. They also worked with the mechanical forma- tion of plastic prepared production drawings, and p r i n t e d school programs. DURING ELECTRONICS CLASS, Don Dison devotes his time to assembling radios. SITTING AT THE LINOTYPE MACHINES, Jim DeLong prepares type for his printing class. , I. W I-f ?ii'fEm LOOKING FOR DIFFERENCES IN FOREIGN- MADE CARS, Sanford Han checks the fan belt while John Gangstad, Steve Arney, and Bob Sundstrom look on. 47 SOPHOMORE GYM STUDENTS watch in awe as one of their classmates does a back flip. ALTHOUGH THE "TRAMP" DESTRUCTS hairdos, Paula Boggs finds it exhilarating. A PANORAMA OF THE GYM reveals sophomores patiently waiting for the music to start Students devoted one day a week to the practice of American folk dances. ? '1 Drganizaiions Y 4 "f - - 1 A W Tiff! .f . Z Q Belonging important in everg pal-tern ln the pattern of everyone's life There must be organization. Everyone likes to belong to a group- Especially one in which the members Share the same interests. North Central students joined in An extensive and intricately planned Pattern of clubs and activities- Meeting together periodically To produce, to think, to discuss- But most of all, to enjoy Themselves and being with others. This was one ofthe ways Each Centralite became a vital piece- A link in the pattern of the whole. Leading or being led, Each offered his contribution ln the areas of his interest. Adding to his individual pattern- The pattern of his life. Student government initiates " ' ' mini oounoiI" By incorporating President Bob Habig's idea of a "mini-council", the 112 members of the Student Council led the student body in a very active year. Under the plan, each home- room was a small student council which could submit ideas to the regu- lar council. Thirty-one of the council members attended the State Student Council convention at Madison Heights High School in Anderson. Attending mem- bers exchanged ideas with representa- tives from other areas. Participation and hard work helped the council make successes of its traditional activities such as College Night and the Christmas Dance as well as beginning new events such as the homecoming skit contest. DRESSED IN THEIR NATIONAL COSTUMES, exchange students Kjell Gjaerevoll and Tuula Kujala sing Scandanavian carols at the Human Relations Council's Christmas party. STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row: K. Wilson, L. Sewell, S. Evans B. Meyer, P. Boges, B. Hayes, N. Berkowitz, J. Russell, President B Habig, Assistant Secretary D. Roberts, Treasurer G. Linder, Vice President L. Bundles, Secretary M. Oliver, B. deRaismes, L. Kenne dy, T. Thompson, S. Schaeffer. Second Row: C. Sander, B. Snyder, J. Detmer, J. Mills, D. Taylor, N. Roach, M. Behrmann, D. Young, S. Dean, S. McKinney, J. Roberts, A. Gaddy, D. McCord, M. Tewkes berry, M. Halloway, K. Kahn. Third Row: A. Kurtz, K. Foster, T. Mathews, B. Tindall, M. Pearce, J. Moore, D. Bruce, K. Wills, L. Habig, B. Borton, M. Knue, B. Hutton, A. Sobbe, B. Allen, B. Krue ger, B. Guyton. Fourth Row: D. Pickering, R. Fortier, F. Fehsenfeld J. Alexander, S. Barnes, G. Reddish, D. Morgan, D. Franz, S. Hamp- shire, D. Watkins, N. Woodruff, P. Alboher, J. Fink, D. Pickering, S. Swinford, E. Falender. Fifth Row: S. England, Steve Ball, R. Rat- liff, R. Eaton, B. Johnson, D. Corbin, T. Wallace, M. Rohn, J. Po- land, M. Smith, C. Holloway, M. Harshman, J. Bose. Sixth Row: F. Martin, E. Sigal, M. Litz, R. Lecky, A. Gillespie, S. Knowles, J. Stone, S. Clayton, D. Highmark, R. Blake, B. Luginbill, G. Wilson. Seventh Row: G. Graham, D. Tavel, L. Miller, G. Ubelhoer, D. Per- kins, D. Clymer, B. Hudson, T. Milch, G. Nefouse, S. West, J. Kahn, T. Cambell. Eighth Row: K. Worley, B. Stevenson, D. Nie, D. Curry, J. Blakley, R. Colglazier, R. Lash, J. Busch. WHILE PAINTING "SENIOR CORDS" on one of the Homecoming Terry Mathews giggle at the comical appearance of "Gertrude dance decorations, seniors Barb deRaismes, Linda Schwindler, and Graham". The "IdIe Few" played at the dance. FULFILLING THEIR ASSIGNMENT, Kris Sippel and Sally Swinford change the events board. . I.. ' ti., I ss- e-wg , ,ggi , f ' 'ff' . . Aixt T THE STUDENT COUNCIL BOOKSTORE provides an assortment of books needed by many classes. Here Sandy Burns buys The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from Terry Thompson. FOR BREAKFAST, Junior Beth Schaller buys Honoraries stress service. character. school involvement Key Club, an affiliate of the Ki- wanis International Clubs, performed both the service projects to aid school and community. To gain mem- bership, a boy must have attended North Central for one semester, have a grade point average of 2.0, obtained the recommendations of two teachers, and be approved by the sponsor. The club raised the money for its many activities by sponsoring mixers, wash- ing cars, and collecting dues. Led by President John Busch, Vice-president Don Waller, Secretary Jim Wallace, Treasurer Denny Dawson, and His- torian Doug Nie, the members of Key Club sponsored many service proj- ects. Along with their annual efforts as guides for "Back to School Night", and "College Night", selling refresh- ments at games, and serving break- fast in the cafeteria, the Key Club ex- tended its canned food drive to help ten to fifteen needy Washington Township families during the Christ- mas season. Scholarship, leadership, character, and service became the motto of those Centralites initiated into the National Honor Society. Before one may be asked into the organization, he must rank in the top 2542, of his class and gain two merit points from his teachers. Again this year, the mem- bers volunteered to tutor students needing help in all the major aca- demic areas. ln May, the members held a banquet and assembly for initi- ates and parents, along with a dinner in the fall to get acquainted. a doughnut from Key Club members Larry Gardiner and Jim Freihofer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row: P. Clay, H. Hunt, M Oliver, A. Sachs, P. St. John, A. Ziegner, J. Komsiski, J Bottoms E Diitz, D. Daniels, c. zaring, T. Mathews, R. Maru, C. cagie. Sec- ond Row: T. Skelton, R. Chab, L. Steinmetz, J. Philippe, J. Keebler, B. Waller, S. Kirkwood, K. Walls, C. Pfeiffer, J. Blakely, L. Lorenz L. Dustman, K. Rusch, L. Gileff. Third Row: M. Lipscomb, J. Linge man, L. Ricketts, R. Waife, B. de Raismes, M. Harshman, L. Grif- feth, K. Kreusser, L. Broeking, L. Druskis, G. Schlegel, S. Barnes, S. Grosby. Fourth Row: D. Carter, J. Noland, L. Davenport, M. Elliott, N. Scherer, T. Wilhoite, L. Christopher, C. Cage, C. Cady, N. Kilbury, G. Redish, D. Luginbill, A. Fogle, B. Carroll. Fifth Row: B. Habig, D. Aldridge, G. Graham, M. Mills, S. England, B. Kinsey, M. Muller, T. Milch, D. Waller, D. Baldwin, B. Sexauer, L. Miller, B. Stoops, D. Perkins. Miss Freudenberger served as sponsor. I S Q, fl in 3 I Q9 A ig? '- 1 Q Y ' 1 ? 'F' A V 1 K ' .- WF.. Q- .vw 1' f' , , 5 K X 11 Ei ' 1, li. fi 4 nf' , 15. 1 A U W W Q7 '7 Q MU ALPHA THETA-First Row: Tom Skelton, Don Co- hen, Chris Kunz, Dianne DeCoursey, Cindy Stackhouse, Trudy Boyd, Toni Galvin, Pam Strauss, Second Row: Mike Elliott, Don Katz, Bill Binkley, vice-president Don Waller, Brooks McKinney, president Todd Quinto, Jane Cravey. Third Row: Gary Scudder, Mark Mills, Dan Marsh, Larry Peck, Bob Nagey, Dave Baldwin, Brad Stoops, Ron Waife, John Raber. Not pictured is sec- retary-treasurer Louise Steinmetz. Members promoted an interest in mathematics throughout the school. Films. lectures excite science. math curicsitg Students explored science and math through four clubs. Biology club members gained by watching experi- ments, demonstrations, and films. Accuracy and speed became the bywords of students in the Slide Rule Club. Through practice calculations and intraclub competition, members increased their proficiency in math. Science Reading Club read about and discussed the many recent sci- entific innovations, such as organ transplants and space exploration. Outstanding math students joined Mu Alpha Theta, a national mathe- matics honorary. Besides working interesting problems not pursued in the regular course, speakers pre- sented programs on such practical applications of math as computer programming and processing. PROVING THAT "two slide rules are better than one," Craig McGahey and Rick Dimit check each other's computations. PLANTING BEAN SEEDS in different types of soil, lab assistant Chris Bell helps to prepare a Biology Club experiment. UTILIZING THE ACTIVITY period, Steve Ellson and Mr. Phares discuss science topics relating to current medical advances. Journalism opportunities abound QUILL AND SCROLL-Front Row: Andy Fogle, Christy Pfeiffer, Kathy Madinger, Anne Ziegner, and Tina Nehrling. Second Row: Julie Schubert, Jan Lingeman, Nancy Scherer, Carole Fiedler, Beth Harris, and Fred Alexander. Mr. Rod Cord and Mrs. Evelyn Rhamy served as co-sponsors for this honorary society for high school journalists. ,,.. ,..-.,- ,aaa rm- ., 9115 , 255225 . 5 -1 ,ip . , ig QQ? 4- qw 1 . .ww mp.-..t. -ff. als.. gg--in-pi ' - 5,,,.,,'g,5:-W t ,1 F .QE ' i e 'r"""" -' X f 2- 'g.j.g.-F: 5 6 THE "ETCHlNGS IN THOUGHTS" STAFF, Marcia Campbell typist, Jim Morgan, Barb de Raismes, Christy Pfeiffer, and Tom Milch confer with sponsor James Jenkins on sub- mitted literary works. This anthology of creative writing, which is sponsored by the English department, is distributed among students at the end of the year. for Centralites Centralites p u r s u e d journalistic interests in a variety of ways this year. The Journalism club investigated the many facets of journalism through speakers, tours, and individual projects. Quill and Scroll, an international high school journalism honorary so- ciety, initiated eleven members at its banquet, "Politics and the Pen". Pre- requisities for membership included working on a publication staff for a year and ranking in the top third of the class. Students who were interested in contributing to the newspaper, but could not work it into their aca- demic schedule, joined the new News- paper Activity. Supervised by the "Northern Lights Editorial Board", these Centralites wrote stories, con- ducted interviews, and learned about newspaper p r o d u c tio n through experience. a-silly? !5fAli!E55Efz4fi i V M, , . Fu DURING TH E I R NEWSPAPER ACTIVITY PERIOD, sophomores Jane Kirtly, Linda Resnover, and Marsha Sigal discuss their feature story on student absenteeism with newspaper sponsor Mrs. Rhamy. AS A MEMBER OF QUILL AND SCROLL John Lindquist lights the candle to Initiate Andy Fogle while others look on RICK SCHAEFFER explains the mechanics and interpretation of his favorite poem to other members of Poetry Club. lrgmllln I ur! TO PREPARE FOR a presentation of a play, members of Shakespeare Club dress in typ- ical Elizabethan costumes. f :KYWA FT dll" Literarg pat-tern follows classic through modern E Satisfying the interests of the literary-minded student, North Central offered a quartet of English-oriented clubs. Compiling a reading list, Great Books Club members made selections from literary masterpieces of the world and analyzed them according to style and period. Limiting discussion to one writer per meeting, members of American Authors Club followed the trends that have influenced American writing. Covering the English branch of lit- erature was Shakespeare Club. Be- sides analyzing this giant of English literature, members often donned costumes to dramatize various plays. Creating their own verse, Poetry Club members also studied the different moods and mechanics of classical and contemporary authors. LISTENING TO another member's point, Gary Graham and Miss Fulps ponder the symbolism of Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. AFTER REFERRING T0 HIS NOTECARDS, a Great Books Club member emphasizes the characterizations in Homer' llliad. DECORATING THE TREE, Debbie Bill, Evy Sachs, Sally Esmon, and Greg Redish enjoy bringing the spirit of Christmas "a Ia fran- caise" to North Central. CREATING A HOLIDAY atmosphere, Pat Keller and Marlene Keith string up the German Merry Christmas in order to begin festivities during their club period. DRESSED IN CLASSIC TOGAS, Latin Club members dine in ancient Roman luxury at their annual spring banquet. Q , 121 .gl Foreign flair sets Christmas excitement By offering a broader knowledge and understanding of foreign coun- tries, the language clubs supple- mented classes in French, German, Spanish, and Latin. Continuing tradi- tion, the French Club cooked their own Parisian cuisine. The club also imported a French film. Complete with pifiata, the Spanish Club looked forward to its annual Christmas party. Studying the customs, the German Club learns more about the country. Members of the clubs put on skits of the country represented. Latin Club members looked back in time to the Roman Empire. They highlighted the year with an authentic feast complete with togas and slaves. These clubs gave a student a deeper understanding and created a closer in- direct relationship with the native people of many different areas. "' ,W f uf ' K "-' ' 4 : AS -A PART OP BLACK CULTURE CLUB, Carla Williams discusses a book on Negro achievements with Mrs. Rodman and Mr. Richardson, who served as sponsors of the club. Active clubs spur historical appreciation Combining seminars, projects, and group discussions, the political his- tory and culture clubs offered a va- riety of activities. Newly organized, the Black Culture Club initiated a study of Afro-art and literature. Re- sulting as a suggestion at a Human Relations forum, the club was first offered during second semester. Junior Historial Society members probed deeper into Indiana history through speakers and film sessions. Topics such as the KKK in Indiana and the Civil Liberties Union were discussed. After completing the term paper re- quired for membership, Military His- tory Club members delved into the science of battle strategy, often playing the game "Stratego." Practicing "Robert's Rules of Order," Government Club members participated in a mock legislature in May. During the Saturday session NC legislators brought up bills and voted on pertinent issues. JUNIOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY President Greg Schlegel, member Dan McCuen, and sponsor Mr. Richardson discuss the re- marks made by Mr. Alan Goldstein in his talk on the Civil Liberties Union. Clubs promote increased cultural awareness SURVEYING POSSIBLE exchange programs and travel opportunities are AFS members Linda Lorenz, Susan Kirkwood, Kay Krahn, Tilly Wilhoite, and Stephanie Kelso. aa' 2 , 91346 I W. ., . Marg if? 'S ISRA brit? A 3' 5 "ff-gif iffy ., a -vs.. Through informing Centralites on the politics and cultures of other na- tions four clubs promoted an interest in and an understanding of the peoples of the world. Travel Club offered members an armchair view of the world's sights from England to Japan, with slides and movies of members' vacations. Studying different societies, the World Culture Club members exam- ined the art, literature, and music of foreign countries as contrasted with those of America. The International Relations Club studied and analyzed current affairs and the world's prob- lems in relation to the United States. Interpreting the national motto, "Walk together, talk together o ye peoples of the earth, for then, and only then, shall ye have peace." Amer- ican Field Service members advanced world understanding by sponsoring many meetings between exchange stu- dents and others in the schools. Cen- tralites had an opportunity to meet and talk with the AFS students during the annual Coke Party. MRS. NORTH talks on the Arab-Israeli War to the International Relations Club. paw as lT, TWO MEMBERS OF THE DEBATE TEAM, Keith Murray and Bob Meili, research the pos- sibilities of today's controversial issues as discussion material for the team. DISPLAYING THE DEBATE TEAM'S many trophies won this year are senior varsity debaters Tom Milch and Ron Waife. Forensics team brings rewards to Centralites Through participation in the Indi- ana High School Forensics Association tourney, the NFL national tourney, and other invitationals, students interested in public speaking earned the 25 points necessary for National Foren- sics League membership. The North Central chapter of this national honor- ary society sponsored an invitational tourney and presented an assembly program featuring poetry, original oratory, and drama. "Resolved that compulsory service be required for all citizens of the United States" became the topic of discussion for debate team members. Through analyzation and research, De- bate Club members learned different techniques to present logical argu- ments necessary for debates. NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE Front Row J Stogsdill J Third Row B Shanner S. West, J. Kahn, B. Adkins, J. Jacobson, Russell M Kraay E Fink G Chavis J Bowers S Bernstein L S Levine R Waife Fourth Row: K. Murray, R. Meili, P. Minx, T. Dock D Traugott Second Row M Segal S Simon V Hadley Brewster R Stock R Blake, T. Milch, M. Rohn. Mr. Fruits spon- ADMIRING THE TROPHIES won by the North Central Forensics League for various competition are Jim Kahn and Val Drucker. DISCUSSING THE METHODS of raising and maintaining the Armed Forces during De- bate Club are Mat Rohn and Tom Milch. X LOOKING FOR A GlFl', the Duchess of Umbrage, played by Sally Curry, acquires an air of arrogance in the Children's Christmas play, Nicollo and Nicolette. Waiting patiently, Nicolette glances around Uncle Magnus' toy shop. 6 WITH A STEPPED-UP BEAT, members of Folk Music Club present a rendition of country music at the Folk Music assembly. PRACTICING A FAVORITE PIECE OF MUSIC, Nancy Blickenstaff displays her talents to members of Mandolin Choir Club. CAREFULLY SCULPTURING A PIECE OF WOOD, Allan Wallace of Art 7-8 prepares his exhibit for the all-school art show. Art. music set-tempo for cultural arts Under the direction of Mr. Dennis, the Chamber Music Club learned about the different styles of music and musical periods. When not work- ing on original arrangements, Folk Music Club members performed at events such as the Senior Bonfire, the Key Club Convention, 'and the Family Jamboree. The highlight of the year was producing an assembly presented to the student body. While studying particular types of music, students in the Great Music Club enjoyed live demonstrations by students within the school. Super- vised by Mr. Martin, the Mandolin Choir did their own arrangements and performed at a number of churches, civic functions and parties. The Art Club was active in many projects. Members displayed their work at the all-school art show. Many students entered contests and won top honors with their creations. LISTENING INTENTLY TO RENAISSANCE CLASSICS, Great Music club members Desi Arnold, Debbie Bevins, and Bobbie Collins increase their interest in classical music. PREPARING FOR THE ALL SCHOOL ART SHOW, Mary Metzger shows Henry Laurie various colors in her artwork while Leigh MacAlIister finishes one of her sketches during art club. Members of the Art 7-8 classes, use the activity period to work on class projects. CHAMBER MUSIC CLUB provides Katy Sim- mons and Katie Kahn a chance to compose their own musical arrangements. T-iI Ji!WSiG" AT NORA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Julie Morris spends the first two periods of the day helping 4th grade students in reading. Activities broaden Centralites knowledge of future careers Members of Future Teachers of America devoted club periods to studying aspects of teaching. Besides learning how to use audiovisual teach- ing aids, members practiced grade book' recording techniques and other practical activities. This year the Red Cross Club col- lected S450 in their annual drive. This was the largest amount ever collected by the club, and the local Red Cross Chapter greatly appreciated it. An- other charity project carried out this year was a visit to the Indiana State Girls School. Students enrolled in the Pre-teach- ing course spent the first two weeks observing other grade school classes. After the two week preparation period students received assignments to grade schools in the surrounding area to aid the teachers as well as to observe teaching techniques. Through the course, students interested in edu- cation could find out if it was the oc- cupation in which they wanted to major in. Two students attended the State Health Careers Meeting. Joyce Can- nell, president of the North Central Chapter, and Terri Schlossburg repre- sented the school. Members listened to speakers on the many health ca- reer opportunities available. RECALLING THE VISIT the Red Cross made to the Indiana State Girls School are mem- bers Geraldine Dix, Christine Bade and Leslie Bell. IN FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB, members study teaching fundamentals. During a meeting Patti O'Heren and Tina Nehrling learn how to use a grade book properly. N544 n , 'A 8 A+' x,...',d Y. fix M, ,, a M' M as an ,Q Qt nn, H usa-1 v ,pi esaawa lam:-no Q,gi"': Summon ' Milliin 5 monsoon: Nnuoms lrwnuna- vmonnwt 0 Q' 356468144 4 5 'bmw is u ng 4 ' Nithsunq 94 9. s U P I ,i ,ff Nwuwnldf ' ' ' Ci 3 is 'lawns IW' in ,AO mtv ip.. Q pl ,ga away- ,v4'i"'.f"" 'N -'Hun Us 'W 'jpffirsr fa 'wx-'Luc H kr' u4'pliW.,, nuw',n4s.1,f. f:,,,"14If'w U ,ins-Fygrbai, ,migyeaie F' , sxgnlfz wat JM' , uiffdfl!+ 1, . A ,wffnfi M ie N. 0 N fo lf 9' ,1r'.,n 9 - Q U. QM,lr"',x .gan ,U n ' :X 1404,-4 ' turn:-af.-f 'Q 1 ,. W agvn.v1fs,m-M1 ,, ,,,K4.swf 1- A ,nmnw Q. , tressrhfif qrmwxvf Q66 I x 9WW4V'f .Q-WW' ' ,ln Ilkillfiflttuflgzyib aqauln,n'P'm,w! 14 .1-+vsuanv'Q:,,,,a4w2 S, ,wgaovut 1111 'gi NmstlS!i'ii Spf .uf lit ' ,. K "'WV'it.I' 4121? 1- - 15-21.1. ""Y9'Zi:i3.i?:i 1'i1.ff7s:5fffi7'l-. 55275,.i-i151!E53?iE?'Sx:!P'?fYif-LFS' 1: l 1-fs.esmefm-fr-W-W-eum::c:tn..,.sm.mmnw-L-aa...- Cadet corps emphasizes training in leadership RECEIVING THE 1968 1st year riflemen Award, Bob Decker beams proudly. To better prepare themselves for the future, the members of the NDCC Infantry Battalion put in long hours of intensive training, focusing on leader- ship, discipline, and mental and phys- ical development. The Drill Team achieved skill in ac- curacy and displayed their accom- plishments in formations and routines dealing with precise actions. Display- ing unique squad formation and maneuvers, the team participated in drill meets at all levels, including city, county, and state championships. One phase of the NDCC program was the Rifle Team, which represented it 3--M North Central well in local, sectional, and state competitions. The elite group which made up the Color Guard required scholarship as well as the desire to serve. At sports events and other school functions the Color' Guard had the privilege to pre- sent the flag. The cadets also carried the national colors in the Veteran's Day Parade. Cadets and their sponsors planned the 1968 Military Ball around the theme, It Might As Well Be Spring. Both civilian and military students en- joyed this formal function which took place in the Student Center. DURING THE ANNUAL Veteran's Day Pa- Baugh, Charlie Reeves. The sponsors, who attained the status of rade, North Central's NDCC marches officer, assisted the cadets in the planning of such military func- around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. tions as the organizing of federal inspection of the Corps. CRITICIZING A SAMPLE PICTURE, Miki Sheehan shows to other members of Photography Club how important proper lighting and centering are to a picture. CHESS CLUB MEMBER Dana Dlott stud- ' ies a sample board to review standard chess moves before a match. ANGLER-NIMROD MEMBERS Bob Dinnsen, Dave Patton, Dave Jenkins, Tom Bowman, Gary Dankert and Jim Jobe take time out from trip planning to pose for a picture. ONE -OF TH-E MQST popular activities in' the Academic Games bilities he may take to make an extra long W'FF and Proof while Club is playing Wff and Proof. Dave Lewis considers the possi- Dave Teilinger and John Raber study the game board. Academic clubs provide intellectual challenge CHESS TEAM MEMBERS Don Katz, Paul Enright, Dana Dlott and John VonFange study the chess board to decide what will be the next chess move. Under the direction of sponsors Mr. Morris Campbell and Mr. Thomas Cox, the Chess Team continued its winning tradi- tion by outplaying its opponents. Team members met once a week during activity period to play chess and to discuss pre- vious matches. Students interested in intellectual pur- suits found satisfaction by joining Aca- demic Games. Each week they brought in new math problems and brain teasers to challenge other members. Games such as three dimensional tic-tac-toe and new versions of W'ff and Proof tested mem- bers' ability to reason quickly and effec- tively. The Photography Club gave camera bugs an opportunity to exchange ideas on picture-taking. Members discussed the processes of loading film, picture compo- sition, and developing. Students brought in their own work to be criticized by other members of the club. Outdoor enthusiasts congregated at meetings of the Angler-Nimrod Club. The boys planned numerous weekend trips to ideal hunting and fishing spots through- out the state parks and forests. Individual improvement offered SIT-UPS, LEG RAISERS, and flexibility are just a few of the exercises Carol Reifers and Pam Hale do to keep in shape in the Junior-Senior Girl's Exercise Club. Girls not enrolled in physical edu- cation courses kept their weight down and figures trim by joining the Ju- nior-Senior Girls' Exercise Club. Each week members were chosen to demon- strate a new exercise, showing the correct way to execute it and for which part of the body it was bene- ficial to. Learning the basic fundamentals of knitting such as casting on and off and knitting and pearling stitches were some of the goals of the mem- bers of the Knitting Club. Projects for charity as well as individual projects were some of their accomplishments WILLING TO HELP a beginner learn the rudiments of knitting, President Lisa Pat- rick aids Jerry Farber in casting-on. during activities of the members. Students were en- couraged to attempt difficult projects such as hats, mittens or sweaters. If any member had difficulty in under- standing instructions or compiling an unusual stitch, it was easy for the knitter to receive help in the club. To learn the proper care of knitted gar- ments, the club asked a specialist to come and discuss the topic. International Foods Club gave stu- dents the chance to perpare and taste foreign foods. Members were pro- vided with new recipes each week. Food demonstrations were given by students and professional cooks. After learning the basic stitches of knitting and purling, Beverly Bibbs completes her sweater while Jenne Bransford begins a new one. DURING INTERNATIONAL FOODS Ann Hale, Marilyn Skinner, Becky Roose and Linda Whitaman show members how to pre- pare a new dish. ...T-i, .. , i Shop-oriented clubs provide mechanical skill IN INTENSE CONCENTRATION, Electronics Club members Darren Palmer and David Kanaur make use of the testing machine to check television tubes. WOODWORKING CLUB member, Allen Croft, practices carpentry skills on his pro- ject during the club period. A-1? J' METAL MAKING Club member, Dennis Jus- tice works on his shop project. By making practical use of their time, members ofthe Boys' Industrial Arts Club made projects of metal and wood. The shop enabled boys to pur- sue individual interests. By working out mechanical layouts and individual projects, Drafting Club members gained skill in design and architectural composition. Most stu- dents used the period to supplement their drafting class. Girls' Automechanics was a club designed to enrich girls with a better understanding of auto parts. Partici- pants became better operators of cars. Exploring aspects of the auto- motive world, the girls tuned-up car engines. Boys in the Electronics Club re- searched the occupational advantages in the field of electronics. They checked equipment, learned how to make minor adjustments on radios, and assembled amplifier kits. fl 559 553 HEHHKHA1 ,,:' . , ,,jf:5f,2T -. ,M fu- , , 4, ,,,. N, x 355,355 I ay iifz'5f'3f2Fi5 'ff H ' Sl.1pQ:::?ez'jgf:, x i g"' I f. , 1 i 4 f 1 J 'S 'iw xl N . 5 T55 fi i J S 5, - 1 w. LQ m:f.:,w,'fszz1'v 5 ,s..,,:, F -A J V IJ' 2 L, 1. J 3'2,,gl ' .3 ZOOMING IN FOR A closer look, Dianna Bennett and Jan Belschwender inspect the workings of a newly repaired engine. DRAFTING CLUB member, Charles Elliott, finds that it takes skill to complete a suc- cessful drafting job. Iii if viii, l, . I E ,N PREPARING VISUAL aids are Bob Butler, Rex Powers, Jarvey Brown, John Lesher. IN THE CHEMISTRY LABORATORY, student assistants prepare lab solutions. I LEADING GYM EXERCISES, Suzanne Miller twists and turns doing waist bends. TO ADVANCE THEIR knowledge, Graphic Arts club members learn how to set up the press to print programs. Students donate study halls to help in various departments Centralites helped teachers run various departments this year in sev- eral different fields. Students who volunteered to be assistants enjoyed the freedom of honor study hall. The preparing of labs, handling equip- ment, grading papers, and typing handouts gave Science Service Club members an insight to a career in sci- ence. Physical education helpers aided gym teachers by leading exercises and demonstrating stunts to be taught to the gym students. Helpers are chosen because of their interest and ability in physical skills. Learning many processes, audio visual technicians made visual aids to illustrate teacher's lessons. Officers were Randy Solecki, president: Roy Trester, Vice-president: Dody McMil- len, Secretary-Treasurer. The Graphic Arts Club members gained exeprience by attacking actual projects such as tickets and pro- grams. These members enlarged their knowledge of printing and allied trades. Checking in books, library helpers not only perform a service to the school, but gained experience for any field in which they wish to major. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS contribute their sennces to their school. ln reshelve books and magazines. Students in the foreground study the browsing room Joyce Eden Holly Mohr and Judy Sullivan and research in the library. BOOSTER BLOCK-First Row: J. Allen, J. Anderson, D Durkin, D. Keenan, V. Tower, K. Moody, L. Glassmeyer, G. Worley, F. Nelson. Second Row: J. Fowler, D. Allen T. Polley, D. Evans, L. Wagner, K. Wilson, R. Maulden D. Odell, C. Reese. Third Row: K. Craig, L. Schwindler M. Laws, C. Umemura, T. Hutzler, C. Lisher, J. New: land, K. Hesse, C. Hapak. Fourth Row: J. Rosen, K. Richardson, M. Tewksbury, A. Ferguson, M. Pratt, J. Sul- livan, K. Sleater, D. Bond, M. Wagner. Fifth Row: J. Koschmann, K. Stevenson, S. Cooper, D. Butler, S. Tur- ner, L. Dentel, D. Puckett, M. Wilsted, B. Wilhelm. Sixth Row: L. Habig, B. Barnhorst, K. Broderick, M. Koerten, K. Simpson, C. Bruenger, J. Dixon, M. Skinner, P. Bout- well. Miss McCormack sponsors the block. BATON CORPS-First Row: S. Getz, C. Howe, S. Neese, R. Third Row: C. Baudenistel, C. Kriegbaum, V. Swenson, J. Jordon, Hastings K Shearer, S. Carpenter, C. Wright. Second Row: B. feature twirler J. Phillippee, L. Clifton, D. Kreisher, J. Stephenson. Shearer S Simon S. Kaufmann, L. Turner, A. Ziegner, L. Mordoh. Hundreds of spirited Panthers exhibit enthusiasm and zeal Numbering over 1400, members of Panther Athletic helped to promote school spirit. During activity periods they watched demonstrations by North Central athletic teams, recognized athletes with awards, and listened to speakers from professional organiza- tions, including the Indiana Pacers. Duke Hardy served as president, Gary Linder, vice-presidentg Joy Leim- bach, secretary: and Darrell Pike and LaSalle Thompson, sergeants-at-arms. Outfitted in red and white capes, the Booster Block assisted the cheer- leaders in keeping the crowds lively at basketball games. The addition of red and black mittens added color to DISPLAYING HER SCHOOL SPIRIT and support for the Panthers, Judy Stone, the North Central mascot, makes a mighty pose in the gym before the county tourney games. the girls' synchronized hand move- ments. They selected Judy Stone as president, Terry Tuck, vice-president, Kathy Richardson, secretary: and Brenda Hayes, treasurer. Majorette Jamie Phillippe led the Baton Corps during the football and basketball games. On October 5, the Corps sponsored a meet at North Cen- tral and captured first place. In the solo division, Anne Ziegner took sec- ond place, Debbie Kriesher, fourth, and Cindy Kriegbaum, fourth. One of the highlights of the year for the girls was displaying their talent in the Vet- erans Day Parade, an annual event which takes place on the Circle. ENTICING THE GYM assistants with their feminine apparel, Fred Fehsenfeld and Steve Gallaway lead cheers. COACH ARLAN LICKLITER makes.a jump shot to end the gym assistant-faculty basketball game with the score 27-23 in favor of the teachers during a Panther Athletic meeting. wwf MAKING GOOD USE of her activity period, Ellen Bullman practices her speed and technique to improve her typewriting abilities in Review Typing Club. JOE BLAKELEY SHAKES HANDS with a guest speaker in Business Careers Club. Business clubs Students needing more time to practice and develop business skills were given the opportunity in clubs which helped to prepare them for col- lege or summer jobs. Members of the Review Typing Club reviewed skills in order to per- fect their speed and accuracy. Each student concentrated on areas in which he needed improvement. The club was offered to any student with one semester of typing. The Notehand Club provided stu- dents a chance to learn a shorthand system which would become helpful in taking notes during high school and college lecture courses. Although the club met during the activity pe- riod, it was conducted similar to a class with a textbook. Students currently enrolled in a shorthand course were able to be- come members of the Shorthand Club. They reviewed old lessons as well as practiced current ones. ,ew q Nm' KSQXWTYIBH 'UMM Spori ' x Y Q! N 1:1 .R V w w g f lffsigr W - . 4 A im! f A SA - Nfr. 'W K ' I 1 ' Yrs-'fi 'k" 4 - :V -f .gf """ "W"""'-wffff ' - , w "gf, f,. 1' A ,a .... .... E: ., --42fQ,w,:.fg1,.. if 'Ins V M ' ' ' ,r mf" . fn -' .imew Pattern of life reflects spirit of competition Patterns are also vital in sports- An effective pattern of play Is the key to success in every game. North Central athletes in 1969 Often experienced the joy of victory But sometimes also the pain of defeat. Sports brought excitement to many- Both players and fans. Long hours of practice Perfecting varied skills, Toning every muscle to readiness Paid off time and again. Athletes also experienced the thrill Of knowing you've done your best Against tough competition Knowing you're part of a team- Vital to the whole. Knowing that you as yourself count ln a plan that is part of a pattern- The pattern of your life. Varsifg football team captures third consecutive county title AS STEVE JACKSON ASSISTS with a block, Steve Clayton breaks through the Broad Ripple line. Jackson made twenty-nine tackles and twenty-nine assists during the season. aww.. we fs? J ,, :Si After losing all but one man from the starting line up of the 1967 varsity squad, the Panthers went into the year building new team strength. Their only losses were to Carmel and Marion, while they cap- tured the county championship for the third consecutive year and held the varsity team record go to only four losses in four years. Total aerial yardage earned was almost three times greater for the Panthers than it was for their op- position with North Central averag- ing 17.1 yards per game to a 6.5 yard average for their opponents. The Panthers also led in ground yardage with a total of 1561 yards gained to their opponent's 1459 yards. The offense averaged 20.3 yards per completed pass and gained 1418 yards through rushing. The defense gained 117 yards from ten pass interceptions and re- covered seven of their opponents fumbles for six points. 1968 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: A. Johnson, D. Morgan, S. White, W. Huff. Second Row: S. Callaway, S. Clayton J. Snyder, M. Altman, N. Kempler, G. Nefouse, R. Lash, G. Linder, D. Hullet, C. Johnston, D. Elliot, D. Pike, D. Bried, G. Graham Third Row: J. Harcourt, W. Johnson, M. Christie, D. Murphy, K Holloway, D. Pepple, J. Marr, W. Parker, J. Pritchard, B. Stern, R. Callaway, D. Mitchell, R. Stephenson. Fourth Row: R. Hutchinson M. Miller, D. Kniptash, W. Freeze, H. Baldwin, D. Clark, D. Clay: comb. G. Summers, D. Smith, D. McGeary, R. Fulmer, S. Jackson, R. Brooks. 4 lg rl f 75 x'S,k"'5 mx 1 M STOPPING A LAWRENCE BALL CARRIER from making a successful play are defense men Darrell Pike, Jeff Marr, Greg Nefouse, Herb Baldwin, and Steve Jackson. RECOVERING A FUMBLE at the Arlington game, the Panthers go on to win by a wide margin. The team recovered many of their opponents' fumbles during the season. Gridmen place four men on countg squad North Central led the All County team with Darrell Pike, Rick Lash, Steve Jackson, and Dan Smith com- prising the offensive and defensive units. The gridders also led in Hon- orable Mentions with thirteen mem- bers recommended. Leading the Panthers in rushing yardage, pass reception, and kick off returns was senior halfback Rick Lash with an average of 7.4 yards per rush and a gain of 369 yards through passes received. F ol lo wi n g Lash closely in the number of pass recep- tions were Doug Kniptash, Rick Ful- mer, and Dave Elliot. Steve Clayton as quarterback led in passing with 148 attempts and 70 completions gaining 1432 yards. The reserves, under the coaching of Mr. Friedersdorf and Mr. Schiffli, posted a season of 6-1-1. The team consisting largely of sophomores, was the largest in size and number in North Central's history. OUTDISTANCING HIS OPPONENT. Doug Kniptash goes on to make a touchdown. Kniptash was second in the number of yardage run. .ww we., ., M HJ .J L A 1968 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: T. Harling, R. COI- O- Mayfield- B- Burge, T- Kennedy, A- Hazelwood J Gangstad glazier, D. Curry, G. Hutchinson, M. Davis, R. Irwin, J. Hutchison. P- Stedman- L- Shaw, W- MifCh9ll- M- MeS0Iey T Smith FOUFUY Second Row: S. Ferguson, S. Fritsch, T. Reed, H. Bailey, S. Harden, ROW! E- KOCH. Nl- Milender- P- THOFNDSOH- A- CHFFOII R LeWlS J. Hart, M. Wilson, K. Light, R. Fasola, D. Craycraft, D. Agnew, R- Pafdiek- W- SUTIDSOU- D- Lewis, R- GibS0f1- Nl Overman G Belt W. Davis, J. Davis. Third Row: D. Gates, B. Luginbill, J. Graham, J- RUSSGH- JUNIOR MATT MILLER BREAKS for a touchdown run during the Warren game. M1iller was also a key blocker for the Pan- t ers. sure its success. Dan McGeary led the team in kicking for the extra gg.w: ,1,4-:-a,,gulfL-.-1--:-W - .xrslvzd :mfr --ssllwfr,-,..-f-'W BLOCKING FOR THE PAT fPoint After Touchdownj, Marty Sebastian a Harriers win sectional crown. retain CROSS COUNTRY-1968-VARSITY NC .... 22 Kokomo .,....... NC 15 M8flLI3I.......... 47 61 Broad Ripple ..... 81 NC .... 15 Ben Davis ....,.. 61 Howe ........... 63 NC .... 19 Lawrence Central . . 52 Washington ...... 69 NC .... 15 Arlington ........ 60 Warren Central .... 65 Pike Hokum Karum .......... First Scecina Invitational .......... First Ben Davis Invitational ........ First Broad Ripple Invitational ..,,.. First Shortridge Invitational ...... Second Northwest Invitational ...... Second County Meet .............. Second Regional Meet ...... ,.... S econd K I Sectignal Meet ,.A..,, First LA SALLE THOMPSON, co-captain of the cross country team, sprints around the turn State Meet , , , ,.,.. Second during a meet. Thompson was voted the most valuable runner by his teammates. 1968 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front Row: F. Alexander fmana- Arlan Lickliter, M. Holmquist, D. Porter, L. Thompson, H. Penning- gery, M. Lickliter, R. Battram, J. Helms, L. Franklin, M. Barnett, R. ton, W. Hotte, R. Pruitt, P. Nahmais, D. English, T. Mote, D. Gipe. Stover, S. Cannon, S. Calderon, R. Hall, G. Schlegel, M. Holt, W. W. Brody, J. Krueger, C. Wolfe, T. Dove, D. Abel, M. Riley, and Norlin, J. Kelly, W. Gasper, and M. Cloncs. Second Row: Coach Coach Charles Riley. Qnd in State One of North Central's most power- ful cross country squads, coached by Charles Riley and Arlan Lickliter, en- joyed a great season winning the tro- phies from the Pike Hokum, Scecina Invitational, Ben Davis Invitational, Broad Ripple Invitational, and the State Sectional. Led by seniors and returning lettermen, La Salle Thomp- son, Mark Holmquist, Warren Hotte, and Harry Pennington received valuable help from junior letterman Dave Porter and sophomore Rick Stover. The Panthers varsity harriers compiled a record of 122 wins and 4 losses, while the reserve team won 71 and lost 5. In the State Sectional, North Cen- tral showed its might by placing R. Stover nineteenth, L. Thompson twen- ty-second, H. Pennington twenty- third, W. Hotte twenty-ninth, D. Por- ter fifty-sixth, and G. Schlegel fifty- eighth. La Salle Thompson broke last year's two mile record and established a new one at 9:46.5. Thompson was also voted the most valuable runner and co-captain along with Harry Pen- nington. Marc Lickliter was voted the most improved. Next year's varsity will have five returning lettermen. CHAMPIONSHIP CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front: R. Stover, B. Stoops, G. Schlegel, D. Porter. Second Row: Coach C. Riley, L. Thompson, W. Hotte, H. Pennington, A. Lickliter. THE NORTH CENTRAL CROSS COUNTRY TEAM begin their practice by running the course as one group. Later on the team divides into many separate running teams. ' -'uv-it . .. I POISED FOR A FOUL SHOT after a viola- tion Paul Weeks concentrates on his shot. iff!! ,,..f' ...sig Netmen Hardg. Weeks named for 1969 All-Sectional Team BQSKETBALL-1969--VARSITY 5 NC. . . New Castle ........ .63 NC. . .66 Carmel ............ .72 NC. . .75 Lawrence Central .... .55 NC. . .84 Kokomo ........... .73 NC. . .65 Southport .......... .70 NC. . .96 Marshall ...... .... . 95 NC. . .89 Speedway .......... .77 NC. . .73 Tech .............. .74 NC. . .57 Warren Central ...... .58 NC. . .95 Manual ............ .70 NC. . .62 Ben Davis ..... .... . 67 NC.. .77 Pike ....... .... . 60 NC. . .64 Arlington ..... .... . 50 NC. . .79 Broad Ripple ...... . .64 NC. . .71 Wabash ...... .... . 70 NC. . .47 Marion ....... .... . 78 NC. . .58 Northwest ...,.... . .63 NC. . .68 Noblesville ......... .57 COUNTY TOURNEY NC.. .90 Pike .............. .68 NC. . .68 Warren Central ...... .49 NC. . .62 Speedway .......... .70 SECTIONAL NC. . .71 Ben Davis .... .... . 61 NC. . .63 Attucks ..... .... . 79 CLIMBING HIGH TO MAKE a shot, Junior Paul Weeks outjumps his Wabash opponent. Weeks totaled 314 points for the season. Speed, hard work, and spirit char- acterized Coach Lickliter's basketball squad this year. Finishing a third straight winning season, the team took a drop in height and posted a slate of 13-10. The cagers started the season by dropping contests to New Castle and Carmel, but re- bounded to defeat Lawrence and Ko- komo in the next two games. In a close game with highly rated Marsh- all, the Panthers emerged victorious with a score standing at 96-95. Wa- bash entered the Panther schedule this year and proved to be a very worthy opponent, but was beaten by the roundballers, 71-70, in one of the most exciting games of the season. The highest points for the varsity five came during tournament play, both county and sectional. In coun- ty play, North Central overwhelmed Pike, 90-68, and went on to gain re- venge against Warren Central, who had beaten them by one point in reg- ular play. The Panthers dropped the last game in tourney play to Southport by a five point margin. The team had upset the Cardinals for the county crown in the previous season. In sec- tional play the cagers beat Ben Davis in the first contest, but lost to Attucks in the second, playing their best game of the year against the very highly rated team. , .,. .,,,..u-.......-....... i f 2 1 I . M ,, Q j xx 412 42 ' 3 X - , F 553 I A j i -4 si ew! .,.L, .1 W 1 A I 2 Q " --M 5 - ,sf .: r,w K , is z ' 7' 1 ,X 3 Q iw .. ,.., 2? 1' P 'f""' Q .5 K "' F1 1 .ffj L , 5 5 96? "figs -24, 'X I , 0 f M 'Q' ' H if QV gg 'I :H g . 1. wg' . BASKETBALL-1969-RESERVE . . .31 New Castle ......... . . . . . . Lawrence Central .... . . . 51 . . . Carmel .............. .37 47 44 53 45 . . .67 Kokomo ........ .... . . .53 Southport ...... . . . . . . .50 Marshall ..... . . . . . . .50 Speedway ..... . . . . . . .54 Tech ........... . . . . 55 Warren Central . . . . . . . ...5O Manual ....... .... 41 ' ...33 Ben Davis... ...53 Arlin on 45 49 41 58 51 gt .... . .. Broad Ripple . . . . . . . . . Wabash ...... . , . . . . . Marion ....... . . . . . . . Northwest ...... . . . . NC NC NC NC NC 48 NC 33 NC 52 NC 55 NC. . . 46 NC 42 NC... Pike ........ ....49 NC 37 NC 43 NC 35 NC 54 NC 46 NC 48 NC 42 . . . Noblesville ......... . . . COUNTY TOURNEY NC. . .42 Ben Davis, ...... . . . .33 NC. . .30 Warren Central . .. ... .44 IN AN EFFORT TO REGAIN CONTROL of the ball, Gary Pittenger and Paul Weeks scram- ble with Noblesville players. Hoopsters post 3rd straight WING FOR A REBOUND, Dan English comes off the boards at the Warren reserve game. English led in scoring and rebounds for the reserves, and started in every game. PUMPING IN A SHOT, Gary Pittenger lifts high off the floor. Pittinger tied the total point record set last year of 408 points, and averaged 17.7 points per game. winning season Proving to be a very strong center was 6-5 senior Bill Vinton. His re- bounds and basketwork, in which he totaled 181 points for the season, were invaluable to team success. Duke Hardy was perhaps the most decisive factor in team success. The 5-8 guard led in scoring and set a new record of 187 completed assists. His drive and determination sparked team spirit when it reached low ebbs. He, along with Paul Weeks was named to the All-Sectional team. Weeks aver- aged 12 rebounds per game, which led to many points for the Panthers. In addition to rebounding, he totaled 314 points for the season. Gary Pittenger, at forward, was the main point-getter for the five, and tied the school record for total points in regular play at 408 points. Rounding out the team were Rick Lash, Kevin Snow, Larry Crowe, Dave Highmark, Dave Elliot, and Matt Miller. The reserves, under the direction of Coach Jack Walter, finished a suc- cessful season of 11-9. Every man was played in almost every game, giving much experience to the squad. NETMEN CONFER WITH COACH LICKLITER on the strategy for the next playiduring the Manual game. The Panthers showed tremendous speed on the hardwood this year. 1969 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: C. Wolfe, D. Tay- ond Row:-Coach Walter IR. Colgazer, M. Davis, B. Young, M. Over- lor, T. Connor, H. Patterson, B. Parrish, Mgr. Marc Lickliter. Sec- man, J. Mister, Mgr. R. Fishman. 1969 GYMNASTICS TEAM-Front Row: J. Coraz P. Huber, J. Bar- rett, J. Elam, R. Stein, I. Sigal, J. Weekly, G. Cohen, M. Wilson Second Row: B. Rosenbaum, R. Fortier, D. Taylor, M. McBride E. Willey, K. Corts, R. Sickora, D. Morgan, J. Spickelmier, S. Levine STRIVING FOR PERFECTION, George Wil- son performs a parallel bars handstand. WITH CONCENTRATED EFFORT BROOKS MCKINNEY executes a lever at the Pike meet McKinney also works the side horse on which he placed third at the county match SUPPORTING HIS WEIGHT ON ONE ARM Jack Harcourt performs his routine on the side horse. Harcourt used this routine to win the side horse event at the county meet Gymnastics capture first annual counfg crown af Ben Davis SHOWING GREAT SKILL AND EFFORT Dave Taylor executes his routine on the rings. GYM NASTICS-1 969-VARSITY ....110 ....101 NC NC NC .... 110 NC NC . . . . .78 . . . . .as 83M NC ..... 97 NC .... 105 NC ..... 64 NC .... 107 NC .... 102 NC ..... so . . . 2 NS' ' 99? Nc. . .ew NC ..... 85 Nc. . .saw Nc. . .sow NC .... 107 Wabash Anderson Portland .... Ben Davis . .. Southport . Howe .... Portland .. Concord .. Pike ..... Howe .... Columbus ..... Ben Davis ..... Madison Heights' ' ' Warren Central . Pike ,........ Madison Heights' . Columbus ........ IOSM Anderson ........ Columbus Invitational ....... Marion County Invitational .. Warren Central Invitational St3t6 Meet ...31 ...53 ...42 ...76 '70 65 .. . O SA ...49 ...9O ...47 ...25 ..104 ,612 ...65 65M ...45 ..3rd . .lst ..5th ..5th Capturing the county's first cham- pionship crown, the North Central gymnastic team had a highly success- ful season. The team also had a 15-4 record for dual meet competition. Coach John Emry attributed this record to having "a well-balanced team." The squad also relied on its depth and starting routines. Other high points of the season included placing third at the Columbus Invita- tional and getting fifth at the Warren Central Invitational, as well as winning the county meet, in which three in- dividual firsts, two seconds, and four thirds were taken. Some of the standouts this year were Seniors Jack Harcourt on the side horse and free exercise, Stu Mon- ical on the parallel bars and high bar, and Gary Cohen on the rings, trampo- line, and free exercise. Outstanding juniors were Dave Morgan in tumbling and George Wilson on the parallel bars and high bar. With a number of juniors returning and many promising sophomores, the team has a fine po- tential for next year. FLIPPING OVER THE BAR, George Wilson shows perfect style on the high bar Wilson earned a second in this and the parallel bar event at the Anderson Wabash meet 1969 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-Front Row: Charles Roesch, Kevin Worley, Rex Callaway, Jay Burger, Bob Habig, Coach Far- Robert Collins, Steve Bonnent, Marvin Edmonds, Mike Altman, Bob rand, David Lawton, Doug Witham, John Bose, Brad Canaday. The Lempke, Jim Alexander. Second Row: Dan Smith, Nate Kempler, varsity team hadaseason record of 12-1. ESCAPING FROM THE REFEREES down position, Nate Kempler "sits out" on his opponent. Kempler was sectional champion in the 175 lbs. weight class. WRESTLI NG-1969-VARSITY 43 NC. . . Howe ............. . .3 NC. . .35 Warren Central ...... .13 NC. . .38 Lawrence Central .... . .7 NC. . .38 Ben Davis .......... .10 NC. . .25 Franklin Central ..... .16 NC. . .33 Decatur Central ..... . .9 NC. . .43 Southport ....... . . . .8 NC. . .48 Broad Ripple .... . . . .O NC...37 Carmel ....... ....9 NC...53 Kokomo .... ....0 NC...38 Shortridge NC...33 Tech ...... ....11 NC...17 Arlington .....23 '- North Central Panthers varsity grapplers take Coach Farrand's 1969 varsity wres- tling team compiled an impressive rec- ord of 12 wins, losing only one match to Arlington in dual meet competition. Paced by returning senior Iettermen Bob Habig, John Bose, and Rex Callo- way the Panthers found Arlington and Franklin Central to be their toughest opponents. Taking the county crown North Central varsity matmen gained three county champions, J. Bose, D. With- am, and Bob Habig. Moving into the annual North Central 8-team tourna- ment, Farrand's grapplers again cap- tured first. ln the Sectional, the Pan- thers received the crown with five first place champions, S. Bonnent, M. Edmonds, D. Lawton, B. Habig, and N. Kempler. At the Regional the mat- men again placed first by having three champions: M. Edmonds, J. Bose, B. Habig. Bob Habig placed first in the 145 lbs. weight class at the state meet. J. Bose placed sec- ond in the 133 lbs. weight class and M. Edmonds third in the 122 lbs. weight class. The varsity season records revealed Charles Roesch C95 lbs.J, 20-3-lg Marvin Edmonds C112 lbs.J, 22-5-1, Mike Altman C120 lbs.Q, 7-5, Jim Alex- ander C127 lbs.J, 19-57 John Bose C133 lbs.J, 24-33 Douglas Witham C138 Ibs.J, 14-17 Bob Habig C145 lbs.J, 26-Og Rex Calloway C154 lbs.J, 16-79 Kevin Worley C165 lbs.J, 8-O-15 Nate Kempler C175 lbs.J, 21-43 Daniel Smith Cheavy weighty, 8-7-1. second in state ,, , ,,,, , APPLYING THE HALF-NELSON, Doug Witham tries to roll his opponent to get him into the pinning combination. Witham was the county champion in the 138 lbs weight class PINNING HIS OPPONENT from Lawrence Central, John Bose shows how to use the "cradle". Bose was the regional champion and the in the state. AT ONE OF THE RESERVE MATCHES, Farrand's reserve wrestling team shows how they achieved their season record of 15-O-1. The reserves were tied only by Arlington Matmen retain sectional regional crown Exceeding the varsity by not losing a single match, the North Central Pan- thers reserve wrestling team ended the season with an outstanding record of 15-O-1. Led by returning Ietterman Don Horning the Panthers reserve team easily fought their way to an un- beaten season. The highlite of the re- serve season was the match against Arlington which ended in a tie at 21- 21. The reserve team outscored their opponents by an amazing average of 26 points. Shown by the impressive season record ,Farrands reserve grap- plers gained valuable experience and knowledge of basic wrestling holds and maneuvers. VESESTLING-1969-RESERVES NC. . . Howe ............. . .0 NC. . .31 Warren Central ...... . .8 NC. . .41 Lawrence Central .... .11 NC. . .37 Ben Davis ......... .13 NC...51 Broad Ripple .. NC. . .40 Carmel ...... . . . .12 NC...46 Pike ...... NC. . .44 Brebeuf ..... . . . .10 NC. . .45 Chartrand .... ... .13 NC...26 Kokomo ..... NC. . .45 Shortridge . .. . . . .15 NC...33 Tech ......... NC. . .21 Arlington ........... 21 NC. . .32 Southport .......... .11 NC. . .36 Decatur Central ..... .15 NC. . .24 Franklin Central ..... .19 USING HIS CHIN in applying his combination hold Rex Callaway was able to beat Ben Davis. The North Central Panther's varsity pins his Ben Davis adversary With Callaways win North Central grapplers ended the season with a record of 12-1. Q AFTER WINNING HIS FINAL MATCH, Bob Habig gives a sigh of relief as he captured the 145 lbs. state championship crown. ROLLING HIS ADVERSARY, Marvin Edmonds tries to get his opponent into a pinning combination. Edmonds was the regional champion in the 122 lbs. weight class. 1969 RESERVE WRESTLING TEAM-Front Row: Aarron Benjamin, dale, Bill Marvel, Dave Chesterfield, Doug Mercer. Third Row: Jim Dixon, John Goll, Sam Goldstein, Mark Miller, Don Horning, Brad Cannaday, John Moss, Dave Allen, Bill Parker, Aurthur Roddy, Earnest Boards, Dave Isler, John Snider. Second Row: John Hart, Tom McSoIey, Kevin Holloway, Terry Todd, Dave Lesh, Steve Gipe, Doug Craycraft, Ron Dison, Jerry Davis, Rick Baum, Martin Trues- Bill Johnson, Coach Farrand. I I 107 08 AT AN INDOOR BRIEFING session, Coach Riley selects the overall plan that the team will follow through out the season. An undefeated record proved it a successful one. THE 1968 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in the 880 relay went to the North Central team of, Front: Greg Henderson, Dave Reel, Back: Bruce Blomberg, and Rick Lash. Their time of one minute twenty-nine seconds was one of the best in the country. TRACK-1968-VARSITY 39 . . . .45 40 41 NC. . .61 Lawrence Central . . . . NC. . .73 Lawrence Central NC. . .78 Ben Davis ....... .. . NC. . .77 Brebeuf ......... . . . TRIANGULAR MEETS NC. . JSM, Southport ........ 40M Martinsville ....... 18M NC. . .72 Washington ... .. . .55 Southport .... .... 2 1 NC. . .77 Shortridge ......... .38 Richmond .......... 33 NC. . .72 Warren Central ..... .50 Northwest .......... 26 North Central Relays ...... lst Ben Davis Relays ..... Tech Invitationals .. County ......... City-County ..... Sectional .... Regional .. State .... 1 st 1st lst lst lst 1512 5th Varsity displags best season: captures fifth in state meet The varsity along with the reserve track teams formed undoubtedly the best dual meet team in North Cen- tral's history. After completing their schedule undefeated, they went on to take a first in the county, sectional, and regional with a fifth placing in the state. Earlier in the season the Pan- thers beat the state champions by forty points. North Central's 880 re- lay team consisting of Bruce Blom- berg, Dave Reel, Greg Henderson, and Rick Lash captured the state cham- pionship title in their event. ln the two mile relay at the Bloomington Classic, LaSalle Thompson, Mark Bloom, Steve McNichols, and Mike Pennington secured a first with a time of 7:53.95 one of the fastest times in the nation for a high school team. School, county, sectional, and re- gional records were set by the Pan- thers this season. Steve McNichols set a record for all of these in the two mile run at 9:41.9 and LaSalle Thompson set the school mile record with a time of 4:28. Dave Moore took the quarter mile in the county while Mike Pennington set a new school record for the half mile at 1:56 and secured a third in the state meet. -ffih 4,- WITH A SUPREME EFFORT sophomore Joe Poland sends the shotput flying to its mark. Although Joe was second man in the shotput, he set an indoor record of 53'10". 1968 CHAMPIONSHIP TRACK TEAM-Front ROW! A- FENG- J- B. Perlstein, M. Miller, J. Poland, D. Moore, D. Pritchard, G. Hen- Krueger- T- Garrify. Nl- BIOOITI, Nl- PeFII1inSf0I1- L- Th0mPS0FI- S- MC- derson, B. Blomberg, R. Lash, M. Holmquist, F. Alexander, and Nichols. S- Callaway. B- Milender. D- Flllke, D- Reel. and Coach Coach James Buchanan. This team, under excellent coaching, Roland lnskeep. Second Row: Coach Charles Riley, R. Callaway, proved to be the best in the Panther's history. ? if 4. .nk f -.. ...-w f M- r 1968 TRACK TEAM-Front: Mr. Inskeep, Mr. Riley, Mr. Bucha- nan. Second Row: T. Capehart, B. Gibson D. Hanziak C. Johnson W. Norlin, B. Milender, M. Barnett, G.'Nefouse, McNichols, R. Lash, T. Garrity, D. Garnett, S. Wiggins. Third Row: D. Patton M. Holmquist, L. Thompson, D. Porter, D. Fulke, D. Gipe, B. Brody, .l. Gangstad, M. Hayden, M. Pennington, S. Perkins, G. Summers J. Murdock, T. Rust. Fourth Row: L. Shain, B. Stephenson, D. Pike R. Callaway, J. Krueger, D. Clark, S. Calderon, N. Kempler, M Bloom, P. Nahmias, A. Fella, J. Clark, R. Fulmer. Fifth Row. W. Gasper, D. Briede, S. Peterson, M. Cowser, W. Palmer, M. Mul- J 5 1 v , . .1 vaney, G. Pittenger, D. Moore, W. Hotte, G. Kline, J. Meister, D. Claycomb, J. Poland, B. Pruitt. Sixth Row: M. Christie, M. Behnke, M. Miller, S. Callaway, D. Tewksbury, B. Blomberg, D. Pritchard, J. Fortune, D. Cockerille, G. Wilson, D. Mitchell, D. Cooper, G. An- derson, J. Alexander. Seventh Row: F. Alexander, M. Holt, S. Mc- Coniville, D. Reel, J. Harcourt, H. Pennington, J. Reinking, B. Stoops, B. Perlstein, S. Abrams, C. Gravel, L. Miller, R. Martin, R. McFarland, J. Kelly. The members of this team comprise both the varsity and reserve track teams. TRACK-1968-RESERVE ' NC. . .98 Lawrence .......... .20 NC. . .95 Ben Davis ..... ... .20 NC. .113 Brebeuf ........ . . 5 TRIANGULAR MEETS NC. . .84 Southport .,....... .37 Washington ......... 24 NC. . .73 Richmond ........ 48M Shortridge ........ 205 NC. . .SSM Warren Central . . . . . .33 Northwest ...,.... 18W FINISHIING FIRST IN THE 100 yard dash at the county meet, Rick Lash leaves the field far behind him. This is the third consecutive year the Panthers have won the meet. fm-fi' '- W ,cy ,,,,Lf,,,f yn,-QQ, 5" T 1 .p1f:2+r" -sa . we " T 'Q' V-'Pet-5 i J-ssferf ' h , Q C" 'ff-N-.. ' TQ-'J c ..,,:.--. we R , Q sg 5,3-"'1"-'S-?,2:,f. ,M ,M ktrn,-1-AS, we IN CLEARING 9' ON A PRACTICE jump, Bob Perlstein prepares for his upcoming event. A new record was set this year at 12'9" by Bob and was equaled by Rex Callaway. Reserves set undefeated 6-O record The reserve team showed promise for an excellent track team next sea- son by blasting every team they com- peted with. They also won a Next Year's Varsity meet Cteams consisting of members not seniorsb, against several local schools including, Tech, Lawrence, Warren, Ben Davis, Howe, Northwest, and Broad Ripple. Under- classmen made up a large part of the teams. WITH HIS DISTINCTIVE WESTERN ROLL, Tom Garrity successfully clears the bar as Rick Lash lends encouragement. Rallging diamondmen displag successful season A PANTHER SLIDES HOME safe at the Northwest game and brings in the fourth and final run. The game was a success in more than one way as Steve Overman pitched a shutout. Scoring victory after victory, Coach Tom Bradley's varsity baseballers posted an excellent season of 13-8-1. They began the year with a fantastic string of nine wins including shut-outs against Beech Grove and Lawrence Central, and a no hitter pitched by Steve Overman against Northwest. After losing three in a row, they re- bounded and with great determina- tion and drive, won four out of their last seven season games. Starting the county tourney with a no-hitter against Beech Grove pitched by Dave Highmark, they were defeated by Lawrence Central in their second game. Hosting the State Sectional, the diamondmen fell to Arlington in their opening match. Leading the team were pitchers Steve Overman, Jim Orr, and Monty Combs. They were not only the top moundsmen, but led the batting aver- ages as well. Overman went on to become the season's Most Valuable Player and was also presented the coveted Sigafoos Award, a scholar- ship bestowed to the most outstand- ing baseballer in the county. Matching the fantastic record of the varsity, the reserves fought their way to a great season of 11-5-2. 1968 RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-Eront Row: R. Hurwitz fmana- Freeze, G. Graham, D. Miller, L. Frey, H. Moos, A. Richards, and gerj, B. Howard, B. Thomas, D. Miller, T. Hudson, D. Light, R. J. Fairman. Third Row: G. Scudder, B. Turner, J. Busch, D. Knip- Lanford, and D. Palmer. Second Row: Coach Glen Schmucker, B. tash, H. Baldwin, M. Sebastian, and S. Clayton. 112 1968 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Front: R. Weinheimer, Qbat b0yJ. Iey. K- Unde"C0ffel', D- Toth. D- Binkln- S- Overman, J- Off B First Row: J. Hickey, D. Highmark, B. Dawe, D. Hullett, M. Moore, Smith. B- HBCKISITIGH, and D- PBVVOH Csenivr maflagefi- OUIY flVe D. Hardy, M. Combs, G. Gaalena. Second Row: Coach Tom Brad- VGFSWY membel'S will be returning next Year- SENIOR STEVE OVERMAN WARMS UP at first base during an important practice. Steve, who was chosen as the Most Valuable Player, compiled a season batting average of .342. BASEBALL-1968-VARSITY ...11-2't Beech Grove ..... ....9-3 Plke Lawrence . ....12 Tech....... . . .... 4 Northwest . Lebanon ........ Broad Ripple .... Madison Heights .. NC NC NC NC NC NC ...., 7 NC ..... 8 NC .... O-4 NC 2 NC NC NC NC NC NC Ben Davis Kokomo ....8-4 Carmel Lafayette . Warren . Southport Howe COUNTY TOURNAMENT NC ..,., 1 Beech Grove .... NC ...., 3 Lawrence ....... l.H.S,A.A. SECTIONAL NC ..... O Arlington ....... "'two scores indicate double header 4 1968 VARSITY GOLF TEAM-Front Row: B. Koschman, B. Boje. Second Row: D. Daw- son, G. Gant, J. Jobes, and M. Raphael. 1 M, ah? CHIPPING OUT OF THE ROUGH, Denny Dawson tries to make his par. With his leading score of 78, Dawson helped North Central to place second in the County Tourney. GOLF-1968-VARSITY NC ..... 6 Kokomo ........... 4 NC. . .6M Northwest ........ 55 NC ..... 5 Madison Heights .... 13 NC. . .328 Southport ........ 330 NC. . .328 Columbus ........ 337 NC. . .227 Southport . . . 225 NC. . .227 Speedway ........ 219 NC ..... 8 Warren Central ...... 4 NC. . .814 Ben Davis ...,.,.. 3M NC.. .213 Brebeuf ...... . . .213 NC. . .213 Beech Grove ...... 240 NC .... 12 Broad Ripple ....... 6 NC .... 15 Pike ............... 3 NC. . .207 Lawrence Central 221 NC, . .207 Ben Davis ........ 226 NC ..... 8 Carmel .,......... 10 NC .... 10 Park ....... . .2 NC. , .207 Columbus . .. 219 NC. . .715 Arlington . . . 42 NC. . .185 Marshall . . . 237 NC. . .219 Manual . .. 244 Bloomington Invitational .. .4th County Tournament .... 2nd Indianapolis Sectional .. .lst Bloomington Regional .Sth 0 1968 RESERVE GOLF TEAM-Front Row: K. Johnson, D. Blough. Second Row: C. Huff- citg sectional at Riverside Posting a winning season of 16-4-1, the varsity golf team rallied their way to victory under the direction of Coach Friedersdorf. ln their first seven games, they lost three and edged past their opponents in the re- maining contests. ln the last fifteen games of the season, they rallied win- ning fourteen matches and losing one. Placing second in the county tourney, the Panthers rebounded to take the Indianapolis Crown in a highly contested match at the River- side course. Leading the team to an overall vic- tory were linksmen Bob Koschmann and Gary Gant, with averages of 77.8 and 78.6 respectively. Besides Kosch- mann and Gant, other letter winners included Bruce Boje, Denny Dawson, Jim Jobes, and Marc Raphael. The reserves, comprising the larger of the two teams, combined with the varsity in most matches. JUDGING HIS PUTT, JIM JOBES carefully calculates distance and break to make an all-important shot while Bob Koschmann holds the flag in anticipation. ennis team upholds state sectional title at Lawrence CONCENTRATING ON HIS BACKHAND, Clay Tudor smashes the ball to his opposing teammate during practice. Tudor along with Campbell won the sectional doubles. Under the coaching of Mr. John Shirley, North Central's Sectional win- ning tennis team continued to top their competitors with a 14-5 season. The '68 netmen found Southport and Lafayette Jeff to be their strongest opponents of the year. They were led by senior Mike Smart and four returning lettermen, with junior players Clay Tudor and Tom Campell. To win the sectional doubles Clay Tudor and Tom Campell, North Cen- tral's number two doubles team had to upset the Panthers top doubles team of Bruce Butz and Fred Fehsen- feld in the final round. Losing in the quarter finals to Broad Ripple, Bob Garrett was eliminated while Dave Alexander lost to the same man to take the runnerup's in sectional singles. With the combined doubles and singles teams North Central's Panthers won the State Sectional Tournament held at Lawrence Central. TENNIS-1968-VARSITY NC. . .5 Kokomo ......... . .2 NC. . .7 Shelbyville .... . . .1 NC...7 Chartrand .. NC...4 Tech ........ NC...6 Beech Grove ...1 NC...7 Ben Davis .... NC...6 Carmel .... ...1 NC. . .7 Speedway ........ . .O NC. . .1 Lafayette Jeff .,.,. . .8 NC. . .5 Lawrence Central . . . .2 NC. . .2 Pike ............ . .5 NC. . .3 West Lafayette .... . .4 NC. . .2 Brebeuf ....... . . .5 NC...7 Carmel ...... ...2 NC. . .4 Arlington ...... . . .3 NC. . .4 Kokomo ......... .,3 NC. . .6 Warren Central .... . .1 NC. . .O Southport ......., . .5 NC. . .7 Franklin Central . . . . .0 1968 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: C. Tudor, T. Campbell, and M. Smart. Second Row: D. Alexander, F. Fehsenfeld, B. Garrett, and B. Butz. Coach Shirley not pictured. 1968 RESERVE TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: A. Gillespie, D. Douglass, J. Hollander, and J. Dorman. Second Row: J. Borton, S. Burns, D. Smith, R. Leff, and S. Kappes. Third Row: F. Senecal, B. Nagey, T. Black, and Coach John Shirley. . REACHING HIGH, TOM CAMPBELL blisters the ball to his opponent in trying to achieve DISPLAYING A POWERFUL FOREHAND, Bruce Butz returns the volley from mid-court. perfection at 3 team practice. Bruce Butz and Fred Fehsenfeld were second in the sectional. - fff' 3-Q fp y 'H f'zWf'23?SP V Weimgti 2224, ,f H., 5 V . i'apZ'gfe5i K " V 0 X ,1 31 ,Q .2 , M 1 ., Cheerleaders. Iel-iermen help fire spirits New techniques, yells, and goals were successfully developed by the cheerleaders this year. The active ten used three new yells that they learned from their sponsor Miss Clark, a former cheerleader at Indiana Uni- versity. Among the new techniques were, pom-pom yells, the "candy-o- gram," and the mini tramp. Sewing as officers of the Letter- men's Club this year were: Gary Pitt- enger, president, Duke Hardy, vice president, Rick Lash, treasurer, and Dan Smith, secretary. ln many ways 1969 was a building year for the Panthers. The dedication, understanding, and rigorous programs of the coaching staff have again placed North Central in the ranks of a strong athletic power in addition to providing valuable preparation for future seasons. 5 l l i E S 9 LETl'ERMEN'S CLUB-Front Row: D. Reel, M. Edmonds, D. Witham, M. Altman, F. Fehsenfeld, B. Milender, D. Hardy, T. Garrity, D. Hornung, and G. Cohen. Second Row: M. Holt, R. Lesh, B. Habig, K. Worley, B. Garrett, B. Horine, M. Holmquist, G. Linder, S. Callaway, and B. Dawe. Third Row: Mr. Stroup fsponsorj, D. Porter, K. Snow, L. Thompson, G. Graham, D. Pike, J. Harcourt, D. McGeary, M. Combs, S. Perkins, and H. Penington. Fourth Row: S. Monical, B. Brody, B. Koschmann, G. Pittenger, B. Vinton, M. Miller, W. Hotte, D. Smith, J. Poland, R. Callaway, and B. Butz. 1969 RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Melinda Moore, Judy Allen, Bon- Warren game. The resenles often joined with the varsity five in nie Allen, Sandy Vavul, and Lynn Waddel lead the cheering for the a new yell ending with a pyramid formation. 119 Increased arfioi ation boasts '69 I-M season P P AFTER HIKING THE BALL, the offensive line lunges forward to block out the opposing team's players in this flag football game. PRACTICING HOLDING HIMSELF in the Iron Cross position, Gerry Coraz improves his Gymnastic skills. During his second season as intra- mural director, Mr. Hudson, has in- creased participation and interest in the intramural program. Last year it is estimated that 25"X, of the student body took part in the intramural sports, but for the 1969 program it was estimated that at least 301, of the student body participated in the after school athletics. Mr. Hudson in coordination with Miss Walker, director of girls' intra- murals, offers the Centralite 13 dif- ferent sports, many of them being mixed. Sports range from archery and tennis in the fall: basketball, gym- nastics, and bowling in the winter: to softball, track, and golf in the spring. Last year there were 46 girls and boys participating in bowling alone, and this year the number increased to 56 students with 14 teams. Kevin Klinkman, Tracy Black, Kristi Kiger, and Steve Schmink were declared champions after competitively bowl- ing in the league for ten weeks. . P , Q '15 , .W .. V. lx' is ik 72? ffkfi ,..' if I People People-each one unique. but belonging People. 3400 people, All different puzzle parts Of the pattern of the school. People-all doing different things Working, studying, playing, All living differently, Yet all for the same end- To help themselves and to help others The senior-outwardly self-confident Yet afraid of the world he will Too soon move into. The junior-exuberant, carefree For he has another year before The pressures of adult life set in. The sophomore-self-conscious, Anticipating but fearing The world he has just entered. The teacher-omniscient, but learning Nlore each day from the unlearned. All learning from each other To form a pattern, A pattern of their lives. School administrators prepare for evaluation 24 STUDENT DISCIPLINE is handled by AS- sistant Principal Billy Walker. Working closely with students and faculty, Principal Eugene Cloncs supervised in bringing new scholastic and athletic achievements to North Central. The biggest job of the chief administrator was preparing an evalu- ation by the North Central Associa- tion of Universities and Secondary Schools during the fall. His adminis- trative leadership reached out to the community where he interpreted the philosophy of the school and worked with parents for a better school-com- munity relationship. The duties of Assistant Principal James Ellsberry included the schedul- ing of classes for students, coordina- ting the College Night program, and assisting in the student teaching pro- gram. Developing a positive attitude among the student body and main- taining discipline were the main re- sponsibilities of Assistant Principal Billy Walker. Coordinating student transportation and parking, and su- pervising student attendance were among his other jobs. Assistant Principal William Bugher directed such student activities as the Student Council, and coordinating events such as Homecoming, Panther Pep Week, and Career Day. He was also responsible for all convocations and served as director for the summer school program. FINISHING HIS SECOND YEAR AT NORTH' CENTRAL, Assistant Principal James Ells- berry's chief concern was to keep communication lines open between faculty and students. HELPING STUDENTS PREPARE for extra-curricular activities and sponsoring Student Council events keeps Assistant Principal William Bugher on the go. HANDLING THE PROBLEMS of a school with student population of 3400 is a full- time job for Principal Eugene Cloncs. 26 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP SCHOOL ADMIN- ISTRATORS-Seated: Dr. J. Everett Light, superintendent of Washington Township Schools: Standing: Dr. Dean Evans and Mr. Milo Eiche, assistant superintendents. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS-left to right: Dr. Roy H. Behnke: member Mr. John R. Mote, first vice-presidentg Mrs. Ted B. Lewis, pres- ident: Mr. William T. Ray, second vice-pres- identp and Mr. William L. Smart, secretary. Township officials guide NC in productive gearf Under the guidance of the Wash- ington Township School Board, Super- intendent Dr. J. Everett Light and As- sistant Superintendents Dr. Dean W. Evans and Mr. Milo Eiche examined various ways of expanding the school system. They also played a vital role in the success of the North Central Evaluation last fall. The growth of N.C. increased the amount of paperwork involved in effi- cient operation of the school. The of- fice secretaries, Mrs. Paulyne Scott, Mrs. Gladys Lindell, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, Mrs. Rosalie Nickels, and Mrs. Betty McDermott, were responsi- ble for all correspondence between the administrators and the students, parents, and faculty. The new secretary of the guidance office, Mrs. Betty Eib, undertook the tremendous task of completing some 1,200 college applications. insuring the safety of Centralites, Chief Security Officer Bill Willock and other county policemen helped allevi- ate the traffic situation during the day and for numerous school activities. Row 1: Mrs. Paulyne Scott, Mrs. Gladys Lindell,.Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson. Row 2: Mrs Rosalie Nickels, Mrs. Betty McDermott, Mrs. Betty Eib, IN THE LINE OF DUTY, POLICEMAN James Ege insures the safety of students and PATROLMAN JACK MARTIN stops oncom teachers by directing traffic during school week and after athletic events on weekends. mg traffic to let cars and buses turn into North Central's parking lot. VIVIDLY RELATING HISTORICAL BATTLES and their strategy, Gen. Carl Debard explains the causes of World War ll to his U.S. History class. Mr. Millard H. Arnold-Foreign Language: A.B., Butler University: M.A. Indiana University Mr. Ray H. Atto-Social Studies: B.S. Eastern Illi- nois University: M.S. Butler University Mrs. Elizabeth Baggett-English: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Miss Louise Benbow-English: B.S., M.S. Ball State University Mr. Henry Bergherm-Practical Arts: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Miss Ruth Bertsch-English Department Chairman: B.A. Western College: M.A. Ball State University Mr. A. Lyle Boardman-Art: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mr. John M. Bond-Guidance: B.S., M.S. Butler University Mrs. Roberta Borlik-English: A.B. Hanover: M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Thomas H. Bradley-Driver Education: Health 8t Safety: Varsity Baseball Coach: BPE Purdue Uni- versity Mr. Donald C. Brewster-Social Studies: A.B. Butler University Mr. Max I. Briggs-Art Department Chairman: B.S., M.S. Eastern Illinois University The outside interests and achieve- ments of North Central's 167 faculty members were widely varied. Mr. Robert Prettyman was selected to serve on the Council of the National Society for Medical Research as a representative of the National Science Teacher's Association. Mr. James Jenkins served as supervisor for North Central's successful High School Bowl team. Mrs. Sue Ellen Spaulding was initiated into Sigma Tau Delta, an honorary English teachers' society, and Miss Kathy White was elected to Delta Pi Epsilon, an honorary business society. Mr. Robert Seigal coached his tri- cycle team "Seigal's Super Cyclers" to the 1968 Tricycle Championship. Actively participating in her com- munity, Mrs. Emily Gemmer is on the Education Committee of the Broad Ripple Methodist Church, Parliamen- tarian of the Northview Triangle Club, and an adult leader in 4-H. Two faculty members, Mr. James Duffy and Mr. James Davidson, re- turned from Ball State and Columbia University after doing further gradu- ate study for a year. Mlrls. Sara Brodt-English: B.E. University of Akron, 0 io Mr. John Harrison Brown-Foreign Language De- partment Chairman: B.A. Indiana University: M.A. University of Wisconsin Mrs. Phyllis Brown-Practical Arts, B.S. Ohio Uni- versity Mr. William Buchanan-Art, B.A. Eastern Kentucky University Mr. Thomas J. Burrin IV-Social Studies: B.A. Wa- bash College: M.A. Butler University Mrs. Sandra Butterworth-English: B.A., M.A. ln- diana University Mr. Robert L. Calkins-Mathematics: B.S., M.S. Pur- due University Mr. Morris A. Campbell-Social Studies: A.B. Wa- bash College: M.A. DePauw University Mrs. Bernice Carnell-Director of Reading Lab- oratories: B.S. Central Michigan University, M.S. Indiana University Mr. Jerry Carter-Practical Arts: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Miss Connie Clark-Physical Education: B.S. ln- diana University Mrs. Dorothy Claypool-English: A.B. DePauw Uni- versity Miss Connie Climer-English: A.B. Indiana Univer- sity Mrs. Meriam Cohen-Business Education: B.S. ln- diana University: M.A. Butler University Mr. Jerry Bill Corbin-Practical Arts: B.A. Ball State University Mr. Rod Cord-Journalism, English, Yearbook Ad- visor: B.S., M.S. Ball State University Mr. Russell Coverdale-Science: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mr. Thomas R. Cox-English: B.S. Oakland City College: M.S. Indiana State University Mr. Robert Critzer-Music: A.B. UCLA: M.M. Butler University Mr. William Cruzan-Business Education Depart- ment Chairman: B.S. Ball State University: M.A. Columbia University Mrs. Betty H. Culp-Mathematics: A.B. Ohio Uni- versity: M.A. Ohio State University Mr. James E. Davidson-Mathematics: B.S., M.S. Indiana University: A.M.T. Columbia University Pro- fessional Diploma Mr. Carl O. Debard-Social Studies: A.B. Wabash College Mr. George Degler-Science: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mr. Richard Dennis-Music: B.S. Ithaca College: M.M. Butler University Mr. David A. Dick-Science: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mr. Oliver O. Dixon-Mathematics: A.B., M.S. ln- dianan University Mr. Thomas T. Doney-Social Studies: B.S. Indiana State University 12 9 Mr. Robert Faris-Social Studies: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mr. Keith Farrand-Physical Education Department Chairman: M.S. Purdue University Mrs. Carol Findley-Guidance: B.S., M.A. Indiana State University Mr. Joseph E. Fischer-Mathematics: A.A. Vincennes University: B.A. Indiana State University: M.S. ln- diana State University Mr. James Fisher-Practical Arts: B.S. Ball State University: M.S. Indiana State University Mr. Thomas T. Fisher-English: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Mr. Charles F. Fleming-Social Studies: B.S., M.S., M.A. Indiana University Miss Jeannine Freudenberger-English: A.B. As- bury College: M.A. Indiana University Mr. John Friedersdorf-Social Studies: A.B. Wichita State University: M.S. Indiana University Mr. Forest C. Fruits--English, Speech: A.B. Wabash College: M.A. Ball State University Miss Donna J. Fulps-English: A.B., M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Gordon Gish-Mathematics: A.B., M.S. Indiana University Facultg avidlg supports sports. music. drama Mrs. Nancy S. Grove-Guidance: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mr. Jan A. Guffin-English: B.S., M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Norman Harner-Guidance: B.A. Indiana Cen- tral College: M.A. Indiana University Mr. H. Brown Harrison-Mathematics: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Miss Linda V. Hash-Guidance: B.S., M.S. Indiana University Mr. Gale M. Helft-English: A.B. Indiana University Mr. D. C. Henderson-English, Drama, Speech: A.B., M.A. Eastern Kentucky University Mrs. Alice Hillis-Foreign Language: A.B., M.S. In- diana University Mrs. Jennie Howe-Mathematics: A.B., B.S. Butler University: M.A. Indiana University Mr. Terrell G. Hudson-Social Studies: B.S. Han- over: M.S. Butler University Mr. Roland lnskeep-Science: B.S., M.S. Indiana State University Mr. James A. Jenkins-English: B.S. University of Tennessee: M.E.D. Xavier University Mr. Donald Johnson-Social Studies: B.S. Central: M.A. Ball State University Miss Margaret Ann Karnes-English: B.A. Purdue: M.S. Butler University Mrs. Grace Kass-English: B.A. Bennington College: M.A. Columbia University Mr. Don M. Kercheval-Social Studies: A.B. Indiana University: M.S. Butler University Mr. James E. Keyt-Art: B.S. Ball State University Mr. Bryan D. Kimble-Social Studies: B.S. Penn- sylvania State University Mrs. Cleo M. Kinnison-Foreign Language: M.A. Uni- versity of Michigan Mrs. Ruth S. Kivett-English: A.B., B.S. Indiana Uni- versity: M.A. Columbia University Miss Carolyn Kleifgen-Home Economics: B.S. Purdue University: M.S. Indiana University Mrs. Lucille Z. Knight-English: A.B. Indiana Univer- sity: M.S. University of Pittsburg Mrs. Paula Dee Knoebel-English: A.B. Indiana Uni- versity: M.S. Butler University Miss Margery C. Laycock-Guidance: B.S., M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Arlan Lickliter-Science: B.S. Hanover: M.S. But- ler University: N.S.F. University of Colorado Mr. Earl F. Lindberg-Science: B.S. Ball State Uni- versity: M.S. Indiana University Mr. William H. Lord-English, Technical Theater, Speech: B.A., M.A. Evansville University, Northwestern University Mrs. Lucille Yvonne Lowrey-English: B.S. Indiana University: M.A. Ball State University Mr. James M. Lyerly-Mathematics: M.S. Indiana State University Mr. Donald McCIung-Practical Arts: A.B. Indiana State University Mrs. Marcie A. McCormick-Physical Education: B.A. Anderson College Mr. J. Stephen Mclntyre-Mathematics: A.B. Franklin College: M.S., Ed. University of Toledo Mr. Hugh McMinn-Director of Instructional Material Center: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mr. James V. Macri-Science: B.S., M.S. Ball State University Mrs. Marilyn Madigan-Mathematics: B.S. Purdue: M.A. Ball State University Mr. Phillip M. Mann-Practical Arts Department Chair- man: B.S. Stout State University: M.A. Ball State Uni- versity Mr. Don E. Martin-Music Department Chairman: B.M. Butler University: M.M. Columbia University Mr. Richard Brooks Meek-Social Studies: B.A. In- diana University: M.S. Butler University Miss Kathryn A. Merkel-Foreign Language: A.B. ln- diana Central: M.A. Indiana University Mrs. Jean Merritt-English: A.A. Williamwood College: B.S. Indiana University: M.S. Butler University DURING A DISCUSSION of the basic func- tions of the human heart, Mr. Earl Lind- berg contemplates a question asked. Mr. Keith E. Mohr-Physics: B.S. Manchester: M.S. Purdue Mr. James Monroe-Science: B.S. Purdue Univer- sity: M.S. Butler University Mr. Martin J. Moore-Social Studies: B.A. DePauw: M.S. Butler University Mr. Richard P. Moore-Guidance: M.S. Ball State University Mrs. Alice Morgan-Library: B.S. Indiana University Mr. Samuel Morris-Business Education: B.S., M.S. State University of New York Mr. Donald L. Myers-English: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mrs. Virginia Nead-Home Economics: B.S. Purdue University Miss Martha Nees-English: B.S. Purdue: M.A. Uni- versity of Colorado Mr. Kenneth D. Patton-Social Studies: A.B. Mus- kingum: M.S. Butler University Mrs. Barbara Ann Pence-English: A.B. Earlham Mr. William J. Phares-Science: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Miss Roleen Pickard-Business Education: M.S. ln- diana State University Miss Anne Pihlak-Foreign Language: B.A. Butler University Mr. Robert L. Prettyman-Science Department Chairman: A.B., M.A. Butler University Mrs. Dolores Pugh-Special Education: B.S. Indiana State University: M.S. Butler University Miss Mary Ann Sabol-Foreign Language: B.A. Pur- due University Mrs. Evelyn I. Rhamy-English, Newspaper Advisor: B.A., M.A. Indiana University Mr. Samuel D. Rhinesmith-Music, Director of Bands: B.S. West Chester State College, Pennsyl- vania: M.M. Butler University ' Mr. Wilbur F. Richards-Guidance: B.S. Central Normal College: M.S. Indiana University Mr. Charles R. Richardson-Social Studies: A.B., M.A. Morehead State University A Mr. Robert E. Richardson-Business Education: Work Experience: B.S.E. Eastern Illinois: M.A. Ball State University Mr. Charles E. Riley-Health Education: B.S. Indiana University: M.S. Butler University Mrs. Nelda S. Rimstidt-English, Speech: B.A. ln- diana State University: M.A. Butler University Mrs. Kaaren Rodman-Foreign Language: B.A. Ball State University: M.A. University of Illinois Mr. Marvin O. Ross-Mathematics: B.S., M.S. In- diana State University Mrs. Jean Roy-Home Economics: B.S., M.S. ln- diana State University Mr. Charles E. Russell-Science: A.B. Butler: M.A. Indiana University Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Salmon-English: B.A. Earl- ham: M.S. Purdue Mr. Mark Schaaf-Foreign Language: B.S., M.S. Indiana University Mr. Jack Schiffli-Mathematics: A.B. University of Kentucky: M.S. Indiana University Mr. Glenn Schmucker-Science: B.S. Manchester: M.A.T. Indiana University Mr. Robert K. Seigel-English: B.S. Purdue: M.A. Butler University Mr. Tom G. Seward-Art: B.A. Franklin College: M.A. Herron School of Art Mr. George E. Sharp-Mathematics: B.S. Oakland City College: M.S. Indiana University: M.A. University Mr. John Shirley-English: B.S. Butler University: M.B.A., M.S. University of Southern California Mrs. Sue Ellen Spaulding-English: B.A. Anderson College Mrs. Mary J. Spoon-Mathematics: A.B., M.A.T. ln- diana University Miss Edra P. Staffieri-Foreign Language: B.A. Penn State University: M.A. Middlebury College Mr. Arnold F. Stahl-Guidance: B.S. Western Illinois University: M.E.D. University of Illinois Not Pictured: Miss Mary Allen-Guidance Mrs. Colleen Babcock-Business Mrs. Judith Bailey-Foreign Language Mrs. Pauline Brothers-Music Mr. Jim Duffy-English Mrs. Emily Gemmer-Practical Arts Mr. Donald Goacher-Foreign Language Mrs. Joy Steinmetz-English: B.A. Butler University Mrs. Betty J. Stokesberry-Foreign Language: A.B. Butler: M.A. Texas Christian Mr. Keith Stroup-Athletic Director: B.S. Indiana State University: M.S. Ball State University Mr. H. Norman Taylor-Social Studies Department Chairman: A.B., M.A. State University of Iowa Mr. Thomas E. Taylor-English: B.S., M.S. Butler University Mrs. Patricia Theobald-Foreign Language: B.A. Carleton, M.A. Indiana University Mrs. Beatrice Thomas-Music: B.S., M.A. Ball State University Mr. John W. Tully-Foreign Language: A.B. Univer- sity of Kentucky: M.S. Indiana University Mr. Jack D. Walter-Business Education: B.S. In- diana State University Mr. Robert Lee Watson-Science: B.S. Ball State University: M.S. Butler University Miss Pamala Walker-Physical Education: B.S. Mur- ray State Mr. Byron E. Weaver-Health Education: B.S. Pur- due: M.S. Indiana University: M.A. Butler University Mr. Allan R. Weinheimer-Mathematics Department Chairman: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mr. John Wendling-Foreign Language: B.S., M.S. Purdue University Mrs. Katherine C. Wert-Library: A.B. Indiana Uni- versity: M.S. Butler University Miss Kathy A. Whit:-P-Business Education: B.S. Ball State University: M.S. Indiana University Captain Charles R. Wilhelm-National Defense Cadet Corps: B.S. Manchester College: M.A.T. Indiana Uni- versity Mrs. Helen E. Wingfield-English: A.B., M.S. Indiana University Mrs. Edith L. Wisner-Mathematics: A.B. DePauw University: M.S. Butler University Mr. G. L. Woodruff-Practical Arts: B.S. Indiana State University: M.S. Butler University Mr. Steve Woolard-Social Studies: B.S. Ball State University: A.M. Indiana University Mr. Joseph Harding-Practical Arts Mr. David Martyn-Foreign Language Mrs. Joyce McCaskilI-Business Mrs. Mary Jo Pride-English Miss Mary Rudolf-Foreign Language Mr. Lester Smith-Art Mrs. Carolyn Walking-English Mr. Kenneth Warren-Guidance Director Computer aids attendance procedures With the installation of IBM equip- ment, the duties of Mrs. Linnea Swi- gart and Mrs. Gladys Buddenbaum were less complicated. The attend- ance office secretaries were responsi- ble for keeping a complete record of all daily absences. The bookstore provided a wide se- lection of supplies, fitting the individ- ual needs of each student. Bookstore manager Mrs. Marguerite Farkas was responsible for all textbooks and sup- plies. School treasurer Mrs. Geneva Kennedy, in addition to helping Mrs. Farkas, was responsible for all the money matters at North Central. Stu- dent volunteers assisted these women during their study halls. Nurse Dorothy Bowen was suc- ceeded by Mrs. V. Hartmann, a form- er nurse from Pike. Mrs. Hartman has been in public health since 1963. Providing medical assistance to stu- dents was her main duty. WITH THE INTRODUCTION of a new attendance-taking method using a computer, at- tendance office secretaries Mrs. Buddenbaum and Mrs. Swigart found their work easier ' 1 ,l g . j f an I .fi ' ' x If fs HANDLING ALL MONEY TRANSACTIONS of the school as well as running the bookstore ADMINISTERING A THERMOMETER to Ron are the main duties of Mrs. Marguerite Farkas and Mrs. Geneva Kennedy. Patterson is Nurse Hartmann. 36 Personnel help provide pleasant atmosphere USING NEWLY-ACQUIRED library equpiment, Mrs. Virginia Ball, Mrs. Pam Gilbert, Mrs. Jane Graves, and Mrs. Katherine Vance stand ready to aid students. TECHNICIAN PATRICIA TOMLINSON distributed A-V equipment to teachers. Her secretary, Mrs. Buddenbaum, was replaced at mid-year by Mrs. Grossman. What went on behind the scenes at North Central was a combination of hard work and experience. The pro- ficient custodial staff insured Cen- tralites of a spotless building and a pleasant atmosphere in which to work. As North Central grows so does the job of the cafeteria staff. Under the direction of Mrs. Shields, the staff served approximately 3600 meals daily. Sewing doughnuts provided by Key Club before school and preparing and serving food for school banquets were a few of their duties. The audio-visual office, operated by Mrs. Tomlinson and Mrs. Budden- baum supplies films and equipment for the school. These women also help students 'and teachers in the preparation of visual aids for the classroom. An electronical device and library cards with the student's name and in- dividual number increased the effi- ciency of checkout procedures in the library. The Xerox copying machine allowed students to reproduce pages of library material at a low cost. The responsibilities of the librarians in- creased with the addition of almost 900 new books. The approximate number of volumes now totals 20,000 currently in the library. HELPING T0 KEEP THE SCHOOL CLEAN, Matron Timmie Timmons washes windows. SUPERVISING THE MAINTENANCE of the school and its grounds is the responsibility of chief custodian Jim Kendall. CAFETERIA MANAGER Ruth Shields and Mrs. Kathryn Sickbert prepare fried chicken for 3400 hungry students. Z a , 'A8 fi 4 V P P w N for last dance Lazy days of swimming, sore feet from sightseeing, and money in the bank from summer jobs all became memories as seniors returned to North Central for their last year. ln late September, seniors selected navy and grey as their class colors. Early October afternoons were spent constructing the senior class float, "Ko-Ko Kats, Breakfast of Panthers" for Homecoming. The last football game of the sea- son gave seniors a chance to don their class colors, sit in a "seniors only" section of the stadium on the fifty- yard line, and attend the senior bon- fire complete with hot chocolate, doughnuts, and folk music. As the clock struck midnight, the class of '69 ushered in the new year with plans for graduation. Seniors ordered their graduation announce- ments and selected caps and gowns in February. Plans were also made for the Senior Talent Show, the Grad Dance, "Bourbon Street Blues", and the Senior Breakfast, "Mardi Gras" sponsored by the Triangle Club. A last Class of '69 fling was the senior party held in the gym May 2. TEEN GUIDE COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE Mark Harshman was responsible for the dis tribution of the council's "50,000 Voices" and publicity for Mayor Lugar's crime campaign SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Barbara Eden, Patti Clay, Patti Shute, Mike Elliott, Katie Kreusser, Frank Senecal, Duke Hardy, Cathy-Zaring, Joy Leimbach, and Barb Brodey. Second Row: Stephanie Kelso, Nancy 0'Kane, Mindy Mealy, Faith Martin, Susie Riley, Julie Blakey, Pat Stone, Pam St. John, Janet Rhodes, Mordoh, Kathy Walls, Greg Anderson, Rolf Niiranen, Bill Johnson, Greg Schlegel, Mike Madawick, and Mark Holmquist. Fourth Row: Kjell Gjaerevoll, Bob Byrd, Dave Baldwin, Al Dinwiddie, Dick Wil- liams, Bob Perlstein, Jim Crocker, La Salle Thompson, Craig Hop- kins, and their sponsor Mr. David Dick. and Jane Hawhee. Third Row: Kathy Franz, Sally Esmon, Linda 40 Senior spirit explodes at Northwest contest "1-9-6-9, WE'RE THE CLASS OF '69!" Se- niors prepare forthe final game of the sea- son as last minute arrivals scramble for seats before the start of the pre-game activities. STEPHEN H. ABRAMS-Track 2-4: Football 3-4: Bas- ketball 2: Panther Athletic 3: Chess 2. "'JANlS SUE ADAMS-Girls' Exercise 3: Panther Ath- letic 2-4: Guidance Office Assistant 2: Travel 3: Stu- dent Council Alternate 2: Tricycle Race 3. JOANN ADAMS. i'SALLY MARGARET ADAMS-Folk Music 3: German 3: Poetry 3-4: A-V Assistant 3: Art 3: Intramurals 3-4. EDWARD PAGE ADRIANCE-Wrestling 4. P. ELAINE AGNER-Girls' Automechanics 3. WILLIAM SCO'I'l' AKIN-Intramural Bowling 2-4: Pan- ther Athletic 2-4: Electronics 2. PAMELA SUE ALBOHER-Student Council 2: Panther Athletic 2-3: Northern Lights Representative 4: Gym Assistant 2. DAVID L. ALDRIDGE-National Honor Society 3-4: Mu Alpha Theta 3-4: Slide Rule 3: Electronics 2. DANE CHARLES ALEXANDER-Varsity Tennis. QFFREDRICK BUTLER ALEXANDER-National Honor Society 3-4: Quill and Scroll 3-4: Northern Lights As- sistant Editor 4, Sports Editor 3: l.U. Honors Pro- gram in German 3: Cross Country Manager 3-4: Track Manager 3-4. TERRI LYNN ALEXANDER-Booster Block 3-4: F'l'A Secretary 3-4. WMARJORY ALIG-Student Council 2-3, Alternate 4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Spanish 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3: Intramurals 2: Attendance Office Assistant 4. DAVID ALLEN. 'I'DAWN TERESHA ALLEN-International Foods 2: Knitting 3: Panther Athletic 3: Scholastic Award 2-4: FTA 4: Girls' Exercise 4. JANET LYNN ALLEN-Booster Block 2-4: French 2-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Guidance Office Assistant 3-4. Class of i969 MARY C. ALLEN-Panther Athletic 3-4: Gym Assis- tant 3-4: Library 3: German 2. SUSAN D. ALLEN-Concert Choir 2: Gym Assistant 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Drama 2: Booster Block 2. WILLIAM PAUL ALSOP-Graphic Arts 2-3: Vice-Presi- dent 4: Intramural Basketball 2-3. "'DEBORAH JOAN ALTMAN-Panther Athletic 3: ln- tramural Volleyball 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: French 4: Review Typing 2. SHARON LEE AMBROZ-Sophomore Class Council: French 3: Panther Athletic 2-3. ROBERT N. AMEND-Panther Athletic: Intramurals: Chess: Travel. LOWELL EDWARD AMOS-Biology 3: Gym Assistant 3: Chess 2-3. 'i'C. JAN ANDERSON-Student Council Alternate 2: Newspaper 3: Travel 4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Art 4: Government 4. DIANA KAY ANDERSON-Clothing 3: Home Ec. As- sistant 3. GREGORY MILES ANDERSON-Music Men 2-3: Folk Music 3, Vice-President 4: Counterpoints 4. "'JUDlTH KAYE ANDERSON-National Honor Society 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Travel 2: Spanish 3: Des- cants 4: Trike Race 3-4. RANDY JILL ANDERSON-Booster Block 2-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Intramurals 2-4. KRIS ANDRESEN. STEVE PHILLIP ARNEY-Panther Athletic 2-4: Intra- murals 2-4: Tennis 2. DEBORAH LYNNE ARSHOP-Girls' Auto mechanics 3: Student Council Alternate 2: Girls' Industrial Arts 2: Art Crafts 2. "JEANNIE G. ASHBY-Panther Athletic 2-4: Art 3: International Relations 3-4: Travel 2: Government 4: Science Service 4. SALLY JO ASTLEY-Transcription 3-4: Panther Ath- Ietic 4: Girls' Industrial Arts 2: Red Cross 2: Typing 2. RHONA ATLAS-Transfer from Arlington High School. SUZANNE LAVINIA AVELS-Library Vice-President 2, Presidsnt 3: Girls' Automechanics 3: Junior Specta- cu ar . THOMAS ROBERT BAAS-Intramurals 2-4: Library As- sistant 2-3: World Culture 2-4. 'f'ROBERT O. BACH-National Honor Society 3-4: Drafting 2-3: Scholastic Citation 2-4: A Capella 2: French 2-3: Panther Athletic 3. 'XCHRISTINA ALICE BADE-Red Cross 2.4: Junior Historical Society 2-3: Travel 2-3: Clothing 3: Review Typing 4: International Foods 4. BARBARA ANN BAILEY-Booster Block 2-3: Travel 3: Lab Assistant 4. gRAIG ALAN BAIRD-Aquarium 2: Travel 3: German 'DEBRA LYNN BAKER-Panther Athletic 2-4: Span- EIIJAZE Booster Block 2: Concert Choir 3: Madrigals 4: MEAN E L LE N BALDRIDGE-Panther Athletic 3: Aquarium 3: Red Cross 2: Girls' Industrial Arts 2: Review Typing 3: French 2. DAVID LEE BALDWIN-Panther Athletic 2-4: Advanced Chess 3: Computer 2. NAMES DAVID BALDWIN-National Honor Society 3-4: Mu Alpha Theta 3-4: Key Club 4: Junior Spec- tacular 3: Class Council 3-4: Intramurals 2-4. Seniors 'HERBERT E. BALDWIN Ill-Football 2-4: Baseball 2-4: Basketball 2: Panther Athletic 2-4: World Cul- ture 2-4: German 3-4. KATHERINE ANN BALL-Transfer from Fort Wayne, Ind.: Orchestra 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Art 3-4: Music 3-4: Fl'A 3-4. VIRGINIA SUE BARGAHISER-Panther Athletic 3-4: Red Cross 2: Art 2. QSTEVEN EDWARD BARNES--National Honor Society 3-4: Student Council 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Mu Alpha Theta 3-4: Intramural Bas- ketball 2-4. 'i'MARY F. BARRETT-Student Council Alternate 3: National Honor Society 3-4: National Merit Letter of Commendation 4: Descant 4: Panther Athletic 2-4: A Cappella 2-3. GEORGE MICHAEL BASCH-Panther Athletics 3. JOSEPH WAYNE BATZA-NDCC Battalion: NDCC Drill Team. CORAL FAITH BAUDENISTEL--Library 3-4: Baton Corpsi 4: Girls Industrial Arts 2-4: Knitting 3-4: Foren- sics . JANE ELIZABETH BAUER-Orchestra 2-3: Panther Athletic 2-3: Gym Assistant 3: Class Council Alternate 3-4: Intramurals 2-3. 'DEBORAH LOUISE BECK-Stage Crew 2-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Madrigals 2-3: Girls Ensemble 4: Junior Spectacular 3: Fall Musical 4. RON L. BECKER-Panther Athletic: Academic Games: Astronomy. JOHN BEESON-Advanced Chess 2-3: Panther Ath- letic 3-4: Chamber Music 3: Folk Music 4. 'CHERRYL RUTH BEHRMANN-Class Council 2-3: Ju- nior Spectacular 3: German Secretary 3: Prom Deco- rations Co-chairman 3: Panther Athletic 2-4. EBNIQIS WARD BELL-Electronics 2: Intramural Foot- a . MARY CHRISTINE BELL-Lab Assistant 4: Panther Athletic 3: FNA 3: Transfer from Chartard High School 3. JANET BELSCHWENDER-Panther Athletic 2-3: Travel 2-4: Typing 3: Shorthand 2. 'FDIANA LYNN BENNETI'-Student Council 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Repertory Company 4: French 2-3: Drama 3: Panther Athletic 3. KATHLEEN ANN BENNETT-Knitting: Booster Block: Typing: Panther Athletic, 'I'RlCHARD LEE BERGSTEDT-Spanish 2: FBLA 3: Panther Athletic 3: Art Travel 4. TRACI M. BERLING-Folk Music 3-4: Intramurals 2-4: Journalism 2: International Foods 4. "'MA'l'l'HEW DAVID BERNEY-High School Bowl 4: National Honor Society 3-4: Concerto Night Soloist 3-4: Bell Choir 3-4: National Merit Letter of Commen- dation 4: Chamber Music 3-4. "SUSAN CHRISTIN BERNS-French 2-3: Travel 2-3: Panther Athletic 2: World Culture 4: Junior Spectacu- lar 2: Attendance Office Assistant 2-4. RANDALL S. BERNSTEIN-Lab Assistant 2-4: Student Council Alternate 2: Latin 2: A-V 3: Junior Spectacular 2-3. DENISE LYNN BEUTLER-Lab Assistant 3-4: Travel 3: Review Typing 3: Student Council Alternate 3. 'DEBRA LYNN BEVINS-Drama 2-4: Thespians 2-4: Stage Crew 3-4: Madrigals 2-3: Girls Ensemble 4: Music Office Assistant 3-4. THOMAS ALLAN BINNINGER-Panther Athletic 3: Angler-Nimrod 3. DEBRA ANN BLACK-Panther Athletic 2-4: French 2: Style Show Model 3: Booster Block 2: English Of- fice Assistant 4. - TRACY STUART BLACK-Tennis 2-4: Angler-Nimrod 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Advanced Chess 2: Panther Athletic 3-4. Class of 1969 :I'JULlA E. BLACKBURN-National Honor Society 3-4: "500" Festival of Arts Award 3: Scholastic Art Award 3: Art 2-4: Junior Spectacular 3: International Foods 3. EIZUCE BLAIR-Lab Assistant 3-4: Panther Athletic JOSEPH DAVID BLAKLEY-Panther Athletic 2-3: FBLA 3: Student Council 4: Intramurals 2-3: Spanish 3. JULIA ANNE BLAKLEY-National Honor Society 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-3: Booster Block 2: Senior Class Council: Spanish 3. COLLEEN RUTH BLEKKING-Girls' Glee Club 2: Booster Block 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Spanish 3: Art 3-4. 'NANCY RUTH BLICKENSTAFF-Spanish 3: Panther Athletic 3: Park Seminar 4: Debate 2: Marshall at Commencement 3: National Honor Society 3-4. 'MICHAEL WILLIAM BLOCH-Advanced Chess 2-3: Biology 2: Key Club 3-4: Travel 3: FBLA 3: Student Council Alternate 3. SUSAN LOUISE BLUMHARDT-FNA 3: Panther Ath- Ietic 3-4: Stage Crew 4: Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Spanish 4: Transfer from Fort Wayne, Indiana 3. WILLIAM SCOTT BLYTHE-Chess Team 2-3: Electron- ics 2-3: Chief Operator 4. C. WILLIAM BOCKSTAHLER-Chess Team 2-3: Chess 3: Intramurals 3: Electronics 2. BRUCE BOJE-Student Council 3: Golf Team: Pan- ther Athletic 3: Key Club 3-4. MARY BOLAT-Art 4: Panther Athletic 3. Applications keep college-bound seniors busg 'POLLY BOLEMAN-Class Council 2-3, Alternate 4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Travel 2: Yearbook Staff 3-4: World Culture 4: Junior Historical Society 4. "'CHERYL DEE BOLING-Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Panther Athletic 2-4: Attendance Office As- sistant 3-4: Spanish 3: Travel 2: Junior Spectacular 3. DEBORAH ANNE BOLINGER-Panther Athletic 3-4: Knitting 3: Booster Block 2. 'DEBORAH ANN BORING-Yearbook Staff 3-4: Pan- ther Athletic 2-4: Scholastic Award 2-4: Student Coun- cil Alternate 4: French 3: Junior Spectacular 3. CATHY BORINSTEIN-Travel 2-3: Panther Athletics: Attendance Office Assistant 2-4: Guidance Office As- sistant 3. JOHN MILES BORTON-Tennis 2-3: Panther Ath- letic 3: German 3: Biology 3: Slide Rule 2. JOHN C. BOSE-Key Club 3-4: Varsity Wrestling 3: Panther Athletic 2-3. 'SUSAN ANN BOSLOUGH-NFL 3: Scholastic Award: Typing Award 3: Panther Athletic 3: Spanish 3: World Culture 3. ROGER WARD BOSWELL-Photography 3: Panther Athletic 2-4: Intramurals 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3: Hydronauts 4: Folk Music 4. DENNY BOTTAMILLER-Typing 2: Panther Athletic 3: Angler-Nimrod 3: Woodworking 4: Geology 2. RICHARD LEIGHTON BOWERS-Advanced Chess 3: A-V Assistant 4. JOYCE KAY BOWMAN-Drama 2: Knitting 3: Panther Athletic 3: Home Ec. Style Show Chairman. Seniors THOMAS A. BOWMAN-Panther Athletic 3-4: Angler Nimrod 4: Intramurals 4. TRUDI LOUISE BOYD-Transfer Student from Atlanta. JACK JOHN BRAITMAN-Panther Athletic: Art: Angler Nimrod. 'JAMES F. BRANDT-Key Club: Fall Musical: Junior Spectacular 2-3: Student Council Alternate: Music Men: A Capella. JAMES FRANK BROADDUS-Panther Athletic 3. 'FBARBARA JO BRODEY-Reserve Cheerleader 2, Var- sity 3-4: Student Council 2-3: Panther Athletic 2-4: Booster Block 2-4: Athletic Department Assistant 2-4. WILLIAM J. BRODY-Track 2-4: Cross Country 2-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Lettermen's Club 4. LINDA LEE BROEKING-National Honor Society 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Typing 3. JANET IRENE BROOKS-Panther Athletic: Review Typing. RICHARD F. BROOKS-Varsity Football 2-4: Wrestling 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Angler Nimrod 3-4: Intra- murals 2-4. 'ALLISON BROWN-National Honor Society 3-4: Fall Musical 2-3: Junior Spectacular Chairman: Shakes- peare, Secretary 2-3: "Pearls of Liberty" Staff 3-4: Concerto Evening 3. DEBRA LYNN BROWN-Knitting 2-3: "Peals of Liber- ty" Staff 2: Newspaper Staff 3, Page Editor 3: Poetry 3: "Etchings In Thought" Contributor 3. Weekend emplogment helps seniors financially LINDA KATHLEEN BROWN-Panther Athletic 2-4: Wind Ensemble 2-4. RICHARD B. BROWN-Folk Music 2-4: Intramurals 2-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Drafting 3. WENDY JEAN BROWN-Drama 2: Library Monitor 3: Student Council Alternate 2: Attendance Office As- sistant 4. SUSAN ANN BROWNING-Panther Athletic 3-4: Knit- ting 4. KATHARINE BRUECKNER-Madrigals 2-3: Descants 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Panther Athletic 3-4: International Foods 4: Travel 2. NANCY ANN BUCHANAN-Chess 2: Panther Athletic 3. MARILOU BUDDENBAUM-Girls' Industrial Arts 2: Travel 3: Panther Athletic 3: Art 7-8 4. WILLIAM GREGORY BUGH-Panther Athletic 2-47 Woodworking 3. LOUIS ARNOLD BUMB-Geology 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Angler Nimrod 3. DEIRDRE ANN BURGER-Drama 2-3: Stage Crew 3: Travel 3: Folk Music 3. ROBERT CARL BURNSIDE-Junior Historical Society 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Woods. 'JEFFREY C. BURRIS-Key Club 3-4: "Peals of Lib- erty" Editor 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Scholastic Ci- tation 2-3: Chess Team 2: Lab Assistant 4. Class of I 969 t"ANTHONY G. BURRUS-Yearbook-Newspaper Pho- tographer 2-45 Photography 25 A-V Assistant 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 NSPA5 Journalism. PHYLLIS JO BUSBY-Panther Athletic 25 AFS 25 At- tendance Office Assistant 2. "'JOHN ARTHUR BUSCH-Student Council 2-45 Key Club 3, President 45 National Honor Society 3-45 Ju- nior Prom Court: Baseball 2-35 l.U. Honors Program in French 3. THOMAS M. BUSH-Panther Athletic 2-45 Government 3-45 FBLA 35 Intramural Softball 3-4. 'RBARBARA JEAN BUTZ-Panther Athletic 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Trike Race 2-45 AFS 3-45 Intramurals 2-35 Student Council Alternate 2. i'BRUCE ALLEN BUTZ-Intramurals 2-45 Reserve Ten- nis 2, Varsity 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Lettermens Club 45 Drafting 35 Angler-Nimrod 4. 'JERRY WAYNE BYERS-Music Men 2-35 Counter- points 45 Newspaper 3-45 Fall Musical 45 Junior Spec- tacular 35 Government 3-4. 'FROBERT W. BYRD-Class Treasurer 2-35 Senior Class Council5 Intramurals 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Forensics 2. CAREN CADY. KAREN LYNN CAGE-National Honor Society 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 AFS 3-45 Lab Assistant 3-4. 'CINDY CAGLE-I.U. Honors Program in German 35 National Honor Society 3-45 Junior Class Council5 Bell Choir 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. ELLIOTT JOHN CAINE-Chess 25 Wind Ensemble 2-45 Stage Band 4. "'STEPHEN CALDERON-Chess 25 Folk Music 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 45 Cross Country 45 Track 2-4. 'REX CALLAWAY-National Honor Society 3-45 Foot- ball 2-45 Track 2-45 Wrestling 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Student Council Alternate 3. 'CATHERINE SUE CAMPBELL-Lab Assistant 3-45 Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 35 Knitting 35 Girls' Automechanics 25 Latin 3-4. 'MARCIA ANN CAMPBELL-Panther Athletic 2-35 Clothing 2-35 Review Typing 35 Lab Assistant 35 Knit- ting 45 "Etchings in Thought" Typist 4. ROSIRIS CANGELA-Exchange student from Brazil. BRAD J. CANNADAY-Spanish 25 Gym Assistant 3-45 Chess 25 Intramurals 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-4. 'JOYCE BEVERLY CANNELL-French 2-35 Booster Block 25 Prom Decorations 35 Intramurals 2-35 Pan- ther Athletic5 Junior Spectacular Usher 3. DEIRDRE ANN CANNON-Panther Athletic 2-45 Span- ish 25 Knitting 45 Travel 4. LEONARD STEPHEN CANTOR-NSPA 2-45 Yearbook Head Photographer 3-45 Journalism 3-45 Scuba 3. tVlKKl LYNN CANTRELL-Style Show 45 Madrigals 45 Panther Athletic 2-45 AFS 35 Trike Race 2-45 Senior Girls League. CRAIG E. CAPEHART-Yearbook-Newspaper Photog- rapher 2-45 NDCC Rifle Team 2-45 Photography 2-4. MARC ROBERT CAPLAN-Panther Athletic 35 De- bate 25 Journalism 25 Intramurals 2-4. 'FREDERICA B. CAPP-National Honor Society 3-45 Girls' Ensemble 2-45 AFS 3-45 French 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Booster Block 2. 'DAVID LEE CARDEN-Key Club 3-45 Panther Ath- letic 35 Golf 2-35 Intramurals 2-45 Junior Historical Society 35 Lab Assistant 4. DIANA JAMIE CARPENTER-Journalism 35 Art 3. CATHERINE ANN CARR-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 2-4. Stage experience proves profitable to seniors LENDING A HELPING HAND, Senior Bill Carroll applies make-up to John Robarts prior to the opening performance of the fall musical, "Half a Sixpence." -r-H ,hm GERALDEAN LEE CARR-Panther Athletic 4: Travel 2. 'WILLIAM O'l'I'O CARROLL-National Honor Society 3-4: Thespians 3-4: Drama 3, Treasurer 4: Stage Crew: Junior Spectacular 2: Fall Musical 2. DAVID W. CARTER-National Honor Society 3-4: Junior Historical Society 2-3: Panther Athletic 3: Government 2-3: Intramurals 2-4. 'PATRICIA ANN CARTER-Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Panther Athletic 2-3: Clothing Secretary 2: President 3: Review Typing 4: Girls' Autome- chanics 4: Trike Race 4. DAVID DONN CARVER-Transfer from Fresno, Cali- orma. DONNA LOUISE CAZADD-NFL 2: Girls' Concert Choir 2: Panther Athletic 3: A Capella 3: Madrigals 4. MARIANNE CEASER-Panther Athletic 2: Attendance Office Assistant 3: FNA 2: Travel 3. "'ROLLIN CHAB-National Honor Society 3-4: Intra- murals 3-4: Travel 3: Panther Athletic 2: Latin 2: Science Reading 3. JOHN N. CHATTIN-Slide Rule 2: Chamber Music 3-4. RICHARD CHARLES CHENEY-Panther Athletic: Transfer from Broad Ripple High School. "'MICHELE THERESA CHIPLIS-Gym Assistant 3: Panther Athletic 2-4: Class Council 2-3: Junior Spec- tacular Committee Chairman 3: Intramurals 2-4: Folk Music 4. 'LORI LOUISE CHRISTOPHER--National Honor So- ciety 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: NFL 3-4: French 3-4: Intramurals 2-3: Scholastic Citation 2-4. 'JAYE E. CLAPP-Junior Class Council Alternate: Panther Athletic 3-4: Office Assistant 4: Junior Spec- tacular 2: Intramurals 2-4: Library Assistant 3. 'CATHLYN CILLE CLARK-Fall Musical 2-4: Wind Ensemble 2-4: Orchestra 2-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Latin 3-4: Girls' Glee Club 2. DAVID WAYNE CLARK-Panther Athletic 2-4: Foot- ball 3-4: Basketball 3-4: Track 3-4: Gym Assistant 4. BARBARA SUSAN CLARKE. Class of I 969 DEBORAH D. CLARKSON-French 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Attendance Office Assistant 3-45 Review Typing 2. JERRY CLAY-Panther Athletic 2. "'PATI'l JO CLAY-National Honor Society 3-45 Coun- terpoints 3-45 Girls' Ensemble 25 Fall Musical 2-35 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Repetory Company 4. MICHAEL L. CLAYTON-Panther Athletic 35 Chess Team 25 Advanced Chess 3. LARRY CLEM. CINDY SUSAN CLIFTON. GERALD RICHARD CLOUSER. 'CANDACE SUE CLUSTER-Cheerleading 2-35 Booster Block 2-35 Orchestra 2-35 Scuba 2-35 Student Council 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-4. 'DAVID BERTRUM CLYMER-Scuba Sgt.-at-Arms 3-45 Student Council Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Forensics 25 Intramurals 2-35 Travel 2. 'EDWARD LAWRENCE COHEN-Chess 2-35 Scuba 3-45 Intramural Football 3-45 Stage Crew 25 Academic Games 45 Trike Race 4. GARY ALLEN COHEN-Aero-Space 25 Panther Athletic 35 Advanced Chess 3. GARY J. COHEN-Gymnastics5 Panther AthIetic5 Chess5 Spanish. JOANNE COHEN-Typing 3. MARTIN M. COHEN-Panther Athletic 2-35 Biology 25 Advanced Chess 35 Key Club 3-4. SHARON ANN COHEN-French 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Jr. Historical Society 25 Booster Block 25 Atten- dance Office Assistant 4. PAM JEAN COLGLAZIER-Panther Athletic 2-45 A Capella 25 Travel 2-3. MARIE ANNE'I'I'E COLLINS-Class Council Alternate 2-35 FTA Chairman 25 Clothing Vice-President 35 French 35 Scholastic Award 2. SHERRY ANN COLLINS-Panther Athletic 35 Cloth- ing 35 French 25 Knitting 2. SUSAN D. COLLINS-Panther Athletic 3-45 Girls' Ex- ercise 35 Art 45 Senior Style Show Writer 45 Interna- tional Foods 4. MONTY WAYNE COMBS-Varsity Baseball 3-45 Intra- murals 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Review Typing 2. "'EMILY L. CONLY-Art 45 Scholastic Art Award 2-45 Girls' Industrial Arts 35 Music 25 Folk Music 45 Art Assistant 3. "'SALLY SUSAN CONLY-Art 3-45 Folk Music 45 Red Cross 2,45 FNA 25 "PeaIs of Liberty" Artist 35 Girls' Industrial Arts 2. "'TlMOTHY WELLS CONLY-Photography 25 Chess 35 National Art Contest 35 Drafting 35 Automotive 45 Art 4. MIKE C. CONOVER-Chess 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 3-45 Travel 4. 'DEBORAH ANNE CONRAD-Red Cross 25 Descants 35 Counterpoints 45 Panther Athletic 35 Wind Ensemble 2-35 German 3. REGINA LEE COOKSEY. CHARLES S. COOPER-Science Service 3-4 Marching Band 2-45 Symphony Wind Ensemble 2-45 Stage Band 45 Panther Athletic 3. DANIEL JAMES COOPER-Panther Athletic 45 Slide Rule 35 Chess 25 Track 3-45 Cross Country 4. .sew ..g:l,r Xie Lx rv ki- Seniors tDARVENE SUE COOVER-Intramurals 2: Chess 2: ,Shcirtgand 3: Panther Athletic 4: Typing 3: A-V Assis- an . 'ANN MARIE CORBETI'-Student Council 2-4: French 3: Panther Athletic 3: World Culture 3: Girls' Exer- cise 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. CLAUDIA SUE COREY-Panther Athletic 3-4: Senior Class Council Alternate: Folk Music 4: Transfer Stu- dent from Roanoke, Virginia 3. DAVID L. CORY-Panther Athletic 3: Travel 2: ln- ternational Foods 2: Review Typing 3. ELIZABETH COULTER-Art 2,4: Girls' Exercise 3: Panther Athletic 3-4: Review Typing 4. ROBERT MICHAEL COVELL-Chess 3-4: Chemistry 3-4: Marching Band 3-4: Wind Ensemble 3-4: Trans- fer Student 3. RONALD NELSON COVEY-Band 2-4: Stage Band 3-4: Intramurals 2-4: Woodworking 2: Scholastic Cita- tion 2-4. 'WCATHLEEN ANN CRAFTON-Senior Girls League: Girls Automechanics 4: Forensics 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Future Nurses 2: French 2. KAREN SUE CRAIG-Girls Glee Club 2: Booster Block 2: Student Council Alternate 3: Panther Athletic 3: Girls' Exercise 3. 'JAMES STEVEN CROCKER-Student Council Alter- nate 2: Junior Class Council: Key Club 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-3: German 2-3: Intramurals 2-3. EILEEN S. CROUSE-Junior Spectacular 2: Panther Athletic 3: Travel 2: Girls' Exercise 3. PAMELA MARIE CUPP-Library Assistant 4: Panther Athuatic 2-3: Knitting Treasurer 3: Girls' Automechan- ics . ERIC G. CURE-Intramurals 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3: Key Club 3-4: Typing Award 3: Transfer Student from Brebeuf 3. KIM DAH LSTRAND-Panther Athletic 4. SELISABETH ANN DALE-Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Junior Spectacular Publicity Committee: Debate Secretary 2: French Club Social Chairman 3: Panther Athletic 2-4: Art 3-4. 'DEBORAH JEAN DANIELS-National Honor Society 3-4: Resenfe Cheerleader 2-3: Varsity 4: Counterpoints 4: Student Council 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Panther Athletic 2-4. ANN MARIE DAVIDSON-Government 2-4: Newspaper Staff33-4: Junior Historical Society 3-4: Panther Ath- Ietic -4. JOHN EDWARD DAVIDSON-Transfer Student 3: Pan- ther Athletic 4. 'CHRISTY LEE DAVIS-Junior Prom Co-Ordinator 3: Homecoming Float Chairman 4: Folk Music 4: AFS 4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Government 4. DALE ANDREW DAVIS-Intramurals 2-4: Panther Ath- letic 3: Angler-Nimrod 3. LEE H. DAVIS-Junior Spectacular 3: Intramurals 2-3: Student Council Alternate 3. EIZTER D. DAVIS-Panther Athletic 3-4: Intramurals SCOTT P. DAVIS-Intramurals 2-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Junior Class Alternate: Panther Athletic 3. BRADLEY SCOTT DAWE-Reserve Baseball 2, Var- gity 3-4: Chess 3: Intramurals 2-4: Lettermen's Club -4. 'DENNIS JOSEPH DAWSON--Student Council 2-4: Reserve Golf 2, Varsity 3-4: Mu Alpha Theta 3: Key Club 3, Treasurer 4: Music Men 3: Panther Athletic 2-4. MIKE C. DAWSON-Panther Athletic 3: Intramurals 2-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Angler-Nimrod 3. CATHY JEAN DAY-Panther Athletic 3: Xert 3: Knit- ting 3. 'LOUISE FRANCES DEAN-Spanish 2: Panther Ath- letic 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3: World Culture 3: ln- ternational Relations 3: Attendance Office Assistant 4. Class ot i969 HACK DECKARD-Student Council Alternate 25 Pan- ther Athletic 2-45 Gym Assistant 3-45 Travel 25 Scho- lastic Award 2-45 Angler-Nimrod 3. 'PAMELA SUE DEER-Jr. Historical Society 25 Diving, Secretary 35 Junior Prom Program Cover 35 Gym As- sistant 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Trike Race 2. JAMES KEVIN DELONG-Panther Athletic 25 Travel 2-35 Graphic Arts Service 2-35 Angler-Nimrod 3. JOHN DOUG DEMASIE-Chess 25 Photography 35 Academic Games 35 Panther Athletic 3-4. 'SANDRA LEE DENNERLINE-Lab Assistant 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Booster Block 25 Science Service 35 Intramurals 2-3. LESLIE DENTEL-Booster Block 3-45 French 35 Travel 35 International Foods 2. 'tBARBARA LYNNE DERAISMES-National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Junior Spectacular Chairman 35 Student Council Member-at-Large 25 Junior Class CounciI5 Homeroom Float Chairman 45 Student Council 4. DEBRA ANN DEWALL-Transferred from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 'THOMAS R. DIAZ-International Relations 25 Photog- raphy 25 Panther Athletic 35 Folk Music 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Debate 2. MARY F. DIBLASIO-Panther Athletic 2-45 Review Typing 45 Travel 2. '-'DAVID ALAN DILLINGER-Intramurals 2-35 Astrono- my 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 25 Woods 25 Ama- teur Radio 4. "'EMILY ANN DILTZ-National Honor Society 3-45 Folk Music 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 NDCC Sponsor 2- 45 Home Economics Assistant 45 Scholastic Award 2-4. Seniors gain insight tutoring inner-citg children 'PAL BRAZLE DINWIDDIE-Class Council Vice-Presi- dent 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Gym Assistant 35 French 2-35 American Authors 25 Track 2. ETHEL MARGARET DOCHERTY-Girls' Booster Block 25 Shorthand Transcription 35 Panther Athletic 45 Girls' Exercise 3. 'SANDRA KAY DONNELL-Girls' Ensemble 25 Coun- terpoints 3-45 Junior Spectacular 3-45 Fall Musical 3-45 Student Council Alternate 2,45 Folk Music 3-4. CELESTINE LOUISE DONNELLY-Booster Block 25 Art 35 Scholastic Art Show Honorable Mention 35 ISB Illustration Drawing 3. BRUCE H. DORN-Art 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Automechanics. LINDA JO DOUGHERTY-Travel 3. 'I'LEZLIE ANN DOUTHITT-Descants 45 Madrigals 35 Folk Music 35 Panther Athletic 35 German 35 AFS 3. 'l'KATHY ANN DOVE-Panther Athletic 2-45 Review Typing 35 Booster Block 25 Senior Girls' League5 Ju- nior Spectacular 35 Attendance Office Assistant 4. i'PAMELA LEE DRAKE-AFS 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Travel 25 Panther Athletic 35 FNA 35 Attendance Of- fice Assistant 4. LEE ANDERSON DRIGGERS-Reserve Golf 3, Varsity 45 Intramurals 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-4. 'LINDA SAULE DRUSKIS-National Honor Society 3-45 Government 2-35 French 25 Stage Crew 2-35 Ju- nior Spectacular 35 Journalism 2. "'KAREN A. DUGGAN-Geology Secretary 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Symphonic Band Secretary 45 Student Council Alternate 2-35 Trike Race 35 Junior Spectacu- lar Chairman 3. 50 wi? Seniors 'MARY JANE DUNDAS-Student Council 2-3: Travel 2: Panther Athletic 2-3: Geology 3: Scholastic Award 2-4: Senior Girl's League. 'FLAURIE ANN DUSTMAN-National Honor Society 3-4: Triangle Club Award 2: French 2-4: Panther Ath- letic 2-4: Student Council Alternate 2: Trike Race 3. "KAREN ANN DYKEMA-Folk Music 2,4: A Capella 3: Descants 4: Junior Class Council Alternate: Panther Athletic 2-4: Knitting 2. WSTEPHEN LEE EASTES-Key Club 3-4: Student Council 2: Intramural Football 3: Junior Historical Society 4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Scuba 3. MICHELE ANN EASTMAN-Travel 3-4: Spanish 3. ANDREA BETH EBERBACH-Art 3: Travel 3. 'BARBARA J. EDEN-Junior Spectacular 3: Panther Athletic 4: Senior Class Council: Lab Assistant 4: Tra- vel 2: Spanish 2. CAROL JUDY EDINGTON-J u n io r Spectacular 3: Booster Block 2: Girls Exercise 3: Panther Athletic 2-4. STEPHEN L. ELAM-Panther Athletic 3: Air Space 2: Travel 3. EDWARD JOHN ELLIOTT-Intramurals 2-4: Gym As- sistant 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4. "iMICHAEL THOMAS ELLlOT'l'-National Honor So- ciety 3-4: Boys' State 3: Senior Class President 4: Junior Spectacular 2-3: Student Council 3: Mu Alpha Theta 3-4. 'STEVEN KENT ELLSON-Junior Spectacular 3: Foot- ball Manager 2-3: Intramural Basketball 2-4: Music Men 4: Debate 2: Panther Athletic 3-4. 'l'GAY MARTHA ELSTE-Scholastic Award 2-3: Pan- ther Athletic 3: German 3: Student Council Alternate 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Knitting 2-3. SHERYL ENDICOTT-Transfer from Arlington High School. 'PSTEPHEN A. ENGLAND-National Honor Society 3-4: Folk Music 2-4: Student Council 4: Panther Athletic 3: Key Club 4: National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 4. PAUL M. ENRIGHT-Chess Team 2-4: Slide Rule 2-3: Advanced Chess 2-3. KAREN SUE ENSMINGER- Junior Spectacular 3: Panther Athletic 2-4: A Capella 3: Concert Choir 2. ROBERT F. EPPERS-Reserve Football 2: Junior Spec- tacular 3: Intramurals. DOUGLAS BRIAN ESMON-Intramural Basketball 2-4: FBLA 3-4: Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Travel 2: Panther Athletic 2-4. SALLY JANE ESMON-Panther Athletic 3-4: Madri- gals 4: Scholastic Award 2-4: Senior Class Council 4: Trike Race 3-4. KEITH ALAN ESTRIDGE-Panther Athletic. SCOTT M. ETHERINGTON-FBLA 2-4: Panther Ath- letic 2-4: Travel 2-4: Intramurals 2-4: Debate 2. DONNA KAY EVANS-Booster Block 2: Latin 2: Red Cross 3: Girls Exercise 3: French 3: Panther Athletic 2-3. RODERICK WARMAN EVERHART-A-V 2: Panther 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Geology 3: A-V 3: German 3: Fall Play 4. THOMAS ANDERSON EWING-Panther Athletic 3-41 Aquarium 3: Folk Music 4. ROSA EZELL. REBECCA ANN FAIRBANKS-German 3: Panther Ath- Ietic 4: Great Books 2: International Foods 2. CATHERINE ELIZABETH FAIRFIELD-National Honor Society 3-4: French 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: National Merit Semi-Finalist 4: World Culture 2: AFS 3. Class of I 969 JAY T. FAIRMAN-Reserve Baseball 2-3, Varsity 45 Intramurals 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 45 Angler-Nimrod 3. DUANE CLARK FANT-Orchestra 2-45 Bell Choir 3-45 Orchestra 2-45 Spring Play 3. GERRI LYNN FARBER-Panther Athletic 2-45 Re- view Typing 35 Trike Race Alternate 35 Art Crafts 3-45 Girls' Booster Block 2. "'FRED MEHLERT FEHSENFELD-Student Council 25 Junior Class Council5 Intramurals 2-45 Tennis 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Advanced Chess 3. DOROTHY JO FEIBLEMAN-Scuba5 Biology. HOWARD FAY FENTER-Panther Athletic 3-45 Intra- murals 2-45 Photography 25 Angler-Nimrod 3. GLENN SCOTT FERGUSON-Red Cross Vice-Presi- dent 3-45 Slide Rule 3. CYNDY ANN FEUCHT-French 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Sophomore Class Council Alternate. WCAROLE ROBIN A. FIEDLER-National Merit Scho- Iarship Semi-Finalist 45 Quill and Scroll 3, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Yearbook Staff 3, Assistant Editor 45 Ayres High School Fashion Board 45 Style Show5 French 3-4. WILLIAM R. FINDLING-NDCC 2-45 Rifle Team 4. RICHARD ALLEN FINE-Panther Athletic 35 Intra- murals 2-45 Geology 35 Marching Band 2-3. MARK E. FINEBERG-Spanish 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 4. REBECCA LANE FISCHER-Panther Athletic 3-45 Review Typing 45 Library Assistant 4. BEVERLY ANN FITTS-Drama 25 FNA 25 Panther Athletic 35 Knitting 35 Intramurals 2-3. E. LOUIE FLEECE-Intramurals 2-45 Junior Spectac- ular 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Scholastic Award 3-45 German 3-4. iiANDREA FLOWERS-World Culture 25 Junior Spec- tacular Usher 35 Panther Athletic 35 Trike Race 25 Academic Games 35 Girls' Glee Club 2. Senior class float feasts on "Ko-Ko Kats" WITH HAMMER IN HAND, co-chairmen Barb Eden and Mike Madawick work feverishly to complete the senior class float "Ko-Ko Kats, Breakfast of Panthers". , f . .,,:.a.,Mt.....,,.I1-.1-.wt-5-2 1 www wrt- :L-gfggzzxmfzsifstuvwelrzx' 'Si' , Seniors 'PANDREW J. FOGLE-National Honor Society 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Yearbook-Newspaper Photogra- pher 3-45 Spanish 35 Student Council Alternate 25 Junior Class Council Alternate. NED ALAN FOGLE-Travel 2-3. CLAIRE LOU FOOTE-Review Typing 35 Knitting 2-35 Girls' Industrial 2. 'l'KATHLEEN J. FOSTER-Sophomore Class Council5 Student Council 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Panther Ath- letic 3-45 Drama 25 Girls' Exercise 3. JOHN H. FOWLER-Thespians 3-45 Language Lab Assistant 2-45 Stage Crew 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Repertory Company 3-4. RUPERT K. FRANKLIN-Air Space 25 Beginning Chess 3. 'MARY K. FRANZ-National Honor Society 3-45 Pan- ther Athletic 35 Junior Spectacular Act Chairman5 Gym Assistant 3-45 Attendance Office Assistant 2-35 Knit- ting Secretary 3. CHRISTOPHER JON FRAYER-German 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Music Men 3-45 Fall Musical 4. NAMES JORDAN FREIHOFER-Key Club 3-45 Ju- nior Historical Society 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Ju- nior Spectacular 35 Spanish 25 Lab Assistant 4. "'LlNDA FREUDENTHAL-Junior Spectacular Usher 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Review Typing 35 Health Careers 45 Northern Lights Representative5 Trike Race. LARRY FREY-Intramurals 2-45 Reserve Baseball 2-35 Varsity 4: Panther Athletic 4: Advanced Chess 2-4. 'FCHARLES RICHARD FULMER-Football 3-45 Track 2-45 Government 2-45 Spanish 25 Student Council AI- ternate 35 Panther Athletic 3-4. Seniors breathe easier after college acceptance JEFF GADDY-Science Reading 2-35 Panther Athletic 3. ANN SHERRET GARDINER-Girls' Glee Club 25 Inter- national Relations 35 Library Assistant 35 Booster Block 25 A-V Assistant. LARRY GENE GARDINER-Key Club 3-45 French 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Cross Country 25 Student Coun- cil Bookstore 3-4. ROBERT A. GARRETI'-Intramurals 2-45 Panther Ath- Ietic 2-45 Tennis 3-45 Student Council Alternate 2. tKAREN SUE GARRIOTI'-Counterpoints 45 Girls' Ensemble 2-35 Junior Class Council5 Junior Prom Co- ordinator5 Fall Musical 3-45 Scholastic Award 2. TOM M. GARRITY-Football 25 Track 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Intramurals 2-45 Lettermen's Club. GEORGE GELLERSEN-Orchestra 2-45 Intramurals 2-45 Booster Block 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 4. HARRY MARVIN GENTRY, JR.-Chess. KAREN SUE GEORGE-Art Crafts 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Spanish 45 Senior Girls' League. LINDA DIANE GILLEFF-National Honor Society 3-45 Orchestra 3-45 Knitting 2-35 FTA 2-45 Panther Athletic 4. BETH GILLEN-Booster Block 25 Latin 35 Notehand 3. RAYMOND WILLIAM GILLIES-Transfer from Zions- ville, lndiana5 Panther Athletic 3. Class of I 969 ROGER R. GILLIES--Photography 2-35 Industrial Arts 2-35 Spanish 2. 'I'TINA ILENE GINIGER-Junior Spectacular 35 Folk Music 35 Junior Class Council Alternate5 AFS 35 Scholastic Award 2-3, Panther Athletic 3. STEPHEN ARTHUR GIPE-Student Council 2-35 Wrestling 2-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Scholastic Award 35 Lab Assistant 3-4. KATHY ANN GIRDLER-Panther Athletic 2-35 Ju- nior Spectacular 35 Band 25 Gold Key Achievement Award 3. KJELL GJARVEVALL-Exchange Student from Norway. DRAKE A. GLASSER-Aquarium 25 Travel 35 Pan- ther Athletic 45 German 4. 'i'JULIE ANN GLATZ-Panther Athletic 25 Travel 25 Knitting 35 Girls' Exercise 45 International Foods 45 Review Typing 4. RICHARD ALLEN GOLDSMITH-Biology 35 Review 'lTyping,35 Chess 3-45 Wrestling 45 Transfer From Ar- lington High School. SUSAN ALICE GOLDSTEIN-Art 35 Panther Athletic 35 Folk Music 45 Travel 45 World Culture 4. BETH ANN GOODMAN-Style Show 2-35 Foods 3. 'CAROL E. GOODWIN-Panther Athletic 2-45 AFS 3-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 In- tramurals 25 Guidance Office Assistant 3-4. ROBERT M. GORDON-Chess 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 Art 3. LOUISE ANN GOSS-Gym Assistant 35 Biology 35 Beginning Chess 35 Chamber Music 2. 'BCYNTHIA ANNE GRADY-Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 2,45 Transcription 35 FBLA 35 Typing Award 35 Shorthand Award 3. 'GARRETT H. GRAHAM-National Honor Society 3-45 Varsity Football 3-45 Reserve Basketball 25 Re- serve Baseball 2-3, Varsity 4, Government 2-45 Intra- murals 3-4. JAY CHRIS GRAUEL-Geology 25 Track 35 Panther Athletic5 Intramural Football 3. JEFF A. GRAVES-Sophomore Class Council5 Or- chestra 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Angler-Nimrod 35 Intramurals 2. LOIS GRIFFITH-National Honor Society 3-45 Scho- lastic Award 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 National Mer- it Letter of Accomodations 35 French 2. BRUCE S. GRIMES-Mandolin Choir 35 Panther Ath- Ietic 3-45 Orchestra 2-4. 'GERALD BRUCE GRINKMEYER-Football 2-35 Ju- nior Class Council5 Scuba 3, Vice-President 45 Pan- ther Athletic 3-45 Folk Music 45 Music Men 4. "STEVEN ELLIOTT GROSBY-National Honor Socie- ty 3-45 Latin 2-45 Panther Athletic 35 Science Service 35 I. U. Honors Program In Latin 35 Junior Spectac- ular 3. CYNTHIA MARIE GRUNDY-FNA5 Red Cross. JOYCE LOUISE GUINNUP-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 25 Cadet Choir. GRACE GULLING-Panther Athletic 3-45 Knitting 35 Girls' Automechanics 45 A-V Assistant5 Style Show Model 4. :ROBERT DAVID HABIG-Student Council 2, Vice- President 3, President 45 Triangle Club Award Win- ner 2-35 Varsity Wrestling 2-45 National Honor So- ciety 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 Government 2. CHRISTINE HACKL. t'PAMELA LEE HALE-Student Council Alternate 2,45 Art Crafts 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Girls' Exercise 45 Senior Girls' League5 Trike Race 4. KAY MELINDA HALL-Booster Block 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 2-4. Seniors SHERYL JEAN HALL-Panther Athletic 3. RICHARD RANDALL HAMILTON II-Junior Historical Society 3: Intramurals 2: Panther Athletic 2-3. IMIURA HAMMERSTROM-Transfer from Homewood, inois. MARY ELIZABETH HANDLEY. JAMES P. HANRAHAN-Junior Spectacular 2: Key Club 3: Intramurals 3: Panther Athletic 2-3. TAMAYRA KAY HANSEN-Booster Block 3: Travel 3: lntarmurals 2-3: Knitting 2: Girls' Glee Club 2. 'JACK M. HARCOURT-Reserve Football 2-3, Varsity 4: Gymnastics 2-3, Team Captain 4: Track 2-3: Class Council 2-3: Panther Athletic 3-4: International Rela- tions. THOMAS RAYMOND HARDIN-Chess Team: Panther Athletic. THOMAS DAVID HARDING-Panther Athletic 2-4: Advanced Chess 2-4: Basketball 2-4: Baseball 2-4: Intramurals 2-4. 'DUKE HARDY-National Honor Society 3-4: Panther Athletic President 4: Varsity Basketball 3-4: Varsity Baseball 3-4: Junior Prom King 3: Vice President Senior Class 4. BRUCE ALAN HARGAN-Gymnastics 3-4: Panther Ath- letic 3-4: German 2-4. JEANNETl'E MARIE HARPER-Orchestra 2-4: Library assistant 3-4: Library 3: Panther Athletic 3-4: Spanish 7 FFA 4. BETH E. HARRIS-National Honor Society 4: Editor of Northern Lights 4: Drama Secretary 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Fall Play 2. 'DIANA LOUISE HARRIS-Flag Corps 2-4: Wind En- semble 2-3: French 3-4: Panther Athletic: Scholastic Award 2-4: Intramurals 2-4. DAVID W. HARRISON-Panther Athletic 3-4: Intra- murals 3-4: Chess 3-4: Science Service 4. JAMES BRUCE HARRISON-Panther Athletic 2-4: Chess 2-4: Intramurals 2-4: Aquarium 2. 'MARK WARREN HARSHMAN-Student Council 2-4: Teen Guide Council Representative 3-4: National Honor Society 3-4: Key Club 2-3: Board of Director 4: Candidate for Indiana Governor of Key Club 3: Spanish 3. CHARLES A. HARTLEY-Chess Team 2-4: Electronics Secretary 3: Slide Rule 2. STEVE RICHARD HARTMAN-Music Men 4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Intramurals 2-4: Student Council Alter- nate 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3. BARBARA ANN HARWOOD. 'l'JANE ELLEN HAWHEE-Student Council Alternate 2: Class Council Alternate 3-4: Guidance Assistant 2-4: Repertory Company 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3: FNA 2. 'JAMES C. HAWLEY-Panther Athletic 2: Art 2: Scuba 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Angler Nimrod 4: Travel 4. JAN CHRISTINE HAYDEN-Panther Athletic 3-4: Art 4: Knitting 4: Travel 4. PATRICIA A. HEHN-Spanish 3: Panther Athletic 2-4: Knitting 2. 'RICHARD STEPHEN HEILBRUNN-Panther Athletic 3-4: Annual Staff, Ad Editor 4: Intramurals 4: Travel 4: Chess 4: Art 2. DEBORAH LY N N E HEIL-Panther Athletic 2-4: Booster Block 2: Junior Spectacular 3: Notehand 3: Office Assistant 3. ELISE LUISE HEISER-Booster Block 2: Panther Ath- letic 3-4: Folk Music 3-4: Art 3-4. KATHI ANN HELFER-National Honor Society 3-4: Junior Spectacular 2: Panther Athletic 2: Bell Choir 2-3: Travel 2. Seniors assist in production GREGORY H. HENDERSON-P a n t h e r Athletic 35 Chess 35 Track 3-45 Football 4. JUAN DERRICK HENDERSON-Travel 35 Track 2,45 Panther Athletic. CAROL JANICE HENDRICKS-Booster Block 2-4. SANDRA LEE HENRY-Panther Athletic 3-45 Library Assistant 35 Girls Exercise 35 Red Cross 2. IN PREPARATION FOR halftime activities, Letterman Harry Pennington ropes off the gym floor while Centralites rush to the concession stand before the show begins. ol' halftime events I 'I'JANET LYNN HEPPNER-Panther Athletic 2-45 Scholastic Award 2-35 YFU Exchange Student to Germany 35 German 2-35 Wasson's Fashion Board Alternate 45 Booster Block 2-3. ELAINE SUE HERRON. DANIEL LEE HARVEY-Automechanics. "'BE'lTE ANNE HESTON-Madrigals 45 Spanish 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Folk Music 45 Clothing 35 A Capella 3. DON MAC HIBLER-Intramurals 3-45 Panther Ath- letic 2-4. SM. SUSAN HICKS-Sophomore Class Council5 Stu- dent Council Alternate 35 Office Assistant 25 Gym Assistant 35 Booster Block 2-35 Descants 4. 'STEVEN E. HILL-Reserve Basketball 25 Track 2,45 Aquarium President 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Gym Assistant 3-45 Intramurals 3-4. JERRY KENNEDY HINES-Geology 35 AngIer-Nim- rod 45 Government 4. 'PDEBBIE LEE HOCKER-Panther Athletic 35 Folk Music 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Trike Race 2-35 Fall Musical 35 Madrigals 4. NANCY ELLEN HODAPP-Panther Athletic 3-45 Mad- rigals 45 Girls' Automechanics 4. MARQUIS ZIMRI HODES-Science Projects 2-45 Sci- ence Reading 35 Photography 2. JEFF C. HOFFMAN-Student Council 2-35 Panther , Athletic 2-3. Q 155 Seniors SALLY ANN HOGAN-Panther Athletics: Jacks Tour- nament: Junior Spectacular. CHRIS HOLDEN. ANN HARRIET HOLDGRAFER-Transfer from West Virginia: Panther Athletic 4: Latin 4: Style Show: Trike Race. DAVE PAUL HOLDGRAFER-Transfer from Huntington East High School. MARTHA J EAN HOLLOWAY-Panther Athletic 3-4: Spanish 3: Transfer from LaGrange, Illinois: Student Council 4: Travel 3. :JOHN MARK HOLMQUIST-Music Men, President 4: Cross Country 2-4: Track 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Letterman's Club 3-4. MARK EDWARD HOLSWORTH-Key Club 3-4: Span- ish 3-4: Panther Athletic 3: Chess 2: Travel 2: Alge- bra 3. BARBARA ANN HOLT-Girls' Automechanics 2: Stu- dent Council Alternate 2: Class Council Alternate 3: Junior Prom Candidate 3: Panther Athletic 3: Home- coming Queen Candidate. MARK B. HOLT-Track 2-4: Cross Country 2-4: Pan- ther Athletic 3-4: Angler-Nimrod 3. JOAN F. HONDERICH-Folk Singing 3-4: Travel 3: Dramatics 3: Panther Athletic 2: Girls' Ensemble 2-3. JANET LEE HOOKER-Thespians 3-4: Stage Crew 2-4: Drama 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Madrigals 3: French 3. JOE S. HOOKER-Band 2-4: Woodworking 2: Football 2. Over 802, of senior class planning further studg QALAN CRAIG HOPKINS-Beginning Chess 2: Folk Music 3-4: Intramurals 2-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Se- nior Class Council: Scuba Diving 4. BYRON ARTHUR HORINE-Gymnastics 2-4: Letter- man 4: Panther Athletic 3-4: American Authors 2: Chess 2: Concert Band 2. WARREN PAUL HOTTE-Cross Country 2-4: Track 2- 4: Drama 2-4: Lettermans Club 4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Stagecrafts 3-4. PALLAS RAYE HOUSER-I-TA 4: Knitting 4. DAVID LEE HOWARD-International Relations 3: Be- ginning Chess 2-4: Business Careers 4: Review Typing 4. LAURA JEAN HOWARD-Art Club 2-4: Panther Athle- tic 3-4: Booster Block 2: Jamboree Style Show 4: Trike Race 2,4. MARGARET ANN HOWARD-NDCC Battalion Forma- tion: NDCC Rifle Team 3-4: Drama 2: NDCC Sponsor 2-4: NDCC Staff. RANDY HOWARD-Music Men 3-4: Scuba 2-4: Aca- demic Games 3.-4. 'DEBORAH JANE HOWE-Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Student Council: FTA 2: French 3: Panther Athletic 3: Trike Race 2-3. JOYCE ARLENE HOWE-Transfer from Broad Ripple High School 3: Clothing 3. LAUREL JANENE HOYT-Booster Block 2: Associate Editor Northern Lights 4: Panther Athletic 2-4. RICHARD E. HUBER-Student Council 2: Panther Ath- letic 3-4: Angler-Nimrod 3: Intramural Basketball 3-4. Class of l969 "'H. BRADFORD HUDSON-German Club Secretary 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Intramurals 2-45 Jr. Histori- cal Society 35 Student Council 25 Student Council Bookstore Helper 3. f'WlLLIAM HAINES HUFF JR.-Sophomore Class CounciI5 Student Council Alternate 35 Panther Athle- tic 2-45 Reserve Football 2-3, Varsity 45 Reserve Baseball 25 Gym Assistant 3,4. SCHARLES R. HUFFMAN-Student Council 25 In- tramurals 2-35 Junior Historical Society 35 Golf 35 Panther Athletic 35 Junior Spectacular 3. 'FGINNY HUMBERT-Madrigals 3, President 45 Ju- nior Class CounciI5 A Capella 25 Attendance Office Assistant 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 Student Council Alternate 4. DOREL A. HUNT. 'FHOLLICE E. HUNT-National Honor Society 3-45 Thespians 3-45 Stage Crew 2-45 Repertory Company 3-45 Mandolin Choir President 35 Panther Athletic 2-4. CAROL LYNN HUNTER-Knitting 2-35 Girls' Concert Choir 25 Madrigals 35 Girls' Ensemble 45 FTA 2-4. 'PAMELA RUTH HURLBUT-Junior Spectacular Act Chairman5 Newspaper Staff 45 Stage Crew 2-35 Pan- ther Athletic 2-45 French 35 Intramurals 2. MICHELLE A. HURTEAU-Panther Athletic 2-45 French 3-45 Government 3-4. 'FRICHARD ALAN HURWITZ-German 2-45 Baseball 2-45 Football 25 History of Math Vice-President 25 Panther Athletic 45 Government 3-4. DAVID N. IAUCO-Panther Athletic 3-45 Science Reading 45 Government 4. WILLIAM BROWNING IRWIN-Panther Athletic 45 Junior Historical Society 4. EUGENE IZSAK-Panther Athletic 3-45 Gym Assis- tant 35 Science Reading 25 Biology 2. CHERYL ELAINE JACKSON-FNA 35 Red Cross 3 SSTEVEN LOYD JACKSON-Transfer from Short- ridge High School 25 Chess 35 Band 35 Panther Athle- tic 35 Football 4. 'DON M. JACOBS-National Honor Society5 3-45 Class Council 25 National Forenics League 2-45 De- bate Team 2-35 Stage Band 2-45 National Merit Semi- finalist 4. STEPHEN EDWARD JACOBS-National M e r i t Scholarships semifinalist 45 lndpls. Science Seminar 45 German 35 Newspaper Staff 2-35 Geology 2. ELAINE MARIE JARVIS-Travel 3-45 Spanish 3-45 Transfer from Arlington High School. SMARCY NELL JAY-Northerner Staff 35 Opening Ed- itor 45 Blocks Fashion Board Representative 45 Gui- dance Office Assistant 2-35 Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 American Field Service 3,4. SUSAN LYNN JEFFRIES-Wind Ensemble 2-45 At- tendance Office 2-45 Booster Block 2. DAVID WILLIAM JENKINS-Panther Athletic 2-45 German 25 Travel 25 Wrestling 3-45 Review Typing 3. ROBERT M. JENKINS-Panther Athletic 2-45 Pep Band 25 Band 2. PETER M. JEWETT-Panther Athletic 2-4. JAMES KELLY JOBES-Football 2-45 Wrestling 3-45 Golf 2-45 Panther Athletic. ANTHONY JOHNSON. BRENT ARLYN JOHNSON-Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Language Lab Assistant 25 Student Council 45 Student Council Alternate 2. JAMES MILTON JOHNSON III-Track 45 Panther Athletic 35 Chess 3. KATHLEEN RENE JOHNSON-Panther Athletic 25 Booster 25 Poetry 35 Shakespeare 35 Dramatics 3. 157 Class of I 969 'WILLIAM JOSEPH JOHNSON-Football 2-3: Wres- tling 2-4: Junior Class Council: Junior Spectacular: Gym Assistant: Panther Athletic. RlAtVID L. JOHNSTON-Panther Athletic 3: Industrial s. MARCIA ANN JONES-Madrigals 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Knitting 2: Panther Athletic 2-3. 'JANE ELLEN JORDAN-Band 2-4: Baton Corps 3-4: Junior Spectacular: Knitting Vice-President 3: Student Council Alternate 3: Spanish 3. STEVEN BLAIR KAFORKE-Panther Athletic 3-4: Aquarium 3: Biology 4: FBLA. LESLIE ANN KAFOURE-Student Council 2-3: Junior Spectacular: Gym Assistant 3-4: Panther Athletic 3: Gym Assistant 3-4. BRUCE LEE KAMPLAIN-Orchestra 2-3: Stage Band 2-4: Fall Musical 2: Key Club 3-4. ABBEY KAPLAN-Panther Athletic 2-3: Travel 4: Spanish 4: Senior Girls League. 'SUSAN LEA KAPPES-Panther Athletic 2-4: Booster Block 2-3: Junior Spectacular 3: Gym Assistant 3-4: Annual Staff 4: AFS 3-4. JULIE LYNN KEBLER-National Honor Society 3-4: Costume 4: Stage Crew 4. CAROL JEAN KELB-Junior Spectacular 3: Panther Athletic 3: Attendance Office 4: Madrigals 4: Intra- murals 3-4: A Capella. CAROLINE SUE KELLER-Girls Automechanics 3: Exercise 3-4. CHRIS K. KELLER-Transfer from Broad Ripple High School. 'MICHAEL G. KELLEY-Key Club 3-4: Junior His- torical Society 3, Vice President 4: Lab Assistant 3-4: German 2: Science Service 3-4: Scholastic Award 2-4. KARL M. KELLOGG-Folk Music 3-4: Bell Choir 2-3: Photography Vice President 2: Panther Athletic 3. 'STEPHANIE SUE KELSO-AFS 3, Vice President 4: Class Council 2-3: Counterpoints 4: Junior Specta- cular: Fall Musical 3. 'JOHN RAYMOND KENNEDY-Key Club 3: A Ca- pella 2: Music Men 3: Counterpoints 4: Latin 2-3: Junior Spectacular 2-3. LESLIE E. KENNEDY-Panther Athletic 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Junior Historical Society 3: Style Show Commentator 4: Student Council 4. BRUCE PATRICK KEREZMAN-Panther Athletic. MARILYN S. KIDD-Panther Athletic 2-4: Intra- murals. KRISTI KIGER-Sophomore Class Council Alter- nate: Student Council Alternate 3: Band 2-3. 'MELANIE KAYE KIKENDALL-German 2: Orches- tra 2-4: AFS 3-4: Girls' Exercise 3: Gym Assistant 3: Booster Block 2. 'NANCY KILBURY-National Honor Society 3-4: AFS 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Scholastic Award 2-3: Yearbook Staff 4: Gym Assistant 4. KEITH DEAN KINNEY-Printing 4: Panther Athletic 3. 'BRIAN DOUGLAS KINSEY-National Honor Society 3-4: Tennis 2: Symphonic Band 2-4: Marching Band 2-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Astronomy 3. 'SUSAN KAY KIRKWOOD-National Honor Society 3-4: Business Education Assistant 3: Panther Ath- letic 2-4: Science Department Assistant 4: English Department Assistant 4: Style Show Model 4. 'GEORGE STEVEN KIRLES-Junior Spectacular 3: Intramurals 2-4: Student Council 2-3: Panther Ath- letic 2-4: Geology 2: Key Club 4. JOHN D. KLINE-Panther Athletic 3. Class of I 969 3 STEVE R. KNIGHT-Geology 25 Booster Block 35 In- tramurals 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-4. BARBARA ANN KOERNER-FIA 3. DANIELA JEANE'I'I'E KOMSISKI-National Honor So- ciety 35 AFS Exchange Student to Austria 35 Junior Spectacular Chairman5 Panther Athletic 2-3. ROBERT ALAN KOSCHMANN-Panther Athletic 2-45 Varsity Golf 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Letter- man 4. "'ANNE LOREE KASTREVIC-Bell Choir 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Biology 2-35 Nurses' Office Assistant 25 Lab Assistant 45 Science Service 4. "'KAY MARIE KRAHN-Spanish 35 AFS 3-4: Typing 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 World Culture 45 Attendance Office Assistant 4. PAMELA SUE KRAMER-Junior Spectacular Chair- man 35 Counterpoints 45 Descants 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. SHARON ANN KRAMER-National Honor Society 3-45 Counterpoints 45 Descants 35 Junior Spectacular Chairman 3. 'DIANE KRANICH-National Honor Society 3-45 NFL 2-4, Vice-President 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 Junior Spectacular 3. GARY L. KREISHER-Industrial Arts 35 Electronics 2-4, President 4. 'KATHERINE LYNN KREUSSER-National Honor Society 3-45 Girls' Ensemble 2-35 Counterpoints 45 Class Council Secretary 3-45 I.U. Honors Program in French 35 Homecoming Queen Court 4. JOHN DONALD KRUEGER-Student Council 35 Track 2-45 Cross Country 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-3. RAYMOND B. KRUSE-Stage Band 2-45 Marching Band 2-45 Bell Choir 45 Electronics 2. "'TUULA MARIANNE KUJALA-Exchange Student from Helsinki, Finland 45 AFS 45 Folk Music 45 Poetry 45 Medical Explorers 45 Junior Spectacular 4. BRAD GEORGE KUBILIS-Panther At h I et i c 2-35 Drafting 2-35 Intramurals 3-4. SHEILA DAVINE KURTZ-Madrigals 25 Descants 3-4. Debbie Daniels receives citizenship award A HAPPY DEBBIE Daniels accepts her cer- tificate from Assistant Principal James Ells- berry after being chosen as the recipient of the DAR good citizenship award by the girls of the senior class. 'ff .S 7,5-Lvff' ' -iF?.Z.iZii2?Hl6Ee 60 Seniors ROBERT L. LAMB-Panther Athletic 2-45 World Cul- ture 35 Astronomy 3. MARGARET SMITH LANCET-Madrigals 25 Girls' En- semble 3-45 Scholastic Award 2-35 Fall Musical 3-45 Intramurals 25 Folk Music 4. RICHARD ERNEST LANGFORD-Baseball 2-45 Pan- ther Athletic 3-4. RICHARD EUGENE LANTIS-Metal Shop 35 Chess 3. DAVID LOUIS LANTZ--Panther Athletic 3-45 Chess 2-3. GERRI DEE LARMAN--Panther Athletic 3-45 Art 3-45 Senior Fashion Show 35 Arts and Crafts 2-45 Folk Mu- sic 45 Journalism 2. 'I'RICHARD BAKER LASH-Chess 2-45 Panther Athle- tic 3-45 Baseball 25 Class Council 35 Football 2-45 Bas- ketball 2-4. CHRIS C. LATESTE-Panther Athletic 25 Attendance Office Assistant 35 Travel 25 Shorthand 35 Typing. JOHN RENEY LATESTE-Cross Country 25 Track 25 Class Council 25 Cross Country 3. HENRY LAURIE-Chess 25 Poetry 25 Panther Athletic 35 Folk 3. 'HDAVID B. LAWTON-Wrestling 2-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Lab Assistant 35 Chess 2-35 Panther Ath- letic 3-45 Chemistry Lab Club. TODD BRUCE LAYFIELD-Chess Team. JOEL JAN LEBOWITZ-Panther Athletic 3. CAROL ANN LECOCQ-Newspaper 35 American Au- thors: Government. LAWRENCE S. LEHNER-Slide Rule 25 Drafting 35 Panther Athletic 3. 'i'JOY LEIMBACH-Reserve Cheerleader 3, Varsity 45 Junior Prom Queen: Christmas Dance Court 35 Pan- ther Athletic 2-45 Gym Assistant 3. 'ROBERT E. LEMPKE-National Honor Society 3-45 Wrestling 2-45 Gold Key Award 25 German 2-45 Art 3- 45 Football 2-4. J. RICHARD LENTZ-Panther Athletic 2-35 Intramurals 35 Boys' Industrial Arts 35 German 35 Drafting 2. JOAN ELIZABETH LESCHOT-Class Council 2, Alter- nate 45 Lab Assistant 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Science Service 3-4. FREDERICK H. LESH, JR.-Air Space 25 Slide Rule 35 Science Service 3. 'I'CARL MICHAEL LESHER-Gymnastics 25 Scuba 3-45 German 2-35 Travel 35 Air Space 25 Trike Race Pit Crew 2-3. CHRISTINE ANN LESOW-Review Typing 2-35 Span- ish 25 Girls' Automechanics 35 International Foods 45 Travel 4. "'TAMARA ANN LESTER-Sewing President 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Descants 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Inter- national Relations 35 A Capella 3. 'ANNE E. LEVITON-Scholastic Award 2-45 Junior Spectacular Usher 35 Spanish 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Typing 35 Travel 4. HANINE JOY LEWIS-Student Council Alternate 35 Attendance Office Assistant 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Style Show 45 International Foods Vice-President 35 Clothing Vice-President 3. i'KIM EDWARD LIGHT-Orchestra 2-45 Panther Ath- Ietic 3-45 Debate 35 Chess 3-45 Advanced Chess 45 NDCC Drill Team. i'BEVERLY SUE LINCOLN-German 2-35 Sewing 25 Panther Athletic 35 Intramurals 35 Booster Block 35 A Capella 3. 'i'GARY T. LINDER-Varsity Football 3-45 Student Council 2-3, Treasurer 45 Panther Athletic 2-3, Vice- President 45 Homecoming King 45 Christmas Dance Court 2-35 Reserve Basketball 2. Class ot' I969 BARBARA JEAN LINDSAY-Booster Block 27 FNA 37 Travel 3. "JAN D. LINGEMAN-Yearbook 3, Editor-in-Chief 47 Hoosier Girls' State 37 Girls' Ensemble 47 National Honor Society 3-47 National Merit Letter of Commen- dation 47 Junior Spectacular 3. JENNIFER A. LINN-Panther Athletic 2-32 Attendance Office Assistant 3-4. 'MARTHA DATEMA LIPSCOMB-I.U. Honors in Latin 27 National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 47 Latin President 37 Triangle Club Award 2-37 Park Seminar7 American Authors Vice-President. TOM ALAN LI'I'I'LE-Drafting 2-37 Panther Athletic 3. 'LYNN LIVINGSTON-Student Council Alternate 27 Panther Athletic 2-4: AFS 2-41 American Authors 2' Art 2'4Q Arts and Crafts 2-3. BILL LONG. ROBERT J. LONG-Panther Athletic 2-3: Folk Music 4. "'KENNETH F. LORCH-Sophomore Class Council AI- ternate7 Stage Crew 2-37 Photography 27 Panther Ath- letic 37 Debate 2'3I Junior Spectacular. t'LlNDA JANE LORENZ-National Honor Society 3-42 Junior Spectacular 37 Gym Assistant 3-47 Folk Music 3-47 AFS Secretary 47 Student Council Alternate 3. JAMES MICHAEL LOUDEN-IntramuraIs7 Graphis Arts. KAREN SUE LOWE-Red Cross 37 Booster Block 27 FNA 37 Travel 3. Seniors help reconstruct barn into gouth center KEN BOYD LOYD-Art 3. LEE ANNA LUCIUS-Junior Historical Society 2"3: Panther Athletic 37 Junior Spectacular 37 Booster Block 27 Senior Girls' League. ROBERT HERTZ LUDINGTON. 'FDAVID H. LUGINBILL-National Honor Society 3-47 Marching Band 2-47 Pep Band 2-41 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-47 Stage Band 3-47 Intramurals. 'JULIA B. LUROS-Student Council Alternate 27 At- tendance Office Assistant 3'4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Travel 27 Knitting 37 Senior Girls' League. tELLYN LURVEY-Student Council 27 Panther Athletic 2-47 Junior Class Council AIternate7 Intramurals 27 Trike Race 2-47 Bookstore Assistant 3-4. BARBARA ELLEN LUZADER-French 2-37 Panther Athletic 2'3f Stage Crew 2-31 Intramurals. SANDY JEANNE MACALLISTER--Folk Music 3-47 Ger- man 37 Girls' Industrial Arts 27 Panther Athletic 2-3. JOHN C. MACKEY-International Relations Secretary Z 37 Panther Athletic 2-35 Government 37 Senior Class ' eia' Council Alternate. 'fMlCHAEL WILLIAM MADAWICK-Wrestling 27 Senior Class CounciI7 French 27 Panther Athletic 27 Cross Country 27 Fisher Body Craftsman Guild Award 2-3. ELISHA MADDEN. 'KATHLEEN JOAN MADINGER-Junior Spectacular Chairman7 Yearbook Staff 3, Activities Editor 47 Quill and Scroll 3'4f Health Office Assistant 47 Scholastic Award 27 Intramurals 4. 4 I CHECKING ON MATERIAL for a research paper, Senior Susan Burns scans an ency- clopedia for pertinent information. I Seniors utilize Iibrarg for college preparation ALLAN S. MANALAN-Photography 2-4: Scholastic Award 2-3: National Merit SemiFinaIist 4. 'FJEFFREY LEE MARR-French 2: A Capella 2: Pan- ther Athletic 3: Music Men 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Football 2-4. 'ANDREA W. MARTIN-Art Crafts 2: Panther Ath- letic 2-4: Trike Race 3-4: Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Fall Musical Usher 4: French 4. CARLA GWEN MARTIN-Wind Ensemble 3-4: Knit- ting 2: Junior Spectacular Usher 3: International Foods 3. 'FAITH M. MARTIN-Panther Athletic 2-4: Sopho- more Class Council Alternate: Class Council 3-4: French 3: Lab Assistant 4: Knitting 3. KRISTIN MARTIN-Booster Block 2-3: International Foods 3. RITA JANE MARTZ-National Honor Society 3-4: Booster Block 2-3: Travel 4. BILL ROBERT MARVEL-Football 2: Photography 2: Review Typing 3: Intramurals 2-3: Metals 4. CATHERINE MASHAW-Panther Athletic 3-4: Trike Race 3: Booster Block 3: Review Typing 2. MARIAN CHARLOTTE MATHER-Chess 2: Academic Games 3: German 3: Panther Athletic 3: Girls' Automechanics 2. 'TERRY L. MATHEWS-Reserve Cheerleader 2-3: Varsity 4: National Honor Society 3-4: Christmas Dance Princess 2: Track Princess 2: Panther Ath- letic 2-4: Student Council 4. MARY LEE MATHIS-Stage Crew 2-4: FTA 3-4: Pan- ther Athletic 4. 'i'CYNTHlA JEAN MATTSON-Panther Athletic 2: Art Crafts 2: Government 4: Scholastic Award 2-3: Yearbook Staff 4: International Foods 3. 'JAMES SPENCER MAUS-Panther Athletic 2-4: Stage Crew 3: Government 3-4: Intramurals 2-3: Homecoming Float Chairman 4: Stagecraft 2. 'MELANIE JANE MAY-Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Baton Corps 2-4: Review Typing 2: French 3: Senior Girls' League. BRUCE MAYER-Intramural 3: Panther Athletic 2-3: Chess 4: Travel 2-4. Class of I 969 JOHNETTA CHRISTINE MCCAULEY-International Foods 2-4: Knitting 3: FBLA 2: Spanish 3-4. "'ANN MCCLELLAND-Student Council 2-3: Travel 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: A Capella 2: Descants 3, Presi- dent 4: Junior Spectacular 3. SHARON ANN MCCLENNY-Panther Athletic 2-4: AFS 3-4: Girls' Exercise 3: International Relations 3-4: Art ROGER B. MCCLURG-Transfer from Barrington High School: A-V: Chess. VICTORIA SUSAN MCCORD-Art 2-4: Booster Block 2: Panther Athletic 3: Attendance Office 3-4. 'KATHLEEN ROSE MCCORMICK-Northern Lights 4: Quill and Scroll 4: A Capella 4: Spanish 2-3: Geology 2-3: Journalism 3. DANIEL DAY MCCUEN-Student Council 3: Wrestling 3: Panther Athletic 3: Booster Block 3: International Relations 3. DANIEL CLAYTON MCGEARY-Football 2-4: Panther Athletic 3: Booster Block 3: Intramurals 2-3: Home- coming King Court 4. FAITH DEBORAH MCGEHEE-Band 3-4: Latin 2. 'I'SALLY ANN MCGRAW-Girls' Ensemble 4: Madrigals, - Vice President 2-3: Panther Athletic 2-4: Junior Spec- tacular 2-3: French 3: Folk Music 2. tGEORGE ROBERT MCKOWN-Class Council 2-4: Christmas Dance 2: Counterpoints 2-3, President 4: Panther Athletic Planning Committee 2: Fall Musical 3-4: Football 2. 'DEBORAH G. MCCLARY-Counterpoints 4: Spectacu- lar 3: Descants 3: Madrigals 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: French 3-4. JUDITH ANN MCMANAMA-Orchestra 2-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Knitting 3-4: Girls' Exercise 3. PEGGY DOLEEN MCMULLEN-A-V: Panther Athletic 3-4: Library Assistant 2. TOM JOSEPH MCNAMARA-Transfer from Chatard High School: Angler-Nimrod 3. KAROL JEANNE MCNAY-Transfer from Howe Tigh School: Concert Choir 3. CATHE LYNNE MCNEESE-Panther Athletic 2: Booster Block 2: Red Cross 3: Latin 3: French 4: American Authors 4. JOSEPH MICHAEL MCSWEENEY-Travel 2-3. KENNETH R 0 B E RT MCWILLIAMS-Transfer from Cathedral High School: FTA 3: American Authors 3: Intramurals 4: Panther Athletic 4: Travel 4. 'HELEN MELINDA MEALY-Transfer from Sandusky, Ohio: French 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Scholastic Award 3-4: Lab Assistant 4: Panther Athletic 4. "'MARCIE ANN MEDITCH-Madrigals 2: Descants 3: Counterpoints 4: Spanish 3: Panther Athletic 3: Lab Assistant 3. STEVEN D I C K MEHAFFEY-Biology 2-4: Science Reading 2: Chess 3-4: Photography 2-3. 'ROBERT NELSON MEILI-Debate Team 3-4: Track Manager 3-4: NFL 2-4: Spanish 3-4: Debate 4: Cross Country Manager 4. JOHN CHARLES MELCHER-Electronics 2: Travel 2: Chamber Music 3: Great Music 2: Concert Band 2. DEBORAH ANN MERKLIN-Counterpoints 4: Descants 3' International Rela I , t'ons 3. KAREN J. MERRITI'-Booster Block 2: Panther Ath- Ietic 3-4: Spanish 2-3. JANE ANN MESSERLIE-Transfer from Johannesburg, South Africa 3: Junior Spectacular: French 3: Panther Athletic 3. MARY P. METZGER-Student Council Alternate 2: Art Vice-President 3: Attendance Office Assistant 2: Span- ish 2: Panther Athletic 2-3. Seniors 'DEBORAH JEANNE MEYER-Notehand 27 Marching garficlr 2537 Baton Corps 47 Booster Block 3-47 French 7 A . MICHAEL HART MEYER-Transfer from Broad Ripple High SchooI7 Panther Athletic 37 Football 4. ROBERT EARLE MEYER-Reserve Football 27 Resenre Basketball 27 Panther Athletic 2-47 Typing 3. ROBERT RICHARDSON MEYER--Scuba7 Key CIUDQ Intramurals. 'THOMAS H. MILCH-NFL 2-3, President 47 Student Council 3-41 National Honor Society 3, President 47 Triangle Club Award 37 Scholastic Citation 2-47 De- bate President 2. WILLIAM D. MILENDER-Football 37 Track 3-47 Pan- ther AthIetic7 Chess. DEBBIE MILES-National Honor Society 3-47 Panther Athletic 37 German 3-47 Travel 2,47 World Culture 4. KRISTINA S. MILLBERN-Booster Block 27 Inter- national Foods 27 Panther Athletic 3-47 Art 3-4. CANDY D. MILLER-Art 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-41 Intramurals 2-4: Art Festival 4. 'CAROL MILLER-Art 37 Travel 3-47 Junior Spectacu- lar Usher: Girls Automechanics 47 Nurse Office Assis- tant. JOE DAVID MILLER-Panther Athletic 2-31 Reserve Football 2'3: Reserve Wrestling 3. 'JUDY R. MILLER-Panther Athletic 3-41 French 3-47 Junior Spectacular 37 Booster Block 27 Notehand 37 World Culture 4. 'LES C. MILLER-National Honor Society 3'4Q Re- serve Football 37 Varsity Football 47 Student Council 47 Scuba: Panther Athletic 2-4. 'SUSAN MILLER-German 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-37 Chamber Music 2-37 Booster Block 2-37 Shakespeare 37 Knitting 2. 'SUZANNE FELTON MILLER-Junior Spectacular 37 Panther Athletic 2-32 Guidance Office Assistant 37 Tricycle Race 27 Intramurals 2-37 Gym Assistant 4. STEVE A. MILLION-Chess Team 2-47 Advanced Chess 2'4Q Library 27 Intramurals 2-4. 'MARK CLIFTON MILLS-National Honor Society 3-4: Student Council Alternate 2,42 Junior Class CounciI7 Junior Spectacular 37 Triangle Club Award 27 Key Club 3-4. PAULLA MILTON-Girls Ensemble 3-47 Sewing 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-37 Knitting 2. 'ANDREA B. MINNICH-Junior Spectacular 37 Travel 3-47 Biology 3-47 Review Typing 37 Panther Athletic 47 Intramurals 4. MARY APRIL MINTON-Travel 27 Panther Athletic 37 Drama 3. MELISSA ANN MITCHELL-Spanish 2-47 Library 2'4: Library Assistant 2-47 Girls' Exercise 3'4Q A Capella Choir 2-3. RANDY OWEN MOGG-Art 2-47 Panther Athletic 2-4. STUART DEAN MONICAL-Gymnastics 2-47 Intramural Basketball 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-42 Marching Band 2-47 Track 4. 'CAROL ANN MOODY-Scholastic Award 27 Junior Spectacular 37 Madrigals 3-47 A Capella 27 Panther Athletic 3-47 Tricycle Race 3-4. KATHY MARIE MOODY-Nurses Aid 3-47 Panther Athletic 2-4. DEBBIE SUE MOORE-Library Assistant 27 Gym Assistant 37 Book Store Assistant 37 Panther Ath- Ietic: Art Crafts 2. DOROTHY ANN MOORE-Folk Music 2-47 Travel 2-47 Intramural Volleyball 2,47 Office Assistant 4. EUGENE A. MOORE-Battilion Formation 2-47 Drill Team 2-47 Rifle Team 3-47 Sophomore Class Council AIt6I'l'Iat8. Class ol' I 969 F PATRICK B. MOORE-Transfer from Broad Ripple High School: Great Music 3: Beginning Chess 3. ROBERT S. MOORE-NDCC Battalion 2-4: Band 2-4. RANDALL EDWARD MORAN-Transfer from Law- rence Central High School: FBLA 3. LINDA A. MORDOH-Sophomore Class Council: Ju- nior Class Council Alternate: Health Office Assistant 3: Junior Spectacular 3. 'FJAMES L. MORGAN-National Merit Semi-finalist 4: Junior Spectacular 3: Spring Play 3: "Etchings in Thought" Editor 4: High School Bowl Team Captain 4: Debate Team Secretary-Treasurer 4. CAROL B. MORRIS-Panther Athletic 3-4: Sewing 3-4: Band 2. JULIA B. MORRIS- Spanish 3: Library Assistant 3: Panther Athletic 3-4: Knitting 4. SUSAN E. MORRIS-Booster Block 2-4: Panther Ath- letic 3-4: Intramurals 2-4: Scholastic Award 2-3. "'DAVlD FREDERICK MORRISON-Yearbook 3: Sports Editor 4: FBLA 4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Folk Music 3-4: Government 4: Photography 3. SANDRA KAY MORROW-Panther Athletic 3: FNA 3' Girls' Exercise 3. 'i'JOHN EDWARD MOSS-Science 3-4: Drafting 2,4: Panther Athletic 4: Intramural Basketball 2-4: Base- ball 2-4: Wrestling 4. 'FLYNNE HARRIS MUELLER-Student Council 2-3: Panther Athletic 2-4: FBLA Secretary 3-4: Library As- sistant 2: Senior Class Council Alternate: FI'A 4. 1 'FMICHAEL PHILIP MULLER-National Honor Society 3-4: Key Club 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Junior His- torical Society 3-4: Language Lab Assistant 2: Pan- ther Athletic 3-4. JAY MURDOCK-Track 2-4: Panther Athletic 2-4: Art 3-4' S anish 2. . P CHARLES W. MURPHY-Rifle Team 2-3: Drill Team 2, Outstanding First Year Rifleman 2. WILLIAM F. MURPHY-Latin 2-3: Debate 2-3: NFL 2: Key Club 3-4. Seniors purchase mementos at Fall Jamboree "SOMETHING TO REMEMBER North Cen- traI" seems to be the desire of Karen Cage as she and Kathy Plumb examine the var- ious articles sold at the Family Jamboree by members of the Triangle Club. -aiiifss :, E,-,..'. 165 Seniors JACK M. MURRAY, JR.-Panther Athletic 35 Chess 25 Geology 2-3. KEITH EDWARD MURRAY-Debate 25 Debate Team 2-45 Forensics 25 Travel 3. WKAREN SUE NAHMIAS-Panther Athletic 25 FBLA President 35 Travel 45 Art Crarts5 Attendance Office Assistant. SCOTT ALAN NAHMIAS-Panther Athletic 2-45 Gov- ernment 2-45 Travel 45 Intramurals 4. TINA NEHRLING-Newspaper Staff 3, News Bureau Editor 45 Great Music President 35 Shakespeare 35 Student Council Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 2-3. FLORENCE GAIL NELSON-Booster Block 3-45 Inter- national Foods 25 Notehand 25 Bookstore Assistant 2-4. KENNETH EDWARD NELSON-Transrer from Delmar, New York. GARY STEVEN NEUMANN-Transfer from Warren Central High SchooI5 Panther AthIetic5 Spanish5 Travel5 Scuba. VIRGINIA LAKE NEVISON-Art 25 French 3-45 Pan- ther Athletic 3-45 Senior Girls League5 Knitting 2. JOHN ALLEN NICE-Panther Athletic 3-45 Stage Crew 3-4. ROBERT A. NICHOLS-Scuba 3, President 45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Air Space 25 Junior Class Council Alter- nate. i'DOUGLAS MARTIN NIE-Student Council 2,45 Ju- nior Class Council5 Key Club Historian 3-45 FBLA Vice- President 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Junior Historical So- ciety 4. Qeniors combine forces to produce Talent Show ROLF ERIC NIIRANEN-Exchange Student from Hel- sinki, Finland. JANICE ELAINE NOBLE-Stage Crew 2-45 Reperyory Company 45 Library Assistant 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 French 3. DEBORAH DEANE NOEL-Panther Athletic 2-45 Art- Crafts 35 Office Assistant 4. NAMES E. NOLAND-National Honor Society 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Language Lab Assistant 3-45 Ju- nior Spectacular 35 Key Club 3-45 Scholastic Citation 2-4. SARAH L. NOLTE-Folk Music 2-45 Travel 2-35 Intra- murals 2,45 Scholastic Art Award 25 Art 4. DEBORAH ANN OBERHOLTZER-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 25 Guidance Office Assistant. THOMAS PATRICK O'CONNOR-Panther Athletic 2-45 Intramurals 3-45 Chess 2-3. STEPHEN BRUCE ODLE-Panther Athletic5 FBLA. MIKE J. O'DOWD-A Cappella 2-45 Boys Industrial Arts. 'i'PATTI LEE O'HEREN-Fall Musical 3-45 Counter- points 45 Junior Class Council5 Business Office Assis- tant5 F'I'A5 Descants 3. 'FNANCY SUSAN O'KANE-Junior Spectacular 35 Class Council5 Panther Athletic 2-45 Gym Assistant 3-45 Style Show 4. DENISE LAYNE OLDHAM-Transfer from Arlington High School. Class ol' I 969 "'MOLLl DUSKIN OLIVER-Fall Musical 4: Junior Spectacular 2,4, Act Chairman 3: I.U. Honors Pro- gram to Italy: Student Council 3, Secretary 4, Alter- nate 2: Wasson's High School Fashion Board 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3-4. JACQUELYN RUTH OLTHOFF-Knitting 2: Travel 2: International Foods 2: Girls' Exercise 3. 'HUDITH ANN ORME-Panther Athletic 2-3: Concert Choir 2: French 3: Madirgals 3: Government 3: AFS 3. "'RlTA MARIE ORMSBY-Stage Crew 2-4: French 3: Scholastic Award 2-3: Panther Athletic 2-4: Jr.-Sr. Girls' Exercise 3: Typing 2,4. MARYETTA JUDY OVERTON-FNA 2: Clothing 2: Girls' Exercise 2-3: Knitting 2-3: Girls' Industrial Arts 2. 'FJACQUELINE ANN PAGEL-Attendance Office Assis- tant 2: Panther Athletic 2-4: Booster Block 2-4: Home Ec Style Show 2: Intramurals 2: Junior Spectacular Usher 3. 'DEBORAH D. PARK-Junior Spectacular 3: Student Council Alternate 3: Gym Assistant 3: Attendance Of- fice Assistant 2-3: Yearbook Staff 4: Scholastic Award 2-4. 'WILLIAM T. PARKER-Football 2-4: Wrestling 2-4: Gym Assistant 3: Junior Historical Society Historian 3: Panther Athletic 2-4: World Culture 3. CHET W. PARNUM-Intramurals 2-3. DOUGLAS ALAN PARRISH-Transfer from Broad Rip- ple High School: Student Council. 'JOHN H. PARRISH-Panther Athletic 3-4: Intramur- als 3-4: Biology 2: Chess 2: Government 3: Photog- raphy 4. RICK S. PASSO-Panther Athletic 2-4: Folk Music 2-4: Library Assistant 3: Intramural 2-4. GARY PASSON-Chess 3-4: Student Council 2: Intra- mural Football 3-4: Panther Athletic 4. ADRIAN PATE. 'FJANE EILEEN PATTERSON-Band 2: Concert Choir 2: Orchestra 3-4: Madrigals 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Boos- ter Block 2. 'PJUANITA IRENE PATTERSON-Style Show 4: NFL 2-3: French 2-3: Panther Athletic 4: Trike Race 4: Descants 3-4. 'RONALD LEE PATTERSON-Drama 3-4: Fl'A Presi- dent 3: International Relations 3: Folk Music 4: A-V Assistant 3: Fall Musical 2. DAVID EUGENE PATTON-Junior Class Council Al- ternate: Football 2: Track 3-4: Angler-Nimrod 3: Chess 2. 'KENT EUGENE PAULIN-Angler-Nimrod 3-4: Pan- ther Athletic 3-4: Chess 2: Travel 2: Intramurals 2-4: Booster Block 4. WILLIAM STANLEY PEDERSON-NDCC Battalion 2: NDCC Rifle Team 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Folk Music 3-4: Industrial Arts 3-4. REBECCA SUE PENDLETON-Panther Athletic 2-4: Booster Block 2-4: Guidance Office Assistant 3-4. DAVID W. PENNEY-Panther Athletic 3-4: Angler- Nimrod 3: Intramurals 3-4. "'HARRY ALTON PENNINGTON-Cross Country 2-4: Reserve Track 2, Varsity 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Orchestra 2-4: Lettermen's Club 3-4: Intramurals 2. tDAVID ROBERT PERKINS-Student Council 2-3: Na- tional Honor Society 3-4: Panther Athletic 2: Key Club 3: Folk Music 3-4: Scholastic Citation 2-3. 'ROBERT L. PERLSTEIN-Varsity Track 2-4: Debate Vice-President 3: Student Council Alternate 2: Junior Class Council: Cross Country 2-3: Journalism Secre- tary 2. TOM JAMES PETERS-Panther Athletic 3-4. 'STEVEN ERIC PETERSON-Fall Musical 2-4: Junior Spectacular 2-3: Glee Club 2: Panther Athletic 3: Coun- terpoints 2-4: Track 3. 'CHRISTY PFEIFFER-National Honor Society 3-4: Drama 2-3, President 4: Newspaper 3, Page 2 Editor 4: Stage Crew 2-4: Thespians 4: Quill and Scroll 3-4. STUDIOUS CENTRALITES Pam Drake, Charlotte Carr, and Sherry McClenny con- centrate under the the watchful eyes of a group of hippies painted by Harry Davis. Paintings done by various local artists are hung in the Student Center during the year. Paintings create relaxed atmosphere for study 'FJAMENE PHILLIPPE-National Honor Society 3-45 Baton Corps 2-45 Junior Spectacular 2-35 French 2.4, Secretary 35 Sophomore Class Council5 Girls' State Alternate 3. MARSHA LYNNE PHILLIPS-Drama 2-35 Spanish 2-35 Art 25 Panther Athletic 2-3. tSANDARA PHILLIPS-Junior Spectacular 35 Atten- dance Office Assistant 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 2,45 Senior Girls' League5 Government 3. MARY FRANCIS PIGG-Library Assistant 2. t'DARRELL C. PIKE-Panther Athletic 2-45 Varsity Football 2-45 Intramurals 2-45 Lettermens' Club 3-45 Gym Assistant 3-45 Baseball 2. 'GARY PITTENGER-National Honor Society 3-45 Hoosier Boys' State Alternate 35 Varsity Basketball 3:-45 lsettermens' Club 25 Scholastic Award 2-45 Key lub . VICKY L. PLATTS-Booster Block 45 Knitting 35 Great Music 35 Great Books 25 French 2-3. PATRICIA NELL PLOPPER-Folk Music 35 Govern- ment 35 Panther Athletic 35 Descants 4. "'KATHRYN ANN PLUMB-A Capella 45 Trike Race 35 Intramurals 35 Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 World Culture 3. LINDA J. POSTLETHWAITE-Panther Athletic 35 Travel 25 Student Council Alternate 25 Spanish 35 Girls' Exercise 3. REBECCA LYNN PO'l'l'ER-Panther Athletic 3-45 Booster Block 2-35 Scholastic Award 2-45 Style Show 4. tMlCHAEL CHARLES PRA'I'T-Science Service 45 Band 2-45 Key Club 3-45 German 2-45 Panther Ath- , Ietic 45 Lab Assistant 4. JOYCE LYNN PRICE-Latin 2-45 Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 FNA 35 Lab Assistant 4. DENNIS JAMES PRITCHARD-Track 35 Football 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2-4. 'ROBERT KENNETH PRUITI'-Cross Country 2-45 Track 2-45 Student Council 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Angler-Nimrod Secretary 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. CYNTHIA ROCHELLE PRYOR-Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Sewing 35 Attendance Office Assistant5 Transfer from Shortridge High School. Class of I 969 LARRY STEPHEN PRYOR-Panther Athletic 2-35 Chess 35 Intramurals 2-3. SCOTT E. PYLAT--Panther Athletic5 NDCC Color Guard. "SUE PYLE-Scholastic Citation 2-35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Folk Music 35 Art Scholarship 45 Junior Spectacu- lar Usher 25 Travel 2. BECKY LYNN QUERY-Knitting 2-35 Future Nurses 2- 3. ERIC TODD QUINTO-Mu Alpha Theta 3-4, President 45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Chess 2. MELINDA SUSAN RABER-Folk Music 35 Wind En- semble 2-45 Art 35 Panther Athletic 35 Stage Crew 25 Junior Spectacular 3. BRENT L. RAGER-Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 45 Typing 3. RICK R. RAINS-Chess 25 Government 2-45 Latin 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Angler-Nimrod 4. DOUGLAS ALAN RAMAKER-Football 2-45 Baseball 25 Wrestling 2. TRIESA DIANNE RAMER-Repretory Company 3-45 Drama 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-4. MARC RAPHAEL-Advanced Chess 25 German 35 Pan- ther Athletic 35 Varsity Golf 35 Chem-X 3. VICKI LYNN RARDIN-Class Council Alternate 25 Stu- dent Council Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Trike Races 2-35 Spanish 4. GREGORY ALAN REDISH-National Honor Society 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Intramurals 2-45 Junior Class Council 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. DEBBY KAYE REED-Orchestra 2-45 Latin 35 Knitting 35 GirI's Glee Club 2. DAVE EDWIN REEL-Football 25 Track State Champion 35 Lettermen 3. CHERIE JO REID-Transfer from Bay High, Bay Vil- lage, Ohio5 FTA 45 Drama 4. CAROL MARIA ANN REIFERS-Sophomore Class Council5 Junior Spectacular 35 Tennis Intramurals 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Trike Race 2-45 Junior Class Council Alternate. KAY IREAN REISING-French 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Knitting 35 Booster Block 25 Review Typing 45 Shorthand 4. FREDERICK FRANK REISSNER-Panther Athletic 2-4 NANCY JEAN REKLAU-Panther Athletic5 Review Typ- ing5 GirI's Glee CIub5 French. NANCY ANN RENAUTO-Stage Crew 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Typin 25 Home Econ g . Assistant 2. RICK RENNER-Intramural BasketbaIl5 Beginning Chess. WSHERRY REUTER-Panther Athletic 2-35 German 25 Travel 3-45 Drama 35 Girls' Automechanics 45 Review Typing 3. DOROTHY JEAN REYNOLDS-FNA 3-45 FTA 2-45 Pan- ther Athletic 3-45 Booster Block 25 Clothing 3. JERRY W. REYNOLDS-Electronics President 3. LYNN ALISON RHAMY-FNA 2-45 Clothing 2-35 Pan- ther Athletic 35 Travel 45 Audio-Visual Secretary 2-4. MICHAEL RICHARD RHODES-Chess 35 Panther Ath- letic 35 Intramurals 3. JANET RHODES. 169 Seniors "'JUDY RICHTER-Junior Class Council AIternate3 Panther Athletic 2-33 Bookstore Assistant 2-43 Art Crafts 23 Senior Class Council AIternate3 Style Show Model Alternate 4. 'FLESLIE LYNN RICKETTS-National Honor Society 3- 43 Panther Athletic 2-43 Travel 23 Scholastic Award 2-43 Intramurals 33 A Capella 3. SUSAN D. RILEY-Panther Athletic 2-43 French 2-43 Student Council Alternate 33 Senior Class Council. EDWARD LEE ROACH. MIKE STEPHEN ROACHE-Transfer from Kentucky3 Panther Athletic 2. STEPHEN GARRETT ROACH-Art Crafts 23 Advanced Chess 23 Panther Athletic 3. 'FDEBORAH ROBERTS-Panther Athletic 2-43 Art Crafts 23 Girls' Exercise 33 Student Council 2-3, Assistant Secretary 43 Junior Spectacular 33 Bookstore Assistant 2-4. tJOHN RUSSELL ROBERTS-Science Reading 23 In- tramurals 3-43 Folk Music 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-42 Scuba 3-43 Aquarium 3. BRENDA JOYCE ROGERS-Booster Block 2-4. HAROLD EDWIN ROGERS-Chess 2'3Q Academic Games 2-3. 'l'WILLIAM NICHOLAS ROGERS-French 3-43 Panther Athletic 33 Travel 43 Biology 43 Scholastic Citation 33 Chess 2. MARY J. ROMAN-Travel 2-41 German 2-43 American Authors 33 Government 43 Intramurals 3-4. REBECCA JO ROOSE-Booster Block 23 FNA 33 Knit- ting 33 International Foods 3. DEBORAH S. ROSA-French 33 Panther Athletic 3-43 Travel 3-43 Drama 33 Girls' Automechanics 43 Review Typing 3. Art 23 Senior Girls' League. FLORENCE SUE ROSEN. ROBERT DEAN ROSENBAUM-Beginners Chess 23 Advanced Chess 33 Geology 33 Slide Rule 3. DANA ROTH-Knitting 23 World Culture 33 Great Mu- sic 33 Junior Class Council3 Junior Spectacular. PHILIP ROUDEBUSH-Lab Assistant 33 Intramurals 2-43 Panther Athletic 3-43 Science Service 33 Geology 2. MARY WARREN RUDDELL-Booster Block 23 Intra- murals 23 Latin Secretary 33 FNA 33 Clothing 3. 'FKRISTINA SUE RUSCH-National Honor Society 3-43 Clothing 33 Panther Athletic 3-43 Intramurals 2-43 Gui- dance Office Assistant 33 Junior Spectacular 3. TOM RITTER RUSSO-Travel 2-43 Junior Historical Society 33 Government 4. JOHN THOMAS RYAN-Panther Athletic 3-43 Travel 43 Intramurals 3-43 Chess 4. MIKE COLE RYAN-Folk Music 23 Chess 33 Great Music 3. 'l'ANNE'I'l'E SACKS-National Honor Society 3'4: Hoo- sier Girls' State 33 Junior Prom Decorations Chairman 33 International Foods Vice President 33 FNA Secretary 33 Student Council Alternate 2. SUSAN LYNNE SANDERS-Panther Athletic 33 Atten- dance Office Assistant 3. NANCY SANDERSON-Girls' Automechanics 23 Pan- ther Athletic 2,4I International Foods 3. JOHN MARK SAUER-Panther Athletic 2-43 Electronics 23 Drafting 2-3. STEVEN RONALD SAX-Drafting 2-33 Slide Rule 23 Panther Athletic 3. Class of I 969 'SUSAN MAE SCHAEFER-Folk Music 2-3: Student Council 3-4: Student Council Alternate 2: FNA Vice- President 3: Descants 3: Fall Musical 2. tFREDRICK ALLEN SCHAEFER-Folk Music 2-3, President 4: World Culture 3: Junior Spectacular 3: Fall Musical 4: Poetry President 4: Music Men 4. "'NANCY LEE SCHERER-National Honor Society 3-4: Quill and Scroll 3-4: Yearbook Staff 3, Produc- tion Editor 4: French 2-4: Government 3-4: AFS 2-4. 'DEBRA-K. SCHERNEKAU-Sophomore Class Coun- cil: Student Council Alternate 3: Girls' Automechanics 2: Panther Athletic 3: Bookstore Assistant 3-4: Senior Class Council Alternate. 'GREGORY P. SCHLEGEL-National Honor Society 3-4: Sophomore Class Council Chairman: Cross Country 2-4: Track 2-3: Junior Class Council Presi- dent: Junior Historical Society 2-3, President 4. 'FTERRI M. SCH LOSSBERG-International F o o d s President 2: Booster Block 2: Junior Spectacular 3: Guidance Office Assistant 2-4: AFS 4: Health Careers 4: Reading Lab Assistant 4. LOUIS GREG SCHNEIDER-Photography: Aerospace: Chess: Panther Athletic: Intramurals. WALT SCHNEIDER-Beginning Chess 2-3: Panther Athletic 4: Junior Historical Society 4: Government 4. H'KAREN SCHNUTE-Student Council Alternate 4: Junior Class Council Alternate: Folk Music 4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Orchestra Secretary 4: Intramurals 3. 'l'MILES D. SCHROEDER-Music Men 4: Fall Musical 4: Folk Music 4: Stage Crew 2-4: Intramurals 2-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Geology 2-4. "JULIE ANNE SCHUBERT-Quill and Scroll 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-3: AFS 3-4: Art 2: Yearbook Staff 3, Album Editor 4: Ball State Journalism Workshop. BENICE SCHUCHMAN-International F o o d s 2: Clothing 2: French 3: Travel 2-4: AFS 4. Senior homeroom F I 62 wins l968 Trike Race 'MARTHA JANE SCHULDT-Booster Block 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: AFS 3-4: French 3: Panther Athletic 3: National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. ROBERT KEITH SCHUMAN-Electronics Vice Presi- dent: Scuba 3-4: Travel 4: Intramurals 4. JOHN ANDREW SCHUYLER-Panther Athletic 2-3: Travel 2: Geology 2: FBLA 3. MARIELLEN SCHWARTZ-Panther Athletic 2-4: Re- view Typing 3: Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Guidance Office Assistant 4. "'LINDA SUE SCHWINDLER-Panther Athletic 3-4: Trike Race 3-4: Guidance Office Assistant 4: Style Show 4: Booster Block 4: Knitting 2. ROBERT BRADLY SCOTI'-Panther Athletic 2-4: Lab Assistant 3-4: Intramurals 2-4: Spanish 3. 'LAURA M. SELIG-French 3-4: Yearbook Staff 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Junior Historical Society 2: Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Ball State Journalism Workshop. 'FRANCIS MARK SENEGAL-National Honor Society 3-4: Student Council 3: Tennis 2-3: Junior Spectacu- lar 3: Gymnastics 4: Senior Class Treasurer. ERIC BUERT SERVAAS-Panther Athletic 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Scuba 4: Intramurals 4. 'BRADLEY L. SEXAUER-National Honor Society 3-4: Lab Assistant 3-4: Science Service 3-4: French 3-4: Science Seminar 4: Key Club 4. "DAVID A. SHADINGER-Panther Athletic 3: Ad- vanced Chess 2-4: Key Club 3-4: Red Cross 3, Coun- ty President 4: Marching Band 2-4. SUSAN ELAINE SHANNER-Art 2-4: Spanish 2: Stage Crew 2: Travel 3: Girls' Industrial Arts 3. Seniors JAY PHILLIP SHARP-Panther Athletic 35 Travel 2-45 Spanish 25 Pep Band 2-45 Marching Band 2-45 Symphonic Wind Ensemble. CHARLANE SUE SHAW-Sewing 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Girls' Exercise 3-45 Review Typing 25 Senior Girls' League5 Gym Assistant. KAY ELLEN SHEARER-Panther Athletic 35 Baton Corgsg Tricycle Race5 Notehand 35 Junior Spectacu- lar - . CRAIG D. SHEDER-Panther Athletic 4. 'MICHELLE JOAN SHEEHAN-Student Council 25 Junior Class CounciI5 Senior Class Council AIternate5 Style Show 45 Gym Assistant5 Scholastic Award. SUSAN MARIE SHEPFER-National Honor Society 35 French 2-35 Travel 3. MICHAEL SHEPHERD-Junior Spectacular 3. LYNN AMY SHERIDAN-Transfer from Dover, New Jersey. 'SANDRA MARSHA SHERMAN-Class Council Al- ternate 25 Folk Music 2-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Madrigals 25 Girls Ensemble5 Fall Musical 4. DIANE SHIELDS-Transfer from Washington High School. FRANK ARTHUR SHIRLEY-National Honor Society 3-45 Stage Band 2-4. WILLIAM DAVID SHUBA-Intramurals 35 Key Club 35 French 35 Panther Athletic 2-3. 'PATRICIA JEAN SHUTE-Counterpoints 45 Scholas- tic Award 2-45 Fall Musical 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Class Council 2,45 Folk Music 2. ELLIOTT C. SIGAL-National Honor Society 45 Mu Alpha Theta 35 Key Club 3-45 Student Council 25 Drill Team 2. PAULA ANNE SIGO-Panther Athletic 3-45 Review Typing 45 Gym Assistant 4. 'SHERYL MARIE SILCOX-Panther Athletic 2-45 Notehand 35 French 35 Band 2-45 Senior Girls League5 Tricycle Race 2-4. 'MAUREEN JOYCE SILVER-Sophomore Class Coun- cil AIternate5 French 2-35 Travel 2-45 Panther Athletic 25 Style Show 45 International Relations 4. 'ROBERT SILVER-Student Council 35 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Intramurals 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Lab Assistant 35 Tennis 3. DENNIS STEPHEN SILVERSON-Chess 25 Review Typing 25 Panther Athletic 35 FBLA 3. JAMES M. SIMMONS-Travel 25 Panther Athletic 35 Angler-Nimrod 35 Intramurals 35 Art Crafts 2. CLEVE A. SKELTON-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 25 Intramurals 3-45 Photography 35 Chess 3. THOMAS W. SKELTON-National Honor Society 3-45 Mu Alpha Theata 3-45 Science Projects 35 Panther Athletic 35 Review Typing 25 Academic Games 3. SUSAN ANN SKIDMORE-Student Council Alternate 25 Scholastic Award 25 Pit Orchestra 35 Latin 2-45 Marching and Symphonic Bands 2-4. 'MARILYN JANE SKINNER-Library Monitor 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Booster Block 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Girls' Industrial Arts 2. JAMES M. SLAUGHTER-Assistant Drum Major 3, Drum Major 45 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Great Music 35 American Author 35 Panther Athletic 3. 'JOAN E. SLAUGHTER-French 2-35 Student Coun- cil Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Intramurals 3-45 Junior Spectacular Usher 35 Senior Class Council Alternate. 'DANIEL SCOTI' SMITH-National Honor Society 3-45 Boy's State Alternate 35 Counterpoints 2-45 Football 2-45 Wrestling 2-45 Quartet 2-4. DAVID MICHAEL SMITH-AFS 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-4. Class of I 969 JUDITH ANN SMITH-Panther Athletic 27 Girl's Auto Mechanics 4. 'l'MELANEE F. SMITH-Bookstore Assistant 2-47 Class Council 37 Panther Athletic 2-4: Junior Spectac- ular Usher 37 Style Show. PAMELA SUE SNIDER-Knitting Vice President 37 Booster Block 27 Girls' Auto Mechanics 47 Panther Athletic 3-4 LYNN MARIE SNOVER. DEBRA LEE SNYDER-Panther Athletic 2-4: AFS 3- 47 Junior Spectacular 3. ANDREA SOEBE-Student Council 2,4, Alternate 37 Art 27 Scuba 3-42 Panther Athletic 2-41 Prom Ticket Chairman. RANDY LEE SOLECKI-AV 3-41 Scuba 3-4. JUDY COLETl'E SORDEAN-Girl's Ensemble 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-4: Spanish 3. 'FDEBORAH LEE SPEAKE-Journalism 27 Debate 27 NFL 2-47 Newspaper 37 Folk Music 3-4: Stage Crew 2. ROBERT E. SPECKMAN-Panther Athletic 2-47 Chess 3-4: Intramurals 2-47 Computer 2. 'l'ANNE MARIE SPEICHER-Orchestra 2-42 Madrigals 2-31 Fall Musical 37 Scholastic Award 2-47 Junior Spectacular 47 Folk Music 4. NELSON NORMAN SPIEGEL-Panther Athletic 2-37 Graphic Arts 2-3. SKENT OWEN SPRECHER-Advanced Chess 2-3: Military History 27 Folk Music 3-42 Panther Athletic 3-41 Intramural Rifle Team 37 Astronomy 3-4. 'l'CYNTHlA LOUISE SPURGEON-Shakespeare 2'4I Government 47 German 2-37 Scholastic Art Award7 Poetry 47 Chess 4. fl'CYNTHlA ANN STACKHOUSE-Descants 47 Scho- Iastic Award 2-37 Mu Alpha Theta 3-4: Panther Ath- letic 3-4 AFS 3,42 Government 3-4. LUCINDA ANN STEDFELD-French 37 Transfer from Pike High School7 Junior Historical Society 47 Gov- ernment 47 Travel 4. Seniors take time . ,,. ., .... .N 4, -r 3-,fggg 7. fr. ,gs,'.,,:, l off to pay a visit to St. Nick D0 YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS? Se- niors Polly Wise and Suzanne Miller seem to as they sit on the jolly old man's lap at the Glendale Shopping Center and tell him just what they want for Christmas. 74 Seniors SANDRA STEIN. 'LOUISE STEINMETZ-National Honor Society 3-4: Thespians 3, President 4: Mu Alpha Theta 3, Secre- tary 4: Stagecrew 2-3, Vice-President 4: l.U. Honors Program, France: Triangle Club Award 3. BRUCE STEPHANOFF-Junior Spectacular 3: Panther Athletic 3-4: Chess 2-3. MARY T. STEPHENSON-Knitting 2: Travel 2: Chess 3: Panther Athletic. MICHAEL EDWARD STERNBERG-Wrestling 3: March- ing Band 2-3: Dance Band 2-3. 'FEDWIN B. STERNER-Orchestra 2-4: Counterpoints 3-4: National Honor Society 3-4: Junior Spectacular Act Chairman: Fall Musical 3-4: Key Club 4. JOHN TYLER STEVENS-French 2-4: Stage Crew 2: Travel 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Government 3-4. 'PAMELA S. ST. JOHN-National Honor Society 3-4: Senior Class Council: Homecoming Queen Court: Pan- ther Athletic 3-4: Girls' Ensemble 4: Junior Prom Queen Court. JACQUE STOCK. CHARLES ERNEST STOCKSDALE-Travel 2-3: Panther Athletic 2. JUDY ANN STONE-Intramurals 2-4: Folk Music 3: Booster Block 2-3, President 4. "PATRICIA ANN STONE-Student Council 2-3: AFS 3-4: Marching Band 2-4: French 2-4: Senior Class Council: Panther Athletic. Upperclassmen participate in mock legislature STEVEN JAY STONE-Panther Athletic 4. ROBERT ALAN STONER-Student Council Alternate 2: Gymnastics 2-4: Folk Music 2-4: Biology 2-4: Pan- ther Athletic 3-4. "'MARY DICKSON STONESIFER-Red Cross 3: FNA 3: Panther Athletic 3-4: Stage Crew 4: Lab Assistant 4: French 4. 'BRADLEY N. STOOPS-National Honor Society 3-4: Track 2-4: Cross Country 3-4: Mu Alpha Theta 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Government 3-4. 'KATHLEEN ANN STORMS-Girls' Glee Club 2: Boos- ter Block 2: Knitting 3: Panther Athletic 3-4: Girls' Concert Choir 3: A Capella 4. 'ANNE DENISE STOTLER-Concert Choir 2: Panther Athletic 2-4: French: Junior Spectacular 3: Internation- al Foods 4: Fl'A 4. GREGORY BLAIR STOVALL-Panther Athletic. lgEl'lAH R. STRAUSS-Orchestra: Stage Band: Pep an . "'TI-IOMAS CHARLES STRICKLAND-National Honor Society 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3: Government 2-4: Zagther Athletic 2-4: German 2-3: Scholastic Award CLARE STROBEL-Booster Block: Folk Music 3-4: Knitting 3-4. BETTY LEE STROUPES-Panther Athletic 3-4: French 2-3: Advanced Typing. MICHAEL STEPHEN SULLIVAN-NDCC 2-4. Class of I969 JOYCE M. SUMMERS-Booster Block5 Panther Athle- tic5 International Foods: Spanish. STEVE W. SUTTON-Reserve Golf 25 Intramural Bas- ketball 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 4. PATRICIA LYNN SWEENEY-Transfer from Lafayette, Indiana5 Stage Crew 4. SUSIE TALLEY--Transfer from Evansville, Indiana. tALAN CHARLES TANNENBAUM-Panther Athletic 2- 35 Aquarium Treasurer 35 Intramurals 2-35 French 25 Academic Games 35 Air Space 2. CHRISTOPHER KENT TANSY-Chess 25 Geology 35 Panther Athletic 35 French 2. 'FCHARLES H. TATE-Reserve Football 25 Reserve Track 25 Newspaper 3-45 Geology President 35 Panther AthIetic5 National Merit Letter of Commendation. 'l'DENISE GWEN TAYLOR-Travel 25 Student Council Alternate 25 Descants 35 Junior Class Council5 Panther Athletic 35 Counterpoints 4. DOUG A. TAYLOR-Gymnastics5 Folk Music5 Panther Athletic. 'l'SALLY ANN TAYLOR-Travel 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Knitting 25 Panther Athletic 35 Great Music 35 Geology 3. RON LEWIS TERRY-Panther Athletic 25 Travel 35 Folk Music 45 Electronics 4. JOHN BRADFORD THACKER-Panther Athletic. 'i'JANlE SUE THOMAS-Sophomore Class Council5 Student Council 35 Guidance Office Assistant 35 Scho- Iastic Award 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Style Show Model 4. LASALLE THOMPSON, JR.-Cross Country 2-45 Track 2-45 Basketball 25 Panther Athletic 2-3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4. "'TERESA ANN THOMPSON-NFL 2-45 Debate 25 Speech 3-45 French 2-45 Geology 35 Panther Athletic 3. 'I'TERRl JEAN THOMPSON-Student Council 45 Pan- ther Athletic 2-45 Yearbook 45 Booster Block 25 Geolo- gy 35 Clothing 3. BARBARA SUE THOPY-Panther Athletic 3. KATHY MARIE TOFFOLO-Drama 2-35 Girls' Exercise 35 Costume Crew 45 Make-up Crew 45 Home Econo- mics Assistant 3. LAURA L. TONEY-Travel 25 Spanish 2. MARK E. TOWER-Wind Ensemble 2-45 Marching Band 2-45 Pep Band 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 45 Re- view Typing 3. 'l'DALE ELLEN TRAUGOT'I'-Forensics 2-35 NFL 2-3, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Jr. His- torical Society 45 Spanish 35 Lab Assistant 4. JOHN THOMAS TRAVERSO-Panther Athletic 35 ln- tramurals 25 Chess 2. ROY HOWARD TRESTER-A-V Assistant 2-45 Yearbook Photographer. KAREN TRICE-Fl'A5 Clothing. 'TERRY ANN TUCK-Junior Spectacular Usher 35 Spring Sports Dance Decorations 35 Junior Prom Dec- orations 35 FBLA 2-35 Girls' Automechanics 35 Booster Block Vice-President 4. TIMOTHY JOSEPH TULLY-Football 2-35 Wrestling 35 German 35 Panther Athletic 3. SANDIE LEE TURNER-Transfer from Carmel, Indi- ana. WARREN C. TUTWILER-Junior Class Council5 Gym Assistant 3-4: Intramurals 3-4. 5 Seniors THERESA JEANNE UPDEGROVE-Thespians 3, Sec- retary 4: Stage Crew 2-4: Costume 3-4: Junior Spec- tacular 3: French 3. DEBBIE LYNN VAN BRIGGLE-International Foods 2: Travel 3. 'JAMES ADDISON VANCE-Junior Spectacular 3: Travel 2: Panther Athletic 3-4: Key Club 3-4: Wind Ensemble 2-4: Folk Music 4. CINDY LOU VESTAL-Guidance Assistant 2-4: Gym Assistant 3: Panther Athletic 3: Intramurals 2-4: Booster Block 2: Scholastic Award 2-3. STEVEN B. VICKERY-Panther Athletic 3: Advanced Chess 3-4: Travel 2-4: Government 4: Slide Rule 4. i'WlLLlAM K. VINTON-Varsity Basketball 3-4: Pan- ther Athletic 3-4: Reserve Cross Country 2: Inter- national Relations 3: FBLA 3: Letterman's Club. JOHN ARTHUR VON FANGE-Chess Team 2-4: In- tramurals 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: Advanced Chess 2-4. BETSY JANE VONSPRECKELSEN-Panther Athletic 2-3. JAMES ROBERT WAELTZ--Angler-Nimrod 4: Biology 4: Panther Athletic 4: Transfer from South Park Ridge, Illinois. RHONDA ANN WAGMAN-Student Council 2: Junior Class Council: Panther Athletic 2-4: Bookstore Helper 4: Art 4: Travel 4. MELODY ANN WAGNER-Panther Athletic 3: FBLA 3. JAMES C. WAHL-Electronics 2-4: Key Club 3-4. 'RONALD STEWART WAIFE-National Honor Society 3-4: Debate Team 3, President 4: NFL 2-4: Key Club 2-4: Junior Spectacular Lead 3: Daily Announce- ments 4. 'MICHAEL WALDNER-Reserve Basketball 2: Cross Country 2: Student Council 2: Panther Athletic 2-4: Safety Council 3, Chairman 4: Student Council Al- ternate 3. JAMES D. WALLACE-Key Club 2-3, Secretary 4: Scuba 3-4: Panther Athletic 3-4: German 2: Intra- murals 3-4. KATHLEEN WALLACE-Booster Block 2: Panther Athletic 3. Occupied classroom forces phgsics "sit-in" i Class ol' i969 "'DONALD M. WALLER-National Honor Society 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Science Seminar 2-45 Key Club Vice-President 3-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 National Mer- it Semifinalist 4. 'kELIZABETH S. WALLER-National Honor Society 3-45 Stage Crew 3, Secretary 45 Junior Spectacular Chair- man5 Orchestra 2-45 Government 35 French 3. 'PKATHRYN CAROL WALLS-National Honor Society 3-45 Orchestra 2-45 Folk Music 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Senior Style Show Model5 Senior Class Council. "'CHARLEEN PAULA WALTON-Panther Athletic5 Folk Music5 NDCC Sponsor5 Clothing5 French5 Girls' Auto- mechanics. GARY LEE WARD-Drafting 2-3. BARBARA SUE WARD-Intramurals 25 Library Assis- tant 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 International Foods 25 Review Typing 2. 'l'DONNA WARFIELD-Ayres Fashion Board 45 Nation- al Honor Society 3-45 Student Council 2-35 Christmas Dance Chairman 35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Homecoming ueen Court 4 Q . TONI WARMAN-Panther Athletic 2-45 Booster Block 2-45 Bookstore Assistant 2-4. "'DlANNE WARREN-Orchestra 2-45 Madrigals 35 Folk Music 35 Dramatics 35 A. Capella 2-35 Fall Musical 3. GERALD JOSEPH WATHEN-Science Projects 25 Elec- tronics 25 Panther Athletic 3. 'YDEBORAH ANNE WATKINS-Student Council 45 Pan- ther Athletic 25 French 2-35 FTA 2-35 Intramurals 3-45 Booster Block 3. 'JAMES F. WAUGH-Junior Spectacular 35 Sophomore Class Council5 Junior Class Council Alternate: Football 25 Track 25 lntran1urals 2-4. STEVEN DOUGLAS WEBER-Panther Athletic 45 Bat- talion Formation 35 NDCC 2-3. WAY MICHLE WEHMEIER-Wrestling 25 Folk Music 3-45 Chess 2-45 Travel 25 Photography 35 Spanish 2. PAM WEISSMAN-Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 25 Travel 35 Spanish 3. tDEBORAH ANN WELDELE-Folk Music 2-45 AFS 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Intramurals 25 Attendance Of- ice Assistant 45 Girls' Exercise 3. SUZI WEST-Panther Athletic 35 Senior Class Council5 Biology 35 Guidance Office Assistant 3. 'DEBORAH ANNE WEXLER-National Honor Society 3-45 l.U. Honors Program to Italy Alternate 35 Inter- national Relations 35 Panther Athletic 35 Booster Block 25 Drama 2. JACK FREDERICK WHITAKER-Panther Athletic 2. 'l'CAROL DENISE WHITE-Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Student Council Alternate 45 Newspaper 3-45 Trike Race 3-45 Home Econ. Style Show Co-ordin- ator 3. EDNA ROSE WHITE-Choir 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 Booster Block 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Clothing 3. STEPHEN E. WHITE-Transferred from Midland, Mich- igan5 National Honor Society 45 Panther Athletic 45 Government 4. MARILYN WHITEI-IEAD-Girls' Ensemble 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Art 3-45 Folk Music 2,4. RICHARD ALAN WHITMORE-Graphics Arts 2-3, Pres- ident 4. DEANNA WHITTED-Panther Athletic 3-4: FNA 3-45 Knitting 3-4. DENISE WHITTED-FTA 3-45 Great Books 3-45 Ameri- can Authors 45 Travel 45 Knitting 4. PATRICIA ANN WIGGANS-Transferred from Bloom- field Hills, Michigan. STEVE RICHARD WIGGINS-Key Club 3-45 Chess 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Track 3-4. 7 5 Seniors PHILLIP ROY WILDER-Transfer from Anderson, ln- diana. BARBARA WILEY-Intramurals 25 German 2-35 Biolo- gy 25 Gold Key Award 35 Panther Athletic 3. 'FTILLY WILHOITE-National Honor Society 3-45 AFS 3, President 45 French 2-45 Student Council Alternate 25 Senior Class Council AIternate5 Senior Girls' League. ALBERT NEIL WILLIAMS-Wrestling 25 Intramural Baseball 35 Angler-Nimrod 35 Panther Athletic 35 "Etchings in Thought" 3. tDEBORAH J. WILLIAMS-Panther Athletic 2-35 Trav- el 25 Art 35 Guidance Office Assistant 45 Notehand 45 Trike Race 4. DONALD HOWARD WILLIAMS-Travel 25 Panther Ath- Ietic 2-35 Arts-Crafts 2. i'LAURlE A. WILLIAMS-Sophomore Class Council AI- ternate5 Panther Athletic 2-45 Knitting 35 French 35 Travel 25 Yearbook 4. 'RICHARD B. WILLIAMS-Thespians 3, Vice President 45 Stagecrew 2-3, President 45 Student Council 2-35 National Honor Society 3-45 Junior Spectacular Co- ordinator 35 Language Lab Assistant 2-4. MICHAEL C. WILLIAMSON-Junior Class Council Al- ternate5 Drafting 25 Intramurals 2-3. i'DlANE LOUISE WILLIAMSON-Booster Block 2, Chess 25 Panther Athletic 35 Great Music 35 Lab As sistant 45 French 4. 'KATHLEEN WILLS-Student Relations Council -3-45 American Authors 3-45 Newspaper 3-45 Folk Music 2, Intramurals 25 Journalism 3. KATHERINE WILLS-Class Council 2-35 Intramurals 2-35 Student Relations Council 35 Russian 2-35 Junior Spectacular Usher 3. 'NANCY WILLSON-Transfer from Canada5 Panther Athletic 2-45 Knitting, Secretary 35 Review Typing 45 A Cappella 45 Senior Girls' League. CONNIE LOUISE WILSON-Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 History Office Assistant 25 Typing 4. ELEANOR LEE WILSON-Art 2-4, Vice-President 35 Travel 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-3. LINDY SUE WILSON-Panther Athletic. JAN LEE WINGENROTH-Photography 35 Latin 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 Art 4. "'POLLY AYRES WISE-Gym Assistant 3-45 Junior Spectacular Co-Ordinator 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Stu- dent Council Alternate 45 Class Council 2-35 FNA 3. WDOUGLAS R. WITHAM-Wrestling 2-45 Panther Ath- Ietic 2-45 Student Council 35 Key Club 35 Gym Assis- tant 3-45 Letterman's Club 4. 'i'DEBORAH WOLFE-Booster Block 2-45 Panther Ath- Ietic 3-45 Library Assistant 25 Newspaper 45 Biology 45 International Foods 4. STEVE WOODARD-Panther Athletic5 Chess. ROGER G. WOODRUFF-Panther Athletic 2-45 Woods President 2. LANNY WAYNE WOODWARD-Algebra 35 Panther Athletic 3. 'FKEVIN DOUGLAS WORLEY-Wrestling 2-45 Football 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 25 Booster Block 35 Letterman's Club 4. 'FNANCY JANE WREGE-Student Council 25 Booster Block 25 Scuba 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 25 Homecoming Queen 4. 'VDONALD TAYLOR WRIGHT-Counterpoints 2-45 Glee Club 25 Folk Music 45 Key Club 45 Slide Rule 45 Fall Musical 2 4. A ALAN JEFF WULBERT-Transfer from Chicago, Illi- nois5 Art 35 Spanish 3. HARUMI YAMASHITA. REMINISCING OVER THE PAST three years and thinking about what lies ahead, Senior Jeff Marr stands alone in quiet meditation after playing in his last football game at l I North central. Quiet sadness prevails after last football game MICHEAL YARE-Transfer from Stevenage, Hert- fordshire, England. EDITH YORK-Red Cross 2: Typing 2: Transcription 3-4. 'FSANDRA FAY YOSHA-Madrigals 2: Drama 2-3-4: Descants 3: Ensemble 4: Reading Lab Assistant 4: Folk Music 2-3-4. DEBBIE KAY YOUNG-Panther Athletic 3: Typing 3. "'RlCHARD A. YOUNG-Panther Athletic 2-3-4: Boys Booster 3: Intramural Football 3: Intramural Bowling 2: Folk Music 4: Class Council Alternate 4. SUSAN JANE YOUNG-Typing 2: Red Cross 2: Ath- Ietic Assistant 3: Panther Athletic 3-4: Booster Block 3-4: Intramurals 2. TEDDY L. YOUNG-Panther Athletic 2-3-4: Orches- tra 2-3-4: Woodwork 2-3. 'MARY A. ZACHAR-Yearbook Staff 3-4: Panther Athletic 2-3: Girls Exercise 3: Travel 4: Future Teach- ers 4: Library Office Assistant 2. :CATHERINE ALFORD ZARING-National Honor Society 3-4: Varsity Cheerleader 3-4: French Club President 2: Panther Athletic 2-3-4: Cheerblock 2- 3-4: Student Council Alternate 3. tKATHERlNE BRETT ZICKLER-Debate 2: Panther Athletic 2-3: Latin Club 3: Gym Assistant 4: Shake- speare 4: Physical Education Helper's Club 4. :ANNE VIRGINIA ZIEGNER-National Honor Society 3-4: Quill and Scroll 3-4, Secretary 4: Baton Corps 3-4: Northern Lights, Editorial Page Editor 3, Feature Editor 4: French Club 3-4: Government 4. tKAARlNA A. ZIMMER-Second in State German Contest: AFS 2: Travel 2: German Club 4: Folk Music 4: Panther Athletic 3. f'WlLLIAM ZIMMERMAN-Reserve Football 2: Music Men 2-4: Key Club 3-4: Folk Music 2-3-4: Panthletic 3-4: Chess Team 2. Seniors Not Pictured Bryan Bauman Robert Bumgarner Stephen Burns Harry Elder Robert Ferdinand Robert Francis Daniel Gallion Joel Greenburg Patricia Gross Rex Haggard Joseph Lenet Lee Roberts David Shaffer Wayne Starling Kenneth Tucker Brant Unversaw Ronit Weisz John F. Whitaker Randall Wilhite Additionals JOY BO'l'l'OMS. ANN MACKENZIE-Transfer from Corpus Christi, Texas. DOUGLAS MADRY-Panther Athletic 2-3: Travel 2. LINDA SUE MANGUS-Art 25 International Foods 4. MORRIS LEE MAURER-Folk Music 3-47 Intramurals 3-4: Debate 2. BONITA JUNE TYNER-Girls' Automechanics 35 Pan- ther Athletic 4g Art 4: Travel 4. James Wollenhaupt Emilg Diltz chosen "Homemaker of Tomorrow" PRINCIPAL EUGENE CLONCS samples a culinary creation prepared by North Cen- gals "Homemaker of Tomorrow", Emily itz. ,,535i5hT!5i'?H-Bk Nkt S9E.SBHA8m,If-:QI'?fE528X1!HS!KM llE9ii?i5lT ' -' 1 E-Hit' CLEANING OU'I' THE AQUARIUMS and feeding its occupants in the zoology rooms are some of the duties of Iab assistant Patty Shute. IN PREPARATION FOR THE WINTER PLAY, Winterset, barber Tina Nehrling gives a quick snip to a meditative Mike Fairman as Scott Lincoln waits his turn in the chair. DOING RESEARCH for a term paper re- quires senior Dave Cory to utilize the library selection of materials. Juniors tackle responsibilfg of Spec and Prom JLJNIORS CONGRESATE ON THE Student Center steps to cram for a fourth period test, discuss the upcoming football game, or just to converse with friends after 3b lunch. ADMIRING TH EIR NEWLY ACQUIRED CLASS rings of Tahitian pearl are Sandy Vavul, Steve Lewis, and Mike McBride. Still free from senior worries of col- lege applications and tests, juniors put all their originality and energy into a productive year. Electing class council representa- tives and choosing class officers were the first responsibilities of the junior class. The class of '70 chose Jay Berger as president: Steve Gates, vice-president, Julie Thompson, sec- retary: and Bob Dinnsen, treasurer. ln December, juniors sponsored a mixer to collect cans for needy fami- lies for the holiday season. ln preparation for the thirteenth annual presentation of Junior Spec- tacular, juniors began writing scripts in late summer and early fall. Troupes were assembled for cuts in January and four acts were chosen to be pre- sented on March 13, 14, and 15. Lisa Sewell and Dave Gipe served as co- ordinators for the event. With the arrival of spring, juniors turned towards their final project of the year-the Junior Prom, to be held on May 10 at the Indiana Roof. l Q ' I ! .ff 1 JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-First Row: Judy Allen, Becky Emmel- man, Harriett Schenkmann, Madelyn Millholland, Ellen Breisacher, Jay Berger, Julie Thompson, Steve Gates, Karin Lorch, Merrill Stern, Diane Fleek, and Beverly Thompson. Second Row: Dave Hullett, Barb Kammeraad, Joyce Hawkins, Laurie Robertson, Sally Punches, Cinda Deeb, Ellen Weinbery, Linda McGraw, Fran Roth- bard, Sharon Smith, and Jim Beitman. Third Row: Fred Tishler, Larry Davenport, George Willis, Dave Gipe, Robert Leff, Marc Berk- owitz, Jay Hollander, and Fidel Navarro. Fourth Row: Bill Freeze, Doug Kniptash, Sandy Burns, Chris Wright, Martin Sebastian, Matt Miller, Steve Perkins, Braun Grahm, and Mike Cloncs. Their spon- sor is Mr. Patton, who provided experience for the group. i I i LEADING THE CLASS OF '70 are officers Jay Berger, president: Julie Thompson, secre- JUNIORS ENJOY THE ELECTRIC sound of tary: Bob Dinnsen, treasurer: and Steve Gates, vice-president. the Indiana Soul Train at the class party. TAKING TIME OFF from listening to the "Indiana Soul Train," juniors stop to pose for a picture at the Junior Class Party. Juniors board "Soul Train" for .III I r . - ..- I' M i'r' . ,i,, i i A i I. . . . .I ' I wrrrr IA L I "'r 1 ' . I I I- if,f'- I f X' 'I' ' If I . 2 f- ,I K K K Q' 3 6 tr ,,x,ff -K -i K - yj, 11 N gf I 5 Ji ae? T .te ' I t 1. .ill be lub I Isrsr r T 1 25 Q 292 .f Ei" , "k' , 4 Q i, V " Sgt' I .,i, ,, 1 iz, V7 A I Lkkkk ij M I . I rI I Iain ... Q if FM A iiw ,N ,, I I .. li ,,. if I W , ,.I .- 5 f""I. f'?ii1.'. - I .Is 27 Rr II it 3 ffinjl ., 1' K- Q ,gkq,,V ig 3 Sk i' mg . 'fag J...-.lfz f , j -' " 1. N 9 I- gi' I .k,,l , 4 V,!W M, ,..k In k"' 5 ' f ' 'Riagg ffl I Mlfkif9:' m"1F' ii 'k A' ' .I if ff f xl - 3 . I, x,-l ' WA I ' :V J 5 zfgfwgl A 3-in J... K I V 5 .I I A 'i,s V 'liiffli if 'III 4-if if H ' 75? ' ' Y' 'ii iff'ii'if'1ffi?fEf?1iii ' sr . . I I I. - ' i " '11' ' 'f - I 'I ' " list? 5' a i ' fi .I Ii We 7 f II - 7 'S fi? ff- all I I Mg I. .. , A I-IL: i WV,., M ? ...WV , H I Q. Q v IIII AQ ia . I . . A A "'. risI an 'i Q A A I if D f ' Q9 JA D I ni QI H+ A f .I l i .v .ww e f :ixmf 1:11.12 ' I J ' T4 , QII -1 u f' F . 'A i A. so I. A y IIIIII -Ax .I A ' 'il . fl- i'i'if?" 'f iv i"'i' - .1 K - -1 2"22'i 'f as-H' . f."i".'i112f"i""" .ff - V "" '-" ' 1:13-1. -r-b" vi . gg QS? M , I,l I It i , ijiziiai l Li ' .5 . " .rI. , I 1 - . I ' I ws" ' I ' . f iii .X J I ' 'ii f I . iroi I , I I tl I I x h I . MU X? . 1 jg.. . .A ,IV M ,W t I, n ' - - I 1I,I .1 I . 5 ' " LA fll' I A class parlg P. Aase, N. Abel, J. Abner, S. Acheson, G. Ackman, R. Adams, T. Adams, J. Ader, B. Adkins R. Ahlers, J. Alexander, D. Allen, G. D. Agan, Allen, J. Allen, J. Allen, T. Alsop, M. Altman P. Ammerman, R. Anderson, T. Anderson, D. Andrews, S. Arbuckle, K. Archer, K. Arensman, K. Armold, D. Arnold T. Austin, T. Austin, J. Bacon, D. Bailey, C. Baker, D. Baker, M. Baker, S. Baker, S. Baker S. Baker, P. Balay, V. Baldwin, C. Ballard D. Bancel, M. Barber, B. Barker, M. Bar: nett, J. Barr P50 Behnke 55503 . Benrubi J. Barton, C. Batts, G. Baugh, G. Baugh, Beal, R. Beaman, C. Beaty, G. Becker, Behrmann, J. Beitman, L. Bell, R. Bell, Bell, J. Bellard, G. Belner, M. Bennett, Class of 1970 A. Berentes, C. Berg, J. Berger, M. Berko- witz, T. Berkowitz, J. Bernstein, D. Berry, E. Beverly, S. Bianchini D Bill D. Bine ar W Binkle J. B'rnbaum - , B , - Y. I 1 D. Bixler, D. Black, P. Blackburn, D. Blake, K. Blankenship A. Blickman, K. Blood, L. Bloom, D. Blough K. Blumhardt, E. Bobbitt, J. Bodkin, P Boges, S. Bohard D. Bohenkamp, D. Bolotin, A. Bond, D. Bond, P. Booth, B. Borton, S. Bower, L. Bower, J. Bowers R. Bowman, C. Bredemus, P. Bracken, W. Bracken, S. Bradshaw, P. Branche, D. Bras- well, E. Breisacher, L. Bridges D. Briede, B. Brigman, C. Brock, J. Brom- ley, S. Brooks, M. Brown, J. Browne, M. Bruce, S. Bryan B. Buchanan, M. Buckner, D. Budnick, C. Bugher, A. Bundles, J. Burgess, C. Burnett, M. Burns, R. Burns J. Bush, G. Bushong, B. Butler, D. Butler, R. Butler, D. Bybee, K. Cage, P. Cairns, S. Calloway L. Calvin, T. Campbell, R. Cangela, L. Cape- hart, T. Capehart, B. Capron, L. Carbaugh, K. Carlin, S. Carlson C. Carpenter, D. Carpenter, C. Carr, M. Carr, J. Carson, A. Carter, V. Garvey, J. Case, R. Case D. Caswell, D. Chamberlain, G. Chandler, J. Charles, E. Chastain, J. Chesterfield, K. Childs, N. Christenson, l. Clair J. Clark, K. Clark, K. Clark, L. Clark, R. Clark, R. Clark, R. Claycombe, S. Clayton, B. Clifford r 18 5 .. ,... .l. ,., s 2 Juniors R. Clifford, L. Clifton, G. Cline, M. Cloncs, J. Close, N. Coale, B. Coffey, K. Cogges- hall, D. Cohen D. Colby, G. Coleman, B. Collins, F. Con- nan, J. Conner, J. Cook, P. Cooper, R. Cooper, D. Corbin R. Corbin, A. Cosby, M. Cowser, B. Cox, Craig J. Crane, J. Cravey, C. Court, K. Cowan, S. Cox J. Crahan, A. M. Crawford, S. Crays, L. Creviston, A. Croft, K. Crouse, B. Crow- der, L. Crowe P. Crowther, J. Culp, G. Cummingham, S. Cunningham, T. Cunningham, S. Curry, A. Dalton, G. Dankert, l. David R. Davidson, J. Dean, S. L. Deck P. Davis, B. Dawson, J. Day, Dean, J. Dearing, L. Dearing, E-F: ' l.s. ::52-KK- vz.ffa.1--s- .. K 1 K swf: K".fff- - "" fK:'KKfY' K ' K- ff-ig--., -l -f - .- . , Q53-5 f- EMS? .-A . I Q 1.2.-Q iff- . KE., K K - Keys- 2.55 .. , . 'Las .- 'Sr K' . , K . K- .. . . :K. KX K 'K V. . y K ., 'i"i . W K K . - ' .. .,.. . . k . . . K K uf .Kr K 3,351.21 -.14 goggle- yg5.LzKfgf . . 5. , -, ,, Ja- 953' K - ff K,,,, 1.1, e-T j.I ,. 'fi ' . tif' 15523391-f V" ' .lf K A eine -K fgfiwl-f' fi- lf i -. - . as da QKK A ts- -'fT1i'M da ' - W K K - . r., I KJ I V if M A 17 . - K K K- A . -J . 1 - l , -is J A Y . - --ea .W 3 l- . ,Q - .1 -A .. ..,.,. : J..-1 . ,.. ,da .- ,ziz X 1 f LK. 'I' ' K. 'uf' K if .. r K Hue Q..-f-' 1 K . 'xl' ' . . '-ll K' iKQ.ssf:eft?-5 . Ki TK' ...fflKr-M ft' 'K .. . K' L ,. .air . K,-.1 l i 3. K ...LW .5 A, H 33- 1: 'SW ,fjim I . . Z. r f. I . 5. K- , gig A . -.- gg- ,yi-.5 ,jk V' .fi-5., AA-KK' K 'K K AL SQ 'WK -'f f . 0 f5KfKK' ' 15 -, K- ff' - 'K ' K . "-' 7... -YW. -2' . K " 'K , if L V- -1' s 6, LJ' -3, KK 'it ' fa , .,,i,9V,f ' , 5 ',.-..., , - .,. ' , .y ,K .-A I .3 gd? gl,- K -K .. K . ? -- U 11 -. . ,wtf-K . -. . J H V ,". .. - v . 'K 1 KTK' . w. Km' "K L 'f l., V- .3 'K+ Ka J W- if - f- f- 3' 2- - .3 K , K .,,. , J. . K K . f ,K veg. K ' . at 1' f J ' .- 3 , iff' -E ie'-. IK" .5 7 K 'JA ' 'KK' Q. K . , " ?- ' WI. K ,, C523 K' 1 . K .- KK K .5 gf' 3gK5ls.,2' KN 'if 'K KY' 'K Q- , ,,., 0 'K-K , KK 1, . K gr: - Xf'T-.- ' ' "'faK-W' f."'f7f K' X -KFKK'-H - KzfKf453fxK-13-Kf'l , 'K w " . K K K K1i2Kf .-.1.- Qi A f ., . K FK--KK . lf 1- - .Q 'm f-2--ers . K my KK .. J- M , - .. . 5 K. - , K 1 . -K K - . - . - egg.-5,7-.W ,. ... ., , - - KK? Kg., --s wwf - . K fr- - , K .1-fl? . , -.js KP-K K.,- . ' K f l. ' 1 : J.. Ref. 1. r -Lf. - ' 'Q I .f K 5 ' if ,. f K K alblfw- VKKKK5 KEK K. ,: ., 9 .3-K."t"r1"KX 1 KK K . K . 'A Q , . Yi, . ,. .- .ZZ g 11:4 ...NJ J , t f .. .1 Um K ,I "I A-,R . V V, 34. 9 . -fu K K 5 H V Ki . fi. r... . l,:AfN1 - " ':"P' .422 . ' K KK K -- -- K 5 K K K . .. , . B 1? . .. T- fff' K' fiflz ki es--V 'asfiif . K .. 1- . . fl 1. EYE: KKK fl- .Kaz . . ,.fP2ffK'b.e if 'Exif .K 51? ' K . . ,gf K A . . V wif- -K af- , ij Kb yi -1. -X .K K, I 45, 'Ki --1 Kai!-M 'l K " 7 31 " Krl:i'9l-"lil ' ' KQKK .. N 9? .55 -1 -K , 'V K-'- . K K. -' .- ,Na i-z:.t?ze Y ., V S KK K " 'KW ' W? ai. K' - ' K iff" -. . V Y .Kg 1- fig, tj V. . X' Kfff ' K. , : K iwf ijfvl. 2, I" 3 K, . " ' K Ka -K 1 . . 'K X. .K K lil-an KKK- . -- . KK . 1: .,-1. 1,72 K ,M -5 --. K 1, I .4 1.-r K ., ,. --. farm-ig :iezxzfixj --KK.1.1a---.-sg.,-g . f--.g....f.,.f,g.,Wf.f:,-:-fmpwfv, A 1- . , K . . K . ' .. -'fe f- 1,-1 ...fa ..f:-fexfz Ke - . 1. .., ww... . f. lf . KK V- . lf igiji l.KfZ2YK ,ffiifil ,- Kr K f . .f K K . ' ' -'VK X . lv , . , -Q. ifzgggggf-1 y ae...--K ,, -. K K f ,-. A fa A A - :.i.!'Kr iii" ft - .. Kf n W wrtfa...-,J - ....- - .- A ' KK gt 'K fi- .il MK- .. K Kr! va: fy , , K . K .-fm: :fl .. KKK .ggi ill C f ff' -.KX-if W K -gl la. , f KK .la -K if f . .g11KKiK1f . .Q .3-- . 2 an 1 ., 5 M - , 1' KK ,. ,. . - Q, x '- :gt ,W 'K' A i . -.1 Keep- ' -. Q A . K V K -K ,f ef. Q - K . K2 K- --wig J ' gl 'H ,K Ji- : Mar i' -Szfsrw ' -- ,. N K S- ,Kq2.f2g.fgg,'gsf',- K 2. 'Ki .' ' fr K. aft. K 3 .. B. Decker, D. DeCoursey, C. Deeb, M. Deer- wester, B. DeFord, Y. Dickson, B. Dilk, P. Dillon, J. Dine B. Dinnsen, J. Dittrich, B. Dittus, D. Dlott, L. Dock, D. Donham, D. Doran, J. Dorman, .l. Dorrell D. Dottenwhy, A. Douglas, D. Douglass, M. Downard, B. Doyle, J. Duckett, B. Dudley, M. Dugdale, M. Duke A. Dunn, D. Durkin, B. Dyer, G. Dyer, S. Easley, D. Eastes, R. Eaton, T. Eaton, E. Echols M. Edmonds, M. Egan, J. Eggleston, L. Einstandig, C. Elliott, D. Elliott, M. Elliott, R. Elliott, R. Emery B. Emmelman, M. Engel, L. Epstein, M. Erganion, C. Erler, B. lrvin, J. Eschelbren- ner, M. Evans, M. Evans POSTERS CONSTRUCTED BY different home- rooms as a part of Panther Pep Week attract junior Rick Dimit on his lunch hour. Panther Pep Week participants design posters K. Ewing, M. Fairman, E. Falender, S. Far- ber, T. Farmer, P. Fegley, S. Fehsenfeld, G. Ferguson, L. Fergunson K. Fink, G. Fisch, S. Fisher, D. Fitzerald, R. Fitzwater, D. Fleek, B. Freeze, C. Fleming, A. Fletcher J. Flock, R. Fogle, K. Ford, C. Ford, S. For- sythe, P. Fortson, R. Fortier, D. Foster, D. FOSte I' J. Fowler, P. Francescon, R. Francis, J Frank, D. Franz, P. Frattner, R. Freeman L. Franklin, B. Freyer N. Frigo, J. Fritz, C. Frock, R. Frye, C. Fulk C. Funk, P. Gahan, W. Gall, T. Galvin J. Gangstad, G. Gant, J. Gardner, V. Gard ner, D. Garnett, A. Garrett, W. Gasper, S. Gates, S. Gauchat M. George, A. Gibbs, M. Gibbs, B. Gibson, B. Gibson, A. Gillespie, D. Gillespie, B. Gil- mer, S. Gilmore n , emo- Us F? if 187 HELPING LANGUAGE LAB SUPERVISOR Max Car- michael maintain the labs are his assistants ffront rowj Steve Henke, Jim Noland, Steve Ham, Natalie Schabler, Denise Beutler, Dave Gillespie, Randy Bernstein, fback rowj John Helms, Dave Gipe, and John Fowler. Able staff maintains language labs D. Gipe, H. Glanzman, C. Gleason, M. Glenn, A. Glick, J. Glynn, A. Goldback, K. Goldberg, B. Golds N. Goldstein, J. Goll, J. Goode, R. Goode, J. Goodrich, G. Gordon, G. Goss, K. Grab- horn, J. Gradolf B. Graham, A. Graven, B. Gray, D. Green- berg, J. Greenberg, J. Gregor, D. Grey, S. Griesel, C. Griffith D. Groner, S. Grosby, D. Gross, D. Gruble, T. Grumme, F. Grundy, M. Gwynn, P. Hass, L. Habig D. Hadley, V. Hadley, B. Haislup, J. Hall, P. Hall, S. Halloran, S. Ham, D. Hamaker, B . Hamerstadt S. Hamerstadt, D. Hammerstrom, J. Ham- mond, S. Harper, S. Hampshire, S. Han, L. Hanaway, J. Hancock, D. Handziak. C. Hanie, T. Hansen, C. Hapak, V. Harding H. Hargadon, J. Harley, R. Harling, T. Har- ling, R. Harmon Class of 1970 T. Harsin, M. Hart, T. Hart, N. Hartman B. Harvey, L. Haskin, P. Harwell, J. Haw: kins, M. Hayden M. Hayden, N. Nayes, E. Heffley, J. Heichel bech, J. Heister, P. Slemmer, C. Henderson K. Hickinger, B. Higgins D. Highmark, A. Hinsdale, R. Hintz, K Hirsh, J. Hochman, R. Hodge, G. Hoffman, A. Holland, M. Holland J. Hollander F. Hollowa A. Holt K. Ho - . Y. . P kins, K. Hopkins, V. Horne, D. Horning, K Hottie, B. Howard S. Howard, D. Howell, E. Howell, T. Hud- son, R. Huggins, D. Hullet, D. Humbert, B. Humphrey, G. Hunt J. Hutchinson, B. Hutchinson, B. Hutton S. Hyde, T. Iles, C. lsenhaur, D. lsler, D Jacks, R. Jackson J. Jacobson, S. Jacobson, C. James, J. Jenkins, A. Johnson, J. Johnson, K. John- son, K. Johnson, M. Johnson S. Johnson, C. Johnston, J. Jolfram, C Jones, C. Jones, D. Jones, N. Jones, R Jones, J. Jontz K. Jordan, J. Jorman, C. Joslin, C. Juday, D. Judd, J. Justice, C. Kahlmann, K. Kahn, N. Kahren C. Kallansa, B. Kammeroad, W. Kane, S. Kaplan, S. Kappes, L. Karels, M. Kasle, E. Kassig, D. Katz R. Katz, D. Keenan, B. Keene, M. Keith P. Keller P. Kello S. Kell D Kem Ier: . SS, Y. P N. Kempler J. Kennedy, K. Kennedy, L. Kidney, D. Kid- well, S. Kiewitt, B. Kikendall, J. Kimball, 0. King, J. King 1 .15 J. Q., Igf. . "" Q, y, J , J J A 'Ig F' "' V i ,-:', 1' ' i 1 ii A' Wifi. ir- ' K, , Ti ' . J , . Fil ' , LW Tj? X it 2'7" ' Ara gm fr fl 57 " 'vfwi' " ""f M-A , - i .. , A . ,Qi , A , . , 5' , nfl? " i A iiii l , f S isis J . A .' ' - - "'21? Y -'L,, I ' 7 f. W 'I I, 1 'pp RA I -f, ,. vii f 'L . I . , , . , nl, T y K K it ' 'J 1 , S ' " Ao AS 49 WP f K',L , - . ,M - 41. jiggggw X , , '35, ' L ' . 1 ,m- wi f 'V J " , , ck a 1. V . i -A J,: f ix. ,sw f ,. A ,. il . S' df, ji its At il . 5 f ' i ' Tiff . " fifl , 'J ' A Vs-1 112, my Ayfr-2.5 Q39 'ja' .1 A ie , 41 ' -,r S L T. My 'gig .ag ' Va, ' .f 1 f "-. . 'i 'Saw Mi if' T15 5 ' T A 1 V 'f'i 1 1, 5 . "iff ' - ' ' ' Ax-X XX' Qi' ef ! ' J V , N q, ,V ' 'L U .:,5,j:t2l L1 . ,' -J sv wx "V .A ",4,.ef' L vrx' in 3 6 7' . YJ? ., J at , , ' ,ii 'gf JW, N" . in , fx'-f. gm 2231 .,, 3g3Qzzi,'ff Q i -1 L' if KE K , ig? gr ' "'k' . I" ' ' ' L r L A i A A is 'S' ,L T' ,... , A Q 5 . 1. H ' 2 , v if., 3, i A 1 l ' f L ,. ,Wiv j Vxiw 1 V'1, WH MMMJVW 1' Ai 1- ' ' -ff p L ii , ' an ' 1 fflff 'if' hr: ' 1 ' J . ' g .. J sgfsfffi' A 5 1, ff 55, ' gi, ,' , ,, ,Q "mv 1. ' . " f fifli? ' , Q. ' iTfE'f?f1q 2, 35 ' W, ' "Q 'B l' l , f ' 4 J , " Q., J of V y sw" ' if mf Aa A AQ . ' N gf 'S w is 1 A Q I- I? , A I is 3,65 ,.., 1 , r I I., if I .. awe L L.. . . 2 Mi J ., p 1 -' ' iii ' 'ifiig 1 I " lm K .EJ , 'V J f b: , W- ff , KA K A 'L .4 A' . ? J f is Q.. H A 2-iw ' "' I ' . ff? A . 'ff it ,Q F: ' i L. VLVAV A, , , 4 , 'X , 1 , K . J V ' 1 W,:W . If We ' A , S ,, 'X I X lam, M A - ' ' " af' " 1f?s2i5'ii W r ' 'gg' ffm' I ami? ,F 'fi A fe' 3 ,. .5,. J . ,il 4 -5' 'ii '55, ., ' - ., lj ' 'i f 9 :gf ' -1 'atsifff ' V :TH X S In si i sf, - ' it ff W 'f A M ' A .x 1 A 71 w wf L f J 32. tj' M, f ' :',f'x-eww " sam-gag ' ,, L,.k , .,., 16,15 1 ,. ., .i 1125 3 ,K 3,1 - Q.. Q. "1 - 'i -"iz --,, iz- .. 1' X, me 3 " .gg '1-:if .3 ' 'ASQ' f fa as j g 2 Q j . A - ...T Li.. '-W' ' ,eff ' l . lin fig, - . T5 . ' ggffa 351 F x ""3? if . . J. , ' A . Juniors K. Kinnear, S. Klein, N. Klingman, K. Klink- man, D. Knauer, D. Kniptash, S. Knowles, R. Koehler, J. Koerner A. Kohlstaedt, M. Koplos, M. Krause, D. Kreisher, S. Krise, F. Krugman, J. Krum- reich, C. Kunz, A. Kurtz D. Lacey, D. Lamar, P. Lambert, N. Lan- ders, R. Landrock, L. Lane, S. Langford, T. Lapham, D. Laux L. Lawrence, B. Lawson, R. Leff, D. Lef- kowitz, S. Leininger, C. Lerman, C. Letwin, B. Leventhal, R. Levin R. Levine, P. Levinson, J. Lewis, S. Lewis, D. Light, J. Lindenmuth, M. Lineback, M. Litz, M. Lockhart V. Loeper, R. Long, K. Lorch, L. Lotimer, D. Louden, T. Louse, D. Loutner, M. Lov- ing, D. Lucas A. Lukemeyer, M. Lumpkin, D. Lurvey, B. Lutz, S. MacAllister, S. MacArthur, D. Mac- Dougall, G. MacLennan, M. Madawick J. Maher, D. Mangana, C. Manifold, D. Manson, P. Manzie, S. Marer, S. Marks, S. Marra, C. Marsh R. Marsh, B. Marshall, J. Mart, B. Martin, D. Martin, D. Martin, F. Martin, E. Martz, E. MBSOII K. Masselink, C. Maxam, B. McArdle, G. McBee, J. McBride, T. McCalep, T. Mc- Campbell, C. McClamroch, C. McClung W. McComb, P. McCord, D. McCoy, V. Mc- Coy, H. McGehee, L. McGinnis, L. McGraw, J. Mclntyre, B. McKinney R. McKinney, S. McKinney, S. McMasters, C. McPeak, S. McPeak, R. McPhail, G. Mcphee, R. Melick, C. Melin Class oi' 1970 K. McRee, D. Mercer, M. Mesalam, N. Mey- er, N. Meyer, T. Meyer, D. Milender, K. Miles, S. Miles S. Miles, A. Miller, C. Miller, D. Miller, D. lVliIler, J. Miller, J. Miller, J. Miller, M. Mil- el' M. Miller, S. Miller, M. Millholland, B. Mil- ton, C. Milton, H. Minton, M. Mitchell, D. Mitchell, D. Molson. T. Moncur, J. Montgomery, B. Moore, D. Moore, J. Moore, M. Moore, H. Moos, P. Moran, T. Moraec D. Morgan, J. Morgan, P. Morman, A. Mor- ris, W. Morrison, J. Morton, S. Moss, T. Mote, S. Mulligan C. Mulvaney, M. Mulvaney, B. Mumford, C. Murduck, D. Murphy, R. Murphy, M. Mur- ray, B. Nagey, P. Nahmias C. Nash, F. Navarro, G. Nefouse, D. Nel- son, B. Newby, C. Newby, J. Newman, B. Nicely, R. Niiranen Juniors donale their lime io recognition board PAYING TRIBUTE to the three winter sports as a part of Panther Pep Week, Juniors Carrie Wray and Sally Swinford arrange a display on the recognition board in the student center. 191 1 ,VK if .L . ., I si., in lm.. 'vit A A agar-rn q 'Q xr it .,. ., V, ' ,W.V I K . it ...A WA , .,,,,. ' K Q 522 ff'1.3 i A . . S. . r , 1 ru, . . lf , K . . ,ill Q af, gg, ' L-2 I 1 1-al' as V r K , .ff- 4 ' , ' Q, ' -if 15 A - l Q K K f..,'K- . H .yi .K g g -. - K' H., f M H f. H .' rfsgsgwfqg-ark. .5 12'g5'Q5W'iQE3S:ffT9 31451 . f2I5f9l2f77i'5 f 11 . K , "' P., ', V' ,li-!j,jf i -' . 54 ,fi ,553 K: 'gisiiii 5, L - i' it ' J' ri i A I t 5 Nm -'--rfl 1 W .K .1 45 Q. I V it Us Pet t it iiiifiiifmi , Q.: E375 ...ff WWA. f . g g . . , . ' ' A E sg. if ,. fi . 'ir .. "-' V' , ., K ' fi W' ""i ' 1 ' - '. . . I ' ' 1 5 , Wifi? -A we i. ' ' . 2, . f 7- 54: 3 . A n :K f , -' , 'ffii' - f M , ,Z . V .. if" .QL ' , " g 1 f ".. ,Z f 'W . , lmfiviix X "L" Y B, A " ' ,eV ' K 'V , ' ,ff f 1 ,QW Q ,b i - ' f, .., 5 , . 9. ..KK , 2 M., . A . " l.f'.fT i ' '.r i 'T , '- fs- , 1, 2 fl:--G... W. . . , . , qzrg . We is " in ' r ' ' A .aifdi L- ' . Eli' . - -l. -' 'if ' ' 1 T .., 1 ff'-' . A . , v V J ' 1+ -' ie... - .. ,.... it ' 1- .5 f- I.. A . f ', i'.1"I1..'1i rr , it 'mr NT ri T rt'-4. . , K K . KK,,KK .1 .ge S K K .,, zigsfyg , 'fill gf 5, 1 . . N "jj, K f i T 'Q J gh F , . 'ii ,A '- u i , "i r f . ,' . , t -V, gif , S 'ji fe Hi , ,. 1 sis if ,ish H 'L sgigrv j 5 'Qi " . f- ' 2 ir 'L r g 1. Q 54' . . ..-nj?" A A VV .. E . lp , l 'tv K w Y M ., +- . J W 5 1. . K ' in . ., ' ,asf-ig X 46. Ah X I- Af ti T' f . fs ki' ta .. fi wifi as - 'sfrfff - of sw ' W -'L-12:61-J fi . ' filltf' Q" az' ami . K -91? it 'Ll 5' , V, ., iv V2 A qi im i 'i r . if If-5... Xt' if ir fl ' , '1 QV ,ii r -2 1 ' r . .im . " X- l " ,W A Q, V 'Q 5' ' . ' 1 ,,. ' l ' ri f - "K E ' J' nr 'dar .gif it s -s ,., , 2 - f 1 ,K i 133, K. '1 , me 4 M' vs , ' U J 1s..l1rV ,. I n A' 'i ' Ei! 5 -if i"i'45r tw gl i. iffy viii? w e T . 'f if rf 'fi ,, . 9 A si Afif M Y Q H: ,gif . . M' ins.. :fr 1 xv W K. .J w T:-f ' 'if' iii '--,A -' lg. gpg ., ' ,. SQ ii.. " f S " s a i ,, , ' ' Ti g. ,-M .W.. T X Mg. mt Q' 1 .., :if F J ' QQ? if ,, N, , z . v., , -. il 6 ., I P gf A A .IS Ffa Q rs I .P f e , li. KK . . -,. . . K, za .. ." 1 x A -1. Juniors J. Noonan, W. Norlin, D. Obenland, R. Ochs, B. Ogle, M. O'Haver, M. O'Leary, K. Ormsby, J. Osborne S. Ostrom, F. Otto, S. Over, T. Overstreet, J. Ozman, C. Palmer, D. Palmer, P. Palmer, B. Pardieck C. Parrish, S. Partridge, L. Patrick, B. Pat- ton, R. Paustion, L. Peck, C. Peeler, D Pelsue, G. Pendleton O. Penn, B. Penno, D. Pepple, S. Perkins S. Perkins, C. Peterson, K. Petersen, G Pfau, T. Pfeiffer D. Pickering, S. Pike, G. Pilling, S. Pitt, M Pittenger, R. Pittman, D. Platt, J. Pochette, J. Poland D. Porter, M. Porter, L. Powell, R. Powers, C. Pribble, C. Priddy, K. Prill, C. Prosser, D. Puckett S. Punches, B. Pursinger, J. Quackenbush M. Quarto, T. Query, M. Quirk, S. Raber G. Rahke, N. Ramey Junior class donates cans for charitable cause SPENDING AFTER-SCHOOL HOURS putting the final touches on the banner proclaim- ing 'iHappening Harvest", Juniors Madelyn l Millholland, Susan Marks, and Pat Tolson ' prepare for the Junior Class Party. .15 if-Wi' ?fT5iC68s"r3f iwxlifi W"l'P"fiI'V?'5L5 r Class of I 970 A. Ramirez, D. Rardon, L. Rattlay, J. Redmond, B. Reed, D. Reed, J. Reed, C. Reeves, P. Reichel S. Reiney, K. Reinschreeber, G. Renfro D Reuss, P. Reynolds, A. Richardson, J. 'Rifl kind, L. Rippey, B. Roberts J. Roberts, M. Roberts, P. Roberts J Robertson, L. Robertson, J. Robey,' cf Robinson, M. Roby, F. Rodenbeck C. Roesch, M. Rogers, M. Rohn, K. Roll, B. Roller, M. Rome, B. Rosenbaum, N. Roth, F. Rothbard K. Rothenberger, L. Rather, B. Roundtree, C. Roy, D. Rush, D. Russell, J. Russell, K. Russell, S. Russel T. Rust, H. Rybolt, J. Ryder, B. Sablotne, J. Salge, C. Sander, B. Sanders, C. San- tomier, C. Sarvich S. Scales, D. Schaefer, B. Schaller, S. Schaller, T. Scheele, H. Schenkman, J. Scherren, S. Scherrer, P. Schiller D. Schmidt, M. Schmidt, S. Schmink, G. Schneider, L. Schoomer, L. Schortemeyer, J. Schulenburg, H. Schull, A. Schulz G. Schumaker, C. Schutte, G. Schwartz, T. Schwenn, T. Schwenn, B. Scott, L. Scott, G. Scudder, L. Seagren M. Sebastin, S. Seeley, P. Segal, J. Sell, L. Sewell, L. Shaw, N. Sherron, L. Sherry, K. Shields S. Shimmer, G. Shirley, J. Shoemaker, M. Short, B. Showalter, P. Shull, K. Sidebot- tom, M. Sigo, A. Simmons J. Simmons, S. Simmons, K. Simon, K. Sippel, V. Sissie, G. Skaato, B. Skidmore, M. Skore, A. Skweres ... L ov. A.. 1.3.1.- g, S . , sl.. t kit, f. . nw Q Q Y, ,aa ,ig A a 5 V1 . , Wm L. HA. A X JE K ,. . tyg:: , , .1 . ge I ,Ay in - . f-"' i"' " ' A - 4 , "" A 4.5. gy ' . , ',,- A A ,v .. W Q' yfj . f " ' . ig Tlsl . ' 'B at A A . , p sa: is A . . lie' en I ff' . 1 HM f A W,, N V ll, . ' T T 'I iii f ' "-. f . - 'ElTfQ3Z3Z ' ' . ' L 1 ' 'Q li 'T 1' ' ,. ' or Q. if V ' 1, . ' . N J J 45, I kljf " 'S -' q,:, T :K h, it J at A Q at 7 gl T' ' ,5 ' V 5 T -V ' 7?-. 7 . ' , I iii K 1 Q in T' gil of . .,,, , -fm.. .A f L VY , . ggrszesf y EIR 4 T 1 , w sm f,,gf...ow1.2w,oo,iq+ . . . ...f V was ,, ,. . , ,ff l V ff V S . K 5 .g fi if . .5 -15 lirs W an S ' E ' -lffl A8 S -fl :o i ? .4 Q Al' ll . ,il o f a , .J ,le . rg 'l .ll no -'il ifgggqg ??3Q,xjQf132Lz5gt 1 ,. l.e:f..,. A W-elsif". EA .74 A '53 --s . ,LVLL iz I . K M Vrb V V N ,. X Avkk .nj ,Z I ki L , , . ..,, y , l ' A ' , di' ,. , f ' . ' l,'i' '74, 's.l' U - ' , lm ,4,i 1 Q .4 1 .,j'W . . ,. V 1 l'l K . A t . is ll.' A T - S ' J N ff ix 'Xl Ella" 'J '5'i M ' ' " ""1 L' .i'- - K - . H V i .V.,, .ink A M. l., ,E Ji, M F 3 an , W .K , I" 1.-bf. 1 ST J ""i1' Q 2 ., ' .ffm . - i - 1 A , ,, fa., LW I tryin its K . f A 1.x L it lsr 1 All liek, " N , if ' fi J- . ' .. 1 , i , it . f K- gli- .,. ,id J or l u f V iii. A ..ll ff., ' L S H y ,Eg n .IV K ,,,,, .,l J... , h . 1. ,. wil - x ni? li Y -J , , 1 -W1 Q: I , " ' .fog , fe : 5 3,1 g qu- ,- ,...1 ,M K K Q. '1i.g:3- 3 - ,gf 1 . K r ,'.. A , , . V f, . wwzlzfwnf, , - '. w f f 4.2 f ' 034' "I ll 'Kwik ? V K A 'ff 1. - , .1 - i T - j .' V kr., xii, . ' . at J - w w 'J . J - J J.. l . -- H .rf J sex Y . T k , , , W 1 . . 1 .-" 'A -,J I.:-Q f., ' at 1 f' iq, A LI fi? A A A , J - . ''g:.. 1 A T 'f xfilzs ' J i'i" TY 'r,.' ., clci is , . , . '." X A ..- W j . "V .g -if" , A A Ti 1 V 27 UW . 1 ' .1 vgfgzg f .f V-fp . J fig. J- Vi A L L .J , " -mp.: . 1 V1 gf' .x . .- ,' .lfgpf H. -I .f . 1" . K . l 'ELLA M ...ow It 1? if 2 Qs -'f .. L ' 5. f.Q,e,,.f.,,53-or, . . ...Q A -gi . kt, -ow. w1.1f.2f?1u 193 A PO'l"l'ER'S WHEEL and the working, will- ing hands of junior Marsha Phillips turn a piece of clay into a work of art. n 5 Self-expression found in junior artwork B. Slaughter, S. Smialek, D. Smith, G. Smith, L. Smith, M. Smith, S. Smith, C. Snover, K. Snow. K. Snyder, D. Solotkin, L. Soltan, P. Som- mer, S. Southard, L. Spencer, E. Spickle- mier, C. Spiegel, D. Sputh J. Stamp, K. Starr, S. Steckley, B. Steele, B. Stephenson, M. Stern, N. Sternberger, G. Stevens, B. Stevenson D. Stewart, T. Stieman, M. Stieneker, S. Stillerman, J. Stillwell, R. Stock, S. Stone, A. Stonesifer, B. Stoops J. Strahan, R. Strater, D. Streeter, B. Strong, M. Stumpf, H. Stunkard, D. Sulli- van, G. Sullivan, K. Sullivan G. Summers, K. Summers, D. Summit, J. Sumpter, B. Sundstrom, S. Sutton, W. Sweeney, S. Swinford, S. Symmes E. Talbot, J. Talley, K. Tamagni, B. Tasich M. Taylor, D. Tavel, B. Thomas, G. Thomas J. Thompson Class of l97O N. Thompson, P. Thompson, T. Thomp- son, P. Thornton, C. Tiller, R. Timberman, E. Tindall, P. Tipping, S. Tipton D. Tirmenstein, F. Tishler, S. Toberman, 'lg Todd P Tolson C. Toth D. Tourtellot, 1 Traugott, B. Treser ' T. Troutt, M. Truesdell, S. Tuck, C. Tudor, B. Tully, F. Turner, C. Turney, B. Ullom, C. Uminger P. Vanness S. Vavul J. Vezolles B. Vo el, . . . 8 Vogt C. Vonnegut S. Vorhies L. Wad R- . . . - dell, E. Wade P. Wadkins, L. Wagner, M. Walker, W. Wal- ker, J. Wallace, T. Wallace, J. Walter, L. Ward, M. Ward K. Warfield, B. Warren, P. Webber, P. Weeks, A. Weikel, E. Weinberg, A. Wein- heimer, L. Weinstein, M. Weinstein R. Weinstein, L. West, L. Wetterlin, W. Whitcomb, M. White, S. White, B. Whitley, L. Whitman, B. Whitney K. Wichser, D. Wilcox, J. Wilcurt, D. Wilgus, B. Wilhelm, K. Wilkes, A. Williams, M. Williams, T. Williamson G. Willis, H. Willis, M. Wilsted, D. Wilson, D. Wilson, G. Wilson, M. Wilson, R. Wisen- baum, D. Woods J. Wood, R. Wood, L. Woods, B. Woolford, C. Wray, N. Wray, C. Wright, C. Wright, D. Wright J. Wright, M. Wright, S. Wright, P. Yare, J. York, D. Young, S. Young, T. Young, L. Yount F. Zeckel, C. Zell, G. Zessin, C. Zilson, F. Zimmerman, S. Zimmermann i .1- ' H . .. li . '-J 2:25 .sfisiz ,, - . of 2' 5 mt n, 'S' ivzs .-H-'fb' .. .5-5,1-1 . my lg' fi V If 4- r m- Klein W W .1-, Q- af-4 'ga ,. - "1 sw g: ,j 2' v,s?i,,: - Ng f Eg M A., 'lx '. . faqffl .. .225 qw ' - , gy 'Q-rilzfsii ,. .N 72 .5 1. iii -.15 ,Y Q f .aa ' - 'QQ' 1522. iff' t K' -ff 'rf' New . f ff' . : w ' 44. H. ,.,.,,.', . .- y - ... . , . I X ' . '33-. 'zgtigfli :uf if - 'f ' . - 'ww 'fi " 'l ' ' ' 3525 " if .' My fav in 5' 1 ' ' 5 A J 1 , V . ,M ,, , . V w jg' vvll . Q A , X, ... 1. it Eh S . I 44, '11 1,5 .H V g , 3' . as ,. sg.. . ,gig If . ..g f W ff 'f 1:l51,'Qs',,lL-I ff QW , 1,5 . . ' ' . - Em. 'f ' 'K 'vg a ' 1 13251252 ., . kvF?i,lg.d.L1:gm V I 1 , ax . . . , EM .. ' 1 . " 'S..eQaz2sW fi if L H . was '- ,gpliw . - mp. X l . x.. . 1 5 . ibff Mil rn, zgiige' ig5TQ?l1ff' p-:J""' eg 'ew 1 J '- 5 , 'Q gg. ' at e- , my 1, . f-+V. up H. . - . if Q- K :W . ' 1 . ' 3 he ? "" . "a, 'V " W ,A Q" 3 ' 951' 3 H. . - , , S ,,.-Q ,,. -. ra J 'li' ' 5' . 5. ..1.,.,,52 L, any 2 .1 ,-,, , f . , ,S - , .M .Wy 1, -2. A 5, 1. f s - 5' .- , .. 5.7.1 . ., . V , 1.1. . awfrfx wi 1 Juniors Not Pictured Joanne Cohen Kenneth Nelson Daniel McCuen Judy Smith John F. Whitaker Addilionals M. Behnke, S. Beller, C. Belner, R. Booker, L. Bower, M. Campbell, A. Carroll, B. Clus- ter, L. Davenport J. Dittrich, D. Duvall, N. Faircloth, E. Fal- ender, D. Goode, R. Hodge, M. Hudson, K. Jewell, D. Jezzard J. Langlotz, A. Mayhew, M. McNicholas, L. Metaxas, D. Miller, J. Miller, L. Nlock, M. Pittenger, O. Price C. Priddy, S. Puckett, G. Reklau, P. Rey- nolds, S. Robertson, B. Rogers, J. Schulen- burg, M. Shevitz, R. Steele S. Stieneker, C. Weber, R. Wood, L. Ziska ashion-minded Juniors create own apparel. BASIC SEWING TECHNIQUES are utilized by Junior Susie Klein as her home economics in- structor, Mrs. Gemmer looks on. .mmm-ww 11393 X.. PHOTOGRAPHERS ANDY FOGLE, Jim Alexander, and Tony Burrus are responsible for taking, developing, and enlarging pictures for the newspaper and yearbook staffs. ATTEMPTING TO CATCH A "flying saucer" while maintaining his balance on the tram- poline requires the coordination of gym assistant Kevin Snow. AFTER STRUGGLING COURAGEOUSLY to stay awake a junior finally succumbs to an hour of peaceful slumber. 19 8 The 1969 Junior Spectacular Act Chairman are, Itop to bottomj R. Eaton, S. Dean, C. Wright, B. Borton, M. Berkowitz, K. Ford, P. Moorman, D. Moore, S. Baker. I I OTTO FEMINGER, decked out in his direc- tor's garb, shows his harrassment after a long day of shooting on the lot. ,Az :. ,K I .I -55" w.gg5.i,m.-ze' ., ,QE 1 fi 'R H . F , , .t mmm.. 'I ,WM I P , Em, . HW ,,-. , .. f- :gig-.. is 2..'1k ' L21 Q' If Q WPI ef ' I JE L 'ft 539. S ang? ei wil. 3 f" 4-ISAQYQTQHZ3-' SM ' gfsggfrigit . . , .. jj, 1. I Wai g,isn'333h wit 2 Q- Flag? -Q iw wif HS. mf.. JIQ5, mv 'UP' 21 r f s- if If sw fi? .,, H L 3523 9235 QT-5 , mi Nam? Wi I HIP .39 I: I Ii-11 X-if 3 g6 T I Q 5 'R 3' W' i u -4 ii' , at we 15 'ht 3 Mg fi' mf '54 7 we 5 Nags .1 Q 2 E .,.----15 I . .., fwreyi ..., M .aww Q Ma 11, 9-9? iw p J a .dai i,, .: min? 4, I sf' 1 yr ur. Egg? . E . .L 1 .5 Sl am: if as QM '-Graf 3 1 E H. I . A.. V Qi NQEEZ fj.w25T2i r?5:" QQ A . Is- A : mls 'B 4 4 fi' Bifixr E. .3 '52 Q r' ii iii! W 'T Q 1 Lp .if E5 2 N55 egfqfbww .is 'iii M, at ,mf ga ff P1 iw ?gQIF1L at Jag: 'W' T525 Eel air Q22 3' rv L J me Eggs. M3542 1, wgne.. . 0 -Ae, xy M 4-Q Q ! 1!f,Ik if-II if I K Q .5 , f 1 v 1 Q at 1 X! 11- ze. e, . . MSE, 1 ,v fa.:- . W H ... 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I i BUILDING A HUMAN PYRAMID in the gym scene for Producer Otto Femingers movie was a simple task for students starring in "Camera-Iot". UNAWARE OF THE shuddering girls, the boys of "Camera-Iot" continue to sing off key in the haII at the beginning of the school day. Something spectacular! A musical version of a day at high school directed by the famous pro- ducer Otto Feminger was the plot of "On Location: Camera-lot" written by Sarah Dean, Kathy Ford, and Becky Borton. The problems of pro- ducing a movie in a high school be- came apparent as the day pro- gressed-even the janitors noticed. ln the end however, the filming was successful. "When Your Tale's A-Draggon", written by Sandi Baker and Peggy Moorman used pantomime to portray a story of a prince, a princess, a dragon, and a serf. The prince was to marry the princess after slaying the dragon. Overcome with fear the prince was unable to complete his task. Meanwhile, a love-stricken serf slew the dragon and won the princess' hand in marriage. KISSING THE HAND of his n maide , the valian good-by before he departs to conquer the dragon PREPARING THEMSELVES to battle the ferocious dragon in "When Your Tale's A-Draggon" the knights gather their swords, thing brave thoughts, and then set off. t knight Hank Schull bids Cherri Schutte Bi? IN "WHEN YOUR TALE'S A-DRAGGON" John Glanton contemplates how to slay the dragon and win the princess. 200 Junior Spec emphasizes originalitg Satirizing the negative aspects of life, "Piece of Mind", created by Rich- ard Eaton and Chris Wright, tells the tale of a rude, grouchy, complaining old man who sees only the bad side of life. He is told of a famous doctor who can cure anything, and after visit- ing him, finds his only hope is a new brain. After the operation, he finally sees the beautiful things in life. "Tell It Like It ls" is the story of the generation gap we are faced with today. Composed gy Diana Moore and Marc Berkowitz, the act expresses the fact that the gap can and will be closed, but only by cooperation of I both generations. The story also points out that neither generation is as bad as it seems, and shows that bridging the gap is possible. CLOSELY EXAMINING THEIR VICTIM, Liene Karels, Ron Patterson and Steve Easley plan a cure for Mark Miller during a scene from "Piece of Mind." DANCERS CHRISTY MALLISON, Patti Clay, Brandt Lawson, Bart Garlotte, Carol Howe, Nancy Wray, Larry Rother, Gary Sullivan, Nancy Ramey, Claudia Prosser, and Jeff Burris perform steps created by Betty Dilk, Liene Karels and Christy Mallinson. 3 CHOREOGRAPHERS BE'l'l'Y DILK, Liene Kerels, and Christy Mallinson spent many hours I creating dance routines and teaching their charges to dance. LELE BUNDLES, Tom Campbell, Harriet Schenkman, Steve Pike, Smith Ellen Breisacher Steve Lewis Mike McBride Paula Van- Sandy Vavul, Tom Wallace, Gene Stillwell, Lynn Waddell, Mark Ness,'Alan Gillespie, and Anne Golbaeh, "Tell It Like'It ls." i PROPPED UP ON THE SHOULDERS of Tom Wallace, Gene Stillwell assists Carrie Wray KNEELING IN PROPOSAL, Alan Gillespie and Judy Allen in opposing "The Gap", played by Jimmy Beitman. sweet talks Linda McGraw to gain her hand. 2 Qophomores break tradition bg selecting class rings in spring Surviving the first day of school was a tremendous accomplishment for 1300 sophomores. After orient- ing themselves and adjusting to high school, Sophomore Class Council members and officers were chosen. Before the start of the last foot- ball game of the season, sophomores gathered in the Student Center for a get-acquainted mixer. Music was provided by The Indiana Soul Train. Bright-colored lights and orna- ments were carried out of storage as sophomores traditionally purchased and decorated the school's Christ- mas tree in December. As Cupid's day arrived, the class of '71 put their "Heart and Soul" into the annual Valentine's Dance sponsored by the Sophomore Class Council. ln order to come to a general agreement on the design of class rings, sophomores deviated from past tradition and began their se- lection of the rings in the spring. STRINGING LIGHTS ON THE Christmas tree requires the courage of Mike Lanham. I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS include Bobbi Malizia, secretary, Gary Lecocq, president, Margot Trusty, treasurer: and Evie Sachs, vice-president. Mr. Monroe is their sponsor. SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Cathy Rogers, Julie Dixon, Tyann Young, Rhona Fine, Bobbi Malizia, Gary Lecocq, Evy Sacks, Margot Trusty, Bonnie Boeldt, Cathy Palasini, and Jacki Neubauer. Second Row: Stan Collins, Martin Fogle, Paul Joslin, Betsy McKinney, Christy Miller, Theresa Knight, Irving Sigal, John Thompson, Jeannie Miner and Kim Alexander. Third Row: John Helms, Kathy Richardson, Julie Houck, Cindy Deel, Laura Bader, Jan Stephenson, Daren Chevalier, Bob Parrish and Rick Baum. Fourth Row: Mark Wilson, Greg Smith, Steve Broaddus, Dave Guinnup, Rick Waller, Dan English, Robin Query, Mike Lanham, Fred Garbrecht, and their sponsor, Mr. James Monroe. I 203 204 Northern Starlel-ies perform for Panther fans CALMING THE JITTERS, Baton Corps mem- bers Ruth Hastings, Beth Shearer, Sandy Neese, and Jan Stephenson nervously laugh before a halftime show. -fp, ..t , i f 7 M K1 " e A V' . "- fffif :ei K- "iw 'Ve -1 155, . '1 ' - 25:75 W v J A - f 1 . J Y , ,.. ifiie, fri ,' ' ' --W 5 - " 'fit' . Kltfief.,-: ijfkf iifi it S hi ' 'ii 53.73.54-i.,1.4:5,.V,.ei ., -F ig.- 5? if-, 2 .il Ai? y ,My E,a?.,,.. fire' fifffi' 'will' .,, ,J A lg" 3.52 V35 'I V- .. ' - -' 1- t. L an I LM uf. f -We ,, ,I a We . few .-me- .., .. -. . ,..,.-.,-f:,.,.f,. .v1,-Q,g.,:z':- Ve -,firm ly ,. i:. '.'gef--:alfa-5:5 .ai-E?m:'e?E,:SUfffj sf: " 'Vz -Qs,- l ' VV 2 l 1' , If fp, ,MW Riff? ' 75 i 1 ,Q -g gags-, e - V,V::: 1. 5 . + at A ' fe- . .. -ws N' VJ... ., . ..., .W - , , . V 1, '- ,..,,L fu. is , ti K.-4-1. Fe. - -. - ei H457 -2' eel-XV --' 1--.-V . -. -.f ns' .1 - V- ,f -I- 1 - -f- i 22. , - .- .f ,..Q-Vi,V3g-IQ, -V ,, sw- V . -ri at w s..-1, 5.1 . , MJ- V 5 - ,.. - W. . . z x -ef .-its e.:,, -- ff.-f- '-1 V-vi I--Vis-.4--E?-i....:..Q' in , -' WV Hsin" -'T fzfp -. K 1 - - - re. - 'FIA .1343- u.:.f,Eg,T"- fa a . 'J V 1--WV.. 'ii gm' Q-ii N V 1 - . f' . , trgggfw--Q e - Qraffziffi., ,. 1- gf, ' ,g, ' 1, -V ff -, V' - .. . ' V f' , 2, 1-2, W' -J . mf 'Y' mf' 5 15555.-11. 4if7Z?f:: ' A A ' K f4f:'if'?" 'i ' 54 VAL? 5 ff, 'L-W i' 5 - -, .,,?,V ,o, . ,,, , , ,,,, r.Vr . ,i h J W 7 A WV 1 1, , -- -- 1, - -' , fjfzw . 'ive - V-,V: .gin -aj-gvr G - .. , . , H 'Y' L' I V .,r,,.hZ. .l if-1 . ,L. , 1,6 . . . 1.-vv Ali .. ,. is 77.5 , ,I , ...gk 1 if ff QQ: ' 132, Lg .. , .V ., wk. ,N 1 iw t 3+- 5-'ifx evifs. ref. J. -U' -' 5 Il ' E.- . . -- vt 5 -if-we Ji We , KW F fi xii: 4 ., . 6 l , 4, E , Q ' .. .. H 'im if - . r,,r rl.. ,, 'ff . leg- 4 '-:li e - ,gg.:.w.i.V v 5 - ' 0 ... W-ze.: .,. ,. ,..., ,, .,,.., -. . , ., fs, A .V J 5,-'ini' ' 1- ,q L. - -- if f . 5 , - N . N . - --s,.i-- - 'if ' ' Q tt f V Q , .: 2 K gf 'mf 1- 'f ,V-'. -M'-"' -ua SZQQGS- ' f -...I-. ls. - f . . w J I" . 'K ' L "TL - - " v- MH" -V f:C:'42' . 1 -. ' J ,, ,g . ,- , . " ' 2' it ffmfii n ' A ZF ? di' -. -..- i . f. 7 :elf - . at 1 2 --" . - . 2 A, -:far--f .fe -f-' ,,., . wg? - -V .1 f M ,Q , 5: Z - V viii' V' n.. .--. - .e , 435.-.fl ---...ya 1 -L3 ,,, .. eg , ,, .. .. -V - :.. ,. if eg... , -1. . f - . 5 -M. ' , :.f,p','Vz.: . f -15 1 V ' -. if Tf 'VgT'!k " -.Qi ,.,. ,,. M .Q .Tm-xv-gg 1 A ' . 1 L. Abbott, D. Abel, D. Agnew, S. Akard, D. Albrect, B. Aldous, J. Alexander, K. Alex- ander, R. Alexander. D. Alig, B. Allen, C. Amend, A. Amos, D. Anderson, K. Anderson, M. Andrews, D. Applegarth. J. Arbuckle, D. Arfman, B. Arnold, J. Arnold, C. Arterberry, D. Arvin, S. Ashby, L. Ash- KEFIBZ, T. Atkil'lS. W. Aton, J. Augustin, J. Austen, G. Avery, S. Avery, T. Ayers, T. Bass, B. Backner, R. Bacon. L. Bader, H. Bailey, D. Baker, R. Baldwin, S. Ball, G. Bargahiser, D. Barlowe, G. BBITIBS. B. Barnhorst, J. Barrett, J. Bartlett, D. Bar- ton, K. Batesole, G. Battram, R. Bauer, G. Baugh, L. Baugh. C. Baughman, R. Baum, C. Baumbach, B. Baun, S. Bea, T. Beatty, S. Beeson, M. Behrendt, S. Beiman. Class of l 97 I S. Beineke, D. Bellish, M. Belcher, D. Bel- lon, J. Belschwender, G. Belt, A. Benjamin, B. Bennett, K. Benvie B. Berns, S. Bernstein, A. Best, B. Bibbs, J. M. Beringer, N. Berkowitz, L. Berning, Bishop, P. Black R. Black, A. Blackburn, L. Blackburn, R. Blake, K. Blakely, M. Blakes, C. Blaski, K. Blekking, M. Blickman E. Boards, S. Bobbit, B. Boeldt, P. Boggs, K. Boman, E. Bond, S. Bonnette, W. Born, P. Boutwell B. Boya, C. Boyd, P. Boyer, T. Boyer, A. Braitman, D. Brannan, D. Brannan, J. Bransford, J. Bransford L. Braums, M. Bregger, W. Brett, D. Bretz- laff, T. Brewster, C. Bright, S. Broaddus, K. Broderick, J. Brown L. Brown, M. Brown, W. Brown, D. Bruce, R. Bruce, R. Bruce, C. Bruenger, B. Bud- denbaum, E. Bullman S. Bunch, B. Burge, B. Burger, M. Burgy, B. Burk, B. Burns, M. Burton, D. Butler, D. Cady J. Caine, H. Calderon, P. Calderon, H. Cam- eron, S. Campbell, S. Cannon, L. Cantrell, J. Carey, S. Carlin R. Carmichael, S. Carpenter, A. Carr, J. Carr, B. Carraway, S. Carvin, D. Casey, J. Castle, D. Caswell Cazee, S. Chavis, E. Cheesbourough, Chesterfield, K. Chevalier, L. Christea, Christena, D. Clark, A. Clarke L. D. C. Claypool, G. Cobb, J. Cohen, H. Cohen, J. R. Colglazier, R. Collins, S. Collins, M. Col- vin, T. Connor of rt 4 A ,te . A. A A , 2 A 121. iff he A L ' 1 ."- ,- . 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I ' ' -'T4 , A A 1 f"' . ff Q S' 5 fweasffiiif s"i' ' 'f f' w" ,1-ff11f5:z " we .1 . ui.. " ii Ya 'W '.5i'f1f' 'TlS"2f'Wf'Hfi.11fHf'A . A rs , iq.. l . 2. - . . -. ,f X .. . M9112 ' f if - 1-...I sp., will .. , , at . W. f - H af is ni-e f S vw wr was , lf" ia f ' 5 " .1 ., :, p N ' ,A Exams " , . - S1 1553 , Y 'FM . -3 fliififs- .J ' LQ? 'gig 1 - M '5iI2,Q34.f 5 A ,If 'fi' ' . ' . Sift , jig ' iiiilf ff J' :ii 5,15 'f ff ' f fi! , Pfgff3J A . if K' -ffl' f 'I I , ,f 1231 , ' f AA... 1 r , .. AA , ii AL. . A A. Ki... gy. A ,lg -.3 M L A ' ,,: -Q . .gf 14 N ' 4 , ""' 'fflifi5?"5'f5 ififggigg ' 'f,' 5, ,K X. . -, f.ggsg,.g.fs., ' . , I iw 5- q w ' fi? " "fi "Ki . , 9 EPI I la s... 5 A ' , 3 . fl? - " fy ' 'f .vm V ' ., ll' ,. U 5 l, V5 V ' f a 7 Y E765 -.. . j .gas :rf fl 7 f Y Q. .4455 ., 1,5 . ,, , .' H : - 5.1.4 A, , 31.5. in Z - . ' , Y. .Mil ' S vt ? 1 .e- fzv ,-iw? h V i' A ' W .. , . . ,, A ,.,. f .- " J i fl - ' -i'. 'll' 4' ' . - .as A . f A5 W L gg, 'f z . .f 'iii 4 - H if ' .gf A ' as ' ,, Rf- l A , 5. 'ff 7' " ., Yf.x- , An . AA ,,,l5q.' 1 Asn... A - AA A A,.t,,'A, 1 A,,A . 3 A155 3 , , ' , , .,,,, .,.,, . ATAAAA ,. ,.,, AEA: A A A, , ,, ... I 1 'fig l lb ? .A e "Wa 1- A . J in so S - 2.1 ' w we f 'Hs S 1 " i . is ,.:rffe1-,-: - A ' J - - '- ' W- if Yl2fs. fH ...-. c , ,Eg ' -ww .Ju .rg . ax if v!'5'vf .lr -. . .A - Q .,,,,-. fggmwz , fl 5, 4 fr, 5' :Aw , 4: ,. ",'- 1 .1 A1 .Q .n g bf 1 T I - A ,, ' T , .... V i l A V . Yr 7' ,V ' Est. 'Z' 1 I A ,ef R il? 1 P .i - ' im - -V "1" . ' 3403 . ff' WEE f ' J 1 ,. glib aft- B, w Q ,g . .525 . . E f 1 - . M 5 J f aff. .mt PM Q' J - wifi. , .,,. ., .. ' , ' , f v Fw .. , ,iAA,AE.A,, AA AA . .AA I A AA 1: . , J ' , v i -4 . 'T Q , 'QM' . .. . , .. . .. , ' . . ..e' . ' - I . .1 ' Iwi A ' .7 , lik 2-' f , f .. 5,3111 5 , a .. 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I VL 5 L L .wi K 5,72 .L K x , ,LMT ' w r. . ' 'WM v 5272" lf 1. ,.,,, . " 1 ' -: . f 1' , 6 . , .J .M .1 1 L l f A W 32.22 L'?'f.' L 3 W 1 , L 1 -'-L I ' ' J f l fifixli is Tl if if ' I EFL H - 1 ' x l 5 fe 1 f E7 , ffwfbf . i 13' k k Q . H In .. M!! .. . V. K Lk . fig N E wg mx -L . I t ,V 'f k . I g, L - V "rf aw L. L. -' A if fra n fi 2 L,L . 1. . 56 - 'ii Iii .fv L - - W ' '1 it 1 . " r "'f L -' 4 ? 1 1 , in V Q . LJ, lL VL ,V Lf, ,441 i. 2. ...Qin A , . 3 lf., 2 "Q' . J A' .1 - Q A my yr. r L LLL. ,Q '," J 1 -QVV I 4 1 ' ' , rr. - .A K , .' - ,. if , L, y 5-iii: - fl Z 2 2 ' ii , if-'A fir., 9'5" N5 1 L' it fv7"' . ' T r L + L' ww w. 'f 'f i ire.: W' if . HQ f.1AfwwL,s."' ', 'sf . . ' flfdigiif, ' 'ni 1" Li Vs. " L . - . 9 ' ' 1' Glfi 2. '5 " . 1 59 H . . if 'l . L',, fr. ' ll ' r f Eiff I -" A A . 1 ggg, 'Oi' , X - ' ' ' M gg f .gg- w L f Sophomores C. Conrad, J. Cook, S. Cook, B. Cooper, S. Cooper, J. Coraz, D. Cork, K. Cortz, H. Corwin S. Cotton, R. Covey, K. Cox, N. Cox, D. Crabb, D. Cracraft, D. Crafton, B. Craig, D. Crain M. Crane, C. Cravens, R. Crawford, L. Crawshaw, C. Crays, V. Creech. A. Cronk, R. Cullison, J. Cummins 559 5? SUT' EE 5.03 fn? Fc. -TE C1 an gl- :QE si, P25 Ff- 9713 U ga.. U ID 923 gg' ' Dl- SEQ' U Fl' 3:2 rn- gn 1 UW 2. O 2-'E 3 S3 UT OU 51 nm 93 E'- rs Davis, M. Davis, D. Dawson, D. Day, Day, D. Daye, M. Dearing, M. Dearing, Deaton UO G. Devsser, A. Devor, C. Dewey, J. DiBlasio, S. Dickinson, K. Diehl, D. Dieher, N. Dimlt, C. Disher R. Dison, J. Dixon, J. Dixon, D. Dodson, D. Dodd, R. Dodson, C. Donnelly, B. Dor- ste, L. Douthitt T. Dove, J. Dowling, D. Drake, V. Dru- ker, C. Drybread, C. Dukett, J. Durban, K. Dunkel, R. Dunn 515150 56" m:,U E: E UI'-Q ' F7 5 35 P? ?T' MD cr-4 Q :US ' a FF' Qin Q3 F5 92- SH? Z5- 11mm 25.11 1 fl' 0552. F' 5' L ' P -2'r-1 Q4 "S 99' Flu: Tl NE' as J - :ff PL 'l'lI'1'I N 25 -0 I-'29 Effenberger, J. Elam, C. Elbert, B. Elliott, Elliott, S. Elmore, M. Ensle, D. English, Ensminger Z Class of 1971 K. Farmer, M. Farr, P. Farrar, F. Farris, R. Fasola, G. Fathman, R. Featherston, K . Feelen, D. Fehnel. J. Fehsenfeld, A. Ferguson, S. Ferguson, S. Ferguson, D. Fiedoral, D. Fields, D. Find- ling, R. Fine, E. Fink. J. Fink, J. Finneran, S. Fischer, R. Fishman, P. Fitzmorris, K. Fitzwater, J. Flannery, P. Fleck, D. Fieoderjohn. K. Fletcher, M. Fogle, M. Foreman G Forsyth, P. Fortune, D. Fowler, E. Foster, M. Fox, P. Frampton. J. Frank, J. Franklin, K. Franklin, M. Fran- kovitz, J. Frattini, K. Free, F. Freed, A. Freeman, L. Freeman. J. Freeze, S. Fritsch, S. Fulk, M. Fuller, J. Funk, D. Gabriel, A. Gaddy, G. Gaddy F. Garbrecht. D. Gardner, B. Garlotte, A. Garman, D. Gas- per, D. Gates, J. Gauchat, D. Gearhart, M. George, T. Gerholdt. Weather maps become a "visual" aid to blind ,f l ' x 3? DRAWING IN AN ISOBAR, Mark Overman completes a weather map for earth sci- ence. Similar charts were given to the Blind School as "visual" aids for blind students. 7 208 N,-Af. -f. or f -M 'l' A h ,- 1 , it f , . il-li, - ag-41. inf' we ,lim . ...fl if WY ts: r -, T ' , -f" f - ' J S 'V L ., . A i . ' A ' P: r , 5 V . -AAIXW ..V.,,, .ig .,,,. V ,, . V . L 1 '-'-f , . , ' ' A f. . . - -. ,, w e J' ', . " . in 1 an in K S "" , ' '5 ig' 'S wif, gli? -35 K1 I Ti , 4 ' - m-', 1 . -- ' ,r ' f .- . 1 ' ,. . ., . - ' : . id. " ,-f, fl. . 5, 1 , , V 1- Q , . 'bmi '1 531.1 ' w ' "J .:l' E' . f 'I U' '1 'im 1 ' l VV . .., or J . is im, K s - -Q, K 1 152125 ' 495:95 2 Wi" im Clif ,J 51-'iff fb iv' .fx 7 al? 'iiwallii airs' -A ., , A was fi - wiv. . ,.. 1 , f. 'fx' ,rr Tig it :SY N , - I A m, 1, , , fi , , ,, .K 'L -' x- Q. 1 l- -. 1 2 L--. 1 N ' i ' f , , J . ' "" l . - 'is' ' 1. Wa, ' :gf ,. . ' if ggffi ' . x li , k Q-'I ' afizl L ffl 1' .,1.-I m m. .31 'X ,QT W , W ':i"2.5?:f'i. . I ggi . 5 Q ,rw Ig .,.7,.,l ' ' f . I M 1 ,- 13. :ffl i3l'fi"3' - I .legs i ,Ar 1 -- if ' A. :v V , ,V Y - ' . H V ,- -...Q Q as JL 1 -'le . ' 3 V if V.-' f ',. . "tiki 3,455.31 S37 ' . H , , J.. J 0 A . 'f ff-'wa-I. QILX rs 1 ' -1 r '-', f 1 x f -law J " A ., - Q. ., ' ' 5 A , H . l'f5'f?H. l ' T lim" , 'ilk 1 A ' 1 .Jil lim. fa , A j.,:f'f , L , H, Vi' il 1 , i iff wr. 1 - " rf wf :fr f f Y- - f, -4, .W xx' 4 11 T ' f if ..- X . ,A ., - z , -. ,. ' ,1 -' W -jf.. :yy I ' - 2 S . .. " '- . Q' f r' ,-g,.,.XSJi' if TEL. Sv if ' i 15355 J ','.,. S- 'ff 4 f r 9 i 1 , . - '-'-- V' ' f 1 " fe W' . ., L. 1 l w 5 p , , - V J we ,. ' A , . H. , ,Z . . , . . - . . - .,, v f f '-'- ' - f .- Y r K Q + , ., f . ,gfii 2264 iw 41 l Ar , ,. VV .. V r VVV . V nl . .l,tL.iA" ,y .. n 591 g -A uv . .1 iw, .5 A -2 .-fl img' e + . . 1 . , 1 I 1 iff. ' . 1,5 ,Q-wg ' E: W V, .,,z..V,. ,:. .' " . ,f 'VV i .- , V ' V - .-WWW? Y V- V, .f 'V VA , 1152 V VV433 , ,,,VV . ., twf Vx, V V., . . V V . VV , V V ,V .fm . K ' WAWf .,,.gJe,, cf' 'A ga ng g g,5,y , V. -, I "'L l by I "',' r . if ' v 2,5 ' M52 wa. , 'ii-,r"w 7f .y r '1 M ."'., Q. M., . I 4, , as .-i .- U Q' sir: 1-.f Wie ' --I f . ffiff 'L 'li 'r . ' 1:32 ., N., , .3 .uf , e- , wil, W . . 1. 1" ' " f .. :.-:M wviaf gs! iifz., , , ,L .X--,N .fl-ff lf, V. . . , ,, ' - o --'M L- . - its , . -I .. wp. -- 1 at . - of . 'I .- e az., 3 :Eg .M ,WVVV .1 fg5V,ygVVV,..V . VVVVVAVV V 4 , 2 M ' L ' f ' "W' ' Y , Q -r ' I ' f , f - , , ,,., ,l,,: .a .N .,.' aff. , . Q w age-.f-,:1.g14Q,.gggi,' f,a2,,fy , Q ' "LW' f.. ' , . , . - J .6 , , S ' . . . S 1 f ' -, f s,f,w- ' 4 ' fr E-l.,:rif" ' , aa. H : - , 1 -,. . ,,' ' . fr J . J . V. . .FEP ' WL' 9 11" jjatg J' A ggi! Q.. -. ,-,, , 4 . . . , A . W " . Q " ,sf 2-kflwl, ' ' , 2' - . ' ' rw ' K fu K : VVVV 6,1 V. i , . I . . , , Q ...VH ., , J , VV l VV Q Sophomores J. Geringer, S. Getz, B. Gibson, L. Glass- meyer, A. Glick, K. Goddard, M. Goldfarb, D. Goldstein, F. Goldstein M. Goldstein, S. Goldstein, B. Goodhart, T. Goshert, B. Grady, B. Graham, B. Green, N. Green, R. Greene M. Greskanp, F. Greve, M. Grimme, D. Grumme, C. Grutzmacher, D. Guinnup, K. Guinther, S. Guy, T. Gwinn J. Haas, G. Haggard, L. Hale, J. Hall, R. Hall, D. Hamilton, N. Hamilton, E. Handley, P. Handziak C. Hanger, S. Harden, D. Harding, J. Har- ker, B. Harman, S. Harper, A. Harris, K. Harris W. Harrington, M. Harnis, J. Hart, D. Hartley, L. Harvey, T. Hanley, R. Hastings, G. Hayes, L. Hayes Haughtor, B. N. Hedrick, B. A. Hazelwood, M. Hedges, Hehn, R. Heilman, K. Heimark, D. Heiliger. B. Heller, J. Helms G. Henderson, L. Henderson, D. Hendricks, L. Hene, S. Henke, C. Herrick, D. Hiatt, C. Hicks, D. Hicks M. Hicks, S. Hiland, R. Hilbolt, G. Hill, M. Hiner, R. Hoberman, Z. Hodes, D. Hodgson, B. Hoehn M. Hoffman, J. Holbrook, C. Holder, J. Hollander, C. Holloway, K. Holloway, S. Holmquist, S. Holsworth, S. Holtz G. Hopkins, L. Hopkins, K. Horth, J. Houck, L. Howald, J. Howard, M. Howard, C. Howe, C. Hubbell C. Hubert, K. Hudsins, D. Hudson C. Hughes, N. Hughes, L. Hughey, R. Hughey, D. Hulen, B. Hunt Juniors take charge ol' planning son, C. Hutzler, T. Hutzler, K. Ingram, M Ingram, R. Irwin J. Jacobs, S. James, E. Jamison, D. Jar- rett, R. Jeffrey, M. Jenkins, D. Johnson, F. Johnson, J. Johnson J. Johnson, W. Johnson, P. Joslin, C. Jud- kins, A. Julian, J. Julian, M. Justak, D. Jus- tice, S. Kalleen M. Kappes, B. Karay, M. Kasle, S. Kauff- man, S. Kautz, R. Kebler, D. Kelb, S. Keller, B. Kelly P. Kendall, S. Kennard, T. Kennedy, R. Kern, M. Kernodle, K. Kesler, J. Ketterman, K. Kimberlin P. Kinney, M. Kinsey, K. Kirkpatrick, R. Kirkpatrick, J. Kirtley, J. Kiser, T. Kiser, S. Klein, K. Knierim T. Knight, B. Knowlton, M. Knue, E. Koch, M. Koerten, C. Koplow, S. Korn, J. Kosch- mann, P. Kotterman JUNIORS BECKY BORTON, Pam Boges, and Debby Franz, spend their after-school hours in the Student Council Bookstore making decorations for the annual all-school Christmas dance, "Midnight Snowfall." holidag dance 209 2 . . S? ,. Q.. ,F .,,. . W . -swf,-. aegke, 1- ., rg , .., , , I+- ,. . f. ...M -5- . .. ff:-Q . -if W- - + -f-If I.. 5122- , I f - ' TH x ffi ' Ki " .IB 9 15 4. 3 5 12 ' f. ., Fi. ' , ' 5-it Q. 3531 ' if ,.' - A - 1 vig? I 1 ' fragilis. ...f ' sf- ' ' -vfslszf.--Q -P 33' 'eff fc' TV i 4- . M325 . - ' .,- .fill ,- H if .S :Law ,,.. V -f-,1.-yr, ,Q , -as .5 'W .A ' .L 1 :1 . 2-1 ' ' of 'ws' k--' 5.1 ' 21:1 - ' -- .. "FJ 'z 1, IGI '. " L", E1 K' 4.,. ' rg?-Kfffi , . 1 -K I, ,- K VQXJ, 1 i.. - ff K "' if - 1 If 4... Keg, .mi ., "1 T . Ex- , L' 'iff ii: H ' , 'Hliff' 55635 1. ix. . 'W , "' 5. 1 v, -f . . . -' W,', 1 -- 1 ,.1m.v , gg " V , ,gg I ,I .b -H f ' . .5 ' gif ., 4 ,i ' wg' g i gf' iff 51 '-1 1 A, " ' 1 ' P55 I" 'Q 5" -' " 3. 'Ilk if 5129: I. ' we - ' f ' WI' . :f I K .K " K "kk ' E, Ai EK KKK"f ., E' .I 5 K ' K KK 5" K JK ew, 'fi sh N.. 9 . Mui: - E, 'W 5 HF: an . 1 " .' " 'J K ' V" 'W ' -"' ' I , 7 ,W .-: '..:-.rm '- -if-f" . gays- 3.51. .- Q- 1 'f Q . - --- - . f f f , .gW,,,'. A f-Q A -3 - , fm., if '- , Q' . --. 4 "..'- , ' -- M, , , " ,r ' I., V 1 " .z'- 4? . -rf J r K 1- . .,, ,- -. .. , He r r- .A 1 5: I ' K s - i ff I ' I I . f '---E-ff 1 T- ' se.: V' 455 - H . Y'wf I - ' . fi . . . ,,. .4 -- ' I- 5 - 2. 'f f fc '1a 'r?l". ' f ,ff ""' . ik " Evfrf 5 QIIJFI -4 .5 'K 5? K : 'I' -' ' tiff! --,, Km . i' -if KH' I. ' WE, K Y' A ' K - V9 ,K ,,. 111, , -- -' wa -if-,Q ,:,. .fg ff 513' - I -R -f .- -: M F- Yf5f'?Tff--' - ' ' ' ff., ' " '14 ' ' . - ' 'W ... isa.-ai f L W? -' .- , ' we f' - 1 "" . L. . IO ' -.P . -. n ,- . is b ,,L,, A , sw , , it, 1 I- , . -:I : P .- - -.1 Af! I.. ., . .1-ff , I. . 3 -5, W , . ,fa I my : 32?-. V 'M , . I. ,I - .t ,xi 1, ,fy --, f .- " 5 K' I ' ' K.-.I , . iii? 2' f - fwfii K' ' ' K 5. K :K I Y -" K . , y ..,... , ., I, 1, My ,VVA 5 " W - - ' . '-" I '.-L . A K, ,, ,V K h ., A , -W, M V5 I 5 2.33, J - ' , L' ' E?" ' P . f .. : - kr -I ' f.. fi 45 Ili H G:-H f 1 q. 4-H" 5, a s, . ,-ff ' - " is., -I - .1 x fy ' wif' , f Io ll- An. - ' a -1 W f'-- . ' .1 .,, .,-if . v- wi- I .... .: . f,,, , ef.-,Leaf - -f ...Lx- . . fs, ' ' .'.. wr. -f - lf- ' . - ' f.. I. ,"f1f . "f ,ii 5 f-I vu., .5 'r lv w fr-I.. 'H' ., .,-, 2 '- ' s X' '-- ff- 5' ' . I- .Q , -Q ' -'- fx, ,J W 1 Q .- I - feng? - '-ix? vii 47 mg, f., g .X , - I, I underclassmen develop reading techniques UTILIZING THE MANY FACILITIES offered I in the reading labs, underclassmen gain valuable practice in reading skills. Class of 1971 M. Kraay, C. Kreusser, C. Kriegbaum, N. Krueger, R. Kruse, C. Kublnick, B. Kuder, T. Kuhn, V. Kuhns. B. Kunz, J. Kuszmaul, M. Labus, D. Lake, R. Lamb, C. Lancet, D. Landers, P. Lane, C. Langford. D. Langford, M. Lanham, B. Lash, D. Lassi- ter, S. Lawall, M. Laws, D. Leander, R. Lecky, G. Lecocq. M. Lempke, J. Leonard, D. Leopold, D. Lesh, J. Lesher, C. Levin, S. Levine, L. Leviton, B. Lewis. P. Lewis, M. Lickliter, S. Liebrich, D. Lie- nerth, C. Light, K. Light, R. Liming, S. Lin- coin, C. Lindstrom. C. Lisher, M. Litton, R. Lockard, R. Lock- hart, S. Lomasney, B. Long, K. Lotz, S. Love, B. Luginbill. C. Lynn, G. Lyons, J. Maas, A. MacNaugh ton, D. Macy, S. Madden, M. Maddox, K Mahoney, D. Maier. ,...- , ,.., ' '15, ' Class of l97l R. Malcom, J. Maliff, B. Malizia, J. Mandir, D. Manifold, J. Mannix, K. Marlett, L. Martz, B. Marvel R. Masker, N. Masslink, P. Matson, A. Mat- ney, R. Maulden, M. Maurer, S. Maxam, O. Mayfield, E. Mayo M. McBroom, D. McCarty, M. McClure, K. McConnell, J. McConville, A. McCord, C. McCord, D. McCord, R. McCord L. McCormick, M. McCormick, K. McCraken, C. McDonald, C. McGahey, K. McGhee, R. McGinnis, M. McGlasson, T. McGrath B. McKinney, E. McKinney, K. McKinney, J. McMaster, J. McNichols, B. McQuade, T. McSoley, L. Mead, A. Mealy K. Means, D. Meriweather, L. Meriweather, P. Merklin, R. Messinger, L. Messinger, B. Meyer, J. Meyer, J. Meyer J. Meyer, R. Meyer, W. Midkiff, M. Milender, M. Miles, B. Milbern, B. Miller, C. Miller, K. Miller M. Miller, M. Miller, M. Miller, M. Miller, S. Miller, N. Million, D. Mills, J. Mills, J. Miner P. Minott, P. Minx, S. Mishelow, T. Mitchell, W. Mitchell, C. Mitkus, L. Mockelstrom, C. MOES, M. Mogg H. Mohr, W. Mohr, D. Monical, T. Monroe, C. Montgomery, D. Montgomery, S. Mont- gomery, K. Moody, C. Moore J. Moore, S. Moore, T. Moore, T. Moore, C. Mordoh, S. Moreau, J. Morris, M. Morris, V. Morton A. Moss, S. Moss, D. Mount, S. Mumford, L. Murphy, D. Murray, C. Myer, R. Myers, E. Myette it ,.,. is f g.i2:i ' ulflff F! i 7 i , M - 3, 1 gig: .1455 .pg ' B fees, .lf , ' , - . .a..,: . at -V . V . .L 2 i'f'? if . f .4 A if 1 . , 1 w"'f?7 . - 2-5 i , , 'Q ' L ' mi. i i y r! I ' '!1f"Zftr Z' 'ri' Ugfjj f gl' 45' L 1 ' 5 . I fifki' I' -Vi?-G23 ' ' ., . , Qc- 5 . ,,.,, .. ,.,, .L ,A K K A . - . ...., 1 . .V ., . is . -f Q if A and Q V 2 . if . .aw 1 . - ' ' '-f.. 3 . . . W . 4 . , . ,. , , . . .lui-Q --,ME Aw , , xiii -ea.. me V. .W , 3454 Wifi? 5' "'2' - fxiw f- 'fi 355 L 1 ,' -. - tkffii ' Q", . E51 .,,,: 1 ZIV w ' " Q ,xi . A ff ' j f' 5 5 f ex ' . ' ' ' V . K' 'K ' 5 J ' A TV 2 H - 113 mg: , -if - -- K 5, ' , -V ,fief r , V, ,gf , K ,Q - QV-.ea2f., A I - -Vgggqfa in 1' V . :1 S .sf .. ff' ' V z. wi, -2 ,V as : VV . fs, arts ' 7- W i VW . -- , 4 "'V V--,. - V - 1 . .V 'X . ma . w i ' - -.X Q V. ya.: . , .- -f ' -' "F A 281711: - xiii- . L .l I V 1' W., I , . V. ,,,,,' , , aw 5 I, 1 J . , fmnml - -me I' V V V fl t . ,. ,. haf? N Y 1 rar . QV . va if,,,' . sais, sez 2 ",, S in . M133 -:i l S f- ... , V ., lg -, i V :S lj - - in W . 11:2-1- .4 .f . .V ghg f H , 15 ' 2 N ' - 1--,dj I., Tv-l"' V , ' .ji z , ugh, ny , A Qu, ' .Vi ri 'z .ix Ui if 4, l E 'iiftg in ... 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" ., A I ,heya Q ., I I . gm -.age ,g V.. . .if 5 , -A ' ' '--. i I-ef. AY A L 1. - f df A - A V '.i,- ..-- 3 pfifvf' ' ' ' Efiff' A' ' kiiiiiigfg M V iff . 4 1 ,,,G . 2 Selig? . . . V' A ' ET , 1 by 1--9 3553 . . fl ' ' 5 4 9 'i f V A 1- ' .V 255 I 'Vi . -1 -A I . .if V- --ff lf., 13. -ag . . - i . ' ' ' I 1 i .11 I - x l k : '- .Q 3' . K ' 3' i i V -"- ,, , ' ""i ' if f ' L ' , . or 151134 1 .Q ' - V. ,--,,- ...Q , V, . jg . , V ,-S-5, -5521, , V K 1 wi -5 , 'fV vie . ' ' K7 ' -Tcl . . ' 55511 if F -V -i" f -Q' . , K - . 'A ..- . fc ? - V ini ' i K "- gi' . --rv - "' 2 ' '- I V VV 1 -Yi.gfE,Hl. - . M L Q V3 Q Mg T is -is " ., 1-fha. '21, I .Q ,f , x X ., . .5 , ' . ' - V L i J .d . ' ' Qlfsfieiisggpa, A WV A -' ' 3 ' f if f free., i. X A V"i W 5 V," 1 "1-1 i i.,, ' '- " - ' "WI K if.: . . 55-51 if . L , ,. . . Mg, , .. at , , , , .. . . . J ' al rr. . ., 7'.1'!' We '. V ., me - EV , 5es, ,y3 V sw. Q' s - --'- w e-:f , 5 ,.-Q, .riser - V f 1 - ' .. 1 '-V- 4' , M ' , ,-.-'. W ' V , . V ff . . f fffwlfg, in i .rl V J. . KQTMQ.. W , A I ,. ., , A ll: 1, ., wk, .si VV Q -. ,Vf VV-- .2 'Vf I f , l? 2 X Was: .KH . Km ,U . A"l?if 5.fTlf?ff-792 A A J L5 K ... .L ,..- KKK K K '-f, xzmf 1552" A . lf. . iz" LL.. H .45 5 Luiz fly ,L - L , KK ir, L ..,K W , K ..- + rl a , or ll K ,,,LL . Y fs. . '- V. . K! ,K his f xl' fi. Q' - J! S I L., L, LL X S., ..,. - QL K, " ' - L "" f 3,4 ,,,.,. we I K ,LL -' ' -A , -A'k K, Hs, Q P' .L I W' A A KK KK . N I . L, K ,", L ."' L 'J e L. A . 4- 1 J L -. 'WL. -' K E L . ' L 9 L ' if . Lf Q .A .LL L ' ff? " 'ff - i 7f LgQ f iifif -K - KEKK K ' 3 K L' 'ykr - K K j K J W . ,,,' J f A A yy, . frfL.v ' l 11 .40 f L Q L K j K K? LL' L W..,,, KL , K, ,.,, L- A 2 L' A LL L4 K+ .L Q Ke LL K KK KK KKKK LKKML ,f..VL, IKKEKKKKK - ws. ,L KKK, L KKKA .LL 'J A lirie L. .rl . K K - L f K KK K, K SK . KK 3 KK L KHL KKKKVKK K NKKKKK KKK L . f - -' V L L L' . ?I.2i" : ",,, Vt. 1' 5' "3'e3?t1 -f:e':5I?:5!. A I f- ,k'f '-'f L L L 2 'S .aa ' f X .L P L the G A-iff' g 5 LL . . L .L .wi ev LL 1 2, L Lb W 4.-aj - 11 .LLK 5 3- 1 L -- .af 9 KK ib, , . LL LL K f L K L . K . ,L Q.. V 1 K A G " ' fi L ,L ,,.LKx KL,. fx ' y ,K STH' Y LL r l 2 H f j r L ' jf W, 1 .' , .. ' ' i '9.,LL My . . , V - ' K .A 1 1- M. Q LL . My .ap . - - I A ws,-fe 1 L , Q 5 Lb L ,j ,- " 'Kg L 'f .. . K , Kg ,QL "" L. - :' "Li t e z? 1. lg L, , .. V? Kg-fK K . M.. ,Q 2 KKKQK , L ', L f ' QZKKKQL. A LL 'K KKKK K. ' - M Q KKLQKKTK K . L K 1 .Ao K lf r ,L " . L . J "W' TIL L ' J: g, .f . . sf: W. 'tr Gaia L -' LL A L e 5 L. so f J B 1 B -VVLLL A w LL ' ' 7 771 f L- L if eff' 1 - ' A Ja Y LL .L. 1 LLLLL K L, LVLL W 1' -..ggaf.ff yzisd' " 'L' sw 'emi up 412' 'I f L -" . h Lazy - L - ,--- - ff Lg L 2 rv ' -' ' LK ,. L.. W K. ,fKKKK .fK KK.: KK .JK lv. . ,KK K iZ'ff?.LfY n ...KKK LK .KKKKK L QKL5. K KK K.-7 KKKKK ' K 1' 4 ff Q 1' TV. .3 ' ' L,'k " 'W ' .' ...La 'A .J i 3 J" "5 ' ' .f KK -' . L KK K-L "'fK gy. ...S Q-Q54 f s.,.ff K ' K LQ 4. LK "'- "" i .2 'L'L' , . KK K , . .. K K K K , L. . -- A f.. - KKj'L m . L- .L .K WK 3 2555.1 , K, K, .- 5K Ke. f,K 7 L W ? M 'lv L L LLLL .A L, , L, .lm ,,- ml. ,Y L. ,ef , L LL L L . 4? .Q .zfvly ' f '-I L ff' H34 'I GSW! X' f' yi T' L ' W. .5 5 'L "',f W -LL' ' f - jLgfC..'L 5 A Q K 1 iff, 1 - L J if-. .J QW f ,, w. LL ' I.. LL: ' .IL -1.15, . ' ' f'ff?r'. 1"'- ,ga -l 'L' , .5 ' '7 1 A ' 'WC ' L, B 4 1 - LL L L fffw L' f".!..:.'P, 6-.1 Lt T 'f' flfua. L. ' ..LL ' "" L ' 341. ' L ' A S S . 'K A "LV i f ' ' 4 I " . .- fl' 325. 5 eff? " L Sophomores E. Nahmias, R. Nathan, J. Nave, G. Nees, S. Neese, G. Neff, B. Nelson, L. Nelson, R. Nelson L. Nemes, J. Neubauer, S. Neumier, J. Newland, A. Nickle, T. Nickleson, T. Nichol- son, B. Niesse, J. Noble B. Norcutt, G. Norman, J. Nurnberger, M. 0'Brien, M. 0'Connor, D. O'Dell, M. Odell, R. Odle, K. Ogden J. Ogle, D. Oliver, F. Oliver, R. Olthoff, D. Osterman, F. Ottensmeyer, Overman, M. Overman D. Otto, E. K. Overstreet, S. Overstreet, D. Owens, B. Owens, D. Paetz, C. Palasini, B. Parrish, G. Pashos, L. Passon J. Patch, H. Patterson, R. Pane. J. Patter- son, J. Patterson, J. Patterson, V. Paul, M. Pearce, T. Pearcy J. Peck, L. Peck, D. Peet, P. Pearce, E. Penn, K. Penney, B. Perry, D. Peters, B. Peterson K. Phillips, N. Phillip, A. Phicpot, J. Pierce, D. Piggott, D. Pickney, T. Ping, K. Pinner, T. Pinner Polley, T. Powell, J. PF M. Pires, S. Platt, S. Plautz, Polley, K. Pansler, B. Powell, Powell Pruitt, C. Pursinger, FF' D. Pratt, B. Price, N. Price, Pryor, J. Puckett, D. Pulliam, A. Pusscheck Rager, J. 35 J. Pylat, R. Query, J. Raber, Raikos, T. Rains, D. Ramsey, . Ranstead, P. Raphael S. Rappaport, K. Rardon, D. Ratliff, R. Ratliff, J. Rau, B. Ray, C. Reed, C. Reed, T. Reed if I - dancing to practice. SOPHOMORES LORETTA RIGDON and Jim Stone promenade in time to the calls of the gym teachers as they put the fundamentals of square Square dancing gets sophomores acquainted C. Reese, D. Reifers, S. Relick, C. Rembert, S. Renauto, N. Renner, L. Resnover, L. Reynolds, R. Reynolds H. Rice, B. Rich, P. Richards, R. Richards K. Richardson, R. Richeri, L. Riddell, Lf Rigdon, B. Riggins A. Riggs, J. Riley, K. Riley, M. Riley, E. Rip- ma, S. Ritchie, T. Ritchison, N. Roach, R. Roberson B. Roberts, B. Roberts, J. Roberts, R. Rob- erts, T. Roberts, F. Robinson, A. Roddy, C. Rogers, D. Rogers K. Rogers, P. Rogers, R. Roose, J. Rosen, M. Rosenthar, J. Ross, D. Roth, J. Roy, P. Roy S. Rubenstein, J. Ruede, J. Russell, M. Rust, R. Ryan, C. Ryerson, M. Rynard, B. Sachs, E. Sacks R. Samberg, M. Samper, K. Sauer, R. Sauer, L. Sauter, D. Sawyer, G. Scearce, N. Schab- Ier, L. Schiedt Af. ,-::,f,..gQ- if 4 R A. , i me ' e ni. f' ' 1 , .nm . ' I 1, -ay-w.. 1 14,1 ' ' .r. ,J 'vi' ' ' .mu ' ' -'fm 1 -'-' 6 :df T5 -gg., ' 2 ., " if '21 . i . ' six'-lc ' ' ff Q., . .2 - ,V "" so ' lv. ' V: ' 1 ' l , i V 'wi' Iil lli '- 1' ' .. - la' ' .?N4.'V'i" All ' "3 -fm", - ' 5 ' xr A f . ".' f J' QERRSYIT I5 SEIU' 'ffiiif ,ly ,2j'r7' Alf' 'fl' 2,52 " fihuf K Ai, 1:5 X i seee - MH' , ...fe P-132 - " F2 A ' . . If gif , V NP H , .31 l A 135 wi ,, Ne' ,mg , ,a - 3:2 jg. . 5151 -' , f .,, Y 5351-9 , ,V J - . We 3 , f ag ',-, .xg 1' is ezizg 3 1 1 J g ' i J .2 dl , " ...ifjq hh. ,- - , -", N Q ,gui jg .J of ' W 3 A Y - ' . . ,V " g 1. - ,f-- -ii Adzisf, H A.. dl id: W --Q. ' ,Ji lx f f fa ':,1.lntiiii.-"wif-L"Qsgifm Wg: 1 '- 'ish -' fe f,,k, 5 le.g".E' '." TJ" 1 Jw- Q 1715??:1x3Q?7,:?rQ152,E,kEW" Z -5 'm u' -'Yi-52:1 .s f-,.' ,-,. ,fm H .gt 1 gf 3,1 ,'-, eg. " 0?35r z.L.. g -ffi :new wif.. . V ' --'- :fi F ,-.- fr .ww W 'V . 1i ,Q if '74 1 1 it .9 12, ,Ai 1 ' z .. f . Y 2 I f .i.. e '-sl l A..'+'WA In 1 me .M Q as l li . f:5?3519:iQl3Q GiW'7"?1r.n. 522.1 USS 22-Fi "" Q31 Wr" Slilwf' " -"- E"3"3J f ' ' ci' - ,zlen 'Tv 1bw"4'ffFS:.'S f - . ' ' rwiifil5'3f3if1w'f3211Yf'l' I 'X 1'-f:?"11v-IZ,:!: A .,,.' - ' ' - ' , to ioeifioo ' J J ' ' . r - ' f W ' ,- 'fu gi' , ,,.. 1 1 Y. 7 53 , ,LEM A if A illf- . i f -".- ' 5 !'i2T7 . ..i Y if . K R. nr' .g AA,V W K V? I 1 1. 5, , K, gim ui, f f f W ,f--1' - . ' 1' Q 1- f' r J mi ix L it A . - d .if S iw 4- 15.1 I V L2 1-fs., J r' 971.5 H .. 'i Q ,. ..,,, ina: J ' A.. - 1 sw 4 ? Fffgl 4, - f . .K If " V H J ' X l ,Q 1? -if' . J .e, E ' ,ig V i . -' 44 y x fgggffr , - V V gg,-sg ., fq id A ,R 5,1 A , , ,A .. ,g..,,?,.,: ,.b,, ,ig , W ""' ' ' 1 "' A ' T 1 f . -J A -. 1 ad if - my gin. fi, ,fii 1. ,Que-:m:af,'g'..efgwqlzfl fi - z' ,ip , -ag ai n "-'- 11' J' Sz , , '3 3 - 'lf A.', 1' .'.-- .51 . i f S ' . J if "- "' . ' 7 mxgfiw .... keg, - .V LA A. f, V, rfKZd.,. TL, . 12.15, .51 ' A -A 2 4 UNTANGLING A MASS OF WIRES and bright colored lights, sophomores prepare to adorn the school's Christmas tree as holiday excitement reaches its peak. Holidag cheer sparked bg festive decorations J. Schildmeier, C. Schlaegel, G. Schmidt, M. Schmidt, G. Schmoll, C. Schoomer, D. Schornstein, J. Schroeder, L. Schumaker T. Schutt, M. Schuyler, R. Schwarz, T. Schwenn, G. Schwindler, S. Schwindler, S. Scott, D. Seal, C. Sedberry M. Segal, J. Segar, V. Sego, K. Servaas, B. Shands, W. Shank, R. Shanner, B. Shearer, T. Shelburne T. Shepherd, M. Sherman, A. Shirley, V. Shockley, R. Siebert, K. Sievert, I. Sigal, L. Sigman, R. Sikora K. Simmons, S. Simon, K. Simpson, C. Sims, D. Sims, B. Sinex, R. Sissle, R. Skillman, D. Smith enberger, B. Snyder J. Snider, B. Snyder, B. Snyder, D. Snyder E. Solley, E. Solotkin, J. Soper, J. Sor I dean, S. Sorensen G. Smith, S. Smith, S. Smith, T. Smith, R. Smoot, T. Smoots, C. Smythe, D. Snell- Class of l97l J. Sounlvine, E. Southwood, P. Speckman, J. Spector, J. Spickelmier, C. Spyr, A. Stanley, G. Stanley, M. Stark P. Stedman, D. Steel, B. Steele, N. Steele, S. Steetz, R. Stein, A. Steinbarger, S. Stein- berg, J. Stephanoff J. Stephenson, C. Stevens, R. Stevens, K. Stevenson, J. Stewart, F. Stilwell, C. Stone, J. Stone, J. Stone J. Storms, T. Storm, R. Stover, P. Strauss, R. Strickland, J. Strobel, A. Strong, B. Stump, B. Stunkard J. Sublett, J. Suckow, B. Sullivan, J. Sulli- van, M. Sullivan, T. Swain, M. Swanson, D. Sweatman, K. Swengel V. Swenson, W. Swingler, S. Szynal, D. Tarr, D. Tamagni, L. Tarplee, T. Tavel, D. Taylor, K. Taylor Z. Terrell, S. Terry, M. Tewksbury, R. Tharp, L. Thomas, S. Thomas, J. Thompson, J. Thompson, P. Thompson J. Th0Py. B. Thornburg, R. Tornes, R. Tot- ten, V. Towen, C. Tremps, A. Tril-JP. D. Troupa, M. Trusty B. Tuchman, M. Tuchman, G. Turner, L. Turner, M. Tust, C. Unemura, G. Urgo, P. Vanarsdel, J. Vezolles J. VonFange, M. Vonnegut, K. VonSpreck- lesen, S. Voris, F. Wagoner, P. Wadleigh, J. Walder, M. Wagner, M. Wagner S. Wagner, G. Walker, M. Walker, S. Walker, A. Wallace, R. Waller, M. Walters, S. Wam- sley, P. Ward J. Ward, L. Wark, F. Warner, J. Warren, D. Watkins, J. Weakley, B. Weber, P. Weest 215 2 f! . .SNK W, ,y.!,,f-:gl f,i,,.ssf:3 , 1 wg..-1,-1 . f , . 'fffi-W f' f2' ff3:!i'lE-'fu-1. 93 3: .,.I5gf.?e,::fv6,f:wxs -X ,, ,, 5,5 M9 I ,,, Aff ,.. . J . is s f L,,' f, ' 3, , 3 ,gygggt gg.: rgzfffg 5, 3 , Eff. l , K , K, ,K ,, - rg. :K jeg ' I Y I . W' ' K my . ls., , f ,gi ,Y H . 1-,K A A 4 . fy . . YH -:fa- ' -, mem fwe:apr-rfffff'J'ff'ff1'Hf'f2' ' wsewwi r:lfwgiflffia-ifswiw' ' A -fin '25 .2- - . ' lf 3" if 'f 'li' 'LA , it 2... l bw Y' 2. e"' '-1 il Yw,f3' :"" "l -fi 'U I .L . ZZ. . Q f+ lf7 4 ' "'- Ar ' K r KJK,..,.g,1ei ff l. , .5 K5 51. .Kr .. Lg .K K KK .K. . .. , . M. .K A fl . gg x ' - , ,f ' mi rth f '-1? elif fre uf , J 252- yi .gg fps,- :- . 'f ' , ' '31, 'f - " -' '. 'Q -, . - . 1 . , ge'-1 .lag , , I K5 ' 4 V .- .K .1 g KK Kg-Lge' 'Kin ,K . KA K .fr 1 . M is .QQ - , ':f..:s.. ::.:-mssfrffg . pf, -, my 5 :egg fmzggw ' ,- ,-.L . , , . - . . - r .mp ...sf .-. fx i " ' - ' Qi .,, L SKK. K K, WK 5 , ri . , 55. ,Q 4 wx f R 51: 1 ver. V. . -fri: bi " ' 'Z H J, - W M , f w e :ff , ' fs: .V " . . -3. f . I " ' 1 J S f h 1 f S to . '- . .15-f ., .s:, ' .. - eff. ' J F' ' fi' K: K ,. .K K. A, , V., , ., J FQ! J . K ,,., v xx. -' ,J 5, 1, ., .,w.- V, .,r,,..5.Q -S.. - .Alps-rfl' " ' .:2t'?': ' i ' f gf- if ii? , E-f 'fifgfs 1 ,. W. K K .K K 'V X . . ,., .vw , K 1-35.5 , . ,. Ji- .www-qgss..,, lf.: 'i :pl-, .-eff . fa x g:f,w,rge:5Q+5lgs 'ge 55'-iwgf.afrfwsfg-Q .-fy: ,. . s,... .w 1. . . ..., ,f.-. ' . 1 W . fl -3- -. W. , ,, .- ' .,-Y we mmf f' .- af - ,, .' ,,.. e ri 1 , -- . , . fr X , New rK,,,,K,, V. . A , . .. W 5523 ,. l i rzf' , , K 3 K f ef., s f' j .l 11.1, ,. .J fsijgff Ml 2' , n,.. I .ifllliflffli""'i'??5WiZf?' ,fag 'T A . K..,K gf w ' ea .im S as V415 S ag 6 - Additionals Sophomores U 5,':'E 5 2 :JDS- SP 9. ' E !"S!. F Ex 2. 'h 25 5 is 55 P3 950 E-'9""'P Whitaker, C. White, R. White, S. White, . Whitehead, D. Whitman, V. Wichmann, Widduck, M. Wilburn. Wilder, S. Wilhelm, N. Wilhoit, S. Willard, . Willey, P. Willey, B. Williams, F. Wil- liams, M. Williams. fn? S. Williamson, B. Wilson, G. Wilson, K. Wil- son, K. Wilson, M. Wilson, R. Wiltgen, J. Winn, T. Winter. B. Wise, K. Woener, S. Wolf, D. Wolff, C. Wollenhaupt, M. Wood, N. Woodruff, G. Worley, B. Wright. C. Wulf, R. Yates, T. Yeary, B. Young, T. Young, P. Zeman, A. Zendell, V. Ziemelis, B. Ziker. M. Zuber, J. Zukerman. R. Aikman, P. Avrand, J. Basch, J. Bland, S. Derr, D. Diener N. Eckel, S. Harris, G. Hess, R. Hikman, B. Koeffler, B. Lepp, S. Lipson, J. Lozinak, C. Mahan J. Maliff, M. Miller, K. Newton, M. Oglie, N. O'leary, C. Sandane, L. Sebastain, C. Sedam, T. Selle J. Shipley, C. Schwartz, W. Simpson, T. Smith, D. Stewart, B. Sugton, J. Taylor, G. Uebelhoer, T. Walker D. Wallace, G. Westerman, S. Wiedley, M. Wilkes, K. Williams, D. Williamson, C. Wil- son, J. Wllson, J. Zinak "Personality" of class of 1971 invades NC wi TAKING A BREAK FRQM BASKETBALL ACTION, sophomores discuss a previous play Ba-cxmg both the varsity and reserve teams, the sophomores class provided plenty ol' spin . SPRUCE, TINSEL, AND SANTA bring a holi- day spirit to the student center as sopho- mores continue a NC tradition. AS THE SOLE SOPHOMORE representative on the reserve cheerleading squad, Bonnie Allen relaxes during halftime. 217 Owe Buging is part of our everg- dag pat-tern Life is a succession of choices, What to do and how to do it. Among these choices, How to spend our money. Centralites have a wide variety Of goods and services offered them By the businesses we patronize In our community. We learn to be discriminating Shoppers, putting to use Newly learned economic principles, Seeing practical applications Of our education. We take part in The other side of business, Working part-time in neighborhood Stores to earn the money we spend. The time we use in earning and buying ls an important piece, A segment, Of the pattern of our lives. , , W, ,rf v SOMETHING SPECIAL IS COOKING . . . . . . 'at Ben's lsland Restaurant. "The Fab Five" advise everyone to take a group of 2 to 200 to the Island for a delicious dinner. BEN'S ISLAND RESTAURANT 14012 N. Meridian 846-5545 AT DELTA TEMP CORPORATION . . . . . . can provide you with the finest in mechanical con- tracting and sheet metal fabrication. Colleen Grady, Dianne DeCoursey, and Gina Rahke all believe that Delta Temp is the best. AT DELTA TEMP CORPORATION 3241 Lafayette Road 926-8088 STEAK YOUR CLAIM . . . . . . for a Bonanza of a meal. Here Dave Shaffer, head broiler, serves Christy Miller and Steve Marra Their delicious char-broiled steak. BONANZA SIRLOIN PIT 5561 North Keystone Avenue 255-8258 Independent Agent KLEIN picks the tailor made policy from the best company to tit your needs. CARL J. KLEIN The Gorclner Agency 3833 N. Meridian Street I Office-924-4551 Home-251-0824 'I300 E 86th ST INDIANAPOLIS IND 46240 R J RAY METZ AREA CODE 317 MANAGER 846-251 6 NORA BOWL CHERISH IS THE WORD . . . . . . used to describe the memories you'll create when you send flowers. Here Stephanie Kelso, Melanee Smith, and Linda McGraw admire one of the many plants found at Flowerland. FLOWERLAND T300 E. 86th St. 846-5873 ENGINEuity . . . . . . is the key to success at The Peddlers. Tina Nehrling and Gay Elste always go to The Peddlers for casual, for- mal, and "out of sight" contemporary clothing. THE PEDDLERS 703 Broad Ripple Ave. 255-4145 JUST PICK A POINT ON THE MAP . . . . . . and you can be sure Clayton, Coble, and Murray has a listing in the location which is iust right for you. Steve Clayton, Ann Strong, and Keith Murray urge you to think of the Clayton, Coble, 81 Murray sign of quality. CLAYTCN, COBLE, AND MURRAY REALTCRS 6267 Carrollton Avenue 253-1231 I iiltisfii I RCA is a Hoosier institution too! DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT "AXE" YOUR FRIENDS! Nancy Wrege and Kathy Moody are a couple of satis- fied Handy Hardware customers. HAN DY HARDWARE 6327 North Guilford Avenue 255-8200 FOR THE ULTIMATE IN DRIVING PLEASURE . . . . . . Collins Oldsmobile is always at your service. Mr. Charles Collins approves of Sue Collins' choice of a Cut- lass Supreme, only one of the many "Young-mobiles" now appearing at Collins Oldsmobile. COLLINS OLDSMOBILE INCORPORATED 2444 West 'l6th Street 635-6500 225 lT'S SMART TO BE THRIFTY . . . . . . at 5chmidt's Drugs. Susie Bohard and Karen Lorch purchase all their cosmetics at reasonable prices. SCHMIDT'S DRUGS 1499 E. 86th Street 251-2910 FOR THE DISCRIMINATING YOUNG MAN . . . . . . there is always a wide variety of clothing to choose from. John Wallace, Jim Freihoter, and Jett Burris are admiring their choice of clothing tor a very special RODERICK ST. JOHN'S 6101 North Keystone Avenue Men's Shop 253-3322 Ladies Shop 251-7022 Junior Shop 251-7307 Chilclren's Shop 251-1972 occasion. PUT A LITTLE BIT OF SOLE . . . . . . into your life with a pair of shoes from Gooolman's Beth Goodman, Debbie Schernekau, and Debbie Williams appreciate the courteous service they always receive from salesmen like Bill Kane. GOODMAN SHOES 1300 East 86th Street 846-5718 WOULD WE "KIDD" YOU??? Marilyn Kidd, Pat Tolson, Doug Madry, Dave Louden, Greg Nefouse, cmd Kim Crouse say no. At least not when it's about the quality building materials you can find at Kidd Lumber and Hardware. KIDD LUMBER 1425 E. 86th Street 255-5478 PHOTO REFLEX STUDIO Jrfgm s M HAIR TODAY GONE TOMORROW!! Mr. Cerulli, one of eight experienced barbers, demon- strates his professional techniques to Bill Strong. CERULLI BARBER SHOP 6101 Keystone Ave. 253-0075 227 28 YOU HAVE T0 DIG DEEP . . . . . . to find better gas than Deep Rock. Marsha Johnson and William Ullom baby Their Rolls Royce with ln- cliana's finest gas, Deep Rock. Rolls Royce courtesy of Hermann G. Albers. DEEP ROCK OIL COMPANY Associated Service Company Distributor 1430 Kentucky Avenue 638-1306 FOR THE "LIFE OF RlLEY" . . . . . . launder your clothes the easy way at Michigan Road Laundry. The dependable Maytag equipment gives Dave Corey, John Jenkins, Steve Coates, Bill Cluster, and Jay Simmons a lot of leisure time. HIGHLANDER LAUNDROMAT 5903 N. Michigan Road 255-0863 ...wiTI1 N W fAshioNs fnom DoRo'rhy's When Dorothy does a thing, she does it to death . . . or she doesn't do it at all l And Dorothy's really does it in todayls fashions. Discover all thc leading names in right-now clothes at both locations. Here, you'll find many exclusives in Sportswear, Shoes, Coats, Dresses, Swimwear, Prom Dresses and Accessories. The PETITE PARLOUR features junior petite sizes from 3 to 11 for the Mini-teen. So do YOUR own thing with NOW fashions from DOROTHY'S and the PETITE PARLOUR. cmd petite parlour 500' CENTERx ACROSS FROM THE SPEEDWAY TRACK 0 LAFAYETTE SQUARE 229 T 230 1 1 IF YOU'RE PLANNING A MEAL . . . . . .Take iT from Debbie Troupa and Lynn Sigmang wheTher you choose from The varied selecTion of The food store or The excellenT meals in The caTeTeria, remember ThaT G8qW is always TirsT in food. G 84 W FOOD GIANT AND CAFETERIA 5940 N. Michigan Road 255-2439 ONLY TERRY'S KNOW FOR SURE. For wigs, wigIeTs, falls, and Toupees see Terry for The finesf. Sally Taylor displays a variefy of The hair pieces. TERRY'S OF CALIFORNIA 906 Broad Ripple Avenue 257-0437 WHEN YOU'RE GUNNING FOR THE BEST . . . . . . Try The besT. Here Jack Deckard, Dave PaTTon, Cleve SkelTon, and Don Williams size-up The siTuaTion aT The Broad Ripple Sport Shop. BROAD RIPPLE SPORT SHOP 1015 EasT WesTTield Blvd. 253-6658 FOR REAL COMFORT AND STYLE . . . . . . visit Grahams ot Glendale. Steve Gates and Janie Thomas relax after admiring the many types and styles ot furniture at Grahams. GRAHAM'S OF GLENDALE 6101 North Keystone 253-3263 IT'S A MAN'S MAN'S MAN'S WORLD!!! Fran Rothbard and Ellen Weinberg iealously admit that Man's World has a complete stock of clothing to suit Jay Hollander. MAN'S WORLD 1300 East 86th Street 846-3013 FOR THE FINEST IN REAL ESTATE . . . . . . see Carriage Estates. Here Sarah Nolte displays the trademark of quality, the Carriage Estates sign. CARRIAGE ESTATES REALTORS 834 Broad Ripple Avenue 253-4101 1 , - IT IS HARD TO CHOOSE . . . . . . from the varied menu found at Stouffer's Indianapolis Inn. Lucy Capehart, Craig Capehart, Jennifer Mills, and Tom Cape- hart are shown making the difficult selection of Stouffer's delicious cuisine. The eloquent decor adds to the atmosphere that puts the finishing touch on a memorable evening. STOUFFER'S INDIANAPOLIS INN 2820 N. Meridian 924-'I 241 2 DINING BY CANDLELIGHT . . . . . . is an experience enioyed at Hollyhock Hill. Suzanne Miller and Lee Davis await in anticipafion their order from the cornplefe menu. HCLLYHOCK HILL 25 I -2 294 l X SHAKE XX , ...i,iiiii.,r. I H DS! 5 fd mvghzssrkr ' ":"" holding clown appliance prices Tt 1 Vqiz I for over . . . y if 37 years Pamela Drake 233 234 iiill uunnlq-M-M' YOU'RE ON TOP WITH THE TOP DEAL . . . . . . at Bill Kuhn Chevrolet. Dick Young and Faith Martin are riding high with the deal they got from Bill Kuhn. BILL KUHN CHEVROLET 1045 Broad Ripple Avenue 255-2471 HAPPINESS IS SERVING YOU!! Free pick up and delivery, road service, and a com- plete line of tires and accessories are only a few of the many services offered at Sering Shell. SERING SHELL 8602 East Westfeild Blvd. 846-0027 IF ri-is snoe Fits . . . . . . wear it. At Herschel's Westlane Shoes, Bob Perlstien and Bill Johnston find the finest quality of shoes in the area. HERSCHEL'S WESTLANE SHOES 7155 North Michigan Road 291-5713 LEATHER IS GREAT . . . . . . in any kind of weather. Neither in rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor bright of clay will you be out of place in leather. Laurie Williams and Polly Boleman display an outfit from Abigail's large inventory of women's clothing. ABIGAIL'S 852 Broad Ripple Avenue 255-1428 FOR THE CENTRALIZED EDUCATION . . . . . . go to Central Business College. Tilly Wilhoite, Sandy Dennerline, Barb Butz, Margie Alig and Carol Reiters listen as Mr. Butz tells them the many business experi- ences available at Central Business College. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 North Meridian 634-8337 FOR ALL YOUR ACADEMIC NEEDS . . . . . . and art supplies, Kiger and Company is at your ser- vice. One ot Mr. Kiger's dependable salesgirls displays one of the many academic aids they sell. KIGER AND COMPANY INCORPORATED 1830 West 16th Street 635-2343 . 235 5 H ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER . . . . . another home sold by the experienced realtors at Tom Perkins Gallery of Homes. Here Julie Dixon and Nan Phillips show their satisfaction with their new home. TOM PERKINS REALTOR 'IOIO East 86 Street 846-771 I CONSTRUCTIVE THINKING . . . . . . leads you to Oberholtzer Construction Corporation. Sherry Ambroz, Debbie Oberholtzer, Jill Luros, and Nan- cy O'Kane believe Oberholtzer Construction is the very best. OBERHOLTZER CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION 233 North Lynn 639-4591 COUNTY CHAMPS . . . . . . turn to GATORADE for a guaranteed thirst quencher. Jack Harcourt, Duke Hardy, Gary Linder, Gary Pittenger, and Rick Lash all know it is smart to have plenty of GATORADE on hand after a hard scrimmage, GATORADE is distributed exclusively by Stokely Van Camp. STOKELY VAN CAMP 941 North Meridian Street 631-2551 237 Newsfoto Publishing Co. Yearbook Specialists San Angelo, Texas MR. DICK KENNARD INDIANA REPRESENTATIVE Assistant Editor-in-chief Carole Fiedler and Editor-in-chief Jan Lingeman check picture cropping before sending a shipment to the company. YOU BUMP INTO EVERYBODY . . . . . . at Atlas Supermarket. Dave Morrison and Morrie Mauer meet each other in the middle of one ofthe many large aisles at Atlas. ATLAS SUPERMARKET 720 East 54 Street 255-6800 CAN YOU AF"FORD" NOT TO BE REALISTIC . . . . . . about buying a home or property from James E. Ford Realtors. Kathy Ford puts the company sign in the yard of a satisfied customer. JAMES E. FORD COMPANY REALTORS 5555 North Tacoma Avenue 251-1625 REAL COOL EQUIPMENT FOR THE TUNED IN GENERATION for These tuned on tlrnes Mr Van Sickle displays the latest In electronic sound for Jan Hayden and Dee Cannon VAN SICKLE RADIO SUPPLY COMPANY 4131 North Keystone Avenue 547-3589 SUIT YOURSELF at Fogel s Gentlemorfs Quarters, Incorporated. For mens finest clothes, Mark Harshman always looks to FOGLE'S GENTLEMEN'S QUARTERS INCORPORATED 7127 North Michigan Road Fogel s 293-3353 Mixmun IDB OPPORTUNITY . DEFERRED lUl1lllll lllElllS V E"""I" S"""'ljN Loan Made Directly to Student - Not Parents V IBM BHIMMM II Accredited by Ile Accrediting Collissiol In Business Schools V lusjriI1:iI1I:GnI4li:nIo GKWEIIF X1 4 5 IBM Date Prochning Q R T E R Transportation - Ma g 0 aAE 5. : 'W O LLE 6 E dl IIIIUIIIT CIICLI ' IIIIIIIPDLIS, IIIIIAIA 46204 ' Plone, 639-2505 239 240 Our Thanks To North Central High School For Selecting Ayres' Photo Reflex Studio As Photographer For The 1969 Northerner led YL ca For the finest in portrait and yearbook photography, visit Photo Reflex Studio, Eighth Floor, Downtown THE HOOSIER BEAT GOES ON . . . . . . with the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, car of the year. Hoosier is the leading high performance car dealer in this area with a complete stock of Road Runners, GTX'S and Barracudas. Irva and Inez David admire the sleek lines of the Road Runner. HOOSIER CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH INCORPORATED 3700 Lafayette Road 293-4900 NOBODY EVER "CLEANS" A PANTHER . . . . L . except Curley's the ORIGINAL 1 hour cleaners. Quick, efficient service, reasonable prices, and free coat hangers make Curley's Cleaners the one place to go for North Central families. CURLEY'S CLEANERS 1371 East 86th fNora1 257-2234 bmw- -,as1,1,1.1rgzwszfg.xsr ff rf I fs? L5 . 1 I ,131 I I -f x'fm.wfr:1s-fr 242 WSF' IT'S NEVER A BUM "WRAP" . . . . . . with Zimmer Paper Products Eric Zimmer Mary Zachar Kaa Zimmer, and Mr Karl Zimmer wrap up their problems with Zimmer Paper Products ZIMMER PAPER PRODUCTS INCORPORATED 1450 East 20 Street 636-3333 HERFF JONES COMPANY Official Jewelers And Stationers For North Central High School Local Representatives INDIANA GRADUATE SUPPLY CO. 33 I 7 West 16 631-3543 632-2676 John Marshall George Craven Ken Keltner Service Quality Depenolclbility TEACHERS-128 SENIORS--140-141 JUNIORS-184-185 SOPHOMORES-204 Abel, David R.-96 ABlGAlL'S-235 Abrams, Stephen H.-110 Academic Games-79 A Capella-43 Agan, Daniel-16 Agnew, Douglas-98 Alboher, Pamela-37,52 Aldridge, David-54 Alexander, Dane-116 Alexander, Fred-24,58,96, 109,110,138 Alexander, James-24,25,52, 104,110,197 Allen, Bonnie-52,118 Allen, David-107 Allen, Debra-86 Allen, Judith-36,118,201 Alsop, William-43 Altman, Michael-92,104,119 Ambroz, Sharon-236 American Authors Club-61 Anderson, Gregory-42,110 Anderson, Judith-86 Anderson, Thomas-43 Angler-Nimrod Club-78 Arney, Steven-46 Arnold, Dessie-73 Art Club-73 Atkins, Thomas-69 ATLAS SUPERMARKET-238 Audio-Visual-84 AYRES, L. S.-240 TEACHERS-128-129 SENIORS-141-145 JUNIORS-184-185 SOPHOMORES-204-205 Bade, Christina-74 Bailey, Howard-95 Baldwin, Herbert-92,94,112 Baldwin, James-54,56 Ball, Steven-52 Barnes, Steven-52,54 Barnett, Michael-96 Barnhorst, Beth-86 Baton Corps-86 Baudendistel, Coral-86 Baugh, Glenda-235 Baugh, Gregory-76 Baum, Richard-107 Beck, Deborah-42 Behrmann, Marilee-52 Beitman, James-201 Bell, Christine-57 Bell, Leslie-74 Bell, Susan-25 Belschwender, Janet-83 Belt, Gregory-95 Benjamin, Aaron-107 Bennett, Diane-83 Bennett, Kathleen-34 Bennett, Mary-235 Benrubi, Rena-59 Berger, Jay-104,183 Berkowitz, Marc-200 Berkowitz, Nancy-52 Bernstein, Randell-188 Bernstein, Shelley-69 Beutler, Denise-188 Bevins, Debra-73 INDEX Bibbs, Beverly-81 Bill, Deborah-62 Binkley, William-56 Biology Club-57 Black, Tracy-117 Blake, Randall-52,69 Blakley, Joseph-35,52,88 Blakley, Julie-35,54 Blough, David-115 Boards, Earnest-107 Bockstahler, Susan-44 Boges, Pam-42,48,52,209 Bohard, Susan-25,226 Boje, Bruce-114 Boleman, Polly-25,235 Bond, Alice-25 Bond, Deborah-44,86 Bonnette, Steven-104 Booster Block-86 Boring, Deborah-25 Borton, John-117 Borton, Rebecca-52,209 Bose, John-52,104 Bottoms, Joy-42,54 Boutwell, Patricia-86 Bowers, Joann-69 Bowman, Thomas-78 Boyd, Trudi-56 Bradford, Ronald-121 Bransford, Jenneice-81 Brewster, Todd-69 Briede, Richard-92,110 BROAD RIPPLE SPORT SHOP-230 Broderick, Karen-86 Brodey, Barbara-118 Brody, William-96,119 Broeking, Linda-54 Brooks, Janet-89 Brooks, Richard-92 Brown, Jarvey-84 Brown, Wendy-69 Bruce, Deborah-52 Bruecker, Kate-25 Bruenger, Carroll--86 Buchanan, Nancy-34 Bullman, Ellen-88 Bundles, Alelia-24,52 Burge, Ralph-53 Burns, Susan-162 Burris, Jeffrey-33,200,226 Burrus, Anthony-24,197 Busch, John-6,52,112 Business Careers Club-88 Butler, Debra-86 Butler, Robert-84 Butz, Bruce-116,119 Byers, Jerry-24,42 TEACH ERS-129 SENIORS-145-148 JUNIORS-185-186 SOPHOMORES-205-206 Cady, Caren-54 Cage, Karen-54,165 Cagle, Margaret-26,54 Caine, Judy-36 Calderon, Stephen-96,110 Cal Iwway, Rex-4,92, 109, 1 10, 1 19 Callaway, Stevm?87,92,104, 109, 1 10,1 19 Cameron, Hugh-76 Campbell, Marcia-58 Camlpbell, Thomas-52,116, 1 7 Cannady, Brad-104,107 Cannell, Joyce-75 Cannon, Deirdre-239 Cannon, Stephen-96 Cantor, Leonard-24 Cantrell, Vicki-44 Capehart, Craig-232 Capehart, Lucy-232 Capehart, Thomas-76,110, 232 Capp, Frederica-42 Carden, David-115 Carpenter, Diana-16,76 Carpenter, Sherrie-86 Carr, Charlotte-108 CARRIAGE ESTATES REALTORS-231 Carroll, Alan-95 Carroll, William-42,54,146 Carter, David-54 Carvey, Victoria-25 Case, Jeffrey-27 CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE-235 CERULLI BARBER SHOP- 227 Chab, Rollin-54 Chamber Music Club-73 Chavis, Geraldine-69 Chess-79 Chesterfield, James-107 Christie, Michael-92,110 Christopher, Lori-54 Clark, David-92,110 Clark, Joseph-110 Clay, Patti-42,54,2O0 Claycombe, Richard-92 Clayton, Steve-52,92,93,99, 112 Clifton, Lisa-86 Cloncs, Michael-96 Close, Janet-44 Cluster, William-228 Clymer, David-52 Coates, Steven-228 Cohen, Donnie-56 Cohen, Gary-102,119 Colglazier, David-52,95 Colglazier, Pamela-73 COLLINS OLDSMOBILE INCORPORATED-225 Collins, Robert-104 Collins, Susan-225 Combs, Monty-113,119 Concert Choir-45 Conner, James-43 Connor, Thomas-101 Conrad, Deborah-42 Cooper, Daniel-110 Cooper, Susan-86 Corbin, David-52 Corey, Claudia-26 Cory, David-181,228 Costume-Makeup Club-70 Counterpoints-42 Covell, Robert-31 Cowan, Kathy-44 Cowser, Mark-110 Craig, Karen-86 Craycraft, Douglas-95 Crafton, David-107 Cravey, Altha-30,56 Creviston, Lianne-25 Croft, Allen-82 Crouse, Kim-227 Crowe, Larry-99 Curry, Douglas-52,95 Curry, Sally-70 TEACHERS-129 SENIORS-148-150 JUNIORS-186 SOPHOMORES-206 Daniels, Deborah-42,54,118, 138,159 Dankert, Gary-78 Davenport, Lawrence-54 David, Inez-241 David, lrva-241 Davis, Jerry-95 Davis, William-95 Davidson, Ann-25 Davis, Lee-233 Davis, Marc-95,101 Dawe, Bradley-113,119 Dawson, Dennis-14,114,121 Dean, Sarah-52,198 Debat4?68-69 Deck, Laura-4-42 Deckard, Jack-230 Decker, Robert-76,77 Decoursey, Dianne-42,56 DEEP ROCK OIL COMPANY-228 Deford, Billly-76 Delong, James-47 Dentel, Leslie-86 de Raismes, Barbara-52.53, 54,58 Descants-44,45 Detmer, Jacquelyn-52 Diaz, Thomas-138 Dilk, Betty-42,200 Diltz, Emily-16,54,76,180 Dimit, Richard-43,57,64,187 Dison, Ronald-47,107 Dinnsen, Robert-78,183 Dittus, Robert-115 Dix, Geraldine-74 Dixon, James-107 Dixon, Julianne-86,236 Dlott, Dana-78,79 Dock, Linda-69 Donnell, Sandra-42 Dorman, Jay-117 DOROTHY'S-229 Douglass, David-117 Dove, Thomas-96 Drafting Club-83 DRAKE APPLlANCE'S-233 Drake, Pamela-168,233 Druker, Valerie-69 Druskis, Linda-54 Durkin, Deborah-86 Dustman, Laurie-54 Dykema, Karen-11 SENIORS-150 JUNIORS-186 SOPHOMORES-206 Easley, Stephen-100 Eaton, Richard-200 Eaton, Thomas-52 Eden, Barbara-151 Eden, Joyce-85 Edmonds, Marvin-104,119 Eggleston, Jeffrey-43 Elam, Jeffrey-102 Electronics Club-82 Elliott, David-92,99 Elliott, Michael-29,54 Ellson, Steven-57 England, Stephen-52,54,138 English, Daniel-96,101 Enright, Paul-79 Eschenbrenner, Jane-44 Esmon, Sally-44,62 Evans, Deborah-86 Evans, Susan-52 TEACHERS-130 SENIORS-151-152 JUNIORS-187 SOPHOMORES-206 Fairfield, Catherine-138 Fairman, Jay-112 Fairman, Michael-16,43,181 Falender, Elaine-52 Fasola, Robert-95 Fehsenfeld, Fred-52,87,116, 119 Ferguson, Debra-86 Ferguson, Steven-30,95 Fiedler, Carole-24,58,59,138 Findling, William-76 Fink, Jane-52 Fleener, Kirk-35 FOGLE'S GENTLEMAN'S QUARTERS-239 Fogle, Andrew-24,54,58,59, 197 Folk Music Club-73 Ford, Kathleen-238 FORD REALTORS-238 Forensics-68-69 Fortier, Rollin-52 Foster, Kathleen-52 Fowler, John-188 Fowler, Judith-86 Franklin, Lorenzo-96,121 Franz, Deborah-52,209 Frayer, Christopher-43 Freeze, William-92,112 Freihofer, James-54,226 French Club-62 Fritsch, Stephen-95 Fritz, John-42 Fulk, Carol-44 TEACHERS-130 SENIORS-152-153 JUNIORS-187-188 SOPHOMORES-208 Galvin, Antoinette-56 Gangstad, John-46,95,110 Gant, Gary-14,114 Gardner, Larry-54 Garnett, William-116 Garrett, Robert-119 Garriott, Karen-42 Gairitif, Thomas-109,110, Gasper, Wayne--94,110 Gates, Doyle-95 Gates, Stephen-83,231 Gauchat, Stephanie-44 German Club-62 Getz, Susan-86 Gibbs, Michael-110 Gibson, Robert-95 Gilleff, Linda-54 Gillen, Beth-46 Gillespie, Allan-42,52,117, 201 Gillespie, David-188 Gipe, David-96,188 Girls' Auto Mechanics Club-83 Girls' Ensemble-42 Glanzman, Heather--25 Glassmeyer, Laura-86 G. AND W. FOOD GIANT AND CAFETERIA-230 Goldstein, Sam-107 Goll, John--107 Goodman, Beth Ann--226 GOODMAN SHOES-226 Government Club-64 Graham, Garrett-52,54,61, 92,119 Graham, James-95 'Graham, Mary-42 GRAHAM'S OF GLENDALE -231 Graphic Arts Club-84 Grauel, Jay-110 Great Books Club-61 Great Music Club-73 Griffith, Lois-54 Grinkmeyer, Gerald-43 Grosby, Steven-54 Grundy, Frank-121 Guyton, Elizabeth--52 Gym Assistants-84 TEACH ERS-130 SENIORS-153-157 JUNIORS-188-189 SOPHOMORES-208-209 Habig, Lynn-52,86 Habig, Robert-6,52,54,104, 119 Hadley, Donna-44 Hadley, Vicki-69 Haga, Arne-59 Hale, Ann-81 Hale, Pamela-80 Ham, Stephen-188 Hampshire, Susan-52 Han, Sanford-46 Hancock, Glenna-25 HANDY HARDWARE-225 Handziak, Donald-110 Hapak, Charlette-86 Harcourt, Jack-6,13,92,102, 110,119,237 Harden, Stephen-95 Hardy, William-6,7,99,113, 119,237 Hargan, Bruce-138 Harling, Thomas-95 Harris, Beth-24,58 Harshman, Mark-52,54,239 Hart, John-95,107 Hart, Michael-121 Hartman, Stephen-43,227 Hastings, Ruth-86 Hawley, James-25 Hayden, Jan-239 Hayden, Millard-110 Hayes, Brenda-52 Hazlewood, Alfred-95 Health Careers-75 Heilbrunn, Richard-25 Heiliger, David-79 Helms, John-96,188 Henderson, Gregory-108, 109,121 Henke, Steven-188 Heppner, Janet-26 HERFLJONES COMPANY HERSCHEL'S WESTLANE SHOES-234 Hesse, Karla-86 Heston, Bette-44 HIGHLANDER LAUNDROMAT-228 Highmark, David-52,99,113 Hixon, Kenneth-10 Hooker, Debra-44 Hodapp, Nancy-44 Hodge, Richard-76 Hollander, Jay-117 Holloway, Charles-52 Holloway, Frank--101 Holloway, Kevin-92,107 HOLLYHOCK HILL-233 Holmquist, Mark-43,96,109 110,119 Holt, Anthony-30,76 Holt, Barbara-6,13 Holt, Mark-96,110,119 Hooker, Janet-42 Hopkins, Craig-138 Horine, Byron-14,102,119 Horning, Donald-107 Hotte, Warren-96,110,119 Howard, Laura-11 Howard, Peggy-16,76 Howard, Randy-138 Howard, Steven-76,112 Howe, Carole-86 Hubert, Charlotte-44 Hudson, Bradford-52 Hudson, Marcia-44 Hudson, Thomas-112 Heuber, Park-102 Huff, William-92 Huffman, Charles-1 15 Hullett, David-92,113 Humbert, Virginia-44 Hunt, Gary-42 Hunt, Hollice-54 Hunter, Hurlbut, Ca rol-42 Pa mela-24 Hunuitz, Richard-112 Hutchinson, George-95 Hutchinson, James-95 Hutchinson, Robert-92 Hutton, Barbara-52 Hutzler, Theresa-86 I-J TEACHERS-130-131 SENIORS-157-158 JUNIORS-189 SOPHOMORES-209 lauco, David-31 Industrial Arts Club-82 International Relations-66 Irwin, Roy-95 lsenhour, Christine-42 Isler, David-107 Jackson, Stephen-92,94 Jacobs, Don-138 Jacobs Ste hen-30,31,138 1 P Jacobson, Jeffrey-69 Jay, Marcy-4,24 Jenkins, David-78 Jenkins, John-228 Jezzard, Deborah-44 Jobes, James-14,78,114, 115 Johnson, Anthony-92 Johnson, Brent-52,107 Johnson, Kirk-115 Johnson, Marsha-228 Johnson, William-92,234 Johnston, Charles-15,92 Johnston, David-34 Jones, Marcia-42 Jones, Nicholas-43 Jordan, Jane-86 Journalism Club-59 Junior-Senior Girls' Exercise Club-80 TEACH E RS-131 SENIORS-158-159 JUNIORS-189-190 SOPHOMORES-209-210 Kahn, James-25,52,69,86 Kahn, Kathryn-73 Kammeraad, Barbara-42 Kaplan, Susan-70 Kappes, Susan-25 Kappes, Steven-117 Karau, Barbara-49,64 Karels, Liene-200 Katz, Donald-56.79 Kauffman, Susan-86 Kebler, Julie-54 Keenan, Debra-86 Keith, Marlene-62 Kelb, Carol-44 Keller, Particia-42,62 Kelley, Michael-110 Kelly, John-96 Kelso, Stephanie-42,66 Kegnlpger, Nathan-92,104, Kennedy, John-42 Kennedy, Leslie-52 Kennedy, Thomas-95 Kerezman, Bruce-13 Key Club-54-55 KIDD LUMBER COMPANY 227 Kidd, Marilyn-227 KIGER AND COMPANY-235 Kiger, Kristi-75 Kilbury, Nancy-54 King, Jeanette-44 King, Rodnick-76 Kinsey, Brian-54 Kirkwood, Susan-54,66 Kirtley, Jane-59 Klein, Susan-196 Knauer, David-82 Kniptash, Douglas-92.94, 112 Knitting Club-80 Knowles, Stephen-42,52 Knue, Mariorie-52 Kock, Eric-95 Koerten, Marjorie-86 Komsiski, Jeanette-54,138 Koplos, Mary Jo-25 Koschmann, Robert-14,114 115 Kraay, Martha-69 Krahn, Kay-66 Kramer, Pamela-42 Kramer, Sharon-42 Kranich, Diane-69 Kriesher, Debra-86 Kreusser, Katherine-6,13, 42,54,138 Kriegbaum, Cynthia-86 Krueger, John-96,109,110 Krueger, Rebecca-52 Kruse, Deborah-44 Kruse, Raymond-67 BILL KUHN CHEVROLET -234 Kuiala, Tuula-52 Kunz, Christina-56 Kurtz, Anna-42,52 L TEACHERS-131 SENIORS-160-161 JUNIORS-190 SOPHOMORES-210 Lancet, Margaret-42 Landers, Norvel-121 Landrock, Robert-76 Langford, Richard-112 Lanhan, Michael-182 Lash, Richard-12,13,52,92, 93,95,99,108,110,111,119, 237 Latin Club-62 Laux, David-76 Lawson, Brandt-200 Lawton, David-104 Laws, Mary-86 Lecky, Ralph-52 Lecocq, Gary-203 Leff, Robert-117 Leimbach, Joy-6,7,118 Lempke, Robert-104 Lesh, David-107 Lesher, John-84 Levine, Steven-69 Lewis, David-79,95 Lewis, Robert-95 Library Assistants-85 Lienerth, David-49 Light, David-112 Light, Keith-95 Lincoln, Scott-181 Linder, Gary-13,52,92,119, 237 Lingeman, Jan-24,29,42,54, 58 Lipscomb, Martha-54,67 Lisher, Cynthia-86 1 Litz, Mark--43,52 Loeper, Vickie-44 Lorth, Karin-25,226 Lorenz, Linda-54,66 Louden, David-227 Luginbill, David-54 Luginbill, Robert-52,95 Luros, Julia-236 TEACHERS-131-132 SENIORS-161-166 JUNIORS-190-191 SOPHOMORES-210-211 MacAllister, Leigh-73 Mackey, John-13 Madawick, Michael-151 Madinger, Kathleen-24,58 Madrigals-44 Madry, Douglas-227 Malizia, Bobbie-203 Mallinson, Christy-200,235 Manalan, Allan-138 Manifold, Carol-42 MAN'S WORLD-231 Marks, Susan-192 Marr, Jeffrey--43,92,94,179 Marra, Stephen-222 Marsh, Daniel-56 Mart, Stewart-43 Martin, Andrea-31 Martin, Donise-44 Martin, Frederic-52 Martin, Faith-234 Martz, Rita-54 Mathews, Terry-52,53,54, 118 Mattson, Cynthia-25 Maulden, Regina-86 Maurer, Morris-238 May, Jane-22 Mayfield, Orlando-95,101 McCalep, Thomas-76 McCampbeIl, Thomas-121 McCIenny, Sharon-168 McClung, Charles-43 McCormick, Kathleen-24,44 McGahey, Craig-57 McGeary, Daniel-13,92,95, 119,121 McGraw, Linda-44,201 McGraw, Sally-42 McKinney, Alan-56 McKinney, Brian-43 McKinney, Sarah-44,52 McKown, George-11,42 McLary, Deborah-42 McMillen, Deborah-59 McSoIey, Thomas-95,107 Mealy, Ann-26 Meditch, Marica-42 Meili, Robert-69 Meister, John-101,110 Mercer, Douglas-107 Merklin, Deborah-42 Mers, Rockland-25 Metal Making Club-82 Metzger, Mary-73 Meyer, Barbara-52 Meyer, Nancy-69 Milch, Thomas-29,52,54, 58,69 Milender, Mark-95 Milender, William-109,110, 119 Military History Club-64 Miller, Christy-222 Miller, Les-52,54,110,138 Miller, Madison-92,94,95,99, 119 Miller, Mark-7,200 Miller, Mark J.-107,110 Miller, Suzanne-84,173,233 Millholland, Madelyn-192 Mills, Jennifer-53,232 Mills, Mark-54,56 Milton, Paula-42 Minx, Paul-69 Mitchell, Daniel-92,110 Mitchell, William-95 Mohr, Holly-85 Monical, Stuart-102,119 Moody, Carol-44 Moody, Karen-86 Moody, Kathy-37,225 Moore, Diane-44,200 Moore, Eugene-40,76 Moore, Judith-52 Moore, Melinda-119 Moore, Robert-40 Moos, Harold-112 Mordoh, Linda-86 Morgan, David-52,92,102 Morgan, James-58.64.138 Morris, Julie-74 Morrison, David-24,238 Moss, John-107 Moss, Susan-46 Mote, Thomas-96 Mu Alpha Theta-56 Muller, Michael-54 Mulvaney, Michael-110 Murdock, Charles-110,121 Murphy, Dennis-92 Murray, Keith-69 Music Men-43 TEACHERS-132 SENIORS-116 JUNIORS-191-192 SOPHOMORES-212 Nagey, Robert-31,56,67,117 Nahmias, Paul-96,110 NDCC-76-77 National Forensics League -69 National Honor Society -54-55 Neese, Sandra-86 Nefouse, Gregory-52,92,94, 110,227 Nehrling, Tina-24,58,74,181 Nelson, Florence-86 Newspaper Activity-59 Nie, Douglas-52 Noland, James-54 Nolte, Sarah-231 Norlin, Wayne-96,110 Notehand Club-S9 TEACHERS-132-133 SENIORS-166-169 JUNIORS-192 SOPHOMORES-212 OBERHOLTZER CONSTRUC- TION COMPANY-236 Oberholtzer, Debora-236 Odle, Stephen-121 Ochs, Raymond-25,31 Odell, Diane-86 O'Heren, Patti-42,74 O'Kane, Nancy-236 Oliver, Molli-52,54 Overman, Mark-95,101 P-0 TEACHERS-132-133 SENIORS-167-169 JUNIORS-192 SOPHOMORES-212 Palmer, Darren-63,82,112 Panther Athletic Club-87 Pardieck, Robert-95 Parker, William-92,107 Patterson, Jane-42 Patterson, Ronald-42,135, 200 Patton, David-10,78,230 Pearce, Mary-52 Peck, Lawrence-56 Pelsue, David-42 Penington, Harry-96,110, 119,155 Pepple, Douglas-92 Perkins, David-52,54 PERKINS REALTOR-237 Perkins, Stephen-32,110, 119 Perlstein, Robert-109,110, 1 11,234 Peterson, Steven-42,110 Pfeiffer, Christine+24,54,58, 138 Phillippe, Jamene-54,86 Phillips, Nan-236 PHOTO REFLEX STUDl0 -227 Photography Club-78 Pickering, Diane-52 Pike, Darrell-13,92,94,110, 119 Pinkney, Darryl-52 Pittenger, Gary-99,101,110, 119,237 Plumb, Kathryn-4,165 Poetry Club-60 Poland, Joe-52.109,110,119 Polley, Karen-59 Polley, Terri-86 PORTER BUSINESS COLLEGE-239 Porter, David-96,110,119 Potter, Rebecca-46 Powers, Rex-84 Pratt, Mary-86 Prill, Kathleen-44 Pritchard, Jim-92 Prosser, Claudia-16,200 Pruitt, Robert-96,110,138 Puckett, Denise-86 Quackenbush, Joe-42 Quill and Scroll-58 Quinto, Todd-33,56 TEACHERS-133 SENIORS-169-170 JUNIORS-192-193 SOPHOMORES-212-213 Raber, John-56,79 Ramey, Nancy-42,200 Raphael, Marc-114 Ratliff, Rick-52 RCA-224 Redish, Gregory--52,54,62 Reed, Terry-95 Reel, David-108,109,110 Reel, Jody-119 Reese, Cheryl-86 Reeves, Charles-76 Reifers, Carol-80 Reinschreiber, K.-43 Resnover, Linda-59,69 Richardson, K.-86 Richter, Judith-34 Ricketts, Leslie-34,54- Riddell, Linda-44 Rigdon, Loretta-213 Riley, Michael-96 Riley, Susan-37 Roach, Nancy-52 Roberts, Debbie-26,52 Roberts, Judy-42,52 Roddy, Arthur-107 Roesch, Charles-104 Rogers, Harold-36 Rohn, Matthew-52,69 Roose, Rebecca-81 Rosen, Judith-86 Rothbard, Janis--231 Rother, Lawrence-200 Rusch, Kristina-54 Russell, Jane-52 Russell, Jeffery-95 Rust, Thomas-110 TEACHERS-133-134 SENIORS-170-175 JUNIORS-193-194 SOPHOMORES-213-215 Sachs, Rebecca-29 Sachs, Annette-54 Sacks, Evelyn-62 Sander, Carol-42,52 Schabler, Natalie-188 Schaefer, Susan-52 Schaller, Beth-54 Scherer, Nancy-24,54,58 Schlegel, Gregory-6.54.96 Schlossberg, Terri-75 SCHMlDT'S DRUGS-226 Schroeder, Miles-43 Schubert, .lulie-24,58 Schwindler, Linda-34,53,86 Science Reading Club-57 Science Service Club-84 Scudder, Gary-56,112 Sebastian, Martin-95,112 Segal, Marsha-59,69 Selig, Laura-25 Senecal, Francis-55,117 SERING SHELL-234 Servaas, Kristine-32 Sewell, Lisa-52 Sexauer, Bradley-54 Shakespeare Club-60 Shanner, Robert-69 Shaw, Leonard-95 Shearer, Beth-86 Shearer, Kay-86 Sheehan, Michelle-49,78 Sherman, Sandra-42 Shields, Kent-24 Shirley, Frank-138 Shorthand Club-89 Shute, Patricia-42,181 Sigal, Charles-52 Sigman, Lynn-230 Sippel, Kristine-53 Simmons, James-228 Simmons, Katherine-73 Simon, Sylvia-69,86 Simpson, Kathy-86 Simpson, Wayne-95 Sipe, Samuel-43 Skelton, Cleve-230 Skelton, Thomas-33,38,54, 56 Slide Rule Club-57 Smart, Michael-116 Smith, Daniel-12,42,92,119 Smith, David-117 Smith, David-104 Smith, Larry-76 Smith, Thomas-95 Snider, John-107 Snow, Kevin-99,119,197 Snyder, Jane-52 Snyder, Jonathan-92 Snyder, Karen-44 Sobbe, Andrea-52 Sommer, Paul-43 Sordean, Judy-42 Spanish Club-63 Speake, Deborah-59 St. John, Pamela-6,13,42,54 Stackhouse, Cynthia-30,56 Stall, Michael-76 Stedman, Paul-95 Steinmetz, Louise-54,138 Stephenson, Janice-86 Stephenson, Robert-92,110 Stern, Bradley-92 Sternberger, Nancy--44 Sterner, Ned-42,138 Stevenson, Karol-86 Stevenson, William-25,52 24 Stock, Richard-69 Stogsdill, Julie-69 STOKLEY VAN CAMP-237 Stone, Jeffrey-32 Stone, John-213 Stone, Judith-87 Stoops, Bradley-54,56,110 STOUFFER'S INN-232 Stover, Richard-96 Strater, Rick-42 Strauss, Pamela-56 Strong, William-227 Student Council-52-53 Sublett, James--76 Sullivan, Gary-200 Sullivan, Judith-85,86 Sullivan, Michael-76 Summers, Glenn-92,110 Sundstrom, Bruce-46 Swenson, Vicki-86 Swinford, Sally-52,53,191 TEACHERS-134 SENIORS-175 JUNIORS-194-195 SOPHOMORES-215 Talley, Martha-4 Tavel, Don-28,52 Taylor, David-22 Taylor, Denise-42,52,101, 102.103 Taylor, Sally-230 TERRY'S OF CALIFORNIA-230 Tewksbury, Marcia-86 Thomas, Beth-44 Thomas, Janie-231 Thomas, John-112 Thompson, Julie-183 Thompson, La Salle-96,109, 110,119,121 Thompson, Paul-95 Thompson, Teresa-69 Thompson, Terri-25,52,53 Tindall, Elizabeth-52 Tirmenstein, Daen-43 Todd, Terry-107 Tolson, Pat-192,227 Toth, Caryl-113 Tower, Vicki-86 Traugott, Dale-67,69 Travel Club-67 Troupa, Debra-230 Truesdell, Martin-107 Trusty, Margot-203 Tudor, Clay-116 Turner, Leslie-86 Turner, Sandra-86 U-V SENIORS-176 JUNIORS-195 SOPHOMORES-215 Ullom, William-121,228 Umemura, Catherine-12,86 Vanness, Paula-42 VAN SICKLE RADIO AND SUPPLY-239 Vavul, Sandra-119 Vinton, William-99,119 VonFange, Janice-42 VonFange, John-79 W TEACHERS-134 SENIORS-176-178 JUNIORS-195 SOPHOMORES-215 Waddell, Lynne-119 Wagner, Mary-86 Wagner, Sheila-86 Waife, Ronald-54,56,69,138 Wallace, James-226 Wallace, Thomas-42,52,201 Waller, Donald-54,56,138 Waller, Elizabeth-54 Walls, Kathryn-54,64 Walton, Charleen-16 Warfield, Donna-13 Warren, Dianne-44 Warren, Willaim-43 Watkins, Deborah-52 Weakley, John-102 Weeks, Paul-98,99 Weinberg, Ellen-231 West, Steven-52,69 White, Edna-44 White, Stephen-92 Whitehead, Marilyn-42 Whitman, Linda-81 Wilcox, David-115 Wiggins, Steven-110 Wilhelm, Wilhoite, Williams Betsy-86 Mati Ida--54,66,67 Deborah-226 Willaims, Don-230 Williams, Laurie-25,235 Williams Marna-44 Williams Richard-64 wins, Kirhieen-52 Wilson, Karen-52 Wilson, Kathleen-86 Wilson, Michael-95 Wilson, George-52,110 Wilsted, Myra-86 Wise, Polly-173 Witham, Douglas-104,119 Wolf, Steven-101 Woodruff, Nancy-52 Woodworking Club-82 World Culture Club--67 Worley, Gwen-86 Worley, Kevin-52,104,119 Wray, Carrie-44,191,201 Wray, Nancy-200 Wrege, Nancy-13,225 Wright, Christopher-42,200 Wright, Cindy-86 Wright, Donald-42 Y-Z SENIORS-178-189 JUNIORS-195 SOPHOMORES-216 Yosha, Sandra-42 Young, Deborah-52 Young, Richard-234 Young, Robert-101 Zachar, Mary-25,242 Zaring, Catherine-54,118 Zell, Cathy-44 Ziegner, Anne-24,54,58,86 Zimmer, Kaarina-242 ZIMMER PAPER PRODUCTS -242 Zimmerman, William-43 Auiographs 'th - ' I ' ' I ecla --I' Iat n to. . . . Mr. Rod , our advisor, o manag o :-- in calm in "dire emergencies" and omehow keept gs going. NEW TO PUBLISHIN OMPANY, for decip ring our layouts and cropping ks. Mr ick Kennard, o EWSFOTO representati for being so helpful and re- onsive to o hes. Y . I ICk of INTER-STATE STUDIOS wh .I ercla u n pictures. PHOTO REFL STUDIOS for the beautiful senior and faculty portraits. H - ' ' erger and Mr. Fred Roessler for their photography assista e. The ac , r cooperating with staff members and being so unders nding about tak' Ig pictures and collecting information. Mr. Bill B nder, our student teacher, who, although he was with u nly a few we , contributed greatly to the book and to the photogra - f. The entir NORTHERNER staff, for their diligent work and ' - s ' . h d t l't' ' Pattern v anot er gear . 4 e o I e s The last piece of the pattern oft year I 4 Has been put in place. ' ' 9 Norlbherner ' tr The future is vague-for m ' 1 ly sketchily outlined. Editors ' . homore is ' ginnin Editor-In-chief . .. .... Jan Linge n TQS , B - 'stant Editor . . .... Carole Fie r He ms 'np e' nqto put wget , ,. , U ' I 1 i D I l .Marcy y Scattered I s o hildhood ' um ....... .... J ulie Schu rt expene ,es ssistant ........ Laura S ig To creat? 'S Paf m' f , I 0 anizations .... .... K athy Madin er The glun' hashm yo ms puzz S rts ....... .... D ave Morri n p'eCe oget. e . P duction .... ....... N ancy Sch r O"'Y,th'? oshmp ant arestm A ertising .... .... R ichard Heilbr n 'mss' 3- , Jim Ha y The ex riencesa attitudes - . Of his I st, fleeting, igh school Staff SS' - S And th maturity th comes with S , ell, Don Ber , Susie Bohard, Polly B n, Debbie Boring, ' te the , Brueckner, Heath Ianzman, Jim Kahn, Susie Ka ' , Nancy Kilbury, ry The nior has fit in e final Jo o- orch, Cindy Mattson, Cindy Mc roch, Debbie P k, 59 I ent ' te son, Terri Thompson, Laurie Williams, Mary char. Off puzzle that wa is childh . tographers Beh ilrlgim is the dep dency on - Alexander, Roger Beaman, Mike Behnke, Alice Bond, I Burrus, n- ' ' l W . n ni ntor, Kim Crouse, Andy Fogle, John Fuller, Bob Schnac Chuck e 7 ff?j5I?g'?g:ZTOt3E C 31,5221 Second ester Assistants attern. Glenda I. h, Mary Bennett, Sarah Dean, Cindy Erler, Steve Gat St h B with this link, he ha laid anie Gauc aren Grabhorn, Christy Mallinson, Sally Raber, Sall in egroundwork fora la er ford, Pat To I sie Wright. pattern- I ' Office Helpers he pattern of his life. Lynn Christe rry Da - - ,Jill Hancock, Cyndie Nash, Mary Ann Pe e. N S T PUBLISH - MFAN A ,L . , kv F-. 'x .N f A N . ku-, R 5, .0 Q4 ff U1 U0 V JLIVQ ,faq A X X A if W M M K, My 1 V5 lv , W f V 5:-' Q- 4- '3- f1ffLf'9"' f L' " K- AM x J ti AA! ,L I C7J"'Umfv11Z 4X'VfT.f-N.,g. Ai.. 'J :PLN ,rm .f F M ,ff 5 i V' I' f M7 Vi, I' 'f Q 1, ly Xff, y.., X Y- N C UUFV f kr P0117 fy!! rw X01 g-Fi. , 3- ptr, k -ar: . , Lf L 4 4' ',,, 5 L KJ 4, Q fr? 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