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Lfnda B0We" J 11, f' -Ls'-r f If H' ' f X -1 ' ' . ' . L, Ill I1 X V. I All. ,, 'f" 74 '0 amjfffiffifjy MQW ffWgV . ' vM up Olav if ,gf'd,J5'f' '33 W f S xW? U J3Z"f3V W Pj 6,0 , M 'N v,f'QiJ,,a yyym K ,000 wif! X-DW 0 W . J' dj' 92 0JO,?LjwZS QD 0 0 0 1 , 2 Qi is W is H f , J 1 on Fiibiik 'fwjfwkfp' Nl 5 O QSXXXXQ +'fr,,,w.,. . . R13 XE 1 ff, 0 f' oi' xx tivljir bb . g Ng? VY .U I 0 0 x NSTXNXSARS-1 Ox'-' gf RTQQXQWQQW 'fm -Q-DW 23353 ff , CZJXLZJ-g,.J44LeQ,,if 4762564 472, Id' o Z E M fx ffff' ' Kikffff of, ff QQQWQ Q X5 if 1 J ' A 6.2, ,7avv6wQ0m.3.SQf, as ' JWVWM WK h +940 V S NE I Wffogm 'fy sv' bxxifv 03222 A gy gig if 'vfoa-S"J'9'?"'5b" 30239 5 it or y. Vai I. A 5 - QWQ V705 Jsofv,9"oo gs ' n. bovoxoygo ry XA 3 i 44 ,oo oobgoq- 00.3, ,250 i U - Sw 3,5 ,S,Qg.,,,,,,'- 3 gg 3 giisi "',8".9e:' MS" EBSQ 303 X133 vos' is x W JMS X AI OM W C . - f5 'jY V QV QL ' Aft dwg Q MQW L A W Fx ,f X , Abm My fw ,QR Qwi gy? W , Qgxxix O9 X7 A91 31166 -fix C 2 ' fQp QWZTF 'ff M wif:X s Y' QA Xi' 4 wA3Lh'5i?KZM1k WAWM S553 Ea Q iv' Wm 'N QQ Q Mx X XE'-XXL Tj 5 Gi v4giTi?f,9ll!W imp? 1! wwmwwmm g QWWMQMMQQ ff! ,V W fb ffffiyf QTWUQJW M155 ff, WW xfyj ML f f' 4WffW , Q WMWJ if fwffif M ff A 4 WWMQWWWW MQ 5239? 5yf'6,4ff5i2i Z ,B my M4 ,L WMWMM Wim fiigwfffmgm , ,fLK'i,,M ff ,wif My ,Q N My . N, f .ff L - wfr QWWQWWWWW iwfmmkffffiwf '-Jixicirga j ' ' 2 bq,,re,,9,oo':?50S vkegzx. 1194- mMwLx .Okie---"Q'.,E.i if :AA -fum.,,,3 S Vz,a,L,.si:v:,:.-L GQ :ul-L ,QAXA - SQ T X1 cg I 1 Oliva? ,,Qg5a::f.7?,44o,e'J.2,v-'JV 1 '7""'17'6-g. 1 G- N I Jc, ' zwdmflwfwf ' ii ' 1 y,', H . - . .k,, AL , ,'i :M gkkzlii ,N 1 1' iv 4 ,,1,Q ,A fgkg f N-fa Hgh", x-1 '41f?i"'a'r.w:amk' '-" w I , , K igjq5a.VgHiwka.Y,g x555g,.,Q5Q Amvii - iff w, wg ww l -V55-5,g,,,,,ggfffif.a: Qggf l X ' " 4 'wp in k u ,- ' 3 . my .V - fry- I , as-zgg fix ,Li K ' ' '- x 1 '. ' U "-My-,' :X f 4, , 5, , 1f,J'1rWf , ' i2l.i8:11x'1F" ps. W if 1' V-um . -1-.,.,g3o',gg,,g, 'N 4 X, yin fi MW, ,V N' ' o , ' 4.9am+- ' ' F' ' V4 l 3455i fic! 1968 NORTH ERNER North Central High School Indianapolis, Indiana Volume 12 "Mass production" trend haulted at door step. . . After learning basic lab procedures in chemistry class, Junior Harry Neff utilizes his acquired know- ledge during an experiment in which he makes polyethylene polymers-synthetic rubber. Mmg,,d,,,ei.-W, ' Q 3 5' f is Dance pupils from all over the city labovel per- form a ballet recital for their parents and Central- ites on the North Central stage. Prior to ci football game lat rightl, Coaches "Lan- dro Keepsin" and "Wyron Beaver," portrayed by Leah Schulte and Janie Lee, instruct their "Law- rence Central Bears" in calisthenics during a pep session. Team members "Simon Lagree" and "Har- ris Hood" lead "Arch Support" and "Doddly Dim- ple" in the exercising while "cheerleaders" Sue Tishler and Becky Willard lend moral support. , ,M 1f,i..,.MU'w-' :saw , . , .,N, , 1 .fu Y-.f-35-, ...,,,..- - ' i we 1 ' :J:..r-Tgzfie, 'J' ' .1 -wee ' 'Ulf uw.. "':wuqg'iv::': TPS n , I ,, ,Q ,N 4-.grief f ..LL,f' -:my T . 4.4 L- My 'K 44 f vi 1 I A " 1 T -,J Af W 1,1 . M 1 2 T '04 ' F W 4 , A I A " -me T II A 'tb 4 - " T ' ? ' I Li TABLE OF CONTENTS Academics ................... 6 School Life . . .... 24 Activities . .... 38 Sports .... .... 8 6 People ..... ...... T 16 . Advertising ..... ...... 2 O4 Index ............ .......... 2 27 Credits .................. . . .232 , 59 Q0 N-XQBS9., 6 xi SQ T fa DQ-SDSN KTTT wwswmw A Q f 6369 H ...x, A 1 f gi N J 3 Upon thinking about last summer's stay in Turkey, AFS student Margie Leff, dressed in her native Turkish costume, smiles radiantly. At right, Bob Hackelman lleftl and Scott Clayton embrace after downing troublesome football foe Northwest to complete the grid team's first perfect 'IO-O-O season. Other Centrulites lbelowl find a change of pace from routine studies during the lunch periods, be it 10:45 or 1:30. K W W :l u st Q , ,,.t RiLl.i:,.'51v Ui , . i , W - inf" - '. leg. , ,ig 1 b VTE? liiiiffli . 7' . X ' , f1g:' i':fifIi ? f ,, . - -V - t f, 1 fin ,jg we ,, V' me Q , - f , -' fm' W. l. 'V gy? iii . .4 tiis is L C95 education designed for varied individuals ln today's world of modern tech- nology everything from rubber bands to automobiles is mass produced. This trend has even begun to invade the present educational system, but not at North Central. Here at NC, education was designed for the individual-not the masses. Although the total enroll- ment was 3117 students, North Central maintained a low student-teacher ratio of 20:1 by employing 162 qualified faculty members. Since the faculty was of a high caliber, the teachers took full advantage of this low ratio and di- rected their attention towards the de- velopment of each individual. The students were varied in their fields of interest, but these individuals all contributed some "special" talent to the make-up of the school. Many ex- cellent stand-outs led the various ath- letic teams to county, regional and state championships. Our school main- tained one of the finest orchestras in the state, while the math team, com- posed of three individuals, placed first in the state and highly in national rankings. ln addition, development of the individual's sense of responsibility was stressed in the honor study halls, a program continued for the second year. These students were able to use any school facilities to further their edu- cation. lt was with these diversified talents, acquired skills, and everyone's unique personality which, combined, made this year distinctively different from any other. Throughout the day, various individuals from the honor study halls congregate on the student center steps in order to "pool" their efforts and knowledge or "cram" for that final exam. Individuals utilize the some moment in various ways, Junior Nancy O'Kone hesitates before stash- ing away her books, while Debbie Oberholtzer lkneelingl pauses to tidy up her purse. Typical of many other music students, Bill White uses his instrument locker daily and finds it very accommodating for his books and clarinet. Striving for precision, Bell Choir members prac- tice each clay for their various performances. Fine arts expands curriculum Shaping models of their own feet, students in the sculpture class experiment in three dimensional art. This course provides them with a fuller appreciation for sculpture. LQ ' iw. ff ' 1' ffz 0 include sculpturing, humanities classes ln the field of Fine Arts at North Central, both the music and art depart- ments made additions to Their cur- riculum. The addition of a sculpturing class led to forming a full program for the art student. New classes stressed the individual achievement and be- came part of the total art educational experience. Three areas represented were weaving and textiles, iewelry de- sign and construction, and ceramic arts. Various proiects lined the art hall, cre- ating an artistic atmosphere. ln the art history class, each student learned the role art played in the world throughout the ages. Mrs. Pauline Brothers conducted a humanities class during the summer and arranged many beneficial field trips for the students. A new choral group, the Northernaires, ioined the other choruses and made many ap- pearances throughout the city, as did Bell Choir, Counterpoints, Music Men, and Girl's Ensemble. wimdi.. f f fu The annual Fine Arts Festival draws crowds of adults and students to see the exhibition of student art displayed throughout the school and to see the program presented by the school's music groups. Mft fi 3 H' 5 Illlllll 1 1 1 nw 1 1 1 1 my 1 Senior Paul Koenig looks perplexed as he works out a difficult problem with problems interesting, they prove to be puzzling at times. Learning to use the his slide rule for an advanced mathematics class, Although Paul finds these slide rule is an important step in doing rapid calculations. Bob McPhee and Charles Bahne show their pleasure upon placing l2th in the national math contest. With the aid of 1967 graduate Bruce Whitehead, the team also placed first in state competition. As members of Mrs. Spoon's math class, students Cheryl Diamond and Ron Engel display their pro- iects which utilize geometric principles. Diversified science courses enrich student knowledge Adiusting his high-powered microscope, biology student Bill Gray is intrigued by the specimen. North Central offered a variety of comprehensive science courses with a continually changing curriculum. Some of the classes offered in the science de- partment were biology, botany, chem- istry, geology, narcotics, physics, physiology, biology topics, earth sci- ence, and zoology. Advanced courses were offered in several of these subiects. This year North Central expanded its science curriculum. Introductory physical science was added as a two semester combination of physics and chemistry. This class is unlike all pre- vious physical science courses because it consists of laboratory work only. Physiology was expanded to a full year and the study of heredity and embryology was also included in the course. Team-teaching had been used previously, but this year classes were handled by individual teachers. Through dissection, the students studied the bones, sweat glands, and brains of sheep. Two new laboratory books were used this year for the first time. They may look like "tinker-toys", but to lab assistants Becky McCan, Shari Longest, and Fiona Wright they are fundamentals of chemistry, Hoping to gain insight into the world of the atom, these girls con- struct molecular models. As assistants they also aid the science instructors in the laboratories. While studying human anatomy, physiology stu- dents Jim Pruitt and Neal Taslitz take time to get acquainted with their skeleton "friend," 1- l', r vi ww A" , . I 5 i 3 l i i 1 l i i 3 i i -up nn.- in -- inn in in mag in: sung :ang Suns: ...Q been H In-nu sau in 1:1 l l l i 1 l i l l l i li ti if ll ul llnlm N .U llnsun Q -al 1 -san 1. i - Q l . 4 V-.... ,,,, 2'-I ,W mg li: 9 4. I Qi ugnuw. i - -..W nh-I ,, K, 'I . .4 - p .' 3 , a , ' 1 fr' in-r if: , f :mst-A-3 3 I. ..QZ5?5?IIIIIlI H .nlllllli While Dan Grube ancl the rest of his classmates listen, Mrs. Allen explains the right of exclusive possession to her business law class. x F. , KN fi' ii Figuring al an adding machine, business student Larry Frey makes use of the various equipment which is available for students in the business department during study halls. ' Beginning lyplsls lrightl discover that learning correct typing habits requires much perserverance and patience. Ellen Abbot! ileftl also applies this I knowledge cf typing to transcribe memos and letters from a dictaphone machine. She and many other students learn this skill at N. C. , .,fJi'iigg43iWfL W ,. , f 'if' - . .wg , WW' 5 -, ix let .J Business department tiains students for venous fields Training students to become busi- nessmen and women, the Business Edu- cation Department offered many use- ful cmd worthwhile courses. Not only did business maiors participate in these classes, but also the college- bound individual. New non-electric typewriters were added for the student's use during typing class periods. The typing classes acquired new books to accompany the machines. Typewriters were also made available to students during study halls. Students developed individual skills through a wide variety of courses of- fered. Bookkeeping students gained both vocational and personal skills in classifying, recording, cincl summariz- ing financial transactions. Members of secretarial practice class worked to im- prove their typing, shorthand and clictaphone-transcriptions speed and accuracy. This course aided the student in attaining the level of competence de- sirable for work in a business office. Individuals interested in the marketing field enrolled in the selling class. Before typing Karen Parson practices the funda- mentals of cleaning her machine by carefully dis- mantling it and inspecting all parts. .Q ilfiiiiw. apr , , I3 31516 .fsififgf 34 Ti ff 3' We ' ll .ff-fl .. s sl Q 'Stl sts sts. at fi -r ,sf 1 J sf f :w A 1, 'HSS'- -t 1 259531 - fl it rydiegr Zliflib f5lfElZ1'g,, ' 'v Q 5' i i -gg -' , - ' s f r s . 5 ' .,.1 +V ,gg J ti rigs. ,. , it ,W "dis tw tu 3 q,ag.n,f11gwq ., -- .- ., - V V aft:-a.,"'2 f- ,zfirr ' .i1'iY?5l'w - . remit' W - - ,,,1sGS2f112Qgit.s-V fs Y ' M- 'Qesxpeff , far mr' ' v K 'Mfr-112511111,-Hfi'fsf. at-.:' 4, .. f ' . . W -, nz ?iV'aQ" i:a?21Q12f2gSfsg1fi.:f , 5r 1 it ,, . .- ,ts eggs--an1iefa5tEe?gff?:rf:res2afi2+ if rf K 'Wt . ' K Nfl, :E9W531,h Y wig? 2 Y. 4 . ' 'i.1 f, ,iff E N5 .. - Q 4' r t i we-assent i - s .. - -,y.a,- - ' 7 Preparing himself for a vocational career, Larry Netter works underneath the body of the car to repair a faulty speedometer cable during an auto mechanics class. WHL- .VM-Lw"ft - ,..g5i'fegsaP 2 'f ,Nw br ,gp ,s Practical arts includes useful demonstrations Field trips, demonstrations and guest speaking were emphasized by the Practical Arts Department this year to broaden the students' knowledge. ln the clothing classes, girls sewed the latest styles and knitted frequently. Individuals worked at their own level and many girls exceeded the required number of proiects due at the con- clusion of the course. The cooking classes compared processed and home- made foods and studied the value of food in both quality and flavor. Throughout the year, the home eco- nomics department worked on the May Style Show. Some girls made and modeled their own creations while others furnished and served the re- freshments. Auto mechanics classes received new test equipment this year which helped the boys in their practical work and further advanced their learning. Print- ing classes experimented with textile printing, and again printed most of North Central's programs, tickets, and newspapers. Drafting classes took trips to see houses being built, thus motivating the boys to improve their architectural drawings and model structures. Applying the various techniques of design, Greg Pfau perfects his drawing plans with the use of T- square, triangle, and drawing board. We- l ., . T61 ' .fi , 1 As n part of their home economics course, Evelyn Bobbi? and Rebecca Pendleton place some cookies shaped like stars and Christmas trees into the oven in anticipation of the holidays. Sitting in front of a linotype machine, Bill Carter sets up the necessary type for his printing class project-the school football posters. 1 1 J in- -,-M sqm- 1--1 ss, X1 Q! P For his demonstration speech, Steve Robertson shows his class the perils involved in shaving be- fore it is possible to master the arf. N, l English department includes After reading the story of Helen Keller's life, The Miracle Worker, students in Miss Climer's sophomore English class visit the Indiana State School for the Blind fo further understand one of her handicaps. we l f ir' 'B . , 1-SJ a Leu - 1 ,LVVLLV al 1 x-sf T421 drama courses Although the basic English, litera- ture, and composition courses have re- mained primarily the same this year, the North Central English Department has noticed an increased interest in the fields of dramatics and stagecraft, More emphasis on the techniques of these courses was stressed and a new course was launched. Scene design provided the individu- als who had already taken stagecraft or worked on stage crews to make use of the skills which they had learned. They studied how to handle problems faced in the presentation of dramatic productions, lighting effects, and cos- tume and property plots. Dramatics classes began by teaching the fundamentals of correct walking and learning pantomime expressions. After developing the speaking voice, students acted out cuttings from plays. The editorial staff for Etchings in Thought was Fiona Wright, Georgia Cravey, Mike Goldberg, Jay Ham, and Andrea Ayer. Selections in this booklet included poems, stories, and essays written by North Central students and screened by the English Department. Preparing for the fall play, members of the stage crew construct the necessary scenery. l Z Flipping through the pages of a reference book, Junior Steve Hartman makes use of the vast facilities which the North Central Instructional Materials Center offers to the student. Forei n languages increase interest in world cultures ms' uni if ., L. sr' , ,..-f,..qw During a typical class day, members of the second year Russian class ask Mr. Wendling many ques- tions concerning the difficulties they encounter in their lessons, Designed for the individual, North Central's curriculum offered many for- eign languages. ln this department classes were conducted in French, Ger- man, Latin, Russian, and Spanish, each planned to give the student individual attention and assistance. The use of the language labs and the viewing of films in the foreign tongue provided the student the opportuity of listening to the language. Due to their fluency in their respec- tive languages, Paul Over, Jody Abel, Karen Wolf, and Allan Tharp traveled to Germany during the summer of 1967 with the indiana University Honors Pro- gram. In addition, John Duvall, Beth Burns, and Melinda Diehl went to France, while John Lindquist iourneyed to Mexico. Once again heading the foreign lan- guage department, Mr. John H. Brown returned after a sabbatical leave of one year. New members to the faculty included Mrs. Patricia Theobald in French, and Mr. John W. Tully and Miss Anne Pihlak in German. iir 1 +3-sV e'?Q1 . Learning correct pronunciation of foreign expres- sions, Bruce Kirschman discovers the advantage of listening to tapes in the language laboratory. Pointing out sentence structure to other members of his Spanish class, Tom McNamara helps them learn the importance of correct grammar. As members of various Spanish classes and parli- cipants in the Spanish clubs, Julie Morris, Karen Wasson, Lynne Ditrus, Kris Dean, and Janie Maines prepare paper mache pinatas for classroom use. Social studies classes learn of our role in World t Representatives to Hoosier Boys' ond Girls' State last summer included Gary Wolf, Ann Fogle, Don Lawton, Gloria Bough, and Bruce White. Carrie Schiffli, the alternate, is not pictured. A glance into one of the social studies classrooms reveals Bob Glasser discussing the poverty pro- gram with other members of his sociology class. Centralites prepared themselves for futu re responsibilities as citizens through courses in the Social Studies Department. An emphasis on history aided pupils in understanding the foun- dations ot politics today and the cir- cumstances under which governments are controlled. The Social Studies De- partment included such courses as Asian Studies, Civics, Economics, Ge- ography, Government, Sociology, U.S. History, World History, and Citizenship. Guest speakers and panel discussions supplemented the material already available in these classrooms. Outside the classroom, outstanding Social Studies pupils represented the school at Boys' and Girls' States. Gary Wolf, Bruce White, Don Lawton, Ann Fogle, and Gloria Baugh attended the sessions. Peals of Liberty is an annual publi- cation put out by students interested in patriotism. "Liberty is the Breath of Progress" was the theme ot the booklet this year. Priscilla Howell was editor ot this year's pamphlet, Martha Lipscomb served as iunior editor. f .SE , ' nt. K . it -. . ,W ,,.i..i ., ai, 1 x ' Q f-zsafv -- i- Punishing "witch" Kriss Sipple for her misdemeanors, Sophomores Dan Green- berg and Steve Perkins sentence Kriss to "5O minutes in the stocl-code" while Scott Jackson contemplates the announcement con- cerning Peuls of Liberty which appears on the bulletin board in his American history classroom. s.. .A 1, ,io Lynne DuLong and Dallas Dalton watch with interest. All of the students are members of Mr. Meek's history class. Eiimilif i .f I Y ylrs . After school hours, staff members meet in the library to edit some of the student submitted essays for the Peals of Liberty, a book published in co-operation with the social studies department. X L,L,,, A .Milt f Modem gymnastic equipment and well-trained teachers aid students in gain- ing valuable experience through participation in physical educaton classes during the sophomore year. The parallel bars develop arm, leg and stomach muscles, as well as a sence of achievement in each boy. Student gym assistants Louise Goss and Carol Frock spot for sophomore Pat Keller as she strikes an arch back pose during girls' gym class. Mastering the skill of volleyball, sophomore Beth Craves demonstrates to her gym class the correct stance after shooting the ball to her opponent. G m, health classes further individualism The goal ot the Physical Education Department was to correlate mental and social growth with physical devel- opment in helping the Centralite to become a well-rounded individual. North Central formulated a grueling physical education program for its li7l spohomores. ln this program each individual developed the basic skills used in all athletics but strove to excel in at least one sport: badminton, gym- nastics, wrestling, football, archery, volleyball, track, or basketball. Also in- cluded were activities to develop bal- ance and rhythm. Each Friday music echoed from the gymnasium as the students promenaded about while en- ioying weekly square dancing. While some students strengthened their bodies, others learned in health class how they function. When not con- centrating on anatomy, these classes studied the bookwork for their drivers' tests. As in past years, the drivers' education program was continued dur- ing the summer. Last summer over 900 students from all over the city partici- pated, making NC's program the largest in the state. 1 v f?5f Before one of the summer driver education classes ventures out onto the road, "up-man" Riley gives last-minute instructions, This year there were five summer sessions with over twenty instructors. Under the supervision of Mr. Smith, a student in drivers' education tests his drivin lates the car through one of many obstacle courses set up an the school parking lot. g skill as he manipu 1 ee at-...Q 1 'vac-u if M-1.w:wm..:-' x xx' L . .ti .ve .f,..f,'1,-, . M, -.Mu 1, ,W V 1 Q ,jvif 1 A I 'fifivi ' J Q., igm::1g' , - A , '.x,f'i?liQ? r. , ffwiga ' mffiyrag? if A gl Tiffin? f a x fgfxivfxi- fl fl'- 1 1 -'fwfr 2' f Q. i 'gid- f:',z1?fg3b1Z. gmt? ,. Q, A, J' ' ' 132524 fI'S1?'ff'5i'1 j1,:.a5m gtg 1 A , A xarw. my gig - ,gimf..a, , J .ff?x1f.1?52i fx . . 1 ,,gJ3t.f'2?'E.,b figgggfv, 11-551 lf? v l 1 - .-51.1 A Q "QQ: Q is "2-Sgs..3 ASL :ff 1 Q-.-ff' ww- A an x, ' 11,2 , 125255, ffilf. gm- -fm-ax l A - , f A 2 1'i i?if? ' .N ' A ' A - ,v,5 . 4.2, , fi 'EL ef, IQEI, ' if TQ lil 'iii-if- ' I s 32:1 AWA Q. ,. ' . lg' gif' , 1 'Q 55m , :fff1,:, ws- V Al, 1 tzimetmjt -:-E: Q-:fi w'w'fU? mi-5431-,-",p A1 , f . .gary gf1,:g"2, I 5,5 -7s,:.5,gl ez-sw EMM mfw ' 'if-K+-5 1 ffm' fu' niffrf- u'?:?l1'fM. if Nga x -fa.LE.g41 x ' , V x ,Jim ",4Q"wf: Q , .. ggqriz-Zjy7'g2:w.., , . If 3.5. lvff. ...U-v-.v ...1...JfQdA.' 'f A-'inf' " "YA ' 177 fe N452 vJ?i'2li?!f5gEl! ,- A FA :ff .-2.51. ' vig. W ' Q,3ff41,f"'f?lf la. ' A1 " WF-,W'w4v3. ' ,. ' ,f."-'Af 5.'fv5,.3. 1, , f 'fl .N 37,-ky.-sw ,. 4 W 3 , , g -1-M al, M ' a 1 1 . K f."w1.. if - if ,V X ,- fly .AMW Q I W' M. ww v u 4 4 9- I i I G 1 1 'H' Q f : rg r ' ' - 4 a J I if ' .W 2, 3 L V 1 r x if N ' , 1 fr A f. 1 , 1 , , ! . ' 3 W 1 I I N X 4 . 2 1 3 . i ! 1? Q w.. School life Mentally alert and ready to learn, Centralites arrive at North Central any- where from 7:15 to 7:55. For seven and one half hours, five days a week, stu- dents labovel drag themselves through the six 50-minute periods. Many con- verse with their fellow classmates lop- posite pagel during the five minutes alloted between classes, others lleftl use the time to scrutinize campaign posters for the upcoming elections. End- ing a long fought day ltop leftl, stu- dents refresh at the snack bar. ' SSN 'V Q ,.,, Filing past teachers and friends lleftl, graduates march down the aisle during commencement exer- cises held each year clt The Coliseum. ,,,:. g s, gl. , we f .J ,, -WM-"" ,....-fr-"fe" r 1 w get .1 QE, -mv ,w+f'fmm4 s,,,,1s Sandy Breisacher finds little trouble in "feeling" the part of Anne Frank in the spring play, "The Diary of Anne Frank." Final rehearsal with the use of scripts requires concentration from bath Sandy and Jay Davis, her supporting actor, but she still breaks out in laughter upon reading funny lines. " nne Frank," graduation, prom fill spring months ln the spring of '67, the drama de- partment presented The Diary of Anne Frank, the story of two Jewish families forced into hiding during the Nazi oc- cupation of Holland in an attempt to save their lives. Sandy Breisacher starred as Anne while Jay Davis played opposite her as Peter Van Daan. ln her diary, Anne recorded the frustra- tions and problems which she experi- ences as she matured during her con- finement. Baccalaureate services, the Senior Talent Show, and mountains of paper in the Student Center all preceded an- nual commencement exercises for the class of 1967. The class presented a microfilm proiector to the school, while traditional caps and gowns dominated the scene in the Coliseum. Commencement speakers Dale Fink and Rachel Ochs presented original orations to the graduates, teachers, and parents who attended. At the Indiana Root Ballrom on May l3, iuniors gathered tor their Junior Prom, "Raindrops on Roses." Scott Clayton and Marty Youngquist ruled over the affair as king and queen. Members of the 1967 Junior Prom Court included, Front Row: Queen Marty Youngquist, Carol Hill, Dini Lilly, Beth Burns, Nancy McClain. Back Row: Rick Fobes, Tom Schrader, King Scott Clayton, Don Lawton, Mark Moore. As in past years, the prom was held at the Indiana Roof. FF' 7 ' au ill. ami ix ' .- is . 'M V' ' ' I ,.,, t t to if ' ' I ' N 'A , l 28 The spirit of Panther unity does not fade away Nancy Mc- after the pep session for Centralites Clain and Mark Moore who patronize the Nora Shopping Center for an occasional malt. North Central students are among the many spec- tators viewing the 500 Mile Race on Memorial Day when the cars come into the first turn. Winter snow prevents many North Central students from shopping at the Glendale Mall, but Senior .Jim Linderman braves the cold and crosses the usually filled concourse. Since everything is centrally located around the school building lleftl, an aerial stadium lcenterl, tennis and basketball courts and baseball diamonds lcenter view of North Central's campus looks all the more impressive: the football backgroundl, Northview Jr. High School and Administrative Building lrightl Students utilize benefits of large eommunit living The central location of North Central afforded the many benefits of a large city. Using the Butler Library, attending the "SOO-mile-Race," or plays at Clowes Hall, shopping and working at Glendale or downtown-these are only a few of the activities which oc- cupied Centralites' time during the school year. For research and other re- ports which required outside refer- ences, students made use of the li- brary throughout the year. Films in the Christian Theological Seminary gave extra background on books such as The Brothers Karamozov and showed other interesting movies, all available to the Centralite. ln the springtime, the annual "500" remained the focal point of many stu- dents' interests. The Memorial Day event attracted a sizable number of students as well as teachers. Outside of school, many Centralites spent' time patronizing the local mer- chants, others held iobs as clerks, cashiers, restaurant helpers, and stock personnel. Some felt independent enough to maintain self-employment as yard-tenders and babysitters, some donated time to service organizations. Pausing from the tedious Iob of writing term pa- pers, North Central students take a break on the Butler library steps for a few moments. While massaging Bob Whi!inger's shoulders, Queen Ant Pclt Dillln attempts to put the Chief Scientisfs mind at rest before he departs on his journey to the human world in "Under the Sycamore Tree." -5? nt-life depictec i E i After taking their marital vows in the "Sound of Music," newlyweds Captain von Trapp lDan Drakel and Maria lCc1rol Manifoldl leave the altar for their honeymoon. Singing "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ma- l rio," perplexed nuns llettl Connie Ponder, Leah Schulte, and Robin McDowell resort to prayer for an answer to their dilemma. 1 Y mlm' .lean m: mmm: l n fall pla 3 N ound of Musicw highlights Jamboree Providing students with dramatic ex- perience, the annual fall presentations involved many Centralites. Leading the cast of "Sound of Music." Carol Mani- fold and Dan Drake portrayed Maria and Captain Von Trapp in the popular musical production. Thespian Troupe No, 1815 of North Central sponsored the fall play, "Under the Sycamore Tree." In this satire, a community of ants, led by the Queen, Pat Dillin, and the doctor, Bob Whitinger, pursued the imitation of human reactions and feelings. Also in the fall, Back-to-School Night offered the parents of North Central students an opportunity to get ac- quainted and ask questions about policies and procedures at the school. The Class of '68 sponsored the an- nual Senior Bonfire after the last foot- ball game. Twenty senior girls with six escorts modeled at the Family Jam- boree Fashion Show. Juniors busily organized their class party to which the admission was a can of food. The cans collected were later distributed to needy families by members of the Class Council. At Back-to-School Night, parents of Centralites listen attentively as Mr. Lickliter explains to them the activities of his biology class. -H During a thunderstorm, all of the von Trapp chil- dren gather around their governess as she sings to them about the lonely goatherd. Fearing the mighty NC Panther hunters, "Tiger" Bonnie Einstondig cringes atop the senior class float entitled "Central Goes Safari." Following weeks of planning in preparation for the Homecoming festivities, Missy Kokos and Shor- on Scudder add beginning touches to the National Honor Society float which begins to take shape. D- x ' 1 R . wb. Though trying to "block that kick," members of the Greenfield football team find the task next to im- possible as the Panther gridder records the point-after-touchdown with aid of excellent team blocking. Grasping her red roses, Homecoming Queen Marty Youngquist smiles rudi- Peggy Roberts, and Dini Lilly reigned with her during the half-time festivities antly for the crowd. lLeft to rightl Princesses Carol Sue Hill, Mary Scott Smith, and of the dance, "Fonky, Fonky Broadway," the next evening. Homecoming ame, dance heighten school Spirit The high point of the T967 Fall Fes- tival came when two powerful teams, the North Central Panthers anal the Greenfield Tigers clashed to decide a victory for North Central. For the second year, the Student Council sponsored the tricycle race which proved to be an interesting and exciting experience. The victors Juniors Kari Dunn, Laurie Dustman, Barbara Eden and Karen Duggan out-pedalecl one hundred other team entries. The school spirit was also bolstered this year by selling corsages. Begun early in the fall, five floats were completed in top secret. The tra- ditional float parade included "Central Goes Safari" by Senior Class Council, "Tigers Get Plowed in a Greenfield" by homeroom E l48, "North Central Variety Pack" by homeroom B 537 and "Panthers Trample Tiger Lillies" by National Honor Society. The NHS float won first place. Last year's Homecoming Queen, Mert Stander, returned to crown her successor Marty Youngquist. "Fonky, Fonky Broadway" was the scene of cott Clayton's crowning on the follow- ing evening in the student center. On their float, "Panthers Trample Tiger-Lillies," members of the National Honor Society find themselves looking up at CI huge shoe as it gradually lowers itself in an effort to trample them. Holiday spirit creates winte i l During "Under the Sycamore Tree" Queen Ant lPat Dillinl remains aloof to Patterson, Christy Pfeiffer and Irene Stillermanl. This play depicted an ant Scientist lBob Whittingerl, Chief Statistician lBill Carrolll, and Workers lRon society, and proved to be a satire on humanity. Reigning at the Christmas dance "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" were iback rowl Steve Clayton, John Walters, Bob Habig, Ifront rowl Joy Leim- bach, Nancy McClain, and Judy Allen. Seniors John Walters and Nancy McClain reigned as King and Queen of the festivities. :Xcitement l l Holiday spirit and Panther pep mixed together to provide an exciting atmosphere in North Central during the winter months. Reigning over the an- nual Christmas dance, Nancy McClain and John Walter headed the royalty. Junior Princess Joy Leimbach and Prince Bob Habig, plus Sophomore Princess Judy Allen and Prince Steve Clayton completed the court. The Music Department presented the a n n u a l Christmas program for the faculty and student body on the last day before Christmas vacation. The accusations of two Puritan girls echoed through the auditorium as Arthur Miller's The Crucible was staged as the winter play. Georgia Gresham, Ken Hixon, Libby Curry, and Georgette Freeman assumed the leading roles in this tense drama about the Salem witch trials. Another play given by the Thes- pians was a French comedy Reynard r the Fox, presented in a Children's The- ater Production. Panther spirit abounded during the Panther Pep Week with the sale of booster beanies, a poster contest among homerooms, and the wearing of school colors twice during the week. 'LQXQT' G , Y. rg., 'r Animals of the forest gather around their king during Reynard the Fox, an annual Children's Theater production presented by Thespians. Spirititis hits North Central in full force during Panther Pep Week as Judy Stone and Frank Senecal persuade Jeff Simon to buy a North Central pin to ga with his booster beanie. Rollicklng about the stage, a chorusvline of Santa Clauses entertains the audience during the per- formance of the A Cappella Choir in the Christmas convocation before vacation. During a scene form Guys and Molls .lan Lingeman and the gang lleft to Wolf pause to reminisce a moment before ioining in a chorus of "There ls rightl Mike Elliott Mark Harshman Don Waller Steve Bridges, and Gary Nothing Like a Thug," one of several songs adapted to the "twenties" theme. .lunior Spec Chairman are lfronl rowt Karen Duggan, Jeanette Komsiski, Allison Brown, Malli Oliver, lsecond rowl Barbara de Raismes, Betsy Waller, Kathy Madinger, Ned Sterner, and Kathy Franz. T.V. Reporters lMike Muller and Sandy Yoshal from station WNCHS interview a local peasant Llim Morganl to learn ofthe current events in Jan Jose, the setting in "Tequilla Country." Five-act 1968 Junior Spec demands patience, hard Work As the Counterpoints opened Junior Spectacular, all was hushed backstage. Student coordinators Polly Wise and Dick Williams, together with faculty helpers Mr. Lord, Mr. Martin, and Miss Laycock, scheduled rehearsals and saw that all went smoothly up to the last curtain call. Music for Spec was di- rected by Mr. Rhinesmith. This year, Junior Spectacular included five acts instead of the usual four. ln Molli Oliver and Kathy Franz's act, "Apples, Peanuts, and Pumpkin Pie," comic strip characters Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Snoopy, and others celebrated National Dog Week. Revolution and comedy dominated the action in the small country of San Jose, the setting ot "Tequilla Country" written by Kathy Madinger and Jeanette Komsiski. The development ot American music from Puritan times until the present was the theme of "Musical Meta- morphosis" by Sharon Kramer, Pam Kramer and Pam Hurlbut. ln the act by Barb de Raismes, Karen Duggan, and Betsy Waller, "Guys and Molls," a gang pulled off the perfect robbery, while martians, from outer space observed American life in "The Elmer-Splutz Report," written by Alli- son Brown and Ned Sterner. Connie Tarplee drew the program cover. add" 'wiv' ,Aan-.5 During a rehearsal of "Apples, Peanuts, and Pumpkin Pie," Linus lRay Ohlsonl, Snoopy Ueff Marrl, and Peanuts lDarrell Pikel console each other over problems of raising money for National Dog Week. Portraying Martians, Jim Alexander and Fred Alexander are triumphant as they conquer the world in the Spec Act "Elmer-Splutz Report." my 4 x K, ,f . V fx fi ww K.g use L Sn , A 5 g' , L' 2 My - L ,fi S -- Q 3 4 W , ki Kg, .4 '3""'3E! f c Vain-.'....., . W 'ig Activities During activity periods students cle- veloped self-expression while taking a break from the regular curriculum. Pic- tured on the opposite page is the mural, symbolic of all of the activities in which Centralites participate: Bell Choir members Itop leftl receive last minute instructions before one of their performances, Music Men lleftl as- semble on stage, and class council members iabovel prepare decorations for their prom. These are but three of the 85 organizations open to students. L.. 1 fy .-.......,.' Council strives to interest Centralites in new activities As North Central proceeded further into its second decade of existence, the Student Council again, as in the past, accepted a leading role in furthering the interests of the student body. The lO7 members, under the leadership of senior Tom Schrader and the guidance of sponsor Mr. William Bugher, con- tinued such traditional activities as the College Night, Christmas dance, and Career Day, as well as initiating such new activities as the selling of carna- Sludent Council Officers-Ass. Sec. Nancy Mc- Clain, Vice-Pres. Bob Habig, Sec, Beth Burns, Pres. Tom Schrader, and Tres. Mark Moore. ff 11 There s action in the pits with a frantic change of drivers during the qualifications for the Annual Homecoming Trike Race in which all 'I07 hcmercoms entered teams. tions for homecoming. Through various committees spon- sored loy the Council, students and faculty expressed their feelings con- nected with specialized areas ot school life. Examples of this type ot communi- cation were the cafeteria committee, headed by senior Marty Bledsoe, which investigated rising lunch prices and crowded conditions in the cafe- teria, and the radio station committee, under the supervision of George Bridgforth, which explored the possi- bilities of bringing our own radio station into existence. During the annual college night, Jackie Dorman asks Miami of Ohio's Admission Officer Mr. Schuler questions concerning admission. In order that he may park in the school lot, iunior Steve Arnold has his car checked during one of the Student Council's safety checks. Student Council-Front Row: N. Sternberger, J. Allen, J. Thompson, D. Foster, A. Corbett, P. Clay, B. Burns, N. McClain, P. Dillin, C. Hamclker, D. Howe M. Oliver, G. Stahlhuth, S. Kahn, J. Cohen, S. Baker, K. Bessey. Second Row K. Petersen, J. Roberts, K. Simon, E. Falender, J. Dundas, B. Brodey, K Foster, D. Warfield, M. Smith, A. Kurtz, M. Kokos, L. Kafoure, S. Schaefer, A. McClelland, P. Stone, L. Mueller. Third Row: G. Nefouse, B. Baie, H Hargadon, S. Barnes, J. Hoffman, C. Mallinson, D. Witham, G. Linder, R Hollen, L. Nahmias, M. Goldberg, J. Redmond, D. Pentecost, S. McKinney, M Alig, S. Thompson. Fourth Row: T. Schrader, L. Habig, J. Krueger, D. Roberts, M. Elliott, R. Fobes, T. Englehart, G. Wolf, B. Reel, D. Ward, J. Thomas, E. Weinberg, G. Kirles, R. Hutchinson, B. Tindall. Fifth Row: D. Perkins, R. Massena, T. Rust, R. Martin, J. Lindquist, J. Chesterfield, D. Corbin, S. Burns, M. Harshman, G. Bridgforth, C. Zilson, D. Bennett, P. Branche, L. Karels, J. Berger. Sixth Row: D. McCuen, S. Knowles, R. Eaton, S. Harris, D. Mitchell, A. Gillespie, B. Rothbaum, M. Ward, J. Busch, B. Pruitt, F. Senecal, B. Howard, A. Gibbs, L. Tavel. Seventh Row: M. Bledsoe, M. Sebastian, L. Astbury, J. Scofield, B. White, B. Dinnsen, M. Moore, S. Overman, J. Fortune, S. Gipe, K. Cage, T. Milch, D. Williams, D. Dawson, B. Habig. Gary Wolf, treasurer of National Honor Society, demonstrates the schools new Xerox copy machine to the other officers, Mike Goldberg, pres., Chris Brewster, vice-pres., and Karen Wolf, sec. Dedication to service marks honorar organizations Service was not iust a meaningless word in the life of a '67-'68 Centralite, it was a willingness to give of them- selves that caused individuals to serve school and community Through three important organizations. Key Club began its activities in the early fall under the guidance of Phil Cockerille, president. During the Christmas sea- son their annual food drive collected a record amount of food for the needy. The sponsoring of mixers, car washes, and o t h e r money-making events helped finance a variety of other proi- ects. scholarship, character, and service being inducted into National Honor So- ciety. The 90-member group proved itself a versatile organization by becom- ing involved in activities ranging from the construction of the winning home- coming float to the continuation of their tutoring program. Dedicated to school service, the members of the Senior Girls' League were kept busy helping as hostesses and guides at different functions. The group also sponsored speakers and programs of interest for senior girls throughout the year, as well as holding -S.. L F 2 .. 'tts-:era-r. ,re1rr.a:gg g 3: E .rg .... . . .- rv at 1151... '- K I 1 W . . f. , .L 3 15-"'ll'AI if so-fp frlw 'rssrfivgfr 5 ' - . T so f v ,K -tif, err gs 1. Q ' -1if'.xsz3,.,,l Ha. .lg-. H . eff'-: -1 is... ' , 1" 'f' , Q?3s. ?Q,,jg if 'r rs . lx: warfare? 72 . .6 . WK.. --W. . -In z- :fumes S 'F 1' it cr . ...Q " W 'fr Q55 -1 ,...s..,.y...g,g.1.L. . n 5 ., .. . , seg We-W, -f f. ' f r - F . f ...,. A- C-"H-9 my V if , i.. ellftif 3. , a2ifrUfi2,l53. s .5557 lv J ' -A . 4 . ., May of 1967 saw school leaders in an annual tea for their mothers. National Honor Society-Front Row: J. Schoolcraft, D. Chernin, B. Freiie, J. Quirk, S. Bellard, D. Win- ters, M. Craig, S. Coulson, K. Murphy, E. Lennox, S. Scudder, B. Millholland, G. Stahlhuth, N. Bud- denbaum, P. Fleek, M. Leff. Second Row: C. Bahne, G. Wolf, K. McKinney, D. DeCoursey, G. Cravey, J. Abel, K. Wolf, K. Noland, S. Boedlt, C. Schiffli, C. Schortemeyer, J. Fletcher, P. Howell, K. Tully, K. Bessey, J. Linderman. Third Row: R. Goodin, F. Wright, S. Miller, M. Wright, C. Martin, M. Kokos, B. Burns, F. Binford, K. TeKolste, B. Habegger, M. Galvin, R. McPhee. Fourth Row: M. Careskey, G. Platt, J. Lindquist, M. Wallace, C. Smith, M. Sebastian, J. Payne, A. Lindquist, S. Becker, M. Smith, M. Goldberg, S. Passo, M. Moore, M. Wolf. Fifth Row: D. Roberts, J. Fortune, B. Rothbaum, P. Looney, D. Toth, J. Berlin, F. Boyd, D. Pritchard, J. Pruitt, N. Lipkin, J. Lisher, P. Over, J. Ham, C. Brester, L. Nahmias, P. Cockerille. ln early May 152 new members were inducted. 42 - fl - N ,w-1fL.L 2 '-J1 4 ,:-: rv-At W ,Mr , K- 'E 'ff-: 9 H 31 's.,,-i,y,ig:.j fvff'1?, 5 . ll :',ZEk.k -VLI 35 W A , 6' - ' ' Ll I LWk A . . ' W -1 Q- I B . '. ,- J . ri . A , -Cm, myers? s -3.f,s,:w2a,1a1. - . , L. . . -..3'f5,..2 i,,Mi.-.',w.f,r,.a if J ' W' 'W ' , W ., :xii ir if 2 1 ,fit gilfiagxfrggsl ,, .figs Af 23' 1. J 5 x 1 he 3 v X 'Y sf is 5 W ag 4? ' E 'S ii? 7435? X if xl ig, Z 3 'lk 3 -lgijm, .. . Ji, N . bf. T ,559 4 , aj 17455, , jx Q W. , Q , if gf 5 Sli his , ' ,vw-.,,,c.ef -V.-..,.-......:,g,,f .. N. . .,. .x ., - ,, was -' viii Z' x1 :f,'i' 21- W'-'ww 6 . if if Key Club Officers-Front Row Neil Hughes, Ike Regenstreif, and Jay Ham. Back Row: Phil Cock- erille, Mark Harshman, Bob Rothbaum, and John Scofield. Phil was president this year. Senior Girls' league Planning Board members include lleft lo rightl Nancy Joslin, Beth Bugbee, Ann Fogle, Mrs. Betty Stokesberry, advisor, Carolyn Schiffli, Sally McVey, and Betty Jo Hayes. Key Club-Front Row: J. Kennedy, M. Kelley, D. Witham, J. Wahl, P. Looney, J Jagger B. Jakoubec, S. Wiggins, S. Pilate, J. Freihofer, T. Englehart, J Morton G. Pelsue, F. Boyd, and J. Reinking. Second Row: E. Cure, J. Vance, B Bole J. Noland, J. Wallane, D. Perkins, C. Aldous, M. Holsworth, T. Quin to B Glasser K. McKinney, R. Aaron, W. Tutwiler, and J. Bose. Third Row N Hughes G. Sherry, l. Regensteif, D. Roberts, M. Mills, J. Busch, B. Kam - 1 1 - f 1 - r - i plain, D. Shadinger, M. Pratt, B. Zimmerman, J. Peterson, M. Muller, D. Daw- son, ond J. Crocker. Fourth Row: D. Burney, M. Harshman, L. Gardner, J. Burroughs, B. Meyers, N. Blickman, S. Stultz, B. Rothbaum, J. Ham, P. Cock- erille, E. Sigal, J. Lindquist, D. Nie, and T. Heiskell. Fifth Row: J. Fortune, J. Brandt, C. Beardshear, G. Pittenger, J. Keller, D. Drake, B. White, D. Strong, J. Scofield, B. Sterne, T. Davis, D. Waller, and D. Patton. Clubs Consider foreign cultures, Customs so --, ... 5 fglgfrf .. -1 T .Le Us Y - . s ' : - - 1 ' :T 1 is 'L'. , 5 Mf lifsrikt, 3, ' 'ray 1 Active Travel Club members lend a helping hand to Mr. Arnold in planning the coming year's pro- grams and guest speakers who visited the school to give students a better view of their world. During a meeting of World Culture Club, Ann Roth points out the lederhosen of a typical Ger- man youth to Dana Roth and Ron Wood. The allure of foreign lands caused several clubs to focus their attention away from everyday Hoosier problems to the mysteries ot lite abroad. Through speakers and slides, Travel Club, one of the most popular organizations, brought Centralites glimpses of every- day activity from the Scandinavian country of Finland to the tip of South Africa, which helped give a better ap- preciation ot cultures different from our own. Speaking on South Africa was student council sponsored AFS'er Jackie Bishop. As a member of American Field Service Club, Jackie did much to pro- mote the goal of the club which was to better the understanding among the peoples of all lands. The International Relations Club probed into problems ot political and current affairs. From the war in Viet Nam to the space race with Russia, the position ot the United States and its relations with other nations were dis- cussed and analyzed. Looking at the world from a dif- ferent angle, the World Culture Club examined the customs, art, music, and theater d e v e l o p e d by outstanding countries ol the world. AFS Club officers Fred Schwab, Donna Decoursey and Beth Burns, and AFS exchange student Margie Leff and Jackie Bishop admire the Oriental rug which Margie purchased in Turkey last summer. After the period is over, International Relations Club members John Mackey and Doug Wrege North Central students congregate at the annual A,F.S. coke party in order to become better acquainted discuss Red Ching with Mrs, Karl Zimmer, with the foreign exchange students visiting the school. Future journalists Work to Mft!!! ll aunt ron PHUTZST , A? W IW! Beverely de Raismes kindles Jim Lindermarfs Northern Lights Staff-Front Row: Tina Nehrling, Craig Capehart, A'Lelia Bundles, and Debbie Brown. candle signifying his initiation into Quill and Second Row: Christy Pheiffer, Scott Kingdom, Chuck Tate, and Anne Ziegner. Third Row: Tony Burris, Scroll, an international iournalism honorary. Steve Jacobs, Lee Driggers, Jim Alexander, and Debby Speake. Not pictured is the sponsor Mrs. Ramey, 'St 5 ' of rr 2, ,.., Northern Lights Editorial Board-First Row: Barb Mewhinney, Becky Neff, Scott Jackson, Susan Becker, Cheryl Diamond, Beth Harris, and Fred Kathy Leeds, Kathy Kelly, and Andi Trais. Second Row: Lennie Cantor, Alexander. Kathy Leeds and Becky Neff served as co-editors, ii mamtam quaht While most Centralites were away from school enjoying their favorite past times, members of journalism staffs put in long hours and much effort to produce award-winning publications. Northerner Editor Jim Linderman be- gan work in mid-summer drawing the layout for the yearbook. With the ar- rival of September, twenty-nine staff members began work in full force. Mixers after sports events, a city-wide ads campaign, and a record number of subscribers financed the book. Staff reporters and co-editors Kathy Leeds and Becky Neff worked dili- gently to produce the award-winning Northern Lights. ln addition to the regular bi-weekly issues, several special editions were distributed to publicize school events. This year's Northern Lights feature editor, Scott Jackson was elected president of the Indiana High School Press Association. Members of the News Bureau, headed by Kathy Kelly and Cheryl Diamond dis- tributed Centralite news. J ' ' ' of award-Winning publications -wud .3 ,?al"'?'2.f-tr " li Norlherner Junior Staff-Front Row: Lennie Cantor, Stephanie Diblasio, Kathy Madinger, Marcy Jay, and Jane Fenn. Second Row: Sue Herrmann, Sue Harlan, Connie Martin, Debbie Tower, Nancy Scherer, Carol Fiedler, and Jon Lingeman. Third Row: Craig Capehart, Tony Burris, and Bob Schnaclcel. Northerner Senior Staff-Seated: Larry Tavel, Sandy Greer, John Scofield, Editor-in-chief Jim Linderman, and John Lindquist. Standing: Missy Kokos, Jeannie Goll, Bonnie Einstandig, Sally Mc- Vey, Jody Abel, Betty Jo Hayes, Georgia Cravey, and Susie Kahn. Bob Rothbaum is not pictured. Scenes from Merry Wives of Windsor, a popular Elizabethan comedy, are improvised by Shakespeare Club members Kathy Johnson, Allison Brown, Duncan Grant, Ed Harmon, and Tina Nehrling. Checking sources in Great Books Club, Phyllis Fleming and Bev Routt prepare for a discussion of Antigone during one of the club meetings. English Clubs analyze hterature English-oriented clubs formed a ma- ior part of the activity program. An op- portunity to further their interest in the world's greatest writers was provided to students through the Great Books Club. The works of authors such as Alexis de Toqueville, Count Leo Tols- toy, and Aristotle became familiar to club members. "To be or not to be: that is the questionf' wrote the Bard of Avon. Famous lines such as this and the plays from which they came were the subiects of discussion of the Shake- speare Club. Also spending much of their meeting time in discussion were members of the Poetry Club. Besides investigating the basic mechanics of poetry and analyzing various classical and contemporary writers, members also created their own original verse. Concentrating on twentieth century American literature and its trends, the American Authors Club attempted to help students gain a better understand- ing of modern literature. Individuals with an eye to a future in writing found the Journalism Club a profitable experience. Various news- papermen spoke at club meetings to give members a first-hand view of the world of professional writing. By reading samples of literature, American Authors Club members Martha Lipscomb and Liz Evans learn much about the history of the United States. Fiona Wright, vice-president of the Poetry Club, reads aloud one of her favorite selections from C Q f tn .,,. wfff 1 f., fft- ii--..,..sw'-Y Wl1l'mC""'5 l-eaves of Grass- i N H , L t ...aww- L...-f-'uv-"W '41 -09' ,, gigs, V , During a visit to the North Central printing department, officers of the Journalism Club, Susan Bohard, Jim Chesterfield, and Ann Fogle, examine galley type for an edition of the Northern Lights. Dressed in traditional German garb, Karen Wolf discusses Fausl with Angie Zehner for orol recid- ings in fourlh yeor German Club. pulling 'he lmdmonal Chrislmqs Celekirgliorl' Span' During a French Club meering Anne Fogle, Melinda Diehl and Jonef Cohen organize The involved '5h.1ClU: InzmbggibloggmcmerWglPeG1?'iLim5gGs1nd schedule for u tutorial program designed for Those students who require uid in grammar. excl em n s . Language clubs explore Cultures Language students wishing to en- rich classroom experience elected to ioin one ot tour foreign language clubs. Gourmet members of the French Club iourneyed as a group to enioy a meal at a French restaurant. Speakers, films, games and poplar records acquainted the group with the true spirit ot the French culture. Personal experiences of German Club members highlighted club ses- sions with discussions of various Euro- pean nations where German is spoken. Barbara Beck, German exchange stu- dent, intormed members on current issues concerning Berlin and divided Germany. Various speakers helped Spanish Club members to learn that Spanish culture is not limited to Spain but ex- tends to Mexico, Latin, and South America. lncorporating the knowledge learned about various cultures, an elected program committee held a Spanish Christmas party. Learning that Latin does not involve study exclusively, Latin Club members celebrated Saturnalis, a holiday similar to Christmas. The annual Latin Ban- quet for all Latin students was also sponsored by the club. Students who attended dressed as Romans. German exchange student Barbara Beck pauses during her lunch period to talk about pontempory Germany and her observations of the United States with Barb Penno, Rick Shaeter, and Dim Lilly. Enioying the height of Roman luxury, Allison Brown, Randy Bernstein, and Linda Tomlinson accept the services of a slave during the Latin Banquet, an annual event sponsored by the Latin Club. N,1- W1 ist' Lear MM. -web ai T Applying make-up to an actress for a performance of the newly formed Repertory Company, Georgia Gresham displays her theatrical knowledge. N Using ruler and compass, officers of the Stage Crew Club, Greg Horning, Dan Hicks, Betsy Srader, and Marsha Wright draw plans for the stage set of Crucible, this year's winter play. +1 me National Thespiuns-Front Row: G. Horning, E. Curry, M. Wright, B. Routt, G. Stahlhuth, H. Hunt, S. Kahn, P. Dillen, and B. Shoemaker. Second Row: L. Haskett, B. Srader, B. McCann, R. Ross, D. Bevins, C. Gresham, S. Dankert, 5. Miller, K. Hanink, T. Updegrove, and B. Carroll. Third Row: Mr. Henderson, D. Hicks, G. Wolf, D, Fuller, J. Vawter, G. Henn, J. Fowler, G. Stohler, L. Heilman, and Mr. Lord. Each year the Thespians have two different Induction ceremonies. ,- r Talented crew serves behind stage curtain Action and effort were bywords be- hind the scenes at North Central's the- ater productions. Drama Club, Costume Club, Stage Crew and National Thes- pians cooperated in order to excel technically as well as dramatically. "Reynard the Fox," the annual pro- duction of Drama Club, delighted mati- nee audiences. Points accumulated by participation in plays counted towards membership in National Thespians, a theatrical honorary society. Thespians staged "Under the Sycamore Tree" and Miller's "The Crucible." Costume Club maintained an ef- ficient catalogue of clothing which made lion suits, priests vestments and evening gowns readily accessible. Stage Crew members were a select group of stage technicians responsible for maintaining one of the best equipped stages in the Midwest. Light- ing, microphones, and other sound equipment, the construction of sets, and the operation of stage mechanisms re- quired elaborate coordination. fffk A period gown undergoes the inspection of Costume Club members Susie Springer and Gayle Stalhuth who helped maintain an effective storage system for the various productions' costumes. Rehearsing for a Drama Club Skit, Susie Kahn, Betty Dilk, and Anna Lukemeyer perfect their panto- mine of a "Mexican fire drill" for a club meeting. Mechanical knowledge heightens technical skill Keeping abreast with the mecha- nized age in which they live, Electron- ics Club members became. familiar with such devices as radios and amplifiers. Theory was discussed in addition to technique and method. Personal projects brought from plan- ning stage to completion became a source of pride for members of Boys' Industrial Arts Club. Work was done in the fields of metals and woods. In order to meet the heavy demands of regular drafting classes, Drafting Club provided time for its members to complete assigned drawings and de- JE as tv it Evaluating a sample of lumber Mr Bill Corbin advisor of Girls' Industrial Arts Club, explains the criteria for ludglng the quality of wood grain and density to club member Coral Baudendistel. signs. Topical presentations were heard on career opportunities in drafting. Taking over in traditionally male fields, interested girls ioined Girls' Auto Mechanics Club and Girls' ln- dustrial Arts Club. Members spent meeting time working on engines and cars, learning to service automobiles and make minor repairs. Automotive theory was also presented to make the girls better operators as well as con- sumers. Girls' Industrial Arts Club acquainted its members with basic tools and minor repairs which might be encountered. Officers of the Electronics Club Jim Wahl, Chuck Hartley, Bob Schuman, and Jerry Reynolds acti- vate on electronic radio transmitter. After removing the head plate from a lathe, Jim Stahl, a member of Boys' Industrial Arts Club, adiusts the speed of the machine. The Industrial Arts MM' ,,,,.-sv Department makes its excellent facilities available during club meetings and allows members to take advantage of opportunities in technical arts. , W te' K 1 1 1 fs, . , X i I' "nfl, f3'94i'Y:Z9'f 11 ' N-.. f ' if.. As members of Girls' Auto Mechanics Club, Fran Landborg and Shellep Dykins grease the under- carriage of a Chevy convertible. With the aid of u T-square and architectural tri- angle, Tim Conly completes a proiect drawing of a model house for Drafting Club. wa H, ,N xr- Specially scaled models of a flower and a frog, representative of the two divisions of biological study, are placed on display for a club discussion by Biology Club officers Ed Amos and John Perlov. Astronomy Club members Neil Lipkin, Steve Ja- cobs, and John Hene explain an astronomical diagram concerning a constellation. ,ix .W ,ig if . sri i Officers of the newly organized Scuba Club, John Ripma, Richie Roesch, and Dennie Garritson display c self contained air tank, an essential item for making dives of duration. I ua Carefully checking the culture and conditions of a balanced aquarium in Biology Club are officers Steve Hill, Pat Gross, and Dana Foster. mateur scientists approach science topicall The physical facilities of the North Central Science Department provided the science clubs with excellent re- sources for their activities. The Aquarium Club established sev- eral aquarium cultures for the purpose of observation. Problems of fish be- havior and habits, aquatic plants, and aquarium maintenance were con- sidered. Amateur geologists welcomed the opportunity offered by Geology Club to exchange and exhibit their collec- tions of minerals, fossils and gems. Topics ranging from advanced theory of observational astronomy to UFO's were presented by space-minded mem- bers of the Astronomy Club. Members also attended evening meetings for field observation of stars and planets. The newly organized Hydronauts met with the purpose of promoting the sport of scuba diving. Demonstrations and speakers focused on the topic of self contained breathing apparatus or scuba: techniques of diving, care of gear, safety measures, and aquatic hunting. Biology Club, more general in its scope, allowed students to explore areas of natural science. Group experi- ments and individual research were supplemented with speakers, films, and topical presentations by teachers. Charlie Morse, Dennis Garrilson and Chuck Tale, responsible for the classification of mineral specimens, grade and store igneous samples for later study by the Geology Club and regular earth science classes. -Q-..., 'Semi J 4' Working with the s:hooI's computer, Mu Alpha Theta officers Bob Rothbaum, Jay Ham, and Marc C0fe5keY lncffose 'hell Undefslcndlng of Com' As Slide Rule Club member Jane Cravey works a complicated algebra problem on the blackboard, Plex mcfhem'-Yf'C0l 5Y57em5- fellow club member Dan Cooper checks Jane's computations with his time-saving slide rule. Members of Mu Alpha Theta, a national honorary society for mathematicians, Geometry. included in the club's varied programs are after school seminars listen attentively as a fellow member gives a lecture on Non-Euclidian and guest speakers who relate mathematics to the business world. HC Investigation attracts club members Perfection of technique and research attracted many students to clubs in- volving the study of math and science. individuals with interests in spe- cialized investigative fields ioined Sci- ence Proiects Club. Members were in- structed in data compilation and the writing of scientific issues. Contro- versial subiects such as euthanasia and the morality of organ transplants pro- vided topics for knowledgable ex- change. Those students with a desire to learn or improve proficiency in the use of the slide rule found Slide Rule Club a welcome method of instruction. After mastering basic functions of the instru- ment, members progressed to the techniques of square and cube ex- traction and the solution of logarithmic functions. High scholarship and s u p e rio r achievement in the field of mathe- matics allowed selected students to participate in Mu Alpha Theta, a na- tional mathematics honorary organiza- tion devoted to the promotion of inter- est in mathematics. Club members re- searched areas relating to such areas as permutations and probability for presentation during meetings. ig? f -we s i r l 551 After completing resource reading from National Geographic Magazine, Roy Massena, president of the Science Reading Club, outlines discussion points on the topic of infusions and protozoan cultures. tina!! ,v -N, 4 as .-ff t ffl 'Q , , ' -., Q rx 'R ln Science Projects Club, Patti Mullins, Tom Skel ton, and Marquis Hades perform a synthesis lab Individual finds self througl li L . is A 5 1 1 Leading a seminar discussion on the exploration of the business world, em- officers of the Business Club, Karen Nohmios, president, Dave Lurvey, vice- ployment, office techniques, and manogerial-administrative methods are the president, ond Lynne Mueller, secretary. an Jn, , 5? ,gag i gb, f .t V ,i 1 W, .X ' ' 'A W ri "Y 1 A. :i9fiQf'.i, 5 Q '-if r f L t f,f,',Z?1i":':?f5 '5'9'f:?i J 4 '?- s ,r r . wi' ,Q r r , g ,,,, .u lf. c ft.-Q, , es. ig. rf ' 'itz , ' . e14'u.f,::J i n - I Y to r r , , If - . ,.,W.: .,.u,,ff,wzq, f xg Ki 1 .1-V, , i1.1.. ,it a 5 ' fi ,iffff1iif':, t t so . Junior and senior officers of the Future Teachers Association, Terry Alexander, Ron Patterson, Susie Solecki, and Jean Moritz, meet in a ioint-board session in order to co-ordinate future programs. C SIVICC l l By belonging to Future Teachers of America, a national organization dedi- cated to promoting an interest in teach- ' ing as a career, North Central students explored the varied aspects of educa- tion. Highlights of the year included the State Convention and Exploratory Teacher's Tea in the spring. Members of Business Club became acquainted with various career possi- bilities in business and industry through meeting representatives of dif- 'ferent areas of business. Any student who was currently enrolled in, or had completed at least one business-educa- tion subject was eligible for member- ship. Service was the main objective of the Red Cross Club. The annual Red 'Cross membership drive and the send- ing of Christmas packages to North Central alumni in Vietnam were among the proiects that benefited both school and community. Common interest in the medical pro- fession unite many North Central girls in the Future Nurses of America Club. Speakers explained to the club mem- bers the different facets of the career as well as the necessary requirements for their chosen field. Members of Future Nurses of America, Winnie Harmon, Rosemarie Kavonaugh, and Anne Weinstein, spread Christmas spirit to settlement children, Billy Inman and Lisa Burkes, by giving them presents. Junior Red Cross Club members Marcia Hudson, Debby Franz, Susan Klein, and Susie Soleckie wrap Christmas gifts for some of the North Central graduates now serving in Viet Nam. 'mba ,mv As iunior Carol Edington stands patiently, fellow Clothing Club member, Diane Wilson, displays her skill as a couturiere as she measures Carol's hem length in order to alter last year's spring coat. JL. Demonstrating "casting on", senior Cathy Kautz teaches Martha Leslie the basic fundamentals em- ployed in the knitting club. Individual To keep trim figures, girls not en- rolled in Physical Education courses ioined the Junior-Senior Girls' Exercise Club. Their exercises included every- thing from elementary sit-ups to such complicated routines as "Chickentat.' By preparing exotic dishes, members ot the International Foods Club learned about the cultures ot several nations. While eating the dishes they had pre- pared, the girls enjoyed a break in the day's busy schedule. Demonstrations on how to overcome such problems as setting in sleeves and facings helped Clothing Club members to become proficient seamstresses. "Knit one, pearl one," and the con- fusion of conversation created a re- laxed atmosphere in the Knitting Club. Along with working their own projects experienced knitters aided newscomers with their headbands and sweaters. 1 1 Preparing Mince de Boeuf, International Foods Club officers Debbie Colby and Janine Lewis learn many facets of foreign culinary arf. provement cultivated in clubs "One, two, three, four! Left, righi, lefr, right!" Miss Tcvlin's booming voice pace for members of the Junior-Senior Girls' Exercise Club to follow. Knee- rings loud and clear throughout the girls' gymnasium as she calls out The bends, sit-ups, and push-ups are all basic exercises in the club's routine. lub members sharpen vocational techniques Photography Club officers George Brtdgforth Jan Wnngenroth, and Mike Behnke give a presentation of some of their photographs which all demonstrate several different techniques of photography. Typist Jeff Russell strives to increase his speed and accuracy in Manday's Review Typing Club. Willingness to work was a prere- quisite for Notehand Club. ln a class- room atmosphere, members of the club mastered a shorthand system that col- lege-bound students will find very helpful in notetaking. The Review Typing Club gave mem- bers an opportunity to practice and perfect skills gained in previous typing classes. Participants drilled mainly on increasing their speed and accuracy. To gain proficiency in the skill of transcribing, students enrolled in short- hand classes ioined the Shorthand Transcription Club. Centralites sincerely interested in photography as a profession or hobby utilized their Thursday activity periods to discuss techniques and process in the Photography Club. All members contributed to the Spring Photogra- phy Show. Membership in the Art Club was re- stricted to students with an active inter- est in art. One of its maior protects was the annual All-School Art Show. diligently, Don Tavel and Steve Scherrer find creative enioyment as advantage of the opportunity the Art Club provides for improving f-QW Improving some of her skills at the typewriter during her activity periods every Thursday, Reiche copies a manuscript from her notebook during Shorthand and Transcription Club. 7,523 .,., their artistic skills. Drawing cartoon characters, mastering their lettering, and sketching landscapes are among their favorite proiects. lfe3it'gW in 'M fx ,, 1' i , :VIH -2 Q if gil - 513 ,Ls Q 1 ' S ni. . he A Notehand Club members Don Donham and Cindy Mattson practice newly learned shorthand char- acters to increase their speed and accuracy. ,Q ,.,, I, Senior Sherry 65 While an instructor looks on, senior Sally Fisher, one of North Central's many exploratory teachers, explains the history of the American Flag to a student of Nora Cottage. Individual l Angler-Nimrod Club was newlyl formed this year. Members spent thel club periods learning different meth- ods of fishing. They also took many fishing trips to local lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Centralites with a special interest in history comprised the Junior Historical Society. To further their knowledge ol' local and state history, member worked on special projects and too field trips to historical landmarks. Seniors wishing to investigate the- profession of teaching enrolled in th Exploratory Teaching program. B grading papers, m a k i n g bulletin boards, and leading class discussions they assisted teachers in other Wash ington Township schools and gaine valuable vocational experience. Highlighting the year for the Gov ernment Club was the mock legislatur held in co-operation with the senio government classes on May llth in th Indiana State-house. Participation ac quainted club members with the prac tical aspects of political science. Othe club sessions were spent by listenin to speeches by prominent politician on the many facets of local, state and national politics. Junior Hiswflml 50Cle9Y'S 505115 of Difeilvfs f0" The YEUI' of 1967-63 John Lindquist, president, Sally Robison, secretary, Danton Grube, treasurer C0l'15l5T5 Of John Busch, sergeqnhat-armS: GVEQOVY 5Cl'1le9el, VlCecPfeSidef1T: Robert Goodin, parliamentarian, and William Parker, historian. T oaden knowledge through Clubs Wffigaf' 1 ,, fs .2 fi i - x iii rises e i ,wi - Q, an K ' ' ,, 2,3131 it-f ,g.Q?'iff4 5 'ffl ,Q , , 'A sy, . 1. fre, ,f+'.f,', . ,ui K if 23,,,g:34.,5.,-,Witt .- Y M, ,V 1 ,r ., 'x Q ,r - -.1 i:"1,.-i,ee..e. . , A s ,K M,fK,.-,,g- rr. 'Wg , r- 'Vx -J5Er5'a,h.,2:A- ' A f '15, if ' 'l " ' V fl fsmww -. 1 - if A fr ' ii A 1 r '. ,X nz W 5 -,,a'fr. ip 5 rxllliiif - -ggyrvs Qt: gf i. tgirl ii' 5 w 12333, gf Eg? " ., wi I ' 1 Y .QM 1gf?U1g"w X' 21' 4 s r 1- , . , , my ,A -gel J .A ' 1"0v.gQ,5iiZgilg:rsg5,.i". -f 'f :aa ?f2f?'frv.1?gZl?i r1 ff' er, . L if ' ' . 1- 1 we ' ei' ' K '31 ' --HW-ff .:. 3 Y 1 My N, :I ax mn, 4,1 tiff '-gy " W., iffggf ! wi.. , Q A ,,.sS.?5 ?53.-2. 1m,gg.,5x,?fE!ggii,aiff? K EFI" - ' i .Qi Y qillix N -1' fglefir - wifi' -' . . l xlizfl si' 4 xa3"+fr1e?'egw, fiteiirtisi-2 5"lf"'ff'-3'-' fi ' J -s if Q - MN: A '- - e . sr ,. -Q1 if fr , , if , 1" 39 2Wl'?f4wfki"'Q5Xii'xr.? ll?-fir i J f . "' 'ivy , EVZSQQQ Llbim 1? ,,n L. , , . . , 1 I 3 1 "ts ' ' -, , A e aw 'l 5 'X 11 A i 1 "W" ' Q :iii -- Q . E , Q 42 4 gram, ff 5 4 M sr W 6 " r' 1.- I fm-r. vs ,Q -is A 1 ,fe If Mfg 4 .NW Open forum discussions allow a member of the Government Club to quiz Mr. William Fortune of the Internal Revenue Service about reform in Indiana tax structure. Vice-president Dan Hicks waits to ask a question. Angler-Nimrod member Miles Fishman moors his boat after one of many fishing excursions. Q ! , W2 ak , kg ,243 I 1 ,Y , 15 eajlet dk ,R f r , -4 , 'A .i5f'tQ::52, 'xliika ' v A 'fe-gm M, 'M - , 1 ....Les-ef, new. f .ve 'f 'Y'- Y. we ' 9 ww 'Q ir 1 f "',1vfw' " 'if ., v , gi ,. K 1+ A - V , M 541-f" or ' , sqft.. -lg. X Xx.a:..,M"i' " J' f 'M' 'N 'B Attempting to create the longest possible "W'FF", John Keller and Mike "W'FF and Proof," one of the most popular amusements for membe Goldberg scramble for the proper letter cubes to complete their equations. Academic Games Club is designed to improve their logic and reasoning. Intent upon mastering the game of chess, Senior Mike Wallace lleftl captures a pawn while ponent, Senior Garden Shackelford contemplates his next move during Advanced Chess Club. e E so 'V I Wx. . his 1 M, l After completing a chess match, Paul Enright Roger Youtsey discuss the strategy used. l' sof an Members of the 1968 North Central Chess Team include, seated from left to Standing are Alan Bower, Garden Letwin, secretary, Roger Youtsey, Raymond right, John Von Fange, Dana Dlott, Thomas Strong, and Tom Alar, president. Ochs, and Donald Katz, the number one Chess Team player. Intellectual games provide creative recreation Many Centralites with an interest but no experience in chess ioined the Be- ginning Chess Club. Members learned the fundamentals ot the game quickly and soon played for fun and relaxa- tion. The highlight of the year was the championship tournament in which players demonstrated skills gained dur- ing the year. ln an atmosphere of intense con- centration, the members ot the Ad- vanced Chess Club spent their activity periods becoming more proficient in the game of chess. Throughout the year the players participated in intra- mural competition. "Brain teasers" made learning fun for members of Academic Games. Stu- dents learned to apply principles of logic and mathematics to seemingly impossible problems. Favorite games were "W-FF and Proof" and three-di- mensional tic-tac-toe. Under the coaching of Mr. Camp- bell and Mr. Cox, the North Central Chess Team continued its winning tra- dition this year. The varsity team, con- sisting ot Don Katts, John Von Fange, Dana Dlott, Alan Bower, and Tom Alar, defeated Broad Ripple, Howe, Brebeuf, Marshall, and Tech. On March 30, the team hosted the 2nd Annual State Invitational Chess Team Cham- pionship at North Central. Beginning Chess player Tom Cunningham watches carefully as his opponent makes a move after much consideration and planning. Students donate spare time Learning to operate a printing press is only pclrt of the instruction that Jim Whitmore receives from Mr. Smith in the Graphic Arts Club. With the arrival of the holiday season, senior lab assistant Donna DeCoursey works on the annual science department's "chemis-tree". .4- , 1 'P Library assistant Priscilla Howell extends friendly aid to Richard Aaron, one of the mony students who uses the library for reference and leisure during school hours or on weekends. erve school l Individuals wishing to supplement their education in the field of science gained knowledge and experience by belonging to the Science Service Club. Their duties included preparing chemi- cals and aiding students in their laboratory experiments. Assisting teachers in the effective use of equipment was only one job of Audio Visual Club members, under the direction of Mr. McMinn. Other services included photographing slides and photo-lettering poster boards for the athletic department. Maintaining physical fitness and aiding in the instruction of sophomores was the primary goal of the Gym As- sistants Club. Members spent their time i perfecting demonstrations and improv- ing skills. Checking passes, delivering overdue slips, and shelving books were only a part of the duties of the Library Helpers Club. Members enjoyed making use of the facilities of the library. Graphic Arts Club members took delight in printing posters about the football team as well as printing tickets for the various school programs. Photographing a blood cell slide with the aid of a Pentax camera attached to a microscope be not only educational, but also interesting to Audio Visual Club member Randy Solecki. 'mai ws Y 5 .1-4 "5 if - sr proves to Gym Assistants-Front Row: Patti Swenson, Nancy O'Kane, Joy Leimbach, renz, Debbie Park, and Jane Bauer. Third Row: Pam Strouse, Susie Allen, Carol Schortemeyer, Leslie Kafoure, and Melanie Kikendall. Second Row: Mary Kay Jerman, Terri Mathews, Michelle Chiplis, Karen Geutschow, Polly Susie Kappes, Patti Gross, Cheryl Smith, Kathy Franz, Marcy Jay, Linda Lo- Wise, Sue Hicks, and Cindy Vestel. These girls helped instruct classes. Forensics, debate bring honors to N C F Citing current sources as references, officers Bob Perlstein, Mark Wolf, and Sandy Breisacher deliver the affirmative resolution for federal arbitation in labor disputes to members of Debate Club. Participation in the Indiana High School Forensics Association tourney, the NFL national tourney, and other invitational tourneys was the high point ot the year for the members ot the National Forensics League. By earning 25 points, students in Forensics Club gained membership into the Na- tional Forensics League, a national or- ganization which sponsors schools with active speech programs. Besides par- ticipation in tourneys, members gave an assembly program which included poetry and interpretive speeches. Members of the Debate Team Club discussed and analyzed this year's topic, "Resolved that Congress should enact uniform regulations for criminal investigation procedures." Besides re- searching and preparing controversial and complicated debate topics, and traveling throughout the state to par- ticipate in debate meets and college sponsored events, Debate Club mem- bers listened to demonstration meets presented by college debate teams. 5 ' 1 . L National Forensics League-Front Row: Robert Goodin, Joel Bernstein, Kathy Baker, Debbie Nelson, Georgette Freeman, Gail McPhee, and Diane Kranich. Second Row: Bruce Fisch, Charles Bohne, Ron Waite, Linda Luzoder, Mike 72 Goldberg, and Dan Grube. Third Row: Mr. Fruits, sponsor, Mike Billy Binkley, Mark Wolf, John Lindquist, Kipp Drummond. Fourth Row: Matt Rohn, John Guy, Chris Brewster, Tom Milch, Robert McPhee, Steve Goodrich. 'L ,Mm xumyt-s .1 As Debate Club members listen to a guest speak- Debate Team-Front Row: Robert Goodin, Gail McPhee, Ron Waite, and Mark Wolf. Second Row: er they concentrate on what he says to improve John Guy, Kipp Drummond, John Lindquist, vice-president, and Mr. Forrest C. Fruits, advisor. Back Row: their debate techniques John Duvall, Robert McPhee, president, Tom Milch, Chris Brewster, and Steve Goodrich. what in Members of the National Forensics League, Debbie Nelson and John Lindquist admire the numerous trophies won by the North Central forensics team. Great Music Club, new this year, gave students such as Sally Coulson, Carolyn ltce, and Bonnie Pearson a chance to further their interest in music. During homeroom, Mandolin Club members, Jane Bauer, Nancy Blickenstaff, Karen Schnute, Desi Arnold and Libbianne Clair practice. With a steady calypsc beat provided by Dave Langfitt, president of the Youngquist rehearse for a Latin-American rendition of "Pay Me," a folk Folk Ml-'SiC Club, Dlhef m9mlDefS, C0F0l SUS Hill, l-9Gl'l 5Cl'1UlT9, Gnd MGYTY song from Trinidad, in preparation for the program for the next meeting. orth Central music clubs increase cultural interests Chamber Music Club participants en- joyed outside speakers and demon- strations by members who practiced their works for state contests. Learn- ing what to listen for in certain styles of music and about different musical periods were the skills that the club de- veloped under the direction of Mr. Den- nis. Members also worked on original arrangements. Emphasizing performances, Folk Music Club members had the oppor- tunity to create and perform through- out the school year. Besides the annual Folk Music Club assembly, various members performed at a variety of extracurricular activities including the Senior Bonfire, the Key Club Conven- tion, the Family Jamboree, the Junior Historical Society Conference, and civic organizations. Acquainting students with standard repertoire from the Renaissance period through the present styles of writing music is the purpose of the Great Music Club. The members studied par- ticular types of music and enioyed live demonstrations by students and groups within the school that presented them. A newly formed group under the direction of Mr. Martin, the Mandolin Choir performed at a number of local churches, civic functions, and parties. Club time was used to aid members in developing new skills and songs. Listening intently to Mr. Dennis' piano arrangement of Wolfgang Mozort's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusikj' Chamber Music Club members Bill White, John Harley, and Leah Schulte preview a future club program. Practicing one of their favorite songs "lf l Had A Hammer," Susie Goldstein and Jody Hendricks prepare for a future Folk Music Club performance. Concert Band strives fo achieve perfection in In Tonafion, balance, and musical expression. Bell Choir-Front Row: J. Darrell, C. Cagle, S Avels, S. Riddell, E. Lennox, M. Oliver, A. Kostre vic, S. Doriof, and S. Bockstahler. Second Row B. Twing, R. Wild, J. Waugh, M. Berney, D Fanf, K. Bishop, and K. Kellogg. F-F-rv r We if 'ff arm. J LPI? xsivvf J L-llfbwv 5 'Jo ,Ml ii,,,,i" Ld F 1 W Mm 'Xl L rw...-. 1 .Q K r A , "W , A M m ........ Q. .,. Q V Axg' ll K 5 Q -ly,-YV-.flea il ,'.1 lil: J Pill? -.?J.,.c 1 f'f'w5ivqaig . hfml5S?'l if um " egg Lvl 451 l Band, orchestra perform outstandingly Throughout the year, North Central students were continually made aware ot the advanced musicianship of North Central's music groups. The groups performed tor school convocations, special school programs, and also for civic, religious, and private groups. As well as advanced musicianship the music department retained the high standards of showmanship set by cho- ral groups and instrumental groups in past years. They remain one ofthe best public relation groups at school. Counterpoints, Girl's Ensemble, and the Music Men are among the most outstanding vocal groups this year. Poise and confidence in their stage presence marks the group's achieve- ments as well as their vocal accom- plishments. The Symphonic Band, Stage Band, and North Central's orchestra are among the outstanding instrumental groups in Indiana. The achievements of these groups have brought much distinction and honor to North Central. my .. . . .1 . ' IVL 13:5 5-w12'Q' r f . l - Q gf N g 4 c. ff s U XX T J . -4, yt 3 if 'tt' T. ,,4,,t55i .J V X X 'ig Y A all iff l r ' I i f Q it 4 -. A V I 7. U., Ay' 5. I ,jQ1"l ' ' his 'I Q. ' "a T' . fl T fi lit lbw , ll' g e. ll' li. l ll' .,.. N ,..N, we 'ff r'ft fe.-L . :gs Stage Band is a primary performing organization of the Band Department performing at various school functions including convocations and Junior Spec. North Central's orchestra under the direction of Mr, Richard Dennis has received many honors including repeated state-wide recognition, gold medal awards, and outstanding state ratings. 9953 9, fag ill?-462 77 I ,A " ng .Q r A if W 91? i 1 9 A Y, The Symphonic Band, under the direction of Mr. Samuel Rhinesmith, is one of the largest and best performing organizations in the state. Individual tone important to large groups Girls' ChoroIn+Front Row: J. Eschenbrenner, J. Anderson, K. Slemmer, M. Nickson, C. Fulk, C. Toth, N. Moore, K. Jordan, D. Foster, J. Close, D. Rabin- illiams, L. Dock, G. MacLenr1an, V. Harding, D. Keenan, I. Stillerman. Sec- son, P. Nunn, C. Lerman, J. King. Fourth Row: D. Pickering, M. Downard, nd Row: M. Handley, S. Williams, L. Carbaugh, P. McCord, K. Zell, L. B. Faust, C. Carr, B. Cowan, L. Kyle, C. Behrmann, L. Whitman, N. Hodapp, instanalig, S. Gauchat, S. Neumeier, D. Kruse, P. Morgan. Third Row: Y. D. Carpenter, B. Bacley. Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Critzer are the directors. s if is Ji N Y. x wk 5 if f' . ' 2' 1' is M- J a H it r .A r ' J 1 'Q A iff, 4 p My I 0 is ,,,.5A l 5 ii 'J' Xl lr I l i' ,Y if ii , ' f .+ i X if Q , 5 X ' x X f . Descants perform at civic and private groups. The purpose of this group is to obtain a sense of unity within the group, to expose them to varied musical selections and excellent musical quality. i Madrigals-Front Row: S. Hicks, S. Flynn, C. Moody, H. Hunt, B. Einstanding P. Boges, C. Clutter, C. Miles, C. May, P. Woodruff, P. St. John, and S Bockstahler. Second Row: A. Spercher, D. Bevins, S. Dean, G. Humbert, M Jones, J. Bottoms, D. Horth, J. Mority, L. Evans, K. Brueckner, J. Hooker Members of A Capella, the largest mixed ensemble at North Central, worked to develop musical and a greater sense of appreciation for mixed choral I 1 T i and S. Sherman. Third Row: D. Beck, B. Kaamerad, L. Douthitt, T. Rover, D. Jezzard, D. Bond, R. Williams, C. Marvel, J. Patterson, D. Martin, S. McCraw, B. Angell. While learning the foundation of musical showmanship, Madrigals took part in several concerts and festivals. literature from all periods. Sixty-five members performed at school col convocations, and participated with other groups on the Christmas record. Girls' Concert Choir-Front Row: Nancy Sternberger, Marcia Hudson, Mary Third Row: Karen Snyder, Karen Kennedy, Debby Baker, Kathy Simon, Patty Elliott, Mindi Wright, Trish Plopper, Kit Prill, Bonnie Capron, and Liz Wagner. Masseno, Linda McGraw, Claudia Prosser, Nancy Meyer, Paula Van Ness, Second Row: Dianne DeCoursey, Diana Moore, Peggy Segall, Susie Bohard, and Vickie Loeper. Fourth Row: Kathy McCormick, Carrie Wray, Patty Stone, Edna White, Sue MacArthur, Terri Berkowitz, Sandi Carlson, and Judy Roberts. Betty Dilk, Kathy Storms, Kathy Plumb, Sue Over, Pat Keller, Laura Deck. M ' 'K 'K i 'E Id Music Men-Front Row: M. Holmquist, G. Harning, B. Carroll, G, Anderson, son, and J. Kennedy. Third Row: E. Sputh, G. Everhart, J, Schofield, B. C, Frayer, N. Jones, C. Browning, and J. Mart. Second Row: R. Howard, Bates, D. Fuller, D. Langfitt, J. Olthoff, D. Strong, and R. Patterson. Not J. Kempler, J, Marr, B. Zimmerman, R. Fobes, S. Bridges, G. Stohler, D. Daw- pictured is J. Byers. The Music Men are directed by Mr. Robert Critzer. w The North Central High School Marching Band portrays their school spirit tines they perform during the fall football game halftimes. Many long hours through one of the many creative formations the band applies to the rou- and hard work are necessary to perfect each halftime show. I .,,, . l,,.l.., .,,V, if use L, ,mg " t e , ga, X, 3 mf? 1. M Q me U 11 5- 8 5, M1 n mvfs ,v,, K :W KK I f ! fi W" ill 1. i 5' ' 'Q ' 'ii 1K1 Y ' 'f J fit. 51 .wfixv Q i ,- ' t. n t LZLSSQ' ' ,aJ,E'-15' ff fe J, see? 2: K ' gala. we Q fmt-.igsir 1 'fries , ' r 'f " W 2 l P, f QFESJQ' L " A i + i Q 5 4 "gil i vii 'i1Sifi'i11y l' fi Lili," 'if I 3 to ,Y s . 4 fl Z V Z 11,1553 W , ,I in gi ki? , t '-" li ' if X " i V ' QQ f ,gs 1 W i f, I f A Q ,j, ,E ' Q L, X", i 3 2 gif K 'L .z K V i " s KK ' K K' f A ft' - , I iwfzafli? 1 ,Q 'f ' li t , , tg at t 1 E f , , W, t t s s 4? M , " i Panther Athletic Club officers-Don Lawton, pres- y WMWWMWNLW ,-NMNMM-MAH ,hm A IVXA " identg Mike Vance, sergeant-at-arms, Nancy Mc- Clain, secretary, Bruce Blomberg, vice-president, and Scott Clayton, sergeant-at-arms. Backing both teams ana cneerleaaers, many booster block members received charms for perfect at- tendance at all home games since away games were not mandatory. ii T Us E 3 E tr- 1- it v 4 Q . 4 3 3 Pep groups boost new North Central spmt Assisting the cheerleaders this year was the GirI's Booster Block with their rhythmic hand claps, sychronized hand motions, and enthusiastic cheers. Also, for the first time a Boy's Booster Block added their pep to North Central's growing spirit. One of the most popular clubs at North Central was the Panther Athletic Club which supported the athletic teams, personnel, and coaches. Mem- bers also profited from demonstrations .of gymnastics, iudo, karate, and other more familiar sports. Officers were Don Lawton, president, Bruce Blomberg, vice-president, and Nancy McClain, secretary. The Pep Band's spirited music en- livened home football and basketball and pep assemblies. Along the school songs, the band played music to which the Girl's Block and the cheerleaders per- ed routines. With complicated and entertaining the "Northern Stur- under the leadership of Susan delighted Panther fans dur- home basketball and football halt- s. ln addition to this, they marched the Veteran's Day Parade. "QW i' I. Corps-Front Row: M. Miller, K. Shearer, A. Ziegner C Wright Second Thompson K Nicholson E Cupp J Jordon K Wasson K Sparks J Phil Iifton, D. Kreisher, K- Wolf, D. McGuire, J Hershey Third Row S lippee The Northern Starlettes are invited to march in several parades ilitar discipline ehallen es NDCC Cadets 'Mgt !w,,.+ff rw.- 7 Members of the NDCC Rifle Team-Front Row: Larry Netter, Eugene Moore, Joe Schoolcraft, and Craig Capehart. Second Row: Captain Charles Wilhelm, Robert Becker, Donald Foulke, and Robert Bell. Members ot the National Defense Cadet Corps received expert instruction in techniques and skills relating to de- fense. The curriculum included Army tradition, achievements, and training. The varsity rifle team, commanded by Cadet Sergeant Maior Larry Netter, was among the NDCC activities. They participated in the Fitth Army match, Indiana State Championship, and Sec- tional and Regional matches. The team brought great credit to North Central when they captured the title of state champions at Culver Military Academy. Under the leadership of Cadet Ma- ior Walt Schuchmann, members at the drill team developed physical and mental coordination and good sports- manship. They participated in the Pur- due lnvitational meet and in inter- scholastic meets. The color guard presented the na- tional and school colors at North Cen- tral activities. Cadet sponsors assisted in the oi tions of NDCC programs and wc on various unit proiects such as annual Military Ball. NDCC Drill Team-Front Row: D. Black, D. Laux, R. Batza, S. Leninger, and W. Penn. Third Row: R. Clark, GA Pfev, R. King, B. Deford, and L. Smith. Schuchmann, Second Row: C. Reeves, R. Haines, E. Moore, A. Holt, and O. offered students the chance to experience the demands ot military life, i' ff 'iff ,vnu f ,st ., E. iff Q15 Y 4 - ' ssil, 1 gi vvl- , t ' '-': ' - t -W s ff,', '-.-'f . f ,,.. ' , L-,L i . ,ft- ,C siiri, 1 ,sis it "l "'.rf."f? ' , , ' A , ' ,. ls . t . . V is Q 3332 Q , if . Fl A if V rw? ,.,,u ll, ,1 i if he , if . i ..., .M It A il' In pm t ,X Q5 fs, . L'i' f 3 W N Q K Fd, fx i 1 A if This year's NDCC Rifle Team captured the state championship at Culver, Members included lseated left to rightl Ron Burgy, Larry Netter, lstanding left to rightl Dan Fulk, and Jae Schoolcraft. from his work, Captain Wilhelm reflects the recent state championship of the rifle team. g the class lime of the North Central Defense Cadet Corps, North Cen- They strive to prepare themselves for their future service in military and cadets drill on the precise movements of military batallion formation. civilian life by exercising their mental and physical capacities. ix . W X s?. C ,u in l, 'Q IU? ' . , K 5,55 Msn, , .,,,,wW ,, Wsq,.tWs ....,,,NMqh Sports lndividuals excelled in all ofthe nine varsity sports making this athletic sea- son the best ever in the history of North Central. As a result, a new system of dis- tributing the block letter "N" was de- vised. ln all, the various teams com- piled five county crowns, three se- tional and two regional titles, two un- defeated seasons, and tour different state rankings. Contributing immensely to the success of the 1967-68 sports campaign were basketball standout ltop leftl Kent Ehret and enthusiastic football mascot Jay Weaver. Increasing team spirit before the game, the Pan- WW h h ddl h t I h ' . t ers U e wget er 0 p an t elf strategy After a block that many fans mistook for a sonic boom, John Walters waits for his Northwest opponent to get back on his feet. Blocking like this helped lead to a perfect record. With supurb blocking by Don Lawton, Dick Tewks- G big gain during the Ben Davis game. The bury, and Rusty Clifford, Scott Clayton heads for Panthers won 44-O. FOOTBALL-1967-VARSITY N.C. .... 33 Carmel ......... O N.C. .... 40 Lawrence ....... 6 N.C. .... 52 Noblesville ...... 0 N.C. .... 56 Broad Ripple .... O N.C. .... 44 Ben Davis ....... 0 N.C. .... 28 Warren ......... 0 N.C. .... 47 Greenfield ...... 7 N.C. ..,. 48 Kokomo . . . . . . .6 N.C. .... 7 Marion .... . . .O N.C. .... 47 Northwest ....... 6 ridmen place thirrlin final , , PI state rankings The varsity football team, under the talented direction of Coach Byron Weaver, recorded its most outstanding season. ln both the UPI and AP polls, the Panthers were ranked third in the state. For the second straight year the gridders captured the county title and extended the number of undefeated games to 26, the longest in the state. ln ten games, the Panthers scored 402 points, an average of 40 tallies per game, with 60 touchdowns, 40 PAT's and one safety to their op- ponents' four touchdowns and one PAT. Lawrence Central, Greenfield, Ko- ,komo, and Northwest were the only 'teams scoring against the powerful NC defensive squad. Under the guid- ance of quarterbacks Bob Hackleman and Rick Lash the offensive machine ground out 3,814 yards for an average of 368 yards per game. The stout Pan- ther defensive unit gave up 935 yards for an average of only T04 yards per contest, holding two opponents to negative yardage. The offense totaled 1967 Varsity Football Team-Front Row: S. Elson, D. Patton, T. Schrader, D. Bikin, D. Lawton, D. Tewksbury, S. Clayton, B. Hackleman, R. Ohlson, G. Zimmerman, M. Cotter, S. Kautzman, and S. Phares. Second Row: Asst. Coach Roland lnskeep, Coach Byron Weaver, Mr. Keith Stroup, D. Nees, B. Blomberg, R. Clifford, M. Vance, S. Overman, J. Walter, D. Pritchard, J. ,H .fy . , ., 115 first downs to their opponents' 46, and the Panther passers completed 78 of T80 passes, while the defense al- lowed only 33 of llO attempts. This year's starting offensive line consisted of Mike Vance, Bruce Blom- berg, and Steve Overman, ends, Dick Pritchard and John Walter, tackles, Rusty Clifford and Mark Moore, guards, and Dan Smith, center. The backfield, sometimes called the "Awe- some Foursome" by other teams, con- sisted of Don Lawton and Scott Clayton lleading scorer in countyl, halfbacks, Dick Tewksbury at fullback, and Bob Hackleman taking the ball at quarter- back. Jim Jobes kicked forty extra points. The offensive team ran their plays from a "wing-T" position, which led to the short pass-one of the team's great strengths. These were thrown by Bob Hackleman who also set up magnificent ground plays. Most of the season, a 4-3-4 defensive line- up was used, under the judgement of Mr. Roland lnskeep, defensive coach. ,,, .si 5. flags , .,,. , Following Larry Hanaway's blocking, sophomore Dave Hullet secures a first down during a home reserve game against Lawrence Central. Shewmaker, M. Moore, Mr. Eugene Cloncs, Mr. John Friedersdorf, and Mr. Jack Schitfli, Asst, Coaches, Third Row: G. Lindner, R. Lash, J. Harcourt, N. Kempler, D. Smith, M. Sebastian, D. Pike, G. Graham, K. Werley, D. Ramaker, J. Jobes, and D. Brooks. The 1967 Panthers own the State's long- est winning streak of 26 victories and one tie. l967 Reserve Football Team-Front Row: S. Hullet, T. Hudson, M. Trues- dell W. Johnson M. Altman S. Callawa J. Ber er Front J. Weaver D , r , Y, Q rl V l, - Pepple, D. Murphy, D. Morgan, D, Miller, R. Lempke, D. Light, and G. Netouse. Second Row: M. Miller, J. Clark, T. Todd, R. Stephenson, T. Wal Varsit pose J., f,., Charging for a first down, All-State quarterback- Bob Hackleman mows down a Carmel tackler. During halftime, Coach Byron Weaver di key plays with his undefeated gridders. lleff to rightl are Darrell Pike, George Z man, and Roy Ohlson. Standing are Dick bury and Gary Linder. lace, B. Stern, D. Alexander, R. Fullmer, D. Clark, J. Eggleston, F. comb, and H. Baldwin. Third Row: D. Briede, J. Miller, J. Pritchard, B. Freeze, D. Mitchell, M. Christie, D. Louden, J. Marr Eppers, W. Parker, and S. Abrams. is My -'3QB2Ql'i Q ?w ?j,A358 iii f nrliws aua . ame state winning streak The great depth of the Panthers was illustrated by the fact that 15 team members received recognition in news- paper polls. Making the All-County Offensive Team were Mike Vance, Dick Pritchard, Mark Moore, Steve Overman, Bruce Blomberg, Scott Clayton, and Bob Hackleman. On the All-County De- fensive Team were Rusty Clifford, John Walter, Mark Moore, Dick Pritchard, and David Nees. Voted to All-State teams were Mike Vance, Dick Pritchard, Mark Moore, Scott Clayton, and Bob Hackleman, Jack Shewmaker, Rick Lash, Dick Tewksbury, Don Lawton, and Tom Schrader received Honorable mention. The reserve team had a very success- ful season by defeating Carmel, 35-O, Lawrence, 7-6, Beech Grove, 46-6, Broad Ripple, 20-13, Ben Davis, 34-6, Warren, 21-6, but lost the final game to a powerful Arlington squad in a closely contested 6-2 game. Games with Speedway and Kokomo were cancelled. Nate Kempler, who moved up to varsity after the Ben Davis game, and Bill Huff tied with four T.D's each. Greg Nefouse and Chuck Johnston placed second with three T.D.'s apiece. At quarterback Steve Clayton threw for nine touchdowns to supplement the scoring. The reserve squad was under the capable leadership of Coaches Jack Schiffli and John Friedersdorf. Behind the blocking of Mike Vance and Don Lawton, Steve Overman skirts around the end for a first clown against Broad Ripple, one of many in the 56-O tromping, Scott Clayton, leading scorer in the county during the '67 football season, scores the first touch- down of the Lawrence Central game. Harriers 2nd in stateg defend count title A U, , ..,,. , 92 Sprinting toward the finish line, Mike Penington exerts C1 determined effort at the regional meet. His placing along with the other team members aided the Panther harriers in copping the title. 'I967 Reserve Cross Country Team-Front Row: F. Alexander, M. Holt, E. Kassig, W. Norlin, T. Mote, M. Barnett, J. Lateste, and J. Kelley. Second Row: Coach Charles Riley, B. Brody, B. Perlstein, B. Pordrick, D. Gipe, B. Gibson, J. Krueger, L. Franklin, and Couch Arlan Lickliter. Q 2 sms ffssgit' Coach Charles Riley's powerful cross country squad enjoyed their best sea- son ever, capturing second place in the state. Compiling an impressive rec- ord, the team was defeated only twice-both times by the state cham- pion team, Muncie Central. During the season, the harriers posted victories at the Broad Ripple, Ben Davis, Pike, Northwest, and Scecina invitational Meets. They went on to capture their second consecutive county crown, their second straight sectional win, and the school's first regional triumph. At the state meet held at Riverside Park, Senior Steve McNichols placed sixth with a time of 9:52. LaSalle Thompson was 31, Harry Penington 35, Mike Penington 36, Warren Hotte 41, and Mark Bloom 62. These out- standing finishes clinched a second place for the Panthers behind a highly- touted Muncie Central squad. An exceptional team spirit con- tributed to the harriers success. Though cross country is an individualistic sport, team spirit gave the members the extra drive to win. County cham- pion and sixth place state finisher Steve McNichols recorded the best time of the year, 9:49. Voted Most Valuable Runner by his teammates, McNichols was the top point scorer with an aver- age finish of 2nd, Other outstanding individuals were LaSalle Thompson, Harry Penington, and Mark Bloom with average placings of 5th, llth, and lith respectively. it 'emit ' J J 67 Varsity Cross Country Team-Front Row: F. Alexander, S. McNichols, Schlegel, B. Stoops, T. Rust, M. Holmquist, S. McConville, M. Penington, . " .tt and J. Kelly. Second Row: Coach Charles Riley, L. Thompson, M. Bloom B. Pruitt, W. Hotte, D. Moore, J. Fortune, J. Laphem, and Coach Lickliter. County Meet ....... Almost to the finish line, Steve McNichols secures a well-earned 6th place in the State Meet. NC...i5 Kokomo .... ...45 NC...15 Manual ...... ...57 Broad Ripple . . .. .68 NC...'l9 Howe ........ ...'l9 Ben Davis .... . . .68 NC.. .21 Warren Central . . .50 NC. . .20 Washington . . . . . .46 Arlington ..... . . .63 Lawrence Central . . .80 Shortridge .... . . .98 Pike Invitational ................... First Scecina Invitational ..... ..First Ben Davis invitational ..First Bloomington Invitational Sophomores ........ .... F ourth Juniors ............ . . .Third Seniors ............... Second Broad Ripple Invitational . .. . .First Northwest Invitational . . . . .First Shortridge Invitational . . . Second . .First Sectional Meet . . . .First Regional Meet . . . .First State Meet ..... Second arsity posts best ever 20-4 season record Coach Arlan Lickliter's cagers with- out dispute posted their proudest sea- son ever this year. The 13th state ranked varsity squad composed of six seniors and four iuniors roared to a victorious 20-4 record while compiling a 12-game winning streak. The Pan- thers got off to a strong start after defeating a powerful New Castle team 69-63, and following two defeats by Carmel cmd Kokomo the triumphant roundballers captured eight straight victories. Then on January 12, in one of the most exciting games in county basketball history the Panthers lost to the Ben Davis Giants 69-67. But success was soon to follow as N.C. trounced Beech Grove, Warren Cen- tral, Franklin Central, and Speedway to rr! 1 49 xfs 1 C v 5 L f' iq i Q C if ' N Jr' an Y 13-H take their second county title in the school's history. The highlight of the season took place on February 21, at the Hinkle Fieldhouse Sectional as N.C. bombed Ben Davis' Giants into a 19-point hole late in the third quarter. Then in the fourth period the Panthers coasted to a 73-64 victory with a total of 20 points scored by Jim Orr, 18 from Kent Ehret, and 14 each from Rick Frosch and Bruce Blomberg. ln the next sec- tional game the Panthers were slightly edged 63-58 by Tech's Titans. Leading the greatest N.C, basketball squad on record in scoring and re- bounding was 6-4 Kent Ehret with a 13.7 rebound average and 18.4 points per contest followed by Jim Orr with an 11.4 scoring average. Bruce Blomberg, 6-2 guard, broke all school assist rec- ords by handing out 111 assists, and at the same time he possessed the highest scoring percentage. Coach Arlan Lickliter triumphantly cuts down the net after the North Central Panthers took the County title by defeating Speedway 71-49. BASKETBALL-1968-VARSITY NC, . .67 New Castle ......,. .63 NC. . .66 Carmel ...,........ .79 NC. . .66 Lawrence Central . . . .56 NC. . .59 Kokomo ........... .75 NC. . .53 Southport ......,... .50 NC. . .68 Frankfort ..... .. . .62 NC. . .74 Speedway ......... .73 NC...61 Tech ,............ .58 NC. . .65 Warren Central ..... .55 NC. . .94 Manual ........... .59 NC. . .67 Ben Davis .... . . . .69 NC...77 Pike ...... ....63 NC. . .96 Arlington ..... ....56 NC. . .82 Broad Ripple .. , . . .48 NC. . .93 Marshall ... . . . .56 NC...72 Marion .... ....61 NC. . .66 Northwest .... . , . .52 NC. . .91 Noblesville ......... .70 COUNTY TOURNEY NC. . .91 Beech Grove ....... .50 NC. . .50 Warren Central ..... .43 NC.. ,7O Franklin Central ,.... .48 NC. . .71 Speedway ......... .49 SECTlONAL NC. . .73 Ben Davis . ....64 NC...58 Tech ....63 Xi 'kffxi Q ,kg s. 4 ,Q-f""'A 'i 3334 fl 1962 R'5e"V9 Baskdbull Team-Ffon' Row: Manage' M- CIOHCS, 5- Ffeele, Lickliter. Second Row: Coach Jack Walter, D. Clark, D. Kniptash, J. Meister D. Highmark, L. Crowe, S. Clayton, K. Snow, F. Holloway, and Coach Arlan M. Cowser, P. Weeks, G. Cline, B. Dittus, M. Miller, and Coach Roland lnskeep BASKET BALL-I 96 8-RESERVE NC. . .50 New Castle ...... . . . NC. . .50 Carmel .......... .. . NC. . .58 Lawrence Central . . . . . NC...5'l Kokomo ......... NC...39 Southport NC. . .53 Frankfort . . NC. . .48 Speedway . . . NC...53 Tech ........ NC. . .46 Warren Central . . . . . . NC. . .45 Manual .... . . . NC. . .57 Ben Davis . . . NC...48 Pike...... NC. ..6l Arlington . .. NC. . .66 Broad Ripple . . NC. . .50 Marshall .... NC. . .45 Marion .. . . NC. . .63 Northwest . NC. . .6'l Noblesville ....... .. . COUNTY TOURNEY NC. . .74 Lawrence Central NC. . .47 Ben Davis ....... . . . l With great ease Senior forward Jim Orr pumps in a fifteen foot basket against the Noblesville Millers. Jim compiled an outstanding l'l.4 scoring average per game this season. Six eagers average in double figuresg reserves set new records Adding vital relief as both a for- ward and a center was 6-3 Steve Over- man who accumulated ci fine lO.9 scoring average and was the backbone team spirit whenever he entered a Also sharing the pivot position 6-8 Rick Frosh who maintained valuable 9.0 rebound average, the highest for the season. On the side of the team supreme ball was exhibited throughout the by Senoir guard John Hickey unior guards Duke Hardy and Lash. The Reserve squad also compiled most superlative season with an 8-2 record. After their fifth game the eserve roundballers won 16 straight ames including the four-way Reserve nvitational Tourney at Warren Central. n this particular contest the Panthers cored an all time reserve record of 4 points against Lawrence Central. ne of the highlights of the season as the defeat of the Manual City eserve champions by three points. Southport guard lumps past as he fails to block shot by Steven Overman for two points in a aior upset by the Panthers early in the season. n his way to score a quick two points, Duke ardy drives around a Marion guard on a fast reak, Hardy added much speed to the squad. lllszltinilv' "" " ' ' ' swffrsmsmw ' ' K 258511, .V '-,ifigggl , 1 , tsl' - u y j- , i Junior Stuart Monical, who usually concentrates his efforts on the parallel and exercise workout in practice for the Columbus invitational meet. At the eno: high bars, switches from his regular routine to execute a scale during a free of the invitational North Central had placed second behind Columbus. G mnasts record 9- slate, finish second at Columbus W k f . ni r l l ..-n W - mu ,r, mrs. ,.-,-,. ,W W WM W .,.,.. ...,...... N., . K L- Q Q Nun' - aff- t While fellow teammates serve as spotters, Senior gymnast Larry Nahmias performs his specialty on the trampoline. Larry was the third highest point man on the team. 98 Winning their first eight meets, th gymnastics team finished with a stron 9-5 record. As in the past, Madiso Heights and Columbus again proved 1' be their toughest competition in th state, defeating the Panthers 80-74 an 89-65, respectively. A strong Be Davis squad was overcome by the N gymnasts, 80-74, but later in the sea son the Giants avenged the loss, 78 76. A great achievement of the seaso was capturing second place at th highly competitive Columbus lnvita tional. ln other tournaments, the gym nastics team took fifth place at th Concord invitational and fourth plac at the Warren Central Invitational Taking place at the Regional meet, th squad went on to finish in the state The gymnastics team put in mor practice hours than any other sport a NC, starting the season in Septembe and ending in late March. Under th competent coaching of Mr. John Emr the time was well spent in perfectin routines. Team depth was an importa factor in the gymnast's successful sea son. John Peirce, team captain, wa the leading point scorer for the tea competing in the high bar, parall bars, rings, and free exercise division The second highest point scorer wa Doug Ward who participated i tumbling, free exercise, and tramp line. Larry Nahmias, competing in th same events, followed closely in a cumulating points. Other outstandin team members were Jack Harcour whose specialty was the side-hors and Bruce Beitman, proficient on th parallel bars. .... GYMNASTICS-1968-VARSITY NC. . . 96 Portland .,... . 58 NC. ..lO3 Pike ...... . 50 NC... 75 Wabash ... . 73 NC. . . 104 V1 Anderson . . . 4211, NC. . . 80 Ben Davis . . . . 74 NC. . . 79 Southport . . . 75 NC. . . 95 Portland ..... . 59 NC. . . 7911, Southport ..... 73 V, NC. . . 74 Madison Heights 80 NC. .. 65 Columbus .... . B9 NC. .. 76 Ben Davis . . . . 78 NC. . .l0'l V2 Warren Central 51 V, NC. . . 55 Concord ..... . 99 NC. . . Madison Heights Columbus Invitational ........... Concord Invitational ............ Warren Central Invitational .. Regional ........... ..... State .. .2nd ..5th ....4th 3rd 4th With a great deal of brawn and balance Senior gymnast John Peirce performs routine on the parallel bars during a victorious meet against Portland 1968 Gymnastics Team-Front Row: Larry Nahmias Gary Cohen Doug Ward Doug Taylot Brooks McKinney. Second Row: Byron Horine, Don Behnke John Peirce George Wilson Don Tavel Dave Morgan. Third Row: Mr. John Emery, Bruce Hargin Stuart Monical lohn Snellenberger Barry Willey Jack Harcourt, Bob Stoner. if 5 . . . 4 ' Wm -1' 5 ff 'A If .1 'S Ng 11,3 . .... . X tx .t 7 V ' fi -w-.N f. ' F. X. ' va. 1, VF .3 I i 'X . .7 i:i5t,z'M' f 1 5 - rs 1 9' , Q QQ? i - ks i .Q .X ppm C7 ' U . 3' 2 W 4 4 ni . H 4 H Q.. 4 4. 4 Q ,l 6 ,," au' .fi 4 A YI Q 4 4 1 Q ' 4 ,"k 4 Q Q' wr " . 4 4 I ,, 'C -1 ' 1 . li 92 Q. rv ,,, . N ,W .. y. . fmt -f Q ,, . 4 ' .. Q 4' "Y 'l 4 X -3 I 4 , . 4 - at I, i 'l'4 . QF 2 3' 3 -.,4""" Cn. y I .......-.......-. f I in Wx. A ,ggi C r.i4 W i C f A 'I967 Varsity Tennis Team-Front Row: Bruce Sklare, Mike Smart, Jeff Petticrew, and Rick Fcbes. Second Row: Paul Haskett, Lou Astbury, Doug Hale, Doug Gwyn, and Coach John Shirley. 4 S K, 5 V M. A -..,........ ,..r. r vs , A Nil, , Vgy- ,Vi .. .5 K V . if "'k "' If ., . .We Rink Fobes concentrates on perfecting his fore- hand return shot while playing the net position. TENNIS-1967-VARSITY NC . . . 4V1 Kokomo ...... . . QV, NC . . . 0 Lafayette Jeff . . . . 9 NC . . . 6 Shelbyville .,. ... 0 NC . . . 7 Chartrand .. ... 0 NC...4 Tech ...... ...3 NC...6 Brebeuf ...... 3 NC...6 BeechGrove... ...i NC...4 BenDavis ..... ...3 NC . . . 4 Speedway ...... . . 3 NC . . . 3 Lawrence Central . . . 4 NC . . . 3 Pike ........... . . 4 NC . . . 4 West Lafayette .. .. . 3 NC . .. 5 Franklin Central ... . 2 NC... 3 Arlington ...,. ....4 NC . . . 2 Broad Ripple . . NC . . . 7 Warren Central . Park .,..... Southport . . NC...0 NC...0 ...5 ....O ...7 ..,7 .. f"'f ,V ,M y r"'Z"" 40 etmen capture 11 DL SJEHIG ectional crown The North Central High School Tennis eam, coached by Mr. John Shirley, ontinued their dominance of the Tennis ourts after compiling an ll-7 season. aced by outstanding seniors Paul askett, Jeff Petticrew, and Doug Hale, he '67 Panther netmen found South- ort and Park High School to be their oughest competitors of the season. Returning lettermen to the '68 squad ere seniors Rick Fobes, Mike Smart, nd Lou Astbury. Bruce Butz and Bob arrett was also valuable junior play- rs contributing to the strong roster. On September 29, the '68 team par- icipated at Ben Davis High School in he first statewide tennis tournament. ith 16 sectional tournaments played ll over the state, two singles players nd two doubles teams were entered rom each school. After competing with he two top contenders, Broad Ripple nd Arlington, the Panthers captured he sectional title on the second day. Qnw Q 1967 Reserve Tennis Team-Front Row: Jim Nicholson, Bob Garrett, Steve Arney, Fred Fehsen- feld, and Mark Holmquist. Second Row: Frank Senecal, Bruce Butz, Brian Kinsey, Tracy Black, and John Borton. On his first serve lbelowl Paul Haskett aces his opponent during a home match with Park High School. 6 1967 Varsity Golf Team-Scott Fritschle, Bob Koschmann, Larry Hendricks, Dennis Huffman, Lee Blake, and Jeff Peeler, Koschmann will be the only returning letterman next season 1967 Reserve Golf Team-Denny Dawson, Steve Sutton, Marc Raphael, Dave Carden, and Jack Deckard, all of whom are unclerclassmen. w 'Ls .F ,ff c Y Q ,Q Linksmen cap 18-6 Season with count wir Under the dedicated direction of Coach John Friedersdorf, the 1967 varsity golf team stroked their way through the season winning 18 matches while only losing 6. Outstand- ing individual team members Dennis Huffman, Lee Blake, Scott Fritschle, Jeff Peeler, and Bob Koschmann, together compiling an unbelievable 79.5 season average, were instrumental in the linksmen's registering of such an im-' pressive season. Exceptional performances by Dennis Huffman and Lee Blake plus consistent play by the entire squad contributed to the golf team's success in toi ment play. At the Bloomington versity High School Invitational again at the Columbus Invitational linksmen topped some of the st competition in the state to place The highlight of the season was ning the County tournament. 4 . -1 i 5 1. .fe . M. .. Hjli, ' ' ff. ,gfbsxl - af' In preparation for a golf meet with Kokomo, Marc Raphael utilitizes a rainy day to clean his five iron. Despite the layoff from practice, the Panthers defeated Kokomo, 5 V, to 4 V,. his eight iron with perfect form Denny '1 lat rightl pitches the ball from the sand- onto the 15th green during the Arlington The locals won 7 V, -4V1 . re Gary Gan! takes a few practice strokes chipping on to the last green at Riverside Course to record a par 5 for the hole. GOLF-1967-VARSITY NC. . . 4 Lebanon ..... .11 NC. . . 9 Logansport . . . . .6 NC. . . 5 Brebeuf ,.... . .7 NC. . .12 Beech Grove . . ..O NC. . . 5V, Kokomo ...... . .4V, NC. . .12 Fraklin Central . ..O NC...'l'lV1 Pike ......... ...Vg NC. .. 2 Madison Heights .10 NC. , . 9V, Southport ..... . .2V, NC. . . 5V, Speedway .... . .6V, NC. . . 11 Warren Central . .1 NC...'lO Ben Davis .... ..2 NC. . . 9V, Lawrence . . . . 2V, NC...10 Park ....... ..2 NC... 9 Ben Davis ..3 NC...12 Carmel .... ..O NC. . . l0V, Noblesville . . . . .1 V1 NC. . . 9 Pike ...... . . .3 NC. .168 Columbus . . 162 NC. . .1OV, Shortridge . . .1 V, NC. . . 1 Lebanon .... .11 NC. . .1OV, Broad Ripple . . . .1'V, NC. . . 7V1 Arlington .... . .4V, NC...1O Manual ..O Bloomington Invitational . . . . . .lst Columbus Invitational . . . . . . .1st County Tournament .... . . . 1st a1mnv.unfomn.-aroxsnwvuazximsilimpu 1-uwxan sewn, m 'I967 Varsity Baseball Team Front Row L Baker lmanagerl, R. Weinheimer, J. Hickey. Third Row: D. Bikin, T. Scott, K. Undercoffer, M. Dinwiddie, B. lbat boyl and D Phillips Iassistant managerl Second Row: Coach Tom Fritsch, S. Detmer, and D. Toth. Fourth Row: S. Adams, J. Klein, K. Ehret, S. Bradley M Moore F Bodwell D Burgess S Thompson, B. Hackleman, and Overman, R- BeCITlYi J- Off. Gnd 54 Cl0yfOf1- arsity baseballers batter teams 10 shutouts 37, 7 Hard work and desire paid off for Coach Tom Bradley's T967 varsity baseball squad as they amassed an impressive 15,8 record against some of the toughest competition in the state. Recording TO shutouts, the dia- mondmen were aided by a strong pitching staff composed of Ron Beatty, Kent Ehret, Jeff Klein, Jim Orr, Steve Overman, and Steve Thompson. These individuals compiled a fantastic com- bined Earned Run Average lERAl of O.89O. Highlights of the season were an exhibition game played at Bush Sta- dium and the initiation of double- headers. For the past several years the Indianapolis Indians have established the policy of selecting a few strong central Indiana teams for exhibition games at Bush Stadium. This year Varsity stand-out pitcher Steve Overman prepares to fire a fast ball to a Broad Ripple batter. North Central was chosen as one o these teams and topped a powerful Kokomo team by l-O. Saturday double- headers were innovated this season fo the benefit of fans and parents. North Central hosted the Sectiona and Regional portions of lndiana's firs high school baseball tournament to b held since l9l7. In the Sectional, th diamondmen downed Brebeuf l-O i the first game, but were edged in th final innings of an exciting 3-2 gam by eventual state runner-up Arlington Under the competent direction o Coach Glen Schmucker, the reserv team completed the season with strong l4-3 record. The reserves pur sued the goal of learning basic base ball fundamentals which they will us as varsity team members. Six letterme including Kent Ehret, Jim Orr, Stev Overman, John Hickey, Bob Hackle man, and Scott Clayton, plus the re serves will compose next year's squad BASEBALL-'l 967-VARSITY NC... 3 Pike ....... ....1 NC... 4 Pike ...., ....O NC... 0 Lawrence l NC . . . 6 Tech ,,..... . . . O NC . . . 4 Northwest . . . . . 3 NC . . . 2 Northwest . . . . . . l NC . . , 4 Lebanon ........ . . 2 NC . .. 9 Broad Ripple .... . . O NC . . . 2 Madison Heights . . . O NC . . . 2 Warren Central . . . . 3 NC . . . 0 Southport .... . . . . l NC . .. 0 Southport . . .. .. l NC... 6 Howe ....... ....2 First l.H.S.A.A. Sectional Prior to szoring the lead run, senior Skip Adams slides into third base. The Panthers won this game NC . . . 1 Brebeuf . .. . . . . 0 4'2 and also defeated Northwest 2-'I in the second game of the double-header. NC . .. 2 Arlington .. 3 1' if -A 1 - . 4.fs-fs.Mm-tiestm-fswfyeM.s,E?m., l ...........,.,. .,, ,lg ' .L . ' l., ssss H. . .... ...,. ., . . Q5 M. l 'if .,.. , , ,. F' '."'f ' ,fr LW... W . . .Q ,. S ' lu . . . J ..... . ,... . ,I i ...,. s . , . . . . .,.-..,,, ' Wz,,,,,.. . W z M 'Q , u-mann-u " C - p-in---.jf f"""""" 4 -me' ,Qfyff-W-W fi- M -...QL-nf ' W vm A C , 3 Hg ' -s-anim B ...X --N- - f .. K A 35, . ,..-r...f-... v 531.-.',.-- 4-V.,-. M - - 5- Q . r-sffw f 4, .K 1 Y A vie-. N A g g 'Wg Q K 2 , 1 5 - v 'H , , A, 'fe- ' ' L gr J Ai J W it ,go -, ,Vx 1 K , . it A- I l ll A J i ' . rfg , Q. , is 1 A : V ., ,ss sq, H -Q -1 - A . 6 y F' . -1 B'-wi A A L , .Q T - W 'T inf-, - .'. ' A gay: """' . .Nh -,itz-n J e A A. f- . . fi .ff - M X it I A K 5 A PIN' fqjfmf .. , 0723.1 :W ' it - 5 "' xx .f . I A ,. I 3 A K , g I l P, 5. yi - X ' ,f til ' l ' j i . . X . , .. rf. W . . V K . If ,, , .vi Y c M . . .N A - . , l . .f T t init T iw Q R 5 f F' gf' We l frank K 1967 Reserve Baseball Team-Front Row: S. Barnes, B. Dawe, B. Smith, G. G- MCKOWVW- Tlllfd Row: Coach Glen 5Cl'mUCl4ef, B- Clifford, B- BUTES, l-- FYSYI Gacllema, D. Hardy, R. Langford, J. Fairman, and B. Huff. Second Row: R. H- Bdldwin, D- Romakefi -ls M055, and D- Patton lmanugefl- The 7959519 Hurwitz lmanagerl, R. Lash, J. Busch, G, Graham, J. Pruitt, J. Harpooll and Squad, in addition to gaining valuable experience, had a successful season. NC . . . 6 Madison Heights . . . O NC . .. l Ben Davis ...... .. O NC .. . l Kokomo , ....... . . 0 NC . . . l Shelbyville ...... .. O NC . .. i Lafayette Jeff .,.. . 3 NC . .. 4 Arlington ....... .. 5 County Tournament NC...lO Pike ...... ....O l T NC... 4 Lawrence .... 6 7 i g Q1 J Q ,V'V i . A a J K ' ' , w H rx L r M99 tl 1967 Track Team-Front Row: D. Tewksbury, M. Vance, P. Thompson, J. Murphy, T. Garrity, J. Krueger, B. Pruitt, B. Brody, D. Moore, S. McNichols, B. Abrams, G, Schlegel. Second Row: N. Fogel, C. Tate, J. Reinking, M. Aycack, J. Bromley, B. Blomberg, P. Ford, B. Lancet, M. Bloom, L. Thompson, ze, +1 S. Hill, R. Grant. Third Row: F. Alexander, M. Elliot, T. Schrader, B, Stoops, J. Walter, J. Waugh, D. Reel, J. Olthoff, J. Fortune, B. Perlstein, M. Holt, S. Ellson. Fourth Row: G. Linder, R. Marschke, R. Callaway, B. Thomas, V. Bareither, R. Frosch, W. Hotte, J. Murdock, T. Diaz, S. Calderon, B. Lempke. TRACK-'l 967-VARSITY NC . , , 45 Lawrence Central . ,. 55 NC . . . 77 Lawrence Central . . . 41 NC . . . 68 Brebeuf .......... . 50 NC . . . 59V1 Warren Central ...... 5BV1 NC...l5 Kokomo ...... ...iO3 TRIANGULAR MEETS NC , . . 68 Southport ..., .. . 57 Martinsville . , .. . il NC . . . 38 Washington .. . . . 78 Southport . . . . . 32 NC . . . 58 Richmond ,. . . . . 82 Shortridge . . . , 46 NC..,7'l BenDavis.. ...49 Carmel ... .. . 28 North Central Relays ....... .... 2 nd Kokomo Relays ....,, . . . . . Sth Sectional ...... . . 3rd Regional .... . . 5th County . . . . lst With only a few strides left, Bruce Blomberg exerts all energy to place first in the mile relay. Traokmen first in county, set new records Through the combined efforts of the entire 1967 Track Team, the trackmen highlighted a successful season by placing first in the Marion County Meet. Individually, Van Bareither set a new school record as he ran the half mile in l:59.3. The mile relay team, composed of Bruce Blomberg, Bill Lancet, Paul Ford, and Van Bareither, ran a record breaking time of 3:29.-4 while coping a new county record. ln the 440 Bruce Blomberg tied for the city-county championship at 51.5. Contributing additional points toward the county title were Steve McNichols and his third in the two mile run and l.aSalle Thompson's third in the mile event. Some of the best Panther perfor- mances of the season were displayed in the Sectional meet although the squad lost to Brebeuf and Lawrence. Seven runners qualified for the State meet and five other boys advanced to the Regional meet. With his best time of the season, 41334, LaSalle Thomp- son captured a second in the mile run, and Van Bareither placed second in the 880 while smashing the old school record of l:59.3 with his l:58.3. Achieving individual awards in various field events during the Sec- tional were Dick Pritchard in the shot put and Tom Dunn in the pole vault, Pete Thompson, i966 county champ, also added a Sectional title to his awards by clearing the 6'2" mark in the high lump competition. Mark Bloom takes off for ci second place in the distance relay after a baton hand-all from Jim Bromley. North Central finished second in this triangular meet with Washington and Southport. Brad Thomas prurtices numbering his steps to achieve the best distance in the long iump. WRESTLING-1968-VARSITY NC. . .44 Decatur Central . . .6 NC. . .30 Warren Central . .13 NC. . .46 Lawrence Central . .8 NC. . .46 Ben Davis .... . .7 NC. . .37 Speedway . , . .ll NC. . .39 Broad Ripple . . .ll NC. . .42 Carmel ...... . .6 NC. . .35 Kokomo .. .ll NC...43 Howe .... ..7 NC. . .20 Shortridge . .20 NC.,.35 Tech .... .IO NC. . .28 Arlington . . .ll County Meet ............... 2nd North Central 8-Team Tourney . . .lst Sectional Meet .........,... . lst Regional Meet . , , .lst , State Meet ..... .... 8 th As his opponent attempts to move from the acts the move by shitting his weight to the referee's position, county champion Dave Emmert counter rear of his man, thus maintaining his position of control . 5 5 if it 5 Fl it fi li Q 4 , Q 6 4 s 4 - 4 6 . ' gi 1968 Varsity Wrestling Team-Front Row: Rex Calloway, John Bose, Joe men, C0GCl'1 Keith F0I'fC1I'1d, B05 Smifli. D00 l-GWTOVL Bob l'l0bl9. and GOTY Schoolcraft, Mark Stroh, Mike Altman, Richard Roesch, and Charles Roesch. V1-'?lS0f'l lmGf1C1Qefl- The Team fil'tiSl16Cl Ur1defBUT6Cl with G lO-O-l I'ECOrCl. Se Second Row: Joe Kempler Imanagerl, Dick Pritchard, Dave Nees, Dave Em. niar Dick Pritchard successfullly defended his state championship. Sophomore Charles Roesch "rides" his Pike adver- .,g, 1 , sary during the Sectional meet. The riding time 1 Li" f l L I, l' that he gained was a decisive factor in his cap- ,'-. : V W ,, ',.,, - - A 1 turing the 95 lb. weight class crown. Varsity posts undefeated 10-O-1 season Capturing the Sectional and Regional titles, the 1968 varsity wrestling team compiled an outstanding record. ln ual meet competition the Panthers ere undefeated. This made the third ndefeated wrestling season in North entral history. During the regular eason Warren Central and Arlington roved to be some of the toughest ompetition but were vanquished by he Panthers, 30-13 and 28-11, re- pectively. The highlight of the season ccurred when the grapplers came from ehind in a closely-contested meet to ie the 1967 state champion Shortridge, 0-20. The varsity recorded an im- ressive 59 pins to its opponents' 8. abig lecl the varsity in this category ith 10 pins. Season records revealed harles Roesch 195 lbs.1, 17-5, Richard oesch 1103 lbs.1, 14-67 Mike Altman 112 lbs.l, 8-4, Mark Stroh 1120 lbs.1, 5-77 John Bose 1127 lbs.1, 12-4-27 Rex alloway 1133 lbs.l, 7-3-27 Bob Habig 138 lbs.l, 26-35 Don Lawton 1145 Ibs.l, -4-75 Bob Smith 1154 lbs.l, 11-45 Dave mmert 1165 lbs.l, 18-2, Dave Nees 180 lbs.1, 18-35 and Dick Pritchard heavyweightl, 26-1. Varsity standout Dick Pritchard breaks down his opponent before applying a pinning combination. Pritchard captured the County heavyweight championship as well as successfully defending his state title. 110 ' " L J Z .11 ' 5 ' Q. 3 -sa . 1 K, fif 4. ga 5-of 1 ggi A , . ' - -1 " W , , -3-Q3 M .. . le ' 'iso 1 B31 'ls " 1968 Reserve Wrestling Team-Front Raw: Jim Alexander, Don Langford, Mike Thompson, Marvin Cedmonds, John Goll, Don Horning, Paul Baun. Second Row: Martin Truesdell, Kevin Worley, Dave Lawton, John Schulenberg, Richard Brooks, Doug Mercer, Alan Gillespie, Kirk McKinney, Doug Witham. Third Row: Bob Hutchinson, Mike Behnke, Ray Macona, Tom Davie, Fletch Boyd, As the referee looks on, 138 lb. Bob Habig uses an arm hook to turn over his Ben Davis foe before pinning him. Habig scored 10 pins this season. WRESTLING-1968-RESERVE NC. . .43 Decatur Central ..... . .3 NC. . .31 Warren Central ..... .10 NC. . .44 Lawrence Central .... . .5 NC...32 Ben Davis ...... ....8 NC. . .42 Speedway .... . . . .0 NC. . .46 Broad Ripple .. . . . .5 NC...40 Carmel ..... ...11 NC...50 Kokomo ....5 NC...39 Howe ..... ...13 NC. . .45 Shortridge . . . . . .13 NC...46 Tech ...... ....5 NC...34 Manual .. ...13 NC. . .40 Arlington . . ....8 Note Kempler, Bill Parker, Steve Calloway, Scott Peterson, Jay Burger. Fourth Row: Coach Keith Farrand, George Zimmerman, Randy Richards, Brad Stern, Terry Todd, Dave Copenhaver, Martin Bledsoe, Jack Shewmaker, Dick Clay- comb, Rusty Clifford, Steve Gipe. The reserve team had an outstanding year by compiling a fantastic 13-0 record during the regular season. In a characteristic move, Don Lawton applies a "figure-four" to his foe during the championship match at the NC 8-team tourney. rapplers gain sectional, regional crowns At the county meet the Panthers bet- tered last year's fourth place finish by capturing second. Centralites captured individual county championship titles in the 165 lb. class with Dave Emmert and in the heavyweight division with Dick Pritchard. The annual 8-team tour- nament held at North Central again fell to Coach Farrand's aggressive wrestlers with two individual cham- pions, Don Lawton and Dave Emmert. At the Sectional meet the grapplers captured first place to successfully de- fend the Sectional crown. The six in- dividual champions, Charles Roesch, Mike Altman, Mark Stroh, John Bose, Bob Habig, and Dick Pritchard ad- vanced to the Regional meet the fol- lowing Saturday. An all out effort on behalf of these individuals led the matmen to capture the Regional title. However, the Panthers recorded only one individual winner, Dick Pritchard. At the state meet, Pritchard edged his opponent 2-1 in the final match to successfully defend his state heavy- weight championship title. His victory gave the grapplers an 8th place stand- ing in the state. Exceeding the varsity by winning all their matches, the reserve team gained valuable experience and knowledge of basic wrestling fundamentals. In order to score the needed point in his closely-contested match, reserve team member Kevin Worley struggles to escape from a cross-body ride put on by his Carmel opponent. Cheerleaders, lettermen boost Panther athletics c sri' ,ez - V he i atta s ' 1 its-V A' fr it te,t S H Q 1968 Reserve Cheerleaders-Joy Leimbach lleftl, Kari Dunn lrightl, Candy Cluster, Terry Mathews, and Debbie Daniels lin middle, front to backl. All of these iuniors will be eligible for varsity next year. The cheerleaders worked hard at developing new yells and promoting an even greater school spirit this year. The varsity cheerleaders were chosen in the spring by the Class and Stu- dent Councils. The reserve cheerlead- ers, selected in the fall, also led en- thusiasm in addition to supporting a successful reserve season. The hard work and dedication of the coaches reaped many rewards as the Panthers had their most successful ath- letic season. The coaches' unselfish do- nations of time spent after school helped to develop sportsmanship, skill, stamina, and individual self con- fidence. These traits combined, have put the North Central Panthers in the ranks of a state athletic power. The Lettermen's Club, sponsored by Mr. Keith Stroup, proved to be an in- dispensable help by publishing and distributing the programs for every home football and basketball game. The members were those who had earned a varsity letter in any of the nine sports engaged in inter school competition. Serving as officers this year were: Steve McNichols, presidentg John Walter, vice president, Steve Over- man, treasurer, and Mark Moore, sec- retary. The club sponsored an all school mixer this year after the Marion basketball game. The movie camera purchased by the club last year was used extensively and fully appreciated. Cheerleaders spent much time in practicing and developing new cheers. Zaring, Nancy McClain, and Sandy Breisacher, were pioneers in using the Other cheerleaders from Marion County watched the North Central five for "straight arm technique" that uses quick but straight motions. Under the new routines. The varsity cheerleaders, Linda Swanson, Barb Brodey, Cathy direction of Miss Tavlin, the 1968 varsity squad led enthusiasm this year. 0 ' I' aw .f .il -' , li ff . . .. r. ,f .. , N,i, Q. ZW, -Q., , 1 E. K 4 ' I lirf gy.. . .. -. i, ,.. -r i it - I 4 ,gg ., ,. ., ,. . .. W i . sf 1,5 WR. Q , , A., , ,,X,. ...,..,,.i f ' i L' - . P M rf-.f ,pf 4 qi Leitermen s Club-Front Row: D. Ward, D. Reel, S. Overbey, J. Hickey, S. McNichols, R. Roesch, M. Stroh, M. Penington. Second Row: D. Toth, B. Hacklman, D. Tewksbury, D, Emmert, L. Astbury, M. Moore, S. Kautzman, M. Bloom. Third Row: S. Overman, B. Blomberg, T. Schrader, J. Walter, T225 L N. r 'I' ire.-'ww' 'rw swf' ,i 'W' 1 fr..1-LLM 1-3.11 'Emi W Wh L z":2':5 ' .www .fW.f,..., 4, .. , i. ,... , EQ?Tgli5,,,r. ,L ..--Q... , , . . ,,.,,,-.,, ,,w,.-,,l,g ,'-2 u w. i ' B. Perlstein, J. Peirce, J. Harcourt. Fourth Row: K. Ehret, S. Clayton, D Pritchard, R. Frosch, R. Clifford, R. Fobes, J. Orr, D. Pike, S. Penington, K Undercoffer, S. Abrams, D. Moore. More athletes earned their varsity letters in baseball, track, golf, and tennis competition during the spring. Coaches-lleff to rightl Mr. John Shirley, Mr. Bill Buchanan, Mr. John Emery, Mr. Glenn Sch- mucker, Mr. Jock Schiffli, Mr. Charles Riley, Mr. Byron Weaver, Mr. Keith Farrand, Mr. John Friedersdorf, Mr. Thomas Bradley, Mr. Roland Ins- Keep, and Mr. Keith Stroup, athletic director. During intramural bowling competition at Nora Bowl, Roger Gillies tries for a strike to boost his score and help his teammates win. Proving contrary to the popular belief, girls show their ability to play basketball in on I-M basket- ball game as Mr. Phares watches for fouls. Faculty-student basketball game high point of I- The very popular intramural pro- gram at North Central, one of the most varied in the state, started the year under the direction of Mr. Terrell Hud- son. There was a wide variety of sports in which to participate includ- ing football, tennis, basketball, swim- ming, track, archery, volleyball, soft- ball, wrestling, and table tennis. This wide range of activities gave everyone not involved in a varsity sport at the time a chance to participate in a sport. Approximately fifty percent of the stu- dent body took advantage of this op- portunity for recreation. There were 45 boys' basketball teams and 16 flag football teams. Student intramural bowling ended a successful season when the student championship team challenged the faculty team and beat them in the faculty-student tournament. The high point of the intramural sea- son was the faculty-student basketball game played between the faculty and the I-M tourney champions, The Crim- son Tide. The Tide led the game until the last quarter when the Faculty All-l Stars, led by Mr. Walter and Mr. Lick- liter, stopped them with a 56-46 vic- tory. The Blue Max met defeat at the hands of the Tide in the final tourney game played during Panther Athletio Club which met earlier that same day I-M basketball was divided into fouil leagues that were based on a showin made by the teams at the beginnin of the season. Champions of thei separate leagues were: Crimson Tide league A, Orange Owls, league B Beaver Patrollers, league C, and Ameri can Tragedies, league D. The tea members purchased their own uniforms Chuck Aldous and Dick Jensen look on as their respective teammates battle program, which included flag football, table tennis, swimming, bowling, a boys' I-M volleyball game at the edge of the net. The intramural track, gymnastics and volleyball incorporated 1,500 participants. -..., SMS """-Q 19 P V 11t .g tf 1a tQ1ta1 ' ,N115 f A ,V,,.t,:i , 'JA-xt. ' Going up for the tip off, Al Dinwidclie and Denny Dawson start an exciting game between the Orange Owls and the PDQS. Mike Pennington, a member of one of the sixteen intramural football teams, rushes the line in an after school football game held early in the fall. People Inside and outside the classroom anyone of the 3400 individuals con- nected with North Central may focus his attention upon subiects of interest to him. Pictured on the opposite page, Alan Lebin demonstrates his skill in iudo, and Julie Blackburn ltop lettl dis- plays one form of self expression in her painting. Attention of students is cen- tered upon activity on the stage during an assembly labovel, and at back to school night Mr. Doney llettl explains his program of study. Chief North Cenlral administrator Mr. Eugene Cloncs writes a memo concerning faculty meetings. l l 0 3 .fi-' I w ll IIII T"""" , ? l ' Q -as 'I F- I ,' A., "T""' " f , "fi me-f""" ::f3,.f, c , nm ,L sans: jg-It-..i. :W W 5 . is ,. - J - ,, ,i,i,., .2- gf , . l i i 5 . ,.-gjfijf-I-sw ' f . ' l K ' 1.52 . I l N HN . ,, Q ' l Q . 2. ' . K 2 ' Eeswlaelf R Q 1 New assislan! principal, Mr. James Ellsberry, han- dles sfudenfs' schedules and major communications i School administrators share duties and responibilities New administrators led the students f North Central in a productive year, scholastically and athletically. The administrators brought fresh ideas policies into the year's school ac- Mr. Eugene Cloncs was named prin- succeeding Mr. Milo Eiche who been promoted to the office of As- Superintendent. Mr. Cloncs has active at North Central for over years. During that time he served assistant principal and had taught studies. Taking over the work of Dr. Geral- Bagby, who is now Administrative Assistant, Mr. James Ellsberry is vice- principal. Mr. Ellsberry was previously a faculty member at Burris High School in Muncie, Indiana, and Ball State. After serving four years as a geome- try and physical education instructor, Mr. Billy Lee Walker assumed the du- ties of assistant principal. Among these duties, Mr. Walker is responsible for the discipline of the students. Mr. William Bugher maintains the position as Director of Student Ac- tivities. Among his many duties, he co- ordinates all Student Council activities, including Panther Pep Week and Homecoming festivities. Student problems often require communication be- tween Mr. Walker and parents. Director of Student Activities, Mr. William Bugher confers with students about varied proiects. ,ff ' mu. 'iw - Administrators-Dr. J. Everett Light, Superintendent, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, Secretary, Mr. Milo Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education, Dr. Dean Evans, Assistant Superintendent. Eiche, dministrator The Washington Township School Board members work in coniunction with the Administration ot maintain the high standards ot excellence in educa- tion. Due to the high standards of North Central, a high percentage ot students go on to colleges and uni- versities. This year North Central is in the process of going through an evalu- ation by the North Central Association of Universities and Secondary Schools. Superintendent Dr. J. Everett Light holds much responsibility as he is in charge of co-ordinating school func- tions tor the Washington Township School System. Dr. Light has been with the school system tor thirteen years., Secretary for Dr. Light is Mrs. Eliza-' beth Jones. Assisting Dr. Light in his work are Assistant Superintendents Dr. Dean Evans and Mr. Milo Eiche. Dr. Evans, was principal previously at Eastwood Junior High School. New to the job this year, Mr. Eiche had previously served as principal of North Central. Washington Township Board of Education-Mr. Ted B. Lewis, Membery Mr. Mr. Sol Blickman, First Vice-president, and Mr. John R. Mote, Secretary. The William G. Mashaw, President, Mr. Donald G. Wilson, Second Vice-president, board meets regularly to confer about the township schools. stablish high standards l X' X i X Office Secretaries'-Mrs. Rosalie Nickels, Mrs Gladys Lindell, Mrs. Betty McDermott, and Mrs. Paulyne Scott. Not pictured is Mrs. Grace Whitsitt. 4 . . Busily directing heavy traffic after school, Patrol- man Bill Willock helps to insure the safety of all drivers around North Central. Patrolman Doran Keller directs school buses, stu- dents, and faculty drivers who arrive at North Central prior to eight o'clock bell. 121 New teachers plan summer vacations Thirty-six new teachers increased the staff to 162 during the 1967-1968 school year. Wo r ki n g diligently Throughout the school year, they look forward to their summer vacations. Mr. Critzer plans to attend summer classes at Butler University. His hobbies include collecting art and antiques and Norking as a designer in commercial interiors. Mrs. Salmon plans to take graduate work on a Ph.D. degree in clinical psy- chology. During the summer months, she also intends to visit Orient Point, Long Island, and New York. A ten-day fishing trip will highlight the vacation days of Mr. Monroe. An- other two-week trip will be taken in northern Michigan, along with the NEA convention in Dallas, Texas. . 3 , A, ,.,,, . A . , , se , gi Mrs. Steinmetz plans a two-week , . VV M F .. ...-..... .,-..g ....-::,- .fe trip to New Englgnd and New York H ---r1 -ft as V ,.., . . T -',,, 6 J .V ' during the vacation months. Mrs. Merritt, who teaches world and English plexed upon reading one of her students' term Literature, devotes much time to grading papers. Per- papers, she pauses before reaching for a reference book. W L on Q...-Y ll E5 Wa Twelve weeks in Europe will high- light Miss Karn's summer vacation. Her interests include art and skiing. Mrs. Patricia Adams-English, B.S., Indiana University. Mrs. Norma Allen-Business, B.S., Ball State University. Mr. Millard H. Arnold-Foreign Language, A.B., Butler Uni- versity, M.A., Indiana University. Mr. Ray H. Atto-Social Studies, B.S., Eastern Illinois Uni- versity, M.S., Butler University. Mrs. Elizabeth Baggett-English, B.S., Ball State University, M.A. Ball State University. Miss Louise Benlaow-English, B.S., Ball State University- M.S., Ball State University. Miss Ruth E. Bertsch-English, B.A., Western College, M.A. Ball State University. Mr. Larry D. Bracken-Foreign Language, A.B., Asbury Col- lege, M.A., University of Kentucky. 1 Mr. Thomas H. Bradley-Driver Education, Health Bi Safety, Varsity Baseball Coach, BPE Purdue. Mr. Donald C. Brewster-Social Studies, A.B. Butler Uni- versity. Mr. Max I. Briggs-Art, Department Chairman, B.S. Eastern illinois University, M.S. Eastern Illinois University. Mrs. Sara Brodt-English, B.E., University of Akron, Ohio. I I Mr. John Harrison Brown-Foreign Language, BA., Indiana University, MA., University of Wisconsin. 'Mr. William Buchanan-Fine Arts, BA., Eastern Kentucky University. Mrs. Sandra Butterworth-English, B.A., MA., Indiana Uni- versity. ,Mr. Morris A. Campbell-Social Studies, A.B., Wabash COI- Iege, MA., DePauw University. ,Mrs. Bernice Carnell-Director of Reading Laboratories, B.S., ICentral Michigan University, M.S., Indiana University. IMrs. Dorothy Claypool-English, A.B., DePauw University. Miss Connie Climer-English, A.B., Indiana University. !Mrs. Meriam Cohen-Business Education, B.S., Indiana Uni- versity, MA., Butler University. IMr. Jerry Bill Corbin-Industrial Arts, BA., Ball State Uni- versity. Mr. Rod Cord-Journalism, English, Yearbook Advisor, B.S., MA., Ball State University, IMr. Russell Coverdale-Science, B.S., M.S., Purdue University. iMr. Thomas R. Cox-English, B.S., Oakland City CoIIege, M.S., Indiana State University. r. Robert Critzer--Music, A.B., UCLA, M.M., Butler Uni- ersity. r. William E. Cruzan-Business, B.S., Ball State University, A., Columbia University. rs. Betty H. Culp-Mathematics, A.B., Ohio University, A., Ohio State University. r. Thomas W. Davis-Social Studies, B.S., Indiana Uni- ersity, M.S., Indiana University. r. Carl O. Delaard-Social Studies, A.B., Wabash Coliege. r. George Degler--Science, B.S., M.S., Purdue University. r. Richard F. Dennis-Music, B.S., Ithaca College, M.M., utler University. r. David A. Dick-Science, B.S., MA., Ball State. r. Oliver O. Dixon-Mathematics, A.B., M.S., Indiana Uni- ersity. r. Thomas T. Doney, Jr.-Social Studies, B.S., Indiana State niversity. r. Keith Farrand-Physical Education, M.S., Purdue Uni- ersity. rs. Carol Finclley-Guidance, B.S., MA., Indiana State niversity. r. James Fisher'-Practical Arts, B.S., Ball State University, .S., Indiana State University. r. Thomas F. Fisher-English, B.S., M.S., Indiana State niversity. r. Charles F. Fleming-Social Studies, B.S., M.S., MA., In- iana University. iss Jeannine Freudenberger+EngIish, A.B., Asbury College, A., Indiana University. Mr. John Friedersdorf-Social Studies, A.B., Wichita State University, M.S., Indiana University. Mr. Forest C. Fruits-English, Speech, A.B., Wabash, M.A., Ball State University. Miss Donna J. Fulps--English, A.B., M.A.T., Indiana Uni- versity. Mr. Gordon Gish-Mathematics, A.B., M.S., Indiana Uni- versity. Mrs. Nancy S. Grove--Guidance, B.S., M.A., Ball State University. Mr. Jan A. Guffin-English, B.S., M.A.T., Indiana University. Mr. Norman Horner-Guidance, B.A., Indiana Central, M.A., Indiana University. Mr. H. Brown Harrison-Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Indiana State University, Mr. Donald W. Harvey-Mathematics, B.A., Marion College, M.S., Butler University. Miss Linda V. Hash-Guidanceg B.S., M.S., Indiana Uni- versity. Mr. Gale M. Helft-English, A.B., Indiana University. Mr. D. C. Henderson-English, Drama, Speech, A.B., M.A., E. Kentucky University. Carmichael oversees language laboratories As technician of all language laboratories in Washington Township Schools, Mr. Max Carmichael prepares tapes, repairs equipment, and oversees the use of micro- phones and sound effects in stage pro- ductions at North Central. Mrs. Joan Henderson-Social Studies, A.A. Stephens Cal- lege, B.A., Butler University. Mrs. Ruth Anne Holla-Art, B.S., Butler University. Mrs. Jennie Howe-Mathematics, A.B., B.S., Butler, M.A., Indiana University. Mr. Terrell G. Hudson-Social Studies, B.S., Hanover, M.S., Butler University. Mr. Roland Inskeep-Science, B.S., M.S., Indiana State. Mr. James A. Jenkins-English, B.S., University of Tennessee, lM.E.d. Xavier University. 'Mr. Donald Johnson-Social Studies, B.S., Central, M.A., Ball State University. Miss Margaret Ann Karnes-English, B.A., Purdue, M.S., i Butler University. i i JMrs. Grace Kass-English, B.A., Bennington College, M.A., Columbia University. iMr. Don M. Kercheval-Social Studies, A.B., Indiana Uni- yversity, M.S., Butler University. Mr. James E. Keyt-Art, B.S., Ball State University. Mr. Bryan D. Kimble-Social Studies, B.S., Pennsylvania State University. rs. Cleo M. Kinnison-Foreign Language, M.A., University of Michigan. Mrs. Ruth S. Kivett-English, A.B., B.S., Indiana University, M.A., Columbia University. iss Carolyn Kleifgen-Home Economics, B.S., Purdue, M.S., Indiana University. Mrs. Lucille Z. Knight-English, A.B., Indiana University, M.S., University of Pittsburg. Mrs. Paula Dee Knoebel-English, A.B., Indiana University, M.S., Butler University. Mrs. Alice T. Kraft-Foreign Language, B.A., University of Chicago. Mrs. Pamela Sue Latz-Foreign Language, A.B., Indiana University. Miss Margery C. Laycock-Guidance, B.S., M.A.T., Indiana University. Miss Ruth Lesley-Foreign Language, B.A., M.A., Indiana University. r. Arlan Lickliter--Science, B.S., Hanover, M.S., Butler Uni- versity, N.S.F., University of Colorado. Mr. Earl F. Lindberg-Science, B.S., Ball State University, M.S., Indiana University. Mr. William H. Lord-English, Technical Theater, Speech. B.A., M.A., Evansville University, Northwestern University. Miss Sonya Lynn Loschky-Health Education, B.B., Indiana University. Mrs. Lucille Yvonne Lowrey-English, B.S., Indiana Uni- versity, M.A., Ball State University. Mr. James M. Lyerly-Mathematics, M.S., Indiana State University. Mr. Hugh P. McMinn-Director of Instructional Material Center, B.S., M.S., Purdue. Faculty enga es in numerous hobbies , Q-ff Various hobbies occupy the spare time of North Central's newest faculty members. In addition to these activi- ties planning tor a fascinating summer ot 1968 engaged these teachers. Mr. Atta has several passibilitiesg open to him this summer. In addition. ta teaching or attending school, he hoped to take a vacation. He spends' his free time reading, gardening, and! engaging in various sports. Althoughl Mr. Woolard has no definite summerl plans, he will be busy with his hobbies! of photography, reading, and bowling. As with Mr. Woolard, Mr Davis has not made any plans far the summer ot' traveling, and photography. Several ideas form the nucleus o Mr. Harvey's plans. He intends to war on his farm and take graduate course at Butler University. One ot the mas unusual past occupations belongs t Mr. Dixon. His military career include several maior decorations: three Presi Teaching printing, Mr. Dave Smith demonstrates the Iinotype techniques involved in printing The demiol Unit Cimnons G Bronze STG Northem Lights and Metro-Message to his pupils. ,1- and a Purple Heart. Mr. James V. Macii-Science, B.S., M.S., Ball State Uni- versity. Mrs. Marilyn Madigan-Mathematics, B.S., Purdue, M.A., Ball State University. Mr. Phillip M. Mann-Practical Arts Department Chairman, Township Consultant, B.S., Stout State University, M.A., Ball State University. Mr. Don E. Martin-Music Department Chairman, B.M., Butler University, M.M., Columbia University. Miss Roberta Mathers-English, A.B., Hanover, M.A.T., ln- diana University. Mr. Donald McClung-Practical Arts, A.B., Indiana State University. Mr. Richard Brooks Meek-Social Studies, B.A., Indiana University, M.S., Butler University. Miss Kathryn A, Merkel-Foreign Language, A.B. Indian Central, M.A., Indiana University. Mrs. Jean Merritt-English, A.A., Williamwood College- B.S., Indiana University, M.S., Butler University. Mr. Keith E. Mohr-Physics, B.S., Manchester, M.S., Purdue. Mr. James Monroe-Science, B.S., Purdue, M.S., Butler University. Mr. Martin J. Moore-Social Studies, B.A,, DePauw, M.S. Butler University. l968, but he does eniay camping,- Mr. Richard P. Moore-Guidance, M.S., Ball State University. Mrs. Alice Morgan-Library, B.S., Indiana University. Mr. Donald L. Myers-English, B.S., M.A., Ball State Uni- versity. Mrs. Virginia M. Nead-Home Economics, B.S., Purdue. Miss Martha Nees-English, B.S., Purdue, M.A., University of Colorado. Mr. Kenneth D. Patton-mSocial Studies, A.B., Muskingum, M.S., Butler. Mrs. Barbara Ann Pence-English, A.B., Earlham. Mr. William J. Phares-Science, B.S., M.A., Ball State Uni- versity. V Miss Roleen Pickard-Business Education, M.S., Indiana State University. Mrs. Evelyn B. Pickrell-Business Education, B.S., M.S., ln- diana University. Miss Anne Pihlak-Foreign Language, B.A., Butler Uni- versity. Mr. Robert l.. Prettyman-Science, A.B., M.A., Butler Uni- versity. Mrs. Edith Reese-Business Education, B.S., M.S., Butler University. Mrs. Evelyn I. Rhamy-English, Newspaper Advisor, B.A., Indiana University. Mr. Samuel D. Rhinesmith-Music, Director of Bands, B.S., est Chester State College, Pennsylvania, M.M., Butler Uni- versity. r. Wilbur F. Richards-Guidance, B.S., Central Normal Col- lege, M.S., Indiana University. r. Charles R. Richardson-Social Studies, A.B., M.A., More- ead State University. r. Robert E. Richardson-Business Education, Work Ex- erience, B.S.E., Eastern Illinois, M.A., Ball State University. r. Charles E. Riley-Health Education, B.S., Indiana Uni- ersity, M.S., Butler University. rs. Nelda S. Rimstidt-English, Speech, B.A., Indiana State niversity, M.A., Butler University. rs. Kaaren Rodman-Foreign Language, B.A., Ball State niversity, M.A., University of Illinois. r. Marvin 0. Rose-Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Indiana State niversity. rs. Jean Roy-Home Economics, B.S., M.S., Indiana State niversity. r. Charles E. Russell-Science, A.B., Butler, M.A., Indiana niversity. rs. Mary Elizabeth Salmon-English, B.A., Earlham, M.S., urdue. r. Jack Schiffli-Mathematics, A.B., University of Kentucky, .S., Indiana University. r. Glenn Schmucker-Science, B.S., Manchester, M.A.T., diana University. r. George E. Sharp-Mathematics, B.S., Oakland City Col- ge, M.S., Indiana University, M.A., University of Michigan. Mrs. Martha Sharp-Art, B.S., M.A., Ball State University. Mr. John Shirley-Englishg B.S., Butler University, M.B.A., M.S., University of Southern California. Mr. David S. Smith-Practical Arts, B.S., Stout State Uni- versity. Mrs. Mary J. Spoon-Mathematics: A.B., M.A.T., Indiana University. Miss Edra P. Staffieri-Foreign Language, B.A., Penn State University, M.A., Middlebury College. Mr. Arnold F. Stahl-Guidance: B.S., Western Illinois Uni- versity, M.E,D., University of Illinois. Mrs. Joy Steinmetz-English, B.A., Butler University. Mrs. Betty J. Stokesberry-Foreign Languagep A.B., Butlerp M.A., Texas Christian University. Mr. Keith Stroup-Athletic Director, B.S., Indiana State Uni- versity, M.S., Ball State University. Miss Joyce Tavlin-Health Education: B.S., Hanover. Mr. H. Norman Taylor-Chairman, Social Studies Depart- ment: A.B., M.A., State University of lowa. Mr. Thomas E. Taylor-English: B.S., M.S., Butler University. Spanish sponsor hite finds double image Sponsor of the Spanish Club, Mr. .l. B. White stares in disbelief at the papier rnache pinata which the club members made for their Christmas party. iMr. Cecil Tharp-Mathematics, B.S., Indiana University. ,Mrs. Patricia Theobald-Foreign Language, B.A., Carleton, IM.A., Indiana University. Mrs. Beatrice Thomas-Music, B.S., M.A., Ball State Uni- tversity. IMr. John W. Tully-Foreign Language, A.B., University of Kentucky, M.S., Indiana University. Mr. .lack D. Walter-Business Education, B.S., Indiana State University. Mr. Robert Lee Watson-Science, B.S., Ball State University, .S., Butler University. Mr. Byron E. Weaver-Health Education, B.S., Purdue, M.S., Indiana University, M.A., Butler University. Mr. Allan R. Weinheimer-Chairman, Mathematics Depart- ent, B.S., M.S., Purdue. r. Forrest E. Wells-Special Education, B.S., M.A., Ball tate University. r. John Wendling-Foreign Language, B.S., M.S., Purdue. Mrs. Katherine C. Wert-Library, A.B., Indiana University, M.S., Butler University. r. J. B. Whits-Foreign Language, A.B., M.A., University f Kentucky. aptain Charles R. Wilhelm-National Defense Cadet Corps, .S., Manchester College, M.A.T., Indiana University. rs. Helen E. Wingfield-English, A.B., M.S., Indiana Uni- versity. rs. Edith L. Wisner-Mathematics, A.B., DePauw, M.S., But- er University. r. G. L. Woodruff-Practical Arts, B.S., Indiana State Uni- ersity, M.S., Butler University. r. Steve Woolurd--Social Studies, B.S., Ball State Uni- ersity, A.M., Indiana University. r. Robert Wynkoop-Mathematics, B.A., Marian College, .A.T., Purdue. aculty Members Not Pictured RS. PAULINE BROTHERS-Music ISS MARY BELLE DOW-Guidance R. JOSEPH HARDING-Practical Arts RS. RITA KARNS-Health Education RS. PHYLLIS KIXMILLER-Foreign Language R. DAVID MARYTN-Foreign Language R. KENNETH WARREN-Director of Guidance mx 1, ,, , While Senior nurse assistant Terry Kemp completes a patient information form, Nurse Bowen calls a mother to notify her of her son's illness. School treasurer Mrs. Geneva Kennedy and book- store manager Mrs. Marguerite Farkas take the money from bookstore sales to the school vault. Matrons Pearl Rattler, Lettie Scruggs, Anne Gibson, and Geneva Timmons maintain cleanliness. People behind scenes provide y needed school services j The nurse, bookstore managers, cus- todians, and cafeteria staff earned much credit this year as they main- tained the efficient operation of North Central. First aid and health super- visions of students were the main ob- iectives of the nurse, Mrs. Dorothy Bowen. Her duties included supervision of the sophomore hearing test and ad- ministration of the tuberculosis test. Nearly every student took advan- tage of the supplies sold in the book- store. A wide selection of equipment was available for the convenience of the students. Mrs. Farkas and Mrs. Kennedy managed the bookstore withi the help of fifteen assistants who vol- unteered their study halls. The well-kept appearance of they building was maintained by the cus-N todial staff and matrons. Clean restl rooms, waxed floors, and polishedy lockers were due to the services of these dedicated workers. Approximately 3300 lunches were served each day in the cafeteria to the students, faculty, and maintenance staffs. Success of the cafeteria relied partially on the excellent supervision of Mrs. Shields, Manager. W. ., , t-ez, I pu- Cusfoclial Staff-Front Row: Bennie Smith, Wen- dell Wringer, Ralph Sturdevanr. Second Row: Everefr Davis, Jim Kendall, John Davenporl, Ed Slater. Other members are not picrured. 1 i, Cafeieria Siaff-Fronl Row: J. Mills, K. Sickberr, Mrs. R. Shields lManagerl H. Earle,,H. Anderson, B. Blackwood, I. Kenley, H. Voorhis, L. Blood, G. Maf- fox, W. Wagner, and L. Wichman. Second Row: C. Rogers, M. Guinrher, E. Adams, D. Chapman, L. Grube, L. Kelleher, M. Scoh, P. Painter, M. Whitten, and O. Surber. Third Row: V. Rains, J. Duckworth, B. Barber, M.Lotz, L. 2 , f . . .5 5 . ji Fi V . of-w W' i , 4 . . O 55553 Hause, A. Wall, S. Smith, M. Tipton, E, Moore, W. Fitzgerald, and A. Walkow- ski. Fourih Row: H. Foxworthy, C. Newbold, A. Tedrowe, G. Macy, L. Perry, T. Shackelford, I. Sparks, S. Kyle, and L. Bush. Fifih Row: B. Boffo lAssis1ant Managerl, J. Kuneman, N. Hocker, M. Cox, G. Hughes, W. Chance, M. Perry, M. Talbo1r, J. Beals, R. Hiatt, D. Painter, F. Miller, and D. Efringer. arious area secretaries integral part of school ' 'S A X . XX X Checking books, organizing library records, and assisting students whenever possible are some of the duties of library secretaries Mrs. Pam Gilbert, Mrs. Eight women at North Central worked diligently to insure the efficient running of the school. The secretaries in the attendance office, Mrs. Swigart and Mrs. Buddenbaum, kept complete records of all student absences. Mrs. Clark, secretary in the guidance office, oversaw the mailing of applications between the school and colleges throughout the country for hundreds of seniors. In the audio-visual depart- ment, Mrs. Keller helped students and sometimes teachers in preparing visual aids for the classrooms. Her assistant, Mrs. Swindell, was in charge of order- ing all films to be shown at North Cen- tral and scheduling the use of equip- ment. The librarians Mrs. Wert, Mrs. Morgan, and Mrs. Tomlinson, con- trolled the library. Their many duties included keeping track of the location of all books, preparing bibliographies for teachers, and aiding students in their search for needed materials. Stu- dents volunteered study time in each of these vital areas to aid in smooth operations. Audio-Visual Secretary Mrs. Doris Keller orders films and administers equipment as part of her iob. Aiding her is Mrs. Kay Swindell. Jacquelyn Thomas, and Mrs. Patricia Tomlinson. The completion of the tasks is necessary for efficient operation of all library facilities. Mrs. Mary Jane Clark, secretary in The guidance office, arranges appointmenfs between students M and their counselors when college quesfions arise. MIS. Gllldyi Bvddehbllvm Gnd MVS- Linnea 5WiQCH'? Wh0 Ure S9CI'eT0Yi9S in 'he form for their files. These women check an regularity of classroom ahendance attendance office verify a studenfs absence and record it on a permanent qnd issue passes enabling u student to leave school. 'Cb Quill and Scroll-Front Row: Georgia Cravey, Jody Abel, Missy Kokos, Andi Trais, Kathy Kelly. Second Row: Betty Jo Hayes, John Lindquist, John Scofield, Jim Linderman, Sally McVey. National Merit Finalists-Front Row: Barb Busch, Karen Wolf, Janet Cohen, Brenda Freiie, Sally Coulson, Jean Fletcher, Kim Noland, Patti Mullins, and Pam Fleek. Second Row: John Jagger, Paul Over, Walt Schuchmann, John Duvall, Georgia Crovey, Betty Jo Hayes, Rob Kail, Kirk McKinney, and Mike Class of '68 Green and yellow were the colors of the year as seniors strived to show their class spirit. A maiority of the class members demonstrated this spirit by wearing the class colors on spe- cified occasions, such as the conclud- ing games, football and basketball, and the senior bonfire. The '68 Centralites put forth their best efforts in supporting Homecoming festivities. Among their proiects was the senior class float entitled "Central Goes Safari." Beginning in J a n u a r y, seniors planned amusing skits to be given in May during the traditional Senior Tal- ent Show. The skits were take-offs on daily school activities. Excitement grew as the class of 1968 began counting the number of school days remaining for them. Tossing the years' accumulated papers over the student center railing at the end of their final day proved to the seniors that the end had come at lost. Goldberg. Third Row: Bob Valentine, Mark Wolf, Charles Bahne, Bob Roth- baum, Bob McPhee, Alan Hyde, Jim Pruitt, John Lindquist, and Dan Hicks. Not pictured: Glen Allport, Sharon Bellard, James Berlin, Sarah Miller, and Sharon Rushton. Kirk, Pom, and Bob won scholarships. 3,5 M -4 Q ' 79 goes safarl, Wears green, yellow ,,. 2. .1 sb. A Senior Class Council-Front Row: Priscilla Howell, Barbara Gemmer, Sandy Greer, Peggy Roberts, Ellen Lennox ltreasurerl, Linda Jones, Sandy Breisacher, Dini Lilly, Stephanie Dietz. Second Row: Becky Willard, Marty Youngquist lsecretaryl, Karen Wolf, Janis Payne, Joyce Ray, Cheryl Smith, Cathy Sparren- berger, Chris Asmus, Leah Schulte. Third Row: Dan Fairley, John Hickey, Dave pw Kiwi ssiilsw- Nestor, Harold Irwin, Kirk McKinney, Jay Ham, Don Lawton lpresidentl, Dick Tewksbury, Fourth Row: Bruce Beitman, Dave Strong, Phil Cockerille lvice- presidentl, Tom Buschmann, Mark Bloom, Scott Clayton, John Walter, Jim Haggard, Mr. Dick. The highlight of the senior year was the Grad Dance followed by a breakfast which was sponsored by The Triangle Club. Y Phil Cockerille, vice president, Ellen Lennox, trea- surer, Marty Youngquist, secretary, and Don Law- ton, president effectively manage the numerous proiects of the Senior Class Council. - effffii , 1 ef' .-1 Q-65 . J W :QF Sul' X If--'yr We-S 4, i wr 55 SENIORS Ellen Jean Abbott-Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 2-35 Madri- gals 2-35 Spanish 3. 'Joan Dee Abel-National Honor Society 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 German 35 Vice-President 45 Yearbook Staff 3, Opening Editor 45 I.U. Honors Program in German 3. Gail Marie Acheson-Transfer student from Des Moines 4. 'Eliece Aiman-Orchestra 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Pan- ther Athletic 2-35 Travel 3-45 AFS 25 Senior Girls' League. 'Charles Thomas Akard-Chess 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Boys' Glee Club 35 Intramurals 2-45 Boys' Booster Block 45 Junior Historical Society 4. Tom Alar-Beginning Chess 25 Advanced Chess 35 Chess Team 35 Drafting 2. Charles W. Aldous-Key Club 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Sophomore Class Council5 National Merit Letter of Commen- dation5 Intramurals 2-4. Barbara Allen-Band 2-35 Folk Music 2-4. Steven Gary Allen-Travel 35 lntramurals 2-45 Model Rock- et 25 Chess 2-35 Hall Monitor 2. 'Nancy Marie Alsop-Future Teachers 25 Future Nurses 25 Panther Athletic 35 Foods Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular Usher 35 Baccalaureate Usher 3. Cindy Anderson-Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Historical So- ciety 35 World Culture 25 Travel 3. 'Jenny lee Andrews-Junior Class Council5 Junior Spectacu- lar 35 AFS 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Senior Girls' League5 At- tendance Office 3-45 Intramurals 4. Bonnie Angell. Sherri Sue Ardelean-Girls' Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 3. Stephen Arfman. Linda Diane Armold-Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 25 Girls' Booster Block 25 Band 35 Orchestra 3. Kristi Lee Armstrong-Travel 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 At- tendance Office Assistant 3-45 Junior Spectacular 3, 'Rebecca Irene Armstrong-Student Council Alternate 35 Madrigals 2-35 Girls' Ensemble 45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Art 25 AFS 3-4. Christine Margaret Asmus-Panther Athletic 2-45 Spanish 2-35 Travel 35 Government 2. 'Louis Banford Astbury-Student Council Alternate 25 Ten- nis 35 Spanish 2-35 Geology 35 AFS 25 Panther Athletic 2-3. Andrea Ellen Ayer-Junior Class Council Alternate5 Junior Spectacular 35 French 35 Drama 3, 'Pamela Ann Backner-FTA 45 Intramurals 25 Panther Athle- tic 3-45 Spanish 35 Travel 35 Science Service 4. 'Mariio Bader-Transfer Student from Edna, Texas5 FTA Treasurer 35 Student Council Alternate 45 Panther Athletic 45 Language Lab Assistant 45 Travel 3, 'Charles Bahne-Junior Spectacular Chairman 35 Debate 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Mu Alpha Theta 2-45 Gov- ernment 2-45 Science Seminar 2. ' Cathy Dee Baker-Folk Music 25 Drama 2-35 Forensics 35 National Forensics League 35 Madrigals 25 Descants 2-3. Stephen W. Baker-Sophomore Class Council Representotive5 Spanish 2-35 Panther Athletic 3, Michael John Baldwin-Gymnastics 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-4. Richard Oliver Baldwin-Student Council Representative 35 Panther Athletic 35 Art 35 Future Business of America 3. ,,..- N... Foreign exchange student Jackie Bishop from South Africa and transfer student Aksa Sanger from Pakistan enioy a typi- cal American high school lunch. Foreign students enjoy American food Jane Louise Barlow-Panther Athletic 2-37 Travel 2-37 Art 2-3. Gregory Allen Basch-NDCC Rifle Team Battalion Formation 2. William Robert Bates-A Capella 37 Music Men 47 Baseball 3-47 Intramurals 3-47 Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. 'Gloria Annette Bough-Girls' State Representative 37 Junior Spectacular 37 Student Council Alternate 27 Panther Athletic 2-47 Travel 37 Intramurals 3. 'Marilyn Louise Baumgardt-Orchestra 2-47 Descants 47 A Capella 37 Panther Athletic 3-47 Booster Block 37 Chamber Music 2. Paul Edward Baun-Junior Class Council7 Panther Athletic 37 Chess 3-47 Wrestling 2-4. Craig Anderson Beardshean-German 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Gymnastics 3-47 Travel 2-4. Richard 5. Bearss-Government 3. Nancy E. Beatty-Transfer Student from Columbus, lndiana7 Intramurals 3. Barbara Anita Beck-ICYE Exchange Student from Berlin, Germany7 Photography 4. Mike Paul Beck-Electronics President 3. 'Susan Lynn Becker-Junior Spectacular 37 National Honor Society 3-47 Newspaper Staff 47 Latin 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Scholastic Award 2-3. Jeannie Beiersdorfer-Panther Athletic 2-3, 'Bruce Joy Beitman-Sophomore Class Council7 An Presi- dent 37 Orchestra 27 Gymnastics 37 Wrestling 27 National Scholastic Art Gold Key Award 3. Stephen William Bell-Intramurals 2-37 Travel 2-37 Panther Athletic 37 Spanish 27 Art 2. Sharon Ann Bellard-National Honor Society 3-47 German 37 Beginning Chess 37 Girls' Booster Block 2-37 Scholastic Award 2-3. SENIORS Karen R. Bellville-Girls' Booster Block 2-35 Library Assistant 35 Panther Athletic 45 Attendance Office Assistant 45 Senior Girls' League. Thomas David Below-Great Books 3. Mark W. Bonham-Junior Historical Society 35 Advanced Chess 35 Panther Athletic 35 Travel 3. Abraham D. Beniamin-Art 25 Industrial Arts 35 Panther Athletic 4. Barham Bennett-Transfer Student from Ann Arbor, Michi- gan. Stephen Bennett 'Janis Carol Benz-Fall Musical 3-45 Counterpoints 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Gym Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Madrigals 2. Andrew Lewis Berentes-Air Space 2-35 Poetry 3-45 Science Service 4. James Edward Berlin-National Honor Society 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-35 Chess 2-3. James Edward Berling--Chess Team 2-35 Advanced Chess 25 Panther Athletic 35 Beginning Chess 2. Rosemary Bertram. 'Karen Elizabeth Bessey-National Honor Society 3-45 Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation 45 Triangle Club A- ward 2-35 National Forensics League 2-45 Student Council 45 Alternate 35 Orchestra 2-35 President 4. Dale Stanton Bikin-Transfer Student from Omaha, Nebras- ka5 Computer 35 Panther Athletic 35 Baseball 3. 'Florence Wilson Binford-National Honor Society 3-45 Folk Music 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 French 2,45 Senior Girls' Lea- gue5 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. 'l'Karen Bingham-Sophomore Class Council Representative5 Junior Class Council Representative5 Junior Spectacular Usher Committee Chairman 35 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Folk Music 4. Jacqueline Anne Bishop-AFS Exchange Student from Jo- hannesburg, South Africa. Keith Douglas Bishop-AV Aide 2-45 Bell Choir 3-45 Biology 35 A Capella 2. 'Leslie Ann Bishop-Junior Spectacular 35 Travel 35 Pan- ther Athletic 3-45 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Atten- dance Office Assistant 3-45 Senior Girls' League. Rose M. Black-FTA 25 FNA 35 Red Cross 25 Foods 2. 'Sara Ann Blackburn-Orchestra 2-45 AFS 2-45 International Foods 3-45 Vice-President 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 Wasson's Fashion Board Member 45 Spanish 2. Barbara June Blanchard-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 3-45 Spanish 35 Review Tying 2. "Martin Lewis Bledsoe-Student Council 2-35 Football 25 Wrestling 2-45 Orchestra 2-45 Panther Athletic 35 German 3-4. Neil .lay Blickman-Government 35 Panther Athletic 35 Scho- lastic Award 2-35 Intramurals 2-35 FTA 2. Bruce John Blomberg-Basketball 2-45 Reserve Track 2, Var- sity 35 Football 35 Panther Athletic Vice-President 3. 'Celia M. Blood-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 25 Knitting 45 Senior Girls' League5 Home Economics Style Show 35 Review Typing 2. 'Mark Abram Bloom-Cross Country 2-45 Truck 2-45 Intra- murals 2-45 Band 2-35 Section Leader 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Senior Class Council Representative. Danny lee Bloomer. 'Sally Ann Bockstahler-Bell Choir 45 L. S. Ayres' Fashion Board Member 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Family Jamboree Style Show Model 45 Knitting Secretary 35 Senior Girls' League. 1968 'Suzanne Boeldt-National Honor Society 3-45 Panther Ath- letic 3-45 Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 Reading Lab Assistant 45 World Culture 35 Travel 3. Sandra Kay Boger-Poetry 3. William Doyle Boggess-Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 3. Holly Bolal. .lacquelyn Bolles-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel Club 2-45 Student Council Alternate 25 Class Council Alternate 35 Junior Spectacular 3. Alan Lee Booker-Student Helper 45 Graphic Arts Service 4. Daryl Evelyn Boone-Acalastic Award 2-35 National Merit Letter of Commendation 35 Reading Lab Assistant 45 AFS 45 Orchestra 2-4. Janet Kay Boltamiller-Typing 25 Knitting 35 Future Nurses 3. Alan E. Bower-Slide Rule Secretary 35 Adv. Chess 45 Chess Team 35 Spanish 25 Drafting 3. Susan List Boyd-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 2-35 General Office Assistant 35 Art Vice-President 45 Folk Music 4. "'W. Fletcher Boyd-National Honor Society 35 Football 2-45 Wrestling 3-45 Student Council Alternate 35 Key Club 45 Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation 4. Pamela Kay Boyles-Girl's Booster Block 25 AV Assistant 35 German 3. Hill Ann Bradley-Junior Spectacular 2-35 Intramurals 2,45 A Cappella 45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Senior Girls' League5 Tricycle Race 3. Melody Jane Bradshaw-Panther Athletic 25 Madrigals 2-35 Counterpoints 45 French 25 Travel 3. Dennis Bragg. Hal L. Bramley-Panther Athletic 45 Travel 45 Arts 81 Crafts 4, air ,. ...tic-,..,. , , X it-fl We-ti :+A- an ational Honor Society volunteers tutor students , iQ... .- 5. ,vu V45 As part of the services rendered by the National Honor Society, Senior Brenda Freiie tutors Cheryl Boling in Chemistry Survey. Senior footprints and tire tracks through the first December snowfall emphasize the lonliness of the east parking lot during the school day. Snow Creates "Winter Wonderlandw Kathleen I. Brandt-National Honor Society 3-47 Triangle Club Award 2-37 Notehand 37 Library Assistant 2-37 Second year state Spanish test-sixth place 3. Steven George Bregger-Intramurals 2-37 Chess 37 Aquari- um 37 Spanish 2-3. 'Sandra Elaine Breisacher-Reserve Cheerleading 27 Varsity 3-47 Panther Athletic 2-37 Booster Block 2-37 Assistant to Athletic Director 37 Lead in Anne Frank 37 Debate Secretary, 4. Ronnie David Bremen-Spanish 37 Band 2-47 Notehand 37 Intramurals 3-47 Wrestling 2. 'Christopher Ralph Brewster-National Honor Society 3-47 National Forensic League 37 President 47 Debate Team 2-47 President 37 Marching, Concert, Pep Band 2-37 Captain 47 Student Council Alternate 3-47 Junior Spectacular Best Male Lead 3. 'Steven Charles Bridges-Boys' Glee Club 27 A Capella 37 Lab Assistant 37 Science Service Club 37 Chess 37 Music Men 4. George Lewis Bridgforth-Student Council 2-47 Music Men 2-37 Junior Spectacular 2-37 Teen Guide Council School Representative 3-4. Allan Roy Brinkman-Folk Music 2-37 Graphic Arts 37 Audio- Visual 2. Rita Brock-Folk Music 27 Panther 27 Travel 2. 'Mary Jane Brown-Sophomore Class Council7 Junior Class Council7 Panther Athletic 2-37 Travel 2-37 Knitting 37 Review Typing 2. George Oliver Browne-Library Assistant 27 Library Monitor 37 Travel 3. Chris Gray Browning-Music Men 3-47 Folk Music 3-47 Pan- ther Athletics 3-4. Robert Thomas Bruce-Chess 37 Panther Athletic 37 Travel 37 Graphic Arts Service 47 Boys Booster Block 4. Howard Aaron Brummer-Transfer student 37 Art 37 Slide Rule 3. Marilyn Jo Brunelle-Future Nurses 3-47 Madrigals 2-37 Girls' Ensemble 47 Review Typing 2-47 Panther Athletic 4. 'Nancy Ann Brunner-Arts and Crafts 27 Panther Ahtletic 2-37 World Culture 37 Travel 37 Biology Lab Assistant 47 Science Service 4. 1968 James Michael Buchanan-Rifle Team, Chess, Color Guard. Nancy Louise Buddenbaum-National Honor Society 3-4, Madrigals 2-3, AFS 4, Sophomore Class Council 2, Travel 3-4, French 3. Beth Ann Bugbee-Junior Spectacular 3, Panther Athletic, Travel, Girls' Exercise, Senior Girls' League Planning Board, Junior Prom Decorations. Barbara L. Bunes-Junior Spec. 3, Panther Athletic 2-3, Intramurals 2, Girls' Auto Mechanics. David Bruce Burgess. Ronald Thomas Burgy-Rifle Team 2-3. H. Douglas Burney-History of Math 2, German 2, Key Club 3-4, Debate Team 2, Forensics 2, Marching Band 2-4. 'Beth Bums-Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3, National Honor Society 3-4, AFS, President 4, Student Council 2-3, I'.U. Honors Program, France 3, Junior Prom Queen Candi- date. .lames B. Burroughs-Key Club 3-4, Intramural Basketball 2-4, Intramural Softball 2-4, Student Council Alternate 2, Panther Athletic 3, Junior Class Council Alternate. Barbara Ann Busch--Intramurals 2-3, Panther Athletic 2-3, Review Typing 3, Folk Music 2, Gym Assistant 3, Gym Assis- tants 3. Thomas A. Buschmann-Panther Athletic 2-4, Travel 3, Intra- murals I 8. Il, 2-4, Student Council Alternate 3, Chess 2. Donald Anthony Bybee-Baseball Manager 2, Panther Athle- tic 3-4, Key 4. Zina Caims-Notehand 3, Debate 3. Marilyn Sue Calderon-Girls' Chorale 2, Girls' Concert Choir 3, Poetry 3-4, A Cappella 4, Art 2. Glenn Brian Campbell-Transfer from Clay High School in South Bend. Marc Careskey-Junior Class Council 3, National Honor So- ciety 3-4, Junior Achievement 3, Junior Spectacular 3, ln- tramural Football 3, Mu Alpha Theta Vice President 4. Gail E. Carey-Travel 3, World Culture 3, Latin 3, Panther Athletic 3. Arlana Carla Camey-Review Typing 2-3, French Club 3, Panther Athletic 3, Knitting Club 2-3, Home Ec Style Show. Michael D. Carr-Folk Music, Travel. George William Carter-Biology 3, Graphic Arts Service 3, Photography 2, Industrial Arts 2. Linda Sue Carter-Red Cross 2, Panther Athletic 2-3, Cloth- ing 3. Susan Jo Case-Panther Athletic 3, Foods 2, Clothing 2-3, Spanish 2-3, Travel 3. Eugene Irvin Casraiss Ill-Intramural Basketball 3-4, Pan- ther Athletic 2-4, Travel 2-4, Advanced Chess, Intramural Football. 'Debbie A. Chamberlin-Panther Athletic 3-4, FTA 4, Gym Intramurals 2-4, Girls Exercise 2, Senior Girls' League 4, Marching Band 2-4. Jack D. Chandler. Marta Kay Chapman-Foods Secretary 2, Panther Athletic 2-3, Travel 3, Scholastic Award 2-3, AFS 2. Jerry Lee Chastan-Band, Chess, Pep, Wood Shop. Judith M. Chastain-Cheer Block 2, Travel 2, Concert Choir 2, A Capella 3, Descants 3. SENIORS Deborah Chemin-National Honor Society 37 Madrigals 37 French 27 World Culture 37 Junior Spectacular7 Panther Athle- tic 2. Linda Citron-Panther Athletic 2-37 Scholastic Award 2-37 Trike Race 37 North Central Relays Princess 37 Intramurals 37 Costume 2. John R. Clark. John M. Clark-Travel 27 Panther Athletic 2. Steven Lloyd Claycombe-FBLA 47 Government 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Junior Historical Society 37 Air Space 27 Intra- mural Football 4. 'Scott Clayton-Vice-President of Junior Class7 Football 2-47 Basketball 2-47 Baseball 2-47 Travel7 Panther Athletic 2-4. Brian G. Clifford-Football, All-County 2-47 Baseball 2-47 Wrestling 47 Panther Athletic Club 3-47 Boys' State Alternate 37 Lettermen's Club 4. Carol A. Clutter-Junior Spectacular7 Panther Athletic 2-37 A Cappella 37 Madrigals 47 Merit Award 27 Fall Musical 4. 'Philip R. Cockerillle-Key Club 37 President 47 Student Council 2-37 Senior Class Vice-President7 Cross Country 2-37 Track 2,47 National Honor Society 3,4. 'Karen Day Coggeshall-Junior Spectacular 27 Intramurals 2,47 Scholastic Award 2-37 Journalism 27 Panther Athletic 3-47 Senior Girls' League. 'Janet Rae Cohen-National Merit Semi-Finalist 47 National Honor Society 3-47 French Club Secretary 2-37 Student Coun- cil 47 Alternate 37 Scholastic Award 2-4. Sandy Cohen--Knitting 37 Girls' Glee Club 37 Clothing 27 Folk Music 27 Panther Athletic 4. 'Hugh Conway-Senior Class Council AIternate7 Adv. Chess 2-37 Intramurals 2-47 Panther Athletic 2-37 Science Service 47 Government 4. Robert Edward Cook-Panther Athletic 2-37 Junior Class CounciI7 Chess 2-37 Travel 37 Angler-Nimrod Vice-president 4. 'Robin C. Cook-Junior Spectacular7 Panther Athletic 3-47 Travel 37 Scholastic Award 37 Government 47 Class Council Alternate 3. Chorlo Maurono Copan-Panther Athletic 27 Travel 3-47 Stage Crew 37 Review Typing 4. David Lee Coponhover-Key Club 3-47 Wrestling Team 2-47 Cross Country Team 37 NFL 3-47 Junior Historical Society 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-4. Michael D. Cotter-Football 2-47 Intramural Softball 37 Chess 3-47 Drafting 4. Sarah Luan Coulson-National Honor Society 37 Girls' En- semble 2-47 Folk Music 27 Travel 27 AFS 2,4. Timothy M. Cox-Panther Athletic 2-37 Metal Working. Gary Loo Coy-Intramural Football 27 Boy's Industrial Arts 2-37 Printing Tech 4. Mary Martha Craig-National Honor Society 37 Junior Spec- tacular 37 Panther Athletic 2-37 Knitting 37 Science Service 3. 'Leslie Ann Cracraft-Panther Athletic 2-37 Intramural Bas- ketball 27 Intramural Volleyball 37 Travel 37 Knitting 37 Spanish 2-3. 'Georgia A. Crovey-National Honor Society 3-47 Quill and Scroll 3-47 National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist 47 NCTE Writing Award Winner 47 Editorial Board "Etching: in Thought" 47 Yearbook Staff 37 Activities Editor 4. Franklin B. Cregor-Chess 2-37 Intramural Softball 37 Intra- mural Basketball 3. Goll Crows-Panther Athletic 2-47 Travel 2-4. Cheryl Ann Cronk-Panther Athletic 2-47 Travel 3-47 Foods 27 Shorthand Award 3. 'Diane Lonetto Cunningham-Junior Class Council Alternate7 Stage Crew 3-47 Panther Athletic 2-37 Intramurals 2-37 French 27 Art 2. 1968 'Elaine Marie Cupp-Baton Corp 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 French 25 Notehand 35 Art 2,45 Scholastic Award 2-3. 'Libby Ann Curry-Thespians 35 Secretary 45 Drama 2-35 Vice-President 45 Junior Class Council5 Student Council Alter- nate 25 Gym Assistant 35 Stagecrew 2-4. Kathy Dailey-Girls' Booster Block 35 Panther Athletic 35 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Sewing 2. 'Shari Lynn Dankert-Panther Athletic 2-35 Stagecrew 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Costume 45 Junior Spectacular Poster and Cover Designer 3. Robert Glenn Darling Jr.-Panther Athletic 35 Gym Assistant 3. Shirley Ann Darring. Delores Anne Daupert-Travel 2-35 Knitting 35 Panther Athletic 2-3. 'Patricia Sue Davies-National Honor Society 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 Clothing 25 Costume 25 Lab Assistant 45 National Science Foundation Participant 3. Bruce Carleton Davis-Panther Athletic 35 Beginning Chess 3. 'Thomas Lee Davis-Sophomore Class Council5 Student Council 35 Key Club 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 French Vice- President 45 Wrestling 3-4. Steve Charles Davis-Panther Athletic 3. Larry .lay Davis-Panther Athletic 3-45 Band 25 Intramurals 45 Government 45 Scuba 4. Shelly Davis-French 35 Crafts 35 Drama 3. 'Esther Dawson-Madrigals 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Student Council 2-35 Counterpoints 35 Folk Music 3-45 Fall Musical 3. 'Kristina Dean-Student Council Alternate 45 Intramurals 25 Travel 25 Stagecrew 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Junior Spectacu- lar 3. Christine Diane Deering-Transfer Student from Fort Wayne, lndiana5 Art 45 FTA 4. NHS constructs winning homecoming float As chairman of the National Honor Society float, "Panthers Trample Tiger- lilies," Senior Kirk McKinney devotes much time in stuffing napkins into chicken wire. Through the endeavors of Kirk and other members, the NHS float placed first in Homecoming com- petition. SENIORS 'Donna Sue DeCoursey-National Honor Society 3-4, Mu Alpha Theta 3-4, Descants 4, Panther Athletic 2, AFS 3, Secretary 4, Junior Spectacular. 'Susan Deer-Booster Block 2-3, Junior Historical Society 3-4, Panther Athletic 3, NBLA 4, Foods 2, Government 2. George Louis DeFabis-NDCC Battalion Formation 4. Howard DeFord-NDCC Battalion Formation 2-3, Intra- murals 2-4, Graphic Arts 3-4. Mark A. Delott-Chess 3, Panther Athletic 3, Travel 3, Wrestling 4, lntramurals 4. Janis Detmer-Booster Block 2, Panther Athletic 3, Atten- dance Office Helper 3, Review Typing 3. Ellen Mary Devine-Travel 3-4, Panther Athletic 2-3, Cloth- ing 2, Intramurals 2. "Cheryl Eve Diamond-Drama 2, Forensics 2, Newspaper 3, Journalism 3, Student Council Alternate 2, News Bureau Co-Editor 4. Stephany DiBIasio-Panther Athletic 2-4, Travel 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Melinda Diehl-Panther Athletic 2-3, Sophomore Class Coun- cil, Travel 3, Junior Spectacular, l.U. Honors Program in French 3. 'Stephanie Diane Dietz-Industrial Arts Student Assistant 2-4, Panther Athletic 3-4, AFS 2-4, Spanish 3, Junior His- torical Society 2, Senior Class Council. 'Patricia Jane Dillin-National Honor Society 4, Drama 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Thespians 3, Vice-President 4, NFL 2-3, Secretary 4, Junior Spectacular 3-4, Knitting 3-4. 'Diana Lynne Dittus-Intramurals 3, Panther Athletic 2, Wind Ensemble 2-3, Spanish 3-4, Travel 3, Planning Com- mittee 4, Senior Girls League. 'Pamela DonCarIos-Girls' Ensemble 2-3, President 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3-4, Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4, Senior Girls League, Knitting 3, President 4, Peals of Liberty Contributor. Deborah Jean Donie-Panther Athletic 3, Travel 3. Suzanne Elaine Doriot-Bell Choir 3-4, Panther Athletic 2-4, Knitting 3, Art 3, French 2-3. Seniors benefit from near b drive-ins Following a hard day's work at school Senior Barb Mewhinney grabs a quick snack at the neighborhood drive-in. After athletic contests at school students gather at the Tee Pee Restaurant. '-grasp-s ximi- 1968 'flllene E. Dorman-Latin 35 Knitting 35 Travel 35 Class Coun- cil 25 Panther Athletic 25 Art 2. 'l'Jacki Dorman-Student Council 35 Honor Study Hall 45 International Relations 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Class Council Alternate 45 Government 4. John S. Dorrell-Future Business Leaders of America 3-45 Aquarium 2. 'Claudia Beth Douglass-Costume 3-45 Symphonis Wind En- semble 2-45 Tennis lntermural 35 Marching Band 2-45 FTA 25 Knitting 3. 'Don Drake-Counterpoints 45 Music Men 35 National Thes- pians 2-35 Musical 2-35 Lead 45 Junior Spectacular 25 Drama 2-3. Kipp D. Drummond-Debate Team 2-45 National Merit Let- ter of Commendation 45 Junior Spectacular 3. Marilyn Cecile Dumont-Girls Glee 35 Future Nurses 35 Red Cross 35 Scholastic Award 3. Mary Jo Dunn-Panther Athletic 2-35 Future Teachers 25 Travel 2-35 Intramurals 2. 'John Duvall-Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 35 Student Council 3-45 Class Council 35 NFL 2-45 Debate Team 2-45 l.U. Honors Program 35 National Merit Semi-Finalist 4. 'Julie Ann Dykema-Travel 35 Panther 2-35 Intramurals 25 Symphonic Band 35 Marching Band 2-35 FTA 2. 'Shelley Dykins-National Honor Society 3-45 National Mer- it Scholarship 45 Spanish 35 Art 35 Scholastic Citation 2-35 Junior Spectacular 2-3. Rebecca Jean Eggleston-Student Council 25 Panther Ath- letic 2-45 Travel 3-4. Danny Kent Ehret-Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2-45 Panther Athletic 3. 'Bonnie Eileen Einstandig-Yearbook Staff 3-45 Madrigals 3-45 Junior Class Council Alternate 35 Booster Block 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Senior Girls' League 4. Harry Robert Elder-Panther Athletic 2-35 Art 3-4. Ronald Lee Elff. David F. Emmert-Wrestling 2-35 Chess 2-35 Gym Assistant 3. Randall L. Emmick. Ronald Lee Engel-Chess 2-35 Intramural Softball 25 Band 3. Debra Sue Engledow. 'Theodore M. Englehart-Music Men 2-45 Key Club 3-45 Student Council 25 French 2-35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Junior Spectacular 2-3. Harold T. Ervin-Stage Band 2-45 Marching Band 2-45 Con- cert Band 2-4. .lutta Karen Essler-Baton Corps 2-35 German 25 Panther Athletic 35 Art 3. 'Elizabeth M. Evans--Madrigals 3-45 American Authors President 4g Hall Monitor 3-45 Senior Girls' League5 Travel 3-45 "Sound of Music" 4. Gary Wayne Everhart-Junior Spectacular 2-35 Boys' Glee 25 Spanish 35 "Lil' Abner" 3. James G. Fairbanks--Drafting 25 Travel 25 NHS 3-45 Elec- tranics 2. Daniel James Fairley-Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 French 25 Class Council Alternate 35 Northern Lights 2-3. Evelyn Sue Fannin-Transfer from Southport High School 4. Hands folded reverently, Connie Pon- der, Bonnie Pearson, and Carol Hill practice their roles as angels for the Christmas program. Other angels were Patti Clay and Janie Lee. Seniors participate in "seasonal program" 'Edith Farmer-Panther Athletic 35 international Relations 35 Red Cross 2-35 Stage Crew 35 Travel 35 Girls' Glee Club 2, 'l'Mariorie Ellen Falout-Music Assistant 35 Junior Spectacu- lar 35 Folk Music 2-35 Descants 45 A Cappella 35 Girls' Con- cert Choir 2. Gregory Fawcett-Electronics 3. Sharon Rae Featherslan. Sue Ann Fehsenfeld-French Vice-President 25 Panther Athle- tic 35 Attendance Office Assistant 3. 'Jane Ann Fenn-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 3-45 Year- book Staff 45 International Relations 3-45 Girls' Exercise 45 Future Nurses 2. Robert Eugene Ferdinand. Penni S. Ferguson-Foods 2-45 Clothing 2-35 Panther Athletic 3. Sandra Sue Ferris-Dramatics 25 AFS 35 Panther Athletic 3. Robert S. Fessler-Drafting 35 Panther Athletic 2-3. Paula Marie Fish-National Defense 3-45 Rifle Team 3-45 Battalion Staff 3-45 Girls' Ensemble 45 A Capella. 'Usannette Teresa Fisher-Senior Girls' League5 AFS Bus Trip Chairman 45 Costume 2-45 International Relations 35 Chemis- try Assistant 45 Panther Athletic 4. 'Sally Fisher-Junior Class Council5 International Relations 2-35 Drama 2-35 World Culture 35 Scholastic Award 35 Se- noir Class Council Alternate. Miles Dee Fishman-Travel 2-35 Chess 25 FBLA 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Government 3. Harvey Lee Fltts--French 35 NDCC Battalion 35 Panther Athle- tic 35 Wrestling 25 Track 25 NDCC Drill Team 3. Gerald Joseph Fitzgerald-Travel 25 Panther Athletic 2. 1968 Pamela Fleok--National Honor Society 3-45 Drama 25 Travel 35 FTA 35 Latin 35 American Authors 3-4. Jean T. Fletcher-National Honor Society 3-45 Biology Lab Assistant 3-45 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Scholastic Cita- tion 2-35 Science Service Club 3-45 Panther Athletic 3. Amanda Margaret Flynn-Panther Athletic 35 Junior Red Cross 25 Spanish Club 25 Girls' lndustrial Arts 25 Booster Block 25 Shorthand Award 3, Gail Ann Flynn-Office Assistant 35 Folk Music 3-45 A Cappella 2-35 Panther Athletic 45 Jr.-Sr. Girls' Exercise 4. Nancy Ann Flynn-Travel 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 FTA 45 Government 45 Senior Girls' League5 Transfer from Broad Ri le. 'fllighard W. Fobes-Student Council 2-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Lettermen's Club 45 Music Men 2-35 President 45 Tennis Team 2-4. 'Ann Denise Fogle-D.A.R. Citizenship Award 45 Girls' State 35 Counterpoints 3-45 Junior Class Council5 Student Council Member-at-large 2,45 French Club 2-35 President 4. Gary David Foltz--Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 3-45 Aquarium Club President 3. Caryl Ann Forsythe-Girls' Glee Club 25 Scholastic Award 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Senior Girls' League 45 Honor Study Hall 4. John B. Fortune-National Honor Society 3-45 Key Club 3-45 Band 2-45 N.S.F. 35 Track 3-45 Sophomore Class Council. Donald E. Foulke-Chess Club 2-45 Chess Team 2. Terry Irene Fox-Library Assistant 25 Gym Assistant 3-45 Panther Athletic 35 Travel 3. Elizabeth Ann FrankIin+Transfer from Cleveland, Ohio5 Red Cross 2-35 Future Nurses 35 Science Service 45 Spanish 3. 'Barbara Ann Fraps-Spanish 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Fall Musical 45 Government 45 Trike Race 35 Junior Spectacular. 'Diane E. Frattini-Girls' Glee Club 25 Panther Athletic 3-45 Lab Assistant 35 Senior Class Council Alternate5 French 45 Trike Race 3-4. 'Emily Georgette Freeman-NFL 3-45 Stage Crew 45 Scho- lastic Award 2-45 Panther Athletic 35 Booster Block 25 Drama 2. Brenda Ann Freilo-National Honor Society 45 Stage Crew 3-45 French President 45 Lab Assistant 45 Panther Athletic 3-45 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4. Frederick F. Frosch-Basketball 2-45 Track 2-35 Junior Spec- tacular 2-35 Lettermen's Club 45 German 2-4. Bruce Donald Fulk-Orchestra 2,35 N.D.C.C. 2-45 Rifle Team 3,45 Batillion Staff 3. David Orion Fuller-lntramurals 2,35 Travel Club 2,35 Skin Diving Treasurer 35 Review Typing 2. 'Douglas J. Fuller-Stage Crew 2-45 Student Council Alter- nate 25 Intramurals 45 Music Man 45 Panther Athletic 45 Na- tional Thespians 4. Rick Fulroth-Panther Athletic 35 Advanced Chess 2-45 Travel 2-4. 'Greg E. Gaalema-National Honor Society 35 Reserve Bas- ketball 25 Reserve Baseball 2,35 Reserve Cross Country 2,35 Panther Athletic 35 Gym Assistant 3. Barbara Jean Gabriel-Intramurals 25 Spanish 35 Stage Crew 25 Review Typing 3. Matt R. Galvin-National Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 35 Debate Subvarsity 3. 'Teresa Diane Gardner-Travel 35 Panther Athletic 3,45 American Field Service 25 Student Council 25 Senior Girls' League5 Scholastic Award 2-4. Dennis Tad Garrltsen-Panther Athletic Club 2-45 Travel 3,45 Scuba Diving 3,45 Intramurals 3,45 Air Space 2. Greg Galses-International Relations. SENIORS 'Barbara Ann Gemmer-Junior Spectacular 35 Alternate to Indiana Girls' State 35 Spanish Club 2-45 AFS 2-45 March- ing and Concert Bands 2-45 Senior Class Council 4. Christine Elizabeth Genier-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 35 French Club 3-45 AFS 25 Library Assistant 25 Library Club 2. David Lee George-Panther Athletic5 Woodwork. Jamise Ann George-Booster Block 25 Scholastic Award 2-35 Foods Club 25 Panther Athletic 35 Spanish Club Secretary 35 Travel 3. Beth Gerson-A Capella 45 Folk Music 3-45 World Culture 25 Asian Stuclies5 Notehand 35 Journalism 3. Floyd M. Gillaspie-Graphic Arts 2-4. H. William Gillen-N. C. Hydronauts 3-45 Latin 35 Biology 35 Drill Team 25 Ritle Team 2. Charles Austin Gillespie-Band 2-35 Chess 2. 'Steve P. Giltner-Scholastic Art Awards Contest 35 Fall Musical 2-45 Counterpoints 3-45 Fine Arts Festival 35 Ju- noir Spectacular 35 Chess Club. Robert Louis Glasser-Student Council 35 National Forensics League 25 Key Club 3-45 Debate Team 25 Advances Chess Club 3-45 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. 'Michael L, Goldberg-National Honor Society 35 President 45 National Forensics League 25 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 Stu- dent Council 4g National Merit Semifinalist 45 Etchings In Thought Editor. 'Barbara Ellen Goldstein-International Relations 2-45 Stu- dent Council Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Drama 25 Art 45 Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4. Harriett Goldstein-Transfer Student from Livingston, New Jersey5 Travel 45 FBLA 4. 'Susan R. Goldstein-Folk Music 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Junior Spectacular Usher 35 Travel 3-45 Student Council Al- ternate 45 Senior Girls' League. 'Jeanne Helen Goll-Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 35 Fall Musical 35 Director 45 Counterpoints 45 Sophomore Class Council Representative5 Junior Class Council Representative5 Travel Secretary 3. Randall Ray Goode-Scuba 35 Panther Athletic 3. Thomas Alan Goodhart-National Defense Cadet Corps 3. 'Robert Edward Goodin-National Honor Society 3-45 Na- tional Forensics League 2-45 Debate 3-45 Junior Historical Society 35 Parliamentarian 45 Government 2,45 National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation. Stephen N. Goodrich-Debate 2-45 Sophomore Class Coun- cil Representative5 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Junior Spectacular 3. 'Debbie Lynn Goodwin-Girls' Booster Block 25 Girls' Con- cert Choir 25 A Capella 3-45 Travel 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Intramurals 2. Janice Pearl Gordon-International Foods 25 FNA 25 Foods Assistant 35 Girls' Auto Mechanics 35 Panther Athletic 3. Vicki Lynn Goslin-Travel 35 Panther Athletic 35 Typing 3. Jeff M. Gould-Panther Athletic 35 Travel 3. 'Duncan A. Grant-Folk Music 35 Debate 25 American Au- thors 35 Intramurals 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 Drafting 2. Robert Grant. William Grant-Band-Marching and Concert 2-45 Pep Band 3-45 Photography Club 35 Air Space 3. Kaye Marie Graves-Reading Lab Assistant 3-4. Margaret E. Gray-Panther Athletic 35 French 2-35 President 45 Travel 3-45 Intramurals 25 Booster Block 25 Clothing 2. 1968 Bob M. Greek-Chess 3, German 3, Football 2, Wrestling 2. Joel Greenberg-Government 2-3, Chess 2-3, Panther Ath- letic 3. David Gregory-NDCC Battalion 2, Shakespeare 3, Folk Music 4, Drama 4, International Relations 3. 'Sandra Luise Greer-Student Council 2-3, Spanish Presi- dent 2, Fall Musical 4, Junior Spectacular, Madrigals 2, President 3, Senior Class Council. 'Georgia Gresham-National Thespian Society 2-4, Cos- tume President 2-4, Stagecrew 2-4, Drama 2-4, Stage Manager Winter Play 3, NFL 2-4. Maureen A. Griffin-Travel 3, Panther Athletic 3, Clothing 3. Kent Rowan Grimes-Panther Athletic 3. 'Patricia Jane Gross--Photography 2, Panther Athletic 3, Geology 3, Science Reading 3, Intramurals 3, Gym As- sistant 3. Jennifer Helen Grosskopf-National Honor Society 3-4, Or- chestra 2-3, Chamber Music 2, Chemistry Lab Assistant 4, Science Service 4. 'Dan Grube-NFL 2-4, Junior Historical Society 3, State Vice-President 4, Forensics 2, Vice-President 3, Debate 2, Daily Announcements 3, Drama 2-3, Karen Mary Guetschow-Sophomore Class Council Alternate, Intramurals 2-3, Travel 3, Panther Athletic 3, Gym Assistant 3. 'Greg Allen Guinther--Band 2-3, Chess 2-4, Travel 3, Drafting 2, Panther Athletic 4, Chess Team 4. Earl John Guy ill-Intramurals 2-3, Debate 3, Forensics President 3, Chess 2-3, NFL 3. Rebecca Habegger-National Honor Society 3-4, Travel 3, Panther Athletic 3. 'Robert J. Hackleman-Reserve Football 2, Varsity Football 3, All County All Star 4, Panther Athletic 3-4, Student Council 2-3, lntrarnurals 2-4. James Oliver Hackney-Panther Athletic 3-4, Art 2, Travel 3, Intramural 2. 77 Cheerleaders proclaim, " egre Number ll L? L ,Sl Liz, 9 Cheerleaders Linda Swanson, Nancy Mc- Clain, Sandy Breisacher, Cathy Zaring, and Barb Brody point to a popular ban- ner made by students to boost North Central's undefeated football team. SENIORS 'Deborah Elaine Hagerty-Business Ed. Student Asssistant 45 Knitting5 President 35 Panther Athletic 35 Senior Girls' League5 Spanish 25 Home Ec. Style Show 2. Edmund Rex Haggard-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 3-4. Richard Allen Haines-Typing 2-45 NDCC 25 NDCC Drill Team 25 NDCC Color Guard 25 Intramurals 2. Linda Sue Hair-Transfer from Arlington High School5 Short- hand Transcription 4. 'James H. Ham-National Honor Society 3-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 Student Council Alternate 35 Scholastic Citation 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Intramurals 2-3. 'Carol Jean Hamaker-Student Council 45 Fall Musical 45 Descants 45 AFS 45 French 3-45 Orchesta 2-4. Sally Elizabeth Hampshire-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Intramurals 2. Martha Jean Hanaway-Intramurals 235 Travel 2-35 Foods 2. 'Katherine M. Hanink-Junior Spectacular5 Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 Thespians 45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Stogecrew 2-45 Senior Girls' League. Charlie H. Haniton-Intramurals 2-45 Student Council 25 Panther Athletic 35 Shop Assistant 3. 'Chris S. Hankins-Junior Spectacular5 Junior Class Council5 Travel 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 German Secretary 35 Lab Assistant 3-4. Karen Ann Harden-Junior Spectacular5 Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 35 Booster 2. Jance B. Hardy-Transfer from South Bend5 Student Coun- cil Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 35 French 35 Tricycle Race 35 Family Jamboree Fashion Show Model 4. 'Richard William Harker-Intramurals 2-45 World Culture 25 Beginning Chess 2-35 Travel 35 Panther Athletic 45 Aca- demic Games 4. David R. Hurling-Transfer from Balto5 Panther Athletic 45 Folk Music 45 Chess 45 Science Reading 4. Edwin Louis Harmon-Panther Athletic 35 Band 25 FBLA 3. Winifred Kay Harmon-Future Nurses 2-35 Bookstore Helper 35 Clothing 2-3. James David Harpool--Baseball 2-35 Slide Rule 25 Panther Athletic 45 Boys' Booster Block 4. Scott Lynn Harris-Student Council 35 French 35 Travel 35 Panther Athletic 3. Don D. Harsin-NDCC Rifle Team 25 NDCC 2. Mable Kathryn Hart-Foods 25 Review Typing 25 Booster Block 35 Girls' Glee 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. 'Laurence F. Haskett-Stage Crew 2-35 National Thespians 35 Panther Athletic 35 Chess 25 Spanish 35 Junior Spectacular. Robert H. Haskin-Reserve Football 25 Class Council 2-35 Intramurals 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-3. Stephen Link Hatfield--Reserve Wrestling 25 Panther Athletic 35 Travel 35 French 2-35 Military History 2. Athletic 2-3. Melody Sue Havens-Art 35 Panther Athletic 35 Folk Music 35 Knitting 3. 'Betty Jo Hayes-National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 45 Senior Girls' League 45 Yearbook Staff 3-45 Quill 81 Scroll 3-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 National Thespian Society 3-45 Stage Crew 2-4. Sharon Lee Hayes-Panther Athletic 2-45 Attendance Office 25 Gym Assistant 45 Geology 35 Stage Crew 2. During one of the many after school ses- sions which yeorbook staff members utilized to meet their deadlines, Missy Kokos, Sally McVey, and Julie Schubert work feverishly on the album section. Seniors provide experience for publications 'Kathleen Louise Healey-Transfer from Ladywood7 Panther Athletic 3-47 Spanish 37 Senior Girls' League 47 Lab As- Diane Elizabeth Heath-Photography 37 Travel 27 Review Typing 2. Gerald John Heatley-Cross-Country 37 Baseball 27 Foot- ball 2. Larry K. Heilman-Stagecrew 2-47 National Thespians So- ciety 4. Tom I.. Heiskell-Key Club 37 Spanish 2-37 Intramurals 4. 'l'SheIley Anne Heller-International Relations 37 Drama 27 Booster Block 27 Junior Class Council Alternate7 Stagecrew 37 Review Typing 3. Terry Ray Hendrix-NDCC 2-37 Metal Shop 2. John Charles Hene-Aerospace Club. Gary Lee Henn-Stagecrew 2-47 Travel 2-47 Panther Ath- letic 2-4. Nancy Ann Hendricks-Cadet Choir 27 Concert Choir 37 A Cappella 47 Panther Athletic 3. Rebecca Ann Herndon-Panther Athletic 3-47 Madrigals 37 Girls' Ensemble 47 Knitting 37 Clothing 2,47 Fall Musical 4. Judy Belle Hershey-Sophomore Class Council7 Junior Class Council7 Baton Corps 2-47 Panther Athletic 2-47 Family Jam- boree Style Show Model 4. Helen Kennedy Hickam-Panther Athletic 3-47 French 47 Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4. John Douglas Hickey-Varsity Basketball 3-47 Baseball 2-47 Lettermen's Club 3-47 Panther Athletic 2-37 Student Council Alternate 3. Daniel W. Hicks--Stagecrew 2-3, President 47 Orchestra 3-47 Government 2-3, Vice-President 47 National Thespians Society 47 National Merit Semi-Finalist 4, Michael St. Clair Hiland-Drama 2-47 Travel 37 Speech 4. rv' 'SS SENIORS 'Carol Sue Hill-Junior Class Treasurer 37 Christmas Dance Princess 37 Student Council 27 Fall Musical 2-47 Junior Spec- tacular 37 Folk Music 3-4. Patricia Ann Hill-Scholastic Award 3-47 Spanish 3-47 Re- view Typing 3-47 Junior Spectacular Usher 3. Bruce Martin Hilsmeyer-Biology Club 27 Travel 3-4. Linda Hinderliteri-Automechanics 3. Jack A. Hochman-Craft Arts Club 3. John Jeffry Hoffman-Counterpaints 3-47 NFL 3-47 Fall Musical 27 Junior Spectacular Chairman 37 Co-Director of Fall Musical 4, 'Deanna Jean Hogle-Military Ball Queen 47 Senior Girls' League 47 NDCC Sponsor 3-47 Gym Assistant 37 Nurse's As- sistant 47 Library Assistant 2. 'l'Mary Kathryn Holmes-Scholastic Award 3-47 Junior Spec- tacular 37 French 2-37 Senior Class Council Alternate 47 Panther Athletic 2-37 Senior Girls' League 4. 'Panther louise Holsworth--Panther Athletic 3-47 Travel 37 Junior Spectacular Usher 37 World Culture 47 Spanish 3-47 English Assistant 4. James C. Hope-Transfer from Shortridge High School. Charles E. Hord-Debate Club 27 Chess 27 Computer 37 Ger- man 3-47 Panther Athletic 2-4. Patty Ann Hornbrook-Foods 37 Clothing 37 Future Nurses 3. 'Gregory Mason Horning-Stagecrew 2-47 Thespians 3, Treasurer 47 Scholastic Award 2-37 Gymnastics 27 A Capella 37 Music Men 4. "'Debrah Jean Horth-Stagecrew 3-47 International Relations 37 Peals of Liberty 3-47 Girls' Concert Choir 2-47 Panther Athletic 37 Scholastic Award 2-3. Brenda Lee Houtzer-Red Cross 27 Girls' Booster Block 27 Girls' Auto Mechanics 3. Barry Alan Howard-Panther Athletic 47 Drafting 2,47 Chess 37 Slide Rule 3. Key Club aids underprivileged families Under the surveillance of Roger Wright and Steve Overman, Senior Nancy New- kirk donates a can of peaches to the Key Club Food Drive. As an annual Christmas project, the Key Club collects cans of food for needy families. -wmv 7- ' 1968 Priscilla A. Howell-National Honor Society 3-45 Peals of Liberty Junior Editor 35 Editor 45 Student Council 3. 'William M. Howell-Checkers 25 NDCC 25 Military History 35 Panther Athletic 45 Travel 45 Government 4. 'Pat Hoyt-Panther Athletic 35 Travel 35 Girls' Booster Block 25 Gym Assistant 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Intramurals 2-3. John Kimbal Hudgins-Latin 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 2-35 Military History 25 Stagecrew 3. 'Susan J. Hudson-Children's Theatre 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Poetry 35 French 25 Stagecrew 3-45 Travel 2. Alice Faye Huffman-Transfer from Wyoming. Neil Alan Hughes-Key Club 2-35 Vice-President 45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Orchestra 2-3. Susan Ann Hughes-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Senior Girls' League 4. Robert Stephen Hunt. Cathy Jo Hutzler-Panther Athletic 35 Knitting 35 Review Typing 25 Home Ec. Fashion Show 2. Alan Hyde. Carolyn Leigh ltce-Fall Musical 35 American Authors 35 Student Council 25 Alternate 35 International Relations 25 Junior Spectacular. James J. Jackson-Chess 35 Junior Historical Society 35 Panther Athletic 45 Aquarium 2. John Raymond Jagger-Key Club 3-45 State Math Contest 25 Chess 2-35 Panther Athletic 45 Junior Historical Society 35 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 4. Susan Marie Jahnke-Panther Athletic 2-35 Stage Crew 35 Intramurals 2-35 Bookstore Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular 3. "Robert Jakoubek-Key Club 3-45 Government 25 Junior Historical Society 35 Panther Athletic 35 National Forensics League 3-45 Debate 2. 'Connie Lynn Jardine-Sophomore Class Council 25 Junior Class Council Alternate 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Valentine Dance Decoration Chairman5 Travel 35 Junior Spectacular 3. Cheryl Lynn Jeffries-Panther Athletic 2-45 Class Council 25 Library Assistant 25 Business 25 Thespians 4. Richard Roy Jensen-Panther Athletic5 Travel, Mary Kay Jerman-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 35 General Office Assistant 35 Gym Assistant 45 Jamboree Style Show 45 Trike Race 4. Barbara K. Johnson-Travel 35 German 3. 'Linda Lee Jones-Travel 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Art Club 2-3, President Ag Jamboree Style Show 45 Senior Class Council 45 Grad Dance Decoration Chairman 4. Lynn Jones-Travel 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Knitting 35 Junior Spectacular 25 Review Typing 4. James Douglas Jordan-Wrestling Team5 Travel5 Typing. Nancy L. Joslin-Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 2-35 Concert Chair 2-35 A Capella 45 Student Council Alternate 2. Jon Julian. Susan Jane Kahn-Northerner Production Editor 45 Winter Play 35 Spring Play 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Student Council 2-45 French 4. 'Robert Kail-Scholastic Award 2-35 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Alternate Sophomore Class Council 25 Junior Class Council 35 Music Men 2-35 Fall Musical 3. Sewing frequently as an usher at Clowes Hall, Senior Gayle Stahl- huth gains valuable experience ob- serving the many fine presentations , given there. I Seniors ain valuable theatrical experience l James L. Kalleen-Travel 3, Art Crafts 3, Art 4. Philip A. Korau-Band 2-4, Pep Band 2-3, Stage Band 2-3, German 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3. 'Catherine Lee Kautz-Stage Crew 3, Costume 3, Journalism 2, Panther Athletic 3-4, French 3, International Relations 4. 'Steve Lewis Kautzman--Panther Athletic 3, Student Council Alternate 3, Gym Assistant 3, Junior Spectacular 3, Gym Assistant 3, Golf Team 2. Rosemarie C. Kovanaugh-Knitting 2, Panther Athletic 3, Red Crass 3, Travel 3. 'Jill Marie Kearney-FTA 2-3, Panther Athletic 4, AFS 3, Red Crass 3, Intramurals 2-3, Drama 2. 'John Kistler Keller--Key Club 3-4, NFS 3-4, Sophomore Class Council, Junior Class Council, Great Books 3, Panther Athletic 2-4. 'Nancy Jane KellerwAewing 3, Madrigals 2, Descants 2, Girls' Ernsemble 3-4, Folk Music 2, Knitting 2. 'Kathleen S. Kelly-Quill and Scholl 2-4, Newspaper 3-4, News Bureau 3, Editor 4, Junior Spectacular 3, Panther Athletic 3-4, Government 4. Terry Jane Kemp-Panther Athletic 2-4, Senior Girls' League, Intramurals 2, Travel 2-3, Health Assistant 4. Athletic 3-4, Gym Assistant 3-4, Junior Spectacular 2-3, ln- tramurays 2-4. Linda Kay Kempton-Panther Athletic 2-4, Travel 2-4, Style Show Commentator 3. Larry Lee Kerkhof-Panther Athletic 3. Glenn Martin Kern-Panther Athletic 4, Advanced Chess 3-4, Drafting 3, Slide Rule 2. 'Joseph M. Ketterman-Skindivers 3, Panther Athletic 2-3, Travel 2-3, Science Reading 2, Typing 3, Art Crafts 2. 'Hoe M. Kempler-Music Men 3-4, Wrestling 2-4, Panther i l 1968 'James Alan Ketzel-Forensics 2-47 Great Books 3-47 Chess 37 International Relations 27 AFS 27 American Authors 3. Cathy A. King-Transfer Student from Broad Ripple High School. 'Victor Scott Kingdon-Chemistry Lab Assistant 47 News- paper Staff 47 Government 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Sco- lastic Award 2-47 Intramurals 2-4. Randy Nash Kinsley-Panther Athletic 37 Art 27 Art Crafts 37 Great Books 2. 'Greg Kitzmiller-Government 2-37 FBLA 37 International Relations 37 Stageband 47 Pep Band 2-47 Pit Orchestra 4. Kerry Lee Knipp-Beginning Chess 27 Review Typing 27 Panther Athletic 37 Science Reading 3. Paul James Koenig-Chess 2-37 Sophomore Class Council Representative7 Panther Athletic 2-47 Boys' Glee Club 27 Folk Music 4. 'Melissa Lynn Kokos-National Honor Society 3-47 Student Council 37 Publicity Chairman 47 Yearbook Staff 37 Album Editor 47 Quill and Scroll 3-47 Junior Spectacular 37 French Secretary-Treasurer 37 Vice-President 4. 'Mariie Jeanne Kornfeld-Travel 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-47 Student Council Alternate 47 International Relations 27 Ju- noir Class Council Alternate7 Gym Assistant 3. Kathy Krull-Attendance Office Assistant 47 Panther Athletic 2-47 French 27 Travel 2-37 Home Economics Assistant 4. 'Jack C. Kustad-Intramurals 2-37 Chess 2-37 Panther Ath- letic 37 Advanced Chess 37 Folk Music 47 Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. Peggy Jean Lamb-Panther Athletic 3-47 Art 3-47 Art Cratts 3. Frances Landborg-Travel 27 Latin 37 Reading Lab Assistant 37 Beginning Chess 37 Stagecrew 2. 'David 5. Langfitt-Folk Music 2-37 President 47 Panther Athletic 2-37 Music Men 3-47 Fall Musical 37 Senior Class Council Representative7 Music Assistant 4. "Donovan Albert Langford Ill-German 37 President 47 Pan- ther Athletic 37 Band 2-37 Intramurals 37 Student Council Alternate 2-37 Boys' Booster 4, 'Jeffrey Richard Lapham-Gym Assistant 47 Panther Athletic 2-47 Chess Team 2-47 Advanced Chess 2-47 Cross Country 3-47 Track 4. David Scott Larmon-Panther Athletic 2-4. 'Charles William Lawrance-Sophomore Class Council Alter- nate7 Intramurals 27 NC Hydronauts 3-47 Travel 37 Panther Athletic 3-47 Gymnastics 3. "Donald B. Lawton-Stuclent Council 27 Vice-President 37 Panther Athletic 2-3, President 47 Senior Class President7 Football 3-47 Wrestling 3-47 Boys' State Representative 3. Ronald Elliott Lazar-NDCC 37 Electronics 37 Travel 3. Alan Mark Lebin-Panther Athletic 3-47 FBLA 2-37 Chess 27 Yearbook Staff 47 Travel 2-4. Vicki Lecocq. Fredie Lee Lederman-Panther Athletic 2-37 Girls' Concert Choir 3. 'Katherine Jane Lee-Panther Athletic 2-37 Folk Music 2-47 Counterpoints 47 Descants 37 Junior Spectacular 2-47 Fall Musical 2-4. Katherine M. Leeds-International Relations 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Stagecrew 2-37 Government 3-47 Newspaper Staff 37 Co-Editor-in-Chief 4. "'Mariorie Karen Leff-AFS Student to Turkey 37 Orchestra 3-47 German 3-47 Girls' Glee Club 27 Travel 37 AFS 4. Philip Jay Leibacher-Panther Athletic 2-47 Chess 27 Travel 3-47 Computer 3. James Robert Lengladi+Spanish 2-3. SENIORS Ellen Marie Lennox-National Honor Society 47 Junior Spec- tacular Act Chairman7 Bell Choir 3-47 Sophomore Class Sec- retary-Treasurer7 Junior Prom Co-Ordinator7 Senior Class Treasurer. "Martha Kay Leslie-Panther Athletic 37 Travel 37 Orchestra 2-47 Music Assistant 37 American Authors 37 Girls' Glee 2. Mary Elizabeth Letwin-Stagecrew 3-47 Future Nurses 27 Library Assistant 4. Elana Levy-Transfer Student from Broad Ripple 37 Drama 4. 'Julie Manor Light-Panther Athletic 2-37 Junior Spectacular 37 Earth Science Lab Assistant 3-47 Travel 37 Stage Crew 37 Science Service 3. 'Diana L. Lilly-Prom Queen Candidate 37 Student Council 37 Junior Spectacular Coordinator 37 Office Assistant 37 Panther Athletic 2-37 Art 2. 'James A. Linderman--National Honor Society 3-47 Quill and Scroll 47 Yearbook Staff 37 Editor-in-Chief 47 Key Club 3-47 Mu Alpha Theta 3-47 Intramurals 2-47 Chess 2-3. 'Aline Mary Lindquist-National Honor Society 47 Pep Band 2-47 Intramurals 3-47 Spanish 37 Secretary 47 Government 47 Student Council Alternate 4. 'John Theodore Lindquist ll-Student Council 2,47 Yearbook Staff 37 Sports Editor 47 National Merit Semi-Finalist 47 Var- sity Debate Team 2-47 Indiana Junior Historical Society 37 President 47 Indiana University Honors Program in Spanish 3. 'Bruce Merritt Lindstrom-National Honor Society 3-47 Science Seminar 2-47 NDCC Battalion Formation 2-47 NDCC Battalion Staff 37 NDCC Rifle Team 37 Junior Spectacular 3. 'Neil Allan Lipken-National Honor Society 3-47 Mu Alpha Theta 37 Library Assistant 27 Scholastic Award 2-47 Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 27 Medical Explorers Vice-President 4. John Charles Lippincott-Football 27 Panther Athletic 2-37 International Relations 3. 'John Leonard Lisher-National Honor Society 3-47 Latin 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Intramurals 3-47 Scholastic Award 3-47 Biology 3. 'Pamela S. Lockwood-Intramurals 27 AFS 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-47 Teen Top Tunes Correspondent 37 Newspaper Staff 37 Senior Girls' League. Penny Sue Long-Red Cross 2-47 Girls' Automechanics 2-47 Junior Achievement 2-47 Intramurals 2. Shari Lynn Longest-Baton Corps 27 Travel 2-37 Drama 27 Panther Athletic 37 Chemistry Survey Lab Assistant 4. 'Uanet Lee Lookabill-Travel 37 Panther Athletic 37 Arts and Crafts 37 Madrigals 27 Descants 37 Office Helper 3. 'Patrick S. Looney-National Honor Society 3-47 Junior Spectacular 37 Intramurals 2-47 German 2-37 Vice-President 47 Key 37 Assistant Secretary 47 Scholastic Award 2-4. Stan Loutner-Gym Assistant 3-47 Military History Sergeant- at-Arms 37 Sophomore Class Council Alternate7 Intramurals 3. David Alan Lurvey-Wrestling 27 Panther Athletic 37 Inter- national Relations 37 Government 37 Newspaper Representa- tive 3. 'Linda Kay Luzader-National Forensics League 3-47 Span- ish 27 Panther Athletic 3-47 Stagecrew 3-47 Forensics 3-47 Intramurals 4. 'Elaine Marie Lykins-Panther Athletic 2-47 Intramurals 27 Student Council Alternate 27 Travel 37 Junior Spectacular Publicity 37 Senior Girls' League. 'Tina Lee Maas-Panther Athletic 2-37 Travel 37 French 37 Attendance Office 37 Student Council Alternate 37 Arts and Crafts 3. Rebecca Lynn MacKenzie-Transfer student from Madison, Indiana. James A. Maggard-Reserve Football 27 Reserve Golf 27 Panther Athletic 37 International Relations 37 Class Council 2-3. Claire Frances Maher-Transfer Student from Chatard High School. Thomas Maiiala-Lab Assistant 47 Panther Athletic 3-47 In- tramural Football 2. Dianna Kay Main-Chamber Music 37 Review Typing 27 ln- tramurals 2-37 Marching Band 2-4. 1 968 'Jane Ellen Maines-Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-45 ln- tramurals 2-45 Junior Historical Society 35 Spanish 2,45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Junior Spectacular Usher 3. Elizabeth Lynn Marschke-Travel 35 Spanish 35 Panther Ath- letic 3-45 Art 4. Georgia Ann Marschke-Panther Athletic 35 Travel 35 Span- ish 35 Knitting 35 General Office Assistant 4. 'Constance E. Martin-National Honor Society 3-45 National Merit Letter of Commendation5 Junior Spectacular 35 French Vice-President 3, President 45 Government Secretary 45 Yearbook Staff 4. 'Rex Allen Martin-Student Council 2-45 Track 25 Counter- points 3-45 Folk Music 25 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Fall Musi- cal 3-4. Richard Allen Martin-Drafting 35 Auto Mechanics 35 Panther Athletic 3. Thomas E. Martin-Auto Mechanics 3. Cathy Jean Marvel-Art 35 Girls' Glee Club 2-3. Richard John Mason-Intramurals 2-35 International Rela- tions 3-45 Panther Athletic 2-4. Jenny Lou Maulden-Booster Block 35 Panther Athletic 35 Sewing 2. Nora Jane Maulden-Booster Block 35 Panther Athletic 3. 'Laura Louise Maxsan-Transfer Student from Northwest, National Thespians 3-45 Orchestra 3-45 Girls' Ensemble 45 Chamber Music 3. Bernie E. May-Marching Band5 Intramurals 25 Band 2-35 Panther Athletic 35 Wind Ensemble 2-3. Carol Ann May--Transfer Student from Wabash High School. Larry R. Mayhew-General Metals 35 Track 2. Carlone Kay McAllister--Girls' Auto Mechanics 3-4. German exchange student ut1l1zes bookstore SSf'ifJ'f2,',?ii1 i-.. SENIORS Jeanne Louise M:Aloon-Orchestra 2-45 Chamber Music 2-45 Fall Musical Orchestra 2-4. 'Becky Lynn McCan-National Thespians 3-45 Stage Crew 45 Winter play 35 Spring play 35 Children's theatre 3-45 Folk Music 2. 'Nancy Sue McClain-Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3-45 Junior Class Council Secretary5 Panther Athletic 45 Planning Committee 3, Secretary 45 Candidate for Princess of Christ- mas Dance 2-35 Junior Prom Queen Candidate5 Student Council 2, Assistant Secretary 4. James A. McCIumroch-Panther Athletic 2-45 Review typing 35 Travel 45 FBLA 3. 4'Kandie Kay McCIard-Folk Music 2-45 Student Council 35 Descants 3, President 45 Student Council Alternate 45 Panther Athletic 45 Junior Spectacular 3. Charlotte Ann McConnell-Reserve Cheerleader 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 35 Knitting 35 Attendance Office Helper 3. 'Scott Jeffrey McConville-Student Council 35 Junior Spec- tacular 35 Panther Athletic 2-35 Basketball 25 Track 35 Cross Country 4. Suzanne McCormack-Girls' Glee Club 2-35 Red Cross 45 Senior Girls' League5 International Foods 4. 'Robin Joan McDowell-Counterpoints 3-45 Fall Musical 2-45 Girls' Ensemble 25 Folk Music 2-45 Drama 2-45 Junior Spec- tacular 3-4. Robert Eric McFarland-Boys' Glee Club Quartet 2-3. 'Gayle A. McGlockIin-Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 2-35 Knitting 45 Senior Girls' League5 Review Typing 35 Interna- tional Foods 3. 'Donna Sue McGuire-Student Council Alternate 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Biology Lab Assistant 45 Knitting 35 Baton Corps 3-4. Hank McKillip-Travel 25 Sophomore Class Council Alternate. Larry Wayne McKinley-Key Club 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Band 2-45 German 35 Chess 2. Barbara Lynne McKinney-Travel 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Review Typing 3-45 Intramurals 2-4. .lefty McKinney-Panther Athletic 45 Travel 4. Caroling Centralites spread Christmas Cheer RA Filled with the Christmas spirit, Gloria Bough, Jackie Bolles, Melinda Moore, and Robin Cook sing Christmas carols to brighten the holidays of patients at Winona Memorial Hospital. 1968 'Kirk Ashley McKinney-National Honor Society 37 Float Chairman 47 Wrestling Team 2-47 Scholastic Award 2-47 German Club 37 President 47 Senior Class Council 47 National Merit Semi-Finalist. Alex Victoria McMiIIian-Transfer from Carmel. 'Stephen G. McNichols-Sophomore Class Council 27 Junior Class Council 37 Track 2-47 Cross Country 3-47 Lettermen's Club 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-4. 'Robert McPhee-National Honor Society 3-47 Triangle Club Award 2-37 National Forensics League 2-37 Vice-President 47 Debate Team 27 Vice-President 37 National Math Con- test 3, 2nd place winner7 Mu Alpha Theta 2-4. "Sally Ann McVey-Yearbook Staff 37 Album Editor 47 Peals of liberty Staff 3-47 Senior Girls' League Planning Board7 Quill and Scroll 3-47 Scholastic Citation 2-47 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. Helene N. Meshulam-Panther Athletic 3-47 Attendance Of- fice 47 FTA 27 Future Nurses 27 Travel 3-4. Barbara Ann MeWhinney-Panther Athletic 37 Newspaper Staff 3-47 Travel 37 French 3. Cathy louise Miles-Panther 3-47 Spanish 3-47 Travel 37 Girls' Concert Choir 2,47 World Culture 4. Thomas Michael Miles. Deborah Sue Miller-Travel 2-37 French 37 Panther 37 World Culture 37 Girls' Glee Club. Johanne Lee Miller-Folk Music 2-37 Junior Spectacular 37 National Merit Letter of Commendation 37 Chess Club 37 Scholastic Art Contest7 Gold Key Finalist 37 Senior Class Council 4. Pom Ann Miller-Knitting 27 Typing Award 37 Transcrition 37 Panther Athletic 3. Sarah Kathleen Miller-National Honor Society 3-47 Stage- crew 2-47 Travel 37 National Thespians 3-47 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4. Betsy Ann Millholland-National Honor Society 3-47 Stage Crew 2-47 Travel 3-47 Panther Athletic 37 French 3-4. Sandra Lynn Millican-Panther Athletic 37 Nurses 27 Girls' Concert Choir 2. "Charlotte Ann Mitchell-Geology 27 Secretary 37 lntra- murals 27 Girls' Automechanics 27 FTA Secretary 3-47 Pan- ther Athletic 4. 'l'EIizabeth Ann Mitchell-Student Council Alternate 2-37 Panther Athletic 37 Scholastic Award 2-37 Travel 37 Gym Assistant 37 Tricycle Race 3. Amy Lynn Moncur-French 2-37 Panther Athletic 37 Review Typing 27 Intramurals 27 Guidance Office Assistant 47 World Culture. Mary Christine Monical-German Planning Committee 3-47 Stage Crew 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Travel 37 Senior Girls' League 4. David Huddler Moore-Junior Class Council 37 Junior Spec- tacular 37 Track 2-37 Cross Country 37 French 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-3, 'Mark Lewis Moore-National Honor Society 3-47 Football 2-47 Baseball 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Lettermen's Club 3-47 Music Men 4. 'Sandra Moore-Girls' Ensemble 3-47 Chorale 27 Junior Spectacular 37 Folk Music 27 Panther Athletic 2-47 Forensics 2. Sandy Kay Moore-Panther Athletic7 Girls' Automechanics. Susie E. Moore-Panther Athletic 2-47 French 2,47 Junior Historical Society 37 Junior Spectacular 37 World Culture 47 Government 4. Howard Knight Morgan-Sophomore Class Council 27 Pan- ther Athletic 3445 Review Typing 37 Junior Spectacular 3. Jack Phillip Morgan-Counterpoints 2-47 Junior Spectacu- lar 3-47 Fall Musical 3-47 A Capella 27 Travel 27 Slide Rule 2. Jean Elizabeth Moritz-Panther Athletic 3-47 Madrigals 47 Travel 3-47 Junior Spectacular 47 FTA 47 Future Nurses 2. Don Carl Morlock. NT' ,fer .,. 've 'U 1 Wt L -8.5 ft A ' ' 'L fi' . 2' . Ss 9 C. x N..-1 YT? SENIORS Vice-principal James Ellsberry presents Senior Ann Fogle with the Good Citizen- ship Award, awarded each year by the Daughters of the American Revolution to the senior girl displaying outstanding character and service. Good CITIZCH award presented to nn Fogle Carol Marie Morris-Panther Athletic 2-3. Christine Morris-Transfer Student from Decatur, lllinois7 Panther Athletic 37 Travel 3. 'Leslie S. Morrison-Spanish 37 Travel 37 Panther Athletic 2-47 Library Assistant 27 Girls' Booster Block 27 Senior Girls' League. Charles B. MorsvPanther Athletic 2-37 Intramurals 2-37 Advanced Chess 2-3. 'John Arthur Morton-Scholastic Award 2-47 lntramurals 2-47 Tennis Team 27 Junior Class Council7 Student Council Alternate 47 Key Club 4. Roger Thomas Moynahan--Panther Athletic 2-37 Spanish 2-37 Geology President 37 Intramurals 3. John Thomas Mullin II-Panther Athletic 2-47 Travel 47 lntramurals 3-4. Bob M. Mullin-Drafting 27 Air-Space 3. 'Patti Sue Mullins-Newspaper Staff 2-37 Teen Star Corre- spondent 37 Stagecrew 37 Drama 37 French 2-37 Panther Athletic 2. Mark Murduck-Slide Rule 27 Spanish 3. Kathleen Marie Murphy-National Honor Society 3-47 Wind Ensemble 2-47 International Foods Secretary 37 Pit Orchestra 37 Travel 2. Robert Davis Murray. 'Larry Nahmias-Gymnastics, Varsity 2-47 Student Council 2-47 Science Proiects President 37 Science Reading Vice- President 37 Lab Assistant 3-47 Science Service 3. Martha Nall-Girls' Glee Club 27 Travel 37 Panther Athletic 3-47 Review Typing 47 Senior Girls' League. David A. Nees-Football 2-47 Wrestling 2-47 Panther Ath- letic 3-4. "Debra Sue Neese-Junior Historical Society 47 Art 27 Span- ish 27 Panther Athletic 2-47 AFS 47 Senior Girls' League 4. 1 968 'Harry Neff-Debate Team 2-35 Forensics 2-45 NFL 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Biology 25 Chemistry Lab Assistant 3. 'Mary Rebecca Neff-Co-Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper 45 World Culture 45 NFL 3-45 German 2-45 Travel 35 Panther Athletic 4. 'Deborah Roe Nelson-NFL 3-45 Fall Musical 45 World Cul- ture Secretary 45 Junior Spectacular 2, Usher 35 Junior Class Council Alternate5 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. William Gary Nelson-Wrestling 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 3-45 Intramurals 3-45 Gym Assistant 4. 'David Alan Nestor-Fall Musical 3-45 Student Council Al- ternate 35 Counterpoirits 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 Falk Music 2-45 Junior Spectacular 2-3. Nancy Renee Newkirk-Panther Athletic 3-45 German 2-35 German Secretary 45 Booster Block 4. 'Terry Kay Newman-Folk Music 2-45 Drama 2-35 Booster Block 3-45 Girls' Concert Choir 2-35 A Cappella 45 Fall Musical 4. Jacqueline Nicholas-Art 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Art Show 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-4. 'Kathleen Nicholson--Baton Corps 2-45 Wind Ensemble 2-45 Scholastic Citation 2-35 Newspaper Representative 25 Panther Athletic 35 Student Council Alternate 2. W. Thomas Niesse-German 45 Panther Athletic 45 Intra- murals 4. 'Susan Merrill Noel-Panther Athletic 2-35 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Gym Assistant 35 Knitting 35 Travel 35 Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4. 'Kathleen K. Noland-National Honor Society 3-45 Mu Alpha Theta 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Junior Class CounciI5 Scholastic Citation 2-35 AFS 3-4. Lynda L. O'Brien-Panther Athletic 35 Future Nurses 3. Linda Odle. Vicki Kay Ogle-Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic 35 Re- view Typing 3. Ray John Ohlson-Transfer from Hartford City5 Football 3-45 Intramurals 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 45 Track 3-4. 'Anne E. Olive-Latin 35 Travel 35 Panther Athletic 3-45 Government 45 Attendance Office Assistant 45 Senior Girls' League. 'John R. Olthoff-Music Men 3-45 Football 25 Track 3-45 Student Council 25 Boys' Glee Club 2-45 Aquarium 2-3. 'James Orr-Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity 3-47 Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3-45 German 2-45 Letterman 4. Larry Lee Osborn-Panther Athletic 35 Review Typing 2-3. 'Paul D. Over-Marching Band 81 Pep Band 2-35 German 2-45 Science Reading 2-35 Mu Alpha Theta 2-45 Astronomy 35 l.U. Honors Program to Germany 3. Steven Overbey-Panther Athletic 2-35 Varsity Wrestling 3, Reserve Wrestling 2. 'Steven Overman--Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3, All County 45 Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity 3-45 Varsity Baseball 2-35 National Honor Society 3-4. James W. Pankey. 'Samuel Alan Passo-National Honor Society 35 Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 Folk Music 2-45 Panther Athletic 2-45 Biol- ogy 25 Science Service 4. Bonnie Paton-Girls' Glee Club 25 Travel 2-35 Panther Ath- letic 3-45 Review Typing 45 Senior Girls' League. 'John M. Patten-Mu Alpha Theta 35 Latin 35 Aquarium 3-45 Biology 25 Slide Rule 25 Panther Athletic 4. 'Wendy Patterson-French 2-35 AFS 25 Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 2-45 Band 2-35 Attendance Office Assistant 4. SEN IORS David Lloyd Patton-Football 2-4, Panther Athletic 2-4, Bell Choir 3, Baseball 3-4, Intramurals 2-4, Key Club 4. Sherry Lynn Patton-Red Cross 3-4, FTA 3-4, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Travel 3-4, Crafts Club 2-3, Art Club 3-4. Michael David Paul-FBLA 2, Government 2-3, Panther Ath- letic 3. Janice Ellen Payne-National Honor Society 3-4, Girls' En- semble 4, Peals of Liberty 2-4, Senior Class Council 4, At- tendance 3-4, Panther Athletic 3-4. 'l'Bonnie Jeanne Pearson-Counterpoints 2-4, Madrigals 2, Class Council Alternate 2-3, Junior Spectacular 2-3, Intra- murals 2-3, Folk Music 2. Nancy Ann Pearson-Panther Athletic 2-3, Review Typing 2, Travel 3, Arts 8- Crafts 3, Home Ec. 2. Bryant Charles Pedigo-Peals of Liberty 3-4, Band 2-3, Chess 2-3, Biology 3. John David Peirce-Band 2, Track 2, Gymnastics 2-4, Pan- ther Athletics 3-4, Debate 2, Lettermen's Club 4. 'Gary Alan Pelsue-Junior Spectacular 2, Fall Musical 3, Music Men 2, Reserve Wrestling 4, Key Club 4, Folk Music 4. 'Mike Lee Penington-Concert Band 2, Symphonic Band 3-4, Drafting 2, Panther Athletic 3-4, Travel 3, Track 3-4. 'Stephanie Layne Perkins-Concert Band 2-4, Marching Pantherettes, Head 3-4, Foods, President 2, Folk Music 2-4, Panther Athletic 3-4, Senior Girls' League 4, Scott K. Petersen-Wrestling 2-4, Band 2-4, Stage Band 3-4. James Andrew Peterson-Electronics 2, Intramurals 2-3, Key Club 4, Panther Athletic 4, Advanced Chess 4. 'Stan K. Phariss-Panther 2-4, Boys' Booster 4, Football Manager 4, Drafting 3, Travel 2, Scholastic Award 2. Cathy Sue Phillips-Travel 2-4, Arts 81 Crafts 3-4, Panther Athletic 2-4. Lance Alan Pickrell-Transfer from Evansville Bosse 2, Biol- ogy Club 4, Science Reading 4, Spanish Club, Slide Rule 4. 'Charles Pike-Panther Athletic 3-4, Travel 4, International Relations 3, Art Club President 4, Gym Assistant 4, Junior Spectacular 2-3. Thomas G. Platt-National Honor Society 3-4, Chess 3-4, Mu Alpha Theta 3-4, Poetry 4, Government 4. Ron Poe-Panther Athletic 2-3. 'Connie Ponder-Counterpoints 4, Student Council 2-3, Al- ternate 4, Fall Musical 2-4, Junior Spectacular 3, Girls' En- semble 3, Panther Athletic 3-4. Michael G. Porteous. Claudella Porter-Dramatics 3, Girls' Booster Block 3, Foods 2, Sewing 2, Edwin L. Powell-AV 2-4, AV Assistant 2-4, Junior Spec- tacular 3. Paula J. Presnoples-Debate 2, Panther Athletic 3-4, Travel 3-4, Latin 3. Gail Lynn Pribble-Art 2, Travel 2, Beginning Chess 3. 'Glenn A. Pritchard-National Honor Society 3-4, State Heavyweight Wrestling Champion 3, Football, Varsity 2-4, Track 2-3, Wrestling 2-3, Delegate to FCA Camp 3. James Clifton Pruitt-National Honor Society 3-4, Student Council Alternate 3, Sophomore Class Council Alternate, Baseball, Reserve 2-3, Intramurals 2-3. Jeff W. Pruner-Government 2-4, FBLA 2, Panther Athletic 3-4, German 2-4. 1968 'Cheryl Elaine Pryor-Madrigals 35 Girls' Ensemble 45 Fu- ture Nurses 2-45 Knitting 3, Vice-President 45 "Sound of Music" 45 Junior Spectacular. Janet Anne Quarto-Spanish 25 Travel 3,45 Folk Music 3-4. Janet Ann Quirk-National Honor Society 3-45 Newspaper Staff 35 Shorthand 45 Shakespeare 45 Girls' Exercise 4. Kathy Gail Rafferty--Panther Athletic 2,35 Knitting 35 Foods 25 Travel 3. Judith Ellen Ransom-Girls' Industrial Arts 25 Travel 35 Panther Athletic 35 Spanish 3. 'Terri E. Raven-Scholastic Award 25 NFL 2-35 Debate Team 2-35 Intramurals 2-35 Junior Historical Society 35 Forensics 2-3. 'Joyce Anne Ray-Student Council 2-35 Orchestra 25 Span- ish 45 Senior Class CaunciI5 Exchange Student 35 Panther Athletic 4. Linda Alice Ray-NFL 35 Descants 35 Folk Music 25 Travel 35 Drama 2. 'Willy Reel-Panther Athletic 35 Football 2-35 Tennis 2-35 Wrestling 2-35 Sophomore Class Chairman 25 Student Coun- cil 3. 'Ike H. Regenstreifw-Basketball Manager 2-45 Newspaper staff 2-35 Key Club 3, Historian 45 Junior SpectacuIar5 Stu- dent Council Alternate 35 Mu Alpha Theta 2-4. Ellen Virginia Reilly-Folk Music. Mary Carol Reiney-Booster 2-35 Glee Club 25 Panther Athletic 3. 'Allan Jeff Reinking-Key Club 3-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Cross Country 45 Chess 2-35 Track 3-45 Lettermen 4. Larry Rennen-Chess 2,35 Intramurals 2-3. Susan Elaine Renner-Transfer from Connecticut, Earl R. Rich-Chess 3-4. Senior section boosts Panther spirit Leading the crowd to greater school spirit, reserve cheerleader Terry Mathews urges the senior cheering section to support the undefeated football team in its final game of the season. Posters show basketball spirit, and Se- niors Florrie Binford and Bruce Blom- berg admire their winning posters of Panther Pep Week at the end of January. rf' f' :xi I 1, f ll I W I P' . f- - E' 4' 4 Q C1 .foull :Z 2 l i 1 3 I ii .. 7 Q 0,0 'odd T Senior homeroom wins poster contest Council Alternate, Chess 3-4. Lee Donald Roberts. 'Peggy Roberts-Prom Co-Chairman 3, Counterpoints 3-4, Fall Musical 3-4, Junior Spectacular 3, Panther Athletic 3-4, Junior Class Council. 'Sharon Robertson-Panther Athletic 2, Travel 3, Review Typing 3, Booster Block 2. Dave Alan Robinson-Panther Athletic 3-4, Intramurals 3-4. Sally Anne Robison-Sophomore Class Council, Travel 3-4, Girls' Auto Mechanics 2, Panther Athletic 4. .lon Richard Roesch--Wrestling 2-4, Government 3, Panther Athletic 3-4, Diving 3, Gym Assistant 3. Steven Russell Roller-Intramural Wrestling Champion 3. Barbara Ann Rose-Booster Block 3, Relay Princess 3, Cos- tume 2, Panther Athletic 3-4. "Roberta Laurene Ross-Drama 2-3, Stagecraft 3-4, NFL 2-4, National Thespians 3-4, Panther Athletic 3, Newspaper Staff 2-4. 'Ann Theresa Roth-Drama 2, Junior Class Council Alter- nate, Folk Music 2, Forensics 2, Panther Athletic 3, Travel 3. l l t l Randall George Richards-Wrestling 2-4, Hydronauts 3-4, Tennis 2, Panther Athletic 3. Thomas R. Richter-Panther Athletic 3-4, Travel 2, Sopho- more Class Council Alternate. 'Sandra Riddell-Bell Choir 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Junior Historical Society 2-4, Drama 2-3, Junior Spectacular 3-4, Lab Assistant 4. 'Frank J. Rikhoff-Cross Country 2, lntramurals 2-4, For- ensics 3, Chess 3, Space 2, Junior Historical Society 2. l John S. Ripma-Intramurals 2-3, Panther Athletic 3, Diving 3-4. 'Dale Bruce Roberts--National Honor Society 3-4, Key Club 3-4, Panther Athletic 3-4, Intramurals 2-4, Junior Class W 1968 'Mark Robert Roth-Chess and Checkers 27 Indianapolis Science Seminar 27 National Merit Letter of Commendation 47 Mu Alpha Theta 37 Intramural Bowling 37 Scholastic Citation 2-4. 'Robert Jay Rothbaum-Mu Alpha Theta 2-3, President 47 Student Council, Parliamentarian 47 National Honor Society 3-47 Key Club 3-47 Yearbook Staff 3, Business Manager 47 National Merit Semifinalist 4. 'Beverly Lyn Routt-French 2-37 Great Books 47 Stage Crew 3-47 Panther Athletic 37 Government 47 Peals of Liberty 4, Judith Arlene Ruede-AFS 2-47 Travel 37 Foods 37 Govern- ment 27 FTA 2. Sharon Jane Rushton-Librarian 2-47 Marching Band 2-47 Pep Band 37 Intramurals 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-47 French 3. David I. Sachs-Panther Athletic 2-37 Advanced Chess Club 2-37 History of Math 27 Science Reading 27 Government 3. Vicki Jean Sage-Travel 2-37 Panther Athletic 2-37 Knitting 37 Newspaper Representative7 Art 47 Senior Girls' League. William Marc Schabler-Student Council 37 Panther Athletic 3-47 Travel 37 Advanced Chess 3-47 World Culture 4. Aurelia Marie Schaefer-Travel 37 Science Reading 37 Pub- licity Committee-Junior Spectacular 37 Junior Achievement 3. Ann Schaeffer-Typing 27 Art and Crafts 37 Travel 37 Pan- ther Athletic 37 World Culture 4. David Alan Schermerhorn-Chess 27 Advanced Chess 37 Panther Athletic 37 Travel 37 Wrestling 2. 'Carrie Sue Schiffli-National Honor Society 3-47 Junior Class CounciI7 Girls' State Alternate 37 Panther Athletic 3-47 French 3-47 Senior Girls' League Planning Board. Marianina Schillen-Panther Athletic 2-47 Spanish 2-47 Knitting 37 Travel 37 Spanish Contest 2nd place 27 Spanish Contest 3rd place 3. Candy M. Schmidt-Panther Athletic 2-47 German 27 Knitting 37 Travel 2-3. Terry P. Schmutte-Panther Athletic 4. Robert W. Schnazkel-Audio-Visual 2-47 Intramurals 3-47 Audio Visual Assistant 2-4, Laurel Anne Schneider-Panther Athletic 2-37 Travel 2-37 Stage Crafts 2-37 Folk Music 27 Booster 2. Danna Lynn Schneiter-Transfer from Louisville. Joe W. Schoolcrafl-National Honor Society 3-47 NDCC Rifle Team 2-47 Wrestling 2-47 Football 2. Mark Thomas Schornstein-German 2-37 Panther Athletic 37 Great Books 27 Reserve Basketball 2-37 Reserve Track 37 Intramurals 2-3. 'Carol Jane Schortemeyer--National Honor Society 3-47 Senior Girls' LEUQUE7 Science Service 37 Biology Lab Assis- tant 47 Panther Athletic 37 Gym Assistant 3-4. 'Thomas F. SchraderAtudent Council President 47 Junior Class Council President 37 National Honor Society 3-47 Football 2-47 Mu Alpha Theta 2, Secretary-Treasurer 37 Ger- man, President 3. Nancy E. Schroeder-Travel 27 Typing 27 Attendance Of- fice 37 Panther Athletic 3-47 German 3. - 'Walter Howard Schuchmann-Junior Spectacular 37 March- ing Band 27 NDCC Drill Team 2-3, Commander 47 NDCC Battalion Formation 2-3, Commander 47 Debate 27 Chess 2. 'lleah L. Schulte-Junior Spectacular 37 Counterpoints 3-47 Fall Musical 3-47 Scholastic Award 2-37 Senior Class Coun- cil 47 Panther Athletic 2-3. WM. Frederick Schwab-AFS 3, Vice-President 47 Govern- ment Club 2-37 Chess Club 2-47 Slide Rule 47 Intramurals 2-47 Review Typing 2. Mark David Schwartz-Travel 37 German 37 Lab Assistant 4. Rita Lynne Schwartz-Travel 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Drama 27 Tricycle Race 3-47 Arts and Crafts 3-47 Atten- dance Office 4. SENIORS 'Hahn B. Scofield-Key Club 3, Secretary 4, Student Coun- cil 3-4, Yearbook Staff 3, Sports Editor 4, Junior Spectacular 3, Fall Musical 4, Music Men 4. Barbara Jean Scohier-FNA 3, Panther Athletic 3. Jennifer Mick Scott- Panther Athletic 3, Intramurals 2-3, Student Council Alternate 3, Folk Music 2-3, Junior Spec- tacular 3. 'I'Sharon Kay Scudder-National Honor Society 3-4, Junior Spectacular 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3-4, Junior Class Council, Orchestra 3-4, AFS 4. 'Mary Ann Sebastian-National Honor Society 3-4, Student Council Alternate 2, Member-at-Large 3, Spanish 2-4, Scholastic Award 2-4, Junior Spectacular 3, Descants 3-4. Oliver John N. Seidler--Language Lab Assistant 2-4. Gordon Edward Shackelford-Intramurals 2-3, Chess 2-3, Panther Athletic 3, Travel 3, Science Lab Assistant 4. 'Gregory J. Sherry-Panther Athletic 3-4, Travel 3-4, Bio- logy 2, Intramurals 2,4, Key Club 4, Academic Games 4. Jack J. Shewmaker-Varsity Football 2-4, Varsity Wrestling 3-4, Panther Athletic 3-4. Caroline Kent Shields-Panther Athletic 2-4, Travel 2-4, Attendance Office Assistant 4. 'Robert E. Shoemaker+Stagecrew 2-4, Panther Athletic 2-4, Lab Assistant 3-4, Science Service 3-4, National Thes- pian Society 4, Junior Spectacular 3, Robert Earl Short-Art 2-3, Panther Athletic 4, Geology 4, Academic Games 4, Intramurals 4. Janie Lynn Sicking-Red Cross 2, Travel 3, Panther Ath- letic 3. Peter Lee Silet-Drill Team 2, NDCC 2-4, Battalion For- mation 2-4, Rifle Team 4. Stephen H. Silver-Travel 3, Intramurals 2, French 3, Pan- ther Athletic 3, Lab Assistant 4. 'Susan Lawrence Silver-Junior Class Council Alternate, Panther Athletic 2-4, Travel 2, Scholastic Award 2, Intra- murals 2-3, Junior Spectacular 3. 'Bruce Todd Sklare-Debate Team 2-3, Varsity Tennis 2-4, Forensics 2-4, Government 3, Debate 2-3, Intramurals 2-4. Laura Sue Slatter-Panther Athletic 3, Travel 3, Art Crafts 3. Karen Elaine Slemmer-Transfer Student from Evansville, Indiana. Michael A. Smart-Tennis 2-4, Slide Rule 3, French 3, ln- tramurals 2-3. "Cheryl Ann Smith-Junior Class Council 3, National Honor Society 3-4, Baton Corps 2-3, Gym Assistant 3-4, Senior Class Council, Intramurals 2-3. Darrel Lee Smith-Panther Athletic 2-3, Debra Jo Smith-Library Secretary 3, Panther Athletic 2-3. Martha Smith-Art 2-3, Panther Athletic 3-4, Peals of Liberty 3, Girl's Exercise 4. 'Mary Scott Smith--Student Council 2, Publicity Chairman 3, National Honor Society 3-4, Christmas Princess 2, AFS 4, Lab Assistant 3-4, Program Committee Chairman, Junior Prom. Rebecca Ann Smith-Folk Music 2-3, FNA 3, Knitting 3, Panther Athletic 2-3. Robert Holland Smith-Wrestling 2-3, Baseball 2-3, Panther Athletic 3, Junior Spectacular 3, Gym Assistant 3. 'Rebecca Ann Smock-French 2, Girls' Industrial Arts 2, Sophomore Class Council Alternate, A Cappella 2-3, Descants 4, Intramurals 2. 1 968 Cynthia Lin Smoals-Panther Athletic 2-3, Booster Block 2-3, French 2. 'Pamela Kay Snodgrass--Booster Block 2-3, International Foods 3, AFS 2, Folk Music 2, Drama 2, Intramurals 2. 'Raymond Ward Snowden-Biology 2, Advanced Chess 2-4, Air Space 3, Panther Athletic 3-4, A Cappella 3-4, Intramurals 3-4. 'Vicki Lee Sohn-Panther Athletic 2-4, Folk Music 2-3, "Sound of Music" 4, Girls Ensemble 4, Junior Spectacular, AFS 4. 'Susan Lynn Solecki-Foods, Vice President 3, Costume, Vice President 4, Clothing, President 4, Home Economics Helper 3, FTA, Treasurer. Robert H. Snuchon-Football 2-3, Class Council 2-3, Wres- tling 3-4, Junior Spectacular. 'Kay Ellen Sparks-Baton Corps 2-4, Sophomore Class Council Alternate, Panther Athletic 2-4, Travel 3, Foods 2, Family Jamboree Fashion Show Model. 'Kathy Sparrenberger-Counterpoints 4, Fall Musical 3-4, Junior Spectacular Act Chairman, Class Council 4, Folk Music 3-4, Panther Athletic 3-4. Carl Speaker-Graphic Arts 4. .lan Spilman-Panther Athletic 3, Travel 3. Neil E. Sprecher-Government 2-3, Chess 3, German 2. 'Susan C. Springer-Panther Athletic 3-4, Intramurals 2, Stage Crew 3, Costume 3, Secretary 4, Junior Spectacular, Student Council Alternate 4. 'Edward Alan Sputh-Chess Team 2-3, Music Men 3-4, Junior Spectacular, A Capella 2, "West Side Story" 2, Ad- vanced Chess 2-4. Betsy Ann Sraden-Stage Crew 2-3, Secretary 4, Thespians 3-4, Physical Education Helper 3-4, Costume 3-4, Drama 2-3. Curtis E. Stahl-Chess. 'Gayle Suzanne Stahluth-NHS 3-4, Thespians 3-4, For- ensics 2-4, Girls Ensemble 3-4, Costume 2-4, Student Council 4. Centralites gather after athletic games .l 14 ,VI Meeting after a football game, Central- ites Pat Looney, Sue Collins, Alan Lebin, Cindy Pribble, Bob Dinnsen, Scilla Strang, Susie Kappes, and Jackie Bishop eat and discuss the plays of the game. Seniors Ann Schaeffer, Mary Schillen, Nancy Hendricks, and Sandy Cohen learn the basic fundamentals of molding and firing pottery in sculpturing class. f 1 .. Central adds sculpturmg to Curnculum Wayne Alfred Starling-Transfer Student from Cathedral7 Track, Varsity 47 Cross Country 47 Travel 47 Panther Ath- letic 4. Susan M. Sieckelmann-Panther Athletic 2-37 Travel 37 Concert 27 A Capella 3. 'Nancy Jane Steinmeier-Biology Lab Assistant 37 Spanish 37 Travel 37 Panther Atsletic 37 Stagecrew 37 Drama 2. 'Jane Allen Steinmetz-Panther Athletic 2-47 Travel 37 Forensics 27 Concert 27 A Capella 37 Descants 4. Carole Elizabeth Stevens-Panther Athletic 2-37 French 27 AFS 27 Travel 2. Leslie Denise Stevens-Girls' Ensemble 2-47 Student Council 27 Panther Athletic 3-47 Junior Spectacular 3. 'Don Gary Stidham-Intramurals 2-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Travel 3-47 Junior Spectacular 37 Senior Class Council Al- terr1ate7 Chess 4. Martha Ann Stieneker-First Place in All-School Art Show 27 Honorable Mention in Scholastic Art Contest 3. 'Gary Martin Slohler-National dren's Theater 27 Scuba Diving pians Society 3-47 Drama 2-37 Mark D. Stolkin-Aquarium 27 Forensics League 2-47 Chil- President 37 National Thes- Folk Music 3-4. Journalism 27 Latin 2, Patricia Ann Stone-Student Council 37 Folk Music 27 Pan- ther Athletic 37 Travel 37 Art Crafts 2. 'William Sumner Stone-National Forensics League 37 Pep Band 2-37 Travel 37 Military History 2-37 Junior Historical Society 37 Intramurals 3. Patricia Carol Storms-Stagecrew 37 Panther Athletic 37 Travel 37 Junior Historical Society 3. 'Priscilla F. Sirang-Stagecrek 3-47 Student Council Al- ternate 37 Travel 37 Junior Historical Society 37 Chemistry Lab Assistant 47 Panther Athletic 3. 'Tom Strang-Science Service 37 German 37 Panther Ath- letic 37 Chemistry Lab Assistant 47 Junior Class Council Alternate7 Review Typing 3. Judy Ann Street-Review Typing 2-3. 1968 Mark Gregory Stroh-Wrestling 2-45 Student Council Al- ternate 25 Class Council Alternate 35 Junior Spectacular 3. David Rupert Strong-Junior Prom 35 Key Club 45 Travel 2-35 Panther Alternate 2-35 Newspaper Cartoonist 35 Music Men 4. Sharon Melodie Strother-Travel 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-35 German 25 Attendance Office 3. Pamela Jean Strouse. 'Steve C. Stultz-Intramurals 2-45 Panther Athletic 3-45 Travel 35 Band 2-35 Chess 35 Key Club 4. Al Sturgis-Panther Athletic 2-35 Travel 3. 'Nancy Ann Sullivan-Panther Athletic 2-35 International Relations 25 Latin Secretary 35 Travel 35 Concert Choir 2-35 Junior Spectacular 3. John Farrell Sutherland-Panther Athletic 35 Travel 35 Wrestling 2. 'Linda Ann Swanson-Reserve Cheerleader 3, Varsity 45 National Honor Society 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Gym Assistant 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 Chemistry Lab Assis- tant 4. Judith Caroline Sweeney-Panther Athletic 35 Junior His- torical Society 35 Junior Spectacular 25 AFS 2-35 Junior Achievement 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. Patti L. Swenson-Reserve Cheerleader 35 Spanish 25 ln- tromurals 25 Panther Athletic 2-35 Gym Assistant 35 Booster 3, "Kathryn K. Symmes-Newspaper 25 Peals of Liberty 45 Folk Music 3-45 Homecoming Float Chairman 45 Junior Specta- cular 45 Intramurals 3. Tai-Sheng Tai. Neal J. Taslitz-Biology 2-35 Debate 25 Panther Athletic 3. 'Lawrence Steven Tavel-Panther Athletic 2-45 Yearbook Staff 3-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Junior Class Council 35 Student Council 45 Junior Spectacular 3. William Taw-Biology 25 Slide Rule 25 Computer 3. 'Priscilla E. Taylor-Scholastic Award 2-45 Orchestra 2-3, Secretary 45 Stage Crew 2-45 Fall Musical 2-45 Junior Spec- tacular 35 Senior Girls League. C. Sam Tedrowe-Panther Athletic 2-45 Travel 35 Gym Assistant 3-4. 'Katherine Anne Tekolst+Notional Honor Society 3-45 Scho- lastic Award 2-45 Orchestra 45 Lab Assistant 45 National Merit Let-ter of Commendation 45 Mu Alpha Theta 4. Robert Allen Tepfer-Panther Athletic 45 Slide Rule 35 History of Math 2. 'Richard Lee Tewksbury-Varsity Football 2-45 Track 2-35 Panther Athletic 2-4, Planning Committee 2-37 Student Coun- cil 35 Lettermen's Club 3-45 Music Men 4. Carter Allen Tharp-Student Council 2-35 Language Lab Assistant 2-45 Panther Athletic 25 Travel 2. Sharon Rae Thayer-lntromurals 45 Knitting. Beverly Jean Thomas-Panther Athletic 3-45 Junior 81 Senior Girls' Exercise 2-45 Future Nurses 2. Bradford Earl Thomas-Wind Ensemble 35 Marching Band 3-45 Intramurals 2. Barbara Ann Thompson-Clothing President 45 Future Nurses Vice President 45 Panther Athletic 3-4. Joyce Ellen Thompson-Junior Spectacular 35 Junior Class Council 35 Travel 35 Jamboree Fashion Show Model 45 Panther Athletic 45 Senior Girls League 4. Michael Lee Thompson-Sophomore Class Council Alternote5 Chess 2-35 Student Council Alternate 35 Intramurals 3. SENIOR "Susan P. Thompson-Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, German Sec- retary 3, Head Maiorette, Baton Corps 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Student Council 2-4, Junior Class Council AI- ternate. Beverly Eileen Thornburg-President Art Club 4, Panther Athletic 4, Junior Spectacular 3, World Culture 4, Drama 4. William James Thwing-President Bell Choir 3-4, Band 2-3, Panther Athletic 4, Chess 2. Carole Louise Tindall-Panther Athletic 3-4, Folk Music 3, Travel 3, Art 4, Knitting 3. Susan Lynne Tishler-Spanish 3, Review Typing 3, Booster Block 2, Panther Athletic 2-4. Linda Eve Tomlinson-Falk Music 2-4, Stage Crew 3-4, Fall Musical 3-4, Madrigals 3, Girls' Ensemble 4, Panther Athletic 3. Brenda Toney--Gym Assistant 3, Panther Athletic 2, Travel 3. Phillip Dennis Toth-Nantional Honor Society 3-4, Mu Alpha Theta 3-4, Baseball 2-4, Intramurals 2-4, Science Reading 3, German 3-4. 'Debbie Tower-Travel 2-3, Panther Athletic 2-4, Latin 2, Review Typing 3, Newspaper Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 4. 'Andi N. Trais-Stage Crew 3-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Newspaper Staff 4, Junior Spectacular, Senior Girls' League 4, Panther Athletic 2-3. Linda Tuchman-French 2,4, Language Lab Assistant 2, International Relations 3, Senior Girls' League, World Cul- ture 4. Kathleen Mary Tully-Transfer from Nanuet, New York, Na- tional Honor Society 3-4, Panther Athletic 4, Future Nurses 4, Senior Girls' League. 'Janet Marie Turner-Marching Band 2-4, Symphonic Band 3-4, Concert Band 2, Pep Band 2-3, Travel 3, Panther Athletic 3. David G. Tynan. J. Kirk Undercoffer-Baseball 2-4, Football 3, Panther Athletic 3-4, Gym Assistant 3-4, Intramurals 3-4. Brant Clyne Unversaw-Arts and Crafts, President 2-4, Intramurals 2, Art, Secretory 3-4, Panther Athletic 2-4, Travel 2-4. Robert Lee Valentine-National Honor Society 3-4. 'Barbara Jane VanArsdol-Booster Block 2, Panther Athletic 3, Shorthand 2, Audio-Visual Helper 3, Spanish 3, Travel 3. Mike Jay Vanc?Lettermen 3-4, Panther Athletic 3-4, Var- sity Football 3-4, Track 3. 'Carol Jean VanDoren--Sophomore Class Council, Guidance Office Helper 3, Travel 3, Drama 2-3, Stage Crew 3, French 3. 'Cindy Lou Van Meter-Spanish 2, Future Nurses 2, Pan- ther Athletic 3, Travel 3, Student Council 3, Alternate 2. 'Sandra Lynn Vargo-Travel 3, Tronscribe 3, Panther Ath- letic 3-4, Athletic Office 3, Knitting 4, Home Economic Of- fice 4. 'Catherine Ann Vaughan--Madrigals 2, Junior Spectacular 3, Descants 3, Student Council 3, "LiI' Abner" 3, Counter- points 4. James Merrill Vawter-Stagecrew 3-4, Panther Athletic 3, Band 2-4, Travel 3. 'Elizabeth Jean Vonnegut-Scholastic Award 3-4, Panther Athletic 3, Stage Crew 3, Drama 2, French 2, Folk Music 3. Anne Marie Ware-Booster Block 3, Panther Athletic 3, Transfer Student From Chatard High School 3. 'Martha Sue Wallace-Knitting 3, Panther Athletic 3, Scha- Iastic Award 2-3, Great Books 2, American Authors 2, Trav- el 3. Michael Steven Wallace-Golf 2-4, Panther Athletic 3-4, Student Council Alternate 2, Intramurals 2-4. 1968 'John R. Walter-Reserve Football 2, Varsity Football 3-47 Letterman's Club 3, Vice-President 47 Panther Athletic 2-47 Senior Class Council7 Homecoming King Candidate 47 Track 2-4. 'Douglas A. Ward-Sophomore Class Vice-Chairman7 Foot- ball 27 Student Council 37 Gymnastics 37 Art Vice-President 27 Gym Assistant 3. James D. Ward. Joanne Ward-Stage Crew 2-37 Travel 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-4. Verlee Jane Warfield-Travel 2-37 French 2-47 Panther Ath- letic 2-47 Senior Girls' League7 AFS 4. Barbara Jean Warren-Panther Athletic 2-37 Review Typing 27 Travel 37 Booster Block 27 Junior Class Council. 'Karen Ann Wasson-Spanish 2-47 Senior Class Council7 Panther Athletic 2-47 Shakespeare 3-47 Baton Corps 2-47 Choirs 2-4. 'Marcia Ann Weakley--Panther Athletic 2-37 Travel 2-37 Spanish 37 Junior Spectacular 37 Art 47 Senior Girls' League. Carol Weddle-Language Lab Assistant 3-47 Library As- sistant 2-37 Travel 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-4. James Alan Weigle-Chess 2-3. Frank Light Weiland-Slide Rule 2-3. 'Anne Weinstein-Reading Lab Assistant 3-47 Red Cross President 3-47 Latin Vice-President 27 Future Nurses 2-47 Delegate to Red Cross High School Board 3-47 Red Cross 2-4. 'Suzanne Marie Weir-Girls' Glee Club 27 Stage Crew 2-37 Panther Athletic 3-47 Travel 37 Attendance Office Assistant 3-47 French 4. 'Annette Weiske-Panther Athletic 2-47 Travel 37 Knitting 3-47 French 27 AFS 47 Review Typing 4. William Michael Wells--Transfer from Brebeuf. Susan Jane Welsh-Panther Athletic 2-37 Knitting 37 Travel 3. tum' fx Future homemaker wins Betty Crocker award ---..,,,,- e. -..,,,,,,m ..t annmvmwi-1 x 1.1, Wm. 1 6 mi lk? .QA Demonstrating the culinary talent which helped her win the Betty Crocker Future Homemaker Award, Nancy Alsop removes muffins from the tin. SENIORS Preston R. Westlake-Advanced Chess 2, lntramurals 3. John Wimberly Whitaker-A Capella 2-4, Intramurals 2. 'Bruce W. White-Counterpoints 2-3, President 4, Student Council 3-4, Boys' State 3, Key Club 3-4, Fall Musical 3-4, Jupnior Spectacular 3. Don J. White. 'William White-Orchestra 3, Symphonic Band 2, Concert Band 2, Varsity Drill Team 2-3, Chamber Music 3, Pep Bond 3. Robert Glen Whitinger-Junior Spectacular 2-3, Fall Musical 2-3, Stage Band 2-3. James William Whitmore. 'Gloria Faye Wichmann-Knitting 2-3, Costume 2-3, Pan- ther Athletic 3, International Relations 4, Junior Spectacular 3, Foods 2. "Maureen Widduck-Stage Crew 3, FTA 3-4, Student Coun- cil 2, Red Cross 4, Geology 4, Panther Athletic 4. Rodney B. Wild-Government 2-3, International Relations 2-3, Bell Choir 2-3, Stage Crew 3. Paul Allen Wilhoit-Wind Ensemble 3, Stage Band 3, Pep Band 3. Charles Wilkerson. Becky Lynn Willard-Panther Athletic 2-3, German 2, Stu- dent Council 2, Alternate 3, Senior Class Council. Barry Edward Willey-Wrestling 2, NDCC 2-4, Battalion Formation 2-4. Betty Louise Williams-Transfer from New York, Notehand 3, FTA 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Panther Athletic 4, Intramurals 4. Nancy Ann Williams-Intramurals 2, Travel 2, French 3, FBLA 3, Panther Athletic 3, Junior Achievement 2-3. Rhonda Sue Williams-Sophomore Class Council Alternate, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Concert Choir 2-3, Madrigols 4. Roy Kevin Williams-Panther Athletic 3-4, A Capella 2-3, Music Men 4, Travel 4. Michael P. Winkle. Roger A. Winkler-Travel 2-3, Panther Athletic 2-4, Spanish 3-4, German 2, FBLA 3. 'Deborah A. Winter-Art 2, Panther Athletic 3-4, Spanish 3, Travel 3, National Honor Society Scholastic Award 2-3. Matthew Winters-Chess 3, Drafting 2-3. Robert Samuel Wohlstadter-Panther Athletic 3, Travel 4, Electronics 2, Spanish 3. 'Gary R. Wolf-National Honor Society 3-4, Marching Band 3-4, Hoosier Boys' State 3, Government President 4, Thes- pians 4, Student Council 2-4. 'Karen Sue Wolf-National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4, Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4, Baton Corps 3-4, IU Honors Program to Germany 3, Junior Spectacular 3, German Presi- dent 4. Mark A. Wolf-National Honor Society 3-4, Forensics 3-4, Debate 3-4, Debate President 3, Speech 3-4. Andrew Edward Wolsifer-.Junior Achievement 4, Chess Team 4. Lynne Marie Woodard-Drama 2-4, Stage Crew 3-4. 1968 Douglas Wrege--Intramurals 2-37 Panther Athletic 37 Chess 2-3. 'Carol Ann Wright-Review Typing 27 Stage Crew 47 Span- ish 3-47 Panther Athletic 3-47 Junior Spectacular 37 Senior Class Council Alternate. Fiona Anne Wright-National Honor Society 37 Debate Team 37 Stage Crew 37 Lab Assistant 37 Scholastic Citation 2-3. Linda Jane Wright-Travel 37 Panther Athletic 37 Transfer From Hinsdale High School. "Marsha Diane Wright-Stage Crew 2-3, Vice-President 47 Drama 3-47 Costume 3-47 National Thespian Society 3-47 Booster Block 27 Student Council 2-3. Mary Wright. Roger Wright-Panther Athletic 37 Intramurals 2-37 Chess 2-37 Travel 3. Steve K. Yockey. Victoria Elaine York. Betsy Jane Young-Travel 2-47 Panther Athletic 2-47 Span- ish 2. 'l'Margaret Ann Young-Drama 37 Travel 2-37 French 27 Girls' Concert Choir 2-37 A Capella 47 Children's Play 2. 'Martha Lane Youngquist-Junior Prom QUEGDQ Folk Music Secretary 47 Block's High School Fashion Board 47 Senior Class Secretary7 Homecoming Queen7 Jamboree Style Show Commentator 4. Roger Franklyn Youtsey-Chess Team 2-47 Forensic 3-47 ln- tramurals 2-4. William Alford Zaring-Panther Athletic 27 Student Council Alternate 37 Folk Singing 47 Intramurals 4. Angelika H. Zehnen-Panther Athletic 37 Girls' Auto Mechan- ics 3. Janice Sue Zeigler-Travel 2-47 Panther Athletic 3, Wayne F. Zervis-Travel 37 Panther Athletic 37 Biology 47 lntramurals Captain 4. George Zimmermann-Football 2-47 Wrestling 2-4. Laurel Beatty Steven Bennett Richard Bibbs James S. Blackwell linda Barners Robert Bumgerner John Chapman John Clerkin Greg Caar Cathee Cobb Arana Cooper Patricia Curry Dathy Darley Carol Dalton Maureen Durkin Constanc Earle Bill Eberbach Robert Fessler Phyllis Fleming Mark Fox Robert Frances SENIORS NOT PICTURED Steven Fulnecky Wallace Harding Neal Heimann Dellaiean Henick Lee Holsworth Steven Scott Johnson Paula Jones Wendy Sue .ladin Steven Michael Lowe Russel Morrisden Diana McCartney Gretchen L. Mclntyre Mary Barbara McKinney Janis E. Mcmurtrie Jerome Merriweather David Milton Terry Morehead Beverley Moschel Gustana Mass David lee Mowling John Ostermeyer Walter J. Palmer Fred C. Petersen Kristine Puckett Fletcher Rahke Sherry D. Reiche Aksa Sangar Patrick Schaefer Steven W. Shelby William M. Smiatek Gary Smith Jehn Snyder Pandall Sparks Evelyn Stikle Charles Tavel Jeff Ven Spreckelsen Anne Wade Earle Wall Charles Wilkerson Timothy Wright Bradley Zemke Junior Dave Baldwin smiles with delight as he re- ceives his ruby class ring from Mr. George Craven, a representative from Herff Jones Company. 5, X ,, M 91 Junior Class Council-Front Row: Nancy O'Kane, Rhonda Wagman, Polly Wise, Michelle Chiplis, Barbara dekaismes, Cindy Cagle, Denise Taylor, Mela- nee Smith, Kari Dunn, Karen Garriott, and Meg Brause. Second Row: Faith Martin, Stephanie Kelso, Katy Kreusser lsecretaryi, Cherry! Behrmann, Polly Boleman, Jan Lingeman, Dana Roth, Ginny Humbert, Kathy Wills, Annette gs 1 H r or 2 ex, Vw lf r J ,,,,,, Sachs, and Sheri Stanley. Third Row: Greg Schlegel ipresidentl, Greg Redish, Greg Anderson, Mark Holmquist, Dave Baldwin, Doug Nie, Jim Crocker, and Bill Johnson. Fourth Row: Gerry Grinkmeyer, Rick Lash, Mark Mills, Bob Byrd itreasurerl, Bob Perlstein, Al Dinwiddie ivice-presidentl, and Jack Harcourt. Mr. Kenneth D. Patton is sponsor of the Junior Council. Junior Class plans varied activities After the initial sophomore introduc- tion to Central life, iuniors prepared for a year of activities and opportunities. Their first responsibility was to elect class officers from twelve candidates. After listening to the candidates' speeches, iuniors chose Greg Schlegel as president of the iunior class. Other officers elected were Al Dinwiddie, vice-president, Katy Kreusser, secretary, and Bob Byrd, treasurer. Later they se- lected red stones in oval settings for the class ring. The third annual class party, "Psy- chedelic Sounds," was sponsored by the Junior Class Council and proceeds were contributed to the Christamore House. Entertainment was provided by "The Emblems." In December, Junior Spectacular plans began with the selection of stu- dent co-ordinators Polly Wise and Dick Williams. Five acts were chosen for presentation March 7, 8, and 9. After Spectacular, iuniors began to plan their Junior Prom, "Wear You Love Like Heaven." It was held at the Indiana Roof Ballroom on May ll. l ,N . Balancing gracefully, iunior Caren Cady strikes a pose which helped her to win third place in the Misses' Silver Dance Competition. ffm Junior class officers Greg Schlegel, president, Kathy Kruesser, secretary, Bob Byrd, treasurer, and Al Dinwiddle, vice-president, work with Mr. Patton to co-ordinate iunior activities. Junior Spectacular student co-ordinators Dick Williams and Polly Wise work with Mr. Donald Martin, Miss Margery Laycock and Mr. William Lord, faculty advisors, to make the production a success, rf' . " '-"- ' ,j V i , , -, Tiff-?g?,ff,'iii??, iw, 1: , ,K-,L f My , , ' Q f V Q J I Q ' ii-1-b. it 1,:fef" '-i ii Y - . , -it . X , A l ' 1' 1. - 1' I-Vi, 'I' W yr ' J. I 'kl1k'- . V i - - ,. J ,1., ' ' X, ' ' 71 - ' ' 'V ,J . YAAVVA qy y A A J. A r x, ,, I rx Vg 5, K A kg Vk,. gf- 3 ,y H 374.31 '- , 5 -' 1 K " 5 .. - r ' f , , fi 4. . f -if A ' ri r J 'Z I f' 142' 1 , ff if . K , K Y , AA 1 L AA A-is J A- i f'aPWr1f+ I - B259 s fi . J f R 3, -- ,A .fr -.Lf Q ,ft-I ' ' -5 'E -k -r - "'i to 2. - 1 1 ff ., e fi ,, .i Ref Eg, 43. fi' st? in M x fx ' 445241 1- A ' A- y b , ' 0 . J f . ,I . NJ " ' " 3 630- 2 . iff, fa K I rt -. D b- ,W .L 5, 1 ,W-if ' , , ' L' 1 , i ,, 3 X. 1, , J ' W It I ,f J. , ' .,.ie C J K - ..:: Q 2 , - 'J " . ' ififgiilxiliis 1,1 i I fs, J -1 'r 'eff A J A- Aj' , 5 YT A-vi -, f:.f -5 , -, i , 52151231 ?5?4 'liiiwfiiiiii A 4 9 i' F"x , J -G , f "said ,Q A J lil A 1 :FE ' ' X , Q93 e , s- ' -I ' 1- if- J ll C I ,V is 'I ' 'P to 43 A "M .- ' ""' "ff i . B "' 1 5:1 K 4 K , , ff: . It -"' W' ' 'ffiji K , K1 A, 1 f - S2-: f ff- it 4 fi Q Q 7 , , , 1 1 , , J 2, A T .' , - A . 1 3 1 I -1 W Q ' ,. -1. I fi. .' , ' " , y, XX M ,J ,. ,, .,. ,,A N W V M J .. .J 1 1- 4 --L, , " is 2 if-T , 2 J . gf. ,, y A , y , A 53, . , - ,rs 5 Mr , ---v I I i- - 5: , 'ff ' if A Q ' . ' IQ . ' Al! , lgiii , , , 2' J J . . . .,, . in-it , 5 . , 7 I3 I 4 ,- T' ,, " Q i I, -'Ei Q 575 S i 1 A if im A R 43' is . , ' TNT 3 f. in J -QA A .A V A , L nf' ,,,. H V V, VV E, . 5 3 ig ,Q rg , y it Ei s, 1: -- , , 4, gb, 2 W, A 41 p.,!,g - . 4 42 A 4 ' "- K., RS? 1232? te ' QW? 'vrgifgfi - - ' - . , .f 'V+ . ff , .A f' , to W - . - w A it P lr--1 3? 2 -9 ' ' 2- Sr? - J Y 2 Dt- ,. s J 7 , , r' J Eff , BZ? , iii' xg fi ,Q my I i 1- -- , ' l' ff ig ' 'ALK ' Jo -' - -all A juniors Richard Aaron, Dinah Ables, Stephen Abrams, Janis Adams, Joan Adams, Sally Adams, Edward Adriance, Elaine Agner, Michael Ahner. William Akin, Pamela Alboher, David Aldridge, Dane Alexander, Frederick Alexander, Terri Alex- ander, Mariory Alig, Dawn Allen, Janet Allen. Susan Allen, William Alsop, Deborah Altman, Robert Amend, Lowell Amos, Cristy Anderson, Diana Anderson, Gregory Anderson, Judith Ander- son. Randy Anderson, Kristina Andresen, Stephen Ar- nold, Debbie Arshop, Jean Ashby, Sally Astley, Suzanne Avels, Thomas Baas, Robert Bach. Christina Bade, Barbara Bailey, Betsy Bailey, Re- becca Bailey, Craig Baird, Debbie Baker, Jean Baldrige, David Baldwin, Herbert Baldwin. James Baldwin, Ronald Baldwin, Annetta Ball, Katherine Ball, Virginia Bargahiser, Steven Barnes, Mary Barrett, George Basch, Nancy Batchellor. Meredith Bates, Joseph Batza, Coral Baudendistel, Jane Bauer, Kent Beam, Deborah Beck, Ronald Becker, John Beeson, Cherryl Behrmann. Christine Bell, Dennis Bell, Janet Belschwender, Dianna Bennett, Kathleen Bennett, Richard Berg- stedt, Traci Berling, Matthew Berney, Susan Berns. Randall Bernstein, Denise Beutler, Debra Bevins, Georgia Bigham, Debra Black, Gary Black, Rich- ard Black, Tracy Black, Julia Blackburn. Bruce Blair, Joseph Blakley, Julie Blakley, Colleen Blekking, Nancy Blickenstaff, Michael Bloch, Jill Blumenthal, Susan Blumhardt, William Blythe. Bruce Boie, Meryem Bolat, Polly Boleman, Cheryl Boling, Deborah Bolinger, Robert Boone, Deborah Boring, Kathy Borinstein, John Borton. John Bose, Susan Boslough, Roger Boswell, Den- nis Bottamiller, Joy Bottoms, Richard Bowers, Joyce Bowman, Jack Braitman, James Brandt. Junior elected Meredith Brause, James Broaddus, Barbara Brodey, William Brody, Linda Broeking, Janet Brooks, Richard Brooks, Alison Brown, Debra Brown. Linda Brown, Michael Brown, Richard Wendy Brown, Susan Browning, Katherine Brown, Brueck- ner, Nancy Buchanan, Marilou Buddenbaum, Wil- liam Bugh. Robert Phyllis Louis Bumb, Dede Burger, Melody Burns, Burnside, Jeffrey Burris, Anthony Burrus, Busby, John Busch, Thomas Bush. Robert Cagle, Barbara Butz, Bruce Butz, Jerry Byers, Byrd, Coren Cady, Karen Cage, Margaret Elliott Caine, Stephen Calderon, Rex Callaway, Catherine Campbell, Marcia Camp- bell, Brad Connaday, Joyce Cannell, Deirdre Cannon, Leonard Cantor, Vicki Cantrell, Craig Capehart. Marc Caplan, Frederick Capp, David Carden, Cath- erine Carr, Gerladean Carr, William Carroll, David Carter, Patricia Carter, James Cary. Marianne Ceaser, Rollin Chab, Susan Chamber- lain, Robert Chan, John Chattin, Richard Cheney, Michele Chiplis, Lori Christopher, Justine Clapp. During the NSPA banquet held in Chicago Juniors Craig Capehart and Lenny Cantor listen to Scott Jackson's views on current publications problems. At a state convention held late in October, Scott was elected presi- dent of the Indiana State Press Association. president of ISPA ,fe f f . -F-7 ,, as -J i X, L if, f M, . i HQ W. 1 , ri, rss- L ff L 5 f-in bf B - lla: ' ' V 2-Q 1.5 -if - '3' I , Qi, 'zf s' qs: lil, A 1 'iii 7' fiiif fa' ff' 2 ' . A 7 241 .. J' 3 K. A . f , ' A S-,fy-1 W V ' -,,. A , W ' A A c ,J Lai. is s i C y C 1 l A J, L zz. S f - S rsr, ,E s . ' ' Q A 2. ' fgzf' as ii, gfgiffif - ' ' A , sg- Q J "Q,-1 4 A W R . 4 gf 11,1 'sf .K ' sv Q' or L "J A Q 1 i - , i t -1 P 5,5 V ,jf ' f L I S - .7 fs A XY N K .fam X K J: gigs 3,1-,,, fig! y 4, s , . ll J : ' I. I ' B 'lasik -1 lt A . J J C L Alf? X , l L Q' , Q - gy M 1? .JG 5' f -' Q1 f- X g 1-ISL 1 V ,fur ' , M YEA! L - , if 1 1' g fig: 2 1 . is of ., 'E q ' 7 r - r ' .-- f. H, - 1 e- - -2 J-5 s 'z ' I iv L ,,. -f Q,-:V Ae, 4' . ,. ,.,:f fr- ' , , , fi V - - g , ., J z " 1355 83.3, "Hi L . " W 1 f ' , 'J , 'A ,:f- T2 i',,' A J ' Wl7iVll'1-4125i Wk 'Zio'-53 1 'T"'f L 'L e m I , . ,. .:,- , g, K-1:53:35-ff, f',. -, - V- , - Q, .,,- , , I M K V,h. V I V 0 , l - 31' .3 V A k ne H' ss ig. f. K g, C? pe, -gn ., , W ,., X vw 4, ,Q , .-.- J., 1 9? '4"g"t'g?' K Q f. 5' . .. " 41 ..-:VH La 'ms,-:nv -1 me'-he ",'-JS' '1 Jlitftml A "- , sf ' lp WSL 4 1g1rl 'WV'5!f'cl'-"5 K W2 '-ifrQg"t"'L"5i, "1-1, :f ' " 'l"i:5 f . ,V -- 51,1 ' 1:T4,,2?'9'z . or ' -4? M, ,X .,-, z Blawg ' nfl? A ' J' , ' 'pr' I, 4 . -Q. 7 H '3 ' i K V f , , L4 35: .ff I is' i - ' s 4- -If . , A Q Hifi 1.' -- .. 'si , m mf be , H : ,. 9- :ew sv: L 3 2 . 5? 'ft T - - A 1'-5 , A Y it ' '41 ' , . N Q E ml s, A nga' K ' -H x A " f V. .4195 r E lrwyyb ' -9' 2" 'Q 'gf . 3 A 5 V "3 rf . -' ,ll 1721 "W' - ,- ' V 4179753 E JVVVV V ni - to ' J , . ,. ,,V, s is E in , . er -di-1. r V . If 4 f ff VA-es ' J ,1 , E 1 .,,A , ' 1 ei , yi, .fe it Q, 5 ' -..-.-. we : " I ll X ll 'Wz .f ni, QV 1, . . ff J 2 " .fl Y 'V " l J 'S V . if 'W V .. j ff? bfi' ff? ALAX f 73 'E Qy 'P 7 as 1 V J A2 M rw .. ,ii fr if W ' +1 V V , V t X mi l N in I . . . K'-Q W . ,kb 'Y . v 'Rig A 6 L in rg .2 i ,. F y 1 7 . ,VW . ing K , with A 3 eo At r fl I is do it . -f. . s TV, rj sg ,.V... " Q -1' V 'AG-if A, ,. ., it V- ni A A f 1, Q 1 . ' xml? ll. ,Q ' i s , f:.,l X . X A it , ,:-:,, E W A - . .,,.v 1 -v,, 541. 3, Q' V A 1. b i . I V ii V V' sw A J f 1 113 s ri ' ' I , 5 ill ' ' J tie "J IQ 5 Z9 ' ' V? 4 . .fi ' ' , V , wx - X , ' 1' 1 Aki Q or if ., I sla 'YA juniors Cathlyn Clark, David Clymer, David Clark, Martha Clarke, Betsy VonSpreckelsen, Patti Clay, Robert J. Clay, Michael Clayton, Cindy Clifton. Jerry Clouser, Candace Cluster, Duane Cockran, Gary A. Cohen, Gary Cohen, Joanne Cohen, Mar- tin Cohen, Sharon Cohen, Pamela Colglazier. Marie Collins, Sherry Collins, Susan Collins, Linda Combs, Monty Combs, Emily Conly, Sally Conly, Timothy Conly, Michael Conover. Deborah Conrad, Charles Cooper, Daniel Cooper, David Cooper, Darlene Coover, Ann Corbett, Clau- dia Corey, David Cory, Elizabeth Coulter, Ronald Covey, Cathleen Crofton, Karen Craig, Cheryl Crawford, James Crocker, Eileen Crouse, Gary Crowe, John Cunningham, Thomas Cun- ningham. Pamela Cupp, Eric Cure, Debbie Curry, Kim Dahl- strand, Elizabeth Dale, Deborah Daniels, Sam David, Ann Davidson, Christy Davis. Dale Davis, Lee Davis, Peter Davis, Scott Davis, Bradley Dawe, Charles Dawson, Christopher Daw- son, Dennis Dawson, Catherine Day. Class of 1969 awaits coming ear As Terri Stephenson, junior, poses for her underclassmen picture which appears in the 1968 Northornsr, Classmate Keith Strauss, next in line, waits his turn. class of 1969 Louise Dean, Jack Deckard, Pamela Deer, Sylvia Dehoyos, James DeLong, John Demasie, Sandra Dennerline, Leslie Dentel, Barbara Deraismes. Brooks Derflinger, Thomas Diaz, Mary DiBlasio, David Dillinger, Emily Diltz, Albrazle Dinwiddle, Dwight Dison, Wendy Distel, Ethel Docherty. Sandra Donnell, Celestine Donnelly, Bruce Dorn, Linda Dougherty, Leslie Dauthitt, Kathy Dove, Pamela Drake, Lee Driggers, David Drummond. Linda Druskis, Karen Duggan, Mary Dundas, Kari Dunn, Laurie Dustman, Karen Dykema, Stephen Eastes, Michele Eastman, Andrea Eberbach. Barbara Eden, Carol Edingtan, Steve Elam, Ed- ward Elliott, Michael Elliott, Steven Ellson, Gay Elste, Sheryl Enicott, Stephen England. Paul Enright, Karen Ensminger, Robert Eppers, Douglas Esmon, Sally Esmon, Keith Estridge, Scott Etherington, Donna Evans, Roger Evans. Roderick Everhart, Rosa Ezell, Rebecca Fairbanks, Catherine Fairfield, Catherine Fairfield, Jay Fair- man, Duane Fant, Gerri Farber, Richard Farley, Fred Fehsenfeld, Jr. Dorothy Feibleman, Alan Fella, Howard Fenter, Glenn Ferguson, Cynthia Feucht, Carole Fiedler, William Findling, Richard Fine, Mark Fineberg. Ribecca Fisher, Beverly Fitts, Louis Fleece, Andrea Flowers, Andrew Fogle, Ned Fogle, Kathleen Fos- ter, John Fowler, Rupert Franklin. Mary Franz, Christopher Frayer, James Freihofer, Linda Freudenthal, Wilbur Frey, Charles Fulmer, Jeffrey Gaddy, Ann Gardiner, Larry Gardner. Robert Garrett, Karen Garriott, Thomas Garrity, George Gellersen, Harry Gentry, Karen George, Linda Gilleff, Beth Gillen, Raymond Gillies. Roger Gillies, Tina Giniger, Stephen Gipe, Kath- leen Girdler, Drake Glasser, Julie Glatz, Steven Goforth, Rene Goldfarb, Richard Goldsmith. or r. rr it ,,, A -1-.F -1 jp, we , .Nl Q. 1 ff W6- ei: -xr' H A? . . -fe'-fi , .. r.: fr ffm A s e Elt- Q VP Je N u 1 . 1 . , Q92 44' ,c :wg f F1 1 15" QM - ff 5. li Q . ' iii' I .I A 135 1 5.75 'Gig ix I . , QLPIAQ , M gg, jitgti . .. KSU: ,V . A3 . ..1 .N 5: K 3 n jiri 7 I 41 ' lf! ' JH 2 . y it L Y' l 'haf ' ,a fl E1 . I i ' in ' I ,Q ffl In A fy, 3 4, ex xr F , ., V X 'F F sr, I 'wi A X r ' f J' if K V ' ,H , -' , - 1- . ,Q A-F ,lg ' ' i, - ey, , gd f 2- -2' -en of ,Q 'stef-jf '.,, . Q rv K 1 . .- ' Z' TAi.,:.,,tf,.7 git n jig X! if :J V-i Fe lf lef' as J ' F 1? wa: fig. L. W. P, Eff F 9" Jil 4 4 I , ,.,, - ,S f ki A P M V kv J " " W' F S i ' 73 4' 5 ."5,,, , S J. S L 3 . F E ' sf, ' F 6 in - ' J H, F i? T2 ' -1- J ' F . . L F ' ,f do 5' J AF. A ll 3 ' ..f F , , 5555155 V ' "'. ' -. F L' F V v J , iz, K .11 51 ,B A. .J A' if 4 Ti ,AQ fr. it it f A 1 r f -' .ffF,:.f:i . 2-, "r'i" 1i.' Q. ,fr 'i-' 1. .,---,1.1W' ir1,,,v.,-sf., ,45 ,f,, - - -"- F "i' J g F 15: , , 1 p . ,A tg l 'j 1. F5553 Ff ,sw r .., Ao Ae fain, ' xl ,. -r 3 - A tif f"' QQ, ag - if " - l F' 'A' T . i. s .1 , 'l 4:1 A , fi' g , Y 5. t , ' K fill' iw- F' A F , M . L K , ggyg up ,L A , x. i ' ii i it J Qs. R L l ig l lff if gs Q., F y if f A I X, ' F , 5 "J J . . Kfff , AQ 1. .Al or F H+ 1' Q c" 1 1 H 1. life F ie A , if - Q iii edt 'Z -F: L eil iff .QM l ll . -'fi Q Selling Christmas gifts to Dan Grube and his mother, Junior Ron Patterson spends his extra time earning additional spending money by working in the toy department. Juniors gain X pu- much experience while working Mimi: . fi: if V' , jf, f -f ..',f- K ,- , 6 -Eff. M J ,i"' ' ' -. 1 'ii. 54 , if J 1 J J i"' " H ' M V is , QS? i Ft , '- 'say g l "te, h e Q -' tss, as Q .,, , s 1 we tttts , H ' - f' t ' ' f rf - 44 ' 42 . . ' X' ,li 'fri 1 ., -ie L VW , ay V I if W?" A 53:-i I fi-' 1 - ' I ,. , e.m,g. . J X, yr iff, .gigs -jr f l sew ss s-,- ' . H . ' .-. , x X A i ii" ' 4? 'i'i ,LF Yi .5 ' "-1 5:-eww ' 1 1 mil! ',:s.- W if .' X 1' , lr' 1 55 'f IG .3 1 Q, I . - 1 f Y -4 I' Y.. WW. 4 K ' Rs h V 171' r',' 'l 4 Ulf ' V - ' . ' Q - f A2 ' -i . fi ' . 1' .Z f 2 . 1 It A. i..,. ,5 i 5, , U15 I I Vi, 5, . i 5A ad . Aa ew v r if ,. is were , " i t' ' 'E f- Q 1 K' 'ffm 2 'S -'.. .5 -, i- f .- . , 'T N . L, ' If J , fs. , . 0 'JV if K 9555 ' ' "iff 'ti H' fu 75 'W V y V, ,y ' A ' 7 J if W 4. J if 'T FT' Aa JO, Ax AA f - ' H ' W 215' xiii? - .' . ' if l fllei' U . fl G ' . 3? H . ' ew A I if' 1 J . V" 14 f I 1 .J ,. , . Qt VIL .5 'C 0- sgi i i i ,W "ig, "A ' mf? ll A I -, . H if' rw - Ti 7 , QQ ' ' ' 2.3 '1 -if , . K. 6 'MT 'V K HW' elf , w, A. V. Q' .Wx is J A if Susan Goldstein, Bethann Goodman, Carol Good- win, Robert Gordon, Louise Goss, Cynthia Grady, Garrett Graham, Melissa Graham, Jay Gavel. l Jeffrey Graves, Elaine Griffith, Lois Griffith, Bruse Grimes, Gerald Grinkmeyer, Steven Grosby, Cyn- thia Grundy, Robert Guilford, Joyce Guinnup. Grace Gulling, Robert Habig, Brenda Haines, Pam- l ela Hale, Kay Hall, Sheryl Hall, Richard Hamilton, Mary Handley, James Hanrahan. ' Tamyra Hansen, Jack Harcourt, Thomas Hardin, Thomas Harding, William Hardy, Bruce Hargon, Susan Harlan, Jeannette Harper, Beth Harris. i P Diana Harris, David Harrison, James Harrison, Mark Harshman, Charles Hartley, Edward Hart- man, Stephen Hartman, Jane Hawhee, James Hawley. Jay Hayden, James Heatley, Patricia Hehn, Deb- orah Heil, Richard Heilbrunn, Elise Heiser, Kathi Helfer, Gregory Henderson, Mark Henderson. Carolyn Hendricks, Sandra Henry, Janet Heppner, Suzzanne Harrmann, Kathy Herron, Daniel Her- vey, Bette Heston, Donald Hibler, Mary Hicks. 1 i I class of 1969 Shary Hill, Steven Hill, Jerry Hines, Debra Hacker, Nancy Hodapp, Marquis Hodes, Jeffrey Hoffman, Sally Hogan, Martha Holloway. John Holmquist, Mark Holsworth, Barbara Holt, Mark Holt, Joan Honderich, Janet Hooker, Joe Hooker, Alan Hopkins, Byron Horine. Warren Hotte, Susan Hattinger, David Howard, Laura Howard, Margaret Howard, Randy Howard, Deborah Howe, Laurel Hoyt, Steven Hoyt. Richard Huber, Bradford Hudson, William Huff, Charles Huffman, Kenneth Hull, Virginia Humbert, Dorel Hunt, Hollice Hunt, Carol Hunter. Pamela Hurlbut, Michelle Hurteau, Richard Hur- witz, David lauco, William Irwin, Eugene lzsak, Cheryl Jackson, Scott Jackson, Stephen Jackson. Steven Jackson, Don Jacobs, Stephen Jacobs, Marcy Jay, David Jenkins, Gary Jenkins, Robert Jenkins, Robert Jestandt, Peter Jewett. James Jobes, Brent Johnson, James Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, William Johnson, David John- ston, Marcia Jones, Richard Jones, Jane Jordan. Steven Kaforke, Leslie Kafoure, Bruce Kamplain, Abbey Kaplan, Susan Kappes, Judy Karagozian, Carol Kelb, Caroline Keller, Michael Kelley. Karl Kellogg, Christopher Kelso, Stephanie Kelso, John Kennedy, Leslie Kennedy, Bruce Kerezman, Marilyn Kidd, Kristi Kiger, Melanie Kikendall. Nancy Kilbury, Keith Kinney, Brian Kinsey, Susan Kirkwood, George Kirles, John Kline, Steven Knight, Heidi Knudsen, Barbara Koerner. Jeanette Komsiski, Robert Koschmann, Anne Kos- trevic, Kay Krahn, Pamela Kramer, Sharon Kramer, Mary Kranich, Gary Kreisher, Katherine Kreusser. John Krueger, Raymond Kruse, Bradley Kubilis, Victoria Kuhn, Sheila Kurtz, Robert Lamb, Gregory Langford, Richard Langford, Richard Lantis. I' G' - v ' .. , ,ml fb em.?, , RSJX fm r ,SF ttliziiitz it ' , l , . E., 1 S' - R ' K ., I it h . ,-, , rg W . . 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' f K G, - ,- J f -1 L - H w A 2 lb X L4'f,ijf,1:f-Wfe:-::Lg,'-1 fy -af 3, gg I -i I L li if? L . -' - 'ie - ' ev-5 . 1 L, ' A ' A-1 I ' f ' 3, f J A ' 'lf - .L-L 1 I mg. , , are in i L A A A f' ,Pg I Q D ,gg as H in my 'YZF 55 W 9 ,-I lt lufll f L5 fi it .- 53,5 f it r Q., - gg , LL ai 5,2 I .L :L ' iv gnll ' M - W .2-5 c, ' ,LC V, -!f ,L 5114. K .. 7 L' ' . ww. g Q . . ,L '- wi, L, ,f I .. -I-N ., L 'lil fiilu TS 1 V 55 ' Es S 'f Q in ' L., 'Y fi if '35 1 juniors David Lantz, Kerri Larman, Richard Lash, Christiane Lateste, John Lateste, Henry Laurie, David Law- ton, Bruce Layfield, Joel Lebowitz. Carol Lecoco, Lawrence Lehner, Joy Leimbach, Rob- ert Lempke, Joseph Lenet, Richard Lentz, Joan Leschot, Frederick Lesh, Carl Lesher, Christine Lesow, Tamara Lester, Anne Leviton, Janine Lewis, Kim Light, Berverly Lincoln, Gary Linder, Barbara Lindsay, Jan Lingeman. Jennifer Linn, Martha Lipscomb, Thomas Little, Lynn Livingston, Frank Lockhart, Robert Loft, Ken- neth Lorch, Linda Lorenz, James Louden. Karen Lowe, Kenneth Loyd, Lee Lucius, Robert Ludington, David Luginbill, Julia Luros, Ellyn Lur- vey, Barbara Luzader, Sandy MacAllister. John Mackey, Michael Madawick, Elisha Madden, Kathleen Madinger, Marlene Malin, Allan Mana- lan, Linda Mangus, Jeffrey Marr, Andrea Martin. Carla Martin, Faith Martin, Kristin Martin, Rita Martz, William Marvel, Dorothy Mashaw, Roy Massena, Marian Mather, Terry Mathews. Mary Mathis, Cynthia Mattson, Morris Maurer, James Maus, Melanie May, Bruce Mayer, William McCarthy, Johnetta McCauley, Ann McClelland. Sharon McClenny, Roger McClurg, Larry McCol- gin, Bruce McCracken, Dan McCuen, Daniel Mc- Geary, Faith McGehee, Sally McGraw, George McKown. Wylie McLallen, Deborah McLary, Judith McMana- ma, Peggy McMillen, Denise McNamara, Thomas McNamara, Cathe McNeese, Joseph McSweeney, Kenneth McWilliams. Marcia Meditch, Vincent Madiesky, Steven Mehaf- fey, Robert Meili, John Melcher, Denise Melton, Deborah Merklin, Karen Merritt, Jane Messerlie. Mary Metzger, Deborah Meyer, Robert Meyer, Robert Meyer, Tom Milch, William Milender, Deb- oroh Miles, Kristina Millbern, Candace Miller. class of 1969 Carol Miller, Joe Miller, Judith Miller, Les Miller, Margaret Miller, Susan Miller, Suzanne Miller Steven Million, Mark Mills. Paulla Milton, Mary Minton, Melissa Mitchell, Randy Mogg, Stuart Monical, Carol Moody, Kathy Moody, Deborah Moore, Dorothy Moore. Eugene Moore, Patrick Moore, Robert Moore, Linda Mordoh, James Morgan, Carol Morris, Julie Morris, Susan Morris, David Morrison. Sandra Morrow, John Moss, Lynne Mueller, Mich- ael Muller, Jay Murdock, Charles Murphy, William Murphy, Jack Murray, Keith Murray. Karen Nahmias, Martina Nehrling, Florence Nel- son, Larry Netter, Virginia Nevison, Pamela New- bold, John Nice, Robert Nichols, James Nicholson. Douglas Nie, Deborah Noel, James Noland, Sarah Nolte, Pamela Nunn, Patricia Nunn, Deborah Oberholtzer, Barbara O'Brien, Thomas O'Connor. Kenneth O'Day, Stephen Odle, Michael O'Dowd, Patti O'Heren, Nancy O'Kane, Molli Oliver, Jac- quelyn Olthoff, Rita Ormsby, Maryette Overton. Jacqueline Pagel, Peter Pappas, Deborah Park, William Parker, John Parrish, Ricky Passo, Adrian Pate, Jane Patterson, Ronald Patterson. Sharon Patterson, David Patton, Kent Poulin, Stan- ley Pederson, Rebecca Pendleton, Harry Penington, David Penney, David Perkins, Jonathan Perlov. Robert Perlstein, Thomas Peters, Charles Peterson, Steven Peterson, Christine Pfeiffer, Jamene Phil- lippe, Doug Phillips, Marsha Phillips, Sandra Phil- lips. Mary Pigg, Darrell Pike, Gordon Pittenger, Victoria Platis, Patricia Plopper, Kathryn Plumb, Bruce Poer, Linda Postlethwaite, Rebecca Potter. Michael Pratt, Joyce Price, Dennis Pritchard, Robert Pruitt, Cynthia Pryor, Larry Pryor, Scott Pylat, Sue Pyle, Rebecca Query. 9 K A . i. 'fx V I, . 'ix 'L .,.-.N Q.. f.: I., i. V U' xl, -we .w , f "' ' ft . -1 L ' H 'R L-. ' L41 7 'fi QAP i fi l P Q55 U V .. W Q L. ff , . 'Qi , W I rg, Q.: -Q .4 5 " 5. 3,1 ,Q J- I . A , V . 3 ' ' L :gi g X L l L it if Af - .2 i'l' P li L L 4 . - , 'fa' .5 - .V m - v ,.. V if J- i 1 . .. , .A t .. . -1 f 5 ii. . . ' Y' . .. , ik? F' Q X5 L f f ,. , . ,, Q :ali My . P' P' " f H f sg, V Q 1. at L11 - Q ,.,,..., ,....,. ,,.,' 1. ' 1- V iff - ' " 13,1 ' e it - . . 1,,: g 1 , -if if " P 1 X if-'iff -v it 1 J . if: fl .7 P 'fi ' if I Na+- y .gr " --or . ' L, P f' .Q , . -A Q -4 '9 ' ' Q - cf fi . . , f... 4-9 "1 5 nj-fx :A V. f. ' i - -r - y z .K ' A -N A im! 1 ,K , 1 : ""' 3 . , , .,.. .i , i Eff gi in ' . :,' xi ' .QQ K '- K 'af Y. l ,, , ffl R t' -54 Q . I ' 'F Q2 1 "" W ' ' i -ff' - 5. V . V ' i - ' 5 .4 .Y ,ai ts: t '- ff I A- , 5 , 5 , V , M . .a ,. f-it : if 7 ii .t -fr? ff' ,if Q .1 3 -:L " 5 of "la fi P .Q S ,fx '- I5 - ij,-i..:i . T v V.W. 1.. -. V " . ' iii, K' if J.. Y tiff. 1 it 'iz f i . if N 1 . J Q ' K du mf -i.- ir. s yyyyy Log, i K X ug A ,A , .f ,Q 1 'yi ,K ' 53 -5 r . CT , if . i R i , I i f AQ ,ep yyyy J yy y J x ' A. yy it we K . - .Eff .1 J" , J' .5 " ' H s . , ,,. .55 .gi .3 3' . .X -ff N-r -reg. sf '. ' fi Q , ,I 'A N.. 2 L . . K ,,.k i c N 2. X 5, 41 -4 l 40 S ' t f . 4- 3 J f ' ' e . 1 ., ' , Y. ll ,. r w' s - ie ... .3 -' r- 43 . ..,, , 'W i .,., V W Ll 1 1 P , , .. , " . fig if F .Q "' ig.. . i .?5."4.: -If A ' L , "2 'l ll L i Iii - '41 53.5 " 'll . 5 Y .1 A Q 4- .-'V i .T .5 . J P . i ., fi . l"7"s ' " ' .7 ' 7 5 v , N 'W .V.. A 3 tw 5 -Q V L ' yy f 4 P ' 51:1 1, . ' ' . ?'-fi . ,M , ' ' K ' 1 I ' ' il' ill' in i 3 . ll ,I 1, f ' , . . L ,M A A . W 1 A Q, .A K g,.w1: lm ll J L l 133 V I Vglg J .V ia-: , -Li 'P ' ,,,1: -. ., - , is N4 ' x. c xx, g , , Q ,ug i J de S f . Ak L Ae An x Km Jfi Q i I 1 0: x J' 'W V4 I '- -'A ,zap 1 .C .5 .4,' folly Ar I Ab Ida l f i J -rri A4 115 1 L , ng., " Q ik gf, ' 3 'Q 5 l , , ILJAJ, An 141 " 1' r.. .fimiil Y ,cg ' if E ,L If L ' , , 5 553 'V X Q M Q 1 ' l AD Xp, g J- f: m get A Q--Ni Q: 4 Q., ' i "fi J' in Q Q X J, ' lkxv Ja I 1 Al 'X S1 i ,, lfllx - . f ' J 5, an Ji, I . V,V.LLW L K G7 ig R fi, , I4V r VKKVVFV Fi VYWKVV I ln .Q ,S -,". - - A Q Q! 45 As S .4 ',, .fy G f'- .J W F 4114! A if 7 I l 4 ' -1 . ,,.-J 1 2 ,J ' 7 ' J' ,if J If-,-2' of ?z1 iliwi- . 11' fizo, ,. " U:-"Ni Q . it 1 fig ,, if - fr -f . ,L V- VK 1 5 r W 'B' X f- - gg iii 1 ., 'L - ig, .P 5: ,. v , f 4' A " Q " gi l i juniors Eric Quinto, Melinda Raber, Rick Rains, Douglas Ramaker, Triesa Ramer, Marc Raphael, Vicki Rar- din, Gregory Redish, Deborah Reed. David Reel, Carol Reifers, Kay Reising, Frederick Reissner, Nancy Reklau, Nancy Renouto, Richard Renner, Dorothy Reynolds, Lynn Rhamy. Michael Rhodes, Carol Richardson, Judith Richter, Leslie Ricketts, George Rieke, Susan Riley, Gary Ritchison, Paul Rittinhouse, Edward Roach. Stephen Roach, Deborah Roberts, John Roberts, William Roberts, Gary Roessler, Brenda Rogers, Brent Rogers, Harold Rogers, William Rogers. Mary Roman, Rebecca Roose, Deborah Rosa, Flo- rence Rosen, Robert Rosenbaum, Dano Roth, Philip Roudebush, Carolyn Ruch, Mary Ruddell. Kristina Rusch, Thomas Russo, John Ryan, Michael Ryan, Annette Sacks, Nancy Sanderson, Andrea Sandler, John Sauer, Frederick Schaefer. Susan Schaefer, Nancy Scherer, Debra Schernekau, Gregory Schlegel, Terri Schlossberg, Louis Schnei- der, Walter Schneider, Karen Schnute, Miles Schroeder, Julie Schubert, Benice Schuchman, Martha Schuldt, Robert Schuman, John S c h u y I e r , Mariellen Schwartz, Linda Schwindler, Gregory Scohier, Rob- ert Scott. Laura Selig, Francis Senecal, Eric Servaas, Bradley Sexauer, David Shadinger, Susan Shanner, Jay Sharp, Marvin Sharp, Charlane Shaw. Kay Shearer, Craig Sheder, Michelle Sheehan, Su- san Shepfer, Michael Shepherd, Sandra Sherman, Dana Shires, Frank Shirley, William Shuba. Patricia Shute, Charles Sigal, Paula Sigo, Sheryl Silcox, Maureen Silver, Robert Silver, Dennis Sil- verstein, James Simmons, Jeffrey Simon. Samuel Sipe, Cleve Skelton, Thomas Skelton, Su- san Skidmore, Marilyn Skinner, James Slaughter, Daniel Smith, David Smith, Melanee Smith. class of 1969 Roy Smith, John Snellenberger, Pamela Snider, Lynn Snover, Debra Snyder, Andrea Sobbe, Randy Solecki, Judy Sordean, Ricky Southerland. Deborah Speake, Robert Speckman, Anne Speicher, Nelson Spiegel, Kent Sprecher, Cynthia Spurgeon, Cynthia Stackhouse, James Stahl, Michael Stall. Vicki Standifer, Sheryl Stanley, Lucinda Stedfeld, Sandra Stein, Louise Steinmetz, Bruce Stephanoff, Mary Stephenson, Edwin Sterner, John Stevens, William Stevenson, Pam St, John, Alan Stock, Jac- queline Snck, Charles Stockdale, Judith Stone, Patricia Stone, Steven Stone, Robert Stoner. Mary Stonesifer, Bradley Stoops, Kathleen Storms, Anne Stotler, Gregory Stovall, Keith Strauss, Thomas Strickland, Clare Strobel, Betty Stroupes. Michael Sullivan, Steven Sutton, Alan Tannen- baum, Christopher Tansy, Connie Tarplee, Charles Tate, Denise Taylor, Douglas Taylor, Sally Taylor. Ottis Terry, Ronald Terry, John Thacker, Debbie Thomas, Janie Thomas, John Thomas, LaSalle Thompson, Teresa Thompson, Terri Thompson. r .4 J" Q f 'er A rv J 3 4 s 93 41 I J , I -A ' ' we - 5' l e .7 - I We ll' 1' wk' F 'E rettiii 'D i't' n , J i Q Q -V g I VW 25, - A7 2 ,, A I 41-I Q r c a A. gg eei'i in tiif ii'irii C A y , ,J 2 - W C jff is ff J fe ' x S Qij. ga, if J D slew .ii of , ., al , C A sh T Shiv' ,- K . ' I. A gig fs, .v , was init ,se ' 1 5' 1 ,1 -.4 A ,Q ,,--S I X , A. M X f " ,.- I ,-2 in ., 1 .it I -My f I Q A. 2 'J Ai fn . ' W -rt. ' ' , , ' E , " '7 than A ik We, ..-, V, H., ,if , r at t if '59 TC r llgffllfl f is --i' 1 S xii, , 5 - ss: iw , ',, T C., , 1 Q r Vi , i T - ts , - - we A fe. J M' D ff-'L C , . X ,- gi ? 1 . KN , Q ,V A 'K Q, ' , if x W Ks U JA grill. :Al V - K . ' IE H :LK grfflll ' lil, C S tiii i tiiiiei in Q" " r w i , W Q TA L? be gs, 'e 2 J lv f -' M 4?- -ll 5 M 1 1 4 gy-s X Yearbook fulfills hopes of underolassmen An undercurrent of e x c it e m e nt spreads throughout the Student Center on the day of yearbook distribution, as students gather to autograph each other's yeorbooks and hunt for pictures of their friends. , 185 AA Av. 4-it .ll lbl . for J -K E f Q ag, Q Q,g,,-7 , f , J i , y A qd.. 5 Q x ' 41: 1 ,V I L l..ei l' hi., K- -sa if r 2? X U W 5 LS-1991 " T2 , lo s L. , ' Z5 "" L L 2 5+ B , . ' ls . ' ' ' .LTA lf .. 1. - it L --N is sis' f, V. i , QS? " we' el . A F- xy f V I A T at M At. A A1 "3 vi. ' ,VV ll. "' - A5 av. A .435-, ,yy ,,' N. .- A T., Q J V ,Q fl A 1, 'g, L. Barbara Thopy, James Tilford, Kathy Taffolo, Marcus Tower, Dale Trougott, John Traverso, Roy Trester, Karen Trice, Terry Tuck. Timothy Tully, Warren Tutwiler, Theresa Upde- grove, Debora VanBriggle, James Vance, Bernetta Vaughn, Cindy Vestal, Steven Vickery, William Vinton. John Von Fonge, Rhonda Wagman, Melody Wag- ner, James Wahl, Ronald Waite, Sue Walden, Michael Waldner, Mike Wall, Ann Wallace. James Wallace, Kathleen Wallace, Donald Waller, Elizabeth Waller, Kathryn Walls, Charleen Walton, Barbara Word, Gary Ward, Donna Warfield. Tonalee Warman, Dianne Warren, Gerald Wat- hen, James Waugh, Steve Weber, Joy Wehmeier, Myra Weiss, Pamela Weissman, Ronit Weisz. Debbie Weldele, Teresa Wells, Cheryl Wertz, Linda West, Deborah Wexler, John Whitaker, Carol White, Edna White, Marilyn Whitehead. Richard Whitmore, Deanna Whitted, Mark Wid- duck, Steven Wiggins, Barbara Wiley, Matilda Wilhoite, Neil Williams, Deborah Williams, Don Williams. Laurie Williams, Richard Williams, Diane William- son, Michael Williamson, Thomas Williamson, Katherine Wills, Kathleen Wills, Nancy Willson, Christopher Wilson. Connie Wilson, Lindy Wilson, Janet Wingenroth, Polly Wise, Douglas Witham, Deborah Wolfe, Steven Woodard, Roger Woodruff, Lanny Wood- ward. Kevin Worley, Nancy Wrege, David Wright, Don- ald Wright, Timothy Wright, Donna Yeary, Edith York, Sandra Yosha, Deborah Young. Richard Young, Susan Young, Tedd Young, Mary Zacher, Catherine Zaring, Bruce Zick, Katherine Zickler, Anne Ziegner, Kaarina Zimmer. William Zimmerman. additional juniors Dinan Ables, Mary Allen, Tom Bland, Donna Cazadd, Ed Cohen, Mary Handley, Elaine Herron, Elaine Jarvis, Susan Jeffries Christopher Keller, Sharon Martin, Terry Mathews, Kathleen McCormick, Carol McNay, Mindy Mealy, Andrea Minnich, Janice Noble, Doug Parrish Gary Passon, Juanita Patterson, Jerry Reynolds, Diana Rothwell, Joan Slaughter, Sheryl Stanley, Michael Sullivan, Bonita Tyner, Deborah Watkins Don Yanan, Michael Yare A .1 uf ,f W . M in -v 0 . ., i, t Q r . W.. ,s .J .t .4 ,.., as y f M ' ft-11. , , . . 't l y, if A gi. -4215 Z W ' airy ' ',,-. 1' attire 5. ,S Q Q I .ya I N r 'if :Sf L 1? ' ff? Q l ,I ' 'E .1 , :Wx 'I V tiylvw .' ' , lv iz 1 qv-sixty A- -4 , , ci , i i, , i S ,, ,,i 1 V iiai V E ,VW 0.2 . in 4.7-f I W ,I Q 1 .Mk KEVK . 5 EW I , kw , S, 4 1 ANR All A , K , .,,,1 f f 'A' it g g J 41' S lit Library facilities prove useful to students Junior Christy Davis takes advantage of the li- brary facilities as she uses the card catalogue to prepare a bibliography for a research paper. :bv 1 .5 . " ,. rr :Wiki ,V 188 . ze. .,, T H K 1' .aww Sophomores assume added responsibilities Looking forward to the idea of going to a new school, T118 sophomores walked through the halls of North Central for the first time last Septem- ber. Not long afterwards, the class began planning its very active year. November TO, before the Northwest- North Central football game, the soph- omores held their class party. Its pur- pose was to provide an opportunity for sophomores to become better ac- quainted. The Christmas tree that decorated the Student Center before the Christ- mas holidays was another proiect of the Class of 1970. Many long hours were spent preparing decorations for the tree which was donated by Habig Lawn and Garden Shop. February brought Valentine's Day and the all-school Valentine Dance sponsored and planned by the sopho- mores. "Holiday of Hearts" was the theme of the dance for this year, and the Dawn Five provided the entertain- ment. Much credit goes to class sponsor, Mr. Meek, who gave of his time to aid the Sophomore Class in its activi- ties. Class officers were: Steve Perkins, chairman, Steve Gates, vice-chairman, Lisa Sewell, secretary, and Beverly Thompson, treasurer. Preparing for the holidays, sophomores Beverly Thompson and Doug Kniptash are busy stringing lights on the Student Center Christmas Tree. 'Bti , K f ma Sophomore Class Officers Steve Perkins, chairman, Beverly Thompson, treasurer, L and Steve Gates, vice-chairman, supervise activities ofthe Sophomore Class Council. Sophomore Class Council-Front Row: Judy Darrell, Joyce Hawkins, Patty Palmer, Harriet Schenkman, Ellen Breisacher, Carol Beaty, Jody Reel, Lisa Sewell, secretary, Dianne DeCoursey, Paula Van Ness, Merrill Stern, Heather Glanzman. Second Row: Barb Kammeraad, Laurie Robertson, Susan Hamp- shire, Kitty Johnson, Sharon Smith, Laurie Weinstein, Susan Bockstahler, Sophomore Rhonda Fogle enioys the music of iso Sewell' secretory: Frenchie and the Oui-Ouis at the class party. Debbie Young, Peggy Ammerman, Beverly Thompson, treasurer, Diane Fleek, Debbie McMillen. Third Raw: Steve Perkins, president, Steve Clayton, Doug Kniptash, Dave Louden, Mr. Meek, Steve Calloway, Paul Nahmias, Mark Levinsky, Marc Berkowitz, Jay Hollander. .fe W . ' - stir: P ,- . , f .Q I J, j 'l x' i ' U. , AQ! ' rlti so ,Sgt I , ' fix A ig - J 'Q t ,Q , -. .KJ r J . , - ' . K 'it Aj, A A. , :xg . .1 3 X5 me B i i 1' " '.E?iTf., . wx 1 s M1 l . 5 v .'.,. r . -i 3 ' x 4 r' 2. g K g,,7f,,f-rf ,, , , Kr We sg? f ff E fl' 7 i X fp I wi T, ' , iii ' ' J, A u K Il ,2 . ,,., . lil.: , t l' l , ,ap .5 A1 A s v + L Q "" 4 s ,.. i , X , -. ., .f Aa My A -i ,. .7-. Y tl ' C.. , .21 M, il.. -. , ,, 4 ,, Q v .V .X-. .1f' ' , "",w tr -. , Q A f '- lits J 0 - 1 L, yy g gf- ,J all xg 1 . .- -Q? -1' 4 Q , 'X - , . B - Kr Q S sf ,fn I , 1 tw I 4 A 'J " i J J it Q i .iss if g l? B ld 1 , " if K 5" 2 ' ?fi ' . ' -' Qi N- f- 'J 3 'L 2-.a Q G 'if W ' ffif . . it y 'e' W rig- if A J.. is f bb fy f , - A 7' as i v ' ft it . or A og ' ft' 9 Lg. J f lg As AA SEQ, 4. . 4, tg, s in , -A f e- A ,r ws. . Y N - rv A I it 'Fr fr ' 1 . C? 1 W E. f '. - .. x ' 5 we J' ie it 'tt .dl . 19 X it -Y s A fe t it A A "5"'."5rr Q . -B '. fs' "ts ' f 1 Q 1 J ,,. G, J? , X9 Q B, lf? ls do h .43 -f - In ,.g55iaf1r'w 1: r , - 1,-5,.,Qi"ir J . r ,H . ' , y ,N K N W A . R' . rf ,V " V xv 44- , Al 3 - Lf- ' ty .,, . at . ., . . fs , . . 4 - 51 - :M '-2 A 1' ' t '- 3 4 , S An r : 14 I A ""',-wee, i . 'AB " 1' 311213 IKEA? 1 sae 1 Q fa - X' 0 W Li!! YVQI ii :ff 1, 5 1,31 sf 'L ga--L' ' , J Wd 2 f I -. . l 'N -3 P' 0 ' '-Jffff l A J 'X' -. . it r . , W te - , , '. .' ' 'T if - " 49 f Q ,. , if - .. 0 tg, "S" , 4 V vs. , 'ff A , , A xr ' A 7:f . in m A r "'7 A g ' is s..lis J J J A 1 f 3 A 41 K wg, c., . - P, X x sophomores Peggy Aase, Nancy Abel, Jesse Abner, Steven Acheson, Gregory Ackman, Thomas Adams, Wil- liam Adkins, Daniel Agan, James Alexander, Debra Allen, Gary Allen, Janet Allen, Judith Allen, William Alsop, Micheal Altman, Peggy Am- merman, Rabin Anderson, Thomas Anderson. Donell Andrews, Steven Arbuckle, Karen Archer, Kathryn Arensman, Kenneth Armold, Dessie Arnold, David Arterberry, Theodore Austin, Thomas Austin. Joe Bacon, Deborah Bailey, Carol Baker, David Baker, Sandra Baker, Stephen Baker, Susan Baker, Pamela Balay, Vicki Baldwin. Charles Ballard, Douglas Bancel, Barbara Bannon, Michael Barber, Steven Barclay, Michael Barnett, Julia Barr, Nancy Batista, Glenda Bough. Gregory Bough, Beth Bayless, Sally Beal, William Beaman, Jack Beatty, Gary Becker, Donald Behnke, Michael Behnke, Marilee Behrmann. James Beitman, Leslie Bell, Robert Bell, Susan Bell, Jan Bellard, Sally Beller, Rena Benrubi, Allen Berentes, Jay Berger. Marc Berkowitz, Terri Berkowitz, Joseph Bernstein, Don Berry, Eddie Beverly, Susan Bianchini, Ronald Biggs, Martha Bikin, Deborah Bill. Glenn Binegar, William Binkley, Jeffrey Birnbaum, David Bixler, David Black, Pamela Blackburn, Carol Blakeslee, Donna Blake, Norman Blankenship, Carol Bledsoe, Andrew Blickman, Kathy Blood, Lorel Bloom, David Blough, Karen Blumhardt, Evelyn Babbitt, Susan Bockstahler, Pamela Boges. Susan Bohard, Donna Bohenkamp, Debra Bolo- tin, Alice Bond, Deborah Bond, Robert Booker, Paula Booth, Rebecca Barton, Sandra Bowen. Lindo Bower, Joann Bowers, Jerry Bowman, Re- becca Bowman, Spring Bradshaw, Pamela Branche, Charles Bredemus, Ellen Breisacher, Laura Bridges. class of 1970 Leslie Bridgforth, Richard Briede, Barbara Brig- mon, Connie Brock, Janice Bromley, Stephen Brooks, Janice Browne, Michael Bruce, Steven Bryan. Cheryl Bryant, Betty Buchanan, Beverly Buckley, Marilyn Buckner, Dorene Budnick, Clarene Bugher, Alelia Bundles, Joseph Burgess, Cynthia Burnett. Michael Burns, Ralph Burns, Molly Burr, Wayne Busby, Janice Bush, Glen Bushong, Ronald Busse, Barbara Butler, Dean Butler. Robert Butler, David Bybee, Kenneth Cage, Jeffrey Cahill, Peter Cairns, Steve Callaway, Marcia Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Lucy Capehart. Thomas Capehart, Bonnie Capron, Lynn Carbaugh, Hanna Carmichael, Cristie Carpenter, Charlotte Carr, Alan Carroll, David Carrott, Janet Carson. Arthur Carter, Victoria Carvey, Allyn Cary, Jeffrey Case, Randall Case, David Caswell, Diane Cham- berlain, Gary Chandler, Judy Charles. Ernest Chastain, Jim Chesterfield, Kenard Childs, Nelda Christensen, Michael Christie, Sandra Citron, Elizabeth Clair, Joseph Clark, Karen Clark. ' " Q J' 3- 4 , J- , , A J 1 iii Q r 3. i -3 C elle 1 l 'y ' , J A K e . ' jar. mg: 7 .' , 53 -'2452 J ggi! rr 7 I 7 , 72 77 A ,' It 77-' C T C77 7' 7 flii: ,. ,sv - Jr J . .- . y 7 .4 Q, 71., . 7 iv .,5. , 7 in 1 A ' I' f v , Q 777 C 'f gf' A - I 7, 'Ti , 7 , K K 'S' ', 7,f ' I A LA '- At J flax: wi C F " f V+ rr.. W H J--' N' -, J A LJ Wea ' ',"ll' 4 1 1 1 1' fl- ' ' i f nl 'A ' , , x i, J 7 7 of 7 a. 77 7 77 4, . 7 7 1 V , 7 fi", JVM , ,. .W it c' ' it " is J wg,,,J J .- J ' ' J-JJ ' , ' 'Z " ' ' .vt ' i A . , ' " A ',-. ' 1, , J' K . A xl , C . J A J ' i In ' .CJ it D143 4 Q tr. Q' 'l, f Yifiiflfff , 1 iffflli - ' fa if it or , , - 7 175 'W 2 , , ., 7 7: 7 1.1347 7 A. A -, - ,J ., .,. ,J . , , - - - .T "' 137 7, 7 X A 41 V .yy ' ' . , J ' ,- hs Ca' fm la -'-Y ' ' " '- 6' 6? Q ff , , 7 I . , . , , 7 ,. . ff ' S' 'l-' X 'Z ,cl " J ' . 43 f .Q . . ,, . 7 Mag 7 7 77,74 KQJA K3N!7 X A 7 4 - I 3532 X K .. ll ' flfiitaid 1. ' 1 k A J' 'ft V AT "Jim: vii: ,--' '.-- ' ' , JL- - 9:5 is J J 'lf' J 'J S of lk 3, l r 'W f J ,V 51, .1 -R l - 7- ' i . ,, Q , ' gi 5 ,, if , , J t it 'tf ll, f Physical Education programs vary in scope All students enioy square dancing which is a part of the sophomore physical education class. Students spend six weeks learning the funda- mentals every Friday. - . J ff J . " s L J N f, ' VW' , ' VA ,4,V. A 1 gf x me 4- AAQ IA AAN, , ,V J f 1 Srgyif f"? '41, 'k,. kxrk V V ,.V, W f,,Z: ,V+ V . . Ln' liz" -M., nil L, " A 1-1 ' A , A15 .KV X .I V Q. if. , V, of-f V A VV A Q in J 41' . . - s Q 'W D .. J I .J 2 ' If J T f iii? J J biz eg 'lil of 17. V 'QX x . I W ll I Q' g QQ..- A r at 57' V .V , VV VVVV X as WV A ' ' 'R , ' Di KL A -1. A f V, g ":gV :V gf ,V -,L- V V V VV MV z . 45 3:5 V Q .J f 3 4 'V i 555 V fi, sh, '67 N. ,K r kx" .cj -sv eq ff J. lasik VV Mfr Ah- A - F . V V , 'ff -I if fs . ,fi ef . ' o " I A, N N :V VV ,V VV 1 x .4 ,Q ff , i is fi 41 fs.. lt , VV t i VV ' -,'. V' V V.. . V ..5V-we , Q V .V ., fs. ,3 N 315 J A .is h 2 jg? ',.- 5 ,Q 5, Ve ' ' ' JV.-gg A , ' Iz' A R . 4: ig, if af: A ,ii. ef' f is sophomores Kathy Clark, Rickie Clark, Roger Clark, Richard Claycombe, Steve Clayton, Randy Clifford, Robert Clifford, Lisa Clifton, Gregory Cline. Cluster, Coffey, Kathryn Coggeshall, Donnie Cohen, Karin Colby. Michael Cloncs, Janet Close, William Nancy Coale, Steven Coates, William Gladys Coleman, Barbara Collins, Frederick Con- nan, James Conner, James Cook, Peter Cooper, Richard Cooper, David Corbin, Robert Corbin. Andrew Cosby, Christine Court, Kathy Cowan, Mark Cowser, Sandra Cox, Shirley Cox, William Cox, Jeri Cozart, Amy Craig. Jane Crahan, John Crane, Altha Cravey, Michael Crawford, Sara Crays, Lianne Creviston, Tyler Crews, Allen Croft, Brian Crowder. Larry Crowe, Patty Crowther, James Culp, Sus- anne Cunningham, Sally Curry, Dallas Dalton, Gary Dankert, Inez David, Irva David. Roger Davidson, Phillip Davis, James Day, Joyce Dean, Judy Dearing, Linda Dearing, John Dech- ette, Laura Deck, Robert Decker. Sophomore twins confuse upperclassmen Which is which? Sophomore twins Jay and Joel Rifkind, one of several sets of twins at North Central, often confuse their teachers and friends with their identical appearances. G' xg tu 1393 K 'iw ,V K wa' V 3 V E S25 V71 ' class of 1970 Dianne Decoursey, Cinda Deeb, Mark Deerwester, Billy Deford, Melanie Dennison, Debra Detmer, Betty Jo Dilk, Peter Dillon, Richard Dimit. Jeri Dine, Robert Dinnsen, John Dittrich, Robert Dittus, Dana Dlott, Linda Dock, Craig DonCarlos, Danny Donham, Debra Doran. Jay Dorman, Judith Dorrell, Dennis Dottenwhy, Anna Douglas, David Douglass, Reba Doyle, Joan Driskill, James Duckett, Bruce Dudley. Richard Dugdale, Michael Duke, Lynn Dulong, Richard Dunham, Anne Dunn, Colleen Dunn, Deborah Durkin, David Duvall, Clifford Dye. Brenda Dyer, Gordon Dyer, James Dyer, Stephen Easley, Richard Eaton, Thomas Eaton, Earl Echols, Marvin Edmonds, Margrett Egan. Jeffrey Eggleston, Laura Einstandig, David Ei- singer, Gloria Elam, Charles Elliott, Mary Elliott, Robert Elliott, Becky Emmelman, Mitchell Engel. Laurie Epstein, Margo Erganian, Cynthia Erler, Barbara Ervin, Jane Eschenbrenner, Mark Evans, Mary Evans, Katherine Ewing, Nancy Faircloth. Michael Fairmon, Elaine Falender, Stephen Far- ber, Thomas Farmer, Becky Faust, Pot Fegley, Sally Fehsenfeld, Ellen Feinberg, Alan Ferguson. Patsy Ferguson, Bruce Fisch, Sharon Fisher, Daniel Fitzgerald, Richard Fitzwater, James Flack, Charles Fleming, Ann Fletcher, Katherine Flickinger. Rhonda Fogle, Kathleen Ford, Constance Fork, Steven Forsythe, Rollin Fortier, Dana Foster, Donna Foster, Judith Fowler, Elizabeth Fox. Peter Francescon, Richard Francis, Jeffrey Frank, Lorenzo Franklin, Deborah Franz, William Freeze, Barbara Freyer, Nina Frigo, John Fritz. Carol Frock, Robert Frye, Carol Fulk, Harry Funk, Patti Gahan, William Gall, Antoinette Galvin, John Gangstad, Gary Gant. 5-qty' W, J 221585553-5 . fre gas, ,zum L , .V ceq, L I --',. ,Q . ima? 4 ' F fr ' ' 'l 1 we ,,,. A+. " ' J L ' - :QA 'F , , wg V, 3 " , fue A , Lv M Q L ffff .' ' K 'r .V cs -y - V c., ,-,, ' s i , V 4' - L x 7, , . Lf" it df 1 Q - J f' , ' ,, 8 ' L L ,L , L L ,.., ,,i, ' E , 1 , ' I ' ' - 325 L L., 5 if ' 1. . 557 li - ti ,L Xe ,L ' 4 "Q I-zzgj.. , - ' r-1 gg Q' L -L J -f L X, C XF. ,L 5 ,, J ' f 'I , LL L A 4 f A L L ffifw A H ' ' V - ' , U .L LP' V Q, F 1, , ,W ' ' 'i n in- Q, " "" , Q" f' . ,.. jg , -H 1 ,z , fr .ff is-g e, Q 1 M L3 .5 - --1 ' "' 5 1 fit, ' .gr L "3 ' - g f Q " L M, o r R A , g iiyfffr Q me 4g A f F , ' 4 'L im 1 QT ' V ' ,x L 5 ,Q f te 5fL L47 : fi Q ,..' f Q ,. , A 3' f L 1 - Q- 'rels ,ip . - ,tar Y Aug 'Q 't ,515 ' ,fog 'fy F "A 1" ' ' 1 ' U. ', ff ff D fu :Z ,, .-, X f. 1 5 ii ' N f- L 5, A :sf 'f " -1 ' to N ' 24, lv " f if E - ' Plath? 3 :ff J ' A ' Off' x L L r,.- . - ' I Aa Q sd A 4 Q ., , - g, , . "5" ,K j ,,.s 2 L- . hs., L5 ,f J ' . g V- L ,r.,L ., Lf 1 .. L J L - - 'eff --- - -. K s . r fr an L f 1 M 1' ' ' ' E F t F An L! f A A f ,D it M B V- L, '- K ' ' . ,fp -9 - ,, ' .Li Q L,: g. 3 I L r-65 , A -"fe ff ' l f L "ir 1 J ,if A r L L --'-l Lggyzvt e,f:'fj,QLLLL 1 F' r A J I-ifilffsl in L Tffi il A :M 3 J' Wi ll se I 5 " LL J r, ' "' f L 47 .J f L--L - , W . , 12 'f - 1: i ' L ,W ,f'QLL"" .fl Q 3 if , 75- L if '.-, ,: :gif fm ' A 'rf .kdm , . gL -L an . L 12' x fe' , J A S3 f '7' Sf 5,13 sf 141 -- Q ,Q W -. vt lj ' , " 'L K V , y ' K I L ' if 'iff L J A ' J ' gf, C, J 'T 4 V - , 3 P' , " at 1' pw: AL L if 'Y .1 -4' , -' "' ,5,.f7Lh - M K M4 , , ' , E 1' , -'L- we A i I ' ' 'W xr, , 'Wifi' ' t ,sf Ara lr. f ' H ' '- 4 - I Qi X: iff! 'Q A I ' if , J A L W, ,A f12,X".3'5- , iv ii L" A '5 , - -v ,s ,..,' 1 ff -Y ff'-5 , ' L,,L L 1' 2 ' Lv A . ,L Lf sf - '- K KLVL .TI L t gf, Q ws f. N V ,Mp J, L f. ,Eg "Jiffy,-' Eh - ':,,' .l L E1 V f W A , X X JA ln fire-QL H fe, , f L I - LLL . , ,L,L,L L . L L. L, , L. ,,,,, , , 'aw' ' ---Q f i Ks fs ff, L 1 . ' - L - fr W .mg A LI, L A L lla- it P A t W Q -.-sz-X fx.. ix. 'QU 5.22 ' EZ Q ij- -AW 1 'L '23 A 0 i.. .As ...f 1. ,W 4U , ,,fl, iii? , A 'fl y Y- g JAX: ,X 3 , . J sophomores John Gardner, Vicki Gardner, William Garnett, Allen Garrett, Wayne Gasper, Stephen Gates, Stephanie Gauchat, Kathy Gelman, Mariorie George. Kent Gerke, Alana Gibbs, Michael Gibbs, William Gibson, William Gibson, Genna Gill, Kathleen Gill, Alan Gillespie, David Gillespie. Elizabeth Gilmer, David Gipe, John Glanton, Heather Glanzman, Clint Gleason, Arlene Glick, John Glynn, Anne Goldbach, Karen Goldberg. William Goldsmith, Nathan Goldstein, John Goll, John Goode, Richard Goode, Jill Goodrich, Glen Gordon, Karen Grabhorn, Jeffrey Gradolf. Colleen Grady, Braun Graham, Donald Grant, Allen Graven, Deborah Gray, Kathleen Gray, Wil- liam Gray, Daniel Greenberg, James Greenberg. Jane Gregory, Scott Griesel, Carol Griffith, Sara Grosby, Deborah Gross, Diane Grube, Frank Grun- dy, Lawrence Gumm, James Gunn. Robert Gwynn, Patrick Haas, Lynn Habig, Donna Hadley, Vicki Hadley, Robert Haislup, Ann Hale, James Hall, Patrick Hall. Centralites enjoy well-balanced meals Choosing lunch is serious business for Sopho- more Byron Mumford. Serving hot lunches to 3,117 students, the cafeteria staff offers a good selection of well-balanced meals. class of 1970 Richard Halt, Stephen Ham, Donald Hamaker, John Hamerstadt, William Hamerstadt, Joseph Ham- mond, Susan Hampshire, Sanford Hun, Larry Han- away. Glenna Hancock, Donald Handziak, Charles Hanie, Thomas Hansen, Charlotte Hapak, Victoria Hard- ing, Helen Hargadon, John Harley, Robert Harling. Thomas Harling, Rodney Harmon, Terry Harsin, Michael Hart, Thaddeus Hart, Nanci Hartman, Bruce Harvey, Lucy Haskin, Joyce Hawkins. Ronald Hawkins, Melvin Hayden, Millard Hayden, Nancy Hayes, Marianne Heiskell, Cynthia Hender- son, Debra Herman, Brenda Higgins, David High- mark, Gary Lee Hill. Andrew Hinsdale, Richard Hintz, Kathy Hirsh, Jhan Hochman, Richard Hodge, Greg Hoffman, Faith Holbrook, Ann Holland, Jay Hollander. Richard Hollen, Frank Holloway, Anthony Holt, Lannie Hooker, Kyle Hopkins, Victor Horne, Donald Horning, Cynthia Hottle, Bonita Houtzer. Steven Howard, William Howard, David Howell, Emerson Howell, Scott Howell, Marcia Hudson, Thomas Hudson, Parker Hueber, Howard Huffman. Gregory Hull, David Hullett, Patricia Humphreys, Gary Hunt, James Hutchinson, Robert Hutchinson, Sylvia Hyde, Thomas Iles, Christine lsenhour. David lsler, Douglas Jacks, Libby Jackson, Rick Jackson, Jeffrey Jacobson, Susan Jacobson, Bob Jahnke, Carol James, John Jenkins. Audrey Jestadt, Karen Jewell, Deborah Jezzard, Alfonzo Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Ernest John- son, Julia Johnson, Katrinka Johnson, Kirk John- son. Marsha Johnson, Charles Johnston, Candice Jones, Cindy Jones, Deborah Jones, Randy Jones, James Jontz, Kathleen Jorclan, Christopher Joslin. Cynthia Juday, Donald Judd, Kathryn Kahn, Nan- cy Kahren, Christine Kallansa, Barbara Komme- raad, William Kane, Steven Kappes, Liene Karels. te 3 i'. ' " , -A psrlit - .- J 5 ' T. si' ei f-' A . le . 'J ,Af A+ 'Lf , ' . J. if , . SQL . A , ' inet A 1 . . 5 . gt Q ,, .,, - ,. :., '24, ,, lags' 2 2, K - . A ,uf . . W, -s 'F . r 1 .J T QI? --gf If-r . -1 -- ' r - Q i'g'ji-- p V - ,,,, '11 ,..-- .- r - My l . 4 A ll 1 gb XQQM' ls. 1, ' ' . if :gi tfrr 1'f A re g. ji . .. 'L . slr' A J 5 1 'f or J - .22 1 . SLI S ' t ' ll J S , , T fl ,,,g,,. A 4.-. fei. 334541 M J ff :. A ' Qi .141 V e L . 41 1, ,vw ' -Jef Q' . " .. 'T " 1 2. mx y J . . -,, 3j,...farEQ!M. - ' ' :'-:ZZ-'Y Dig ... ai: f, .,'2..--' j D 1 E ff ' ' t' '.:fiq:t:.'-I . f . . . . J - - 2 r ir A A " " ' , . ' isr S J so ll' ' 1 J ff L f f -'.x Sgr pp ., 551 N K. E .W I . , K . N! , , vga: . A 5,3 1 I ' mf1,,j f V, ., 'Y V, 'Xt V, LVf5,:if"' lx L ' r - ..,..... it l -J J R 4' ir T ey ,f.l ,M y A . . 5 gif A' Lri. 523 r -', A if L 2 J' e G llrl 1 - ' f g A t 1 4. Ai .. .4 4 ,A . ' ' V F3 " - M 233 'if ll' ' A Q J f f. . ' - " e f ...e g Q . A W 'r I . :il . 1 MAA . I sl at At 'ilxi 9512 THQ " ' ' Q1 33,3 A k,V 7 . i. ..,V ,gi , VV . M ? 'YA K ,,-4. A . .1 ' -af. -. ' 'T at ,--2: - A + .dv .+' Jr. V A or fi- f 'ef eff' . A -5. . I -lu Q , V, , y K W f , 41 5 ,ft be 2+ +1 J H H A 7 . I ..., li A . . 1 . Q A ms A- A 1 'ali 'Q ' 3 V il ., . ,. ...... W 4 -..S -.'-- i fff I AA W- ff?-'sfif' '-'f- K' fiaf' -f . :ff - 1' --,f , ' -4. 5 ' ees-1 1 i i" A A A ...i. , I ' F. L 7 A, r - f e if .1 21 1 ler . f " .se J.. 'iir Hg- f as 4 gllif lf A .T D T " J .. ' 0' . ,, ff: ,-'r ffl 'V ' a. ",' 4 13111 t ri ,tif 1 .- .,W, V - 'QQ .. '- VV A -,'L ' , , ,Q V V - .LAL, he 2.2, , , . ' ' , Yi , J 'K ' V' . 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L, Z it ' S .I 1 f i r I A 1 VVb ' V . 1 ' ,Q V il 'if' 'Ve V Q15 " ,' t r r .5 .1,, f Q b , i 1 sift' V A' t J 5 Q qgif If V , V V xg 1 if 15 J 'lg '75 J f. .' 5 ..: L Vi V QS.. i - ff --ff, thx I , so-1 'ff ff ' I f is - 4 1 , i S ,V ' M V , L . ' X V .1 H N ' wi, 'g,, i , X QI, QA ,MVA V ls I I r 19 An :sew .:,g.f.t..v-.V 1c,,m,1. - ggi: Y . V ,1 , V, K , L V.-f - ,ug 1'1eut1Vs-V.,m5,f: t V 1 V V , A Qiifitl' . 57 . ' S We l .P 1 , V V f 55' . 6 'i X'1WA r - 1 Q, ggyfg. 42 ng w- , . --.eetgt iifiiffif ' I ll lil l , - r ' .- st y M . , K -. ,.s., fi, rd ,Vx Ve 'fi - - ,. ff I V . We V -4: . , J it V W" " V V3 f i Q H .,., tg , V , y i il 5' ,ANN ff L VV'Vf' V f I A A X,.,,.y ' Q' 3 gmc: ml '.,k.V , ,, -'L I K J '35 5 'fr' 335' Eiiflli' 1 S3512 W " . Q, '64 ' A S ...F L' f-'ff ff, V if ' ' J es , f i .vi . K 4 x sc. V , t,,,,,. ,i A, , ""' ' ' ,: f V 9 A A df h sophomores Marlene Kasle, Edward Kassig, Donald Katz, Ros- anne Katz, Lisa Kaufman, Kevin Keefe, Debra Keenan, Barbara Keene, Marlene Keith. Patricia Keller, Paul Kellogg, John Kelly, Debra Kempler, Nathan Kempler, Jan Kennedy, Karen Kennedy, Shellie Keys, Linda Kidney. Scott Kiewitt, William Kikendal, Janet Kimball, Daniel King, Jeanette King, Maryann King, Rod- nick King, Kenneth Kinnear, Elizabeth Kirk. Deborah Klein, Susan Klein, Nila Klingman, Kevin Klinkman, David Knauer, Douglas Kniptash, Stephen Knowles, Garry Koches, Randy Koehler. Judy Koerner, Anne Kohlstaedt, Mary Koplos, Mi- chael Krause, Debra Kreisher, Susan Krise, Edward Kronenberger, Frances Krugman, Joan Krumreich. Deborah Kruse, Cynthia Kuhlmann, Christina Kunz, Anna Kurtz, Laura Kyle, Deborah Lacey, Denise La- mar, Pamela Lambert, Norvel Landers. Shirley Langford, Jay Langlotz, Thomas Lapham, Lynn Latimer, David Laux, Don Lawrence, Lynn Lawrance, Brandt Lawson, Robert Leff. Denise Lefkowitz, Steven Leininger, Victoria Lein- inger, Linda Leopold, Cathy Lerman, Robert Leven- thal, Robert Levin, Mark Levinsky, James Lewis. Shephen Lewis, David Light, John Lindenmuth, Michael Lineback, Mark Litz, Marc Lockhart, Vickie Loeper, Robert Long, Karin Lorch. David Louden, Denise Loutner, Mark Loving, Dan- iel Lucas, Anna Lukemeyer, Karin Luken, Marcia Lumpkin, Diane Lurvey, Barry Lutz. Scott MocAllister, Susan MacArthur, Duncan Mac- Dougall, Sherrie Mackling, Georgene MacLennan, Margaret Madawick, James Maher, Larry Mahor- ney, Danny Maier. Pamela Main, Christy Mallinson, Carol Manifold, Pamela Manzie, Sharon Marer, Susan Marks, Step- hen Marra, Daniel Marsh, Stewart Mart. class of 1970 Dianne William Patricia Massena, Ricky Mattox, Carol Maxam. Martin, Donise Martin, Frederic Martin Anne Mayhew, Denise McAlpine, Bridget McArdle George McBee, James McBride, Thomas McCalep Thomas McCampbelI, Lu C i n d o McClamroch, Charles McClung. Mc- Mc- Gehee, Lucy McGinnis, Linda McGraw, Joyce Mc- lntyre, William McComb, Margaret McCord, Debra Coy, Vonda McCoy, Denis McDuff, Hope Mc- Alan McKinney, Rosemary McKinney, Sarah Kinney, Roger McPhail, Gail McPhee, Connie Mc- Pherson, John Meister, Richard Melick, Charlotte Melin. Douglas Mercer, Rockland Mers, Linda Metaxas, Nancy Meyer, Neysa Meyer, David Milende' Cheryl Miles, Kevin Miles, Sheila Miles. Carolyn Miller, Donald Miller, Donald Miller, James Miller, Janet Miller, John Miller, Madison Miller, Mark Miller, Sandra Miller. Madelyn Millholland, Charles Milton, Rebecca Milton, Holly Minton, Daniel Mitchell, David Mol- son, Tamson Moncur, Craig Montgomery, William Montgomery. Martin, Eric Martz, Karen Masselink, .fairest -irrwaegg -- f y t'-,r -'s,r, 5, V K , ' if ' 3 L4 s are ll 'ia J, f I . ' ' ' A K ,, D ,j ' ll' f i R C 1 4 J, T Al: 1 l W --rii I 354 ". i,'-" ' J - ' R f R 'f e'-- - R g fs, gs ifrl t R X V uv R ' r' 1 ll R N0 A 4 -L AfjfR'f ixf R ' J 6 ' 'S' il J il V 3 M F . 'Ll + f- I ri , J Ref " X V ' ' -" '::.2' K ,if'5f'fl?ll ?1fRff Q f 9 ,,i, ,,,,.Rfl.l ll , 5 "l - c l ..... .. JR - ' 4' 7 ,y ,. , ,,L.k7kIr V' A Lvl V . , , ,ik t Lk - h -.,. V WW A A5 V 0 A f f R 4 Q , A - . iilil gf Aff 'A -- Rl " AQ, 1. X 5 'wg-f'2 ' A K R - l lW'Rf- f . E A, ff "RR' f 1? ..R. a . R i , at at . 43. y jj. I y y , ,, 7 V ..V,. n 1 3 , Q J r 4 g RAM My R I , if A , AJSSZ V V V, lie. is A5 K .ea - ln if, 'R , , ..e,e f 5' in dip 1 fl R . ", R2 , J 'RQ C' Sophomores reach for senior goals Standing a mere 4'li", sophomore Rick Dimit stretches on his tiptoes as he tries to reach the high goals already attained by senior Rick Frosch, who measures 6'8. , L ,AL L ,.4..L is 1 ' A fLif'L ' :I " In .ik 'L .Q - - . - , , .. e: -1 . h T L ,,,' L, ' J, f T-QV ' 'LU 1 . . f 1- 1 sg t . fi' J LL S P L , , . ' iff . Alf -A4541 AL- L . ...1 - - LL 1 'K Le T ff 1 . l LL ' iP' f fr 9 , if L . .. L' ' Q . L -- L Y L ' -" . gi- ' i .- -- 51? ' rf Ai 1 JI i fl A . Aa 'lf 9 K X I AL L1ff?1LLLg'1 L 'L K .':, A ' A f- , gg, gg i L . . 4. K " 11, ' 1 W 3 gg . 1 - -, YA 2 L , . Aff L' , 1 .dl .f-P3 -,fifrl -t J. . Q LLLLL f g , . L T L . 1 L L A L 'i' 5 'Z' - L .C Q L 1 L Lf v . , 4 LL. L il' " llf L 'LLL Milli. L . XL ' - ri! . S . ,f . if T W 1 L In s L FL LL 'L LP' V 2 - L i ,L .- ... I f is L fa , V ,fm Q R .re Q fe fi L 2 Li --Q f f .1 11", L L. if - -1' '-is . . ' 5 5 LL L f L , .1-5. LL' A' X X. LL L L -' M 2 L 'J A .. J AA Q -L'Q ' ,gf . . Hi . , 1 . . fl T - 1 LT i i -. ,, -3 L L' i R ., 'Q 'P -, 9 9 A . .gi A , L vA , ' g i . ' 1 1 L LLL I LL L if . ziggy M 'L ln I .,W,-fv1 1 . . ' .fl L L .5 A ,Vg K ...U 5 is -.,LL if -'fif 'L Z W S V L . KL L w Ai do lk ff T I , K I. VAKK , ..,,, , iW.:g'+ W- eg , T . , yy .- LY I 3- Q- A 55 IL, X? 1 - . , , . LL i A' .. . i 1,455.1 L 1 I H 1 H f zx, nil. si KL ,Xi .-. . , L. tg 2' , W 1 1- , -- . in . f' L' X L ,. I A I 4 'L T L ' Diana Moore, Jan Moore, Melinda Moore, Nancy Moore, Peggy Moorman, Harold Moos, Pamela Moran, David Morgan, Janice Morgan. A 5 sophomores it Morgan, Gary Morganson, E. Alexander Wayne Morrison, Joyce Morton, Cynthia Moser, Steven Moss, Thomas Mote, Sharon Mulli- gan. PBQQY Morris, James Mullin, Carol Mulvaney, Michael Mulvaney, Byron, Mumford, John Mumford, James Murdoch, Cynthia Murdock, Dennis Murphy, Richard Murphy. Michael Murray, Suzy Musolino, Cyndie Nash, Robert Nagey, Paul Nahmias, Gregory Nefouse, Donald Nelson, Susan Neumeier, Barbara Nicely. Yvette Nickson, Rhonda Nisenbaum, Joan Noonan, Wayne Norlin, Alex Null, Dorothy Nunn, David Obenland, Frank O'Bryan, Pamela O'Bryont. Raymond Ochs, William Ogle, Karen Ogden, Michael O'Hover, Michael O'Leary, Daniel Oliver, Karen Ormsby, Karla Ortolf, Jennifer Osborne. Sheila Ostrom, Fred Otto, Susan Over, Thomas Overstreet, Thelma Ozman, Christine Palmer, Dar- ren Palmer, Patricia Palmer, Robert Pardieck. Chet Parnum, Susan Partridge, Lisa Patrick, Vicky Patterson, Barbara Patton, Richard Paustian, Law- rence Peck, Christopher Peeler, David Pelsue. Gay Pendleton, Otto Penn, Barbara Penno, Deb- orah Pentecost, Douglas Pepple, Sheila Perkins, Karen Petersen, Cheryl Peterson, Gregory Pfou. Tom Pfeiffer, Diane Pickering, Stephen Pike, Step- hen Pitt, Mark Pittenger, Michael Pittenger, Ronald Pittman, Debra Platt, Joe Poland. David Porter, Marcella Porter, Linda Powell, Rex Powers, Claudia Prosser, Cynthia Pribble, Kath- leen Prill, Denise Puckett, Susan Puckett. Sally Jo Punches, Joe Quackenbush, Mary Quarto, Thurman Query, Thomas Quinlan, Martin Quirk, Sally Rober, Virginia Rahke, Nancy Ramey. Pleased with her individual pictures, Karen Roll smiles at yearbook staff members Marcy Jay and Stephany Di Blasio, who sell the underclass- men pictures in the yearbook office. Color added to underclassmen pictures Alicia Ramirez, David Rardon, Laura Rattay, Can- dice Ray, Marshall Ray, Jane Redmond, Billy Reed, Debra Reed, Judith Reed. Jody Reel, Charles Reeves, Paula Reichel, Sydney Reiney, Keith Reinschreiber, Gary Reklau, Kerry Renfro, Leila Renollet, David Reuss. Patricia Reynolds, Larry Rice, Artie Richards, Cal- ista Richardson, Paula Ridge, Jay Rifkind, Joel Rif- kind, David Ritchie, Steve Roberson. Judy Roberts, Mark Roberts, Pamela Roberts, Lau- ren Robertson, Steve Robertson, Caron Robinson, Michelle Roby, Frank Rodenbeck, Charles Roesch. Martha Rogers, Matthew Rohn, Karen Roll, Rebecca Roller, Michael Rome, Raymond Root, William Ro- senbaum, Ruthanne Rosenberg, Cora Rosenfeld. Nathan Roth, Janis Rothbard, Kim Rothenberger, Lawrence Rather, Lawrence Rothschild, Bonnie Roundtree, Charles Roy, Daniel Rubenstein, Diane Rush. Debra Rushton, Donna Russell, Jeffrey Russell, San- dra Russell, Thomas Rust, Harry Rybolt, Joyce Ryder, Robert Sablotne. ,,-, i A 'J 'ss , 'f X. -' do f. ., N J . L if ,, K' L Q ." . 'tl , .1 1.1 if 0 it .V ,, V- -,.. . - .. K A J, . . cr - I' 'y --e scl. X ,ZVSL A X' J , , '. ,o '.L-1' u 'll V l ' . , U ,,,-lr J . 4 , n , .,, t Q. ,, 'N if. st 5 -L -v' 9 4K 'i gf , ' n -'vw Ml dbz' .c ' t. - , , ,ev K if ev W, L' .. ' , ft r L fi .Ale Qffi CL 4'5" fff! AQ ll 1: cy K-, , -v V5 .raw 35' t A . '7 'al rl LL 1. xr? 3214 . 'fs Jret, ig i . .-l -.2 -, h K '--R 2 , t ., -1, ,tr X .WV 5 4 0- hx . , K 'Q' L t An 'if' all " ' L I 'U 5 J. 0 ' sf. "1 ' 7 T? .1 ,- J '. x J' . iiill 9. ' t A is i f f J N Y , - ev i Q, If K .5 f , K y, 2.x .X YA- , 5, if J t 'A E 1 'l Q J L ya it l',j+i-115 ,ill , ' 'L 'fy , , ,sf ' X K T K , , 1 YV,: S s a n Q , mp : I . t A i A A A3 it ,ad V- 'N - , F. 1 , Q -s Q f - tn" .. A Y 5 , ' ' - 7 i- A ' ' , .. 'T ., 1 nga, , Vp: - ,..ff ,S - ,A . Q A, Q l3eAf!Jilv S , Q 'MT K le If f"' .w,:f1fEi fsiL. ,a K , A ,L 'J 2 T7 LT? if -'14 f . ' , Q . . A HE 91 3 I ,4 - 4 Vw 'W' J , QLQ J gf? W2 ff i an X , f-f -4 T wil' K 5 S Q an -fL-'. - K- , T., -K . L ffgf , A S -,- , L A i , . A vt., r i T L ' . g A " f J 'ff ll X Ak f1W-" - 'Q in ll A X fJ i sophomores Beth Sanders, Carol Sander, Linda Sandland, Clive Sarvich, Sandra Scales, Debbra Schaefer, Beth Schaller, Susan Schaller, Theodore Schaller. Timothy Scheele, Harriett Schenkman, Sally Scher- ertz, Judith Scherrens, Steven Scherrer, Patricia Schiller, Dennis Schmidt, Michael Schmidt, Steven Schmink. George Schneider, Jack Schneider, Lucinda Schcom- er, Linda Schortemeyer, John Schulenburg, Henry Schull, Ann Schulz, George Schumaker, Cherri Schutte. Gary Schwartz, Thomas Schwenn, Timothy Schwenn, Robert Scott, Gary Scudder, Lance Sea- gren, Martin Sebastian, Sue Seeley, Margaret Segall. Deborah Sell, Jeffrey Sell, Lisa Sewell, Leonard Shaw, Linda Sherry, Kent Shields, Shirley Shimer, Gary Shirley, Joseph Shoemaker. Meredith Short, Barbara Showalter, Pamela Shull, Kathy Sidebottom, Marla Sigo, Anne Simmons, John Simmons, Scott Simmons, Kathy Simon. Kristine Sippel, Valerie Sissle, Greg Skaats, Wil- liam Skidmore, Allan Skweres, Briona Slaughter, Kathleen Sleater, Paula Slemmer, Susan Smialek. Sophomores enjoy weekend basketball Weekend aclivilies include a neighborhood bas- ketball game and offer o break from studies. As Sophomore Fred Martin goes up for the shot, Dan Fairley, Neil Blickman, and Stan Malless wait in anticipation ofthe rebound. class of 1970 David Smith, Gregory Smith, Judith Smith, Larry Smith, Mark Smith, Sharon Smith, Sophie Smith, Carol Snover, Kevin Snow. Karen Snyder, David Solotkin, Elizabeth Soltun, Paul Sommer, Jane Southard, Lucky Southerland, Larry Spencer, Eric Spicklemire, Sheryl Spiegel. Ronald Spivey, Dennis Spurth, Mari Stahl, John Stamp, Fred Standeford, Kathy Starr, Sally Steck- ley, Richard Steele, Robert Stephenson. Bradley Stern, Merril Stern, Nancy Sternberger, Gregory Stevens, David Stewart, Terrence Stie- mann, Mary Stieneker, Sarah Stieneker, Irene Stil- lerman. Richard Stock, Richard Stocks, Ann Stonesifer, Becky Stoops, Timothy Stover, James Strohan, Rick Strater, David Streeter, William Strong. Michael Stumpf, Mary Stunkard, Barbara Sullivan, Diane Sullivan, Gary Sullivan, Glenn Summers, Karen Summers, Danny Summitt, Jeffrey Sumpter. Robert Sundstrom, Steven Sutton, Sally Swinford, Susan Symmes, Eileen Talbot, Bozidar Tasich, Donald Tovel, Mark Taylor, Steve Theall. Gregory Thomas, Beverly Thompson, Julie Thomp- son, Margaret Thompson, Nancy Thompson, The- resa Thompson, Paul Thornton, Carol Tiller, Ronda Timberman Elizabeth Tindall, Patricia Tipping, Sandra Tipton, Fred Tishler, Samantha Toberman, Terry Todd, Patrick Tolson, Caryl Toth, Denise Tourtellot. Paula Trattner, Robert Traugott, Brenda Treser, Teddy Treser, Thomas Troutt, Suzanne Troxler, Mar- tin Truesdell, Karen Tscupp, Susan Tuck. Clay Tudor, Barbara Tully, Fontaine Turner, Wil- liam Ullom, Curtis Uminger, Ernest Valentine, Pau- la VanNess, Sandra Vavul, Patrick Verble. Cynthia Via, Robert Vogel, Richard Vogt, Catherine Vonnegut, Scott Vorhies, Samuel Vudis, Lynne Waddell, Ellen Wade, Pam Wadkins. H, Q- :Q . V I f M., v A " ff V' . ll-il' -553-5 L -in-, 1 -' ' F, "TB L if , if :Q of . 4414- IW W c,r,, T ei -1-1 ,.-kkh, VI , K , 1 lllllif' cc,-l ,,c, Y 1' fl 3' ifll C, T 5 i X ,,,-Q, ' T ' ff? . , , 'f-r- F t F, , it S l ld-fi. of -5 V it 4.1 " A Q P ,,,. .s-4 'i J "" ii' i , , A if g,-,ai if .., 1. S ,J 'is' if iff . 5 .1 as W it 'S J ,i q 'g S . ,,. ,J A X Af Arm irest tests ,--., c,, , , in - -. 1' f lf-l L ' K , 2 ' ' 7 ' ' 3-' - it fl -- if - K I ' i ,rgy , A kk I .ctv A' 1 1 ff ,,,Vk . . ky, , L H If X 3 , X QJJ. f E ff' AQ -QSQQP , 1 , tit 1 A is A c 4 - A juli W li - Q fl A I A ' V b f i he g Y, Q ? wh ,, 3.1 I J .57 re f fi r It " L in A it df!-L ,,,, lpgg 1 T f if 4.1 is T, , w K gy 17 V L, TF Vi K 2 7 5 V' ri LQ Q A I - r t , i in 2 is T A we ,. F A lifff 4- . K ' ' . V,,, ,gf X, ' J l tftilllwll' 'lfll Q' L all l - l if ll?-Gisli - . ,,. , J Q .. A I M 0 I I Q 'N 0 ' .rx . . ff- l' 4 - i... A 1 . , E , . . C .T f f iii' " L 3 . ssgss s 2. li ,jil l Aa ILM Ag, g if f 1 ' , . s f g Y 0 gr ,.V, , 0? , 1 W V, X I no nh ., fl ,, K V fi.: l,L " If . " il X ' lil ' 4' A 44 .,., . ,. ,A . .. A' D YVIBWV K ,Ig kt I 4 -..5 fe 2 A 5 , 1 ' .r 1 Q0 'la lk'-'YZ Yi lg, i kkwrk 5' H. , ia., , g 1. A ell. Asa. I is ngz.-E lb - 53.3 r 7 'Al W at if . I 5: V are 5 . I ,,7 K , I 13 I l . ,. Y, ,K f An Y Y gi. L .Y M . -0 V, f! g ,' ggi 7 lx . 4 'wp Lkkk A fir . V 1 . ., qv Y. ev ,l rn' lo , H ' L 4 , ., E ' - 9 4 " Ar E il Opening the door of the car, Mr. Bradley gives helpful advice to a nervous Driver's Ed student. Driver's Education prepares the future driver to meet the perils of the road. sophomores Joyce Wadsworth, Mary Wagner, Mary Wagner, Susan Wagner, Wayne Walker, John Wallace, Thomas Wallace, Joseph Walter, Steven Wamsley. Linda Ward, Mark Ward, Keith Warfield, David Warren, William Warren, Randy Weaver, Carol Weber, Paul Weeks, Ellen Weinberg. Anne Weinheimer, Laurie Weinstein, Marc Wein- stein, Rachel Weinstein, Nancy Wertz, Lawrence West, Linda Wetterlin, William Whitcomb, Michael White. Stephen White, Benita Whitley, Linda Whitman, David Wilcoz, John Wilcurt, Carolyn Wild, Danny Wilgus, Betsy Wilhelm, Ann Williams. Belinda Williams, Mama Williams, Thomas Wil- liamson, George Willis, Hal Willis, David Wilson, Diane Wilson, Michael Wilson, George Wilson. Myra Wilsted, Pamela Woodruff, Dennis Woods, Linda Woods, Robert Wooltord, Nora Worlings, Carrie Wray, Christopher Wright, Cindy Wright. David Wright, James Wright, John Wright, Melin- da Wright, Susan Wright, Jerry York, Deborah Young, Scott Young, Alice Yount. Frederick Zeckel, Cathy Zell, Eugene Zessin, Christy Zilson, Stephen Zimmerman, John Pechette, additional sophomores Bruce Barker, Cynthia Balls, Carol Beary, Carol Berg, Sarah Dean, Nicholas Jones, John Jorman, Richard Levine, Barbara Marshall Pai Marvel, Mary McNicholas, Ann Miller, John Miller, Fidel Navarro, Sieve Perkins, Cindy Priddy, Gavin Pursinger, Janice Robey Mindy Skora, Beth Thomas, Sam Vudis, Linda Ward, Ron Wood, Philip Yare ELI RY K f nw, A 44 GQ i, A, All 'f A Q44 tsl Sophomore enters natlonal eompeutlon ,..,..f fsgeyfess .figs 'I m mm B-wwf-W:-:W-4..w - ' f 24413- QQ., Wifiig -"'f"2?:g W .QQ , ..+...........-......- W.-W-W.N..m. ,.--.w'-W0-Aw. "ff ,K Y '--- V, L' . vkf-aug 21--'1 , ,. . , ,fy ,, . .. , . M 1 , .wr Q. ' ' li sw- - 'Q : ii 3 answ- ,L v.,,, i x I x 1X Advertising A good portion of each individual's lite is spent buying products. To choose carefully, one must learn correct "tech- niques" or spend time iust browsing. Bruce Beitman and Terry Kemp iabovel examine the advertising section of the Northerner before shopping-the "easy" way to shop. Steve Baker itop lettl relies on the advice ot Shelly Davis, while Jim Harpool ilettl does about things the hard way-alone. After a long atteroon ot shopping throughout the city's shops, Jay Ham heads for home Iopposite pagel. 1. C Q I I, . . 1 . 4 I' ' .. l I 0 T, .', VC 4, , , 7,1 'N' ' ' V-22 ,.4,. V i , Lf' , ,. my ' V , QQ W . ' 1,2 . ,, 'w ,Mg , -Q, l, I -Y L, ,,.qpl,,,hf, f' -. . ",, ' QL' ,ft '- -- 1 . N ,f 1' " ,- ff: ' -,,- ,h -- 1 , rr, ,Y , -KV 0 1-1 u 'few .Lx H , ' 5 - ' "9 ,ffv A V, , P. A 'iv . '- ,, '- 2 Q., fy' , rf f, 'V L 'Y L .F I I ' ,WY W ' lg - ,ff A ,f '1,fT ,f ,VL 'J ,dx L.: X'--XM, -V. if ', 'L , "-' -,Y ' ' -,,,"' 'F' ':"!.- ,' I V ,' 'V x"l I . ' 1' ,,, A V ' y-F, - ' ' , ' X- V 1' ff' --L , 1 X : X ,,,-, ' C., fu V P, 'g ,Q 6 - J ,V LA W I ,I ,,, Y, V 1 f v, 1 A ,. f 1 . ,,fg. , f-,- J , ', -xv ,-' 5' . 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ED TUTWILER CADILLAC INCORPORATED 2323 North Illinois 926-3333 Looking for a gift? If Look no further than Ellis Jewelry Store. Mary Kay I I 1 Jerman shows Jean Moritz several of the very fine gifts ,,-A -' available at Ellis Jewelry. I n ' ELLIS JEWELRY STORE 1300 East 86th Street 846-1914 7 It's a mini world . . . . . . at Paul Harris. Pam Boges, Susan Bock- stahler investigate the alitterent styles of mini skirts. Paul Harris also has a wide variety of casual, school, and dressy apparel. PAUL HARRIS 1300 East 86th Street 846-51 19 Constructive thinking . . . . . . leads you to Oberholtzer Construction Cor- poration. Debbie Oberholtzer, and Janie Thomas believe Oberholtzer Construction is the very best. OBERHOLTZER CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION 223 North Lynn 639-4591 When a Panther meets a bull . . . everything starts to sizzle! After class or before the big game, choose powerful protein, Bonanza steaks, char-broiled to your order. Other Bonanza locations: 2245 North Meridian Street TRW - 'S 3545 North Shadeland Avenue 4880 Crawfordsville Road I 5 Don't get "carriaged" away. . . Before you buy your home see Carriage Estates Com- pany. Sarah Nolte ancl Tracy Berling show everyone the signs to look for. CARRIAGE ESTATES REALTORS 834 Broad Ripple Avenue 253-4101 Center your business education around . . . . . . Central Business College. Sandy Dennerline, Barb But, and Carol Reifers learn from Mr. Butz of the op- portunities at Central Business College. They also find that they can be prepared to meet the requirements for the future. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 North Meridian 634-8337 we I W-V-+wM:m1f1-ivi'3gm 4 W If ' A A Yi 2 2. A are -L :.':iw5:1',f:,,yxT'4go ,51r9,i..' iff ' Mr. Thornberry welcomes Lynn Jones, kema, Roger Wright, and Bill Reel. .2 f. i- 3' 'f f 3 ji , 1 9 35,13 ,U AM' iii -ww ' li Dave Moore, Karen Dy- 2- .EV 5255 TRADE S- NOLTE 20 Descend with an air of elegance . . . . . . in your new formal from Stenzdale. Carol Sue Hill models one ot the many beautiful formals that Stenzdale has available. STENZDALE 6214 Carrollton Avenue 251-1203 No matter where you're going . . . . . . says Linda Jones, you'lI always look your best in a Tobias portrait ot distinction. WM. TOBIAS STUDIO 4058 West Washington Street 241-2551 Quit kidding around! Lumber from Kidd is always the finest quality. Cleve Skelton, John Ryan, Jack Deckard, Chuck Stocksdale, and Steve Elam look down on the lumber yard from one ofthe trucks that provides quick service to each customer. KIDD LUMBER 1425 East 86th Street 255-5478 STOUFFER'S An air of elegance . . . . . . surrounds Craig Capehart, Debbie Schaefer, Tom Capehart, and Cathy Mashaw as they anticipate a wonderful dinner at Stouffefs, Indianapolis' newest and finest restaurant. STOUFFER'S INDIANAPOLIS INN 2820 N. Meridian 924-1241 Don'1'lose your head! Kathy Moody and Nancy Wrege find Theres no need for despair. Everything for repair can be found at Handy Hardware. f HANDY HARDWARE 6327 Norfh Guilford Avenue . 255-8200 "Always The Best" l 'E I :Lg '-I.. ::1' :7,"" a ': 5-X, I S e lo 2 T HARPOOL'S AMERICAN CLEANERS 2510 Roosevelt Avenue 638-0377 Wm. M. Harpool Roy M, Hqrpool To top off that special evening , . . K . . , visit Hollyhock Hill where you will enioy delicious food in an atmosphere of elegance. Peggy Roberts and Jim Maggarol eagerly anticipate The experience of dining at Hollyhock Hill. HOLLYHOCK HILL 8110 North College 251-2294 ww 'wks wx KS- ef.. PQI?-r-21,525 ,'.f -S 1 f-fwrazxgrnznf ew- 5 mgmwg miie ,. 1, 1 V -C ' B6- i ir-i or it ? . L, ag eygg gyry yygyl X V rsir x + A,qX Q U 2 lr' ll' 797k v 33' A i 0,4 f"rJ If? F' ff 'N J V, W ew , 1, H 4TwH 32?-5,3 - y 1 . ,f 1 0 'X 1 " A ' . ' i L l . 4 .1 Don't be a ham . . . 1 ,J V, h ' 3 be a smart cookie and shop Van Sickle for all your a'A i cf 'P f- ' electronical needs. Ellen Breisacher and Harriett Schenik- l- V , if I K ,J . 1 man try out the newest radio equipment. l , ,..f, ,4 1 i . cf 1' it Q. yf' vAN SICKLE RADIO ' sf ll ' f V ' ' fe - ,. -' ' 1 i SUPPLY COMPANY to i,.a:mhe e . y fiafgfgigggg' 4131 North Keystone Avenue ' li', ' 1' . iT'-1-lillim' 547-3589 ef 5 ,mi-fsgvurfi 1 aaiill . -9 ' ' 1 f m mg-4'ffsi'ifi i, G as few 9 f i I .f- is 115-sfefuiiii ll 1--" a ,g,g,gfgfsi5,ri1sf52!i- v . 5 , A l'mwf:re!5fa1a..Jsi!i!!! .. -L--1.. . V ' ' 7 A 'L "i.fbfwnsa .wf a- 4 ' iigllff 11 ll is 7T"'Y"T?f'YfJ24l 4 5 n , - tj! , :Z H, 3 1 li if " x sf - ,, M. J J Keep your account safe . . . 1 X 2 N. U-l " 'nw lm ,I 4 41:5 8- x l YM- ' ' f at Peoples Bank and Trust where you can bank on 'fi -. -'l 12 QL H- -1 gl V weekdays and on Saturday from 9-12. Jill Luros and K W 1 . : f y . J ' " 5 Faith Martin inspect the security that you, as an investor, la " We 'ii' - 'T f t'-' 1 ""' " " """' receive. A 1 1 W ,.. 4 4- PEOPLES BANK 8. :e g g T if s 5 'W 4 L..." """ if f - Q ' "3 . ' S 1 yi. " Q 5 ' -ffw,.s.,,.. ,. ., ,, .s -... 1 I TRU T Y sp? i.. :Qing ' .,. 2 " - 'ii-at--' --,F-A gi --A-M M ' .. ' if ' -Q 5'-ef -lt jf- T-U J 2411 East 71st Street a . iwfifllff , 4 LTV? di V f 5 ..5?1iw,q17gx?jg,W"'::,'.5ii1 fm- H A We .l 253-5595 l -xwf'WWt ll ll i 5, YMN.. DEVELOPED BY ' Now you Know . . . . . . where to go-Walker 8. Partlow for the best in realty. Paula Slimmer, Karen Slimmer, Bonnie Einstandig, and Carol Weddle look at the landscape that Tilly Wilhoite likes the best. WALKER 8. PARTLOW REALTORS 2710 East 62nd Street 255-4171 For a "gem-dandy" of a ring . . . depend on Herff Jones. Two satisfied customers, Joe Miller cmd Mike Waldner are discussing the advantages of having their class rings. HERFF JONES 1411 N. Capitol 635-1554 Casuully speaking . . . . . . Roderick St. John's iust can't be beat! Jenny Andrews, Pat Dillin, and Robin Cook love the country wear look for most any occasion. RCDERICK ST. JOHN'S 6101 North Keystone Men's Store-253-3322 Women's Store-251-7022 Children's Store-251-1972 Cut it out . . . you aren't going anywhere but to the best-CeruIli's. At Cerulli's you will be quickly helped by one of the eight experienced borbers. CERULLI BARBER SHOP 6101 Keystone Ave. 253-0075 nf- I1 fi 2 it V312 we is ' -' Fifa 1 Q ,.,,,,,, 2 Dashing, Daring, Distinctive . . . . . . the Chevrolet for '68. Dave Cory, Richard Heilbrum, Steve Gates, and Bill Stevenson show off the Camaro and Bridgestone Motor Cycles that are available at Bud Gates along with the Corvettes, Impcllas, and Chevelles. BUD GATES 'COMPANY 1639 Lafayette Road 635-7321 X 1 The Swinging World of Yamaha . . . . . . is invaded by Jeff Hoffman, Mike Waldner, John Busch, and Dave Patton. Dave's Cycle Shop is where it's at-all the cycles and equipment you need. DAVE'S CYCLE SHCP 2025 East 46th Street 251-071 1 Join the "in"crowd . . . , . . at Burger Chet. After the game or after a movie, or iust for a light snack, enjoy ci hamburger, french fries, or a shake. Randy Richards, Susie Goldstein, and Chris Hankins visit Burger Chef often. BURGER CHEF Road 100 Carmel 846-5730 XXX X X .XX .xx 7 A real class-ic" A class ring is something you will cherish and remem ber always, especially it it comes from Rost Jewelry Dennis Silverstein explains the expert workmanship that goes into making each class ring. ROST JEWELRY COMPANY 6105 North Keystone Avenue 635-6566 as you look at the finest quality of plumbing and ap pliances at Earl W. Rich, Eddie Rich demonstrates how easy it is to adiust the new color television sets EARL W. RICH PLUMBING 8. APPLIANCES 5140 North Keystone Avenue 251-2201 Look For The Big "T" . . . Polly Boleman knows for "Action On Your REAL ESTATE Transaction" mm lwleycf F.C. TUCKER COMPANY REALTORS DEVELOPERS 1810 East 62nd Street 253-4221 For all your academic needs . . . . . . and art supplies, Kiger and Company is at your service. Mr. Kiger displays iust a few of the products available. KIGER 8. COMPANY INCORPORATED 1830 West 16th Street 635-2343 Get on the "winning" team! Bruce Blomberg, Kent Ehret, Duke Hardy, and Steve Overrnan all agree that Demaree is the cleaners to go to for all your cleaning needs. Fast and efficient service is an everyday practice at Demaree Cleaners. DEMAREE CLEANERS 8511 Westfield Boulevard 255-4696 5 an .egg ta ,. fs ' 7. it 1, . ..-1 if irzl 1 , wb 'Q 'QZYEL j cw Q52 11 f ' 1 '- rssi -.9 a ff 220 wg null' LCQA, Q'MuanM DO YOU NEED??? 328 rooms, 18 baths, magniticent center hall, banquet- size dining room, Tremendous kitchen with built-ins, well equipped library with many bookshelves, paved drive and large turn around, expansive landscaped yard, and your own gymnasium, tennis court, archery range, cham- pionship baseball and tootball fields, and go-cart track. All this and more!!! Call .......................... CLAYTON, COBLE, 8. MURRAY, REALTORS 6267 Carrollton Avenue 253-1231 Pretty as a picture! A Karen Nahmias, Janine Lewis, and Rhonda Wagman model the latest in dressy dresses from Peacocks. Mod, casual, and formal wear are also available at Peacocks. PEACOC KS 812 Broad Ripple Avenue 251-621 1 For the best deal yet . . . . . . on a brand new Corvette see Bill Kuhn Chevrolet. Kathy Walls and Mark Schornstein check the extras available on this new Corvette. BILL KUHN CHEVROLET INCORPORATED 1045 Broad Ripple Avenue 255-2471 1 To gel ihe giani iasfe in food . . . . . . buy Stokely Van Camp. Sally McVey, Priscilla Taylor, and B. J. Hayes he-lp display 'rhe fresh-fasting canned foods from Sfokely Van Camp. STOKELY VAN CAMP 941 North Meridian Street 631-2551 -af' Hhs Eat, drink, and be merry . . . . . . at Brodey's Village Inn. Doug Witharn, Barb Brodey, Sue Tishler, and Mike Kelley are deciding which of the many delicious meals to order. BRODEY'S VILLAGE INN 6040 East 21st Street 357-1 183 Fast, efficient, and dependable . . . . . . service is what you will receive from Deep Rock Oil Company. Florrie Binford and Betsy Vonnegut demon- strate Deep Rock's services to Kathy Holmes who looks on approvingly. DEEP ROCK OIL COMPANY Associated Service Company Distributor 1430 Kentucky Avenue 638-1306 PURIER CRIIERE REEERS IUB OPPORTUNITY .. DEEERREIJ IUIIIUR IURRS V E"ii:'1o:'Tj'Il1:jN Loan Made Directly to Student - Not Parents V IBM Bmnu' Magma" Accredited by lie Accrediting Cnllissinn In Business Schools V Bu::lfTi:TnI4nira1Ion 5 IBM Date Processing Q R T E R Transportation - Management hAE ED : 'W 0 L LE 6 E dl IUIIIEII IIICLE ' IIDIAIAPDLIS, IIIIIAIA 46204 0 Piano, 639-2505 PHOTO REFLEX STUDIO of Indiana lilgw viva Refleciions of a new image . . . . . . are viewed by Corol Morris os she Tries on her new full. For wigs, wiglefs, falls, and Ioupees see Neal for The finest. NEAL'S OF CALIFORNIA 906 Broad Ripple Avenue Phone 257-0437 I , In II - xp RR .gf 7 gc-A' QQ! I In? V24 S QP: sein, Of ,WLT 1 ' fmt! . ff' Q C rf . J,-4 .K I 0 X Q IRQ. 4 l y l l 1 l 1 ll I Designs ofthe future? 1 I! g ig Make your plans with Fiber 84 Reilly. Chip Kaleen and Margie Alig pause for a moment and consider the ad- vantages of talking with Fieber 84 Reilly. FIEBER 8. REILLY 211 North Delaware 639-1533 I Ac B., 'V You provide the girl . . . 'PWS if iii we'll provide the pearl. Jan Bromley discusses with Sam Sipe her selection of a pearl necklace at J. C. Sipe 84 Company. J. C. SIPE 8. COMPANY 518 Merchants Bank Building 637-3521 il Open the door . . . glliafl . . . to color when you need painting clone. Winnie Har- ' mon Testifys to the expert care you receive when you deal with Painting 84 Decorating. PAINTING 8 DECORATING Q 7908 Meadow Brook 251-7253 You'II become addicted . . . . . . to the fine products and service available at Schmidt's Drugs. Nancy Sullivan and Donna DeCoursey compare the different shades of nail polish in the cosmetic section. SC HMIDT'S DRUGS 1499 East 86th Street 251-2910 I'll fire you . . . . . . it you don't buy your clothes from Man's World. Fran Rothbard uses a little friendly per- suasion with a cigarette lighter as Jay Hollander tries to decide which shirt and tie combination he likes best. MAN'S WORLD 1300 East 86th Street 846-3013 Put a little bit of sole . . . . . . into your life with a pair of shoes from Good- man's. Bruce White helps Beth Goodman select a pair of shoes and handbag from their wide selection. GOODMAN SHOES 1300 East 86th Street 846-5718 6 9 8 H Give a cheer . . . for Palmer Dodge. Patty Palmer, Dave Corbin, and Jeff Russell explore the interior of this sleek, new Dodge Charger while the varsity cheerleaders proclaim the beauty of the exterior. Your temperature will rise when you catch "Dodge Fever" at Palmer Dodge. PALMER DODGE INCORPORATED 3820 North Keystone Avenue 545-3321 Fancy that! Ramsey Interiors has so much fine furniture it's diffi- cult to decide which to buy. Dini Lilly and Janis Benz look at the many different patterns of fabrics available for couches and chairs. RAMSEY INTERIORS 6609 East 82nd Street 849-3602 Service that leaves you smiling . . . . . . is assured at Sering Shell. Paul Koenig and Stephany DiBlasio find that the products as well as the service are only the finest. SERING SHELL SERVICE STATION 8602 East Westfield Boulevard 846-0027 TEACHERS-122 SENIORS-136 JUNIORS-176 SOPHOMORES-190 Aaron, Richard-43,70 Abbott, Ellen-12 Abel, Joan-47,135 Abel, Nancy-42 Abrams, Stephen-90,106,115 A Capella-80 Academic Games-68 Adams, Skip-104,105 ADMINISTRATORS-120 Aclv. Chess Club-68 Aldous, Charles-43,115 Alexander, Dane-90 Alexander, Frederick-31,46,92,93, 106 Alexander, James-31,-46,108 Alig, Marjory-41,224 Allen, Judith Anne-34,41 Allen, Mrs. Norma-12 Allen, Susan-71 Alsop, Nancy Marie-171 Altman, Michael Wm-90,108 American Authors--49 American Field Service-45 Amos, Lowell E.-56 Anderson, Gregory M.-174 Anderson, Judith-79 Andrews, Jenny Lee-215 AnglerfNimrod-67 Aquarium-57 Arney, Steven-101 Arnold, Dessiz+74,226 Arnold, Miller Mr.-44 Arnold, Stephen--41 Art Club-65 Asmus, Christine-134 ASSOCIATED SERVICE-222 Astbury, Lois-41,100,115 Astronomy-56 Audio Visual-71 A.V. Secretary-132 Aycock, Mike-106 TEACHERS-123 SENIORS-136-141 .IUNIORS-176-177 Bellard, Sharon-42 Bell Choir-76 Bennett, Diana-41 Benz, Janis-226 Berger, Jay-41,90 Berlin, James--42 Berling, Traci-209 Bernstein, Jael-72 Bernstein, Randall-51 Bessey, Karen-41,42 Bikin, Dale-89,104 BILL KUHN CHEVROLET-220 Binford, Florence-42,164,222 Binkley, Bill-72 Biology-56 Bishop, Jac ueline-45,137,167 51 Black, David-B4 Black, Tracy-101 Index Byers, Jerry-45 Byrd, Robert--174,175 TEACHERS-123 SENIORS-141-143 JUNIORS-177-178 SOPHOMORES-191-192 Cady, Caren-175 Cafeteria Staff-131 Cage, Kenneth-41 Cagle, Margaret-174 Calderon, Stephen-106 Callaway, Rex-106,108 Callaway, Steve-90,110 Crowe, Larry-96 Cupp, Elaine-B3 Cure, Eric-43 Curry, Elizabeth-52 Custodians-131 TEACHERS-128 SENIORS-143-145 JUNIORS-178-179 SOPHOMORES-192-193 Dalton, Dallas-21 Daniels, Deborah-112 Dankert-52 DAVE'S CYCLE SHOP-217 Blackburn, Julia-117 Blake, Lee-102 Bledsoe, Martin-41,110 Blickenstaff, Nancy-74 Blickman, Mr. Sol-120 Blickman, Neil--43,208 Blamberg, Bruce-82,89,95,106, 115,164,219 Bloom, Mark-93,106,107,115,134 164 Babbitt, Evelyn-15 Backstahler, Susan--208 Bodwell, Frank-104 Boeldt, Suzanne-42 Bages, Pamela-208 Bohard, Susan-49 Boie, Bruce-41,43 Boleman, Polly-174,219 Boling, Cheryl-139 Bolles, Jacquelyn-158 BONANZA STEAK HOUSE-209 Borton, John-101 Bose, John-43,108 Bowen, Mrs.-130 Boyd, William-42,413,110 Boys' Booster Club-83 Boys' Industrial Arts-55 Bradley, Mr. Thomas-104,115,210 Branche, Pamela--41 Brandt, James-43 Baun, Paul Brause, Meredith-174 Breisacher, Sandra-26,27,72,112, Cantor, Leonard-46,47,177 Capehart, Craig-11,46,47,84,177, 21 1 ,21 9 Capehart, Thomas--211,219 Carbaugh, Lynn-79 Carden, David-102 Careskey, Marc-42,58 Carmichael, Mr. Max-124 Carpenter, Christie-79 Carr, Charlotte-79 CARRIAGE ESTATES COMPANY-209 Carroll, William-52 Carter, George-15 Cedrnonds, Marvin-110 CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE--209 CERULLI BARBER SHOP-215 Chamber Music-75 Chernin, Deborah-42 Chess team-69 Chesterfield, Jim-41,49 Chiplis, Michele-71,174 Christie, Michael-90 Clair, Elizabeth-74 Clapp, Justine-11 Clark, David-90,96 Clark, Joseph-90 Clark, Mrs. Mary Jane-133 Clark, Roger-B4 Clay, Patti-41 Claycombe, Richard-90,110 CLAYTON, COLBY, MURRAY-220 Clayton, Scott-4,27,34,B2,88,B9, 91,96,104,115,134 Davie Tom--110 Davis, Christy-187 Davis, Larry-26,27 Davis, Shelly--205 Dawe, Bradley-105 Dawson, Dennis-41 ,102,103,115 134,149 Brewster, Christopher-42,72,73 Bridges, Steve-45 Bridgforth, George-41,64 Briede, Richard-90 Clifford, Brian-88,105,110,115 Clifford, Robert-89,105 Clifton, Lisa Ann-83 Clnie, Gregory-96 Cloncs, Eugene Mr.-B9,118,1 34 SOPHOMORES-190-191 Bacley, Bahne B.--79 Charles-9 42,72,135 Baker,l Kathy-72 I Baker, Baker, Boker, L.-104 Sandra Jane-41 Steven-205 Baldwin, Herbert-90,105 Baldwin, James-174 Bareither, Van-106 Barnes, Steven-41,105 Barnett, Michael-92 Bates, William-105 Batza, Rick-84 Baudendistel-54 Bauer, Jane-74,71 Bough, Gloria-20,158 Baun, Paul-110 Beardshear, Craig-43 Beatty, Ron-104 Beck, Barbara-51,157 Becker, Robert-B4 Becker, Susan-46 Beg. Chess Club-69 Behnke, Michael-64,110 Behrmann, Cherryl-79,174 Beitman, Bruce-134,205 Bell, Robert-84 Brodey, Barbara-41,112,149,222 BRODYS' VILLAGE INN-222 Brody, William-92,106 Bromley, Janice-224 Bromley, Jim-106,107 Brooks, Richard-89,110 Brown, Debra-46 Brown, Alison--45,48,51 Buchanan, Wllliam Mr,-115 Buddenbaum, Gladys Mrs.-133 Buddenbaurn, Nancy-42 BUD GATES INC,-216 Bugher, William Mr.-119 Bugbee, Beth-43 Bundles, Alelia-46 BURGER CHEF-217 Burger, Jay-110 Burgess, David-104 Burney, J. Douglas-43 Burns, Elizabeth-27,40,41,42,45 Burns, Stephen-41 Burroughs, James-43 Burrus, Anthony-46,47 Busch, Barbara-135 Busch, John-41,43,66,105,217 Buschmann, Thomas-134 Butz, Barbara-209 Butz, Bruce-101 Close, Janet-79 Clothing-62 Cluster, Candace-112 Cockerille, Philip-42,43,'l3A Cohen, Janet-41,5O,135 Cohen, Sandra-168 Colby, Darin-63 Collins, Susan-167 Conly, Timothy-55 Concert Band-76 Cook, Robin-158,215 Cooper, Daniel-58 Copenhaver, Dave-1 10 Corbet, Ann-41 Corbin, Bill Mr.-54 Corbin, David G.-41,226 Cory, David-216 Costume-53 Cotter, Michael-B9 Coulson, Sarah-42,711,135 Counterpoints-78 Cowan, Kathy-79 Cowser, Mark-96 Craig, Mary-42 Cravey, Altha-58 Cravey, Georgia-42,117,135 Crays, Sara-22 Cracker, James-43,174 Dean, Kristina-19 Debate Club-72,73 Debate Team-73 Deckard, Jack--102,210 Decoursey, Donna-42,45,70,225 Deford, Bill-84 Dennerline, Sandre-209 deRaismes, Barbara-45,174 deRaismes, Beverly--46 Descants-80 Detmer, S.-104 Diamond, Cheryl-9,46 Diaz, Thomas-2,106 Dick, Mr. Richard-134 Diehl, Melinda-50 Dietz, Stephanie-134 Dilk, Betty Jo-53 Dillin, Patricia-30,41,52,215 Dimit, Richard-197 Dinwiddie, Al-115,174 Dinwiddie, Mark-104 Dinnsen, Robert-41,167 Dittus, Diana-19 Dittus, Robert-96 Dock, Linda-79 Donham, Danny-65 Doney, Mr. Thomas-117 Dorman, Ilene-40 Downard, Marsha-79 Drafting-55 Drake, Daniel-30,43 Drama-53 Driggers, Lee-46 Drill Team-84 Drummond, Kipp-72,73 Duggan, Karen-45 Dulong, Lynn-21 Dundas, Mary-41 Dunn, Kari-112,174 Duvall, John-73,135 Dykema, Daren-209 Dykins, Michelle-55 SENIORS-145 JUNIORS-179 SOPHOMORES-193 EARL W. RICH PLUMBING 81 APPLIANCES-208 Eaton, Richard-41 Edington, Carol-62 Eggleston, Jeffrey-90 Ehret, Kent-95,104,115,219 Eiche, Mr. Milo-120 Einstandig, Bonnie-32,47 Einstandig, Laura-79 Elam, Stephen-210 Electronics-54 Elliott, Michael-41,45,106 ELLIS JEWELRY-207 Ellsberry, Mr, James-118,160 Ellson, Steve-89,106 Emery, Mr. John-115 Emmert, David-108 Emmert, Fred--108,115 Engel, Ronald-9 Englehart, Theodore-41,43 Enright, Paul-68 Eppers, Robert-90 Ervin, Harold-134 Eschenbrenner, Jane-79 Evans, Liz--49 Evans, Dr. Dean-120 TEACHERS-123,124 SENIORS-145-147 JUNIORS-179 SOPHOMORES-193 Fairley, Daniel-134,208 Fairman, Jay-105 Falender, Elaine-41 Farkas, Mrs. Margerite-130 Farrand, Mr. Keith-108,110,115 Faust, Becky-79 Fehsenfeld, Fred-101 Fenn, Jane-47 FIEBER 81 RIELLY-224 Fisch, Bruce-72 Fisher, Sally-66 Fishman, Miles--47,67 Fleek, Pamela-42,135 Fleming, Phylis-48 Fletcher, Jean-42,135 Fobes, Richard-27,41,100,115 Fogle, Ann-20,43,49,5O,16O Fogle, Norman-106 Fogle, Rhonda-187 Folk Music-14,75 Ford, Paul-106 Forensics-73 Fortune, John-41,42,43,93,106 Foster, Dana-57 Foster, Donna-41,79 Foster, Kathleen-41 Foulke, Donald-84 Fowler, John--52 Franklin, Lorenzo-92 Franz, Deborah-61 Franz, Kathy--71 Franz, Mary-45 Freeman, Georgette-72 Freeze, William-32,9O,134 Freihofer, James-43 Freiie, Brenda-42,135,139 FRENCH CLUB-50 Frey, Wilbur-12,105 Freyer, Barbara--203 Freidersdorf, Mr. John-89,115 Fritsch, Barry-104 Fritschle, Scott-102 Frock, Carol-22 Frosch, Fred--95,106,115,197 Fruits, Mr. Forrest-72 Fulk, Carol Ann-79 Fuller, Douglas-52 Fulmer, Charles-90 Future Business Leaders-60 Future Nurses-61 Future Teachers-60 TEACHERS-124 SENIORS-147-149 JUNIORS-179-180 SOPHOMORES-193-194 Gaalema, Greg-105 Galvin, Matthew-42 Gant, Gary-103 Gardner, Larry-43 Garrett, Robert--101 Garriott, Karen-174 Garritson, Dennis-56,57 Garriety, Thomas-106 Gates, Stephen-187,216 Gauchat, Stephanie-79 Gemmer, Barbara-134 Geology-57 German Club-50 Geutschow, Karen-71 Gibbs, Alana-41 Gibson, Anne-130 Gillespie, Alan-41,110 Gillies, Roger-114 Gipe, David-92 Gipe, Stephen-41,110 Girls' Automechanics-55 Girls' Booster Club-82 Girls' Concert Choir-81 Girls' Chorale-79 Girls' Ensemble--78 Girls' Industrial Arts-54 Glasser, Robert-20,43 Goldberg, Michael-41,42,68,72, 135 Goldstein, Susan-75,217 Goll, John-110 Goll, Jeannie-47 Goodin, Robert-42,66,72,73 Goodman, Bethann-225 GOODMAN SHOES-225 Goodrich, Stephen-72,73 Goss, Louise-22 Government-67 Graham, Garrett-89,105 Grant, Duncan-48 Grant, Robert-106 Graphic Arts-70 Great Books-48 Great Music-74 Greenberg, Daniel-21 Greer, Sandra-47,134 Gresham, Georgia-52 Grinkmeyer, Gerald-174 Gross, Patricia-57,71 Grube, Danton-12,66,72,8O Guy, Earl-72,73 Gwyn, Doug-100 Gym Assistants TEACHERS-124-125 SENIORS-149-153 JUNIORS-180-181 SOPHOMORES-195 Habeggar, Rebecca-42 Habig, Lynn-41 Habig, Robert D.-34,40,41,108, 1 10 Hackelman, Robert--104,115,489 Haines, Richard-84 Hale, Doug-100 Ham, James-42,43,58,134,204 Hamaker, Carol-41 Hanaway, Larry-90 HANDY HARDWARE-212 Hanink, Katherine-52 Hankins, Christian-217 Handley, Mary E.-79 Harcourt, Jack-89,115,174 Harding, Victoria-79 Hardy, William-95,97,105,219 Hargadon, Helen-41 Harlan, Susan--47 Harley, John-75 Harmon, Edwin-48 Harmon, Winifred-61,224 Har ool James-105 205 P I , HARPOOL'S AMERICAN CLEANERS- 212 Harris, Beth-46 Harris, Scott-41 Harshman, Mark-41,43,45 Hartley, Charles-54 Hartman, Stephen-17 Haskett, Laurencw52 Haskett, Paul-100,101 Hayes, Elizabeth-43,47,135,221 Heilbrunn, Richard-216 Hellman, Lawrence-52 Heiskell, Thomas-43 Henderson, John Mr.-52 Hendricks, Larry-102 Hene, John-56 Henn, Gary--52 Hendricks, Nancy-168 HERFF JONES-215 Herrmann, Suzanne-47 Hershey, Judy-83 Hickey, John-95,104,1 15,134 Hicks, Daniel-52,457,135 Hicks, Susan-71 Highmark, David-96 Hill, Carol-27,33,74,146,21O, 218 Hill, Steven-106,57 Hodapp, Nancy--79 Hades, Marquis-59 Hoffman, Jeffrey--41,217 Hollander, Jay-225 Hollen, Richard-41 Holloway, Frank-96 HOLLYHOCK HILL-213 Holmquist, John-93,101,174 Holmes, Kathy-222 Holsworth, Mark-43 Holt, Anthony-84 Holt, Mark-92,106 Honderich, Joan-75 Hope, James-11 Horning, Donald-110 Horning, Gregory--52 Hotte, Warren-93,106 Howard, Barry-41 Howe, Deborahiil Howell, Priscilla-42,70,134 Hudson, Marcia-61 Hudson, Thomas-90 Huff, William-105 Huffman, Dennis-102 Hughes, Neil-43 Hullett, David-90 Humbert, Virginia-174 Hunt, Hollice-52 Hurwitz, Richard-105 Hutchinson, Robert-41,110 Hyde, Alan-135 TEACHERS-125 SENIORS-153 JUNIORS-1 81 SOPHOMORES-195 1-M Sports-114-115 lnskeep, Roland Mr.-89,95,96,115 International Foods-63 International Relations-45 ltce, Carolyn-74 TEACHERS-125 SENIORS-153 JUNIORS-189 SOPHOMORES-203 Jackson, Scott-21,46,177 Jacobs, Stephen-46,56 Jagger, John-43,135 Jakoubek, Robert-43 Jay, Marcy-47,199,71 J. C. SIPE Bt CO.-224 Jensen, Dick-115 Jerman, Mary Kay-71,207 Johnson, Kathleen-48 Johnson, William-90,174 Jones, Elizabeth Mrs.-120 Jones, Linda-134,210 Jones, Lynn-209 Jordan, Jane-83 Jordan, Kathleen-79 Joslin, Nancy-43 Journalism-49 Jr. Historical Society-66 Jr. Sr. Girls' Exercise-63 Junior Class Council-174 Junior Officers-175 K TEACHERS--125 SENIORS-153-155 JUNIORS-181 SOPHOMORES-195-196 Kafoure, Leslie-41,71 Kahn, Susan-41,47,52,53 Kail, Robert-135 Kalleen, James--224 Kamplain, Bruce-43 Kappes, Susan-71 Karagozian, Judy-167 Karels, Liene-41 Kassig, Edward-92 Kautz, Catherine-62 Kautzman, Steven--89,115 Kavanaugh, Rosemarie-61 Keenan, Debra-79 Keller, Mrs. Doris-132 Keller, John-43,68 Keller, Patricia-22 Kelly, John-43,92,93 Kelly, Kathleen-46,135 Kelly, Mike-222 Kelso, Stephanie-174 Kemp, Terry-130,205 Kempler, Joseph--108 Kempler, Nathan-89,110 Kennedy, Geneva Mrs.-130 Kennedy, John-43 Kerezman, Bruce-8 Key Club-43 KIDD LUMBER-210 Kikendall, Melanie- King, Jeanette-79 King, Rod-84 Kingdom, Victor-46 Kinsey, Brian-101 Kirles, George-41 Klein, Susan-61 Klein, Jeff-104 Kniptash, Douglas-96,188 Knitting-62 Knowles, Stephen-41 Koenig, Paul--9,226 Kokos, Melissa-32,-41,42,47,135 151 Komsiski, D. Jeanette-45 Koschmann, Robert-102 Kranich, Diane-72 Kreisher, Debra-83 Kreusser, Katherine-174,175 Krueger, John-41,92,104 Kruse, Deborah-79 Kurtz, Anna-41 Kyle, Laura-79 TEACHERS-125 SENIORS-155-156 JUNIORS-181-182 SOPHOMORES-196 Lancet, Bill-106 Landborg, Frances-55 Langfitt, David-74 Langford, Donald-110 Langford, Richard-105 Lapham, Jeffrey-93 Lash, Richard-32,89,95,105,174 Lateste, John-92 Latin Club-51 Laux, David--B4 Lawton, Donald-2O,27,82,88,89, 91,108,110,111,115,134 Laycock, Margery Miss-175 Lebin, Alan-117,167 Lee, Catherine-2 Leeds, Katherine-46 Left, Mariorie-4,42,45 Leimbach, Joy-34,71,112 Lempke, Robert-90,106 Leininger, Steve-84 Lennox, Ellen-42,134 Lerman, Cathy-79 Leslie, Martha-62 Lester, Tamara--45 Lewis, Janine-63,220 Lewis, Ted B. Mr.-120 Library-70 Lickliter, Arlan Mr. 31,92,93,94,95, 96 Light, David-90 Light, Dr. J. Everett-120 Lilly, Diana-27,33,134,226 Linder, Gary-41,89,90,106 Linderman, James-28,42,47,135 Lindquist, Aline-42 Lindquist, John-41,42,43,47,66, 72,73,1 34 Lingeman, Jan--36,47,174 Lipken, Neil-42,56 Lipscomb, Martha-49 Lisher, John-42 Longest, Shari-10 Looney, Patrick-42,413,167 Lord, William Mr.-52 Loreng, Linda-71 Louden, David-90 Lukemeyer, Anna-53 Lurvey, David-60 Luzader, Linda-72 TEACHERS-125-127 SENIORS-156-160 JUNIORS-182-183 SOPHOMORES-196-198 Mackey, John--4,95 MacLennan, Georgene F.-79 Macona, Ray-1 10 Madinger, Kathleen-45,47 Madrigals-80 Maggard, James-134,213 Miller, Madison-90,96 Miller, Margaret-67,83 Miller, Mark-90 Miller, Sarah-42,52 Millholland, Betsey-42 Mills, Mark-43,174 Mitchell, Daniel--41,90 Monical, Stuart--98 Moody, Moore, Kathy-212 David-93,106,115,209 Moore, Eugene-84 Moore, Mark-27,28,4O,41,42,89, 104,1 15 Moore, Moore, Melinda-158 Nancy Lee-79 Quill and Scroll-135 Maines, Jane--19 Malless, Stanley-208 Mallison, Christy-41 Madolin Choir-74 Manifold, Carol-30 MAN'S WORLD-225 Marr, Jeffrey--31,90 Marschke, Robert-106 Martin, Constance-42,47 Martin, Donald Mr.-175 Martin Frederic-208 Martin, Faith-174 Martin, Rex-41 Mashaw, Dorothy-21 1,219 Mashaw, William Mr.-120 Massena, Roy-41,59 Mathews, Terry-71,112,163 Matrons--130 Mattson, Cynthia-65 Maxson, Laura-48 McCan, Becky-10 McClain, Nancy-27,2B,34,4O,41, 82,1 12,149 McClelland, Ann-41 McConville, Scott-93 McCord, Margaret--79 McCuen, Daniel-41 McDowell, Robin-30 McPhee, Bob-9,135 McGuire, Donna-83 McKinney, Kirk-42,43,11O,134, 135,143 McKinney, Sarah-41 McKown, George-105 McNamara, Thomas-18 McNichols, Stephen-93,106,1 15 McPhee, Gail-72 McPhee, Robert-42,72,73 McVey, Sally-43,47,135,151,221 Meister, John-96 Mercer, Doug--110 Merritt, Jeannine Mrs.-122 Mewhinney, Barbara-46,144 Meyer, Robert-43 Milch, Tom-41,72,73 Miller, Donald A.-90 Miller, Joe-215 Morgan, David-90 Morgan, James-45 Morgan, Peggy-79 Moritz, Jean-207 Morris, Julie-19 Morse, Charles-57 Morton, John-43 Moss, John-105 Mote, John Mr.-120 Mote, Thomas-92 Mu Alpha Theta-58 Mueller, Lynne-41,60 Muller, Michael-43,45 Mullins, Patti-59,135 Mulvaney, Mike-72 Mumford-194 Murdock-106 Murphy, Dennis-90 Murphy, Joe-106 Murphy, Kathleen-42 Music Men-81 TEACHERS-127 SENIORS-160-161 JUNIORSF-183 SOPHOMORES-198 Nahmias, Karen-60,220 Nahmias, Larry-41,42,98 National Forensic League-72,73 National Merit-135 NDCC Drill Team-84 NDCC Rifle Team-84 NDCC Team-B5 NEAL'S OF CALIFORNIA-223 Nees, David-89,108 Neff, Mary-46 Nefouse, Gregory-41,90 Nehrling, Martina--46,48 Nelson, Debra-72,73 Nelson, Gary-108 Nestor, David-134 Netter, Larry-14,84 Neumeier, Susan-79 Newkirk, Nancy-152 Nicholson, James-101 Nicholson, Kathleen-83 Nickson, Yvette-79 Nie, Douglas-43,174 Noland, James-43 Noland, Kathleen-42,135 Nolte, Sarah-209 Norlin, Wayne-92 Notehand-65 Nunn, Pamela-79 Nurse-130 SENIORS-161 JUNIORS-183 SOPHOMORES-198 OBERHOLTZER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY-208 Oberholtzer, Deborah-5,208 Ohlson, Raymond-31,89,9O Okane, Nancy--5,71,174 Oliver, Molli-41,45 Olthoff, John-106 Orchestra-76-77 Orr, James-95,96,104,l15 Over, Paul--42,135 Overbey, Steven-1 15 Overman, Steven-41,89,91,95,97, 104,115,152,219 TEACHERS-127 SENIORS-161-163 JUNIORS-1 83 SENIORS-198 PAINTING 81 DECORATING-224 Palmer, Patricia-226 Panther Athletic-82 Pardieck, Robert-92 Park, Debbie-71 Parker, William-66,90,110 Passo, Samuel-42 Patterson, Ronald-180 Patton, Barbara-225 Patton, David E.-43,217 Patton, David L.-89,105 PAUL HARRIS-208 Payne, Janice-134 Peacocks-220 Pearson, Bonnie-74,146 Peeler, Jeff-102 Peirce, John-115 Pelsue, Gary-43 Penington, Michael-92,93,115 Penno, Barbara-51 Pentecost, Deborah-41 PEOPLES BANK 81 TRUST-214 Pepple, Douglas-90 Perkins, David-21,41,43 Perkins, Stephen-187 Perlov, Jonathan-56 Perlstein, Robert-72,92,l06,115, 174 Petersen, Karen-41 Peterson, James--43 Peterson, Scott--1 10 Petticrew, Jeff-100 Pfau, Greg-84 Pfeiffer, Christine-46 Phares, Mr.-114 Phariss, Stanley-89 Phillippe, Jamene-83 Photography-64 PHOTO REFLEX STUDIOS-L. S. AYRES 81 CO.-223 Pickering, Diane-79 Pike, Darrell-31,89,90,115 Pittenger, Gordon-43,95 Platt, Thomas-42 Poetry-49 Policemen-121 Ponder, Constance-30,146 PORTER BUSINESS COLLEGE-223 Pratt, Michael-43 Pribble, Cynthia-167 Pritchard, Dennis-90 Pritchard, Glenn-42,89,1OB,109, 1 15 Pruitt, James-10,42,105,135 Pruitt, Robert-41,93,106 SENIORS-163 JUNIORS--183-184 SOPHOMORES-198 Quinta, Eric-43 Quirk, Janet-42 TEACHERS-1 27 SENlORSf-163-165 JUNIORS-1 92 SOPHOMORES-206-207 Ramaker, Douglas-89,105 Raphael, Marc-102,103 Rattler, Pearl-130 Ray, Joyce-134 RCA-206 RED CROSS--61 Redish, Gregory-174 Redmond, Jane-41 Reed, Billy-209 Reel, David-106,115 Reel, William-41,209 Reeves, Charles-84 Regenstreif, Isaac-43,95 Reiche, Sherry-65 Reinking, Allan-43,106 Reserve Wrestling Team-73 Review Typing-64 Reynolds, Jerry--54 Rhinesmith, Mr. Samuel-79 Rich, Earl-218 Richards, Randall-110,217 Riefers, Carol-209 Rifking, Jay-192 Rifking, Joel-192 Rifle Team-84 Riley, Charles Mr.-23,92,93,115 Ripma, John-56 Roberts, Dale-42,43 Roberts, Deborah--41 Roberts, Judy-41 Roberts, Margaret-33,134,213 Robertson, Steve-16 Robison, Sally-66 Robinson, Caryn-79 RODERICK ST. JOl'lN'S-215 Roesch, Charles-108,109 Roesch, John-56,115 Roesch, Richard-108 Rohn, Matt-72 Roll, Karen-199 ROST JEWELRY-21 8 Roth, Ann-44 Roth, Dana-44,174 Rothbard, Janis-225 Rothbaum, Robert-41,42,43,58, 135 Routt, Beverly-48,52 Russell, Jeffrey-64,226 Rust, Thomas-42,93 Ryan, John-210 TEACHERS-127-128 SENIORS-165-169 JUNIORS-184,185 SOPHOMORES-199-201 Sachs, Annette-174 Sanger, Aksa-137 Schaefer, Debbro M.-211 Schaefer, Susan Mae-41 Schaeffer, Ann-168 Scherer, Nancy Lee-47 Scherrer, Steven-65 Schlffli, Mr. Jack-8,89,115 Schiffli, Carolyn-42,43,50 Schillen, Marianina-168 Schlegel, Gregory P.-66,93,106, 174,175 SCHMlDT'S DRUGS-225 Schmucker, Mr. Glenn-105,115 Schnackel, Robert-47 Schnute, Karen Louise-74 SCHOOL BOARD-120 Schoolcraft, Joe W.-42,534,108 Schornstein, Mark--220 Schortemeyer, Carol J.-42,71 Schrader, Thomas F.--27,4O,41,89, 106,1 1 5 Schubert, Julie Anne-151 Schuchmann, Walter H.-84,135 Schulenberg, John-110 Schulte, Leah-2,30,74,75,134 Schuman, Robert K.--54 Schwab, M. Frederick-45 Science Proiects-59 Science Reading-59 Science Service-70 Scofield, John B.-41,43,47 Scuba Club-56 229 Scruggs, Lettie-130 Scudder, Sharon-32,42 Sebastian, Martin-41,89 Sebastian, Mary-42 Secretaries-121 Senecal, Francis M.-35,41,45,101 Senior Class Council-134 Senior Class Officers-134 Sewell, Lisa J.-187 Shackelford, Gordon-68 Shadinger, David-43 Shakespeare-48 Shearer, Kay Ellen-83 Sherry, Gregory Jay-43 ' Shewmaker, Jack Mr.-89,1 'IO Shirley, Mr. John-100,115 Shoemaker, Robert E.-52 Sigal, Charles E.-43 Silverstein, Dennis S.-218 Sippel, Kristine-21 Simon, Jeffrey-35 Simon, Kathy J.-41 Sipe, Samuel H.-224 Skelton, Cleve-210 Skelton, Thomas W.--59 Sklare, Bruce T.-100 Slemmer, Karen-79 Slide Rule-58 Srnoart, Michael A.-100 STOKELY VAN CAMP-221 Stone, Judith Ann-35 Stone, Patricia-41 Stoops, Bradley-93,106 STOUFFER'S-211 Strang, Priscilla--167 Strang, Thomas-69 Strauss, Keith-178 Stroh, Mark-108,115 Strong, David Rupert-43,134 Stroup, Mr. Keith-89,95,115 Strouse, Pam-71 Stultz, Steven-43 Sullivan, Nancy Ann-225 Sutton, Steven W.-102 Swanson, Linda Ann-112,149 Swenson, Patti-71 Swigart, Mrs. Linnea-133 Swindell, Mrs. Kay-132 Symphonic Wind Ensemble-78,79 Tulli, Kathleen-11 TUTWILER CADILLAC-207 Tutwiler, Warren-43,207 TWA-21 3 SENIORS-170 JUNIORS-1 86 SOPHOMORES-201 Ullom, William-56 Undercoffer, J.-104,115 Undegrove, Terry-52 SENIORS-170 JUNIORS-194 Weinberg, Ellen-41 Weingeimer, R.-104 Weinstein, Anne-61 Wendlirig, Mr. John-18 White, Bruce-20,41,43,225 White, Mr. J. B.-128 White, William-6,75 Whitman, Linda-79 Whitinger, Robert-30 Whitmore, James-70 Wiggins, Steven-43 Wilhelm, Captain Charles Willard, Becky--2,134 Williams, Don-41 Williams, Laurie-208 Williams, Marna-79 Williams Richard-175 Williams, Sue-79 Wills, Katherine-174 Wilson, Diane-62 84 1 TEACHERS-128-129 SENIORS-169-170 JUNIORS-185-186 SOPHOMORES-201 SOPHOMORES-209 Valentine, Robert-135 Vance, Vance, James-43 Michael-82,B9,91,106 VAN SICKLE RADIO SUPPLY CG.- 214 vesmi, candy-71 Vinton, William-95 Vonnegut, Betsy-2 22 Wingenroth, Jan-64 Winter, Deborah-42 Wise, Polly-71,174,175 Witham, Douglas-4l,43,110,222 WM. TOBlAS STUDIO-210 Wolf, Gary-20,41,42,45,52 Wolf, Karen-42,5O,83,134,'l35 Wolf, Mark-42,72,73,l45 Wood, Ronald--44 Smith Cheryl Ann-71,134 Smith, Daniel-89 Smith, Mr. David C.-70,126 Smith, Larry-84 Smith, Mary Scott-33,41,42 Smith Melanee-174 Smith Smith Snow, Robert H.-105,108 Mr. William-23 Kevin R.-96 Solecki, Randy Lee-10,71 Solecki, Susan-61 Spanish Club-50 Sparks, Kay Ellen-83 Sparrenberger, Kathy-134 Speake, Deborah L.-46 Spec Coordinators-175 Taslitz, Neal J.-10 Tate, Charles-46,57,106 Tavel, Donald L.-41,65 Tavel, Lawrence S.-41,47 Taylor, Denise-174 Taylor, Priscilla-221 Tekolste, Kathy A.-42 Tewksbury, Richad Lee-88-90, 106,1 15,1 34 Tharp, Cecil-8 Theobald, Mrs. Patricia-19 Thespians-52 Thomas, Bradford E.-106,107 Thomas, Mrs. Jacquelyn-132 Thomas, Janie S.-41,208 TEACHERS-129 SENIORS--170-173 JUNIORS-186 SOPHOMORES-201-202 Wagman, Rhonda-174,220 Wahl, James-43,54 Waife, Ronald-72,73 Waldner, Michael-215,217 WALKER 84 PARTLOW REALTORS- 214 World Culture-44 Worley, Kevin-89,110,111 Wrege, Douglas-45 Wrege, Nancy-212 Wright, Cindy-83 Wright, Fiona-1O,42,49 Wright, Mary-42 Wright, Marsha-52 Wright, Roger-152,209 SENIORS-173 Springer, Susan C.-53 Srader, Betsy Ann-52 Stage Band-77 Stage Crew-52 Stahl, James L.-55 Stahlhuth, Gayle S.-41,42,47,52, 154 Stanley, Sheryl-174 STENZDALEXS-210 Stephenson, Mary T.-178 Stephenson, Robert Jr,-90 Stern, Bradley-90,1 10 Sternberger, Nancy J.-41 Sterner, Edwin B.-43,45 Stevernson, William-216 Stillerman, Irene-79 Stocksdale, Charles-210 .-Stohler, Ga ry-52 Stokesberry, Mrs. Betty-43 Thompson, Beverly-187,188 Thompson, Julie-41 Thompson, LaSalle-93,106 Thompson, Michael-1 10 Thompson, Pete-106 Thompson, Susan P.-41,83 Thompson, Steven-1 O4 Timmons, Geneva-130 Tindall, Elizabeth--41 Tishler, Susan-2,222 Todd, Terry-90,1 10 Tomlinson, Linda-51 Tomlinson, Mrs. Patricia-132 Walker, Mr. William-114 Wallace, James-43 Wallace, Martha-42 Wallace, Michael--B6 Wallace, Thomas-90 Waller, Donald-43,45 Waller, Elizabeth-45 Walls, Kathy-220 Walter, Mr. Jack-95,96 Walter, John-34,8B,89,106,115, 134 Walter, Joseph-104 Walter Dou -41,115 Toth, Caryl-79 Toth, Phillip-42,104,115 Tower, Deborah-47 Trais, Andrea--46,135 Transcription-65 Travel Club-44 Truesdell, Martin-90,110 , 9 Ward, Mark-41 Warfield, Donna-41 Wasson, Karen-19,83 Waugh, James-106 Weaver, Mr. Byron-89,90 Weaver, Jay-90 Weeks, Paul-96 JUNIORS-1 86 SOPHOMORES-202 Yosha, Sandra-45 Youngquist, Martha-27,33,74,13 SENIORS-173 JUNIORS-186 SOPHOMORES-202 Zaring, Catherine-112,149 Zehner, Angelika-50 Zell, Kathy-79 Ziegner, Anne-46,83 Zilson, Christy-41 Zimmerman, George-89,90,110 Zimmerman, William-43 Zwigart, Linnea-121 Q ? 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Carole Fiedler Susie Kahn Connie Martin Section Editors: Opening . . .... Jody Abel Jane Fenn Activities Georgia Cravey Betty Jo Hayes Sports ... ... John Lindquist John Scofield Album ....... ....... .... M i ssy Kokos Sally McVey Advertising and Financing Bonnie Einstandig Bob Rothbaum Larry Tavel Head Photographer .................... .........,..... L ennie Cantor Assistants .....,..................... Jim Alexander, Roger Beaman, Tony Burrus, Craig Capehart, Andy Fogle, Bob Schnackel, and Roy Trester Staff Assistants .....,.................... Betty Williams, Kathy Madinger, Sue Herrmann, Marcy Jay, Stephany DiBlasio, Dave Morrison, Julie Schubert, Mary Zachar, Lif'f"77"?ifh57'il'i Debbie Tower, and Jeannie Goll Advisor ......................... ..................... M r. Rod Cord KXYNNQ' O . Qgvmcubocf ow-f ltlpcucqqi . . Q'-lr-l A thanks to . NEWSFOTO PUBLISHING COMPANY, our publishers Work on the 1968 Northerner began April of last year. It was then that we had to decide upon a theme for the '68 annual. After many tedious hours of staring at the walls, the reviewing of countless suggestions and the urge, or rather the necessity, to begin work im- mediately, we agreed upon a theme- Ueducation for the individual." The theme, we believed, was only fitting since North Central is well-known for its academic excellence. We therefore took the opportunity to boost our school morale, brag lust a little, and extend a hats off salute to our varied curriculum. Since then, numerous hours -over 14,400 man hours-have been spent by staff members in the com- piling ofthe I968 story. Being editor this year has taught me a great many things-mostly the meaning of responsibility. I often won- dered if what I was doing was worth the effort, and sometimes I wanted to "throw in the towel." But now that everything is behind me and we have caught up on our past deadlines, I can only say that if I had it to do over again, I would undertake the iob. The task has been an education in itself- a course in public relations, writing, editing, and administration all at once. At this time I would like to thank all those involved who helped produce the book. Without the encouragement of friends, and the cooperation and in- dustrious work of all staff members the book never could have "gone to bed." JAL Mr. Dick Kennard, representative of NEWSFOTO, for help, cooperation, and patience Mr. Robert Kubic of INTER-STATE STUDIO for our underclassmen pictures PHOTO REFLEX STUDIO for the portraits of the seniors and faculty Mrs. Marti Ripberger and Mr. Clarence Downey for their photographic work The administration for their consideration in allocating time for pictures and yearly events Mr. Rod Cord, our advisor, whose understanding and patience guided all of the "individual" staff members through the perils of publication The iunior board who quickly learned the importance of meeting deadlines And the seniors who served without credit so the NORTHERNER could have an experienced staff and who put in many hours of extra work -- W 0w L9.e,uafQvQ, im WWW fomfm QM mmlwfwww Pima ' WW gzjw? M f W ' , f'fW IWW mf ff Q ic, Q icdamwf , QQ. ,L fu-a.w4,VLm1:6L,.Q:,Q.:u4,0tanft QQQCBWQQ1 j.,'xL Q9 C, 502 ,Q ' Q ' 5 ' fW6x SME E Ml FRE D75 0fZEllq'9 ' ' " A I , Q Lf 'JL Qdffrua , . LQLQLQ. 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U65 gig, 9- Af 7 'jg 'aim ' Q-97-'Qgirj Evifivapf ODSHQ6 Q9 550, 5xST'x?X 'N P55 23 1 N, O '-3 , Z x N , xw , C , X i b u fx 'Lf x A " U , , . X . V . X Q, X A X x by N w Q ' 4 U I . 553, .x 1 x,. 1 X 6 X, X X. L. X , XE' FD Q M 3' 9 Q X W X n W xg A K , X , x ,, xx X . 52 H , Aw ,917 X1fY fff1,1'f1 A 'f fxf 7 -yy , , 1, , . . I M, Q TQ gx Q' 'I ,. " - T' .1 ' XX XM F Lf J,, ?nl. :v,,l'VJ JA Pj in xg Q m N24 M mx ff? . QW ,f zfyfw ' . Q' ,J 46' x PM ' ' L, .'f' .1 ' v A ,fri A . ' J YH A ' 1 V rw' 1 N ' F 'V -I 'fx N V -A Q3 'fi Q " ' 0, ,QQ ,t, rl! . f . ' My mwkodvua W' WWW mmm ff WWNWWW SL 'Af ., ffwlfmifjfm 1gf59Qw5fj5AW.2gQ?3Hr 3gij ff,i133WjfM MWXWQ, yiivowgfwvwgwaffpffb f?fi5CLV,fpfWUQff Q9-'SJQM3' iffww W KW lf xmfgbmfh Qfifif QE avi? is Aw , W2 Q5 ,-v I .,. R 1' 3 Q. r' . ,sf 'Q 1 1 --si' L", , I f u .1 . H KK. F., V29 Q

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