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REDACTED FOR PRIVACY 1967 NORTHERNER North Central High School Indianapolis, Indiana Volume I I AS PAUL NEFOUSE PLUNGES into the end zone, Scott Clayton signals the winning touchdown over Carmel, which triggered the first undefeated football season. RELAXING IN THE EMPTINESS of the student center, Bill Parker snatches a few, quiet moments during his lunch period to review his geometry notes. We love to doubt We are The as well as to know. . . Restless Ones As North Central enters its second decade, a unique attitude prevails among many students. Just as Dante ' s statement, " I love to doubt as well as to know, " ex- presses his belief in the unlimited opportunities for learning, Centralites are also realizing their many chances for a broad education. At North Central there are numerous opportunities for a liberal education that begin to mold an in- dividual ' s life. In the wide variety of courses, students are encouraged to think and discover for themselves as they question traditional concepts and search for new ideas. But a Centralite ' s schooling is not just centered around academics; he also participates in challenging extracurricular activities ranging from creating stage scenery to tutoring other pupils. As the leaders of a new area in education, restless Centralites, continually doubting and searching, accept the many challenges that North Central offers. CHEMISTRY TEACHER Mr. Robert Watson quizes Terry Mashaw in order to clarify results of an experiment. IN COMPARISON with a busy weekday, the school build- ing stands nearly deserted on an uneventful Saturday. TABLE OF CONTENTS School Life 6 Academics 16 Activities 36 Sports 84 People 112 Advertising 190 ■IIMIJIJUIIMI—BI Forming combos, touring foreign lands, accent many extra- In addition to spending many hours practicing ath- letics and studying, Centralites also found time to participate in community and extracurricular activi- ties. Part-time employment was extremely popular with North Central seniors. They not only earned extra " pocket money " but also added substantial sums in bank accounts for college. Playing in bands was an- other method of earning money. Combos provided music for private and school parties. Sue Williams traveled to Madras, India, for an unforgettable stay with the Srivinasan family on the American Field Service program. Getting accustomed to eating strange foods and seeing lizards on the walls were adjustments she had to make. As training for careers in nursing, girls candy striped at hospitals in Indianapolis. Some of their duties included filing x-rays and visiting patients. UNPACKING HER SOUVENIRS from India, A.F.S. stu- dent Sue Williams reminisces about her two-month sojourn. DURING A PRACTICE three members of " The Foremost, " Chris Katterjohn, John Sco- field, and Jeff Adler concen- trate on the words to " Cherish. " and aiding community curricular activities BY CHECKING A STOCK DRAWER for a correct sweater size, Terry Tinsley helps to outfit a youngster. Fall brings restless anticipation of games, parties, and bonfires CAROLYN CASSADA as Daisy Mae tries to convince Li ' l Abner (Dick Pruyn) that his life is in danger. As the placid summer months quickly drew to a close, our thoughts turned restlessly towards the com- ing school year. We anticipated a change in North Central and looked forward to it eagerly as we watched Centralites develop a fresh new school spirit. Student Council and class council representatives were chosen and seniors made plans for their annual bonfire and style show while juniors and sophomores waited with excitement for their individual class parties. A middle-aged man entering an old folks ' home to brighten the lives of its occupants made the fall play, " The Silver Whistle, " a lively and enjoyable comedy. Hillbilly accents echoed through the halls after au- ditions began for the musical, " Li ' l Abner, " and the polished show received several standing ovations. The fall season successfully displayed a bright, new beginning for North Centralites and set the pace for a prosperous school year. DREAMING OF THE FUTURE, George Deckman, Luanne Wherry, and Dennis Huffman enjoy the bonfire. ANSWERING QUESTIONS FOR PARENTS on the annual Back-to-School Night, Mr. Robert Watson explains the re- quirements and grading for his chemistry classes. REHEARSING FOR THE FALL PRODUCTION of " The Silver Whistle, " Lyman Eaton, Gary Wolf, Beth Harris, and Steve Fruits portray residents in an old folks ' home. y MODELS TERRY MILLER, Rick Knudsen, Mark Dinwiddie and Susie Swingle pose as they wait to walk across the stage at the annual Family Jamboree Fashion Show. Karen Williams Mert Stander as DESPITE MINOR DIFFICULTIES, Anne Englehart helps ENTHUSIASTIC FANS and devout alumni cheer Panthers, her homeroom pedal to victory in the girls ' tricycle race. like No. 87 Pete Thompson, to victory over Ben Davis, 36-6. TENSION FILLS THE AIR as the 1966 Homecoming Queen candidates, Kathy Grady, Sally Hartman, Mert Stander, Kyle Thomas, and Luanne Wherry wait anxiously for the crown- ing of the winner by Karen Williams, last year ' s queen of the festivities. Karen confers her title of Homecoming Queen to surprised Mert Stander, who, adjusting her crown, accepts a returns to crown Homecoming Queen Perhaps setting a precedent for future years, last year ' s Homecoming Queen Karen Williams returned home to crown her successor, Mert Stander, queen of the second annual Homecoming activities. Mert crowned Paul Nefouse king the following night at the dance which carried out the " Central Submarine " theme. Hoping to start a new tradition, Student Council sponsored a girls ' tricycle race to enliven the week- end ' s festivities. Having conquered all other home- room entries, seniors Anne Englehart, Pam Engle, Jo Anne Fehsenfeld, Cindy Ehmer, and Candy Erhardt were given charms for their winning efforts. The traditional float parade included " Panthers Rule " by Mu Alpha Theta, " Panthers Clean Giants " by Senior Class Council, " Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum-Chopped Down and Overrun " by National Honor Society, " Cut ' em Down to Size " by homeroom A124, and " Panthers Can Giants " by Key Club, which won the award. " PANTHERS CAN GIANTS " on Key Club ' s winning entry in the second official Homecoming float contest. dozen roses from Karen and begins her reign over the week- end ' s activities by royally leading the float procession around the field during the half time. AFTER EXPOSING the Ben Davis team to Weaver ' s Giant Washer, Senior Class Council members hang the Giants out to dry during half time festivities. 9 STUDENT COUNCIL VICE-PRESIDENT Don Lawton and Triangle Club guidance committee chairman Mrs. Robert Smith confer on plans for Career Day. PANTHER QUEEN PETE TOLSON excitedly awaits " her " crowning by Mr. Milo Eiche during the beauty contest held at the Panther Pep Week kick-off rally. Centralites welcome pep rallies, plays Dancing to the music of the " Idle Few, " students attending the Christmas dance, " Happy Holly Daze, " were showered with candy canes by North Central ' s Santa Claus Marty Bledsoe. During the evening Sopho- mores Terry Mathews and George McKown, and Juniors Carol Hill and Scott Clayton were selected as princesses and princes to reign with Queen Carolyn Cassada and King Pete Thompson. Panther Pep Week was highlighted this year by a point contest among the homerooms in which the students received points by attending the various ac- tivities of the week. Providing entertainment for many age groups, the winter play, " Medea, " and the Drama Club produc- tion, " King Midas, " gave students the opportunity to express themselves in theater arts. The annual Career Day sessions provided an open- ing for Centralites to speak with representatives from various professions and to determine careers. winter anticipating tourneys, pageantry KING MIDAS (John Nichols) begs Cybele (Becky McCan) to relieve him of the golden touch in the Drama Club play. SANTA CLAUS crowns junior royalty Scott Clayton as part of the Christmas dance festivities. KEEPING AN ANNUAL TRADITION, Madrigals dress as a living Christmas tree dur- ing the Christmas convocation. 11 Patience, originality four-act 1967 JUNIOR SPEC CHAIRMEN — Front Row: Beth Burns, Mary Scott Smith, Ellen Lennox, Jeannie Goll, and Gayle Stahlhuth. Back Row: Bob McPhee, John Duvall, Charlie Bahne, Jack Hoffmann, and Kathy Sparrenberger. As the Counterpoints opened Junior Spectacular, all was hushed backstage and in the dressing rooms. A first grade teacher who turned down an oppor- tunity as a night club singer to continue her teaching profession was the theme in " Readin ' , Writin ' , and Rhythm " by Kathy Sparrenberger and Gayle Stahl- huth. In Jeannie Goll and Jack Hoffmann ' s " Universal Aggravation, " foreign and American students over- came their prejudices and realized that the differences between their countries were not so great. Reluctant executives were led on a tour by their president, Mr. Wainwright, as he tried to convince them of the need for expansion in " Poodle Paradise " by Beth Burns, Ellen Lennox, and Mary Scott Smith. John Duvall, Bob McPhee, and Charlie Bahne created the story of the adventures of the Purple Rat and his partner Mousie, the Boy Blunder, in " The Purple Rat. " PREPARING FOR HER PERFORMANCE in Junior Spec, Judy Braun skillfully applies make-up for her role as a frumpy old music teacher in " Universal Aggravation " written by Jeannie Goll and Jack Hoffmann. essential to present Junior Spectacular GROOMING POODLE JO SNYDER occupies manicurist Linda Swanson ' s time in " Poodle Paradise. " AS MODERN DANCERS in " Readin ' , Writin ' , and Rhy- thm, " Sally McGraw and Bob Souchon freeze. THE VALIANT VERMIN (Dee Russell) and Mousie (Bob Whitinger) dedicate themselves to good in " The Purple Rat. " BETWEEN scenes of " Universal Aggravation, " Sandy Greer and George McKown find their costumes amusing. Play, prom, and graduation highlight 1966 spring schedule of activities 4 M v AFTER RECEIVING THEIR DIPLOMAS, graduates turn away from high school days full of memories. After working diligently throughout the long winter months, Centralites anticipated the spring of 1966 as a time to catch up loose ends and study for final exams. Sophomores looked forward to the excitement of being juniors while juniors feverishly made plans for their prom. Queen Kyle Thomas and King Pete Thompson reigned amid " Candlelight and Ivy, " a long-awaited affair held at the Indiana Roof. Commencement signified the beginning of new challenges for seniors. Nearly 80 per cent of the 831 graduates decided to further their educations by going on to colleges and universities. Cockney accents filled the halls as the Thespians practiced for their spring play. " Pygmalion, " by George Bernard Shaw, is the story of Eliza Doolittle, a poor English flower girl who became a dignified lady by taking speech lessons from Henry Higgens. JUNIOR PROM COURT— Seated: Queen Kyle Thomas and King Pete Thompson. Front row: Carla Agnew, Mert Stan- der, Carolyn Cassada, Linda Hedrick. Second row: Mark Dinwiddie, Bill Hoffman, Jim Bromley, Paul Nefouse. ELIZA DOOLITTLE (JUDY BRAUN) pleads for speech lessons from Professor Higgins (Mike Ballard) in Thespian Troupe No. 1851 ' s spring production of " Pygmalion. " FOLLOWING TRADITION, seniors hurl old papers over the student center railings on their last day at North Central. DR. WESLEY N. HAINES, president of Franklin College, delivers his message to graduates at baccalaureate services. 15 We love to doubt as well as to know We are The Restless Ones Enveloped in an atmosphere of inquisitiveness, . North Central students experience periods of uncertainty and wonder. Pondering problems that confront them daily, they search all available sources of information in an endless pur- suit of possible solutions to their questions. Not satisfied with ordinary answers, Centralites require detailed explanations to be content with the solution to a problem. As curiosity builds up inside them, they freely ask their teachers many questions which often take long thought before a reasonable reply results. Knowing that there will never be a limit to the amount of knowledge that one can acquire, Centralites never cease to wonder at the world that surrounds them. ACADEMICS 17 English Department provides variety k : ikry Bess ASSISTING A FRESHMAN LATIN CLASS at Northview, two hours of her school day. She keeps a notebook of her Ann Butz gains practical pre-teaching experience during activities and shares her experiences with her classmates. CONSTRUCTING A BENCH for a drama production, Kevin Williams devotes much time to stage crew duties. ELAINE BAUER and Stephanie Montgomery demonstrate the derivation of modern words to their etymology class. 18 of course offerings Realizing the relationship of a strong English back- ground to success in other fields, the school offers a variety of essential courses. Underclassmen were en- rolled in courses to strengthen their grammar and vocabulary skills. Many seniors, however, chose to continue their studies of creative writing and literature as preparation for future study. For the first time seniors were offered a combina- tion English literature and composition course. The English Department felt this " pilot class " included the most important selections and writings. The annual literary booklet, Etchings in Thought, was edited by seniors Maureen Flannery, David Glanz- man, Doug Hale, and Ann Walls. They were aided by other seniors and many underclassmen who read through the contributions from the entire student body. The National Council of Teachers of English pre- sented certificates of commendation to seniors Maureen Flannery and David Glanzman and a runner- up award to Mitch Daniels. These awards were given for literary excellence among high school seniors throughout the nation. North Central was the only Indiana school that boasted more than one winner. AIDED BY THE MODERN CRAIG READER, Anne Wein- stein develops speed and comprehension in the reading lab. PLUNKING ON A JAMAICAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT, John Busch demonstrates its use to his beginning speech class. LATIN STUDENTS JEFF BURRIS and Bobbi O ' Brien PUPILS IN MR. WENDLING ' S RUSSIAN CLASS listen in- examine a model of a catapult used in ancient Roman wars. tently as he explains the new vocabulary on the board. Foreign literature increases depth .20 PRESENTING A PANEL DISCUSSION for the class, Marge Leff and Jean Fletcher speak about German history. of language study Centralites enrolled in language courses this year viewed the world of foreign literature. Advanced classes delved into the works of great authors, while beginning students improved their basic skills by practical application of their vocabularies. Utilizing the language lab, they explored the values of other cultures. Films and dialogues brought a closer contact with other civilizations. Emphasis was placed on conversation and comprehension. Many Centralites wishing to further their language education took advantage of the many foreign study plans offered each summer. Five students took the preliminary exams for a new program, the Honors Abroad in Latin. More than sixty students participated in the original testing for the I.U. Honors Program, hoping to study in France, Germany or Mexico. INCREASING HER KNOWLEDGE of France, Mary Scott Smith uses the map to point out the location of Paris. mm SPANISH STUDENTS Lynne Mueller and Jim Linderman listen carefully to gain a better understanding of the language. 21 Students review election procedures SPEAKING TO ECONOMICS CLASSES, Mr. John A. Norris of the AFL-CIO explains management-labor relations. Stimulated by a week of lectures and films, stu- dents enrolled in the social studies program took an active interest in the selection of state and local of- ficials. Centralites devoted this period to learning the platforms of the two major parties and the views of the independent candidates. Supplementing the ma- terial already available to students, publications by several organizations such as the League of Women Voters and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce g ave insight into the candidates ' opinions on current issues. Especially obtained for the students in the Social Studies Department, the film, " The Making of a Presi- dent, 1960, " which was based upon the book of the same name by Theodore H. White, was shown early in the year. It informed the viewing audience of the proceedings and activities prior to the conventions through the nominations of John Kennedy and Richard Nixon. By way of the study of one of the true forms of democracy in action, the election of the leaders of the people, the teachers hoped to expand the students ' appreciation of the machinery of our government. WITH NEWS ARTICLES, Mrs. Young brings sociology MARK FINEBERG DESIGNATES the location of the into perspective for Wayne Smith and Roger Christenson. Hammarabi Pillar for classmate Anne Ziegner. MITCH DANIELS, Rachel Ochs, Beverly deRaismes, Frank Bodwell, Marsha Light, Randy Kitterman, and Doug Gillespie represented North Central at the annual Girls ' and Boys ' State Conventions at Indiana University last summer. IN GENERAL MATHEMATICS CLASS Bill Alsop is in- trigued by a fascinating number line problem. Algebra courses Instituting a great change in the format of the course, team teaching was experimented with in the algebra classes taught by Mr. Albert Schiffli and Mr. H. Brown Harrison. In these classes, pupils had to rely upon the notes which they took from the lectures given by the teachers. From these lectures the students received the explanations needed to complete their as- signments. While one teacher was a class member who needed assistance with a particular problem, the other instructor could continue with the remainder of the class. This manner was followed throughout the entire school year. Returning to North Central after living in Turkey, Mr. Allan Weinheimer resumed his position as the Mathematics Department chairman. While residing in Ankara, Mr. Weinheimer was a mathematics con- sultant for a two year period. CALCULUS STUDENT PHIL CLAYPOOL soon discovers DURING GEOMETRY CLASS Beth Harris attempts to solve much diligence is required to complete his assignments. a complicated problem on the board for her classmates. 24 use team teaching CONSCIENTIOUS EFFORT in business arithmetic class helps prepare Jim Stahl for the commercial world. LEARNING ABOUT COMPUTERS gives Bob McPhee the opportunity to experiment during math topics class. AFTER CONTEMPLATING THE SOLUTION of a difficult Mrs. Wisner in the preparation for an examination. His algebra problem, Mark Harshman seeks the assistance of classmates listen attentively to find the key to the equation. mam New textbooks and PHYSIOLOGY STUDENTS DALE BUTLER and Charlie Brown examine a human skull while studying anatomy. EXPERIMENTING IN PHYSICS LAB, Suellen Sebald in- vestigates Boyle ' s law of the pressure of gases. GEORGEANN ALAR, Diane Talbott, Debby Krueger, and Debbie Rohrmann scrutinize tiny organisms with high- power microscopes in advanced biology class. 26 team teaching combine to stress theories The purchase of new textbooks added valuable and functional information to the science department this year. Using the " yellow version " of a new biology book, the students learned the basic fundamentals of plant and animal life. The Biological Science Curricu- lum Study, a committee consisting of experienced bi- ologists who know the needs of the average high school student, compiled this text and presented the material in a completely different manner that has never before been used at North Central. As an innovation, the department employed the method of team teaching, in which one teacher lec- tures to two combined biology classes for a specified period of time. This enabled teachers to compile their ideas and assist the students more readily on an in- dividual and personal basis. Through the use of this new method of teaching and the utilization of an ornithology cabinet and a herbari- um, North Central has remained one of the best equipped schools in Indiana. STEVE DELOTT AND JUANITA BOLIN discover that the study of microorganisms entails much work with microscopes. IN EARTH SCIENCE CLASS Dave Perkins and Andi Sobbe discover that fossils can be informative of past civilization. IN THE CHEM LAB Bob Rothbaum, Ike Regenstreif, and Bob Darling find the molecular weight of zinc. LEAVING THE BUILDING during the school day, the Bell the city. During these presentations the members display Choir performs for many clubs and organizations throughout their skill in the use of the hand bells. AFTER A STRENUOUS REHEARSAL, Mary Wright, Susie Gans, and Jenifer Grosskopf discuss a difficult chorale. ADMIRING ONE OF THE PAINTINGS on display, Kathy Girdler decides that oils make still lifes more realistic. INTERPRETING HER VIEW of a sailboat at sea, Jenny SANDY GREER, Janice Payne, Jana Seeley, and Susie Elliot displays what is meant by the term " pop art. " Moore vocalize while Becky Armstrong accompanies them. outlets for individual talents, studies After selecting the subjects for their oil paintings, advanced art students learned the proper techniques of the application of color with brush and knif e. Each pupil was assigned three selections, one of which was a realistic still life painting. With all shapes, sizes and kinds of beads, bits of broken glass, and assorted types of seeds, art crafts pupils constructed seed mosaics of their own design. These mosaics and the oil paintings were prepared for the Scholastic Art Awards Fair in January. Decorating during the holiday season and trimming the library display case became the responsibility of art classes this year. Exhibitions of student work were presented in these showcases. Comprised of a group of twenty girls, the Descants, the newest addition to North Central ' s music groups, debuted on stage during the 1966 Fine Arts Festival. To break the normal pattern, the Descants chose a few of the famed " Mamas and Papas " songs to per- form in their programs throughout the city. The annual Christmas varied from previous ones as the Counterpoints sang their holiday selections dressed in mid- Victorian costumes gathered around a large feast table. WHILE " THROWING " A VASE, Mr. James Keyt explains to Marnie Fatout the proper way to use a potter ' s wheel. SCOTT CLAYTON differentiates between assault and battery as he reviews his business law notes. PART OF BARB FIESEL ' S work experience training in- cludes helping young children at the Broad Ripple Library. Business education UTILIZING AN ENLARGED CHART of a typical record journal, Sam Detmer points out to Karen Kallansa the proper methods of bookkeeping. 30 PAT SHARKEY DEMONSTRATES the method of cleaning a typewriter, the first lesson in beginning typing classes. ADJUSTING THE CONTROLS, Debby Roberts assists Barb Boyer in utilizing the dictaphone machines. stresses economic consumer aspect Dictaphones, plus the use of a new four-speed elec- tronic shorthand system, provided practical experi- ence for students who majored in business education as well as college-bound Centralites. The purchase of this modern equipment and the addition of a new teacher, Mrs. Pickrell, to the faculty facilitated the increased enrollment in business education courses this year. A group of Washington Township business educa- tion teachers revised the form this year of the general business course. The class, which is offered at North- view, Westlane, Eastwood, and North Central, had formerly included much clerical work and technical problems that occur in daily activities. It was pre- sented this year with less emphasis on fundamentals such as record keeping and writing checks. More stress was placed on the economic consumer aspect. Students faced many difficulties in classroom situa- tions that they might encounter in their dealing with others. Work experience classes helped students utilize the skills they developed in the business department. BETH BRANDT ILLUSTRATES the Gregg method of shorthand to her class by using the overhead projector. Practical arts classes focus on 7 ' M JULIE WILSON AND JANIE SICKLING gain knowledge in their child development course by feeding a doll. ADJUSTING a cylinder block, Steve Evans, Bob Potter, and Gary Fox assemble a motor for auto mechanic ' s class. SANDING THE SURFACE of a plank of wood, Charlie Haniton and Gary Smith perfect their woodworking projects. 32 1 initiative, creativity Creativity and initiative were the key words in the Practical Arts Department this year. In the home eco- nomics classes the girls worked diligently on their projects for the spring fashion show held May 11. The girls modeled their own creations. The cooking classes provided refreshments and served as hostesses for this annual affair. In addition to clothing courses, many girls participated in child development courses to learn the art of homemaking. Shop students spread their interest over a large variety of media such as wood and metal-working, printing, and graphic arts. Freehand and instrumental drawings stressed accuracy and manual dexterity. In- dividual projects in these classes were graded on the basis of originality and craftsmanship. Printing classes gained practical experience by printing almost all the circulatory material for Washington Township. Al- though the majority of the members of these classes are male, each year there are several girls participat- ing in the industrial arts program. This year they studied toward careers in interior design. OPERATING A LINOTYPE MACHINE becomes easy for Gary Zeller, who gains experience during printing class. AFTER DESIGNING HIS POSTER, Miguel Maribona em- ploys the techniques of hand printing in drafting class. SUSIE GANGSTAD AND JUDY CARTER prepare foods in cooking class to prepare for the role of homemakers. 33 Physical education TO STRENGTHEN HIS ARM and chest muscles, Robert Meili works with the extensive body-building equipment. AS PART OF HER HEALTH AND SAFETY COURSE, Barb Bennett examines the cranial bone structure. PYRAMIDS, combined with other floor exercises, help sophomores learn balance and coordination. HOPING FOR THE BEST but fearing the worst, Mr. Thomas Bradley examines the damages caused by begin- emphasizes coordination in sports Sports designed to develop coordination and skill accented the girls ' health education classes this year. Students were involved in learning individual sports and other types of rhythmic, self-testing, team activi- ties. After acquiring new badminton equipment, the girls got into the " swing " of things by participating in a tournament. To fulfill the need for better archery equipment, new bows, arrows, and targets were pur- chased. At the semester change, Miss Sonya Loschky was added to the health education staff. The physical development program expanded this year to aid boys who needed special attention on more difficult aspects of the course. Taking advantage of the warm days, classes took part in outdoor sports. Throughout the year the boys participated in such sports as gymnastics, wrestling, football, basketball, track, and baseball. Torture unbelievably turned into fun as the sophomore boys realized square dancing was not as bad as they had anticipated. ning driver ' s education students experimenting at the wheel of a school car in the North Central parking lot. IN ORDER TO IMPROVE HIS ROUTINE, Doug Ward concentrates on the proper technique of a three-fourths flip. 35 We love to doubt as well as to know . We are The Restless Ones In a span of forty-five minutes twice a week, Centralites are presented the opportunity of participating in activities. During the club period students explore their fields of interest, discover new means of self-expression through art and litera- ture, and investigate subject matter not available in the regu- lar curriculum. The diversity of the program, which in- cludes eighty-one clubs ranging from honoraries and service organizations to music groups, affords Centralites a welcome break from the curriculum and gives them a chance to in- crease their knowledge or simply relax. Whether they compose original rhyme or collect food and clothes for the needy, students are on their own to doubt and to learn. 37 Student Council plays an important role SENIORS SUE FETNER AND MARY HAMILTON admire ago by Student Council members. After much controversy the events board, a project which was conceived three years about its practicality, it was finally completed last summer. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS— Susan Swingle, Doug THE STUDENT COUNCIL BOOKSTORE offers a variety Gillespie, Mitch Daniels, Beth Burns, and Don Lawton. of paperback books to reader Lanny Woodward. in school life Assuming an important role in the life of Cen- trales, the Student Council attempted to improve pupils ' attitudes as it enriched student-faculty rela- tions. These goals were achieved through various proj- ects, which changed from year to year. Homecoming, the first major undertaking of the group, included a tricycle competition between homerooms, a parade of floats during the game, and a turn-about dance. The Christmas and the Spring Sports dance comprised other festivities, which traditionally fall under the di- rection of the group. In the midst of scheduling these projects, the Council found time to help Triangle Club plan College Night and Career Day. Committees within the organization operated its different segments. The Safety Council, under the leadership of Craig McGaughey, conducted safety checks on all cars driven to school. Headed by Dale Butler, the school spirit committee arranged for pep sessions. The assembly committee, under the super- vision of Gary Prah, organized and evaluated assemblies throughout the year. STUDENT COUNCIL sponsored AFS student Moises Alaz- raki instructs a Spanish club in Uruguayan culture. STUDENT COUNCIL — Front Row: A. Corbett, P. Clay, D. Lilly, L. Nahmias, A. Sobbe, L. Kafoure, A. Sacks, S. Kahn, C. Ponder, S. Swingle, S. Rogers, M. Wright, M. Kokos, P. Alboher, R. Wagman, G. Ball, B. Reel, M. Wald- ner. Second Row: J. Dorman, P. Howell, K. Kreusser, P. Stone, L. Livingston, A. Butz, M. Smith, E. Lurvey, D. Wisely, D. Roberts, M. Sheehan, B. Burns, K. Tucker, A. Mc- Clelland, L. Mueller, S. Greer, D. Oliver, S. Bernstein, M. Daniels, D. Butler. Third Row: L. Ramey, M. Hamilton, K. Stanley, C. VanMeter, B. Angell, D. Ward, T. Englehart, D. Dison, D. Perkins, E. Sigal, F. Fehsenfeld, M. Harshman, G. Kirles, F. Bodwell, S. Overbey, M. Barrett, P. Stone, E. Daw- son, J. Habig, B. Leland. Fourth Row: J. Hoffman, B. Jacob- son, J. Schuff, P. Nefouse, M. Mills, J. Bose, R. Baldwin, G. Bridgforth, R. Fobes, M. Moore, S. McConville, A. Tharp, B. Glasser, R. Martin, S. Eastes, D. Dawson, D. Nie, D. Gillespie, B. Habig, B. Hudson. Fifth Row: T. Wright, P. Cockerille, M. Bledsoe, B. Rothbaum, B. Pruitt, S. Harris, J. Petticrew, B. White, S. Gipe, J. Scofield, J. Hubert, J. Creveling, S. Mahoney, C. McGaughy, B. Abrams, D. Wides, J. Busch, S. Detmer, M. Dinwiddie, D. Lawton, D. Williams, T. Kelley, G. Prah, Mr. William Bugher is sponsor. 39 KEY CLUB — Front Row: B. Jakoubek, J. Ham, S. Thomp- P. Cockerille, B. Rothbaum, T. Bly, B. Fritsch, J. Linder- son, L. Hendricks, S. Bernstein, T. Englehart, N. Hughes, F. man, T. Kelley, D. Wides, J. Lindquist, J. Hickey, and B Bodwell, and I. Regenstreif. Second Row: P. Claypool, D. Bennett. Fourth Row: T. Schrader, J. Petticrew, J. Keller, J Kincaid, H. Backer, E. Faris, P. Looney, J. Reinking, T. Scofield, D. Kellogg, J. Fortune, B. Penno, G. Peirce, G. Davis, D. Roberts, D. Burney, and B. Glasser. Third Row: Seeley, B. Abrams, and B. Shook. 40 worthy causes in Indianapolis Although Key Club and Senior Girls ' League are both service organizations, Key Club aids worthy causes all over Indianapolis, while Senior Girls ' League ' s projects are confined to the realms of North Central. The term, Key Club, originated from the name, Kiwanis International, which is a businessmen ' s association. Membership in the group is limited to those boys who maintain an academic average of at least 2.25 and are able to secure the recommendation of a member of the faculty. The principal project of the club involved underwriting North Central ' s award day program. Other activities included giving Thanks- giving and Christmas baskets to needy families. Seth Bernstein, Jeff Petticrew, Larry Baker, and Doug Hale comprised the club ' s officers. Participation in Seniors Girls ' League is open to all senior girls. Meetings were conducted after school hours, and programs consisted of various speakers. The girls were " on call " at all times to serve as hos- tesses or guides at school functions. They played an important role in the Family Jamboree Fashion Show by selling tickets for the affair. SENIOR GIRLS ' LEAGUE BOARD— L. Crowder, S. Hart- ley, A. Irwin, T. Tinsley, J. Fehsenfeld, C. Ratliff. NORMAN FOGLE raises money for Key Club ' s annual service projects by selling soft drinks at football games. FOREGOING THEIR LUNCH PERIODS, Mary Adams and Terry Tinsley sell fashion show tickets to Chris Sunderland. 41 DURING COMPUTER CLUB Mike Stall explains the basic operation of a Honeywell 666R computer. HISTORY OF MATH CLUB MEMBERS Peggy Lamb, Annetta Ball, Dick Efthim, and Rick Hurwitz gain insight into modern math concepts through ancient instruments. Math clubs solve North Central ' s math clubs offered students inter- erested in mathematics a wide variety of subjects to study by using old and modern techniques. Members of the History and Math Club learned about ancient mathematical tools. In the Computer Club students ac- quired knowledge about data processing. The Slide Rule Club was open to all students who were interested in math and had a desire to learn the principles of the slide rule. Not only did the mem- bers study the " rule, " but they also participated in speed contests in order to gain proficiency. The primary goal of Mu Alpha Theta, a national mathematics honorary organization, was to promote a keener interest in mathematics and to develop sound scholarship in the subject. To be eligible for member- ship, students must have completed two semesters of algebra and geometry and must be enrolled in a more advanced course. Candidates must also maintain a 3.5 average in math and a 3.0 average in other aca- demic subjects. During meetings members presented programs on mathematical topics, listened to speak- ers, and ventured on field trips to computer centers. problems using old, modern techniques and Tom Schrader read materials to understand math suits of the problem solved by Alan Bower and Mark Bloom, concepts. MU ALPHA THETA — First Row: B. Wolf, J. Wolf, S. Scud- M. Roth, B. Whitehead, J. Linderman, T. Morgan, C. Bahne, der, M. Echard, K. Noland, C. Kahn, and M. Galvin. Second G. Piatt, D. Hale, and J. Patten. Fourth Row: P. Over, D. Row: D. DeCoursey, I. Regenstreif, M. Goldberg, P. Karan, Fink, P. Claypool, T. Schrader, J. Hubert, D. Toth, T. D. Hicks, J. Ham, M. Caresky, and S. Thompson. Third Row: Trankle, and B. Rothbaum. Not pictured is Neil Lipkin. 43 National Honor Society, Quill and NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — Front row: R. Ochs, J. Wolf, E. Cohen, L. Main, P. Polk, K. Grady, C. Agnew, S. Swingle, J. Mathews, S. Stidham, D. Hunter, and D. Krueger. Second row: C. Bixler, M. Flannery, C. Cassada, M. Echard, A. Irwin, S. Sternberger , D. Talbott, D. Oliver, A. Butz, D. Wisely, K. Cure, P. McGlasson, and S. Perkins. Third row: R. Frank, S. Springer, L. Hauss, C. Butz, K. Leander, B. Por- ter, K. Stanley, S. Williams, P. Kameraad, S. Hollis, B. Gilleff, C. Behrendt, and D. Slater. Fourth row: D. Warman, J. Herrick, B. Whitehead, D. Gillespie, D. Fink, G. Eger, J. Lerman, T. Miller, R. Berry, B. Fritsch, T. Bly, D. Rus- sell, D. Wides and N. Fogle. Fifth row: J. Petticrew, B. Vance, P. Claypool, R. Dennenline, V. Bareither, S. Ma- honey, J. Hebert, R. Griffith, D. Wulf, M. Ice, T. Sutton, K. Harshman, and T. Trankle. Miss Freudenberger serves as sponsor for the group. PREPARING FOR THE CANDLELIGHT initiation cere- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS— Sue Stidham, mony, Quill and Scroll officers Nancy Barnes, Beverly de- secretary; Priscilla Polk, treasurer; Doug Gillespie, vice- Raismes, and Janet Herrick list new members that will president; Norman Fogle, president; and Miss Jeannine be inducted at the next meeting. Freudenberger, sponsor. 44 Scroll select outstanding new members Students who did outstanding work in their various fields of interest were rewarded with membership in honorary organizations. One such group, the National Honor Society, inducted members annually. Ad- mittance was determined on the basis of class rank and merit points which were awarded for service, leadership, and character. By past precedents, the membership included a total of 10% of the junior class and 15% of the senior class. A banquet was held following initiation in order to honor new mem- bers and their parents. For the second consecutive year, the club ' s tutoring program benefited many North Central students. Norman Fogle was elected president of the group, while Doug Gillespie served as vice-president. Sue Stidham was selected to be the secretary, and Priscilla Polk was chosen as treasurer. Quill and Scroll was an organization of exceptional high school journalists. Officers of the group in- cluded Beverly deRaismes, Nancy Barnes, and Janet Herrick. In order to belong to the club, a pupil must have worked on a publications staff of his school, ob- tained the recommendation of his advisor, and ranked in the upper third of his class. Members are initiated biannually in a candlelight ceremony. AS CHAIRMAN of the National Honor Society ' s tutoring program, Doug Gillespie (right) outlines plans for a lesson with Tom Sutton, chairman of the Social Studies division. QUILL AND SCROLL— Front row: Barb Weil, Kathy Grady, Karen Cure, Lyn Stoner. Second row: Lee McCue, Carol Bixler, Nancy Barnes, Maribeth Ec- hard. Third row: Frank Bod- well, Janet Herrick, Rick Den- nerline, Georgeanne Miner, Jon Pactor. Sharon Hartley and Bev deRaismes are not pictured. 45 JUNIOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS— Mike Max- well, Sandy Hendrickson, Barb Fiesel, Jack Connor, Andi Timmons. The sponsor is Mr. John Holzman. BILL STONE POINTS OUT the battle plans of Indiana ' s militia during the Civil War for the Military History Club during a panel discussion and debate. History clubs provide information History clubs provided Centralites with an op- portunity to gain information about the world as it has changed through the a ges. International Relations Club members studied connections between the United States and other countries. Debates on international topics helped participants achieve a deeper insight into the United States ' foreign affairs. Reaching back into the realms of the past, military history devotees conducted research to learn the underlying as well as the apparent causes of ancient skirmishes. Through panel discussions investigators reported their findings to fellow members of the Mili- tary History Club. Weekly speakers keynoted programs of the Govern- ment and World Culture Clubs and the Junior His- torical Society. Highlighting Government Club meet- ings, Judge John Christ and Jim Nicholson, a 1966 Congressional candidate, explained different phases of federal and state governmental operations. STEVE GOODWIN and Mr. Moore congratulate Capt. Wilhelm following his International Relations Club speech. 46 ADMIRING RELICS bought in Greece by Mr. Weinheimer, World Culture Club officers Mike Arnold, Julie Maxwell, Claudia Winkler, Ray Frank, and Maribeth Echard gain knowledge in the customs of foreign people. MR. THOMAS DONEY assists Ann Walls, Steve Stern- MR. CHARLES FLEMING answers questions pertaining to berger, and Georgie Miner in programing Government Club. election procedures during Government Club. 47 POETRY CLUB OFFICERS Rod Duhm and Dave Tiller listen intently as Leslie Meyers reads an original verse. MEMBERS OF THE GREAT BOOKS CLUB Rachel Ochs and Warren Keiner lead class discussion on the Illiad. Literary clubs offer reading challenge Students whose hobbies and talents lay in the field of reading found an outlet for their interests in North Central ' s literary clubs. Members of the Great Books Club were given an opportunity to discuss the sig- nificance of important books from all time periods. The Adult Great Books Foundation list provided the basis from which books were selected for club mem- bers to read. Analization of current movies led to a greater understanding of American literature and its authors for members of the American Authors Club. Jon Pactor, program chairman of the Journalism Club, engaged various newspapermen to speak for the group. A mimeograph paper, telling of the club ' s activities, was published during the spring. Members of the Poetry Club, who also published a booklet, se- lected the best original verses of members to print. Participants in the Shakespeare Play Club studied closely a number of plays written by the 16th century author. Membership in the group was limited to juniors and seniors with an interest in literature. AS MRS. GRACE KASS reads an excerpt from Hamlet to the Shakespeare Play Club, Barb MacMullin follows. PATTY KAMERAAD LEADS discussion of To Kill a Mock- ingbird, one of the books read in American Authors Club. 49 TRAVEL CLUB OFFICERS Terry Tinsley and Debbie Kruegar review their geography before a club meeting. Clubs help increase Travel Club was open to all students interested in learning that other cultures can be challenging, interesting, and very enlightening. Slides, movies, and guest speakers were among the activities of the club. Providing teenagers an opportunity to open a door of understanding and to do their part toward world peace, American Field Service Club was an interna- tional organization for high school students. The only requirement for membership was a written statement explaining why the student wished to join. In July the AFS Club sponsored a bus trip for all foreign AFS ' ers. Membership in the Art Club was open to any stu- dent with a sincere desire to participate actively in art. In cooperation with the Art Crafts Club, the Art Club had as one of its major projects the annual all-school art show. The Art Crafts Club was also open to any student who was interested in art. Students were en- couraged to participate in Art Club, or in Art Crafts Club, but they could not join both. RANSI SENANAYAKE of Ceylon compares American teen- agers to teenagers in Ceylon during the AFS assembly. SKETCHING WITH PENCIL the stilllife arrangement of ART CRAFTS CLUB MEMBERS, Beth Habegger, Dan Cole, various fruits, Art Club members apply their creativity. Barb Greenberg, and Tim Connolly display projects. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STU- DENT, Moises Alazraki, dis- cusses his home country, Uruguay, with American Field Service Club officers, Bonnie Maurer, Sue Williams, Mert Stander, and Kathy Grady. 51 AS LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Carol Bixler and Sue Stidham gaze at a -poster of Rome, they discuss future travel plans. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS, David Wides, Sona Babayan, and Jamise George, schedule activities for the year. Speakers, trips CATCHING CANDY FROM A PINATA, officers Nancy McManis, Terry Miller, Moises Alazraki, and Richard Elston enjoy the festive Spanish Club Christmas party. " Parlez-vous francais? " " Sprechen Sie Deutsch? " " Habla Espanol? " " Dicisne Latinam? " These were phrases often heard and used by members of the various language clubs. For French Club members, the study of French culture and people was an exciting topic. To further their knowledge, many meetings were taken up by speakers, films, and records, all in French. Participating in Indiana University Honor ' s Program provided graphic description of everyday French life. Under the direction of an elected program com- mittee, Spanish Club activities included a Christmas party and speakers from Latin American countries. A highly successful event was the annual club dinner, at which only Spanish foods were served. To promote an active interest in the customs of the Germanic countries, the German Club offered a wide variety of activities, such as the German banquet, German skits, and dining at a German restaurant. The culture of ancient Rome was brought closer to Latin students through the activities of the Latin Club. Besides carrying through the tradition of the yearly Latin banquet, the club also showed slides and films of the ancient home of the Latin language. 52 IT WAS A " FROHLICHE WEIHNACHTEN " for residents Club. Members who planned a party for the home decorated of Harris Sanitorium because of the work of the German a Christmas tree and distributed gifts. promote interest in language clubs Speech clubs aid Stimulating an interest in speech, four clubs worked for high honors at state and national contests. Forensics Club was open to any student who was interested in any aspect of public speaking. Partici- pation entailed some extra time of the members. There was also the opportunity to travel all over the state in order to compete against other high school students. Competition on the state and national level spurred interest of the members. An honorary club for forensics students, National Forensics League, sponsored a state tourney and a na- tional tourney. To become a member of the club, one must earn twenty-five contest points. The Debate Club gave beginners an opportunity to participate in extracurricular debating. Members engaged in the County League Debates and several in- vitational debates. The club period provided a time for members of the Debate Team to discuss strategy, various cases and problems, and new debate techniques. The Indiana State University debaters demonstrated debate tech- niques to the group during one of their meetings. Membership on the team is by invitation only. THE AFFIRMATIVE TEAM, John Duvall and Bob Mc- Phee, plan their strategy during the Debate Team assembly. NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE — Front Row: P. Dillin, D. Nelson, K. Bessey, B. Neff, R. Ochs, R. Waife, B. Goodin, M. Light, A. Kandrac, D. Traugott. Second Row: J. Braun, D. Grube, B. Ross, T. Raver, G. Alport, C. Baker, M. Hilton, B. Sklare, H. Neff, F. Wright, G. Freeman. Third Row: Mr. F. Fruits, L. Luzader, F. Rikhoff, B. Meili, J. Ketzel, C. Bahne, J. Duvall, S. Goodrich, M. Brokaw, M. Wo lf. Fourth Row: D. Fink, S. Fruits, J. Hoffmann, J. Guy, C. Brewster, B. McPhee, T. Milch, R. Dennerline, D. Jacobs, J. Lindquist. Officers are Dale Fink, president; Rick Den- nerline, vice-president; and Chris Brewster, secretary. Mr. Fruits served as sponsor of the group. 54 students in attaining top awards DEBATE TEAM — Front Row: Terri Raver, Chris Brewster, man, and Mr. Forest Fruits, sponsor. Third Row: Dale Steve Goodrich, Bob Goodin, and Rachel Ochs. Second Row: Fink, Robert McPhee, and Glen Allport. At meetings, Debate John Lindquist, Kipp Drummond, Bruce Sklare, Dan Good- Team members discuss current controversial topics. OFFICERS OF THE FORENSICS CLUB, Dan Grube, DEBATE CLUB PRESIDENT, Tom Milch, emphasizes the Georgette Freeman, and John Guy, sign up for a meet. affirmative point of view in a club debate. .55 COVERING A WOODEN FRAME to make a Greek shield of armor for the winter play, " Medea " Rose Jewell works on one of many Costume Club projects. techniques to other members of Stage Crew Club. Four clubs help Cooperating in dramatic productions, Costume Club, National Thespian Society, Drama Club, and Stage Crew worked for a successful year. The Costume Club maintained the school ' s costumes for all dramatic productions which included cleaning and repairing costumes, labeling and storing them for easy access, maintaining a file of their types and numbers, and studying the need for additions to the wardrobe. National Thespian Society, an honorary club for students who excel in dramatics, sponsored the plays, " The Silver Whistle " and " Medea. " To become a member, a student must acquire a minimum of ten points rewarded for stage crew work, stage perfor- mance, and other theatrical activities. Membership in the Drama Club was earned by try- outs held in the early fall. This year the club sponsored the all-school play, " King Midas and The Golden Touch. " Club members prepared one-act plays, skits, and dramatic readings for the regular meetings. Stage Crew Club was open to all students who had a desire to work in the behind-the-scenes activity of North Central ' s dramatic productions. 56 GIVING HER INTERPRETATION of a humorous poem, the Drama Club. Her facial expressions help to communicate " How To Treat Elves " , Pat Dillin performs for members of the meanings of the poem to her audience. Centralites achieve dramatic success NATIONAL THESPIANS — F ront Row: D. Renfro, W. Gresham, S. Hoffman, L. Stern, and Mr. W. Lord, sponsor. Sandler, J. Braun, L. Maxson, L. Wilson, P. Dillin, and C. Third Row: Mr. D. Queener, sponsor, R. Berry, I. Sedberry, Bohard. Second Row: D. Bevins, C. Alar, J. Lancet, G. D. Drake, T. Trankle, L. Eaton, and D. Russell. Clubs help students find hobbies and DEMONSTRATING THE PROPER MANNER of loading logg and Secretary Diane Heath instruct other Photography and unloading film in a graphic camera, president Don Kel- Club members on current techniques used by photographers. STUDYING THE EXAMPLES in the textbooks, Review USING A TEXTBOOK AS A GUIDE, Transcription Club Typing Club members work to increase their proficiency. members practice typing in order to develop their skills. 58 choose careers Providing practice time for developing skills, four clubs were devoted to helping students prepare for college, to secure jobs, and to enjoy hobbies. Photography Club members developed skills by taking pictures and processing black and white prints. The club spent several meetings discussing new tech- niques and processes in the field of photography. One semester of beginning typewriting was the only requirement for membership in the Review Typing Club. Members were given the opportunity of review- ing and practicing the fundamental skills in order to gain speed and accuracy. College bound students were offered the chance in Notehand Club to learn a shorthand system which would be helpful in taking lecture notes and in tak- ing notes for term papers. The club was conducted with a regular classroom atmosphere consisting of textbooks and assignments. Transcription Club was developed for students who were currently enrolled in shorthand classes. With the club period, students were given added time for practicing the skill of transcribing. PRACTICING TECHNIQUES learned in Photography Club, Gary Krentler takes a candid shot of Barb Weil. IMPROVING their notehand skills, Brad Stoops and Debbie Rohrmann concentrate as Deb- bie Meyer dictates a letter to them in Notehand Club. 59 1 MRS. EVELYN RHAMY, newspaper sponsor, takes time out from a busy schedule to admire the work of her staff. JON PACTOR, far left, editor of the Northern Lights, in- structs staff members B. Mewhinney, B. Hepburn, C. Bixler, J. Goldstein, C. Wilkerson, and C. Slosson. Publications staffs 60 NORTHERNER EDITORS — Sitting : Kathy Rich, Steve Hoffmann, Karen Cure, Georgie Miner, Nancy Barnes, Debby Oliver. Standing: Lee McCue, John Nichols, Bob Jeffrey, Sharon Hartley, Frank Bodwell, Sally Ammerman, Linda Stackhouse. Staff members not pictured are Barb Weil and Lyn Stoner. Mr. Rod Cord serves as advisor. achieve top awards at conferences " New " was the word for the publications staffs this year. With new advisors and a new printer, they took top honors in high school press conferences. Mrs. Evelyn Rhamy directed the work of the news- paper and News Bureau staffs. Meeting deadlines for two teen papers, four suburban papers, and Teen Tempo magazine, News Bureau correspondents pro- jected the North Central image into the community. Of the newspaper, editor Jon Pactor stated, " The purpose of the Northern Lights is to present the news of the school, interpret it, and entertain the readers. " To- wards this end, several special issues supplemented the bi-weekly regular issues. Early deadlines forced the Northerner staff to begin the ads campaign and yearbook planning during the summer. Editor Lee McCue spent two weeks at IU drawing the layout. In September the entire staff began scheduling and cropping pictures and writing copy and captions. They spent many hours in after school sessions in order to meet the demands placed on them by the new printer. Mr. Rod Cord, the year- book advisor, helped the staff meet these demands and adjust to the difficulties in having a split staff. NORTHERN LIGHTS EDITORS— Rick Denerline, Bruce Tehan, Judy Nisenbaum, Beverly deRaismes, Maribeth Echard, Ike Regenstreif, and Cheryl Behrendt. Mrs. Evelyn Rhamy serves as sponsor and adviser to the staff. 61 JODY McMILLEN, Debbie Arshop, and Leigh MacAllister ROGER WOODRUFF and Tedd Young operate a woodwork- experiment in woodworking during Girl ' s Industrial Arts. ing lathe during a Boy ' s Industrial Arts Club meeting. AS PART of the activities of Girls ' Automechanics Club, junior Vicki Lecocq familiar- izes herself with the routine of changing a tire. 62 Clubs aid students in practical arts Few would suspect that a girl could explain the theory of the operation of a car and make minor re- pairs in case of trouble. However, members of the Girls ' Auto Mechanics Club learned to do this and more. The fifty club members spent meeting time working on car engines and watching films which ex- plored various aspects of the automotive world. Through the activities of the Girls ' Industrial Arts Club, girls became acquainted with various tools and processes while working on projects with different types of material. Demonstrations also provided the members with a knowledge of operations such as weld- ing and metal spinning. Carrying through with the theme of useful arts from a male point of view was the Boys ' Industrial Arts Club. Members saw metal and wood projects take shape from the formation of an idea to its realization in a tangible form. Drafting Club members practiced drawing more de- tailed designs and layouts than were usually pursued in the limited studies of regular drafting classes. A MEMBER of the Girls ' Industrial Arts Club, Sally Astley learns to successfully operate a motorized drill. SOPHOMORE JOHN SAUER finds that both skill and patience are needed to complete a successful drafting job. KNITTING CLUB MEMBER Leslie Cracraft finds knitting a WORKING ON a Clothing Club charity project are Sandy sweater a relaxing break in a busy day. Hendrickson, Pat Carter, and Michele Chiplis. MAKING FOODS of foreign origin such as the Italian Club. Here Sara Blackburn and Dave Cory prepare servings dessert spumone is the main purpose of International Foods of the treat for Julia Blackburn and Kathy Murphy. 64 II Students focus on chess, applied arts " Exotic " was the word to describe the International Foods Club. Members delved into a study of the eat- ing customs and typical foods of various foreign countries, while preparing representative dishes. As a special project, the club as a whole went to the Stock- holm House for dinner. A soft clicking of knitting needles and a low mur- mur of voices greeted visitors of the Knitting Club. The club was initiated for those students who shared an interest in knitting. More experienced knitters aided beginners in addition to working on their own individual projects. The latest fashions and styles were employed in the design and construction of garments by indus- trious seamstresses of the Clothing Club. At Christmas time, members made stockings for a settlement house. An atmosphere of intense concentration filled meet- ings of the Chess Club and Chess Team. Chess Club beginners and advanced players met separately to further their skill in the highly demanding game. Rep- resenting North Central in matches with other schools, the Chess Team gave competitors an earnest challenge while compiling a respectable record. STEVE ZIKER AND MIKE ANDREGG, members of the Chess Club, ponder their next moves during a club meeting. DURING AN AFTERSCHOOL PRACTICE SESSION of the Chess Team, Sponsor Mr. Morris Campbell supervises as team members Jon Pactor and Andy Wolsifer demonstrate some technical points of the game for Paul Enwright. Other participants on the team, Steve Buschmann, Sheldon Blue- stein, and Bob Richardson observe the action. FTA OFFICERS Bev deRaismes, Marabeth Ice, Bev Gilleff, and Leslie Meyers wait for English instructor Mr. James Duffy so that they may program a club meeting. Students prepare Future Business Leaders of America worked to de- velop qualities of competent aggressive business lead- ership through the programs of guest speakers and films. Current enrollment or the completion of at least one business education subject was the requirement for membership. Action, service, and a sincere desire to help those in need initiated the activities of the Red Cross Club. Members sponsored a membership drive, participated on the High School Red Cross Board, and made an overseas chest as well as party boxes. The Future Nurses Club endeavored to stimulate interest in nursing and related medical careers by having a Christmas party for a day nursery and visit- ing several hospitals. Future Teachers of America Club maintained a well-balanced agenda throughout the course of the year. Program highlights included talks by the Hawaiian exchange student and various teachers be- sides a trip to the fall regional convention. MRS. PICKRELL, sponsor of the Future Business Leaders of America Club, points out an article of particular interest in Nations Business to club officers Donna La Mar, Bob Haskin, and Beth Brandt. 66 for future careers RED CROSS SERVICE PROJECTS occupy the time of Anne Weinstein, Rosemary Nichols, and Libby Crowder. AS PART of her routine as nurse ' s aide in the Health Cen- ter, Julia Soper checks Christa Reiser ' s temperature. AS FNA MEMBER Winnie Harmon supervises, Michael Booth, Sherree Inman, and Basil Foley open presents at the Indianapolis Day Nursery Christmas party. 67 THE WORLD OF THE AQUARIUM holds a strange fas- cination for Chris Hankins, Charlie Brown, and Dale Butler. TAKING ADVANTAGE of an opportunity to pursue their favorite biological topics during Biology Club, Anne Kos- Clubs strive to Four clubs were designed for Centralites with inter- ests in the many facets of science. Aquarium Club members studied fish, their care and behavior, in addi- tion to the many problems involved in maintaining an aquarium. During the year they undertook the re- sponsibility of keeping their own aquarium. For students with a desire to debate scientific is- sues, the Science Reading Club was formed. Through reading up-to-date scientific information in combina- tion with these debates, a desire to seek further knowl- edge was generated. Under the guidance of Larry Nahmias, president, Science Project Club members discussed techniques of scientific research and the writing of scientific papers. Applying this knowledge, students worked on the solution to many complicated problems. Featuring speakers from Eli Lily and General Motors on such subjects as " LSD " and " Biological Careers, " the Biology Club was open to all students who had previously taken biology. Members per- formed group experiments involving rats and planaria, as well as continuing their own personal research. DOUG GWYN and Larry Nahmias measure voltage capacity during the Science Projects Club. trevich (left) examines the markings on a starfish while Lyn Stoner and Cheryl Roth (center) dissect a squid to learn more about its life processes. Gary Prah (right) concen- trates on a planaria ' s movements on a microscope slide. investigate many facets of science TO HELP THEM get ahead in their individual science and Dave Tiller, take advantage of club meeting time to classes, members of the Science Reading Club, Tom Milch concentrate on extra scientific reading material. Science clubs challenge student ability MAUREEN FLANNERY, DAVE SLATER, John Hubert, and Leslie Meyers serve as officers of the Astronomy Club. Mazes of wires and circuits challenged the ability of Electronics Club members in the form of experi- ments and other club projects. Exchanging electronic information by oral reports was one of the club ' s main activities. " Paleozoic " , " Pre-cambian " , and " Mesozoic " were words familiar to members of the Geology Club. The amateur geologists collected, studied, and categorized various minerals, fossils, and gems. Students who served as science laboratory assistants found the Science Service Club a profitable organi- zation. Members utilized practical knowledge in ap- plying science to other laboratory experiences. By the use of tiny model rockets, members of the Air Space Club investigated the intricate problems of space travel. A new chance for study was opened for junior as- tronomers with the forming of the Astronomy Club. The club was conducted as a special class studying the practical and theoretical aspects of space. DURING AN ELECTRONICS CLUB MEETING, Ted Schill- ing, Pete Pappas, and Miguel Maribona test old equipment. AS AN EXTENUATION OF THEIR WORK as laboratory assistants, Charlie Brown and Dale Butler dissect a crayfish 70 i TWO AVID GEOLOGISTS, Roger Moynahan and Diana Hunter, find limestone an interesting specimen. during a Science Service Club meeting. The club is open to all students who serve as science lab assistants. AIR SPACE MEMBERS Doug Nie and Greg Dawe watch closely as careful preparations end in a successful launch. 71 Many and varied MR. SHULIK, sponsor of the Audio Visual Club, demon- strates to Rod Everhart the process of transferring negatives. DURING A GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB MEETING Wayne Smith learns how to prepare a printing press. AS PART of their duties as Library assistants, Suzie Avels and Betsy Bailey alphabetize student schedules. 72 clubs perform services for teachers Service and learning keynoted the activities of the Graphic Arts Club. Donating spare time to printing football and basketball programs, as well as other extracurricular material, members emphasized a combination of quality and economics in their work. Functioning as a service organization, the Audio Visual Club distributed the school ' s audio visual equipment such as record players and movie pro- jectors. In addition they prepared different instruc- tional materials by such processes as photography and photo-sketch for use in classroom demonstrations. Another service group, the Library Club, included a look to the future in its activities. By obtaining a closer look at the actual operation of a library, mem- bers were encouraged to consider librarianship as a career. During meeting times members aided the li- brarians in repairing and shelving books. Skill and service were common assets of members of the Physical Education Helpers Club. These people, because of their physical ability and interest in physi- cal education as a career, aided gym teachers during classes. They assisted in recreational activities. GYM ASSISTANTS Steve Kautzman and John Hickey re- feree a volleyball game for a boys ' physical education class. PHYSICAL EDUCATION HELPERS — Front Row: B. Pear- son, J. Nisenbaum, B. Maurer, D. Brause, T. Fox, J. Roesch, D. Frayer. Second Row: S. Overbey, B. Toney, B. Rose, C. Mather, K. Guetschow, K. Ault, S. Smith, M. Kornfeld, P. Hoyt, J. Benz, B. Schrader. Third Row: M. Stroh, B. An- gell, D. Hogle, L. Swanson, P. Swensen, S. Darring, E. Frankovitz, G. Mclntyre, T. Pepple, S. Gradolf. Fourth Row: V. Vertucci, G. Smith, G. Gaalema, J. Hickey, S. McConn- ville, S. Kautzman, J. Murphy, P. Nefouse, W. Hotte, D. Ward. Fifth Row: B. Hackleman, A. Fasola, B. Fritcsh, R. Curry, D. Canull, D. Byrd, J. Kempler, S. Loutner, B. Darl- ing, R. Christanson. Sixth Row: J. Klein, S. Adams, B. Blomberg, M. Vance, P. Thompson, M. Dinwiddie, B. Souch- on, S. Clayton, T. Scott, D. Tewksberry. MUSIC MEN — Front Row: M. Daniels, G. Anderson, G. Pelsue, R. Fobes, J. Murphy, B. Carroll, D. Hale, J. Byers, and C. Browning. Second Row: D. Drake, D. Langfitt, L. Dawson, G. Bridgforth, D. Gallion, G. Dunne, B. Zim- merman, J. Kempler, D. Wides, and R. Kail. Third Row: G. Everhart, R. Fox, T. Holsworth, G. Jackson, G. Walkup, B. Perkins, T. Snow, M. Oberlin, and E. Sputh. Mr. Richard Laughlin, director of the group, is not pictured. Music Department promotes good A CAPELLA — Front Row: D. McBride, B. Bryant, V. Sohn, E. Cohen, A. Kandrac, A. Flynn, J. Chastain, P. Fish, C. Clutter, C. Hamaker, L. Hasler, G. Flynn. Second Row: J. Steinmetz, M. Fatout, J. Humbert, A. McClelland, L. Parris, S. Hendrickson, L. Donovan, M. Bancroft, M. Baumgardt, K. Wasson. Third Row: B. Smock, C. Green, T. Raver, S. Steckelniann, E. Stickle, J. Lingeman, B. Angell, D. Jacobs, B. Fraps, D. Wulf. Fourth Row: A. Patterson, D. Wilson, C. Warren, G. Corlett, C. Frayer, J. Zimmerman, G. Horning. Fifth Row: T. Pruyn, 0. Philyaw, J. Lenglade, S. Bridges, R. Williams, M. Holmquist, J. Kennedy, J. O ' Dowd, B. Bach. Sixth Row: B. Shook, J. Brandt, R. Snowden, B. Bates, R. Walker, J. Marr, R. Patterson, S. Claycombe, D. White- head. They are directed by Mr. Richard Laughlin. GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE — Front Row: C. Hill, S. Donnell, S. Moore, C. Ponder, A. Slater, P. Clay, K. Garriott, S. Coulson, D. Oliver, and S. Hartman. Second Row: K. Kreusser, C. Butz, P. Fortune, P. Capp, M. Light, N. Keller, L. Mullinix, J. Sordean, and C. Ehrhardt. Third Row: D. Stevens, S. Messenger, P. DonCarlos, K. Bailey, M. Whitehead, C. Van- Meter, S. Williams, J. Hendricks, J. Sachs, and L. Ramey. Mrs. Jeanne Johnson, the group ' s director, is not pictured. public relations Some of North Central ' s best public relations groups were found in its Music Department. Through extensive contact with the public, choruses represented a portion of the talents found in the student body. Girls ' Ensemble sought to promote musicianship and to develop individual ability. It presented pro- grams for elementary schools, club luncheons, PTA meetings, and an annual program for the mentally retarded. A Capella also participated in many school func- tions, presented concerts, and recently recorded a record. The group strove to advance musical abilities and a greater sense of appreciation for choral litera- ture of all periods. The Descants, a new group, made its appearance on the North Central scene this year and performed for assemblies and civic, religious, and private groups. In addition to working as a unit, the girls also con- centrated on perfecting their individual solo voices. With a wide variety of musical selections to choose from, the Music Men displayed poise and confidence as a male chorus. Not only did the group perform for school activities such as convocations, but it also ap- peared on radio and television. DESCANTS — Front Row: F. Wood, L. Turk, J. Goll, P. Sinclair, J. Osborn. Second Row: K. McClard, K. Tucker, L. Overman, C. Vaughan. Third Row: J. Lookabill, C. Itce, J. Lee, B. Gruber, S. Phelps. Fourth Row: K. Sparrenberger, M. Sebastian, K. Krueger, M. Hamilton, C. Baker. 75 OFFICERS BOB PERKINS, Judy Braun, and Dick Pruyn rehearse a song for a Folk Music Club program. Music groups keep Interest in music was kept alive by the activities of many music groups, both chorally and orchestrally oriented. Folk Music Club, Counterpoints, Madrigals, and Bell Choir were only a few of these. Highlighting the Senior Bonfire and Family Jam- boree were performances by members of the Folk Music Club. Besides these activities, the group also presented an assembly for the school. In the spring try-outs were held for Counterpoints, the most select music group in the school. In addition to school music assemblies, the thirty-two members performed at the Indiana State Fair and at various civic organization programs. While learning the foundation of musical showman- ship, Madrigals took part in several concerts and festivals. Members were chosen by audition. The only high school group of its type in the Mid- west, the Bell Choir appeared on radio and television. Besides making a record, members performed for the Christmas Program and the Spring Concert. Arrange- ments they played ranged from ancient to contem- porary literature. Steve Sternberger was president. COUNTERPOINTS — Front Row: C. Plzak, J. Boals, P. Dowell, and H. Brodey. Third Row: G. McKown, D. Nestor, Roberts, J. Bradley, A. Fogle, J. Benz, B. Pearson, J. R. Martin, F. Bodwell, J. Morgan, D. Wright, and D. Giltner. Hooker, and L. Wilson. Second Row: L. Schulte, E. Daw- Fourth Row: S. Peterson, D. Lawton, J. Hoffman, S. Giltner, son. C. Cassada, C. Agnew, J. Braun, E. Bauer, R. Mc- D. Smith, D. Pruyn, B. McFarland, D. Rohn, and B. White. interest alive through new activities MADRIGALS — Front Row: S. Riddell, L. Evans, B. Ein- fer, M. Bradshaw, M. Meditch, S. Greer, C. Pryor, and P. standig, S. Yosha, P. Shute, D. Daniels, A. Brown, N. O ' Heren. Third Row: D. Beck, J. Seeley, J. Payne, J. Buddenbaum, E. Abbott, D. Shoemaker, and B. Haines. Brunelle, S. Kurtz, B. Herndon, B. O ' Brien, M. Lancet, S. Second Row: K. Brueckner, L. Tomlinson, S. Kelso, B. Arm- Collins, S. McGraw, P. Kramer, and D. Bevins. The group strong, C Allen, S. Kramer, S. Moore, D. McLary, S. Schae- is under the direction of Mr. Donald Martin. 77 Honors mark eventful year for band BAND — Front Row: K. Wolf, P. Kammeraad, B. Allen, S. Rushton, D. Morris, D. Chamberlain, B. Butz, M. Murduck, C. Gillespie, L. Brown, W. Patterson, K. Duggan, S. Skid- more, D. Meyer, and D. Harris. Second Row: P. Karau, K. Murphy, C. Clark, S. Miller, K. Kiger, L. Eaton, C. Douglass, J. Slaughter, J. Nichols, W. Parker, R. Richardson, D. Grif- fith, C. Monical, M. Raber, K. Nicholson, and J. Herrick. Third Row: B. Gemmer, S. Perkins, J. Miller, W. Patterson, J. Maines, J. Sharp, J. Carson, D. Dison, J. Turner, J. Kamp- lain, C. Mather, L. Ewell, D. Main, B. Stone, M. Penington, E. Caine, D. Luginbill, J. Chastain, P. McGlasson, L. Dittus, B. May, K. Beam, S. Petersen, C. Brewster, and H. Ervin Fourth Row: R. Moore, J. Jordan, M. Tower, P. Stone J. May, P. Kunz, J. Davidson, J. Vawter, G. Guinther, D Waller, C. Cooper, J. Hooker, R. Covey, R. Jenkins, J. For tune, K. Grube, T. Svendsen, P. Over, L. McKinley, B. Kin sey, S. Stultz, D. Langford, D. Burney, B. Thomas, A. Lind quist, D. Hunter, T. Lucas, P. Wilhoit, K. Strauss, and F Shirley. Fifth Row: V. Bareither, G. Kitzmiller, D. Jacobs J. Vance, W. McCarthy, M. Miller, R. Fine, C. Lawrence W. Grant, D. Allen, G. Wolf, S. Monical, M. Bloom, W Thwing, and W. White. ORCHESTRA — Front Row: D. Rohn, L. Maxson, Y. Moore, A. Kandrac, E. George, S. Brown, M. Leslie, J. McAloon, and S. Gans. Second Row: K. Bessey, J. Grosskopf, J. Mc- Manama, C. Cluster, J. Blackburn, L. Gilleff, J. Ernsting, and P. Taylor. Third Row: M. Baumgardt, A. Butz, N. Blicken- staff, K. Light, K. Walls, K. Schnute, D. Fant, M. Kiken- dall, J. Bauer, J. Harper, and J. Snyder. Fourth Row: N. Sterner, J. Snyder, S. Blackburn, A. Speicher, D. Reed, B. Waller, D. Hanna, L. Main, C. Michael, N. Hughes, D. Hicks, K. Puckett, and D. McAloon. Fifth Row: C. Hamaker, M. Wright, B. Grimes, H. Penington, D. Fulk, D. Warren, K. TeKolste, M. Leff, E. Aiman, L. Ewell, Mr. Richard Dennis, D. Main, C. Clark, S. Scudder, B. Kamplain, D. Boone, B. Kelley, and T. Young. Sixth Row: G. Gellersen, M. Berk- owitz, K. Strauss, R. Wright, R. Whitinger, A. Hale, B. Penrod, M. Bledsoe, J. Graves, J. Stradling, and B. White. 78 and orchestra North Central ' s orchestra now has a four-year history and many honors behind it including first division at the state contest. One of the few organiza- tions of its kind in the state, the seventy-four member group is under the direction of Mr. Richard Dennis. As a member of the orchestra, the student received the opportunity to play music ranging from Baroque to contemporary modes. Performances included an an- nual evening concert, the unique program of Concerto Evening, accompanying Footlight Musicals and the Butler University Ballet, and an appearance on tele- vision. The Symphonic Band and the Stage Band are the primary performing organizations of the Band De- partment. Providing much of the color at sports events and various parades, the groups also played at school convocations. Musical literature of all periods is studied, and members received intensive training in the mastery of their individual instruments. The bands sought to reach the highest level of musical ar- tistry and skill both in playing and marching. Both groups were directed by Mr. Samuel Rhinesmith. UNDER THE DIRECTION of Mr. Richard Dennis, the orchestra performs musical literature of all periods. STAGE BAND — Front Row: J. Weber, D. Singleton, B. Kamplain, S. Peterson, and C. Michael. Second Row: D. McAloon, M. Berkowitz, K. Grube, B. Penrod, D. Gillespie, and A. Hale. Third Row: P. Karau, G. Wolf, P. Wilhoit, F. Shirley, B. Whitinger, R. Wright, and T. Lucas. The Stage Band is under the direction of Mr. Samuel Rhinesmith. 79 Future challenges NDCC cadets RIFLE TEAM — Kneeling: Joe Schoolcraft, Ron Burgy, Jim Honeyman, Gary Zeller, Larry Netter. Standing: Paula Fish, Jim Buchanan, Clarence Reed, Jim Wright, Don Fulk, Stewart Dinwiddie, Ron Mix, Deanna Hogle. To better prepare themselves for the future, the members of NDCC Infantry Battalion put in long hours of intensive training focusing on leadership, dis- cipline, and mental and physical development. The Drill Team, composed of fourteen members, was commanded by Mike Kleper. After reaching a point of fine precision in squad formation and ma- neuvering, the team participated in drill meets at all levels including city, county, and state championships. One important phase of the NDCC program is the Rifle Team, which represented North Central in com- petition at local, sectional, state, and national levels. Joe Schoolcraft had the responsibility of heading the Color Guard. This elite formation required scholarship as well as a desire to serve. At sports events and other school functions the Color Guard was charged with presenting the flag with honor and dignity. In addition to this service, the cadets also bore the national colors in the annual Veteran ' s Day Parade. Of great aid to the cadets were the five sponsors who assisted in the classroom, outside activities, and in planning federal inspection of the Corps and the annual November Military Ball. The girls were all of- ficers and were allowed to join the Rifle Team. CADET OFFICERS Francine Stewart, Deanna Hogle, Paula Fish, and Kris Kavanaugh act as NDCC sponsors. NDCC— Front Row: R. Mix, G. Stohler, C. Reed, C. Fischesser, K. Kavanaugh, R. Pryor, and D. Fulk. Second Row: F. Stewart, W. Schuchmann, D. Hogle, and G. Zeller. Third Row: B. Wiley, H. DeFord, H. Fitts, L. Netter, C. Capehart, G. DeFabis, R. Dunham, M. Klepfer, J. School- craft, 0. Sharp, C. Murphy, J. Clay, C. Sigal, K. Light, S. Pylat, P. Howard, and S. Moser. Fourth Row: B. Lindstrom, R. Burgy, F. Gillaspie, S. Weber, C. Wilkerson, C. Warren, T. Unit J RICHARD HAINES, Joe Schoolcraft, Jim Buchanan, and Joe Batza present the colors at school functions. Peters, D. Howard, T. O ' Sullivan, S. Meeker, K. Sprecher, T. Goodhart, R. Batza, M. Stall, G. Ward, and B. Howard. Fifth Row: R. Haines, J. Wright, T. O ' Conner, S. Pederson, M. Buchanan, B. Dorn, C. Moore, V. Cullison, S. Dinwiddie, T. Hendrix, J. Woodard, P. Silet, M. Sullivan, C. Tansy, M. Ward, R. Trester, and J. Honeyman. Captain Charles Wilhelm, serving as commander of the NDCC battalion, also acts as instructor and drill master. Spirit prompts successful seasons BATON CORPS — Kneeling: S. Thompson, head majorette, J. Kubilis, J. Jenkins, N. Lockwood, K. Shearer, A. Hollo- way, W. Mock, S. Partlowe, J. Phillippe, and J. Hershey. Standing: D. McGuire, K. Nicholson, C. Dunlap, K. Wasson, C. Smith, P. Paulin, feature twirler, E. Cupp, K. Sparks, D. Burkett, J. Fathman, and K. Wolf. The Northern Starlettes receive invitations to participate in various parades through- out the year. They also perform at sports events. for victorious teams Successful sports seasons awakened an active school spirit in the student body during the past year. The activities of many organizations provided vital sup- port for the victorious teams. Always present at basketball games and pep rallies was the Pep Band, a group of volunteers from Cen- tral ' s band. Popular songs arousing spirit provided entertainment for enthusiastic fans. Working closely with the Pep Band was the Booster Block, a popular group that promoted en- thusiasm by accompanying cheers with synchronized hand movements. The Baton Corps highlighted breaks at games. Pre- cision twirling and organized discipline brought in- vitations to participate in the 500 Festival and the An- nual Veteran ' s Day Parade. With a membership of 1300 students, the Panther Athletic Club was the largest club at North Central. Through demonstrations the members gained a wide knowledge of sports such as gymnastics, judo, and karate, as well as more familiar ones. AROUSING ENTHUSIASM is no problem to the mem- bers of the Pep Band whose songs inspire fans and teams. AS STUDENT DIRECTOR OF THE PEP BAND, Dick Griffith generates spirit among the members of his group. COACH BYRON WEAVER, one of the sponsors of Panther Athletic Club, presents fall sports awards to lettermen. We love to doubt as well as to know We are The Restless Ones Restless for victory in the nine varsity sports, North Central athletes practice diligently to gain co-ordination. In addtiion to physical development, mental alertness and good sports- manship are vital components of a good athlete. For Central teams the keys to success include spirit and dedication as well as co-ordination. Enthusiastic banner- waving Centralites who encourage the teams on to victory re- flect the optimistic attitude of the teams. Dedication is another important factor. A dedicated team is an undying one — it fights to the last second, never losing the gleam of victory and never accepting the possibility of defeat. Centralites are also offered a broad intramural program, which includes 12 sports. Boys and girls participate by or- ganizing teams or playing individually, and the season for each sport culminates with a championship tournament. SPORTS 85 Gridmen post first undefeated season 1966 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — Front Row: Jon Pactor, John Davidson, Pete Tolson, Dave Strother, Joe Murphy, Barry Fritsch, Paul Nefouse, Herman Slaughter, Bob Potter, Steve Ellson, and Kevin Williams. Second Row: Coach Byron Weaver, Coach Roland Inskeep, Mr. Milo Eiche, Paul Ford, Bob Penno, Bob Shook, Pete Thompson, Al Fasola, Mark Dinwiddie, Gary Walkup, Bob Bennett, Dave Burgess, Mr. Keith Stroup, Jack Schiffli, and Coach John Friedersdorf. Third Row: Dick Tewksbury, Scott Clay- ton, Tom Schrader, Bruce Blomberg, Steve Overman, Dick Pritchard, Mike Vance, Rusty Clifford, Don Lawton, Bob Hackleman, John Walter, Mark Moore, Darell Pike, Dave Nees. FOOTBALL— 1966— VARSITY N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. 6 27 34 41 38 14 34 28 28 0 Carmel 0 Lawrence Central 6 Noblesville 0 Broad Ripple 14 Ben Davis 6 Warren Central 7 Southport 7 Arlington 12 Kokomo 19 Northwest 0 COACHES BYRON WEAVER AND ROLAND INSKEEP instruct guard Rusty Clifford on a key play that will de- termine the fate of a scoring drive against Southport. 86 in school history with 9-0- 1 record A " power right 32 wedge " could have possibly been the most important play of the 1966 varsity football season. It was this bone-crushing drive play that gave N.C. an upset victory over a highly-touted Carmel team that had not tasted defeat in 22 straight games. With just seconds remaining, a touchdown opened the door for the Panthers to reach heights of success that no North Central football team had ever reached be- fore. The school ' s first undefeated football team in- spired school spirit and enthusiasm that may establish a definite precedent for years to come. After almost four weeks of vigorous training, the Panthers were ready to face arch-rival Carmel. Before an excited crowd of over 5,000 people, an alert and hard-hitting defense repeatedly stopped the high- scoring Carmel offense throughout the game. Finally, with less than ten seconds showing on the clock, Paul Nefouse drove into the end zone for the touchdown and victory. This well-earned 6-0 triumph placed the Panthers on a winning streak which they followed throughout the season. (Continued on Page 88) AFTER HAULING IN a Bob Hackleman pass, Scott Clayton loses his footing and begins to fall. 87 FOOTBALL — 1966 — RESERVE N.C 19 Carmel 12 N.C 13 Lawrence Central 0 N.C 18 Broad Ripple 6 N.C 19 Ben Davis 12 N.C 6 Warren Central 18 N.C 13 Arlington 6 N.C 14 Kokomo 0 N.C 17 Northwest 6 During the Lawrence Central game the Panthers got off to a slow start and were trailing 6-0 after the first quarter. However, the remainder of the contest was dominated by N.C. ' s offensive and defensive depth. The Panthers won 27-6. In the next game with Noblesville, Coach Byron Weaver played all the var- sity members as the squad defeated Noblesville 39-0. The Broad Ripple contest saw the Panthers fall behind the fired-up Rockets 14-0. However, the Pan- thers fought back in the second quarter to score three times as the Panther ' s air attack bombarded the Rip- ple defense. Both Scott Clayton and Pete Thompson got in back of Rocket safety-men and made outstand- ing scoring receptions. With the aid of the passing game, the ground game came to life, and the grid- ders won 41-14. ( Continued on Page 89) PETE THOMPSON HEADS for a big gain after receiving a pass in the Panther ' s exciting 28-19 triumph over Kokomo. Panthers gain 1 0th AFTER THE HEARTBREAKING NORTHWEST 0-0 TIE, Panther standouts Al Fasola and Paul Nefouse display the trophy presented to them by adult boosters. BOB HACKLEMAN RUNS out of the " pocket " into Carmel territory as the Panthers head for the winning touchdown. ace ranking in final state rating Before a large homecoming crowd, N.C. bombarded the visiting Ben Davis Giants 38-6. This was N.C. ' s first homecoming win since the fall festival events began in 1963. Victories over Warren Central 14-7 and Southport 34-7 were registered as the Panthers took the County Championship for the second time in the school ' s history. Traveling to Arlington the following week, the team bus was followed by a caravan of 200 cars. The fired- up gridders did not let their backers down as they came from behind in the second half to post a 28-12 victory. At Kokomo over 2,000 fans braved freezing temperatures to watch their Panthers play on a snow- laden gridiron, defeating the Kats in an exciting contest, 28-19. The final game with Northwest proved to be the most frustrating night of the season for the Panthers. Playing on a field covered with mud and water, neither team was able to score as the game ended in a 0-0 tie. The gridders were ranked 10th in the AP state poll. Gaining selection on All-State teams were Al Fasola, Bob Hackleman, Mark Moore, and Mike Vance. 1966 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM — Front Row: C. Tate, J. Waugh, J. Hooker, G. Grinkmeyer, D. McGeary, T. Gar- rity, R. Ohlson, J. Miller, B. Marvel, and K. Estridge. Second Row: B. Zimmerman, R. Brooks, G. Linder, B. Meyer, B. Lempke, B. Reel, B. Huff, D. Patton, R. Hurwitz, B. Johnson, and J. Simon. Third Row: Coach Jack Schiffli, TRAILING 12-7 at halftime of the Arlington game, the Panthers receive vital instructions from Coach Byron Weaver. B. Parker, G. McKown, A. Dinwiddie, M. Cotter, D. Smith, K. Undercoffer, H. Baldwin, R. Callaway, J. Marr, D. Ra- maker, J. Jobes, and Coach John Friedersdorf. Fourth Row: G. Zimmerman, B. Hyten, R. Lash, J. Harcourt, and K. Worley. (Not present when picture was taken were J. Shew- maker, D. Reel, and D. Patton.) Central harriers win first county 1966 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM — Front Row: Second Row: Coach Charles Riley, Ken Roberts, Jim Brom- Van Bareither, Steve McNichols, Paul Ford, Lasalle Thomp- ley, Greg Dawe, Warren Hotte, Skip Adams, Norman son, Mike Aycock, Mark Bloom, and Harry Penington. Fogle, Carl Vorhies, Randy Kitterman, Coach Arlan Lickliter. CROSS COUNTRY— 1966— VARSITY DUAL MEET N.C 32 Kokomo 23 TRIANGULAR MEETS N.C 21 Manual 43 Broad Ripple 83 N.C 35 Howe 24 Ben Davis 73 N.C 39 Washington 23 Lawrence Central .... 70 N.C 39 Arlington 26 Warren Central 55 Scecina Invitational Second Ben Davis Invitational First Broad Ripple Invitational Second Shortridge Invitational Seventh County Meet First Sectional Meet First Regional Meet Seventh 1966 CROSS COUNTRY SECTIONAL CHAMPS — Front Row: M. Aycock, M. Bloom, L. Thompson, S. McNichols. Second Row: H. Penington, Coach Arlan Lickliter, P. Ford, V. Bareither, W. Hotte, R. Kitterman, Coach Charles Riley. ■ ... % 1 title? capture sectional crown The varsity cross country team, along with the un- defeated football team, made the fall of ' 66 the most productive season ever at North Central High School. The harriers without a doubt kept pace with the grid- ders, as they won their first County Championship and later went on to win the Sectional crown. Return- ing veterans Skip Adams, Mike Aycock, Van Bare- ither, Mark Bloom, and Steve McNichols formed a solid nucleus for Coach Charles Riley to work with throughout the entire season. Another outstanding ad- dition to the team was sophomore Lasalle Thompson. Leading the squad to the Sectional Championship, Thomps on finished fifth with a time of 10:06. In win- ning the County Championship, Steve McNichols led the Panthers by placing fourth with a 10:18 clocking. He was followed by Thompson in eighth position, Bloom in ninth, and Bareither in tenth. Though Thompson and McNichols will be back next season, 8 of the 13 varsity members were seniors who will not return next fall. Therefore, many of the re- serve boys will move up to varsity competition. AT THE SOUND OF THE GUN the North Central varsity harriers are off to set the pace for the grueling two-mile run. 1966 RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM — Front Row: M. Holt, and M. Brown. Third Row: K. Roberts, B. Perlstein, M. Holmquist, M. Waldner, J. Lateste, and J. Lapham. B. Pruitt, J. Fortune, B. Vinton, D. Moore, D. Copenhaver, Second Row: B. Brody, F. Lockhart, G. Gaalema, G. Schlegel, L. Gardner, and R. Kitterman. Varsity basketball team rallies to finish BASKETBALL— 1967— VARSITY N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. 15 74 69 65 52 83 65 70 52 76 70 66 75 71 64 64 62 62 52 Newcastle 61 Carmel 76 Lawrence Central 86 Kokomo 57 Southport 71 Frankfort 71 Tech 84 Speedway 57 Warren Central 48 Manual 60 Ben Davis 49 Pike 55 Arlington 64 Broad Ripple 68 Madison Heights 68 Marion 75 Northwest 57 Noblesville 56 County Tourney Lawrence Central 53 The ' 66-67 " varsity basketball team, after a near- ly disastrous start in which they lost five of their first seven games, ral lied to post a victorious 11-9 season record. The Panther ' s first victory of the season came against the Kokomo Kats 65-57, marking the first time in N.C. history that a Panther basketball team had beaten Kokomo. Leading the team in that game, as well as throughout the season, was Pete Thompson. Besides being the leading scorer with over a 14 point average, the spring-legged senior led the team in re- bounds with over 200. Additional team strength came from a tough front line that out-rebounded every Panther opponent this year. Along with Thompson at the forward position was Kent Ehret who was sec- ond in rebounding. Also, Steve Overman added vital relief as both a forward and center. Sharing the pivot were seniors Mike Kafoure and junior Rick Frosch. Kafoure, who holds the school field-goal percentage record, finished third in rebounds. Frosch, who mov- ed up at mid-season from the reserve squad, improved steadily and won a starting berth in the latter stages of the season at the center position. Platooning throughout 1967 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM — Front Row: J. Hickey, S. Clayton, R. Beatty, P. Thompson, M. Riesen, and P. Ford. Second Row: B. Blomberg, J. Orr, K. Ehret, R. Frosch, S. Overman, J. Klein, and M. Kafoure. 92 with winning season the season were Seniors Jeff Klein, Ron Beatty, Mike Riesen, and Junior Bruce Blomberg. Klein was sec- ond in scoring for the varsity averaging almost 10 points per game. Beatty proved his worth as he set a school single game record in assists with 11 against Northwest. In addition, he was also an accurate foul shooter hitting 70 per cent from the line. Riesen, who came off the bench many times to spark Panther rallies, led the team in assists, and Blomberg could be relied upon to play a strong game as a starter or as a substitute. Junior Jim Orr, while giving the Panthers solid bench strength as either forward or guard, led the team in free throw percentage with a 72 per cent mark. North Central ' s opener in the County tourney against Lawrence Central proved to be a heart-breaker as the Panthers fell in an exciting game, 53-52. The same was true in the opening game of Hinkle Sec- tional. (Continued on page 94) RICK FROSH, 6 ' 7 " center, scores on a turn-around jump shot in the opening moments of the Broad Ripple game. DURING A SCRAMBLE FOR THE BALL, Pete Thompson out-jumps a Warren forward to make a tip-in. PETE THOMPSON attempts a jump shot but instantly de- decides to pass to Mike Riesen during the Speedway game. AFTER FAKING AROUND HIS OPPONENT, Mike Rie- sen takes his last step before laying in two points. Reserve team gains (Continued from page 93) The Panthers led throughout the contest over the Washington Continentals only to see a 66-66 tie fade into a 75-66 defeat in the final 70 seconds. Playing some of the finest teams in the state, the Panthers still finished with a victorious season. Eight of the Panther ' s twenty opponents were Sectional champions and participated in Regional competition. The Reserve squad also rallied after a slow start to post a 10-10 season record. After winning only one of their first six games, the Panthers upset the powerful Tech Titans 39-28. From there on, speed, strong defense, self-pride, and a balanced attack led the team to five victories in their next six contests. In the reserve tourney, N.C. eliminated Ben Davis 52-46 but dropped the championship game to Warren Cen- tral 39-36. Members of the reserve squad will help fill the spots vacated by the six graduating varsity seniors. valuable experience N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. BASKETBALL— 1967— RESERVES N.C. N.C. 38 Newcastle 53 59 Carmel 47 44 Lawrence Central 47 34 Kokomo 45 38 Southport 47 40 Frankfort 45 39 Tech 28 53 Speedway 49 45 Warren Central 39 47 Manual 48 57 Ben Davis 39 53 Pike 42 46 Arlington 52 52 Broad Ripple 42 39 Madison Heights 35 39 Marion 44 36 Northwest 45 51 Noblesville 29 Reserve County Tournament 52 Ben Davis 46 , 36 Warren Central 39 OUTJUMPING A WARREN CENTER, Steve Abrams tips the ball to Gary Pittinger in a 47-39 reserve win. 1967 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM- Lash, L. Thompson, B. Hardy, B. Meyer. -Front Row: R. G. Linder, and M. Waldner. Second Row: Coach Jack Walter, S. Hill, Baldwin, G. Pittenger, G. Graham, and S. Abrams. H. 95 — ADDING THE FINISHING TOUCH to a well-performed DAVE TILLER DEMONSTRATES the proper balance that routine, John Peirce executes a smooth dismount. is required to perform his stunts on the horse. 1967 GYMNASTICS TEAM — Front Row: D. Slater, B. P. Brown. Third Row: D. Ward, J. Harcourt, C. Beard- Potter, T. Dunn, J. Peirce, S. Tedrowe. Second Row: B. shear, D. Tiller, B. Perlstein, S. Monical, Coach John Emry. Beitman, R. Horine, L. Nahmias, B. Jeffries, B. Stoner, The team finished 4th in the State. Gymnasts post 10-5 record for season Having participated in 15 meets, the North Central gymnastics team led by senior Tom Dunn finished with a 10-5 record. This year Mr. John Emry took over the coaching duties. By following a rigid prac- tice schedule, the gymnasts excelled in such events as the high bar, parallel bars, side horse, and free exercise. Columbus and Madison Heights proved to be the toughest competition during the season. However, the gymnasts captured a second during the Columbus Invitational. In addition, the team placed third in the Concord Invitational. With tough competition, the State Meet in March proved to be the highlight of the season ' s hard work. With returning juniors John Pierce on the high bar, Doug Ward and Larry Nahmias on the trampoline and tumbling, Sam Tedrowe on the rings, and Bruce Beitman on the parallel bars, next year ' s team pro- mises to be a strong one. Also, returning sophomores Jack Harcourt on the side horse and Stewart Monicle on the high bar will contribute to next year ' s strength. GYMNASTICS— 1967— VARSITY N.C 99% Portland 54% N.C 69 Columbus 85 N.C 105 Anderson 48 N.C 104 Pordand 48 N.C 94 Ben Davis 60 N.C 95 Southport 43 N.C 69 Madison Heights 85 N.C 92 Ben Davis 62 N.C 89! 2 Warren Central 64% N.C 72 Madison Heights 82 N.C 88 Southport 61 N.C 70 Concord 84 Columbus Invitational 2nd Warren Central Invitational 3rd Concord Invitational 3rd Grapplers place 3rd in state; become EXECUTING A " FIGURE-FOUR, " Junior Don Lawton drives his opponent to the mat. Capturing third in the state meet, the 1967 varsity wrestling team recorded one of its most outstanding seasons. The grapplers opened the season with a victory over Decatur Central and then went on to avenge last year ' s losses to Warren Central and Law- rence Central. However, a powerful Ben Davis squad overcame the Panthers 30-20. After edging Speed- way 24-20, the varsity started a winning streak of seven meets which lasted until the last meet. In this season finale the grapplers dropped a closely con- tested 23-16 meet to a strong Arlington team. Season records revealed Wolf, 12-5; Roesch, 6-4; Frayer, 18-3; Vorhies, 20-4; Small, 8-5-2; Schoolcraft, 15-6; Habig, 10-7; Lawton 16-6; Murphy, 18-4; Emmert, 9-9; Nees, 14-8; and Pritchard, 23-1. In tournament action, the Panthers took fourth place at the County meet held at North Central. Cap- turing the heavyweight division was Junior Dick Pritchard. With an all-out team effort, the grapplers took first place in the North Central 8-team tourna- ment midway thro ugh the season. Four individual (Continued on page 101) 1 1 ! 1 1 1 . 1 1967 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM — Front Row: R. Curry, B. Habig, J. Schoolcraft, J. Murphy, S. Overbey, and R. Small. Second Row: G. Nelson, B. Wolf, R. Roesch, M. Stroh, D. Frayer, C. Vorhies, J. Davidson, and Coach Keith Farrand. Third Row: J. Bromley, C. Michael, D. Nees, D. Emmert, D. Pritchard, D. Byrd, and D. Lawton. Sectional champions ATTEMPTING A TAKE-DOWN, 180-pound Dave Nees grapples with his foe during the County meet. AFTER DEFEATING HIS OPPONENT in the final County match, new Heavyweight Champion Dick Pritchard ex- periences the exhilarating thrill of victory. WRESTLING— 1967— VARSITY N.C 44 Decatur Central 10 N.C 33 Warren Central 9 N.C 29 Lawrence Central 19 N.C 20 Ben Davis 30 N.C 24 Speedway 20 N.C 41 Broad Ripple 13 N.C 45 Carmel 3 N.C 40 Kokomo 13 N.C 43 Howe 2 N.C 33 Tech 9 N.C 51 Manual 3 N.C 16 Arlington 23 County Meet 4th North Central 8-Team Tourney 1st Sectional Meet 1st Regional Meet 2nd State Meet 3rd (top) DICK PRITCHARD breaks down his adversary to score two needed points, (bottom) Attempting to put on a pinning combination, Pritchard applies an arm hook. Pritchard wins state championship REGIONAL CHAMPION Carl Vorhies cradles his adver- on to become state runner-up in the 120-pound class, help- sary to secure five important team points. Later Carl went ing secure third in the state for the Panthers. WRESTLING — 1967 — RESERVE N.C 48 Decatur Central 2 N.C 48 Warren Central 6 N.C 49 Lawrence Central 5 N.C 26 Ben Davis 21 N.C 48 Speedway 6 N.C 37 Broad Ripple 15 N.C 36 Carmel 11 N.C 46 Kokomo 10 N.C 42 Howe 7 N.C 47 Tech 0 N.C 43 Manual . i 13 N.C 22 Arlington 26 JUNIOR DAVE NEES uses all his strength to subdue his man in the final seconds of the match. Vorhies places 2nd (Continued from page 98) winners led the team to regain the Sectional crown lost last year to Shortridge. The individual cham- pions, Dave Frayer, Carl Vorhies, Rick Small, and Dick Pritchard, advanced to the Regional meet the following Saturday. There the matmen took second place with two individual champions, Vorhies and Pritchard. The culmination of a season ' s hard work was realized at the state meet as Pritchard became the state heavyweight champion. This marks the second time in North Central history that a wrestler has won the highest possible honor for an Indiana High School wrestler — a state championship. Vorhies was the state runner-up in the 120 lb. class. These two vic- tories clinched a third place standing in the state for North Central. The reserve team exceeded the varsity by posting an 11-1 record, losing only to a tough Arlington squad. In addition, the reserve matmen gained much valuable experience for next year ' s team. The re- serves, along with ten returning lettermen, Stroh, Reel, Wolf, Lawton, Nees, Roesch, Schoolcraft, Habig, Emmert, and state champion Pritchard will form the nucleus of next year ' s squad. ANTICIPATING the whistle, Sectional Champ Dave Frayer prepares to move from the " referee ' s position. " 1967 RESERVE WRESTLING TEAM — Front Row: D. Reel, B. Johnson. Third Row: K. Worley, M. Moore, D. Smith, B. Smith, R. Richards, R. Callaway, J. Bose, P. Baun, Ramaker, B. Parker, J. Shewmaker, D. Allen, S. Gipe, B. D. Witham, M. Bledsoe, G. Zimmermann. Second Row: Souchon, D. Copenhaver, R. Howard, B. Weldon, Coach F. Lockhart, N. Williams, R. Massena, S. Peterson, R. Keith Farrand. Not pictured John Lindquist. The team is Lempke, F. Boyd, D. Lawton, J. Wehmeier, T. Davis, B. composed of 20 sophomores and 13 juniors. Golf team captures sectional title 1966 VARSITY GOLF TEAM— Doug Campbell, Tom Bly, Don McAllister, Jim Maggard, and Mike Wallace. Mr. John Bruce Jacobson, Dennis Huffman, Scott Fritschle, Lee Blake, Friedersdorf coached the squad. TENNIS— 1966— VARSITY N.C 3 Kokomo 4 N.C 0 Lafayette 9 N.C 7 Chartrand 0 N.C 6 Tech 1 N.C 4 Brebeuf 3 N.C 6 Beech Grove 1 N.C 6 Ben Davis 1 N.C Sy 2 Speedway V 2 N.C 4% Lawrence Central .... 2 N.C 1 Arlington 6 N.C 4 Pike 3 N.C 5 Broad Ripple 2 N.C 6 Warren Central 1 N.C 2 Park 5 N.C 0 Southport 7 N.C 7 Shortridge 0 Columbus Invitational Doubles 4th place County Tourney 2nd place DENNIS HUFFMAN STROKES his putt in hopes of sinking a birdie on the third green of Riverside Golf Course. 102 Tennis team posts winning season The 1966 varsity golf team finished strong to com- plete the season with a well earned 16-7 record. Fol- lowing a late season slump, the linksmen came alive to capture the Sectional Crown over highly touted Brebeuf. This victory was achieved as a result of the consistent play shown by the squad throughout the entire match. Leading the team to the championship was Scott Fritschle with a 76, the second low score of the meet. He was followed by Dennis Huffman, Lee Blake, and Tom Esmon who shot scores of 77, 78, and 79 respectively. Of these four participants, only Tom Esmon was lost through graduation. Losing the opening two matches to teams from Kokomo and Lafayette Jeff did not dampen the spirit of the tennis team. From these two defeats the Panther netmen gained valuable experience which enabled them to win the next seven matches. Paced by letter winners Steve Garrett and Bill Lee, the squad posted an 11-5 record while finishing second in the county. As the only returning letterman, Paul Haskett paced the ' 67 squad, which was dominated by boys that had been on the 6-1 reserve squad the previous season. GOLF— 1966— VARSITY N.C 10 Beech Grove 2 N.C 4i 2 Brebeuf 7% N.C 11 Pike 1 N.C 11 Kokomo Sy 2 N.C 12 Franklin Central 0 N.C 8! 2 Lebanon 9% N.C 10 Madison Heights 8 N.C 12 Beech Grove 0 N.C 8 Southport 4 N.C 91 a Speedway 2l 2 N.C 11 Ben Davis 0 N.C IOV2 Warren Central V 2 N.C 10 Pike 2 N.C 12 Ben Davis 0 N.C 21 2 Lawrence Central 9 l 2 N.C 6I 2 Carmel lll 2 N.C 3 Broad Ripple 9 N.C 71 2 Noblesville 2V2 N.C 4i 2 Carmel 13% N.C 11 Shortridge 1 N.C 4l 2 Lebanon 5% N.C 8V2 Arlington 3l 2 N.C 10 Manual 0 County Tournament 3rd place Sectional 1st place 1966 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM — Front Row: J. Reid, D. Gwyn, L. Fink, P. Haskitt, J. Petticrew, L. Weinberg, A. Walter, D. Byrd, S. Garrett, B. Lee, M. Seulean, and D. Hale. Second Row: Coach John Shirley, D. Nagey, R. Richards, L. Astbury, B. Lindstrom, B. Sklare, B. Rothbaum, R. Fobes, M. Smart, B. Reel, and D. Kellogg. 103 TIM McCLENNY BREAKS the tape to establish a new school record in the two mile event with a time of 9.43:3. TRACK— 1966— VARSITY N.C 46 Lawrence Central .... 54 N.C 74 Broad Ripple 44 N.C 83 Warren Central 34 N.C 66 Ben Davis 52 N.C 42 Kokomo 76 TRIANGULAR MEETS N.C 66 Southport 44 Martinsville 27 N.C 64 Lawrence Central .... 52 Martinsville 31 N.C 60 Washington 57 1 3 Southport 30 2 3 N.C 71 1 2 Ben Davis 37 1 2 Carmel 36 N.C 56 Richmond 63 Shortridge 29 North Central Relays 3rd Kokomo Relays 7th County Meet 1st Sectional 8th Trackmen gain fifth Though the track squad was led by outstanding individuals throughout the season, team depth was the overall factor that led the Panthers to their fifth Marion County championship. The cindermen gained early season experience by defeating present city and county champions Southport and Washington in tri- angular meets. Then through the combined efforts of the entire squad, the team went on to upset Brebeuf for the County title. Capturing individual titles in the county meet were Mark Miller in the 440, Paul Ford in the 880, Tim McClenny in the mile, Steve McNichols in the two mile, and Pete Thompson in the high jump. However, an important detail in winning the County champion- ship was the fact that the Panthers placed in all events except the 100 and 220 yard dashes and the shot put. Tim McClenny, three year varsity standout, estab- lished new school and sectional records in the two mile event. Bob Potter set a new school record in the pole vault with a height of 12 ' 8 % " . MARK MILLER, 440-yard County champion, spends much of his practice time perfecting a quick get away from the starting blocks in preparation for the sectional meet. County title through all out team effort Bm - - - COUNTY HIGH JUMP CHAMPION Pete Thompson easily clears a qualifying height in a dual meet with Kokomo. Thompson won the County title with a jump of 6 ' 1 " . IN PREPARATION for the County meet held on the Pan- ther cinders, Ron Howell, Mike Williams, and Gary Walkup are " off and running " in the 120-yard high hurdles. 1966 VARSITY TRACK TEAM — Front Row: L. Roberts, T. Dunn, P. Nefouse, J. Murphy, P. Ford, E. Knudsen, B. Potter, S. McNichols, M. Bloom, G. Nelson. Second Row: M. Aycock, J. Bromley, T. Smith, P. Reilly, R. Andrews, B. Rollings, N. Fogle, B. Cruickshank, D. Lawton, J. Pierce, B. Seigrist. Third Row: P. Love, T. Mullin, M. Kafoure, G. Walkup, P. Thompson, B. Blomberg, N. Rhodes, B. Pernio, D. Moore, T. Schrader, J. Walter, M. Miller. Fourth Row: Coach Roland Inskeep, G. Roberts, W. Wright, M. Williams, T. McCleanny, V. Bareither, D. Tewksbury, N. Humphreys, D. Pritchard, R. Frosch, B. Daniels, Coach Charles Riley. A veteran squad returned to post an outstanding " 67 " season. 105 1966 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM — Front Row: J. Hickey, S. Thompson, G. Patton, B. Fritsch, D. Highmark, G. Gaalema, D. Kuhs, B. Hackleman, and F. Bodwell. Second Row: Coach Tom Bradley, J. Hickey, S. Clayton, S. Adams, S. Overman, J. Klein, R. Beatty, M. Dinwiddie, T. Scott, R. Morgan, and L. Baker. S. Gaalema (bat boy, front). Varsity baseball rebuilding; reserves The 1966 varsity baseball squad, though posting a 4-8 season, played better than their record might indi- cate. The team, composed of thirteen underclassmen, lost six of their eight games by a total of only nine runs. This inability to win the close games was the major downfall of the Panther varsity this year. Led throughout the spring by the two returning let- termen, Grant Gaalema and Ron Beatty, the season was highlighted by triumphs over Tech and Warren Central. Beatty ' s two-hit shutout over Tech posted the Panther ' s first baseball victory against the Titans in North Central history. Later on in the season, county tourney favorite Warren Central fell to the diamond- men in the Panther ' s first game of the tournament. However, North Central lost to eventual winner Beech Grove in the final innings of an exciting game. The reserve squad posted an outstanding 13-1 sea- son behind strong pitching and heavy hitting. Kent Ehret ' s no-hitter was one of the outstanding accom- plishments of the reserve season. Thirteen varsity returnees paced the ' 67 squad. SENIOR OUTFIELDER Duncan Highmark ' s powerful swing results in a high drive to left field. 106 N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. BASEBALL— 1966— VARSITY . 7 Shortridge 0 . 4 Lawrence Central 5 . 1 Tech 0 . 2 Northwest 4 . 6 Warren Central 7 . 1 Broad Ripple 2 . 1 Ben Davis 3 . 0 Noblesville 2 . 0 Kokomo 8 . 3 Arlington 0 COUNTY TOURNEY . 9 Warren Central 3 . 2 Beech Grove 7 RON BEATTY DEMONSTRATES the form that made him an all-county hurler during the ' 66 campaign. 1966 RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM — Front Row: J. Har- pool, R. Kitterman, J. Pactor, R. Smith, S. Detmer, J. Pruitt, M. Thayer, G. Gaalema. Second Row: Coach Glen Schmucker, D. Burgess, K. Undercoffer, G. Dawe, K. Ehret, J. Orr, M. Moore, R. Clifford, D. Toth. This squad remained undefeated until their final game of the season. Lettermen, coaches, and cheerleaders LETTERMEN — Front Row: B. Reel, S. Thompson, P. Third Row: W. Hotte, J. Murphy, M. Vance, D. Tewksbury, Tolson, P. Brown, S. McNichols, P. Ford, J. Hickey, T. Dunn. J. Walter, P. Thompson, T. Scott, M. Bloom. Fourth Row: D. Second Row: S. Fritschle, D. Strother, B. Jacobson, D. Bur- Pritchard, B. Shook, S. Overman, V. Bareither, B. Blomberg, gess. B. Bennett, L. Blake, T. Schrader, B. Fritsch, B. Potter. S. Adams, B. Penno, B. Hackleman, R. Beatty. COACHES — Front Row: Mr. Arlan Lickliter, Mr. Charles Shirley, Mr. Glenn Schmucker, and Athletic Director Mr. Riley, Mr. John Emory, and Mr. Jack Walter. Second Row: Keith Stroup. Third Row: Mr. Byron Weaver, Mr. Jack Mr. Thomas Bradley, Mr. John Friedersdorf, Mr. John Schiffli, Mr. Keith Farrand, and Mr. Roland Inskeep. 108 ignite school spirit By 3:30 when the students finish their academic day, the task of the dedicated coaches is just begin- ning. These men who openly sacrifice their late after- noon hours make up the backbone of the North Cen- tral athletic program. The coaches feel that the extra hours are well spent when they observe their athletes developing mental awareness, good sportsmanship, and physical agility. This year there was only one significant change in the staff as Mr. John Emory replaced Mr. Noel Merrick as gymnastics coach. Promoting sportsmanship in athletics, the Letter- men ' s Club, sponsored by Mr. Keith Stroup, was com- posed of athletes who have been awarded a block " N " in any of nine sports. Ushering at athletic contests and encouraging school spirit composed the club ' s main activities. In addition, two mixers sponsored by the club helped raise revenue for various projects. This year the club purchased a new movie camera for use in filming athletic contests. Generating pep at football and basketball games was the task of the N.C. cheerleaders. Selected in the spring by the Student and Class Council representa- tives, the varsity cheerleaders effectively promoted school spirit throughout the year. The reserve cheer- leaders, chosen in the fall, sparked enthusiasm while supporting the reserve team. 1967 RESERVE CHEERLEADERS— Candy Cluster, Linda Swanson, Patty Swenson, Debby Daniels, and Barbara Brodey. Terry Mathews is not pictured. 1967 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— Carla Agnew, Debbie Warman, Carolyn Cassada, Nancy McClain, and Sandy Breisacher. 109 AS A MEMBER of the I-M bowling league, Linda Schneiter FOLLOWING A STRENUOUS ACADEMIC DAY, intra- shows determination to score during competition. mural football provides recreation for many Central boys. THE BOOSTER BLOCK sparked school spirit by supporting the direction of the sponsor Mrs. Pat Reibling, the group the cheerleaders at home varsity basketball games. Under has grown to over one hundred participants. 110 highlighted by basketball tournament The popular North Central Intramural program offers a wide variety of activities that both boys and girls can participate in. Including such sports as foot- ball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, softball, bowling, wrestling, track, gymnastics, archery, swimming, table tennis, and badminton, the organization has grown to be the largest after-school activity. Since not every student can be a member of a varsity sport, the I-M program provides an opportunity for unlimited par- ticipation in athletics. One of the highlights of the Intramural season was an all-school basketball tourney. Students were able to watch the championship game during Panther Ath- letic Club as the Green Wave challenged the unde- feated Jobb Core. Earlier in the season the Jobb Core had edged the Green Wave by a single point. The rematch proved to be exciting as the Jobb Core captured a one-point 46-45 victory. However, the Core met their first defeat against the Faculty All- Stars in an exciting 48-45 overtime game. BOB WENTE of the Green Wave attempts to tip in a re- bound against the Jobb Core in the I-M tourney finale. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS — First Row: F. Bodwell, D. Tewksbury, B. Vance, T. Scott, and M. Ay- cock. Second Row: V. Bar- either, A Fasola, M. Daniels, J. Hickey, and B. Fritsch. Not pictured Scott McConville. Ill We love to doubt as well as to know We are The Restless Ones With over 2,700 restless students, it takes approximately 200 people including administrators, teachers, secretaries, librarians, cooks, bus drivers, and custodians to help the stu- dents reach their expectations. A school cannot exist without the pupils, and pupils cannot learn without the instruction of more experienced people. Because the future of each student depends on the knowl- edge that he gains in high school, the well-qualified staff at North Central attempts to see that every student, whether he is going on to college or entering the busines world, learns to his capacity. By working together, students and faculty ensure a bright future for North Centralites who grasp the op- portunity they have to know, to grow, and to doubt. 113 Capable, devoted administrators uphold It took many efficient and dedicated men and women to hold the Washington Township School Sys- tem at its highest level. Principal Milo Eiche promoted high standards for the school, and North Central had more National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists, twenty-six, this year than any other school in the state. Aiding Mr. Eiche were assistant principals Dr. Geraldine Bagby and Mr. Eugene Clones. These two administrators established and enforced school policy and traditions. Mr. William Bugher held the title of Director of Student Activities. Some of his duties included supervising the programming of activities and sponsoring the Student Council. The duties of the school board became even more demanding this year since new schools were added to the Washington Township School System. However, Superintendent J. Everett Light and the other mem- bers of the school system have taken on these additions capably. Assistant Superintendent Dean Evans, since earning his doctorate degree this past year, added even more knowledge, new ideas, and innovations to Washington Township. NORTH CENTRAL ' S HEAD ADMINISTRATOR, Mr. Milo Eiche, keeps the entire school ' s machinery running smoothly. DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES— Mr. William ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT Dean Evans, secretary Bugher, the faculty sponsor and adviser of North Central ' s Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, and Superintendent Everett Light, pro- Student Council, works very closely with its members. He mote the educational development of Washington Township also is in charge of the organization of club activities. in close accordance with the staff of North Central. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF EDUCATION— Mr. Sol Blickman, first vice-president; Mr. William Mashaw, Mr. Ted Lewis, treasurer; Mrs. Lawrence Leland, secretary; second vice-president; Dr. Donald Wilson, president. 115 English teachers pursue outside hobbies ENJOYING his work, Mr. Shulik, head of the Audio- Visual Department, inspects a humorous negative. When not busy teaching students and grading papers, North Central ' s English teachers participated in many varied activities. The majority of the teachers enjoyed traveling and reading in their spare time. Mrs. Nelda Rimstidt was a member of Dental Dames, and Mrs. Jean Merritt was active in the Civic Theatre of Indianapolis. Collecting graphic art and playing the piano were two of Mrs. Grace Kass ' s hob- bies. When Mr. William Lord was not teaching stage- craft and speech in summer school, he spent the re- maind er of his time working as a consultant to archi- tects on the design and equipping of stages and audi- toriums. Teaching an adult education class in reading took up much of Mrs. Bemice Carnell ' s spare time. English teachers also enjoyed athletic activities. Mrs. Sandra Butterworth participated in many sports, particularly snow skiing, tennis, and swimming. Snow skiing was also a favorite pastime of Miss Sue Over- man. Mr. Forest Fruits played golf and fished in his spare time. Several of the teachers are working to further their education. Mrs. Evelyn Rhamy is now a graduate stu- dent at Indiana University, and Mrs. Patricia Wright plans to work on her doctorate this summer at I.U. Miss Overman plans to receive her master ' s degree in June from Indiana University. Mr. Jan Guffin is also planning to do advanced graduate work. English MISS LOUISE BENBOW— English. MISS RUTH E. BERTSCH— English. MRS. CARL BRODT— Pre-Teaching Reading Lab. MRS. SANDRA BUTTERWORTH— World Literature, Composition. MRS. BERNICE L. CARNELL— Reading Lab. MR. ROD CORD— Journalism, Yearbook Advisor, English. MRS. HELEN DIAL— English. MR. JAMES A. DUFFY— English Literature, Composition, Advanced Composition. MRS. MARGARET H. FERGUSON— English. MR. THOMAS F. FISHER— Reading Laboratory. MISS JEANNINE FREUDENBERGER— English, Composition. MR. FOREST FRUITS— Speech, Debate. MISS DONNA FULPS— English, Composition. MR. JAN A. GUFFIN— English, Composition, Advanced Composition. MR. JAMES A. JENKINS— English, Composition. MRS. GRACE KASS — English, Composition. MRS. RUTH KIVETT— English, Composition, Advanced Composition. MRS. LUCILLE KNIGHT— English. MR. J. A. LEWIS — English, Composition, Advanced Composition. MR. WILLIAM LORD— Stagecraft, Speech. MRS. JEANNINE MERRITT— English, World Literature, English Literature. MR. DONALD M. MYERS— English, Composition. MISS MARTHA NEES— English, Composition, Advanced Composition. MRS. FAYE NEWMAN— English. MISS SUE OVERMAN— English, Composition, English Lit- erature. MRS. EVELYN I. RHAMY— English, Newspaper, News Bureau. MRS. NELDA S. RIMSTIDT— Speech, En- glish. MR. JOHN N. SHIRLEY— English, Composition. MRS. HELEN E. WINGFIELD— English Literature, Ad- vanced Composition, Composition. MRS. PATRICIA WRIGHT— English, Composition. 117 Traveling and studying extend education MR. MAX CARMICHAEL, foreign language laboratory technician, checks tape recorders and earphones. Many foreign language, business education, and history teachers will broaden their education by traveling during the summer months. Both Mrs. Eve- lyn Pickrell and Mr. Millard Arnold have planned travels in Europe, while Mrs. Pickrell has also made arrangements for a Hawaiian tour. Excursions are also in the planning stage for Mr. Norman Taylor and Mr. Charles Richardson. Hobbies of the teachers are many and varied. Mr. Richard Meek is interested in horticulture, while both Mr. Kenneth Patton and Mr. J. B. White have small gardens of their own. Mr. John Wendling enjoys listening to classical music, while Mrs. Judith Ahrens finds bowling a break from classroom routine. Several teachers are planning to attend school during the summer months. Mr. Charles Fleming plans to attend the Indiana University School of Law. Mr. Jack Walter will attend Butler University working to- ward a master ' s degree. Teaching summer school is included in the plans of Mr. Thomas Burrin, Mr. Carl DeBard, and Mr. John Friedersdorf. Business Education MR. WILLIAM E. CRUZAN— Shorthand, Typewriting. MISS ROLEEN PICKARD— Bookkeeping, Typewriting. MRS. EDITH REESE — Shorthand, Secretarial Practice, Typewrit- ing. MR. ERWIN E. RUMP— Selling, Work Experience, Business Law. Social Studies MR. THOMAS J. BURRIN— U.S. History. MR. MORRIS A. CAMPBELL— Government. MR. CARL 0. DEBARD— U.S. History, Driver Education, Sociology. MR. CHARLES FRANCIS FLEMING— Sociology, Government. MR. JOHN L. FRIEDERSDORF— U.S. History. MR. JOHN H. HOLZMAN— U.S. History, Government, Economics. MR. DONALD JOHNSON— Government, U. S. History. MR. DONALD KERCHEVAL— Government, Economics. MR. RICHARD BROOKS MEEK— World History. MR. KENNETH D. PATTON— Government, Economics. MR. CHARLES E. RILEY— Driver Education, U.S. History. MR. H. NORMAN TAYLOR— U.S. History. MR. STEVE TEGARDEN— U.S. History. MRS. LILA J. YOUNG— Sociology. Foreign Language MRS. JUDITH AHRENS— German. MR. MILLARD H. AR- NOLD— Spanish. MR. JOHN HARRISON BROWN— Ger- man. MISS CLEO M. KINNISON— Latin. MRS. ALICE KRAFT— French. MISS RUTH LESLEY— Latin. MR. KURT MARKEL— German. MISS KATHRYN MERKEL— Spanish. MISS EDRA P. STAFFIERI— French, Spanish. MRS. BET- TY J. STOKSBERRY— Latin, Etymology. MR. JOHN WENDLING— German, Russian. MR. J.B. WHITE— Spanish. Faculty Members Not Pictured Mr. Larry Bracken Mr. Max Briggs Mrs. Pauline Brothers Mr. William Buchanan Mrs. Meriam Cohen Mr. Thomas Cox Mr. Richard Dennis Mr. David Dick Mr. Thomas Doney Mr. Donald Goacher Mr. Joseph Harding Mr. Gale Helft Mrs. Ruth Anne Holle Mr. Roland L. Inskeep Mrs. Pamela Sue Latz Mr. Arlan Lickliter Miss Sonya Loschky Mrs. L. Yvonne Lowrey Mr. J. M. Lyerly Mr. James Macri Mr. David Martyn Mr. Donald McClung Mr. Martin Moore Mrs. Virginia M. Nead Mrs. Barbara Pence Mrs. Evelyn Pickrell Mr. Don Queener Mrs. Kaaren Rodman Mrs. Jean L. Roy Mr. Charles Russell Mr. David Smith Miss Susan Swartz Mr. Jack Walter Mr. Allan Weinheimer Mr. Robert Wynkoop 119 Summer plans include sports and trips LIBRARIANS MRS. ALICE MORGAN, Mr. Duane John- son, and Mrs. Katherine Wert supervise use of books. Although most of their time was filled with school activities and teaching, instructors in the Mathematics, Science, Practical Arts and Special Education Depart- ments found their leisure time filled with plans for travel and participation in sports. Math teachers, Mr. George Sharp and Miss Marilyn Madigan, spent their spare time fishing and bowling. Teachers in the Science Department also engaged in many activities. Mrs. Earl Lindberg visited Europe in the summer of 1966, and Mr. G. L. Woodruff and Mr. Allan Lickliter participated in church activities. In addition to these teachers, Mr. Forrest Wells served as a scout master, and Miss Carolyn Kleifgen spent her extra time sewing and knitting. Most teachers, after a full year of school responsi- bilities, are making plans for the summer. Another trip to Minnesota and New England is being planned by Mr. Earl Lindberg, science instructor. Mathematics teacher, Mrs. Edith Wisner, is planning a summer excursion to Europe, while Mr. J. M. Lyerly prepares for summer studying in California. Science MR. RUSSELL N. COVERDALE— Physics, Physical Sci- ence. MR. GEORGE F. DEGLER— Earth Science. MR. EARL F. LINDBERG— Zoology, Botan. MR. KEITH E. MOHR— Physics. MR. WILLIAM J. PHARES— Chemistry. MR. ROBERT PRETTYMAN— Biology, Topics, Zoology. MR. GLEN SCH- MUCKER— Chemistry. MR. ROBERT WATSON— Chemis- try. Practical Arts MR. JERRY CORBIN— Woodworking. MISS CAROLYN KLEIFGEN— Clothing. MR. JAMES FISHER— Electronics. MR. G. L. WOODRUFF— Drafting, Drivers ' Education. Mathematics MRS. BETTY H. CULP— Geometry, Algebra. MR. JAMES E. DAVIDSON— Algebra. MR. GORDON GISH— Geometry, Algebra. MR. H. BROWN HARRISON— Algebra. MRS. JENNIE HOWE— Algebra, Geometry. MRS. MAR- ILYN MADIGAN— Geometry, General Mathematics. MR. MARVIN 0. ROSS— Geometry. MR. JACK SCHIFFLI— Geometry, Algebra. MR. GEORGE E. SHARP— Algebra. MRS. MARY SPOON —Geometry, Etymology. MR. CECIL THARP— General Mathematics, Business Arithmetic. MR. BILLY LEE WAL- KER — Geometry, Boys Physical Education. MRS. EDITH WISNER— Algebra. Fine Arts MR. JAMES KEYT — Art, Crafts. MRS. MARTHA SHARP — Art, Crafts. MR. RICHARD L. LAUGHLIN— Girls Concert Choir, A Cappella, Music Men, Bell Choir. MR. DONALD MARTIN— Chorale, A Cappella, Counterpoints, Madrigals. MR. SAM- UEL D. RHINESMITH— Band, Wind Ensemble, Instrumen- tal Music. Special Education MR. FORREST E. WELLS— Special Education. 121 Variety of staff members combine to SCHOOL TREASURER Mrs. Geneva Kennedy and bookstore MRS. DOROTHY BOWEN, school nurse, takes the tempera- manager Mrs. Marguerite Farkas make a sale to Larry Tavel. ture and pulse of senior Paul Nefouse. Health Education MR. THOMAS BRADLEY— Driver Education, Health Safety. MR. KEITH FARRAND— Physical Education. MR. BRYON WEAVER— Physical Education. MISS JOYCE TAVLIN— Physical Education. CAPTAIN CHARLES WILHELM— N.D.C.C., U.S. History. MR. KEITH STROUP— Athletic Director. serve school well The Health Education Department strived this year, as it does every year, to improve the mental and physical condition of each student. This year two new teachers were added to the department. Lunch continued to be a welcome break in the day for some 2,900 students and teachers. Besides serving daily meals, the cafeteria staff, under manager Ruth Shields, provided food for banquets and other school functions. Keeping North Central neat and clean was a full time job for the custodians. However, they did their work so efficiently and well that North Central always had a spotless appearance. Running the bookstore was a full time job for Mrs. Marguerite Farkas since most school supplies were bought there. This involved a great deal of money which Mrs. Geneva Kennedy, the school treasurer, ably took care of along with other money matters of the school. Another tireless worker was school nurse Dorothy Bowen who looked after students who be- came ill during the course of the day. CUSTODIAL STAFF — Front Row: Lettie Scruggs, Anne Gibson, Geneva Timmons, Pearl Rattler. Back Row: Bennie Smith, Ed Slates, Jim Kendall, Everett Davis. CAFETERIA STAFF — Front Row: Manager Ruth Shields, Hazel Perrine, Catherine Hough, Lorraine Wichman, La- vinna Brummett, Elsie Dicks, Hazel Voorhis, Helen Earle. Second Row: Beulah Barber, Ruth Hodges, Lucille Hause, Miriam Scott, Lois Gruber, Kathryn Sickbert, Peg Kelleher, Leona Perry, Elizabeth Adams. Third Row: Betty Broglin, ' Neva Gibson, Anna Wall, Kay Dawe, Marguerite Whitten, Doris Woodring, Irene Sparks, Esther Moore, Mary Lou Davidson, Pauline Painter. Fourth Row: Miriam Dawson, Gayle Macy, Jene Goecker, Evelyn Williams, Bertha Boffo, Assistant Manager C. Newbold, Linda Brummett, Viola Rains, Jane Kuneman, Josephine Beals. Fifth Row: Amos Prewitt, Dale Prewitt, Warren Chance, David Dawson, Dean Painter, Richard Hiatt, Mayme Petty, Pauline Smith, Betty Ambrous, Betty Wright, Robert Rajer. The staff served approximately 2,900 daily meals. Guidance, office help, police SAFE ARRIVAL of students and teachers is assured by the expert traffic directions of Policeman Bill Willock. The work of the guidance personnel figured highly in the lives of North Central students. Besides helping each student in electing courses for high school, the counselors willingly gave advice on personal and classroom problems. Another duty was to administer the College Board Entrance Exams which were given at various times throughout the year. Policemen Doran Keller and Bill Willock served North Central as directors of traffic at the entrances of the school. Since hundreds of students drove to school each day, these men were very important to the smooth flow of traffic in the mornings and afternoons. They also directed traffic during and after games and other school activities. Taking care of a school the size of North Central and meeting the high standards set by the administra- tion required a great amount of work from the office help. Besides the nine secretaries working in the general office and guidance office, Mrs. Linnea Swigart and Mrs. Gladys Buddenbaum kept track of the school ' s daily attendance records. Without these school secretaries, North Central would not have been run as efficiently as it was. COUNSELORS — Seated : Mrs. Carol Findley, Miss Mary- Nancy Grove. Standing: Mr. Wilbur Richards, Mr. Kenneth belle Dow, Miss Linda Hash, Miss Margery Laycock, Mrs. Warren, Mr. Norman Harner, Mr. Phillip Moore. direct students ATTENDANCE OFFICE secretaries Mrs. Linnea Swigart and Mrs. Gladys Buddenbaum record absences. AFTER DIRECTING football game traffic, Policeman Doran Keller has a bite to eat at the Senior Bonfire. OFFICE SECRETARIES— Mrs. Pam Gilbert, Mrs. Paulyne Scott, Mrs. Gladys Lindell, Mrs, Grace Whitsitt, Mrs. Mary Jane Clark, Mrs. Patricia Tomlinson, Mrs. Rosalie Nickels, Mrs. Doris Keller, and Mrs. Betty McDermott. These secretaries work in the general office and the guidance office. 125 SENIORS SHIRLEY NORMAN, Paul Nefouse, Howie Backer, Jo Jenkins, Rick Knudsen, Karen Tucker, Ken Sobbe and Pete Thompson talk on the student center steps. Float, alumni party, The class of 1967 began the year early in October by choosing the senior colors, navy blue and yellow. During the same week seniors planned a class float to enter in the annual Homecoming competition. More excitement was added to the Homecoming weekend when a senior homeroom won the first official tri- cycle race. Over five hundred people attended the senior bon- fire held after the last game of the football season. Senior members of the Folk Music Club performed as fans waited for the team to emerge from the stadium. During the Christmas season, the Senior Class Council helped four Washington Township families by giving food and other donations. Planning began in January for the Senior Talent Show that was presented in May to only the class members. Various acts were performed to mock the teachers. On their last day of school seniors were released from classes ten minutes early. Keeping past traditions alive, they grabbed their accumulated school paper and paraphernalia and emptied their notebooks over the student center from the second floor. As the year drew to a close seniors planned their annual Grad Dance sponsored by the Triangle Club. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL — Front Row: Suellen Sebald, Debby Krueger. Third Row: Debby Warman, Georgie Miner, Bonnie Samms, Karen Cure, Carolyn Cassada, Karen O ' Kane, Sue Williams, Richard Elston, Howie Backer, Dale Fink, Tim Kathy Grady, Kay Easley, and Priscilla Polk. Second Row: Connolly, and Barry Fritsch. Fourth Row: Mr. Don Kerche- Karen Leander, Susie Springer, Pete Tolson, Kathy Bing- val, Doug Hale, Tom Sutton, Bud Vance, Bill Hoffman, Jim ham, Chris Ratliff, Patty Kammeraad, Charlie Brown, and Bromley, Tony Marra, and Joe Murphy. 126 and grad dance highlight senior year NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP SEMI-FINALISTS— Aycock, D. Russell, D. Day, T. Lincoln, D. Fink, T. Morgan, Front Row: J. Wolf, P. McGlasson, P. Polk, M. Echard, J. B. Whitehead. Fourth row: G. Eger, T. Trankle, T. Sutton, Dimit. Second row: M. Daniels, M. Flannery, S. Springer, S. Bluestein, R. Griffith, P. Claypool, T. Miller. Not pic- S. Hoffman, J. Lancet, S. Hollis, R. Jeffrey. Third row: M. tured are Larry Baker and Linda Roth. MR. JOE HERTZ DISPLAYS samples of graduation an- SENIOR OFFICERS— Jim Bromley, vice-president; Dale nouncements to Senior Class Council members. Fink, president; Kyle Thomas, secretary; Bud Vance. 127 SENIORS BARBARA A ASE— Knitting 3-4; Transcription 4; Atten- dance Office Assistant 4. ROBERT I. ABRAMS— Junior Spectacular Co-ordinator; Junior Class Vice-President Can- didate; Student Council Vice-President Candidate 3; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Senior Class President Candidate; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. JOYCE ADAMS — Booster Block 2; Intramurals 2-3; Panther Athletic 2; Gym Assistant 3; Gym Assistant ' s Club 3. MARTHA M. ADAMS — Spanish 3-4; Gym Assistant 3; Intramurals 2-3; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Art Crafts Vice-President 4. MARY C. ADAMS— Panther Athletic 3-4; Gym Assis- tant 3; Spanish 4; Senior Girls ' League; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Travel Planning Committee 4. WAYNE ADAMS — Reserve Cross Country 2, Varsity 3; Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity 3; Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3-4; Lettermen ' s 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Gym Assistants ' Club 3-4. CARLA JEAN AGNEW— Junior Class Secretary; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3-4; Counterpoints 3, Co-chairman 4; Co-Director of Fall Musical 4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate. GEORGEANN ALAR— French 2-3; Travel 3; National Thespian Secre- tary 4; Stage Crew Club 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Gov- ernment 4. MOISES ALAZRAKI — Foreign Exchange Student from Uruguay; AFS 4; Spanish 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. LESLIE ALIG — Drama 2; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 4; Spanish 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 3. LINDA AMBROZ— Aquarium 2; French 2; Panther Ath- letic 4; Intramurals 4. SALLY LEE AMMERMAN— Student Council Alternate 3; Junior Spectacular; Year- book Staff 3, Album Editor 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Gold Key Art Award Finalist 4; First Place in All-School Art Show 3. DAVID PAUL ANDERSON— Photography 2; Beginning Chess 3-4; German 3; Forensics 4; Aquarium 4. ARlC ANDRESEN— Band 2-3; Art 2; Aquarium 3. TINA AN- TONS— Art 2-4; Journalism 2-4. NANCY ARBUCKLE— Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular; Booster Block 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. JOEY ARDELEAN— Metals 2. MICHAEL ARNOLD— Bio- logy 2; Travel 4; World Culture 4; Panther Athletic 4. ♦THERESA L. ARTERBERRY— FT A 4; Booster Block 4; Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 4; Spanish 2; Drama 2. EDITH ATKINS— Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Class Council; Junior Spectacular Program Com- mittee; Junior Spectacular; Family Jamboree Style Show Model alternate; Art Show Honorable Mention 3. KATHY L. AULT— Attendance Office Assistant 3; Junior Spectacular Usher; Gym Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4. MICHAEL R. AYCOCK— Cross Country 2-4; Track 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; International Relations 2; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4. SONA BABAYAN— Transfer from Livingston, New Jersey; Indiana Government Leadership Conference Guide 3; AFS 2-4; Peals of Liberty Editor 4; Spanish 3, President 4; Senior Girls ' League. HOWARD BACKER— Key Club 3-4; Junior Class Treasurer Candi- date; Senior Class Vice-President Candidate; Senior Class Council; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Let- ter of Commendation. KATHLYN ANN BAILEY— Transfer; A Cappella 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Girls ' Ensemble 4. JESSLYN BAIRD— Travel 2-4; FTA 2,4; French 3; World Culture 4; Junior Spectacular Usher. DAVID E. BAKER— Drafting 2; Chess Team 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; World Culture 4. LAURENCE HADLEY BAKER— Drama 2; Key Club 2- 3, Secretary 4; Baseball 3-4; Language Lab Assistant 3- 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4. Other Activities Not Listed. 128 1967 LINDA FAYE BALL— Transfer from Northwest High School; FTA 3; FBLA 4. MARIANNE BANCROFT— International Hootenanny 2-3; Girls ' Concert Choir 2; AFS 3-4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; A Cappella 3-4; Folk Music 4. EMMETT BANDY— A Cappella Choir 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 2; Intramurals 2. Le ETA BARBER — Government Conference Hostess 3; Junior Spec- tacular; AFS 3-4; International Relations 3; Travel 3-4; Spanish 4. VAN A. BAREITHER— Reserve Track 2, Varsity 3-4; Reserve Cross Country 2, Varsity 3-4, Captain 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Symphonic Band 4. ANN ELIZABETH BARLOW— Transfer from Arlington; Panther Athletic 3-4; Knitting 3-4; Travel 4; Intramurals 3. NANCY BARNES— Scho- lastic Award 2-3; Junior Spectacular Act Chariman; Year- book Staff 3, Picture Editor 4; Quill and Scroll Vice- President 4; AFS 4; Panther Athletic 4. ANNE BAUER— Student Council 2-3; Travel 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Pan- ther Athletic 4; Senior Girls League. ELAINE LOUISE BAUER— Folk Music 2; Stage Crew 2, Secretary 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Fall Musical 2, Choreo- grapher 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Specta- cular 2-3. MARTHA ELIZABETH BAUM— Sophomore Class Council; Student Council Alternate 3; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 3; Stage Crew 4; International Relations 4; Panther Athletic 3-4. BARBARA ANN BAUMEISTER — Junior Spectacular Usher; Student Council Alternate 4; French President 4; Knitting Vice-President 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. BRUCE BAUN— Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Intramurals 3-4. SUSAN BE A— FTA 2; German 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Travel 4; Intramurals 2. G. RONALD BEATTY— Varsity Baseball 2-4; Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, Secretary 4; Panther Athletic Vice-President 4; Travel 2-3; Senior Class Council Alternate. CHERYL LYNN BEHRENDT— Scholastic Award 2-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3, Chairman 4; Newspaper Staff 2-3, Page Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Peals of Liberty Section Editor 4; National Honor Society 3-4. GAYLE BELKY— Panther Athletic 2,4; Travel 3-4; Spanish 4; AFS 3; International Relations 3; FTA 2. GARY LEE BENJAMIN— Graphic Arts 3; Aquarium 4; Review Typing 4. ROBERT BRUCE BENNETT— Panther Athletic 2-4; Intramurals 2-3; Reserve Football 2-3, Var- sity 4; Key Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; German 2-4. JAN- ICE BERGMAN— Debate 2; Spanish 3; Planning Com- mittee 4; World Culture 4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. MICHAEL ALAN BERKOWITZ— Pit Band 2-4; Stage Band 2,4; Or- chestra 2,4; Chamber Music Club 3; Junior Spectacular 3-4. Other Activities Not Listed. SENIORS TAKE a break from planning the class float. Seated: A. Barlow, M. Aycock, P. Polk, J. Bromley, D. Fink, S. Detmer, D. Huffman, S. Fetner, L. Mc- Cue. Standing: D. Slater, P. Claypool, D. Gillespie, J. Pactor. 129 GATHERED to rehash last sum- mer ' s experiences in St. Brieuc, France, Indiana University Honors Students, Gail Eger, Karen Cure, and Dale Fink listen to Georgie Miner. WILLIAM BERLING JR.— Junior Spectacular; Art Crafts 3; Intramurals 3; Travel 2-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Panther Athletic 4. STEVE BERNEY— Drama 2-3; Audio- Visual Assist ant 2; Library Assistant 3. SETH L. BERN- STEIN— National Forensics League 2-4; Key Club 2, His- torian 3, President and Treasurer of Indiana District 4; Spanish 3-4; Debate Team 3; Intramurals 4. RONALD LEE BERRY— Band 2; Stage Crew 2-3, Treasurer 4; Pan- ther Athletic 4; National Thespian Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. KATHRYN BINGHAM— Sophomore Class Council; Junior Spectacular; Junior Spectacular Usher Committee Chairman; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Scholastic Award 2,4. CAROL LYNN BIXLER— Secre- tary of Indiana High School Press Association 3; News- paper Staff 3, Feature Editor 4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Girls ' League; Latin Club 2- 3, Treasurer 4. LEE BLAKE— Reserve Golf 2, Varsity 3- 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 3; Travel 2-3; Typing 2. JAMES A. BLASKI— National Historical Society 2; Golf 2,4; Intramurals 2-3; Art 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Art Crafts 4. ROBERT M. BLOOD— Automechanics 2-3, Technician 4. SHELDON R. BLUESTEIN— Chess Team Club 2-3, Presi- dent 4; International Relations 3; Spanish Club Planning Committee 4; Intramurals 4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4; Panther Athletic 4. THOMAS BLY — Panther Athletic 2-4; Slide Rule 2; Intramurals 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Reserve Golf Team 3; Key Club 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. E. JANE BOALS — Dramatics 2-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular 3-4; Solo in " Messiah " 4; Folk Music Club 2-4; Fall Musical 3. FRANK HERBERT BODWELL— Student Council 2-4 Counterpoints 2-4; Hoosier Boys ' State Representative 3 Varsity Baseball 3-4; Yearbook Staff 3, Sports Editor 4 Fall Musical 3, Co-Director 4. CLAUDIA BOHARD— Drama 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Fall Play 2-4; Thespians 3-4; National Forensics League 3-4; Government 4. JU ANITA SUE BOLIN— Booster Club 2-3; FTA 2,4; Library Club 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. ALAN L. BOLOTIN— Debate 2-3; Photography 2, Secretary 3; FBLA 2-3; Travel 3-4; Language Lab Assistants Club 4; Electronics 2. Other Activities Not Listed. 130 1967 JEANNE BOMAN— FTA 3-4, Treasurer 3; Student Coun- cil Alternate 3-4; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Gym Assistant 3; Panther Athletic 2-4; Government 2-3. BEV BOOTON— Drama 2-3; AFS 3; Travel 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Shakespeare 4. STEPHEN A. BOWMAN — Aquarium Secretary-Treasurer 3; Arts and Crafts Treasurer 3; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Senior Class Council Alternate. BARBARA JO BOYER. JO ELLEN BRADLEY— Madrigals 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Stage Crew 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Fall Musical 4; Senior Girls ' League. CHERYL S. BRANCHE— Art Club Secretary 3; Travel 4; Pa nther Athletic 2,4; French 2,4; Latin 2; Clothing 3. BETH ANN BRANDT— Booster Block 2-3; Junior Spectacular Usher; Junior Historical Society 3; FBLA Secretary 4; Girls Concert Choir 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. JUDITH CLAIRE BRAUN— Coun- terpoints 2-4; Thespians 3-4; National Forensics League 2- 4; Folk Music 2-3, Secretary 4; Drama 2-3, President 4; Junior Spectacular. DANNY BRAUSE— Future Nurses 3; Arts and Crafts 3; Senior Girls ' League; Biology 4; Panther Athletic 4; Gym Assistant 4. DIANE MARIE BRIEDE— Booster Block 3; Library Club 3; Travel 2,4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Future Teachers 4. WILLIAM BRIGHT— Spanish 2-4; Aquarium 2; Chess 3-4. HELENE ANN BRODEY— Madrigals 2; Junior Spectacular; Folk Music 3; Panther Athletic 4; Counterpoints 3-4 ; Fall Musical 4. MICHAEL EMERSON BROKAW— Photography 2; Latin Banquet Committee 2-3; Latin 3; Beginning Chess 3; Junior Spectacular; Forensics Program Committee 4. JAMES THOMAS BROMLEY— Student Council Alternate 2; Ju- nior Class Council; Student Council Vice-President Can- didate 3; Reserve Track 2, Varsity 3; Panther Athletic 3- 4; Reserve Wrestling 2-3, Varsity 4. ALLAN J. BROTH- ERS — Transfer from Carmel High School; Key Club 3-4; Music Men 3; Counterpoints 4; Fall Musical 3-4. ♦CHAR- LIE BROWN— Aquarium 2, President 3; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council; Science Service Vice- President 4; Biology and Zoology Lab Assistant 3-4; Intra- murals 2-4. ♦PATRICK KENNETH BROWN— Music Men 2-3; Gym- nastics Team 2-4; Folk Music 4; Football 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4. SHIRLEY BROWN. SUSI BROWN— Orchestra Club 2; Concert Orchestra 2; Junior Spectacular Act Choreographer; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Attendance Office Assistant 4. J A RED BRYAN— Boys ' Glee Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; German Club Vice-President 4; Key Club 4; Intramurals 4. Other Activities Not Listed. SPONSOR of Etchings in Thought, Miss Jeannine Freud- enberger, checks submitted literary work with typist Cathy Steeg and editors Maureen Flannery, Ann Walls, David Glanzman, and Douglas Hale. 131 SENIORS BECKY BRYANT— Journalism 3-4; Folk Music 2-4; Government 4; Intramurals 4; A Cappella 3-4; Fall Musical Stage Crew. LYNN ANN BUDDENBAUM— Arts Crafts 2-3; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 3-4; FT A 4; World Cul- ture 4; Senior Girls ' League. CYNTHIA LEE BUR- GER — Travel 2,4; Panther Athletic 4. G. DAVID BUR- GESS— Baseball 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 4; Lettermen ' s Club Publicity Committee 4; Football 3-4. DEBORAH BURKETT— Transfer from Columbus, Indiana; Folk Music 3; AFS 3; Panther Athletic 4; Baton Corps 4. SUSAN BURTON— Intramurals 2-4; AFS 3; Travel Planning Committee 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Panther Athletic 4; General Office Assistant 4. STEVE BUSCHMANN— Marching Band 2; Slide Rule 2; Chess 2-3; Chess Team 2-4; German 4; National Merit Letter of Com- mendation 4. ANDREA J. BUSHONG— Panther Athletic 2,4; Stage Crew 3; Stage Crew Club 3; National Honor Society Float Chairman 4; Geology Club Planning Commit- tee 4; AFS 4. DALE BUTLER— Intramurals 2-4; Student Council 2-4; Panther Athletic 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Basketball Team Student Trainer 4; Biology and Zoology Lab Assistant 3-4. ANN BUTZ— Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 2-4; AFS 4; Orchestra 2,4; National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 4. CAROL L. BUTZ— Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Cos- tume 4; Panther Athletic 4; Homecoming Float Chairman 4; National Honor .Society 3-4; Clothing Secretary 3. RICHARD W. BYRD— Wrestling 2-4; Tennis 2-4; Pan- ther Athletic 2-4; American Authors 3, President 4; In- tramurals 2-4; Junior Class Council. PAMELA L. BYROAD— Transfer from Muncie Central; Foods 3; Travel 3; Panther Athletic 3; International Foods 4; Art 4. JAMES P. CAD Y— Latin 2; Biology Club 2; Biology Lab Assistant 3-4; Chess Team 4; Advanced Chess 3; Science Service 4. NANCY LYNN CALLIER— Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Family Jamboree Model 4; Spanish 4; Intramurals 3-4. ♦MARI- LYN CAMPBELL— Travel 4; Knitting 4; AFS 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Bookstore Assistant 4; Stage Crew Make-up Committee 4. CLAUDIA CANNON— Panther Athletic 2,4; Intramurals 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Travel 3-4; Knitting 4; Senior Girls ' League. THERESA CARR— Library Monitor 4; Intra- murals 3-4; Latin 4; American Authors Secretary 4; Travel 4; Panther . Athletic 4. RICHARD CARROTT— AFS 2,4; Government 2-4; Band 2; World Culture 3; International Relations 4; Panther Athletic 4. JUDY CARSON— Biology 2; Intramurals 2-3; Spanish 3-4; Future Nurses 3; Travel 4. JUDITH A. CARTER— Foods 2; Junior Spectacular; Travel 3; FTA 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2,4. PHILIP R. CASHEN— Concert Band 2-3; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4; Bell Choir 4; Ameri- can Authors 4. CAROLYN CASSADA— National Honor Society 3-4; Christmas Dance Queen 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3-4; Fall Musical lead 4; Counterpoints 3-4; Student Coun- cil 3. ROGER CHRISTENSON — Gym Assistant 3-4; Travel 3; Panther Athletic 3. RICHARD C. CLARK— Travel 3-4; Beginning Chess 3; Review Typing 4. PHILIP C. CLAYPOOL— Scholastic Award 2-4; Key Club 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Intra- murals 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4. RICHARD CLIFFORD. CHERYL CLONCS. Other Activities Not Listed. 132 AS THE ONLY MEMBERS of the fifth-year Spanish class, Lee McCue, Dave Linn and Sue Wil- liams read from Retratos De Hispanoamerica, just one of the many texts they use. DAVE COATES— Intramurals 2; Travel 2-4; Panther Ath- letic 4. LORY GENE COHAN— French 3; Spring Art Festival 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Nurse ' s Assistant 4. ELLEN COHEN — Sophomore Class Council; Foods Treasurer 3; Junior His- torical Society 4; Art Crafts Secretary 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4. STEVE COHEN— Aquar- ium 2; NDCC Battalion Formation 2; Red Cross 3; Stage Crew 4; Hall Monitor 3. DAN COLE— Travel 2-4; Art Crafts 2, Treasurer 4; Pan- ther Athletic 4. BRUCE CONNAN— Beginning Chess 2-3; Drafting 3-4; Advanced Chess 4. JACK THOMAS CON- NER — Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Coun- cil Alternate 3; Junior Historical Society President 4; Pan- ther Athletic 4; Intramurals 3-4; Travel 2. TIMOTHY ALEX GEORGE CONNOLLY— Boys ' Glee Club 3; Junior Spectacu lar; Art Crafts President 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council. STEVE COOK— Woodworking 2-3; Graphic Arts 2-3; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; Metal Shop 4. WARD W. COOK — Transfer from Shortridge High School; Panther Athletic 4. BETH COOPER— Girls ' Industrial Arts Treasurer 2; Art Vice-President 2, Secretary 3; Notehand 4; Panther Ath- letic 2-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Girls ' League. SANDI CORWIN— Scholastic Award 2-4; Art Crafts 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Red Cross Delegate 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. JO ANNE CORY— Drama 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; FN A 2; Debate 2; Sewing 3; Travel 4. J. LAURA COSBY— Stage Crew 3; Junior Class Council Alternate; Panther Athletic 4; Red Cross 4; Senior Girls ' League; French 4. SUSAN COULTER— Art 2-3; German 2-3; Library As- sistant 3; All-School Art Show 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. LYNDA COUPLAND— Costume 2; Art 2; Gui- dance Assistant 3-4. STEPHEN COX— Intramurals 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Senior Class Council Alternate; Travel 4; Aquarium 2. JAY R. CREVELING— Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Stage Band 3; Junior Spectacular; Stu- dent Council 4; Junior Historical Society; Fall Musical Orchestra 4. CAROLYN CROFT— AFS 2; French 2; Art Crafts 4; Panther Athletic 4. LIBBY CROWDER— Government 2-3; Scholastic Award 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Red Cross Vice-President 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. Other Activities Not Listed. ill « fife,. rfS Jill 133 SENIORS STEVE CRUM— Latin 2-3; American Authors 3; Chess 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Typing 2. VIRGIL WAYNE CULLISON— Best Drill Cadet Medal 2; Drill Team 2; Color Guard Commander 3; First Year Cadet Medal 2. RICHARD CULP— Chess 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. CANDACE CUNNINGHAM— Folk Music 3; Stage Crew 3; Commencement Usher 3; German 4; Drama 4. JAMES CUNNINGHAM. KAREN CURE— Junior Spec- tacular Co-ordinator; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Class Council; Yearbook Staff Advertising Editor 4; In- diana University Honors Program in French 3; Senior Class Council. ROGER CURRY— Latin 2-3; American Authors 3; Gym Assistant 4; Wrestling Team 2-4; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. SHARON LEE DANBY — Intramurals 2; Costume 2; Industrial Arts 2; Panther Athletic 4; Art 4. MITCHELL E. DANIELS, JR.— Student Council 2, Presi- dent 4; Junior Class President; Music Men 3, President 4; Triangle Club Award 2-3; Key Club 2-4; Junior Specta- cular 3-4. LEONARD DARRING. JOSEPH DAUGHERTY —Travel 4; Advanced Chess 4. DEBORAH DAVIS— Ju- nior Spectacular; Travel 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Student Council Alternate 3; Attendance Office Assistant 3. DOROTHY DAVIS— Junior Spectacular; Bell Choir 3-4; Madrigals 2; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 2-4; Booster Block 2. JAMES DAVIS— Drafting 2; Folk Music 2-4; Travel 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Varsity Baseball 4. MARY JANE DAVIS. SUSAN ELAINE DAVIS— Art 4; Knitting 4. GREGORY D AWE— Slide Rule President 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Air Space President 4; Junior Spectacular 2; Reserve Baseball 2-3; Reserve Cross Country 3. LARRY DAWSON— Music Men 2-4; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Spectacular; Folk Music 3-4; Li ' l Abner 4; Wres- tling 2-3. DOUGLAS B. DAY— Science Projects 2, Presi- dent 3; Slide Rule 3; Air Space 4; Intramurals 4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Indianapolis Science Semi- nar. GEORGE DECKM AN— Junior Spectacular; Travel 4; Intramurals 3; Debate 2; Aquarium Vice-President 2; Panther Athletic 2-4. Other Activities Not Listed. SENIORS JUDY DWYER, Cherry Ramaker, Karen Lean- der, Andi Timmons, and Alison Holloway enjoy a snack after the basketball game played with Ben Davis. GAIL 0. DEERWESTER— Hi-Y Vice President; Chess Team 3-4; Advanced Chess 2-4; Audio Visual 2; Electronics 2. THEODORE GEORGE DELANG III— Travel 3-4; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; Folk Music 2-4; Drafting 2; Industrial Arts 2. STEVE DELOTT— Travel 2; Folk Music 3; Chess Team 3-4; Reserve Wrestling 2-3, Varsity 4; Panther Athletic 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate. ♦FREDERICK WILLIAM DENNERLINE III— National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Northern Lights Managing Editor 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular; National Forensic League Vice President 4. BEVERLY deRAISMES— Quill and Scroll 3, President 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 3, Alternate 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Scholastic Award 2- 3; FTA 3, President 4. SAM DETMER— Student Coun- cil 2,4; Baseball 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Intra- murals 4; Gym Assistant. JOHN H. DIMIT JR.— AFS 2-3; Junior Historical Society 2-3, Recorder 4; Junior Specta- cular; Government 4; National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist. MARK DINWIDDIE— Reserve Football 2, Var- sity 3-4; Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3- 4; Sophomore Class Council Chairman; Junior Prom King Candidate; Panther Athletic 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. STUART DINWIDDIE— NDCC Battalion 2-4; NDCC Rifle Team 2, Captain 3-4; NDCC Drill Team 2. LAWRENCE DLOTT— Chess Club 2-4; Chess Team 2; Panther Athletic 2,4; Travel 3-4; Spanish 3. NATALIE ROCHELLE DOCK— Transfer from Broad Ripple High School; FTA 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Panther Athletic 4; Notehand 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. LINDA DODD— Panther Athletic 3; Junior Spectacular; Government 4; AFS 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 4. RALPH DAVID DODSON— Travel 2-4. LINDA DONO- VAN — Guidance Office Assistant 2; Athletic Office As- sistant 3; Drama 3; AFS 3; Music Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. JAMES DORAN— Biology 2; Photography 2; Latin 2-3; Aquarium 3-4; Intramurals 3. MELVIN L. DOTY — Automechanics Assistant 4. Other Activities Not Listed. i | 1 L " 1 ' ME 135 SENIORS ALICE JANINE DOVE— Travel 34; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Booster Club 2. LINDA SUE DRUMMOND— Transfer from Broad Ripple; Junior Spectacular; Intramurals 3; Travel 3-4; FTA World Culture 4. RODNEY DUHM — Tennis Team 2; Intramurals 2-4; Chess Team 3; Poetry Vice-President 4. KATHY DUNCAN. ELIZABETH ANNE DUNDAS— Travel 2-4; Panther Ath- letics 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-3; Senior Class Council Alternate. CONSTANCE J. DUNI- VAN— Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Intramurals 2; Senior Girls ' League. CHERYL DUNLAP— Baton Corps 2-4; In- tramurals 2; Office Assistant 2-3; Junior Spectacular Chore- ographer; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. DEBORAH LEE DUNN — Junior Spectacular; Junior Class Council Alter- nate; Folk Music 4; Intramurals 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Student Council Alternate 4. THOMAS L. DUNN— Transfer from Arlington Heights, Illinois; Gymnastics Team State Champion 3, Team Cap- tain 4; Track Team 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Panther Ath- letic 4. GORDON DUNNE— Music Men 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Folk Music 4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Fall Musical 4; Student Council Bookstore 3. JUDITH ANNE DWYER — Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Spectacular; Folk Music 4; French 3; Intramurals 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. DELVAN DYE. STEPHEN DYE— Biology 2; Chess Club 3; Chess Team 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. KAY EASLEY— Panther Athletic 2-4; Review Typing 2; Cloth- ing 3; International Relations 3, Secretary 4; Travel 3-4; Senior Class Council. LYMAN EATON II— National Thespians 4; Stage Crew Club 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Pep Band 3-4; Stage Manager for " King Midas. " MARIBETH ECHARD— Government 2-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4. BETTY JO ECHOLS— Intramurals 2; Girls ' Auto Mechan- ics 3; Sewing 3; Panther Athletic 4; Foods 2. GAIL EDEN — Junior Spectacular Usher; Travel 4; Drama 3-4; Stage Crew 4; Senior Girls ' League; Ticket Chairman for Children ' s Theater 4. RICHARD ALAN EFTHIM— Air Space 2; A Cappella 2; Slide Rule 3; History of Math President 4; Science Reading 4; Intramurals 4. GAIL EGER — Student Council 2-3; Alternate 4; Junior Spec- tacular; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Indiana University Honors Pro- gram 3; Scholastic Award 2-4. CINDY EHMER— Intramurals 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Stage Crew 2-3. CANDY EHRHARDT— Fall Musical 2,4; Ju- nior Class Council; Senior Class Council Alternate; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Madrigals 3. DEIRDRE E. ELDER— Panther Athletic 2-4; Junior Spec- tacular; Home Economics Fashion Show 3; Booster Block 4. JENNIFER E. ELLIOTT— Student Council Alternate 2; Library Assistant 2; Home Economics Fashion Show 3; Knitting Vice-President 4; Home Economics Assistant 3; French 3, Program Chairman 4. JAMIE ELLIOTT— Panther Athletic 2,4; Sophomore Class Council; Review Typing 2; Folk Music 2; Travel 4; Intra- murals 4. PATRICIA ELLYNN ELLIOTT— Girls ' Shop 2; American Authors 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; International Foods 4; Health Center Assistant 4. DAVID WILLIAM ELLIS — Science Projects 2-4; Electronics 3; Indianapolis Science Seminar 3-4; AFS 4; Regional Science Fair 3. KIP W. ELSTEWntramurals 2-4; Industrial Arts 2; Chess 3; Drafing 4; Panther Athletic 4. Other Activities Not Listed. ENTHUSIASTIC Panther sup- porters show their spirit with cloth banners as they witness a victory over Carmel High School on September 9th. RICHARD THOMAS ELSTON— Review Typing 2; Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council; Spanish 2- 3, Treasurer 4; Panther Athletic 4; Government 4. SU- SAN EMRICH— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Junior Spectacular; AFS 3; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. PAMELLA J. ENGEL— Stagecrew for Junior Spectac- ular; Senior Girls ' League; FTA 2-4; Hall Monitor 4; Travel 4. ANNE RUPEL ENGLEHART— Sophomore Class Council; Junior Spectacular; Folk Music 2-4; Pan- ther Athletics 3-4; American Authors 4; Travel 4. ♦CHARLES NORTH EVANS— Sch olastic Award 2-4; Na- tional Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Junior Spectacular; German 4; Travel 3, Steering Committee 4; Panther Athletic 3-4. KRISTINA EVANS— Panther Ath- letic 2-4; Athletic Secretary. STEVE EVANS— Chess Club 3; Beginning Chess 3; Architectural 4; Panther Athletic 4. LINDA EWELL— Biology 2-3; Symphonic Wind En- semble 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Spanish 2,4; Or- chestra 4. AVEN FAESSLER— Art 2-3; Booster Block 2; Travel 4; 2nd Prize in School Art Show 2. EDWARD D. FARIS — Latin 2-3; Key Club 3-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular; Junior Historical Society 4; Journalism 4. SCOTT FARLEY — Transfer from Boone County, Ken- tucky; Electronics 4. AL FASOLA — Sophomore Class Council; Football Team 2-4, Captain All-County, All-State 4; Lettermen ' s Vice-President 4; Senior Class Council Vice- President Candidate; Homecoming King Candidate 4; Christmas Dance King Candidate 4. JEANINE M. FATHMAN— FTA 2-4; Intramurals 2; Pan ther Athletic 3-4; Baton Corps 3-4. JOANNE FEHSEN FELD — Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Spec tacular; Senior Girls ' League Planning Board; Travel 4 Panther Athletic 3-4; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4. SUSAN K. FETNER— Transfer from Grand Rapids, Michi gan; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4 American Authors 4; Travel 4. BARBARA JO FIESEL — Junior Historical Society Historian 4; Senior Girls ' League American Authors 4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 4; In tramurals 2. Other Activities Not Listed. 137 % 4 k SENIORS JEREL RAY FIETE— Transfer 3; Scholastic Award 3; Panther Athletic 4; Science Service 4; Intramurals 4. DALE BORMAN FINK— Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Vice- President 3; National Forensics League 2-3, President 4; Junior Class Vice-President; I.U. Honors Program 3; Se- nior Class President; National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 4. CHRIS FISCHESSER— Military History 2; Battalion Formation 2-4, Commander 3-4; NCO of the Year 3; Drill Team 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Advanced Chess 2. KATHIE FISHER— Girls ' Wood Shop 2; Foods 3; FTA 3; Senior Girls ' League; FNA 4; Panther 4. MAUREEN FLANNERY— National Honor Society 3-4; Astronomy Secretary 4; Science Reading Secretary 4; Na- tional Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4; National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award 4; Etchings In Thought Editorial Board 4. NORMAN FOGLE— Key Club 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4, President 4; Student Council 2-3; Track Team 2-3; Scholastic Award 2-3; Tri- angle Club Award Winner 3. JULIA FOKKEN— FNA 3; Transcription 3; FBLA 3-4; German 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. PAUL FORD — Track Team 2-3; Basketball Team 2-4; Football Team 2-4; Let- terman ' s Club 2-4, President 4; Panther Athletic 3-4, Ser- geant at Arms 4; Student Council Alternate 3. LEE FORSYTHE— Tennis Team 2; Intramurals 3-4; Pan- ther Athletic 4. PENNY R. FORTUNE -Drama 2; A Cappella 3; World Culture 3; Girls ' Ensemble 4; French 3-4; Shakespeare Chairman 4. RICHARD FOX— Junior Spectacular 2-3; Intramurals 2; Folk Music 3; Music Men 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. RAE ELLEN FRANK— National Honor Society 3-4, Tutor 4; Latin 2, 4; Great Books 4; World Culture 3-4, Planning Committee 4; Government 4. EVELYN FRANKOVITZ— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Intramurals 2-4; Concert Choir 2-3; Gym Assistants ' Club 4. DAVE FRAYER— Wrestling Team 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Gym Assistant 3-4. BARRY FRITSCH— Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Senior Class Council; Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. SCOTT ROGER FRITSCHLE— Golf Team 2-4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular; Student Council 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Class Council. STEVE WAYNE FRUITS. SUSAN GANGST AD— Cloth- ing Secretary 3; Junior Spectacular; FNA President 4; Se- nior Girl ' s League; Folk Music 4; AFS 4. KENNA JO GARNER— Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Guidance Of- fice Assistant 4. KENNETH E. GEORGE— Junior Spec- tacular; Chess 2,3; FBLA 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 2-4. KATHRYN GIBSON— Booster Block 2; Travel 3-4; Pan- ther Athletic 3; Transcription 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4. MARTY GIERKE— Typing 2; Panther Athletic 3-4 Spanish 3; Travel 4. BEVERLY GILLEFF— Travel 3 AFS 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 4 FTA 2-3, Secretary 4; Review Typing 2. DOUGLAS BRUCE GILLESPIE— Stage Band 3-4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Student Council 2-3, Treasurer 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4; Hoosier Boys ' State Representative. DAVE GILTNER— Biology 2; Track Team 2-4; A Cap- pella 3; Counterpoints 4; Fall Musical 4. DAVID L. GLANZMAN— Debate 2-3; Key Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Editorial Board of Etchings in Thought 4; Winner in National .Council of English Teachers Contest; National Merit Letter of Commendation. STEVEN H. GLASS— Beginning Chess 2-3; Geology 3-4; Panther Athle- tic 4. LINDA GODFREY— Review Typing 4; Travel 4. Other Activities Not Listed. 138 1967 KIM GOLDENSTEIN. JAMES GOLDSTEIN— Junior Spectacular; Intramurals 3; Newspaper Staff 3; Panther Athletic 3; Newspaper Editorial Editor 4; Chess Team 4. NANCY JO GOODBAR— Debate Club 2; Shakespeare 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Latin 4; Government 4; Senior Girls ' League. DANIEL JOSEPH GOODMAN— Debate 2-4; De- bate Team 2-4; NFL 2-3; F orensics Secretary 2-3; Chess 4. ♦STEPHEN H. GOODWIN— Reserve Football 2; Chess Team 4; International Relations President 4; Journalism 4; Newspaper Staff 4; News Bureau 4. SHERRY GOSLIN— Booster Block 2; Lab Assistant 3; Travel 3-4; Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Review Typing 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. NANCY GOSS— Transfer from Cascade High School; FTA 3. STEP- HANIE ANN GRADOLF. ♦KATHLEEN ANN GRADY— Sophomore Class Council Secretary; Junior Class Council; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; AFS Vice-President 4; Home- coming Queen Candidate 4. RICHARD GRADY— Begin- ning Typing 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Folk Music 4. THE- RESA GRADY. LOREL JEAN GRAE— Student Council 2; Spanish 3; Junior Spectacular Publicity Committee; Folk Music 4; Girls ' Concert Choir 4; Senior Class Council Al- ternate. CRAIG H. GRANT— Transfer from Rockford, Illinois; Art Crafts 2; Industrial Arts 4. RONALD C. GRANT— Span- ish 3; Geology 4; Intramurals 4. THOMAS R. GRAVES— Photography 2; Aquarium 2; Beginning Chess 3-4; Indus- trial Arts 4. ANTHONY WAYNE GREEN— Sophomore Class Council; Chess 2,4; Drafting 2-3; Chess Team 3; Pan- ther Athletic 4. Other Activities Not Listed mm MR. BUTTERS, a college rep- resentative, discusses the pro- grams offered at Ohio Wesleyan with Judy Osborn and her father during College Night. CHERYL LYNN GREEN— Usher for Junior Spectacular; Attendance Office Assistant 3; A Cappella 4; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 2-3; French 2. BARBARA GREENBURG. THOMAS T. GREENE— Biology 2; Panther Athletic 4; Chess 4. RICHARD GRIFFITH— National Honor Society 3-4; Marching Band Captain 4; Intramurals 4; Pep Band 4; Lab Assistant 4; National Merit Scholar- ship Semi-Finalist. KENNETH WM. GRUBE— Stage Band 2-4; Science Service Club 4; Intramurals 2-4; Golf Team 2-4; Pep Band 3-4; Pit Orchestra 4. BETH GRUBER— Concert Choir 2, Vice- President; A Cappella Secretary-Treasurer 3; Junior Spec- tacular; Descants Vice-President 4; Folk Music 2; Drama 2. MARTIN GUINTHER. DOUGLAS GWYN— Tennis Team 2,3; Intramurals 2-4; Science Service 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Lab Assistant 3-4; Biology 2. MERRIBETH HABEGGER— Health Center Assistant 4; Art Crafts Sergeant at Arms 4; " King Midas " Make-up Chairman 4; Sewing 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Art 2-3. JOAN HABIG — Panther Athletic 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Travel 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Council 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4. SUSAN MARIE HACKETT— Panther Athletic 2-4; Junior Spectacular Ush- er 3; Intramurals 2-3; Senior Girls ' League Chairman; Stu- dent Council Alternate 3-4; Guidance Office Assistant 4. DONNA HAGAMAN— Panther Athletic 2-4; Athletic Office Assistant 3-4; Football Statistics Keeper 3. EDWIN L. HAINES— Graphic Arts Service 2-3, Secretary 4; Printing Techniques 3-4. ALAN L. HALE— Latin 2; Stage Band 3-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; Junior Class Council Alternate; Orchestra Vice-President 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. DOUG HALE — Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Key Club 3, Treasurer 4; Etchings in Thought Editorial Board 4; Junior Spectacular; Scholastic Award 2-4. MARY HAMILTON— Folk Music 2-3; Stu- dent Council 4; State Music Contest First Place Medal 3; Madrigals 3; Senior Girls ' League; Knitting 2; Panther Athletic 3-4. Other Activities Not Listed. 140 7967 JEFF HAMPSHIRE— Aquarium 2; Latin 2-4; Junior Spec- tacular; Panther Athletic 3-4; Student Council Alternate 4. LINDA J. HANITON — FBLA 2; Review Typing 3-4; Foods 3; Clothing 3; Knitting 4; Home Economics Assis- tant. FRANK HARMON— Transfer from Arlington; Chess 3; NDCC Battalion 3; Panther Athletic 4. KEMP HARSHMAN — Biology 2; Junior Spectacular; Intramurals 3; Panther Athletic 4; Government 4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4. SHARON HARTLEY— Yearbook Staff 3, Activities Edi- tor 4; Junior Spectacular; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Girls ' League Planning Board; Journalism 2; AFS 2. LLOYD HARTMAN— Mu Alpha Theta 3; German 3; Beginning Chess 4; Government 4. SALLY HARTMAN— Junior Class Council; Junior Spectacular; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Christmas Dance Queen Candidate 4; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Fall Musical 4. PAUL ROBERT HASKITT— History of Math 2; Advanced Chess 2; Latin 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Tennis 3; Intramurals 3. LINDA FA YE HASLER— AFS 2; Panther Athletic 3; Costume 3; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Re- view Typing 4. NANCY HATFIELD— Junior Spectacular; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Folk Music 2,4; Family Jamboree Style Show Model; Concert Choir 4. LYNN ANN HAUSS — National Honor Society 3-4; German 3; Travel 3-4. LOUIS D. HAVELY— Advanced Chess 3; World Culture 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Biology Lab Assistant 4. JOANN HAWKINS— Intramurals 2-4; Costume 3-4; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; Clothing 2; Knitting 3; Review Typing 4. SUSAN HAY — French 2; Review Typing 4; Intramurals 2-3; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 3-4; Family Jamboree Style Show Model. LINDA HEDRICK— Student Council 3; Athletic Office Assistant 3-4; Junior Prom Queen Candi- date 3; Student Council Alternate 2; Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3. SANDRA JEAN HELFER— Shorthand Tran- scription 3; FBLA 4; Panther Athletic 2,4; Travel 4; Span- ish 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. SALLY HELLMANN— Transfer Student from Iowa; Pan- ther Athletic 3; FTA 3; Stage Crew 3; Clothing 4; Travel 4; Junior Historical Society 4. SUSAN HELLMANN— Transfer Student; Knitting 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; FTA 3-4; Future Nurses ' 3. ROBERT D. HELMS— Intramurals 3; Panther Athletic 4; German 4; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Bas- ketball Panther 4; Library Vice President 3. MICHAEL W. HENDERSON— Intramurals 2-4; Advanced Chess 2-4; Pan- ther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Boys ' Industrial Arts 2. Other Activities Not Listed. r " " ' , STAFF MEMBERS of the Northern Lights, Carol Bixler and Barb Hepburn, carefully proofread to catch errors. • SENIORS LARRY HENDRICKS— Transfer; Key Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 4. SANDI HENDRICKSON— Ju- nior Historical Society 3-4; Meritorious Service Award 3, Vice-President local group, State Senior Director 4; Travel 3-4; Clothing President 4; Forensics 2-3; Drama 3. BAR BARA KATHRYN HEPBURN— Panther Athletic 2-4; Ju nior Spectacular Usher 3; Student Council Alternate 3 German Secretary 4; Newspaper Staff, Co-News Editor 4 Folk Music 2-3. DELLAJEAN HERRICK— Panther Ath- letic 2-4; Travel 2; Booster Block 4. JANET L. HERRICK— National Honor Society 3-4; Latin 2- 4, Secretary 3; Journalism 2, President 3; Band 2-3, Sec- retary 4; Quill and Scroll Secretary-Treasurer 4; Newspa- per Staff News Editor 4. JAMES HICKEY— Cross Country Manager 2; Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3; Key Club 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 2-4. LORAINE ANNE HICKS -FTA 2; Sewing 2; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3- 4; French 2-4; Senior Jamboree Style Show Model. MARC HILTON— Tennis Team 2; National Forensics League 2-4; Peals of Liberty Staff 2; Junior Historical So- ciety Sergeant at arms 3; Biology Vice-President 3; Debate Team 2-4. DIANA LYNN HOFFMAN— Sophomore Class Council Al- ternate; Scholastic Award 2-3; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. WILLIAM HOFFMAN. STEVE HOFFMAN— Indianapolis Science Seminar 2-3; Yearbook Staff Photographer 3-4; National Merit Semi- Finalist 3; Thespians 3; Science Projects 2-4, President 3; Stage Crew Club 2-4. THEODORE F. HOLLAND— In- tramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Scho- lastic Award 2-4. SHELLEY G. HOLLIS— Panther Athletic 2,4; Sopho- more Class Council; Stage Crew 3-4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Junior Spectacular; AFS 4. ALISON G. HOL- LOW AY— Folk Music 3; Science Service Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Baton Corps 2-4; Red Cross 2; Intramurals 2-3. SUZANNE HOLMES— Stage Crew 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular; Art 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 3. MIKE HOLMES— Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. Other Activities Not Listed. BY CLIPPING ARTICLES written by North Central cor- respondents for the Teen Star, News Bureau editors Judy Nis- enbaum and Cheryl Behrendt keep the display case full. SENIOR CHEMISTRY lab as- sistant Libby Crowder performs the duties of the chief flask and bottle washer. TOM HOLSWORTH— Music Men 4; Fall Musical 4; Key Club 4; Peals of Liberty Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Na- tional Forensics League 2-3; Latin Club 2-4. JIM HONEY. MAN— Transfer 4; NDCC Rifle Team 4; NDCC Battalion Staff 4. JILL HOOKER— Costume 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Madrigals 3; Counterpoints 4; Fall Musical 4; Stage Crew 4. CLAUDIA ELLENA HORN— International Rela- tions 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Poetry 3; FTA 4; Girls ' Concert Choir 4. RANDY HOUGH— Biology 2; German 2; Photography 2-3; Boys ' Industrial Arts 3-4; Spanish 3; Intramurals 4. JOHN W. HUBERT— Junior Spectacular; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, President 4; Astronomy 3, President 4; Stage Crew 2-4; Student Council 3-4. DENNIS HUFFMAN— Junior Spectacular; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Council Alternate 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Varsity Golf 2-4. DIANA JOYCE HUNTER— Geology 2,4, President 3, Secretary 4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Chess 4; National Honor Society 3-4; French 3-4; Debate 2. MARABETH ICE— Knitting 3-4; FTA Treasurer 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Govern- ment 3; Panther Athletic 3-4. ANN G. IRWIN— Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Clothing Vice-President 3; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; FNA Secretary-Treasurer 4; Se- nior Girls ' League Planning Board; Intramurals 2-4. GREGG JACKSON— A Cappella 2-3; Military History 3; Advanced Chess 3; Music Men 4; Shakespeare 4; Chess 2. LINDA FA YE STAHL JACKSON— Biology 2; Junior Spectacular; FBLA 3-4; Art 4; Panther Athletic 4; Work Experience Program 4. DARLA JACOBS. BRUCE JACOBSON— Biology Ser- geant at Arms 3-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Golf Team 3; Intramurals 3; Lettermens ' Club 4; Student Coun- cil 4. ROBERT C. JEFFREY— Quill and Scroll 3-4; As- sistant Photographer 3; Head Photographer 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; First Place Photograph at IU Jour- nalism Workshop 3; Debate 2. BOB JEFFRIES— Gymnastic Team 4; Panther Athletic 4. RUSS JEHS— Art 2,4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Junior His- torical Society Committee Chairman 4; Intramurals 4. JO ELLEN JENKINS— Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 2-4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Baton Corps 2-4. SALLY JEN- SEN— Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4. SUSAN JENSEN — Junior Spectacular; Senior Class Council Alternate; Se- nior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 2-4; Intra- murals 2-3. Other Activities Not Listed. . Ilia 143 FOR BEING NAMED North Central ' s DAR winner, Sue Stidham receives congratula- tions from Miss Margery Laycock. counselor. ROSE ELISABETH JEWELL— Forensics 3; French 4; Dramatics 3-4; Costume 4; Stage Crew 4; Senior Girls ' League. LINDA S. JEWETT — Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Class Council; Student Council Alter- nate 4; Junior Spectacular; Folk Music Assembly 3; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4. JAN JOHNSON— Booster Block 2; Guidance Office Assistant 2-4; Panther Athletic 3; Foods 4. MICHELLE MARIE JOHNSON— Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Red Cross 3; Travel 4; Review Typing 4; Junior Class Council Alternate ' ' . DEBORAH ANN JOHNSTON— French 3; Scholastic Award 3; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 4; Intra- murals 4. CHERI L. JONES— Sewing 2-3; Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Review Typing 4; Knitting 4; General Office Assistant 4. JOE JONES — Beginning Chess 3; Intramurals 3; Children ' s Theater Production 4; Winter Play 4. MICHAEL R. JONES— Travel 2-3; German 2; Beginning Chess 3; Advanced Chess 4; Aquarium 4. STEPHEN JONES— Astronomy 2-3; Electronics 2; Intra- murals 2-3; Chess 3-4; Industrial Arts 4. LINDA JORDAN — Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Bookstore As- sistant 3-4; Sewing 3; Travel 4; Review Typing 4. MI- CHAEL DAVID KAFOURE— Reserve Basketball 2, Var- sity 3-4; Reserve Track 2, Varsity 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Travel 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Safety Council 3-4. CARYL KAHN— Scholastic Award 2-4; Drama 2-3; Span- ish 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; General Office Assistant 4; World Culture 4. PATRICIA ANN KAMMERAAD— Student Council Al- ternate 2-3; French 3-4; Senior Class Council 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4, Assis- tant Secretary and Treasurer 4; Panther Athletic 3-4. JAMES M. KAMPLAIN— Band 2; Pep Band 3-4; Intra- murals 3-4; Key Club 4; Military History Secretary 4. ANN VICTORIA KANDRAC— Junior Spectacular; Intra- murals 2-3; NFL 4; Orchestra 3-4; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Chamber Music 4. MICHAEL J. KARAGOZIAN— Travel 2-3; Stage Crew 2; Intramurals 3; Chess 4; Boys Industrial Arts 4. Other Activities Not Listed. 144 1967 KRIS KATHERYNE KAVANAUGH — FT A 3; NDCC Bat- talion Formation 4; NDCC Battalion Staff 4; Drill Team Sponsor 4. WARREN THOMAS KEINER— Scholastic Award 2-4; Great Books Vice-Chairman 4; Key Club 3-4; Student Council 2; Forensics 2; Photography 2. BRAD KELLER — AFS 3; Journalism 3; International Relations 3; Junior Historical Society Committee Chairman 4; Great Books 4; Travel 4. BETH MAUREEN KELLEY— Junior Spectacular 2-3; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; A Cappella Choir 3; Orchestra 4; Fall Musical Orchestra 4; Senior Girls ' League. THOMAS KELLEY— Cross Country 2; Panther Athletic 2; Scholastic Award 2-3; Zoology Lab Assistant 3; Key Club 4; Student Council 3-4. DONALD ARVID KELLOGG. DICK KERN— Wrestling 2; Chess 2; Spanish 3; FBLA 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4. KATHY KETZEL— Booster Block 3; Panther Athletic 3; Spanish 2-4; FN A 4; Red Cross 4; Senior Girls ' League. BOB KILLION— Spanish 2; Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 2-4; Science Reading 4; Advanced Chess 4. DAN D. KINCAID— Photography 2; Industrial Arts 2; Audio- Visual Assistant 2; Key Club 3-4, Project Committee Chairman 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Float Committee Member. JAMES M. KIRK. RANDALL W. KITTERMAN— Intramurals 2-4; Basketball Manager 3; Cross Country Manager 4; Hoosier Boys ' State 3; Science Lab Assistant 3; Student Council Bookstore 4. KATHERINE KIVETT— Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Newspaper Staff 3-4, Co-Feature Editor 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Intramurals 2-4. JEFFREY W. KLEIN— Re- serve Basketball 2, Varsity 3-4; Reserve Baseball 2, Var- sity 3; Lettermen ' s Club Treasurer 4; Reserve Cross-Coun- try 2-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Gym Assistants ' Club 3-4. MICHAEL KLEPFER. SALLY KLINE— Sewing 3; Travel 3. ERIK L. KNUDSEN— Track 2-4; Debate 2-3, Secretary 2; German 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Stu- dent Council 2. KENNETH KNUE— Debate 3-4; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Junior Spectac- ular 4; Spanish 2. ELLYN BARBARA KRIEGER— Art 2- 4; Clothing 2; Children ' s Theater 4. DEBORAH ANN KRUEGER — Junior Spectacular Choreographer 3; Student Council 2; Junior Class Council; National Honor Society 3- 4; Senior Class Council; Travel President 4. Other Activities Not Listed. AS SPECTATORS applaude the entrance of the football team, All-County end Pete Thompson charges through the paper ban- ner onto the field. 145 SENIORS KAREN KRUEGER— Panther Athletic 3-4; Student Coun- cil 3; Junior Spectacular; Travel 4; French 4; Descants 4. JANE KUBILIS— National Forensics Team 2; NFL 3; Ba- ton Corps 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Junior Historical So- ciety 4; Biology Director 4. JEFF KUHN— Chess 2; Latin 2; Debate 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; In- tramurals 4. PENNY GEORGINA KUNZ— Art 2; Panther Athletic 3; Girls ' Automechanics 3; FTA 4; Pep Band 4; Wind Ensemble 4. DONNA LaMAR— FBLA 2-3, President 4; Panther Ath- letic 3-4; FN A 4; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. CATHIE LAMB— Transfer from Chatard- Art Crafts 4; Travel 4. BARBARA LAMISON— Govern- ment 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; AFS 4; Junior Class Coun- cil Alternate; Senior Class Council Alternate; Senior Girls ' League. JEANNIE LANCET— Drama 2,4; Stagecrew 3-4; Thespians 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. ♦WILLIAM LANCET— Panther Athletic 2-4, Planning Committee 2; Travel 2-4; Track 2,4; Junior Spectacular; Football 3; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4. DONNA JO LANE. THOMAS LANE— Scholastic Award 2-4; Drafting 2; Typing 2; Language Lab Technician 3; Pan- ther Athletic 4. LEE LANGLOTZ— 1st Place in All- School Art Show; Gymnastics 2; Intramurals 2-3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Drafting 3. CHARLES M. LARASON. JOAN LA WTON— National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Reading Lab Assistant 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Travel 2-3; FTA 2. MARY ELIZABETH LAWTON— National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Government 3-4; AFS 3-4; Peals of Lib- erty Staff 2-4; Library Assistant ' 4; Senior Girls ' League. KAREN LEANDER— Scholastic Award 2-4; Student Council 2-3; Senior Class Council; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Family Jamboree Stvle Show Model. Other Activities Not Listed. TYPICAL of North Central ' s student spirit, Lynn Budden- baum, Dave Burgess, and Nan- cy Callier stencil a senior ban- ner during homeroom. 146 1967 SUSIE LEGGETT— Booster Block 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Band 2-3; Choir 2-4. BARB LELAND— Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council Alternate; Student Council 4; French 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4. JOHN LENON— Rifle Team 2-3; Drill Team 2; Crafts 2-3; Chess Team 4; Library Monitor 4; Chess 2. SUSIE LEOPOLD— Scholastic Award 2-4; Journalism 2; NFL 2-3; Winter Play 3; Drama 4; Spanish 4. JAY ALLEN LERM AN— National Honor Society 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Key Club 3-4; Latin Vice-President 3; Chemistry Lab Assis- tant 4. HILDA ANNE LEVIN— Scholastic Award 2-4; Spanish 2-4; Journalism 2,4; World Culture 4; Concert Choir 2-3; FNA 3. MARCIA MERRITT LIGHT— Hoosier Girls ' State Representative 3; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Peals of Liberty 3-4; NFL 3-4; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4. TIM- OTHY C. LINCOLN— National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 4; German 2; Panther Athletic 2; Art Crafts 3; Travel 3. JANICE BETH LINDELL— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Gym Assistant 3; Travel 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Knitting 4. SALLY L. LINDEN— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Booster Block 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Art Crafts 4; Travel 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. DAVID LINN— Electronics 2; Advanced Chess 2-4; Key Club 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Pan- ther Athletic 4. KATHIE LITTLE— Travel 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Family Jamboree Style Show Model; Spanish 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; General Office Assistant 4. NANCY ANN LOCKWOOD— Panther Athletic 3-4; Trav- el 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Art Crafts 4; Baton Corps 2-4; Senior Girls ' League. WILLIAM H. LOEPER— Chess 2; Key Club 3-4; International Relations 4. JOSEPH E. LOGS- DON IV — Spanish 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Gymnastics 3-4. ANN D. LONDE— Track Relays Princess 2; Intra- murals 2,4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Student Council Alternate 4; Junior Historical Society 3. PHIL LOVE— Chess 2-4; Track 2-3; Football Manager 3-4; Electronics 2-3; Intramurals 2; Panther Athletic 4. SANDY LOWRY— Costume 2; Knitting 3; Spanish 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Notehand 4; Senior Girls ' League. KAREN A. LOYEN— Art 2-3; Art Crafts 2-3; 1st Place in School Art Show 3; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; FTA 4. THOMAS G. LUCAS— Junior Spectacular 2-4; Stage Band 2-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4; Pep Band 2-4; Pit Band 2-4; Band Section Leader. ECKHARD J. LUKEN— FBLA Planning Committee 2, Election Committee 4; Wrestling 2; Graphic Arts Service Secretary 2; Northern Lights Homeroom Representative 3; Panther Athletic 4; Art Crafts 3. BRUCE E. MacAL- LISTER — Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Reserve Baseball 2; Student C ouncil Bookstore 3-4; Panther Athletic 2,4; Intramurals 2-4. GREGORY A. MacLEN- NAN — Language Lab Assistant 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Chess 2-3; German 2; Industrial Art 2; Travel 4. BAR- BARA MacMULLIN— French Secretary-Treasurer 3; Ju- nior Spectacular; Government 4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Shakespeare Secretary 4; Senior Girls ' League. STEPHEN G. MAGEL— Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular; Travel 2- 4, Planning Committee 3; Intramurals 2-4; Scholastic Award 2. STEVE MAHONEY— National Honor Society 3- 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Fall Play 2; Junior Spectacular; Student Council 4; Intramurals 2-3. LYNN MAIN— Latin Club Secretary 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2; Orchestra 3-4; Cham- ber Music 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4. MIGUEL R. MARIBONA— Electronics Secre- tary-Treasurer 4; Drafting 4. Other Activities Not Listed. SENIOR ART STUDENT Todd Reifers examines his contour line drawing, one of the many- projects undertaken by the fourth-year art classes. dl r •f ., { 1 DAN MARKS— Drafting 2-3; Electronics 2; Language Lab Assistant 3; Stage Crew 4; Panther Athletic 4. TONY MARRA — Sophomore Class Council; Senior Class Coun- cil; 2nd Place All-School Art Show 3; Gymnastics 2; Junior Spectacular; Reserve Basketball 2. ROBERT F. MAR- SCHKE — Mu Alpha Theta 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Exchange Student to Honolulu, Hawaii 3; Panther Athletic 4; AFS 4; Advanced Chess 4. SHARON MARTIN— Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; FTA 3-4; Government 4. MICHAEL J. MARTINDILL— Wrestling 2-3; Science Lab Assistant 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Science Service 3-4; Intramurals 2; Slide Rule 3. TERRY LYNN MASHAW — Scholastic Award 2-4; Student Council 2, Alternate 3; In- tramurals 2-4; Booster Block 2-4; International Relations 3-4; Junior Spectacular. CANDI MATHER— Gym As- sistant 3-4; Gym Assistants ' Club 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 3; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. JUDY MATHEWS — Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular; National Honor Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Government 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. BONNIE JO MAURER— Spanish 2-3, Secretary 2; Stu- dent Council Alternate 2; Panther Athletic 2-3; Junior Spectacular; AFS 2-3, Secretary 4; Gym Assistant 4. JAN MAURICE— FNA 2-3; Red Cross 3-4. JULIE MAXWELL — Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Poetry 4; French 2-4; Government 2-4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. MICHAEL MAXWELL — International Relations 2-3; Rifle Team 2; Junior Spec- tacular; Junior Historical Society Sergeant at Arms 4; Pan- ther Athletic 4; Intramurals 4. GARY MAYER— Travel 2-4; Art Crafts 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Library Monitor 4. DAVE McALOON— Chamber Music 2-4; Folk Music 2; Stage Band 3-4; Orchestra Con- test 1st Division 3. DEBBY McBRIDE— Knitting Secre- tary 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Art 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; A Cappella 3-4; General Office Assistant 2-4. DON Mc- COMB— Travel 3-4; Slide Rule 3; Panther Athletic 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Intramurals 4. PAUL F. McCORD— Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Science Reading 4; Tennis 3; Air Space 3. LEE ANDREA McCUE— Spanish 3-4; Yearbook Staff 3, Editor 4; American Authors 4; Government 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Scholastic Award 3-4. CRAIG LEIGH Mc- GAUGHEY— Student Council 2-4; Reserve Basketball 2; Cross Country 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Scholastic Award 2-4. PATRICIA McGLASSON — Peals of Liberty 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Symphonic Band 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4; In- tramurals 2-4; American Authors 2-3. Other Activities Not Listed. 148 1967 SUSAN McKENZIE— Folk Music 2-4; Journalism 3-4; In- tramurals 2,4; Government 3; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4; Senior Girls ' League. NANCY McMANIS — Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Knitting Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 4; Spanish 2-3, Secretary 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Intramurals 2-4. CHARLES McNEELY— Art 2-4; Art Crafts 2. JIM Mc- NEW — A Cappella 2; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Junior His- torical Society 4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Intramurals 2; Boys ' Glee Club 3-4. NANCY MEES— Art 2-4; Spanish 3-4; Intramurals 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4. MARY BETH MEGINNIS— Latin 2; German 3-4; Travel 3-4; Intra- murals 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assis- tant 4. SARAH MESSENGER— AFS 2-4; Folk Music 3; Government 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4. LAURA LYN METZGER— Sopho- more Class Council; Junior Spectacular; AFS 3; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 3-4. ♦LESLIE ROBIN MEYERS— Poetry 3, Secretary 4; As- tronomy Secretary 4; Knitting 4; FT A Vice-President 4; Travel 3; Spanish 3. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES MICHAEL— Student Council Alternate 2-3; Wrestling 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Intramurals 3-4; Stage Band 3, Or- chestra Secretary 4; Chess 2. ROBERT MILES— Panther Athletic 4. TERRY ANN MILLER— National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Semi-Finalist; Family Jambo- ree Style Show Model 4; Spanish 3, President 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. GEORGANNE MINER— Quill Scroll 3-4; Yearbook Staff 3, Opening Editor 4; Junior Class Council; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; IU Honors Program in French 3. MICHAEL MITCHELL — Junior Historical Society 2; Government 2-4; Junior Spec- tacular; Latin Vice-President 4; FBLA 4; Panther Athletic 4. RONALD A. MIX— Air Space 2; Rifle Team 2-4; Scholastic Award 3; Battalion Staff 4; Intramurals 2-4. WANDA MOCK— Baton Corps 3-4; Junior Spectacular; 2nd Prize in All-School Art Show; AFS 3-4; Travel 4; French 4. Other Activities Not Listed. BARB GREENBERG and Ellen Krieger keep an accurate record of student illnesses in the nurse ' s office as helpers. 149 1 - V ' 1 A If IIImSBHHH ■■■■■■■■■■III. Ilmr 1 1 i Ml ■ I 4 V 1 If, . 4 SENIORS LINDA MOGG— AFS 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 3; Marching Band 2 GREGORY MOLSON— Transfer from Trenton, New Jer- sey; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4. STEPHANIE ANN MONTGOMERY— Debate Team 2-3; NFL 2-4; Debate Club 2-3; Forensics 2-3. STEPHANIE R. MOORE— FNA Vice- President 2; Knitting Co-Chairman 3; Notehand 4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Clothing 3; Foods 2. SUSAN MOORE. YOLANDA MOORE— Junior Spectac- ular; Orchestra 2-4; Knitting Secretary-Treasurer 3; French 3; Booster Block 3; Intramurals 4. ALINDA MOOS— Ju- nior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 3-4; AFS 3-4; General Office Assistant 3; Library Assistant 4; Intramurals 2. TERRY MORGAN— National Merit Scholarship Semi- finalist 4; Science Seminar 2-4; Advanced Chess 3; Air Space 3; Chess Team 4; M.A.T. National Math Club 2-4. DIANE L. MORRIS— Foods 2-3; FNA 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Marching Band 2-4; Pep Band 4; Senior Girls ' League. JAN MORTON— Baton Corps 2-3; Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Travel 4; Family Jamboree Style Show 4; Senior Girls ' League; FBLA 4. SANDRA SUE MOSER— Cos- tume 2; Folk Music 3; Panther Athletic 2-4; NDCC Bat- talion Formation 4; NDCC Staff 4; NDCC Clerk 4. LYNN MULLEN— Booster Block 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Knit- ting 3-4; Review Typing 4; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 3. LINDA MULLINIX— Booster Block 2-3; Folk Music 3; FTA 4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Girls ' Club 3-4. LEWIS MUMFORD. JOSEPH L. MURPHY— Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Music Men 4; Let- termen ' s Club 3-4; Football 2-4; Wrestling 2-4. ROBERT MURPHY. PAUL S. NEFOUSE— Football 2-4, All-County Halfback, All-State Honorable Mention 4; Student Council 2-4; Let- termen ' s Club 2-4; Homecoming King 4; Junior Prom King Candidate; Track 2. KEVIN W. NELSON— Electron- ics 2-4; Electronic Lab Assistant 3; Air Space Secretary 4. LYNDA C. NICHOLAS— Booster Block 2; Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Red Cross 3. JOHN NICHOLS— Spring Play 3; Marching Band 2-4; Fall Play 4; Children ' s Theater 4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Government 2-4. ROSEMARY R. NICHOLS— Junior Spectacular Usher; Spanish 3; Red Cross Secretary-Treasurer 4; FTA 4; At- tendance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. PAM- ELA DARLENE NICKELS— FNA 2,4; Panther Athletic 2; Foods 3; Red Cross 3-4. SAUNDRA NICKLESON— Booster Block 2,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,4; Intramurals 2,4; Debate 3; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Girls ' Automechanics 3. CHRISTO- PHER NIGH- -Intramurals 2,4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Trav- el 2-4; Biology 2. JUDY KAY NISENBAUM— NFL 2; Debate Secretary 2; Sophomore Class Council; Journalism 2, Secretary 3; Stu- dent Council Alternate 3; Assistant News Bureau Editor 4. NANCY A. NORMAN— Art Crafts 2; Art 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Red Cross 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. NANCY E. NORMAN— French 2,4; FBLA 2; Knitting 3; Panther Athletic 4; AFS 4. SHIRLEY ANN NORMAN— Gold Key in Art Show 2; Junior Spectacular; Cover Design for " Etchings in Thought " 3; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Panther Ath- letic 2,4. Other Activities Not Listed. 130 1967 ♦BARBARA NORLIN— FTA 2; Intramurals 2; German 2-3; Junior Class Council Alternate; Panther Athletic 3-4; Lab Assistant 4. MIKE OBERLIN— Junior Spectacular 2- 4; Folk Music 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Music Men 3-4, 1 reasurer 3; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 3-4. STEPHEN OBERREICH— Military History 3, President 4; Air Space 3; German 3; Government 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Gymnastics Club 2. MICHAEL EDWARD O ' BRIEN— Intramurals 4; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4; FBLA 4; Drafting 2. RACHEL FRANCES OCHS— National Honor Society 3- 4; National Forensics League 3-4; Peals of Liberty As- sistant Editor 3-4; Great Books 3; Chairman 4; Nat ional Merit Letter of Commendation; Representative to Girls ' State. RALPH ODELL— Chess Team 2; Track Team Manager 2; Chess Club 3-4; Stage Crew 3; Travel 4. SAM- UEL ODLE — Northern Lights Representative 3; Intramu- rals 3; Biology 4. CONNIE MAY OGDEN— Attendance Office Assistant 2-4; Booster Block 3; Junior Historical Society 3; Panther Athletic 4; FBLA Program Chairman 4; Travel 4. KAREN O ' KANE— Intramurals 2-4; Student Council 2; Junior Spectacular; Travel 3-4; Gym Assistant 3; Senior Class Council. DARBY OLIVER— Junior Spectacular; National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 4; Girls ' En- semble 3; Secretary 4; Biology 4; Folk Music 2,4. DEB- ORAH GALE OLIVER— Intramurals 2; AFS 3; FBLA 4; Yearbook Staff 3, Production Editor 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Senior Girls ' League. DAVID A. ORR— Gymnastics Club 2; Panther Athletic 2-3; Travel 2-3; World Culture 3. ARLETTE ORTON— Red Cross 2; Folk Music 2; French 3; Junior Spectacular; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Senior Girls ' League. JUDITH ANNE OSBORN— Folk Music 2-4; Fall Musical 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Descants 4; A Cap- pella 3; Panther Athletic 3. TIMOTHY J. O ' SULLIVAN —Spanish 2; NDCC Battalion 2-4; NDCC Rifle Team 2; NDCC Drill Team 3; NDCC Battalion Staff 4; Beginning Chess 2,4. SUE OTTO— FNA 2-3; Booster Block 2-3; Pan- ther Athletics 3; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Girls ' Concert Choir 3-4; Clothing 3-4. Other Activities Not Listed. to u m y - ' ■ . A m " i Y • • 5«r X 0 ' % SENIOR Steve Sternberger re- news old friendships with 1966 graduates Ted A. Smith and Sandy Garritson at the Senior Alumni Party. 151 SENIORS LYNDA OVERMAN— Concert Choir 2-3; A Cappella 3; Descants 4; Panther Athletic 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Ju- nior Class Council Alternate. BOB OWENS — Sophomore Class Council; Panther Athletic 3; Football 3; Travel 3; Culture Club 3. STEPHANIE OWENS— Panther Ath- letic 2-4, Board of Directors 2; Booster Block 2-3; Reserve Cheerleader 3; Track Queen Princess 3; Junior Spectacu- lar; Travel 4. JON PACTOR— Editor of Northern Lights 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Chess Team 2-3, Vice-President 4; Emperor of Latin Banquet 3; Football Manager 4. TERRY PAGEL— Wrestling Team 2-3; Art 2; Woodwork- ing 3; Metals 4. JEAN PALMOUR— FNA 3; World Cul- ture 3; French 3; Library Club Secretary 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Junior Historical Society 4. MIKE PARRINELLO — Industrial Arts 2-3; Woodworking 2; Travel 4; Review Typ- ing 4. LAURA JEANNE PARRISH— Concert Choir 2; Booster Block 3; A Cappella 3; Panther Athletic 4; Intra- murals 4. SLYVIA PARTLOWE— Folk Music 2; Baton Corps Club 2; Baton Corps 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4; Intra- murals 2,4. ARTHUR PATTERSON. SANDRA LEE PAUL— Band 2-3; Orchestra 2; Chamber Music 3; Pep Band 3; Junior Historical Society Chairman 4; Booster Block 4. PATRICIA LEE PAULIN— Biology 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Baton Corps 3, Feature Twirler 4; Future Teachers 4; Travel 4; French 2. GREGORY H. PEIRCE— Gymnastics Manager 3; Folk Music 3; Art 3; Key Club 4; Panther Athletic 4. TOM PELTON— Metals 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. ROBERT P. PENNO— Student Council Alternate 2-3; Reserve Football 2-3, Varsity 4; Key Club 3-4; Advanced Chess 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4. BRUCE HOGUE PENROD— Transfer from Morgantown, West Virginia; Pit Band 3-4; Stage Band 3-4; International Relations 3; Slide Rule 3. TERRY PEPPLE— Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Gym Assistant 4; Junior Spectacular; Intramurals 2-4; Senior Girls ' League. ROBERT PERKINS— A Cappella Choir 2; Music Men 3-4; Junior Class Council; Folk Music 3, President 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Fall Musical 4. SALLY PERKINS— Library Assistant 2; French 3; Scho- lastic Award 2-4; Travel 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. STEPHANIE PERRY-Panther Athletic 2-4; Aquarium 3; Arts and Crafts 3; Biology 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2. Other Activities Not Listed. 152 LOOKING for college admis- sions information Jack Weber utilizes the vast catalogue col- lection in the library. SENIOR Sam Detmer battles for the puck with Rex Haggard at a neighborhood hockey game. JEFF PETTICREW— Student Council 2-4; Key Club 3, Historian 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Varsity Tennis 3-4; Homecoming Chairman 4. SUSAN PHELPS— Fall Musical 2,4; All City Music Contest 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Knitting 3-4; Typing 3; American Authors 2. PEGGY PICKARD— Scholastic Award 2; Class Council Alternate 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 3-4; French 4; Intramurals 2-4. RICK PIERCE — Panther Athletic 3-4; Electronics Lab Assistant 4. JANE PIGG— Library Assistant 2,4; Library Club 2; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4. CONSTANCE LOUISE PLZAK — Counterpoints 2-4; Sophomore Class Council; Fall Musical 3-4; Folk Music 2-4; Knitting Club Vice-President 4; Panther Athletic 3-4. KIM POER. PRISCILLA POLK —Biology 3-4; Clothing Club President 3; National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Senior Class Council; Junior Spec- tacular; American Authors Club Chairman 4. BARBARA PORTER— Transfer from Greendale, Wiscon- sin; National Honor Society 3-4; Future Teachers 3-4; Travel 4; Clothing 4. BOB POTTER— Varsity Track 3-4; Letterman ' s 2-4; Gymnastics 4; Football Reserves 2, Varsity 3-4; Representative from N.C. to the fellowship of Christian Athletics Conference; Panther Athletic 3-4. GARY LEE PRAH— Student Council 2-4; Biology Lab Assistant 3; Biology President 4; Assembly Committee Chairman 4; Panther Athletic 3; Student Council Representative to Alumni Association. MARY ELIZABETH PRATT— Trans- fer; Spanish 3; Slide Rule 3. ♦BARBARA LYNN PREUSS— Scholastic Awards 2-4; Shorthand Award 3; Intramurals 2-3; Booster Block 2; Shorthand Club 3; American Field Service 4. RICHARD L. PRUYN— Fall Musical 2-4; Folk Music 2-3, Vice Presi- dent 4; Music Man 2-3; Counterpoints 4; Drama 2-4; Sci- ence Reading 2-3. THOMAS MURRY PRUYN— Library Assistant 3-4. ROBERT PRYOR. Other Activities Not- Listed. 153 SENIORS CYNTHIA PYLE— Junior Spectacular; AFS 3; A Cap- pella Choir 3; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2-4; Bell Choir 4. JAMES H. QUILLIN— Travel 2-4; Panther Ath- letic 2-4. JEFFREY QUINTO— Stage Crew 2-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Spanish 2-3; Travel 4; Folk Music 4. JANET RADER— . Bell Choir 2-4; Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Class Council; Junior Spectacular 2; Concerto Evening Soloist 3; French 3-4. CHERRY RAMAKER— Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Senior Girls ' League; Attendance Of- fice Assistant 4; Spanish 2. LOUELLEN RAMEY— Mad- rigals 3; Girls ' Ensemble 4; AFS 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Folk Music 3-4; Fall Musical 4. TOM RAMSDELL— In- dustrial Arts 4. CONSTANCE RAMSEY— Choir 2; Foods 2-4; Sewing 2-3; FTA 2; Booster Block 4. CHRIS RATLIFF — Transfer from London, England; Scholastic Award 3-4; AFS 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Ju- nior Spectacular; Senior Class Council; Princess of Light 4. DAVE RAY — Woodworking Secretary 2; Beginning Chess 2-3; Advanced Chess 2-4; Boys ' Industrial Arts 3; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals. HARRY R. RAY— Art Crafts 3, Vice President 4; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Ath- letic 2-4; Travel 2-4. MARY JANE REHKEMPER— Cos- tume 2,4; Intramurals 2; Junior Spectacular; Senior Girls ' League; Knitting 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. CANDY REICHEL— Travel 2-4; Transcription 3; Intramu- rals 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Girls ' League. JAMES A. REID— Reserve Tennis 2-3, Varsity 4; Wres- tling 2-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Geology 4; German 3; Biology 2. GARY REINSCHREIBER— Panther Athletic 2-4; Spanish 2-3; Stage Crew 2-3; Travel 4. CHRISTA REISER— Travel 2-4; Biology 2; German 2-3, Secretary 2; Foods 4; Senior Girls ' League. DEBORAH ANN RENFRO— Costume Treasurer 2, Sec- retary 3, President 4; Foods 2, President 3; Girls ' Concert Choir 2-4; National Thespian Society 4; Stage Crew 3-4; Junior Spectacular. DAVID REYNOLDS— Audio-Visual Secretary 2; Beginning Chess 3; Boys ' Ind ustrial Arts President 4; Auto Mechanics Assistant 4; Audio-Visual Aid 2. KATHRYN RICH — Peals of Liberty Staff 2-3, Editor 4; Journalism 2-3; Yearbook 3, Business Manager 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Panther Athletic 4; French 3. PAMELA RICH— National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Student Council 2-4, Alternate 4; Junior Spectacular; Spanish 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. MACMURRAY COLLEGE rep- resentative Mr. Richard Eastop explains admission qualifica- tions to Linda Hedrick. 154 LOCATING students ' schedules for the main office keep assis- tants Susie Burton and Sandy Heifer on the go. ROBERT RICHARDSON— Chess Team 2-3, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Science Service 4; Lab Assistant 4; Intra- murals 3-4; Beginning Chess Instructor 3-4; Advanced Chess 2-3. ARLENE K. RICKETTS— Panther Athletics 2-4. MIKE RIESEN— Basketball 2-4; Chess 2-3; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Panther Athletic 4. JAYNE MICHELE RILEY— Great Books 3; Student Council Alternate 3; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League ; Library Assistant 4. CAROL RINNE— Aquarium Club 3; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 3-4; Geology 4; Panther Athletic 4. PEGGY ROBBINS — Panther Athletic 2-4; Art Crafts 2; Travel 4. DEBORAH KAY ROBERTS— Review Typing 2; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. DIANA JEAN ROBERTS— Travel 2-4; Pan- ther Athletic 2-4; French 3, Vice-President 2; Library Club 2; FT A 4; Knitting 4. SHARI ROBERTSON— Office Assistant 2; Lab Assis- tant 3-4; Junior Spectacular; AFS 3; Science Service 4; Drama 2. DAN ROBINSON— Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Class Council Alternate. SCOTT W. ROGERS— Intramurals 2-4; Advanced Chess 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Beginning Chess 2. SUSAN ROGERS— Scholastic Award 2-3; Stu- dent Council 4; Junior Spectacular; French 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. ♦DANIEL ROHN— Orchestra 2-3, President 4; Counter- points 4; Chamber Music 2-4; Music Men 2-3; Folk Music 3; Thespians 4. DEBBIE ROHRMANN— Girls ' Concert Choir 2-3; Spanish 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Panther Ath- letic 4; Journalism 2-3; Senior Girls League. MARSHALL N. ROSIER— Intramurals 2-4; Industrial Arts 2; Panther Athletic 4. CHERYL F. ROTH— Art Crafts 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Biology Program Chairman 4; Junior His- torical Society 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Review Typing 2. Other Activities Not Listed. 155 DANCING at a post-game mixer sponsored by the Letter- mens ' Club. Seniors Gary Walk- up and Carla Agnew clap in time to the music of the combo. BEVERLY ANN ROTHWELL— Review Typing 2; Atten- dance Office Assistant 4. DENNIS RUBENSTEIN— Intra- murals 2; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4. CHARLES RUSSELL, JR.— Chess 2; Folk Music 2; Art President 4; Panther Athletic 4; Science Service 4. DEE RUSSELL — National Honor Society 3-4; Thespians 3, Pres- ident 4; Drama 2-4; French 2-3; Junior Spectacular; Fall Play 3-4. JACK RUSSELL— Intramurals 4; Art 4; Panther Athletic 4; German 4. DAVID RUST— Panther Athletic 2-4; Geology Vice-President 3; Travel 4; Newspaper Homeroom Representative 4; Folk Music 3; Intramurals 2-4. LARRY J. SABLOSKY— Beginning Chess 2; Advanced 3-4; Intra- murals 3; Biology 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Panther Athletic 4. KAREN SADDLER— Panther Athletic 2-3; Review Typ- ing 2; Stage Crew 3; International Foods 4; Art 4. GEORGE SALGE— Chess 2-4; Drafting 2,4; Tennis 2; Review Typing 3; Panther Athletic 4. WILLIAM SALIS- BURY — Gymnastics 2; Electronics 2-3; Track Team 2; Panther Athletic 4; Advanced Chess 4; Aquarium 4. CINDY SAMBERG— FN A 2-4; Knitting 3; Red Cross 4; Foods 2-3. BONITA SAMMS . JOAN SAMUEL. GEORGE R. SANDERSON— Gymnastics 2; Drafting 3. WENDY SANDLER— Drama 2-4; NFL 2-3; Folk Music 2; Thespians 3-4; Government 4; World Cul- ture 4. MARC SCHENKMAN— Biology 2; Chess 2; Ad- vanced Chess 3-4; Photography 3; Panther Athletic 4. Other Activities Not Listed. 156 1967 THEODORE SCHILLING— Photography 2; Chess 2-3; Electronics 3, Sergeant at Arms 4. JAY SCHUFF — Indus- trial Arts President 2; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Student Council 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4. RICHARD R. SCHWARZ— Review Typing 2; Advanced Chess 2-4; Chess Team 3-4; Junior Spectacular. JOHN JEFFERSON SCOTT— Folk Music 2-4; Chess 2-3; Intramurals 3-4; Bio- logy 2-3; Track 3; Boys ' Glee Club 4. SUE ANNE SCOTT— Spanish 2-3; Panther Athletic 2-3; Travel 3-4; Clothing 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Transcrip- tion 4. THOMAS J. SCOTT— Reserve Basketball 2; Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3-4; Junior Class Council Al- ternate; Senior Class Council Alternate; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Gym Assistant 4. OTREVIA SE AY— Clothing 2-4; Foods 2-3; FTA 3; FNA 4; International Foods 4; History of Math 2. SUELLEN SEBALD— Senior Class Council; Stu- dent Council Alternate 3; Block ' s High School Fashion Board; Panther Athletic 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Science Service 4. IRWIN SEDBERRY— Stage Crew 2-4; Thespians Vice- President 4; Panther Athletic 4. GREGORY E. SEELEY — Intramurals 3-4; Spanish 3; AFS 3; Key Club 4; Folk Music 4; Panther Athletic 4. JANA LYNNE SEELEY — Transfer from Greenwood High School; Madrigals 4; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. DAVE SHAFFER— Review Typing 2; Spanish 3. JUDY SHARP— FTA 2-4; Foods 2-3; Knitting 3-4; Pep Band 4; Review Typing 2. OTHEL SHARP— NDCC Bat- talion 2-4; NDCC Drill Team 2-4. DIANE SHOEMAKER —Art 2; Travel 4; Red Cross 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Fall Musical 4; Senior Girls ' League. ROBERT SHOOK— Sophomore Class Council; Student Council Alternate 4; Reserve Football 3, Varsity 4; Key Club 4; Lettermen ' s 4; Junior Historical Society 3-4. REBECCA ANN SHRADER— Library Assistant 2; Red Cross 4; Panther Athletic 4; Family Jamboree Style Show Model; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. DAVID SIDEBOT- TOM — Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Chess 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Advanced Chess 4. BRUCE SIDNER— Art 2-3; Band 2; Biology 2; Intramurals 2-3; Science 3. KATHERINE SIGAL— National Merit Scholar- ship Letter of Commendation; Peals of Liberty Staff 4; French 2-4; AFS 3-4; Government 4; Great Books 2. JIM SIMPSON— Drafting 2; Air Space 4. PAMELA SINCLAIR— Folk Music 2-4; Journalism 3-4; Stage Crew 3; Panther Athletic 2; Christmas Assembly 2-4. CHRIS SINGLETON— Student Council Alternate 2; Slide Rule 3; Travel 3; German 4. ANN L. SLATER— Language Lab Assistant 2-4; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Folk Music 2-4; Girls ' Concert Choir 2; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. DAVE SLATER — Forensics Team 2 ; Astronomy Presi- dent 3, Vice-President 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Var- sity Golf 3-4; Varsity Gymnastics 3-4; Forensics 2. HER- MAN L. SLAUGHTER II— Football 2-4; Gymnastics 2. ♦CHERYL SLOSSON— Scholistic Award 2-4; Peals of Liberty Staff 2,4; Junior Spectacular; Northern Lights Staff 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. RICHARD SMALL— Wrestling Team 2-4; Student Coun- cil 2; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council Alternate; Key Club ' 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4. Other Activities Not Listed. SENIORS ♦KRISTIN SMART— Scholastic Award 2-4; Spanish 3; Panther Athletic 3; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; World Culture 4. CELESTE SMITH— Booster Block 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 2; Art 3; Stage Crew 3; Panther Athletic 4; AFS 4. CHARLES WAYNE SMITH— Gymnastics 2; Graphic Arts Secretary 3, President 4; In- tramurals 2,4. DAVID ROBERT SMITH— Transfer from Kentucky Military Institute; Journalism 4; Debate Club 4; Track 4; Intramurals 4. ♦PAMELA SUE SMITH— Red Cross Secretary 2-3; Drama 2; Glee Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Clothing President 4; Travel 4. SUSAN SMITH— Panther Athletic 2-4; Chess 2; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 3; Physical Ed Assistant 4. VICKI E. SMITH Baton Corps 2; Junior Spectacular; Junior Class Council Alternate; Student Coun- cil Alternate 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. KEN SOBBE — Gymnastics Club 2; Wrestling 2; Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4. JULIA SOPER— Scholastic Award 2-4; FNA 2-4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 3; Panther Athletic 3; AFS 3; Drama 4; Senior Girls ' League. SARAH SPARKMAN— Drama 4; Travel 4. SUSAN SPRINGER— National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Spectacular; Senior Class Coun- cil; Guidance Office Assistant 4. LINDA STACKHOUSE —Panther Athletic 2-4; Intramurals 2-3; AFS 2-3; Travel 3-4; Yearbook Album Editor 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. ♦MEREDITH STANDER— Scholastic Award 2-4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Homecoming Queen 4; Senior Class Secretary Candidate; Junior Spectacular; AFS 3, President 4. KATHRYN STANLEY— National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Student Council 3-4; Knitting President 4; Folk Music 2,4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Internation- al Folk Sing 2. CATHERINE VIRGINIA STEEG — Scho- lastic Award 2-4; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Journalism 3, Vice-President 4; Etchings in Thought Typist 4. ENA STEPHENSON— German 2-3; FNA 2; Knitting 3; Art 4; Beginning Chess 4; Senior Girls ' League. LARRY STEPHENSON— Junior Class Council Alternate; Intramurals 2-4; Travel 4; International Relations 4; Pan- ther Athletic 4; Physical Ed Assistant 3. LOUELLEN STEPHENSON— German 2-3; FNA 2; Intramurals 2-3; Beginning Chess 3-4; Knitting 3; Government 4. LARRY NORTON STERN— Scholastic Award 2-4; Junior Spec- tacular; Stage Crew 2-3, President 4; Bell Choir 3-4; Thes- pians 3-4; Government 2-4. STEPHEN J. STERNBER- GER — National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectaculor 2-3; Bell Choir 3, President 4; Government 2-3, President 4; Stage Crew 3, Vice-President 4; Panther Athletic 3-4. DONNA STEVENS— Panther Athletic 3; Travel 3; At- tendance Office Assistant 4. KAILA STEVENSON— Panther Athletic 3-4; FTA 3-4; Madrigals 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 4. FRANCINE STE- WART— Transfer from Crispus Attucks; Girls ' Rifle Team 3; Girls ' Automechanics 3; NDCC Battalion Forma- tion 4; NDCC Battalion Staff 4; NDCC Drill Team 4; Poetry 4. ORMAY STEWART— Transfer from Crispus Attucks; Girls ' Rifle Team 3; FNA 4. SUE STIDH AM— National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; L.S. Ayres High School Fashion Board 4; Latin Vice-Presi- dent 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; DAR Award 4; Nurse ' s As- sistant 4. LINDA STIENEKER— Red Cross 2; Art 3. WILLIAM C. STOCKHOLM— Transfer from Brebeuf Pre- paratory School; Panther Athletic 4; Folk Music 4; Junior Spectacular 4. FOREST STONE— Woodworking 2; Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3; Panther Athletic 4. Other Activities Not Listed. 138 1967 MADELYN L. STONER— National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Biology Secretary 3, Program Chairman 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Yearbook Production Editor 3-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Folk Music 3-4. JAMES HOWARD STRADLING— Reserve Wrestling 2; Orchestra 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 3-4; Marching Band 2; Intramurals 2. STEVEN STREICH— Language Lab Assistant 2; Beginning Chess 3; Chess 4; Government 4; FBLA 4. MIKE DEAN SULLIVAN— Chess Team 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Baseball 4. CHRISTINE SUNDERLAND— Scholastic Award 2-4; Senior Class Council Alternate; AFS 2-3; Junior Spectacu- lar; International Relations 3-4; World Culture 4. THOMAS L. SUTTON— Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Coun- cil; Senior Class Council; Graduation Dance Chairman. TRACY C. SVENDSEN— Band 2, Assistant Drum Major 3, Head Drum Major 4; Bell Choir 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Fall Musical 3; Junior Spectacular; German 2, Vice Presi- dent 3. MA RY J. SWEET— Panther Athletic 2-4; Review Typing 3-4; Bookstore Assistant 4; Travel 4; Attendance Office Assistant 4. SUSAN SWINGLE— Student Council 2-3, Secretary 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 3; Government 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. IRENE SWISS— Travel 3-4; World Culture 3; Spanish 3; Art Crafts 4; Li- brary Assistant 4 ; Senior Girls ' League. DIANA TAL- BOTT — AFS 3; Biology Lab Assistant 3; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 2-4. BRUCE TEHAN — Northern Lights Staff Sports Editor 4; History of Math 2; Latin 3; Travel 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Intramurals 2-4. MIKE THAYER— Intramurals 2-4; Reserve Baseball 2-3; Wrestling 2-3; Chess 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Junior His- torical Society 3. JIM THOMAS— Intramurals 2-4; Ju- nior Historical Society 3; Advanced Chess 3-4; Panther Athletic 2,4; Beginning Chess 3. KYLE C. THOMAS— Junior Prom Queen; Senior Class Secretary; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Folk Music 3-4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4. ROSS B. THOMPSON — Junior Prom King; Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3-4; Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity 3-4; Track 2, Varsity 3-4; Panther Athletic 2-3, President 4; Christmas Dance King 4. Other Activities Not Listed. 2 i 1 Jit n. ' Ik AS CHRISTMAS draws closer, seniors rush to have their last minute consultations with Santa Claus at Glendale. 159 H ft 1 r V i i ft SENIORS ♦SHARON LEE THOMPSON— Gym Assistant 3; Intra- murals 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 4; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3. STEVEN F. THOMPSON— Key Club 2-3, Vice President 4. Delegate to Key Club State Convention; Reserve Base- ball 2, Varsity 3-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Student Council Alternate 4; Panther Athletic 2-4. JIM THOM- SON — Sophomore Class Council; Panther Athletic 2-3; Boys ' Glee Club 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3; Senior Class Council Alternate. DAVID M. TILLER— Poetry 2-3, President 4; Spanish President 2, 3; Astronomy 3-4; Gym- nastic Team 3-4; Science Reading 4; Shakespeare 3. ANDREA TIMMONS— Junior Spectacular; Panther Ath- letic 2-4; Junior Historical Society Secretary 4; Intra- murals 2,4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4. ♦TERESA L. TINSLEY— Foods Treasurer 3; Junior Spec- tacular; Travel 3, Vice President 4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2. RICHARD L. TOF- FOLO — Transfer from Chatard; Stagehand Club 3; Intra- murals 3-4; Panther Athletics 4. J. PETER TOLSON— Wrestling 2-4; Cross Country Team 3; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council; Football Team 4; Letter- men ' s Club 4. THOMAS L. TRANKLE— Stage Crew 2-4; Regional Science Fair 2, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist; Na- tional Thespian Society 4. ROBERTA TRATTNER— Spanish 3; Biology 3; Panther Athletic 3; Art Crafts 3; Class Council Treasurer; National Honor Society 3-4: Ju- nior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 2-4. CANDY TREMPS — Red Cross 2; Travel 3-4; American Authors 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Stage Crew 4; Junior Spectacular Usher. JAY TRIEB— AFS 3; Travel 3-4; French 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Chess Club 3. RONALD TRIETSCH— Advanced Chess 2-3; Chess Team 2-4; Beginning Chess 2; Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 4; Junior Historical Society 4. VICKI GAIL TROUTT. SCOTT R. TRUSTY— Drafting 2-3; Advanced Chess 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. KAREN TUCKER— Student Council 2-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Junior Spectacular Act Chair- man; Descants 4; Panther Athletic 3; Family Jamboree Style Show Model 4. LINDA LOU TURK— Concert Choir 2; Intramurals 2; FTA Secretary 4; Descants 3, President 4; Review Typing 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4. LINDA L. TURNER— Stage Craft 2; Travel 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Review Typing 4. SUSY E. TUTTLE— Art 2; Crafts 2; Home Economics 3; Red Cross 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. SUSIE USHER— Junior Spectacular; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4. MARK VAN WESTRUM— Drafting 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Advanced Chess 3-4; Travel 3. BUD VANCE— Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council Treasurer; National Honor Society 3-4; Ju- nior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 2-4. CARL MICHAEL VERBLE— Reserve Football 2; Panther Athletic 2-3; Span- ish 2; Travel 2-3. VICTOR ANTHONY VERTUCCI— Re- view Typing 2-3; Gymnastics 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Gym Assistant 4. CARL VORHIES— Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Lettermen ' s 2-4; Cross Country 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular; Scholastic Award 2-4. PRESTON WADKINS — Advanced Chess 2-4; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 2-4. DEBORAH A. WADLEIGH— Scholastic Award 2-3; Travel 3; Panther Athletic 3; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Intramurals 2. JAN WAGNER— Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 4; Library Assista nt 4; Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacular. Other Activities Not Listed. 160 TRICYCLE riders from home- room F159 Pam Engel, Cindy Ehmer, Candy Ehrhardt, Jo Ann Fehsenfeld, and Anne Englehart are congratulated by their teacher, Mr. Davidson, after winning the race. WILLIE WAGNER— Junior Spectacular; Junior Histori- cal Society 3; International Relations 4; Senior Girls ' League; AFS 4; Folk Music 2. TERENCE CHARLES WALDMAN— Reserve Football 2-3; Chess Club 2; Latin 3; Biology 4; Gym Assistant 4; Intramurals 2-4. GARY WALKUP— Varsity Track 2-4; Reserve Football 2-3, Var- sity 4; Junior Spectacular; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Home- coming King Candidate 4; Christmas Dance Prince Candi- date 2. JANE WALLACE— Scholastic Award 2-3; Span- ish 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2-4; Travel 4; Knitting 3. ANN H. WALLS — Transfer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Peals of Liberty 4; Stage Crew 4; French 2-4; Government Vice-President 4; Etching in Thought Editorial Staff 4. BRENDA L. WALTON— Clothing 2, Vice-President 3; Intramurals 2; Foods Secretary 3; Panther Athletic 4; Home Economics Assistant 4; Red Cross 3. STEVEN A. WAMSLEY— NDCC Battalion Formation 2-3; Chess Club 2; Air Space 4; NDCC Rifle Team 4. CINDY WARD — Junior Spectacular; Art 2-4; Stage Crew 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 2-4. DEBORAH WARMAN— National Honor Society 3-4; Reserve Cheerleader 3, Varsity 4; Senior Class Council; Panther Athletic 3, Secretary 4; German President 3; Sci- ence Service Secretary 4. JACK L. WEBER, JR.— Latin 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Football 2; Advanced Chess 3; Stage Band 4; Senior Class Council Alternate. STEVE G. WEIDLER. BARBARA WEIL— Scholastic Award 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Yearbook 3, Activities Co-Editor 4; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate 3; Debate Team 2; Debate Club 2. LARRY WEINBERG— Chess Club 2-4; Tennis Team 2-3; Scholastic Award 2; Intramurals 2-3; Biology 4; Panther Athletic 4. SEVRA ARLENE WEISS— Panther Athletic 2-4; Review Typing 2; Travel 2; Art 3; International Rela- tions 4. BOB WENTE— Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity 3; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Intramurals 4; Spanish 2-3. LUANNE WHERRY— Bell Choir 2,4, Pres- ident 3; Junior Class Council; International Relations Vice-President 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Christmas Dance Queen Candidate 4. DICK WHITE— Photography 2; NDCC Rifle Team 2; Chess 3-4; Travel 4. BRUCE A. WHITEHEAD— Indian- apolis High School Science Seminar 2-3; Science Reading President 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Astronomy 3; Science Projects 2,4. JOHN CALVIN WHITFIELD — Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3; Varsity Track 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Travel 3-4; Intramuarls 2-4. WANDA FAYE WICKLIFFE— Transfer from Short- ridge; Knitting 3-4; Foods 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. Other Activities Not Listed. 161 SENIORS DAVID STEPHEN WIDES— Student Council 2-4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Spanish Vice President 3-4; Key Club 4; Fall Musical 4; Intramurals 4. JOHN M. WILLIAMS JR.— Latin 2; Track 2-3; Basketball 2; Art 2-3; Intramurals 3-4; French 3. KEVIN WILLIAMS— Football 3-4; Stage Crew 4. MICHAEL WILLIAMS— Ger- man 2; Geology 2-3; Travel 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; In- tramurals 3-4. SUSAN WILLIAMS— Girls ' Ensemble 3, President 4; Senior Class Council; National Honor Society 3-4; AFS Exchange Student to Madras, India 4; Fall Musical 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. CORDELIA E. WILLS— Foods Vice Presi- dent 3; Girls ' Automechanics 3; Panther Athletic 4; Knit- ting 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2-3. CAROLYN WILSON — Foods President 3; Junior Spectacular; Sewing 3; Booster Block 4; Panther Athletic 4. DENNIS WILSON — Latin 2; Aquarium 2; Beginning Chess 3; Folk Music 3; Panther Athletic 4; Chess 4. -JIM WILSON— Chess 2-4; Scholastic Award 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4; Photography 3. LINDA MARIE WILSON— Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Counterpoints 3-4; Fall Musical 3-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Thes- pians 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-3. PATRICIA ANNE WIL- SON — Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4; Intramurals 2-4; Clothing 4; Office Assistant 2; Transcription 4. CLAUDIA WINKLER— Folk Music 2-4; Journalism 2-3; Student Coun- cil Alternate 3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Class Council Alternate. DEBBIE WISELY— Scholastic Award 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Class Council; Student Council 4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; AFS 4. JOE WOHL- STADTER— Electronics 3; Biology 4; Panther Athletic 4. DAN WOLF— Slide Rule 2; Electronics 2; Shakespeare 3; German 3; Air Space 3; Science Reading 2, President 4. JACQUELINE LEE WOLF— Student Council 3; Na- tional Science Foundation Program 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3. Vice President 4; Triangle Club Award 2-3; Westinghouse Science Seminar 4; National Honor Society 3-4. KATHLEEN SUE WOLFRAM— Art 2; Panther Athletic 2-4; Travel 2-4; French 2-4; Intramurals 2. ANDREA WOLSIFER. FRANCIE WOOD— Geology 2-3; Red Cross 2- Folk Music 4; Descants 4; Aquarium 4; Girls ' Concert Choir 2-3. JAMES H. WOODARD— FBLA 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Work Experience Program 4; FTA 3; Review Typing 2; Photography 2. Other Activities Not Listed. WORKING until two o ' clock in the morning, Dan Wolf, Todd Reifers, Jon Pactor, and Rick Dennerline put the final touches, the electric lights, on the Senior Class float. 162 1967 JAN-ANN WOODRUFF— Red Cross 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Booster Block 2; Foods 2; Review Typing 3; Girls ' Automechanics 4. ROBERT WRIGHT— Chess 2; Stage Band 3-4. DEANNA DARLENE WULF— Journalism 2,4; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3; ' AFS 3; Junior Class Coun- cil Alternate; National Honor Society 3-4. GARY ED- WARD ZELLER— Graphic Arts 2, Vice-President 3-4; NDCC Battalion Formation 2-4; NDCC Rifle Team 4; NDCC Rifle Club 3. LINDA ZIFFRIN— Booster Block 2-4; Girls ' Autome- chanics 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Student Council Alternate 4; Intramurals 2-4. STEPHEN H. ZIKER — Science Lab Assistant 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Science Projects 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Science Fair Winner 3; Science Service 3-4; Slide Rule Club 2-3. Indicates Participation In More Than Six Activities. I t 1 IP ' IP SENIORS NOT PICTURED Christian Barnes Mary Ellen Berry Paulette Blakes Linda Sue Bowers William Bowman Gary Steven Brattain David Brown Karen Brown Joel Bunch Daniel P. Carvin James Cassell David Chavis Stephen J. Christie Gail Jean Cohan Michael S. Davis Glenn Dearing Janice E. Eggleston Sharon Ford Lonnie Fowler Jan Furmisky Elizabeth George Sue Lynn Glatz Richard Harrell Lloyd Hartman Joseph Haymond Michael Hixon Jonathon Layton Thomas Macri Carlyle Marsden Mike McHenry Richard Messick David Lee Odle Max O ' Guinn Anthony Pappas Sarah Park Charles Posvar Carolyne Preyer Clarence Reed Michael Rees Todd Reifers David Reising Mark Rodocker Michael Roman Donald Schroeder Jill Sexon Christopher Singleton Carolyn Smith Terry Snow John Snyder Randall Sparks James Stotler David Strother Stephen Taggart Irma Jean Tompkins Tom Tuttle Andrea Way John Winkle Julia Ann Wilson Richard Wolsifer David Young TO GAIN ADMISSION to the Junior Class party, Marty Youngquist, Karen Bingham. Jenny Andrews, and Carol Hill bring cans of food for the Wheeler Mission. Junior leaders head Having become accustomed to the daily operation of North Central, juniors contributed more to their class activities. The first decision to be made by the junior class was the selection of class officers. After hearing speeches by twelve candidates, they chose the competent leadership of Tom Schrader for president. He and three other officers, along with the Junior Class Council, then selected onyx stones with oval settings for the class rings. Students attending the second annual class party, the Junior Class Can-Can, danced to the music of " The Ever-Present " and " The Hurd. " Admission was cans of food which were given to the Wheeler Mission. Junior Spectacular plans began with the selection of student co-ordinators, Diana Lilly and Gary Wolf. Much hard work and effort went into each of the acts supervised by the faculty co-ordinators, Miss Margery Laycock, Mr. William Lord, and Mr. Donald Martin. After Spec, attention turned to the Prom. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL — Front Row: Sally Fisher, Lib- by Curry, Ann Fogle, Barb Warren, Sharon Scudder, Kim Noland, Ellen Lennox, Jeanne Goll, and Judy Hershey. Sec- one? Row: Carol Hill (treasurer), Nancy McClain (secretary), Peggy Roberts, Jenny Andrews, Carolyn Schiffli, Joyce Thompson, Martha Youngquist, Mary Brown, and Cheryl Smith. Third Row: Paul Baun, Gary Wolf, Steve McNichols, John Morton, John Duvall, Larry Tavel, Marc Careskey, Bob Cook, and Karen Bingham. Fourth Row: Rob Kail, Tom Schrader (president), Scott Clayton (vice-president), Dick Pritchard, Dave Moore, Jim Maggard, John Keller, Bob Haskin, and Chris Hankins. 164 activities and projects JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Front Row: Carol Hill, trea- surer, and Nancy McClain, secretary. Second Row: Thomas Schrader, president; and Scott Clayton, vice-president. JUNIOR MELISSA KOKOS eagerly receives her onyx class ring from a Herff Jones representative. The class council selects original rings every year. JUNIOR SPECTACULAR student coordinators, Gary Wolf and Diana Lilly, plan the presentation with facul- ty advisers Mr. Donald Martin, Miss Margery Lay- cock and Mr. William Lord. — — ft 1 1 o 1 0 juniors Ellen Abbott, Joan Abel, Eliece Aim- an, Charles Akard, Tom Alar, Charles Aldous, Karen Aldridge, Barbara Allen, Linda Allen, Steven Allen Nancy Alsop, Catherine Ambrous, Cynthia Anderson, Jenny Andrews, Bonnie Angell, Sherri Ardelean, Stephan Arfman, Linda Armold, Kristi Armstrong, Rebecca Arm- strong Christine Asmus, Louis Astbury, Andr ea Ayer, Pamela Backner, Charles Bahne, Cathy Baker, Ste- phen Baker, Michael Baldwin, Rich- ard Baldwin, Jerry Bales Jane Barlow, Gregory Basch, Wil- liam Bates, Gloria Baugh, Marilyn Baumgardt, Paul Baun, Craig Beardshear, Richard Bearss, Nancy Beatty, Michael Beck Susan Becker, Jean Beiersdorfer, Bruce Beitman, Stephen Bell, Sharon Bellard, Karen Bellville, Mark Ben- ham, Abraham Benjamin, Barbara Bennett, Stephen Bennett Janis Benz, Andrew Berentes, James Berlin, James Berling, Karen Bessey, Richard Bibbs, Florence Binford, Karen Bingham, Keith Bishop, Leslie Bishop Lynn Bisset, Rose Black, Sara Black- burn, Barbara Blanchard, Martin Bledsoe, Neil Blickman, Bruce Blom- berg, Celia Blood, Mark Bloom, Dan- ny Bloomer Sally Bockstahler, Suzanne Boeldt, Sandra Boger, William Boggess, Ha- line Bolat, Jacquelyn Bolles, Alan Booker, Daryl Boone, Janet Botta- miller, Alan Bower Susan Boyd, William Boyd, Pamela Boyles, Jill Bradley, Melody Brad- shaw, Dennis Bragg, Hal Bramley, Kathleen Brandt, Sandra Breisacher, Ronald Breman Christopher Brewster, Steve Bridges, George Bridgforth, Alan Brinkman, Rita Brock, Mary Jane Brown, George Browne, Christopher Brown- ing, Robert Bruce, Marilyn Brunelle Nancy Brunner, James Buchanan, Charles Buck, Nancy Buddenbaum, Beth Bugbee, Barbara Bunes, David Burgess, Ronald Burgy, Cathy Burke, Douglas Burney Elizabeth Burns, James Burroughs, Barbara Busch, Thomas Buschmann, Don Bybee, Zina Cairns, Marilyn Cal- deron, Douglas Canull, Marc Care- skey, Gail Carey 166 LINDA JONES ASSISTS in taking attendance, a necessary procedure at North Central, by collecting the absentee lists. George Carter, Linda Carter, Susan Case, Eugene Casraiss, Loretta Cay- lor, Deborah Chamberlain, Jack Chandler, Robert Chapin, Marta Chapman, Jerry Chastain Judith Chastain, Deborah Chernin, Linda Citron, John Clark, John M. Clark, Steven Claycombe, Scott Clayton, John Clerkin, Bri an Clif- ford, Carol Clutter Philip Cockerille, Karen Coggeshall, Janet Cohen, Sandra Cohen, Hudon Conway, Robert Cook, Robin Cook, Cherie Copan, David Copenhaver, Michael Cotter Sarah Coulson, Timothy Cox, Gary Coy, Mary Craig, Leslie Cracraft, Georgia Cravey, Frank Cresor, Gail Crews, Cheryl Cronk, Diane Cun- ningham Elaine Cupp, Elizabeth Curry, Kath- leen Dailey, Shari Dankert, Robert Darling, Shirley Darring, Delores Daupert, Patricia Davies, Bruce Da- vis, Steve Davis Thomas Davis, Esther Dawson, Kris- tina Dean, Donna DeCoursey, Susan Deer, George DeFabis, Howard De- Ford, Mark Delott, Janis Detmer, Cheryl Diamond Stephany DiBlasio, Melinda Diehl, Stephanie Dietz, Patricia Dillin, Diana Dittus, Pamela DonCarlos, Deborah Donie, Rick Donohue, Suz- anne Doriot, Ilene Dorman 167 juniors Jacqueline Dorman, John Dorrell, Claudia Douglass, Daniel Drake, Kipp Drummond, Marilyn Dumont, Mary Jo Dunn, Maureen Durkin, John Duvall, Julie Dykema Michelle Dykins, Rebecca Eggleston, Bonnie Einstandig, Ronald Elff, Les- lie Ellison, Virginia Emenhiser, Fred Emmert, Randall Emmick, Ronald Engel, Debra Engledow Theodore Englehart, Stephanie En- sel, Jean Ernsting, Harold Ervin, Jutta Essler, Elizabeth Evans, Gary Everhart, James Fairbanks, Daniel Fairley, Edith Farmer Marjorie Fatout, Gregory Fawcett, Sharon Featherston, Sue Ann Feh- senfeld, Jane Fenn, Robert Ferdi- nand, Penny Ferguson, Sandra Fer- ris, Paula Fish, Sally Fisher Teresa Fisher, Harvey Fitts, Gerald Fitzgerald, Pamela Fleek, Jean Flet- cher, Amanda Flynn, Gail Flynn, Nancy Flynn, Richard Fobes, Ann Fogle Gary Foltz, Caryl Forsythe, John Fortune, Donald Foulke, Terry Fox, Barbara Fraps, Diane Frattini, Phil- lip Frazier, Emily Freeman, Brenda Freije Frederick Frosch, Chiyome Fukino, Donald Fulk, David Fuller, Douglas Fuller, Richard Fulroth, Greg Gaale- ma, Barbara Gabriel, Daniel Gal- lion, Matthew Galvin CHEERLEADER CARLA AG- NEW assists Junior Jody Miller in displaying the winning booster poster of Homeroom A519 before the last game of North Central ' s undefeated season in football. 168 class of 1968 Susan Gans, Teresa Gardner, Dennis J Garritson, Barbara Gemmer, Chris- | tine Genier, David George, Jamise George, Lawrence Gerlack, Beth 1 Gerson, Floyd Gillaspie William Gillen, Charles Gillespii Steven Giltner, Robert Glassei Michael Goldberg, Barbara Gold- stein, Susan Goldstein, Jeanne Goll, Randall Goode, Thomas Goodhart [ Js ft j t • J • 1 ' j i 11 mt •i . JBm Ml - immm .Mm « % Robert Goodin, Stephen Goodrich, Debra Goodwin, Janice Gordon, Vic- ki Goslin, Geoffrey Gould, Marilyn Grace, Duncan Grant, Robert Grant, William Grant ( ; f ; • 1 ik ' l J Kaye Graves, Margaret Gray, Robert ' Greek, Sandra Greer, David Gregory, Georgia Gresham, Maureen Griffin, Kent Grimes, Patricia Gross, Jenni- fer Grosskoph ? Danton Grube, Karen Guetschow, Gregory Guinther, Earl Guy, Rebec- ca Habegger, Robert Hackleman, Rex Haggard, Richard Haines, James Ham, Carol Hamaker % o J Sally Hampshire, Martha Hanaway, Katherine Hanink, Charlie Haniton, Christian Hankins, Deborah Hanna, Karen Harden, Wallace Harding, Janice Hardy, Richard Harker r A y David Harling, Edwin Harmon, Win- ifred Harmon, James Harpool, Scott Harris, Donald Harsin, Mabel Hart, Laurence Haskett, Robert Haskin, Stephen Hatfield c . : ; HP ' Patricia Hauber, Melody Havens, Betty Jo Hayes, Sharon Hayes, Kath- leen Healey, Diane Heath, Lawrence Heilman, Thomas Heiskell, Shelley Heller, Nancy Hendricks f ■ 4 - mm) ■Hi r Terry Hendrix, John Hene, Gary Henn, Rebecca Herndon, Judy Her- shey, Shirley Heyward, Helen Hick- am, John Hickey, Daniel Hicks, Michael Hiland ■ ■ ■% ' % ' % 1 1 t Terry Hiles, Carol Hill, Patricia Hill, Bruce Hilsmeyer, Linda Hinderliter, Jack Hochman, John Hoffmann, Deanna Hogle, Mary Holmes, Patri- cia Holsworth 1 1 ' ml tl W if ! James Hope, Charles Hord, Patricia Hornbrook, Gregory Horning, Deb- rah Horth, Brenda Houtzer, Barry Howard, Priscilla Howell, William Howell, Patricia Hoyt a e ; s 1 dtm J Kimbal Hudgins, Susan Hudson, Neil Hughes, Susan Hughes, Robert Hunt, Cathy Hutzler, Alan Hyde, Bruno Hyten, Carolyn Itce, James Jackson i i ' 4| 1 169 juniors John Jagger, Susan Jahnke, Robert Jakoubek, Connie Jardine, Richard Jensen, Mary Kay Jerman, Dale Johnson, ' Steven Johnson, Linda Jones, Lynn Jones James Jordan, Nancy Joslin, Jona- thon Julian, Linda Julian, Susan Kahn, Robert Kail, James Kaleen, Karen Kallansa, Philip Karau, Ste- ven Kautzman Rosemarie Kavanaugh, John Keller, Nancy Keller, Terry Kemp, Joseph Kempler, Linda Kempton, Larry Kerkhof, Glenn Kern, Joseph Ket- terman, James Ketzel Victor Kingdon, Randall Kinsley, Gregory Kitzmiller, Jody Knierim, Kerry Knipp, Paul Koenig, Melissa Kokos, Marjorie Kornfeld, Kathy Krull, Jack Kustad Margaret Lamb, Frances Landborg, David Langfitt, Donovan Langford, Jeffrey Lapham, David Larman, Charles Lawrance, Donald Lawton, Ronald Lazar, Alan Lebin Vicki Lecocq, F r e d i e Lederman, Catherine Lee, John Lee, Katherine Leeds, Marjorie Leff, Philip Lei- bacher, James Lenglade, Ellen Len- nox, Martha Leslie Mary Letwin, Elana Levy, Julie Light, Diana Lilly, James Linder- man, Aline Lindquist, John Lind- quist, Bruce Lindstrom, Neil Lip- ken, John Lippincott John Lisher, Shari Longest, Janet Lookabill, Patrick Looney, Stanton Loutner, Steven Lowe, David Lur- vey, Linda Luzader, Elaine Lykins, Tina Maas James M a g g a r d , Claire Maher, Thomas Maijala, Dianna Main, Jane Maines, Stanley Malless, Elizabeth Marschke, Georgia Marschke, Rus- sell Marsden, Connie Martin Rex Martin, Richard Martin, Thomas Martin, Catherine Marvel, Richard Mason, Jenny Maulden, Nora Maulden, Laura Maxson, Ber- nard May, Larry Mayhew Carlone McAllister, Jeanne Mc- Aloon, Becky McCan, Nancy Mc- Clain, James McClamroch, Kandie McClard, Charlotte McConnell, Scott McConville, Suzanne McCormack, Robin McDowell Robert McFarland, Gayle McGlock- lin, Donna McGuire, Gretchen Mc- Intyre, Harry McKillip, Larry Mc- Kinley, Barbara McKinney, Jefty McKinney, Kirk McKinney, Stephen McNichols 170 class of 1968 Robert M c P h e e , Sally McVey, Helene Meshulam, Barbara Me- whinney, Cathy Miles, Thomas Miles, Carol Miller, Deborah Miller, Johanne Miller, Pamela Miller Sarah Miller, Sandra Millican, David Milton, Elizabeth Mitchell, Charlotte Mitchell, Amy Moncur, Mary Moni- cal, David Moore, Mark Moore, San- dra Moore Sandra Kay Moore, Suzanne Moore, Terry Morehead, Howard Morgan, Jack Morgan, Jean Moritz, Donald 1 Morlock, Carolyn Morris, Christine ! Morris, Leslie Morrison ( 4K 1 - V ift 2 Charles Morse, John Morton, Gus- tana Moss, Roger Moynahan, John Mullin, Robert Mullin, Patti Mul- lins, Mark Murduck, Kathleen Mur- phy, Larry Nahmias [J im. ' JBH " A Martha Nail, David Nees, Debra Neese, Harry Neff, Deborah Nelson, William Nelson, David Nestor, Nan- cy Newkirk, Terry Newman, Jacque- line Nicholas f i ft lira [ 4 a Kathleen Nicholson, William Niesse, Susan Noel, Kathleen Noland, David Nowling, Frederick Nowling, Lynda O ' Brien, Linda Odle, Vicki Ogle, Raymond Ohlson ¥m w id Aim m Anne Olive, John Olthoff, James Orr, Larry Osborn, Paul Over, Steven Overbey, Steven Overman, Betsy Palmer, William- Parker, Samuel Passo L " A I ■llJn Bonnie Paton, John Patten, Wendy Patterson, David Patton, Michael Paul, Bonnie Pearson, Nancy Pear- son, Bryant Pedigo, John Peirce, Gary Pelsue 14 ■ ; X j ft iff il PREPARING REFERENCE FILES for other art students, Juniors Susie Hughes, Jody Miller, and Nancy Pearson ap- ply glue to magazine pictures. 9 m ' ill mm . i IV J - i 5 juniors Michael Penington, Stephanie Per- kins, Ellen Peters, Frederick Peter- sen, Scott Petersen, Stanley Phariss, Cathy Phillips, Lance Pickrell, John Pielemeier, Charles Pike Thomas Piatt, Ronald Poe, Mark Polinek, Constance Ponder, Clau- della Porter, Edwin Powell, Paula Presnoples, Gail Pribble, Glenn Pritchard, James Pruitt Jeffrey Pruner, Cheryl Pryor, Kris- tine Puckett, Janet Quarto, Barbara Raffel, Kathy Rafferty, Fletcher Rahke, Judith Rasom, Terri Raver, Linda Ray Larry Reddick, Isaac Regenstreif, Ellen Reilly, Mary Reiney, Allan Reinking, Larry Renner, Susan Ren- ner, Sherry Reuter, Earl Rich, Ran- dall Richards Thomas Richter, Sandra Riddell, Frank Rikhoff, John Ripma, Dale Roberts, Lee Roberts, Margaret Roberts, Sharon Robertson, David Robinson, John Roesch Steven Roller, Barbara Rose, Rober- ta Ross, Ann Roth, Robert Roth- baum, Beverly Routt, Judith Ruede, Susan Rueter, Sharon Rushton, James Russell David Sachs, Vicki Sage, Sherry Sanders, William Schabler, Aurelia Schaefer, Ann Schaeffer, David Schermerhorn, Carolyn Schiffli, Marianina Schillin, Candise Schmidt SANDY BREISACHER, the only junior varsity cheerleader, leads a chant for North Central as the Panthers tromp the Ar- lington Golden Knights. 172 AT THE BEGINNING of the year Jan Morton stocks up on various paraphernalia from bookstore helper Maureen Griffin who rings up the sale. 1 Terrence Schmutte, Robert Schnac- j kel, Laurel Schneider, Joe School- craft, Mark Schornstein, Carol Schortemeyer, Thomas Schrader, Nancy Schroeder, Walter Schuch- , mann, Leah Schulte ' if o h w _ 1 -1J a " _: Frederick Schwab, Mark Schwartz, Rita Schwartz, Barbara Scohier, John Scofield, Jennifer Scott, Sharon Scudder, Mary Sebastian, Oliver Seidler, Gordon Schackelford . € m " r Roberta Shaw, Steven Shelby, Greg- ™ 1 ory Sherry, Jack Shewmaker, Caro- ' ■ Wm line Shields, Robert Shoemaker, ' - W Robert Short, Pamela Shrader, Janie " Afa Sicking, Peter Silet A. Stephen Silver, Susan Silver, Daniel Singleton, Bruce Sklare, Laura Slat- ter, Michael Smart, Cheryl Smith, Darrel Smith, Debra Smith, Gary Smith M, V U — J 1 mmm Martha Smith, Mary Smith, Rebecca Smith, Robert Smith, Steven Smith, Rebecca Smock, Cynthia Smoots, Pamela Snodgrass, Raymond Snow- den, Jo Ellen Snyder , ki-A Hk | TO " h i A - Vicki Sohn, Susan Solecki, Robert Souchon, Kay Sparks, Kathy Spar- renberger, Jan Spilman, Edward Sputh, Betsy Srader, Curtis Stahl, Gayle Stahlhuth i 1 M ■ an msm m ■ M ■ i. IMff A ... Susan Steckelman, Thomas Steele, Nancy Steinmeier, Jane Steinmetz, Carole Stevens, Leslie Stevens, Evelyn Stickle, Don Stidham, Mar- tha Stieneker, Gary Stohler IK j Kk i si 173 EVERY MORNING at 0:00 students listen with tuned ears to junior Dan Grube aive daily news over " Radio-NCHS. " 5 Patricia Stone, William Stone, Pa- tricia Storms, P r i s c i 1 1 a Strang, Thomas Strang, Judith Street, Mark Stroh, David Strong, Sharon Stroth- er, Pam Strouse Steven Stoltz, Alfred Sturgis, Nancy Sullivan, John Sutherland, Linda Swanson, Patricia Swenson, Sara Swift, Kathryn Symmes, Jacqueline Tasich, Lawrence Tavel William Taw, Priscilla Taylor, Sam Tedrowe, Katherine TeKolste, Rob- ert Tepfer, Richard Tewksbury, Car- ter Tharp, Sharon Thayer, Bradford Thomas, Barbara Thompson Joyce Thompson, Michael Thompson, Susan Thompson, Beverly Thorn- burg, William Thwing, Carole Tin- dall, Susan Tishler, Linda Tomlin- son, Brenda Toney, Deborah Tower Andrea Trais, Linda Tuchman, Janet Turner, Kirk Undercoffer, Brant Unversaw, Robert Valentine, Bar- bara Van Arsdol, Michael Vance, Cindy Van Meter, Sandra Vargo Catherine Vaughan, James Vawter, Vincente Vertucci, Elizabeth Vonne- gut, Anne Wade, Gretchen Wahls, Martha Wallace, John Walter, Debo- rah Walters, Douglas Ward James Ward, Joanne Ward, Verlee Warfield, Barbara Warren, Sandra Warren, Karen Wasson, Ann Weak- ley, Carol Weddle, James Weigle, Frank Weiland Anne Weinstein, Suzanne Weir, An- nette Weiske, Susan Welsh, Preston Westlake, John Whitaker, Bruce White, Donald White, William White, Dexter Whitehead i 174 class of 1969 Robert Whitinger, James Whitmore, Gloria Wichmann, Maureen Wid- duck, Rodney Wild, Charles Wilker- son, Paul Wilhoit, Becky Willard, Barry Willey, Betty Williams Nancy Williams, Rhonda Williams, Michael Winkle, Roger Winkler, Deborah Winter, Matthew Winters, Robert Wohlstadter, Gary Wolf, Karen Wolf, Mark Wolf Andy Wolsifer, Lynne Woodward, Douglas Wrege, Carol Wright, Fiona Wright, James Wright, Linda Wright, Mary Beth Wright, Marsha Wright, Roger Wright Timothy Wright, Warren Wright, Steven Yockey, Victoria York, Betsy Young, Margaret Young, Martha Youngquist, Roger Youtsey, William Zaring, Angelika Zehner Janice Zeigler, Wayne Zervis, George Zimmermann Additional Underclassmen JUNIORS Marijo Bader, Steve Bregger, Ron- nie Bremen, Michael Brooks, Daniel Carvin, Claudia Douglass, Miles Fishman, Deborah Hagerty, Alan Hyde, Cathy Kautz Alan Lebin, Pam Lockwood, Becky MacKenzie, Janice Miller, Betsey Millholland, Mary Neff, Phillip Toth ■ 7 ' ? 0S k ■ Jk a ' " " « , - k .... 7f£Ti Jtm - SOPHOMORES Dinah Abies, Robert Allen, Karen Cage, Pam Cupp, Jack Deckard, Ed Elliott, Louise Goss, Cindy Grady, Sheryl Hall, Richard Hurwitz A Jacque Olthoff, Sue Pyle, Greg Sto- vall, Pam Van Gorden, Connie Wil- son AmJk Sophomores add quantity and quality to school BILL WELDON STRINGS LIGHTS on the Christmas tree, purchased and decorated annually by the Sophomore Class. SOPHOMORE CLASS CHAIRMAN Greg Schlegel and class sponsor Mr. Richard Meek discuss the next meeting. When North Central doors opened this year, they began the exciting experiences of high school to 1,045 new sophomores, the largest sophomore class N.C. has ever had. Many sophomores found North Central a genuine challenge to their academic ability, as well as their sense of direction. Elected in homerooms, Sophomore Class Council representatives began their activities early in the school year by electing class officers. Chairman Greg Schlegel, Vice-Chairman Al Dinwiddie, Secretary Sheryl Stanley, and Treasurer Bob Byrd were given assistance by their faculty sponsor Mr. Richard Meek. The members of the sophomore class showed a rest- less spirit as they initiated the first class mixer. One of the annual projects of the Council was obtaining and decorating the Christmas tree in the student cen- ter. Another yearly event sponsored by the Council was the Valentine Dance held in February. For most sophomores, academic opportunities, coupled with festive social events, made their first year at North Central an enjoyable and exciting one. 176 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS this year are Greg Schlegel, chairman; Sheryl Stanley, secretary; Bob Byrd, treasurer; and Al Dinwiddie, vice-chairman. DAVE PATTON SWINGS his partner Nancy Wrege as they learn the fundamentals of square dancing every Friday during their fifth period sophomore gym class. SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL — Front row: Joan Le- schot, Michele Chiplis, Meg Brause, Patty Shute, Jim Neigh- bors, Debbie Schernekau, Polly Wise, Sheryl Stanley (secre- tary), and Kathy Foster. Second row: Kristi Kiger, Kathy Wills, Jamie Phillippe, Pam Barnes, Jane Thomas, Linda Mordoh, Cheryl Behrmann, Bill Huff, Sherry Ambroz, and Terry Mathews. Third row: Carol Reifers, Mike Elliott, Greg Schlegal (chairman), Tom Garrity, George McKown, Jack Harcourt, John Lateste, Polly Boleman, Sam David and Sue Hicks. Fourth row: Bill Weldon, Don Jacobs, Mike Roache, Bob Byrd (treasurer), Steve Arnold, Mr. Richard Meek (advisor), Tom Milch, James Gould and Al Dinwiddie. fll sophomores Stephen Abrams, Janis Adams, Joan Adams, Sally Adams, Debra Adler, P. Elaine Agner, Michael Ahner, William Akin, Pamela Alboher, David Aldridge Frederick Alexander, Marjory Alig, Dawn Allen, Janet Allen, Mary Al- len, Susan Allen, William Alsop, Deborah Altman, Sharon Ambroz, Robert Amend Lowell Amos, Sally Amy, Christy Anderson, Diana Anderson, Gregory Anderson, Judith Anderson, Randy Anderson, Viola Anderson, Michael Andregg, Kristina Andresen Steven Arney, Anthony Arnold, Stephen Arnold, Debbie Arshop, Jean Ashby, Sally Astley, Suzanne Avels, Thomas Baas, Robert Bach, Christina Bade Barbara Bailey, Betsy Bailey, Rebec- ca Bailey, Craig Baird, Debbie Ba- ker, Karl Baker, Linda Baker, Jean Baldridge, David Baldwin, Herbert Baldwin III James Baldwin, Ronald Baldwin, An- netta Ball, Gary Ball, Jack Barclay, Pamela Barnes, Steven Barnes, Tom Barnett, Mary Barrett, George Basch Howard Basham, Nancy Batchellor, Meredith Bates, Joseph Batza, Coral Baudendistel, Jane Bauer, Bryan Bauman, Kent Beam, Deborah Beck, Ronald Becker John Beeson, Cherryl Behrman, Den- nis Bell, Harry Bell, Janet Belsch- wender, Diana Bennett, Donald Ben- nett, Kathleen Bennett, Traci Ber- ling, Matthew Berney Susan Berns, Randall Bernstein, Denise Beutler, Debra Bevins, Ron- ald Biggs, Georgia Bigham, Thomas Binninger, Debra Black, Richard Black, Tracy Black Julia Blackburn, Bruce Blair, Jo- seph Blakley, Julie Blakley, Thomas Bland, Colleen Blekking, Nancy Blickenstaff, Michael Bloch, Jill Blumenthal, William Blythe C. William Bockstahler, Bruce Boje, Mary Bolat, Polly Boleman, Cheryl Boling, Deborah Bolinger, Robert Boone, Deborah Boring, Catherine Borinstein, John Borton Jon Bose, Roger Boswell, Dennis Bottamiller, Joy Bottoms, Richard Bowers, Jerry Bowman, Joyce Bow- man, Thomas Bowman, Patricia Bracken, Anthony Bradford 178 class of 1969 Jack Braitman, James Brandt, Mere- dith Gail Brause, James Brillhart, James Frank Broaddus, Barbara Jo Brodey, William Brody, Linda Lee Broeking, Janet Brooks, Richard Brooks ' 1 i ■■ 3 1 Debra Lynn Brown, Linda Brown, Alison Brown, Michael Brown, Rich- ard Brown, Wendy Brown, Kather- ine Brueckner, Nancy Ann Buchan- an, William Gregory Bugh, Louis J Arnold Bumb mi ZM 1 i Dede Burger, John Edward Burns, Melody Burns, Robert Burnside, Jeffrey Burris, Anthony Burrus, Phyllis Busby, John Busch, Thomas Bush, Bonnie Sue Butler ' If - (3 JHI Barbara Butz, Bruce Butz, Jerry Byers, Robert Warren Byrd, Caren Michelle Cady, Margaret Cagle, El- liott John Caine, Stephen Calderon, Rex Callaway, Marcia Ann Campbell ilk I m %m Brad Cannaday, Joyce Cannell, Deir- dre Cannon, Leonard Cantor, Vikki Cantrell, Craig Capehart, Marc Cap- Ian, Frederica Capp, David Carden, Catherine Carr Gerladean Carr, William Carroll, David Carter, Patricia Ann Carter, James Cary, Donna Cazadd, Mari- anne Ceaser, Rollin Chab, Robert Shu Nen Chan, John Chattin 1 ■ i Richard Chewey, Michele Chiplis, Lori Christopher, Justine Clapp, Cathlyn Clark, David Wayne Clark, Martha Clark, Deborah Clarkson, Patti Jo Clay, Robert J. Clay ft ■ ' J: ,4 v ■ ■ Michael Clayton, Cindy Clifton, Ger- ald Clouser, Candace Sue Cluster, David Clymer, Melodye Kay Coburn, Edward Cohen, Gary A. Cohen, Gary J. Cohen, Joanne Cohen it • , - -y It ? Martin Cohen, Sharon Cohen, Pam- ela J. Colglazier, Marie Collins, Pa- tricia Sue Collins, Sherry Ann Col- lins, Linda Sue Combs, Monty Wayne Combs, Anne Conley, Emily Conly Sally Conly, Timothy Conly, Michael Conover, Deborah Conrad, Charles Cooper, Daniel Cooper, Darlene Sue Coover, Ann Marie Corbett, David Lindsay Cory, Elizabeth Coulter t . It J Ronald Nelson Covey, Shirley Cox, Karen Sue Craig, Cathleen Crafton, Cheryl Crawford, Linda Sue Craw- ford, James Steven Crocker, John Cronin, Eileen Crouse, John Cun- ningham v Thomas Cunningham, Kim Dahl- strand, Elizabeth Ann Dale, Deborah Jean Daniels, Paul Walter Danneil, James Darring, Dale Davis, Sam David, Ann Davidson, John Edward Davidson - ! s ■ 1 . 1 MB J lit 1 r « 179 sophomores Christy Davis, Lee Davis, Scott Davis, Bradley Dawe, Charles Daw- son, Christopher Dawson, Dennis Dawson, Catherine Day, Linda Day, Louise Dean Pamela Deer, Sylvia Dehoyos, James Delong, John DeMasie, Sandra Den- nerline, Leslie Dentel, Barbara De- Raismes, Ellen Devine, Thomas Diaz, Mary DiBlasio David Dillinger, Emily Diltz, Al- brazle Dinwiddie, Dwight Dison, Ethel Docherty, Sandra Donnell, Celestine Donnelly, Bruce Dorn, Linda Jo Dougherty, Lezlie Douthitt Kathy Dove, Bennie Drain, Pamela Drake, George Dremonas, Lee Drig- gers, David Drummond, Linda Drus- kis, Karen Duggan, Mary Jane Dun- das, Wendy Dunenfeld Richard Dunham, Kari Dunn, Laurie Dustman, James Dyer, Karen Dyke- ma, Stephen Eastes, Barbara Eden, Carol Edington, Stephen Elam, Har- ry Elder Michael Elliott, Steven Ellson, Gay Elste, Duane Emanuel, Stephen Eng- land, Paul Enright, Karen Ensmin- ger, Robert Eppers, Douglas Esmon, Sally Esmon Keith Estridge, Scott Etherington, Donna Evans, Roger Evans, Rod- erick Everhart, Thomas Ewing, Rosa Ezell, Cheryl Fagg, Rebecca Fair- banks, Catherine Fairfield Jay Fairman, Duane Fant, Gerri Farber, Richard Farley, Fred Feh- senfeld, Dorothy Feibleman, Howard Fenter, Cynthia Feucht, Carole Fiedler, William Findling Richard Fine, Mark Fineberg, Miles Fishman, Beverly Fitts, Louis Fleece, Kirk Fleener, Andrea Flowers, An- drew Fogle, Ned Fogle, Frederick Foltz Claire Foote, Kathleen Foster, John Fowler, Rupert Franklin, Mary Franz, Christopher Frayer, James Freihofer, Linda Freudenthal, Wil- bur Frey, Charles Fulmer Jeffrey Gaddy, Phillip Garcina, Ann Gardiner, Larry Gardner, Robert Garrett, Karen Garriott, Thomas Garrity, George Gellersen, Harry Gentry, Karen George Sylvester Gill, Linda Gilleff, Beth Gillen, Roger Gillies, Tina Giniger, Kathleen Girdler, James Glanzman (deceased), Brian Glass, Drake Glasser, Julie Glatz 180 sophomores Steven Goforth, Susan Goldstein, Bethann Goodman, Carol Goodwin, Robert Gordon, James Gould, Cyn- thia Grady, Garrett Graham, Jay Grauel, Jeffrey Allen Graves Albert Green, Joel Greenberg, Lois Griffith, Bruce Grimes, Gerald Grinkmeyer, David Groner, Steven Grosby, Joyce Guinnup, Grace Gull- ing, Robert Habig James Hackney, Brenda Haines, Pamela Hale, Kay Melinda Hall, Sheryl Hall, Richard Hamilton, James Hanrahan, Tamyra Hansen, Ronald Hanson, Jack Harcourt Thomas Hardin, Thomas Harding, William Neil Hardy, Bruce Hargan, Susan Harlan, Jeannette Harper, Beth Harris, Diana Harris, David Harrison, James Harrison Mark Harshman, Michael Hart, Charles Hartley, Edward Hartman, Stephen Hartman, Barbara Har- wood, Richard Hawe, Jane Hawhee, James Hawley, Patricia Hehn Richard Heilbrunn, Deborah Heil, Elise Heiser, Kathi Heifer, Juan Henderson, Mark Henderson, Caro- lyn Hendricks, Sandra Lee Henry, Janet Heppner, Suzanne Herrmann Kathy Herron, Daniel Hervey, Bette Ann Heston, Donald Mac Hibler, Mary Hicks, Shary Hill, Steven Hill, Jerry Hines, Kenneth Hixon, Robert Hobson 1st % 9 i yfl 9 ft a V at -1 1 rfSp " f % ? sft Jfe J ft A - ' : m r tiilli il 1 :• ' ft . ... i ' r; ill Wil 1 ' f " J 4 .. DURING LUNCH HOUR, sophomores find time to talk with friends as well as to eat. 181 [ 7 ill ? 1 sophomores Debra Hocker, Marquis Hodes, Jeff- rey Hoffman, Sally Hogan, John Holmquist, Mark Holsworth, Bar- bara Holt, Mark Holt, Joan Honder- ich, Janet Hooker Joe Hooker, Byron Horine, Warren Hotte, Susan Hottinger, David How- ard, Laura Howard, Margaret How- ard, Randy Howard, Deborah Howe, Judy Howell Laurel Hoyt, Richard Huber, Harvey Hudson, William Huff, Charles Huff- man, Howard Huffman, Kenneth Hull, Virginia Humbert, Dorel Hunt, Hollice Hunt Carol Hunter, Pamela Hurlbut, Mi- chelle Hurteau, Richard Hurwitz, Gary Hutchinson, David Iauco, Wil- liam Irwin, Eugene Izsak, Cheryl Jackson, Colleen Jackson Nancy Jackson, Scott Jackson, Stephen Jackson, Don Jacobs, Steph- en Jacobs, Richard Janes, Marcy Jay, Susan Jeffries, David Jenkins, Gary Jenkins Robert Jenkins, Peter Jewett, James Jobes, Brent Johnson, James John- son, Kathleen Johnson, William Johnson, David Johnston, Marcia Jones, Richard Jones Jane Jordan, David Julian, Leslie Kafoure, Bruce Kamplain, Abbey Kaplan, Susan Kappes, Judy Kara- gozian, Carol Kelb, Michael Kelley, Karl Kellogg Jay Kelly, Christopher Kelso, Step- hanie Kelso, John Kennedy, Leslie Kennedy, Linda Sue Kidd, Marilyn Kidd, Kristi Kiger, Melanie Kiken- dall, Nancy Kilbury LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Cathy McNeese and Kathy Plumb aid Irene Swiss in checking out a book for leisure enjoyment. 182 class of 1969 Keith Kinney, Susan Kirkwood, George Kirles, John Kline, C. De- wayne Knight, Steven Knight, Heidi Knudsen, D. Jeanette Komsiski, Rob- ert Koschmann, Anne Kostrevic Kay Krahn, Pamela Kramer, Sharon Kramer, Mary Kranich, Gary Kreish- er, Gary Krentler, Katherine Kreus- ser, John Krueger, Raymond Kruse, Jane Kubelsky Bradley Kubilis, Victoria Kuhn, Sheila Kurtz, Laura Lakin, Robert Lamb, Margaret Lancet, Richard Langford, Richard Lantis, David Lantz, Gerri Larman Richard Lash, Christine Lateste, John Lateste, Henry Laurie, David Lawton, Bruce Layfield, Joel Lebo- witz, Carol Lecoco, Lawrence Lehn- er, Joy Leimbach Robert Lempke, Joseph Lenet, J. Richard Lentz, Joan Leschot, Fred- erick Lesh, Carl Lesher, Christine Lesow, Tamara Lester, Anne Leviton, Janine Lewis Kim Light, Beverly Lincoln, Gary Linder, Barbara Lindsay, Jan Linge- man, Jennifer Linn, Martha Lips- comb, Thomas Little, Lynn Living- ston, Frank Lockhart Robert Loft, Kenneth Lorch, Linda Lorenz, James Louden, Karen Lowe, Lee Lucius, Robert Ludington, Da- vid Luginbill, Julia Luros, Ellyn Lurvey Barbara Luzader, Sandy MacAllister, John Mackey, Michael Madawick, Kathleen Madinger, Douglas Madry, Marlene Malin, Allan Manalan, Lin- da Mangus, Michael Mann Jeffrey Marr, Andrea Martin, Carla Martin, Faith Martin, Kristin Mar- tin, Rita Martz, William Marvel, Dorothy Mashaw, Roy Massena, Marian Mather Mary Mathis, Terry Mathews, Cyn- thia Mattson, Morris Maurer, James Maus, Melanie May, Bruce Mayer, Thomas McCampbell, William Mc- Carthy, Johnetta McCauley Ann McClelland, Sharon McClenny, Victoria McCord, Dathleen McCor- mick, Bruce McCracken, Daniel Mc- Geary, Sally McGraw, Peggy Mcln- tyre, George McKown, Deborah Mc- Lary David McManus, Denise McNamara, Cathe Lynne McNeese, Joseph Mc- Sweeney, Marcie Meditch, Vincent Medjesky, Scott Meeker, Dick Me- haffey, Robert Meili, John Melcher 183 1 0K -« ft 1 ' ■ .1. J J ■ 7 X i ' life . ft E fin itk •i sophomores Jerome Meriweather, Debbie Merk- lin, Karen Merritt, Mary Metzger, Deborah Meyer, Robert Meyer, Rob- ert Meyer, Angela Michael, Thomas Milch, Bill Milender Deborah Miles, Glenn Miles, Kristina Millbern, Candace Denise Miller, Carol Miller, Joe Miller, Judith Mill- er, Kristin Miller, Les Miller, Mar- garet Miller Susan Miller, Suzanne Miller, Steven Million, Mark Mills, Paulla Milton, Barbara Minton, Mary Minion Melissa Mitchell, Randy Mogg, Stuart Monical Carol Moody, Kathy Moody, Deborah Moore, Dorothy Moore, Eugene Moore, Linda Mordoh, James Mor- gan, Carol Morris, Julie Morris, Mar- sha Morris Susan Morris, David Morrison, John Moss, Lynne Mueller, Michael Mull- er, Jay Murdock, Charles Murphy, Jack Murray, Keith Murray, Karen Nahmias Scott Nahmias, Martina Nehrling, Jim Neighbors, Florence Nelson, Steve Nelson, Larry Netter, Virginia Nevison, Pamela Newbold, James Newman, John Nice Robert Nichols, James Nicholson, Douglas Nie, Janice Noble, Deborah Noel, James Noland, Sarah Nolte, Deborah Oberholtzer, Barbara O ' - Brien, Thomas O ' Conner Kenneth O ' Day, Stephen Odle, Patti O ' Heren, Michael O ' Dowd, Nancy O ' Kane, Molli Oliver, Jacquelyn Olt- hoff, John O ' Mahony, Judith Orme, Rita Ormsby Jacqueline Pagel, Peter Pappas, Deb- orah Park, William Parker, John Parrish, Ricky Passo, Gary Passon, Adrian Pate, Jane Patterson, Ronald Patterson Sharon Patterson, David Patton, Kent Paulin, Richard Pearson, Stan- ley Pederson, Jeffrey Peeler, Rebec- ca Pendleton, Harry Penington, Da- vid Perkins, Jonathan Perlov Robert Perlstein, Thomas Peters, James Peterson, Steven Peterson, Christine Pfeiffer, Jamene Phillippe, Doug Phillips, Marsha Phillips, San- dra Phillips, Oliver Philyaw Mary Pigg, Darrell Pike, Gordon Pittenger, Patricia Plopper, Kath- ryn Plumb, Bruce Poer, Douglas Pollard, Linda Postlethwaite, Re- becca Potter, Joyce Price 184 YOUNG LIFE MEMBERS Pam Drake, Cheryl Boling, Cindy Cagle, and Susan Berns spend rewarding evenings participat- ing in stimulating discussions, performing skits, and singing lively spirituals. Dennis Pritchard, Robert Pruitt, Larry Pryor, Scott Pylat, Sue Pyle, Rebecca Query, Eric Todd Quinto, Melinda Raber, Rick Rains, Douglas Ramaker Triesa Ramer, Marc Raphael, Vicki Rardin, Gregory Redish, Deborah Reed, David Reel, William Refkin, Carol Reifers, Nathan Reinking, Kay Reising Frederick Reissner, Nancy Reklau, Kay Renauto, Nancy Ann Renauto, Richard Renner, Dorothy Reynolds, Jerry Reynolds, Lynn Rhamy, Michael Rhodes, Larry Rice Roger Richardson, Sandra Richard- son, Judith Richter, Leslie Lynn Ricketts, George Riere, Susan Riley, Gary Ritchison, Edward Roach, Stephen Roach, Michael Roache Deborah Roberts, John Roberts, Ken- neth Roberts, Brenda Rogers, Bruce Rogers, Harold Rogers, William Rogers, Mary Jean Roman, Rebecca Roose, Deborah Rosa Florence Rosen, Robert Rosenbaum, Dana Roth, Diana Rothwell, Philip Roudebush, J. Carl Rousek, Deborah Rubush, Mary Warren Ruddell, Kris- tina Sue Rusch, Thomas Russo William Rutland, John Ryan, Jac- queline Sachs, Annette Sacks, Joseph Samuel, Nancy Jo Sanderson, An- drea Sandler, John Sauer, Steven Sax, Susan Mae Schaefer .fa 4 It M 3 : 1 1 s 5 dmam mi dm fitM t ( v ■f mm ' K l mXlM 4 J 185 sophomores Nancy Scherer, Debra Schernekau, Susan Schilk, ' Richard Schlaegel, Gregory Schlegel, Terri Schlossberg, Andrea Schneider, Louis Schneider, Walter Schneider, Karen Schnute Miles Schroeder, Julie Schubert, Benice Schuchman, Martha Schuldt, Gloria Schumacher, Robert Schu- man, John Schuyler, Mariellen Schwartz, Linda Schwindler, Gregory Scohier Robert Scott, Laura Selig, Frank Senecal, Brad Sexauer, David Shad- inger, Jay Sharp, Marvin Sharp, Charlane Shaw, Kay Shearer, Craig Sheder Michelle Sheehan, Susan Shepfer, Sandi Sherman, Frank Shirley, Wil- liam Shuba, Michael Shuck, Patty Shute, Charles Sigal, Sheryl Silcox, Maureen Silver Robert Silver, Dennis Silverstein, James Simmons, Scott Simmons, Jeff Simon, Sam Sipe, Cleve Skelton, Thomas Skelton, Susan Skidmore, Marilyn Skinner Jim Slaughter, Joani Slaughter, Arn- old Smith, Charles Smith, Daniel Smith, David Smith, Donald Smith, Judith Smith, Melanee Smith, John Snellenberger Lynn Snover, Debbie Snyder, Jay Snyder, Andrea Sobbe, Randy So- lecki, Judy Sordean, Ricky Souther- land, Deborah Speare, Robert Speck- man, Anne Speicher Nelson Spiegel, Kent Sprecher, Cin- dy Spurgeon, Pamela St. John, Cindy Stackhouse, James Stahl, Michael Stall, Paul Stanley, Sheryl Stanley, .Sandra Stein Frank Steinbruegge, Louise Stein- metz, Bruce Stephanoff, Mary Steph- enson, Edwin Sterner, John Stevens, William Stevenson, Jacquie Stock, Charles Stocksdale, Judith Stone Patricia Stone, Steven Stone, Robert Stoner, Brad Stoops, Kathy Storms, Anne Stotler, Keith Strauss, Thomas Strickland, Clare Strobel, Betty Stroupes Michael Sullivan, Joyce Summers, Steve Sutton, Alan Tannenbaum, Chris Tansy, Connie Tarplee, Chuck Tate, Denise Taylor, Doug Taylor, Sally Taylor Steve Terrell, Dean Terry, Ron Ter- ry, John Thacker, Debbie Thoma, Janie Thomas, John Thomas, Randy Thomas, Lasalle Thompson, Terri Thompson 186 ALTHOUGH THEY HAVE BEEN at North Central only a short time, sophomores become part of the scene dancing at their first class social event. ft James Tilford, Kathy Toffolo, Laura Toney, Marcus Tower, Dale Trau- gott, John Traverso, Roy Trester, Penny Trowbridge, Edward Truman, Terry Tuck Warren Tutwiler, Bonnie Tyner, Theresa Updegrove, Mike Usher, Ernie Valentine, Thomas VanArsdel, Debora VanBriggle, James Vance, Bernetta Vaughn, Cindy Vestal Steven Vickeiy, William Vinton, John Von Fange, Betsy Vonspreckel- sen, Joyce Wadsworth, Rhonda Wag- man, Melody Wagner, James Wahl, Ronald Waife, Sue Ann Walden Michael Waldner, Rickie Walker, Ann Wallace, James Wallace, Kath- leen Wallace, Donald Waller, Eliza- beth Waller, Kathryn Walls, Gary Walters, Charleen Walton Barbara Ward, Gary Ward, Debby Ward, Donna Warfield, Tonalee Warman, Charles Warren, Dianne Warren, James Waugh, Steve Weber, Jay Wehmeier Myra Weiss, Pam Weissman, Debbie Weldele, William Weldon, Teresa Wells, Cheryl Wertz, Debbie Wexler, John Whitaker, Carol White, Edna White James Wade White, Marilyn White- head, Richard Whitmore, Daniel Wick, Mark Widduck, Barbara Wiley, Randall Wilhite, Matilda Wil- hoite, Albert Neil Williams, Debbie Williams 1 x Jam x A J. ft 7 : § % mm. fli f y m m - hi ?% t 4 ■ : mm mm MmWSBmm it m M Tt mt m It 187 It 1 % ff If Irk a tl(f]lil4 sophomores Don Williams, Ernestine Williams, Laurie Williams, Richard Williams, Diane Williamson, Michael William- son, Katherine Wills, Kathleen Wills, Christopher Wilson, Eleanor Wilson Lindy Wilson, Jan Wingenroth, Polly Wise, Renova Wiseheart, Douglas Witham, William Wolf, Deborah Wolfe, Jim Wollenhaupt, Steven Woodard, Roger Woodruff Lanny Woodward, Loraine Wool- dridge, Kevin Worley, Nancy Wrege, Donald Wright, Marcia Wright, Lloyd Wright, Timothy Wright, Edith Marie York, Sandra Yosha Cheryl Young, Deborah Young, Richard Young, Susan Young, Tedd Young, Mary Zachar, Cathy Zaring, Bruce Zick, Kathy Zickler, Anne Ziegner Kaarina Zimmer, William Zimmer- man DURING LUNCH HOURS students often purchase tickets for athletic games, plays, musi- cals, and other school events. 188 ENJOYING MUSIC by " The Emblems, " Vicki Cantrell and SOPHOMORES JANE HAWHEE AND DEBBY HEIL find Kari Dunn " swing to the beat " at the sophomore party. the library an excellent place for quiet study. We love to doubt as well as to know We are The Restless Ones Centralites seek knowledge for the future. As discriminat- ing shoppers they select their purchases with an eye for the future because they want to know for tomorrow, as well as for today, which brands means quality and which merchants can be relied upon. Realizing that the Centralites of today are the businessmen and homemakers of tomorrow, merchants compete to capture the large teenage market. In addition to seeking knowledge for the future, Centralites explore the business world. From part-time jobs they get experience as well as spending money, and they gain an awareness of the problems of small businesses, a realization of the value of the dollar, and an understanding of the me- chanics of tax forms. On both the buying and selling ends of the economic curve, Centralites contribute greatly to the busi- ness of their growing community. Look into the matter . . . . . . find out about Butz quality. Carol Clutter gets an inside view of a Butz-crafted cabinet, while Bonnie Angell and Sally Hampshire look on. BUTZ LUMBER CO 4010 W. 96th Street 873-3381 Ring around a rosy finger . . . When time for class rings rolls around juniors look to the standards of quality and workmanship set by Herff Jones. Junior class council members Robin McDowell, Marty Youngquist, and Sally Fisher are dazzled by the variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that the Herff Jones Company brings them. HERFF JONES COMPANY 1401 N. Capitol Avenue 635-1554 It " paves " to pave with Asphalt Surfacing Company . . . Long life and fine quality will be your reward. Betsy Srader, Becky Smith, and Debby Winter examine the up-to-date equipment the company uses to lay their fine surfaces. ASPHALT SURFACING COMPANY 4200 E. 82nd Street 849-2770 192 " Take a memo, Miss Joslin . . . . . . tell all our customers that when they ' re ready for a new home, we can get them one they have always dreamed about. " Jim Waugh dictates company policy to Nancy Joslin. WALKER PARTLOW REALTORS 2710 E. 62nd Street 255-4171 " Hey Tigers . . . meet me at Man ' s World " In addition to their complete selection of men ' s clothing, Man ' s World also features a gift shop dubbed " Toys for Big Boys. " Gary Prah admires a giant-sized " Think Big " mug that he found while Karen Cure tries to decide which shirt she likes best. THE MAN ' S WORLD 1300 E. 86th Street 846-3013 Fill ' er up! Jeff Scott and Tim Wright provide thor- ough, double-quick service for John Zener. Such service is typical at Sering Shell. SERING SHELL 8602 Westfield Boulevard 846-0027 193 Vitamin deficiency girls? Meg Brause and Eleanor Wilson marvel at the number of vitamin pills they could be taking. But whether you ' ve got iron-poor blood, straight hair, or soft fingernails, you ' ll find the remedy. Get quick efficient prescrip- tion service at Schmidt ' s! 1 SCHMIDT ' S DRUGS 1499 E. 86th Street 251-2910 You don ' t have to be a millionaire . . . ... to shop Rich Furniture and Appliances. You ' ll find a wide variety of home furnish- ings- — from bedroom sets to fun furniture for the rumpus room. Bob Schnackel and Eddie Rich admire the model room that Rich ' s spon- sored at the Home Fashion Show in the Manu- facturer ' s Building at the Fairgrounds. RICH FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 1524 N. Illinois 635-1455 For the finest real estate . . . . . . Lee Moody Company will provide you with quality homes and excellent service. Kathy Moody shows one of the beautiful homes offered by Moody Realtors. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LEE MOODY COMPANY 1840 E. 38th Street 546-1593 194 Hk. ' . . -C- . " Things go better with Coke Rick Fobes and Sandy Greer know that Coke is the most thirst-quenching drink i around. I COCA-COLA I BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. 860 Massachusetts Avenue 637-3321 Where have all the FLOWERS gone? To your favorite florist, from Cleveland Plant and Flower Company. Darby Oliver strums along to the tune of her favorite song. Wholesale Flowers THE CLEVELAND PLANT FLOWER CO. 230 W. New York Street 632-7321 ( the shoe jits, wear it . . . But which ones? Becky Armstrong gets a helpful sales pitch from Jody Logsden, but she still can ' t decide. GOODMAN ' S SHOES 1300 E. 86th Street 846-5718 195 Noiu A|5 OTHFrft 5CR,p TlO NS Nora Apothecary, your thrifty full-service, full-time prescription shop . . . Betsy Palmer, Debbie Wisely, and Mary Brown get a close look at the Volkswagen that provides the quick prescription delivery ser- vice for the northside. NORA APOTHECARY 1101 E. 86th Street 251-9547 Ah so! Try Lotus Garden for a tasty meal. The price is right and the food is " ah so " good. Jenny Andrews, Tom Kelley, Dennis Huff- man, and Bobbi O ' Brien anticipate a delicious Chinese meal. LOTUS GARDEN North: 4400 North Keystone— 546-7551 South: U.S. 31 at 431 in Greenwood — 881-5531 A merry-go-round of cards and gifts . . . Having problems buying gifts? Connie Martin and Ellen Lennox find just what they have been looking for. Need a card? Sharon Scudder selects what she wants from a wallfull of both humorous and serious cards. CARROUSEL CARD GIFT SHOP 6101 North Keystone 251-9046 196 It ' s only fitting . . . Find the country look in soft heathers and muted plaids at Roderick St. John ' s. Jeanne Goll, Sally McVey, and Missy Kokos model the newest Villager and John Meyer of Nor- wich fall fashions. RODERICK ST. JOHN ' S 6101 North Keystone Men ' s Store— 253-3322 Women ' s Store— 251-7022 Children ' s Store— 251-1972 Sheer delight! You ' ll love getting haircuts at Cerulli ' s — no waiting, no fuss and bother. Mr. Cerulli demonstrates his expert techniques on a satis- fied customer. CERULLI BARBER SHOP 6101 North Keystone 253-0775 Now is the time for the whole family to shop at Graham ' s! They choose their extensive collections of furniture and accessories from the nation ' s foremost makers. A collection of grandfather clocks brings memories to Leslie Bishop, Roger Moynahan, Leah Schulte, Peggy Roberts, Randy Goode, and Charlie Pike. GRAHAM ' S OF GLENDALE 6101 North Keystone 253-3263 197 Twinkle, twinkle, little diamond . . . Little or big, diamonds or not, whatever you want you can find at J. C. Sipe Jewelers. Marcie Jay found her heart ' s desire here, and Sam Sipe approves of her good taste. J. C. SIPE JEWELERS 418 Merchants Bank Building 637-3521 For fine footwear . . . You can ' t beat Florsheim! Barb Bunes, Dave Nestor, and Rex Martin admire the quality leather and workmanship in the Flor- sheim shoes. FLORSHEIM SHOES 6101 North Keystone 255-8662 you care enough to send the very best . . . Send cards, gifts, or candy from Happy House. HAPPY HOUSE Nora Plaza 846-5131 198 Something to write about . . . . . . swinging styles from Stenzdale! Sandy Heifer can ' t wait to tell the world about the wide array of party-pretty prom dresses and classy styles she found at Stenzdale. STENZDALE 6214 Carrollton Avenue 251-1203 That indefinable something special . . . Furniture from Ramsey Interiors will add distinction to your home. Nancy McClain and Jackie Bolles are getting a head start on their dream palaces. RAMSEY INTERIORS 6609 E. 82nd Street 849-3602 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Alinda Moos, Terry Pepple, Debby Oliver, and Katy Kivett experiment with electric gui- tars and amplifiers from Van Sickle Radio, but a serious ham radio operator can find all the equipment he needs here. VAN SICKLE RADIO SUPPLY CORP. 4131 North Keystone 547-3589 199 Give yourself a lift . . . . . . with lumber from Homestead, where quali- ty is sky high! Sally Ammerman and Debbie Dunn try their hand at the lumber business. HOMESTEAD LUMBER COMPANY 1002 E. 42nd Street 283-1338 Helping to build a better Indianapolis . . . . . . Ann Butz and Leslie Alig explore the new Stouffer ' s Inn at 1802 North Meridian. FIEBER REILLY 124 North Delaware 639-1533 Our 71st Year A perfect gift . . . ... a portrait of distinction from Louder- milk ' s. Anne Englehart and Jeff Klein agree that their senior pictures will bring back mem- ories all their lives. LOUDERMILK STUDIOS 5222 Keystone Court 255-6255 200 Education is for the birds! The birds who want to get ahead. In plan- ning a business career, prepare yourself by at- tending a strong, dependable school that will give you the training you need, plus the advantages of the prestige of the school that is so essential in making the right contacts for positions. Accounting Secretarial Science Business Administration Clerk-Typist CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 N. Meridian Street 634-8337 C. T. Butz, (CPA) Pres. J. L. Basey (CPA) Prin. For that rainy day . . . . . . when you need insurance — be sure of coverage by those you trust. Jeff Klein, Ron Beatty, and Mike Kafoure think ahead to the time when they will buy insurance from Travelers ' Insurance. CARL " CHUCK " KLEIN THE GARDNER AGENCY THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANY 3833 N. Meridian Street 923-3471 You ' ll flip your wig . . . . . . over the beautiful new you! Carolyn Cas- sada and Debbie Davis experiment with a Fashion Tress Wig. BEAUTY BY BRYANT 1300 E. 86th Street 846-2559 201 Romantic candlelight . . . Try it for that special evening. Dine at Fireside North, or stop for a snack after a big dance or movie. Randy Mogg and Mary Metz- ger choose their order from a menu full of satisfying dishes. FIRESIDE NORTH 6440 Westfield Boulevard 251-1288 Having problems with your car? Ladies in distress — like Lyn Stoner — know where to go for the fastest and best service. NORA STANDARD SERVICE STATION 8601 Westfield Boulevard 846-1115 202 For a wheel of a deal . . . . . . shop Ogle Buick. Their deals are the fairest and their cars are the sharpest. Karen Tucker, Linda Dodd, and Susie Jensen found a dreamy convertible there and couldn ' t resist it. OGLE BUICK 37 W. 38th Street 926-2423 It ' s a meal! A steak ' n shake makes a meal or a snack for Tim Englehart and Dini Lilly. STEAK SHAKE 5360 North Keystone 251-8320 203 Twenty-five years ago there was a hillfull of hollyhocks . . . Now the hollyhocks are gone but the food is still as good as it was then. Steve Mahoney, Darby Oliver, Rob Kail, and Sally Bockstahler make their Hollyhock Hill dinners a regular Friday night date. HOLLYHOCK HILL 8110 N. College Avenue 251-2294 " Wood " you believe? Everything from Broad Ripple Lumber is quality, from their lumber to their fine fixtures and paints. Jay Schuff, Mike Larason, and Rick Knudsen look down on the lumber yard from atop the truck that provides the prompt delivery service you get. BROAD RIPPLE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CORP. 1001 Broad Ripple Avenue 253-3231 204 Associate yourself with Associated . . . . . . and keep warm this winter. Susy and Kathy Holmes survey the apparatus that brings heat to their home even in the coldest weather. ASSOCIATED SERVICE COMPANY 1430 Kentucky Avenue 638-1306 Too many cooks spoil the broth . . . . . . but not if it ' s cooked on a range from Rich ' s. So if you ' re thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bath, be sure to talk to the friendly people at Rich ' s, where you ' ll find all the newest furnishings. Eddie, John, and Kathy Rich love their new kitchen. EARL W. RICH PLUMBING APPLIANCES 5140 North Keystone 251-2201 205 " only axed you if Handy Hardware was the best! " Jo Anne Fehsenfeld protests Judy Mat- hews ' brutality. Handy Hardware (and Judy will swear to it) is the best. It carries the north- side ' s widest assortment of hard-to-find hard- ware, as well as all standard stock. HANDY HARDWARE 6327 N. Guilford Avenue 255-8200 When you plan for the future . . . . . . plan with Carriage Estates. Dorothy Moore, Sarah Nolte, and Emily Diltz know that the sign of the Carriage is the mark of quality real estate. CARRIAGE ESTATES COMPANY 6336 N. Guilford Avenue 253-4101 206 Follow the leader to the leader in good eating! Dave Rust, Craig McGaughey, Vicki Smith, Danny Robinson, and Dale Butler en- joy the quick service and fine food they get at MCL Cafeterias. MCL CAFETERIA 2121 E. 62nd Street 255-0950 Lasso yourself a Mustang . . . . . . or any other new Ford. You won ' t regret it. Janie Lee and Bonnie Einstandig are rarin ' to go in their Mustang — from Jerry Alderman, of course. JERRY ALDERMAN FORD SALES, INC. 5500 North Keystone 251-1441 207 . RCAVlCTOR Makes Indiana the Color Television Capital of the World RCA pioneered and perfected Color TV. Today more people own RCA Victor Color TV than any other kind. These RCA Victor sets were made here in Indiana by some of RCA ' s 25,000 Hoosier workers. This helps insure a dynamic growth economy for our state. HE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN ELECTRONICS Indianapolis— RCA Victor furniture stylists look at sketches for a new Mediter- ranean lowboy model. Styl- ing, Engineering, Advertis- ing and Sales Departments for RCA Victor home instru- ments, as well as much of the actual manufacturing, are headquartered here. Monticello— Hand rubbing imparts a mellow lustre to this RCA Victor Color TV cabinet. Before leaving here, each cabinet will pass through many skilled hands and as many as 16 finishing operations. RCA Victor cab- inet quality rivals that of the finest custom furniture. Marion-New RCA " Hi- Lite " Color Tube, with a color picture substantially brighter than any previous RCA Color Tube, goes into full-scale production. Mar- ion is one of three RCA plants meeting the con- stantly growing demand for Color picture tubes. Bloom ington— Cabinets from Monticello, picture tubes from Marion and parts from Indianapolis come to- gether here at the world ' s largest Color TV assembly plant. Next stop for Amer- ica ' s first choice in Color TV: RCA Victor dealer showrooms. 208 The world ' s a carousel . . . Hop on! Sto p in at the travel agency at First Bank and Trust and plan a tour to balmy Bermuda the exotic South Sea Islands, or to New York ' s exciting Great White Way. Charlie Brown, Pam Rxch, and Susie Roger , bok over pamphlets describing a not-to-be-missed teen summer tour of Europe. Our agents will help you find a vacation to fit your desires. FIRST BANK AND TRUST 5300 Crawfordsville Road 241-2361 209 Use your horse sense . Have you always dreamed of galloping the meadows on the back of a shining steed? Make your dream come true. Talk Morgans with the Habigs, whose horses are descendants of the University of Vermont ' s famous Pansy. MORGAN HORSES Mr. Frank Habig 8002 North Meridian 255-8881 No monkey business . . . G W Food Giant is the food store whose business is with people. You will find that meats are the juiciest and fruits are the freshest. Candy Schmidt, Sue Tishler, Ann Weakley, and Vicki Sage know that it ' s the store with the giant appetite in mind. G W FOOD GIANT 5940 N. Michigan Road 255-2439 • • • is the way in to a new world of swinging fashions! It ' s a teen ' « very own boutique-type shop sparkling with go gear. Unique and highly individual Mary Quant dresses, and exclusive Youth Quake designs, pant suits, mini skirts, accessories, mad caps and fleet-footed shoe styles . . . everything needed to make up the Total Look, in the quick, young tempo of today. Be one of the first to visit The Way Out, it ' s the biggest happen- ing in town! Sizes 5-13 Young Fourth Floor, Downtown Only 212 MHOI I KIHNH GOLDEN CORN f ' " ::■]( " :v Carc i ie com, A;£c?5 Steve Magel and Jimmy Thomson are up in the air over fresh-tasting canned goods from Stokely Van Camp. Don ' t just hang around — buy some! STOKELY VAN CAMP 941 North Meridian Street 631-2551 213 WHERE the Emphasis is on YOU and YOUR FUTURE ORTER MAXIMUM JOB OPPORTUNITY CAREER COURSES FOR YOUNG WOMEN V Executive Secretarial V IBM Business Machines li V FOR YOUNG MEN Business Administration V IBM Data Processing V Transportation — Management OLLE6E 48 MONUMENT CIRCLE • INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46204 • Phone, 639-2505 Make your dream home a reality . . . Deal with Clayton, Coble, and Murray Realtors. They ' ll find you the lot or home that will give you more than your money ' s worth in comfort and satisfaction. Keith Murray, Scott Clayton, and Dave Strong look ahead to the day when they will purchase their new homes. CLAYTON COBLE MURRAY REALTORS 6267 N. Carrollton Avenue 253-1231 Plan today for tomorrow ' s security . . . Entrust your family ' s future with in- surance from Jefferson Standard Life Insur- ance Company. Doug Canull is proud to be an " executive for a day " for one of the finest in- surance companies in the country. Jefferson Standard 3969 Meadows Drive, Suite 203 No kidding! Lumber from Kidd ' s is always top notch. You can also expect prompt delivery of every order. Bob Haskin, Linda Jones, and Ken Sobbe ponder the many advantages of buying lumber at Kidd ' s. KIDD LUMBER 1425 E. 86th Street 255-5478 For a meal in a fairy tale atmosphere . . . . . . dine at Hansel and Gretel. You will love the fried chicken, the fresh-baked bread — all the delicious homestyle fare that makes eating out a real pleasure. Enjoying the quick services of a friendly waitress are Scott Fritschle, Beth Bugby, Jim Bromley, and Mary Kay Jerman. HANSEL AND GRETEL STORYBOOK RESTAURANT 4458 Allisonville Road 546-4051 ; To tackle your cleaning problems . . . . . . bring your clothes to Demaree Cleaners. Football players Paul Nefouse, Mike Vance, Pete Thompson, Mark Dinwiddie, and Joe Murphy agree that Demaree gets all the ground-in dirt out of their hard-to-clean foot- ball whites. DEMAREE CLEANERS 8511 Westfield Boulevard 255-4696 : ' mm 4, DEM. | 215 We kow-tow to the casual set . . . Carolyn Cassada, Carla Agnew, and Kyle Thomas model the new " Mod " looks from Paul Harris ' extensive collection of space-age styles. Open 6 nights ' til 9. Nora Plaza 846-5119 You don ' t eat . . . you dine! Unquestionably, Brodey ' s is one of In- dianapolis ' finest restaurants. Connie Plzak, Dan Smith, Helene Brodey, Dick Pruyn, and Karen Cure enjoy the distinctive atmosphere of Brodey ' s. BRODEY ' S 21st and Arlington 357-1183 AUTO DEALERS Jerry Alderman Ford 5500 N. Keystone 251-1441 Ogle Buick 37 W. 38th Street 926-2423 BEAUTY BARBER SHOPS Beauty by Bryant 1300 E. 86th Street 846-2559 Beaute ' by Ophia 1411 E. 86th Street 253-0593 Cerulli ' s Barber Shop 6106 N. Keystone 253-0775 BICYCLES Mac ' s Bicycle Shop 815 Westfield Blvd. 251-0893 BOTTLING CANNING Coca Cola Bottling Co., Inc. 860 Massachusetts Ave. 637-3321 Stokely Van Camp 914 N. Meridian 631-2551 BUSINESS COLLEGES Central Business College 802 N. Meridian 634-8337 Porter College 48 Monument Circle 639-2505 CARD GIFT SHOPS Carrousel Card Gift Shop 6101 N. Keystone 251-9046 Happy House Shop 1300 E. 86th Street 846-5131 CLEANERS Demaree Cleaners 8511 Westfield Blvd. 255-4696 Man ' s World 1300 E. 86th Street 846-3013 Paul Harris 1300 E. 86th Street 846-5119 Rodrick St. John ' s 6101 N. Keystone 253-3322— Men ' s 251-7022— Women ' s 251-1972— Children ' s Stenzdale 6214 Carrollton 251-1203 DRUGS Nora Apothecary 1101 E. 86th Street 251-9547 Schmidt ' s Drugs 1499 E. 86th Street 251-2910 ELECTRONICS RCA Victor 600 N. Sherman Drive 635-9000 Van Sickle Radio Supply Co. 4131 N. Keystone 547-3589 FLOWERS Cleveland Plant Flower Co. 230 W. New York Street 632-7321 FOOD STORES G W Food Giant 5940 N. Michigan Road 255-2439 FURNITURE APPLIANCES Graham ' s of Glendale 6101 N. Keystone 253-3263 Ramsey Interiors 6609 E. 82nd Street 849-3602 Rich Furniture 1524 N. Illinois 635-1455 Earl W. Rich Plumbing Appliances 5140 N. Keystone 251-2201 Directory Listing INSURANCE TRAVEL First Bank Trust 5300 Crawfordsville Road 241-2361 Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company 3969 Meadows Drive, Suite 203 546-4951 Traveler ' s Insurance Company of Hartford 320 N. Meridian 635-3331 JEWELERS Herff Jones Company 1401 N. Capitol Ave. 635-1554 CLOTHING L. S. Ayres Co. 1 W. Washington Street 637-4411 HORSES Morgan Horses 8002 N. Meridian 255-8881 J. C. Sipe Jewelers, Inc. 418 Merchant Bank Building 637-3521 LUMBER HARDWARE Broad Ripple Lumber Supply Corp. 1001 Broad Ripple Ave. 253-3231 Butz Lumber 4010 W. 96th Street 873-3381 Handy Hardware Co. 6327 N. Guilford 255-8200 Homestead Lumber Co. 1002 E. 42nd Street 283-1338 Kidd Lumber Co. 1425 E. 86th Street 255-5478 PHOTOGRAPHERS Loudermilk 5222 Keystone Court 255-6255 REAL ESTATE AGENCIES Carriage Estates Co. 6336 Guilford Ave. 253-4101 Clayton, Coble Murray 6267 N. Carrollton 253-1231 Fieber Reilly 124 N. Delaware 639-1533 Lee Moody Company 1840 E. 38th Street 546-1593 Walker Partlow Realtors 2710 E. 62nd Street 255-4171 RESTAURANTS Brodey ' s Village Inn 21st Arlington 357-1183 Fireside North 6440 Westfield Blvd. 251-1288 Hansel Gretel Storybook Restaurant 4458 Allisonville Road 546-4051 Hollyhock Hill 8110 N. College 251-2294 Lotus Garden 4400 N. Keystone— 546-7551 US 31 at 431 in Greenwood —881-5531 MCL Cafeteria 2121 E. 62nd Street 255-0950 Steak Shake 5360 N. Keystone 251-8320 SERVICE STATIONS, FUEL Associated Service Corp. 1430 Kentucky Ave. 638-1306 Nora Standard 8601 E. Westfield Blvd. 846-1115 Sering Shell 8602 E. Westfield Blvd. 846-0027 SHOE STORES Florsheim 6101 N. Keystone 255-8662 Goodman Shoes 1300 E. 86th Street 846-5718 SURFACING Asphalt Surfacing Company 4200 E. 86th Street 849-2770 A thanks to NEWSFOTO PUBLISHING COMPANY, our new publishers Mr. Dick Kennard, representative of NEWSFOTO, for his help and cooperation Mr. Robert Kubic of INTER-STATE STUDIO for our underclassmen pictures Mr. Earl Loudermilk and his son Mike for their portraits of the seniors and faculty The administration for their consideration in allocating time for pictures and yearly events Mr. Rod Cord, our new adviser, whose patience and understanding guided his " restless " staff through the perils of publication The junior board who quickly learned the importance of meeting deadlines And the seniors who served without credit so the NORTHERNER could have an experienced staff and who put in many hours of extra work 1967 NORTHERNER STAFF Editor-in-chief Lee Andrea McCue Finances Pictures . Kathy Rich Nancy Barnes Production Debby Oliver and Lyn Stoner Section Editors Opening . . . Activities . . Sports Album Advertising Georganne Miner Sharon Hartley and Barb Weil Frank Bodwell Sally Ammerman and Linda Stackhouse Karen Cure Head Photographer Associates Bob Jeffrey Lenny Cantor, Steve Hoffman, John Nichols and Jim Wright Adviser Mr. Rod Cord Assistants: Jody Abel, Georgia Cravey, Bonnie Einstandig, Jeanne Goll, Sandy Greer, Betty Jo Hayes, Susie Kahn, Missy Kokos, Sally McVey, Jim Linderman, John Lindquist, Bob Rothbaum, John Scofield, Larry Tavel Faculty Index TEACHERS Bradley, Mr. Thomas— 106, 108 Campbell, Mr. Morris — 65 Davidson, Mr. James — 161 Dennis, Mr. Richard — 78 Doney, Mr. Thomas — 47 Emry, Mr. John— 96, 108 Farrand, Mr. Keith— 98, 101, 108 Fleming, Mr. Charles — 47 Friedersdorf, Mr. John— 86, 89, 102, 108 Freudenberger, Miss Jeannine — 44, 131 Fruits, Mr. Forrest — 54 Inskeep, Mr. Roland— 86, 105, 108 Johnson, Mr. Duane— 120 Kass, Mrs. Grace — 49 Kercheval, Mr. Donald — 126 Lickliter, Mr. Arlan — 108 Lord, Mr. William— 57, 165 Martin, Mr. Donald — 165 Meek, Mr. Richard— 176, 177 Morgan, Mrs. Alice — 120 Pickrell, Mrs. Evelyn — 66 Queener, Mr. Donald — 57 Rhamy, Mrs. Evelyn — 60 Riley, Mr. Charles— 105, 108 Schiffli, Mr. Albert— 86, 89, 105 Schmucker, Mr. Glen— 107, 108 Shirley, Mr. John— 103, 108 Shulik, Mr. Rubin— 72, 116 Stokesberry, Mrs. Betty — 40 Stroup, Mr. Keith— 86, 108 Walter, Mr. Jack— 95, 108 Watson, Mr. Robert — 7 Weaver, Mr. Byron— 83, 86, 108 Weinheimer, Mr. Allan — 47 Wendling, Mr. John— 20 Wert, Mrs. Katherine— 120 Wisner, Mrs. Edith— 25 ADMINISTRATION Bagby, Dr. Geraldine— 114, 223 Bugher, Mr. William— 115 Clones, Mr. Eugene — 114 Eiche, Mr. Milo— 10, 86, 114 Evans, Dr. Dean — 115 Light, Dr. Everett— 115 BOARD OF EDUCATION Blickman, Mr. Sol— 115 Leland, Mrs. Lawrence — 115 Lewis, Mr. Ted— 115 Mashaw, Mr. William — 115 Wilson, Dr. Donald— 115 FOREIGN LANGUAGE LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Carmichael, Mr. Max— 118 NURSE Bowen, Mrs. Dorothv— 122 Activities Index A Capella— 79 Descants — 75 Mr. Laughlin Mr. Martin Air Space — 71 Drafting — 63 Mr. Coverdale Mr. Woodruff American Authors — 49 Drama — 57 Miss Nees Mr. Queener American Field Service — 50, 51 Miss Butterworth Electronics — 70 Aquarium — 68 Mr. Fisher Mr. Russell Folk Music— 76 Art— 51 Mr. Jenkins Mr. Keyt Forensics — 55 Art Crafts— 51 Miss Swartz Mrs. Kyle French — 53 Astronomy — 70 Mr. Goacher Mr. Watson Future Business Leaders of Audio-Visual — 72 America — 66 Mr. Shulik Miss Pickerell Baton Corps — 82 Mr. Rhinesmith Bell Choir— 77 Mr. Laughlin Biology— 68, 69 Mr. Inskeep Booster Block— 82 Miss Loschky Boys ' Industrial Arts — 62 Mr. Corbin Chess Club — 65 Mr. Campbell Chess Team — 65 Mr. Campbell Clothing — 64 Mrs. Roy Computer — 42 Mr. Sharp Costume — 56 Mr. Lord Counterpoints — -76 Mr. Martin Debate — 55 Mr. Queener Debate Team — 54, 55 Mr. Friuts Future Nurses of America — 67 Mrs. Cohen Future Teachers of America — 66 Miss Pickard Geology — 71 Mr. Maori German — 53 Mr. Markel Girls ' Automechanics — 62 Mr. Harding Girls ' Ensemble — 75 Mr. Johnson Girls ' Industrial Arts — 62, 63 Mr. Corbin Government — 47 Mr. Fleming Graphic Arts — 72 Mr. Smith Great Books — 48 Mrs. Kraft History of Math — 42 Mr. Gish International Foods — 64 Miss Nead International Relations — 46 Mr. Moore Journalism — 48 Mr. Cord Junior Historical Society — 46 Mr. Holzman Key Club— 40, 41 Mr. Schiffli Knitting — 64 Mrs. Rhamey Latin — 52 Miss Lesley Library Assistants — 72 Mr. D. Johnson Madrigals — 77 Mr. Martin Military Hitsory — 46 Mr. Burrin Mu Alpha Theta— 43 Mr. Weinheimer Music Men — 74 Mr. Laughlin National Defense Cadet Corps — 80, 81 Captain Wilhelm National Forensics League — 54 Mr. Fruits National Honor Society — 44, 45 Miss Freudenberger National Thespians — 57 Mr. Lord NORTHERNER— 60, 61 Mr. Cord NORTHERN LIGHTS— 60, 61 Mrs. Rhamey Notehand — 59 Mrs. Reese Orchestra— 78, 79 Mr. Dennis Panther Athletic Club— 82, 83 Mr. Weaver SECRETARIES Buddenbaum, Mrs. Gladys — 125 Clark, Mrs. Mary Jane— 125 Farkas, Mrs. Ruth— 122 Gilbert, Mrs. Pam— 125 Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth — 115 Keller, Mrs. Doris— 125 Kennedy, Mrs. Geneva — 122 Lindell, Mrs. Gladys— 125 McDermott, Mrs. Betty— 125 Nickels, Mrs. Rosalie — 125 Scott, Mrs. Paulyne — 125 Swigart, Mrs. Linnea — 125 Tomlinson, Mrs. Patricia — 125 Whitsitt, Mrs. Grace— 125 Pep Band— 83 Mr. Rhinesmith Photography — 58, 59 Mr. Phares Physical Education Helpers — 73 Mr. Farrand Poetry — 48 Mr. Duffy Quill and Scroll— 44, 45 Mr. Cord Red Cross — 67 Mrs. Wisner Review Typing- Mr. Rump -58 Science Projects — 68 Mr. Lindberg Science Reading — 69 Mr. Mohr Science Service — 70 Mr. Schmucker Senior Girls ' League — 41 Mrs. Stokesberry Shakespeare — 49 Mrs. Kass Slide Rule— 43 Mr. Ross Spanish — 52 Mr. Bracken Stage Band— 79 Mr. Rhinesmith Stage Crew — 56 Mr. Lord Student Council — 38, 39 Mr. Bugher Symphonic Band — 78 Mr. Rhinesmith Transcription- Mr. Cruzan Travel — 50 Mr. White -58 World Culture— 47 Miss Overman Student Index Abbott, Ellen— 77 Abel, Jody— 60 Abrams, Robert— 39, 40 Abrams, Steve — 95 Adams, Mary — 41 Adams, Skip— 73, 90, 106, 108 Agnew, Carla— 14, 44, 76, 125, 156, 168, 215 Aiman, Eliece — 78 Alar, Georgann — 26, 57 Alazraki, Moises— 39, 51, 52 Alboher, Pam— 39 Alig, Leslie— 200 Allen, Barbara — 78 Allen, Dawn— 78 Allen Mary— 77 Allen, David— 101 Allport, Glenn — 54, 55 Alsop, William— 24 Ambroz, Sharon — 177 219 Ammerman. Sally— 61, 135. 200 Anderson, Gregory — 74 Andregg. Michael — 65 Andrews, Jenny — 164, 196 Angell, Bonnie— 39, 73, 74, 192 Antons, Astrida — 48 Armstrong, Becky— 29, 77, 195 Arnold, Stephen — 177 Arshop, Debbie— 62 Astbury, Louis — 103 Astlev, ' Sally— 63 Ault, Kathy— 73 Avels, Suzanne — 72 Avcock, Michael— 90, 105, 111, 127, 129 Babayan, Sona — 52 Bach, Robert— 74 Backer. Howard— 40, 126 Bahne, Charlie— 12, 43, 54 Bailey, Betsy — 72 Bailey, Kathlyn— 75 Baker, Cathy— 54, 75 Baker, Larry — 106 Baldwin, Herbert— 89, 95 Baldwin, Richard— 39 Ball, Annetta — 42 Ball, Gary— 39 Bancroft, Marrianne — 74 Bareither, Van— 44, 78, 90, 105, 108, 111 Barlow, Ann— 129 Barnes, Pam — 177 Barnes, Nancy — 44, 45, 61 Barrett, Mary — 39- Bates, William— 74 Batza, Joseph — 81 Bauer, Elaine — 76, 118 Bauer, Jane — 78 Baumgardt, Marilyn — 74, 78 Baun, Paul— 101, 164 Beam, Kent— 78 Beardshear, Craig — 96 Beatty, Ron— 82, 92, 106, 107, 108, 201 Beck, Deborah — 77 Behrendt, Cheryl 4, 61, 142 Behrmann, Cherryl — 177 Beitman, Bruce — 96 Bennett, Barbara — 34 Bennett, Robert— 40, 86, 108 Benz, Janice — 73, 76 Berkowitz, Mike— 78, 79 Berns, Susan — 185 Bernstein, Seth— 39, 40 Berry, Ronald — 44, 57 Bessey, Karen — 54, 78 Bevins, Debra — 57, 77 Bingham, Karen — 164 Bingham, Kathryn — 53, 126 Bishop, Leslie — 197 Bixler, Carol— 44, 45, 52, 60, 141 Blackburn, Julia— 64, 78 Blackburn, Sara— 64, 78 Blake, Albert— 102,108 Bledsoe, Marty— 39, 78, 101 Blckenstaff, Nancy— 78 Blomberg, Bruce— 73, 86, 92, 105, 108 Bloom, Mark— 43, 78, 90, 105, 108 Bluestein, Sheldon — 65, 127 Bly, Tom— 40, 44, 102 Boals, Jane — 76 Bockstahler, Sally— 204 Bodwell, Frank— 23, 39, 40, 45, 61, 106, 111 Bohard, Claudia — 57 Boleman, Polly— 177 Bolin, Juanita — 27 Boling, Cheryl— 185 Bolles, Jackie— 199 Boone, Darvl — 78 Bose, John— 39, 101 Bower, Alan — 43 Boyd, Fletch— 101 Boyer, Barbara — 31 Bradley, Jo — 76 Bradshaw, Melody — 77 Brandt, Beth— 31, 66 Brandt, James — 74 Braun, Judy— 12, 15, 54, 57, 76 Brause, Danelle — 73 Brause, Meg— 177,194 Breisacher, Sandra — 172 Brewster, Chris— 54, 55, 78 Bridges, Steve — 74 Bridgforth, George — 39, 74 Brodev, Barb— 109, 189 Brodey, Helene— 76, 215 Brody, Bill— 91 Brokaw, Michael — 54 Bromley, Jim— 14, 90, 98, 105, 126, 127, 129, 215 Brooks, Richard— 89 Brown, Charles— 26, 68, 70, 126, 209 Brown, Linda — 78 Brown, Mary — 77 Brown, Mary Jane — 164, 196 Brown, Mike — 91 Brown, Pat— 96, 108 Brown, Susan — 78 Browning, Christopher — 74 Brueckner, Katherine — 77 Brunelle, Marilyn — 77 Bryant, Rebecca — 74 Buchanan, James — 80, 81 Buddenbaum, Lynn — 146 Buddenbaum, Nancy — 77 Bugbee, Beth— 215 Bunes, Barbara — 198 Burgess, David— 86, 107, 146 Burgess, George — 108 Burgy, Ronald— 80, 81 Burkett, Debbie— 82 Burney, Douglas— 48, 78 Burns, Elizabeth— 12, 38, 39 Burris, Jeffrey — 20 Burton, Susan — 155 Busch, John— 19, 37 Buschmann, Stephen — 65 Butler, Dale— 26, 39, 68, 70, 207 Butz, Ann— 18, 39, 44, 78, 200 Butz, Barbara — 78 Butz, Carol — 44 Byers, Jerry — 74 Byrd, Richard— 73, 98, 103 Byrd, Warren— 177 Cagle, Margaret — 185 Caine, Elliott— 78 Callaway, Rex— 89, 101 Callier, Nancy — 146 Cantrell, Vicki— 189 Canull, Douglas— 73, 214 Capehart, Craig — 81 Careskey, Marc — 43, 164 Carroll, William— 74 Carson, Judy — 78 Carter, Judith — 33 Carter, Patricia — 64 Cassada, Carolyn— 14, 44, 76, 126, 201, 215 Chamberlin, Debroah — 78 Chastain, Jerry — 78 Chastain, Judith— 74 Chiplis, Michele— 64, 177 Christenson, Roger — 23, 73 Clark, Cathlyn— 78 Clay, Patti— 39, 75 Clay, Robert— 81 Claycombe, Steven — 74 Claypool, Philip— 24, 40, 43, 44, 127, 129 Clayton, Scott— 11, 30, 73, 86, 87, 92, 106, 164, 165, 214 Clifford, Brian— 86, 107 Cluster, Candace— 78, 109 Clutter, Carol Ann— 74, 192 Cockerille, Philip R.— 39, 40 Cohen, Ellen 4, 74 Cohen, Janet Rae — 53 Cole, Daniel — 51 Collins, Sherry Ann — 77 Conner, Jack T. — 46 Connolly, Timothy — 51, 126 Cook, Robert E.— 164 Cooper, Charles S. — 78 Copenhaver, David Lee — 91, 101 Corbett, Ann Marie 39 Corlett, Glenn William— 74 Cory, David Lindsay — 64 Cotter, Michael — 89 Coulson, Sarah Luan — 75 Covey, Ronald Nelson — 78 Cracraft, Leslie Anne — 64 Cravey, Georgia — 60 Creveling, Jay — 39 Crowder, Elizabeth Ann — 41, 67, 143 Cullison, Virgil— 81 Cupp, Elaine — 82 Cure, Karen l4, 53, 61, 126, 130, 193, 215, 223 Curry, Elizabeth Ann — 164 Curry, Roger— 73, 98 Daniels, Deborah Jean — 77, 109 Daniels, Mitchell— 5, 23, 38, 39, 74, 111 Darling, Robert G. Jr.— 27, 73 Darring, Shirley Ann — 73 Davis, Deborah— 201 Davis, Thomas L.— 40, 101 David, Sam Henry — 177 Davidson, John Edward — 78, 86, 98 Dawe, Gregory— 43, 71, 90, 107 Dawson, Esther Lucille — 39, 76 Dawson, Larry — 74 Day, Douglas— 127 Deckman, George — 6 Decoursey, Donna Sue — 43 Defabis, George L. — 81 Deford, Howard — 81 Delott, Steven— 27 Dennerline, Frederick — 61, 44, 45, 54, 162 deRaismes, Beverly — 23,44,61, 66 Detmer, Delbert— 30, 39, 107, 129 153 Dillin ' Pat— 54, 57 Diltz, Emily— 206 Dimit, John— 127 Dinwiddie, Al— 87, 177 Dinwiddie, Mark— 7, 14, 39, 73, 86, 106, 191 Dinwiddie, Robert— 80, 81 Dison, Dwight— 39, 78 Dittus, Diana— 78 Dodd, Linda— 203 Doncarlos, Pam — 75 Donnell, Sandra — 75 Donovan, Linda — 74 Dorman, Jackie — 39 Dorn, Bruce — 81 Douglass, Claudia — 78 Drake, Dan— 57, 74 Drake, Pamela — 185 Drummond, Kipp — 55 Duggan, Karen — 78 Duhm, Rodney — 48 Dunham, Richard — 81 Dunlap, Cheri — 82 Dunn, Debora— 200 Dunn, Kari— 189 Dunn, Tom— 96, 97, 105, 108 Dunne, Gordon — 74 Duvall, John— 12, 54, 164 Dwyer, Judith — 134 Easley, Kay — 126 Eastes, Stephen — 39 Eaton, Lyman — 7, 57, 78 Echard, Maribeth— 43, 44, 45, 47, 61, 127 Efthim, Richard— 42 Eger, Gail— 44, 127, 130 Ehmer, Cylinda — 161 Ehret, Danny— 92, 107 Ehrhardt, Candy— 75, 161 Einstandig, Bonnie — 60, 77, 207 Elliott, Jennifer— 29 Elliott, Michael— 53, 177 Ellson, Steven — 86 Elston, Richard— 52, 126 Emmert, Fred — 98 Engel, Pamella — 161 Englehart, Anne— 8, 161, 200 Englehart, Tim— 39, 40, 203 Enwright, Paul — 65 Ernsting, Jean — 78 Ervin, Harold — 78 Estridge, Keith— S9 Evans, Liz — 77 Evans, Steve — 32 Everhart, Gary — 74 Everhart, Roderick — 72 Ewell, Linda— 78 Fant, Duane — 78 Faris, Edward — 40 Fasola, Alfred— 73, 86, 88, 111 Fathman, Jeanine — 82 Fatout, Marjorie— 29, 74 Fehsenfeld, Fred— 39 Fehsenfeld, Jo Anne — 41, 161, 206 Fetner, Susan Kay— 38, 129 Fiesel, Barbara — 30, 46 Fine, Richard — 78 Fink, Dale— 43, 44, 53, 54, 55, 126, 127, 129, 130 Fineberg, Mark — 23 Fischesser, Chris — 81 Fish, Paula— 74, 80, 81 Fisher, Sally— 164, 192 Fitts, Harvey — 81 Flannery, Maureen — 44, 70, 127, 131 Fletcher, Jean — 21 Flynn, Amanda — 74 Fobes, Richard— 39, 74, 103, 195 Fogle, Norman— 41, 44, 90, 105 Fogle, Ann— 53, 76, 164 Ford, Paul— 82, 86, 90, 105, 108 Fortune, John— 40, 78, 91 Foster, Kathy— 177 Fowler, John — 20 Fox, Richard — 74 Frank, Rae Ellen l4, 47 Frankovitz, Evelyn — 73 Fraps, Barbara — 74 Frayer, Christopher — 74 Frayer, Dave— 73, 98, 101 Freeman, Georgette — 54, 55 Fritsch, Barry— 40, 44, 73, 86, 106, 108, 111, 126 Fritschle, Scott— 102, 108, 215 Frosh, Rick— 92, 93 Fruits, Steve — 7, 54 Fulk, Donald— 78, 80, 81 Gaalema, Greg — 73, 91 Gallion, Dan — 74 Galvin, Matthew— 43 Gangstad, Susan — 33 Gans, Susan — 28, 78 Gardner, Larry — 91 Garriott, Karen — 75 Garrity, Thomas — 89, 177 Gellersen, George — 78 Gemmer, Barbara — 78 George, Elizabeth — 78 George, Jamise — 52 Gillaspie, Floyd — 81 Gilleff, Beverly— 44, 66 Gilleff, Linda— 78 Gillespie, Charles — 78 Gillespie, Douglas— 23, 38, 39, 44, 45, 79, 129 Giltner, David — 76 Giltner, Steven — 76 Gipe, Stephen— 39, 101 Girdler, Kathy— 28 Glanzman, Dave — 131 Glasser, Bob— 39, 40 Goldberg, Mike— 43 Goldstein, Jimmy — 48, 60 Goll, Jeanne— 12, 164, 197 Goode, Randall— 197 Goodhart, Thomas — 81 Goodin, Robert — 54, 55 Goodman, Dan — 55 Goodrich, Steve — 54, 55 Goodwin, Steve — 46, 48 Gould, James — 177 Gradolf, Stephanie — 73 Grady, Kathy— 8, 44, 45, 51, 126 Graham, Garrett — 95 Grant, William— 78 Graves, Jeffrey — 78 Green, Cheryl — 74 Greenberg, Barbara — 51, 149 Greer, Sandra— 13, 29, 39, 60, 77, 195 Gresham, Georgia — 57 Griffin, Maureen — 173 Griffith, Richard— 44, 49, 78, 127 Grimes, Bruce — 78 220 Grinkmeyer, Gerald — 89 Grosskopf, Jennifer — 28, 78 Grube, Kenneth— 78, 79 Grube, Dan— 54, 55, 194 Gruber, Karen — 75 Guetschow, Karen — 73 Guinther, Gregory — 78 Guy, Earl— 54, 55 Gwyn, Douglas — 68, 103 Habegger, Rebecca — 51 Habig, Joan — 39 Habig, Robert— 39, 53, 98 Hackleman, Robert— 73, 86, 87, 88, 106, 108 Haggard, Rex — 153 Haines, Brenda — 77 Haines, Richard— 80 ,81 Hale, Alan— 78, 79 Hale, Doug— 43, 74, 103, 126, 131 Ham, James — 40, 43 Hamaker, Carol— 74, 78 Hamilton, Mary— 38, 39, 75 Hampshire, Sally— 192 Haniton, Charlie — 32 Hankins, Chris— 68, 164 Hanna, Deborah — 78 Harcourt, Jack— 89, 96, 177 Hardy, Bill— 95 Harmon, Winifred — 67 Harper, Jeannette — 78 Harpool, James — 107 Harris, Beth— 7, 24 Harris, Diana — 78 Harris, Scott — 39 Harshman, Kemp — 44 Harshman, Mark— 25, 39 Hartley, Sharon — 41, 61 Hartman, Sally — 8, 75 Haskitt, Paul— 103 Haskin, Robert— 66, 164, 215 Hasler, Linda — 74 Hauss, Lynn — 44 Hawhee, Jane — 189 Hayes, Betty Jo— 60 Heath, Diane — 58 Hedrick, Linda— 14, 139, 154 Heifer, Sandra— 155, 199 Heil, Deborah— 189 Hendricks, Carolyn — 75 Hendricks, Larry — 40 Hendrickson, Sandra — 46, 64, 74 Hendrix, Terry — 81 Hepburn, Barbara — 60, 141 Herndon, Rebecca — 77 Herrick, Janet — 44, 45, 78 Herrmann, Suzanne — 48 Hershey, Judy— 82, 164 Hickey, James--10, 106, 108, 111 Hickey, John— 73, 92, 106 Hicks, Daniel— 43, 78 Hicks, Mary— 177 Hill, Carol— 75, 164, 165 Hill, Steve— 95 Hilton, Marc— 54 Hoffman, Jeffrey — 39 Hoffman, John— 12, 54, 76 Hoffman, William— 14, 126 Hoffmann, Steven — 56, 57, 61, 127 Hogle, Deanna— 73, 80, 81 Hollis, Shelley— 127 Holloway, Alison— 82, 134 Holmes, Carol — 205 Holmquist, John — 91 Holsworth, Mark — 74 Holsworth, Thomas — -74 Holt, Mark— 91 Honeyman, James — 80, 81 Hooker, Jill— 76, 78 Hooker, Joe— 89 Horine, Bryon — 96 Horning, Gregory — 74 Hotte, Warren— 73, 90, 108 Howard, Barry — 81 Howard, David — 81 Howard, Margaret — 81 Howard, Randy — 101 Howell, Priscilla— 39 Hoyt, Patricia — 73 Hubert, John— 39, 43, 44, 70 Hudson, Harvey — 39, 53 Huff, William— 89, 177 Huffman, Dennis— 6, 102, 129, 196 Hughes, Neil— 40, 78 Hughes, Susam — 171 Humbert, Virginia — 74 Hunter, Diana— 44, 71, 78 Hurwitz, Richard— 42, 89 Hyten, Bruno — 89 Ice, Marabeth — 44, 66 Irwin, Ann — 5, 41, 44 Itce, Carolyn — 75 Jackson, Gregg — 74 Jacobs, Darla — 74 Jacobs, Don— 54, 78, 177 Jacobson, Bruce— 39, 102, 108 Jakoubek, Robert — 40 Jay, Marcy — 198 Jeffrey, Robert— 61, 127 Jeffries, Robert — 96 Jenkins, Jo Ellen— 82, 126 Jenkins, Robert — 78 Jensen, Susan — 203 Jerman, Mary K.— 215 Jewell, Rose — 56 Jobes, James — 89 Johnson, William— 89, 101 Jones, Linda — 167, 215 Jordan, Jane — 78 Joslin, Nancy — 193 Kafoure, Leslie — 39 Kafoure, Mike— 92 Kahn, Caryl— 43 Kahn, Susan — 39, 60 Kail, Robert— 74, 164, 204 Kallansa, Karen — 30 Kammeraad, Patricia — 44, 49, 78, 126 Kamplain, Bruce — 78, 79 Kamplain, James — 78 Kandrac, Ann— 54, 74, 78 Karau, Philip— 43, 78, 79 Kafoure, Michael— 105, 201 Kautzman, Steven — 73 Kavanaugh, Kris— 80, 81 Keiner, Warren — 4 Keller, Brad— 78 Keller, John lO, 164 Kelley, Thomas— 39, 40, 196 Kellogg, Donald— 40, 58, 103 Kelso, Stephanie — 77 Kempler, Joseph — 73, 74 Kennedy, John — 74 Ketzel, James — 54 Kiger, Kristi— 78, 177 Kikendall, Melanie— 78 Kincaid, Dana — 40 Kinsey, Brian — 78 Kirles, George — 39 Kitterman, Randall— 23, 90, 91, 107 Kitzmiller, Gregory — 78 Kivett, Katherine — 199 Klein, Jeff— 73, 92, 106, 200, 201 Klepfer, Michael— 80, 81 Knudsen, Erik— 7, 105, 126, 204 Kokos, Melissa— 39, 60, 165, 197 Kostrevic, Anne — 68 Kramer, Sharon — 77 Kramer, Pam — 77 Krentler, Gary — 59 Kreusser, Katherine — 39, 75 Krieger, Ellen— 149 Krueger, Debby— 26, 44, 50, 126 Krueger, Karen — 75 Kubilis, Jane— 82 Kunz, Penny — 78 Kurtz, Sheila — 77 La Mar, Donna — 66 Lamb, Margaret — 42 Lancet, Jeanne — 57, 127 L ancet, Margaret — 77 Langfitt, David — 74 Langford, Donovan — 78 Lapham, Jeffrey — 91 Larason, Charles — 204 Lash, Richard— 89, 95 Lateste, John— 91, 177 Lawrence, Charles — 78 Lawton, Donald— 10, 38, 39, 76, 86, 98, 101, 105 Leander, Karen— 44, 126, 134 Lecocq, Vicki — 62 Lee, Jane— 75, 207 Leff, Marjorie— 21, 78 Leland, Barbara — 39 Lempke, Bob— 89, 101 Lenglade, James — 74 Lennox, Ellen— 12, 164, 196 Lerman, Jay — 44 Leschot, Joan — 177 Leslie, Martha — 78 Light, Kim— 78, 80, 81 Light, Marcia— 23, 54 Lilly, Diana— 39, 165, 203 Lincoln, Timothy — 127 Linder, Gary— 89, 95 Linderman, Jim— 21, 40, 43, 60 Lindquist, Aline — 78 Lindquist, John — 40, 54, 55, 60 Lindstrom, Bruce — 81, 103 Lingeman, Jan — 74 Linn, David— 40, 133 Livingston, Lynn — 39 Lockhart, Frank — 91 Lockwood, Nancy — 82 Logsdon, Joseph — 195 Lookabill, Janet — 75 Looney, Patrick — 40 Loutner, Stanton — 73 Love, Phillip— 105 Lucas, Thomas — 78, 79 Luginbill, David — 78 Lurvey, Ellyn — 39 Luzader, Linda — 54 MacAllister, Leigh — 62 MacMullin, Barbara — 49 Magel, Stephen — 213 Maggard, James — 102,164 Mahoney, Stephen— 39, 44, 204 Main, Dianna — 78 Main, Lynn — 44, 78 Maines, Jane — 78 Maribona, Miguel— 33, 70 Marr, Jeffery— 74, 89 Marra, Anthony — 126 Martin, Constance — 196 Martin, Rex— 39, 76, 198 Marvel, William— 89 Massena, Roy — 101 Mather, Candace— 73, 78 Mathews, Judy — 44, 206 Mathews, Terry — 177 Maurer, Bonnie — 51, 73 Maxwell, Juliana — 47 Maxwell, Michael — 46 Maxson, Laura — 57, 78 May, Bernie — 78 May, Melanie — 78 McAloon, David— 78 McAloon, John— 78, 79 McBride, Deborah — 74 McCan, Becky — 11 McCarthy, William— 78 McClain, Nancy— 165, 176, 199 McClard, Kandie— 75 McClelland, Ann— 39, 74 McConville, Scott— 39, 73 McCue, Lee— 45, 61, 129, 133, 135 McDowell, Robin— 76, 192 McFarland, Robert — 76 McGarghey, Craig— 39, 207 McGeary, Daniel — 89 McGlasson, Patricia— 44, 78, 127 McGraw, Sally— 13, 77 McGuire, Donna — 82 Mclntyre, Gretchen — 73 McKinley, ' Larry — 78 McKown, George— 13, 76, 89, 177 McLary, Deborah— 77 McManama, Judy — 78 McManis, Nancy — 52 McMillen, Peggy — 62 McNeese, Cathe— 182 McNichols, Stephen— 90, 105, 108, 164 McPhee, Bob— 12, 25, 54, 55 McVey, Sally— 60, 197 Meditch, Marcia — 77 Meeker, Scott— 80, 81 Meili, Robert— 34, 54 Messenger, Sarah — 75 Metzger, Mary— 202 Mewhinney, Barbara — 60 Meyer, Bob — 95 Meyer, Deborah — 59, 78 Meyers, Leslie — 48, 66, 70 Michael, Chris— 78, 79, 98 Milch, Tom— 54, 55, 69, 177 Miller, Janice — 78 Miller, Joe— 89 Miller, Johanne— 168,171 Miller, Margaret — 78 Miller, Sarah Kathleen— 78 Miller, Terry— 7, 44, 52, 127 Mills, Mark Clifton— 39 Miner, Georgie — 45, 47, 61, 126, 130 Mix, Ronald— 80, 81 Mock, Wanda— 82 Mogg, Randy Owen — 202 Monical, Mary — 78 Monical, Stuart— 78, 96 Montgomery, Stephanie — 18 Moody, Kathy — 194 Moore, David — 91, 164 Moore, Dorothy Ann — 206 Moore, Eugene — 80 Moore, Mark— 39, 86, 101, 107 Moore, Robert — 78 Moore, Sandra — 75 Moore, Susan — 29, 77 Moore, Yolanda — 78 Moos, Alinda — 199 Mordoh, Linda — 177 Morgan, Terry i3, 127 Morris, Diane — 78 Morris, Marsha — 38 Morton, Janice — 173 Morton, John — 164 Moser, Sandra — 81 Moynahan, Roger — 71, 197 Mueller, Lynne— 21, 39 Mullin, John— 105 Mullinix, Linda — 75 Murduck, Mark — 78 Murphy, Charles— 80, 81 Murphy, Joseph— 73, 74, 86, 98, 105, 126, 215 Murphy, Kathleen — 64, 78 Murray, Keith — 214 Nahmias, Larry- -39, 68, 96 Nees, David— 86, 98, 99, 100 Neff, Harry— 54 Nefouse, Paul— 14, 39, 73, 86, 87, 88, 105, 126, 215 Nelson, Deborah — 54 Nelson, William— 98, 105 Nestor, David— 76, 198 Netter, Larry— 80, 81 Nichols, John— 11, 61, 78 Nichols, Rosemary — 67 Nicholson, Kathleen— 78, 82 Nie, Douglas— 39, 71 Nisenbaum, Judy— 61, 73, 142 Noland, Kathleen— 43, 164 Nolte, Sarah— 206 Norman, Shirley — 126 Oberlin, Mike— 74 O ' Brien, Linda— 20 196 Ochs, Rachel— 23, 44, 48, 54, 55 O ' Connor, Thomas — 81 O ' Heren, Patti— 77 O ' Dowd, Michael — 74 O ' Kane, Karen— 126 O ' Hlson, Raymond— 89 Oliver, Darby— 39, 44, 75, 195, 204 Oliver, Deborah— 61, 197 Orr, James— 92, 93, 107 Osborn, Judith — 140 O ' Sullivan, Timothy — 81 Over, Paul— 43, 78 Overbey, Steven— 39, 73, 98 Overman, Lynda — 75 Overman, Steven— 86, 92, 106, 108 Owens, Stephanie — 139 Pactor, Jon— 45, 60, 65, 86, 107, 129,162 221 Palmer, Betsy— 196 Pappas, Peter — 70 Parker, William S.— 78, 89, 101 Parrish, Laura — 74 Partlowe. Sylvia — 82 Patten, John — 43 Patterson, Arthur— 74 Patterson, Ronald — 74 Patterson, Wendy — 78 Patton, David Eugene — 177 Patton. David Lloyd— 89 Paulin. Patricia— 82 Payne, Janice — 29, 77 Pearson, Bonnie — 73, 76 Pearson, Nancy — 171 Pederson, Stanley — 81 Peirce, Gregory — 40 Peirce — John David — 96 Pelsue, Gary — 74 Penington, Harry Alton — 78, 90 Penington, Michael — 78 Pernio, Robert— 40, 86, 105, 108 Penrod, Bruce— 78, 79 Pepple, Terrv 73. 199 Perkins, David Robert— 27, 39 Perkins, Sally— 44, 78 Perkins, Robert— 74, 76 Perlstein, Robert — 91, 96 Peters, Thomas — 81 Petersen, Scott— 78, 79, 101 Peterson, Steven — 76 Petticrew, Jeffery— 39, 40, 44, 103 Phelps, Susan — 75 Phillippe, Jamene— 82, 177 Philyaw, Oliver— 74 Pike, Charles— 197 Pike, Darrell— 86 Plhenger, Gary — 95 Piatt, Thomas— 43 Plumb, Kathryn— 182 Plzak, Constance — 76, 215 Polk, Priscilla— 44, 126, 127, 129 Ponder, Constance — 39, 75 Potter, Robert— 32, 44, 86, 96, 105, 108 Prah. Gary— 39, 69, 193 Pritchard, Glenn— 86, 98, 99, 105, 108, 164 Pruitt, James — 107 Pruitt, Robert— 39, 91 Pruyn, Richard— 76, 215 Pruyn, Thomas — 74 Pryor, Cheryl— 77 Pryor, Robert— 81 Puckett, Kristine — 78 Pylat, Scotr— 81 Raber, Melinda— 78 Ramaker, Cherry — 134 Ramaker, Douglas— 89, 101 Ramey, Louellen — 39, 75 Ratliff, Chris— 41, 126 Raver, Terri— 54, 55, 74 Reed, Clarence— 80, 81 Reel, David— 78 Reel, Bill— 39, 89, 101, 103, 108 Regenstreif, Ike— 27, 40, 43, 61 Reid, James — 103 Reifers, Carol — 177 Reifers, Todd— 148, 162 Reinking, Allan — 40 Reiser, Christa — 67 Renfro, Deborah — 57 Rich, Earl— 194, 205 Rich, Kathy— 61, 205 Rich, Pam— 209 Richards, Randall— 101, 103 Richardson, Robert — 65 Richardson, Roger — 78 Riddell, Sandra— 77 Riesen, Mike— 92, 94 Rikhoff, Frank— 54 Roache, Michael— 177 Roberts, Dale— 40 Roberts, Deborah — 39 Roberts, Deborah Kay — 31 Roberts, Kenneth— 90, 91 Roberts, Lee — 105 Roberts, Margaret — 76, 164, 197 Robinson, Dan — 207 Roesch, John— 73, 98 Rohn, Dan— 76, 78 Rose, Barbara — 73 Ross, Roberta — 54 Roth, Mark— 43 Rothbaum, Bob— 27, 39, 40, 43. 60, 103 Rushton, Sharon — 78 Russell, Dee— 13, 44, 57, 127 Rust, David— 207 Sachs, Jackie — 75 Sacks, Annette — 39 Sage, Vicki— 211 Samms, Bonnie — 126 Sandler, Wendy — 57 Sauer, John — 63 Schaefer, Susan — 77 Schernekau, Debra — 177 Schiffli, Carolyn— 164 Schilling, Theodore — 70 Schlegel, Greg— 91, 176, 177 Schmidt, Candise — 211 Schnackel, Bob— 194 Schneiter, Donna — 110 Schnute, Karen — 78 Schoolcraft, Joe— 80, 81, 98 Schrader, Tom— 40, 43, 73, 86, 105, 108, 164, 165 Schuchmann, Walter— 80, 81 Schuff, Jay— 39, 204 Schulte, Leah— 6, 76, 197 Scofield, John— 4, 39, 40, 60 Scott, Tom— 73, 106, 108, 111 Scudder, Sharon— 43, 78, 164, 196 Sebald, Suellen— 26, 126 Sebastian, Mary — 75 Sedberry, Irwin — 57 Seeley, Greg — 40 Seeley, Jana— 29, 77 Sharkey, Pat— 27 Sharp, Judy — 78 Sharp, Othel— 81 Shearer, Kay — 82 Sheehan, Michelle— 39 Shewmaker, Jack — 101 Shirley, Frank— 78, 79 Shoemaker, Diane — 77 Shook, Bob— 40, 74, 86, 108 Shute, Pat— 77, 177 Sicking, Janie — 32 Sigal, Charles— 39, 80, 81 Silet, Peter— 81 Simon, Jeff— 89 Singleton, Dan — 79 Sipe, Sam — 198 Skidmore, Susan — 78 Sklare, Bruce— 54, 55, 103 Slater, Ann — 75 Slater, Dave— 44, 70, 96, 129 Slaughter, Herman — 86, 87 Slosson, Cheryl — 60 Slaughter, James — 78 Small, Richard— 98 Smart, Mike— 103 Smith, Charles — 72 Smith, Cheryl— 82, 164 Smith, Dan— 76, 89, 101, 215 Smith, Gary— 32, 73 Smith, Mary Scott— 12, 21, 39 Smith, Melanee— 189 Smith, Roy— 107 Smith, Bob— 101, 107 Smith, Vicki— 207 Smock, Rebecca — 74 Snow, Terry — 74 Snowden, Raymond — 74 Snyder, Jay — 78 Snyder, Jo — 13 Sobbe, Andy— 27, 39 Sobbe, Ken— 126, 215 Sohn, Vicki — 74 Soper, Julia — 67 Sordean, Judy — 75 Souchon, Bob— 13, 73, 101 Sparks, Kay Ellen— 82 Sparrenberger, Kathy — 12, 75 Speake, Debby — 48 Speicher, Anne — 78 Sprecher, Kent — 81 Springer, Susan — 44, 126, 127 Sputh, Ed— 74 Srader, Betsy— 192 Stackhouse, Linda — 61, 135 Stahl, James — 25 Stahlhuth, Gayle— 12 Stall, Michael— 42, 81 Slander, Meredith— 8, 9, 14, 51 Stanley, Kathryn — 39, 44 Stanley, Sheryl — 177 Steckelmann, Susan — 74 Steeg, Cathy — 131 Steinmetz, Jane — 74 Stern, Larry — 57 Sternberger, Steve — 44, 47, 151 Sterner, Edwin — 78 Stevens, Leslie — 75 Stewart, Francine — 80, 81 Stickle, Evelyn — 74 Stidham, Sue— 44,52,144 Stohler, Gary — 81 Stone, Patricia — 39 Stone, Patricia Ann — 39, 78 Stone, William— 46, 78 Stoner, Bob— 96 Stoner, Lyn— 45, 61, 69, 202 Stoops, Brad — 59 Stradling, James — 78 Strauss, Keith — 78 Stroh, Mark— 73, 98 Strong, David— 214 Strother, David— 86, 108 Stultz, Steve— 78 Sullivan, Michael — 81 Sunderland, Chris — 41 Sutton, Tom— 44, 45, 126, 127 Svendsen, Tracy — 78 Swanson, Linda — 13, 73, 109 Swenson, Patricia — 73, 109 Swingle, Susan— 7, 38, 39, 44 Swiss, Irene — 182 Talbott, Diana— 26, 44 Tansy, Chris — 81 Tate, Charlie— 89 Tavel, Larry— 60, 122, 164, 223 Taylor, Priscilla — 78 Tedrowe, Sam — 96 Tehan, Bruce — 61 Tekolste, Katherine — 78 Tewksbury, Dick— 86, 105, 108, 111, 173 Tharp, Allen — 39 Thayer, Michael— 107 Thomas, Brad — 78 Thomas, Jane — 177 Thomas, Kyle— 8, 14, 127, 215 Thompson, Joyce — 164 Thompson, Lasalle — 90, 95 Thompson, Pete— 8, 14, 73, 82, 86, 88, 92, 93, 94, 105, 126, 145, 215 Thompson, Sharon — 43 Thompson, Steve— 40, 106, 108 Thompson, Susan — 82 Thomson, Jimmy — 213 Thwing, William — 78 Tiller, Dave— 48, 69, 96 Timmons, Andy — 46, 134 Tinsley, Terry — 5, 41, 50 Tishler, Susan — 211 Tolson, Pete— 10, 86, 108, 126 Tomlinson, Linda — 77 Tondy, Brenda — 73 Toth, Phil— 43, 107 Tower, Marcus — 78 Trankle, Thomas— 43, 44, 57, 127 Traugott, Dale — 54 Trester, Roy — 81 Tucker, Karen— 39, 75, 126, 203 Turk, Linda — 75 Turner, Janet — 78 Undercoffer, Kirk— 89, 107 Vance, Bud— 44, 111, 126, 127 Vance, James — 78 Vance, Michael— 86, 73, 108, 215 VanMeter, Cindy— 39, 75 Vaughan, Catherine — 75 Vinton, William— 91 Vorhies, Carl— 90, 98, 100 Wagman, Rhonda — 39 Waife, Ronald— 54 Waldner, Michael— 39, 91, 95 Walker, Rickie— 74 Walkup, Gary— 6, 74, 86, 105, 125, 156 Wallace, Michael— 102 Waller, Donald— 78 Waller, Elizabeth— 78 Walls, Ann— 47, 131 Walls, Kathryn— 78 Walter, John— 86, 105, 108 Ward, Douglas— 35, 39, 73, 96 Ward, Gary— 81 Ward, Mark— 81 Warman, Debbie— 44, 82, 126 Warren, Barbara — 164 Warren, Charles— 74, 80, 81 Warren, Dianne — 78 Wasson, Karen— 74, 82 Waugh, James— 89, 191, 193 Weakley, Ann— 211 Weber, Steve— 79, 81, 152 Wehmeier, Jay — 101 Weil, Barbara— 45, 59 Wei nberg, Larry — 103 Weinstein, Anne — 19, 67 Weldon, William— 101, 176, 177 Wente, Robert— 111 Wherry, Luanne — 6, 8 White, Bruce— 39 White, William— 76, 78,80 Whitehead, Bruce— 43, 44, 127 Whitehead, Dexter— 74 Whitehead, Marilyn— 75 Whitinger, Bob— 13, 78, 79 Wides, David— 39, 40, 44, 52, 74 Wilkerson, Charles— 60, 81 Wilhoit, Paul— 78, 79 Williams, Albert— 101 Williams, Don— 39 Williams, Kevin— 18, 86 Williams, Roy— 74 Williams, Sue— 4, 44, 51, 75, 126, 133 Wills, Kathy— 177 Wilson, Dennis — 74 Wilson, Julia— 32 Wilson, Linda — 76 Wilson, Lindy — 57 Winkler, Claudia— 47 Winter, Debby— 192 Wise, Pollv— 177 Wisely, Debby— 39, 44, 196 Witham, Doug— 101 Wolf, Dan— 162 Wolf, Gary— 7, 78, 79, 164, 165 Wolf, Jackie— 43, 44, 127 Wolf, Karen— 78, 82 Wolf, Mark— 54 Wolf, Bill— 43, 98 Wolsifer, Andy — 65 Wood, Francie — 75 Woodard, Jim — 81 Woodruff, Roger— 62 Woodward, Lannv — 38 Worley, Kevin— 89, 101 Wrege, Nancy — 177 Wright, Fiona — 54 Wright, James Alan — 81 Wright, Marcia— 39 Wright, Mary Beth— 28, 78 Wright, Robert— 78, 79 Wright, Timothy M.— 193 Wright, Timothy T.— 39 Wright, Warren— 105 Wulf, Deanna l4, 74 Yosha, Sandy — 77 Young, Tedd— 62, 78 Youngquist, Martha — 164, 192 Zeller, Gary— 33, 80, 81 Zener, John — 193 Ziegner, Anne — 23 Ziker, Steve — 65 Zimmerman, Bill — 74, 89 Zimmermann, George — 89, 101 Zimmermann, J. — 74 222 Restless spirit motivates new ideas Many Centralites were not satisfied with only the curricular aspect of school life. As a result of their restless spirit, students participated in cultural events and independent study programs. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and three lecturers from I.U. visited North Central. Students and parents enjoyed music provided by the Symphony at a special performance. Professor Thubten Norbu spoke at a seminar about Tibetan life and the selec- tion of the Dalai Lama, his brother. Explaining the influence of the Near East, Dean John Snyder dis- cussed literature as being " continuity between one generation and another. " In an entertaining speech to English students, Dr. Terrance Martin pointed out the function of symbols in American literature. Realizing that many students were eager for addi- tional learning, the administration initiated an inde- pendent study program during the second semester. Students, chosen on a basis of responsibility, utilized their study halls in order to take advantage of North Central ' s vast facilities. DURING INDEPENDENT STUDY TIME, Larry Tavel uses an adding machine to supplement his algebra course. DR. BAGBY, KAREN CURE, and Dave Glanzman study the galley proofs for Dean Snyder ' s book, Alexander the Great. SPEAKING TO STUDENTS about life in Tibet, Prof. Thub- ten Norbu explains the Communist take-over. 223 REDACTED FOR PRIVACY (4 v d REDACTED FOR PRIVACY

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