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. J . , REDACTED FOR PRIVACY 43 (J " 1966 NORTHERNER NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA VOLUME 10 WE STRIVE TO DO THE COMMON THING " Strive to do the common thing uncommonly well, " the favorite motto of George Washington Carver, noted scientist and teacher, strikes a respon- sive note in North Central ites. They, as did his students, learn that going a step farther than the required amount of work, or taking just a little more than the assigned responsibilities, is one of the first elements of success in life. In every aspect of school life, Centralites exert that extra effort to do the common thing uncommonly Well. Whether it concerns class projects, working after school with teachers to improve academic stand- ing, or showing loyalty to team and school, Central- ites work to achieve their goals. The hub of school life is the Student Center, a meeting place for friends, a dance floor for mixers, a central area for con- ferences, and the focal point for many other activities. TABLE OF CONTENTS School Life 6 Academics 18 Activities 34 Sports 78 People 100 Advertising 172 ! UNCOMMONLY WELL Although she has put in a full day ' s work, Miss Noble stays late to tutor Eddy Rich. Bob Haskin adds the finishing touches to a huge Christmas tree, this year ' s version of the Sophomore Class ' s annual project. Varsity basketball players Mike Riesen, Rick Kiovsky, Bob Wente, and Paul Ford tensely watch teammates score important points. 3 OUR GOAL . Centralites make uncommonly good use of their time, crowding waking hours with school, heavy homework assignments, and outside activities, which include a variety of projects. One, tutoring class- mates, provides a successful enterprise for the National Honor Society. Individual students also devote their time to helping underprivileged children with school work. Junior Achievement, a popular activity, interests many Centralites in becoming the business leaders of the future by participating in " company " promotion. Entering national contests brings success to Cen- tralites ' endeavors. This year, for the first time, six North Central ' s own Mim Harris, national vice-president of Junior Achievement, arrives from New York after an exciting weekend of fun and public appearances. As part of the Tutors, Inc. program at Christamore House, top-ranking juniors Sarah Messenger, Linda Roth, and Mau- reen Flannery take time out of their busy schedules each week to help underprivileged children catch up in their schoolwork. Metropolitan Opera star Joy Davidson chats with Andy Uvanni and Candy West after a performance of " Carmen. " NE STEP BEYOND ' THE EXPECTED students competed for the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Achievement Awards. Two received top honors; a third was runner-up. North Central was among the only sixteen schools in the country with two winners. Early in the year, language students began to think of the I.U. Honor ' s Program; four were chosen in 1965. They spent a summer of learning and fun, livins: with French and Mexican families. Centralites strive to do these and many other activities uncom- monly well. Marguerite Waller, Steve Horning, and Tina Simmons share with Mr. Duffy their excitement over receiving awards from the National Council of Teachers of English. i Memories of a summer spent as an A. F. S. student living with a Chilean family are revived for Bonnie Lindquist whenever she looks over the many articles she brought back. Preparing for " Ah, Wilderness, " Kathy Hart and Sara Chenoweth find lacing high-top shoes more time consuming than slipping into old loafers. CENTRALITES SWING Excited conversations about summer vacations changed to discussions of coming activities soon after Centralites returned to school last fall. Seniors began making plans for their annual bonfire and Juniors busily organized a party to which admission would be canned food for needy families. Sophomores expended their energies on orienting themselves to senior high school life. Student Council members swung into their traditional activities, and added two new ones— sponsoring the first North Central Homecoming and hosting the state convention. Two other events marked the fall season as being especially noteworthy. The Drama Department put on " Ah! Wilderness, " as its first play and the " West Side Story " cast played to standing ovations during the Triangle Club ' s Family Jamboree. Actors Dave McKown and Donna Agnew meet the challenge of difficult emotional roles while portraying Tony and Maria in the fall musical " West Side Story. " ■ INTO A SUCCESSFUL FALL SEASON Military Ball Royalty include Judy Wagner, Queen Janyce Wlaz, Willette Wagner, Craig Holderbaum, Bruce Woodard, and Alan Carlson. This is NDCC ' s big annual event. In a Style Show rehearsal, commentator John Stocksdale con- fers with Nancy Cummings, Randy Clark and Kathy Evarts. The annual Senior Bonfire marks the first of many class activities for Richard Kiovsky and Jan Martin. CENTRALITES TACKLE FALL ACTIVITIES I Guests ;ii the turnabout dance listen spell-bound as Miss In- diana entertains with a medley of songs during an intermission. Happiness foi Homecoming Queen Karen Williams is wearing a shining (.rowri and holding a do en long stemmed loses. I let reign began when she was downed by Miss Smith. WITH RENEWED ENTHUSIASM AND SPIRIT A rousing pep session, a special issue of the North- ern Lights, an exciting game, and a turn-about dance marked North Central ' s first official Homecoming. Miss Indiana, alumna Eileen Mary Smith, accented the festivities by crowning Karen Williams queen at the game. Chris Slaughter was crowned king the following night at the dance which carried out the " Panther-a-go-go " theme with pop art and popular music. Armed with the formula PW3 (Panther ' s White- Wash Warriors) the varsity squad fought to a 7-7 tie before a capacity homecoming crowd. The tradi- tional parade of floats included " We Come to Bury the Warriors, Not to Praise Them " by the National Honor Society, " Panther ' s ' Rein ' Over Warriors " by the Key Club, " Warrin ' Pieces " by the Thespians, " We ' ll Cream ' Em " by the Senior Class Council, and " Armed for Victory, " which received the Best Float award, by the Student Council. Tedious work transforms piles of paper napkins and yards of chickenwire into the National Honor Society float. Dance chairman Donna Dunn crowns Chris Slaughter Homecoming King to reign with Queen Karen Williams (third from left). Marcia Raber, Andy Meditch, Susan Deckman, Grant Gaal- ema, Glen Roberts, Mark Miller, and Bill Skelton formed the royal court. 9 Senior Dave Smith and Jim Wood carefully research col- lege pamphlets and catalogues before making applications. Christmas dance royalty— (front) Mary Scott Smith, Queen Susan Cassada, King Glenn Roberts, (back) Scott Clayton, Carolyn Cassada and Mark Dinwiddie. PROGRAMS, DANCES, Booster beanies and buttons, designed by senior Dick Parker, are modeled by Centralites Bill Reel, Bob Haskin and Dave Atkins during Panther Pep Week. Making signs to guide students to Career Day speakers is a service project of Student Council members Mike Berger, Sally Reid, Esther Dawson and Ann Fogle. 10 SHOW FLURRIES ENLIVEN WINTER MONTHS As seniors raced to meet deadlines on college ap- plications, underclassmen moved into the steady swing of the winter months. Programs, dances, and an occasional snow flurry relieved the monotony of a steady diet of school and study. Large crowds danced to the music of the " Dawn Five " at the Student Council ' s traditional Christmas dance. For the first time royalty was chosen for this affair. Centralites donned huge booster buttons and beanies to boost school spirit to an all time high during the second annual Basketball Pep Week. Bemoaning that he has been discovered, Dan Drake tries to get " Out of the Frying Pan " in the winter play of that name. On a platform high above the stage Elaine Bauer, Candy Ehrhardt and Nancy O ' Haver portray angels as they dance during the Christmas convocation. 1 1 (left) Mike Oberlin and Jane Boals uncomfortably await a curtain call in their act " Scrim and Bear It. " (right) Rehearsal tension relaxed when " Sesquisensational " cast members " clowned around " with antique props used in their act. TIMELY ' SESQUISENSATIONAL ' CAPTURES TOP Even without costumes, members ol " Jeopardies of Josephine ' find ii easy to " get into the mood " lor their roles. 12 JUNIOR SPECTACULAR ACT CHAIRMEN— Seated: Linda Wilson, Cathy Steeg, Marianne Bancroft, Julie Maxwell. Standing: Ann Londe, Karen Leander, Ann Irwin, Debby Wisely, Debbie Warman, Karen Tucker, Nancy Barnes. (Katy Kivett not present when picture taken.) " Presidential Pandemonium " breaks loose as " senator " Bob Perkins announces to a group of youthful voters the election of the first teenage President of the United States. FACULTY AND STUDENT CO ORDINATORS — Front Roio: Bob Abrams, Karen Cure. Back Row: Don Martin, Margery Laycock, William Lord. HONORS IN FIVE ACT SPECTACULAR " Junior Spectacular is dedicated to the proposition that act chairmen can exist on three hours of sleep a night, " according to Junior Class President Mitch Daniels. All involved heartily agree, for this year ' s Spectacular included five acts instead of the original four. A search for a sponsor for an amateur summer theater was the theme of Cathy Steeg ' s and Linda Wilson ' s " Scrim And Bear It. " A beautiful Southern belle and a dastardly villain were portrayed in the old-fashioned melodrama, " Jeopardies of Josephine, " written by Marianne Bancroft and Julie Maxwell. Nancy Barnes, Karen Tucker and Debbie Warman employed " spectacular " lighting to create an eerie effect in the aquatic world of " Life Is Just A Bowl Of Fish. " Youths cast their votes for the first teen- age President of the United States in " Presidential Pandemonium, " an act written by Karen Leander and Anne Londe. A harrassed school marm led her pioneer students through Indiana ' s 150 years in the prize-winning act " Sesquicentennial " created by Katy Kivett, Anne Irwin and Debbie Wisely. This year the tenth annual Spectacular involved nearly 400 juniors in one way or another. " I ' m afraid! " cries Carla Agnew as she and Carolyn Cassada explore the aquatic world of " Life Is Just A Bowl Of Fish. " 13 I CENTRALITES SHOW GOOD TASTE IN BOTH I Dan Kempton, dressed in a boy ' s typical " uniform " of sweater, slacks, and loafers, studies with John Ashton in the Chem lab. Pam Robert ' s f ' ashion-righl outfit and (lit ' sophistication of the campaign posters are both part of the contemporary scene during election lime ;ii North Central. H A Centralite is a person of many moods. When study palls, he turns to the solitary hum of strange melodies on his guitar or joins his friends in a lively gab session at a local drive-in. In class he listens with intense concentration, afraid to miss some im- portant point which might later appear on a test. Occasionally he thinks of nothing more than whom to invite to a dance. He works after school with pas- sionate devotion on Spec, the Prom, and Student Council, and then stays up until all hours doing homework. A Centralite is a person of many styles. In a year of fantastic fashions, however, the average boy matched the average girl in good taste and con- servatism. A Centralite is a mobile creature also. The parking lot housed an amazing variety of both self-owned and parent controlled cars. Those who dislike buses formed car pools. A Centralite is, therefore, an average young per- son—neither ultra-modern nor ultra-conservative. He is a typical high school student, busy, happy, excited about living, and caught in a world that puzzles him. The " 1 ' rug, " the " jerk, " and other wild dances provide a safety valve for " blowing off steam " after a heavy study week. DRESS AND ACTIVITIES During the Folk Music Club Assembly North Central ' s one man band Dave BlickenstafI plays the guitar and the harmon- ica, and also sings with what breath he has left. College bound students listen intently during class, afraid to miss an important idea. Long bangs provide an excellent cover for Centralite boys who try cat-napping during study hall. Since many classrooms have no windows, Centralites often discover the true weather for the first time when school is dismissed. 15 Summer Asian Studies students Beets Ostrum and Barb Working on her cockney accent, Judy Bra Crandell admire Susie White ' s oriental costume. hearses her lines in the Spring play " Pygmali. 1 0 For seniors, the " last march " down the full length of the State Coliseum is the culmination of " doing the common thing uncommonly well " at North Central for three years. UFE ' FOR GRADUATES AND UNDERCLASSMEN It seemed paradoxical to the seniors last spring that graduation, the end of twelve years of study, would popularly be called " commencement ' the be- ginning. However, it was the beginning of a new phase of life for the ' 65 graduates. Nearly 80% of them continued their formal education; others looked for jobs or served their country. This " commencement " of a new way of life quite naturally comes in the spring, the season of new life, and the spirit of " newness " wasn ' t restricted to sen- iors. Last year ' s jun iors enthusiastically made flower- ing trees and riverboats to decorate the Indiana Roof for their Junior Prom, " Moonlight on the Missis- sippi. " Sophomores, in ' 65, were equally excited by spring and the nearness of summer vacation. Cindy Slocum and Jan Martin were Junior Prom King and Queen. Many underclassmen spent their summer on vaca- tions, by the swimming pool, or at a job. Some Centralites returned to summer school. Over 800 freshmen and sophomores completed the four week drivers ' education program. ■ NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCH00I DRIVER EDUCATION Student driver Don Lawton discovers the hazards involved in maneuvering a large car in a small space. 17 In the midst of her busy activities, senior Margie Kahn finds time to participate National Honor Society volunteer program helping Centralites with their studies. In the quiet atmosphere of the library, senior Harvey Sachs uses reference materials to supplement his class assignments. During study periods and alter school Centralites find the library a good place for concentrated study and research. Good education becomes prized goal In addition to his extracurricular activities, the Centralite studies uncommonly hard. His seven-and- a-half hour school day is divided into six classes which he chooses from a wide curriculum of aca- demic and vocational courses. After a trying day of school, he often stays after— to do research in the library, to finish a chemistry or physics experiment, to improve his fluency in the language lab, to put the finishing touches on an architectural drawing, or to confer with a teacher about a point that troubles him. He realizes that he must do his best in every class, for his results in high school may determine his future successes. Since the accent of the world in which he lives is on the necessity for a college education, many a Centralite is under pressure to meet the difficult entrance requirements for the school of his choice. He knows that he is more fortunate than many graduates from other schools since North Central ' s facilities and curriculum are uncommonly good. The same opportunities exist for those who plan to go directly into business upon graduation. In ten years, the North Central parents and the administrators have worked to provide a school where educational opportunity for all is uncommonly good. Arriving early, Janet Albertson and Julie Priest use the Stu- dent Center steps for last minute preparation. 19 Students develop Novice forensic participants Bob Rothbaum and John Duvall admire the sweepstake trophy awarded at the first North Cen- tral Invitational speech meet held February 19. Since true education requires the ability to com- prehend other people ' s ideas and to clearly express one ' s own, nearly every Centralite enrolled in at least one course in the English Department. Sopho- mores and juniors took required classes in grammar, literature and developmental reading. Many seniors elected to continue developing their communica- tions skills with courses in composition and English and world literature. Through a program of indi- vidual library work and conferences, a special Inde- pendent Study Group made it possible for fourteen talented seniors to research philosophies and literary figures, and to concentrate on creative writing proj- ects. Seniors Dick Babayan, Dave Martin, Valeska Short, and Marguerite Waller edited the 1966 issue of the annual literary magazine " Etchings in Thought. " The forensic and debate teams opened another opportunity for Centralites to excel in com- munications. The Craig Reader, a new machine in the Reading Lab, develops speed and comprehension in English (lasses which spend from three to six weeks a semester practicing. 20 communication skills in English classes Bob Smith and Barbara Fiesel feel like " language detectives " as they check on Latin and Greek roots from which English words have been derived. 21 Math and science classes keep pace A skate, an unusual freshwater fish comes under the scientific observation of Rick Denner- line, Rick McComb and Kathy Lehr during a six-week research project in Zoology II. Sensitive equipment makes ii possible for advanced chemistry students Mike Wright and Steve Springer to determine the radioactivity of specially prepared elemental isotopes. with modern ideas Math and Science Departments placed greater emphasis than ever on student inquiry and responsi- bility this year. Two new survey courses were offered. One of these, Chemistry Survey, was primarily for students needing the subject but who did not want a lot of theory. The other, Biology Survey, was a terminal course for those who have to fulfill a requirement in the Science Department. Both Math and Science Department faculty mem- bers felt that it was the modern trend to stress con- cepts rather than facts. The Math Department found this method especially effective, and as a result eighty-four of North Central ' s best mathematicians competed in the National Math Contest. The top team composed of Charles Bahne, Robert McPhee and David Martin placed first while sophomores Charles Bahne and Robert McPhee individually placed first and second respectively in the state. Making use of new concepts and theories introduced in the Modern Algebra 5 class, junior Bruce Whitehead solves a trigonometric problem involving sine and cosine. The final step in a physics experiment, set up to determine the amount of force concentrated on a certain point, comes when Bob Newman enters the results on an analysis chart. 23 ii EK Tl A unique method of 17th century punishment is recreated for a World History class when Beth Burns places classmate Dick Tewksbury in a model of the early wooden stocks. Conferences and Extensive preparation in accelerated courses kept social studies students abreast of current affairs. A new course, Asian Studies, initiated last summer, challenged Centralites to explore the intricacies of far-eastern cultures. For the first time, original micro- filmed documents from the National Archives sup- plemented study material in U.S. History. Nine students who showed continued interest in the nation ' s history, became eligible for Girls ' State and Boys ' State at Indiana University in the summer. In the early fall Beth Flickenger and Gary Fisch rep- resented North Central at the Ball State Historical Convention; this program was centered around Con- gress and America ' s future. In keeping with the state ' s one hundred and fifty year anniversary, the department used the Sesquisen- tennial as a sub-theme for their booklet, Peals of Liberty. Seniors Susie Kuszmaul, Steve White and Richard Lilly assisted Mr. Holzman in editing the 1966 Anthology of student writings. Holding mock political elections promotes a better understanding of government for Hoosier Boys ' State and Hoosier Girls ' State delegates Pete Reilly, Mim Harris, Susie Kuszmaul, Carl Bose, Marguerite Waller, and Doug Mitchel. Other delegates who were not present when the picture was taken are Tim Phillips, Ch ristina Simmons, and Steve Garrett. 24 ■ II seminars supplement history courses Under the sponsorship of Indiana Senator Birch Bayh, the first Government Leadership Training Conference was hosted by North Central. Central ' s official delegates Valerie Garbrecht, Ross Morgan, and Mr. Donald Kercheval joined nearly 1200 other students and faculty members from schools through- out the state to listen to and later to question prominent government leaders. Featured at the con- ference were Mrs. Patricia Harrison, U. S. Am- bassador to Luxembourg; former Michigan Governor G. Mennen Williams, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs; Mr. John T. McNaughton, As- sistant Secretary of Defense for International Se- curity Affairs; and Mr. James W. Symington, Execu- tive Director of the President ' s Committee on Juv- enile Delinquency. The annual Williamsburg Student Burgesses sem- inar was another event of national recognition in which a Centralite participated. Senior Leon Fink, representing Indiana, met with students from 49 other states and 34 foreign countries to discuss the theme: " Protest: A Right and a Responsibility. " Wearing tricorn hats, Leon Fink and Kim Segebarth of New York and Tekste Abraham of Ethiopia pose for news photos in the House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, Virginia. Mr. Eiche greets important conference speakers. Left to right: James W. Symington, Jr., Secretary John T. McNaughton, Principal Milo Eiche, Ambassador Patricia Harris, Secretary G. Mennen Williams, Senator Birch Bavh. 25 The advanced German class listens intently when Mr. Brown, who has made many trips to Germany, speaks to them. Any language springs alive through usage, and French becomes particularly intriguing for Sally Ammerman, Terry Miller, and Andi Timmons, translating the Paris " Match " magazine. Conversation, literature stressed in Pensive Latin students Priscilla Howell and Tom Holsworth search their memories for the righl word to di the translation of Julius Gacsar ' s adventures. 26 Three countries sent representative students Danielle Bernard, Belgium; Jahil Rashti, India; and Olaf Leimar, Sweden, to get acquainted with American teenagers at North Central. foreign languages As a continuation of their efforts to make many language levels available to Central ites, the Lan- guage Department added two new courses. French was extended to include a fifth year. Eleven people elected it and enjoyed reporting on the politics, literature, and art of France. Since German may now be taken by junior high school students, a fourth year German class was initiated for advanced stu- dents. The already established fifth year Spanish class read and studied novels in that language. Many students worked toward the Advanced Placement courses of the College Entrance Examination Board. North Central once again entered the largest number of applicants in the state in the Indiana University Honors Program. Nearly nine hundred students throughout the state entered the competi- tion in French, German, and Spanish. Forty-three of these were Central ites. Of this, Indiana chose four students to spend the summer in France and two to live in Mexico. Karen Cure, Gail Eger, Dale Fink, and Georgie Miner will study in St. Brieuc, France, while Linda Roth and Susan Williams will be in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. American Field Service exchange student, Danielle Bernard, corrects Peggy Patterson ' s work in the language lab. 27 Fine Arts classes Using imported bells for better tone quality, senior Jim Mac- Mullin practices his part for a Bell Choir presentation. Perfection is the goal of band students who " show their stuff " at many exciting performances. Frank Bodwell and Donna Agnew kibitz on Carolyn Cassada ' s tie straightening act when she gives Dan Duncan a last minute (heck before they leave for a Counterpoint program. 2H teach theory, appreciation of beauty Although many North Centralites are talented in art and music, it isn ' t necessary to have extraordinary ability to be allowed to enroll in the classes in this department. In fact the goal of the Fine Arts Depart- ment is to help all Centralites gain appreciation of beauty in various forms of art. This paid off when North Central students won thirty Gold Key Awards in the National Scholastic Art Contest, and all seven of the choral groups took first place in the state music contest. Aside from the awards coming to talented students, novice artists were also rewarded by the progress they made in their work. Very gratifying also are the facts that the Counterpoints presented over fifty private performances this year, that for the first time North Central presented an Evening of Concerto featuring talented Centralites, and that this year ' s Student Art Show was the " biggest ever! " With the use of charcoal, Carolyn Wilson creates interesting shadings throughout her art class picture. Wet clay takes the form of a gracefully shaped bowl as Diane Hunter works with the pottery wheel in the well-equipped Arts and Crafts Department. 29 Home Economics students Patty Henn and Linda Finch admire samples sent to the depart- ment for its selection of new carpeting to be used in the Home Management living quarters. Central provides vocational, business, By providing a variety of specialized courses, the Practical Arts and Business Education Departments give business-minded students opportunities to de- velop employable skills. Electives such as typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping give preparation for secretarial work. The girl who has either homemak- ing in her future or an interest in one of the many career possibilities connected with home economics, may discover the real values of her classes when she completes her foods and clothing projects. Boys learn vocational skills by combining theory and practice in such courses as printing tech- nology, auto mechanics, and general metals. Major woodworking projects include the design and con- struction of musical instruments for personal use. Some Centralites participate in a special work-ex- perience program which gives them on-the-job train- ing in various Indianapolis businesses. It only takes a few hours to learn the keyboard, but typing student Barbara Aase finds that it takes many weeks of practice to become a proficient typist. 50 Employing the techniques of the master craftsmen, John Nickels fashions a handmade guitar. Precision workmanship must go into these instruments to obtain perfect tone quality. home ec courses Physical skills plus mental ability equals Realizing that a sound body and a sound mind are of equal importance, North Central supplements the regular academic courses with those of a more func- tional nature. Gym classes participate the year around in a variety of activities, using many pieces of physical education equipment. In the spring much emphasis is placed on outdoor recreation while during the winter months students " work out " on gymnastic equipment. Variety is also reflected in the Practical Arts De- partment where the selection of courses ranges from drafting to electronics. Centralities are given basic training in the fields they plan to enter. Future mechanics, architects, and draftsmen get their intro- ductory experiences in this department. Classes are always small enough so that individual attention may be given each student. Gym assistants Carolyn Smith and Susie Niehaus explain to Kim Noland the safety precautions lor using the " still rings. " Advanced physical education class members take advantage of sunny fall days to improve their archery skills. 32 ' complete person ' factions Graphic Arts boys enjoy daily. Final approval from Mr . Eachus must come t0 Don Fu i k and Paul Baun before they successfully complete their tool design sketches for Mechanical Drafting class. The intricate processes of a transistor radio jump to life for Electronics students Larry DeShano and Wayne Smith as they study its exact operation on a circuit board. WE STRIVE TO DO THE COMMON THING UNCOMMONLY WELL Eighty-one clubs and honoraries involve a majority of people in activities which range from Air Space Club to music groups and Thespians. During a forty-minute break in the regular daily schedule of classes, Central- ites take a " breather " while they go to the organization meetings in which they have a special interest. Programs vary as much as do the personalities of the people who take part in them. Films, field trips, and talks by outside speakers enliven sessions of some; community projects occupy the time of others. Music groups are available to provide entertainment at outside functions as well as during school assemblies. All activities are done uncommonly well. i) Student council adds extra activities traditional projects North Central ' s Student Council is a meaningful organization with a long list of accomplishments back of it. Through the years it has established sponsorship for a number of traditional projects such as the Christmas dance, the second semester faculty tea, the student-faculty basketball game, and the spring and fall sports dances. Kickoff for the council activities comes in the fall with the Homecoming festivities which include the crowning of a queen, a parade of floats at the half- time of the game, and a dance later the next night. During the year, members of the council take turns in acting as salesmen in the Paperback Bookstore. Committees are set up to conduct safety drives, check the cafeteria, handle liaison between the students and the librarians, and assist with the assemblies, both the regular and the recognition programs. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS— f) on row: Bess Simon, Molly Garrett. Back row: Carl Bose, Leon Fink, Mike Berger. STUDENT COUNCIL- (left) Front Row: D. Butler, M. Wright, J. Ray, S. Weir, B. Eggleston, J. Wolf, S. Moore, P. Rich, T. Gardner, L. Domont, D. Hocker, L. Hedrick. Second Row: S. Thompson, K. Tucker, S. Reid, L. Shands, K. Leander, C. Cassada, B. Crandall, D. Dunn, L. Aikman, N. McClain, C. Hill, S. Kahn, P. Nefouse. Third Row: M. Davis, F. Bodwell, R. Fobes, R. Baldwin, C. Ambroz, C. Itce, D. McKown, D. Slater, D. Gillespie, D. Stevens, B. DeRaismes, R. Harrison. Fourth Row: M. Berger, D. Lawton, G. Prah, S. Frischle, J. Leland, C. Bose, R. Woodard, J. Duvall, A. Tharp, J. Schuff, T. Gronau, M. Bledsoe. Last Row: G. Roberts, B. Clutter, S. Overman, J. Hubert, T. Schrader, N. Fogle, T. Kelley, B. Roth- baum, P. Cockerille, C. McGaughey, K. Swanson. (right) Front Row: S. Wagman, M. Koplow, A. Bauer, C. Ponder, M. Gar- rett, S. Swingle. Second Rou : G. Fisch, J. Habig, S. Greer, B. Burns, M. Smith, B. Simon, M. Raber, N. O ' Haver. Third Rou : M. Moore, E. Dawson, D. Trieb, S. Kafoure, S. Nisen- baum, L. Fink, K. Stanley, C. Berling. Fourth Row: R. Martin, M. Harris, K. Krueger, G. Bridgeforth, J. Lindquist, S. Butz. Last Row: William Bugher, B. Abrams, J. Petticrew, B. Wil- lard, B. Jahnke, D. Wides, E. Engle, J. Martin. The council sponsored Danielle Bernard and Jahlil Rashiti. Randy Clark, president of Key Club ' s seventy members, asks Steve Kafoure for suggestions on club projects. Bill Lee and Mike Berger get on the subject of Key Club business when they get together. KEY CLUB— Front Row: L. Don i, S. Bernstein, W. Keiner 1). Linderman, L, Baker, J. 1 finer, II. Backer, E. Faris, B Newman, M. Daniels, T. Phillips, B. Kuhn, R. Lawton Second Row: M. [acobson, G. Fisch, S. Thompson, T. Sutton I ' ,. Abrams, Gardner, M. Berger, J. Petticrew, T. Holland A. Brothers, R. Small, ]. I, eland, S. Fisher, Wilbur Richards Third Row: S. Kafoure, S. Nisenbaum, I). Linn, I). Hale, J Wilson. J. Brody, C. Rose, [. Reynolds, B. Lee, S. ButZ, J Wood, G. Sheik, B. Loeper, D. Martin. Fourth Row: D. High- mark, M. Peeler, B. Jahnke, D. Frauman, J. Hickey, A. Fasola, P. Reilly, C. Svendsen, P. Claypool, B. Cruickshank, D. Baba- yan, f. Lerman, M. Roman. Fast Row: J. Ashton, J. Pylat, B. Clutter, N. Humphreys, D. Smith, D. Domont, M. Seulean, R. Clark, T. Rhodes, S. White, N. Rhodes, S. Jackson, S. Rhodes, S. Springer. This is a national affiliate that is asso- ciated with Kiwanis International. Randy Clark is president. League set up as service organizations A Senior Girls ' League project, the spring tea for their bers Pat Werner, Beth Flickinger, Mim Harris, Margie Waller, mothers, requires many conferences lor Planning Board mem- Cheryl Berling, and Barb Philyaw. A favorable faculty recommendation and a will- inoness to work hard on service activities such as o the Walker Research Project, a Christmas food drive, and a distribution of magazines to hospitals makes any boy eligible for the Key Club. Besides attending a District Convention of Key Clubs in the district, members edit and publish the Recog- nition Book at the end of the school year, and sponsor a car wash in the spring and a mixer in the fall. Any senior girl is eligible to join the S enior Girls ' League. The group is a service organization which helps the administration by taking visitors on tour through the school, assisting in the library on Satur- day, providing monitors in the halls during lunch, helping in the offices, and serving as timers for speech tournaments. In addition to the service projects, the League sponsors a Spring tea for the mothers of all senior girls. Mrs. Alexander Jones, former professor and author, spoke to the Senior Girls ' League about college sororities. 39 NATIONAL FORENSICS EEAGVE-Front Row: Dinah Vap- rin, Stephanie Montgomery, Tina Simmons, Joe Traugott, Mike Jacobson, Seth Bernstein, Rachel Ochs, Bob Goodin, Judy Braun, Pat Dillin, Wendy Sandler, Anna Jane Allen, Claudia Bohard, Susan Leopold, Judy Nisenbaum. Second- Row: Steve Nisenbaum, Jane Kubilis, Jan Lannerd, Georgia Gresham, Cindy Shuba, Bob Glasser, Steve Fruits, Jim Ketzel, Dale Fink, Terry Raver, Bonnie Lindquist, Jay Davis, Craig Holderbaum, Donna Hinkle, Cindy Scott. Last Row: Mike Ballard, Gary Stohler, John Lindquist, Larry Brewster, Steve Holt, Tom Holsworth, John Keller, Bob McPhee, Elliot Engel, Bob Dennerline, Jim MacMullin, Dave Martin, Dan Goodman, Steve Horning. Forest Fruits sponsors the nationally affiliated honorary organization for speech students. Forensics, debate teams win collection DEBATE TEAM— Front Row: S. Montgomery, R. Goodin, B. Pryor, B. Glasser, S. Goodrich, B. Burney and Forest Fruits. M. Jacobson, D. Fink, S. Nisenbaum, L. Fink, C. Simmons, Third Row: T. Raver, B. Rothbaum, S. Holt, J. Keller, B. Mc- and J. Traugott. Second Roiv: R. Ochs, M. Hilton, B. Sklare, Phee, D. Brewer, K. Drummond, and S. Horning. 40 Joe Traugott and Jim MacMullin, Forensic Club officers, take turns reading aloud for their sponsor, Mr. Siegel. A parliamentary debate demonstration intrigues Debate Club officers Dan Goodman, Steve Horning, and Dale Fink. of trophies in showcase Twenty-six trophies permanently rest in the dis- play case outside room G605. Eight of these were won by the Forensics Team, an offshoot of the For- ensics Club. In competitive meets with other schools, team members won in oral interpretation, poetry reading, extemporaneous speaking, and discussions. The North Central chapter of the National Forensics League, one of the largest in Indiana, offers leader- ship in the honorary organization for speech students. Eighteen of the trophies in the case were won by the Debate Team in local, sectional, and national contests. Members competed in the Marion County Speech Contest, Debaters Conference, and Public Affairs Conference. Through participation in these and other meets, they expanded their knowledge of the techniques of parliamentary style, and increased their skills in formal debating. The Debate Club and Debate Club Team had similar activities. Mr. Fruits, sponsor for Debate Team, Debate Club, and Debate Club Team, presented cases for students to compare and discuss, besides answering questions concerning strategy. J DEBATE CLUB TEAM— Front Row: S. Montgomery, S. Nick- leson, T. Raver, C. Simmons, M. Hilton, and S. Bernstein. Sec- ond Row: J. Pierce, J. Traugott, S. Horning, L. Fink, and B. Glasser. Third Row: D. Goodman, S. Holt, J. Scofield, B. Prior, and Forest Fruits, sponsor. 41 Part of the fun in short play demonstrations is watching Drama Club members Steve Brandt, Dave Ratts, Jill Thomas, and Bonnie Lindquist portray odd characters. As a preliminary to tryouts for membership in the Drama Club, Jill Thomas and Dan Gallion practice their one-act play to be presented before Mr. Allen. NATIONAL THESPIANS— Fron I Roiu: Dinah Vaprin, Phil mer, and Ann Buschmann. Last Roto: Martha Thompson, Clark, Anna Jane Allen, and Yvonne Schutte. Second Row: Don Kuhs, Dave Ratts, and George Allen. The honorary so- William Lord, Donna Agnew, Susan Cornett, Barbara Som- ciety sponsored two full-length plays during the school year. I Stage Crew officers l ' liil Clark, Ann Buschmann, Jill Thomas, and Elaine Bauer familiarize themselves with the lighting mechanism of the theatre. Play productions attract willing workers When the lights dim, the curtain opens, and the actors come out on stage, the audience sees only the end result of hours of hard work by the Stage Crew, Costume Club, Drama Club, and the National Thes- pians. Assisted by Stage Crew and Costume Club mem- bers, Drama Club stages one major production yearly. Points acquired annually count towards mem- bership in National Thespians, a national honorary society. In addition to sponsoring two full-length plays this year, Thespians also put on a Saturday matinee performance of " Alice in Wonderland " and a series of one-act plays. Costume Club people operate the wardrobe room on the second floor of the building. They store, file, clean, and repair all the clothing used in North Central productions. Stage Crew members ' jobs range from assembly programs to the elaborate Junior Spectacular. They build sets, operate the intricate stage machinery, and adjust " mikes. " Indianapolis Footlite Musicals ' pro- ducers recognize the professional ability of the North Central stage hands by inviting them to crew Footlite productions at Northview. Old dresses are changed to new costumes by Linda Wesselman, Karen Baldridge, Sue Left, and Debbie Renfro. 43 Literature clu Through the media of a short play, World Culture Club officers Laurie Wright, Virginia Frey, Joe Sandy, and Susan Gipe de- pict the drama, art, literature, philosophy, music, religion, and dance of the ancient Greeks pre- sented for fellow club members. Tim McClenny and Laura McNaughton meet with sponsor Classical verse inspires Poetry Club officers Mary Beth Kepner, Mrs. Kass, to preview the next Shakespearian play. Jay Davis, and Steve Ward to produce original works. 44 study great authors, past and present American Authors and Great Books Club mem- bers studied select literary works, paying special at- tention to contemporary novels and dramas and to the work of authors not covered in the school cur- riculum. One of the groups, the American Authors Club, concentrated on twentieth century writers, hoping to expand their knowledge of American lit- erature. Great Books Club chose to explore the pub- lished storie s of Tennessee Williams, J. D. Salinger, and Arthur Miller, along with the great writers of the Western civilization. Another group, the World Culture Club, consists of students who are interested in the various aspects of world culture. Programs this year centered on Australian civilization, classical architecture, Eur- opean culture, the Bible, and the inter-relationships of science and religion. Familiarity with home en- vironment became part of the year ' s agenda when the club investigated the cultural sources in Indi- anapolis. Members of the Poetry Club were encouraged to compose their own creations of poetry while the Shakespeare Club studied the individual plays and the life of William Shakespeare. Selection of novels for discussion falls to American Authors officers, Cindy Shuba, Kemp Shafer, and Dan Caine. Karen Baldridge and Phil Clark preview future programs for Great Books Club. Christmas carols sung in German test the translating abilities Paper hats and word games enliven a Latin Club party plan- of Mark Moore, Jay Ham, and Chris Hankins. ned by officers Jay Lerman, Nancy Pippen, and Elliot Engel. A candy-filled donkey pinata, adding to the gaiety of a favors on Spanish Club officers Cheryl Berling, Maria Diaz, Spanish " Christmas fiesta, " will shower candy, toys, and tiny and Sue Left when they break it. 46 kickoff activities of language clubs During a German Club meeting a visitor spoke to members about the infamous Berlin Wall. This was only one of the many interesting programs de- signed to acquaint members with the German speak- ing countries of Germany, Austria, and northern Switzerland. Impersonators of government officials presided over the Roman banquet, which is the spring project sponsored by third and fourth year Latin Club mem- bers. Regular meetings which led up to this ambi- tious undertaking concentrated on Roman life, cus- toms, and language. First-hand experiences in Spanish countries, re- lated by those students who had visited them, added interest to Spanish Club meetings. Enthused by these talks, some of the club members wrote an original play in Spanish and performed it for the entire group. French Club members became thoroughly ac- quainted with the country whose language they have been studying. Speakers, films, and slides about France made programs interesting and meaningful. The singing of French songs was high on the popu- larity list for club sessions. On the fun side were a French dinner and an International Hootenanny. Santa Claus White tries out a new style of transportation at the Spanish Club Christmas party. Colorful paintings by French artists intrigue French Club officers Peggy Patterson, Karen Swanson, and Danielle Bernard. 47 Bob Davidson and Leon Fink, Government Club officers, plan for a guest appearance of Wil- liam Bray, former Congressman. Elections, UFO ' s Tom Busch, as president of the Military History Club, has a major operation apart from studying and discussing war- that of directing his officers, Noel Humphreys, Bill Busch- mann, and Dave Frauman, in planning programs. absorb attention of history club members The basis for commencing past and present major military hostilities became a research project for members of the Military History Club. For more depth, the club voted to study only United States military history during World War I, II, and the Korean War. A fall workshop at Spring Mill State Park provided a field trip experience for Junior Historical Society members. A spring conference, elections, and a joint meeting at Arlington High School gave them an opportunity to meet others with the same hobbies. An invitation of importance came when the Indiana Sesquicentennial Committee asked the club to assist with its special programs. Government Club activities acquainted members with the functions of the federal and state govern- ments. Hearing Frank Edwards, nationally known news commentator and author talk on the possible reality of UFOs particularly appealed to the club. The place of advisors in Viet Nam became a topic of interest when the International Relations Club viewed one of the current films on that subject. The structure of the club changed from last year ' s single unit set-up to a series of groups, each repre- senting geographical areas of the world. JUNIOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS — Rebecca Green, Marc Hilton, Robert Jahnke, Jalil Rashti (AFS student from Iran), Susan Harrison, Carol Green, and Danielle Bernard (AFS student from France). 49 Broadening cultural horizons keynote Molly Garrett, president, Jill Jackson, secretary, and Bess Simon, vice-president, preside over AFS Club activities. The keynote for the activities of the Art Club, the Art Crafts Club, the Travel Club, and the AFS Club was the broadening of the cultural horizons of their members. Both Art Club and Art Crafts Club explored the lives of famous artists and researched various art movements. For the holiday season, club members made gold angels to decorate the school. Travel Club heard speakers tell of their experi- ences in different countries of the world. Slides, maps, and films supplemented these talks. Fostering understanding among the peoples of all nations, AFS Club gave two foreign students, Jalil Rashti from Iran and Danielle Bernard from France, an opportunity to learn about the American way of life. In the spring, the club held the annual AFS Week to introduce its program to the student body. Colorful posters, announcements, an assembly featur- ing all AFS students from Marion County, and a coke party after school on Friday in their honor, helped show Centralites how people across the seas live. In addition, AFS members planned to provide lodging for foreign exchange students from other states, who are returning to their own homes after a year abroad. Before presenting slides to the members of Travel Club, offi- cers Bess Simon, Donna Dunn and Karen Leander, vice-presi- dent, president, and secretary-treasurer, respectively, preview them, selecting only the best. Mr. J. B. White is the sponsor. 50 of travel, art clubs Experimenting with unusual artistic techniques, Nancy Mees makes prints with paint and a cut carrot. During the Art Club, Russ Jays practices different artistic techniques using an ordinary paint brush. Carol Conway arranges a still life for Susan Cassada to paint while Steve Bowman and Rick Boyd, members of the Arts Club, ob- serve the proceedings in hopes of getting valuable suggestions on special techniques. 51 Caramel apples made in Foods Club taste good to Terry Tins- ley, Janice Payne. Stephanie Perkins and Carolyn Tucker. Many skills learned An interest in proper meal planning and prepara- tion formed the basis for membership in the Foods Club. The peak of the club activities came at Christ- mas when the girls showed their ingenuity in making fancily decorated cookies for a party. Knitting Club people were introduced to automa- tion—a demonstration of a knitting machine. As one of their first projects, members knitted slippers for inmates of old peoples ' homes. Fashion conscious girls attended Clothing Club to get expert advice on selecting a wardrobe and how to use good sense in caring for it. A predominantly masculine field was invaded by women when twenty-four girls signed up for an In- dustrial Arts Club. Some good housewifely instruc- tion in repairing home appliances paved the way for saving money someday. Another masculine field invaded by women was auto mechanics. The program of Girls ' Auto Me- chanics was planned so the girls might become better consumers and operators. Boys ' Industrial Arts Club members concentrated on making projects for the home and yard. They also used the facilities of the shop for individual interests. Knitting Club members, Judy Jordan, Linda Morton, and fennie Stout period their " knit and purl " techniques. - ■ For Christmas, Linda Netter, Kay Braden and Carol Butz make felt stockings lor a hospital children ' s ward. 52 I Anna McBride demonstrates a bandsaw to an observant David Milton sands the wood on the body of a guitar for a Shirley Norman, Rosemary Nichols, and Terry Mashaw. Boys ' Industrial Arts Club project. Becoming stranded on a deserted country road holds no terror for Sally Robison and Ellen Haskett who learn the basic principles of repairing an engine in Girls ' Auto Mechanics Club. 53 Typing invitations, Janet Herrick and Judy Nisenbaum schedule speakers lor the year in Journalism Club. Communications world Exposing members to the various aspects o£ jour- nalism was the primary purpose of the publications clubs at North Central. In Journalism Club, speakers from all branches of the profession gave the group information on career possibilities. Newspaper and yearbook staff members also explained the intricate detail of producing their publications. Quill and Scroll, a national journalism fraternity, is open to people who rank in the upper third of their class and who have given outstanding service to publications. In the winter and spring, formal inita- tions were held for those who met the requirements. Students with a sincere interest in photography as a career or as a hobby were invited to join the Pho- tography Club. Dan Domont, president, supervised the activities, which included entries in the All-School Arts Festival. While publications people learned skill in layout of newspaper and yearbook, Drafting Club members worked out projects in mechanical layout of indi- vidual projects. QUILL AND SCROLL— on? Row: Patty Werner, Barb Som- mer, and Marsha Austen. Second Roio: Linda Cooper, Brenda Fox, and Mary Kay Dirks. Third Row: Mim Harris, Jamie Campbell, and Jean Weakley. Fourth Row: Eric Green, Bob Davidson, Doug Mitchell, and Mike Jacobson. Serving as the sponsor for this organization is Mrs. Kathleen Keilman. 54 open to interested journalism students NOR ] HERN LIGHTS EDITORS-Froni Row: Brenda Fox, mer, Robert Davidson, and Jon Factor. Serving as sponsor Patty Werner, and Judy Marshall. Back Row: Barbara Som- and advisor to the newspaper staff is Mrs. Sylvia B. Kline. ■ () work to win top ratings Deadlines looming close forced publications staffs to learn the value of self discipline. The finished products of this concentration and hard work earned top ratings. Newspaper staff reporters put out regular issues of the Northern Lights bi-weekly. They also pub- lished special issues for the sectionals, the student council elections, and for April Fools ' Day. Editors Judy Marshall and Bob Davidson supervised a regu- lar staff which was assisted by beginning journalism classes. News Bureau, affiliated with Northern Lights, publicized North Central in twelve Indianapolis papers. Two of these, Youth World News and Teen Tempo, were newcomers with a format similar to Teen Star. The Northerner staff, made up of the junior trainees and senior editors working without credit, rushed to meet a March deadline. Planning, started in the preceding spring, continued during the summer when editor Mary Kay Dirks spent two weeks at IU drawing the layout. In September staff members began scheduling and cropping pictures, and writing, fitting, proofreading, and pasting up copy. Two mixers after sports events and a city wide ads campaign during the summer financed the book. JUNIOR STA¥¥-At back desk: Kathy Rich, Nancy Barnes, Lyn Stoner, Georgie Miner, Frank Bodwell, Debby Oliver, and Karen Cure. At front desk: Lee McCue, Kathy Grady, Sharon Hartley, Sally Ammerman, Barb Weil, and Linda Stackhouse. These students will be editors next year. NORTHERNER EDITOKS-Seated: Mary Kay Dirks, Susan Deckman, Janie Teixler, and Mini Harris. Standing: Mike Jacobson, Sharon Lockwood, Bill Carlson, Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, adviser, and Doug Mitchell. Honorary membership on the yearbook editor staff is based upon previous service on the junior staff. The senior year is served without credits. Clubs make possible improvement in skills An extra stint of typing practice helps Review Typewriting Club members master skills which will aid them in college or in jobs. Good posture is an important habit for notehand students, Shorthand Club member Nickie Couse transcribes a dictation Jody Able and Mark Bloom, who practice for speed. exercise which she has just taken over the dictaphone. 58 for college or as hobby Lack of enough class time for specialized work in some subjects constituted a problem that was solved in several North Central clubs. Review Typing Club afforded an extra period in which students could improve typing skills. Films were shown which guid- ed club members in acquiring proper techniques. College-bound students who wanted to learn a short-cut to taking notes with a minimum amount of effort joined either the Notehand or Shorthand Transcription Clubs. Meetings were conducted as regular classes. Faculty sponsors of the two clubs were William Cruzan and Edith Reese. Representing North Central in competition with other schools, the Chess Team completed the year in good standing. Inter-club competition increased their game skill. Chess Club was divided into two sections. One sec- tion was for students who were beginners. The other section was for the members who had acquired some proficiency in the game. A yearly tournament added a touch of excitement to an otherwise slow moving- sport. Morris Campbell served as faculty sponsor of the Chess Team and Chess Club. In one of the few clubs that has complete silence during meet- ing, Noel Humphreys concentrates on a chess move. CHESS TEAM— Front Row: Larry Weinberg, Mike Sullivan, Buschman, Bruce Berger. Back Row: Sheldon Bluestein, Bob Larry Dorfman, Fred Mewhinney, Mike Hoyt, John Tzucker. Richardson, Mason Goodman, Doug Cregor, Bill Blankertz, Second Row: Bill Heeter, Andy Wolsifer, Howard Schuff, Steve Morris Campbell is the faculty sponsor of the Chess Team. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY— Fronf row: F. Raber, S. Nicely, P. Werner, J. Jackson, A. Allen, M. Dirks, L. Domont, J. Perkins, M. Ault, J. Marshall, and L. Wright. Second row: N. Mockler, P. Patterson, J. Routt, M. Manzie, M. Martin, B. Flickenger, L. Suggs, S. Gipe, N. Pippen, P. Dyke, M. Waller, L. Wallberg, and M. Jacobson. Third row: P. Clark, S. Kafoure, B. Lindquist, M. Thompson, J. Walker, S. Cassada, C. Shuba, L. Sanders, M. Diaz, L. Short, J. Hiner, G. Fisch, and A. Meditch. Fourth row: M. Miller, G. Frieje, B. Warren, B. Rollings, M. Peeler, S. Talesnick, N. Cummings, C. Bose, J. Wood, G. Shook, S. Nisenbaum, V. Galvin, and M. Berger. Fifth row: Mrs. Ruth Kivett, P. Reilly, R. Woodard, K. Swan- son, D. Chernin, D. Martin, B. Jahnke, F. Russell, R. White, L. Gommel, D. Caine, L. Fink, B. Lee, and D. Mitchell. Back row: D. Kempton, M. Roberts, J. Lindquist, N. Humphreys, E. Engle, B. Clutter, J. Latimer, R. Clark, S. Enkema, N. Rhodes, J. Fergus on, R. Svendsen and K. Kinsey. Forty per- cent are Juniors and sixty percent are Seniors. Outstanding people elected to honoraries MU ALPHA THET A— Front row: K. Noland, L. Domant, B. deRaismes, P. Polk, P. Dyke, L. Wright, J. Wolf, F. Raber, J. Marshall. Second row: I. Regenstrief, N. Dock, C. Malofsky, M. Echard, P. Skinner, M. Jacobson, S. Nisenbaum, S. White- head, L. Short, H. Nefl, S. Gipe, G. Fogle, L. Hartman, C. Bahn. Third row: J. Wood, B. Lee, D. Hale, T. Morgan, S. Williams, P. Over, G. Sherk, B. Rothbaum, K. Swanson, M. Peeler, T. Miller, L. Gommel, L. Roth, H. Sacks, S. Fisher, Gordon Gish. Fourth row: D. Fink, R. Berry, D. Martin, T. Trankle, J. Petticrew, J. Ashton, N. Rhodes, B. McPhee, J. Hubert, R. Svendsen, J. Ferguson, T. Schrader, K. Kinsey, P. Claypool, D. Kempton, D. Chernin, H. Brown Harrison. 60 Three clubs built around math A keen interest in mathematics encouraged people to join three clubs built around that subject. In Slide Rule Club members learned the purpose of slide rules and gained skill in the use of what appears to be a simple tool, but which actually can be used in an amazing number of ways. History of Math Club members had fun with prob- lems set up by famous mathematicians and with proofs of classical theorems. Sharing their findings with others at meetings, they learned much. Mu Alpha Theta is a national honorary mathe- matics club, which is invitational to students who have high grade averages and have completed two semesteis of algebra and of geometry. Members meet in order to further their interest in mathematics. Another honorary, National Honor Society, stresses character, service, and scholarship in choosing its members. A student ' s class scholarship standing, plus the ranking based on the number of merits accumu- lated during his high school career, determines the eligibility for membership. The club continued its tutoring program. In the spring, National Honor So- ciety held a reception for all new members. In Slide Rule Club, Dave Peters and Randy Kreizenbeck learn to simplyify the process of finding cube roots. HISTORY OF MATH— Fr cm row: Diane Hall, Libby Curry, Linda Roth, and Theresa Arter- berry. Second row: David Sachs, Bob Rothbaum, Doug Burney, Bob Tepfer, and Paul Over. 61 A do-it-yourself aspirin-making project challenge John Hiner, Willis Kuhn, Steve Springer, and Bill Heter. The mysteries of science amaze Linda Minnick and Roger Svendson, members of the Science Reading Club. Trips, speakers spark Some fascinating results tonic from mixing chemicals, and so far Steve Hodman, Steve Ziker, and Dong Day, members of Science Projects Club have avoided disastrous consequences. 62 interest in science for cl Five clubs owed their existence to the interest shown in scientific research. In Science Reading and Science Service Clubs, membership was limited to those students currently enrolled in science or with previously acquired credits in that subject. Seminars and occasional speaker were featured during the year in both clubs. A field trip to the Martinsville Fish Hatchery proved the most interesting of the Aquarium Club ' s activities. At regular meetings, topics of interest were presented by members. Three films on the setting up and caring for aquaria furnished useful information for hobby " fish keepers. " The Science Projects Club was designed to help and guide science students interested in the solution of complicated scientific problems. Reports on their projects and experiences in contests and seminars became a part of the program. Techniques of scien- tific research, compilation of data, and writing of science reports also added interest to the meetings. Biology Club was formed to give research time for certain facets of that subject. Speakers and demon- strations in various biological fields were featured. ub members A frog ' s anatomy intrigues Biology Club officers Lyn Stoner, Bruce Jacobson, Ben Goldfarb, Marc Hilton and Burt Jacobs. 63 To keep up to date with changing world, Using an overhead projector to magnify a blueprint of a small rocket, Air Space Club officers (left to right) Steve Ward, Joe Traugott, Candy Kirkwood and John Kabat plan its construc- tion and launching, hoping to use it as one of the club ' s projects. Members of the Astronomy Club, David Nagey, Stephanie Dunn, John Hubert, and Bruce Whitehead wait their turn, while Tom Trankle inspects the ocular lens of a six-inch reflecting telescope. 04 science clubs study earth and atmosphere Officers of the Geology Club, Charlotte Mitchell, Jerry Miller, Diana Hunter, Francie Wood, and David Rust, examine fossils and petrified wood. In keeping with the modern interest in our world and surrounding space, Astronomy Club, Air Space Club, Electronics Club, and Geology Club research the main forces and the atmosphere of the earth. A new organization, the Astronomy Club, deals with the mathematical and observational fields of astronomy. Members study modern-day trends in rockets and radio telescopes and learn scientific terminology. They take field trips to the Butler Ob- servatory, Link Observatory, and Adler Planetarium in Chicago. Members of the Air Space Club learn how to op- erate rockets and perform research in aerodynamics, live payloads, and instrumentation. During the meet- ing period they launch rockets and demonstrate wind and smoke tunnels and jet engines. Electronics Club members survey the electronic fields around the world. They check equipment and learn how to make minor adjustments on radios, assemble amplifier kits, and fix gadgets. Collection and examination of minerals, fossils, and gems provide a profitable hobby for the Geology Club. Not only do they put their exhibits on display, but they also exchange specimens among themselves. With the help of written instructions in his book, Dave Camp- bell wires the basic circuitry of a stereo amplifier for his project which is a part of Electronics Club study. 65 Four clubs inform Suspended in a moment of intense concentration, Judy Stern and Roberta Glanzman listen to a speaker during FTA. Projects for the Red Cross Club are planned by Bill Horton, Carolyn Bowers, and Jan Stock. President of the Tipton FBLA Linda McAtee (far right) installs North Central ' s FBLA officers, Candy Kirkwood, Bill Buschmann, Steve Porter, Vicky Stanley, and Krika Blaskiewicz. students about careers Through the use of suc h devices as speakers, panels, group discussions, and the showing of films, students in the FTA explored the teaching profession. Visits to other school systems and teachers ' colleges gave them a first-hand view of what they might expec t. FNA acquainted students with personal and com- munity health problems and encouraged them to investigate the field of nursing. This year the group visited several hospitals. As a sen ic e project, they entertained underprivileged children at Christmas. FBLA members learned about business careers from speakers who were invited from various compa- nies. They sponsored a shorthand and typing contest. Various service projects sponsored by the Red Cross Club benefited the community. In addition to conducting an annual all-school membership drive for the Red Cross, members filled an overseas chest with toys and school supplies and distributed party favors for United Fund agencies. During American Education Week, FTA members Judy Sharp, Shelley Dykins, Jeanne Boman, and Linda Turk visit Nora School where they present a poster to Mr. Cecil Lockhart. As a Christmas project, Future Nurses Club members Mary O ' Connor, Sharon Rouse, Deloris Russell, and Julia Soper cut out favors for a party at the Lockerbie Day Nursery. 67 Students lighten burden of heavy PHYSICAL EDUCATION Row: C. Ma- ther, M. Adams, P. Henn, Y. Schutte, J. Adams, B. Crandall, S. Vinton. Second Roic: J. Coale, S. Shultz, C. Smith, S. Nice, J. Medlin, C. Clones, J. Lindell, J. Boman. Third Roiv: D. Kuhs, R. Goldstein, P. Tolson, J. Murphy, B. Lancet, R. Overbey, T. Nor- man. Fourth Row: M. Adams, P. Dyer, S. Grant, D. Ellis, J. Wil- liams, K. Leander, K. O ' Kane. Fifth Row: P. Ford, B. Wente, G. Gaalema, M. Dinwiddie, B. Skelton, G. Vanarsdol. Sixth Row: R. Howell, S. Adams, J. Klein, M. Riesen, G. Miller, G. Featherston, R. Christenson. Back Row: T. Goldstein, D. Kiovsky, G. Raikos, M. Thayer, J. Reid. Their sponsors are Mrs. Lennox and Mr. Farrand. (left) Ed Powell laminates a map of England by covering it Applying negative opaquing solution, Larry Willman, an with a special tissue and steaming it in a hot press, (right) AVT assistant, blocks out light in transparencies. 08 work load by assisting busy teachers Graphic Arts Club members work on actual proj- ects while enlarging their knowledge of printing and allied trades. Members produce football and basket- ball programs and posters for plays and dances. Student librarians who work in the library for at least one period a week are permitted to join the Library Club. During their activity period they learn how to mend books, shelve materials, make effective displays, and find resource materials. A new organization, the Physical Education Help- ers Club, is composed of boys and girls " who are chosen because of their interest in that field and because they have an above-average degree of physi- cal skill. They assist teachers during classes and do research on career opportunities. One of the busiest groups in the school is the Audio-Visual Technicians. After being trained in photography, mechanical lettering, photosketch, and other processes, they schedule and distribute equip- ment used by a majority of the teachers as a supple- ment to regular classwork. They meet once a week to discuss any problems that may arise. During Graphic Arts Club Edwin Haines produces daily absentee notices on an original Heidelberg printing press. Getting acquainted with the Dewey Decimal System is one of the requirements for Library Club members Carol Weddle, Becky Herndon, and Bob Helms. 69 Music groups gain community recognition Harmonizing to guitar music played by Tom Fraser, Cathy Janes and Bonnie McDowell enjoy a few moments of rehears- ing before the Folk Music Club convenes. Five music groups, the Folk Music Club, A Capella, Madrigals, Music Men, and Girls ' Ensemble, form an integral part of North Central ' s public image. Folk Music Club members learned songs and shared musical techniques. They played guitars and banjos, shook corn flakes boxes, plucked " gut buck- ets, " and performed for township schools. The largest mixed ensemble in North Central is the seventy member A Capella. They performed at the Christmas Convocation, County Choral Fes- tival, and the Fine Arts Festival. Madrigals stress posture and voice production. At the State Contest they were one of the seven groups that won first place. They also performed at civic and school functions. The Music Men worked hard to develop vocal skills and poise. They performed for civic groups and churches, and participated in many contests. Twenty-eight talented girls formed the Girl ' s En- semble. During the school year the group entertained before local and state audiences. A C APPELLA— Fron t row: D. Ennis, D. McBride, L. Dono- v;tn, B. Bryant, K. McClard, M. Woerner, B. Kelley, L. Starr, J. Chastain, S. Kahn, C. Ponder, C. Willis, L. Turk, N. Neu- mcier, P. Sinclair, R. Burling, and J. Osborn. Second row: C. Bailey, S. Hchnan, M. Bancroft, T. Tinsley, L. Overman, A. Kandrac, L. Hasler, G. Stahlhuth, M. Fishrnan, L. McCol- lum, C. Pyle, N. Keller, L. Bailey, C. Bowers, L, Parrish, S. Cans, and B, Smock, Third row: B. Gust, K. Sparrenbcrgcr, A. Palmer, J. Samuelson, L. Ray, E. Stickle, E. Wood, G. Cor- lett, K. Hanson, K. Bishop, D. Patton, K. Martin, B. Gruber, S. Phelps, J. Lee, K. Baker, and D. Wulf. Back row: S. Cast, H. Arthur, D. Giltner, J. Kempler, J. Hoffman, G. Freije, G. Pelsue, I). Gallion, J. Whitaker, S. Giltner, J. Lenglade, K. Williams, T. Piatt, J. Morgan, J. MacMullin, R. Morgan, G. Jackson, E. Sputh, and D. Whitehead. They are directed by Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Laughlin, and Mr. Martin. 70 : , ■ ,. MADRIGAL S— Fro» row: K. Hart, G. Stahlhuth, J. Goll, J. Benz, E. Abbott, J. Hooker, D. Shoemaker, S. Riddell, B. Pearson, C. Ponder, S. Kahn, C. Bohard, M. Austen, and N. Buddenbaum. Second row: K. Vaughan, M. Long, F. Wood, M. Brunelle, M. Bradshaw, V. Waldner, C. Ehrhardt, P. Carter, S. Srader, P. Roberts, C. Hill, S. Greer, and S. Moore. Back row: E. Dawson, N. Hibbard, N. O ' Haver, C. Itce, L. Schulte, K. Baker, C. Van Meter, L. Ramey, M. Hamilton, S. Clapp, J. Lookabill, N. Keller, and B. Arm- strong. Mr. Don Martin is the director. MUSIC MEN— Fro nf Row: D. Pruyn, D. Atkins, R. Fobes, T. Englehart, P. Frayer, M. Daniels, M. Ballard. Second Row: B. Perkins, G. Walkup, T. Snow, M. Oberlin, D. Nestor, R. Kieper, A. Brothers, B. Clutter. Third Row: B. O ' Koon, B. Kail, R. Martin, G. Bridgforth, P. Brown, S. David, D. Parker, T. Gronau. Back Row: R. Erdey, G. Everhart, R. Fox, T. Smith, D. Rohn, T. Fraser, G. Dunne, L. Dawson, R. Pear- son. They are directed by Mr. Laughlin. GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE— F)o?i£ Row: C. Butz, R. Vollrath, A. Fogle, M. Kepner, A. Slater, L. Mullinix, D. Oliver. Second Row: P. Doncarlos, K. Willey, R. Hart, R. McDowell, S. Ber- ling, S. Coulson. Third Row: L. Sanders, L. Gommel, S. Wil- liams, S. Sparrenberger, J. Lannerd. D. Trieb, M. Light. Back Row: L. Whalen, S. Messenger, D. Stevens, P. Gyarmati, C. Berling, L. Walter. At the time the picture was taken Lorraine Carroll was not present. Mrs. Johnson is the director. 71 CONCERT BAND— Front row: H. Ervin, C. Gillespie, D. Chamberlin, B. Allen, K. Nicholson, J. Dykema, D. Hanna, S. Rushton, M. Murduck, and R. Griffith. Second row: B. Lindstrom, C. Br ewster, B. Gemmer, S. Perkins, S. Scudder, W. Patterson, J. Maines, S. Ritter, S. Paul, G. Guinther, S. Leggett, and B. Pedigo. Third row: L. Dittus, S. Petersen, D. Main, C. Mather, J. Turner, D. Bybee, K. Grube, J. Fortune, S. Scott, R. Bibbs, L. McKinley, and S. Parker. Fourth row: J. Kamplain, J. Lee, D. Burney, B. Thomas, J. Chastain, D. Penington, W. Schuchmann, R. Stone, and L. Davis. Back row: R. Richards, G. Kitzmiller, B. Thwing, B. Grant, M. Bloom, C. Lawrance, B. White, and Mr. Rhine- smith, in his first year at North Central, is the director of the fifty members of the group. Choral groups win acclaim in contests COUNl KKI ' OIN I S-Front row: T. Esmon, C. janes, G. Jay, C. Cassada, F. Bodwell, J. Hooker, T. Phillips, J. Bradley, D. Hocker, I). McKown, IV Pearson, S. Brandt, I). Maurcr, I). P ri(kson, f. Braun, and B. White. Back row: I). Raits, C. Pl ak, A. Uvanni, S. Anderson, D. Lawton, D. Agnew, D. Dun- can, C. Agnew, J. Stroh, E. Bauer, R. McFarland, C. West, S. McFarland, H. Brodey, B. Hoehn, and B. McDowell. (Linda Wilson is not pictured.) They are directed by Mr. Martin. 72 This has been an uncommonly good season for the Music Department. Its member groups have won many honors in state competition. The Orchestra has grown in three years from sev- enteen members to sixty-five. First Division honors in Class A competition in the state contest rated it as one of the top high school orchestras. The Concert Band received intensive training in intonation, balance, and musical expression. Invita- tions came to them to march in the Christmas and Veteran ' s Day Parades. The Bell Choir, consisting of sixteen boys and girls, perform ancient and contemporary bell litera- ture. They appeared frequently on radio and tele- vision programs. With an enviable record of winning first place in the State Contest for eight consecutive years, the Counterpoints continued gathering honors. BELL CUOIR-Front Row: J. Doriot, K. Kelly, D. Davis, R. Wild, M. Longden, S. Sternberger, L. Stern, B. Rath, J. Smith, L. Wherry, J. Rader, R. Dunne. Back Row: R. Avels, C. Svendsen, J. MacMullin. (Jane Coats not pictured) 73 Feminine members of the NDCC are sponsors Wilette Wagner, Steve Wamsley, Virgil Cullison, Robert Pryor, and Tim Judy Wagner, Janyce Walz, and Linda Barbarick. O ' Sullivan present the colors at athletic events. NATIONAL DEFENSE CADET CORPS-Front Row: B. Hotte, J. Wagner, A. Carlson, J. Rubenstein, L. Bararick, T. Boardman, J. Walz, R. Pryor, H. Deich, and R. White. Second Row: G. Zeller, P. Silet, D. Patton, T. Goodhart, H. Goller, W. Schuchmann, R. Burgy, K. Bishop, B. Lindstrom, T. Williamson, and W. White. Third Row: R. Mix, S. Wamsley, W. Howell, J. Schoolcraft, A. Gillespie, J. Kustad, V. Cullison, T. Shellington, R. Haines, R. Wright, O. Sharp. Fourth Row: S. Dinwiddie, R. Pritchard, C. Brewster, G. Stohler, D. Harsin, D. Milton, H. Gillen, R. Baldwin, T. O ' Sullivan, R. Lazar, F. Harmon. Back Row: C. Fischesser, W. Wagner, R. Goldstein, C. Reed, G. Piatt, M. Ward, T. Hendricks, D. Whitley. 74 NDCC prepares cadet members for future Cadets received expert instruction in leadership, drill and command, weapons and weapons systems, rifle marksmanship, map reading, and aerial photog- raphy. They also learned small unit tactics, achieve- ments and traditions of the Army, and military teach- ing methods. After school activities included the varsity rifle team, drill team, and color guard. This year the varsity rifle team, commanded by Major Tom Boardman, participated in the Fifth Army Rifle Match, Indiana State Rifle Champion- ship, and Sectional and Regional Rifle Matches. Lieutenant Richard White commanded the Drill Team whose eleven members developed physical and mental co-ordination, precise movements, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. During the year they took a field trip to Purdue University to observe its drill team, and they participated in meets with seven city schools. The color guard, headed by Sergeant Virgil Cullison, presented the national and school colors at North Central activities. Four sponsors assisted in the operation of the NDCC program. All were cadet officers whose main activities consisted of helping sponsor the Military Ball and a unit party. RIFLE TEAM— Front row: R. Mix, H. Gillen, R. Burgy, and C. Reed. Second row: A. Carlson, S. Dinwiddie, S. Wamsley, and H. Deich. Back rou : J. Wright, J. Wagner, Captain Charles Wilhelm, J. Walz, and T. Boardman. DRILL TEAM— Front row: C. Fischesser, S. Schuchmann, C. Gillespie, P. Silet. Second row: W. Gillen, S. Wamsley, R. White, R. Haines. Back row: J. Shallington, C. Reed, T. Williamson, B. White. Richard White is the commander. 75 During the Sectionals at Hinkle Fieldhouse on the Butler University Campus, members of the Booster Block do their part to lift the morale of the Panthers. Peppy groups join Activities of the Pep Band, Baton Corps, Booster Block, and Panther Athletic Club improve school spirit. Volunteers from the Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble stay after school to plan entertain- ment and to practice Pep Band music. They " tootle " during pep rallies and basketball games. Douglas Cregor serves as their student director this year. Twenty-eight girls, highly skilled in dancing as well as twirling, strut at football and basketball games. They also march in the " 500, " Christmas, and Veteran ' s Day Parades, and at the Band Days at Indiana University and Purdue University. Cheryl Pedlow is head majorette. Dressed in school colors, red, white, and black, ninety enthusiastic girls band together in a Booster Block at varsity basketball games. They support the cheerleaders by performing various hand motions and by serving as a trained yell section. Now in its second year at North Central, the Panther Athletic Club claims the distinction of being the largest group in the school. During PAC meet- ings, outstanding athletes receive jackets, sweaters, letters, and certificates. Varsity teams educate mem- bers in the fundamentals of each sport. Officers of the Panther Athletic Club are Chris Slaughter, vice-president; John Walter, Mark Dinwiddie, Dick Tewksbury, and Dan Oberholt er, planning committee; Tom Hutsell, ser- geani at arms; Barb Philaw, secretary; Doug Cruzan, and Glenn Roberts, president. 70 to play important part in boosting school spirit BATON COKVS-Front Row: Amy Brown, Sylvia Partlowe, Linda Claeson, Nancy Lockwood, Cheryl Pedlow, Jutta Essler, Judy Hershey, Wanda Mock, and Alison Holloway. Second Roiv: Jo Ellen Jenkins, Susan Thompson, Jane Kubilis, Cheryl Dunlap, Jeanine Fathman, Linda Rankin, Pam Roberts, and Barbara Crandall. Back Roxu: Kay Spark, Judith Jordan, Cheryl Smith, Janice Morton, Elaine Cupp, Karen Swansen, Kathy Nichols, and Sandra Garritson. Pep Band members provide a background of spirited music which adds harmony to the pandemonium of basketball games and arouses spectators and players to high excitement. 77 dtJTottACefWial: WE STRIVE TO DO THE COMMON THING UNCOMMONLY WELL An uncommonly good athletic program has been estab- lished as part of the total education at North Central. Through participation in competitive sports a great athletic tradition has been built up. Many boys, joining in activities over the school ' s ten-year existence, have contributed to this tradition. In addition to competition with other schools, a lively intra-school rivalry has been developed through intramurals, which include sports for both boys and girls. The athletic program, extending over the entire year, reaches a majority of the school population. Any Centralite has an uncommonly fine chance to develop a strong body, an alert mind, and an attitude of good sportsmanship. 7H Late season drive and determination As quarterback Grant Gaalema barks out the signals, Panther linemen set themselves for an important third down play during the 12-0 victory over Arlington. Hi 1965 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM— Front Roiu: J. School- craft, M. Moore, D. Gallion, R. Harrison, B. Potter, B. Hackle- man, M. Bledsoe, G. Miller, K. Wilstead, D. Oberholtzer, B. Teuton, B. Reel. Second Row: J. Murphy, G. Patton, P. Nefouse, G. Gaalema, J. Heppner, D. Lawton, G. Zimmer- man, P. Ford, T. Waldman, P. Reilly, M. Dinwiddie, D. Tewksbury, M. Cotter. Third Roiv: J. Pactor, D. Patton, B. results in 6-2-1 record The 1965 varsity football team started from scratch searching for a winning combination. With only six returning lettermen the team overcame its inex- perience to compile an outstanding 6-2-1 record. In the opener, Mark Dinwiddie tallied the lone North Central touchdown in the fourth quarter of a game won by Lawrence Central 13-6. Seasoned by that contest, the Panthers began to click and tri- umphed over Noblesville 22-7 in the next encounter. Central ' s half-time lead of 6-0 was increased when Pete Thompson scored twice and Pete Reilly booted a 20-yard field goal. During a home game against Broad Ripple, the Panthers led 3-0 in the third quarter. But the Rockets, in a sudden victory spurt, scored two touch- downs to hand N.C. its final loss 13-3. The tide turned with a 33-27 victory over Ben Davis. Grant Gaalema intercepted two aerials and raced over 70 yards for two touchdowns. Chris Slaugh- ter and Joe Murphy scored on key defensive plays and Paul Nefouse ' s 35-yard run concluded the (Continued on Page 82) Fritsch, B. Skelton, B. Clutter, K. Williams, B. Bennett, J. Terrell, T. Schrader, B. Richards, J. Shewmaker, A. Fasola, E. Hollander, J. Olthoff. Back Roiv: C. Worley, B. Haskin, S. Clayton, B. Penno, G. Pritchard, P. Thompson, M. Vance, J. Walter, G. Roberts, M. Miller, C. Slaughter, S. Overman, B. Shook. This squad was coached by Mr. Byron Weaver, Mr. John Friedersdorf, and Mr. Roland Inskeep. Sophomore half-back Scott Clayton grabs the first available opportunity to fix his loosened face-guard. 81 Underclassmen supply needed depth (Continued from Page 81) scoring. North Central ' s first homecoming set the stage for the most thrilling comeback of the season. After trailing 7-0 to Warren late in the fourth quar- ter, Glen Roberts plunged from the five yard line for a touchdown. Pete Reilly ' s extra point salvaged a 7-7 tie. At Southport the Panthers were again victorious. Jim Heppner, Grant Gaalema, and Scott Clayton scored first half touchdowns in the 21-7 win. Returning home, the triumphant gridders blanked Arlington 12-0, on the strength of Pete Reilly ' s two field goals and Glen Robert ' s touchdown. The high point of the season, however, was North Central ' s 20- 19 upset victory over fourth ranked Kokomo. Quarterback Gaalema stunned the Wildcat defense with two long passes to Pete Thompson for touch- downs. Gaalema later scampered 40 yards for an- other tally. Bob Potter made good two all-important extra points. In the " 65 " finale the Panthers downed Northwest 21- 7. Paul Nefouse scored twice and Grant Gaalema once, ending North Central ' s best season in four years. Tension mounts as Pete Reilly hopefully awaits the outcome of an official first-down measurement. Demonstrating the ability that made him an all-county standout, Grant Gaalema breaks away from three Southport ladders and heads lor the goal line. 82 After capturing the Sectional championship, Tim McClenny analyzes the race and his winning strategy with Coach Riley. CROSS COUNTRY- 1965-VARSITY DUAL MEET NC 24 Kokomo 33 TRIANGULAR MEETS NC 21 Manual... 45 Broad Ripple ... 65 NC . 40 Howe 20 Ben Davis 84 NC...35 Arlington 28 Warren Central. 65 QUADRANGULAR MEETS NC . 43 Washington 24 Shortridge 75 Lawrence Central 92 Scecina Invitational Second Ben Davis Invitational Fourth Broad Ripple Invitational Second Shortridge Invitational Eighth County Meet Second Sectional Third Regional Seventh Record-breaker McClenny sparks harriers Despite a lack of balance, the Cross Country team amassed an impressive record this fall, placing second and third in the County and Sectional meets, respec- tively, and posting a 78-18 overall record. Tim Mc- Clenny was elected captain and voted Most Valuable by his teammates. He paced the team in every meet, set new records on five different courses, and finished sixth in the State, higher than any previous North Central harrier. Co-coach Arlan Lickliter is optimistic about next year. Returning will be lettermen Mike Aycock, voted most-improved runner, Skip Adams, Van Bareither, and Mark Bloom. Also, a strong contingent of soph- omores is expected from the junior highs. 1965 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Fro?it Roiv: Greg Gaalema, Dale Butler, Bob Rollings, Mike Aycock, Tim Anderson, Pete Tolsen. Sec ond Row: Greg Dawe, Van Bareither, Tim McClenny, Phil Cockerille, Norman Fogle, Bob Pyle, Randy Kitterman. Back Rozu: Bruce Cruickshank, Eric Green, Bruce Blomberg, Milke Williams, Jeff Klein, Skip Adams, Thomas Rhodes, and John Johnston. Tim McClenny set a new school record over the two mile course. 1966 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM— Froni Row: Randy Kitterman, Paul Ford, Mike Riesen, Bruce Blomberg, Rick Kiovsky, Grant Gaalema, Dale Butler. Back Row: Skip Adams, Varsity The 1966 Varsity Basketball season was definitely a rebuilding year lor the North Central Panthers. The varsity squad, composed of only three seniors and nine underclassmen, was not to be taken lightly, however, as they finished the season with a respecta- ble 8-12 record. Only seniors Grant Gaalema and Rick Kiovsky returned to the squad with any pre- vious varsity experience. Furthermore, the many in- juries incurred during the year prevented the forma- tion of a regular starting five. Center Mike Kafoure was saddled with a broken wrist, acquired in the season opener with New Castle and tore a ligament in the early minutes of the Panther ' s Sectional con- test with Tech. Also, second leading scorer Ron Beatty sat out two games because of a badly sprained ankle and did not return to 100% efficiency until late in the season. Among the varsity, only Jeff Klein, Pete Thompson, and Gaalema saw action in all twenty of the Panther games. From the outside, Ron Howell pumps a one-handed jumper. Ron Howell, Pete Thompson, Mike Kafoure, Bob Wente, Ron Beatty, Jeff Klein. Sophomores Kent Ehret and Steve Over- man also saw limited varsity action. gain valuable experience 84 Leading N.C. throughout the season in scoring and in rebounding was spring-legged forward Pete Thompson, who averaged 15.5 points per game, and 10.6 rebounds per contest. The return of Mike Ka- foure to the line up was quite a boost as he set a new school record in field goal percentage, hitting 51.2% of his shots. He was also second in rebounds. Forward-guard Ron Beatty, while being second leading scorer on the team, was also second in assists. The floor general of the squad, Grant Gaalema, led the team in assists. Though he wasn ' t a prolific scorer, his determination and hustle earned him a starting position. Panther substitutes also played an important role. Most reliable relief came from Ron Howell and Jeff Klein. In Klein ' s first starting role he scored a season individual high of 26 points in N.C. ' s victory over Frankfort. He also set a new school record in free throw percentage, hitting 85.3%. Transferring from Detroit, Ron Howell played an important part in rebounding when he became eligible at the start of the second semester. during rebuilding year Grant Gaalema adds a free throw to the 71-67 winning margin in the season opener with New Castle. Leaving the Arlington defense flat-footed, Ron Beatty drives toward the hoop and bombs in two points. NC. NC NC. NC. NC. NC. NC NC NC. NC. NC. NC. NC. NC NC. NC. NC NC. NC NC BASKETBALL- 1 966— VARSITY 71 New Castle 67 57 Carmel 63 78 Lawrence Central 73 64 Kokomo 97 70 Southport 73 81 Frankfort 69 57 Tech 73 65 Speedway 82 64 Warren Central 53 65 Manual 61 61 Ben Davis 58 52 Pike 67 63 Arlington 67 82 Broad Ripple 74 66 Madison Heights 60 49 Marion 75 71 Northwest 76 67 Noblesville 84 County Tourney 47 Lawrence Central 73 Sectional ...... 54 Tech 83 Reserve basketball squad highlights season 1966 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM— Front Row: G. Gaalema, S. McConville, D. Tewks- bury, B. Blomberg, M. Moore, and J. Hickey. Back Row: Coach Jack Walter, J. Reinking, S. Clayton, D. Moore, S. Overman, R. Frosch, M. Schornstein, J. Orr, I. Regenstreif, and Coach Arlan Lickliter. These boys will form a strong nucleus for next years squad. by repeating as invitational champions The successes, as well as the failures, of North Central ' s basketball team are mirrored on the face of head coach Allan Lickliter. Rookie Coach Jack Walter led his reserve bas- keteers to a well earned 12-7 record. These wins were team victories in every respect. The scoring load was well distributed since all thirteen members saw ac- tion in most of the games. The team ' s most rewarding wins came during the four team Warren Central Reserve Invitational in which they gained the championship trophy for the second straight year. With four returning lettermen and a promising reserve squad, next year ' s basketball outlook should be very bright. (above) After grabbing the rebound, junior standout Pete Thompson triggers the North Central fast break against County rival Southport. (left) A loose ball and football- like scramble results in a jump situation for Richard Kiovsky as Bob Wente and Mike Reisen poise themselves for the tip. 87 Tom Dunn takes title The biggest " shot in the arm " for any of the Panther athletic squads was the addition of " import " Tom Dunn to the gymnastics team. After moving from Illinois where he placed among the leaders of the Illinois State gymnastics meet, Tom spurred the North Central squad to a 9-4 record. In the Regional meet this year he showed the way to a second place finish, capturing firsts in four events as well as taking the " overall " title. Tom also paced the team to fourth place in the State meet, where he won three events and was proclaimed the best all-around gymnast. A lso in the State meet, Steve Kafoure took second to Dunn in the side horse, and John Wilson was seventh in the all-around category. Even though Junior Tom Dunn could be termed the " star, " team effort was required to win gym meets. Providing the necessary depth were second year letter winners Dick Fatout, Steve Kafoure, John Wilson, and first year letter recipients Pat Brown and Gary Gardner. Dick Fatout exhibits the form and concentration necessary to perfect his routine on the still rings. Balance is the key to Tom Dunn ' s one-arm hand stand. as gymnasts place fourth in State John Pierce ends his high bar sequence in " flying style " in the Regional Gymnastics meet held at North Central. GYMNASTICS-1966-VARSITY NC 88 Portland 44 NC .... 80i £ Columbus 73 1 2 NC 63 Concord 91 NC .... 841 6 Portland 47 1 2 NC .... 101 Ben Davis 51 NC .... 75 Columbus 79 NC .... 90 14 South port 59 14 NC 89 Southport 63 NC 96 Ben Davis 59 NC 81 Wabash 65 NC .... 74 Madison Heights .... 80 NC .... 891 6 Wabash 6H 2 NC 74 Warren Central 80 Columbus Invitational 2nd Warren Central Invitational 3rd Regional 2nd State Tourney 4th 1966 VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM— Froni Row: Tom Pierce. Back Row: Greg Pierce, John Wilson, John Case, Dave Dunn, Steve Kafoure, Dick Fatout, Dave Slater, and John Tiller, Jodie Logsdon, and Coach Noel Merrick. 89 Varsity, reserves post outstanding records Joe Murphy drives his man to the mat with a half-Nelson. In an attempt to end the match quickly, Roger L awton applies a pinning combination. Wrestling— Varsity— 1 966 NC 47 Decatur Central 5 NC 22 Warren Central 24 NC 14 Lawrence Central 25 NC 28 Ben Davis 16 NC 32 Speedway 11 NC 41 Broad Ripple 8 NC 25 Carmel 24 NC 35 Kokomo 9 NC 24 Lafayette Jeff 14 NC 42 West Lafayette 6 NC 43 Howe 3 NC 37 Tech 11 NC 48 Manual 5 NC 24 Arlington 17 County Meet 3rd Sectional . 2nd Carl Bose maintains the advantage while his Arlington op- ponent struggles to free himself from a " figure-four. " 90 1965-66 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM— Froni Row: B. Reel, M. Stroh, J. Murphy, C. Bose, J. Adams, R. Lawton, R. Goldstein, D. Wilkerson, C. Vorhies, D. Frayer. Back Row: F. Russell, Coach Keith Farrand, D. Cruzan, G. Niemann, F. Ferdon, G. Morlock, G. Pritchard, D. Nees, D. Chernin, M. Bledsoe, Assistant Coach Gordon Gish, M. Williams. After suffering two unexpected early season defeats, the varsity wrestling team fired up to win its final eleven meets including a 24-17 victory over state champ Arlington. A crowd of more than 700 fans witnessed the contest, which was one of the most exciting athletic events of the year. The determined Panther grapplers brought the crowd to its feet as they came from behind to defeat the Golden Knights for the second straight year. Surpassing the varsity ' s outstanding record, the reserve team went undefeated in 14 meets. These reserves, along with seven returning lettermen, should easily complement the weight classes vacated by the graduating members of this year ' s squad. 1966 RESERVE WRESTLING TEAM— Front Row: R. Small, S. Overby, J. Schoolcraft, D. Lurvey, P. Tolsen, R. Roesch, P. Baun, J. Jordan, T. Pagel, H. Arshop. Second Row: J. Wood, G. Zimmerman, D. Lawton, J. Bromley, D. Byrd, D. Emmert, D. Nagey, C. Rhodes, T. Schrader, R. Bibbs. Back Row: H. Bramley, G. Pelsue, T. Wright, C. Michael, B. Beitman, K. McKinney, L. Dawson, S. Hatfield, B. Willey, D. Copenhaver, B. Wans, C. Pike, J. Kyle. 91 NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC GOLF-1965-VARSITY 614 Madison Heights .... Ill Southport 9 Beech Grove 0 3 12 12 121 2 3i 2 12 6 4 81 15 131 2 61 9i 2 71 9 10 Speedway 51 Ben Davis 0 Warren Central 4 Carmel 51 Kokomo 1 1 1 2 Ben Davis 0 Lawrence Central .... 6 Lebanon 14 Pike 31 Broad Ripple 3 Noblesville 41 Carmel 5i Arlington 2U Lebanon 4i Manual 2 Bloomington High Invitational 2nd County Tournament 3rd Sectional 7th 1965 VARSITY GOLF TEAM-Tom Esmon, David Monto- vani, Jeff Slaughter, Scott Fritschle, Bob Bly, Joe Tilford, with their coach, John Friedersdorf. Golfers uphold winning tradition After a slow start, the varsity golf team rallied to post a 13-4-1 record against statewide competition. Led by seniors Bob Bly, Joe Tilford, Dave Monto- vani, and Jeff Slaughter, the linksmen continued in the varsity golfers ' eight year tradition of having 10 or more victories per season. Individual honors went to three-year letterman Bob Bly. Besides being one of the most consistent golfers on the team, he set a school record when he shot a 69 against Anderson. Returning lettermen Tom Esmon and Scott Fritschle will head a strong contingent of reserves to form this spring ' s varsity squad. Junior Scott Fritschle tends the flag as teammate Tom Esmon steadies himsell over a crucial putt. Netters capture second in County A Panther victory over a particularly strong Short- ridge team and a 4-3 loss to Broad Ripple, which was considered by many people to have had the top team in the state, highlighted the 1965 tennis season. Although the North Central team lost the county championship to Southport, interim coach Keith Farrand described the season as " quite successful. " Mr. Farrand took over the helm of the team when head coach John Shirley became ill early in the season. In the spring of 1966, Mr. Shirley returned and was backed up by four returning lettermen, Steve Enkema, Chris Slaughter, Steve Garrett, and Bill Lee. TENNIS-1965-VARSITY NC 2 Kokomo 5 NC 7 Beech Grove 0 NC 6 Ben Davis 1 NC 0 Jefferson 7 NC 7 Speedway 0 NC 7 Lawrence Central 0 NC 0 Arlington 7 NC 7 Pike 0 NC 6 Brebeuf 1 NC 7 Chartrand 0 NC 4 Shortridge 3 NC 3 Broad Ripple 4 NC 7 Warren Central 0 NC 3 Southport 4 NC 5 Park 2 With a smashing forehand, Dan Swift returns his opponent ' s serve to keep the volley and match alive. The 1965 track team hit its peak during the Sec- tional meet. Leading the Panthers to a second place finish were Sectional champions, Ted Wood, Tim McClenny, and the mile relay team of Nahmias, Sell- mer, Thompson and Wood. The relay team went on to capture fifth place in the State. Earlier in the season the track team placed third in the County sparked again by Ted Wood and Dave Thompson. TRACK-1965-VARSITY NC 41 Lawrence Central 50 NC 46 Noblesville 63 NC 41 Anderson 68 NC 42 Washington 62 Southport 33 NC 41 Noblesville 64 Richmond 59i 5 Shortridge 40% NC 81 Warren Central 28 NC 35 Kokomo 74 County Meet NC Third Sectional NC Second North Central Relays NC Fourth Using the " western roll, " Steve Lynch clears the bar in the county high jump competition. Individual stand-outs pace cindermen 1965 VARSITY TRACK TEAM— Front Row: M. Aycock, B. Teuton, P. Nefouse, H. Nahmias, R. Smith, B. Potter, B. Roll- ings, M. Love, and G. Roberts. Second Row: R. Knudsen, C. Whitfield, B. Lancet, G. Miller, B. Cruickshank, N. Fogel, J. Bromley, B. Penno, B. Marshke, D. Giltner, and S. Waugh. Third Row: B. Salisbury, T. Anderson, J. Murphy, C. Harri- son, D. Thompson, S. Sellmer, R. Marra, G. Vickery, B. Clutter, T. Smith, D. Peters, T. McClenny, and T. Wood. Back Row: A. Carlson, T. Steinmeier, G. Walkup, M. Kafoure, D. Schulte, P. Reilly, N. Humphreys, M. Miller, C. Asmus, B. Skelton, P. Ford, S. Lynch, M. Williams, and V. Bariether. Only ten senior trackmen graduated last year. ft mi 1965 RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM— Front Row: L. Baker, D. Peavy, D. McAllister, M. Thayer, S. Thompson, P. Kirles, J. Pactor, R. Kitterman, M. Dinwiddie. Back Row: D. High- mark, S. Livingston, A. Fasola, J. Hickey, G. Dawe, J. Hittle, S. Adams, J. Klein, T. Scott, B. Fritsch, D. Burgess, Coach Glen Schmucker. Reserves will play a vital role next year. Diamondmen register brilliant 11-4 season BASEBALL— 1965— VARSITY NC 4 Shortridge 1 NC 7 Northwest 6 NC 6 Lawrence Central 3 NC 8 Carmel 0 NC 9 Ben Davis 2 NC 3 Warren Central 2 NC 3 Noblesville 0 NC 10 Kokomo 7 NC 2 Jefferson 3 NC 6 Tech 8 NC 4 Arlington 6 NC 7 Broad Ripple 6 COUNTY TOURNAMENT NC 2 Pike 0 NC 6 Speedway 2 NC 2 Lawrence Central 4 " This was without a doubt the best baseball team in the school ' s history, " according to Coach Bradley. " The overall spirit of the boys and the determina- tion and willingness of each individual pulled this team together to form one of the most exciting and enthusiastic groups ever. " The Panthers started the season with a real bang. They won their first eight games before losing to Lafayette Jeff and Tech. North Central then en- tered the county tourney with a respectable 8-2 record. They advanced to the semi-finals of the tourney where they were upset by Lawrence Central, 4-2. However, the Panthers pulled out their final and most exciting victory of the season against Broad Ripple on Dean Miller ' s three run homer with two men out in the final inning. 1965 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row: T. Kenney, B. Williams, G. Voivodas, L. Sampsell, F. Flynn, J. Gibson, C. Crouse, R. Beatty. Back Row: Coach Tom Bradley, R. Whittington, G. Gaalema, D. Fairman, J. Ferguson, D. Klink, D. Miller, R. Wittenbraker, T. Jessup, J. Kuhs, T. Witten- braker. S. Gaalema (bat boy, front). LETTERMEN— Fronf Row: T. Anderson, J. Adams, R. Gold- stein, C. Vorhies, D. Frayer, B. Teuton, C. Worley, J. Murphy, and D. Oberholtzer. Second Roiv: A. Fasola, S. Fritschle, J. Heppner, B. Lee, B. Potter, B. Fritsch, G. Gaalema, G. Patton, G. Miller, and B. Richards. Third Row: B. Rollings, P. Reilly, M. Bloom, D. Peters, P. Thompson, P. Nefouse, P. Ford, M. Dinwiddie, and B. Skelton. Back Row: T. McClenny, V. Bareither, S. Clayton, S. Adams, R. Beatty, G. Roberts, M. Vance, M. Miller, J. Terrell, and D. Pritchard. This group does not include the Winter and Spring sports. Coaches, lettermen, cheerleaders play vital Playing a vital role in the Panther athletic picture, the coaches put in long hours after school in order to develop skill and to build the proper mental attitude in North Central ' s athletes. Additional coaches were needed this year to han- dle the heavy load. Jack Walter assumed the duties of assistant in basketball, the position vacated by Mr. Lickliter who advanced to head coach in basket- ball. Also, Roland Inskeep was added to the football staff as Coach Friedersdorf took on the additional assignment of golf in the spring. Supervision of all the coaches, as well as of North Central ' s entire athletic program, was the responsibility of Athletic Director Keith Stroup. Once a student has earned an athletic letter, he automatically becomes a member of North Central ' s Lettermen ' s Club. This year the club, led by presi- dent Grant Gaalema, continued its service activities. CO ACHES— " Yon t Row: Thomas Bradley, Keith Stroup, John Friedersdorf, and Roland Inskeep. Second Row: John Shir- ley, Gordon Gish, Byron Weaver and Arlan Lickliter. Bach, Row: Albert Schif- fle, Jack Walter, Glen Schmucker, Keith Farrand, and Noel Merrick, (not pic- tured) Charles Riley. 96 From the football season opener to the state basket- ball tournament, North Central ' s cheerleaders sup- ported all Panther athletic teams. Each year the yell-leaders are chosen by the student and class coun- cil representatives and alternates after careful faculty screening. The varsity is selected in the spring and the reserve in the fall. Both squads spend many hours after school working- on new cheers and per- fecting old ones. In November the varsity cheerleaders participated in the Annual Cheerleaders Conference at Indiana University and won first place in Division VI for schools with an enrollment of over 2500. 1965-66 RESERVE CHEERLEADERS — Front Row: Sandy Breisacher, Debbie Warman, and Stephanie Owens. Back Roic: Charlotte McConnell and Nancy McClain. role in support of Panther athletics 1966 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS- Yvonne Schutte, Susan Cassada, Carla Agnew, Carolyn Cassada, and Linda Hedrick. Instead of waiting for the game to end, the extremely confi- dent faculty All-Stars pose for the traditional victory picture during half-time of the game in which they defeated the student contingent 34-29 before a crowd of over 1000. With the outcome of the Student-Faculty basketball game still Mark Miller and Glenn Roberts, members of the Intramural in doubt, Bob Davidson and " Wizzer " Weaver leap for control basketball champions ' Golden Greasers, intently study " Wild- of the tip to start the fourth quarter. man " Walter ' s unique rebounding style. 98 Faculty game boosts l-M spirit One of the most important forces in generating school spirit was the broad intramural program sponsored by the Athletic Department. Included in the more than two dozen activities were such new sports as boys ' archery and Softball, and badminton for both boys and girls. According to Mr. Walker, supervisor of the intramural program, " more than 1500 students participated. " The largest turnout, as in the past, was in boys ' basketball. One of the teams, the Golden Greasers, after gaining the cham- pionship over the first and second place finishers of each of the four leagues in tournament play, culmi- nated this exciting season with an exhibition game with the Faculty All-Stars. This contest was promoted by the Student Council in conjunction with the In- tramural office. Over the years North Central ' s intra- mural program has grown to be one of the most com- plete to be offered by any high school in the state. With the girls ' intramural basketball crown at stake, Senior Linda Street, of the Prey team, battles for the ball. m A building is just a common thing until it is filled with people. Walking through the halls of North Cen- tral are two-thousand six-hundred five students. Each individual has talents which one-hundred forty-one fac- ulty members encourage him to develop. However, a huge school, to be efficiently run, requires many more people than students and teachers. Administrators assure the smooth running of all aspects of school operation. The physical maintenance of the plant takes an un- usually large staff. Bus drivers transport students safely to and from school. A grand total of two-hundred and seventy-five people work together to make North Central an uncommonly fine place to be. LOO Administrators, school Responsibility for managing the second largest school in Indianapolis is one that falls on the shoul- ders of the administrative staff of North Central. Mr. Eiche, for the fourth consecutive year, is fulfilling his obligations capably with the aid of assistant principals Dr. Bagby and Mr. Clones, and of Mr. Bugher, director of student activities. The counselors also aid the administration. These advisors consult with students, guiding them in choosing their programs, colleges, and vocations. Twenty-six hundred students are channeled through their offices every year. Administrative duties of another kind are ably handled by the Washington Township School Board. They provide the finances needed to run the town- ship ' s fourteen schools, which employ six hundred thirty-nine teachers, one hundred and thirteen cus- todians, and eighty-three bus drivers. Theirs is a tremendous job— responsibility to parents for furn- ishing their children with the best possible edu- cations in the best possible surroundings. Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, Superintendent Everett Light, and Assist- ant Superintendent Dean Evans work in close connection with North Central ' s administration. 102 board, counselors, share supervisory duties Mr. Milo Eithe, a very young man in a very important job, has shown maturity and skill in his role as the top administrator of an " uncommonly good " ' high school. Sharing administrative duties with Mr. Eiche are Eugene Clones and Dr. Geraldine Bagby, assistant principals, and William Bugher, director of student activities. Dr. Bagby is the only woman high school administrator in Marion County. COUNSELORS-Froflf Row: Miss Margery Laycock, Mrs. Isabella Legg, Mrs. Carol Findley, Miss Marybelle Dow. Back Row: Phillip Moore, Kenneth Warren, test center supervisor, Norman Harner, Charles Amick. 103 Mr. Davidson, chairman of the Mathematics department, helps sophomore David Nagey solve a difficult calculus problem. LATE PICTURES-Fronf Row: Mrs. Kaaran Rodman, Mrs. Mildred Diaz, Miss Marilyn Weaver. Back Row: Martin Moore, Thomas Bradley. With the exception of Mr. Bradley, they have been at North Central less than one year. Holiday work and play When not occupied with teaching classes or grad- ing papers, North Central ' s mathematics and science teachers were on the go all over the country. Business reasons accounted for many of their trips. Mr. Dick, Mr. Schmucker, and Mr. Prettyman attended meet- ings of the Central Association for Math and Science o Teachers in Louisville, Kentucky, and in Chicago, Illinois. Others on the faculty traveled for pleasure. Mrs. Wisner and her husband covered 11,000 miles last summer while sight-seeing and fishing. Mr. Tharp is an outdoor enthusiast who has camped all over the western part of the United States. Summer plans for faculty members of these de- partments center on education. Mr. Mohr and Mr. Watson have been accepted at a summer institute at the University of Chicago. Mr. Phares received a Shell Merit Fellowship to attend Cornell University. At Indiana University Mr. Dick will study on a national science foundation grant. Alter working all day at school, many teachers enjoy friendly competition in their Wednesday evening bowling league. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT— Fron Row: Mrs. Edith Wisner, James Davidson, Cecil Tharp, Mrs. Betty Culp, Mrs. Mary Spoon. Middle Row: Gordon Gish, Wilbur Richards, George Sharp, Mrs. Jennie Howe, James Lyerly. Back Row: H. Brown Harrison, Albert Schiffli, Marvin Ross, Donald Kerr, (see page 110 for Billy Lee Walker, who is not pictured here.) keep math and science teachers on the go SCIENCE TEACHERS — F? on f Row: Russell Coverdale, George Degler, Robert Watson, Earl Lindberg. Back Row: • 1 " " Glen Schmucker, William Phares, Robert Prettyman, David Dick, Charles Russell. Mr. Prettyman is the department head 1 • ' Change of pace ' activities renew energies Mrs. Katherine Wert, a ten-year staff member, assists new li- brarians, Duane Johnson and Mrs. Alice Morgan. On holidays and weekends, English teachers and librarians " get away from it all " by taking part in activities which for the most part are totally unre- lated to school. Ski enthusiasts Mrs. Butterworth, Miss Noble, Miss Overman and Mrs. Stokesberry head for the nearest ski slopes. The latter is also a dedicated " buff, " who seldom misses an automobile race. In summertime Mr. Fruits fishes and plays golf, while Mrs. Baily rides horseback. Sewing and knitting are favorite pastimes of Miss Freudenberger and Miss Bertsch. Mrs. Wiegel and Mrs. Wert share a common interest, reading. The latter also enjoys bridge. Travel is an absorbing interest for several in these departments. Mrs. Ball, who replaced Miss Agnew for this year only, spent five months in Europe re- cently, and will leave on a trip around the world as soon as school lets out. Mr. Johnson ' s summer plans are a continuation of the winter, since he will serve on the faculty of Purdue for eight weeks at an N.D.E.A. Institute. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT— Frorcf Row: Mrs. Helen Wing- field, Mrs. Grace Kass, Mrs. Sandra Butterworth, Miss Donna Fulps, Mrs. Elsie Ball, Mrs. Betty Stokesberry, Miss Carolyn Wiegel, Miss Ruth Bertsch. Second Row: Mrs. Nelda Rim- stidt, Mrs. Barbara Pence, Miss Sue Overman, Mrs. Lori Pie- chocki, Miss Brenda (Lee) Noble, Miss Helen Benbow, Mrs. Jeannine Merritt, Robert Siegel, Miss Jeannine Freudenberger and Thomas Cox. Back row: Mrs. Ruth Kivett, Mrs. Margaret Ferguson, Mrs. Marcia Bailey, James Jenkins, Miss Marty Nees, John Shirley and John Lewis. J 1 • f - ENGLISH DEPARTMENT— Front .Row: Mrs. Sylvia Kline, James Duffy, and Mrs. Bernice Carnell. Second Row: William Lord, Mrs. Sara Brodt, and Thomas Fisher. Mr. Rump, supervisor of work experience at North Central, who is responsible for getting students part-time jobs, goes over directories with Susie Niehaus and Don Pittman. Teachers take on added responsibilities Two of North Central ' s faculty members inter- ested in dramatics have made outstanding achieve- ments. Mr. Lord, who designs theaters on the side, is currently planning one in Chicago and another in Elkhart. Mr. Allen won the Encore Award for di- recting the best amateur production of the year. This award is given annually by the Variety Club. Summer gives teachers an opportunity to relax after a hectic school year. Mrs. Carnell is anticipat- ing working in her garden and reading, while Mrs. Brodt will leisurely enjoy her summer afternoons playing bridge. Vacation means hard work for others. Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Reece will be on extended contracts to work on the curriculum. While Mrs. Keilman instructs at a journalism institute at the University of Ohio, Mr. Rump and Mr. Cruzan will be teaching summer school here. Miss Pickard will attend the National Education Association Convention in Florida. BUSINESS EDUCATION— Front Row: Mrs. Edith Reese, Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, and Mrs. Meriam Cohen. Back Row: William Cruzan, Miss Roleen Pickard, and Erwin Rump. 107 Mr. Meek lost count of the overtime involved in helping Karen Leander and Ann Londe with their Junior Spectacular act entitled " Presidential Pandemonium. " Since many teachers attend conferences and visit other schools, frequent substitutes are required. Mrs. Betty Olsen, a regular substitute, occasionally teaches her own son, Bill. Extra training enriches teachers ' lives FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT— Froni Roiu: Mrs. Alice Kraft, Miss Cleo Kinnison, Miss Edra Staffieri, Miss Ruth Lesley, Mrs. Betty Stokesberry. Middle Roiv: Miss Kathryn Mer- kel, Mrs. Judith Saylor, Miss Patricia Meek, Mrs. Judith Ahrens, Mrs. Kathryn Wert, Donald Goacher. Back Row: J. B. White, David Martyn, John Wendling, John Brown, Max Carmichael. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT— Fron Row: Donald Kercheval, John Holzman, Morris Campbell, Kenneth Patton, and Captain Charles Wilhelm. Second Row: Loren Comstock, Mrs. Lila Young, Mrs. Frances Humphreys (deceased), Donald Johnson, and Thomas Doney. Back Row: Charles Fleming, Carl DeBard, Richard Meek, Thomas Burrin, and H. Norman Taylor, the department chairman. Martin Moore, practice teacher for Mrs. Humphreys, was able to take over. Foreign Language and social studies teachers spend spare time keeping up with the latest developments in their various fields. Conventions and summer schools provide them with in-service training. Mr. Brown, chairman of the Foreign Language Depart- ment, attended a meeting of the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board in the Area of German, during the school year. He also accompanied Miss Merkel, Miss Staffieri, Mr. Wendling, and Mr. White to the Central Indiana Conference for Supervising Teachers at Arlington High School. Mr. Taylor and Captain Wilhelm flew down to Miami, Florida, over Thanksgiving vacation for the National Council of Social Studies Teachers. In addition to academic training, these Faculty members gain a broader insight into world affairs by sight-seeing throughout the world. Mr. White plans to explore Egypt this summer during a two- month trip, while Miss Kinnison will travel to Hawaii. The Social Studies Department was saddened by the untimely death of Mrs. Frances Humphreys, who was fatally injured in an automobile accident on Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Humphreys, who was in- ternationally known, took an active part in the life of both the community and school. Mr. Taylor and Captain Wilhelm, during a vacation confer- ence, select social studies for class use. 109 Health Ed. people practice what they teach While teaching acrobatics to her physical education classes, Mrs. Lennox stays in shape by practicing various stunts. Health Education teachers participate in strenuous activities both in and out of school. Mr. Bradley, who is going to be the summer recreation director of Washington Township, enjoys all sports. He also raises and shows Great Dane dogs throughout the midwest. Mr. Farrand is active in various sports; he especially enjoys wrestling and badminton. Flying is another favorite hobby for this gym teacher. Mr. Walters may be found out on the golf course when he is not teaching classes. Mrs. Lennox likes to knit and bowl, and she and Mrs. Barrett both enjoy bridge. Mr. Weaver is a Boy Scout Merit Badge counselor, a Mason, and also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The Army Reserve provides a favorite avocation for two Health Ed teachers. Mr. Weaver and Captain Wilhelm put in active duty every summer. Captain Wilhelm also fires in the Fifth Army Reserve Pistol Team. Mr. Stroup, who directs North Central ' s nine vari- ous sports programs, often commutes between St. Louis, Missouri, and Columbus, Ohio, where his two sons live. HEALTH EDUCATION DE- PARTM ENT— Fro n t Row: Mrs. Juanita Lennox, Mrs. Sonja Bar- rett, Mrs. Virginia Nead. Back Row: Keith Farrand, Captain Charles Wilhelm (see Social Studies Department), Keith Stroup, Byron Weaver, Jack Walter, Billy Walker. 10 FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT— Fron £ Row: Miss Ruth Kyle, Richard Dennis, Mrs. Jeanne Johnson. Back Roil ' : Richard Laughlin, Max Briggs, Donald Martin, James Keyt, Samuel Rhinesmith. Included in North Central ' s Fine Arts Department are music, handicrafts, and art. Artistic talents of faculty help programming Some of the busiest people in school this year were the Practical Arts and Fine Arts teachers who added many extra-curricular responsibilities to their reg- ular classes. Mr. Dennis and the North Central orchestra were hosts this spring to Eric Rosenblith, Concert Master of the Indianapolis Symphony, who conducted a concert by the student group. Mr. Keyt •was busy with service projects such as designing and printing the Junior Spectacular post- ers. Mr. Keyt states that he enjoys any kind of art media, but time does not permit him to work as much as he likes. The art teachers took pride this year in students whose art work won over 30 gold keys in the National Scholastic Art Contest. Extra activities not connected with school are of interest to Industrial Arts teachers. Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Mann enjoy golfing. In addition, Mr. Smith spends some time fishing and hunting. Mrs. Stout, a member of the Home Economics Department, serves as director on the board of the American Asso- ciation of University Women. I PRACTICAL ARTS-Front Row: Mrs. Virginia Nead, Miss Carolyn Kleifgen, Mrs. Margaret Stout. (Home Economics) Back Row: Alvin Spencer, G. L. Woodruff. (Industrial Arts) 111 Behind the scenes ' workers essential part SECRETARIES— Seated: Mrs. Pam Gilbert, Mrs. Betty McDermott, Mrs. Patricia Tomlinson. Standing: Mrs. Doris Keller, Mrs. Gladys Lindell, Mrs. Paulyne Scott, Mrs. Grace Whitsitt, and Mrs. Rosalie Nickels. Mrs. Keller was added to the staff this year. Mrs. Marguerite Farkas, the bookstore manager, and Mrs. Geneva Kennedy, the school treas- urer, have importanl functions in providing supplies and keeping complicated records. Mrs. Linnea Swigarl keeps complicated records of another sort, the attendance records. of school atmosphere An efficient group oi women handle the maze of secretarial duties in the school. In addition to Mrs. Swigart, attendance officer, Mrs. Kennedy, treasurer, Mrs. Nickels, school registrar, Mrs. Farkas, bookstore man- ger, and Mrs. McDermott, switchboard, lour others are secretaries. Mrs. Scott assists Mr. Eiche; Mrs. Whitsitt, Dr. Bagby; Mrs. Keller, Mr. Shulik; and Mrs. Lindell, Mr. Clones. The cafeteria, although being a separate unit from the school, is an essential part of it. Mrs. Shields, man- ager and on the staff nine years, takes pride in her consistent 100% rating by the State Board of Health. The cafeteria staff serves 2,724 meals daily and often caters school banquets and buffets. Colorful decorations are Mrs. Shield ' s hobby. The custodial staff were saddened by the sudden death of Mrs. Bernice Bradshaw, long a member of their group. Mrs. Ann Gibson came in as her replacement. The many visitors who came to North Central daily, com- mented on its cleanliness and good condition, the result of constant work by the custodians. CUSTODIAL STAFF-Front Row: Mrs. Geneva Timmons, Mrs. Pearl Rattler, Mrs. Littie Scruggs, and Mrs. Bernice Brad- shaw (deceased). Back Row: Sammy Smith, Jim Kendall. Benny Smith, John Davenport, and Leonard Carman. CAFETERIA STAFF-Front Roiv: Catherine Hough, Gene- vieve Mattox, Lorraine Wichman, Hazel Voorhis, Lois Grube, Charlene Justice, Manager Ruth Shields, Elsie Dicks, Eliza- beth Adams, Helen Earle, and Doris Woodring. Second Row: Ruth Hodges, Lucille Freehearty, Thelma Shackelford, Kath- ryn Sickbert, Esther Moore, Beulah Barber, Peggy Kelleher, Pauline Painter, Leona Perry, Rose Acrea, Lucille Hause, and Hazel Perrine. Third Row: Cyvilla Newbold, Marguerite Whitten, Sofia Smith, Ledora Bevis, Viola Rains, Assistant Manager Bertha Boffo, Jane Kuneman, Neva Gibson, Ellen Anderson, Anna Wall, Judy Langley, and Mamie Petty. Fourth Row: Betty Ambrous, Gayle Macy, Mary Norman, Evelyn Williams, Betty Broglin, Judy Goebel, Geneva Hughes, Josephine Beals, Alice Hernclon, Pauline Smith, Jene Goecker, and Betty Wright. Back Row: Ross Stewart, Warren Chance, Fred Yockey, Dean Painter, John Curry. Richard Hiatt, and Oscar Harvey. (Employed in the cafeteria but not present at time picture was taken) Glen Bracken, Mary Lou Davidson, Wanda Fitzgerald, Rosalee Foster, Betty Meyers, Dick Powell, Doris Schafer, Virginia Staton. and William Shaw. 113 NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLASTIC FINALISTS — Front Row: Laurie Wright, Marguerite Waller, Tina Simmons, Michael Jacobson, Bill Kuhn, Barbara Sommer. Second Row: Phil Clark, Gary Fisch, Steven Nisenbaum, Bob Jahnke, Bob Class of ' 66 recalls Rollings, Doug Mitchell, Cindy Smock, Maria Diaz. Back Row: Daniel Kempton, Mike Peeler, Dave Martin, John Ashton, Bill Kirtley, John Johnston, Richard White, David Chernin. (Not pictured) Stephanie Dunn, Steven Kafoure, Frank Russell. grad dance, bonfire May was undoubtedly the longest month of the year for seniors impatiently waiting to get out of school. Yet, when they finally were released, the graduates immediately swarmed back to North Cen- tral, suffering attacks of nostalgia. Their earliest memories took them back to the senior bonfire, which celebrated the end of the foot- ball season. They remembered roasting hot dogs and then wandering over to the stadium where the Birds of Paradise were playing. Another fond memory was the senior party for underprivileged children. The affair was held at the Children ' s Guardian Home. David Ratts, who played Santa Claus, distributed two gifts apiece to the guests. Seniors ' next memories went back to January, when they began to plan the Senior Talent Show, which they presented in May. The final event was the Grad dance sponsored by the Triangle Club. When the class of ' 66 went off to college, most of them agreed that their senior year was a wonderful experience. Seniors listen with as much interest as their guests to the folk singers who performed at the Christmas party for the youngsters at the Children ' s Guardian Home. I 14 Smiling in eager anticipation of the happy day when she will " march down the aisle " to get her diploma, Yvonne Schutte gets measured for her cap and gown. Heading up the activities of the senior class of 1966 were Steve Talesnick, president; Bill Lee, vice-president; Andrea Meditch, treasurer; and Jill Jackson, secretary. SENIOR CLASS COVNCIL-Front Row: Stephanie Nicely, Martha Carrington, Jill Jackson, Jean Coale, Tim Phillips, Anne Boleman, Carolyn Kuhn, Karen Williams, Yvonne Schutte. Second Roiv: Sally Appel, Elaine Storey, Bonnie Lindquist, Kathy Crocker, Liz Walter, Karen Kelly, Judy Jennings, Jenny Routt, Janie Teixler. Third Row: Andy Meditch, Karen Baldridge, Susan Dickey, Bill Lee, Steve Talesnick, Jim Wood, Dick Parker, Steve Horning, Don Kercheval, sponsor. Back Row: Maddie Ellis. Becky Green, Jim Heppner, Dave Martin, Mark Miller, Steve Springer, Carl Rhodes, Gary Gardner. Each homeroom elects a class council representative and alternate. 115 SENIORS ... i v Gerald W. Adams Jack Adams Donna Carol Agnew Mary Lynne Aikman Janet Albertson Cindy Alig ■? ' r ' ; ■ SMra Anna Jane Allen Stephen J. Allen Donna J. Amos Karen Amos Carolyn Ann Anderson Susan Rosemary Anderson ? TimfktViv T AnHprfiAn I llll ' lll l - . . 1 IIH 1 V ' I 1 Yvonne Odell Anderson Stephen Andrews Rick L. Anweiler Sally Schaf Appel David G. Arbuckle i Howard A. Arshop Harry B. Arthur John C. Ashton David Atkins Martha Ann Ault Marsha Lynn Austen J: ' 3 " ,. Raymond R. Avels Richard K. Babayan Peggy Bachmann Jon Bailey Lynn Annette Bailey Nancy Baker iLii . " - 1 Karen Baldrige Bryan Douglas Baldwin David Baldwin Michael Wallace Ballard ' Linda Kay Barbarick Carla Gayle Barnard Christian Barnes Gary Baugh Ronald E. Baum Susan Joy Baumer William M. Baun Val Richard Beasley Jack Beeson William Beineke Karen M. Bellamy Steve Benham Shirley Benjamin Michael Berger CLASS OF 1966 Cheryl Berling Sherri Renee Berling Danielle Bernard Sally Anne Berning James Mark Bird Jr. Diana Bishop Gregory Alan Biddle James S. Blakley John Thomas Blemker Dave Blickenstaff William H. Blankertz Erika Blaszkiewicz Marjery Blieden Thomas L. Boardman Steven L. Boger Anne Boleman David A. Boos Carl Lewis Bose Perri M. Bottoms Thomas Bowen Carol Bowers Hedy Lynn Bowers William David Bowman Richard Alan Bovd Stephen Richard Brandt Carol Braund Robert E. Breedlove Dwane M. Brewer Richard Alan Brickson Shirley Jean Britton John Brody Carl Brooks Robert H. Brown John Buckner Mitchell Alan Bndzenski Jeffrey S. Bugbee Joel A. Bunch II Patricia Lee Bundy Kathryn Burgess Sharon K. Burgess Jane Ellen Burroughs Thomas C. Busch Ann Louise Buschmann William S. Buschmann Stephen C. Butz Margery Dee Cahn Daniel Charles Caine Jamie Dunn Campbell 117 f ' . £ I p. Jj s ' : _ Jjj Alt ' W i ■■V 4 ill SENIORS Thomas J. Campbell Deborah C. Cantor Deborah Ann Canull Alan Keith Carlson William Allen Carlson Jody Lynn Carrier Martha Ann Carrington Rosemary Carrington Lorraine Carroll John Carrott Patricia Louise Carter John C. Case Susan Cassada Stephen Robert Cast Margaret Arleen Chase David Lester Chavis Sara Angela Chenoweth David M. Chernin Linda Kay Claeson Susan Lynn Clapp Betty Jo Clark Phillip R. Clark Randall G. Clark Sue Ann Clayton Terry Lee Clayton Rebecca Jane Cloyd Robert Clutter Jean E. Coale Jane Anne Coats Linda Coffman Richard Allen Coffman Barry S. Cohen Zac H. Cohen Merrie Beth Cohn Charles Colby David Keith Cole Christine Conrad Carole Ann Conway Linda Cooper Susie Cooper Tobi Coraz Thomas L. Corbett David V. Corbin Susan Cornett Thomas Cory Andy Cosner Nicky Couse Stephen R. Cox 118 CLASS OF 1966 Laura Craig Barbara A. Crandall Geoffrey A. Crawford Douglas E. Cregor Kathleen W. Crocker David T. Crowe Bruce Cruickshank Douglas W. Cruzan Barbara Cunrmings Nancy Gail Cummings Hank Cunningham Arthur Curry Donald W. Daniel Jr. William E. Daniels Robert Davidson Joanne P. Dean Susan Deckman Glen Deerwester Harold Deich Vaughn D. Delong Cynthia Diane Delott Larry DeShano Maria Diaz Jeffrey Dice Susie Dickey Sharon Sue Dietz Mary Katherine Dirks C. Brian Dixon Marjorie Jo Dodd Dan M. Domont Lawrence Domont Ron Donnelly Debbie Donovan Larry Dorfman Janice Doriot Robert A. Dottenwhy Larry T. Dorsch Dan Duncan Donna J. Dunn Michael Dunn Ruth Dunne Stephanie Dunn Patricia Dyer Pamela Ann Dyke Susan Elaine Dykema Lynn Eckel Nancy L. Edwards Donna Eichlin dm 4C ipPl £% f»| D iL ii4 HHHB I HI H HBHHH HHH Bi HHflHHHHI HBIH 1 4 .. j i 44 ' 119 SENIORS Richard Eilert Pam Elder Kathryn Elliott Andrew R. Ellis Deborah Ellis Madelaine Ellis Mike Elzey Elliot David Engel Emily Engel Cynthia England William B. Engelman Stephen Enkema Donna Jean Ennis Paul Erdey Carole Lorraine Ervin J. Thomas Esmon Kathy Evarts Thomas Robert Faessler Llyn R. Fagg Alyson Faircloth Vicki Gene Farmer Dick Fatout Andrea Foust Gary Featherston Jacob Ferris Ferdon III Jim Ferguson Ronald Fine Jacqueline Fink Leon Fink Gary R. Fisch Marlin Fisher Scott M. Fisher Karen Fitch Arlene Merie Fitts Missy Flack Beth Flickinger Gerda Fogle Brenda Michele Fox Gary L. Fox James Frankenberger Thomas R. Fraser Dave Frauman Paul Frayer George Freije Virginia Louise Frey Terry Fulroth Grant Gaalema Bob Gailard J 20 CLASS OF 1966 Kenny Gallinger Virginia Galvin Fred Gamble Valerie Garbrecht Gary A. Gardner Molly Garrett - fiL ■ Stephen F. Garrett Sandra Lynne Garritson Charles Gebuhr Jennifer Getz Linda Kemp Gillies 1 Susan Louise Gipe ■ ...1 Is a fc£ Roberta Ann Glanzman Michael J. Glaser I Jane Glasser Richard Alan Goecker Benjamin B. Goldfarb " Richard Michael Goldstein jj Richard I. Goldstein Todd Michael Goldstein Herbert Daniel Goller Linda Carol Gommel Mason Ross Goodman Louise Goss - . dklmm 1 Cay ' . , :i Kathy Graff Susan Grant j Stephen Grant 1 John Gray Steve Grear Eric Green 1 1 Rebecca F. Green 1 Carol Lee Greene 1 Jennifer S. Griffin Thomas Gronau s! Beth Grosskopf Patti Gail Gyarmati o J |gft|| ' | _ 1 Michael L. Hackett 1 Lynn Haerle Jo Haggard Nancy Jo Haine Teresa Hale Dianne Hall _ . v , ,, , „; Dick Hall Bonnie Hall Mary E. Halloran Betty Hancock Ron Handziak g Rhonda Hardin 1 ll " I 121 . P ■ „ SENIORS Stephen Hardy Debby Lee Hargan Richard Harlan Mim Phyllis Harris Steve Harris Susan Jeanne Harrison Kathy Lee Hart Rosa Linda Hart Ellen Kay Haskitt Diane Haun Michael A. Hawley Michael Heady Robert Hebert William M. Heeter Jane Hendricks Carol Ann Hene Patricia Henn Jim Heppner Cindy Herman Michael Herndon Nancy A. Hibbard Bob Hibler Duncan Highmark Mary Hill Stephen Alan Himes John Hiner Donna Hinkle Cyndi Hinkley Jill R. Hirschman Raymond Brian Hirsh Jack Hittle Robby Lyn Hochman Dianne Hocker William T. Hoehn Richard Hohlt Cecily Anne Holbrook Eugene Charles Hollander Kathleen Holmes Steven A. Holt Stephen Hopkins Vinton Horine Stevan Mark Horning Bill Horton Bruce Hotte Dede Houtzer Michael L. Hoyt Patricia Hope Huffaker Diane Huffman CLASS OF 1966 Cynthia Ann Hull Linda Susan Hull Jon C. Hult Noel D. Humphreys Linda Kay Hunter Mary Linda Hunter Nancy Hunter Thomas Cooper Hutsell Ronald H. Izsak Dan Richard Jackson Doris Jean Jackson Jill Alison Jackson Stephen Edwin Jackson Burt Jacobs Michael P. Jacobson Robert W. Jahnke Jean Elisabeth James Catherine Elisabeth Janes Gregory Alan Jarvis Geoffrey Jay Judy Jennings Catherine Johns Marjorie Johns Craig Johnson John Johnston Diatra Anne Jones Karen Suzanne Jones Judith Ann Jordan Steven G. Kafoure Kenneth Karsh Shirley Karst Barrie E. Katz Kathleen Ann Keams Stephen Anderson Keller Karen Kelly Dan Kempton Kay D. Kendrick Mary Beth Kepner Ronald William Kieper Karen Diane Kinsey Richard Dean Kiovsky Candace Lynn Kirkwood Peter David Kirles William Kirtley Gail Klein Steve Klingenberger Mary Lou Koch Gerald C. Koplos SENIORS if - - T 11 WKHBKBtBtBk 2 y Michelle Koplow Cherie Kornfeld Randy J. Kreizenbeck Dale Kromroy Linda Lynn Kuhlmann Carolyn Kuhn f « A i - - -. ■ frii Willis E. Kuhn II Donald I. Kuhs Jr. Susie Kuszmaul Dorothy LaMar Patricia Lammert John Lane . s, ■ Janet Starr Lannerd Carol Lynn Lash James Michael Latimer Chris Laughner Roger Lawton William Lee X, i ... Susan Leff Joe Leff el Kathleen Marie Lehr James Leland C. Richard Lenglade Suzanne Lesh JL s ' A, ' ? L Aaron J. Leve Janet Beth Levinsky Thomas K. Ley Alan Bruce Lichtenberg Marilyn Sue Lidikay Richard E. Lillie ■ 6,, ; ■ •T Georgianna Lilly Dick Linderman Bonnie Lindquist Steve Litten John Michael Livingston Sharon Ann Lockwood i ' ' ' if; . ; All Marsha Louise Long Michael J. Longden Rebecca Ann Longest Danny Lowe Edward F. Lucius Mary J. Lucius M f 4- £ Pamela Jean Ludington Gunda G. Lueken Judith Ann Lynn James R. MacMullin Anna G. McBride Patricia Madry CLASS OF 1966 Ethel Malin Charlene Malofsky David L. Maltzman Michael W. Mandara Kathleen Joann Mantel Eric C. Mann Mary Lou Manzie Rod Mar cum Edward S. Marcus Robert Marr Jr. Judith Ellen Marshall David Alan Martin Jan Martin Katherine Anne Martin Robert Kim Martin Michael Susan Martin Tomalene Martin Mary Lou Mason Pamela L. Massena Phyllis Ann Matekunas DaVeen Maurer Jan Maus Dorian Mayfield Don McAllister Timothy Davis McClenny Linda Kay McCollum Bonnie Joy McDowell Stuart McFarland Michael McHenry David Richard McKown Mary McManis Jack Meadows Andrea Meditch Dennis Medjesky Jeanette Medlin Marjorie Ann Mericle Frederick Mason Mewhinney II Beverly Jo Meyers Dorothy Helen Miller Gordon Miller James F. Miller Jerry R. Miller II Mark Miller Marsha Ann Miller Rebecca Ellen Miller Deb Minney Linda A. Minnich Douglas Mitchell 1 ■ A 0 ' BIMHHMHHMflH 1 m ' ■4 125 SENIORS w pi Roberta Ann Mix Nancy Ann Mockler Karen Mommer Molly Ann Moon Sandra Kay Moore Dennis L. Morehead | 4 ' ' mMi Ross M. Morgan Gary Morlock Linda Ann Morton Ginny Mosconi Nancy Moss William Thomas Murphy ♦ - - - • r,,l.,-. X T ..11 Jonn IN all Rebecca Ann Nearpass Beverly Nelson Nancy Neumeier Robert L. Newman Susan Lynn Nice % || Stephanie Louise Nicely Johnny Nickels Greg Nicoloff Suzi K. Niehaus George R. Niemann Steven Nisenbaum J € ' Ufa Tpffrpv A ■ . 1 1 1 c y ill uci Linda Noel Rebecca Noland Richard Noland Barbara Nolte Harry Noon L Debbie Norris Dan Oberholtzer Mary O ' Connor Patricia Elena Oclander Nancy J. O ' Haver Bernard Wolford O ' Koon m V | — ™ ]VIax Dave O ' Guinn William B. Olsen Robert Olsen Beets Ostrom Randy Overbey Cindy Owen • I i V : • i V u . . , . ! . , , PniffP Anne Palmer Carla Pardieck Fred E. Parker Richard Paul Parker Becky Parris 126 CLASS OF 1966 Jane Parrish Nancy Ann Paton Peggy Patterson Gary S. Pattern Pamila Paul Ron Pearson Cherrie Pedlow Mike Peeler Jackie Perkins David Peters Donn Peters William Petty Lu Anne Phariss Deborah Phillips Tim Phillips Barbara Philyaw Angie Pickett Steven J. Pierce Nancy Pippen Donald Pittman Stephen Porter Catherine Presnoples Jean E. Priest Julia A. Priest Cheryl Lynn Pritchard Steven L. Pruitt John Pylat R. Michael Pyle Jean Quackenbush Leah Quin Francie Raber Marcia Raber Rory Beth Rabin Pamela Jean Raikos Linda Rankin Philip F. Ransom Jalil Rashti William J. Rath David Ratts John Rau Jimmy Ray Michael Reed Sally Reid Peter C. Reilly III James Reinhardt Henry J. Reiser David Reising Juanita Renollet 4tM % iiMm$ k% 127 SENIORS Ian J. Reynolds Stewart R. Reynolds Carl Rhodes Edgar Nevin Rhodes III Sally Rhodes Steven Rhodes Stuart W. Rhodes Tom Rhodes Bruce Richards Mark Richardson Lois Rieke Timothy James Riley David Lee Risdon Bob Roache Susan Roberson Glenn Roberts Linda Jean Roberts Mark W. Roberts Pamela Hope Roberts Nathalie Robinson Bonnie Jo Rogers Robert W. Rollings Frances Roth Darlene Rothwell Robert J. Roundtree Jenny Routt Peggy Roy Diane Rubenstein Jerome Rubenstein Jean Rubush Robert Lee Runciman Deloris Russell Dennis R. Ryan Harvey N. Sacks Barbara Saddler Tom Sampsell Janet Lynn Samuelson Lisa Ann Sanders Joe Alan Sandy Candice Schaeffer Bonnie Schaller Gerard F. Schmitt Howard B. Schuff Yvonne Del Schutte Sonya Schwartz Debra L. Seif Myron Charles Seulean Jill Sexson CLASS OF 1966 Linda Shackelford Barbara Ann Shafer William Kemp Shafer Linda Shands Stephen Shane Gordon G. Sherk Valeska Short Cynthia Anne Shuba Linda Shuey Susan K. Shultz Bill Siegrist Christina Simmons Bess Simon Nadine F. Simpson Bill Skelton Patricia Skinner J. Christopher Slaughter Ruth Slaughter Mary Small Barry Smith Carolyn Smith Crystal Jo Smith David James Smith Joe Smith Judith Lynne Smith Marjorie Ellen Smith Robert David Smith Stephen C. Smith Ted A. Smith Theodore D. Smith Cynthia Smock Terry Snider Theretha Ann Snow Barbara Sommer Susan L. Sparrenberger Mark Sprecher Steven E. Springer Sue Srader Pattie Stalker Linda Kathleen Stamp Vicky Kay Stanley Linda Starr Karen Lee Stein Cecilia Ann Stepaniak Sandra Sue Stephenson Judy Lynn Stern Bud Stickle Nan Elaine Stiffler 1 s r JS-- " if « ' i imiSiHi IBiflllllBflHHI H HIBIE c r r , IP • In It % : 4r 129 SENIORS Jan Stock John Stocksdale Cheryl Lynn Stokes Michael W. Stokes Elaine Storey Jennifer Stout Daniel Carl Strauss Linda Jean Streett Jim Stroh Linda Suggs Harvey Sullivan Roger Svendsen Karen Marie Swanson Nancy Ann Swenson Pamela Ann Symons Stephen A. Talesnick Deborah Sue Taylor Janie Teixler James Robert Terrell Melinda Teter William D. Teuton Stephanie J. Thiesing Duane Anthony Thomas James E. Thomas Jill Thomas John Thomas Karen S. Thomas Richard O. Thomas Jr. Dale Thompson David S. Thompson John L. Thompson Martha Thompson Robert E. Thompson Paula Jan Thrun William Goeffrey Tindall Richard Thomas Todd Susan Townsend Joe Traugott Diane Trieb Kenneth Tucker John Frederick Tzucker David William Urbain Andrew Joseph Uvanni Ji Madeleine VanArsdale Garry W. VanArsdol Alice Louise Vance Becky VanMeter Dinah Kay Vaprin CLASS OF 1966 Diane Vavul Susan J. Vinton Ruth Marie Vollrath Chubby Wadsworth Sue Ellen Wagman Judith Ann Wagner Linda J. Wagnon Vicky L. Waldner Julia Ann Walker Keith Walkup Linda Wallberg Marguerite R. Waller Andrew Walter Elizabeth Walter Candice Sue Walters Janyce Marie Walz Steven W ard Bradford Lloyd Warren Stuart Duthie Waugh Jean Weakley Dave Weigel James Robert Weigel Regina W eissman Norman Wells Patricia Lynn Werner Linda J. Wesselman Candice L. West Susan West David Westbrook Linda Whalen Sandi Whi taker Stephen Edward Whitcomb Richard ' White Susan L. White Stephen Franklin White Jan Whitlock Curt D. Wichmann Dan S. Wilkerson Marjorie S. Wilhelm Pepper Jane Wilhoit Kathy Willey Jacqueline Ann Williams Karen Williams Michael G. Williams Michael T. Williams Pamela Elaine Williams Larry L. Willman Carolyn Wilson i ; ; ■ • m ■IM I . - p. 11 ■ " llli ML 1 131 Senior Activities GERALD W. ADAMS— Boys ' Glee Club 2-3; Intramural Bas- ketball 2-4; Intramural Football 3-4; Chefs ' 2; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Class Council Alternate 2; F.B.L.A. 4. JACK ADAMS— Transfer from Chicago, Illinois; Varsity Wres- tling 3, Co-Captain 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. DONNA CAROL AGNEW-Drama 2,4; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Student Council 2; Fall Musical 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Counterpoints 3-4; National Thespian Society 3-4; Music As- sistant 4; National Honor Society 3-4. MARY LYNNE AIRMAN— G.A.A. 2; French 2-3; Art 2; Intra- mural 2; German 2; Student Council 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Girls Auto Mechanics 4. JANET ALBERTSON-International Relations 2; Intramurals 2-4; Class Council Alternate 3; Class Council 2; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate 3; Travel 3-4; French 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Recognition Committee 4; Panther Athletic 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Student Council Alternate 4. CINDY ALIG— Booster Block 2; Guidance Office 2; G.A.A. 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Arts and Crafts 3; General Office As- sistant 3-4; French 3; Travel 4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; A.F.S. 4; Intramurals 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Northern Lights Repre- sentative; Senior Class Council Alternate 4. ANNA JANE ALLEN-Booster Block 2; Drama 2-4; Stage Crew 3-4; Costume 3-4; Thespians 3-4; National Forensics League 3-4; Student Council Alternate 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Honorable Mention in Scholastic Arts Contest 4. STEPHEN J. ALLEN -Chefs ' 2; Government 4; Panther Ath- letic 4. DONNA J. AMOS-Giris ' Industrial Arts 2-4; G.A.A. 2; Intra- murals 2; Aquarium 3; Clothing 3; Knitting 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4; Art Award, Gold Key. KAREN AMOS-G.A.A. 2; Arts and Crafts 3; Foods 3; Panther Athletic 4; Knitting 4; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4; Schol- astic Award 2-3. CAROLYN ANN ANDERSON - Transfer from Springfield, Ohio; F.B.L.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Transcription 4. SUSAN ROSEMARY ANDERSON— Folk Music 2-4; Spring Festival Music Program 2-4; Christmas Music Program 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Typing 2; Madrigals 3; Choral 2; A Cappella 3; Music Contest 3; Counterpoints 4; Drama 3-4; Costume Committee for " West Side Story " 4; Thansksgiving Program 4; Spanish 2. TIMOTHY L. ANDERSON-Chess 2; Cross Country 2, 4, Cross Country Varsity 3; Track 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Lettermen ' s 3-4. YVONNE ODELL ANDERSON— Clothing 2-4; Future Teach- ers 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 4. STEPHEN ANDREWS— German 2-4; Chess 3; A.F.S. 3-4; Travel 4. RICK L. AN WEILER— Batallion Formation 2; Drill Team 2; Travel 4; International Relations 4. SALLY SCHAF APPEL-Studcnt Council Alternate 2; Intra- murals 2-3; Intramural Representative for Class Council 3; International Folksing 3; Intramural Award 3; Class Council 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Folk Music 4; Junior Spectacular 3. DAVID G. ARIJUCKLE-Junior Spectacular 2-3; Drafting 2; Comparative Religions 2; Key Club 3; Forensics 3; Slide Rule 3; Junior Historical Society 3; World Culture 4; Biology 4; Poetry 4; Spanish 4. HOWARD A. ARSHOP-Wrestling Team 2-3; Drama 2; Pho- tography 3; Golf Team 3; Panther Athletic 4. HARRY B. ARTHUR-Transfer from Randolph-Macon Academy; Drama 4; Stage Crew 4; A Cappella 4; Folk Music 4; Travel 4; Audio-Visual Assistant 4. JACQUELINE ARTHUR-Transfer from Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. JOHN C. ASHTON-Chess 2; Chemistry 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Key Club 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Journalism 3; Debate 3; Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4; Junior Historical Society 4; National Merit Final- ist 4. DAVID ATKINS-Concert Band 2; Orchestra 2; Track Team 2; Music Men 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4. MARTHA ANN AULT-Latin 2-4; Girls ' Concert Choir 2; Booster Block 3; World Culture 4; Senior Girls ' League. MARSHA LYNN AUSTEN-News Bureau Staff 2-4, Editor 3-4; Northern Lights 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Booster Block 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Spanish Club 3-4; Girls ' Chorale 3; Madri- eals 4; World Culture 4. RAYMOND R. AVELS-Football 2; Biology 2-3; Bell Choir 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Government 4; World Culture 4. RICHARD K. BABAYAN— Transfer from Livingston, N. J. 2-3; International Relations 3-4; Chess 3; Panther Athletic 4; Key Club 4; Intramurals 4; Co-editor, Etchings in Thought. PEGGY BACHMANN-Booster Block 2; Guidance Office As- sistant 2-3; Future Nurses 2-4; Biology 3; Senior Girls League 4. JON BAILEY— Electronics 2; Boys Industrial Arts 2; Intra- murals 2; Gymnastics 3; Biology Lab Assistant 4; Aquarium 4; Science Service 4. LYNN BAILEY— Transfer from New Concord, Ohio; A Cappella 4; Drama 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; F.T.A. 4; Gen- eral Office Assistant 4. NANCY BAKER— Transfer from Dayton, Ohio; Student Coun-. cil Alternate 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Spanish 3-4; A.F.S. 4; G.A.A. 3; Junior Council on World Affairs 3. KAREN BALDRIGE— Sophomore Class Council, Secretary; Future Nurses ' 2, President; Forensics 2; French 2-4; Program Chairman 4; American Field Service 3-4; Costume 3-4, Presi- dent 4; Intramurals 3; Senior Class Council; Great Books 4; Reading Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Language. BRYAN DOUGLAS BALDWIN-Reserve Wrestling 2 3; In tramurals 2; Work Experience Program 4. DAVID BALDWIN-N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 2-4; Elec- tronics 4, Secretary. MICHAEL WALLACE BALLARD-Great Books 2; Drama 2-4; Audio-Visual Assistant 2; American Authors 3; Interna- tional Relations 3; Music Men 3-4; N.F.L. 4; National Thespian Society 4; Folk Music 4; Forensics 4; Scholastic Award 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. LINDA KAY BARBARICK— Girls ' Glee Club 2; N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 2-3, Sponsor 4; Girls ' Rifle Team 2-4; Military Ball Queen 3. ]?,2 CARLA GAYLE BARNARD— Student Council Alternate 2; Travel 2, 4; Marching Band 2-4; F.T.A. 2; Junior Class Coun- cil; Senior Class Council Alternate; Panther Athletic 4; Library Assistant 4. CHRISTIAN BARNES-Boys ' Glee Club 2; Travel 2-3; Intra- murals 2-4; Folk Music 2; Military History 3; World Culture 4; International Relations 4; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4. GARY BAUGH— Slide Rule 2; Forensics 2, 4; Debate 2; Ameri- can Authors 3; Intramurals 3; Tennis Team 3; Typing 3; International Relations 4; Astronomy 4. RONALD E. BAUM-Photography 2-3: Chess 2; Band 2-4; Chess Team 3-4; Intramurals 3. SUSAN JOY BAUMER-French 2; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. WILLIAM M. BAUN-Chess 2-3; Intramurals 3-4; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. VAL RICHARD BEASLEY— Reserve Wrestling 2; Art 4; Geol- ogy 4. JACK BEESON-Reserve Wrestling 2-3; Art 3; Stage Crew 3; Debate 3; Panther Athletic 4; Government 4. WILLIAM BEINEKE-Intramurals 2-4; Military History 2; Government 2-3; Electronics 2; German 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. KAREN M. BELLAMY-Intramurals 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; A.F.S. 4; Travel 4; French 4; Senior Girls ' League; Family Jamboree Model 4; Scholastic Award 3; Bookstore Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4. STEVE BENHAM-Social Studies 2; International Relations 2: Shakespeare 2; Band 2; Aquarium 3; Spanish 3, President; Beginning Chess 3; Forensics 4; Advanced Chess 4. MICHAEL BERGER-Student Council 2-4, Vice-President 4; Chefs ' Club 2; Junior Prom Co-ordinator 3; Junior Prom King Candidate 3; Spanish 3-4, President 4; Key Club 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2-4. CHERYL BERLING-International Relations 2; Girls ' Con- cert Choir 2; Stage Crew 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Great Books 2; A.F.S. 3-4; Folk Music 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Student Council Alternate 2; Scholastic Award 2-3; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Indiana University Honors Program to Mexico 3; Spanish 4, Vice-President; Senior Girls ' League, Planning Board; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4; Student Council 4. SHERRI RENEE BERLING— Transfer from Arlington High School; Intramurals 3-4; A.F.S. 3-4; Lab Assistant 3-4; Girls ' Concert Choir 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Folk Music 4; Travel 4; Drama 4; A Cappella Choir 4. DANIELLE BERNARD-Foreign Exchange Student from Lycee Polyvalent, Gourdon, France; A.F.S. 4; Travel 4; French 4, Secretary. SALLY ANNE BERNING-International Relations 2; Intra- murals 2-3; Panther Athletic 3; Spanish 3-4; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Knitting 4, Vice-President; Scholastic Award 2-3. JAMES MARK BIRD-Jr. Chefs 2; Slide Rule 2. DIANA BISHOP-Transfer from Tudor Hall; General Office Assistant 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3; F.N.A. 4; Panther Athletic 4; Latin 4; Forensics 4. JAMES S. BLAKELY-Chess 2; Advanced Chess 3-4; Intra- murals 2, 4; Panther Athletic 4. JOHN THOMAS BLEMKER-Track 2; Golf 2; Band 2 3; Choir 2-3; Football 3; Chess 3-4; Hi-Y 3. DAVE BLICKENSTAFF— Folk Music 2-4; International Rela- tions 2; Government 3-4; International Folk Sing 3; Junior Spectacular 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Junior Class Council Al- ternate; Senior Class Council Alternate. WILLIAM H. BLANKERTZ— Military History 2, 4; Advanced Chess 3; Chess Team 2-4, Secretary 3; International Relations 4; Reserve Golf 3. ERIKA BLASZIEWICZ-F.B.L.A. 2-4, President 4; Shorthand Award 3-4; Transcription 4; General Oflice Assistant 4; Typ- ing Award 4. MARJERY BLIEDEN-Drama 2-3; Stage Crew 2; Junior Spec- tacular 2-3; Forensics 3; International Relations 3-4; Spanish 3; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-3. THOMAS L. BOARDMAN-Chess 2; N.D.C.C. Battalion For- mation 2-3, Commander 4; Drill Team Club 3; Rifle Team Club 3, Rifle Team Captain 4; Electronics 4, President; R.B.S. 4, President; Scholastic Award 3-4. STEVEN L. BOGER-Graphic Arts Service Club 3-4. ANNE BOLEMAN-French 2; Booster Block 2; Sophomore Class Council; Travel 3-4; Student Council Alternate 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Art 4, Secretary; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Class Council; Princess of Light; Queen Candidate for Christmas Dance; Family Jamboree Model. DAVID A. BOOS-Audio Visual 2; Advanced Chess 4; Panther Athletic 4. CARL LEWIS BOSE-Wrestling 2-4; Student Council 2-4, Treasurer 4; Key Club 3-4, Vice-President 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Panther Athletic 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Boy ' s State 3. PERRI M. BOTTOMS-Orchestra Club 2; Marching Band 2- 3; Band 2; Orchestra 3; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Dance Band 4; Junior Spectacular Pit Band 4. CAROL BOWERS-Transfer from Arlington High School; Red Cross 3, Vice-President; Booster Block 4; Junior Histori- cal Society 4; Panther Athletic 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Red Cross High School Board; Health Center Assistant 4; Music Assistant 4. HEDY LYNN BOWERS-Transfer from Shortridge High School. WILLIAM DAVID BOWMAN-Chefs ' 2; Drafting 2-4; Intra- murals 2; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectac- ular 3; Travel 3-4. GUY FLETCHER BOYD-Transfer from Brebuf; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. RICHARD ALAN BOYD— Folk Music 2; Chefs ' 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 3-4; Junior Class Council; Panther Athletic 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Art Crafts 4, Secretary. KATHLEEN ANNE BRACKEN - Transfer from Chatard; Costume 4; Drama 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Forensics 4. STEPHEN RICHARD BRANDT-Drama 2 4, Treasurer 4; Glee Club 2, 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Folk Music 3-4; Coun- terpoints 4. CAROL BRAUND-Art 2-3; Clothing 3; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3- 4; Home Economics 3; Review Typing 4, Senior Girls ' League. ROBERT E. BREEDLOVE-Audio Visual Club 2; Travel Club 3-4. DWANE M. BREWER-Audio Visual Club 2; Travel Club 3-4; Track Manager 2. RICHARD ALAN BRICKSON-Boys ' Glee Club 2, 4; Typing 2; Band 2-3; Folk Music 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular 3; National Spanish Contest 3. 133 SHIRLEY JEAN BRITTON-Booster Block 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Intramurals 2-4: Review Typing 3; Girls ' Chorale 3; Shorthand Award 3-4: F.B.L.A. 4; Transcription 4; F.N. A. 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4. JOHN BRODY-Wrestling 2; Biology 2; Key Club 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Scholastic Award 2. CARL BROOKS-Beginning Chess 2-3; Advanced Chess 3-4; Slide Rule 3: Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. ROBERT H. BROWN-Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2-3: Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; Travel 3; Military History 3-4; Astronomy 4; Intramurals 4. WILLIAM S. BRUNELLE— N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 2; Biology Club 3-4. JOHN BUCKNER-Advanced Chess 2-4; Slide Rule 3; Intra- murals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. MITCHELL ALAN BUDZENSKI-Physical Science 2; Biology 2; Golf 2; Cross-Country 3. JEFFREY S. BUGBEE-Photography 2-3; Travel 3-4; German 3; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4; World Cul- ture 4; Tennis Team 4. JOEL A. BUNCH-Student Council Alternate 2; Glee Club 2; Beginning Chess 2; Advanced Chess 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Folk Music 3; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; F.B.L.A. 3; A Cappella 2-3. PATRICIA LEE BUNDY— Transfer from Elkhart High School; Knitting 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. KATHRYN BURGESS-Booster Block 2; Red Cross 3; F.N. A. 3; Notehand 4; Knitting 4. SHARON K. BURGESS-Foods 2; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 3: F.B.L.A. 3; Senior Girls ' League; Knitting 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Panther Athletic 4. JANE ELLEN BURROUGHS-Art 2-3; Intramurals 2; Be- ginning Chess 3; Advanced Chess 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Art Crafts 4; Library Assistant 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Band 2. THOMAS C. BUSCH-Beginning Chess 2, Advanced 2-4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4; Intramurals 2-4; Student Council Alternate 2; Folk Music 2; Junior Spectacular 3; F.B.L.A. 3-4, Program Chairman 4; Travel 3-4; Military History 4, President. ANN LOUISE BUSCHMANN— Spanish 2; Stage Crew 2-4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Costume 3; National Thespian Society 3-4, President 4; Drama 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scho- lastic Award 2-3; Language Lab Assistant 3. WILLIAM S. BUSCHMANN-Intramurals 2-4; Student Coun- cil 2, Alternate 4; Beginning Chess 2; Advanced Chess 2-4; Folk Music 2; Junior Class Council Alternate; F.B.L.A. 3-4, Vice-President 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 3-4; Military History 4, Sergeant-at-Arms. STEPHEN C. BUTZ-Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Student Council 4; Chefs 2; Boys ' Glee Club 2; German 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. MARGERY DEE CAHN-Transfer from Broad Ripple High School; Girls ' Glee Club 3; French 4; World Culture 4; Poetry 4; Semi-Finalist in Indiana U. Honors Program in Foreign Language. DANIEL CHARLES CAINE-International Relations 2; Great Books 2; Chemistry 2; Intramurals 2: Scholastic Award 2-4; American Authors 3 4, President 4; Art 3; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Fetter of Commenda- tion I: Science Project 1; Westinghouse Science Seminar 4; Baseball 4; Chemistry Seminar 4. JAMIE DUNN CAMPBELL-International Relations 2; Booster Block 2; Intramurals 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Spanish 3-4; A.F.S. 3-4; Government 3-4; Northern Light Staff 4, Copy Editor; Guidance Office Assistant 3-4. THOMAS J. CAMPBELL— Latin 2; Travel 3; Intramurals 3-4; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. DEBORAH C. CANTOR— Drama 2; Art 3; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Beginning Chess 4; Knitting 4. DEBORAH ANN CANULL-Baton Corps 2-4; Intramurals 2-3; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular 3: Travel 3; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4; Senior Girls ' League. ALAN KEITH CARLSON-N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 2- 4; Company Commander 4; N.D.C.C. Drill Team 2-4; N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-4; Sea Explorers 2-4. WILLIAM ALLEN CARLSON-Debate Team 2; History 2; Travel 3-4; Yearbook Staff 3, Advertising Editor 4; Military History 4; F.B.L.A. 4. CLAIRE CARR-Booster Block 2; Geology 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3- 4; Foods 4. JAMES W. CARR-Transfer; Biology 3-4; French 4; Forensics 4; International Relations 4, Committee Chairman; Govern- ment 4; Debate 4. JODY LYNN CARRIER— Arts Crafts 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 3-4; International Relations 3; Intramurals 3; Panther Athletic 4; American Field Service 4; Senior Girls ' League; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2. MARTHA ANN CARRINGTON— Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, President 2- 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Costume 2-3; National Honor Society 3- 4; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council; Senior Girls ' League; Lab Assistant 4; Science Service 4; Knitting 4; Government 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. ROSEMARY CARRINGTON— Chess 2-3; Intramurals 2; Pan- ther Athletic 2; Travel 2; Girls ' Chorale 2; Advanced Chess 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Drama 4. LORRAINE CARROLL-Cadet Choir 2; A Cappella Choir 2; Concert Band 2-4; Folk Music 2; Opera 2; Costume 2; Girls ' Industrial Arts 2; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Review Typing 3; Foods 3; Advanced Chess 3-4; Travel 4; Poetry 4; Red Cross 4. JOHN CARROTT-Photography 2-3; Chess Team 3; Advanced Chess 3; Astronomy 4; Stagecraft 4; American Field Service 4. PATRICIA LOUISE CARTER-Intramurals 2-4; Booster Block 2; Press 2; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3; Travel 3; Senior Girls ' League; Astronomy 4; F.T.A. 4; Panther Athletic 4; Stage Crew 4; Madrigals 4. JOHN C. CASE-Electronics 2; Drafting 3; Spanish 3-4; Gym- nastics 3; Slide Rule 4; Gymnastics Team 4. SUSAN CASSADA-Junior Spectacular 3; French 3; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3; Student Council 3, Alternate 4; Booster Block 2-4; Reserve Cheerleader 3, Varsity 4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Family Jamboree Model 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Arts Crafts 4, President; Christmas Dance Queen 4; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; National Honor Society 3-4. STEPHEN ROBERT CAST-Key Club 2; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Glee Club 3-4; German 3-4; A Cappella Choir 3-4, Presi- dent 4; Music Assistant. MARGARET ARLEEN CHASE-Booster Block 2; Drama 3; Folk Music 3; Art 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. DAVID LESTER CHAVIS-Chess 2, 4; Panther Athletic 4; Review Typing 4. SARA ANGELA GHENOWETH— Stage Crew 2; Drama 2, 4; Folk Music 2, 4; Intramurals 2; Poetry 3, Vice-President; National Forensics League 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Na- tional Thespian Society 4; Senior Girls ' League; World Cul- ture 4. DAVID M. CHERNIN— Great Books 2; Wrestling Team 2-4: Mu Alpha Theta 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Biology Lab Assistant 3-4; French 4; World Culture 4; Intramurals 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; National Merit Scholarship Finalist. LINDA KAY GLAESON-Booster Block 2: Baton Corps 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. SUSAN LYNN CLAPP-Drama Club 2-4; Great Books 2: Girls ' Chorale 2: Spanish 3; Poetry 3; Girls ' Concert Choir 3: Travel 4; F.T.A. 4; World Culture 4; Madrigals 4; Articles in Peals of Liberty 4. BETTY JO CLARK— F.N.A. 2, Secretary; Booster Block 2; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Library Assistant 3; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Junior Class Council Alternate 3; Folk Music 4; Chemistry Assistant 4; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. PHILLIP R. CLARK-International Relations 2; Stage Crew 2- 4, President 4; Great Books 2-4, Chairman 3-4; Band 2; National Thespian Society 3-4, Treasurer 4; Key Club 3; National Honor Society 3-4, Treasurer 4; German 3; Intra- murals 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; National Merit Finalist. RANDALL G. CLARK— Tennis 2-3; Sophomore Class Coun- cil: Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council Alternate; Key Club 2-4, President 4: National Honor Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 4: American Field Service Finalist 3; Lt. Governor, Division 4, Indiana District of Key Clubs 4. SUE ANN CLAYTON-Red Cross 3. TERRY LEE CLAYTON-Chorale 2; Intramurals 2-3; Arts Crafts 3. REBECCA JANE CLOYD-Booster Block 2; Intramurals 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Travel 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Panther Athletic 4; American Field Service 4: Future Teach- ers ' 4: Library Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. BOB CLUTTER-Band 2; Music Men 2-4, President 4; Reserve Basketball 2; Track 2-3; Student Council 2-4, Presi- dential Candidate 3: Beginning Typing 2, Review 3; Glee Club 2: Junior Spectacular 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Slide Rule 3: Intramurals 3-4; Honor Study Hall Monitor 3; Football 4: Key Club 4; Panther Athletic 4. JEAN E. COALE— Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Drama 2-3; Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4; Physical Education Assistants Club 4; Physical Eductaion Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4. JANE ANNE COATS-Drama 2-4; Scholastic Award 2-3; A Cappella Choir 3; Student Council Alternate 3; Folk Music 3; Junior Spectacular; Bell Choir 4; American Field Service 4. LINDA COFFMAN-Costume Club 2; Scholastic Award 2-3. RICHARD ALLEN COFFMAN-Chess 3; Science Projects 3; German 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Travel 4. BARRY S. COHEN— Biology 2-4; Deba te Club 2; National Forensics League 2-4; Reserve Debate Team 2; Speech 2; Advanced Chess 4; World Culture 4. ZAC H. COHEN-Chess 2-3; History of Mathematics 2; Span- ish 2, 4; Drama 3-4; Air Space 3-4; American Authors 3. MERRIE BETH COHN-Press 2; Travel 2-4; Guidance Office Assistant 2, General Office 3-4; Scholastic Award 2; Spanish 3- 4; Knitting 4. CHARLES COLBY-Chess 2; Chess Team 3; A Cappella Choir 2- 3; Gymnastics 3; Panther Athletic 4. DAVID KEITH COLE-Chess 2; Intramurals 3; Panther Athletic 4. CHRISTINE CONRAD-Ameiican Authors 3; F.T.A. 3-4; Review Typing 4. CAROLE ANN CONWAY-Booster Block 2: Student Council 2: Travel 3: Girls ' Glee Club 3; Arts : Crafts 4. Vice-President; Panther Athletic 4; Library Monitor 1; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacular 3. LINDA COOPER-American Authors ' Club 2; Junior His- torical Society 2; French 3-4; Knitting 4; News Bureau 4; Senior Girls ' League: Quill and Scroll 4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation; Scholastic Award; Newspaper 3. SUSIE COOPER-Geology 2-3: Biology 2; Red Cross 3; His- tory of Mathematics 3; Astronomy 4, Secretary; Knitting 4, Secretary; Family Jamboree Model 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Science Service 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. TOBI CORAZ-Booster Club 2; Press 2; Panther Athletic 3- 4; Spanish 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 4; General Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-3. THOMAS L. CORBETT-Marching Band 2-4; Concert Band 2; Electronics 2; Aquarium 3-4; German 3-4; Pep Band 3-4: Zoology Lab Assistant 3; Chess 4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4. DAVID V. CORBIN-Chefs ' Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer; Stu- dent Council Alternate 2-3; Intramurals 2-4; Junior Spectacu- lar 3; Travel 3-4; Slide Rule 3; American Field Service 4; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4. SUSAN CORNETT-Drama Club 2-4; National Thespian Society 3-4; Folk Music Club 3; Junior Spectacular Crew 3; Senior Girls ' League: Library Monitor 4; Red Cross 4; Art Award 3. THOMAS CORY-Latin Club 2; Intramurals 2-4; Physical Education Assistant 3; Travel 3-4; Slide Rule 3; Junior Spec- tacular 3; Gymnastics 3; Junior Class Council Alternate; American Field Service 4; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4; Library Monitor 4. ANDY COSNER— Beginning Typing 2; Beginning Chess Club 4. NICKY COUSE-F.B.L.A. 2-4; G.A.A. 2; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Music Award. STEPHEN R. COX-Advanced Chess 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Chess Team 3; Hall Monitor 3; Travel 4; Military History 4. LAURA CRAIG— Transfer from New Castle; Art 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. BARBARA A. CRANDALL-French 2; Baton Corps 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4: Student Council 3-4; Gym Assistant 3-4; Physical Education Assistants Club 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. GEOFFREY A. CRAWFORD-Junior Spectacular 2-3; Boys ' Industrial Arts 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Chess 3-4. DOUGLAS E. CREGOR-Traveling Chess Team 2-4; March- ing Band 2, 4; Stage Crew 2-4; Concert Band 2-3; Great Books 3; Junior Spectacular 3; National Thespian Society 4; German 3-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4; Pep Band 3-4; Intramurals 4; Chess Instructor 4. KATHLEEN W. CROCKER-Forensics 2; Newspaper 2; Intramurals 2-3; French 3-4, President 3; American Field Service 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3; Senior Class Council; Travel 4; Library Assistant 4. DAVID T. CROWE-Chefs ' Club 2; Concert Band 2: Chess 2-4; Boys Industrial Arts 2-3; Marching Band 2: Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Intramurals 3. 135 BRUCE CRUICKSHANK— Key Club 2-4, Cross Country 2-4, Varsity 4; Track 2-4, Varsity 4; Intramurals 2-4, Scholastic Award 2; American Authors 3; Great Books 4. DOUGLAS W. CRUZAN-Industrial Arts 2-3; Beginning Chess 2; Advanced Chess 3-4; Intramural Basketball 3; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Varsity Wrestling 4. BARBARA CUMMINGS-Booster Block 2; French 2; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Class Council; Library Monitor 4; Senior Girls ' League; Senior Class Council Float. NANCY GAIL CUMMINGS— Future Nurses 2; Guidance Office Assistant 2; Future Business Leaders 3-4; Spanish 3-4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Model for Family Jamboree. HANK CUNNINGHAM— F.B.L.A. 3; Gymnastics 3. ARTHUR CURRY-Wrestling Reserve 2-3, Varsity 4; Debate Team 2; Forensics 2-4; Football 3; Junior Historical Society 3-4; Military History 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. DONALD W. DANIEL JR.-Orchestra 2-3; Concert Band 2; Pit Band 2; Marching Band 2-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Pep Band 3-4; Stage Band 4; Junior Spectacular 4. WILLIAM E. DANIELS-Varsity Track Team 3-4; Govern- ment 4; American Authors 4; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4; Northern Lights Staff Circulation Manager 4; Intramurals 2, 4. ROBERT DAVIDSON-Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Reserve Basketball Team 2, Varsity 3; Govern- ment 3, President 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Forensics 2; News- paper Staff 2, Sports Editor 3, Co-Editor 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Intra- murals 4; French 4; First Place Trophy in Marion County Press Day Contest. JAMES DAVIS-Folk Music 2-3; Travel 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Chef Club 2; Baseball 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. JOANNE P. DEAN-Clothing 2; Future Nurses 3; Costume 3; American Authors 4; Travel 4. SUSAN DECKMAN-Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Intramurals 2-3; Physical Education Assistant 3; Junior Spec- tacular; Travel 3-4; Yearbook Staff 3, Picture Editor 4; Arts and Crafts 3; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Panther Ath- letic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Quill and Scroll Certificate. GLEN DEERWESTER-Audio Visual Assistant 2-3; Audio Visual 2-3; Boys ' Industrial Arts 3; International Relations 4; Air Space 4; Scholastic Art Award 4; North Central Hi-Y Club, President. HAROLD DEICH-Varsity Rifle Team 3-4; Rifle Club 4, Vice-President. VAUGHN D. DELONG-Audio Visual Aids 2; Audio Visual Assistant 2; Graphic Arts Service 3-4; Boys ' Industrial Arts 3-4. CYNTHIA DIANE DELOTT-Chess 2; Future Teachers 3; Art 3; Panther Athletic 4. LARRY DeSHANO-Boys ' Industrial Arts Shop Foreman 2-3, Vice-President 4; Girls ' Industrial Arts Assistant Teacher 2-3; Marching Band 2-3; Electronics 4. MARIA DIAZ-Press 2; Travel 2; F.T.A. 2; Intramurals 2-3; A.F.S. 3; Junior Spectacular 3; International Relations 3; Folk Music 3; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Finalist; Senior Girls ' League; Government 4; World Culture 4; Spanish 4, President. JEFFREY DICE-Stage Crew 2-4; Slide Rule 3; Government 4; Advanced Chess 4; Peals Liberty Staff 4, Assistant Editor; Intramurals 4. SUSIE DICKEY-Concert Band 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Scholastic Award 2; Travel 2, 4; Library 2, Secretary; ] 36 International Relations 3; Journalism 3; Senior Class Council; Senior Girls ' League; French 4; Panther Athletic 4; American Field Service 4. SHARON SUE DIETZ-Debate 2; Student Assistant in Industrial Arts 2-4; Booster Block 2; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; American Field Service 3; Junior Historical Society 3-4, Sesquicentennial Committee Chairman 4; Foods 3; Arts and Crafts 4; Senior Girls ' League. MARY KATHERINE DIRKS— Booster Block 2; Journalism - 2; Drama 2; Folk Music 3-4; American Field Service 3; Inter- national Relations Club 3; Yearbook Staff 3-4, Editor 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Knitting 4; Senior Girls ' League; Student Council Alternate 3-4; Quill and Scroll Award. C. BRIAN DIXON-Audio-Visual 2; Wrestling Team 2-3; Language Laboratory Assistant 2-3; Air Space 3; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Gymnastics Team 4. MARJORIE JO DODD— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Panther Athletic 3; Gym Assistant 3; Stage Crew 3; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2-4. DAN M. DOMONT-Forensics 2; Folk Music 3-4; Photogra- phy 3-4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, President 4; Key Club 4; Assistant Photographer for Yearbook and Newspaper; Intramurals. LAWRENCE DOMONT-Key Club 2-4; Student Council 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Intramurals 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. RON DONNELLY-Boys ' Industrial Arts 2; Arts and Crafts 4; Travel 4; Military History 4. DEBBIE DONOVAN-Booster Club 2; Junior Historical Society 3; International Relations 3; American Field Service 3; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Foods 3; French 4; Drama 4; World Culture 4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Indiana Governmental Conference Assistant 4. LARRY DORFMAN-Chefs ' Club 2; Chess 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Chess Team 3-4; Military History 3. JANICE DORIOT-Concert Choir 2; French 2-3; Review Typing 2; Madrigals 3; International Relations 3; Bell Choir 4; Panther Athletic 4; Future Teachers 4; Senior Girls ' League; Knitting 4; Attendance Office Assistant 2-4. ROBERT A. DOTTENWHY-Boys ' Industrial Arts 2 4, Teacher ' s Assistant; Chess 2; Track 2; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3, Teacher ' s Assistant; Electronics 4. LARRY T. DORSCH-Boys ' Industrial Arts 2-4, Teacher ' s Assistant; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3-4, Teacher ' s Assistant; Hall Monitor 3. DAN DUNCAN— Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Coun- terpoints 2-4; Boys ' Glee Club 2-3; Folk Music 3-4; Travel 3-4; Music Assistant 4; Peals of Liberty, Assistant Editor. DONNA J. DUNN-Junior Spectacular 2-3; Student Council 2-3; Intramurals 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4, President 4; Physical Education Assistant 3; French 4, Program Chair- man; A.F.S. 4; Family Jamboree Model; Student Council Member- A t-Large 4; Art Contest, Honorable Mention. MICHAEL DUNN-German 2; Govt. 4; Panther Athletic 4. RUTH DUNNE-Orchestra Club 2-3, Secretary; Chamber Music 4; Panther Athletic 4; Folk Music 4; Bell Choir 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3. STEPHANIE DUNN-Latin 2; German 2; Geology 2; G.A.A. 2; Band 2; Marching Band 2-3; Orchestra 2-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Pit Band 3; Drama 4; Stage Crew 4; Senior Girls ' League; Science Service 4; Chem- istry Lab Assistant; National Merit Scholarship Finalist; Scholastic Award 2-4; Astronomy 4. PATRICIA DYER-Clothing 2; Foods 2; Intramurals 2-4; Physical Education Assistant 3-4; Physical Education Assistants ' Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4. PAMELA ANN DYKE-Intramurals 2-3; Booster Block 2; Geology 2; G.A.A. 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Journalism 3; F.T.A. 3; International Relations 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Travel 4; World Culture 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scho- lastic Award 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3. SUSAN ELAINE DYKEMA-Booster Block 2; Concert Band 2; Intramurals 2-3; Travel 3-4; F.T.A. 3; Art Crafts 4; Panther Athletic 4. LYNN ECKEL— Intramurals 2: French 2; Journalism 2; Booster Block 2; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council Alternate: Junior Spectacular 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Track Princess 3; Chairman of Homecoming Float 4; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 3, A.F.S. 4. NANCY L. EDWARDS— Girls ' Glee Club 3: Intramurals 3; Panther Athletic 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Travel 4; Art Crafts 4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 4. DONNA EICHLIN-Sophomore Class Council: Drama 2-4; Junior Historical Society 2-4; Journalism 2: Junior Spectacular Crew 2; Intramurals 2-3; Art Crafts 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Art Assistant 4. RICHARD EILERT— Graphic Arts Service Club 3-4. PAM ELDER-Chorale 2; Art 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Junior Historical Society 4. ANDREW R. ELLIS-Intramurals 2; Geology 2; Slide Rule 2-3; Travel 4; I.Y.H. 3-4. DEBORAH ELLIS-Intramurals 2-4; French 2: Booster Block 2; Scholastic Award 2; G.A.A. 2; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3; Aquarium 3; Physical Education Assistant; Physical Education Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. MADELAINE ELLIS— Scholastic Award 2; Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council; Spanish 3-4, President 4; Art Crafts 3; Physical Education Assistant 3; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 4; Jamboree Model 4; Senior Girls ' League; Attendance Office Assistant 4. MIKE ELZEY— Travel 2; F.B.L.A. 2-3; Biology 3; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Art Crafts 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Intramurals 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3. ELLIOT DAVID ENGEL— Scholastic Award 2-3; Forensics 2- 4; N.F.L. 2-4; Journalism 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Drama 2; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3; Latin Club 3-4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Student Council 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. EMILY ENGEL-Booster Block 2; Scholastic Award 2; Span- ish 2; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4; Travel 3-4; Journalism 3; Panther Athletic 4. CYNTHIA ENGLAND-Intramurals 2-3; Booster Block 2; Spanish 2; Guidance Office Assistant 2, 4; Attendance Office Assistan t 3; Travel 3-4; Journalism 3; Panther Athletic 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Council Alternate 3-4. WILLIAM B. EN GELMAN— Intramurals 2-4; Government 3- 4; Panther Athletic 4. STEPHEN ENKEMA-Reserve Tennis 2, Varsity 3; Intra- murals 2-4; Spanish 2, Program Director; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. DONNA JEAN ENNIS— Booster Block 2; Spanish 2; G.A.A. 2; Art Crafts 3; Folk Music 3; Travel 4; Knitting 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. PAUL ERDEY— Boys ' Industrial Arts 2; F.B.L.A. 2-3; Music Men 2-4; International Relations 3-4. J. THOMAS ESMON-Scholastic Award 2-4; Music Men 2-3; A Cappella 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Typing 3; Golf Team 2- 4; Counterpoints 4. KATHY EVARTS— Girls ' Concert Choir 2; Booster Block 3; Future Nurses 4; Family Jamboree Model 4. THOMAS ROBERT FAESSLER— Chess 2-4; International Relations 2; Science Reading 3; Slide Rule 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Photography 4; Biology 4. LLYN R. FAGG-Marching Band 2-3; Concert Band 2; Orchestra Club 2-3; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Dance Band 3; Pep Band 3; Orchestra 4; Dance Band 4; Pit Band 3. ALYSON FAIRCLOTH— Guidance Office Assistant 3-4; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Government 4; Girls ' Concert Choir 4. VICKI GENE FARMER— Booster Block 2; Review Typing 3; F.T.A. 3; History of Mathematics 3; Government 4; Cloth- ing 4; Panther Athletic 4; Science Service 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. DICK FATOUT-Varsity Track 2: Reserve Football 3; Var- sity Gymnastics 3-4; Travel 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Panther Athletic 4. GARY FEATHERSTON-Chess 2, Team 3; Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Physical Education Assistant 3- 4; Folk Music 3; Debate 4. JACOB FERRIS FERDON III- Wrestling 2, Varsity 4; Folk Music 2-4; Chefs 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Panther Athletic 3-4. JAMES FERGUSON-Student Council Alternate 2; Intra- murals 2-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council; History of Mathematics 2; Review Typing 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacu- lar 3; Debate 3; Key Club 4; French 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. RONALD FINE-Chess Club 2-4. JACQUELINE FINK-Review Typing 2; Travel 3-4; F.T.A. 3-4; Journalism 3: Junior Spectacular 3; Guidance Office Assistant 3; Arts and Crafts 4; General Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League, Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. LEON FINK— Sophomore Class Council; I.U. Honors Pro- gram in France; National Honor Society 3-4; Forensics 3, President; Junior Class Council; French 3-4; N.F.L. Degree of Distinction; Student Council President 4; Government 4, Vice- President; Williamsburg Student Burgesses 4; World Culture 4; Outstanding Speaker, N.F.L. Fall Congress. GARY R. FISCH-Student Council 2-4: Mu Alpha Theta 2-3; Key Club 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Intramurals 4: National Merit Finalist; 2nd place in State in National Teacher ' s German Contest. MARLIN FISHER-Chess Club 3. SCOTT M. FISHER-Debate 2, 4; National Forensics League 2-4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Key Club 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation. KAREN FITCH— G.A.A. 2; Spanish 3-4; Travel 3-4; A.F.S. Club 4. ARLENE MERIE FITTS-Transfer from Shortridge High School; Senior Girls ' League; Knitting 4: F.T.A. 4; Foods 4; Biology 4. MISSY FLACK-Booster Block 2; Drama 3; Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Student Council Alternate 3: Panther Athletic 4; A.F.S. 4: Senior Girls ' League 4; Reading Lab Assistant 4. 137 BETH FLICKINGER-Intramurals 2-3; Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2; American Authors 2-3; Arts Crafts 2; Peals of Liberty Staff 2; Wood Wind Ensemble 3-4; Interna- tional Relations 2-4; Physical Education Assistant 3; F.T.A. 3; Library Assistant 4; Costume 4; Stage Crew 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Senior Girls ' League; Knitting 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Representative to Ball State History Conference. GERDA FOGLE-Booster 2; Press 2; Journalism 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4: Senior Class Council Alternate; Travel 4; World Culture 4: Science Service 4; Senior Girls ' League; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. DIANNA FORBES-Journalism Club 4; World Culture Club 4; Art Club 4. ANDREA FOUST-Orchestra 2; Band 2; Junior Spectacular 2- 3; Honorable Mention in Art Show 3; French 3-4; Costume 3; American Field Service 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Govern- ment 4; Language Department Assistant 4. BRENDA MICHELE FOX-Forensics 2; Press 2; News Bu- reau 2-3, Editor 3; Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Class Council Alternate: French 3; Journalism 3-4, President 3; Newspaper Staff 3-4, Feature Editor 4; Quill Scroll 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Government 4, Secretary; A.F.S. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4; Theta Sigma Phi Award. GARY L. FOX-Slide Rule 2; Football Team 2; Debate 4; Chess 2-4; Chess Team 3; Scholastic Award 2. JAMES FRANKENBERGER-Chess 2; Graphic Arts Service Club, Vice-President 3. THOMAS R. FRASER— Folk Music 2-4, Vice-President 4; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Intramurals 2-4; International Relations Club 2-3; Panther Athletic 4; Forensics 4; Music Men. DAVE FRAUMAN-Government 2-3; Intramurals 2-3; Slide Rule 2; Sophomore Class Council; National Honor Society 3- 4; Folk Music 3-4; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Key Club 4; Student Council Alternate 3; Scholastic Award 2-4. PAUL FRAYER-Music Men 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4. GEORGE FREIJE-Concert Band 2-3; Spanish 2; F.B.L.A. 2; Marching Band 2-4; Pep Band 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 3; Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Junior Spec- tacular 4; Travel 4; International Relations 4; A.F.S. 4; National Honor Society 3-4. VIRGINIA LOUISE FREY— Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Concert Band 2; Intramurals 2-4; Marching Band 2-3; Travel 3; Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 3; World Culture 4; Notehand 4; Senior Girls ' League; Library Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. TERRY FULROTH-Reserve Baseball 2; Travel Club 2-4. GRANT GAALEMA— Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3-4; Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 3-4; Intramurals 2; Chess 2-3; Varsity Basketball 3-4; Slide Rule 3, President; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4, President 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Class Council Alternate 4; Physical Education Assistant 4; Physical Education Assistants ' Club 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Home Coming King Candidate; Christmas Dance King Candidate 4. BOB GAILARD— Typing 2; Aquarium 3. KENNY GALLINGER— Biology, Vice-President 2, Secretary 3; Chess 2-3; Spanish 2-4; Scholastic Award 2; Junior Spectac- ulai 8; Science Reading 3; Intramurals 4; Slide Rule 4; Travel 4; Panthei Athleti 4; Zoology Lab Assistant 4. VIRGINIA GALVIN— Latin 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Poetry 3; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3; Shakespeare 4; Biology 4; Foods 4; Drama 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Scholastic Award 3-4. FRED GAMBLE-Drafting 2, 4; Intramurals 2-3; Great Books 2; Chefs 2; Travel 3; Slide Rule 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3. VALERIE GARBRECHT-French 2, 4; Booster Block 2; A.F.S. 3; Junior Historical Society 3; International Relations 3; Scholastic Award 3; Panther Athletic 4; World Culture 4; Travel 4. GARY A. GARDNER-Student Council 2-3; Spanish 2; Scho- lastic Award 2-3; Key Club 3-4; Gymnastics Team 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Class Council. MOLLY GARRETT-French 2-4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Class Council; Student Council Assistant Secretary 4; Intramurals 2; Booster Block 2; A.F.S. 3-4, Presi- dent; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Library Monitor 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Student Council Bookstore Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. STEPHEN F. GARRETT— Scholastic Award 2-3; Reserve Tennis 2, Varsity 3-4; Reserve Basketball 2-3; German 2-3; Chess Team 2; Language Lab Assistant 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Hoosier Boys ' State Representative. SANDRA LYNNE GARRITSON-Intramurals 2; Travel 2; Costume 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Northern Starlets 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3-4; Great Books 3; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. CHARLES GEBUHR— Chess 2, 4; Band 2-3; Choir 2-3; Gov- ernment 4; German 3. JENNIFER GETZ— F.N.A. 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Junior Spec- tacular 3; Costume 3; Folk Music 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; World Culture 4; Senior Girls ' League. LINDA KEMP GILLIES-Scholastic Award 2-4; French 2-4; Art 2; A.F.S. 3-4; International Folksing 3; Foreign Language Lab Assistant 4; German 2; Slide Rule 3. MARCIA LYNN GINIGER-Comparative Religions Club 2; Review Typing 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Red Cross 3; International Relations 3-4; A.F.S. 3; History Office Assistant 3; Scholastic Award 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Assistant 4; Travel 4; World Culture 4; Assistant Editor of Peals of Liberty 4. SUSAN LOUISE GIPE-Booster Block 2; G.A.A. 2; Intra- murals 2-3; International Relations 3; Great Books 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; World Culture 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4. ROBERTA ANN GLANZMAN-Chess 2; Art 3; F.T.A. 3-4; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4. MICHAEL J. GLASER-Drafting Club 2-3; Intramurals 2, 4. JANE GLASSER-Journalism 2-3; Booster Block 2; Student Council Alternate 3; French 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. RICHARD ALAN GOECKER-Boys ' Glee Club 2; Chefs 2; Intramurals 2-4; Sophomore Class Council; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4; Folk Music 4. BENJAMIN B. GOLDFARB-Chess 2-3: Biology 2-4, Sergeant- at-Arms 4; Slide Rule 4; Advanced Chess 4; World Culture 4. RICHARD I. GOLDSTEIN-Wrestling Team 2-4, Varsity 3-4; Biology 2-4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Beginning Typing 2; Advanced Chess 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Slide Rule 3; Physi- cal Education Assistant 4; Physical Education Assistants ' Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 3-4. RICHARD MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN-Shakespeare 2; Chess 2: N.D.C.C. 2-4; Biology 3; Military History Award 2; Rifle Team 2-3; Battalion Formation 2-4; Drill Team 2-4. TODD MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN-Panther Athletic 4; Physi- cal Education Helpers 4. HERBERT DANIEL GOLIER-N.D.C.C. 2-4; Chefs 2; Mili- tary History 3; Intramurals 3; International Relations 4; Beginning Chess 4; Honor Guard Commander at Military Ball 4. LINDA CAROL GOMMEL— Concert Choir 2; Madrigals 2; Intramurals 2-4; American Authors 2; Opera 2; German 2; A Cappella Choir 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Biology 3; Beginning Chess 3; National Honor Society 3-4: Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Knitting 4; Govern- ment 4; Science Service 4; Girls ' Ensemble 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Scholastic Award. MASON ROSS GOODMAN— Advanced Chess 2-4; Student Council 2, 4; Wrestling 2; Slide Rule 3; Chess Team 3-4, President 4: Beginning Chess Instructor 4. LOUISE GOSS— Transfer from Cascade High School 4; Biology Lab Assistant 4. KATHY GRAFF— Attendance Assistant 2-4; Typing Award 4. SUSAN GRANT— Booster Block 2; G.A.A. 2; Spanish 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Physical Education Assistant 4; Physical Education Assistants ' Club 4; Scholastic Award. STEPHEN GRANT-Drafting Club 2-3; Intramurals 2-3; Travel Club 3-4. JOHN GRAY-Orchestra Club 2-3; Concert Band 2-3; Ad- ministrative Officer 3; Pep Band 3-4; Marching Band 3-4; Stage Band Club 4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4. STEVE GREAR— Travel 3; Government 4; Panther Atheltic 4; Advanced Chess 4; Intramurals 4. ERIC GREEN-History 2; Journalism 2; Chess 2-4; Intra- murals 2-3; Science Service 4; Cross Country 4; Quill and Scroll; Newspaper Assistant. REBECCA T. GREEN-Drama 2; Journalism 2; Intramurals 2-4: Student Council Alternate 2; A.F.S. 4; Junior Spectacular Usher 3: Senior Class Council; Travel 4; Junior Historical Society 2-4. Secretary 4. CAROL LEE GREENE— A.F.S. 2-4; Stage Crew 2; Tri- Hi-V 2-4. Vice-President 3, President 4; Junior Historical Society 3, Vice-President 4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Travel 4; Stage Office Assistant 4; Student Council Alternate 4. JENNIFER S. GRIFFIN— Biology 2; German 3-4; Review Typing 3: Physical Education Assistant 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. BETH GROSSKOPF-Orchestra Club 2-3; Orchestra 2-4; Wind Ensemble 2-4; Chamber Music Club 4; Pit Band 2, 4; Junior Class Council. KEITH R. GUETSCHOW-Slide Rule Club 2; Electronics 3; Chess Team 4. PATTI GAIL GYARMATI— Concert Choir 2; Drama 2, 4; Intramurals 2; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4, President 4; Costume 3, Junior Spectacular 3; National Honor Society 4; Senior Girls ' League; F.T.A. 4; Student Council 4. MICHAEL L. HACKETT-Chess 2-3; Junior Class Council Alternate; Air Space 4: F.B.L.A. 4; Folk Music 4; Intra- murals 4. LYNN HAERLE-Arts Crafts 2-4, Vice-President 3; Jun- ior Spectacular 3; Drama 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Art Assistant 4. JO HAGGARD— Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Intra- murals 2: Student Council Alternate 3; Family Jamboree Model 4. NANCY JO HAINE— Art Club 2; Poetry 3; Health Clinic Assistant 3; Intramurals 3; Senior Girls ' League; Family Jamboree Model 4; Government 4; World Culture 4; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4; Junior Spectacular; Red Cross 3. TERESA JOY HALE-Review Typing 2; Red Cross 3; Handicrafts 3; Transcription 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. DIANNE HALL-A Cappella Choir 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 3-4; History of Mathematics 4. DICKIE HALL— Chess Team 2-4; Intramurals 2, 4; Art Contest 3-4. BONNIE HALL-Stage Crew 2; Library Monitor 2; Library Assistant 3; Foods 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Red Cross 4; Review Typing 4; Senior Girls ' League; Senior Class Council Alternate. MARY E. HALLORAN-lntramurals 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Foods 4. RON HANDZIAK-Intramurals 3; Scholastic Award 2-3. RHONDA HARDIN— Sophomore Class Council Alternate- International Relations 2; Intramurals 2-3; Junior Class Council; Travel 3-4; Art 3; Student Council Alternate 4; Guidance Officer 4; World Culture 4. STEPHEN HARDY-Reserve Basketball 2; Baseball 2; Let- termen ' s Club 2; Travel 2; Chefs 2; Aquarium 3, Vice- President; Intramurals 3-4; Arts Crafts 3; Junior Spec- tacular 3; Panther Athletic 4; Advanced Chess 4; Senior Talent Show. DEBBY LEE HARGAN-Concert Choir 2-3; Intramurals 2: Folk Singing 3; Knitting 3; Government 4; International Relations 4; Panther Athletic 4; Madrigals 4. RICHARD HARLAN-Chess 2, 4; Folk Music 3-4; Slide Rule 3; Intramurals 3-4; Travel 4; Scholastic Award 3. MIM PHYLLIS HARRIS-Student Council 2-4; Northern Lights Staff 2-3, Editorial Page Editor; International Rela- tions 2-4, President 4; Review Typing 2; National Honor Society 3-4: Junior Spectacular 3; Quill Scroll 3-4; French 3, Vice-President; Northerner Staff 4, Opening Section Editor; Senior Girls League; Panther Athletic Club 3-4; D.A.R. Good Citizen Award; I.U. News Conference; Hoosier Girls ' State. STEVE HARRIS— Graphic Arts Service 2-4, Treasurer and Estimator 4; Chef ' s Club 2. SUSAN JEANNE HARRISON-International Relations 2; Travel 3; Junior Historical Society 3-4, Historian 4; World Culture 4; Biology 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Chem- istry Lab Assistant 4; Scholastic Award. KATHY LEE HART-Travel 2, 4; Drama 2-4; Music As- sistant 2-3; Madrigals 2-4, President 4; Intramurals 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Arts Crafts 3; Folk Music 4; Aquarium 3, Secretary; Stage Crew 4; Senior Talent Show, Chairman: Senior Girls ' League; National Thespian Society. ROSA LINDA HART-A Cappella Choir 2-3; Future Nurses 2; Foods 2-3; Intramurals 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Sewing 3; Review Typing 4; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4. ELLEN KAY HASKITT-Clothing 2; Foods 2; Needlecraft 3; Future Nurses 3; Folk Music 4; Knitting 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4. DIANE HAUN— F.B.L.A. 3; Knitting 4. MICHAEL A. HAWLEY-Student Council Alternate 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2; Chefs 2; Intramurals 2-4; Advanced Chess 3-4; Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Arts : Crafts 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Panther Athletic 4: Senior Talent Show; Scholastic Award 2-4. MICHAEL HEADY-Press 2; A Cappella Choir 2; Advanced Chess 4. 139 ROBERT HEBERT-Chefs 2; Intramurals 2-4; Aquarium 3; Northerner Staff 3; Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Advanced Chess 3-4; Arts Crafts 4, Sergeant-at-Arms; Pan- ther Athletic 4; Senior Talent Show. WILLIAM M. HEETER-International Relations 2; Intra- murals 2, 4; Advanced Chess 2-3; Chess Team 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. JANE HENDRICKS-International Relations 2-3; Travel 2; Junior Class Council; Intramurals 3; World Culture 4. CAROL ANN HENE-Typing 2-3; Library Assistant 2; Jour- nalism 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; F.T.A. 4; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4; English Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. PATRICIA HENN— G.A.A. 2; Home Economics 2; Attend- ance Office Assistant 3-4; Physical Education Assistant 3-4; Family Jamboree Model 4; Physical Education Assistants ' Club; Senior Girls ' League. PATRICIA HENRY— Biology 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Amer- ican Authors 3; Spanish 3; A.F.S. 4; Travel 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 4. JIM HEPPNER— Sophomore Class Council, Vice-Chairman; Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council; Reserve Basketball 2; Reserve Baseball 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Varsity Football 4; Lettermen ' s 4; Intramurals 3-4; Scho- lastic Award 2, 4. CINDY HERMAN-Intramurals 2-3; Booster Block 2; Glee Club 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Girls ' Chorale 3; Red Cross 3; Girls ' Concert Choir 4; F.B.L.A. 4, Committee Chairman; Astronomy 4; Hall Monitor. MICHAEL HERNDON-Chefs 2; Travel 2; Graphic Arts Service 3-4, Secretary 3, President 4. NANCY A. HIBBARD-Orchestra 2-3; Cadet Choir 3; At- tendance Office Assistant 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Poetry 4; World Culture 4; Booster Block 4; Madrigals 4; Spanish 4. BOB HIBLER-Wrestling, Reserve 2; Chess 2-4; Intramurals 2, 4; German 2; Geology 3; Panther Athletic 4. DUNCAN HIGHMARK-Latin 2; Reserve Baseball 2-3, Var- sity 4; Intramurals 2-4; Key Club 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4. MARY HILL— F.T.A. 2-4; Great Books 3; Travel 3; F.N.A. 4. STEPHEN ALAN HIMES-Concert Band 2; Beginning Chess Club 3; Advanced Chess Club 3-4; Slide Rule 4; Wind En- semble 3-4. JOHN HINER— Sophomore Class Council; Student Council Alternate 3-4; Varsity Debate 2-3; N.F.L. 2-3; Junior Spectacu- lar 3; Key Club 3-4; Science Service 4, President; National Thespian Society 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. DONNA HINKLE-Debate 2, 4; Forensics 2, 4; Debate Team 2; Orchestra Club 3; N.F.L. 2, 4. CYNDI HINKLEY— Student Council 2; Intramurals 2; At- tendance Assistant 2; Library Monitor 2; Drama 3; Costume 3; Make-Up Crew 3; Review Typing 4; Panther Athletic 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Athletic Director Assistant 4; Drafting Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. JILL R. HIRSCHMAN-F.N.A. 2; Audio Visual 2, Secretary; Journalism 3; Debate 3; Senior Girls ' League; Foods 4, Presi- dent; Knitting 4; F.T.A. 4; Library Assistant. RAYMOND BRIAN HIRSH— F.B.L.A. 4; Intramurals 4. JACK II ITTLE— Marching Band 2; Orchestra 2; Intramurals 2- 4; Baseball 2-3; American Authors 3; Panther Athletic 4; French 3-4. ROBBY LYN HOCHMAN-Booster Block 2; Press 2; Spanish 3- 4; Drama 4. DIANNE HOCKER— Girls Concert Choir 2; Scholastic Award 2- 4; Girls ' Ensemble 3; Booster Block 3, President; Junior Spectacular 3; Beginning Typing 3; Intramurals 3; Student Council 3-4; Counterpoints 4; Knitting 4; Drama 4; Review Typing 4; Music Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. WILLIAM T. HOEHN-Chess 2; Folk Music 2-3; Interna- tional Relations 3; Counterpoints 3-4, Chairman 4; Great Books 3; Music Assistant 3-4; Drama 4; Advanced Chess 4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Junior Spectacular. RICHARD HOHLT-Intramurals 2-4; Library Assistant 2; Arts and Crafts 3-4; Panther Athletic 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 3-4; Senior Class Council. CECILY ANNE HOLBROOK-French 2, 4; Girls Chorale 2-3; Travel 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-3. EUGENE CHARLES HOLLANDER-Reserve Football 2; Varsity Wrestling 2; Track Team 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Varsity Football 3-4; Weight Lifting 3; Government 4; Gov- ernment Leadership Conference 4. KATHLEEN HOLMES-Orchestra Club 2-3; Chamber Music 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Peals of Liberty Staff; Indiana All- State High School Orchestra 3-4. STEVEN A. HOLT-Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Spanish 2; International Relations 3; Debate 3-4; American Authors 3; Debate Team 4; Forensics Secretary 4; Government 4; N.F.L. 4. VINTON HORINE-Chess 2-3; Band 2; Air Space 3; Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 3; Slide Rule 4; Astronomy 4. STEVAN MARK HORNING-Student Council Alternate 2; Journalism 2; Travel 2; A.F.S. 3; International Relations 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Government 3; Student Council 3; Debate President 4; N.F.L. 4; Stagecraft 4; Debate Team 4; Senior Class Council 4; National Thespian Society; National Council of Teachers of English Award; National Merit Schol- arship Commendation. BILL HORTON-Chefs 2; Spanish 2; Typing 3; Red Cross 3- 4, President 4; Slide Rule 3. BRUCE HOTTE-Audio-Visual 2; Rifle Team 2-4; Drill Team 2- 4; N.D.C.C. 2-4. DEDE HOUTZER-Travel 2; Nurses 2, 4; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3. RON M. HOWELL-Transfer from Detroit, Michigan; Pan- ther Athletic 4; Varsity Basketball Team 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4. MICHAEL L. HOYT-Orchestra 3-4; Chess Team 4. PATRICIA HOPE HUFFAKER-Booster Block 2; G.A.A. 2; Red Cross 3-4; Slide Rule, Secretary 3; Review Typing 3; F.T.A. 4; Future Nurses 4; Intramurals 2-4. DIANE HUFFMAN— Geology 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; A.F.S. 4. CYNTHIA ANN HULL-Junior Spectacular 2-3; Guidance Office 2; Girls ' Chorale 2; Art 2-3; French 3-4; Gym Assistant 3; Art Crafts 4; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 3. LINDA SUSAN HULL-Art 2-4; Spanish 2-3; Costume 2; Girls ' Chorale 2; Junior Spectacular; Senior Girls ' League; Senior Jamboree Model; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4. JON C. HULT— Folk Music 2-4; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Art 3; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 4; Art 8c Crafts 4; Intra- murals 2-4. NOEL D. HUMPHREYS-Chess 2-4; National Honor Society 3- 4; Key Club 3-4; A.F.S. 3; Military History 3, Vice-President 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Wrestling Team 2-3; Track Team 3-4; Finalist Indiana University Foreign Lan- guage Program. 140 LINDA KAY HUNTER-Journalism 2; Booster 2; Travel 3; Sewing 3; Foods 3; Knitting 4; Senior Girls ' League; Attend- ance Office Assistant 4; Nurse ' s Office Assistant 4; Junior Historical Society 4. MARY LINDA HUNTER-Booster Block 2; A Cappella 2; Newspaper 2; Junior Spectacular; Poetry 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Scholastic Award 2; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4; French 4; A.F.S. 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. NANCY HUNTER— Costume 2; Spanish 2-3; Art 2-3; Travel 3-4; Panther Atheltic 4; Arts and Crafts 4; International Re- lations 4. THOMAS COOPER HUTSELL-Reserve Baseball 2; Art 2-3; Boys ' Chefs 2; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Junior Spectacular; Junior Class Council Alternate; Folk Music 4; Art : Crafts 4; Intramurals 2-4. RONALD H. IZSAK-Chess Team 2-4; N.D.C.C. 2; Beginning Chess 3; Advanced Chess 3-4. DAN RICHARD JACKSON-Band 2-3; Pep Band 2-3; Or- chestra Club 2; Marching Band 2-3; Graphic Arts Service 3; Orchestra 4: Chamber Music 4; Panther Athletic 4. DORIS JEAN JACKSON-F.T.A. 2; Clothing 3; Red Cross 3; Knitting 4; Notehand 4. JILL ALISON JACKSON-French 2-4; Costume 2-4, Vice- President 3: Junior Spectacular Co-Ordinator; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council Secretary; Scholastic Award 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; A.F.S. 3-4, Secretary 3; Junior Prom Court; Panther Athletic 4. KATHRYN JACKSON-Transfer from Carmel High School; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 4. STEPHEN EDWIN JACKSON-Art 2; Wrestling Team 2; Scholastic Award 2; Key 3-4; A.F.S. 3; Junior Spectacular; Student Council Alternate 3-4; Football Team 3; Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4. BURT JACOBS-Biology 2-4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, President 4; Geology 2; History of Mathematics, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Ad- vanced Chess 3-4; Slide Rule 4; World Culture 4; Biology Lab Assistant 4; Intramurals 3. MICHAEL P. JACOBSON-Debate 2: Debate Team 2-4; Na- tional Forensics League 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 2-3; Scholastic Award 2-3; Junior Historical Society 3-4; Yearbook 3, Sports Editor 4; National Honor Society 3, President 4; National Merit Finalist 4; Intramurals 4; Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT W. JAHNKE-Student Council 2, 4; Electronics 2; Reserve Wrestling Team 2; Chemistry Lab Assistant 2-4; Key Club 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3, President 4; Boys State Alternate 3; Photo 4; National Merit Finalist 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Intramurals 4. JEAN ELISABETH JAMES-Booster Block 2; Student Coun- cil Alternate 2; Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council Alternate; General Office Assistant 3; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4; Intramurals 2; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Lab Assistant 4. CATHERINE ELISABETH JANES-Counterpoints 2-4; Folk Music 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Art Crafts 2; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Fall Musical 2, 4. GREGORY ALAN JARVIS-A Cappella Choir 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Art 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4. GEOFFREY JAY-Drama 2, 4; Chess 2; Boys ' Glee Club 2-3; Folk Music 3-4; Travel 4; Counterpoints 3-4. JUDY JENNINGS-Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Drama 2; Booster Block 2; Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Senior Girls ' League; A.F.S. 4; Panther Athletic 4; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Intramur- als 2. CATHERINE JOHNS-Booster Block 2; Travel 3; Spanish 3; Bookstore Assistant 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4; A.F.S. 4; International Rela- tions 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2-3. MARJORIE JOHNS-Home Economics Fashion Show Model 3; Senior Girls ' League 4. CRAIG JOHNSON-Intcrnalioanl Relations 2; Travel 2-4; Beginning Chess 4. JOHN JOHNSTON-Orchestra 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Track 3-4; Cross Country 3-4; Scholastic Award 3-4; Chamber Music 4; National Merit Finalist 4. DIATRA ANNE JONES-Booster Block 2; Debate Team 2; Forensics 2-3; Clothing 3; Spanish 3-4; Girls ' Industrial Arts 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2. KAREN SUZANNE JONES-F.T.A. 2-4; Shakespeare 3; Knit- ting 4; Senior Girls ' League. JUDITH ANN JORDAN-Concert Band 2; Clothing 2; Glee Club 2; FT. A. 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; Student Council Alternate 2, 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Baton Corps 3-4; Great Books 3; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Chess 4; Knitting, President 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2-4. JOHN CHARLES KABAT-Air Space, Vice-President 3, Au- thor of Constitution 4; Red Cross 3-4; Military History 4; Intramurals 4. STEVEN G. KAFOURE-Key Club 3-4; Gymnastics 3-4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 3-4; National Merit Finalist 4. KENNETH KARSH-Student Council 2; Junior Class Coun- cil; Junior Spectacular; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Intra- murals 3. SHIRLEY KARST-Latin 2; F.T.A. 2-4; Future Nurses 2; Foods 3; Clothing 3; Red Cross 4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. BARRIE E. KATZ-Review Typing 2; Journalism 3; Junior Spectacular; F.T.A. 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4; Art Crafts 4; Panther Athletic 4; Hall Monitor 4. KATHLEEN ANN KE ARNS-German 2-4; Biology 2-3; American Authors 3; Lab Assistant 3-4; Travel 4. STEPHEN ANDERSON KELLER-Reserve Wrestling 2; Science Fiction 2; Chess Team 2, 4; Advanced Chess 2-4; Mili- tary History 3: Gymnastic Team 4. KAREN KELLY— Drama 2; Sophomore Class Council; Jun- ior Class Council; Senior Class Council; F.T.A. 2; Folk Music 3; Chess 3-4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Bell Choir 4; Junior Historical Society 4; World Culture 4; Intra- murals 3-4. DAN KEMPTON-Mu Alpha Theta 2-4; Chess Team 2; Astronomy 4; Triangle Club Award 2-3; Chess 3. KAY D. KENDRICK— Costume 2; International Relations 3; Junior Spectacular; Attendance Office 3-4; Senior Jamboree Model; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Arts and Crafts 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 4. MARY BETH KEPNER-A Cappella Choir 2-3; Opera 2; Stage Crew 2-3; Folk Music 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Shakespeare 4; Poetry, Secretary 4; Library Assistant 4; International Folksing 3. RONALD WILLIAM KIEPER— A Cappella Choir 2-3; Debate Team 2; Slide Rule 2; Football Team 3; Folk Music 3-4; Audio Visual Assistant 3; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Music Men 4. NORMAN E. KINNEY-Reserve Baseball Team 2; Graphic Arts Service 3-4; Chess Team 4; Intramurals 2-4. 141 KAREN DIANE KINSEY-International Relations 2; Scho- lastic Award 2-4; Indiana University Honors Program Honor- able Mention 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Travel 3; Typing 3; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Astronomy 4; Spanish 4; World Culture 4. RICHARD DEAN KIOVSKY-Student Council Alternate 2- 3; Scholastic Award 2-3; Biology 2; Reserve Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3-4; Cross Country 3; Gym Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4. CANDACE LYNN KIRKWOOD-A Cappella 2: Office As- sistant 3-4; Madrigals 3; Senior Class Council Alternate; F.B.L.A., Treasurer 4; Air Space, Secretary 4; Shorthand Transcription 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 4; Miss F.B.L.A. of Indiana. PETER DAVID KIRLES-Spanish 2; Baseball 3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2-4. WILLIAM KIRTLEY-Stage Crew 2-4; Concert Band 2-3; Marching Band 2-3; Junior Spectacular; Language Lab Assistant 3-4; National Thespian Society 4; Orchestra 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4. STEVE KLINGENBERGER— F.B.L.A. 3-4; Biology 3-4: Gym- nastics 3; Hall Monitor 3; International Relations 4; Military History 4; Intramurals 2-4. MARY LOU KOCH-Art 2: Cadet Choir 2; Attendance Office 2-4; American Authors 3; F.T.A. 3; Travel 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4. GERALD C. KOPLOS-F.B.L.A. 4. MICHELLE KOPLOW-Student Council Representative 2-4; Booster Block 2; Drama 2; Journalism 3; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4. CHERIE KORNFELD— International Relations Club 2, 4; Arts and Crafts 2; Art 3; American Authors 4; Poetry 4. RANDY J. KREIZENBECK— German 2-4; Geology 2, 4; Student Council Alternate 2-4; A.F.S. 3; Slide Rule, Presi- dent 4. DALE KROMROY-Press 2; Booster Block 2; F.T.A. 2; Attendance Office Assistant 2; F.B.L.A. 3; Panther Athletic 3; Folk Music 3; Costume 3; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League; A.F.S. 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Bookstore Assistant 4; Intramurals 2-3. LINDA LYNN KUHLMANN— Orchestra 2-3; Future Nurses of America 4; Clothing 4; Foods 4; Intramurals 4. CAROLYN KUHN-Student Council Alternate 2; Senior Class Council Representative; Scholastic Award 2; Interna- tional Relations 2-3; Junior Spectacular; Spanish, Secretary 3; Library Assistant 4; A.F.S. 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 3. WILLIS E. KUHN II-Scholastic Awards 2-4; International Relations 2; Military History 2-4; Government 2-3; Great Books 2; Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2; Junior Historical Society 3; Key Club 4; Science Service 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; Intramurals 2-4. DONALD I. KUHS JR.-Transfcr from Kokomo High School; Panther Athletic 3-4; Stage Crew 3; Thespians 3-4; Baseball 3- 4; Gym Assistant 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. SUSIE KUSZMAUL— Student Council Alternate 2; Editor of Peals of Liberty; Stage Crew 2; G.A.A. 2; Hoosier Girls State Representative; Scholastic Awards 2-3; Beginning Chess 3-4; A.F.S. 3: Junior Spectacular; Folk Music 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4; World Culture 4; Intramurals 2, 4. DOROTHY LA MAR— F.B.L.A. 2-3; Booster Block 2; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; Costume .3; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4; I ravel 4. PATRICIA LAMMERT-Booster Block 2; Glee Club 2; Stage Crew 3-4; Costume 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League. JOHN LANE-International Relations 2-4; Spanish 2-3; Travel 2, 4; Hi-Y 2-4, Chaplain 2, 4, President 3; F.B.L.A. 3-4. JANET STARR LANNERD— Girls ' Ensemble 2-4; Folk Music 2, 4; Forensics 3; National Forensics League 3-4; General Office Assistant 3; Panther Athletic 3; Senior Jamboree Model; Senior Class Council Alternate; Athletic Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4. CAROL LYNN LASH— Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Booster Block 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 2-3; Library Assistant 3; Junior Spec- tacular; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 4. JAMES MICHAEL LATIMER— Spanish 2-4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Council Alternate; Scholastic Award 2-3; Photography 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacular; International Relations 3. CHRIS LAUGHNER-Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Jun- ior Spectacular; Intramurals 2-4. BRENDA LAWSON-Review Typing 2; Booster Block 3; Transcription 4. JANICE M. LA WSON— Transfer from Detroit, Michigan. ROGER LA WTON— Biology 2; German 2; Reserve Wrestling 2-3; Varsity Wrestling 4; Junior Spectacular; Aquarium 3; Forensics 3; French 4; Panther Athletic 4; Key Club 4; Intra- murals 2, 4. WILLIAM LEE-Student Council 2-3; Senior Class Council Vice-President; International Relations 2, 4; Tennis 2; Jun- ior Spectacular; Lettermen ' s Club 3; Key Club 2-4, Secretary 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Intramurals 2-4. SUSAN LEFF-Press 2; Stage Crew 2-4; General Office Assist- ant 2; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Folk Music 3; Junior Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Costume Treasurer 4; Spanish Secretary 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Indiana University Honors Program in Mexico. JOE LEFFEL-Typing 2-3; A Cappella 2-4; Folk Music 3; Chess Team 4; Advanced Chess 4. KATHLEEN MARIE LEHR-Typing 2: Journalism 2; F.T.A. 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Booster Block 3; Office Assistant 3; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; French 4; Library Assistant 4. JAMES LELAND— Key Club 2-4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Coun- cil; Chefs 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Wrestling Reserve 2-3; Intramurals 2-4. C. RICHARD LENGLADE-Concert Band 2; Math 3; Amer- ican Authors 3; Advanced Chess 3; Electronics 3; Scholastic Award 2-4; Astronomy 4; Science Service 4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Intramurals 3. SUZANNE LESH-Spanish 3; Journalism 3; Art 3; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; International Relations 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-3. AARON J. LEVE— Great Books 2; International Relations 3; Journalism 3; Shakespeare 3; Panther Athletic 4; World Culture 4; Latin 4; Intramurals 2. JANET BETH LEVINSKY— Glee Club 3; Art 3; Junior Spec- tacular Usher; A.F.S. 4; International Relations 4; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2-3. THOMAS K. LEY-Electronics 2; Slide Rule 2; Typing 2; Travel 3-4; F.B.L.A. 3; Golf Team 3; Junior Spectacular; Military History 4. 142 ALAN BRUCE LICHTENBERG-7 ransierred from Broad Ripple High School; National Honor Society 4; Biology 4; Folk Music 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 4; Scholastic Award 4. MARILYN SUE LIDIKAY— A Cappella Choir 2; Typing 2; Stage Crew 3; Language Lab Assistant 3; Great Books 4; Art and Crafts 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Girls ' League. RICHARD E. LILLIE— Reserve Football 2-3; Journalism 2; German 2, 4; Reserve Tennis 3; Tennis 4; Gymnastics 3; Peals of Liberty Staff 3, Editor 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intra- murals 2-4. GEORGIANNA LILLY-Art 2-3: Student Council Alternate 2-3; Scholastic Award 2; Junior Spectacular; A.F.S. 4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Folk Music 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2. DICK LINDERMAN-Transferred from Broad Ripple High School; Key Club 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Scholastic Award 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Reserve Golf 3; Intramurals 4. BONNIE LINDQUIST-Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Scholastic Award 2-4; Forensics 2; National Forensics League 2, 3, Secretary 4; Drama 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Junior Historical Society 3; A.F.S. 3; A.F.S. Representative to Chile 4; Junior Spectacular; National Thespians 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Newspaper Staff 3; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Com- mendation 4. STEVE LITTEN-Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-3; Stage Band 2-4; Pep Band 2-3; Orchestra Club 2; Marching Band 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Aquarium 3; Orchestra 4; Stage Band 4. JOHN MICHAEL LIVINGSTON-International Relations 2-3; Travel 2-4; Reserve Baseball 3; Varsity Baseball 4; Intra- murals 2-4. SHARON ANN LOCKWOOD-Review Typing 2: Journalism 2; Yearbook Staff 3, Activities Editor 4; Panther Athletic 3; A.F.S. 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2; Library Monitor 3. MARSHA LOUISE LONG-Booster Block 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 2-3; Junior Historical Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 3; Madrigals 4; Knitting 4; Senior Girls ' League. MICHAEL J. LONGDEN-Travel 2; Spanish 2-3; Drama 2-4; Biology 3; Scholastic Award 3; Bell Choir 3-4; National Thespian Society 4; Library Monitor 4. REBECCA ANN LONGEST-German 2-3; Concert Band 2-4; Marching Band 2-3; Forensics 2; Travel 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Junior Spectacular: Folk Music 4; Chamber Music 4; Orchestra 4; Make-up Crew 4; Senior Girls ' League. DANNY LOWE-Travel 2-4; Intramurals 2-4. MARY J. LUCIUS-Booster Block 2; Guidance Office Assist- ant 2; Junior Historical Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Foods 4; Senior Girls ' League. PAMELA JEAN LUDINGTON— Concert Choir 2; Latin 2: Spanish 3-4; Journalism 3; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2. GUNDA G. LUEKEN-German Vice-President 2, 4; Drama 2; Scholastic Award 2-3; Junior Historical Society 3; A.F.S. 3; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Junior Class Council Repre- sentative; Student Council Alternate 4; Government 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Intramurals 2-3. JUDITH ANN LYNN-Drama 2; Concert Choir 2; Madrigals 2; Travel 3-4; F.B.L.A. 3; A Cappella 3-4; Notehand 4; Intra- murals 2. JAMES R. MacMULLIN - Debate Team 2: German 2, 4; Debate 2; National Forensics League 2-4; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacu- lar; Forensics 3, President 4; Slide Rule 3; Bell Choir 3-4; A Cappella 3, Vice-President 4; National Forensics 3-4; Intra- murals 2, 4. PATRICIA MADRY-Booster Block 2: Girls ' Concert Choir 2- 3; Travel 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2. ETHEL MALIN— Biology 2; French 3: Poetry 3-4; Folk Music 4; World Culture 4. CHARLENE MALOFSKY-Mu Alpha Theta 3-1; Junior Spectacular; Journalism 3: F.T.A. 3; Scholastic Award 2-4; Travel 4; French 4; Senior Girls ' League; Hall Monitor I: Review Typing 2. DAVID L. MALTZM AN— Scholastic Award 2: Advanced Chess 3- 4; Biology 3-4; Slide Rule, Vice -President 3: World Culture 4; Intramurals 4. MICHAEL W. MANDARA-Sophomore Class Counc il Alter- nate; Junior Class Council Alternate; Arts and Crafts 4; Intramurals 3-4. ERIC C. MANN— Biology 2-4; Panther Athletic 2-3, Historian 4; Football Team 2-3; Track Team 2. KATHLEEN JOANN MANTEL-Drama 2; F.T.A. 2-3; Gen- eral Office Assistant 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Panther Athletic 3; Library Monitor 3; Arts and Crafts 4. MARY LOU MANZIE— Latin 2-4, Secretary 2-3; Scholastic Award 2-3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Junior Spectacular. ROD MARCUM-Travel 2-4; Arts and Crafts 4; Honorable Mention— Art Show; Intramurals 2-4. EDWARD S. MARCUS-Biology 2; Photography 3, Vice- President 4; Biology Lab Assistant 3; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4: Astronomy Vice-President 4. ROBERT MARR JR.-Student Council 2; Student Council Alternate 4; Football Reserve 3, Varsity 4: Panther Athletic 4; International Relations 4; Intramurals 2-4. JUDITH ELLEN MARSHALL-Booster Block 2; Northern Lights Staff 2, Feature Editor 3, Co-editor-in-chief 4; Student Council 3; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3; International Relations 3: Journalism 3; A.F.S. 4: Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. DAVID ALAN MARTIN— Biology 2: Triangle Club Award 2-3; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Mu Alpha Theta 3, President 4; Key Club 3, Treasurer 4; Junior Spectacular Co-ordinator; National Honor Society 3-4; National Forensics League 3-4; Debate Vice- President 3; Graduation Dance Co-Chairman; National Merit Finalist 4; Intramurals 2-4. JAN MARTIN-Student Council 2-4; Candidate for Vice- President of Junior Class Council; Candidate for Vice- President of Senior Class Council; Track Team 2, 3; Football Team 2; Junior Spectacular: Gold Key Award 3; Folk Music 3; King Candidate for Christmas Dance 4; Junior Prom King; Intramurals 2-4. KATHERINE ANNE MARTIN— Booster Block 2-4; G.A.A. 2; French 2, 4; Cadet Choir 2; Girls ' Chorale 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 3; Panther Athletic 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2. MICHAEL SUSAN MARTIN— Scholastic Award 2-4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Marching Band 2; Concert Band 2; Wind Ensemble 3; Orchestra 2-3, Secretary 4; Junior Spectacular; National Honor Society 3-4: Student Council Alternate 3; Stage Crew 4: Science Service 4; Senior Girls ' League. 143 ROBERT KIM MARTIN-Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4; Pit Band 2-3; Orchestra 2, 4, President 3; Winner Aspen Music Contest 4. TOMALENE MARTIN— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Costume 2; Booster Block 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League. MARY LOU MASON-Booster Block 2; Art and Crafts 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 4: Intramurals 3. PAMELA L. MASSENA— F.B.L.A. 2-4; Clothing 2-3. PHYLLIS ANN MATEKUNAS-Forensics 2; International Relations 2; Baton Corps 2-3; G.A.A. 2; Junior Spectacular 2, Act Chairman 3: Biology Assistant 3; Aquarium 4; A.F.S. 4; Intramurals 2. JUDITH ANN MATTES-Transfer from Anderson, Indiana; Art 4; Shakespeare 4; Library 4; Library Assistant 4. DAVEEN MAURER — Drama 2-4; Forensics 2; Scholastic Award 2-3; Stage Crew 2; A Cappella Choir 2; Thespians 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Junior Historical So- ciety 3; International Relations 3; Stage Crew 3; World Culture President 4; Costume 4. JAN MAUS— Stage Crew 2; Drama 2; Library Assistant 2; G.A.A. 2; Spanish 3-4. Vice-President 3; Junior Spectacular Usher; Travel 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Clothing 3; Senior Girls ' League; World Culture 4; Geology 4. DORIAN MAYFIELD— Girls ' Industrial Arts 2; Booster Block 2; G.A.A. 2; Sewing 3; Indiana University Honors Program Semi-Finalist 3; Red Cross Club 4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Intramurals 3. DON McALLISTER— Golf Team 2-3; Panther Athletic 2-4; Boys ' Glee Club 3; Aquarium 4; Intramurals 2-4. ANNA G. McBRIDE— Press 2; Booster Block 2; Travel 3; Girls ' Industrial Arts President 4; Stage Crew 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals 2-4. TIMOTHY DAVIS McCLENNY-Student Council Alternate 2; Track 2-4; F.B.L.A. 2; Chess 2, President 3; Cross Country 3-4; Gym Assistant 3; Government Club 3; Shakespeare 3, President 4; Lettermen ' s Club Treasurer 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2-4. LINDA KAY McCOLLUM-Booster Block 2; Girls ' Chorale 2; Art Vice-President 3; Girls ' Concert Choir 3; Future Nurses Corresponding Secretary 3; Notehand 4; A Cappella Choir 4: Senior Girls ' League. BONNIE JOY McDOWELL— Junior Spectacular 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2; Drama 2-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Folk Music 3, Secretary 4; Fall Musical 3-4. STUART McFARLAND— Reserve Basketball Team 2; Coun- terpoints 4. DAVID RICHARD McKOWN-Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Council 4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Inter- national Relations Vice-President 3; Counterpoints 3-4; Fall Play 2-4; Intramurals 2, 4. MARY McMANIS— Transfer from Lamar High School, Houston, Texas; Latin 3; Review Typing 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; International Relations 4; Intramurals 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. ANDREA MEDITCH-Sophomore Class Council; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council, Treasurer; Intra- murals 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacular; International Relations 3; Panther Athletic 4; A.F.S. 4; Home- coming Court Candidate 4; Christinas Dance Court Candidate 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. [EANETTE MEDLIN— Folk Music 3; Travel 4; Auto Me- chanics 4; Gym 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Gym Assistant 4. MAKJOKIE ANN MERICLE— Transfer from Ladywood School; A Cappella Choir 4; Senior Girls ' League; Quill and Scroll 3-4. FREDERICK MASON MEWHINNEY II-Wresling 2 3; Chess 2, 4; Intramurals 2-4; Journalism 3; Debate 3; Junior Spectacular; Chess Team 3-4. BEVERLY JO MEYERS-Marching Band 2-4; Symphonic Wind 3-4; Concert Band 2; F.T.A. 2; Orchestra 3; Typing 4; Gold Key Scholastic Art Award 4. DOROTHY HELEN MILLER-Cadet Choir 2; Typing Club 3-4. GORDON MILLER-Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Panther Athletic Club 4. JAMES F. MILLER-Orchestra 2-4; String Quartet 3-4; Chamber Music 4; Orchestra Club 4, Vice-President. JERRY R. MILLER II-Chess 2-4; Travel 3; Junior Spec- tacular; Typing 4; Geology. MARK MILLER-Reserve Basketball 2; Track 2-4; Letter- men ' s 2-4; Student Council 2; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Basketball 3; Football 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 4. MARSHA ANN MILLER-Sophomore Class Council; Stu- dent Council 3; Student Council Alternate 4; Drama 2; Intramurals 2-4; Costume 2; National Honor Society 3-4; A.F.S. 3; F.T.A. 3-4, Treasurer 4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular Usher; World Culture 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. REBECCA ELLEN MILLER-Transfer from Shortridge; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Girls ' League. DEB MINNEY-Booster Block 2; Library 3; Attendance Assistant 3-4; Review Typing 4. LINDA A. MINNICH— Booster Block 2; Travel 3-4; French 4; Science Reading 4, Secretary. DOUGLAS MITCHELL-Photography 2-4; Reserve Baseball 2; Yearbook Staff 2-4, Head Photographer 4; Newspaper Staff 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4, President; National Merit Finalist; Hoosier Boys ' State Representative; Sigma Delta Chi Award 4. ROBERTA ANN MIX-Co-ordinator for Home Economics Style Show 2; Great Books 3; Clothing 3; Costume 3. NANCY ANN MOCKLER— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Concert Band 2; Flag Corps 2; Intramurals 2, 4; German 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacular Usher; Junior Class Council Alternate; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; World Cul- ture 4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. KAREN MOMMER— Student Council Alternate 2; Senior Class Council Alternate; Booster Block 2; Glee Club 2; Biology 3; Journalism 3; F.T.A. 3-4; Government 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intramurals. MOLLY ANN MOON-Travel 2; Costume 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Intramurals 2; Great Books 3; Junior Historical Society 3-4; Student Council Alternate 3; Stage Crew 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Thespians 4; Senior Girls ' League; Teacher ' s Assistant 4. DENNIS L. MOREHEAD— Drafting 2-3; F.B.L.A. 2-4; Mili- tary History 4. ROSS M. MORGAN-Transfer from University City, Mis- souri; Great Books 3; Debate 3; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Baseball Student Manager 3-4; Government 4; Science Service 4; Chemistry Lab Helper 4; North Central Representative to Indiana Government Leadership Conference 4. GARY MORLOCK-Gymnasties 3; Wrestling Team 2-4; Football Team 2-3. Ml LINDA ANN MORTON— G.A.A. 2; Spanish 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Travel 4; Knitting 4, President; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Citation 2-3; Indiana University Honors Student to Mexico. GINNY MOSCONI— Journalism 2-3; Government 3: Forensics 3; Junior Historical Society 4. NANCY MOSS-Booster Block 2; Costume 3; F.T.A. 4; Bio- logical Science Lab Assistant 4; History of Mathematics 4. KAREN MOUNT— Review Typing 2; Debate 2; Great Books 3; Latin 3-4; World Culture 4; Panther Athletic 4. WILLIAM THOMAS MURPHY-Photography 2-3; Chefs 2; Intramurals 2-4; Newspaper Photographer 3-4; Travel 4. JOHN NALL-Art Club 2-4. REBECCA ANN NEARPASS-Booster Block 2: Library Club 2- 4, Vice-President 2-3; Attendance Office Assistant 2-4; Red Cross 4; F.N. A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Library Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. BEVERLY NELSON— G.A.A. 2: F.T.A. 3-4; Booster Block 3; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. NANCY NEUMEIER-Intramurals 2; F.N. A. 2; Girls ' Chorale 2; Cadet Choir 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 3; Booster Block 3; Spanish 3-4; A Cappella 4; Senior Girls ' League. ROBERT L. NEWMAN-Press 2; Concert Band 2-3; March- ing Band 2-3; Junior Spectacular; Slide Rule 3; Chess 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Great Books 4; Senior Class Council Alternate. SUSAN LYNN NICE-Orchestra Club 2-3; Intramurals 2; Marching Band 2-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Chamber Music 4; Music Contest Award 2-4; Student Council Alternate 4. STEPHANIE LOUISE NICELY-Press 2; Folk Music 3: Great Books 3; German 4; Government 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council; Junior Spectacular; National Honor Society 3-4. GREG NICOLOFF-Folk Music Club 2-3; Art Club 2-3. SUZI K. NIEHAUS-Art Crafts Club 2-3; Intramurals 2-4; Art Club 2; Stage Crew 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Debate 4; Gym Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. GEORGE R. NIEMANN-Intramurals 2-4; Chefs 2; Art Crafts 2; Art 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Wrestling Team 4; Government 4. STEVEN NISENBAUM-Debate Team 2-4; Speech Team 2-4; N.F.L. 2-4, President 4; Forensics 2-4; Debate Team Club 2-3; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Key Club 3- 4; Student Council Parliamentarian 4; Intramurals 4; Junior Historical Society 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist; Chess Club 2. JEFFREY A. NOEL-Intramurals 2-4; Art Crafts 2-3; Biology 2; Boys ' Chefs 2; Travel 3; Chess 4; Panther Athletic 4. LINDA NOEL— F.N. A. 2; Art Crafts 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Science Reading 3-4, Secretary 3; Advanced Chess 4; Travel 4; Student Council Alternate 3. REBECCA NOLAND-Transfer from Giessen, Germany: Forensics 4; Travel 4; German 4; Intramurals 4. BARBARA NOLTE-International Relations 2-3, Secretary 3; Booster Block 2; Scholastic Art Award 2-4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; A.F.S. 4; Travel 4; Bookstore Assistant 4; Block ' s Fashion Board. HARRY NOON-Chess 2-3; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 4; German 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. THOMAS EDWARD NORMAN-Newspaper Staff 2; Gym Assistant 4. DAN OBERHOLTZER-Student Council 2-3; Intramurals 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Football Team 3-4; Lettermen ' s 4; Panther Athletic 4; Scholastic. Award 2 MARY O ' CONNOR-Booster Block 2; Red Cross 3-4; F.N.A. 2-4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Nurses ' Assistant 3-4; Intra- murals 3; German 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2. PATRICIA ELENA OCLANDER— Spanish 2, 4; Booster Block 2; F.T.A. 2-3; Library Assistant 2; Sewing 3; Panther Athletic 4; A.F.S. 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. NANCY J. O ' HAVER— Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular: Intra- murals 3; Student Council 4; Panther Athletic 4; Folk Music 4. BERNARD WOLFORD O ' KOON-Sophomore Class Coun- cil; Junior Class Council; Boys ' Glee Club 2. 4; Electronics 2; Junior Spectacular; Photo 3; Folk Music 3; Stage Crew 3; Stage Crew Club 3; Music Men 4; Drama 4; French 4; Intra- murals 4. MAX DAVE O ' GUINN-Stage Crew 2; A Cappella 2-3; Jun- ior Spectacular 2; Folk Music 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Slide Rule 4, Vice-President. WILLIAM B. OLSEN-Intramurals 2-4; Chefs 2; Art Crafts 2-3; Band 2; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 3-4; Ger- man 4. ROBERT OLSEN-Intramurals 2-4; Art Crafts 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacu lar; German 4. CECELIA OSTROM-Typing 2; Intramurals 2-3; Student Council 2-3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Folk Music 4; Hall Monitor 4; G.A.A. 2. RANDY OVERBEY— Football Team 2-3; Wrestling Team 2-3; Chefs 2 Junior Spectacular; Gym Assistant 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. CINDY OWEN-Panther Athletic 3; Drama 3; Travel 4; Jun- ior Historical Society 4; Art Crafts 4; Senior Girls ' League; Fashion Model for Jamboree. STEPHEN PAIGE-Intramurals 2, 4; Chefs 2; Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Travel 4. ANNE PALMER— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Drama 2, 4; Girls ' Concert Choir 2: Library Assistant 2; Panther Athletic 3; Girls ' Ensemble 3; Stage Crew Club 4; Folk Music 3-4; Intra- murals 2. 4; Stage Crews. CARLA PARDIECK— G.A.A. 2; Booster Block 2; Red Cross 3; Art 3; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4. FRED E. PARKER— Junior Class Council Alternate; Student Council Alternate 4; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Folk Singing 4: Library Monitor 4; Intramurals 2. RICHARD PAUL PARKER-Sophomore Class Council; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council; Music Men 2-4; Art 2-4; Folk Music 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Intra- murals 2, 4; Gold Key National Art Award Winner. NANCY ANN PATON-Review Typing 2; Art Crafts 2; Travel 3-4: Girls ' Glee Club 3; Junior Spectacular Usher; Senior Girls ' League; International Relations 4; A.F.S. 4; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intra- murals 4. PEGGY PATTERSON-Stage Crew Club 2-4; Travel 2; Beginning Typing 2; French 3-4, President 4; International Relations 3; Panther Athletic 3; Government 4; Chess 4; Sen- ior Girls ' League; Intramurals 4; National Honor Society; National Thespian Society; Indiana University Honors Pro- gram in Foreign Languages. GARY S. PATTON-Student Council Alternate 2; Senior Class Council Alternate; Reserve Football 2, Varsity 4; Reserve Baseball 2, Varsity 4; Travel 3; Panther Athletic 4; Intra- murals 3-4. PAMILA PAUL-Orchestra 2-4; Library Monitor 3-4. ROBERT K. PAYNE-Chefs 2; Chess 2-4; Biology 2; Gov- ernment 4; Intramurals 2, 4. 145 RON PEARSON— Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Jun- ior Spectacular 2, 4; Poetry 3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4: Folk Music 4; Music Men 4; Art Crafts 4, President; Intramurals 3-4. CHERRIE PEDLOW-Majorette 2-4, Head Majorette 4; G.A.A. 2; F.T.A. 2-4, President 3-4; International Relations 2-3; Forensics 2; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Sophomore Class Council: Junior Class Council; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intra- murals 2-4; North Central Relays Princess 3. MIKE PEELER-Mu Alpha Theta 2-4; Chess 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Debate 3; Journalism 3; International Relations 4; Intramurals 2, 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist. JACKIE PERKINS-International Relations 2; Booster Block 2: Spanish 2; National Honor Society 3-4; F.B.L.A. 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Red Cross 4, Alternate for Red Cross Board 4; Government 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; General Office Assistant 4; Concert Choir 4. DAVID PETERS-Government 2; Geology 2; Typing 2; Gym Assistant 3; Football Team 2-3; Track Team 2-4; Slide Rule 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Lettermen ' s 4; Key Club 4; Biology Lab Assistant 4; Intramurals 3-4. DONN PETERS— Slide Rule 2-3; Beginning Typing 2; Sci- ence Project 3-4; Baterman Research Team 3. WILLIAM PETTY-Intramurals 2, 4. LU ANNE PHARISS-Transfer from Shawnee, Oklahoma; Panther Athletic 3-4; Travel 3-4; Knitting 4; Newspaper Staff 4; News Bureau 4; Newspaper Office Helper 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. DEBORAH PHILLIPS-Booster Block 2; G.A.A. 2; Girls ' Glee Cl " b 3; Senior Girls ' League; F.T.A. 3-4; Panther Athletic f; Travel 4; Intramurals 2; Attendance Office Assistan . TIM PHILLIPS-Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Stu- dent Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council Representative; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Debate 2; A Capp ella 2; Review Typing 2; Key Club 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Gymnastics Club 3; Panther Athletic 4; Science Service 4; Chemistry Lab Assist- ant 4; Intramurals 2-4; Boys ' State Representative 3. BARBARA PHILY AW— Student Council Representative 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Panther Athletic 3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Athletic Office Assistant 3-4; Travel Club 3; Student Coun- cil Alternate 4; Senior Girls ' League, Planning Board; Intra- murals 2. ANGIE PICKETT-Booster Block 2; Travel 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Foods 4. STEVEN J. PIERCE-Chefs 2; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4: Intramurals 2. NANCY PIPPEN-Shakespeare 2-3, Vice-President 2, Secretary 3; Library Assistant 2-4; Latin 2-4, Centuric 3, Treasurer 4; Panther Athletic 3; World Culture 4; Library 4; Geology 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Triangle Club Award 2, Scholastic Awards. DONALD PITTM AN — Drafting 2-4; Travel 2: Intramurals 2-4. STEPHEN PORTER-German 2; Gymnastic 3; Chemistry Lab Vssistant 3; F.B.L.A. Reporter 4; Air Space 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2. CATHERINE PR ESNOPLES— Art Crafts 2-4: Travel 4; Senior Cirls ' League; Bookstore Assistant 4; Intramurals 2. JEAN E. PRIEST— G.A.A. Governing Council 2; Booster Block 2: Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Council Al- ternate 3; Senior Class Council; Library Monitor 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Attendance Office As- sistant 3-4; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Jamboree Model 4; Intramurals 2, 4; Scholastic Art Show, Honorable Mention. JULIA A. PRIEST— G.A.A. Governing Council 2; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Library Monitor 2-4; Booster Block 2; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Gym Assistant 3; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Jamboree Model; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Intramurals 2, 4. CHERYL LYNN PRITCHARD-Booster Block 2; G.A.A. 2; Band 2; F.T.A. 3-4; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Gym Assistant 3; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2-3. STEVEN L. PRUITT-Chefs 2; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Wrestling Team 2. JOHN PYLAT-N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 2; Zoology Lab Assistant 3; Key Club 4; Science Service 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. R. MICHAEL PYLE-Cross Country 2-4; Wrestling Team 2; Shakespeare 2; Great Books 2-3; Track Team 3-4; Poetry 3-4; Latin 4. ANNETTE QUENELL-Transfer from Alverne Heights Academy; Art 4; Clothing 4. FRANCIE RABER-Concert Band 2-3; Marching Band 2-4, Leader of Flag Corps 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2-4: Stage Crew 2-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Biology 3; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4, Secretary; Folk Music 4; Gov- ernment 4; Pep Band 4; Scholastic Citation 2-4; Intramurals 2-4. MARCIA RABER-Student Council Representative 2, 4; Junior Class Council Representative; Review Typing 2; Inter- national Relations 3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Home- coming Queen Candidate 4; Queen Candidate for Christmas Dance 4; Bookstore Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4; A.F.S. 4; Intramurals 2-3; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4. RORY BETH RABIN— Press 2; Art Crafts 2: Art 3; Future Teachers of America 3-4; A.F.S. 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Art Contest Honorable Mention. GUSTIN RAIKOS-Electronics Club 2: Government 2-3; Chess 2; German 3-4; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular 2-3; Gym Assistant 4; Library Monitor 4; Physical Education 4; Wrestling 2-3. PAMELA JEAN RAIKOS-Great Books 2; Art Club President 3; Knitting 4; Biology 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Senior Girls ' League; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Intra- murals 2. LINDA RANKIN— Baton Corps 2-4; French 2-3; Junior Spec- tacular; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League. PHILIP F. RANSOM-Chess 2; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 2, 4. JALIL RASHTI-Exchange Student from Iran; A.F.S. 4; Ad- vanced Chess 4. WILLIAM J. RATH— Travel 2; International Relations 2-3; News Bureau 3-4; Bell Choir 3-4, Co-President 4: Government Club 4; Journalism Planning Committee 4; Newspaper Staff 4. DAVID RATTS-Shakespeare 2; Opera 2: Drama 2-4, Presi- dent 4; A Cappella 2; Music Men 2; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Stage Crew 3; Counterpoints 3-4; Thespians 3-4, Vice-President 4; Travel Program Committee 4. JOHN RAU— Chefs 2; Travel 3-4; Gymnastics 3: Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 2-3. JIMMY RAY-Gymnastics 3; Gymnastics Team 3; Travel 4; Art Crafts 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 4. MICHAEL REED— Band 2-4: Orchestra 2-4; Pit Band 2: Pep Band 2; Stage Band 3-4, Leader 4. MIKE REES— Electronics 2-3; N.D.C.C. 2: N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 2; Air Space 4; Slide Rule 4. SALLY REID— Beginning Typing 2; Student Council Repre- sentative 3-4, Executive Board 4; Booster Block 3: F.T.A. 3; Junior Spectacular; Reserve Cheer l eader 3: Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Spanish Vice-Presidenl I. PETER C. REILLY III-Lettermcn ' s Club 2-4; Latin 2; Latin Banquet Emperor 3; Student Council Alternate 2-3: Senior Class Council Alternate: Mu Alpha I heta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4: Varsity Football 2-4: Track leant 2-4: Wrestling Team 2-3; Hoosier Boy ' s State Representative 3: Panther Athletic 4; Key Club 4. JAMES REINHARDT— Spanish 2: Drafting 2; Photography 3: Boys ' Industrial Art 4; Girls ' Industrial Ai ts Assistant 4. HENRY J. REISER-Cliess 2: Industrial Arts 2: German 3-4; Photography 4; Travel 4; German 3-4, President 4; Intramurals 4; Football Team 3; Wrestling Team 2. DAVID REISING-Drafting 3-4; Panther Athletic 4. IAN J. REYNOLDS-French 2: Chefs 2: Junior Class Council; Slide Ride 3: Key Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Military History 3; Wrestling Team 2. STEWART R. REYNOLDS-Chess 2: Chess Team 2: Student Council 2; Student Council Alternate 3; Junior Spectacular; Aquarium 3; German 3: Slide Rule 3; Travel 4: Panther Athletic: 4: Art Crafts 4, Vice-President. CARL RHODES— Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; German 2-3; Slide Rule 2; Debate 2; Aquarium 3; Folk Music 4; Photo 4; International Hootenanny; Wrestling 4. EDGAR NEVIN RHODES Ill-Spanish 2: Chess 2-4; Scholas- tic Award 2-4; Junior Spectacular; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Intramurals 4. SALLY RHODES-Knitting Club 4. STEVEN RHODES-History of Mathematics 2: Industrial Arts 2- 3; Gym 3; Junior Spectacular; Latin 4. STUART W. RHODES-Concert Band 2: Orchestra 2-3; Marching Band 2-4; Stage Band 2; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3- 4: Pit Band 3-4: Slide Rule 3: Key Club 4: Panther Athletic 4: Intramurals 4. TOM RHODES-Chess 2: Spanish 2; Junior Spectacular; Intra- murals 3-4; Cross Country 4; Track 4; Folk Music 4; Key Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Scholastic Awards. BRUCE RICHARDS— Baseball 2; Chess 2-4: Chess Team 2-3; Football 2-3; Slide Rule 3; Junior Spectacular; Lettermen ' s Club 4. MARK RICHARDSON-Intramurals 3: Junior Spectacular; Junior Class Council Alternate; Photo 4; Folk Singine: 4. LOIS RIEKE-Orchestra 2-3; Orchestra Club 2-3; Chamber Music Club 4. TIMOTHY JAMES RILEY— Geology 2: Photography 2, 4; Intramurals 3; Travel 3; Government 4: Art Crafts 4. DAVID LEE RISDON-Chess Club 2-3; Chefs ' Club 2. BOB ROACHE-Intramurals 2-4: Debate 2; Aquarium 3; Chess 4; Wrestling 4; Panther Athletic 4. SUSAN ROBERSON-Booster Block 2: Review Typing 3; Panther Athletic 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Travel 4; Foods 4. GLENN ROBERTS-Chefs 2; Reserve Football Team 2; Var- sity Football 3, Tri-Captain 4; Varsity Track 2-4; Student Council 2-3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Panther Athletic Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 4; Aquarium Vice-President 3; Junior Spec- tacular; Lettermen ' s Club Vice-President 4; King of Christmas Dance 4; Candidate lor King of Fall Festival Dame: Intra- murals 2-4. LINDA JEAN ROBERTS— Booster Block 2: Folk Music 2; Panther Athletic 3: Drama 3: Junior Spectacular Usher; Travel I: Junior Historical Society 4: Typing 4; Senior (.ills ' League. MARK W. ROBERTS— National Honor Society 3-4. PAMELA HOPE ROBERTS— French 2-3; Baton Corps 2-4; Arts and Crafts 2: Intramurals 2; Junior Spectacular 3: Senior (.ills ' League: American Field Service 4: future Teachers of America 4: Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4. BONNIE JO ROGERS-Foods 4: F.B.L.A. 4; Panther Ath- letic: 4. LARRY ROLLER— Business Leaders ol America 4. ROBERT W. ROLLINGS-Orchestra 2-3: Cross Country 2-4; Student Council 2: Concert Band 2; Intramurals 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Track 3-4: Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Chamber Music Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; National Merit Finalist: Pit Band. FRANCES ROTH-Sophomore Class Council 2; Art 3; Stu- dent Council Alternate 4; Future Teachers 3-4; Panther Ath- letic 4; American Field Service 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League, Scholastic Award 2-4. DARLENE ROTH WELL-Sc holastic Award 2-3. ROBERT J. ROUNDTREE— Government 2-4; International Relations 2-4; Shakespeare 4. JENNY ROUTT-Stage Crew 2-4; Geology 2: Biology 2: Library Aide 2; Scholastic Award 2-3: French 3-4; Chess 3-4; Government 3-4; Intramurals 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Senior Class Council; Senior Girls ' League; Thespians 4. PEGGY ROY-Foods 2; Girls ' Industrial Arts 2-4; Sewing 2; Future Nurses 3; Latin 3; Knitting 4. DIANE RUBENSTE IN— Student Council 2; Junior Class Council Alternate; Senior Class Council Alternate; Drama 2; Folk Music 2: Booster Block 2: Forensics 2: Junior Spectacular Usher: Junior Historical Society 3; Panther Athletic 3; Com- parative Religion 3; Senior Girls ' League: American Authors 4; Travel 4; Notehand 4; Attendance Office 4: Library Monitor 2; Hall Monitor 3: Girls ' Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Chorale 2. JEROME RUBENSTEIN-N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 2-4; Battalion Formation Squad Leader 3: Battalion Formation Platoon Leader 4; Chess 4; Spanish 3. JEAN RUBUSH-French 2; Booster Block 2: Scholastic Awards 2. ROBERT LEE RUNCIMAN-Orchestra 2-3; Dance Band 2; Marching Band 2; Symphonic Band 2; Orchestra 2-4; Varsity Gymnastics 3-4; Gymnastics Club 3; Symphonic Wind 3; Cham- ber Music 4; Pit Band 4. DELORIS RUSSELL-Future Nurses 2-3, Vice-President 4; Sewing 2; Intramurals 2: Foods 3; Knitting 4. FRANK RUSSELL-Forensics 2; Wrestling Team 2-4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Government 3. DENNIS R. RYAN-Chess Team 2-4; Intramurals. HARVEY N. SACKS-Biology 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Slide Rule 3; Chess 3-4; W r orld Culture 4; Scholastic Citation 2-4. BARBARA SADDLER-Panther Athletics 3-4; Intramurals 3; Government 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4. TOM SAMPSELL-Reserve Wrestling 2, Varsity 3-4: F.B.L.A. 3; Travel 3-4; Chess 4. 147 JANET LYNN SAMUELSON-A Cappella 2-3, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Art 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Forensics 3; Madrigals 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Folk Music 4. LISA ANN SANDERS-Intramurals 2; Scholastic Award 2-4; Stage Crew 2; Spring Music Contest 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Class Council; Junior Spectacular; Be- ginning Typing 3; Girls ' Ensemble 2-3, Secretary 4; Art 4; World Culture 4; German 4. JOE ALAN SANDY— Junior Spectacular 2-4; Chefs 2; Arts and Crafts 2; Typing 2; Travel 2; Student Council 2; Student Council Alternate 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Biology Vice-President 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3; Slide Rule 3; World Culture 4; Poetry 4; French 4; Costume 4. CANDICE SCHAEFFER-Art Crafts 2; Costume 2-3; Drama 2- 4; Poetry 3; Government 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Girls ' League; Health Office Assistant; Opera Usher; Office Assistant. MELANIE SCHAFER-Library Assistant 4. BONNIE SCHALLER-Student Council 2; Junior Class Alter- nate; Booster 2; Art Crafts 2; Spring Music Festival 2; Panther Athletic 3-4; Girls ' Concert Choir 3-4; Attendance Office As- sistant 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Geology 3; Senior Girls ' League; Government 4; Science Service 4: American Authors 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Intramurals 2-4. GERARD F. SCHMITT— Travel 2-3; Geology 2, 4. HOWARD B. SCHUFF-Advanced Chess 2-4; Chess Team 2-3, Vice-President 4; Assistant Teacher of Beginning Chess 4; Intramurals 3-4. YVONNE DEL SCHUTTE-Drama 2-4; Booster Block 2-4; G.A.A. 2; Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3-4; F.T.A. 3; Junior Spectacular; Thespians 4; Physical Education Assistant 4; Intramurals 4. SONYA SCHWARTZ-Sophomore Class Council; Panther Athletic 3; Review Typing 3; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League; F.B.L.B. 4; Shorthand Transcription 4. DEBRA L. SEIF-Chess 2; Booster Block 2; F.T.A. 3-4; Pan- ther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular Usher; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. MYRON CHARLES SEULEAN— Chess Team 3; Tennis Team 3- 4; Biology Assistant 3; Scholastic Award 3-4; Junior Histori- cal Society 4; Key Club 4: Intramurals 3-4. JILL SEXSON— Girls ' Ensemble 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 2; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Panther Athletic 3; Poetry 3; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Latin 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Government 4; World Culture 4. LINDA SHACKLEFORD— Booster Block 2; Book Store As- sistant 2-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Student Council Alternate 3; Scholastic Certificate 3; F.T.A. 3; Senior Girls ' League; Knit- ting 4; Cadet Teaching 4; Intramurals 2. GENE SHAFER— Graphic Arts 4. BAR BAR A ANN SHAFER— Spanish 2; F.T.A. 2; Junior Spec- taculai Usher; Red Cross 3; Knitting 4; Notehand 4; Intra- murals 3-4. WILLIAM KEMP SHAFER— Travel 3; International Rela- tions 1; American Authors Vice-President 4; Government 4. LINDA SUA N DS— French 3-4; Stage Crew 3-4; Scholastic Award 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Travel 4; National Thespians 1; National Merit Lettei of Commendation 4; Student Coun- cil 4. STEPHEN SHANE-Language Assistant 2-4; Student Council Alternate 2; Audio-Visual 3. 148 GORDON G. SHERK— Slide Rule 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2-3; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Golf Team 3-4; Junior Historical Society 4; Key Club 4; Intramurals 3-4. VALESKA SHORT-Stage Crew 2; Dramatics 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2-4; Forensics 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Class Council; French Secretary 3; Junior Spectacular; Senior Class Council Alternate; International Relations 3, Secretary 4; American Authors 4; Newspaper Staff; Senior Girls ' League; Travel 4. CYNTHIA ANNE SHUBA— F.T.A. 2-3, Vice-President 4; De- bate 2; National Forensics League 3-4; International Relations 3; Military History 3; Forensics 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; American Authors Secretary 4; Great Books 4; Senior Girls ' League; Ayres High School Fashion Board 4. LINDA SHUEY— F.B.L.A. 3-4; Shorthand Transcription 4; Intramurals 2; Travel 3. SUSAN K. SHULTZ-Journalism 2; Art 2; Student Council 2; Stage Crew 2; Make-up Crew 2; Forensics 3; Spanish Chairman 3; Junior Spectacular; International Relations Chairman 4; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Physical Ed Assistant 4; Physical Education Assistants 4; Intramurals 2-3. ROBERT E. SIDEBOTTOM-Art Crafts 3; Advanced Chess 4; Art 4. BILL SIEGRIST-Biology 3; Chess 3-4; Track 4; Travel 4; Intramurals 4. CHRISTINA SIMMONS-Drama 2; Stage Crew 2; Latin 2, 4; Forensics 3, Vice-President 4; Debate 3; National Forensics League 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Debate Team Secre- tary 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Triangle Club Award 2-3. BESS SIMON-National Forensics 2-3; A.F.S. 2, Vice-President 3-4; Student Council 2-3, Secretary 4; Newspaper Staff 2; Stage Crew 2; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Prom Co-ordinator 3; Gym Assistant 3; Candidate for Secretary— Senior Class Council; Travel Vice-President 4; Panther Athletic 4; Library Monitor 4; Secretary of State Student Council Convention. NADINE F. SIMPSON-Girls ' Glee Club 2; Girls ' Booster Blo ck 2; Junior Spectacular; Library Assistant 3; Clothing 3; Foods 3-4; Red Cross 3; Hall Monitor 4; Senior Girls ' League; Knitting 4; Intramurals 2. FREDERICK C. SIPE-Orchestra 2-4; Concert Band 2; March- ing Band 2-3; Stage Band 3; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; French 4. BILL SKELTON— Football Team 2, 4; Basketball Team 2; Track Team 2-3; Scholastic Award 2-4; Junior Spectacular; Prom King Candidate 3; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council Alternate; Slide Rule 3; Spanish 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Gym Assistant 4; Library Monitor 4; Physical Education 4; Intramurals 3-4. PATRICIA SKINNER— French 2; Scholastic Award 2-4; Dra- matics 2; Panther Athletic 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Interna- tional Relations 3; Slide Rule 3; Junior Class Council Alter- nate; Junior Spectacular; Government 4; A.F.S. 4; Senior Girls ' League; National Merit Letter of Commendation. J. CHRISTOPHER SLAUGHTER— Football Team 2 4; Basketball Team 2-4; Tennis Team 2-4; Chess Team 2-3; Chess 2; Junior Class Council Treasurer; Junior Spectacular; Pan- ther Athletic Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Vice-President 4; Gym As- sistant 4; Prom King Candidate 3; Homecoming King; King Candidate— Christmas Dance. RUTH SLAUGHTER-Foods 2-3; Booster Block 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Art Lab Assistant 4; Junior Spectacular Usher 4; Knitting 4; Intramurals 2-3. MARY SMALL-Junior Spectacular 2; Drama 2; G.A.A. 2; Intramurals 3; Panther Athletic 3; French 3-4; Travel 4; American Field Service 4; Senior Girls ' League; Bookstore Assistant 4. BARRY SMITH-Transfcr from Louisville, Kentucky; Elec- tronics Club 4. CAROLYN SMITH— G.A.A. 2; Intramurals 2-4; Junior Spec- tacular Usher 3; Spanish 3: International Relations 4; Govern- ment 4; Physical Education Assistant: Physical Education As- sistants ' 4: Panther Athletic 4; Family Jamboree Model 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. CRYSTAL JO SMITH— G.A.A. 2; Costume 3; Panther Ath- letic 3-4; Government 4; French 4; F.B.L.A. 4. DAVID JAMES SMITH— Student Council Alternate 2-3; Intra- murals 2-4; Junior Historical Society 2; Travel 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Slide Rule 3; Key Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Chess 4. JOE SMITH— Photography 2; Beginning Chess 3; Advanced Chess 4; Chess Team 4; Slide Rule 4. JUDITH LYNNE SMITH— G.A.A. 2: Drama 2; Stage Crew 2- 3; Intramurals 2; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Panther Athletic 3- 4; Costume 3: Madrigals 3: Government 4; French 4; Knit- ting 4, Secretary; Bell Choir 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-3. MARJORIE ELLEN SMITH— Travel 2; Scholastic Award 2-3. ROBERT DAVID SMITH— Geology 2; Travel 2, 4; A Cap- pella Choir 2; Panther Athletic 3; Library 3-4, President 4; American Field Service 4. TED A. SMITH— Junior Spectacular 3; Stage Crew 3-4; Drama 4; Government 4; National Thespian Society 4. THEODORE D. SMITH-A Cappella 2-3; Folk Music 2-4; American Authors 2-3; Stage Crew 2; Latin 2; Cross Country 3; Track 3-4; Great Books 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Biology 3; Music Men 4. CYNTHIA SMOCK-Orchestra 2-3; World Religions 2: Junior Spectacular 2; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; French 4: Chamber Music 4; National Merit Finalist 4; Scholastic Award. TERRY SNIDER-Booster Block 2: Sophomore Class Council; A.F.S. 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Folk Music 3-4; Yearbook Staff 3-4, Copy Editor 4; Panther Athletic 3; Student Council 3; Travel 4. THERETHA ANN SNOW-Girls Glee Club 2: Foods 2-4: Knitting 4. BARBARA SOMMER-Stage Crew 2-4; French 2-3; G.A.A. 2: Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Intramurals 2; Interna- tional Relations 3; Student Council 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Quill 8c Scroll 4; Government 4; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 4; Student Council Alternate 4; Northern Lights Page Editor 4; National Thespian Society 3-4, Secretary 4; National Merit Finalist. SUSAN L. SPARRENBERGER— Intramurals 2-3: Madrigals 2; Typing 2; Student Council 2: Library Assistant 2; Folk Music 3-4; A Cappella 3; Student Council Alternate 3; Drama 4; Girls ' Ensemble 4: Student Music Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. MARK SPRECHER-Concert Band 2: Rifle Team 3: Drill Team 3; Folk Music 4; Government 4. STEVEN E. SPRINGER— Biology 2: Review Typing 2: Junior Spectacular 3; Junior Class Council: Gymnastics 3; Key Club 3-4; Senior Class Council; Science Service 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals 4; Lab Assistant 4. SUE SRADER— Concert Choir 2-3; International Relations 2: Stage Crew 2-4; G.A.A. 2; Debate 3: Office Assistant 3: Madri- gals 4; Government 4; Notehand Club 4; Northern Lights Representative 4. PATTIE STALKER— G.A.A. 2: F.N. A. 3; International Rela- tions 2-3; Folk Music 4; American Field Service 4; Art 4. LINDA KATHALEEN STAMP-Intramurals 2; Library 2; Li- brary Assistant 2; Sewing 3; Notehand 4: Wind Ensemble 4; Scholastic Award 2: Li brary Monitor 4. VICKY KAY STANLEY-Foods 2-4; F.B.L.A. 2-1, Secretary 4; Panther Athletic 4: Library Assistant 4; Clothing Style Show 3. LINDA STARR— F.B.L.A. 2-4; A Cappella 2-4; Clothing 2; G.A.A. 2; International Relations 3; Foods 3; Red Cross 3; Notehand 4. KAREN LEE STEIN-Typing 2; News Bureau 3: Spanish 3; Journalism 3; Newspaper Assistant 3; Panther Athletic 4; Travel 4; Future Teachers 4; Senior Girls ' League. CECILIA ANN STEPANIAK— Journalism 2: Junior Histori- cal Society 2; Panther Athletic 2: Booster Block 2; Foods 4. SANDRA SUE STEPHENSON— Transfer from Lawrence Central High School; French 3; Intramurals 3; Scholastic Award 3: Knitting 4; Chess 4; Senior Girls ' League. JUDY LYNN STERN— Transfer from Massadequa High School, Massadequa, New York; Art 3; F.T.A. 3-4: Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; American Field Service 4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office As- sistant. BUD STICKLE-Football 2-3: Wrestling 2-3: Intramurals 2-4; Arts Crafts 3, Secretary; Lettermen ' s 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. NAN ELAINE STIFELER- Junior Historical Society 2-3; In- ternational Relations 2-3: Travel 4; Red Cross 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Notehand 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Reading Lab Assistant 4. JAN STOCK— Journalism 2-3; Stage Crew 2; International Relations 2; Intramurals 3: French 3-4: Travel 4: Senior Girls ' League; Student Council Bookstore 4; Senior Class Council Alternate 4; Red Cross Club 4, Secretary. JOHN STOCKSD ALE— Chefs 2; Scholastic Award 2-3; Travel 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3: Shakespeare 4: Panther Athletic 4; Commentator for Family Jamboree 4. CHERYL LYNN STOKES-Stage Crew 2-4: Comparative Re- ligions 2: Junior Spectacular 3; Latin 3; International Rela- tions 3: Junior Historical Society 4; Travel 4: Intramurals 4; Hall Monitor 4: National Thespian Society 4; Senior Girls ' League. MICHAEL W. STOKES-Marching Band 2-4; Pep Band 2-3; Concert Band 2-3; Cross Country 3; Panther Athletic 4; Track 4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4. ELAINE STOREY— Sophomore Class Council; Booster Block 2; Intramurals 2-3; Junior Class Secretary Candidate; Junior Class Council: Junior Spectacular 3: Junior Prom Queen Can- didate: Senior Class Council; Senior Class Treasurer Candi- date; Homecoming Queen Candidate; F.T.A. 4; Panther Ath- letic 4. JENNIFER STOUT-Orchestra 2-4; String Quartet 2-4; Intra- murals 2; Choir 3; Junior Spectacular 4; Zoology Lab Assistant 4; Future Nurses 4; Knitting 4, President; Beginning Chess 4. DANIEL CARL STRAUSS- Junior Spectacular Pit 2-4: Stage Band 2-4; Marching Band 2-4; Orchestra 3; Pep Band 4. LINDA JEAN STREETT— Transfer from Valley Forge High School, Cleveland, Ohio; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3; Intra- murals 3-4; Red Cross 4: Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 4. 149 JIM STROH— Orchestra 2; International Relations 2; Govern- ment 2-3; A Cappella Choir 2: Junior Spectacular 2-3; Counter- points 4; Glee Club 4. LINDA SUGGS-Scholastic Award 2-3; Costume 2; Intramurals 2-3; Biology 2; Student Council Alternate 3; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Travel 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Office Assistant 4; Red Cross 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Ameri- can Education Week Chairman 4. HARVEY SULLIVAN— Travel 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Beginning Chess 2-3, Advanced 3; Chess Team 3; Stage Crew 2; Lab Assistant 4: Science Service 4; Air Space 4; Junior Spectacular. ROGER SVENDSEN-Chess 2-3; Intramurals 2, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Science Reading 4, Vice-President; Air Space 4; Lab Assistant 4; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. KAREN MARIE SWANSON-Student Council Alternate 2; Biology 2-3; French 2-3, Vice-President 4; Costume 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2-4; Intramurals 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Junior Class Council; National Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 4; Guid- ance Office Assistant 2- 3; I.U. Honors Program 2; Student Council 4; American Field Service 4; Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-4; National Merit Letter of Com- mendation 4. NANCY ANN SWENSON-G.A.A. 2; Booster Block 2; Student Council 2: Junior Spectacular; Biology 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; Intramurals 3; Spanish 3; Travel 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4; Senior Girls ' League; Attendance Assistant 4. PAMELA ANN SYMONS-Panther Athletic 3-4; Folk Music 3; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Work Experience Program 4; Guidance Assist- ant 4. CAROL SZYNAL-Clothing Club 4; Girls ' Glee Club 4. STEPHEN A. TALESNICK— Key Club 2-4; Student Council 2- 3; Intramurals 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Junior Spectacular; Senior Class Council Presi- dent; Library Assistant 4: Scholastic Award 2-4; Honor Study Hall Monitor 3. DEBORAH SUE TAYLOR— G.A.A. 2; Arts and Crafts 2; Travel 2; Art 3: Great Books 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Senior Girls ' League; Bookstore Assistant 3-4. JANIE TEIXLER— Drama 2; F.T.A. 2; Spanish 2-3; Library Assistant 2; Yearbook Staff 3, Financial Manager 4; Senior Class Council; French President 4; A.F.S. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Family Jamboree Fashion Show Commentator 4. JAMES ROBERT TERRELL-Reserve Basketball 2: Reserve Football 2-3, Varsity 4; Track Team 2: Intramurals 3-4; Be- ginning Chess 3; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4. MELINDA TETER-Intramurals 2: F.B.L.A. 3; Panther Ath- letic 3-4, Vice-President 3; Costume 3; Travel 4. WILLIAM I). TEUTON— Football 2-4; Track 2-4; Intramurals 3- 4; Chess 2; Chess Team 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Panther Athletic 4: Travel 4. STEPHANIE J. THIESING— Junior Spectacular 2; Stage Crew 2-3; Intramurals 2; Scholastic Award 2; Art 3; Library Assistant 3; Clothing Style Show 3; Government 4; Foods 4. DUANE ANTHONY THOMAS-Chess 2-3; Intramurals 2, 4; Poetry 3; Latin Vice-President 3; Travel 4; A.F.S. 4; Library Assistant 4. JAMES E. THOMAS— Chess 2-4; Travel 3; Arts and Crafts 3; funioi Historical Society 4; Hoys ' (dec (dub 4. JILL THOMAS— Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Debate 2; Stage Crew 2-3, Treasurer 4; Junior Spectacular; Drama 3, Secretar) 4; Costume 3; Thespian Society 4; Intramurals 4; 1 50 Art Assistant 4; National Scholastic Art Contest Gold Key 4; Senior Girls ' League. JOHN THOMAS-Intramurals 2, 4; Chess 2-4; Slide Rule 3; Review Typing 3; Scholastic Award 2-4. KAREN S. THOMAS-Costume 2; International Relations 2-4; World Culture 4; Panther Athletic 4. RICHARD O. THOMAS JR.-Arts and Crafts 2; Beginning Chess 3: Chess Team 3; Advanced Chess 3; Electronics 4; Boys ' Glee Club 4. DALE THOMPSON-Arts and Crafts 2-3; Intramurals 2-4; Travel 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Panther Athletic 4; Jamboree Model 4. DAVID S. THOMPSON-Transfer from Chesterfield, Mis- souri; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Varsity Cross Country 3; Varsity Track 3; Intramurals 3-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Scholastic Award 3; Panther Athletic 4; Second Semester in Yorkshire, England. JOHN L. THOMPSON-Marching Band 2-3; Concert Band 2- 3; Orchestra 2-3; Pep Band 2-3; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; Intramurals 4; Panther Athletic 4; Slide Rule 4; Dance Band 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Airspace 4. MARTHA THOMPSON-Drama 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Intra- murals 2; Scholastic Award 2-3; National Thespian Society 3-4; National Honor Society 2-4; Senior Girls ' League. ROBERT E. THOMPSON-Sophomore Class Council Chair- man; Reserve Baseball 2: Intramurals 2-4; Scholastic Award 2; Junior Spectacular 2: Travel 3; Junior Class Council Vice- President; Student Council Vice-President Candidate 3; French 4; Chess Team 4. PAULA JAN THRUN-Debate 2; Stage Crew 2; Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2-4; Forensics 2; Orchestra 3-4; Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Government 4; Library Assistant 3- 4; World Culture 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Government Leadership Conference Assistant. WILLIAM GEOFFREY TINDALL-Intramurals 2 4; Gym Assistant 3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 4; Golf 2. RICHARD THOMAS TODD-Concert Band 2-3; Marching Band 2-4; Dance Band 2-3; Orchestra 2; Industrial Arts 3; Pep Band 4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4; Travel 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Intramurals 3-4. SUSAN TOWNSEND-Debate Team 2; National Forensics League 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Stage Crew 2-3; Student Council Alternate 2-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4: Costume 4; National Scholastic Art Show Honorable Mention 4; Senior Girls ' League; Alternate Jam- boree Model 4. JOE TRAUGOTT-Debate 2-3, President 4; National Scholas- tic Art Contest 2-4; National Forensics League 2; Forensics 3-4, Vice President 4; Folk Music 4; Air Space President 3, Vice President 4; Senior Class Council Alternate. DIANE TRIEB-Student Council Alternate 2; Student Council 3-4; Chess 3; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Folk Music 3; Intramurals 3; Junior Spectacular 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4. JOHN FREDERICK TZUCKER-Chess Team 2 3, Secretary 4; Advanced Chess 2-4; Intramurals 3-4; Beginners Chess In- structor 4; Government Leadership Conference Worker 4. DAVID WILLIAM URBAIN— Biology 2; Concert Band 2-3; Aquarium Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Biology Lab Assistant 3; Pc|) Band 3; Electronics 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. ANDREW JOSEPH UVANNI, JR.-A Cappella 2; Fall Musi- cal 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Boys ' Glee Club 2-3; Be- ginning Typewriting 2; Counterpoints 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3; A.F.S. 4; Drama 4: Folk Music 4. MADELEINE VAN ARSDALE— G.A.A. 2; Intramurals 2-3; Gym Assistant 3; Senior Girls ' League; Office Assistant 4; Travel 4. GARRY W. VAN ARSDOL— Football Team 2, 4; Wood Art Assistant 2-3; Gym Assistant 3-4. ALICE LOUISE VANCE— Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Arts and Crafts 2; American Authors Club 3; Journalism 4; International Relations 4: Travel 4; Senior Girls ' League: Clothing 4. BECKY VAN METER— Review Typing 2: American Authors 3; Travel 3-4; International Relations 4; Journalism 4: Cloth- ing 4; Senior Girls ' League. DINAH KAY VAPRIN-Drama 3-4: Stage Crew 3-4; National Thespian Society 3-4; National Forensics League 3-4; Fall Play 3-4; Winter Play 4; Senior Girls ' League. DIANE VAVEL— Biology 4: Folk Musi 4; Drama 4; Senior Jamboree Model. SUSAN J. VINTON-Spanish 2-3; Intramurals 2-3; Panther Athletic 3-4; A.F.S. 3-4: Gym Assistant Club 4: Gym Assistant 4; Travel 4; Future Teachers 4; Senior Girls ' League. RUTH MARIE VOLLRATH— Stage Crew 2 3: Drama 2-4; Red Cross 3; A Cappella 2-3; Junior Spectacular: Biology 4; A.F.S. 4; French 4; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Fall Musical 4. CHUBBY WADSWORTH— Chefs ' President 2: Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Folk Music 2-4; Student Council Alternate 3; Aquarium President 3: Beginning Chess 3: Senior Class Council Alternate; Panther Athletic 4; Advanced Chess 4; Intramurals 2-4. SUE ELLEN WAGMAN-Review Typing 2: Student Council 2, 4; Journalism 3: Junior Class Council; FT. A. 3; Junior Spectacular; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League: Attend- ance Office Assistant 4; Travel 4: A.F.S. 4. JUDITH ANN WAGNER-Concert Choir 2; Girls ' Rifle Team 2-3, Varsity Captain 4; Booster Block 2; G.A.A. 2: En- semble 3; Queen Candidate for Military Ball 4; N.D.C.C. Sponsor 4; Intramurals 3-4. LINDA J. WAGNON-Art 2-3: Girls ' Glee Club 2: Interna- tional Relations 3; Foods 3: Bookstore Assistant 3: Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League. VICKY L. WALDNER-Booster Block 2: Junior Spectacular; Concert Choir 2-3: Folk Music 3; A.F.S. 3-4; International Relations 3: Panther Athletic 3-4; Madrigals 4; F.T.A. 4: Travel 4; Music Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Intra- murals 3. JULIA ANN WALKER-Marching Band 2: Concert Band 2; G.A.A. 2; Scholastic Award 2-4; Biology 2; Junior Spectacu- lar: National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Lab Assistant 3; Geology 3; Senior Girls ' League; Panther Athletic 4: Travel 4; Folk Music 3-4: A.F.S. 4: Intramurals 3-4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. LINDA WALLBERG-Spanish 2-3: Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2; Junior Spectacular: Scholastic Awards 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Geology Club 3; Travel 4: A.F.S. 4: Science Service 4: Panther Athletic 4: Chemistry Lab Assistant 4: Senior Girls ' League. MARGUERITE R. WALLER-Marching Band 2-3: Concert Band 2: Student Council Alternate 2. 4; Orchestra 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; W r ind Ensemble 3: National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4; Triangle Club Award 3; Delegate to Girls ' State 3; Stage Crew 4: Chamber Music 4; Senior Girls ' League: Editorial Board of Etchings in Thought; National Alerit Finalist. ANDREW WALTER-Tennis 2-4: Electronics 4. ELIZABETH WALTER-Stage Crew 2-4; A Cappella 2-3; Geology 2; G.A.A. 2; Chess 3; French 3: Girls ' Ensemble 4; Spanish Secretary-Treasurer 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Class Council: Senior Girls ' League; Scholastic Award 2-3; Intra- murals 3-4. CANDICE SUE WALTERS-Bookstorc Helper 2-4; Costume 2: G.A.A. 2; A.F.S. 3-4; Junior Historical Society 3; Chess 3; Art Assistant 3; Panther Athletic: 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League. JANYCE MARIE WALZ-Booster Block 2; Red Cross 3; Bat- talion Formation 3-4; Secretary of N.D.C.C. 4; Girls ' Rifle Team 3, Varsity 4; Shorthand Transcription 4; Rifle 4; Mili- tary Ball Queen 4: Intramurals 2. STEVEN WARD— Science Reading 2, 4: Battalion Formation 2-3; Rifle Team 2-3; Reserve Wrestling Team 2: Varsity Rifle- Team 3; Air Space, President 4; Poetry, President 4. BRADFORD LOYD WARREN— Ore hestra Club 2-3; Student Council 2: Orchestra 2-4, Treasurer 4; Junior Class Council Alternate 3: Chamber Music 4; Junior Spectacular 4; National Honor Society 3-4. STUART DUTHIE WAUGH-Transfer from Grand Rapids, Michigan; Track Manager 3-4; Folk Music 3-4; Chess 3-4; Cross Country Manager 4: Junior Spectacular 4; Government 4; A.F.S. 4; Music Men 4; A Cappella Choir 4. JEAN WEAKLEY-Booster Block 2; Press 2; A.F.S. 3-4; Jour- nalism 3; German 3-4; Newspaper Staff 3, Editorial Board 4; News Bureau 3-4; Travel 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League; Senior Model for Fall Jamboree 4: Intramurals 2. DAVE WEIGEL— Chefs 2: Sophomore Class Council; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Key Club 3-4; F.B.L.A. 3: Junior Spectacu- lar 3; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council Alternate 4; Debate 4: Panther Athletic 4. JAMES ROBERT WEIGEL-Sophomore Class Council Alternate: Art 2; Intramurals 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Panther Athletic 4; Science Reading 4; Travel 4; International Rela- tions 4. REGINA WEISSMAN— Art Club 3. NORMAN WELLS-Spanish 2; Beginning Chess 2; Military History 3-4; Chess Team Vice-President 3; Advanced Chess 4; Astronomy 4. PATRICIA LYNN WERNER-Art 2; Drama 2; Stage Crew 2; Journalism 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Fall Play 2; Scholastic Award 2-4; Student Council Representative 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; A.F.S. 3-4; International Relations 3: News- paper Staff 3-4, News Editor 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Panther Athletic 4. LINDA J. WESSELMAN-Stage Crew 2-4; Scholastic Award 2-3; Art 2; Orchestra 3; French 3-4; Costume 3, Vice-President 4; Chamber Music 4; Thespians 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; All School Art Show 3; Regional Scholastic Art Contest, Gold Key 3. CANDICE L. WEST-A Cappella 2; Junior Historical Society 3; A.F.S. 3-4; Costume 3-4; Madrigals 3; Counterpoints 4; Travel 4; Folk Music 4; Panther Athletic 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. SUSAN WEST-Girls ' Glee Club 2-3: A.F.S. 3-4; Senior Girls ' League 4: Junior Historical Society 4. DAVID WESTBROOK-Chess 2-4; Chess Team 4; Geology 2. 151 LINDA WHALEN— Booster Block 2; Girls ' Ensemble 2-4; Journalism 2-3; Attendance Assistant 2-4; Junior Historical Society 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Costume 3; Panther Athletic 4; Folk Music 4; Knitting 4; Nurses ' Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. SANDI WHITAKER-Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Class Council Representative 3; Junior Spectacular 3; A.F.S. 3-4; Costume 3; Guidance Office Assistant 3-4; Student Council Alternate 4; Travel Club 4; Junior Historical Society 4; Panther Athletic 4; Intramurals. STEPHEN EDWARD WHITCOMB-Chess 3; Woodwork- ing President 4. RICHARD WHITE-Shakespeare 2; Government 2-3; French 2; Marching Band 2-4; Latin 2; Drill Team 3-4; N.D.C.C. Battalion Formation 4; National Merit Finalist; National Honor Society; Scholastic Award 2-4. SUSAN LOUISE WHITE-Crafts 2; Intramurals 2; Booster Block 2; Stage Crew 2; Attendance Assistant 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3; Drama 3; Travel 3; Nurses ' Office Assistant 3-4; Fall Jamboree Model 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. STEPHEN FRANKLIN WHITE-Chess 2-4; Geology 2; Key Club 3-4; German 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Peals of Liberty, Assistant Editor. JAN WHITLOCK-Concert Band 2-3; Library Assistant 2; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3; Orchestra 3-4; Band Office Assistant 3; Laboratory Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. CURT D. WICHMANN-Chess 2; Intramurals 2-4; Chess Team 3-4; Drafting 3; Panther Athletic 4; Golf Team 4. CHUCK WIESEN-Transferred; Travel 4; Photography 4; Intramurals 4. DAN S. WILKERSON-Wrestling Team 4; Gymnastics 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Travel 4. MARJORIE S. WILHELM-Transfer from Broad Ripple High School; F.B.L.A. 3; Costume 3; Senior Girls ' League 4; Student Government 4; Intramurals 4; A.F.L. 4. PEPPER JANE WILHOIT-Review Typing 3; Shorthand- Transcription 4; Knitting 4. KATHY WILLEY— Girls ' Chorale 2; Intramurals 2; Folk Music 3; Review Typing 3; A Cappella 3; Concert Choir 3; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Panther Athletic 4; Government 4; International Relations 4; Attenda nce Assistant 4; Scholastic Award 2-3. JACQUELINE ANN WILLIAMS-G.A.A. 2; Intramurals 2-4; F.T.A. 3; Costume 3; Gym Assistant 3-4; Government 4; Gym Assistants 4; International Relations 4; Panther Athletic 4. KAREN WILLIAMS-Panther Athletic 2-4, Board of Direc- tors 3; Travel 2; Folk Music 2-3; Cheer Block 2; Junior Spec- tacular 3; Intramurals 3-4; A Cappella 2; Assistant Secretary of Sophomore Class; Secretary of Junior Class; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Senior Class Count il. MICHAEL G. WILLIAMS-Football Team 2; Wrestling I earn Manager 2-4; Chess Team 2-4; Golf Team 3; Advanced Chess 3-4. MICHAEL T. WILLIAMS-Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2- 4; biology 2; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Pep Band 3- 4; Reserve Track leain 3; Electronics 3; Slide Rule 3; Cross Country learn 4; Varsity Track Team 4; Panther Athletic 4; Air Space 4; Science Reading 4; Advanced Chess 4. PAMELA ELAINE WILLIAMS-International Relations 2-3; Folk Music 2; Re view Typing 2; A Cappella Choir, Librarian 2- 4; Spanish 3; Stage Crew 3-4; Fall Musical 3; Fall Play 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Junior Historical Society 4; Panther Athletic 4; National Thespian Society 4. LARRY L. WILLMAN— Folk Music 2-4; Slide Rule 3; International Hootenanny 3. CAROLYN WILSON-Library Assistant 2; Library 2; Art 2; Concert Choir 2-4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4; Folk Music 4. JOHN WILSON-Gymnastics 3-4; Gymnastics Club 3; Key Club 3-4; Gym Assistant 3; Panther Athletic 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intramurals 4. STEVE WILSON-Government Club 4. KIRK WILSTED-Intramurals 2-4; Panther Athletic 4; Foot- ball Team 4; Gym Assistant 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate. NORMAN WISEMAN-Travel 4; Science Reading 4. MOLLY LYNN WOERNER-Booster Block 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Cadet Choir 3; Junior Spectacular Usher 3; Costume 3; Panther Athletic 3-4; F.T.A. 3; A Cappella 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Knitting 4; Bookstore A ssistant 3-4. MARTHA WOLF-F.N.A. 3; Latin 3; Notehand 4; Knitting 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. JAMES WOOD-Wrestling Team 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 2-4; Student Council 3; Key Club 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Debate 3-4; Senior Class Council 4; Scholastic Award 2-4. ROGER WOODARD-Battalion Formation 2; Student Coun- cil Alternate 3; Student Council 4; World Culture 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Scholastic Award 2-4; Intramurals 3. ELLEN M. WOODRING-Transfer from Carmel; Foods 3- 4; Clothing 3; Photo 4; Government 4. LEE ANN WREGE-Intramurals 2-3; Booster Block 2; Inter- national Relations 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Travel 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Nurses ' Assistant 3-4; F.T.A. 4; World Culture 4; Senior Girls ' League 4. LAURA ELLEN WRIGHT-French 2-4; Biology 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; World Culture 4; Travel 4; French Teaching Assistant 3-4; National Merit Finalist 4; Scholastic Award 2-4; I.U. Honors Program for Students; Spent a Year in France, 1964. MICHAEL C. WRIGHT— Junior Spectacular 3; Chess Team 3; Student Council Alternate 4. PHYLLIS WRIGHT-Orchestra Club 2-3; Orchestra 2-4; Chamber Music Club 4. DOUGLAS BRUCE YOUTSEY— Intramurals 2-4: Chess 3-4; Panther Athletic 3-4; Government 4. MICHAEL LEE ZECKEL-Intramurals 2-4; Science Projects 3; Great Books 4; Shakespeare 4. BARBARA ZIFFRIN-Beginning Typing 2; Student Council 2; Attendance Assistant 2-4; A Cappella 2; Stage Crew 3; Hall Monitor 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Spanish 3; Girls ' Industrial Arts 3: Intramurals 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Senior Girls ' League; Notehand 4; Government 4; Crafts 4; Nurses ' Assistant 4. ROBERTA F. ZIMMERMAN-Gym 2; Intramurals 2-4; French 3; Biology 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4; Bookstore Assistant 4; Panther Athletic 4. MILDRED M. ZIMMERMAN— Band 2-3; Debate 2; Forensics 2; N.F.L. 2; Orchestra 3-4; Guidance Assistant 4; Great Books 4; World Culture 4; Girls ' Auto Mechanics 4. 152 1 " Cheryl Ann Wilson John Wilson Kirk Wilsted Norman Wiseman Molly Lynn Woerner Martha Wolf V 4 i Terence Alan Wolsiler James Wood Roger Woodard Ellen M. Woodring Lee Ann Wrege Michael C. Wright L rl Laura Ellen Wright Phyllis Wright Douglas Bruce Youtsey Michael Lee Zeckel Barbara Ziffrin Roberta F. Zimmerman ADDITIONAL SENIORS (Below) Mildred M. Zimmermann Dianna Forbes Marcia Lynn Giniger Patricia Henry Thomas Edward Norman Frank Russell Frederick C. Sipe JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-Froni Row: Joe Murphy, Carla Agnew (secretary), Bonnie Samms, Luanne Wherry, Debbie Wisely, Jo Ellen Jenkins, Kathy Grady, Cathy Steeg, Edie Atkins, Lynn Main, and Mitch Daniels (president). Second Row: Karen Cure, Sallv Hartman, Can dv Ehrhardt, Howard Backer, Georgie Miner, Kathy Bingham, Linda Jewett, Janet Rader, Bruce MacAllister, and Tim Connolly. Back Row: Bill Lancet, Dale Fink (vice-president), Bud Vance, William Hoff- man (treasurer), Michael Riesen, Tom Sutton, Robert Perkins, James Bromley, Douglas Hale, and Richard Small. 153 Juniors join new traditions with old ones Co-ordinators Karen Cure and Bob Abrams take their bows as the last performance of the 1966 Junior Spectacular ends. Mitch Daniels served as president of the Junior Class. Other officers were Carla Agnew, secretary, Dale Fink, vice-president, and Bill Hoffman, treasurer. Finding that the transition from lowly underclass- men to big, important upperclassmen was an easy adjustment to make, Juniors spent the year working hard to prepare themselves to become Seniors. The first significant event of the year came when the class council met to choose rings. With these orders out of the way, Juniors ' thoughts began to turn to Spec- tacular. Karen Cure and Bob Abrams became student co-ordinators, and Mr. Lord, Mr. Martin, and Miss Laycock assumed faculty sponsorships. The events of the year came to a climax with the three perform- ances of the Junior Spectacular. When that was over, attention turned immediately to the Junior Prom scheduled for May 14. In addition to carrying out old traditions, the Class of ' 67 started a new one by organizing the first Junior Class Party. The canned goods required for admission were given to the Christamore House. Dancing to Ken Sobbe ' s Band, and games of volleyball and ping- pong in the gym kept the guests busy. Dale Fink forgoes his lunch period in order to give all stu- dents an opportunity to purchase Junior Spectacular tickets. JUNIORS Barbara Jo Aase, Robert Abrams, Joyce Adams, Martha Adams. Mary Adams, Wayne Adams, Carla Agnew, Georgeann Alar, Linda Ambroz, Sally Ammer- David Anderson, Aric Andresen, Ronald Andrews, Astrida An- tons, Nancy Arbuckle, Joey Ar- delean, Tony Armold, Michael Arnold, Theresa Arterberry, Christopher Ashley Arene Ashlock. Edith Atkins, Kathy Ault, Mike Aycock, Sona Babayan, Howard Backer, Kath- lyn Ann Bailey, Jesslyn Ann Baird, David Baker. Laurence Baker Marianne Bancroft, Emmet t Bandy, LcEta Barber, Van Ba- reither, Ann Elizabeth Barlow, Nancy Barnes, Anne Bauer, Elaine Bauer, Elizabeth Baum, Barbara Baumeister Bruce Baun, Susan Bea. Ronald Beatty, Cheryl Behrendt, Rich- ard Lee Belcher, Gayle Belky, Gary Benjamin, Betty Jo Ben- nett, Robert Bennett, Janice Bergman Michael Berkowitz, William Bel- ling, Steven Lee Berney, Seth Bernstein, Mary Ellen Berry, Ronald Berry, Carol Bixler. Al- bert Blake, Paulette Blakes, Robert Blood Sheldon Bluestein, Thomas Bly, Jane Boals, Frank Bod well. Claudia Bohard, Juanita Bolin, Alan Bolotin.Jean Boman, Larry Bowman. Stephen Bowman Barbara Boycr, Kay Braden, Jo Ellen Bradley, Cheryl Branche, Beth Ann Brandt, Judith Braun, Danelle Brause, Diane Marie Briede, William Bright, Ward Britt Helene Brodey, Michael Brokaw, James Bromley, Dave Young, Charles Brown, Merrill Brown, Patrick Brown, Shirley Brown, Susan Brown, Jared Bryan. Dave Young out of place; find Allen Brothers on page 161. Rebecca Bryant, Lynn Budden- baum, George Burgess, Andrea Burrus, Susan Burton, Stephen Buschmann, Andrea Bushong. Dale Butler, Ann Butz, Carol Butz Richard Byrd, Pamela Byroad, James Cady, Nancy Callier, Mari- lyn Jean Campbell, Claudia Cannon, Theresa Carr, Judy Carson, Judith Carter, Philip Cashen Carolyn Cassada, Linda Caswell, Roger Christenson, Stephen Christie, Richard Clark, Philip Claypool, Cheryl Clones, David Coates, Lory Cohan, Ellen Cohen i a J J Mi m t J fll 1 3 . ■ 4f s J jSA m «jt .... ■V. w lAf . W t • A ft 1 v. 1 - ' J i ll m 1 J. i ' Is n ' A M . -7 i - £| - i JUNIORS Steven Cohen, Daniel Cole, Bruce Connan, Jack Conner, Tim Con- nolly, Stephen Cook, Beth Coop- er, Jo Ann Cory, Sandra Cor- win, Laura Cosby Susan Coulter, Lynda Coupland, Stephen Cox, Jay Creveling, Carolyn Croft, Elizabeth Crow- der, Stephen Crum, Virgil Cul- lison, James Cunningham, Karen Cure Roger Curry, Larry Dalrymple, Sharon Danby, Mitchell Daniels, Leonard Darring, Joe Daugh- erty, Deborah Davis, Dorothy Davis, Jay Davis, Mary Jane Davis Susan Davis, Gregory Dawe, Larry Dawson, Douglas Day, Glenn Dearing, George Deck- man, Gail Deerwester, Theodore DeLang, Steven Delott, Freder- ick Dennerline Beverly DeRaismes, Sam Detmer, John Dimit, Mark Dinwiddie, Robert Dinwiddie, Lawrence Dlott, Natalie Dock, Linda Dodd, Ralph Dodson,John Don- nell Linda Donovan, James Doran, Melvin Doty, Alice Dove, Linda Drummond, Rodney Duhm, Eliz- abeth Dundas, Constance Duni- van, Deborah Dunn, Thomas Dunn Gordon Dunne, Judith Dwyer, Delvan Dye, Stephen Dye, Kay Easley, Lyman Eaton, Thomas Eby, Maribeth E chard, Betty Echols, Gail Eden Richard Efthim, Gail Eger, Cy- linda Ehmer, Cornelia Ehrhardt, Deirdre Elder, James Elf rank, Jennifer E. Elliott, Jennifer M. Elliott, Patricia Elliott, David Ellis Kip Elste, Richard Elston, Susan Emrich, Pamela Engel, Anne Englehart, Charles Evans, Kris- tin Evans, Steven Evans, Linda Ewell, Aven Faessler Edward Faris, Jeanine Fathman, JoAnn Fehsenfeld, Susan Fetner, Barbara Fiesel, Jerel Fiete, Lin- da Finch, Dale Fink, Chris Fis- chesser, Kathleen Fisher Maureen Flannery, Harry Flynn, Norman Fogle, Julia Fokken, Paul Ford, Lee Forsythe, Penny Fortune, Lonnie Fowler, Mark Fox, Richard Fox Rae Ellen Frank, Beverly Jean Franklin, Evelyn Frankovitz, David Frayer, Phillip Frazier, Barry Fritsch, Scott Fritschle, Steve Fruits, Susan Gangstad, Kenna Garner i Mi CLASS OF 1967 Elizabeth George, Kenneth George, Kathryn Gibson, Martha Gierke, Beverly GillcfT, Douglas Gillespie, David Giltner, David Glanzman, Steven Glass, Kim Goldenstein Jimmy Goldstein, Daniel Good- man, Stephen Goodwin, Sherry Goslin, Nancy Goss, Stephanie Gradolf, Kathleen Grady, Rich- ard Grady, Theresa Grady, Lorel Grae Ronald Grant, Thomas Graves, Anthony Green, Cheryl Green, Barbara Greenberg, Thomas Greene, Richard Griffith, Ken- neth Grube, Karen Beth Gruber, Martin Cuinther Beverly Gust, Douglas Gwyn, Merribeth Habegger, Joan Ha- big, Susan Hackett, Donna Hag- aman, Edwin Haines, Alan Hale, Doug Hale, Mary Hamilton Jeffrey Hampshire, Linda Hani- ton, Franklin Harmon, Kemp Harshman, Sharon Hart lev. Lloyd Hartman III, Sally Hart- man, Theresa Hartsock, Larry Harvey, Paul Haskitt Linda Hasler, Nancy Hatfield, Deborah Hauff, Lynn Hauss. Louis Haveley, JoAnn Hawkins, Joseph Haymond, Linda Ann Hedrick, Sandra Heifer, Robert Helms Michael Henderson, Sandra Hendrickson, Barbara Hepburn, Delia Herrick, Janet Herrick, James Hickey, Loraine Hicks, Marc Hilton, Gary Hinderliter, Michael Hixon Diana Hoffman, William Hoff- man, Steven Hoffmann, Craig Holderbaum, Theodore Hol- land, Tony Hollibaugh, Shelley Hollis, Alison Holloway, Carol Suzanne Holmes, John Michael Holmes Thomas Holsworth, Jill Hooker, Claudia Horn, David Houck, Randall Hough, John Hubert, Dennis Huffman, Diana Hunter, Marabeth Ice, Frederick lies Ann Irwin, Gregg Jackson, Darla Jacobs, Bruce Jacobson, James Jeffrey (deceased), Robert Jef- frey, Robert Jeffries, Russell Jehs, Jo Ellen Jenkins, Sally Jensen Linda Jewett, Janis Ann John- son, Kimberly Johnson, Mark Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Cheri Jones, Joseph Jones, Michael Jones, Stephen Jones, Linda Jordan Richard Jorgensen, Caryl Kahn, Patricia Kammeraad, James Kamplain, Ann Kandrac, Mi- chael Karagozian, Michael Ka- foure, Kris Kavanaugh, Warren Reiner, Brad Keller J JZk dmr- mk A%- mm ■pi - - j ' i i; to jtd » A • ■ 9 157 Am J ... Si Jt ' J - J. LtA J. r ■ HH mm i l fc M? w3k A- ■ w 4 A i V ) O 158 JUNIORS Beth Kelley, Thomas Kelley, Donald Kern, Richard Kern, Kathy Ketzel, Robert Killion, Dana Kincaid, Randall Kitter- man, Katharine Kivett, Jeff Klein Michael Klepfer, Sally Kline, Erik Knudsen, Kenneth Knue, Ellen Krieger, Deborah Krueger, Karen Krueger, Jane Kubilis, Jeffrey Kuhn, Penny Kunz Donna LaMar, Barbara Lami- son, William Lancet, Ruby Land, Dona Jo Lane, Thomas Lane, Lee Langlotz, Charles Larason, Linda Suzanne Lawson, Joan Lawton Mary Lawton, Karen Leander, Cynthia Ann Lee, Steven Lee, Sue Leggett, Janette Marie Lehr, Anders Olof Leimar, John Len- on, Susan Leopold, Jay Lerman Hilda Levin, Marcia Light, Tim- othy C. Lincoln, Janice Lindell, Sally Linden, David Linn, Kath- leen Little, Nancy Lock wood, William Loeper, Joseph Logsdon Ann Londe, Phillip Love, Sandra Lowry, Karen Loyen, Thomas Lucas, Eckhard Luken, Bruce MacAllister, Gregory MacLen- nan, Barbara MacMullin, Ste- phen Magel Stephen Mahoney, Lynn Main, Michael Major, Sheila Man- grum, Daniel Marks, Anthony Marra, Michael Martindill, Can- dy Mather, Judy Mathews, Bon- nie Maurer Janice Maurice, Juliana Max- well, Michael Maxwell, Gary Mayer, John McAloon, Deborah McBride, Donald McComb, Paul McCord, Lee McCue, Craig Mc- Gaughey Patricia McGlasson. Susan Mc- Kenzie, Donna McKillip, Mary McKinney, Lyman McClallen, Nancy McManis, Anna Marie McNatt, Charles McNeeley, James McNew, Nancy Mees Mary Meginnis. Sarah Messen- ger, Laura Metzger, Leslie Mey- ers, Chris Michael, Robert Miles, Terry Miller, Georganne Miner, Mike Mitchell, Ronald Mix Wanda Mock, John Monser, Stephanie Montgomery, Steph- anie Moore, Susan Moore, Yo- landa Moore, Alinda Moos, Ter- ry Morgan, Diane Morris, Janice Morton Sandra Sue Moscr, Linda Mul- linix, Lewis Mumford, Joseph Murphy, Robert Murphy, Paul Ncf ' ouse, Kevin Nelson, William Netherton, Lynda Nicholas, John Nichols CLASS OF 1967 Rosemary Nichols, Pamala Nick- els, Sandra Nicklcson, Christo- pher Nigh, Judy Nisenbaum, Nancy Ann Norman, Nancy Norman, Shirley Norman, Bar- bara Norlin, Mike Oberlin Steve Oberreich, Michael O ' Brien, Rachel Ochs, David Odlc, Samuel Odle, Ralph Odell, Connie Ogden, Karen O ' Kane, Darby Oliver, Deborah Oliver David Orr, Arlettc Orton, Judith Osborn, Timothy O ' Sullivan. Sue Otto, Lynda Overman, Stephanie Owens, Jon Factor, Terrell Pagel, Jean Palmour Michael Parrinello. I, aura Par- rish, Sylvia Partlowc, Arthur Patterson, Sandra Paul, Gregory Peirce, Tom Pelton, Robert Pen- no, Bruce Pernod, Terry Pepple Robert Perkins, Sally Perkins, Stephanie Perry, Jeffrey Petti- crew, Stephen Pferd, Susan Phelps, Margaret Pickard, Rich- ard Pierce, Jane Pigg, Constance Plzak Kim Poer, Robert Potter, Gary Prah, Barbara Lynn Preuss, Richard Pruyn, Thomas Pruyn, Robert Pryor, John Puscheck, Cynthia Pyle, James Quillin Jeffrey Quinto, Janet Rader, Cherry Ramaker, Louellen Ra- mey, Constance Ramsey, Chris- tine Ratliff, David Ray, Harry Ray, Clarence Reed, Mary Jane Rehkemper Sherry Reiche, Carolyn Reichel, James Reid, Todd Reifers, Gary Rcinschreiber, Deborah Renfro, Kenneth Rentier, David Reyn- olds, Kathryn Rich, Pamela Rich Robert Richardson, Arlene Kay Ricketts, Michael Riesen, Jayne Riley. Carol Rinne, Stephen Roadhouse, Peggy Robbins, Deb- orah Roberts, Diana Roberts, Shari Robertson Daniel Robinson, Scott Rogers, Susan Cheryl Rogers, Daniel Rohn. Debbie Rohrmann, Mar- shall Rosier, Cheryl Roth, Linda Roth, Beverly Rothwell, Dennis Rubenstein Nicholas Rudman, Charles Rus- sell, Dee Russell, John Russell, David Rust, Larry Sablosky, Karen Saddler, George Salge, William Salisbury, Cynthia Sam- berg Bonita Samms, Joan Samuel. George Sanderson, Wendy San- dler, Ralph Sau vain, Marc Schenkman, Theodore Schilling, Rebecca Schnell, Jay Schuff, Richard Schwarz jf 4xk A. A t A+ A 159 5 » JUNIORS Cynthia Scott, Jeff Scott, Sue Ann Scott, Thomas Scott, Otrevia Seay, Suellen Sebald, Irwin Sed- berry, Gregory Seeley, Michael Schackelford, David Shaffer Judith Ann Sharp, Diane Shoe- maker, Robert Shook, David Sidebottom, Katherine Sigal, James Simpson, Ann Slater, David Slater, Pamela Sinclair, Christopher Singleton Herman Slaughter, Cheryl Slos- son, Richard Small, Kristin Smart, Celeste Smith, Charles Smith, Charles Wayne Smith, Debra Smith, Pamela Smith, Martha Smith Susan Smith, Vicki Smith, Sue Snell, Mike Snellenberger, Terry Snow, John Snyder, Marsha Jean Snyder, Kenneth Sob be, Julia Soper, Susan Springer Linda Stackhouse, Linda Stahl, Meredith Stander, Arthur Jay Stanley, Kathryn Stanley, Cathy Steeg, Louellen Stephenson, Lou- ina Stephenson, Larry Stern, Stephen Sternberger LaDonna Stevens, Francine Stew- art, Sue Stidham, Linda Stienek- er, Forrest Stone, Madelyn Ston- er, James Stotler, James Strad- ling, Steven Streich, Carol Strick- land Paul Strole, Michael Sullivan, Christine Sunderland, Thomas Sutton, Tracy Svendsen, Mary Jane Sweet, Susan Swingle, Irene Swiss, Robert Syster, Stephen Taggart Diana Talbott, Bruce Tehan, Michael Thayer, James Thomas, Kyle Thomas, Ross Thompson, Sharon Thompson, Steven Thompson, Jimmy Thomson, David Tiller Andrea Timmons, Teresa Tins- ley, James Peter Tolson, Thom- as Trankle, Roberta Trattner, Candace Tremps, Jay Trieb, Ronald Trietsch, Vicki Troutt, Scott Trusty Carolyn Tucker, Linda Turk, Linda Turner, Sarah Tut tie, Susan Usher, Mark VanWes- trura, Carl Vance, M a n d a Vaught (withdrawn), Carl Ver- ble, Carl Vorhies Preston Wadkins, Deborah Wad- Leigh, Janet Wagner, Wilette Wagner, Terry Waldman, Gary Walkup, Earle Wall, Jane Wal- lace, Ann Walls, Brenda Walton Lucinda Ward, Debbie Warman, Steven Weaver, Jack Weber, Steve Weidler, Barbara Weil, Larry Weinberg, Sevra Weiss, Robert Wente, Sherrill Wheeler GO CLASS OF 1967 Luannc Wherry, Richard White, Bruce Whitehead, John Whit- field, Peter Whit ten, Wanda Wickhffe, David Wides, Diane Wiezorek (withdrawn), Kevin W illiams, Michael Williams Susan Williams, Wayne Williams (withdrawn), Christine Willis, Cordelia Wills, Dennis Wilson, James Wilson, Julia Wilson, Linda Wilson, Linda Ann Wil- son, Patricia Wilson David Wimmcnaucr, Claudia Winkler, Deborah Wisely, Joel Wohlstadter, Daniel Wolf, Jac- queline Wolf, Kathleen Wol- fram, Andrea Wolsifer, Francie Wood, James Woodard Jan Woodruff, Steven Worley (withdrawn), Robert Wright, Deanna Wulf, ' Alien Brothers. Kathy Zeigler, Gary Zeller, John Zener, Linda Ziffrin, Stephen Ziker Allen Brothers out of place; see page 155 for Dave Young RETAKES JUNIORS: Leslie Alig, Kathryn Bingham, Richard Carrot t, Rich- ard Culp, Cheryl Dunlap, Alfred Fasola, Nancy Goodbar, Rose Jewell, Jeanne Lancet, Barbara Leland ft ■ " Vjp ft ) % Ml A A A ft 1 A A Sharon Martin, Diane McCart- ney, Linda Mogg, Robert Owens, Patricia Paulin, Priscilla Polk, Othel Sharp, Rebecca Shrader, Larry Stephenson, Kaila Steven- son 3 0 9 £i f i Karen Tucker, Victor Vertucci, Steven Wamsley, Kenni Weaver 3 SOPHOMORES: Stephen Bell, Robin Cook, Susan Corbin, Glenn Corlett, George Dremon- as, Leslie Ellison, Tim Engle- hart. Robert Fessler, Carol Ha- maker, John Hene 1 AIL. , 4 As A A, mm % M.A tA Priscilla Howell. Kathy Krull, Stanley Malless, Diane Massel, Sharon Morgan, Linda Odle, Bryant Pedigo, Ellen Reilly, Larry Renner, Jan Roberts % a P k Beverly Routt, Pamela Wilson, Warren Wright ft At A i 161 Sophomores enthused over new role As nine hundred scared sophomores entered North Central for the first time last September, they opened the door to a variety of new experiences— experiences which would help them to become more well-rounded and mature persons. The first significant event which took place for them was the election of student and class council representatives in homerooms. At the first meeting of the latter, Bill Reel was chosen to head the council with Doug Ward and Ellen Lennox assisting him. There are no sophomore class officers. Even though the underclassmen do not participate in many school activities, they traditionally are re- sponsible for two. They select the Christmas tree which is placed in the Student Center, and they plan the Valentine dance. This year, the theme of the dance, which featured the Chaparrals, was " Heart- beat. " Sophomores spend three weeks in reading lab as a part o£ their orientation to North Central. Sophomore Class Council officers, Bill Reel, chairman, Doug Ward, vice-chairman, and IJIci) Lennox, recorder, enjoyed getting out ol class to decorate the Christmas tree. 162 SOPHOMORES Ellen Jean Abbott, Joan Abel, Eliece Aiman, Charles Akard, Tom Alar, Charles Aldous, Bar- bara Allen, Mary Allen, Linda Allen, Steven Allen Joyce Allspaw, Nancy Marie Al- sop, Catherine Ambrous, Cyn- thia Anderson, Jenny Andrews, Bonnie Angell, Sherri Ardelean, Stephan Arfman, Linda Armold, Kristi Armstrong Rebecca Armstrong, Christine Asmus, Louis Astbury, Pamela Backner, C harles Bahne, Cathy Baker, Stephen Baker, Michael Baldwin, Richard Baldwin, Earl Bales Jerry Bales, Jane Barlow, Greg- ory Basch, Gloria Baugh Mari- lyn Baumgardt, Paid Baun, Lin- da Baxter, Craig Beardshear, Michael Beck, Susan Becker Jean Beiersdorfer, Bruce Beit- man, Sharon Bel lard, Karen Bellville, Mark Benham, Abra- ham Benjamin, Steven Bennett, Janis Benz, Andrew Be rentes, Bruce Berger James Edward Berlin, James Berling, Rosemary Bertram, Kar- ren Bessey, Richard Bibbs, Ron- ald Biggs, Florence Binford, Karen Bingham, Keith Bishop, Leslie Bishop Lindsay Bisset, Rose Marie Black, Sara Ann Blackburn, James Black well, Barbara Blanchard, James Blaski, Martin Bledsoe, Neil Blickman, Bruce Blomberg, Celia Blood Mark Bloom, Danny Bloomer, Caroline Boardman, Sally Bock- stahler, Ronald Bodenstedt (with- drawn), Suzanne Boeldt, Sandra Boger, William Boggess, Haline Bolat, Jacquelyn Bolles Daryl Evelyn Boone, Janet Bot- tamiller, Alan Bower, Susan Boyd, William Fletcher Boyd, Pamela Kay Boyles, Jill Bradley, Melody Bradshaw, Dennis Bragg. Hall Lawrence Bramley Kathleen Brandt, Gary Brattain, Sandra Breisacher, Reginald Brewer, Christopher Brewster, Steve Bridges, George Bridgforth, Alan Brinkman, Rita Brock, Harry Brown, Karen Brown, Mary Brown, George Oliver Browne, Christopher Browning, Robert Bruce, Marilyn Brunelle, Nancy Brunner, James Buchan- an, Nancy Buddenbaum Beth Bugbee, Barbara B tines, David Burgess. Ronald Burgy, Cathy Burke, Lillie Burks, Doug- las Burney, Elizabeth Burns, Stephen Burns, James Burroughs 163 SOPHOMORES 0 jj A 1 0 1 1 1. |A| . 1 • 1 4t mtti i : a t jdL H m A % Ult J If • 3 A J ;|Jj| Bk JI m Barbara Busch, Thomas Busch- mann, Marilyn Calderon, David Campbell, Douglas Campbell, Douglas Canull, Marc Careskey, Arlana Carney, George Carter, Linda Carter Daniel Carvin, Susan Case, Eu- gene Casraiss, Loretta Caylor, Deborah Chamberlin, Jack Chandler, Marta Chapman, Jud- ith Chastain, Deborah Ann Chernin, Linda Citron John Clark, John Merrill Clark, Steven Claycombe, Scott Clayton, John Clerkin, Carolyn Clouse (withdrawn), Carol Ann Clutter, Philip Cockerille, Karen Cogge- shall, Janet Cohen Jerald Cohen, Sandra Cohen, Kelin Colby, Hudon Conway, Robert Cook, Cherie Copan, David Copenhaver, Serrie Copen- haver, Michael Cotter, Sarah Coulson Timothy Cox, Gary Coy, Leslie Cracraft, Mary Craig, Georgia Cravey, Gail Crews, Cheryl Cronk, Michael Crose, Gary Crowe, Diane Cunningham Elaine Cupp, Elizabeth Curry, Kathleen Dailey, Shari Dankert, Robert Darling, James Darring, Shirley Darring, Delores Dau- pert, Patricia Davies, Sam David Bruce Davis, Larry Davis, Steven Davis, Thomas Davis, Esther Dawson, Linda Day, Kristina Dean, Thomas DeBartolo, Don- na DeCoursey, Susan Deer George D e F a b i s , Howard De- Ford, Richard DePuy, Janis Det- mer, John Deugan (withdrawn), Ellen. Devine, Cheryl Diamond, Stephany DiBlasio, Dirk Dick- son, Melinda Diehl Stephanie Dietz, Patricia Dillin, Wendy Di stel, Diana Dittus, Pamela DonCarlos, Deborah Donie, Suzanne Doriot, Ilene Dor man, Jacqueline Dorman, John Dorrell Claudia Douglass, Daniel Drake, Kipp Drummond, Kathy Dun- can, Mary Jo Dunn, John Du- vall, Julie Dykema, Michelle Dykins, Rebecca Eggleston, Bon- nie Einstandig Harry Elder, Ronald ElfF, Lind- say Ellis, Fred Emmert, Randall Emmick, Ronald Engel, Steph- anie Ensel, Jean Ernsting, Har- old Ervin, Jutta Essler Elizabeth Evans, Donna Everett, Gary Everhart, Linda Fabschutz, John Failey, James Fairbanks, Daniel Fairley, Edith Farmer, Marjorie Fatout, Gregory Faw- cett 1 64 CLASS OF 1968 Sharon Featherston, Sue Ann Fchsenfeld, Jane Fenn, Robert Ferdinand, Sandra Sue Ferris, Paula Fish, Sally Ann Fisher, Jeanettc Fisher, Miles Fishman, Gerald Fitzgerald Christopher Fladager, Pamela Fleek, Kirk. Fleener, Jean Fletch- er, Amanda Flynn, Gail Flynn, Richard Fobes, Ann Fogle, Fred- crick Foltz, Gary Foltz Caryl Forsythe, John Fortune, Donald Foulke, Terry Fox, Bar- bara Frankenbcrger, David Franks, Barbara Fraps, Diane Frattini, Emily Freeman, Brenda Freije Frederick Frosch, Donald Fulk, David Fuller, Douglas Fuller, Richard Fulroth, Greg Gaalema, Barbara Gabriel, Gayle Gahan, Daniel Gallion, Matthew Galvin Susan Gans, Teresa Gardner, Dennis Garritson, Barbara Gem- mer, Christine Genier, Dan Gensemer, David George, Jamisc George, Beth Gerson, Floyd Gil- laspic H. William Gillen. Charles Gil- lespie, Steven Giltner, Robert Glasser, Michael Goldberg, Bar- bara Goldstein, Susan Goldstein, Jeanne Goll, Randall Goode, Thomas Goodhart Robert Good in, Stephen Good- rich, Debra Goodwin, Janice Gordon, Vicki Goslin, Geoffrey Gould, Duncan Grant, Robert Grant, William Grant, Kaye Graves Margaret Gray, Robert Greek, Albeit Green, Joel Greenberg, Sandra Greer, David Gregory, Georgia Gresham, Kent Grimes, Patricia Gross, Jennifer Gross- kopf Danton Grube, Karen Guet- schow, Gregory Guinther, Earl Guy, Rebecca Habegger, Robert Hackleman, James Hackney, De- borah Hagerty, Edmund Hag- gard, Richard Haines Madaline Halloran, James Ham III, Sally Hampshire, Martha Hanaway, Katherine Hanink, Charlie Haniton, Christian Han- kins, Deborah Hanna, Kendall Hanson, Karen Harden Richard Harker, Winifred Har- mon, James Harpool, Roger Harrison, Donald Harsin, Mabel Hart, Mack Haselwood, Laur- ence Haskett, Robert Haskin, Stephen Hatfield Patricia Hauber, Melodi Havens, Susan Hay, Betty Jo Hayes, Sharon Hayes, Diane Heath, Lawrence Heilman, Thomas Heiskell, Shelley Heller, Nancy Hendricks At h - A Mi m k ' Atkm 4i Artm i A. ■■ ■ ■ . m sA t M mWvm a4%M a 3. i9 - -JmwSb m mttk Jfk id id A ■ Pi 1 I I tot M Irk % A % bid ft a a% ik tf: d A 165 SOPHOMORES HI 1 I « 1 f; 1 t a ,,,»». Terry Hendrix, Gary Henn, Re- becca Herndon, Judy Hershey, Shirley Heyward, John Hickey, Daniel Hicks, Michael Hiland, Terry Hiles, Carol Sue Hill Patricia Hill, Bruce Hilsmeyer, Linda Hinderliter, Sonja Hirsch- mann, Jack Hochman, Steven Hockett, John Hoffmann, De- anna Hogle, Mary Holmes, Lee Holsworth, Patricia Holsworth Charles Hord, Gregory Horning, Debrah Horth, Brenda Houtzer, Barry Howard, William Howell, Patricia Hoyt, Kimbal Hudgins, Susan Hudson, Neil Hughes Susan Hughes, Robert Hunt, Lynne Hunter, Michael Hunter (withdrawn), Gary Hutchinson, Cathy Hutzler, Alan Hyde, Caro- lyn Itce, James Jackson, John Jagger Robert Jakoubek, Susan Jahnke, Connie Jardine, Cheryl Jeffries, Richard Jensen, Thornley Jobe, Steven Johnson, Linda Jones, Lyn Jones, Wesley Jones James Jordan, Nancy Joslin, Jon- athon Julian, Mark Kabat, Susan Kahn, Robert Kail, Karen Kal- lansa, Philip Karau, Andrew Katz, Catherine Kautz Steven Kautzman, Rosemarie Kavanaugh, John Keller, Nancy Keller, Terry Kemp, Joseph Kempler, Linda Kempton, Larry Kerkhof, Glenn Kern, Nancy Kerr Joseph Ketterman, James Ket- zel, Victor Kingdon, Randal Kinsley, Gregory Kitzmiller, Jody Knierim, Kerry Knipp, Paul Koenig, Melissa Kokos, Marjorie Kornfeld Jane Kubelsky, Jack Kustad, Joseph Kyle, Margaret Lamb, Frances Landborg, David Lang- fitt, Donovan Langford, Teddy Langley, Jeffrey Lapham, David Larman Charles Lawrence, Donald Law- ton, Ronald Lazar, George Leaf, Alan Lebin, Vicki Lecocq, Fredie Lederman, Jane Lee, John Lee, Katherine Leeds Marjorie Leff, Joseph Lehr, Philip Leibacher, James Len- glade, Ellen Lennox, Victor Le- roy, Martha Leslie, Mary Let- win, Linda ' Levinthal, Julie Light Diana Lilly, James Lindcrman, Aline Lindquist, John Lindquist, Bruce Lindstrom, Neil Lipken, John Lippincott, John Lisher, Pamela Lockwood, Shari Long- est ! )( CLASS OF 1968 Janet Lookabill, Patrick Looney, Linda Lopshire, Stanton Lout- ner, Steven Lowe, David Lur- vey, Linda Luzader, Elaine Ly- kins, Tina Maas, James Maggard Thomas Maijala, Dianna Main, Jane Maines, Elizabeth Marsch- ke, Georgia Marschke, Con- stance Martin, Rex Martin, Richard Martin, Thomas Mar- tin, Catherine Marvel Nancy Masker, Richard Mason, Jenny Maulden, Nora Maulden, Bernard May, Larry Mavhew, Carlone McAllister, Jeanne Mc- Aloon, Becky McCan, Nancy McLain James McClamroch, Kandie Mc- lard, Duane Mclurg, Charlotte McConnell, Scott McConville, Suzanne McCormack, Robin Mc- Dowell, Robert McFarland, Joe McGowan, Donna McGuirc Gretchen Mclntyre, Harry Mc- Killip, Larry McKinley, Bar- bara McKinney, Kirk McKin- ney, Janis McMurtrie. Stephen McNichols, Robert McPhee, Sally McVey, Margaret McWhirt Ellyn McWhorter, Jarome Meri- weather, Jelene Meshulam, Bar- bara Mewhinney, Cathy Miles, Thomas Miles, Carol Miller, Deborah Miller, Johanne Miller, Pamela Miller Sarah Miller, Betsey Millhol- land, Sandra Millican, David Milton, Charlotte Mitchell, Eliz- abeth Mitchell, Amy Moncur, Mary Monical, David Moore, Mark Moore Sandra Moore, Suzanne Moore, Terry Morehead, Jack Morgan, Jean Moritz, Donald Morlock, Carolyn Morris, Leslie Morri- son, Charles Morse, John Mor- ton Gustana Moss, Roger Moynahan, Lynn Mullen, John Mullin, Robert Mullin, Patti Mullins, Rebecca Mullis, Mark Murduck, Kathleen Murphy, Don Myers David Nagey, Larry Nahmias, Martha Nail, David Nees, Debra Neese, Harry Neff, Mary Neff, Deborah Nelson, William Nel- son, David Nestor Nancy Newkirk, Terry Newman, Jacqueline Nicholas, Kathleen Nicholson, Freddie Nickels, Wil- liam Niesse, Susan Noel, Kath- leen Noland, Lynn Noon, David Nowling Frederick Nowling, Linda O ' Brien, Vicki Ogle, Ann Olive, John Olthoff, James Orr, Larry Osborn, Paul Over, Steven Over- bey, Steven Overman fl k A A j A ft A AhS A M {% ft PS J:. I (TO A i . a 9 - - 1 j M 4 k c% - A BL v ! " . 3t d A ( i •1 % t 1 1l 167 SOPHOMORES Betsy Palmer, Anthony Pappas, William Parker, Samuel Passo, Bonnie Paton, John Patten, Wendy Patterson, David Pat- ton, Sherry Patton, Michael Paul Janice Payne, Bonnie Pearson, Nancy Pearson, John Peirce, Gary Pelsue, Michael Pening- ton, Stephanie Perkins, Ellen Peters, Fred Petersen, Scott Petersen James Peterson, Stanley Phariss, Cathy Phillips, Oliver Philyaw, Gail Phinney (withdrawn), John Peilemeier, Charles Pike, Ste- phen Pipher, Thomas Piatt, Ronald Poe. Constance Ponder, Michael Por- teous, Charles Posvar, Edwin Powell, Paula Presnoples, Gail Pribble, Glenn Pritchard, James Pruitt, Jeffrey Pruner, Cheryl Pryor Kristine Puckett, Coralie Query, April Rader, Barbara Raffel, Kathy Rafferty, Fletcher Rahke, Judith Ransom, Catherine Ras- mussen, Terri Raver, Joyce Ray Linda Ray, Larry Reddick, Wil- liam Reel, Isaac Regenstreif, Mary Reiney, Allan Reinking, Nathan Reinking, Susan Ren- ner, Sherry Reuter, Earl Rich Randall Richards, Thomas Rich- ter, Sandra Riddell, Frank Rik- hoff, John Ripma, Dale Rob- erts, Lee Roberts, Margaret Roberts, Tresshi Roberts, Shar- on Robertson David Robinson, Sally Robison, John Roesch, Barbara Rose, Roberta Ross, Ann Roth, Mark Roth, Robert Rothbaum, Sharon Rouse, Beverly Routt Judith Ruede, Susan Rueter, Sharon Rushton, James Russell, David Sachs, Vicki Sage, Sherry Sanders, William Schabler, Ann Schaeffer, David Schermerhorn Carolyn Schiffli, Marianina Schil- len, Catherine Schlienz, Candise Schmidt, William Schmoll, Rob- ert Schnackel, Debbie Schneider, Laurel Schneider, Joe School- craft, Mark Schornstein Carol Schortemeyer, Thomas Schrader, Nancy Schroeder, Wal- ter Schuchmann, Leah Schulte, John Schultz, Frederick Schwab, Rita Schwartz, John Scofield, Jennifer Scott Stephen Scott, Sharon Scudder, Mary Sebastian, Oliver Seidler, L. Fred Shackelford, Gordon Shackelford, Jackie Shallington, Roberta Shaw, Steven Shelby, Gregory Sherry 168 CLASS OF 1968 Jack Shewmaker, Caroline Shields, Robert Shipley, Robert Shoemaker, Robert Short, Pam- ela Shrader, Janie Sicking, Peter Silet, Stephen Silver, Susan Sil- Daniel Singleton, Carolyn Skip- with, Bruce Sklare, Laura Slat- ter, Michael Smart, Cheryl Smith, Darrcl Smith, Dcbra Smith, Gary Smith, Larry Smith Martha Jean Smith, Mary Scott Smith, Rebecca Ann Smith, Rob- ert Smith, Roy Smith, Rebecca Ann Smock, Cynthia Smoots, Pamela Snodgrass, Raymond Snowden, JoEllcn Snyder Vicki Sohn, Susan Solecki, Rob- ert Souchon, Kay Sparks, Kathy Sparrenberger, George Spears, Carl Specker, Leslie Spickelmier, Neil Sprecher, Susan Springer Edward Sputh, Betsy S racier, Gayle Stahluth, Susan Steckel- mann, Thomas Steele, Nancy Steinmeier, Jane Steinmetz, Les- lie Stevens, Ormay Stewart, Eve- lyn Stickle Don Stidham, Martha Sticneck- er, Gary Stohler, Patricia Stone, William Stone, Patricia Storms, Priscilla Strang, Thomas Strang, Judith Street, Mark Stroh David Strong, Sharon Strother, Steven Stultz, Alfred Sturgis, Nancy Sullivan, John Suther- land, Linda Swanson, Patricia Swenson, Sara Swift, Kathryn Symmes Linda Tarr, Jacqueline Tasich, Neal Taslitz, Charles Tavel, Lawrence Tavel, William Taw, Priscilla Taylor, C. Sam Ted- rowe, Katherine TeKolste, Rob- ert Tepfer Richard Tewksbury, Carter Tharp, Sharon Thayer, Brad- ford Thomas, Barbara Thomp- son, Joyce Thompson. Michael Thompson, Susan Thompson, Beverly Thornburg, ' William Thwing Carole Tindall, Susan Tishler, Richard Toffolo, Linda Tom- linson, Brenda Toney, Phillip Toth, Deborah Tower, Andrea Trais, Linda Tuchman, Janet Turner David Tynan, Kirk L ' ndercoffer, Brant Unversaw, Robert Valen- tine, Barbara VanArsdol, Mich- ael Vance, Carol Jean VanDorn, Cindy VanMeter, Sandra Vargo, Catherine Vaughan Sandra ' aught (withdrawn), James Vawter, Vincente Vertuc- ci, Nicholas Via, Theodore Vol- kert, Elizabeth Vonnegut, Gretchen Wahls, Michel Wall, Martha Wallace, Michael Wal- lace 9 KM ' a i t . i ' 1 169 HI 1 11 ffc lillsji ft ft % P| « f. J i ! I f T - - Jp Mm tk. Mm if ' .5 " f t : J : : y ■ .» - • r CLASS OF 1968 John Walter, William Wands, Theodore Wamsley, Douglas Ward, James Ward, JoAnne Ward, Verlee Warfield, Barbara Warren, Karen Wasson, Lesley Watson Ann Weakley, Carol Weddle, James Weigle, Frank Weiland, Anne Weinstein, Suzanne Weir, Annette Weiske, Susan Welsh, Preston Westlake, John Whit- aker Bruce White, William White, Dexter Whitehead, Edwin Whitelaw, Robert Whitinger, Dave Whitley, James Whitmore, Gloria Wichmann, Rodney Wild, Charles Wilkerson Randall Wilhite, Becky Willard, Barry Willey, Nancy Williams, Rhonda Williams, Roy Wil- liams, Thomas Williamson, Rog- er Winkler, Deborah Winter, Matthew Winters III Renova Wiseheart, Robert Wohlstadter, Gary Wolf, Karen Wolf, Mark Wolf, Jim Wollen- haupt, Andy Wolsifer, Lynne Woodward, Charles Worley, Douglas Wrege Carol Ann Wright, David Wright, Fiona Wright, James Wright, Mary Beth Wright, Marsha Wright, Roger Wright, Timothy Wright, Steven Yockey, Victoria York Betsy Young, Margaret Young, Martha Youngquist, Roger Yout- sey, Angelika Zehner, Janice Zeigler, George Zimmerman 170 Ilene Dorman, like many sophomores who find the change to Bill Reel, chairman of the Sophomore Class Council, gets tips modern math difficult, gets extra help from Mrs. Spoon. from the Faculty sponsor, Richard Meek. v ! if :: Hi SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-Fi out Row: Bill Reel, Jeanne Goll, Bobbie Raffel, Judy Hershey, Sally Robison, Karen Guetschow, Melinda Diehl, Ellen Lennox, Steve Silver, Jean Van Dorn. Second Row: Nancy Buddenbaum, Kelin Colbv, Connie Jardine, Steve Goodrich, Steve McNichols, Bruce Beitman, Larry Tavel. Gary Wolf, Mr. Meek, sponsor. Third Roiv: Steve Overbey, Mary Brown, Doug Ward, Tom Davis, Bob Darling, Steve Baker, Karen Bingham, Chuck Aldous, Marty Youngquist. Back Row: John Fortune, Bob Haskin, John Scofield, Bob Souchon, Jim Maggard, Paul Koenig, John Keller, Howard Morgan, David Nagey. Main projects were the Christmas tree and the Valentine dance. 171 WE STRIVE TO DO THE COMMON THING UNCOMMONLY WELL When it comes to shopping, Centralites are intelligent and discriminating buyers, always looking for quality goods. Local merchants realize this, and cater to youthful tastes since they know that teenagers already account for much of their sales volume. Retailers also notice that advertising directs the buying habits of young people by attracting their attention and by channeling them to definite markets. Besides being on the buying end, Centralites also sup- ply an important demand for part-time help in these businesses. Whether looking for bargains, entertainment, staples, or profit, Centralites add to the economy of their entire community. 172 ADVERTISING 173 Treat your living doll . . . to a dinner at Hansel and Gretel, where fresh-baked bread and fried chicken are specialties. HANSEL AND GRETEL 4458 Allisonville Road 546-4051 Lynn Eckel, Glenn Roberts, Karen Williams Board up . . . with the best in building supplies from Kidd ' s. K I D D LUMBER COMPANY 1425 East 86th Street 255-5478 Linda Wesselman, Lvnn Aikman To top off the picture . . . have a haircut by one of Cerulli ' s expert barbers. CERULLI 6101 North Keystone 253-0775 Mr. Alfred Cerulli, Tom Hutsell 171 Step up out of the ordinary . . . when you buy your clothes at Stenzdale. Style-minded girls can always find the " just right " clothes for every occasion. STENZDALE 6214 Carrollton Avenue 251-1203 (Cathy Rafferty, Tina Mess CAREER COURSES Success Assured . . . . . . in a few short months • Executive Secretarial • IBM Business Machines • Business Administration • IBM Data Processing • Transportation Management PORTER COLLEGE " Indiana ' s Most Modern School of Business " 48 Monument Circle 639-2505 Give your car a lift . . . with a tune-up from Robison Standard, where the service is fast, efficient, and courteous. ROBISON STANDARD 9602 North Meridian 846-0071 Nancy Barnes, Linda Cooper, Jean Weakley, Barbara Sommer Try us on for size . . . the fit is always right in shoes for every occasion: Ked ' s for gym class, loafers for loafing, and heels for church or parties. GOODMAN SHOES 1300 East 86th Street 846-5718 Jan Martin, Jo Jenkins Atmosphere plus food plus service equals . . . Lotus Garden, where skilled chefs prepare the tastiest food from two cultures. LOTUS GARDEN 5424 Allisonville Road 546-7551 Missy Flack For TV pictures in living color as well as in black and white; for listening pleasure with true-toned phonographs; and for the finest of repair service call on Marthin TV. MARTHIN TV 5217 Keystone Court 253-1361 Vicky Stanley, Dave O ' Guinn J 70 Want to ivin a popularity rating? Send your friends a card from the Carousel Shop. CAROUSEL SHOP 6101 N. Keystone 251-9046 Suzy Lcsh. Bcckv Cloycl Everything you want is at the tips of your fingers at Schmidt ' s. SCHMIDT PHARMACY 1499 E. 86th 251-2910 Carol Hene Mirror, mirror on the wall! Where ' s the best place to shop— of all? RODERICK ST. JOHN ' S 6101 N. Keystone 253-3322— Men ' s Store 251-7022— Women ' s Store Donna Dunn, Georgie Miner 177 Your education is no hunt-and-peck matter at Central Business College. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 North Meridian 634-8337 Susie Gangsted, Ann Butz, Leslie Alig " Think pink " for a girl. " Think Fink " for a car. FINK MOTORS 1021 North Meridian Street 634-5445 Jackie Fink Ring around a rosy finger . . . with jewelry from Herff Jones. HERFF JONES 1401 North Capitol Avenue 635-1554 Steve Die, Susie Moore, Kip Klste, Steve Roadhouse 178 Pam Rich, Mindy Hunter Travel with those you trust at First Federal Bank Trust. FIRST FEDERAL BANK TRUST AT SPEEDWAY 1532 Main Street 241-2361 179 Talk Morgans with the Habigs! We ' ll take " boat " of them! You ' ll never dampen your pleasure if you cruise in a boat from Boatland. BOAT LAN D 3840 N. Keystone Ave. 545-2203 Lee Runciman, Steve Brandt, Donna Agnew, Dave McKown A world of choice . . . from the Man ' s " World is yours at Nora Plaza. MAN ' S WORLD 1300 E. 86th 846-3013 Randy Clark For your sleek model, come to Northside Chrysler. NORTHSIDE CHRYSLER 5102 N. Keystone 253-1221 Kathy Grady 182 Beauty may be only skin deep, but it improves the surface tremendously. To improve your driveway, go to Asphalt Surfacing Company. ASPHALT SURFACING COMPANY 4200 E. 86th Street 849-2770 Nicky Grouse, Betsy Srader, Susan Srader figures . . . that the flowers you buy at Ramona ' s will look beautiful in decorative vases. BROAD RIPPLE FLOWERS BY RAMONA 6507 N. College Ave. 253-2183 Barb Fiesel. Dennis Huffman, Pat Kammeraad There ' s no holding back an order from Black-Hebert. BLACK-HEBERT LUMBER COMPANY 1740 S. High School Road 244-9563 Dave Corbin, Bob Hebert. Steve Enkema, Rick Boyd Perfection in woodworking . . . M 8c G Industries can provide you with the finest in woodworking and general contracting. M G INDUSTRIES, INC. 4100 Lafayette Road 291-3344 Claudella Porter, Mr. Vollie Lane, Mr. Claude Porter you have the girl . . . we have the ring. Since 1884 Sipe Jewel- er ' s have served Indianapolis with the finest in jewelry. J . C. SIPE JEWELERS 418 Merchants Bank Building 637-3521 Ann Slater It ' s the fit that makes the difference . . . and the well-fit feet that make you happy. Get happy at Florsheim. FLORSHEIM SHOES 6101 N. Keystone — 255-8662 Glendale Shopping Center Doug Hale, Doug Gillespie, Tom Kelly, Barb Lamison, Karen Kelly 184 Used food business . . . Satisfaction guaranteed or double your trash back. S E I F MATERIAL HANDLING 624-34 West Washington 638-6554 Rory Rabin. Judy Stern, Debbie Seif, Cynthia Delott, Roberta Glanzman, Francis Roth 1 t MseifI A symbol of leadership in high quality clothing . . . John Davis Men ' s Wear is the clothing- store with the particular young male in mind. JOHN DAVIS MEN ' S WEAR 6000 East 46th Street 546-3130 Fred Parker, Rick Boyd, Steve Enkema, Bob Hebert I- " Hi Doing the common thing uncommonly well . . . Traveler ' s insurance will dry your sorrows on a rainy day. CARL J. KLEIN Chamber of Commerce Building 634-7439 Jeff Klein, Mr. Klein mhBE 185 Eastside, westside, all around the town . . . Everyone ' s talking about the delicious meals served at Townhouse. DODD ' S FLAGPOLE TOWNHOUSE 5694 N. Meridian 255-0872 Ann Palmer, Jodv Dodd - .. When it ' s your turn . . . We can promise the mortgage. We have money that wants to be a loan. McCORD-DIRKS MORTGAGE CO. 510 Fidelity Building 632-8388 Mary Kay Dirks, Peter Reilly III, IB Bob Bennett, Julie Priest Creativity, not conformity, is the Continental Concept . , . Makers of machine tool products and a di- vision of Engineered Models Corporation. CONTINENTAL DIE-SET 6450 State Road 37 N. 251-1251 Stephanie and Sharon Diet 186 Mona Lisa never had it so good . . . until her replica appeared at Con-Wood Art Gallery. CON-WOOD ART GALLERY 7320 North Keystone 253-5353 Sue Hellman, Lyn Woodward mm The car wash with the lazy man in mind . . . BLUKO CAR WASH 6184 North Keystone 255-4133 Tom Dunn, Linda Hcdrick A dream that comes true . . . A dream of beauty— by Bryant. BEAUTY BY BRYANT 1300 E. 86th St. 846-2559 Helene Brodev I When the mad chemist wreaks havoc on your engine . . . Come to Nora Standard where service is fast, efficient, and pleasant. NORA STANDARD 8601 E. Westfield Blvd. 846-1115 Mr. Robert Watson, Janie Teixler ' - 1 A well-equipped office is more than " window-dressing " . . . It ' s a must for superior patent-care. Bring your office up to modern standards with equipment from the American Metal Furniture. AMERICAN METAL FURNITURE, INC. 930 W. New York Street 635-6149 Betty Jo Clark, Terry Newman m i Smile yourself . . . Into the dream world of a ' 66 Buick from Ogles. OGLE BUICK 37 West 38th Street 926-2423 Linda Dodd, Edie Atkins, Karen Tucker Is there a big home investment in your future? Start making connections early with a com- pany you can trust. CARRIAGE ESTATES 6336 North Guilford 253-4101 Barb Nolte, Barb Cummings, Carolyn Kuhn, Kay Johns " Space " Builders Now and for the Vuture Our 70th Year FIEBER REILLY Commercial Realtors 639-1533 Cindy Alig, John Johnston Washington Township is a family tradition for the Loudermilks. LOUDERMILK STUDIOS 5222 Keystone Court 255-6255 Stella Laughlin, mother of Earl Louderrailk, standing, third from left; taken at Nora Grade School in 1910. 192 Tivin exhaust for twins . . , . . . Dual trumpet exhaust, bucket seats, 289 cu. in., 271 Horsepower and four on the floor. For a ride that ' s twice the fun, see Jerry Alderman, Indiana ' s exclusive distributor for the Ford Mustang GT 350. JERRY ALDERMAN FORD 5500 N. Keystone 251-1441 Bob and Bill Olson Paint your troubles away! DAWSON ' S LUMBER CO. 1001 Broad Ripple Ave. 253-3251 John Thompson, Cherrie Pedlow, Steve Litten paiI ' t 193 Don ' t go to MCL Cafeteria . . . if you ' re one of those people who can ' t make up his mind. You ' ll never be able to decide which foods to take when you see the counter full of everything you like best. MCL CAFETERIA 2121 E. 62nd Street 255-0950 Craig McGaughey For an electrifying experience . . . go to Anderson Electric Service and get a brighter outlook on life. ANDERSON ELECTRIC SERVICE 140 S. College 632-5398 Susan Anderson, Cathy Janes 1 94 There ' s something corny about this ad . . . but there ' s nothing corny about Stokely- Van Camp ' s canned corn, one of the many food products with their label. STOKELY-VAN CAMP 941 N. Meridian 631-2551 John Bailey For the " Rich " new look remodel at Rich ' s. PLUMBING APPLIANCES 5140 N. Keystone 251-2201 Eddie and Kathv Rich The only true drive-in . . . Home of the world ' s greatest 15c ham- burgers. BURGER CHEF Road 100, Carmel 846-5730 Karen Cure. Frank Bodwell Question: What kind of " fuel " am I? Answer: The best if it ' s from Associated Service Corporation. ASSOCIATED SERVICE CORPORATION 1430 Kentucky Avenue 638-1306 Suzy Holmes, Kathy Holmes J ' Hi Go to the store with the giant appetite in mind. G W FOOD GIANT 5940 Michigan Road 255-2439 Rick Small, Kenny George 197 They come from all over the ivorld for supplies from Butz Lumber. BUTZ LUMBER COMPANY 4010 West 96th Street 873-3381 Jahlil Rashiti. AFS Student; Karen Cure, Barb Hepburn 1 Come alive! . . . You ' re in the Pepsi generation. PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 1030 East New York 632-3464 Peter C. Reillv III A thanks to . . . C. E. PAULEY COMPANY, publishers, especially Mr. Don Merriman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kubic of INTER-STATE STUDIO for our underclassmen pictures The Loudermilks for the portraits of our seniors ROPKEY ENGRAVING COMPANY, and Mr. Charles Mueller for engravings S. K. SMITH COMPANY for the covers Thanks also to . . . The administration for their consideration in allocating time for pictures and yearly events Mrs. Kcilman, our sponsor, who devoted her time and talents to make this an uncommonly good book! And the seniors who served without school credit so the NORTHERNER could have an experienced staff 198 Ml Food or thought . Family style dinners for family, fun, and " « friends. HOLLYHOCK HILL 8110 North College 251-2294 Tom Cory, Bess Simon, Gary Gardner r 1966 NORTHERNER STAFF Editor-in-Chief Mary Kay Dirks Finances Jane Teixler Pictures Susan Deckman Production Terry Snider and Lyn Stoner Section Editors Opening Mim Harris Activities Sharon Lockwood Sports Mike Jacobson Album Barb Weil and Linda Stackhouse Advertising Bill Carlson Head Photographer Doug Mitchell Associates Bob Jeffrey, Jim Wright, Dan Domont, Bill Murphy Sponsor Mrs. Kathleen Keilman Assistants: Sally Ammerman, Nancy Barnes, Frank Bodwell, Karen Cure, Kathy Grady, Sharon Hartley, Lee McCue, Georgie Miner, Debby Oliver, Kathy Rich 199 DIRECTORY LISTING APPLIANCES Anderson Electric Sen ice 140 South College 632-5393 Mr. Fix-It of Glendale 6101 North Keystone 255-1168 Earl W. Rich Plumbing Appliances 5140 North Kevstone 251-2201 ART GALLERY Con-Wood Art Gallery 7320 N. Keystone 253-5353 ASPHALT PAVING Asphalt Surfacing Company 4200 East 86th Street 849-2770 Grady Asphalt Inc. 6144 North College 255-6606 AUTO DEALERS Fink Motors 1021 North Meridian 634-5445 Jerry Alderman Ford 5500 North Keystone 251-1441 Northside Chrysler-Plymouth 5102 North Keystone 253-1221 Ogle Buick 37 West 38th Street 236-2423 BARBER SHOPS Gene ' s Barber Shop 1409 East 86th Street 255-0885 Cerulli 6101 North Keystone 253-0775 BEAUTY SALONS Beauty by Bryant 1 300 East 86th Street 846-2559 Nora Plaza Beautc ' by Ophia 141 J East 86th Street 253-0593 BOATS Boat land 3840 North Keystone 545-2203 BOWLING ALLEYS Nora Bowl 1300 Fast 86th Street 846 2516 BUSINESS SCHOOLS Central Business College 802 North Meridian 634-8337 Porter College 48 Monument Circle 639-2505 CARD SHOPS Carrousel Card Gift Store 6101 North Keystone 251-9046 CAR WASH Autoteria 6327 Guilford Avenue 253-2132 Bluko 6190 North Keystone 255-4133 CLEANERS Tuchman Cleaning 4401 North Keystone 545- 4321 CLOTHING John Davis Men ' s Wear 6000 East 46th Street 546- 3130 The Man ' s World 1300 East 86th Street 846-3013 Paul Harris 1300 East 86th Street 846-5119 Roderick St. John ' s 6101 North Keystone 253-3322 Squire Shop 17 East 38th Street 923-5074 Stenzdale 6214 Carrollton Avenue 251-1203 DRUG STORES Schmidt 1499 East 86th Street 251-2910 FLORISTS Broad Ripple Floral Arrangements by Ramona 6507 North College Ave. 253-2183 GROCERY, FOODS Beard ' s Food Market 5607 North Illinois 255-5438 Florida f ish Market 5561 North Illinois 253-1281 G. W. Food Giant 5940 Michigan Road 255-2439 Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. 941 North Meridian 631-2551 HORSES Morgan Horses 8002 N. Meridian 255-8881 INSURANCE AND TRAVEL First Bank Trust Travel Agency 1532 Main Street 241-2361 Traveler ' s Insurance Company of Hartford 320 North Meridian 635-3331 JEWELERS Herff Jones Company 1401 North Capitol Ave. 635-1554 J. C. Sipe Jewelers 418 Merchants Bank Bldg. 637-3521 LUMBER COMPANIES Black-Hebert Lumber Co. 1740 S. High School Rd. 244-9563 Butz Lumber Company 4010 West 96th Street 873-3381 Dawsons Broad Ripple Lumber Supply Corp. 1001 Broad Ripple Ave. 253-3251 Kidd Lumber Company 1425 East 86th Street 255-5478 PHOTOGRAPHERS Loudermilk 5222 Keystone Court 255-6255 REAL ESTATE AGENCIES Carriage Estates 6101 North Keystone 253-1256 Fieber-Reilly Real Estate 124 North Delaware 639-1533 McCord-Dirks Mortgage Co. Fidelity Building 632-8383 RESTAURANTS Burger Chef Road 100— Carmel 846-5730 Dodd ' s Flagpole Town House 5694 North Meridian 255-0872 Hansel Gretl Story-Book Restaurant 4458 Allisonville Road 546-4051 Hollyhock Hill 8110 North College 251-2294 MCL Cafeteria 2121 East 62d Street 255-0950 Steak Shake 5360 North Kevstone 251-8320 SCAVENGER SERVICE Seif Material Handling 624-34 West Washington 638-6554 SERVICE STATIONS, FUEL Associated Service Corp. 1430 Kentucky Avenue 638-1306 Nora Standard 8601 East Westfield Blvd. 846-1115 Robison Standard 9602 North Meridian 846-5718 SHOE STORES Florsheim 6101 North Kevstone 255-8662 Goodman Shoes 1 300 East 86th Street 846-5718 SURGICAL SUPPLIES American Metal Furniture, Inc. 930 West New York 635-6149 TELEVISION TV REPAIR Marthin TV Repair 5217 Keystone Court 253-1361 WISH-TV 1950 N. Meridian 924-4381 WOODWORKING M. G. Industries 4100 Lafayette Road 291-3344 200 Faculty Index Alliens, Mrs. Judith — 108 Allen, Mr. George Robert — 42 Amick, Mr. Charles E. — 103 Bailey, Mrs. Marcia — 106 Ball, Mrs. Elsie— 106 Barrett, Mrs. Sonja — 1 1(1 Benbow, Miss Helen — 106 Bertsch, Miss Ruth — 106 Bradley, Mr. Thomas— 96, 104 Briggs, Mr. Max— 1 1 1 Brodt, Mrs. Sara — 107 Brown, Mr. John H. — 108 Burrin, Mr. Thomas — 109 Buttcrworth, Mrs. Sandra — 106 Campbell, Mr. Morris— 59. 109 Carmichael, Mr. Max— 108 Carnell, Mrs. Bernice — 107 Cohen, Mrs. Meriam — 107 Comstock, Mr. Loren — 109 Coverdale, Mr. Russell — 105 Cox, Mr. Thomas — 106 Cruzan, Mr. William — 107 Culp, Mrs. Betty— 105 Davidson, Mr. James — 104, 105 DeBard, Mr. Carl— 109 Degler, Mr. George — 105 Dennis, Mr. Richard — 73, 1 1 1 Diaz, Mrs. Mildred— 104 Dick, Mr. David— 105 Doney, Mr. Thomas — 109 Dow, Miss Marybelle— 103 Duffy, Mr. James — 107 Eachus, Mr. Thomas — 33 Farrand, Mr. Keith— 96, 110 Ferguson, Mrs. Margaret — 106 Findley, Mrs. Carol— 103 Fisher, Mr. Thomas — 107 Fleming, Mr. Charles — 109 Freudenberger, Miss Jcanninc — 106 Friedersdorf, Mr. John — 96 Fruits, Mr. Forest — 40, 41 Fulps, Miss Donna — 106 Gish, Mr. Gordon — 96, 105 Goacher, Mr. Donald— IDS Harner, Mr. Norman — 103 Harrison, Mr. H. Brown — 60, 150 Holzman, Mr. John— 109 Howe, Mrs. Jennie — 105 Humphreys, Mrs. Frances — 109 Inskcep, Mr. Roland— 96 Jenkins, Mr. James — 106 Johnson. Mr. Donald— 109 Johnson, Mr. Duane — -106 Johnson, Mrs. Jeanne — 111 Kass, Mrs. Grace — 44. 106 Kcilman. Mrs. Kathleen — 57, 107 Kercheval, Mr. Donald— 109, 115 Kerr. Mr. Donald— 105 Keyt, Mr. James — 111 Kinnison. Miss Cleo — 108 Kivett, Mrs. Ruth— 60, 106 Kleifgen, Miss Carolyn — 1 1 1 Kline, Mrs. Sylvia — 107 Kraft, Mrs. Aiice— 108 Kyle, Miss Ruth M — 111 Laycock, Miss Margery — 13, 103 Legg, Mrs. Isabella— 103 Lennox, Mrs. Juanita — 1 10 Lesley, Miss Ruth— 108 Lewis, Mr. John — 106 I ickliter, Mr. Arlan— 86, 87, 96 Lindberg, Mr. Earl — 105 Lord, Mr. William— 13, 42, 107 Lyerly, Mr. James M. — 105 Martin, Mr. Donald— 13, 111 Martyn, Mr. David— 108 Meek, Miss Patricia— 108 Meek, Mr. Richard B.— 108, 109 Merkel, Miss Kathryn— 108 Merritt, Mrs. Jeannine — 106 Merrick, Mr. Noel— 89, 96 Moore, Mr. Martin — 104 Moore, Mr. Phillip— 103 Morgan, Mrs. Alice — 106 Ncad, Mrs. Virginia— 1 10, 111 Nees, Miss Martha Ellen— 106 Noble. Miss Brenda Lee— 106 Olsen. Mis. Hetty— 108 Overman, Miss Sue — 106 Patton, Mr. Kenneth — 109 Pence, Mrs. Barbara — 106 Phares. Mr. William— 105 Pickard. Miss Roleen — 107 Piechocki, Mrs. Lori — 106 Prettyman, Mr. Robert — 105 Reese, Mrs. Edith— 107 Richards, Mr. Wilbur— 38, 105 Riley, Mr. Charles— 83, 96 Rimstidt, Mrs. Nelda — 106 Rhinesmith, Mr. Samuel — 72, 111 Rodman, Mrs. Kaaren — 104 Ross. Mr. Marvin — 105 Rump, Mr. Ervin — 107 Russell, Mr. Charles— 105 Sayler. Mrs. Judith B.— 108 Schiffli, Mr. Albert— 96, 105 Schmucker, Mr. Glen— 96. 195 Seigel, Mr. Robert— 40. 106 Sharp, Mr. George — 105 Shirley, Mr. John— 96. 106 Shulik, Mr. Rubin— 68 Spencer, Mr. Alvin — 1 1 1 Spoon, Mrs. Mary — 105 Staffieri, Miss Edra— 108 Stokesberry, Mrs. Betty— 106, 108 Stout, Mrs. Margeret — 111 Stroup, Mr. Keith— 96, 110 Fay lor, H. Norman— 109 Tharp, Mr. Cecil— 105 Walker, Mr. Billy Lee —110 Walter, Mr. Jack— 86, 96, 1 10 Warren, Mr. Kenneth H. — 103 Watson, Mr. Robert— 105, 188 Weaver, Mr. Byron— 96, 110 Weaver, Miss Marilyn — 104 Wendling, Mr. John— 108 Wert, Mrs. Katherine— 1 00. 108 White, Mr. J. B. — 47, 108 Wiegel, Miss Carolyn — 106 Wilhelm, Capt. Charles— 109 Wingfield, Mrs. Helen— 106 Wisner, Mrs. Edith — 105 Woodruff, Mr. G. L.— 1 1 1 Young, Mrs. Lila J.— 109 ADMINISTRATION Bagby, Dr. Geraldine— 10) . 103 Blickman, Mr. Sol— 102 Bugher, Mr. William D.— 37. 103 C lones, Mr. Eugene — 103 Eiche, Mr. Milo— 103 Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth — 102 Light, Mr. Everett— 102 Mashaw, Mr. William— 102 Nolte, Mr. Walter J.— 102 Tharp, Mr. Carter— 102 Wilson, Dr. Donald— 102 SECRETARIES Farkas, Mrs. Marguerite — 112 Gilbert, Mrs. Pam— 112 Keller, Mrs. Doris— 112 Lindell, Mrs. Gladys— 112 McDermott, Mrs. Betty — 112 Nickels, Mrs. Rosalie — 112 Scott, Mrs. Paulyne — 112 Swigart, Mrs. Linnea — 112 Tomlinson, Mrs. Patricia — 112 Whitsit, Mrs. Grace — 112 Activities Index A Capella — 71 Mr. Martin, Mr. Laugh tin Air Space — 64 Mr. Cloverdale American Authors — 45 Miss Nees American Field Service — 50 Mrs. Butterivorth, Mr. Doney Aquarium — 63 Mr. Russell Art— 51 Miss Kyle, Mr. Briggs, Mr. Keyt Art Crafts — 51 Miss Kyle, Mr. Briggs, Mr. Keyt Astronomy — (54 Mr. Watson Audio Visual — 68 Mr. Shulik Baton Corps — 77 Mr. Rhinesmith Bell Choir— 73 Mr. Laughlin Biology — 63 Mr. Inskeep, Mr. Lickliter Booster Block — 76 Mrs. Lennox Boys ' Industrial Arts — 53 Mr. Spencer, Mr. Eachus Chess— 59 Mr. Campbell, Mr. Cox, Mr. Degler, Mr. Woodruff, Mr. Wells Chess Team — 59 Mr. Campbell, Mr. Cox Clothing— 52 Mrs. Stout, Miss Staffieri Color Guard — 74 Captain Wilhelm Concert Band — 72 Mr. Rhinesmith Costume — 43 Mr. Allen, Mrs. Merritt Counterpoints — 72 Mr. Martin Debate — 41 Mr. Fruits Debate Team — 41 Mr. Fruits Drafting — 55 Mr. Woodruff Drama — 42 Mr. Allen, Miss Bertsch Drill Team — 74 Captain Wilhelm Electronics — 65 Mr. Eachus Folk Music — 70 Mr. Jenkin, Mrs. Bailey Foods — 52 Mrs. Wisner, Mrs. Nead Forensics — 40 Mr. Seigel, Miss Swartz French — 47 Mr. Goacher, Mr. Martyn, Mrs. Rodman Future Business Leaders of America — 66. 67 Miss Pickard, Mrs. Cohen Future Nurses of America — 66 Mrs. Cohen Future Teachers of America — 66, 67 Mr. Tharp, Miss Pickard Geology — 65 Mr. Lindberg German — 46 Mrs. Ahrens, Mr. Wendling, Mr. Brown Girls ' Auto Mechanics — 53 Mr. Castner Girls ' Ensemble — 70 Mrs. Johnson Girls ' Industrial Arts — 53 Mr. Spencer Government — 48 Mr. Fleming, Mr. Debard Graphic Arts — 69 Mr. Mann, Mr. Smith Great Books — 45 Mrs. Kraft, Mr. Taylor History of Math— 61 Mr. Davidson International Relations — 48 Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Moore Journalism — 54 Mrs. Kline, Mrs. Kcilman Junior Historical Society — 49 Mr. Holzman, Mr. Johnson Key Club— 38 Mr. Richards Knitting — 52 Miss Benbow, Mrs. Spoon, Miss Kleifgen Latin — 46 Miss Kinnison, Miss Lesley Library — 69 Mrs. Morgan Madrigals — 71 Mr. Martin Military History — 49 Mr. Burrin Mu Alpha Theta— 60 Mr. Harrison, Mr. Gish Music Men — 70 Mr. Laughlin NDCC— 75 Captain Wilhelm NDCC Sponsors— 74 Captain Wilhelm National Forensics League — 40 Mr. Fruits National Honor Society — 60 Mrs. Kivett Northerner — 51 Mrs. Keilman Northern Lights — 56 Mrs. Kline Notehand — 58 Mrs. Reese Orchestra — 73 Mr. Dermis Panther Athletic — 76 Mr. Weaver Pep Band — 77 Mr. Rhinesmith Photography — 55 Mr. Phares Physical Education Helpers ' Club— 68 Mrs. Lennox, Mr. Farrand 201 Poetry — 14 Mr. Duffy Quill and Scroll — 54 Mrs. Keilman Red Cross — 67 Mrs. Ferguson, Mr. Wells Review Typing — 58 Mr. Rump, Mrs. Carnell Rifle Team— 75 Captain Wilhelm Science Projects — 62 Mr. Prettyman Science Service — 62 Mr. Schmucker, Mr. Thomas Senior Girls ' League — 39 Mrs. Stokesberry Shakespeare — 44 Miss Kass Slide Rule— 61 Mrs. Howe, Mr. Lyerly Spanish — 46, 47 Miss Weaver, Miss Merkel, Mrs. Diaz Stage Crew — 43 Mr. Lord Student Council— 36, 37 Mr. Bugher Thespians— 42 Mr. Allen, Mr. Lord Transcription — 58 Mr. Cruzan Travel — 50 Mr. White, Miss Overman, Mr. Comstock, Mr. Kerr, Miss Noble, Mr. Schiffli World Culture — 44 Miss Fulps, Miss Siegel Student Index Aase, Barbara — 30 Abbott, Ellen— 71 Abrams, Robert — 37, 38, 174 Adams, Gerald— 96 Adams, John — 91 Adams, Joyce — 68 Adams, Martha — 68 Adams, Mary — 68 Adams, Wayne— 68, 83, 84, 95, 97 Agnew, Carla— 13, 72, 97, 153, 174 Agnew, Donna — 6, 28, 42, 72, 160 Aikman, Mary Lynne — 37, 174 Albertson, Janet — 19 Alig, Cynthia— 170 Allen, Anna Jane — 42, 60, 140 Allen, Barbara — 72 Alsop, Nancy — 31 Ambroz. Linda — 37 Ammerman, Sally — 26, 57 Amos, Karen — 31 Anderson, Susan — 72 Anderson, Timothy— 83, 94, 96 Armstrong, Rebecca — 71 Arshop. Howard — 91 Arterberry, Theresa— 61 Arthur, Harry — 70 Ashton, John — 14, 38 Atkins, David— 10, 71 Atkins, Edith— 153, 190 Ault, Martha— 60 Austen, Marsha — 54, 71 Avels, Raymond — 73 Aycock, Mike— 83, 94 Babayan, Richard — 38 Backer, Howard— 38, 153 Bahne. Charles — 60 Bailey, Kathlyn — 70 Bailey, Lynn — 70 Baker, Cathy— 70, 71 Baker, Laurence — 38, 95 Baldridge, Karen — 43, 45 Baldwin, Richard — 37, 74 Ballard, Michael— 40, 71 Bancroft, Marianne — 12, 70 Barbarick, Linda — 74 Bareither, Van— 83, 94, 96 Barnes, Nancy — 12, 57, 175 Bauer, Anne — 37, 72 Bauer, Elaine — 11, 43 Baun, Paul— 33, 91 Beatty, Ronald— 84, 85, 95, 96 Beitman, Bruce — 91 Bennett, Robert — 81 Bcnz, Janis — 71 Berger, Michael— 10, 16, 37, 38, 59, 60 Berling, Cheryl— 37, 39, 71 Belling, Sherri — 46, 71 Bernard, Danielle — 27, 47, 49 Bernstein, Seth — 38, 40, 41 Berry, Ronald — 60 Bibbs, Richard— 72, 91 Bingham, Kathryn — 153 Bishop, Keith— 70, 74 Blu kenstaff, David — 15 Blankertz, William— 59 Bledsoe, Martin— 37, HI, ' II Blaskiewicz, Krika — 66 Blieden, Marjery — 48 Blomberg, Bruce— 83, 84, 86 Bloom, Mark— 72, 96 Bluestein, Sheldon — 59 Boals, Jane — 12 Boardman, Thomas — 74, 75 Bodwell, Frank— 28, 37, 57, 72, 176 Bohard, Claudia— 40, 71 Bolotin, Alan — 55 Boman. Jeanne — 67 Bose, Carl— 24, 37, 38, 60, 90, 91 Bowers, Carolyn — 66, 70 Bowman, Stephen — 51, 62 Boyd, Richard— 51, 181, 185 Braden, Kay— 52 Bradley, Jo — 72 Bradshaw, Melody — 71 Bramley, Hal— 91 Brandt, Kathleen — 42 Brandt, Stephen — 72, 180 Braun, Judith— 16, 40, 72 Breisacher, Sandra — 97 Brewer, Dwane — 40 Brewster, Christopher — 40, 72, 74 Brickson, Richard — 72 Bridgforth, George — 37, 71 Brodey, Helene — 72 Brody, John — 38 Bromley, James— 91, 94, 153 Brothers, Allan— 38, 71 Brown, Amy — 77 Brown, Charles — 62 Brown, Patrick — 71, 94 Brunelle, Marilyn — 71 Buddenbaum, Nancy — 71 Burgess, David — 95 Burgy, Ronald — 74, 75 Burney, Douglas — 72 Burns, Elizabeth— 24, 37 Busch, Thomas — 49 Buschmann, Ann — 42, 43 Buschmann, Stephen — 59 Buschmann, William — 49, 66 Butler, Dale— 37, 83, 84 Butz, Carol— 52 Butz, Stephen— 37, 38 Byrd, Richard— 99 Cahn, Margery — 18 Caine, Daniel — 45, 60 Campbell, David — 65 Campbell, Jamie — 54 Carlson, Alan— 7, 71, 75, 94 Carlson, William — 57 Carter, Patty — 71 Case, John — 89 Cassada, Carolyn— 10, 13, 28, 37, 72, 97 Cassada, Susan— 10, 16, 51, 60, 97 Cast, Stephen — 70 Chambcrlin, Deborah — 72 Chastain, Jerry — 72 Chastain, Judith — 70 Chenoweth, Sara — 5 Chernin, David— 60, 91 Christenson, Roger — 68 Claeson, Linda — 77 Clapp, Susan — 71 Clark, Betty Jo— 189 Clark, Phillip— 21, 42, 43, 45, 60 Clark, Randcll— 7, 38, 60, 160 Claypool, Philip— 38, 60 Clayton, Scott— 10, 81, 86, 96 Clones, Cheryl— 68 Cloyd, Rebecca — 177 Clutter, Robert— 37, 38, 60, 71, 81, 94 Coale, Jean— 8, 68 Coats, Jane — 73 Cockerille, Philip— 37, 83 Connolly, Timothy— 153, 174 Conway, Carole — 51 Cooper, Linda — 54, 175 Copenhaver, David — 91 Corbin, David — 181 Corlett, Glenn— 70 Cornett, Susan — 42 Cotter, Michael— 81 Coulson, Sarah — 71 Couse, Nicholette — 58, 181 Crandall, Barbara— 16, 37, 68, 77, 101 Cregor, Douglas — 59 Cruickshank, Bruce — 38, 83, 94 Cruzan, Dougl as — 76, 91 Cullison, Virgil — 74 Cummings, Barbara — 190 Cummings, Nancy — 60 Cupp, Elaine — 77 Cure, Karen— 13, 57, 153, 154, 176 Curry, Elizabeth — 61 Daniels, Mitchell— 36, 38, 71, 153, 154 Daniels, William— 56, 191 David, Sam— 71 Davidson, Bob — 48, 54, 56, 98, 99 Davis, Dorothy — 73 Davis, Jay — 40, 44 Davis, Larry — 72 Davis, Mary — 37 Dawe, Gregory — 83, 95 Dawson, Esther — 10, 37, 71 Dawson, Larry — 71, 91 Day, Douglas — 62 Deckman, Susan — 9, 57 Deich, Harold — 75 Delott, Cynthia — 185 Dennerline, Frederick — 22, 40 deRaismes, Beverly — 37, 60 DeShano, Lawrence — 33 Diaz, Maria — 46, 60 Dillin, Patricia — 40 Dinwiddie, Mark— 10, 68, 76, 81, 95, 96 Dinwiddie, Robert — 74, 75 Dirks, Mary Kay— 9, 54, 57, 60 Dittus, Diana — 72 Dock, Natalie— 60 Dodd, Linda— 190 Domont, Dan — 38, 55 Domont, Larry — 37, 38, 60 DonCarlos, Pamela — 71 Donovan, Linda — 70 Dorfman, Lawrence — 59 Doriot, Janice — 73 Drake, Daniel— 1 1 Drummond, Kipp — 40 Duncan, Daniel— 28, 72 Dunlap, Cheryl — 77 Dunn, Donna— 9, 37, 50, 177 Dunn, Stephanie — 64 Dunn, Thomas L— 88, 89 Dunne, Gordon — 71 Dunne, Ruth — 73 Duvall, John— 20, 137 Dyer, Patricia — 68 Dyke, Pamela — 60 Dykema, Julie — 72 Dykins, Michelle — 67 Echard, Maribeth — 60 Eckel, Lynn— 8, 174 Eggleston, Rebecca — 37 Ehrhardt, Cornelia— 11, 71, 153 Ellis, Deborah— 68 Emmert, Fred — 91 Engel, Elliot— 37, 40, 46, 60 Englehart, Theodore — 71 Enkema, Stephen— 60, 93, 181, 185 Ennis, Donna — 70 Erdey, Paul— 71 Ervin, Harold — 72 Esmon, John — 72, 92 Essler, Jutta — 77 Evarts, Kathleen — 7 Everhart, Gary — 71 Faris, Edward — 38 Fasola, Alfred— 38, 81, 95, 96 Fathman, Jeanine — 77 Fatout, Richard— 88, 89 Featherston, Gary — 68 Fehsenfeld, Joann — 191 Ferdon, Ferris — 91 Ferguson, James — 60 Fiesel, Barbara — 21, 181 Finch, Linda — 30 Fink, Dale- 0, 41, 60, 153, 174 Fink, Leon— 25, 36, 37,40,41,48, 60 Fisch, Gary— 37, 38, 60 Fischesser, Chris — 74, 75 Fisher, Scott— 38, 60 Fishman, Miles — 70 Flack, Melissa— 8, 176 Flannery, Maureen — 4 Flickinger, Elizabeth— 39, 48, 60 Fobes, Richard— 37, 71 Fogle, Ann — 10, 71 Fogle, Norman— 37, 83, 94 Fogle, Gertrude — 60 Ford, Paul— 3, 68, 81, 84, 94, 96 Fortune, John — 72 Fox, Brenda — 54, 56 Fox, Richard — 71 Fraser, Thomas — 70 Frauman, David — 38, 49 Frayer, David— 91, 96 Freije, George — 60, 70 Frey, Virginia — 44 Fritsch, Barry— 81, 95, 96 Fritschle, Scott— 37, 92, 96 Frosch, Frederick — 86 Fruits, Steve — 40 Fulk, Donald— 33 Gaalema, Grant— 9, 68, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 86, 95, 96 Gaalema, Greg — 83 Gallion, Daniel— 42, 70, 81 Galvin, Virginia — 60 Cans, Susan — 70 Gardner, Gary — 38 Gardner, Teresa — 37 Garrett, Molly— 37, 50 Garrett, Stephen— 24, 93 Garritson, Sandra — 77 Gemmer, Barbara — 72 George, Kenneth — 177 Gillen, H. William— 74, 75 Gillespie, Charles— 72, 74, 75 Gillespie, Douglas— 37, 184 Giltner, David— 70. 94 Giltner, Steven — 70 Gipe, Susan — 44, 60 Glanzman, Roberta — 66, 185 Glasser, Robert — 40, 41 Goldfarb, Ben— 63 Goldstein, Richard — 74, 96 Goldstein, Richard— 68, 91 Goldstein, Todd— 68 (.oil, Jeanne — 71 Gommel, Linda — 60, 71 Goodhart, Thomas — 74 Goodin, Robert — 40 Goodman, Mason — 41, 59 Goodman, Daniel — 40, 41 Goodrich, Stephen — 40 Grady, Kathy— 57. 153, 160 Grant, Robert — 72 Grant, Stephen— 83 Green, Eric — 54, 83 Green, Rebecca — 49 Greene. Carol — 49 Greer, Sandra — 37. 71 Gresham, Georgia — 40 Griffith, Richard— 72 Gronau, Thomas — 37, 71 Grube, Kenneth — 72 Gruber, Karen — 70 Guinther, Gregory — 72 Gust, Beverly — 70 Gyarmati, Patti — 71 Habig, Joan — 37 Hackleman, Robert — 81 Haines, Edwin — 69 Haines, Richard — 74. 75 Hale, Doug— 38, 61, 153, 164 Hall, Diana— 61 Ham, James — 46 Hamilton, Mary — 71 Hankins, Christian — 46 Hanna, Deborah — 72 Hanson, Kendall — 70 Harmon, Franklin — 74 Harris, Mim— 4, 24, 37, 39, 48, 54, 57 Harrison, Roger — 37. 81 Harrison, Susan — 49 Harsin, Donald — 74 Hart, Kathy — 6, 71 Hart, Rosa — 71 Hartley, Sharon — 57 Hartman, Lloyd — 60 Hartman, Sally — 153 Haskin, Robert— 3, 10, 81 Haskitt, Ellen— 53 Hasler. Linda — 70 Hatfield, Stephen— 91 Hebert, Robert— 181, 185 Hedrick, Linda— 37, 97 Heeter, William— 59, 62 Helms, Robert— 69 Henderson, Michael — 74 Hene, Carol— 157 Henn, Patricia— 30, 68 Heppner, James — 81, 96 Herndon, Rebecca — 69 Herrick, Janet — 191 Hershey, Judy — 77 Hibbard, Nancy — 71 Hickey, James— 38, 95 Highmark, Duncan — 38, 95 Hill, Carol— 37, 71 Hilton, Marc — 40, 41, 49, 63 Hiner, John— 38, 60, 62 Hinkle, Donna — 40 Hittle, Jack— 95 Hockcr, Dianne— 37, 72 Hoehn. William— 72 Hoffman. William— 153, 174 Hoffmann, John — 70 Hoffmann, Steven — 63 Holdcrbaum, Craig — 7. 40 Holland, Theodore— 38 Hollander, Eugene — 81 Holloway, Alison — -77 Holmes, Kathleen — 196 Holmes, Suzanne — 196 Holsworth, Thomas — 26, 40 Holt, Steven— 40, 41 Hooker, Jill— 71. 72 Horning. Stevan — 5. 40. 41 Horton, Bill— 66 Hottc, Bruce — 74 Howell, Priscilla— 26 Howell, Ron— 68, 84 Howell, William— 74 Hoyt, Michael— 59 Hubert. John— 37, 60. 64 HufTman, Dennis — 161 Humphreys, Noel— 38. 49. 59, 60, 94 Hunter, Diana — 29, 65 Hutsell, Thomas — 76, 154 Irwin, Ann — 12 Itce, Carolyn — 37, 71 Jackson, Gregg — 70 Jackson, Jill— 16, 50, 60 Jackson, Stephen — 38 Jacobs, Burt — 63 Jacobson, Bruce — 63 Jacobson, Michael — 38, 40, 54, 57, 60 Jahnke, Robert— 37, 38, 49, 60 Janes. Catherine — 70, 72 Jay, Geoffrey— 72 Jens, Russell — 51 Jenkins, Jo Ellen— 77, 153, 196 Jewett, Linda — 153 Johns, Catherine — 190 Johnston, John— 83, 191 Jordan, James — 91 Jordan, Judith — 52, 77 Kabat, John — 64 Kafoure, Michael— 84, 86. 94 Kafoure, Steven— 37, 38, 60, 89 Kahn, Susan — 37, 70, 71 Kammeraad, Patricia — 161 Kamplain, James — 72 Kandrac, Ann — 70 Kciner, Warren — 38 Keller, John — 40 Keller, Nancy Jane — 70, 71 Kellev, Beth— 70 Kelley, Thomas— 37, 184 Kelly, Karen— 73, 184 Kempler, Joseph— 70 Kempton, Daniel — 14, 60 Kepner, Mary Beth — 44, 71 Ketzel, James — 40 Kieper, Ronald — 71 Kiovsky, Richard— 3, 7, 84, 86, 87 Kirkwood, Candace — 64, 66 Kirles, Peter — 95 Kitterman, Randall— 83, 84, 95 Kitzmiller, Gregory — 72 Klein, Jeff— 68, 83, 84, 95. 185 Knudsen, Erik — 94 Koplow, Michelle — 37 Kreizenbeck, Randy — 61 Krueger, Karen — 37 Kubilis, Jane — 40, 77 Kuhn, Carolyn— 8, 190 Kuhn, Willis— 62 Kuhs, Donald— 42, 68, 95 Kustad, Jack — 74 Kuszmaul, Susan — 24 Lamison, Barbara — 164 Lancet, William— 68. 94. 153 Lannerd, Janet — 10, 71 Latimer, James — 60 Lawrance, Charles — 72 Lawton, Donald— 17, 32. 37, 72. 81, 91 Lawton, Roger— 38. 90. 91 Lazar, Ronald — 74 Leander, Karen— 12. 37, 50, 68 Lee, John — 70, 72 Lee, William— 38. 60, 96 Leff, Susan— 43. 46 Leggett. Sue — 72 Lehr, Kathy— 22 Leimar, Anders — 27 Leland, James— 37, 38 Lenglade, James — 70 Lennox. Ellen— 162 Leopold, Susan — 40 Lerman, Jay — 38, 46 Lesh, Suzanne — 157 Lindell, Janice — 68 Linderman, Richard — 38 Lindquist, Bonnie — 5. 40, 42, 60 Lindquist. John— 37, 40 Lindstrom, Bruce — 72, 74 Linn. David— 38 Litten, Stephen — 171 Lockwood, Nancy — 77 Lockwood. Sharon — 21, 57 Loeper, William— 38 Logsdon. Joseph — 89 Londe, Ann — 12 Long, Marsha — 71 Longden. Michael — 73 Lookabill, Janet — 71 Maas, Tina — 175 MacAllister, Bruce — 153 MacMullin, James— 28, 40, 41, 70. 73 Main. Dianna — 72 Main, Lynn — 153 Maines, Jane — 72 Malofsky. Charlene — 60 Manzie, Mary Lou — 60 Marcus. Edward — 55 Marshall, Judith— 56, 60 Martin, David— 38, 40, 60 Martin, Jan — 7, 16, 37 Martin, Kim — 70, 156 Martin, Michael — 60, 73 Martin, Rex — 37, 71 Mashaw, Terry — 53 Mather, Candace — 68, 72 Maurer, Daveen — 72 Maxwell, Juliana — 12 McAllister, Donald — 95 McAloon, John — 73 McBride, Anna — 53 McClain. Nancy— 37. 97 McClard, Kandie— 70 McClenny, Timothy— 44. 83, 94. 96 McCollum, Linda — 70 McComb. Donald— 22 McConnell, Charlotte — 97 McConville, Scott — 86 McCue, Lee — 57 McDowell, Bonnie— 70, 72 McDowell, Robin— 71 McFarland, Robert — 72 McFarland, Stuart — 72 McGaughey, Craig — 37 McKinley, Larry — 72 McKinney, Kirk — 91 McKown, David— 6, 37, 72, 180 McNaughton, Laura — 44 McPhee, Robert — 40, 60 Meditch, Andrea— 9, 60 Medlin, Jeanette — 68 Mees, Nancy — 51 Messenger, Sarah — 4, 71 Mewhinney, Frederick — 59 Michael, Chris— 91 Miller, Gordon— 68, 81, 84, 96 Miller, James — 73 Miller, Jerry— 65 Miller, Mark— 9, 16, 81, 94, 96, 98 Miller, Marsha— 60 Miller, Terry— 26, 60 Milton, David— 54, 74 Miner. Georgie — 57, 153, 177 Minnich, Linda — 62 Mitchell, Charlotte— 65 Mitchell, Douglas— 24, 54, 57, 60 Mitchell, Elizabeth— 31 Mix, Ronald — 74, 75 Mock. Wanda— 77 Mockler, Nancy — 60 Montgomery. Stephanie — 40, 41 Moore. David — 86 Moore, Mark— 37, 46, 81, 86 Moore, Susan — 37, 71 Morgan, Jack — 70 Morgan, Ross — 70 Morgan, Terry — 60 Morlock, Gary— 91 Morton, Janice — 77 Morton, Linda — 52 Murdock, Mark— 72 Murphy, Joseph— 68, 81, 90, 91, 94, 96, 153 Nagey, David— 64, 91, 104 Nees, David — 91 Neff, Harry— 60 Nefouse, Paul— 37, 81. 94, 96 Nestor, David — 71 Neumeier, Nancy — 70 Netter, Linda — 52 Newman, Robert— 23, 38 Newman, Terry — 189 Nice, Susan — 68 Nicely, Stephanie — 60 Nichols, Rosemary — 53 Nicholson, Kathleen — 72, 77 Nickels, John — 31 Nickleson, Sandra — 41 Niehaus, Susan— 32. 107 Niemann, George — 91 Nisenbaum, Judy — 49 Nisenbaum, Steven — 37, 38, 40, 60 Noland, Kathleen— 32, 60 Nolte, Barbara— 190 Norman, Shirley — 53 Norman, Thomas — 68 Oberlin, Mike— 12, 71 Oberholtzer, Dan— 76, 81, 96 O ' Connor, Mary — 67 Ochs, Rachel — 40 O ' Haver, Nancy — 11, 37 O ' Kane, Karen — 68 O ' Koon, Bernard— 71 Oliver, Darby— 71 Oliver, Debby— 57 O ' Guinn, Max— 176 Olsen, William— 108. 191 Olsen, Robert— 191 Olthoff, John— 81 Orr, James — 86 Osborn, Judith — 70 Ostrom, Cecelia — 16 O ' Sullivan, Timothy — 74 Over, Paul— 60, 61 Overby, James — 68 Overby, Steven — 91 Overman, Lynda — 70 Overman, Steven— 37, 81, 86 Owens, Stephanie — 97 Pactor, Jon— 56, 75, 81 Pagel, Terrell— 91 Paige, Stephen — 14 Palmer, Anne — 70 Parker, Frederic — 185 Parker, Richard— 10, 71 Parker, William — 72 Parrish, Laura — 70 Partlowe, Sylvia — -77 203 Patterson, Peggy — 9, 27, 47, 60 Patterson, Wendy — 72 Patton, David — 70 Patton, Gary— 81, 96 Paul, Sandra — 72 Payne, Janice — 52 Pearson, Ronald — 71 Pearson, Bonnie — 71, 72 Pedigo, Brvant — 72 Pedlow, Cheryl — 77, 191 Peeler, Michael— 38, 60 Peirce, Gregory — 41, 89 Peirce, John — 89 Pelsue, Gary— 70, 91 Penington, Michael — 72 Pernio, Robert — 81 Perkins, Jacqueline — 60 Perkins, Robert— 13, 71, 153 Perkins, Sally — 72 Perkins, Stephanie — 52 Peters, David— 61, 94, 96 Petersen, Scott — 72 Petticrew. Jeffrey— 37, 38, 60 Phillips. Timothy — 24, 38, 72 Philvaw, Barbara— 39, 76 Pike, Charles— 91 Pippen, Nancy — 46, 60 Pittman, Donald — 107 Piatt, Thomas — 70, 74 Plzak, Constance — 72 Polk, Priscilla— 60 Ponder, Constance — 37, 70, 71 Porter, Claudella— 175 Porter, Stephen — 66 Potter. Robert— 81, 84, 96 Powell, Edwin— 68 Prah, Gary— 37 Priest, Julia — 19 Pritchard, Glenn— 74, 81, 91, 96 Pruyn, Richard — 71 Pryor, Robert--10, 41, 74 Pylat, John— 38 Pyle, Cynthia— 70 Pyle, Robert— 83 Raber, Frances — 9, 60 Raber, Marcia — 9, 16, 37 Rabin, Rory— 165 Rader, Janet— 73, 153 Rafferty, Kathy— 175 Raikos, Gustin — 68 Ramey, Louellen — 71 Rashti, f alii— 27, 49 Rath, William— 73 Ratts. David — 42, 72 Raver, Terri — 40, 41 Ray, Jimmy — 37 Ray, Linda — 70 Reed, Clarence — 74, 75 Reel, William— 10, 81, 91, 182 Regenstreif, Ike— 60, 86 Reid, James — 68 Reid, Sally— 10, 37 Reilly, Peter— 24, 38, 60, 81, 82, 94, 96 Reinking, Nathan — 86 Ren fro, Deborah — 43 Reynolds, Ian — 38 Rhodes, Carl— 91 Rhodes, Edgar— 38, 60 Rhodes, Stuart — 38 Rhodes, Thomas — 38, 83 Richards, Bruce— 81, 96 Rich, Earl— 3 Rich, Pamela— 37 Rich, Kathryn — 57 Richards, Randall— 72 R i ( h a rd son , R oberl — 59 Riddell, Sandra— 71 Riescn, Michael — 3, 68, 84, 86 87, J53 Roberts, Glenn— 9, 10, 37, 76, 81, 84, 94, 96, 98, 154 Roberts, Mark — 60 Roberts, Pamela — 14, 71, 77 Robison, Sally— 53 Roesch. John — 91 Rohn, Daniel — 71 Rollings. Robert— 60, 83, 96 Roman, Michael — 38 Roth, Frances — 185 Roth, Linda — 4, 60 Rothbaum, Robert— 20, 37, 40, 60, 61 Rouse, Sharon — 67 Routt, Jennifer — 60 Rubenstein, Jerome — 74 Runciman, Lee — 60 Rushtown, Sharon — 72 Russell, Deloris — 67 Russell. Frank — 60. 71 Rust, David— 65 Sachs, David — 65 Sacks, Harvey — 19, 60 Salisbury, William — 94 Samms, Bonita — 153 Sam nelson, Janet — 70 Sanders, Lisa — 60, 71 Sandler, Wendy— 40 Sandy, Joe — 44 Schoolcraft, Joe — 74, 81, 91 Schornstein, Mark — 80 Schrader, Thomas— 37, 60, 81, 91 Schuchmann, Walter — 72, 74, 75 Schuff, Jay— 37, 59 Schulte, Leah — 71 Schutte, Yvonne— 42, 68, 97 Scofield, John — 41 Scott, Cynthia — 40 Scott, Stephen — 72 Scott, Thomas — 95 Scudder, Sharon — 72 Seif, Debra— 185 Seulean, Myron — 38 Shafer. Kemp — 45 Shallington, Jackie — 74, 75 Shands, Linda — 37 Sharp, Judith— 67 Sharp, Othel — 44 Sherk, Gordon— 38, 60 Shewmaker, Jack — 81 Shoemaker, Diane — 71 Short, Valeska — 48, 60 Shuba, Cynthia— 45, 60 Shultz, Susan — 68 Siler, Peter — 74 Simmons, Christina — 5, 24, 40, 41 Simon. Bess — 37, 50 Sinclair, Pamela — 70 Singleton, Christopher — 99 Skelton, Bill— 9, 16, 68, 81, 94, 96 Skinner, Patricia — 60 Sklare, Bruce — 40 Slater, Ann— 71, 164 Slater, Dave— 37, 89 Slaughter, Chris— 9, 16, 76, 81, 93 Small, Richard— 38, 91, 153 Smith, Carolyn— 32, 68 Smith, Charles — 33 Smith, Cheryl — 77 Smith, David P.— 10, 38 Smith, David J.— 60 Smith, Judith— 73 Smith, Mary Scott — 10, 37 Smith, Robert — 21 Smith, Ted— 71, 94 Smock, Rebecca — 70 Snow, Terry — 71 Sommer, Barbara — 42, 54,56, 155 Soper, Julia — 67 Sparks, Kay — 77 Sparrenberger, Kathy — 70 Sparrenberger, Susan — 71 Springer, Steven — 22, 38, 62 Sputh, Edward — 70 Srader, Betsy — 161 Srader, Susan — 71, 181 Stackhouse, Linda — 57 Stahlhuth, Gayle — 70, 71 Stanley, Kathryn — 37, 176 Stanley, Vicky— 66 Starr, Linda — 70 Steeg, Cathy— 12, 173 Stern, Judy— 66, 185 Stern, Larry — 73 Sternberger, Stephen — 73 Stevens, Leslie — 37 Stevens, LaDonna — 71 Stickle, Evelyn — 70 Stock, Jan — 66 Stocksdale, John — 7 Stohler, Gary — 40, 74 Stone, Mike — 72 Stoner, Lyn— 57, 62 Storey, Elaine— 16, 188 Stout, Jennifer — 52 Streett, Linda — 99 Stroh, James — 72, 91 Suggs, Linda — 60 Sullivan, Michael — 59 Sutton, Thomas— 38, 153 Svendsen, Roger— 38, 60, 62 Svendsen, Tracy — 73 Swanson, Karen — 37, 47, 60, 77 Swingle, Susan — 37 Talesnick, Stephen — 60, 101 Teixler, Jane — 57, 188 Tepfer, Robert — 61 Terrell, James — 81, 96 Teuton, William— 81, 94, 96 Tewksbury, Richard — 24, 76, 81, 86 Tharp, Carter — 37 Thayer, Michael— 68, 95 Thomas, Bradford — 72 Thomas, Jill— 42, 43 Thompson, David — 94 Thompson, John — 171 Thompson, Martha — 42, 60 Thompson, Ross— 80, 81, 84, 87, 96 Thompson, Steven — 38, 95 Thompson, Susan — 37, 77 Thwing, William — 72 Tiller, David— 89 Timmons, Andrea — 26 Tinsley, Teresa — 52, 70 Tolson, James— 68, 83, 91 Trankle, Thomas — 64, 71 Traugott, Joe— 40, 41, 64 Trieb, Diane — 37, 71 Trusty, Scott — 55 Tucker, Carolyn — 52 Tucker, Karen— 12, 37, 190 Turk, Linda — 67, 70 Turner, Janet — 72 Tzucker, John — 59 Uvanni, Andrew — 4, 72 VanArsdol, Gary— 68 Vance, Carl— 153 Vance, Michael— 81, 96 Van Meter, Cindy — 71 Vaprin, Dinah— 40, 42 Vinton, Susan— 68, 191 Vollrath, Ruth— 71 Vorhies, Carl— 96 Wagman, Sue — 37 Wagner, Judith — 7, 74, 75 Wagner, Wilette — 7, 74 Waldman, Terry — 81 Waldner, Vicky — 71 Walker, Julia — 60 Walkup, Gary— 71, 94 Wallberg, Linda — 60 Waller, Marguerite — 5, 24, 60, 73 Walter, Elizabeth — 71 Walter, John— 76, 81 Walz, Janyce — 7, 74, 75 Wamsley, Steven — 75 Wamsley, Theodore — 74 Wands, William— 91 W T ard, Douglas — 74, 182 Ward, Steven — 44, 64 Warman, Debbie — 12, 97 Warren, Barbara — 73 Warren, Bradford — 60 Waugh, Stuart — 94 Weakley, Jean — 54, 175 Weddle, Carol— 69 Weil, Barbara — 57 Weinberg, Larry — 59 Weir, Suzanne — 37 Wente, Robert— 3, 68, 84, 87 Werner, Patricia— 39, 56, 60 Wesselman, Linda — 43, 154 West, Candice — 4, 72 Whalen, Linda — 71 Wherry, Luanne — 73, 153 Whitaker, John— 70 White, Bruce — 72 White, Richard— 60, 72, 75 White, Stephen— 38 White, Suzanne — 16 White, William — 74, 75 Whitehead, Bruce— 23, 61, 64 Whitehead, Dexter — 70 Whitfield, John— 94 Whitley, Dave — 74 Wides, David— 37 Wild, Rodney— 73 Wilkerson, Dan — 91 Wilson, Carolyn — 29 Willard, Becky— 37 Willey, Barry— 91 Willey, Kathy— 71 Williams, Jacqueline — 68 Williams, Kevin — 70, 81 Williams, Karen — 16, 89, 174 Williams, Michael G.— 83, 94 Williams, Michael T. — 91 Williams, Susan— 61, 71 Williamson, Thomas — 74, 75 Willis, Christine — 70 Willman, Larry — 68 Wilson, John— 38, 89 Wilson, Linda— 12 Wilsted, Kirk— 81 Wisely, Deborah— 12, 153 Woerner, Molly — 70 Wolf, Jacqueline— 37, 61 Wolsifer, Andy— 59 Wood, Francie — 65, 70, 71 Wood, James— 10, 38, 60, 91 Woodard, James — 7, 37 Woodard, Roger — 60 Worley, Charles— 81, 96 Wright, James — 75 Wright, Michael— 22, 37 Wright, Laurie — 44, 60 Wright, Roger — 74 Wright, Timothy— 91 Wulf, Deanna— 70 Zeller, Gary— 74 Ziker, Stephen — 63 immennann, George — 81, 91 201 Heavy responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the editor who takes the praise or blame for all aspects of the book. Much time, effort, patience, and hope went into the 1966 Northerner as we tried to make it an " un- commonly good " book. " Mangled " people flew all over the office as we " cropped off " arms and legs and let them " bleed " into the gutter. Sometimes we wondered if the pictures, copy, captions, and head- lines would ever fall in the right places at the right time to meet the deadlines. But we can all look back on this year as a wonderful experience full of fun, enlightenment, and excitement. We all agreed that one of our greatest thrills was receiving our copy of the 1966 Northerner. Mrs. Kathleen Keilman provides a willing shoulder to cry on, or a smile of approval when copy finally " sparkles. " (left) Photographer Doug Mitchell and Opening Section Editor Mim Harris pool ideas for a spread, (right) Staff members have little time to " socialize " as the deadline nears. Autographs 2» ! 9? i v ST 5f " 0 °5 i 9 a K c jT 206 Autographs Autographs REDACTED FOR PRIVACY REDACTED FOR PRIVACY REDACTED FOR PRIVACY

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