North Central High School - Northerner Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN)

 - Class of 1965

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North Central High School - Northerner Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 204 of the 1965 volume:

f' Jw 1 rf .fm 1, ' V X 1, I 1, -if x, . , ,....,..-.-,....,,..,.,q--5 U. ..--'qr...'-un-2-5. .-5. V. , .V, V. V, 74. -. . -N l V , , . ,- V , ' , , ' . V- Q H ,A - 0, . ,, . ,.-,.,.....--Y... ......-.-..,,. -..... Ni- A ., ...,...-....-.......-....,, -.,.,n..,,..-. , x ' I I Y ' W . X w x 1 X w L X , ,. , ,f x fx X ,. ,,, KI . TI. I Ip, .I',.,.,.. .,-, ,, .,,. ., ,. , - iv - . ,- -1 . -.M M II, n .GH -. , I , I ,, .F .1 A . I .H - .. ..,.-W 1.-f - .,- pq- r - 1,. . - - -' - - S--,,, --, I .. ' , F '11, 1631! "f5?QQ?7 'H V "1 Firm? TQIQQ5-l' 1 ' 37:17, X-'5 VU,"--' jV1bf5'1J"fu1-kff3'f'x 'if'-I C "P M- NF33XTQ1i1i.-K-ff'--1 'NN' '51?1,i45Q .xQw" 'W 'Q 3'-A1'11.1'QP, 53113 "'f'1- -- 1,11f'jg ,gf ?"..,-'mm-,-1:'j'1 "-, N149-5' -.5511 ,-111'-"L ,Qin 5 -3 -'QU 11. EY' vs jfz' L ml?-'.,1-X-M1-'S fi .HQYH-I' , ff K, --fig 'K .Nl 5-q'N'. XX,--Q-'. Wiz-rw-H"1l,A I T.-1: --3 IF' fy, 'L'-1 W- 111213 N11 jf.. 1v.,V-.,T--fj - it .., ,1 1-11 A-I1 'FJ LIi1,' ,JVQ-. X 31,14 ,I, XA' 1. xg 1' If MX' , ' . 1,2 "H Q, X ' -' ff- - 'N -3 ' 'j-1' Aj" "J " ' 'fn Q 3! ',. '- 1- -, ', X ,'.' 'I "'-3131 '-- 1-'.'.A-'I-" Ik, -EX, '17 Y! ,' Wifi. - " '4 XM- ,"-"2 I'1'1f"13' ' Rafi' a,'1'?f"k7:9f bi 111 I 'Q '-T".'i"114Y'7Q,.1Z V+'-1 VMSM.Y-P '1"'14?xp . fm ' 1'-X. ffPNf"ff?Y'-731-K 'PH 9 ml' iff '- A:-fTlf'w-mx4M -- I. 2'-yqX',f--X x' 'Q-T-,. '.'.1.,Q- JJ-V -IX'-5'-,211-,'fv'x. 'Yxfnw rf- 1 1,".'X-'fy' '11, 11' 11,1--F -.gflf-4.e4K'.' lkf 'Q-3, '-"'-w'1.Nu- " I -11 M61 X 1,1 ' , f7kQ4H .1 ' qffl myxzp y, XI-,H K1 XI 1 't,?upQ-I-31...,-.1-1.5 W .. ,- 511-. ,1- ,J , ..'I1,1I,x.,1 . I .,,1-'.'..,-'N -. 1456. N if... ds, .Q -, , I .. . . P.,,X'1."1'1'fl'?f71,11 1 ...xp M. W X. vQ.Ixg1Ih ,Y G1lI,?mI?1fW,t If ,,.,-1 QQ-.-.f,g.fQQJ,IA,1Ig'iIIX 1.11.1 ,UMH JI 11,1 W9 Q,.,1IY. 15 II 91111 LI1.XI'1b -,11N.IPIA . - ,-1, . I ,,..I,,,,.,I.11. - . - --..--Il-41.-.. 3- 1'-' -.- --r .' -.-u V". - 2 ' fl' -. '- 1- , f -1 ' ., ' ' . W,-51'-'? A-"f " Q-.M '-V1 ,.'1-"-1."'i'.f'1'--. --1 ' V, - 5,115-ts,---?.I ,XI 1, ..'Y1I.1, A I ,.1I. . I' I K1 ,' lv 'A + , --I : Vx- -1. ,' ' . ' I .,'. 'X,,k.i,l- KI I. E1-, Q- 4 H 4 IA. 71,1-..-,I -Q .Y. I. I, I. ,,, . .., I ,I .,, I, ,x-,",QI5-,517 .II- I., 1 ,E TV f1'4T1'b-"TW:+- 11- .-, -v '-N. 1. 1, 'f-"1 .'.-9'W.1'1-X1-?""1K?iw'.f--1 ,I-1-1 P "1-3 f -1,1 ..1I"--vw. 3' :f5,Q'13-W JN' Y NW V Vai: F Lkxy' J?" IN Aj X".'ff-5: 113 91 - -xl! Af-y -MX11 N I' l 14144 A -1, 1 -f-13-L .1 .-'.A1,w11-,"x1.1-I,- W51.-,I 5.45 "1 " ' ' 'f -1111 ' ' 5 ' .. ,,A, I, , . . Ix , .I. 111,111 M -, W1-V '.---,X I1 f-.!Q.'l,IAI I1 '1.' STA, I .mi -,f-'ak ji-E11 LI.-17 A1 111-.I I I4 Imam , QVTQ ,f1M.'kQIf11. EN'-yff -1 -',' Q fy-1A -fx,-4-I! ' ,751 'Xi N1,1fX'I-.IQ X.IfN:I:'1?v1,fj57f!'.-1 A-II ,31-IN. A IAN -. rx. - 1' V -' 11' 11' '.. . 1 'IW' 'l't1'x.x""1 wi A lf' PM quick' . ,,.-V. X-. -- .- A, -..X .., .,.J.-N - -- S-- f- X . .-. 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I--I--,S -- Mxlffk -1' f Q1 1, 'I .f -xi ' . me-f1Af.:--ile. 1,1114-1' If-3 .11 k3:f'?f,7.i3f'9l' -ww-.f2'1E.11.1'X: f .5115-.1,.11ffE.?-1-1 111f2.'1ff. ,gf?.s:M,11.1.:a A1141 ff 'ffff f f , W 1965 NORTHERNER ff X NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL l INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA A im I VOLUME 9 , ' f ' Zz I From kindergarten to college we prepare for careers ancl responsible citizenship ff 'fff g ewe ihnoiyf inw XQ fstart 9 manf will de m-m 15188 ut mr Q hfe! f latmfg W fo A Q , f 5-ff' 2 e l X ll . I ff l':7 X le 4 all , Cf ' K ff I f . 'X V 0 ! , 6, I if if , 14 f' Academics School Life Activities .,.. Athletics .... People ...... Advertising Butler Unive , . .......... . . 8 22 38 A 84 ..,108 ...170 With formal education ended, we apply the knowledge and skills we have acquired Research Education 27 ,Z , L, v," fl! I frhe aei c X -D ' ff, ' btart SL manf will de erm fins ut mr Q 11f cz! Q ff ff f! 0 S f I fi ff X I ue ' f Q "' ' l Af! are 4 "ll i - 'X t A ' ! J f I Q ff Flaw f, Hornemaking Medififle 5 Cur high school years at North Central are an essential part of our education "Where am I going?', . . . "What will I become?" . . . These are questions that every young person asks himself at some time during his journey toward adulthood. Education provides an answer hy introducing the individual to new ideas, new people, and new horizons. At North Central, through the influence of 159 excellent faculty members and the facilities of a top ranking educational center, 2 5 5 O students are channeled in directions that will determine their future lives. E V Wu J 1 E 5 3 1 A f . K 21:22 N1 X bf QA Q? Q 'mfs is Sai , " -4 pu.. we - X , . . W , . 1 M EW 5, ff vf if i if 3 if' ? 24 i N Q 2? .f sf, Q 4 Q- 'Rf' 23? km fum if . x 1 Aw f 5 1 1 ' n 3? A 2 Q h s 35 ' Wx, 1mm E W., ,,..h MM if Q Ns 5 Q .fz-fi. -.: ,..,... -, H 4 elf? :Qi w 2- V- at. 'r':5::.Z ' -- -mi.f..Y-' 3 ir' Eli 11 X ' -1' Q.: ff '51 ' ' X ff.. N, sr' N: ' 2. f K -'::.a: f V- Q, M 1 'fm A 4 . -.f,. ,. 'I 1, M, - "W" . X ' 522 wi fi? Egg A if 1 fi U f 27 ' ' . ' M :YQ iff Jgww' WL Q . 5 gifsgg Q 5W5T:aXk,L 7 A X ' 5 C, ,,.- My -,,... 4, -we ..,, ,ww wg Q 'f'-jg0Mf'i,5f ffffm' ,,, , ' law' ' ,V -f144-f"'T- ' iw ' " 'i1Q:".3i.2f5 " fn' M Y, , ., K .V wgyw Mwggwwxfi' V 4 :N ,Edge t sfisrf i if 1: Individual research, and depth study on special interest projects were encouraged in three new courses set up in the Math and Science Departments. One, of national interest, was Earth Science, planned by university and high school teachers in Boulder, Colorado, in the summer of 1964, and tried out in I5 test centers in the United States. Its difference lies in stressing concept rather than straight presenta- tion of facts. Two others, Math Topics and Physics Topics, dealt with research also. In the small Physics Topics class, three people concentrated on subjects they selected. 'lMatricies,,' "determinates," and uquater- nionsl' are a few of the advanced subjects covered in Math Topics, in which new systems of algebra were developed. The Math and Science curriculum also offers a wide variety of other courses. Christmas came to the Chemistry Department when Joyce f Benz and Bob -jahnke constructed a tree of angels hair, j decorated with Hasks of brightly colored chemicals. Tom Jessup, jon West, and Scott Sebastian send weighted objects down an inclined plane to study acceleration. A S Independent research encouraged in math and science Classes which are "team-taughtl' provide an opportunity for students to benefit from the experience and knowledge of several teachers who alternate teaching the class. , W we. i A 6 Q ik Science student Steve Oberreich takes advantage of his spare time to do extra research in the lab. Outstanding geometry projects, turned in each year, are kept on file for use in future demonstrations. Doug Youtsey explains one of these, a model ulinkagef 9 During a visit to Indiana University, Roberta Glanzman previews college life by a tour of the Lilly Library. To lessen his tension when appearing before a speech class audience, Dave Boos chooses a familiar topic. 10 On one of the field trips that enlivened English classes, a group of junior X students visited the Lilly Library at Indiana University where they ac- quainted themselves with rare books and personal mementoes of transcendentalist authors. In other classes, panel discussions were enthusias- tically set up to talk about the authors in particular periods, their distinctive writing styles, and the pub- lished result of their efforts. Fifteen senior students met with Miss Bush to initiate an advanced X composition class. Dr. Bagby commented on it as, "an expenditure of time in the right direction." Panel Discussions ancl field trips enliven English curriculum Reading lab students improve learning and reading skills by using special tapes which supplement their work books. Original material for "Etchings in Thought," the English De- partments publication, are as- sembled by Bob Williams, Sylvia Bryan, Miss Jeannine Freuden- berger, and Kathy Messenger, editorial staff members. ll s, 1. Comparing past and present voting trends, jill I-lirschman refers to the 1864 election in predicting this year's results. During election time, Debby Krueger brought news articles and campaign material to fill Mr. Meek's bulletin board. lu! ll, , ff' Some of the extreme partisanship shown in this years political contest spilled over into the mock election staged by a world history class, in which votes were cast for either Goldwater or johnson. 12 John Hiner consults books reserved by Mr. Taylor in a special section of the library, Social Studies classes ocus on politics cluring election year Using the suggestions made by the Ohio State Evaluations Committee and the Indiana Commission for the Revision of Social Studies, the Social Studies Department set up a new program of objectives for the classes. In addition, as a special project, Barbara Bessey and Roberton Williams attended a Ball State assem- bly whose subject was K'The United States in the Middle East." Sharon Gunason and john Gambill were present at the National Science Foundation program at Goucher College. Continuing a seminar program started at the old North Central, the department brought speakers to the school, each of whom spent an entire day lectur- ing to successive social studies classes. Since an understanding of the stock exchange is essential in economics, Mr. Niemeyer and Ben Small visit Thomson and McKinnon, stock brokers in Glendale. During her summer in France on the I. U. Honors Pro- gram, Madelyn Petr and her "sister," Chantal Mahe, visited historic places, including the Castle of the Duchess Anne. A game of Spanish "password" tests the vocabulary skills of Mr. White's fourth year students. I4 Students learn to speak oreign languages ll II the modern way The sequence for learning a foreign language the "modern way" is to listen, to speak, to read, and to write. In the lab which is used extensively during the first two years, pupils hear natives speak, and then listen to tape recordings of their own voices to improve pronunciation. Practical mastery of a foreign language is the primary goal in the I. U. Honors Program in which selected advanced students go abroad to study French, German, and Spanish. Living with native families gives them personal experiences within the culture. This year, for the first time there is a fourth year course in German. This Advanced Placement course of the College Entrance Examination Board has only one student so far but interest is expected to grow. Sampling authentic German pastry is one of Steve Engle- hart's privileges as Santa for the German club's party. A.F.S. student Ann Bergman sings folk songs with Cindy Conrad, Dan Duncan, and her American sister, Lynn Keene. 1,5 Rough stones become semi-precious jewels when Barb Nolte polishes them on the lapidary wheel under the watchful eye of Miss Kyle. Basic skills and techniques were taught as a hnal objective in the Art Department. Stress was placed on learning self-expression through the media of weaving, sculpturing, and oil or water color painting. The long corridor outside art rooms served as a showcase for various displays. Exhibits included modern japanese prints from the Howard Hunt Pen Company and john Herron art students' work. Most of the year's classwork centered on the all school art show held May 13. North Central was the only high school whose Music Department participated in two national meet- ings held in Indianapolis. Choral groups were in- vited to sing for the American Choral Directors Association and The Music Educational National Conference. For the latter program a humanities production "Run For Daylight" was performed. Snowflakes fell on the cafeteria windows as art students Phyllis Madison and Joyce Dodson put cans of "Spray Snowf stencils, and a little bit of imagination to good use to help brighten the school. 16 .WJ Girls working with Mr. Laughlin in a concert choir get professional help in voice development. 17 Floor plans are turned into completed blueprints by Dennis Morehead in Mr. Woodr11ff's drafting class. wfglfwutw we ml Wat I .1 f 4 During auto mechanics class, Bob Hunt and Max Doty find taking a car apart is easy but putting it back together is much more difficult. Often the boys work on their own cars. Cleftj Photo-engraving is one of the unusual courses open to Steve Stevens and Art Stanley at North Central. Crightj Steve Werner uses a banclsaw to fashion an ashtray. Practical Arts classes stress safety at home Being careful not to get soap in the baby's eyes, Mrs. Stout shows Becky Reinking, Marcia Darling, Patsy Perry, and Bev Hubbel the proper way to bathe a child. The student handbook describes Industrial Arts as "contributing objectives of education with certain intrinsic values within its courses." Visible proof of this fact lies in the many projects undertaken by the students. Drafting concentrates on freehand and instru- mental drawings by which accuracy and manual dexterity are developed. Most of the Metropolitan District's printing is handled by students in the print shop. Metals courses teach students to weld, form, and Duplicating expensive imported sweaters saves money on the clothing budget for Lana Bales and Patty Henn. shape metalg read blueprintsg and plan projects. The spring fashion show which culminated a busy year for Home Economics girls, demonstrated their progress in making their own clothes. Food classes provided refreshments and served as hostesses for the affair. The showcase in the Home Economics wing also displayed the students' projects. Besides preparing "eatables,,' Advanced Foods classes studied china and silver patterns, and learned proper table settings for special occasions. Outside speakers gave family living classes useful advice. 19 Mark Miller learns to read the fine print of an insurance policy as part of his training in business law. Centraiites develop skills in office, automobiles and gymnasium The Business Department is constantly being upgraded to meet standards set by employers, and to make sure that college bound students have skills needed in preparing materials to be submitted and in holding part-time jobs. Currently, business ma- jors get a good foundation for any area they may hope to enter. The Physicial Education Department also offers training in skills but with a different objective. It correlates mental and social growth with physical development, helping Centralites to become well rounded individuals. Courses are geared to all levels of ability. Developing fundamental driving skills along with good "roadmanship" are the objectives in Driverls Education. At least six hours are required behind the wheel. Qleftl A shorthand quiz timed by Mrs. Bizal tests the ability of Ann Bergerson. Crightj Mike Singer finds the answer to a bookkeeping question in the ledger he carefully compiled. 1 20 Gym classes are "head over heels" this year in tumbling stunts concocted by the girls themselves. To strengthen their arm muscles, Ron Milender and Mike Perkins haul themselves up a rope hung from gym beams, Sophomore students swing their partners and "dos-a-dos" in Friday coed gym classes. Cheri jones takes the first steps toward becoming an expert driver with a practice spin in the driver's educa- tion car. Instructor Mr. Wlood and fellow students Mark Sprecher and John Miles accompany her. Education at North Central is extended into the Life at North Central is the sound of laughing voices in the Student Center, the slam of lockers on a Monday morning, and the sight of librarians checking out books. It is running to make it to class, cheering at a pep session, performing in a school play, or cramming for an exam. But, most of all, life at North Central is a learning experience fused from countless daily incidents shared with classmates and teachers, an experience that molds each Centralite's personality. 22 SCHOOL LIFE , f ff I -f ,f ,ff ' W AKA! g 356 452919 1 ff' If 1" ff ,. 3 n I lj x Ln V , 1 XS , Cfl iem u fa rt amf I Lff'3w1HTl a m' . l ie! w X ,ff ' ' I f 1 jo 5 N C H S provides an apprenticeshq Quiet, empty halls stretch all through the build- ing. Only a few people are striding along on their assigned tasks. Suddenly a bell shatters the silence and masses of students pour out of classrooms. This mob of hurrying teen-agers are "special" because they are North Centralites. Working and living together for five days a week, they share a common bond. They absorb the abundance of knowledge open to them and they work to make North Central more than just an academic institution. Every year these active young people spend many hours after school and on the week ends to make Junior Spectacular, the Family Jamboree, the Fall Festival, College Night, Careers Day, and many other activities a success. Even on the coldest, snowiest days of the year, the reliable school buses faithfully complete their rounds. Busy North Centralites, Steve Talesnick and Carl Bose, snatch a few minutes for conversation on their way to class. n group living Louis Buddenbaum anticipates lunchtime as one of the few times for relaxation and a chance to discuss week end plans. Mixing business with pleasure, Bob Williaiiis and Dick Aik- man enjoy Welcoming pretty newcomers like Diane Pavey. North Central's formal atmos- phere gave way to a carnival spirit for the annual Triangle Club sponsored Family Jamboree. 25 Momentarily taking over the role of teacher, Dave Martin uses the overhead projector for an effective presentation. 26 Gwen Dixon can familiarize herself with any university in the country, using records and slides on file in the library. Academic atomosphere Teachers lecturing to classes, students "cram- ming" in the Student Center before school, a hushed silence floating over the library, and a curly-head hiding deep in the pages of a Greek philosophy book, proclaim the academic atmosphere which prevails at North Central. ln this school, most pupils are preparing to be college students. They learn to pur- sue knowledge beyond classroom facts by constantly reading, questioning, and experimenting. But North Centralites also gain a great respect for knowledge through personal contacts with their teachers. A friendly smile in the halls, a kind word following class, or a long talk after school helps students realize that teachers are congenial people. Diana Roberts helps Miss Williatns arrange a display of Washington and Lincoln mementoes in the library showcase. Mike preci Berger and Bill Lee interrupt their studies to ap- ate the art exhibit provided by the Triangle Club. timulates C entralites Comparing bones of a skeleton with bone names in lecture notes keeps Carla Agnew busy beyond regular class time. Flying enthusiast Dave Billingsly finds the library reading room a comfortable place to learn about his hobby. 27 Convocations and dramatic production: In eager anticipation of Saint Nicholas' visit, the pajama- clad Girls' Concert Choir sings "The Night Before Christ- mas" during the all-school annual Christmas convocation. Steve Brandt wishes Michelle Adams "good luck" before they walk on stage for "Skin of Our Teeth." Z8 l I E 3 l Two Greek academies were reproduced in "Run for Da lightl' by Mrs. Brothers and Miss Weigle's Humaniti classes. Front Row: Dwight Lee, Diane Boone, Virgin ck auditorium ,.J,.v,M5,,. 1 . w.,kf.,, r , unter, Marjorie Morris, Carol Clay, and Darlene Rosen- um. Back Row: Alan Schwartz, Grant Beardshear, jim -ack, Nita Peril, Wendy Waife, and Sharon Gunason. Chatting backstage with archeologist James Liakos, Chris- tina Simmons gathers more material for her introduction of his talk on Ancient Greece to the convocation audience. . . . complete silence swept over the audience as Cio Cio San sang her famous aria from "Madame Butterfly." . . . an amazed student body cheered as Sue Schrader flipped Dave Peters during a Judo demon- stration. Widely diverse programs ranging from opera to demonstrations of physical skillg two school plays, l'The Skin of Our Teeth" and "The Importance of Being Earnestng a Forensics convocationg and con- certs by the Music Department provided culture, en- tertainment, and theatrical experience for North Centralites. Special speakers for Lincoln's birthday and Thanksgiving and a programmed look at automo- biles of the future were scheduled events for Friday auditoriums. 29 Queen Carol Burns and King Dion Stevens step from the dais to dance at the '64 junior Prom, Tahitian Twilight. Tense emotions precede the announcement of Prom royalty, Santa Claus gives out candy canes at the Student Council Christmas ball, students plan original decoration ideas, these were only a few of the unforgettable moments connected with North Centralls dances. Weeks of careful planning preceded the gala hours. Dedicated committee members came to school early on Saturday morning to decorate, and remained long after the crowd had left to convert the Student Center to its normal state. Santa Claus john Partlow distributes candy canes at the Student Council dance. Its theme, "That Was The Christ- mas That Was," was copied from a popular TV show. JUNIOR PROM COURT-Front Row: Dave Diehl, Ginny Walsmith, Queen Carol Burns, King Dion Stevens, Mary Sweet, Mike Miller, Madelyn Pert, and jeff Hilburn. Back' Row: Charlotte Bolles, Dean Klink, Dale Fielman, Bill Chattin, Jan Dustman, Dan Stauber, Heidi Hopper, and Dwight Lee. Hard-working staff members transform the Student Center into a regal setting for the "Royal Court Capers." Yearbook editor Abby Slater awards Duke Dion Stevens and Duzcbefr Ginny Walsinith plaques at the ADD dance. Weeks of careful planning precede dances At "Apple Blossom Time," an elated Linda Barbarick receives her crown from last year's Mili- tary Ball queen Janet Ward, as Vanita Sellmer looks on. Not shown: candidate Janyce Walz. 31 "Packed Witli Goal Power," a homecoming float, was cre- ated by Jan Dustman, Madelyn Pert, and Shelly Wright. Annual Fall Festiva The high point of the Fall Festival came when two powerful teams, the North Central Panthers and the Howe Hornets clashed to decide the victor. Weeks of preparation preceded the festivities which took place on October 16. Begun early in the fall, five floats were completed in top secret isolation. These included l'Steamin' to Victory," "Packed with Goal Powerf "Panthers Exterminate Hornetsjl "The Goal Rushj' and "Panthers Raid Hornets." During half-time, queen candidates Sherri Cravens, Carol Burns, Charlotte Bolles, Susie jerden, and Madelyn Pert were given royal treatment as they were driven around the track in Mustang convertibles. Girls mustered up enough courage to ask that ucertainl' boy to the Turnabout dance, " 'G0al'den Autumnl' which culminated the week end's activi- ties. During the intermission Dick Schulte was crowned king. 32 W 11107 rtrays spirit through sports The tradition of receiving flowers at the Fall Festival pleases cheerleaders Dale Fielman and Pam Sollars. WM, K P SU An excited Sheri Cravens receives her Festival Queen crown from tri-captain Dean Klink. Although the five halftime Hoats were basically "school spirit in sports," a variety of ideas interpreted the theme. 55 JUNIOR SPECTACULAR ACT CHAIRMEN-Front Row: Phyllis Matekunas, Barb Cummings, Bess Simon, Molly Garrett. Back Row: David Ratts, Karen Kelly, Sue Left' and Elliot Engel. A gang of hoods who own a speakeasy are reformed through the efforts of "Reverend" Rick Peoples in "Ah Restitution, by Phyllis Matekunis. 34 Dave Corbin as Wellesly in "Horseless Sensef' an act writ- ten by Barb Cummings, Molly Garrett, and Bess Simon, aids Tommy Thompson who plays Henry Ford. "Love's the Answer "The Four Guysj' one of the acts which performed during intermission, features Mike Berkowitz, Rick Peoples, Frank Bodwell, Dan Duncan, and Don Salter. Sleepy-eyed students nodding over their books, homework hastily scrawled on the back of a dog- eared script, ashen-faced actors drifting backstage before a critic's rehearsal, students with toes tram- pled on during long waits in front of the ticket booth . . . all these and more are annual symptoms of junior Spectacular. Student co-ordinators jill jackson and Dave Mar- tin together with faculty advisers Miss Laycock, Mr. Lord, and Mr. Martin, scheduled rehearsals and saw that all went smoothly until the last curtain call. Another vital part of this yearis performance were the committee chairmen: Elaine Storey and Lynn Eckle, publicity, Chris Slaughter, ticket sales, Bonnie Lindquist, ushers, and Bob Davidson, program. For the second year, Fred Clayton drew the winning design for the program. FACULTY AND STUDENT CO-ORDINATORS-from Row: Dave Martin and jill jackson. Back Row: Donald Martin, Margery Laycock, and Wfilliam Lord. kes top honors at Junior Spectacular Andy Uvanni, Bernard O'Koon, and David Trask engage in "noble" combat during a scene of "A Hard Knightls Day written by Sue Leif and Elliot Engle. Sue Shuttleworth chastises her uchildreny' Carla Agnew and jim Wootl in the act "Love Is the Answer," written by Dave Ratts and Karen Kelley. Centralites plan or college and careers After a College Night session, Mrs. William Rarney and Mrs. Morgan Zook had further questions to ask a speaker. 36 A "standing room only" crowd on Career Day heard Mrs. Barker describe her daughters Peace Corps activities. Dashing to the mailbox in anticipation of a college acceptance, nervously fidgeting before meeting a college representative, and staring open-mouthed at the first glimpse of campus life, typify the enthusiasm of Centralites toward furthering their education. During the sixth annual College Night, over sixty colleges and universities were represented. Ample time was provided for students and their parents to visit three speakers. Career Day, directed by Student Council's vice- president Mary Sweet, afforded Centralites the oppor- tunity of attending two forty-minute vocation sessions. But Career Day is only a small part of Centralites' efforts toward deciding on their future occupations. Many students already hold part-time jobs and others donate their time for volunteer work. Getting a head start on her future career as a nurse, Kathy Burgess spends her Saturdays as a "Candystriperf' i 2 David Chernin bids Diane Boone good-bye as she leaves North Central for the last time as a student. Christian College representative Robert Rhinehart cusses his school with Kay Wilhoite and Miss Dow. The stadium was transformed into an outdoor auditorium when seniors, along with their friends and relatives, gathered for Baccalaureate exercises at which Dr. Kerstetter of DePauw University spoke. Y is d igisf . vt iff M35 ,, ta. ., V Q M ' an af is IS' Centraiites' interests find expression in an extensive program Of Activities at North Central provide a forty-minute break in the day during which students can learn new skills or share hobbies with classmates and teachers. Centralites' varied interests have led to the formation of seventy-one clubs which participate in a wide range of activities. Plays, parties, and field trips frequently are the outgrowth of enthusiastic planning by members. Through this program, each student is given a chance to participate in activities outside the classroom. 38 ACTIVITIES A f ,V I " g K ff X5 ffif' 7 ,, ! ff f' f ' 'rf ?7V . 7' f u 10T1 ff x BfCQ3Tc"'CGS EL a f will QGAQQ EECQ ' li Q X, , ff? f E 1 Z f . 4 f f 7 f f X' " ' yf , Kzagsf - I N ! ,QQ rj I f 4 .. , ' ,Q f ' ' ..,, . Plata, C ? With the cooperation of the Sheriffs Department, students' cars are safety-checked for permission to drive to school. By the time the second year in the new North Central came around, the Student Council settled down to planning the projects it normally sponsored among which were Career Day, Back-to-School Night, and College Night. Crowning of a king at the " 'Goal'den Autumnv turnabout dance culminated the week-long activi- ties of the Fall Festival, also a Council responsi- bility. Other events included the revealing of the name of the queen and a parade of live student- built floats during half-time. Members volunteered to spend study periods work- ing in the Student Council Bookstore. An unusually extensive offering of paperbacks were put on sale in this money-making venture. "That Was the Christmas That Was,,' a parody on the title of a popular television program, became the theme of the annual Christmas dance. A spring dance was scheduled for later in the year. Safety checks held by the Safety Council, a branch of the Student Council, were required before students could get permission to drive their cars to school. Tom Miller, elected in the spring of the last school year, served as chairman. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS-Cleft to rightj Madelyn Pert, secretary, Dale Fielman, assistant secretary, David Long, president, Mary Sweet, vice-president, and Dwight Lee, treasurer. All are members of the Senior Class. 40 7 Council continues with helpful projects Lyn Aikman sells Bess Simon a ticket for Maafame Butter- fly, the only opera presented at the school this year. A coke party provides student council members with an opportunity to chat with students new to the school. STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row: K. Tucker, C. Cas- sada, L. Aikman, K. Rogers, P. Rich, P. Murphy, P. Werner, L. Grae, D. Hocker, Y. Schutte, M. Koplow, J Marshall, G. Geisler, C. Conrad, A. Bauer, B. Simon, B Sommer, E. Heston, L. Uvanni, L. Hutchinson, B. Philyaw, D. Fielman, and A. Slater. Second Row: D. Butler, B. Abrams, T. Mashaw, K. Leander, M. Miller, B. Crandall, S. Reid, D. Dunn, K. O'Kane, S. Swingle, D. Krueger, S Sterner, M. Harris, P. Judd, Engels, S. Chipper, J. Dust- man, S. Cassada, M. Sweet, S. Williams, G. Eger, D. Trieb, and M. Pert. Third Row: R. Whittington, F. Bibbins, B. Bly, M. Daniels, B. Lee, S. Talesnick, S. Kafoure, L. Do- monr, D. Oberholtzer, J. Wood. G. Prah, W. Keiner, L. Stern, D. Gillespie, G. Fisch, R. Small, Harris, G. Beardshear, Martin, T. Gronau, D. Lee, and D. Long. Fourth Row: B. Pelsue, B. Clutter, G. Roberts, M. Berger. G. Gardner, S. Horning, B. Hoffman, S. Russo, C. McGaug- hey, P. Nefouse, D. Klink, T. Miller, C. Bose, D. Houck, N. Fogle, J. Perticrew, D. Detmer, F. Bodwell, S. Sebastian, D. Aikman, G. Bushor, K. TeKolste, D. Wides, R. Marra, and E. Zimmerman. The council sponsored Ann Bergman and Estela Freidenberg through the AFS program. 41 Art, religion form vital part of our culture l With water colors as a medium, Kathy Kerr and Susie Jerden learn the use of brush techniques in forming designs. Although art and religion appear to have two separate identities, actually they are culturally related as a part of our society. The Comparative Religion Club, the Art Club, and the Art Crafts Club afforded an opportunity for students to follow their own lines of interest in the fields of art and religion. Art Crafts and Att Clubs worked jointly on pre- paring for the annual all school art show, the major project for both groups. Mr. Keyt, Mrs. Brothers, and Miss Kyle supervised activities. Physical facili- ties necessarily restricted membership to students desiring to work seriously with art and crafts. The Comparative Religion Club increased its members' understanding of the doctrines involved in the world's major religions. The group met after school to hear lectures on various religions, given by qualified speakers. 42 Techniques learned in Art Club aid Kristi Hill in glazing the clay vase that she made. To deepen their fellow club members' understandin Jacobs display symbols of their faith at a meeting. g of Judaism, Debby Gans and David Speech clubs develop poise As part of club procedure, John Hiner leads a planning session on topics for debates. jim MacMullin dramatizes a scene from Walter Mizty for fellow Forensics members Ingrid Ostapenko and john Hiner in preparation for an approaching contest. DEBATE TEAM-From Row: S. Gunason, S. Montgomery, C. Simmons, B. Parris, M. Bancel, Forest Fruits, sponsor. Second Row: D. Fink, M. Jacobson, L. Fink, Hiner, S. Nisenbaum, P. johnson. Third Row: D. Goodman, I. Pinkus, R. Pryor, E. Zimmer- man, R, Aikman, D. Goodman. Membership is by invitation only. 44 iramatic ability Participation in forensic contests is a prerequisite for membership in the National Forensic Club. The main purpose of the nationally affiliated club is to stimulate interest in "the art of argumentative discourse," and to encourage students to enter a variety of speech contests. In the first month of competition for 1964-65, fifteen beginning de- bators earned membership status and more were eligible by the end of the year. The Debate Team entered the Central District Tourney, the National Tourney, and the State and National Student Congress. Members of the Debate Club, from which the team was chosen, were expected to participate in early novice debate contests at a sub-varsity level. This afforded an opportunity for the members to work with varsity debators while competing with beginners. Members were briefed on the proper debate styles and procedures before entering the varied competition. Experienced debators, upon their return from contests, analyzed, discussed, and evalu- ated their performances. By taking part in club programs, Christina Simmons im- proves her skill in giving ''spur-of-the-momentn speeches. Debaters Steve Nisenbaum and Dan Goodman stage a mock argument in practicing for a future meet. 45 Precision hand movements and loud voices help the Booster Block cheer the team on to victory by promoting en- thusiasm throughout the crowd. BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR THE PANTHER ATH- LETIC CLUB Qleft to rightj Sheri Cravens, senior, Karen Williams, junior, Bill Lancet, sophomore, Chris Slaughter, sergeant-at-arms, Madelyn Pert, secretary-treasurer, Richard Students inspired by the performances of the Boys' and Girls' Booster Blocks, Pep Band, and Baton Corps became enthusiastically school-spirited this year. The Panther Athletic Association, a newly formed organization, also increased interest in sports by publicizing the school's past records. Committees were established to do research on specific sports with reports to be given at meetings. Booster Club members learned hand movements to coordinate with cheers and songs led by the cheer- leaders. The girls' black sweaters and red and white gloves made the North Central booster section note- worthy. Participation in the "SOO" Festival Parade and in the Thanksgiving Parade were two of the events in which the Baton Corps took part. The Northern Starlettes, chosen the preceding spring, performed precision drills under the leadership of head major- ette, janet Butler, during halftime breaks at the games. Mr. Schlatter directed the Pep Band which furnished a musical background consisting of a combination of college songs, school cheers, accom- paniments, and popular songs. Schulte, president, Glenn Roberts, vice-president, Kay Brinkerhoff, sergeant-at-armsg Stephanie Owens, sophomore, Cheryl Pedlow, junior, and Danny Stauber, senior. The 515 members were led in their activities by these students. 46 S ygtfix Pep Band members provide spirited music to accompany the cheers at home basketball games. School songs, college songs and popular music entertain the sports fans. Four enthusiastic groups boost school spirit BATON CORPS-From Row: S. Vice, A. Holloway, H Matekunas, E. Partlowe, J. Butler, L. Claeson, S. Wright, T. Abrahamson, N. Lennox. Second Row: B. Crandall, P Roberts, M. Pert, P. Matekunas, J. jenkins, J. Jagger, V Smith, S. Vice, L. Rankin. Tloird Row: S. Garritson, C. Dunlap, j. jordan, C. Pedlow, J. Morton, S. Chipper, J. Wiggam, E. Heston, M. Wilson. The Northern Starlettes performed for football and basketball games. 47 Discussing Costume Club sketches engrosses Debbie R fro, Kathy Kline, Jill jackson, and Terry Myers. en- Experienced workers Geoff Bushor, Phil Clark, and Sara Adamson teach newcomers the fundamentals of Stagecrew. Drama groups co-operate for successful year 48 The success of North Central's dramatic produc- tions this year can be attributed to the combined efforts of all students belonging to Thespians, Drama, Costume, and Stagecrew clubs. Each year the Drama Club and Thespians sepa- rately sponsor major school productions. ln addi- tion to this, a series of one-act plays and programs are presented by club members. Members of the Costume Club, whose duty it is to maintain the school's costumes for dramatic productions, work closely with them. Equally important in a produc- tion's success are people who belong to the Stage- crew Club. They handle all the multitude of back- stage operations which include building scenery and setting up equipment for all school productions and assemblies. Mr. Allen, new to the school this year, assisted Mr. Lord, the dramatic supervisor, in directing these groups with their activities. Court life in Shakespeares day comes to life for Drama Club members watching a presentation of Henry V. Stagecrew members joan Rar- don, Gary Allen, Ted Smith, Pam Williams, and Irwin Sed- berry construct scenery for productions such as i'My Friend the Foxf' NATIONAL THESPIANS-Front Row: Vanita Sellmer, Beth Burghard, Melanie Hilton, Carol Schuetz, Tony Bauer, Carol Clay, Ginny Goll, Michelle Adams, and Marsha and Geoff Bushor. Third Row: William Lord and George Gresham. Second Row: Mickey Blieden, Richard Clark, Allen, sponsors of the honorary organization. 49 Shakespeare Club: Nancy Pippen, secretary, Fritz Kline, president, Sharon Renshaw, vice-president. Five clubs had a common bond in a love for literature. One of these, the American Authors Club, devoted meetings to discussions of major novelists, their published works, and the way in which they in- fluenced American culture. Contemporary writers were stressed, although contributions of all American authors were considered. Approved lists sent out by the Great Books Foun- dation were the basis for reading choices made by Great Books Club members. Examples of Western culture were examined and discussed from a philo- sophical rather than a literary point of view. The Shakespeare Club was primarily a study group devoted to the careful reading and interpreta- tion of Shakespeare's plays. It was open to all juniors and seniors having a sincere interest in the subject. Appreciation and enjoyment of carefully selected poems and of passages from poetical dramas were the objectives of Poetry Club members. Emphasis was on oral interpretation although some original poems were contributed. Membership in the Library Club was open to those persons serving as student library assistants. The purpose of the club was to improve the school library, to perform services for itg to arouse further enthusiasm for books and for reading, to promote knowledge of, and interest in the library, and to en- courage young librarians. 50 Fawn Beam, Susie Vice, and Sara Chenoweth hope to gain a deeper insight to poetry by writing the lines. lntently studying the worlds "Great Books," Dave Kiser American Authors Club officers were Roy Behnke, Bill learns about classical literature. Hebert, Sally Burr, and Sheri Cravens. Literary students drawn by common bond Jeannette Baird learns where to locate back issues of magazines in the Periodical Stacks room. Only library assistants are eligible for the Library Club. 51 Language clubs stud A glass mosaic of Medusa, constructed by the Latin Club, interests officers Lynn Main, scribag Bob Abrams, imperatasg and Duane Thomas, legalus. Members of Le Cercle Francais, jan Dustman, Jim Riley, and Rick Cockerille, sample homemade French pastry and the traditional "bf1che de Noel" during the clubs festive Christmas celebration. As the party's activities progressed, students sang "Cantique de Noel," the French translation of "Oh, Holy Night." 52 ustoms, art, literature of foretgn countries To help students broaden their knowledge of foreign languages and to understand the country in which that language originated was the primary ob- jective of the Spanish, French, Latin, and German clubs. Each club presented programs which famil- iarized the members with life in the country studied and created a feeling of closer relationships with the people. Three of these organizations, French, German, and Spanish, emphasized the language, art, litera- ture, and culture of their countries. Skits by mem- bers provided program entertainment and parties were sponsored. Latin Club members ignored the present and concentrated on the past glories of Greece and Rome. During their meetings students became acquainted with ancient mythology which helped them understand references made in modern literature. At the Spanish Club's Christmas party, president Mike Berger and secretary Carolyn Kuhn attempt to break a candy-filled pinata in the traditional Mexican fiesta style Members made the donkey with paper-mache and colored strips of crepe paper State Senator Nelson Grills chats about "inside information" to Government Club officers, Mr. Fleming, the sponsor, Bill Pelsue, president, Diane Boone, vice president, and Susie Sterner, secretary. A deeper interest in current world affairs was instilled in members of the junior Historical Society, Military History, International Relations, and Gov- ernment Clubs. Fired by enthusiasm and by an interest in research, members of the Junior Historical Society broadened their knowledge of Indiana history through field trips, lectures, films, and discussions. As an affili- ate of the Indiana State Historical Association, this chapter sponsored the state meeting of the organiza- tion in the spring. Other students who were just as enthusiastic about the subject they explored were members of the Military History Club. They studied primary military operations of the past and discussed the causes, nature and probable effects of the impor- tant military movements of today. Through promi- nent speakers from the federal, state, and local. levels of government the members of the Government Club gained a more comprehensive understanding of the functions of government in our world today. The International Relations Club was set up as a source of information for students to acquire knowl- edge about the world we live in and our relations with other nations. Student panels headlined dis- cussions on foreign policy and faculty members spoke on special areas of their field. Representing the Military His- tory Club as officers and plan- ners of the groups activities are Gregg Hutchinson, vice-presi- dent, Steve Cracraft, sergeant-at- arms, jim Olive, secretary, and David Props, president. 54 Visiting speakers, films and fielcl trips enrich social studies clubs JUNIOR HISTORICAL SUCIETY: jim McGlynn, presi- dentg Susie Wadleigh, vice presidentg Libby Uvanni, secre taryg Wendy Waife, historiang jeff Smulyan, sergeant-at arms, Mr. Holzman was the sponsor. International Relations Club officers have the responsibility of providing programs for the twice monthly meetings. John Harris served as presidentg Dave McKown, vice-presidentg and Barb Nolte, secretary, Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Humphreys, sponsors and Linda Hutchinson, reporter. 55 The latest developments in a race to conquer outer space interest officers of Air Space Club, Joe Traugott, Tom Trankle, and Howy Wluitacre. Foreign exchange student Ann Bergman helps members of the AFS club to visualize her home in Sweden through descriptions and illustrations. Selecting films and slides to show Travel Club members is the responsibility of officers Tonnya Abrahamson, presi- dentg Dave Mohlman, secre- taryg and Tom Dinwiddie, vice president. 56 Travel possibilities opened to club members Boys and girls filled with curiosity about other countries, both here and in outer space, found a common interest in the American Field Service, Travel, and Air Space Clubs. Guest speakers, slides, and movies provided informative programs. Those particularly concerned with people of the world formed the membership of AFS. The group sponsored exchange students in cooperation with the American Field Service program. Students from other countries, while attending school here, were exposed to life in the United States. As a result they more clearly understood modern American affairs. On the other hand, American students who were selected to study abroad came home with a deeper appreciation of the culture of countries and people they visited. Also taking an interest in distant places were the members of the Travel and the Air Space Clubs. One was earthboundg the other planned journeys into limitless space. The primary purpose of the Travel Club concerned the possibility of future trips to the countries studied. Air Space club mem- bers investigated interstellar travel and discussed the eventual means of achieving it. Brochures, leaflets, and pamphlets disseminate information about countries open to junior students interested in going abroad as part of the American Field Service program. 57 As an aid to determining color combinations, Clothing Club officers Brenda Walton, Marcia Darling, jan Fehsen- feld, and Sharon Scobee employ "color keys." Foods, Clothing C lub To teach members to plan well-balanced meals was one of the main objectives of the Foods Club sponsored by Miss Kleifgen. The value of nutritional content in menus and the importance of having a proper diet were stressed, The girls often traded recipes and ideas on kitchen efficiency. In addition they saw films and heard lectures on the preparation of foods, which helped them to better understand the role of a housewife. During the holidays, a demonstration of cookie decoration encouraged the girls to try it on their own. Easter brought out hidden talents as evidenced by gayly colored eggs painted and displayed by club members. Programs in the two Clothing Clubs sparked an interest in the selection and proper care of clothes. Mrs. Stout and Miss Staflieri, co-sponsors, taught members how to knit, a skill that produced many beautiful sweaters. The Planning Committee ar- ranged for programs that included guest speakers and demonstrations. Clothing Club officers Kay Brinkerhoff, secretary-treasurerg Kathy Rogers, president, and Charlotte Bolles, sergeant-at-arms, learn how to "knit and purl" in making sweaters. Jrepare homemakers for the future 'VWWMHWWQ' A "field trip" to the cafeteria gives Foods Club members insight on the problem of feeding 2600 students daily without sacrificing variety and excellence. KEY CLUB-Front Row: Wilbur Richards, sponsor, B. Foust, J. Leland, T. Bose, M. Blieden, J. Hiner, S. Kafoure, D. Nachtigall, L. Domont, T. Phillips, H. Nahmias, J. Wood, S. Greenberg, D. Arbuckle, D. Highmark. Second Row: B. Cruickshank, D. Carden, E. Reuss, Brody, S. Talesnick, S. Butz, B. Lee, L. Stultz, S. Fisher, G. Fisch, B. Hunt, K. McLeish, R. Howard, R. Cockerille, G. Ault. Third Row: J. Petersen, S. Springer, J. Slaughter, M. Ber- ger, C. Bose, G. Gardner, N. Harris, M. Peeler, P. Jenkins, R. Andreasen, W. Jones, D. Salter, D. Weigel, D. Martin, D. Lee, M. Pittenger, D. Kiser. Fourth Row: Dwyer, P. Burroughs, T. Wood, S. Nisenbaum, P. Johnson, E. Zim- merman, J. Ashton, T. Jessup, D. Long, D. Aikman, M. Dresbach, M. Kentor, C. Valentine, S. Sebastian, B. Wil- liams, G. Bushor. Fifth Row: A. Vaughn, C. Pearce, Gibson, B. Small, B. Chattin, J. Riley, J. Hilburn, M. Albertson, S. Harrison, N. Humphreys, Matlock, S. Engelhart, J. Keller, B. Jahnke, T. Steinmeier, G. Brazer. Honoraries select outstanding Centralites NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row: A. Slater, C. Burns, M. Wright, L. Hutchinson, S. Schlegel, S. Ander- son, D. Boone, M. Ashman, J. Dustman, S. Wadleigh, S. Sterner, C. Clay, G. Goll, M. Pert, E. Heston, M. Wilson, J. Gillespie, S. Stern, S. Allspaw, T. Abrahamson. Second Row: R. Cohen, Orr, M. Patterson, C. Tomlinson, M. Holbrook, J. DeRaismes, S. Chipper, J. Baird, M. Miller, C. Zell, S. Schrader, C. Smith, M. Isenhour, S. Gunason, M. Huffman, S. Wright. Third Row: B. Bessey, G. Beard- shear, T. Bose, D. Long, M. Blieden, C. Mason, J. Abrams, P. Kafoure, K. Messenger, M. Bancel, J. Coleman, P. Knip- tash, M. Sweet, M. Watkins. Forrrzh Row: Ruth Kivett, sponsor, R. Williams, T. Jessup, Slaughter, T. Steinmeier, G. Vickery, J. West, J. Gambill, D. Jacobs, G. Ault, B. Hunt, B. Bly, M. Murphy, B. Maxwell. Fifth Row: S. Sebastian, S. Englehart, G. Ford, D. Kiser, C. Valentine, J. Riley, G. DeBartolo, T. Bareither, S. Terkhorn, Peter- sen, D. Carden, E. Zimmerman, D. Stauber. NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE--Front Row: Forest Fruits, sponsor, Diatra Jones, Stephanie Montgomery, Judy Nisenbaum, Becky Parris, Judy Goss, Bess Simon, Susie Townsend, Anna Jane Allen, Sharon Gunason, Margaret Stevenson. Second Row: Seth Bernstein, Marc Hilton, Earl Deugan, Warren Kiner, Jay Davis, Bonnie Lindquist, Wendy Sandler, Marilyn Bancel, Ingrid Ostapenko, Margery In four North Central clubs, membership is limited to those persons who have earned the privilege. Boys of high caliber are asked to join the Key Club, a service organization sponsored by Mr. Richards. Dur- ing the year the group regularly organizes a car wash, a mixer, and stand and coat check concessions at games. Mu Alpha Theta, National Forensics, and the National Honor Society are honorary organizations. Laycock, sponsor. Third Row: Irving Pinkus, Steve Fruits, Dave Martin, Leon Fink, Jeff Smulyan, Dave Long, Mike Jacobson, John Hiner, Dave Goodman. Foiirth Row: Peter Johnson, Robert Pryor, Dale Fink, Bob Williams, Dick Aikman, Tom Holsworth, Steve Nisenbaum. Fifth Row: Ron Levin, Rick Dennerline, Steve Horning, Ed Zimmer- man, Elliot Engel, Jim MacMullin, Dan Goodman. Mu Alpha Theta promotes a keener interest in mathe- matics, develops sound scholarship in the subject, and teaches high school students to really enjoy mathematics. National Forensics membership is earned by participation in forensics contests and by active membership in the Indiana High School Forensic Association. National Honor Society mem- bership selection is based upon scholarship, char- acter, leadership, and service. MU ALPHA THETA-Front Row: K. Kinsey, M. Wil- liams, J. Dustman, M. Pert, J. Marshall, P. Skinner, L. Short, G. Fogle, L. Wright, D. Cohen, L. Wallberg, S. Gipe, M. Manzie, L. Hutchinson, M. Wilson, L. Main, M. Chand- ler, and B. Bessey. Second Row: K. Messenger, K. Swanson, S. Fisher, L. Domont, Abrams, D. Linderman, P. Kafoure, J. Walker, M. Bancel, J. deRaismes, P. Dyke, L. Gommel, C. Malofsky, and D. Yenni. Third Row: M. Blieden, S. Nisen- baum, H. Sacks, M. Peeler, G. Fisch, B. Lee, J. Wood, C. Bose, T. Morgan, B. Whitehead, G. Vickery, D. Jacobs, D. Long, B. Bly, and D. Kiser. Fourth Row: Ashton, P. Reilly, N. Rhodes, D. Kempton, F. Russell, G. Sherk, M. Berger, D. Poon, J. Gambill, D. Martin, C. Valentine, T. Bose, D. Fink, and D. Chernin. Fifth Row: R. Williams, G. Brazer, R. Svendsen, S. Englehart, T. Steinmeier, D. Thompson, D. Carden, J. Riley, G. DeBartolo, B. Krueger, R. Marschke, J. Ferguson, K. TeKolste, and G. Ford. Mem- bership in this group is by invitation only. 61 The NORTHERN LIGHTS staff puts in long hours before the next edition can go to press. Spon- sored by Mrs. Kline, the bi-weekly newspaper is a co-ordinated production of reporters and editors. This year marked the peak of an editorial training program begun several years ago by the Northerner and Northern Lights staffs. Such a program insures that an experienced staff will always be available to supervise publication. Sophomores try out for the staff in the spring, and if selected become full-fledged apprentices the following fall. T hey are trained by senior editors composed of the previous year's novices. The smooth coordination between learners and teachers helped last year's Northerner staff bring home the All- American and Medalist awards for their historical record of the 1963-1964 school season, and helped this year's Northern Lights staff win top awards. NORTHERN LIGHTS EDITGRS-Front Row: Mim Harris, Sue Schrader, Roy Behnke, Judy Marshall. Second Row: Dave Kasserman, Pam Carpenter, Bob Davidson, Margaret Neate, Patty Murphy. Members of the NORTHERNER staff have little time to daydream as they work to meet their deadlines. JUNIOR BOARD MEMBERS-Franz Row: Mike jacob- son, Cindy Slocum. Second Row: Mary K. Dirks, Sharon Lockwood. Third Row: Terry Snider, Susan Deckman, Bill Carlson. Cnot shownb jane Teixler. Students work long hours on publications ,,,. NORTHERNER SENIOR EDITORS include Lesley Baker, Sollars, Marcia Stackhouse, John Harris, Bill Hebert, and Sherry Catlin, Bob Faust, Abby Slater, Sheryl Stern, Pam Pam Crocker. This is the Honor Administrative Staff. 65 As a part of the training program in the Graphic Ar Club, Steve Harris learns the required techniques in ope IS r- Both boys and grr To gain practical experience in the industrial arts, members of the Graphic Arts Service Club, the Boys' and Girls' Industrial Arts Clubs, and the Drafting Club spent the year crafting projects from paper, plastic, wood, and metal. Service to the school kept the Graphic Arts Service Club busy. Its members supplied programs for foot- ball and basketball games and Career Day, and made posters for the Military Ball and several plays. In addition, the boys were allowed to do printing for themselves. Boys' Industrial Arts Club people made projects for other classes or for personal use. This increased their skill in using shop materials and processes with which many of them were already familiar. Girls' Industrial Arts Club members, however, had to learn the use of the equipment before they could begin their work. Drafting Club members were primarily boys en- rolled in drafting courses who wanted extra time ating the printing press. to pursue their own projects. Cleftj Sylvia Partlowe and Carla Agnew work on two steps in their projects for Girls' Industrial Arts Club. Crightb Linda Dodd perfects another woods craft skill by learning to handle a saw. 64 earn useful skills Protractors, rulers, and compasses are instruments which are necessary for Drafting Club member Dan Marks to complete a precision drawing. Dick Bishop puts the finishing touches on his electrical plan that he has worked patiently and steadily on for many hours in the Drafting Club. l In the Boys' Industrial Arts Club, members Harold Smith and Rick Smith learn the correct procedures for handling and repairing the Plastic Press. 65 New members of the journalism honorary, Quill and Scroll, wait in line for their induction into the society at a formal initiation held for twenty students in February. Abby Slater and Bob Davidson display trophies they won for layout and sports writing at the journalism Press Day. 66 Promoting the cause of journalism and upholding the high standards of Quill and Scroll International, motivated North Central's Richard Brier Chapter of Quill and Scroll. A formal initiation held in the middle of the year increased the membership, drawn from both publications, to 20 persons. At the first all-city annual journalism Press Day, sponsored by Arlington High School, Abby Slater and Bob David- son won trophies, and Bob Foust and Phil Jenkins were given certificates. Mrs. Keilman is the Quill and Scroll sponsor. Interest in journalism was sparked by the journal- ism Club, a combination of past years' Press and News Clubs. A planning board brought in speakers to discuss all phases of journalistic work. Russ Durbin of the News, and Lloyd Walton, photog- rapher, were two of these. Photography Club members discussed techniques, processes and problems. Movies and slides specif- ically demonstrated such things as the effectiveness of angle shots and the diversity of human interest photos. In-club competition increased the competi- tive spirit. One of their speakers was Tommy Wadelton of the Star magazine, who told about in- teresting assignments he had been given. PROGRAM PLANNING BOARD FOR THE JOUR- NALISM CLUB-Bob Davidson, Brenda Fox, Patty Mur- .lournalism clubs attract Photography Club member Bill Baker learns how to use the "lens brushn to keep his camera lens clean. phy, Connie Plzak, Janice Trusty, Judy Marshall, and Kathy Rich. The board invited speakers. interested students A well-equipped clark room provides Tom Solecki and Gary Allen with an ideal place for developing pictures. 67 Geology Club officers, Doug jones, secretary, Bob Brown, vice-president, and Dave Glass, president, examine specimens from their rock collection. Research stimulated in Math, Science Clubs Science Reading Club officers Wes Jones, Al Vaughn, and Karen Kyger plan invitations to guest speakers. 68 The inquiring minds of persons enrolled in both the History of Math and the Slide Rule Clubs prompted them to seek an understanding of mathe- matical mysteries. Membership was open to all boys and girls with a keen interest in learning more than the regular classroom experience could provide. Those participating in inter-club slide rule contests discovered that practice formed the keynote to pro- ficiency. Members of the History of Math Club probed into the stories behind the development of problems, theories, and proofs. Through research reports, the biographies of famous mathematicians, who had been only briefiy mentioned during class work, were now studied in depth. Inquisitive students of science delved into the intricate aspects of the subject as a project of the Science Reading and Geology Clubs, One or more science credits was a prerequisite for membership in the Science Reading Club. This group sponsored guest speakers and attended various seminars. Mem- bers of the Geology Club compared one another's mineral, gem, and fossil collections and used their meetings for a convenient time to exchange speci- mens and give special reports. As part of their research on the lives and works of famous mathematicians, officers of History of Math Club, Gary Ford, Polly Han, and Doug Gillespie, examine vari- ous pertinent textbooks. Slide Rule Club officers Grant Gaalema, Karen Kyger, and David Maltzman practice the proper techniques on the enlarged model. The raising of tropical fish, microscopy, and natural photography made interesting subjects for Biology Club members to study. Various field trips were preliminary preparations for the members identifying specimens for the department's collection. Problems in all fields of science were given thought and guidance by the Science Projects Club members and sponsors. Many of the members en- rolled as preparation for the local, regional, and national science contests. In the Aquarium Club members became ac- quainted with procedures in setting up a balanced aquarium, the breeding habits of aquatic animals, and the important relationship between plants and animals. Demonstrations and experiments with electronic devices and a survey of electronic theory kept Elec- tronic Club members busy. Qualified guest speakers brought them up to date with explanations of the latest electronic equipment. Science Projects Club member, Terry Snow, pursues his interest in chromatography. Science clubs offer opportunities or exploratio ew .MIA Electrical devices on the Morse Code equipment are checked by Electronics Club officers Kent Taylor, president, Bob Smith, vice-president, and Mike Cunningham, secretary. 70 Biology Club members, jim Reid and Barry Fritsch explore the microscopic World of nature. md experimentation Literally "studying in depth," Sue Schrader uses the model of a dissected frog for a demonstration. In the Aquarium Club, George Deckman has the oppor- tunity to examine the under-water world of the Angel Fish 71 'Xl ,.... 35 . ... BELL CHOIR-Front Row: R. Dunn, C. Burch, P. Knip- Best. Second Row: S. Davis, M. Longden, B. Rath, D rash, J. Burnside, S. Adamson, J. Rader, L. Wherry, C. Trask, R. Avels, J. MacMullin, M. Fenn, P. Burroughs Music groups attract talented Centralites MADRIGALS-Front Row: P. Sinclair, C. Cowick, A. Kan- drac, L. Nahmias, Smith, B. Wallace, D. Holter, D Felber. Second Row: L. Wilson, D. Boone, J. Gillespie, L. Donovan, C. Cassada, M. Allen, J. Boals. Third Row: 72 H. Brodey, M. Isenhour, C. Scherrens, D. Davis, C. Kirk- wood, J. Samuelson, L. Ennis. Fowllo Row: P. Cantor, J Dorior, L. Wasson, C. West, S. Anderson, J. Grimes, C Olson. This is the groups second year. An opportunity to share songs and learn musical techniques brought members of the Folk Music Club together. Guitars, mandolins, and homemade instru- ments accompanied the singers in an assembly pre- sented before rhe student body. Using bells imported from Holland, the Bell Choir appeared in a variety of entertainment for the school, the community, and outside organizations. During the Christmas season, the Bell Choir cut a record, "Music in the Air," in collaboration with the Girls, Ensemble, Madrigals, and Music Men. Through the divisions of folk music, Broadway show tunes, jazz, and heavy secular selections, these groups developed new tastes in the held of music. Performances on radio, television, and at school-civic programs fur- thered public relations beween North Central and the community. Anticipating a rousing Folk Music Club session, Bill Pelsue and Cathy Janes practice a duet. GIRLS, ENSEMBLE-Front Row: G. Herndon, Fishman D. Hocker, S. Cochrane, C. Agnew. Second Row: S. Ham- mond, N. Helm, D. Trieb, Lannerd, S. Schlegel, C. Zell. Third Row: S. Burns, P. Strole, L. Sanders, L. Raymond, M. Tucker, L. Carroll. Fourth Row: J. Logsdon, L. Whalen, J. Wagner, C. Berling, P. Gyarmati. 5 MUSIC MEN-Franz Row: P. Frayer, P. Brown, M. Bal- lard, B. Hauck, D. Katz. Second Row: P. Erdey, D. Pruyn G. Dunne, L. Dawson, R. Peoples. Third Row: D. Rohn B. Davis, D. Salter, D. Parker, D. Atkins. Fourth Row: K. Baker, B. Krueger, B. Clutter, T. Esmon, D. Trask. 73 s 9 CONCERT BAND-Front Row: C. Goldman, L. Stamp, F. Raber, C. Bernard, L. Carroll, L. Main, R. Berry, C. Steeg, P. Kammeraad, W. Wagner, D. Morris, Hooker. Second Row: B. Kelley, G. Freije, S. Paul, J. Whitlock, C. Mather, R. Carrott, Hubert, G. Dunne, L. Ewell, B. Grant, B. Kirt- ley, D. Russell, Herrick, L. Bloom. Third Row: B. New- man, L. DeShano, P. Jarvis, L. Mogg, K. Smart, D. Ray, M. Eyle, S. Buschmann, P. Cashen, T. Cann, J. Lerman, A. Hale, D. Todd, C. Sverdsen, E. Andreasen, G. Rich, M. Leggett, In its second year, the orchestra won first division honors in Class "A" competition. The rapidly ad- vancing group was invited to present programs at the Blind School and at the Butler School of Music. The Concert Band participated in the annual Band-0- Rama and presented assemblies throughout the year. As a marching band, the group performed at home football games and in the "500" Festival Parade. L. Eaton, S. Young. Fourth Row: Sharp, P. Kunz, D. Wisely, J. Carson, S. Leggett, Chastain, Kamplain, D. Hunter, T. Corbett, M. Stokes, T. Lucas, D. Urbain, J. Gray, T. Milton, D. Gillespie, D. Cregor, C. Michael, P. Mc- Glasson, J. Creveling, Nichols, R. Griffith, M. Zimmer- mann. Fifth Row: M. Berkowitz, Director J. Robert Schlatter, B. Richards, G. Prah, Stradling, B. Salisbury, V. Bareither. The marching band performed at football games for half-time entertainment. By invitation, the Counterpoints entertained at the NEA Convention in Seattle, Washington last summer. They also presented programs at luncheons and dinners as the guests of church groups, hotels, and country clubs. The A Cappella Choir won first place award in the 25 th Annual County Choral Fes- tival. The group participates annually in the Spring Festival and the Christmas program. ORCHESTRA-Front Row: R. Dunne, Miller, K. Holmes, P. Paul, Stout, S. Fisher, B. Warren, M. Huff- man. Secorzd Row: B. Hall, C. Smock, A. Butz, Y. Moore J. Lee, S. Brown, L. Jacks. Third Row: L. Kuhlmann, P Wright, A. Kandrac, D. Hinkle, L. Rieke, L. Wesselman, M. Martin, M. Waller, B. Grosskopf, L. Warburton, S. Dunn, J. Thompson, J. Fraps, J. Parrish, D. Daniel, M. 74 Zimmermann. Fourth Row: D. Rohn, Director Richard Dennis, J. Whitlock, S. Nice, B. Ehrgott, S. Paul, B. Bessey, K. Martin, B. Rollings, M. Reed, S. Davis, D. Peavy, F. Bod- well, Johnston. Fifzh Row: Gray, D. Strauss, D. Baum- gardt, L. Fagg. Sixth Row: M. Berkowitz, S. Rhodes, L. Runciman, L. Selig, P. Thrun. Richard Dennis directed the sixty members of the group. A CAPPELLA-Frorzl Row: R. Vollrath, R. Hart, Bot- toms, J. Earle, P. Williams, L. Starr, S. Sternberger, J Bryan, P. Tuchman, S. Brandt, G. LeVine, M. Holbrook R. Cohen, P. Morris. Second Row: C. Taplin, J. Sexson, J. Coats, J. Gable, T. Bauer, R. Kieper, B. Kidd, E. Bandy, M. Oberlin, C. Colby, B. Pruyn, Stoelting, R. Reinking, S. Anderson, C. Atkins. Third Row: S. Burns, Rardon K. Willey, P. Hart, C. Wood, T. Holsworth, R. Efthim, G. Jackson, D. Hicks, R. Morgan, K. Riley, G. Jarvis, B. Gust, M. Wilson, M. West. Fourth Row: S. Sparrenberger, K. Baker, V. Cushman, J. McNew, B. Perkins, T. Snow, L. Reddick, J. Lefiel, R. Fox, S. Davis, S. Cast, J. MacMullin, M. Kreger, D. Weigel, J. Lynn, M. Williams, L. Gommel. They sang at the Christmas choral program. Music groups perform at convocations COUNTERPOINTS-Front Row: D. Agnew, L. Uvanni, L. Brummer, G. Goll, S. Sterner, C. Clay, B. Burghard. Second Row: C. Janes, C. Plzak, S. Shuttleworth, Orr, M. Watkins, D. Stark, B. McDowell. Third Row: M. Vick- ery, F. Bodwell, D. McKown, T. Phillips, D. Stevens, D. Duncan. Fourth Row: B. Pelsue, A. Uvanni, R. Whitting- ton, D. Cohee, G. Jay, J. Stroh, D. Ratts, B. Hoehn. Donald Martin is director of the group. 75 COLOR GUARD-A. Carlson, B. Hotte, V. Cullison, and M. Sprecher. They presented the flag at athletic events. RIFLE TEAM-Front Row: A. Carlson, H. Deich, Len- non, M. Maxwell, R. Mix, S. Ward, T. Boardman. Sec- ond Row: S. Boling, B. Woodard, J. Ward, R. Arbogast, B. Schuchman, and Captain Wilhelm. 76 Precision marching and accurate marksmanship are the goals to be reached by the National Defense Cadet Corps. Cadet Captain Bruce Woodard headed the forty-nine member battalion whose theme for indoor formations was South East Asia, Veit Nam and guerilla warfare. Military precision drill used as a competitive sport developed physical and mental accuracy of the drill team. Lieutenant Barry Schuchman com- manded this group which performed for various events such as the Butler Invitational, Armed Forces Day, and the American Legion meet. The rifle team's many activities ranged from the fall City Tournament to the Fifth Army Match in the spring. The team was Sectional Champions this year. Raising and lowering the flag in front of the school and presenting the flag at home football and basketball games were the duties of the four-member color guard. Activities in which the members of the NDCC joined together as a unit included directing traffic at football and basketball games, serving as escorts for fall festival queen candidates, and planning the annual Military Ball. Under the supervision of Captain Wilhelm, the cadets and sponsors organized the dance, "Apple Blossom Time." SPONSORS-Front Row: L. Barbarick, J. Ward. Second Row: V. Sellmer, J. Walz, M. Miller. Standing at complete attention comes naturally for members and sponsors of the National Defense Cadet Corps when they assume their positions in the Battalion Formation. Cadets gain military experience in NDCC DRILL TEAM-Front Ro-zu: V. Sellmer, N. Woodard, R. R. White. Third Row: A. Carlson, M. Snellenberger, and Goldstein, M. Klepfer. Second Row: M. Sprecher, C. Reed, V. Cullison. Meets were held with other schools. 77 Extra-curricular activities include indiviciua il Members of the Planning Board for the Senior Girls, League include Judy Lawton, Cindy Conrad, Judy Orr, Libby Uvanni, Susie Schlegel, and jan Dustman. Qrightj Attendance assistant Mary Petticrew takes a peek at what goes on in classrooms. Cleftj Office assistant Gerald Koplos gets exercise "stuffing" the teacher's boxes with mail. 78 vroup, and club service The Audio-Visual Club, the Senior Girls' League, and the student oliice assistants continued in their service to the school while another group, the Gym- nastics Club, opened a new field to students. The Senior Girls' League gave service to the school community through various activities. The girls' main project was the Mother-Daughter Tea held in May. The 175 members were led by a plan- ning committee of six girls and Mrs. Brodt who replaced Mrs. Stokesberry at the end of the first semester. Under the guidance of Mr. Shulik, the A.V.T. Club gave informal instruction as to the functions of the audio-visual program in the school. The student assistants in the general, guidance, and attendance offices helped the administration by de- livering passes and running errands for them. The 85 members of the Gymnastics Club learned about the total background of gymnastics other than actual stunts, and attended meets held with other schools. J. Dave Reynolds uses the "Light Boxn to examine transpar- encies for the AVT office. With the aid of Gymnastics Club members Pat Brown and Gary Gardner, Jim Beck demonstrates the basic steps in doing a backbend. 79 C entralites serve community, prepare for careers As they enter the doors of Nora Grade School, members of the Future Teachers Club, Cherrie Pedlow, Lee Barber, and Judy Orr, anticipate the adjustments they will have to make and the experiences to be met in their new roles. 80 Public service started early for Red Cross mem- bers whose meetings were dedicated to worthwhile projects such as making tray and party favors to brighten the rooms of hospitals and children's homes. Working closely with the local Red Cross Chapter, members became involved in a project of an "Over- seas Chest." Three other club groups were also interested in helping their community but their actual service would come later, after preliminary training. Future Business Leaders of America Club guided students by giving them information about careers. The object of the Future Nurses Club was to teach students about personal and community health. Simple procedures for setting broken limbs, taking temperatures, and administering first aid for shock prepared the girls to meet emergency situations. Girls in the Future Teachers of America Club explored the teaching profession, its role in society, and the variety of job offerings in this field. Preparing programs for FBLA are officers Chris Linn, Dave Billingsley, Dave Harden, jill Harris, and Libbi Uvanni Future Nurses officers include Ann Reel, Mary O,C0nner, Planning programs for the Red Cross Club involves dis Linda McCollum, and Chris Hawhee. In this club the cussion between the officers joan Gillespie president and girls gain experience in the use of equipment. Gwen Dixon vice president A problem faced by many students, that of not having extra time to spend on improving typing skills and on typing class assignments, was solved by the Review Typing Clubs, sponsored by Miss Pickard and Miss Mercer. On the other hand, those enrolled in the Beginning Typing Clubs, sponsored by Mr. Cruzan and Mrs. Carnell, found concentration helped them learn a skill that could be used for personal work ranging from manuscripts to letter typing. Since the clubs were conducted as classes, no officers were installed. Competition was keen among the various chess clubs sponsored by Mr. Campbell. Members learned that being able to concentrate intensely is a skill that can be transferred to other activities. They found that each move required skill and logic. Beginning Chess Club stressed the fundamentals of the game while Advanced Chess Club provided spirited opposi- tion for accomplished players. The Chess Team rep- resented North Central in many inter-state matches. Whether he is a beginner, like Howard Schulf, or an advanced player, chess takes a persons entire attention. Concentrating on a game, Herb Baumeister applies learned in Beginning Chess Club. S2 skills Concentration, skill, and speed add up to a good score for Bob Wente during a timed typing exercise. CHESS TEAM-Front Row: Fred Mewhinney, Bill Teuton, Larry Weinberg, Bob Morris, Jon Pactor, Howard Schuff, John Tzucker, Gary Fox. Sec01zclR0w.' Mike O'Brian, Bob Rich- ardson, Myron Seulean, Chris Slaughter, Bill Blankertz, Sheldon Bluesrein, Doug Cregor, Mason Goodman, and Randy Titus. Chess, typing both require concentration Improving past techniques and employing them on class assignments keep members of the Review Typing Club busy. Centralites unite through active participation in Athletics at North Central involve 377 boys who participate in 9 varsity sportsg 850 part- time athletes who enjoy the intramural pro- gramsg 15 coaches who devote long hours after schoolg and, of course, the cheering Centralites who fill the stands. Enthusiasm reached a high point this year as Panther teams captured the Sectional and County Champion- ships in cross country, the Sectional Champion- ship in wrestling, and second place in the County in football and baseball. 84 ATHLETICS W , iff 'X' Lf ' 0 539-mf f f!f ,V 1 f ' 'Q ' ' M diif' 5 gtarts Q am! , j3f'iW11TlTLc3lc2t 5L61c2 his? Q ,ff Q7 f A X J, at 1 4 After spilling three potential tacklers during a powerful run toward the goal, Tri-captain Steve Cracraft plummets to the ground, a foot short of his mark. A pass fired by quarterback Rick Wittenbraker proves too hot to handle for Chris Slaughter as he grabs for the pigskin. 86 FOOTBALL - 1964 - VARSITY NC . . . . 7 West Lafayette ..,.... . .14 NC rr.r 4 0 Noblesville . . r . . O NC .....r 9 Broad Ripple . . , . , . 426 NC ...r, 14 Ben Davis ..... . . 7 NC u...., 6 Warren Central . . , , L 6 NC .,.. 7 Howe ,..,... ,... l 9 NC ,.... 28 Arlington ....., .4.. 1 9 NC ii.. 20 Lawrence Central . . .... 14 NC V..,,. 18 Northwest ..... ,,.. 2 O On the "quarterback sneakf Rick Wfittenbraker scatnpers through a hole in the enemy's line. Spirited Griclders have roller coaster season "One of the hardest working and most spirited squads in Panther history!" stated head coach Byron Weaver about the 1964 Football Team. The season opener on the home field pitted the Panthers against West Lafayette. The adversaries scored twice before North Central could break into the scoring column. Steve Cracraft's run up the middle, just as the game ended, gave the Panther's their only touchdown. Pete Reilly's extra point gave North Central 7 points to their opponents 14. Noblesville and Central clashed in game number two. Although bent on avenging last year's 39-0 drubbing, the fired-up Panthers were held to a score- less deadlock. Another defeat, this time at the hands of Broad Ripple, was the last of Centralls losing streak. The Panthers led at the half, 9 to 6, but Ripple pulled away late in the game and won 26 to 9. North Central's long-overdue first victory came when the Panthers upset county rival Ben Davis, 14 to 7. Steve Cracraft led the Panther attack by scor- ing two touchdowns and Pete Reilly booted two extra points. The next game, against county contender Warren Central, resulted in a 6 to 6 tie. Dean Klink fur- nished the Central touchdown. Game number six with Howe coincided with North Central's third annual Football Festival. Early in the contest Rick Wittenbraker connected with Steve Cractaft on an 80-yard pass play. But Cen- tral's lead was short-lived, as Howe scored twice and led 14 to 7, which somewhat dampened the enthusiasm of the crowd as they watched Tri-cap- tain Dean Klink crown Queen Sheri Cravens during the half. When play resumed, even the magic formula P2 -1, S2 i H' C Powerful Panthers plus Spirited Students equals Victory over I-Iowe's Hor- netsb, a slogan widely advertised prior to the Foot- ball Festival, could not stop the onslaught. Howe won 19 to 7. CContinued on page 885 1964 VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front Row: Rick Smith, Mike jones, Mike Murphy, Tom Miller, Rick Reel, Bill Teuton, Mark Ahner, Eric Mann. Second Row: Rick Peoples, Gary Kernodle, Mark McGarvey, jim Olive, Bud Stickle, Eric Reuss, john Ferguson, Steve Larsen, Paul Blivess, Eugene Hollander. Third Row: Assistant Coach Keith Farrand, Dan jobes, George Alyea, Carl Crouse, Dan Stauber, Grant Gaalema, Larry Geiger, Ron Marta, Steve Jordan, Glenn Roberts, Coach Byron Weaver, Assis- tant Coach Albert Schif11i. Fomzb Row: Assistant Coach john Friedersdorf, Chris Slaughter, Mark Albertson, Cliff Sanders, Dean Klink, Dick Schulte, Charlie Harrison, Mike Perkins, Rick Wittenbraker, Pete Reilly, Clem Frazier, Gilbert Debartolo. Twenty nine are graduating seniors. 87 Anticipating another jarring tackle from Bud Stickle, a Northwest runner moves the ball in closer to his body so that he can remain with it after the initial contact. l964 RESERVE FOOTBALL-Front Row: A. Fasola, B. Helms, H. Slaughter, R. Potter, P. Brown, C. Whitfield, P. Nefouse, D. Fatout, R. Overbey, M. Dinwiddie, Murphy, P. Thompson. Second Row: B. Marr, D. Frayer, R. Kieper, D. Oberholtzer, A. Curry, Weber, S. Good- win, L. Fowler, D. Peters, S. jackson, B. Richards, F. Stone, CContinued from page S75 On the neutral Broad Ripple field, Central got back into the winning column by defeating Arling- ton 28 to l9. The Golden Knights led twice in the game, but each time the Panthers came back to take the lead. Steve Cracraft paced the gridders with three touchdowns and Grant Gaalema scored the other. A trip to the home stadium of county foe Law- rence Central proved fruitful as the Panthers topped the Bears 20 to 14. Steve Cracraft again led the attack with two touchdowns and Dan Stauber fur- nished the other. Central's final contest in Panther Stadium, on Senior Night, saw Northwest slip past the gridders 20 to l8 in a closely fought battle. The season ended with North Central and War- ren Central tied for second in the county. More honors came to the Panthers with the selection of the All-County Teams. Dick Shulte, Dean Klink, and Dan jobes made the first string and Mark Albertson, Steve Cracraft, Chuck Harrison, Steve Jordan, Cliff Sanders, Bud Stickles, and Rick Wit- tenbraker received honorable mentions. G. Miller, B. Fritsch. Third Row: Assistant Coach John Friedersdorf, E. Mann, B. Penno, P. Ford, R. Bennett, T. Waldman, R. Beatty, T. Pappas, Terrell, G. Walkup, G. Morlock, T. Hollibaugh, L. Darring, T. Wittenbraker, Coach Albert Schiffli, These boys will provide the varsity with much experience next year. 88 The locker room echoes with sounds of cheering and jubila- tion after the first win of the season over Ben Davis. Although they finished the season with a 3-5 record, the Reserve football boys gained tremendous experience against many County opponents. They hope this will carry over into the varsity squad. The goal of Coaches Friedersdorf and Schiffli was to de- velop within this sophomore-dominated group the basic football fundamentals of blocking, tackling, and ball handling as well as a sense of sportsman- ship and team spirit. All of these are necessary to ensure varsity material for next year, FOOTBALL - 1964 - RESERVES NC ....., 0 Southport t....,t..t.. 14 NC ..,t,. 9 Noblesville .,., . . 6 NC .t... 13 Broad Ripple . . , . . . .26 NC . . . . 7 Ben Davis ,..,,, A . . . 6 NC ...... 6 Warren Central t... .... 2 1 NC ..l. . 7 Arlington . t ,I3 NC . . . . 6 Lawrence Central .... . . . 0 NC .,t... 6 Northwest ....... . . ,26 Reserves show much promiseg look to varsity Cliff Sanders maneuvers around his opponents to gain valuable yardage for the Panthers while his teammates pick blocking assignments, 89 After an exhausting race, Tom Kelley gropes for the bar where teammate Bob Pyle is already slumped. CROSS COUNTRY-1964-VARSITY DUAL MEET NC ..,l.l.... 21 Kokomo ...,, . . .34 TRIANGULAR MEETS NC ,.,. I7 Broad Ripple. 53 Manual . . .64 NC ,.., 29 Arlington . . .43 Northwest 62 NC .... 29 Ben Davis. . .34 Howe . . . .57 QUADRANGULAR MEETS NC ........ 34 Washington ......... 5l Lawrence Central ...... 63 Shortridge ...... . . .71 NC... ...3I Arlington ....., .,..4l Warren Central ...... 59 Tech ,........ ..... 8 9 NC ...... Scecina Invitational ..... .Second NC ...... Broad Ripple Invitational .... First NC ...... County Championship ....... First NC ...... Shortridge Invitational ,.... Fifth NC ...... Sectional ......,......... First NC ...... Regional . . . ..... Fourth Tim McClenny, new school record holder for the two mile run, slows to a jog for a brief rest before a final sprint. 90 Harriers capture County ectional titles in perfect season. Improving on last year's excellent 9-3 record in dual, triangular, and quadrangular meets, the 1964 Cross Country Team posted a 13-O seasonal score. In addition to this accomplishment, the squad cap- tured firsts in the Broad Ripple Invitational, the County Tournament, the Sectional meet, and a fourth in the Regional Tournament. In the Short- ridge Invitational, Central topped seventeen out of twenty-two competitors to finish fifth. Ted Wood, Tim McClenny, and Steve Sellmer won individual medals for their high placement. Another large meet, the Scecina Invitational, saw the harriers finish second. Senior Steve Sellmer and junior Tim McClenny paced the team in individual honors. Steve's first place finish in the sectional meet proved instru- mental in the Panther's winning the championship. He also finished as first man for North Central in the regionals. Tim brought more honor to the squad when he set a new school record of 9:46.6 for the two mile run, which is 15.4 seconds faster than the previous record. 1964 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Row One CVARS- ITYJ: Ted Wood, Tim McClenny, Steve Sellmer, Bob Rollings, Tim Anderson, Bob Thompson, and John Voris. Row Two CRESERVED : John Cranfill, Mike Aycock, Bruce Cruickshank, Bill Maxwell, Dale Butler, Van Bareither, Bill Bob Pyle leads the pack as they trample through the under- brush on one of the year's most challenging courses. Lanset, Ken McI.eish, and Dave Long. Row Three: Man- ager jeff Hilburn, Mike Cranfill, Tom Kelley, Jeff Klein, Skip Adams, Bob Pyle, John Johnston, Tom Steinmeier, Roberton Williains, and Manager -lim Hickey. This squad brought honor by winning the County and Sectional. 1965 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: Man- ager Steve Renfro, Grant Gaalema, Rick Kiovsky, Wilson Terrell, Chris Slaughter, Tom Wittenbreaker, Don Fields, and Manager Don Teegarden. Back Row: Coach Arlan During a brief time-out, Coach Marvin Wfood, surrounded by varsity players R. Wittenbraker, Terrell, Fields, Bridge- ford, and Kiovsky, discusses the opponents' defense. 92 Lickliter, Mark Miller, Dave Weeks, Scott Bridgford, Mike Miller, Bob Davidson, Rick Wittenbreaker, and Coach Marvin Wood. Of these sectional and county semi-finalists, six are graduating seniors. Senior Scott Bridgeford and veteran letter-winners Rick Wittenbraker, Wilson Terrell, Dave Weeks, and Mike Miller spurred the 1964-65 basketball team to a 15-9 season. The squad, in the words of Head Coach Marvin Wood, . . was as strong or stronger than any squad in North Central's his- tory, including the County Championship Team of 1960-61.i' Dave Weeks, in his third year of varsity ball, broke two school records by snatching 292 rebounds and scoring 408 points during the season. He also led the squad with an average of 17 points per game. The other Panther to play three years on the varsity, Wilson Terrell, led in the free throw de- partment by sinking 55 to 74 attempts during the season. Wilson, along with senior Mike Miller and junior Rick Wittenbraker, tied a school record of 60 Hassistsf' Another school record fell at the sea- sonls close as the squad grabbed a total of 1050 re- bounds in competition. VARSITY BASKETBALL-1964-65 NC ,AA. 73 New Castle ,... . . L63 NC ,... 65 Speedway CCounty Tourneyl NC "-A 58 Carmel ----,'---- 4 - -59 NC ..., 81 Ben Davis ..,4....... A . . NC .... 75 Lawrence Central . . , . .48 NC Vvll 68 Pike I I I Q U A I D NC ,,.. 62 Kokomo .........,, . . .74 NC AIAI 75 Arlington Vlu. I H I NC .... 75 S h ' ..,... 77 out Port covemmeb NC .... 56 Broad Ripple .... . . . NC .... 62 Frankfort ,....,.... . . .60 n , NC .... 87 Madison Heights .... . . . NC ,,.. 67 Speedway ..... . . .61 NC 62 M I NC ..l. 67 Tech ..l.,,..4... . . .78 "" mon ""4'AA A ' ' NC .l.. 78 Warren Central .... . . .61 NC l"' 65 Nofthwfst "" A ' ' ' A NC .... 66 Manual ..,.,..t.....,,t. 84 NC ---' 93 Noblesvllle "---'t- A A A NC phpl 60 Pike ccoumy Tourney, upvp 57 NC .,,. 55 Lawrence CSectionalD ...., NC ..,, 60 Wfarren Central CCounty NCL A - 79 Arlington csectionall - - - - - Tourneyj ,............ 55 NC ..,. 71 Cathedral CSectionalJ ..... Netmen marked as one o school's finest Mike Miller frantically attempts to pass around a Southport foe to teammate Tom Wittenbraker. 1 Scott Briclgeford prepares to toss the ball to Wilson Terrell as an opponent falls against him. Hoping to draw a personal foul, Dave Weeks pauses an instant to catch his opponent off guard. Wilsoiu Terrells flashy style of play dazes the opposition as he hangs in two more points for North Central. North Central's Reserve basketball team, piloted by Coach Lickliter, finished with a 12-8 season. The squad defeated several rivals, including Carmel, Lawrence Central, Speedway, Warren Central, Manual and Ben Davis. Midway in the season the crew proved its poten- tial skill by topping two teams to win the four-team County Reserve Invitational Tournament held at Lawrence Central. The squad also showed its dex- terity by averaging 49 points per game, against 42 opponent points. l'This is one of the best Reserve teams we have had in years," commented Coach Lickliter. i'Mr. Wood should have several fine boys to work with next year." While exhibiting superior ball control, junior Rick Wit- tenbraker drives past a Southport defender. Reserves hit peak in County Invitational victory 1965 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: Manager Dale Butler, Pete Thompson, Jeff Klein, Steve Tony Marta, Paul Ford, Mike Riesen, Tom Scott, Craig Garrett, Mike Kafoure, Skip Adams, Bob Wente, Ron McGoy, Bob Potter. Second Row: Coach Marvin Wood, Beatty, Coach Arlan Lickliter. 95 VARSITY WRESTLING 1964-65 NC .... 37 Decatur Central A.,,..., 13 NC .A.. 38 Warren Central . . , , 6 NC ,..r 38 Lawrence Central . . . . . 8 NC ..,. 30 Ben Davis ,..... . . 11 NC .,.. 39 Speedway . , , . . 10 NC .,.. 34 Shortridge . . , , . 12 NC ..,, 56 Carmel . . . . . 6 NC .,.. 34 Kokomo . 4 . . 16 NC ,... 38 Tech .... . . 6 NC .... 38 Manual . , . . . 6 NC .... 23 Arlington ,..,,...4 , , 19 QUADRANGULAR MEET NC ..,. 119 Cathedral ........l . . 97 Broad Ripple ..., . . 59 Chatrand ..,. . . 51 1965 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-From Row: Tom Bose, Winston Kelley, Rick Reel, jack Adams, and Bill Bogle. Second Row: Coach Keith Farrand, Tom Sampsell, Varsity G rapple Five returning lettermen provided a solid base for the 1964-1965 wrestling squad. As the remain- ing varsity spots were filled, hopes for a successful season ran high and were quickly satisfied with five consecutive wins. However, the team was hit hard by the loss of a hotly contested County Champion- ship to Southport at mid-season. This defeat was soon avenged by a string of six victories, among which was the 23-19 win over rival Arlington, the high point of an 11-0 campaign. After capturing a home quadrangular meet, Cen- tral grapplers went on to take the Sectional title and were Regional runners-up. Senior Bill Bogle ad- vanced to the State finals, where he was edged out by one point in the final match. Coach Keith Farrand has great expectations for next year's team. Wrestlers advancing from the Re- serves, who posted a 10-1 record, should easily complement the four varsity returnees. Carl Vorhies, and Dave Frayer. Third Row: Mike Wil- liams, Jim Petersen, Dean Klink, Terry Jarvis, Steve Wer- ner, and Assistant Coach Gordon Gish. 96 Jmplete undefeated season, win sectional State hnalist Bill Bogle rides a sectional opponent at Broad Ripple to sap his strength. 1965 RESERVE NWRESTLING TEAM-Front Row: Gary Morlock, Randy Overbey, Jim Sttadling, Pete Tolsen, Rich- ard Goldstein, Roger Lawton, and joe Murphy. Second Row: Howard Atshop, Carl Lowensohn, Peter Reilly III, David Chernin, Gary Runciman, Carl Bose, jim Wood, I Roger Curry, and Dave Young. Third Rozzf: Norman Fogle, Frank Russell, Tom Eby, Rick Verplank, Noel Humphreys, Jim Bromley, Jack Beeson, Gustin Raikos, Mike Martindill, and Larry Rose. These boys will provide' much experience for next year's season. North Central's newest sport, Gymnastics, grew rapidly in popularity. The hfteen boys comprising the varsity team had, in the words of Coach Noel Merrick, 'Superior ability and they accomplished more in one year than most gymnasts do in two." He regretted, however, that he did not have more time to help develop their skills. ln their first year, the gymnasts posted a 4-3 win- ning record, defeating Wabash, Walkarusa, and Southport, twice. They also placed sixth individually in the Regional meet. Mr. Merrick commented, em- phatically, "This year has been more than suc- cessfullu Although the squad will be losing seniors Steve Chenoweth, Dan Nehrling, and Rick Howard, the team shows much promise for next season. Besides returning lettermen Steve Kafoure, John Wilson, Pat Brown, and Dick Fatout, Coach Merrick is also looking to Gary Gardner and Lee Runciman. He pointed out, however, that there are several open spots in tumbling, high bar, and trampoline to be filled for the coming campaign. In perfect form, gymnast Dick Fatout executes a handstand on the parallel bars. Practicing his tournament routine Steve Kafoure works on timing and continuity on the sidehorse. GYMNAsT1cs-1964-65 NC ....., 87.5 soufhpoff .4A.. . . 66.5 NC ...... 88.5 Wabash , . . . . 62.5 NC ...... 78 Walkarusa . , . . 76 NC ...... 69 Clarksville ........ 85 NC ...... 49 Madison Heights . ,105 NC ...... 81 Southport ......... 7 3 NC ...... 45.5 Warren Central .... 107.5 Senior Steve Chenoweth performs the extremely difficult "Iron Cross" on his favorite apparatus, the still rings. Gymnasts "swing" to victory in first season 1965 GYMNASTICS TEAM-From Row: Pat Brown, Wilson, Danny Nehrling, Steve Chenoweth, Tom Cory, Rick Howard, Mark Ahner, Steve Kafoure, Dick Fatout, Jeff Schlichter, Dave Powers, Gary Gardiner, and Coach and jim Beck. Second Row: Jim Ray, Tom Gronau, John Noel Merrick. Ten of these boys will return next year. 99 slr 1964 VARSITY BASEBALL-Front Row: Ricky Wein- heimer. Second Row: Bob Wherry, Gordon Etchison, Bob Williains, Rick Whittington, Steve Hardy, Larry Pagel, Don Fairman, and Rick Wittenbraker. Third Row: Dean This speedy Panther raises a cloud of dust as he safely steals second base and moves into scoring position. Hard work and desire paid off for the 1964 Base- ball Team. After a weak start, the North Central nine caught fire and finished with a 7-7 record. The team's improvement was illustrated by its second place finish in the County Tournament, when vic- tories over Speedway and Pike advanced the Panthers to the finals where they were topped by Southport, 4-5. Dean Klink, one of four returning lettermen, brought more honors to the squad with his election to the newly-formed All-County Baseball Team. He received more votes than any other candidate and was the Hrst to be unanimously selected. 100 Klink, Dolph Highmark, Reid Lemasters, Doug Roberts, Student Manager Andy Lilliston, Bill Schilk, Dave Miller, Tom Bardach, and Coach Tom Bradley. Team Captain Bob Wlierry received the only third year award. BASEBALL - 1964 - VARSITY NC .... 4 Shortridge ....,,....,... 8 NC .... 2 Noblesville , , , . 1 NC ..., 3 Tech ....,. , , 8 NC ,.,. 4 Carmel ....... . . 0 NC .... 0 Ben Davis ........ . . 4 NC. , . 1 Warren Central ,.,. . , 0 NC .,.. 5 Lawrence Central . , . . , l NC .... 4 Kokomo .,,...... .... 1 1 NC ,... 2 Lafayette jeff .........,.. 7 NC ..., S Speedway CCo. Tourneyj . . . 2 NC .... 3 Pike CCO. Tourneyb ..,... 0 Southport C Co. Tourney ' 4 Finalsj ....,.,.. . . NC ,... 3 NC ..,. 5 Arlington ...., .. 5 NC .... 10 Broad Ripple . . . . , S Bob Wherry's mighty swing catches his opponent off balance. Improved Diamondmen place second in countyg Traclcmen wipe two records from books Broad jumper Steve Sellmer demonstrates another of his athletic skills, besides track, he also runs cross country. 1964 TRACK TEAM-From Row: R. Smith, D. Stauber, D. Long, D. Peters, B. Barron, R. Lisher, S. Jordan, A. Small, H. Nahmias, J. Voris, T. Anderson, S. Sebastian, B. Hanson, B. Cruickshank, and T. Steinmeier. Second Row: D. Brewer, M. Miller, B. Henzie, T. Wood, T. Foltz, M. Cannon, P. Reilly, C. Lander, S. Cagle, M. Knox, S. Sellmer, R. Marra, Babcock, B. Winningham, B. Clutter, By capturing four out of six dual meets, placing second in two triangular meets, and finishing third in the county tournament last spring, the 1964 track team gave its new head, Coach Charles Riley, a first year to be proud of. The cindermen also bagged second place in the sectional tournament and ninth place in the regional tournament. Senior shot-putter Steve Kagle's advancement to the state finals ended the season on a happy note. TRACK - 1964 - VARSITY DUAL MEETS NC ..,.,. 61 Lawrence Central Clndoorj 58 NC ...... 42 Noblesville ..........,, 67 NC ,..... 5 5 Anderson ..,.,.., .... 5 4 NC ...... 79 Lawrence Central .,,..... 50 NC .,,,.. 75 Warren Central .,., ,... 5 6 NC ..,,.. 26 Kokomo ,.,.,,... .... 8 5 TRIANGULAR MEETS NC . 59W Shortridge 27 Richmond 70M NC. .4892 Carmel . . 28M Ben Davis 60 North Central Relays ...... NC ,.... Second Kokomo Relays ..... , . .NC ..... Fifth Marion County Meet .,..... NC ..,.. Third Sectionals .......... . . . NC ..... Second Regionals . . . . . ,NC .,.. .Ninth L. Evans, and Coach Charles Riley. Third Row: Assistant Coach Byron Weaver, J. Nestor, D. Diehl, G. Roberts, T. McClenny, R. Hollander, E. Hollander, D. Wilcox, Mar- tin, M. Miller, B. Young, L. Geiger, M. Albertson, M. Enoch, C. Frazier, D. Schulte, C. Asmus, N. Leighty, S. Livingston, B. Berry, R. Williams, G. Rinehart, and Assis- tant Coach john Friedersdorf. Netters and Linksmen post impressive victorie TENNIS -- 1964 - VARSITY NC ...... 6 Kokomo . oA.A.. . , , 1 NC ,.... 5 Lafayette Jeff .... , . . 6 NC .,...C 3 Tech ........., . . 4 NC .,.... 7 Franklin Central ..... O NC.. 6 Ben Davis . . 1 NC. . , . 7 Northwest . . . . . . O NC . . , 6 Speedway ,...t.. . . 1 NC . . . 5 Lawrence Central ll,. , 2 NC. . . , 7 Arlington ...... . . . O NC i,,. . 7 Pike .,... , . . O NC ..,.,. 4 Cathedral . . . . . . 3 NC .ii. 2 Shortridge ..... . . . 5 NC .i... 5 Broad Ripple , , . . . 4 NC ...i.. 5 Warren Central .,,.,i 2 NC t...., 2 Park ......... . . . 5 NC ,...,. 2 Southport . . . , . , 5 A record of ten wins and six losses was turned in by the varsity tennis team at the completion of the 1964 season coached by John Shirley. The season started with a win over Kokomo, but the squad was then downed by Lafayette and Tech. To avenge these losses, the boys defeated their next eight opponents, only to have their winning streak broken by long-time foes, Shortridge and Broad Ripple. The Panthers made a strong comeback from VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: David Poon, Ron Sklare QDeceasedD, Leon Fink, Bill Lee, Mike Gor- rell, Bill Gambill, and Dwight Lee. Back Row: Steve Dan Swift gets in some pre-season practice before varsity tryouts begin for the '64 season this blow by beating Warren Central, but ended the season with losses to Park and Southport. Varsity members honored with letters were Bill Gambill, Jeff Enkema, John Hurlbut, Dan Swift, and Bill Lee. Coach John Shirley was able to call on a strong team in '65, since last season's reserves recorded twelve wins and no losses. Senior Dan Swift and junior Bill Lee were counted on to spur the squad for a successful 1965 season. Enkema, Dan Swift, Randy Clark, Steve Garrett, Chris Slaughter, john Hurlbut, jeff Enkema, Student Manager Noel Harris, and Coach John Shirley. 1 64 campaigns. Since superior form is important in breaking par, Doug A W Carden practices his follow-through diligently. The golf team amassed an impressive score of eighteen wins and three losses, which was a par- GOLF 1964-VARSITY ticularly satisfying record for Coach Norman Har- SM Kokomo ,........ 6M2 nerys last year of active coaching. 12 Martinsville i , . . . 2 An early season surge of eight Panther victories 95 GYSCUCHSYI'-3 ---- - A 4M came before Lebanon emerged victorious in the ninth 18 Washington - - I P - 0 game. Another win, over Speedway, preceded defeat 12 Cathedral 4 I - I - 0 at the hands of Manual. The linksmen then rallied 10 Pike '--------- r 2 to conquer nine of their last ten opponents. 12 B90 Davis --4---- 0 In tournament play, the team placed second in S Lawfenee Central' ' ' 4 the county tournament and seventh in the regional 6 Lebanon ""' ' ' ' 12 tournament. They also finished second in the Uni- ew Speedway ' ' ' ' ' ' 3 W versity High School Invitational Tournament at 233 Manual ""t""t 226 Bloomington, where they came up against some of 235 Lawrenee Centrale ' 255 the toughest competition in the state. 235 Waffsn Central ' ' ' 257 The s ad was enter d on r t rnin letterman 255 Chatard "'i"i"' 267 qu c e e u g , Bob Bly, who led the team in individual honors 7 Broad Ripple ii"' 5 with an average of 80. Close behind was senior Sw Noblesville i"i ' ' em Bill Myers with an average of 81, followed by 11 Arlington " 11 Randy Reifers and Bill Peelle, both averaging 82. Sw Camiel Q "" ' ' 36 12 Martinsville . . . . , 0 5 Manual .,,, . . 7 7 Carmel .... . . 5 1964 VARSITY GOLF TEAM-Cleft to rightj Coach vani, Dan Kline, Don McAllister, joe Tilford, Bill Peelle, Norman Harner, Randy Reifers, Bill Myers, Dave Monro- Tom Esmond, Doug Carden, jeff Slaughter, and Bob Bly. H913 Www Q K i 103 COACHES l964-65-From Row: Charles Riley, Noel Weaver, John Friedersdorf, john Shirley, Keith Farrand, Merrick, Arlan Lickliter, Tom Bradley, Glen Schmucker, and Gordon Gish. Cnot picturedj Marvin Wood and and Albert Schiffli. Second Row: Keith Stroup, Byron Norman Harner. Coaches, Cheerleaders, Lettermen boost sports LETTERMENS CLUB-Front Row: Rick Smith, Cliff Sanders, Bill Teuton, Bob Williams, Mike Murphy, Steve Hardy, Don Salter, Steve Cracraft, Rick Reel, Bill Lee, John Voris, Mark Ahner, Don Fairman, Steve Renfro, Ted Wood and Tim Anderson. Second Row: Mark Albertson, jim Olive, Greg Rinehart, Steve Werner, William Bogle, Bob Bly, john Ferguson, Rick Peoples, Steve Sellmer, Steve jor- dan, Harvan Nahmias, Carl Crouse, Mike Jones, Grant Gaalema and Dan jobes. Third Row: Sponsor Keith Stroup, jeff Slaughter, Wilson Terrell, Glen Roberts, Mark Enoch, Winston Kelley, Eric Reuss, Dan Swift, Peter Reilly, Marc Wilson, Dan Stauber, Steve Larsen, Ron Marta, Terry Jar- vis, Rick Whittington, and Gary Kernodle. Fourth Row: Mark Miller, Clem Frazier, Dave Thompson, Rick Witten- braker, Gordon Miller, George Alyea, Gene Hollander, Larry Geiger, Dave Diehl, Charles Asmus, Dean Klink, Dick Schulte, joe Tilford, Don Teeguarden, and Mike Miller. Sportsmanship is this club's by-word. 104 Receiving less glory, but contributing just as much as the athletes do to the Panther cause, the twelve coaches, five varsity, and five reserve cheer- leaders put in another creditable year. Two new members joined the coaching staff this year. Mr. Gish was appointed to assist Head Wres- tling Coach Farrand, thus giving the latter more time to work with individuals. Coach Merrick led the newly-formed gymnastics team to an envi- able first year record. Also, Coach Riley advanced from assistant to Head Track Coach to guide the 1964 squad to another successful season. He re- placed Coach Weaver who had moved up to Head Football Coach. Central's "Pantherettes" Cthe varsity and reserve cheerleadersb led yells during the football and basketball seasons. The varsity was chosen the preceding spring by a panel of live teachers voting with the Student and Class Councils. The reserves were selected in October. Dean Klink, presidentg Mike Miller, vice-presi- dentg Steve Cracraft, secretaryg and Dan Stauber, treasurer, led the Lettermen's Club in its many activities. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Front Row: Linda Hedrick and Carla Agnew. Second Row: Carolyn Cassada, Sally Reid, and Susan Cassada. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Cleft to rightj Yvonne Schutte, Mary Sweet, Ginny Walsmith, Pam Sollars, Dale Fielman. These girls help generate school spirit. 105 Candy Dorin eludes an opponent as she prepares to pass the ball to a teammate. .. .. ENR xg Ng fi, 'X 2.3, w 2 4 W. as -- 3-,Ss-4.ia,i.,5 . t. , . ,t taafzzssit, , 3 -is was 'fs-:ia-xt alexa: rats, gat, ig rf as . -X or t-tssgfs ssgiigfiglfiw cf W If ss:-:ri isps-a I ntramurals o ei "With almost one thousand students participating in twenty-six different events, I feel that North Cen- tral can boast of having one of the best Intramural Programs in any high school in the country," Mr. Tom Bradley, Head of the department, commented. "Many sponsors from other high schools have studied us and used our plans as a model for organ- izing their own Intramural Programs," he continued. New activities added this year are boys' handball, boys' weightlifting, girls, handball, and girls' gym- nastics. Events as varied as girls, archery, girls, soft- ball, boys, horseshoes, and boys' table tennis are in- cluded. Tournaments are scheduled in tennis, touch football, and volleyball. Basketball again proved the most popular sport with over five hundred participants, necessitating the formation of four different leagues. se C A "balls-eye view" catches I-M Tennis Champions Gary Baugh and Sally Appel off guard during warm up. is .sgiazgtgw a. ,,.- ,aw ta t ,,c.i,i-cr.-s.,, f--tsstf -1 --ft, if '- ' Saw 2 'R N X Sa:-M 'ss Kit- I siileivifklig rsr5SHigS-e r, fi-sxegffw New ss , N I X as 3 H use .wt be - . X -.-mi s -1 was - I .. -.-- igiwgtsa 't 5 skga Q -is, rrgifsazig-ggi-f-5 K si. 2 X. -ties-ass gifs . ,,,.,. X X we Q W 059 Y. .Q I 2 fest . 5 1, R :T gs,gs:., ig it x x Xifggwx s if rev X i, ti , m sa xx I' x sh x , fc, 5. Q1 I . I "" X 1-gi , .x f?Slfsamxa:w?s 1-it-+s1s7g..1gv X - issgigssiiggs Qwgfw isis S . . i. as iw, . , gut 2 at I ESV gt .,.. . -. 3 - 13 15?-sa t., 1 Utfi- ffiifrstc s s ggisfgis-wsik wi-Q K -. ,. - s.f,-Qws sztwssrsis-sw it X H s ' .sm ,. . tat, A . .fntrlgsss 1 . 5 ti YY s-ma Q i -tw-ai dist- gsm--2 N .A .- .ww- fz. sweets--f 62:25 Q fH232l?u: .i ,Z as-,ga W --,J ,twssgsz-as .sw-.N -iw-stisgefa :gNG.sQE-ragga s'5tt?ssltSN.1s'2 ihftwbxiistg Wrap-sn.-was as its -.ww :Q t . 'fi' iiigsif - 5 swat .. A as we X .. . .... -. , 512151 wliixksz 1 '- s ag-Erxalisitfi :ts as i t 1 ii.. -'isa 1-if - .... -,wa :aaa ' X - Wave 'fazfiI-Q-if-as-:sr-,:-:p test-its . K Q si. slr were Qggi-5 ,rest .ag U . gg' I , . "i v - - .. A films-wmiiiil . , Q - ,,,,,, . . .:-1:-:-P ...- SN S Q 5955911 I P' was K ., - " , E Q Q siggfei - -- ,,,, ,, 106 at-525 ggi? a E512 ?kAgiSw,i'iel?1.w. .1 Q ,Q six- S as gr aried activities John Shoemaker doing a military press exercise raises 180 pounds as a warm-up for the Intramural Weightlifting program at the stadium. Colt 45, Rick Cockerille, has a "hair-raising experience" in the Hnals against champion Bush Beavers for the Intramural basketball title for 1964-465. Practicing with the bow and arrow, archery winners Joann Hawkins and Ann Butz take aim on an indoor range. 107 The life of North Central lies in Hs People at North Central comprise the crowds of students that fill the halls and class- rooms from eight oiclock every morning until long after the three-thirty bell. They also include administrators, teachers, secretaries, and librarians, all working toward a common goal, the education of young people Who enter North Central as sophomores and graduate three years later. All efforts are focused on preparing each Centralite for his role as a citizen of a modern world. 108 PEOPLE fc fc-W igan, JAAV ' eeiuc is ' I will CQQE EEQ utmr 1 Q f f I f I f f ' 0 X XQ ff! ,U X f f X 1 , I !,' ff' ff .. if fi 'f , ,- 'X "" BYSQJTJQQQ mam! 2X7 X ,. 0 ff I H 'ff f f ' ff 6 , ' ,pf ' Zi 109 In his third year as principal, Mr. Milo Eiche successfully heads North Central, which is rated as one of the nations outstanding high schools. Complicated duties It is frequently said that the faculty members and the administrators of North Central form a solid block of people dedicated to furthering the knowl- edge of the 2,550 young Centralites. Mr. Eiche, who dispatches his many responsibilities as principal in a competent and efficient manner, is aided by two assistant principals, Dr. Bagby and Mr. Cloncs. Mr. Bugher, director of student activities, coordi- nates the club program. Working together, and with teachers and students, the administrators main- tain North Central's traditionally high standards. The tremendous job of regulating the ten ele- mentary schools, three junior high schools, and one high school in Washington Township, falls to Su- perintendent of Schools, Mr. Light. Mr. McKenzie, formerly Mr. Light's assistant, left his post this year to become Superintendent of Schools in Marion, In- diana. He was replaced by Mr. Evans, former prin- cipal of Eastwood junior High School. William Bugher, director of student activities, and Dr. Geraldine Bagby and Eugene Cloncs, assistant principals, share administrative responsibilities with the principal, Mr. Eiche. 110 hiy handled by Administrative personnel ' Although Mr. Light regretted receiving a letter of resignation from Mr. McKenzie, he was delighted to hear of the latter's promotion. Members of the School Board are J. Everrett Light, superin- Nolte, presidentg Mrs. Elizabeth jones, Mr. Lights secre- tendent of schoolsg Donald G. Wilson, treasurerg William taryg and Carter B. Tharp, vice-president. The school board G. Mashaw, secretaryg Sol Blickman, memberg Walter holds its meetings twice a month. 111 English MISS RUTH AGNEW-English. MRS. MARCIE BAILEY-English. MISS HELEN BENBOW-English MISS RUTH BERTSCH-English. MRS. SARA BRODT-Reading Laboratory. MISE SHARON BUSH-English. MRS. SANDRA BUTTER WORTH-English, World Literature. MRS. BERNICI CARNELL-Reading Laboratory. MRS. BETTY DIXON-English, Advanced Composition JAMES DUFFY-Department Chairman, Advanced Com position, English Literature. MRS. MARGARET EER GUSON-English. THOMAS FISHER-Reading Labora tory. MISS JEANNINE FREUDENBERGER-English, Ad vanced Composition. FOREST FRUITS-Speech. MISS DONNA FULPS-English, Advanced Composition. JAMES JENKINS-English, English Literature. MRS. RUTH KIVETT-English, Advanced Composition MRS. SYLVIA KLINE-Newspaper Adviser, English Journalism, News Bureau. MISS MARGERY LAYCOCI4 -Speech, Pre-Teaching. JOHN LEWIS-English, Ad vanced Composition. WILLIAM LORD-Stagecraft, Speech. MRS. JEANNINI MERRITT-Advanced Composition, English Literature DONALD MYERS-English. MISS MARTY NEES- English, Advanced Composition. MISS SUE OVERMAN-English, Advanced Composition ROBERT SEIGEL-English. JOHN SHIRLEY-English MRS. HELEN WINGFIELD-English Literature, Ad vanced Composition. Cramming many activities into their time after school, on weekends, and on vacations, members of the English Department have interests ranging from Mr. Lewis, antique cars and motorcycles to Mrs. Ferguson's camping with her family. Horseback riding is a hobby of Mrs. Bailey, while Miss Lay- cock enjoys snow skiing. Mrs. Legg is remodeling an old farm home in her spare time. The first per- son to have graduated from North Central and to return as a teacher, Miss Nees, finds pleasure in listening to classical music. Traveling is a favorite pastime of many teachers. Mr. Myers works as a guide for a travel agency and, during spring vaca- tion, took a group of fifty Centralites on a tour of Washington, D. C. and New York City. Mrs. Mer- ritt played the leading role in one of the major productions of Booth Tarkington Civic Theater. Another traveler is newly-married Mrs. Rimstidt, who spent last summer in Hawaii. Miss Overman lived in Italy for seven months while attending College' A great variety of duties fall to librarians Miss Betsy Wil- liams, Miss Ruth Espenlaub, and Mrs. Katherine Wert. Counselors Cseatedj Dr. Alice Eagle, Mrs. Isabella Legg, Mrs. Beverly Hubbs, Miss Mary- belle Dow, Cstandingj Phillip Moore, Kenneth Warren, Norman Hafner, and William Drake guide North Central students in program and college planning. ll3 Social Studies Department THOMAS BURRIN-U.S. History. MORRIS CAMI3 BELL-Government. LOREN COMSTOCK-U.S. History CARL DEBARD-Government, Sociology. CHARLES FLEMING-Government, Sociology. JOHI' FRIEDERSDORF-U.S. History. JOHN HOLZMAN- Economics, U.S. History. MRS. FRANCES HUM PHREYS-Modern World History. DONALD JOHNSON-U.S. History. DONALD KER CHEVAL-Government. RICHARD MEEK-Ancient ani Medieval History, Modern World History. ROGER NIE MEYER-Geography, Economics. KENNETH PATTON-Economics, Sociology. CHARLE1 RILEY-U.S. History, Driver Education. NORMAN TAY LOR-U.S. History, Department Chairman. MRS. LIL! YOUNG-Sociology, U.S. History. Foreign Language Department JOHN BROWN-Department Chairman, German. MIS! CLEO KINNISON-Latin, Etymology. MRS. ALICI KRAFT-French, Greek. MISS RUTH LESLEY-Latin MISS KATHRYN MERKEL--Spanish. MRS. SUSAD ROUNTREE-French. MRS. JUDITH SAYLER- Spanish. MISS EDRA STAFFIERI-French, Spanish. MRS. BETTY STOKESBERRY-Latin, E t y m o l o gy JOHN WENDLING-German, Russian. MRS. KATH ERINE WERT-Latin. J. B. WHITE-Spanish. Max ment Mrs. Humphreys and Mr. White discuss their educational experiences in Europe last year. Carmichael oversees the tapes and electrical equip- used in the language laboratories. Social studies and foreign language classes were often enlivened by teacher-accounts of experiences in foreign lands. Faculty members in these depart- ments have traveled in countries all over the world. During the summer of 1964, Mr. Brown visited Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Miss Lesley spent two and a half months touring Rome, Sweden, and Norway. A grant took Mr. Wendling to Austria where he studied German at a school in Salzburg. Mr. White's summer was spent in Spain. Mr. Nie- meyer was one of fifteen American teachers selected to meet with fifteen Asian teachers at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, during the 1963-64 school year. Last summer, he visited Japanese schools. While working on a summer institute, Mrs. Hum- phreys traveled through countries in the Far East. Approximately S25,000 worth of audio-visual equipment is cared for by Rubin Shulik. ll5 Mrs. Meriam Cohen, a former substitute, became a regular faculty member at the beginning of the second semester. 'The teachers within the Math, Science, and Busi- ness Education departments have acquired an admir- able amount of scholastic achievements and honors. Masters degrees have been earned by Mr. Lickliter in Educational Administration, Mrs. Cohen and Mr. Coverdale in Education, and Miss Pickard in Science. Currently Mr. Bateman is in the fourth year of an N. S. E. grant to Indiana University Department of Chemistry, and is making plans to complete a Ph.D. Crowded into their busy schedule are various activ- ities. Mr. Sharp bowled his first 600 series, while Mrs. Wisner and her husband spend vacation time camping, and Mrs. Keilman works as a struggling authoress with too little time for her hobby. Mr. Sharp, Mr. Gish, and Mr. Tharp discuss the results of the Ohio State University evaluation of North Central after five long departmental meetings. Mathematics Department ROBERT BARCUS-Geometry, Algebra. MRS. BETTY CULP-Algebra. J A M E S D A V I D S O N-Department 116 Chairman, Calculus, Algebra. GORDAN GISH-SMSG Algebra and Geometry, Mathematics Topics. . BROWN HARRISON--SMSG Algebra. MRS. JEN- IE HOWE-Algebra, Geometry. WILBUR RICHARDS Algebra, Geometry. MARVIN ROSS-Geometry, Alge- ra. LBERT SCHIEFLI-SMSG Geometry and Algebra. EORGE SHARP-Algebra. MRS. MARY SPOON- eometry, Algebra. CECIL THARP-Business Arithmetic. ILLY LEE WALKER-Geometry, Physical Education. RS. EDITH WISNER-Algebra. cience Department ACK BATEMAN-Zoology, Botany, Chemistry. RUS- SELL COVERDALE--Physics, Physical Science. EARL LINDBERG-Biology Topics, Botany, Zoology, Narcotics. KEITH MOHR-Physics. WILLIAM PHARES Chemistry. ROBERT PRETTYMAN-Department Chairman, Biology Topics, Earth Science, Zoology, Nar- concs. GLEN S CH MU CKE R-Chemistry, Algebra. J O H N THOMES-Physical Science. ROBERT WATSON- Chemistry. Business Education MRS, NANCY BIZAL--Shorthand, Bookkeeping. WILLIAM CRUZAN-Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Short- hand. MRS. KATHLEEN KEILMAN-Yearbook Ad- viser, Business English, General Business, Typewriting. MISS BETTY MERCER-General Business, Typewriting. MISS ROLEEN PICKARD-Typewriting, Physical Edu- cation. MRS. EDITH REESE-Department Chairman, Secretarial Practice, Shorthand. ERWIN RUMP-Selling, Work Ex- perience. Special Education FORREST WELLS-Special Education. Members of the Eine Arts, Practical Arts, and Health Education departments find many opportu- nities to incorporate hobbies and outside interests into their teaching curriculum. Mrs. Stout and Miss Kleifgen share an interest in sewing, while Mrs. Baringer enjoys gardening and cooking. Mr. Dennis' and Mr. Laughlin's interests in music extend far outside the classroom. Mr. Dennis has 118 Practical Arts MRS. MARILYNN BARINGER-Foods, Home Man agement and Decoration. GARY DAVIS-Graphic Arts Printing, Drafting. THOMAS EACHUS-Woodworking General Metals, Metal Crafts. MISS CAROLYN KLEIF GEN-Clothing, Child Development, Home Managemen and Decoration. MRS. MARGARET STOUT-Foods, Child Developmenu Family Living. G. L. VVOODRUFF--Department Chair man, Machine Drafting, Architectural Drafting. Fine Arts JAMES KEYT-Crafts, Art, Art History. RICHARD LAUGHLIN-Music Appreciation, A Cappella, Music Men Girls' Concert Choir, Bell Choir. DONALD MARTIN-Department Chairman, Music The, ory, A Cappella, Concert Chorale, Madrigals, Cadet Choir J. ROBERT SCHLATTER-Wind Ensemble, Band, In strument Ensemble. H ealtla Education MRS. SONJA BARRETT-Physical Education. THOMAS BRADLEY-Driver Education. KEITH FARRAND-Department Chairman, Physical Ed- ucation. MRS. JUANITA LENNOX-Physical Education Driver Education. KEITH STROUP-Athletic Director, BYRON WEAVER-Physical Education. CAPTAIN CHARLES WILHELM-U.S. History N.D.C.C. MARVIN WOOD-Driver Education Health and Safety. gone on tour as concertmaster for Henry Mancini and Nelson Riddle, and has been the music director and conductor of Footlight Musicals for five years. Mr. Laughlin, who is a part-time pianist in a restau- rant, spent two years as a disc jockey in Terre Haute. Other faculty members spent their summers travel- ing. Mr. Wfoodruff and his family visited Quebec. Mr. and Mrs. Stroup toured the Gulf States. . ,Z .I .ia i 2 A ., .ia . , ., ata., . CAFETERIA STAFF'-From Row: Gladys Williamson, Catherine Hough, Helen Earle, Lucille Fleehearty, Miriam Scott, Manager Ruth Shields, Marguerite Whitten, Lorraine Wichman, Elizabeth Adams, Doris Woodring, and Gene- vieve Mattox. Second Row: Hazel Perrine, Kathleen Siders, Cyvilla Newbold, Assistant Supervisor Bertha Bolfo, Sofia Smith, Lucille House, Neva Gibson, Kay Baxter, Peggy Kelleher, Rose Acrea, and Betty Meyers. Third Row: Betty Wright, Ledora Bevis, Thelma Shackelford, Viola Rains, CUSTODIAL STAFF-Front Row: Mrs. Genevia Tim- mons, Mrs. Bernice Bradshaw, Leonard Carman and Fred Goins. Back Row: Mrs. Pearl Rattler, Mrs. Littie Scruggs, Evertt Davis, Carl Boen and Benny Smith. Members of the Night Shift are not pictured. Miss both Martha jane Kuncman, Kathryn Sickbert, Leona Perry, Anna Wall, Helen Emery, Ellen Anderson, and Geneva Ruscher. F ozmtb Row: Mamie Petty, Thelma Brown, Treva Barks, Frances Svendsen, Gayle Macy, Jene Goecker, Betty Broglin, Evelyn Williains, Judy Goebel, and Josephine Beals. Fifth Row: Otto Marsischke, Glen Bracken, Oscar Harvey, David Sider, Ross Stewart, Warren Chance, Richard Hiatt, Ralph Quillen, Fred Yockey, Dean Painter, and Edward Dodd. They keep the cafeteria running smoothly. SECRETARIAL STAFF-Cleft to rightb Mrs. Patricia Tomlinson, Mrs. Gladys Lindell, Mrs. Rosalie Nickels, Mrs. Grace Whitsitt, Mrs. Paulyne Scott, Mrs. Pam Gil- bert, Mrs. Betty McDermott, Mrs. Linnea Swigart. Stack is on call for eight hours a day in charge of emergencies or more casual illnesses. ll9 Seniors begin with Maye Leading the class of 1965 were Carol Burns, secretary, Ginny Walsmith, treasurer, Marilyn Bancel, vice-president, jeff Hilburn, president. Senior Penny Wiley was one of twenty girls chosen to model fall fashions for the family jamboree. When the Class of '65 walked out of North Cen- tral, they left behind them a very successful final year and took with them many happy memories. The first duty of the Senior Class Council was to select class colors. They chose navy blue and light blue. The traditional Senior Bonfire, which came next, was held after the last home football game. Class members munched on hotdogs, drank hot chocolate, and noisily clapped for the ever-popular hootenanny. This year's seniors engaged in activities outside the school also, giving a Christmas party for young- sters at Mayer Chapel and collecting used clothing for needy families. The weeks after Christmas vacation were filled with the task of selecting a class gift. The council finally decided to donate part of the money to the Student Council events board and to purchase a trophy case with the remainder. The busy year came to a tearful but happy con- clusion with Baccalaureate and Commencement. 120 i QF hapel party, end with "Night On the Nile" SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL - From Rauf: J. Goss, D. Boone, L. Baker, C. Burns, Wiggam, S. Wriglit, C. Schuetz, Fehsenfeld, N. Helm. Second Row: Orr, S. Cvunason, M. Bancel, C. Smith, S. Davidson, M. Tucker, L. Macfxllister, G. Walsmith. Third Row: D. Kercheval, Sponsor, M. Blieden, H. Nahrnias, I. Pinkus, W. Fowles, M. Ahner, D. Carden, D. Stauber. Fourth Row: J. Larr, P. johnson, W. Chattin, Riley, Hilburn, M. Miller, D. Teeguarden, C. Linn. These people were elected in the fall to represent Senior homerooms. Seniors Carol Burns and jan Fehsenfeld helped entertfiin children with a party at Mayer Chapel. Music by the Four Guys entertained senior Centralites at the fall bonfire sponsored by their class. SENIORS RUTHANN ABBOTT-Travel Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg Orchestra 2-5. ZFTONNYA ABRA- HAMSON--Junior Spectacular 55 Scholastic Award 2-55 National Honor Society 5-45 Baton Corps 5-45 Student Coun- cil Alternate 5-45 Sophomore Class Council5 Senior Girls' Leagueg Travel Club President 4. :ii-IAMES R. ABRAMS- National Honor Society 5-45 Mu Alpha Theta 2-45 Scho- lastic Award 2-45 National Merit Letter of Comrnendation5 Reserve Wrestling Team 2-5, Varsity 45 Intramurals 2-45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Travel Club. NANCY ACREA- G.A.A. 55 Senior Girls' Leagueg Red Cross Club 45 Foods Club 45 Costume Club 25 Clothing Club 45 Girls' ln- dusttial Arts Club 5. WMICHELLE ADAMS-A Cappella Choir 5-45 Student Council 25 National Thespian Society 5-45 Scholastic Award 2-55 Spring Play 25 Fall Play 5-45 Stage Assistant 45 Drama Club 5-4. WOODY ADAMS-F.B.L.A. 55 Boys' Glee Club 45 Intramurals 2-4. 5'SARA ADAMSON-Stage Crew 5, Secretary 45 Senior Girls' League5 Bell Ringers 45 Junior Spectacular 5-45 National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion5 Scholastic Award 5-45 Mu Alpha Theta 55 National Thespian Society 4. J. DOUGLAS AGAN-Government Club 45 Art Crafts Club 45 Clothing Club 45 Gymnastics Club 4. 5 MARK AHNER-Lettermen's Club 45 Gym Assistant 45 Scholastic Award 45 Senior Class Council5 junior Class Counci15 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Reserve Foot- ball Team 5, Varsity 45 Gymnastics Team 4. CAROL JOANNE AIKIN-Art Club 55 Travel Club 2-55 F.B.L.A. 4. XRICHARD AIKMAN-Key Club 2, Vice-President 45 Debate Club President 45 French Club President 45 Junior Spectacular 55 National Forensics League 5-45 Golf Team 45 Student Council 5, Parlimentarian 45 Intramurals 5-4. DAWN LEONE ALAR-Science Reading Club 5-45 Great Books Club 45 German Club 5-4. i'MARK ALBERTSON-Key Club 45 Lettertnen's Club 45 Junior Spectacular 55 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity 5-45 Reserve Track Team 2-5, Varsity 45 Intramurals 2-45 Scholastic Award 2-4. DON XV. ALEXANDER-Boys' Industrial Arts 55 Electronics Club 55 Audio-Visual Club 25 Drafting Club 45 Beginning Chess Club 25 Boys' Industrial Arts Assistant 4. GARY ALLEN-Stage Crew 5, Vice-President 45 Photography Club Vice-President 5, President 45 National Thespian Society 45 Yearbook Staff Photographer 5-4. SUSAN D. ALLSPAW -Travel Club 45 French Club 25 F.T.A. 45 National Honor Society 5-45 Scholastic Award 2-55 Pi Lambda Theta Award 4. GEORGE R. ALYEA-Travel Club 5-45 Art Crafts Club 5-45 Audio-Visual Club 55 Lettermen's Club 45 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity 5-4. ALICE K. ALSOP-Travel Club 45 Concert Choir 55 F.T.A. 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg Athletic Assistant 5-45 Social Studies Club 5. DAVID AN- DERSON--Government Club 55 Travel Club 5-45 F.B.L.A. 55 A Cappella Choir 25 Intramurals 5. 'FERIC ANDER- SON-American Authors Club 45 Concert Band 25 Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 55 Intramurals 55 Photography Club 45 Junior Historical Society 45 Stage Band 5-45 Band An- nouncer 4. SANDRA SUE ANDERSON. Y SUSAN KAY ANDER- SON-Student Council Alternate 25 junior Class Council Alternate5 Reserve Cheerleader 55 Junior Spectacular 4, Act Chairman 55 Scholastic Award 2-45 National Honor Society 5-45 Candidate for Class Treasurer 5-45 French Club 5-4 RAYMOND L. ANDREASEN-Key Club 5-45 Scholastic Award 25 Panther Athletic Club 45 German Club 45 Chem- istry Club 5. JOHN ANDREWS-Government 2-5' Travel Club 2-45 Reserve Football Team 2-55 Track Teani 25 F.B.L.A. 5. ROGER T. ARBOGAST-N.D.C.C. Battalion 2-45 Trave Club 25 N.D.C.C. Drill Team 25 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-5 LARRY ARDELEAN-Boys' Industrial Arts 45 Biology Club 5. 'I'-IOHN ARMSTRONG-Booster Block 25 Ar Club 55 Art Crafts Club 55 Audio-Visual Club 55 A Cappella Choir 2-55 Junior Spectacular 2-55 Audio-Visual Assistan 55 Language Lab Assistant 4. PATRICIA ARNOLD-Ar Club 55 Government Club 45 Art Crafts Club 5-45 Frencl Club 55 Senior Girls' League. 5 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 ARY SYBIL ASHMAN-Geology Club 23 Senior Girls' eague3 Concert Band 2-33 Orchestra 3-43 Symphonic Wind nsemble 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 National Honor Society 3-4. :F CHARLES ASMUS-Government Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Lettermerfs Club 3-43 Student Council Alternate 33 Sophomore Class Council3 junior Spectacular 33 Reserve Track Team 2, Varsity 3-43 Gym Assistant 4. 5: CAROL ATKINS-F.N.A. 43 F.T.A. 23 A Cappella Choir 13 Concert Choir 23 Madrigals 33 junior Spectacular 2-33 Sophomore Council Alternate3 Musicals 2-3.3 LINDA AT- INS-Art Club 2-33 Stage Crew Club 43 Drama Club 3-43 enior Girls' League3 Student Council Alternate 43 Junior pectacular 33 Fall Play Crew 43 Scholastic Award 2. EARY M. AULT-Chess Team Vice-President 33 Key -lub 2-43 Military History Club Vice-President 43 Chemistry Assistant 43 National Merit Scholarship Finalistg Scholastic ward 2-43 National Honor Society 3-4. EVELYN AILEY-Booster Block 23 Clothing Club 3-43 Foods Club -43 Senior Girls' League. JAMES BAINES-Transferred. EANNETTE H. BAIRD-Library Club 43 Foods Club -43 Library Assistant 43 Scholastic Award 3-43 National onor Society 3-4. ILL BAKER-Electronics Club 43 Photography Club 3, ecretary 43 Newspaper Stair' 3-43 Yearbook Staff 4. 'lf KIRT AKER-Boys' Glee Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Wpanish Club 33 Junior Spectacular 43 Fall Play 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Music Men 3-43 Boys' Booster Block 3-4. KAREN BAKER-Review Typing 43 F.T.A. 43 A Cappella Choir 2-43 Concert Choir 23 Scholastic Award 2. if LESLEY BAKER-junior Spectacular 33 Scholastic Award 2-33 Quill ind Scroll 43 Yearbook Staff 3-43 Student Council 23 Senior :lass Council3 Junior Class Council3 Spanish Club 4, Presi- lent 3. LANA BALES-Review Typing Club 33 Foods Club 43 enior Girls' League3 Poetry Club 4. MARILYN BAN- EL-National Forensics 2-3, Vice-President 43 Senior ouncil Vice-President3 National Thespian Society 43 Na- ional Forensics League 2-3, Vice-President 43 Mu Alpha heta 3-43 Scholastic Award 2-43 National Merit Letter of ommendationg junior Spectacular 3-4. TERRY M. BA- EITHER-Scholastic Award 2-43 Cross Country Team 7-33 Intramurals 2-43 National Honor Society 3-4. SCOTT ARKER-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 23 International .elations Club 23 Travel Club 4. I. JEFFREY BARNES-Military History Club 33 Panther Athletic Club 43 Drafting Club 43 Travel Club 33 Junior Spectacular 33 Intramurals Z-4. LOUISE BARNES-Art :lub 3-43 Review Typing Club 33 Concert Choir 33 Art :rafts Club 23 F.N.A. 43 Great Books Club 43 French Club 23 Red Cross Club 4. XLESLEY BARRETT-junior Spec- 'acular 33 Scholastic Award 2-43 Student Council Alternate Z3 Senior Class Council Alternate3 Senior Girls' League3 Spanish Club 3-43 Art Club 43 F.T.A. 3. CONNIE DEE BARRICK-Transfer from Thomas Carr Howe High School. Concert Choir 43 Madrigals 4. FANTHONY DAVID BAUER-Stage Crew 2-43 Drama :lub 2-43 A Cappella Choir 2-43 junior Spectacular 2-33 Fall Play 2-43 Spring Play 2-43 National Thespian Society 3, Treasurer 4g Music Festival 2-4. BOB BAUMAN-Gow :rnment Club 3-43 Forensics 33 Science Reading Club 4. LOUISE BAUMBACH-Art Club 3-43 American Authors :lub 43 Beginning Typing 33 Library Assistant 23 Art As- sistant 43 Scholastic 2-4. HERB BAUMEISTER-Biology Ilub 33 Geology Club 33 Government Club 43 International Relations Club 43 Beginning Chess Club 4. FDOUGLAS BAUINIGARDT-Pep Band 2-43 Orchestra 13 Stage Band 2-33 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-3, Presi- lent 43 Junior Spectacular 2-33 Fall Play 2-43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Marching Band 2-4. FAWNCELLA CAROL 3EAM-Government Club 43 International Relations 33 ?oetry Club Secretary 43 Junior Historical Society 33 Spanish :lub 43 Senior Girls' League3 Bookstore Assistant 43 Schol- Lstic Award 2-4. GRANT BEARDSHEAR-Government :lub 43 Spanish Club 2, 43 President 33 Junior Spectacular 33 Student Council 43 National Merit Letter of Commendation3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Reserve Tennis Team 23 National -Ionor Society 3, President 4. ALICE BEAMAN-F.N.A. lg Red Cross Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 Concert Choir i3 Attendance Assistant 4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. SEN I ORS FRANCES BECK-Booster Block 53 F.B.L.A. 43 Girls Glee Club 53 Great Books Club 53 Junior Historical So ciety 4g Senior Girls' League. JIM BECK-Gymnastic: Club 43 Gym Assistant 43 Student Council Alternate 23 Re serve Wrestling Team 2g Varsity Gymnastics Team 4 PEGGY BEESON-Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 4 Senior Girls' League3 American Field Service Club 4g Con cert Choir 4g junior Spectacular 43 Intramurals 2-4. ROE BEHNKE-American Authors Club President 43 Grea Books Club 43 Student Council Alternate 43 Scholastil Award 2-43 Quill and Scroll 43 Newspaper Staff 5-4 Editor-in-Chief 43 Reserve Wrestling Team 53 Nationa Honor Society 5-4. L. FRANSCIENE BELLAMY-Biology Club 43 Girls Glee Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 Mu Alpha Theta 5 HOWARD BENNETT--N.D.C.C. Batallion 2-53 ND C.C. Drill Team 2-53 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-53 N.D.C.C Federal Inspection. JOYCE ANN BENZ-Travel Club 4 F.N.A. 53 Science Reading Club 4g Senior Girls' League Chemistry Assistant 4g Intramurals 4. BRUCE E. BERGED -Boys' Industrial Arts Club 53 Art Crafts Club 43 Gym nastics Club 4. ANN L. BERGERSON-Review Typing Club 43 Panthe Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 43 Senior Girls' League3 Gyn Assistant 43 G.A.A. 53 Intramurals 2-4. ANN BERGMAI' American Field Service Exchange Student from Swede: 43 International Relations Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 4 American Field Service Club 4. NANCY BERNS-Cloth ing Club 53 Panther Athletic Club 4g Spanish Club 5 Senior Girls' League3 American Field Service Club 43 junio Spectacular 53 Sophomore Class Council3 Scholastic Awar 2-5. KEN BELL-Electronics Club 43 Drafting Club 2-5 Concert Band 2-53 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 43 Junic Class Council Alternate-3 Intramurals 2-53 Scholastic Awar 2-43 National Merit Letter of Commendation. YBARBARA LYNN BESSEY-Senior Girls' League Concert Band 23 Orchestra 43 Symphonic Wind Ensembl 5-4, Personnel Ofhcer 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Mu Alph Theta 2-43 National Honor Society 5-43 PEALS OF LIE ERTY Co-editor 5. 'F CAROL ANN BEST-Governmet Club 43 American Authors Club 43 Girls' Glee Club 1 Music Assistant 43 Bell Ringers 5-43 Concert Choir 2 Madrigals 5-43 Fall Musical 5. FRANK E. BIBBINS- Drama Club 23 Photography Club 43 Student Council 2-1 Reserve Football Team 53 Intramurals 43 High Schot Science Seminar Representative 5. DONITA BIGGS- Booster Block 2-53 F.B.L.A. 43 Girls' Glee Club 4g Senic Girls' League. CINDY BILL-Biology Club 53 American Authors 1 Girls' Glee Club 53 French Club 4. ELIZABETH C. BII LINGS-Senior Girls' League3 Gym Assistant 43 A tendance Oflice Assistant 2-43 Concert Choir 23 Junit Spectacular 2-53 G.A.A. 53 Intramurals 5. DAVID 1 BILLINGSLEY-F.B.L.A. 5-43 Panther Athletic Club f German Club 53 Junior Historical Society 43 Reserve Cro: Country Team 53 Intramurals 4g Yearbook Staff 5. BO BINNINGER--Science Reading Club 43 Gymnastics Clu 43 Photography Club 53 Newspaper Staff 2-5. RICHARD A. BISHOP-Drafting Club 5-43 Spanis Club 53 Intramurals 43 Hi-Y Club 5-4, Vice-President ar Treasurer 4. GAYLE N. BLACK-Booster Block 2-Q Concert Choir 2-53 History Paper Staff 5. MICHAEL l BLANKENSHIP-Aquarium Club 43 American Autho Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 5-43 Language Laboratoi Assistant 2-4. BARBARA BLECHA-Transfer frog Lyons Township High School, LaGrange, Illinois3 Intern tional Relations Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. - Senior Girls' League3 American Field Service Club 43 Junic Spectacular 4. ik MICHAEL ALAN BLIEDEN-Key Club 2-4, Vice-Pre ident 5, President 43 Drama Club 2-4, Treasurer 5, Pres dent 43 Class Councils 2-43 Fall and Spring Plays 2-- Scholastic Award 2-43 Mu Alpha Theta 2-43 Nation Thespian Society 2-43 National Honor Society 5-4. PAU BLIVESS-Aquarium Club 43 Beginning Typing Club - Typing Assistant 43 Varsity Football Team 43 Intramurals - Hi-Y Club 4. 5' LINDA DEBRA BLOOM-Travel Club - American Authors Club 4g Panther Athletic Club 43 Senil Girls' Leagueg Concert Band 5-43 Intramurals 5-43 Marchir Band 53 Flag Corps 4. PAUL D. BLOOMER-Beginnir Chess Club 2-53 Folk Music Club 4. 5 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 F ROBERT L. BLY-Lettermen's Club 2-45 Student Coun- 'il 45 Golf Team 2-45 Intramurals 2, 45 National Merit etter of Commendation5 Scholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha heta 3-45 National Honor Society 3-4. LYNN BLYTHE Government Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 45 Journalism Club 5 Spanish Club 25 Concert Choir 4. WILLIAM M. OGLE-Lettermen's Club 2-45 Gym Assistant 2-45 Scholas- ic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 Varsity Wrestling Feam 2-45 3 Time Sectional Champ 2-45 Regional Champ 5 National Honor Society 3-4. DEBORAH ANNE BOLES Sophomore Class Council Alternateg Booster Block 35 nternational Relations Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 panish Club 3-45 American Field Service 45 Attendance ssistant 3-4. TEVEN P. BOLING--N.D.C.C. Battalion 35 N.D.C.C. ifle Team 3, President 45 Distinguished Rifleman Award 4. 'CHARLOTTE BOLLES-Booster Block Vice-President , President 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Junior Prom Queen andidate5 Duchess Candidate5 Candidate for Senior Class 'ouncil Treasurerg Junior Class Council, Candidate for Sec- etary5 Sophomore Class Council Assistant Secretary5 Fall ports Queen Candidate. LINDA BOND-International elations 35 Clothing Club 35 Beginning Typing Club 45 enior Girls' Leagueg Junior Spectacular 35 Scholastic Award -35 G.A.A. 3. DIANE BOONE-Junior Spectacular 35 enior Jamboree Modelg National Merit Scholarship Final- st5 Scholastic Award 2-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Sen- or Class Council5 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-45 Gov- rnment Club Vice-President 4. HOMAS BOSE-Key Club 3-45 Lettermen's Club 45 Na- ional Merit Letter of Commendation5 Scholastic Award -45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 National Honor Society 3, Vice- resident 45 Reserve Wrestling Team 2-3, Varsity 45 Senior lass Council Alternate. ROSALYN BOTTIN-Senior irls' Leagueg Attendance Assistance 35 Poetry Club 45 iris' Glee Club 3-4. JACQUELINE BOTTOMS-Trans er from Shortridge High School. Intramurals 45 A Cappella hoir 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg Junior Historical Society 45 ICZE Books Club 45 Clothing Club 4. 2? ELLEN BOYD- rr Club 4, Secretary 35 Clothing Club 45 Senior Girls' eagueg Senior Jamboree Modelg Scholastic Award 2-45 'tudent Council Alternate 45 G.A.A. 35 Intramurals 2. AY R. BOYER-Travel Club 45 Audio-Visual Club 35 anther Athletic Club 45 Slide Rule Club 35 Audio-Visual ssistant 3. MICHAEL BOYER-Art Club 3-45 Drafting lub 3. CAROLYN JEAN BOYLE-F.B.L.A. 45 Review 'yping Club 35 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 35 Foods Club 5 Scholastic Award 2-3. ROBERT BRADFORD-Geol- gy Club 45 Concert Band 2-35 Beginning Chess 45 Ad- anced Chess Club 4. 'CHARLOTTE BRAMLEY-Government Club 45 F.T.A. -45 Senior Girls' Leagueg Reading Lab Assistant 45 Concert hoir 45 Student Council 25 Scholastic Award 2-45 G.A.A. . GEOFF BRAZER-Key Club 45 History of Math Club 5 Advanced Chess Club 35 National Merit Scholarship inalist5 Scholastic Award 3-45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Reserve ootball Team 3. SHERI BREAM-Art Club 35 Clothing lub Vice-President 35 French Club 35 Senior Girls' eague5 Senior Jamboree Model5 G.A.A. 3. SANDRA KAY REEDLOVE-Clothing Club 2-35 Foods Club 3-45 Red ross Club 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg Concert Choir 45 ntramurals 2. . ADRIAN BRETING-Travel Club 45 Panther Athletic lub 45 Slide Rule Club 35 Intramurals 25 Reserve Tennis eam 2, Varsity 4. J. SCOTT BRIDGFORD-Panther thletic Club 45 Slide Rule Club President 35 Travel Club 5 Athletic Assistant 45 Varsity Basketball Team 2-45 Honor tudy Hall Monitor 4. CATHY BRINCHECK-F.N.A. 45 irls' Glee Club 2, 45 Drama Club 45 Red Cross Club 45 unior Spectacular Usher. 3' MARLENE KAY BRINKER- OFF-Clothing Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 Senior Girls' eague5 Junior Spectacular 35 Duchess Candidate 45 Schol- stic Award 2-45 Newspaper Staff 45 Student Council 3-4, lternate 25 Intramurals 3-4. AVID BRINKMAN--Folk Music Club 4. 'FDONNA AY BRITTON-Clothing Club 3-45 Foods Club 45 enior Girls' League5 Gym Assistant 45 Junior Spectacular Isher 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 Intramurals 3-45 G.A.A. 3. ALTER BROCK-Panther Athletic Club 45 Slide Rule lub 2-35 Travel Club 45 Intramurals 3-4. DONNA ROD--International Relations Club 3-45 Shakespeare lub 35 Spanish Club 3-45 Senior Girls' League, American 'ield Service 45 Business Assistant 45 Junior Spectacular sher. Other Activities Not Listed. SEN I ORS DAVID P. BROWN-Withdrawn. ROBERT P BROWN-Geology Club 3, Vice-President 45 Military His tory Club 45 Junior Historical Society 35 Intramurals 2-3 PFLOIS ELAINE BRUMMER-International Relation: Club 3-45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Senior Girls' League American Field Service 45 Junior Spectacular 4, Act Chair man 35 Counterpoints 45 Fall Play 2-45 Madrigals 3 it SYLVIA MARIAN BRYAN-Government Club 4 International Relations Club 35 Beginning Chess Club 4 Shakespeare Club 3-45 Folk Music Club 3-45 Guidance As sistant 25 Scholastic Award 25 Girls' Chorale 2. DORIS JEAN BRYANT-Transfer from Shortridge Higl School. Clothing Club 45 Red Cross Club 45 Senior Girls League5 Intramurals 4. ANDREW BUCKNER-N.D.C.C Battalion 2-45 Geology Club 35 Drafting Club 25 Military History 45 N.D.C.C. RiHe Team 3-4. LOUIS BUDDEN BAUM-Geology Club 35 Military History Club 3-45 Latir Club Treasurer 45 Junior Spectacular 3-45 Intramurals 2-4 LU ANN BUENNAGEL-Travel Club 45 Senior Girls League5 American Field Service 45 General Omce Assistan 45 Scholastic Award 3-4. CAROL BURCH-American Authors Club 35 Bell Ringer: 2-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 F.T.A. 35 Latin Club 3. 3' SAN DRA BURGESS-Art Club 35 International Relations Clul 3-45 Shakespeare Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Junio. Historical Society 3-45 Senior Girls' League: Bookstort Assistant 45 G.A.A. 3. XELIZABETH LYNN BURG HARD-Drama Club 2-45 Senior Girls' League5 Junio Spectacular 3-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 National Thespiar Society 3-45 Counterpoints 3-45 Student Council Alternate 4 Sophomore Class Council Alternate. JOHN BURKE- Government Club 45 Comparative Religion Club 4. 3 CAROL A. BURNS-Junior Prom Queeng Junior Spec tacular 4, Act Chairman 35 Senior Class Council Secretary Indiana Girls' State Representativeg Junior Class Counci Secretary5 DAR Good Citizen Award5 Sophomore Clas: Council Secretary5 National Honor Society 3-4. 5' MARTHA BURNS-International Relations Club 45 Folk Music Clul 3-45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacular 2-45 Nationa Merit Letter of Commendation5 Fall Play 2-45 Girls' En semble 2-3, President 45 Scholastic Award 2-4. :F JANE BURNSIDE-Art Club 2-35 Stage Crew 2-3 Drama Club 2-35 Panther Athletic Club 45 Senior Girls Leagueg Art Assistant 3-45 Bell Ringers 45 Girls' Gym nastics Team 4. JRSALLY ELIZABETH BURR-Inter national Relations Club 45 American Authors Club Secre tary 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Junior Historical Societf 45 Senior Girls' League5 Comparative Religion Club 3-4 Attendance Assistant 45 Intramurals 2-3. AKCYNTHIA BURRIS-Government Club 45 Panthe Athletic Club 45 Junior Historical Society 3-45 Senior Girls Leagueg Library Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular Usher Poetry Club 45 Guidance Assistant 4. :F PHILIP BUR ROUGHS-Military History Club President 45 Key Clul 2-45 Bell Ringers 2-45 Senior Class Council Alternatel Junior Class Council5 Reserve Football Team 3, Varsity 4l Scholastic Award 45 Junior Spectacular 3-4. GEOFFREY T. BUSHOR--Stage Crew 2-45 Junior Spectacular 2. Student Council 4, Alternate 35 Sophomore Class Counci' Alternateg Spring Play 2-45 National Thespian Society 2, 3 Vice-President 45 Fall Musical 2-4. JANET BUTLER- International Relations Club 35 Spanish Club 35 Senio. Girls' Leagueg Junior Spectacular 2-35 Student Council 3 Sophomore Class Council5 Girls' Ensemble 45 Baton Corp: Head Majorette 2-4. MARGARET BYCHINSKY-Travel Club 45 F.N.A. 3 F.T.A. 2-35 Spanish Club 2-45 Senior Girls' League5 Reading Lab Assistant 45 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Scholastic Awart 4. MARY JO BYERS-Transfer from Broad Ripple Higl School. Government Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 4 Junior Historical Society 45 Poetry Club 4. JIM CAL HOUN--N.D.C.C. Battalion 35 Government Club 4. PA TRICIA CALVIN-Graduated Midterm. TIMOTHY CANN-Advanced Chess Club 45 Concer Band 3-45 Orchestra 35 Intramurals 4. PHYLLIS MIRIAN CANTOR-Art Crafts Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 2-3 F.T.A. 2-45 Madrigals 4. 3 DOUGLAS ALLEN CARDEIN Key Club 45 American Field Service 45 Senior Clas Council5 Mu Alpha Theta 3, Treasurer 45 National Meri Scholarship Finalist5 Scholastic Award 2-45 Varsity Gol Team 35 Intramurals 3-4. PAMELA ANN CARPENTEF -Press Club Vice-President 35 Newspaper Staff 45- Exchangi Editor 35 News Bureau 45 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Junio Historical Society 3-45 Poetry Club 45 Travel Club 45 Pan ther Athletic Club 4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 SHERRY CATLIN-Government Club 45 Panther Ath- tic Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacular Co- rdinatot 35 Scholastic Award 2-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 tudent Council Alternate 2-45 Newspaper Staff 25 Yearbook taff 3-4, Activities Editor 4. DON CENTERS. X MARY HANDLER-Government Club 45 Foods Club 45 F.T.A. -45 Senior Girls' League5 Attendance Assistant 45 Junior pectacular 35 Scholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-4. ANCY CHASE-Transferred. WILLIAM R. CHATTIN-Key Club 45 Gymnastics lub 45 Junior Spectacular 2-45 Junior Prom King Candi- ate5 Scholastic Award 2-35 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-35 enior Class Council5 Junior Class Council. STEVEN I-IENOWETH-American Authors Club 45 Gymnastics lub 45 Gym Assistant 3-45 Reserve Track Team 25 Varsity ymnastics Team 4. il' SUSAN CHIPPER-Senior Girls' eague5 Junior Spectacular 35 Student Council 2, 45 Junior lass Council Alternate5 National Merit Letter of Com- endation 35 Scholastic Award 2-45 Baton Corps 2-4. 'MARY CHRISTENSON-Geology Club 2, 45 Stage rew Club 3-45 Senior Girls' League5 Library Assistant 2-35 iology Lab Assistant 45 National Merit Letter of Com- endation 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 National Thespian ociety 4. AMES A. CLAPP-Travel Club 3-45 Scholastic Award -35 Intramurals 2-4. RICHARD R. CLARK-Stage Crew lub 2-45 Audio-Visual Club 25 Photography Club 3-45 ational Thespian Society 3-4. MARLENE CLARKE- .B.L.A. 45 Spanish Club 3. 5'CAROL SUE CLAY-A appella Choir 3, Secretary 35 Counterpoints 45 Junior Spec- cular 2-45 Fall Play 2-4, Choreographer 3, Director and horeographer 45 Spring Play Choreographer 25 National erit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 ational Thespian Society 2-4, Secretary 3, President 4. REDERICK K. CLAYTON-Art Club 3-45 Intramurals 5 junior Spectacular Cover Design 3-4. TRINA KAY LAYTON-Concert Band 2-35 Symphonic Wind En- mble 45 Foods Club 45 F.T.A. 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg ewspaper Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular 3. WILLIAM LAYTON-Transfer from Westside High School, Omaha, ebraska5 Photography Club Vice-President 45 German lub 45 Intramurals 4. CLIFF COCHRAN-Travel Club -45 Drafting Club 25 Spanish Club 45 Track Team 25 In- ramurals 4. AMELA COCHRAN-International Relations Club 45 rear Books Club 45 Folk Music Club 45 Latin Club 2-35 xttendance Assistant 4. SALLY KAY COCHRAN- .ibrary Club 3-45 F.T.A. 3-45 Senior Girls' League5 Library xssistant 45 Girls' Ensemble 3-45 Cadet Teacher 4. JOHN 'IICHARD COCKERILLE-Key Club 45 Travel Club 35 ntramurals 2-45 Military History Club 45 French Club 3-45 unior Spectacular 35 Scholastic Award 2-4. il' RICHARD -LLLAN COI-IEE-International Relations Club 45 F.B.L.A. 5 Panther Athletic Club 45 Junior Historical Society 45 I Cappella Choir 2-35 Counterpoints 45 Music Men 35 Intra- nurals 2-4. JENISE COHEN-International Relations Club 35 Folk riusic Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Student Council 35 Senior Ilass Council Alternate, National Merit Letter of Com- pendation5 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Scholastic Award 2-3. ' ROBERTA COHEN-Drama Club 2-45 A Cappella Choir , 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacular 2, 35 junior lpectacular Usher5 Fall Musical 25 Scholastic Award 2-45 viational Honor Society 3-4. BILL COHEN-Government :lub 45 Beginning Chess Club5 Military History Club 45 kclvanced Chess Club 45 Latin Club 25 Intramurals 3-4. .AWRENCE RICHARD COLBY-Government Club 45 Drafting Club 3-4. QIUDITH COLEMAN-Government Club 45 Spanish :lub 3-4, Secretary 45 Guidance Assistant 45 junior Spectac- ilar Usher5 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Scho- astic Award 2-45 National Merit Scholarship Finalist5 Jational Honor Society 3-4. REBECCA CECILE CON- JORS-Travel Club 45 Clothing Club 35 Clothing Style -how Model 3. BFCINDY CONRAD-French Club 2-45 ierrnan Club Vice-President 45 Senior Girls' League Execu- ive Board5 Junior Spectacular 35 Student Council 45 Sopho- more Class Council5 Intramurals 2-45 Scholastic Award 2-4. IATHLEEN COOPER-Library Assistant 45 Orchestra -45 Orchestra Club 3-4. Other Activities Not Listed. SENIORS SUSAN JO COOPER-Girls' Industrial Arts Club 45 Jun ior Historical Society 45 Senior Girls' League5 American Fiel Service 45 Chemistry Assistant 45 Junior Spectacular Usher Scholastic Award 2-4. CARY D. CORCORAN-Geolo Club 35 Travel Club 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Military History Clu 3-45 Reserve Baseball Team 25 Intramurals 3-4. TYRA JEAN CORY-Costume Club 25 F.N.A. 45 Stage Crew 4 Drama Club 45 Red Cross Club President 25 Senior Girls' League5 American Field Service 45 Guidance Assistant 3-45 ZCYNTHIA ANN COWICK-A Cappella Choir 2-35 Madrigals 45 Intramurals 2-35 Gym Assistant 35 Junioi Spectacular 35 Senior Jamboree Model5 G.A.A. 3. 5 JUDITH CRAIG-Review Typing Club 35 Journalisrr Club 45 F.T.A. 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Newspaper Staff 4 WSTEVE CRACRAFT-Varsity Football Team 2-4, Tri' Captain 45 Varsity Track Team 2-45 Student Council 2, Alternate 45 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Duke Candidate 41 Scholastic Award 2-35 Fall Sports King Candidate5 Letter men's Club 2-3, Treasurer 4. FSTEVEN C. CRANE- Great Books Club 35 Panther Athletic Club 45 German Clul 3-45 Gym Assistant 45 Reserve Cross Country Team 25 Re serve Basketball Team 2-35 Intramurals 4. XSTEPHEIN WOODS CRANE-Stage Crew 45 Audio-Visual Club 2-3 Photography Club 3-45 Language Lab Assistant 45 Juniox Spectacular 2-35 Fall Play 3-45 National Thespian Society 4 'lc SHERIDAN CRAVENS-Fall Sports Queen5 Senio Jamboree Model5 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Spanish Clul Vice-President 45 Panther Athletic Club Board of Director, 45 American Authors Vice-President 45 Student Council 2-3 Senior Class Council Alternate 4. 34PAMELA ELLED CROCKER-Student Council Alternate 35 Scholastii Award 3-45 Quill and Scroll 45 Yearbook Staff 3, Albun Editor 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Historical Society 4 Intramurals 35 American Field Service 4. 'F MARY ALICI CROES-Booster Block 25 Costume Club 3-45 Clothing Club 25 Foods Club 35 Red Cross Club 45 Senior Girls League 45 Home Economics Assistant 4. 'K CARL CROUSI -Panther Athletic Club 45 Lettermen's Club 3-45 Gyn Assistant 3-45 Safety Council 25 Varsity Football Team 2-4 Reserve Basketball Team 2-45 Intramurals 3-4. DAVE CULBERTSON-Advanced Chess Club 3-4 Scholastic Award 2-4. DONNA CUNNINGHAM- Booster Block 2-35 Girls' Glee Club 3-45 Language Lal Assistant 3-45 Intramurals 3-45 Commencement Usher 3 MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM-Electronics Club Secretary Treasurer 45 Audio-Visual Club 25 Varsity Tennis 2 BEVERLY ANN CURRY-Costume Club 45 F.N.A. 3 F.T.A. 45 Senior Girls' League5 Reading Lab Assistant 4 Junior Spectacular 35 Scholastic Award 2-4. ACVIRGINIA PAULINE CUSHMAN-Senior Girls League5 A Chappella Choir 45 Concert Choir 25 Madrigals 3 Fall Play 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Clothing Style Show 2 is PAMELA SUE CURTIS-Spanish Club 45 Senior Girl: League5 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Sophomore Cour cil5 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Senior Jamboree Model5 Schc lastic Award 2-4. LEANN FIFI DANNEIL-Booster Bloc 35 Government Club 45 Great Books Club 45 Comparativ Religion Club 45 Senior Girls' League 45 General Office Af sistarit 45 Concert Choir 2-35 Junior Spectacular Usheg MARCIA LEE DARLING-F.T.A. 2-35 Red Cross Clu 45 Senior Girls' League5 Clothing Club Vice-President f Secretary 45 Junior Spectacular Usher. SUSAN DAVIDSON-F.T.A. 2-35 Senior Class Counci Junior Class Council5 Intramurals 2-45 Junior Spectaculal Scholastic Award 4. BRAD DAVIS-Government Clu 3-45 F.B.L.A. 35 Junior Historical Society 45 A Cappell Choir 35 Music Men 3-45 Intramurals 2-35 State Music Cor test 2, 4. CHARLOTTE BELLE DAVIS-Booster Bloc 25 Journalism Club 35 Panther Athletic Club 45 Attendant Assistant 45 Student Council Alternate 25 Junior Spectaculz Usher. JUDITH-ANN DAVIS-N.D.C.C. Battalion 2-E F.B.L.A. 45 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-35 Girls' Chorale 33 Iur ior Spectacular Usher5 Military Ball Queen Candidate 2. :lf MARTELLE DAVIS-Biology Club Secretary 45 Journa ism Club 45 Red Cross Club 45 American Field Service 1 Scholastic Award 25 Intramurals 2-4. 'FRUTHI DAVIS- Booster Block 2-35 Senior Girls' League5 American Fiel Service 45 Senior Class Councilg Intramurals 45 Junir Spectacular 35 French Club 3. STEVEN A. DAVIS- Booster Block 3-45 A Cappella Choir 2-45 Bell Ringers 3-1 Orchestra 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Fall Play 2-45 Intri murals 3-45 State Music Contest 2-4. SF GIL DE BARTOLl -History of Math Club 45 German Club 45 Varsity Footba Team 45 Scholastic Award 2-35 Mu Alpha Theta 3-1 National Honor Society 3-4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 DHN DEBOEST-Travel Club 25 F.B.L.A. 3. ALAN L. IEERWESTER-Government Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Audio- isual Club 3-45 Slide Rule Club 35 Audio-Visual Assistant 45 Intramurals 45 Hi-Y Club Vice-President 4. XJAN- IlINE LESLIE DE RAISMES-Panther Athletic Club 45 enior Girls' League5 Chemistry Assistant 45 Student Coun- l Alternate 45 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Scholastic Award -45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 National Honor Society 3-4. ARL LAWRENCE DEUGAN-Nation Forensics League 45 Forensics Club 2-45 Drama Club 2-45 F.T.A. 45 Spring ay 3. AVID JAMES DIEI-IL-Lettermen's Club 3-45 Stu- nt Council 25 Junior Class Council5 Reserve Basketball eam 2-35 Varsity Track Team 2-45 Intramurals 45 Junior rom King Candidate5 Duke Candidate. TOM DINWID- IE-Travel Club Vice-President 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Military istory Club 35 Junior Spectacular 3-45 Student Council Al- rnate 35 Sophomore Class Council Alternateg Reserve Cross ountry Team 2-35 Intramurals 2-4. SFXVILLIAM R. ISON-N.D.C.C. Battalion 25 Concert Band 25 Orchestra 5 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-45 Pep Band 2-45 Intra- urals 35 Marching Band 2-45 I-Ii-Y Club 3-4. ZGVUEN- OLYN C. DIXON4Audio-Visual Club 45 Girls' In- strial Arts Club 3-45 F.T.A. 2-45 Red Cross Club Sec- tary 45 Senior Girls' League5 American Field Service 45 nior Spectacular Usher 35 Audio-Visual Assistant 4. YCE DODSON-International Relations Club 3-45 merican Authors 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spec- cular 35 All School Art Show 3. MICHAEL G. DONIE Air Space Club 45 Military History 35 Reserve Wrestling eam 2. EUGENE DORSCH JR.-Journalism Club 45 panish Club 4. JOHN DOTTENWHY-Boys' Industrial .trts Club 2-35 Graphic Arts Service Club 2-4, President 3-4. JAX DOTY-Mid Term Graduate. DIANE DOUGH- IRTY-American Authors Club 3-45 Great Books Club 45 panish Club Secretary 35 Guidance Assistant 25 Junior pectacular 3. MIKE DRESBACH-International Rela- ,ons Club 35 Key Club 3-45 Travel Club 35 Intramurals -4. it LAIMUTE DRUSKIS-International Relations Club -45 Art Crafts Club 35 Photography Club 35 Concert Qand 25 Intramurals 25 Junior Spectacular 35 Newspaper 'taff 2-35 Scholastic Art Award 3-4. TEVE DRYBREAD-Concert Band 25 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 35 Gym Assistant 35 Reserve Wrestling Team 2-3. JAN DUSTMAN-Student Council 3, Executive Coun- il 45 Sophomore Class Council5 Junior Prom Queen Can- idate5 National Merit Letter of Commendation5 Scholastic ward, 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 Yard Parks Queen 35 ational Honor Society 3-4. JOHN DWYER-Key Club 5 Intramurals 3-45 Slide Rule Club 45 French Club 35 Latin lub 3. JANE EARLE-Library Club President 45 Review yping Club 35 Costume Club Secretary 25 A Cappella Choir 5 Girls' Glee Club 3-45 Library Assistant 3-45 Guidance ssistant 2. IMI EDWARDS-Booster Block 25 Travel Club 45 ntramurals 45 Junior Spectacular 3. LYNN EGER-Re- iew Typing Club 25 Biology Club 35 F.N.A. 45 Girls' lee Club Secretary 25 Foods Club 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg ntramurals 2, ik THOMAS MARTIN EGGERS-Stage rew 2-35 Drama Club 2-45 Hall Monitor 45 Junior Spec- cular 35 Fall Play 3-45 Spring Play 2-45 National Forensics eague 45 National Thespian Society 4. KATHRYN EICH- IN-Costume Club 25 International Relations Club 35 ravel Club 35 Concert Choir 25 Art Crafts Club 3-45 oods Club 4. :MARTY ELAM-Student Council Alternate 25 Junior lass Council Alternateg Junior Spectacular 35 Scholastic ward 25 Panther Athletic Club 45 Junior Historical So- iety 45 Reading Lab Assistant 45 Attendance Assistant 4. MILY KAREN ELFRANK-Concert Choir 35 Intra- urals 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 French Club 45 Senior irls' Leagueg American Field Service Club 4. 'KNAN 'LLIOTT--Travel Club 35 Clothing Club 45 Foods Club ecretary 45 German Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior pectacular Usher5 Scholastic Award 2-45 Senior Class Coun- il Alternate. ANDREW ENGEL4Boys' Glee Club 35 lectronics Club 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Beginning Chess Club 4. ' Other Activities Not Listed. SEN IORS WJACQUELINE ENGELS-Travel Club 3-43 Stude Council 3-43 Sophomore Class Council Alternate3 Intr murals 2, 43 junior Spectacular 33 F.T.A. 43 Senior Girl League3 Bookstore Assistant 4. 'FSTEPHEN ENGLI HART-Hoosier Boys' State 43 Indiana University Hono Program in Mexico 43 National Honor Society 3-43 IV Alpha Theta 2-43 Scholastic Award 2-43 National Mer Scholarship Finalist 43 Key Club 2-43 Assistant Spanis Teacher 4. PATRICIA ENGMAN. SF LINDA ENNIS- junior Spectacular Usher3 Concert Choir 2-33 Madrigals - Future Business Leaders Club 3-43 Panther Athletic Club - F.T.A. 43 Spanish Club 33 Senior Girls' League. MARK PHILLIP ENOCH-Geology Club 2-33 Gover. ment Club 43 Music Men 43 Student Council 2-33 Reserv Football Team 23 Varsity Track Team 2-3. PATRICI. ENT. PAM ERICKSON-Government Club 43 Clothin Club 43 Beginning Typing Club 43 Attendance Assistant A Senior Girls' League3 Newspaper Staff 33 Journalism Clu 3-4. RICHARD H. ERNSTING, JR.-Art Club 2-33 A Crafts Club 43 Gym Assistant 43 Intramurals 43 Reserx Baseball Team 2, Varsity 3. ROBERT P. EVANS-Science Reading 43 History of Mat Club 33 Slide Rule Club 3. C. RAYMOND EVARTS- Electronics Club 33 Chess Team 43 Boys' Glee Club 43 Slid Rule Club 3g Chemistry Club 3. il' NANCY ANN EWEL -Costume Club 3, President 23 Future Business Leader Club 4, Reporter 33 Future Nurses of America Club Vict President 23 Spanish Club 33 Senior Girls' Leagueg Guidant Assistant 43 Library Assistant 23 junior Spectacular f 3 LINDA FAIRCLOTH-International Relations Club f Travel Club 33 Stage Crew 43 French Club 2, 43 Senic Girls' League3 Scholastic Award 23 Student Council Alte. nate 43 Junior Council. DONALD FAIRMAN-Varsity Baseball Team 2-43 Intrz murals 2-43 Travel Club 3-43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Le' ermen's Club 2-4. ANDREA FARBER-General Ofiit Assistant 23 Nurse's Assistant 33 Travel Club 43 French Clu 33 Senior Girls' League. JAN FEHSENFELD-Senic Council3 Junior Council3 Sophomore Council3 General Oiiic Assistant 43 Intramurals 2-33 Junior Spectacular 33 Clothin Club Vice-President 43 Government Club 4. DIANNQ FELBER-A Cappella Choir 33 Concert Choir 23 Madrigal 43 journalism Club 43 Folk Music Club 33 French Club 2-3 F.T.A. 43 Senior Girls' League. MICKEY FENN. if JEFFREY FERGUSON-Biology La Assistant 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 National Merit Scholar ship Finalist 43 Junior Spectacular 33 Concert Band 2-3 Slide Rule Club 33 American Authors Club 3. XJOHI' FERGUSON-Intramurals 3-43 Reserve Baseball Team 2-3 Varsity 43 Reserve Wrestling Team 2-33 Varsity 43 Reserv Football Team 2-3, Varsity 43 journalism Club 33 Panthe Athletic Club 43 junior Historical Society 33 Lettermen' Club 4. DOROTHY MARIA FIELD-Travel Club 4 Folk Music Club 43 F.T.A. 2-33 Spanish Club 33 A Cappell Choir 2-33 International Folksing 4. DALE FIELMAN-Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3-4 Panther Athletic Association 43 junior Prom Royalty Can didate3 International Relations Secretary 33 Student Counci Assistant Secretary 43 Junior Spectacular 23 Athletic As sistant 3. WDARREL J. FIESEL-Art Club 2-33 Futur- Business Leaders Club 3-43 Military History Club 43 junio Historical Society 43 junior Spectacular 3. LINDA FINE- Senior Girls' League3 Art Club 33 International Relation Club 3g Travel Club 3. JAMES FINN-Travel Club 4 SANDRA FISHER-junior Spectacular Usher3 Orchestra 4. if JONI FISHMAN-Folk Music Club 3-43 French Clul 2g F.T.A. 23 Concert Choir 33 Girls' Ensemble 43 Scholastil Award 2-43 Fall Play 23 Drama Club 3-4. DAVID FITZ GERALD-Intramurals 3-4. FRED FLYNN-Intramural 3-43 Travel Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 4. 3' Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 HARY FORD-Student Council 23 History of Math Club 'resident 43 German Club President 43 National Merit Let- r of Commendation3 Scholastic Award 2-33 Mu Alpha heta 3-43 National Honor Society 3-4. 'FJANE ANN 'ORD-Junior Class Council Alternateg Intramurals 43 Bi- ilogy Club 43 Drama Club 2-43 French Club 43 Senior Eirls' League3 Junior Spectacular 33 Fall Play 3. YJEAN NN FORD-Art Club 2-33 International Relations Club -3 American Authors Club 43 Drama Club 2-43 Folk Music Elub 3-43 Senior Girls' League3 Junior Spectacular 33 Intra- urals 4. SHARON FORD. ICHAEL FOSTER-Review Typing Club 33 Electronics lub 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Intramurals 2-4. 'F ROB- RT B. FOUST-International Relations Club 2-33 Key lub 2-43 F.B.L.A. 43 Spanish Club 3-43 Junior Spectacular 53 Student Council Alternate 43 Photography Club 43 Year- nook Staff 3, Production co-editor. WILLIAM FOWLES- Ihess Team 4, SecretarY 33 Slide Rule Club 33 Senior Class llouncil. JEFF T. FOXWORTHY-Junior Historical So- :iety 43 Art Club 43 F.B.L.A. 43 Military History Club 4. VIARILYN FRANZ-Geology Club 43 International Re- 'ations Club 33 F.N.A. 33 Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 5-43 Senior Girls' I.eague3 Junior Spectacular Usher. JOHN ERAPS-Concert Band 23 Orchestra 3-43 Symphonic Wind nsemble 3-43 Stage Band 43 Pep Band 2-33 Junior Spectacu- ar Pit Band 3-43 Student Council Alternate 2-33 Track Team tudent Manager 2. JIM FRAZEE-Folk Music Club 33 'rench Club 33 Bell Ringers 23 Dance Band 33 Varsity Golf eam 23 Sophomore Class Council. CLEMMIE D. FRA- IER-Boys' Glee Club 3-43 Lettermen's Club 43 Senior lass Council Alternate3 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity iQ Reserve Basketball Team 2-33 Varsity Track Team 3-43 .ntramurals 4. EIARC FREIJE-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 43 Beginning yping Club 33 Beginning Chess Club 43 Intramurals 4. l'JEFFERY L. FULLER-National Merit Letter of Com- nnendation3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Stage Crew 3-43 French Club 43 Art Club 33 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 23 March- ,ng Band 23 Journalism Club 3-4. JOYCE FUNKHOUSER. JUNE GABLE-Art Club 33 Geology Club 39 Travel Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 A Cappella Choir 2-43 Junior Spectacular 2, Usher 3. ROLAND GALYEAN-Withdrawn. JOHN DAVID GAMBILL-Government Club 3-43 Debate Club 43 Slide ule Club 43 Latin Club 33 National Merit Letter of Com- endation3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Mu Alpha Theta 3-43 ational Honor Society 3-4. BOB GANGSTAD-Boys' ndustrial Arts 3-43 Geology Club 33 Reserve Golf Team 33 cholastic Award 2-4. 'FDEBORAH GANS-Stage Crew -43 Folk Music Club 3-43 Comparative Religion Club 3-43 enior Girls' League3 Fall Play 43 National Merit Letter of ommendation3 Scholastic Award 2-43 National Thespian ociety. l THOMAS K. GARDINER-Electronics Club 33 Govern- ment Club 43 Debate Club 43 Journalism Club 3g Photog- raphy Club 3. LINDA GARRITY--Clothing Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Red Cross Club 4. LAWRENCE C. GEIGER-Air Space Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Slide Rule Club 43 Lettermen's Club 43 Spanish Club 33 Gym Assistant 43 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity 3-43 Reserve Track Team 2-3. XGAYLE GEISLER-Student Council 3-43 Junior Spectacular 33 Sophomore Class Council Alternate3 Safety Council 43 Reserve Cheerleader 33 Scholas- tic Award 2-43 Newspaper Staff 33 Senior Girls' League. 'FSUZANNE GENIER-International Relations Club 43 Journalism Club 43 French Club 2-43 F.T.A. 33 Spanish Club 33 American Field Service 43 Library Assistant 43 Scholastic Award 2-4. 'I' PAMELA JEAN GENTRY-Im ternational Relations Club 2-33 Stage Crew 3-43 Drama Club 43 Junior Historical Society 43 Senior Girls' League3 Guid- ance Assistant 43 News Bureau 43 Newspaper Staff 4. CARL RAY GEORGE-Travel Club 33 Journalism Club 43 Gym Assistant 33 Baseball Team 2-33 Intramurals 2-4. JAMES W. GIBSON-Government Club 43 Travel Club 33 Mili- tary History Club 4s Intramurals 2-43 Reserve Baseball Team 2, Varsity 3-4. 'K Other Activities Not Listed. SENIORS JOHN H. GIBSON-International Relations Club 35 Ke Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Slide Rule Club 35 Junic Historical Society 45 Spanish Club 35 Reserve Golf Team f QFJOAN GILLISPIE-National Honor Society 3-45 N: tional Forensics League 25 Scholastic Award 2-35 Junic Spectacular 35 Red Cross Club President 45 Senior Girl League5 Madrigals 45 Student Council 2, Alternate 3-1 KAREN LEE GIRDLER-Panther Athletic Club 45 Frenc Club 35 F.T.A. 45 American Field Service 45 junior Sper tacular Usher5 Scholastic Award 25 Intramurals 2-2 G.A.A. 3. XMARCIA HELEN GISLER-Forensics Clu 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Junior Historical Society 1 Senior Girls' League5 Bookstore Assistant 45 Fall Play 2 Intramurals 2-45 Baccalaureate and Commencement Usher 2 DAVID GLASS-Biology Club 35 Geology Club 3, Pres dent 45 Slide Rule Club 45 Scholastic Award 2-35 Intr: murals 2-4. WILLIAM R. GLASS-Government Club 1 Beginning Typing Club 35 Journalism Club 45 junior Hi: torical Society 45 Scholastic Award 25 Varsity Track Tear 45 Intramurals 2-4. LOUIS GOECKER-Military Histor Club 45 junior Spectacular 25 Senior Jamboree Mode Student Council Alternate 25 Junior Class Council Alternate Intramural Council 25 Reserve Baseball Team 25 Intramurz 2-4. 'K GINNY LYNNE GOLL-Counterpoints 3-45 junic Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 35 junior Class Counci Sophomore Class Council5 Scholastic Award 2-45 Nations Thespian Society 3-45 Fall Musical 2-45 National Honc Society 3-4. DAVID L. GOODMAN-Debate Team 2-45 Debate Clu 2-3, President 45 N.D.C.C. Battalion 25 Concert Band 2-E National Forensics League 2-45 Marching Band 2-f JUDITH ANN GOSS-Senior Class Council5 Nation: Forensics League 3, Secretary 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Schc lastic Award 45 American Field Service 45 French Club 3-1 Journalism Club 3-45 Forensics Club 3. BEVERL' SUSAN GRANT-Transfer from Oyster River Hig School, Durham, New Hampshire5 Senior Girls' League Review Typing Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Concei Choir 4. EDWARD R. GREAVES-N.D.C.C. Battalion 2 Government Club 35 Beginning Chess Club 4. GARY GREBE-Government Club 3-45 International Rc lations Club 25 Slide Rule Club Vice-President 35 Ac vanced Chess Club 45 American Field, Service 45 Scholasti Award 2-45 Intramurals 2-4. STANLEY F. GREEN--Rc view Typing Club 45 History of Math Club 35 Panthe Athletic Club 45 Slide Rule Club 35 Advanced Chess Club 1 :FBRUCE GREENBERG-junior Historical Society 1 American Field Service 45 Chemistry Assistant 45 Fall Play E Scholastic Award 2-45 International Relations Club 35 Rc gional Science Fair 4. SAMUEL GREENBERG-Key Clu 3-45 F.B.L.A. 45 Spanish Club 3-45 Intramurals 3-4. SUSAN GREER-Booster Block 35 Great Books Club Vicf President 45 Senior Girls' League5 American Field Service 1 junior Spectacular 35 junior Class Council5 Athletic Assisi ant 3-4. MARSHA E. GRESHAM-Government Club 1 Stage Crew 2-45 Drama Club 2-45 Girls' Industrial Art Club 45 Attendance Assistant 3-45 Junior Spectacular 4, Ar Chairman 35 Fall Play 45 National Thespian Society 3-1 'FJOYCE GRIMES-F.T.A. 2-45 Senior Girls' Leaguc Guidance Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular 35 Madrigals 1 Orchestra 35 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4. 'I' SUE ANI' GUEUTAL-Senior Girls' League5 Guidance Assistant E General Ofiice Assistant 45 junior Spectacular 3-45 G.A.P 35 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Intramurals 2, 4. if SHARON GUNASON-National Forensics League 2-1 Senior Class Council5 Debate Team Vice-President 45 Lati Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 National Merit Letter c Commendation5 Scholastic Award 2-45 National Honor Sc ciety 3-4. if SUSANNE GUYTON-Government Club 1 Student Council 35 Intramurals 2-35 Junior Spectacular 2-3 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Historical Society 45 Girls Ir dustrial Arts 4. WBARBARA D. HALL-Junior Spec tacular 2-35 Fall Play 45 Scholastic Award 2-33 Nationz Thespian Society 45 Orchestra 2-45 Stage Crew 3-45 Dram Club 4. BEVERLY HALL-Withdrawn. CONNIE HALL-Art Club 45 Stage Crew 35 Great Book Club 45 journalism Club 35 French Club 3-45 Senior Girl: League. DFSUSAN HAMMOND-Costume Club 35 F.E LA. 45 F.T.A. 45 junior Spectacular 45 Fall Play 25 Concei Choir 25 Girls' Ensemble 3-4. STEVE HAMPSHIRE-Ai Club 2, 45 Beginning Chess Club 45 Latin Club Vice-Pres dent 2, President 3. VERNA M. HAMPTON-Booste Block 25 Clothing Club 2. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 POLLY ELIZABETH HAN-Art Club Secretary 33 Art lirafts Club President 43 History of Math Club 3, Secretary 3 Student Council Alternate 2, 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Jpera Club Vice-President 33 International Relations Club 3 Attendance Assistant 4. JOSEPH R. HANSEN-Gow rnment Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 33 Spanish Club 33 'eserve Cross Country Team 23 Intramurals 2, 4. BOB GANSON--Electronics Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 3-43 Leserve Cross Country Team 23 Reserve Track Team 2, 7arsiIY 32 Intramurals 2-4. DAVID HARDEN-Travel lllub 43 F.B.L.A. Treasurer 43 Slide Rule Club 33 Intra- .uurals 3-4. IRAN HARMON-Beginning Typing Club 43 Foods Club resident 33 Senior Girls' League 43 Home Economics tssistant 3-43 Junior Spectacular Usher3 Peals of Liberty tal? 3. :l'JILL ADELE HARRIS-F.B.L.A. 43 Great Sooks Club 33 Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 3, Conven- ion Representative 43 Lab Assistant 43 Library Assistant 23 unior Spectacular 43 Scholastic Award 2-3. JOHN AL- ISON HARRIS-International Relations Club Public elations Manager 2-3, President 43 Travel Club 33 Spanish lub 4, Vice-President 33 Concert Band 23 Student Council lg Sophomore Class Council Alternate3 Yearbook Staff 3-4. FNOEL ROBERT HARRIS-Chess Team 33 Key Club 43 ilide Rule Club President 43 Concert Band 2-33 Symphonic Wind Ensemble Vice-President 43 Senior Class Council lternate 43 Intramurals 43 Varsity Tennis Team 3-4. HARLES HARRISON-Gym Assistant 43 Varsity Foot- iall Team 43 Varsity Track Team 4. il' STEVEN HAR- 'USON-International Relations Club 2-33 Key Club 3-43 Science Reading Club 43 Photography Club 43 Junior His- orical Society 43 Newspaper Staff 23 Intramurals 33 Peals if Liberty Staff 4. PATRICIA JOAN HART-Clothing lflub 2-43 Foods Club 3-43 F.T.A. 3-43 A Cappella Choir I-43 Junior Spectacular 4. SARAH ELIZABETH HAS- CETT-Boosrer Block 23 American Authors Club 43 Janther Athletic Club 43 Latin Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 unior Spectacular Usher3 Intramurals 33 G.A.A. 3. IOBERT R. HAUCK--Art Crafts Club 33 Music Men 3-43 Junior Spectacular 3-43 Weightlifting Club 4. R. RICHARD HAUCK-International Relations Club 33 Travel Club 43 F.B.L.A. 43 Advanced Chess Club 33 Folk vlusic Club 43 Junior Spectacular 3-43 Reserve Football Feam 2. 'F CHRIS ANN HAWHEE-F.N.A. President 43 iournalism Club 33 Panther Athletic Club 43 Spanish Club i3 Senior Girls' League3 Junior Spectacular 33 Scholastic ward 2-33 Junior Class Council Alternate. JACK HAYES N.D.C.C. Battalion 2-43 Audio-Visual Club 33 Graphic rts Service 4. ONALD E. HEATH-Intramurals 3-43 Boys' Booster lock 4. 'PWILLIAM HEBERT-Government Club 43 ravel Club 33 American Authors Club Secretary 43 Junior Spectacular 33 Student Council Alternate 43 Newspaper Staff 33 Yearbook Staff 4, Sports Editor3 Intramurals 4. KNANCY HELM-F.T.A. 3-43 Junior Spectacular 2-33 Senior Jamboree Model3 Concert Choir 23 Girls' Ensemble 5-43 Student Council Alternate 2-33 Senior Class Council3 Safety Council 2-4, Secretary 2. CARL HENSCHEN- Fravel Club 3-43 Intramurals 2-43 Scholastic Award 2. PGERRI LOU HERNDON-Chemistry Assistant 43 Con- :ert Choir 23 Madrigals 33 Junior Spectacular 33 Senior Jamboree Model3 Girls Ensemble 43 G.A.A. 33 Fall Musical 5. KIM HERZER-Art Club 43 Debate Club 43 Intra- nurals 3. 3' ELLEN HESTON-Student Council 43 Junior Slass Council3 Sophomore Class Council3 Baton Corps 2-43 Nfational Honor Society 3-43 Junior Spectacular 2-33 Scho- astic Award 2-43 Spanish Club Secretary 3. DENNIS R. EIICKS-Travel Club 43 Folk Music Club 33 A Cappella Ihoir 2-4. SUZANNE HIGBEE-Mid Term Graduate. RICHARD l-IIGGINS-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 43 Beginning Typ- ng 33 Spanish Club 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Intramurals 4. KJEFFREY WOODY HILBURN-International Rela- 'ions Club President 2-33 Key Club 3, Secretary 43 Student Iouncil 3g Senior Class Presidentg Junior Prom King Can- lidateg Duke Candidate3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Junior Prom Shairman. JAY HILGENBERG-Boys' Industrial Arts Assistant 43 N.D.C.C. Battalion 33 Audio-Visual Club 23 Girls' Industrial Arts Assistant 4. I Other Activities Not Listed. SEN IORS KRISTEN A. HILL-Art Club 45 French Club 35 Senic Girls' League5 Art Assistant 4. MELANIE HILTON- Mid-Term Graduate. LINDA HOCHMAN-Drama Clu 35 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Senic Girls' League5 American Field Service 45 Junior Spectacula Usher5 Intramurals 2, 4. KJOSEPH M. HOFFMAN-Ir ternational Relations Club 35 Gym Assistant 45 Junior Spec tacular 35 Senior Jamboree Model and Commentator5 Nz tional Merit Letter of Commendation5 Scholastic Award 2 Intramurals 45 Henry V 4. STEPHEN HOKANSON-Geology Club 45 Internationz Relations Club 35 Key Club 35 Photography Club 35 Studer Council 3. MELISSA JEAN HOLBROOK-A Cappell Choir 2-3, President 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Opera Clu 35 National Honor Society 4. DIANE HOLTER-Boosts Club 25 F.B.L.A. 45 F.T.A. 45 Concert Choir 2-35 Madr gals 45 Junior Spectacular 45 Fall Play 2. JANICE HOF KINS-F,B.L.A. 35 Business Ed. Assistant 4. JUDSON M. HORNING-Government Club 45 Scienc Projects Club 2: Science Reading Club 3-45 Audio-Visuz Club 2-45 German Club 2-3. SANDRA LOUISE HOF TON-Art Club 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Clothing Club 32 Girl: Glee Club 35 Foods Club 45 Red Cross Club 45 Work E:- perience Program 4. "'SALLY JANE HOUCK-Fol Music Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Library Monitor 2-E Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 Junior Spectacular 45 Scholasti Award 2-45 Student Council 25 Intramurals. 'SERI4 HOWARD-International Relations Club 2, Vice-Presicler 35 Key Club 3-45 German Club Program Chairman 4 Lettermen's Club 45 Senior Class Council A1ternate5 Nz tional Merit Letter of Commendation5 Intramurals 3-4 Varsity Gymnastics Team. BEVERLY HUBBELL-Booster Blockg Foods Club E Senior Girls' League5 Reading Lab Assistant 4. MARTHA HUFFMAN-Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 Orchestra 2-E Vice-President 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Ther 3-45 National Honor Society 4. JANET HUGHES- F.B.L.A. 45 Foods Club Secretary 45 Senior Girls' League Transfer from Pilgrim High School, Warwich, Rhod Island. SUSAN HUGHES-F.T.A. 35 Senior Girls' League Junior Spectacular Usher, BARBARA J. HUGHEY. BROOKS HUNT--Audit Visual 2-45 Photography Club 25 Audio-Visual Assistar 3-4. ROBERT G. HUNT-Stage Crew 3-45 Audio-Visuz Club 2-3, President 45 Auto Mechanics Assistant 45 Audit Visual Assistant 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Fall Play E HZWILLIAM H. HUNT-Key Club 45 Stage Crew 3-4 German Club 45 Language Lab Assistant 3-45 Junic Spectacular 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 National Thespia Society 45 National Honor Society 3-4. VIRGINIA HUNTER-F.T.A. 35 Travel Club 45 Get eral Office Assistant 45 Spanish Club 45 Junior Spectacula Usher5 Scholastic Award 2-45 Poetry Club 35 Intramurals Z GREGG N. HUTCHINSON-Art Crafts Club Vice-Pres dent 45 Military History Club Vice-President 4. XLINDI LEE HUTCHINSON-F.T.A. 3, Vice-President 45 Nz tional Merit Letter of Comn1endation5 Scholastic Awar 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 National Honor Society 3-1 Student Council 45 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Sophc more Class Council Alternate. YMARCIA KAY ISEIY HOUR-Biology Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Madrigals 45 Studer Council Alternate 35 Scholastic Award 2-45 Intramurals 3-1 National Honor Society 3-45 Opera Club 3. TERRY JACKSON-Withdrawn. HCDAVID BRUC JACOBS-Slide Rule Club 35 Spanish Club 3-45 Comparz tive Religion Club 3, Chairman 45 National Merit Schola: ship Finalistg Scholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 2-4 National Honor Society 3-45 National Honor Sociei Scholarship Program Finalist. WILMA D. JACOBS- Transfer from Arlington High School5 Government Clu 45 Beginning Chess Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 1 3' JACQUELINE JAGGER-Panther Athletic Club 45 Fol Music Club 35 F.T.A. 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Studer Council Alternate 2, 45 Junior Class Council5 Baton Cort 3-45 Intramurals 4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 'TERRY D. JARVIS-Lettermen's Club 3-43 Junior -pectacular 33 National Merit Letter of Commendation3 cholastic Award 23 Senior Class Council Alternate3 Junior lass Council3 Sophomore Class Council3 Varsity Wresting eam 3-4. JIMMY JENNINGS-Chess Team 33 Air pace 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 43 ntramurals 3-4. 3'SUSAN ELAINE JERDEN-Junior 'pectacular 33 Duchess Candidate3 Senior Jamboree Model3 ewspaper Staff 3, News Bureau 43 Fall Sports Queen andidate3 Reserve Cheerleader 33 Intramurals 2-43 Sopho- ore Class Council Alternate. PFTI-IOMAS F. JESSUP-- ey Club 43 Junior Spectacular 33 National Merit Letter of ommendationg Scholastic Award 2-43 National Honor ociety 3-43 Junior Class Council Alternateg Intramurals -43 Reserve Baseball Team 2, Varsity 3-4. ANIEL JOBES-Travel Club 33 Panther Athletic Club 43 ettermen's Club 3-43 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity -43 Reserve Track Team 33 Intramurals 2-4. BETTY OHNSON-Clothing Club 33 Girls' Glee Club 33 Intra- urals 3. MARIA LUCIA JOHNSON-Review Typing lub 43 Audio-Visual Club 3. gf PETER ALAN JOHN- ON-Key Club 3-43 American Authors Club President 43 orensics Club President 33 Debate Team 43 Senior Class ouncilg Scholastic Award 2-43 National Forensics League -3, President 43 Henry V 4, USAN JOHNSON-International Relations Club 3-43 rt Crafts Club 33 Panther Athletic Club 43 Junior His- orical Society 43 Intramurals 2-3. TERRI JOHNSON- ravel Club 43 Clothing Club 33 Foods Club 33 American ield Service 4. EILEEN JOHSTON-Art Club 33 F.T.A. 3 Foods Club 43 Botany Assistant 43 Concert Band 2. OUG JONES-Geology Club Secretary 43 Photography lub Program Chairman 43 Newspaper Stan' 3-4. RED JONES-American Authors Club 43 Shakespeare lub 43 Great Books Club 33 Military History Club 2-33 ntramurals 2-4. MIKE JONES-Aquarium Club 43 ravel Club 43 Beginning Chess Club 33 Military History lub 43 Spanish Club 33 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity -43 Reserve Baseball Team 2-3. WARREN L. JONES- cience Reading Club 3-43 Slide Rule Club 4. WESLEY ONES-Electronics Club 33 Key Club 43 Science Read- ng Club President 43 Chemistry Lab Assistant 43 Chemistry lub 33 Student Council 2. - STEVE JORDAN-Military History Club 43 Lettermen's lub 3-43 A Cappella Choir 23 Student Council Alternate 43 ophomore Class Council3 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity -43 Reserve Track Team 33 Intramurals 2-4. SCOTT OSLIN-Travel Club 4. PATRICIA R. JUDD-Booster lock President 33 Travel Club 43 Press Club President 33 Junior Spectacular 33 Senior Jamboree Modelg Fall Musical 23 Student Council 3-43 Girls' Chorale 2. JOANNE ULIAN-Booster Block 23 Library Club 43 International 'Relations Club 33 Travel Club 33 Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 3-43 Senior Girls' League3 Library Assistant 4. WILLIAM PAUL KAFOURE-Air Space Club 43 In- ternational Relations Club 33 Comparative Religion Club 43 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Mu Alpha Theta 3-43 National Honor Society 3-4. LILU KAHN-Travel Club 43 Folk Music Club 43 Concert Choir 3. JUDY KAPLAN-Travel Club 3-43 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 33 Senior Girls League3 Scho- lastic Award 3-43 Representative on Ayres High School Fashion Board. LARRY M. KAPLAN-Biology Club 43 Audio-Visual Club 33 Photography Club 33 Slide Rule Club 2-43 Red Cross Club 43 Newspaper Staff 4. DAVID KASSERMAN-American Authors Club 43 Jour- nalism Club 3-43 Advanced Chess Club 33 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Quill and Scroll 43 Newspaper 3-4. ik DONALD PAUL KATZ- Senior Class Council3 Key Club 43 Chess Team 3-43 In- tramurals 2-43 Junior Spectacular 3-43 Music Men 43 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-43 Folk Music Club 4. JILL KAUFFMAN-Mid-Term Graduate. JEFF KAUTZ- Travel Club 43 Reserve Track Team 2. 4" Other Activities Not Listed. 33 SENIORS CHARLES KEAGLE JR. JAMES SANFORD KELLEI -Biology Club 55 Electronics Club 55 Key Club 45 Slidi Rule Club 45 Chemistry Club 55 Chemistry Lab Assistan 4. RANDY KELLER-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 4 Travel Club 55 Drafting Club 5-45 Journalism Club 5 Press Club 55 Scholastic Art Contest Honorable Mention 4 WINSTON KELLEY-Art Club 45 Geology Club 5 Panther Athletic Club 45 I.ettermen's Club 2-45 Reserv. Football Team 25 Varsity Wrestling Team 2-4. 55KATHY KELSEY-International Relations Club 45 Be ginning Chess Club 45 F.T.A. 5-45 Senior Girls' League Attendance Office Assistant 5-45 Student Council 2, Alter nate 55 Scholastic Award 2-45 Girls' Chorale 2. CINDX KENNEDY-Booster Block 25 Art Club 45 Internationa Relations Club 45 G.A.A. 55 Senior Girls' League5 Book store Assistant 2-45 Intramurals 2-55 Scholastic Art Contes 5-4. MICHAEL B. KENTOR-Key Club 5-45 Americar Authors Club 45 Great Books Club 5-4. STEPHEN KERIN -Mid-Term Graduate. GARY KERNODLE-Travel Club 45 Beginning Ches: Club 45 Letterrnen's Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Reserve Foot ball Team 2-5, Varsity 45 Intramurals 45 Chemistry Club 5 KATHY KERR-Art Crafts Club 5-45 Girls' Industria Arts Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Art Assistant 45 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Junior Class Council5 Intramural: 5-4. ROBERT KIDD-International Relations Club 5 Travel Club 45 Latin Club 55 A Cappella Choir 45 Scholastir Award 2-55 Intramurals 25 Regional Latin Contest 2. PAULA KIMBERLIN-F.T.A. 55 Junior Spectacular Usher 5 JANICE KING-Booster Block 25 Panther Athletic Clul 45 F.T.A. 55 German Club 45 Senior Girls' Le-ague5 G.A.A 5. DAVE KISER-Key Club 45 Great Books Club Chair- man 45 Junior Spectacular 55 National Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 5-45 Na- tional Honor Society 5-45 Student Council Alternate 2, 4 GREGORY S. KLADDEN--Art Club 45 International Re- lations Club 25 Drafting Club 2-5. DANNIE KLINE- Great Books Club 45 Advanced Chess Club 5-45 Reservf Golf Team 5, Varsity 4. EDWARD DEPPEN KLINE-Shakespeare Club Presi- dent 45 Concert Band 2-55 Stage Band 2-45 Orchestra 5 Junior Spectacular 55 National Forensics League 45 Reservt Cross Country Team 25 Reserve Track Team 2-5. KATHY KLINE-Biology Club 55 Costume Club 5, President 4, Panther Athletic Club 45 Guidance Assistant 45 Intramural: 2-55 Scholastic Award 2-5. KWILLARD DEAN KLINK -I.ettermen's Club 2-5, President 45 Junior Prom King Candidate5 Duke Candidate5 Student Council 5-45 Sopho- more Class Councilg Varsity Football Team 2-45 Varsity Wrestling Team 45 Varsity Baseball Team 2-4. BOE KNIPP. XPEGGY KNIPTASH-Bell Ringers 2-45 Senior Girls' League5 Music Assistant 5-45 Scholastic Award 2-55 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Junior Class Council Alternateg Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 National Honor Society 5-4. WSTEPHANIE KOKOS-Scholastic Award 25 Newspaper Staff 2-55 G.A.A. 55 Senior Girls' Leagueg F.T.A. 55 French Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 4: English Assistant 4. VIRGINIA E. KOSKEY-Booster Block 55 F.N.A. 45 Foods Club 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg Typing Award. MARK KREGER-Boys' Glee Club 5-45 F.B.L.A. 55 Folk Music Club 55 A Cappella Choir 2-45 Fall Play 5. HARLIE KREIGER. JANET ANN KRENTLER- Geology Club 45 Stage Crew 45 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 55 F.T.A. 55 Senior Girls' League5 Fall Play 4. BARBARA KROOT-International Relations Club 55 Foods Club Pres- ident 45 Attendance Assistant 4. 3 BOB KRUEGER-Elec tronics Club 45 Folk Music Club 5-45 Junior Spectacular 5-45 National Merit Letter of Commendationg Scholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Music Men 5-45 Slide Rule Club 4. if Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 CAROL KUBILIS-F.B.L.A. 23 F.N.A. 2. DAN L. KUI- LEMA-Boys' Glee Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Pho- tography Club 33 Folk Music Club 3-43 Varsity Football Team 4g Reserve Track Team 23 Chefs' Club 3. KAREN KYGER-Withdrawn. FORREST LAMPREY-Geology Club 43 Forensics 33 Beginning Chess Club 43 Spanish Club 43 Reserve Football Team 33 Intramurals 3-4. JOE LANGFITT-International Relations Club 23 Travel Club 23 Science Reading Club 23 Debate Club 33 Military History Club 33 National Forensics League 3. JOSEPH A. LARR-International Relations Club 33 Travel Club 33 Drafting Club 43 Military History Club 33 Student Council 23 Senior Class Council3 Junior Class Council. STEPHEN L. LARSEN-F.B.L.A. 43 Beginning Chess Club 43 Lettermen's Club 43 Reserve Football Team 3, Varsity 43 Intramurals 4. CHARLES P. LAWTON-Travel Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 2-43 Intramurals 2-3. JUDITH ANN LAXVTON-Senior Girls' League Execu- tive Boardg Student Council Alternate 3-43 Sophomore Council: Junior Spectacular 33 Senior Jamboree Model3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Princess of Light 43 G.A.A. Sports hairman 3. WALTER R. LEANDER JR.-Military istory Club 43 Latin Club 43 Junior Spectacular 33 Intra- urals 3-4. GREG LEAVITT-Travel Club 33 Art Crafts Club 43 Gymnastics Club 43 Military History Club 33 Intramurals 2, 4. ILENE LEDERMAN. 'FDWIGHT E. LEE-Key Club 2-3, Treasurer 43 Great lBooks Club President 33 Student Council 3, Treasurer 43 Sophomore Class Council Chairman3 Junior Spectacular 33 Junior Prom King Candidateg Reserve Tennis Team 3, Var- ity 43 Intramurals 4. MIKE LEGGETT-Biology Club 43 Eiolk Music Club 3-43 Concert Band 2-43 Intramurals 4. tl' CLAIRE E. LEINBACH-Girls' Glee Club 33 Food Club Vice-President 43 Spanish Club 43 Senior Girls' Leagueg Chemistry Lab Assistant 43 Concert Choir 23 Intramurals 2-33 Junior Spectacular Usher. JEANNE LELAND- lBooster Block 23 Biology Club 43 American Authors Club 4g Girls' Glee Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 Bookstore Assist- ant 43 Junior Spectacular 2-33 Intramurals 4. KAREN LENN-Withdraxvn. NANCY ANN LEN- NOX-Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 3-43 Athletic As- sistant 33 Junior Spectacular 2-33 Senior Class Council Al- ICIDZICQ Junior Class Council Alternate3 Baton Corps 2-43 Intramurals 2-4. RICHARD M. LEPANEN-Government Club 43 F.B.L.A. 43 Military History Club 3-43 Photography Club 33 Junior Historical Society 43 Junior Spectacular 33 Sophomore Class Council Alternateg Intramurals 2-4. BAR- BARA LESCHOT-Transfer from Pattonville High School, St. Louis, Missourig Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 43 Sen- ior Girls' League3 American Field Service Club 4. WILLIAM LEVENTHAL-Government Club 43 Latin Club 3-43 Intramurals 4. RONALD LEVIN-Forensics Club 43 Military History Club 43 Junior Historical Society 43 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 33 National Merit Scholarship Final- ist 43 National Forensics League 4. DARLENE MARIA LEWIS-Girls' Glee Club 4g Foods Club 33 F.T.A. 33 Amer- lcan Field Service Club 4. NANCY LINDERMAN-Trans fer from Broad Ripple High School3 Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 43 Senior Girls' Leagueg American Field Service 4. ANDREA BEA LINGEMAN-Government Club 43 American Authors Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 Attendance Assistant 33 Scholastic Award 2-43 Newspaper Staff 23 In- :ramural 4. 'KCHRISTOPHER LINN-F.B.L.A. Vice- President 43 Folk Music Club 33 Senior Class Councilg Junior :lass Council3 Sophomore Class Counci13 Intramurals 3-43 lunior Spectacular 2-33 Yearbook Staff 3. JAMES RICH- ARD LISHER-Shakespeare Club 43 Beginning Chess Club Z3 Military History Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 3-43 Re- .erve Track Team 2-3, Varsity 43 Intramurals 4. ROBERT S. LITVAK-Boys' Glee Club 43 Photography Club 43 Fransfer from Friends' Central High School, Philadelphia, ?ennsylvania. " Other Activities Not Listed. SEN IORS 3' STEVE LIVINGSTON-Junior Class Council Alternate3 Sophomore Class Council Alternare3 Reserve Football Team 2-3, Varsity 43 Reserve Track Team 3, Varsity 43 Intra- murals 2-43 Gym Assistantg Junior Historical Society 43 Military History Club 3-4, Sergeant at Arms 4. 'l'JESS ANN LOGSDON-A Cappella Choir 33 Concert Choir 23 Girls' Ensemble 43 Intramurals 2-33 Senior Girls' Leagueg F.T.A. 43 Stage Crew Club 43 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 3. 'FDAVID LONG-Student Council 2, 4, President 43 Junior Class President3 Wrestling Team 2-33 Cross Country Team 2-43 Track Team 2-43 National Forensics League 43 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. PATRICIA LONG-Review Typing Club 33 F.N.A. 33 Red Cross Club 4. :F STEVE LONGDEN-Cross Country Team 43 Reserve Track Team 2, Varsity 43 Intramurals 3-43 Debate Club 43 Military History Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 33 Gym As- sistant 4. PAULA CHARLENE LAPSHIRE-Journalism Club 33 Red Cross Club 43 American Field Service Club 43 Art Assistant 33 PEALS OF LIBERTY Editing Staff 4. CHRIS LOUTNER-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 33 Biology Club 4. MILLIE LOUTNER-Review Typing Club 33 Shorthand and Typing Award 3. ELAINE SUSAN LOYEN-Booster Block 2-33 Concert Choir 2-33 F.B.L.A. 3-43 Girls' Glee Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 Oihce Assistant 4. CONNIE LUNSFORD-Review Typing Club 23 A Cappella Choir 2-33 Concert Choir 23 F.N.A. 4. JOHN LUROS-Travel Club 43 Intramurals 43 Latin Club 2-3, Vice-President 3. ADONNA LYNCH- Booster Block 23 Attendance Assistant 3-43 Home Economics Assistant 3. STEVE LYNCH-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 2-33 Aquar- ium Club 43 Varsity Track Team 2-43 Gymnastics Club 4: Junior Spectacular 3. 'LAURIE MacALLISTER-Ari Crafts Club 3-4, Vice-President 43 Senior Girls' League Student Council 33 Senior Class Council3 Intramurals 4 Junior Spectacular 33 Senior Jamboree Model3 Scholastir Award, 3-4. PHYLLIS JEAN MADISON-Costume Clul 43 Clothing Club 43 Attendance Assistant 43 Scholastic Award 3-4. EFSTEVEN F. MANN-Aquarium Club 4 Biology Club 23 Geology Club President 33 Science Reading Club 3-43 Scholastic Award 43 Spanish Club 2-43 Compara tive Religion Club 3-4, Vice-President 43 Biology Assistan 3-4. JOYCE ROCHELLE MARCUS-Art Club 43 Interna tional Relations Club 33 Student Council Alternate 2, 4 F.T.A. 2, 43 Spanish Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 Scholastif Award 2-43 Library Monitor 4. 'VFRANCES A. MAREF -A Cappella Choir 33 Concert Choir 23 Junior Spectacula 33 Scholastic Award 33 Newspaper Staff 33 Language Lal Assistant 43 F.T.A. 2, 43 Senior Girls' League. A. SUSAD MARKS-Booster Block 33 F.B.L.A. 3-43 Girls' Glee Clul 4. :KRON MARRA-Lettermen's Club 3-43 Junior Spec tacular3 Scholastic Award 2-43 Fall Sports Dance King Can didate3 Student Council 2, 43 Junior Council 33 Reservi Football Team 3, Varsity 43 Reserve Track Team 23 Var sity 3-4. CHARLES MARTINDILL-Electronics Club 3-43 Slid- Rule Club 4. X CAROL MASON-Stage Crew 3-43 Senio Girls' League3 Library Assistant 23 National Merit Scholar ship Finalist 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 National Thespiai Society 43 National Honor Society 3-43 State Latin Contes Bronze Medal 2. CRAIG MASTEN-Transfer from Briar cliff High School, Briarcliff, New Yorkg Government Clul 43 Journalism Club 4. 'I' HELEN E. MATEKUNAS-Sen ior Girls' League3 French Club 3-43 Junior Spectacular 3-4 Scholastic Award 2-43 Baton Corps 2-43 Student Counci Alternate 33 Senior Council Alternate3 Forensics Club 3-4. DAVID MATHERS-F.B.L.A. 43 Military History Club 4 F.T.A. 43 Intramurals 4. ANDREW MATHIS. JAME MATLOCK-International Relations Club 33 Key Club 4 Travel Club 33 F.B.L.A. 43 Military History 43 German Clu 43 Intramurals 3-43 Scholastic Award 4. WILLIAM L MAXWELL-Slide Rule Club 33 Concert Band 23 Scholar tic Award 2-33 Reserve Wrestling Team 23 Reserve Cros Country Team 3, Varsity 43 National Honor Society 43 Ir tramurals 4. 3 Other Activities N ot Listed. CLASS OF 1965 ARSHA ANN MAY-Booster Block 35 Government lub 45 Great Books Club 45 French Club 45 Junior Spec- acular 3-45 Scholastic Award 3-4. PATRICIA A. MC- ARDIA-Government Club 45 Art Crafts Club 3-45 .N.A. 35 Great Books Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior pectacular 3-4. THOMAS McCARTHY-Art Club 35 ravel Club 45 Intramurals 2, 45 Military History Club 4. AUENDARS MCCLELLON-Art Crafts Club 45 Mili- ary History Club 45 Junior Historical Society 3. 5' PAMELA ANN MCCLURE-Government Club 45 .N.A. 2-35 Stage Crew Club 3-45 Drama Club 45 French lub 2-35 Junior Historical Society 45 Senior Girls' League5 cholastic Award 2-45 National Thespian Society 4. ROB- RT MCCORMICK-Intramurals 45 Travel 45 Folk Music . MARK MCGARVEY-Travel Club 2, 45 Reserve Foot- all Team 2, Varsity Football Team 4. BILL MCGLOCH- IN--Art Club 35 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Sopho- ore Class Councilg Intramurals 2-45 Art Crafts Club 3-4, resident 45 Military History Club 2, 45 Junior Spectauilar 2 3 IM MCGLYNN-Electronics Club 45 American Authors lub 45 Science Reading Club 25 Military History Club 45 ebate Club 35 Junior Historical Society 3-4, President 45 ntramurals 2-45 PEALS OF LIBERTY Assistant Editor 4. 'F JOAN MCHAFFIE-Booster Block 35 Government Club 5 Intramurals 2,45 Beginning Chess Club 45 Girls' Indus- rial Arts 35 French Club Secretary 45 Senior Girls' Leagueg ttendance Assistant 4. CRAIG MCKENZIE-Geology Club 3-45 Reserve Football Team 35 Intramurals 2-35 Mili- ary History Club 4. JANET MCKINNEY. IMOTHY N. MCKINNEY-Geology Club 35 Travel lub 2-35 Wrestling Team 25 Intramurals 2-45 Art Crafts lub 45 Military History Club 45 Junior Spectacular 25 eightlifting Team 4. it KENNETH R. MCLEISH-Key lub 45 Student Council 35 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Varsity Cross Country Team 2-45 Reserve Track Team 25 Intramurals 45 Scholastic ward 2-4. CAROL MCMANAMA-American Authors Club 35 Stage Crew Club 2, 45 Great Books Club 45 Span- ish Club 3-45 Senior Girls' League5 Attendance Assistant 35 ational Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Scholastic Award 2-4. CAROLYN MCMANIS-Transfer from Escuela Bilinque de Capacitacion, An Miguel de Allende, Mexicog Govern- ment Club 45 Beginning Chess Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Senior Girls' League. WILLIAM H. MCMURTRIE, JR.-Biology Club 35 Gov- rnment Club 45 Intramural 2-45 Scholastic Award 3. HENRY MEDJESKY. WILLIAM C. MEES-Biology Club 45 Geology Club 35 Advanced Chess Club 4. DAVE -MEISTER-Travel Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 4. if: KATHERINE P. MESSENGER-Stage Crew 3-45 Li- brary Assistant 35 Chemistry Assistant 45 National Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-4, Secretary 45 National Forensics League 25 Na- tional Honor Society 3-4, Treasurer 4. JOANNE METZ- GER-Booster Block 35 Concert Choir 35 Clothing Club 45 Gymnastics Club 35 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 35 F.T.A. 45 Senior Girls' League. RON MILENDER-Travel Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Intramurals 3-4. JAY A. MILES -Chess Team 3-45 Advanced Chess Club 45 Wrestling Team 2-3. MICHAEL C. MILES-Travel Club 45 Panther Athletic Club 4. CARL F. MILLER-Boys' Booster Block 35 Elec- tronics Club 25 Travel Club 25 Stage Crew Club 25 Panther Athletic Club 45 Intramurals 2-35 Audio-Visual Assistant 2. CRAIG MILLER-Geology Club 35 Government Club 45 Student Council Alternate 2-45 Reserve Football Team 35 Intramurals 2-45 Journalism Club 4. DEAN MILLER Bi- ology Club 45 Reserve Baseball Team 2-3, Varsity 45 Intra- 'murals 45 Advanced Chess Club 2-4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. SEN I ORS ERIC R. MILLER-Government Club 45 Travel Club 35 American Authors Club 45 Journalism Club 45 Military His- tory 35 junior Historical Society 4. MARGARET MILLE -F.N.A. 45 Slide Rule Club 35 Scholastic Award 2-35 Na tional Honor Society 3-4. MARY E. MILLER-Girls' In dustrial Arts Club 35 N.D.C.C. Battalion 45 N.D.C.C. Rifl Team 45 Intramurals 2-3. 3' MICHAEL S. MILLER-Senio Class Council5 Junior Class Council5 Sophomore Class Coun cil5 Junior Prom King Candidate5 Duke Candid,ate5 Senio Jamboree Model5 Reserve Basketball Team 2, Varsity 3-45 Varsity Track Team 3. THOMAS S. MILLER-Travel Club 45 Panther Athleti Club 45 Student Council 2-35 Safety Council 2-35 Reserv Football Team 2-3, Varsity 45 Varsity Golf Team 25 Intra murals 2. 3 DICK MOAK-Concert Band 2-35 Symphoni Wind Ensemble 2-45 Junior Spectacular 3-45 Fall Play 2' Spring Play 25 Scholastic Award 2-35 Dance Band 3-45 Dru Major 4. PATRICIA LEE MOCKBEE-Government Club 45 American Authors Club 35 Clothing Club 45 Journalisxnl Club 45 Newspaper Staff 3. DAVID MONTOVANI-Li braty Club 25 Electronics Club 25 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Intramurals 25 Reserve Golf Team 2-3, Varsity 4. MIKE MOODY-N.D.C.C. Battalion 2-45 Military History Club 35 N.D.C.C. Drill Team 25 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-45 Superior Second Year Cadet Award. JAMES MOORE F.B.I..A. 45 N.D.C.C. Battalion 25 Biology Club 25 Elec tronics 2. PAT MOORMAN-F.B.L.A. 35 F.N.A. 35 Cloth ing Club 35 Foods Club Sergeant at Arms 45 Red Cross Club 4. if MARJORIE LYNNE MORRIS-Scholastic Award 2-45 Spanish Club 3-45 Drama Club 3-45 Intramurals 2-35 Foreign Language Assistant 2-35 American Authors Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Clothing Club 3. PAM MORRIS-Costume Club 35 A Cappella Choir 3-45 Concert Choir 25 Art Crafts Club 45 German Club 45 junior Spectacular 3. ANGLEA MOUNTFORD-Transfer From Derby High School, Derby, England. 3' MICHAEL DOUG LAS MURPHY-National Honor Society 3-45 Scholastid Award 2-45 National Merit Letter of Commendation5 Varsity Football Team 45 Intramurals 2-45 Science Reading Club Secretary 2, President 35 Air Space Club 45 Lettermen's Club 4. sl' PATRICIA RUTH MURPHY-Newspaper Staff 3, Assistant News Editor 45 junior Spectacular 35 Scholasti Award 2-45 Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 45 junioj Class Council Alternateg Senior Girls' League5 News Bu- reau 3-4. THOMAS MURPHY-F.B.L.A. 3-45 Travel Club 45 Ad vanced Chess Club 3. TERRY LEE MYERS-Costumel Club Assistant Secretary 3, Secretary 45 Forensics Club 45 Drama Club 3-45 F.T.A. 4. HARVAN NAHMIAS-Key Club 45 Military History Club 3-45 Lettermen's Club 3-45 Student Council 2-35 Senior Class Council5 Scholastic Awardl 2-45 Reserve Track Team 2, Varsity 3-45 Intramurals 2-45 il: LAURA A. NAHMIAS-Student Council Alternate 25' Senior Class Council Alternate5 Music Assistant 45 Senior Girls' League5 Art Club 45 Travel Club 3-45 Concert Choi: 35 Madrigals 4. 1 NANCY BETH NAHMIAS-Booster Block 3. HELEN F, NANKIVELL-International Relations Club 3-45 Travel Club 35 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 45 Foods Club 35 Junior Historical Society 45 Senior Girls' League5 Attendance As- sistant 45 Intramurals 4. GEORGE E. NEARPASS- Travel Club 45 Art Crafts Club 35 Photography Club 3-4. 3: MARGARET NEATE-International Relations Club 45 Journalism Club 3-45 Junior Historical Society 35 National Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Quill and Scroll 45 Newspaper Staff 2-3, Managing Editor 45 Na- tional Honor Society 3-4. XDAN NEHRLING-Art Club 3-45 Gymnastics Club 45 Junior Spectacular 25 Fall Play 45 Gymnastics Team 45 Gold Key Award 45 Jamboree Musical 2-35 All School Art Show First Place 3. MARY E. NEILL-Review Typing Club 45 Stage Crew 35 Girls' Glee Club 3-45 Concert Band 2-35 In- dustrial Arts Assistant 3. DONNA F. NELSON-Booster Block 25 F.N.A. 3-45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Red Cross Club 45 Senior Girls' I.eague5 junior Spectacular Usher5 Scholastic Award 2, 4. MICHELE NOEL-Booster Block 25 Art Crafts Club 45 F.N.A. 35 Panther Athletic Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Scholastic Award 2-4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 -CAROL NORMAN-International Relations Club 3-45 enior Girls' League5 Attendance Assistant 2, 45 Junior pectacular 35 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Baton Corps 35 ntramurals 3-45 Junior Historical Society 4. THOMAS ORMAN. MIKE P. NORRIS-Art Club 45 Military istory Club 4. MICHAEL O'BRIAN-Chess Team 2-45 raphic Arts Service Club 3-45 Journalism Club 45 Intra- urals 2-4. IM OLIVE-Lettermen's Club 45 Student Council Alter- ate 35 Sophomore Class Councilg Reserve Football Team 2, arsity 3-45 Intramurals 2-4. if CHRISTINE OLSON- nternational Relations Club 3-45 Spanish Club 2-35 A Cap- ella Choir 35 Madrigals 45 Chorale 3-45 Library Assistant 5 Junior Spectacular 35 Concert Choir 2. SHARYEL RDELHEIDE. JAN ORME-Government Club 45 lothing Club 35 Comparative Religion Club 35 Scholastic ward 3-4. -5 JUDY ORR-F.T.A. President 3-45 Senior Girls' League lanning Boardg Scholastic Award 2-45 Senior Council 45 ounterpoints 3-45 A Cappella Choir 25 National Honor ociety 3-45 Jamboree Musical 3-4. INGRID E. OSTA- ENKO-International Relations Club 45 National Fo- ensics Club 2-35 Forensics Club 2-45 Girls' Glee Club 35 eginning Chess Club 45 Red Cross Club 45 Com- arative Religion Club 3-45 National Forensics League 2-4. ARTHA PACTOR. WANN PARTLOW-Folk Music lub 45 Senior Girls' League5 Bookstore Assistant 35 Junior pectacular 35 Senior Talent Show5 Senior Class Council Al- ernareg Concert Choir 25 A Cappella Choir 2-4. OHN PARTLOW-Boys' Glee Club 45 Panther Athletic lubg Junior Spectacular 2-35 Student Council Alternate 2-35 enior Class Council Alternate. 'F MARY PATTERSON- ostume Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Scholastic Award -45 Intramurals 2-45 G.A.A. 35 National Honor Society 3-45 unior Historical Society 45 Booster Block 2. if JEAN PAT- ON-International Relations Club 2-35 F.N.A. 2-35 Pan- her Athletic Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 Library Assistant , 45 Audio-Visual Assistant 35 Betty Crocker Future Home- aker of the Year 45 Junior Spectacular Usher 2-3. 5: KATHRYN PAUL-Review Typing Club 2-35 Costume lub 45 Girls' Industrial Arts 35 Panther Athletic Club 45 unior Historical Society 45 Senior Girls' League5 Library ssistant 2-35 Intramurals 2, 4- TEPHEN H. PAUL--Government Club 3-45 Debate lub 25 German Club 3-4, Program Chairman 35 Intra- urals 3-4. DIANE PAVY-Transfer from Hall High chool, Little Rock, Arl-:ansas5 International Relations Club 5 Panther Athletic Club 45 Junior Historical Society 45 enior Girls' League. RCI-IARLES PEARCE-Key Club -45 Junior Historical Society 45 Spanish Club 2-35 Library ssistant 35 Zoology Lab Assistant 45 Intramurals 2-35 Na- ional Merit Letter of Commendation5 Scholastic Award -4. X JAQUELIN PEARSON-Panther Athletic Club 45 rench Club 2-45 Comparative Religion Club 33 Senior irls' League 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Student Council Al- ernate 45 Junior Class Council Alternate5 Intramurals 2, 4. AT PEARSON-Journalism Club 2-35 F.T.A. 35 Senior irls' League. WWILLIAM PELSUE-Government Club resident 45 Folk Music Club 3-4, President 45 Counter- oints 2-45 Student Council 45 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Fall lay 3-45 National Merit Letter of Commendation5 Scholas- ic Award 2-4. 3' SUSAN PELTON-Booster Block 25 Cos- ume Club 45 Art Crafts Club 35 Panther Athletic Club 45 unior Historical Society 45 Senior Girls' League5 Attendance ssistant 3-45 Scholastic Award 2-4. GEORGE R. PEM- ERTON-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 45 Government Club 5 Drafting Club 3-4. ARBARA PENCE-Government Club 45 Panther Ath- etic Club 45 F.T.A. 35 Senior Girls' League5 Gym As- istant 3-45 Junior Spectacular5 Girls' Athletic Association 5 Intramurals 4. MARSHA PENCE--F.N.A. 3-45 Ger- nan Club 35 Red Cross Club 4. ik NANCY PENTECOST Intramurals 2-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Junior Spectacular5 enior Girls' League5 Junior Historical Society 45 F.T.A. 35 rench Club 35 Senior Talent Show. 'i' RICHARD S. EOPLES-Folk Music Club 3-45 German Club Vice-Presi- ent 35 Hall Monitor 45 Junior Spectacular 3-45 Scholastic ward 2-45 Music Men 3, President 45 Senior Talent Show5 arsity Football Team Manager 3-4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. I 14 SEN IORS NITA PERIL-Mid-Term Graduate. MIKE PERKINS- Lettermen's Club 45 Varsity Football Team 3-4. 'FTER REL PERKINS-Art Club 25 International Relations Cluh 45 Travel Club 35 F.B.L.A, 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junio: Spectacular 35 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Intra murals 4. PATSY DARLENE PERRY-Booster Block 2 Government Club 45 Travel Club 35 Art Crafts Club 3 F.B.L.A. 45 Foods Club 35 F.T.A. 45 Senior Girls' League. 5'MADELYN PERT-Junior Spectacular Coordinator Junior Prom Queen Candidate5 Scholastic Award 2-45 Stu dent Council 3, Secretary 45 Baton Corps 3-45 Nationa Honor Society 3-45 I. U. Honor Student to France5 Fal Festival Queen Candidate, KJAMES PETERSEN-Kei Club 45 Athletic Assistant 45 Concert Band 25 Symphonil Wind Ensemble 35 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Reservf Wrestling Team 2-3, Varsity 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Na tional Honor Society 3-4. 'K MARY PETTICREW-Dram: Club 2-3, Treasurer 45 French Club 2, 45 Attendance As sistant 45 Student Council 25 Junior Spectacular 2-35 Fal Play 3-45 Spring Play 35 Scholastic Award 2-3. SHAROIN PHILLIPS-Booster Block 25 Government Club 45 Foren sics Club 35 Drama Club 2-45 Junior Historical Society 4 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Fall Play 3 BEVERLY PICKARD-Review Typing Club 35 Interna tional Relations Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Girls' Glee Club5 Se 1 ior Girls' League5 Scholastic Award 2-33 Intramurals Q NANCY PICKETT-Booster Block 35 Review Typim Club 45 F.T.A. 35 Foods Club 45 Senior Girls' League5 At tendance Assistant 45 Guidance Assistant 25 Scholastic Aware 2-3. STEVE PICKLER. IRVING PINKUS-Forensic Club 2-45 Debate Club 2-3, Secretary 45 German Club 4 Senior Class Council5 Intramurals 2-45 National Forensic League 2-4. MIKE PITTENGER-Biology Club 35 Key Club 45 Grea Books Club 45 Senior Class Council Alternate5 Intramural 3-4. MARSHA PORTER-Geology Club 45 Panther Ath letic Club 45 Junior Historical Society 45 Senior Girl League5 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Art Club 3. DAIS POWELL-Government Club 45 Audio-Visual Club 2-3 Junior Historical Society 45 Audio-Visual Assistant 2-3 Language Lab Assistant 3-4. DAVID POWERS-Govern ment Club 45 Great Books Club 45 German Club 45 Athletir Assistant 45 Intramurals 2, 45 Varsity Gymnastics Team 4. ' JERRY PRESCOTT-F.B.L.A. 45 German Club 45 Lati guage Lab Assistant 35 Junior Spectacular 4. HILARH PRESENT-International Relations Club 35 Travel Clul 45 F.T,A. 25 Spanish Club 2-45 Senior Girls' League5 Schd lastic Award 2-4. MARK PREZIOSI-Electronics Club 3 Geology Club 45 Science Reading Club 35 Beginning Ches Club 45 Folk Music Club 3-45 Biology Lab Assistant 3-4 Intramurals 3-4. DAVID PRICE-Boys' Glee Club 45 Ar Crafts Club 45 Beginning Chess Club 33 Slide Rule Club 2 Advanced Chess Club 35 Latin Club 2. FJANE PRIEST-Slide Rule Club 45 French Club 3-4 Senior Girls' Leagueg Junior Spectacular 2-35 Senior Jam boree Modelg Student Council Alternate 35 Sophomor- Class Council Alternateg Intramurals 4. DAVID PROPS- Government Club 45 Military History Club 45 Intramural 4. EMA SUE QUERY-Review Typing Club 35 Food Club Vice-President 45 Concert Club 2-45 Poetry Club 4 WALTER QUIN-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 35 Beginninl Chess Club 2. MICHAEL JOHN RAMAKER-International Relation Club 45 Military History Club 2, 45 Advanced Chess Clu' 45 Orchestra 2-35 Intramurals 25 Orchestra Club 2-3. 5' JOAI' RARDON-Shakespeare Club Vice-President 35 Stage Crex 45 Latin Club 35 A Cappella Choir 45 Concert Band 2-3 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 45 Junior Spectacular Usher Scholastic Award 2. LORELEI RAYMOND-Travel Clu 45 Shakespeare Club 35 Beginning Typing Club 35 Lati Club 35 Scholastic Award 2-45 A Cappella Choir 35 Cor cert Choir 25 Girls' Ensemble 4. DEBORAH REBENACI -Booster Block 25 Concert Choir 2-45 State Music Cor rest 2-4. I Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 EONARD R. REEL-F.B.L.A. 45 Slide Rule Club 35 Let- rmen's Club 3-45 Student Council Alternate 45 Junior Class ouncil5 Sophomore Class Council5 Reserve Football Team -3, Varsity 45 Varsity Wrestling Team 3-4. 'lc ANN REEL Government Club 45 F.T.A. Secretary 45 Panther Athletic lub 45 French Club 35 Attendance Assistant 35 Junior pectacular 35 Senior Jamboree Model5 Student Council 2-3. -BECKI REINKING-Travel Club 45 Clothing Club 45 'oods Club 25 Red Cross Club 25 Senior Girls' League5 ome Ec. Assistant 45 A Cappella Choir 45 Concert Choir 3. INDA REINSCHREIBER-Booster Block 35 F.N.A. 45 irls' Industrial Arts Club 35 Foods Club 45 Red Cross Club 5 Senior Girls' League5 G.A.A. 3. LAN S. REISLER-Advanced Chess Club 3-4. STE- HEN R. RENFRO-Military History Club 45 German lub 35 Lettermen's Club 3-45 Varsity Basketball Team Man- ger 2-45 Intramurals 4. 44 SHARON RENSHAW-Senior lass Council Alternate5 Intramurals 45 Shakespeare Club ice-President 45 Foods Club 3-45 Junior Spectacular 35 enior Jamboree Model5 Zoology Assistant 2-35 General fhce Assistant 4. tk ERIC B. REUSS-Key Club 3-45 Let- rmen's Club 45 National Merit Letter of Commendation5 cholastic Award 2-45 Mu Alpha Theta 3-45 Junior Class ouncil5 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity 3-45 Intramurals -4. LINDA WASSON-International Relations Club 45 ..N.A. 45 Junior Historical Society 2-45 Senior Girls' -eague5 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Concert Choir 35 Mad- igals 45 Intramurals 2-3. XPAMELA S. RICE-F.B.L.A. '-45 Clothing Club 35 Girls' Glee Club 45 N.D.C.C. Rifle eam 2-35 Spanish Club 35 Business Education Assistant 45 Cappella Choir 35 Military Ball Queen Candidate 3. :JIM RILEY-Key Club 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Na- ional Merit Letter of Commendationg Scholastic Award 2-45 Eflu Alpha Theta 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Senior lass Council5 Intramurals 3. GREG RICH-Transfer rom East Leyden High School, Franklin Park, Illinois5 arsity Baseball Team 45 Concert Band 45 Air Space Club 5 Stage Crew 4. EITH RILEY-A Cappella Choir 2-45 Government Club .I5 F.B.L.A. 45 Drafting Club 3-4. KENT RILEY-Gow -rnment Club 45 Photography Club 3-45 Newspaper Staff hotographer 45 Yearbook Staff Photographer 3-4. GREG INEHART-International Relations Club 25 Travel Club 5 Shakespeare Club 45 Military History Club 45 Lettermen's lub 45 Intramurals 2-45 Varsity Track Team 2-4. PA- RICIA RINGWALT-Concert Choir 2-35 F.N.A. 2-45 irls' Glee Club 25 Senior Girls' League. 'MARILYN ROBERTS-Concert Band 2-35 Government lub 45 Clothing Club 45 F.T.A. 45 Latin Club 2-35 Senior irls' Leagueg Junior Spectacular Usher5 Scholastic Award -4. NOEL ROBERTSON-Travel Club 25 Drafting Club 35 Foods Club 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Intramurals 2. FATHY ROGERS-Student Council 45 Government Club 5 Clothing Club President 45 Foods Club President 45 'unior Historical Society 45 Senior Girls' League5 Student louncil Bookstore Assistant 4. LAWRENCE C. ROSE- NI.D.C.C. Battalion 25 International Relations Club 45 NI.D.C.C. Drill Team 25 Panther Athletic Club 45 Ad- Qalnced Chess Club 35 N.D.C.C. RiHe Team 25 Varsity restling Team 3-45 Intramurals 2-4. DARLENE ROSENBAUM--International Relations Club i5 F.B.L.A. 45 Senior Jamboree Model5 Scholastic Award 5-4. STEVEN ROTH--Reserve Baseball Team 25 Audio- Jisual Club 35 Beginning Chess Club 45 Photography Club S5 German Club 3-45 Latin Club 2. if SUSAN ROTH- government Club 45 Stage Crew 3-45 Journalism Club 45 french Club 45 Comparative Religion Club 45 National vlerit Scholarship Finalist5 Scholastic Award 3-45 Newspaper Stalf 4. GARY RUNCIMAN-Lettermen's Club 45 Var- ity Wrestling Team 2-4. APATTI ANN RYAN--International Relations Club 3-45 American Authors Club 45 Drama Club 45 Folk Music Club ig Senior Girls' Leagueg Junior Spectacular 4, Usher 35 Stu- llent Council Alternate 25 Athletic Assistant 3-4. STEVEN L. SALMAN-Electronics Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Audio-Visual :lub 4, Treasurer 35 Photography Club 35 Audio-Visual Assistant 3-45 Intramurals 3-4. YDON SALTER-Letter- nen's Club 45 Music Men 3, Business Manager 45 Student Iouncil 25 Junior Class Council5 Reserve Football Team 2, Varsity 3-45 Varsity Wrestling Team 35 Intramurals 2-35 lunior Spectacular 4. DAVID LAWRENCE SAMBERG- Advanced Chess Club 3-45 Intramurals 3-4. ' Other Activities Not Listed. SENIORS LEE SAMPSELL--Advanced Chess Club 45 Reserve Foot ball Team 25 Intramural 3. NANCY JANE SAX-Gov ernment Club 45 International Relations Club 25 Trave Club 25 Art Crafts Club 45 F.T.A. 3-45 Spanish Club 25 Sen ior Girls' League5 Student Council Alternate 2. CAROLYD SCHERRENS-Costume Club 45 Clothing Club 3-4 N.D.C.C. Rille Team 25 Senior Girls' League5 A Cappella Choir 35 Concert Choir 25 Madrigals 45 Military Ball Queer Candidate 2. KURTIS PACE SCHILLING-Internationa Relations Club 3-45 Drafting Club 25 Forensics Club 2 Spanish Club 2-45 Military History 45 Intramurals 3-4. 5' SUSAN SCHLEGEL-Government Club 45 Drama Clul 2-45 Senior Girls' League Board5 A Cappella Choir 2-35 Stu dent Council 2-35 Alternate 45 Senior Jamboree Fashioi Commentator5 Scholastic Award 2-45 National Honor So ciety. 3 PATRICIA SCHMINK-Booster Block 35 Frencl Club 35 Comparative Religion Club 45 Senior Girls' League Guidance Assistant 45 Junior Spectacular Usherg Scholas tic Award 2-45 Sophomore Council. JAMES J SCHNEIDER-Travel Club 45 Slide Rule Club 45 Latii Club 25 Concert Band 2-35 Pep Band 2-3. ROGEI SCHNEIDER-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 35 Governmen Club 45 Slide Rule Club 4. 'F SUE ELLEN SCI-IRADER-Clothing Club President 4 Biology Assistant 45 Newspaper Staff 3-45 National Hono Society 3-45 Quill and Scroll 45 Junior Spectacular 2-3 Drama Club 2-3. BARRY SCI-IUCHMAN-N.D.C.C. Bat talion 2-3, Company Commander 45 N.D.C.C. Rifle Tean 2-45 N.D.C.C. Drill Team 2-3, Drill Team Commander 4 Intramurals 3-4. SANDRA S. SCHUCHMAN-Interna tional Relations Club 35 Travel Club 3-45 F.N.A. 35 Frencl Club 45 Junior Historical Society 35 Student Council Book store Assistant 3. XRICHARD EUGENE SCHULTE- Panther Athletic Club President 45 Reserve Football Tean 2, Varsity 3, Captain 45 Reserve Track Team 2-3, Varsity 4 Intramurals 2-45 Junior Spectacular 45 Fall Sports Dance Kin, 45 Junior Council Alternate. :ii MARY CAROLYN SCHUETZ-Senior Class Councii Junior Spectacular Act Chairman5 Junior Prom Publicit Chairman5 Fall Play Publicity Chairman 45 National Thee pian Society 3-45 Senior Talent Show Coordinator5 Stag Crew 2-4. ALAN SCHWARTZ-Chess Team 35 Trave Club 45 Slide Rule Club 45 Advanced Chess Club 3-4 CHARLES EDWARD MOLDINLEY SCHWARZ- Boys' Glee Club 35 Travel Club 45 Folk Music Club 3-45 I Cappella Choir 2-35 International Folksing 4. 3' SHAROP SCOBEE-Junior Spectacular Usher5 Library Assistant 4 Bookstore Assistant 35 Girls' Glee Club 45 Beginning Typin, Club 25 Clothing Club Sergeant-at-Arms 4. KAREN ANN SCOTT-Scholastic Award 2-45 Folk Musi Club 45 E.T.A. 35 Senior Girls' League5 Biology Assistant 4 F.N.A. 3. CHUCK SEBALD-Drafting Club 25 Beginnin, Chess Club 35 Panther Athletic Club 45 Junior Historica Society 45 Spanish Club 2-35 Junior Spectacular 35 Reserv Track Team 2, 45 Intramurals 2-4. SCOTT SEBA5 TIAN-Spanish Club 2, President 45 Library Assistant 3 National Merit Scholarship Finalist5 Scholastic Award 2-4 Student Council 2-45 Great Books Club President 35 Na tional Honor Society Scholarship Finalistg National Hono Society 3-4. XGAE SEEBURGER-Scholastic Award 2-3 National Honor Society 3-45 Drama Club 25 Governmen Club 45 Art Crafts Club 35 Beginning Typing Club 35 Girl: Ensemble 35 Opera Club 3. 'FJAMES SEEDS-Pep Band 3-45 Concert Band 2-35 Sym phonic Wind Ensemble 45 Stage Crew 3-45 Science Readin, Club 35 Biology Club 45 Intramurals 3. XLARRY B. SI LIG-Audio-Visual Club 25 Band Assistant 45 Junior Spec tacular 2-45 Orchestra 3-45 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2-4 Pep Band 2, Student Director 3-45 Slide Rule Club 2. STEVI SELLMER-Varsity Cross Country Team 2-3, Captain 4 Varsity Track Team 2-45 Intramurals 2-45 Lettermerfs Clu 3-45 Junior Spectacular 45 Beginning Chess Club 35 Ches Team 35 Boys' Glee Club 4. 'lg VANITA MAE SELLMEI -N.D.C.C. Battalion Treasurer 3-45 Drama Club 2-4 N.D.C.C. Drill Team Sponsor 45 N.D.C.C. Assistant 45 Mil: tary Ball Queen Candidate 3-45 Fall Play 2-35 Nations Thespian Society 3, Secretary 4. JEFFREY SENECAL-Reserve Cross Country Team Z Intramurals 45 Military History Club 45 Junior Historica Society 3-4. GENE SHAFER. MARY ELIZABETI SHERMAN-Biology Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 3-45 F.T.A 35 Latin Club 2-35 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacula 35 Scholastic Award 2-4. JOHN F. SHOEMAKER-Gos ernment Club 3-45 Gymnastics Club 45 Shakespeare Club 3 Intramural Weightlifting 4. A Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 ERCEDES SHORT-Art Club 33 Art Crafts Club 43 holastic Award 2. SUE ELLEN SHUTTLEWORTH- rt Club 3-43 French Club 3-43 Junior Spectacular 3-43 A ppella Choir 23 Counterpoints 3-43 Scholastic Award 2-4. OBERT SIDEBOTTOM-Withdrawn. MIKE SINGER Travel Club 43 F.B.L.A. 43 Student Council Alternate 33 phomote Class Council3 Library Assistant 43 Intramurals 4. NANCY MAE SINGLETON-American Authors Club 4g Art Crafts Club 2-33 Journalism Club 3-43 F.T.A. 4g nior Girls' League 43 Concert Band 2-33 Symphonic Wind semble 43 Marching Band 2-4. STEVE SKELTON- oys' Glee Club 33 Travel Club 4. 3' ABBY SLATER- nior Spectacular 33 National Merit Letter of Commenda- HQ Quill and Scroll 3, President 43 Yearbook Staff 3, itor in Chief 43 Student Council 4, Alternate 23 Scholastic ward 2-43 National Honor Society 3-43 Theta Sigma Phi ward 4. SUSAN MARIE SLOANE-Review Typing lub 33 Travel Club 43 F.B.L.A. 3-43 Foods Club 33 Senior irls' League 43 Attendance Assistant 4. JEFF SLAUGHTER-Key Club 3-43 Art Crafts Club 33 ide Rule Club 43 Folk Music Club 33 National Honor ciety 3-43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Mu Alpha Theta 2-43 arsity Golf Team 2-4. ARTHUR SMALL-Gov- nment Club 3-43 International Relations Club 33 Mili- ry History Club 3-43 Varsity Track Team 3-43 Intramurals 4. 'F BEN SMALL-International Relations Club 33 Key lub 43 Military History Club 3-43 Physiology Lab Assistant 3 Junior Spectacular 33 Varsity Track Team 4g Intramurals 43 Weightlifting Club 4. HAROLD SMITH4Boys' In- strial Arts 43 Chefs' Club 3g Military History Club 33 anther Athletic Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 43 Folk usic Club 33 Intramurals 4. DITI-I E. SMITH-Government Club 43 F.B.L.A. 33 hakespeare Club 33 Library Assistant 43 Concert Band 2-33 irls' Athletic Association 3. 'F KAREN ANN SMITH- .B.L.A. 3-43 Gymnastics Club 2-33 Senior Girls' League3 ibrary Assistant 2-33 Junior Spectacular Usher3 Intramurals -33 Review Typing Club 33 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2. LUCINDA SMITH-F.T.A. Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 cholastic Award 2-43 Quill and Scroll 3-43 National Honor ociety 3-43 Newspaper Static Feature Editor 2, News Editor 3 Student Council 33 Senior Class Counci13 Junior Spectacu- r 3. MARILYN SMITH. AM E. SMITH--Review Typing Club 33 Biology Club 3 F.B.L.A. 43 Girls' Glee Club 33 Panther Athletic Club 3 Concert Choir 4. 3 RICHARD C. SMITH-Lettermen's lub 3-43 Gym Assistant 3g Varsity Football Team 3-43 eserve Cross Country Team 23 Varsity Track Team 2-43 ectional Contestant in I.U. Geometry Contest 23 Intra- urals 23 Folk Music Club 3. ROBERT W. SMITH- lectronics Club 3, Vice-President 43 History of Math Club 3 Spanish Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 3g Reserve Base- all Team 23 Intramurals 3-4. SAM M. SMITH-Boys' ndustrial Arts Club 2, 43 Audio-Visual Club 2-33 Intra- urals 4. JEFFREY H. SMULYAN-National Forensics League 43 unior Historical Society 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 43 Newspaper taff Sports Editor 2-33 Forensics Team 4g PEALS OF LIB- RTY Co-editor 4g Journalism Club 3-43 Government Club 3 Intramurals 2. :le SARAH SNEAD--Intramurals 43 Jun- r Spectacular Usher3 Reading Lab Assistant 43 Attendance ssistant 33 Senior Girls' League3 F.T.A. 43 Journalism Club 3 International Relations Club 3. CYNTHIA ELIZA- ETH SNOWDEN-International Relations Club 43 .N.A. 3-43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Latin Club 3-43 Senior irls' League3 Nurse's Assistant 33 Guidance Assistant 4. HOMAS SOLECKI-Yearbook Staff 3-43 Photography lub 3-43 Slide Rule Club 23 Journalism Club 33 Debate lub 4g Review Typing Club 4. 'PAMELA JO SOLLARS-Panther Athletic Club 43 ibrary Assistant 43 Student Council Alternate 33 Sophomore 'lass Council Alternate3 Reserve Cheerleader 3, Varsiey 43 earbook Staff 3, Picture Editor 43 Quill and Scroll 43 unior Spectacular 2-3. JOANNA MARIE SOTUS- 'ravel Club 43 F.N.A. 3-43 Drama Club 2g General Office ssistant 4. SANDRA A. SOUCHON-Costume Club 33 ravel Club 3-43 Senior Girls' League3 Junior Spectacular sherg Spring Play Costume Committee 3. STEVEN PILMAN-Government Club 43 Travel Club 33 Stage rew 4g Military History Club 43 Fall Play 43 Intramurals Other Activities Not Listed. SEN IORS MARCIA MARIE STACKHOUSE-French Club Pres dent 35 junior Spectacular 35 Quill and Scroll 3-45 New paper Stan' 35 Yearbook Staff 3-45 Student Council Alternai 2-35 Senior Class Council Alternate 4. MARJORIE ANll STANLEY-International Relations Club 35 Stage Cre Club 3-45 Girls' Glee Club 45 Great Books Club 35 Senit Girls' League5 National Merit Letter of Commendatioi Scholastic Award 2-45 Intramurals 3-4, THOMAS C STAPLES-Geology Club 3-45 Science Reading Club 1 Panther Athletic Club 45 Slide Rule Club 35 Chemistry Clul 35 Boys' Booster Block 3-4. WDALE ELLEN STARK Concert Choir 35 Counterpoints 45 Madrigals 35 Senior jan boree Model5 Bookstore Assistant 45 Attendance Assistant E Folk Music Club 3-45 Panther Athletic Club 4. XDAN STAUBER--Senior Class Council5 junior Cla: Council Vice-President5 Varsity Football Team 2-45 junic Prom King Candidate5 Duke Candidate5 Scholastic Awan 2-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Lettermen's Club 2-4, Sei retary 4. WILLIAM STECKELMANN-Governmer Club 45 Concert Band 25 Orchestra Treasurer 35 Symphon. Wind Ensemble 3-45 German Club 4. HQTHOMAS 1 STEINMEIER-Key Club 3-45 Reserve Track Team 3- National Honor Society 3-45 Triangle Club Award 2-35 M1 Alpha Theta 2-3, Vice-President 45 Scholastic Award 2- National Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Salutatoriai 'F SHERYL HOPE STERN-Government Club 45 Scholar tic Award 2-45 Quill and Scroll 3, Secretary 45 Yearbod Staff 3-4, Copy Editor 3, Production Manager 45 Nation: Honor Society 3-45 F.T.A. 2-45 Senior Girls' League. ' 'l' SUSAN E. STERNER-Counterpoints 45 Student Cour cil 3-45 Fall Musical 2-45 National Thespian Society 45 M Alpha Theta 2-35 Scholastic Award 2-45 junior Prom Ct Chairman5 National Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 1 'lf DION STEVENS-Counterpoints 45 Student Council A ternate 2, 45 junior Class Council5 Intramural Council 3-E Fall Musical 2-45 junior Prom King5 Duke of A.D. Dance5 junior Spectacular 3-4. MARGARET STEVEIY SON-American Authors Club 25 Forensics Club 3-45 Fooc Club 25 Senior Girls' League5 National Forensics League 1 VIDA STOSHITCH-Senior Girls' League5 Attendant Assistant 3-4. jOYCE STRANG-Booster Block 25 Review Typing Clu 35 Travel Club 45 F.N.A. 35 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 3 Senior Girls' League5 junior Spectacular 3. MICHAEE STRAPULOS-Travel Club 45 Beginning Typing Club 3 Slide Rule Club 45 Spanish Club 2. PAMELA STROLE1 International Relations Club 45 Concert Choir 25 junio Spectacular Usher5 Senior Girls' League5 Latin Club 3 F.T.A. 3-45 Girls' Ensemble 3-45 Fall Play Usher 3. DONN1 STUART-Review Typing Club 35 Government Club 3 Travel Club 45 F.B.L.A. 35 Clothing Club 45 Senior Girl! League5 junior Spectacular Usher. ' LARRY STULTZ-Key Club 45 Concert Band 2-35 Foll Music Club 45 Chemistry Assistant 45 Spring Play 35 Schc lastic Award 2-45 Stage Band 3-45 Marching Band 2-4 LAUREN E. STUMPF-Review Typing Club 25 Interna tional Relations Club 45 Travel Club 35 Concert Choir 2 Girls' Glee Club 3-45 History Assistant 35 Biology Assistan 45 Scholastic Award 2-4. DAVID A. STUTEVILLE- Government Club 45 Shakespeare Club 45 Great Books Clul 3-45 Reserve Baseball Team 25 Scholastic Award 2. jACI SUGARS-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 35 Chefs' Club 35 In tramutals 3-45 American Field Service Club 4. DAVE SUTTON-Travel Club 3-45 Student Council Al ternate 35 Intramurals 2-45 junior Spectacular 3. HSMARH V. SWEET-Student Council 2, Vice-President 45 junio Class Council Treasurer5 Scholastic Award 2-45 junior Pron Queen Candidate5 Duchess Candidate5 Reserve Cheerleade 2, Varsity 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Queen of 196- Track Relays 3. DANIEL L. SWIFT-Great Books Clul 35 Intramurals 3-45 'Varsity Tennis Team 3-45 Lettermen' Club 3-4. MIKE SVVINNEY-A Cappella Choir 2-35 Ar Crafts Club 45 Gymnastics Team 45 Military History Club 4 Folk Music Club 35 Spring Play 2-3. CASANDRA TAPLIN-Booster Block 35 Review Typing Club 35 Clothing Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 3-45 Red Cros Club 3-45 Senior Girls' League5 A Cappella Choir 45 junio Spectacular Usher. jOHN K. TAYLOR-Electronic Club 3, President 45 Audio-Visual Club 45 Slide Rulr Club 35 Library Assistant 35 Audio-Visual Assistant 4 Language Assistant 2-3. LINDA L. TAYLOR-Booste Block 2-35 F.B.L.A. 45 Foods Club 45 Senior Girls' League XLORRAINE TAYLOR-journalism Club 45 F.T.A. 3 Red Cross Club Vice-President 45 Spanish Club 35 Com parative Religion Club 35 Senior Girls' League5 Ofiice As sistant 4. 3 Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 UDITH ANN TEDROWE-Booster Block 23 Review yping Club 33 Government Club 43 F.B.L.A. 3-4. DON- LD F. TEEGUARDEN-Great Books Club 43 Letter- en's Club 43 Senior Class Council3 Junior Class Coun- il3 Basketball Team Manager 2-43 Scholastic Award 2. . KURT TEKOLSTE-Debate Club 2-33 Great Books lub 43 History of Math Club 43 Student Council 3-43 Na- ional Merit Scholarship Finalistg Scholastic Award 2-43 Mu lpha Theta 3-4. ik STEVE TERKHORN-Boys' Industrial rts 33 Chess Team 2-33 Advanced Chess Club 43 Student ouncil Alternate 33 National Merit Scholarship Finalist3 cholastic Award 2-43 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Indiana Univer- ity Achievement Program Bronze Medal in Latin I-II. ILSON TERRELL-Journalism Club 43 I.ettermen's lub 2-43 American Field Service 43 Varsity Cross Country eam 2-33 Varsity Basketball Team 2-43 Reserve Track eam 2. GAIL THEIS-Booster Block 33 F.B.I..A. 43 oods Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 English Assistant 43 unior Spectacular 4g Press Club 3. PATRICIA THOMAS American Authors Club 33 Stage Crew 3-43 Folk Music lub 43 Latin Club 23 Library Assistant 43 Junior Spectacu- ar 33 Scholastic Award 2-3. JOE THOMPSON-Science rojects Club 43 Art Crafts Club 43 Advanced Chess Club -4. IM THOMPSON-Transfer from Kemper Military chool, Boonville, Missouri3 Boys' Industrial Arts 43 Folk usic Club 4. SHIRLEY J. THOMPSON-Booster Block -33 Future Business Leaders 43 Girls' Industrial Arts Club 3 Senior Girls' League. CHARLES E. THOMSON JR.- tudent Council 23 Junior Class Council Alternateg Scholas- ic Award 2, 43 Library Assistant 23 American Field Service 3 Journalism Club 4. YBARBARA THORNBURG- iris' Industrial Arts Club 43 Journalism Club 33 Attendance ssistant 3-43 Scholastic Award 23 Student Council Alternate 3 Comparative Religion Club 33 Senior Girls' L68gUC3 merican Field Service 4. YNDA LEE THUING-Foods Club 43 Junior Spectacu- ar Usher. JOE TILFORD-Boys' Industrial Arts 43 Be- inning Chess Club 43 Lettermen's Club 43 Intramurals 43 arsity Golf Team 2-4. RANDY TITUS-Chess Team 3, resident 43 Advanced Chess Club 2-33 Senior Council Al- ernate3 Sophomore Council. CATHY TOMLINSON- ransfer from Bearden High School, Knoxville, TCHHCSSCCQ overnment Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Senior Girls' eague3 Scholastic Award 43 National Honor Society 4. OHN HOLT TOWNSEND-National Merit Letter of ornmendation3 Scholastic Award 43 Electronics Club Vice- resident 2, President 33 Government Club 3-43 History of ath Club 4. LOUIS TOWNSEND-Biology Club 43 cience Reading Club 43 History of Math Club 43 Concert and 2-33 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 43 Fall Play 4. DAVID J. TRASK-Folk Music Club 43 Junior Spectac- ular 43 Bell Ringers 43 Concert Band 2-33 Music Men 43 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Bronze Medal in Indiana University Achievement Contest, Latin II, 2. STEVE TRESER. JANIS TRUSTY-Booster Block 2-33 Geology Club 43 Stage Crew 43 Journalism Club 4. STEVE TRUSTY-Art Crafts Club 43 Graphic Arts Service Club 4. 2'MARSHA TUCKER-Senior Girls' League3 Attendance Assistant 33 International Relations Club 3-43 Concert Choir 2-33 Stu- dent Council 33 Senior Class Councilg Sophomore Class Counci13 Intramurals 3-4. PRESTON TUCHMAN-Elec tronics Club 43 Photography Club 3-43 A Cappella Choir 3-4. STEPHANIE TYLER. CHARLOTTE USHER-Senior Talent Showg Government Club 3-43 International Relations Club 33 Review Typing Club 33 Drama Club 43 F.T.A. 43 Spanish Club 2. 'lg ELIZABETH ANNE UVANNI- Junior Historical Society Historian 3, Secretary 43 Counter- points 43 Madrigals 33 Student Council 2, 43 Junior Spec- tacular 2, Act Chairman 33 Jamboree Musical 2-33 State Music Contest Gold Medal Winner 2-33 Junior Class Coun- cil. 'FCHARLES A. VALENTINE-National Honor So- ciety 3-43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Valedictorian3 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Advanced Chess Club 4g Marshal for Commence- ment Exercises 33 Bronze Medal in Indiana University Latin Contest 23 Key Club 4. 1' Other Activities Not Listed. SENIORS JOAN VANDORN-Withdrawn. PHILIP WILLIAIV VAN KERSEN-Chess Team 35 Stage Crew 45 Photog raphy Club 3, 45 Fall Musical 4. 'kNANCY VANSICKLI -Government Club 45 Military History Club 45 Junio Historical Society 3, 45 Senior Girls' League5 Art Assistan 45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Scholastic Art Awards. il' ALFREE VAUGHAN-Key Club 45 Science Reading Club Vic President 45 Military History Club 45 Junior Historical So ciety 3-45 Junior Class Council Alternateg Senior Class Coun cil Alternate5 Intramurals 3-45 Junior Spectacular 3. SANDRA SUE VICE-Biology Club 45 Review Typing Club 35 International Relations Club 35 Journalism Club 3 Junior Historical Society 45 Senior Girls' League5 Poetrj Club 45 Baton Corps 3-4. if SUSAN KAY VICE-Biologj Club 45 International Relations Club 35 Poetry Club Presi dent 45 Journalism Club 35 Junior Historical Society 45 Sen ior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacular Usher5 Baton Corps 4 GEORGE E. VICKERY III-Mu Alpha Theta 2-45 Na tional Merit Letter of Commendation5 National Honor So ciety 3-45 I.U. Math Contest Bronze Medal 25 Scholasti Award 2-45 Advanced Chess Club 45 Latin Club 35 Intra murals 2-4. 'FMARK VICKERY-Government Club 41 F.B.L.A, 45 Folk Music Club 3-45 A Cappella Choir 35 Conl cert Band 25 Counterpoints 45 Symphonic Wind Ensemblt 35 Fall Musical 3-4. GEORGE VOIVODAS-Government Club 45 Internal tional Relations Club 35 Science Reading Club 45 Military History Club 45 Photography Club 35 Junior Historical So ciety 3-45 Spanish Club 25 Intramurals 3-4. BRENT N' VORHIES-Boys' Industrial Arts Club 2, 35 Folk Musi- Club 35 Wrestling 2-45 Intramurals 2. WJOHN VORIS-l Government Club 45 Junior Historical Society 35 Letter- men's Club 45 Student Council Alternate 2-35 Cross Country 2-45 Track 2-45 Boys' State Representativeg Intramurals 2-4' if PENELOPE LOUISE WADLEIGH-Government Club 45 Shakespeare Club 45 Great Books Club 45 Junior Hisl totical Society 3-45 Comparative Religion Club 35 Audiol Visual Assistant 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Spring Play 2. X SUSIE WADLEIGH-Junior Historical Society 3, Vice? President 45 Drama Club 2-45 Student Council Alternate 45 Senior Jamboree Model5 National Merit Letter of Commen- dation5 National Honor Society 3-4. SARA JANE WAG- MAN-International Relations Club 2-35 Travel Club 3-4 Art Crafts Club 35 F.T.A. 25 Spanish Club 3-45 Senior Girls League5 Scholastic Award 2. 'F WENDY LOUISE WAIFI -Government Club 45 Great Books Club 45 Junior His- torical Society 3, Historian 45 Senior Girls' League5 Junior Spectacular 4, Act Chairman 35 Fall Play 2. SALLY ANIQUE WALL-Travel Club 45 F.T.A. 25 French Clul: 45 Junior Spectacular 3. 3BARBARA WALLACE--National Honor Society 3-4 Scholastic Award 2-45 Junior Spectacular 35 Madrigals 4 Senior Girls' League5 A Cappella Choir 2-35 Comparative Religion Club 3-45 Latin Club 4. 'EVIRGINIA WAL- SMITH-Junior Spectacular 3-45 Junior Prom Queer Candidate5 Duchess of A.D.D. Dance5 Track Princess 3 Reserve Cheerleader 25 Varsity 3-45 Student Council 2 Junior Class Council5 Senior Class Treasurer. LYNN PAUL WARBURTON-Transfer from Bloomfield Hills High School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan5 Concert Band 3: Orchestra 4. JANET N. WARD-N.D.C.C. Battalion 2-3 Sponsor 45 American Authors Club 35 Junior Historical So ciety 45 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-45 Seniors Girls' League: History Assistant 35 Military Ball Queen 3, ROSLYNN WARMAN-Junior Spectacular 2, Acn Chairman 35 International Relations Club 3-45 Senior Girls League5 Intramurals 3-45 Panther Athletic Club 45 Gym Assistant 35 General Oilice Assistant 4. il' MARCIA WAT- KINS-Junior Spectacular 3-45 Scholastic Award 2-45 Baton Corps 2-35 Sophomore Class Council5 Counterpoints 3-4: National Honor Society 3-45 Fall Musical 2-4. ROBYN WEAVER. 'E BARBARA ANN WEEKS-Booster Block 45 Review Typing Club 35 A Chappella Choir 3-45 Concert Choir 25 Foods Club 45 F.T.A. 45 Girls' Ensemble 2, 45 Fall Musical 3-4. 'F DAVE WEEKS-Lettermen's Club 2-45 Stage Band 3-45 Sophomore Class Council Alternate5 Junior Spectacular 33 Symphonic Wind Ensemble5 Reserve Cross Country Team 25 Varsity Basketball Team 2-4. 'KJACK WEIGLE-Dramz Club 45 Folk Music Club 45 German Club 33 Junior Spec- tacular 35 Fall Play 45 Spring Play 45 Reserve Wrestling Team 2. PETER WEISZ-Photography Club 35 Folk Music Club 3-45 Scholastic Award 2. LARRY WESNER-Stage Crew 3-45 Audio-Visual Club 2-35 Graphic Arts Service Club 45 Junior Spectacular 35 Printing Assistant 4. Y Other Activities Not Listed. CLASS OF 1965 ANDACE DORN-Senior Girls' League? Athletic As- stant 5-43 junior Spectacular Usher3 Art Club 5, Vice- resident 4g Girls' Glee Club 5-4. JON K. WEST-Boys' dustrial Arts Club 53 Electronics Club 55 Reserve Wrest- ng Team 23 Advanced Chess Club 4g Scholastic Award 2-43 ational Honor Society 5-4. MARILYN WEST-Booster lock 2-53 Travel Club 4g Gymnastics Club 53 A Cappella hoir 5-43 Concert Choir 23 Junior Historical Society 43 nior Girls' League. HORACE HOWARD WHITAKER Air Space Club Vice-President 43 Art Crafts Club 43 Be- 'nning Chess Club 4g Slide Rule Club 2. NNIFER L. WHITE-Booster Block 23 Art Club 53 eology Club 43 Panther Athletic Club 43 F.T.A. 5-43 Span- h Club 53 Senior Girls' League. RICK WITTINGTON Travel Club 43 Counterpoints 2-43 Student Council 5-4, lternate 23 Reserve Baseball Team 2, Varsity 5-43 Military istory Club 53 Lettermen's Club 5-43 Junior Spectacular 53 all Play 2-4. JUDITH WIGGAM-International Rela- ons Club 53 Senior Class Councilg Junior Class Council Al- rnateg Baton Corps 5-43 Panther Athletic Club 43 Senior irls' Leagueg Book Store Assistant 43 Scholastic Award 5-4. PENNY SUE WILEY-Panther Athletic Club 43 French lub 2-43 Senior Girls' League3 Junior Spectacular 5-43 Sen- r Jamboree Model3 Quill and Scroll 5-43 Yearbook Staff 5. OM WILEY-Geology Club 53 Travel Club 53 Varsity rack Team 5-43 Intramurals 53 American Field Service lub 4. KAY DALENE WILHOITE--International Re- tions Club 43 Sophomore Class Council Alternate3 Panther thletic Club 43 Senior Girls' League3 American Field Serv- e Club 43 G.A.A. 5. LINDA WILKINS-Booster Block 3 Concert Choir 2-53 Girls' Glee Club 23 Red Cross Club 2. MARY BETH WILLIAMS-Senior Girls' Leagueg jun- r Spectacular 5-43 A Cappella Choir 43 Concert Choir 23 adrigals 53 Senior Class Council Alternateg Scholastic ward 2-43 Mu Alpha Theta 5-4. ROBERTON WILLIAMS-National Honor Society -43 National Forensics League 43 Mu Alpha Theta 5, resident 43 Scholastic Award 5-43 National Merit Scholar- ip Finalist 43 Reserve Cross Country Team 43 Reserve rack Team 53 Intramurals 4. ROBERT WILLIAMS- tudent Council Alternate 2-53 Reserve Baseball Team 2, arsity 5-43 Intramurals 2-43 Military History Club 5-43 ettermen's Club 43 Junior Spectacular 5. SANDY WIL- IAMS-Booster Block 2-53 Review Typing Club 4. CRAIG ILSON-Great Books Club 43 Advanced Chess Club 53 hemisrry Assistant 43 Intramurals 2-33 National Merit Let- r of Commendation 4. ORD WILSON-Military History Club 43 Art Crafts lub 43 Athletic Assistant 4. 'FMARCIA WILSON-A appella Choir 43 Student Council 5, Alternate 43 Sopho- ore Class Council Alternateg Baton Corps 2-43 Junior ectacular 53 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Scholastic Award 2-4. BARBARA WOHLGEMUTH-Yearbook Staff 53 Quill d Scroll 3-43 Scholastic Award 2-43 Senior Jamboree odel3 junior Spectacular Act Chairman3 Senior Class ouncil Alternateg junior Class Councilg French Club 5-43 ice-President 5. WGRETCHEN WOLFLA-National orensics League 2-53 Scholasitc Award 2-53 Junior Spec- cular 43 American Authors Club 43 Forensics Club 23 Art rafts Club 53 Debate Team 2. ENNETH WOLLENHAUPT-Booster Block 4g Elec- 'onics Club 53 Intramurals 2-4. CAROL WOOD-Travel lub 5-43 A Cappella Choir 2-43 Concert Choir 23 Folk usic Club 5. RALPH WOOD-Withdrawn. BRUCE OODARD-N.D.C.C. Battalion 3g N.D.C.C. Drill Team 3 N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 5. ORMAN WOODARD-N.D.C.C. Battalion 2-43 Stage rew Club 43 N.D.C.C. Drill Team 5-4. GARY WRIGHT Aquarium Club 43 Geology Club 53 Science Projects Club 3 Concert Band 2-53 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 43 Science eading Club 53 German Club 4. LESLEY WRIGHT- orensics Club 2-43 Drama Club 2-43 Senior Girls' League3 ealth Clinic Assistant 53 junior Spectacular 53 Spring Play 3 Scholastic Award 23 Intramurals 4. MARY KATHRYN RIGHT-National Honor Society 53 Scholastic Award -43 Marching Band 2-43 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 5-43 oncert Band 23 Senior Girls' League3 F.T.A. 43 Govern- ent Club 4. Other Activities Not Listed. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS- Front Row: D. Boone, J. DeRaismes, S. Roth, C. Mason, K. Messenger, J. Coleman, S. Sterner, C. Clay, C. Mc- Manama. Second Row: D. Kiser, S. Sebastian, C. Valen- PATRICIA WRIGHT-Booster Block 5, F.N.A. 4, Pan ther Athletic Club 4, F.T.A. 2, Senior Girls' League, Chem istry Assistant 4, Intramurals 2. XSHELLY AND WRIGHT-National Honor Society 5-4, Baton Corps 2-4 Scholastic Award 2-4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, National Meri Letter of Commendation, Senior Girls' League, Senior Clas, Council, Student Council 2. 'I' DOROTHY YENNI- Booster Block 2-5, Library Assistant 2, Attendance Assistan 5-4, Scholastic Award 2-4, Mu Alpha Theta 5-4, Intramural: 2, Costume Club 4, Panther Athletic Club 4. :"ROBER'lI L. YOUNG-Boys' Glee Club 5-4, Panther Athletic Clul 4, Folk Music Club 5, Junior Spectacular 2-53 Senior Jam boree Model 4, Student Council Alternate 2, Reserve Foot ball Team 2, Reserve Track Team 5. ANNA MAE YOUNT-Intramurals 2, Booster Block 2-5 Senior Girls' League. CAROL ZEAGER-Travel Club 5 journalism Club 2, Junior Historical Society 5-4, Senio. Girls' League, Cadet Choir 5. is CAROL ZELL-Nationa Honor Society 5-4, Scholastic Award 2-4, National Meri Letter of Commendation, Junior Spectacular Usher 2, Girls Ensemble 5-4, Student Council Alternate 2, Senior Girls League, Great Books Club 4. VIRGINIA MAE ZESSIN- Costume Club 5, Travel Club 4, Foods Club 5, Junior Spec tacular Usher, Fall Play 5, Girls' Ensemble 5-4, A Cappell: Choir 2. l JOANN ZILSON-Booster Block 2, Costume Club 4 Travel Club 5, E.T.A. 5, French Club 2, Girls' Glee Club 4 Senior Girls' League, F.N.A. 4. 5'PAMEI.A ZILSON4 Reading Lab Assistant 4, Senior Girls' League, E.T.A. 5 Girls' Glee Club 4, F.N.A. 4, Art Crafts Club 5, Trave Club 5, Costume Club 4. 5' EDWARD ZIMMERMAN- National Honor Society 5-4, Scholastic Award 2-4, Nationa Forensics League 4, Junior Spectacular 4, Student Council 4 Folk Music Club 4, Debate Team 4, Key Club 4. XJAIS ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN-Bookstore Assistant 4, At tendance Assistant 4, Senior Jamboree Model, Sophomort Class Council, Government Club 4, Gymnastics Club 5 Senior Girls' League, Cadet Choir 2. SUSAN LEE ZOOK-Latin Club 2-5, Consul 4, Scholastit Award 2-4, Junior Spectacular Usher, Concert Band 2-5 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4, Great Books Club 4, Amer ican Authors Club 5, Intramurals 4. tine, T. Steinmeier, P. Kafoure, G. Ault, D. Jacobs, D. Kasserman. Third Row: S. Terkhorn, R. Levin, S. Engle- hart, Brazier, R. Williains, K. TeKolste, D. Carden. Not pictured: Margaret Neate. 150 Prom, Spectacular, class rings fill junior year juniors, Kemp Shafer and Pam Roberts, admire the first class rings to have round settings. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Lynn Eckel, jill Jackson, Molly Garrett, Karen Williams, Julie Priest, Carla Barnard, Sue Wagman, Sandi Whitaker, and Gunda Luken. Second Row: Bonnie Lindquist, Barb Cummings, Rhonda Hardin, Karen Kelly, Karen Swanson, Janie Hendricks, Marcia Raber, Sally Appel, Elaine Storey, Lisa Sanders, and The class of 1966 opened their junior year with the prospect of many activities awaiting them. First was the election of officers. After listening to speeches by the candidates, juniors cast their ballots electing Rick Wittenbraker as president, Tommy Thompson, vice-president, Karen Williams, secretary, and Chris Slaughter, treasurer. The selection of class rings was the next order of business. Class Council members, during an after school meeting, chose a ring with a round black stone. Plans for the Junior Spectacular were begun in October. Jill Jackson and Dave Martin, student co- ordinators, were aided by the class council commit- tees. Rehearsals after school and on weekends often lasted late into the night. The class closed the year with the traditional junior Prom held at the Indiana Roof. The theme, i'Moonlight on the Mississippif was perhaps a sub- conscious reference to Huckleberry Finn, the book all juniors are required to read for English. Beth Grosskopf. Third Row: Carl Rhodes, Ken Karsh, Rick Boyd, Bernard O'Koon, Dave Martin, Steve Butz, Robert Thompson, and Leon Fink. Fourth Row: Ted Wood, Randy Clark, Chris Slaughter, Rick Wittenbraker, Bill Skelton, Mark Miller, Bob Davidson, and Kenneth Patton, who is sponsor of the junior Class. 151 Vigorous campaigning accompanies elections Mike Berger will work with Leon Fink as the new officers of the Student Council for next year. Mike became vice- president in an election that brought out a record vote. 'un 'C""',v M , junior Class Officers are Karen Williams, secretary Tom my Thompson, vice-president Rick Wittenbraker pre-si dentg Chris Slaughter, treasurer Susan Cassada was one of many campaigners during the Student Council elections ,,-Wg, ' ni:-1 . , 5 ,--v --' , . .. J """' , A 3::i,,.:,, -f-si-me Q i ...-- ji: -I Q, 5:5 550.459 .1 5 :45 gg 5 tg -f 4-21 iff A 4' . ' ' 5 " -:bz V - 3: , ' 5 ' - ,, -'ei 3' i3"lifI "" ..Z'I ' 91 - ggi 'I' ,.,.. H ' ., , 5 is "' 52 5 .Q "fig if V Q, f A f 4' .. .-.. ,Qi -, .gf -W 5, 5 ,M sl 9 if l 2' 4 3, S nga! A F Y CLASS OF 1966 Gerald Adams, John Adams, Sharon Adler, Donna Agnew, Lynne Aikman, Janet Albertson, john Alexander, Cynthia Alig, Anna Jane Allen Stephen Allen, Donna Amos, Karen Amos, Susan Anderson, Timothy Anderson, Yvonne An- derson, Stephen Andrews, Rickey Anweiler, Sally Appel Michael Arbogast, David Ar- buckle, John Ashton, David At- kins, Martha Ault, Marsha Austen, Raymond Avels, Peggy Bachmann, Jon Bailey Karen Baldridge, David Bald- win, Douglas Baldwin, Michael Ballard, Linda Barbarick, Wil- liam Barclay, Carla Barnard, Gary Baugh, Ronald Baum Susan Baumer, Mike Baun, Val Beasley, Barbara Beavers, Jack Beeson, Christopher Beghtel, Rae Beilach, William Beineke, Karen Bellamy Steven Benham, Shirley Benja- min, Michael Berger, Sherri Berling, Sally Berning, Gregory Biddle, james Bird, Diana Bish- op, james Blakley William Blankertz, Erika Blaskie- wicz, David Blickenstaif, Marjery Blieden, Thomas Boardman, Ste- phen Boger, Anne Boleman, Da- vid Boos, Carl Bose Perri Bottoms, Thomas Bowen, David Bowman, Larry Bowman, Richard Boyd, Stephen Brandt, Carol Braund, Robert Breedlove, Dwane Brewer Richard Brickson, Shirley Brit- ton, John Brody, Carl Brooks, Robert Brown, William Brunelle, john Buckner, Jeffery Bugbee, Joel Bunch Kathryn Burgess, Sharon Bur- gess, Jane Burroughs, Thomas Busch, Ann Buschmann, William Buschmann, Stephen Butz, Mar- gery Cahn, Daniel Caine jamie Campbell, Thomas Camp- bell, Deborah Cantor, Deborah Canull, Alan Carlson, William Carlson, Claire Carr, Jody Car- rier, Martha Carrington Rosemary Carrington, Lorraine Carroll, john Carrott, Patty Car- ter, John Case, Susan Cassada, Stephen Cast, Margaret Chase, David Chavis JUNIORS Sara Chenoweth, David Cher- nin, Katherine Childress, Linda Claeson, Susan CIHPP, Betty Clark, Lois Clark, Phillip Clark, Randall Clark Sue Clayton, Terry Clayton, Re- becca Cloyd, Robert Clutter, Jean Coale, Jane Coats, Linda COE- man, Richard Coffman, Barry Cohen Zac Cohen, Merrie Cohn, Charles Colby, David Cole, Christine Conrad, Carole Conway, Linda Cooper, Susan Cooper, Judith Copenhaver Tobi Coraz, Thomas Corbett, Da- vid Corbin, Susan Cornett, Thomas Cory, Andrew Cosner, Nicholette Couse, Stephen Cox, Barbara Crandall John Cranfill, Jay Crannell, Jeff Crawford, Douglas Cregor, Kath- leen Crocker, David Crowe, Bruce Cruickshank, Doug Cru- zan, Barbara Cummings Nancy Cummings, Henry Cun- ningham, Patricia Curry, Donald Daniel, William Daniels, Robert Davidson, james Davis, Michael Davis, Susan Deckman Diane Deerwester, Glen Deer- wester, Harold Deich, Vaughn Delong, Lawrence Deshano, Ma- ria Diaz, jelfery Dice, Susan Dickey, Sharon Dietz Mary Kay Dirks, Brian Dixon, Marjorie Dodd, Dan Domont, Lawrence Domont, Ronald Don- nelly, Deborah Donovan, Law- rence Dorfman, Janice Doriot Bobbi Dorman, Larry Dorsch, Robert Dottenwhy, Daniel Dun- can, Donna Dunn, Michael Dunn, Ruth Dunne, Stephanie Dunn, Patricia Dyer Pamela Dyke, Susan Dykema, Lynn Eckel, John Eddy, Nancy Edwards, Barbara Ehrgott, Donna Eichlin, Richard Eilert, Pamela Elder Andrew Ellis, Deborah Ellis, Madelaine Ellis, Jon Elzey, Elliot Engel, Emily Engel, William En- gelman, Cynthia England, Ste- phen Enkema Donna Ennis, Paul Erdey, Carole Ervin, John Esmon, Kathleen Evarts, Doris Everett, Thomas Faessler, Llyndall Fagg, Alyson Faircloth CLASS OF 1966 Vicki Farmer, Richard Fatout, julie Faucett, Gary Featherston, Ferris Ferdon, James Ferguson, Donald Fields, Ronald Fine, jac- queline Fink Leon Fink, Gary Fisch, Marlin Fisher, Scott Fisher, Karen Fitch, Melissa Flack, Elizabeth Flickin- ger, Stephen Foe, Gertrude Fogle Andrea Foust, Stephen Ford, Ma- ria Fowler, Brenda Fox, Gary Fox, james Frankenberger, Thomas Fraser, David Frauman, Paul Frayer Pamela Freeman, George Freije, Virginia Frey, Terry Fulroth, Grant Gaalema, Robert Gailard, Kenneth Gallinger, Virginia Gal- vin, Frederick Gamble Valerie Garbrecht, Gary Gardner, Molly Garrett, Stephen Garrett, Sandra Garritson, Jennifer Getz, Linda Gillies, Marcia Giniger, Roberta Glanzman Jane Glasser, Michael Glasser, Ricky Goecker, Ben Goldfarb, Christine Goldman, Richard Goldstein, Richard Goldstein, Todd Goldstein, Hebert Goller Mason Goodman, Michael Gor- rell, John Gould, Kathryn Graff, Stephen Grant, Susan Grant, Ann Gray, Johnny Gray, Stephen Great Eric Green, Rebecca Green, jonathan Greenberg, Carol Greene, jennifer Griffin, Thomas Gronau, Elsbeth Grosskopf, Ruby Grover, Keith Guetschow Patti Gyarmati, Michael Hackett, Martha Haerle, Marilyn Haggard, Nancy Haine, Teresa Hale, Diana Hall, Richard Hall, Roberta Hall Mary Halloran, Betty Hancock, Martha Handley, Ronald Hand- ziak, Stephen Hardy, Deborah Hargan, Richard Harlan, Mim Harris, Steven Harris Susan Harrison, Kathy Hart, Rosa Hart, Judy Harvey, Ellen Haskitt, Diane Haun, Michael Hawley, Michael Heady, Robert Hebert William Heeter, jane Hendricks, Carol Hene, Patricia Henn, Pa- tricia Henry, James Heppner, Cynthia Herman, Michael Hern- don, Steven Herron . ,r ,fha . ' ' ' f. " , f , X f 'i ' 4 f . fx, A Sk? .7 X a-, ' Y W, f IE? K -r M 'vu , " ff' '-f 2 r, ' ' :iii "" -' fe - v f Y' f a ' r fx: 1 Q v ez, ff 1 A fa , W' 1- ' 4 " 4 V E wx' . 4 , A K t if ' , v, 4 V4 K . i,4q,f , '4, 5: ,L , ,fa bw-fy , .L 4 w g- 4, '4 if 1' ,if iff ' ' , it 4 it 4 J , 4 p 4 fl? 2 3 we X37 f Q ' 1 3, i A ,A4'L -ff -'ff as, fr, fu- , , , , fn , ,ch VLA C C 2 1 1,-, D - if ,-. , . 1, 1 , t ,aw 'Z , ,. 'r-c' K or A 1 ..--v- , ,. " '-A- J V, L Z lf gli ,:'.'P Q x " j, , ez, fy:-, 2 4" 4 r 5 , , --.,, . - if ' ' Qfv- . if . A All ., -.,,, 4 -4 '..,. . , 4 4272. . V, V if 4 ,af 44 'K , ' 'rw aa iii . i L J L f"A L Q1 at 2 , A Wg' ' , 1 ,. L ' 32. f , is I -af , , i li v . 44 ' 4 , 1 V 4 , , 4, Q .a Wee , , X, 1 rl' , , .M f , ,g 5 1 .4 ?f f'tf' f'i'i if in i f ff if -V ...fa if-Q, ,, W A 4 1, 4 V' C a l ff bank le 2 nr A ,Z Q '53 rf if 5 2, .77'f"'W"" M4 A - ga' . 55 1 My - a fm " , it ,sf , ,ara , -, ff, ,..V' Y , , .V I4 l, - ,- af, V rf' V I f ,,., . ' ' Y nf: .. - - . .2-sag, 1,413 ,4., , 5 'v Y. f , -,,, , E, Q r ga "Qf:5 f ,3'p :ff ,. ' ' rf , , ff ' ' -, " ' ' Q ' F ,, ' -51. . 1- . ,,,. it , ' Q Aqff 2 , ff' la ' ares :L , L f 42? Lia ' ' Za .V '1 ' "" 'Y ' ll' . m e , I ft, , .f, 4 ' 4, 4 af f t afea Z, , in 4, 4 A Z4 4 4 V.GV, 45. A .L W 4 , v y , 4, , 4, f . 4,4 , .. ,, -W-4, Q: V f- L , JUNIORS Nancy Hibbard, Robert Hibler, Duncan Highmark, Mary Hill, Stephen Himes, Donna Hinkle, Cynthia Hinkley, Jill Hirschman, Jack Hittle Robby Hochman, Dianne Hocker, William Hoehn, Richard Hohlt, Cecily Holbrook, Eugene Hol- lander, Kathleen Holmes, Ste- phen Holt, Vinton Horine Stevan Horning, Bill Horton, Bruce Hotte, Michael Hoyt, Pat- ty Huffaker, Diane Huffman, Cynthia Hull, Linda Hull, John Hult Noel Humphreys, Linda Hunter, Mary Hunter, Nancy Humter, Thomas Hutsell, Frederick Iles, Ronald Izsak, Dan Jackson, Dor- is Jackson Jill Jackson, Robert Jackson, Ste- phen Jackson, Burt Jacobs, Mich- ael Jacobson, Robert Jahnke, Jean James, Catherine Janes, Gregory Jarvis Geoffrey Jay, Philip Jenkins, Judy Jennings, Catherine Johns, Marjorie Johns, Craig Johnson, David Johnson, John Johnston, Diatra Jones Karen Jones, Mark Jones, Judith Jordan, John Kabat, Steven Ka- foure, Kenneth Karsh, Shirley Karst, Barrie Katz, Kathleen Kearns Lynne Keene, Stephen Keller, Karen Kelly, Daniel Kempton, Katherine Kendrick, Mary Beth Kepner, Kenton Kerns, Ronald Kieper, Norman Kinney Karen Kinsey, Richard Kiovsky, Candace Kirkwood, Peter Kirles, William Kirtley, Gail Klein, Steve Klingenberger, Mary Lou Koch, Michelle Koplow Randy Kreizenbeck, Dale Krom- roy, Linda Kuhlmann, Carolyn Kuhn, Willis Kuhn, Susan Kusz- maul, Dorothy Lamar, Patricia Lammert, John Lane Betty Langley, Janet Lannerd, Carol Lash, James Latimer, Chris Laughner, Patricia Laurie, Brenda Lawson, Roger Lawton, William Lee Susan Leif, Joseph Leffel, Kathy Lehr, James Leland, Charles Len- glade, Suzanne Lesh, Aaron Leve, Gail Levine, Janet Levinsky CLASS OF 1966 Thomas Ley, Richard Lillie, Georgianna Lilly, Timothy Lin- coln, Richard Linderman, Bon- nie Lindquist, Stephen Lirten, john Livingston, Sharon Lock- wood Marsha Long, Michael Longden, Rebecca Longest, Danny Lowe, Edward Lucius, Mary Lucius, Pam Ludingron, Gunda Luken, Judith Lynn James MacMullin, Patricia Ma- dry, Ethel Malin, Charlene Ma- lofsky, David Maltzman, Michael Mandara, Kathleen Mantel, Eric Mann, Mary Lou Manzie Rodney Marcum, Edward Marcus, Robert Marr, Judith Marshall, David Martin, Jan Martin, Kath- erine Marrin, Kim Martin, Mich- ael Martin Tomalene Martin, Mary Lou Ma- son, Pamela Massena, Phyllis Matekunas, Daveen Maurer, jan- ice Maus, Dorian Mayfield, Don- ald McAllister, Anna McBride Timothy McClenny, Linda Mc- Collum, Bonnie McDowell, Stu- art McFarland, Michael McHenry, David McKown, Mary McManis, John Meadows, Andrea Meditch Dennis Medjesky, Frederick Me- whinney, Beverly Meyers, Doro- thy Miller, Gordon Miller, Jack Miller, James Miller, jerry Mil- ler, Mark Miller Marsha Miller, Deborah Minney, Linda Minnich, Douglas Mit- chell, Roberta Mix, Nancy Mock- ler, David Mohlman, Karen Mommer, Molly Moon Herschel Moore, Sandra Moore, Dennis Morehead, Gary Morlock, Linda Morton, Nancy Moss, Kar- en Mount, William Murphy, john Nall Rebecca Nearpass, Beverly Nel- son, Nancy Neumeier, Robert Newman, Susan Nice, Stephanie Nicely, Gregory Nicoloff, Susan Niehaus, George Niemann Steven Nisenbaum, Jeffery Noel, Linda Noel, Richard Noland, Barbara Nolte, Harry Noon, Dan Oberholtzer, Mary O'Connor, Patricia Oclander Nancy O'Haver, Bernard O'Koon, Max O'Guinn, William Olsen, Robert Olsen, Cecelia Ostrom, James Overbey, Stephen Paige, Anne Palmer a ,., , . , , , ,V . ,,,, , , . ,L .. V, V , ,, ., ,... rw ,. ,, , '- - ,. V I V - " Q t , gg, V :V if .V 2 Vx ' V ' . if "" if W 2sV2..V,12: . . ahah " "Fx, 'A 'T ,EV T 'Va V,jjijj " i ' ' ' 'L r :W 'V' ' ' ' . VV. W W g", , , ,311 F, "" 1 gif-,V 5 , ' ,g V V, s ,, A V .?1V ff 7713 'f,' if 4 , 'l iff- V ,' 'VSV K iw V , 2 "V'V Li 9 V 17 7 ' T ' W4 .. La is ' R , ,' ' " A 'V ?5W39 " WfefW V es 'Y . , M V T V 4, V Q WY, It . . ,V ,VYVVYV V VVVAVV VV VVVV -QV , .. V, . , V K, V VVV , , V, A Al ,, , Vrkk 4 ML, ,, V VV AV .. ' 4' ' V . ., f '2:, VW I:'. .- V' N 'U ' H if . J" L ,, --PA V , V 'Z ' VN V A V Q- fb., V- V. - ,V ,VV V go' V V? .V - ,Q , - 3 e ' ' ' , g.,q V, .g,.::',Vg, ff ' '3 , VV, Ve, ,. . ,,ffg,,, . ,.j, V, " -, , '4 'bf , gr, f ,V ' M2653 V H at A A , ,, Q , " ' V 2 V ' .6 f V, V' V 22 , V V an ,, Q V , .V Vgfjf ff ' ,V,:,..V',,, , V -V V, . ,. " ff: ,,.,,,, V . ., . , ..,. V, V f i ' - V t ' I P g"' it -V 1 P ' ., . ' V ' V . V ..V , ' P .. . 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LT :QV V ' " M 'Vic' f El' " 1 F' 'V a rms, ' , Vf, is WV fer' eff ' , V, 'az 158 JUNIORS Carla Pardieck, Frederic Parker, Richard Parker, Becky Parris, jane Parrish, Nancy Paton, Peg- gy Patterson, Gary Patton, Pam- ela Paul Ronald Pearson, Michael Peeler, Harold Pendleton, Jacqueline Perkins, David Peters, Donn Pe- ters, William Petty Robert Payne, Cheryl Pedlow, Lu Ann Phariss, Deborah Phil- lips, Timothy Phillips, Barbara Philyaw, Angeline Pickett, Nan- cy Pippen, Donald Pittman, Da- vid Poon, Stephen Porter Catherine Presnoples, jean Priest, Julia Priest, Steven Pruitt, John Pylat, Robert Pyle, Leah Quinn, Frances Raber, Marcia Raber Rory Rabin, Gustin Raikos, Pam- eal Raikos, Linda Rankin, Philip Ransom, William Rath, David Ratts, John Rau, jimmy Ray Sally Reid, Peter Reilly, Henry Reiser, David Reising, Ian Rey- nolds, Stewart Reynolds, Carl Rhodes, Edgar Rhodes, Sara Rhodes Steven Rhodes, Stuart Rhodes, Thomas Rhodes, Bruce Richards, Mark Richardson, Lois Rieke, Mary Riggs, Timothy Riley David Risdon Robert Roache, Susan Roberson, Glenn Roberts, Pamela Roberts, Nathalie Robinson, Robert Rol- lings, Frances Roth, Charles Rothwell, Darlene Rothwell. Robert Roundtree, jennifer Routt, Peggy Roy, Diane Rubenstein, Jerome Rubenstein, Lee Runci- man, Deloris Russell, Frank Rus- sell, Dennis Ryan Harvey Sacks, Barbara Saddler, Thomas Sampsell, janet Samuel- son, Lisa Sanders, joe Sandy, Candice Schaeffer, Melanie Schaf- er, Bonnie Schaller Gerard Schmitt, Howard Schuif, Yvonne Schutte, Sonya Schwartz, Myron Seulean, Jill Sexson, Lin- da Shackelford, Barbara Shafer, Kemp Shafer Linda Shands, Steve Shane, Thomas Shelton, Cheryl Shepard, Gordon Sherk, Vales ka S hort, Cynthia Shuba, Li nd a S h u ey, Susan Shultz CLASS OF 1966 William Siegrist, Christina Sim- mons, Bess Simon, Nadine Simp- son, Fred Sipe, Bill Skelton, Pa- tricia Skinner, Jon Slaughter, Ruth Slaughter Mary Small, Carolyn Smith, Cheryl Smith, Crystal Smith, David Smith, Joe Smith, Judith Smith, Marjorie Smith, Robert Smith Stephen Smith, Ted Smith, Theo- dore Smith, Cynthia Smock, Terry Snider, Theretha Snow, Barbara Sommer, Susan Sparrenberger, Mark Sprecher Steven Springer, Susan Srader, Patricia Stalker, Linda Stamp, Vicky Stanley, Linda Starr, Karen Stein, Sandra Stephenson, Judy Stern Harry Stevens, Roger Stickle, Nan Stifiler, Jan Stock, John Stocks- dale, Cheryl Stokes, Michael Stokes, Elaine Story, Jennifer Stout Danny Strauss, Linda Suggs, Har- very Sullivan, Roger Svendsen, Karen Swanson, Nancy Swenson, Pamela Symons, Stephen Tales- nick, Deborah Taylor Jane Teixler, James Terrell, Me- linda Teter, William Teuton, Stephanie Thiesing, Duane Thomas, Jill Thomas, John Thomas, Karen Thomas Richard Thomas, Dale Thomp- son, Dan Thompson, David Thompson, John Thompson, Martha Thompson, Michael Thompson, Robert Thompson, Paula Thrun William Tindall, Richard Todd, Susan Townsend, Joe Traugott, Teresa Trieb, John Tzucker, David Urbain, Andrew Uvanni, Madeline Vanatsdale Gary Vanarsdol, Dianah Vaprin, Diane Vavul, Richard Verplank, Susan Vinton, Ruth Vollrath, Arthur Wadsworth, Judith Wag- ner, Linda Wagnon Vicky Waldner, Julia Walker, Keith Walkup, Linda Wallberg, Marguerite Waller, Elizabeth Walter, Candice Walters, Janyce Walz, Steven Ward Brad Warren, Stuart Waugh, Jean Weakley, Michael Weaver, David Weigel, James Weigel, Regina Weissman, Norman Wells, Patricia Werner Liga. fa!" i ...f 'T t 1 1 . ,... . , J S I I I ISMIII I 1. ,I IM :gil , II I I,,I:I,,.IIII ,I ., I I .I W 372. an E' I, -I ffv, 51 "1Q,,IiI WIKI II : 1 I I ' it fy f' , I I 3 ,, III . rf , II IIIIIT II I I II I I I III ..,,. ,I I , :.. , I, r , 5 ' ' " W" .. 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I 6 Q A C . . t. W L .,-', W 4 Elm., . 5, -V ii K - :lr . ' 'fyf- :Ig ii' "I 5 , ilvig? l V ' W , . L V,MM, Y il it , 3: ..',:.A: L V ,gif H .,, 31 ' : L if ,I V-.:s,:: .g:.. , lkllz' .E A M 7 -' J L . Q14 'W Q ft i -' "5 5 "5 f V HD . U if: v.', -I f 1 5, kx .-"' t ' ,'.k f , ix 'li i '-" Z 5 XY ig? ..,,. Ak H X X in K M L 1 ,gs ,:' .fra if 160 JUNIORS Linda Wesselman, Candice West, Susan West, David Westbrook, Linda Whalen, Sandra Whitakre, Richard White, Stephen White, jan Whitlock. Curtis Wichman, Dan Wilkerson, Pepper Wilhoite, Kathy Willey, Jacqueline Williams, Karen Sue Williams. Michael Williams, Michael T. Williams, Larry Will- man. Carolyn L. Wilson, John Wilson, Kirk Wilsted, Norman Wiseman, Rick L. Wittenbraker, M olly Lynn Woerner, Martha Wolf, Ed- ward M. Wood, james Wood. Roger Woodard, Lee Ann Wrege, Michael Wright, Laurie Wright, Douglas Youtsey, Barbara Ann Zilfrin, Roberta Zimmerman, Mildred Zimmerman. A "Nuit d'Amour" theme gave sophomores a chance to use ingenuity in decoration for the Valentine Dance. North Central's Student Center takes on a holiday air each Christmas when the sophomores decorate a tree. Finding the transition from junior to senior high easy, the youngest members of the North Central stu- dent body enthusiastically joined in school activities. Early in the fall, sophomores chose their council representatives who planned class projects. Shortly afterwards, the council held its first meeting and elected Mark Dinwiddie, chairmang Tom Witten- braker, vice-chairman, and Kathy Grady, secretary- treasurer. Traditionally, Christmas meant selecting and dec- orating an all-school tree. New unbreakable decora- tions were added to those accumulated previously. As February approached, the council began plans for an all-school Valentine dance, "Nuit D'Amour." A small replica of the Eiffel Tower was constructed to add to the atmosphere of a French cafe setting. The class of '67 found opportunities for growth in knowledge and maturity in a new environment. Old friendships were cultivated and new acquaint- ances made as they began their three year journey to graduation. Sophomore class officers are Tom Wfittenbraker, vice-chair- mang Kathy Grady, recorder, Mark Dinwiddie, chairman. Sophomores engage in traditional projects SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Barb Le- land, Cathy Steeg, jo jenkins, Jennifer Elliot, Judy Nisen- baum, Kathy Grady, Ellen Cohen, and Bonnie Samms. Second Row: Connie Plzak, Shelley Hollis, Debbie War- man, Liz Baum, Kathy Bingham, Laura Metzger, Sally 't Hartman, and Kathy Mahanay. Third Row: jim Thomson, Pat Brown, Bob Owens, Howard Backer, Al Fasola, joe Murphy, and Mike Riesen. Fourth Row: Richard Meek, sponsor, Larry Dawson, Tom Wittenbraker, Jeff Klein, Mark Dinwiddie, Bud Vance, Bob Shook, and Tony Green. l6l N5 ,J V QA 5 are AA ,,, ,, , - A A ,A, , . - im V- , i', '5 B , L,, ' , A. af, . ,,,, A, , ,, ' Hifi' 4 , , it f. .... ' . 223.11 . " lg. wiv ' "" N sf-we A X' . V at 'M Y Aa, 1 A ,gn 'bt-1'ffV A:::.., ,, if "S-V ,V gc :A ra l? 'K s , gy, f.?ll1,, Vt' AA X ., -V t , , -3, -3, ff if? A ,af E ' ' ' ,gg--V ' A T, ,...,. X 5 1 I.: I it A g gg il in -1 . ,, A' ' A ,, ia E A A A ' A. 1 ' ., ff VI M , , , ,, 1 Q-" ' - fi -vig: 5' V A4 5,?,Ajg , , V .:- as 2 ' Y "3 -N, ' t 'Af if ' mt l, WT' A ' A 'fy F' . . M i A , t V 'QQ f 'ff if A A r N V S 'ra-I J ,,, 4 ,. i , an 1, , ' T WE' A . ' 22 -5 ' ,gf .-, 5- M a 1 , Q, h" LV , V 115 I 'V V A ., A f ' gift L,',' i I . if - . ,. ,, A I3 il A ' ' 7 f. 47 Q . 5 -1-,T A A '- " ,L V p ' 552' v A - 5 i t A . 1 J .,.,A A CAJV f A ' A -W f-1 2 4V f - , W, av- M 1 ,- - -2 , - - AZ we -nf- ,N V- - , if aa- :J A - 1 - 56 li: . , A V fa ,W A ,. 1,53 4",,,wa-f, . A, M I V y .,., .:::-wi: fs. it 5 t ' is 'Y W .Vai-i w ..,, A 5 . f' xzl A i 1 Q.: V A - A A V f- -A 1 T ,, V gg, k H 1 1, Y M- my I-E, . . 4.5 ,Vi a V A. s , fy ti A- , , , fig fs, . ---- ,. 3 ,..,, ,:V,, W 'L 11 x -eff ff f:--, -2 'LQ A ,A , t 35:1 1 F I, , ,.-1 ll V3 51 K. 'V MV ,M 1 ,. - " U , 56-4-53 i f ..,,,,, f ' t . l - ' .,.., . , if Q ,V 1' 'A - , , 3 W f""- A fl Af A A . A , TFEV V -ya - , , ,V Q , -1 tr, ,MM V , .. . I , - , ,W-I ., . .. . . A 2238, A' A .,., AAA' V , -W V V , A J Av . A jf.. A i in ' ,??2V""'f 45 59, , 'pf' 4 fga, ,riff -fi.. 4? 'Fe A 5- . ig 'gy Y WN 'iii 'U -1' i , 2 5 , , ,f , 45: :A is V2 V ' 2 J VA ., , si:-V I .... , Q ,, A,, V , In I V . Q-5 -Ei 'f in-i'lf, A A 'fl' 'S 'i A 'P i ' A ga '32 . f yt .A ,Vg Af lr - :jx ar E I V , A, - W xr Af - -A Q - ".,: ..,. . , , L ,Ha , 4 ,r Q V, J ,V H Q , t aa 'A WV ' ., A , ' A , 1w1'if,Qwf,Z- ',',f'i, ' ,ik V V V , - 2 N, V V A jf, . xg, ,D X, is E 2 , -t X gg, s, . t ff ' iw. a , . wsf3iv ,23's,-SAY. 162 SOPHOMORES Barbara Aase, Robert Abrams, Joyce Adams, Martha Adams, Mary Adams, Wayne Adams, Carla Agnew, Georgeann Alar, Tom Albershardt Leslie Alig, David, Allen, Mary Allen, Linda Ambroz, Sally Am- merman, David Anderson, Aric Andresen, Ronald Andrews, As- rrida Antons Nancy Arbuckle, Joey Ardelean, Tony Armold, Michael Arnold, Howard Arshop, Theresa Arter- berry, Christopher Ashly, Edith Atkins, Kathy Ault Mike Aycock, Howard Backer, David Baker, Laurence Baker, Marianne Bancroft, Emmett Ban- dy, Leeta Barber, Van Bareither, Christian Barnes Nancy Barnes, Anne Bauer, Elaine Bauer, Barbara Baumeis- ter, Bruce Baun, Susan Bea, Ron- ald Beatty, Cheryl Behrendt, Richard Belcher Gayle Belky, Gary Benjamin, Betty Bennett, Robert Bennett, Janice Bergman, Michael Berko- witz, William Berling, Steven Berning, Seth Bernstein, Mary Berry, Ronald Berry, Kath- ryn Bingham, James Blackwell, Albert Blake, Paulette Blakes, Jeffrey Block, Sheldon Bluestein, Thomas Bly Jane Boals, Frank Bodwell, Clau- dia Bohard, Juanita Bolin, Alan Bolotin, Jeanne Boman, Beverly Booton, Michael Bowers, Stephen Bowman Barbara Boyer, William Boyer, William Bracken, Kay Braden, Jo Ellen Bradley, Cheryl Branche, Beth Brandt, Judith Braun, Da- nelle Brause Tom Bream, Diane Briede, Wil- liam Bright, Ward Britt, Helene Brodey, Michael Brokaw, James Bromley, Charles Brown, Harry Brown Karen Brown, Merrill Brown, Patrick Brown, S u sa n B row n, David Browning, Jared Bryan, Rebecca Bryant, Wanda Buckley, Lynn Buddenbaum John Bumps, Cynthia Burger, George Burgess, Andrea Burrus, Susan Burton, Stephen Busch- mann, Andrea Bushong, Dale Butler, Ann Butz CLASS OF 1967 Carol Butz, Richard Byrd, James Cady, Nancy Callier, Marilyn Campbell, Claudia Cannon, The- resa Carr, Richard Carrott, Judy Carson Judith Carter, Philip Cashen, Kay Casley, Carolyn Cassada, Linda Cassell, Linda Caswell, David Chambers, Bill Charles, Roger Christenson Stephen Christie, Richard Clark, Philip Claypool, Cheryl Cloncs, David Coates, Lory Cohan, Ellen Cohen, Steven Cohen, Kelin Colby Daniel Cole, Bruce Connan, Jack Conner, Timothy Connolly, Ste- phen Cook, Beth Cooper, Sandra Corwin, Jo Anne Cory, Laura Cosby Susan Coulter, Lynda Coupland, Gary Cowley, Stephen Cox, Michael Cranhll, Jay Creveling, Glenn Cripe, Carolyn Croft, Eliz- abeth Crowder Stephen Crum, Virgil Cullison, Richard Culp, James Cunning- ham, Kathleen Cunningham, Karen Cure, Roger Curry, Shar- on Danby, Mitchell Daniels Joe Daugherty, Deborah Davis, Jay Davis, Susan Davis, Dorothy Davis, Gregory Dawe, Larry Dawson, Glenn Dearing, George Deckman Gail Deerwester, Theodore De- lang, Steven Delott, Frederick Dennerline, Beverly De Raismes, Delbert Detmer, John Dimit, Mark Dinwiddie, Robert Din- widdie David Distel, Lawrence Dlort, Linda Dodd, Ralph Dodson, Lin- da Donovan, James Doran, Mel- vin Doty, Alice Dove, Rodney Duhm Elizabeth Dundas, Co nstance Dunivan, Cheryl Dunlap, Deb- orah Dunn, Gordon Dunne, Judith Dwyer, Delvan Dye, Ste- phen Dye, Carl Dykema Lyman Eaton, Thomas Eby, Mari- beth Echard, Betty Echols, Gail Eden, Richard Efthim, Gail Eger, Cylinda Ehmer, Cornelia Eht- hardt Deirdre Elder, James Elfrank, Jennifer E. Elliott, Jennifer M. Elliott, Patricia Elliott, David Ellis, Holly Ellison, Kip Elste, Richard Elston V Aa V if 1 i- AA A ' X -. V A' 5 V- A - , V - ' AA AA 1 r ' A ' V ,A,,: ZVV, AV V , A ,V A , , , A L V A ,V, VV V ff" ' 'iii' A , FH -Z1 rr-AA if A V - s ' A V f 'f ' ' ,V A- A V L ' V 457 AA G" A -A A.: 4V A112 ' Q, " 7j,' ,,,,, 'ji ,, , QW it " A. 3 ,, ,A .f,i?7f 'T AA A " 1 ' V -- V A VQVVVZVV! F VVVV AA ,H V A: .Vi V -, 1 ,V ,A V - . - 9 W , g ""fa:5A,A wg AA -- B " .. A ' 2 - ' A "MW ' ii, 5 ' i X - l 5. 'T ff Z, .ct .,.. HMAfcjgV,5fJ,Q'L'A',f-"' 'V "Y "'ggixAVW'7" ' A F ', ' t ,EZ A ' U A as ,A A V it AAAA V , 'A ,, A AV AA A VV '- V A, , A. , Aa, AA A, ,-,WA V ,, A ,A - .A fra - . V V aa? V+? :V H 7'-AA Af. U' -' :S ,rf ,ff ' 'Ve ' A 'iff A ' f f - Y , QA V "W ' 1-A 4 ws -V 'ii' " K - -f 2 li V 555 r?iAi3 V ,A 'Al - V -4? V A ' 1 - f"'NA A A ----- AA A A ' ' 1 -, A A if ' 'vw 2A,A:ftA :VA:t1,A 1- 553 l 511 A1 1 5 ' ' A - 1 - -VVV ' 'A ' - ' V, - V 2-,if -'eff-5 A' 1 f -- V A - V ' - L" ' -A' l " L 1 A - -A EQ 5 s ' ' SA A ' ' ' i 'Al L i' L 'T??'l ' L' A ' -S ' '53 ,V,,, - AV . A .A, ,aw 2 A, A V ,, V, Ai V A , A ' Aww QA N V- V- - - - V--tt , f -, V , 4 AA -5, 5 pf AM AA: V V -A w A - A V ,? A ,n i V V gf , - " ' A ' ' 'A W A Y' 4 ' f - A Q "Sf A1 " , X AA - a i X "' AA- A --V 1 ' 7? ,QA "i:.,A-. AA , f f " 1 Ll .V ' 'W I A if Vt A AV ay if ' ,T a -'A A ' A xc 1- jf- ,A A, -A, '-.,, A, ' if -Aa A ' fx' '- - t Va, f az-1:5551-A-A 5 A - tm Q A , ,121 A, 1 -J - V , , mf A - A - V f A V V V 'WQQJQ' A ' A X' -- Z AV 5 A A ' A '-:V1 AA A: ' AV 'f A , A ' ' 2 5 : f A "' AV " V A -' 1 . A 5 ' r A' 1 A Af- QA,-H A , 1, 31, , V jeg, V - V-A s ' A. ,A -Az, , V V VA VV JAVV QPAAA A A V, , V A ,,, 4 -z 'V VAQV, V: - it .A , - ,fx ,A -- VV 'I pi n if RA "3 Y, " A 'L Ya V Q ' -fy i Q- ' i J Wi - is -f-.Amis V 'it " 9 ', ,A'7 :'i A- .A A, A AA A,-an-5:,,,,, A - A A V 4 as Ag,,, WA A WA, L - V- V l A ' A- AAAA F 5A ,VQA AA :V .,.- A, ' fggif nflgzfif e "" A--Ci' A' qc A. A, X A Hi AA '1' it 1 ' ' "IL A ., -.-. A Af fx, " A .2' .' AA A W, ,,AA ,,,. A A V , A VAIAA P, ,A AAAAAA, V A, , ' Q -' - Vf A, , f 421 1 A-A -za -Au, 3 -,-- ,MWQH -r --V- asia? V V , M 'W -rgsaagr :H-Q ,, .1 f- A V'-A ' " iii Q ? a22zi Af A- -f1:A:Af-ft, A IAA - iii, A EE, if " ., '5,'7?5f I .,:A'AA .ix il-. ' J: - 3 " -1:-I"i-AA: ' 'l-" 5' sf 1 -' 'F 2 3 VZ? ' ' - ' "4 1' 1- ,LW A: fz?gVV 1' nA -:" ', ' A .A K ,A H K V-,:sA- ' 9,34-Y -,, '- - Q A A V AA A V VV VQV "'Y 'FE ' 7' 'i A V "L V'-"V-" '22fr13i 1' '7 'ffuizt ' ' Z5 A 55? . 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V ' A' -A 'A V A A +1 ' ai -"- ' A 4- V ' 'Q A 2, -aww - 5 M -A,-1 Ami V-i - , V, A V 1 1 164 SOPHOMORES Susan Emrich, Pamela Engel, Charles Evans, Kristin Evans Donna Everett, Linda Ewell, Aven Faessler, Edward Faris, Al- fred Fasola s Jeanine Fathman, JoAnn Fehsen- feld, Barbara Fiesel, Dale Fink, Chris Fischesser, Kathleen Fisher, Maureen Flannery, Harry Flynn, Norman Fogle julia Fokken, Paul Ford, Penny Fortune, Jack Foster, Lonnie Fowler, Charles Fox, Mark Fox, Richard Fox, Rae Ellen Frank Beverly Franklin, Evelyn Franko- vitz, David Frayer, Philip Fra- zier, Barry Fritsch, Scott Frit- schle, Steve Fruits, Gloria Furze, Susan Gangstad Kenna Garner, Kenneth George, Kathryn Gibson, Martha Gierke, Beverly Gilleff, Douglas Gilles- pie, David Giltner, David Glanz- man, Steven Glass Kim Goldenstein, Mike Gold- smith, Jimmy Goldstein, Nancy Goodbar, Daniel Goodman, Ste- phen Goodwin, Sherry Goslin, Stephanie Gradolf, Kathleen Grady Richard Grady, Theresa Grady, Lorel Grae, Craig Grant, Ronald Grant, Tommy Graves, Anthony Green, Cheryl Green, Barbara Greenberg Thomas Greene, Richard Grif- fith, Karen Gruber, Martin Guin- ther, Beverly Gust, Douglas Gwyn, Merribeth Habegger, Philip Haberman, joan Habig Susan Hackett, Donna Hagaman, Edwin Haines, Alan Hale, Doug Hale, John Halloran, Mary Ham- ilton, Jeffery Hampshire, Linda Haniton Leslie Harger, Frederick Harris, Kemp Harshman, Sharon Hart- ley, Sally Hartman, Theresa Hartsock, Mack Haselwood, Paul Haskitt, Linda Hasler Nancy Hatfield, Lynn Hauss, Louis Havely, JoAnn Hawkins, Susan Hay, joseph H a y mo n d, Linda Hedrick, Sandra Helier, Robert Helms Michael Henderson, Larry Hen- dricks, Sandra Hendrickson, Bar- bara Hepburn, Della Herrick, Janet Herrick, Robert Hiatt, james Hickey, Marc Hilton CLASS OF 1967 Gary Hinderliter, Michael Hixon, Diana Hoffman, William Hoff- man, Steven Hoffmann, Theodore Holland, Tony Hollibaugh, Shel- ly Hollis, Alison Holloway Carol Holmes, Lee Holsworth, Thomas Holsworth, Jill Hooker, Claudia Horn, Michael Horner, David Houck, Randall Hough, Kenneth Howard John Hubert, David Huffman, Dennis Huffman, Diana Hunter, Dorothy Hunter, Marabeth Ice, Ann Irwin, Linda Jacks, Gregg Jackson Judi Jackson, Bruce Jacobson, Paula Jarvis, James Jeffery, Rob- ert Jeffrey, Robert Jeffries, Rus- sell Jehs, Jo Ellen Jenkins, Sally Jensen Susan Jensen, Rose Jewell, Linda Jewett, Janis Johnson, Kimberly Johnson, Mark Johnson, Cheri Jones, Louise Jones, Michael Jones Stephen Jones, Wesley Jones, Linda Jordan, Michael Kafoure, Caryl Kahn, Patricia Kammeraad, James Kamplain, Ann Kandrac, Michael Karagozian Kris Kavanaugh, Celeste Keel, Warren Keiner, Brad Keller, Beth Kelley, Thomas Kelley, Cynthia Kemper, Donald Kern, Richard Kern Kathy Ketzel, Robert Killion, Dana Kincaid, Randall Kitter- man, Katharine Kivett, Jeff Klein, Michael Klepfer, Sally Kline, Linda Klingeman Ronald Knapp, Kenneth Knue, Gerald Koplos, Karen Krause, Ellen Krieger, Deborah Krueger, Karen Krueger, Jane Kubilis, Jeffrey Kuhn Penny Kunz, Donna La Mar, Bar- bara Lamison, Jeanne Lancet, William Lancet, Donald Land, Dona Lane, Thomas Lane, Lee Langlotz Charles Larason, Charles Larman, Joan Lawton, Mary Lawton, Jon- athon Layton, Karen Leander, Cynthia Lee, Steven Lee, Sue Leg- getr Janette Lehr, Barbara Leland, John Lenon, Susan Leopold, Jay Lerman, Marcia Light, Howard Lilley, Janice Lindell, Sally Lin- den SOPHOMORES David Linn, Kathleen Little, Nancy Lockwood, William Loe- per, Joseph Logsdon, Ann Londe, Phillip Love, Carl Lowensohn, Sandra Lowry Karen Loyen, Thomas Lucas, Eckhard Luken, Dennis Lynch, Jack Lynn, Bruce Mac Allister, Gregory Maclennan, Barbara MacMullin, Stephen Magel Kathleen Mahanay, Stephen Ma- honey, Lynn Main, Michael Ma- jor, Sheila Mangrum, Daniel Marks, Anthony Marra, Robert Marschke, Michael Martindill Terry Mashaw, Candace Mather, Judy Mathews, Bonnie Maurer, Juliana Maxwell, Michael Max- well, Gary Mayer, John McAloon, Linda McArthur Deborah McBride, June McClan- ahan, Raymond McClanahan, Maxie McClard, Donald Mc- Comb, Paul McCord, Craig Mc- Gaughey, Patricia McGlasson, Joe McGowan Susan McKenzie, Mary McKin- ney, Nancy McManis, Charles McNeeley, James McNew, Nan- cy Mees, Mary Meginnis, Sarah Messenger, Laura Metzger Leslie Meyers, Chris Michael, Robert Miles, Cynthia Miller, Jeffery Miller, Theresa Miller, Georganne Miner, Mike Mitchell, Willie Mitchell Wanda Mock, Christine Moench, Linda Mogg, John Monser, Stephanie Montgomery, Stephanie Moore, Susan Moore, Yolanda Moore, Alinda Moos Terry Morgan, Diane Morris, Janice Morton, Sandra Moser, Linda Mullinix, Lewis Mumford, Earl Murphy, Joseph Murphy, Robert Murphy Don Myers, Paul Nefouse, Kevin Nelson, Robert Newbury, Lynda Nicholas, John Nichols, Jeffrey Nichols, Rosemary Nichols, Pam- ala Nickels Sandra Nickleson, Christopher Nigh, Judy Nisenbaum, Christo- pher Nolte, Barbara Norlin, Nancy Norman, Nancy Norman, Shirley Norman, Frederick Nowl- ing. Mike Oberlin, Steve Oberreich, Marcus O'Brien, Michael O'Brien, Rachel Ochs, Ralph Odell, Con- nie Ogden, Connie Ogden, Karen O'Kane CLASS OF 1967 Debbie Oliver, David Orr, Ar- lette Orton, Judith Osborn, Sue Otto, Lynda Overman, Robert Owens, Stephanie Owens, ,Ion Pactor Terrell Pagel, Jean Palmour, An- thony Pappas, Thomas Parr, Michael Parrinello, Laura Parrish, Sylvia Partlowe, Sherry Patton, Sandra Paul Hubert Peavy, Gregory Peirce, Tom Pelton, Robert Penno, Ter- ry Pepple, Robert Perkins, Sally Perkins, Larry Perry, Stephanie Perry Sharon Peters, Jeffery Petticrew, Steve Pferd, Susan Phelps, Mar- garet Pickard, Jane Pigg, Loraine Pinkett, Constance Plzak, Kim Poer Priscilla Polk, Charles Posvar, Robert Potter, Gary Prah, Bar- bara Preuss, Richard Pruyn, Thomas Pruyn, Robert Pryor, john Puscheck Cynthia Pyle, James Quillin, Jef- frey Quinto, Janet Rader, Cher- ry Ramaker, Louellen Ramey, Robert Ramige, Constance Ram- sey, David Ray Harry Ray, Larry Reddick, Brad- ley Reed, Clarence Reed, Mary Rehkemper, Carolyn Reichel, james Reid, Todd Reifers, Gary Reinschreiber Christa Reiser, Kay Renauto, Deborah Renfro, Kenneth Ren- ner, David Reynolds, Pamela Rich, Robert Richardson, Arlene Ricketts, Michael Riesen Michael Riley, Stephen Road- house, Peggy Robbins, Deborah Roberts, Diana Roberts, Tresshi Roberts, Shari Robertson, Brad Robinette, Scott Rogers Susan Rogers, Danny Rohn, Deb- bie Rohrmann, Michael Roman, Cheryl Roth, Linda Roth, Beverly Rothwell, Dennis Rubenstein, Nicholas Rudman Charles Russell, Dee Russell, Steven Russo, David Rust, Larry Sablosky, Karen Saddler, George Salge, William Salisbury, Cindy Samberg Bonita Samms, George Sander- son, Wendy Sandler, Edward Schaub, Marc Schenkman, Theo- dore Schilling, Jeffrey Schlichter, Rebecca Schnell, Jay Schuff k- get - , . a S Q og, S 'Wy , 'S P ass' , X S as RSP s R K r x 'gf 1 , i ,sg,Qj,vP - P ,,,.. Q s in R , vis , r 'Y 5 5? P isr, 5 4, ,Q . 3 :rf - 1 fr , . 4- .W -- r, .ss- Xa OXQQ it 1,-r -arse: P-no -7: - . P . P r 'P P- 'V -V sz 1'r,,5.,f.E. V as P 1 k . , .rxqikr i A! AH,,X gi , r . as - O .t P Q a re s riffs -I i n ' sf? P i t P , P P 3 Q 53: -rg , I3 C., -5 ggi , ' ' Q at R an r gl. X X X X s r ...N .Q ,CP , - N s. X5 X , Nr sr . 1 P e g Q x l -me , W A. Q1 .-,M .,PP,f.,- X ass r 1 r-1 P s or c , P ' A P Q fl- Q -j P- . -- WP S -P s sw . , , Pssssss- s - . , t, ' 'W f R P X Q yiii: or ve ' ' is flops, s - i " ' ' ' il Sei-its A 'bis X f r. 3-ii3!525, 15-Ei FP fs 2 ' ' ' ' "" Ter., . P " " r , . rt, . - '-we ' N.,- :rs-ass. : - Q: rs X P P -as-my-S, ,, -V -P t QQ - Q : N , . ,W ,,,. . a gg r t . ,.... ,. , . . - -- basis., 4. , . . X , an ,Qu . M r N X r. , r ,. :ff -:L gives i. r ,fs s is - -- r , af, X V ' , waxes P s P P P- - r - 'Sf -Q-' I , C P X , -5 t . . in-X X 'rw f. 'Z if, - --:- AP P , X"-if ag, 'X 5 A ,E . , - V ek ' ' ,.-,- V. x at-, Em, X X -,.. X q Q is ,hah Xxx C 5 sn . -sr.-:E In . A -ff. .... ,, P A Q XP ii ' r L P ' , t , S-as-M -css, fr. . r- . V Q , - .t rr , or s 1 -,, ,ry K ,, . c W . . -- , . -5 P - 1 YP P .f . 3, - ,. 3 uw -W ,ii : 'S R F-7 .Sf - . '+P sg, . -s. Q :mga :Prim Wa' K -1:- iv . S P , - PP 1 f f r 1 3 P . as -f , - P r -f' 2 ie, P M, gi 5 - i N 7 if ii . X -' Pi iv E r liif Ng' 45' Nsspuw si mega, to A 'l - , -P - K . i K 't ' Z. ' iisfiifil ef , 5 '- . - f -V '. X tor' , 1 5 ,. ring. P f SF ' l' fi.. 'P 5 -"' Q ' R , Pe! - gk -A - -V lx k, ,m r up 1, P jg, , , r K . -2 SW, T'!"- S P ' RT f r . ,l P A . P ., . , 1 P, L - if - , P7 " ff f' L S P .P 's . P1 ti 31, X- ,,,:- -1- 5 1 : Q i t Q. - , , - o r :.P1- V ff Y - .. r , , . 2 ag, 2-'Et ' , ggi P P- P 'r 12 N-gm t - " P -FS 9311: Qi? it ,fi - a t ,Lf-L , -,QQ 2 , . iv3ErM?:w?'SA zf EMP I r -. X5-s'NS11,'3ss:b'ZZ1A . Z 5 'st Q.. P .2-swears' ' , mixes-ltgxig , Si -to P --P-' " ' L s , S ' Ps -. P - FP te i Si 1 fs 'Z' C' P ' ii 1 . , - it P ff 'P O .,,,,. , ,. lquv . ,,. H .,., . ., , . ,, ' r ,. A- K -' - 35125 s, ' " it 251. e: , L. Q, ss., ,, s. A af 'uyr : W fag. J Qt .g j 1, Q .. , V ax .ws J. . Nvigf ":sPPSK'PfeS -5335? 3+ SN NSAC YQ 11 P' TTT Sie-?,iS"'ssN 3 ' s Q.. X P P P MQ , . V . ,sa t 1 X - PP rt, f- , i , -. - X ., K - I, fb- ,git 5, ,s .V . .ag t c we b J' t H .,,. A 5,1 ,.,,, .. 3 k.., , , . .H PP .ag . .., , . K X K : 'X f as fi'-EQ r :jf-,'gje . ' Q ' R T aw. 'ef--PPPii:.1.5 7 R V . r K, or Q -- s .. ,.,., , , .,,, P -. P f P, P N L - ff- - - X P- .,.j . .. K 111 viii . Sigh K W I. ., R L - c --ix J 'Pi - 1 . - ., P - fi -1 . sk ' ' S - - ' ' , ,, , f s :S . P N f ', '- 1 ' P P 'SEQ f 15 75 .. H' i ' f ,.,, C 1 P P - ' L ,, -, L Pif ' N ., , Sgt.. P' 1 Q X 2 ' 1 L ti .s r asf? YQ- - .- E . E ,, f r , k P-fiisgyf " ,, T t Q - st- , , as .. sw as ,. was . ..., , P X . f -: ' "" t- 5 U "ij X in ITP'-5 3 f . 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Q . - -. ., sr - . - ,r - - r- :- 167 SOPHOMORES Richard Schwarz, Cynthia Scott, jeff Scott, Sue Ann Scott, Thom- as Scott, Otrevia Seay, Suellen Sebald, Irwin Sedberry, Gregory Seeley Michael Shackelford, David Shaf- fer, Judith Sharp, Othel Sharp, Karen Shipley, Diane Shoemaker, Robert Shook, David Sidebot- tom, james Simpson Pamela Sinclair, Christopher Singleton, Ann Slater, David Slater, Herman Slaughter, Cheryl Slosson, Richard Small, Kristin Smart, Celeste Smith Charles Smith, Charles Smith, Debra Smith, Gregory Smith, Martha Smith, Vicki Smith, Sue Snell, Mike Snellenberger, Larry Snider Terry Snow, john Snyder, Marsha Snyder, Kenneth Sobbe, Julia Soper, George Spears, Ruth Spencer, Gregory Sprague, Susan Springer Linda Stackhouse, Linda Stahl, Meredith Stander, Arthur Stan- ley, Kathryn Stanley, Cathy Steeg, Larry Stephenson, Louellen Ste- phenson, Louina Stephenson Larry Stern, Stephen Sternberger, Ladonna Stevens, Kaila Steven- son, Sue Stidham, Linda Stiene- ker, Forrest Stone, Madelyn Ston- er, James Stotler james Stradling, Steven Streich, Carol Strickland, Paul Strole, Michael Sullivan, Christine Sun- derland, Thomas Sutton, Tracy Svendsen, Judith Sweeney Mary Sweet, Susan Swingle, Irene Swiss, Robert Syster, Stephen Taggart, Diana Talbott, Linda Tarr, Michael Thayer, james Thomas june Thomas, Kyle Thomas, Ross Thompson, Sharon Thompson, Steven Thompson, jimmy Thom- son, David Tiller, Andrea Tim- mons, Teresa Tinsley james Tolson, Thomas Trankle, Roberta Trattner, Richard Tray- lor, Candace Tremps, Jay Trieb, Ronald Trietsch, Vicki Troutt, Scott Trusty Karen Tucker, Linda Turk, Linda Lee Turner, Sarah E. Tuttle, Susan Usher, Mark Van Wes- trum, Carl Vance, Manda Vaught, Sandra Vaught CLASS OF 1967 Preston Wadkins, Deborah Wad- leigh, janet Wagner, Wilette Wagner, Terry Waldman, Gary Walkup, Earle Wall, jane Wal- lace, Brenda Walton Steven Wamsley, Lucinda Ward, Debbie Warman, Steven Weav- er, Jack Weber, Steve Weidler, Barbara Weil, Larry Weinberg, jay Weiss Sevra Weiss, Robert Wente, Sherrill Wheeler, Luanne Wher- ry, Richard White, Bruce White- head, Sandra Whitfield, Peter Whitten, David Wides Diane Wiezorek, Kevin Wil- liams, Michael Williams, Susan Williams, Cordelia Wills, Den- nis Wilson, Linda Wilson, Linda Wilson, Michael Wilson Patricia Wilson, Stephen Wilson, David Wimmenhauer, Claudia Winkler, Deborah Wisely, Tom Wittenbraker, Joel Wohlstadter, Daniel Wolf, Jacquline Wolf Kathleen Wolfram, Francie Woocl, James Woodard, Jan Woodruff, Steven Worley, Rob- ert Wright, Robert Wright, De- anna Wulf, David Young Susan Young, Kathy Zeigler, Gary Zeller, Frank Zener, john Zener, Linda Ziffrin, Stephen Ziker RETAKES Geraldine Daniel, Cynthia De- lott, Susan Gipe, Linda Gommel, Rhonda Hardin, John Hiner, Shirley Karst, Thad Kenney, Marilyn Lidikay john Nickels, Cheryl Pritchard, Peter Reilly, Linda Roberts, Mark Roberts, Mark Rodocker, Cindy Slocum, Bonnie Rogers, james Thomas Alice Vance, Sue Wagman, Ste- ven Whitcomb, Susan White, Pamela Williams, Ellen Wood- ring, jesslyn Baird, Carol Bix- ler, Arthur Curry Leonard Darring, Pamela Engel, Teresa Gorski, Benjamin Hansel, Judy Lee, Hilda Levin, Sheila Mangrum, Diana McCartney, Lee McCue Sarah Newman, Juanita Renol- let, Kathryn Rich, Pamela Smith, Susan Smith, Kaila Stevenson, Bruce Tehan, Frances William- son Centralites become in ormed consumers educated by Consumers at North Central provide a vigorous market for food, fads, and entertainment offered by local merchants. Whether they are admiring new cars, playing miniature golf, buying madras shirts, or just enjoying ham- burgers at the Huddle, all Centralites have a role in the economy of the area. Many stu- dents contribute by holding jobs. Working after school and on Weekends, they are adding to their funds as Well as acquiring valuable experience. 170 ADVERTISING 15 ,f f G i9Mi14fi.f f m, tart ma f will det m' . I :li tume " ! i k ' .1 , i I gf, . ef. Zi A picture is worth a thousand words . . . Especially when you're away at college and your family misses you. WINSTON MATTHEWS STUDIO 2070 E. 54th CL 5-2222 Where satisfaction is assared. Robert Hunt, Sheri Cravens Wins hands down , . Class rings from Herff Jones are treasured memories of high school days. HERFF JONES 1401 N. Capitol Ave. ME 5-1554 No donht ahont it . . . From Aids for beauty to Zest soap and all the alphabet in between-you'll find it SCHMIDT'S PHARMACY 1499 E. 86th St. CL 1-2910 HI Jane Hendricks Hey--loole it over! . . . "Woodn't,' you like to build a house? panel a room? construct a bookcase? Get some advice on lumber needs at B U T Z LUMBER COMPANY 4010 W. 96th St. UP 3-3381 Steve Butz D0 you have a businesslike future? . . If so, there's no better way to start than with top notch business training from CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 North Meridian ME 4-8337 Becky Reinking, Marcia Isenhour Miwfor, mirror on the wall . . . Where's the best place of all to buy a gorgeous formal for the prom? Of course! STENZDALES 6214 Carrollton Ave. CL 1-1203 Susan Deckman, Cheryl Pedlow Gentlemen start your engines . . . and get the total performance of a Ford bought and serviced at jerry A1derman's JERRY ALDERMAN FORD SALES 5500 N. Keystone Avenue CL 1-1441 Bob Olson More than you expected . . . Nora Standard offers the finest in car care service. NORA STANDARD 8601 E. Westneld Blvd. VI 6-1115 Bob Foust, John Harris Out on a Limb . ,. Relax with a game of golf at Willowbrook WILLOWBROOK GOLF CLUB 4701 N. Keystone Avenue CL 1-5350 Tom Ley Men in the know go . . . to the Man's World for the finest selection of men's clothing on the north side of town. TH E MAN'S WORLD 1300 East 86th Street VI 6-3013 Bill Carlson Lend an ear . .. to the great results you get from Van Sickle Radio Supplies. VAN SIC KL E RADIO SUPPLY 4131 N. Keystone Avenue LI 7-3589 Fawncella Beam, Nancy Van Sickle Pick up quality materials . . . at Black-Hebert Lumber Company where they stock the best in building supplies. BLACK-HEBERT LUMBER COMPANY 1740 South High School Road CH 4-9563 Bill Hebert, Bob Hebert, Dave Corbin Earn Gfk on investment loans . . . Citizens Acceptance Corporation 3724 E. 38th St. LI 5-3395 To insure a better and safer future . . . See Mr. james B. Adams for a plan that will be especially drawn up for you. JAMES B. ADAMS 1425 E. 86th St. Office Phone: CL 5-7074 t Mr. Wilbur Richards, Mr. James Adams If you have the girl . . . we have the ring. Since 1884 Sipe's Jewelers have served Indianapolis with the finest in jewelry. J. C. SlPE'S JEWELRY 418 Merchants Bank Bldg. ME 7-3521 Lois Brummer, Libby Uvanni, Fred Sipe Polishing the boat . . A boat is a prized possession that deserves the best of care. For the finest marine equipment available, visit Boatland and join the group of amateur sailors who think boating is the best sport there is. BOATLAND 5840 N. Keystone Ave. LI 5-3381 Lee Runciman, Gary Runciman Happy feet malee happy people . . . Shoes bought at Goodmanls of Nora make you feel like dancing all day. Treat your feet right and they'll be good to you. GO0DMAN'S SHOES 1300 E. 86th Street VI 6-5718 W jill Thomas, Sue Townsend Twinkle, twinkle, little diamond... Diamonds sparkle brighter at Kirles and a pretty girl has a sparkle in her eye when she gets one. KIRLES JEWELERS 2411 E. 38th Street LI 6-5829 Pete Kirles Delivering the best . . . . Buying lumber at Kidd's is-no kidding -a pleasure, since selection is large and service is excellent. K I D D LUMBER COMPANY 1425 E. 86th Street CL 5-5478 Bob Kidd It'5 it mountain clinibefs special... From a giant pile of rough hewn logs to the smooth texture of fine veneer is a long journey towards perfection. HOOSIER VENEER COMPANY 5 5 2 1 Massachusetts Avenue LI 6- 1 5 06 Chris Linn A big investment in tloe future . . . It's a little early for high school boys and girls to begin thinking of a home of their own but when they're ready, the place to go for help is CARRI AGE ESTATES COMPANY Northside Office 6356 Guilford Avenue CL 1-9586 Southside Office 7741 S. Meridian TU 1-9554 Dave Billingsley, Marcia Stackhouse Make the right turn . . Steer your old car into Ogle Buick and trade it in fo wrong. r a new oneg you can't go OGLE BUICK 37 W. 38th Street WA 6-2423 joan McHafi'ie, Marsha Tucker IVbe1'e's the bestP- Dawsonlv of course . . The headquarters for the finest building supplies is Dawson's Lumber Company. "The builder's home away from home." D A W S 0 N ' S LUMBER COMPANY 1001 Broad Ripple Ave. CL 3-3231 Tim McClenny Mad about madms? . . . Then hurry to see the wonderful selec- tion of clothes in that material, on sale at PAUL HARRIS APPAREL 1300 E. 86th St. VI 6-5119 Lesley Baker, Susie Schlegel, Cindy Schuba Have you had your vitamin A today? . . . Or for that matter-have you had B, C, D, E, F, and down to Z? Get them all in tasty canned goods from Stokely Van Camp Co. 941 N. Meridian St. ME 1-2551 Kathy Messenger, Bob Williams Dine in style . . . Dinner at Hollybock Hill is the perfect way to impress your best girl HOLLYHOCK HILL 8110 N. College Ave. CH 1-2294 Carol Aikin, John DeBoest Abi aww if AV-f You Never Uutgrovv Your Need for Nl I L K Drink At Least Three Glasses EVERY DAY Do you want a "Rich" selection of appliances? . . . General Electric televisions, hi-fl, re- frigerators, and small appliances are on display. A wide selection of other brands is available also. As for service-kitchen and bathroom 1 remodeling is the specialty at EARL W. RICH 5140 N. Keystone Ave. CL 1-2201 Kathy Rich fi I zdryerthdnzleoooooooooooo is the selection of first rare merchandise at Handy Hardware HAN DY HARDWARE 6327 Guilford CL 5-8200 pq. 5 184 Fit for a queen . . Andrea Hilburn, queen of the Flower and Patio Show, gives her royal approval to yard supplies from HABIG GARDEN SHOPS NORA - 1402 East 86th Street .,..l. .... V I 6-5124 EASTSIDE - 1105 North Arlington. . . ..r. EL 6-5458 NORTHSIDE - 5201 College Avenue ,... .,.. A T 5-5412 NORTHEAST- 3732 East 58th Street ..,., . . .LI 7-7650 Zarge economy Age Alwpping You'll always find a cartful of super food values G 6' W FOOD GIANT 5940 N. Michigan Road CL 5-2459 A illvket 11 11251095 il Siarlf and Weizel basket Y 're set for a tasty snack or a hearty meal if your pantry L d h f df IOH1 STARK AND WETZEL 602 Ray Street ME 7-1451 tibia! of for o!,ouo!ermi!L . . A family group enlargement is the one decoration that is always in perfect taste-the one that gives increasing pleasure with each passing year. Call us for details or drop in when you're out shopping-we'll show you sam- ples of our line portraits. Loudermilk tudio North 5222 Keystone Court ,... . . . . ,... CL 5-6255 South 4010 South Meridian . . , ,..,., ii.i S T 7-8190 Sports clothes for the sports minded . . . A full line of seasonal active sports wear is available at the Alpine Haus. Also- tennis, boating, and a full line of scuba diving equipment Cincluding a compres- sor to fill the tanksj can be purchased there. THE ALPINE HAUS 6101 North Keystone CL 1-7946 I C r U I I I BARBER SHOP Glendale Center 62nd and Keystone .OT CERULLI'S 6101 N. Keystone CL 3-0775 things gg better DRINK Coke 6 vnu,-Aug AUYNQMTY G M COCK-Coll COMPANY IV A thanks to . . . C. E. PAULEY 8t COMPANY, publishers, especially Mr. Don Merriman for his patience and co-operation that were so essential to the completion of our book Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kubic of INTER-STATE STUDIO for our underclassmen pictures Mr. Loudermilk and his son Mike for the excellent portraits of out senior class ROPKEY ENGRAVING COMPANY, and Mr. Charles Mueller for valuable assistance on pictures and art work S. K. SMITH 84 COMPANY for the beautiful covers The administration for their consideration in allocating time for pictures and yearly events Mrs. Keilman, our sponsor, for giving us the benefit of her years of experience in producing top-ranking yearbooks And the seniors who served without school credit so that the NORTHERNER could have an experienced staff 1965 NORTHERNER STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . , . . .Abby Slater Finances ....,.. , . john Harris Pictures .... . , . Pam Sollars Production .... . . . Sheryl Stern Bob Poust Section Editors Opening ...,. ,.... L esley Baker Activities . , . ..., Sherry Catlin and Marcia Stackhouse Sports ..,. ..... B ill Hebert Album ..,. .... P am Crocker Advertising 4 . .... Bill Carlson Index .....,., Head Photographer . . . .Terry Snider .TomSolecki Associates ..... ....... G ary Allen, Kent Riley, Bill Baker, and Doug Mitchell Sponsor ..,...........,...,. Mrs. Kathleen Keilman Assistants: Susie Deckman, Mary Kay Dirks, Sharon Lock- wood, Mike Jacobson, Cindy Slocum, and Janie Teixler The theme of the 1965 NORTHERNER, "The direction in which erizzcation mzrls ol mam wzll aietermme his fzmzre life," was taken from the inscription mounted on the marble wall of the Student Center Administration and Faculty Index ADMINISTRATION Bagby, Dr. Geraldine-110 Cloncs, Mr. Eugene-110 Eiche, Mr. Milo-110 Light, Mr. Evertt-111 McKenzie, Mr. Bernard-111 FACULTY Allen, Mr. George Robert-49 Bradley, Mr. Thomas-100, 104 Bugher, Mr. William-110 Carmichael, Mr. Max-115 Cohen, Mrs. Meriam-116 Dennis, Mr. Richard-74 Dow, Miss Marybelle-37, 113 Drake, Mr. William-113 Eagle, Dr. Alice-113 A Cappella-75 Advanced Chess Club-82 Air Space Club-56 American Authors Club-51 American Field Service--56, 57 Aquarium Club-71 Art Club-42 Art Crafts Club-42 Audio Visual Club-79 Baton Corps-47 Beginning Chess Club-82 Beginning Typing Club-82 Bell Choir-72 Biology Club-71 Booster Block-46 Boys' Industrial Arts-65 Chess Team-83 Clothing Club-58 Comparative Religion Club-43 James B. Adams Insurance. 176 Alderman Ford Sales ...,.. 174 Alpine Haus .,,...,..... 187 Black-Hebert Lumber Company ..,......... 176 Boatland ..,..,..,...... 177 Butz Lumber Company .... 174 Carriage Estates ......... 179 Central Business College. , . 173 Abrahamson, Tonnya-47, 56, 60 Abrams, James Richard-60, 61 Woodrow-9 5 Abrams, Robert-41, 52 Adams Adams Adams , John E.-96 , Michelle S.-28, 49 , Wayne-91 Adams, Adamson, Sara J.-48, 72 Agnew, Carla--27, 35, 64, 73, 105 Agnew, Donna-75 Ahner, Mark-87, 99, 104 Ail-tin, Carol Joanne-181 Aikman, Mary Lynne-41 Aikman, Richard E.-25, 41, 60,61 190 44, Espenlaub, Miss Ruth--113 Farrand, Mr. Keith--87, 96, 104 Fleming, Mr. Charles-54 Freudenberger, Miss Jeannine- 11 Friedersdorf, Mr. John-87, 101, 104 Fruits, Mr. Forest-44, 61 88, Gish, Mr. Gordon-96, 104, 116 Hamer, Mr. Norman--103, 1 Holzman, Mr. John-55 Hubbs, Mrs. Beverly-113 13 Humphreys, Mrs. Frances-55, 115 Kivett, Mrs. Ruth-60 Kline, Mrs. Sylvia--62 Kyle, Miss Ruth M.-16 Activitie Concert Band-74 Costume Club-48 Counterpoints-7 5 Debate-45 Drafting Club-65 Drama Club-48 Electronics Club-70 Folk Music Club-73 Foods Club-59 Forensics-44 French Club-52 Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica-81 Future Nurses of America--81 Future Teachers of America-80 Geology Club-68 German Club-53 Girls' Ensemble-73 Girls' Industrial Arts-64 Laughlin, Mr. Richard-17 Laycock, Miss Margery-3 5, 61 Legg, Mrs. Isabella-113 Lewis, Mr. John-55 Lickliter, Mr. Arlan-92, 95, 104 Lord, Mr. William-35, 49 Martin, Mr. Donald-35, 75 Meek, Mr. Richard-12 Merkel Miss Kathr n-115 s V Merrick, Mr. Noel L.-99, 104 Moore, Mr. Phillip-113 Niemeyer, Mr. Roger-13 Richards, Mr. Wilbur-60, 176 Riley, Mr. Charles-101, 104 Schiilii, Mr. Albert-87, 88, 104 Schlatter, Mr. Robert-74 Schmucker, Mr. Glen-104 s Index Government Club-54 Graphic Arts Club-64 Great Books Club-51 Gymnastics Club-79 History of Math Club-69 International Relations Club-5 5 Journalism Club-67 Junior Historical Society-55 Key Club-60 Latin Club-52 Library Club-5 1 Madrigals-72 Military History Club-54 Mu Alpha Theta-61 Music Men-73 NDCC-76, 77 National Forensics League-61 National Honor Society-60 Northerner-63 Advertising Index Cerulli Barber Shop ....., Citizens Acceptance Corporation ........,. 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George-87, 104 Anderson, Susan-72, 75 Anderson, Susan Kay-60 87, Anderson, Timothy L.-91, 101, 104 Andreasen, Raymond-60 Andresen, Aric-74 Appel, Sally-106 Arbogast, Roger Thomas-76 Arbuckle, David-60 Arshop, Howard-97 Ashman, Mary Sybil--60 Ashton, John-60, 61 Asmus, Charles-101, 104 Atkins, Carol E.--75 Atkins, David-73 Ault, Gary M.-60, 150 Avels, Raymond-72 Aycock, Mike-91 Backer, Howard-161 Baird, Jeannette H.-51, 60 Baker, Bill-67 Baker, C. Kitt-73, 75 Baker, Lesley Jeanne-63, 180 Bales, Lana June-19 Ballard, Michael-73 Bancel, Marilyn--44, 60, 61, 120 181 178 172 178 178 187 172 175 182 174 Sharp, Mr. George-116 Shirley, Mr. John-102, 103, 104 Shulik, Mr. Rubin-115 Stout, Mrs. Margaret-19 Stroup, Mr. Keith-104 Taylor, Mr. H. Norman-13 Tharp, Mr. Cecil-116 Warren, Mr. Kenneth-113 Weaver, Mr. Byron-87, 101, 104 Wert, Mrs. Katherine-113 White, Mr. J. B.-115 Wilhelm, Capt. Charles-76 Williams, Miss Betsy-26, 113 Wood, Mr. Marvin-92, 95 Woodruff, Mr. G. L.-18 Northern Lights-62 Ofhce Assistants-78 Orchestra-74 Panther Athletic Club-46 Pep Band-47 Photography Club-67 Poetry Club-50 Quill and Scroll-66 Red Cross Club-81 Review Typing Club-83 Science Projects Club-70 Science Reading Club-68 Senior Girls' League-78 Shakespeare Club-50 Slide Rule Club-69 Spanish Club-53 Stagecrew-48, 49 Student Council-40, 41 Thespians-49 Travel Club-56 Ogle Buick ............. 179 Earl W. Rich .....,...... 182 Schmidt Rexall Pharmacy. . 172 J. C. Sipe's Jewelry ,..,... 177 Stenzdale .....,....,... 173 Stark 8: Wetzel ..,....... 186 Stokely Van Camp ......, 181 Van Sickle Radio Supply.. 175 Willowbrook Golf Club, . , 175 Bandy, Emmett-75 Barbarick, Linda-31, 76 Barber, Leeta--80 Bareither, Van-17, 74, 91 Bareither, Terry M.-60 Bauer, Anne-41 Bauer, Anthony D.-49, 75 Bauer, Elaine-17 Baugh, Gary-106 Baum, Martha-161 Baumeister, Herb-82 Baumgardt, Doug--74 Beam, Fawncella C.-50, 175 Befgrdshear, Grant D.-28, 0 Beatty, G. Ronald-88, 95 Beck, James-29, 79, 99 41, Freije, George-74 Beeson, Jack Hood-97 Behnke, Roy H.-51, 62 Bennett, Robert B.-88 Benz, Joyce Ann-8 Berger, Michael-27, 41, 60, 61 1 52 Bergerson, Ann L.-20 Bergman, Ann Elizabeth-15, Berkowitz, Michael-34, 74 Berling, Cheryl--73 Bernard, Carla-74 Bernstein, Seth-61 Berry, Ronald-74 Bessey, Barbara Lynn-60, 74 Best, Carol-72 Bibbins, Frank Eugene-41 Billingsley, David 179 Bingham, Kathryn-161 Bishop, Richard A.-65 Blankertz, William-83 Blieden, Michael A.-49, 60, 61 Blivess, Paul-87 Bloom, Linda D.-74 Bluestein, Sheldon-83 Bly, Robert L.-41, 60, 61, 103 104 Boals, Jane-72 Boardman, Thomas-76 Bodwell, Frank-34, 41, 74, 75 Bogle, William-96, 97, 104 Boling, Steven P.-76 Bolles, Charlotte--30, 58 Boone, Diane-28, 57, 54, 60, 72, 150 Boos, David Alan--10 Bose, Carl-24, 41, 60, 61, 97 Bose, Thomas N.-60, 61, 96 Bottoms, Jacqueline-7 5 Brandt, Stephen R.-28, 75 Brazer, Geolfrey R.-60, 61, 150 Brewer, Dwane-101 Bridgford, J. Scott-92, 94 Brinkerhoff, Marlene Kay-46 58 Brodey, Helene-72 Brody, John Arthur-60 Bromley, James-97 Brown, Patrick-73, 79, 88, 99 161 Brown, Robert P.-68 Brummer, Lois Elaine-75, 177 Bryan, Jared-75 Bryan, Sylvia-11 Buddenbaum, R. Louis-25 Burch, Carol Y.-72 Burgess, Kathryn-36 Burghard, Elizabeth L.-49, 75 Burns, Carol Ann-30, 60, 120, 121 Burns, Martha-75, 75 Burnside, Jane L.-72 Burr, Sally E.-51 Burroughs, Philip-60, 72 Buschmann, Stephen-74 Bushor, Geoffrey T.-41, 48, 49, 60 Butler, Dale-41, 91, 95 Butler, Janet Lynn-47 Butz, Ann-74, 107 Butz, Stephen-60, 175 Cann, Timothy A.-74 Cantor, Phyllis-72 Carden, Douglas A.-60, 61, 103, 150 Carlson, Alan-76, 77 Carlson, William A.-65, 175 Carpenter, Pamela Ann-62 Carroll, Lorraine--73, 74 Carrott, Richard-74 Carson, Judy-74 Cashen, Philip R.-74 Cassada, Carolyn-41, 72, 105 Cassada, Susan-41, 105, 152 Cast, Stephen-75 Catlin, Sherry L.--63 Chandler, Mary E.-61 Chastain, J.-74 Chattin, William R.-30, 60 Chenoweth, Sara-50 Chenoweth, Steven-99 Chernin, David-37, 61, 97 56 61 C.-27, 81 Chipper, Susan-41, 47, 60 Claeson, Linda-47 Clark, Phillip-48 Clark, Randall-102 Clark, Richard-49 Clay, Carol Sue-28, 49, 60, 150 Clutter, Robert-41, 75, 101 Coats, Jane Ann-75 Cochrane, Sally-73 Cockerille, John R.-60, 107 Cohee, Richard-75 Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Denise L,-61 Ellen-161 Roberta S.-60, 75 75 Colby, Charles-75 Coleman, Judith Jill-60, 150 Conrad, Cindy-15, 41, 53, 78 Corbett, Thomas-74 Corbin, David-54, 176 Cory, Thomas-99 Cowick, Cynthia Ann-72 Cracraft, Steven-54, 86, 104 Crandall, Barbara-41, 47 Cranlill, John-91 Cranfill, Michael--91 Cravens, Sheridan J.-53, 46, 51, 172 Cregor, Douglas-74, 83 Creveling, Jay-74 Crocker, Pamela E.-65 Crouse, Carl-87, 104 Cruickshank, Bruce-60, 91, 101 Cullison, Virgil-76, 77 Cummings, Barbara-34 Cunningham, Michael A.-70 Curry, Arthur-88 Curry, Roger-97 Cushman, Virginia P.-75 Daniel, Donald-74 Daniel, Geraldine-41 Daniels, Mitchell-41 Darling, Marcia L.-19, 58 Darring, Leonard-88 Davidson, Robert-62, 92 Davis, Dorothy A.-72 Davis, James-61 Davis, Brad-73 Davis Steven A.-72 74 75 66, 67, Dawson, Larry-73, 161 Debartolo, Gilbert-60, 61, 87 Deboest, John-181 Deckman, George--71 Deckrnan, Susan-63, 173 Deich, Harold-76 Dennerline, Frederick-61 Deraismes, Jannine-60, 61, 150 Deshano, Lawrence D.-74 Detmer, Delbert-41 Deugan, Earl-61 Diehl, David-30, 101, 104 Dinwiddie, Mark--88, 161 Dinwiddie, Thomas W.-56 Dirks, Mary Katherine-63, 185 Dixon, Gwendolyn-26, 81 Dodd, Linda-64 Dodson, Joyce-16 Domont, Lawrence-41, 60, 61 Donovan, Linda-72 Doriot, Janice L.-72 Dorn, Candace Lou-106 Doty, Max-18 Dresbach, Michael E.-60 Duncan, Daniel-15, 34, 75 Dunlap, Cheryl-47 Dunn, Donna-41 Dunne, Ruth-72, 74 Dunn, Stephanie-74 Dunne, Gordon-73, 74 Dustman, Janice-30, 32, 41, 61, 78 Dwyer, John A.-60 Dyke, Pamela-61 Earle, Jane-7 5 Eaton, Lyman D. 11-74 Eby, Thomas-97 Efthim, Richard-75 Eger, Gail J.-41 Ehrgott, Barbara Anne-74 Elliott, Jennifer M.-161 Engel, Elliot-34, 61 Engels, Jacqueline Sue-41 60, Englehart, Stephen-15, 60, 61 150 Enkema, Jeff-102 Enkema, Stephen-102 Ennis, Linda Sue-72 Enoch, Mark-101, 104 Erdey, Paul--73 Esmon, John-75 Ewell, Linda-74 Fagg, Llyndall Rhett-74 Fairman, Donald-100, 104 Fasola, Alfred-88, 161 Fatout, Richard-88, 98, 99 Fehsenfeld, Jan-58, 121 Felber, Dianne S.-72 Fenn, Mickey Wayne-72 Ferguson, John-61, 87, 104 Fields, Donald-92 Goodman, Daniel-44, 45, 61 Goodwin, Stephen-88 Gorrell, Michael-102 Goss, Judith-61, 121 Grady, Kathleen Ann-161 Grae, Lorel Jean-41 Grant, Beverly Susan-74 Gray, Johnny E.-74 Green, Anthony-161 Greenberg, Samuel-60 Gresham, Marsha-49 Griflin, Jennifer-74 Grimes, Joyce-72 Gronau, Thomas-41, 99 Grosskopf, Elsbeth-74 Gunason, Sharon-29, 44, 60, Gust, Beverly-75 Hale, Alan-74 Hall, Barbara D -74 Hammond, Susan M.-75 Han, Polly E.-69 Hanson, Robert G.-101 Harden, David A.-81 Hardy, Stephen-100, 104 Harris, Jill A.-81 Harris, John-41, 55, 63, 174 Harris, Mim-41, 62 Harris, Noel-60, 102 Harris, Steven N.-64 Harris Harris on, Charles D.-87 on, Steven-60 Hart, Patricia-75 Hart, Rosa Linda-75 Hartman, Sally Peeler-161 Fielman, Dale Ann-30, 55, 40, 41, 105 Fink, Dale-44, 61 Fink, Leon R.-44, 61, 102 Fisch, Gary-41, 60, 61 Fisher, Sandra K.-74 Fisher, Scott-60, 61 Fishman, Joni-73 Fogle, Norman-41, 97 Fogle, Gertrude N.-61 Ford, Gary A.-53, 60, 61, 69 Ford, Paul R.-88, 95 Foust, Robert-60, 65, 174 Fowler, Lonnie-88 Fox, Brenda-67 Fox, Gary-83 Fox, Richard-75 Fraps, John R.-74 Frayer, David-88, 96 Frayer, Paul-73 Frazier, Clemmie D.-87, 1 104 Fritsch, Barry-71, 88 Fruits, Steve Wayne-61 Gaalema, Grant-69, 87, 92, 1 Gable, June-75 Gambill, John-60, 61 Gambill, William-102 Gans, Deborah-45 Gardner, Gary-41, 60, 79, 99 Garrett, Molly-54 Garrett, Stephen-95, 102 Garritson, Sandra-47 Geiger, Lawrence C.-87, 1 104 Geisler, Gayle S.-41 Gibson, John--60 Gillespie, Douglas-41, 69, 74 Gillespie, Joan D.-60, 72, 81 Gipe, Susan-61 Glanzman, Roberta-10 Glass, David-68 Goldman, Christine-74 Goldstein, Richard-97 Goldstein, Richard I.-77 Goll, Ginny L.-49, 60, 75 Gommel, Linda-61, 75 Goodman, David-44, 61 Goodman, Mason-83 01, 04 01 Hauck, Robert R.-75 Hawhee, Chris Ann-81 Hawkins, Joann-107 Hebert, Robert-176 Hebert, William-51, 63, 176 Hedrick, Linda Ann-105 Helm, Nancy H.-73 Helms, Robert-88 Hendricks, Jane-172 Henn, Patricia-19 Herndon, Gerri Lou-73 Herrick, Janet-74 Heston, Ellen R.-41, 47, 60 Hickey, James-91 Hicks, Dennis-75 Highmark, Duncan-60 Hilburn, Jeff-30, 60, 91, 120 Hill, Kristen-42 Hilton, Marc-61 Hilton, Melanie L.-49 Hiner, John-15, 44, 60, 61 Hinkle, Donna-74 Hirschman, Jill Roseta-12 Hocker, Dianne-41, 75 Hoehn, William-75 Hoffman, William-41 61 Holbrook, Melissa Jean-60, 75 04 Hollander, Eugene--87, 101, 1 Hollibaugh, Tony--88 Hollis, Shelley Gwenn-161 Holloway, Alison-47 Holmes, Kathleen-74 Holsworth, Thomas-61, 75 Holter, Diane-72 Hooker, Jill-74 Hopper, Heidi-30 Horning, Judson-41 Horning, Stevan-61 Hotte, Bruce A.-76 Houck, David-41 Howard, Eric-53, 60, 99 Hubbell, Beverly-19 Hubert, John W.-74 Huffman, Martha R.-60, 74 Humphreys, Noel-60, 97 Hunt, Robert-18, 172 Hunt, William-60 Hunter, Diana-74 Hunter, Virginia-28 Hurlbut, John-102 Hutchinson, Gregg-54 Hutchinson, Linda Lee-41, 55, 60, 61 191 Isenhour, Marcia K.-60, 72, 173 Jacks, Linda-74 Jackson, Gregg-75 Jackson, Jill--35, 48 Jackson, Stephen-88 Jacobs, David B.--42, 60, 61, 150 Jacobson, Michael-44, 61, 63 Jagger, Jacqueline A.-47 Jahnke, Robert-8, 60 Janes, Catherine-7, 73, 75 Jarvis, Gregory A.-75 Jarvis, Paula-74 Jarvis, Terry D.-96, 104 Jay, Geoffrey-75 Jenkins, Jo Ellen--47, 161 Jenkins, Philip-60 Jerden, Susan E.-42 Jessup, Tom-8, 60 Jobes, Daniel William-87, 104 Johnson, Peter A.-44, 60, 61 Johnston, John-74, 91 Jones, Diatra-61 Jones, Douglas-68 Jones, Michael--87, 104 Jones, Wesley H.-60, 68 Jordan, Judith-47 Jordan, Steven Edward-87, 101, 104 Judd, Patricia R.-41 Kafoure, Steven-41, 60, 98, 99 Kafoure, William P.-60, 61, 150 Kammeraad, Patricia-74 Kamplain, James-74 Kandrac, Ann-72, 74 Kasserman, David-62, 150 Katz, P. Donald-73 Kafoure, Michael-95 Keene, Lynne-15, 53 Keiner, Warren-41, 61 Keller, James Sanford-60 Kelley, Beth-74 Kelley, Thomas-90, 91 Kelley, Winston Chas.-96, 104 Kelly, Karen-34 Kempton, Daniel R.-61 Kentor, Michael B.-60 Kernodle, Gary C.-87, 104 Kerr. Kathy A.-42 Kidd, Robert L.-75, 178 Kieper, Ronald-75, 88 Kinsey, Karen-61 Kiovsky, Richard-92 Kirkwood, Candace-72 Kirles, Peter David-178 Kirtley, William-74 Kiser, David B.-51, 60, 61, 150 Klein, Jeff-91, 95, 161 Klepfer, Michael-77 Kline, Edward D.-50, 103 Kline, Kathleen K.-48 Klink, Willard Dean-30, 33, 41, 96, 100,104 Kniptash, Peggy Sue--60, 72 Koplos, Gerald C.-78 Koplow, Michelle-41 Kreger, Mark-75 Krueger, Deborah-12, 41 Krueger, Robert M.-61, 73 Kuhlmann, Linda-74 Kuhn, Carolyn Ann-53 Kunz, Penny-74 Kyger, Karen Lee-68, 69 Lancet, William-46, 91 Lannerd, Janet-73 Larman, Charles Edward-74 Larsen, Stephen L.-87, 104 Lawton, Judith-78 Lawton, Roger-97 Leander, Karen-41 Lee, Dwight E.-28, 30, 40, 41, 102 192 Lee, Judy Ann-60, 74 Lee, Steven-102 Lee, William-27, 41, 60, 61, 102, 104 LeH, Susan-34 Leffel, Joseph-75 Leggett, Michael-74 Leggett, Sue-74 Leland, Barbara-161 Leland, James-60 Lennox, Nancy A.-47 Lenon, John-76 Levin, Ronald-61, 150 Levine, Gail-75 Ley, Thomas K.-175 Linderman, Richard B.-61 Lindquist, Bonnie-61 Linn, Christopher-81, 178 Lisher, James Richard-101 Livingston, Steven A.-101 Lockwood, Sharon-63 Logsdon, Jess Ann-73 Long, David John-40, 41, 60, 61, 91, 101 Longden, Michael-72 Lowensohn, Carl-97 Lucas, Thomas G,-74 Lynn, Judith A.-75 MacMullin, James-44, 61, 72 75 Madison, Phyllis Jean-16 Mahanay, Kathleen-161 Main, Lynn Dalee-52, 61, 74 Malofsky, Charlene-61 Maltzman, David-69 Mann, Eric-87, 88 Manzie, Mary Lou-61 Marks, Daniel-65 Marr, Robert-88 Marta, Anthony-95 Marta, Ronan-41, 87, 101, 104 Marschke, Robert F.-61 Marshall, Judith Ellen-41, 61 62, 67 Martin, David Alan-26, 35, 60, 61 Martin, Jan-41, 101 Martin, Kim-74 Martin, Michael Susan-74 Martindill, Michael-97 Mashaw, Terry-41 Mason, Carol L.-60, 150 Matekunas, Helen-47 Matekunas, Phyllis-34, 47 Mather, Candace-74 Matlock, James-60 Maxwell, Michael-76 Maxwell, William-60, 91 McAllister, Donald-103 McC1enny, Timothy-90, 91, 101, 180 McCollum, Linda-81 McDowell, Bonnie-75 McGarvey, Mark-87 McGaughey, Craig-41, 95 McGlasson, Patricia-74 McGlynn, James-55 Mcl-lafiie, Joan-179 McKown, David R.-55, 75 McLeish, Kenneth R.-60, 91 McManama, Carol-150 McNew, James-75 Messenger, Kathy-11, 60, 61 150, 181 Metzger, Laura-161 Mewhinney, Frederick--83 Michael, Chris-74 Milender, Ronald G.-21 Miller, David C.-100 Miller, Gordon-88, 104 Miller, James F.-74 Miller, Margaret Rose-60 Miller, Mark-20, 92, 101, 104 Miller, Marsha-41 Miller, Mary E.-76 Miller, Michael S.-30, 92, 93 101, 104 Miller, Thomas-41, 87 Milton, T.-74 Mogg, Linda-74 Mohlman, David-56 Montgomery, Stephanie--44, 61 Montovani, David L.-103 Moore, Yolanda-74 Morehead, Dennis-18 Morlock, Gary-88, 97 Morgan, Terry B.-61, 75 Morris, Diane-74 Morris, Marjorie L.-28 Morris, Pamela Jean-75 Morris, Robert N.-83 Morton, Janice-47 Murphy, Joseph Jr.-88, 97, 161 Murphy, Michael-60, sv, 104 Murphy, Patricia R,-41, 62, 67 Myers, Terry Leev-48 Nachtigall, Donald G.-60 Nahmias, 1-larvan-60, 101, 104 Nahmias, Laura A.-72 Neate, Margaret-62 Nefouse, Paul-41, 88 Nehrling, Daniel-99 Newman, Robert Louis-74 Nice, Susan-74 Nickels, John-74 Nisenbaum, Judy-61, 161 Nisenbaum, Steven-44, 45, 60, 61 Nolte, Barbara-16, 55 Oberlin, Mike-75 Oberholtzer, Dan-41, 88 Oberreich, Steve-9 O'Connor, Mary-81 O'Brian, Michael J.-83 O'Kane, Karen-41 O'Koon, Bernard W.-35 Olive, James K.-54, 87, 104 Olsen, Robert S.-174 Olson, Christine-72 Orr, Judith-60, 75, 78, 80 Ostapenko, Ingrid E.-44, 61 Overbey, James-88, 97 Owens, Robert-161 Owens, Stephanie-46 Pactor, Jon-83 Pappas, Anthony John-88 Parker, Richard-73 Parris, Becky-44, 61 Parrish, Jane-74 Partlow, John B.-30 Partlowe, Sylvia-47, 64 Patterson, Mary-60 Paul, Pamela-74 Paul, Sandra-74 Pearce, Charles E.-60 Peavy, Hubert D., Jr.--74 Pedlow, Cheryl--46, 47, 80, 173 Peeler, Michael-60, 61 Pelsue, William W.-41, 54, 73, 75 Penno, Robert P.-88 Peoples, Richard S.-34, 73, 87 104 Peril, Nita-29 Perkins, Michael F.-21, 87 Perkins, Robert-75 Perry, Patsy-19 Pert, Madelyn-14, 30, 32, 40 41, 46, 47, 60, 61,186 Peters, David-88, 101 Petersen, James R.-60, 96 Petticrew, Mary-78 Petticrew, Jeffrey-41 Phillips, Timothy-60, 75 Philyaw, Barbara-41 Pinkus, Irving-44, 61 Pippen, Nancy-50 Pittenger, Michael-60 Plzak, Constance-67, 75, 161 Poon, David S.-61, 102 Potter, Robert-88, 95 Powers, David-99 Prah, Gary-41, 74 Props, David-54 Pruyn, Richard-73 Pruyn, Thomas-75 Pryor, Robert-44, 61 Pyle, Robert-74, 90, 91 Raber, Frances M.-74 Rader, Janet-72 Raikos, Gustin-97 Rankin, Linda-47 Rardon, Joan-49, 75 , Rath, William-72 Ratts, David-34, 75 Ray, David-74 Ray, Jimmy-99 Raymond, Lorelei-73 Reddick, Larry-75 Reed, Clarence, Jr.-77 Reel, Leonard R.-87, 96, 104 Reel, Patricia Ann-81 Reid, James-71 Reid, Sally B.-41, 105 Reifers, Todd-103 Reilly, Peter III-61, 87, 97, 101, 104 Reinking, Rebekah-19, 75, 173 Renfro, Deborah-48 Renfro, Stephen R.--92, 104 Renshaw, Sharon Lee-50 Reuss, Eric Brandt--60, 87, 104 Reynolds, David-79 Rhodes, Edgar-61 Rhodes, Stuart-74 Richards, Bruce-74, 88 Rich, Kathryn-67, 182 Rich, Pamela-41 Rich, Richard Gregory-74 Richardson, Robert-83 Rieke, Lois Carol-74 Riesen, Michael-95, 161 Riley, Jim W.-60, 61 Riley, Keith Edwin-75 Rinehart, Gregory B.-104 Roberts, Diana-26 Roberts, Glenn-41, 46, 87, 101, 104 Roberts, Pamela-47 Rogers, Kathy J.-41, 58 Rohn, Danney-73, 74 Rollings, Robert-74, 91 Rose, Lawrence C.-97 Rosenbaum, Darlene-28 Roth, Susan E.-150 Runciman, Gary-97, 177 Runciman, Lee-74, 177 Russell, Dee--74 Russell, Frank-61, 97 Russo, Steven A.-41 Sacks, Harvey-61 Salisbury, William-74 Salter, Donald W.-34, 60, 104 Samms, Bonita-161 Sampsell, Thomas-96 Samuelson, Janet-72 Sanders, Clifton-87, 89, 104 Sanders, Lisa Ann-73 Sandler, Wendy-61 Scherrens, Carolyn D.-72 Schlegel, Susan Kay-60, 75, 78, 180 Schlichter, Jeffrey-99 Schrader, Sue E.-60, 62, 71 Schuchman, Barry-76 Schuff, Howard-82, 83 Schulte, Richard E.-46, 87, 101, 104 Schuetz, Carol-49 Schutte, Yvonne-41, 105 Schwartz, Alan-28 Scobee, Sharon-58 Scott, Thomas-95 Sebastian, Frank Scott-8, 41, 60, 101, 150 Talesnick, Stephen-24, 41, 60 75 Sedberry, Irwin-49 Selig, Larry-74 Sellmer, Steve M.-91, 101, 104 Sellmer, Vanita Mae-31, 49, 76, 77 Seulean, Myron C.-83 Sexson, jill-75 Sharp, Judith Ann-74 Sherk, Gordon-61 Shoemaker, John E.-107 Shook, Robert-161 Short, Valeska-61 Shuba, Cynthia-180 Shuttleworth, Sue E.-35, 75 Simmons, Christina-29, 44, 45 Simon, Bess-34, 41, 61 Sinclair, Pamela-72 Singer, Michael-20 Sipe, Frederick-177 Skinner, Patricia C.--61 Sklare, Ron Cdeceasedj-102 siafef, Abby L.-31, 41, 60, 65, 66 Slaughter, Herman L.-88 Slaughter, jeff-60, 105, 104 Slaughter, jon C.-46, 83, 36, S7, 92,102,152 Slocum, Cynthia Ann-63 Small, Arthur-101 Small, Ben-15, 60 Small, Richard-41 Smart, Kristin-74 Smith, Harold-65 Smith, Judith-72 Smith Smith Richard-65, 87, 101, 104 ,Robert-70 Smith, Theodore-49 104 Smith, Vicki E.-47 Smock, Cynthia-74 Smulyan, Jeffrey H.-55, 61 Snellenberger, Mike-77 Snider, Terry-65 Snow, Terry Kirk-70, 75 Solecki, Thomas J.-67 Sollars, Pamela J.-55, 65, 105 Sommer, Barbara-41 Sparrenberger, Susan-75 Sprecher, Mark-76, 77 Springer, Steven-60 Stackhouse, Marcia-65, 179 Stamp, Linda-74 Stanley, Arthur Jay-18 Stark, Dale Ellen-75, 186 Starr, Linda-75 Stauber, Daniel-30, 46, 60, 87, 101,104 Steeg, Cathy-74, 161 Steinmeier, Thomas Lee-60, 61, 91, 101, 150 Stern, Larry-41 Stern, Sheryl Hope-60, 65 Srernberger, Stephen-75 Sterner, Susan E.-41, 75, 150 Stevens, Dion Ray-50, 31, 75 Stevenson, Margaret M,-61 Stickle, Roger-87, 88 Stoelting, John-75 Stokes, Michael-74 Stone, Forrest--SS Stout, jennifer-74 Stradling, James-74, 97 Strauss, Danny-74 Stroh, james-75 Strole, Pamela C.-73 Stultz, Larry-60 Svendsen, Roger Eric-61 Svendsen, Tracy C.-74 Swanson, Karen-61 Sweet, Mary V.-30, 40, 41, 60 105 Swift, Daniel L.-102, 104 Swingle, Susan Appel-41 Taplin, Casandra R.-75 Taylor, John K.-70 Teeguarden, Donald-92, 104 Teixler, jane-63, 185 TeKolste, Elton Kurt-41, 61 150 Terkhorn, John S.-60, 150 Terrell, james R.-88 Terrell, Wilson-92, 94, 104 Teuton, William D.-85, S7, Thomas, Duane-52 Thomas, Jill-177 Thompson, David S.-61, 104 Thompson, John-74 54, 60, P Thompson Ross-88, 95 Thom son, , Robert-34, 91, 152 Thomson, Jimmy-161 Thrun, Paula-74 Tilford, joseph-103, 104 Titus, Norman Randolph-83 Todd, Richard-74 Tolson, James Peter-97 Tomlinson, Cathy E.-60 Townsend, Susan-61, 177 Trankle, Thomas-56 Trask, David J.-35, 72, 73 Traugott, Joe-56 Trieb, Teresa Diane-41, 73 Tuchman, Preston J.-75 Tucker, Karen-41 Tucker, Marsha Kay-75, 179 Tzucker, John-83 Urbain, David-74 Uvanni, Andrew-55, 75 Uvanni, Elizabeth Anne-41, 55, 75, 78, 81,177 Valentine, Charles A.-60, 61, 150 Vance, Carl B.-161 Vansickle, Nancy-175 Vaughan, Alfred E.-60, 68 Verplank, Richard-97 Vice, Sandra Sue-47 Vice, Susan Kay-47, 50 Vickery, George Edwin-60, 61 Vickery, Mark A.-75 Vollrath, Ruth Marie-75 Vorlnies, Carl--96 Voris, john-91, 101, 104 Wadleigh, Susan-55, 60 Wagner, Judith-73 Wagner, Wilette-74 Waife, Wendy L.-29, 55 Waldman, Terry-88 Walker, Julia-61 Walkup, Gary-88 Wallberg, Linda-61 Waller, Marguerite-74 Walsmith, Virginia Sue-30, 51 105, 120 Walton, Brenda-58 Walz, janyce-76 Warburton, Lynn-74 Ward, Janet N.-31, 76 Ward, Steven-76 Warman, Debbie-161 Warren, Bradford-74 Wasson, Linda E.-72 Watkins, Marcia J.-60, 75 Weber, Jack-S8 Weeks, David C.-92, 94 Weigel, David-60, 75 Weinberg, Larry-S5 Wente, Robert-82, 95 Werner, james Steve-18, 96 104 Werner, Patricia-41 Wesselman, Linda-74 West, Candice-72 West, Jon Kenneth-8, 60 West, Marilyn B.-75 Whalen, Linda-73 Wherry, Luanne K.-72 Whitaker, Horace H.-56 White, Richard-77 Whitehead, Bruce A.-61 Whitfield, John-S8 Whitlock, Jan-74 Whittington, Evan-41, 75, 100, 104 Wides, David Stephen-41 Wiggam, Judith N.-47 Wiley, Penny Sue-120 Wilhoite, Kay D.-57 Willey, Kathy-75 Williams Karen Sue-46, 152 Williams Mary Beth-61, 75 Williams, Michael-96 Williams Pamela-49, 75 Williams, Roberton C.-11, 25, 60, 61, 91,101,150,18l Williams, Robert S.-100, 104 Williams Susan-41 Wilson, John-99 Wilson, Linda-72 Wilson, Marc-104 Wilson, Marsha Kay-47, 60, 61, Wisely, Deborah-74 Wittenbraker, Rick L.-86, 87, 92, 95,100, 104,152 Wittenbraker, Tom-88, 92, 93, 161 Wolf, Jacqueline-17 Wood, Carol Lynn-75 Wood, Edward M.-60, 91, 104 Wood, James-55, 41, 60, 61, 97 Woodard, Bruce R.-76 Woodard, Norman M.-77 Wright, Michael-60 Wright, Laurie-61 Wright, Phyllis-74 Wright, Shelly Ann-52, 47, 60 Yenni, Dorothy T.-61 Young, David-97 Young, Robert L.-101 Young, Susan-74 Youtsey, Douglas-9 Zell, Carol Louise-60, 73 Zimmerman, Edward J.-41, 44, 60, 61 Zimmermann, Mildred-74 193 Members of the yearbook staff are involved in a ten thousand dollar business: the designing, publishing, and distributing of the 1965 Northerner. When a fuse blew and the yearbook office was left in dark- ness, staff members moved into the halls to work. 194 As the year progressed, sometimes we wondered "in which directioni' we had really started last May. Pictures mysteriously disappeared, copy refused to "sparkle," and deadlines seemed to jump out of nowhere. But, looking back, all the difficulties fade and We remember only the laughter and excitement that were a part of the 1965 NORTHERNER. Autographs Autographs -' -.Qf- nn-, 11-.,,...,..,.- ,., 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 x 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 I 1 I I I 1 - 1 f f K 1 1 ' 1 ' N I 1 1 1 f ' K 1 1 1. 1 1 1 X I 5 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 '11 1 I 1 '1 111 1 1 1 I . 1. 1 , 1 11 I I 1 I x 4 . II I 1 XI I1 1 I I1 1 I 1 I I III II , ' 1 ' 1 I X I I 1 1 1 I 1 11 I 1 I I I 1 I ' 1 1 xl 1 IX I X II 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 , 1I , 1 ' 1 . f 11 ' 1 1 1 ' X, 1 I .1 I I ,I I I Y I. N1 fx .,1 1 I I JI - 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 ,1 I I I II1I 1I 111 . 1 1, 1 I, I I 1 1 ' I . 1 1 I 1 I 1 1- ' 11' X 1 I 1 X 1 N 1 I '1 1 1 I 1 I1 1 ,IIIVN I 1 1 ' f 1 N ' 1IvII . II 1 I 1 11 '1 1 1q 1 7 x 1 I I I' 1 1 'f I ' ' 1 'III ' 1 I 111 1 I1I1- 1 I , 1 1 - 1 -11 '1- 1,1 ,JHII If 1 ' X 3 1 1 f11 K- ' 1 11 ' I1 -f' 1II1 7 I 1 1 1 Q' 1 11 11' 1 1 N4 X 1" I 1' 1 'H ,A 1 1 111 19 I 1 F I 1 1 1 1' Ixf' 1 1 1 1 , rr W ' - 1x 1' ' X 1 1 -, 1 1 1 , 1 14 1,1I,' 1 ' 1. 1 1 I ,p ' . 1 ' 11 X1 11 l 1 'fx 1 J. ' 1 ' 1 ' 5 1Ix11 K Y ff I A I III! ,1 1 1 11 I III. .I I III II 1 1I I I I 1 II 1I1 I. 1 1 1 1I f . K 1 I 1 -- 1 I 1 II W1 1 1 1 , I 1 1' '1 ' 1 f 1 I1 1' 1 N1 11 1 , , 1 1 I 411 '1 ' N X VXA' V ' 7 f X ' ' ' 111, ' 1 1 1 1 I ' I1 11 '. 5 1 Nu' 1.x 1 ' V f I A4 1 ,1 1 11 X X 1 1 1 I 1I' 1 I. 1-X n KI 1 I 1 1' 11 1 ' 1 U1 ' X II- ' - ' 1 ' 1 X 11 X1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 I 11 1 ' I' 1I I 1 1 N K X1 1I It I ' 1 1" I X 1 V 1 1 11 1 I ' I 1 I 1 1 ' 1 I 1 I 1

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