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9 .j-y j? • yy Jj REDACTED FOR PRIVACY 1962 NORTHERNER North Central High School Metropolitan School District of Washington Township Indianapolis, Indiana Volume 6 HOW YOU LOOK AT IT I THE SCHOOL BOARD SEES US ASt School board members look upon their jobs as an opportunity to serve both the community and the country at large by helping to provide excellent edu- cational facilities for the children in the area, and by training good citizens for the government of tomor- row. Twice a month they meet with Superintendent Light to formulate policies, to make plans for ade- quate housing of the exploding school population, and to vote on the myriads of decisions that must be made during the operation of a huge million-dollar corporation for which they are the directors. They also give their final stamp of approval on applicants who wish to join the Metropolitan School District ' s faculties, a heavy job since a large number of new teachers are added each year as the enrollment figures spiral upward. School board members are selected in a non-partisan election held in the com- munity, and they serve without pay. Figures don ' t lie. The population chart proves to Carl Payntor and Gloria Engle that North Central ' s growth is phenomenal. Currently 105 teachers educate 1937 pupils. Although George Spees, Bruce Turner, and Denny Walters will not attend the new North Central, as student leaders they were invited to break the ground for the building. a responsibility that is growing Jack ' s legendary bean stalk lik. Miss Lowe gets a pre-hiring interview with Superintendent Light before being officially notified of her employment. J §i iiiW ii i l | P|| North Central High School is in its last years, for under the new plan it will be a Junior High. Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, secretary to Superintendent Light, Charles Feible- man, and John Kingsbury, with Ben Weaver, school board attorney. Super- intendent Everett Light, and, Fredrick ■Gronau, look at new building plans over the shoulders of Mrs. Elizabeth Hilgedag and William Weisell. THE ADMINISTRATION SEES US When members of the administrative staff look down the crowded halls of North Central, they see a congestion of carefree young people who little realize what a great responsibility they place upon the shoulders of those in charge of their welfare. Supervision of such a large school is a task re- quiring delicate balance among the three sides of a triangle. On the one side are the parents, on the second, the teachers, and on the third, the pupils. If any one side becomes out of relationship, the triangle is lop-sided and imperfect. Rapid developments in all phases of adult life also present a problem because it means gearing education to a world obviously undergoing a giant transition. The administration sees North Centralites as a chal- lenge to their ability to be flexible in meeting chang- ing situations while remaining inflexible in the goals and high standards set for the school. An eye injury failed to keep Susie Steiner from her school work. Through an inter- com she joined her classmates in recitation. Members of Miss Hanson ' s art class give the Student Center the holiday touch at Christmas. 6 as a giant chess problem whose moves are constantly challenging their planning and ability Honor study halls are teacher- supervised for two weeks only; then pupils are " on their own " with only an attendance monitor to check up. Jean Martin and " friend " view part of the National Education Week " Hit the Books " display, one of the projects set up as an incentive to study. 7 THE FACULTY SEES US AS While waiting for a late bus, Ed Burns and Niki Walters use their time wisely by starting the next day ' s lessons. Faculty members thread their way through crowded halls each morning, passing North Central- ites who are friendly, poised, and smiling. The slam of locker doors, the gay chatter of girls comparing notes on their latest romances, and the facetious greetings given one another by boys strolling down the halls carrying armloads of books, seem to the adults to be like an orchestra tuning up for a performance. By eight o ' clock, halls are empty of all but a few late-comers, and each teacher is in his room facing an average of thirty bright-faced, inquisitive young people who, for the most part, are eager to learn and who are also insistent on the best possible educational instruction. Teaching at North Central is a difficult but highly rewarding job since most of its pupils already have a background of extensive reading and travel, plus other cultural experiences. This is a school where the faculty expects much of the pupils and the pupils, in turn, expect much of the faculty. A teacher ' s schedule is not bound by an eight hour school day. Mrs. Edith Wisner grades homework papers at night. a huge, hungry group eager to explore every channel of education available In clothing class, Maribeth McNamara and Kathy Harris were taught skills that helped them develop satisfying hobbies. Robert Seigal collects tickets at basketball games. George Sharp and Wilbur Richards take courses at the Purdue University Extension. 9 OUR PARENTS SEE US AS North Centralites, as their parents see them, are jet-propelled young people whose energy, however, is often punctuated by fits of laziness. This lassitude generally extends only to such matters as keeping rooms clean and rarely interfe res with the heavy schedule of social, extra-curricular and academic ac- tivity most teenagers follow. To provide the best possible educational opportuni- ties for these unpredictable young people of theirs, parents are banded together in the Triangle Club. They channel their activities into providing financial assistance for " extras " not covered by the official budget, and they back the faculty and administration to a degree not always found in the average high school. Parental interest in the welfare of the teen- agers of the community stimulates the rapid growth of North Central since it interests other families into moving into the area. Capacity audiences at the Family Jamboree enjoyed " The Music Man " in which Bill Keller played the lead. Homework before housework is Judy Potter ' s motto, but as the pressure mounts she finds her room has become a shambles. 10 perpetual motion propelled by seemingly tireless energy punctuated by Pits of immobility In a recreation room typical of north side homes, Bill Hunt, Mary Hockett, Sharon Clarin, and Sandy Sutton relax after a chilly football game. Miss Harrison discusses English courses with a group of interested parents who are following a shoi ' tened version of their children ' s daily schedules during the annual " Back to School " program. 11 WE SEE OURSELVES AS Stopping to greet friends and yet get to class on time makes the day interesting for Kathy Carr, Bob Hulett, and Jody Horst. Mr. Clones, Rick Roessler, Mr. A. Logan Steele, and Dr. Schwilck shared the head table at the annual Leadership dinner. " Teenagers are people who eat like horses but don ' t get fat; who talk for hours but don ' t get hoarse; who have a fresh outlook on life and can understand it; and who can enjoy any task whether bad or good. " So says a senior in the school and probably most North Centralites look at themselves the same way. Despite that fact that most of them live under pressure — pressure to make good grades for college acceptance — the average pupil is well- adjusted, happy, and proud of his school. He be- lieves that top grades are a status symbol; that North Central offers him advantages not found else- where; that the faculty is better than average; and that if he behaves like an adult he will be treated as one. He wants his school to be well-known nationally ; not only for the beautiful building but most of all for the type of accomplishment made by its people. 12 a wave of beginners seeking recognition, first as individuals, second, as members of a group Edith Shackelford and Jean Grossart, who are mte in social work, learn more about criminology on a visit to the police dispatcher ' s office. North Centralites serve as " extras " in the performance of " Don Carlos " , one of five operas brought to the school by Indiana University ' s Music Department. ACADEMICS ARE THE BASIC CONCERN Academics are the prime consideration of most North CentraHtes who, on the average, approach their studies with a seriousness of purpose that is in line with the national trend toward greater depth in edu- cation. Although the final choice of subjects to be taken is made by each individual pupil, the school provides extensive counseling throughout the three years, continuing that which was begun in the sev- enth grade in junior high schools. Both college-bound people and those who plan to go immediately into the business world find what they need in the wide range of subjects offered in the curriculum. All of these contribute toward giving North Central its excellent academic reputation. IT ' S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT -V. of a schoo geared to top quality educational opportunities English correlates literature, writing, and mechanics of expression Back of the English Department ' s planning lies a three-fold dedication: preparing teenagers to meet communication challenges of the adult world, especially those needed in advanced education; help- ing them appreciate the marvelous depth of their native language while teaching them the most effec- tive ways of speaking and writing ; and giving them a glimpse of the literary heritage of the western world with special emphasis on America and England. Team teaching makes it possible for faculty mem- bers to lecture on their specialized subjects before large audiences while working with small discussion groups at other times. Co-ordination of English and history courses for juniors affords a greater insight into American cultural growth. Mrs. WinKfiold ' s individual counselinfj in En ilish compo.sitioi) hf!l)).s .Jane Vof el prepare for coileg ' e. IJol) .VlaniCold uses the iridi vidiinl vicwscopc in the lilirai ' .y l,o K ' d. iriforinnt.ion I ' om filmstrips. 16 17 Understanding rules, not memorizing, stressed in math and science Lynn Barlet researches the " tongue curling " ability of Mary Nichols, Marsha Eck, Marsha Brandt, and Kathy Knipmeyer for a biology project. Astronauts are being launched into orbit from Cape Canaveral; scientific-minded North Centralites are being launched into highly technical careers. Thus, North Central is meeting the challenge of the space age through a stepped up program of math and science. In both laboratories and classes, a greater emphasis this year has been on experimentation, with the pupils not only performing the standard exercise but also devising original methods of their own to point out new concepts related to classroom material. While the science classes are experimenting, the math classes are concentrating on proving the basic postu- lates and formulae that previously were accepted without formal proof. In addition to this new ap- proach, interest is stimulated through X-classes and special projects of which some are related to the Marion County Science Fair. This modern approach, coupled with use of the most advanced equipment, helps to place North Central ' s science and math program among the best in the state. Two of the five girls taking physics, Pam Turm Joan Wente, chsck experiments with Richard 19 Graphic arts boys get a real workout by printing school forms, posters, and the school newspaper. Jane Grumman and Nancy Lehman experiment in Home Ec. with gluten as a flour substitute, but find the biscuits they baked are inedible. Through use of the overhead projector, Mrs. Reese demonstrates shorthand skill by projecting her writing on a screen. A vocational interests developed in practical arts courses In the area of practical arts, avocational interests may be developed. Exploratory courses are offered in industrial arts and home economics. Some students select courses related to preparation for professional careers — for example, engineering or dietetics. In the general shop, metals, and printing area the school has excellent facilities providing the vocational skills of printing. Gaining an understanding and knowledge of the career opportunities in the field of home economics and furnishing additional opportunities to develop skills in the use of fabrics and equipment were the main objectives of the Home Economics Department this year. In the industrial arts area much stress was placed on the fundamentals of the course. Maribeth McNamara checks Bonnie Moore ' s hem in preparation for the spring fashion show. For a shop project, Sam Astley built a large scale model of the layers of construc- tion in an average house. 21 On February 20, 1962, North Central students watched Colonel John Glenn orbit the earth three times in the Friendship VII space capsule, an event that made history. Comical puppets, designed by Mrs. Cate, performing on a stage improvised from a bookcase, make a French play more understandable for the class, even though the miniature actors speak only French. 22 Social studies and languages add to understanding of world Foreign language tapes which help students perfect their pronunciation are played in the language lab by Gil Peck. A choice of five languages is offered North Cen- tralites; two of them, Spanish and German, are taught by foreign-born teachers and one, Russian, by one of the few accredited to teach that subject in the United States. Other courses offered are French and Latin. College-bound people find an additional offering, Latin and Greek derivatives, invaluable as a basic source of help for many subjects in which they will enroll later. Besides learning to speak and read a foreign language, pupils in these courses study the customs and traditions of the countries involved. They have fun while doing this by putting on dinners, fashion shows, and skits in the manner of the people whose speech they are learning. Language labs continue to demonstrate their use- fulness in helping pupils get over the astonishment of hearing themselves speak aloud in an unfamiliar tongue, and in permitting the more apt learners to advance rapidly. Fourth year Latin students, Barbsy Blieden, Mike Corey, and Steve Kemper make maps to help them visualize the journey of Aeneas. 23 Culture appreciation, major goal of Fine Arts Department The Counterpoints, a mixed choral group, spend many tedious hours of preparation and practice before app(?aiinK on flhannel 13 ' s program, Pass Key. 24 Tension mounts and nerves grow tight as anxious actors await their entrance cues in the Jamboree musical, " The Music Man. " Contour drawing with a continuous line is made easier when Mr. Keyt defines facial planes to his art class by tracing them on Jim Dremonas ' head. BUI T H i iHH Three departments continue coordinating activities to provide North Centralites with a unified approach to the field of Fine Arts. For example while the Music Department was producing " Music Man " for the Triangle Club ' s Family Jamboree, this year, Thespians and Stage Crew members built sets and arranged special lighting effects for the production. The Art Department, meanwhile, was helping with the decorations and ads. In other projects and activities, many pupils gain experience in music, art, and dramatics. The more deeply interested of these are stimulated by the Junior Scholastic Art Contest, the spring and fall all- school plays, public appearances by choral groups, and by the challenge of debating. Connie Climer, Bob Morgan, and Jon Krahulik portrayed characters in " Hai-vey " , the fall play. One-semester courses round-out basic education needs In developing a sales project for a term paper and discussing- it with Mr. Rump, Sandy Streib gets valuable career training. Not all courses at North Central have college en- trance requirements as their objective. The purpose of many subjects is to give pupils a well-rounded edu- cation. Two of these subjects, psychology and soci- ology, provide a better understanding of a man ' s personality and of his place in the world. The health education program consisting of physical education, NDCC, driver ' s education, and health and safety, starts young people toward a sound and safe adult- hood. Some courses, such as selling, expose pupils to situations which will be found in the business world. Experience in working with backstage equipment is part of the benefit gained from enrolling in stage- craft. These elective subjects are available to all pupils, college-bound or not. Richard Stark discovers that girls don ' t always tell the truth as he and Susie Weatheiley demonstrate a lie detector for psychology class. 26 Evelyn Jones records data while Jean Lach tests her Student assistants Mary Burkert and Lou peripheral vision in drivers ' education. Riddell grade Nancy Harrison, Marty Gavin and Diane Kidd ' s tumbling stunts. Under the supervision of Mr. Lord, members of a stagecraft class construct scenery for all of the school productions. TRADITIONAL EVENTS PROVIDE Interests other than academics liven the school year. Events such as the Junior Spectacular, spon- sored by the Junior Class, the annual fall and spring plays, presented by Thespians, the Jamboree musical, directed by the Music Department, and the Band-0- Rama, a concert given by the instrumental music di- vision, have become traditional over the years. One other event, or rather, a series of events, are in the process of becoming a regular part of the school year. Last spring, Indiana University brought one opera to the school; this year, five. The university trans- ported an entire company plus the necessary scenery to North Central, to provide this opportunity, the first such to be given any high school in the country. IT ' S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT 28 a lighter side of school life important for morale The combo consisting of J. Cregor, J. Chandler, A. Aspinal, J. Jordan, and B. Lawler play Charleston music for " After Hours. " Billy ' s Fan Club in " First and Ten " cheer him on in the homecoming game: (kneeling) P. Fortune, A. Kabel, T. Hibbs, (standing) V. Kelso, L. Riddell, R. Miller, and S. Rogers. Spectacular rated one of high spots in Junior Class activity Mrs. Ball, director, and Mr. Lord, assistant director, made .sure Spectacular was a success. » X Enthusiastic applause greeted the brilHant cos- tumes and decorative sets as the curtain rose on North Central ' s sixth annual Junior Spectacular. The traditional introduction of class officers and the Counterpoints ' song about the four acts which were to be presented opened the show on February 28 and on the following three nights. Colorful and lively Charleston dancers were a hit in " After Hours " , a story about the " Roaring Twen- ties " . Cheerleaders publicly rooted for Dillingsworth, the unathletic-looking hero of the home-coming game during " First and Ten " . In " Paupers Paradise " , the audience traveled from Shanty Town to high society and back to Shanty Town. " Darren ' s Disciples " spoofed teenagers preparing a spectacular act at the fictional Franklin Darren Memorial High School. Imaginative costuming and props, along with con- structive criticism from the student co-ordinators, Marilyn Haislup and Connie McClain, and from the directors, Mrs. Ball and Mr. Lord, were all ingredients in the recipe that made the Spectacular of 1962 a treat for everyone. ' . ' .() Chairmen: Pam Berry and Chairmen: Sana King, Susie Margy Maxwell. Crawford, and Patty Walters. Pam Weaver swoons when her idol Bob Morgan sings in " Darren ' s Disciple, " which tied as best act in Spectacular. S. Wisely, S. Spengeman, S. Steiner, S. Richwine, S. Reynolds, D. Hamilton, D. Minney, M. Hershman, J. Frisch, L. Buehler, and J. Bodwell are the " country hicks " in " Pauper ' s Paradise, " tie for best act. Queens elected for traditional posts at annual dances and events School Royalty, who usually were crowned while standing on the winding marble staircase of the Stu- dent Center, were an important part of almost every dance at North Central this year. A Duke and Duchess presided over the ADD dance sponsored by the North- ner staff ; a king and queen reigned over the Junior Prom; and queens were the featured attraction at the Fall Sports Dance given by the Student Council and the Military Ball, the NDCC ' s big event. A lot of hard work and energy went into putting on success- ful school affairs. With the exception of the Junior Prom, which is traditionally held at the Indiana Roof, most of the dances took place in the Student Center. Sponsoring groups vied with one another as to which could use the most ingenuity in transforming the school ' s central hall into a completely different setting. After-the-game mixers added interest to sports events this year. These were sponsored by various school organizations such as the Key Club, and the Sophomore and Student Councils. Dances provided a welcome change of pace in the study- filled lives of busy North Centralites. Susie Rogers provided an unexpected thrill for her escort, Ralph Tramontini, when she was crowned queen of the Sportsman ' s Spree, the Student Council ' s annual Fall Sports Dance. Niki and George lead off the first dance after their crowning as .Junior Prom royalty. 32 The NDCC queen, Mary Shreve,, was escorted to the Military Ball by Cadet Major Mike Oliver. Junior Prom King and Queen Candidates— FRONT ROW: Cheryl Williams, Suzy Smith, Judy Wake, Marilyn Boone, Niki Curtis, Shannon Kelly, Mary Cummings, Marcia Robbins, Chip Dillon, Gail Crawford. BACK ROW: Jeff Gibbs, Morgan Everson, Lee Seaver, Bob Morgan, George Spees, Randy Long, Steve Kemper, Bill Sims, Claude Warren, Howdy Wilcox. 1 NORTH CENTRALITES CHOOSE to extend classroom work an promote hobbies in a variety of school sponsore ACTIVITIES The Student Council, with its usual flair for originality, chose the " Snow Ball " as its annual Christmas dance theme and invited Santa Claus to bring a bag of goodies. Student Council influence student Council — FRONT ROW: P. Fullerton, C. Nuna- maker, S. Newman, C. Ball, A. Schwartz, N. Stolp, R. Roessler, R. Long, G. Kelley, A. Talesnick, S. Rogers.M. Morgan, T. Armstrong, V. Ray, E. Simmons, L. Riddell, S. Traylor, and D. Whalin. ROW TWO: S. Linden, J. Blythe, J. Evans, K. Gebhardt, D. Parker, B. Browne, V. Ostrom, L. Martin, J. Shelton, S. Chesterfield, P. Andrews, S. Hughes, R. Witham, J. Bodwell, H. Wilcox, and D. Schillen. ROW THREE: B. King, S. Dinnsen, B. Butler, P. Mohlman, M. Hershman, D. Lewis, S. Grauel, P. Roper, C. Warren, J. Durlacher, J. Davidson, D. Clutter, B. Henzie, L. Lurton, B. Morgan, and Eugene Clones, sponsor. BACK ROW: J. Alderman, R. Duncan, P. Troup, B. Wherry, R. Jones, P. Martin, R. Tramontini, H. Finn, J. Short, E. Harper, J. Coffey, E. Karrmann, B. Hunt, -G. Spees, S. Hammond, W. Klukas, and D. Catlin. Library monitors, Bill Hilgedag and Frank Teague, check passes that come into the library every period. Student Council bookstore assistant, Nicki Newkirk, checks to see how many books are needed to replenish the supply. shown in good pupil-teacher relationship One of the most important organizations in the school from point of service and influence is the Stu- dent Council, a group composed of representatives from each home room. Members serve as liaison agents between faculty, administration and the stu- dent body and have been responsible for arranging to have carried out many good suggestions given them by the pupils. This year, for the first time, the council was given the responsibility for arranging Career Day. Also, new projects included serving on the Fine Arts Com- mittee which is choosing paintings to be purchased for the school, and on the Bui lding Committee for the new North Central. A numerical system for the in- tricate halls of the latter is one of the coun2irs proudest accomplishments. Extension of the honor system is an objective on which the group is working. Already pupils in the school are being given a chance to prove their ability to be responsible citizens by being placed in " teacher- less " study halls. Another project, the Safety Council, has long been a favorite with the Student Council and one with which they have consistently won honors, receiving national recognition for the past three years. The group is also responsible for bringing excellent programs to the school for the weekly convocations. Rick Roessler served as president, Alan Talesnick, vice-president ; Randy Long, treasurer ; Georgette Kel- ley, secretary, and Susie Rodgers, assistant secretary. Student Council officers responsible for important projects this year were Alan Talesnick, Randy Long, Rick Roessler, Georgette Kelley, and Susie Rogers. 37 National Honor Society— FRONT ROW: R. Blaha, L. Sander, S. Wright, J. Blackman, H. Adelsman, M. L. Mackey, K. Marshall, N. Colville, B. Eggert, J. King, L. Naaman, P. Goodwin, M. Rohrman, J. Weisell, ROW TWO: J. Harding, C. Henzie, A. Fairchild, C. Engelman, J. Kingsbury, J. Ellis, E. Grau, S. Nolan, S. Wilson, S. Kelly, N. Coates, Mrs. Kivett, sponsor. ROW THREE: B. Morgan, P. Roper, M. Corey, B. Kiser, L. Lang, N. Davis, B. Browne, M. Berlin, J. Wente, P. Turner, J. Turner. BACK ROW: J. Noller, D. Durlacher, C. Atkins, J. Ambrous, S. Kemper, S. Jessup, M. McDonald, F. Matekunas, J. Rosenbaum, M. Veon, B. Main, E. Karrmann, J. Gisler, R. Roessler. Character, service, scholarship, leadership honored Officers of the North Central Honor Society: Melinda Rohr- mann, Phil Roper, (standing) John Gisler, Bob Morgan. The objectives of the local chapter of the National Honor Society as stated in the Constitution are " to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leader- ship, and to encourage the development of character in students of North Central. " After-school meetings featured talks on current topics, such as the Congo situation. As a special service project the members helped sponsor National Education Week by decorat- ing the school. In the fall the traditional dinner was held in the school cafeteria and John Wendling of the faculty spoke about his trip to Russia. The April assembly honored incoming juniors and seniors who had been selected from among the top 25% of the class and who had received merit recommendations awarded by teachers each semester. A reception to welcome the new members and their parents was held in May. The group sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Kivett chose as its leaders: Phil Roper, president; John Gisler, vice-president; Melinda Rohrman, secretary; and Bob Morgan, treasurer. :38 Service to the school and community is the main purpose of the Key Club. This organization is respon- sible for the sale of concessions at all home games during the football and basketball seasons. A pep session is also one of their major projects during the year. After the North Central-Broad Ripple basket- ball game, the Key Club sponsored a mixer in the Student Center. Members took care of the coat check during the productions of operas presented by Indiana University. At Christmas, they fed a needy family, and also assisted in securing a job for the father. During the month of May, the Nora parking lot is the scene of their annual car wash. At the end of the school year, the money that is left in the Key Club treasury finances the Recognition Day program. The club consists of a total of forty-three boys. Prospective members must have a 2.25 grade aver- age and be recommended by five of their six teachers. Wilbur Richards is the club ' s sponsor. Stu Grauel holds the office of president ; Kobie Grinkmeyer, vice- president; Bill Jefferson, secretary; Steve Kemper, treasurer ; Jerry Coffey, historian ; and Bo Hagemier, sergeant-at-arms. As a service project. Key Club members Steve Kemper, Bill Wright, Ed Harper, Joe Wolf, Stu Grauel, and Dick Hammer make posters to publicize athletics. Key Club active in service projects for school Key Club — FRONT ROW: John Lowe, Mark Bell, Stu Grauel, Bo Hagemier, Bill Jefferson, Steve Kemper, Jerry Coffey, Kobie Grinkmeyer, Robert Fishman. ROW TWO: Jerry Blythe, Dave Hamilton, Jim Jordan, Dan Askins, Dick Hammer, Mike Corey, Paul Bancel, Tom Wolfe, Joe Wolf, John Warren. ROW THREE: Jeff Bloomgarden, John Wells, Jim Katterjohn, Harvey Finn, Bob McQuiston, Bob Main, Bill Hilgedag, Ed Harper, Bill Strang, Chuck Peters. BACK ROW: Max Hittle, Jim Buschman, Bob Hulett, Alan Tales- nick, Stephen Duck, Bill Hunt, John Sturman, Jeff Gibbs, Bill Wright, Bob Manifold, Mr. Richards, sponsor of the group, is shov rn in Row 3 on the extreme right side. 39 Mr. Rump and boys of the Service League, Phil Roper, Terry Harris, and Charles Rankin. School assisted by Boys ' Service League projects When any kind of miscellaneous assistance is needed by faculty or admini- stration, members of the Boys ' Service League are available to lend a help- ing hand. At school functions and special events they pitch in to.,..direfct traffic, sell tickets, and attend to refreshments. During fire drills, members use stop watches to time how long it takes to evacuate the building. They also assist in opening the doors for the fire drills. New pupils at North Central find it much easier to become adjusted when the Service League steps in to acquaint them with the school policies and to see that they meet people. Boys ' Service League does not elect officers. 40 Senior girls serve school community Assistance to the school community is the objective of the Senior Girls ' League, sponsored by Mrs. Betty Stokesberry. To achieve this aim the girls took charge of the Senior Mother-Daughter Tea held in May and served as guides for special guests during the school day. They also invited new pupils for lunch with a few other members of the League so that the new- comers would be officially welcome to North Central. In addition to spending time on service projects, the senior girls attended a series of programs revolv- ing around the theme: " Outlook On The Future. " Representatives from various colleges spoke to them on the advantages accruing from a college education and discussed the importance of careers. This series of seminars helped the girls in mapping plans for their own futures. Bonnie Browne, Nancy Coates, Niki Curtis, Stevie Hafner, Pam Turner, and Cindy Whitfield compose a Planning Board which is the governing body of the League. Senior Girls ' League planning board members, Nancy Coates, Bonnie Browne, Niki Curtis, and Pam Turner listen to Cindy Whitfield report on meeting plans. Enjoying a get-together lunch, Jane Brady, Mrs. Stokes- berry, sponsor, Donna Zimmerman, Terri Armstrong, and Marilyn Boone talk about special events planned for Senior Girls ' League. 41 Merit Scholarship Finalists at North Central this year are Ronnie Stumpf, Nancy Davis, Joe Wolf, Kathy Marshall, Mary Lou Mackey, Jeanie Smith, Kurt Stevens, Charles Hibbard, Judy Harding, Mike McDonald, John Noller, Greg Carman, James Ambrous, Bill Wright, Walt Carroll, and Sandy Sutton. Not shown: Bob Flanders, Lee Seaver. For the fourth consecutive year North Central has led the state in the number of National Merit Scholar- ship finalists. This year the total number was nine- teen, two of whom later transferred to another school. All nineteen semi-finalists were named finalists. Na- tional Merit Scholarship tests are available in March for second semester juniors and first semester seniors who wish to take them. Finalists are eligible for fi- nancial aid if the situation demands it. Another group, the yearbook staff, had last year ' s goal as a pace setter for the current book. The 1961 Northerner won both the coveted All American Na- tional Scholastic Press Association Awards and the Medalist from Columbia Press Association. Both plus ratings are difficult to achieve and are given to top books across the country. Indiana University Achievement Tests are admin- istered in the spring on the Indiana University campus. Student enrolled in English, mathematics, or foreign language courses are permitted to take part. Review sessions are held before the contest for any interested students. Candidates are eliminated through a series of tests. Unlike the National Merits, the Indiana University Achievement Tests are held only on a state level and are not connected with any type of scholarship. Special awards given for superior achievement English contest entrants: Pat McGuire, Nancy Hitchcock, Karen Ostapenko, Joan Thompson, and Roberta Blaha. (stand- ing) John Noller, Jim Borland, Barbara Kiser, Stevie Hafner. Mrs. Keilman, Kathy Clark and Jane Blackman, 1962 co- editors, and Steve Kemper, 1901 editor, check their All Ameiican and Medalist score books. 42 Quill and Scroll— FRONT ROW: Harriette Adelsman, Sharon Mc- Murray, Helen Copeland, Helen El- liott. BACK ROW: Kathy Clark, Jeanne Cooper, Marilyn Haislup, Jane Blackman, Kathy Marshall. Jean Grossart, Sue Amy, Connie Chapin, Steve Kemper are not pictured. Top drama and journalism people named Thespians, a national org-anization created for the purpose of furthering dramatics, participated in both state and national dramatics festivals, spon- sored the spring play, and held a formal banquet in the spring. Steve Phelps was president. Bob Morgan, vice-president; Marsha Eck, secretary; Bruce Newby, treasurer, and Mrs. Elsie Ball, sponsor. Students outstanding in journalism were rewarded by membership in Quill and Scroll, an international organization for those interested in journ- alism. Requirements for admission are high; candidates must be in the upper third of their class and have worked in some phase of journalism for one year. Members of Thespians, national honorary organization — FRONT ROW: Lynn Barlet, Ronnie Stumpf, Sandra Streib, Marsha Eck, Steve Phelps, Bob Morgan, Bruce Newby, Sandi Gordon, and Judy Joseph. ROW TWO: Carol Edmond, Helen Elliott, Phyllis Payne, Gloria Gresham, Jeanie Smith, Kathy O ' Brien, Andrea Hilburn, and Elsie Ball, sponsor. BACK ROW: Phil Murphy, Dan Flickinger, Stu Grauel, Stephen Duck, Ivan Barrett, Paul Heckle, and Byron Young. 43 Northerner staffers work twelve ' ' month year In two small rooms in upper B-wing, twenty-two pupils and their sponsor Mrs. Keilman put out a $7,000 book in twelve months. After planning the content of each page of the new book in the spring of 1961, four members of the staff attended the Indiana University Journalism Institute for two weeks to plan the layout. Other staffers sold ads in the summer to help defray the cost of the book. In the fall, Northerners were sold and the add dance was planned. Headlines, picture ideas, picture cap- tions, and copy presented a challenge to the five book- section planners all winter. In the spring of 1962, writers and photographers rushed to meet the March 15 deadline. Then they checked the galley proofs to make sure that the book would be a good represen- tative of their school. The finished products were distributed by the staff at the autograph party at the end of school. Last year ' s book, the 1961 Northerner, was awarded the All-American and Medalist ratings, the highest possible ratings given to high school yearbooks. The book was also one of fifteen chosen nationwide whose layouts were shown in slides at the Columbia Scho- lastic Press national convention in New York. It was the only one from Indiana. Carol Blewett, Carolyn DeMyer, Jeanne Cooper, and Nita Cranfill discuss captions for the Activities Section. Opening section editor Marilyn Haislup discusses a problem Editor Bill Keller talks " copywriting " with Lee Ann Wilsted, with Pete Stephenson, Connie Chapin, and Cindy Whitfield. Joann Suggs, and photographer Paul Walk. Mrs. Keilman, sponsor, Jane Blackman and Kathy Clark (seated) have " early deadline " worries. Lynn Klinger, Helen Copeland, Vicki Warren, Pam Fortune, responsible for the album section, must know their mathe- matics to decide on placement of the 528 senior pictures. Taking a momentary rest from working, Ralph Tramontini, assistant, and Alan Talesnick, sports editor, check idents. Helen Elliott, who is responsible for the Northerner circula- tion, reminds Hank Wolfla, a yearbook photogi ' apher, that a good picture makes a more salable book. The Northern Lights, North Central ' s newspaper, stands out as another educational projsct. The paper is issued to the student body and faculty on a bi- weekly basis, permitting the staff to write stories from a feature angle which creates more interest. Through Northern Lights the student body is kept informed about events in the school, both past and future. John Shirley, faculty advisor, along with the editor- in-chief, Kathy Marshall; the feature and editorial editor, Jim Williams; and the activities editor, Judy Potter; keep the presses rolling and the copy coming in from their staff. Composing the Northern Lights staff are Ellen Bartelmes, Kay Booton, Ed Dixon, Steve Claffey, Carol LeVee, Barbara Madison, Dyann Miles, Judy Miller, Carole Russell, and Nancy Sex- son. Sue Waller, better known as " Our Lady In Southampton, " is foreign correspondent who dis- cusses her life as a schoolgirl in England. The traditional Senior Corner, Student Council Comments, and special editions have been carried into this year ' s schedule. Through long tedious weeks of work and co-operation, the Northern Lights staff is able to submit to its readers interesting articles concerning fellow students. Kathy Marshall, editor of the school newspaper, The Northern Lights, has as her helpers, Judy Potter, activities editor, and Jim Williams, editorial editor. Publication ' s staffs write North Central ' s newspaper, The Northern Lights, staff included: (standing) John Shirley, sponsor, Judy Miller, Art Gray, Sue Pock, Steve Claffey, and Barbara Madison, (seated) Judy Potter, Nancy Sexson, Kathy Marshall, Jim Williams, Carol Levee, and Ed Dixon. Not Shown: Kay Booton, Ellen Bartelmess, Carol Russell, Dyann Miles. for school and city papers and magazines Members of the North Central News Bureau, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, augmented their allowances by submitting articles about North Central to three downtown newspapers, the Indian- apolis Times, the Indianapolis News, and the Teen Star, and two local papers, the Suburbanite and the North Side Topics. Learning to streamline their writ- ing in journalistic style, to write from an objective point of view, along with constant practice in written expression, gave valuable training in English. Mem- bers met sixth period and were required to submit at least two feature articles per week, and two to four news stories. The Literary Magazine, Etchings in Thought, is published in the spring and is an anthology of stu- dents ' creative writing. The magazine is sponsored by Mr. John Harrison Brown and requirements for the editorial board are that a person be enrolled in his Composition X class. This year ' s editorial board con- sisted of Mary Lou Mackey, editor. Bill Jefferson, and Kathy Marshall. Kathy Marshall, Bill Jefferson, and Mary Lou Mackey, edi- torial staff for the literary magazine, hold an informal meeting in the Student Center. i Five clubs interested in field of writing Journalism Club met in three sections, each being active for a third of the year while the other two studied. The first group ' s programs were planned by Carolyn DeMyer, Bonnie Browne, and Nita Cranfill with Harriette Adelsman as coordinator. The second session had Evelyn Jones for chairman. At the time the Northerner went to press, the third section had not yet met. Programs consisted of talks by news- papermen and women and instructions in the funda- mentals of yearbook publication. While the Journalism Club studied yearbooks, the Press Club studied the fundamentals of printing. This included everything from newspapers to Christmas cards. A tour through the North Central printing shop acquainted members with presses, folders, and other pieces of machinery. Kathy Marshall, Alan Liebowitz, and Ann Berry held offices in the Press Club. Harriette Adelsman, Carolyn DeMyer, Nita Cranfill, and Jean Grossart, members of the Journalism Club, are en- grossed in a Northerner, one of the many yearbooks studied. Press Club officers, Ann Berry, Alan Liebowitz, and Kathy Marshall, gather around the printing press to get a closer look at the machinery used in this specific field. 48 Nineteenth Century Authors Club officers, Tom Marshall, Kit Kemper, Bill Lee, and Gloria Fausset, gather to inspect posters pertaining- to the club ' s current field of study. Our American heritage of literature was the topic of study and discussion by the Nineteenth Century Authors Club members who were sponsored by James Johnson of the faculty. On the other hand, the Authors Club did not limit itself to a specific era or to particular writers, but instead followed the interest of members. Book re- views and lectures were among this year ' s programs. John Lewis was faculty sponsor of this group. Poetry Club members read, wrote, and analyzed poems. They also were encouraged to contribute to Etchings in Thought — the school literary magazine. This year the club made use of a handbook of poems provided by the Triangle Club. This contains poems by American and English authors and is the only publication of its kind. Judy Moyer was named " Bard Number One " , a title handed down from the Middle Ages. James Duffy was the club ' s sponsor. Digging for material to use during the Poetry Club meetings was the job of Judy Moyer, Norman Marcus, and Lois Kinder who are the officers of the Poetry Club. Authors club officers, Stevie Hafner and Shannon Kelley, do research in the library for a future meeting of their club. 49 I Communication problems solved by French Club officers: (top) Judy Turner, Mary Cummings, Janet Kingsbury, and Mary Hockett. (bottom) Jody Horst, Lucy Lang, Donna Zimmerman, Barbara Kiser, Max Hittle. Recognizing the importance of languages in a world of jet transportation, North Central organized clubs to provide opportunities for extended study on the background of the five languages offered in the curriculum. Due to overlarge enrollment, each was divided into several groups. French Club members were quite active during the year. Each group put on skits, saw films, and heard guest speakers. All sections joined in putting on a French dinner. Latin Clubs became acquainted with ancient Roman customs and beliefs. Programs consisted of tapes, slides, skits, and reports on mythology. One of the clubs participated in a Roman banquet. Spanish Clubs studied the countries in which their chosen language was spoken. They, too, saw films, heard reports by several members and guest speakers. Christmas was celebrated with the traditional pinata. One of the groups gave a Spanish dinner. German Clubs also made a study of the countries using that language, culture, and customs. Each of these clubs were headed by three officers. Officers of German Club: (standing) Tom Bauer and Fritz Goulding. (seated) Ann Brown and Jenny Ellis. 50 Foreign Language Clubs Interest in math attracts members to club Mu Alpha Theta— FRONT ROW: M. Rohrmann, B. Click J. ROW THREE: J. Noller, B. Wright, A. Talesnick, L. Conley, Terkhorn, J. Rosenbaum, J. Smith, M. Mackey, J. Short, L. A. Wilhoite, H. Elliott, J. Lowe, D. Frey, B. Main, J. Wells, Rosenbaum, B. Newby, D. Hamilton. ROW TWO: F. M. Frank, C. Peters. BACK ROW: H. Finn, J. Fritsch, S. Matekunas, D. Hanson, J. Yenni, C. Todd, S. Steiner, L. Harris, D. Juday, J. Sinex, M. Veon, M. Corey, M. McDonald, Sherk, G. Schuldt, R. Hirschman, C. Atkins, D. Durlacker. J. Ambrous, R. Foltz, S. Duck, B. Manifold. Top mathematicans with a 3.5 average made in their first two years of math, are invited to join an honorary organization, Mu Alpha Theta. Forty- six people currently belong. This year ' s program included discussions by members and outside speakers. James Rosenbaum was president; Jeanie Smith, vice president; Mary Lou Mackey, secretary; and John Short, treas- urer. Allan Weinheimer was sponsor. Another activity for pupils interested in math is the Slide Rule Club. Members learned to solve many difficult problems on the two small pieces of interlocking wood. George Sharp and James Davidson of the faculty each had charge of a group. John Lowe, Pat McGuire, Jerry Blythe examine a slide rule. Jan Wall gets acquainted with a new " toy " , a slide rule. 52 An extension of scientific knowledge through re- search and experiments proved valuable to members enrolled in the Science Reading Club. Lectures about bacteriology and linear accelerator w ere part of the program. A field trip to Pittman-Moore was also taken. Bob Youngquist was president; Terry Young, vice president ; and Janet Culbertson, secretary-treas- urer. Miss Emma Froysur sponsored the group of twenty-one members. Boys interested in electronics found the Electronic Club to their liking. During the year they heard lec- tures or watched fellow members demonstrate experi- ments such as one in which Jim Alderman used his transmitter for talking long distance to Brownstown, Indiana. Officers were James Rosenbaum, president; Bob Adams, vice president; and James Alderman, secretary. Russell Coverdale rnd Keith Mohr spon- sored the two clubs. Terry Young, Janet Culbertson, and Bob Youngquist, get acquainted with the Science Department ' s dummy. Science Club members research for the future Jim Alderman, working on his transmitter, gets some " kibitzing " advice from Jim Rosenbaum and Bob Adams. Officers of the Social Studies Club, Jeff Gibbs, president; and Ann Cluley, secretary; meet in a conference room to go over their notes before the start of a club meeting. Cries of " checkmate! " can be heard coming from the cafeteria when the Chess Club meets eveiy Monday to play off matches in this newly popular game at North Central. History and Chess Clubs study strategic moves Chess Club has as its purpose making popular a little known game — chess. All ninety members be- came expert enough to take part in an inter-club tournament. Steve Trattner was president; Ron Do- mont, vice president; and Steve Harrison, secretary- treasurer. The Chess Team, composed of twenty-five mem- bers chosen from the larger club, represented North Central in special matches and tournaments with other schools. The team won the North Central invi- tational meet against Warren Central. Morris Camp- bell sponsored the club and team. Fifty Social Studies Club members were divided into four groups, each of which was responsible for sponsoring a program. Presiding officer was Jeff Gibbs. Bill Flynn was vice president and Ann Cluley, secretary. John Holzman was sponsor. Carl DeBard, sponsor, called upon personal ex- periences in working with the Military History Club formed to enrich students ' knowledge of history. He told them of his experiences in wartime landing op- erations. Bernard McKenzie, assistant superintendant, at another meeting described his experiences as a prisoner of war. Chuck Gayle served as president. Other officers were Ralph Brandt, vice president ; Charles Grinkmeyer, secretary; and William Guyton sergeant-at-arms. IMilitary History Officers: Charles Grinkmeyer, secretary; Ralph Brandt, vice-president; Chuck Gale, president; and Jerry Butler, assistant program chairman. 55 FTA, FBLA, and FNA draw people interested Career-minded North Centralites prepared themselves for their college major by joining the Future Teachers of America club. The senior club heard experienced teachers tell of their experiences, qualifications for their pro- fession, and the teaching of handicapped children. The junior-sophomore group learned about elementary and substitute teaching and about school life in Italy. A few club members played roles in the FTA film to be shown state wide. Both groups worked as hostesses for the regional FTA conference held in the fall at Westlane. Other far-sighted young people joined the local chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America club to learn more about the world of commerce and industry. Speakers informed the fifty one members about IBM machines, business law, buying, and public accounting. Many of the members also participated in the state convention held at Ball State Teachers College. Mrs. Edith Reese was the sponsor. Laura Heider, vice president; Jane Gold, president; and Georgia Jones, secretary; plan the Sophomore FNA visit to the Blind School. 56 1 in career futures Future nurses of America and others interested in related fields gathered twice a month to become ac- quainted with the various aspects of the profession. Because of the great number enthused about the " white uniform " , the 160 girls were divided into two groups. Both FNA clubs learned about the many nursing programs offered in colleges and hospitals and about specialized fields of nursing. While the junior-senior group viewed such movies as a Red Cross film about basic First Aid methods or heard speeches, the other club concentrated on service projects, such as a Christmas program for an orphanage. Kay Boo ton was president of the junior-senior club, Jane Blackman was vice-president; Nerus Kauffman, secretary-treasurer; Jane Hunger, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Mary Spoon, sponsor. The sopho- more club was guided by Jane Gold, president ; Laura Heider, vice-president; Georgia Jones, secretary- treasurer ; Eileen Smith, corresponding secretary, and Miss Jeannine Freudenberger, sponsor. Officers of FBLA — (left to right) : Roberta Blaha, Vivian Talbert, Janet Culbertson, Pat Goodwin, and Mike Corey. 57 Show goes on ' with drama debate, stage-crew A backstage makeup lesson was provided for Marsha Eck and Sandra Streib, interested watchers of the director, Mrs. Elsie Ball, as she applied grease paint to Bob Morgan who played Elwood P. Dowd. Forensics: Cheryl Werner, Elizabeth Moneyhun, Anita Moyer, Cindy Whitmore, Caiol Todd, Kathy DeFrantz, Bill Hilgedag, John McCullough, Miss Sharon Bush, Sandy Miller, Bob Hullett, Randy Duncan, Rick Hollander, Ken Foster. Extemporaneous Speech Club members, Jerry Coffey, Debbie Schade, Mary Lou Mackey, and Steve Phelps, hold an in- formal meeting in the library with their sponsor, Mr. Meek. All are officers of the group. 58 Dramatics and debating occupy an important place in North Central, attracting attention both in and out of school. Debaters, coached by Mrs. Thielemann, won the 1961 State Championship and at the time the Northerner went to press, had reached the state semi-finals for 1962. In other competition around the state they won honors at Warren Central. They also gave an exhibition debate at Purdue. Co-ordinating the activities of the Drama Club and the Stage Crew, Mrs. Ball and Mr. Lord co-produced two excellent plays, " Harvey " in the fall and " Anti- gone " in the spring. Some of the drama students and backstage helpers were allowed to take part in the operas brought to the school by Indiana University. Additional experience both before and behind the curtain on the stage was gained by Drama Club and Stage Crew members when the former gave short plays every month after school. Rick Hirschman and Gloria Gresham are engrossed in their parts as characters in a one-act play by the Drama Club. Jim Borland, Jim Williams, Dottie Bychinsky, Alan Goldstein, Steve Claffey, Debbie Schade, and Susie Wisely inspect the Debate Team ' s State Championship trophy. Girls and boys invade each other s clubs Realizing the importance of Home Ec as a prepara- tion for both a vocational career and for one as a homemaker, many girls and boys enrolled in clubs that gave them further experience in this field. In fact, when 128 people signed up for the Foods Club, it became necessary to divide it into four sections. Although Dick Jerman served as president of the combined sections of the club and Gladys Galyean as vice president, each separate group elected its own chairman. A unique series of programs were provided by members who brought in new ideas for making lunches, desserts, and dinners and demonstrated their preparation before the group with the help of Mrs. Margaret Stout, sponsor. A stimulated interest in clothing and textiles was fostered in the Clothing Club, sponsored by Miss Carolyn Kleifgen. By working on sewing projects during the year, pupils learned a great deal about the many careers offered in this field such as fashion and clothing industry. The president of the Clothing Club this year was Michele Murphy. Other officers were Bonnie Moore, vice president; Sue Schellert, secretary; and Saundra Hohlt, sergeant-at-arms. Murphy concentrate on neat hems for their clothes. l ' Dick Jerman, president, Linda Gibson, Joyce Patterson, members, and Gladys Galyean, vice-president, combine hot dog ' s and pineapples to exhibit before the Food Club. 60 to learn about various practical arts Officers of the Graphic Arts Club are Ronald Eilert, Mike Young, Ray Osman, Jim Koett, and Art Gray. Pupils interested in the different phases of practi- cal arts have several clubs from which to choose. The Boys ' Industrial Arts Club provides additional time in which members may work on projects started during regular class periods. Also, a fairly new group, the Girls ' Industrial Arts Club, gives the feminine sex a chance to enter an area usually reserved for men. For the most part, another organization, the Drafting Club, helps those pupils who are enrolled in regular drafting courses to continue their interests, although for some it is also an opportunity to explore into other fields of drafting. Graphic Arts Club mem- bers assist the administration in preparing pamphlets and posters. To avoid confusion on the first day in a new club, Girls ' Industrial Art Club members, Dixie Adcock, Joyce Rouland, Dorothy Comvey, Judy Tull, Mary Cox, Ginny Holsinger, Nancy Boyer, and Georgiana Hearden, look over the machinery with Forest CuUings, sponsor. Steve Siebert shows Sam Astley the model a nd plans of a hydroplane he built for a Drafting Club project. 61 Two of the most popular organizations at North Central are the Beginning Typing and the Review Typing clubs. Last year there were only two divi- sions, one for the beginners and one for the more advanced. This year the enrollees have been split into four groups. Mrs. Carnell and Mr. Cruzan sponsor the newcomers while Mrs. Bizal and Mr. Rump work with the review group. Each section has twenty- three members. Club members are interested in becoming skilled enough to apply their typing ability to preparation of themes and personal letters and records. However, since the group is so large, each person is allowed to remain only one year so the privilege may be passed around to as many people as possible. Beginners use the manual machines but the more advanced group tries to pick up speed on the electrics. Mike Mullinix is chairman of the Review Typing Club. Jerry Har- witz is chairman of the beginners and Elizabeth Miller, vice-chairman of the latter. Jere Whitaker practices her typing as Mike Mullinix looks on during a Review Typing Club meeting. Planning events for Beginning Typing Club members is the combined responsibility of John Evans and Elizabeth Miller, who are chairmen of their respective groups. 62 Pupils wishing to discover whether they have any artistic talent may join the Art Club. Four possibili- ties are given them to find their preferences. Car- tooning and figure drawing are the two sections spon- sored by James Keyt, and sketching and lettering, the two working with Miss Judith Hanson. In Mr. Keyt ' s groups, members are encouraged to develop original cartoons while those in his second section draw both portraits and complete fig ures. Miss Hanson assembles a variety of odd objects for her sketching group to use for " still lifes " . Lettering, a very useful trade to know, is, for the most part, done with stencils. The traditional spring art show, sponsored by the club, is open to anyone in school. Ralph Tramontini served as president this year and Michele Murphy as secretary. Michele Murphy, secretary of Art Club, observes drawings being made by Carol Cook and Sally Noon. Carol, who transferred here from Texas, found new friends in the group. Vocations and hobbies attract many people to Typing and Art Clubs 63 In military formation, the NDCC battle group stands for inspection by Lt. Charles Wilhelm. Members of the NDCC Rifle Team: John Vandorn, Richard White, Pat McDorman, Bob Ward, Tom Mar- tin, Tom Bancroft, Michael Oliver, Scott Kromroy, John Slaughter, and George McClellan. The National Defense Cadet Corps met in several sections, but functioned as a unit rather than as separate classes. Under the supervision of Lieutenant Charles Wilhelm the Cadet Battalion functioned as its staff, company, and platoons, performing their missions. The Military Ball, Federal Inspection, and Veteran ' s Parade were those events which NDCC sponsored or in which it took part. Cadet Battalion Commander was Cadet Major Michael Oliver; Execu- tive Officer was Cadet Major Randy Parish. The fourteen members of the NDCC drill team participated in the Marion County-Indianapolis Drill Team Contest sponsored by the 11th District Ameri- can Legion. Drill team commander was Cadet Master Sergeant Russell Jones. The fifteen rifle team members participated in the Marion County-Indianapolis Championships and in the sectional and state championships. Rifle team captain was Cadet Captain Richard White. The color guard, composed of four members, carried American and Indiana flags at all home football and basketball games. Members of the NDCC Girls ' Rifle Team are Cenne Gibson, Mary Shreve, Judy Gray, Karen Riley, Sandy Jetter, and Ginny DeShano who is the captain of the team. NDCC functions as well-trained group Members of the NDCC Drill Team: Rusty Jones, Cadet Master Sergeant. FRONT ROW: Daniel Conley, Tom Martin, Scott Kromroy, Fred Waltman. ROW TWO: Michael Holloran, David Smith, Michael Ferguson. BACK ROW: Pat McDormit, David Kohl, nnd George McClellan. 65 Although competition is very keen in most activi- ties at North Central, it is especially so in any type of sport. Thus, the chief aim of the intramural program is to present to the boys and girls not on varsity teams an opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitive sport activities which include touch football, horseshoes, tennis singles, basketball, volley- ball, table tennis, tennis doubles, and track. " Good sportsmanship " is stressed in all activities. At the close of each season of intramurals, awards are given, usually in the form of ribbons. The intramural program is carefully planned by a Council consisting of two representatives from each class. Working with Thomas Bradley, faculty sponsor, they have promoted many extensions in the program. These will take effect in the fall of 1963. This year, enrollment in this type of activity has increased by more than 200, bringing the total to 1,400. Along with an extensive opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports, pupils learn the important techniques and rules of the athletics in which they are participating. Through their associations with other people engaged in the intramural program. Joan Pearson, assistant to Mr. Bradley, makes a poster for North Centralites have an opportunity to make long the Intramural ping pong championship program. lasting friendships. Intramurals, healthy outlet for people not enrolled in regular athletics An event that attracts many spectators is the yearly ping pong tournament put on as part of the intramural program. Many boys and girls join table tennis ployoffs. 66 Concert Band — FRONT: S. Shrigley, P. Siebs, L. Prange, L. Cupp, V. Hurrter, S. Flock, R. Herrman, S. Riddell, L. Nichol- son, D. Moser, D. Eddy, J. Nail, J. Jordan, D. Frey. MIDDLE: R. Schlatter, sponsor; A. Foust, C. George, A. Aspinall, K. Crider, R. Lancaster, K. Henry, R. Pritchard, T. Meyer, B. New- by, G. Campbell, N. Leighty, B. Newberry, B. Raff, P. Lucas, S. Narcus, S. Gage, S. Drexler. BACK: R. Gornes, K. Bohne, M. Brethauer, D. Russell, A. Hanson, D. Camfield, A. Thomp- son, K. McKinney, P. Hash, M. Colville, D. Whitinger, W. Witte, L. Paxton, L. Pagel, F. Smith, B. Graves, D. Wampler. Musical background for school life furnished by North CentraFs instrumentalists Symphonic Wind Ensemble— FRONT ROW: A. Foust, C. George, S. Shrivley, P. Siebs, L. Cupp, and V. Hunter. ROW TWO: B. Newberry, P. Lucas, S. Riddell, L. Nicolson, D. Moser, R. Roper, B. Weisel, D. Parker, and D. Laggerholm. ROW THREE: D. Fairman, N. Leighty, R. Pritchard, T. Meyer, G. Campbell, R. Hollander, D. Hanson, R. Smith, E. Kain, and H. Robb. ROW FOUR: A. Aspinal, L. Paxton, D. Whitinger, D. Wampler, R. Claffey, and A. Pyle. BACK ROW: Mr. Schlatter, D. Dunn, M. Colville, R. Overfield, J. Teepner, J. Kepner, S. Drexler, and S. Gage. CH Concert Band — FRONT: A. Pyle, M. McCleaster, R. Reed, B. Adams, D. Morris, D. Dunne, L. Devine, R. Claffey, Q. Ray, J. Witmer, J. Maones, K. Behrman, M. Irons, M. Light, R. Hanaway. MIDDLE: J. Teepner, E. Allen, D. Staley, S. Thompson, J. Cromer, N. Grant, J. Ganz, D. Parker, N. Adolph, J. Samuelson, B. Weisell, D. Langerholm, R. Roper, B. Main BACK: T. Michael, R. Overfield, T. Leslie, J. Stanley, R. Phillips, E. Kean, R. Himes, W. Klukas, J. Cregor, R. Smith, J. Stroh, J. Snyder, D. Hanson, J. Comstock, R. Hollander, R. Blomberg, H. Robb, P. Roper. Opportunities to take part in band activities at North Central are varied enough to fit ths talents of many pupils. To show parents and other pupils what had been accomplished, the department put on a Fall Band-O-Rama and a Spring Concert. All groups par- ticipated in both. Over ninety North Centralities played in the concert band which accepted invitations from other schools to give performances. The latter also made up the marching band that performed for football games. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble, with forty-two members, experimented with music of dif- ficult nature, much of it in the " new jazz " style. The Ensemble performed as pit band in " Music Man " for the Family Jamboree. The Dance Band, with eighteen members, played for a special pep session and for school dances. They also performed as a pit band for such productions as the Junior Spectacular. All the bands were conducted by Robert Schlatter. Dance Band— FRONT ROW: Tom Myers, Chuck George, Alan Foust, Gary Campbell, Larry Nicholson, Alan Aspinall, Ann Schwartz, singer for the band; and Mike Nicoloff. SECOND ROW: Mr. Schlatter, sponsor; Mickey McCleaster, Jim Jordan, Dave Frey, and Stan Gage. BACK ROW: Richard Hanson, Ron Blomberg, Randy Smith, Phil Roper, John Cregor, and Dave Dunn. 69 Baton Corps, Pep Band, and Cheer Block help to boost North Central ' s team lovaltv North Central ' s basketball team has the support of two hundred seventy- five girls this year. Organized into the Block Section, they served as a nucleus for the student cheering section at the County and Sectional Tournaments, as well as for every home game. As a special project, the group took complete charge of a basketball pep session in February. In addition to leading vocal support, the Block Section added color to the games with their outfits of black skirts and sweaters. Officers were Shannon Kelly, president; Donna Zimmerman, secretary-treasurer; and Connie McClain, song leader. Mrs. Juanita Lennox was sponsor. North Central ' s Cheer Block, accompanying cheers with graceful hand motions, add color to the scene of every game North Central plays at home. The Northern Starlettes — (standing) Janet Whiteside, Marcia Robbins, Joanne Collins, Carol Grout, Jane Shelton, Lynn Martin, Susie Steinbarger, Betty Owens, Gail Craw- ford, Pat Hindman, Ann Niehaus, and Carole Geisler. (kneeling) Patty Michaeloff, Bonnie Wells, Ann Boyd, Sherre Wilson, Cheryl Williams, Kathy Garrett, Carol Henzie, Leader of the Group Sherrie Richards, Susie Jackson, Ann Stoelting, Nanci Sexson, Niki Curtis, and Diana Mathas. Members of the Pep Band entertained during all home games, and for the County Tourney and special pep assemblies. Color, charm, and entertainment are provided by the Northern Starlettes, North Central ' s baton corps, at every sport event. These twenty-five girls, dressed in red uniform jackets and short black skirts, per- form precision routines, usually during half time. Besides appearing at sport events, the group also is featured with the band. This year many community parades were on their agenda including the one on Veterans Day, one at Christmas time, and one for the 500 Festival. They also took part in the Band-0- Rama presented by the music department. These girls who are judged on many things, including ap- pearance and gracefulness, try-out in the spring. Senior Carol Henzie organized the Starlettes in 1959 when she was a sophomore. She previously had set up her own corps at Eastwood Junior High School. As leader, she teaches new routines to her girls. Not only is Carol leader of the Starlettes, but she is also a featured twirler with the band. She has won many individual honors in addition to those acquired with her group. In 1958 she was National Strutting Cham- pion and in 1959 she was Indiana State Champion. North Central ' s pep band, a volunteer organization, plays for the booster section at pep sessions and ball games. Larry Nicholson directs the pep band. 71 Singers perform frequently for outside activities Concert Choir — FRONT ROW: G. Fausset, A. Bowsher, D. Morgan, S. Davidson, S. McCleaster, L. Davis, S. Richwine, S. Wright, L. Bernard, L. Salvatore, B. Zessin, R. Miller, B. Hough, E. Scott, S. Hedges, S. Selka, and J. Malless. ROW TWO: J. Mace, D. Zimmerman, L. Barlet, L. Schulte, S. Nolan, A. Grimes, D. Sickles, J. Johns, B. Schechter, P. Gallinger, S. Keene, N. Sosh, T. Armstrong, M. Robbins, N. St. John, and K. Maxwell. ROW THREE: B. Crowse, J. Gray, J. Potter, J. Norris, S. Roop, L. Bess, L. Whitcomb, K. Brinkerhoff, L. Morris, M. Hockett, P. Weaver, J. Brady, S. Clarin, N. Kauffman, and K. DeFrantz. ROW FOUR: N. Bergen, V. Hearn, K. Anderson, B. Allison, L. Schneider, K. Carr, B. Weeks, E. Cunningham, P. Smith, S. Rubin, S. Biddinger, J. Yenni, S. Smith, A. Boyd, A. Stoelting, and G. Crawford. Mrs. Pauline Brothers is the director of this all-girl choir. A Cappella — FRONT ROW: D. Gray, W. E. Gruber, M. O ' Sullivan, J. Gray, L. Gilkison, B. Grau, L. Deckert, J. Pitt, J. Mattox, C. Henzie, S. Gordon, L. Bowman, J. Calderon, K. Maxwell, C. Gommel, B. Perkins, D. Lebowitz, N. Curtis, S. Richards, K. Nolte. ROW TWO: L. Shuttleworth, T. Hazen, M. H. Mueller, S. Howard, R. Adams, M. Glore, J. Reager, D. Orme, L. Kramer, R. Phillips, K. Marschke, M. Brandt, S. Weatherly, J. Sullivan, M. J. Stokes, B. Biddle, P. Schmidt, C3 D r. K. Anderson, R. Blaha. ROW THREE: J. Nestor, A. Tehan, B. Rodabaugh, E. Dixon, C. Dobson, S. Collier, R. Hirschman, T. Sputh, A. Scheffler, D. Schiilen, D. Hammer, B. Keller, J. Anderson, B. Jefferson, B. Butler, L. Meister. BACK ROW: G. Allen, T. Williams, T. Hargreaves, J. Beavers, D. Hudson, D. Hepburn, M. Nolan, R. Miles, P. Barrett, M. Frampton, J. Poxon, P. Jessup, R. Kidd, R. Ganz, R. Overfield, E. Roberts. The concert choir is directed by Donald Martin. n 72 as well as for functions in the school Music groups at North Central participate in var- ious programs throughout the school year, providing entertainment for the public and receiving deserved honors for their organizations. Under the direction of Don Martin and Pauline Brothers, A Capella, En- semble, Concert Choir, and Girls ' Chorale have achieved many goals they set up at the beginning of the 1961-62 school year. The production of " The Mu- sic Man, " the Christmas Pageant, and the Spring Music Festival highlighted the events of this year ' s musical schedule. Girls ' Chorale presented musical skits before the children at Nora Grade School in December. At Christ- mas the Concert Choir and Ensemble combined voices and sang for " Young America Sings " on WIBC. A Capella Choir has been featured on radio and televi- sion. They also scheduled a concert at Indiana Uni- versity for the time in the spring when they planned to tour the campus. Last spring the Music Depart- ment distinguished itself by taking all first places in the State Music Contest, winning plaques for each. Through the combined efforts of the entire Music Department many outstanding achievements have been earned in this field. Girls ' Ensemble — FRONT ROW: S. Clarin, N. Kauffman, D. Sickles, E. Scott, G. Fausset, L. Schulte, B. Hough. ROW TWO: B. Zessin, L. Salvatore, K. Maxwell, S. Hedges, L. Barlet. ROW THREE: J. Brady, B. Weeks, K. DeFrantz, J. Gray, B. Grouse. BACK ROW: P. Weaver, K. Anderson, B. Allison, P. Smith, S. Rubin. Girls ' Chorale — FRONT ROW: Nancy Ratz, Johanna Rowe, Rozi Goldstein, Saundra Asmussen, Rachel Herrmann, Sharon Nail, Georgia Jones, Jane Mitchell, and Sue Haywood. ROW TWO: Carol Ann Resch, Brenda Helton, Joanne Collins, Linda McKown, Louise Teixler, Ruthie Diener, Jill Signorino, Sara Wilmore, Pam Fortune, Marcia Hockett, and Sandra Streib. BACK ROW: Julie Holsworth, Bev Weaver, Wendy Huffman, Debbie Means, Jean Johnston, Lois Kinder, Linda Ann Koby, Carol Herrmann, Carol Janet Edmond, Shirley Akard, Bev Clerkin, and Norene Whitehead. 73 Choral groups study modern and classical music Some of the finest choral voices at North Central can be found in the Counterpoints. This group of thirty students performs during the school year not only in North Central, but also as guests of various civic organiza- tions. They have made personal appearances before the Kiwanis Clubs, church organizations, and women ' s associations. Their musical repertoire includes everything from early madrigal music selections to the latest musical show tunes. The members are responsible for their own dialogue, costumes, and choreography. In the early fall the Counterpoints put on a musical. This year the one chosen was " Music Man " They also participated in the Christmas pageant and in the Spring Festival. In the spring the Counterpoints went to Indiana University on a tour where they also gave a concert. The Counterpoints have been featured on television and radio. Prospective members try out in the spring. They are judged on tone quality, volume, ability to read music, and ability to match piano tones to voice tones. Counterpoints — FRONT ROW: Deanna Gray, Anne Schwartz, Lynn Bowman, Lovetta Kramer, Nancy Atkins, and Linda Kay Kegley. ROW TWO: Kit Kemper, Phyllis Payne, Angela Duhm, Janet Coover, Lucy Lang, Carol Lang, and Phil Jessup. ROW THREE: Dick Hudson, Charlie Hibbard, Mike Frampton, Carl Payntor, and George Spees. BACK ROW: Jim Beavers, Dave Hepburn, Walt Carroll, Dick Engle, Gregory Garman, William Lawler, and Alan Goldstein. 74 Boys ' Glee Club— FRONT ROW: G. Allen, E. Dixon, C. Dobson, A. Tehan, D. Hammer, T. Sputh, J. Bodwell, R. Wetham, C. Herndon, M. Frampton, P. Barrett, D. Schillen, D. Engle. SECOND ROW: K. Kemper, S. Sherman, B. Rodabaugh, J. Nestor, S. Collier, R. Hirschman, B. Keller, J. Poxon, J. Warren, C. Payntor, G. Spees. THIRD ROW: M. Nolan, J. Beavers, D. Hepburn, P. Jessup, D. Hudson, R. Miles, A. Scheffler, G. Carman, C. Hibbard, B. Butler, M. Hirshman, G. Schoenheide. BACK ROW: B. Ruck, T. Williams, R. Kidd, B. Jefferson, E. Roberts, A. Goldstein, L. Meister, R. Overfield, R. Ganz, W. Carroll, B. Lawler, J. Gibbs, G. Jacks. Establishing an all male vocalist group at North Central was the ambition of Don Martin and Mrs. Pauline Brothers this year. Accordingly they organ- ized the Boys ' Glee Club consisting of sixty-five mem- bers. The singers in this group soon evidenced a serious attitude toward choral singing, and worked on improving their voices for participation in various con- tests and programs during the school year. While Mrs. Brothers rehearsed with the Girls ' Chorale on Mondays during activity period, Mr. Martin directed the new group, both in their practice sessions and in planning programs to be presented both to the public and for competitive judging. Jon Krahulik served as president of the new group ; Bill Lawler, vice presi- dent; Jim Beavers, secretary, and Dave Hepburn, as- sistant secretary. Anticipating the entrance in the State Music Con- test in April and auditions for new members at the beginning of the semester, the Boys ' Glee Club be- gan to build a foundation for the future all-male music organizations. Mr. Martin and Mrs. Brothers discuss plans for choral groups who are asked to make many public appearances. 75 Assistants prove valuable as teacher helpers Chemistry lab assistants Chip Dillon and Art Sachs are spending extra time concocting experiments for Mr. Watson to use as class projects for his pupils. Penny Smith, bookstore assistant, takes advantage of a lull in bookstore sales to catch up on lessons. Routine tasks taken over by pupil assistants have eased the faculty ' s burdens considerably this year. Typing, grading of test papers, experimenting with problems for classroom use, and answering phones are a few of the ways in which boys and girls assigned to departmental offices prove their value. Assistants in the main offices scurry through the halls carrying huge identifying keys as they run errands or collect absence slips. Other girls work as salesladies in the bookstore or record keepers in the nurse ' s office. When flu and cold epidemics get started in school, Jane up her free period to work as an office assistant for Keith Brady, attendance helper, has difficulty in keeping ahead of Stroup in the athletic office. Among her duties is typing up her job, alphabetizing absence reports. Sherry Wilson gave basketball schedules. 76 While putting away boolts as a library assistant, Peggy Kibler becomes very en- grossed in one of them. Dave Stuart, Ken Russell, and Don Doench, members of the AVT, check the day ' s filming supplies. Library Club, with thirty-one members enrolled, performs as a service group which helps promote an interest in books, and encourages librarianship as a career. James Borland was president; Cindy Davis, vice president; and Lynn Barlet, secretary-treasurer. Miss Mary Louise Mann is sponsor. Sixty Audio Visual Technician Club members per- form a myriad of services including operating and repairing visual aid equipment, manning the broad- casting booth, and helping with language lab. Ken Russell was president; Dave Stuart, vice president; Ginny DeShano, secretary-treasurer. David Beldus is sponsor. NORTH CENTRALITES ARE LOYAL supporters of the athletic program and of the boys taking part in SPORTS Late-season surge carries Panthers to 8-2 record A walloping six-game winning streak, of which the last four were won by a combined total of 146-0, carried the 1961 varsity football squad to a hard- earned 8-2 season. Although plagued once more with inexperience, the Panthers developed a football power- house with only four returning lettermen plus mem- bers from North Central ' s 1960 undefeated reserve team. A record that includes only two losses in ten de- cisions is outstanding in itself, but this does not tell the whole story. Each year the schedule becomes a little tougher — making the victories a little harder to achieve. Three of the teams with whom the Pan- thers competed were rated in the state ' s top ten sometime during the season. After faring so well in this fast-moving company, the Panthers achieved a rating of twelfth in the state at the season ' s conclusion. Opening the season with the state ' s second-ranked Red Devils at Richmond, the gridmen from the two schools played on even terms for three and one-half quarters before a recovered fumble deep in North Central territory turned the tide and accounted for Richmond ' s first touchdown. The Red Devils added another score just before the game ended. The next two contests proved the Panthers ' ability as they rolled over northern-neighbor Carmel and finally subdued a stubborn outfit from Noblesville, 27-12. A slight let-down was experienced the follow- ing week when the North Central gridmen met a tough squad from Lawrence Central. After spotting the Bears two touchdowns early in the contest, the Panthers tried to fight their way back into the game, but were stopped short by a stubborn Lawrence de- fense. The game with the ultimate Marion County champs ended in a 19-6 defeat for the Panthers. Despite the disappointment of dropping one to the Bears, the Panthers were anything but downhearted. After a week of practices which was described by one player as " so spirited you ' d think we ' d won the state championship, " they roared back to spoil Ben Davis ' homecoming festivities, 13-6. Unbeaten Tipton was next to provide the opposition, but North Central ' s spirit and depth paid off as the opposition went down to a 21-7 defeat. The Panthers had now acquired the desired mo- mentum and there was no stopping them. Motivated by hard work and team spirit, they caused their final four opponents to fall by the wayside. Most surprising of these triumphs was the 45-0 victory over highly- regarded Columbus, a contest in which North Central had been rated a slight underdog. At the season ' s close, the Panthers were repre- sented on the All-County Team by back Dennis Walters and lineman Kobie Grinkmeyer. An encour- aging factor for Coach Smith is that he will have twelve returning lettermen to work with next fall. This is more than in the previous two seasons. Precise blocking and fine running pay off with a Panther touchdown, as Denny Walters scampers around right end. VARSITY FOOTBALL NC 0 Richmond 14 NC 42 Carmel 0 NC 27 Noblesville 12 NC (5 Lawrence Central 19 NC 13 Ben Davis 6 NC 21 Tipton 7 NC 35 Warren Central 0 NC 32 Howe 0 NC 45 Columbus 0 NC 34 Elwood 0 Graduating members of the 1961 varsity football team included George Spees, Gary Criss, Kobie Grinkmeyer, Tony Ferguson, Chuck Gale, Kurt Stevens, Ron Stein- bruegge, Ed Harper, Tom Verplank, Bill Hunt, and Steve Kemper. Straining every muscle, Kurt Stevens outmaneuvers a Tipton defender for the precious pigskin. Varsitv Football Team — FRONT ROW: Coach Weaver, J. Short, " j. Wells, D. Meginnis, D. Wert, J. Bodwell, K. Martin, F. Miller, D. Lewis, and Coach Farrand. ROW TWO: A. Holies, G. Spees, G. Criss, K. Grinkmeyer, T. Ferguson, C. Gale, K. Stevens, D. Clutter, and C. Hauss. BACK ROW: Coach DeBard, R. Berry, S. Cagle, R. Steinbruegge, E. Harper, S. Birr, J. Alderman, T. Verplank, B. Hunt, C. Carry, S. KemDer, Manager S. Snead, and Head Coach Smith. 11 ' t ' f Challenged by an extremely difficult schedule, in- cluding contests with the top reserve squads in the city and county, the 1961 Panther Cubs fulfilled their primary objective, that of gaining experience. This experience, which is such a vital element in the for- mation of a successful varsity, was gleaned from competition with such teams as Southport, Warren Central, and Broad Ripple. Under the able tutelage of Coach Carl DeBard, the varsity hopefuls showed much more promise than the record indicates. Their scoring ability is verified by the fact that they outscored their opponents in total points scored throughout the season, by a 59-58 mar- gin. The boys were rewarded for their hard work in the final game of the season with a resounding 27-0 victory over Howe. The grueling August sun beats down on these perspiring gridmen as they prepare for the season opener. RESERVE FOOTBALL NC 6 Ben Davis 13 XC 0 Noblesville 12 NC 20 Warren Central 26 NC 0 Broad Ripple 0 NC 6 Southport 7 NC 27 Howe 0 Reserve squad caps season with Howe victory Reserve Football Team — FRONT ROW: Lee Wiggam, Sam Snead. BACK ROW: Coach Carl DeBard, Bob Whit- Howdy Gaskill, Mike Jones, Russell Bandy, Mike Verplank, acre, Ted Butz, Jim Babcock, George Waywod, William Mike Cracraft, Tom Crum, Dick Engle, and Student Manager Green, Tom Perkins, John Rice, and Coach Keith Farrand. 83 Cross Country Team — FIRST ROW: Mike Nickels, Fred Waltman, Robert Berry, Ed Harris, Randy Long, William Barron. SECOND ROW: Student Manager Charles Hall, Ross Singleton, Chuck Hood, Morgan Everson, Terry Smith, Jeff Gibbs, Harry Prah, Craig Coleman, Coach Charles Riley who coached the 1962 cross country team. Morgan Everson and Jeff Gibbs admire a handsome trophy won at the Broad Ripple Invitational. Coach Charles Riley ' s harriers, sparked by an up- surge of interest in cross country, greatly improved upon the record of the previous season. Running mainly against Marion County competition, which this year was as tough as any in the state, the Panthers managed to win the Broad Ripple Invita- tional in addition to a triangular meet. They did, however, place second in all but one of their three-way and four-way contests. The Panthers scampered to a highly-respectable third-place finish in the Marion County meet, finish- ing behind state champion Ben Davis and Southport ' s Cardinals who were sixth-best in the state meet. Morgan Everson reaped a hatful of individual honors, placing first in the county, third in the sectional, and fifteenth in the state. Morgan and Jeff Gibbs were chosen co-captains at the season ' s conclusion. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TRIANGULAR MEETS NC 40 Washington 34 Tech . 51 NC 48 Manual 27 Broad Ripple ! 51 NC 66 Ben Davis 24 Howe 41 NC 16 Warren Central _ ___41 Pike 83 QUADRANGULAR MEETS NC 45 Noblesville 40 Arlington ___50 Scecina 81 NC 45 Kokomo 39 Noblesville 54 Lawrence 84 Broad Rippl e Invitational NC first County NC third Sectional NC fourth The starting gun begins a long run for these eager harriers. North Central runners (left to right): Morgan Everson, Teriy Smith, Harry Prah, Fred Waltman, Jeff Gibbs, Randy Long, Barry Barron. Runners finish third in County standings Reserve Cross Country— FRONT ROW: Randy Hatch, Phil Conover, Barry Barron, Ray Osman, Mike Cannon, and Mike Sugars. BACK ROW: Coach Riley, John Seale, Ross Single- ton, Chuck Hood, Doug Dawson, Bob Berry, and Charles Hall. 85 Roundballers post 11-9 record with midseason High scoring ace Morgan Everson is at the scoring end of this fast break in the victory over Broad Ripple. Leaping high and leaning forward, John Gisler directs the ball toward the hoop and another North Central basket. Improving by " leaps and bounds, " the Panther roundballers were victorious in nine of their last ten games to post an eleven-won, nine-lost record. Play- ing one of the stiffest schedules in the state, the net- men competed against seven teams in the state ' s upper thirty — three in the top ten. The season ' s opening game with Muncie Central ' s Bearcats, who were rated number one in all pre-season polls, was nip-and-tuck until a third-quarter North Central point drought dropped the Panthers out of contention. The Greyhounds from Carmel — losers of only three games all year — were next to oppose the Panthers. After a scorching battle, a last-second shot won the 66-6 4 game for the Greyhounds. The next weekend was a dreary one as the Panthers dropped a hard-fought decision to Washington and suffered their fourth straight loss at the hands of a hot-shooting Lawrence Central outfit. A determined North Central ball club demonstrated that things had gone far enough in racking up a TO- SS win over Howe. Following losses to Southport and Kokomo, respectively rated second and third in the state, the Panthers began to shine, and when Coach Marvin Wood unharnessed them for the new year, they were ready to go. Leading undefeated Nobles- ville for nearly the entire game, the netmen lost a chance for an upset in the late minutes, losing by four points. Winning their next two encounters, the Panthers were ready to defend their Marion County I change of form Championship, but after easily handling Pike, were knocked out by eventual sectional - runners - up Speedway. Learning a tournament lesson from the Spark- plugs, the Panthers proceeded to capture their six remaining scheduled games. Included among these was the 68-53 nod over arch-rival and close neighbor Broad Ripple. Other exciting contests were a 70-64 overtime decision from county rival Warren Central and the 57-55 victory over Frankfort in the last reg- ular-season game. Honored at this game were five seniors, all of whom were playing in their last home game and who received letters: Bill Campbell, Morgan Everson, Jeff Gibbs, John Gisler, and Tom Terrell. Coach Wood presented letters to all five juniors at the season ' s conclusion which also saw Morgan Everson and Bill Campbell the number two and five scorers in Marion County respectively. NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC VARSITY BASKETBALL 49 Muncie Central 73 64 Carmel 66 42 Washington 51 69 Lawrence Central 76 70 Howe 58 .35 Southport 66 47 Kokomo 62 80 Madison Heights 76 65 Noblesville 69 66 Manual 60 72 Clinton Central 56 79 -Pike 57 36 ' ' Speedway 54 61 Ben Davis 45 68 Broad Ripple 53 68 Arlington 30 74 Elwood 58 70 Warren Central (overtime) 64 57 Frankfort 55 43 - -Shortridge 70 County Tournament Sectional Tournament Varsity Basketball Team — FRONT ROW: Steve Hadley, John Gisler, Tom Terrell, Chuck Peters, and Bill Campbell. BACK ROW: Coach Clones, Bob Manifold, Morgan Everson, Terry Smith, Jeff Gibbs, Alan Talesnick and Coach Wood. Morgan Everson is upended diagonally into the air in trying to secure the preci ous ball from opposing hands. Stretching high for an important rebound, Bob Manifold finds the stratosphere full of grabbing hands. A stolen pass accounts for two of the Panthers ' total as Huddled around coach Marvin Wood, the Panthers receive senior guard Bill Campbell registers the bucket. vital instructions for the remainder of the struggle. Reserves involved in close decisions The 1961-62 Panther Reserve squad finished its season with a record of five wins and fourteen losses. Included in the defeats were six games in which the Panther Cubs fell short by four points or less. Those opponents snatching tight encounters were Washing- ton, Lawrence Central, Ben Davis, Broad Ripple, Ar- lington, and Elwood. Despite the fact that the cubs did not produce an impressive record, the top-flight competition which they encountered enabled them to acquire a great deal of valuable playing experience. RESERVE BASKETBALL NC 21 Muncie Central 52 NC 43 Carmel 37 NC 34 Washington 37 NC 42 Lawrence Central 44 NC 49 Howe 40 NC 48 Southport 6fi NC 32 Kokomo 46 NC 48 Madison Heights 39 NC 28 Noblesville 41 NC 33 Manual 49 NC 40 Clinton Central 32 NC 39 Warren Central 32 NC 23 Ben Davis 42 NC 39 Ben Davis 42 NC 33 Broad Ripple 35 NC 37 Arlington 38 NC 34 Elwood 48 NC 44 Warren Central 42 NC 39 Frankfort 52 Sophomore Dallas Mulvaney aims the ball for the basket as Reid LeMaster eagerly awaits the result. Reserve Basketball Team— FRONT ROW: Bob Wherry, Bill Kline, Jeff Beauchamp, Ralph Jones Dave Sheets, Mike Henzie Tom Moore, Reid LeMaster, Dallas Mulvaney, and Waldman, Mike Gwynn, Bill Green and Coach, Eugene Clones. Doug Dawson BACK ROW: Manager Skip Linden, Robert These boys will constitute the varsity for two more years. 89 Blind grappler Bob Clark tallies a point as he pins his opponent. State Champion Bill Hunt leads wrestling squad Coach Keith Farrand, taking over the reins as wresthng mentor, improved upon last year ' s 5-7 record, by coaching his team to winning nine, tying one, and losing only one. His reserve squad also ex- perienced a winning season, posting a 7-3 record. Gary Criss, Bill Hunt, Mike Purdy, and Bill Hana- way, four returning lettermen, formed the nucleus for the varsity. Bob Clark, a veteran from The Indiana School for the Blind, also contributed much wrestling know-how and experience. Bob, a junior, will be back next year along with two other junior letter winners, Bruce Lancet and Rick Ratliff. Much of the success of this year ' s varsity is due to the relatively new wrestling programs at East- wood and Westlane. Now in its third year, the system is already furnishing North Central with seasoned grapplers. Five sophomores, all products of junior high wrestling squads, received varsity letters. They are John Nail, Larry Pagel, Dick Parsons, Ron Maurer, and Gary Ray. Underclassmen played a large part in the ' 61- ' 62 season, especially near the end, as they gained more experience and began winning their matches more consistently. The real leadership, however, was con- Irifjutetl by the senior members of the squad. Phe- nomenal records wert; turned in by county champions Mike Purdy and Bill Hunt. Mike, the team captain, accumulalctl an lH-1 record — his single loss being by a single point. Bill Hunt, who represented North Central in th ; heavyweight division, recorded a 20-2 season, losing his two matches by a one-point margin. In the post-season competition. Bill won the highest honor possible for an Indiana High School wrestler — the state heavyweight championship. This marks the first time North Central has had a state champ in any sport. As a team, the matmen also fared well in the season climaxing state eliminations, placing third in the sec- tionals, sixth in the regionals, and tenth in the state. In the M ion County meet earlier in the year. North Central finished fourth. The fine showing of this year ' s wrestling squads, both varsity and reserve, has given rise to new in- terest in the sport. Bill Hunt ' s state championship climaxed the season for everyone and gave a boost to the new surge of interest. All indications point to future winning seasons for the grapplers. VARSITY WRESTLING NC 26 Arlington 18 NC 12 Southport 34 NC 28 Franklin Central 26 NC 25 Warren Central 17 NC 24 Lawrence Central 24 NC 24 Ben Davis 22 NC 37 Scecina 9 NC 37 Marion 11 NC 2C, Kokomo 20 NC 49 Frankfort 3 NC 36 Howe 14 NC _ ___ 3r(l Sectional NC _ ___ 6th Regional NC _ 10th State 90 Reserve Wrestling Squad— FRONT ROW: Mike Verplank, Mike Jones, Mike Pruett, Rusty Smitli, Rick Koenig, Jeff Michaels, Sandy Snodgrass. BACK ROW: Coach Fariand, Rusty Corrigan, Dennis Lawton, Ted Evans, Ron Butler, Bob Weissell. Dave Lewis, Steve Cagle, Coach Smith. The Cubs gained valuable experience in meets. to highly successful season Varsity Wrestling— FRONT ROW: Doug Staley, Ron Maurer, John Nail, Larry Pagel, Gary Ray, Dick Parsons, and Gary Criss. BACK ROW: Coach Farrand, Bob Clark, Bruce Lancet, Bill Hanaway, Bill Hunt, Mike Purdy, Dick Hudson, Rick Ratliff, Larry MacDonald, and Coach Smith. Not pictured, Dave Rohn. Some reserves wrestled varsity. 91 Spring Sports offer variety of participation Although most people regard late winter as a period of inactivity in the world of sports, North Cen- tral athletes consider it an excellent opportunity to begin practice for the coming spring. By the arrival of the first of February, they are already working out in the gym, loosening stiff muscles, and getting into the proper physical condition for the season ahead. Actual outdoor practice begins " as soon as the snow melts " — the phrase commonly used by the coaches. Interscholastic competition in track, tennis, golf, and baseball is provided through spring sports. The season does not begin until late April, too late for this edition of the Northerner to report the results. For this reason the 1962 yearbook contains records compiled by the 1961 spring teams. By the same token, both team and individual pictures include last year ' s participants, many of whom have graduated. Bill Henry and Jay Sinex engage in friendly rivalry with Bill Gardner and Jim Fels during an intra-squad match. I ' anther broad jumper John Berry exhibits the form which enabled him to post a new record last spring. )2 to North Central athletes Getting ready for the ' 62 baseball season, letterm3n Dwight Chernish, Bill Hunt, and Mike Corey are assisted by Student Manager Tom McNerney in securing uniforms and equipment. " Blasting out of a trap is no fun, " says Rick Roessler to teammates Bill Jefferson, Ed Karrmann and Jerry Lambert; but Rick succeeds at the difficult task. 93 Track Team— FRONT ROW: Jim Dulin, Bob Butler, Bill Hilgedag, John McCulIough, Mike Conly, Andy BoUes, Louis Buehler, Mike Jones, Tom Keel, David Lewis, Frank Miller, Jay Allen, Jerry Blythe, Ed Hult. SECOND ROW: Ken Keene, Jeff Salg-e, Karl Ritterskamp, Mike Veon, Dave Clutter, Dale McClain, Jeff White, Jay Steele, Kurt Stevens, Tracksters sweep County North Central once again displayed its track-and- field prowess in the spring of 1961. The Panthers turned aside all opposition while repeating as Marion County Champions and scoring victories in both the New Castle and North Central Relays. Individually the Panthers gained slate-wide acclaim. Karl Ritter- skamp, John Berry, Tom Brady, and returnee Dennis Walters were all in the running for state " bests " throughout the year. With six returning lettermen, North Central may again expect much from Byron Weaver ' s boys in the spring of 1962. TRACK 1961 NC 78 Cathedral 31 NC 77 2 Lawrence Central ... .31 ' n NC -- 7f3 ' 2 Warien Central .__ .321 2 NC __ ._ 1st New f astle Relays NC ._ 1st North Central Relays NC __ Ist Marion County Meet NC __ 2nd Sectionals — Tech. 1st NC 2nd Regionals — Tech. 1st Nr: 7t.b State (Jary Roosevelt 1st Leigh Seaver, Ron Powers, Jim Gregory, Fred Peterson, Carl Dobson, Larry Martin, BACK ROW: Randy Wilson, Wayne Harvey, Mike Koenig, Roger Urban, Steve Orr, Tom Ver- plank, Morgan Everson, Tom Brady, Ron Steinbruegge, Dick Breaux, Dave Barber, John Berry Dennis Walters, Randy Long, Mike Nickels. and Invitational Meets High-jumper Tom Brady exhibits the form which enabled him to break the school record and post the state ' s second highest jump. Tom finished third in the state meet. 94 Panthers achieve 6-8 record despite inexperience Although heavily depleted by graduation losses, the 1961 Panthers socked the hardball for a 6-8 record, failing, however, to produce their fifth consecutive winning season. Tom Bradley, who took over coach- ing duties for the first time last year, molded a team around one letterman and an abundance of desire. Despite getting off to a slow start, the Panthers gained enough poise and experience to play winning ball after midseason. At the season ' s end, Dave Rich- ards and Roger Boyer were selected Team Captain and Most Valuable Player respectively. Six returning lettermen provided a good start for a successful dia- mond season in the spring of 1962. BASEBALL 1961 NO 2 Noblesville 4 NC 2 Lebanon 4 NC 6 Lawrence Central 5 NC 1 Ben Davis 3 NC 0 Warren Central 3 NC 23 Pike 2 NC 5 Lafayette Jefferson 11 NC 8 Beech Grove 0 NC 2 Speedway 6 NC 9 Shortridge 8 NC 2 Broad Ripple 6 NC 7 Carmel 3 NC 3 Kokomo 2 NC 2 Manual 3 Panther southpaw Jim Brunelle fires a hard, fast one. Baseball Team— FRONT ROW: Dick Frye, Dick Jerman, Richards. BACK ROW: Coach Bradley, Bud Ruby, Dwight George Spees Mike Corey, Roger Boyer, Tom McNerney, Chernish, Bill Chidley, Ron Miller, Jim Brunelle, Al Horton, Willis Smith, Bill Johnson, John Abies, John McCaig, Dave Steve Willet, Bill Hunt, Coach Wood. 95 Golfers excel in City-County, State Meets The 1961 Panther golf squad toured the state ' s Hnks to bring home an outstanding record of twelve wins and four losses, accomplishing the difficult task of topping the successes of previous teams. At the season ' s conclusion, Coach Harner ' s boys copped the City-County Meet and proceeded to take third place in the State Meet. A returning contingent of four lettermen bolster expectations for the coming spring. TOURNAMENTS NC 2nd Blooming-ton Invitational NC 1st City-County NC 3rd Reg-ional NC 3rd State GOLF 1961 NC 9 Carmel 6 NC 16 Southport 2 NC 141 2 Lawrence Central 31 , NC 12 Ben Davis 6 ' NC 141 2 Manual 1 2 NC 12 Logansport 3 NC 11 Washington 7 NC 14 Cathedral 4 NC 101 2 Carmel 71 2 NC 81 2 Lebanon Q1 2 NC 13 Shortridge 2 NC 8 Cathedral 7 NC 6 Kokomo 12 NC 6 Madison Heights 9 NC 6 1 2 Broad Ripple 31 2 NC 4 Lebanon n Ed Karrmann ' s stroke is followed by golfers Jefferson, Roessler, and Lambert. 96 Continuing in the fine tradition of North Central tennis teams, the 1961 squad established their fourth consecutive winning season, compiling a 9-6 record. The racquetmen ' s Marion County unbeaten skein was broken, however, by Southport in the final match of the season. As a result, the Panthers finished sec- cond in the County standings. Jim Fels adds another point to the Panther total with a backhand return in a tension-filled match. NC 1 NC 2 NC 7 NC 5 NC 3 NC 4 NC 4 NC 7 NC 7 NC 6 NC 2 NC 4 NC 7 NC 3 NC 3 TENNIS 1961 Kokomo 6 Tech 5 Manual Howe 2 Lafayette Jefferson 6 Ben Davis 3 Shortridge 3 Washington 0 Elwood 0 Broad Ripple 1 Cathedral 5 Park 3 Warren Central 0 Marion 4 Southport 4 Panthers continue winning precedent 1961 Tennis Team — FRONT ROW: Jim Fels, Steve Collier, Ed Burns, Bill Gardner, Bob Fishman, Mike Sweeney, Corky Rust, Sam Snead, Bruce Gale, Bill Henry, Tom Schloss, and Jay Sinex. BACK ROW: Coach Shirley, Jim Jackson, Dave Frey, Rod Wirsching, Duncan Campbell, John Barney, Fred Wolf ' , Steve Harrison, and Tom Tussing. J if • ' ' 5. 1 n 97 Ten girls enthusiastically supported the North Cen- tral Panthers ' athletic teams. The varsity and reserve cheerleaders spent many after-school hours co-ordi- nating rhythmic chants and peppy cheers to boost both team and school spirit at all football and basket- ball games. This year, the varsity squad became acquainted with the new trends in yell-leading at the Annual Cheerleaders ' Conference at Indiana University. They were given tips on crowd psychology which helped in coaxing the audience to lend vocal support to the teams. An excellent coaching staff devoted many hours after school to the instruction of North Central athletes. Stressing technique and sportsmanship, the coaches consistently produced winning teams to repre- sent North Central this season. Boys who excelled in one of the eight sports in our athletic program are rewarded with a varsity letter and automatic membership in the Lettermen ' s Club. Athletic Director, Keith Stroup, sponsored the group. This year ' s officers are Mike Cory, president; Bill Campbell, vice-president; Morgan Everson, secre- tary; and John Gisler, treasurer. Cheerleaders lend vocal support to athletes Varsity Cheerleaders — Susie Rogers, Suzy Smith, Cindy Whitfield, Carole Nunamaker, Ann Fairchild. Reserve Cheerleaders — FRONT ROW: Joyce Johnson, and Cheryl Werner. BACK ROW: Jackie Malless, Candy Jensen, Mary Burkert. These girls cheered the Panther Cubs. Coaches — FRONT ROW: Marvin Wood, basketball; Keith Farrand, wrestling; Eugene Clones, basketball; Tom Bradley, baseball. ROW TWO: Keith Stroup, athletic director; John Shirley, tennis; Norman Harner, golf; Byron Weaver, track. BACK ROW: Charles Riley, cross country; Carl DeBard, football; Bill Smith, football. Coaches and Lettermen promote sportsmanship Lettermen ' s Club— FRONT ROW: Keith Stroup, sponsor. Buddy Ruby, Andy BoUes, Mike Corey, Garry Criss, Barry Barron, and Rick Roessler. ROW TWO: Tom Wilhoite, Dave Meginnis, Jon Short, Tony Ferguson, Dave Clutter, Frank Miller, and Bill Henry. ROW THREE: George Spees, Kobie Grinkmeyer, Denny Walters, Jim Dremonas, Willis Smith, Dave Lewis, and Jeff Gibbs. ROW FOUR: Steve Cagle, Ed Harper, Bill R. Hunt, Tom Verplank, Chuck Peters, John Wells, and Morgan Everson. ROW FIVE: Dwight Chernish, Bill Hanaway, Bob Butler, Randy Long. Mike Nickels, and Ed Karrman. ROW SIX: Mike Purdy, Kurt Stevens, Chuck Gale, Steve Birr, Dick Breaux, Harry Prah, and Bill V. Hunt. BACK ROW: John Abels and Jerry Lambert. These boys earned letters for athletic participation in 1961-62. 99 NORTH CENTRALITES KNOW THAT a school IS only as important as its heart and its reason for existence, its PEOPLE Superintendent Everett Light, executive officer of tlie Board of Education, faces his second construction program in seven years with the satisfaction of knowing that North Central ' s excellent reputation is responsible for the overflow enroll- ment which makes a new building an immediate necessity. An ability to create an atmosphere of mutual respect be- tween pupils and faculty is just one of the contributing factors that makes Dr. Gene Schwilck outstanding as a school principal and recognized throughout the country as a fine educator. Gerald DeWitt and Miss Geraldine Bagby are able assistant growth, they find themselves more and more involved in a principals, helping Dr. Schwilck to carry out his ideals for multitude of problems that only an administrative staff can North Central. As the school continues its phenomenal solve, working closely for uniformity of decisions. 102 Dr. Everett Light and his assistants can justifiably look with pride upon the accomplishments of the last six years, visible proof of which is the new " dream " school for which ground will soon be broken. Dr. Gene Schwilck and the faculty also view with pride an accomplishment of a different sort — creation of a climate in which disciplined freedom for both teachers and pupils of North Central gives equal op- portunity for all to grow mentally and spiritually through initiative and self-expression. Careful planning, good counseling, and emphasis on considering each pupil as an individual has given the student body a feeling of security which is so essential during the mid-teen years. Faculty members also gain a secure feeUng of unity as a result of their regular participation in general meetings where they hear important speakers, in an exchange of ideas during " coffee hours " for small groups, and in plan- ning for coordinated teaching during departmental gatherings. Mr. Bernard McKenzie, assistant superintendent, is one of the first to use the new reading room now being- developed for the teachers in the administration building. Administrative stress this year, Emphasis on People " (Left) Harrison Brown, English and Foreign Language De- partment member, checks his mailbox daily. (Right) Team teaching is becoming increasingly important in the Science Department. Mr. Brinkerhoff, Miss Fraysur, and Mr. Lind- berg meet regularly with Mr. Prettyman (not pictured) to plan their assignments during the first period. •r v 103 Faculty members daily prove their Mrs. Katherine Wert and Miss Carolyn Kleifgen (left) chat Mrs. Mildred Shirley who taught psychology and counseled at the dinner following the Leadership Conference meeting sophomore girls until January 1 when she passed away as held in the fall for club officers and advisors. (Right) the result of a stroke. A vibrant and sincere person, popular North Centralites were saddened this year by the loss of with faculty and students, she will be genuinely missed. Science— FRONT ROW: Miss Emma Fraysur, William James, Robert Wat- son, Earl Lindberg, (also Sophomore Class Council Sponsor). BACK ROW: Russell Coverdale, Keith Mohr, Bur- ton Brinkerhoff, Robert Prettyman, (Department Head), and William Phares. ■III » • iMM 1 1 : io -j ■ 3g»iBf ' ?f Social Studies— FRONT ROW: David Beldus, (also A.V.T. Sponsor), John Holssman, Morris Campbell, Keith Farrand, (Coach). ROW TWO: Kenneth Patton, (Junior Class Coun- cil Sponsor), Norman Harner, (herald Marker, (Senior Class Council Spon- sor), Mrs. Frances Humphreys, Lt. Charles Wilhclm, (N.D.C.C.). BACK ROW: Eugene Clones, (Student Coun- cil Sponsor), Richard Meek, Harold Freeland, (Department Head), Carl DeBard, (Coach, Health Kducation), and Charles Riley, (Coach). dedication to their work with young people Math— FRONT ROW: James David- son, Wilbur Richards, (also Health Education), Mrs. Mary Spoon, Mrs. Edith Wisner. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Betty Culp, Cecil Tharp, George Sharp, Winston Wythe. BACK ROW: Gordon Gish, H. Brown Harrison, Jay Chur ch, (Guidance), Philip Moore, (Guidance), and Allan Weinheimer, (Department Head). Foreign Language— FRONT ROW: Mrs. Filomena Forsyth, Miss Ruth Lesley, Mrs. Hse Gate, Mrs. Betty Stokesberry. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Alice Kraft, Mrs. Katherine Wert, (also Librarian), Miss Cleo Kinnison, Mrs. Susan Rountree. BACK ROW: Miss Wahneta Mullen, William Bugher, (Department Head), John Wendling, Joseph Potts, Miss Kathryn M e r k e 1. Not pictured: Harrison Brown, (Literary Magazine). Special Services— FRONT ROW: Dr. Alice Eagle, (also Dean of Girls, Senior Girls ' Counselor), Miss Mary Louise Mann, (Head Librarian), Mrs. Marie North, (Director of Developmental Reading). BACK ROW: Kenneth Warren, (Senior Boys ' Counselor, Dean of Boys), Keith Stroup, (Athletic Director), Miss Bernice Stiffler, (Librarian). 105 Business Education (Above Left)— FRONT ROW: Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, (also Yearbook, News Bureau), Mrs. Edith Reese, (Department Head). BACK ROW: Erwin E. Rump, Mrs. Nancy Bizal, William Cruzan. Fine Arts, (Above Right) —FRONT ROW: Miss Judith Hansen, Mrs. Elsie Ball, (Also English, Faculty Director of Spectacular). BACK ROW: William Lord, (English, Technical Director of all Perform- ances), J. Robert Schlatter, James Keyt. Not pictured: Mrs. Pauline Brothers, Donald Martin, (Department Head), both of whom, with Mr. Schlatter, form the Music Department. Yearly increase in enrollment brings faculty growth from 56 in 1957 to 104 in 1962 English— FRONT ROW: Mrs. Carolyn Palko, Miss Marilyn Lowe, (also Guidance), Miss Bonnie Sue Harrison, Mrs. Saundra Butterworth, Mrs. Bernice Cainell, (Developmental Reading), Mrs. Janet Hinshaw. ROW TWO: Miss Ruth Agnew, Miss Helen Benbow, Miss Sharon Bush, James Duffy, (Department Head), Mrs. Helen Wingfield, Max Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Thielemann, (Debate), James Johnson. BACK ROW: Robert Seigel, Miss Jeannine Freudenberger, Mrs. Ruth Kivett, Thomas Fisher, John Lewis, John Shirley, (Journalism), Mrs. Elizabeth (Coffin, (Guidance), Miss Sally Pyle. Not pictured: Mrs. Marie North, Mrs. Elsie Ball, and William Lord. Practical Arts, (Above Left)— FRONT ROW: Mrs. Margaret Stout, Miss Carolyn Kleifgen. BACK ROW: G. S. Woodruff, (also Department Head), Forest Cullings, Phillip Mann. Health Education, (Above Right)— FRONT ROW: William Smith, (also Coach, Department Head), (Coach). BACK ROW: Thomas Bradley Lennox, Byron Weaver, (Coach). Not pictu Kemp. Although North Central faculty members are an interesting group of individualists, all of them have one trait in common — a compulsion to constantly update themselves both culturally and educationally. Vacations are filled with travel and schooling, much of the latter on scholarships. At least six will attend Indiana University this summer on grants. Mrs. Wingfield, Mrs. Butterworth, and Mrs. Kivett have English Workshop scholarships; Mr. Prettyman and Mr. Watson (his for two years) have National Science Foundation grants; and Lt. Wilhelm, a Lilly Founda- tion Grant. Mr. Phares will go to the University of Illinois on an NSF grant and Mr. James to Redland University in California. Miss Kinnison will be on the staff of the I. U. Classics Workshop. At least two are going abroad. Mr. Johnson plans a vacation in Rome while Mrs. Wert will visit her daughter in England. Several, including Mr. Lewis and possibly Mr. Cruzan, are to visit the World ' s Fair in Seattle, Washington. Two plan conferences, Mrs. Ball to the National Thespian ' s and Mrs. North to the NEA at Denver and a Leadership Conference at French Lick. Miss Mullen is investigating the pos- sibility of going either to a university in Ecuador, Argentina, or to Middlebury College in Vermont. Two men will work for " Uncle Sam " . Mr. Weaver takes active duty training in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Mr. Riley will act as recruitor for the Air Force Academy in Colorado. All of the faculty plan the type of interesting summer activity that fits them into the cultural background of the average North Centralite. The main office, center of administrative sistants a chance to practice clerical work North Central needs a " stage crew " to keep the school running smoothly. Members of this vital group include the office secretaries, bookstore manager, and school nurse. Office secretaries work a full year taking dictation, writing letters, keeping official records, and doing all the other many jobs which are necessary to keep track of all operations in a big school. Mrs. Kennedy served as school treasurer and as bookstore manager ; handling book rental, locker fees, club and activity funds, keeping financial records, and maintaining a well-stocked bookstore. Mrs. Hiatt, school nurse, kept busy seeing that sick pupils were sent home and emergencies cared for. Other " stage crew " members essential to school welfare are the service personnel who keep the build- ing in excellent condition, providing a clean and com- fortable environment at all times. Members of the cafeteria staff have helped Mrs. Shields win for the school a widely known reputation for excellence and variety of food. The drama of life at North Central owes much to the efficiency of its stage crew. Mrs. Bernice Bradshaw and Mrs. Mae Belle Smith, who serve as the school ' s housekeepers, work with the custodians. Behind the scenes ' ' workers create healthful Assistant Officers— FRONT ROW: Mrs. Elizabeth Ramage, secretary to Gerald DeWitt, assistant principal; Mrs. Jean Thresher, guidance secretary; and Mrs. Rosalie Nichols, registrar. BACK ROW: Mrs. Louise Johnson, library secre- tary; Mrs. Grace Whitsitt, secretary to Miss Geraldine Bagby, assistant principal; Mrs. Pauline Scott, secretary to Dr. Gene L. Schwilck, principal; and Mrs. Ellen Swigart, attendance office manager. 108 Cafeteria Staff— FRONT ROW: Leon Perry, Sofie Smith, Hazel Perrine, Vivian Simpson, Elsie Truesciel, Frances Lucille Hause, Irene Potter, Ruth Shields, (Supervisor), Thomas, Ross Stewart, Elta Salsbury BACK ROW: Pearl Helen Earle, Hilda De Baun, Madge Bohenan, Virginia Shull, Faucett, Betty Wagoner, Lilly Criss. Jene Goeckev, Betty (Assistant Supervisor), June Walker, Betty Meters. ROW Wright, Berta Boffo, Veinie Davis, Marth Peters, Mane TWO: Cyrella NewBold, Katherine Sickbret, Doris Woodring, Smith, Betty Ambrose. school atmosphere Custodians— FRONT ROW: Ralph Quillan. Vaughn Smith, Harlin Claspell, Paul Morris. BACK ROW: Dick Dawson, Bosten Cline, Carl Bowen, John Numez, and Doran Keller. 109 m Senior Class Officers— FRONT ROW: Ann Fairchild, secre- tary, and Denny Walters, president. BACK ROW: Bill Sims, vice-president, and Kurt Stevens, treasurer. Members of the graduating class of 1962 have led an active three years at North Central. They are the first to have spent their full twelve years in the Metropolitan District. Although this was their last year, they made it a memorable one. The senior bon- fire, the last football and basketball games of the season, (all senior-dedicated), and the annual grad dance held at the Murat were part of seniors ' activi- ties. Most of the business affairs were the respon- sibility of a class council composed of one mem- ber representative from each homeroom, with an alternate available if necessary. This group planned the commencement, arranged for the measurement of caps and gowns and the selling of announcements. The graduation ceremony was also their responsibility. Mr. Gerald Marker sponsored and advised the Senior Class Council. The seniors elected Denny Walters, Bill Sims, Kurt Stevens, and Ann Fairchild to lead their class. Class, first with 12 years in Metropolitan District 1 j ' iL V V ' . kA.. w ' wfi gin T JOHN ABELS— Baseball Team 2-4; Social Studies Club 2; Northern Lights Staff 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. ROZELLA ADAMS— Girls ' State Representa- tive 3; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Government Class Representative 4; French Club 3-4; Choral Club 3-4; Dramatics Club 3; Stage Crew 2. -HARRIETTE JEAN ADELSMAN — National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 4; Journalism Club Co-ordinator 4; News Bureau 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Latin Club 4; Debate and Discussion Club 2; F.B.L.A. 2. MARY ALYNE AKERS— Library Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Social Studies Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls League. BARBARA JOANN ALLISON— Dramatics Club 3; Stage Crew 3; French Club 3-4; Latin Club Vice- President 3; Girls ' Choral Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Belles 2-3; Girls ' Ensemble 4. BOB ALLEN — Intramurals 2; Social Studies Club 3. HARRY ALLEN— Military History Club 3; Social Studies Club 3; Review Typing Club 4; Home Economics Club 3-4. JAMES AMBROUS— National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Merit Scholarship semifinalist 3. RITA SUE ANWEILER— Home Economics Club 2-3; Latin Club 2-3; Block Section 2; F.B.L.A. 4; National Honor Society 3; Office Assistant 3-4. TERRI ARMSTRONG— Student Council 4; French Club 2; Extemporaneous Speech Club 2; Home Economics Club 4; Choral Club 2. DAN ASKINS— Key Club 4; French Club 4. ALAN J. ASPINALL— Dance Band 3-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Band Assistant 4. SAMUEL C. ASTLEY— Industrial Arts Club Vice- President 3; Drafting Arts Club 4; Slide Rule Club 4; Industrial Arts Assistant 3-4. CLAYTON HUGH ATKINS— Mu Alpha Theta 4; Hi-Y 4; Certification of Scholarship 3; I.U. High School Achievement Contest 3. PAUL BANCEL— Stage Crew 4; Key Club 3-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Beginning Typing Club 3 Class Council Alternate 2; Junior Class Council Senior Class Council. JOANNE BARBER— Band 2 F.B.L.A. 4; Office Assistant 4. CLASS OF 1962 CAROL BARD ACH— Dramatics Club 2; Art Club 3-4- F.B.L.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Office As- sistant 3-4. IVAN RICHARD BARRETT— Latin Club 2; Chess Club 3-4; Dramatics Club 3-4;Thes- pians 3-4; Bowling Club 2; Stage Crew 3-4; Student Council Z; Scholastic Award 2-3. ELLEN BAR- TELMES— Art Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 2; North- erner Staff 3; Girls ' Chorus 3; Northern Lights Staff 4. NANCY BASSLER— F.T.A. 3; Art Club 4; F.B.L.A. 4. JAMES BEAVERS. JUDY BELL. MARK BELL —Baseball Team 2; 19th Century Authors Club 4; Latin Club 2; Key Club 3-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; English Assistant 4. PAUL BENNETT —Military History Club 3-4; Spanish Club 3; Be- ginning Typing Club 4; Golf Club 3; Social Studies Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Boys ' Service Club 4; Football Team 3. NANCY JANE BERGEN— French Club 2-4; F.B.L.A. 3; Jamboree 2-3; Belles 2-4; Stage Crew 3; Music Contest 3; Guidance Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. -MARGAY BERLIN— Junior Spec- tacular Act Chairman 3; Jamboree Model 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; National Honor Society 3-4; Spanish Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 2; LU. High School Achievement Contest 2-3; Senior Girls ' League. LINDA LEA BESS— F.T.A. 2-4; Senibr Girls ' League; Block Section 3; News Bureau 4; Journalism Club 3; Girls ' Gym Assistant 3; Girls ' Concert Choir 2-4. SHIRLEY ANN BIDDINGER— Latin Club 2; French Club 4; Block Section 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Girls ' Concert Choir 2-4. PETE BITNER— Key Club 2-4; Journalism Club 4; Art Club 4. -JANE BLACKMAN— F.T.A. 2-4; F.N.A. 3-4; Latin Club 3-4; Journalism Club 3; Quill and Scroll 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2; Northerner Staff 3; Editor 4. ROBERTA BLAH A— Latin Club 2-3; Block Section 2; F.B.L.A. 4; Girls ' Choral Club 4; Dramatics Club 2; Slide Rule Club 3; National Honor Society 3-4; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Belles 2. BOB BLAKE— Transferred from Culver Military Academy. ANN BLASINGH AM— Latin Club 4; Science Read- ing Club 3; Lab Assistant 3. BARBARA BLIEDEN —F.T.A. 2-4; Latin Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2; Dra- matics Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spec- tacular 2-3; Cadet Choir 3. FRED BLUMENAUER. MARILYN A. BOONE— Junior Spectacular 2-4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Jamboree Model 4; French Club 3; Sophomore Class Council Secre- tary; Art Contest 3; Athletic Office Assistant 4; Track Secretary 4. KAY L. BOOTON— Floralia Queen 2; Latin Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Jamboree Model 4; Northern Lights Staff 3-4; Junior Class Council; F.N.A. President 4; Guidance Office Assistant 3. DEE ANN BOTTIN— Senior Girls ' League; Art Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Dramatics Club 2; F.T.A. 4; Office Assistant 4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Jam- boree Model 4. LYNN MARIE BOWMAN— Belles 2; A Cappella Choir 3; Counterpoints 4; Senior Editor of Crescendo 4; Music Contest 3. ANDREA BOWSHER— Belles 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Music Contest 3; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Band Assistant 4; Lab Assistant 2. ANN BOYD— Baton Corps 4; Jamboree Model 4; Student Council 3; Block Section 2; Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Club Vice-President 3; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Commencement Usher 3. DON BRACCHI— Slide Rule Club 4; Typing Club 4; Junior Achievement 3. JANE BRADY — Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; French Club President 3; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Dramatics Club 2; Belles 2; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4. RALPH S. BRANDT— Football Team 2- 4; Wrestling- Team 3; Class Council Alternate 3- 4; Military History Club Vice-President 4. 111 SENIORS VICTORIA BRANNOCK, JOHN BRINCHECK— A.V.T. Club 2-4; N.D.C.C. 2-4; Library Club 2; Drill Team Club 2. -BONNIE E. BRINKMAN— Senior Girls ' League; F. B. L. A. 3-4; Spanish Club 2; F.T.A. 2; Library Club 2; Block Section 2-3; Home Economics Club 2; Library Assistant 2. BONNIE EDEN BROWNE— Student Council 4; Junior Class Council; Ayres Fashion Board 4; Jamboree Model 4; Senior Girls ' League; National Honor Society 3-4; Latin Club 2-4. ■LYNN BROWNING— Art Club 2; F.B.L.A. 2; Belles 2; Senior Girls ' League; Jamboree Model 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Lab Assistant 4; Office Assistant 3. THOMAS W. BRYANT— Junior Spectacular 2; 19th Century Authors Club 4; Chess Club 3. PAULA BUNTON— F.T.A. 4; Stu- dent Council 2-3; French Club 3; Latin Club 2-3; National Beta Club 3; Block Section 3-4. RICHARD H. BURNS— A.V.T. Club 2; Chess Club 2; F.B.L.A. 4. BARRY F. BUTLER— Military History Club 4: Rifle Team 3. JERRY G. BUTLER— Student Coun- cil Alternate 4; Military History Club 4; Rifle Team 3. SANDRA KAY BUTLER— Block Section 3; Journalism Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Social Studies Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Office Assistant 3; Guid- ance Office Assistant 4; Library Assistant 2. DOTTIE BYCHINSKY— Senior Class Council; Sen- ior Girls ' League; A Cappella Choir 2; Jamboree 2; Block Section 2; Bowling Club 2; Debate Team 3-4; National Forensics League 3-4. •JANET CALDERON— Spanish Club 2-3; Extem- poraneous Speech Club 2; Dramatics Club 2; F.T.A. 2; Girls ' Choral Club 3; Art Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Social Studies Assistant 4; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Cadet Choir 3. HAROLD CALVERT. SANDY CAMERON— Bowling Club 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 3; French Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Office Assistant 3-4. -WILLIAM C. CAMPBELL— Student Council 3; Senior Class Council; 19th Cen- tury Authors Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club Vice-Presi- dent 4; Varsity Basketball Team 3-4; Reserve Basketball Team 2. KATHARINE CARR— Block Section 2-4; French Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Dramatics Club 2; Girls ' Concert Choir 3-4; Student Council Alternate 3; Junior Spectacular 2-3. WALTER DAVID CARROLL — Journalism Club 4; Counterpoints 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Authors Club 2-4; Fall Play 3; Spring Play 3; National Merit Scholarship Final- ist 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4.DWIGHT L. CHER- NISH— Electronics Club 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Slide Rule Club 3; German Club 2-3; Baseball Team 3-4; Boys ' Service League 4; A.V.T. Assistant 2-4. SHARON CLARIN— Junior Spectacular 4; Act Chairman 3: Senior League; Journalism Club 4; Dramatics Club 2; Speech Club 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Class Council Alternate; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4. KATHERINE E. CLARK— F.T.A. 2-3; Social Studies Club 4; 19th Century Authors Club 4; Stage Crew 2; Spanish Club 2; Journalism 3; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Class Council Alternate; Northerner Advertising Editor 3, Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4. MICHAEL CLARK— Intramural Football 4; Stage Crew 2, 4. RONALD J. CLARK— German Club 2-4; Debate Club 3-4; Electronics Club 3; Ex- temporaneous Speech Club 4; Key Club 3-4. NANCY COATES. •■JERRY A. COFFEY— Debate Club 3-4; Student Council 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3; Fall Play 3; Library Monitor 3-4; Golf Club 3. MICHAEL E. COHEN— Art Club 2; Chess Club 3-4; Chess Team 4. CHARLES V. COLLINS— Woodworking Club 2-4; Graphic Arts Service Club 3-4. JOANNE COLLINS— Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Baton Corps 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Business Office Assistant 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Girls ' Chorale 2-4. CLASS OF 1962 NANCY COLVILLE— Band 2; Stage Crew 2; Art Club 2- Home Economics Club 4; National Honor Society 3; Senior Girls ' League TOM COOK— Drafting Club 3; Electronics Club 3-4; Slide Rule Club 3; Intramuials 3-4. CAROL ANN COOI ER- Block Section 2-4; Spanish Club 2; Speech Club 2; Silver Medal in Spanish Contest 3; Typing Award 2- 3- Shorthand Award 3; Attendance Assistant 3. " MICHAEL COREY— Baseball Team 2-4; Basket- ball Team 2; Junior Spectacular 2; Lettermen ' s Club President 4; F.B.L.A. President 4; Debate Club 4; National Honor Society 3; Mu Alpha Theta 4. PAM CORN — Debate Team 3-4; Forensics Team 3- 4- FT A 3. RUS CORRIGAN— Intramural Foot- ball 3; Wrestling Team 4. CHRISTINA COX— Block Section 2-3; F.B.L.A. 3; Office Assistant 4; Spanish Club 2; Home Economics Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; Authors Club 4. ' TwAIL CRAWFORD Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Baton Corps 4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Duchess of Duke and Duchess Dance 4; Student Council Al- ternate 3; Junior Class Council Alternate. GARRY CRISS— Wrestling Team 2-4; Football Team 2-4; Baseball Team 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. CONNIE CROMER— French Club 3-4; Latin Club 3; Social Studies Club 4; Sophomore Class Council: Senior Girls ' League; French Club Vice-President 3; Guidance Assistant 3; Band 2. FRED CROS- STREET— (deceased). JAN CULBERTSON— Dra- matics Club 2; French Club 2-3; Science Reading Club 4; Art Club 4; F.T.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Legion of Merit 2; Senior Girls ' League MARY CUMMINGS— Stage Crew 2-3; Dramatics Club 2-3; French Club 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Senior Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular 3-4. ELLEN CUNNINGHAM — Senior Girls ' League; Science Reading Club 4; 19th Century Authors Club 4; Home Economics Club 3-4; French Club 3; Girls ' Concert Choir 3-4; Music Contest 3. -NIKI DELAY CURTIS — Junior Spectacular 2-4; Act Chairman 3; Senior Girls ' League; Baton Corps 2-4; A Cappella Choir Secretary 4; Baton Club 4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Student Council 3; Student Council Vice-President Candidate 3. SUSAN DAVIDSON— Girls ' Ensemble 3; French Club 2; Science Club 2; Tennis Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Music Contest 3; Attendance Office Assistant 2; Guidance As- sistant 2. MIKE DAVID — Baseball Team 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; Letter of Commendation. -NANCY DAVIS— Latin Club 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacular 3; National Honor So- ciety 3; Silver Medal in Latin Contest 2-3; Junior Class Council; National Merit Scholarship Finalist; Upper 10 ' r 2-4. DEE DECKARD— Junior Spectacu- lar 2; Act Chairman 3; Duke and Duchess Candidate 4; Student Council 2; Senior Class Council; At- tendance Office Assistant 3; Office Assistant 4. FLORA KATHRYN DEFRANTZ— F.T.A. 2-4; Sub- Varsity Debate Team 3; Girls ' Ensemble 2-4; Forensic Club 3-4; Debate Club 2; Library Assistant 2; Girls ' Ensemble 4; Jamboree 4. JIM DEHN— Electronics Club 3; Drafting Club 3; A.V.T. 4; Industrial Arts Club 2. VIRGINIA LOUISE DESHANO— Band 2-3; N.D.C.C. Sponsor 4; Captain of Girls ' N.R.A. Rifle Team 4; A.V.T. Assistant 3-4; A.V.T. Secretary-Treasurer 3-4. LORIN DEVINE— Electronics Club 3; Slide Rule Club 2; Chess Club 4; Hi-Y Club 2; State Science Fair 2; Music Contest 3-4; Band 3. BARBARA DILLON — Reserve Cheerleader 2; Junior Spectac- ular 2-4; Act Chairman 3; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Fall Sports Queen Candidate 2; Lab Assistant 4; Guidance Assistant 3. CARL R. DOBSON— Track Team 2-4; Spanish Club 2; Art Club 2; Chess Club 3; Boys ' Choral Club 3; Boys ' Glee Club 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Crescendo Cover Design 4. NEIL DORBECKER— Graphic Arts Club 3-4; Stage Crew 2. JAMES D. DREMONAS— Track Team 2-4; Wrestling Team 2-3; Home Eco- nomics Club 3-4. - RANDY DUNCAN— Baseball Team 2-4; Debate Club 4; Sophomore Class Council 2; Student Council Alternate 3; Student Council 4; Honor Study Hall Monitor 3; Library Monitor 4; Junior Spectacular 4. 113 SENIORS ■PATRICIA L. DUNLAP— F.B.L.A. 3-4; Dramatics Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Thespians 2-4; Legion of Merit 2-4; General Office Assistant 2; Junior Spec- tacular 2-3; Senior Girls ' League. DAVID DUR- LACHER— Chess Club 2-4;Chess Team 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4. BILL ECHARD— Cross Country Team 3; Chess Club and Team 2-4; Home Economics Club 3. MARSHA ECK — Dramatics Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Thespians 3-4; Art Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular Poster Con- test 1st Place 3; Art Contest 2-4. CAROL JANET EDMOND— Thespians 2-4; Spring Golf Tournament 3; Guidance Assistant 3; Stage Crew 3. -BETTY EGGERT— F.T.A. 2-4; Latin Club 3; Dramatics Club 2; Belles 3; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Upper lO ' r 2-3; Office Assistant 3; Senior Girls ' League 4. RONALD EILERT— Graphic Arts Seivice Club 3-4; Chess Club 2-3; Industrial Arts Club 3; Lab Assistant 2. KATHY ELLIOTT— Press Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacular 2-4; ' French Club 4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Office Assistant 2; Lab Assistant 4. RUTH ELLIOTT— Home Economics Club 2-4; So- cial Studies Club 3; English Office Assistant 3-4. JENNIFER ELLIS— F.T.A. 3; F.N.A. 4; German Club 2-4; Block Section 4; National Honor Society 3-4. GLORIA ENGEL— Student Council Alternate 2; French Club 4; Poetry Club 4; F.T.A. 3; Junior Spectacular 3. CAROL ENGELMAN— Art Club 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Class Council; German Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4; F.T.A. 2. MORGAN EVERSON— Basketball Team 2-4; Cross Country Team 2-4; Baseball Team 2-3; Track Team 4; Lettermen ' s Club Secretary 4; German Club President 3-4. ANN FAIRCHILD— Senior Class Council Secretary; Junior Class Council Secretary; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman; Varsity Cheer- leader 4; Reserve Cheerleader 3; Block Section 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4: Lab Assistant 4. JAMES FELS— Chess Club 3; Tennis Team 3; Jun- ior Spectacular 4. TONY RICHARD FERGUSON— Spanish Club 3-4; Military History Club 3-4; Foot- ball Team 3-4. In spite of the cold and wet weather North Central seniors enjoy their annual bonfire and group singing after winning the last home game with Elwood. Pam Weaver leads the songs. CLASS OF 1962 REBECCA FERRELL— F.N.A. 2-4; Spanish Club 4- Block Section 4; Crescendo Club 3. BARBARA FITTING F.N.A. 3-4; Northern Lights Staff 3; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 4; Dramatics Club 2-3; Office Assistant 3. WILLIAM JOHN FLYNN Reserve Baseball Team 2; Military His- tory Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; Electronics Club 4- Student Council 3-4; Slide Rule Club 2; Chess Club 3. RICHARD FOLTZ— A.V.T. 2; Slide Rule Club 2-3; Baseball Team 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Industrial Arts Club 4; Junior Achieve- ment 4. ROBERT FORTUNE— Hi-Y 3-4; Golf Club 3-4; Debate Team 4; Model U.N. President 3; Lab As- sistant 4. KENNETH FOSTER— Forensic Club 4; Chess Club 3-4; R.O.T.C. 2. RANDOLPH FOX- WORTHY— Chess Club 2-4; Military History Club 2. STEVE FRANK— Military History Club 3-4; Social Studies Club 3; Home Economics Club 4. JOHN FRANKENBERGER— A.V.T. Club 2; Chess Club 3; Electronics Club 3; Boys ' Industrial Art s Club 4; Graphic Arts Club 4. MIKE FREID. KEN W. FREY — Football Team 2; Military History Club 3-4; Social Studies Club 3-4; Home Economics Club 4 PETER FRUEHMAN— Chess Club 3-4. WAYNE FUQUAY— Hi-Y 4; Chess Club 2-4; Home Economics Club 4. CHUCK GALE— Military History Club 3-4; German Club 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Football Team 2-4; Baseball Team 2-4; Student Council 3-4. PAULA GALLINGER— Home Econo- mics Club 2; F.T.A. 2-3; French Club 3-4; French Club President 3; Music Contest 3; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Senior Class Council. GLADYS GALYEAN — Block Section 2-4; Home Economics Club 2-4; F.B.L.A. 2-4; Home Economics Club Vice- President 3. RICHARD GANZ— Football Team 2-3; Junior Spec- tacular 2-4; Stage Crew 3-4; Boys ' Service League 4 DAVID GARBER— Hi-Y 3-4; Chess Club 3-4; Slide Rule Club 4; Track Team 3. GREGORY GAR- MAN — Counterpoints 3-4; Chess Club 3; National Merit Finalist 4. KATHI GARRETT— Sophomore Class Council Alternate;. Student Council 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Baton Corps; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 4. ROBERT T. GEIGER— Shop Club 3-4. CAROLE JEAN GEISLER — Baton Corps 4; Junior Spectacu- lar 2-4; Student Council 4; Block Section 4. CHARLES GEORGE— Dance Band 3-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2. WALTER GERNHARDT— F.B.L.A. 4; Slide Rule Club 4. JOHN GISLER— Basketball Team 3-4; Golf Team 3-4; Student Council 3: National Honor Society 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Upper 107. ; Lab Assistant. MELANIE GLORE— F.N.A. 2-3; F.B.L.A. 4; Home Economics Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; A Cappella Choir 3-4. NANCY GOLDSMITH— F.T.A. 2-3; Girls ' Industrial Arts Club 4; Art Club 4; F.N.A. 3; Dramatics Club 3; Latin Club 2; Senior Girls ' League. 115 SENIORS DAVE GOODWIN— Football Team 3; Military His- tory Club 2-4. PATRICIA GOODWIN— French Club 2-3; F.B.L.A. 2-4; Block Section 2; Senior Girls ' League; National Honor Society 3; Top 10% 2-3; Attendance Office Assistant 2. SANDI JO GORDON — National Thespians Society 4; A Cappella Choir 4. DOROTHY GORRILL— F.T.A. 3; Senior Girls ' League; Home Economics Club 4; Dramatics Club 3; Latin Club 2; Attendance Office Assistant 4. LARRY GORSKE— Tennis Team 2; Golf Team 3-4; F.B.L.A. 2-4; Treasurer 3; Chess Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2. ELIZABETH GRAU— Latin Club 2-3 F.T.A. 2-3; Choral Club 4; A Cappella 4; Dramatics Club 2; National Honor Society 3; Top 10% 2; Lab Assistant 3. STU GRAUEL— Junior Spectacular 2-4; Student Council 3-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Key Club 2-4; Electronics Club 2; Dramatics Club 2-4; Key Club president 3; Thespians treasurer 3. ARTHUR S. GRAY— Graphic Arts Club 3-4; Library Club 2; Stage Crew 8; Graphic Arts Assistant 2-4. DEANNA GRAY— F.B.L.A. 2-3; Block Section 2-4; Counterpoints 4; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Music Man Co-ordinator 4; General Office Assistant 3; Girls ' Gym Assistant 4. JUDY GRAY— Senior Girls ' League; Crescendo Club 3; Library Club 2; N.D.C.C. Girls ' Rifle Team 4; N.D.C.C. Sponsor 4; French Club 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Junior Spectacular Usher 3. DENNIS GREEN— Drafting Club 2-3; Boys ' Physical Education Club 2; Industrial Arts Club 2-3. CHUCK GRINKMEYER— Football Team 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Military History Club Sec- retary 4; Junior Class Council. KOBIE GRINKMEYER— Junior Spectacular 3; Football Team 3-4; Key Club Vice-President 4. FRANCIE GRONAU— Junior Spectacular 3; Latin Club 2; Home Economics Club 3; Journalism Club 4; F.N. A. 4: Band Assistant 3; Co-ed Correspondent 4. CAROLYN GROSS— Latin Club 2-3; F.T.A. 3-4; Art Club 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Bowling Club 3; Music Contest 3; Guidance Assistant 3 -4; Junior Spectacular Usher 3. JEAN GROSSART— F.B.L.A. President 3; Quill and Scroll 3-4; News Bureau 4; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 2; Office As- sistant 2-4; Bookstore Assistant 3; Northern Lights Staff 4. CAROL LYNN GROUT— Baton Corps 4; Latin Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacu- lar 2-3; Guidance Office Assistant 4. JANE GRUM- MANN — Junior Spectacular 3-4; Dramatics Club 3; Journalism Club 3; Counterpoints 4; F.T.A. 3; F.N. A. 3; Girls ' Glee Club 4. CHUCK GUEDEL- HOFFER Football Team 2-3; Student Council 2; Student Council Alternate 3; Senior Class Council; German Club 3; Military History Club 3-4. BILL GUYTON— A.V.T. 3; Military History Club 3; Social Studies Club 4. WILLIAM HABIG— Football Team 3; Senior Class Council; Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Class Council. STEVE HAFNER— French Club 4; German Club 4. STEPHANIE HAFNER— Library Assistant 3; Library Club 3; Spanish Club 4; Latin Club 3; F.T.A. 3. ROBERT HAGEMIER— Sophomore Class Council; French Club 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Student Council Alternate 4; Military History Club 2. JOHN WINGATE HAMMEL— German Club 2-3 Military History 2-4; A.V.T. 2; Cross Country Team 3. RICHARD HAMMER— Boys ' Glee Club 4; Boys Choral Club 4; Social Studies Club 3; A.V.T. 2 Spanish Club 3; Key Club 3-4; Hi-Y Club 3. WIL LIAM HANAWAY. SHARON HANSON— F.T.A. 4 Home Economics Club 2-3; Crescendo Club 3; Dra matics Club 2; French Club 2; Junior Spectacular 2 Girls ' Concert 2-3. 116 ( CLASS OF 1962 JUDY HARDING— F.T.A. 2; Dramatics Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Debate Team 2; Block Section 3; Triangle Club Awards 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; National Merit Finalist 4. THOMAS HAR- GREAVES— Football Team 2; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Student Council 3; Sophomore Class Council; Military History Club 3; Music Contest 3-4. SU- ZANNE HARNESS — Junior Spectacular 3; Spanish Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; Music Contest 3; Spanish Contest 3. ED HARPER —Student Council 2-4; Key Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Football Team 2-4; Track Team 3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Top 10 ' , 2; German Club 3-4. CARLYLE HASTY. DEBORAH ANN HAWHEE— French Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 2; Library As- sistant 2; Senior Girls ' League. TERRI HAZEN— Art Club 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Girls ' Choral Club 4- Belles 3; Girls ' Ensemble 3; Music Contest 3. VALERIE HEARN— Belles 2-4; German Club 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Block Section 4. PAUL HECKLE— Stage Crew 4; Hi-Y 3; Thespians 3-4; Dramatics Club 2; Geology Club 2. MARGIT HECKMAN-MUELLER— Gills ' Choral Club 4; A Cappella Choir; Treasurer 4; Junior Spectacular 4. BILL HEFFNER — Intramurals 2-3; Boys ' Service League 4. LYNN HEGEMAN— F.N.A. 2-3; F.B.L.A. 4; German Club 3; Home Economics Club 4; Belles 3; Girls ' Choral Club 2; Music Contest 3. PEG HELSLY — Senior Girls ' League; Dramatics Club 2; Stage Crew 2; Latin Club 2-4; French Club 3; F.T.A. 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Foreign Lan- guage Assistant 3-4. CAROL JANE HENZIE— Baton Corps 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Act Chairman 3; A Cappella Choir 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Top lO ' A 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Senior Class Council; Junior Class Council. DAVID WILLIAM HEPBURN— Counterpoints 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Stage Crew 3; Wrestling Team 2; A Cappella Choir 3-4. EASTWOOD HERIN. JAMES R. HESTON— Basketball Team 2-3; Stu- dent Council Alternate 3-4; Home Economics Club 4; Military History Club 2; Junior Spectacular 4; Library Monitor 4. CHARLES B. HIBBARD— A Cappella Choir 3; German Club 3; Counterpoints 4; Scholastic Award 2-3; National Merit Finalist. DAVE HICKS— F.T.A. 4; Tennis Team 2-3; Art Club 4; Hi-Y 2; Typing Club 3. WILLIAM R. HILGEDAG— Key Club 3-4; Hi-Y 3; Latin Club 3; Extemporaneous Speech Club 4; Forensic Club 4; Basketball Team 3-4; Track Team 2; Junior Spec- tacular 3-4; Library Monitor 4. BARBARA L. HILL— Block Section 3; Art Club 3; Home Economics Club 4; F.B.L.A. 4. JANE HILLIS —F.T.A. 2-3; French Club 3-4; Belles 2; Block Sec- tion 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular 2; Guidance Assistant 3; Nurse As- sistant 3. CARMEN HINM AN— Block Section 2-3; French Club 3-4; Latin Club 2-3; National Honor Society. PATRICIA ANN HINDM AN— F.T.A. 3; Block Section 4; Home Economics Club 2; Student Council 2-3; Senior Class Council Alternate; Baton Corps 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Nurse Assistant 4. MAX W. HITTLE— French Club 3-4; Key Club 4; Press Club 3; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Baseball Team 2-4; Football Team 2; Library Assistant 2. LINDA L. HIXON— Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Club 3; Home Economics Club 3-4; 19th Century Authors Club 4; Northern Lights Staff 2; Guidance Office Assistant 3-4. MARY CAROLYN HOCKETT —French Club 3-4; F.T.A. 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Sophomore Class Council; Music Contest General Office Assistant 4; Jamboree Model 4 JUDY HOLLY— French Club 3-4; Latin Club 3-4 F.T.A. 3-4; Library Club 2; Library Assistant 2 Junior Spectacular Usher 3. 117 Seniors realize that their last year in high school is coming to an end as they choose their graduation announcements. SENIORS CHARLES A. HOOD— Cross Country Team 2-4: Hi-Y 4. JOSETTE M. HORST— Junior Spectacular 3; French Club Secretary 4; Art Club 3; Block Section 4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Lab Assistant 4. DIANA SUE HOWARD— A Cappella Choir 2-4; Spanish Club 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Spanish Club Secretary 3. DICK HUDSON — Counterpoints 3-4; A Cappella Choir 4; " Wrestling Team 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Junior Spectacular 3-4. ROBERT S. HULETT— Extemporaneous Speech Club 3; Military History Club 2-3; Debate Club 2-4; Key Club 4; Forensics Club 4; Debate Team 3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; State Forensics Finalist 3. V. WILLIAM HUNT— Student Council 4; Key Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Baseball Team 2-4; Ger- man Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3; Military His- tory Club 2; Library Monitor 4. WILLIAM R. HUNT —Football Team 2-4; Wrestling Team 2-4; Letter- men ' s Club 3-4. VIRGINIA ELLEN HUNTER— Art Club 2-3; Home Economics Club 2; Authors Club 4; Journalism Club 4; Symphonic Wind En- semble 4; Band Newspaper Editor 4. LORRAINE HURTEAU— French Club 2; Dramatics Club 2; Stage Crew Club 2; Stage Crew 2; F.T.A. 4; Social Studies Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Jun- ior Spectacular 2. KATHY HUSE — Junior Spectacu- lar 2-3; F.N. A. 4; French Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Model UN 3. MICHAEL T. HUTZLER— F.B.L.A. 2-4; Military History Club 3; Social Studies Club 3; Geology Club 3. RALPH C. ILES— Debate Club 2; Boys ' Glee Club 4. GEORGE H. JACKS— Baseball Team 2; Wrestling Team 2; Dance Band 2; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 4. JERRY JACKSON— Drafting Club 2-4; Wrestling Team 2. SUSIE JACKSON— Junior Spectacular 2-3; Latin Club 2; French Club 4; Baton Corps 4; Senior Girls ' League. THOMAS A. JANES — Junior Spectacular 2-4; Student Coun- cil 2; Senior Class Council Alternate. CLASS OF 1962 WILLIAM JEFFERSON— Golf Team 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Choral Club 4; Geology Club Vice-Presi- dent 2; Key Club 2-4; Lab Assistant 3-4; Senior Class Council; Junior Class Council Alternate. DICK JERM AN— Baseball Team 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Military History Club 4; Home Economics Club President 4. •■THILIP L. JESSUP— Counter- points 4; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Choral Contest 3-4; Library Club 3-4; Befi ' inning- Typing Club 3; Boys ' Choral Club 4: Boys ' Glee Club 4; Social Studies Club 3. STEVE JESSUP— Band 3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Scholarship 3; Letter of Recommendation 3. SANDY JETTER— F.N.A. 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Girls ' Rifle Team 4; F B L A. 2; Review Typing Club 4; Nurse Assistant 3; Lab Assistant 3-4. GAYLE ANN JOHN— Reserve Cheerleading 2; Latin Club 2; Spring Sports Dance Queen JUDY ANN JOHNS— Music 2-4; Jamboree 2; Office Assistant 3; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Dramatics Club 2; Home Economics Club 2-3; Social Studies Club 3. DAVID W. JOHNSON— Military History Club 4; A.V.T. 2; Home Economics Club 4. SUSAN JOHNSON — (withdrawn). RUSSELL JONES— N.D.C.C. Drill Team 2-3; N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 3; A.V.T. Vice-President 2-3. PHIL JORDAN —Chess Team 3-4; Chess Club 2; Social Studies Club 2; Military History Club 4; Review Typing Club 3. JUDY JOSEPH— Junior Spectacular 2; Dramatics Club 2-4; Typing Club 3; Foods Club 3; Thespians 3-4; Library Assistant 2. JAMES KATTERJOHN— French Club 3-4; Key Club 4; Junior Spectacular 4; National Meint Letter of Commendation 4. NERUS G. KAUFFMAN- Junior Spectacular 3; Latin Club 2; F.N A 2-4; Band 2; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Band Contest 2-4 ED- WARD H. KEAN— Band 2-4; ALLEN R. KEARNS —Wrestling Team 2-3; Review Typing Club 4; Home Economics Club 3-4; Stage Crew 3; Junior Spectacu- lar 3. KENNETH KEENE— German Club 2-3; Track Team 3-4; Hi-Y Club 4. SANDRA KEENE. LINDA KAY KEGLEY— Typing Club 3; Counterpoints 4; Foods Club 4; Block Section 4; Junior Spectacular 3-4 SANDI KELEMENT -F.T.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 2-4; German Club 2; Home Economics 2; Library Assistant 2-3. BILL KELLER— Student Council 2-3; Senior Class Council; Stage Crew 3; Debate Team 2; Thespians 3- National Forcnsics League 3. SHANNON KELLY — Junior Spectacular Co-Ordinator 3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Authors Club President 4; Block Section President 4; D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 4; Junior Class Council. DIANN KEMP— Spanish Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; F.T.A. 4; Home Economics Club 4; Attendance Assistant 4. JOHN CHRISTOPHER KEMPER — Junior Spectacu- lar 2-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Home Economics Club President 3; 19th Century Authors Club President 4; Football Team 2-4; Military History Club 3. -STEVEN KEMPER— Upper lO ' A 2-4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Hi-Y Treasurer 3; Press Club President 3; Quill and Scroll 3-4; President 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Prom King Candidate; Northerner Staff 2, Editor 3 LAIRD KENTON — Authors Club 4; Social Studies Club 4. DENNIS KERN. LOIS KINDER— Poetry Club 3-4; 19th Century Authors Club 3; Honor Study Hall Monitor 4. 119 SENIORS JODY KING— F.T.A. 4; Block Section 3; Senior Girls ' League; Upper 10% 2-4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4. JANET KINGSBURY— Art Club 2-4; French Club 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Senior Girls ' League; National Honor Society 3-4; Scholastic Ci- tation 2-3; Bowling Club 2; Stage Crew 2. BAR- BARA KISER— Senior Class Council Alternate; French Club 3-4; Latin Club 2-4; F.T.A. 2-4; Dra- matics Club 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Assistant 2-3; Senior Girls ' League. SANDRA KISSEL— F.T.A. 3; Library Club 3; Home Econom- ics Club 3; Attendance Assistant 2; Guidance Assist- ant 3-4. JON DAVID KRAHULIK— Fall Play 3; Spring Play 3; Glee Club President 4; A Cappella Choir Vice- President 4; Thespians 4; Junior Spectacular 3-4. LOVETTA RUTH KRAMER— Student Director of Music Man 4; Crescendo Club President 3; Choir Newspaper Editor 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Music Assistant 4; Counterpoints 3-4. PETER LACK —Golf Club 2; Chess Club 2; Bowling Club 2; Re- view Typing Club 4; Spanish Club 2; Chemistry Assistant 3; Student Council 3; Graphic Arts Club 3. DON LAGERHOLM— Chess Club 2; A.V.T. 2-4; Electronics 3; Band 2-4. JERRY LAMBERT— Sophomore Class Council; Golf 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Student Council Alternate 3-4. MARY LAMBERT Block Section 2; Jamboree 2-3; Girls ' Graphic Arts Club 4. CHARLES LANE— A.V.T. 2-4; Chess Club 2-3. CAROL LANG— F.N. A. 2-3; Girls ' Choral Club 4; Counterpoints 4; Lab. Assistant 3; English Office Assistant 4. LUCY LANG— Counterpoints 2-4; Girls ' Choral Club 4; Crescendo Club 3; Senior Class Council; Student Council Alternate 2; National Honor So- ciety 3; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacular 3-4. WILLIAM E. LAWLER— Counterpoints 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Band 2-3. JOHN LAW- RENCE. BILL LEE— Junior Spectacular 3-4; 19th Century Authors Club 4; English Assistant 4. BOB LEE— Drill Team 2; A.V.T. 2; Slide Rule Club 3; Drafting Arts Club 3; 19th Century Authors Club 4; Military History Club 4; Social Studies Club 4. NANCY LEHMAN— Baton Corps 2; Student Coun- cil Alternate 3; Senior Girls ' League; Safety Council Secretary 3; Junior Spectacular 2. NADEENIA E, LEBOWITZ— Senior Girls ' League; F.T.A. 3-4; Stu- dent Council 3; Girls ' Ensemble 3; Junior Spectac- ular 3-4. CAROL LEVEE— Dramatics Club 2; Social Studies Club 3; Journalism Club 4; Northern Lights Staff 4; Scholastic Citation 2-4; Lab Assistant 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. RONALD LEWIS— A.V.T. 2. MICHAEL LINN— (withdrawn). RANDY LONG— Student Council 2-4; Safety Council 3-4; Cross Country Team 2-4; Track Team 2-4; 19th Century Authors Club 4; Chess Club 4; Military History Club 2; Lettermen ' s Club 4. THOMAS GROFF LOSER— Office Assistant 3. PATRICIA ANN LOVE— French Club 2-4; Art Club 2; Social Studies Club 3; Poetry Club 4; F.N. A. 4; Senior Girls ' League. LINDA LOWE — Home Eco- nomics Club 2-4; Typing Club 3. KAREN LUCAS— Block Section 2-3; Art Club 3; Press Club 4; Home Economics Club 4; Review Typing Club 4. JUDIE LUMMIS— Block Section 2; F.T.A. 4; Bowling Club 2-3; Home Economics Club 4; Press Club 4; Nurse Assistant 3-4; Physical Education Assistant 3. CLASS OF 1962 LEE LURTON— Student Council 4; Junior Class Council; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Spectacu- lar 3-4; Slide Rule Club 3; Crescendo Club 3; Boys ' Service League 4. KAREN LYNCH— Jamboree Model 4; French Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; Dra- matics Club 2; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Block Section 2. ' MARY LOU MACKEY— National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Thespians 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Act Chairman 3; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; Jamboree Moderator 3; Upper 10 ' y 2-4. BARBARA L. MADISON— Office Assistant 3; Business Office Assistant 3; Review Typing Club 3; Northern Lights Staff 2. BARBARA ANN MAGEE— Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 4; Art Assistant 4. ROBERT MAIN — Student Council Alternate 4; Key Club 3-4; Latin Club 2-4; Upper lO ' v 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Model UN. NORMAN MARCUS— Science Reading Club 2; Poetry Club 3; 19th Century Authors Club 3-4; Authors Club 4. KATHLEEN MARSHALL— Dramatics Club 2-3; Northern Lights Editor 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Press Club Chairman 3-4; Class Council Alternate 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Social Studies Club 3-4; National Merit Finalist. TOM MARSHALL— Junior Spectacular 3; F.B.L.A. 3-4: 19th Century Authors Club Vice-President 4. LARRY MARTIN— Hi-Y 2; Bowling Club 3; Mili- tary History Club 4; Track Team 3-4; Class Council Alternate 3-4. MARGE MARVEL— French Club 2-4; F.N.A. 3; Social Studies Club 3-4. FREDERIC MATEKUNAS— Chess Team 4; Indiana State Achievement Contests 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Lab Assistant 3-4; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Chess Club 4. KATHERINE MAXWELL— Choral Club 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; French Club 2-3; Dramatics Club 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Music Contest 3; Block Section 2. KEITH A. MCBRIDE— Football Team 2-3; Track Team 2-3; Basketball Team 2; Hi-Y 2. CHARLES McCLARD— Latin Club 2-3; Science Reading Club 4. MARTHA McCLURE— Girls ' In- dustrial Arts Club 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Achievement 3; Block Section 3. DONNA McCLURG — Junior Spectacular 3; Guid- ance Office Assistant 2; Office Assistant 2. JUDY McCORKLE— French Club 2; F.N.A. 2-3; Stage Crew 2. JOHN B. McCULLOUGH— Forensics 4; Ex- temporaneous Speech Club 4; Drafting Club 3; Graphic Arts Club 3; Track Team 3-4. MICHAEL JOSEPH McDonald— Chess Club 4; Chess Team 4; Latin Club 2-3; Slide Rule Club 3; National Honor Society 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Indiana State Achieve- ment Contest 2-3; National Merit Finalist. CAROLYN McFARL AND— F.N.A. 3-4; Home Eco- nomics Club 3; Girls ' Choral Club 4; Block Section 3; Senior Girls ' League. NANCY McGAUGHY— Junior Spectacular 3; F.N.A. 3; News Bureau 4; Block Section 3-4; Press Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Lab Assistant 4; Language Assistant 4. MARIBETH McN AM ARA— French Club 3; Home Economics Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Assistant 4. TOM McNEARNEY— Baseball Team 2-4; Latin Club 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4. BOB McQUISTON— Student Council 2-3; Senior Class Council; Wrestling Team 2; Golf Team 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Key Club 3-4; German Club 4. LAWRENCE MEISTER— Hi-Y 2-3; Military History Club 3; Boys ' Glee Club 4. CHARLES MEKEL— Slide Rule Club 2-3; Spanish Club 2; Band 2; A.V.T. 2; Junior Spectacular 2; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Student Council Alternate 3. THOMAS W. MICHAEL— Dance Band 4; Sym- phonic Ensemble 4. 121 SENIORS ELIZABETH A. MILLER— F.N.A. 3; Beginning Typing Club 4; Extemporaneous Speech Club 4. ROSEMARY MILES. SANDRA MARIAN MILLER — Debate Team 3; Debate Club 3; Forensics 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Shop Assistant 3; Sweep- stakes Art Show 3; Mock U.N. Delegate. DAVE MINNEY — Sophomore Class Council; Junior Spec- tacular 3-4; Hi-Y 3; Golf Team 3-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Home Economics Club 4. SANDRA MARLENE MINNIX— F.B.L.A. 3-4; F.N.A. 4; Block Section 4; Home Economics Club 2-4. ELIZABETH CELESTE MONEYHUN— Dra- matics Club 2; Forensics Club 4; Senior Girls ' League Junior Specta cular 3; Debate Club 2; Block Section 2; Guidance Assistant 3. BARBARA MONSER— Latin Club 3; Home Economics Club 4; F.T.A. 3; Bookstore Assistant 4. MARGARET ANN MOORE — Dramatics Club 2; Art Club 3; Debate and Dis- cussion Club 3; Student Council 4. DAPHNE MORGAN— F.N.A. 2-3; Block Section 2-4; Attendance Office Assistant 2; Girls ' Gym Assistant 4. JANE MORGAN— Block Section 2-4; Hi-Y 3; Spanish Club 3; F.N.A. 4; G.A.A. 2; Senior Girls ' League. -ROBERT D. MORGAN— Student Council 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Thespians Vice-Presi- dent 4; Dramatics Club President 4; National Honor Society Secretary 4; Junior Prom King Candidate; Marion County Teen Guide Representative 4; Fall Play 3. CHRIS MOTTERN— Stage Crew 2; Slide Rule Club 3. JUDY MO YER— Poetry Club 4; Art Club 4. KAREN MULLENDORE— Latin Club 2-4; French Club 3-4; F.T.A. 3-4; Journalism Club 4; Stage Crew 2-3; Band 2; Student Council Alternate 2. ELIZABETH JANE MUNGER — Sophomore Class Council; Latin Club 2; Student Council Alternate 3; Student Council 4; Spanish Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; F.N.A. 2-4; Home Economics Club 3. MICHELE MURPHY— News Bureau 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Senior Class Council Alternate; Block Section 2; Home Econom- ics Club President 4; Art Club Vice-President 4; Bookstore Assistant 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. -LINDA N A AM AN— Latin Club 2-4; Art Club 2-4; F.T.A. 3-4; Journalism Club 4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Letter of Commendation 3; Library As- sistant 2; Junior Class Council Alternate. SHARON NAIL— F.B.L.A. 2-4; Block Section 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Girls ' Choral Club 2-4; Nurse As- sistant 4. RICHARD NEESE— Chess Club 2-3; A.V.T. Club 2-4. BONITA NEVINS. EMILY NEWBY— Art Club 2-3; French Club 2; Stage Crew 2; F.T.A. 3-4; Journalism Club 4; Foods Club 4. MIKE NICKELS— Track Team 2-4; Cross Country 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Scholastic Achievement Award 3-4. SANDY NOLAN— French Club 4; Block Section 2-4; Journalism Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Girls ' Concert Choir 2-4; Stage Crew 2; F.N.A. 3; National Honor Society 3-4. JOHN NOLLER— Authors Club 4; Chess Club 3-4; Debate and Discussion Club 4; Latin Club 2-3; Northern Lights 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Indiana State Achievement Contest 2-3. KATHY NOLTE— Junior Spectacular 3-4; A Cap- pella Choir 4; Senior Girls ' League; Stage Crew Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Journalism Club 4; Debate Club 4. CAROLE NUNAMAKER— Cheer Leader 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Sophomore Class Coun- cil; Junior Class Council; Student Council 4; Drama Club 3; Block Section 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; 19th Century Authors Club 4. CATHERINE O ' BRIEN— Thespians 3; F.T.A.; Senior Girls ' League; Spring Plays 3; Fall Play 4. CHARLES MICHAEL OLIVER— North Central Drill Team 2-3; North Central Color Guard 2; North Central Rifle Team 3-4; Battalion Commander of NDCC unit 4; Army Legion of Valor Award 4; Superior NDCC Cadet 3. CLASS OF 1962 JAMES MICHAEL OSMAN JR.— Chess Club 2-4; Military History Club 2; Intramurals 3. RALPH EARL OVERFIELD— Band 2-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4; A Cappella Choir 4. GEORGE RANDY PARISH— Chess Club 2; Slide Rule Club 3; Rifle Team 3-4; Drill Team 2-3; N.D.C.C. Battalion Com- mander 4. PHILLIP PARKS. DON PATTON— Military History Club 4; Intra- murals 4; Drill Team 2-3. PHYLLIS E. PAYNE— Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3; Thespians 3-4; Stage Crew 3-4; Belles 2; Counterpoints 3-4; F.N.A. 2; Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League. CARL S. PA YNTOR— Wrestling Team 3; A Cappella Choir 2-3; Counterpoints 4; Fall Play 2; A.V.T. 3-4. LARRY PEARCE — Sophomore Class Cou ncil; Key Club 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Hi-Y 3; Extemporene- ous Speech Club 4. JEAN PEARSON— Junior Class Council Alter- nate; Student Council Alternate 4; Junior Spectacu- lar 3; Art Club 2-3; Stage Crew 2-3; Spanish Club 2; Athletic Office Assistant 3; Basketball Coach As- sistant 4. JOAN PEARSON— Junior Spectacular 3; Art Club 3; National Scholastic Art Award 3; Ath- letic Office Assistant 3; Bookstore Assistant 3. GILBERT PECK— Baseball Team 3-4; A.V.T. 3-4; Hi-Y Club 4. KARYL PFEFFER— F.N.A. 2-4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; French Club 3; Block Section 2; Home Economics Club 3; Bookstore As- sistant 3; Chemistry Assistant 4. STEPHEN PHELPS— Thespians 3; President 4; Debate Teams 3-4; Dramatics Club 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular 3-4; Extemporaneous Speech Club 4; Sopho- moe Class Council; Senior Class Council Alternate; German Club 3. JAMES PHILLIPS— Slide Rule Club 4; Chess Club 2. SYLVIE PICARD— Dramatics Club 4; French Club 4; German Club 4. DAVID PIGG— Football Team 2. Jamboree audiences who watch Judy Wake model one of the new fashions also hear narrators Bob Hulett and Mary Lou Mackey describe the clothes. SENIORS JUDY A. PITT— F.B.L.A. 3; F.N. A. 4; Typing Club 3; Attendance Office Assistant 2; Office Assistant 3. CONSTANCE DOLORES PLUMMER— Girls ' Choral Club 2; F.N.A. 3-4; Typing Club 4; Senior Girls ' League. ' SUZANNE POCK— Senior Class Council; Junior Spectacular 3; Jamboree Model 4; Northern Lights Staff 3-4; Dramatics Club 2; Span- ish Club President 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Stu- dent Council Alternate 3. MARC C. PORTER— De- bate and Discussion Club 3; Poetry Club 4; Debate Team 4; National Forensics League 4; Latin Club 2; Track Team 2. JUDITH KAY POTTER— Northern Lights Staff 3; Activities Editor 4; Dramatics Club 3; F.T.A. 3; Library Club 2; Girls ' Choral Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Office Assistant 2-3; Belles 2-4; Northerner Staff 4. HARRY F. PH AH— Cross Country Team 4; Track Team 2-3; Hi-Y 2-3; Vice-President 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. MARILYN PROUT— Senior Girls ' League; Art Club 4, MIKE PURDY— Wrest- ling Team 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. KAY RAY— Social Studies Club 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Dramatics Club 2; Guidance Assistant 4. JO ANNE REAGER— Senior Girls ' League; F.T.A. 2-3; Library Club 2; A Cappella Choir 3-4. CHARLES REINKING— Industrial Arts Club 4; A.V.T. Assistant 4. MYRA RENSBERGER. BILL EDWARD RICHARDS— Typing Club 3; In- dustrial Arts Club 3. SHERRIE RICHARDS— Baton Corps 3-4; Student Council 2-3; Senior Girls ' League. SUSAN RIDDELL— Spanish Club 3-4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3-4; Band 2-4; Crescendo Club 3; Belles 2; A Cappella Choir 2-3; Band De- partment Assistant 4. JOAN RIFKIND — Dramatics Club 2; Typing Club 3; Spanish Club 3-4; Social Studies Club 4; Business Office Assistant 4. KARYL ROBBINS— Girls ' Chorus 3-4; Beginning Typing Club 3; Music Contest 3. MARCIA ROB- BINS — Junior Spectacular 4; Act Chairman 3; Baton Corps 3-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Duke and Duchess Candidate 4; Fall Sports Queen Candidate 4; Senior Girls ' League. SUE ROBBINS— Spanish Club 2; Social Studies Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League. EDWARD ROBERTS— Reserve Basketball Team 2; Reserve Baseball Team 2; Boys ' Glee Club 4; A Cappella Choir 3-4. PAMELA ROESCH— Spanish Club 2-3; F.N.A. 2-4; F.T.A. 4; Lab Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League; Stage Crew 3. RICHARD ROESSLER— Varsity Golf Team 2-4; Latin Club Vice-President 2; Junior Class Council Vice-President; Student Council Presi- dent 4; National Honor Society 4; Triangle Club Award (2nd) 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4. MELINDA ROHRMANN— Junior Spectac- ular 3; Sophomore Class Council; Senior Class Coun- cil Alternate; Spanish Club 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Honor Society Secretary 3-4; Dra- matics Club 2; Stage Crew 2. PHIL ROPER— Stu- dent Council 4; Band 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; National Honor Society President 3; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Key Club 3-4. JAMES EDWARD ROSENBAUM— Student Coun- cil 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Math Club 3-4; Electronics Club 3-4; Math Club President 4; Elec- tronics Club President 4; Letter of Commendation 3. TOM ROSS— Journalism Club 3-4; Art Club 4; Golf Club 3; Baseball Team 2; Wrestling Team 2; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. TOM J. ROYER— Debate Club 2; Extemporaneous Speech Club 2; Fall Play 3.W ALTER RUBY— Base- ball Team 2-4; Military History Club 4; Triangle Club Award 2; French Club 2. 124 CLASS OF 1962 WILLIAM KUCH. KEN RUSSELL— Stage Crew 3-4; A.V.T. President 4; Band 2-3. LOIS SANDER— FT A 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; National Honor Society 3-4. NANCY LOUISE SCHACKLE— Dra- matics Club 2; Home Economics Club 2-4; Typing Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3-4; F.N.A. 2. SUE SCHELLERT — Home Economics Club 2-4; F.N.A 2-4; 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Home Econ- omics Club President 3; Secretary 4. ART SACHS— Lab Assistant 3. MARGARET ANN SCHINDLER— Social Studies Club 2; F.B.L.A. 2; Review Typing Club 3; Spanish Club 3; Home Economics Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Model UN 3. PATRICIA SCHINDLER— F.B.L.A. 2-3; F.N.A. 3; Block Sec- tion 4; Home Economics 3; Senior Girls ' League; Nurse Assistant 3. GEORGE H. SCHLEICHER— Junior Spectacular 4. GLENN R. SCHEICHER— Junior Spectacular 4; Stage Crew Club 2. PAT SCHMIDT— Latin Club 2-3; A Cappella Choir 4; Junior Spectacular 3. SHEILA SCHMIDT— Latin Club 2; Block Section 2; Senior Girls ' League; Clothing Club 2-4; Foods Club 3; F.N.A. 2-4; Foods Club Secretary 3. JEAN SCHMOYER— Senior Class Council Alter- nate; Dramatics Club 2-4; Art Club 2-4; Senior Girls ' League. MATT SCHNEIDER— Latin Club 2; Spanish Club 4; Slide Rule Club 3. LISA SCHULTE — Dramatics Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; G.A.A. Treasurer 2; Library Assistant 2-4; Girls ' Ensemble 3-4; Girls ' Choral Club 4. -ANNE SCHWARTZ— Senior Girls ' League; Dramatics Club 2; Student Council Alternate 3; Student Coun- cil 4; Choral Club President 4; Nurse Assistant 4; Counterpoints 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4. JUDY SCHWARTZ— Senior Girls ' League F.B.L.A. 3- F.T.A. 3; Social Studies Club 3; French Club 3. BETTY SCOTT — F.T.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Social Studies Club 4. GEOFF SCOTT— A.V.T. 2; Hi-Y 3; Spanish Club 3-4; Social Studies Club 3-4; Student Teaching 4. NANCY SCOTT— Home Economics Club 2; Block Section 4. SHERRIE SEIDMAN— Block Section 2-4; F.B.L.A. 3; F.T.A. 3; Dramatics Club 2; Library Club 4; Social Studies Club 3; Home Economics Club 2-3. JOEL M. SELIG— Chess Club 4; Electronics Club 4; Bowling Club 3; F.B.L.A. SUZY SELK A— Span- ish Club 2; Social Studies Club 2; Foods Club 3; Clothing Club 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Nurse Assistant 3-4; Music Contest 2. J. BANT SEXSON— Football Team 2-3; French Club 2; Wrestling Team 4; A.V.T. Club 3; Military History Club 3. NANCI SEXSON— Baton Corps 2-4; Junior Class Council Alternate; Student Council Alternate 4 Senior Girls ' League; Review Typing Club Presi dent 3; Jamboree Model 4; Northern Lights Staff Nurse Assistant 4. EDITH SHACKELFORD— Stu dent Council Alternate 3; Junior Spectacular 3-4 Dramatics Club 2; French Club 3-4; News Bureau 2-4; Office Assistant 3; Senior Girls ' League. DAN LEE SHE AGLEY— Junior Spectacular 3; Slide Rule Club 3-4; Electronics Club 4; Science Reading Club 2-3. JIM SHEELER— Chess Club 2. 125 SENIORS 120 JOE SHEELER — Intramural Basketball 4; Chess Club 4. DONNA SHIED— Safety Council 3; Senior Girls ' League; Debate Club 3; Drama Club 2; Block Section 3-4; Spanish Club 2; F.T.A. 2; Stage Crew 2. MARY SHREVE— Senior Class Council 4; NDCC Sponsor 4; F.N. A. 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Social Studies Club 3; Girls ' Rifle Team 3-4. SUSAN SHRIGLEY— Student Council 2; Band 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Dramatics Club 4; Military Ball Queen Candidate 3; Band Contest 3. RALPH SHULL—Stage Crew Club 2; Military His- tory Club 3; A.V.T. Club 3. LUCY SHUTTLE- WORTH— French Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Dramatics Club 2; Extemporaneous Speech Club 2; Fall Play 2; Guidance Assistant 3. DAVID SIDER— Photography Club 2; A.V.T. 2; Chess Club 4; Press Club 4. JAY SINEX— Tennis Team 2-3; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Student Council 3; German Club Vice- President 2. ROBERT R. SKINNER— F.B.L.A. 4. BILL SLANG. JUDITH ANNE SLATER— Model UN 3; Dramatics Club 2; Stage Crew 2; Social Studies Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Home Economics Club 3; Senior Girls ' League. DAVID SMITH— A.V.T. 2-4; N.D.C.C. 3-4; Language Office Assistant 2. FRANK SMITH— A.V.T. 3-4; Boys ' Service League 4; Band 2-4. JEANIE SMITH— Junior Spectacular 4; Fall Play 3; A Cappella Choir 3-4; French Club 3-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Dramatics Club 2-4; Thespians 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Vice-President 4; National Merit Finalist. LARRY SMITH— Dramatics Club 2; A Cappella Choir 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-4; French Club 3-4; Journalism Club 4. MAREN SMITH— Stage Crew 2; Latin Club 2; Spanish Club 3-4; Typing Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Foods Club 3. SUZANNE SMITH— Juni or Class Council; Senior Class Council; Reserve Cheerleader 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Student Council 2; Junior Spec- tacular 3-4. WILLIS SMITH— Baseball Team 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Wrestling Team 2. NIKKI LEE SOSH— Senior Girls ' League; Latin Club 2; Block Section 2; Home Economics Club 4; Library As- sistant 2. PHYLLIS MARIE SOUTH— Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Club 3-4; F.N.A. 4; F.T.A. 4; Block Section 2; Dramatics Club 2; French Club 2. GEORGE BYRON SPEES— Football Team 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Counterpoints 4; Junior Prom King; Student Council President Candidate 3; Mili- tary History Club 2; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Senior Class President Candidate. ROBERT SPRINGER— Latin Club 2-3 Social Studies Club 2; Chess Club 2; Review Typing Club 4. FRED SPUTH— German Club 2-4; Jamboree 4. MARCIA STARK— F.T.A. 3; Block Section 2; Spanish Club 4; Home Economics Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Library Assistant 3; Attendance Assistant 4. RICHARD W. STARK— Football Team 4; Senior Class Council Alternate; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Newspaper Club 3. LORETTA STEIN. DON STEINBARGER— A.V.T. 2-4; Slide Rule Club 3; Typing Club 3. RON STEINBRUEGGE— Football Team 3-4; Basketball Team 2; Track Team 3. CLASS OF 1962 KURT BARLETT STEVENS— Football Team 2-4; Track Team 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Letter- men ' s Club 3-4; Wrestling- Team 2-3; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; Honor Study Hall Monitor 3; Latin Club 3-4. PATRICIA ANN STEWART— FBL.A 3-4; A.V.T. 2-3; F.T.A. 2-4; F.N.A. 2-4; Senior Girls ' League -ANN STOELTING— Baton Corps 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Belles 4; Sopho- more Class Council; Student Council Alternate 3; Student Council Alternate 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Jamboree Model 4. MARY JANE STOKES— A Cap- pella Choir 4. PAM STORMS— Stage Crew 2; F.T.A. 3-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Social Studies Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Office Assistant 3; Junior Spectacular 3. DIANA LYNN STOSHITCH— Art Club 3; Home Economics Club 4; Poetry Club 4; F.T.A. 3; Senior Girls ' League. SANDRA SUE STRIEB— Junior Spectac- ular 4; Dramatics Club 4; Stage Crew 2-4; Thespi- ans 3-4. DAVID STUART— Electronics Club 2; Slide Rule Club 3; A.V.T. Vice-President 4; Stage Crew 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4. WILLIAM STUDEBAKER— Wrestling Team 2; Track Team 2; Boys ' Chorus 4; German Club 2. RONNI KAREN STUMPF— Thespians 3-4; Drama- tics Club 2-4; French Club 2-3; Junior Spectacu- lar; Intermission Act 3; Stage Crew 3; State French Contest 3; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4. KAREN SUNDERLAND— Stage Crew 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Latin Club 3; 19th Century Authors Club 3-4; Poetry Club 4; Class Council 2-4; Student Council 3; Senior Girls ' League. WOODROW A. SUTTON— Bowling Club 2-3; Golf Club 3; Dra- matics Club 4; German C lub 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; Lab As- sistant 3-4. MIKE SWEENEY— Wrestling Team 2-4; Tennis Team 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Spanish Club 3. LOU SYLER — Social Studies Club 2; Dramatics Club 2; Crescendo Club 3; Girls ' Choral Club 4; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Music Contest 3. VIVIAN TAB- BERT— French Club 3; F.B.L.A. Secretary 4; Stage Crew 2; Dramatics Club 2; F.T.A. 3; Senior Girls ' League; F.N.A. 2; Attendance Assistant 4. LOUISE ELLEN TEIXLER— Belles 3-4; Stage Crew 2; F.N.A. 2; Block Section 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Music Contest 3. M. DIANE TEUTON— Dramatics Club 2-3; Home Economics Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; Spanish Club 2-4; F.T.A. 2-4; Press Club Secretary 3; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Senior Girls ' League. JANET SUE THOMAS— 19th Century Authors Club 4; Science Reading Club 4; Home Economics Club 4; Senior Girls ' League. MARJORIE THOMPSON— Junior Spectacular 2-3; Duke and Duchess Candidate 4; Senior Girls ' League; Art Club 2; Class Council 3-4; Block Section 2; Latin Club 2-3; Vice-President 3. WILLIAM THORNTON— F.B.L.A. 3; N.D.C.C. Battle Group 2-4; Bowling Club 3. VIRGINIA LEE TIFFANY— Social Studies Club 3; Art Club 3; Senior Girls ' League. JIM TOOTLE— Library Staff 2-3; Chess Team 3-4; Hi-Y 2. JOHN TOURTELLOT. PETER M. TROUP— Student Coun- cil 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2; German Club 3; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Drama Club Treasurer 3; Student Council Vice-President Candidate 2-3; Wrestling Team 2. JUDITH L. TURNER— Drama Club 2; Junior Spec- tacular Act Chairman 3; Student Council Alternate 2; Junior Class Council Alternate; French Club President 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Top lO ' v 2-4; Senior Girls ' League. PAMELA JAYNE TURNER— Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3; Sophomore Class Council; Drama Club 3; Latin Club 3; Top lO ' f 2-4; Letter of Commendation 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Jamboree Model 4. CAROLYN TYLER— Foods Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Drama Club 2; Typing Club 3; Office Assistant 3; Junior Spectacular 3. BETTY TYNER— F.N.A. 2; Home Economics Club 2-3; Senior Gii-ls ' League; Office Assistant 4. 127 SENIORS STEVEN VANCE— A.V.T. 2. TONY VAN WEST- RUM — Senior Class Council; Extemporaneous Speech Club 3-4; Track Team 2; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 3; Junior Spec- tacular 3. MIKE VEON— Track Team 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Wrestling Team 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Boys ' Service League 4; Top 10% 3-4. THOMAS JOSEPH VER- PLANK— Boys ' Glee Club 4; Football Team 2-4; Track Team 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2. JANE VOGEL— French Club President 3; F.T.A. 3; Art Club 4; Poetry Club 4. PAUL VOORHIES— Drafting Club 3; Printing Club 3; N.D.C.C. 2.CYN- THIA ANN VOTE— F.B.L.A. 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Office Assistant 4. STEVE WACKER— Bowling Club 2; Geology Club 2; Junior Spectacular 3. STEPHEN WAGM AN— Military History Club 3; Social Studies Club 3; Bowling Club 3. JUDY ANN WAKE— Drama Club 2; Spanish Club 2-3; F.T.A. 3-4; Bowling Club 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Jam- boree Model 4. SUSAN WALLER— National Merit Letter of Commendation 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Northern Lights Staff 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Model UN 3; French Club 2-3; Latin Club 2-3. DENNY WALTERS— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Sopho- more Class Council Chairman 1; Class Council Pres- ident 3-4; Football Team 2-4; Track Team 2-4. FREDERICK WALTM AN. CLAUDE M. WARREN JR. — Student Council 2-4; Safety Council 3-4; Junior Class Council; Treasurer Candidate; Student Coun- cil President Candidate; Junior Prom King Candi- date 3; Duke and Duchess Candidate 3. JOHN WARREN— Student Council Alternate 2-3; Tennis Team 2-3; Wrestling Team 2-4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Debate and Discussion Club 4; Key Club 4; Debate Team 4. LYMAN H. WOLFLA II— Electronics Club 2; A.V.T. 2-4; Northerner Staff 2-4; Language Assistant 3. Senior Class Council— FRONT ROW: Lucy Lang, Paula Gallinger, Dottie Bychinsky, Marjorie Thompson, Sue Pock, Mary Shreve, Melinda Rohrman, Carol Henzie, Carole Geisler, Susie Smith, Ann Fairchild, Diane Deckard. BACK ROW: Mr. Marker, (sponsor), Denny Walters, Mac White, Bill Sims, Bill Habig, Bill Campbell, Bob McQuiston, Paul Bancel, Fred Matekunas, Bill Jefferson. These students were elected mem- bers of the council by their homerooms. CLASS OF 1962 SUSIE WEATHERLY— Class Council Alternate 2-3; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Home Economics Club 4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Busi- ness Office Assistant 4. BEV WEAVER— Block Sec- tion 2; French Club 3; Home Economics Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Jamboree 3; Attendance Office Assistant 3. PAMELA WEAVER— F.T.A. 4; Spanish Club 2-4; Home Economics Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Club Secretary 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Art Club 2; Girls ' Ensemble 2-4. TERRY WEAVER — Authors Club 4; Military History Club 3-4; Wrestling Team 2-4. MITCHELL WEBER— Spanish Club 2-4; Typing Club 4; Bowling Club 2; Science Reading Club 3; Geology Club 2. LINDA WEISS— French Club 2-4; Review Typing Club 4: Senior Girls ' League; Top lO ' r 2-3. VIRGINIA WEISELL— Latin Club 2-4; A Cappella Choir 3; Belles 2; French Club 4; Drama Club 2-3; Great Books Club 2; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. BONNIE WELLS— Home Economics Club 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-3; Baton Corps 2-4. JOAN K. WENTE — Senior Girls ' League; French Club 3-4; Drama Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Top lO ' y 2-4; Student Council Alternate 4: Junior Spectacular Chairman; Jamboree Model 4. STARR WESTLAKE— 19th Century Authors Club 4; Drafting Club 4. PAUL DOUGLAS WHITCOMB — Graphic Arts Service Club President 3; Cross Country Team 2; Chess Club 3; Library Club 2; Stage Crew Club 2. CHAN WHITE. FRITZ WHITE. RICHARD WHITE— Electronics Club 3; Shop Club 3; Slide Rule Club 3; N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2. WILLIAM M. WHITE III— Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council. CYNTHIA WHITFIELD — Reserve Cheerleader 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Senior Girls ' Planning Board League; Student Council Alternate 4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3; Upper 10% 2-4; Jamboree Model 4; Northerner Staff 4; Quill and Scroll 4. JANET WHITTINGTON— Junior Spectacular 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Spring Play 3; F.T.A. 3; Debate Club 3; Girls ' Choral Club 4; Drama Club 2; Stage Crew 2. HOWARD WILCOX— Student Council 3-4; Safety Council 3; Chairman of Safety Council 4. THOMAS M. WILHOIT E— Chess Club 2-4; A.V.T. Club 2-3; Electronics Club 4; Drafting Club 3; Track Team Manager 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; A.V.T. Assistant 2-3. CHERYL LYNN WILLIAMS— Senior Girls ' League; Class Council 3-4; Student Council 2; Baton Corps 3-4; Junior Spectacular Act Chair- man 3; Block Section 2; Junior Prom Queen Candi- date 3. FRED WILLIAMS— Chess Club 2-3; Junior Spec- tacular 2; Military History Club 4; Science Reading- Club 4; Chess Club Secretary 3; Golf Club 3-4. GER- ALD WILLIAMS— Sophomore Class Council; Elec- tronics Club 2; Slide Rule Club 2. JAMES P. WILLIAMS— Debate Team 3-4; Northern Lights Staff 2-4; Forensics Team 3-4; Debate and Discus- sion Club 2-4; Press Club 2-3; Debate Team Presi- dent 4; Model UN 3. NANCY WILLIAMS— Block Section 2; F.N.A. 2; Home Economics Club 2-4; Senior Girls ' League. MARILYN WILSON— A Cappella Choir 3-4; Social Studies Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Dramatics Club 2; Girls ' Glee Club 4. SHERRE WILSON— National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 4; Alternate 3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Block Section 3-4; Baton Corps 2-4; Home Economics Club 3-4 JOSEPH G. WOLF— Latin Club 3; Slide Rule Club 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Drama Club 4; Tennis " Team 4; Forensics Club 3; Reserve Wrestling Team 3; Top 10 ' V 2-3; Key Club 3-4. TOM WOLFE— Key Club 4. 129 SENIORS HMH % . ' if- jam RICHARD MICHAEL WOOD— Stage Crew 2; Hi-Y 4; A.V.T. 3: Slide Rule Club 4; Drafting Club 3; Art Club 3; Typing Club 4. JIM WOTTRING— Golf Team 2-4; Golf Club 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Mili- tary History Club 3-4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate; Press Club Treasurer-Secretary 3. WIL- LI AM WRIGHT— Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Tennis Team 2- 3: Junior Spectacular 3-4; Thespians 4; Spanish Club 3-4; Debate and Discussion Club 4; Slide Rule Club Secretary 2; Upper 10 2-3; Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; Lab Assistant 4; Key Club 3-4. SHERRI WRIGHT— F.T.A. 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Senior Class Council Alternate; National Honor Society 3- 4. WILLIAM A. WRIGHT— Track Team 2-4; Art Club 2- 4. TERRY LEE YOUNG— Science Reading Club 3- 4; Spanish Club 4; Golf Team 3-4; Science Read- ing Club Vice-President 4. EVERTSON H. ZELL— German Club 3-4; Science Reading Club 3-4; Golf Club 2; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. BETTY ZESSIN— Dramatics Club 2-3; Social Studies Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spec- tacular Intermission Act 3; Office Assistant 4. TOM ZIFFRIN— Military History Club 4; Intra- mural Basketball Team. DONNA ZIMMERMAN— Junior Spectacular 3; Belles 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Jamboree Model 4; Block Section Secretary- Treasurer 4; French Club Secretary 4. DIXIE ANN ADCOCK— Latin Club 4; Library Club 4; Review Typing Club 4; Home Economics Club 4. SUE AMY —Spanish Club 2-4; Quill and Scroll 2-4. CHARLES BRADFORD HALL— Cross Country Team 2; Manager 3-4. HERMAN PERKINS. BILL SIMS — Junior Prom Candidate 3; Duke and Duchess Candidate 4; Student Council 2; Wrestling Team 2; Senior Class Counci 1 Vice-President; Golf Club Treasurer 3. TOMMY TERRELL— Basketball Team 3-4; Track Team 3-4; Art Club 3; A.V.T. 4; Letter- men ' s Club 4; Language Lab Assistant 4. CATHER- INE VAN NUYS. GAIL FICHTL— Block Section 4; Art Club 4. " Other Activities Not Listed. Juniors sponsor sixth annual Spectacular, Prom Although the seniors might put up a good argu- ment against such a statement, the juniors often feel that theirs is the most important year of the three spent in North Central. They are responsible for two of the most publicized events — the Junior Prom and the Junior Spectacular. Their members have the pleasant responsibility for ordering class rings also. The Spectacular, which has grown in importance and excellence in its short career, is an all-school affair in that anyone can take part, but the planning and administration is entirely Junior Class sponsored. This year, for the first time, class officers worked with the two coordinators to arrange the opening of the show. Traditionally the Junior Prom has been held at the Indiana Ballroom. This and all other activities of the clas3 are planned and executed by a Junior Coun- cil whos3 members report back to the individual home rooms. The four officers preside over council meet- ings and perform their specialized tasks of keeping minutes, collecting money, making announcements and leading discussion. Mr. Patton is sponsor of the class of ' 63. Junior Class officers for this year are (standing) Chuck Peters, president; Dick Breaux, vice president; (seated) Pam Fortune, secretary; and Ann Kable, treasurer. Junior Class Council — FRONT ROW: Pam Fortune, Cheryl Werner, Carol Swenson, Nancy Galvich, Debbie Schade, Cathy Fisher, Maralee Smith, Ann Kabel, Connie McClain, Viki Kelso, Martha Deckman. BACK ROW: Andy Bolles, Duncan Campbell, Craig- Coleman, Tom Bauer, Chuck Peters, Bob Palmer, Dick Breaux, Rick Hirschman, Jim Jackson, John Lowe, Steve Hadley, John Rardon. Not pictured: Mr. Kenneth Patton, Junior Class Council Sponsor. 131 JUNIORS Andy Abels, Bob Adams, Nina Adolph, John Ahle- meyer, Jim Alderman, Lynn Alexander, Jay Allen, Jay Anderson Kathy Anderson, Lee Apple- white, Nancy Atkins, John Avery, Nancy Bachmann, William Bancroft, Donna Bandy, Lynn Barlet John Barr, Phil Barrett, Tom Bauer, Bob Becker, Dorothy Beguelin, Daniel Bernd, Charles Berning, Pam Berry Randy Berry, Steve Birr, Carol Blewett, Jeff Bloom- garden, Mike Bluestein, Jerry Blythe, Sally Boggs, Andy Bolles Jim Borland, Betty Borton, Carolyn B o w e n, Nancy Boyer, Marcia Brandt, Dick Breaux, Cheryl Bredemus, Jane Bridges Greg Broady, Ronnie Brodey, Linda Bromley, Ann Brown, Mary Brown, Louis Buehler, Tom Bull, Beth Burgan Karen B u r g h a r d, James Burk, Mary Burkert, Sally Burns, Jim Buschmann, Nancy Buschmann, Bob But- ler, Sandra Butler Tom Butz, Sarah Cady, Norma Calvert, Duncan Campbell, Sandra Campbell, Joann Caplin, Charles Carry, Judy Case Charles Cassady, Bill Chaille, James Chandler, Judy Chand- ler, Connie Chapin, Maria Chenoweth, Judy Childs, Roger Church Steve Claffey, Jenifer Clark, Paul Clark, Bill Clark, Frank Clarkson, Jerry Clay, Bar- bara Click, Carolyn Click CLASS OF 1963 Karen Clifford, Conda Cli- mer, Belinda Cloyd, Ann Cluley, Dave Clutter, Carolyn Cole, Craig Coleman, Steve Collier Linda Conley, Mike Conly, Patty Connelly, Anita Const- ant, Jeanne Cooper, Janet Coover, Helen Copeland, Steve Cosby Bruce Cowley, Nita Cranfill, Alan Crawford, Susan Craw- ford, John Cregor, Barbara Crouse, Linda Cupp, Lee Cutler Kay Daugherty, D e a n n a Daupert, Steve Davis, Bill Deckelbaum, Martha Deck- man, Gerry Delott, Carolyn DeMyer, John Diehl Steve Dinnsen, Gerald Dire, Joyce Ditzenberger, Barbara Dixon, Edward Dixon, How- ard D o d d, Don Doench, Ronnie Domont Russell Donnely, Nancy Dorn, Steve Duck, Nancy Dugan, Angela Duhm, Robert Duncan, Nancy Dungan, George Dunn Kathy Dunn, Alan Duwe, Dick Eddy, Betty Edwards, Diana Edwards, Barbara Elles, Helen Elliott, John Elliott Carole Engle, Charles Engle, Henry Ensel, Eric Erickson, Marcia Estridge, Ted Evans, Diana Everett, Sandy Eyden Linda Fairbanks, Gloria Fausset, Peggy Fearnaught, Mike Ferguson, Gloria Fer- rell, Lucy Ferrell, Bob Ferris, Harvey Finn Barbara Fischer, Cathy Fisher, Nancy Fisher, Bob Fishman, Berry Lee Fleener, Dan Flickinger, Harry Flow- ers, Bob Forney JUNIORS Pam Fortune, Alan Foust, Martha Freese, Dave Frey, Jack Frisch, John Fritsch, Stan Gage, Nancy Galvich Earl Gant, Bill Gardiner, Ken Garelick, Nancy Gard- ner, Susan Gernhardt, Lu- cenne Gibson. Lucinda Gilki- son, Susan Glass Edward Ooebel. Ann Golden- stein, Barbara Goldstein, Judy Goldstein. Dennis Gor- ski, Earl Goodwin, Howard Grae, Sharon Gray Dixie Green, Tom Green- wood, Libby Gregory, Gloria Gresham, Darlene Griffin, Anne Grimes, Win Ellen Gruber, Bob Guyton Mike Gwyn, Steve Hadley, Marilyn Haislup, Judy Haley, Marriette Hall, Dave Hamil- ton, Ken Handley, Karon Hanger Linda Harden, Jerry Harley, Ed Harris, Jack Harris, Kathy Harris, Mary Pat Harris, Steve Harris, Steve Harrison Jon Hart, Patricia Harvey, Nancy Hass, Stanley Hasty, Randy Hatch, Craig Hauss, Bill H e a d 1 e e, Georgiana Hearden Ellen Hebert, Gloria Helbert, Bill Henry, Maurine Her- bert, Carl Herndon, Mark Hershman, Tina Hibbs, Andrea Hilburn Ray Himes, Rick Hirschman, Nancy Hitchcock, Sharon Hoban, Marilyn Hobson, Mar- cia Hockett, Jack Hogan, Saundra Hohlt Virginia Holsinger, Cathy Horst, John Horton, Barbara Hough, Bill Hudson, Jim Hudson, Don Hughey, Ed Hult 184 CLASS OF 1963 Gloria Hurwitz, Carole Hutt, Martha Irons, Maurice Jack- lin, Jim Jackson, Phil Jack- son, Ellen James, Tom James Bill Jennings, Candy Jensen, Tom Jensen, Chuck Jerden, Karen John, Kathy Johnson, Patty Johnson, Cindy Jones Doug- Jones, Mary Margaret Jones, Mike Jones, Jim Jor- dan, Dave Juday, Bob Judd, Ann Kabel, Mary Ann Karst Allan Kauffman, Tom Keel, Marilyn Keller, Georgette Kelley, Viki Kelso, Dave Kendrick, Jim Kepner, Dennis Kern Kathy Kernan, Vicki Ketter- man, Peggy Kibler, Susan Kiger, Sana King, Cheryl Kist, Lynn Klinger, Kathy Knipmeyer Linda Koby, Mike Koenig, Mike Kord, Bob Kreie, Gor- don Krentz, Scott Kromroy, Rowland K r o o t, Patricia Kunz Suzanne Kusted, Bob Lan- caster, Bruce Lancet, Alice Landgren, Barbara Larman, Dennis Lawton, Alan Leibo- witz, Betty Leinbach Steve Lester, Larry Leuk- hardt, Carol Levan, Dave Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Tom Lewis, Larry Ley, Linda Lidikay Abe Lin, Sharon Linder, Betsy Lippincott, Nancy Lit- ten, Tom Loucks, John Lowe, Judy Lowe, Larry Lunsford James Lyons, Dave Mac- Allister, Jackie Malless, Bob Manifold, Spencer Marcus, Roger M a r 1 e n, Kathy Marschke, Jean Martin JR j?5 1 j ' 135 41 M 0 JUNIORS Kim Martin, Pat Martin, Tom Martin, Diana Mathas, Mar- garet Maxwell, Dick Mc- Broom, Patricia McCarty, Connie McClain George McClellan, Lynn Mc- Clements, Lee McDermond, Larry McDonald, Kathy Mc- Griff, Patrice McGuire, John McKnight, Sharon McMurray Dave Meginnis, Marilyn Mel- ick. Sue Meyer, Tom Meyer, Marilyn Meyers, Patty Michaeloff, Dyann Miles, Frank Miller Nancy Miller, Rosie Miller, Karen Minnix, Pete Mohl- man, Bonnie Moore, Cynthia Morgan, Dawn Moser, Phil Murphy Greg Mutz, Carol Myers, Doug Nail, Richard Neate, Kathy Nelson, Larry Nelson, Bruce Newby, Nicki Newkirk Mary Nicholas, Larry Nichol- son, Ladyne Nickson, Donna Niesse, Mike Nolan, Sally Noon, Martha Norman, Bob Nourse Penelope Novak, Patricia O ' Brien, Mike O ' Donnell, Judy Olson, Steve Olt, Tim Orine, Janet Orme, Pete Orr Juanita Orrick, Karen Osta- penko, Virginia 0 s t r o m, Marianne O ' Sullivan, Sherry Paetz, Jeff Paige, Bob Pal- mer, Lillian Parrinello Lena Parsons, Jim Partlowe, Nancy Parvis, Joyce Patter- son, Emily Patton, Lewis Paxton, Nancy Pelton, Bar- bara Perkins Linda Permer, Chuck Peters, E g o n Petersen, Pam Phil- lips, Renee Phillips, Bill Pickard, Steve Pickett, Nancy Pierce CLASS OF 1963 Virginia Pierson, Geraldine Piuman, Carol Politz, John Pollard, Barbara Porter, Laura Post, Tom Poxon, Alice Price Richard Pritchard, V i c k i Query, Karen Quin, Dave Raber, Barry Raff, Jon Ran- dall, John Rardon, Richard Ratliff Phyllis Reed, Joan Reilly, Sherry Reuss, Susan Rey- nolds, Susan Richwine, Lou Riddell, Marilyn Riddick, Bob Rigsbee Karen Riley, Leah Ritchey, Sharon Roach, Hugh Rob- erts, Jim Robinett, Susan Rogers, Megan Rohn, Larry Rosenbaum Alicia Roth, Susan Rubin, Judy Rust, Loreli Salvatore, James Samuelson, Sharon Satinsky, Chris Scanlon, Charles Schaab Debby Schade, Bruce Schal- ler, Kandy Scheick. Karen Schenkman, Randy Schnack- enberg, Lynda Schneider, William Schnittker, Gretchen Schuldt Mary Segerson, Stanley Shackelford, Marian Shafer, Marcia Shank, Al Shpeler, Linda Sherk, Jon Short, Jane Shute Diane Sickles, Nancy Side- bottom, Steve Siebert, Mar- garet Siebs, Adelle Simoson, Louis Simpson, Jon Sipe, Ralph Skinner John Slaughter, Charles Smith, Cynthia Smith, Mara- lee Smith, Pam Smith, Penny Smith, Terry Smith, Sam Snead Lee Snider, Sandy Snodgrass, John Snyder, Warren Sparks, Bev Spears, Nicholas Spears, Susan Spengeman, Dieter Staiger T - 137 JUNIORS Martha Staines, Sandra Steers, Susan Steinbarger, Suzanne Steiner, Astra Sterns, Terri Stevens, Liz Stickle, Gary Stope Shirley Streib, Linda Stuart, Donna Studer, John Stur- man, Joan Suggs, John Sum- mitt, Janet Sutton, Carol Swenson Judy Swigart, Nancy Taylor, Frank Teague, June Terk- horn, Steve Thiesing, Danny Thomas, James Thomas, Joan Thompson Bob Thompson, Dan Thorn- ton, Sandra Tiffany, Carol Todd, Marvin Toenjes, John Tourtellot, Ralph Tramontini, Steve Trattner Tom Tussing, Mark Tutte- row, Harold VanCleave, Jan Vogel, Susan Walcher, Jan Wall, Janet Wallace, Nicki Walter Patty Walters, Robert Ward, Joan Warkentien, Roger Warren, Vicki Warren, Jeff Weitzel, John Wells, John West Nancy Westfall, Starr West- lake, Sharon Wetzel, Diana Whalin, Bob Whitacre, Jere Whitaker, Barbara White, Donald White Nancy White, Norene White- head, Betsy Whitesel, Mary W h i t m o r e, David Wick, Karen Williams, Benjamin Wilson, Ken Wilson Ki-;k Wilson, Lee Ann Wil- sted, Rodney Wirsching, Susan Wisely, Dorothy Wolf, Fred Wolf, Leslie Woolford, Bruce Young- Bryan Young, Jerry Young, Mike Young, Steve Young, Bob Youngquist 138 JUNIORS T1_ All Tl " O John Ahlemeyer, Leslie Bar- nett, Barbara Bergman, Mimi Crannell, Patty Fisher, Pa- tricia Fullerton, Marie Greaves, Joseph Green. n S 0 n d r a Hodgson, Robert King, Carolyn Kivett, Kim Martin, Connie McCarty, Phyllis M c N a m a r a, Judy Miller, James O ' Mahony. Alan Pyle, Ken Stahl, Bar- bara Unversaw, Johanna Upton, Cheryl Werner, Jane Yenni. SOPHOMORES Susan Boothe, Beverly Cler- kin, Janice Ganz, Richard Gornes, Robert Graves, George Herrick, Linda Leavis, Nancy Mankowski. Pamela McCoy, Mary Kay McFarling, Barbara Missling, Maxene Mitchell, Randy Rabe, Karen Prah, Jill Sig- norino, Gordon Stanley. Alan Tehan, Rita Vandeveer, Beverly VanMeter, George Woywod, Richard Zimmer- man, James Zink, Marjorie Zwaily. 4 I - 1. p t One hundred fifty people were scheduled to have their pictures taken on February 27, either because the original photos were not good or because these persons were absent at the time of the first photo- graphic schedule. The photographer arrived on time. Cameras were set up. Lights ! — but no action. On that day. Colonel John Glenn, made international history with his journey around the world into space. The administra- tion, realizing that this was a historic " first " set up televisions in the Student Center. All during the day, the center was crowded with excited North Central- ites who lived through the pre-flight hours, the sus- pense filled temporary postponement, and then the moment of accomplishment. Downstairs in the audi- torium, only forty-four out of the one hundred and fifty drifted in to put themselves into the school ' s history as shown in the Northerner — the rest were oblivious to all else but the history being made on the TV screen. 139 When the former freshmen from Eastwood and Westlane arrived at North Central they soon put aside their junior high school rivalries and united to work together. With new friendships formed and class leaders selected, the class of ' 64 worked on various school activities which were delegated to them. A traditional project of the Sophomore Class is to purchase the huge Christmas tree which stands in the Student Center during the pre-holiday season. With decorations made by creative persons, and orna- ments brought from home, the tree ' s bare branches are annually transformed into gay reminders of the approaching season. In February, the class sponsors an annual valen- tines dance. This year they chose as their theme " Cupid Capers " . Class council representatives, who were elected in the sophomore homerooms at the beginning of the year, chose Bruce Turner as chairman and Diane Settle as recorder. This will probably be the first class to graduate from the new North Central. The traditional duty of providing and decorating the Christmas tree was fun for sophomores. Christmas tree and Valentine dance, Soph traditions Sophomore Class Council — FRONT ROW: Sara Wilmore, Linda Olmsted, Margaret Light, Laura Heider, Kathy Miller, Peggy Sterner, Nancy Cohee, Cheryle Powell, Diana Settle, recorder, Evelyn Jones, Sophia Spuzich, Marlene Bryan, Jane Gold, Susie Drexler. BACK ROW: Dick Wert, Steve Cagel, Bruce McConnell, Jon Fisch, Bill Green, Jack Aldrich, Dallas Mulvaney, Richard Russell, Tom Bardach, Vincent Lapenta, Marty Jackson, Bruce Turner, chairman, Mr. Earl Lindberg, sponsor. Not pictured: Jim Cromer. These students were chosen for the council by their homerooms. 1 10 SOPHOMORES Bill Adams, Bill A g n e r, Shirley Akard, Jack Aldiich, Gregory Allen, Richard Al- len, Joan Allen, Jennie Anderson Marty Andreasen, Richard Andresen, Penny Andrews, Jacqueline Angell, Sharry Anweiler, Lucy Appel, Don- ald Applewhite, Ronald Applewhite Saundra Asmussan, James Babcock, Stephen Backer, Marianne Baldrige, Jayne Ann Baldwin, Cheryl Ball, Russell Bandy, ' Thomas Baney Janice Banz, Roy Barbarick, Thomas Bardach, L y n n e Barnard, Thomas Barnes, Robert Barrows, Christine Bass, John Bauer Amy Bayless, Jeffrey Beau- champ, Lucinda Beckmann, Patricia Begley, Kathy Behr- man, Becky Bell, ' Linda Berkel, Genie Berkowitz Howard Bernstein, Bob Berry, Barbara Biddle, Nor- man B i r n b a u m, David Bishop, John Blakley, Her- man Bluestein, Ronald Blom- berg Russell Blythe, John Bod- well, Kenneth B o h a n o n, Kathleen Bohne, Valerie Bo- lin, Barbara Borland, Diane Bowman, Gregory Bowsher Byron Boyd, Joan Boyd, James Boyer, Robert Brait- man, Susan Bredemus, Mar- vin Brethauer, Kathy Brink- erhoff, Joan Brissman Carol Brown, Mike Brown, Robert Brown, Bruce Brown- ing, Mary Lee Browning, Nancy Browning, Marlene Bryan, Richard Bryant Bill Bunch, Allen Burgan, Mary Burger, David Burke, James Burns, Charles Bush- or, Timothy Butler, Barbara Button 111 ft SOPHOMORES Ted Butz, Stephen Cagle, Patricia Calvin, Dennis Cam- field, Bill Campbell, Gary Campbell, Michael Cannon, Iris Caplin Connie Capp, Linda Carlson, Sondra Carlson, Charles Carpenter, Kathleen Carter, James Carter, James R. Carter, Steve Castner r David Catlin, Terri Ceasar, Robert Cederquist, Karen Chandler, Deanna Charles, Barbara Chattin, Susan Chesterfield, Gary Church Gary Ciesar, Roger Claffey, Christena Clark, Donna Clark, James Clark, Sue Clark, Jackie Clayton, Marcia Cline Martha Coale, Diane Coch- ran, Nancy Cohee, Harvey Cohen, David Cole, David Coleman, Carolyn Collins, Michelle Colville Thomas Compton, James Comstock, Daniel Conly, Philip Conover, Dorothy Con- vey, James Coons, Kitty Copan, John Copenhaver John Corbett, Thomas Cot- ton. Mary Cox, Mike Cra- craft, Robert Crews, Kathy Crider, Carol Crites, John Crocker James Cromer, Donna Cron- in, Judith Crow, Thomas Crum, Anita Cruzan, John Culp, Evelyn Currier, Daniel Curry Louis Curry, Woodrow Cur- ry, Mary Dag-on, Donna Daupert, Son.ia David, John Davidson, Bill Davies, Cindy Davis Lee Davis, Michael Davis, Steve Davis, Douglas Daw- son, Carl Dean, Linda Deck- ert, Charles Deich, Robert Dender 142 CLASS OF 1964 Steve Detmer, Janie Dick- man, Eileen Diamond, Ruthie Diener, Diana Donofrio, Di- ana Dopp, James Dougherty, Lawrence Dratch Susan D r e X 1 e r, Tedrick Drum, James Dull, David Dunne, Don DuPont, James Durlacher, Richard Dyer, Sharon Earley Ed Eaton, Mike Eby, Ruth Echols, Diana Efthim, Mi- chael Ehmer, Carol Eilert, George Elliott, Susan Elliott Jackie Elster, Susan Engel, Nancy Englehart, Jeffrey Enkema, Lee Ervin, Gordon Etchison, Diane Etshokin, Josephine Evans John Evans, Dennis Ever- ingham, William Faatz, Ron- ald Faris, Julie Ferris, Suz- anne Fig-g, Cynthia Fish, Judy Fisher Doug Fitting, Susan Flack, Thomas Foltz, Lee Ford, Mary Fornia, Mike Framp- ton, David Francis, Myron Frank Sharon Frankenberger. Jo- ann Free, Carl Freed, Kath- leen Frosch, Jane Fuhrmann, Robert Furnish, Judi Gahan, William Gaines William Gambill, Gail Gar- inger, Steve Gardner, Bar- bara Garrison, Samuel Garrity, Howard Gaskill, Marti Gavin, Kay Gebhardt Cissy Gibbons, Linda Gibson, Tom Gilson, Andy Gilliston, Susan Glass, Jane Gold, Cyn- thia Goldsmith, R o s a 1 y n Goldstein Cathy Gommel, Stanley Gor- don, Frederick Goulding, Judy Grant, Nina Grant, Joan Graves, Nancy Gray, William Green V 143 ilil 1 i - ' ,1, ' V 1 4ii SOPHOMORES Joyce Greenberg, Beverly- Greene, Martin Griesel, Jan Grumme, Donald Guilford, Lawrence Guptill, Richard Haberman, Ann Habig Sally Hackney, Sandra Had- ley, Carol Hager, Sue Haine, Barbara Haines, Steven Hall, Edward Halloran, Michael Halloran Margaret Hamerstadt, Linda Hamm, Catherine Hammel, Steve Hammond, Ruthann Hanaway, Harvey Hancock, Patty Hancock, Leslie Hanna Alice Hanson, Tim Harlan, Sharon Harriman, Peggy Harness, Robert Harper, Jo- seph Hartman, Stephen Hart- man, Patricia Hash Suzette Haywood, Brian Hearn, Benjamin Hatfield, Susan Heeter, Vicki Hege- man, Sandra Hedges, Laura Heider, Brenda Helton Donn Henn, Stephen Hend- rickson, Katherine Henry, William Henzie, Rosanne Herman, Dale Herrick, Carol Herrmann, Rachel Herrmann Kathleen Hickey, Louis High- mark, Craig Hixon, Michele Hobbs, Janet Hockert, Steven Hogan, John Holder, Richard Hollander Julia Holsworth, Roslyn Hop- per, David Hoppock, David Horner, Jere Horwitz, George House, Paula Hout- zer, Linda Hoyt Donna Hudson, Joan Hues- ing, Phyllis Huffman, Wendy Huffman, Sharon Hughes, Janet Hulen, George Hum- bert, John Hurlbut Scott Jacklin, Marty Jack- son, Bryan James, Phyllis Jennings, Sandra Jessup, Charles Johnson, Joyce John- son, Marylu Johnson CLASS OF 1964 Jean Johnston, Evelyn Jones, Michael Jones, Ralph Jones, Karen Kane, Michael Kaser, Sherry Kaser, Judy Katz Jule Kaufman, Charles Keagle, George Keaton, John Keilman, Jeff Keiner, David Kelly, Linda Kennedy, Diane Kidd John Kiergan, Karen Killion, Barbara King, Constance Kingdon, Emily Kingsbury, Lawrence Kiser, Margie Ki- vett, Bradley Klain Robert Klein, Gayle Klezmer, Walter Klukas, Ralph Knauss, Malcolm Knox, Rich- ard Koenig, Jimmy Koett, David Kohl Chrystal Kreis, K a t h r y n Krieger, Kenneth Kunkel, Jane Lach, Jean Lach, Kath- leen Lakin, Richard Lamar, Thomas Lambert Barbara Lammert, Charles Lander, William Landes, John Lapenta, Evelyn Laurie, Nancy Lawton, Linda Lay, Gary Layton Beth Lee, Susan Lee, Renee Leffel, Norman Leighty, Reid Lemasters, Judith Lennie, Catherine L e s h, Thomas Leslie John Lesow, John Lester, Marta Lieber, Mary Light, Frederick Linden, Marianne Linder, Dora Lin, Harriet Lipschultz Allan Loer, Janice Lotze, Philip Lucas, Edward Lucius, Anne Lund, Andrea Lurie, Lynanne Lutz, Charles Lynn life Heather MacAllister, Jody Mace, Sandra Macpheat, Sheryl Magel, David Mag- gard, Kenneth Maker, Joyce Maines, Maria Mangin 145 SOPHOMORES Nancy Mankowski, Raymond Marks, William Marks, Carol Marsh, Jackson Martin, Lynn Martin, Lynne Martin, Rich- ard Masker John Mason, Sandra Mason, James Mathers, Judy Mattox, Ronnie M a u r e r, William McCaig, Michael McCIeaster, Charles McConnell Pamela McCoy, Patrick Mc- Dorman, Mary Kay McFar- ling, Paul McGeary, Alicia McGriff, Kathy McKinney, Linda McKown, Gary Mc- Mann Randall McMinn, Danny Mc- Quinn, John McWhorter, Deborah Means, Michael M e d 1 i n, Larry Mehaffey, James Melick, Geoffrey Michels Stephen Milbourne, Vera Miles, David Miller, Eddie Miller, Jane Miller, Kathleen Miller, Richard Miller, Kath- leen Millholland Karen Minkner, Jane Mit- chell, Janis Mobley, Lesley Mockbee, Robert Moffatt, Jeanne Monser, Cathy Moore, Thomas Moore Mike Morehead, Molly Mor- gan, John Moritz, David Morris, Lynn Morris, Joe Morton, Anita Moyer, Marcia Moynahan Carolyn Mullikin, Michael Mullinix, Dallas Mulvaney, John Munro, Lee Murray, Sondra Mutz, Joe Myers, John Nail Lonnie Nefouse, Nelda Neill, Jon Nestor, Barbara New- berry, Howard Newkirk, Susan Newman, Pamela Nichols, Barbara Nickels Michael Nicoloff , Ann Niehaus, David Noland, Carol Noller, Jennifer N o r r i s, Jeanne Obenchain, Stephen Obenland, David Olive 146 CLASS OF 1964 Alan Oliver, Linda Olmsted, Thomas Olt, Jim O ' Mahoney, Scott O ' Malley, Diane Orme, Ray Osman, Steve Owen Betty Owens, Larry Pag-el, Dinah Parker, Donna Parker, Pamela Parker, Sally Parr, Richard Parsons, Patrick Patterson Ann Pearson, Willis Peelle, Penny Peirce, Dennis Peoples, Tom Perkins, Rob- ert Phillips, Thomas Phillips, William Phillips Harry Pierce, Margaret Pierce, Douglas Pilkinton, Mary Plumley, Roger Poer, Charles Polay, Douglas Popp, Robert Porteous Susan Pottgen, Carole Powell, Cheryl Powell, Lois Prange, Michael Pruitt, Mi- chael Quigley, Joan Quinn, Virgina Ramsey Nancy Ratz, Gary Ray, Quinn Ray, Vickie Ray, Kathryn Reager, Richard Reed, Roger Reich, John Reifers David Reklau, Carol Resch, John Rice, Thomas Richards, Linda Riskin, Henry Robb, Robert Robbins, Douglas Roberts Heather Robertson, William Rodabaugh, Erich Rogers, Ron Rogers, David Rohn, Norma Rollings, Vicki Rome, Ed Roop Sharon Roop, Ralph Roper, Robert Roundtree, Thomas Rountree, Carol Royster, Johanna Rowe, Karen Rud- ra?-n, Donald Russell Richard Russell, Marcia Sa- blosky, Carol Samms, Mike Sanderson, Kathy Sane, Caro- lyn Sanford, Don Sanger, Stephen Sauer 147 Hi fllli SOPHOMORES Becky Scheehter, Alan Seheffler, Pam Schernekau, William Schilk, Richard Schillen, Paul Schlienz, Betty Schmid, Carol Schmid Willis Schmidt, Susan Schmoll, Gordon Schoenheide, Elaine Scott, Gregory Scott, John Seale, Elyse Seidman, Allan Self Anne Selig, Claire Selkurt, Judith Sentz, Diana Settle, Robeit Sexson, Paula Shaf- fer David Sheets, Jane Shclton Kathleen Sherman, Stephen Sherman, Jill Shirley, Pamela Shough, Martha Shriver, Don Shuck, Jill Signorino, Richard Silet Michael Silverstein, Elaine Simmons, Barbara S i n e x, Linda Slatter, Alan Smith, Betsy Smith, Eileen Smith, Linda Smith M i c h e 1 e Smith, Randall Smith, Russell Smith, Rusten Smith, Eddie Snider, Jennifer Snider, Sally Snyder, Mark Sochar David Sovine, Joyce Specker, Thedore Sputh, Sophia Spu- zich, Caroline Stalker, Shiras Stander, Sandra Staub, Jay Steinbarger Margaret Sterner, William Stewart, Doris Stiles, James Stockholm, Nancy Stolp, Allan Storey, Mary Strad- ling, Randall Strange Steve Streib, John Stroh, Roberta Struder, Michael Sugars, Joan Sullivan, Lynn Summers, Louise Symmes, Judy Taggart Alan Tehan, Cynthia Taylor, Susan Teuton, Richard Thomas, Anita Thompson, Barbara Thompson, Carol Thompson, Stephen Thomp- son 148 CLASS OF 1964 Kay Tiffany, Polly Toombs, David Toth, Bill Townsend, Suzanne T r a y 1 o r, Tom Treser, Marvin T r i e t s c h, Michael Troyan Steven Tuchman, Michael Tull, Bruce Turner, Margaret Turner, Thomas Tuttle, Pa- tricia Tyler, Barbara Tyner, Karen Undercoffer Rita Vandeveer, John Van- dorn, Beverly Van Meter, Nancy Vinton, Mike Ver- plank, James Voorhies, Law- rence Vorhies, James Wacker Bradley Wagnon, Michael Waldman, Paul Walk, Bev- erly Wall, Stephen Wal- smith, David W a m pier, Sharon Watkins, James Watt % Michael Waugh, Barbara Weeks, Robert W e i s e 11, Jeanette Welsh, Jean Wer- ner, R ichard Wert, Marsha Westlake, Robert Wherry i 0k r V Janice White, Linda Whit- comb, Richard Whitelaw Janet Whiteside, David Whit- inger, Jay Whitlock, Gary Whittemore, Thomas Whitten | i Janet Wick, Lucinda Wich- i terman, L e 1 a n d Wiggam, 1 Judy Wiles, Ann Wilhoite, ' William Willard, Beverly Williams, Russell Williams r Ted Williams, Thomas Wil- liams, Carl Williamson, Cyn- thia Wills, Sara Wilmore, Jesse Wilson, Judy Wilson, Kathy Wilson . Robert Wilson, Richard Witham, Jana W i t m e r, Wayne Witte, Frink Wolf, John Wolf, Richard Wolsifer, Sheldon Woodard Kenneth Woodring, Tim Worthington, George Woy- wod, Nancy Wriggelsworth, Ann Wright, Carole Wi-ight, Susan Wiight, Pene Yockey $ V ■ - ■ » _ NORTH CENTRALITES TAKE A LOOK at the people whose interest in future consumers is shown by their ADVERTISEMENTS r KIDD ' S BAKERY 1403 E. 86th CL 1-9509 Bonnie Nevins knows that personahzed birthday cakes seem twice as good, even though EVERYTHING from Kidd ' s is " super-eatable. " BEAUTY BY BRYANT 1300 E. 86th VI 6-2557 Beauty by Bryant Salons have every- thing you need to enhance your appear- ance. Shampoos, permanents, tints, and manicures can be beautifully done at Bryant ' s. SCHMIDT REXALL PHARMACY 1499 E. 86th CL 1-2910 Vicki Warren and Carol Blewett have found that the kind of business that used to be called a " general store " is now an up-to -date pharmacy where everyone can find what they need then they need it. 1.52 ■ BUTZ LUMBER COMPANY R. R. 2, Box 327K Carmel, Indiana UP 3-3381 Tom Butz is getting the feel of one of the powerful trucks which carries Butz lumber over most of central Indiana. HANCOCK ' S SERVICE STATION 7068 College Ave. CL 5-5875 The people at Hancock ' s know that atten- tive service insures steady customers. RIVERWOOD CO., INC. 7425 Westfield Blvd. CL 5-5403 Louver and Panel Doors — Shutters — Mantels — Entrances — Ornamental Hardware — Special Millwork Mark Hershman, Maralee Smith 153 1 1 ' I Mary Shreve and Michael Oliver. LEE MOODY COMPANY 1840 East 38th Street — LI 6-1593 You ' re never too young to start securing- the future. An insurance policy is a guarantee of security — security against losses of all kinds, both per- sonal and property. It is also a safe way to invest money or to provide fur old age annuities. Lee Moody Company, realtors, sell policies which are an investment for the future, no matter what happens. 154 Nancy McGaughey, Cheryl Williams, Pat Hindman, and Sheryl Wilson. McLAUGHNER ' S CAFETERIA 2121 E. 62nd — CL 5-0950 Everything looked so delicious at McLaughner ' s, the girls selected more food than they could pay for, they thought. But before Nancy McGaughey had to come to the rescue with extra money, the cashier surprised them with astonishingly low prices. 155 CARRIAGE ESTATES COMPANY 6340 Guilford Avenue — CL 1-9588 The most economical and efficient way to go house-hunting is to make a pre- liminary choice from the Carriage Estates photo file just as Kathy Nolte and Tom Perkins are demonstrating. You Never Outgrow Your Need For MILK Drink At Least 3 Glasses EVERY DAY HANDY HARDWARE 6327 Guilford Avenue — CL 5-8200 It ' s fun to brouse around in Handy Hardware where you ' ll find useful things you didn ' t know were manufactured, along with the very article you ' d looked for somewhere else and couldn ' t find ! See Charles Amy and Bill Overton for your needs — they ' re " handy " with the answers. GOODMAN ' S SHOES Nora Plaza VI 6-5718 John Brincheck admits he ' s found a hard-to-fit miss but he tackles the job with confidence, knowing that the stock at Goodman ' s is complete and varied. BROAD RIPPLE LUMBER CO. 1001 E. Broad Ripple Ave. CL 3-3231 The finest in lumber is just a telephone call away. Broad Ripple Lumber Com- pany can supply all your building needs and give good advice, too. HERFF-JONES CO. 1401-1429 N. Capital Ave. ME 5-1554 For a number of years Herff-Jones has furnished beautiful class jewelry for North Centralites. Debbie Schade and Bob Youngquist were members of the Junior Class committee who met with one of the sales staff of Herff-Jones to select a class ring. J. C. SIPE JEWELERS 418 Merchants Bank Bldg. ME 7-3521 Jim Kempner and Jim Samuelson are getting ideas from John Sipe for their own personal J. C. Sipe jewelry. SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. 650 E. 21st WA 5-1481 Lee Cutler, Gloria Fausset, Vivian Tabert, and Mike Koenig raced to get first in line at the snack bar for an after- noon pickup with sparkling 7-Up to re- lieve that end-of-the-day fatigue. APPROVED UNIVERSITY OF BEAUTY CULTURE, INC. 1709 N. Meridian WA 6-1617 Nanette Siebert, Fran Samuels and Leota Jo Needier, North Central " grads " , are studying at the Approved University of Beauty Culture to acquire the skills necessary for an always profitable career in a popular profession. r CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 N. Meridian St. ME 4-8337 Learning of the constant demand for Central Business College graduates, Tom Bauer and Connie McClain made a special trip to the college to meet Mr. Butz and the staff. BROAD RIPPLE FLOWERS-BY-RAMONA 6540 E. Westfield Blvd. CL 3-2183 An old song runs " Daisies Won ' t Tell, " but flowers from Ramona ' s will. They tell of love, of courteous attention, of appreciation, of remembrances — in fact, anything you ' d like to express. THE MAN ' S WORLD Nora Plaza Shopping Center VI 6-3013 Don Doench knows that he can always find the style and color to suit his per- sonal taste. 100 STARK WETZEL 602 Ray Street — ME 7-1451 Marcia and Richard Stark are members of a public spirited family, owners of Stark Wetzel, a company which has been known for its fine meats for over twenty-five years. I r ill HOLLYHOCK HILL RESTAURANT 8110 N. College— CL 1-2294 Family style meals served with a sophisticated flair is one of the reasons Hollyhock Hill is so popular with teenagers like these North Centralites: Vicki Kelso, Howdy Wilcox, Jerry Williams, and Marcia Robbins. A family with children knows that their rugs take a beating all the time. Millers is the place to get the kind of floor coverings that take lots of punishment without a whimper as shown by Judy Miller and Nancy Sexson. DON MILLER FLOOR COVERINGS, INC. 303 W. Washington St. and Southern Plaza Shopping Center ME 5-7416 .wiaitiiiiiiiiitwiiitto l(i2 II STOKELY VAN-CAMP 941 N. Meridian— ME 8-2361 It takes a lot of food to feed a " growing boy " like Stu Grauel and Stokely Van-Camp cans supply all he needs. It doesn ' t take a squad of yell leaders to cheer for Kidd Lumber; satisfied customers spread the news. KIDD LUMBER 1425 E. 86th — CL 5-5478 R. A. FOXWORTHY INSURANCE AGENCY 8802 Driftwood Dr. — VI 6-5831 Let us bring your insurance in line with current building costs, so that if disaster strikes you may completely rebuild your house the way that you want it. Suppose this was your home, ade- quately insured when you bought or built, but building costs, like every- thing else, have doubled in recent years. TODAY ' S HOME WITH YESTERDAY ' S INSURANCE Suppose you had a fire — and total losses from fires do happen. This might be about as far as you could go in rebuilding — with your present amount of insurance. Going to the Alderman showroom to feel the thrill of sitting in a new Ford is fun, but Lynn Klinger and Jim Alderman enjoy the excitement of driving everytime they go out in Jim ' s new Ford. JERRY ALDERMAN FORD SALES, INC. 5500 N. Keystone — CL 1-1441 164 STALE Y SIGNS INCORPORATED • INDIANAPOLIS Designing — Manufacturing — Main- taining Neon — Plastic — Porcelain BILL EHRICH PHOTOGRAPHS Glendale Center CL 1-0741 You can be as beautiful as Angela Duhm in a portrait taken by an expert photo- grapher at Bill Ehrich ' s. SERING SHELL 8602 Westfield Blvd. VI 6-0027 Business was rushing for service stations this winter as the thermometer plunged downward frequently, but Sering Shell was able to meet the heavy demand for antifreeze and other cold weather supplies. 165 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 860 Massachusetts ME 7-3321 When you hand out Coke at any party, you are sure to be giving your guests a " Hft " that will keep them refreshed throughout the evening. SKEFFINGTON ' S FORMAL WEAR 922 Broad Ripple Ave. CL 1-2206 Kathy Garrett knows that a well-fitting tux makes any man look handsome and sophisticated. Skeffington ' s large assort- ment insures perfect appearance and guarantees Steve Phelps an evening free from worry. MAX ROYER IMPORTS 1310 North Capitol Avenue ME 2-9515, ME 2-9516 Left To Right: Bill Ruch, Pete Hobaugh, Carl Sievers and Tom Royers. Regional Distributors for Columbia Motor Corporation and British Auto Parts. Wholesale and Retail Parts for Imported Cars. J. c. McDonald INTERIOR DESIGN 919 E. Westfield Blvd. CL 5-1151 A woman looks on a home as a place to express her individuality but isn ' t al- ways sure how to do it. A skilled interior decorator like J. C. McDonald helps you bring out your personality in your home. STONEFORT COAL MINING CO., INC. 2829 N. Meridian St. WA 5-9232 Bob Sherwood is inspecting the manage- ment division of Stonefort Coal Mining Corporation in which he may find his future career. SUPPLIERS OF COAL TO THE MIDWEST MARKET CERULLI ' S BARBER SHOP 6101 Keystone CL 5-0921 Mr. Cerulli always has an experienced crew ready to trim your hair. 167 NORTHWOOD DRIVE-IN 9075 N. Meridian — VI 6-5579 It takes a lot of food to keep hungry high schoolers going, but Cathy Horst, Connie Chapin, Linda Sherk, and Joan Suggs know that at Northwood they can enjoy delicious snacks at a thrifty price. Three of a kind never seem monotonous when wearing Paul Harris clothes, be- cause color variations and good styling make each outfit a personalized selection. PAUL HARRIS APPAREL 1300 E. 86th — Eagledale WA 3-4515 Nora: VI 6-5119 168 G W FOOD GIANT, INC. 5940 N. Michigan Road — CL 5-2439 Have you stocked your fallout shelter? If not, follow bargain-conscious Nancy Westfall who always shops at a giant-size store where she finds giant-size values. Pill up those emergency shelves. PRESIDING OFFICERS OF 1961-62 TRIANGLE CLUB: Recording Secretary, Mrs. Paul Grimes; Treasurer, Mrs. Wesley A. Dunn; President, Mrs. John H. Jefferson; Cor- responding Secretary, Mrs. Robert Morgan; Vice-president, Mrs. Robert Smith. TRIANGLE CLUB SUPPORTS SCHOOL 101% The North Central Triangle Club is an organiza- tion of parents, teachers, and students, which sponsors various student activities and provides financial aid for items not specifically covered by school funds. The Family Jamboree is their one money making project. Its profits have been used to buy choir robes, band uniforms, and athletic and other equipment. Parents and pupils join to make the Jamboree a most important project. The Triangle Club provides money for projectional activities of teachers. Recognition Day, the assembly fund, intramural activities, club subsidies, and the general fund of North Central. MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Mrs. Russell Henry Mrs. Dudley Kemper Mrs. Marvin Akers Mrs. John Mackey Mrs. Eveiett D. Bergen Mrs. Arthur Janes Mrs. Lester Irons Mrs. Dwain Walcher Mrs. Harry Clarin Dr. Gene Schwilck Mrs. James Signorino Mrs. Ralph Roper Mrs. J. William Wright, Jr. Mrs. George Cohee Mrs. Eugene Yockey Mrs. Ted Lach Mrs. Maurice Herbert Mrs. William Weisell Mrs. Wendell H. Perkins Mr. Gerald DeWitt 170 Jerry Alderman ' s Ford Sales 164 Approved University of Beauty Culture 159 Beauty by B ' -yant 152 Bill Ehrich Studios 165 Broad Ripple Flowers by Ramona 160 Broad Ripple Lumber Company 158 Butz Lumber Company _ 153 Carriage Estates 156 Cerulli ' s Barber Shop 167 Coca Cola Bottling- Company 166 Don Miller Floor Coverings 162 Goodman ' s Shoes 158 G W Food Giant 169 Handy Hardware 157 Herff Jones Company 158 Hollyhock Hill Restaurant 162 J. C. McDonald Interior Designs 167 J. C. Sipe, Jewelers 159 Kidd ' s Bakery 152 Kidd ' s Lumber Company. 163 Lee Moody Company 154 Man ' s World 160 Max Royer Imports 166 McLaughner ' s Cafeteria _ 155 Milk 156 Northwood 168 Paul Harris 168 R. A. Foxworthy 164 Riverwood Company 153 Schmidt Rexall Phaimacy 152 Sering Shell 165 Seven Up Bottling Company 159 Skeffington ' s Formal Wear 166 Staley Signs 165 Stark and Wetzel Meats 161 Stokely Van Camp 163 Stonefort Mining Company 167 Triangle Club 170 A Agnew, Miss Ruth 106 B Ball, Mrs. Elsie 30, 43, 58, 106 Beldus, David 104 Benbow, Miss Helen 106 Bizal, Mrs. Nancy 106 Bradley, Thomas 67, 95, 99, 107 Brinkerhoff, Burton 104 Brothers, Mrs. Pauline 35, 75 Brown, John 103, 104, 106 Bugher, William 105 Bush, Miss Sharon 58, 106 Butterworth, Mrs. Sandra 106 C Campbell, Morris 54, 104 Carnell, Mrs. Bernice 106 Cate, Mrs. Use 22, 105 Church, Jay 105 Clones, Eugene 12, 36, 87, 89, 99, 104 Coffin, Mrs. Elizabeth _ 106 Coverdale, Russell 104 Cruzan, William ___ 101, 106 Cullings, Forest 61, 107 Culp, Mrs. Betty 105 D Davidson, James 19, 105 DeBard, Carl 81, 82, 83, 99, 104 Duffy, James 106 F Farrand, Keith ___ 81, 83, 91, 99, 104 Fisher, Thomas 106 Forsyth, Mrs. Filomena _ 105 Fraysur, Miss Emma 103, 104 Freeland, Harold 104 Freudenberger, Miss Jeannine 106 G Gish, Gordon 105 H Hansen, Miss Judith __6, 106 Harner, Norman __96, 99, 104 Harrison, Miss Bonnie Sue 11, 106 Harrison, H. Brown 105 Hinshaw, Mrs. Janet 106 Holzman, John 104 Humphreys, Mrs. Frances 104, 140 J James, William 104 Johfnson, James 17, 106 K Keilman, Mrs. Kathleen _ 42, 45, 47, 106 Kemp, Mrs. Sabin 107 Keyt, James 25, 106 Kinnison, Miss Cleo 105 Kivett, Mrs. Ruth ___38, 106 Kleifgen, Miss Carolyn 104, 107 Kraft, Mrs. Alice 105 L Lennox, Mrs. Juanita 107 Lesley, Miss Ruth 105 Lewis, John 106 Lindberg, Earl __103, 104, 140 Lord, William 27, 30, 106 Lowe Miss Marilyn 5, 106 M Mann, Miss Mary Louise 104 Mann, Phillip 107 Marker, Gerald 104, 128 Martin, Donald 75 Meek, Richard 58, 104 Merkel, Miss Kathryn 105 Mohr, Keith 104 Moore, Richard Philip __ 105 Mullen, Miss Wahneta 105 N North, Mrs. Marie 106 P Palko, Mrs. Carolyn 106 Patton, Kenneth 104 Phares, William 104 Potts, Joseph 105 Prettyman, Robert 100, 104 Pyle, Miss Sally 106 R Reese, Mrs. Edith ___ 20, 106 Richards, Wilbur 9, 105 Riley, Charles 84, 85, 99, 104 Rountree, Mrs. Susan __ 105 Rump, Erwin 26, 40, 106 S Schlatter, J. Robert 68, 69, 106 Seigel, Robert 9, 106 Sharp, George 9, 105 Shirley, John . 46, 97, 99, 106 Shirley, Mrs. Mildred 104 Smith, Max 106 Smith, William 81, 82, 91, 99, 107 Spoon, Mrs. Mary 105 Stiff ler. Miss Bernice 105 Stokesberry, Mrs. Betty 41, 105 Stout, Mrs. Margaret 107 Stroup, Keith 99, 105 T Tharp, Cecil 105 Thielemann, Mrs. Elizabeth 106 W Watson, Robert 104 Weaver, Byron 81, 82, 99, 107 Weinheimer, Allan 53, 105 Wendling, John 105 Wert, Mrs. Katherine 104, 105 Wilhelm, Charles 64, 104 Wingfield, Mrs. Helen 16, 106 Wisner, Mrs. Edith __8, 9, 105 Wood, Marvin 79, 87, 88, 95, 99, 107 Woodruff, G. L. 107 Wythe, Winston 105 Student tdex A Abels, Jonathan B. 95, 99, 110 Adams, Bill 53, 68 Adams, Rozella 72, 110 Adcock, Dixie Ann 61, 130 Adelsman, Harriette J. 38, 43, 47, 48, 110 Adolph, Nina J. 69 Akard, Shirley 73 Akers, Mary A. HO Alderman, James 36, 53 81, 164 Aldrich, Jack 140 Allen, Bob O. no Allen, Gregory 72, 75 Allen, Harry C. HO Allen, Jay S. 94 Allen, Richard E. 69 Allison, Barbara 1, 72 73 " , ho, ' 150 Ambrous, Jim 42, 52, 110 Amy, Sue 43, 130 Anderson, Jay B. 72 Anderson, Kathleen 72, 73 Andrews, Penny 36 Anweiler, Rita no Armstrong, Teresa __ 36, 41, 72, 110 Askins, Danny 39, 110 Asmussan, Saundra 72 Aspinall, Alan 30, 68, 69, 110 Astley, Samuel 21, 61, 110 Atkins, Clayton 38, 52, 110 Atkins, Nancy C. 74 B Babcock, James D. 83 Ball, Cheryl Ann 36 Bancel, Paul 39, 100, 110, 128 Bancroft, William W. ___ 64 Bandy, Russell 83 Barber, Joanne 110 Bardach, Carol 111 Bardach, Thomas 140 Barlet, Lynn 19, 43, 72 Barnard, Lynne M. 72 Barrett, Ivan 43, 111 Barrett, Phillip 72, 75 Barron, William __ 84, 85, 99 Bartelmes, Ellen 111 Bassler, Nancy 111 Bauer, Thomas __ 50, 131, 160 Beauchamp, Jeffrey 89 Beavers, James 72, 74, 75, 111 Begley, Patricia 107 Behrman, Kathy Mae 69 Bell, Judith 111 Bell, Mark E. 39, 111 Bennett, Paul D. 111 Bergen, Nancy 72, 111 Berkel, Linda Ann 17 Berlin, Margaret __ 38, 51 111 Bernstein, Howard 17 Berry, Ann 48 Berry, Bob L. 84 Berry, Pamela Ann __ 20, 31 Berry, Randall 81 Bess, Linda 72, 111 Biddinger, Shirley __ 72, 111 Biddle, Barbara 72 Birr, Stephen G. 81, 82, 99 Bitner, Peter J. 111 Blake, Robert 111 Blackman, Helen Jane __ 38, 42, 43, 45, 57, 111, 176 Blaha, Roberta __ 38, 42, 57, 72, 111 Blewett, Carol 44, 152 Blasingham, Ann 111 Blieden, Barbara _ 23, 57, 111 Bloomgarden, Jeffrey 39 Bluemenauer, Fred 111 Blvthe, Jerry E. 37, 39, 52 94 Bodwell, John W. 31, 36 75, 81 Bohne, Kathleen 68 Bolles, Andrew 81, 94, 99, 131 Boone, Marilyn __ 33, 41, 111 Booton, Kay 57, 111 Borland, James 42, 104 Bottin, Dee Ann 111 Bowen, Carolyn 9 Bowman, Lynn 24, 72, 74, 111 Bowsher, Andrea 72, 111 Boyd, Ann 70, 72, 111 Boyer, Nancy 61 Bracchi, Donald 111 Brady, Jane 41, 72, 76, 111 Brandt, Marcia Ellen 19, 72 Brandt. Ralph 55, 111 Brannock, Victoria E. 112 Breaux, Richard _ 94, 99, 131 171 Brethauer, Marvin P. 68 Brincheck, John 112, 158 Brinkerhoff, Kathy J. 72 Brinkman, Bonita 112 Bromley, Linda 51 Brown, Ann Marie 50 Browne, Bonnie 36, 38, 41, 112 Browning, Carole 112 Bryan Marlene 140 Bryant, Tom W. 112 Buehler, Louis C. 17, 31, 94 Bunton, Paula 112 Burghard, Karen Sue 17 Burkert, Mary Alice __ 27, 98 Burns, Richard H. 112 Buschmann, Jim 39 Butler, Barry F. 112 Butler, Jerry G. 55, 112 Butler, Robert E. ___ 36, 72, 94, 99 Butler, Sandra Kay 112 Butler, Timothy R. 91 Butz, Ted 83 Butz, Thomas E. 153 Bychinsky, Dorothy 59, 112, 128 C Cagle, Stephen H. __ 81, 91, 99, 140 Calderon, Janet 72, 112 Calvert, Harold 112 Cameron, Sandra 112 Camfield, Dennis L. 68 Campbell, Duncan __ 97, 131 Campbell, Gary W. __ 68, 69 Campbell, William 78, 87, 88, 112, 128 Cannon, Michael ,85 Carr, Katharine 12, 72, 112 Carroll, Walter _ 24, 42, 74, 75, 112 Carry, Charles C. 81 Catlin, David F. 36 Chandler, James D. 30 Chapin, Constance E. 22, 43, 44, 168, 176 Chernish, Dwight 93, 95 99, 112 Chesterfield, Susan 36 Childs, Judith Kay 35 Claffey, Roger W. 68, 69 Claffey, Stephen A. 46, 59 Clarin, Sharon Lee 11, 63, 72 73 112 Clark, Katherine 42, ' 43 45, 112, 176 Clark, Michael H. 112 Clark, Robert 90, 91 Clark, Ronald J. 112 Clerkin, Beverly 73 Click, Barbai-a J. 52 Climer, Conda J. 10, 25 Cline, Marcia Ann 176 Cluley, Ann T. 51, 54 Clutter, David R. 36, 81, 94, 99 Coates, Nancy __ 38, 41, ' 112 Coffey, Jerry 36, 39, 58, 112 Cohee, Nancy 140 Cohen, Michael D. 112 Coleman, F. Craig 67, 84, 131 Collier, Stephen M. 72, 75, 97 Collins, Charles 112 Collins, Joanne 71, 73, 112 Colville, Michelle 68 f;olville, Nancy 38, 113 Comstock, James W. 69 ( ' onley, Linda 52 Conly, Daniel J. 65 Conly, Michael 94 fJonover, Philip 85 Convay, Dorothy 61 CJook, Carol 63 Cook, Thomas 113 (hooper, Carol Ann 113 Cooper, Jeanne 43, 44 f;oover, Janf;t Kaye _ 24, 74 Copcland, Hcl(;n _ _ _ 43, 45 Corey, Alexander Mike __ 23 38, 39, 52, 57, 93, 95, 99, 113 Corn, Pamela 113 Corrigan, Russell ___ 91, 113 Cox, Christina 113 Cox, Mary 61 Cracraft, Michael 83 Cranfill, Juanita 44, 48 Crawford, Gail 33, 71, 72, 113 Cra-wford, Susan Lee 31 Cregor, John Marshal l 30, 69 Crider, Mary Kathy 68 Criss, Garry L. 81, 91, 99, 113 Cromer, Constance 113 Cromer, James 69 Crouse, Barbara 72, 73 Crum, Thomas H. 83 Culbertson, Janet 53, 57, 113 Cummings, Mary 32, 50, 113 Cunningham, Ellen 72, 113 Cupp, Linda Jayne 68 Curtis, Niki 32, 33, 41, 71, 72, 113 Cutler, Leota 159 D Davidson, John C. 36 Davidson, Susan 72, 113 Davis, Lee 72 Davis, Nancy Ann 38, 42, 113 Dawson, Douglas 85, 89 Deckard, Diane 113, 128 Deckert, Linda Marie 72 Deckman, Martha 131 Defrantz, Flora K. __ 58, 59, 72, 73, 113 Dehn, James 113 Demyer, Mary C. 31, 44, 48, 107 Deshano, Virginia 65, 113 Devine, Lorin 7, 69, 113 Diener, Ruth Ann 73 Dillon, Barbara _ 33, 76, 113 Dinnsen, Stevens 36 Dixon, Edward E. 46, 72, 75 Dobson, Carl 72, 75, 94, 113 Doench, Donald 77, 160 Dorbecker, Neil 113 Dremonas, James 25, 99 113 Drexler, Susan 68, 140 Duck, Stephen Curtis- 39, 43, 52 Duhm, Angela Grace 74, 165 Dulin, James E. 94 Duncan, James R. __ 58, 113 Duncan, Robert A. 36 Duncan, Nancy 35 Dunlap, Patricia 114 Dunne, David W. 68, 69 Durlacher, David 38, 52, 114 Durlacher, James 36 E Echard, William 114 Eck, Marsha _ 19, 43, 58, 114 Eddy, Richard C. 68 Edmond, Carol 27, 43, 73, 114 Eggert, Betty 38, 114 Eilert, Ronald 61, 114 Elliott, Helen E. 35, 43, 45, 52 Elliott, Kathleen 114 Elliott, Ruth 114 Ellis, Jennifer R. 38, 50, 114 Engel, Gloria 4, 110 Engelman, Carol ___ 38, 114 Engle Charles R. _ 10, 24, 74, 75, 83 Elvans, John H. 36, 62 Evans, Edward Johnson _ 91 Everson, Morgan 33, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 94, 99, 114 F Fairchild, Ann 38, 98, no, 114, 128, 163 Fairman, David I). 68 Fausset, (iloria 49, 72, 73, 159 Fels, James 93, 97, 114 Ferguson, Michael 65 Ferguson, Tony __8], 99, 114 Ferrell, Rebecca 115 Fichtl, Gail 115 Finn, Harvey S. 36, 39, 52 Fisch, Jon A. 140 Fisher, Cathy 131 Fishman, Robert G. 39, 97 Fitting, Barbara 115 Flack, Susan 69 Flickinger, Dan C. 43 Foltz, Richard 52, 115 Fortune, Pamela J. __ 30, 45, 73, 131 Fortune, Robert W. 115 Foster, Kenneth 58, 115 Foust, Alan 68, 69 Foxworthy, Randolph L. 115 Frampton, Mike E. _ 24, 72, 74, 75 Frank, Myron G. 52 Frank, Steven 115 Frankenberger, John 115 Freid, Michael L. 115 Frey, David Henry _ 52, 68, 69, 97 Frey, Kenneth 115 Frisch, Jack H. 31 Fritsch, John Everett __ 52 Ffuehman, Peter 115 Fullerton, Patricia A. 36 Fuquay, Wayne 115 G Gage, R. Stansifer __ 68, 69 Gale, Charles 55, 81, 99, 115 Gallinger, Paula 72, 115, 128, 140 Galvich, Nancy 131 Galyean, Gladys 60, 115 Ganz, Richard 69, 72, 75, 115 Garber, David 115 Gardiner, William __ 92, 97 Garman, Gregory 42, 74, 75, 115 Garrett, Kathryn 71, 115, 166 Gaskill, Howard 83 Gavin, Marti Jane 27 Gebhardt, Kay 36 Geiger, Robert 115 Geisler, Carole _ 71, 115, 128 George, Charles _ 68, 69, 115 Gibbs, Jeffrey 33, 39, 54, 75, 84, 85, 87, 99 Gibson, Linda 60 Gibson, Neva Lucenne 60, 65 Gilkison, Lucinda Ann 72 Ginsberg, Mark 115 Gisler, John 17, 38, 79, 86, 87, 96, 115 Glore, Melanie 72, 115 Gold, Jane 56, 140 Goldstein, Alan 25, 59, 74, 75, 115 Goldstein, Judith ___ 17, 31 Goldsmith, Nancy 115 Goldstein, Rosalyn 73 Gommel, Catherine B. 72 Goodwin, David 116 Goodwin, Patricia _ 38, 57, 116 Gordon, Sandra 43, 72, 116 Gornes, Richard L. 68 Gorrill, Dorothy 116 Gorske, Larry 116 Goulding, Frederick 50 Grant, Nina 69 Grau, Elizabeth _ 38, 72, 116 Grauel, Norman _ 35, 36, 39, 43, 116, 163 Graves, Robert 68 Gray, Arthur 46, 61, 116 Gray, Deanna 72, 74, 116 Gray, Judith 65, 72, 73, 116 Green, Dennis 116 Green, William 83, 89, 140 Cireenberg, Joyce 35 (Jresham, (Jloria Jean 43, 59 (Jrimes, Anno 72 Grinkmeyer, Charles 55, 116 Grinkmeyer, Kerry _ 39, 81, 99, 116 Gronau, Francie 116 Gross, Carolyn 116 Grossart, Jean 13, 43, 47, 48, 116 Grout, Carol 71, 116 Gruber, Win Ellen 72 Grummann, Jane _ 10, 20, 116 Guedelhoefer, Charles __ 116 Guyton, William 116 Gwyn, Michael A. 36, 89 H Habig, William ___ 116, 128 Hadley, Stephen 87, 131 Haffner, Stephen 116 Hafner, Stephanie 42, 49, 51, 57, 116 Hagemier, Robert 39, 116 Haislup, Marilyn K. _ 31, 43, 44, 176 Hall, Charles 84, 85, 130 Halloran, Michael 65 Hamilton, David C. _ 31, 39, 52 Hammel, John W. 116 Hammer, Richard Dale __ 39, 72, 75, 116 Hammond, Steve A. 36 Hanaway, Ruthann L. __ 69 Hanaway, William H. 91, 99, 116 Hanger, Karon 10 Hanson, Alice 68 Hanson, Richard _ 52, 68, 69 Hanson, Sharon 116 Harding, Judy 38, 42, 117, 130 Hargreaves, Thomas _ 72, 117 Harness, Suzanne 117 Harper, Edwin __ 36, 39, 81, 84, 99, 117 Harris, Ed 84 Harris, Kathy Anne 9 Harris, Mary P. 107 Harris, Stephen 52 Harris, Terry 40 Harrison, Nancy 27 Harrison, Steve 54, 97 Hash, Patricia Lou 68 Hasty, Carlyle L. 117 Hatch, Randy 85 Hauss, Craig 81 Hawhee, Deborah __ 117, 118 Haywood, Suzette 73 Hazen, Terry Ruth __ 72, 117 Hearden, Georgiana 61 Hearn, Valerie 72, 117 Heckle, Paul D. 43, 117 Heffner, Bill 117 Hegeman Lynn 117 Hedges, Sandra 72, 73 Heider, Laura Lee __ 56, 140 Helsey, Peggy Ann 117 Helton, Brenda 73 Henry, Katherine Sue __ 68 Henry, William S. _ 17, 92, 97, 99 Henzie, Carol Jane _ 38, 71, 72, 117, 128 Henzie, William M. 36, 89 Hepburn, David 72, 74, 75, 117 Herin, Charles 117 Herndon, Carl E. 75 Herrmann, Carol 73 Herrmann, Rachel 68, 73 Hershman, Mark E. 36, 75, 153 Heston, James 117 Hibbard, Chailes 24, 42, 74, 117 Hibbs, Christine A. 30 Hicks, David L. 117 Hilburn, Andrea ,31 43 Hilgedag, R. William 37, 39, 58, 94, 117 Hill, Barbara 117 Hillis, Jane B. 117 Hindman, Patricia Ann _ 71, 117, 155 Hinman, Carmen 117 172 Hirschman, Rick 31, 52, 59, 72, 75, 131 Hitchcock, Nancy V. 42 Hittle, Max 39, 50, 117 Hixon, Linda 117 Hobson, Marilyn Mae 43 Hockett, Marcia 9, 73 Hockett, Mary 11, 50, 72, 117 Hogan, Jack M. 51 Hohlt, Saundra K. 60 Hollander, Richard 58, 68, 69 Holly, Judith 117 Holsinger, Virginia L. 61 Holsworth, Julia 73 Hood, Charles 84, 85, 118 Horst, Cathy A. 34, 168 Horst, Jody 12, 50, 118 Hough, Barbara 72, 73 Howard, Diana 72, 118 Hudson, William J. 51 Hudson, Richard _ 72, 74, 75, 91, 118 Huffman, Wendy 73 Hughes, Sharon Ann . 35, 36 Hulett, Robert S. 12 39, 58, 118, 123 Hult, Edward H. 94 Hunt, Virgil 11, 36, 39, 93, 99, 118 Hunt, William R. 81, 91, 95, 99, 118 Hunter, Virginia 68 Hurteau, A. Lorraine 118 Huse, Kathy 118 Hutzler, Michael 118 I lies, Ralph 118 Irons, Martha J. 69 J Jacks, George 75, 118 Jackson, James R. 69, 97, 131 Jackson, Jerry 118 Jackson, Marty 67, 140 Jackson, Susan 71, 118 ' Janes, Thomas 118 Jefferson, William _ 39, 47, 72, 75, 93, 96, 119, 128, 140 Jensen, Candace 98 Jerman, Richard _ 60, 95, 119 Jessup, Philip L. _ 10, 24, 25, 72, 74, 75, 119 Jessup, Stephen M. 38, 119 Jetter, Sandra 65, 119 John, Gavle 119 Johns, Judy 72, 119 Johnson, David 119 Johnson, Joyce 98 Johnson, Susan 119 Johnston, Jean 73 Jones, Evelyn 27, 140 Jones, Georgia __ 35, 50, 73 Jones, Michael Lewis 83, 91, 94 Jones, Ralph 37, 89 Jones, Russell 65, 119 Jordan, James Lynn 30, 39, 68 Jordan, Philip 119 Joseph, Judy 43, 119 Juday, David 52 K Kabel, Ann 30, 131 Karrmann, Edward 36, 38, 93, 96, 99 Katterjohn, James 31, 39, 119 Kauffman, Nerus 57, 72, 73, 119 Kean, Edward ___ 68, 69, 119 Kearns, Allen 119 Keel, Thomas 94 Keene, Kenneth 94, 119 Keene, Sandra 72, 119 Kegley, Linda 24, 74, 119 Kelement, Saundra 119 Keller, Bill __ 10, 44, 72, 75. 119, 176 Kelley, Georgette 36, 37 Kelly, Jean Shannon 33, 38, 49, 119 Kelso, Viki 30, 131, 162 Kemp, Diann A. 119 Kemper, John 49, 74, 75, 119 Kemper, Steve 23, 33, 38, 39, 42, 43, 75, 81, 119, 130 Kentor Laird 119 Kepner, Jim 68, 69, 159 Kibler, Peggy 77 Kidd, Bill 119 Kidd, Diane 27 Kidd, Ronnie 72, 75 Kiger, Susan 31 Kinder, Lois 49, 73, 119 King, Barbara 36 King. Joann 38, 120 King, Sana Christine 31 Kingsbury, Janet _ 38, 50, 120 Kiser, Barbara 38, 42, 50, 120 Kissel, Sandra 120 Klein, Robert L. 89 Klinger, Lynn E. _._ 45, 164 Klukas, Walter 36, 69 Knipmeyer, Kathryn A. 19 Koby, Linda A. 73 Koenig, Michael J. __ 94, 159 Koenig, Richard John 91 Koett, Jimmy L. 61 Kohl, David Frank 65 Krahulik, Jon 25, 120 Kramer, Lovetta 24, 72, 74, 120 Kromroy, Scott R. __ 64, 65 Kunz, Patricia G. 27 L Lach, Jean 27 Lach, Peter 120 Lambert, Mary 120 Lambert, Jerold R. __ 93, 96, 99 120 Lagerholm, Don 68, 69 120 Lancaster, Robert 68, 96 Lancet, Bruce A. 91 Lane, Charles 120 Lang, Carol 24, 74, 120 Lang, Lucy __ 24, 38, 50, 74, 100, 128 Lapenta, Vincent John 140 Lawler, William 24, 30, 74, 75, 120 Lawrence, John 120 Lawton, Dennis F. 91 Lee, Bill 49, 120, 168 Lee, Robert 120 Lehman, Nancy 20, 120 Leighty, Norman 68 Lemasters, P. Reid 89 Lebowitz, Nadeenia _ 72, 120 Leslie, Thomas 69 Leukhardt, Larry 9 Levee, Carol 46, 120 Lewis, David A. _ 36, 81, 91, 94, 99 Lewis, Ronald 120 Lidikay, Linda Jane 6 Liebowitz, Alan 48 Light, Mary M. 69, 140 Linden, Frederick W. 36, 89 Lin, Dora 1, 6, 22, 34 Long, Randy _ 33, 36, 37, 84, 85, 94, 99, 120 Loser, Thomas 120 Love, Pat 120 Lowe, John W. 39, 52, 131, 176 Lowe, Judith 9, 51 Lowe, Linda 120 Lucas, Karen 120 Lucas, Philip C. 68 Lummis, Judie 120 Lurton, Ernest Lee 36, 121 Lynch Karen ___ 1, 121, 150 M Mace, Jody 72 Mackey, Mary 10, 38, 42, 47, 52, 58, 121, 123 Madison, Barbara 46, 121 Magee, Barbara 121 Main, Bob 38, 39, 52, 69, 121 Malless, Jackie Lee 72, 98, 168 Mangin, Ted 27 Manifold, Robert F. _ 16, 39, 52, 87, 88 Marcus, Norman 49, 121 Marcus, Spencer 68 Marschke, Katherine 72 Marshall, George T. 17, 49, 59, 121 Marshall, Kathleen __ 10, 38, 42, 43, 46, 48, 121 Martin, Jean L. 7 Martin, Kim 81 Martin, Larry 121 Martin, Lynn 36, 71 Martin, Patrick M. 36 Martin, Tom L. 64, 65 Marvel, Margaret 121 Matekunas, Frederic _ 38, 52, 121, 128 Mathas, Diana 71 Mattox, Judy 72 Maurer, Ronnie 91 Maxwell, Katherine 72, 73 121 Maxwell, Margaret A. __ 31 McBride, Keith Allen ___ 121 McClain, Constance J. __ 31, 131, 160 McClard, Charles 121 McCleaster, Michael 68, 69 McCleaster, Shari L. ___ 72 McClellan, George 64, 65 McClements, Lynn 121 McClure, Martha 121 McConnell, Charles 140 McCorkle, Judy 121 McCullough, John 58, 94, 121 McDonald, S. Larry 91 McDonald, Michael __ 38, 42, 52 McDorman, Patrick 64, 65 Mc Farland, Carolyn 121 McFarlane, Jill 63 McGaughy, Nancy Lynn _ 47, 121, 155 McGuire, Patrice 42, 52 McKinney, Kathy Ann __ 68 McKnight, John 96 McKown, Linda 73 McMurray, Sharon Kay 43, 47 McNamara, Maribeth _ 9, 21, 121 McNerney, Thomas __ 93, 95, 121, 168 McQuiston, Robert 39, 121, 128 Means, Deborah Ann 73 Meginnis, David W. 81, 99 Meister, Lawrence 72, 75, 121 Mekel, J. Charles 121 Meyer, Thomas 68, 69 Meyers, Marilyn 57 Michael, Tom 69, 122 Michaeloff, Patricia 71 Michels, Geoffrey 91 Milender, Judith 121 Miles, Dyann 46 Miles, Henry Louis 75 Miles, Rosemary 122 Miller, Elizabeth 62, 122 Miller, Frank H. _ 81, 94, 99 Miller Judy 46, 162 Miller, Kathleen 140 Miller, Sandra 58, 122 Miller Rosie, 30, 72 Minney, David 31, 122 Minnix, Sandra 27, 122 Mitchell, Jane Marie 73 Mohlman, Robert P. 36 Moneyhun, Elizabeth 31, 58, 122 Monser, Barbara 122 Moore, Bonnie Caroline 21, 31, 60 Moore, Margaret Ann 122 Moore, Philip Thomas 89 Morgan, Daphne 72, 122 Morgan, Jane Anne 122 Morgan, Molly 31, 36 Morgan, Robert 25, 31, 33, 36, 38, 43, 58, 122 Morris, David L. 68 Morris, Lynn Marie 72 Moser, Dawn 68 Mottern Christopher 122 Moyer, Judith 49, 58, 122 Mueller, Margit 25, 72, 117 Mullendore, Karen 122 Mullinix, F. Michael 62 Mulvaney, Dallas E. _ 89, 140 Munger, Elizabeth 51, 57, 122 Murphy, Michele 47, 60, 63, 122 Murphy, Philip E. 27, 43 N Naaman, Linda 38, 122 Nail, John S. 68, 91 Nail, Sharon 73, 122 Neese, Richard 118, 122 Nestor, Jon 0. 72, 75 Nevins, Bonita 122, 152 Newberry, Barbara 68 Newby, J. Bruce __ 43, 52, 68 Newby, Emily 122 Newkirk, Nicki Ann 37 Newman, Susan 36 Nicholas, Mary 19 Nicholson, Larry ___ 68, 69 Nickels, Michael 84, 94, 99 122 Nicoloff, Michael _ ' 69 Niehaus, Ann 71 Nolan, Michael 72, 75 Nolan, Sandra __ 38, 72, 122 Noller, John __ 38, 42, 52, 122 Nolte, Jane 10, 72, 122, 156 Noon Sally A. 63 Norris, Jennifer Sue 72 Nunamaker, Carole __ 36, 98, 122, 163 O O ' Brien, Kathy 43, 122 Oliver, Michael 33, 64, 122, 154 Olmsted, Linda 140 Orme, Janet Marie 72 Osman, Ray D. 61, 85 Ostapenko, Karen E. 42 Ostrom, Virginia S. 36 O ' Sullivan, Marianne 72 Overfield, Ralph ___ 68, 69, 72, 75 Owens, Betty 71 P Pagel, Larrv 68, 91 Palmer, Robert 131 Parker, Dinah Jo 68, 69 Parker, Donna Jean 36 Parsons, Richard A. 91 Parvis, Nancy L. 17 Patterson, Joyce M. 60 Paxton, Lewis G. 68 Payne, Phyllis 43, 74 Payntor, Carl __ 4, 24, 74, 75 Pearson, Joan 66 Peck, Gilbert 23 Pelton, Nancy 6 Perkins, Barbara 72 Perkins, Herman 130 Perkins, Tom D. 83, 156 Peters, Charles 39, 52, 86, 87, 99, 131 173 Phelps, Stephen 43, 58, Phillips, Pamela Phillips, Renee Ann Phillips, Robert G. Picard, Sylvie Pitt, Judith 72, Plummer, Connie Pock, Suzanne 46, 124, Porter, Marc C. Potter, Judith __ 10, 46, 124, Powell, Cheryl Poxon, Jeffrey Allen _ 72, Prah, Harry __ 84, 85, 99, Prange, Lois Ann Pritchard, Richard A. Prout, Marilyn Ann Pruitt, Michael Purdy, Michael __ 91, 99, Pyle, Alan R. 20, 68, R Raff, Barry Edward Rardon, John R. Ratliff, Richard L. Ratz, Nancy Ray, Gary Lee Ray, Kay Ray, Quinn E. Ray, Vickie Reager, Joanne 72, Reed, Richard L. Reilly, Joan L. Reinking, Charles Resch, Carol Ann Reynolds, Susan Richards, Bill Rice, John Richard Richards, Sharon _ 71, 72 Richwine, Susan 31 Riddell, Mary Lou 27, 30 Riddell, Susan 68 Rifkind, Joan Riley, Karen Ann 6 Robb, J. Henry 68 Robbins, Karyl 78 Robbins, Marcia _ 33, 71 124 Robbins, Sue Roberts, Edward _ 72, 75 Rodabaugh, William _ 72 Roesch, Pamela Roessler, Richard _ 12, 36 38, 93, 96, 99 Rogers, Susan _ 30, 32, 36 51, 98 Rohrman, Melinda 38 124 Rome, Vicki Dora Roop, Sharon Lucile Roper, Phil 36, 38 36, 69 Roper, Ralph 68 Rosenbaum, James __ 35 53, 124 Rosenbaum, Lawrence A. 38, Ross, Richard Tom Rouland, Joyce Rowe, Johanna Royer, Thomas 124, Rubin, Susan 72, Ruby, Walter 95, Ruch, William __ 75, 125, Russell, Donald L. Russell, Kenneth 77, Russell, Richard L. Rust, Judith A. S Sachs, Arthur M. Salvatore, Loreli . Samuelson, James 72, 17, 38, Sander, Lois Schacke, Nancy Schadf?, Deborah Ann 58, 59, 67, 131, Schechter, Becky Scheffler, Alan 72, 166 31 72 69 101 124 124 51, 128 124 72, 176 140 75 124 68 68 124 91 124 69 68 131 91 73 91 124 69 36 124 69 47 124 . 73 31 124 83 124 72 36 124 124 65 69 124 72, 162 124 124 75 124 37, 124 37, 163 52, 128 18 72 39, 124 69 52, 130 52 124 61 73 166 73 124 166 68 125 140 51 76 73 69, 159 125 125 51, 158 72 75 Schellert, Sue 60, 125 Schied, Donna 125 Schillen, Richard L. _ 36, 50, 51, 72, 75 Schindler, Margaret 125 Schindler, Patricia 125 Schleicher, George 125 Schleicher, Glenn 125 Schmidt, Patricia 72, 125 Schmidt, Sheila 125 Schmoyer, Jean 125 Schneider, Lynda 72 Schneider, Matt 125 Schoenheide, Gordon 75 Schuldt, Gretchen L. 52 Schulte, Lisa 72, 73, 125 Schwartz, Anne __ 24, 30, 69, 74, 125 Schwartz, Judy 125 Scott, Elaine 72, 73 Scott, Elizabeth 125 Scott, Geoffrey 125 Scott, Nancy 125 Seale, John Edward 85 Seidman, Sherrie 125 Selig, Joel 125 Selka, Suzanne 72, 125 Settle, Diana 140 Sexson, J. Bant 125 Sexson, Nancy 46, 71, 125, 162 Shackelford, Edith 13, 47, 125 Sheagley, Donald 8, 125 Sheeler, Jim 125 Sheeler, Joe 126 Sheets, David Alan 89 Shelton, Donna Jane _ 36, 71 Sherk, Linda 52, 168 Sherman, Stephen 75 Sherwood, Robert H. 167 Short, John _ 36, 52, 81, 99 Shreve, Mary 33, 65, 126, 128, 154 Shrigley, Susan 68, 126 Shull, Ralph 126 Shuttleworth, Lucy 72, 126 Sickles, Diane Ross __ 72, 73 Sider, David 126 Siebert, Steven H. 61 Siebs, Margaret 68 Signorino, Jill 73 Simmons, Elaine E. 36 Sims, William 33, 94, 110, 128 Sinex, Jay _ 52, 92, 95, 97, 126 Singleton, H. Ross 84, 85 Sipe, Jon F. 159 Skinner, Robert H. 126 Slater, Judith 126 Slaughter, John 64 Smith, David 65, 126 Smith, Frank 68, 126 Smith, Jeanie 42, 43, 52, 101, 126 Smith, Larry 126 Smith, Maralee 131, 153 Smith, Maren 126 Smith, Pamela S. 72, 73 Smith, Randall 68, 69 Smith, Rusten 91 Smith, Penny Cae 76 Smith, Suzanne _ 33, 72, 98, 126, 128, 163 Smith, Terrance P. . 84, 85. 87 Smith Willis 95, 99, 126 Snead, Blair H. 17, 81, 83, 97 Snodgrass, Sandy 91 Snyder, John R. 69 Sosh, Nikki Lee 72, 126 Specs, George _ 4, 24, 32, 33, 36, 74, 75, 81, 99, 126 Spengcman, Susan 31 Springer, Robert 126 Sputh, Fred 126 Sputh, Theodore O. 72, 75 Spuzich, Sophia 140 Stahl, Ken 9 Staley, Douglas 69, 91 Stanley, Jerry 69 Stark Marcia 126, 161 Stark, Richard W. _— 26, 67, 126, 161 Ste in, Loretta 126 Steinbarger, Don 126 Steinbarger, Susan M. __ 71 Steinbruegge, Ronald 81, 94, 126 Steiner, Suzanne S. __ 6, 31, 52 Stephenson, Peter 44 Sterner, Peggy 140 Stevens, Kurt _ 42, 78, 81, 94, 99, 110, 127 Stewart, Patricia 127 St. John, Nancy 72 Stoelting, Ann 71, 72, 127 Stokes, Mary Jane __ 72, 127 Stolp, Nancy 36 Storms, Pamelia 127 Stoshitch, Diana 127 Strang, William 39 Streib, Sandra 26, 43, 58, 73, 127 Stroh, John 69 Stuart, David 77, 127 Studebaker, William 127 Stumpf, Ronni 42, 43, 127 Sturman, John K. 39 Sugars, Michael C. 85 Suggs, Joan M. 44, 168 Sullivan, Joan 72 Sunderland, Karen 127 Sutton, Woodrow _ 11, 42, 127 Sweeney, Michael 97, 127 Swenson, Carol J. 131 Syler, Lauren 127 T Tabbert, Vivian _ 57, 127, 159 Talesnick, Alan L. __ 36, 37, 39, 45, 52, 87 Teague, Frank 37 Tehan, Alan R. 72, 75 Teixler, Louise 73, 127 Terkhorn, Ramona J. 52 Terrell, Tommy B. 87, 130 Teuton, Margaret 127 Thomas, Daniel P. 16 Thomas, Janet 127 Thompson, Anita 68 Thompson, Joan C. 42 Thompson, Marjorie 127, 128 Thompson, Stephen D. __ 69 Thornton, Bill 127 Tiffany, Virginia 127 Todd, Carol 52, 58 Tootle, James W. 127 Tourtellot, John 127 Tramontini, Ralph 32, 36, 45, 51 Trattner, Steve M. ___ 54, 79 Traylor, Suzanne E. _ 36, 51 Troup, Pete 36, 127 Tull, Judy 61 Turner, Bruce F. 4, 140 Turner, Judy 38, 50, 127 Turner, Pam Jayne 19, 38, 41, 47, 127 Tussing, Thomas C. 97 Tutterow, Mark 8 Tyler, Carolyn 127 Tyner, Betty 127 U Unversaw, Barbara A. 9 V Vance, Steven 128 Vandorn, John E. 64 Vannuys, Catherine 130 Van Westrum, Anthony _ 128 Veon, Mike 38, 52, 94, 128 Verplank, Mike 83, 91 Verplank, Tom 81, 99, 128 Vogel, Janie 16, 128 Voorhies, Paul 128 Vote, Cynthia 128 W Wacker, Robert 128 Wagman, Stephen 128 Wake, Judy Ann 33, 123, 128 Waldman, Michael 89 Walk, Paul Andrew 44 Wall, Jan P. 52, 54 Waller, Sue 128 Walter, Nancy 8 Walters, Denny 4, 79, 80, 94, 99, 110, 128 Walters, Patricia Ann __ 31 Waltman, Frederick E. _ 65, 84, 85, 128 Wampler, David L. 68 Ward, Robert Larry 64 Warren, Claude 33, 36, 128 Warren, John __ 39, 75, 128 Warren, Vicki L. _ 45, 57, 152 Weatherly, Susan ___ 26, 72, 129 Weaver, Beverly A. 73, 129 Weaver, Pamela K. 10, 31, 72, 73, 101, 114, 129 Weaver, Terry 129 Weber, Mitchell 129 Weeks, Barbara Ann _ 72, 73 Weisell, Robert C. ___ 68, 69, 91 Weisell, Virginia 38, 51, 129 Weiss, Linda I. 129 Wells, Bonnie 71, 129 Wells, John Dean ___ 39, 52, 81, 82, 99 Wente, Joan K. 19, 38, 129 Werner, Cheryl A. 58, 98, 131 Wert, Richard 81, 140 Westfall, Nancy 169 Westlake, S. Norman 129 Whalin, Diana Lynne 36 Wherry, Robert P. 36, 89 Whitacre, Robert N. 83 Whitaker, Martha G. ___ 62 Whitcomb, Linda 72 Whitcomb, Paul D. 129 White, Chan 129 White, Fritz 129 White, Richard L. ___ 19, 64, 129 White, William M. __ 128, 129 Whitehead, Norene 73 Whiteside, Janet 71 Whitfield, Cynthia __ 41, 44, 63, 98, 129, 163 Whitinger, David 68 Whitmore, Mary L. 58 Whittington, Janet 24, 74, 129 Wiggam, Leland H. __ 82, 83 Wilcox, Howard 33, 36, 129, 162 Wilhoite, Ann 52 Wilhoite, Thomas M. _ 99, 129 Williams, Cheryl L. . 33, 71, 129, 155 Williams, Frederick H. __ 129 Williams, Gerald L. _ 129, 162 Williams, James P. . 46, 59, 118, 129 Williams, Nancy A. 129 Williams, Thomas M. _72, 75 Wilmore, Sara 73, 140 Wilson, Marilyn E. __ 10, 129 Wilson, Randolph P. 92 Wilson, Cheryl E. ___ 38, 71, 76, 129, 155 Wilsted, LeeAnn 44 Wirsching, Rodney G. __ 97 Wisely, Susan 31, 59 Witham, Richard S. 36, 75 Witmer, Jana Ruth 69 Witte, W. Wayne 68 Wolf, Dorothy 17 Wolf, Fred C. 97 Wolf, Joseph G. - 39, 42, 129 174 Wolfe, Thomas --. Wolfla, Lyman H. Wood, Richard M. Wottring, Jim Woywod, George _ _ 39, 129 _. 45, 128 130 130 83 A Cappella Choir 72 Art Club 63 Authors Club 49 A.V.T. Club 75 B Battle Group 65 Block Section 70 Boys ' Glee Club 75 Boys ' Service League __ 40 C Chess Club 55 Clothing Club 60 Concert Band 68, 69 Counterpoints 74 D Dance Band 69 Debate Team Drafting and Graphic Arts Club Drama Club Drill Team 59 61 58 65 Bagby, Miss Geraldine __ 102 Davenport, Mrs. Lucille _ 109 DeWitt, Gerald 102 Eagle, Dr. Alice 105 Feibleman, Charles 5 Wriggelsworth, Nancy 35 Wright, Joseph W. --_39, 42, 52, 130 Wright, Sharon L. 38, 130 Wright, Susan 72 Wright, William A. 130 Yenni, Jane 52, Young, James Bryan - 31, Young, Terry 53, Youngquist, Robert A. 72 43 96 53 F.B.L.A. F.N.A. Foods Club Forensics French Club F.T.A. 67 57 56 60 58 50 G German Club 50 Girls ' Chorale 73 Girls ' Concert Choir 72 Girls ' Ensemble 73 Girls ' Industrial Arts 61 I Intramurals 67, 66 J Journalism 48 K Key Club 39 Latin Club 51 Letterman ' s Club 99 Literary Magazine 47 M Military History Club 55 Mu Alpha Theta 52 N National Honor Society 38 NDCC Council 65 News Bureau 47 Newspaper Club 46 Nineteenth Century Authors 49 Northern Lights Staff -_ 46 P Pep Band ' 71 Poetry Club Press Club 49 48 Gronau, Frederick 5 Hiatt, Mrs. Ellen 57, 109 Hilgedag, Mrs. Elizabeth 5 Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth __ 5 Kennedy, Mrs. Jeneva 109 Kingsbury, John 5 Light, J. Everett 5, 102 MeKenzie, Bernard 103 Ramadge, Mrs. Betty _— 107 Zell, Evertson H. 130 Zessin, Betty J. 72, 130 Ziffrin, Thomas H. 130 Zimmerman, Donna _ 41, 50, 72, 130 Q Quill and Scroll 43 R Rifle Team 65 Science Reading Club — 53 Senior Girls ' League 41 Slide Rule Club 52 Social Studies Club 54 Spanish Club 51 Stage Crew 58 Starlettes 71 Student Council 37 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 68 Thespians 43 Typing Clubs 62 Y Yearbook Staff 44, 45 Schwilk, Gene 12, 102 Steele, Logan 12 Swigart, Mrs. Linnea ___ 108 Warren, Kenneth 105 Weaver, Ben 5 Weisell, William 5 Associate Editors Kathy Clark and Jane Blackman Finances Helen Elliott Section Editors Opening Marilyn Haislup Activities __ Jeanne Cooper and Carolyn DeMyer Album Lynn Klinger and Helen Copeland Sports Alan Talesnick Advertising Bill Keller Index Vicki Warren Photographers Hank Wolfla, Paul Walk Pete Stephenson Associate - John Lowe Sponsor Mrs. Kathleen Keilman Assistants: Connie Chapin, Ralph Tramontini, Lee Ann Wilsted, Joan Suggs, Pam Fortune, Nita Cranfill, Carol Blewett, Cindy Whitfield Guest Editors Kathy Marshall, Judy Potter Advertising Salesmen Kathy Nolte, Carole Nunamaker The Northerner staff would like to sincerely thank . . . Hudson Printing Company for their excellent job of printing the book . . . S. K. Smith and Company for the beautiful covers . . . Associates Engraving Company for the quality cuts . . . Earl Loudermilk for the professional senior and faculty pictures . , . Richard Brier for his help on page layouts and the fine action shots . . . National School Studios for the many underclassmen photos . . . Mr. Jack MeKenzie from Eastwood for the football picture . . . Ehrich Photos for spectacular pictures ... The administration for their co-operation in helping us plan our yearly events . . . Mrs. Keilman for contributing hours of overtime necessary to put out another book Our parents for their patience with our problems and homework . . . And all who have made this issue of the Northerner possible. 175 .. -.1 (IJoftom left) Marilyn Hai.slup, editor-in-chief of the 1963 Northerner, will carry the load of next year ' s book. Connie Chapin, picture editor this year, helps her learn the tricks of the trade. (Middle left) At their Christmas party the staff relaxes before the last spurt to finish their book. (Upper left) Assistants Judy Potter, John Lowe, and Marcia C;iine put the finishinj? touches on the yearbook as they check protective plastic covers. (Upper rij ht) Jane Black- man and Kathy f lark, editors of the l ' .H 2 Northerner, finish checkinK the last picture to be sent to the engraver. It ' s all in how you look at it When we reach this part of the book we are tired, happy, and satisfied. We have finally conquered the copy and captions that refused to be slimmed down to fit exact areas and we have successfully struggled with recalcitrant pictures that often seemed impossible to crop. Already we are taking a backward look at this year, realizing with nostalgia that some- thing very wonderful is over — the work of publish- ing the 1962 Northerner. We look back at it remembering the little seconds of arguing over which picture to use, the minutes of chatting with friends about writing interesting copy, and the hours of summer and after-school work — all of it time well worth spending. The hum of busy typewriters, the piles of extra materials spring- ing almost to the ceiling of the yearbook office, and the rush and push to meet the final deadline are all part of our memories. It is possible to laugh now over our mistakes and misunderstandings, over our inexperienced and ideal- istic viewpoint in the beginning that matured into a more sober facing of facts as the year progressed. We can remember with fondness the crazy signs on the bulletin board, the pressure on the editors to re- veal the color of the book, the notes on the chalk board. Now it is over; the worry over " making it " financially and editorially, the last minute changes, and all the rest of it. Now we are waiting impatiently to see the finished product, to see the autograph signers frantically writing all over the books we labored to finish, and then to go home and look at the 1962 Northerner ourselves — over, and over, and over ! 176 REDACTED FOR PRIVACY

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