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REDACTED FOR PRIVACY 7 REDACTED FOR PRIVACY 1961 NORTHER ACTIVITIES PAGE 32 SPORTS PAGE 70 ALBUM PAGE 92 ADVERTISING PAGE 140 North Central in 1961 Its Student Life and Activity ... the Sports picture . . . the People within its walls NORTH CENTRAL METROPOLITAN SCHOOL DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL In 1956. when North Central was erected in what was once a farming community but which now is a densely populated suburban area, the new building was considered adequate for the needs of Washing- ton Township for at least ten years. But now, five years later, the school is crowded to capacity with I 700 pupils and 92 faculty members. The reputation acquired by the new school, start- ing from the time it opened, attracted many educa- tionally-minded parents and created an unprece- dented building boom in the community. As a result, enrollment in 1961-62 is anticipated to reach 1800 with corresponding increases expected yearly. When they realized the present building was out- grown, the school board and administration began discussing expansion plans. At first it was thought possible to add on to the current North Central but it soon became evident that this would be a costly procedure that would not really solve the problem. It was then decided to construct an entirely new building and hand the old one over to a junior high. When the news broke, juniors and seniors sud- denly realized that they had developed a keen school spirit, and felt unhappy to know their beloved build- ing would be handed over to lower grades. Bui sophomores looked forward with glee to being the first graduating class from the new North Central. In the meantime North Central continues its pro- gress, pioneering in new honor systems set up for library attendance and teacherless study halls. A classes are available for those who wish to go deeper into subject courses than is possible in the average group. Already, in the five years of its existence, North Central has become a " school of distinction with membership in the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and with the hon- or of being one of eleven high schools in Indiana awarded a special first class commission by the Department of Public Instruction. Kurt Behrman, Dr. Schwilck, and Duncan Campbell go over plans for the new ultra- modern high school soon to be constructed. Land that was once a cornfield is now the site for sprawling North Central. In a few years a new North Central is to be built on Road 100 and the present school will become a junior high. Located in a rapidly growing suburban community, a school which was planned and built by parents having a great interest in good education Lynn and Barb Klinger live in one of the new su- burban developments built in this one-time farming community. A huge new state office building and an ultra-modern Indiana State Teachers Association headquarters dwarf Indiana ' s 82 year old state house, an indication of the changes in downtown Indianapolis which is undergoing modernization. 6 From far out on Meridian Street Marge Thompson and Steve Kemper catch their first glimpse of the city ' s most famous landmark, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Race fans from all over the world yearly attend the 500 Mile Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Starting as a small Christian college in the suburb of Irvington, Butler University developed into a school of 3924 enrollment after taking over old Fairview Park as a campus. Jay Steele and Pam Anderson, top students, and Dr. Rose, supervisor, watch as report cards shuffle through the I.B.M. machine. THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL Elections for various student offices took on a new interest in the year of 1960 when John F. Ken- nedy won a narrow victory over Richard M. Nixon for national President. On election day, people from the community crowded into North Central to vote, and proceedings were watched with interest by the student body. Also, in this year, North Centralites found it in- creasingly necessary to study until late at night in order to keep up with the world trend toward an accelerated educational program. Concentrated study paid off. For the second year, North Central had the highest number of Merit Scholarship finalists in the city, twelve. Also, Pam Anderson was one of 1,000 out of 25,000 pupils from all over the United States to be a finalist in the General Motors Scholar- ship contest. But along with hard work, North Cen- tralites found time to relax, going ice skating on a frozen neighborhood pond in the winter, and playing tennis or going for a swim in the summer. North Central is a school in which the pupils enjoy being competitive for honors, sports, extra- curricular activities, and for top grades, and class and club offices. Competition is forgotten, however, when friends meet one another at lockers, in the student center, and during lunch. Its pupils are friendly, out-ping young people who enjoy participating in scholastic competition and who work hard at both study and play Susie Gardner and Bruce Peters chat while sorting out books. During the day, Susie meets Don- na Breaux. Marcia Davis, and Ginny Wohlgemuth on the Student Center stairs to discuss their dates. Bruce talks with Ron Powers and Dick Huggins at the waste basket during lunch. 8 On a cold afternoon, frozen Windcomb Pond is a popular place for North Central ites who gather to spend their leisure time playing ice hockey or skating with their friends. To keep up with his class in scholastic matters, Rick Roessler finds it necessary to " burn the midnight oil. " mm THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL Whose curriculum, in addition to the academic courses, provides skills which are usable by both university and business-bound young people Although the phrase ' " educating the whole child " is yielding in popularity to " " teaching in depth " . North Central still believes that true education pre- pares a young person for any situation he may face in the future. The curriculum was planned therefore to meet the needs of both college-bound young per- sons and those who would go directly into jobs. Actually the two programs overlap. Many North Centra lites who intend to continue their education in colleges and universities also need the skills learned in the Business Education Department, skills which are useful for theme writing, part-time jobs, or to fall back on if college plans fail to materialize. By the same token, business-bound persons cannot progress far without a thorough knowledge of basic academic subjects. Further " rounding " of the educational program at North Central is provided by courses that can be useful for both job possibilities and for leisure time enjoyment. Wood-working, drafting, and similar subjects are available to boys, and to an occasional brave girl, and all home-making arts (taken once by a brave boy) are an important part of the train- ing program set up at North Central to develop capable, well-educated adults. Dale McClain learns welding in the metal shop, preparing himself for future skilled trade jobs. On a visit to Indiana University in Bloomington, Carole Nunamaker and Peggy Lurie rest their feet while sitting on the bridge over the historic Little Jordan River. A knowledge of many languages is required in this jet age world in which language is no longer a barrier. Liz Kivett, visiting Holland, tries her skill in talking with a Dutchman in his native tongue. Experience in secre- tarial work is gained by working in the general office. i A first library arrival follows the honor system practice of signing in at the door; within few minutes, she will be followed by many others intent on doing research work or getting books. Using library record booths are Chip Dillon and Carole Geisler, who wish to hear expert pronunciation. Charlene Stone, Judy Brownson, and Mary Gibson prepare for rapid reading and note taking in the Development Reading Laboratory. 1 2 The threefold goals set up by the English Depart- ment of preparing pupils to meet the many commu- nications challenges they will face in an adult world, of conveying a knowledge of their linguistic history, and of promoting a pride in the literary heritage of the western world, were met in new ways this year, one of which was the correlation of the historical background of a period with the literature produced during that time. Reading ability, greatly increased by practice in the Developmental Reading lab, meant a heavy run on the library book shelves, part of which was alleviated by paper-backs sold as a Student Council project. Selection of books for outside reports was part of a carefully directed program, aimed at giv- ing better organization to forming a literary back- ground. Communication skills were put into practical use when pupils wrote articles for newspapers or as- sisted the yearbook with writing copy blocks. A group of sophomores motivated their English studies with script writing of a movie which they later filmed. Seniors prepared for college with advanced comp classes. English instruction at every level was up-graded. Undefeated debaters, Craig Pinkus, Alan Goldstein, and Steve Claffey, won trophies by their skill in arguing scientifically. English courses increase facility in both written and spoken communications and encourage an interest in the intelligent reading of good literature As a class project, Jeff Bloomgarden, Ann B Jon Short, and Phil Murphy, film a Julie Graff, interested in a journalism career, talks to Bill Keenan, Teen Star editor. THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL To find the longest diagonal that can be drawn in the irregular figure, a model is used in Mr. Harrison ' s class. Where the Science Department uses and math teachers are pioneers in us Math and science teachers are enthusiastically developing new techniques for the presentation of their subjects, aided by such things as the versatile overhead projector by means of which all sorts of materials, transferred to transparencies, can be shown in an enlarged form during mass instruction. It has many other uses. Chalkboard demonstrations of math problems become more effective when re- produced in giant size as the teacher writes on the smaller screen and lecture notes can be presented more easily. In other areas, instructors in biological science and chemistry are using the team teaching method to enable each to present his specialty before a larger audience. Physics teachers now introduce subject matter not only by stating the physical laws and formulas, but also by explaining their deriva- tives. Additional courses extend learning opportunities. Modern math gave the twelve seniors enrolled this year a chance for individual study and achievement in the development of logic and higher mathematics. Integrated geometry, a composite of plane and solid geometry, was a new departure in high school type of teaching. advanced team teaching methods in$ new approaches to geometry- Lynn Watkins weighs a sample of compounds on an Using a scalpel and tweezers, Norene Whitehead and analytic balance, an instrument few high schools own. Carol Todd dissect a frog during their biology class. In the biology office, Ray Gaug- ish aids Mr. Prettyman with his work by typing or grading papers. The insect population decreased during the fall when pupils in Mr. Lindberg ' s biology class were assigned to collect them. WHNji£ Lisa Schulte recalls her first-grade flash card days as Mr. Wendling uses them for Spanish drills. Winnie Vaughn and Patty Clinkscale, consulting with L. P. Baker, Republican Representative, are two of many North Centralites who served as pages in the House of Representatives. The language lab, used for the first time this year, makes possible indi- vidual instruction and allows pupils to hear pronunciation by experts. 16 7 Pupils find that history foretells the future by interpreting the past, and languages prepare them to crash speed harriers in a new world In this ever-shrinking world, international rela- tionships can easily be strained. Realizing this, North Central is educating its pupils for better rela- tionships by teaching them to know other cultures and understand world problems, past and present. The criticism that Americans visiting or working abroad cannot speak the native languages is being answered by courses in five: Latin, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. In addition, Latin and Greek derivatives is offered for college prep. New methods expedite learning. A language lab, installed this year, was invaluable in training in pronunciation and comprehension. German teachers experimented with a Purdue course of introductory films and accompanying textbooks. History pupils widened horizons by participating in Purdue ' s mock General Assembly and later, working with the Hi-Y, staging a model United Na- tions at the school. After school lecturers, experts in their fields, discussed national and world events to large audiences. Team teaching was used to give every pupil a chance to share in each teacher ' s specialty. Janey Hillis and Jerry Coffey get ammunition from magazine articles for political arguments in 1960 ' s close presidential election. M. THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL The Industrial Arts Department, offering courses m drafting, general shop, graphic arts, and metals, provides a background in the fundamentals of mod- ern industry. Practical experience is gained in such projects as printing the school newspaper, and in making lurniture and other useful objects. Many of the skills taught are a prelude to college courses also, such as drafting which is a basic need for an architectural degree. The Business Education Department concentrates its efforts on offering a sufficient variety of courses to produce employable graduates with skills that could be used either for career possibilities, part- time earnings, or for personal use at home. Theory and practice are blended by the Home Economics Department in providing courses in sew- ing, foods, clothing, child development, and family living, to enable girls to become more efficient homemakers. Student teacher, Mr. Rafferty, helping Jim Barr with an accounting problem, gains experience in teaching at North Central. A school in which pupils receive training for better living, with skills usable for both leisure time enjoyment and employment possibilities Career-minded Sherry Patterson and Susan Hedback practice secretarial skills when using the dictaphone and typing letters for their future jobs. Sandy Hohlr, Melanie Glore, and Betty Tyner learn household management in a Home Ec. apartment. Learning the skills needed in working with metals, John Phillips and Stan Hasty practice in the Industrial Arts room. Fine Arts play an essential role in providing all those experience necessary jor young people living in an era of cultural renaissance A last minute tie adjustment is given Kit Kemper by Deanna Burghard just before they join the Counterpoints on stage. According to magazine and newspaper articles, the United States is undergoing a cultural renais- sance with increasing interest being shown in those subjects identified with the Fine Arts Department. The same trend is indicated at North Central by the fact that more and more pupils are taking part in activities which develop creativeness and imagina- tion, both of which are necessary for true apprecia- tion of modern American culture. Programs such as the Band-O-Rama, a concert by the Instrumental Music division; musicals staged by the Choral Music division for the Jamboree; and plays by Thespians and the Drama Club, provide an opportunity for North Centralites to gain poise in appearing before the public. Participants also learn to interpret the works of master composers and authors and to project themselves into the person- alities and actions of other people. Art classes functioned as an outlet for creative ability and fostered an appreciation of all art forms. Ten class members received honors in the State Scholastic Art contest this year and two went on to national competition. In addition to working on class projects, art pupils assisted in other areas of the Fine Arts Department by painting scenery and publicity posters and lending their talents to what- ever projects their abilities would apply. Gay Siamese ladies Jeanie Smith, Rozella Adams, Linda Bradford, Conda Climer, Lovetta Kramer, Carolyn Wahl, Cheryl Moffatt, and Jill Weissell dance in the " King and I. " Father, Bill Keller, demonstrates to his twelve chil- dren how to bathe quickly, in " Cheaper by the Dozen. " Children, Cindy King, Bruce Newby, Ivan Barrett, Mary Lou Mackey, Joetta Stephans, Jeannie Smith, Mary Anne Kennedy, Bob Morgan, Judy Jo- seph, Bryan Young, and David Anderson, watch. Tom Janes serves as a model for young artists learning oil painting in Mrs. THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL Physical Education, a two year required course, strives to develop the physical, mental, emotional, and social qualities of youth. Its activities include tumbling, volleyball, basketball, tennis, apparatus recreational games, leisure time fun, conditioning exercises, and co-educational square dancing once a week. Another developmental program in the depart- ment is the National Defense Cadet Corps. While enrolled in this class, boys become familiar with weapons and military discipline and terms. They take part in various drill programs including the iinal inspection by army officers. The Health and Safety Department stresses the " whole " approach to health by acquainting pupils with the value of good living habits, by increasing their knowledge of themselves, and by giving in- struction in first aid for emergency situations. Driver Education classes train pupils in the fundamental driving skills and in observing basic principles of road safety. It encourages the develop- ment of responsibility and mature judgment, good sportsmanship, and courtesy along with an appre- ciation of the values of safe driving. Parking next to a circular drive in front of the school is difficult, Dona Bendy discovers, even with expert help from Linda Fairbanks, Cindy Smith, Mr. Bradley. Ginny Wohlgemuth, Marcia Bauer, and Mr. Wood Absolute neatness is a " must " before NDCC members shake hands with " Mr. Bones " in Health and Safety. Phil Barrett and Mike Oliver can pass inspection. 22 A school which recognizes the importance of building strong bodies and of providing safety instructions plus training in good health habits The trampoline, a new sport which looks easy to master but really is quite difficult, is used during gym class to teach balance and coordination. 23 Talent is spotlighted in the Spectacular, an annual production which is written, directed, and produced entirely by Juniors as a class project The Bell Ringing line, one of the funniest in " Poor Pierrot, " took top honors as a dancing line in the Junior Spectacular of 1961. The juniors had their turn in the spotlight early in March when they produced the Junior Spectacu- lar to packed houses three nights and one afternoon. Planning started long before the cuts in January in which five acts survived. " Beaus Ahoy, " " Poor Pierrot, " " Dreamhouse Dilema, " " In De Land 0 " Cotton, " and " Galaxy Galvantin, " were rehearsed nightly from that time on, to polish performances. The three intermission acts chosen, the Keynotes, the Majesties, and the Steve Main Septet, provided near professional talent. Student Directors, • Shannon Kelly and Nan y Coates, held frequent meetings with the act chair- men and sponsors. Junior Class sponsor, Mr. Ken- neth Patton, along with Mrs. Elsie Ball, stage direc- tor, and Mr. Don Martin, musical director, worked with class officers and council members spending many hours to make the 1961 Spectacular a big success. When the curtain fell Saturday night, the tired performers and other members of the Junior Class gathered in the Student Center for a celebration party at which awards for best performances were presented. " Poor Pierrot " was unanimously chosen as the best act and its star, the bumbling monk, Shirley Wright, was named the best actress. The " Bell Ringers " were given an award as the most outstanding dance line. Shannon Kelly and Nancy Coates, Student Directors, made sure the production ran smoothly. When the five winning acts were announced, Anne Schwartz, Bob Walker, and Joan Wente showed hysterical delight. Making a " fun task " of constructing scen- ery for Spectacular are Nancy Bachmann, Helen Elliott, and Jim Buschmann. Carol Henzie, Niki Curtis, Cheryl Williams, Ann Fairchild, Phyllis Payne, Mary Lou Mackey, Diane Deckard, Chip Dillon, Marcia Robbins, (back) Joan Wente, Cynthia Whitfield, Sharon Claron, Pam Turner, Judy Turner, Jerry Coffey ' and Margey Berlin were act chairmen of the 1961 Junior Spectacular. Duke and Duchess winners, Bruce Peters and Carolyn Riddell, receive ribbons and plaques at the ADD Dance. Traditions such as choosing ' Royalty ' lend spice to a year that is otherwise Joann Thompson, escorted by Major Ken Lukenbill, presides as queen of the NDCC ' s " Sleigh Ride " dance. Dances at North Central put the " icing on the cake " as far as student life is concerned, with com- petition keen for who will get dates. Most of these affairs are given to increase finances. One is the Northerner staff ' s annual Duke and Duchess Dance ( ADD ) which helps to pay the deficit on the year- book. Bruce Peters and Carolyn Riddell were chosen Duke and Duchess at the ADD Dance. Diane Tra- montini was selected Fall Sports Queen. Juniors held their prom last year at the Indiana Roof using the theme " Deep Sea Dream. " Dave Richards and Diane Tramontini reigned as Prom King and Queen. A week before students left for the Christmas holidays, the Student Council held its formal dance of the year, " Peppermint Paradise. " NDCC boys picked Joanne Thompson as their queen at the Military Ball, " Sleigh Ride. " The Key Club ended the social season with their money-mak- ing venture, a spring dance, this year entitled " Swing into Spring. ' In addition to dance royalty, Roberta Bowsher was named Yard Parks Queen in March. for proms and formal dances spent in more serious pursuits Jay Steele is as excited as his date, Diane Tramontini, over her selection as queen of the Fall Sports Dance. Members of the Junior Prom Court — FRONT ROW: Ann Gilliom, Priscilla Colville, Nancy Campbell, Pam Christensen, Sharon Latham. SECOND ROW: Winnie Vaughn, Susie Kingdon, (seated) Dave Richards (the King), Diane Tramontini (the Queen), Judy Mendel I, Susan Thorne, Stu Young, Karl Ritterskamp. BACK ROW: Stan Martin, Steve Orr, Bruce Gale, Kurt Behr- man, Mike Chapman, Bert Wilhoite, Steve Willet. Carolyn Riddell, secretary of the Junior Class, has trouble adjusting King Dave ' s crown to his satisfaction; but Jim Gilson, vice-president, does a better job on Queen Diane at the Junior Prom. Dub Gilson narrates as " powder puff " players Kristi Bearss, Edie Mead, Donna Breaux and Lynda Mueller model " sports fashions " at a pep session. During the election in which Rick Roessler won the Student Council presidency and Allan Talesnick, the vice-presidency, Laura Post has voting trouble. After attending College Night and Career Day for seniors, Dick Williams, Judy Witham, and Dick Best are inspired to do a little further research before making up their minds definitely on the colleges of their choice. Activities promoting school spirit, giving guidance for the future, and adding to classroom knowledge, are used to supplement academic life Life is never dull at North Central. Routine school days are punctuated with other activities that provide guidance help, extend classroom work, or intensify school spirit. Regularly scheduled College Night and Career Day programs, as usual, gave North Centralites a chance to decide on schools or occupa- tions for their futures. Familiarity with election procedures came when Student Council officer nom- inations caused intensive campaigning, and compe- tition over class and club officer selections were items of interest to everyone concerned. Pep sessions added interest to athletic events and brought out unsuspected talent in the matter of skits put on for extra entertainment. Other talented people planned exhibits for hall showcases or completed illustrative projects for clubs and classes. Every- where there was evidence that North Centralites are alert, imaginative young people with plenty of initiative and perseverance. It takes a big boy to blow a big horn in the pep band, but Ralph Overfield qualifies. Latin is brought up to date when Linda Cupp, Carl Herndon, and Bryan Young make an ambitious project comparing the ancient chariot races to the 500 mile race. THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL Where pupils, faculty, administrators, and parents work in harmony to bring the school to top position in all its varied fields of endeavor A school is the product of many things - - the people within its walls, the parents that back it, and the little daily events in classrooms and halls that create nostalgic memories for old grads. North Central is peculiarly a community affair. It is rare that parents have as much to do with planning a school as they did for this, the first high school in Washington Township. Even now, when it is smoothly running. Triangle Club members provide funds for extras through their annual Jamboree, and help in any other way needed. Pupils at North Central, almost without realizing its growth, have developed a feeling of closeness for one another and the school, the result of successful competition in athletics, academics, and various extra-curricular activities. Faculty members constantly read, study, and visit other schools for ideas, trying always to improve the level of instruction. In five years a building has become a school with all the word implies. Checking Susy Kingdon ' s clothes is Mrs. Russell Mueller, chairman of the Triangle Club ' s fashion show. Board members, Frederic A. Gronau; Charles B. Feibleman, treasurer; J. Everett Light, superintendent; William B. Weisell, vice-president; John W. Kingsbury, president; and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hilgedag, secretary, carry the responsibility for this top-ranking school. The county Dope Box, won for the first time by North Central, is gloated over by seniors Kelley, Wilhoite, Richards, Best, Pactor, Leinbach, and Chapman. A population explosion occurs at 3:30 when North Central ites hasten out to their cars or busses and head for favorite haunts. Mrs. Carnell, Mr. Patton, and Mr. Wendling, waiting for a teacher ' s meeting to start, read in the library. 31 3 2 THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL. . . . Even though the accent is on academic goals, other activ- ities of various kinds also are carefully planned. During a special forty-minute period set off each day, pupils are given an opportunity to relax and en- joy club meetings, plays, musi- cal program participation, de- bates, intramural sports, and projects, such as publications. Approximately 1300 boys and girls attend clubs which either serve to extend classroom knowledge or to explore new fields of interest. Perhaps the greatest value of such activi- ties is the chance to associate with other young people in a more informal relationship than is possible in a classroom situation with limited time. 33 Council concentrates on honor system installations " Honor " was the key word in Student Council operations this year. This organization was instru- mental in installing honor systems in both study halls and the library. With council members serving as monitors, study hall people governed themselves without adult supervision. Those wishing to do re- search matter no longer reported to teachers before going to the library. Various other activities were successfully accom- plished bv the Student Council. In addition to its regular Safety Council program, the group took an active part in planning Career Day. As a financial project they set up a bookstore in which paperbooks were sold, proceeds of which paid off the debt on the school ' s organ. Members took turns serving as store keepers during their lunch periods. A pleasant break in the daily concentration on school work was provided by two Student Council sponsored dances, the Fall Sportacular Dance hon- oring football and cross-country boys, and " Pepper- mint Paradise " at Christmas time. Jim Gilson was chosen president of the Student Council at the spring election of 1960, and Nancy Campbell was chosen vice-president. Duncan Campbell, taking his turn at being salesman in the Student Council Bookstore, helps customers Mary Lou Riddell and Carol Jane Henzie. Claude Warren, Nancy Lehman, Marcia Burkert, Rich- ard Best, Danny Early, chairman, Randy Long, Donna Shied, and Joan Juvinall plan a safety check. Before a car can be issued a safety sticker, it must pass a thorough inspection. Nancy Lehman, Officer Hawkins, and Dan Early examine John Barney ' s car. Student Council — FRONT ROW: Pat Michaeloff, Carol Blewett, Carol Swenson, Barbara Fischer, Renee Phillips, Sally Noon, Susie Rogers, Julie Graff, Judy Mendell, Nancy Campbell, Kaye Shook, JoAnne Geb- hardt, Ann Boyd, Niki Curtis, and Pat Hindman. ROW TWO: Carolyn Light, Susan Emmel, Suellen Olson, Judy Jones, Linda Sherk, Pat Fullerton, Jerry Blythe, Steve Young, David Hamilton, Duncan Campbell, Dan Early, Howdy Wilcox, Claude Warren, George Spees, Sharon Richards, and Kathy Garrett. ROW THREE: Jerry Coffey, Jay Sinex, Pete Troup, Ann Kabel, Georgette Kelley, Dave Clutter, Bill Flynn, Karl Rit- terskamp, Hank Wilsted, Mark Hershman, Larry Mc- Donald, Ralph Tramontini, Jim Rosenbaum, Ed Karr- mann, and Randy Long. BACK ROW: Dave Lewis, Stu Grauel, Bob McQuiston, Pete Lach, Jerry Collins, Roger Urban, Jim Gilson, Alan Horton, Jay Steele, Kurt Behrman, Steve Dinnsen, Jim Alderman, Jim Beavers, Ed Harper, and Eugene Clones, sponsor. These people represent the school ' s homerooms. Santa Claus (in reality William Keller) headed for the upper level of the Student Center to unload his pack, pauses to chat with Judy J ones and George Hutsell. They were guests of the traditional Christmas dance. Pupils obtain membership in two national societies Thespians — FRONT ROW: Diane Tramontini, Mary Lou Mackey, Stuart Grauel, Shirley Wright, Peggy Holm, Rick Schnackenberg, Carol Edmond, Nancy Campbell, and Ann Gilliom. ROW TWO: Ronni Stumpf, Judy Jones, Kathryn Hunter, Joetta Stephens, Marcia Bauer, Linda Reichel, and Patricia Dunlap. BACK ROW: Linda Jarvis, Ivan Barrett, Bruce Peters, Jim Deckman, William Ryerson, Marsha Eck, Jeanie Smith, and Mrs. Elsie Ball, sponsor. These persons earned points by participation in dramatics. After formal initiation of sixteen newcomers to their ranks last fall, National Thespians gave proof of their dramatic ability by putting on the playlet, Why The Chimes Rang, for their new members, parents, and other interested persons. As further proof of their interest in drama, the group presented Eugene O ' Neal ' s famous play, Our Town, in the spring. An intimate glimpse of an opera in production was afforded Troop 1851 when they were privileged to help backstage during the per- formance of Indiana University ' s production of La Traviata, the first time a production of this type had been staged in a high school. A formal banquet and spring initiation completed the year ' s activities. Rick Schnackenburg served as president this year; Shirley Wright, vice-president; Peggy Holm, secre- tary; and Stu Grauel, treasurer. Mrs. Elsie Ball was the faculty sponsor. Outstanding work in journalism by North Central juniors and seniors is rewarded by membership in Quill and Scroll, an international honorary organi- zation for students of journalism. Membership in the North Central chapter, named in honor of year- book business counselor Richard Brier, is kept to a minimum by stiff admission requirements. Candi- dates must have earned a scholastic average which places them in the upper third of the student body, worked on the yearbook, news bureau, or newspaper for two semesters, and made significant contribu- tions to journalism while holding a key position on one of the school ' s publications. Formal initiation is usually held late in the spring. Pete Staiger, Charlotte Robbins, and Bill Frey ranked highest among the twenty North Central entrants in the National Mathematics Contest held last March. Charlene Stone discusses the prize-winning features of her portrait with second-place winner Bob Thomas. N. C. pupils recognized for outstanding achievements Outstanding juniors and seniors at North Central are eligible for membership in the National Honor Society. Nominations are made from a list of names submitted by members of the faculty who judge the candidates on leadership, citizenship, character, and scholarship. Activities this year were largely social in nature. In December the members gave a dinner for their parents. In May, following announcement of the names of successful candidates, the new members and their parents were entertained at a reception. Formal initiation took place at a spring convocation in the auditorium. Officers consisted of Jay Steele, president; Pam Anderson, vice-president; Karen Brinkerhoff, secre- tary; and Rick Schnackenberger, treasurer. Three thousand Indiana entrants in the Regional Scholastic Art Contest found North Central art stu- dents formidable competition when this school won eight of the one-hundred fifty awards given. Neither was North Central lacking in mathemati- cal talent. Placing first, second, and third respec- tively in the National Mathematics Contest were Bill Frey, Peter Staiger, and Charlotte Robbins. National Honor Society — FRONT ROW: Barbara Hos- tetler, Marcia Burkert, Joann Young, Barbara Mast, Nancy True, Julie Graff, Nancy Campbell, Ann Gil- liom, Charlotte Robbins, Anne Lidikay, Celia Nicely, Marilyn McCleery. ROW TWO: Pam Anderson, Donna Dawson, Jean Coupland, Carolyn Light, Joann Thompson, Mary Gibson, Karen Whitsitt, Karen Brin- kerhoff, Marcia Bauer, Diane Tramontini, Pam Rohr- mann, Mary Ann Kennedy, Mrs. Ruth Kivett. ROW THREE: Dave Allen, Phil Jones, Roger Guernsey, Tony Mommer, Gary Clayton, Bill Frey, Rick Schnack- enberg, Paul Carlson, Jack Glazier, John Kelley. BACK ROW: Jim Gilson, Roger Urban, Alan Horton, Dennis Hanink, Jay Steele, Mike Allen, Kurt Behr- man, Phil Brodey, John McClements, Peter Staiger, and Bob Price. " Service for others " is the goal of Key Club boys Service is the main goal of the Key Club. Members work together to provide funds for worthy projects. This year the boys sold cokes, candy, hot dogs, and coffee at all home football and basketball games. The club also put on the all-school Spring Sports Dance in March. Their May project was sponsoring a ear wash. Proceeds from these projects were used to buy food for a needy family at Christ- mas time and to purchase waste barrels, which were painted by club members, for the outside school grounds. Another Key Club service was to sponsor the School Spirit Week. This year marked the first time the boys inducted new members in both the fall and the spring. Before this, boys had been chosen only in the spring. Candidates must have favorable recommendations from several teachers and a 2.25 scholastic average to be invited to join. Officers for the Key Club this year were Jay Steele, president; Kurt Behrman, vice-president; Bert Wilhoite, treasurer; Dave Rich- ards, secretary; and John Kelley, historian. The club ' s faculty sponsor was Wilbur Richards. Dave Lutz, Bert Wilhoite, and John Vanderipe com- bine efforts to make the Key Club car wash a success. Key Club — FRONT ROW: Al Osborne, Roger Guern- sey, Richard Hammer, William Martin, Roger Boyer, Fred Short, Joseph Wolf, Paul Bancel, Mark Bell, Rob- ert McQuiston, and Wilbur Richards, sponsor. ROW TWO: James Borden, Richard Hudson, Dave Lutz, Richard Williams, Peter Bitner, John Dickson, Stan Martin, Wayne Harvey, George Hutsell, Michael Mc- Cormick, Kobie Grinkmeyer, and Bo Hagemeir. ROW THREE: Stuart Grauel, Jerry Collins, Tony Mommer, Dave Allen, Eric Cederquist, William Jefferson, Jay Steele, president, Dave Richards, Percy Kleinops, Jef- frey White, William Frey, and Jerry Coffey, BACK ROW: Ronald Clark, Kirk Dinkins, James Deckman, James Minor, Phil Brodey, Bert Wilhoite, John Kelley, John Vanderipe, Kurt Behrman, Bruce Peters, Wil- liam Wright, Reuben Jones, and John McClements. Members of North Central Hi-Y club devoted this year to world service, helping young people of Europe and Asia. In cooperation with the nearby YMCA, Hi-Y ' ers sold over $280 worth of chocolate mints to help finance the parent group ' s service fund. The most ambitious project of the club was in organizing a model United Nation in which some one-hundred eighty pupils of social studies courses participated. Each represented one country of the United Nations by wearing the native costume of the land and expressing the governmental ideology. " What ' s Next for the Girl Who Graduates from High School? " This was the theme for the programs of the Senior Girls ' League meetings in 1960-61. The group also worked on two traditional projects this year. One was to act as student hostesses on Career Day, March 28. The other was to entertain mothers of all senior girls at a tea in May. Members of the Senior Girls ' League Planning Board were Marcia Bauer, Karen Brinkerhoff, Donna Dawson, Sharon Latham, Carolyn Riddell, and Nancy True. Sponsor for the league was Dr. Alice Eagle. Senior girls and Hi-Y boys Members of the Senior Girls League Planning Board are (seated) Sharon Latham, Nancy True, Dr. Alice Hi-Y — (Seated) Steve Kemper and Fred Peterson, (standing) Phil Holsworth, Bob Fortune, Bill Strang. aid school and community Eagle, sponsor, and Carolyn Riddell. (standing) Donna Dawson, Marcia Bauer, and Karen Brinkerhoff. Author and Poetry " Clubbers Judy Avery, secretary of the Nineteenth Century Auth- ors Club meets with Tom Schloss, vice-president, and Marcia Stewart, president, to plan their next meeting. Informality was the keynote for the Poetry Club this year. The club listened to poetry records and used a basic anthology provided by the Triangle Club as their guide book. A detailed study of rhyme, meter, and poetic forms was an impor tant project. Each member was also required to write at least one original poem and was held responsible for plan- ning one of the programs. Officers of this club were Mary Ann Kennedy, president; Jane Judson, secretary; and Craig Pinkus, treasurer. James Duffy was their faculty sponsor. Members of the 19th. Century Authors Club be- came acquainted with the total picture of American literature and of life during each period studied during club meetings. The basic purpose was to give its members an appreciation and an understanding of their American heritage. Officers were Marcia Stewart, president; Tom Schloss, vice-president; and Judy Avery, secretary. James L. Johnson was their faculty sponsor. Working behind the scenes of a performance is often more fun than being in the play itself. Mem- bers of the Stage Crew found this out when, to get ready for a show, they painted scenery, built props, Analyzing a poem is part of the work of Craig Pinkus, Jane Judson, and Mary Ann Ken- nedy during Poetry Club. delve further into literature controlled the lighting, cleaned the stage, and at- tended all rehearsals and productions. Through this group activity, boys and girls gained knowledge of the work behind the scenes, the responsibility of getting things done on time, and of working with others. Members of the Art Club often assisted the stage crew by supervising the painting of scenery and by teaching them the best ways to color the back drops. Through the stage crew, members of the Art Club were provided an opportunity to practice painting and gain experience. Officers for the club were John Berry, president and Kay Goodwin, secretary. The faculty sponsor of the group was Mr. Keyt. Drama Club presented two plays this year. The fall play was " Cheaper by the Dozen. " In the spring the club sponsored " Our Town. " Members also assisted with the production of both the Junior Spectacular and the " King and I. " The stage crew assisted with all these productions. Officers for Drama Club were Bruce Peters, president; Peggy Holm, vice-president; Nancy Campbell, secretary; and Pete Troup, treasurer, Mrs. Elsie Ball, sponsor. Jeanie Smith, Marsha Eck, and Jo- etta Stephens became familiar with all the intricate details of stage settings during their work behind the scenes. Drama Club officers Bruce Peters, president; Peg Holm, vice-president; Nancy Campbell, secretary; and Pete Troup, treasurer; planned footlight activities. Extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, dis- cussion, interpretive reading, and radio announcing are a few of the fields covered by the Forensic Club. Working in close association with the Forensic group, the club has actively competed against other members of the Indiana High School Forensic Asso- ciation. Although the stale organization is not too well-known at North Central, it is a highly competi- tive and popular group. The local club was honored this year with an invitation to affiliate with the National Forensic League. Invitations to belong to this League are limited. Before approval was given, North Central forensic activities had to be passed on by the Indiana District Forensic Committee. Members of the club attend four or five inter-scholastic contests a year, in addition to the zone,- district, and state finals. Indiana High School Forensic Association contests were attended by interested individuals and speech clubs. Craig Pinkus was chairman this year, while Mr. Beasley and Mrs. Thielemann acted as sponsors. Oral skills perfected through Eugene Beasley, sponsor of the Speech Club " talks shop " with one of the members, Craig Pinkus. Active participation in the Speech club prepares pupils for smooth campaign talks in front of audiences such as the annual Student Council Rally campaign. Discussing the program for their next meeting of the Debate Club are the officers: Tom Schloss, secretary; Gordon Risk, president; Mary Lou Mackey, vice-president, and Richard Edward Best, parliamentarian. speech and debate clubs North Central debaters added up the mileage as the team engaged in many debates around the state. In compiling its best record ever, the group won trophies at Kokomo, Indiana State Teachers College, the district and zone contests, and also placed high in the state contest. Coached by Mrs. Elizabeth Thielemann, they also gave exhibition debates at the Indiana School for the Blind and for a dual assembly program at North Central. Two members, Craig Pinkus and Alan Goldstein, were undefeated during the season. The Debate Club was a separate organization from the debate team. It has three main purposes: first, to stimulate interest in debate and discussion; second, to acquaint the members with the rules and procedures of debate and discussion; and third, to become more familiar with world events and prob- lems. These were accomplished through practice. Officers of the Debate Club were Gordon Risk, president; Mary Lou Mackey, secretary; and Rich- ard Edward Best, parliamentarian. Robert Seigel was the faculty sponsor. Debate Team — Alan Goldstein, Craig Pinkus, Jim Williams, and Steve Claffey. 43 Language clubs provide opportunities for extension North Centralites, studying languages, joined clubs to learn more about the country in which they were interested. Because so many enrolled, eleven groups had to be formed, three Latin, three Spanish, three French, and two German. All of the groups were very active. Latin Club people put on a Christmas program, took a trip through Hades for initiation, gave a typical Roman banquet, and planned a chariot race in the spring. Boys and girls in French Club also gave a Christ- mas program and a symbolic French dinner in Jan- uary. A successful venture was the bringing of the French movie, " The Would-Be Gentleman, " to the school in March. The movie was open to the public. Pupils and teachers who had been in Mexico spoke to members of Spanish Club about their trips and about Mexico. Slides, book reviews, and skits were also presented at meetings. Members of the German Club were shown movies about Germany. They also had several speakers who gave accounts of their experiences in Germany, among them Mr. Brown, one of the faculty sponsors, who visited Germany during the Christmas holiday German Club officers — Chuck Gale, vice-president; Jenny Ellis, secretary; and Morgan Everson, president. Spanish Club officers — FRONT ROW: Judy Harding, Celia Nicely, Sue Pock, Susan Munger, and Barbara Fitting. BACK ROW: Barbara Dougherty, Ann Boyd, Margaret Berlin, and William Bugher, sponsor. of knowledge about foreign countries French Club officers — FRONT ROW: Margery Gaskill, president; Barbara Schneider, vice-president; Paula Gallinger, secretary; Janie Vogel, president. BACK ROW: Mrs. Alice Kraft, co-ordinator of the three French clubs; Roger Urban, vice-president; Con- nie Cromer, secretary; Kathy Nolte, vice-president. Latin Club officers — FRONT ROW: Jenny Gray, Mar- alee Smith, Linda Jarvis, Pam Anderson, Barbara Alli- son, and Jane Blackman. BACK ROW: Joe Wolf, Bill Henry, Steve Duck, Bill Jefferson, and Bill Hilgedag. 45 I Slide rules and space travel studied by the math clubs Mu Alpha Theta invited guest speakers to talk to them at their meetings after school. One of these was Mr. David Dietz, Scripps-Howard science edi- tor, who lectured on the subject of " Science and the Future. " Last fall, ten members of this honorary math club heard a talk on " Rockets and Space Travel " by Wernher von Braun, world famous rocket scientist, an event sponsored by an Indianapolis scientific organization. Officers for Mu Alpha Theta were William Frey, president; Alan Horton, vice-president; Rick Schnackenberg, treasurer; and Karen Brinkerhoff, secretary. Their sponsor was Mr. Weinheimer. Twenty-three members of the Slide Rule club made their own slide rules and used them to master the fundamentals of the slide rule. Michael McDon- ald was the recording secretary. Their sponsor was James E. Davidson. Betsy Draper shows Al Leinback and Hank Wilsted that a girl can operate a slide rule as well as boys can. Mu Alpha Theta — FRONT ROW: Charlotte Robbins, Pam Rohrmann, Carolyn Light, Celia Nicely, Mary Lou Mackey, Melinda Rohrmann, Roger Guernsey, Jim Rosenbaum, and Rick Schnackenberg. ROW TWO. Pam Anderson, Karen Brinkerhoff, Mary Gibson, Jeanie Smith, Jim Pond, Clayton Atkins, Fred Mate- kunas, and Leigh Seaver. ROW THREE: Dave Allen, Phil Jones, Bill Frey, Jack Glazier, Bob Main, David Durlacher, and Bill Wright. BACK ROW: Jerry Collins, Alan Horton, Roger Urban, Jay Steele, Mike McDon- ald, Dennis Hanink, and Peter Staiger. This is a national honorary for math pupils. Military History Club officers Jack Whittemore, treasurer; Sus- an Munger, secretary; Mike Hart- man, vice-president; and Bruce Gale, president, gaze at a copy of the Gettysburg Address. Social Studies Group learns of world around them Social Studies Club members went into the dim past for a subject to study in the first semester, choosing to learn more about " The Origins of Man. " Several of the outside speakers who addressed the club brought in artifacts as exhibits, some of which were worth thousands of dollars. At other meetings club members gave research reports. In the second semester the group turned its atten- tion to World War II. This subject, which is seldom studied extensively by American History classes, was explored in great detail. Many armed service films were shown during this period. Officers for the club were Diane Tramontini, president; Phil Young, vice-president; and Natalie Klain, secretary. Gerald Marker was the sponsor of this group. With the entire country interested in the hun- dredth anniversary of the Civil War, it was natural for the Military History Club to plan its meetings around that subject. The Battle of Gettysburg, " when war came to Indiana, " and Morgan ' s raid were dra- matically presented through picture albums or films. A globe of the world is a fascinating thing to contem- plate, Social Studies club officers decide. Natalie Klain (left) holds the office of secretary, Phil Young is vice-president, and Diane Tramontini, president. ,1 H An extensive and well-planned wardrobe is one of the rewards of belonging to the Clothing Club whose officers are Elsie Thomas, sergeant at arms; Marilyn Haislup, secretary-treasurer; Sue Schellert, president and Dotty Bychinsky, vice-president. Manually-inclined students Fifteen girls invaded a purely masculine field and formed a Girls ' Industrial Arts Club this year. Officers Kathleen Boyer, secretary; Martha McClure, vice- president; and Judy Avery, president, work diligently in order to finish constructing their woodworking pro- jects during a bi-monthly meeting. Dede Fisher, vice-president of the Foods Club, and Kit Kemper, its president, carry on a friendly and enjoyable rivalry over whether boys or girls are the best cooks, with no definite decision reached. (Not shown) Sheila Schmidt, secretary, and Gladys Galyean, who is sergeant at arms. Exact measurements are of primary importance to David Cooney, Ted Locke, and Bob Janke as they complete drafting projects they began in class time. One objective of the Drafting Club is to afford the necessary extra time that many of the boys feel they need. ievelop talents in Industrial Arts Clubs Boys and girls who wanted more time to work on projects they had started during industrial arts and home economics classes, enrolled in clubs to pursue their hobbies. Clothing Club members packed candy for the Salvation Army and sewed pillow cases, hospital gowns, baby kimonos, and chair covers for the Junior Red Cross. In the Industrial Arts Hobby Club, 21 boys made articles ranging from small models to furniture; in the newly formed Girls ? Industrial Arts club, 14 worked with plastics, elec- trical repair, and woodworking. Members of the Graphic Arts club printed tickets, menus, and pro- grams for varied activities. Drafting club members completed projects begun in class. Sponsors were Miss Carolyn Kleifgen, Mrs. Margaret Stout, Phillip Mann, and Forrest Cullings. During a Hobby Club meeting Bill Richards cuts a piece of balsa wood, using a band saw. Chess Club officers Phil Jones, president, and Jan Wall, secretary-treasurer, prepare for a match. Three groups whose members may all take an active part in their programs are the chess club, the chess team, and the bowling league. Thirty members carry on intra-group competition in the bowling league. In the final tournament Ed Bailey won first place and a trophy, and Art Sachs placed second; Deenie Leibowitz won the girls ' singles. Harold Freeland was the faculty sponsor. Members of the two five-member-each teams were the chess players who entered competition outside the school. When the North Central Invitational Tourney for Marion County schools was held at North Central, both teams continued undefeated by tying each other for first place. The team also played in the Columbus Invitational Tourney and at Lafay- ette. Meets were held with Lawrence, Howe, and Warren Central High Schools. Phil Jones was presi- dent; Steve Trattner, vice-president; Jan Wall, sec- retary-treasurer; Morris Campbell was the sponsor. The seventy-six members of the Chess Club car- ried on their activities within their own group. Phil Jones was the president; Steve Trattner, vice-presi- dent; Pete Frueman, secretary-treasurer; and Morris Campbell and Eugene Beasley were sponsors. Pupils cultivate chosen hobbies through club activities John McNight discusses the score sheet with Joel Selig, analyzing the results of the last series, while Harold Freeland, sponsor, offers Steve Martz suggestions on improving his game. Professional aid made available to members of FTA A poster illustrating their chosen profession is interest to FTA officers Marilyn Eno, historian; Nancy True, treasurer; Julie Graff, president; Beth Marschke, vice-president; and Sue Thatcher, secretary. Boys and girls who were thinking about becoming teachers got professional help through membership in the Future Teachers of America, a national organ- ization dedicated to promoting an interest in this vocation as a career. Educational requirements were discussed at club meetings and panel discussions were used to analyze various problems that may be confronted. Qualified speakers talked to the group, and informative movies were shown. Many seniors took part in the cadet teaching program, assisting regular faculty members in near- by elementary and junior high schools. More than one hundred members of this group participated when North Central played host to the Central District Convention in November. Many attended the Indiana State Convention in Indianap- olis, also. Mrs. Marie North and Cecil Tharp were co-sponsors of the group. Enjoyment from working with children is an import- ant part of cadet teaching, Kaye Shook discovers, as she assists two of her younger pupils. 51 nvestigation of possible future careers is the objective Tammy McCready demonstrates the correct way to make a " hospital corner " for a bed, to Susan Munger, Phyllis Bettge, Elaine Bishop, and Miss Jeannine Freudenberger, sponsor of FNA. FNA is not a club " just for nurses " as is mis- takenly believed by many. Rather it is a club through whose programs many phases of medicine and nurs- ing are explored. There were those in the club who wished to enter the technological aspect of medicine as well as those who aspired to be dental assistants. Diversified interests attracted one-hundred twelve girls into Future Nurses of America, thus making it the second largest club at North Central this year. Members of FNA united in the national Red Cross drive for funds to combat tuberculosis by selling red bangle pins to pupils of North Central. For Thanksgiving, the group combined efforts to make that holiday more enjoyable for patients at the Vet- erans Hospital by making favors for their dinner trays. Movies and speakers illustrating various sub- jects of interest to FNA members were brought to North Central. President of FNA this year was Tammy Mc- Cready; Ela ine Bishop, vice-president; Susan Mun- ger, secretary-treasurer; and Phyllis Bettge, corre- sponding secretary. Miss Jeannine Freudenberger and Mrs. Mary Spoon sponsored this club. Mrs. Mary Spoon, sponsor, watches Judy McCorkle apply first-aid to Jane Blackman., 7 of FNA and FBLA members Leaving for the Future Business Leaders of America State Convention held during April at Ball State are Sharon Schmid, Sharon Nail, and Edith Shackleford. A common interest in business careers brought together eighty-two people to explore the possibili- ties of their chosen field during meetings of the Future Business Leaders of America club. Speakers for the twice monthly programs included a panel of former business graduates, a secretary, an account- ant, and an IBM speaker. Mrs. Edith Reese, the sponsor, assisted by Miss Ellen Warner, planned programs which included original skits by the mem- bers dramatizing different methods of applying for jobs. The club also operated the coat check during all home basketball games. Activities were broadened by participation in the state FBLA spelling contest and also by members attending the convention at Ball State Teachers Col- lege. Linda Fox was nominated as " Miss FBLA " and Jean Grossart served as the state reporter. Jean Grossart was elected president; Natalie Jo Klain, vice-president; Gloria Wyatt, secretary; and Larry Gorske, treasurer. Gloria Wyatt, Pat Goodwin, Larry Gorske, and Natalie Klain gather around Jean Grossart to examine the program for the Ball State Convention held in April. 53 Taking part in theatrical productions is part of the job of AVT member Ken Russell as he works with Cindy Whitfield, Junior Spectacular Act Chairman. Teacher ' s time is saved Audio Visual Technicians and Library Club members provided " seeing and reading " materials for pupils and teachers. The Library Club under the direction of Miss Mary Louise Mann and Mrs. Kath- erine Wert campaigned to advertise new books. To more clearly describe their activities, the name of the club was changed to " Student Librarian Associ- ation of North Central High School. " The year ' s chief project was constructing a card catalogue for paperback books. Charles Schaab was president; Jennifer Gray, vice-president; and Suzanne Steiner, secretary. Speakers from radio and television stations came to the AVT meetings. Assistants were assigned to the visual aid room to help teachers by running films, checking out equipment, and making tape recordings. AVT boys also helped in the language labs. Members operated microphones for many audi- torium activities. Frank Smith, disk jockey, and Ken Russell, technician, provided dance music for after- game mixers. Denzel Waltman was president; Harry Bolton, vice-president; Ginny DeShano, secretary- treasurer; and Frank Rhea, sponsor. Library Assistants — FRONT ROW: Sue Reynolds, Sharon Satinsky, Jenny Gray, Joan Reilly, Sylvia Shock- ley, Susan Richwine. ROW TWO: Helen Elliott, Lynn Barlet, Suzanne Steiner, Stephanie Hafner, Marcia Stark. ' ROW THREE: Lloyd Query, Ronald Eilert, Lyn- da Schneider, Linda Lidikay, Nikki Hough, Miss Mary Louise Mann, librarian. BACK ROW: Mrs. Katherine Wert, assistant, Tom Bauer, Charlie Schaab, Stan Hoagland, Ben Wilson. This group formed a club to learn more about library work. 7 by N C pupils who volunteer their services In the business office Donna Schilk types and answers the phone for Sharon Hart, as an assistant, dusts teachers, freeing them for more important work. shelves in the guidance office. Absence sheets are checked by Nancy Rahke and a notice in a teacher ' s mailbox. Nancy Coates, a lan- Niki Curtis (left), while Diane Moore (center) places guage office assistant (right), hangs a poster. Assistants gain experience while aiding faculty and staff n " extra pair i hands and feet, " in the form of office assistants recruited from North Centralites, saved many a tired teacher from being overwhelmed by small tasks. Girls in the general office performed daily duties ranging from relaying messages at the switchboard to delivering memos. Part of their job, also, was to distribute information to the teachers ' mailboxes and to serve as receptionists at the office counter. Assistants in the attendance office collected ab- sence slips hourly and later checked them with the complete list. Also they delivered messages to pupils whose absences were questionable. In the guidance offices, the girls dusted shelves, watered flowers, and filed pupils ' records. Miss Hiatt, the school nurse, depended upon her helpers to keep beds ready for occupancy, and to run errands. Clerks in the bookstore located supplies for pur- chasers and rang up sales. They kept the room neat and released Mrs. Kennedy from " behind the coun- ter " work. Laboratory assistants helped science teachers by setting up simple experiments and by labeling and filing specimens, chemicals and appa- ratus. Monitors were stationed at the doors of the wings to make sure that hallways were kept clear of unauthorized wanderers. Departmental aides in the counselling offices were on hand to type up tests and answer the telephone. Bookstore merchandise includes many monogrammed articles such as the North Central sweat shirt being displayed to Dick Sparks by Michele Murphy, assistant. An upser stomach brings Cliff Person to the nurse ' s office where he must present his pass to the assistant, Suzanne Selka before requesting leave to go home. Checking passes, Dub Gilson ' s job as hall monitor, gives him an excuse for stopping Karen Crissman before she enters the Student Center during class. Rapidity and accuracy increased through typing clubs Actually, typing groups meeting during activity period were formed more as practice sessions than regular clubs. Many of the members felt they had not had sufficient time to acquire speed in the hourly period allotted to classes daily. This was particu- larly true of those who had taken only one semester of typing and needed further training for which they had no time. Other persons enrolled in the Review Typing Club to renew skills which had been neglected in the time since they last took a class in typing. Those in Be- ginning Typing Club were, for the most part, pupils who could not fit a regular course into their sched- ules. The first part of the activity period wa s spent in timed writings of two, three, four, or five minutes. The latter half of the period was spent in practicing on whatever area of one ' s typing needed improve- ment most. Ray Gaugush concentrates on adjusting to an electric typewriter which is used in Beginning Typing clubs. Looking over Deanna Burghard ' s shoulder, Mrs. Green checks to see if she remembers the correct fingering. 57 .1 ■ News Bureau — (seated) Julie Graff; (standing) Susie Thatcher; (seated) Mrs. Kathleen Keilman; (standing) Jean Grossart; (seated) Norietta Majors. With thirty city and county schools competing for space in three metropolitan newspapers, keeping North Central well publicized was a hectic job for News Bureau girls. All agreed, however, that learn- ing to streamline material and express themselves clearly was a great aid for English composition. An additional incentive to belonging to the bureau was the sizeable pay check each member earned for published material. Mrs. Kathleen Keilman was the sponsor of this group. Staff members of the Northern Lights gathered news for the bi-weekly school paper and edited it. Sam Jacobs, editor, with the assistance of John Shirley and Phillip Mann, faculty advisers, assigned stories and planned pages. The Press Club, a newly formed organization, spent its first year learning the phase of journalism dealing with the publication of a newspaper. John Shirley was sponsor; Steve Kemper, president; Mickey Pittard, vice-president; and Jim Wottring, secretary-treasurer. Pupils learn newspaper techniques in class and clubs Jim Worrering, secretary-treasurer, Steve Kemper, president, Mr. John Shirley, sponsor, and Mickey Pit- tard, vice-president, of the Press Club learn about the operations of a linotype machine. Newspaper Staff — FRONT ROW: Nancy Campbell, news editor, Kathy Marshall, activities, and John Vesey. ROW TWO: Sam Jacobs, editor-in-chief, Mary Bergerson, feature, and Sue Waller. ROW THREE: Ron Powers, Bill Martin, and Jim Williams. BACK ROW: Bud Green, John Shirley, sponsor, and Mike Lach, sports editor. Sam Jacobs, with the paper two years, won the Merle Sidener Award. Yearbook staff members learned what it was to work under pressure as they spent a hectic year with an April 1 deadline staring them in the face. Planning a book starts in the spring, continues through the summer, and gains momentum in the fall. Staff personnel draw layouts; schedule pictures and crop them for the engraver; write copy to fit a specific space; sell books, ads, and plastic covers; and give dances. It is an exciting year involving a $7,000 book, a year in which staff members pro- duce an annual which serves as a history of the school year, a report to the taxpayers, a public rela- tions media, and a reference library for years to come. Journalism Club was set up to acquaint prospec- tive yearbook staff members with the career possi- bilities in this field and with the techniques of publishing a yearbook. Janice Henson was the gen- eral chairman. Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, assisted by Mrs. Betty Lou Dixon, sponsored the group. The Annual Duke and Duchess Dance, given by the Northerner staff, becomes more popular every year. Northerner staff strives to meet the April 1st deadline Yearbook Staff — FRONT ROW: Natalie Klain, Peggy Lurie, Steve Kemper, editor, Kristi Bearss, and Jill Bisset. ROW TWO: Carolyn DeMyer, Janice Henson, Helen Copeland, and Ellen Bartelmas. ROW THREE: Helen Elliott, Hank Wolfla, Marilyn Haislup, Anne Barrett, and Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, sponsor. BACK ROW: Stan Hoagland, Jim Deckman, Kirk Dinkins, Lynn Klinger, Kathy Clark. Not pictured: Jane Black- rnan, Jeanne Cooper, and Gretchen Stout. Journalism Club — (below) Jim Deckman, Janice Henson, general chairman; and Kaye Shook, commit- tee member study the yearbook. 59 A WW A Cnpella — FRONT ROW: Deanie Lebowitz, Jill Weis- eil, Janet Walters, Jill Wagoner, Ann Gilliom, Lois Signorino, Diane Sickles, Nancy True, Carol Hen- zie, Susan Riddell, Pat Eastwood, Anne Lidikay, Mari- lyn Wilson, Linda Bradford, Lynn Bowman, Angela Duhm, JoAnne Reager, and Connie Climer. ROW TWO: Mrs. Pauline Brothers, assistant director, Sherrie Richards, Mary Cline, Roberta Bowsher, Carol Lang, Pat Lannerd, Ann Bardach, Diana Michels, Karen Whitsitt, Judy Jones, Lovetta Kramer, Sharon Richel, Connie McClain, Melanie Glore, Cheryl Moffatt, Roz- el la Adams, Win Ellen Gruber, and Don Martin, direc- tor of the Music Department. ROW THREE: Susie Weatherly, Jeannie Smith, Philip Holsworth, Louis Buehler, Charles Hibbard, Richard Hirschman, Daniel Holtz, Larry Smith, Philip Barrett, Michael Fried, Jon Krahulik, Jared Chase, Thomas Hargraves, Deanna Gray, and Lucy Shuttleworth. BACK ROW: Jane Gru- mann, Ronald Power, James Armstrong, Richard Hug- gins, John Berry, Philip Jessup, Richard Ganz, Rol Donie, Alan Duwe, David Hepburn, Ronald Wright, James Barr, Brent Smith, Larry Meister, Lou Syler. Music groups offer enjoyment for school and community Girls ' Ensemble — FRONT ROW: Nerus Kauffman, Sharon Latham, Nancy Atkins, Louise Teixler, Bar- bara Hough, Mary Hockett, Marilyn Wilson, Terri Armstrong, Betty Zessin. ROW TWO: Marcia Brandt, Martha McCotter, Betsy Draper, Susie Kingdon, Kathy Marschke, Karon Hanger, Marianne O ' Sullivan, Carol Cooper. BACK ROW: Pat Schmidt, Betty Grau, Cindy Gilkinson, Val Hearn, Ronni Stumpf, Tammy Mc- Cready, Judy Gray, Susie Rubin. These girls are selected from the Belles group for special work. The Music Department has made great strides this year. Under the direction of Donald Martin and Mrs. Pauline Brothers, new traditions have been started and old ones renewed. Also the department achieved the goals toward which they had been striving the last four years. A new type of student government was instituted in which a student chairman was named for each selective group. These included Sharon Latham for the Belles; Jim Barr, A Capella Choir; and Deanna Burghard and Lloyd Query, Counterpoints. In Sep- tember, these chairmen, together with Judy Jones, the department assistant, set the goals for which they would work. They continued to meet through- out the year to measure progress of the department and to plan the three social functions, the Jamboree cast party, the Christmas Party, and the Spring Picnic which are held annually. Counterpoints sang for various clubs, school con- vocations, programs, and radio and television shows. Counterpoints — FRONT ROW: Phyllis Payne, Lovetta Kramer, Diana Michels, Janet Whittington, Deanna Burghard, Diane Tramontini, and Lucy Lang. ROW TWO: Linda Jarvis, Beth Marschke, Karen Whitsitt, Barbara Hostetler, and Susan Emmel. ROW THREE: Wally Baker, Philip Holsworth, Ron Power, Greg Gar- man,, Lloyd Query, Bruce Peters, Danny Thomas, and Bill Frey. BACK ROW: Walt Carroll, Dick Hudson, Kit Kemper, Steve Willet, Bob Anderson, Bruce Gale, and Percy Kleinops. Not pictured is Don Martin, director of the Music Department. through programs designed to develop musical talents Belles — FRONT ROW: Martha McCotter, Elaine Bish- op, Phyllis Bettge, Jill Bisset, Pat Clinkscales, Carolyn Riddell, Nancy Atkins, Judy Mendell, Mary Lambert, Sharon McCleaster, Liz Klukas, Alice Landgren, Kar- on Hanger, Lynn Watkins, and Marilyn Wilson. ROW TWO: Janice Henson, Sandy Freeman, Pam Morris, Shannon Kelly, Donna Zimmerman, Pam Weaver, Barbara Hough, Susy Kingdon, Claudia Brown, Louise Teixler, Carol Cooper, Ronni Stumpf, Marianne O ' Sul- livan, Betty Grau, Judy Gray, and Janet Coover. ROW THREE: Lynn Barlet, Betty Eggert, Sandra Nolan, Shirley Biddinger, Kathy Nolte, Susie Harness, Kathy Carr, Valerie Hearn, Emily Patton, Joan Bedwell, Tammy McCready, Kathy Marschke, Betsy Draper, Carolyn Talmage and Lucinda Gilkinson. BACK ROW: Anne Barrett, Barbara Allison, Nancy Bergen, Kathy Anderson, Elaine Gust, Marcia Brandt, Marian Schaf- er, Betty Zessin, Dixie Lee Green, Lynn Hegeman, Vivian Tabbert, Susie Rubin, Pam Smith, Laura Post and Barbara Dougherty. 61 Pep Band, Dance Band, and Crescendo Club round out Dance Band — FRONT ROW: Allan Parrish, Alan As- pinall, Alan Foust, Michael Allen, Chuck George, Tom Meyer, Stan Gage, Bill Lawler. ROW TWO: Robert Schlatter, director, Dave Frey, Phil Young, Jim Jordan. Mark Butler, Steve Main. BACK ROW: Phil Roper, Bill Collins, Tom Campbell, and Gary Clayton. Two important divisions of the Instrumental Music Department are the dance band and the pep band. They provide music to " dance by " and music to " cheer by " . With the opening of the basketball season the pep Land entered the sports field. Decked out in new white jackets with the North Central crest and " North Central Panthers " printed on them, the unit stimulated an enthusiastic response and cheers from the stands. The band played at pep sessions, at all home basketball games, at the county basketball tournament, for the majorettes, and at the spring county track meet. The unit was led by Steve Main who also was the band captain. In January, the dance band, composed of 17 boys, brought an enthusiastic response from a large audi- ence at the annual " Band-o-Rama " . The group also gave guest performances at junior high schools and appeared in the Spectacular. Soloist Ann Schwartz sometimes sang with them. Pep Band— FRONT ROW: Ed Kean, Stephen Main, student director, Philip Young, and Michael Allen. ROW TWO: Stephen Jessup, Alan Pyle, and Robert Lancaster. ROW THREE: Harry Prah, Stephen Lester, and Spencer Marcus. ROW FOUR: Richard Hansen, Mark Butler, and Richard Pritchard. ROW FIVE: Curt Tallman, Bob Main, and Dave Fairman. ROW SIX: Dave Bloomer, Don Lagerholm, and Chuck Gillespie. ROW SEVEN: John Snyder, Jim Kepner, and Ray Himes. BACK ROW: Ralph Overfield, Dick Ganz. an extensive music program Members of the newly formed Crescendo Club were interested in learning to correlate the various aspects of the arts. Included in this category were drama, dance, and vocal and instrumental music. Programs were based on two objectives. First of the goals was to improve the presentation of any piece of art. Members felt that the study in which they were engaging filled a cultural need in their lives. To accomplish their aims, members of the group presented weekly programs emphasizing the various phases of the arts they were currently studying. The club was divided into three groups, each of which was in turn responsible for a program throughout the year. Spring activities included a series of lectures de- signed to familiarize Crescendo Club people with great composers and their outstanding works. Don Martin and Mrs. Pauline Brothers, sponsors of the group, were in charge of this part of the year ' s program. Lovetta Kramer served as president of Crescendo Club, Barbara Hostetler as vice-president, and Lucy Lang as secretary. Lucy Lang and Lovetta Kramer, Crescendo Club of- ficers harmonize with accompanist Barbara Hostetler. Along with many other annual programs directed by Mr. Donald Martin, all the vocal music groups partici- pated in the Chri stmas program which was gay and colorful in costume, as well as being deeply moving. 63 Concert Band— FRONT ROW: Susan Riddell, Mike Conly, Linda Reichel, Mary Jones, Sue Shrigley, Peggy Siebs, Linda Cupp, Ginny DeShano, Linda Jarvis. ROW TWO: Michael Allen, Charles Gillespie, Charles George, Alan Aspinall, Larry Nicholson, Dawn Moser, Jim Samuelson, Don Lagerholm, Nina Adolph, Judy Avery, Bob Main, and Mark Butler. ROW THREE: William Lawler, Robert Lancaster, Tom Meyer, Dave Fairman, Carlyle Hasty, John Phillips, Bruce Newby, Leah Ritchey, Frank Smith, Lorin Devine, Steve Lester, Dave Frey, Alan Pyle, Jim Jordan, Phil Young, Jim Jackson, Jerry Stanley, Dick Hanson, Dave Grunder- Students exercise and improve musical talents in Srarlerres — (standing) Bonnie Wells, Bobbi Finlayson, Sherri Wilson, Sharon Hart, Anne Stoelting, Petty Michaeloff. (kneeling) Sue Meyer, Joanne Collins, Niki Curtis, Jill Wagoner, Susan Thorne, Liz Kivett, Carol Henzie, Marcia Davis, Sherrie Richards, Cheryl Williams, Diana Mathis, Pat Hindman, Sharon Latham, Carole Geisler. man, Steve Jessup, Dave Bloomer, Ed Kean, and Bill Collins. ROW FOUR, (left): Alan Foust, Spencer Mar- cus, Rick Pritchard, Carole Hutt, Tom Greenwood, George Partlowe, Allan Parrish, Pat Roop, Barry Grif- fin, and Lewis Paxton. ROW FOUR, (right): Ray Himes, Richard Eddy, John Snyder, Terry Ellis, Lee Lurton, Harry Prah, Curt Tallman, Barry Woods, Gary Clayton, Tom Campbell, and Phil Roper. BACK ROW: Stan Gage, Jim Kepner, Chuck Hargitt, Dick Ganz, Ralph Overfield, George Collins, Tom Butz, Darwin Waltman, Robert Schlatter, director, Steve Main, Craig Pinkus and Daniel Early. instrumental groups Four of the best sources of boosting school spirit were the block section, marching band, concert band, and the Starlettes. The marching band performed at every home football game. They also acted as hosts to the annual Marching Band and Twirling Contest session in which they won a first division rating. In January, the Instrumental Music Department put on the " Band-o-Rama " , a show given in the au- ditorium for an outside audience. The concert and dance bands, the symphonic wind ensemble, singers, dancers, majorette soloists, and ensembles contrib- uted to the show. Selected members served as a pit band in the show " The King and I " and the Junior Spectacular. In the spring, the department partici- pated in the concert band contest and combined with the Choral Department to present the Spring Music Festival. Twenty-four girls in the Starlettes, led by Carol Henzie, entertained crowds at basketball and foot- ball games. They also performed in the Yard Parks and Armistice Day parades. The block section, wearing attractive outfits of black sweaters and skirts with red and white gloves, also cheered at all home football and basketball games. Mrs. Juanita Lennox was the sponsor. Block Section officers, (standing) Cheryl Williams, president; Sana King, treasurer; (seated) Ann Fair- child, vice president; and Cheryl Werner, secretary; plan activities for a forthcoming basketball game. Intramural program provides a variety of activities in " Athletics for all " was the objective set up by the intramural program in which approximately 1300 boys and girls took part this past year. Intramurals give boys and girls who are not in varsity competi- tion an opportunity to participate in a wide range of sport activities, including volleyball, football, ping-pong, and track. A committee composed of Barry Woods, Ann Boyd, Richard Stark, and Sue Spengeman formed the planning board. The biggest event of the year in intramurals is traditionally the ping-pong tournament in which a series of elimination play-offs decides the champion. Boys and girls, and also faculty members, are eligible to compete. Another event, an all-star bas- ketball game, pitted juniors against seniors. The all-class track meet was a competitive intramural activity. With the assistance of Thomas Bradley, the direc- tor, and his assistants, Craig Coleman and Janet Dawson, the secretary, the planning council was able to organize a wide variety of sports in which everyone could participate. which many pupils participate Intramural Directors Craig Coleman, assistant; and Janet Dawson, secretary and assistant; plan the volley- ball schedule with Mr. Thomas Bradley. Mike Corey, boys ' champion ping-pong player, and Ann Wiederrecht girls ' champion ping-pong player, battle it out in intramural competition. 67 til , " Wf NDCC Rifle Team — FRONT ROW: Barry Butler, Jim Borden, Al Osborne, john Readle, and Richard White. BACK ROW: Randy Parrish, Mike Marmon, Bob Price, The Color Guard of NDCC includes Jim Pratt, John Keep Morse, Mike Oliver, and Lt. Charles Wilhelm. Readle, Don White, Phil Barrett, and Andy Gruntz. Falling into formation in the North Central Student Center, members of the Battle Group stand in review. 68 NDCC program enlarged with extracurricular activities The National Defense Cadet Corps, one of two such ROTC units in the state with the title of NDCC, added several extracurricular activities this year to their usual program. Among these were a Judo class, an obstacle course, and frequent field trips. Fall activities were highlighted by an October visit and inspection by General William Bush, the commanding general of the Sixth Corps, and by the corps winning the Veterans ' Day parade award. Throughout the winter months the rifle team par- ticipated in the Camp Belzer Winter League. As a result of these activities, the members were later named winners of the unofficial state championship for riflery. In the spring, the drill team made plans to take part in the first annual Indianapolis-Marion County Drill Team Championship in June. The rest of the NDCC boys spent their time in getting ready for the annual Federal Inspection. Members of the NDCC Cadet Council are (seated) Barbara Burley, Rita Barrett, Joann Thompson, and Mickey Lamb. SECOND ROW: Don Campbell, Daniel Holtz, Ken Lukenbill, Barry Butler, Phil Barrett, and Jim Borden. BACK ROW: Robert Price, Mike Marmon, Keep Morse, Robert Carrington, and Al Osborne. Drill Team — (standing forward): Jim Borden. FRONT ROW: Jerry Butler, John Risdon, Don Patton, and Randy Parrish. SECOND ROW: Richard Norton, Ned Helwig, Jerry Stanley, and Mike Oliver. BACK ROW: Barry Butler, George McClellan, Russell Jones, and Ken Niemann. This Is North Central And Its Sports THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL. . . . Sports assume their proper place in the interests and loy- alty of the student body, serv- ing to build a healthy school spirit in an ever increasingly academic atmosphere. No one sport dominates the winning column. Last year, football was king, with a fine record and excellent newspaper publicity. This year, basketball took over the crown, capturing the Mar- ion County Dope Box and the county championship. Last spring, the track team won the sectional and regional meets and came in second in the state. Golfers came in tenth. Tennis and baseball also had successful seasons. Girls ' sports were confined to gym activity and competition there. " Graduation riddled " was the term applied to the 1900 varsity football squad by the Indianapolis newspapers. Twelve lettermen had been lost by the diploma route, leaving only five in action, the small- est number in the county. Four seniors, Steve Orr, end. Stu Young, guard, Bruce Peters, quarterback, and Steve Willet, back, and one junior, Denny Wal- ters, back, returned in ' 60 to provide experienced leadership for an otherwise untried squad. In spite of this initial handicap, team morale was boosted by a wave of school spirit which soared to an all-time high this season with tremendous home game attendance. A spectator who arrived less than fifteen minutes before the opening kick-off usually went without a program even though approximately 1500 copies were printed for each contest. The peak of the season came with North Central ' s smashing victory over highly regarded Carmel in the year ' s first game. Junior back, Kurt Stevens, sparked the team to a 34-7 victory, upsetting news- paper prognostications. This victory gave the North Central team the impetus to battle their way to the crew ' s fourth consecutive winning season in the five year history of Panther football, with a 5-4 record. The grid men were plagued with injuries, start- ing in the first game with Denny Walters ' pulled leg tendon. By the end of the fall season, a majority of the backfield ball-carriers and several linemen spent several games on the inactive list. Bill Rader and Bruce Peters were unable to complete the grid sea- son because of serious injury. Next fall Coach Smith will welcome back six lettermen, who will provide the backbone for the varsity squad, with Denny Walters, a two year vet- eran, leading the gridders to the fifth consecutive victorious season in Panther gridiron history. Gridders, with 1959 graduation woes, drop County Title Varsity Football Team — FRONT ROW: Kobie Grink- meyer, Tony Ferguson, David Lewis, George Spees, David Clutter, Garry Criss, John Wells, and Chuck Grinkmeyer. SECOND ROW: Coach Bryon Weaver, Wayne Harvey, Ed Harper, Chuck Gale, Kurt Stevens, Denny Walters, Mickey Pittard, Dave Richards, Bill Chidley, Buster Jameson, Randy Berry, and Head Coach William Smith. BACK ROW: Coach Carl De- Bard, Dick Williams, Stuart Young, Bert Wilhoite, Kurt Behrman, Tom Verplank, Percy Kleinops, Steve Orr, Bruce Gale, William Hunt, James Alderman, and Coach Walter Viellieu. 72 Southport linemen topple senior quarterback, Bruce Peters, in his last ditch effort to score. (Star Photo) ame ahead At an end-of-the-season awards assembly, 16 football boys, 11 of them seniors and five under- classmen, received their first year letters, thus swelling the ranks of the Lettermen to 21. At the same assembly Steve Orr and Steve Willet received senior jackets along with third letters. Stu Young and Bruce Peters, seniors, and Denny Walters, junior, earned second year letters. After each game during the season, the varsity squad elected two of their team mates to the posi- tions of " Lineman of the Week " and " Back of the Week " . Steve Orr was named " Lineman of the Week " three times; Stu Young, three; Rol Donie, two; Percy Kleinops, one; Dave Richards, one; and Dick Williams, one. Steve Willet was chosen " Back of the Week " five times; Kurt Stevens, three; Denny Walters, two; Bruce Peters, one; and Bill Rader, who was disabled by injury, one. Seniors Bruce Peters and Steve Orr were selected by the grid crew to the position of team co-captain. Through the Southport line Denny Walters crashes in another touchdown. (Photo by Herman Halcomb) Galloping Kurt Stevens, leaving opposing Southport linemen in the dust, scampers down gridiron. (Star Photo) Cubs tally undefeated season with five wins, two ties Reserve Football Team— FRONT ROW: Andy Bolles, Charles Carry, Bob Becker, Tony Ferguson, David Lewis Chuck Gale, David Clutter, Chuck Grinkmeyer, Gary Criss, John Wells, and Mike Jones. BACK ROW: Coach Carl DeBard, Bill Habig, Ralph Brandt, Tom James, Dick Breaux, Ed Harper, Bill Hunt, Jim Al- derman, Bob Manifold, Mike Koenig, Sandy Sutton, Randy Berry, and Coach Walter Viellieu. The Panther cubs clawed their way to their second undefeated season in the fall of 1960. Two ties, one at the hands of Warren Central and the other with Howe, were the only blemishes on the squad ' s other- wise perfect record. While battling top city and county reserve teams such as Southport, Broad Ripple, and Ben Davis, the reserve team rolled up a 14 game consecutive winning streak over the last three seasons. NC NC NC NC NC NC RESERVE FOOTBALL 13 Ben Davis 7 19 Noblesville 0 12 Broad Ripple 7 13 Warren Central 13 0 Howe 0 34 Southport 7 Coaches Viellieu and DeBard fire-up the Panther Cubs before their successful contest with Broad Ripple. 75 Regular season uneventful for Cross Country Harriers The 1960 cross country season ended in a sub- standard record with the North Central harrier, snaring fourth place in the Marion County stand- ings. Demoralized by a ' " no contest " decision by the judges in the first meet, because of a mixup in scor- ing, the team was able to achieve only one victory in th e following meets. But at the end of the season the harriers snatched a 20th place finish in the Shortridge Invitational and 10th place in a field of 32 in the Indianapolis Sectional. Jim Gregory, Jay Steele, and Fred Peterson garnered their second letters, while Danny Early and Morgan Everson picked up their first awards. Fred Peterson was elected most valuable runner, and junior Fred Waltman was chosen the most im- proved. The general concensus of opinion among team members was that considering their formid- able competition, the hill and dale men encountered a better than average season. Charles Riley coached the squad. Led by Dan Early, Panther hill and dale men scurry to the creek on North Central cross country trek. Cross Country Team — FRONT: Mike Nickels, Randy Long, Dan Early, Jim Gregory, Fred Peterson. BACK: Mr. Riley, Fred Waltman, John Carrier, Jay Steele, Morgan Everson, Dave Evans, Charlie Hall. rr but they wind-up fourth in County standings Reserve Cross Country Team — FRONT ROW: Jim Elliot Ed Harris, Jerry Blythe, Darwin Waltman, Chuck Hood, and Harry Prah. BACK ROW: Coach Charles Riley, Bill Echard, Jim Gilson, Floyd Bur- roughs, Craig Coleman, John Hammel, and Student Manager Charlie Hall. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY DUAL MEETS NC , 23 NC 47 TRIANGULAR MEETS NC . .54 Ben Davis ... .37 Howe . . . .29 NC . .49 Broad Ripple . . 15 Scecina . .74 NC .31 Warren Central . . 24 Pike . QUADRANGULAR MEETS .85 NC .33 Howe . .75 Lawrence Central Noblesville . . 107 .75 NC . .40 Kokomo .... 23 Eastern . . Noblesville . .99 . .76 Jay Steele heads North Central ' s Harriers toward the finish line as they complete final leg of the course. Woody ' s netmen bring North Central proved itself to be the dark horse of the 1960-61 net season as the amazing Panthers came out on top in 16 of their 22 games, including ihe County Championship. With Mike Chapman the only returning letterman, and John Kelley and Dick Best the only members of the team with any previous varsity experience, it had been prophesied that this was to be a " rebuilding year " at North Central. But no one could convince Coach Wood ' s boys of this. The Panthers started fast by defeating highly rated Shortridge at Butler with a score of 70-62, and then proceeded to come out victorious in their next six games before dropping one at the hands of Kokomo, whose Kats later became the State Champs. After defeating Southport ' s defending county champs by the impressive score of 75-60, the Pan- thers gained possession of the " dope box " . This coveted award has become a symbol of the fierce competition among Marion County basketball teams since its introduction in 1940 by Clevenger of War- ren Central. Apparently the team members became determined to keep the " dope box " in their grasp Varsity Basketball Squad — FRONT ROW: Pat Chavis, John Gisler, Tom Terrell, Bert Wilhoite, Dave Rich- ards, Bill Campbell, and Dick Best. BACK ROW: Coach home first County Title as they rolled through the season undefeated by county opposition. Entering the county tourney as co-favorites along with Ben Davis, the Panthers ran into stubborn opposition in the form of Pike ' s Red Devils. John Kelley ' s desperation shot, with five seconds left in the overtime, pulled this one out of the fire — 66-65. Coach Wood was quoted as saying, " It was truly a 12-man victory. " The final game was another barnburner as the Panthers led the whole way for a thrilling 54-53 victory over the chief county contender Ben Davis. Once more Coach Marvin Wood delivered his state- ment of victory, but this time he added that the soaring tide of school spirit in the students was a major factor in the victory. Radio announcers seemed to agree, for several were quoted as saying that North Central ' s cheering section and school spirit ranked with the best that they had ever seen. With this encouragement to back them, the team went on to triumph over a majority of their foes during the rest of the regular season. Marvin Wood, Athletic Dir ector Keith Stroup, John Kelley, Al Leinbach, Mike Chapman, Morgan Ever- son, Jeff Gibbs, Coach Clones, and Pete Pactor. Soaring above a Washington Continental hoite adds two points to the Panther ' s Senior basketballers display the plunder they gathered from a one point victory in the County tourney. The varsity basketball squad suffered greatly from injuries and illnesses this past season. Junior John Gisler was deprived of getting his letter by an acid accident in chemistry class which sidelined him for the second half of the year. Several other mem- bers of the team were put out of action by sprains and pulled muscles resulting from strenuous after- noon practice sessions. The end of the season saw three-fourths of the varsity team reaping letters. Seniors Dick Best, John Kelley, Al Leinbach, Bert Wilhoite, and Dave Richards; and juniors Morgan Everson, Jeff Gibbs, and Bill Campbell; all garnered their first award. Mike Chapman was the only player to gain his sec- ond year letter and sweater. Since only six of these lettermen are graduating, the 1961-62 squad will be able to draw the first string from the three lettermen and the other three non-lettering members of the varsity squad. With these netmen and members of the successful 1960-61 reserves, the future of Panther basketball is bright. NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC VARSITY BASKETBALL 70 .65 .72 ,65 .75 ,46 .60 .60 .44 ,66 .63 ,65 65 ,69 ,65 .87 Shortridge Carmel Washington .... Lawrence Central Howe Southport Kokomo Speedway Noblesville Manual Crawfordsville . . Ben Davis Lebanon Elwood Warren Central . Madison Heights Frankfort .62 .53 .44 .52 .46 .60 .68 .40 .62 .62 .60 .51 .68 .63 .32 .75 .81 COUNTY TOURNAMENT . .66 Pike . .65 Beech Grove . . . . .54 Ben Davis INDIANAPOLIS SECTIONAL ... 50 Speedway . . .64 Washington .65 .46 .53 .46 .69 Six-foot five-inch center Mike Chapman hauls down one of the 346 rebounds he garnered this season. Lanky junior Jeff Gibbs elbows past a Crawfordsville defender while chasing a run-away basketball. NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC RESERVE BASKETBALL ..20 Shortridge 47 . .43 Carmel 49 ..32 Washington 29 . . 46 Lawrence Central 38 ..50 Howe 36 . .38 Southport 35 . .24 Kokomo 51 . .26 Speedway 23 . .32 Noblesville 36 . .37 Manual 39 . .44 Crawfordsville 33 . .24 Ben Davis 29 . .38 Lebanon 47 . .46 Elwood 35 . .37 Warren Central 38 . .49 Madison Heights 29 . .47 Frankfort 48 . .44 Lawrence Central 41 . . 54 Ben Davis 35 Reserve Baskerball Squad — FRONT ROW: Charles Jerden, Randy Berry, James Partlowe, Larry Johnson, James ' Heston, Charles Peters, and Steve Hadley. BACK ROW: Louis Simpson, Thomas James, Terry Smith, Steve Dinnsen, James Alderman, Robert Man- ifold, ' Alan Talesnick, Marvin Toenjes, Mr. Clones. Junior Panthers gain experience, post winning record North Central ' s reserve basketball team fought their way to a hard-earned 10-9 season. The Pan- thers got off to a slow start — dropping their first two engagements. But once they were able to get their feet off the ground, the Cubs swept four straight tilts with all the poise and polish of a vet- eran outfit. Each victory was well-deserved, as the junior roundballers defeated many an opponent through pure hustle and desire. The games turned out just as the record indicates — close — ten of them were decided in the last two minutes of play. While play- ing Lawrence Central ' s Bears at Lawrence, the Cubs triggered a stunning comeback. With one minute forty seconds showing on the clock, the netters found themselves trailing by twelve points — 39-27. But Coach Clones ' boys were not to be denied. Through their hustle and the use of a full-court press, the Cubs were able to come out on the long end of a 44-41 score. Alan Talesnick, gliding toward the basket and two more points, increases the reserve Panther ' s lead. 81 Varsity Grapplers accumulate a 5-7 season record Handicapped In the loss of two senior lettermen, one In injury, the other by a move to another school. Coach Viellieifs grunt and groaners fell to the sec- ond losing season in North Central wrestling history. However, the grapplers posted a final 5-7 record. Starting slowly, the boys lost six of their first eight encounters, but went on to win 75 per cent of their matches during the remainder of the season. Coach Viellieu, realizing the predicament of hav- ing no veterans on his roster, often entered sopho- mores in varsity matches in order to give them valuable experience. As a result, the team will be well stocked with experience next year. Although sustaining losses in the early season to Howe. Southport, Warren Central, Lawrence Cen- tral, and Ben Davis, the team triumphed over Beech Grove, Frankfort, Scecina Memorial, and Franklin Central, as the squad gained experience over the year. Letter winners for the year include sophomore. Warren Webster, juniors, Bill Hunt, Gary Criss, Mike Purdy, and Bill Hanaway, plus seniors, John Edgington and Mark Hubbell. With only two of these boys graduating, the team will have five letter- men back next year. Bill Hunt won the Cathedral Invitational and placed third in the Sectional in his weight class. Mike Purdy and Gary Criss also were strong contenders for honors in these contests. Next year ' s forecast is particularly hopeful. The team will be able to build around five returning lettermen. Rick Ratliff and Bob King, county reserve wrestling champions, will also bolster the squad. The return of several others, Bob Becker, Kim Mar- tin, Dick Hudson, Mike Jones, and Bruce Lancet, all of whom looked good in reserve meets last sea- son, further supports the assumption. The wrestling team can expect considerable assist- ance in the next few years from junior highs, East- wood and Westlane, both of which recently added this sport to their athletic programs. Faced with this pleasant outlook, wrestling fortunes should soon be on the up-grade. Wrestling Squads— FRONT ROW: (Reserve) Bruce Newby, Robert Fishman, Mike Sweeney, David Megin- nis, William Gardiner, Robert Becker, Robert King, Robert Ward, Ralph Brant, Richard Hudson, Tom Bull, Robert Palmer, Kim Martin, and William Bancroft. BACK ROW: (Varsity) Coach William Smith, Student Manager Rick Schnackenberg, Warren Webster, John Edgington, Michael Jones, Bruce Lancet, Garry Criss, Mark Hubbell, Rick Ratliff, William Hanaway, Mike Purdy, Bill Hunt, Tom Verplank, Coach Viellieu. 17 during rebuilding winter months John Edgington, en route to victory, picks up points with a reversal against a Warren Central 1 10 pounder. Lettermen, John Edgington and Warren Webster, in- struct Rick Ratliff and Mark Hubbell in a ride. NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC VARSITY WRESTLING .22 Howe 24 . 6 Southport 44 .32 Madison Heights 16 . 3 Warren Central 45 .13 Lawrence Central 39 . 9 Ben Davis 35 .30 Beech Grove 16 .13 Marion 33 .42 Frankfort 8 .32 Scecina 15 . .24 Franklin Central 22 .11 Manual 36 Junior grappler, Gary Criss rides his Warren Central adversary to the mat in hope of pinning him. Spring sports play part Spring sports play an important part in the rounding out of the school athletic program. Prepa- ration for them usually begins in late January, with the potential tracksters starting their work-out in the stadium while bad weather lasts. By the end of March, all four sports, baseball, golf, tennis, and track, are usually able to move out-of-doors, and practice sessions are conducted on the respective fields of play. Actual competition in games, meets, and matches doesn ' t start until late April. This date, unfortun- ately, is after the yearbook goes to the publisher; therefore, the copy and scores which are included in the 1961 book are actually recording the spring season of 1960, although the pictures show the 1961 squads. These four spring sports, in addition to the two fall and two winter major activities, give a wide choice to boys interested in the school ' s athletic program. While playing in a practice game on home courts, Panther racketman, Bruce Gale, winds up to serve. While his team-mate, Rick Roessler, holds the flag on the green, Ed Karrmann readies himself for a crucial putt in match competition at Woodland. 84 in rounding out the North Central athletic program Mile-relaymen Denny Walters, Roger Urban, Kurt Stevens, and John Berry, enter the home stretch. While pitching the spheroid to Dave Richards Steve Willet improves his hurling form and accuracy. Skillful pitching highlights 8-3 diamond season Jim Brunell, senior batman, takes a fast swing at the baseball during a typical practice on the diamond. The Panthers fought their way to their fourth consecutive winning season in baseball with an over- all game tally of eight wins and three losses. The team wo n five shut-outs; several of which were no- hitters. Although the boys lost the county tourney to Warren Central by the score of 7-4, they o iron rrc c the loss in the last game of the season. BASEBALL 1960 NC 9 Noblesville 0 NC 5 Lawrence Central . . . 0 NC Q Shortridge 0 NC 5 Ben Davis 4 NC 4 6 [ NC 2 Pike 0 NC 5 0 NC 4 Warren Central . . . . 7 NC 1 10 NC 5 2 NC .3 .... 2 Baseball Team — FRONT: Dick Frye, Dick Jerman, George Spees, Mike Corey, Roger Boyer, Tom McNer- ney, Willis Smith, Bill Johnson, John Abies, John Mc- Caig, Dave Richards. BACK: Coach Bradley, Bud Ruby, Dwight Chernish, Bill Chidley, Ron Miller, Jim Brun- elle, Al Horton, Steve Willet, Bill Hunt, Coach Wood. Cindermen sweep Sectional Senior rracksrer, Steve Orr puts real effort into his shot-put attempt at the North Central track field. and Regional track meets Four years of sweat and toil paid off for the senior-studded Panther spikemen in the spring of 1960 when they won the County Sectional and Reg- ional Track Championship. North Central ' s 880- yard relay team, composed of John Berry, Jack Schroeder, Bob Enoch, and Bob Doane, attained state-wide prominence, when they garnered a second place in the state meet. Byron Weaver and Charley Riley coached the 1960 squad. TRACK 1960 NC 80 29 NC 81 28 NC 80 30 NC 68 40 RELAYS NC 1st New Castle Relays NC 1st North Central Relays Track Team— FRONT ROW: Jim Dulin, Bob Butler, Bill Hilgedag, John McCullough, Mike Conly, Andy Bolles, Louis Buehler, Mike Jones, Tom Keel, David Lewis, Frank Miller, Jay Allen, Jerry Blythe, Ed Hult. SECOND ROW: Ken Keene, Jeff Salge, Karl Ritters- kamp, Mike Veon, Dave Clutter, Dale McClain, Jeff White, Jay Steele, Kurt Stevens, Leigh Seaver, Ron Powers, Jim Gregory, Fred Peterson, Carl Dobson, Larry Martin. BACK ROW: Randy Wilson, Wayne Harvey, Mike Koenig, Roger Urban, Steve Orr, Tom Verplank, Morgan Everson, Tom Brady, Ron Stein- bruegge, Dick Breaux, Dave Barber, John Berry, Denny Walters, Randy Long, and Mike Nickels. These are the members of the 1961 track team. At the Meridian Hills Country Club teeman Steve Kable demonstrates his form to Mike Lach. In I960, as in 1959, the Panther golf squad ex- perienced a victorious season. They triumphed over their competitors, compiling a record of ten wins, three losses, and one tie. The team rounded out the season by finishing second in the Bloomington In- vitational, third in the City-County Meet, fourth in the Regional, and tenth in the State. GOLF 1960 NC 11 Manual 1 NC 10y 2 Southport 1% NC 13V2 Lawrence Central .... l NC 11% Broad Ripple 18y 2 NC 2 Lebanon 12 NC 11 Crawfordsville 4 NC 9V 2 Cathedral 8% NC UVo Warren Central 3% NC 313 Kokomo 294 NC 313 Tech 352 NC 71 2 Lebanon 1% NC 13 Shortridge 2 NC 10 Washington 2 NC 171 2 Howe 1 2 Teemen score high in County, Regional and State Meets 1961 Golf Team — FRONT ROW: Ed Karrmann, Terry Young, Alan Parrish, Rick Roessler, John McKnight, and Robert Lancaster. BACK ROW: Dick Robeson, William Jefferson, Jerry Lambert, Steve Kabel, Michael Lach, John Gisler, and Coach Norman Harner. 7 Tennis racketmen compile overwhelming 12-3 record Tennis Team— FRONT ROW. Coach John Shirley, Roger Guernsey, Corky Rust, Edward Burns, Gordon Risk, John Warren, Joseph Wolf, William Wright, Jay Sinex David Hicks, Bruce Gale, James Fels, Thom- as Schloss and Phil Wilmore. BACK ROW: Robert Fishman, Richard Hammer, Steve Lester, Michael Sweeney, Duncan Campbell, Steve Harrison, Steve Collier, Dave Frey, Dick Hanson, Rod Wirsching, John Barney ' , Kirk Wilson, Ken Foster, Chuck Guedelhoefer, Bill Gardner, Bill Henry, Fred Wolf, Tom Tussing. After posting a 9-6-1 record in 1959, the tennis courtmen, who had lost only two lettermen by grad- uation, reaped an overwhelming 12-3 record in 1960 which gave the racquet squad their third consecutive tennis season. Tom Schloss, senior, returns a fast shot from his prac- tice opponent with a well-executed backhand delivery. NC 5 NC 5 NC 6 NC 5 NC 2 NC 4 NC 3 NC 7 NC 41 2 NC 6V2 NC 5 NC 7 NC 2 NC 4 NC 51 2 TENNIS 1960 Lafayette Jefferson . .2 Howe 2 Tipton 1 Ben Davis 2 Park 5 Shortridge 3 Crawf ordsville 4 Elwood 0 Kokomo Z72 Lebanon Y ' 2 Cathedral 2 Broad Ripple 0 Tech 5 Marion 3 Southport 1 V2 89 m . .is Coaches and Lettermen form bonds through athletics Coaches — FRONT ROW: Keith Stroup, athletic direc- track. BACK ROW: John Shirley, tennis; Gene Clones, tor; Charles Riley, cross country; Marvin Wood, basketball; Carl DeBard and Bill Smith, football; Nor- basketball; Walt Viellieu, wrestling; Byron Weaver, man Harner, golf; Tom Bradley, baseball. Lettermen ' s Club — FRONT ROW: Dick Robeson, Jay Steele, Bill Chidley, Jim Gregory, Tom Verplank, Tom Brady, Ron Power, and Dick Williams. SECOND ROW: Dave Richards, Kurt Behrman, Fred Peterson, Mickey Pittard, Bruce Peters, Stu Young, Steve Willet, Denny Walters, and Kurt Stevens. THIRD ROW: Bruce Gale, Chuck Peters, Bert Wilhoite, Mike Chapman, Roger Urban, Rick Schnackenberg, Steve Orr, John Berry. BACK ROW: Percy Kleinops, Al Parrish, Rol Donie, Morgan Everson, Mr. Stroup, Wayne rHarvey, Dale McClain. These boys won their letters in interschol- astic sports as outstanding athletes. Varsity Cheerleaders, Pam Christensen, Carolyn Riddell, Priscilla Colville, Ann Gilliom, and Judy Mendell, pose in their new uniforms which were purchased this year, with North Central mascot Percy Panther. Cheerleaders push for increased school spirit Working to spread school spirit, the cheerleaders remained at school nightly during the football and basketball seasons practicing cheers and jumps. Four veteran cheerleaders and one newcomer, Pam Christensen, were unusually successful in arousing the student body at games and pep sessions. Reserve cheerleaders toiled diligently at the task of sparking school spirit at reserve games. Through practicing frequently with their varsity " sisters " and assisting them in leading the block session, the re- serve girls picked up numerous pointers. With all the varsity cheerleaders graduating, the probability is that several girls in the reserve group will move up to varsity position s next year. Coaches provided the backbone for the athletic system while tutoring their charges in their respec- tive sports. Laboring long after the usual 3:30 quit- ting time, the coaching staff instructed their teams in the " fine points " . Exceptional ability and devotion by North Central athletes is rewarded with a varsity letter and mem- bership in the Lettermen ' s Club. Officers of the club are John Berry, president; Jim Gregory, vice- president; Roger Urban, secretary; and Jay Steele, treasurer. Mr. Stroup sponsored the club. Reserve Cheerleaders— FRONT ROW: Cindy Whit- field, and Susie Smith. BACK ROW: Sue Crawford, Judy Rust, and Ann Fairchild. 91 This Is North Central And Its People 92 i st f ' « • " % ' it m . 1 fB " • . . . ' . Jjjf 4 THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL People are its most im- portant product, and to pro- duce a product worthy of re- spect and pride is its goal. Parents, administration teach- ers, office workers, custodians, and matrons combine to create a climate that promotes an eagerness on the part of pupils to explore new fields in education. Visitors to the school are unanimous in com- menting on the way everyone goes about in such a business- like manner and yet the at- mosphere everywhere is unus- ually relaxed and friendly. The school ' s " pupil-product " has proved so successful, more and more self-government and re- sponsibility is being given its student body and new " hon- or systems " are being added. 93 In his two years as principal, Dr. Gene Schwilck has Gerald DeWitt and Miss Geraldine Bagby, assistant worked untiringly to make North Central one of our principals, are constantly working with Dr. Gene nation ' s outstanding high schools, recognized for its Schwilck and members of the faculty in an effort to high academic standards and its training in depth. achieve and maintain the goals set for North Central. Perhaps more than any other man, Superintendent of North Central ' s Dean of Girls, Dr. Alice M. Eagle, Schools, J Everett Light, understands the problems. and Dean of Boys, Mr. Kenneth J. Warren, thoroughly and appreciates the progress of North Central. Start- check seniors ' permanent records in order to accur- mg when the present plant was in the planning stage, ately process the applications for college admission he has watched it grow until a new one is now needed. which are constantly sent to the offices. fulfills educational responsibilities The heart of a multi-million dollar organization is housed in a small red brick building at the en- trance to the road to North Central. It is the admin- istration building where applicants for faculty positions are carefully screened before being hired. Ninety men and women, currently on the high school staff, were picked because they had out- standing qualifications for their positions. Few of them are content to remain static; most of them are continually getting more schooling, are visiting high schools all over the country for ideas, and are putting the latest of educational theories in practice. Many serve as officers or committee members in professional organizations. In departmental meet- ings, constant planning and discussions upgrade the quality of instruction. In addition to excellent in- structional growth, both faculty and administrators worked hard to build harmonious relations between pupils and teachers. National recognition has come to the administra- tion through professional activity. Dr. Schwilck was invited to become a member of the Advisory Coun- cil of the National Merit Association; he and Miss Bagby served on North Central Association evaluat- ing committees; and Mr. DeWitt represented North Central at important administrative meetings. (Standing) Mrs. Ruth Hiatt, nurse; Mrs. Geneva Ken- nedy, bookstore manager; and Mrs. Lucille Davenport, assistant to Miss Mann, the head librarian. (Seated) Mrs. Ellen Swigart, attendance office manager. Administration — (standing) Mr. Paul Greisel, business director; Dr. Lowell Rose, director of educational re- search, (seated) Mr. James Hunter, director of ex- tended service; Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, secretary to Mr. Light; Mr. Bernard McKenzie, assistant superinten- dent. This staff directs schools in our township. Office Assistants — (standing) Mrs. Elizabeth Ramage, Mr. DeWitt ' s secretary; Mrs. Rosalie Nichols, regis- trar; and Mrs. Paulyn Scott, Dr. Schwilck ' s secretary. (Seated) Mrs. Grace Whitsitt, Miss Bagby ' s secretary. 95 MISS RUTH AGNEW — English, Composition; AB Butler, MA Notre Dame. MRS. ELSIE B. BALL — Speech, Drama; National Thes- pians Society sponsor; AB DePauw, MA Indiana Univer- sity. EUGENE E. BEASLEY — English, Speech, English Lit.; Forensics Club sponsor; BS in English, MA in Speech. DAVID T. BELDUS — History; B.S. Indiana University. THOMAS H. BRADLEY — Driver Education, Health Safety; Baseball Coach, Intramurals Director; BPE Purdue. BURTON W. BRINKERHOFF — Biology, Botany, Zoology; Hi-Y sponsor; Model United Nations sponsor; BS Pur- due, MS Butler. JOHN HARRISON BROWN— German, English Lit., Com- position; German Club sponsor; AB Indiana University, MA University of Wisconsin. WILLIAM D. BUGHER — Spanish; Spanish Club sponsor; Sophomore Class sponsor; Assembly Committee Chair- man; BA DePauw, MS Ed University of Illinois. MRS. BERNICE CARNELL — English, Developmental Reading, Typing; Beginning Typing Club sponsor; BS Central Michigan College, MS Indiana University. EUGENE CLONCS — History; Student Council sponsor; AB Wabash, MA Purdue. MRS. CAROLYN P. CRUM — Art, Physical Education; Northern Starlettes sponsor; Gymnastics Club sponsor; BS Butler. WILLIAM E. CRUZAN — Typing, Bookkeeping; Begin- ning Typing Club sponsor; BS Ball State, MA Columbia University. FORREST L. CULLINGS — Industrial Arts, Driver Educa- tion; Industrial Arts Club sponsor; ISTA Convention Group chairman; BS Ball State, MS Ball State. MRS. BETTY H. CULP — Algebra, Geometry; North Central Staff Cheer Committee; AB Ohio University, MA Ohio University. CARL O. DeBARD — History, Sociology; Military History Club sponsor; AB Wabash. MRS. BETTY DIXON — English, Composition; Journalism Club co-sponsor; BS Indiana State Teachers College. JAMES A. DUFFY — English, World Lit., Composition, English Lit.; Poetry Club sponsor; AB, MA Ball State. MRS. ALICE M. EAGLE — Dean of Girls, Senior Girls ' Counselor; Senior Girls ' League sponsor; AB in French, Indiana University, MS, EdD in Counseling and Guidance, Indiana University. JOHN MALLORY ERTEL — Government, Economics; German Club sponsor; BS, MA Ball State. HAROLD G. FREELAND — Government, Economics, Psy- chology; Bowling Club sponsor; Classroom Teachers As- sociation vice-president; AB DePauw; graduate work Manchester, Purdue, Indiana University. MISS JEANNINE FREUDENBERGER — Composition, Eng- lish; FNA sponsor; AB Asbury, MA Indiana University. MRS. CAROLE GREEN — General Business, Shorthand; Review Typing Club; BS Indiana State Teachers College; MS Butler. NORMAN C. HARNER — Health Education, History; Jun- ior Boys ' Counselor; Golf Club sponsor, Golf team coach; BS Indiana Central, MS Indiana University. EDWARD J. HEINIG — English Department Chairman; English, English Lit., Developmental Reading, Composi- tion; BA Indiana State Teachers College, MA University of Michigan. MRS. FRANCIS HUMPHREYS — English; AB Indiana University, AM Ohio University; Formerly taught in Nigeria. WILLIAM H. JAMES — Chemistry; BS Purdue, MA In- diana University; 4-H sponsor. JAMES L. JOHNSON — English, Composition; 19th Cen- tury Authors Club sponsor; AB, MAT Indiana University. MRS. KATHLEEN D. KEILMAN — Typing, Yearbook, News Bureau; Quill Scroll sponsor, Journalism Club co-sponsor; committee member for editing National As- sociation of Journalism Director ' s Handbook; AB Butler, graduate work, Indiana University, Ball State, Butler, MISS CLEO M. KINNISON — Foreign Language Depart- ment Chairman; Latin, Latin Greek Derivatives; Latin Club sponsor; AM University of Michigan. MRS. RUTH S. KIVETT — English, Composition; National Honor Society sponsor; AB, BS Indiana University, AM Columbia University. MISS CAROLYN KLEIFGEN — Clothing, Home Manage- ment; Clothing Club sponsor; BA Purdue, MA Indiana University. MRS. JUANITA LENNOX — Girls ' Physical Education; Booster Block Cheerleaders sponsor; BS, MS Indiana University. MISS RUTH LESLEY — Latin; Latin Club sponsor; AB, AM Indiana University, University of Wisconsin. EARL LINDBERG — Physiology, Botany, Zoology; Science Reading Club sponsor; Junior Spectacular Act sponsor; BS Ball State, Graduate Work University of Colorado, University of Minnesota. MISS MARY LOUISE MANN — Librarian; Library Club sponsor; Board of Directors American Association of School Librarians; editor of manual on Central Technical Services for School Libraries; AB, MS Butler. GERALD WAYNE MARKER — Government, Sociology; Social Studies Club sponsor; Model United Nations spon- sor; BS, MA Ball State. DON MARTIN — Fine Arts Dept. Chairman; Choral Ac- tivities Director; Crescendo Club sponsor; BM, MM Jordan College, Butler University. RICHARD B. MEEK — World History, Ancient History; Senior Class sponsor; BA Indiana University, MS Butler. R. P. MOORE — Physical Science; Sophomore Boys ' Coun- selor; Career Day Planning Comm.; BS, MS Ball State. MISS WAHNETA MULLEN — French, Spanish; Senior Class sponsor; French Club sponsor; BS Purdue. JOHN NICE — History, Ancient History; AB Indiana Central, MS Butler. MRS. CAROLYN PALKO — English, Composition; BS, MA Ball State, University of Chicago. KENNETH D. PATTON — History, Economics; Junior Class sponsor, Junior Spectacular Act sponsor; Boy Scouts, Little League; U.S. Army Reserve Extension School; BA Muskingum, MS Butler. WILLIAM PHARES — Chemistry; BS, MA Ball State. (seated) Mrs. Elizabeth Coffin, English, Mrs Marie North, reading lab., and Mrs. Alice Kraft, French; (standing) Thomas Fisher, Eng- lish, Richard Vance, French, and William Smith, English. Phillip M. Mann, industrial arts, William S. Smith, health education chairman, and James E. Keyt, art chairman. MRS. SUE PIPPENGER — English; BS Ed. Indiana Uni- versity. ROBERT L. PRETTYMAN — Physiology, Narcotics, Bi- ology, Zoology, Botany; Science Department chairman; Associate Director of National Science Foundation Insti- tute for High School Biology Teachers; AB, MA Butler. MISS SARAH JANE PYLE — English; Debate Club; AB in Speech, Indiana University. MRS. EDITH REESE — Clerical Practice, Shorthand; FBLA sponsor; Business Education chairman; ISTA Business Education Section Vice President; AB Central Normal College, MA Butler. FRANK E. RHEA — Selling, Bookkeeping, Business Law; AVT sponsor; BS, MS Indiana State Teachers College. WILBUR F. RICHARDS — Geometry, Driver Education; Key Club sponsor; BS, MS Indiana University. CHARLES E. RILEY — History, World History, Geography; Cross-Country Coach, Assistant Track Coach; BS Indiana University, MS Butler. J. ROBERT SCHLATTER — Instrumental Music; Dance Band Director; BA, MA Indiana University. ROBERT SEIGLE — English; Debate Club sponsor; BS Pur- due. Currently working on BA at Butler. GEORGE E. SHARP — Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra; Slide Rule Club sponsor; BS Oakland City College, MS Indiana University, MA University of Michigan. JOHN SHIRLEY — Journalism, English; Northern Lights sponsor, Press Club sponsor, Tennis Coach, chairman Journalism Field Day at Ball State; BS Butler, MBA University of Southern California; MS Ed University of Southern California. MRS. MILDRED E. SHIRLEY — Psychology; Junior Girls ' Counselor; AB Franklin College, MS Butler. MRS. MARY J. SPOON — Mathematics, Latin; FNA sponsor; AB, MAT Indiana University. MRS. BETTY STOKESBERRY — Latin, Latin Greek De rivatives; Latin Club sponsor; Junior Spectacular Act sponsor; AB Butler, MA Texas Christian. MRS. MARGARET L. STOUT — Foods, Family Living, Child Development; Foods Club sponsor; BS Carnegie Institute of Technology. KEITH STROUP — Athletic Director; Lettermen ' s Club sponsor; BS Indiana State Teachers College, MS Ball State. Members of the Math Department are (seated) H. Brown Harrison, James Davidson, Keith Mohr (science); (standing) Allan R. Wein- heimer, department chairman, Gordon B. Gish. MRS. SYLVIA TETHER — Spanish; Spanish Club sponsor; BA in English Spanish, Hanover, Mexico City College. CECIL THARP — Business Math, Applied Mathematics, General Mathematics; FT A sponsor; MS Indiana Uni- versity. MRS. ELIZABETH N. THIELMAN — English, Composi tion, Debate, Speech; Debate Team sponsor; AB Alle- gheny College, AM University of Illinois. WALTER R. VIELLIEU — ■ Zoology, Biology; Assistant Football Coach, Wrestling Coach, BS, MS Purdue. MISS H. ELLEN WARNER — Business English, Shorthand, Typing; Review Typing Club sponsor, FBLA sponsor; BS in Business Administration, Butler. KENNETH J. WARREN — Dean of Boys; AB in Indiana State Teachers College, MA Northwestern. ROBERT LEE WATSON — Accelerated Chemistry; Chem- istry Dept. Co-ordinator; Jr. Spec. Act sponsor; Salary Committee Chairman; Member of American Chemical Society; BS, Ball State, MS Butler. BYRON E. WEAVER — Physical Education, Driver Educa- tion; Assistant Football Coach, Track Coach; BS Purdue. JOHN WENDLING — Spanish, German, Russian; Spanish Club sponsor; BS, MS Purdue; Treasurer Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association. MRS. KATHERINE C. WERT — Latin; Library Club co- sponsor; AB Indiana University, MS Butler. LT. CHARLES R. WILHELM — NDCC; . Battle Group, Color Guard, Rifle Team, Drill Team sponsor, Judo Club sponsor; Indiana State Pistol Association Secretary; In- diana National Guard Pistol Teams team captain; BS Manchester College, MAT Indiana University. MRS. HELEN E. WINGFIELD — English, Composition; AB, MS Indiana University. MRS. HOWARD L. WISNER — Algebra, Business Math, Bowling Club sponsor; AB DePauw. G. L. WOODRUFF — Drafting, Industrial Arts Crafts; Drafting Club sponsor; BS Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, MS Ohio State, Indiana University, Butler. WINSTON P. WYTHE — Geometry, Physics; AB, MA Indiana State Teachers College, Lewis Institute. Teachers get together several times during the year Mr. Ertle, this year beginning his first semester as a to relax and enjoy themselves away from their school member of the North Central teaching staff, is intro- routine. This year ' s Christmas party was climaxed by duced to his new room by Diane Tramontini, a mem- a gift exchange between members of the faculty. ber of the Senior Girls ' League, who served as guide. The faculty lunch room provides a pleasant atmos- phere where teachers can relax from their activities and enjoy noon-day meals with pleasant companions. 100 Contribute to the efficiency of North Central Cafeteria Staff — FIRST ROW: Ross Stewart, Ruth as, Lucille Hause, Sofia Smith, Betty Wagoner, Vir- Shields, supervisor; Marie Smith, Vivian Simpson, Etta ginia Shull, assistant supervisor; C. Newbold, Leona Salsbury, Lilly Criss, Treva Marks, Irene Potter, Doris Perry, Bertha Boffo, Betty Ambrose, Vernie Davis, Woodring, Genevieve Mattox, Helen Earle, and Elsie Martha Peters, Kathryn Sickbert, and Betty Meyers. Truesdel. SECOND ROW: Ruby Mills, Frances Thorn- This staff brings compliments to the cafeteria. Working with the custodians are North Central ' s two Custodians are (standing) Dale Cross, John Nunez, matrons, Mrs. Mae Belle Smith and Mrs. Bernice Clyde Clark, Doran Keller, (kneeling) Eddie Johns, Bradshaw, who serve as school housekeepers. Ralph Quillin, Paul Morris. 101 Bewildered sophomores in an exciting new school R. MICHAEL AHERN — Hi-Y 3, DAVID ALEXANDER — Chess Club 4; Graphic Arts Club 4. JUDITH ANN ALEXANDER — Block Section 3; Nurse ' s Assistant 3-4; Guidance Office Assistant 4. DAVID ALLEN — Boys ' State Rep. 3; High Ten 2-4; Key Club 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Intramurals 2-3; Jr. Spec. 3. MICHAEL ALLEN — National Honor Society 3; Senior Council; Drum Major 3-4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; High Ten 2-4; Dance Band 2-4; 1st Division State Music Contest 3-4. BEVERLY AMBROZ — Northern Lights Staff 2-4; Girls ' Rifle Team 4. JOHN ANDERSON — F.B.L.A. 4; Military History Club 4; Intramurals 4. ' PAMELA ANDERSON — Latin Club, President 4, Vice-President 3; National Honor Society, Vice-President 4; National Merit Semi- finalist 4; High Ten 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Jamboree Model 4; Senior Girls ' League; Jr. Spec. 3. ROBERT ANDERSON — Jr. Spec. 2-4; Counterpoints 3-4; Booster Club 2-4; Christmas Program 3-4; Jam- boree 3-4; Crescendo Club 3-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Latin Club 2. JIM ARMSTRONG — Jr. Spectacular 3-4; Choral De- partment Productions 2-4. BARBARA ASHTON — Honor League 2-3; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Booster Club 2-3; Intra- murals 2-3; F.N. A. 4; Stage Crew 2-3; Dramatics Club 2-3; Library Assistant 3. JOHN AYRE. WALLY BAKER — Honor League 2-3; A Cappella Choir 2-3, Vice-President 3; Counterpoints 2-4; Key Club 3-4; Crescendo Club 4; A.V.T. Assistant 4; Lab Assistant 4; Library Assistant 3. JOHN BARNARD — Honor League 2-3; Latin Club 2; Intramurals 4. JIM BARR — A Cappella Choir, President 4; Military History Club 4; Typing Club 2; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Booster Club 2; Intramurals 2-4. ANNE WINSLOW BARRETT — Honor League 2-3; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Northerner Staff 4; Senior Girls ' League; Jr. Spec. 2-3; Belles 4; French Club 3; Booster Club 2. RITA JEANINE BARRETT — N.D.C.C. Battle Group For- mation 4; Girls ' Rifle Team 4; N.D.C.C. Sponsor 4; Military Ball Queen Candidate 4; Armory Cadet Council 4. STEVEN BASS. GLORIA BAUDENDSSTEL — Latin Club 3-4; F.N. A. 3-4; Stage Crew 3; Home Ec. Club 4. MARCIA BAUER — Gymnastics Club, Vice-President 3; Latin Club, Secretary 2; National Honor Society 3; Na- tional Thespians 4; Stage Crew 4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Guid- ance Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League Planning Board. KRISTI BEARSS — Class Council 2-3; Student Council Alternate 2; Booster Club 2; French Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Northerner Staff 3-4; Fall Sports Queen Candidate 4. BECKY BEASLEY — Dramatics Club 2-3; Girls ' Gymnastics Club 4; Press Club 4; FT. A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Stage Crew 2; Guid- ance Office Assistant 2-3. JOAN BEDWELL — Honor League 2-3; High Ten 2-4; Jamboree 3-4; F.N. A. 3-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Latin Club 4; Belles 3-4; Senior Girls ' League KURT BEHRMAN — National Honor Society 3; High Ten 2-4; Key Club, Vice-President 3-4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 3; Jr. Prom King Candidate; Duke Candidate 4; Student Council 3-4; Football 2-4. ED BELYEA — Golf Club 2-4; Intramurals 4; Miiltary History Club 4; Golf Team 2-4. DOUG BENZ — German Club 4. MARY BERGERSON — Northern Lights Staff, Feature Editor 4, Activities Editor 3; Honor League 2-3; Jamboree Model 4; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Dramatics Club 2-3; Press Club 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Intramurals 2. JOHN BERRY — Senior Class Treasurer; Lettermen ' s Club, President 4; Art Club, President 4; Jr. Class Council Alternate 3; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Intramurals 4. We were the class of ' 61 in our first days at N.C. SUZANNE BERRY — Withdrawn. RICHARD E. BEST — Student Council 2-4; Junior Class President; Basketball 2-4, Varsity 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Debate Team 4; Debate Club Parliamentarian 4; Safety Council 3-4; Marion County Teen-age Safety Council, President 4. PHYLLIS JEAN BETTGE — Library Club, Vice-President 2; F.N. A. Correspondence Secretary 4; Library Assistant 2; Nurse ' s Assistant 3; Belles 3-4; Home Ec. Club 3. THOMAS M. BILLINGS, JR. — Geology Club 3; Stage Crew 2-3. ELAINE RUTH BISHOP — F.N. A., Vice-President 4; Honor League 2-4; Latin Club 3-4; Block Section 3; Belles 4. PATRICIA KAY BISHOP — Library Club, Sec- retary 2; Dramatics Club 2; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Block Section 2; Business Office Assistant 4; Library Assistant 2. JILL MEREDITH BISSET— Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Jamboree Model 4; Northerner Staff 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Belles 4; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4; Representative to Block ' s Fashion Board 2-4. DIANE KAY BLAIR — Dra- matics Club 2; F.N. A. 2; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Block Section 2; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Northern Starlettes 2-3. STEPHEN E. BLAKLEY— Chess Club 3-4; A.V.T. 4; Stage Crew 3; Language Lab Assistant 4. AMY LOU BLANEY — F.N. A. 3-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Stage Crew 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Bookstore Assistant 4. STEVE BLUESTEIN — Hi-Y Club 3; Slide Rule Club 3; Art Club 4; Stage Crew 3; Intramurals 4; Junior Spectacular 4. KATHLEEN JOY BOLIN — Honor League 2-3; Block Section 2-3; Booster Club 2-4; F.T.A. 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Stage Crew 3. HARRY LEE BOLTON — A.V.T. 3-4, Vice-President 4; Electronics Club 2; Military History Club 4. JIM BORDEN — N.D.C.C. Drill Team 2-4, Commander 4; N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-4; N.D.C.C. Armory Cadet Coun- cil 2-4; Key Club 2-4; Junior Class Council; Junior Prom Ticket Committee Chairman; Student Council Al- ternate 4. ANN ELIZABETH BOUND — FN. A 3-4, Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 2-3; Booster Club 2; Gymnastics Club 3. ROBERTA M. BOWSHER — Senior Council; French Club 2; Block Section 2; Junior Spectac- ular 2; Student Council Alternate 3; General Office As- sistant 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Senior Girls ' League KATHLEEN RUTH BOYER — Booster Club 2; French Club 4; Typing Club 4; Dramatics Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; Girls ' Industrial Arts Club, Secretary 4. ROGER BOYER — Baseball 2-4; Key Club 4; Intramurals 2-4; Spanish Club 3. LINDA RUTH BRADFORD — F.B.L.A. 3-4; F.N. A. 2; Dramatics Club 2; Belles 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Library Assistant 2; Home Ec. Club 3-4. TOM BRADY — Junior Spectacular 2-4; Track 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Spanish Club 2; Crescendo Club 3. DONNA BREAUX — Sophomore Council; Latin Club 2; French Club 3; Jamboree Model 4; Fall Sports Queen Candidate 4; Senior Girls ' League; General Office As- sistant 4 Junior Spectacular 2-4. BONNIE BRETING — Stage Crew 3; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 2; Athletic Office Assistant 3. KAREN E. BRINKERHOFF — National Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 4; F.T.A. 2-4, State Treasurer 4; Student Council 3; Senior Girls ' League Planning Board; Triangle Club Award 3. PHILIP A. BRODEY — Honor League 2; National Honor Society 4; Key Club 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Intramurals 2-4. JUDY BROWNSON — Spanish Club 2-4, Secretary 4; F.N. A. 2-4; Art Club 3; Block Section 2; Senior Girls ' League. FRED BRONSTRUP (WILLIAMS) — Tennis Team 2-4; Intramurals 3; Art Club 3; Stage Crew 3; Dra- matics Club 3; Chess Club 4; Gymnastics Club 2. CLAUDIA BROWN — Dramatics Club 3. Sophomore Coun- cil; Student Council Alternate 3-4; Northerner Staff 3; Jamboree Model 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Belles 4. KURT JASON BROWN— Chess Club 4; Intramurals 4; Extemporaneous Speech Club 3; Social Studies Club 3; Great Books Club; Latin Club 2; Stamp Coin Club 2. With Westlane and Eastwood rivalries forgotten GLENN L. BRUMMER — Military History Club 3; Draft- ing Club 4; Slide Rule Club 3; Intramurals 3-4. DE- ANNA BURGHARD — Dramatics Club 3-4; French Club 4; Art Club 3; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Best Individual Perform- ance Award 3; Choral Dep ' t. 2-4; Counterpoints, Chair- man 4. MARCIA BURKERT — National Honor Society 3; Safety Council 4; Senior Council; Latin Club 2-4; Na- tional Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Senior Girls ' League; Art Club 4; Jr. Spec. Act Chair- man 3. BOB BURKHEAD — Jr. Spec. 4; Football 3. BARBARA ANN BURLEY — N.D.C.C. Sponsor 4; Mili- tary Ball Queen Candidate 4; Forensic League 3; Jr. Spec. 3. JAMES E. BRUNELLE — Intramurals 2-3; Base- ball 3; Band 2-4, Dance Band 2. EDDY R. BURNS— Tennis 4; FT. A. 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Band 2. JANEY BURRIS — Honor League 2-3; F.N. A. 2-4; Latin Club 2-3; Spanish Club 3-4; Senior Girls ' League. FLOYD BURROUGHS — Hi-Y Club 3; Cross Country Team 4; Typing Club 4. ROD W. BURTON — Band 2-4, Dance Band 4, Pit Band 4, Pep Band 2-3; Electronics Club 2-3; German Club 3; Latin Club 2-3; Stage Crew 4. JOHN BYERS — Wrestling 3-4; Booster Club 3. PA- TRICIA BYERS — Block Section 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; FT. A. 3-4; Dramatics Club 3; Spanish Club 4; Booster Club 2-3; Business Office Assistant 3. SUSAN JANE BYFIELD — Jr. Spec. 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Dramatics Club 3; Art Club 3; FT. A. 4; Block Section 2; Booster Club 2; Attendance Office Assistant 3. DONALD CAMPBELL — N.D.C.C. Staff 4; Slide Rule Club 3. NANCY CAMPBELL — Student Council 2-4, Vice-President 4; Jr. Prom Queen Candidate 3; D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4; National Honor Society 3-4; National Thespians Society 3-4; Jr. Spec. Student Co- ordinator 3; Northern Lights News Editor 3. ROBERT J. CAMPBELL — Honor League 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; So- Studies Club 2-3; Spanish Club 3-4; Military His- tory Club 3-4; Library Assistant 2. Senior Council — (seated) Diane Moore, Bert Bowsher, Nancy Rahke, Carolyn Riddel I, Marcia Burkert, Barb Schneider, Margie Gaskill, Nancy True, Marcia Stew- art, (standing) Dave Richards, Bruce Gale, John Berry, j ' ohn Vanderipe, John Kelley, Bert Wilhoite, Steve Orr, Wayne Harvey, Stan Martin, Roger Guernsey. 104 We worked hard to become part of North Centra! THOMAS H. CAMPBELL — Band 2-4, Dance Band 3-4, Pep Band 2-3; Intramurals 4; Military History Club 4. THOMAS ROY CAMPBELL — Military History Club 4; Slide Rule Club 3; Intramurals 2-3; Booster Club 2. PAUL T. CARLSON — National Honor Society 3; Honor League 3; German Club 4; Electronics Club 4; Slide Rule Club 4; Math Club 3. JOHN CARRIER— Varsity Cross Country 3. ROBERT CARRINGTON — Intramurals 3-4; Electronics Club 4- AVT 3; N.D.C.C. Radio Communications In- structor 4. VICKIE CARTER — Stage Crew 3; Dramatics Club 2-3; Press Club 4; Reveiw Typing Club 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4; General Office Assistant 3; Senior Girls ' League. ERIC CEDERQUIST — National Merit Semi- finalist 4; Stamp and Coin Club 2; Slide Rule Club 3; Key Club 3; Lab. Assistant 4. MICHAEL CHAPMAN— Senior Council; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Varsity Basketball 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Guidance Office Assistant 4. BILL CHIDLEY — Football 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Honor Study Hall Monitor 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Slide Rule Club 3; Math Club 2; Lab Assistant 4. EDWIN EUGENE CHILDS —Drafting Club 4; Art Club 4. PAM CHRISTENSEN Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Cheerleader 3-4, Varsity 4; Attendance Office Assistant 3; General Office Assist- ant 4- Spring Sports Queen Candidate 3; Junior Council Alt.; ' Sophomore Council; Belles 2-4. FRED CHURCH — F.B.L.A. 4; Military History Club 4. GARY L. CLAYTON — Boys ' State Representative 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Honor League 2-4 ' Band 2-4; Dance Band 2-4; Pep Band 2-3; Pit Band 2-4. JOHN McCLEMENTS — Latin Club 2-3; Electronics Club 4; Key Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Honor League 2-3. MARY CLINE — French Club 3; Christmas Program 3-4; Family Jamboree 3-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Sophomore Council Alternate. PATTY CLINKSCALES — Latin Club 2; Booster Club 2; Library Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; Stage Crew 3; Senior Girls ' League 4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Attendance Office Assistant 3. GERALD COLLINS — Student Council 4; Junior Council; Jr Spectacular Act Chairman 3; Key Club 3-4; Mu Al- pha Theta 3-4; Honor League 2-4; Latin Club, Senator 2; Intramurals. WILLIAM JAMES COLLINS — A Cappella Choir 2-4- Pep Band 3; Band 2-4; Dance Band 4; Intra- murals 2-4; Ensemble Contest 2-4. PRISCILLA COL- VILLE — Varsity Cheerleader 3-4; Student Council Alt. 3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Junior Spectacular, Intermission Act Chairman 3; Block Section 3; Chem. Lab Assistant 4; Intramurals 2-3. DAVE CONNOLLY— Spanish Club 3-4; Intramurals 2-4. FREDERICK H. COOKE — Sophomore Council; Student Council 3; Senior Council; Dramatics Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Debate Club 3; Stage Crew 2-3; Key Club 3. DAVID COONEY — Slide Rule Club 3; Electronics Club 3; Graphic Arts Club 4; Drafting Club 4; Booster Club 2; Service Club 2. JEAN COUPLAND— Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3; National Honor So- ciety 3; Student Council 2; Dramatics Club 2; Guidance Office Assistant 3; Spanish Club 3; Honor League 2-3. NANCY CREASSER — F.B.L.A. 4; Latin Club 2; Block Section 2; Booster Club 2; Library Assistant 3. KAREN CRISSMAN — Senior Girls ' League 4; French Club 4; Block Section 2; Jamboree Model 4; Junior Spectacular Act Chairman 3; Senior Council Alt.; Guid- ance Office Assistant 4. SHELIA CULLISON— F.B.L.A. 4- F N.A. 3-4; Home Economics Club 3; General Office Assistant 4. JIM CURTIS — Latin Club 2; Booster Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Bowling Club 4; Military History Club 4; Debate Club 4; Debate Team 4; A.V.T. Assist- ant 3. SHARON ANN DAVIES — Block Section 2; Latin Club 2; Home Economics Club 3-4; F.N.A. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Home Economics Assistant 3-4. As sophomores we decorated the Christmas tree COLLEEN S. DAVIS — Latin Club 2-3; Review Typing Club; Attendance Office Assistant 4. MARCIA ANN DAVIS — Honor League 2-3; Northern Starlettes 3-4; Latin Club 2-4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; FT. A. 4; Attendance Off ice Assistant 4; Guidance Office Assistant 3 ' General Office Assistant 3-4. SHELLEY DAVIS — Jr. Spec. 2-4; F T. A. 3-4; Dramatics Club 2; F.N. A. 2-3; Spanish Club 2; Attendance Office Assistant 3-4. CHARLES DAWSON — Boys ' Block Section, President 3-4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; In- tramurals 2-4; Crescendo Club 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Stage Crew 2; Latin Club 2; Hi-Y Club 2. DONNA DAWSON — High Ten 2-3; National Honor Society 3; Student Cou ncil 2; Alternate 3-4; Dramatics Club 2-3; Art Club 4, Award 2; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Act Chairman 3; Senior Girls ' League Planning Board; Boost- er Club 2-3. JANET DAWSON — Shorthand Typing Award 3-4; N.O.M.A. Spelling Award 3; Leadership Conference 4; Booster Club 2; Library Club 2; F.N. A. 3; Intramural Assistant 4. JIM DECKMAN — National Thes- pians 4; Key Club 4; Spring Play 3; Northerner Staff 4; Journalism Club, Vice-President 4; Jr. Spec. 4; Stage Crew 2-4; Dramatics Club 2-4. KAREN DELANG — At- tendance Office Assistant 2; Library Club 2. NORMAN DENNISON — Senior Council; Football 2-4; Tennis 2; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Latin Club 2; Intramurals 2-4; Lab. Assistant 2. GAYLE DILATUSH — Jr. Spec. 3-4; F.N. A. 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 2; Booster Club 2-3. KIRK DINKINS — Science Reading Club 3-4, President 4; Northerner Staff, Sports Editor 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Great Books Club 3; Key Club 4; Geology Club 3; German Club 3-4; Latin Club 2. CONSTANCE DITTMER— Dramatics Club 2; FT. A. 3-4; Block Section 3; Slide Rule Club 4; Guidance Office Assistant 2. JANNI DODD — F.B.L.A. 3; Intramurals 2-3; Home Ec. Club 4; Booster Club 2; Typing Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Office Assistant 4. BARBARA DOUGHERTY — Honor League 2-3; Spanish Club, President 3-4- F.N. A. 2-4; FT. A. 3-4; Belles 4; Jr. Spec. 3; Senior Girls ' League 4; Guidance Office Assistant 3 ROWLAND A. DONIE — Sophomore Council, Treasurer; Football 2-4; Wrestling 2-4; Baseball 2-4. KATHARINE DOLZALL— F.N. A. 2-4; FT. A. 3; Home Ec. Club 3; Block Section 2; Booster Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; Nurses ' Assist- ant 3. DIANE DURHAM — Review Typing Club 4; F.N. A. 2-4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Block Section. " DANIEL E. EARLY — Band 3-4; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Lettermens ' Club 4; Student Council 3-4; Wrestling 2-3; Cross Country 2-4; Latin Club 2; Safety Council 3-4, Chairman 4. PAT EASTWOOD — Crescendo Club 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Music Assistant 4. CAROL EATON — Mu Alpha Theta 3; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Club 2-4; Gymnastics Club 3-4. ANN EBERHART — Belles 3; A Cappella 3; Latin Club 2; French Club 3; F.N. A. 2-3; F.T.A. 3; Senior Girls ' League; Jr. Spec 3 4 JOHN R. EDGINGTON II — Wrestling 2-4; Gymnastics Club 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Key Club 4; Jr. Spec. 3. JIM ELLIOTT — Spanish Club 4; Drafting Club 4; Intramurals 3-4; Cross Country 4; Geology Club 3. MOLLY ELLIS — Honor League 2-3; News Bureau 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Intramurals 2-3; Review Typing Club 4; Home Ec. Club 4; Jr. Spec. 3; A Cappella Choir 4. TERRY ELLIS — Honor League 2-3; Band 2-4; Pep Band 2-3; Jr. Spec. 3; Spanish Club 4; Intramurals 2-4. SUSAN EMMEL— F.T.A. 3-4; Stage Crew 4; French Club 2-3; Student Council 4; Dramatics Club 4; Choral Club 2; A Cappella Choir 2; Counterpoints 3-4. NICK ENGELS — Football 2; Intramurals 3-4; Military History Club 2-4. MARILYN ENO — Senior Council Alternate 4; F.T.A., Historian 4; Latin Club 2; Spanish Club 3-4; Jr. Spec. 4; Block Section 2-3; Stage Crew 3; Senior Girls ' League. And were sponsors of the annual Valentine Dance DAVE EVANS — Honor League 2-4; Cross Country 2-4; Track 2,4; German Club 4; Intramurals 2-4; Latin Club Senator 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Military History Club 4. STEPHEN R. FEDERLE. MARY FELTS— Latin Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; Library Assistant 3. RUSSELL LEE FERGUSON — Electronics Club 2-4, President 4; Science Reading Club 2-4. BARBARA JEAN FINLAYSON — High Ten 2-3; North- ern Starlettes 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3- Athletic Office Assistant 3-4; Attendance Office As- sistant 4; Jamboree Model 4. CAROLYN FISHER— Latin Club 2; F.N. A. 4. DEDE FISHER — Honor League 2; F T.A 4; Block Section 3; Junior Spectacular 3; General Office Assistant 3; Nurse ' s Assistant 3; Home Ec. Club 4. BARBARA FOLTZ — Dramatics Club 2-3; F.N. A. 4; Athletic Office Assistant 4. JUDY FORNEY — F.N. A., Vice-President 3; Honor League 2-3 ' Junior Council Alternate; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 2-4; Booster Club 2-4; F.T.A. 4; Lab. Assistant 4. LINDA KAY FOX — Spanish Club 2-3; F B L A 4- Business Office Assistant 4; Valentine Dance Decoration ' Committee 2. SANDRA KAY FREEMAN— Jamboree Model 4; Spanish Club 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4- F B.L.A. 4; F.T.A. 4. WILLIAM H. FREY — Na- tional Honor Society 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4, President 4; Chess Club, President 3; A Cappella Choir 3; Counter- points 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Debate Club 2. MICHAEL FRIED — Student Council 2; Junior Council; Football 2-3; Slide Rule Club 4; Hi-Y 3. PAMELA FRITSCHLE — Dramatics Club 3; Art Club 2-3; F.N. A. 2; Jamboree Model 4; Junior Spectacular 4. DICK T. FRYE — Sophomore Council Alternate; Hi-Y 3; Intra- murals 2; Baseball 2-4. BRUCE GALE — Military History Club President 4; Junior Prom King Candidate; A Cap- pella Choir President 3; Football 3-4; Tennis 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Gymnastics Club 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4. TACY JANE GALLOWAY — Jamboree Model 4; Gen- eral Office Assistant 4; Junior Spectacular 3; F.N. A. 4. SUSAN JEAN GARDNER — Jamboree Model 4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; F. B.L.A. 4; French Club 3-4; Home Ec. Club 3- Block Section 2; Booster Club 2; Guidance Office Assistant 4. PATSY GARRITY — Student Council 2; Northern Starlettes 2-4; Social Studies Club 4; Senior Girls ' League; Junior Spectacular 2; Library Assistant 2. MARGERY HOWARD GASKILL — French Club 3-4, President 4; F.T.A. 3-4; F.N. A. 3; Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Student Council 3; Senior Council. RAY GAUGUSH — Baseball 2,4; Intramurals 4; Junior Spectacular 4. TERESA GAVIN — withdrawn. JO ANN GEBHARDT — Student Council 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Guidance Office Assistant 3; Senior Girls ' League; Li- brary Assistant 3; Duchess Candidate 2. SUZANNE GEISENDORFF — F.N. A. 2-4; French Club 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Stage Crew 3; Block Section 2. STEVE GEORGE — Dramatics Club 4; Junior Spectacular 3. MARY GIBSON — National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Honor League 2-4; Latin Club 2-4; F.T.A. 4; Junior Spectacular 4; Senior Girls ' League. CHARLES F. GILLESPIE — National Honor Society 3; Honor League 2-4; Band 2-4, Pit Band 3-4, Dance Band 3-4; Latin Club 2; Junior Spectacular 3. ANN GILLIOM High Ten 2-4; National Honor Society 3; National Thespian Society 3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Cheerleader 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Queen of Lights Princess 4. m ■ With the Junior year came our Junior Spectacular ELMER GILSON — Student Council 3, Alternate 4; In- tramurals 2-4. JIM GILSON — Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent; Student Council President 4; Jr. Spec. 3; Track 2; Cross Country 4; National Honor Society 3-4. JACK GLAZIER — National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; High Ten 2-4; Key Club 2-4; Electronics Club 2; Latin Club 2-3; Intramurals 2-4; Lab Assistant 4. KAY GOODWIN— F.N. A. 3; Art Club 2-4, Secretary- Treasurer 4. JAMES GRADY. JULIE GRAFF— F T A. 2-4, President 4; Student Council Secretary 4; National Honor Society 3; Quill Scroll 3; High Ten 2-3; Latin Club 2; Social Studies Club 3; Jr. Spec. 2-4. CHARLA J. GRAU — Block Section 2; Intramurals 3-4; Art Club 4; Clothing Club 4 DOROTHY KATHRYN GRAY — Block Section 2; Booster Club 2; FT. A. 4. Also Merle Sidener Award. CARYL J. GREEN — FT. A. 2-4; Block Section 3; Booster Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Bookstore Assistant 3. JIM GREGORY — Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Vice-President 3; Cross Country 2-4; Track 2-4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Span- ish Club 3. BARRY S. GRIFFIN — Band 2-4; Electronics Club 3; Model Railroad Club 2; Military History Club 3; Slide Rule Club 4. CHERYL ANN GRUBER — Sopho- more Class Council; High Ten 3; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Belles 3; Author ' s Club 3; French Club 3-4; Crescendo Club 4; Poetry Club 3. DAVE GRUNDERMAN — Band 2-4, Pep Band 2. ROGER S. GUERNSEY — National Honor Society 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Letter Of Com- mendation 4; Senior Council 4; Tennis 2-4; Key Club 2-4; I.U. Achievement Contests 2-3; Debate Club 2. MIKE GUNASON — National Merit Scholarship Letter Of Commendation 4; Honor League 2-4; Wrestling 2-3; Intramurals 2; Gymnastics Club 3; Chess Club 3; Latin Club 3; Lab Assistant 4. ELAINE GUST — F.B.L.A. 4; Crescendo Club 3; Senior Girls ' League 3; Belles 4. SHERIDAN KAY HAGGARD — Booster Club 2-3; F.B.L.A. 4; F.N. A. 4; Home Ec. Club 4; Business Office Assistant 4. SHARON HALL — Foods Club 4; Library Club 3, Li- brary Assistant 3; Poetry Club 4; Art Club 4; Choraf Dep ' t. Assistant 4; Belles 3-4. DENNIS HANINK — Mu Alpha Theta 3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist 4; Senior Council Alternate; I.U. Achievement Contest 3; Latin Club 2; High Ten 2-3. ROBERT E. HANSEN — Spanish Club 2-3; Great Books Club 3; Geology Club 3; Military History Club 3; Science Reading Club 4; Slide Rule Club 4; Lab. As- sistant 4. JAMES HARGREAVES — National Merit Scholarship Let- ter of Commendation 4; Intramurals 2-4; Electronics Club 3-4; Lab. Assistant 3. NANCY LEE HARRIS — Withdrawn. KATHIE HARSH. SHARON DEE HART — Jamboree Model 4; Senior Council Alternate; Jr. Council Alternate; Northern Starlettes 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 2-4; FT. A. 4; Block Section 2. MICHAEL HARTMAN — Sophomore Council 2; Intra- murals 2-4; Jr. Spec. 4; Debate Team 3-4; Military His- tory Club 4. MARY ANN HARTZ — F.N. A. 3-4; FT. A. 3; Home Ec. Club 2; Nurses Assistant 3-4; Guidance Assistant 4; Library Assistant 4. WAYNE A. HARVEY — Key Club 2-4; Jr. Council; Senior Council; Football 2-4; Basketball 2; Track 4; Lab Assistant 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4. PAMELA KAY HASH— Art Club 2-4; Library Club 4, Library Assistant 4. 7 And our Prom whose theme was " Deep Sea Dream " SCOTT HAUSS — Drafting Club President 4; Football 3. BENITA SUE HAY — F.B.L.A. 2,4; F.N. A. 4; Business Office Assistant 4. SUSAN D. HEDBACK — Junior Spec- tacular 3; Speech Club Secretary 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Gym- nastics Club Secretary 3; F.N. A. 4; FT. A. 4. EDWARD C. HELWIG — N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2; Junior Spectacular 2-3; AV.T. 2, Assistant 2-3. JUDITH E. HENRY — Block Section 3; F.N. A. 2-4; FT. A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Booster Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3; Intramurals 2; Attendance Office Assist- ant 3; General Office Assistant 4. JANICE KAY HEN- SON — Honor League 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Northerner Staff 3-4; Journalism Club Pres- ident 4; Student Council Alternate 2-4; French Club 2-4; Senior Girls ' League; Quill Scroll 4. MARY LYNN HERRIN — Block Section 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3; F.T.A. 4; F.N. A. 3-4; Stage Crew 3; Booster Club 2-3- Gymnastics Club 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Lab. Assistant 3-4. SANDRA ANN HERZER — Booster Club 2-3; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 2; F.N. A. 2-4; Stage Crew 3; Art Club 2-3; Attendance Office Assistant 4. MARILYN HESS — Spanish Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3; Senior Girls ' League; Lab. Assistant 4. LINDA LEE HIGGINS — F.N. A. 3-4; Art Club 3; Stage Crew 2-3. STANLEY HOAGLAND — Northerner Staff 3-4, Business Manager 3-4; Library Assistant 4; Hi-Y 3; Spanish Club 3. ELIZABETH JUNE HOFFMAN— Art Club 2 4, Typing Club 4; General Office Assistant 4; Booster Club 2-3. MARGARET E. HOLM — National Thespian Society, Secretary 4; Dramatics Club Vice-President 4; Stage Crew Vice-President 4; Honor League 2-4; Booster Club 1-4; Art Club 3; Library Assistant 2. PHILIP E. HOLS- WORTH — Counterpoints 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Hi-Y 3-4, Pres. 3; Crescendo Club 4; Dramatics Club 4. DANIEL D. HOLTZ — N.D.C.C. Armory Cadet Council 3-4, Rifle Team 3, Color Guard 3; A Cappella Choir 4. SUSAN HOPKINS — F.B.L.A. 4; General Office Assistant 3. Those selected to head this year ' s Senior class were (standing) John Berry, treasurer; Car- olyn Riddel I, vice-president; and Dave Richards, president, (seated) Miss Wahneta Mul- len, co-sponsor; Mr. Richard Meek, co-sponsor; and Nancy True, secretary. And raised money to help cv fPF ill JLj V i 4 f jtnE i. : finance the prom ALAN HORTON — Student Council 2-4, Parliamentar- ian 4; Mu Alpha Theta, Vice-President 4; National Hon- or Society 4; Baseball 2-4; Intramural Basketball 2-4; Library Monitor 4; Spanish Club 2; Boys ' State Repre- sentative 3. BARBARA HOSTETLER — Counterpoints 4; Crescendo Club, Vice-President 4; A Cappella Choir 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Jamboree 2-4. NIKKI PAM HOUGH — Belles 3; General Office Assist- ant 2; Library Assistant 4; F.N. A. 4; Press Club, Con- stitution Committee 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Junior Prom. Decoration Committee 3; A Cappella Choir 3. MARK HUBBELL — Coin Club 2; Baseball 2-4; Wrestling 3-4; Intramurals 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 4. DICK HUGGINS — c ootball 2-4; Basketball 2; Intra- murals 3-4; Dramatics Club 2; Junior Spectacular. 2-4; Jamboree 4. KATHRYN HUNTER — National Thespian Society 4; F.T.A. 3-4; Dramatics Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4; Family Jamboree 3-4; Senior Girls ' Leaque: Honor Leaque 2; Art Contest 3-4. TIM LEE HUNTER — Draft- ing Club 4. GEORGE L. HUTSELL — Latin Club 2; Bas- ketball 2; Baseball 2; Intramurals 2-3: Key Club 3-4; Sophomore Council; Student Council Alt. 4. MICHAEL JACKS — Stage Crew 3-4; Military History Club 4; German Club 2-4. SAMUEL ALLEN JACOBS — Northern Lights Editor 4; Northern Lights Staff 3; Social Studies Club 4; Great Books Club 3; National Mer- it Letter of Commendation 4. HERBERT JAMESON— Football 2-4; Baseball 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intra- murals 2-4; Journalism Club 4; Latin Club 2. ROBERT JANKE — Drafting Club 4; Intramurals 2-4. Also Merle Sidener Award. LINDA JARVIS — National Thespian Society 4; Senior Council Alt.; Latin Club, Plebian 4; Counterpoints 4; Dramatics Club 2-4; Band 2-4; Junior Soectacular 3-4; F.T.A. 3-4. JUDY JOHNSTON — Junior Spectacular 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Jamboree 2-4; Sophomore Council 2; A Cappella Choir, Treasurer 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4: Honor League 2-3. ALAN JONES — Bowling Club 3; Golf Club 3; Booster Club 3; Drafting Club 4; Intra- murals 3-4; Bookstore Assistant 4. CAROL JONES — F.B.L.A. 4. JUDY JONES — National Thespian Society 4; Student Council 3-4; Safety Council 3; Student Director Of " The King and I " 3; F.T.A. 4; Senior Girls ' League; Counter- points 4; Junior Spectacular, Act Chairman 3. PHILIP JONES — Chess Club 4, Chess Team 4. REUBEN JONES — Key Club 4; Geology Club. LINDA CAROLE JORDAN — Poetry Club 4; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Art. Club 2-4; F.T.A. 2-4; F.B.L.A. 2-3. JACK A. JOSEPH. JANE JUDSON— Debate Team 3-4; Block Section 3; Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Club 3-4; Poetry Club, Vice-President 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation. PAM JULIAN — Intramurals 4; Block Section 3 4 JOAN JUVENILE. JOHN KELLEY — Student Council 3; Senior Council; Key Club, 3-4, Historian 4; Basketball 2-4, Varsity 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Track 3. MARY ANN KENNEDY — Fall Play 4; Jamboree Mus- ical 3: Junior Spectacular 4; Great Books Club 3; Poetry Club, President 4; Latin Club, Secretary 3; National Honor Society 3; Honor League 2-3. BILL KIDD — Hi-Y 4; Press Club 4; Intramurals 4. JOHN KIDD — Junior Spectacular 4; Intramurals 3. !7 Our Junior Council selected our class rings ROGER KING — Stage Crew 2-3; Hi-Y 4. SUSY KING- DON — Jamboree Model 4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Jr. Prom Queen Candidate; Duchess Cand. 4; Dramatics Club 3; FT. A. 4; Block Section 2; Guidance Office Assistant 3. ELIZABETH KIVETT — Jr. Spec. 2-4; Northern Star- lettes 3-4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Block Section 2; Booster Club 2-3; Typing Club 4; Dramatics Club 2; Stage Crew 3. NATALIE JO KLAIN — F.B.L.A. 3-4, Vice-President 4; Spanish Club 3; Social Studies Club 4, Secretary 4; FT. A. 2; Quill Scroll 4; Jr. Spec. 3; Ex- temporaneous Speech Club 3; Northerner Staff 3-4, Activity Co-Editor 4. PERCY KLEINOPS — Key Club 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 4- Counterpoints 3-4; Football 2-4; Track 3-4; Jr. Spec. 2- 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Dramatics Club 2-3. JACK KLEZMER — Boys ' Booster Club 2; Stage Crew 3; Debate Club 4; F.B.L.A. 4. BARBARA KLINGER — Jr. Spec 2-3, Act Chairman 3; Senior Girls ' League; Block Section 3; Booster Club 2-4; FT. A. 2-4; Lab Assistant 4; Belles 3- 4. BARBARA KRIEGH — Block Section 2; Jamboree Mode! 4; Belles 3; Student Council 2; Art Club 4. MICHAEL LACH — Golf Team 2,4, Golf Awards 2,4; Intramurals 3-4; Band 2; Northern Lights 3-4; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Boys ' Booster Club 2-3. S. MICHAELE LAMB — F.T.A. 2-4; Dramatics Club 3-4; Journalism Club 3-4; Debate Club 3-4; Girls ' Rifle Club 3-4; Honor League 3; Office Assistant 3; N.D.C.C. Sponsor. TONY LAMBERT Boys ' Booster Club 3; Intramurals 2-3; Class Council Alternate 2-3; Baseball 2. CYNTHIA ANNE LAMPEL — Dramatics Club 2; Stage Crew 3; F.T.A. 4. PATRICIA ANNE LANNERD — Senior Council Alternate; Jr. Spec. 3; A Cappella Choir 2-4; F.B.L.A. 4; F.T.A. 3; Booster Club 2-4; Crescendo Club 4. MARK LANGMAN — Student Council Alternate 2-4; Boys ' Booster Club 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Stage Crew 3; Debate Club 4. SHARON ANN LATHAM — Jr. Prom Queen Candidate; Honor League 2-3; Jr. Spec. 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Senior Girls ' League Planning Board; Northern Starlettes 3-4; Booster Club Secretary 2; Typing Club President 4. SUSIE LAYTON — Sophomore Council; Latin Club Sen- ate 2; Art Club 3; Jr. Spec. 3-4, Intermission Act Chair- man 3; Booster Club 2. National Honor Society 3-4; High Ten 2; Latin Achievement Contest 2. MARY LEETMAE— F.T.A. 2-4; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Science Reading Club 4; Guidance Office Assistant 4. ALAN B. LEINBACH — Basketball 2-4, Varsity 4; Latin Club, Senator 2; Intramurals 3; Spanish Club 3-4; Let- termen ' s Club 4. ANNE LIDIKAY — National Honor Society 3-4; Counterpoints 4; High Ten 2-3; French Club 3-4; Jamboree 2-4; Crescendo Club 4; F.N. A. 2-3; A Cappella Choir 3-4. JOHN W. LIERMAN— Basket- ball 2; Jr. Spec. 2; Intramurals 3-4; Boys ' Booster Club 2. CAROLYN JEAN LIGHT — National Honor Society 4; Triangle Club Award 2; Ayres Fashion Board Representa- tive 4; High Ten 2-3; F.T.A. 2-4; Latin Club 2-3; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Senior Girls ' League. KENNETH H. LUKENBILL — Armory Cadet Council 3-4, President 4; Drill Team 2-3; Color Guard 3; Battle Group Staff 4; Private of the Year 2. PEGGY LURIE — Northerner Staff 4; English Office Assistant 3; Senior Girls ' League; French Club 3-4; Jr. Spec. 2-3; Honor League 2-3; Journalism Club 4; Booster Club 2-4. DAVID LUTZ — Intramurals 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Key Club 4; Hi-Y 4. LENORA LOUELLEN LYNCH. LaWANNA MABRY — Field Day Girls ' Relay Team 2. JOHN R. MAHONEY — Intramurals 2-4, Team Cap ' t. 2; Slide Rule Club 4. STEPHEN MAIN — Jr. Spec. 2-4; Pep Band 2-4; Dance Band 2-4, President 4; Band Captain 4. The long awaited Senior year arrived at last NOREITTA MAJORS — F.B.L.A. 4; F.N. A. 3; Dramatics Club 2; News Bureau 4; Home Economics Club 3; Geology Club 3; Booster Club 2. RON R. MARBURGER — F.B.L.A. 3-4; Drafting Club 4; Wrestling 3; Intra- murals 3-4. JEAN MASON — FT. A. 4; F.N. A. 4- F.B.L.A. 4. ' MICHAEL J. MARMON— Electronics Club 3-4; Military History Club 3; Slide Rule Club 3; N.D.C.C. Rifle Team 2-4, Team Captain 3, Rifleman ' s Award 2; N.D.C.C. Color Guard Commander 3; Electronics Club Sec, Treasurer 4. BETH ANNE MARSCHKE— F.T.A. 2-4; French Club 3-4; Block Section 3; Dramatics Club 2-4; A Cappella Choir 3; Counterpoints 4; High Ten 2-4. CLARENCE MARTIN. JUDY MARTIN. MICHAEL BURL MARTIN — Intramurals 3-4; Jr. Spectacular 2-3; Booster Club 2; Debate Club 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Latin Club 2. STANLEY MARTIN — National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Jr. Prom King Candidate; Football 2- 3; Basketball 2; Key Club 3-4; Latin Club 2; Intra- murals 2; Class Council 3-4. WILLIAM MARTIN — Latin Club 2; German Club 3-4; Key Club 3-4; Intra- murals 2-4; Football 2; Boys ' Block Section 3. BARBARA MAST — French Club 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; National Honor Society 3-4; High Ten 2; Honor League 3. DALE LOUIS McCLAIN— Track 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Jr. Spectacular 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Booster Club 3- 4; Gymnastics Club 2-3; Stagecrew 2-3; Industrial Arts Assistant 4. MARILYN McCLEERY— French Club 2; F.T.A. 4; Sen- ior Girls ' League 4; National Honor Society 3-4; High Ten 2; Honor League 3; English Office Assistant 3-4. JOHN MICHAEL McCORMICK — Latin Club 2-3; Stage Crew 3; Model Railroad Club 2; Key Club 4; Jr. Spec- tacular 4; Booster Club 2. TAMMY McCREADY — F.N.A. 2-4, President 4; Intramurals 2; Booster Club 2; Student Council Alternate 2; Latin Club 2; Senior Girls ' League 4; Jr. Spectacular 3-4. PATTY McHENRY — Student Council 2; National Honor Society 4; General Office Assistant 4. Senior models, Mary Bergerson, Sharon Hart, and Claudia Brown, admire the outfits to be worn by Jill Bisset, Alyce Stevenson, and Karen Crissman in the Jamboree style show. Richards, Riddel 1, True, and Berry headed our class MARY BETH McNAY — Foods Club 4; Press Club 4; FT A Club 4; A Cappella Choir 2; Senior Girls ' League. DORMAN McSHAN— (Withdrawn). EDITH S. MEAD — Block Section 2; French Club 3; Junior Spectacular 3,4; Senior Girls League 4; Student Council Alt. 4; Jun- ior Council; Attendance Assistant 4; Home Economics Club 4. " JUDITH LYNN MENDELL— Cheerleader 2-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Annual Staff 3; Student Council Sec. 3-4; Jr. Prom Queen Can- didate; Dutchess Candidate 4; Quill and Scroll. DIANA T. MICHELS — Jamboree 2-4; Junior Spectac- ular 3-4; Counterpoints 3-4; German Club 2; Stage Crew 4; Senior Girls ' League; National Merit Semifinalist 4; General Office Assistant 4. MARY MILES. JIM MINOR — Hi-Y 4; Key Club 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Hon- or League 2-4; Junior Spectacular 4. TONY MOMMER — Key Club 3-4; Hi-Y Club 4; National Honor Society 3; Honor League 2-3; Latin Club 2-3, Aedile 3. RICK MONEY — Latin Club 2-3; Dramatics Club 3; So- cial Studies Club 4; Art Club 4. DIANE MOORE — Block Section 2; Booster Club 2; F.N. A. 3; Junior Spcetacular 3; Junior Council; Senior Council; General Office As- sistant 4. PAMELA C. MORRIS — Latin Club 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Belles 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; F.T.A. 4; Block Section 2; Booster Club 2; Junior Council Alt. B. KEEP MORSE JR. — Rifle Team 2-4; Drill Team 3-4; N.D.C.C. Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2; Best Drilled Cadet 3; Intramural Rifle Team, Capt. LYNDA ELAINE MUELLER — Latin Club 2; Intramurals 2; Booster Club 2; Senior Girls ' League; F.T.A. 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4. SHERRILL MULLIKIN— F.T.A. 2 3; F.N. A. 2-3; Block Section 2-3; Stage Crew 3; Latin Club 3; Booster Club 2-3; Honor League 3; Attendance Assistant 4. SUSAN L. MUNGER — Senior Girls ' League; Spectacular 3-4; F.N. A. 2-4; Spanish Club 4; Science Reading Club 4; Military History Club, Secretary 4; Art Show Prize 4; Art Club 2-3; Attendance Office Assist- ant 4. BOB MURPHY — Intramurals 4. DENNIS MYERS — Rifle Club 2; Color Guard 4; Drill Team 3; N.D.C.C. Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2; Bowling Club 2; Tennis Team 3. NORBERT NAAMAN — Con- cert Band 2-3; Marching Band 2-3; Latin Club 2-3; Sci- ence Reading Club, Secretary 4; Geology Club 3. LEOTA JO NEEDLER— F.N.A. 2-3. CELIA NICELY— Library Cl ub 2; Spanish Club 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; National Honor Society 3-4; F.T.A. 3-4; Band 2-3; Solo and En- semble Contest 3-4; Library Assistant 2; Senior Girls ' League. LOUISE NOEL — F.T.A. 4; Home Ec. Club 4; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Nurse ' s Assistant 4. MAUREEN NOLAN — F.N.A. 3; Dramatics Club 3; Junior Spectacular 3; Sci- ence Lab Assistant 2; Nurse ' s Assistant 2-3. SANDY NORRIS — (withdrawn). JOAN MARIE O ' BRIEN — Stage Crew 2; Family Jamboree 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; French Club 3; F.N.A. 4; Science Reading Club 4; Sen- ior Girls ' League. MIKE OLSEN — Intramurals 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3-4; Baseball Team 2. SUELLEN OLSON — Spanish Club 3-4; F.T.A. 3-4; F.N.A. 3-4; Block Section 3; Booster Club 2-3; Latin Club 2; Stage Crew 2-3; Junior Spectacular 2-3. BARRY O ' NEAL — Chess Club 2-3; Slide Rule Club 3; Electronics Club 4. JEAN F. ORDWAY — Battle Group Formation 3; F.N.A. 2-3; N.D.C.C. 3; Nurse ' s Assistant 2-4; Guidance Office Assistant 4. Our last year brought various Senior activities STEPHEN ORR — Football 2-4, All County Team 4; Basketball 2; Track 2-4; Senior Council; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Intramurals 2-4. AL M. OSBORNE — Key Club 2-4; Rifle Team 2-4, Captain 4; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Jr. Spec. 2; N.D.C.C. Officer 4; Stage Crew 2-3. PETER A. PACTOR — Library Club 2; Latin Club 2-4; Baseball Team Manager 2-3; Basketball Team Manager 3-4; Chess Club 3; Chess Team 4; Jr. Spec. 3; Dramatics Club 3. LINDA PARKER — Block Section 2-3; Booster Club 2-3; Dramatics Club 3; Stage Crew 3; F.T.A. 3; Lab Assistant 4; Intramurals 2-3; Jr. Spec. 3. ALLAN PARRISH — Concert Band 2-4, Pep Band 2-3, Dance Band 4, Pit Band 4; Golf Club 2-3; Golf Team 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Band Award 3-4. GEORGE H. PARTLOWE — Concert Band 2-4, Pep Band 2-3, Dance Band 3-4, Pit Band 3-4; Golf Club 3; Golf Team 3; Band Letter 3; Band Award 4. SHERRY PATTERSON — Dra- matics Club 3; Jr. Spec. 3; Service Club 2; Belles 2-4. JOSEPH E. PAXTON — Student Council 2-4; Football 2; Track 2; Intramurals 2-4, Team Capt. 2; Latin Club, Pres. 3; Lab Assistant 4; Jr. Spec. 2-4. STEVE PEARSON — Social Studies Club 3; Geology Club 3; Intramurals 3-4; Military History Club 4; Journalism Club 4. ARLENE PENCE — Spanish Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 4. BRUCE PETERS — Football 2-4, Team Captain 4; Basketball 2; Key Club 3-4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; National Thespian Society 3-4; Dramatics Club Pres. 4; Stage Crew Pres. 4; Jr. Class Treasurer. FRED PETERSON — Football 2; Intramurals 2-4; Track 2-4; Cross Country 3-4; Hi-Y Club 2-4, Secretary 4; Press Club 3; Cres- cendo Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. CRAIG ELDON PINKUS— Debate Club 2-4; Parliamen- tarian 2; Varsity Debate Team 4; Poetry Club 4; German Club 3; Great Books Club 3; Forsenic Club 4, President 4; Extemporaneous Speech Club 3, President 3; Honor League 3-4. MICKEY PITTARD — Intramurals 2-3; Foot- ball 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Crescendo Club 4; Press Club Vice-President 4. CONSTANCE DOLORES PLUMMER — F.N. A. 4 DONALD A. POLK — A.V.T. 3; Spanish Club 4. Military History Club 4; So- cial Studies Club 4; Intramurals 4. SANDRA POLTER. JAMES POND — Extemporaneous Speech Club 3; Gymnastics Club 3; National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 4; High Ten 2; Lab Assistant. JIM PRATT — Football 2-3; Color Guard 3-4; A.V.T. 2-3; Military History Club 3; Battle Group Formation Club 2-4; Bowling Club 2. KATHERINE MARIE PRICE — Latin Club 2-3; Library Club Treasurer 2; F.T.A. 4; Marching Band 2-3; Library Assistant 2. BOB PRICE — Math Club President 3; Author ' s Club 3; National Honor Society 3-4; N.D.C.C. Formation 2-4. LLOYD QUERY — A Cappella Choir 2; Counterpoints 3-4, Music Award 3; Jr. Spec. 3-4; Fall Choral Festival 3; Library Assistant 4; Intramurals 2-4. NANCY RAHKE — French Club 2-4; Booster Club 2-3; Block Section 2; Senior Girls ' League 4; Jr. Council; Senior Council; Attendance Office Assistant 4; Jr. Spec. 2-4. ADEL RAY — Block Section 2-4. JOHN R. READLE — Rifle Team 3-4, Rifle Award 4; Color Guard 4. KERRY REEVE — Bowling Club 3; Dance Band 4. LINDA LEE REICHEL — National Thespian So- ciety 3-4; Band 2-4, Band Award 4; Band Dept. Assist- ant 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2-3; Stage Crew 3-4. DAVE RICHARDS — Senior Class President; Student Council Vice-President 3; Key Club Secretary 4; Jr. Prom King; Boys ' State Representative 3; Football 2-4; Basketball 2-4; Baseball 2-4, 7 Among them were the Bonfire and the Senior Party SHARON SUE RICKEL — F.B.L.A. 4; Junior Spectacular 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Dramatics Club 3; Jamboree Au- ditorium 3-4; Booster Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Stage Crew 4. CAROLYN RIDDELL — Senior Class, Vice President; Junior Class, Secretary; Cheerleader 2-4; Fall Sports Queen 3; Spring Sports Queen 3; A.D.D. Dance Duchess 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Belles 3-4. ROBERT M. RIGGS — Dramatics Club Vice-President 2-3; Cres- cendo Club 4; Junior Spectacular 4. GORDON RISK — Tennis 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Intramurals 2-3; Great Books Club 3; Debate Club, President 4. KARL J. RITTERSKAMP — Student Council 4; Sophomore Council President; Track 2-4; Poetry Club 4; Gymnastics Club, Vice-President 3; Library Monitor 4; Jr. Prom King Cand. CHARLOTTE ROBBINS — National Honor Society 4; Honor League 2-3; West Lafayette Math Con- test 2-3; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Science Reading Club 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Spanish Club 2-4; FT. A. 4. LARRY ROBERSON — Rifle Team 2-4; Military History Club 3; Drill Team 2-3; Color Guard 4; Bowling Club 2; A V T 3; Assistant Color Guard Commander 4; Battle- group Formation 2-4. RONALD B. ROEHRIG — Military History Club 3-4; Slide Rule Club 3; Math Club 3; Drafting Club 4. PAM ROHRMANN — National Honor Society 3-4; Jour- nalism Club 4; French Club 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; Senior Girls ' League; Belles 3; Stage Crew 3; Block Sec- tion 3. PATRICIA A. ROOP — Band 2-4; Science Read- ing Club Pres. 2; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Pit Band 4. ARNOLD RUBENSTEIN — Science Reading Club 3-4; Slide Rule Club 3-4. STEVEN RUDDELL— Wrestling 2; Great Books Club 3; Debate Club 2-3; Crescendo Club 4; Intramurals 2-3. DON M. RUST — Football 2,4; Tennis 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Bowling Team 4; Junior Hi-Y, Treasurer 3; Senior Class Council; Intramurals 3-4. JEFF SALGE — In- tramural 4, Track 3-4. JOAN MARGARET SAMPER — Student Council 2; Booster Club 2-3; F.B.L.A. 4; Typing Club 4; Senior Girls ' League. FRAN SAMUEL — Dra- matics Club 2-3; Art Club 4; Junior Spectacular Make- up Committee 3; School Play 3. Four girls were nominated as candidates for the DAR award: (standing) Karen Brinkerhoff, Barbara Schneider; (seated) Pam Anderson, Nancy Campbell. As part of the competition each wrote an essay on " To What Avail If Freedom Fail? " Nancy Campbell won the award. Our Grad dance was held at Westlake on June 14 Si i it ' 0 ft i d ■ fe. jj t ■t w ,1% ; ELYSE SANDERS (withdrawn). J. STEPHEN SCHECHTER — Jr. Spectacular 2; Intramurals 4; Latin Club 2-3; Great Books Club, 3; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4; Slide Rule Club 4; Great Authors Club 3. DONNA JO SCHILK — Dramatics Club 3; Senior Girls ' League 4; F.T.A. 4; Art Club 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Business Office Assistant 4. KATHIE SCHILLING— Art Club 3-4; Clothing Club 3; F.N. A. 4; Block Section 2; Stage Crew 3; Junior Red Cross Representative 4. SHARON SCHMID — Booster Club 2; F.B.L.A. 4; F.T.A. 4- F N A 4; Honor League 2; Bookstore Assistant 4; A.V.T. Assistant 4. SHARON ANN SCHMIDT — Block Section 2; Home Ec. Club 3; Latin Club 3-4; F.N.A. 3-4; High Ten 3-4; Junior Red Cross Representative 4. F. RICHARD SCHNACKENBERG, JR. — National Thes- pians President 4; National Honor Society Treasurer 4; Mu Alpha Theta Treasurer 4; Stage Crew 2-4; Wrestling Mgr. 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Latin Club 2-4. KRISTIN SCHNABEL — French Club 2-4; Block Section 3; Jamboree Music Program 2; Athletic Office Assistant 4. BARBARA ANN SCHNEIDER — D.A.R. Award Candi- date 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Sen- ior Council; French Club Secretary 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Guidance Office Assistant 3-4; Junior Council Alt. SUSIE SCHULDT — Junior Council; Student Council Alt. 4; Latin Club 2-3; Junior Spectacular 3-4; F.N.A. 3-4; National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist. JAMES M. SCOBEE — Military History Club 3; Geology Club 3. ALLAN SCOTT — Track 2; Chairman Field Trip Com- mittee 4; Science Reading Club 4; Library Assistant 2. JOHN C. SEGERSON — Intramurals 4; Latin Club 2; Sophomore Council Alternate. RUTH ELLEN SHACKEL- FORD — Christmas Program 4; Spring Concert 2-3; Band- o-rama 2-3; Sophomore Council; Band 2-3; Girls ' Con- cert Choir 4; Nurse ' s Assistant 4; Band Award 2-3. JOHN M. SHANK— Authors ' Club 3 KATHLEEN SHEP- HERD — French Club 2-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Library Club 2. LINDA SHIPP— (withdrawn). KATHRYN M. SHOOK— Northern Starlettes 3; Student Council 3-4; Junior Spec- tacular 2-3; A Cappella Choir 3; Attendance Office As- sistant 4; Journalism Club 4; Career Day Guide 3; Senior Girls ' League. FRED R. SHORT, JR. — Key Club 3-4; Debate Club 2-4; Dramatics Club 3; Electronics Club 4; Baseball 2; The Egg and I 3; Military History Club 3. JAY SHUCK — Golf Team 2-3; Golf Club 2; World War History Club 3; Geology Club 3; Intramurals 4. NANETTE K. SIEBERT — F.N.A. 2; Crescendo Club 4; N.D.C.C. Clerk 3; Library Assistant 3. LOIS JEAN SIGNORINO — Senior Girls ' League 4; Junior Spectac- ular 3-4; Jamboree Auditorium 3-4; F.T.A. 4; A Cap- pella Choir 4; French Club 4; General Office Assistant 4; Choir Club Student Manager 3. JOHN 0. SIMPKISS —Football 2; Golf 2; Science Reading Club 4; A.V.T. 3; French Club 3; Field Trip Committee 4; Chess 3; Be- ginning Typing Club 4. KAREN SIMS — Art Club 4; Stage Crew 2-3; Art Award 3; Attendance Office As- sistant 4; Art Office Assistant 4. ' BARBARA M. SKINNER — Honor League 2-4; Junior Spectacular 3; Band 2-4; Athletic Office Assistant 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; French Club 2-4; Poetry Club 4; Dramatics Club 2-3. BRENT SMITH — Counterpoints 4; Jamboree 2-4; Military History Club 3; Crescendo Club 4- Press Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Intramurals 2-3; Dra- matics Club 2-3. GLORIA CAROL SMITH — Jr. Spec- tacular 3; F.N.A. 4; F.T.A. 4; Jamboree 4. RICHARD SPARKS — Jr. Spec, 3; Intramurals 2-4; Chess Club 4; Latin Club 2, It We danced to the music of Glenn Miller ' s orchestra CAROLYN SPEARS — Review Typing Club 4; Home Eco- nomics Club 2. JONATHAN STAMM — Gymnastic Club 3; Sophomore Council Alternate; Geology Club 3; Intra- murals 2-4; Military History Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; Press Club 4. JAY L. STEELE — Varsity Cross Coun- try 3-4; National Honor Society, President 4; Key Club, President 4; Student Council, Treasurer 4; Lettermen ' s Club Treasurer 4; Triangle Club Award 3; I.U. Achieve- ment Contest 2-3; Intramurals 2-4. THOMAS STEL- HORN — Graphic Arts 4; A.V.T. 4. BONNIE STEVENS. ALYSE STEVENSON— Art Club 2-4, FT A. 4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Booster Club 2; Jam- boree Model 4; Block Section 2. MARCIA ANN STEWART — Newspaper Club 2; F.N.A. 2-3; General Of- fice Assistant 2; Class Council 3-4; Honor League 2; Review Typing Club 4. BONNIE STOLP — F.N.A. 4. BARBARA LOUISE STONE — Senior Girls ' League; A Cappella Choir 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Guidance Office Assistant 4; Attendance Office Assistant 2; Northerner Staff 4; F.B.L.A. 4; F.T.A. 4. CHARLENE STONE— Art Club 2,4; Great Books Club 3; Booster Club 2; Block Section 2; Junior Spectacular 3; Art Work for Yearbook 4. JUDITH KAY STORMS — Student Council Alt. 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Booster Club 2. JEFFREY H. STROHM. DOUG STRONG — Science Reading Club 3-4; Slide Rule Club 3; Electronics Club 3-4; Spanish Club 3. BOB SWEENEY — Sophomore Council 2; Stage Crew 3; Track 2- Intramurals 2. CURTIS G. TALLMAN — Concert Band 2-4; Pep Band 2-4; Pit Band 2-4. BONNIE TERRY — Junior Spectacular 2-4; F.N.A. 2-3; Jamboree 2-3; Christmas Program 2-4; Typing Club 4; Music Certifi- cate 4. SUSAN THATCHER — F.T.A., Secretary 4; Junior Spec- tacular 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Dramatics Club 2-3; Art Club 2-3- Block Section 3; Jamboree Auditorium 2; Booster Club 2-3. ELSIE DARLENE THOMAS — Home Ec. Club 3; Clothing Club 4; Foods Club 4. PEG THOMAS — Junior Spectacular 3; General Office Assist- ant 4. BOB THOMAS — Military History Club 4; Gym- nastics Club 3; Intramurals 4; Art Show 3. SHARON KAY THOMAS. SHERRY LEE THOMAS — FT A. 2; Choir 3; Madrigals 4. DORIS THOMPSON — Stage Crew 3-4. JOAN E. THOMPSON — National Hon- or Society 3-4; Military Ball Queen Candidate 4; Jam- boree Model 4; Sophomore Council; Senior Girls ' League; Rifle Team 4; Latin Club 3; Spanish Club 4. BILL THOMPSON — Junior Spectacular 2-4; Intramurals 2-4; Booster Club 4; Athletic Office Assistant 4; Poetry Club 4. SUSAN KAY THORNE — Student Council 3; Jr. Prom Queen Candidate 3; Junior Spectacular Act Chair- man 3; Jamboree Auditoruim 3-4; Guidance Office As- sistant 4; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Northern Starlettes. BONNIE THRUSH — Senior Girls ' League 4; Block Section 3; Booster Club 3; F.N.A. 2-4; Latin Club 2. DIANE TRAMONTINI — Junior Prom Queen; Junior Spectacular, Student Co-ordinator 3; Fall Sports Queen 4; Counterpoints 4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; National Thespians Society 4; Social Studies Club, President 4. f 1 . y ii _ f HK • b S| if Is . J TT1 ith three years at North Central behind us NANCY JO TRUE — Jr. Spectacular 3-4; Jamboree 2-4; French Club 2-3, Vice-President 3; F.T.A. 3-4, Treasurer 4; Senior Girls ' League; Senior Class Secretary. NED TURNER — Latin Club 2; Booster Club 2-3; Intramurals 2,4; F.B.L.A. 4; Hi-Y 4; Jamboree 3. RALMOND TUST — Latin Club 2-4; Slide Rule Club 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Latin Club, Tribune 4. ROGER F. URBAN — National Honor Society 3-4; Varsity Track 2-4; Student Council 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; National Merit Semi-finalist 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4; French Club 2-4, Vice-Presi- dent 4. JOHN K. VANDERIPE — Baseball 2-4; Basketball 2; Football 2-4; Key Club 3-4; Booster Club 2; Junior Spec. 2-4; Senior Class Council; Intramurals 3-4. ED VAUGHAN — Hi-Y Club 4; Latin Club 2; F.B.L.A. 4; Drafting Club, Pres. 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Jamboree 3; Boys ' Booster Club 2, Intramurals 4. WINNIE VAUGHAN — Student Council 2; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Jamboree Model 4; Sen- ior Girls ' League 4; Booster Club 2-3; Guidance Office Assistant 3-4; Lab Assistant 4. JOHN HORACE VESEY — Library Club 2; Press Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; Junior Class Council Alt.; Newspaper Staff Reporter 3-4; Intramurals 4. RAYMOND WADSWORTH — (withdrawn) JILL WAG ONER — Northern Starlettes 3-4; Senior Girls ' League 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Jamboree Musical 2-3; Latin Club 2; F.T.A. 4; Booster Club 2; Guidance Office As- sistant 3. CAROLYN A. WAHL— Belles 2; Art Club 3; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Home Ec. Club 2-4; F.N. A. 3-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Crescendo Club 4; Career Day Hostess 3. BOB WALKER — Junior Spectacular 4; Military His- tory Club 4; Hi-Y 3; Boys ' Booster Club 3; Chess Team 4; Intramurals 4. JANET WALTERS — Jr. Spec. 2-4, Act Chairman 3; Chairman of Costuming for Musical Productions 2-4; Class Council Alt. 3-4; A Cappella Choir Sec. 4; Guid- ance Office Assistant 3-4; Career Day Student Assistant 3 DENZEL D. WALTMAN JR.— A.V.T. Pres. 4; Cross Country 2-4; Wrestling 2-3; Band 2,4, Wind Ensemble 4; A.V.T. 3-4; A.V.T. Assistant 3-4; Chess Club 3. ' CAROLYN W ATKINS — Spanish Club 2-3; Dramatics Club 2-3; Stage Crew 2-4; F.N. A. 2-4; Jr. Spectacular 3; Lab Assistant 4; Belles 3-4; Honor League 3. TOM WEAKLEY — N.D.C.C. 2-4; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Library As- sistant 2-3. DICK WELLS — Intramurals 3; N.D.C.C. 3; A.V.T. 3. BEV WHIPPLE — (withdrawn) JEFF WHITE — Track 3-4; Key Club 2-4; Gymnastics Club 4; Lab Assistant 3; Jr. Spectacular 4; Hi-Y 3; Math Club Sec. 3; Geology Club Pres. 3. KAREN WHITSITT — National Honor So- ciety 3; High Ten 2-4; National Merit Letter of Com- mendation 4; Counterpoints 4; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Great Books Club 3; Senior Girls ' League 4; Family Jamboree 3-4. JACK WHITTEMORE — Gymnastics Club 2-3; Intra- murals 2-4; Hi-Y Club 4; Boys ' Block Section 3; Military History Club 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Booster Club 2. LONNIE MARIE WICKSTROM— Latin Club 2, Debate Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Senior Girls ' League; Guidance Office Assistant 2; General Office Assistant 4. Ann WIEDERRECHT — Art Club 2; Booster Club 2; F.T.A. 3; Dramatics Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Student Council " 3. BERT WILHOITE— Class Council 3-4; Football 2-4; Basketball 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Key Club Treas. 4; Grad. Dance Chairman 4; Boys ' Block Section 3; Jr. Prom King Candidate. BOB WILKINS — Drafting Club 4. R. STEPHEN WILLET — Football 2-4; Baseball 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Counterpoints 4; Jr. Prom King Candidate; Military His- tory Club 3-4, Vice-President 4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Latin Club 2. RICHARD C. WILLIAMS — Football 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Key Club 3-4; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Booster Club 2; Boys ' Block Section 3. BEVERLY WILLIAMSON — F.B.L.A. 4; Dramatics Club 2-3; Stage- crew 2-4; Art Club 2-3; Senior Girls ' League 4; Business Office Assistant 4; Junior Spectacular 3; Home Ec. Club 2. We are well prepared to face the adult world PHILLIP J. WILMORE — Latin Club 2; Intramurals 2-3; Table Tennis Club 2; Geology Club 2; Tennis Certificate 2; Honor League 2; Jr. Spec. 4. LARRY WILSON — Drafting Club 4. PAT WILSON— F.B.L. A. 3-4; FT. A. 4; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Intramurals 2. HAROLD GEORGE WILSTED — Gymnastics Club 2-4; Electronics Club Vice- President 4; Student Council 4; Slide Rule Club 4; Jr. Council Alternate. EMMETT WISEMAN — N.D.C.C. Drill Team 3, N.D.C.C. Color Guard 3; Printing Club 4; Intramurals 3. JUDY WITHAM — Student Council 2; Journalism Club 4; Foods Club 4; Intramurals 4; Jamboree Model 4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Choral Dep ' t. 2; General Office Assistant 3-4. GINNY WOHLGEMUTH — Senior Girls ' League; Latin Club 2; Sophomore Council; Journalism Club 4; Intra- murals 4; Jr. Spec. 2-4; Choral Dep ' t. 2,4; Attendance Office Assistant 3. BARRY WOODS— F.B.L.A. 4; Band 2-4, Band Awards; Intramurals 2-4, Team Captain, Council Member; Boys ' Block Section 3. SUSAN WORLEY. SHIRLEY ANNE WRIGHT — Jr. Spec. Act Chairman; Fall Play 3-4, Student Director 4; Spring Play 3; Dramatics Club 2-4, Program Chairman 4; Stage Crew Club 2-4; Honor League 2-3; National Thespian Society 3-4, Vice-President 4; Intramurals 2. GLORIA JEAN WYATT — Booster Club 2; Home Ec. Club 3-4; F.B.L.A. 3-4, Secretary 4; Art Club 3; Office Assistant 4. JOANN YOUNG — F.N. A. 2-4; Block Section 2-4; French Club 3; Senior Girls ' League; Press Club 4; Booster Club 3; National Honor Society 3; National Merit Semi- finalist 4. PAT YOUNG — Booster Club 2; F.N. A. 2-4; Nurse ' s Assistant 3; FT. A. 3; Drama Club 2; Booster Club 2; Attendance Office Assistant 3; Block Section 3. PHILIP YOUNG — Pit Band 2-3; Dance Band 2-4; Intramurals 3-4; Student Council Alt. 3; Senior Council Alt.; Honor League 2-3; Social Studies Club Vice-Pres. 4. WILLIAM YOUNG — (withdrawn). STU YOUNG — Junior Prom King Candidate; Football 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Junior Class Council; Junior Spectacular 2-4; Booster Club 2; Intramurals 2-4. JAMES ZIEGLER — F.B.L.A. 3; Hi-Y 3-4, Vice-Pres. 4. f |j|L i|| Jill Bisset, North Central ' s senior representative to Block ' s high school fashion board, demonstrates the correct way to model a coat to Carolyn Light, Jackie Malless (who will represent North Central on the board next year), and Marcia Bauer. Carolyn and Mar- cia are North Central ' s representatives to the Ayres Board. With high school behi nd us, we look at the future JUDITH AVERY. JOHN BARNEY — Intramurals 2-4; Music Productions 4; Tennis 2. JOHN DICKSON — Key Club, Board of Directors 2-4; F.B.L.A. 4; Track 2-3; Boys ' Block Section 2-3; Intramurals 4. CHERYL GAR- CINA — Block Section 2; F.B.L.A. 3-4; Art Club 2-3; F.N. A. 4; Business Office Assistant 3. MERLE GREEN — Northern Lights Staff 3; North Central Sports correspondent to Indianapolis Times 4; Press Club 4; Stage Crew 3. WILLIAM HANKERMEYER — Booster Club 2; Military History Club 4; Intramurals 4. STEPHEN KABEL. JUDY MARLOW. RONALD DAVID POWER — Football 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Jr. Spect. 4; Counterpoints 4; Senior Council Alter- nate 4; Northern Lights Staff 4; Band-a-rama 4. NANCY ANN REDDICK. WILLIAM RINGWALT — Drafting Club, President 4. DICK ROBESON — Letter- men ' s Club 3-4; Jr. Spect. 4; Intramurals 2-4; Golf Club 2-4; Lab. Assistant 2-3. THOMAS SCHLOSS — Debate Club 2-4, Secretary 4; Tennis Team 2-4; Slide Rule Club 2,4; Intramurals 4. PETER STAIGER — Latin Club 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3-4. ELIZABETH STAINES — Senior Girls ' League; French Club 3; F.T.A. 3; F.N. A. 3-4, Chairman 3; Block Section 2; Student Council 3. KAREN THOMAS — French Club 4; Senior Girls ' League. KAREN VIRGINIA TOWNSEND — F.T.A. 4; Social Studies Club 4. DIANE MARY VANE. IAN M. WEISS — Library Club 4. RON WRIGHT. JAMES M. FICK — Industrial Arts Club, Vice-President 3; Latin Club 2; Gymnastics Club 2-4; Slide Rule Club 3. With graduation in view, Marcia Davis is measured for cap and gown. Senior Council representative, Nancy True assists in the procedure. JUNIORS Jonathan Abels, Rozella Adams, Harriette Adelsman, Mary Ak- ers, Bob Allen, Harry Allen, Barbara Allison, Jim Ambrous John Anderson, Rita Anweiler, Teresa Armstrong, Alan Aspin- all, Samuel Astley, Clayton At- kins, Paul Bancel, Joanne Bar- ber Carol Bardach, Carolyn Barnett, Ivan Barrett, Ellen Bartelmes, James Beavers, Tim Beebe, Judy Bell, Mark Bell Paul Bennett, Nancy Bergen, Mark Berger, Margaret Berlin, Linda Bess, Shirley Biddinger, Richard Birch, Peter Bitner Jane Blackman, Roberta Blaha, Ann Blasingham, Barbara Blie- den, James Bloomer, Marilyn Boone, Kay Booton, Dee Ann Bottin Lynn Bowman, Andrea Bowsher, Ann Boyd, Sandi Boyd, Nathan Boyer, Jane Brady, Ralph Brandt, John Brincheck Bonita B r i n k m a n, Bonnie Browne, Lynn Browning, Tom Bryant, Richard Burns, Barry Butler, Jerry Butler, Sandra Butler Dorothy Byshinsky, Janet Cal- deron, Harold Calvert, William Campbell, Katharine Carr, Terry Carr, Walter Carroll, Jared Chase Patrick Chavis, Dwight Cher- nish, Betty Childs, Sharon Clar- in, Kathy Clark, Michael Clark, Ronald Clark, Nancy Coates Jerry Coffey, Charles Collins, Joanne Collins, Nancy Colville, Thomas Cook, Carol Cooper, Mike Corey, Russell Corrigan 121 H AO f;. 1 1 i j d tit 1 fi l i M - i . t ' Ti If HI . iff ' ' ! ' " .j ' V. ' . r " ■ i i4 . r ■ m, i7ij n i 44 JUNIORS Christina Cox, Gail Crawford, Garry Criss, Constance Cromer, Fred Crostreet, Janet Culbert- son, Mary Cummings, Niki Cur- tis Susan Davidson, Bonnie Davis, Michael Davis, Nancy Davis, Diane Deckard, Flora DeFrantz, James Dehn, Virginia DeShano Lorin Devine, Barbara Dillon, Carl Dobson, Neil Dorbecker, Elizabeth Draper, James Dre- monas, James Dulin, James Duncan Pat Dunlap, Bonnie Dunnewind, Robert DuPont, David Durlach- er, William Echard, Marsha Eck, Carol Edmond, Betty Eg- gert Ronald Eilert, Jerry Einstandig, Kathleen Elliott, Ruth Elliott, Jennifer Ellis, Carol Engelman, Steve Everingham, Morgan Ev- erson Ann Fairchild, James Fels, Tony Ferguson, Rebecca Ferrell, Sheryl Fick, Pamela Fisher, Bar- bara Fitting, Robert Flanders Lora Fletcher, William Flynn, Richard Foltz, Robert Fortune, Kennth Foster, Vicki Foster, Randolph Foxworthy, Steven Frank John Frankenberger, Kenneth Frey, Peter Fruehman, Sandra Fruits, Wayne Fuquay, Charles Gale, Paula Gallinger, Gladys Galyean Richard Ganz, Jeffrey Garinger, Gregory Garman, Kathryn Gar- rett, R obert Geiger, Carole Geisler, Charles George, Jeff- rey Gibbs John Gisler, Melanie Glore, Nancy Goldsmith, Alan Gold- stein, David Goodwin, Patricia Goodwin, Dorothy Gorrill, Larry Gorske 1 II JUNIORS Robert Gratz, Elizabeth Grau, Stu Grauel, Arthur Gray, Dean- na Gray, Judith Gray, Dennis Green, Michael Green Norman Greenberg, Charles Grinkmeyer, Kerry Grinkmeyer, Frances Gronau, Carolyn Gross, Jean Grossart, Jane Grum- mann, Charles Guedelhoefer William Guyton, William Habig, Stephen Haffner, Robert Hage- mier, Charles Hall, John Ham- mel, Richard Hammer, William Hanaway Richard Hanson, Sharon Han- son, Judy Harding, Thomas Hargreaves, Suzanne Harness, Dave Harper, Edwin Harper, Carlyle Hasty Deborah Hawhee, Terry Hazen, Val Hearn, Paul Heckle, Bill Heffner, Lynn Hegeman, Peggy Helsly, Carol Henzie David Hepburn, Charles Herin, James Hesto, Charles Hibbard, David Hicks, William Hilgedag, Barbara Hill, Jane Hillis Patricia Hindman, Max Hittle, Linda Hixon, Mary Hockett, Judith Holly, Charles Hood, Harry Hook, Jody Horst Janet Houck, Sue Howard, Lin- da Hudson, Robert Hulett, Vir- gil Hunt, William Hunt, Vir- ginia Hunter, Lorraine Hurteau Kathy Huse, Michael Hutzler, Ralph lies, George Jacks, Jerry Jackson, Susan Jackson, Thomas Janes, William Jefferson Richard Jerman, Philip Jessup, Stephen Jessup, Sandra Jetter, Gayle John, David Johnson, Susan Johnson, Russell Jolliffe A - 7 il r r y Si f J ■ .4| I m n 4 J2| (ii His 1 life 4iL if JUNIORS Carol Jones, Russell Jones, Philip Jordan, Judy Joseph, Ed- ward Karrmann, James Katter- john, Nerus Kauffman, Edward Kean Allen Kearns, Kenneth Keene, Sandra Keene, Linda Kegley, Saundra Kelement, Bill Keller, Shannon Kelly, Diann Kemp Kit Kemper, Steve Kemper, Mike Kern, Lois Kinder, Joann King, Leroy King, Janet Kings- bury, Barbara Kiser Sandra Kissel, Charlene Klun- der, Jon Krahulik, Lovetta Kramer, Peter Lach, Don Lager- holm, Jerry Lambert, Mary Lambert Charles Lane, Carol Lang, Lucy Lang, William Lawler, John Lawrence, Judy Lebin, Deenie Lebowitz, Carol LeVee Bill Lee, Robert Lee, Nancy Lehman, Ronald Lewis, Michael Linn, Ted Locke, Randy Long, Thomas Loser Pat Love, Linda Lowe, Karen Lucas, Judy Lummis, Lee Lur- ton, Karen Lynch, Mary Lou Mackey, Barbara Madison Barbara Magee, Bob Main, Nor- man Marcus, Judy Marlow, Kathleen Marshall, Larry Mar- tin, Stephen Martz, Margaret Marvel Frederic Matekunas, Jane Maur- er, Katherine Maxwell, Ronald May, Charles McClard, Martha McClure, Donna McClurg, Judy McCorkle John McCullough, Michael Mc- Donald, Carolyn McFarland, Nancy McGaughy, David Mc- Graw, Thomas McNerney, Rob- ert McQuiston, Lawrence Meis- ter 24 JUNIORS Charles Mekel, Judith Milen- der, Rosemary Miles, Sandra Miller, Dave Minney, Sandra Minnix, Elizabeth Moneyhun, Daphne Morgan Linda Morgan, Robert Morgan, Christopher Mottern, Judith Moyer, Karen Mullendore, Eliz- abeth Munger, Michele Mur- phy, Linda Naaman Sharon Nail, Richard Neese, Bonita Nevins, Emily Newby, Michael Nickels, Louise Noel, Sandra Nolan, John Noller Jane Nolte, Jeffrey Norris, Carole Nunamaker, Kathy O ' - Brien, Charles Oliver, James Osman, Ralph Overfield, George Parish Donald Patton, Phyllis Payne, Carl Payntor, Lawrence Pearce, Jean Pearson, Joan Pearson, Gilbert Peck, Herman Perkins Karyl Pfeffer, Stephen Phelps, James Phillips, David Pigg, Judith Pitt, Connie Plummer, Suzanne Pock, Marc Porter Judith Potter, Harry Prah, Michael Purdy, Kay Ray, Jo- anna Reager, Kerry Reeve, Charles Reinking, Sharon Rich- ards Bill Richards, Marianne Ricks, Susan Riddell, Joan Rifkind, John Risdon, Karyl Robbins, Marcia Robbins, Edward Rob- erts Judy Robinson, Pamela Roesch, Richard Roessler, Melinda Rohr- man, Phil Roper, James Rosen- baum, Richard Ross, Thomas Royer Walter Ruby, William Ruch, Carole Russell, Kenneth Rus- sell, William Ryerson, Lois Sander, Nancy Schacke, Sue Schellert f f I A jOiv jflVfc f n p ' n r i jJll i IF % ft J Mi . I ) ; ft Cf r r J@®k 0 ( : mm J® ■I ' pHb V Jjy I | Y w f i A ' 125 MUk. i n i • i ri n r f ? f l 1 HH M- a £ jfik fe. m jib m n T-7 0 q O « ■ ■? (rj % 7 ( V a f O mk y w o A o n (H ' ; ' " s • -V- ft HI ||g|, jMfc fvj 1: . .WKStt 4Mb o JUNIORS Donna Schied, Robert Schlienz, Margaret Schindler, Patricia Schindler, George Schleicher, Glenn Schleicher, Patricia Schmidt, Sheila Schmidt Jean Schmoyer, Matt Schneider, Lisa Schulte, Anne Schwartz, Judy Schwartz, Nancy Scott, Geoffrey Scott, William Seaver Sherrie Seidman, Joel Selig, Suzanne Selka, J. B. Sexon, Nancy Sexson, Edith Shackel- ford, Laurence Shea, Donald Sheagley Susan Shrigley, Sylvia Shockley, Mary Shreve, Lucy Shuttle- worth, William Sims, David Sider, Jay Sinex, David Smith Frank Smith, Jeanie Smith, Maren Smith, Willis Smith, Patricia Smucker, Nikki Sosh, Phyllis South, George Spees Robert Springer, Fred Sputh, Jerry Stanley, Marcia Stark, Richard Stark, Don Steinbarger, Ronald Steinbruegge, Carol Stemshorn Joetta Stephens, Peter Stephen- son, Kurt Stevens, John Stew- art, Patricia Stewart, Loretta Stein, Ann Stoelting, Pamela Storms Diana Stoshitch, William Strang, Sandra Streib, David Stuart, William Studebaker, Ronni Stumpf, Shirley Stunkel, Karen Sunderland Woodrow Sutton, Michael Sweeney, Lauren Syler, Vivian Tabbert, Carolyn Talmage, Louise Teixler, Tommy Terrell, Frank Teague Margaret Teuton, Janet Thom- as, Marjorie Thompson, Bill Thornton, Pete Troup, Judy Turner, Pam Turner, Carolyn Tyler JUNIORS Betty Tyner, Steven Vance, Tony Van Westrum, Mike Veon, Tom Verplank, Janie Vogel, Paul Voorhies, Robert Wacker Stephen Wagman, Judy Wake, Susan Waller, Denny Walters, Frederick Waltman, Patricia Wardwell, Claude Warren, John B. Warren John E. Warren, Susan Weath- erly, Beverly Weaver, Pamela Weaver, Mitchell Weber, Vir- ginia Weisell, Linda Weiss, Bonnie Wells Richard Wells, Joan Wente, Norman Westlake, Paul Whit- comb, Chan White, Fritz White, Richard White, William White, Barbara Whiteman, Cynthia Whitfield, Janet Whittington, Howard Wilcox, Tom Wilhoite, Cheryl Williams, Frederick Wil- liams, Gerald Williams James Williams, Nancy Wil- liams, Marilyn Wilson, Sheryl Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Joseph Wolf, Hank Wolfla, Richard Wood Jim Wottring, J. William Wright, Sharon Wright, Warren Wright, William Wright, Terry Young, Judy Zeis, Evertson Zell Betty Zessin Thomas Ziffrin, Donna Zimmerman f m± _ rn _ ' « :— iii ■ i -1 f 7 f 7 O if) ? Jr 1 M ™ % J J l j| " it 1 . " Juniors work many long hours on class projects After a bewildering sophomore year of getting accustomed to a new building, new friends, and new teachers, the class of ' 62 went into their junior year with confidence. Facing two important projects, the Spectacular and the Prom. Junior Class members were careful to elect officers and class council representatives they thought could carry out their heavy responsi- b ilities. Class rings were the first order of business for Juniors. Pearl settings were chosen this year. The class then turned its attention to the Junior- Spec- tacular with all its intricate detail. Long before the " cuts " ' , which were held on January 10, would-be act chairmen wrote synopses of what they planned and each completed enough to present her ideas before a bi-partisan committee. An annual award is made to the chairman of the act which is voted the most outstanding during the Spectacular per- formance. Starting this year, the names of those chairmen whose acts win top awards will be en- graved annually on a plaque retained in the school. Even before the curtain came down on the ' 61 Spectacular, plans for the Junior Prom were under- way. As usual it was held at the Indiana Roof with music by Vic Knight ' s orchestra. The dance, which had a Mexican theme, took place on May 13. Officers for the Junior Class were Denny Walters, president; Rick Roessler, vice-president; Ann Fair- child, secretary; and Kurt Stevens, treasurer. These officers worked together with Mr. Kenneth Patton, the sponsor of the class of ' 62. Students serving on the Junior class council were (seated) Carol Jane Henzie, Susie Smith, Ann Fair- child, Marianne Ricks, Mary Hockett, Carole Nuna- maker, Shannon Kelly, Marge Thompson, Kay Booton, Nancy Davis, Carol Engelman, Bonnie Browne, (stand- ing) Lee Lurtin, Fred Matekunas, Mac White, Kurt Stevens, Leigh Seaver, Denny Walters, Steve Kemper, Buddy Ruby, Rick Roessler, John Gisler, Chuck Grink- meyer, and Paul Bancel. Council members worked diligently on Junior class activities. Heading the Junior class were Denny Walters, president; Rick Roessler, vice-president; Ann Fairchild, secretary; and Kurt Stevens, treasurer. The first to be honored with the Spectacular award plaque are act chairmen Mary Lou Mackey and Phylis Payne, who wrote " Poor Pierrot " , winner in the 1961 per- formance. Shannon Kelly, one of the student co-ordinators, pre- sents them with the coveted award after the final performance. Nancy Coates, the other student co-ordinator, is not pictured. Sophomore class gains respect of upper classmen Arriving at North Central as sophomores, the tormer iieslunen from Eastwood and Westlane soon forgot their junior high school rivalries and united to work together. With new friendships formed and class leaders selected, the class of ' 63 worked on various school activities which were dele- gated to them. Their first money-raising project was the spon- soring of a disc-jockey dance after one of the first home basketball games. One of the class ' s major projects was to furnish a Christmas tree for the school. Each year, just be- fore the holidays, a committee of sophomore class members help decorate the gigantic tree which is purchased by their class and which is placed in the Student Center. With decorations made by creative persons, and ornaments brought from home, the tree ' s bare branches are annually transformed into gay reminders of the approaching Christmas season. In February, the class sponsored the annual " Holiday of Hearts " dance. Surrounded by tradi- tional Valentine decorations, guests danced in the Student Center to music provided by Dan Early ' s band. During Student Council elections, which were held in March, several members of the class assisted the council by registering voters. Class council representatives, who were elected in sophomore homerooms -at the beginning of the year, chose Andy Bolles to preside over them. The spon- sor of this active group was Mr. William Bugher. Working constantly with the faculty and the Jun- ior and Senior Classes, the sophomores established for themselves a reputation as a group with great potential. Sponsors state that an evaluation of the accomplishments of the officers, council, and other class members, gives promise of outstanding achieve- ments in their remaining years at North Central. Sophomore Class Council consists of twenty-two mem- bers, (seated) Nancy Bachmann, Susie Spengeman, Debbie Schade, Cheryl Werner, Pam Phillips, Pat Connelly, Judy Lowe, Rosie Miller, Susie Crawford, Joann Caplin, and Kathy Shultz. (standing) Mr. Wil- liam Bugher, sponsor; Andy Bolles, Ken Handley, Alan Duwe, Dave Minney, Larry Nicholson, Mike Koenig, Bob Thompson, Pat Martin, Doug Jones, Jack Hogan, and Kenny Garelick. These people helped plan the activities for the Sophomore class. Following class tradition, the sophomores again furnished the Christmas tree for the school. This year it stood about 15 feet high, almost reaching the ceiling. Other North Central ites helped by donat- ing ornaments to add to those already accumulated. Those who headed the Sophomore Class Council were (standing) Andy Bolles, chairman; (seat- ed) Cheryl Werner, secretary; Mr. William Bugher, sponsor; and Pam Phillips, treasurer. 131 If ) v n 41% SOPHOMORES Barbara Abell, Andrew Abels, Robert Adams, Nina Adolph, James Alderman, Lynn Alex- ander, William Allee, Jay Allen Hi J y I I §» Jay Anderson, Kathleen Ander- son, Sally Anderson, Nancy Atkins, John Avery, Nancy Bachmann, William Bancroft, Donna Bandy ° irk H P .Is 1 i i vi Lynn Barlet, Lynne Barnard, Leslie Barnett, John Barr, Allen Barrett, Phillip Barrett, Thomas Bauer, Robert Becker V Barbara Bergman, Daniel Bernd, Charles Berning, Pamela Berry, Randall Berry, Linda Bettys, , Barbara Biddle, Carol Blewett f ' §§f J§f| I i . • Susan Blickman, Jeffrey Bloom- garden, Michael Bluestein, Jerry f Blythe, Sally Boggs, Andrew Bolles, James Borland, Eliza- beth Borton if Carolyn Bowen, Nancy Boyer, Marcia Brandt, Richard Breaux, Joyce Breeding, Cheryl Bred- emus, Jane Bridges, Greg ] Broady wMd : Jerrie Brindley, Ronald Brodey, Linda Bromley, Karen Bron- strup, Ann Brown, Mary Brown, 1 Louis Buehler, Thomas Bull .if ' ■ v7 Beth Burgan, Karen Burghard, James Burk, Mary Burkert, Charles Burley, Sally Burns, Ryan Burrin, Nancy Buschmann Q iBiWiiHHi f t. y ' ' - mbT is c Jim Buschmann, Robert Butler, Linda Butler, Sandra Butler, Thomas Butz, Sally Cady, Stan- ley Calderon, Norma Calvert fa 1 7 d - n o n Duncan Campbell, Sandra Campbell, Joann Caplin, Charles Carry, Judith Case, Joseph Chaille, James Chandler, Jud- ith Chandler Mi SOPHOMORES Constance Chapin, Judith Childs, Maria Chenoweth, Su- ,san Chavis, Roger Church, Stephen Claffey, Paul Clark, Jenifer Clark Marilyn Clark, William Clark, Francis Clarkson, Barbara Click, Carolyn Click, Karen Clifford, Conda Climer, Belinda Cloyd Ann Cluley, David Clutter, Car- olyn Cole, Reginald Cole, Craig Coleman, Stephen Collier, Linda Conley, Mike Conly Patricia Connelly, Anita Con- stant, Mary Cooling, Jeanne Cooper, Janet Coover, Helen Copeland, Pamela Corn (see Page 246) Steven Cosby, Thom- as Cotton Bruce Cowley, Juanita Cranfill, Mimi Crannell, Alan Crawford, Susan Crawford, John Cregor, Barbara Crouse, John Culp Linda Cupp, Leota Cutler, Kay Daugherty, Deanna Daupert, Jeff Davis, Steve Davis, Wil- liam Deckelbaum, Martha Deck- Geraldine Delott, Patricia Del- Rio, Carolyn DeMyer, John Diehl, Steven Dinnsen, Jerry Dire, Michael Dittmer, Joyce Ditzenberger Howard Dodd, Donald Doench, Ronald Domont, Nancy Dorn, Steve Duck, Nancy Dugan, An- gela Duhm, Nancy Dungan Kathleen Dunn, Alan Duwe, Henry Eckart, Richard Eddy, Lloyd Ehrgott, Barbara Elles, Helen Elliott, John Elliott Carole Engle, Dick Engle, Hank Ensel, Carl Erickson, Marcia Estridge, Edward Evans, Diana Everett, Sandy Eyden SOPHOMORES Linda Fairbanks, David Fair- man, Gloria Fausset, Paul F erd- inand, Michael Ferguson, Gloria Ferrell, Lucy Ferrell, Robert Ferris Harvey Finn, Barbara Fischer, Cathy Fisher, Nancy Fisher, Patricia Fisher, Robert Fishman, Dan Flickinger, Harry Flowers p n Wendy Foan, Karen Ford, Rob- ert Forney, Pamela Fortune, Alan Foust, David Frantz, David Frey, Jack Frisch Patricia Fullerton, Stan Gage, Earl Gant, William Gardiner, Nancy Gardner, Kenneth Gare- lick, Fred Gates, Cenne Gibson Lucinda Gilkison, Bob Gilyeat, Mark Ginsberg, Susan Glass, Edward Goebel, Ann Golden- stein, Barbara Goldstein, Jud- ith Goldstein Dennis Gorski, Jennifer Gray, Sharon Gray, Dixie Green, Jos- eph Green, Thomas Greenwood, Elizabeth Gregory, Gloria Gres- ham Anne Grimes, Win Ellen Grub- er, Robert Guyton, Michael Gwaltney, Michael Gwyn, Steph- en Hadley, Marilyn Haislup, Edward Halloran David Hamilton, Kenneth Hand- ley, Richard Hanes, Karon Hanger, Linda Harden, Charles Hargitt, Jerry Harley, Edwin Harris Jack Harris, Kathy Harris, Mary Harris, Stephan Harris, Terry Harris, James Harrison, Steve Harrison, Jonathan Hart Daylian Harter, Patricia Harv- ey, Stanley Hasty, Craig Hauss, William Headlee, Georgiana Hearden, Ellen Hebert, Gloria Helbert 134 SOPHOMORES William Henry, Maurine Her- bert, Carl Herndon, Mark Hershman, Tina Hlbbs, Ray Himes, Rick Hirschmann, Nan- cy Hitchcock Dave Hixon, Marilyn Hobson, Marcia Hockett, Sondra Hodg- son, Jack Hogan, Saundra H o h I t, Virginia Holsinger, Theodore Hopkins Kathy Horst, John Horton, Bar- bara Hough, Dona Howarth, Billy Hudson, James Hudson, Edward Hult (see pg. 245) Gloria Hurwitz, Carole Hutt Martha Irons, Maurice Jacklin, James Jackson, Philip Jackson, Ellen James, Thomas James, William Jennings, Thomas Jen- Charles Jerden, Karen John, Larry Johnson, Lillian Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Cynthia Jones, Douglas Jones, Mary Jones Michael Jones, James Jordon, David Juday, Robert Judd, Pat- ricia Julian, Ann Kabel, Mary Karst, Michael Kaser Allan Kauffman, Marilyn Kell- er, Georgette Kelley, Viki Kel- so, Jim Kepner, Kathleene Kernan, Peggy Kibler, Susan Kiger Oynthia King, Robert King, Sana King, Cheryl Kist, Lynn Klinger, Elizabeth Klukas, Irvin Knickerbocker, Kathryn Knip- meyer Thomas Knox, Linda Koby, Michael Koenig, Mike Kord, Robert Kreie, Gordon Krentz, Patricia Kunz, Suzanne Kustad Jenks Lambeth, Robert Lan- caster, Bruce Lancet, Alice Landgren, Barbara Larman, Jos- eph Lawson, Dennis Lawton (see page 141), Alan Leibo- witz, Betty Leinbach. 135 if J 2 0% f f J: | A ■ 1 " " " 1 ■tli 1 f i- j . ft ' ' ». p 1 ' ' fi JHPi 4kJb SOPHOMORES Donald Lennard, Lynn Lennard, Stephen Lester, Larry Leuk- hardt, Carol Levan, David Lew- is, Larry Ley, Linda Lidikay Sharon Linder, Betsy Lippin- cott, Nancy Litten, Richard Long, Thomas Loucks, John Lowe, Judith Lowe, David Lud- wig Larry Lunsford, David MacAl- lister, Sharon MacDonald, Alan MacGill, Jackie Malless, Robert Manifold, Spencer Marcus, Wil- liams Marks Katherine Marschke, Tom Mar- shall, Jean Martin, Kim Martin Patrick Martin, Tom Martin, Diana Mathas, Margaret Max- well Dick McBroom, Constance Mc- Carty, Arthur McChristian, Con- nie McClain, Shari McCleaster, George McClellan, Lynn Mc- Clements, Martha McCotter Lee McDermond, Larry McDon- ald, Kathy McGriff, Patrice Mc- Guire, John McKnight, Sharon McMurray, Thomas McNichols, Jeffrey McWhorter David Meginnis, Marilyn Mel- ick, Beverly Meyer, Thomas Meyer, Marilyn Meyers, Patricia Michaeloff, Eddie Miller, Frank Miller Judy Miller, Nancy Miller, Rosie Miller, Dyann Miles, Dave Minney, Karen Minnix, Cheryl Moffatt, Robert Mohlman Barbara Monser, Cynthia Mor- gan, Karen Morrical, Dawn Moser, Steve Marmon, Philip Murphy, Gregory Mutz, Carol Myers Douglas Nail, Richard Neate, Kathleen Nelson, Larry Nelson, John Nestor, Bruce Newby, Nicki Newkirk, Mary Nicholas SOPHOMORES Larry Nicholson, Ladyne Nick- son, Donna Niesse, Nancy Noel, Michael Nolan, Sally Noon, Martha Norman, Barbara Nor- ris Dennis Lawton, Robert Nourse, Penelope Novak, Patricia O ' - Brien, David Olive, James Oma- hony, Janet Orme, Peter Orr Juanita Orrick, Karen Ostapen- ko, Virginia Ostrom, Marianne O ' Sullivan, Sherry Paetz, Jef- frey Paige, Ann Palmer, Lil- lian Parrinello James Partlowe, Nancy Parvis, Joyce Patterson, Lewis Paxton, Nancy Pelton, Linda Permer, Clifford Person, Charles Peters John Phillips, Pamela Phillips, Renee Phillips, William Pick- ard, Stephen Pickett, Margaret Pierce, Nancy Pierce, Virginia Pierson Geraldine Pittman, Carol Politz, John Pollard, Barbara Porter, Laura Post, Alice Price, Richard Pritchard, William Prudner Alan Pyle, Vicki Query, Karen Quin, Daved Raber, Barbara Ramey, Jon Randall, John Rar- don, Richard Rati iff Phyllis Reed, Gail Reidy, Joan Reilly, Sherry Reuss, Susan Reynolds, Susan Richwine, Phil Ripberger, Mary Lou Riddell Karen Riley, Leah Ritchey, Wayne Ritter, Sharon Roach, Sue Robbins, Hugh Roberts, James Robinett, Susan Rogers Lawrence Rosenbaum, Alicia Roth, Judith Rust, Loreli Sal- vatore, James Samuelson, Shar- on Satinsky, Chris Scanlon, Charles Schaab " r 2 x 0k Jr TV J ' Ik s J ) V - s W t i it " I f i :.. , »? 7 11 7 l - ; 0 o 1 - 9 nt-rr ' - ' sl-M fl I v 7 4 : • _ - • « ■ it 1 yd. | f - u p P tip 1- •- 4 " Mi nnicsDon t ) | r. i i o i SOPHOMORES Deborah Schade, Bruce Schaller, Kandy Scheick, Karen Schenk- man, Randy Schnackenberg, Lynda Schneider, William Schnittker, Gretchen Schuldt, Louis Seay, Stanley Shackelford, Marian Shafer, Marcia Shank, Linda Sherk, Gerry Shoopman, Jon Short, Kathy Shultz, Jane Shute, Diane Sickles, Nan- cy Sidebottom, Steven Siebert, Adelle Simpson, Louis Simpson, Linda Sinclair, Ross Singleton, Jon Sipe, John Slaughter, Char- les Smith, Connie Smith, Cyn- thia Smith, Kathleen Smith, Maralee Smith, Nancy Smith, Pamela Smith, Penny Smith, Terrance Smith, Blair Snead, Lantz Snider, Sandy Snodgrass, John Snyder, Warren Sparks, Beverly Spears, Nicholas Spears, Susan Spengeman, Pamela Spra- gue, Dieter Staiger, Martha Staines, Sandra Steers, Susan Steinbarger Suzanne Steiner, Astra Sterns, Terri Stevens, Elizabeth Stickle, Gary Stone, Gretchen Stout, Shirley Streib, Edward Hult. John Sturman, Joan Suggs, John Summitt, Janet Sutton, Carol Swenson, Judy Swigart, Alan Talesnick, Nancy Taylor, Frank Teague, June Terkhorn, Steve Thiesing, Daniel Thomas, James Thomas, Joan Thompson Robert Thompson, Dan Thorn- ton Carol Todd, Marvin Toenjes, Ralph Tramontini, Steve Tratt- ner, Tom Treser, Thomas Tus- sing, Mark Tutterow, Barbara Unversaw 138 SOPHOMORES Johanna Upton, Harold Van- Cleave, Catherine Vannuys, Lawrence Vorhies, Susan Wat- cher, Paul Walk, Jan Wall, Janet Wallace Nicki Walter, Patricia Walters, Robert Ward, William Ward- well, Joan Warkentien, Donald Warman, Roger Warren, Vicki Warren Terry Weaver, Warren Web- ster, Jeffery Weitzel, John Wells, John West, Nancy West- fall, Sharon Wetzel, Diana Whalin Robert Whitacre, Jere Whit- aker, Barbara White, Donald White, Janice White, Norene Whitehead, Betsy Whitesel, Mary Whitmore David Wick, Judy Wiles, David Williams, Benjamin Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Randolph Wil- son, LeeAnn Wilsted, Rodney Wirsching Susan Wisely, Dorothy Wolf, Jane Yenni, Bruce Young, James Young, Jerry Young, Michael Young, Steven Young, Robert Youngquist, Larry Zuk- erman, Pamela Corn Connie McCain, Gloria Fausset and Jackie Malless, a sophomore singing trio, add to the holiday spirit with their harmonizing at the Christmas program. THIS IS NORTH CENTRAL ... A total of 1,652 prospec- tive buyers attend North Cent- ral, a rich field of prospects for advertisers to influence through the Northerner ads. Many of these young people will settle in the community in which they are reared and continue with the buying hab- its they are establishing now. One of the most amazing de- velopments in these years is the unprecedented growth of suburban shopping areas. In 1956, when North Central was built, only a few stores com- posed the crossroads town of Nora and suburbanites traveled long distances for their needs. Now, five years later, large shopping areas are within short distances of all community homes for buying ease. 141 John Kidd, Kathy Clark, Bob Hulett, Peggy Lurie, Ron Clark, Carolyn DeMyer, Bill Wright, Carole Nunamaker, Claude Warren Are you in the smart set? PAUL HARRIS Nora Plaza VI. 6-5119 You ' re not in the smart set unless you buy your clothes at Paul Harris. This company offers a wide selection of clothes for every occasion. You ' ll find a treasure trove of accessories too, the " faddy " kind as well as those to fill your basic needs. 142 Your stomach will purr, when you eat at BROAD RIPPLE RUSSET CAFETERIA 6247 College Ave. CL. 1-2835 Specializing in roast prime of beef, Russet Cafeteria provides luscious meals to satisfy the most finicky person. Other attractions on the menu include beef baked hash, roast loin pork, sage dressing, and a variety of meats. Choose from a large selection of vegetables and salads. Desserts feature everyday old fashioned cream pie, fresh lemon pie, and Southern chocolate cake. Free parking space in the rear. Susan Emmel, Diane Tramontini, Deanna Burghard. You ought to be in pictures BILL ERICH PHOTOGRAPHS Glendale Center CL. 1-0741 And you can be in pictures taken at Bill Erich. Everyone likes pictures, and to get those really top notch pictures go to Bill Erich Photos in the Glendale Center. Mr. Erich understands the young adult pocket- book so is offering special teen age prices. Jean Coupland, Stan Martin. Special flowers . . . For special dates . . . Make special occasions . . . Extra great! McNAMARA FLORIST 1111 East 61st Street AT. 3-2174 Sue Pock, Bill Ruch, Dave Hepburn, Barbara Allison. Why hide your investment in the closet? SKEFFINGTON ' S INC. 245 N. Pennsylvania — 922 Broad Ripple Ave. ME. 4-1583 Formal occasions are few and a tux is a big investment. Money spent in buying one could be used for something needed often, rather than for something hidden away in a closet much of the time. Why not go to Skeffington ' s and rent excellent formal attire the next time you get a party bid. Kit Kemper, Jim Armstrong ' build a doll house . . . james Mcdonald interior DESIGNS 6612 N. College Avenue CL. 5-1151 But I ' d rather have a real house decorated by James McDonald Interior Designs! Modern color schemes need the touch of an expert to create harmony. James McDonald, the owner, can bring you up to date on the latest styles in furnishings and decorations. Nancy Bergen, Mr, McDonald, Connie Cromer Magic . . c ( KIDD LUMBER COMPANY INC. 1425 E. 86th Street CL. 5-5478 It doesn ' t take magic to find the building materials you need when you shop at Kidd Lumber Company. You will find everything there from tacks to " two-by-four ' s. " If you have questions about your building plans and needs, bring them along and receive excellent advice, in addition to courteous service. , Pam Christensen, Carolyn Riddell, Priscilla Colville, Ann Gilliom, Judy Mendell. Insure yourself . . . JAMES B. ADAMS 1425 E. 86th Street Off ice Phone: CL. 5-7074 Res. Phone: LI. 5-1827 Representing State Farm Insurance Companies Auto — Life — Fire Bloomington, Indiana Check with James B. Adams for the proper insurance to fit your needs. Mr. Wood, Mr. Adams 145 1 thinking girl shops at Lenora ' s LENORA ' S DRESS SHOP Nora Plaza VI. 6-5055 Loafing at home. ' ' Or going on that special date? Lenora ' s has the answer to the clothes problem for any occasion — an outfit from her shop is just right for the smart girl shopper from North Central. Maureen Nolan, Rosemary Chappell For your appearance ' s sake! BEAUTY BY BRYANT Nora Plaza VI. 6-2559 " Beauty by Bryant " is a slogan that tells a true story. Shampoos, permanents, manicures — anything you need to enhance your appearance is beautifully done at Bryant ' s. Thirsty ? 7-UP Whether you ' re staying at home by the fire, or going out on the town, drink sparkling Seven Up. It ' s a drink with a refreshing lift that really quenches your thirst. Natalie Klain, Dick Best 146 JL-Ji mmmmmimmmmamimmm Wow ! Look at those Centralites JERRY ALDERMAN FORD SALES 720 N. Meridian Street ME. 4-8591 You don ' t have to go to a showroom just to get the thrill of sitting in a marvelous new Ford Convertible. You can have the wonderful experience every day if you buy your Ford at Jerry Alderman. Jim Alderman, Lynn Klinger, Barb Klinger Building something ? BUTZ LUMBER COMPANY North Michigan Road— West 96th St. UP. 3-3381 Whether building a house or a clubhouse, you ' ll appre- ciate the business-like way your plans are handled at the Butz Lumber Company. Tom Butz . f , .: •■ - . Start the ball rolling BROAD RIPPLE BOWL 1010 Broad Ripple Ave. . CL. 5-2215 O.K.! Maybe we girls don ' t know it all! But we sure love to be taught! Especially when that special guy takes us on a bowling date at Broad Ripple Bowl. Jeff Gibbs, Janet Kingsbury 147 Right this way . CERULLI ' S BARBER SHOP Glendale Shopping Center CL. 5-0921 When in Glendale don ' t just point to a good thing, go into Cerulli ' s for better hair cuts. Hank Wolfla Take a giant step! GOODMAN ' S SHOES Nora Plaza VI. 6-5718 But even a midget step or two will convince you that Goodman ' s Shoes are what you need. Smart styles and new colors are available in a wide selection. John Brincheck, Mr. Goodman Friendly service Is our business SERING SHELL SERVICE 8602 Westfield Blvd. VI. 6-0027 Jack Lierman, Bill Sering Now it ' s time to specialize CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE The Indianapolis Center of Indiana Business College Education for Careers in Business 802 N. Meridian ME. 4-8337 Mr. Butz, Chuck Oavitt, 1960 North Central Grad Need a different roof over your head? CARRIAGE ESTATES 6340 Guilford Avenue CL. 1-9588 Whether you need a larger house or you ' re looking for a smaller place to live, your Carriage Estates ' salesmen will help you find the perfect dream house for your every need. Kathy Nolte, Karen Sunderland Hey Charlie! BROAD RIPPLE LUMBER COMPANY 1001 E. Broad Ripple Ave. CL. 3-2331 Is a shelf falling down? Did someone break a chair? Does the house need painting? Problems! Problems! But it can be solved by a store dealing in everything a home needs. See Broad Ripple Lumber Company. Charlie Dawson, Dub Gilson, Mike Riggs One hundred years of progress . . . STOKELY VAN CAMP 941 N. Meridian ME. 8-2361 This year Stokely Van Camp is celebrating its one- hundredth birthday — one-Hundred years of helping make America the best-fed nation in the world. During these years, Stokely ' s name has become synonymous with the best in canned foods. Mr. Teuton, Diane Teuton The Garden Spot of Indianapolis NORTHWOOD DRIVE-IN 9075 N. Meridian VI. 6-0022 Jill Bisset, Janice Henson, Anne Barrett 150 m LEFT TO RIGHT ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4 Mrs. Dudley J. E. Kemper, Treas. Mrs. John W. Holly, Vice Pres. Mrs. Russell Henry, Pres. Mrs. Robert Wacker, Reed. Secy. Mrs. Thomas A. Brady, Corresp. Secy. Mrs. Basil Fausset Mrs. Mrs. Harry Clarin Mrs. Mrs. James Signarino Mrs. Mrs. Paul Grimes Mrs. Mrs. Lyman Wolfla Mrs. Mrs. Ralph Wilmore Mrs. Mrs. Robert Robbins Mrs. Dwain Walcher Philip Allen Edward Vaughan Arthur Edmund Harry Weaver, Jr. Robert Smith Richard Bearss Mrs. Al Short Mrs. Paul Evans NOT PICTURED Mrs. Edgar Claffey Mrs. John Jefferson Mrs. Melvin Byers Mrs. Marvin Williams Mrs. Alen Bound Triangle Club backs school 100% The North Central Triangle Club is an organization of parents, teachers, and students, which sponsors various student activities and provides financial aid for items not specifically covered by school funds. The Family Jamboree is their one money making proj- ect. Its profits have been used to buy choir robes, band uniforms, and athletic and other equipment. Parents and pupils join to make the Jamboree a most important project. The Triangle Club provides money for projectional activities of teachers, Recognition Day, the assembly fund, intramural activities, club subsidies, and the general fund of North Central. Then . . . and Now! The Nora of today bears little resemblance to the rural community, established on a land grant signed by Presi- dent James Monroe in 1823, after having been settled by Jacob Whitinger in 1822. New and modern shopping centers now offer suburban- ites all types of services at the crossroads. Banks, beauty shops, cleaning establishments, filling stations, restaurants, grocery supermarkets, and drug stores have replaced the small businesses of the early settlement. Ultra modern schools are part of an educational system that started with the one small building erected in 1894 on the site of the present Nora Grade school. In the late 1800 ' s, the thriving community of Nora was the shopping center for farmers from miles around. Gus Newby, a little boy then, is one of the oldest residents of Nora today. That small Gus of those early times spent his days in a little one-room school, trying to concentrate while the drone of class recitations went on all around him. An- other sound distracted him more — the sound of wagons rumbling past, so heavily laden that the noise of their passing shook the tiny schoolhouse, roused in him an al- most unbearable longing for the coming of the weekend. On Saturday the school bell would be silenced. On Sat- urday Gus would be part of the caravan of farmers going to Nora to shop, to weigh their grain on the town scales, and to call for the mail that came from a sack flung into the dusty road from a slowly moving train, chugging its way through the center of town. Saturday meant munching on crackers from the big barrel in Pete Lawson ' s store and listening wide eyed to stories of that far away town of Nora in Sweden, after which the nostalgic store keeper had named the new com- munity. It meant watching horses being shod or plow- shares being sharpened at the village smith, watching in awe as the blacksmith, Charles Jennings, flexed huge muscles. It meant listening to the gossip of housewives in Abe Bowen ' s store where his mother took him when she went to buy yard goods for a new dress or pick up the mail. A few of the original houses, now modernized, still stand. One of the oldest, the Grossart home, contains a secret room, a " station " in the famous Underground Rail- way of the Civil War period. Gus Newby lives in Nora today. He, more than anyone else, can appreciate the amazing changes in the crossroads village, once the rendezvous of farmers, now of city people enjoying suburban life. 152 Kay Goodwin, Nancy Westfall It ' s what ' s in the aisles that counts. G W FOOD GIANT INC 5940 N. Michigan Road CL. 5-2439 Strolling down the wide aisles of Goodwin Westfall is like taking a trip around the world. Foods from the exotic to the plain kind that grandmother used to make are stocked high on the shelves. Your only problem will be how to decide between the various brands. 153 Richard Stark, Marcia Stark, Susie Weatherly, John Berry Hungry ? STARK WETZEL 602 Ray Street ME. 7-1451 Who wouldn ' t be hungry when they smell the tantalizing aroma of Stark Wetzel bacon simmering in the frying pan. It ' s good any time — for breakfast, lunch, after school sandwich, or a bacon and eggs snack on a date. All Stark Wetzel meats are the best money can buy but at prices you can afford. HgHiftmimiiiiii ■iiiiiiiii-rrrimimfnitrri — ■ ™ " " " " " " »«™» Gas-astrophe? ROGER ' S SERVICE CENTER 59th and College CL. 5-0067 Your car will run as smooth as glass when you use Mobiloil, Mobilubrication, Mobilgas, and other Mobil products. You ' re miles ahead with Mobil. Diane Sickles, Gretchen Stout What will the answer be? Do you need money for college? ... to furnish that honeymoon house? ... as a full-time salary? You can find the solution to all three problems by learning to be a beautician. Three North Central graduates have already discovered the value of such training. Maurine Beutler is using it for extra earn- ings in college; Judy Miles, now married, is helping her husband finish his schooling; Katherine Painter is employed full time. Other North Centralites are currently in training at the school. You chose the best high school in the city. Be smart . . . choose the best in training schools and become a beau- tician. Enroll at APPROVED UNIVERSITY OF BEAUTY CULTURE Ann Weatherly, Mrs. Beck The Pause That Refreshes . . . tec. U.S. MI. OFF. Lynn Klinger, Carolyn DeMyer, Kristi Bearss, Helen Copeland, Stan Hoagland, Ba rbara Stone, Steve Kemper 155 NANCY LEE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Licensed Agency New graduates are welcome to stop by at Nancy Lee ' s Employment Service and discuss any problems concerning employment . . . NO obligation ... of course. Nancy Lee ' s Employment Service is located in two buildings. For female clerical placement, 614 Fidelity Building. Phone ME. 5-9591. For male placement visit their north side branch, 621 East 38th Street. Phone WA. 4-4506. Both locations are open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. Magic Carpets? MILLER-FREDERIKSEN CARPET INC. 303 W. Washington Street ME. 5-7416 They ' re not really magic, but you will feel like some- thing magical has happened to you when you walk on floors covered by Miller Carpet. Their wide variety gives you carpets to match every color scheme or to fit any kind of decor. Judy Miller, Mr. Miller 156 Your service center HANCOCK STANDARD SERVICE 7068 College Avenue CL. 5-5875 Mr. Hancock, Mike Riggs, Don Brune, Clyde Crawford Something to remember them by HERFF JONES CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS STATIONERS 1401-1429 North Capitol Ave. Junior class rings from Herff Jones Company will serve as a permanent reminder of happy years at North Central. Dottie Byschinsky, Sandy Sutton, Judy Potter, Tony VanWestrum, Tom Ziffrin Happy thoughts HOLLYHOCK HILL 8110 N. College CL. 1-2295 Attractive surroundings, excellent food, your date and you in dress-up clothes — it all adds up to a very special celebration, something to remember a long time. Mike Olsen, Judy Witham, Jack Whittemore, Ginny Wohlgemuth Lorrrrrrrry! BARBASOL " Stop it man; you might hurt or at least injure some- body that way. Are you cats trying to make us clean cut middle class American boys? Are you trying to make us productive members of society? Are you honestly trying to perpetrate this dastardly crime which would lead to the removal of our symbols of rebellion? If you use that rich, smooth, foamy Barbasol on us we might approach humanity, we might succeed in the world. Horrors! That Barbasol will make society decent yet! " • - Jim Pond, Craig Pinkus, Dan Early, Mary Lou Mackey, Gordon Risk, Eric Cederquist, Ben Wilson, Rick Schnackenberg, Mike Gunason You Never Outgrow Your Need FOR MILK Drink At Least 3 Glasses A Day EVERY DAY 158 It ' s a jewel of a store. J. C. SIPE JEWELRY 418 Merchants Bank Building ME. 7-3521 Your personality will sparkle when you ' re wearing exquisite jewelry from the J. C. Sipe Jewelry Company. Sipe designs beautiful settings for precious stones that will enhance the beauty of any costume. Mr. Sipe, Jon Sipe. Helen Copeland Need special maintenance help? BRULIN COMPANY, INC. 2939-45 Columbia Avenue WA. 5-9221 Clean-up and freshen-up with chemical and janitorial supplies from Brulin and Company. Makers of specialty maintenance chemicals since 1935. Emily Newby Buttons and Bows on Shoes! SID ' S SHOE STORE 836 Broad Bipple Ave. CL. 3-6909 Need shoes for special occasions? Are you going to a dance? Have you bought a new outfit? Are you going on a trip? You will find a wide assortment of beautiful and attractive shoes to go with anything you plan to wear at Sid ' s Shoe Store. Jeanne Cooper, Helen Elliott 159 Products to beautify and Protect your home . . . AWNINGS • CANOPIES • PATIO AND PORCH COVERS • COMBINATION WINDOWS AND DOORS • ALUMINUM SIDING McKinley Cantilevered Sun Cornice on North Central High School McKinley Aluminum Products For Industrial and Commercial Use: • Sun Shades • Cantilevered Sun Cornices • Marquee - Canopies • Cornice Shades • Panel Wall Facing • Fascia and Gravel Stop McKINLEY CO. INC. • All-Aluminum for years of Service and Beauty • Quality Built by skilled Indianapolis Craftsmen • Designed by men who KNOW Sun and Weather Control • Estimates without cost. • FHA Available " Better Living — with McKinley Products — all around your house " • LIBERTY 6-1573 • 4530 N. KEYSTONE • INDIANAPOLIS 3Mm fctetmpSnttfywat Developer and Builder of Belle Meade Estates 96th and Spring Mill Road West Crows Nest 700 West Kessler Blvd. Sweetwater Estates 7300 Dean Road Washington Township Schools 160 Charles Amy, Bill Overton Are you a " Handy " man. HANDY HARDWARE 6324 Guilford Avenue CL. 5-8200 For a " handy " man ' s paradise, shop at Handy Hard- ware. You ' ll find the best supplies in town along with the best advice. 161 All aboard for the Whistle Stop. WHISTLE STOP SAUSAGE HOUSE 901 E. 64th St. CL. 1-1932 Real good sausages for breakfast and an assortment of other taste treats you never knew could be so good. Clerks Lenora Hall and Jeaijette Vincent All around the town TOWN COUNTRY 2002 Broad Ripple Ave. CL. 3-2751 Anywhere you like, Town Country will assist in find- ing the ideal house for you. There are selections from an unusually large listing for your viewing, with friendly salesmen available to show the houses to you. Barbara Stone, Sandy Boyd, Bob Walker Loudermilk ' s 102 S. Pennsylvania St. ME. 6-3469 For the best in photography! 162 Advertisers Index James B. Adams — State Farm Insurance Company 145 Jerry Alderman Ford .... 147 Approved University of Beauty Culture 155 Barbasol 158 Beauty by Bryant 146 Broad Ripple Bowl 147 Broad Ripple Lumber and Supply Company . . 149 Broad Ripple Russet 143 Brulin and Company, Inc. 159 Butz Lumber Company . . 147 Carriage Estates 149 Central Business College . . 149 Cerulli Barber Shop 148 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. . . 155 Bill Ehrich Photographs . . 143 Goodman ' s Shoes 148 G W Food Giant, Inc. . . 1 53 Hancock Standard Service . 1 57 Handy Hardware 161 Paul Harris 142 Herff Jones Co 157 Hollyhock Hill 157 Kidd Lumber Co. Inc. ... 145 John Kleinops, Incorporated 160 Lenora Dress Shop 146 James C. McDonald 144 Orman 0. McKinley Co., Inc 160 McNamara Florist 144 Milk Foundation of Indianapolis 158 MHIer-Frederiksen Carpet, Inc 156 Mobile Oil Co 155 Nancy Lee Employment Service 156 Northwood Drive-In 150 Sering Shell Service 148 Seven Up Bottlers Distributors 146 Skeffington ' s Inc 144 Sids Shoes Inc 159 J. C. Sipe 159 .Stark, Wetzel Co., Inc. 154 Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. . . 150 Town Country, Realtors . 162 North Central Triangle Club 151 Whistle Stop Sausage House 1 62 Faculty Index B Ball, Mrs. Elsie B 36 Beasley, Eugene E 42 Bradley, Thomas M. . . . 22, 90, 67, 86 Brothers, Mrs. Pauline C. 60, 61 Brown, John Harrison 99 Bugher, William D. 44, 130, 131 c Carnell, Mrs. Bernice . .31, 100 Clones, M. Eugene . . . .90, 35 Coffin, Mrs. Elizabeth B. ...97 D Davidson, James E 99 DeBard, Carl 0. . . . 90, 75, 72 E Ertel, John 100 Fisher, Thomas F 97 Freeland, Harold G 50 G Gish, Gordon B 99 Green, Mrs. Carol S 57 H Harner, Norman L 90, 88 Harrison, H. Brown .... 14, 99 Heinig, Edward J 100 Hunter, James 95 K Keilman, Mrs. Kathleen 58, 59 Keyt, James E 98 Kivett, Mrs. Ruth S 37 Kraft, Mrs. Alice T. . . .45, 97 Lindberg, Earl F 15 M Mann, Miss Mary Louise ... 54 Mann, Philip M 98 Martin, Donald E 60, 61 Meek, Richard B 1 09 Mohr, Keith E 99 Moore, Richard Philip ....100 Mullen, M. ' ss Wahneta .... 1 09 N North, Mrs. Marie S 97 P Patton, Kenneth D 31 R Richards, Wilbur F 38 Riley, Charles E. . .90, 76, 77 S Schlatter, J. Robert .... 62, 64 Shirley, John N. . . 90, 58, 89 Smith, Max Duane 97 Smith, William S. . .90, 72, 98 Spoon, Mrs. Mary J 52 Stroup, Keith 90 V Vance, Richard M 97 Viellieu, Walter R. . .90, 75, 72 w Weaver, Byron E 90, 72 Weinheimer, Allan R 99 Wendling, John W 31, 16 Wert, Mrs. Katherine 54 Wilhelm, Charles R., Lt 68 Student Index A Abels, Jonathan B 86 Adams, Rozella 20, 60 Adolph, Nina J 64 Akers, Mary A 17 Alderman, J., 35, 75, 72, 147 Allen, David S. . . . 46, 37, 38 Allen, Jay S 87 Allen, Michael 37, 62, 64 Allison, Barbara . . 45, 61, 144 Anderson, Kathleen 61 Anderson, Pamela A.. . .46, 37, 8, 45, 115 Anderson, Robert L 61 Armstrong, James .... 60, 144 Armstrong, Teresa 60 Aspinall, Alan 62, 64 Atkins, Clayton 46 Atkins, Nancy C 60, 61 Avery, Judith E. . . . 64, 40, 48 B Bachmann, Nancy .... 25, 130 Baker, Wallace 61 Bancel, Paul 38, 128 Bandy, Donna Kay 23 Barber, Dave . 87 Bardach, Ann 60 Bardach, Carol Ann 17 Barlet, Lynn 54, 61 Barney, John 34, 89 Barr, Jim ... 1 8, 60, 104, 109 Barrett, Anne W. . . 59, 61, 150 Barrett, Ivan 21, 36 Barrett, Phillip 22, 60, 68, 69 Barrett, Rita 69 Bartelmes, Ellen 59 Bauer, Marcia .... 22, 37, 36, 39, 119 Bauer, Thomas B 54 Bearss, Kristi 28, 59 Beavers, James 35 Becker, Robert E 75 Bedwell, Joan 61 Behrman, Kurt 4, 27, 35, 37, 38, 72, 90 Bell, Mark E 38 Bergen, Nancy 61, 144 Bergerson, Mary .... 58, 1 12 Berlin, Margaret 25, 44 Berry, J. R. 60, 85, 87, 90, 154 Berry, Randall S 72, 75 Best, Richard .28, 34, 43, 146 Bettge Phyllis 61 Biddinger, Shirley 61 Bishop, Elaine 61 Bisset, Jill M. ... 59, 61, 1 12 119, 150 Bitner, Peter J 38 Blackman, Jane . . . 45, 52, 59 Blakley, Steve 32 Blewett, Carol 35 Bloomer, James 62, 64 Bloomgarden, Jeffrey .... 13 Blythe, Jerry E. . . . 35, 77, 87 Bolles, Andrew B 75, 87, 130, 131 Booton, Kay 1 28 Borden, James .... 38, 68, 69 Bowman, Lynn 60 Bowsher, Roberta .... 60, 1 04 Boyd, Ann 35, 44 Boyer, Kathleen 48 Boyer, Roger 38, 86 Bradford, Linda 20, 60 Brady, Thomas E 87, 90 Brandt, Marcia Ellen . . 60, 61 Brandt, Ralph 75 Breaux, Donna 8, 28, 87 Breaux, Richard 75 Brincheck, John 148 163 Bnnkerhoff, Karen .... 37, 39, 46, 1)5 Brodey, Philip 37, 38 Brown, Ann Marie 13 Brown, Claudia Lee . . 61, 112 Browne, Bonnie 1 28 Brownson, Judith 12 Brunelle, Jim 86 Buehler, Louis C 60, 87 Burghard, Deanna . .57, 61, 143 Burkerr, Marcia . . 34, 37, 1 04 Burkhead, Robert E 64 Burley, Barbara A 69 Burns, Edward R 89 Burroughs, Floyd 77 Burton, Rodney B 62 Buschmann, Jim 25 Butler, Barry F 68, 69 Butler, Jerry G 69 Butler, Mark A 62, 64 Butler, Robert 87 Butz. Thomas E 64, 147 Bychinsky, Dorothy . . 48, 157 c Campbell, Donald L 69 Campbell, Duncan 4, 34, 35, 89 Campbell, Nancy. . .27, 32, 35, 36, 37, 41, 58, 115 Campbell, Thomas J. . . 62, 64 Carlson, Paul 37 Carr, Katherine 61 Carrier, John W 76 Carrington, Robert R 69 Carroll, Walter 61 Carry, Charles 75 Cederquist, Eric 38, 158 Chapin, Constance E. 130, 142 Chapman, Michael .... 27, 90 Chappell, Rosemary 146 Chase Jared 60 Cheboe, John 64 Chernish, Dwight 86 Chidley, William . . 72, 86, 90 Christensen, Pamela. . . .27, 70, 91, 145 Claffey, Stephen A. ... 13, 43 Clarin, Sharon Lee 25 Clark, Katherine .... 59, 1 42 Clark, Ronald J 38, 142 Clayton, Gary .... 37, 62, 64 Climer, Conda 20, 60 Cline, Mary Pamela 60 Clinkscales, Patricia ... 16, 61 Clutter, David R. 35, 72, 75, 87 Coates, Nancy 24, 55 Coffey, Jerry ... 1 7, 25, 35, 38 Coleman, F. Craig . . 66, 67, 77 Collier, Stephen M 89 Collins, George 64 Collins, Gerald .... 35, 38, 46 Collins, Joanne 64 Collins, William J 62, 64 Colville, Nancy 70 Colville, Priscilla . .27, 91, 145 Conly, Michael 64, 87 Connelly, Pat A 130 Cooper, Carol A 60, 61 Cooper, Jeanne 159 Coover, Janet Kaye 61 Copeland, Helen .... 59, 1 59 Corey, Mike 67, 86 Coupland, Jean Ann. . .37, 143 Crawford, Susan .... 91, 130 Criss, Garry L 72, 75 Crissman, Karen .... 56, 1 1 2 Cromer, Constance . . 45, 144 Cupp, Linda Jayne. . . . .29, 64 Curtis, Niki .... 25, 35, 55, 64 D Davis, Marcia .... 8, 64, 1 20 Davis, Nancy Ann 128 Dawson, Charles 149 Dawson, Donna 37, 39 Dawson, Janet 66, 67 Deckard, Diane 25 Deckman, Jim .... 36, 38, 59 DeMyer, Mary C 59, 142 DeShano, Virginia 64 Devine, Lorin 64 Dickson, John 38 Dillon, Barbara 1 2, 25 Dinkins. S. Kirk 38, 59 Dinnsen, Stevens 35 Dobson, Carl 87 Donie, Rowland 60, 90 Dougherty, Barbara .... 44, 61 Draper, Elizabeth . . 46, 60, 61 Duck, Stephen Curtis 45 Duhm, Angela Grace 60 Dulin, Jim 87 Dunlap, Patricia 36 Durlacher, David 46 Duwe, Alan Robert . . 60, 130 E Early, Daniel E 34, 35, 64, 76, 158 Eastwood, Patricia 60 Echard, William 77 Eck, Marsha 36, 41 Eddy, Richard C 64 Edmond, Carol 36 Eggert, Betty 61 Eilert, Ronald 54 Elliott, Helen E. 25, 54, 59, 159 Elliott, James R 77 Ellis, Jennifer R 44 Ellis, Terrill 64 Emmel, Susan . . . 35, 61, 143 Engelman, Carol 128 Eno, Marilyn 51 Evans, Paul 76 Everson, Morgan 45, 76, 87, 90 F Fairbanks, Linda L 22 Fairchild, Ann 25, 91, 128, 129 Fairman, David D 62, 64 Faussett, Gloria 139 Fels, James 89 Ferguson, Tony 72, 75 Ferris, Bob 32 Finlayson, Barbara 64 Fischer, Barbara 1 35 Fisher, Dede 48 Fishman, Robert G 89 Fitting, Barbara 11, 44 Flynn, William 35 Forney, Robert 32 Fortune, Robert W 39 Foster, Kenneth 89 Foust, Alan 62, 64 Freeman, Sandra 61 Frey, David Henry. .62, 64, 88 Frey, Wm. 37, 38, 46, 61, 86 Fried, Michael 60 Fullerton, Patricia A 35 G Gage, R. Stansifer .... 62, 64 Gale, Bruce ... 27, 47, 61, 72, 84, 89, 90, 104 Gale, Charles 44, 72, 75 Gallinger, Paula 45 Ganz, Richard .... 60, 62, 64 Gardiner, William S 89 " Gardner, Susan 8 Garelick, Ken 130 Garman, Gregory 61 Garrett, Kathryn 35 Gaskill, Margery .... 45, 104 Gaugush, Raymond .... 15, 57 Gebhardt, Jo Ann 35 Geisler, Carole 1 2, 64 George, Charles 62, 64 Gibbs, Jeffrey 147 Gibson, Mary E. ... 12, 37, 46 Gilkison, Lucinda Ann. . 60, 61 Gillespje, Charles (Chuck) 62, 64 Gilliom, Ann .... 27, 36, 37, 60, 70, 91, 145 Gilson, Elmer ... 28, 56, 149 Gilson, James 27, 32, 35, 37, 77 Gisler, John 88, 128 Glazier, Jack 37, 46 Glore, Melanie 60 Goldstein, Alan 1 3, 43 Goodwin, Kay 153 Graff, Julie Ann . . 13, 35, 36, 37, 51, 58 Grau, Elizabeth 60, 61 Grauel, Norman . . . 35, 36, 38 Gray, Deanna 60 Gray, Jennifer 45, 54 Gray, Judith 60, 61 Green, Dixie Lee 61 Green, Merle 58 Greenwood, Thomas J 64 Gregory, James 17, 76, 87, 90 Griffin, Barry 64 Grinkmeyer, Charles 72, 75, 128 Grinkmeyer, Kerry .... 38, 72 Grossart, Jean 58 Gruber, Win Ellen 60 Grummann, Jane 60 Grunderman, David 64 Gruntz, Andy 68 Guedelhoefer, Charles .... 89 Guernsey, Roger . . 37, 38, 46, 89, 104 Gunason, Michael 158 Gust, Elaine 61 H Habig, William . ' 75 Hafner, Stephanie 54 Hagemier, Robert 38 Haislup, Marilyn 48, 59 Hall, Charles 76, 77 Hamilton, David C 35 Hammel, John W 77 Hammer, Richard Dale.. 38, 89 Hanaway, William H 22 Handley, Kenneth 130 Hanink, Dennis 37, 46 Hanger, Karon 60, 61 Hanson, Richard . . 62, 64, 89 Harding, Judy 44 Hargitt, Charles 62, 64 Hargreaves, Thomas 60 Harness, Suzanne 61 Harper, David 35 Harper, Edwin 72, 75 Harris, Edwin George .... 77 Harrison, Steve 89 Hart, Sharon .... 55, 64, 112 Hartman, Mike 47 Harvey, Wayne . . 38, 72, 87, 90, 104 Hasty, Carlyle 64 Hasty, Stanley 19 Hearn, Valerie 60, 61 Hedback, Susan 18 Hegeman, Lynn 61 Helwig, Edward 69 Henry, William 45, 89 Henson, Janice 36, 59, 61, 150 Henzie, C.arol Jane . . . 25, 34, 60, 64, 128 Hepburn, David .... 60, 144 Herndon, Carol 29 Hibbard, Charles 60 Hicks, David 89 Hilgedag, Bill 45, 87 Hillis, Jane 17 Himes, Raymond .... 62, 64 Hindman, Patricia .... 35, 64 Hirschman, Richard . . 35, 60 Hoagland, Stanley .... 54, 59 Hockett, Mary 60, 128 Hogan, Jack 130 Holm, Peggy 36, 41 Holsworth, Philip . . 39, 60, 61 Holtz, Daniel 60, 69 Hood, Charles 77 Horton, Alan . . 35, 37, 46, 86 Hostetler, Barbara ... 37, 61 Hough, Barbara 60, 61 Hough, Nikki 54 Hudson, Richard 38, 61 Huggins, Richard 8, 60 Hulett, Robert 142 Hult, Edward 87 Hunt, Bill 72, 75, 86 Hunter, Kathryn 36 Hunter, Virginia 64 Hutt, Carole 64 Hutsell, George 35, 38 J Jackson, James 64 Jacobs, Samuel 36, 58 64 Jameson, Herbert 72 Janes, Thomas 21 Jarvis, Linda . . 36, 45, 61, 64 Jefferson, William . . 38, 45, 87 Jerman, Dick 86 Jessup, Philip 60 Jessup, Stephen 62, 64 Johnson, Bill 86 Jones, Douglas 130 Jones, Judy 35, 36, 60 Jones, Mary 64 Jones, Michael 75, 87 Jones, Phillip .... 37, 46, 50 Jones, Reuben 38 Jones, Russell 69 Jordan, James 62, 64 Joseph, Judy 21 Judson, Jane 40 Juvinall, Joan 34 K Kabel, Ann 35 Kabel, Stephen 88 Karrmann, Edward . 35, 85, 88 Kauffman, Nerus 60 Kean, Edward 62, 64 Keel, Thomas 87 Keene, Kenneth 87 Keller, Bill 21 Kelley, Georgette 35 Kelley, John .... 37, 38, 104 Kelly, Shannon 24, 61, 128, 129 Kemper, John . . . 48, 61, 144 Kemper, Steve .... 7, 36, 39 58, 59, 128 Kennedy, Mary Ann 21, 37, 40 Kepner, Jim 62, 64 Kidd, John 142 King, Cynthia 21 Kingdon, Susan 27, 30, 60, 61 Kingsbury, Janet 147 Kivett, Elizabeth 1 1 , 64 Klain, Natalie 36, 47, 59, 146 Kleinops, Percy . . 38, 61, 72, 90, 160 Klinger, Barbara 5, 147 Klinger, Lynn .... 5, 59, 147 Klukas, Elizabeth 61 Koenig, Mike ... 75, 87, 130 Krahulik, Jon 60 Kramer, Lovetta . . 20, 60, 61 L Lach, Michael 58, 88 Lach, Peter 35 Lagerholm, Don 62, 64 Lamb, Michaele 69 Lambert, Jerry 88 Lambert, Mary 61 Lancaster, Robert . . 62, 64, 88 Landgren, Alice 61 Lang, Carol 60 Lang, Lucy 61 Lannerd, Patricia 60 Latham, Sharon 27, 39, 60, 64 Lawler, William 62, 64 Lebowitz, Nedeenia 60 Lehman, Nancy 34 Leibowitz, Alan 23 Leinbach, Alan 46 Lester, Stephen . . . 62, 64, 89 Leukhardt, Larry 75 Lewis, David. . 35, 72, 75, 87 Ley, Larry 64 Lidikay, Anne 37, 60 Lidikay, Linda 54 Lierman, Jack 148 Light, Carolyn 35, 37, 46, 119 Long, Randy . . 34, 35, 76, 87 Lowe, Judith 130 Lukenbill, Kenneth ... 26, 69 Lurie, Peggy ..10, 36, 59, 142 Lurton, Lee 64, 128 Lutz, David 38 M Mackey, Mary Lou. .21, 25, 36, 43, 46, 129, 158 Main, Bob 46, 62, 64 Main, Stephen 62, 64 Majors, Noreitta 58 Malless, Jackie 119, 139 Manifold, Robert F 75 Marcus, Spencer 62, 64 Marmon, Michael .... 68, 69 Marschke, Beth 51, 61 Marschke, Katherine. . . .60, 61 Marshall, Kathleen ... 36, 58 Martin, Larry 87 Martin, Pat 1 30 Martin, Stan. .27, 38, 104, 143 Martin, William 38, 58 Martz, Stephen 50 Mast, Barbara 37 Matekunas, Fred . . 32, 46, 128 Mathas Diana 64 McCaig, John 86 McClain, Constance.. 60, 139 McClain, Dale .... 10, 87, 90 McCleaster, Shari 61 McCleery, Marilyn 37 McClellan, George 69 McClements, John .... 37, 38 McClure, Martha 48 McCorkle, Judy 52 McCormick, Michael 38 McCotter, Martha .... 60, 61 McCready, Tamra .... 60, 61 McCullough, John 87 McDonald, Larry 32, 35 McDonald, Michael 46 McKnight, John 50, 88 McNerney, Thomas . . . 64, 86 McQuiston, Robert .... 35, 38 Mead, Edith 28 Meister, Lawrence 60 Mendell, Judy. .27, 35, 36, 61, 70, 91, 145 Meyer, Sue Ann 64 Meyer, Thomas 62, 64 Michaeloff, Patricia ... 35, 64 Michels, Diana 60, 61 Miller, Frank 87 Miller, Judy 156 Miller, Ron 86 Miller,. Rosie 130 Minney, David 130 Minor, James 38 Moffatt, Cheryl 60 Mommer, Anthony . . . 37, 38 Moore, Diane 55, 104 Morgan, Robert 21 Morris, Pamela " . . 61 Morse, Keep 68, 69 Moser, Dawn 64 Mueller, Lynda 28 Munger, Susan 44, 47 Murphy, Michele 56 Murphy, Philip 13 N Nail, Sharon 53 Newby, Bruce 21, 64 Newby, Emily 159 Nicely, Celia .... 37, 44, 46 Nicholson, Larry .... 64, 130 Nickels, Michael 76, 87 Niemann, Kenneth 69 Nolan, Maureen 146 Nolan, Michael 32 Nolan, Sandra 61 Nolte, Kathy .... 45, 61, 149 Noon, Sally 35 Norton, Richard 69 Nunamaker, Carole .. 10, 128 o Oliver, Mike 22, 68, 69 Olsen, Michael 157 Olson, Suellen 35 Orr, Stephen 27, 32, 72, 87, 90, 104 Osborne, Al 38, 68, 69 O ' Sullivan, Marianne ... 60, 61 Overfield, Ralph ... 29, 62, 64 P Parish, George-Randy. . .68, 69 Parrish, Allan . .62, 64, 88, 90 Partlowe, George 64 Patterson, Sherry 18 Patton, Donald 69 Patton, Emily 61 Paxton, Lewis 64 Payne, Phyllis .... 25, 61, 129 Peck, Gilbert 17 Persons, Clifford 56 Peters, Bruce . . 8, 26, 36, 38, 41, 61, 73, 74, 90 Peters, Charles 90 Peterson, Dan 76 Peterson, Frederick 39, 87, 90 Phillips, John 19, 64 Phillips, Pamela .... 130, 131 Phillips, Renee 35 Pinkus, Craig .... 1 3, 40, 42, 43, 64, 158 Pittard, Michael . . 58, 72, 90 Pock, Suzanne 44, 1 44 Pond, James 46, 158 Post, Laura 28, 61 Potter, Judith 1 57 Powers, Ronnie .... 8, 58, 60, 61, 87, 90 Prah, Harry 62, 64, 77 Pratt, James 68 Price, Robert .... 37, 68, 69 Pritchard, Richard .... 62, 64 Pyle, Alan R 62, 64 Q Query, Lloyd 54, 61 R Rahke, Nancy 55, 104 Readle, John 68 Reager, Joanne 60 Reichel, Linda 36, 64 Reilly, Joan 54 Reynolds, Susan 54 Richards, Bill 49 Richards, David 27, 38, 72, 85, 86, 90, 104, 109 Richards, Sharon . . 35, 60, 64 Richwine, Susan 54 Rickel, Sharon 20, 60 Ricks, Marianne . . . 128 Riddell, Carolyn 26, 27, 39, 61, 70, 91, 104, 109, 145 Riddell, Mary Lou 34 Riddell, Susan 60, 64 Riggs, Robert 157 Risdon, John 69 Risk, Gordon ... 43, 89, 158 Ritchey, Leah Dell 64 Ritterskamp, Karl . . 27, 35, 87 Robbins, Charlotte .... 37, 46 Robbins, Marcia 25 Robes on, Richard .... 88, 90 Roessler, R IC k 85, 88, 128, 129 Rogers, Susan 35 Rohrman, Melinda 46 Rohrman, Pam 37, 46 Roop, Patricia 64 Roper, Phil 62, 64 Rosenbaum, James .... 35, 46 Rubin, Susan 60, 61 Ruby, Walter 86, 128 Ruch, William 144 Russell, Ken 54 Rust, Don 89, 90 Rust, Judith 91 Ryerson, William 36 s Salge, Jeffrey 87 Samuelson, James 64 Satinsky, Sharon 54 Schaab, Charles 54 Schade, Deborah Ann .... 130 Schellert, Sue 48 Schied, Donna 34 Schilk, Donna 55 Schloss, Thomas . . 40, 42, 89 Schmid, Sharon 53 Schmidt, Patricia 60 Schnackenberg, Rick . . 36, 37, 46, 90, 158 Schneider, Barbara 45, 104, 115 Schneider, Lynda 54 Schulte, Lisa 16, 17 Schwartz, Anne 25 Seaver, William Leigh. . 46, 87, 128 Selig, Joel 50 Selka, Suzanne . . . 56 Shackelford, Edith 53 Shafer, Marian 61 Sherk, Linda 35 Shockley, Sylvia 54 Shook, Kathryn (Kay) ... 35, 51, 59 Short, Frederick 38 Short, John 13 Shrigley, Susan 64 Shultz, Kathy 130 Shuttleworth, Lucy 60 Sickles, Diane 60, 1 55 Siebs, Peggy 64 Signorino, Lois 60 Sinex, Jay 35, 89 Sipe, Jon 159 Skinner, Barbara 64 Smith, Brent 60 Smith, Cynthia 22 Smith, Frank 64 Smith, Jeanie .... 20, 21 , 36, 41, 46, 60 Smith, Larry 60 Smith, Maralee 45 Smith, Pamela 61 Smith, Suzanne 91, 128 Smith, Willis 86 Snyder, John 62, 64 Sparks, Richard 56 Spees, George .... 35, 72, 86 Spengeman, Susan . . 66, 1 30 Staiger, Peter 37, 46 Stanley, Jerry 64, 69 Stark, Marcia 54, 154 Stark, Richard 66, 154 Steele, Jay ... 8, 26, 35, 37, 38, 46, 76, 87, 90 Steinbruegge, Ronald .... 87 Steiner, Suzanne 54 Stephens, Joetta . . 21, 36, 41 Stevens, Kurt . . 72, 74, 87, 90 Stevens, Kurt . . 72, 74, 85, 87, 90, 128, 129 Stevenson, Alyce 112 Stewart, Marcia 40, 104 Stoelting, Ann 64 Stone, Charlene 1 2, 37 Stout, Gretchen 155 Strang, William 39 Stumpf, Ronni .... 36, 60, 61 Sunderland, Karen 1 49 Sutton, Woodrow .... 75, 157 Sweeney, Michael 89 Swenson, Carol 35 Syler, Lauren 60 T Tabbert, Vivian 61 Tallman, Curtis 62, 64 Talmage, Carolyn 61 Teixler, Louise 60, 61 Teuton, Diane 150 Thatcher, Susan 51, 58 Thomas, Daniel 61 Thomas, Elsie 48 Thomas, Robert 37 Thompson, Joann . . 26, 37, 69 Thompson, Marjorie .. 7, 128 Thompson, Bob 130 Thorne, Susan 27, 64 Todd, Carol 14 Tramontini, Diane 26, 27, 36, 37, 47, 61 Tramontini, Ralph 35 Troup, Pete 35, 41 True, Nancy . . 37, 39, 51, 60, 104, 109, 120 Turner, Judy 25 Turner, Pam 25 Tussing, Thomas 89 u Urban, Roger .... 35, 37, 45, 46, 85, 87, 90 V Vanderipe, John .... 38, 104 Van Westrum, Anthony . . 157 Vaughan, Winnie .... 1 6, 27 Veon, Mike 87 Verplank, Tom . .70, 72, 87, 90 Vesey, John . 58 Vogel, Janie 45 w Wagoner, Vicki 60, 64 Wahl, Carolyn 20 Walker, Robert 25 Wall, Jan 50 Waller, Susan 36, 58 Walters, Denny . . 72, 73, 85, 87, 90, 128, 129 Walters, Janet 60 Waltman, Darwin .... 64, 77 Waltman, Frederick 76 ' Warren, Claude . . 34, 35, 142 Warren, John 89 Watkins, Carolyn 61 Weatherly, Susan .... 60, 154 Weaver, Beverly 17 Weaver, Pamela 61 Weber, Mitchell 17 Weisell, Virginia .... 20, 60 Wells, Bonnie 64 Wells, John 72, 75 Wente, Joan 25 Werner, Cheryl 130, 131 Westfall, Nancy 153 White, Donald 68 White, Jeffrey 38, 87 White, Richard 68 White, Mac 128 Whitehead, Norene 14 Whitfield, Cynthia 25, 54, 91 Whitsitt, Karen . . 37, 60, 61 Whittemore, Jack ... 47, 157 Whittington, Janet 61 Wickstrom, Lonnie 11 Wiederrecht, Ann ) 67 Wilcox, Howard 17, 35 Wilhoite, Bert . . 27, 38, 72, 79, 90, 104 Willet, Stephen . . 27, 61, 85, 86. 90 Williams, Cheryl 25, 64 Williams, James P 58 Williams, James 42 Williams, Richard 28, 38, 72, 90 Wilmore, Phil 89 Wilson, Benjamin . . . 54, 158 Wilson, Kirk 89 Wilson, Marilyn 60, 61 Wilson, Randolph 87 Wilson, Sheryl 64 Wilsted, Harold 29, 46 Wirsching, Rodney 89 Witham, Judy 28, 157 Wohlgemuth, Virginia 8, 22, 157 Wolf, Fred 89 Wolf, Joseph 38, 45, 89, 142 Wolf la, Lyman 59, 148 Woods, Barry 64, 66 Wottring, Jim 58 Wright, Ronald 60 Wright, Shirley 24, 36 Wright, William 38, 46, 89, 142 Y Young, Bryan 21, 29 Young, Joann 37 Young, Philip .... 47, 62, 64 Young, Steven 35 Young, Stu ... 27, 70, 72, 90 Young, Terry 88 z Zessin, Betty 60, 61 Ziffrin, Thomas 157 Zimmerman, Donna 61 Club Index A A Cappella Choir 60 Assistants 55, 56 AVT 54 B Battle Group 68 Belles 62 Block Section 65 Bowling Club 50 c Chess Club 50 Clothing 48 Color Guard 68 Concert Band 64, 65 Counterpoints 61 Crescendo Club 63 D Dance Band 62 Debate Club 43 Debate Team 43 Drafting and Graphic Arts Club 49 Drama Club 41 Drill Team 69 F FBLA 53 FNA 52 Foods Club 48 Forensics Club 42 French Club 45 FTA 51 G German Club 44 Girls Ensemble 60 Girls Industrial Arts Club . . .48 H Hi-Y Club 39 Hobby Club 49 I Intramurals 66 J Journalism Club 59 K Key Club 38 L Latin Club 45 Library Club 54 M Military History Club 47 Mu Alpha Theta 46 N National Honor Society ... .37 NDCC Council 69 News Bureau 58 Newspaper Club 58 Nineteenth Century Authors 40 P Pep Band 62 Poetry Club 40 Press Club 58 Q Quill and Scroll 36 R Rifle Team 68 s Senior Girls League 39 Slide Rule Club 46 Social Studies Club 47 Spanish Club 44 Speech Club 42 Stage Crew 41 Starlettes 64 Student Council 35 T Thespians 36 Typing Clubs 57 Y Yearbook Staff 59 Bagby, Miss Geraldine 94 Davenport, Mrs. Lucille ....95 DeWitt, Gerald 94 Administration Index Eagle, Dr. Alice 39, 94 Griesel, Paul 95 Hiatt, Miss Ellen 95 Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth 95 Kennedy, Mrs. Jeneva 95 McKenzie, Bernard . . 95 Rose, Dr. Lowell 8, 95 Schwilk, Gene 4, 94 Swigart, Mrs. Linnea 95 Warren, Kenneth 94 1961 Northerner Staff E ditor-in-Chief Steve Kemper Photographers Hank Wolf la Rick Baughan Associate Editors Kristi Bearss Paul Walk Peggy Lurie John Lowe Sponsor Mrs. Kathleen Keilman Finances Stan Hoa 9 ,and Assistants: Helen Copeland, Anne Barrett, Carolyn DeMyer, Barbara Stone, Lynn Klinger, Section Editors Marilyn Haislup, Gretchen Stout, Jeanne Opening Krish Bearss Cooper, Helen Elliott Activities Natalie Klain Jill Bisset Guest editors from Miss Ruth Agnew ' s senior comp class: Bev Do „„i 0 Janirp Henson Ambroz, Barb Ashton, Shelley Davis, Carol Eaton, Mary Felts, people . n • lr- e Ann Gilliom, Cheryl Gruber, Nikki Hough, Sam Jacobs, Phil Jones, Sports lrK LJinKinS Ljz Kjvett) Tony Lambert, Jack Lierman, Dick Martin, Jean Mason, Ads Kathy Clark p am Morris, Jim Nichols, Suellen Olsen, Dave Richards, Dick | n dex Jane Blackman Roberson, Patty Roop, Hank Wilsted. Autograph 167 Steve Kemper makes some changes in the layout which he drew at I.U. Institute in the summer. September, 1960. Nineteen of us walked through the doors of B28 into a world where we were to be- come part of a complicated business venture — pub- lication of the 1961 Northerner. We quickly learned terms which are now a basic part of our vocabulary, such as " bleed " , " caption " , " spread " , or " copy block " . Both new and old mem- bers of the staff joined in sharing a common goal — to make this the best yearbook ever. We plunged into a multitude of jobs, photograph- ing, circulation, ADD dance, selling ads, album Peggy Lurie casts a tired look at finished pages after three hectic weeks of late night work. Right (standing) Kirk . Dinkins, Reid Hudler, printer, Steve Kemper; (seated) Mrs. Brier, Richard Brier, en- graver ' s representative, and Kristi Bearss hold a pre- conference on the 1961 book. pictures, writing copy, proofreading, and finally arranging the Autograph party. We kept at it stead- ily but found it necessary to put in many hours of overtime, spending many nights at school before the April 1 deadline. It was worth it — seeing the published result of all our hard work. Quick tempers in time of strain were soon forgotten and a closeness in feeling made us realize that we shared pride in a product of last- ing value — we had produced the 1961 Northerner. We became part of yearbook history. Newly named co-editors Jane Blackman and Kathy Clark start production on the 1962 book. II REDACTED FOR PRIVACY REDACTED FOR PRIVACY _ 1 : 1 i

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