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" ' ' ' " - : -----.-,..-V-.f..,,,, E "?""'U"'--- """"""- -jf--k f Y i gf 4? ,W Vnwvf wy Aw! Wlfgiwfiv ,ff ff wwf .MJ fm wif? O6 W ff fy QW MN M5 f aw SW ER My S H22 A5115 ,9ma4w4f , I ' 1 , F 1, -V. Az.: J jp ' , .:f'f- " ' " l'f j.gQ'.2:gw': ,:3:! . -x4::.fQ1 , Q,-i .4eL.i- ' -19 ' Q 4:-,fe - l :, mf V A --r , , .. i F. 4 V -.V A 'V 'itil-.L A Av "4 'Jf W Q piggy Q miie, J,,,f?'yL I, MWA K AW P . 1 M yi W My fail iii ,. Wag? WW WW C621 E151 2 2 QWQW N6 QQ X 1 W Xb M VWQWLVQK WWW ix W WM N353 orfAerner NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL 7958 METROPOLITAN SCHOOL DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA ,mln -af kv' gun- 1 T -A X iq,-sw 'fypw 'MXMQA W? -qw !""'f M-H 09-Ip MM X21 E 1-'NNW' S a 1 O I5 OI X' f f""" I o rf fl cn find fc . A North Centralite is a busy young American going about the important job of becoming a mature, healthy, and happy adult. Tomorrow he will tackle the problems of the world, but today he is going to school and having fun. Full of exhuberance and boundless energy, he is always devising interesting and profitable things to do with his time. A North Central girl finds school an exciting place with friends to meet, dates and clothes to discuss, and events to rehash. Classes are either boring or interesting. Griping is a pastime that relieves the pressure of getting an education. After school she listens to records, attends parties and club meetings, shops, and works to get money for a million and one "necessities" Then, when everything is finished, she may stay up late doing the book report that was assigned weeks ago. A North Central boy is always on the go. During school he is distracted by the purr of a Jaguar as it speeds along route 100. He gets together with other car enthusiasts to talk about his "crate," girl, and teachers. After school a boy works on his car, takes care of the yard, walks the dog, holds a job, and tries to do a satisfactory job of his homework P"' I1 .Xl 04 cNorfA Cenfrczhfe . . . is lypical I --1. f J X ri ,wx 4-5, -'Q Onc of the privileges of attending a ncw school is having ll public showcase in which to display class projects. Sybil Hudgins. Marilyn I Westfall, and Sally Richwine arrange stuffed animals made in the Child Development class, 4 North Ccntralitcs do "k. p." duty after caring n hearty lunch. Ronnie Gill stuffs waste paper in ii container while Dave Anderson and Corwin Reynolds put their trays on the conveyor belt which leads to the dish washers. Once a month North Centralites recuve a small but welcome vacation from studies when the Ere alarm sends them out into the fresh air for a few moments in the sun before. rtturning to tlassts of all teen-agers going to high school Each day a North Centralite spends at least seven and a half hours in school. There he is given the opportunity to select the classes and activities which will best help him develop his mental ability, and social poise, while working toward a goal of becom- ing a responsible, productive American citizen. The North Centralite elects subjects to fit in With any one of fifteen courses of study designed to meet varying needs. In the course of the average school week, pupils also participate in a program of depart- mental, special interest, and service clubs which are designed to broaden individual interests or improve skills. In an atmosphere of learning, pupils still find occasions for relaxation. Whenever there is time, boys and girls gather to talk. Gab fests and serious discussions are carried on in halls, classrooms, the student center, and cafeteria. Assemblies, too, pro- vide a welcome break in the daily routine of class- room activities and homework preparation. Couples pausing to say good-bye before going to their classes are a familiar sight at North Central. Bill Buehler regularly escorts Shirley Barnett to her room. l Mr. Tomatsu Fujiwara, a visiting Fullbright teacher, discusses his native Japan with Tridi Stalle and Allan Olmsted. He crowds work, fun ancl excitement One of the school nursc's many that need special consideration. Miss Mary Doyle. duties is to discover health problems Part of a North Ccntr,ilitc's good adjustment comes from the counsel- Ilse Carter has her hearing tested by ing he receives. Mrs. Elizabeth Collin helps Barbara Colby plan her high school schedule. , 'P I xt Each day many boys and girls get togthei in the central foyer the Student Center for it is tht focal point for much of the schools activity -ind the gathering placc for friendly thus into eight busy hours each day of the week Life at North Central became increasingly like "living in a gold-fish bowl' this second year. A day without visitors Was a rarity. School principals from all over the country, classes from all over the state, business men, and student teachers wandered through the halls exclaiming over the building. Their first reaction was that this is a luxury school but when its functional design was explained, most people realized the economy of construction that lessened maintenance costs. Activity concentrates in the Student Center, the hub from which wings extend. It is the place to meet friends before school, to transform for a for- mal dance, to use for ROTC drill, or for Spectacular practice. It serves as a theater lobby, a gym entrance, a place to register adults for night school or dele- gates to an educational conference. The bookstore, guidance, and health centers, office, and library cluster around it, serving all the needs of North Centralites. Pupils keep the student librarians busy with requests for books for both reference and leisure reading. jim Clark helps Ruth Crissman at the check-out desk. Student help, such as Judy Edwards and Nancy Sherman, sell some of the many supplies found in the well-stocked bookstore, to customers like Carol Holmes. Six hours a day are devoted To class work il u thu otlcrs no dilhtultv in tomtntrati Most boys love to manipulate the machinery that can help them become url lltnry is uiitrlx tngrosstd in tht intrltltc lines that ITI1 "do it yourself" hobbyists later if they don't elect a vocation that ,I pnnu hx in ar st uses this skill. liill Hopkins and Butch .Iohnson operate .1 drill press. Three years of English, two years of social studies, math, and physical education, one year of science, and a semester of health and safety are required of all pupils. These courses comprise one-half of the credits necessary for graduation. Although 90'Xn of all North Centralites are en- rolled in courses in the college preparatory curri- culum, the other l0"J have not been neglected. Class- es to train special aptitudes or to prepare those who complete their education at the high school level are provided. Those boys who wish vocational training may select subjects in general shop, metals, drafting, printing, and industrial crafts. Girls preparing for marriage and a family often elect courses in foods, clothing, child development, and home management. A llealth and Safety course, required of all pupils, gives its members valuable training in first aid as well as knowledge of how to maintain a strong and healthy hody. Rollin 'l'hompson, Steve widllffa, and Richard Peine use Craig Pinltus as their victim in a splint-applying demonstration. with study and activity periods added ,J Nothing is left to chance in Drivers' Ed. Machines are available to People in the band spent happy hours learning to make btautiful test reactions to typical situations. Bob Mitchell tests his braking time music together Linda Lierman Judy Lookabill and Vicky C ole con while Dee Shuck looks on. centrate on their music while Mr Robert Schlatter conducts North Centralites also find time to study fine arts. For would-be musicians, the band, orchestra, and ensembles, as well as vocal music groups rank high in appeal. Artistically inclined pupils have an opportunity to elect courses in drawing, painting, and crafts. Additional training in this field is given through such projects as painting scenery for stage productions and designing programs for special en- tertainments. With the current trend toward more activities for teen-agers, a driver's license becomes almost a "must.,' North Centralites who realized that young people are often poorly trained in safe driving flock- ed to the driver education classes. Each semester, sections were taught every period and before and after school. Mike Klezmer is one of those fortunates who was born with the eye and hand of an artist. The Art Department, with its excellent equip- ment, gave him all the tools he needed. F? He is able - ' t -Inc Wood shows Art llicknmn and Pete Egbert the mobiles made by solitl geometry students to illustrate the figures which they study. lnglish 7r pupils wiii-k closely with the library. Sandy Bernard and Nick Ferrell use one of the sets of encyclupctlias to look up information for .1 theme. to choose his own classes A North Centralite's exuberance is somewhat curbed during the school day although it tends to break out here and there in spite of a heavy schedule. With the launching of two Russian satellites this year, a new, unprecedented emphasis was put on edu- cation. Academic subjects in particular gained in prestige in 1958. North Central answered the challenge by provid- ing "X" classes in certain subjects, advanced chem- istry, analytic geometry, and calculus courses plus the traditional high school subjects pupils will need as a background for further academic training. The average North Centralite elects the majority of his credits from offerings in the English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language Departments, with special emphasis put on science, math, or business courses according to individual needs. Iiquipment used by the Business Machines classes is of great interest to Linda Parrish, Marlene Winters. Lynda Lee, Judy W'hitenack, and Norben Cooney. X from a long list of teachers and subiecfs "2'H5BQ?"" w 'f 4 l TYH 'PHIL l'Ul,l.iHk'iNli: ff s 'Ai g ,fy AV!! , , s .jg, E fAbove leftl Language students often borrow one another's visual aids for classroom use. Sandy Parker and Dick Osborne learn Latin vocab- ulary from A chart made by a student in the Latin and Greek De- rivatives class. fAbove right? Dale Harden and Bob Loser help George Quigley and Bill Wiederrect determine how much weight is needed to overcome a specified amount of friction. Through experiments like this one, boys and girls are taught to apply the science they learn from their texts. Social Studies pupils used college research methods on the required outside reports. Bob Smith and Sue Fisher sigh with relief as they file their latest efforts. 1 il fl 3 A' l L, J After the first year of adjustments he -A auf 'f-1 iz ,919 3 . .a ts, . A new Sl28,000 stadium was completed this year. Bill johnson, Bill Land, and jim Cluley don't play football, but they all have a vital interest in any kind of sports equipment. On a bright sunny day they inspect the workmen's progress and pronounce it excellent. A North Centralite takes changes in his stride. After the first year, when his world literally was being built around him, he became blase over in- terruptions and innovations. "Firsts" for North Central continued to make school history in 1958. For the new senior class there were many parties and new-found privileges. A Mother-Daughter Tea was sponsored by the girls' service club. The whole class got into the act for the seniors' Christmas party. Ranking highest in importance was the first graduation with all the planning, excitement, and fuss leading up to it. Buildings and grounds were also in for changes. The long awaited furnishings for the Home Econom- ics apartment arrived and girls were able to get on- the-spot training in housekeeping. In the main office portions of the glass walls were replaced with louvres to improve ventilation. The end of A wing was redone to house kindergarteners from Nora Grade School. Pupils and teachers alike rejoiced when the stadium was completed in time for the Panthers' game with Pike. Mr. J. 0. Birr, attending the first "Back To School" night for parents, isn't sure that science would be his interest if he were a high school pupil again. 'I'here's something suspicious about all that smoke that an Mr. Robert W'atson is producing. lakes second year changes in his stride -11 Seniors relived their cliiltllitmd days .ir thc Christmas Party. Terry Marlin directs the class members in .1 v.tri.ltiun of musietll chairs. This was iust one of the many "kitltly" games that the buys and girls played. After a year of waiting, the Home lfetvnomiex .ipnrtntent was finally furnished. fleftj .l0Ann Ditvenhcrger, Becky Wiulf, and Sally Sage look through n1ng.wines for ideas un furnishing it home. While Balrlmrti I Y i 3 i 'X if ,,.,.,.....,M- 19' tkwtm ' 'T Child Development pupils love tn work with the kintlergnrtcners who are htiusecl in A wing. Snm King and xlilI1lCC llmnnun stage Cl ten party for lNlelintl,1 Mtmre, Cheryl Hnllnmn, .intl jim Culp who "plumes" to invite another guest. W'illi.tinson fll.1Cligl'0LlllQlj clmts with Nancy St. ilnhn. frightj Brenda Willi.'ll'llSUI1 and Marilyn wlCSlf.lll use lmrmoniving place nun and dinnerware to ser the table in the dining room, 3 : 3 i I ,, Q iff 'PL AY RYHEARSRL PRRC1 . - TOM., xl I Buys Ilkc XY'.1yi1c lxnnlws and .lim BJFKIQII, whim cniuy grnplmin' .Iris umliwcs, uflun Spend their frcc time wurkilig in thc Sclmol print slump. Most Centraliters are home by four dclock ulwlnilv .llilblll lllr llCL'Li for Sx'iL'IlliNl's sparkul the inlcrcwl' of many upils who give up their .lflcrnuon lcisurc to cxpcrinmcnt in thc Libs, Turlcy mkcs .npnrl llxc model of A typiul flower me Bcrnn ynrli, limi.: Brown. .ind .lan Ilinnslnn witch xlxc dciixomrrntiml. Scldmn wr-11, lun ximllx llLK'CQS.ll'y in .my Qmgc production or assembly .irc ilu- pr-hplc wlm 'act thc srngv, prc-S the propur lvutmnv, and pull thc right wards ln nmlxc cvury PL'l'fOl'l11.ll1xC mow: siimolllly. Ililc Scring .ind glurly l ylmwk work his lu pn-p.n'c for ilic ncxt d.iy's pcrformance. QR We . . . 1 N-ul ,P , ..1. g e s ...q.o,5f.- ...W 43 Beautiful seasonal decorations are assured at North Central. Becky Teague, Art Hickman, and lynn Hall .artistically arrange snowflakes on thc xtudcnl center picture windows in preparation for the Christmas I-'antasy dance. but many stay to work on special A North Centralite seems to have endless vitality. XVhen the three-thirty bell rings each day, some of them gather their books and dash for busses. But others voluntarily stay to Work on projects, to get extra help from teachers, or just to have a good time. Not content with six periods of schoolwork, sev- eral groups met after classes this year to study for the verbal and math sections of the College Board examinations. Programs were scheduled for students entering the Indiana Achievement contests. Boys , iift . and girls also gained extra experience in the field of 4 t Pfissfs: 1 their major subjects by helping in one of the labs 01' shops. All after-school activities cannot be considered "work," Many North Centralites pursued their hob- bies of art or carpentry by painting scenery and building sets for stage shows. Musical productions, plays, and the annual Spectacular required hours of practice. Sports, too, took time. More than 150 boys stayed long hours each night for workouts. projects ' 'Scali''fK':'i.f1.55 , f ' zffd L.: ?itYV'iQ5fNf5- .. L' . .,,,,,q .. v , 'fa fl- ln the spring, golf bags become .1 familiar sight in the halls as boys on the team go directly from school to a nearby course to practice as long as possible before it gets dark. lfour regulars in the sport are llill hlolimon, Dave Iipperson, Bill Land, and jim Danby. H t, 13'?,?ii5-.'r nits. ,V - H ' L. 1 ' ' 1 ,.z sf .jg N y. 1 .Q .J ' -lkfgblmg-" fag 1 ,QP r-, it lit ' K 5 'E P ? At home, life is fillecl with activit . tw. . 'f fi ' ' ' ' ' '1 , Q7-maxi 4 Ji , Y! 'A xiii' 'fag 4 aff Studying can hc ,x ctiniplicntcd process with telephones, TV and radio, and many other intcrruptinns. Chip XY"ilhoitc is a versatile boy who lux ltxirnctl tn study in spite of outside intcrfcrcncc in thc form of llmig l5ci'gt'rmi1 who usus huincwork questions as an excuse: to call his l1l'Nl lirivml. ies A North fQ4'iitr.ilitc is .1 wcll-rutimlutl pt-rsnn wlm mixus stutlics, fun, .mtl ltululuicx into his husy lilic. Sonic h.lvc stmngc intisrcstsi. Vicky Culu , lnvcs to wilt-tt limilx .mtl himcs from prcliistnric nniinnls. Q s that he pursues with boundless energy North Centralites never lack for something to do even when the strenuous school day is over. Usually algebra, English, history, or some other assignment furnishes work for afternoon and evening hours, but occasionally there are no lessons. That means leisure time to read a good book, to work on a hobby, or to sit and watch television. Household chores claim their fair share of time. Girls are called upon to help with the cleaning, dish washing, and the care of younger children. Boys confine their efforts to yard-work, odd jobs, and keeping the family car in top-notch condition. Dates, as always, are important. Even in the busiest of schedules, there is time for a coke date, a show, or an occasional dance. In other words, North Centralites lead a life typical of teen-agers the coun- try over. Having a strong boy around the house is a hoon to parents. Bob Galm shovels snow from the family walks. This was .1 year that kept him husy fur the winter was unusually severe. Q Being a good baby-sitter is a profitable iob for teenagers in search of extra money. Linda Peak has her small charge, Lanny Hooker, spell- bound as she reads the comic strip to him. Dates sometimes seem more important than any other activity in a North Centralite's life. Linda Hale adores the courteous treatment Butch Rogers gives her when he opens his car door for her. L fm X. - uw orfla Cenfrakfe . . . Concenlrales North Centralites spend most of their waking hours at school, but not all of that time is concen- trated on the three Ris. Frequent social events relieve what otherwise might become monotony. After football and basketball games many school organizations took turns sponsoring mixers. Popular disc jockeys sometimes provided the music, but on other nights members of A-V T spun the records. Occasionally there were parties and dances for the whole school or for a single class. Banquets were often given to honor pupils who had earned recognition in various fields of endeavor. Each season, athletes who received their letters were given awards at a special dinner. The operetta, all school play, and Junior Spectacu- lar also gave pupils a chance to get together for an evening of fun and relaxation. Student mixers are an important aftt-1'-ganie activity. XY'l1ile boys and girls listened to llill llaker spin records, or danced with eaclt other parents attended their own party in the cafeteria. Mrs. Robert l.ank ford serves refreshments to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kiger and Pau li. Merriman. FUI I ll Ill up Girls in the blouk section .added color and noise to tournament and home basketball games. his life and activities around his school This year for the first time, the Trimgle Club gave what they planned would become .in .innunl .iff.1ir, the l".imily hlgunboree. Booths for selling various articles, .ind for games. were wt up throughout the student center .ind lower IS wing. The evening proved highly successful from .1 point of view. Qleftj A group of square dancers was one of the acts featured in lhe variety show given during the evening. frightl Mike Ewing and Harry Buddenbauiii model North Central beanies, sold at one of the booths. for Mrs. Donald I,und and two other members of the Triangle Club who also displ.iy colorful articles bearing school insigni.i. 1 'D ui, ' I l - , I He enioys going to parties and dances Wi.: Q wen Ioilx llltlcnlwrgcr ilantes xxitli lier esturt l'liil lstrltlgc. in tli xtinlcnt tcntcr wliicli was tr.inslornietl into Nil. Vernon for tli Xiilivirx l'm,ill. L, 1, In many cases electing royalty to preside over various functions can be as mucli fun as tlie event itself. On tliree separate occasions North Central pupils got togetlier to select a queen by popular vote. Members of tlie Latin classes cltose Betty Lanliford to rule over tlte 1957 Floralia, a program to welcome spring. Tlie football and cross country teams named Barbara Hammer as queen of the Fall Sports Dance sponsored by the Student Council. -Iody Ditzenberger was selected by ROTC boys to reign over tlieir second annual Military Ball. betty lanltlortl. queen ot tlic l'lllI'.lll.l. and Iwi' tonrt tonsistniig ol l'yden, Katlileen Sinclair, lynn L'niplirey. and linda llirt. wattli tlic prngrain from tlicir x'.1iit.iige point at one corner of iln- stage, lhve Anderson explains tlie rules nl' football to Iii- date, lhrlvara llanimer, wlio was elected to reign oxer ilit- Student fuuncilis l'.lll Sports lianre. ancl electing royalty lor special occasions J "" Qi' Cflmrter meinhers of the ,Iunior Prom Queens and Kings elect are fu-.iiedl Nhrenn Vifcn-cr, Becky XY'olf, S.illy Sage, Judy Wliitacre, Adm lit-itler, Msrilyn Westfall, ll.lll1IllCF, li, l'il'CCl.ll1Ll, Nancy Guests nt North Centriil's first junior Prom, June 7, 1957, circled the huge shiny floor at the Indiana Roof, dancing to the music of Ferl Newport and his orchestra. Intermission entertainment was provided by the hive Stars, gi popular local singing group. The most important event of the evening was the crowning of Adrn Heider and jim Peterson as queen and king respectively. Acting president Marcin Maher announced the names of the winning pair. Chairmen Tom Green, Mary Lou Stark, Sam Bangs, Deanna Moser, Ann Tnkalyoshi, Linda Brandt, and Chuck Harrison planned the dance. Their commit- tees worked under the supervision of class sponsors Miss Glethu Mae Notfsinger .ind Mr. Rohert W'ntson. Queen Adm Helder, overwlielmed by her election, whispers delightedly' to king -lun Peterson, while class secrel.lry. kay Browning, .ind lI'l'.lN' nrer Uni- :Xiularsoii xnilch iliu lmppy' pair. Varnes, .ind I.ind.i Brown, tstuindingl Steve Browning, Dick lziirtliild larry Colley,, Terry Nldflill, lhn Kelly, Yun lhiiligs Peterson, .ind Ind liolv luller .ilm-ni tor ilie Iilflllft ,..vr--I He lilces to take an active part in events lieliind tlie scenes of the junior Spectacular were- fupper lefty Miss Cleo Kinnison, co-ordinator, and f Mr. NXilliam litiglier, assistant eo-ordinator. flower leftj "Attic Rampage" clmairmen, Linda Keller, Betty l,.ll'llxl.0I'Ll, Lynn liobes, jan lfyden, and Sandy Sanl- miller. Cupper riglitj "Rl1ytl1n1 'Round the NWorld" cliairinen, Donna Bishop, Linda Hale, Butch Rogers, Karen Roessler, and Linda Xvesseling. fupper centerj .15 ff: , ' , W , 7 ll in i 4 , K f wx 1 A ' in , i 'Q i t- V ii N ' -xi .E , Q e,ieee w ie ' A gr., 221 l i V i e,ee H 3 Y F! Q? Xi I kv "Sweet Dreams" clmirmen, Sliaron Goodwin, Linda Porteous, Georgianne Kustad, and Barlwara l.Uft1LllSf. Qlower centerl "XVater W'onderland" cliairmen, Diane Turley, Cathie Duck, Nancy NVynn, and ,Ioni Tisclier fnot picturedj. Qlower riglitj "Gentlemen Be Seated" chairmen, jim Hamaker, Ronnie Payne, Bob Beckman, and Deanne Hood. that are part of the school's traditions To North Centralites, the annual Junior Spectacu- lar is more important than any other single event. For months everything else takes a back seat while act chairmen write scripts, plan dances, and conduct rehearsals. Act members, chairmen, and sponsors werenit the only ones who were busy. The co-ordinators' assis- tants, George Sweet and Judy Lybrook, gave the Spectacular many hours of their time. Karen Con- rad, Dotty DeShano, and the Pastels provided inter- mission entertainment, while Gary Henschen and Tom Green worked up skits to introduce each act. After the final performance, both acts and indi- viduals were cited for their efforts. IQWLIICF Wonder- land," "Sweet Dreams," and "Gentlemen, Be Seated" were named the best acts for March 13, 14, and 15 respectively. "Old Salt," Tom Draper, tells sailors, Bob Doane and Frank Krahulik, about iimltrwater life in the act, "XY"ater W'onderland." Two acts were "Artie Rampage" Cabovej featuring cheerleaders Sherry Brooks, Barbara Hammer, Marean NX'eaver, -Iutly Wfhitacre, Nancy Varnes, liarhara Freeland, Sally Rieliwine, and Marilyn W'estf,1ll, and football players, joe lftchison, Dave Anderson, Bob Beck, Dan Harlan, Bob Hargreaves, Terry Martin, and Chip W'illioite: and "Rhythm 'Round the W11rld," fbelowj with Swiss dancers, Chuck johnson, Martha Herrin, Judy Lybrook, Brian Duwe, ,Indy Olmsted, Steve Chapin, Dave W'olf, Phyllis Reid, Ann W'e:itl1erly, and Bill Wilsted. He has a chance to make public appearances North Centralites find a number of opportunities to display their flair for dramatics. Whenever tryouts are announced for a major production such as the junior Spectacular, operetta, or all-school play, judges are literally swamped with people trying out for parts. Even when there is a possibility that rehearsals might interfere with other fun, interest usually re- mains high. Not content with "ready made" scripts, many boys and girls get together with teachers, to write and produce their own plays and skits for assemblies. Latin Club members Karen Roessler and Linda Wes- seling turned playwrights for "So Long, Oo Long," while other North Centralites collaborated with fae- ulty members, Mrs. Margaret Dunlap, Dean Evans and George Oberle for the "Marriage of Polly Pan- ther and Vie Tory," a pep assembly skit. jim Wead proposes to julie W'ilson, head of the fashionable Crocker School for Girls, in the operetta, "The Prince of Pilsenf' Other cast members who played important parts are Frank Shepard, Kitty Grummann, Pat janes, Mike Clark, Karen l.emasters, Cynthia Barker, judy W'hittington, Terry Martin, Mike lingle, Corwin Reynolds, Dorothy DeShano, and Faith Farmer. I ll l his lirownnn., xsurnn., tips intl govins gtf togtthtr vuti joanne johnson and Chuck u n n mtv. in ti ntw sntk before the stnior inntting at which graduation robes were shown. in school plays, stunts, and programs lead players, Mike Clark, Mike Engle, Judy Martin, and Ralph Michael, rehearse for the all-school play, "'l'lic Gramercy Ulmer." Lynn Hull, julie Wilson, Tal johnson, Kathy Folw, Deanna Moser, .md Bonnie llurl .xlso .ippcnrcd in rlic production. Nqncv Colville announces ci roclnnialion .xffecrin the mi ration of Tom Dr.: er reads the marria e vows for "Vic Tor and "l'ollv Pan- . P za s E P s 5 , the Hclvctmm, to Cameron W'elles, Bob Beckman, and im Burr. The ther," Fd Br an and im Clule as Rand Brifrs, im South, and E . A Y Y Y sz. scene is from the l,.mn Club's presentation, "So Long, Oo Long." other members of the "wedding" look on. .my .JI Bom or Gnowsht' Marcia Maher, president of the Senior Class, was named North Cen- tral's DAR good citizen by her classmates and teachers. is proud of the honors his school wins Throughout the year, North Centralites won many honors. Pupils received awards for their endeavors in almost every field of competition. Because of the un- usually large number who won recognition, all could not be pictured. Bill Land, president of his Junior Achievement company and also of the local governing body for that organization, was selected to attend the JA con- vention at Des Moines, Iowa. There he received a second place medal in production research and a first place award in company management. In the field of sports, Bob Beck was named to two all-county football teams. Larry Warren was county Wrestling champion for his weight division. North Central pupils also placed high in the dis- trict and state music contests. The Petticoats, a sing- ing group, participated in a nation-Wide talent con- test, winning a trip to New York for the finals, just at Norflavrmv' deadline time. Bob Hendrickson receives an award as the best platoon leader during the First Federal lnspection ceremony of NDCC. ww w-L' HK Sandy Ileisterkamp and judy Horst, award winners in the Scholastic Art contest, look over the entries that won ,A gold key and n berth in scholarship competition for Ann Taltnyoshi, talented member of North's Art IDep.u'tmcnt. fi? 1 for entries in city and state compeh tions V. Q Art lliekman consults with his Qpeceh teacher, Mrs. Marion Dryden. Joe W'ood .md janet Humsron, recipients of 1 trip to Wnlungtmi Art was second in the county finqlx of the National Ornoricnl Contest. D. C., look over u poster explaining the federal govtrnmtnt s dutits .M 'ri mifcff Senvlcss Og our QM.. BUSINESS L AP WV, V. .M N.-.V vw. ..,.m1- W. -mp in .-.i.f.m, my fy U-N.. ,om F EDU017 ION ARE ..v.,, ,f '--- Y V ,,. sm .f. fm., .J mem.- H- ..-,U V. .fo 1-.,.'. mn' tp ,W . 1 of if-Q-rm .r.m..i1-s-In-t M -mu, www lm.-.M els. TRANSPOFJX M A He is proud of the judic Mitchell, joe Wood, Judy Lybrook, Larry Coffey, Marianne Pllak, .limm Light, Dale Sering, Mary Lou Stark, Tim Steele, Janet Graves, Gail liaton, and Brad Waltman received the 1957 Triangle Club awards for the most outstanding boys and girls in each class. North Centralites received high scores in all divisions of the Indiana Achievement contest. On the regional test, top marks from the school went to Bob Geofirion, Latin 23 jeff Barnett, comprehensive mathe- matics "B", ,ludie Mitchell, Iinglishg Gretchen Erickson, Spanish 2, boys and girls who win North Centralites who demonstrate special abil- ities reap interesting rewards. Each spring the Triangle Club names two boys and two girls from each class as the most outstanding stu- dents. Judie Mitchell and Larry Coffey, who had been so-named as juniors, were further honored when they were selected by the Northside Lions' Club again to receive recognition as the most outstanding students with selection based on scholarship and achievement. Other North Central pupils received top honors. In a geometry and advanced algebra contest with West Lafayette High School, Eric Norman and Joe Wood earned Hrst place. Second place recognition went to Janet Graves, Mike Lewin, and Pete Egbert. Third place winners were Terry Cuthbertson, Marianne Plzak Tim Steele and Ken Porter. ! S Pupils, selected primarily for good citizenship, are invited to attend the Boys' and Girls' State sessions at Indiana University each year where they learn more about their government. Pat Rountree, Spanish lg Mike Lewin, comprehensive mathematics "A", and Steve Hall, geometry "A", Absent for the picture were Eric Nor- man, geometry "B", and joe Wood, comprehensive mathematics "C", recognition lor scholarship ancl leadership Seventeen boys and girls turned out in a competition to determine which seniors would speak at commencement exercises. From that num- ber, six were selected to enter the final round. Kurt Henschen, Nancy House. Sam Bangs, W'alt Lowe. Nancy Turner, and Joanne johnson gather around the rostrum to congratulate each other. liach spring a group of juniors arc selected to attend Girls' State and Boys' State. Girls who will attend the session at Indiana University are ffrontj Nancy Young and Barbara Lofquist. Boys representing North Central will bc fsccondl Dave Maxwell. Tim Steele, joe Wood, and Tom Chase, and alternates fbackl Bob Martz, Steve jay, Dave Ncwltirk, and Chip Wilhtiite. W'alt Lowe and .Iudie Mitchell, finalists in the National Merit Scholar- ship competition, pour over a stack of college catalogues as they try to decide where to attend school. IIIILOPIU pn lltlilll wil Dill. N. SIRI!! .mm ltlililffii. .ii--im .tw um ri wl- sim um . ,Q mul uw' ctwsitt 's.... George Sweet reassures .lim Peterson, Safety Council checker, that he will always drive carefully. jlLrfA Cenfrabfe . . . likes North Centralites are proud of their community. By Working on school sponsored projects and assist- ing civic organizations, they do their share to help others. Special interests are sometimes translated into group activity. Those who enjoy dramatics often Work behind the scenes at a summer theater, While a luckier few appear out front on the stage. A group of the more studious ones attend monthly meetings at Central Library to learn about foreign nations. Gaining experience in the business world is impor- tant to teen-agers. Many boys and girls hold jobs or participate in the Junior Achievement program. The church plays an important part in the lives of most young people. There they gather for fel- lowship as well as Worship. Some of them sing in a choir, teach Sunday School, or contribute time doing odd jobs around the church. Many others are active in their church's youth program or in some other similar religious organization. Karen Kigcr, Bonnie McLaughlin, and jimm Light are typical of the many North Centralites who consider Sunday morning church going a "must," Many denominations are building in Washington Township. xlmly Ditvcnbcrgcr gCls practical business training from her part-time job in il bakcry. Ann Dcckulbaum, Ginger Parlay, and Margie Bitncr help Mary Keller, from St. Mary of thc Woods, paint scenery at Avondale Playhouse. to ioin in community activities and proiecfs Many Ccnlmlitcx .irc scout mindctl. Chuck Lugnr learns about lfurn- pcan customs from Bill Buchlcr who .ittcndcd thc International Boy Scout hlamborcc. Thu "l'," Linda Hirt, Karen l.cM.ixtcrs, and .Iulic W'ilson. .appear on many cmnmunity programs. 3 gage-A-www, RA I .,,- , 4 , X uf s . I , .XXX T xx luv , Q. 1' I R4K:,x x V ,353 - Ng nvixkxx XX Q L 4' . ' sf uv-'f' Qi' wk, Sa, FEP gg aww Q0 The forty minutes after lunch are a beehive of activity as homeroom, special meetings, and all other extra-curricular activities compete with each other for che time. An activities period, established this year, gives clubs a chance to meet during the daytime. This encouraged four more groups to organize, bringing the total to twenty-eight. cfivifies Typical club members, Rolland Nail, Phyllis Reid, and Priscilla Jackson, represent the band, Spanish Club, and F. N. A. Top ranking pupils selected to Honor Society The officers and sponsor of the National Honor Society are Mrs. Mildred Shirley, sponsor, Shirley Barnett, secretary, Marilyn Wilnxore, vice- president fseatedJ, Tal Johnson, treasurer, and Larry Warren, presi- dent Cstandingj. NATIONAL HONOR SOCII-ZTY-Fin! row: Dorothy DeShano, Joanne Johnson, Adm lleider, Nancy Minnis, Marcia Maher, Sharon llall. Serum! mir: Peggy Snyder, Marilyn Wfilmorc, Nancy Turner, X In the latter part of the 1956-57 school year, twen- ty-five juniors were elected to the National Honor Society on the basis of character, scholarship, leader- ship, and service. During an all-school program, these boys and girls were initiated in an impressive cere- mony conducted by the Ben Davis High School chapter. A dinner for the members, their parents, faculty committee members, the sponsor of the organization, Mrs. Mildred Shirley, and the senior sponsors, Miss Gletha Noffsingcr and Mr. Robert Wzltson was held in February. At this time members were presented with their Honor Society pins or necklaces. OHJCCFS of the club include Larry Warren, presi- dent, Marilyn Wilmore, vice-president, Shirley Bar- nett, secretary, and Tal Johnson, treasurer. In the spring of 1958, the names of new members, five per cent of whom were from the senior class and ten per cent from this year's junior class, were dis- closed during an assembly program. Even the new members had been kept in the dark up until that t1I'l'lC. Mary Lou Stark, Lynn Signorino, Judie Mitchell. Tlrinl mir: Mrs. Mildred Shirley, sponsor, Judy Horst, Tom Green, Larry Coffey, George Quigley, Janice Whitehead, Dale Sering, and Gretchen Schafer. Sludenl Council plans slate convention l l STUIJIQNT' I'1I1l'i Dottie Henry, Karen Roessler. ,Ianet Graves, Marilyn w'lll111lfC, .Iini Blythe. Dave Maxwell, Pat llanes, Pat Merriman, Linda Danlte, Nancy Colville, Marcia Maher, Craig Reynolds. Srrmnl rrrtr: Kathe Wiggatn, Randall -lehs, ,lim Peterson, Bar- bara Porter, Nancy Sherman, Gretchen Schafer, Art Hickman, lid Student Council members, happy over the honor of having their school chosen to serve as hosts to the state convention next year, re-elected Jim Blythe as president and started him on a busy schedule of di- recting preparations for the big event. One section of the organization, the Safety Coun- cil, increased its activity this year by conducting a car check every morning, turning aside those drivers who were without permits. Also, they provided a gallery display of gruesome wreck pictures that had Mr, Smith looks on as Mr. 'I'liimias Sterling, lfxccutive Secretary of Veil Student Councils of Indiana, congratulates .lim Blythe and Marilyn Copeland, Bill Teegarden, Martha Nees, Bill liuelilcr, .lint Turner Maureen Beutlcr, Cindy Bauer. Philip lircdell. 'ffvrif fun: ,Iolin hlirexe joe W'ood, Tim Steele, Don lfoley, Paul Partlow, Mike iiillioin, llan Harlan. Gordon Cruicltslianlt, ,lim Halverson, ,Icrrv Miller, loc XV smith, Ron Payne, Pete lfghert, Larry Barrett, Walt l.owe, Mr: Warren. al-- everyone driving with unusual care for a while. Safety assemblies were held for all students who were in- terested. Other projects sponsored by the council were the sports and Christmas Fantasy dances, and the cafe- teria clean-up campaign. Marilyn Wilmore, vice-president, Karen Roessler, secretary, Dave Maxwell, associate secretary, and John Shreve, treasurer, helped jim to get the Student Council off to a democratic start in their second year of operation. more after they were formally installed into the Student C'ount'il. i Athletes backed by peppy booster groups Although players may not consciously hear the roar of the cheering sections at games, they are un- consciously affected by the fervor of the booster section and feel let down when the noise dies out. North Central's Panthers received ample encour- agement from Booster Club members who sat to- gether at all games. A special group, consisting of members of the block section, are girls who hold season book tickets and attend all home games. All other members of the Booster Club sit around this section and give their heartiest support. Block section members added color to the North Central-occupied bleachers during the basketball sectionals. A checkerboard effect was achieved by A game without its Booster Club is like a movie without background music. North ciCl1lI'.liiN block section, which is one unit of thc Booster Club, gives the reams their ardent 5Llpp0X'I. the girls who Wore bibs of red, black, or White. Derbies and shakers added the extra "touch." Oiticers of the Booster Club are Tom Draper, president, Cathie Duck, vice-president, Diane Turley, secretary, and Caroline Petty, treasurer. Mrs. Mar- garet Dunlap is the sponsor. Another part of the Booster Club, the Pep Band, made music that could be heard even above the din of shrieking fans. The members tootled and banged happily all during the games, illustrating the reason basketball is called "Hoosier Hysteria." The Pep Band, under the direction of Mr. Robert Schlatter, is composed of several of the regular band members who organized for this special purpose. Above thc din of the cheering spectators and the cries of the umpires, music can be clearly heard. North Ccntral's Pep Band is doing its bit to encourage the athletes. 4.l.1.1-1 1 Senior girls organize to give school aid The Planning Board outlines all of the activities for the Senior Girls' Marilyn Wiliwwore lynn Signorino ludy Vlntnre oytr Service Club. The board consists of fleft to rightj Adm Heider, hay Brow img met Sundtrlind Ind Nlireii Nllitr In the fall of 1957, eight girls met with Miss Geral- dine Bagby to organize a Senior Girls' Service Club. All senior girls were eligible for membership. The purpose of the club is to give service to the school in any way it can. The first project was to make new students feel at home by inviting them to get acquainted during lunch with a few of the girls and faculty members. Other members acted as a welcoming committee for the North Central evaluating committee and visiting principals from all over the United States. A Mother-Daughter tea was held at Christmas for senior girls, their mothers, and women faculty mem- bers. Senior colors, gold and white, were used in the decorations. The Panhellenic tea held in February at Butler University gave the girls an opportunity of meeting sorority Women and hearing about organization life. A tour of the sorority houses on the campus ended the program. France made real for members of club l"l'sl"NC ll Cl.Ul5e-Hrxl mu: Chuck Fishman, Susie Cooling, janet llinnston, cl.lll!iL' Duck, Sandi Fllcs, Kathleen Sinclair, Judy Olmsted, Kay Wootlring, .lanet Morgan, Christine Convey. Srroml row: .Iudy Kmnear, Amy Collin, Susan Harvey, iludy Kinnear, Kathleen Folw, Marianne Pllak, Nanci Nail, Cari Cmnpbell, Bonnie Barr, Betty Lank- Freneh Club members have been actively engaged in developing a constitution this year and also in preparing a number of interesting programs. All persons taking French are eligible for membership. In order to obtain a better knowledge of French habits and customs, and to become more familiar with the language, each member corresponded with pen pals in French speaking countries. just before the Christmas holidays, members of Les Amis de France strolled through the halls of North Central singing Christmas carols in French. Scenic movies and a speaker, Mrs. R. W. Franz, were arranged for other club programs. Officers are Susan Cooling, president, Linda Hale, vice-president, Carol Shuttleworth, treasurer, and Bonnie Barr, secretary. Mrs. Alice Kraft is the sponsor. Scenes of France present a backdrop for a skit presented by janet Sunderland and Cari fannpbell for all the members of the French Club. V l ford, Linda Hale. Tlrirfl r'rn4': Mrs. Alice Kraft, sponsor, Sally Thomp- son, Phyllis Ordway, .Indy Pond, jerry bleter, Harold Bredell, Mike Lewin, Bob Beck, Randy ilehs, Marjo Hunt. Ruthie Adams. Carol Shuttleworth, Carolyn W'iley. l i l Latin Club celebrates ancient Roman customs LATIN CLUB SENATE-Firxf row: Margaret Coates, Judy Gambill, l.arry Hannah, Karen Roessler, Bob Beckmann, Srroml row: Cindy Bauer, Larry Chesterfield, Don Foley, Larry Coffey, Mark English, Frank Cable finds that A Trip Tbrouglr Hades in the Latin Club left a bad taste in his mouth, Chuck Poland Qleftj feeds Frank while Sandy Lang looks on. Don Morrison. Tlainl rou': Miss Ruth Lesley. sponsor, Dave Lundin, jimm Light, Steve Browning, ,lim Birr, Bob linoeh, Susan Duck, Miss Cleo Kinnison, sponsor. Latin Club is one of the largest and most active of all groups at North Central since all Latin students are eligible for membership. Initiation for Latin Club members was given in typical Roman style. New members were conducted on A Trip Through Hades by the members of the previous year. One of the high-lights of the year was the slave sale in March at which time eighteen volunteer "slaves" were auctioned off to other members of the club. For the following two weeks, the "slaves" served their masters during their free moments each school day. The Floralia in May is the club's important pro- gram of the year. It is at this time that the Queen of May is chosen by members and crowned during an auditorium program where she and her court rule over an original play written by the members. The 1957 playlet was presented last fall before the Latin teachers of the State Teachers' Association. Officers of the club are Larry Coffey, consul, Karen Roessler, proconsul, Jim Birr, quaester, and Susan Duck, scribe. Sponsors of the group are Miss Cleo Kinnison, and Miss Ruth Lesley. SPANISH C'l.UlS4l'i.'ril fair: lfllen Swigarl, Sherry Brooks, Sally ilifllrif r11u': Mr. NX'illiani ltugher, sponsor, Sondra Nloon, l.ind.l l.ogan, lloward, ,lane Metcalf, Karen Kidd, Susan Iitshokin, Barbara Vikilters, Gail l",.1ton, Mike Kleliner, f'ynLl1i.i Keeney. Denny leibowitv, Katie Sally fhandler. Niwunl mir: 'liom Hopkins, Anita Schetter, .Iaequie Kohlstaedt, Nancy Stephenson, l.inda llaislup, Nancy lllackclter, irelw, Mary Anderson, Pat ltountree, ll-lllfl llauiner, Gretchen lirick- Nancy Turner, Donna Hineliman. on, llandi l'.iln1er, .Io Mekt-I, lfllie C'li.1se. Ilona Miller, Bob Smith. Spanish Club gets acquainted with Spain Sondra Moon, Mike Klclmer, and Katie K4!l1lNl.lL'dl get in the mood lor .1 Spanish dinner to be celebrated by Spanish Club members wlm will cal typical food. l I . ,Nga 5 Qs 5' si l af l a. I A more personal acquaintance with Spain and its customs is the objective of the Spanish Club. A test of the members' command of the language came when the consul to Guatemala, Dr. sl. G. livan, was a guest speaker at one of the meetings. His talk was in Spanish. During the holiday season, members prepared a Christmas basket of canned goods for needy families and presented it to the Salvation Army. A dinner, held in the Home lic dining room and prepared by twenty members, was another interesting project. Guests were served a Spanish menu, con- sisting of enchaladas, salad, and chicken with rice. At another meeting slides of Mexico were shown. During Christmas, carols were learned in Spanish. Officers of the club are Nancy Turner, president, Jo Mekel, secretary-treasurer, and Linda Haislup, historian. Mr. Willizlm Bugher is the sponsor. Persons interested in art found an outlet for their creative ability in the Art Club. Members worked on projects of their own and also assisted the school by helping paint scenery for the Family Jamboree which was held December 7. Three persons made an excellent showing in the art exhibit at L. S. Ayres. Ann Takayoshi received an award for her scholarship portfolio plus a gold key, while Judy Horst and Sandra Heisterkamp both received merit recognition for their exhibits. Field trips to Indianapolis Engraving Company and to the scholastic art exhibit during the year gave members a better idea of commercial art. Officers of the Art Club are Lynn Hall, president, Barbara Freeland, vice-president, and Becky Teague, secretary. Mrs. Zelda Zoe Cassady is the sponsor. Art Club members, Sandra Heisterkamp, Becky Teague, and Marean Weaver fscatedj put their talents to practical use by designing and painting stage sets for school productions. Creative ability given outlet in Art Club ART CLUB-Firxf r0u': Sarah Campbell, Becky Teague, Nancy Mc- Dowell, Myrna Pettit. Nita Colville, Janet Humston, Pat Lewis. Sermul row: Cathy Slang, Phyllis Reid, Elaine Smith, Marty Dodge, Elaine lialph, Ann Taknyoshi, Minnijo Burris, Charlotte Jones, Lynn Hall. Tlzirtl row: Mrs. Zelda Zoe Cassady, sponsor, Pat Janes, Kay Browning, Susie Moore, Mary Hawes, Annette Colombel, Sally Thompson, Margaret Pettit, Susan Harvey, Nan Newby, Tom Chase. Fourlb rouf: Steve Carter, Dee Shuck, Judy Horst, Kay Cooper, Ralph Michael, Marty Nees, Mike Klezmer, Javona Lawson, Susie Bertermann. Drama Club interests those who like theater I DRAMA CLUB-f'l'op pieturej lfiril Rout Tamra lidgington, Sandy Saalniiller, Terry Ciutlibert-son, Jody Ditzenberger, Linda Brown, Pat Lewis, Alice Kingsbury, llev lfoust, Marcia Linder. Serum! Row: Diane 'l'urley, l.ynne lfolmes, Nancy Wynn, Karen Conrad, Judy Kinnear, Susie l'.lll0ll, Janet lluniston, Bonnie llurt, Linda Keller, Catliie Duck, Diana Clark. Tlviril Run: Sue llarlet. Marianne Ciuyton, Susan litshokin, Judy lllacltnian, Lynda liealt, Lynn llall, lfllie Chase, Virginia Coover, lflaine Smith, Barbara Sprague, Connie Sherman, Ginger Polity, Nancy Mellowell, Karen Kidd. Ifourlfi Row: Mary Anderson, Sally Smith, Sandi lilles, Ann llarper, J.inet Graves, Cobina Ferracane, Phyllis Reid, lilinor Goldman, Carolyn Sheets, Charlotte Levan, Beverly lfnsley, and l'.im lluliois. For those interested in learning more about the theater and in participating in the various phases of work required to produce a successful play, there is the Drama Club. The Drama Club sponsors one play during the year, given in the spring, which is open to all students for try-outs. Members of the club may also try out DRAMA CLUB-fLower pieturej lfirxl Row: Sandy Moore, Linda Porteous, Judy Lybroolt, Margie Bitner, Marti Friehe, Judy Looltabill, Ann Deeltelbauni, Deanie Rasener, Judy Martin, Barbara Lofquist. Serruzrl Row: Karen Kiger, Cindy Pfennig, Judy Kinnear, Charlotte Jones, Suzanne Shafer, Anne Schuetl, Patty Shull, Pat Janes, Janie Leffel, Susie Ayeoek. Tliiril Row: Mieliele Platter, Carol Williams, Pat Rountree, Tamsin Lee, Nancy Blaeltetter, Sandy Posvar, Judy Smith, Gerry Willianis, Carol Shuttleworth, Mary Hawes, Carol Sanger, Martha Herrin, Judy Seholten, Marianne Plzak. Fnnrlb Row: Janie Smith, Judy Wfhitrington, Sandie Lang, Marsha Shelton, Tridi Stalle, Mario Hunt, Bobbi Mathers, Pat Smith, Ann Linsmith, Nancy Sherman, Linda Haislup, Ralph Michael, and Judi McDonald. for parts in the play, although the majority of them serve on committees responsible for make-up, cos- tumes, programs, publicity and tickets. Officers are Connie Zimet, president, Bobbie Math- ers, vice-president, Judy Kinnear, secretary, Pat Janes, treasurer, and Jan Humston, temporary historian. The spring play is sponsored by Mr. Hollace Arment. Amateur flyers loin Ken Porter, secretary of the Aeronautics Club, describes one of the mechanical parts of Sl model airplane to Mike Gilliom. AIZRONAUTICS CLUB-First Row: Bob Beckmann, Steve Carr, Tom Byneld, jim Bridges, john Dunnewind, Carole Potter. Srroml Row: Lynda Fraley, Don Mussetter, Steve Voris, Thomas Bennett, Aeronautics Club A training program with films obtained from the Air Force ROTC unit from Butler University is in- cluded in the activities of the Aeronautics Club. Members of the club are searching for war surplus materials, especially the faces of instruments, in order to extend their training program. Field trips to Purdue University and the Weir Cook Airport were planned as part of the year's ac- tivities. Meetings were devoted to the training program, Elms, and discussions of theories and principles of aerodynamics. Model aircraft were used in the dis- cussions. Officers of the club are John Dunnewind, presi- dent, Joe Brown, vice-president, Ken Porter, secre- tary, and Jim Wead, treasurer. Mr. Gordon Gish is the sponsor. Ronnie Gill, Ken Porter. Tbird Rau: Mr. Gordon Gish, sponsor, Jerry Miller, jim Bartlett, Mike Gilliom, Mike Dickson, jim Wead, jim Harris, Gordon Baugh. QUIZ-'FM 'ITAM-l"ir'il raw: Judie Mitchell, Steve Coons, George Quigley, Jerry Miller, Mr, Eugene Clones, sponsor. Quiz-'Em team achieves all-time record jerry Miller, ,Indie Mitchell, Grace Xvilson, and George Quigley spent many hours studying newspapers in order to prepare fur meets with llllllfl' Viflllilllh. 2 fwfr Two members of last year's team were unhappy when North Central decided not to enter the Quiz- 'Em contest this year. They petitioned successfully for the privilege of representing their school in the Indianapolis Star-sponsored competition. After a week of intensive cramming, the team gave an amaz- ing performance in their meet with Broad Ripple, ending with a tie score of 3000 points each, which made it necessary to base the winning decision on the amount of time taken to answer the questions. At the end of the first round, North Central had answered all of the 32 questions-a feat never before accomplished in the seven season existence of Quiz- 'Em on the Air. Broad Ripple acquired only 2200 points in the first round, thus, having to go into a second round. North Central was declared winner by a fifteen second margin, answering the questions in 60 seconds. Broad Ripple answered theirs in 75. Although the team lost in the second meet, their first victory established them as real "quiz kids." Getting into an argument or discussion is an ordi- nary every day occurrence in life, but learning to do it artfully is one of the purposes of the Debate Club. Membership is open to anyone interested and the topics discussed are those chosen by che group. Each meeting is devoted to a debate or discussion given by different teams. Amending the club consti- tution was one of che projects of the group. At the end of the year, an evaluation of the club is given by the members. Officers are Judie Mitchell, president, Phil Bredell, vice-president, Craig Pinkus, parliamentarian, and Pat Rountree, secretary. Mrs. Marion Dryden is sponsor of Debate. Carol Holmes times Mike Lewin during a debate while Pat Rountrec anxiously waits her turn to answer his arguments. Debaters learn to DEBATE CLUB-First row: Chuck Fishman, Judie Mitchell, Sharon Kiel, Paula Sommer, Janet Graves, Cathy Zickler, Grayce Wilson, Linda Burst, Diana Fairbanks. Scvomi row: Shirley Barnett, jan Van- Vactor, Steve O'Malley, Bill Wcad, John Hart, Bill Buehlcr, Pat Roun- argue scientifically tree, John Campbell, Jane Smith, Amy Collin. Tffiral row: Mrs. Marion Dryden, sponsor, Jim Turner, Bob Garelick. Stevc Gibbs, Bob Schloss, Jim Ciesar, Richard Petticrew, Mike Lewin, Harold Bredell, Philip Bredcll, Chuck Gilkison. 15-1 X 45 - Ai l L , l AUDIOAVISUAI. TIQCIINICIAN-lfirst row: Mr. Frank Rhea, spon- xor, Carole Gibson. Melvin Dawson, ,lim W'estfall, Dan Pctticrcw, Kurt llenwhen, David Macl'heat, .lnhn Alerman, l.ynda Fraley, Tolbert An- weiler, Dotty DeSl1ano. Swoml ruu': Dick Coady, Tom Clayton, Bob Heck, Gary llughes, Stephen jackson, Frank Cable, Mark Huesing, Visual aids Melvin Dawson, .Iohn Alerman Cseatedj and Dean Xvcrt experiment with .i Welleimxak tape recorder. .f VM Morgan Fraley, Steve Dongus, Dick Allen. Tl1inl row: Mike W'hite, Mike Chcnoweth, Boyce Renxberger, Dean Wert, jack Wah, Wesley Knauss, Richard XY'iescr, -lim Clark, jerry Miller, Ricky Hibbs, Mark McWhir1er. made possible by AVT members Audio-visual education plays an important part in class procedures at North Central. A group of boys and girls who are trained to operate movie and slide projectors and set up the audio equipment for as- sembly programs, organized a club and called it the AVT QAudio-Visual Techniciansj. Members also serve as disc jockeys on the public address system. In a room off the library, AVT people make sched- ules for use of the equipment and see that the machines are in good condition. A standing committee for amendments, and one for membership, was set up this year. Activities during the year included visits to TV studios, audio-visual demonstrations, and the pur- chase of tools for audio-visual use. Officers of the club are Kurt Henschen, president, Mark Huesing, vice-president, Dotty DeShano, treas- urer and scribe, and Mr. Frank Rhea, club sponsor. ELECTRONICS CLUB-Firsl Row: Mr. Keith Mohr, sponsor, Craig Pinkus, jim Davidson, Mark McWhirtcr, Mike Chenoweth, Dick Bishop, Boyce Rensberger, Ricky Hibbs, Dave Johnson, Dick Allen, Bill Hopkins. Science proiects interest Electronics Club For those students interested in Working with mod- ern scientific equipment, the Electronics Club filled the bill. The club has sixteen members, who meet every Thursday. During each meeting a demonstration of electronic equipment is given by different members. Some examples of these are High Fidelity sound reproduc- tion, Tesla coils, Supersonic sound amplification, Van de Graff Generators, and amplifiers belonging to the members. Many of the members are working on projects in their own work shops. Boyce Rensberger is president and Mr. Keith Mohr is the sponsor of the group. Ricky Hibbs, Jim Davidson, and Alan Shimer explain the operations of the electronics equipment to the members of the club at one of the meetings. 5.3 Q , .vw 1- lll-Yf--lfinf rnir: Mr. john W'emlling, sponsor, Dick True, Pf0SiCl0Hi, lfred Obenclmin, Bill llrickson, jerry johnson, -lol-in Godley. Smtomf ruu': Clary Aluhnson, Steve Voris, Bob loser, secretary, Don Tolan, Cecil Lindley, john Mohr. Tbirzl mu': Dale Sering, Dick Bishop, .lim Lelfel, vice-president, Chuck johnson, treasurer, james Adolph, and W'alt I.owc. Hi-Y has service 'ro school as its goal Living the invocation before auditorium programs is one of the duties of the clmplain of the lli-Y. Dale Sering leads the student body in n prayer. Hi-Y, a youth organization afliliated with the Young Men's Christian Association, has been one of the most active clubs in North Central. The group meets twice a month. Projects included sponsorship of a mixer following the basketball game with Frankfort, a motion pic- ture, "Silent Witness" shown during home room and open to all students, and a Tri-Hi-Y breakfast on Palm Sunday. Besides the mixer, the club had another money- making activity, a car wash at a local gas station. Proceeds will be used in providing a gift to the school. Officers are Dick True, president, Jim Leffel, vice- president, Bob Loser, secretary, Chuck Johnson, treas- urer, and Tom Stelhorn, sergeant-at-arms. Mr. John Wendling is sponsor. HOME EC-Firxl row: Roseta Query, Brenda Abell, Jeannette Toler. Myers. Tbinl row: Miss Carolyn Kleifgen, sponsor, Carol Harvey, Patty Serum! row: Nancy Andrews, Betty Collins, Ruth Grau, Betty Sue Latham, Donna Hinehman, Mary Anderson, and Linda Haislup. Future housewives train in Home Ec Club Home Ec Club is a new organization that is just beginning to get underway this year. Already its members have visible evidence of their home-making abilities for they made the curtains in the library. At Easter, 25 under-privileged children at Fletcher Place were entertained by Home Ee Club members, who financed the party and arranged the games. This organization has the distinction of having the most attractive meeting room in the building-the beautiful newly furnished apartment in the Home Economics Department. Linda Haislup is president, Carol Harvey, vice- president, and Becky Greenwood, secretary-treasurer. Miss Carolyn Kleifgen is their sponsor. Members of the Home Ec Club designed and fashioned the drapcries in the library. Linda Haislup, at the sewing machine, and Becky Greenwood found hemming to be simpler after the drapes were hung. .4 . -mrs - ..... .. . 1' l T' Glk' Cr' htj, former president, are viewing member-owned cars. X well-pl.inned train layout can he tw-nh expensive .ind heauli u . im i ison ig iplemn tlelll, president ni' the Model li.iilro.iding Club, .md Chuck Model Railroaders start lifetime hobby That adult men love to play with model railroads is a well-known fact, so North Centralites who joined the Model Railroading Club are starting a hobby that will serve as relaxation and leisure time fun for a long time. Each member who owned a railroad set-up was able to display his layout to the others who made inspec- tion visits one of their projects. Talks on various phases of railroading during club meetings, gave members an insight into the American transportation picture. A field trip to a railroad yard was scheduled also. Mr. Willizlm Bugher is the sponsor. Tim Stapleton was elected president and Jan Boch seeretary-treas- urer. MODFI, RAILROADING-Firif rnu': Delmar Prah, Dan Barker, jim -lacks, Chuck Gilkison. Svrnml rout Mr, XY'illi.in1 Bugher, sponsor, Bill llrickson, Don Claffey, Tim Stapleton, .Ian Boch. Trading or bartering was a means of exchange in earlier times. Later on it became just a pastime, one which is the basis for Stamp and Coin Clubs' interest. Members enjoy exchanging, trading, and selling stamps and coins. Several of them possess unusual and interesting collections from different countries. Grayce Wilson has a specimen of the United Nations air letter sheet, one of the few in existence. She also has all of the UN stamps ever issued. Denny Hilgenberg has a large collection of United States coins and stampsg Jim Adams also has US coins of all kinds in addition to world stamps and US plate blocks. Doug Johnson possesses a general stamp collection, which is a collection of issues from all the countries rather than a specialized collection of one certain type. John Campbell also has a collection of plate blocks and a general one of specialized British colonies. Miss Ruth Lesley, sponsor of the group, has plate blocks on almost all of the US stamps since 1938. 7 Steve Coons. president of the Stamp and Coin Club, discusses the possibility of swapping a few stamps with Bob Mitchell. Barter system used by Stamp and Coin Club STAMP 85 COIN-Flrxf row: Denny Hilgenberg, Vickie Cole, Grayce sponsor, Tim Steele, Richard Miller, Richard Petticrew, john Mohr, Wilson, Marilyn Maxwell. Srmml row: jim Adams, Bob Mitchell, Jim Steve Coons, John Campbell. jacks, Don Morrison, Bob Geoffrion. Tbiril row: Miss Ruth Lesley, 3 .a., A - ut.-Mani 52,.A.' -lfirtl mir: Shirley ilanke, Nancy lflliott, Diane Turley, Q athv lirkler, lody I-'lia-am. Marcia Clorrill, Barbara Schnittker, Sandy Nelson, Shirley hlarreti, Sally Sage, Alody Diwenberger, Sue Kaufman. Nancy Sugars, Sharon Goodwin, Mrs. lfdith lieexe, sponsor. Swrrrld mu: Sharon llall, Marty Dodge. Marcia Maher, Ann Kirosskopf, Adra lleider, Phyllis Sanders, Marvelle McClain, l't-ggy Snyder, .Indy White- natk, Sandy Shrnin. llarh llaininer. lletty Myers, Cathy Stang, Susan lashokin, Yxonne NX'alton, l.ynne lfobes. 'l'lvii'il row: Nancy W'ynn, Marilyn Selig. lane Metcalf. Sue lfllen Quin, Kay llrowning, Mildred Grunderman, Deanie Rasener, linda Morge, Sue Vance, ,loyce Van- Meter, Pearl Zukerman. Sheila Bryan, Barbara Dawson, linda Porteous, Diane Duke, Ann Harper, Barbara Lund, Cathie Duck. Sue Fisher. Iiuurllr mir: ,Iudy Greenwood. kloanne lavrenz, Carol Harvey. xludy llorst, Nancy House. Martha llerrin, Diane Purdy, -lanice XVliitehead. Richard Osborn, l.arry fotley. -lim Hedback, Bob lfnller. Prob Carr. llarbara W'inder, Lynda, Patty l.ath.un. llarbara lofquist. Sandi llronslrup, Gretchen Schafer, Danny johnson. Business leaders of the future ioin FBLA linda llrauns llclll and Karol Mei lure lflgllll cheek their coats with llerkx iireenwood lleftj and Nancy Sugars Lrightl at the l'.lS.l .A. coat tht-ek before one of the basketball games, ,. 1 - ,, 0' ,V . DMM A V v'-'f.':...f-- 'grab an Career planning was one of the main projects of the F.B.L.A. this year. Speakers were brought in to talk on the techniques to apply when looking for a job. A field trip to Shell Oil and the Bell Telephone Company familiarized the club members with ofhce procedures and showed them the various types of machines used. At Christmas time. each person brought .1 ten cent gift for a grab bag ata club party. lfntertainment was provided by students. Several members attended the State Convention at Muncie in March, 1957, where Adra Heider was elected State Reporter. Keeping the bulletin board at the entrance of B-wing supplied with interesting articles on business was a club project. To earn money, F.B.L.A. ran the coat check during the home basketball games. Gflicers of the club are Larry Coflfey, president, Adra Heider, vice-president, Joyce Van Meter, secre- tary, jim Hedback, treasurer, and Gretchen Schafer, reporter. Mrs. Iidith Reese is the sponsor. North Central's Future Nurses of America Club had the distinction of being the only county school represented in the all-city conference at Tech High School in February. The purpose of the Future Nurses organization is to promote interest in the nursing field for those girls who have chosen this as their career. Programs during the school year were planned so that the girls could learn more about the nursing profession. Several nurses came to speak to the group, one of which was the Director of the Red Cross. There were also films on nursing. A tour of Riley Hospital gave the group a chance to observe the procedures and methods of nursing. Selling TB pins to the student body as a service was a logical project for the group. Officers of the club are Marilyn Wilmore, presi- dent, Cobina Ferracane, vice-president, Judy Ly- brook, secretary-treasurer, and Deanna Moser, corre- sponding secretary. Miss Mary Doyle is the sponsor of the club. The F.N.A. Christmas party was one of the many holiday celebrations. 'liamsin Lee. Carol Lander, Marilyn W'ilmore, liarhara Miller, and Sarah King admire the table decorations. Nursing profession inspires FNA members l".N.A.-Iiirxi row: Lynda Ball, Fllen Swigart, Sue Edwards, Shirley Jarrett, Sharon Goodwin, Ginger Polay, Deanna Hood, Sally Chandler, Kathryn Paynwr, Cathy Kilfer, Sarah King. SLTOIIKI HIIVJ Carol Finlay- son. Adra Heider, Marilyn W'ilmore, Beverly Ensley, Marti Friehc, Pat Brafford, lfllic Chase, Carol Willianls, Mary Buehler, Carole Schreiner, Linda W'atltins, Sandi Flies, Marilyn Knoebel, Anita Schetter, Judy Blackman. Tbinl row: Miss Mary Doyle, sponsor, Janet Roesener, Kathe W'iggam, Barbara Miller, Nancy W'ynn, Linda Porteous. Judy Martin, Judy Lybrook, Joyce Van Meter, Priscilla Jackson, Sue Vanct Sandy Moore, Barbara Lofquist, Sandy Nelson, Cobina Ferracane, Connit Sherman, Judy Edwards, Valerie Boges. Frmrlll r11u': Barbara Gardner, Randi Palmer, Sandra Ritchey, Tamsin Lee, Dottie Recd, Joanne Schoneberger, llse Carter, Lorraine Brooks, Deanna Moser, liarbara Wiiider, Ann Linsmith, Judi McDonald, Phyllis James, Sandie Lang, Carol Lander, Marsha Howard, Mildred Grunderman. i i L Future Teachers group boosts profession li.'l'.A. installed its lint group of officers .ind initiated thirty charter mt-nibers last spring in .t candlelight service on the Student Center melvanine. lf.'l'.A.f-Fifi! row: Sandy Saalrniller, Nancy Young, Deanna Hood, Nancy Mellowell, Catliie lluclt, Linda Burst, Judy Olmsted, Betty Lankford, l.inda Keller, l.ynne lfobe-., Diane Turley, Yvonne Walttrn, Sherry Brooks, Ginny Sims, Bette Iverson. Seroml mir: Linda Porteous, ,ludy lidwards, Carolyn Sheets, Sally Smith, Denise Flack, Nancy Minnis, Mary Anderson, Nanci Nail, Becky W'olf, Cindy Pfennig, Linda Lier- man, -loanne johnson, .Iuditli Farmer, Cathy Zicltler, Connie Sherman, llarbara l,0l.lllllNl, Frances Atwood. Tlvirtl row: Marti Friehe, Karen North Central is doing its part toward relieving the teacher shortage. Approximately sixty girls belong to the local chapter of the Future Teachers of Amer- ica, and enthusiastically take part in field trips to various grade schools. Members gained a better understanding of Japanese schools when Mr. Tamotsu Fujiwara, a Japanese Full- bright teacher visiting North Central, spoke to them of his native land. Films on teaching were shown at meeting time also. Some of the senior F.T.A. members enrolled in cadet teaching in the second semester. They were sent to grade schools to assist the regular teacher in any way she wished to use them, and to observe methods of teaching. Later these girls discussed their experiences during club meeting. Mrs. Edith Reese is the sponsor, Nancy McDowell, president, Brenda Moffett, vice-president, Carolynn Ross, secretary, Sondra Moon, treasurer, and Cynthia Keeney, historian. Cezar, Susan Koffenberger, Sandy Moore. Mary Lou Marta, Mary Mayhew, .Ianie Smith, Deanie Rasener, Sylvia Cox, Carol Shuttleworth, Jo Mekel, Barb MeMinn, Suzanne Shafer, Phyllis Reid, Pat Merriman, Carol Finlayson, judy Pond. Fourth mir: Mrs. lidith Reese, sponsor, Sue Vance, Linda Brandt, Cynthia Keeney, Pat Janes, Joyce VanMeter, Linda Wesseling, Sondra Moon, Marsha Shelton, Bobbi Mathers, Nancy Stephenson, Marsha Miller, Carolynn Ross, Judi McDonald, Priscilla jackson, ,Iudy Wliitaere, Brenda XVilliamson, Diane Tabbert. .ul ARCHERY CLUB-Firxl row: Mr. Robert LeMaster, sponsor, Judith row: James Glore, Don Yenni, Joe Klobuear, Neill Fields, Clifford Farmer, Nan Newby, jim Bridges, Mike Klezmer, Denise Flack. Serond Fiscus, Dick Hayworth, Steve Blair. Archery Club learns ancient hunting art Individually made arrows with the club crest on them might be called the "fraternity pins" of Arch- ery Club members. One of their projects is to make their own "ammunition.', Although a permanent range has not yet been set up at North Central, members used a portable target for outdoor practices after school in the warmer months. Included in club activities were talks on phases of archery. One of these speakers, Mr. Harold Beck, past president of the State Target Archery Association, described the various types of bows and gave a dem- onstration of techniques to be used and the forms necessary for a good archer. Officers of the club are Dick Hayworth, president, Judy Farmer, vice-president, Steve Blair, secretary, Cliff Fiscus, treasurer, and Mike Klezmer and Neill Fields, field masters. Mr. Robert LeMaster is sponsor of the group. joe Klobucar, Jim Glore, Dick Hayworth, and Mike Kleiner, junior Williain Tells, line up for thc ancient sport of archery. f v STAKLIT C lil'XY'- Firil mir: Alice Kingsbury, I.ynn Halt, Ann Deekcl- Thomas Fisher, sponsor, Dale St-ring, Bobbi Mathers, AI llurgan, lion mum, Mary llawex, Aludy lylwrook. Surrunl row: Margie Bitner, Bill MUSSClICf. ltrit-kxon, lfrank Cable, Ann l.ll1Sl1'Illl1, jerry johnson. Tbirtl VOIUI Mr. Stage crew important to program successes All the lighting for school performances is supervised by Nlary llawes, while the actual operation is contlucled by Dale Sering. When the curtain goes up on a dramatic produc- tion, or when the student body tiles into the theater for an assembly, one group of people have already finished part of their work and are waiting behind the scenes to see that everything moves smoothly. The stage crew takes charge of all props needed for any production. They also work the intricate switchboard that controls the house and stage lights, and manipulate the two spot lights for all programs. Scenery may be designed by the Art Department or the organization producing a play, but painting and construction of it is a job reserved for stage crew members. They built the sets for the Operetta, Junior Spectacular, and the Spring Play. Club meetings are usually taken up with discus- sions about the props to be assembled for a program. As a rule, the club assembles after school since there is more time then to work on scenery, lighting, and other problems. Judy Lybrook is chairman of the group and Bobbi Mathers is her assistant. Mrs. Betty Randall was the Hrst semester's sponsor. When she resigned at mid- semester, Mr. Thomas Fisher took over. One of the most popular Indianapolis sports for both adults and teenagers is bowling. This means that a Bowling Club at North Central is a "must," Sixty- eight boys and girls joined, choosing Mr. H. F. Free- land and Mr. Henry Harrison as sponsors. These members were divided into seventeen differ- ent teams which bowled in shifts on Tuesday and Wednesdtly at the Broad Ripple Bowling Alley. They bowled a twenty-Week season, and an eight-week tournament was held to determine the individual champions who were Bill Land and Marilyn Knoebel, without handicaps, and Chuck Fishman and Jean Ditzenberger, with handicaps, Each winner received a medal to keep and his name was engraved on a trophy. Each member belongs to the Junior ABC and re- ceived a junior ABC bowling card. A bowling team of five girls and five boys was sent to the ABC tour- nament. The club is run strictly as a bowling league, with Shirley Rider the league secretary. Seventeen teams bowl BOXVLING Cl.Ul5-Ifiliti rout Judy Stange, Barbara Miller, Bill Iles, Shirley Rider, Charlotte jones, Norman Povner, Marilyn Knoebel. janet Roesener, ,Indy liliason, Shirley Jarrett, Chuck Fishman. Srrruztl rout Bill lirickson, Tolbert Anweiler, joan Blaisdell, Nan Blythe, Jud hlaqua. Sandra Ritchey, Chuck Riehwine, Doug johnson, John Camp- lligh school bowlers used the Broad Ripple alleys for practice sessions .lnhn iliriller gels in championship form to make a strike. in North Central Club bell, John Triller, Phyllis James, Debby Sexson, lid Bailey, Norman Heinriehs. Tfriril rule: Mr. Harold Freeland, sponsor, Robert llvidvr. ,loanne Sehoneberger, Par Downey, Nancy lierkel, ,Ietf Barnett, Katie Kohlstaedt, Pat Rardon, Bill Land, Susan Duck, Hob Schloss, Sandra Iiby, Susan Berry, Leonard Hasler, Mr. Henry Harrison, sponsor. RIFLE CLUB-First Row: Robert Obenchain, Mark Beesley, Jud Joanne Lorenz, Don Mussetter, Terry Richey. Third Row: Jim Harris, Ylaqua, Mr. Robert LeMaster, sponsor. Srcoml Row: Rollin Thompson, Al Marshall, john Clapp, Thomas Bennett, Tobby Beasley. Target skill, aim of Rifle Club members ' ' ui F' IV . M. --Y. .L-. fx ix' The Rifle Club had difficulty in getting started this year. They wanted to find a range where they might increase their skill, but nothing seemed to be avail- able. Therefore, club members spent their monthly meeting time perfecting a constitution and discussing the various parts of the rifle. One requirement for membership in the Rifle Club was that members had to own their own rifles. Although membership in this type of organization is usually restricted to boys, one girl was brave enough to join. jim Harris listens intently while Don Mussetter shows him the dif- ferent parts of his rifle and describes their operation. , 75 1 I I. 1, Natonal Defense Cadet Corps QNDCCQ sponsors play a part in the annual inspection. Sponsors this year are Barbara Freeland, senior, Jody Eliason, junior, and Nancy Turner, senior. Both Barbara and Nancy were sponsors last year, this is Jody's first year. ARMORY STAFF COUNCIL-Firxf Row: Barbara Freeland, Nancy Turner, Jody Eliason. Second Row: Chuck Ovaitt, Myrna Pettit, Bob Obenchain, Larry Eaton. Third Row: Mark Huesing, Tim Steele, Tom Bennett, and Lieut. Wilheliii. Army service to be easier for NDCC boys Four classes of the National Defense Cadet Corps QNDCCQ, with three student instructors each, will find army life easier since they are learning to give and take orders, to care for weapons, and how to treat men under their control. Federal Inspection, scheduled for May, serves as a "report card" of progress, since an army officer in- spection crew rates the NDCC. The familiar sound of "Hut, two, three, four!" is a frequent background accompaniment to classes as student instructors march drill teams outside on the lawn. Boys, flat on the floor at the end of B wing practice "sighting,', and disciplinary cases jogtrot around the front circle drive carrying heavy rifles. On the purely social side, NDCC members hold a Military Ball yearly, inviting army oflicials and special guests. This year's queen, Jody Ditzenberger, reigned in a Mount Vernon setting. NDCC DRILL TEAM-First Row: Leonard Hasler, Carlyle Henry, Donald Elliott, Mike Kibbey, jack Cork, and Thomas Bennett. Seroml Row: David Binninger, Bob Wright, Alan Shreve, Butch Johnson, Thomas Ellis, and Albert Balph, Third Row: Jim Brown, Melvin Daw- son, Bob Morrison, Chuck Smith, Doug johnson, and Larry Eaton. Quill and Scroll installed for Journalists x Newly elected officers judy Horst, secretary, and Toni Green, presi- dent, Qstandingj plan a program for the next meeting with Lynn Signurino, vice-president, and judie Mitchell, treasurer Qseatedj. After a year and a half of anxious waiting for peo- ple to qualify, a chapter of the international journal- ism honorary of Quill and Scroll was formed at North Central and the installation took place Febru- ary 7 during two school assemblies, one for sopho- mores, the other for upper classmen. Evaluators from the North Central Educational Association were in the audience. Gretchen Wolfram and jim Sims, vice-president and president, respectively, of the Broad Ripple chap- QUILL AND SCROLL-First row: Nancy Mellowell, Ann Takayoshi, janet Sunderland, Barb Lund, Peg Snyder, Myrna Pettit, Ginny Sims. Srvoml ww: Kay Browning, Marcia Swan, l.ynn Signorino, ,Iudy Horst, Linda Brandt, Gretchen Schafer, .lane Smith, ,Iudie Mitchell, Carolyn Gretchen Wtilfraiii, vice-president of the Quill and Scroll chapter of Broad Ripple, presents Ann Taltayoshi with her pin as Marilyn Wil- more waits for hers. jim Sims, president of the Broad Ripple chapter, gives Lorraine Brooks and janet Sunderland red carnations as extra souvenirs. ter, helped Mrs. Kathleen Keilman install the group. Twenty-five members qualified by being in the upper third of their class, and giving at least one year of outstanding service on either the Northerner staff or on the Northern Lights staff. Members must be approved by a four member ad- visory board consisting of Mrs. Keilman, Mr. Dean B. Smith, principal, Mr. Callison Simon, vice-principal, and Mr. John Shirley. Also they must be passed by the national headquarters. Harris, Marilyn Wilniiire. Third mir: Jacque Kuilema, Tom Green, Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, sponsor, Nancy Stephenson, NValr Lowe, Chuck Harrison, Kay Cooper, Mike Clark, Lorraine Brooks. NEWS BUREAU- Firxf mia: Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, sponsor, Faith Cooper, Debby Sexson, Judie Mitchell, Bonnie McLaughlin, and Allan Farmer, Tom Chase, Marsha Miller, Mike Clark, Chuck Harrison, Kay Olmsted. News Bureau gels clouble pay for publicity ,is Bs 'nv' fp r t ill f , News Bureau members are doubly blessed. Besides earning a class credit, they are paid for their contri- butions to the local newspapers. The Teen Star's new policy of seeing that each of the schools is represented weekly, cuts down the volume of feature stories that might be published from North Central, but News Bureau members are happy with this system since one of their members is always sure of a nice check to supplement his allow- ance. The Indianapolis News and Indianapolis Times publish small news items twice a week and the Times carries a large school page on Sunday. One of the display cases on the upper mezzanine of the Student Center was taken over by the News Bureau the last semester. Published items were put on display for a week before being pasted in the scrapbook. Kay Cooper is one of the most experienced members of the News Bureau staff. This was her second year as correspondent to the Indian- apolis News and Teen Star. l I NORTIIICRN l.lCillTS-l"ir,iI rvu': Kay Browning, Marcia Gorrill, Gilkison, Lynn Signorino. Thin! row: Mr. john Shirley, sponsor, Kay Peggy Snyder, Charlotte jones, Marci.: Swan. Svmml row: Gretchen Cooper, Bill Land, Chuck Harrison, Nancy Stephenson, Mike Clark, Schafer, ,Iacque Kuilenm, Linda W'esseling, Gretchen Erickson, Chuck Tom Green. Northern Lights gels on regular schedule Sf Ni The Northern Lights' string of bad luck seemed to break during its second yeor, for the staE finally got on a steady bi-monthly basis. In addition to the regular issues, several special is- sues were distributed-for example one for Christmas and one for the Spectacular. Something new in the paper this year was the SWAP SHOP in which other school newspapers traded interesting stories and jokes with the Northern Lights. A battle between columnists added spice also. Tom Green, senior, is editor of the staff for the second year. Assisting him are Gretchen Schafer, associate editor, Lynn Signorino, Kay Browning, and Jacque Kuilema, page editors, and the reporting staff consists of Kay Cooper, Chuck Harrison, Sandra Ritchey, Peggy Snyder, Nancy Stephenson, and Marcia Swan. Mike Clark, sports editor, is assisted by Bill Land and Dave Maxwell. Mr. John Shirley is the faculty adviser, and Mr. Robert LeMaster is the printing adviser. Lynn Signorino, -Iacque Kuilema, and Kay Browning, page editors of the Northern Lights, sometimes go into the Print Shop to help set up type. NORTHERNER STAFF-Fifi! row: Ginny Sims, Myrna Pettit, Nancy quist, Judie Mitchell Barbara Lund Tlrml rou Mrs Kathleen Kcil McDowell. Srfomf row: Barbara Brinson, Carolyn Harris, Barbara Lof- man, sponsor Marilyn Selig Linda Brandt Judy Horst Tom Chase Janie Smith Northerner stall lives through hectic year Only a member of the staff can really appreciate the Northerner, for only a member of the staff knows what goes into it. The work starts at Indiana Uni- versity in the summer where the book is designed. It goes on for seven hectic months of planning and tak- ing pictures, writing copy, selling books, cropping photos, and a myriad of other tasks. Frustration often sets in but problems are ironed out eventually and the big moment finally arrives when the book is deliv- ered. To sell a 56 book for 53.75, other projects have to be dreamed up and executed. A Mixer after the Hrst North Central home basketball game, a sale of decorated mums for the last football game, a percent- age of the money paid for underclass pictures and an autograph dance helped finances this year. For the first time, pictorial advertising was OK'd and the staff, starting late, had to work hard to sell its quota on time. tUpper picturej W'alt Lowe and Sandy Saalmiller look at the layouts for the 1958 Northerncr while Tom Ransburg takes their picture. fLowcr picturej Linda Brandt and Myrna Pettit, 1957 Northerner Editors, fstanclingl help Judie Mitchell and Ginny Sims fscatedj decide on the 1958 book's theme. lSIil.l.liS-lfinl rout -Iudy Stange, Clarice Brewer, Shirley Rider, jan Martin, Sally Smith, Lynda Peak, and Sarah King. Tlrinl mtv: Marty VanVaclnr, Sandy Shrum, Nanci Nail, and Barbara W'alters. Serum! johnson, Mildred Grunderman, Kitty Grummann, Pal Henry. .Iudy ruu': Ginger Polay, Amy Coflin, Lynda Helm, judy Lybrouk, judy Leinbach, Nancy Berkel, Nancy McDowell, and Dottie Henry. Belles and A Cappella sing for programs Belles and A Cappella, choral groups, provide mus- ical numbers for school programs and furnish a satis- fying form of self-expression for its members. Three major projects were undertaken by the choirs this year. An operetta, The Prince of Pilscn, had a split cast of lead characters on the two nights it was presented. Costumes were designed by members of the choirs. Scouts for the Starlight Musicals were in A ClAl"l'lil,l.A-lflrxf rout Dotty, Klan Hall, Faith lfarmcr, Nancy Stephenson, linda Mount, judy Whittington, Virginia Coover, and Lynn Hall. Srrnlnl rvu': Pat Wilhoit, Chelta Belt, Frank Shepard, Danny Culbertson, Tom Campbell, Don Seeley, Steve Gibbs, and Mike the audience on the final night and two persons were invited to take auditions. A few days before Christmas vacation, the com- bined group caroled in the halls of the school, singing traditional Christmas Songs. At Easter they presented a program for the entire school just before Spring Vacation. Mr. Hollace Arment is the choral director. McCoy. Tlviril' rnu': Diane Alarvis, Gail Mcleod, .ludith Mayer, Sondra Moon, Ann Berry, .janet Baumer, Pill Henry. Pat llancx, Pat Downey, Cam jacks, and Cynthia Barker. A special band with its own vocalist, Kitty Grum- mann, was organized this year to play for special events and dances. During this first season, talent was not lackingg at the last count there were seventeen members-all specialists in providing the kind of music teenagers like-everything from rock and roll to "dreamy" tunes. The dance band will play for the "April Show- ers" dance, which is an annual affair at North Central. One of the group's public appearances was with the regular band at the Winter Band Concert given in the school auditorium as a paid evening program. Mr. Robert Schlatter is director. Tal johnson. clarinetist, receives the john Phillips Sousa band award from Mr. Schlatter. director. 5 'FW' School provided with its own dance band DANCE BAND-liirxl row: Deanna Moser, jim Marshall, Lance ter director Chuck ohnson Ron Brown and Miki. Moore lfnl W'itmcr. Hugh Kirtland, Bob Morris, jim Korfenberger, Kitty Grum- mu Don Foley Floyd Allen Tom Robb llil Boyer .intl Albtrt mann, vocalist, and ,Ian Hall, pianist. Sa'c'0mf rout Mr. Robert Schlat- Balph Displaying their baton twirling talent, maiorettes Judy Smith, Nancy Minnis. Karen Conrad, and Nancy Abdon, led the marching band during t'imilw.iII season BAND-Firxl row: Linda Lierman, Lois George, Judy Lookabill, Vickie Cole, ,lim Bridges, joanne Schoneberger, Cecil Lindley, Bill Felber, Dave MacPhcat, and jane Terlick. Swoml row: Tal johnson, Lance Witiiicr, Bob Morris, jim Koffenbcrger, Tom Robb, Floyd Allen, Phil Boyer, Dick True, Pete Egbert, Don Foley, Al Marshall, Dick Flag, baton twirlers give color 'ro parades Y M l Flag lwirlers, Judy Stange, Nancy Turner, Judy Oliver, Maureen lit-utler, and Marty johnson, completed the marching Twirling Corps. Dick True, senior, was drum nmjor. Everyone loves a parade-primarily because the band adds color and music. North Central's band began the season marching out on a muddy Held, wearing brand new uniforms, at the first football game of the season. From then on they made their appearance at most of the sports events throughout the year. Dick True, drum major, the majorettes, and the flag twirlers led off. A guest appearance at the Purdue-Miami football game was made possible when the organization par- ticipated in the High School Band Day program for units from all over the state. The band also took part in the North Central NDCC federal inspection day this spring. A five-piece string ensemble, consisting of Carol Shuttleworth, Diane Collier, Lynn Hall, Charlotte Jones, and Bill Brickson are included as part of the band. Mr. Robert Schlatter is director. jetter, Mike Kibbey, Deanne Moser, Mike Clark Dick Bishop, John Tim Stapleton Im Hall, Mr Robert S lil It di , , ,Q . . ' tc ci er, lrector, Craig Pinkus, Campbell, john Mohr, jim Marshall, and Hugh Kirtland. Tlrirri row: Dave Siersdale, Delmar Prah, Don McTagertr, Chuck johnson, Llanies Rolland Nail, Charles Hitchcock, Jo Mekel, Linda Dorbecker, Carol Glore, Alan Shreve, Leonard Hasler, Steven O'Malley, lid Simmons, ,Ian Sanger, Bruce Jorgensen, Jane Ramsey, Mike Moore, Ben Newberry, Boch, Ron Brown, and John VonOhlen. M ' ' ' f I T ' b cl m bl US Clans exercise 3 en n an , ense 9 At an awards dinner, sponsored by the Parent's Booster Club, gold pins were given members who had served eight semestersg silver pins for seven or lessg and letter awards to others. Those members who received silver pins for par- ticipating in the band or orchestra seven semesters were Mike Clark, Dave Siersdale, Tim Stapleton, Nancy Minnis and Deanna Moser. Seniors who re- ceived gold pins include Lois Anne George, Jan Hall, Tal Johnson, Linda Lierman, Tom Robb, and Dick True. Certificates and letters were presented to mem- bers who had participated for three to six semesters. Tal Johnson received the John Philip Sousa award for being the best all-round bandsmen. Dick grounds for the NDCC Federal Inspection program. True. drum major, led the marching hand out in the paraile 6 Student assistants helptul to teachers ,aria fUpper picturel LIBRARY CLUB-Firxi Row: Susan Elliott, Lynda Peak, 'Iierry Cuihhertsnn, and Sue Barlet. Srroml Rauf: Carolyn Sheets. Valerie Bogus, Susie Ayenek, Kay Harryman, and -Indy Mutz. Tlriril Rnxr: Miss Mary Mann. sponsor, Kristin Kothc, jim Clark, Alan Shreve, Bob lialni, Carol Sanger, and Mrs. Katherine Wert, sponsor. flower pictured MAIN OFFICE AND GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS- Hn! Row: Kathleen Shea, Ann Grosskopf, judy Moneyhun, Linda Keller, Nancy lilliort, Susan Wilson, and Sherry Brooks. Seroml Row: Boys and girls interested in being of service gave up their study halls to work in the library, and in the guidance and main offices. The Library Club functions as a service organiza- tion for North Central. Members donate their study periods to assist Miss Mann and Mrs. Wert. Odd jobs such as stamping dates on out-going books and rc- turning in-bound volumes to the shelves are just two Q .Ianet Graves, Sally Sage, Becky Wolf, Pat Merriman, Cathie Duck, ,Iudy Kinnear, Pat Martin, Marilyn Knoebel, Ann Takayoshi, and Sharon Kiel, Tlrirzl Row: Carol Holmes, Marean W'eaver, Kay Brown- ing, Marilyn Westfall, Pearl Zukerman, Mary Lou Stark, Linda Lier- man, Marvelle McClain, Susan Harvey, and Caroline Petty. Fourflr Row: Mary Hibbard, Phyllis Sanders, Donna Gaugush, Sue Fisher, Jacque Kuilema, julie Wilson, Bobbie Mathers, Lynda Lee, Sandi Bron- strup, Carol Harvey, Linda Morge, -IoAnnc Lorenz, and Ruth Crissman. of the many aids performed by these pupils. Those working in the guidance center and main office run errands, file cards, run the mimeograph machine, and do other jobs. Volunteers from business classes operate the switchboard. Helping the counselors file enrollment cards and schedules of every student was a great help to busy guidance people. in variety of office and laboratory chores Science laboratory assistants help the chemistry, physics, and biology teachers. They assist in grading exams, keeping the lab in order, and performing ex- periments. Developmental Reading Laboratory assistants help Mrs. North in the lab on the days when this course is offered to juniors and seniors who are taking English also. Student assistants keep the books and records in order, plus taking care of the reading lab equipment, checking to see that it is in working condition. Those students working in the cafeteria stack trays, dishes, and help the serving women by keeping them SCllfNCl". RHAIYING LABORATORY. CAlflfTlfRlA, AND ART ASSlSTANTSqlfif.if Razr: Bruce Jorgensen, Marlene Vfinters, Judy Farmer, Adra Heider, Nita Colville, Nancy Varnew, Sarah Campbell, and Vicki Little. Suronil Row: Dianne Turley, Cathy Stung, judie Mitchell, Harry Buddenbaum, Gail lfaton, Bill Land, ,Iudy Horst, john Dunnewind, Sandy Heisterkamp, and Cathy Duck. BOOKSTORIC, A'l'lll.liTlC, AND NURSES OFFICES ASSISTANTS supplied with food from the kitchen. Assisting students during class is one of the jobs given to the art assistants. Those working in the Health Center keep the attendance cards in order. While Mrs. Geneva Kennedy busies herself with keeping records, making inventories, checking to see that the rental books are in good condition and order- ing supplies, several students help her by donating their free periods to sell bookstore supplies. Typing contracts and letters occupies most of the time of girls who work in Mr. Stroup's office. -Fira! R11u': Barb Hammer, Kit Payntor, Donna Merritt, Susie Cooling, Barb Miller, and Ginny Sims. Sm'uml Ruiz: Miss Mary Doyle, Karen Kiger, Peggy Snyder, -Iudy lfdwards, Sheila Bryan, Betty lainkforil, Frances Atwood, and Mrs. Geneva Kennedy. Tfilrif Knit: -loliii hlerman, Kurt Henscllen, Dick Hayworth, Sondra Moon, Carnlynn Ross, ,lanice W'hitehead, Sandi Bronstrup, Nancy Sliernian, limb Doane, Shirley Sanford, and Sue Vance. I , JT' 1 s 1 Twelve teams in eight sports compete outside the school, While a well organized intra-mural program gives other boys a chance to take part in athletics. Lively cheerleaders, an experienced coaching staff, a Letterman's Club, and enthusiastic fans made the 1957-58 sports program complete. loorfs Terry Martin, football letterman, Jim Peterson, track, Betty Lankford, cheerleader, and Pat Allison, gym class, took part in the 1957-S8 sports program at North Central. rf Y.'XllSl'l'Y lOU'lllAll. -lfrtl Run: -Iinnn Light, .lim Kinch, Ron Coach llill Smith, Assistant Coach Dean livans, Chuck Poland, llill lloeker, 'Iaelt Sthroetler, Have Anderson, Don llowen, Ciraig Reynolds, Vtfiederrecltt, Terry Martin, llob North, llob lleck, llob Trent, Bob Stete 'l'cig,n'tlt'n, and lion Morrison. Srtnutl Kutw: llan Kelley, Chuck llargreaves, .loc litchison, Marlt lfnglish, .lint liirr. Mike Smith, Dick Irons, fltip XVulhoite, l'.tnl Vaughn, Ronnie liill, Sam Bangs, llob Arens, Assistant iioarlt Wftlter Viellieu and Assistant Voach George lnoch, llnlt Young, lil Copeland, litl Krause, 'l'fri1'J Roar: lleatl Oberle. Varsity griclmen successful in 1957 season After only one year of playing together as a team, the North Central gridders began their 1957 season by overwhelming Madison Heights of Anderson 40-0 and forged ahead to end the season with a 6-3 record. Victories over Pike Township, Harry lf. Wtvtmd, lfranltfort, and lfort W'ayne Central avenged last ye.1r's losses to these teams. 'lihe winning combination consisted of three im- portant factors-an excellent coaching staff, Marion County's leading scorer, and a much improved squad. Bob lleclt led the county scoring department by compiling 83 points in season play. He was named to the all-county first team, and was given honor- able mention for state honors in local newspapers. Other boys who made outstanding contributions toward putting the team in the winning column were sophomore ,lim liirr, junior Bob Trent, and sen- iors lliclt Arens, joe litchison, Dan Kelley, and Bob North. Next year's team should provide plenty of action and thrill packed games, since I5 of 26 lettermcn will add their experience to the contests. Un the night of the seniors' last appearance on the football field. senior players and their parents were given public recognition. Pietttrecl are Mrs. liertha Shelhorn, Bob Heck, Mr. lirank Shellmorn, Mrs. Helen litehison. Mr. -Iohn litchixon, ,loc lftchison, llob llargreaves, and Mrs. Louise Hargreaves. A misty, foggy night set tht' scene for the first home i'mitbalI game lloh lleclt plunges around left end for .inotlier iotielitlowii for 'Nmrii in the new xladnim. llere. lloh North rushes forward in an attempt Central. A clear, moon-lit October night C4lIllI'.lNlC4l .igrt-all' with tht to gain ground toward the win .igainxi l'ilse lownship. inuddy. 5 riiiit' contlitimx of i few weulu past. establish 6-3 record in second year action Dan Kelley .llitl "Smitty" discuss the formation for the next defensive play in one of the fast moving ganies of the '57 season. North North North North North North North North North A successful 6-5 record gave the football Sqllltl and the student body of North Central something of which to be proud when the 1957 season ended I9 S 7 VARSITY FOOTBALL Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central 40 Madis cmlw Heights 13 Noblesville 28 Pike Township 19 Harry If. W'ood 7 lflwood 32 Frankfort 7 Southport 14 Crawfordsville 7 Fort W'ayne Central Reserves gain experience for varsity play lll"Sl'llVl' l'OO'l4l'rAl.l.'-l" Rolf: ,lim Kinch, Hob MacDonald, Klriig Reynolds, Roger Roche, ,lack Schroeder, Bill l..inibert, and Steve Schwintller, Smomf Ilan: lion llocker, Hob Nltlfll, Mike Smith, lion lwiley, l'.iul Vauiglin, ,Ion Aniato, lion Morrison, and .lim W'estfall. Ron lloeker, .lon Aniato, lion Morrison, .ind .loc Wlilsinitli, reserve football players, look over the newly constructed stadium which gave ilit-in .i "home" for their tganics during the i997 season. At the right in ilit- pitture is the tontrol center for the lights, scoreboard, and other eqiiipinent for ilit- statlitim. I,- Tlriril Row: Assistant Coach Uean lfvans. Chuck l'ol.ind, Steve XVil on, llrian Uuwe, joe Wfilslnilli, Mark l"ni.:lish, john llt'I"lUI', liarv Alder- man, Dick Young, Holi Ifnoch, Dick Miller, .ind llead Coach NV.1lter Viellieu. Reserve gridmen stacked up experience for varsity competition by finishing their 1957 campaign on the top end of a 2-l record. Although their number of encounters was limited to three, the squad got a taste of varsity competitive play when it clashed with Lawrence Central, Southport, and Noblesville. Sparked by the coaching of NValt Viellieu and Dean Evans, the gridmen made an impressive show- ing on all three occasions. The season's most promising prospects for the '58 varsity were Center Mark lfnglish, lind Chuck Pol- and, Quarterback Craig Reynolds, and Halfback jack Schroeder, all of whom saw unlimited under- classman action this season. 19 S7 RESIQRV li FOOTBALL North Central 20 Lawrence Central 0 North Central 32 Southport 6 North Central 13 Noblesville 26 Athletic stadium nears completion in 1958 Eighty acres of land behind North Central High School are devoted to physical education facilities. These consist of a football field and stadium with a ten lane track and space for field events. A base- ball diamond, a practice held, four softball diamonds, five basketball, four volleyball, four badminton, four shuffleboard, and ten tennis courts, four horseshoe pitching areas and an archery range are also included. Contained in the stadium building is a National Defense Cadet Corps QROTCJ rifle range and head- quarters complete with classroom and teaching facil- ities. Also, dressing rooms for football and track, space for parking school buses, and an area for re- pairing mechanical difticulties which might arise with the buses. The stadium was one of the new additions to the North Central campus this year. Inset: Construction on the interior of the structure was not completed until late spring. , gf iw T35 LV . at QQ? f 5,-5 V ' A t s-as, Ni T7,,gr"-.515 gc, , asf' " 5 sts ,- v E J Mike Vinci and Clitt Lambert get a glimpse of what the finished huihl- ing will be like when the lockerrooms and showers are completed. l E 3 1 VARSI'I'Y LIQOSS-KUUN l'R Y -Danny jolimon, manager, Mike liw- kirk, Larry Coffey, Brad W'aliman, Carl Henry. .livlin Hall. and Coach ig, ,Inn Peterson, Vifiviie Burns, Mike Vinci. lirerl Vfilsun, Dave New- Charles Riley. Cross-Country men place second in county I .irry Colley .intl Wfiyiie Burnt are closely paced by .1 Manual oppone during the,lSro.itl Ripple-North Central Cross-Country meet. Paced by sophomore Brad Walltman, the North Central harriers ended their 1957 campaign by win- ning four and losing four in dual meets. They also captured two second place honors and one third place honor in tri-meets. The squad earned a noteworthy third place in the Indianapolis Sectionals, placing just under Shortridge and Tech respectively. The thinly clads, beaten only by Ben Davis, had to settle with a second place in the Marion County Cross-Country meet. In spite of a mediocre record throughout the season, the squad progressed through the sectional to the state finals, placing tenth in a field of 20 Itlp teams in the state. Eight of the boys on the varsity will be returning for next year's action. The squad was composed of six sophomores, two juniors and three seniors. Re- turning sophomores are Wayne Burns, Mike Ewing, Jon Hall, Carl Henry, Brad Wglltman, and Mike Vince. Steve Jay and Dave Newkirk are the return- ing juniors. Larry Coffey, Jim Peterson, and Fred Wfilson are the graduating seniors. RFSFRVIC CRUSS-COUNTRY-Firxf Row: Steve Hall. Bob Xvright, Golding, and Larry Chesterfield. adBbM'tlcllS1fRu ' ' H 0 ICI twin u ': Rutland Nall, Bob Geofftrion, Brage third in sectional play, cop tenth in state VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY INVITATIONALS Howe Invitational ........,,A,,,,... NCHS ,,,., ,,,,,,,, 4 nh DUAL MEETS Shortridge Invitational ,,..,...,.,. NCHS ..,.,,,,.. 12th North Central 18 Noblesville 45 Marion County Invitational ,..,,,. NCHS .....,.. 4th North Central 15 Wood 48 SPECIAL MEETS I Marion County Meet ..,..,,.,,Y..... NCI-IS .,.. ,, Znd North Central 29 Ben Davis 28 Indianapolis Sectional t,t.....,.,. NCI-IS ,,,., 3rd North Central 28 Ben Davis 27 SYNC Finals ----'Af'f-----' ----e-'- N CHS --e-'f- -- 10th North Central 16 Cathedral 47 North Central 39 Kokomo 22 RESERVE CROSSCOUNTRY North Central 41 Shortridge 19 DUAL MEETS North Central 29 Ben Davis North Central 15 Kokomo TRI MEETS TRI-MEETS North Central 48 Washington 46 Southport 33 North Central 69 Wiishlngton Southport North Central 46 Manual Broad Ripple North Central 40 Broad Ripple 39 Manual 45 North Central 70 Howe Lawrence North Central 42 Howe 29 Lawrence SS North Central 26 Westlane Noblesville Place Place Place Place Place Place 26 6 I8 40 44 6 AllSl'l'Y lSAHKl"l'lS.'Xll.-flilril lion! Cfoaeh Nlarvin XVood, Joe Sl.lliSllCi.lIl, Danny .Iohnson, reserve i11.1u.igei', .lim South, Chuck ood, liamly l'nrigpgX, llill hlohnson. Stan llIl1L'S. liave lipper'-on, lid l'ol.1nd, llerb Spier, ,lim Cflulcv. Ilan Kelley, Sieve liroivning, and llrian, .mil Assixlanl Koach lugene K loncx. 511111141 Rout .lim Adams, 'lioni Cliase .ind Steve Carter, varsity n1.1n.igers. Netmen reach final game of County Tourney A more experienced and greatly improved varsity squad advanced to the final game of the Marion County Tournament this year before bowing to the perennial county power, the Ben Davis Giants, 68-51. Coach Marvin XVood watched his team progress through the tourney by iirst gaining a 66-49 verdict over the Speedway Sparkplugs. Then the round- ballers outlasted Wfarren Central for the second time in the season, S6-Sl. Next, the Panthers avenged their first loss of the regular season by downing Law- rence Central's Bears, 58-Sl, in the semi-Hnal game of the tourney. North Central ended the basketball season "in the black" with 13 wins and Il losses. In sectional play, the Panthers "went wild" to win over Granville Wells, 73-52. Defeat came at the hands of Zions- ville, the school that won the sectional. ul made by .1 teanimale in the ben Davis gaiue. llerb Spier, -H, and .lim South, H, both try lor .I rebound from .1 n---Q. VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1957-58 lmisketlmlll season ended with a dis- tinct improvement over last year. In regularly scheduled games, the squad tallied nine wins and H1116 lOSSCS. The Panthers won over W'arren Central 61-59: Beech Grove 79-44g XVest1ield 69-47g Southport 63- S8: Madison Heights 66-59: Noblesville 50-43: Con- nersville 46-33: Terre Haute Wiley' 60-533 and lirankfort 59-44. The varsity five lost to Lawrence Central 58-53: Zionsville 76-625 lilwood 68-S85 Martinsville 66-543 Northwestern 55-51g Manual 46-45g Ben Davis 60- 541 Crawfordsville 58-485 and Lebanon 46-43. County Tourney fans saw the North Central squad down Speedway 66-49: W'arren Central 56-S 1: only to go down to defeat at the hands of Ben Davis 68-il in the final game. ln sectional play North Central defeated Granville NVel1s 73-52 and in turn, sectional winner Zionsville downed them 55-50. 111 Bryan is closely cheeked by Poster ot Manual, as he "slides in an attempt to pass tu a leamniale. Manual went on to win one closest games nf the season, 46-49. accomplish winning season with 13-11 record ln ilu' final minutes ol' the liI'.l11lxliUI'l ganie, Cioach Nlarvin XY'ood North Cenlral's liill johnson ix fouled hy nuniher 31 of Cionnerxv' calls time out in order to give the hnvs instructions and to set up Herh Spier frightl awaits the intendetl pass. North Cientral won th the palteln of play until ilit- final gun xountlx. game -16-31. Reserve netmen successful with 12-8 record RIN! KVI' l51XSKl"I'lSlXl.l -l'nil Run'--Cfliuek Aleon, Don King, Paul vlllgllll, Arie Cfelemler, Hula Angell, Bob Doane, Dick Foxworthy, and Coach lfugene Clones, Yumnl limi-feSleve 'I'egartlen, .linnn Light. Ben Nlike Sniilh grabs .1 relmuntl oil' the lfrankfort lmekboard while Bob Angell ll1.1ek,tgi'oxlmlJ .intl Ben NX'e.u'er lnuniber Sllj look on. 80 w'k'.IX'CT, Gordon Cfruiekshank, Mike Smith, -lim Danby, 'lim Birr, and lliek Gheen. North Central's reserve basketball team bettereel last year's record by winning 12 games in 20 en- counters as opposed to seven wins and 10 losses the previous season. RliSli R V I2 BASKETBALL North Central Lawrence Central North Central Zionsville North Central Wglrreia Central North Central lilwood North Central Beech Grove North Central Westheld North Central Nlartinsville North Central Southport North Central Northwestern North Central Noblesville North Central Vlfarren Central North Central Decatur Central North Central Manual North Central Connersville North Central Ben Davis North Central Crawfordsville North Central Lebanon North Central Terre Haute Wiley' North Central Frankfort North Central Madison Heights Central grapplers post victorious 10-5 record VARSITY WRESTLING-First Row: Coach Bill Smith, John Ertel, Ron Hockcr, Max Sims, Rollin Thompson, Rollie Nail, Phil Shaver, jay Kinzel. Steve Hockman, Jack Mendall, Owen Neighbors, and Larry Braun. Second Row: Dick Osborne, Student Manager, jim Kinch, North Central's grapplers jumped the .500 mark in the 1957-58 year with a 10-5 record in the final tally. The squad started their campaign by bowing to Southport 35-17, before plunging ahead to four straight victories over Park 50-5, Deaf School S1-5, Madison Heights 33-15, and Decatur Central 32-14. In the County Meet, the matmen placed third below Ben Davis and Southport respectively. The Panthers then faced the Ben Davis Giants in a dual meet, and again found themselves on the short end of the score 30-16. The grapplers out- matched New Castle 32-16, Marion 25-21, and Logansport 23-21. A loss to Crawfordsville 33-11, was followed by two successive victories over Frank- lin Township 29-18, and Wood 31-14. North Cen- tral went down to defeat at the hands of State Co- Champs, Broad Ripple 42-5, and Shortridge 28-16, in their final meets of the season. Larry Warren captured the county crown for the 145 pound class, placed second in the sectionals, and third in the regionals. Jack Mendall earned a second place in the county and in the sectionals. Steve Jay and Phil Shaver gained second place honors in the County Meet, while Don Black, Steve Hockman Ed Krause, and Pete Kuilema captured third. , Larry Warren, Carl Henry, Don Black, Steve jay, Steve Wilson, Pete Kuilema, joe Walsmith, Mark English, Ed Krause, Darwin w7JlII11Jl1, Don Moore, Bob Thomas, and Coach Viellieu. Larry Warren and Steve jay put on a demonstration of the "scientific way to win wrestling matches. Cindermen post mediocre first season record - A A A TRACK U957-SBJ-First Row: Bob Doane, Carlyle Henry, Mike liwing, Tom Byfield, jon Hall, jim Marshall, jim Peterson, Brad Waltman, lid Simmons, Bill Wiedcrrccht, and Steve jay. Srcoml Row: Dick Miller, student manager, Chuck johnson, jim Koffcnbergcr, Tom Clayton, jack Mendcll, Don Bowen, joe Walsmith, Larry Hannah, Don Morrison, jim Bartlett, Rolland Nail, Fred Wilson, and Bob Martz, Bob Carr displays superior form as he sets a fast pace in winning the high hurdles against Broad Ripple. student manager. Tbirrl row: Assistant Coach Charles Riley, Bob North, Bob Carr, Gary Alderman, Jim Harris, Larry Chesterfield, Dave Newkirk, Bob Enoch, Larry Coffey, Bob Trent, Bragc Golding, Bob Wright, Steve Hall, Bob Culp, Bill Homan, Cliff Lambert, Jimm Light, Chuck Lugar, and Head Coach Dean Evans. North Central's first year cindermen came home last spring 119575 with a first and a second place in tri-meets, one win in dual meets, a third and a fourth place in relays, and seventh ranking in the county for a mediocre 1957 season. 1957 TRACK DUAL MEETS North Central S2 Manual 57 North Central S3 Westfield S6 North Central 57176 Ben Davis S1 576 North Central 52 Warren 57 TRI-MEETS North Central 83 273 Noblesville 76 175 Elwood 31 1,15 North Central 60 Ben Davis 41 M Scecina 35 W SPECIAL MEETS Waldon Relays-NCHS-3rd Place Noblesville Relays-NCHS-4th Place Marion County Meet--NCHS-7th Place 1957 season successful for diamond men North Central's 1957 baseball team came through with seven Wins and six losses for a winning season in 1957. 19 5 7 BASEBALL North Central Noblesville .,.,.. ,,,.. North Central Greenfield ----- North Central Lawrence ...,. ..... North Central Washington North Central Decatur ..... .s... North Central Zionsville ...., .,... North Central Warren -- North Central Kokomo ...,. ,-... North Central Ben Davis ..... s..., 1 3 North Central Decatur ..... ..s.. 4 North Central Pike .t......... North Central Cathedral ...,r 5 North Central ,....r.. 0 Manual ...r,,. ,.... 3 BASEBALL U957-581-Firxl' Row: John Hart, Ed Bailey, jim West- fall, Steve Corman, Bob Angell, Glen Conway, Larry Braun, Dan Pet- ticrewc, Wayne Burns, Bob Mitchell, Bob Wake, Don McTaggart, Bill Fisher, and Bill Dugan. Second Row: Bob Dugan, Mike Ryan, Mike White, Bob McDonald, Doug Bergerson, Paul Vaughn, Dick Petticrewe, Steve Dongus, Bill Teegarden, Steve Tegarden, Mike Sage, John Triller, Ed Bryan, one of the top pitchers on the North Central baseball squad, warms up before starting the Lebanon game. Mark Beasley, Mike Moore, and Sanford Engle. Tbirzl Row: Assistant Coach Marvin Wood, Bob Seybert, Jim South, Tom Jenkins, Brian Duwe, Terry Martin, Jim Hedback, John Dugan, Dan Harlan, Dick Gheen, Paul Laughlin, Dick Fairchild, Bob Beck, Joe Etchison, Bob Hargreaves, Ed Krause, Lloyd Ashman, Ed Bryan, Butch Gaddis, and Head Coach George Oberle. 1 l GOLF U957-S85-First Row: Coach Norman Hamer, Bill Johnson, Bob Scobee, Bill Gruenert, John Bryant, jack Cork, Kenney Shaefer, Dave Iippcrson, Bill Land, and jim Danby. Second Row: Bob Garclick, and Whit Warman. C-ollers end 1957 season with 4-9 record In first year competition, North Central's 1957 golf team racked up a 4-9 record against Well-estab- lished teams from around the state. Bill Land and Dave Epperson lcd the team for individual honors. North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central 1957 GOLF 6M Broad Ripple ,,,, 4 Washington , 5 Lafayette ,,,e 18 Lawrence . C 5 M Tech ,,r,, as 8 Logansport s,,s 4 M Crawfordsville 8 M Warren ,,t. , ,,,,,, , 5 H Bloomington N ,,,, ,, 9M Ben Davis , or . ,, 7 Howe.. .7 1 l Cathedral es,, 1 Shortridge t,s.,,ee un 14 10 18 9M 5 13W 9M un SW 11 7 17 Form perfection is very important in the game of golf. jim Danby displays the proper stance needed for a good game. fi ,ff X, X, 1 P I IQ we I Last year's tennis squad C1957j got off to a slow start, ending the season with two victories and 12 losses. The two victories county rivals Ben Davis. 1957 North Central 1 North Central 0 North Central 0 North Central 1 North Central 0 North Central 6 North Central 1 North Central 0 North Central 0 North Central 7 North Central 3 North Central 2 North Central 0 North Central 0 came at the expense of their TENNIS Kokomo Lafayette Frankfort Howe Crawfordsville Ben Davis Cathedral Park Muncie Ben Davis Park Richmond Anderson Marion B s The tennis courts are one of the newest additions to North Central's athletic program. Chuck Harrison reaches high to serve in a match against Kokomo. Racketmen net 2-12 first season record VARSITY TENNIS fl957-58D-Tom Miller, Keith Kenney, Mickey Polland, Toby Beasley, Bob Schloss, Dave Lohse, and Rick Toscan. Maurer, Bob Grau, Chuck Harrison, Head Coach john Shirley, Chuck Jim Leffel not pictured. I I K I I I ,A H-M .-. , ,ef l,liTTliRMAN'S CLUB-lfirsl Row: jack Mendell, Phil Shaver, Steve Carter, Steve Tegarden, Brad wiilllllhlli, Ron Hoeker, Don Morrison, Carlyle Henry, Larry Warren, Don Bowen, and Tom Draper. Stvoriil Row: Don Black, Chip W'ilhoite, Ronnie Gill, Sam Bangs, Dave Ander- son, Bob Schloss, jim Peterson, Randy Briggs, Bob Carr, Paul Vaughn, Bob North, lid Krause, Danny johnson, and lid Bryan. Third Row: Bill johnson, Larry Coffey, Dick Fairchild, Dave Epperson, Steve jay, Terry Martin, Dick Young, joe Etchison, Mike Smith, Bob Beck, Joe Walsmith, Chuck Lyon, Bob Trent, Sandy Levinson, Butch Gaddis, and Bob Hargreaves. Fourth Row: Dave Newkirk, Stan Hines, Dean Wert, jimm Light, Jim Leffel, Bill Wiederreeht, Steve Browning, Dan Kelly, jim Clulcy, Chuck Poland, Chuck Harrison, Dick Arens, Pete Kuilema, Chuck Johnson, Bill Land, and Jim South. Not pictured, Tom Chase and Ed Copeland. Letiermen, coaches promote sportsmanship COACHING S'I'AlfF-Ifirsl Rout: Charles Riley, cross-country, Nor- George Obcrle, baseball, Eugene Clones, assistant basketball coach, John man Ilarner, golf, Williaxn Smith, football: Marvin Wood, basketballg and Keith Stroup, athletic director. Seroml Row: Dean Evans, track, Shirley, tennis, and Walter Viellieu, wrestling. RliSlfKVl'f Cilllfl'Rl,lfADlfRS-Imfl IU Rigftl: Linda Hirt, Babe: FICE- land. l.ind.x Brown, and Betty XVynn. No! lvirfllriwlz Gretchen Shafer. Inset: liarlvara Porter, block section, and Alan liyden, alternate. VARSITY Cllift"RI.liAl7lfRS-Susan Kotfenberger Cat topj, Be lankford, Plll Merriman, and Sherry Brooks. ,Ioni Tischer is not pictured. 'Qi' t N i M Energetic yell-leaders cheer teams to victory Varsity and reserve cheerleaders did much to pro- mote good team and school spirit with their bouncy cheerleading. Regardless of the weather, they attend- ed all football games clad in red slacks, white letter sweaters, and in colder weather, white earmuffs and gloves. When the basketball season rolled around, the girls donned white pleated skirts, white letter sweaters, and red scarves. Their alternate outfits for basketball were short jumpers made of black felt worn with red and white cotton blouses and red ties. Joni Tischer, who was always in front of the stands in the first few football games of the 1957 season, was injured seriously in an accident early in the year and was unable to complete the year on the squad. Joni was one of the five varsity cheerleaders who made the pep sessions more interesting and spirited. At sectional time, the varsity gals traveled to Zionsville along with the fans and team to cheer the NCHS varsity on to victory. Fans go wild as Betty Lankford . iiit l Susie Koffenberger lead one of the puppy North Clentral cheers during the Hnal game of the County Tourney against lien Davis. V if Physical education program varied at Central The administration believes that building strong bodies is as necessary a part of the school's work as developing keen minds. AL NCIIS, both boys and girls engage in various lfjrfwl lrfl liriday was "square dance day" for pliys ed classes. l'lrln'i' rflqfrl' lioys in Cieorge Obi-rle's sixth hour gym elass learned how lu liolsl .1 pyramid without falling. .Iuxt .ifler the picture was snapped they fell! exercises, as well as in tumbling, basketball, archery, softball, and basketball. Other seasonal activities, such as square dancing, are added for variety. Mrs. Margaret Dunlap, George Qberle, and Bill Smith are the gym instructors. l.uu'i'r lefl-ffumbling was taught also, Both boys and girls p.irlieip.ned in tumbling exercises. lirrrwr rigfll-Mrs. Dunlap gave her girls a chance to practice better coordination of their h.ill-liandling before attempting b.1skelb.zll and volleyball. 1' -- -Q.. -N il. W, .. ...,, - Qu X -a A 'C if sr-f ,g. '4.J"4 , 5 im wt, x si FA? 3, M I ..1., 15, 5, Y K P s 5 - 3.4 2 i . V 4, 'muy n v- 7 2 .. , . - , .., - , " ..,QxWL nu.. 5 4 . if f i i .Q - .fm f L. i 1 - Q ' f , In ya? I -K-gang? K f V . 4 - M"M ' ' in , - .Q K f, " ' M ,-'ii-slamsga-M4 i H ,IA ami- "" 4 . E N., .jing ljgwm -A -' - f.,-mf-J-, nr , v.:Lg:113 AW.. lang- -1 ' f an x- ,, ,M ,:,:5'- C'.Q i-e ljfjgwg H: .i q - K 5 A 4 ' , "" - , .L- . ' - ' xi A ' f .ff ..: ,, - ks: X1 "-C.. xW" ,I ,, L , cf N',. , ' ' gif, ' f"'N'--3 4 A R STN? fx., v ff'f-f--- gm - ha'i5'U MPM. q , ' I ' :gl ,0 1 f Q, s M 75,1 iw X is V., ' ...Q-f',.-ff-.yi kgs: I x A 1 M mf H is Q' feqv'1f'E9E, '-,,,,.-',,1-., ' f ' .'1f:, , yi g Y s ' if if f 4- X :g:Qif,i,v-.,a:kE4:,v J: 1 A? 5, ,gaps-Q Ljg ska N.,-f--L' N Q U N if A X - X, , W ' i,,,g:.'w : -' . - A ff A 1 . Aff' my H. K A,,' . , - W. T ,.,,-f-lx? ' Q i 5 s y 1 X Q L Q. K A , 5 Q ,if 5 ' . is was N """ V 1 4' f 1 I l ,, L V, X' K Wwrl I if 1- :1 X W- Xi5Q 19530 Q VS 'N Q 1 QP in 4 'J is -.- 8 VY S .N,, . I -ve" , , ' if ,iff 1 ,Q ., 9-,f nh f. 45 pn W: I, :gi r .2 '1 ,,: , 1 V - -, wading' . 'V Q . A 'W k .gint -s M1 ' H 'Ren A S fy + 3. fy wh K sm li J QL -n X , 'xv .xg , 7-'I v I I ' si 4 """x5 JJ V, A Ji ' Y - ' 1 A 4 N 1 Q Aaw iw: V Luv' s ,ff ff!" X is V xi? fs 3? f ' A 59? " 1 if Q' Q v K S- 5? , xy -6 AIS- ' f . if if Sixty-one members of the faculty have the task of pounding worldly knowledge into the heads of 539 sophomores, 318 juniors, and 226 seniors. Each of these classes elected a council to formulate its policies and to unify its members. This year is memorable because it marks the graduation of the first Senior Class of North Central. GOP 2 Becky Teague, juniorg Cindy Bauer, sophomoreg Dean Evans, social studies teacherg and Ferd Samper, senior, are representatives of the people at North Central High School. Large administrative ancl servic personnel --....., A .Qian '51, W 92. i.nln-wi Nir, in-rcrl light, supcrinlcmlcnl, piuwx .xt thc dont to the lingli xglmul luuililuiig, rin lux In .1 gnnllcrciirc, lfigllll Mrs. l.ydi.1 Mukhi-Il, rvgixir.n', kccpx inlrirnlu rcuurils .xml umnpulcs grmlc .wcrngcs lm' .ill Nurili Ccniixiliu-sg Mrs. l'.iulinc Spun is Mr, Smitlfs privalm' wrrumrxg Mrs. I-rum Yfliiixiii, wrvcs .is sucrcury for'c and'L': .mil Nlrx, lxmullc l'n' ni.1nx ilu' xwilulilmnnl lull dnyx, .Is ruucplimmlsl. IS, Slllilll, prim', wliu nicer-mkilly guinlcd Nurlli Central to Cjnllisnii ll. Sinmn, .lNNlSl.lIll principal, lwcuiiiu' .1 wnulicnl .lnliniliislrator I Nnrili ivnlixil :XxwL'i.llinwii mting, L'UI1lll!llC1l liix irvlw of niulding ilu- lliis year .is lic "init liix stride" in llic iolw of siipcrwisiiig Nllllllilil activ- uli-inl :nm unc ul' ilu- lim-si in ilu' country. ities .xml co-urnliiulilig wr-limi policius. needed to run North Central with efficiency Principal Dean B. Smith, who helped organize the school for its 1956 opening, saw the fruits of his labor this year when North Central began to "click," Assistant Principal Callison H. Simon took on addi- tional responsibilities as school life accelerated. Super- intendent Everett Light visited the school frequently, advising and encouraging when needed. All three men consulted with faculty, pupils, and parents in the ceaseless drive to make North Central a top rank- ing educational institution. The office staff completed the vast amount of work necessary to run a school of 1104 pupils and 62 teach- ers. Behind the scenes, service personnel worked con- stantly to keep the building warm and clean and the people well-fed. CAFETERIA-Qstandingj Sofia Smith, Betty Williams, Mildred Beacker, Martha W'hipplc, Viva Wmds, Cyrilla Newbold, Ruth McClurg, Thelma Brown, and Martha Peters. fseated backj Jene Goecker, Pearl Faucett, Betty Meyers, Winnefred Brinkerhoif, and Charlotte Brumfield. Cseated frontj Mildred Stewart, Ross Stewart, Mrs. Geneva Kennedy, bookstore manager and school treasurer, leads a busy life adminstering the book rental system, keeping accounts, and ordering supplies. Velma Beaver, Marie Smith, Leona Perry, Helen Earl, Elsie Trucsdcl, and Florence Sears. CUSTODIANS flower picture jRalph Alexander, Leo Darling, Ernest Whitley, W'alter Bradshaw, jess Tucker, Charles Goldsmith, and Ray Kinzer. Mrs. McClurg is cafeteria manager. Faculty busy with North Central evaluation 1 V,-I. -Vt, KAN X A 'bgqtga hifx Cabovej A copy of the page of the Northern Lights occupies the at- tention of Robert LeMaster, G. I.. Wfoodrutf, and james Hunter, of the Industrial Arts Department. Cbclowj Robert Schlater and Hollacc Armcnt of the Music Department and Mrs. Zelda Zoe Casszsdy of the Art Department work together on school functions such as the operetta, and various plays and programs. North Central evaluation took the time and concentrated efforts of all the faculty during the first semester and part of the second. Burton Brinkerhotf, Science Department, lfdward Heinig, English, Miss Mary Doyle, school nurse, Kenneth Patton, social studies, Miss Carolyn Klcifgen, home economics, and john Shirley, English, look over one of the intricate booklets that had to be completed before the visiting committee arrived. n-.,....,J K at f fha.. The Triangle Club started the year oft' right by entertaining the facility with a tea. Mrs. George Stark, as a parent'hostess. greets Mrs. Illixaheth fothn of the faculty. programs, classes, clubs, and activities .... The North Central faculty comes in a variety of sizes, from five foot to six foot nine. john Wendling proves handy in helping tiny Mrs. Marie North store books on the top shelf. Mrs. Donna Grubbs, Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, Mrs. Ifdith Reese, and Frank Rhea, of the Business Department, are interested in a new machine provided for one of their courses. fabovej Wax models are helpful to science teachers in their explana- tions. Walter Viellieu, Robert Watson, Keith Mohr, Robert Prettymzln. and Earl Lindberg find a replica of a flower interesting. fbelowj Most teachers use visual aids to make instruction more vital. A model of an ancient Roman ship is being examined by language teachers john Wendling, Mrs. Katherine Wert, Miss Ruth Lesley, Mrs. Alice Kraft, Miss Cleo Kinnison, and William Bugher. . .ancl also have spare time accomplishments Record albums are just one of the aids the library provides English teachers. Mrs. Helen Wingheld, Miss Mary Mann, Miss Glecha N05- singcr, and Mrs. Marjorie Fioles examine one of the latest. fbelowj lfxtra reading assignments are a requirement in English classes. Mrs. Ruth Kivett. 'l' lfisher, Thomas Alett, Mrs. Marion Dryden and Mrs. Marie North are often amaved at the variety of presentations made for book reports. C'urrent events .is well .is history of the past is taught by the North Central Social Studies Department. lieutenant Charles Wilhelni, Charles Riley, liugene Clones, and Harold Freeland locate a recent happening on the globe. North Central teachers spend much of their lives at school, both during the day and in the evenings. In spite of this, they find time for outside interests. Mr. Arment and Mr. Brinkerhoff concentrate on developing their family "combos," which play popu- lar and classical music. Mr. Hunter raises chickens while Mr. Prettyman raises orchids. Mr. Harner ushootsn movies of his family and already has re- corded 900 feet of documentary film. Some of the faculty members enjoy yard work in their new homes near the school. Most of the men are sports minded. Travel rates high with the faculty and several have gone as far as Europe. Mr. Wendling, who once rode a bicycle from Hamburg, Germany, to Copenhagen, Denmark, also taught school in South America. Mrs. Kraft taught a year in Londong Miss Kinnison studied in Rome. Miss Noffsinger conducts Miller vacation tours in the summertime. Miss Doyle, Mrs. Wfingfield, and Mrs. Dryden, who is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Reserves, served their military hitches, as have many of the men. Mr. Jett and Mrs. Keilman have each helped write text- books. Miss Mann, whose hobby is making hats, in- structs a Butler University class. Many faculty mem- bers are Working on their Masters. Mrs. Cassady, who has Won S5000 in art scholarships, will graduate in the same class as her doctor husband. North Central teachers are happy people with Well- rounded personalities. They enjoy teacher-get-togeth- ers and playing pranks on one another. This attitude is reflected in the friendliness of the school atmosphere and the lack of tension. hobbies, and varied interests beside teaching Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus LDean Evans and Mrs. Margaret Dunlapj were a jolly pair who distributed gifts at the teachers' Christmas part Asiatic llu, which hit the country very hard this year, caused a high rate of absenteeism among the faculty as well as the pupils. Dean lfvans, counselor and coach, and Kenneth Warren, counselor, were absent when pictures were taken. Mrs. Marian Randall of the English staff resigned at the end of the first semester. y. Guidance staff personnel tested and counseled North Central pupils on the three C's-curriculum, college, and careers. Mrs. i"lil.Ih1Illl Coffin, Miss Geraldine Bagby, Dr. Gene Schwilk, Mrs. Mildred Shirley, and George Oberle scan reams of material in their effort to help North Ccntralites plan wisely. In December, Ur. Schwilk was trans- ferred to the administration ofiice as assistant superintendent in charge of instruction, which includes the whole area of research, curriculum and pupil personnel. fabovej Athletic coaches and physical education instructors are inter- ested in both the physical and mental development of pupils. Norman Harner, Keith Stroup, Wlilliam Smith, Marvin W'ood, Mrs. Margaret Dunlap, and Thomas Bradley enjoy a sports model used as decorations for athletic banquets. Qbelowt Many aids are used in rho Math Depart- ment to further the understanding of the subject. Mr. Allen Wein- heimer, Mr. Gordon Gish, Mrs. Betty Culp, Mr. W'ilbur Richards Miss Helen Noffke, Mrs. Iidith Wistier, and Mr. Henry Harrison work ull! an advanced math problem on an enlarged slide rule. Junior, Senior plans become traditions Senior Class officers include .lim Peterson, vice-presidenlg Adra Heider, secretary: Marcia Maher, Pl'C'siLllSl!lQ and Chuck l.ugar. treasurer. The elected officers and a twelve member council set the wheels in motion for activities of North Cen- tral's second junior Class. Following in the footsteps of last year's Junior Class, this year's class successfully planned and pro- duced the junior Spectacular. Through representation the juniors chose the school crest, thus being the first class ever to use the crest for their ring. The junior Prom, the big dance of the season for the class, was held May 3. juniors invited the Senior Class and their dates to join in the festivities of the gala affair. Susie Cooling, jody Ditzenberger, Nancy lllliot, .lan liyden, Sharon Goodwin, Linda Hale, Pat Janes, Susan Koffenberger, Betty Lankford, and Nancy Wynn were named as candidates for junior Prom Queen. Those named as candidates for Junior Prom King included Joe Brown, Tom Draper, Dave lipperson, Stan Hines, Steve Jay, Butch Rogers, George Sweet, Chip Wilhoit, Roger Willizlms, and Dick Young. Iunior Class otlicers are Tom Chase, treasurer, Bonnie Barr, secretary: Pai Merriman. vice-president: and lid Copeland, president. "1-9-S-8, we're the class that's really great," echoes through the halls of North Central. Yes, the seniors are proud of their class, and well they might be. They have been the "top brass" for two years. They had to be the leaders, setting traditionsg having nothing to look back to. Their every step had to be the right one. All senior business was preliminarily thrashed out in council meetings, and was then brought before the class to be decided upon by the entire group. The council consisted of eight representatives from each senior homeroom and the elected officers. Seniors celebrated Christmas by having a party and dressing like little children. To be admitted to this juvenile affair, each Uchildi' had to bring a suitable toy. These were taken to Planner House and dis- tributed to many needy children. The remainder of the senior calendar included the Senior Stunt Show, class day, the class picnic, and Baccalaureate. Commencement was held june 12. The Grad Dance at the Indiana Roof was followed by a breakfast at the Riviera Club. The Senior Class of 1958 was unique-it was the first class to be graduated from North Central High School. RUTH CAREY ADAMS-French Club 3-45 Golf Club 35 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular Act Chmn. 35 Sr. Girls' Leagueg Family Jam- boree 45 Ass't., Guidance 3, Athletic 35 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. JAMES M. ADOLPH-A-Band 3-45 Hi-Y 4. DAVID P. ANDERSON-Football 3-45 Base- ball 3-45 Jr. Class Treas5 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Com., Jr. Planning, Jr. Prom5 Letterman's Club 3-45 Intramurals 4. CHARLES E. ANDREWS-Aeronautics Club 3-45 Hi-Y 45 Talent Show 45 A-Band 35 Stu- dent Council 35 Intramurals 4. RICHARD W. ARENS-Football 3-45 Track 3-45 Letterman's Club 45 Intramurals 4. LLOYD R. ASHMAN-Football 35 Baseball 35 Intramurals 4. ALBERT BALPH G. SAMUEL BANGS-Football 3-45 Letter- man's Club 45 High Ten 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 45 Act Chmn. 35 Intramurals 45 Jr. Prom King Candidate5 State Math Contest 35 Stu- dent Council Safety Com. 3-45 Marion Co. Safety Council 4. JUDITH BARKER-Library Ass't. 35 Jr. Spectacular 35 Girl's League. SHIRLEY BARNETT-Debate Club 45 National Honor Society 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Honor League 3-45 Bookstore Ass't. 45 Sen- ior Girl's League5 Jr. Prom Com.5 Math Con- test 3-4. ROBERT W. BECK-Football 3-45 Baseball 3-45 Basketball 35 Letterman's Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-4. CHELTA ROSE BELT-Art Club 45 Operetta 35 Family Jamboree 4. SUSAN ANN BERRY-Bowling Club 45 Sr. Girl's League. SUSAN M. BERTERMANN-Jr. Spectacular 45 Act Chmn. 35 Drama Club 3-45 Art Club 3-45 Jr. Prom Com. DAVID F. BINNINGER-Band 45 Drill Team 45 Rifle Team 4. GEORGE WESLEY BIXLER-Booster Club 4. STEPHEN L. BLAIR-Archery Club 3-4' Track 3-45 Intramurals 4. JAMES BLYTHE-Student Council Pres. 3-4- Football 35 Honor League 3-45 Intramurals 4. 3 SENIORS l kini X .ik 5 Vi l is-1. im' , ,gt . .W . . , MICHAEL DANIEL BOONE-Intramurals 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3-4. LINDA SUZANNE BRANDT-"N0rtherner" Editor 33 Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 43 FTA 43 Booster Club 3-43 Senior Girl's League3 Office Ass't. 33 News Bureau 33 Jr. Spectacular 33 Com., Jr. Spectacular 3-4, Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. ANN BRAUNS - Booster Club 43 Art Club 43 Jr. Spectacular 4g Family Jamboree 43 Op- eretta Com. 4. HAROLD H. BREDELL-Debate Club 3-4: French Club 3-43 Office Ass't. 33 Intramurals 43 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance3 Booster Club. SANDRA BRONSTRUP-Booster Club 3-43 Art Club 3-43 Spanish Club 33 FBLA 3-43 Ass't., Office 43 Athletic 43 Com., Jr. Planning, Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, Jr. Spectacular3 Senior Girl's League3 Jr. Spectacular 3. LORRAINE BROOKS-Booster Club 3-43 FNA 3-43 Quill and Scroll 43 "Northern Lights" 3-43 Jr. Spectacular Com. 3. LINDA BROWN-Jr. Prom Queen Candidate3 Reserve Cheerleader 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 33 Student Council 43 FNA 3-43 Art Club 43 Drama Club 3-43 Family Jamboree 43 Lab Ass't. 43 Booster Club 43 Senior Girl's Lea- gue3 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. MARY KATHERINE BROVVNING-Art Club 3-43 FBLA 3-43 Jr. Class Sec.3 Quill and Scroll 4g Sr. Girl's League3 "Northern Lights"3 Booster Club 3-43 Ass't., Nurse 33 Ofiice 4. R. STEPHEN BROWNING-Cross Country 33 Basketball 3-43 Golf 3g Latin Club 3g Let- terman's Club 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Jr. Prom King Candidate. NANCY G. BROWNSON-Saddle Club 33 Drama Club 4g Spanish Club 33 Sr. Girl's Lea- gue. GEORGE EDDIE BRYAN--Letterman's Club 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 33 Basketball 3-43 Baseball 3-43 FBLA 33 Intramurals 43 Jr. Prom King Candidate3 Family Jamboree 4. SHEILA FRANCINE BRYAN-Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 33 Jr. Prom Com.3 Booster Club 4g Drama Club 43 FBLA 43 Nurse's Ass't. 3-43 Sr. Girl's League. HARRY CHARLES BUDDENBAUM-A- Band 33 Lab Ass't. 3-4. WILLIAM L. BUEHLER-Debate Club 4g Student Council 43 Jr. Spectacular 33 "North- erner" 3. ALFRED BURGAN--Stage Crew 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Drama Club 43 Family Jam- boree 43 Talent Show 43 Operetta 4. MINNIJO BURRIS-Spanish club 3g Golf Club 33 Booster Club 3'4Q Honor League 33 Student Council 33 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Art Club 4g Sr. Girl's League3 Family Jamboree 4. SARAH CAMPBELL-French Club 33 Booster Club 3-43 Honor League 33 Family Jamboree 43 Jr. Spectacular 43 Lab Ass't. 43 Operetta Com. 43 Sr. Girl's League: Art Club 4. ROBERT CARR - Track 3-43 Letterman's Club 3-43 FBLA 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 In- tramurals 43 Booster Club 4. ILSE CARTER-FNA 3-45 Saddle Club 35 Ass't., Bookstore 3-4, Guidance 3, Nurse 45 Sr. Girl's League. STEVE CHAPIN-Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Boost- er Club 45 Intramurals 4. JAMES CIESAR-Debate Club 45 A-Band 3. MICHAEL H. CLARK-Hi-Y 35 A-Band 45 Spring Play 35 A Cappella 35 Operetta 45 Times Correspondent 3-45 "Northern Lights" 3-45 Quill and Scroll 45 Jr. Spectacular 3. JAMES R. CLULEY-Basketball 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Library Club 45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Intramurals 45 Math Ass't. 45 Grad Dance Com.5 Boy's State 3. LARRY COFFEY-FBLA 3-45 Latin Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 4, Production Com. 35 Jr. Plan- ning Com.5 National Honor Society 3-45 Cross- Country 3-45 Track 3-45 Intramurals 45 Jr. Prom King Candidateg Outstanding Jr. Boy5 Letterman's Club 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Fami- ly Jamboree 45 High Ten 3-45 Honor League 3-4. ROBERT W. COLLINS-Booster Club 35 Rifle Club 35 Hi-Y 35 Lab Ass't 45 Com., Jr. Spec- tacular5 Grad Dance. ANNETTE MARIE COLOMBEL-Art Club 45 Booster Club 45 Drama Club 45 Sr. Girl's League. NORBEN NICHOLAS COONEY SYLVIA RUTH COX-Booster Club 3-45 Sr. Girl's League5 Latin Club 35 FTA 3-45 Belles 35 Jr. Spectacular. MAXINE DAVIS-Drama Club 45 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular Act Chmn. 35 FBLA 35 Spanish Club 35 Home Economics Club 45 Sr. Girl's League. HARRY DAWSON-Baseball 35 Letterman's Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Intramurals 45 Bowling Club 35 Booster Club 4. DOROTHY DE SHANO-National Honor Society 3-45 AVT 3-45 French Club 35 FBLA 35 Operetta 45 Talent Show 45 A Cappella 45 Honor League 35 N. C. Representative to U. N. in New York 35 Sr. Girl's League. DAVID DISHER-Rifle Club 3. RICHARD RUSSELL DISHER-Rifle Club 3. MARTHA DODGE-Latin Club 35 FBLA 3-45 Art Club 45 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Family Jamboree 45 Sr. Girl's League. JOHN T. DUNNEWIND-Aeronautics Club 3-45 Lab Ass't. 3-4. GEORGE ELLIOTT-Archery Club 35 Booster Club 4. 'ESS .gf :. . SENIORS ...F, and .. S? V W1 TX. AJ V lf! 3 3 Ea .1 '- . ff! JESSE ELLIOTT-Booster Club 4. JOSEPH ETCHISON-Football 3-43 Baseball 3-43 Letterman's Club 3-43 Booster Club 43 Intramurals 43 Bowling Club 33 Jr. Spectacular 3-4. RICHARD FAIRCHILD-Baseball 3-43 Let- terman's Club 3-43 Senior Council3 Honor League 33 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Intramurals 4g Student Council 3g Family Jamboree 43 Jr. Prom King Candidate. JUDITH FARMER-Booster Club 3-43 FTA 43 Archery Club 3-43 Art Club 43 Sr. Girl's League3 Art Ass't. 43 Jr. Spectacular 43 Grad Dance Com. JOANN FICKENWORTH-Sr. Girl's League. CLIFFORD WILLIAM FISCUS - Quiz 'em Team 33 High Ten 33 Intramurals 43 Archery Club 4g Booster Club 4. SUE ANN FISHER-FBLA 43 Booster Club 3-43 Sr. Girl's League3 Jr. Spectacular 3g Office Ass't.3 Com., Jr. Spectacular, Grad Dance. DENISE FLACK-Booster Club 3-43 FTA 43 Archery Club 4g Art Club 43 Honor League 33 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Sr. Girl's League3 Grad Dance Com. MORGAN FRALEY-AVT 3-43 Rifle Team 43 Booster Club 3. BARBARA LORETTA FREELAND-Jr. Spec- tacular 43 Act Chmn. 33 Reserve Cheerleader 3-43 NDCC Sponsor 3-4 Family Jamboree 43 Fall Sports Queen Candidate 3-43 Military Ball Queen Candidate 3-43 Jr. Prom Queen Candi- dateg Sr. Girl's Leagueg Booster Club 3-43 Golf Club 33 Oilice Ass't. 33 Art Club 43 Spanish Club 3g Jr. Planning Com. ROBERT FULLER-Booster Club 3-43 Stu- dent Council 43 Intramurals 4g Jr. Prom King Candidateg Jr. Spectacular 3-43 FBLA 4. JOSEPH GADDIS-Booster Club 3-43 Baseball 33 Letterman's Club 3'4: Honor League 33 In- tramurals 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3-4. MARCIA A. GORRILL - Bowling Club 33 Booster Club 33 "Northern Lights" 4g FBLA 43 Sr. Girl's League. GERALDINE GRAY - Booster Club 3g Sr. Dance Com. THOMAS GREEN - Editor of "Northern Lights" 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3-4Q Honor League 3g National Honor Society 3-43 Quill and Scroll 4g Spring Play 3. ANN GROSSKOPF-Booster Club 3-43 FBLA 43 Sr. Girl's League3 Jr. Spectacular 33 Com., Grad Dance, Operetta 4g Office Ass't. 4. JANICE HALL-Jr. Spectacular 3'4Q Operetta 43 A-Band 3-43 A Cappella 3. SHARON EVALYN HALL-FBLA 3-43 A- Band 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3g National Honor Society 3-43 Booster Club 3-43 Sr. Girl's League3 Com., Jr. Spectacular, Sr. Christmas Party. BARBARA HAMMER-Track Queen 35 Fall Sports Queen 45 FBLA 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Family Jamboree 45 Jr. Prom Queen Candidate5 Athletic Ass't. 3-45 "Northerner" 35 Jr. Spec- tacular 4, Production Com. 3. DALE HARDEN-Booster Club 4. ROBERT HARGREAVES-Football 45 Let- terman's Club 45 Jr. Spectacular 45 Intramurals 45 Booster Club 4. DANIEL HARLAN-Football 35 Baseball 35 Booster Club 3-45 Student Council Treas. 45 Intramurals 45 Hoosier Boys State 45 Jr. Spec- tacular 3-45 Family Jamboree 45 Marion Co. Safety Council 35 Jr. Prom King Candidate 3. GEORGE HARMON-Football 35 Booster Club 45 "Northern Lights" 3. CHARLES HARRISON-"Northerner" 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3-45 Tennis 35 Letterman's Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Jr. Planning Com.5 Booster Club 45 Quill and Scroll 45 "Northern Lights" 45 Intramurals 4. CAROL ELIZABETH HARVEY - Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 FBLA 3-45 Home Ec. Club 45 Sr. Girl's League5 A Cappella 35 Family Jamboree 45 Guidance Ass't. 3-45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, Senior Party. SUSAN KAY HARVEY-French Club 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Art Club 45 Drama Club 45 Sr. Girl's League5 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Ass't., Athletic 35 Office 3. RICHARD HAYWORTH-Spanish 35 Arch- ery Club 3-45 Bookstore Ass't. 3-4. JAMES HEDBACK-Honor League 35 Baseball 35 Intramurals 45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 FBLA 4. ADRA ANN HEIDER-Booster Club 35 FNA 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 FBLA 3- 45 FBLA State Reporter 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Honor League 35 Military Ball Queen Candidate 45 Jr. Prom Queen5 Sr. Class Sec.5 Ass't., Reading Lab 3-45 Athletic 45 Sr. Girl's League Governing Board. PATRICIA ANN HENRY -- Operetta 45 Spring Concert 35 A Cappella 3-45 Jr. Prom Com. KURT A. HENSCHEN-AVT 3-45 Hi-Y 35 Stage Crew 35 Bookstore Ass't. 45 National Honor Society 3-45 Honor League 3. CHARLES KEITH HEPBURN-"No-rtherm er" 35 Student Council 35 Jr. Spectacular 35 Booster Club 45 Com., Grad Dance, "Winter Wonderland Dance" 3. MIKE HEARN-Football 35 Track 3. ARTHUR DARRELL HICKMAN - Student Council 45 American Legion Oratorical Contest 45 Operetta 45 "Christmas Fantasyn Com. JUDY HINDSLEY - A Cappella 35 Drama Club 3-45 Spring Play 35 Sr. Girl's League. CAROL SUE HOLMES-Booster Club 45 De- bate Club 45 Jr. Spectacular 45 Sr. Girl's League5 Grad Dance Com. SENIORS ,xt- "s- il i I In , X 'V ! .,,,, Y 0 D X 3, - . , 'HH l 'lb- t lx if .5 . .5 I SENIORS 7 ' ii tsre "if:.'Ti1-- wi Q 1 iv 5 ...zu , , . ,z 3-3 f. 3, f.., I , -, M .4.,.i.... W M , W aj' e -. , ..,, 4.3 - - vafxfi v J , A . Si "W , f " . ,. ' kf L . 4- 1 if ' at 1 12 2 im- ,x 5 Half? kv' 3 . il I' 3 3 J 1 K :Ii X , J.. Kf A S 3' 1 3 gy. 3 1 J . J 1 l f 3 3 s of iii' . 'Zi -. . 3 3 .j"':"5 5 r If H WILLIAM HOPKINS-Electronics Club 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 33 Intramurals 3-43 Booster Club 43 Grad Dance Com. JUDY ELIZABETH HORST-Art Club 3-43 Golf Club 3g National Honor Society 3-43 Honor League 33 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Booster Club 3-43 FBLA 3-43 "Northerner" 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Sr. Girl's League3 Com., Jr. Spec- tacular, Jr. Prom, Grad Danceg Ass't., Guidance 3-43 Art 4. NANCY LUCILLE HOUSE-Drama Club 3g Orchestra 33 Dance Band 3g Sr. Girl's League3 FBLA 33 Spring Play 3g Jr. Spectacular 33 Fam- ily Jamboree 43 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. MARSHA JOYCE HOWARD-FNA 43 Sr. Girl's League. SYBIL HUDGINS - Spanish Club 33 Drama Club 43 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Family Jamboree 43 Sr. Girl's Leagueg Athletic Ass't. 33 Booster Club 33 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. ROSANNE JOYCE ILES-Art Club 3-43 Sr. Girl's League. SANDRA JACKLIN-Booster Club 3-43 Art Club 43 Drama Club 43 FBLA 33 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Sr. Girl's League3 Family Jamboree 43 Jr. Prom Com.3 Office Ass't. PRISCILLA JACKSON--FNA 3-43 Sr. Girl's League3 Drama Club 33 FTA 43 Art Club 43 Girl's State Rep. 43 Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Nurse's Ass't. 33 Family Jamboree 4g Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, "Fall Sports Blast." SHIRLEY ANN JARRETT-FBLA 3-43 FNA 4g Bowling Club 43 Sr. Girl's League3 Jr. Spec- tacular 33 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. JOANNE JOHNSON-National Honor Soci- ety 3-43 French Club 33 FTA 43 Operetta 4g Sr. Councilg High Ten 33 Sr. Girl's League: Com., Jr. Spectacular, Grad Danceg Bookstore Ass't. 3. ANDREA KACHEL-Honor League 33 Eng- lish Achievement Prog. 3g FTA 4. RICHARD KAYLOR GEORGE DAN KELLEY-Football 3-43 Bas- ketball 3-43 Tennis 33 Jr. Planning Group3 Latin Club 3g I.etterman's Club 3-43 Jr. Prom King Candidate3 Jr. Spectacular 3-4. KEITH KENNEY-Intramurals 43 Jr. Spec- tacular 4. JANET KIDD-Spanish Club 33 Drama Club 3-43 Booster Club 33 Sr. Girl's League3 Com., Jr. Spectacular, Jr. Prom, Sr. Christmas Party. SHARON KIEL-Spanish Club 3g FTA 4g De- bate Club 43 Jr. Spectacular 33 Booster Club 43 Office Ass't. 43 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad DAIDCCQ Sr. Girl's League. MICHAEL I. KLEZMER-Archery Club 3-43 Art Club 43 Grand Prize in School Art Show 3. BEVERLY ANN KLUNDER-Bowling Club 33 Belles 3g Senior Girl's League. MARILYN KAY KNOEBEL-Jr. Spectacular 35 FNA 45 Bowling Club 3-45 High Ten 35 Honor League 35 Office Ass't. 45 Sr. Girl's League5 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. JACQUELINE KUILEMA-Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Quill and Scroll 45 "Northern Lights" 3-45 Guidance Ass't. 3-45 Sr. Girl's League5 Honor League 35 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. LYNDA LEE-FBLA 3-45 Drama Club 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Spectacular 3-45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance5 Family Jamboree 45 Guid- ance Ass't. 45 Sr. Girl's League. JAMES LEFFEL-Tennis 35 Football 35 Hi-Y 45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 In- tramurals 3-45 Spanish Club 3. CHARLOTTE LEVAN - Jr. Spectacular Act Chmn. 35 Family Jamboree 45 Drama Club 45 Office Ass't. 35 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, Sr. Christmas Party5 Sr. Girl's League. SANFORD LEVINSON-Golf 35 Letterman's Club 3-45 Golf Club 35 Intramurals 45 Grad Dance Com. PATRICIA LEWIS - Debate Club 35 Booster Club 3-45 Art Club 45 Drama Club 45 Sr. Girl's Leagueg Jr. Spectacular 35 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad dance, Jr. Spectacular. LINDA BETH LIERMAN-Booster Club 3-45 A-Band 3-45 Sr. Girl's League5 FTA 3-45 Or- chestra 3-45 Ass't., Guidance 3, OHice 45 Com., Jr. Promg Sr. Girl's League. LINDA LOGAN - Booster Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Jr. Prom Com.5 Sr. Girl's League. JO ANNE LORENZ-FBLA 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Rifle Club 3-45 Office Ass't. 3-45 "Fall Sports Blast" Com. ROBERT W. LOSER-Hi-Y 45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Intramurals 4. WALTER LOWE-Hi-Y 45 Safety Council 45 Student Council 45 Quill and Scroll 45 "North- erner" 4. CHARLES WILLIS LUGAR-Student Council Treas. 35 Sr. Class Treas. 45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Intramurals 45 Com., Sr. Planning, Sr. Christmas Party. W. BARBARA LUND - Booster Club 3-45 "Northerner" 3-45 FBLA 3-45 Drama Club 45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Sr. Girl's League5 Com., Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Dance, Jr. Prom5 Honor League 3. BERNARD A. LYNCH-FBLA 35 Intramurals 45 Sr. Christmas Party Com. CHARLES WALTER LYON - Football 3-45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Track 35 Intramurals 4. MARCIA ELAINE MAHER-Student Council 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Class Acting Pres.5 Sr. Class President5 Sr. Girl's Governing Board5 A Cappella 35 National Honor Society 3-45 Com., Jr. Planning, Sr. Planningg Marion Co. DAR Finalist 45 Guidance Ass't. 45 Honor League 3. TERRY RAY MARTIN-Football 3-45 Base- ball 3-45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Booster Club 45 Intramurals 45 Operetta 45 Com., Sr. Planning, Sr. Christmas Party. SENIORS SENIORS .. 5 lzz- 5. i JW! . f r -at U I , , Auz. 'E - J' .. 7 "A I I ' if 1 fi 4 .ig . .'5 5 51, J' .1 - A , ,Q iv Q H"- if '. 2'2" I ' tw . va, .g,1ea., .g i .gif . . S ' 5 4 5-514 e5 3 I -M 'I : xiii 3 K '11 . Ti . ai: W . ' 64:53 1 g 1 .. -.i ' V K 4 1, J :li f . iz E ,rf it .X -ff V fa 3 A .5 . ' N. 1 uf , is P aw. i A .. - Gu "' -I -we . .fa 5 5. L. gf 1:35-5 1-gig, , - U32 5151 gi, -" -'f".fs - ,. Q .JVM M H ', .515 -. 1 7 . T' -, fi . - 5 I M V v f 1 ' 0 JUDITH ANN MAYER-FNA 35 FBLA 3-45 Latin Club 35 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Danceg Sr. Girl's League. MARVELLE MCCLAIN - FBLA 3-45 Booster Club 35 Office Ass't. 45 Betty Crocker's Home- maker's Award 45 Jr, Prom Com.5 Sr. Girl's League. JANE METCALF-Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 FBLA 3-45 Spanish Club 45 Com., Jr. Prom, Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Dance. NANCY LEE MINNIS-Majorette 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 FTA 3-45 Stu- dent Council Vice-Pres. 35 Pep Band 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3-45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, "Fall Sports Blast", "Winter Wonderland Dance"5 Sr. Girl's League. JUDITH MITCHELL - Debate Club 3-45 Bowling Club 35 FTA 45 "Northern Lights" 35 Co-editor of "Northerner" 45 News Bureau 3-45 Quill and Scroll 45 National Honor Society 3-45 English Achievement Contest 3-45 Outstanding Jr. Girl5 Booster Club 3-45 High Ten 3-45 Hon- or League 3-45 Quiz 'em Team 3-45 Merit Schol- arship Finalist 45 Family Jamboree 45 Com., Jr. Prom, Jr. Spectacular, Grad Dance5 Sr. Girl's League. JUDY MONEYHUN - Jr. Spectacular Act Chmn. 35 Sr. Girl's League5 Spanish Club 35 Booster Club 3-45 Drama Club 3-45 "Northern Lights" 35 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance5 Family Jamboree 45 Ass't. Guidance 3, Office 4. LINDA KAY MORGE-FBLA 35 Booster Club 3-45 Ass't., Lab 35 Library 35 Guidance 45 Book- store 35 Sr. Girl's League. DEANNA ALYS MOSER-FNA 3-45 A-Band 3-45 Pep Band 3-45 Dance Band 3-45 Jr. Spec- tacular 35 Art Club 45 Com., Jr. Spectacular, Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. JACK C. MUNRO-Basketball 35 Jr. Spectac- ular 3-45 Grad Dance Com.5 Lab Ass't. 45 State Math Contest. BETTY MYERS-Jr. Spectacular 35 Home Ec. Club 45 Booster Club 45 FBLA 45 Nurse's Ass't. 4. DAVID EARL NEEDLER-Jr. Spectacular 3- 4. MARTHA NEES-Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Student Council 45 Spanish Club 35 Art Club 45 Booster Club 3-45 Honor League 35 Family Jamboree 45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance5 Lab Ass't. 4. ROBERT NORTH-Football 3-45 Track 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Grad Dance Com.5 Intramurals 4. FREDERICK DE CROES OBENCI'IAIN--Na- tional Honor Society 3-45 Hi-Y 4. JUDY ANN OLIVER - Flag Twirler 3-45 Booster Club 35 Jr. Spectacular 35 Jr. Prom Com.5 Sr. Girl's League5 Bookstore Ass't. 35 FBLA 3-4. STANLEY E. OWENS - Attended Harry E. Wood Barbering School 4. LYNN VER LEE PARISH-Jr. Spectacular 35 Boots and Saddle Club 35 Family Jamboree 45 Booster Club 45 Ass't. Office 35 Library 45 Sr. Girl's League. SANDRA PARKER-Booster Club 45 Sr. Girl's League. LINDA PARRISH - Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 Golf Club 35 Drama Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Art Club 45 Family Jamboree 45 Book- store Ass't. 35 Booster Club 3-45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. KATHRYN ANN PAYNTOR-Booster Club 45 FNA 45 Grad Dance Com.5 Nurse's Ass't. 45 Sr. Girl's League. STEPHEN H. PETERS-Hi-Y 45 Lab Ass't. 3. JAMES PETERSON -- Cross-Country 3-45 Track 3-45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacu- lar 35 Jr. Prom Kingg Sr. Class Vice-Pres.5 Intra- murals 45 Com., Jr. Prom, Sr. Christmas Party. MYRNA L. PETTIT-Art Club 45 Co-ed. of "Northerner" 35 "Northerner" 45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 NDCC Ass't. 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Booster Club 3-45 Sr. Girl's League5 Com., Jr. Spectacu- lar, Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, Military Ball. CAROLINE BOXLEY PETTY - Reserve Cheerleader 3-45 Golf Club 35 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Guidance Ass't. 3-45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance5 Sr. Girl's League. CHRISTY PHILLIPS-Sr. Girl's League. MARY LEE POEHLER-Library Ass't. 3-45 Jr. Prom Com.5 Sr. Girl's League. ELLEN PORTEOUS-Honor League 35 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 45 Sr. Girl's League5 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. GEORGE QUIGLEY - Quiz-'em Team 3-45 Boy's State Rep. 45 National Honor Society 3-45 Sr. Council. SHEILA MARIE REED-Library Ass't. 35 Jr. Prom Com.5 Sr. Girl's League. CORWIN REYNOLDS-Jr. Spectacular 3-45- Operetta 45 A Cappella 3. SARA JAYNE RICHWINE-Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 Family Jamboree 45 Booster Club 3-45 Drama Club 45 Ass't., Office 45 Bookstore 35 Sr. Girl's Leagueg Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, Sr. Christmas Party. CHARLES THOMAS ROBB-A-Band 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Family Jamboree 4. CAROLYNN ROSS-FTA 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Sr. Girl's Leagueg Debate Club 35 Spanish Club 35 Drama Club 35 Family Jamboree 45 Athletic Ass't. 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Jr. Prom Com. JOHN E. RUCH - Attended Harry E. Wood Barbering School 4. SALLY LOU SAGE-FBLA 3-45 Booster Club 35 Guidance Ass't. 3-45 Jr. Prom Queen Candi- date5 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. FERD SAMPER-Intramurals 45 Sr. Council5 High Ten 35 Com., Jr. Spectacular, Grad Dance, Sr. Christmas Partyg Spanish Contest 3. SENIORS SENIORS f if l. 3 3 I . X .6 ., -11 .. . :Q 1 Y 3 1 .. ,V i 3,3 3 3,3, 5 3 !, I i 1 SHIRLEY SANFORD - Booster Club 3-43 Aeronautics Club 33 Belles 33 Bookstore Ass't. 43 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance3 Sr. Girl's League. GRETCHEN SCHAFER - Art Club 3-43 FBLA 3-43 Jr. Spectacular Production Com. 33 Reserve Cheerleader 3-43 Booster Club 3-43 Fam- ily Jamboree 43 "Northern Lights" 3-43 Nation- al Honor Society 3-43 Quill and Scroll 43 Honor League 33 Rep. to Ayres' Fashion Board 3-43 Jr. Planning Com.3 "Seventeen" Fashion Council 33 Sr. Girl's League. ANITA LOU SCI-IETTER-Spanish Club 3-43 Booster Club 3-43 FNA 3-43 Sr. Girl's League. ALVIN SCHUCHMAN-Intramurals 4. DONALD SEELEY-Operetta 43 A Cappella 43 Library Club 43 Intramurals 4. DALE L. SERING-Hi-Y 3-43 Lighting Crew 33 Stage Crew 3-43 Operetta 4g Jr. Spectacular 3-43 Spring Play 4g National Honor Society 3-43 Spring Play 33 Com., Sr. Christmas Party, Grad JOHN SHREVE - Student Council 43 Intra- murals 4g Jr. Spectacular 3-43 "Fall Sports Blast" Com. 4. DAVID LEE SIERSDALE-Rifle Club 33 Hi-Y 33 A-Band 3-43 A Cappella 33 Archery Club 3- 43 Electronics Club 3g Stage Crew, Jr. Spectacu- lar 33 Intramurals 43 Aeronautics 3. LYNN SIGNORINO - French Club 33 Sr. Girl's League Governing Board3 "Northern Lights" 3-43 National Honor Society 3-43 Quill and Scroll 43 Guidance Ass't. 3-43 Booster Club 43 Com., Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Dance. VIRGINIA ANN SIMS -- Booster Club 3-43 FTA 43 "Northerner" 3, Co-editor 43 News Bureau 3g Quill and Scrollg Sr. Girl's League3 Com., Jr. Spectacular, Jr. Prom, Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Danceg Bookstore Ass't. 4. DONALD FRED SMITH-Art Club 43 Intra- murals 43 Rifle Club 3-43 Archery Club 3. ROBERT SMITH-Track 3-43 Spanish Club 43 Com., Sr. Christmas Party3 Intramurals 4. MARGARET LEE SNYDER - "Northern Lights" 3-43 News Bureau 33 Belles 33 Booster Club 3-43 Sr. Girl's League3 FBLA 3-43 National Honor Society 3-43 Quill and Scrollg Operetta 43 Ass't., Guidance 3-4, Bookstore 43 Author of School Hymn 3g Com., Jr. Spectacular, Grad Dance. HERBERT J. SPIER--Basketball 3-43 Baseball 33 Jr. Spectacular 33 Intramurals 43 Lab Ass't. 43 Sr. Christmas Party Com. CATHLEEN CUMMINGS STANG - Spanish Club 33 Art Club 43 Honor League 33 Booster Club 33 FBLA 43 Jr. Spectacular 33 Sr. Girl's L63gUCQ Com., Jr. Prom, Sr. Girl's League, Grad Dance. TIM STAPLETON-Model Railroading Club 3- 43 A-Band 3-43 Library Ass't. 33 Grad Dance Com. MARY LOUISE STARK-Latin Club 3-43 Golf Club 33 Student Council 33 Booster Club 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3-43 Honor League 33 Of- fice Ass't. 3-43 Jr. Spectacular Act Chmn. 33 Sr. Girl's League3 Family Jamboree 43 Marion Co. Safety Council 3-43 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance, Sr. Christmas Party3 Safety Council 3-4. KAREN SUE STEINBARGER-Latin Club 33 Drama Club 43 FTA 4g Booster Club 43 Sr. Girl's League. MARY STEPHENS - Drama Club 45 Booster Club 3-45 Latin Club 35 Jr. Spectacular 35 Sr. Girl's Leagueg Cbm., Jr. Prom, Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Dance. NANCY JEAN STEPHENSON-Spanish Club 3-45 Drama Club 35 Aeronautics Club 35 FTA 3-45 "Northern Lights" 3-45 Quill and Scrollg A Cappella 3-45 Sr. Girl's Leagueg Operetta 45 Booster Club 35 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Com., Op- cretta, Jr. Spectacular, Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. WAYNE STEWART NANCY JANE ST. JOI-IN-FBLA 45 Booster Club 45 Sr. Girl's League. NATALIE JEAN STREET-Booster Club 45 Drama Club 45 Sr. Girl's League5 Grad Dance Com. STEPHEN STRIEBECK-Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Booster Club 45 Intramurals 45 Electronics Club 45 Jr. Prom Com. JANET SUNDERLAND - French Club 3-45 Booster Club 35 Quill and Scrollg "Northerner" 35 Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 Family Jam- boree 45 Sr. Girl's League Governing Board5 High Ten 35 News Bureau 35 Com., Jr. Plan- ning, Jr. Prom, Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Dance. ANN TAKAYOSHI--Art Club 3-45 "North- erner" 35 News Bureau 35 Quill and Scroll5 Booster Club 45 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Office Ass't. 45 Scholastic Art Gold Key Award 45 Com., Grad Dance, Jr. Prom, Jr. Spectacular, "Turn- about Twirl" 35 Sr. Girl's League. DON R. TOLAN - A Cappella 3-45 Stage Crew, Jr. Spectacular 35 I-Ii-Y 45 Grad Dance Com. ROY RICHARD TRUE-Hi-Y 3-45 Golf Club 35 A-Band, Drum Major, Capt. 3-45 Dance Band 3-45 Pep Band 3-45 Orchestra 3-45 Student Council 35 Com., Jr. Spectacular Production,.Jr. Prom, Jr. Planning5 Sr. Council. NANCY RUTH TURNER-Spanish Club 3-45 NDCC Sponsor 3-45 Military Ball Queen 35 Ma- jorette 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Honor League 35 Jr. Spectacular 35 Com., Military Ball 3-4, Sr. Christmas Party. SUE LOUISE VANCE-FBLA 45 Booster Club 3-45 FTA 45 FNA 45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Ass't., Bookstore 3, Nurse's 45 Com., Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Dance. JOYCE VAN METER - Booster Club 3-45 FNA 3-45 FTA 45 Drama Club 45 FBLA 3-45 Sr. Girl's League Advisory Board5 Family Jam- boree 45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. NANCY VARNES - Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 Jr. Prom Queen Candidate5 Booster Club 3-45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Danceg Golf Club 35 Reading Lab Ass't. 3-45 Sr. Girl's League. YVONNE WALTON-FBLA 45 FTA 45 Sr. Girl's League. SUSAN WARNER-Sr. Girl's League. LAWRENCE WARREN - Wrestling 3-45 Track 35 Rep. to Boy's State 45 Letterman's Club 3-45 Sr. Councilg National Honor Society 3-45 Jr. Spectacular 4. MAREAN WEAVER - Art Club 3-45 Golf Club 35 Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 Booster Club 3-45 Family Jamboree 45 Jr. Prom Queen Candidate5 Ass't. Office 35 Guidance 35 Sr. Girl's League5 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. SENIORS a -seg. ., U 'QI' 52 ,f SENIORS Qi. M, 1 .gcc I . W i X X .way ' NIJ 'WI f It Q H. K 2-X 2 - V rt I ,fm F MARILYN WESTFALL-FTA 45 Booster Club 3-45 jr. Prom Queen Candidate5 FBLA 45 FNA 45 Spanish Club 35 jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 Office Ass't. 45 Com., jr. Prom, Grad Danceg Sr. Girl's League. JUDITH ANN WHITACRE-Jr. Spectacular 4, Act Chmn. 35 Latin Club 35 jr. Prom Queen Candidate5 Drama Club 45 FTA 45 Booster Club 3-45 Sr. Girl's League Advisory Board5 Student Council 35 Family Jamboree 45 Com., Jr. Prom, Grad Dance. .IANICE XVI-IITEI-IEAD-FBLA 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 A Cappella 35 Belles 35 Honor League 35 Ass't., Ofhce 3, Nurse's 45 Sr. Girl's League. JUDITH SUE WHITENACK-FBLA 3-45 Sr. Girl's League5 Ass't., Library 3-4, Bookstore 3, Kindergarten 4. WILLIAM WIEDERRECHT - Football 3-45 Track 3-45 Spanish Club 45 Letterman's Club 4. DAVE W. WILHOIT-Attended Manual High School. WILLIAM S. WILLIAMS - Drill Team 3-45 Band 3. BARBARA WILLIAMSON - French Club 33 Jr. Spectacular 35 Sr. Girl's League. BRENDA WILLIAMSON-jr. Spectacular 35 FTA 45 Booster Club 3-45 Bookstore Ass't. 35 Sr. Girl's Leagueg Grad Dance Com. MARILYN WILMORE - "Northerner" 35 FNA 45 High Ten 35 Honor League 35 National Honor Society 3-45 Student Council 45 Sr. Girl's League Governing Board5 Rep. to Girl's State 45 Quill and Scroll5 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Family Jamboree 45 Booster Club 3-45 Guidance Ass't. 35 Com., Jr. Prom, "Fall Sports Blast", Grad Dance. FRED M. WILSON-Debate Club 35 Archery Club 35 Cross Country 45 Track 45 Hi-Y 45 Honor League 35 State Spanish Contest 35 Grad Dance Com. MARLENE WINTERS - Sr. Girl's League: Ass't. Reading Lab 3-4, Library 4. BECKY WOLF-FTA 45 Booster Club 3-45 Jr. Prom Queen Candidate5 Honor League 35 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Guidance Ass't. 45 Grad Dance Com.5 Sr. Girl's League. CATHERINE ZICKLER - Booster Club 3-45 FBLA 45 FTA 45 Debate Club 45 Jr. Spectacular 35 Sr. Girl's League5 Ass't., Office 3, Nurse's 35 Com., jr. Prom, Sr. Christmas Party, Grad Dance. PEARL ZUKERMAN - Jr. Spectacular Act Chmn. 35 FBLA 3-45 Office Ass't. 45 Spanish Club 35 Sr. Girl's League5 Booster Club 3-45 Grad Dance Com. LINDA KAY ANDERSON BARBARA ANN BRINSON-FBLA 35 FTA 35 Booster Club 3-45 "Northerner" 45 Sr. Girl's League. DARLENE EADS-Booster Club 4. LOIS ANNE GEORGE - Booster Club 4g A-Band 4g Sr. Girl's Leagueg Grad Dance Com. THOMAS A. L. JOHNSON-National Honor Society 3-4g Hi-Y 35 Honor League 4g A-Band 3-43 Jr. Spectacular 3-45 Spring Play 33 Jr. Spectacular Com.g Hoosier Boy's State 4. RICHARD WIESER-AVT 3-45 Family Jam- boree 4g ROTC 3-4. The members of the Senior Council include fseatedl Joanne johnson, Chuck Lugar, Dick Fairchild, Marcia Maher, Miss Glctha Noffsinger Adra Heidcr, Larry Coffey, George Quigley, jim Peterson, .lim Lcffel, sponsor. Larry NVarrcn, fstandingj Mr. Robert Watson, sponsor. Fred Sampcr, if 'I xi, Q... J if. U I, F5 ,iw VCL ' ffl vu- 'J ,. inf, 9 1' -I . Q c . 7' L ...f N ,tx '-57, av 1' .4 Q- 'Nl-l ii., JUNIORS Nancy Abdon Gary Alderman Floyd Allen Pat Allison Sue Arnntrong Frances Atwood XVavern Baker lilainc Balph Janice Ban lmxm n Cynthia Barker Dan Barker Bonnie Barr Larry Barrctt Bob Beckman james Benesh Douglas Bergcrson Nancy Bcrkcl Sandra Bernard Phyllis Bernstein Ann Berry Dick Bishop Do iiii a Bishop D ixii Black Marcia Black Susan Boggs Robert Boothe Donald Bowen julia Anne Brccden W' Brickson Randy Briggs Barbara Brinson Sherry Brooks Joe Brown john W'illiam Brown Ronald Brown JUNIORS Shirley Brown Wayne Brummer john Bryant Ronny Buesking Estelle Calderon Carolyn Campbell Tom Campbell Dietrich Carter Steve Carter Annette Cauble Karen Cezar Tom Chase Don Claffey james Clark Dave Cockerille Betty Collins Nancy Colville Nita Colville Karen Conrad Susan Cooling Steve Coons Kay Cooper Edwin Copeland jack Cork Larry Criss Ruth Crissman Beverly Cummins William Dagon Patricia Dailey Barbara Dawson Melvin Dawson Mike Dickson Paul Dierberger JoAnn Dimzenberger Tom Draper . V an. -1 el: ' 3 4 Q' W x fe. v K . 6 'QQ' . 'Sw 1 23' ' . , "" line., V 3? - . , . I - on itttit h 5 Ptrr we .-t. " X L. , 9 K K: 4, , f " . f?r 5- ui: I X V 1 i'ai1 4 wi i in fp ,Ai 1 vu, Q J ' ih' ' ' N 3 44 l , iw E i xr 2 vu 45 lei Q X -il ,H ,xswgf k an sa' ki k YR 2 ii . if W f f naar' ' t B B .,. . 2 B M 'I . , i' 'Ki' Q "ik' i ' 'i I M . sim " ' 3 " -V 'si Q 11, L ,V . ,. r if I 1--R 55 s:. Q ,,,. K ZZ, Wwmi. I :V I Ek M - A .., JS 'lf v ir, 3 , i 1 .Mx 1 ,-,, i . . -, has ,.., . .Q 1 Q' F -9- Q40 BW. 1. 5 2 2 'fn D 4 -fi P' 1 i ak " ,- 33 ,K ' ,efi-'iQ5!'5ii'1nn A g .V.,: A qi, Q. vv ig -l:- '.h,. . Y Q Y- I S' x 1 3 'Lf' -Q 1. J: kv 'fig by 74 '95 - w if V! W N i ii 7 N . ,,.. ' -U N. 'Y .L y . z Q. . "i. lv 2 r '?L'Q'g.wfa , I n ,. v 1' -'- 'Q X ' F- if' E I sf " x rwiiw . , , all 2553? 'i . A -gag' if ii 529' '42 31' 1 Q' N " it Qs 'V 5 3' :l i 3 A X EQ Ali li Q-. H -. w,., . .. .,, I it Q ir if 'Q JW? 4. 'QV ,. mgfyf ' W -gif in I 'ill i . JUNIORS Cathie Duck John Dugan Robert Dugan Diane Duke Brian Duwe Gail Eaton Robert Echard Pete Egbert Janet Eliason Nancy Elliott Fred Ellis Jane Elrod Dave Epperson Gretchen Erickson Richard Erikson Susan Etshokin Jan Eyden Faith Farmer Corbin: Ferracane Neill Fields Carolyn Fiesel Lynne Fobes Scott Ford Beverly Foust Carol Franz Robert Garelick Suzanne Gaunt Steve Gettys Ronnie Gill Mike Gilliom janet Gledhill john Godley John Godwin Pamela Goff Brage Golding JUNIORS Elinor Goldman Sharon Goodwin Judy Greenwood Mildred Grunderman Linda Hale Lynn Hall James Hamaker Ann Harper Carolyn Harris Jim Harris Bob Heider Norman Heinrichs Sandra Heisterkamp Gary Henschen Martha Herrin John Herzer Stan Hines Charles Hitchcock Deanna Hood Tom Hopkins Patricia Houze Mark Huesing Ronnie Humphrys Janet Humston Marjo Hunt Bonnie Hurt James Jacks Pat Janes Judson Jaqua Steve Jay John Jerman Dick Jester Butch Johnson Gary Johnson Jerry Johnson -i- 'ln - Q V Q fr .pta 'BW wr il J' X A . sr ' as 'aww' 5:5 Y ew 195' 'S 52, Al, -SQ Bt L li ,- 1 1' S ?x , lp K .5 Ai V s , 1-'M - . iw- a 1 A 1: i L KYB 'N' L fi-rj L ,' Tlihlspi, s X I i in I al Q as R 'ii V f ' L L 'a 'Ki FX' 'ff-1 i 5 xx ll-li A L if L 3 -L in J i ,ii i, "L L i if-A iw" ' X, 'Qu I , Ah. gli ,V M, an 7 TE -, 'jf ix r Q ,, YN' 'Q' i if 'ia N, i ,L F gd , 'Qi' 1 X ' 1 'Sl ill? 5 I .. 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JUNIORS Tim Wilcox Carolyn Wiley Adrian Wilhoite Pat Wilhoit Gary W'illey Geraldine Williams Roger Willianis Bill Wilsted Barbara Winder Lance Witnier Dave Wolf joe Wood Kay Woodring john Woodruff 'I' rifii Wraghi LaW.xyne Wyatt Nancy Wynn Nancy Young Richard Young Connie Zimec Ned Zink SOPHOMORES David Able james Adams Phillip Addison Charles Alcon Milburn Aldridge Richard Allen james Alvis jon Amam Mary Anderson Nancy Andrews Robert Angell Tolbert Anweiler john Augustus Susan Aycoclt lid Bailey William Baines Lynda Ball Sue Barlet jeff Barnett Marvin Barrett jim Bartlett Judy Bartlett Marilyn Bassler Cindy Bauer Gordon Baugh janet Baumer Tobey Beasley Robert Beck Marla Beesley Beverly Bell Thomas Bennett jcannc Berridge Sandra Beswick Maureen Beutler james Birr Margaret Bitner Nancy Blacltetter judy Blackmail joan Blaisdell Don Blewett Nancy Blythe jan Boch Valerie Boges Richard Bowers Carter Boyd Phil Boyer Pat Brafford Larry Braun Linda Brauns Philip Bredell Gretchen Bretzman Carice Brewer james Bridges Barry Britt jim Brown Melodye Brown Penny Browning Mary Buehler Nancy Bugh Carol jean Bull Howard Bull jan Bumpus Vivian Burgan i fi Jig. qi: ,--, .. ,. fi. iil iiii 1 ' ii' , k Mi .-4...4 iiii ,B G X 5 i x . ly I, ...i-.-:Z V FQ gifs, ici B in . , h Vi? , auf' "K Y sv :. . - -I Jw r if Xt K N. 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I S ii"f U X X SOPHOMORES lid Spengeman Tridi Stalle Susie Stamm Scott Stnmper judy Stange Patricia Stanley Karen Stauber Susie Steers Stuart Stein Tom Stelhorn Alice Stephens john Strong lillen Swigart Stephen Swindler Beverly Swinney Jeannie Symons Diane Tabbert Eugene Tansy Bill Teeguarden Steve Tegarden jane Terzick Sandra Thomas Jacqueline Thompson Lynne Thompson Rollin Thompson Betsy Traylor john Triller Pete Tuttle Bill Tyner Lynne Uniphrey Carolyn Van Meter ,lan Van Vactor Paul Vaughn Dixie Vice Mike Vinci Ronald Xvade Steve W'alter Barbara Walters Brad Waltman jack Walz Judy Whirfield W'hit W'arman Linda Watkins William W'ead Ben Nweaver Terry Weaver Elaine Weinberger Cameron Welles Dean Wert james Westfall Diane W'hite Michael White Michele W'ides Kathie Wiggam Carol Williams Grayee Wilson julie NVilson Steve Wilson Susan Wilson ,lim Nwiseman Mary Wolf Karen XVollberg Kathy V'oods nw.- 1 4 A' X 4 .4 . K X. .A 3 ,V X ,M fx s 1, J E , ,. 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Suggestions in the North Central High School - Northerner Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

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