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Text from Pages 1 - 86 of the 1956 volume:

142 ,:g:, A A Xe ,M AW wQ53?f5i1,1,g E375 WF WN iff 5 was w ,maven 2 f "1 . ff,'f""'.' ' QA yr ' 5 A azqf-2.fs,xaf gv yogi M-f--w..u.m,:af ' ' 4 'A av , I ,G 'wk .M fr Q, v 5' ',,fj,.,,,.. . .l s 11 ,fm f., W "' ,+ ' KY k V '1,-W,-Majfefii'-A .cm M M ,4'f'fY ' M 'N , ' A M f 1? Q Af. 2 QM A " YQ M' vw- '-fv,!wz1'f'f,.'5 ww NM if 1,.,gs-ff wg-':w,,g,yl,, ,.1 ' ,a'3e,'K- 7 ,I , ' ww, if 1 A . n. R, A f - A' 'if W' V y www, - 1 V I -HMA ' ""' ' x f ' " 'W K m 'N "Jak .Z wwvxlwfg L, www. iapg.4g,, ,N i W Mi- V if V ,,, , N :figIn-h,,,1.,w,:,A,,-L M N ' A ' L 1 .fjph , Vg? L MA ., an 2 L7 I I K .1 M V'4'lf,"i'WWs"k 4' w ' 7 ff 'W 'W fi. 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'mf- 1 K Q ..X N n 5 , -, .rx f v, 4 x , ,W UJ. v n .Vg , fqw.. 7. . -.Q ,.,,-+7 'A V ' U , I 4. fY.qA.:. ', - ww!! if ' 1 'wg 1 , K f 6,2 "G, --him N. , I 1 W ,,'in1,'- -4135? :f'k5ig,:f6lf?U?3Af'--L ' tg AW ,M ,U ,hziwi .i,,,, ,y HL-'Y ef W"'z'i nfs? iQ 4" 5 4 . x 1, V u , , Yv.,4g,54 ' X 'Ay-ff?5L' . U-f--' wil. .. 5-,.1-'HH -4.45 emi ... X l ,iw ', Nw E.-mf,gLfaig,w"1,fme JI , ' M,..f .- , W 'Img W, 1, 4, NA my an x , V. ,MH F GV.: 1 1 ,f 0.2 ffl- -H 1: fl. 1, f, ,L V- ":y.aJ5,,x , ., 5 ' ,. , ,I 54,v,,y,Ng-,V , . 9 fy. -0, '5-iii--41? " 1-,-wff. ' ' ' 1 1. W ,'1l:3P:T .g,cmgr1,5g -1 N j- 1 SPF' E 2,1 E1 1 ' 4. . Q w. , -,rf f.'.w,f- aww-gr.k.Q"-,wil 1- -3 J 'A ,I .J I P .5 .3 Jk!:,,Klti?2,:g-955 - gy. J,-kg-. in V ,r .54 ,Lg -' '!"'1?"Q?ff5f?"'lFJ?'k wif:-,2sf,1f,, Q? VV 5 F, .Aww fggjqwf 'gf'!y,'gQ,:f'A ' -. ,il up ,',, Q5' 3-M35 ' ' ' - K + 1 M , , ww A Wg, Lv I 'rxf -" ' ' 'JV .Y lk 2' JW' . : , . 1f?v:a3:1?s?3fQf.rM M - -' 3 ..4 'Q V ' 'Z- ,,, .. : 3, , .L-X ,., J. Wx . V .Y H Q4-?Lgfg'2:?ff? gl .-4. :Q ,V ,- 0 ,L x .52 5 Q ' A. "Z?w'fW' i K -vw, '- 5 t K H ,353 3.4, , ' .,2:.' irgflgxpel-1.1! 4.-"ik 'W' " ' 37. 1 1. z A, W9-wp .f , 1, ' , if V xuggiilfff. V- ' ' fy, ' x 'V ' ' ' , QT HF f' ,af -.1 VME? 1 fm -Jw: 1..,":f . f1.f'55f"f ,T 'wwl5Y4':lrfJJ 'iff-fn, , ' ' . mxxxfwwiggi,-'f,1Q53b fg P, v va ,, - F5'3?37'e::'-"-i"? f'r'1.L..'1',1?4E"f 2- XP. , ' ' A T 1 .iw31?fm'?ig,z .1wfag5Q,5t'' A - Q , , 'V iq- H,iT'i.'xi'r 3 -.Zi'w., . , V 5 k A '. "J,"fE.'l?1iIl'5.3'Q5dQ'bnm1:f7N' ' 'JM V ' Q ,WVU 133, 5.1 if ai., vj.-45,5-. A r - l"'.3,',2s-,,fie.Pe V fv . Q 1- , ,Q ,.,5,m. ,V . - ' gf. -'Emi.':-m:,Lczmii V -f -x. 43. Lg.,-Tl.: ,.. ..,f J V 14 ., , img gal- Fr H ' A 1 .gp-g 1,.gq2,'fg Q , ' ', L QE? .9Yi"H:5fff- xx, Y' Q ' X X ig Wg., . V 'pw 'inj- , . Vg ,, .V V, A-fn ..r, , 'f ' mggfx M,,1,,,?J gp - W , In , w.mn9fff5'f5't5j9gw 144, Eb, s . ' -, -,1A,.-hg,,- . Vlvff-14 A W V 'f f' ww :in nl- If ' ,q 'AL'L'.xfiff"'x75i,1w?jff!i,,2vf,. ' ' , ,,, 4 ". ','fA,- 'VH f '1'vv.,' , . , - .g .5 xiii. I V ' "E il, - .3-hz. S .nfl -K - - ,' :fi L J' -, ' , , 55, 1 fx-tif' f ' , - ..f N I li A , . 'QJQLL .1 A ,I ' g.1a X: ' ' ' H . 41 wff. ' , , V.. .W ,, . f 'Val 1 A 4. -1 .,, , l., x., , ,,. '9' ,, v "-111. A ,Jw wx., .. .- ,- 47. 1 fi V 44- 1' ...M-1'5" x "BMT H--dx.: L 'WW '1 -n 4. -. , f,,, .iw 1 -f " 'U 2-NM ' ,Neff Qt H Wa - x ,Mb r, n 're x, 7 Y Of 5 . 1 I 'a .., 1 'Sf L,:,: DEDICATIO We, the Senior Class, dedicate this book to Paul Robert Applegate if f A 3. . wbm ' 'al v ? 5, M Viv' V 1, -L A K 1 J-mff, ., H, f,4P'A,.:19'yxTQR5i.Mf'ff' , .L A U .M W f M -, 1, , . M . ?w - f 4 1 . f f W. ,. Af . 4 W rw E.w,lTE ' 'h'z4?gl,- . -,sf 4 v f,igf,z,- ,,, ' 1.4 :fs- . bf kia W., x H., r, , Ji. Ni Q. V M- 5: ,gf J N. w',..f- JA ,s a 4' f ff KY' ,. , f ,Q .X Af: Y. .: X Q mg ,k . .S fr if J g , Q, 1 .. ,X V! ts . , Q , ...A. -2: X .- - X I - . M,..-- f ' ' K 'ge' hh - - J Q: T f V A ' ' i., -' -MS . 4 ' .. X - f ' -.1 ,r ' ' V . . . - . f... f,,-J. . - , E- 4 , -g H Q 4 .. 1 .. ' A K .2 - K S j , k - , , . F y E 'xt , . f .,. .' 1' 2.4 f . I I' ' fv V.. X XX xv H A . 7, 7 , . Nw, .., , f f" .Q r ev" SCHOOL BOARD SITTING: Wilbur Elliot, George Troncin, C. E. Walk, William Felmy, Howard Haub. STANDING: Alfred Goldman, Shelly Voyles, Albert Crayden. SCHOOL HI TORY The history of the North Central School would be very brief, if all of the history was included in this one school, but we have to include all the schools of Blue River, Jackson, and Spencer Townships. In 1951 the schools of these tlfree townships were consolidated to form what is now known as North Central Consolidated School. The schools were eventually to be disbonded were Frenchtown, Depauw, Hass, and New Salisbury. The consolidation affected immediately the high schools of Depauw and New Salisbury. The elementary was not to be centrally located until 1955. 1955-56 school year is the first year for all students of the three townships to be housed at one location. All other schools have been closed and disposed of by the school board. A gymnasium of seating capacity for 1, 850 is presently under construction. In the fareseeable future , classrooms are to be added to the elementary building as wellas, classrooms for the Vocational Agriculture and the Music Department. We, the students, feel that we have one of the finest school plants in Southern Indiana and wish to take this opportunity to thank all those people responsible for making it possible. vm , .a, ...,, LY 'x -H.. Y , . f' . .-,.,- -1 M. ww V '1 5. . ,:. ,-Q W N ... if . f cf" rf -pf 4 Lf ,y 1 M-'fra' J, . 5.43. 4 X K " 5 1 ,u Pi A'.. "3 1 ,I M" ,- ilk ,' S 1 f - 4 ,-1" ,.,,g'6 ,4-If JTM, , 1 4 nf .."'W 2' FACULTY PAUL TAYLOR Supervising Principal B. S. , Indiana University M. S. , Indiana University GAIL DAVIS VIVIAN MCGUIRK ARLENE PFIEFFER History and Geography Math and Science English and Phy. Ed. A. B. , Asbury College A. B., Central Normal B. S. , Central Normal Indiana State Indiana University Indiana State is Ang?" 'hu-if SA NTFORD SING LETON Commerce and Assistant Coach B. S. , Oakland City College Indiana University PAULINE BRASWELL Home Economics B. S. - Berea College HOWARD KEY Coach and Biology B. S. . Cantubury College M. S. , Purdue University ALMA NANCE JAMES M. NORMAN Music B. S. , Agriculture Education B. P. S. M. . Indiana University University of Tennessee Central Normal Ball State DOLPH DAVIS Junior High Central Normal Indiana University HELEN PINAIRE ASKREN English and Junior High B. S. , Florida State JOHN JACKSON Junior High Central Normal Indiana University LORETTA DA VIS Junior High ARDIS STE PRO Home Economics B. S. , Central Normal Junior High B. S. , Indiana University BU DRI ERS "' , 'ff 'W , ,Q ,. IT.. 1 FIRST ROW: Russel Gurtz, Earnest Stevens, Bill Robinson, Glen Jackson, Fred Burnett, Paul Damon, Joe Colin, Dan Adams. SECOND ROW: Eddie Troncin, Norman Jackson, Harry Bush, Grover Smith Raymond Gettelfinger, Louis Emily, Herman Emily, Wayne King, Clerance Stevens, John Damon. , J ,,i..9,, . . Ei' pi' ful any J .X 34 V' f., ,.., f., , .-W .Q D 'A N "" 321' -V X - ' P E .x '-ir. .srw--5'A"A'f v Q. - A 4 V - . - - ,- , .,.,.' iff: "Inv " , 3. 4 ' 11 'g!"?S5 ' . ' . , '-I' 1,-.-f, Up- . , ,W 4, N U, l RQ N . F+m"',' Si in . .k nmQ J 'rx COOKr Betty Pirtle, Ann Crosby, Margaret J LaDuke, Erma Carter, Myrtle Vaughn, Margaret Thomas, Anita Setser. Gaylord Carter Lester I-liestand Charles Austin mu , f ai . X X X f ' ' fi' I' 'ESC 1' 5' BARBARA ANN ABBOTT "Bobbie" Glee Club 2,3,4 Class Officer 4 ROSE MARY ATKINS "Rosie" Class Officer 4 Glee Club 2,3,4 President N Vice-President MARGARET I. MCAHRON "Mi1dred" Glee Club 2, 3 Class Officer 4 JAMES EDWARD THOMAS uhm.. Basketball I, 2 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer Monitor Wgffo Finish What You Attempt J gwgr Red R056 f Mr, Paul G. Taylor C f Blue and White P0n50" Miss Arlene Pfieffer 0 0r5 LARRY EDWARD CROSBY "Crawly" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Giee club 2, 3 fi Class Officer 1, 2, 3 Student Council 4. SHIRLEY A NN ZIMMERMA N "Shirl" 'T M, NANCY ROBERTA PINAIRE Nan Mill, 3 Glee C1ub2 3 4 JOHN LEE BAYS "Johnny" Basketball 3, 4. DANIEL WAYNE SMITH "Smittie" F.F.A 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH ANN SHUMA TE "Liz" Glee Club 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3. D AVID THOMAS HIGDON "Davy" Glee Club 2, 3 Basketball 3 F.F. A. 2, 3, 4. FERN IRENE LEMMON "Blondie" Glee crub 4. IANICE CAROL HUDSON vlan.. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, RONNIE LEE HIESTAND "Abner" Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2, 3 Band I, 2, 3, 4. DARRELL RAY BURNETT "Bub" Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. BEATRICE LOUISE SMITH "Foodie" Band I, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 'T N441 ggi M, DONALD EDWARD ARNOLD "Donnie" Glee Club 2 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4. SUZANN DEPUTY "Suzie" Glee Club 2, 3 Band I, 2, 3. JOAN SHAFFER . Jo.. Glee Club 2, 3. DENZIL RAY SMITH "Twinkle" Glee Club 3, 4. ,gs 5' 'J if ' f -gk q .3 V Y i.-ii i i4E"fix ' ' ' 4 le ,- . 3? f A , '5i,5, F 'f' A - W '-2 V Ui , X R V65 ? 1 735 5 ,, J Q .3 ROBERT MARTIN .KEPLEY "Little Bob" F,F.A. 3. 4. GENEVA MAGDELINE SIEG "Neve" S' CHARLES R. ROSENBARGER "Rosey" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY EMMA ADAMS " Em mic" CONNIE JOYCE HARMON " Toots" PAUL JOSEPH CHINN " P aulie " PAUL MELVIN SCHMITT " Smitty" KATHLEEN MATILDA KUERZI "Kathleen" RAY TYNDALL HUFF "Huffy" Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 3. NORMA JEAN MOSIER "Jeanie" Glee Club 2, 3 Band I, 2, 3. A l 99 IUDITH ANN SIMON "Judy" ffm, VERN DOUGLAS HENRICKSEN Whrstle Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Bandr 2 3 4 Class Off1cer 3 Student Manager 2, 3, 4. l f ROY WHITTAKER "Jakie" FgF.A. 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 1. MARY E. GETTELFINGER .. Liz.. NOBLE DAVIS, JR. " Junior" Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2, 3. BONNIE LEE NASH .. Peg.. Glee Club 2, 3. ws CLARENCE HOWARD STEVENS ..Bud.. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE LEA CUNNINGHAM .. Joy.. Class Officer 3. DORIS M ARIE SHAWLER "Dot" Glee Club 2, 3. JAMES EDWARD GENTRY " Jim mia" F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Class Officer I, 2, 3. HAROLD GENE BOSLER "Shortie" Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2. JUDY ANN BUSH "Judy" Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Class Officer I, 2. fn! IOLENE KAY COLIN "Squib" Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4. FRANK DEAN BOSLER "Smokey" F.F.A. 3. 4 Basketball I, 2. are-QE' 'M -5 WILBUR LEE ADAMS "Will" Glee Club 3 F.F.A. 1, 2. RUTH ELLEN PARKER "Parker" Q ill , gg 513 J 1 l Q I A CLASS PROPHECY As I was driving through my home town of Ramsey, Indiana one evening I passed the school and noticed that a large crowd had gathered there. I was curious to know what the attraction was and I soon found it to be the commencement exercise of the class of '69, Before long I found myself inside the door. There the usher was waiting to assist me in finding a seat. As I was being seated the saluatorian had just finished his speech and was introducing the guest speaker of the evening. During his talk that speaker elaborated on the fact that the time had arrived for the graduates to make a decision as to their futures. This familiar statement made me recall what the members of my class had accomplished. It was the class of '56, which consisted of forty-six bright, mischievous, and likeable members. Outstanding in my thoughts is John Bays who has made millions on furs since he has cultivated a new breed of coons. John's coons are processed by a nearby furrier, who in turn has them sold in Rosemary Atkin's Fur Salon. Jean Mosier gained her fame there as one of the top ten models of the fashion world of today. Whoever thought that any of us would be wearing such expensive furs! It seems that all of my classmates have become prosperous in one way or another. Kathleen Kuerzi has taken over'Luella Parson's gossip column. You can read her column in the Journal Times right across from the ads from the La France Dress Shoppe where Judy Bush is chief fashion buyer. The Shoppe advertises also in the Ramsey Fashion News, pub- lished by Ronnie Hiestand. The fashion ideas are designed by its commercial artist, Barbara Abbott. Ronnie Hiestand started in the publishing business in partnership with Vern Henricksen but Vern decided to go into the chewing gum business after discovering a new gum which he guarantees not to stick to false teeth. Talking about discoveries, Jim Gentry and Paul Schmitt were architects for the construction of a new bridge across the canal which was dug to connect Indian Creek and the Ohio River between Corydon and Leavenworth. Jim and Paul thought they had discovered a new substance that would hold steel together without the aid of rivets but much to their woe, on the day of dedication it rained. They had not allowed for the fact that the substance would give way when wet and the new bridge went down with a bang. Now, Jim and Paul are furthering their project in the Atacamba Desert in Peru where it never rains. Rain reminds me of Shirley Zimmernan who owns a flourishing umbrella business near Niagara Falls, N. Y. The Niagara Falls area has claimed another of my classmates, Paul Chinn, who has a farm implement store for Allis-Chalmer, a branch store of Brown's in Corydon.' His implements are shipped from Corydon to New York via the new railroad line owned by Bob Kepley. Bob engine. his own diesels on the special runs to New York. 4 , ng: f EEE. . ---- -3 " '.,.... H: , :::f'2ffEEEE::: ::1-:'::?- . ..... ... ., ,J --::':.........:- 'g-?::g::g:gg5, 1 f2251355gg:.2:. ":::.. . -- .-:::. .513 l,::::g-" -:::E:: :.:::g '::::' z 51:1 - -J , X . Ramsey has had it share of business since our graduation. Nancy Pinaire began her career as a business woman when she opened her little Drip, Drip, Coffee Shop, which caters to the business men of Ramsey. Two of her most frequent customers are Jim Thomas and Howard Stevens, two prominent politicians of Southern Indiana. Bonnie Nash and Joyce Cunningham have a beauty shop in Ramsey where they spec- ialize in new French designs and all the newest fads. One 'of their best customers is Doris Shawler who has taken Pat Jones place in the "Jimmy Lynch Death Dodgers Show". Doris was interviewed a time or two by Bub Burnett on Sport Traits which comes on Sat- urday evenings. His show comes between Fern Lemmon's program "I love Fernie" and Connie Harmon's halarious show "More Fun With Mommie". Connie is narrator of her own show and has mentioned frequently that the shows are true life experiences. All of the commercials on her show are given by none other than Ray Huff. He puts his best smile forward every Saturday night advertising "Liberace Gleemy Teeth" toothpaste. Fern's half-hour show is owned by Wayne Smith. Wayne backs his show with his own product "Fried Fritter Dog Food". He feels that it's more economical that way, Joan Shaffer and Beatrice Smith are co-workers at the unemployment agency in New Albany. Through this agency they gave David Higdon his start in the business world. He now owns a huge trucking line covering all of southern Indiana. His main line is hauling porkg especially pickled pigs feet. Geneva Seig has a special line toog she is the nations best Stanley Products salesmang, She is known especially well in Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Geneva does most of her traveling by way of the Ramsey Air-line owned by Denzil Smith. Denzil's airline service would never have thrived without his two right hand workers, Janice Hudson and Roy Whittaker. Janice is his head stewardess and Roy his best flight pilot. Judy Simon and Suzann Deputy have been making their fame in the women's armed services. Judy entered the WAC shortly after graduation and has been stationed in Cuba ever since. Suzann joined the WAVES about the same time as Judy entered the WAC and now they both enjoy the positions of Sergent, these girls being in such high positions remind me of Harold Bosler, Harold has taken place of Jimmie Olsen in coaching the "All American Red Heads". They are really traveling now. Harold's twin, Frank made a name for himself too. He accomplished this when he designed and built a lounge for the young smokers of North Central. Frank also designed the new super-deluxe hospital located near Ramsey. Mary Adams and Elizabeth Shumate have their working headquarters there. Mary is head dietician and Elizabeth is superintendent of nurses, Right down the street from the hospital Mary Gettlefinger has a Health Clinic. Mary has a new approach to doctoringg she lets her patients eat anything. They don't get well but they die happy. rrnesaomtevwvcmn um-wit num-Mi ., ,t 00, 9 Q xv' X Two of my classmates are now on Broadway. Jolene Colin and Larry Crosby in the dramatic stage play, "Sob, Sob, Sob, " It is known to be a real tear jerker. Ruth Parker has also picked an exciting field. She wrestles at Columbia gym every Friday night. It pays not to choose a front row seat unless you are in the market for a first hand wrestler. Charles Rosenbarger used his millions, which he gained by selling antiques, to back two projects started by Wilbur Adams and Donnie Arnold. Wilbur opened several pharmacies throughout the U. S. after studying several years at Indiana University. Donnie Arnold made it possible for the average family to have color television at a much lower cost by the use of a small piece of metal which slightly resembles a pretzel. Donnie always did have a mind for delicate things. The last two of my classmates have really done things. Margaret McAhron has made news all over the world with her writings of the different presidents of the United States. Her opinions are quoted by millions every day. Junior Davis has finally found it! He has discovered a "magic brain kit" which enables him to think out difficult problems with little or no effort, His discovery has really made a hit with the students of North Central. I have missed nearly all of the speakers address because I have been day dreaming but I am proud to have been a member of the class of '56 for they have all done well. M' 1,4 'cf N-X 'N CLASS WILL F, We, the Senior Class of North Central High School, City of Ramsey, County of Harrison, State of Indiana, being declared of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will ' and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. V1'7'l'.' ae' I 'FW ,Y 3 lf!! ARTICLE I We, the Senior Class, give, devise and bequeath unto each . of the following three classes: L x To the Freshmen, we will the good looks and distinguished personal- ities of the Senior Class of '56, To the Sophomores, we will our ability to make Coke Time any time. To the Juniors, we will the dark room in the science room and we feel sure it will be used every day. ARTICLE Il Each Senior individually wishes to will some momento to another, whom we know will cherish it dearly: I, BARBARA ANN ABBOTT, will my studious ways and artistic ability to Patty Oster. I, MARY EMMA ADAMS, will my seat in advanced Home Ec. to Ann Totten. You'l1 need the infor- mation when you finally hook someone. I, WILBUR LEE ADAMS, will my wolf-like ways to Jerry LaHue and Ralph Gentry. I, DONALD EDWARD ARNOLD, will my ability to eat candy in the high school building and not get caught to Don Martin. I, ROSEMARY ATKINS, will my ability to go out every night with the same boy to Clara Royalty. I, JOHN LEE BAYS, will the responsibility to take care of Darlene until she finishes school to my brother Donnie. I, HAROLD GENE BOSLER, will my position on the ball team to Paul Atkins, my ability to smoke and still play basketball to Jackie Bary. i f the L Xl" it " si pf, Q Q as ." - igii r. 4. J' K I, FRANK DEAN BOSLER, will my position as president of the North Central Smokers' Club to Tommy Martin. I, DARRELL RAY BURNETT, will my "Tennessee Ernie Ford Voice" to David "Tarzan" Royalty. I, JUDY ANN BUSH, will my ability to skip Mr. McCrady's study hall every day with a good excuse to Marlene Kennedy. I, JOLENE KAY COLIN, will my ability to keep a steady boy friend to Shirley Nale, Evelyn Bary, and Darlene Lincoln. I, PAUL JOSEPH CHINN, will my ability to outwit all the teachers to Q ' 'Fi , Robert Trowbridge . A I, LARRY EDWARD CROSBY, will my Il3lTl6 3.5 "DADDY O" of N. C. H.S, , I "' 'A H Vx, to Marvin Erb, I, JOYCE LEA CUNNINGHAM, will my ability to get an engagement ring to Carol Seacat. I, NOBLE JR. DAVIS, will my front tooth to Larry Funk so he can entertain English class next year. My name as "Diper Cortez", willed to me from the late Don Davis, Iwill to Charlie Davis to keep it in the Davis name. I, SUZANN DEPUTY, will my Senior Books and Government papers to Donna Adams. Happy hun- dreds, Donna. I, JAMES EDWARD GENTRY, will my ability to get a 99 average in English and still get a B to anyone who will take it. qpkx Q! jo , , y ability to stay out late every 04" 1 I fy I MARY ELIZABETH GETTLEFINGER will m ' ' dr S K night and still make the honor roll to Janet Green. S - a 0' I, CONNIE JOYCE HARMON, will my quiet ways and no love for the boys to I - I Juanita Wright. Q I O I, VERN DOUGLAS HENDRICKSEN, 'will my position as student manager to 5 , James Setters. I, I, RONNIE LEE HIESTAND, will my ability to get straight A's to Freddy U Emily, you shouldn't have any trouble now, Fred. I, FERN IRENE LEMMON, will my ability to get peachy grades in Government class to Charles Edwards. My sense of humor I will to Patsy Flock. N. , 3 a 'I I A I, DAVID THOMAS HIGDON, will my ability to change answers every day in English and only get caught once to Mary Jane Rainbolt. Once is enough. I, JANICE CAROL HUDSON, will my place in the candy booth with Carl Lewis Thevenot to Clarice Hendricks. I, RAY TYNDALL l-IUFF, will my position on the office staff to Paul C. Damon, I am sure he can reach the bell without standing on a chair. I, ROBERT KEPLEY, will my ability to throw my weight around to Ralph Sims, you can sure knock them over now, Ralph. I, KATHLEEN MATILDA KUERZI, will my favorite parking place behind the Morgan school to Janet Mosier. I, MARGARET IVANNA McAHRON, will my ability to be a good citizen of N. C. H.S, to Vivian Troncin. I, NORMA JEAN MOSIER, will my ability to keep slim and trim to Iris Stuart. I, RUTH PARKER, will my ability to ride around Hardinsburg in a new Mercury to Lou Hobbs. I, NANCY ROBERTA PINAIRE, will three inches of my height to Janie Thomas. I, CHARLES ROBERT ROSENBARGER, will my curly hair to Jack Jones, my fighting ability to Roger Oppel and Ray Helfrick. I, PAUL MELVIN SCHMITT, will my ability to make straight B's in Algebra to Phyllis Schmitt. I, JOAN SHAFFER, will my ability to chew gum in Health and Safety class to Marie Tyler. I, DORIS MARIE SHAWLER, will my ability to skip school 3 out of 5 days to Sharon McMahel. I, ELIZABETH ANN SHUMATE, will my ability t0 get 310l'lg with Miss Davis to Betty Smith. I, JUDITH ANN SIMON, will my ability to have a secret date with boys who are supposed to be going steady to Nancy Byrne. I, BONNIE LEE NASH, will my ability to eat candy in Mrs. Braswel1's study hall to Elaine Sweat. -55- I, GENEVA MAGDELINE SIEG, will my ability to wear long hair to Norma Pinaire. I, BEATRICE LOUISE SMITH, will my ability to go steady with one boy at a time to Naomia Housel and my place on the office staff I will to Thelma Stevens. I, DANIEL WAYNE SMITH, will my quiet ways and good grades to Delmar Slayton. I, DENZIL RAY SMITH, will my ability to get the car stuck and stay all night at my girl friend's house to Buck Thomas. I, CLARENCE HOWARD STEVENS, will my ability to get along with the girls to Creed Hobbs. I, JAMES EDWARD THOMAS, will my ability to go trapping any time I wish and still get an excused absence to Marvin Wagner. Be careful, Marvin, my luck might run out. I, ROY WHITTAKER, will my ability to talk any time I wish in Mr. McCrady's assembly to the Regoit twins. He can't watch you both at the same time. I, SHIRLEY ANN ZIMMERMAN, will my quiet ways and poodle hair cut to Betty Ruth Troncin. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for the last will and testament by the SENIOR CLASS, the above named testatox, in the presence of us, who at their request and in the presence of him and of each other, have subscribed our names here to as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. WITNESSES: Suzann Deputy David Higdon Judy Bush V A X - W JUNIORS Ola Austin John Beal Donna Adam Douglas Smith Mike Gaither Marlene Kennedy Jack Jones Iris Stewart Barbara Askren Creed Hobbs Myrna Keehn Charles Edwards Shelby Setters Nlary Rainbolt Ivan Arbuckle Loice Bolen Geneva Wernert Marvin Wagner Sharon Mclvlaherl Stanley Bycrly reenneay -ww N 1 ,ww N li, igagzzf Qi. f 'F 2 w , K if L .1 Q 5-M, ,an Q Wm .406 iff 'lf susan-vs , ' S rf' M 3' Af iv al 4:11 6 ,.,, , .. , , Q2 , f ,ew V , ff? wif sg" 5 M gf I t g v IL M-,Q 4 JUNIORS 'E Betty Troncin Sc S' W ffffi-3 . QE! - wmpxkl k 3 ctr' --A ' ...Q Marie Tyler ...-Q--9 David Royalty "L ,fl K ev :le Seacat Rutherford :y Byrne on Lincoln 'y l.aHue ral Lone iall Bocard 'ni Housel Vivian Barrow Loren Damon Phyllis Rosenbarger --A-A an-A-...Q -.I ui Jn' : ' .9 I , .Q we-. -A X -dui i K M , 'uv S . xii. 2 . wg jug ri 'seq ' -M ' 'lvl S B .. :K in ' 3 JSA . nnn ii I Q .qv-Q uv' 'A .-J" ..J""H1- 'N 4, I UID.. if ' 44 V I A Q "Q , lf., O 1-7' i ' ' James LaDuke JUNIORS is--i we Donnie Bays f he 'Q iifgm . L i ' , K ' f E MF, ps ' V U, g . 'ilk 4 4 n n L .3 .- 34? E? , 4 5 Clarice Hendricks Tommy Martin Paul Damon Ellen Schwartz Gary Davis Sarah Vinson Patty Oster Roy Wilkerson Lou Hobbs Carl Thevenot Donald Briscoe ' V ,X 3 f Vivian Troncin ' V. ' .Q -' Z 1 Q ,HW iivl , K A K K 5 5 f V -. it W -we in G vm M' , in M .mu -1 5,56 X 4 I V , I , ii i ,gppr VN sw' 9, gg ' P 'Hi , ui' 'lQ"K,.f1 si 93 2 ww gigs", 5' lk I D 5 as 0 I 7 "',fi- .1 "5 .w L N ,"- y 'Er iv LQ? ' when W? 5 1,11 Q li .J i aai SOPHOMORE CLASS Q'-Q' f-.:. ' vw Ill' 4 l QQ Q i m N fpzfyfrrlfg f W fir' V AFT: 1 T' f Ill In WZ Jerry Fessel Jeanette Rhodes Jerry Eckart I? .Y f Paul Cunningharu ,-as 9 - 00 :uri Quad? fd 'iv ' Elaine Sweat Marcus Barksdale Janet Hiestand Larry Funk Larry Wetzel Clara Royalty John Erb Judy Hiestand A 4 OPHOMORE CLASS 'lf N! 'm -V 1 2 'Q H hw 4 4 461 Patricia Flock Ronald Thomas Wilma Burnett "!"""'!' 'AP' a 45 ,Q fa EJ fm i 5 5 mg, , , was v,32?wgQs.f.., V , ,,,'i:m,--- Q, gakleksxggwwsyaxfxy in wimjm S ,ng,w',1,5f,,wx,5 N' K K N X .W ai? A Deanna Harmon Edmond Fisher - .s an Qi ealn 5 1 3? '-JF, is MW if ss -. in a x alan 'i 1 ' .Km , -'bs I lfebiywiki 5 ,- ,1 I f M w .41-Y' Herbert Stickler -: J 1.3. L, W? .nn-slut ev W 541 Mi ax r J Rx J 1 -- a r IJE ,LL ax. .Af , w4""" 4 -- ac' ,Ive . Q " 2, J, . ,fy 1 W 'af ...ff A K Ig' , a .. X vis gi P Mu sk . , IW '09 qv-.qv SOPHOMORES QM? .' QQ ? 1- YI Ly Smith ies Zimmerman ron Barnes ies Askren .rles Berkenmeyer ce Barnickle kie Bary rry Churchill iet Green inie Kuerzi :nda Thompson rvin Howerton :bert Trowbridge net Mosier :rry Byrne irlene Clunie Janet Smith L onnie Smith Ardis Barrow f , . gigvbyi gg, an ... ,, 'Tal 3 sir, .a 0'-ii' Z K 'ar if? K"" ,Q QI e A , K pi' . is 1 -4 Q, sf K if ' Q' e jf f Nu u I 7 x Sf 'X f 9-i' f fi xx A If ' 3 XX ix vga. K iz S 'duff ii .A-sq, .5 img .J "" ' - l " ' X . S ,-,,.Q 5 A' i -,U A 'El' .0 . SQ 1 1-3' .15 pt vin j,Q, 4-uv i'..,,6f'1s"'-2.,'-.hx if M, may fa -Y- I fs- im' if '-GP' 421' 4. ft. -OX ji " ,171 'C-'3 ad' ,,..-M' I fund' xii i 4,2 5 2 W, .U ..-. 11? .-.. .nr 'air nu ,Q New Q . K.:- FRESHMEN Susie Wenning Larry Smider Shirley Vance -V ,.: .hj i-ei: . V L ' , J as 2 eee, i,,e,,-V A 51 55.1 V ' K 1 "eh L ,n4lga0Q S ww gx., - ff! 1. v H.-5 43 , .H 1 'f' if-vLn 1 n""'5 is' Hu' Y in 4: . . , JSI ' ,W 'via :y Setters fr Oppel ma Dukes -rt Lal-Iue Lincoln Lyn Simon es Nolot :y Pinaire ley Nale and Carter lis Schmitt th Gentry es Van Fleet Rainbolt lie Satterfield Totten 1 C unnin ham ? 8 F. Gaither rel Hilbert m Hall k ""'f 2: v 'Q f M" was i' x"' it N 3,3 jg I an , a 0 N 'ir' 'N' 5 ol . " " 't - 1 -'fir' .I K f..""" -'jx .J jg Q W' X ' 5 Q lf xi? x ., 'M r K x l ' X xg Q I 'PN X ' is F? SQ? ' X If . l K: 3 "J l K P 'pls . i K V, 3 f 'A 1 -.i, 'U' , , ' e """ -1" , ' n 'Sf' A 55' o ltlen - 'uf r-La: f A .'d?,f- ,lf r 4 " 3 W Q v , ' ' 4 1 31'i :' : Xi ' k-l:: 5 X .at if ,,,,,, X -N"g , o M ,, g . " ' .,,, t n 6 K ,f .,,, . x . I . jig, L JS .K ., 'V Q QQ te l f :XQ ' Laverne Jenkins Larry Gettelfinger Marilyn Lang Donald Davis L. C. Nash Betty Woods Robert Harmon Evelyn Bary Ruth Copelin Marion Brown Doris Papoy John Utz John Goldman Juanita Wright Russell Kirk Lois Rothrock Nancy Deaton Darlene Lincoln P. Broughton Mary Morris ,L iw ., , . if fa v mal ek 4 Ep if 9 2 S g I th K 1 , - f ' , ,,.. id, ---- -- A 553,5 33 f ' 1' I "rf " 'IL me N 'fgligb' X fi, '-A is 'mf .dim J a J I VL, f. If-4 4 . 'Q I ' M' A g g u w? gr K ,fi , 2 V H : ,, 1 ,., K gi b J' -.QW ,W-5365 . . ' Z' ,,.. -3- "2? A L a ' .wig S ' Q . fer -ff: gl- V Wm' g -'W - Z .H 5 ' we R A I -1 ih. l l H I , K K vkr, . Q - s J H I, .. K, A lklti ,.,i I E V 'Wg' . j x . - . . -, ,, : gf f . -A - Ez , I ' 8 ,-Q, .. 1 wwf """' 'QW' wugwpqw emma Y , , , , -'milf F' , '- K- i nz, Ki, I .. 3 H ' ,. -5' N - fx A5 333 . -. K :ff 3 K V7 .i.,LVk I ,Q Af if 5- x 1 -553 Ky Q 6. .-""f"K Q M . . sh. x hz Q .M . R .+ Q .- Af 'X il, ELEMENTARY MR. MCCRADY Principal FIRST ROW: R. Mott, B. Barker, I. Turner, R. Willis, J. Kindall, R. Goodin, K. Gurtz, D. Adams, J. Wenning, S. Taylor. SECOND ROW: J. Meriwether, I. Austin, B. Simon, L. Sparkman, I. Hen- dricks, T. Wiseman, L. Berkenmeyer, R. Higdon, G. Ems, L. Billhars, R. Roudolph. THIRD ROW: C. Davis, C. Muntz, J. Swarens, B. Kruer, A. Leibert, N. Royalty, R. Herd, D. Sillings, B. Byerly, M. Johnson. Absent: C. Martin, Miss Georgie Ciunie, Teacher. lst GRADE Qffr FIRST ROW: B. Nlaymon, B. Spencer, S. Jenkins, R. Walk, R. Elmore, K. Hudgins, R. Arnold, F. Schnmaker. SECOND ROW: G. Drees, D. Wooten, E. Shafer, L, Deutsch, S. Davis, J. Hayes, P, Burns, S. Reinhardt, Z. Green, Miss Nellie Wolfe, Teacher. THIRD ROW: G. Carter, P. Smith, I Brewster, M. Cox, N. Timberlake, S. Wolfe, T. Morris, M. Stonecipher. FIRST ROW: R. Emily, S. McKim, W. Payne, S. Wilkerson, T. Burton, T. lngle, J. Simon, L Wolfe, D. Whittaker. SECOND ROW: B. Wright, L. Boxley, N. Windell, V. Sieg, B. Mosier, T. Atwood, P. Herd, L. Clark, C. Swarens. THIRD ROW: K. Lewellyn, I. Martin, P. Gold- man, F. Kennedy, B. Poole, D. Smith, S. Reynolds, C. Vance. Miss Anna French, Teacher, 2nd GRADE FIRST ROW: M. Hall, G. Stevens, I. Elliot, A. Babcock, I. Smith, M. Adkins, I. Sampson, B. Dunford, L. Zink, M. Brown, M. Bischoff. SECOND ROW: M. Seitz, M. Bryson, L. Martion, R. Davis, O. Lewis, D. Berkenmyer, D. Mott, C. Kopp, L. Nolot, C. Settle, T. Smith, E. Lewis THIRD ROW: Teacher, G. Bary, E. Gurtz, T. Eaton, L. Wetzel, D. Tyler, K. Pirtle, R. Wooten, S. Frost, R. Rutherford, H. Barksdale, F. Burnett. FIRST ROW: L. Beal, W. Matt, D. Stevens, W. Shaffer, R. Baker, T. Adams, S. Prater, L. Liebert, M. Able, E. Wright. SECOND ROW: R. Schamel, C. Fulkerson, L. McAdams, B. Deaton, M. Kintner, C. Mosier, B. Byrne, L. Shawler, L. Tower, G. Hass, A. Kennedy. THIRD ROW: D. Clark, R. Sparks, R. Saunders, I. Thompson, S. Drees, C. Edwards, M. Lewis, G. Smith, D. Walfe, D. Emily, L. Walden. Absent: I. Henson, R. Musgrove, V. Jackson, O. Atwood. Mrs. Walk, Teacher. 3rd GRADE I 3s'fFf?B'lt IAQ Izbg-3 FIRST ROW: P. Jacobi, A. Byrne, I. Quick, S. Elmore, R. Arnold, A. Swarens, F. Copelin, F. Shafer, E. Adolph, J. Higdon, M. Papoy. SECOND ROW: D. Bockherms, D. Helfrich, C. Fried, W. Davis, R. Adam, B. Smith, L. McAdams, P. Hayes, J. Lang, M. Davis, P. Barnum. THIRD ROW: Mrs. V. Emily, Teacher, M. Wright, B. Yocum, D. Sutz, L. Johnson, S. Barker, S. Fisher K. Turpin, D. Adams, W. Royalty, D. Nale, M. Kruer, G. Hanger. FOURTH ROW: R. Vance, I Goldman, A. Ha.ub, R. Liebert, D. Bowler, D. Wenning, L. Crosby, S. Thomas, R. Barry, C. Sweat, D. Smith, S. Smith. I filf1-.- i P FIRST ROW: N. Baker, L. Davidson, P. Sparks, S. Burns, G. Turner, D. Gurtz, I. Harvey, D. Sparkman. SECOND ROW: T. Johnson, F. Wallace, L. Meriwether, T. Benham, R. Harmon, P. Flock, M. Wernert, N. Swarens, D. Sieg, C. Asbell, D. Jantzen. THIRD ROW: A. Apple- gate, Teacher, R. Burton, B. Baxley, L. Terry, C. Hendricks, R. Bowles, D. Kintner, B. Tyler, J. Adam. FOURTH ROW: L. Ransdell, D. Kime, R. Nolot, M. Smith, T. Wright, E. Fulker- son, S. Payne, C. Adams, L. Evaline, L. Davis, I. Lively. 4th GRADE FIRST ROW: J. Purcell, I. Utz, R. Fessel, P. Arbuckle, B. Lincoln, G. Zink, S. Trocin, R. Wright, T. Adkins, M. Wenning. SECOND ROW: E. Terry, I. Seitz, A. Kennedy, M. Reynolds, R. Holmes K. Askren, R. Byrne, S. Shumaker, D. Hollis, V. Davis. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Damon, Teacher: T. Dear, M. Berkenmeyer, B. Reinhardt, M. Spencer, J. Schmitt, M. Curtis, G. Broughton, B. Barrow D. Baker. FOURTH ROW: I. Jackson, I. Shumate, K. Harrell, R. Clark, S. Mott, R. Oppel, W. Sampson, S. Bays, M. Brown. Absent: William Payne. 1: ga 5,3 FIRST ROW: C. Orange, G. Kirk, L. K. Thompson, L. Zurschmiede, L, Ingle, R. Davis, I. Elliott, C. Deaton, D. Dunford. SECOND ROW: J. Allen, B. Hawerton, L. Ash, P. Smith, L. Routh, M. Higdon, Z. Elmore, E. Settle, N. Bary, D. Cunningham. THIRD ROW: Mrs. A. Wright, S. Atkins, W. Walden, R. Wilkerson, K. Berkenmeyer, D. Stonecipher, D. Barnickle, M. Rinehardt, H. Scott, P. Turner. FOURTH ROW: V. Rothrock, M. Jenkins, C. Yocum, C. Bolen, I. Adams, R. Muntz, P. Briscoe, C. Henson, B. Fried, T. Erhardt. 5th GRADE FIRST ROW: I. Yocum, E. Hilbert, M. Scott, B. Morris, M. Byrn, P. Stevens, A. Adams, L. Smith, E. Routh. SECOND ROW: C. Bye, R. McAdams, A. Hollis, E. Woods, F. Harmon, A. Evaline, D. Rutherford, J. Ems, I. Shawler, P. Gutknecht. THIRD ROW: N. Simon, C. Kime, J. Goldman, R. Higdon, M. Bary, J. Reynolds, D. Byrne, R. Damon, Mrs. Cora Babcock, Teacher. FOURTH ROW: Fisher, R. Elmore, J. Snider, R. Vance, R. Pinaire, L. Deaton. FI P. A. Gutknecht. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Orange, G. Funk, C. Meeks, R. Byrne, B. I. Hobbs, C. Davis L. Harmon, R. Elliott, D. Byrne, M. Erhardt. THIRD ROW: M. Kennedy, K. Stevens, S. Lincoln, D. Wooted, M. Rudolph, W. Sparkman, D. Emily, L. Wernert, K. Pirtle. FOURTH ROW: D. Stonecipher L. Nolot, R. Senn, S. Thevenot, M. Dear, K. Troncin, P. Smith. RST ROW: E. Broughton, S. Barker, J. Smith, K. Sieg, P. Burns, B. Kruer, B. Schmitt, G. Gurtz, 6th GRADE FIRST ROW: G. Setser, R. Wilkerson, C. Wright, D. Wetzel, D. Harmon, B. Troncin, T. Guthnecht, K. Oppel, E. Adams. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Adams, Teacher: D. Ash, C. Lang, M. Davis, B. Satter- feild, B. Utz, J. Taylor, R. Burden. J. Bye, K. Yeager, L. Drees. THIRD ROW: D. Smith, G. Pur- cell, D. Binkley, V. McMahel, L. Rhodes, H. Spencer, M. Stump, R. Fried, M. Adamson. FOURTH ROW: R. Eaton, C. Wagner, P. Walden, P. Lone, R. Barnickle, D. Hammontree, W. Keehne, S. Lincoln. FIRST ROW: C. Sieg, V. Sauerheber, D. Fouts, J. Hanger, B. Swank, W. Sparkrnan, J. Utz, I. Ty- ler, R. Leffler. SECOND ROW: K. Rainbolt, G. Hilbert, V. Lofton, F. Tower, M. Wernert, R. Ste- vens, W. Dunford, W. Simon, Mr. E. A. Miller. THIRD ROW: B. Rothrock, R. Higdon, B. Morris, J. Adams, B. Austin, J. Hall, P. Gaither, I. Deaton, L. Yocum, A. Drees. FOURTH ROW: M. Muntz, J. Yaeger, J. Terry, J. LaHue, A. Voyles, V. Whitman, J. Bullington, R. Berkenmeyer, J, Bye. Absent: Terry Arnold, Ierry Sue Goodin. th GRADE 0 D v 'O 'M l4'.f'na Y!! FIRST ROW: S. Vance, D. Brunner, B. Byrne, E. Davis, P. White, B. Beauchamp, N. Zink, P. Evaline S. Davis, E. Elliot. SECOND ROW: W. Hobbs, S. Byrne, C. Conrad, D. Stevens, R. Fried, E. Hollis, W. Walden, W. Hollis, F. Gorman, B. Slayton, L. Totten, M. Bays. THIRD ROW: A. Chinn, F. Baker B. Terry, B. Hammontree, B. Byrne, C. Kennedy, N. Van Fleet, J. Flock, S. Davis, P. Stevens, A. Foley, C. Sampson, L. Fessel. FOURTH ROW: J. Ems, J. Crane, R. Brown, K. Ingle, M. Coplin, S. Edwards, S. Adams, M. Fried, B. Barrow, L. Thomas. ff ,,?.,,,,'... . 'y . YF gs, r, N K '91, I L J Q-15-Q ij ' Y 'ML .. ' I ...aa .- 41:15 'lust-5 FIRST ROW: B. Kirk, L. Gentry, D. Dear, D. Satterfieldg D. Burke, R. Housel, M. Higdon, L. Barner, C. Lincoln. SECOND ROW: E. Stevens, H. Smith, K. Rutherford, D. Heilig, H. Curtis, B. Brewster, G Davis. THIRD ROW: D. Foley, M. Fessel, J. Morris, R. Mosier, J. Lewellyn, R. Deutsch, L. Davis, L. Barnickle, H. Smith, L. Rosenbarger, D. Rothrock, R. Harmon, T. Bolen. 8th GRADE FIRST ROW: W. Burden, B. Timberlake, R. Damon, J. Berkenmyer, R. Rosenbarger, D. Davis, C. Nolot, K. Huff, R. Bullington. SECOND ROW: C. Morrison, C. Setters, R. Loften, E. Nash, L. Mosier, F. Beal, I. Deutch, R. Kirk. THIRD ROW: P. Davis, C. Goldman, C. Bigler, R. Lin- coln, J. Stickler, M. Heuser, D. Wiseman, S. Simon, E. Quick. FOURTH ROW: W. Barry, E. Davis, D. Barrow, K. Schmitt, I. Vinson, L. Wetzel, B. Wiseman. S. Wallace, A. Shumate. FIRST ROW: S. Payne, I. Gorman, M. Shawler, V. Keehn, G. Byrne, S. Fisher, W. Smith, T. Tower. SECOND ROW: I. Bennett, P. Thompson, P. McAhron, R. Crosby, S. Binkley, C. How- erton, C. Regot, M. Regot. THIRD ROW: P. Wooten, R. Shireman, P. Yaeger, D. Gentry, D. Kapp, B. Ems, M. Grabble. -L "ff'f',' " W xi f 4 '- 'y f ,M f ,tiff fi .Q A 41 V A ,.-..,N 4'N, f,..-, -A , , X V 2 i ,if ' , X-,N ' Tf 1 , ., ,KN - - S K - x L V, b ,xx 1 4 ,. '-,N M 9, RK - M x ' 1357! , X 5 -KQJ V' " if "Ae 'X . E, -:affix 'wi LJ U L xa- ,... run -5.4 f vw gm 1 ,H . : , X ii :vo 53? NO K1 '- its Q5 r . l 4 1 1 -f y 1 4 , w' J I 1 ,- , 5,234 1 af ffff I uf. L ll '11 nu 'O 01 iw.. .M A x. V gk si' K N VARSITY FIRST ROW Jimmy LaDuke, Larry Funk, Jack Jones, Larry Crosby, Howard Stevens, SECOND ROW Don Bays Paul Damon, Harold Bosler, Darrell Burnett, Junior Davis, THIRD ROW: Eddie Fisher Mr Key Coach Tommy Martin. SCHEDULE Coryclon Georgetown Marengo Lanesville Charlestown Elizabeth Laconia Hardinsburgh Milltown English Morgan Twp. Lanesville Elizabeth Laconia Leavenworth Georgetown VARSITY RECORD Won 20 Lost 3 COUNTY TOURNEY CHA MPIONS Opp. N. C. 47 37 Lanesville 49 46 Morgan Twp. 25 58 Elizabeth 49 52 GEORGETOWN TOURNEY 48 38 58 Marengo 27 31 Laconia 36 37 SECTIONAL 38 48 48 Morgan Twp. 47 55 New Albany 49 38 53 O 36 39 53 48 29 47 82 l Q j f, gm -' "N-U... .. A. lyk. IJ. 9: 1 gg. If- C if 1 NURTH CENTRAL TIGERS REPEAT AS CRUNTY NET CHAMPIRNS se YS 12503 .gi X93 Q55 W Q0 I' Harrison County champ, North Central, has won Maru' cemra! 33 ot its last 37 games H9975 will Fmal 'lf ainethi figflsiflmf of the 'eg' Tiger Foul 0 Thekgfrgt Centrg1stTITgg:'l:yrIg? swung Trims tra Q0 6' 6 znisfifssstsrsss mw ' T eor e own se e c Plrates 54 ' 48 ffoafhefo 8 hi Sue lfolfth CerITt?'a1nElcEser1 I J A " invthe preliminary gan Raith Central Wms terra Q9 Q! " ff? ...... T if 'E A i f ......... 6 7 County Toumamen Q' Q1 r-.- 6 lg 8 . Tigers Take 6' N. Central Tlgers Over First Place Q Get Easy Win In County League 0 MITRUWR North Central Swan VCI' Leavenworth 77 To 1956 BASKETBALL W RD A0 1 944- 1 945 1 946 1 947 1 948 1949- 1 950 1951 1 952 1953 1954- Free Throw Awards 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Robert Dome Wayne Kepley James Higdon Irvin Maymon Brooks Richards Dallas Richards Dallas Richards Terry Thomas Dean Hiestand Larry Crosby Jack Jones CHEERLEADERS Sherry Churchill, Janie Thomas, Judy Bush, Freddy Emily. STUDENT MANAGERS Vern Henricksen, Jerry Fessel if ECO D TEAM ,E 'J 125i f5O x QQ' ff f , M- f l FlRbT ROW: Roger Oppel, L. C. Nash, John Goldman, Mickey Seig, Paul Atkins, Delmar Slayton. bECOND ROW: Larry Funk, James Askren, Ray Helfrich, James Vanfleet, Marvin Zurchmeide, Mr Singleton, Teacherg John Utz, Don Bays, Paul Binkley, Eddie Fisher. f 2 J '- f, fi 623 , E 6' ,rf 1 'f by: :Ear .elif ffeg wP.'.n"'r ' Xl - J . nl N. 35 35 42 41 23 40 41 43 31 39 39 38 36 38 38 23 C. SCHEDULE Corydon Cubs Georgetown Marengo Lanesville Charlestown Elizabeth Laconia Hardinsburgh Milltown English Morgan Lanesville Elizabeth Lacon ia Levenworth Georgetown OPP 45 36 13 28 55 27 20 29 23 12 30 30 27 28 12 33 JU IOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEA 5 . . E ,wget O15 ti FIRST ROW: E. Stevens, B. Carter, W. Burden, M, Higdon, R. Housel, D. Burks. SECOND ROW L. Totten, Yell Leader, B. Brewster, C. Goldman, L, Rosenbarger, C. Morrison, R. Crosby, Yell Leader, D. Foley, K. Schmidt, M. Fessel, Stanford Singleton, Coach, C. Conrad, Yell Leader THIRD ROW: G. Davis. P. Davis, D. Barrow, F. Beal, A, Shumate, F. Nash, C. Bigler, W, Barry. J. Davis, Yell Leader, absent, SCHEDULE N. C. 13 New Middletown 46 27 Georgetown 28 27 Marengo 26 30 Elizabeth 25 23 New Middletown 22 38 Laconia 23 36 Corydon 28 30 Georgetown 32 35 Elizabeth 33 49 Edwardsville 32 28 Corydon 26 CO. TOURNEY 32 New Middletown 38 ' 1 1 g, J y I ,fix f I NNUAL STAFF SITTING: Vern Henricksen, Athletics Editor, Jim Thomas, Sales Manager: Janice Hudson, Layout Editor. STANDING: Ronnie Hiestand, Layout Editor, Judy Bush, Sales Managerg Roy Whittaker, Advertisement Manager, Larry Crosby, Assistant Editorg Junior Davis, Editor. Suzann Deputy, Activities Editor, not in picture. STUDE T COUNCIL SEATED, FIRST ROW: S. MacMahel, T. Martin, A. Totten. SECOND ROW: I. Colin, E. Fisher P, Flock, M. Sieg. THIRD ROW, STANDING: L. Crosby, Mr. Taylor, Principal, F. Beal, B. Brewster, P. Stevens. FUTURE FARMER OF AMERICA an, Teacher: I. Lal-Iue, J. Gentry, G. Davis, D. Arnold, FRONT ROW: R. Wilkerson, Mr, Norm P B 1 W Smith J Nolot R Harmon SECOND ROW: J. Askren, C. Kuerzi, S. Byerly, J. . ea , . , . . . . M Gaither, I. Arbuckle, M. Howerton, F. Bosler, H. Stickler, B. Kepley, C. Berkmeyer, I. Z merman D Davis THIRD ROW- G T Gaither, J. Goldman, R. Curts, J. Van Utz, J. im , . . . . . Fleet, M. Barksadale, D. Sladen, T. Byrnes, H. Lincoln, D. Martin, D. Higdon, R. Trowbridge C. Edwards, L. Wetzel, M. Erb. BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Gentry, F. Emily, J. Bary, P. Binkley, P. Rutherford, K. Rothrock, R. Whittaker, C. Hobbs, C. Rosenbarger. wi GIRLS' GLEE CL B FIRST ROW: V. Troncin, J. Hiestand, B. Smith, J. Hiestand, W. Burnett, J. Colin, R. Atkins, E. Kennedy. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nance, Teacher: E. Sweat, B. Askren, N, Pinaire, C. Davis, S. Fancher, F. Lemmon, I. Stuart, J. Mosier, P. Flock, D. Harmon, B. Smith. THIRD ROW: D, Adams, V, Barrow, C. Royalty, J. Smith, A. Barrow, B, Abbott, M, Kennedy, T. Stevens, S. Churchill, C. Seacat, N. Housel, I. Hudson. BOYS' GLEE CLUB I Q FIRST ROW: R, Huff, J. Davis, B. Burnett, R. Sims, F. Emily. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nance, Teacher: O, Askren, C. Davis, J. Eckart, R. Hiestand. THIRD ROW: E. Fisher, L. Funk, D. Smith, C. Kuerzi, J. Gentry, V. Hendricksen. BAD FIRST ROW: Mrs. Nance, Director, M. Lang, D. Dear, C, Sampson, J. Mosier. SECOND ROW: M. Barksdale, R. Hiestand, P. Oster, J. Askren, C. Seacat, B. Troncin, M. Lone, M. Lone, V. Henricksen, J. Utz. THIRD ROWV: S. Churchill, B. Smith, D. Adams, B. Smith, G. Davis, N. Pinaire, H. Stevens, N. Housel, D. Babcock. Z 1 Aiwa A x g X SQ., SENIOR CLASS PLAY Mother fMary Jonesy Laura Walkins fElaine's Motherj , , , Melody Jones . . . . Leon Jones 1Me1ody's Brotherj . . Kenneth Carpenter Elaine Walkins . . Bruce Butler . . . Kathy QMiss Richardsj .. Jennifer Abbey . . . . Father Uohn Jonesj Gary Boyd , , , , Stretch Appleby . . . Francie Wilks .. Sponsor . . . . MELODY JONES Joan Shaffer Mary Gettlefinger Janice Hudson . . . .James Gentry Vern Henricksen Rosemary Atkins James Thomas Beatrice Smith Jolene Colin Ronnie Hiestand David Higdon Charles Rosenbarger Fern Lemmon Miss Pfieffer Q--1 f ,U-f-apr' ui 345 ,, mt f M ' 5 bi1 A .. -Q " 'wx rx.. 15 we f v ff' www .b.,.,.mm- 1 52 N X .9 ,, - 2 X X x Xl . E+ sf, JN X . . , Q . ,,.. as QQ QQ? we XQNXQ X fx HQ? My 45, '31 'Ili , f "., lfzf -Aammmlz .M il 9 ' il gl, QW WQ JL Sri mf lv' ,Q WM " pw is fi Z2 Www, ' 416452 ? F in ka V Y' fm :WM 5 'gs 1 H 1 F' THQ .,.Y -. in W' 1. 'ff ,f 1 1 f 1 W. . ' Y' .. mln , .5 19,5 ,J Al Q I A fl V 'w Y M, X ' 'Wx Y 1: .9 Vi' T " ww, . ff., ' . ,., M , V 3. , u Q5 Vx? n A 'EW mf. gzmml q Q W fry, X' XX lx 5 . Nia ef gs X X F . A XX az ' .Q dh Wwma W .M k. SN- .h K .... - - ua . -, . .- ,I -5- - ' A ' f 2:35 .Lila , I Sz' ,I 5 4 m .Q if in rx. ,,. i N 55x-S IS - k Siff' W 2 ' W " F " .Q X Ar .ft 1 -X , ,xN, . - 9 'L f' 1""R i i wx gi 2 3 S83 Q . , A .g.i'? 1 + X X X Q gs: gy .93 . . .. .4 .K .. V4 ' G1 f tw F5 4 i 3 A ,, 7 . ' ' Q W Q 4' - H: Qii Q 5 9 " .5-nh? k N k . 7 f-'fad I ' My ' G . Vxyigs, M 1 Y A Aw: +.,, Zhi? E521 - p WVR' ,.4,,.,..,, . . ,, V weaaf wwg , 4 f ' 'x x f ' 1 2 I P 'i .1 vt 'I ' 2 Q X . , I - ,. Q, 2 WMM , V 4 ' : 1 Zn 21,-' 4 e , . l .2 'E 'V ""' ' W 3. 4 .V -V 1 g . x. , f 2 5 . 1 . k ., r 1 .. 4- -... . fy' 5 Q ii Q M. . H I W. N .M W AUTOGRAPHS N 'W-., R gf uv" gc "' X fe. 5. . ,x N- ". N ' , . 4 , , , K w . ., A ,. - ' :ff 2, , N ' A ' -. f I, al F 'f '.i,2,', -., . f .",5'1,' A - H Y , -N '- . "lg, ' if V A , rw' .v ' 5 .f ' ' X 'X ,- ' gf 1 .- -. K f x ' " vm -I , N - 1 . ' , . fin-U' " ., 'fy X ' If . , J A , 1 ls., ,Q xx 4. ., my-. 1 Q !. VI., XN,., x- I5 - - ng .. A .. A. sf , - V ' ' JA," - fr. , T' A .' , " 1 2 ., ., "-' B: X1 X , , , - 1' ,. -J ' v 1 ,Q I , ' ' ' . ' x , I , ,. w 4' . ' 1 W' X' 5A 4" x V S vtx 'g 1.1 ,, , I V , f xx .,: .4 o . .-,, . . fr , , F", ' , Wx. , "rf: ,' Q ' x '..v:,- ,..-. . X ' 1 W J ' ' A IFS, y , sk., 1 .V V - -. , fm . , 1-, ' , X Wx- Q ,f V '.' 1 A ' V ' .. 4 L' , - x X- h 'V' -5 M" " ,V ,f.,'.-. N v-, 'Y , . . yr if ' , H- A 1 L .,, ,X , V , I X 1 . f 'uf' - lu - ' . f - 1 'r .. X ' , Q Q ., .. Q Q , Qf ' ' -- '. ,, A ,A , 1 '-1 , 2 I' .1 .f 'w, K V -' E , ,. 4 IAA 4 .Q , -1 1, ' g4,g 1 ' . . V X . 1 3 , '1 XXL N , .1 'Q . , nf., ' X 'Q 34 " .4 , A ' ,, , f. ,' ,ls V4 . " 4. ' M A I rw.-,,. f x . :- I , f. - H .. PARK CHEVROLET 827 E. Chestnut -Corydon, Indiana ' Ph. 8-4165 CBbme and Businessl New Chevrolet Cars end Trucks 0.K. Used Cars.and Trucks Sales and Serqice ' 31.00 Deposit Starts Your Savings Account At ' x oLD CAPITAL BANK AHD.TRUST COUPANY v mCorydon, Indiana .Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve-System ' Pn. 8-2395' ' k :HARRISONfCOUNTY,BgNK i- . Crandall , .Palmyra Z- K I. Q X , i , ' Member of Fbderal Deposii lnsurincejcorpqrdtibn . x , 1 - Q . UENNING PACKING cmgmuwv FbrqBetter:Eats . U39 1 Alennings H ,qualixyfueats , . lARTIN'S'HATCHERY, INC. ' Baby Chicks Ieeds of A11 Kinds ' ,Broi1er.Coqtfacting ,Phone 2401 Ramsey, Indiana CRAYDEN'S-HATCHERY .B by Chieks From Leading Varieties fU. S. Afproved U. S. Pu110rumfC1eKHW , I Ramsey, Indiapa Phone 2303 8 2332 f f 1 k 1 - 5 - . ,I X ' U I - Cqngratulationsf ,TbJThQb of . '56 , i l :From 'CONRAD?S L A A X 5 . 'DAVIS POULTRY FARM ,Baby Chicks Layipg Strains Only 'rested and Ro? 'Stock s pnode 5505 x Ramsey,AIndiana-' 'wwgfmefwfff1c4:xwr1Ae3mvH,gYQ1dw3r,,,xamw4.gQmgg:z,fx1Q+emfmmwf fp- , I X , .,' .M 'X ,ng 5- WJ , , Y , .nm 1 , ,Q fL .'q, - . , f f fmg , 19-7, 'XA f V V , " "jg,-. Q , ,,fJr:4iME,4g!,'-K 1,7 H N w-,x , M. ' J 1f'Y4."I ,Z 'Sf' " ffv' 1- ,r ' N '11 A lf 4' 'AA 21'- -7 ' 1 , V 'N ' "3"-'b..uvgfw-aN:'-ml'-.wff gl x E , 1 .J a1,4i3j':Hd."' -'V ' ,,i,.g,'JQg,!'.,j5A':1.iQ vw: :. -,Jung ff ' 14 , , - , 1 W.-A , usz 4' " ,f 2 L AQ. Eff ig' -.y'f.:.: -1:-Hswft. 'Q ,: - if -li ' Q Mztffa' , ' ' . fw- -I 4, '- f - jQ:1ggw , m.wffgJqgYqQf13. 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A A weddings , Ramsey, Indiana Graduat155". .EATON'S HATCHERY 8 FEED MILL Pullorum-Typhoid Clean Baby Chicks Feeds,of an kinds t ' Ramsey Phone 2828 Indiana CORYDON STATE BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation REASOR OIL SERVICE Jobber of Marathon Products Complete Line Gasoline, Kerosene, Greases Motoroils, Fueloils, and Filtered Dieseloil Delivery to Rural Farmers 8 Dealers 8-3815 Phone 8-3815 Corydon, Indiana ALSTOTT ROADSIDE MARKET U-be S-ee Food Store Fresh Meats - Vegetables and Frozen Foods Phone 58959 Corydon Pike Dallas Alstott Compliments of REISZ FURNITURE CO. New Albany, Indiana ATKINS SERVICE STATION Tires-Tubes-Accessories Wm. Churchill, Manager Highway 64-337 Depauw, Indiana OAKWOOD POULTRY FARM Ramsey, Indiana Phone 2618 Honegger Leghorns and Big H Feeds DAVIS STANDARD SERVICE Jct. 135 and 64 New Salisbury, Indiana MILLTOWN CONCRETE CO. INC. Building Material, Hardware, Coal, Feed, Ice Headquarters for your needs Milltown, Indiana Ph. Ramsey 2627 Milltown 60 OLD TOWN STORE C. F. Key, Manager Marengo, Indiana MARENGO STATE BANK Member F. D. I. C. Marengo, Indiana PETERY-HEDDEN CO., INC. 415 Pearl Street Phone 5-5215 New Albany, Indiana GREENACRES GRILL 514 N. Clark Blvd. Clarksville, Indiana Curb Service HWe Serve the Bestn Phone 38079 Compliments of HICKMAN FLOWERS Phones Corydon 8-3855 Salem 24 HSay it with Flowersn Flowers for all Occasions Complete County Coverage Of All News CORYDON REPUBLICAN Dial 8-3355 Compliments of WALK DRUG STORE New Albany's Prescription Drug Store Compliments of SOCONY MOBIL OIL COMPANY Tom Monroe, Agent HARRISON-FLOYD FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSN., INC. Corydon - Crandall New Albany - Laconia Compliments of THE FASHION SHOP BUD TIMBERLAKE Sealtest Distributor I Compliments of WM. KERMIT ROTHROCK Corydon, Indiana Ph. 8-3285 Hlnsurance of All Kindsn Compliments of KELLER MANUFACTURING CO. FAIR STORE Corydon, Indiana Compliments of DEE ROSE BEAUTY PARLOR Corydon, Indiana Compliments of FRANK SHIREMAN MUSIC AND FURNITURE Very Low Prices on Pianos and Furniture Compliments of THE IDEAL RESTAURANT Get a Good Meal at the Ideal Best Cooks in Corydon Ph. 8-3415 Compliments of ROY LA HUE AND SON The Brands you Know The Styles you Want Corydon, Indiana Ph. 8-3325 Compliments of STEPRO TRANS. CO. Compliments of WILLIAM H. BUTT Rexall Drugs Corydon, Indiana Ph. 8-1653 Compliments of SHERRILLS ROLLER RINK Corydon, Indiana HOpen Every Nightn Compliments of LOCKER PLANT Corydon, Indiana Compliments of BERLIN'S DEPT. STORE Corydon, Indiana CLAUDE POE LUMBER And BUILDING MATERIAL Marengo, Indiana Ph. 48 AMERICAN SECURITY LOAN INC. Kenny Jackson, Manager Corydon, Indiana THE WHITE HOUSE Nwith You In Mindn 222 Pearl Street New Albany, Indiana N. A. BUSINESS COLLEGE New Albany, Indiana KENNETH H. BROWN AND SON Corydon, Indiana HYour Allis-Chalmer and New Holland Dealern Compliments of C DR. CARL E. DILLMAN EAST-SIDE GROCERY And SERVICE STATION Mark Trueblood UHL SUPER SERVICE International Motor Trucks Wheel Alignment Palmyra, Indiana Ph. 2002 MONTGOMERY'S GENERAL STORE General Merchandise FOUTS TRADING CENTER Crandall, Indiana And Appliances Best Wishes to the Class of 56 JACOBI SALES AND SERVICE KIRK'S GROCERY Farm Equipment Dealers Fresh Meats - Vegetables Palmyra, Indiana Soft Drinks and Ice Cream PURDU BRAND POPCORN SWAREN FUNERAL HOME Packed By Ambulance Service Ramsey Popcorn Factory Ramsey, Indiana Ramsey, Indiana Ph. 2818 Compliments of THE TREE RESTAURANT CLOVER VALLEY HATCHERY Ramsey and Depauw, Indiana Palmyra, Indiana Ph. 3620 Ph. 2255 NEW SALISBURY ELECTRIC HATCHERY WOLFE MOTOR SALES New Salisbury, Indiana Ralph 8 Ray Studebaker Ph. 2600 Corydon, Indiana Meet and Eat At JOCK'S LUNCH Corydon, Indiana Compliments of INDIANA CANDY COMPANY 420 State Street New Albany, Indiana Ph. 4-2861 W, ww., , as nf f'w'f' f A-w am- . R. W, CRAIG INC, 302 E. Market St. New Albany, Indiana Phone 55296 PURITY MAID New Albany, Indiana ROAD SIDE INN Cunder new managementj Corydon Pike, New Albany, Indiana Phone 47060 Call in Orders WETZEL'S GROCERY Groceries, Meats 8 Vegetables Feed - General Merchandise Depauw, Indiana Phone 2211 D. D. BARKSDALE Authorized Sales and Frigidaire Dealer Service Complete line of Home Furnishings Milltown, Indiana GURTZ'S GARAGE Auto Repair and Welding Depauw, Indiana Phone Ramsey 2355 SATTERFIELD SHELL SERVICE Gas - Oil - Accessories General Repair Work Depauw, Indiana WATSON-PROCTOR HARDWARE CO. General Hardware Paint-Wallpaper-Rugs-Furniture Milltown, Indiana Compliments of EMILY'S RESTAURANT AND SERVICE STATION LAWSON'S RESTAURANT New Salisbury, Indiana Phone 16-06 TED LANG CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales and Service Fredricksburg, Indiana Na. 5-6943 VIOLET'S BEAUTY SHOP Ramsey, Indiana 'SWEAT'S GROCERY Corydon Junction, Indiana Compliments of ARLIE TROWBRIDGE Fredricksburg, Indiana Compliments of WOLF MEAT MARKET Compliments of DR, R. H, LANHAN SEACAT'S RADIO AND TELEVISION Georgetown, Indiana Phone 126 EAST-END SERVICE Georgetown, Indiana Phone 8102 WALT'S D-X SERVICE Georgetown, Indiana Phone 4705 Compliments of EDGAR MILES , , , . ,,a.f- nun -rv'-I...lE!!W-.I ,-1M--h:.1ae.Maliim.!r- f - -f V - A -4- - 'A MOBILE GAS AND OIL Milltown, Indiana DERR'S SANITARY MARKET Marengo, Indiana Compliments of SIMLER'S MOTOR CO. Compliments of LAMON AND DAVIS HARDWARE STORE PAUL KITTERMAN Radio Q T.V. Service Corydon, Indiana Dial 8-3225 Compliments of DAVIS DRUG STORE Compliments of MAUCK'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of PEP'S LUNCH Compliments of NELSON FIRESTONE STORE Corydon, Indiana Compliments of DR. BINKLEY Compliments of LEE'S BAKERY ALBIN'S JEWELRY Corydon, Indiana Compliments of BAKER'S STORE Lanesville, Indiana Compliments of GUY REAS Compliments of WARRICK BUICK SALES Phone 80045 Highway 135 Corydon, Indiana Compliments of DAVIS MONROE Compliments of HAMBURGER CASTLE Compliments of GLASS HANDICRAFTERS Corydon, Indiana THE WELFARE FINANCE CORP0 108 Elm Street Corydon, Indiana MOSIER'S GROCERY Byrnville, Indiana W. E. JENNER Marengo, Indiana JOHNSON'S SELF-SERVICE MARKET Frenchtown, Indiana HAMMOND'S GROCERY Milltown, Indiana TONEY OIL COMPANY Marengo, Indiana ...WI .,,.. , ...ns...i , i , Service Is Our Business, Not a Sideline CAUBLE'S FEED AND SERVICE Incorporated P.O. Box 26 Corydon, Indiana Phone 8-1763 W. Martin Pitts, Manager Cauble's Vantress Arbor Acre Broiler Chicks Purina Chows Bush Keller Co. Sporting Goods 340 Vincennes New Albany, Indiana Underwood Motors Ford Sales and Service Phone 8-3455 Corydon, Indiana New Albany's R 7 Popular Store f ram For Standard Fuels Call JOE WRIGHT 5 SON Phone 25-21 New Salisbury, Indiana We, the Senior Class of '56, wish to express our deep gratitude for your contributions through adver- tisement in making our annual possible. New Albany, Indiana 52 ifjisw ' .f , -, lima- Y 'r .?'Ijf,nsk,,.3'g if 1 4 l,2-'Q-5:?M-593' "r1g'L,- TRN: . FW ' 3319, Eh 3, QV ' - ,' W E , : , , ,Wx-.V ,nf L , ., ffm: 2 Q 'aff f '5 v 'ux ,',, , ',,l .,A. , .HM .ar ., ,, if f'j-u - Mm, I . - , , Q 1 t ,E-age, , .5 A At- ,,,.,, 'FSH ' ' 1' '. .1,.--ffl, if if ,V ,nn , , .!,! W VL ,. , H9 -.14 r 9 'Ji ww. L w.15,.,'f , - M, f '31 -1: , f ' Auf' ,-ir ,, 'K 4 rw gh, K! .,,, :za .I '. -.xi ,J ' ff 4C?zC 6:44 ' fe L, K, 45 " 15 4 1 i ., 1 4 a I 2 ,f M A. f W- e ay -'- U41 Yr 2 rf azffwff. "1 , ' - f ' i - A V V, , F Q, -Ir - . .K -1,-if ,v 1-rf: . , ? ' 'ff' " " f " Q , -v ' - - .1 g , , Sig : .6 141 ' . A, , X U W - - f ' :,,-,,- - ,V 4 , ',1'4 ,1,. , , - x. , ..- ,.1 ,,1., " 1435 ,f?i,iHf,.'v .1 9' If 4 f f Wwfwf

Suggestions in the North Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Ramsey, IN) collection:

North Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Ramsey, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Ramsey, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Ramsey, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 50

1956, pg 50

North Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Ramsey, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 77

1956, pg 77

North Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Ramsey, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 84

1956, pg 84

North Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Ramsey, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 80

1956, pg 80

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