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l. Famous for his floppy sox and shaggy hair, "Pistol Pete" Marav- ich is makinga good showing as a rookie with the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA. Maravich was collegiate scoring champ the previous season. 2.Sign of the Times - As Washing- ton visitors viewed the cherry blossoms near the Jefferson Memorial they may have noticed a new sign advising everyone that the water in the area is polluted and thefish contaminated. 3.ln September, pretty Phyllis George of Denton, Texas, was chosen to reign as Miss America forthecomingyear. 4.ln May, the Kent State University campus was evacuated of every- one except National Guardsmen and police after three days of demonstrations had left four students dead. 5 418 concrete coffins filled with nerve gas are loaded onto World War ll Liberty ship, SS Lebaron Russell. The ship was scuttled 282 miles off Cape Kennedy in 16,000 feet of water. Hin January of 1970, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Minneso- ta Vikings in the Super Bowl. Jan Stenerud is shown kicking a 48- yard field goal for the first score. Len Dawson is holding. 1General view of U,S. soldiers handling the mailduring the mail strike, the first in U.S1 history. 8.Apollo 13 Astronauts, Fred Haise, James Lovell and John Swigert, left to right, step aboard carrier after recovery. Their scheduled lunar landing had to be scratched after an oxygen tank explosion all but crippled their moon-bound space vehicle. 9.Figures on the map indicate the percentages of new voters, aged 18-21, that will be granted the right to vote under a controver- sial new law passed by Congress. lU.John Wayne is congratulated by Barbra Streisand as he accepts the Oscar for best actor for his performance in l'True Grit." ll.ln December short shorts and pedal pushers made a comeback for spring in this New York showing. l2April 22 - "Earth Day" demon- strators in Washington left spilled oil in the wake of their rally at the interior Department. They were protesting pollution by offshore oildrilling. id U PIST0l PETE 1- NERVE GAS suiisii is .L sr 13'Y9ilFi,fllCl We . , I 'N if R 1 mm We tx 8-,Ss fi? Y lm QQQX x X any Y X QN I ioi ao 79 X W .,,,, ,',, 1 , , x M vials . 7 5 lo 07 we ext- ess, -:fer 1- it A X xxx X .. Cl 6 S Am-aa, anew Y in., .f-40.21 XXQHM. :X v i i 7 -1. 7 0 V xxg on x.tt1T.Wx- ,L L X - - 'x X - 9, tg QQQSQSQEQ ua XQNF st ,. '. R T 1 9 at RQKNQXX ,S rw' Tomi 75 xxx X ir X ing ., Q X tt W ' moi QP y gb 98 ti H, tex 1 wx 1 -f to , -f ff 1 A :J- in-1-essi wa Qt ss sf X e Bfgyfbr ,. - N 7 X - . U OX M F iw-ww ur Wx ,Q H' ?3'1"',,..'C,,,".x-Q.. Meuqmhm X 4 V ff ,, .Q ' -3222, '- .V Q? ' v f fvghtq fn " g V i .if if I H 144555 , Zi n w:w,s1:5k , N 412 H L 'fy z v 1 , 7 4 cn LE. rn cn F 1 4 Y I 3 1 6 i 7 . A Look at the Class of 71 I N2 ms K 9 NC Seniors Take the Final Walk v With dry mouths, watery eyes, and pounding hearts, twenty-eight seniors at last prepared to leave North Central behind them with Baccalaureate on May 23 and Commencement on May 24. At Baccalaureate, Father Meitl addressed the seniors on the importance of honesty and trust in today's society. Jay Shorney played a baritone horn solo, "If Thou Be Near, " and the senior girls sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth." The Commencement speaker was Carnie Smith, who told the seniors of the importance of determina- tion and fair play in the modern world. Orvel Mason presented this year's salutatory and Jay Shorney gave the viledictory. Also at Commence- ment, the girls' quartet sang "Dream on Little Dreamer," and Orvel Mason played "Trumpet Voluntary" on his cornet. Mr. Powers turns jay Frye's tassle. Orvel Mason - - Salutatorian Jay Shorney- -Vale dictorian 10 Senior Girls Singing at Commencement GIRLS' QUARTET--Janice Kunc, Dianne Smith, Shirley Dart, Annette Keller. 11 Senior Sneak Brings . iooyoy r l" Romance Thrills On April 29, the Senior class left for a sneak to Kalfran Lodge at the Lake of the Ozarks, and they returned on May 2. The members visited the Ozark Caverns and shopped at "Dog'patch" in their leisure time. During the day they also enjoyed playing pool, speedboat riding, canoeing, swim- ming, playing ping pong, or taking airplane rides. While on their trip, the class attended the Ozark Opry on Friday night, and they enjoyed a boat cruise in the rain Saturday night. Each night everyone danced at the lodge to the "Ve1vet Sponge" and then attended a Wiener roast. Companionship 12' Excitement Boredom "Nighty, night!" "It does wonders for the back. " "It must be here somewhere. " Sf' "I'm forever blowing bubbles. " "You mean you use Right Guard, too?" "Faster, Janice, faster! " "Has myone mypm' . A Busload of Memories 13 Ioan Adee Doug Allen Craig Fencl Doris Ginn Michael L'Ecuyer Lyneta Lindsley Don Miller Patty Miller x LeAnn Allen William Iwert Mark Lindsley Kaye Nutsch ffm 3 Joyce Cox Doyle Kaufmann Mitzi Lindsley Le Ila Nutz Juniors Experience Emotional Year! if e Fifi ki Olandt B11 S1 r C 1 S h D 1 S K nt West R X Zenger L ter Zimme an 5 june Adee Leslie Elder Gerry Frager jess Hyland ff Bob Allen jean Elliott Terry Frager David Jennings Not Pictured: Alan jarvie 16 Jody Bobbitt Rose Marie Elliott jerry Ginn Allan Kohnan and Mike johnson Lyle Cox Debbie Fiser Rellen Goebel Cal Livingston Spirited Sophomores Seek r r e Thrills Let's git while the gittin's good! ! ! 9, Larry Moore Donald Nutsch Linda Rhine Gary Sinn Perry Skipton Debbie Struxnfa Karen West Randy Wurm Kathi Zenger Not pictured: Pat Talkington 17 A 7, I L A V of Freshmen Find New Activities President Louie Iwert conducts class meeting. 'sz ve, Jack A4169 Cathy Camp Peggy Elliott Kathy Friiz Roy Grover Sam Huber Louie Iwert Margaret L'Ecuyer 18 p Look out for that tree! ! ! Mary Mason Debbie Meritt Donnie Moore Darice Ocobock Kayleen Pelesky Kevin Wurm Gary Zenger Donnie Rhine Randy Rhine Sheila Sewell Janet Slater Not Pictured: Paula jarvie and Sheryl Camp 19 l The Many Faces of '71 'You think you're so ?!?! smart!" "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil." "oh, nos :H "Eanie, meanie, minnie, moe. " "I've only just begun!" "What yonder light dost shine?" "Wen-e if! !" "If you say so!" 5 ADM N STRAT ON 8L FACULTY P14 P14 P14 SCHOOL BOARD QSEATED L-Rj: Lester Miller, Franklin Lull, Robert Fiser, Warren Zenger. fSTANDINGQ Fred Fiser, Glenn Pelesky, Donald Flagle. Administration Sets Course Straight and True just as a captain must guide his ship and its crew, so must the administrators of a school district guide the school and its personnel. By maintaining control over the schoo1's programs and staff, the administrators of Unified School District 995221 have continually insured the maintenance of a high stand- ard of education at North Central High. And by taking an active interest in the young people of the community, these men have truly done a great deal toward the building of tomorrow's leaders and administrators. L R. L. POWERS--Superintendent M Preparing Students for Tomorrow Day in and day out, from the sternest lectures to the quietest discussions, the teachers of NC High have tried to give to their students the ability to think straight, the knowledge to do useful service, and the desire to become upstanding American citi- zens. Always conscientious of the needs of the stu- dents, always mindful of the challenges of the times, all the faculty, from those teaching for the first time at NC to those long familiar to the community, have worked long and hard to show their students the right way, the better way. And the students of North Central can truly be greatful. J. D. BRUNNEMER--Principal, Government BILL MALLEAN- - C ounse li ng , Sociology CAROL PAR KER- -Business l More Faculty at Work LAVERN TEGETHOFF--Music RONALD SCOTT--Phys. Ed. , Drivers Ed. , Coaching l RICHARD GILKISON--Science, Coaching K , ,Wm . JANET PROCHAZKA--Home Economics, Girl's Sports MARGARET BISHOP- - English, Psychology, journa lism ,, fn-f Hai n 1 n MARVIN NANCE--Spanish, History, Inter. Rel MARVIN MANN- -Vocational Agriculture HARVEY LONG--Mathematics, Coaching LESTA PETERSON--English, Speech, Library 25 The People Behind the Scenes Cooking, cleaning, typing, driv- ing--all are an important part of the life of a school. Thanks to the dedi- cated work of the cooks, Luella Hauschel and Helen Shea, NC students daily eat a warm and nutritious meal. Working dawn to dark, the custodians, Mike and Luella Hauschel, not only clean the building, but also make necessary repairs and perform other maintenance work. Mrs. Agnes Mil- ler, the school secretary, is busy not only with typing but also with bills, orders, money, and office machines. And driving countless miles for school activities as well as daily routes are the bus drivers--Albert Busch, Dean Cox, Fred Cross, Bob Duey, Floyd Elder, Gail Farber, Bill I-Iynek, jesse Hynek, Junior Lowe, Marvin Nance, Robert Tegethoff, john Zenger, and Keith Zenger. UPPER RIGHT: Mike and Luella Hauschel, custo- dians. IDWER RIGHT: Luella Hauschel and Helen Shea, cooks. UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Agnes Miller, secretary. LOWER LEFT: Tools of the trade. 26 ZAT AN RG O I IONS Student Council Updates Dress Code Student Council came to the fashionable conclusion that the dress code should be updated. The times have changed from the knee high dress, to the mini dress, and now to the greatest discovery of all, the jumpsuits I and pantsuits. The Student an Council amended the dress code with the approval of the School Board. The Student Council plan- ned both homecomings. They selected the theme and the - colors, and they appointed school organizations to do various QL-RJ: Kathi Zenger, Secretary, Lyneta Lindsley, tasks in preparing for the Vice-President, Mr. j.D, Brunnemer, Adviser, homecomings. Orvel Mason, President, Gary Zenger. F The FCA sponsored two faculty r M CA games between the NC faculty and the Hillcrest faculty to help raise money for boys going to camp. The FCA pays half of the boys' way to camp with the money they raise. They also had a work day and sold ads to raise money for next year's u l t sports programs. y Some of the services they performed this year were talking to the Methodist G women at Morrowville and performing am, a Sunday service at the Mahaska Pres- byterian church. FCA met twice a month throughout the year to discuss the relationship of the Christian Athlete to the rest of the world. BOTTOM ROW QL-Rl: Mr. Ronald Scott, Sponsor, Mr. Richard Gilkison, Sponsor, Tim Nance, President, jay Frye, Treasurer, Larry Atkins, Secretary, jim Stanton, Vice-President, Mr. Marvin Mann, Sponsor, Mr. Marvin Nance, Sponsor. 2ND ROW: Allan Kolman, Mark Lindsley, Terry Prager, Gerry Frager, Rex Zenger, David Miller, Lester Zimmerman, Orvel Mason. 3RD ROW: Gary Sinn, Bill Slater, Craig Fencl, Doug Allen, Louie Iwert, Willie Iwert, Kent West, Don Miller, Bob Buehler. 28 Yearbook Production: Work, Work, Work!! BACK: Orvel Mason, Sports Editor, Larry Atkins, Classes, Diane Duey, Business Manager, Mrs. Carol Parker, Advisor, Janice Kunc, Assistant Editor. FRONT: Karen Rhine, Organizations, Ruth Miller, Photographer, jay Shorney, Editor. i cc :J Paper Staff Publishes Cougar Highlights The paper staff kept the students informed on school news by publishing monthly, "Cougar Highlights." BACK: Orvel Mason, Assistant Editor, Doris Ginn, Reporter, Diann Ginn, Reporter, William Iwert, Reporter, Larry Atkins, Editor, Mrs. Margaret Bishop, Advisor. FRONT: David Miller, Reporter, Tim Rhine, Sports Editor, Doyle Kaufmann, Organi zations, Patty Miller, Reporter, Patty Nutsch, Business Manager, Janice Kunc, Lay-out Editor. BOTTOM ROW QL-RQ: Miss janet Prochaza, Sponsor, Patty Miller, Degree Chairman, Vicki Olandt, Vice-President, Mary Moore, President, Mitzi Lindsley, Secretary, Lyneta Lindsley, Treasurer, Le Ann Allen, Song Leader-Historian. 2nd ROW: Debbie Strumfa, Debbie Fiser, Rose Marie Elliott, Kathi Zenger, Kayleen Pelesky, June Adee. TOP ROW: Mary Mason, Karen West, Jody Bobbitt, Jean Elliott, Kathy Fritz, Peggy Elliott, Linda Rhine. Es ,wi ME 'Q 5,23 3 . iz A rf I: ' 5 1 vi A ri . . we f 1,- lg -pw, ,, V . L , , , , -V - ,, gprsslm-w-,-f .fi ,rf , - .-:fs , ' Q: f-2 I ., 924' E?'1i:1'?Qf5kfiffff'? 1 as , ., t .5 is 5514- - X ' A Mfiwiagwrer- ,f izw.i2T1.'z,f:f, ' 4- 7, I , , 5 - ggfzfaffgirsa ak, A ' " ' K: , r. W ,-,r an - HW- "M 1U ,z2uwS7'iffYlf4s Qiirffiia. :xii f . if 1' ' 5 ,I .. xx is i ' if ' "L T' ' Hi" ., -fr ' 571,5 5 L 455 , fix: , ' Q i, if S FHA Elects David F ' This year during FHA Week, David Miller was chosen as the FHA Beau by the chapter mothers and Miss Prochazka. Those competing for Beau were Louie Iwert, Rex Zenger, jess Hyland, and David Miller. judging was based on the contestant's ability to do household tasks such as making pancakes and sewing on buttons. The Red Rose girls elected during the year were Mitzi Lindsley, Lyneta Lindsley, and Mary Moore. Red Rose girl of the year was Mary Moore. Participating in community projects this year, the FHA acted as co-host of a UNICEF Halloween Party, collected for the Red Cross, and presented an Easter program with the Kayettes at the Homestead. They also had several special demonstration programs on make-up, Christmas centerpieces, and flower arrangements. Centering on an Easter theme, the FHA again honored their mothers at the traditional Mother-Daughter Banquet. Also, delegates from the NC FHA attended the District and State FHA Meeting at which Jody Bobbitt was installed as second Vice-President of the District. 30 FA Follows Creed State Farmer FFA Sweetheart Bill Slater Mary Moore With a faith born not of words but of deeds, the North Central FFA in- deed had a busy year. Starting the year off by winning first in Live- stock judging and second in Farm Mechanics at the Washington County F air, the chapter continued to parti- cipate in contests the rest of the year. Mary Moore was selected Chapter Sweetheart on her ability to drive a nail, saw a board, call hogs, and drive a tractor. Bill Slater was select- ed to receive the degree of State Farmer. The chapter raised money by sponsoring a paper drive and cleaning up an old farmstead. They highlight- ed their hectic year with a Parent- Son Banquet. BOTTOM lL-RJ: Bill Slater, Reporter, James Burton, Secretary, Lanny Livingston, President, Willie Iwert, Vice-President Rex Zenger, Treasurer, Bob Buehler, Sentinel, Mr. Marvin Mann, Instructor. 2ND ROW: Orvel Mason, Dale Steier, Randy Wurm, Kenney Lallak, Cal Livingston, Craig Fencl, Rellen Goebel, Doug Allen, Gary Sinn, Ronnie Lindsley, Lester Zimmerman, Donnie Rhine, Roy Grover. 3RD ROW: Bob Allen, Chuck Grove, Reginald L' Ecuyer, Terry Frager, Lyle Cox, Tim Rhine, Louie Iwert, Kent West, Gerry Frager, Larry Moore, Sam Huber, Donnie Moore, Kevin Wurm, Randy Rhine, Leslie Elder. Pride Cougar With BOTTOM ROW fl.-RJ: Karen Rhine Cheerleader, Diane Duey, Cheer- leader, Mary Moore, Cheerleader, Ruth Miller, Treasurer, Susie Lind- sley, Secretary, Shirley Dart, Vice- Presidentg Patty Nutsch, President, Kathi Zenger, Cheerleader, Mitzi Lindsley, Cheerleader, Mrs. Carol Parker, Sponsor. 2ND ROW: Kathy Fritz, Linda Rhine, June Adee, Rose Elliott, Debbie Strumfa, Jean Elliott, Karen West, Dianne Smith, Kayleen Pelesky, Cindy Arbuthnot. 3RD ROW: Jody Bobbitt, Kaye Nutsch, Lyneta Lindsley, Debbie Fiser, LeAnn Allen, Joyce Cox, Carol Smith, Le lla Nutz, Joan Adee, Janice Kunc. TOP ROW: Janet Slater, Peggy Elliott, Patty Miller, Margaret L'Ecuyer, Mary Mason, Darice Ocobock, Sheryl Camp, Sheila Sewell, Cathy Camp, Vicki Olandt, Annette Keller. M ! Ag Boosting Pep and spirit were the two key qualitites displayed by the NC pep club and cheerleaders. Signs plastered school wallsg hoops went to all games, and pep assemblies fired up students prior to the big games. The cheerleaders created excite- 'nent with the introduction of a spirit stick. This stick was awarded to the .nost spirited class at each pep rally. The class receiving the spirit stick then retained it all week and brought it to all games until the next pep assembly. The proud winners of the spirit stick were the Seniors, having earned it the largest number of times :luring the season. The winners were awarded a big box of "Cheer",. NC fans showed their enthusiasm and loyalty by following the Cougars far and near. On the sidelines the pep club, cheerleaders, and fans were supporting the Cougars through each play---yelling them on to many victories. Because of all this steady boosting, no one can forget all those tearful, exciting, and cheerful moments as the last few seconds of the games ticked on. fhgfiixii 355275 1 V. , ,,-E, , ff , H5765 , yggfizf, . ,ew --i Q - , e5L.,.:.L1r:igse1 ,f -:511- ' i, was .V iw, -asa,-ga 'J , -if -' fr- Nm-Sfilfi - 9' 2 .V Q 5 lf' ,.,-:iles 25335 Us 7 SS, , , VK X ,t., i " 75 -H 2' 451-FV.: - - ' ' 'ff'-f' is An angel? ? ? 33 Spirit BOTTOM KL-RJ: Pat Nutsch, Secretary, Susan Lind- sley, Vice-President, Janice Kunc, President, Dianne Smith, Treasurer. SECOND: Shirley Dart, Cindy Arbuthnot, Janet Slater, Darcie Ocobock. THIRD: Lella Nutz, Carol Smith, Mrs. Lesta Peter- son, Sponsor, Diane Duey, Karen Rhine. FOURTH: Joan Adee, Joyce Cox, Sheila Sewell, Ruth Miller. TOP: Annette Keller, Kaye Nutsch, Doris Ginn, Mary L'Ecuyer. GOOD GRIEF ! ! Kayettes Celebrate 25 th Anniversary The Kayette Clubs of Kansas celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. North Central Kayettes, with a membership of twenty-one girls, observed this event with Kayette Week. Helping them was their devoted sponsor, Mrs. Lesta Peterson. Dele- gates to Regional Conference at Junction City were Janice Kunc, Cindy Arbuthnot, Kaye Nutsch, and Janet Slater. Janice Kunc and Mrs. Lesta Peterson accepted the 1, OOO Point Award. Kaye Nutsch, Carol Smith, Joyce Cox, and Joan Adee attended Kayette Leadership Camp. In working toward the 2, OOO Point Award, the Kayettes visited the Home- stead at Washington with the FHA, sold cookies at school to raise money for Cerebral Palsy, sponsored the school Christmas assembly, sponsored an all school party, displayed monthly bulletin boards, sponsored a Mother-Daughter Tea, sent a box of miscellaneous items to the boys in Vietnam, and painted the benches the basketball boys sit on in the gymnasium. The Kayettes money-making project, selling items from the Tom-Wat Kit, was very successful. um p fl Cougars Win Seven Drop Two The Cougars rounded out an outstanding season of seven wins and two losses by defeating the Wash- ington Tigers 34-O. The score told the story of the Cougar team. Starting the season with an inexperienced back- field, the Cougars got off to a slow start. Midway through the season the Cougars gelled and went un- defeated for the remainder of the season. The only returning backfield man for the Cougars was David Miller, the leading scorer in the state during the 1969 season. Complementing him was Tim Rhine who rushed for 692 yards. jay Frye led the Cougars in yards passing with six catches for 117 yards. Larry Atkins caught two passes for a TD and a PAT. Orvel Mason and Lanny Livingston had over 80 tackles. jim Stanton played intermittently, but he was plagu- ed with injuries. The juniors contributed a small but powerful group. Mark Lindsley played guard, Bill Slater, center, and Willie Iwert, tackle. These players amassed 100 tackles. The sophomore group was the largest group with ten players. This group has great potential and will help carry on in the North Central tradition. Allan Kolrnan played quarterback, Terry Frager, end, Gary Sinn, end, jess Hyland, end, Bob Allen, end, Gerry Frager, halfbackg Larry Moore, tackle, and David Jennings, guard. ' The freshmen were led by Louie Iwert, defen- ' sive tackle, who had 32 tackles in varsity play. FRONT ROW KL-R Q: jack Adee, Student Manager, David Jennings, Roy Grover, Randy Wurm, Kevin Wurm, Randy Rhine, Gary Zenger, Ronnie Lindsley, Student Manager. 2nd ROW: Larry Atkins, jim Stanton, Mark Lindsley, Terry Frager, Cal Livingston, Gary Sinn, jay Frye, Allan Kolman, David Miller, Orvel Mason. 3rd ROW: Harvey Long, Assistant Coach, Bob Allen, Larry Moore, 'jess Hyland, Lanny Livingston, Louie Iwert, Willie Iwert, Bill Slater, Tim Rhine, Gerry Frager, Donnie Moore, Richard Gilkison, Coach. 36 , , . , Mr., fx nl- fwf.Aaf,,, LINEMEN QL-RQ: Gary Sinn, Lanny Livingston, Mark Lindsley, Bill Slater, Orvel Mason, Willie Iwert, Larry Atkins BACKFIELD: jay Frye, David Miller, Allan Kohnan, Tim Rhine. Scoreboard NC O Linn 20 NC 34 Axtell 6 NC 24 Miltonvale O NC O Clyde 38 NC 20 Luckey O NC 22 St. Xavier's O NC 50 St. john's O NC 17 Glasco 6 NC 34 Washington O Cougars Set Records The Cougars set three new grid records during the 1970 season. They set a new record for shutouts in a sea- son with five this year. David Miller broke his old mark of 1,179 yards by rushing for 1, 316 yards on 165 carries for an eight yard average and 82 points. Tim Rhine set a new mark for tackles and 47 assists from his middle line- backer position. The Cougars also tied three records this season. jay Frye tied the record for most interceptions set by David Miller in 1969 by stealing five of the opponent's aerials. The Cougar team also tied the record for the most wins in a season--seven. Unfortunately, they also tied the record for most losses in a season--two. NC has a four year record of 27 wins, 6 losses, and 1 tie. 37 jay Frye goes high in the air to intercept another pass. jay intercepted fisge recorded passes this year. Coaches and Captains Lead Cougars Much of the success the Cougars experienced this year can be accreditted to the NC coaching staff. Football is 8496 practice and 16M games. A player can always forget the agony he went through on the practice field when his team has a winning season, but the coaches always remember the "shaping up" that goes into winning games. Coach Gilkison and Coach Long did a great job of getting the Cougars in shape. All the players will long remember Coach Gilkison and his "Show a little hus'!" Some of Coach Gilkison's drills seemed ridiculous at firstg but after the second game of the season, the Cougar gridsters realized how effective they were. And can anyone forget Coach Long and his crab drills? Our linemen, the unsung heroes of any football game, were relatively inexperienced when the season began, but Coach Long molded them into an efficient unit. Of course, coaches do much more than just get their players in shape physically. Before a player can play to the best of his ability, he must be mentally ready to compete. The coaches must work throughout the week preparing their players. But perhaps more effective than the coaches are the captains in getting their team- mates ready to play. The Cougar captains, David Miller and Tim Rhine fpictured at the TOP RIGHTJ, were very inspiring to the other players. Not only in games but also in practice David always had something to say to "get the team up. " It was common for David to say, "Thanks for that hole, you linemen! " after he scored on a long touchdown run. Things like that really make a team. Tim was not as out- spoken as David, but his quiet effectiveness made every player on the team realize that if they worked as a unit they could win. His words of praise could make a player feel good, or he could chastise one severely if he blew a play. With leadership like the Cougars had this year, they had to win games. Thanks, coaches Louie Iwert pressures the Luckey High fManhattanj quarterback and captains! during the 1970 homecoming game which the Cougars won 20-O. In both victory and defeat the Cougar team backed its coaches, head coach Richard Gilkison and assist- ant coach Harvey Long. Hard Work Pays Off for Cougars About the season, Coach Ronald Scott said 'I was very pleased with t fthe seasonj. The stairs really paid off. " This was Coach Scott's first year coaching His coaching ability is echoed by the season record. He led the Cougar cagers in everything throughout the season, including leading them in calisthenics and laps in practice Assistant Coach Harvey Long provided able leadership for the "B" team and the freshmen. Coach Long's only fault was that he needed a seat belt to keep him in his chair. That way he might have avoided some of those tech nical fouls. A-TEAM KNEELING fL-R Q: Larry Atkins, Allan Kohnan, Mark Lindsley David M11ler Rex Zenger jay Frye STANDING: Coach Ronald Scott, Bill Slater, Tim Rhine, Willie Iwert Tim Nance Louie Iwert, Doug Allen jay Shorney, Cal Livingston. At left Tim Rhine passes the ball after having cleared a rebound against Miltonvale. Allan Kol- man scores another basket on a fast break. The Cougar fast break destroyed many teams who weren't in Shape. TOURNAMENTS Solomon Valley League NC 56 Clyde NC 71 Downs District NC 91 Republic NC 71 Clifton Regional NC 73 Cawker City NC 81 Natoma NC 69 Clifton '71 Cougars Post Best Record Ever The 1971 Cougars experienced more success with fewer defeats than any other NC basketball team ever. The Cougars, under the leadership of head coach Ronald Scott and assistant coach Harvey Long, posted a season record of nineteen wins and four losses, in- cluding a perfect record of ten wins and no losses in league play and a second place in the Regional Tour- nament. No other North Central team had ever gone so far in the Regional Tournament. The Cougars worked hard and got in shape early this year. They depended on their fast breaks to not only score points but also tire their opponents. This strategy worked well throughout the season. The Cou- gar cagers weren't, however, just a team that ran. They shot the ball very well, having a 43 per cent field goal average for the season. Leading the Cougars in field goal percentages was jay Shorney with a 53 per cent field goal average and 407 points. jay also led in free throws with a 69 per cent average. He was voted the first Donald "Gooch" Moore Most Outstanding Bas- ketball Player. jay, however, wasn't the only player on the team. Tim Rhine scored 287 points during the season, Tim Nance grabbed 232 rebounds, and Doug Allen and Allan Kolman together dropped 304 points through the net. The Cougar bench was instrumental in attaining the successes the Cougars reached this year. A coach once said, "The first team is only as good as the sec- ond team makes them. " That says enough about the Cougar second team. The Cougar B-team carried on in the NC tradition, ending the season with a 15-3 record including third place in the Solomon Valley League Tournament. The potential of the players on the B-team insures that the team in following years will carry the NC banners high. The freshmen won a second place trophy in the Solomon Valley League Freshmen Tournament, after having lost five games. They went on to post a season record of 4-8, led by Louie Iwert's 33 points per game. B-TEAM KNEELING QL-RJ: Larry Moore, Randy Wurm, Perry Skipton, Mark Lindsley, Rex Zenger, Lester Zimmerman. STANDING: Coach Harvey Long, Don Mil- ler, Bill Slater, Kent West, Willie Iwert, Craig Fencl, Cal Liv- ingston, Gary Sinn. ly? R INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL TEAMS KNEELING QL-RQ: Leslie Elder, Dale Steier, Alan jarvie, im Stanton ames Burton I I , Orvel Mason, David Jennings, Don Nutsch. STANDING: Mr. Bill Mallean, Supervisor, Kenney Lallak, jerry Ginn, Lyle Cox, Terry Frager, Lanny Livingston, Gerry Frager, Chuck Grove, Reginald L'Ecuyer, Ronnie Lindsley. Tl I FRESHMEN TEAM KNEELING fL-RJ: Kevin Wurrn, Donnie Moore, Louie Iwert, Gary Zenger, Randy Rhine. STANDING: Coach Harvey Long, Roy Grover, Sam Huber, Donnie Rhine, jack Adee. SEASON'S SCORES 67 Hillcrest 70 Downs 57 Miltonvale 70 Glasco 58 St. john's 68 Hillcrest 59 Clyde 50 Linn 62 St. Xavier's 78 Downs 73 Miltonvale 46 Republic 60 Scandia 59 Clyde 73 Glasco 78 St. John's BOTTOM ROW QL-RJ: jack Adee, David Miller, Gary Zenger, Randy Rhine, Orvel Mason, Sam Huber, Roy Grover. 2ND ROW: Lester Zimmerman, Allan Kolman, Terry Frager, Bob Buehler, jim Burton, Randy Wurm. STANDING: Coach Ronald Scott, Gerry Frager, Don Miller, Bill Slater, Willie Iwert, Louie Iwert, Rellen Goebel, Gary Sinn, Coach Richard Gilkison. Willie Iwert awaits the starter's gun in the 880 yard run. Willie's time in the 880 was 2:09. 6. This was a good enough time to place him second in the league track meet at Beloit. Bill Slater runs stride for stride with a Courtland ' trackster as he approaches the finish line in the 220 yard dash. Bi11's best time in the 220 was 24. 45 seconds. 42 Louie Iwert throws the discus in a warm- up throw. Louie set a new school record in the discus with a throw of 133' 5 1!2". Louie also threw the shot 47'7", four inches away from the school record. Louie won these two events at the league meetL . ,1 1 Allan Kolman :VV tied the school 1.1, record of 11 feet . in the pole vault. .f.... : Allan also threw the shot put 45'4" for second place in the league meet. Lester Zimmer- man sets the pace in the tvvo-mile lelll is ' QL run as he lowers :,, . Vv,, s,Va . the school record Ltt"'r f 1f" lt'- ' - M Q by Bob Buehler to d .. 1 s.s-, 1 .,,' I Z , g t tV,. ' llll L ,k- f:-':- K' fp' 'V K E 1 9751: i'l?7 il' r 3 2 4 E 22 .W , i idly ? -.Lv iz: - ' l 11 I . 1 . Cougar Tracksters Post Several New Records The Cougar track squad participated in eight track meets this year setting several new records. David Miller tied the record for the 100 yard dash with a time of 10.4, set a record for the 440 running it in 54. 1, and broke the 60 yard record with a 6.7 timing. Allan Kolman tied the existing pole vault record of 11'feetg Louie lwert broke the discus record with a throw of 132' 5 1f2"3 and Lester Zimmerman ran the two-mile in 11. 18. 1. The track team placed fourth in the league tournament and took several entries to the Regionals. The Cougar tracksters were definitely a young team this year and showed promise for a good team in future years. Terry Frager stretches to give Bill Slater the baton in the 880 yard relay. Other team members were Gerry Frager and anchor-man David Miller. The relay team record- ed a best time of 1:37.5. They placed second in the league meet. 43 The Humorous Side of Sports "Huh?" The agony of defeat. Oh! The excruciating physical torture of track! The joy of victory. "H ! Th d t' t ' b "But ref! I shoot better like this!" lenzzhg e re an S go lt Y 3 Swan Lake? 44 .Q x ' , ' . . . J ,... A U 1 s .Q 'L.L , ff ,. '1 . :ff E ,- xr.. 1' , ""' J ' ' -- f , If 7,3 W - Qi, --K . 1 - V , ,, ' V fi T VVL' . 2 .," ' :'L H ' ' V R' .V ,, f 517,-,, 25 .5 . -.L'- 1 .- - . , .. 1 . - , Cindy Arbuthnot running the hurdles. Peggy Elliott broad jumping. Hard Work, Sore Muscles, And F un! This year's girls' sports program combined fun with hard work and sore muscles. The person most re- sponsible was Miss Prochazka, who enjoyed it just as much as the girls did. A lot of credit is due to her. The girls ended their volley- ball season with three wins and six losses. They also won fourth place in the tournament. The A-team members were Karen Rhine, Susie Lindsley, Jody Bobbitt, Diane Duey, Mary Moore, Patty Nutsch, Mitzi Lindsley, and Shirley Dart. The basketball season wasn't too successful for the girls, but it was a lot of fun. They won one game and lost four. A lot of sore muscles were treated during the track season. Nineteen girls participated for the track events at the five track meets the girls took part in this year. The team and coach worked hard--as a result they achieved fourth at Clifton and sixth in the league track meet. TRACK, BOTTOM ROW CL-RJ: Debbie Meritt, Kathi Zenger, Kayleen Pelesky, Paula Jarvie, June Adee. 2ND ROW: Karen Rhine, Diane Duey, Cindy Arbuth- not, Mary Mason, Janet Slater, Dianne Smith. 3RD ROW: Miss Janet Prochaz- ka, Coachg Susie Lindsley, Jody Bobbitt, Mary Moore, Vicki Olandt, Kathy Fritz, Peggy Elliott. Dianne Smith throwing the discus Jody Bobbitt going over the bar. VOLLEYBALL, BOTTOM ROW QL-RJ: Janice Kunc, Joan Adee, Annette Kel- ler, Kayleen Pelesky, June Adee. 2ND ROW: Kathi Zenger, Karen Rhine, Diane Duey Susie Lindsley Kaye Nutsch Mitzi .Lindsley Patty Nutsch , , Mary Mason,, Rose Marie Eliiott, Lyneta Iiindsley. 5RD ROW: Shirley D,art, Karen Rhme Sewing the Volleyball' Vicki Olandt, Mary Moore, Jody Bobbitt, Jean Elliott, Kathy Fritz, Peggy Elliott, Janet Slater, Miss Janet Prochazka, Coach. Jody Bobbitt waits for the rebound. Team in the huddle for last minute instructions. M131 Lwdslev returning 2 Serve- BASKETBALL, BoTToM Row QL-RJ: Kayieen Peiesky, carol smifh, Dianne Smith, Diane Duey, Mary Mason, Karen Rhine. 2nd ROW: Miss Janet Pro- chazka, Coach, Joyce Cox, Darice Ocobock, Kathy Fritz, Jean Elliott, Karen West, Mary Moore, Jody Bobbitt. um Q 2 m SAX ENSEMBLE Mary Moore Dianne Smith Mitzi Lindsley Lyneta Lindsley BOTTOM ROW QL-RJ: Janice Kunc, Ruth Miller, Sheila Sewell, Cindy Arbuthnot, Karen Rhine, Kathi Zenger, Craig Fenel, jean Adee,janet Slater, Mi1zi Lindsley, Lyneta Lindsley. 2nd ROW: june Adee, Rose Marie Elliott, Jean Elliott, Peggy Elliott, Kayleen Pelesky, Mary Mason, james Burton, Dianne Smith, jay Shorney, jack Adee, Leslie Elder, Rellen Goebel, Lanny Livingston. 3rd ROW: Orvel Mason, Kent West, jim Stanton, Gary Sinn, Karen West, Jody Bob- bitt, Mary Moore. STANDING: Doyle Kaufmann, Vicki Olandt, Debbie Fiser, Lester Zimmerman, Bill Slater, Mr. Lavern Tegethoff, Instructor. 'Ei TWIRLERS BOTTOM TO TOP: Cindy Arbuth- not, Susan Lindsley, Karen Rhine, Jody Bobbin. The Halls Are Alive . Monday through Friday the halls of NC echo with instrumental or vocal music. Taking part in the music program is a mixture of fun and hard work. It was a busy year of the North Central band performing at the Washington County Fair, K-State Band Day, State Musical Festival at Mankato, l.ord's Acre Day at I-Iaddam, and the North Central Homecoming. Mr. Tegethoff also organized a pep band to provide pep and enter- tainment for every one of North Central's home ballgames. Mr. Lavern Te gethoff Practicing hard??? STAGE BAND, FRONT ROW QL-RJ: Dianne Smith, Mary Mason, Ioan Adee Janet Slater, Lyneta Lindsley. ZND ROW: Mary Moore, Orvel Mason, Kent West, Karen West, Gary Sinn, Jody Bobbitt. 3RD ROW: Lanny Livingston, jack Adee, Leslie Elder, Rellen Goebel. STANDING: Mitzi Lindsley, Mr Lavern Tegethoff, Instructor, Vicki Olandt. , 49 . With the Sound of Music The NC singers strained their vocal chords every Tuesday and Thursday under the competent direction of Mr. Lavern Tegethoff. For their hard work, the chorus had great pleasure in perform- ing for the public at the Christmas Con- cert. They also attended the State Music Festival at Mankato. Small groups and soloists provided music for World Day of Prayer Services at Morrowville and special music for elderly peoples services, as Well as be- tween acts of the junior and senior class plays and for Baccalaureate and Commencement. TRIPLE TRIO, QL-RJ: Lyneta Lindsley, Mitzi Lindsley, Kayleen Pelesky, Janice Kunc, Susan Lindsley, Kathi Zenger, Debbie Fiser, Cindy Arbutbnot, Joan Adee. SEATED: Vicki Olandt, Accompanist. MIXED CHORUS, BOTTOM QL-RJ: Janice Kunc, Lyneta Lindsley, Debbie Meritt, Debbie Fiser, LeAnn Allen, Margaret L'Ecuyer, Sheila Sewell, Cindy Arbuthnot, Carol Smith, Kathi Zenger, Le lla Nutz, Kayleen Pelesky, Annette Keller. 2nd ROW: Dianne Smith, Mimi Lindsley, Diann Ginn, Peggy Elliott, Vicki Olandt, Darice Ocobock, Kathy Fritz, Janet Slater, Jody Bobbitt, Joyce Cox, Mary Mason, Shirley Dart, Susan Lindsley, Joan Adee. TOP ROW: Leslie Elder, Lester Zimmerman, Dale Steier, Robert Buehler, Kenney Lallak, Rellen Goebel, Willie Iwert, Doyle Kaufmann, Rex Zenger, Allan Kolman, Orvel Mason, Mr. Lavern Tegethoff, Instructor. 50 GIRLS' GLEE, BOTTOM QL-RJ: Janice Kunc, Lyneta Lindsley, Debbie Meritt, Debbie Fiser, Carol Smith, Kathi Zenger, Le Ila Nutz, Kayleen Pelesky, Annette Keller. ZND ROW: LeAnn Allen, Margaret L'Ecuyer, Sheila Sewell, Dianne ' Smith, Mitzi Lindsley, Shirley Dart, Susan Lindsley, Cindy Arbutlmot, Joan Adee, Mr. Lavern Tegethoff, Instructor. TOP ROW: Peggy Elliott, Vicki Olandt, Darice Ocobock, Kathy Fritz, Jody Bobbitt, Janet Slater, Diann Ginn, Joyce Cox, Mary Mason. The band and chorus both showed great improvement over the year, and I sincerely hope that next pation will be shown in both. I feel that these were two of the finest groups in the whole school, and I hope that they improve even more next year. I could not have asked for better students to work with. hauuhrj MIXED ENSEMBLE FRONT Row QL-RJ: LeAnn Allen, Mitzi Lindsiey, Lyneta J : Lindsley, Janice Kunc, Dianne Smith, Mary Mason, Debbie Fiser, Joan Adee. 2ND ROW: Leslie Elder, Allan Kolman, Rellen Goebel, Willie Iwert, Dale Steier, Orvel Mason. SEATED: Vicki Olandt, Accompanist. 51 year even more interest and partici- Close to You QU' in S f, ,555 4 SZWQ 45 fnswi' aa, -2 if ffifgv , . jx .1 . 'wi ' 2-gg? FSS ff . r- v1,,f,h5a- J n3sf'ii Y If AL f Diane Duey M Susan Lindsley Queen Mary Lou oore They Long to Be fi ll K - -.V+ m...."""2 Q x 1 L' ' t , Susa.n ' Queeg Mary and King Tim. Diane Duey, David Miller, Queen Mary Moore, Lanny wings on Lindsley, and King Tim Rhine. D L j K Love Me Tender Shirley Dart . Karen Rhine Queen Patty Nutsch Love Me True WW . , J M limi' Queen Patty and King Tim. fgiigfii jay Shorney, Shirley Dart, Queen Patty Nutsch, King Tim Nance , Keren V - Rhine, and jay Frye. ' H Does--does it bite??" "Keep calm, Fred old boy! !" "You've got to protect me! !" umors es ent y uy J ' Pr "Sh G " "Shy Guy" was presented in November by the junior Class. The three act comedy centers on Fred Hastings, who has been spending more money than his parents believe he is earning. When he tells Larry Madison, his best friend, that he has been working as a model for Glamour Girl Cosmetics, who should appear but Gloria Patterson and Lois Corwin--the model he worked with and the lady he worked for. Add to this a birthday party and Melinda Whipple, wiry, eccentric little old lady of eighty, and Fred Hastings becomes anything but a "Shy Guy". The cast did a splendid job of presenting the play which was directed by Mr. Marvin Nance. Fred Hastings , Cora Hastings , Gilbert Hastings Nancy Graham , , , Larry Madison , , Julie Tucker , . Doug Allen Lyneta Lindsley . . Craig Fencl Mitzi Lindsley , , Bill Slater , Patty Miller 3. CAST "Let me at him! !" Glori a Patterson Kaye Nutsch Melinda Whipple. 1 ' l, Don Miller Lois Corwin , , Mr. Danbury , Bill Sterling , Vicki Olandt Willie Iwert Rex Zenger "W'ho's she???" "Good grief! !" "Mon.key?" "What's going on here?" "Somebody, do something! !" "Spooks Alive" Spooks Audience!!! The three act mystery-comedy, "Spooks Alive, was presented by the Senior Class in the spring. The story centers on the warden's home, an old abandoned prison. Professor Rockby, who has decided to become an author, thinks this home will provide the proper "atmosphere" and moves his family there for the summer. Things begin to happen--Mrs. Simpson sees a ghost and Marcel Smythe disappears. After much confusion, laughs, romance, and mystery, the miss- ing girl is found and a twenty-year-old mystery is finally solved. The cast gave an outstanding perfor- mance under the capable direction of lvlrs. Peterson. Professor Rockby . Martha Rockby . . Gennie Rockby . . Doug Rockby . . . Bridget Rockby . . Knucklehead Knodson Marcel Smythe . . . Mrs. Simpson . . jay Shorney Mary Moore Karen Rhine Larry Atkins Ruth Miller Tim Rhine Shirley Dart Janice Kunc CAST I rm "OH! You poor darling! !" Mrs. Albright . . . . . Diane Duey Doctor Bradford . . . Lanny Livingston Mr. Smythe . . . . .' . .jay Frye Mrs. Smythe . . . . . Susan Lindsley Officer Higgins . .... Orvel Mason jean Osborn . . . Cindy Arbuthnot The Ghost . . . . . Jim Stanton "Please, don't drop me! ! !" "Knucklehead! Doug! Get off poor Mr. Smythe! !" Q is ,nw T - L, 'M "fEg,a5Q, gf: 'W A- aj, 1 YM W www . .,., , ? WWW Liam ww mi"-Smeg vm Rainy Days and Mondays . "Does your deodorant keep you dry?" "It's been one of those days! " "Mine doesn't ! !" "Are you sure this is the way to make pancakes?" Never, never, never, never! !" "1-Immmmmmmm! ! 3" "How dg I 1o0k?" "Boy, I'm sure glad we picked you up! ! !" 58 Our Editor "She kind of Plf!!?fk19fS likefi it too! " "Look Don, if they can do it, we can do it, too! !" kyki K kkzy ,jg ,L:f, 5 IL. N .VVV is 'V kr M - 2fTYi'fTf . ' L .L'fZ. Q Q Wg 3 e h "Aw, co'mon Kay1een!" Viv acious pep club ww? "Do you see what I see?" 59 "Tim, you need a shave!" "Shaves are a S1 . 75 ????????????? ww ww rx g,x,p-www, A W-w w r , K, 47 ,fiff-5i,57f:- if-fi , f - ' A -- 3? .,A A ,5m.b lf: A ,-2 , A,, ... , ,. Aw, - A. .. . . 1 A WMS: Sf' 'YQ Y f. I 'V' fn ,, J - ," 5:33 ' --,--,1.,.5,'5-5.5 :Fix 2 , 1 Q2 K ' ' 7 f,Z5?mJy'?-QQA-W-Awgta-'fx5fmQ?Am2,eg,, ,ew ,M .. LAN . - A f- . A , fTkA'1'fy Ejlfv '-1 W' ,, 'PM HV i if.?Z..' 1 '-:W2."1 f+.f:.'I55!5 V'-14 ,Am-wp, f ' - :M m 1 f .- Us--wfwm-f --2-.Af -QA: ww Vwlimvfrisig-Aff? lm . . ,4...,w-., Q2f-Cw,,--fs.-swAMs??'ww-Am -,rss J,-?'wf,x--A-2. - ,Ai A, -- . f,A,,,Sn,,,,AAA,,, ,QA A ALA, Jfgigw-,AV A ,A ..,.-A . .wpf .. ...N , - ,M r . . - 1' . five 'A Mgr- 1 wwf- L? 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A M45 fm 2' 35 ii' ADVERT S NG 4 P14 COUGAR PATRONS QUARTER PAGE QUARTER PAGE MAHASKA Busch's Grocery Cornhusker Service Lowe Grocery Smitty's Service Wayne L. Davis CDuroc 8: Spotted Polandsj MORROWVILLE Behrenis Recreation Bertie's Beauty Shop Bertram Shoe Repair Continental Grain Company Co-op Service Association Farber Oil Company Cecrle Itco 8a Garage The Korner Cafe 8L Service Station Morrowville Lumber Company Sheer Blacksmith Shop Synovec Food Mart Wahl's Machine Shop HADDAM Adee Honey Farms Alfred B. Nutsch CSoi1 Conservation Contractor, A. R. Hoffman 8: Sons Cook's Garage Frye Motor Company Gerald A. Kvasnicka Jones Cafe Lallak Std. Service Sue's Beauty Salon Zenger's Cafe BELLEVILLE Belleville Cleaners - Kay 8a Shirley Belleville Greenhouse Belleville Implement Co. Belleville Locker Bill's Standard Service Bob's Recreation Cooper Oil Company Dairy Queen Dale's Western Store Don Sankey Motors Don's Used Cars Kravemore Dinner Bell Leonard's Appliance Melton Motor Mike's Body Shop People's National Bank Tibbetts Bros., Inc. Truman's Inc. 8a Metais House of Beauty WASHINGTON Ben Franklin Store Bob's Locker Boogaart's fBestyet Food Storey Bousefield Conoco Carl's Standard Station Dr. A. H. Kolterman Dr. Henry A. Nagel fChiropractorJ Dr. Paul Herda COptometristJ Farm Bureau - Paul Smith Farmers Co-op Elevator Ass'n. F rosty's Mobil Service Harris Drug Store Hyland Abstract Company Johnson Feed and Grain Kiers Market King's School Supply Miller's Flowers Pony Express Enterprises, Inc. Schumacher's, Inc. Sears Catalog Sales Sportsman's Bar The Squire Ments Shop Stewart Cleaners Swirley Top Steak House Thomas L. Parry D.D.S. Victory Life Insurance - Patterson Washington Sales Co., Inc. Washington County News Westside Grocery and Service Whitcomb Motor Co. COUGAR PATRONS QUARTER PAGE FAIRBURY Barber Furniture Co., Inc. B 8: J's Cozy Cafe Boogaart's Supermarket Brackles B-Street Market Brown's Shoe Fit Canning Truck Service Charlie's Package Store Consolidated Sand and Gravel Co. Dale Robinson Produce Eigenberg Produce Fairbury Livestock Co. Fairbury Lockers Globe Rexall Drug Store, Inc. .Iunker's Meats, Inc. KGMT Klean Klose Shop Korbel Drug Lofing Implement Company Moon 8: Sun Monument Co. Pilcher Motor Company Pla-Mor Lanes Preston Milling Industries, Inc. Ralph E. Turner and Sons Randall's Flowers and Gifts Safeway Stores, Inc. Sears Catalog Store Sims Florist Shop Smitty's Pastry Shop Sweden Creme Vaughn's Appliance Electric and Gas Vicker's Service Walt's Auto Mart 8: Mobil Homes J f .av , E C VQQQI - uf-11, f,g., , F Wfliid hC!QV- 'fSe.,f1 9, HemIEJfm5tiC3'5hdYf' 'Eu :Nw-:Im "'iQ?? , A . , T A ,11,A Mggs flluglqi oflggolloxlr . 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Suggestions in the North Central High School - Cougar Yearbook (Morrowville, KS) collection:

North Central High School - Cougar Yearbook (Morrowville, KS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 71

1971, pg 71

North Central High School - Cougar Yearbook (Morrowville, KS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 26

1971, pg 26

North Central High School - Cougar Yearbook (Morrowville, KS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 62

1971, pg 62

North Central High School - Cougar Yearbook (Morrowville, KS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 55

1971, pg 55

North Central High School - Cougar Yearbook (Morrowville, KS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 11

1971, pg 11

North Central High School - Cougar Yearbook (Morrowville, KS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 35

1971, pg 35

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