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, xi. x, ff,-, . -a'S -" W is Q A 5 N I Wx K' K Q 'N 'x-9? 8 2 ff' I' x K. M -,, , Qxsq " , '- si x 'N QV 79 Q lwmluw mlm 'N 'K , ' .. Q- WNW W - . J' Q X' A ' -1' ' is Y 3 ki A -tx: X ,ff xit W' Q M im. -f my 'fl N i vu , M t M M n QM N w "' l S . W ,A , - gg W mv ,QW t X1 5 M 3 4' Z '-C 1 Tv L 1 , 'lb I Q gi 0 -. i N- A Q t , .Q , I . X iw n Q . , b .qv N - I W T . L,,,M MH an w ff S A win A ,N ix If 9 b Nh, fq J , 5' K Y by '0l'wL4- U - JV vi 1 5 .2 ,Q 5 ' , K , 5. ra 1 1, E if M , Q, ff 5, . ,ZW 251 .-Q' 5 .H W 0 L A if Z ,I - "' , M fshmwm A H a " A Aquila I 96 9 I d d you get caught? ,North Henmzl flzyh Schorfl Pianeer, Ohirf Is this some kind of conspira y Vrflumc 41177 CHIEF ITOR . . . MARCHETA KAUFFMAN USINESS MANAGER . . . JULIE FACKLE ADVISO EORGEANNE VARGO Wh are you trying h d B e , unnie ? ,4 year aff Fcaplc I M H, A FW' Zfrcward This, the 1969 Aquila, records another year of the history and honor of North Central High School. As the years roll by and memory begins to fail us, the yearbook will be there to remind us of people, places, and events. Inside the covers of this book, the annual staff has tried to capture and present just a few of the many highlights of the 1968-69 school year. In presenting this yearbook to you, we hope you find as much pleasure in reading it as we have had in publishing it. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION - - - - 4 DEDICATION - - - - 10 ADMINISTRATION - - - - 12 FACULTY - - - 17 CLASSES ---------- - 22 Vicky Keough - Editor ACTIVITIES -------- - - 50 Nancy Heller - Editor ORGANIZATIONS ---- - - '75 Cheryl Fiser - Editor SPORTS --------- - - as Denny Bell - Editor CLASSES ------ - - 104 SENIOR DIRECTORY - - - 144 Photography byg Brockley Studios Terry Oyer Miss Vargo Bill Turner Nancy Heller Flora Orcutt E716 ffagle is' bozmdarzkfs .Mend in many directions. fe! is' get zz clvser lrwk at Ready Gang? same af the dWcrm! ihiugs fha! happen in faglc Cfouufry . . . In the Gym . . . In the Auditorium , , , In the Cafeteria And in the Classroom , L Let's , V 1? bihee this is ear hehee 7 hears a aaa 5 aaps a Weeh, 9 heehths ef the pear, we reapht as We!! lhahe it as heihep as pessiele. . . Che spirit this pear has realy had a eeest with pep sessiehs aaa spirit SIQIIS. Phzhhiha sessiehs were essehtial te peed spirit 4 Q 4 E'ne,!lflns1e Depart- lnent nas snared in tne increased entnn- snzsln ef tne stndents this gent With the nentitien of new stag! tne seienee department nas grewn lnrgen 6 6nrils'!1nns was iz speenzlrn lnis year with ,enrfies and ine Senieris' drznee Ure jnniers nignnynt- ed ine end ef ine year festivities by derienling their ,erern fe ine Sen- ilrrs. 7 in the midst af all this mnfuszkzn . . . 1 ,K O We de End fzhfze te study. Well 17 leaks Eke we lest some ef .the gang bu! we wen? worry because we knew they ee somewhere 121 64 GL? HOZIN E76 W MR, LYNN D, LAMBERSON LW Jeffco: llion www 1969 Junior-Senior Prom The 1969 Annual staff would like to dedicate this year's AQUILA to Mr. Lynn Lamberson, who has worked so diligently as chorus director and advisor for the Class of 1970. In 1966 and '67 the chorus went to state con- test. In 1967 they put on the Musical, MISSIS- SIPPI MELODIES, which was a huge success. In 1968 they had a candle sale at Christmas to pur- chase choir robes. This year they put on the Musi- cal, OKLAHOMA, another great accomplishment. Without Mr. Lamberson's hard work and long hours none of this would have been possible. So at this time the 1969 Aquila Staffwishes to thank you, Uuznk 11011 Pep Session Y 9 l , Mississippi Melodies Oklahoma ADMINISTRATION Snperinfendenf RICHARD K. HARPSTER Mr. Harpster has worked hard for the North Central Eagles. In the last four years he has made our school a better place for learning. We are all thankful for his hard work and are sure he will continue his line job in the future. Seneel l6'enn1 Iohn Lougheed, Richard Kurtz, Robert Pitts, Doris Dury, Richard Oxender, Robert Gamboe r'-sf y, d... DOUGLAS D. JOHNSON Mr. Johnson has been a great addition to North Central in this his first year. He has worked wonders for thefspirit and academic climate in Eagle Country. We know next year will be even better ll I. d ll I1 6' 6' RUSSEL OXENDER Mr. Oxender does an excel- lent job of preparing the junior high students for high school as well as serving as principal for the elementary students at Kunkle. We know his guidance will assure con- tinued success. 6 0 ll I1 5 6' I 0 r Mr. Phipps has done an outstanding job of directing our high school students through their high school career and plans for the future. We are sure his efforts will con- tinue to be appreciated in the years ahead. Seerefezriee Rr , si PHILLIS OYER I BETTY BRANDON DARLENE BANDEEN l6'11e Drivers LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Riefel, John Pearson, Marge Orr, Lawrence Tressler, Max Case, Dale Williams, Lee Henry, Tip Meyer X NORTH CENTRAL COOKS ROW 1: Veltah Oyer, Eloise Clark ROW 2 Wilma Whitney, Helen Halpin Tip Meyers and Lee Henry I1 I 6' Ifl ll I1 6' -...xx N :V XR -. S, . . NX Y Humana. FACULTY DENNIS BERRYMAN Ohio State University, B.S. Ed.g Biology, General Math, Health, Phys. Educationg Junior Class Advisor. PHILIP D. BUCHANAN Ft. Wayne Bible College, Indiana and Purdue Univer- sities, B.A.: German I and II, English 11 and 12, Junior and Senior College Prep Englishg School Newspaper, Freshman Class Advisor, Junior Class Play. ANNETTE GARDNER Ohio University, B. A. 5 Chemistry, General Science , Chemistry, Physical Education C85I1SD- l , , l l , I l CHARLES HENSLEY Defiance College, Toledo University, B.S. Ed.: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Senior Math, Physics. BRUCE W. HILL Heidelberg College, Bachelor of Musicg Instrument Music 5-12, Junior High General Music. . f ,a R- DOUGLAS G. JOHNSON Bowling Green State U. , B.S. Ed. g Toledo University, M. Ed.g Driver Ed. , Physi- ologyg Student Counsel Advisor, Athletic Director. MF' RALPH K. JORDAN Ohio State University, B. S. Ag. Ed.g Vocational Agri- cultural Education I, Il, III, IVg FFA Advisor, 4 LYNN D. LAMBERSON Hillsdale , Indiana U. , Ohio Northern , A. B. g Musicg High School Chorus, Jr. Class Advisor. I9 P. ROBERT MEULEMAN Defiance College, B.A.g Business Math, Business Law, Office Practice, Bookkeeping, General Business , Speech, Speech Club. G. ALLEN PHIPPS Defiance College, B.S. Ed. Indiana University, M.S. Ed Guidance Counselor, Soci- ology, Physical Education, Psychology, Head Basketball Coach, Cross Country, Sr. Class Advisor. , It-.-...v 4 ROBERTA OXENDER Ohio State University, B. S. Ed.g Spanish, World History, Librarian, Sr. Class Advisor, Library Club, Honor Society. X XT DAVID L. RUSSELL Bowling Green State Univer- sity, B.A. g English I and ll. GEORGEANNE VARGO Toledo University, B. Ed. Shorthand, Typing, World Historyg Yearbook Advisor. JOHN R. WILSON Adams State College of Colorado, B.A.g B.S. Ed., Art, Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts, I, II, III, Sophomore Class Advisor, Golf, Track, Freshman Basketball Coach, Senior Class Play. Qwgq PHILLIP WRIGHT Defiance College, B.S.g U History, Government, Phys Ed., Wrestling Coach. 1? X rs, KATHRYN M. WYEN Bowling Green University, B.S.g Home Economics I, ll,III,lVg Youth Power, F. H. A. JW- -vvvf -4w.,.nw ff" "" "V' """ ',,- V 4. 'N L' f iwm' """"" ' 'T L' , A' , ' f I 342-122 f4f6:k47l'f 7 iiiiff 1,1.'Ti?25,l?T..,, , flivzyff? ' " '27'7il3f3V k M532 u H ffzmifmwf- . wfggazmfwfw -Lb- 1wzfnzfMp6gQw gxaz3e. fwgvf ,,Y"1u s5fMi L "" ,li ,yyy LW,,L.1,,.. , ,,,zLg,,, , , , tj, ,::,V, L,-b , Z 3 V,,. f , ,, f--- ,-Nm. K' wffes!z,ff:1-ff, f, 7 1 ,f.1., w,..11 4 i ,, , ..W,,, , , M , A My IY' ' 3 1 Q., yyxgf. Q SENIORS ff. r .fjff 1 Fl Senior Zzvarifes K V I I , T 2 T FRlENDLIESTg Gail Case, BEST ALL-AROUND: Joyce John Balser Henry, Marshall Landis .. iam MOST ATHLETIC: Bill Bushong, Vickl' CLASS CLOWNS: Myra Gilcher, Tom Keough Stevens Sm T BEST DRESSEDg Chris Evans, Ned Hugg MOST STUDIOUS: Dave Huffman, Shelby Pierce ."1 jp , 91 Q Cheryle Oxender, Treasurerg Nancy Heller, President, Marshall Landis, Vice Presidentg Julie Fackler, Secretary Seniors leak Hack Eighth grade graduauon ended our childish years qsupposedlyj. As approximately 54 giddy kids entered North Central High School, the upperclassmen knew that a distinct group of students had e- volved. During our Freshman year some of us began to make ourselves known. We were allowed two money-making projects. We sponsored a car wash and a bake sale, 'which got us our first honest dollar in the treasury. We also chose the motto, color, and class flower which would be with us through our high school career. It wasn't-long before we were Sophomores. We thought up a lot of tortures to try on the new Freshmen, but new rules added to problems of initiation. It was that year that we began to join in the various extracurricular activities, As 10th graders we had to choose a class flower, motto, and colors again because our efficient class secretary lost the previous year 's selections. We also had a dance which was a success, more or less, and a skating party. Our journey 's end became nearer when we were Juniors. We were given the responsibility of the candy sales. We sponsored a Friday the 13th dance and another car wash. As Juniors we put on a play, "Hot Ice" which was a success. "Three Coins in a Fountain" was the theme of our prom, which was a lot of hard work but another great success of the class of 1969. On September 3, 1968, 41 of us entered our Senior year. Most of the faculty was new and pranksters were quickly acquainted with the "board of education. " In the fall, we accepted the job of selling magazines to again increase our class funds. Our Senior Class play was "Tel1 it to Ethel." The next big project was the Christmas dance. Julie Fackler and Jim Walkup were chosen King and Queen. In early spring we sponsored a chili supper which gave us sufficient funds in our treastuy. The highlight of our senior year was the highly successful trip to Washington and New York. Gradua- tion came next with happiness and a little remorse. We feel that we have added our mark to the history of North Central, and that we have reached the top of the mountain even though the rocks were rugged. JOHN BALSER DEBBIE BIBLE KAREN BIBLE ,I Joyce, don 't bend over too far! What kind of crooked joint is this anyway? RO GER BRANDEBERRY DENNIS BURKHO LDER HL PATTY BURKHART GA IL CASE BILL BUSHONG FLORIAN C HIRRA MARLENE CU LP JUNIOR DENNISON CHRISTINA EVANS JAMES FACKLER PEGGY FRAME JULIE FACKLER CI-H-ERYL FISER MYRA GILCHER RAYMOND GREEK DENNIS HARRINGTON STEVEN GRAY NANCY I-KELLER JOYCE HENRY DAVID HUFFMAN NED HUGG MARCHE TA KAUFFMAN KAREN IOICE BEVERLY KUNKEL VICKY KEOU GH GARY MURRAY MARSHALL LANDIS LARRY OTT SHARON OXENDER 0 g , ' 0 Q . ' ' ' . . 0 4 . . 9 U LOIS RIDE NOUR WARREN PEARSON SHELBY PIERCE BETH SIEGAL TOM STEVENS JAMES WALKUP JOHN WHITIS F a M..... 1 5 ,M , ,MM MTWMM Z NWN K www What was that again, Nancy! SHARON WHITIS K 'Iiiiii "4 5' 'ii..ii i"i F1 ii alumnus.. wa as u nm ll all run' l ,45 , 'll 1,2 fair' Y r gli' MV , , , ,dlP' , y r SEATED: Wanda Douglass, Treas :!' B B urerg Diane Martin, Secretary " STANDING: Clarence Bell, Presi JQQIP' A.- dentg Ron Rademacher, Vice-Pres y ' , sv' . Marv' .4139 ldem figv' ,aIl" .uIl7' -l,- As juniors, the Class of 1970 added another step to their climb up the ladder of success by adding a lot of money to their account. They started out by including ice cream fa big sellerj to the noon candy sales. Then came the money from the Mothers' Club carnival and the Home and Products Show. Besides doing a great job on their play, "Three Fingers in the Door" they had a drawing for two S100 savings bonds that same night. Keeping themselves busy, they put on a lovely Prom, which no one will forget. To bring the year to a money-making close, they presented the movie "A Patch of Blue." g r Apt Beck Becker Bell Bis tline Borton Bow ditch Brinner Burkhart Clements Collie Culp Dick Douglass Frisbie Grieser Gruber Guy Haas Hanna F05 K. Harrington Hersha Hock Houk Houser Kauffman Keck Keller Kendall Lanius Lashaway H. Lirot Lirot McClellan Mapes Martin Mead Mercer Miller Moore Ore wi ler Oyer Oxe nder Radern acher Rediger Smith Snow Stark St. John Sutton Van Dyke Van Dyke K. Walz S. Whitis B. Williams Smile, Brad, you're on Candid Camera D. Wilson XXV una! Magi If -9 jf ! I f Tv my ' X7 ' 4 f K, 2 . eff A ' K .51 A if iq . ', 'Sk QL-'SLE' , .':.'s1 1 v f 1 f 11+ P' e sf W ,,'..'. .ang .ff--1 ,vw . W . . , , 4 'f rg., ,Z lf' N , ,v1.,. .s., , , , 4 fy,.,M,,! ldtxfvft rv, +' M v. .',".' ' '.uf3'3 - , , , ' t .fin ,u ' k ' K I ' ' . , Qu ' , ,ef w. J ' 1 , ,W :ifw W ,Q , , , A A f 1' gfmf 'f W1 A ' I9 wwf 37 L , K ' ' 1 , , V 4, 1 K ,, ' Pg W wwf :jf K .H W yy, , A.,, if f ,ff r Us Q - , gn, nn,-""' 1 r,! Q 'I .cflu wiv ,, ,V sig X We came into our Sophomore year with a little more experience than we had last year. The class decided that this was a good year to build up our treasury, so we held three money- making projects. A movie sponsored by the class, "Red Line 7000, " was our first attempt. The next project was a very successful spaghetti supper held before the Faculty vs Arkansas Lassies basketball game. A lot of time and effort was put into our dance featuring "The Badge" which went over big. We also had booths at the Mothers Club Carnival and the Home and Products Show which helped put money into our ueasury. All in all it was a very exciting year as we ordered our rings and worked to earn the spirit trophy. SEATED: Joyce Kintner, Presidentg Connie Douglass, Treasurer STAND ING: Beth Hersha, Secretaryg Kathi Hartman, Vice-President G. Apt D. Bell B. Bible K. Bible B. Bowditch D. Burkholder S. Cain P. Carter C. Case K. Clark I. Clements C. Cook I. Dennison C. Douglass S. Draggoo C. Esterline D. Fackler A. Fiser D. Gruber S. Gunn K. Harlman L. Helf B. Hersha M. Hoffman R. Houser A. Keller I. Keller R. Kerr I. Kintner V. Landis R. Lashaway B. Leslie M. Manley R. Meyers L. Miller M. Miller V. Moses F. Orcutt R. Ott P. Oxender E' 32 Fa 1 1 'UW V,V,. f ,f way. 4,0 . ,4- qg . X 'Z W' ,f qw! .. f J. Vest D. Wheeler R. Whitis M. Oyer G. Pierce R. Scott R. Shephard V. Smart B. Snow B. St. John J. Vandoski We said informal, but really . . . Denny! 2 fl an 5 FRESHM EN Bunnie Esterline, Treasurerg K Kathy Harpster, Secretary On September 3, 1968, 60 freshmen entered North Central High School to begin their four years towards one day in June, 1972. They had a very busy first year with im Fisher, Presidentg Dick Heller, Vice Presidentg carnivals and other money-making proj- ects. For the Mothers' Club Carnival they had the football throw as their booth. Ring-around-the-pop bottle was the booth set up for the Home and Prod- ucts show. The next big event for the Frosh was their bowling party. To climax the year as well as to add money to their treasury, they had a skating party which was a big success. D. Barrett J. Borton W. Brandeberry D. Briner D. Brown I. Brown L. Brown D. Buerk T. Clements C. Cogswell M. Delcarnp N. Dennison D. Dick B. Esrerline J. Estepp V. Evans K. Fisher D. Gilcher D. Gilcher E. Greek I Grieser I Hanna K Harpster M Harrington D Heller M Hollstein M Houk L Houser E Hue nink D Keck J Keller Kemarly Ke ough Kidston Knepper Lashaway Lashaway Lirot Logan Manley S. Manley C. Mercer A. Miller D. Miller I. Miller D. Moyer D. Oliver W. Rademaker M. Reagle T. Reifel T. Rhoades M. Ridenour S. Robison B. Rubel R. Rutledge C. Sanders D. Scott D. Smith R. Stahl M. Stark xxm! in ff Kiwis if: Q 2771 A R. Walz W' C. Wheeler WST? , N Is Mr. Russell really that funny? G. Sumner J. Swaninger 13' 1 D. Thompson C. Tinney W. Turner S. Vandoski M.-W J, Votaw E, ,,ss1 eV 'i" 1 is J, Walkup 1 3-W os, z 6 1Q j 'WL fl 2 Nfl Q. H fi ' i s Why the guilty look girls? 68-69 flomecvming Kathy Harpster, Butch Bell, Connie Douglass, Rusty Lanius, Queen Joyce, Bill Bushong, Cheryle Oxender, Tom Stevens , Jackie Borton, Randy Apt Queen Joyce, 67-68 Queen Teresa, Cheryle Oxender, Jackie Borton, Connie Douglass, Kathy Harpster Queen Joyce and King Bill Seuizfr 611155 Presents . BACK ROW: Patty Burkhart, Marcheta Kauffman, Roger Brandeberry, John Balser Mr. Wilson - Director, Bill Bushong, Marshall Landis, Denny Burkholder, Beth Siegel, Joyce Henry FRONT ROW: Nancy Heller, Myra Gilcher, Sharon Whitis, Chris Evans, Shelby Pierce , Karen Ioice , Cheryl Fiser, Peggy Frame , Cheryle Oxender "Call If I0 fthe!" 59164 Presents thc. . Jonell Haas, Bob Keller, Nancy Kauffman, Roger Lashaway, Queen Laurie, King Warren Cathy Bible, Joe Keck, Julie Fackler, Duane Lashaway Valentine? Dance vfsgfaw we-vegas -, H M. , , .r . . , ' rw ..,......m...- ..., .asf .z 1 ,.:,,,,,,,umr ' rs. Eiixzu' A. K .- .sg ' ,rnr "ff2gg,aaa!se . B B f ,rgi2:QEi:222fi"' ir, , B k.,, 1 ' G - 'fd , . gh:-:L Egnae' I: Q' a E I' Jigigfij RE? 'aiggimii' C 5.1Up.jH 'NTLK 'Z D P.. ' SG! Brookfield Retaliation plays it like it is. 6' 68-69 Khrisffmzs Dance lfl 6' 67-'68 Queen Terri and King Greg Tammy Fackle Attendants '69 QUEEN IULIE KING JIM Beth and Bill Chris and Tom Peg and John '68 QUEEN TERRI KING GREG Sm I, Cheryl and Gary Vx P T r ff J.f4m,f+ - ,Wm 0 vfass wf W-S M, ..-.. Q4 vanqggmme v ,,.. Y., ' 1 - ,V 82444, 1... .Q ,, n 'QT 4 A W :gt W2 'Q .,.., .M E-' ' .- If U ""1-ef , vi, V1 A, ,, L g- 'iij 3, fx R Winning Entries Pl? Scimcc Zzir .Cyn Mathers' 61116 Lfaraieal Queen Gail and King Ron Den Donkey Basketball Game Rid Cowboy What's the matter Wally? Try Sup-ho Hhorus frvscnfs . . Aunt Eller - - - - - MYRA GILCHER Curly - - - - - -MARSHALL LANDIS Laurey ------ - - 'JOYCE HENRY Ado Annie Carnes - - -PAM OXENDER Ali Hakim ---- Slim ----- Fred ------ Ike Skidmore - - - Jud Fry ---- - Cord Elam -. - - Will Parker - - Andrew Carnes - - - - - BRAD COLLIE - -- - - ALFISER DENNIS GUY RON RADEMACHER - - DAVE BISTLINE - - RUSTY LANIUS - - ROD HERSHA - FLORIAN CHIRRA Gertle Cummings ------- CONNIE DO UG LASS 5 Aunt Eller Laurey and Curly V K -..t, -3..,,,, Aunt Eller, Will, and the Boys Andrew Carnes J rs 1 F Jud Fry Aunt Eller and Andrew Andrew, Ali and Ado Anme 4 s . Rehearsals were fun! Aunt Eller the auctioneer Aunt Eller and Will "" S619 V71' F" Will does his Kansas City dance Laurey and Curley "discuss" matters ' 'Oklahoma " i ENSEMBLE Julie Fackler Beth Siegal Laurie and the girls Lorraine Louk Joyce Kintner Vera Landis Shelby Pierce Susie Burkholder Kathy Harpster Barb Leslie Mikki Manley Janet Swaniger Denise Beck Elaine Smith Denny Oxender Terry Oyer Doug Smith Roger Brandeberry M ,,.. ,. x The most conscientious member of the cast. Standing ovation shows audience appre- ciation if Aunt Eller gives advice to Laurey ff .,.......v-Q . W Aunt Eller and Ali examine the pedd1er's wares fa " f A 4- -4, The Cowboys and the Farmers should be friends? gg..-.--1- --V i,,h I 4 .., his,, I an . 5531 - f' , :4 M. Q in x 5 ' J N x sq 7 ' 'I ' ? Q i , iii' . RE V '64 ' ' V, A A 'Q U ' , 5 7 2, vi, . E Q ,gb ik! Ali and the Boys junior-Seuivr Kauquef i 4 3 ty Q in : , ,, ' ,'5"'fFq - ff nf: '1 ' -ci' A A Wai Q -I - 1 AE Q I 4 5 - hi ik ,,,, I 1 , ESQ' Ill Q 45 I ff' E in 4 W . an ,. ff . M. Q 2 Q ,. ,,,. I 62 Stairway to thc' Stars 5 X . , Serzirfr fsvzzpzzdes Is Everyone Ready? Library of Congress Justice Building This is where money comes from Monument to Iwo Jima Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers ff tv The Group in front of the House Would You believe President Nixon?! President Washington slept here Can't forget schoolhouses Washzngfvrz New Ifrfrk The United Nations A little culture at the Met. New York's Skyline Preparing us for home at St. John the Divine Don't cry Cheryl, we're on the way home. Home At Last! ! Tired but Happy. Seuivr Day What are you looking at Bill? It isn't that bad John! ! Mr. Harpster talks to the Seniors. Ray receiving one of his many awards. Group at practice Che EMM! Day A11 Polished and Beaming T Diplomas and Honor Student Awards. Chorus members Rev. Bruce Alhson speaks to the Semors. Junior Escorts . . . JACKIE and RONNIE md 1 A f . -L.., E gi f , dd 3 ,sswg S h 1 K KVV: LV A K fi 3 kkiik sen QQ? Shelby gives the Honor Address N i g g W , ,. . .. ,.--,--, 7---f'. IF ay- wi.. Y -M --"' ' ' -I'1 i . .QfSs " 'f esee fl K .:.. K A i 'iz' is s h esefimi 25 ei ' 5 ' Y SEX? 3 x - ' grief,-,.,, ees ,Q,,,.s , 38 Vt Dr. Johnston addresses the Seniors gms s ..lL I W x, 4 92 X , if gumlvii' Nancy gives the Class President's Address sw-N The Perfect End! W I N 65 ,llflzlefzk lfanquef , , X One of the better parts of the Banquet . . . FOOD! ! ! Randy receives the Gamboe Award Master of Ceremonies MARVIN SEBRING John Havlicek speaks to future stars Award Day Mr. Wright - Teacher ofthe Year Mr. Johnson ran a close second Mr. Hill gives out band awards Diane awards spirit trophy Miss Miller gives cheerleading awards Pam receives scholastic award Delbert Latta speaks to The Student Body Visiting Scientist explains new techniques sf' Assembies R? 2 The Student Body is told of the Russian People and their Customs l il Joining the Navy?'? Tom in a beauty contest?! Fighting Again?'? 'SSQ Before A fter Q How 's the sewing Boys -.M Before Driver 's Ed. HV W J ,, as, fm. Daw knew htm nil me Tim ,, 5 whiz? 5 A 5 Mk sow, ,mfufrffws fm Pwr-11 Af, more ' fl Arai "Win Y 4 , 9 , i iii. My iiii o Is it really worth a do11ar?'? After Driver's Ed. ? 73 IL ,ifnife '-fa? f .1 ' wmmw, H 4 , JJ f ga, ' A, 3, , jg3Qfi:I,,.e'5f,, 5 Q ,fax -J ,gl V KZ' V ..,........, Q' Lamberson and 1 e Y If he smgs tenor keep him 1 X W , 4-xi, Z if ,HZ 4438 'L wk ' Rule 97 of the dress code says . . ORGANIZATIONS jf. "1 rj' xt' " " 'va .'g'H's.NxQ1- is' 2-wwqwiw if 2:13 115.5 ,an 'Q' fx? ffl? 'ffl 131' " A ,JW y., I' Fu H+' iw 71 if? fi' sl 4 ffii S35 QQ' ight is nl 12'-S on 4 Q " mga? if any W' ,'6 fi W EEK! il 1,r i ' qv , 'fgvv X ' dup: '54 Q, ,I nr H V, ., Q ,aft f2'f,'f ff' .jg4'f'Ff'g Q Zi: SE, 255' fb Qi 4525? EX if KJV' 'iw SEATED: Denver Moore, Mr. Johnson, Advisor: Joyce Henry, President: Dennis Burkholder, Vice-President: Tom Reifel STANDING: Vicki Smart, Mickie Manley, Bill Hock, Dave Huffman, Sue Keough, Lorraine Houlc, Cheryl Fiser, Secretary-Treasurer fudcn! Evans!! Zfarsify gfllb FRONT ROW: Wanda Douglass, Secretary-Treasurer: Julie Fackler, Joyce Henry SECOND ROW Dick Gruber, Brad Collie, Denny Guy, Dave Bistline, Don Gruber THIRD ROW: Marshall Landis, President: Joe Keck, Bill Hock, Butch Bell, Denny Bell LAST ROW: Bill Bushong, Vice -President: Rusty,Lanius, Dennis Harrington, Ron Rademacher, Rod Hersha, Bill Williams ai.. 80. x Am. ,nr f -' ui SEATED: Patty Burkhart, Mrs. Oxender, Advisorg Shelby Pierce, Vice -Presidentg Lorraine Houk Presidentg Elaine Smith, Secretary-Treasurerg Diana Dick STANDING: Pam Oxender, Marcia Houk, Ann Mercer, Denise Oliver, Peggy Frame , Karen Bible, Beth Hersha, Jackie Miller, Jackie Borton library glllb 5'ufure Zeaclzers of America FIRST ROW: Mikki Manley, Secretaryg Patty Burkhart, Vice -President, Myra Gilcher, President Pam Oxender, Treasurerg Kathy Harpster, Reporter SECOND ROW: Sue Keough, Mrs. Stevens, Advisorg Sue Robison, Marcia Houk, Shelby Pierce , Nancy Heller, Miss Wyen, Advisorg Denise Beck THIRD ROW: Ann Mercer, Vicki Smart, Kathy Harnnan, Barb Bible, Flora Orcutt, Cindy Cogswell, Julie Brown, Debbie Brown, Janet Swaninger I I, ,Till rl SEATEDg Marshall Landis, Secretary-Treasurerg Mrs. Oxender, Advisorg Shelby Pierce, Presi- dentg Nancy Heller, Vice-Presidentg Jackie Miller STANDING: Diane Martin, Elaine Smith Rod Hersha, Butch Bell, Lorraine Houk, Wanda Douglas Hmor Society Increases in Sm' Honor Society Induction FIRST ROW: Joe Keck, Reporterg Roger Lashaway, Secretaryg Dean Frisbie, Vice-Presidentg Warren Pearson, Presidentg John Clemenrs, Treasurerg Bob Keller, Mr. Jordan, Advisor SECOND ROW: Jerry Stark, Leslie Greiser, Mike Stark, Dennis Moyer, Mike Ridenour, Ron Houser, Tim Rhodes THIRD ROWg Jerry Borton, Mike Hollstein, Duane Lashaway, Denny Briner, Joe Logan, Rick Scott, Buddy Vandoski FOURTH ROW: Larry Houser, Dave Burk- hart, Charles Cook, Dave Rediger, Jerry Greiser, Paul Lashaway, Tom VanDyke, Art Knepper R our 1 A ff-HQULH 11 " Wgi? :xi ' 151.11125-.,1.. - 'r-, 2' .F Q sf T R .4 "- A" i- 1 , ri' - -A - - 1 f .. l ff i - 'H' S wg A i J 5 4 ,u ,Q i' exwfgsg - ,-ini' X" ' , ,, Sizrmers nf Amvrzka FIRST ROW: Miss Wyen, Advisorg Beverly Kunkle, Reporterg Karen Bible, Vice -Presidentg Beth Siegel, President, Laurie Snow, Historiang Barb Snow SECOND ROW: Kathy Bible, Barb Houser, Susette Gunn, Sally Manley, Susan Manley, Susie Burkholder, Vera Landis, Vickie Moses, Gerri Vandoski THIRD ROW: Julie Fackler, Vickie Evans, Iudy Vest, Wanda Radamacher, Peggy Frame, Beth Hersha, Millie Harrington, Marjorie Delcamp FOURTH ROW: Diane Gilcher, Gail Case, Janeen Walkup, Dawn Thompson, Nancy Kauffman, Diane Wilson, Sue McClellan Sizfurc' ffcwfzemakers af America Future Homernakers Induct New Members SEATED: Carol Case, Karen Bowditch, Beverly St. John, Gail Case, Beth Siegel, Miss Wyen Advisor STANDING: Susie Burkholder, Vera Landis, Vice-Presidentg Ron Radamacher, Presidentg Beth Hersha, Secretary-Treasurerg Barb Snow lfauth Prfwcr Debate 61116 Myra Gilcher, Mr. Mueleman, Advisory Nancy Heller, Vickie Keough r U l 3 5 or if 4135 Z , 2 f 3 x Z . "'m. , 1, I X K. 'i ff u , srri I ' NYSLQCK! ROW ONE: Sue Robison, Flora Orcutt, Lorraine Houk, Sue Keough, Diane Martin SECOND ROW: Marcia Houk, Pam Oxender, Vicky Keough, Gary Apt, Denny Bell THIRD ROW: Sharon Oxender, Kathy Hartman, Dave Rediger, Terry Oyer, Wanda Douglas FOURTH ROW Julie Fackler, Myra Gilcher, Nancy Heller, Ron Shepard, Debbie Brown Mr. Hill, Director Band lmws Graz! fromisa Farfzkzpafcs in Dcizzuce ffrfmcwmifzg and Distric! 60l4f6'5lf :,...,, .,,, -., ..,, 'r a 7l'Q.1:: fa ,ft an as FIRST ROW: Beverly St. John, Flora Orcutt, Margaret Hoffman, Myra Gilcher, Barb Leslie, Diane Keck, Sue Burkholder, Shelby Pierce, Sharon Oxender, Joyce Henry, Nancy Heller, Alan Fiser, Dennis Miller, Kim Fisher, Terry Oyer SECOND ROW: Vera Landis, Sue Draggoo, Judy Vest, Kathy Harpster, Bunnie Esterline, Marsha Houk, Beth Seigel, Laura Helf Wanda Douglass, Vicki Smart, Dave Bistline, Dick Heller, Tom Reifel, Bill Turner, Bret Rubel THIRD ROW: Elaine Smith, Diane Martin, Lorraine Houk, Denise Beck, Jonell Haas, Sue Gunn, Pam Oxender, Connie Douglass, Deb Bible, Barb Snow, Jackie Miller, Duane Barrett, Ron Stahl, Kyle Clark FOURTH ROW: Clarence Wheeler, Brad Collie, Dennis Guy Debbie Brown, Sue Robinson, Diana Dick, Jackie Borton, Cheryle Oxender, Janet Swaniger, Mikki Manley, Marshall Landis, Bill Williams, Dennis Harington FIFTH ROW: Bill Brande- berry, Doug Smith, John Clements, Rod Hersha, Florian Chirra, Cindy Cogswell, Denise Oliver, Julia Brown, Sharon Whitis, Julie Fackler, Rusty Lanius, Dennis Oxender, Lynn D. Lamberson - Director Organized Confusion! ?! Kharus l6ece1'zfc's Z7 at Disfrzkf Hzfrzfcsf and Presents "0klfzl101m1 " Vickie Smart, Joyce Henry, Wanda Douglass, Jonell Haas, Julie Fackler, Joyce Kintner SECOND ROW: Debbie Brown, Sue Robison, Diane Keck, Bunnie Esrerline , Janet Swaninger THJRD ROW: Marcheta Kauffman, Nancy Heller, Cheryl Fiser, Vicky Keough, Cheryle Oxender, Denise Oliver, Diana Dick, Diane Martin, President FOURTH ROW: Connie Douglass Kathy Hartman, Flora Orcutt, Vera Landis, Sue Gunn, Carol Esterline, Barb Snow, Carol, Secretary-Treasurer FIFTH ROW: Mickey Manley, Pam Oxender, Barb Leslie, Gail Case, Beth Hersha, Susie Burkholder, Laura Helf SIXTH ROW: Jackie Borton, Lorraine Houk, Marcia Houk Diane Gilcher, Denise Beck, Kathy Bible, Brenda Bowditch SEVENTH ROW: Kathy Harpster, Elaine Smith, Vice -President: Jackie Miller, Julia Brown, Cindy Cogswell, Sue Keough EIGHTH ROW: Roger Lashaway, James Dennison Introducing Edgar Are those antlers for real? 4 5" 1, 1' vs, SEATEDg Alan Fiser, Rod Hersha, Karen Joice, Editor, Lorraine Houk, Assistant Editor, Mr. Buchanan, Advisor, Elaine Smith, Barb Leslie STANDING Sue Gunn, Shelby Pierce, Tom Clements, Patty Burkhart, Peggy Frame, Cheryle Oxender, Debbie Bible DEB BIBLE, Typist " aglc' SW " l6'r124gs Student suns' .al Karen Joice and Alan Fiser run off copies of the newspaper FIRST ROW: Denny Bell, Sports, Cheryl Fiser, Organizations, Julie Fackler, Business, Mar- cheta Kauffman, Chief Editor, Nancy Heller, Activitiesg Vicky Keough, Classes, Miss Vargo, Advisor SECOND ROW: Joyce Kintner, Wanda Douglas, Diane Martin, Mikki Manley, Pam Oxender THIRD ROW: Kathy Bible, Carol Esterline, Kathy Hartman, Flora Orcutt, Sue Gunn Aquila Stay? Wrfrks Hard on Vt7lll'bI70 " i F Mikki Manley, Miss Vargo, Diane Martin Cheryl Fiser, Joyce Kintner Joyce Kintner, Pam Oxender, Vicky Keough Mikki Manley, Diane Marlin, Keta Kauffman Julie Fackler Mikki Manley and Kathi Hartman 5. . mgxx Wanda Douglass Flora Orcutt Denny Bell fat workj wk .ia Qx A as I I A 'k,-y , ,Q BACK: Kathy Bible, Keta Kauffman, Vicky Evans, Myra Gilcher, Kathi Hartman MIDDLE: Sue Keough, Carol Esterline, Miss Miller, Diane Gilcher, Vera Landis FRONT: Nancy Heller, Vicky Keough , Chris Evans 69444. Andis Crack and Kvwhhg fa ,llffizfifirfs G.A.A. , composed of 28 girls, began a highly successful year with a new point system for awards. Throughout the year the girls participated in basketball, volley- ball, track, bowling, and softball. The girls participated in the Mothers' Club Carnival and sponsored a car wash as money-making projects. The year ended with the election of a "Senior Girl of the Year," awards and recognition at the sports banquet, and the ordering of jackets. Varsity Basketball Bases 5' ,Maabars LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Phipps, Butch Bell, Bill Bushong, Tom Stevens, Ron Radernacher, Rod Hersha Randy Apt, Kyle Clark, Rusty Lanius, Denny Bell, Marshall Landis, Al Fiser Senior - MARSHALL LANDIS Senior - BILL BUSHONG Senior - TOM STEVENS With a starting lineup of predomi- nately juniors and help from a sopho- more team member, the North Central varsity basketball team battled to a record of 4 wins and 16 losses, but lost a good number of games by a few points. Since a large amount of talent is returning, the boys look forward to great accomplishments next season, ,W Calm Holds Prvmise far Zzfurc' LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Wheeler, Tom Reifel, Kim Fisher, Mickey Oyer, Denny Bell, Don Buerk, Kyle Clark, Dick Heller, Butch Bell, Denver Moore FRONT: John Harrington, Coach Phipps, Dave Mapes Weslzmau Umm draws LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Stahl, Jeff Miller, Art Knepper, Sam Miller, Dave Dick, Rick Lashaway, Greg Sumner, Brett Rubel, Tom Clements, Randy Walz, Duane Lashaway, Duane Barrett CENTER: Coach Wilson The 'junior varsity freservej and fresh- man teams serve as training grounds for varsity team members. Jr. varsity team members often dressed with the varsity team and four freshmen played on the junior varsity team. Sue Robison, Debbie Brown, Diane Keck, Janet Swaninger, Bunnie Esterline Wzeerleaders Promate Spirit If ll r 5 i 1' F TOP: Vicki Smart MIDDLE: Wanda Douglass, Joyce Henry BOTTOM: Julie Fackler, Ionell Haas, Joyce Kittner SOPHOMORE SOPHOMORE Joyce Kittner Vicki Smart JUNIOR TUNIOR Wanda Douglass Jor1e11XHaas SENIOR - Julie Fackler SENIOR - Joyce Henry Veer ef' .71er,ereee1e1er1! fer Wrestlers BACK ROW: Coach Wright, Dave Bistline, Mike Miller, Junior Dennison, Iames Dennison, Warren Pearson, Ron Houser, Rich Meyers FRONT ROW: Don Gruber, Dick Gruber, Larry Houser, Brad Collie Denny Guy, Joe Keck CW e Se 14. fe fs 0 I1 egg WI JUNIOR DENNISON WARREN PEARSON Following a season of five wins, seven losses, and one draw, the Wrestling team was well repre- sented at the district tournament where Dick Gruber lost a close match in the finals of the consolation round. The boys look forward to next year 's season with only two seniors leaving the squad. 0055 Zvuufry Umm GIYIWS BACK ROW: Butch Bell, Marshall Landis, Tom Stevens, John Balser, Randy Apt, Ron Rademacher FRONT ROW: Bret Rubel, Greg Sumner, Dave Dick, Mike Miller, Jeff Miller, Ron Stall, Tom Reifel SENIOR SENIOR Marshall Land1s SENIOR John Balser Tom Stevens Composed of a number of underclassmen, the Cross Country team repre- sented North Central High School very well and the young team looks forward to an even better showing in the years to come. Led by Coach Larry Bruce, the 1968-69 Baseball team consisted of: Dick Heller, Bob Kidston, Randy Walz, Kim Fisher, Sam Miller, Al Fiser, Denny Bell,James Dennison, Denver Moore, Dave Bistline, Rusty Lanius, Bill Williams, Bill Hock, Bill Bushong, and Junior Dennison. .. j. Coach Bruce, Bill SAM MILLER Williams, Denny Bell, Bill Bushong, and Butch Bell RUSTY LANIUS KYLE CLARK and BILL HOCK DAVE BISTLINE DI CK HE LLER DENVER MOORE N JUNIOR DENNISON 511111115 15111 16'11s111111g 111111 4711111111 2751111151111 ,CHIIVK 16'1y 51111115 far llndcrclassmen 111 W!! I11'1 15115661111 52111111 Such COHCCHUHUOD , Denny! Crack Gam Sfrzwg but U00 Small BACK ROW: Coach Wilson, Ron Rademacher, Randy Apt, Kyle Clark, John Balser, Robert Orewiler Jeff Miller, Rick Lashaway, Tom Reifel, Marshall Landis, Lon Hanna, Butch Bell, Mickey Oyer Senior - JOHN BALSER Senior - MARSHALL LANDIS LEFT TO RIGHT: Kyle Clark, Tom Stevens, Rich Meyers, Butch Bell, John Harrington, Coach Wilson Senior - TOM STEVENS Sfpericnas' lifrzhgs fmpravemeuf far 505 Calm Participarjng in 11 matches, Conference Tournament, and District Tournament, the 1968-69 Golf Team finished the season in 3rd place in the Buckeye Border Conference Tournament. Two junior and two sophomore lettermen will lead the team with hopes for even greater success next year. 'W ,,1, ,f -:,, 11 ., ' an a JUNICDR HIGH ff 1 - ,fliwiefiig W -W 321 . ', 2-'fzziaefmsfi fewfg wzimfl. LARRY BRUCE Bluffton Collegeg B.S. Ed.g Science, Physical Education , American Historyg Jr. High Basketball and Sr. High Baseball Coach JULIA HELLER Bowling Green State Universityg B. S. g Reading, Ohio History Social Studies -A-..- FRANCIS CROW Hillsdale Collegeg B.A.: Reading , English PATRICIA JORDAN Kent State Universityg B. S. g Math, Scienceg Math Club R. Barker J. Beck K. Becker D. Bell S. Bexten D. Bible R. Bistline P. Boothman A. Brown S. Case T. Clark D. Cogswell T. Covey G. Draggoo J. Eidenier R. Ellerbusch M. Fackler M. Gamboe J. Hanna L. Hari EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Raymond Adams, Student Councilg Penny Oxender, Secretaryg Bill Kidston, Presidentg Beverly Myers, Student Coun- cilg Jody Beck, Treasurerg Randy Wyman, Vice-President. Q R, Adams gf f I V X 7 4 , ,HY , Zi , U, M. Harrington J. Heller G. Hendricks R. Hollstein R. Hugg W. Kidston L. Kirkendall S. Kirkendall D. Martin L. Martin V. Mercer B. Meyers R. Moses S. Moyer W. Murray P. Oxender J. Oyer K. Pitts M. Rademacher V. Rogers P. Shephard M. St. John T. St. John M. Schoonover R. Stark D. Thompson D. Tinney H. Tressler I. Walkup L. Walkup A. Warner G. Whitney R. Wyatt R. Wyman C. Zuver SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: SEATED: Brad Smith, Student Councilg Kevin Fisher, Presidentg Anne Reifel, Student Councilg Kim Brown, Secretary-Treasurer STANDING: Steve Fiser, Vice-Presidentg Robert Turner , Reporter. Adams Apt Balser Bavin Beals Bender Boetz Brandeberry Brown Brown Carlson Clements Draggoo . Dye Fackler Fackler Field Fiser Fisher Hanna Hari Hendricks Hersha Hock Hollstein i an '12 W B.a, 4 f , I if Q an af A stsr Ate i 5 Ag' ,, N . V' w?25"?i' 42' A ' 'lil' MX N. Snow R. Stahl R. Thompson R. Turner J. Van Dyke M. Zuver Hoover Houk . Huffman Huffman Kem arly Ke ou gh Kerr Kintner Kosier Kurtz Lashaway Lashaway Logan Long Lougheed Martin Martin Miller Miller Nearing Orcutt Oxender Oxender Oyer Parent Pierce Reifel Rivas Rupp Ru tied ge Schlosser Shephard St. John Smith Smith CHORUS: ROW lg T. Fackler, M. Oyer, R. Schlosser, M. Huffman, G. Hendricks, M. Schoonover, B. Turner, D. Smith, J, Martin ROW 21 B. Kidston, D. Bible, R. Ellerbusch, G. Draggoo, M, St. John, S. Case, J. Beck, R. Wyman, K. Pitts, H. Hen- dricks ROW 3g M. Rademacher, G. Whitney, R. Hugg, R. Wyatt, S. Bexten, E. Rivas, P. Oxender, M. Fackler, L. Martin, T. Clark, D. Boetz ROW 4: B. Hollstein, P. Boothman, V. Rogers, N. Snow, M. Lashaway, M. Gamboe, V. Mercer, P. Shephard, B. Meyers, L. Walkup, H. Tressler, D. Keough 0 CHORUS: ROW 11 J, Oxender, T, St, John, B. Stahl, M. Beals, S. Carlson, A. Brown, W. Murray, J. Heller, T. Hock, R. Bistline, R. Nearing ROW 2: C. Brandeberry, L. St. John, M, Clements, R. Moses, K. Becker, J. Eideneir, D. Thompson, R. Stark, K. Brown, P. Kurtz, S. Klein ROW 3: S. Kirkendall, A. Bavin, K. Houk, M. Hersha, D. Martin, M, Zuver, R. Thompson, V. Brown, A. Reifel, L. Kirkendall, J. Oyer ROW 4: S. Kerr, D. Apt, B. Smith, J. Hanna, A. Kintner, K. Fisher, S. Fiser, M. Dye, V. Pierce, I. Oxender, P. Huff- man, L. Logan ' znvsrf-y4esf" . X , 1 K, , BAND: ROW lg K. Rupp, L. Kirken- dall, M. Fackler, D. Keough, L. Martin ROW 2: G. Orcutt, P. OX- ender, D. Boetz, M. Beals, R. Wyman ROW 3: H. Hendricks, K. Shephard, M. Gamboe, P. Kurtz, J. Oxender, D. Apt ' CHEERLEADERS: Kim Brown Jody Beck Ann Reifel Debbie Martin vo IWW .gd ' 4414- . Q VARSITY: ROW 1: D. Bell, T. Hook, R. Wyman, B. Kidston, K. Fisher, S. Fiser ROW 2: Manager - J. Eiden- our, A. Brown, R. Thompson, M. Zuver, D. Thompson, D. Bible, Coach Larry Bruce RESERVES: ROW lg Manager - H. Hendricks, M. Lougheed, R. Feild, F. Miller, G. Orcutt Manager - D. Smith ROW '25 D. Apt, A. Kinter, R. Adams, J. Heller, R. Nearing ROW 31 Coach Larry Bruce, M. Beals, C. Bender, J. Miller, S. Carlson, M. Huffman, J. Oxender ,M gl ,..,, , ..N, 1' M.. "-vvmw-fw- . . ..,,, .H ,. Y? 0""WQw,, K "W'-'ffpv ,VXA 53 ww S uf' 'wk f 1 L' X494 Q ,J 1 6.54, 8 1, 1 5, M A N A r ,ai , w fy 25, E ii 4. M11 ' . , 'F W fum: ,W ,L E f n w ,, ,Q ,Mx ff M U Af v L, rig f as ff, J 4? ZA ,E 4-fr 74- 733 1,5 R Q -1 .,- .ft 51,8 fi gy Z-H-14,31 1 -1'f3'7 43' J"-. ' PSP 'Yi' , Vi' 1213? ,, , J' N' Q, KW iilmggii M-5 Q I ' . l L. D. B. B. M. Rutledge D. Slee T. Smart D. Steinke D. Stoops D. Votaw GRADE 6 PIONEER BUILDING Mr. Robert Oberlin Murray Oyer Rubel Rubel Adams Branham Clay Clements Cogswell Cook Dee tz Douglass E ly Esterline Esterline Hanna Henry Herzog Herzog Hugg Keck Kirkendall Leidy Martin Mc Cle Ilan McDiarm id Mercer Moreland Moreland Altman Apt Aschliman Beals Beck Bible Boothman Boothman Dick Gearhart Har Un an Herm an Houk Kerr Kerr M. Lirot J. Moore I. Pins L. Ricks M. Rivas J. Shinabarger M. Thompson D. Tinney B. Trausch W. Wyatt GRADE 6 KUNKLE BUILDING Mr. Robert Neff W. Wyatt T. Zuver R. Shonk G. Slagle B. Slee A. Steinke K. Swaninger K. Zimmer GRADE 5 PIONEER BUILDING Mrs. Judy Pierman Bandeen Bender Bexten Clements Eidenier Ely Gamboe Good Hersha Joice Kurtz Lanius McDiarm id Mick Ne aring Oyer Oxender Pettit Pierce Schmucker Brown Crisenberry Downing Estepp Faunce Herzog Horne Kirkendall Manley McCellan Mer cer More land Pare nt Peterson Pe ttit R. Pettit E. Reagle M. Robison P. Russell A K. Shonk M. Snyder S. Thompson ,. GRADE 5 PIONEER BUILDING Mrs. Molly Duvendack ill' Te I -v, 2 1' M. Warners E. Whms D. Zuver GRADE 5 KUNKLE BUILDING Mrs. Dorothy Sinn K or s M. Trausch W. Vandoski L. Van Dyke M. Walz Briner Brown Dennison Ge arhart Ha ge lber ger Hari Hendricks Hollstein Kerr Kohl Lambright Leslie Logan Long Lougheed Morr Orcutt Parsons Schlosser Schoonover Shephard Sparks Spencer Stahl Tinney Bell Brown Buchanan Cook Cook . Crommer Deetz Draggoo Duvendack . Ely Ely Esterline . Freese Good Haubold Heber Horne Kidston Kirkendall Kirkendall Lashaway Manley Martin McDiarmid Pittit 5 'M ,W Min '11-gif' Q v in Rm, EEE 3 , T 9 "' 513 ' -iw X 1 41 .. 1 gm mm I W Q. Q xgfiuwz 7"xW"f" on v,n, . ,nu A 1 A . xx H v 'Y x V w, 1' 1 A V 1 w ,,K ,fafiiftw ff,... , v ' , .Q :Li " f 2 , ' ,liaiw WI' ' A ' mi , ,.,. Ck J Q.. 1 ., , n,.,,.Zf, its I ,M S we LLLK1.. , A Q 'xv ax , ggtri gl i Q H? 4 ,, Tti 1 ,,VV ig , -5' ' ny "A' 'M , Y , 1. . W , s. , M A ,,, BH ,,, ff" ' -, 'E' -'H 1,1735 , f ' , "r :iff . H U? Q if Q A I , 1. V if A,, 2552, y M . Schmucker R. Snyder I. Spenser S. Staniski 'ff at F Q C D. Stoops J. Smnner if 'V'g I. Tom S W A. M. Votaw C. Zimmer GRADE 4 PIONEER BUILDING Miss Joyce Miller B 1,1 I 1 Q' ' V I .,' 's my may My iw? ,ff ,zz ur ,WW :Lf-f f, W ,,,. , : A 2,11 aff. 3, .V WWA T. Shinabarger S. Sickmiller S. Smith D. Sparks N. Wheeler W. Wyatt GRADE 4 KUNKLE BUILDING Mrs. Rebecca Hensley Aschlim an Aschliman Bible Briner Bryan Dennison Dick Frymire Gearhart Gruber Guy Hagelberger Harwell Keil Kerr Kerr Martin Miller Miller Nixon Parsons Pitts Reeder Schlosser Shepard T. Bennett A. Eckley M. Hersha L. Houser S. Keesecker R. Lather I. Manley D. Mapes E. Martin B. Miller C. Mick D. Mocherman L. Motter T. Oberlin P. Pierce 4-.L is M' Slasle B Spencer Stelnke . ff , s gt gigr gn Br.. 1 L Sumner L Trausch - Zimmer ,f GRADE 3 PIONEER BUILDING Mrs. Beulah Parent S. Williams L. Yoder aww Y. Ei' if Z? 4.122 lt' D. Mitchell C. Moreland D. Nixon D. Rutledge B. Thompson T. Tom GRADE 3 PIONEER BUILDING Mrs. Ingrid Griffin l, X 4' Bandeen Bandeen Branham Buchanan Carlson Clements Cogswell Cryer Fackler Freese Grimm Herzog McClellan McKelvey Mercer Alun an Bickham Bistline Boothm an Brown Clark Co gswe ll Fisher Geiser Grieser Gruber Huf fm an Kerr Kohl Kosier Larnbright Liro t Lockhart Miller Moore Morr Pe arson Reeder Repp St. Iohn K. Scott M. Stahl C. Trausch GRADE 3 KUNKLE BUILDING Mrs. Evelyn Bajsa G. Rupp M. Smith B. Srunner C. Trausch I . Walkup B. Youtsey GRADE 2 PIONEER BUILDING Mrs. Muriel Stevens Bible Brown Crommer Eckley E ly Grimm Hanna Henry I-Iugg Kurtz Lather Landis Lanius Lashaway Martin Mercer Mocherm an Motter Murray Pettit Boetz Brown Dee tz Eide nier F aunce Fitzenrider Haubold Kirkendall Lambright Lantz Leslie M anley Mick Miller Moreland Moshowitz Parker Pierce Shonk Sickm iller h LE' I ,.:Edf"f1Z' V I K ..,.. I S. 2 If . E 1 R. Snyder R. Spencer W. Staniski T. Sternan E. Trausch T. Webber GRADE 2 PIONEER BUILDING Mrs. Wilma Hamer I24 I K. Rademaker G. Reeder M. Repp M. Rivas T. Schlosser T. Sickm iller Broadwater Canfield Co gsw ell Dic k Dohm Geiser Gunn Hendricks Hollstein Huffman Keil Kerr Logan Nixon Oyer B. Stahl D. Stark J. Van Dyke W. Wyatt GRADE 2 KUNKLE BUILDING Mrs. Celesta Oberlin r I25 Bandeen Bandeen Bennett Bexten Duvendack Ellerbusch Englehart Englehart E ste pp Esterline Frame Hersha Hook Houser Leidy McDiamid Mc Gill . Mercer . Morr Moskowitz Ne ating Oyer Robison Tr ausch Serner R. Slagle R. Slee D. Spencer I. Spencer A. Williams D. Yoder GRADE 1 PIONEER BUILDING Mrs. Evelyn Hi11a.rd 126 I S. Traxler G. Whitls V. Wyatt GRADE 1 KUNKLE BUILDING Mrs. Lila Orcutt S. Sparks T. Stark W. Stull Surbey Aschlirn an Bible Bickham Clark . Cogswell Cousino Durham Greathouse M. Hagelberger Ke ough Lockhart Mapes . Miller Miller Orcutt Parsons Pitts Schoonover Seem an Sickmiller t l27 Aschlirnan Beavers Burkholder Canfield Clark Cogswell Dohm Durham Gearhart Gilcher Grieser Herzog Hu ffm an Jones Keil Kohl Loc khart Messner Mo ckerm an Perkins l Pitts Radem aker Rummel St. John Spencer R. Stark T. Stull K. Trausch D. Traxler R. Walz M. Wheeler B. Wyatt KINDERGARTEN - A.M Mrs. Phyllis Burkhart L. Austin S. Becker K. Buchanan E. Carlson I. Coy , P. Dick .Q d ' T. Downing D. Draggoo A. Duvendack G. cliche: I. Griffin I. Hanna M. Harpster K. Keck I. Kidston K A. Kwader I ' M. Landis J. Lashaway ' G. le Feure J. Link P. Lonabarger S. Maag T. Manley B. McCrea P. L Mercer .Eff E Q. I . Moreland 3 K MQ D. Nelson l " fa 5 ' C. Patton 5 .' ,, ' S. Pierce T. Smith . ' ,, . gr- N, R. Snyder ' 3? A ' I- Taylor 1 , 5 KL kkkk ly S . 'H M. Trausch S. Yoder KINDERGARTEN - P.M. Betts Broadw ater F ac kler Fackler Lashaway I. D J. C D I. R. K. Martin Mohr Ober Jin Repp Ridgw Rivas Wheeler Zuver 33' SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASS KUNKLE BUILDING Mrs. Linda Miller ADVERTISERS SIRLOIN HAUS RESTAURANT STEAKS, CI-IOPS, SEAFOODS, 2. DINING ROOMS RA TI-ISKE LLER Dancing to Live Music in the RATI-ISKELLER on Fri. and Sat. Night 201 W. Butler St. Bryan THE TRI-STATE ALLIANCE Advertising, Commercial, and Job Printing 737-2359 Pioneer THE PIONEER BANKING CO. Your Full Service Bank Accounts Insured to 15, OOO by FDIC Pioneer BALES V 8: S HARDWARE Heating and Plumbing Supplier LP Gas Service Pioneer I32 MONTPELIER RECREATION BOWL TROPHY ROOM RESTAURANT Montpelier BUD'S SUPER MARKET Your Super Dollar Market Pioneer Compliments of LONABARGER'S Sale and Se rvice 73 7- 2339 Pioneer EIDENIER'S GAMBLE STORE Pionee Compliments Compliments of of FIRST NATIONAL BANK MONTGOMERY WARDS 485-3125 Bryan Montpelier WILLIAM J. STEINKE Insurance and Real Estate Main and Empire Phone 485-3974 G. C. MURPHY CO. 111- 117 West Butler Montpelier Bryan Complete Prescription Service Co. Building - Material Lumber - Millwork Glass Phone 737-3264 485-3059 WM. HOCK Pharmacist Montpelier Pioneer 'T' Compliments of GORNY-WINZELER COTTAGE INN 485-3191 Montpel' 636-3191 Bryan Montpelier STATE FARM INSURANCE HENRY'S SHOE STORE Auto - Fire - Life The Store with More Boys DANE M. MICHAEL Girls' - Ladies' 485-3060 Men's Shoes in Your Foot Comfo t Montpelier Montpelier Compliment ALLEN-CUNNIEF of Furniture - Carpeting - WESTERN AUTO Drape 485-3349 Montpeller Montpelier MOCHERMAN REALTY AND THE SUPERIOR AGENCY MOCHERMAN HOMES INC. . Auto . Fire W. . . Hospital t . IRA S. KANNEL M l ontpe Ter 485-4281 Montpelier W' 1 KELLER s FAYETTE Pontiac Sales and Service Grain and Feed Inc Tempest - Lemans - Catalina Executive - Bonneville 237-2,581 Firebird - Grand Prix Fa tt ye e West Unity The Home of Name Brand Furniture La-Z-Boy - Norwalk - Berne Compliments Flexsteel - Hoover - Bassett of Tell City Chair Draperies - Carpet - Gifts ACCSSSOUGS EAGLE FUNERAL HOME G. A. LOUGHEED FURNITURE Fayette Phone 924-2212 Free Delivery West Unity nm. Ron s. sHARoNs RESTAURANT Good Food With a Friendly Smile 5:30-9:00 Daily ONE HOUR MARTINIZING The most in dry cleaning 213 South Main Pioneer 636-7233 Bryan "Prepare to be Pampered" Compliments of BONNIE'S CLIP 8. CURL CITIZENS NATIONAL BEAUTY SHOP Bonnie Esterline Br an 737-2344 Y Pioneer I36 l In Bryan lt's Compliments BRowNlEs of COAT'S NURSING HOME Good Food One Block East of Court Sq. Bryan Pioneer Compliments of K 8. R CLEANERS INC CHARLES COMPANY "Bryan's only complete department store" Bryan Shirt Laundry Same Day Service 144 - 1505 S. Lynn St. West Side of Square 636-1940 Bryan KERR AUTO SALES, INC. Home of the Dodge Boys Dodge - Dodge Truck Bryan CLAY'S APPLIANCE North Side Square Frigidaire Appliances Zenith Television Bryan M. D. STOUGH Complete Painting and Decoratin Service Paint - Wall Paper - Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Carpet and Linoleum Window Shades Venetian Blinds - Glass Store - 636-2839 122 S. Lynn St. Res. - 636-2839 Bryan FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOANS ggiYOU19IHOD6Y 25535- QQ? X f XX QQ, ahead! XX! CITY PRO HARDWARE C0mP1imeH'1S 31 years of business of KENNEDY TOOL BOXES LOUDEN'S Montpelier Montpelier Compliments of COFFEE BAR 8. TASTY CREME PRIEST 8. 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CONNOLLY Connolly Insurance Agency Compliments of ZULCH Camera and I-Ii Fi Your RCA and Magnavox Dealer 208 Empire Main 485-3566 Montpelier Montpelier Compliments L REAL ESTATE AND AUCTIONS of Broker: RUSSELL GGRRELL Associates Wll-SON-GEESEY Bill scott 333-3333 Chas. Lutz 636-7660 T. J. Mitchell 636-6651 .Terry Sowards 636-7050 Funeral Home Inc. 116 North Main Montpelier Bryan N.C.H.S. AQUILA BOCSTERS Chet' s Auto Electric Davey Lee F. M. Richardson, O. D, Miss Shaker's Shop Robert D. Hilbert, O. D. Allen Bake ry C. J. Engels Co. Grice's Jewelry Ideal Electric Kimmel Drugs Montpelier Food Pure Oil Beauty Spot East End Garage Mike's Plumbing Myer's Elevator Sander's Sohio Locker gl Heating Laser's Food Store Waldron Implement IHC Robert E. Davenport B ryan, Bryan, Bryan, B ryan, Bryan, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Montpelier, Montpelier Montpelier, Montpelier Montpelier Montpelier Montpelier Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Pionee r, Ohio Pioneer, Ohio Pionee r, Ohio Pioneer, Ohio Pionee r, Ohio Waldron, Michigan Waldron, Michigan Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin enivr Direcfvry JOHN BALSER Uohny Football 15 Basketball lg Track 1,2,3,45 Cross Coun- try 45 Class Vice President 2,35 Class Play 3,45 Li- brary Club 35 Varsity Club 25 Echo Staff 25 Annual Staff 25 Treasurer of Industrial Arts Club 35 Chorus 1 DEBORAH BIBLE fDebj Student Council 15 FHA 1,25 FHA Queen 15 Class Secretary 25 Pep Club 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Chorus 1 , 4 KAREN BIBLE fBubblesy FHA 2,3,45 Vice Pres. of FHA 45 Library Club 45 Chorus 1 ROGER BRANDEBERRY qR0g5 Scholarship Team l, 25 Chorus 1, 2,45 Library Club 2, 3,45 Newspaper Staff 2,3 PATRICIA BURKHART fPattyj GAA l,2,35 Chorus l,2,35 Library Club 2,3,45 FTA 2,3,45 Vice Pres. FTA 45 Science Club 25 Pep Club 3,45 Junior Class Play5 Paper Staff DENNIS BURKHOLDER fDenr1yj Basketball Mgr. 15 Chorus 15 Scholarship Team l,2, 35 Library Club 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Wrestling Score Keeper 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Student Coun- cil 45 Honor Society 4 BILL BUSHONG Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Christmas Dance Escort 45 Scholarship Team 15 Cross Country 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Class Play 3,4 GAIL cAsE Chorus 15 FHA 45 Pep Club 45 Youth Power 45 Scholarship Team 4 FLORIAN CHIRRA fFloj Chorus 1,45 FFA l,2,35 FFA Sentinel 2, Treasurer 35 Science Club 2 MARLENE CULP qrviarp FHA 1 JUNIOR DENN1soN qnercy Baseball 2,3,45 Baseball Captain 3,45 Wrestjng 4 CHRISTINA EVANS fChriSj Chorus 1,35 FTA l,2,35 Library Club l,2,35 GAA 1, 2,3,45 G.A.A. Treasurer 45 Pep Club 2,35 Christmas Attendant 45 Sr. Play5 Scholarship Team 4 JIM FACKLER Class Reporter lg Track 2 CHERYL FISER qrfisep Class Sec. lg Christmas Attendant 1,45 Class Treas. 25 Annual Staff 2,45 Chorus 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 Stu- dent Council 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Girls State 35 Scholarship Team 35 Sec. -Treas. of Student Council 4: GAA 4 PEGGY FRAME qilegy FHA 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,25 GAA l,2,35 Pres. of GAA 35 Pep Club 35 Library Club 4 MYRA GILCHER flvlirnaj FTA 1,2,3,45 Pres. of FTA 45 Pep Club 2,35 GAA 3, 45 Library Club lg Band l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Chorus 3,45 Youth Power 3,4 STEVEN GRAY fStevej RAYMOND GREEK DENNIS HARRINGTON fDennyj Basketball 15 Track Mgr. 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Basket- ball Mgr. 2,35 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Wrestling Mgr. 3 NANCY HELLER fDuCkj Cheerleader 15 Science Club 25 Class President l,2, 45 Chorus Musical 2,45 Class Play 35 Class V, P. 35 Debate Club 45 FTA l,2,3,45 GAA 2,3,45 Band l,2, 3,45 Chorus 1 , 2,3,45 Scholarship Team 3,45 Annual Staff 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4 JOYCE HENRY Uinceyj Cheerleader 1 ,2,3,45 Homecoming Attendant lg FFA Queen 15 Class Treasurer 15 Chorus Musical 2,4 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 25 Varsity Club 3,45 Class Play 35 Girls State 35 Class Sec. 35 Pep Club 3 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Pres. of Student Council 45 Sec. -Treas. of Chorus 4 DAVID HUFFMAN fLasery Library Club 15 Scholarship Team 1,35 Chorus 25 Class Play 35 Student Council 4 NED HUGG fHuggerj FFA 1,2,35 Basketball lg Treas. of FFA 3 KAREN JOICE fEsmeralda Matildaj Chorus 15 Newspaper Staff 2,35 Editor of Newspaper 45 Pep Club 25 FTA 25 Scholarship Team 35 Class Play 4 MARCHETA KAUFFMAN flietaj FHA 1,25 Chorus 1,2,35 Library Club 1, 25 Annual Staff fAssistant Editory 2,35 Editor in Chief of Annua Staff 45 Chorus Musical 25 Clas Play 35 Pep Club 2, 3,45 GAA 45 Scholarship Team 4 VICKY KEOUGH qvickyy FTA 15 Band 1,45 Science Club 2,35 Annual Staff 3 45 Speech Club 45 Pep Club 45 GAA 1,2,35 Vice Pres. GAA 4 BEVERLY KUNKEL fBevj FHA 1,2,35 Reporter FHA 4 MARSHALL LANDIS fRayQ Student Council 1 , 25 Scholarship Team 1 , 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,35 Pres. Varsity Club 45 Class Presi- dent 35 Class Vice President 45 Basketball 1, 2,3,45 l Track 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Class Play 3,4 Chorus Musical 2, 4 GARY MURRAY qrvituphy Christmas Dance Escort 3, 4 LARRY OTT CHERYLE OXENDER fLouisQ Chorus 1,2,3,45 GAA 15 GAA Treasurer 35 Class Treasurer 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Pep Club 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Class Play 3,4 SHARON OXENDER fshi-II, Chorus 1,2,3,45 GAA 15 Pep Club 35 Band 2,3,4 WARREN PEARSON FFA 25 Asst. Sec. lg Pres. 3,45 Science Club 1,25 Basketball 15 Wrestling 4 SHELBY PIERCE Scholarship Team 1,2,3,45 FTA l,2,35 National Honor Society 2,3, Pres. 45 Library Club 3, Vice Pres. 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Class Play 3,4 LOIS RIDENOUR FHA 1,25 Chorus 1 BETH SIEGAL GAA 15 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Youth Power 4 FHA 1,2, Sec. 3, Pres. 45 Christmas Attendant 45 Chorus Musical 2,4 JAMES WALKUP Uackj Basketball 1, 25 Baseball lg Christmas Dance King 4 JOHN WHITIS FFA 3,45 FHA Dance Escort 3 SHARON WI-IITIS Chorus 1,2,3,45 Band lg Pep Club 2,35 Science Club 1,25 Newspaper Staff 35 GAA 4 Am! the Kea! Goes 011 Aufvgruphs Auiagraphs . 1,1 W . ff? , ,,'

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