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A year filled with many Firsts: commencement and baccalaureate held outdoors, an all-night junior and senior prom, honor guard for the seniors at graduation, district and sectional championships forthe baseball team, and the county science fair held at our school. lt is the hope of the Annual staff that this book contains a record of all the events, activities, and fellow students, so that the memories of the 1962-63 school year shall remain at your Finger tips tor future reference and enjoyment. Table of Contents FACULTY PAGE 16 SENIORS 22 UNDERCIIASSMEN 36 ORGANIZATIONS 66 79 SPORTS 79 ADVERTISING 89 v' ...nvw , A 0, M X is hw. . -iffy-. K " ' - , . ' 51:3 ' S 1 L 'ff K 53142 Q., Q . , , . '5 l 1 A X, A :'eg.f.-lx fl f, ' ,far - , -' A U Q, - 'Q 'f . WE? L Q f,.f ' f ff M ,P 4-Q" Aids To Education X l it 1 ,l S The tool of research and exploration through scientific methods. As the centuries pass, the question is often asked, "Has man progressed?" To answer this question we must first investigate our surroundings. While doing this, one cannot -help to see such advancements as a television set, radio, automobile, superhigh- ways, and electrical utensils numbering into the thousands. All of these items have one common purpose, to make for man a better, easier, and more luxurious life. This has been proven in the classroom too. Not Until recently has the student been able to acquire his knowledge from sources other than the textbook. He can profit from educational movies, educational television, and countless other methods which are being used to speed up the learning process. Education must progress with the times. A student must learn his "readin', ritin' and rithmetic"' but also prepare himself for a fast moving world. No longer can a student graduate from high school and think that his education has been completed. He must continue to become better prepared for his iob. "Tools" aid in this progress. Through their use, a student can grasp knowledge faster and be able to remember it longer. He learns by doing and today he has even a better chance to do so by the improvements in his tools. The math student can whip out the answer to his problem in a matter of seconds on a slide rule. The commercial student can do the same thing with his problems on a calculator. The English student can improve his reading skill by mechanical readers, improved dictionaries, and encyclopedias. The three "Tools" mentioned above are but only a few of the numerous facilities that are available today. Has man progressed? YES, but he will progress even further through education, more and better education. The E of practical living. El, . - sg' , .fag 1, x 1 JC ,he-1 KN The tool of understanding our heritage, past and present, through reading. 5 Xt, x 'ess W N Key to Knowledge Found Through se of English English is a form of a'tt which uses words, language, and expression as a means of communication instead of brushes, paints, and canvas. Thus any person who speaks, reads, or writes is an artist. lt is increasingly necessary that a person have a firm English background because even in daily contacts he finds un- ending need to express himself accurately. He also must be able to interpret accurately what other people have written. English also is a stepping stone to all other subjects, because almost all knowledge is locked in writing and the key to the lock of know- ledge is English. J exit, ' 51.1 X skfilhii QL Shown above is Mary Ricks who was the local winner of the Prince of Peace prepared speech contest which was held at the Mennonite Church. Mary participated in the county contest that was held in Montpelier. PRINCE OF PEACE CONTESTANTS Bob Hoffman, Susan Wilgus CEssay Contestip David Gallutia fRunner-up Speaking Contestji Carmen Cummins: Gary Hambleton. Science and Math Program Vastl Improved Mr. Vol Connolly, high school supervisor ond Mr, Mr. Dietsch and some of his sixth grade science students busily working on their science Vcnnorsdoll, county superintendent admiring the winning project which wos Yogi Bear being weighed on the different planets. proiect ot the county science foir. . ,s SX li Y .um-2 i 5 ' -.1u,x,-' :I g D N: Clwrlie White cmd Doyle Rodenbeck discovering thot o bunsen burner can be used to roost marshmallows, Boys, is this the correct woy to use on honor study period? 7 Good Government Demands An Informed Citizenr NL The flag of the State of Ohio being presented to the North Central School Five is an Ap Four is a Bi Three is a Cp Two is a Dj Below this is a by the Pioneer American Legion Post. Holding the flag is Mr. Del failure. Mrs. Evers teaching a session in American History. Students Eidenier and Mr. Robert Shepard. Making the presentation is Mr. Chuck shown in the picture are: Darlene Gerber, Ray Rupp, and .lim Nlessner. Miller, commander of the local post, and accepting the flag is Mr. Brownson local executive head. A VOCATIONAL FUTURE THROUGH BUSINESS EDUCATION TRAINING ,,. Activity in office practice class. Sue Cogswell, Jeanne Chamberlain, Wilma Brown, Janet Cook transcribing shorthand as an assignment Gnd Llf1Cl0 Snow W0l'kll'T9 OH their PGYFOII PFGCIICS 5975- for Mrs. Shaffners shorthand ll class. Tomorrow'-5 Homemakers .. -' gn-0' WATCH THAT NEXT STEP Ronnie Wray: Judy Wasnich PUNCH ON THE ROCKS Thelma Hulbert, Ann Gray, Lorene Patterson Tomorrow's Farmers I JOLLY OLD SAINT NICK f . Larry Wine as Santa Claus NOT TOO HEAVY ON THE SPICES Susan Hoffman fback to cameralp Sherrill Yoderp Mrs. Bowen, F.F.A. OFFICERS Ken Traxler, Secretary: Bob Van Dyke, Sentinelg Ron Slogle, Presi- dentg Dean Hutchison, Student Advisor. 9 One, Two, Three, Ready, Play! i963 was an eventful year for N .C . 's band and chorus. Two band concerts were held, participation at basketball games, homecoming at Defiance Col- lege, and showing at the Williams County Fair were some of the activities performed this year. N.C. 's chorus also presented two concerts, participated at all-county chorus, and sang at assemblies as part of their busy year. Individual members of the bancl formed combos for their own entertainment as well as presenting numbers to group meetings such as the P.T.A. talent night at Kunkle. Larry Gruber and Roger Hess Bemadme Youna, Sandy Hinlcle, Carolyn Burkholder, Evelyn Mercer. Marsha Eidenier, Julie Fackler, Mr. Barone l list In Doyle Rodenbeck punch-hitting for Mr. Barone in leading the chorus fl' N , 'L 1 - Keith Kemarly, Greg Thorp, Bob Hoffman ,. ,bf vt Here's to you !.! l That's only punch in those cups. Boys shown in the Careful there Ray, you could be cutting your throat. Ray picture are Merrill Frame and Donny White. Rupp and Mr, Browngon, Christmas Dance--Donkey Basketball Game --Senior Class Pla --Three Events That Enlivened the School Year -. v . ks, ,Q -v, if A t is Q , A V .::g bf -: . s -, , i r , .. . L ' AV S S-'L V. ' i . ' ' lla 1' f 1 ,,,, -M ' 4, ' ' ,ry- K If or--9 rw , R L feet?-' f "' K 5 Qs, fl ilkixo 1' or is V ' X 1.62 R I if? X M 5 " ,V QL, . ,g ,,v A ., ! S giF X .' :N ' Q 6 I Sli x . ,E , Lui i what do ou think ou are doin ? Y. 9 I Y Y 9 Scene from senior play. Darlene Dietrich, , Duane Wyrick, Doyle Rodenbeck, Sherman Q A D ' it F P, 'Wai - ,-4' ,ir K, Baker . V The Magnificent Seven--Plus One. The uniforms in the picture at the right were KNEELING: "Lover Boy" Gallutiap "Spots" Rodgers, "Boney" Barone, "Elf" Brownson tailored al' Saxs Fifth Avenue, Pioneer, Ohio, STANDING: "Lil Henry" Hendricks, "Censored" Miller, and "Ahab" Dietsch. and were designed by Dior. 11 ,L This Fabulous Year :anvil Gaia, "HOW LOW CAN YOU GO" LEFT TO RIGHT: Chuck Clay, Del Evers, Larry Gruber, Unidentified, Danny White, GGFY Collie, Duane Wyrick, Lowell Bavin, RonnieWrayp Dennis Whetro doing the "Limbo, " The general trend has been one of gaiety and care-free-ness. The young men of today don their peg leg pants, ponchos, or baggys, and with an extra dab of 'that greasy kid's stuff', head for the nearest fad. That fad is anything from pack- ing into a telephone booth, with I5 of his buddies, to taking a 50 mile iaunt. Of course no teenager in his right mind would start out on this excursion with out an ample supply of food, a transistor, and his girl . This adorable little thing would be clad in chopped-off blue ieans, or surfers, and a school sweat shirt. Her hair style varies from the 'Boufont' to the 'Cleopatra'. After completing the action of the day everyone gathers at the nearest 'ioint', whether it is Spoke 's Diner or Becker's Restaurant for a round of pop and pizza. After this bit of refreshment and relaxation they fill the near- est iuke box with enough coins to carry them completely through several Twists, Limbos, and Flys. When evening is nigh everyone watches their favorite doctor or cowboy show on the television, then, after getting the gang or a date, they head for the nearest drive-in, bowling alley, or record hop. The boys and girls out do themselves in the evenings, by dressing 'just so'. The guys now have narrow ties, and narrow lapels, with peg leg slacks and shiny black shoes, and of course, another dab of that 'greasy kid's stuff'. The girls, by now, have their hair well under control with the help of large rollers and plenty of hair spray. They are waiting patiently for the magic hour in a short skirt, bulky sweater, or culottes and a blouse, with pale lips and finger nails to match. Elephant jokes, loud music, and lots of fun round off a perfect day for everyone. Today's teens are happy teens, we are the 'Boom Babies' of the '4O's, and we are still booming! Carol Oxender modeling bib overalls. PlCTURE AT RIGHT: Diana Pitts and Marsha Rahmer practicing what the president preaches. Shirley Oxander and Stuart Hinkle King and Queen at Christmas Dance The third annual Christmas Dance was held December 21 in the high school gymnasium. This was the first that a king had also been selected by the student body. The gym was decorated by the seniors and it was a beautiful dance. The attendants were: Carol Oliver, sophomoreg Sandra Hinkle, freshmang Susan Wilgus, iunior Sue Ann Rummel- Homecoming Queen The second homecoming in the history ot North Central was held November 30. The student body selected as their queen for this event Sue Ann Rummel. Attendants were as follows: Carol Oxender Qescort Dean Hutchinsonl senior attendantg Joyce Hess fescort Gary Colliel sophomore attendantp Anna Lou Widmer fescort Ray Ruppj iunior attendantp Diana Pitts Qescort Rick Oxenderl freshman attendant. Sue Ann was escorted by senior Danny White. if" wif A First OUTSIDE GRADUATICN SERVICES l , ly , Y Y Z 1 www M K 15.6, fl fi? 2' Vi r ,iv ,sk 1 sr . - Q NSN -. x af' X FJ ', ' H ' , ' 'W' S , .. 3 f -f Q V W AQ ns Img' A 'V 'Y v' f"+ '- A A ply QR. -Q Xu .Q 1 S , i 'S Q :af .gl ak, A N W .F sl t. , J' V- 8 , k X 5 lt X 0 9' 'N x 4 uw 'Wm Sound Administration 2 Sound Education School facilities, Finance, policies, and a strong administrator are provided by the board of education . North Central's board this school year, unde'r the presidency of Mr. Lavern Slagle, has strived to provide a more com- prehensive educational program than has been provided in the past. A black top area was provided at both schools for recreational purposes as well as area for teaching of games for the elementary grades. A track team was started. The Kunkle building was completely painted and new windows were installed in the science and second grade rooms to help provide a more pleasing atmosphere in which to study. Educational leadership was provided by our, executive head Mr. William Brownson. English 9 was begun with the purpose of increasing reading speed and comprehension. An emphasis was made throughout all classes in spelling, out- lining, paragraph study, and chapter understanding. Many other aspects of our educational program was improved. ' Hustle, s dy-,,,,,.f .---""""WMr Mr. Richard Becky Vice-president: Mr. James Hays, Mr. Lavem Slaglep President: Mr. William Brownson, Executive Head: Mr. Richard Repp: Mrs. Beryl Dury. ,f od Y . .X 5 PICTURE AT LEFT: High School Principal, Mr. Hendricks, discussing a problem with Dennis Rutledge. PICTURE ABOVE: Junior High Principal, Mr. Roger Fair, busily arranging tomorrow's work. Able Leadership 1 Able Students Ned' .R Bi. Q PICTURE AT LEFT: Mrs. Betty Brandon--secretary at High School Building. PICTURE ABOVE: Mrs. Eileen Greek--secretary at Junior High Building. r I E 1 MRS. VERA BOWEN: Vocational Home Economics, Advisor, MRS. JUDITH EVERS: American History, World History, PupiI's Progress is Our Most Q S- VRX E f"'l CHARLES GALLUTIA: Bookkeeping, General GEORGE ROZELLE: Senior Social Studies: Civics, LLOYD RODGERS: Biology, Health, Driver Business, Business Law, Office Practice, Industrial Arts, Advisor, Freshman Class, G.A.A. Education, Physical Education, Advisor, Guidance, Advisor, Annual, School Paper, Senior Class Varsity Club. and F.T.A. I 18 x I 3 X K so I X Accme if Uff-gif 5 SA?ETYq5 A t S. 'N--.,-5 MRS. MIRIAM GERARD: Senior English, Junior English, Speech. fStudent in the picture is Roger Hessl RICHARD MILLER: Vocational Agriculture, Advisor, Junior Class, Important Product DHVAI MARVIN DIETSCH: Algebra, General Math, WILLIAM BARONE: Instrumental and Vocal Music at MRS. RUTH SCHAFFNER: Typing, Short- AIQGIJFG III Ge0melVYF SIXII1 Gfflde Science' both schools hand I and ll, Girls' Physical Education, Advisor, Sophomore Class Business English Advisor, Junior Class 19 MR. WILLIAM DERBYSHIRE: Science, Mathematics, MRS. WILMA URFER: County Art Supervisor Ohio History, Physical Education, Junior High Coach A Strong Junior High Background ls Important For Success In High School at ,Qc I I I 3 1 MR. JAMES HARBRIDGE: Social Studies, English, Spelling, MRS. BETTY HELLER: Reading, Science, Spelling, English Reading, Assistant High School Basketboll Coach. Guidance 3 1 VQIQPKS gh 'link' 5 - . if Q-1. K 4 s X, Q! f xx - fi xx 4.7 t, s, Q, - me ., fmt.. fffefjf. Q life 3Z.. 9 , ,f ?if?:5L..."5'- ' 'Q . X G fx X Ag, N es- 1. 3 ix Mrs, Vada Thompson, Mrs. Carmen Esferline, Mrs. Madge Tingler Lewis "Dude" Baerlin ,A-1.1.T- X ,m -f in xi w w F Mrs. Orpha Gorrell, Mrs. Florence Baerlin Harve Fackler P16 ' J li Ernie Eidenier, Marge Orr, Floyd Stine Chuck Armbrusfer, Art Oyer, Lawrence Tressler, Marion Newcomb, Warren Pearson n -. ..,...-,. . .- N!'.."' use .s . .rr rr par, if Wfflrlgl wi" "i'.?"""'W'F'! FA:-Fung li r RON SLAGLE, Secretary, DAN WHITE, Reporter: SUE RUMMEL, President: SHIRLEY OXENDER, Treasurer, CAROL OXENDER, Vice President, Class of l963 Looking back upon the past twelve years, the Class of '63 recalls many pleasant school memories. ln September, T957, the students of Pioneer and Kunkle schools ioined forces to form North Central School. The Class of '63 was then beginning the seventh grade with a total of 58 students. ln l959, the 60 members of the Freshman Class en- tered high school, not knowing what to expect, but willing to do their best. After surviving initiation by the sophomores, we felt a part of N.C.H.S. The big thrill of our Sophomore ,year was choosing our class rings. Our business venture that year was soon- soring an all-school carnival. Our Junior year was accented by receiving our class rings. We also discovered our dramatic ability when we presented the Junior Play, "Tune in on Terror." Our money making proiect that year was selling candy at noon and operating the concession stand at ball games. The biggest project of the year was planning and giving the banquet and prom in honor of the Seniors. 22 Then, before we realized it, we were Seniors. This was the biggest year of all . As Seniors, we sold magazine subscriptions, attended Government Day, and had our Senior pictures taken. The Senior Play, "Rest Assured, "was our final attempt at dramatics. On May lO, we attended the well-planned all-night banquet and prom given in our honor by the Juniors . The highlight of the year came when we left on our trip to Gettysburg, Washington D,C., New York, and Niagara Falls. This was great fun and will be remembered by us for many years. Finally we reached our goal of twelve years. The receiving of our diplomas at Commencement Exercises on Moy 26, l963. Thus our days of trouble and triumph at N.C.H.S, were completed, but not without the realization of our indebtedness to the teachers who have taught us how to meet the problems that will confront us in the future. SHERMAN BAKER Boys' Chorus 15 Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Base- ball 25 Senior Class Play. LOA JEAN BROWN Senior Play5 Library Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Paper Staff 45 Y.F.C. Club 2. WlLMA BROWN IF.H.A. 1,2,3,45 vice-Pfesadenf 3, F.F.A. Queen Attendant 45 Paper Staff 45 Chorus 1. FRED BRYN ER Band 1,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 15 Mixed Chorus 1,35 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Library Club 25 Science Club 25 Vice-President 35 Annual Staff 35 All-County Band 1,2,3. CAROLE BUERK F,T.A. Reporter 15 Secretary 25 Treasurer 3,45 Library Club 25 Vice-President 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Play5 Junior Play5 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Annual Staff 3,4. CAROLYN BURKHOLDER Band 1,2,3,45 Library Club 2,3,45 Y.F.C. Club 2,3,4. f""" A .ff .' '41 rx 5 Els ,'-ev W gf DARLENE DIETRICH F.H.A. 1,27 Library Club 1,37 Mixed Chorus l7 Annual Staff 37 F.T.A. 3,47 Junior Play7 G,A.A. 3,47 Student Council 47 Senior Play7 Annual Staff 3,4. MERRILL FRAME Science Club 'l,'3,4j Basketball 'l,2, 3,47 Baseball l,2,37 Varsity Club 4. 24 JEANNIE CHAMBERLAIN F.H.A. 3,47 F.F.A. Queen Attendant 37 Cheerleader 47 Paper Staff 4. SUE COGSWELL F.H.A. l,2,3,47 Girls' Chorus l7 Mixed Chorus I7 Paper Staff. JANET COOK Girls' Chorus l7 Buckeye Girls' State 37 Na- tional Honor Society 37 Junior Play7 F.T.A. Reporter 4. RALPH DELCAMP F.F.A. l,2,37 Reporter 47 Boys' Chorus l7 Mixed Chorus l. STUART HINKLE Boys' Chorus i5 Mixed Chorus l,45 Basket- ball i,2,3,45 Baseball T5 Senior Play5 Varsity Club 45 Science Club 45 Paper Staff 45 Track Team 4. LYNDAL HUGG Library Club T5 Girls' Chorus i5 Mixed Chorus T5 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Annual Staff 35 Circulation Editor 45 G,A.A. 35 Vice President 45 Senior Play5 Paper Staff 4. ELSIE HULBERT Girls' Chorus i5 Mixed Chorus i5 F.H,A. 2,35 Senior Play5 Paper Staff 4. DEAN HUTC HISON Class Vice-President 1,25 President 35 Band l,25 Basketball 1,25 F.F.A. i,2,35 Student Advisor 4. Was. KEN HAMET Annual Staff i,25 Band l,25 Basketball i,2, 35 Baseball l,2, 3,45 Class Reporter 25 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Varsity Club 35 Treasurer 45 Science Club Vice President 4. JANICE HARTSOCK Mixed Chorus 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 F.H,A. T5 Treasurer 2,35 Parliamentarian 45 Annual Staff 35 Library Club 2,45 Dramatics Play 45 Outstanding Member of F.H,A. 35 8 G-,A.A. Trophies. ' 2 5 LINDA MAPES Girls' Chorus I7 Mixed Chorus I7 F.H.A. 27 F,T,A. 37 Paper Staff 4. BARBARA ORWEILER F.H.A, 1,27 Secretary 3,47 Library Club l,27 Secretary-Treasurer 3, 47 Girls' Chorus I7 Scholarship Team I,2,3,47 Buckeye Girls' State Altemate 37 Student Council 37 National Honor Society 2,37 Secretary 47 Prince of Peace Contest 37 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Saluta torian . CAROL OXEN DER Class Secretary I7 Annual Staff I,3,47 Stu- dent Council I ,27 Sec.-Treas. 37 Vice-Presi- dent 47 F.H.A. l,27 President 3,47 Library Club I7 Band I7 Scholarship Team l,2,3,47 Outstanding Scholar Award l,2,3,47 National Honor Society 2,37 President 47 Prince of Peace Contest 37 Class Vice-President 37 G.A,A. 47 Senior Play7 Homecoming Queen Attendant 47 Valedictorian Class Vice- President 4. SHIRLEY OXENDER Class Treasurer I7 F.F.A. Queen I7 F.H.A, 1,27 Historian 47 Girls' Chorus I7 Mixed Chorus I7 Christmas Dance Attendant 27 F.H.A. Reporter 37 F.F.A. Queen Attendant 37 Homecoming Queen Attendant 37 G.A,A. 47 Paper Staft7 Class Treasurer 47 Christmas Dance Queen 4. SUE KELLER Library Club I7 Girls' Chorus I7 Mixed Chorus I7 F.T.A. 27 G.A.A. 3,47 F.H.A. 47 Paper Staff 4. BILL KNEPPER F,F.A. 2,37 Treasurer 47 Chorus I,2. C if: 2 E . z in RON SLAGLE F.F.A. 1,25 Vice-President 35 President 45 Band 1,2,3, 45 Baseball 25 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Scholarship Team 45 Class Secretary 4. LINDA SNOW F.H,A. 1,25 Historian 35 Reporter 45 Girls' Chorus 15 F.F.A. Queen Attendant 35 Junior Play5 Paper Staff. MARY RICKS Mixed Chorus 1,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Prince of Peace Contest 35 School Winner 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Paper Staff 4. BOB ROBISON F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus I,2,45 All- County Chorus 1. DOYLE RODENBECK Student Council 2,35 President 45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 35 Prince of Peace Contest 35 F.T.A. Vice- President 35 President 45 Junior Play5 Scholar- ship, Team 2,35 Senior Play5 Y.F.C. Club, Vice-President 1,25 President 3,4. SUE ANN RUMMEL Paper Staff 15 Maiorette 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 15 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Junior Play5 Class Reporter 35 G.A.A., Reporter 45 Senior Play5 Paper Staff 1,45 Homecoming Queen 45 Class President 45 Homecoming Queen At- tendant 3. BOB SUNTKEN F.F.A. l,2,3,47 Band T7 Mixed Chorus T7 Basketball Manager 3. NORMAN THORP Basketball l,27 Baseball l,27 Science Club 3,41 President 27 Junior Play7 Senior Play7 Varsity Club 47 Scholarship Team 2,47 Track Team 4. KEN DA LL TRAXLER F.F.A. l,2,37 Secretary 47 Boys' Chorus I7 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,47 Basketball 2,3,4f Varsity Club 4. BGB VAN DYKE Library Club 47 F,F,A.e Sentinel 47 Chorus 4. 2B JANICE SOHN Library Club 3,47 Mixed Chorus 3,47 Paper Staff 47 Scholarship Team 47 Y.F.C. Club. JIM SPEAKMAN F.F.A. l,2,3,47 Boys' Chorus I7 Basketball 2. 1 DUANE WYRICK Boys' Chorus I7 Mixed Chorus I7 Basketball I,2,3,47 Baseball I,2,3, 47 Class Secretary 27 Junior PIay7 Class Secretary 37 Senior Play7 Varsity Club 7 Paper Staff 4. MARVIN YAGEL Boys' Chorus I7 Mixed Chorus I7 Basketball I,27 Varsity Club 47 Baseball 2. DENNIS WHETRO Paper Staff 27 Junior Play 37 Chorus 2. DANNY WHITE Basketball 2,37 Annual Staff 37 Paper Staff, Assistant Editor 3j Class Treasurer 37 Varsity Club, Reporter 47 Editor Paper Staff 47 Class Reporter 47 Track Team 4 DWIGHT WILSON Class President I,27 Student Council 1,47 F.F.A. I7 Science Club I7 Band I,2,3,47 F.T,A. Reporter 2,3,47 Junior PIay7 Scholar- ship Team 3,47 National Honor Society 47 Y.F.C. Club 3,4. RONNIE WRAY Science Club I7 Band I,27 Student Manager I7 Baseball 27 Library Club 27 Annual Staff 37 Mixed Chorus 47 Track Team 47 Paper Staff 3,4. ,.-uf ilu.- 29 FRONT ROW: Loa Brown, Kenny Hamet, Sue Ann Rummel. SECOND ROW: Stuart Hinkle, Sherm Baker, Norman Thorp. ei-fi! A .Ln FRONT ROW: Carole Buerk, Doyle Rodenbeck, Darlene Dietrich, Duane Wyrick, Lyndal Hugg. SECOND ROW: Ron Slagle, Carol Oxender, Mrs. Evers, Advisor, Elsie Hulbert, Mary Ricks. REST ASSURED, a comedy and romance. The plot evolves around the Morlock family. Phillip Morlock was a successful businessman who had begun to neglect the family. The daughter Mary wants to marry Joe Lanconi but because his papa is poor, Mr. Morlock won'f consent. Luigi Lanconi comes to talk in Joe's defense, but Mr. Morlock is too busy to discuss the matter. The second scene Luigi dies of a heart attack and comes back to haunt Mr. Morlock. The family, thinking he is crazy, feeds him sleeping pills and he dies. Phillip Morlock's eyes are finally opened to realize he has neglected his family and only hopes for another chance. Everyone becomes happy when Mr. Morlock finds out he was only dreaming and okays the wedding and peace reigns at the Morlocks. l 'B X - 1 -Q X X as lx, ani' ,, ,..,,U ' r .. f ...t -.. , W ' the refreshments. Marvin Yagel spins the records for the dance. Darlene Dietrich, Bob Huffman, and Ronnie ray enloy EIISSXR Sue Keller demonstrates one of the hazards involved in making N.C. 's gym beautiful. Sue, Norm Thorp, and Carol Burkholder are shown here decorating for the Christ- mas Dance. The gym was beautiful for December Zlst. , and everyone who came enjoyed themselves as much as possible. It was a wonderful start for the Christmas vacation. Thank-you, Seniors . XL One of the four Christmas trees decorated for the dance Duane Wyrick, Ken Hamet, Mr. Rodgers, and Holly helping 4 The T963 Prom, sponsored by the Junior class, w filled with good food, good music, and good times It was the first all night prom in N .C. history. "Blue Hawaii" was thethemefor this year's prorrt The gym was decorated with palm trees and large mura at each end of the dancing area. The banquet was delayed for almost an hour while our baseball team won the District Championship Trophy. After dinner Elizabeth Landis sang "Moon River" and "Just The Way You Look Tonight." From 9:30 to T2:00 everyone danced to music by Bus Widmer's Band. At 12:30 we went to Montpelier Theater where we saw "Around the World in a Balloon". At 2:00 we went to the Montpelier Recreation . There we danced, played cards, snacked, and bowled. At 5:00 we started eating breakfast. After breakfast we could go home. It was a marvelous Prom. Fine iob, Juniors! Bus Widmer and his band furnish music tor dancing. Y . .7 "BIue Hawaii," theme of the T963 Junior-Senior Prom. We got tired, but what fun, Washington D.C., via Gettysburg, New York City and Niagara Falls. - '?'3..,A. Time to roll it up. Mary Ricks . Ywfyf, iw it-f A Q 5' ond, AWAY WE GO! ! !! Carol---and you claimed you were pushed. Watch out for that left jab Dennis. is that a hair piece Dwight? Dion!!!!!!!!!!!! 33 CAROL OXEN DER Carol Oxender is the top honor student in the graduating class of T963 with a point average of 10.73 out of a possible ll. Carol has been active in many school activities including president of National Honor Society, member of student council, scholarship teams, Prince of Peace Essay Contest fplacing second in the state of Ohioi, FHA, and many others. This summer Carol was accepted at the Ohio State University as one of 40 participants in a summer institute study in the Biological Sciences Program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Carol will attend the University of Toledo on GN Honor Scholarship and will maior in medical research. Other honors won during the year were, tenth in Williams county in the Senior General Scholarship Tests, winner along with Carole Buerk in the Local Quiz Book Contest sponsored by the Ohio Temperance League, winner of the D.A.R. Good Citizen's Award, and top student in the high school. 34 That Eventful Da Baccalaureate and Commencement were held outdoors on the lawn in front of the high school building For the tirtst time in the history of the school. lt was beautiful even though it did get a little chilly. The class of T963 was led by Carol Oxender with Barbara Orewiler as salutatorian , Reverend Jerry Meyer gave the baccalaureate sermon and music was presented by the North Central high school chorus. C S Mr. Brownson, Mr. Gordon Ward CCommencement Speakeri, Mr Hendricks. Linda Mapes, Barbara Orewiler, Mrs. Evers, Carole Buerk. LOCAL PRELIMINARY DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP TEST WINNERS English I--Richard Oxenderg English ll--Ronald Wellsg English Ill-- Joan Spiethg English IV--Barbara Orewilerp World History--Dwight Wilsong Americm History--Janet Kintnerg Senior Social Studies-- Carol Oxendery Algebra I--Roger Slaglep Geometry--Carol Martini Algebra ll--Lowell Baving General Science--Robert Hainesp Biology- -Donald Wells: Physics--Norman Thorpg Bookkeeping--Janice Sohnp French I--Richard McCreap French II--Ronald Slaglep Latin I-- Sharon Clements: Latin Il--David Gallutia. FINAL WINNERS QDIVISION IIIJ Janice Sohn 2nd in Dist. 5th in State fBookkeepingI - Donald Wells 3rd in Dist. 5th in State Iliioloqyl - Barbara Orewiler 3rd in Dist. 7th in State IEng, IW - Carol Oxencler 3rd in Dist. IIth in State CSenior Social Studiesj - Ronald Wells 6th in Dist. English ll - Joan Spieth 9th in Dist. English Ill - Janet Kintner I2th in Dist. American History. Senior members of scholarship team. Ronald Slagle, Dwight Wilson, Barbara Orewiler, Carol Oxender, Norman Thorp, Janice Sohn. Janice Sohn Leads The Scholarship Team SENIOR MAGAZINE SALES WINNERS Ronnie Wray ISecond Placel and winner of radiog Sue Ann Rummel iFirst Placel and winner of a wrist watchg Lyndal Hugg fThird Placei and winner of luggage. R SEATED: Sue Ann Rummel foutstancling girl in the high schooll. STANDINGL Carol Oxender foutstanding senior girllg Dwight Wilson Ioutstanding boy in the high schoollp Doyle Rodenbeck Ioutstanding senior boy, . 35 ll' flu 2f,3'2' s- " 6 .72 -'xc' tl is-'?3' 'ia Rick Repp, Treasurer, Chuck White, Vice-President, Lowell Rademacher, President, Larry Chamberlain, Reporter, Jeff Thompson, Secretary. -9 N ' to . ,M .. xx , ax: if lik .gt L g . if r or i my ' "S is ti spit' f ix -lfiifgl 4 ,, , T L is ,Q ,lll Q M.,-,. " - ,sf . 4. I S, -1 y T3 S-L .:-:Q ' M if r me A ng 'Sf ,ns is X IDL :fy 53-3? Listening Juniors "Stop, look, and listen before you cross the street. " This saying has a special meaning to every Junior class. We Juniors have stopped at a street. The name of this street is Seniors. We are looking both ways before we cross. We are looking behind at memories of passed years, both happy ana sad. We are looking ahead to the future, not only to becoming Seniors, but adult men and women of tomorrow's world. We are listening to the demands of the changing world around us, but we are also being listened to, because we will soon be rraking our marks in the world. H V L fTf5fi,Qlji - f ' iff? Bonnie Baker Lowell Bavin Nancy Carter Larry Chamberlain Tom Clark l mt? wi MW ffm f Steve Critchfield Lois Douglass 7 ".' , S Bonnie Esterline A I Kenny Esterline T W If' Ronald Fenicle ft . ab we sw 13 r '1i!2fff'iQi-11'1'2i- "FJ F - Sharon Franz Darlene Gerber ' qu Larry Gillespie init 47, Larry Gruber MW' Linda Helf A Xi N . X A i Rodney Hendricks Roger Hess Robert Hoffman Becky Jones Janet Kinrner Marshall Kosier Ronald Kunkel Elizabeth Landis Franklin Lanfz Richard McCrea Jim Messner Roger Meyer Jim Moon Kay Munroe Lowell Rademacher f JF xg fx . - . I rw- .e.' sgww' Rick Reppy Ken Esterline 'fx ,Q R - 'if' l 1 4 J J 1 . . ' if wig, -i1fpL,2'fY 1,1 I "'- 1 O Mil in, F L. ,, jg M , 1 Q 1 "' '09 K' 'iw K. L. .....unum....... Larry Gillespie, Marsha Rahmer Rick Repp 37 Marsha Rahmer Rick Repp Ray Rupp Denny Rutledge Sharon Shumaker H y Joan Spieth 3 gA1 fi iyyy aLl-' : ,jf lk, 1 Burch Sfanfz Jeff Thompson Terry Tillman - Sherri VanSlyke 'l'i f iz f L .asses N is M255 ,,x: ,I 5 H if Y 2 X N Wife Y , 4 J if' A F 4 5 T S W is A l i ' K kkkk. 5 L, ' iw Q .1 i f K in rry, Vrr, , Charlie White T . N ' r gy Anna Lou Widmer ii w, T Susie Wilgus I . ' Larry Wine wqqhn eg: one T ici-1? E. V' my we l . ,:iL,iiV , :i.V V T T EI.. 5 ' 4 is ,xt-13313 or T "a ry ,cy-1J,Q""'a Q1 7 m Bonnie Baker. Lois Douglas, Joan Spieth and Janet Kitner ai' A. , r..,,. A, A l A X. PlaY Practice. rrf- - - -'-" I W ' W Sherri Van Slyke helping to decorate for the prom. Fixing what 'Mother Nature' forgot! SHY GUY JVM-Q, V STANDlNG: Joan Spieth, Charlie White, Bob Hoffman, Liz Landis, Jeff Thompson Roger Hess, Larry Wine. SlTTlNG: Lois Douglas, Sharon Franz, Bonnie Baker, Susie Wi lgus . When Fred Hastings spends more money than his parents believe he is earning, when his friend Larry Madison attempts to get his chum out of hot water, and when an eccentric little lady of eighty decides to play football, any attempt at trying to preserve the sanity of other casual observers becomes futile. Fred's mother, Cora, is planning a birthday party for Fred's girl, Nancy, but when two strangers, beautifully feminine, appear, in the persons of Gloria Patterson and Lois Corwin, the plot thickens. Fred is doomed, his iob as model for Glamour Girl Cosmetics is about to be re- vealed. But leave everything to Larry, Larry insists. Gilbert Hastings, Fred's father, is furious when he learns about it, Julie Tucker's chief concern is being able to keep the puppy Larry has bought for her on the installment plan. And that's when Melinka Whipple, that wiry bundle of energy, appears. The birthday party? lt turns out to be something slightly less than an open-house affair, with a Mr. Danbury looking for local television talent, Bill Sterling looking for his girl, and Melinda Whipple looking for enough space in which to make a touchdown in football. Bad Case of Stage Fright! 4-nllPl""" Class of I965 gulf.. sin :Ng CLASS OFFICERS: Carol Oliver, News Reporter, Carmen.Cummins, President, Gary Collie, Vice President, David Gallutia, Secretary, Carol Martin, Treasurer. K tg X K x R in ' '.- s 5- B .imma We, the class of 1965, are now on the second step of our four-year struggle to reach graduation from high school. Although we have only been in high school two years, we have seen and been a part of many different activities. Besides the tact that our homework picked up this year, our class social life increased. ln the Fall we had a Halloween party which was considered a success. Then, in the spring, we had a car wash in the shop and a bake sale at Becker's Restaurant. Our class president, Carmen Cummins, served as an excellent head and guided us over our heated class discussions with very little trouble. Carmen and Gary Hambleton were our student council representatives. This year our class advisors, Mrs. Nearing and Mr. Dietsch, were a great help to us in everything where acblt supervision was needed . We will all miss Mrs. Nearing next year and Loren Bavin Bonnie Beck Connie Beck Shirley Bistline Steve Clymer Rose Coler Gary Collie Jill Critchfield Carmen Cummins Dennis Downing Stanley Ellerbusch Karen Ely Bill Fackler Claudia Flory Jeff Frame David Gallutia Ann Gray Gary Hambletan Jeanie Hershiser Joy Hess v X 3 I Susan Hoffman Thelma Hulbert - - 4 Keith Kemarly Donna Kollar .lim Kollar -6 Z 'Q' if I x ,gig A X -.53-Rizzo . X 1'b.Q'x-If 39' TQ' jlgirbfglfu .n?Au6.5- '.1..Pb.x ..s ' 1? JL. in I' "" f-3.4.41 ' Don Kollar Dean Kosier Jon Lantz David Lash Gary Lindholm -lglfil sill' V K, it if -I E Carol Martin Evelyn Mercer .lean Ann Miller Sue Morningstar Linda Nisley hope that her life of retirement will be rewarding after twenty-five years of faithful teaching. We hope Mr. Dietsch, who has completed his first year of teaching, has enjoyed working at North Central and will return to instruct us in Algebra ll. Our class will look back on the Sophomore year with mixed emotions. Some, of course, will say that it was just a jump closer to graduation. Many will remember it as a time when the midnight oil burned more than once. Still others will simply remember it as another rewarding experience that will help us be better citizens. mis Ki .Af .XA 'b Y' Si' 5' v 3,1 ., , K What a gasserl ! l ll Susan Hoffman and Cheryl Pitts 41 Wwwmswwm s m Q ge wsmexssm sg 2 WWQHSX we Six s Ah ,ss Est 5: f .-,1 f--f ,K A sie? f ,. ---" . i ' lf ' 4. w e QSQSX M N it 1 -- 1 Q' H Carol Oliver Patty Orewiler Terry Oyer Cheryl Pitts Charles Rumrnel Carol Rupp Grant Sheoard Arlon Schroeder Dennis Stark Sandra Stevens Edwin Sutton Greg Thorp Richard Wolkup Ronald Wells Donald Wells Harold Votaw Mary Wright Dennis Wyman Sheryl Yoder Bernadine Young Jeff Frame and John Lantz are trying to enjoy two apples at the Sophomore Closs Party 42 Qs xr TQ? ',. , O x v F5 If Y WI- 4411 Karen.EIy, Jill Critchfield, and Joy Hess decorate for their class party. iii-Ql"""f-1+ if 9 V N R 5 X s .JI . AnQ W- SEATED: Rick Oxender, Reporter, Susan Ely, Treasurer, Bob Haines, President. STAN DING: Burton Fisher, Vice-president, Ronald Baker, Secretary. W E if fx Xxx TE W i X 54 N , , . . . ' LLmLL 'fn K -Q ,. , . ,CN - X Q E r ax is 5555 , X S 'S X X 'Q . X fx N- SX X X we X ef x X S ix X Xi 'T K N 2 , ,wo X TOP ROW: Ronald Baker, Kathy Beck, Jan Benner. BOTTOM ROW: Darlow Brandon, Sharon Briner, Ronald Cain. .3 'S we - Q f friilllafr A if 4 5 if ff 151 ' lqnzsiq, g 12:92, . ' vs xwilx 1Nf,.,..1 XZ. -3' + ifi. , .fx A, ,1- Class of I966 Sharon Clements Shirley Cook Connie Elser Susan Ely Michael Esferline John Fackler Burton Fiser Duane Frisbie Don Funk Richard Greek Patty Gruber David Gunn Darrell Guy Bob Haines Roger Heller SS 3 Q b . .,,.1L..,, . .. rv- N wi ? . S ' - .... I if A sg f E rl V 5 wi- xi 2, N25 T .SES we 5-H imiffr 51 Qs. fi iii? Sandra Hinkle Lois Hollstein Val Hugg David .Jones Patty Kollar Elaine Konoff Joan Long James Martin David Moore Rick Oxender Ruth Perham Diana Pitts Dale Runyan Thomas Rupp 'C' Rick Oxender and Dee Ann Lanius at Christmas Dance. 44 Caught eating the goodies are Judy Wasnich, Kathy Beck, and Karen Whetro -s. l Qomxmswsm Mlm I ,fp-3,..,.-Q ,A Where has the year gone? lt seems like only yesterday that we freshmen were sort of scared of the future prospect of high school. Now we know different. The upperclassmen have managed to make this year an unforgettable one. The year started out in some confusion, but it soon settled into routine. The class had two activities that they could participate in during the year. One was a class party on Jan . llth. The other was a money- making skating party. Class participation on this project was so good we were able to make a nice profit. We, as a class, sponsored a record hop after one of the ball games, which made us feel real good. All in all our Freshman year was happy, successful year. . lax Nm- Sharon Speakman Lawrence Spieth Lavon Summer Philip Surbey Robert Walkup Georgia Warner Judy Wasnich Karen Whetro Bonnie Wyman Gary Zimmer Ron Shelling Roger Slagle its 1 . Class of l96 iGIi?iQ5:5?i:3 YQ 5,.,,,s,.r,,,s,.., ,. ., z12stgf22zsf:ss5iiifs s f' ' ' 'ff:.Eil5'7 525 5 - ' QQ T : ' ff? F s-. ,RQ if s i - grass.: my - ss rf- .f Smsssfeis ' . ,k:. .,R,,. rr N635 M fi be is K K 'Q' S-if r xx X ,f X J' CLASS OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Ted Downing, Vice President: Ronald McCrea, President. BACK ROW: John Widmer, Secretary, Pam Borton, K News Reoorferp Terry Douglass, Treasurer. ' J' :a i-J xg ix W x: K l R TOP ROW: Wayne Babb, Dora Barrera, Carol Becker BOTTOM ROW: Pamela Borlon, Linda Burkhart, Gerald Coler. Are We Read For High School???? X xxx 2 5 x 1 fa S Y 2 X as N Q X r X Q vs .fc , 11 5, s S as x C2 Lie:-:wil if 5 N Sveugss we Kenneth Coy Michael Dick Terry Douglass Ted Downing Robert Draggoo James Duncan KK 2:12 -- M ,,:. rr sk A:fs92f:s:Ls1vfs-r.-w : E ' . Delores Flory r Sharon Hamblefon ' - K .- fin Q -. Mary Beth Heller :,s,.h'-' ggi, QL W is Linda Henry NK li' WY' S KK me Dennis Hollsfein , K!,,,.f Kaleen Hugg 1 A 5 . Mai. C ' Q rr F l a H 43. ,alla C Q C rib -f:. s-:. .-.,- s K sam: r:,-, Q , - ..-- ,i:- - . r r . -- K ' rsigezgffgsszssgsksgigfiK A A A iiii' ' I ,A il K. A Dee Ann Lanius D 5 f f i - Rufh Lashaway K ' K .. su rf. ,vi qi .. Marsha King j "' ,s - . gg. vA'5y Dale Kunkel K . 4, , . , eq. . ., rg , Huw, 5 I . uma ij,K. T- .K -0 , wg QM! Robert Muffin T K' .:KK 5 , waxy Terry Mercer - is KK-- K ..K.K Kip. , - K: s w .. KK . "il - :Q W 1 fi . w ,s - 4 X, r mfr 1- .. K 46 Ronnie McClellen Bonnie Miller Ronald McCrea Janet Miller Paul Moore Cary Oxender Janet Oxender Karen Oxender Larry Oyer Dennis Ruetz Tancira Rupp Nancy Schlosser Richard Schmucker Carma Stark Dorothy Thorp Pamela Thorp Suzanne Tinney Thomas Traxier T "Wo N is ix R F' 'I X X R, , Q QQ 1 P X Q X 2 Q- Slbk R 'rf' X X X 'N '. ai "fbi ik, x vw Q 'ua-QW - as f i Img., 7 ' Qu . L ' wig:-w,"f or , rL..x 9 'R . , 'ji :W q x 'nrr-rv X Y N 1 at no T 1 ,, ' 6 gg E , Q or Q , A Y " " M Y T X j I T V Vx gf rr--' V. A r , N' .. 1 ,b v M, Nz , , 5 . ' W2 v -x S5 QV X 'iii ,V U.: 4 'A A R L. K. L. XL L, Q : Qi .r,,h,' . xg! V , V ' E: , r ' ' fl T We qs J T. ii T ,f " -' . , 2 I R R R f Qin Q.-SR. D .WTTHMW if in if T T Q are J. we 45 ,gf I' M- , "' .wr A ,x 1- when K f Q... 'Q-""' R W W7 r- Q X' X 1 I, f , David Vofaw fr A Mary Jane Wasnich f 3' V 6- David Wells '55 5k"'X is 5' V fr ' 5 -2' 52 'QNZX r- 'fy ' John Widmer , - J , 'S ,rf , K. f i .L W lf " , ,,1: . I x , rs, D KT. , ira- A if K Lexx 1 47 CLASS OFFICERS: STANDING: Randy White, President. SEATED: Bottom To Top, Michael Gallutia, Secretary, Shirley Martin, Reporter, Sharon Martin, Treasurer, Marian Ze President. daker, Vice- -' wi , N V lx 'EU' lil Fx H , is xi J Class of I968 Y N ft '7kk,t iff iidgbpxk , T it t,,,. X st i- "" 1 .ff we fs ,Sig Q 5 YSSN. qs, . T .. C, K lift? tim ' ,,- -.-Mg , ' we f S S Q, .. -1 Wig : 'Wm if I .ss . 5 Q ,R , an K5 r J is K Y an -sr-ff. TOP ROW: Steve Baker, Steve Bales, Susan Beck, Von Brandon. BOTTOM ROW Sandra Cain, Charles Carter, Connie Cogswell, Kim Clark. r ,Sr Q --1 X - fr-Lk ., f iteee if-so ir... XKFWQ' ll if HWY Y . . 5 s . . . ,r.A . v7,. L, .... V 4 V X xy S 'r-- K K S S , s S... or H 'Q .- a f reeee as M 'N , S , -TSA ' iarrr of S fgsp T f if 'ili P' J A-'Ns A S .X , S S W eeree K. ' :X 3 W,...,s ...Mft E i ' 2 5 .wr -Us K Nm Ss '73, S if S 'fran W 7 s: "W-' no Hes- 9' wisp if I M Q elk , ff' , -of .f e x X f x m it L, YRXXEF Q S S 1 lf 'vt S? vjtj :,, in lily, so li ie . if Harold Coler Ronnie Collie Jeanne Cook Graig Critchfield Gloria Dick Janet Durham Becky Dury Gary Edinger Larry Ely Marvin Esterline Norman Fiser Daryl Franz Christy Frisbie Michael Gallutia Keith Hess John Haines Mark Hanover Ladena Helf John Heller Lon Hersha Douglas Gunn Stella Hinlcle Jeff Hollstein Noel Hugg Steve Joice Richard Jones Alan King Mary Knepper Carol Konoff James Manley Diana Mansfield Gregg Martin Sharon Martin Shirley Martin Lois Moor Cheryle Newcomb Nancy Northrup Cheryl Oyer Kay Pitts Richard Rademacher Robert Repp Roger Robison Barry Rubel Aldythe Runyan Chester Rutledge Walter Speakman Peggy Shankster Timothy Tillman S gg:-?s. if fill? env' , K .-.. X fi- x S ,F 'Dwi U - .X- X .ws fs-W,-g V I Y Siiawiif 5 4 lgsewt fllillii X ,, in i, yi x.,-X x fl elfcg-gg. if -H , 5.,.'jy f -f aw- ., r.g. M., W ,u1M., ,M Q K 3 , ' ' " - s.,,g X 'i ""f' 4. xr 1 .1 5 . XV" M X Q in - ' ' l Klan, x S "' ' ual "W s V I , r ,A r lllllllllfn X 5 X U H' Q l . 1 "' it RT- -' "' 'Q ., gal as 'if , -Qs G Q- ,- f ' r- gs 3 - 1 for x Q iii 'VJ' 2 Q-N 'Y e . r Q, -if T , x K' -. X sf- ,1 b was EXW i f l l Q 6 1 . Jacquie Wray Deborah Yeager Marion Zedaker Frank Zimmer iii. Marsha Eidenier and Jeffery Manley demon- strating their class science proiect. Cheryl Fiser Steven Gray Dennis Harrington Marshail Landis Paul Lashaway Shari Moses Marsha Eidenier Barbara Ely Christina Evans James Faclcler Julie Fackler x Carole Benner Timothy Benner Frank Brown Patricia Burkhart Bill Bushong Florian Chirra Shirley Coler Sharon Coon f . it 4 KR ,ox eye S 195' ' ,f '. 'H in . 2' X M :. J 9 N., X 'R "" .. . Qs.-A Y f wr' y. . sr ' , ffs a a ll fs 1 ,N ii 4: -v ff l 5, X . gi , V we .1 'rw' W '93 Nun' t N S, yay? :.,,, f' S" S' , Q ' f ' " W A-2,3 f 1 V 1 'ff s-7 V ii x , . 9--'? c N 4' 'V- i 1 if-'Nj N XM X wg KX x S 5 .,i .Y .J ml film 'W' . ifff, 5 we--S 'fi 1 K J J' an "Z :AV d s ' .J li':'f4.1s J . ' " S-.A-. nm X '91, 1 ' .sfr J . 11 ' Wi ' ur Q asv . e fi hiv-S-2 X Hu- J :- miss.. .- 'w', Q ,Y Sixth Grade Strive To Succeed Jeffrey Manley Cheryle Oxender Shelby Pierce Randall Riggleman S John whim llgg James Walkup 7 vt 50 st: 5? X7 5 1 ' W? if ,, , kai ,if ' S - J as-W, 4 3 E X ic hifi 'Y I :MEL -53252 5 if 0 wx MRS. FRANCIS CROW A I as.. ,, W ig. 'sf ' Q,.:.f fr, . , xv s 'F it n Hila- 6th Grade Teacher Pioneer Building . . .4 tiki? MRS. EMILY BROWN 6th Grade Teacher Kunlcle Building ' ZV' wish wiiiiefm ' X ' J fi ,ll S, 1, 'Nil , 'S' iid x M Q Gloria Apt . Karen Bible """"g " . 41' w's,We4i',.if2g Roger Brandeberry N. Tw .V,.- , 33:1-pix ?f"y't3'i - l 'MES 4' "Q" slat-N 1 J - xiii ,L gf'- is its in f if K Dennis Burkholder Floyd Dennison Linda Duncan ln Subjects Such As Social Studies I l ' F -X.. sz X 3 n it Q tl A . .K l nh 1-51322 . I w s. -ss' " '4 , 5 K '3 - . '. if 6 x . . . 3 ' , QN,,.Xq d x v ,, X. :Xi R' f gif A A i . . r . ff' ' : Y . ". E Ad ,2 S vgefvififf ' K ' f 4 it - ' S s. Q i ts X' K e J flak 6 , Y- . W Li K "- Q' K -i K ' 1 Q.. . K n . gii iwf S --' 5 S " .- 'vn- . QQ? A -- ' . rr,- X in-s f ,. S ' 1 ,,, Peggy Frame X- t if , Q li l Myra Gilcher li "" QA --M I Raymond Greek 1, :vv ' wi 'T Jerry Grieser :Q mx , I. Diclc Gruber ' V ' ' fi AA' ' f M 2 Jimmy Gruber Qi. Q 8il!l . 15.85-:.'...S, 1 my ,V Nancy Heller N' S .JU Joyce Henry .L QL. A Ned Hugg ' Karen Joice ' ' ' 9 Beverly Kunkel I V . Rusty Lanius . . Fifi ' Y-M f-:asa 0115? . li.: lv K 'I 7 K all ,ii , in V Ns, , ESA A I s ig-A , H .:. ' iilliir 1'-,9515 Gary Murray Sharon Oxender Jane Ruetz Randy Shankster Eddie Steinke David Tinney Thomas Stevens Thomas Van Dyke Sharon Whitis Roger Yagel QQ' ew 'Y K me Q 'Qs' 5512? A s. , Xxwgyif 'S X -553 'T .v. Bfvx X as ,ki -n S .fee 'T is , f..w'sg f in f '55 . - - A., K .ligfk , Q.. 4, . Y Sa-wie? it 5 - - V, MUS if fig X elf, be we x.ul1z-Jiri -H? M J 1 . 'WU ne x V V B, K K fi I x i y 3 ii? -W' 'AA., s if . - 'YIL f . 5 - A QQM ' T 'i'-:SE11-,--'SSL 5 i ikt - . A 5 '.'z f :L T 5 " 1 T siie El ir C S S. 1 A in AA V V.,, . , T. A . . f za T .2 l ir. Q M i i ' 'H .1 ,T , I, VL 1 gif' ' -1 5' 2 . LL. . TE - X sye ggi f x .. -M., , I 113153 A it-fi' rb i . f a are-H C 1 1- re ' in - ' 7 T 'f fee- .. V K Q.. xy,-si ,, S V' K wif 7"k'k K BK! ..if:,1gf,vx B M ' 41 A Vkf be '39 fi ESV , ' if ii hi fi" WAA' 1 if iii Qi I xx?" Q.. ,E ' V ' 6,3 I fx., s pair. tier Q-4 is ' ' . 'T . 1 '34, 2- .,5. '42-If ' . , i ' A' ' V X'--if B 5. ' Y rl ii w- as 11+ 2, , 52 rwif ' r 'i 5' 9.4 wvifx A X ff. 7 at S T M 'Ts 1 e 0 . um., .nuns w""','.vf4 Airs. H vl4C""' Nu .1 ' f....i-Q5 1 'DB9""' .w'1Z..-ff. Yi tiriissi la ,ff - H' A LL ,f , f' ww HN 'M' ,EE , iii 1'-urfn X Richard Meyers Stephanie Newcomb Rae Orr David Rediger Terry Rummel Karen Bowditch Billy Clements Phillip Clymer Bobby Cogswell Diana Dick Wanda Douglass Denise Eidenier Del Evers Jonell Hass John Harrington Rod Hersha Billy Hock Joe Keck Diane Martin Sue Ann McCellan Doris Meade Connie Manley Ann Mercer The Fifth Grade Find New Facts 5th Grade Teacher Pioneer Building Elaine Smith Laurie Snow Sandra Sumner -your Sue Whitis A ai Billy Williams ,ff Diane Wilson asv-vm if-?.9g .nl lrwfikg Steve Cain and T., 'int' X 4 5 at nw.,-v ,, i 1 o.QFi'3 't if S' I "W if i 2 4' f, .f A 95 X ,L --rw I. N ,,,, -we 1 Ht.: K.. -5 new Q we 8, WA Q5 s. D X Xin- gm' 7 N X X x at x ' -, wk Q X x 'T 0 RCN, W L f-my 'ik .f- f, J-1. .,,, W e iq-.-Y' X fi B 'X .gt A 7 . f if tx TOP ROW: Fred Alpaugh, Randall Apt. Olga Barrera, Denise Beck. BOTTOM ROW: David Bisfline, Jackie Barton, David Burkhart, Steve Cain. About The Lorraine Houk Robert Keller Henry Lirot Lois Lirot David Mapes Jackie Miller Denver Moor Robert Orewiler Denny Oxender John Oyer Terry Oyer Ronnie Rademacher Jeffery Repp Jerry Stark Barbara Sutton Ronnie Tillman Susan Van Dyke Shirley Wilhelm x zu" f.. '44, j' f ,rw ,. . . V bl .ef-ef . ".,F"'Ra ' ', 1 ,.9-.wax ,a :Q -f Founding of America Brad Collie Jerry Dye Dean Frisbie Dennis Guy Janice Heller fy. - . xi sy 3 rcct A . Q 3 We emi cg X f '1 -1. ,qu Jr' a K.--,. K . M .. FH Q EK A 5 if B iff: il ,X .b . Z .,,, nh xi in iiii B 'P S --Q-iii Si -. ,1- f 9 gi ,re mi 'fl -- - 1 . "-"' . ,Eb sinh Qt, .vs ' 'sinus -yn, . 9 ,E 1 ,J , ff ' wx, 'Qi ' . ' I B 'F fx . aiu." 'L I B ' Q RN Fin 'llixiupfis I ,, x WT , :kv gg' f' jf A f 'A LJi,A'Yl Ag I ...- if 'Yffvi ,- .reg K-N ,,-X ,A ,ky 5: , K 1' T .. 6 W -be M 4 , m , in "'wV' T 4 i'i' ' x a:6Q ' ' aggxx !:lST,.'s S bl! as 5 my J' W7 MRS. DOROTHY SINN 5th Grade Teacher Kunkle Building at T Qu na at f we ef- " I av A " 'W ' 'S - 633 , 'gi ,JM .X f f's-QXJ-.4 5, iffy ,T ofa., 1,15 YW? .x X T ,gf r 'H-'iv x x if.: i S -' 4 .il x ,- , My ,. 'W- ' Q 3 ' Bu B ,Q 625 1 gg s ,ey B O l Q all J 6 i I , , - . W b , I. .r if X l ls -" 53 Vickie Baker Jennifer Benner Brenda Bowditch Kevin Burgess Charles Cook John Clements Constance Douglass Susan Draggoo Carol Eslerline Dennis Fackler Alan Fiser Beth Hersho R ir QQ . i - ' -5 QM .. :.k . r A K ,rt lr - " Q Q .QQ " R' 4 r . X 7 'Q X Q - Q --- Q me Q: .Q Q Q . ' . EL, , 'Mi X1 , me 1,3 i ,AS DQ Q: ,Q :"" . Q, . Q Q , Q Qi J an - ,, 4, Q Q A ,e,. so Q L UNL QF' . i fr. M L .......v- , "-'lc was 'r--s, ,-, A ye" l A B 9 A- -A l..: . . .H 'fi J ' li. " . . Jie r ii'- if J S 1 "-i . J Joyce Kintner Vera Landis Roger Lashaway James Lyon .J Mickie Manley Lotte Miller Vickie Moses Mickie Oyer Laura Helf, Susefle Gunn, and Barhga Leslie. If We Survive I X of -5. " rlslieg. RQ-- 7 X Si. 'Will -:Wifi-ff-sfif im.. .ll Afis fneifiiire 114. 'Nerf 35212 B 1 Q LQ N A ff. J " ,Q fi. . if 'wif' J 54 Q knew, s XQ R x , ' m 1 sl I K av 5. - L 1 ,il gg, . in i n '-r.. L yruue lllllliii X J 3 . A l 3s2eQ?:,ff ' School Work This Year, MRS, MARY ALICE CROMMER 4th Grade Teacher Pioneer Building Gary Pierce Cathy Rutledge Victoria Smarl' Janeen Walkup Vickie Wallace Deborah Williams Barbara Snow GIVE? N MRS. GRACE RININGER 4th Grade Teacher Kunkle Building We Will 1 E 1 Lf : M W V L gr 'L .T ,K 'K ,e,. V' x V e A X i f' T 7 X' Q if N, .. 4' N V Q Q T S ef?-X t ' iii ,sa-5 .1 -"' Z: K X -.dr 1, ----rj .K U , A Q 4 T -Q ,ff S R avg TOP ROW: Gary Apt, Diolanda Barrera, Barbara Bible, Deanna Burkholder. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Carter, Kyle Clark, Becky Cock James Dennison . Have It Made ------ That ls Until Next Year Donald Gruber Susette Gunn Tom Hanover Laura Helf Morris Hendricks Margaret Hoffman Michael Hal-Istein Angelia Keller Joe Keller Barbara Leslie Michael Miller Charlie Moor , t X ,,,... ,. .., , . -" I ri' -f X A V.. t..LV I .. N if NWN lx I 2 1 A M -v:,s:e .,1V,:' I v f f wx in rf.f'Iz4"'- ft I N-V' . lx L Al Fil "." ""-T 'ff' dxf Xa X A il is , "Mx is i l Q 'rm-NK. We I V .lr 4. , if 'F eet 1. 4.9-x ., Q I I K fi -I . L, . 1 X , M 'ssg ty' 11 :fa f., .ru g K T k L' q W li: ,i ' ' ,K ' ' t if f 1 X S'5,,gt, B ' ' I ja! ,Q ilii Philip Repp X , A ' 5 - ' Duane Rupp :DQ "s: gi.: L Rickey Scoff 1 Xi . "W Ronnie Steinke -X m y X . A . A lt V x r , R Jr.. ' 5 fc " 63? 5 1 K 3 ' ,x Kenneth Wasnich David Wheeler Rurhann Whifis Sandra Wilhelm 3 Deanna Burkholder, Laura Helf and Margaret Hoffman . fi Pai X3 -cvii X QM 3 Kas MRS. PARENT, Third Grade Pioneer Building agar X 'EF' . -. fs 10 4 ru, " 2 1 is We W . .FA K ' . L Deborah Brown Jeffev Brown rirr z"' Q, Q Linda Brown Ah Q " Donald Buerk ' N tic' . -V -i f f L .g Pearl Clements Tommy Clemenfs Cindy Cogswell -s ,N X X6 ,vm v' . 7 '-..r 5 David Dick A L 5? .b ...rg iz W, - . I . 's f- if - 1 l se- VlClOflQ Evans R b C f A H 1 s rrr reeae " M'ld d H ' r O ef' Con s .. X L A I I re cmng on Mariorie Delcamp -I i s . -X x 2 - X r I- W nv- . 1 P B ,Via W .raa . 5 I if x A si, A lf' 'eq 'f ,ij-T ' ,f,g9'fx , raler . Defi' lr ,,. i s 'ii . yy .,,,,:.y E. W. L . Mule rig.. MQW i 3 sl' ? Wi? , Third Grade Ange s Cindy Hess Diane Keck - f l N' Jeffery Keller M Neil Kemarly ., lg- 1:54 ,i 'stiff .Q :sr Qin J .. W... mea ... , 4 a ww Xi 3 e,.. . if M -. -we ,X ' ,. X 3555??is3??'91gf21zf1 gii ggigviigiievff: f V f wziieihz 11 2-I if X gf-,g,. . F-1 er. , . - s , ima? Bobby Kidsfon Duane Lashoway Sally Manley Susan Manley Cynthia Mercer 'Is W it Q , eg O - lie' J! 'N sk'-B M XXI We ,wig-EQ: xnxx Q M so 1-E iii' We 'r X538 M rs W, 3 v if? 'ETX' sf , 2 sv.. if-' W Q We J' 'H s, Alan Miller Dennis Miller Ricky Moses Denise Oliver Tommy Reifel Gary Riggleman Sue Ann Robison Brett Rubel Greg Sumner Billy Turner Joanne Votaw Jeffery Walkup Davy Barrera Duane Barrett Jerry Barton Thomas Bostater Billy Brandeberry Julia Brown Brenda Brownson x R i Norma Dennison -15 'L Denise Dietrich ' 1 Bunnie Esterline 1 J' I James Figy A B Kim Fisher A ' David Gilcher 'J Dianne Gilcher ,, -E Edwin Greek Judy Greek Leslie Grieser Richard Heller I rekz. ggi - 5' V I 5 X ,axe X x 'Q TAR C s l We it-wtf in wig, A i x N Six-1 flu X it l Q ' 5 , - L .-' ' ' .J ug . r:,k. Ae. K 1 i ' 5 It ' Q ss X, Q ' Q54 3. si in i'ii iii? X 3 er 7' 'K 'A ... 'ffib iz ix-.xx lik i ? 4 g e'-' . 'ni' 0 , I R J'-is 2 V 'Wiz A 4 'M 'Wx -V' ":::'ffI . I Q X ,T Q lyk! fs , f:,,. , A suv- Y 2 " ff V , it N - Z2 1 I-Lv B ,,. 'f I. X. . Q ow Are They? y Marsha Houk .f - W A Gregory King To by ...iff J Arthur Knepper rx ., I Cheryl Konoff 5 qiagf, haha L eh r 1' W J 9 ,' ig :":'? ' 'Nw f J s'.'B'!.'1'2agg'2!2?. vs, we 32: C se::iQe::u1."-5 gf Joe Logan y ' 2 1 Jeffery Miller ' ,- X A fx Dennis Moyer 2 V + '1', i i"" C ii ki. -' S' - ig wif' My f f -' R 1' rf. --. , P Wanda Radamacher "" it z . ,B t iii" ii is . H Qgriw 5 -psf' Dennis Scott , ,r. ,, B N KN X Douglas Smith E :,::y -g , X '.', Q . 3 . ' Q ' iiii I Mi A Ronald Stahl -X . Michael Stark ?"'Y' ff. of i 1 f "i"'l37i 5 N i J wr- Dawn Thompson Carolyn W Tinney Alan Warner N .,b: J' Clarence Wheeler J: -- C cindy Zuvers +.K.A J J Mies. sms, time Grade Kunkle Building 57 , . E: . is ,:., n t e L.I- . Li.. A A . -, S -- , , 3 T- ' 1 . 'Eg -ffixigg . ff f f 1' ..Q"'i ' ' ' i A . ' .. 1: .. QMQ5? C we e- V ce T i N .W iyrr , ,... 1 f - . .. -. f ' g as n . T.. 3 3 Cy . Y V I V Q ' 'l . Q 1 . , Q' 'Q fa. x , Q S X ebra artm , JN 1 Londa Martin ft '- 'avr David Mead fix 1 Vicki Mercer wi 5 W , .e.. ' . . in , U g .K . ' Beverly Meyers Aw - .T . . . - E, f Q :?'f"f" fx 5 Y yer X as N, 'W' .sv 5 ,Y ig x . . . L -W . r K 5 . mg, is lm.. lg Vickie Rogers Q ,tg 4 Alvin Rutledge " - ' ,. , Q' " Lg N ,, .. Q gi NQQR. iv.,-, J. fl., N , ' in .ilu q A ' i iitff' ix?-Fw .1 Second Graders Develop - f . A H . C .. C 41 'S' 'ws- R .4 To v" Q. , . 4 cl... .wear 4 K - 1 , in 3 x xg? .f -."' .4 sv -Qlif, pl! PW wr i X 4-we sg Sgt: Q, Rt .5 f 4 4 Kent Becker Sherry Bexton Teresa Clark David Coon Gayle Draggoo James Eidenier Randy Ellerbusch Mary Lou Fackler Tommy Fackler Marilyn Gamboe Michael Harrington Billy Kidston E 3 gli. -. cmmwifgge 'Wh' . N27 . ' '- A R t 3 E 'i ,f Teresa Clark, Peggy Wallace, and Mrs. Hamet shown with Science proiect Tix ,. ws... 4 - ., S S. I . A - -.Q Nanc Snow if l., .fa r e . S at T . Y , "X We " .. of X .J Brenda Thompson A 3. K, X' A David Thompson . 5 Q ws' K ' at .iw 5 , 1 v 4 3 MgxX'ls.xm 1 Qirfkxgfxxd 5-1 "i 1 if Randy Wyman W .mi f-K .. i t A Glenda Whitney fgj .5 A i f 'H' - Peggy Wallace amy- 4 Q., Q 1 'wg K K md? ,fi .gf 4 Q'f5lfw.,,. . if , W to V. 3 ,v u,,..Qc-x -,- - 1. . Q We G. .xx I .QW MRS. HAMET, Second Grade Pioneer Building in ., ,wk X. ' ,X -s fffiwu f T Wif i X Q I SX, ' , .- ,J --.amy 5 X 2 E -Q s 'O' .. 'V , .S K. Q e T is w.,,,,y X f we .xxx ggi sera.. ,Kr r B, X 3. is ' www fs . 'rf iff-if X ig. 4-we K T . ,xiii is ie ., W, 'S I . s , ik Q X S X N X Q, K X ' 5 u - f -.s .,-e S, H9 Y rx rf, A azz,-Q3eQQQ??? D ""' ii ta l- as gif T 2.f3' i ..L: sl ,2 AAX., ,..k J 3' lx :Q V M N ll me A fx, f E ,E , ,UA , 1, V TOP ROW: Jody Beck, David Bible, Ronnie Bistline, Pamela Boofhman, BOTTOM ROW: Darold Borfon, Arthur Brown, David Cogswell, Tim Covey . Randy Hollstein Rhonda Hugg Susie Kerr Carson Kosier Scott Moyer Walter Murray Mary Rademacher Douglas Ramer Michael Schoonover John Shankster Richard Stark Sandra Tillman Doyle Tinney Kim Pitts James Van Dyke Linda Walkup Kay White Michael Zimmer G d H a l MRS. HAGEMAN, Second Grade Pamela Duncan S, at 'F I X, I Paffy Figy E. ' R' 5, Linda Hari If ., -W James Heller 1 ' I., N f Gary Hendricks X X if P-2,11 ' 2 5 ' 5 'T ilk ., f Wi P - ' . Q ..L: . , ,Lys . S re., lv, I ,Af 9 5 A .essgfizpsl 5 X Q E: ,A I P' 'Y-Q 03 Paw X X . Q x V' is 1. Lfiglewig Wi 'J ' ff . c X T .. T- pf. tr , ' I. .. .,, , ' ' zi Q ' Q , ,. V P gg . 6 ' E A X A Q K M fi f i .,,x.,, S xc 'Tri ' ' If Q as S. A ' . X Q 5 fl. y A . W i., ' S .rc ,M A ll' f l --': ' 2 .. A ,, ' T 'l f f? .3 2 A 1 f. T5 T T , 'T -Q -,1 B D ' 1 -- x x gf - - SQ K 1. A ,K KX 2 V A .- f sw as ye J T J is -:Mi X x I r xi r"',..-"ii T sig 1-- I T if J l 1 ' ' -' 1' 'QL W ?" 2' "1 J Karl Bender Debora Boetz Dallas Bondsteel Kim Brown Kelly Burgess Paul Draggoo Jeffrey Fackler Steven Fiser Mary Hersha Timothy Hock Q , ani' f 4 1 1 ,X x -P "A x 2 BS' f 1 Allen Kintner Pamela Kurtz Alan Manley Jerry Martin Cynthia Meyer Franklin Miller Jerry Oxender Mark Oyer Sherrie Parent Vickie Pierce ?if?+'if-kl.!?4if+l yy' K A If .ii f I ,gy ,-,. 4 V ex e 3 k i Fir ti t i:,2K.M. Y .2 F 1 'K XKEH gp ai -HY L55 'ii' rss 'Y if fri if eff' 5351 x.Jf635y.s.X,+ viz 'ir ,, A 'w.....ff ex it 5 ii F L: 5 Si K , ,- Y ., ,, W Q - 5234. N -- . lu 1 we . 7 .N x xeze. ,A Ha., f ' 32? M ., 9 M 4 i ki ijt , s I - it W, xiii? Wt' lu lx.2is,' Si -it ,J-1 M Q 4 P if X W' gi B gale -Q. k f -.14 in- ,ee ,ti Y W X 3- A 'if'-, E ,Q V. ns 1 .g.,.,gg..TN 1 1 - ' at-is K ' M X b,.h ,.,Q 1 ,E f F e . ii, I .'r.' First Graders Follow The Footsteps of Their Upperclassmen :'- I' '11, 5 , 'F M. Anne Renfel Leroy Robbins Karen Rupp 1 Richard Smith f r - l - Robert Turner P W V , I Dian Wilhelm I , i e y or MRS. HILLARD, First Grade 'ffl ' ET? Pioneer Building . Xu, If ' .4 B fr xi .xii Q .1 . . 4 IW li B..- '-. Q y an , ' 1' 4 K2 K xeflra, x ' K X is JI 'P' . . 4 ' 4 Nl-3 '27 ' ..?Eu-L. im ML rg .li XE' l B Danny Apt Gracie Barrera Ann Bavin Mark Beals Karen Borfon Teresa Bosfafei 'P - f. i ' 1 XS Q if B B -A bl . b N 4 ,V .M A -m ay t, K ,EE T 3 if 1 4 3 K X x X :V ,t x ' ,g 2 ,, EZ' l x f ' 1 I if l E l 5 y , . is SZ ' X .ep - . ,I ,h Q ks. , ' : r . y K,-'D D V P, .J S., A -wwf , y ' " Q Q 'QI ' Sl T KT. 1 ,lt "L :I ' ' H F kr A 1, of, - " ' T W1 f 11 ,V "5 vb 1 P , L, Ni X. -. hx ' X A. vxqrq 1, X3 r t -f .xx fi- T QV ,H Q 4 1 ' PN K i . if LJ? .ni il 'e- MRS. CLOSE, First Grade Kunkle Building Cheryl Brandeberry Van Brown Rufhann Cook Mark Dye Deborah Fair Kevin Fisher Timothy Hanover Dale Hari Homer Hendricks Becky Hollsfein Karen Houk Pam Hoffman Shelly Hurd Sherry Hurd Delmer Kerr Jackie Kerr Laura Logan Michael Lougheed Jerry Miller Joy Moyer Deborah Rademaker Rockland Schlosser Elaine Shankster Brad Smith Robert Stahl Jeffery Sfeffes Randy Stemen Ronnie Thompson Dennis Tinney T ,, ji' L :" Allan A A an 1' Cathy .lo Beals . W'-' 1 L Barbara C ' s Beck Cheryl .V N - Bible 11, rf, Q -use X , iw! it s f ' Q- Q it .r ,fr 'ff , Q , , W' ,,.: C . . ke ' , " XI Q C"f"x ff! " 1 A, .,,,. xx' s-' fx N ff' si- 'W -1 ' ' ' yy Jimmy ' C+? Bible .. 5 , B if P ui Cherie K K , . 9' Lkhv , - in 13- Boofhman Q f. ,, Q. Hillis qv- ,, K it il-' Q 3 " A ' V Boothman t T .Q ' sw: , V 132 Cugllgin MRS. CARIRQLL, Kindergarten ggi, -, e . 'A 323 Y ' , if . Kunlcle Bunldlng Cla ss of i xi f it 1 Danny Brown m.' E 4" F , i. Johnny Brown 1 f vs" R' Q: - . lun an Q F Steven Brown N M' B' , ' ' C M if 4 Tina Clark 1 -.jf - " '--. B- " B 8 '2 9 Jeanne CIaY ' ,Q X 24 Karen Clements X , l N I ll K 1 Q . s L 3 I l l Kevin Cogswell 4 , Michael Cook A -M ,Q ' A "' Y' - Joni Deetz -" 3 A Q' 5' J 5 Mark Dietrich E "" 9 MES' Charles Douglass Y A ." gg XX Robert Downing ' H V gg' N ' - ' -QWFQH . fiffme ' , , , , Fttz ivffg-12? f .1 . - M - 5 'xg jf! A Marie Drohan W., 5 I K f gui? y fl. - Richy Ely ,FL . Z ,Z K , . 1 QQ 5, David Esferline Qi-TQ". anim gi.. ,- Q ,'.:'f . B' I ' " Cathy Esterline ' S " Y , 4 Y Scott Gallutia ell J.. 'J l 'rg-Z'f 'Q ' ' A - ,X y Karen Gruber 3 W QCA QQ eg, 3,5 X' 0 . B 'Q' IV V Jan Kay Henry .A ' - , , ' M A SM s X Barbara Herman VL A VV t i, mpg- 'tx - Jane Houk A A Q -.rj fx ' t, teexvkxyff ' - Kyle Hugg 7' V ' XX fs N- 't 3' Timothy Keck R lv'-ffhll " X lk S , V ll Alf' el l li a ' K ' C-gy in V? ' A V A at . ' an Steven Kerr 'f v Q ' l' lr. 'B ' ' 1 ,fl "5 4' Terry King '- . , fa' k avg "" O 1. "' if jf. Rodney Konoff y X4 Q-y K V ms. 4' A X , 'P' L C ,li A f A Laurie Leidy Xa: v ,A stir 5 Michael Lirot lx ' A35 N- R I ' l I y l f.Qj.f..- C. ,Y A A wx X l f K f e fi, R if: 62 Dennis Martin Jeanne McClellan Jane McDiarmicl Dennis Mercer Terry Mead Q M Danny Moor ' - s PM-W ri .. ,S ex n gg Hu. ie AE 4 Rss. Joan Moore - Katherine Moreland Debra Oyer Gregory Pettit Rodney Pettit Q ,Fx X . M Q K F .. Steven Pettit "" I "9 J 2 wr. N. . x , 2 r XX av 1 Q - Q f Qs. . E, , , x, fs . f t . . , x Denise Prather Jeffery Pitts Jo Ann Ramer Kevin Repp Kim Repp Linda Ricks Alan Robison Becky Rubel Brenda Rubel Mitchell Rutledge Sherrie Schumacker Linda Shankster Jamle Shlnabarger Darrell Short Timothy Smart Dennis Sternke Gregory Stemen Jlmmy Thompson W Sham 0' xx wh J Qqmt QM Q nk -vv'!i'a' SNR A Tx 4: Eirpji Wei' ,fm We W vie PN s vf' A hs .xlgsfw KC'v"2g - -L an .3 R s u , .. . Y K . . e-Qi' 1 I X 52 , , ff . :Ll Q :LLL,:L, , Q' Xie? ET L ,taxis ef i be x vs .f ,U , .gn .. .- ' if, 4 ' Mfr Q Mary Ann Thompson Bruce Trausch Duane Votaw Lu Ann Waterston Walter Wilhelm Michael Warner . L 4 F 'ig 'B P U , ., 'W' V X 5 ..41"' I 3 J .A . , V cse s , irq L ann- - ' ' r t Y" ' P' "' r R 'vp te- .L w f-, 1 1 Qj'ff-Ll' J me , L .4 eg 'ii as- A ' .,.y'wl .. 'Q' , li ' 5' ., -if las A" 53 'Wfw' an . it Wi lm Q -' :UDL-ti 'P W F.: L ,... rf N A 1, 1' . A V 'ii gn S' 1 'I .4' M., :asa ff-frtfpf ."i 4 df l .kewjiffii .iv I 5 lg R il R gg We J .,, I. 'L y cg- , fm- 1 I V .:.. in . x I xx Q 1 Via' ' J L - iilli f L Q' I -. LL V as ,.L bfi if it A - J, . I lf- "V 4' ' -s, Km A ff' .41-ea. . F f kib i in 2L.'.,l L l'.X, 6 w- ' 63 . " 1 ' .c ' S F . X . D ,geese 1 ' .pt 3, f- -xv gff jip Qgajg -xy ,. .. ,f 'X Y ii M 3 gg yi new s th .4 at 1 25 , r 45 Y 't 1- s . za 4 f A J X SFQWE eff' XX lx ' ' P it L X : 1 t i .. ff? - 2 it emma 'afffef i ymzn- . i 3 ' ,' pfg L T .na L Ht- . e r if 3 -, S 2 , , f Y Q 2. 1 2 nf-' K 'I M' gif .. - ' K wr.-' er ' ' , Lf - V Q Az, Q . ' -tr.'-'Jw A v J- ' f - P Y .. I we l R...-' , ,f , ,. V f '3"'?.'-Flea ' 134. "'1i.-- - 3 . ' - f 2,2-ggfx,--J ' .. .r ij 35.5 ,rf L. ggi Li Q yn QQ ti "" I A 2 f'4iE5iEF?'fIl1ggX'7f 'M' ' . .. 'X' ' t-:.s-a- We -.Q 'K " L .,L.4L,L:L g if- Q K NL L ,F - few r L L . y we at L, L ' . .. . L L L ,,,, X-.. LL t L .,. ,. .K L ,, ,, :-.rm Q17iw-eiwge5r.zvE?-ffiiffietsxiisfi-,fi.2 Niwia L' 'X I so XL M is -A' L e- . I ,N ' 'ii R A J il' fm f STUDENT CGUNCIL ELECTIONS I S a . 1, .... 1' ,, hs 2 w. itil? vfmlm 3 Q , ' A '3.C5,225!fQ3ziaLgE1ZQfs:figfififz Maia f L' ati , A 5 . ' i f -1 3 .. 4455 if 4 V 3 s: 117''lf?.,fgA-hijwf,wffb mfg ,Q W 3256 Qgmgiy E: Vw xe S5 'xr N3 ,. sy., , ,,.. M ,gp-,V ,Y NU 1 -, Student Council SITTING: Carol Oxender, Vice President, Doyle Rodenbeck, Presidentp Chuck White, Sec.-Treas. SECOND ROW: Frank Lantz, Jeff Thompson, Darlene Dietrich, Dwight Wilson. THIRD ROW: Advisor, Mr. Hendricks, Bob Haines, Roger Slagle, Gary Hambleton, Carmen Cummins. The number one proiect undertaken by the student council this year was the sponsoring of the Homecoming festivities. Besides the work involved in selecting the queen and her court and arranging the ceremony itself, the council sponsored a record hop after the basketball game. Other activities credited to the council was the selling ' of pompons for the county basketball toumament, promoting a "klondike". day md an all black and white day, again this was for the tourney, the selecting of hall monitors and the If supervision of their activities, and the holding of student council elections for the 1963-64 school year. jg I Carmen Cummins, master of ceremonies at the homecoming Ruth Leslie, last year's homecoming queen, Sue Ann festivities. Rummel, this year's homecoming queen. National Honor Society SEATED: Bernadine Young, Susan Hoffman, Joyce Hess, Sharon Franz. STANDIN G: David Gollutla, Barbara Orewiler, Carole Buerk, Carmen Cummins, Gary Hambleton, Charles White, Sue Morningstar, Dwight Wilson, Carol Oxender, Joan Spieth, Janet Kintner. X E National Honor Society members planning the scholarship banquet. Since its organization in l96l, a total of 26 studen ts have been chosen to become members of the Eagle Chapter. Graduating this year are the last two charter members Carol Oxender and Barbara Orewiler. The students tapped this year was the largest number admitted at one time since its be- ginning, eleven--of which seven were sophomores. Membership in this organization is based on scholar- ship, leadership, service and character. To be con- sidered for membership a student must have a full "B" average, in addition he must rate high in the other three areas. One of the big undertakings of the honor society was the holding of the second North Central Scholar- ship Banquet. This yecudsbanquetwasa-ttended by approximately 225 students, parents, and faculty members. The speaker for this event was Dr. Alton Kurtz of the education department of Defiance Col lege . 67 High Flying Aquila 561'5Xf' rw A 'W -- On on "Annual" mission in Bowling Green are Sharon Franz, Carol Martin, Lyndal Sharon Franz and Susie Wilgus are studying the Hugg, Darlene Dietrich, Bob Hoffman, and Gary Collie. .v 'W ,wi F AQUILA STAFF BACK ROW: Lowell Raclemaker, Roger Meyer, Bonnie Esterline, Kenny Esterline, Chuck White, Jeff Thompson, Frank Lantz. FRONT ROW: Thelma Hulbert, Susan Hoffman, Cheryl Pitts, Janet Kintner, Carol Oliver, Carol Martin, Sue Morningstar, Susan Wilgus, Kay Munroe, Bonnie Baker, and Lois Douglass. 68 Junior Clas. layout ll SENIOR YEARBOOK STAFF MEMBERS Carol Buerk, Lyndul Hugg, Darlene Dietrich, Carol Oxencler. Hi-Lites Staff Run The Presses it SENIOR PAPER STAFF, Stu Hinlcle, Duane Wyrick, Dan White Lyndal Hugg, checking latest edition. The Hi-Lites, a monthly paper, is circulated widely through the school. The main purpose of the paper is to raise the school spirit, interest students in the different departments of our school, and making a record of activities during the school year. The Hi-Lites is proud of its accomplishments and has filled an important niche in the school program. Dan White, the Editor-in-Chief, and Roger Meyer, the Junior Editor, 'have done a creditable iob. Mr. Gallutia, the faculty advisor, has also spent a great deal of time making the Hi-Lites a successful project. PAPER STAFF STANDING: Jeff Thompson, Susie Wilgus, Anna Lou Widmer, Sue Morningstar, Jill Critchfield. SEATED: Roger Meyer, and Carol Jean Oliver. if Janice Sohn is shown running off the latest edition of Hi-Lites. 69 , .94 ' in T53 ,,- 13 , V, Y f f 'hw' 5. , Q'- F.T.A. FRONT ROW: Advisor, Mr. Gallutiap Treasurer, Carole Buerkp Vice President, Jeff Thompson, President, Doyle Rodenbeck, Secretary, David Gallutia, Reporter, Janet Cook, Historian, Roger Meyers. SECOND ROW: Janet Kintner, Joan Speith, Bonnie Beck, Carol Oliver, Sue Morningstar, Sandra Stevens, Shirley Bistline, Lyndal Hugg, Mary Ricks. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Wyman, Sharon Briner, Diana Pitts, Gary Hambleton, Dennis Wyman, Grant Shepard, Larry Gruber, Dwight Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Nisley, Sharon Clements, Larry Wine, Ronnie Schelling, Rick Oxender, Bob Haines, Darlene Dietrich. What IsTeaching Like With the large membership in F.T.A. this year, it looks as if North Central is going to do something about the teacher shortage even though it will take a few years for these students to enter the field. Many of these students were valuable aids to the faculty in grading papers, monitoring tests, taking the class for a few moments, and grading elementary papers in the school testing program. Darlene Dietrich and Lyndall Hugg received trophies for their outstanding achievement during the past three years. The money-making activity for the club was a H... combined car wash and bake sale which was successful . The highlightof the entire year was a party at Sue Morningstar's cottage at Long Lake which was attended by nearly all the members. The water was cold but the skiing was A-OK, F.T.A. Car Wash 70 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 2.,:ig,:,,, FRONT ROW: Lawrence Spieth, Dale Runyan, Bob VanDyke, Ralph Delcamp, Kendall Traxler, Ron Slagle, Ray Rupp, Bill Knepper, Dean Hutchison, Val Hugg, Phil Surbey, Jeff Frame. SECOND ROW: Mr. Miller, Advisor, Roger Slagle, Lavon Sumner, Larry Manley, Chuck Rummel, Carmen Cummins, Dennis Downing, Duane Frisbie, Dennis Stark, Edwin Sutton, Arlon Schroeder, Jon Lantz. THIRD ROW: Steve Critchfield, Larry Wine, Rodney Hendricks, Rick Repp, Frank Lantz, Larry Chamberlain, Jim Messner, Gary Manley, Don Kollar, Jim Kollar. FOURTH ROW: Jim Martin, Bob Robison, Ronald Kunkel, Marshall Kosier, Bob Edinger, Jim Speakman, Bob Suntken . Mr. Dale Hillard was chosen as hon- orary chcpter member. He is shown with president Ron Slagle. T963 was filled with many activities. A pest hunt was conducted with Bob Robison the winner with Don Kollar second. A fifteen minute program was broadcast over radio station WBNO Bryan, Ron Slagle, Jim Messner, Jon Lantz and Carmen Cummins were delegates to the State FFA Convention in Columbus. Nine members attended the International Livestock Show in Chicago with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller. Duane Frisbie again was high salesman in the annual candy sales. This year Duane sold 5188. Second went to Lavon Sumner, third to Ron Slagle. Duane Frisbie had the Grand Champion Steer at the Williams County Fair. Parliamentary procedure team won a gold medal in the county contest held at Edon High School. The Livestock judging team consisted of Frank Lantz, Steve Critchtield, Carmen Cummins, Arlon Schroeder and Chuck Rummel. Mr. John Anderson of Anderson Truck Terminal of Maumee posing for a pic- ture with Carmen Cummins president of the F.F.A. for the T963-64 school year. Mr. Anderson spoke at the banquet. 71 sf wwge HUMEMAKFQS ,nm AMFFUPA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bowen, Advisor, Linda Snow, Shirley Oxender, Claudia Flory, Kay Munroe, Marsha Rahmer, Elizabeth Landis Sherri VanSlyke, Barbara Orewiler. SECOND ROW: Ruth Perham, Sandra Hinkle, Susan Ely, Karen Whetro, Kathy Beck, Lois Hollstein Georgia Warner, Elaine Konoff, Sharon Speakman, Patty Gruber. THIRD ROW: Ann Gray, Rose Coler, Sheryl Yoder, Cheryl Pitts, Linda Helf, Thelma Hulbert, Jeannie Hershiser, Connie Beck, Susan Hoffman. FOURTH ROW: Judy Wasnich, Bonnie Baker, Patty Kollar, Wilma Brown, Jeannie Chamberlain, Sue Keller, Sue Cogswell, Donna Kollar, Shirley Cook, Carol Oxender. The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of girls studying homemaking. F,H.A. provides opportunities for students to have additional experiences in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. This year the F.H,A. had a total enrollment of 40 members. The officers were: Kay Munroe, President, Marsha Rahmer, Vice President, Barbara Orewiler, Secretary, Claudie Flory, Treasurer, Susan Hoffman, Historian, Linda Snow, Reporter, Elizabeth Landis, Susan Ely, Ruth Perham, and Cherri VanSlyke demonstrate dancing abilities. I I Parliamentarian, Sherri VanSlyke, Song and Recreation Leader. Susan Hoffman served as our county repre- sentative, and also ran for a state office. The F.H.A. has three degrees of achievement by which it recognizes members' personal growth. These degrees are the Junior Homemaker Degree, the Chapter Homemaker Degree, and the State Homemaker Degree. As each of the three degrees is received, the symbol for the degree is presented to the member. This symbol is worn on a chain between the and the guard. This year, 22 members had or received one or more degrees. One member, Kay Munroe, received the highest possible degree, the State Homemaker Degree . Just as each member's individual work is awarded, so also is that ofthe Chapter as a whole. This award is called the Award of Merit. This award recognizes those chapters which have planned and carried out well- rounded programs of work in which all members partici- pated. This year, through the combined efforts of the executive council and the members, the North Central Chapter was awarded this honor as a symbol of its out- standing work through the year. Queen Ka and Her Court X X yo-Ns 7... me ..f"""'-X wx B f' A 4' '. 'Y,,44" .'-,' Cheryl Pitts, sophomore attendant, Wilma Brown, senior attendant, Kay Munrce, QUEEN, Lois Ann Douglass, junior attendant, Darla Brooks, freshman attendant. x If s, 5 as S 'is - MQ' ws. if f ..-- 5 f ' N tssss X ifisizsi ss Q - -M--f ' S 3. 515, . fi- Y T ' sl ., cs.. . .. W, lists: Pictured at left are the F.H,A, girls who attended the State F.H.A, Convention in Columbus. Kay Munroe, Ruth Ann Perham, Mrs. Bowen, Advisor, Judy Wasnich, Mrs. Perham, Karen Whetro, Kathy Beck, Claudia Flory, Susan Hoffman. Claudia Flory was one of the 146 girls who sang in the state chorus. Kathy Beck served as hostess for the two days at the meeting. Susan Hoffman was a candidate for the office of state parliamentarian. Karen Whetro and Judy Wasnich were voting dele- gates. Mrs. Ruth Perham represented the chapter mothers. 73 X., C... 1 aiu., S Mr 4 irlirv 4' .1 T? fs Library Club KNEELING: Grant Shepard, Ronnie Cain, Bob VanDyke, Rodney Hendricks, Roger Meyer, Butch Stantz, Greg Thorp, Jeff Thompson, Larry Wine. STANDING: Mrs. Evers, Advisor, Darlene Gerber, Marsha Rahmer, Bonnie Baker, Barbara Orewiler, Janet Kintner, Elizabeth Landis, Sharon Shumaker, Carol Oliver, Sue Morningstar, Carole Buerk, Loa Jean Brown, Kay Munroe, Janice Sohn, Jean Ann Miller, Patty Orewiler, Joan Spieth Cataloging was our biggest task this year. Every book in our library will be filed three ways at the end of this year. We volunteered to sponsor an assembly on February 4. Six of our members in- troduced some of our better books. Our last project was the purchasing of paper- back books to sell to the student body. We have entertained three times this year. The Montpelier Library Club was .4 our guest for a night. Our Christmas party was held at Mrs. Ever's home. Each year we honor the seniors in our club. This year we had a luncheon for them. BOOK REVIEW CAST Janet Kintner, Roger Meyer, Liz Landis, Joan Spieth, Darlene Gerber, Jeff Thompson, Sue Morningstar. 74 i i Q Science Club SEATED lN FRONT: Rodney Hendricks, Kenny Hamet, Vice President, Roger Hess, STANDING: Grant Shepard, Roger Meyer, Librarian, Robert Walkup, Mr. Hendricks, Advisor, Stuart Hinlcle, Charles White, President, Merrill Frame, Norman Thorp, Sandra Hinkle, Secretary, Bob Hoffman, Treasurer, Susan Ely, Reporter, Donald Wells, Ruth Ann Perham, Lowell Bavin, Ronald Wells, The highlight in the county science program for this school year was the hosting of the county science fair. Approximately 800 proiects were submitted with the following North Central students winning awards: Tom Traxler, first in soil conservation, Don Funk, first lin- dividuall in physical science grades 7-97 Gary Hambleton, second llndividualj in biological science grades lO-T27 David Gallutia, third llndividuali in biological science grades lO-l2, Bob Hoffman, second flndividuali in physical science grades T0-l2, Sue Momingstar and Linda Nisley, second lgroupi in biological science grades l0-T27 Cheryl Pitts and Patty Orewiler, third lgroupi biological science grades TO-12. CN-its View of County Science Fair held at North Central . 5 r . sis r 5: . 115: in -Il as.. W Q Senior High Band KNEELING: Joy Hess, Sue Ann Rummel, Anna Lou Widmer, Karen Ely. FRONT ROW: Dennis Wyman, Evelyn Mercer, Patty Gruber Kathleen Beck, Sue Morningstar, Bonnie Esterline, Greg Thorp, Sandra Hinkle, Bernadine Young, Patty Kollar. SECOND ROW Dwight Wilson, Don Funk, Elizabeth Landis, Larry Gruber, Richard Greek, Doyle Rodenbeck, Roger Meyer, Ron Slagle. THIRD ROW Ronnie Cain, David Gallutia, Bob Hoffman, William Barone, Band Director, Fred Bryner, Darlene Gerber, Larry Wine. The largest proiect of the year in the .music department was the promotion ot the annual Fish Fry by the band boosters. The evening was well attended by the community and the money will be used in the music program. The high school band and the.iunior high chorus provided the entertainment For the evening. The high school bcnd participated in contest at Bowling Green on March l6. Even though the results were some- what disappointing improvement was shown over the past few years. A christmas concert was presented on December i9 which was well attended. PICTURE AT LEFT: Ronnie Cain seems a bit tired Sue Ann Rummel Karen Ely Anna Lou Widmer Joy Hess Junior High Band FRONT ROW: Thomas Traxler, Marian Zedakel, Mary Knepper, Carol Becker, Richard Jones, Michael Gallutia, Terry Oyer. SECOND ROW: Susan Beck, Ladena Helf, Shirley Martin, Sharon Martin, Pam Borfon, Karen Oxender, Janet Miller, Steven Bales, Greg Martin, THIRD ROW: Nancy Norfhrup, Bonnie Miller, Rebecca Dury, Janef Durham,i Pam Thorp, John Widmer, Director, William Barone, Steven Joice, Barry Rubel, Robert Dragoo. High School Chorus FRONT ROW: Carole Buerk, Loa Jean Brown, Shirley Oxender, Bonnie Esterline, Sharon Clements, Diana Pitts, Barbara Orewiler, Joan Spieth, Darlene Gerber, Mary Lynn Wright, SECOND ROW: Carol Rupp, Mary Ricks, Janice Sohn, Marsha Rahmer, Joyce Hess, Elizabeth Landis, Bernadine Young, Carol Martin, Shearon VanSlyke. THIRD ROW: Doyle Rodenbeck, Richard McCrea, Larry Gillespie, Larry Gruber, Robert VanDyke, Ronald Baker, Director, William Barone. FOURTH ROW: Gary Hambleton, Ronnie Schelling, Robert Robison, Larry Wine, Steve Clymer, Stuart Hinlcle, Kendall Traxler. Junior High Chorus FIRST ROW: John Haines, Van Brandon, Keith Hess, Ran Collie, Bob Martin, Dick Jones, Mike Gallutia, Norman Fiser, Bob Repp, Marvin Esterline, Gary Oxender, Alan King, Daryl Franz, Doug Gunn. SECOND ROW: Kay Pitts, Linda Henry, Mary Knepper, Cheryl Newcomb,Jahn Heller, Barry Rubel, Dennis Ruetz, Harold Coler, Paul Moor, Tom Traxler, Bob Draggoo, Dennis Hollstein, Steve Baker, Connie Cogswell, Stella I-linkle. THIRD ROW: Lon Hersha, Randy White, Richard Rademacher, John Haines, Dorothy Thorp, Ruth Lashaway, Diana Mansfield, Peggy Shankster, Janet Oxender, Karen Oxender, Pam Borton, Delores Flary, Deborah Yeager, Susan Beck, Marsha King, Jacqure Wray, Lois Moor, Carol Konoff, Marian Zedaker. FOURTH ROW: Aldythe Runyan, Rebecca Dury, Tandra Rupp, Linda Burkhart, Mary Jane Wasnich, Sharon -rambleton, Kaleen Hugg, Mary Beth Heller, Pamela Thorp, Nancy Schlosser, Carma Stark, Carol Waterston, Ladena Heli, Shirley Martin, Sharon Martin, Janet Durham, Nancy Northrup. K e -in i 1-ur me-summer VARSITY CLUB FRONT ROW: Stuart Hinkle, Merrill Frame, Duane Wyrick, Kenny Hamet, Danny White. SECOND ROW: Frank Lantz, Rick Repp, Kenny Esterline, Norman Thorp, Richard McCrea. THIRD ROW: Jeff Thompson, Butch Stantz, Marvin Yagel, Dennis Wyman, John Frame. BACK ROW: Lowell Radamacher, Chuck Rummel, Greg Thorp, Kendall Traxler, Jim Moon, David Gallutia. Varsity Club Helps Set Athletic Policies Track was begun at North Central High after an absence of many years. lt is the hopes of the adminis- tration and coaching staff that the boys will take ad- vantage of the addition of this program in our curriculum. lt takes time to build a track team, but in a couple of years we should turn out some good cindermen , Shown below is Stuart Hinkle going over a high hurdle . Q Q , K 'T' R X U A it '. . . A A t 1 J sv ' B - "Q" 1 - ' C1 ,. M tv .mes toms"-r--M. V Bl .kkr ,-.. 5 fq 5, ' lg. f-OW 'V I ff ,c V , Qififi5v"ftQ4wa5'Z.' ,jf - ?,g5s'g g Lugz, - " f V',.,y5 reads: An? 'QiK?i26s V543 Hanan- WW' ,WY ,gg Mr. Gerald Hendricks, Mr. Lee Hemminger iCoach at Ayersville 45 who was speaker at athletic banquetlg Mr, Lloyd Rodgers, Mrs. Rodgers. 'NM 'missf fy TXQQL bl' Y Weis 'mi-esils 43 W f't'm" it J 'V 1 M Rss-fam-mef? ,. " .fi1 5 E' 'Tm ,Me 4' Q we ss MM fr K P' is- -f ef - . H -.s:,4s., P sr-iff' " me .. 4 'W :f"'wm Y, M rl " W-f V1 " 5 -. was K, W... 3- ,p,..r-,ssf at -1 A 1. W , of A , yy, ,W . f . - A . is sz., it V ., ,s igh . ' . V' .,,,.t,.m. 'LAw.n,' 1, '-I'-Ms .r--X--s . ref -- 1.-'M' ,. . -N 'fp V, , . tfvg y - A . I ' if .f 't ig-ss, .ms " 6, , My gk .5 ., ,sy .. :...,,- , . J Q , .,, , ., :,. ,f- 1' ,V f 51539 54f,fsfj5,.,u,aQj,,i 1gsgZfk15-.ry VM ,,.EA:5 h , V Q, QL, A gs if-jg-3,1 2 ,w.',s-"' ,j1iv,,,, . , Y , X qt .1 -.,s:fss5Tt,5Qg. r, 1 -M ,e MVN. f 2 ew, '+ff',51 Avsffy- ' M tiff ++ f'ff' . ' s"'?f ' ' ,M t sw-swf ,K mi-Q 1--vs.. '-If , , , ' 'jf-. ,,-4,-, In " ,ps 2. iff- . 3i,,,!f'D,,,-s - .M 1 V. ., f Aa A ' 'fc A ' hz, 1-wi , ' - ' .,:,p--1' fs - ,fff ' ,:,, J-, ff H Mis ' 'N' ' .bins .1 ""'f'., intkefi. S. V wife i" 4 ,L f 2' . - 1 1 K, ' , N ' 4 rf I ,i c,,..-R-fm" X X ' VARSITY FIRST ROW: Rick Repp, Frank Lanlz, Coach, Lloyd Rodgersg Ken Hamet, Lowell Rademocher, Duane Wyrick. SECOND ROW: Jim Moon, Shemran Baker, Kendall Traxler, Charles Vvhite, Ken Esterline, Stuart Hinkle, Merrill Frame. Stantz Unable To Play Because Of Broken Arm VARSITY RECORD NC 46 Fayette 47 33 Lyons 50 55 Chesterfield 63 7 50 Hilltop 25 5l Hicksville 49 62 Waldron 45 I 45 Stryker 38 L 32 Edgerton 60 45 Edon 44 38 Chesterfield 42 46 Montpelier 44 38 Jewell 48 64 Hilltop 44 32 Montpelier 37 38 Edgerton 58 36 Fremont 56 32 Stryker 58 68 Jewell 69 55 Edon 47 60 Salem 58 53 Edon 6l MANAGERS WON 9 LOST 12 Butch Stantz, Larry Gillespie, Richard McCrea - any , RESERVE KNEELING: Gary Hambleton, Dennis Wyman. STANDING: Terry Oyer, Arlon Schroeder, David Gallutia, Grant Shepard, Ron Wells, Jon Lantz, Chuck Rummel, Jef Frame, Don Wells, Loren Bavin. RESERVE RECORD Fayette 38 Lyons 9 44 Chesterfield 5l 46 Hilltop 26 46 Hicksville 33 44 Waldron T3 35 Stryker 3'l 4-4 Edgerton 42 37 Edon 26 37 Chesterfield 23 45 Hilltop 28 36 Montpelier 28 2 6 55 Edgerton 21 47 Fremont 36 gg bl! 29 Stryker 32 V 3l Jewell 22 45 Edon 26 37 Salem 20 WON T6 LOST 2 -CJ ,ff Nw FRESHMEN FRONT ROW: David Gunn, Richard Oxender, Vol Hugg, David Moore. BACK ROW: Bob Haines, Roger Heller, Burton Fiser, Don Funk. 'W Time for a breather. Coach Rodgersp Rick Repp, Ken Homer, Jim Moon, Ken Eslerline, Lowell Rademaclwer, Frank Lanlz, Kendall Traxler, Stuart Hinkle, Charlie While, Duane Wyrick, Sherm Baker, Merrill Frame. Queen Ruth fLeslieD Welly, laslyear'squeen, crowns Sue Rummelas tl1isyear'sa Homecoming queen. Danny While, Sue 's Escorf . We've Got The Eagles On Our Team GET THAT TIP! Duane Wyrlck, Dennis Wyman, Gary Hambleton, iumpingg Lowell Rcdemccher. if .M- 5.-f lm L. f:: : xfe L L L lx Gary Hamblefonw fights For the ball as Butch and Lowell look on. ,L rg , I , it Jn 'L f ABOVE: Lowell drops one over heavy guard. Their Grrrrrrrrreat!!! BELOW: Terry, Jim, and Rick relax I fer a big game, P ""'+. is-. N for the ball. BELOW: Rick Repp runs in for a layup. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SUE RUMMEL MARSHA RAHMER SHARON FRANZ JEANNE CHAMBERLAIN f iw I ,W A , y. X if Q :',, I I ., To , , ...,-Q A S C hr u SS,iA X Nr ' RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Bob Hoffman and Roger Meyer help the cheerleaders with a pep session. SHARON CLEMENTS JOY HESS BONNIE BECK DIANE PIT-IS uv' -.... A..-,s.s,s..ww+-M W Sue Rummel and Marsha Rahmer get things ready for the tournament. Mr. Dietsch and Mr. Barone led a cheer at a pep session. B4 , I f JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: Norman Eiser, Marvin Esterline, Robert Martin, Gary Oxender, Steve Bales, Barry Rubel, Coach: Mr. Derbyshire, Mark Hanover, Tom Traxler, Ken Coy, John Widner, Robert Repp, Mike Gallutia. T225 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Becky Dury on elbows, Linda Henry, Mary Jane Wasmch, unior Hi h Com osed S P ostly of Seventh Graders so RX, x I4 V IQII2 JUNIOR HIGH RESERVE KNEELING: Noel Hugg, Alan King, Roger Robison, Richard Jones, John Heller Larry Ely Richard Radamacher, Greg Martin, Jeffery Hollstein, Doug Gunn. BACK ROW: Mr. Derbyshire Coach Charles Carter Randy White Kim Clarlc, David Wells, Lon Hersha. tv S X se'- li I X I t ,.,. , ,El K ' . I . .P ,LL., K 7 ...Is K gs, - W S ' GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Sue Ann Rummel, Lyndal Hugg, Sharon Shumaker, Darlene Dietrich, Susan Wilgus. SECOND ROW: Shirley Oxender, Carol Oxender, Sue Keller, Elizabeth Landis. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Beck, Connie Beck, Karen Ely, Advisor, Mr. Rozelle. G.A.A. Has A Ball ABOVE: Sharon Shumaker, Bonnie Beck, Connie Beck, Sue Keller, Karen Ely, Susan Wilgus. LEFT: Sue Rummel, Liz Landis. x X ll ll x x 6? lo, 5 if ll .lr FIRST ROW: David Gunn, David Moore, Frank Lantz, Rick Repp, Dennis Stark, Butch Stantz, Greg Thorp, Ric Oxender, David Gallutia. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gallutia, Coach, Ken Esterline, Jeff Thompson, Dennis Wyman, Jim Moon, Lowell Rademacher, Kenny Hamet, Chuck Rummel, Mr. Rodgers, Assistant Coach . District Champions, Class A FALL BASEBALL SECTIONAL IOUKNEY NC 5 Metamora 6 5 Lyons 2 4 Hilltop 2 6 Edgerton 2 3 Edgerton 9 3 Stryker 2 DISTRICT TOURNEY 2 Edgerton 6 3 Holgate 2 3 Stryker 2 10 lnnings 5 Hilltop 9 WON 3 LOST 4 REGIONAL TOURNEY 2 Grand Rapids O SPRING BASEBALL 1 Spencerville 3 3 Metamora 4 WON 7 Lost 4 2 Edon 9 14 Edgerton 6 COUNTY TOURNAMENT I2 Hilltop 2 4 Stryker I y l Edgerton 2 12 lnnings PITCHING RECORDS QSPRINGD Rademacher WON 5 LOST 2 Esterline WON 2 LOST 2 LEADING HITTERS Frank Lantz Chuck Rummel t Lowell Rademacher . sw at se. ' is - my A . Y gy rrs, W , T. is if T 4 Jr T , A , 4 ..,, s an He's out thanks to Jeff's alertness. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar April May School 19 3 9 24, 25 26, 27 26 9 11 16 17 28 30 4 4 13 19 21 11 22, 23, 27 26 5 3 11 12 16 21 22, 23 22 26-30 30 2 5 5 9, 10 19 20 25 26 27 26, 27 29 30 3 4 4 7 10 11 14 15 18 19-24 24 26 Calendar Senior Magazine Sales Career Day and College Night Senior Pictures taken at Adrian Parent-Teacher Conferences Senior Play NWOTA Meeting at Toledo Carnival at the Junior High Prince of Peace Contest Senior Scholarship Tests PTA Smorgasbord Annual Pictures Taken Homecoming Hillsdale College Choir Betty Crocker Test by Senior Girls Visiting Science Teacher Music Program at Pioneer Christmas Dance Freshman Party County Basketball Tournament FFA Public Speaking Contest National Merit Scholarship Test Elementary Music Program Freshman Skating Party Local Science Fair Father-Son Banquet at Kunkle Preliminary Scholarship Tests Junior Class Play Senior Government Day County Science Fair Band Boosters Fish Fry Kindergarten Registration Donkey Basketball Game Eighth Grade Tests Every Pupil Tests County Band at Edgerton Mother-Daughter Banquet at Kunkle Tri-State College Glee Club All-County Chorus at Pioneer County Math Contesr at Edgerton State FFA Convention Honor Society Skating Party FTA-Faculty Meeting FFA Banquet Final District State Scholarship Tests at Defiance College Scholarship Banquet Athletic Banquet Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet Sophomore Car Wash Band and Chorus Concert FHA Style Show Band Tag Day Senior Trip Eighth Grade Graduation Baccalaureate and Commencement BASKETBALL STATISTICS Varsity Scoring Lowell Rademacher 224 Duane Wyrick 200 Stuart Hinkle 105 Frank Lantz 73 Sherman Baker 65 Merrill Frame 65 Ken Esterline 44 Jim Moon 43 Gary Hambleton 43 Butch Stantz 43 Dennis Wyman 36 Rick Repp 17 Charlie White 17 Reserve Scoring Dennis Wyman 162 Gary Hambleton 97 Chuck Rummel 80 Frank Lantz 74 Charlie White 66 Rick Repp 65 Ken Esterline 49 Arlon Schroeder 35 Jim Moon 21 Jeff Frame 29 Loren Bavin 18 Jon Lantz 12 Ronald Wells 7 David Gallutia 6 Terry Oyer 5 ENROLLMENT FACTS Kindergarten Seventh First Eighth Second Nintn Third Tel'll'l1 Fourth EleV6l'1i'l1 Fifth Twelfth Sixth These 'figures varied as the ye ar progressed I THE MYERS ELEVATOR I QQRIIRI' 'if " I, fwcwnfffi 81 COAL CO. IRWER I GRAIN, FEED, SEEDRCQAL AIIEDIIE 'ITIL 4' PIONEER OHIO E , P',:-at M -',?4.C TOP GRAIN PRICE ALWAYS as wif1"XI f x 3 .L X, Q MYERS IS OUR NAME SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS I 1' 4 ,M I RIS WITH BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF NORTH CENTRAL SCHOOLS AND PARTICULARLY TO THE CLASS AND STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN F. F. A. AND AGRICULTURE. Bryan Lanes I8 BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC PIN SETTERS AIR CONDITIONED PHONE 636-9133 WEST HIGH ST BRYAN The Aro Corporation PHONE 636 I I6I BRYAN OHIO FURNITURE PAINTS WALLPAPER LINOLEUM GIFT BAR FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE YOU BUY FINE FURNITURE AT P'PQx Des Ermia's Furniture LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES CONVENIENT TERMS in i f,,,jgug-,f if Clare 8. Lee's Shell Station BULK DELIVERY PIONEER PHONE 2783 OHIO Welcome To The Skate A-Way Where Friends Meet Friends Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Shonk - Owners Montpelier Ohio Compliments Of Priest 84 Cook Furniture Montpelier Ohio Body Shop Wrecker Service Short Sales Phone 942-3832 Wrecking Yard West Unity Ohio Red 8: White Food Stores, Inc. Superb Shopping Comfort Plenty Of Free Parking Open Daily 9 A.M. To 9 P.M. Except Sunday Bryan Ohio Compliments Mohawk Tools Montpelier Ohio U.S. 20 - One-Holt Mile Eost Ot Ohio Route i5 Millers Mink Ranch Phone 3594 Pioneer Ohio DG V1 Ready Mix Concrete And Bloclctop Drive Northwest Materials Pioneer 2772 Forcl - Folcon - Mercury - Comet John Melton Motors Sales 2l5 South Main Street Phone 636-l l56 er Ohio Ohio ,n,vs.-vm W'-,.,... - T ..,,ed"" :N-,.. "N Hadleys SINCE 1868 DRY GOODS - CLOTHING - SHOES AND FLOOR COVERING PIONEER OHIO Wy' 4 fig f Izorzecfefz fllikllilj CHECK CASHING The I I Ploneer Banking CONFIDENCE IN ALL TRANSACTION A GOOD PLACE TO BANK Wwe PRIVATE I com SULTATI ON MODERN OFFICES U. S. SAVINGS BONDS ISSUED 8. CASHED PROVIDES ITS CUSTOMERS WITH: CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CHRISTMAS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CASHIERS CHECKS f MONEY ORDERS FARM 8. HOME LOANS AUTO LOANS APPLIANCE LOANS PERSONAL LOANS C 0 SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES I TRAVELERS CHECKS CHANGE AND CURRENCY 5 PROGRESSIVE LOAN POLICY Mac 81 Sons Tire Service Wheel Alignment - Recupping General Tires Phone 636-T837 Bryan Spokes Diner Fine Food - Fun Junction T5 8a 20 T Mile South of Pioneer Get More Out Of Life Complimenfs Of Go Out To A Movie And Make It A t Bryan Theatre Western U 0 Phone 485-3349 In Bryon Ohio Air condrnoned Montpelier Ohio C,,,,,p.ime,,,S Gleason Studios Of Portroits Groups . First Federal Savings 84 loan C"mme'C'?'n0fsgm,,i., T08 N. 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Suggestions in the North Central High School - Aquila Yearbook (Pioneer, OH) collection:

North Central High School - Aquila Yearbook (Pioneer, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Aquila Yearbook (Pioneer, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Aquila Yearbook (Pioneer, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Aquila Yearbook (Pioneer, OH) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


North Central High School - Aquila Yearbook (Pioneer, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 69

1963, pg 69

North Central High School - Aquila Yearbook (Pioneer, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 71

1963, pg 71

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