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'V "" 6,7 L7 C4 ll, I ,. 1 Operation "Education" DQ ,AY I J , 'Q is Ploneer, Ohio 23 - if W 3 AQ U I LA 1962 NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Volume V Betty Hadley--Editor SENIOR HIGH BUILDING Our Launching Pads FOREWORD Through this annual we have tried to forge a chain whose links are molded from the memories of this school year. Our school year is filled with many thingsg joys, sorrows, anxieties, anticipations, and rewards. To some, school is an insurmountable mountain which they have failed to scale because of circumstances. To the average student, school is the cornerstone for the laying and building of his future life. Still others con- sider school a challenging summit in their life and strive relentlessly to reach the top through diligent study and higher education. We hope that as you pass through this annual that you will use this chain to firmly anchor your memories of this year. ', - ,1- IUNIOR HIGH BUILDING MR. DALE HILLARD Mr. Hillard's field of teaching was Industrial Arts , Math, Agriculture, and Coaching. He coached several championship clubs in Sylvania: junior high and 1946 high school champs at Pioneer High School. One of his activities that he is especially proud of occurred while he was athletic director at Sylvania. Through his guidance and efforts , 55 ,OOO was raised in one year for flood lights for night football. This is cer- tainly only one of the many experience that Mr. Hillard could recall after forty one years of teaching. Mr. Hillard and his wife Evelyn Cfirst grade teacher at Pioneer building! live on a farm west of Pioneer. Special Recognition A personality that has long graced the halls of N.C. High will be missing next year. Mr. Hillard, sometimes referred to by students as "Fuzzy, " has retired from his life-long profession---teaching. Even though nicknames for teachers are not appropo, this name was not disrespect- fulp for Mr. Hillard was respected and loved by nearly all students for his abil- ity, humor, and understanding. Mr. Hillard commenced teaching in the one-room country school at North Bridgewater in 19205 the next year was at the Basswood country school, next 4 years at Pioneer Iunior High. He completed work for his bachelors degree by taking work at the University of Chicago and Bowling Green: receiving his degree from B. G. in 1927. The remaining years were spent at Burnham High in Sylvania, Ohio 114 yearsj , Hillsdale High in Hillsdale, Michigan fl yearl , and Pioneer High and North Central High Q20 yearsl. While teaching in Sylvania, he completed one year of graduate training at the University of Toledo. .4 0 ullnuu-' I S INDUSTRIAL ARTS PROJECTS 4 SPE Table ol Contents Guidance System . . Page 11 Off Duty . . . Page 19 Launching Pad . . Page 41 Flight Stages Blast Off .... . Page 52 Gaining Altitude . . Page 54 Down Range . . . Page 56 Mission Accomplished . . Page 59 Appropriations . . Page 71 F X iXv P sf .1 'I N ancy Kwadcr Id1dn't think the eighth period would over come. 'l'his has boon 1 rt ally tough day. Ho Hum lllt Ronny Iistorlino To study or not to study--that is the question -well, I guess l havi. to do it sometime. Conquering Outer Space Requires Concentrated Study . Ann Kintner has compiled an outstanding record during her four years at N.C. High. A few of her honors are: second in county Senior Scholarship testg letter of commendation on Na- tional Merit Scholarship testp Quiz Book county winner lreceived a 5 day trip to Washington D.C.lg first in county science fairy sixth in chemistry at the Archbold science fairy winner of D.A.R. Good Citizen Awardg Prince of Peace speech winner in school as a Iuniorp placed in state as a Fr. Soph. and Ir. in scholarship tests in Englishg winner of "Best All-Around Senior Girl. " 'A 'j V M: J., ..-f. r ' ,!, Carol Oxender again received the "outstand- ing scholar" award. This makes the third suc- cessive year that Carol has received this honor. Her lowest grade in three years of study is an A-. This year Carol submitted an essay in the Prince of Peace contest and placed first in county and second in the state of Ohio. She received a 2 year scholarship and a 4-day trip to New York City. "Be careful Iolm and don'L A IGGY ll, " SGYS Judy Miirtin. The Christmas Queen and her court: SEATED: janet Rickardg Sue Ann Rummely Bonnie Beck, Queeng Ieannie Chamberlaing Mary Sue Lougheed. ESCORTS: Danny Whiteg Lowell Radamacherg Larry Chamberlaing Butch Stantzg Gary Collie. We enioy many activities ti r V K w m lwender if Eliot Ness did the twist. Herbie "Capone" Stuntzg "Eliot" Wlietroy "Bubbles" Leslie. NOW, NOW, mugtlfg Shgvc--mind yguf marmgfg, A little noontime recreation for Mr. Mellwm and some willing students 6 Awww- g, -wp ,u 2,-rr' 5272, D wb X X 4 Our annual staff hard at work trying to Avoid it. gan' - Marvin Hanc mocicrling cm d url ng o u r off d uty mom e nts. UH- bhow . -- Xs xx 1 -A rf' x' A' Duane Eidcnicr showing off a new outfit at the Style Snow. What's your next move Marvin? Dave, whun are you going to win a game? s.. Q. SUZY OYOIU CS-CO1'iLPd DY NO1'1Nf3U Thflfpf mOd0linQ C1 Here, have a bit, Says Nancy Kwuxdu1'a:5 sin: shuvwls lt in. beautiful evening gown. Q. in the local school science fair, Arlen Schroeder was one of those who re- ceived superior rating. Here he is shown with the three Judges, Mr. Melhorn, y X. y I 3 . . .1 . Ianet Cook was selected from the junior girls as delegate to Buckeye Girls State in Iune. Her alternate was Barbara Orewiler. llere they are posing with Betty joy, last yoar's M., go this year. Mrs. Bowen, and Mr. Bushong. Arlen also placed in the county science fair. 8 ours of Toil and Tribulation bring 'Q S , an i I t wie ' I . 'A "f X David Stocking and Ioyee Kintner were two of the elementary stu- Another entry in the school science fair was this dents who entered the school science fair. Their project on bull- one by Carol Rupp. It was a study of the ear and frogs received a superior rating. was also given a superior rating. uelegate, who has just told thorn who would IUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB FRONT ROW: Tom Traxler, David Wells, Sharon Briner, Ricky Oxender, Iudy Wasnich, Sharon Clements. BACK ROW: Mr. Derbyshire, Robert Walkup, Ruth Perham, Gary Zimmer, Kathy Beck, Connie Semer, Robert Haines, Don Funk. IR. HI. SPELLING WINNERS David Wells, Melinda Semer, Ronnie Schilling Gloria Apt. , iff ff ,I J W5 A '-"Jw I ' K4 4 - f VA L, Spelling Winners from P io n e e r EIGHTH GRADE SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS Building were Michael Gallutia and FRONT ROW: Sharon Clements, Karen Whetro, Robert Walkup, Bobby Haines, Dick Tones. Dave Moore, Iohn Fackler, Ricky Oxender. BACK ROW: Sherry Stocking, Ruth Perham, Kathy Beck, Burton Fiser, Terry Northrup, Ronnie Schilling, Roger Slaglc. achievements, honors and finally GRADUATION TEACHER-PARENT CONFERENCE SITTING: Mr. Dick, Mrs. Robison, Mrs. Landis, Mr. Landis. STANDING Mrs. Gamboe, Mrs. Smart. The North Central schools embarked on a new program of Z0-minute conferences between teachers and parents. It is believed that both teachers and parents will receive many benefits which help in better understanding their children. This picture depicts a "coffee break. " PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Gerald Oyer, Vice-presidentg Robert King, Presi- dent, Dorothy Burkholder, Treasurerg Maxine Moore, Secretary. One of the prime functions sponsored by the PTA during this school year was the scholarship banquet which was held on May 5, 1962 . To our parents, friends, and teachers, we say "Thank You" for our rnany opportunities. KUNKLE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS 1927-28 FRONT ROW: Alva Oxender CA-l Boosterjg Seland Stoopsg Phil Weidner. SECOND ROW: Walter Sutersg Ralph Geesey, ceach7'Ross Cox: King I. Figgins. These cagers were honored at homecoming ceremonies. 10 'Q' ff x X . x X S . .4 HONORARY l:'.F.A. CHAPTER MEMBER Iohn Dietrich, P.F.A. presidentg Richard Repp, honorary memberg Don Melhorn, advisor: Howard Parrish, speaker of the evening. Mr. Repp was chosen by the F.I'.A. members as hon- orary chapter member for the 1961-62 school year. A , Y guida ce system L SCHOOL LEADERS HIP The improvement of education can only come about through the combined efforts of the board of education, executive head, teachers, and parents. Our board of education is striving to provide competent teachers, ad- equate facilities, and necessary materials to meet the needs of our changing world. The results of their efforts cannot be adequately measured at present but the future will tell the story. There was one change in our board during this school year. Mrs. Burl Dury replaced Mr. Critchfield as he decided not to enter the fall election. Mr. Brownson, executive head of our school system for the past three years , is working to improve our school system through efficient administration and direct per- sonal contact with the students and their activities . He lives with his wife Myrtle and daughters Brenda and Cindy in rural Pioneer. He received his bachelors degree from Ashland College and his masters degree from Ohio State University. MR. LAVERN SLAGLE MR. RICHARD REPP WILLIAM BROWNSON President Vice-President Executive Head MR. RICHARD BECK MR. IAMES HAYS MRS. BURL DURY MR. KENNtL'l'H CRITCHFIELD Q GERALD HENDRICKS High School Principal In order to successfully complete high school requirements, a student must have a firm backgrotmd in the fundamentals. A strong CONDITIONS "GO" A smooth running school program necessitates adequate communications between administration, teachers, and student. This can be accomplished through bulletins, assemblies, and personal contact with students and student organizations. This is only one of the jobs performed by Mr. Hendricks in the few periods a week that he has available. He teaches chemistry, physics, general sci- ence, advanced mathematics, sponsors science club, sponsors student council, a member of nation- al honor society board, and is athletic director. He resides on a farm near Pioneer with his wife Elouise and three sons. Charles, his oldest son, is now a student at Manchester College. junior high program is of utmost importance if these students are to attain the high stand- ards that today's society demands. This is the responsibility of Mr. Gilcher and his staff. Mr. Gilcher teaches arithmetic and resides on a farm south of Kunkle with his wife and six children. MRS. BRANDON MRS. GREEK Secretary Secretary THOMAS GILCHER Iunior High Principal sw MRS. GERARD MRS. NEARING .- ,Exim Iohn Dietrich and Betty Hadley were presented with the best Citjhzgns award for the high School, Below are pictures: first, of a project from Mrs. Ncaring's Latin This is the Socorid year that Bgtty has fggejvgd H class which was completed by Sharon Franzp secondly, a scene this award . In order to communicate properly, there must be an understanding of basic English. If you wish to develop further, you may wish to study Latin or French. Mrs. Gerard teaches junior and senior Eng- lish. Mrs. Nearing teaches freshman English, Latin I QS. II, French I Sf H, and is freshman co- advisor. Mrs. Evers teaches sophomore Eng- lish, Iournalism, directs both junior and senior class plays, advisor to school paper and library club, and is the school librarian. Mrs. Gerard and Mrs. Nearing are on the National Honor Society advisory board. from the senior class play which was directed by Mrs. Evers. Q , Q MRS. EVERS I4 Rick Warner and Dennis Whetro Mr. Stocking teaches high school band, junior high band, intermediate band, high school chorus, and all the elementary vocal music in the Pioneer building. He is also freshman class co-advisor. The high school chorus carried on an extensive pro- gram which consisted of singing at nearly all the churches in the community, participating in a Christmas program and a combined school program near the end of school, and presenting many numbers at school assemblies. The high school band competed at Bowling Green in contest besides participating in many other activities. The picture at the right shows three members of the junior high band trying on band uniforms. These members are: Marian Zedaker, Becky Dury, and one of the Martin twins. Social Studies Guidance a n d MR. GERIG Mr. Gerig teaches senior social studies, one class in American history, world history and is guidance director. The picture at the left was a scene from world history class in which Rick and Dennis are comparing a map Dennis made with the printed map. Mr. Gerig was also F.T.A. advisor. Anna Lou Widmer, Greg Thorp, Bob Hoffman New instruments purchased by band. MR. STOCKING W -mn: . 4- . f' -1-1155 ' J' .L fa Q MR. RODCIJRS Earry Chamberlain and Mr. RodgerS HTQ- Mr. Rodgers teaches biology, health, boys physical education, and drivers education. He is junior class advisor, and head coach in base- ball and basketball. Mr. Hillard teaches algebra, general math, mechanical drawing, solid geometry, trig., and industrial arts. He is sophomore class advisor. Fx Charlie White, Bob Hoffman, and Ronnie Wray washing the driver education car. Ron Baker, Mary Lynn Wright, Linda Hoage, Chuck Brooks MR. HILLARD MR. GALLUTIA MRS. SCHAFFNER Mr. Gallutia teaches shorthand I 6. ll, business law, general business, bookkeeping, business arithmetic, and office practice. He is assistant basketball coach, senior class advisor, and advisor of the annual. Mrs. Shaffnor teaches typing I, personal typing, one class of American history, business English, and girls physical educa- tion. She is advisor to the sophomore class and G.A.A. Hmm lwwgm i..,.t,+.,i Mr. Melhom teaches vocational agriculture and is junior class advisor. Mrs. Bowen teaches vocational home economics and is senior class advisor. Of the many activities entered into by the Ag. and Home Ec. departments, the picking of F. F.A. Queen is one of the most im- portant. The F.F.A. chapter queen is elected by the F.F.A. boys from the P.H.A. In the picture shown above, Iohn Dietrich and Kendall Traxler are presenting Madalyn McCrea with her F.F.A. jacket. Madalyn was queen during the 1960-61 school year. "Is this spelled right?" asks Dan White of Bob Taylor. MR. MELHORN MRS. BOWEN r SW as COOKS IN THE HIGH SCHOOL: Mrs. Fackler, Mrs. Thompson, and Mrs. Tingler. COOKS IN THE IUNIOR HIGH: Mrs. Baerlin, Mrs. Free and Mrs. Gorrell. BUS DRIVERS: Mr. Stine, Mr. Armbruster, Mr. Tressler, Mr. Pearson, Mrs. Orr, IUNIOR HIGH IANITOR: Mr. Baorlin. Mr. Newcomb, Mr. Oyor, Mr. Eidenier. fa f 5 , HIGH SCHOOL IANITOR: Mr. Fackler. 'X of UW Student Council Has A Successful Year FRONT ROW: Carol Oxender, Secretary and Treasurer, Iohn Dietrich, President, Nancy Franz, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Barbara Orewiler, Ianet Rickard, Sharon Franz, Betty Hadley. THIRD ROW: Doyle Rodenbeck, Cary Collie, Steve Clymer, Frank Lantz. This year's student council was more active than in the past and established many firsts in our school's history. They sponsored our homecoming cele- bration, initiated a snake dance and bon fire before an important basketball game, and through their efforts a pay telephone was installed. Also, the council sold' pom- pons for the county tournament and had a booth at the carnival to provide funds for their operation. "Hats off" to you students. Must be real "Hush Hush." Left to Right, Iudy Yoder, Nancy Carter, Lola Surbey at the "Council" phone. 20 The "bon fire" after an exciting snake dance. Betty Hadley as the fortune teller predicting the destruction of the Stryker Panthers. Kneeling is Nancy Franz who is assisting Betty with the festivities. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of the' Eagle chapter of the National Honor Society are shown at the left. FRONT ROW: Ianet Kintner, Ianet Cook, Sandra Weaver, Carol Oxender. SECOND ROW: Ann Kintner, Elaine Cilcher, Betty Ioy, Chuck White, Carole Buerk, Nancy Franz, Barbara Orewiler. Ann Kintner as president and Carol Oxender as vice president guided the chapter's activities dur- ing this school year. Tapped at a special high school assembly were Betty Ioy, Carole Bu erk, Ianet Cook, and Sandra Weaver as mem- bers in good standing and Ianet Kintner and Chuck White as proba- tionary members because they are sophomores . Congratulations , Chuck, how does it feel to be a rose amid so many thorns? Honor Society Inducts Six Members .75 k 'f 'sv W' The first scholarship banquet was held at N.C. this year. Miss Lillian Comar, Dean of Women at Hillsdale College presented an address to the l7O parents, teachers, and honored students who were present. The "tapping " of Sandra Weaver by Barbara Orewiler at a spi-cial nssi'n.bly. 21 FRONT ROW: Lyndal Hugg, Mary Sue Lougheed, Ruth Leslie, Ianet Rickard, Sharon Franz, janet Kintner. SECOND ROW: David Gallutia, Darlene Dietrich, Iill Critchfield, Neva Whitney, Betty Hadley, Carol Oliver, Carol Oxender, Ann Kintner, Sandra Weaver. THIRD ROW: Jeff Thompson, Doyle Rodenbeck, Dan White, Bob Hoffman, Kenny Esterline, Ronnie Wray, Marvin Hane, Nancy Franz. The AQUILA staff has been hard at work for the past twelve months trying to improve the yearbook. It is our greatest desire that you enjoy this book at the present time and in the years ahead. P We wish to thank everyone who has in any way help- ed the staff with this publication. THE AQUILA STAFF Marvin Hane and Mr. Gallutia, the Aquila advisor. Marv was one of the biggest help- ers of staff and received special recognition for his work. 1 Betty Hadley, Editor in Chief and Sharon Franz, Layout Editor, are seated here discussing plans for this book. Sharon was really enthused while this picture was taken. Crawling in the window are three of the main staff members: Nancy Franz, Advertising Manager: Ann Kintner, Business Manager, janet Rickard, Art Ed- itor. Everyone has to have fun sometime--don't they girls! N.C. HIGHLITES STAFF FRONT ROW: Mrs. Evers, Advisor, Iill Critchfield, Dan White, Assistant Editor, Nancy Kwader, Editor in Chief, Carol Oliver. SECOND ROW: Ruth Leslie, Susie Oyer, Ianet Rickard, Charlotte Clark, Sandra Weaver, Mary Sue Lougheed. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Esterline, Betty Joy, Roger Meyer, Neva Whitney. Missing from the main staff are: Sandra Stark, Frances Clark, Lola Surbey, Iudy Yoder. The Prince of Peace Contest, sponsored by the Ohio Council of Churches, consists of two parts. A student may enter either the es- say contest, or give an oral mem- orized speech. If a student choses to enter the speech contest, he is required to memorize a prepared speech. This year's winners in the school competition were Betty Hadley and Ieif Thompson. They then were en- titled to enter county wide com- petition. In this, Betty placed second. In the essay contest, a stu- dent writes a theme using peace as his topic. He may use any ap- proach that he likes. The winner in county competition was Carol Oxender. She went on to place second in the state. The N.C. Highlites main staff was chosen from the journalism class this year. Because of the small class, the staff was opened to all high school students interested in paper work. N.C. Highlites is published once a month at a cost of IOC per copy or 354.5 a semester. It aver- ages fourteen pages a copy. The purpose of the school paper is to inform the students of the ac- tivities that are going on, articles of interest, important dates and the happenings about school. PRINCE OF PEACE PARTICIPANTS SPEAKING: Betty Hadley. FRONT ROW: Linda Mapes, Sharon Franz, Carol Oxcnder Barbara Orewiler, Mary Ricks. BACK ROW: Sandra Weaver, Ann Kintner, Neva Whitney, Ieff Thompson, Bob Hoffman, Doyle Rodenbeck. 23 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW: Wilma Brown, Vice President: Shirley Oxender, Reporter, Elaine Gilcher, Parliamen- tarianp Francis Clark, Treasurer, Carol Oxender, President, Barbara Orewiler, Secretary, Elizabeth Landis, Songleader, Linda Snow, Historian. SECOND ROW: Connie Elser, Claudia Flory, Susan Hoffman, Cheryl Pitts, Connie Beck, Anna Lou Widmer, Kay Munroe, Marsha Rahmer. THIRD ROW: Sue Cogswell, Linda Hoage, Thelma Hulbert, Carolyn Kosier, Anne Gray, Rose Coler, Sherri VanSlyke, Advisor: Mrs. Bowen. FOURTH ROW: Iudy Kosier, Ieannie Chamberlain, Donna Kollar, Ieanio Hershiser, Becky Iones, Sandra Stark, Nancy Carter. ""'-ew-ww-1-'f-f,,.....,,.,..,., . at 4 f frx, ' -if y we-, GX in , In the above picture are: left, Kay Munroe and right, Elizabeth Landis who attended the State FHA convention at Columbus on April PFA QUEEN l3-14. Both girls were voting delegates in the election of State FHA officers. Elizabeth also participated in the state FHA chorus. Marsha Rahmer was this year's EFA queen. Attendants: Left to Right, Ieanie Chamberlain, Elizabeth Landis, Shirley Oxender, Linda Snow. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW: Mr. Melhorn, Advisory Bill Knepper, Frank Lantz, Kendall Traxler, John Dietrich, Ron Slagle, Ray Rupp, Rick Repp, Steve Critchfield. SECOND ROW: Kenny Konoif, Ralph Deloamp, jim Waterston, Chuck Rummel, Iim Messner, Carmen Cummins, Ion Lantz, Arlon Schroeder, Duane Prisbie, Edwin Sutton. THIRD ROW: Larry Wine, Roger Kosier, Dean Kosier, Dennis Stark, Ronnie Kunkel, Bill Kosier, Dennis Downing, Don Kollar, Gary Manley, Rodney Hendricks. FOURTH ROW: Lavon Sumner, Bob Edinger, Bob Robison, Dean Hutchison, Norman Coler, Iim Speakman, Bob Suntken, Richard Walkup, Larry Manley. In the picture shown at the right are Bob Edinger and Norman Coler shoveling corn at the Vo-Ag. Farm. Many hours were spent at this farm plowing, fitting ground, planting and har- vesting crops. Through this work, there is provided on-the- job training and a fine educational program. At left is Iim Waterston watering and brushing two of his show pigs. Iim has been in Vo-Ag for two years and plans to go into farming upon graduation. The North Central Chapter of Future Teachers of America has become an active organization in the school. This chapter is open to high school stu- dents interested in teaching. The main 9051 Of the F.T.A. is to give its members an idea of what the teaching profession entails. Mem- bers are often called upon to substitute teach, monitor tests and grade papers. This gives the person an idea of the actual classroom procedures. In the 1962 school year, the F.T.A. chapter was officially presented to the chapter. Another major accomplishment was the setting up of a merit system which gives each person a goal to strive for during his membership. Many activities are carried out through the year. Sci FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW: Carole Buerk, Treasurer, Neva Whitney, Secretary, Betty Hadley, Presidentg Doyle Rodenbeck, Vice Presidentg Mr. Gerig, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Linda Mapes, Mary Ricks, Ianet Kintner, Lyndall Hug, Darlene Dietrich, Larry Wine. THIRD ROW: Nancy Kwader, Sue Morningstar, Ioy Hess, Carol Oliver, Greg Thorp, Dennis Wyman, Ieff Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Bistline, David Gallutia, Gary Hambleton, Steve Clymer, Dwight Wilson. MISSING: Bonnie Beck, Reporter. ence Club This year we had a very active Science Club. They sponsored the first science fair to be held here in several years. In this fair, there were 41 projects coming from the general science, biology, chemistry classes as well as the lower six grades. This year officers were Norman Thorp, president: Fred Bryner, vice presidentg Rodney Hendricks, Roger Meyer, treasurer, Bob Hoffman, librarian, Charlie White, reporter. FRONT ROW: Roger Meyer, Rodney Hendricks, Norman Thorp, Fred Bryner, Bob Hoffman, Chuck White. SECOND ROW: Ronald Wells, Grant Shepard, Donald Wells, Merrill Frame, Roger Hess, Mr. Hendricks, Advisor. 26 "Belly Jane From Punkin L 3 I1 e CSENIOR PLAYJ Bob Hulbert, Elaine Gilcher, Bob Taylor Ann Kintner, Bob Taylor CAST: FROM BACK ROW: Left to Right. Bob Hulbert . . . . Bob Taylor . . Iohn Dietrich . Marv Hane . . Betty Ioy . . Ann Kintner . . Elaine Gilcher . Sandy Weaver . Neva Whitney . Ruth Leslie . . Suzy Oyer . . Ianet Rickard . . . Mary Sue Louheed Mrs. Evers .... Gordon Gilbert . Iohnny Finch Hank Hardwater Harvey Higgins Widow Simmons . Gertie Gilbert . Mrs. Gilbert Widow Simmons Prudence Putter . . Auntie Bean Betty Iane Bean Martha Simmons . . Ketchy Finch . Play Director Suzy Oyer, Bob Hulbert, Elaine Gilcher Betty Jane decides to solve the financial problems of Auntie Bean by marrying the city artist, Gordon Gilbert. Meanwhile, the penny-pinching Widow Simmons tries to swindle the Beans out of a field that an air line wants for a landing field, but Johnny, Hank, and Betty lane prove that the country folk can take care of themselves in a manner that is sure to please all who love fair play. Tune 11547 it . On Tefflll' ix Penny Lanius, Norman Thorp UUNIOR PLAYJ "Tune ln On Terror" by Iay Topias is a fascinating combination of comedy, mystery, and romance. The plot revolves around the Arkwright twins, who must stay in a haunted hospital until miclnightg and Iikki Jerrold, who has chosen the same scene for her wedding with Bart while she leaves Dilingham Fuddy at the altar. As these two plots revolve, it appears the hospital is haunted by a were-wildcat girl, a snakeboy and a mad scientist with a craving for operating . As the third act opens, the ghosts become a gang of 5 feared robbers, who leave no witnesses behind. Every- thing is finally solved as the mad scientist reveals his identity. Ricks' X Duane Wyrick Dwight Wilson, Carole Buerla, Ron Slagle, Darlene Dietrich, Mary CAST From Left to Right Starting With Back: Mary Ricks . . Penny Lanius . Dwight Wilson Norman Thorp . Doyle Rodenbeck Duane Wyrick . Ron Slagle . Kenny Harriet . Carole Buerk . . Darlene Dietrich Sue Rummel . . Ianet Cook . Linda Snow . Iudy Coats . . Aunt Hortens e . . . . . Rozika Herr Schlosser Dillingham Fuddy Rev. Pete Moss . . . . .Arnold . . Bruno Karp . . Bart Burdette . Granny Karp . . Iekki Jerrold . . Patty Larson . Iane Arkwright . Ellen Arkwright . Afadilla Deaver The Library Club is an organization that helps to keep records and give assistance to students as to location of different articles and books. In order to be a school librarian, you must be a member of the club. The club meets every other week on Thursday after school. This year the club has done many things for the school and the library. Among them were: the ordering of many new booksp sponsoring an All- School Carnival and a skating partyp cleaning the libraryp completing a magazine filo for the past five years. We feel that this has been a very successful year. LIBRARY CLUB FRONT ROW: Barbara Orcwiler Secretary-Treasurer' Carole Buerk Vice President- Neva Whitney President' Carol Oliver Reporter' Mrs. Evers Advisor. SECOND ROW: Darlene Dietrich Ianice Sohn Carolyn Burkholder Elizabeth Landis Marsha Rahmer Ioan Spicth Ianet Kintner Elaine Gilcher. THIRD ROW: Grant Shepard Sharon Shumakbr Patty Orcwilbr Betty Hadley Anna Lou Wrdmer Kay Munroe Chuck Rummel. FOURTH ROW: Richard McCrba Marvin Hane Roger Meyer Larry Wine. Below Rogtr Mbyer has just bten presented with the vegetable corsigt and billiold after being electbu Uglx Min it tht All School Car nival sponsored by the Libr wry Club Neva Whitney presenttc Rogbr with his gift Hb rbp resbnted tht Libr ny Club in thr contgst X X 'N - Na:-.1 ,...t. Q 4 Q. ..4.l Lowell Bavin, Roland Leskew, Bill Fackler, Bob Hulbert, Lyndal Hugg are engrossed in some of the new books that the school library received during the year. This was only one group of the books. The library gained many new books during the year. fir xr'I J NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND KNEELING: Sue Ann Rummel, Iudy Coats, Anna Lou Widmcr, Ruth Leslie. SECOND ROW: Ann Kintncr, Dennis Wyman, Karen Ely, Bernadine Young, Bonnie Esterline, Elaine Gilcher, Carol Martin, Ioy Hess, Carolyn Burkholder. THIRD ROW: Carol Rupp, Evelyn Mercer, Sandra Stevens, Roger Hess, Larry Gruber, Linda Helf, Doyle Rodcnbeck, Roger Meyer, Dwight Wilson, Ron Slagle. FOURTH ROW: Director: Mr. Stocking, Ronnie Cain, Sue Morningstar, Bob Hoffman, David Gallutia, Sharon Shumaker, Fred Bryner, Greg Thorp, Larry Wine. Senior Band Sets a Peppy Pace at Basketball Games BAND HIGHLIGHTS This seemed to be a very full year of activities for the Senior High Band. Soon after school started they participated with the other bands of the county at the Williams County Fair. They were invited to march at the homecoming festivities at Defiance College for their homecoming football game. The band played at nearly all home games during the basketball season and marched at the North Central homecoming game with Edgerton. The picture at the right was taken at this game. Many weeks were spent practicing for the band con- test that was held at Bowling Green. The band showed improvement over last year. Several members participated in the all-county music festival which was held at Edon High School. At the end of the school, the band presented a con- cert which was held in the gymnasium. On Decoration Day, the senior band along with the junior high band marched and participated in the Memorial Day celebration. Many fine things are expected from our band, because we are a young band with only three senior members. - In the foreground is Carol Martin who received an All QExcellentJ rating and in the background is Ioy Hess who received an Al lSuperiorJ rating for piano solos at the district music contest held at Bowling Green on March 10. Carol and Ioy were not in the same class as to difficulty of composition as Carol's composition was more advanced than Ioy's. We are very proud of both of you. Doyle Rodenbeck received AH Cllxcellentj rating for his French horn solo at the district music contest held at Bowling Green. Joy, Carol, and Doyle Win in District IUNIOR HIGH BAN D SITTING: Ianet Miller, Karen Oxender, Timmy Tillman, Iohn Widmer, Pam Thorp, Patty Kollar. STANDING: Pamela Borton, Carol Becker, Tom Traxler, Curt Caywood, Don Funk, Robert Draggoo, Mr. Stocking, Band Director, Kathy Beck, Sandra Hinkle, Sharon Clements, Dickie Greek, Mike Caywood, Robert Walkup. HIGH SCHOOL MDCED CHORUS FRONT ROW: Ann Kintner, Darlene Gerber, Shirley Bistline, Ioy Hess, Claudia Flory, Mary Sue Lougheed, Sandra Weaver, Bernadine Young, Mary Wright. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Landis, Carol Martin, Ianice Sohn, Carol Rupp, Evelyn Mercer, Carol Iean Oliver, Bonnie Esterline, Patty Orewiler, Ruth Leslie. THIRD ROW: Larry Wine, Fred Bryner, Gary Hambleton, Steve Clymer, Arthur Rahmer, Kendall Traxler, Doyle Rodenbeck, Chuck Brooks, Darrell Brooks, Greg Thorp, Arlon Schroeder, David Callutia, Director: Mr. Stocking. Hugh School Chorus Presents Many Fine Programs IUNIOR HIGH CHORUS FIRST ROW. Tandra Rupp, Diana Pitts, Sharon Hambleton, Marcia Bible, Elaine Konoff, Dora Barrera, Mary Beth Heller, Linda Henry, Karen Oxender, Kaleen Hugg. SECOND ROW: Ianet Oxender, Linda Burkhart, Suzanne Tinney, Carma Stark, Linda Kosier, Lois Hollstein, Patty Gruber, Dotty Thorp, Bonnie Wyman, Marsha King, Iudy Wasnich, Sharon Clements. THIRD ROW: Darla Brooks, Ruth Perham, Susan Ely, Delores Flory, Connie Semer, Sherry Stocking, Kathy Beck, Pamela Borton, Sandra Hinkle, Sharon Speakman, Karen Whetro, Sharon Briner, Pam Thorp, Mrs. Bendall, Director. 32 Queen "Ruth" and her Court QUEEN Ruth Leslie ATTENDANTS Left to Right Suzy Oyer, Shirley Oxendcr, Sharon Franz, Connie Beck. The first homecoming in the history of the North Central school was held Friday night, December 1 , during the intermission between the reserve and varsity games against Edgerton. The freshman attendant was Connie Beck, escort- ed by Raymond Ruppp junior attendant was Shirley Oxender escorted by Ieff Thompson: senior at- tendant was Suzy Oyer, escorted by Marvin Hane. Queen Ruth was escorted by Dennis Whetro. One of the highlights of the evening was the introduction of the 1927 and 1928 Kunkle basketball teams that participated in the state tournament. Members of the team present at the game were: Ross Coxg Phil Weidnerg King Figginsg Seland St oopsp Walter Suters, and Coach, Ralph Geesey. Bob Taylor lays one up! VARSITY C HEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Iudy Coats, Sue Rummel. BACK ROW Ann Kintner, Nancy Franz, Iudy Martin. First Half of Season Eagles Fly High VARSITY TEAM FRONT ROW: Robert Suntken, Manager, Lowell Radamacher, Co-Captain, Kenny Hamet, Keith Kemarly, Butch Stantz, Richard MeCrea, Manager, Mr. Derbyshire, Bob Taylor was absent. BACK ROW: Mr. Rodgers, Coach, Kendall Traxler, Dan White, Merrill Frame, Iohn Dietrich, Stuart Hinkle, Duane Wyriek, Mr. Gallutia. Radamacher and Taylor were Co-captains. N. C. 67 Fayette 59 Fremont 6l Lyons 62 Chesterfield 55 Stryker 77 Hicksville Triple Overtime 59 Waldron 46 Edgerton Homecoming 64 Hilltop 61 Salem Center 51 Edon 39 Hilltop 38 Iewell 70 Stryker 52 Chesterfield 31 Montpelier 60 Edgerton 43 Hilltop 51 Edon Sl Iewell 65 Hilltop 55 Edgerton Won ll Los tll Chefs Rodgers, Gallutia, and Derbyshire serve tea and toast to the varsity before the tournament games. Clockwise they are Stuart Hinkle, Rick Repp, Lowell Radamacher, Duane Wyrick, Frank Lantz, and Bob Taylor. Dennis Whetro proved to be a big help to the Cheerleaders this year with the pep sessions. Thanks to the new Cheerleader. But Sputler During Second Half As Iohn Dietrich comes charging through the "Victory Door," the crowd cheers him on to victory. ' x 1-- Kendall Traxler dunlzs one in during a practice session. 35 Watch where the seeds go and pick up the peelings. Richard McCrea and Mr. Rodgers do dishes as the boys rest for tournament game. Although They Never Lost That Fighting Spirit rf' f 1 ' K 1,4 ,K 'r Coach Rodgers does "a little patchwork" on Lowell Bench Comment: "If I had been in the game, things would Radamacher as Lowell moans over the fact that he had have been different." to go out of the game. KNEELING: Bob Sunkten, Managerg Arlon Schroeder, Chuck Brooks, Larry Chamberlain, Frank Lantz, Mr. Gallutia, Coach. STANDING: Chuck Rummel, Dennis Wyman, Kenny Esterline, Charlie White, Iim Moon, Gary Hambleton, Loren Bavin. N.C. 51 25 43 62 32 ZZ G7 35 41 27 18 41 43 43 23 30 39 35 Fayette Fremont Lyons Chesterfield Stryker Hicksville Waldron Edgerton Hilltop Salem Stryker Chesterfield Edon Hilltop Montpelier Edgerton Edon Iewell Things Are Looking Up: Reserves Win 10 LOSe 8 32 35 33 30 313 27 38 411 30 Z4 zu -12 Zb 42 35 34 3fl 34 Charlie White and Bob Taylor. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right, Bonnie Buck, Ianet liintner, Slmron Frdnz, and Connie Buck. IUNIOR iiioir Fayette Stryker Ililltop Edgerton Eclon Superior Cooney Alvordton iiiiiiap Edgerton Edgerton CTourneyJ Pulaski Eden Won 3 Lost l0 IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: john Fackler, Manager, David Wells, Mike Dick, Gary Oxender, Tom Traxler Bobby Martin, Phil Surbey, Manager. SECOND ROW: Robert Haines, Rick Oxender, Kenny Coy Iohn Widmer, Dave Moore, Dick Greek, Don Punk. THIRD ROW: Mr. Derbyshire, Coach, Darrell Guy Roger Slagle, Roger Heller, Burton l'iser, Terry Northrup, Ronnie Schilling, Val llugg. ERESHMEN WIN LEAGUE 64 TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIPS KNIIELING: Mr. Gallutia, Coach: Chuck Rurnmel, Gary Hambleton, Dennis Wyman, Loren Bavin, Arlon Schroeder. STANDING: David Gallutia, Terry Oyer, Ronald Baker, Ronald Wells, Greg Thorp, Ion Lantz, Donald Wells, Ieff Frame. IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Holding ball--Carol Becker. BACK ROW: Mary Iane Wa snioh, Sharon Clements, Elaine Konoff. N.C. 15 Sl 35 Zl 40 55 27 15 Z9 20 45 36 Z7 30 FRESIIMEN Fayette Hilltop Fremont Fayette Stryker Edgerton Edon Fremont Stryker Hilltop Edgerton Eden Tourney Stryker Edgerton Won l O Lost 4 FRONT ROW: Iudy Coats, Liz Landis, Iudy Martin, Ann Kintner, Sharon Franz, Sue Keller. MIDDLE ROW: Karen Ely, Ioy Hess, Mary Sue Loughired, Penny Lanius, Lyndal Hugg, Darlene Dietrich, Sharon Shumaker, Elaine Clilcher. TOP ROW: Sandy Weaver, Treasurer, Nancy Franz, Secretary, Ruth Leslie, President, Susie Wilgus, Reporter, Janet Rickard, Vice President: Mrs. Schaffner, Advisor. A.A. and Intramural Program Stronger 14, Doesn't Thompson put you in mind of Ono Watch that Kunkel, I believe he is going to throw a bloc Liralmm. 3 9 1 Youth Prevails, Only One Senior on Win 4 Lose 2 in League Defeat Edgerton but lose to Stryker in Tournament. Squad BACK ROW: Charlie White, Iim Moon, Merrill Frame, Ieff Thompson, I-n A Real Lively Bench Ieff Frame, Kenny Esterline. MIDDLE ROW: Greg Thorp, Kenny Hamet, Chuck Rummel, Denny Wyman, Frank Lantz. BOTTOM ROW: Dave Gallutia, Duane Wyrick, Lowell Radamacher, Butch Stantz, Rick Repp. Time To Bat Iau hing pad X K Q cf F rf Hia lg 11 5 M.: H MR-vi, wifi rl -f ' we 9 F A ax? Q .' ' in . 4 'rx -P ' ff , -' - M ii? r . . i S 5. uf .Q ..5h .li . 1 wwf? , , -. ,:i'xE'i9s. , ts.'eEy5g-.. 5 " vt-f'.Q1x?'fx ls' S x 5 i 'Q ' Q X Q X S. N- 4 of ff Q. Y Mrs. Capper .WH Q 5 WM ,J . - .i , -H-4' .J L'-' .... N. : o if Fri., N 5, f ,Q V ',,:3Qii. vii, ",. V A- WN , Q, 4 1 P-r Mi W' , li ., W H mi? KN x .,,' I Rocky Schlosser Elaine Shankster Brad Smith Dickie Smith Bobby Stahl Ieff Stoffes Randy Stemen Ricky Swank Keith Thierry Ronnie Thompson - . I " x r 'W ,Af . ."if. Danny Apt Denny Ballmer Ann Bavin Mark Beals Karl Bender gg, is Q f W A WA B5 ii: . k .gf ' 'ivivvii X if , J ig 'N' ii X f fr i ,- Rial 'RN 'Qi Iimmy Bible Debbie Boetz Billy Bondste-el Hillis Boothman Treasa Bostater Dennis Tinney Bobby Turner ,Y in x xi H. 53 . ..RjQJi'1x.'f, -- - A , N r.-- ,V 'Sn k ,fwrir ykpfa EN Cheryl Brandeberry Kim Brown Van Brown Kelley Burgess Arion Caywood May Clements Paul Draggoo Mark Dye Ross Eberly Ieff Packler Stevie Fiser Kevin Fisher Tim Hanover Dale Hari Iulie Hartsock Homer Hendricks Louis Herzog Tim Hock Karen Houk Pam Huffman Shelly Hurd Sherry Hurd Greg Keller Krystal Kemarly Delmar Kerr Iackie Kerr Alan Kintner Pam Kurtz Laurie Logan Mike Lougheed Alan Manley Jerry Martin Prank Miller Ierry Miller Ioy Moyer Ierry Oxender Mark Oyer Sherree Parent Vickie Pierce Debbie Rademaker Anne Reifel Karen Rupp y Q I . ,. .,.q A S K - T .1 S ' y .V is L- ' "Q-Qin' rii, Ll R - x.:5.:..Q.i?f:' ., -if MM mix aa Randy Ballmer Iody Beck David Bible Ronald Bistline Pamela Boothman Arthur Brown ,.VV Y , :Li Darold Borton K Timothy Covey I gi, 'Ni' . 4 r .f 2' Mrs. Hillard Mrs. Close " ' Absent: - David Cogsvvcll 15117195 Van Dykc Patty Figy Linda Hari Iames Heller Gary Hendricks Randy Hollstein Rhonda Hugg Susie Kerr Carson Kosier Scott Moyer Walter Murray Kim Pitts Mary Radamacher Douglas Ramer Leroy Robbins Mike Schoonover John Shankster Richard Stark Sandra Tillman Doyle Tinney Linda Walkup Diana Wilhelm Kay White Maurice Zuver Kent Becker Sherry Bexten Teresa Clark David Coon Gayle Draggoo James Eidenier Randy Ellerbusch Mary Facklor Thomas Fackler Marilyn Gamboe Michael Harrington Bill Kidston Victoria Rogers Michael Zimmer Debra Martin Londa Martin Vicki Mercer Beverly Meyers Iudy Oyer Glenda Whitney Alvin Rutledge Nancy Snow Brenda Thompson Bruce Thomas David Thompson Peggy Wallace Randy Wyman '.., .Q- U9 I it V161 Davy Barrera Duane Barrett Ierry Borton Tommy Bostater Billy Brandeberry Iulia Brown Brenda Brownson Tommy Cummins Norma Dennison Denise Dietrich Bunnie Esterline Kim Fisher David Gilcher Dianne Gilcher Iudy Greek Richard Heller Marsha Houk Greg King Arthur Knepper Cheryl Konoff Laura Lirot Ioe Logan Ieff Miller Dennis Moyer Wanda Rademaker Rodney Rutledge Denny Scott Doug Smith Ronald Stahl Mike Stark Dawn Thompson Carolyn Tinney Alan Warner Clarence Wheeler Cindy Zuver Debbie Brown Ieffrey Brown Linda Brown Donald Buerk Pearl Clements Tommy Clements Cindy Cogswell Bobby Coon Marjorie Delcamp David Dick Vickie Evans Mildred Harrington Cindy Hess Larry Houser Diane Keck Ieffrey Keller Neil Kemarly Bobby Kidston Sally Manley Susan Manley David Mead Cynthia Mercer Alan Miller Dennis Miller Ricky Moses Denise Oliver Tommy Reifel Gary Riggleman Sue Ann Robison Brett Rubel Gregory Sumner William Turner Ioanne Votaw Ieftrey Walkup , n Mrs. Hageman Mm, Hamet Mrs. Stipe Mrs. Parent Second and Third Grades Christina Caywood Kyle Clark James Dennison Edwin Greek Leslie Grieser Donald Gruber Tom Hanover Laura Heli Morris Hendricks Margaret Hoifman Michael Hollstein Ioseph Keller Barbara Leslie Michael Miller Charlie Moor Philip Repp Duane Rupp Rickey Scott Ronnie Steinke Kenneth Wasnich David Wheeler Ruthann Whitis Sandra Wilhelm Roger Andrews Vicki Baker Kevin Burgess Iohn Clements Charles Cook Connie Douglass Susan Draggoo Carol Esterline Dennis Fackler Alan Fiser Leon Gerig Ioyee Kintner Vera Landis James Lyon Mickic Manley Leiselotte Miller Vickie Moses Mickey Oyer Gary Pierce Cathy Rutledge Victoria Smart Vicki Wallace Barbara Snow David Stocking Ianeen Walkup Deborah Williams Susie Burkholder Barbara Bible Cary Apt Diolanda Barrera Mrs . Rininger 5 5 Randal Apt Olga Barrera Denise Beck 3, i 33- 111 R we , , Fourth Grade 'i" A ,pi Kam Q ft Q ',rr lx Rae Orr David Rediger Terry Rummel Elaine Smith Laurie Snow Milan Stocking Sandra Sumner Sue Whitis Billy W'illiams Diane Wilson Diane Martin David Bistline jackie Borton David Burkhart Steven Cain Paul Carter Danny Caywood Bradley Collie Ierrold Dye Dean I-'risbie Dennis Guy Ianice Heller Lorraine Houk Robert Keller Lois Lirot Henry Lirot David Mapes jackie Miller Denver Moore Robert Orewiler Denny Oxender Iohn Oyer Terry Oyer Ronald Radamacher Ieffrey Repp Ierry Stark Ronnie Tillman Shirley Wilhelm Dale Becker Billy Clements Phillip Clymer Diana Dick Wanda Douglas Denise Eidenier Ionell Haas Iohn Harrington Barbara Houser Ronnie Houser Billy Hook Ioe Keck Connie Manley Sue Ann McClellan Doris Mead Ann Mercer Richie Meyers Stephanie Newcomb Mrs . Duvendack Fifth K a,Qn Grade Iunior Dennison Dennic Burkholdor Peggy Prairie Myra Gilchcr jimmy Greek Raymond Greek Ierry Griescr Dick Gruber Jimmy Gruber Nancy Heller Ioyce Henry Ned Hugg Karen Ioyce Beverly Kunkle Russell Lanius Gary Murray Sharon Oxender Iane Ruetz Randal Shankster Eddie Steinke Tommy Stevens Barbara Sutton Sharon Whitis Roger Yagel Prank Brown Patricia Burkhart Bill Bushong Florian Chirra Shirley Color Sharon Coon Marsha Eidenier Barbara Ely Christina Evans Iames Fackler Iulie Fackler Cheryl Fiser Steven Gray Dennis Harrington Dennis Hartsock Marshall Landis Mrs. Sapp ,, r- Zii E . rf, in '..,,. y 7 X s Randall Riggleman Starla Stocking David Tinney James Walkup Iohn Whitis fr ik 'Q Mrs. Ford Mrs. Crow Sus an Beck Kim Clark ., Q R ' lf' , ' We -v Van Brandon Charles Carter Sixth Grade Ronald Collie Bary Edinger Larry Ely Daryl Franz Christy Frisbie Iohn Haines Ladena Helf Iohn Heller Stella Hinkle Ieifery Hollstein Noel Hugg Steven Ioice Alan King Mary Knepper Carol Konoff Diana Mansfield Lois Moor Nancy Northrup Kay Pitts Aldythe Runyan Melinda Semer Peggy Shankster Timothy Tillman Phyllis Warner Carol Waterston Randy White Steve Bales Sandra Cain Curtis Caywood Harold Coler Ieannc Cook Craig Critchfield Gloria Dick Ianet Durham Becky Dury Marvin Esterline Norman Fiser Michael Gallutia Mark Hanover Keith Hess Dick Iones Iames Manley Marian Zedaker Frank Zimmer Greg Martin Sharon Martin Shirley Martin Cheryle Newcomb Cheryl Oyer Robert Repp Roger Robison Barry Rubel Chester Rutledge Walter Speakman Kathryn Swanlq Iacguie Wray Deborah Yeager Seventh Grade Wayne Babb Steven Baker Dora Barrera Carol Becker Pamela Borton Linda Burkhart Michael Caywood Gerald Color Kenneth Coy Michael Dick Terry Douglass Ted Downing Robert Draggoo Iames Duncan Delores Flory Sharon Hambleton Dana Hartsock Mary Beth Heller Linda Henry Dennis Hollstein Kaleen Hugg Marsha King Dale Kunkel DoeAnn Laniusz Robert Martin Ronald McClellan Ronald McCrea Terry Mercer Bonnie Miller Ianet Miller Paul Moor Gary Oxender Ianet Oxender Karen Oxender Larry Oyer Dennis Ruetz Tandra Rupp Nancy Schlosser Richard Schmucker Carma Stark Melvin Swank Suzanne Tinney Dorothy Thorp Pamela Thorp Thomas Traxler Mary Iane Wasnich David Wells Iohn Widmer David Votaw Mrs . Heller Mr . Derbys hire rr L Mrs. Collie Mrs. Bendall Kathleen Beck Marcia Bible Eighth Grade Darlow Brandon Sharon Briner Darla Brooks Sharon Clements Susan Ely Michael Esterline Iohn Fackler Burton Fiser Don Funk Richard Greek Patricia Gruber Darrell Guy Robert Haines Roger Helier Sandra Hinkle Lois Hollstein Val Hugg David Iones Carol Kennedy Patty Kollar Elaine Konoff Linda Kosier james Martin David Moore Terry Northrup Ric Oxender Ruth Perham Diana Pitts Dale Runyan Thomas Rupp Ronnie Schelling Connie Semer Sharon Speakman Lawrence Spieth Scherry Stocking Philip Surbey Robert Walkup Georgia Warner Judy Wasnich Karen Whetro Bonnie Wyman Gary Zimmer flig t stages YU' 'Q , 'F l w Freshmen "Blast - Off" Queen Bonnie Beck dances with her brother 'l'er1'y . X, Carol Martin and Jill Critchfield work on their science project. sf' s l ' r -3 Q. j W 3 . X Q " S ...Q 1. . .X , , wm- Q q . . V gm J R A 5 'Q . 'v 3 ,E x. . Q ag. M 1 kk , -gr ali NJ L ii.J g . , X ' J Q '05 . gg, Q f ' C - , TIFF X 2? K. .:'.. j Q: g i: 'n A Q. " . an l "Eff 121' 5 Q N. ,ff I 4 .1 t .- Wi. I Ronald Baker Loren Bavin Bonnie Beel: Connie Beck Shirley Bistline Darrell Brooks Ronnie Cain Steve Clymer Rose Coler Gary Collie Iill Critchiield Carmen Cummins Dennis Downing Stanley Ellerbusch Connie Elser Karen Ely Bill Fackler Claudia Flory Ieff Frame Duane Frislnie David Callutia Ann Grey Cary Hambleton Ioy Hess Ieanie Horshiser Linda Hoage Susan Hoffman Thelma Hulbert Carolyn Kosier Dean Kosier Judy Kosier . Roger 1 N Kosier f 1 A Kenny , if D 7? Konoff in Ion 5 'Q ' Lantz ' -'73 ki. Carol Martin Evelyn Mercer Jean Ann Miller ' ' SUC Carmen Cummins, Secretary, Gary Hambleton, Vice President, Carol Martin, Q MOfY'liI1QStC11' Treasurer, David Gallutia, Reporter, Steve Clymer, President. C To A Good Year Linda Nisley Carol Oliver Patty Orewiler Terry Oyer Charles Rummel Carol Rupp Arlen Schroeder I Grant Shepard Dennis Stark ..3:35.. Sandra Stevens LaVon Sumner Edwin Sutton Greg Thorp Harold Votaw' Richard Walkup Ronald Wells Donald Wells Mary Wright Dennis Wyman Q Sheryl Yoder ' ' I Bernadine Young 6 ' r ' ' - sf ' ' f A . r t,,i, ., -1' 5, 1 T' U' Q, 'Sf , . r-ar avg GL if 4, ,J rl' 1 'Y Q, --1' 1 had 'uv hr CLASS OFFICERS: Lowell Radamacher, President: Richard McCrea, Reporter: Sharon Franz, Secretaryg Rick RCDD, Treasurerg Ieff Thompson, Vice-President. L S f A K7 . ' s H, N5 S. Q if -. if W J, 1 A ' l wmv, I I5 . Q ' x Becky Iones Keith Kemarly Ianet Kintner Donald Kollar Iim Kollar Ronald Kunkel Bonnie Baker Sherman Baker Lowell Bavin Chuck Brooks Tr,! use X fi- t., if X X Y 211 Wilma Brown Elizabeth Landis Franklin Lantz Nancy Carter Tom Clark Steve Critchfield Sophomores "Gain Altitude" Lois Douglass Bonnie Esterline Kenny Esterline Ronnie Fenicle Linda Helf Roger Hess Rodney Hendricks Robert Hoffman Sharon Franz Darlene Gerber Larry Gillespie Larry Gruber fwvl JILL.. Iim Moon and Frank Lantz quarrel in between classes 1, ! Gary Jw- ! Y X K Lindholm ' Richard . ' McCrea QR N My Roger ik kg - Meyer Q . X hm ' -I Moon o if R r. X Kay E Mumoe One of the main events for the Sophomores 0 g Q! Lowell class rings. Pictured here is the comm - . L Radamacher rings. Q fry. fd 3 Butch Stantz does the X twist at the Roaring K Twenties Party. Ray Rupp ' h Denny in X: ' Rutledge ,i A gi vw' rg R , iflim' xfwip Marsha Rahmer Rick Repp Sharon Shumaker " Ioan F O I' A spieth I F u n - F I I I e d Y 9 8 I' ,Qs Butch Stantz - .K Ieff Thompson 'gf' Terry Tillman L Is the book good, Susie? It sure looks as if you are enjoying it. 1 Sherri VanS1ykc Iim Waterston Charlie White Anna Lou Widmer Susan Wilgus Larry Wine K Ti- N: . If as i ' T K . X- was picking out their ittee that picked the X -My x iii f J x . X r z" I ll .ssl Juniors Start tx is -ymvw iw ' Us is H Q x R si fi 'np .wg rr' X, 1 wr' V or X Down Range" Darlene Dietrich Ralph Delcamp Robert Edinger Merrill Frame Kenneth Hamet Ronald Hoage Stuart Hinkle Sue Keller Norman Kennedy Lyndall Hugg Dean Hutchison Marshall Kosier William Knepper Penny Lanius Linda Mapes Loa Ie an Brown Fred Bryner Carole Buerk Carolyn Burkholder Judy Coats Sue Cog swell Norman Coler Ianct Cook is .in Q K Q1 ' A " .4 sv I V' 1 '.l i J- ,,-1 CLASS OFFICERS: Dan White, Treasurer Sun Ann Rummel, Reporterg Duane Wyrick Secretary Carol Oxcndcr, Vice Presidonty Dean Hutchinson President . 5 R, ,'.. L ' X Carol Oxender Shirley Oxender Barbara Orewiler Mary Ricks Doyle Rodenbeck Robert Robison Sue Ann Rummel Linda Snow With A Busy Year Ianice Sohn Iames Speakman Ron Slagle Nancy Stark Robert Suntken Norman Thorp Kendall Traxler Dwight Wilson Dennis Whetro Dan White Ronald Wray Duane Wyrick ,psf D is . ggi!! Q inf QT!! f YR.- X mx V, 5 I' Marx in Yagel Rfk e lm .v ww' 7- 3 ' 'rn -4' 1 'A f . Ono ofthe Iunior projects is the selling of candy. Behind the counter arc: Sue Keller, Lyndal HUQQI and KENNY 4 ' 'fu n M Hamct. ,fi Ts X Y we I , l 5. . ,AX mission ccomplished Arthur, a senior this year, was very active in Vocational Agriculture and the Future Farmers of America. He held an office in the F.F.A. I-Ie was also a member of the high school chorus. He is sincerely missed by his classmates and school friends. In Memory Ol Arthur Rahmer who passed away Feb. 28, 1962 The picture above shows Rev. Brennaman and Rev. Davis receiving programs for the church services commemorating FFA week from Arthur. These pro- grams were used by the churches of the community. At left is a picture of the FFA officers including Arthur. Our final year has been filled with many activities , opportunities, pleas- ureful moments, 'and feelings of sorrow. The loss of Arthur and its shocking effect will be remembered throughout our lives. Our activities must certainly include the magazine drive, trip to Brockleys in Adrian, ordering senior pictures, Christmas dance, senior play, party at Kintner's cottage, senior trip, and graduation. We had the opportunity to learn and develop so that we could become self- sufficient and mature citizens. Many of us feel the urge for more education and so---in the fall---it will be more readin- ritin-and-rithmetic. Even though many of us could hardly wait for graduation day, the memories of our last year shall always remain dear and close to our hearts . We will always remember old N. C. H. S. Tfcasumf' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Mary Sue Lougheed, Secretary: Janet Rickard, Presidentg Nancy Franz, Vice President, Neva Whitney, Reporter: Bob Taylor, Janet Led Us Through A Successful Final Year ,,.. ---- ,f if f- Shown above are Nancy Franz and Ann Kintner. Ann and Nancy ranked in the top ten in the county in the senior scholarship tests. Ann with a second and Nancy ninth. Nice going Gals!!! Sandra Weaver and Ann Kintner posing behind the lectern that was a gift to the school from the class of 'GZ. Sandra was saiutatorian and Ann was vaiedictorian of this year's class . CHARLOTTE CLARK: Class Treasurer 25 Pep Club l5 Dra- matic Club 15 Paper Staff 45 Iunior and Senior Playsg Sportsman Club 15 Chorus 1. FRANCES CLARK: P. H.A. 1,2 , 3,45 Sportsman Club 15 Pep Club 45 Library Club 35 Hall Monitor 45 Paper Staff 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 Chorus l,Z,45 All-County Chorus 4. Gee Whizz ---- Boys Oulnumber The Girls---Whoops IOHN DIETRICH: Student Council President 45 F.F.A. 1,2,3, President 45 Sportsman Club 15 Iunior and Senior Plays5 Chorus 1,25 All County Chorus 1,25 Basketball 1, 2,3,45 Governor's Regional Safety Conference 35 Hall Monitor 3, 4. NANCY FRANZ: Class President 3, Vice President 45 Stu- dent Council Recorder l, Vice President 45 National Honor Society Vice President 3, Secretary 45 Science Club 25 G.A.A. 3,45 F.T.A. 25 Annual Staff 2, 3, Advertising Manager 45 Iunior Play5 Paper Staff 25 Cheerleader 3,45 District State Scholarship Team 1,25 Chorus 15 Governor's Regional Safety Conference 35 Senior Scholarship Test, 9th in County. ELAINE GILCHER: Service Club Vice President 15 G.A. A. Z,3,45 P.H.A. 1, Historian 2, Reporter 3, Parliamentarian 45 Library Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 45 Iunior and Senior P1ays5 District State Scholarship Team Z5 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 All County Band 1,25 All County Chorus 45 P.H.A. State Homemaker Degree 35 County P. H.A. Secretary 3. MARIAN HADLEY: F.T.A. l, 'President 2 , 3, 45 F.T.A. Merit Award 45 G.A.A. Z, Reporter 35 Library Club 4, Reporter 35 Pep Club 1,45 Service Club l5 Student Council Z,3, 45 Iunior and Senior Plays5 Annual Staff 2, Layout Editor 3, Editor in Chief 45 Paper Staff Editor in Chief 35 Chorus l,2,35 All County Chorus 25 Prince of Peace Speak- ing Contest 3, Local Winner and County Runner-up 45 Delegate to O.A. S.C. Convention 35 High School Citizen- ship Award 3, 4. 1 MARVIN HANE: Pep Club 45 Senior Play5 Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1,25 Library Club 45 Hall Monitor 3,45 Basket- ball 1,25 Baseball 15 Athletics Club 25 High Magazine Salesman. ROBERT HULBERT: Sportsman Club l5 Senior Play5 Cho- rus 1. BETTY IOY: Class Reporter 35 Y.P.C. 4, President 35 F.T.A. l, Vice President 25 Service Club Secretary 15 Pep Club 1,45 Senior Play5 Chorus l,2,35 Y.P.C. County Council 45 Prince of Peace Speaking Contest 35 All County Chorus 1,25 National Honor Society 45 Girls' State 3. ANN KINTNER: Class President 2, Vice President 35 Li- brary Club Secretary 35 Student Council 1, Secretary 2, 35 National Honor Society 3, President 45 Sportsman Club l5 Chorus 1,2,45 Band l,2, 3,45 F.T.A. 25 Local.Prince of Peace Speech Winner 35 Prince of Peace Essay 45 Quiz Book County Winner 35 Annual Staff 2 , Advertising Manager 3, Business Manager 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Junior and Senior Plays5 Cheerleader l,2, 3,45 All County Band 2, 35 All County Chorus 45 Christmas Fantasy Queen 35 District State Scholarship Team 1, 2 , 3 , 45 Valedictorian5 D. A. R. Good Citizen Award5 Best All Around Senior Girl5 Hall Monitor 4. Mr. Brockley Didn't Seem To Think So! NANCY KWADER: Science Club Vice President 25 Dra- matics Club 15 Pep Club 15 Chorus 1,25 G.A.A. 2,35 Paper Staff Z , Editor in Chief 45 Library Club 35 F.T.A. 4. RUTH LESLIE: G.A.A. 3, President 45 P.H.A. 15 Pep Club 15 Chorus l,2,45 All County Chorus 2,45 Band 3,45 Sportsman Club 15 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 2,45 Home- coming Queen 45 Iunior and Senior Plays. IUDY MARTIN: Class Secretary 15 G.A. A. 4, Vice Presil- dent 2, President 35 Sportsman Club 15 F.H.A. 1: Pep Club 1,45 Iunior Play5 Annual Staff 35 Cheerleader 1,2, 3,45 Chorus 1. MARY SUE LOUGHEED: Class Secretary 45 F.H.A. 15 Chorus 1,2, 45 Pep Club 15 Sportsman Club 15 Paper Staff 45 C.A. A. 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Hall Monitor 45 Iunior and Senior Plays5 All County Chorus 2,45 Attendant to F.P.A. Queen 15 Attendant to Christmas Fantasy Queen 4. Salesrnanship Sped Us Toward Our Trip To Gettysburg, SUZY OYER: Class Secretary Z5 F.H.A. 15 Sportsman Club 15 Pep Club 15 Senior Play5 Annual Staff 15 Paper Staff 45 Chorus 1,25 Senior Attendant to Homecoming Queen. IANET RICKARD: Class Reporter 1,2, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 45 G.A.A. 1, Treasurer 2, 3, Vice President 45 Pep Club 15 P.T.A. 2, 35 Student Council 3, 45 Iunior and Senior Plays5 Paper Staff 2,45 Annual Staff 3, Art Editor 45 Dis- trict State Scholarship Team 2,3,45 Chorus 1,25 Delegate to O.A. S.C. Convention 35 Attendant to Christmas Fantasy Queen 4. SANDRA STARK: F. H. A. 1,2 , 3, 45 Sportsman Club 15 Paper Staff 45 Chorus 1,2. LOLA SURBEY: Sportsman Club 15 Paper Staff 45 Chorus 1 ,2,45 Winner of Cherry Pie Baking Contest 3. The picture at left shows Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Brownson discuss- ing education with Mr. Phil Eskew of Huntington, Indiana. Mr. Eskew was commencement speaker at the exercises held on May 27. Mr. Clifford Black of Bryan was the speaker at baccalaureate services. Mr. Black is a student at Adrian college. Washington, New York, and Niagara Falls. ROBERT TAYLOR: Class Vice President 2, Treasurer 3, 45 Science Club Secretary 15 Hall Monitor 3,45 junior and Senior Playsg Basketball l, 2 , 3, 45 Baseball l, 2 , 3 , 4. SANDRA WEAVER: G.A.A. Treasurer 45 F, H.A. ly Pep Club 15 Chorus 1,45 Paper Staff 2,45 Annual Staff 45 Y.F.C. Club 35 Senior Play5 District State Scholarship Team l,2, 35 Delegate to Typing Contest Z5 Future Home- maker of Tomorrow Award 45 All County Chorus 45 National Honor Society 45 Hall Monitor 35 Salutatorian. NEVA WHITNEY: Class Reporter 45 Library Club 3, Presi- dent 45 Library Club Award 45 F.T.A. 3, Secretary-Treas- urer Z, Secretary 45 F.T.A. Merit Award 45 Sportsman Club 15 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 2,3,45 District State Scholarship Team l , 2 , 45 Chorus l. IUDITH YODER: F. H.A. l,Z,45 Sportsman Club l5 Li- brary Club 3,45 Paper Staff 45 Chorus l,2. GRADUATES OF 19 62 SEATED: Mary Sue Lougheed, Frances Clark, Ianet Rickard, Ann Kintner, Ruth Leslie, Sandra Stark. SECOND ROW: Bob Hulbert, Nancy Franz, Sandra Weaver, Iudy Martin, Elaine Gilcher, Suzy Oyer, Charlotte Clark, Nancy Kwader, Lola Surbey. BACK ROW: Iudy Yoder, Bob Taylor, Iohn Dietrich, Marvin Hane, Betty Ioy, Neva Whitney, Betty Hadley. W Doyle Rodenbeck played the organ preceding both exercises. Mrs. Evers played the marches for the Seniors during the afternoon and Carol Martin and Stuart Hinkle and Ianet Cook were chosen by the Senior Class , Ioy Hess played for the evening. to lead the graduates in for both baccalaureate and commence- mont. HONORS AND AWARDS District-State Scholarship Test Winners fDivision IID Ioan Spieth, English Il, First in District, Fourth in State Barbara Orewiler, English Ill, Third in Dis- trict, Fourth in State Ronald Wells, English I, Fifth in District, Ninth in State Donald Wells, Latin l, Third in District, Thirteenth in State Ianet Kintner, Biology, Seventh in District, Twentieth in State Carol Oxender, Chemistry, Fourth in District Doyle Rodenbeck, Latin ll, Ninth in District Neva Whitney, Bookkeeping, Fifteenth in District Iohn Dietrich and Ann Kintner were selected this year as the Best All Around Boy and Girl of the graduating class . Both Ann and john have been active in extra-curricular activities. Betty Ioy lighting candle at "tapping" ceremony for National Honor Society as- sembly. PRELIMINARY DISTRICT-STATE SCIIOLARSIUI' WINNERS English l--Ron Wells, Don Wells, Sue Morningstar. English ll--Ioan Spivth, Ianet Kintner, Ieffrey Thompson. English Ill--Barbara Orewiler, Doyle Rodenbeek, Carol Oxender. English IV--Ann Kintner, Neva Whitney, Ianet Rickard. Latin I--Donald Wells, Gary Hambleton, David Gallutia. Latin ll--Carol Oxender, Doyle Rodenbeck, Barbara Orewiler. French I--Dwight Wilson, Linda Mapes, Ron Slagle. General Science --Ron Wells, tie second Donald Wells and Steven Clymer. Biology--Ioan Spieth, tie second Sharon Franz and Ianet Kintner. Chemistry--Carol Oxender, Ann Kintner, Nancy Franz. Algebra I--Carol Martin, tie second Susan Hoffman and Carmen Cummins. Plane Geometry--Sharon Franz, tie second Ianet Kintner and Lowell Bavin. World History--Roger Meyer, Charles White, Betty Hadley. American History--Carol Oxender, Dwight Wilson, Darlene Dietrich. Senior Social Studies--Ann Kintner, Ianet Rickard, Nancy Franz. Bookkeeping--Neva Whitney, tie second Duane Wyrick and Ianet Rickard. Y? t 1 I'1i ,, my .,,,...,,... Nancy Kwader and Judy Yoder received awards for the outstanding work they have done on the school paper this year. Nancy was Editor in Chief and Iudy was Layout Editor. Neva Whitney and Betty lladley wt rc, awarded the F.T.A. Merit Award. In order to receive this, the girls had to meet the required standards set up in the by-laws. Neva also won a SIUU scholarship awarded by North Western Electric Cooperative, and the Library club award for outstanding achievement. Well MARVIN ll! Seniors Enioy Themselves In How will you explain this to Icanie, John? Ferry ride tg the Statue of Liberty Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Washington and New York 'f 1 -"5 ll A .Q x 'al Mff an Q4 "1- Mimi 'A . L ' Bob Taylor and Indy Martin getting in a little sack Mgum Vqgmon gn the Pgtomag time. SWK ...A , X Aw 2 ,Q ,W S fue! be gn '- -.f Y. 31255 v 5 ,f ' ey L: w aww' .mg S egg ni' ,W Mg rig . . . , tw' N Senior Prom Held At Turnpike Plaza . ,V gf 5 P--. Y' ef A " ill , Janet Rickard, Dean Hutchison, Mr. Brownson, Waiting to be served are Iudy Martin, Bob Taylor, Nancy Kvvader, Mrs. Brownson, Mr. Mclhorn, Mrs. Melhorn. and Dennis Whetro. LEl"l' TO RIGHT: Cheryl Weckesser, Marvin Hane, Susan Wilgus, Ieff Carol must have enjoyed your joke, Thompson, Nick Huard, janet Rickard, Charlotte Clark, Sherman Baker. Mr. Rodgers. 3 ia Q V .f ' " ' fi N" k Km A ,I y R L Q .A Q ,, , RRI F1 it T , Y i""" . New Haven High School musical group provided theidancinq Iim Messncr provided the dinner music. 'nusic lor thu evening. 70 f,X app opriations In Bryan It's Brownie's Good Food One Block East Of The Courthouse Jones Clover Farm Groceries --- Meats Vegetables Pioneer Ohio Throne Monument Works "Rock Of Ages Memorials" A Fine Selection Of The Latest Designs On Display In Business Since 1898 Phone 2 0 2 1 Pioneer Ohio Zulch Photo 81 Camera Shop Pull Line Of Photographic Equipment Webcor Record Player Voice Of Music Tape Recorders 796 W. Main Street Montpelier Ohio Allen-Cunniff Carpeting -- Furniture Draperies Convenient Terms Montpelier Ohio A l Established 1888 West Unity Banking A Pull Service Bank 32 Interest On Time Deposits Phone 924-2553 Member P. D.l.C. West Unity Ohio Home Store Groceries - Meats - Drugs Iake Esterline - Proprietor Phone 9471 Kunkle Ohio HOME TDI!! liechty Farm Supply QH DEERE 3 O QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Montpelier Ohio Y, Gorny-Winzeler Business Machines Office Supplies Hallmark Cards Gifts Montpelier - Phone 485-3191 Bryan - Phone 636-3191 Storage Locker Rentals Wholesale And Retail Of Fine Beef And Pork Montpelier Frozen Food lockers Rolland Henry Proprietor Ph. Mont. 485-3980 Montpelier Ohio Your Patronage Is Appreciated Ernie Eidenier, Owner Phone 3661 Pioneer Ohio Pioneer Electric Philco Appliances Television - Radios Sales - Services Phone 2931 Box 157 Pioneer Ohio .fax ' E' K Y . v A Spokes Diner gl . - Fine Food - Fun Iunction 15 Sc 20 1 Mile South Of Pioneer Your Super Dollar Market Bud's Super Market 1 Fresh Fruits In Season Pioneer Ohio Bales Hardware SPEED QUEEN WASHERS GQ DRYERS I-IANNA ---- PAINTS ---- SPORTING GOODS HEATING ---- PLUMBING ---- LP GAS SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF Greek Motor Sales PONTIAC AND OLDSMOBILE xi' up THE W S 40" . OO . 0 e::5.,.x ' 'U 1:53 w e INDUSTRIAL AIR TOOLS AI X R'a e'3'i1P fs' a Nix ' ' ' .AS-A -QM- AI " I 'FI - I a AIR TOOLS FOR AIR-POWERED AUTO LUBRICATING AUTOMATION HOISTS EQUIPMENT SPECIALIZED CRYOGENIC AIRCRAFT PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT for quality-made products 'o it's Throughout the world today, h users find Aro products out- ! standing for efficient dependable performance . . . backed by 26 years of know-how, continuous product-improvementand devel- aj opment research. Aro quality .. makes friends everywhere! 5 r THE ARO EQUIPMENT CORPORATION Bryan and Cleveland, Ohio Aro of California, Los Angeles 7 Ara Equipment of Canada, Ltd., Toronto I5, Onfurio Olficex in All PrincipaI Ciliu ,QW ,,.,,, Z, .,,,.,,,, 47527 ,,,. 7: ,.,,, f,,, L M, wma, 4 .,,' z .a,.,, 1 A L' 4 W f ff , " " . WWW :'WzW"zW'fzff r'vzf,v,'41?" I ov - QQ: FARM LUBRICATING EQUIPMENT Thorp Auction St Realty Auctioneers Sc Realtors Farms - Homes - Business In Ohio - Michigan - Indiana The Land Of Auction Men Phone 2 42 3 Pioneer Ohio I. Thomas Gamboe 8g Son Livestock Dealer Buying Wednesday - Saturday lp 91:0 I2 1-LM. Q By Appointment Any Time Monday Calf Day Our fortune teller predicts a win while a dummy of the opposing team is thrown to a fiery death. Pioneer Ohio Rexall Drug Store WM. HOCK --- PHARMACIST COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE PHONE 2642 IF NO ANSWER PHONE 3713 PIONEER OHIO BUYERS OF --- C ORN WHEAT 1 cms BEANS 1, , . I . Pioneer Milling Company A MASTER MDC ---- GRINDING 6: MIXING PIONEER ' l oHIo Waldron Feed VERNON R. YOUNG, PROPRIETOR I PHONE ,6-2 782 V WALDRON MICHIGJ-IN Haclleys SINCE l 8 68 DRY GOODS - CLOTHING - SHOES AND PLOOR COVERINGS PIONEER OHIO Clare 81 Lee's Shell Station BULK DELIVERY PHONE 2 7 8 3 PIONEER OHIO Brockley Studio 227 South Main Street Adrian Michigan ranz Greg Thorp Sandra Weaver Butch Stantz uth Lesliep Dennis Vtfhethrop Bonnie Becky anc Iudy Coats. Hey let's TWIST! And twist they did! Nancy F 1 2 z . R Exit 2 Motel Restaurant Steaks Parties - Banquets Chicken Full Course Dinners Seafood Open 6 A.M. To ll P.M Montpelier Ohio Cash Buyers Of Live Poultry Chas. M. Reifel 84 Son Phone 2852 Or 2857 Pioneer, Ohio Building Sc Farm Supply Ricks lumber Company l Mile East Of Kunkle, Ohio Phone West Unity 4131 Kunkle Ohio Open 9 A.M. - 9 P.M. Miller Super Dollar For Your Shopping Convenience Located On Route 20A East Edge Of Montpelier Montpelier Ohio Compliments Of Pioneer Transformer Co. Pioneer Ohio Compliments Of Compliments Of Mohawk Tools lo u d e n ' s Montpelier Ohio Montpelier Ohio r Member Of Florist Telegraph Delivery Compliments Of KindIer's Flowers Montpelrer Creamery Co. Artistically Arranged, Moderately Priced Montpelier Ohio Montpelier Ohio Compliments Of loy's Garage , 0 , Drck's Plumbrng 8r Heatrng Pennzoil Dick Moon Phone 3491 Phone 3202 Pioneer Ohio Pioneer Ohio Dodge - Studebaker - Lark Compliments Of Kerr Auto Sales Economy Savings Across From Ir. High School Founded 1892 In Bryan Ohio Bryan Ohio i Free Parking 122 West High Street Insurance Sc Bonds Caroll-Ames Company Walters 84 Peck Insurance Agency Bryan's Complete Hardware Store 140 South Lynn Street TV Sc Appliance Store Phone 63 6-3134 G.E. - Philco - Bendix - Motorola Hubert W. Hutchinson Associate Agent Bryan Ohio Bryan Ohio Established 1893 Sales Service Edon State Bank Open Evenings Member ee The Friskney Ford Sales Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Edon Ohio Edon Ohio Compliments Of General Carpenter 51 Contractor Treva's Beauty Salon Homer W' Wfigh' Cabinet Work A Speciality Phone 3328 Phone 3291 Kunkle Ohio Pioneer Ohio I Welcome To The Ready Mix Concrete And Blacktop Drive Skate A-way Northwest Materials Where Friends Meet Friends Phone Pioneer 2772 Mr. St Mrs. Richard Shonk Owners Montpelier Ohio Pioneer Ohio Compliments Of Compliments Of Ruth's Beauty Shop E. M. Waters Ruth Shephard - Owner Phone 3544 Pioneer Ohio Pioneer Ohio Allen Beauty Shop ABLOVGIHSYOUR e eau y po Ph 3314 Call 3094 P p t Gladys Oliver oan I-la k O P Oh I t p t O pl t Of C pl t Of ZHrHh'S Beauty SHIOI1 lonabargefs Sales 81 Service Ph 485 3855 Phone 2151 Pioneer Ohio Pioneer Ohio "Great For Your Date" Fast Service RaIph's Restaurant 84 Dairy Bar K 3, R Cleaners Ralph St Gertie Fahringer Next To Bryan Theater B y Ohio B y Ohi Marathon Petroleum Products Cas - Fuel Oil - Lubricants Montpelier Wm. I. Rohrs 485-3489 Max Reese 485-3573 Compliments Of Western Auto Phone 485-3349 Montpelier Ohio Ohio Compliments Of White Motor Co Montpelier Division Montpelier Ohio Compliments Of Thompson Funeral Home Pioneer Ohio Compliments Of West Umty lumber Phone 2691 West Unity r Compliments Of Ohio on ' l Meatsl Gfpceries Quality Gras bers Market Del Shumeker Prop. l Pioneer Ohio Beckers Restaurant Pioneer Ohio Body Shop P Wrecker Service Short Sales Phone 3832 X Wrecking Yard West Unity Ohio Gasoline St Motor Oil Dick's Sunoco Sewice Kelly - Springfield Tires Hardware Sherman-Williams Paint Kunkle Ohio Compliments Of Star Market Fancy Meats Quality Groceries Montpelier Ohio Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Bryan Ohio Compliments Of Ohio Gas Co. Montpelier Ohio Always A Friendly Welcome Good Food ---- Good Coffee Dot's Diner 113 Empire St. Montpelier Ohio Compliments Of Kimmels Drugs Montpelier Ohio Compliments Of l De G roff's , Pharmacy r Montpelier Ohio 27 Years Of Business I. A. Martin, Proprietor l City Hardware Formally City Appliance Store Dupont Paints Glidden Paints Q Smith - Alsop Paints l Houseware ---- Tools l Montpelier Ohio Compliments Of Peltcs lumber Company Phone 2 042 Pioneer Ohio Compliments Of Nickles Bakery Home Delivery Of Bread Sf Baked Goods Phone 636-2858 Pioneer Ohio Watch thos e HIPS! l Bottoms up! Don't be shy Snail! MENDLESON EGG CO. INC. West Unity Ohio T Sf W SECOND Pioneer, Ohio BOONE LUMBER CO. Montpelier Ohio HAND STORE LEADER ENTERPRISE Montpelier, Ohio YODER'S POSY SHOP Pioneer, Ohio KIRKENDALL'S GAS Sf Montpelier, Ohio KEEN'S DRUGS Bryan, Ohio GROCERIES I. I. NEWBURY Bryan, Ohio HART'S DESIRE RES'I'AURANT Montpelier, Ohio RAY PHILLIPS Bryan, Ohio SALLY'S DRESS SHOP Montpelier Ohio SUTTER'S DRUG STORE Bryan, Ohio GEESY'S BAKERY SHOP Montpelier, Ohio RUSSEL'S Bryan, Ohio GRICE'S IEWELRY STORE Montpelier Ohio DAVY LEE Bryan, Ohio TRAXLERS HARDWARE Kunkle Ohio RINGERS REXALL Bryan, Ohio 90 FURNITURE PAINTS WALLPAPER LINOLEUM GIFT BAR FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE YOU BUY FINE FURNITURE AT Des Ermia's LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES CONVENIENT TERMS Banking PROVIDES ITS CUSTOMERS WITH CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CHRISTMAS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CASHIER'S CHECKS P O If MONEY ORDERS PARM S HOME LOANS AUTO LOANS APPLIANCE. LOANS PERSONAL LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TRAVELERS CHECKS CHANGE AND CURRENCY PROGRESSIVE LOAN POLICY Company A GOOD PLACE TO BANK MODERN OFFICES U. S. SAVINGS BOND ISSUED AND CASHED CONFIDENCE IN ALL TRANSACTIONS 91 IOICES TV 8: RADIO SALES YODERS BEAUTY SHOP Montpelier, Ohio SERVICE Pioneer, Ohio EAST END GARAGE Pioneer, Ohio ELSEA LYONS Montpelier, Ohio KUEHNE RADIO 6: TV Pioneer, Ohio DR. BEARD Pioneer, Ohio EVERHART'S DAIRY ISLE Bryan, Ohio LA PETITE SHOP Pioneer, Ohio NEWCOMB GROCERY Pioneer, Ohio COLONIAL MANOR MOTEL Bryan, Ohio DEAN'S FARM SUPPLY Pioneer, Ohio EAST END GARAGE Pioneer, Ohio SPANGLER IMPLEMENT Bryan, Ohio GUY IACOBSEN LAWN MOWERS Pioneer, Ohio y " "'c- . o 5, National Bank of Montpelier 'Nt s'-'C Member Of Federal Reserve System Montpelier Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Winzeler Stamping Co. 8 Winzeler Products SINCE l9 19 PHONE 485-3147 MONTPELIER OHIO 92 ,SQ :ji N N Y bfi ' t X-,iggy rEQ k 6 if K ff LL irxex, KN XJ kc, KAMQXP LN MIA fm QI. 1 W5 5 " ' U "1 'KC LPKXK, .sy Bmw' b - -Qfxx " L k L4 Q ' d X , W , XW X., A ,- xrxf tix. .x Ls gg g LL .L 1 Xxx, my Cflc ilu., " . UH 'I Lk C rf G ' A, -Xrf X' J Q L, I , 'L-K PX 'V' U45 ' N ff Ca, f 0 6-Lim, f OM 'UL X. y W" Rf, LK 17 w M ' I YAK x ,K I L14 2 : V- V f L ix 91 1 1 L if Lx. L. x 7 . ,I .QI U cl Ckkf- f gf Q fb, 4 4 X. X! L, - vt Qu IJ fc f' I .1 If J cg 7'f 1 , I, Al, A- f X' fi lc Q 4 ck K ,X -C If V X X' ' --11 J? NN I0 K7

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