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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1987 volume:

K ii K J' ' "' - ", F !SC.Viff1'Q1U?Tf"Zbl'1,. V f f ,vi , X. 1., N, Xf ,H an-'L' S ., 6 :? W f,..-0 - ,. f. gg- w x. ,hi . 4 , , , 0 . 4. gl- ff 1,-, ., xiii W - f 'ZS ,fy W .K uf .5 , , , . , M432 Q: H , X - H. J S. V XA , :- X. , Q f X 50 f f f ff . 2 1' 7 Q , ,X 45 L55 ff, 32 ,5 4 ,e ' 3 W . , 4 ,, f . , ' ' if 59 si Q 'W "2 15 f' 9 ' -. , Q 'if 2 'ff 7 ,Q Q51 3 H ,Ai 5 , , , LL.. , Q. , ff' 5 ' WxN1,IfV li if :ZW 21, f , ' Y 2251 fM'w1f'-'45-Qu W nf xl S Cui, A1 f A3 .mr gg, W4 43533 J 3 N - ew bmi 1,1 iz Q 3 " , + W .-,Fix is w M aww ww hw. 7,-ary . -1 , ,s 2 ' w:5k,w, fm 3 Jim X . f ,,,gef,,,wA ff, fx -, W1 f. : '42,--,E 5 , 'L ff , ff -.xv x X Q, 1 wp,-vit v W ,-Q 1 Jzfffwm, , V f '?K"v? 5' "" f ' Q ziwsigx W , .' ,P-MV-uw f ,xi gi, ,W - f 1 XY. V Q! 11 Q fc f, -PM -ft F 'lfiyyaqgji 1' 7 Aug- ef wif- f , We Q N Q f My 5 W ..... ,4 , 1 A. , f .Vw x uf., ,-X ,eg ffwwff '2 X f 4 . , .W ,S Q 4t.,W ly :1'4lWf5Sa'f1-fag' 'S-J Y'H,Z. 'Q 41.42 - .axfw 5 l'Q5:sSMgQ3 - 5. ,vigg-'73, gggw 1364 favpig- f ,M ff, -' ,gf - 2 As 'f , A if ,S ffifif fy .M-E73 ' 1 ii 4 , ,fa N' ia 50103: gwawk Q, W ff if Q 'g' L f- gs- . 41 Nl an Y?fi.g11f'5f2' , Xa, I L M, fig ' N 'V' WP 'SX X mf' A " tr 1 :A ' S? Jil -fy' ' fm- :- f -ee? V' W2 Wi' '17 wiifya f f? ' W' vw ff. QV ' 'K ' . ' fx , 5252- 4, m s. ?mq,,.igf7Vf3f'lV.6Z iff" 1-fi -if Yzg' if . fir? 2 z. , l ' 1' pm Q - if ' gf 0 Q K fr' ' " ' fig f R ' f..,.Pj-:I- V Fx kw Q v- wa? 55 fi:-' W '- ,, .:.,, , - x ,4f- . Y, N X W. " ' 2535 f1f:.'r. ., V ' ,X gh , , Q.: S ,- ffm?-.'...:v - ff WV xA f X K 1 x W QQ, .':f':' SZFZJ' lg xv 'sf ef . E: 'qc' ,f' f ""' Q RQ' tiff f f f Q ? , if ' .M px , f, M- Hi xx 4, ,wiv as , ,QW A, 4 ,f K f X 1 ii' g Q 2 Aix Campus Activities wg Life Admmzstratxon 1 M 2 5335 4, we is A we x :si 353 an I yd fy X mff,,,QV ,QW ff' if, .,: EAR, A SPECTRUM STAFF Edltor m Chlef Ann Randall Staff Chnstlna Beavers Dan Beebe Becky Brown Christina Casey NORTH CENTRAL CCLLEGE SPECTRUM FOR 1987 A publication by the students of North Central College THIS S NORTH CENTRAL --H411-wWf4lW'W"Wf ,W 1,"' 2 , -"' My fy xg . ff? fff 57h T f 1 if xg -ll 'W f fn , ,M 7 Q mf- 4' f ,, ,.,. . , tf ,gm ,f ,f , 4 W f M ,A up Z Magi ' 1 ,f ' f W cfm .Av , f My , V, f , W ww ,Awww , J, I Q . 4 if I f w la, Z! Wy A ' ,A . 'W ds, fn' I r f , X w Xxx rg 1 'X . Xia Vu: 1 v if X, XX jf! , X, X X 4' x Vs S. - f-. -'UQ ,1,.,x ::j':".f 'yr .ft-nr - - ,uw , ,,, , ,ui v .' L.L:1" ' ' ' vu wg'-aww" -....:.,g12'f 12' ifitlfi?-3415, . L- ' ' 1 ' - ' 1 f""' jk' :jak gggig:-'i5:g..i3Q1 f- ,:.'..'L,-. :,.. .xi ., 4 , 1' '1 ' : -'Y' " , , 'Vx' n.,gf.gL-T--L1.:l.,.,,: .1 .,,-,, f::r,.:.,::':-.::":,L:pl':' .1-:L un:-'N' H 1---M-1 1 Q' :j5y1.:: ..,1,Lg4.u:EE 1 2 1. 2.1: 1 , -.' .-:1,:.L:.:4:1-- 11-Jgmw -2- -----0- -A ----- 125551 ".,: 5 ' Lr:'::11rI.z:r.:::g.-:'1:... ... :z'::" """:r -- - --'- -:gfgg,:1::,g1f 'I I TTU ' N 1 I 1 l ll ' ' ' ' Ill !!!,,. ,.., . ,f!!!!!!!g!!!M-1 A A V f 1 : mf ., f-aw:---'f V Q-2132.':,1zff,f::,:'..: f2AL.,2i,' ,, ., i 6' 41lgg... ' -, 34.7 .V ,If , lf' 'S' fi Q3 A' ' Lv ,-', 4 ,h,4,,.f 'und' 4 W :S- ' if umzmlwin ffifmmfw B119 is n..,..':1'f,, 'mm v.-....-... .. hw-N--...... hwy S. MW . ,. , .W f f,-f 1 inf Vv,Ay3g.w1sw5g.,k W., .,, , ,..,,, ,..,,,Y, ,W . Vf:','fIf?'Yf4.VmW,WM'l ' 'Wx-?74'AW2f.!4?W-Q vfff5?5'3??'?hf 5,0 1. ' . A A ,, , ,M , z,,L,, f ffy n , If fa j QW W: Af .ff 5' 5- f 4.4 ., if I , i :Ma .'i1,,,fiZf WMWW, ,, 074. Q A W , - ,. 'Z ' . .,,. ., . . ,,, iff. gf' W ,,,,M,, 4, , ., , Y ,4 gf , ir, 7 f. . ,mm K, BE 'S -.P 5 ., . F ANN -?L:9V':f,k1g -1' WN 5, ,f iN 4 Q2 ' , we UQ? Ya . Vzba. -2 -...- -- ....,.. ...... !...,. V z ' X 'HYYY .-f -' WM! N .1 ' 2 " " uf A 1 . 1. ' 1-:::.-1,-'4.,, , ' :iw ,:, . -,N NM My ',3?2?j?3vW'i5k' S 1 AQQQWM1 A' ,pw ff? g,A.Nn-wf- 11 - A ..,. 1 . . ff 1 1141121 11 ,1,. ,A .W N A , ..,,, . .. . 1 K' ,lm 2 l vw...- .4 1 w A690 if f . 5 5 1 4 U 1 3 1 1 1 ,ii 1 1 x 1 w 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 '1 N V I 5 1 4 . 'ff' .- R 'W' ,. V 6.,,M 'fg' 1' M-'rw ., -,f U Q 1':,',,' . L .af - K Agfa?-gxgfzg NV Q. 1, pi 'FN YQ' A, 5 QQ ky 4 5 if H.. ws 'ff fy 3 ' g WU x 3 is! g ' S0 ia' 7 5, 'f 1 4 54" 'KI , A get E M Q 4 'i 2 1 'Y' xt 'g Q Zi.. ,www M J vnkmiikgima W ,nzwwwm wwf wffwwf A W ,wmwlimwmmar t ' ' , , . , .2 V, I, .,., , , VV A . VI Xy g KN WWW , M , .3 .,,.. 1 44,2 :W W ,.,j4 . WNW mZ,:EqEf.,,,..l:A,, , ,. ,. , ,,, , Q g I ? Z g Q Q 'iv-1 -Q ' ' M, . W .M - . V , ff ..,, f wx ,f Q Q '- NNW 9' ' '- M5 4 33' 7? 24' JM. Wfmiwf. . Y i'f 5 Sf W f 1' X if - ,A R? ' 'f , ' ' X, M I w - rf! lvrfwfffzv 5 2 '53 10 5 445: -' vw X X, I 4 aiu W' 1 'TA Q ' pg N 4 ipw Qgvwi ,,,f- V l . -,, . , 1 ., -' . , I " ,up If .- Nh I, 'Wg' ,, Vl,. f 3 ,. H. : V, ,V A' A A159 A1 . ,, ri If C,sxa,L506 unc? I . W., a,9lne,,.Qs, 4 A .,,. , I ,, W f fa? .gafgvx "".'?c, 'W ,femff f I 1' My , My 9 sp.. ,V cf lf gig: X? i lwxil A- Z ra QQ 5' W v ' 0 5' A H-5 P za v 'ini f1v,, ,i 4535 'f a g A in M'-"" V ,M , 9 Aa. , Wi gf1i,'ifi"f,"f2'g,.HZ,mQ ' MQ? VJ gm 'f QV W I Q K We w"" we A A -.w,:"b'wM f W 8 . ,- f' x 1' " 2 W ' 7' 'L A N . . If ,,f' ' ' 4 1 v i A . 4. 1' f ', ,r,f"'5 . x 'If ' W I ' X x" ,f Wav ACTIVITIES , mf 4 4 .. ' r H16 -,Z tlr,'f '-1 , bla, 'u .- faan, 'Q' . ,. Q ., . ' -,- f , . , ,f ug. - . ., lag., D-wht. h'., , -. ,. , 'Q 1, , v..- , in 8, . 's ' ,' v 1, .Q "U ,. ' .,:. M . 'I,, ,"." 'wwf jv, 16 , M., 1 ,W .L .,., 'Hum 't l-A . ,,, 'n 4 '- - uf .1' ia 'M X. 'X 'Q Vw ,-.G . ff, r :fA 1' 5 ma .533 , . if Ugg , 'K N-ui fi x tif 5 54 5 Vs li' X ui .-Nx' s, lf" 'Y , A -J.. -. Y 'Kb . WN Jodi gives Brian a tender kiss at the dance. V I nw!! L N Spirited students provide entertainment at the Homecoming Game. Becky deals poker at the Casino Night HGMECCMING -.-'D The Homecoming Court strolls around the track dunng the halftime show. With Kaufman decorated for its 125th birthday party, these students enjoy their dinner. "Celebrate" was the theme of Homecoming '86. The week was full of activities and lots of Cardi- nal spirit. It started with the Beatles and the movie "Yellow Submarine" followed by subs in the Cardinal Den. Residence Life held a dance Saturday night in the Seager Lounge and on Sunday the Commuter Club sponsored a picnic. Monday night was Convocation to "meet" the Court nominees, and Tuesday was Casino Night in the Cage. Wednesday MSA sponsored movies and popcom. A birthday party was held in Kauf man on Thurdsay. Friday was the annual pep rally where this year's Court was an- nounced. lt included: Tom Pavich, Casanova,- Julee Anderson, Queenp Joy Gustafson, Senior Attendantf Jodi Miller, JuniorAttendant,' Christi- na Beavers, Sophomore Attendant: and Eve Ogan, Freshman Attendant. Saturday started with the football game and ended with the Homecoming Dance at Gala West. Homecoming was certainly a C ELEBRA TIOH and much fun for all who participated. Y If These Freshman girls cheered on their boys in the Fresh-Soph tug. These people relax while dancing at the "Here 's to Good Friends" Dance. Humber 12 shows his Cardinal spirit for the game. an Q " ' ,W ,M ' N'-usffggf ' mf www 3' W1 . . f.m. Z0 'nf'-.',Z .. 3. ,Hn 1" W Q, .- A""lluu.,, . c a 'f 'Q W, , QM, swf? ss, -- r ' I m,.A..f" . f HGMECOMIN Kg. X EH 'he Cheerleaders Pe'f0l'm at U19 PCD Tally- Mr. Guthrie calls Casino I'Iight's bingo. QM . ,A W f G ff 59 3, f to pull the red ribbon to the Sophomore side. " ff W 41 fffif Q4 fskwfq xv' ig"Ag'Z?",. ma Pam Gerardy Bunny Hop's at the dance. 35 LM :QW 7 , aw,-wma '5'l"" -'f Q.. 4 ,y m,i,.f: '1 ,t cz- Qwgf 1 gt , ,, , '. - in fhv py . is UAT, my I d'ud bfQ7y'11zic1 4 yyee , to A 5fx!.UmI,S A , - mo! nH.xnu ' Y'41 This banner lets dad know he is "King for a Day". Kristin Waehner and her father pose for a picture at Dad's Day. Q '5NMii,,.g?5' ,W-ws-I2 Y V Km '- i i., i.VQ- A, Ron Selesky and Russ Stratton smile after a Cardinal victory. Plumber three takes the football down tha. field towards another Cardinal win. DAD ' S DAY The Pom Pon 's did a special routine during halftime for their fathers. Each father received a crown which made him a King. This year's Dad's Day featured pop as KING. After the reception at President Swing 's house, it was time for the annual football game. The fathers enjoyed another Cardinal win. Next it was off to the Merner Fieldhouse to celebrate in a Shakespearian festival. 'r TF H. oofd 7' WM' Mlm1rEll N Cy flmuwnt x gf? 05? .JO WWW 'WS 'S' ll db Ann, Mike, Dan, and Donna try to win big bucks. Brett and Stephanie enjoy themselves at the Winter Dance. 3 Melissa explains to Dave her Hewlywed Game strategy. President Swing serves pizza to students ir the new Cardinal Den. WI TER CARN VA Anita Artensen and Sam Nelson boogie to the music at the Winter Camival Dance. Mike and Jodi grin alter getting the correct answer. This year the theme for Winter Camival was "Around the World in 50 Days". C UAB sponsored such activities as an old American Sock Hop, a Mexican Fiesta, and an Atlantic City Casino Night. The most popular event was the Plewlywed Game in which twelve couples competed for the chance to be the best couple on campus. Winners includ- ed Mike Bukovsky and Jodi Pajerski,- Tom Domin- ick and Tricia Stepanp and Jerry Breitbarth and Christi Beavers. "A Night In Paris" was held at the Radisson Hotel in Downer's Grove to end Winter Carnival. A fun time was had by all. Tom Dominick and Tricia Stepan celebrate their Newlywed win. Joe Berger auctions Casino Night prizes. 2 If S 'Q xx Byron Robertson and his date compare the "smi- ley face" stamps on their hands. L'vww-mhuw"N - M G IWW WI TER CA VA i' I Q vfifuwn. MW ffl y W W f ., Blizzard of Bucks booth. entine Balloon Bouquets sold. students try to qualiljv fora chance in the Leslie Mason prepares one of the many Val- Jeny Breitbarth listens to Christi Beavers explain why she "hates" his anny pants. The guitarist from the "Famous Vacation ers" performs at the Mexican Fiesta. -Q I 'W .1 - Sibling 's Day committee show enthusiastic smiles. Vicki Janczack deals a hand of cards to future cardsharks. 1 I . - Q, x 4' if ml" Jim Harrington deals cards to a couple of HCC students and their siblings. Siblings came in all sizes. X l. g game of SIBLI G'S DAY During Winter term CUAB sponsored its second annual Sibling 's Day. Quite a crowd of younger and older brothers and sisters tumed out. Ac- tivities included casino games and prizes, pizza dinner, women 's basketball, and a sock hop. DA JJ lk? - WW? W ' f Y pm! i V sim Mike Pierce and Greg Kontos talk as their "wives" look on. Directors Michael Ouellette and A yesha Sharilf critique the performance. c ' ' 7 Q if K Q , 3 Q tc i Q 4 IS Xxx .X ' if '-', , M , x V, M iv ' . ---- -4- . ,-, we I hs 1 fi gs ' ' :vi 3 ' ' i f fs I 4 V ' ' f it . . V Q 5 jd f ' , ' A 1 -. 1 g ,, - A . t , X75 r "", K I J , , , 4223 .l'F.ZW" 1 fit ff I I Y 1 Q, if The cast takes a bow at the conclusion of the musical. A view ofthe orchestra as the action on stage. I TER MUS CAL ' ...f Q xi' -W Q ,gf N .5 " ' f E5 , I H , . . .f ' ' . 1 " "' ..N M.N't's'Y Xffi. ' 'YE ls G Q2 WM W fm 'ying' Q, Q- r v- - X ":?'.,:- sf X201 as is Y?" C R ' -., wp N 1 ,ifvwg Y-QW? gigs .ft 'Q 59,32 :' 'f' -N fairii' -.ea John Horton, as Aegeon, pleads for his life. Dan Beebe and Lisa Kendzior relax as Eve Ogan fans them. The North Central College Theatre Guild pre- sented Rodgers' and Hart's "The Boys for Syracuse"as the winter musical this year. It is based on Shakespeare 's "The Comedy of Er- rors" and tells the story of two sets of twins separated at birth. Antipholus of Syracuse starts searching for Antipholus of Ephesus, and the fun begins. The brothers are often mistaken for each other, lending humor to the situation. The work is indeed a comedy and was enjoyed by both those who saw it and those who worked on it. Evening perfor- mances were held Februaiy 20, 21, 27, and 28. A matinee performance was given on Feb- ruafy 22. '871 TQURS Gm: AT AMERYCAN 5' ,' f V Q ,fc A ' 1 'L ' -- .5 , V 1 Y I. ,-7 A L , 7 '-.A::,. W Q ' 5 f t 1 ,, , t e s i t 2 N . , yf' ' ' 2' G 'v'V . 'f1v:?v2 .- .'.' , I VP ...lj ,, V Q, ' ' ,.v,., .G ' 5, 1 .Pj A in Pmnmm AA 1' f an A ' Mraz, M r-WJMIQ ww: 5 , it ,, 3 ?y I 4 5 ? Q tl " V, 'v M Q 4 T 4 M The men pose on the deck before hitting the beach. The tow truck pulls the bus from the ditch. W WU 12? Jen'y and Christi enjoy a night out on the town at Daytona Beach. Everyone works together to try to push the bus. SPRI G BRE K 'WN The NCC bunch at Daytona Beach. ,ish Leslie Mason enjoys herself at the Hawaiian Luau. Daytona Beach was the setting for a busload of NCC students during Spring Break '8 7. After a 25-hour, grueling bus ride, NCC students spent a week hitting the beaches, plantations, Disney World, Epcot Center, and a Hawaiian Luau. Al- though that was exciting, the biggest thrill came when the bus was forced into a ditch on the way home. FT : Blue Moon Cafe was a new program at North Central this U I1 year. It was presented by CUAB to give the students the C atmosphere ofa night club. The Cage was decorated in blue, E g IF E with candles on the tables and refreshments provided. Scott Jones was the first of many acts to be included in the Blue 10 60 Moon series. Mr. Jones performed music and comedy for the 4: Q, crowd. Electric Zoot Suit appeared on April 21. This comedy 7' 11 Qyx' team is known for their skits and parodies. On May 19, Alex CENTR AL C Cole, a comedic entertainer, performed with the Graf Broth- ers, a musical duo. Billiam Coronel was featured at the HY Comedy Lalfolli The LafFOfl' ended the Blue Moon Cafe season that many students enjoyed. Kfv ?0l il -----mn....1 Scott Jones makes the audience laugh at the first night of Blue Moon Cafe. BLUE MCON CAFE Electric Zoot Suit, the comedy act of Paul Omfick and Walter Coppage, perfonn in the Cafe. ggfryffln ff ffm Mghf " 0 0' "', 'Jf. ' -'I' .. Q K . .5 X ex Q 65 4 w T9 'MW -A-W, W W is 1 X ii 'ffy x Sr , f -will ,f.,bu-:my H ,av .,,t 1.- . iffy I Jim, Cindy, Mike, and Debbie at the dance. Michele Salemo and her date are all smiles! A' MM 1' lx Ron Selesky and Anita Artensen enjoy themselves at the dance. Glenn and Donna amid the fl0werS- SPRI G DANCE Dan Brown, Kari Gallasso, Melissa Johnson, and Al Brown gather together in the lobby. ef' -damdnf Ken Holden and date pose in a picture-perfect setting. As the school year swung to a close, couples prepared for Spring Dance. It was held this year at the Drury Lane in Oak Brook on May lst. The atmosphere was festive at the CUAB sponsored event. Dinner and dancing were enjoyed by all. f it wi ii I 11 9 V -MQ j' 4 s t Sam Plelson provides some dinner-time entertainment. Lf This couple decides to sit out a dance. 7 Z ,hh X... This couple boogies to the beat at Drury Lane in Oak Brook. e e ee SPRI G DANCE mce and his date show olf their smooth danc- g moves. v Q 4-. ,V 2 f 'lx , JI S af , 'SS ,ot s Tim King dances with his girlfriend. B Ng Ts Q Erin Cotner and John Salvi smile for the camera. jgylhlv . . 4 1- 1 1 s is if Dean Moser gets into the groove. V1 1 if ,Q frzoipica Cv-uzje ,JUL K 'sm WAX E 5' is - I Christi and Jeny pose as wedding attendants. Suzanne Erzinger and Ken Holden pose as a bridal couple. ylM - +:"""". Mom reads her program to find out what has been planned for her special day. Tim and his partner perfonn during the fashion show. lVlOlVI'S D Y HQ Co-chairpersons Marsha Trentt, Kathy Sedixqy, and Kristin Waehner smile as everything runs smoothly. L Al .iw 7 . 2 at Jeny Breitbarth escorts Kristin Waehner down the aisle. The Naperville Sheraton hosted NC C students and their mothers for the annual Mom 's Day luncheon and fashion show. This year it was spent aboard a tropical cruise. Fashions were shown for boarding, sightseeing, partywear, the Captain 's table, and the wedding at sea. It was a great success 35 Over 400 people attended the gala event. I I X Qlin Keni Kropusek and Glen Doering welcome everyone aboard. ffif, f f MTL .W 1 f Doris Warcup models a boarding outfit. ' TTQYJQ? , , famfwew if N,,'V .Q .N ' I . X 'Z 1 . ,,.::..,. W2 'uuu f -'.-- ,'.."' ' ' -T . fi . .zn r' ' ,V,-" fl. " ' A W , .o. 1 -V'- J W 5,- Jlll Wilkinson and President Swing are all fl ' if gt N , smiles, in true model fashion. . - H Nm , OlVI'S D Y 'QP-319 'Xsvl' I 4-an sg H M lr.. N N 4'."..f , X -, ,ff X - f , 4,x X ffl 1 xxx f ,.-fx ...,X K 1 -c gn . 'Q' K' , 's.X, QNX-'.'L,'I'.-' is x X zyfx. X -xxx "x- r 13 X ' KM 1 ., Ax Q- ' 4. ' .1 V , fv- Moms and daughters gathera lei and a Ha- Sandy Greeves is ready to party on waiian orchid before the luncheon. the dance floor. Pete Hallam escorts Julee Anderson as she models a beautiful bridal gown. Us 'Q Mike Korinek is all set to go sightsee ing when he hits land. 1 Darrzmdii H I 1 I I ' P' ,, ff- I . P 7. ff w I ff i 'X F' , il Q 31 ' A Vx f F . I by ' n 5 5 ' Q Y , 5 "www W 3 . 'wg ' Q AMA ...Mp ii 'SDC . . 3 'W' - Pete Hallam drums up business for the AMA Pie Toss. Coach Conners sits in the CUAB dunk tank awaiting his "fall", E. o . X-','i. A ...Q-:"'f' X , g sg., 1 1. ' . , , B .a.f .A . iid Kathy Maurer smiles as she awaits customers for the Chronicle booth, AU NCC QU! mes t0 become "5ff0'7Qm3f1' J 'W Ji! ,.,. SA CA VA 1. PM A' H gigs! HZ? 4 'fi ,2,.f.L?-Q.. . 2 Fifa' 421.2 'sf ff, 'E f ,,Q.,,,gZ At the WOIYC booth, some camival goers try to knock over the cats. K - A-,WWZ ,,. Becky Brown handles the CUAB rummage sale. -'Ord The annual SA Carnival was held during Spring term. lt featured many of the active organizations on campus running various booths. The carnival ran all day ending with a street dance outside of Seager Hall. Some ofthe carnival proceeds went to Little Friends located in Naperville. ,ff 1- 4 falfefff -L, A. JI ix X' I Z' 7.5 ff ' .. , -.. : I of V 1 ff f 7, fy X f ff f' fffiif' Randall Robinson when he appeared in the Activities Center. 4 it , if ,- "!?Fl'z ' X f W, is s Dr. Bruce Dull, speaking on AIDS. , Award winning joumalist Seymour Hersh spoke at HCC in the fall. Q Michael Kammen visiting North Central. Wm GUEST LECTURERS I We : f , , mf' A : f XY i.:.. . ,.: ,,,, S 3 - 'Q f X ' X4 f . , 4 . . . . . aaa: . f Fulbnght scholar-in-residence, Joji Asahi I ' , l A f ft if A f y A 2 y . . Dr. Hycel Taylor, the fonner president of Operation A Hopi Indian poet tells of his heritage. PUSH The Visiting Lecturers Committee brought in speakers for the campus community to enjoy. A wide range of topics were discussed from the U.S. Constitution to AIDS. Seymour Hersh spoke on the tragedy of the Korean Airlines flight 007. Hycel Taylor encouraged the younger generation to become more involved. Other lecturers were Michael Kammen, Dr. Bruce Dull, Randall Robinson, Ramson Lomatewama, Joji Asahi and Colin Jones. Colin Jones telling HCC students about apartheid. , 1 CT,,. .-nd!" 3 'X0,C,,t!0-704.4 , t VI ,U 4:3.,,,f:r:'f ' 53 V . i kkX'ij9'm . j Pete Hallam receives me OUf5f-finding Senior Man awafd' Gary Emst awarded for the development of an entrepreneurship Reverend Isaacs leads the Convocation participants in prayer. Pr6Sident Swing speaks at the C0nv0CaliOf1- r I'IO ORS CCNVOCATIG 2 -4 Whelan, , .,V .,,,,,,,.4 W 1 4 1 . K :M .. - 1 . I ., if F' 'ffm- 4 T mst Faculty Scholarship award. Honors Convocation is a time at North Central where outstanding students and faculty are recog- nized. Students were honored in departments and disciplines. Some received awards for 'exemplary campus service. Who's Who Among Students in America Colleges and Universities nominees were announced. The Outstanding Senior Man and Women were Pete Hallam and A yesha Sharilf Fac- ulty member, David Blight, received the presti- gious Burlington Northern Trust Faculty Scholar- ship award. Many students and parents came to watch the ceremon y. The choir sang in celebration of the awards. ff ., . .5 A . 'Zi 7, ua, iw N31 W was i W N -X , X, '14 I ' , X x x ., L' Q K 4W,,,, 19' ' ,Ami , A 2 9 7 K If 1 f' W, f M ,Zis f 1 g 4 x XX wx X X j M ' ,. J 'If' f-+ "'f1Tf, f- sf, , 1 x ,Q 4 I x L yfyyf pl! I f f 1 f X 4 GRADU T IO I ,Q X, -.. ,,-., 1 V' Q. ' 1 N. Y 6, , ze, . " W ,W 'N E lv-fd Nyxylvyatvg 1 ' fc W an T3 J 'Why ,Z Q ff f 2 Z '30, ' f 2 A W, f f' Z , ,.. , ,. , 1,5 , sf W Wm 41 Q07 x, 1 , V 5 -Q i f 5 . 2 fv 3 , , T E i r 9 1 , 1 4 L W N I 3 Qmgfgg I w gmmg , , A , ' 47 "Chi Chi 's Margaritas - When you feel a little Mexican!" - Julee An- derson "When everything looks black and it seems like nobody cares - al- ways remember, God loves ya" - Patrick Barry "The world is yours " - Jerry Breit- barth "Success in past actions breeds confidence for future goals" - Wil- liam Brodne "G.F.l. lGo for it!" and "He who laughs - lasts" - Mary Brooks "Swallowing angry words is much easier than having to eat them" - Becky Brown "Check your package - Joey" -- Mike Budler "lf there were no valleys we would find no mountains to climb - and remember Spuds lives!" - Chris Burch "'Only as high as I reach can I grow, Only as far as lseek can I go, Only as deep as I look can I see, Only as much as I dream can I be' llfaren Ra vnj - Jennifer Cnota "Even if ya are on the right track, you"ll get run over it you just sit there" -- Suzanne Erzinger "1've had senioritis since the sec- ond day of my Freshman year" - John George "Let us not rest upon our Iaurels at graduation, but show as much en- th usiasm for humanity and use our most precious gifts, imagination and love" - John Graba SENIOR "Como quiera nace el maiz, es- tando la tierra en punto iPIothing will stop us, if we have planned welll" - Alma Gutierrez "'Some people see the world-as-8 harmonious camivalzrof sweetness and light, where gq ll prevails, good intentions are rewarded, the race is to the swift, and a benevo- lent nature arrazfggesffa favorable balance of pleasure over pain. Con- servatives and Cub tansgrmow bet? ter' lGeorge wfrrr' -5 Pete narlaigzi -NM - r is S . is "Don 't take life too seriously Fun is who you 're with and omfvas gofiii as you make it" -- Debbie Hede- mann t it it "'At this point, we do not knoiif Uames Belushi from the movie "About Last lYight"l" and "'Wher2 in doubt, do it' iMark Twain!" +- Ken Holden "Yea, we'Il work on it" and "Yea, l'll get right on it" - Mike Korinek "When I was young I thought that money was the most important, thing in life: now that l'm old, I know it is" - Rita Lang "College is a time to make mis- takes and Ieam from them, and also a time to gain lasting friend- ships that will be treasured for- ever" - Jennifer Madjak "You can never be too powerful" - Susan B. Maier "A task worth doing and friends worth having make life worth liv- ing" - Mitzi Mark QUOTES ,NW L W? '04 'FW Q gg Aw ,4 M X 6 15" if 7 ima qzgkyyw, V Jw f s+ f, , .,- ,,,, , ,. , ,P J, ,, , Xa, 1, x- 4 5. nik. M. ,w.':.v.-4 fain , fi i"7b,'-T171 , , w . , ,,, , .Q. k fm, ww. ,MJ , .4 f M '- V. Q 0 - N ' ' f X---ffl 0 f 2 . E, 5, , ff K , WSW Q-w X 'Wli 'x 5 ' y,pQ.-4.x ,fi gif, A 5 1: 0i4f: f ,"w If "fri 50? 15, IM wggwdw www is 'K I GRGANIZATIONS f 'H' Qs sw 'A -sf fs Q. if W N WWW www W if f Q rf 2 4. .sf if W X sf. a, if, if f i s N' V X' fs. sr 1 P' so o f r . X. use AMERICA MARKETI G ASSCCIATIO ,KN The American Marketing Association KAMAQ had a strong mem- bership of 50 people this year. The club was formed to give students a taste of the "real" world. AMA tried to promote rela- tions between students, faculty, and business people. Activities for the year included business and marketing speakers, blood pressure testing and a trip to visit the Jack Daniels offices in Tennessee. Officers were: Kelly Wurtzler, pres.: William Brodne, exec. v.p.,- Kevin Martin, v.p. of finance: Rita lang, v.p. of programsp Suzanne Erzinger, v.p. of communicationsf Sharon Gargano, v.p. of membership: and Cathy Sharp, v.p. of advertising. X W ,ff I QQ f Z We W radii LPHA PSI GMEGA f ff i W ,my Alpha Psi Omega tAPOl is the the- atrical fraternity on campus. Mem- bership is obtained through perfor- mance in campus plays and musi- cals. APO members were seen this year in "l1ay Fever," the fall play, "The Boys from Syracuse," the winter musical, and "The Trojan Women," the spring play. APO also sponsored the variety show held Januaiy 51. X!,,f,, ,,! Mm? W .x,, WC! KN... ,. -?WX,f5gs-NM tt V, .,,.A 5 555 ------ .... -nf swam Y....11:- f If 1 f y W ,,,'Y r ,:,1: CHEERLE DERS V s tb ' "Y 1 li 1 , Q , 1 A ' I C 5 I M., a ,, , ,ti .wr X--....? uf? Z.. ni 3-or I -.-..-- 1 N, 4 The cheerleaders helped lead North Central College students through the sport seasons. The cheerleaders could be seen at football games and basketball games cheering on the Cardinals. They helped inspire the crowds with spirit. They also partici- pated in activities such as the SA Car- nival during the spring. e -fi .1.. ..,,., ..,.. W . , ,... . J. ,,,,2 9, .ami-1, grief ,:.,.L1 qt . W .' ' ':: i I' CHEMISTRY CLUB Agfa The Chemistry Club 's main activity of the year is the annual "Cranberry Tea" around Valentine's Day. Many faculty members and student came to enjoy the tea, cookies, and candy provided by the club for everyone 's enjoyment. 1 , f f WML ---, f 4 Jw-7 lu ff, . una. '-1...1xn,.,f...- - E --,M ,A i 4 ll ay ---0 f , ' 7--1' a"'1,""f:', . .. .- ..- --. ,,,. . ,,,xggQ"f M-4, ...z:,,. .... ....i..,. It WM- 1, 1 H - -r 'isF.,f:iu. " H tv' ,. ' : A -- A 'I 42? ' ' 'S all .Adware . . i A i . pr- , 6 ., 1 7- . , cj.. 4 " 'ffzjf , g fy ,"5f-fwiaffiifa A 2 V X ' 'W- y "-, H-gif , . ' fu Ii 1 1 M , ,f f 5 77 'bs Q The Chronicle celebrated its 114th year of publication during this school year. An open house was held for this occasion and also to show oh' the new offices for the publications. With the addition of a new general manager, many changes were seen in the newspaper this year. Members of the staff attended an llli- nois Press Association Convention and won a directorship for North Cen- tral. Editorial staff included: Joan Stohl, editor-in-chiel? Brad Todden, business managen Kathy Maurer, campus editon' Kendra Fuson, News editon' Phil Albano, graphics editon' Diane Balkcom, opinions editon and Vince Vieceli, sports editor. www? fjmggyg ,ff Wzffff W ffff f iff WMM AWXWM mf!! fm M! Maw The College Scholars Program is the honors program on campus that is geared to highly-motivated students. The program had approximately 50 participants this year. The year start- ed with a picnic and volleyball game for prospective Freshmen. A recep- tion at the Presidents house was held for retuming College Scholars. On April 15, the annual pizza lunch was held for everyone in the program. Stu- dent representatives to the College Scholars Committee were Michele Noel and Ann Randall. , S V L I flllllfvxlfxxgjeu. . F-.4 I , " 3. -. ' I .. 'MN' z . ru x 1 1 aa is vlbl t S ., A X A2 Tgssin av s nj, S if ""'f W W A 'I W' g f ' - CDLLEGE U IC ACTIVITIES B0 vu-Q F 'lx '. 5, x 4 f ' I --- --.,.-., iffy -'MI 4, W ' E 'QQ X ,. 2 , r 12,5 If 'wk My , A ,A 7, 2, iff V A I 4 -P gy W Us 'W f r ,, V V W I' I - i sa , Q iq: t iv? -' f nxf? , mari ole' 'os 0 0 O 0 0 Q Q 9 0 O Q Q O O O ' O Q O O.l.i.. 0 O O O O 0 ' O O 0 , Q 3.0 , . O 6 O O 0 0 . O Q A A Q O O I ,000 .67 ,o.o 9 9 - "M The College Union Activities Board lCUABl is in charge of many of the school activities. The three major dances - Homecoming, Winter Dance, and Spring Dance - are planned by CUAB. However, the members of CUAB, under the direction of this year's president, Kerry Kropusek, also helped with sock hops, campus movies, casino nights, and "Pizza-with- the-Prez" nights. C UAB sponsored such things as balloon sales for Valentines Day, a trip to a Bulls game, a trip to see "The Pump Boys and Dinettes," a St. Patrick 's Day party. The Winter Carnival was a month long festival that included a Mexican Fiesta and Hat Dance, the Plewlywed Game, the Jesse White Tum- blers, and the Winter Dance held at the Radisson Inn. During Spring term, C UAB started the Blue Moon Cafe and held a successful Spring Dance at Drury Lane. Throughout the year, C UAB coordinated specialty days such as Dad's Day and Mom 's Day. 4 S fffwwafbw ff ,X X V y 1 If w X W f, .X 'N , W 5 QAWW K I uf f X Q f y 'Q .. , f M X 0 , f X V 766 W y mv 1 Z Q. f ,ziggy ini! MEXWAXXQS ZYASZ-V f , -PW-2,1 ffl. :eff-S?f1 M ,L .,, MN.. .... , M, X f X V X N f X jftifif .. ff , ,.x'.. , . ,, fi.. ,V if ,V fu,--f' nw 'M "ff-W I 'f Ns- 'w-... YM., ' ai 3 Z .df -1 ,L win ,-T, ,A X .z ,iam f Q W, , 9 . if is E 1 , fl? xWq?' Jfgxgv 3 V, Z 3 WXW, V, ui f fl wnumlf 410' fff 'UM'- V, f f X Z fx vynwiywv H V , QV WQQMVNMWQYWV Sf,-V vgfx W N Q 0 A Q W Nw Q - mwy f ' COMMUTER CLUB -,sz,S-.::4.:44w::Nf 21,441 Q-wff55:gQ f .- 5:,f4fiff':..fpf3z:f:og :aw , ff ' 5 1 if f M. -wvmv I any A -' .'.yM,. . mf 1 3 Q- ' ""S4,?Zgf,7"51i v kg?" 'fl ,gi ,, 4, . ,W f- 'f:'f 'f if ' -, W Y' M114 ' 'Q I 1 2,1 R ,I A 2: 3 ., . " W ai, 1- . , .ln L1 vw 'S' f ,gf 2.9 4 2 ,1 ir ,4 ,H 1 S v i X Y may QXNXSK The Commuter Club is the NCC organiza- tion that caters to the needs of the many commuter students. One of the purposes of the club is to foster the relationship be- tween commuters and resident students. The club sponsored such activities as a picnic during Homecoming Week, a Hawai- ian Luau Dance, a trip to Second City, and a video dance. Also, the Commuter Club provided some of the refreshments at the Blue Moon Cafes. The most successful ac- tivity was the annual trip to Great America on May 1 7. The officers were: Judith Treece, president: Keith Lang, vice presi- dent: Ana Segarra, secretary- and Ann Ran- dall, treasurer. ? qi 1 C ' ,vixwef Nm. -4- .. CCNCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir, composed of stu- dents, perfonned at various concerts and functions over the year. One of these functions was the Honors Convo- cation in May. The choir also had the chance to perfom1 in Chicago under the direction of Pete Martinez. Choir officers were: Vicki Huffman, presidentp Bruce Marty, vice presidentf Debbie Hedeman, V ff S6C!'6l'3ly,' and Chris Rumley, treasurer. , A, ,, A .vw ' . , , 1 4 x .2 A , . ,.,,,. W. M sewfewfr W f me Of f W Xffffkf afar MWWW y ff eh Q, Off X f lj? W f ,gn FELLDWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES ,gp 0 lf 1: L X ,.N.,... The Fellowship of Christian Athletes KFCAQ allows ath- letes to express themselves through Christian fellow- ship. FCA members, numbering fifteen plus, met weekly to discuss their organi- zation and share thoughts. Officers were Jon Baker and Jim Rausch. H! , V M awww f 4.-AN, af-f""" 'WW V , ff, W "M A K .- I W ' ' ' ,,,,,. yy",? .Mt at I Q ,, t W, , V 22 Q . . 1 V, . Q V My WN ' 'wifi .. V QI, 'I f ,, f , :wif , tw Af ' x W V7 ,K f , " ' fl t ' f , ,,.. ..-.2 , , , vu? ' fgw' Jili- K t ' . A ' 1 W 6 5 f FDRENS CS TE M M '..NllATO Hafdlifxh f WE A M we Usr ms, 'ALNKAIQ The Forensics Team 's purpose is to en- courage the development of such skills as reasoning, speaking elfectiveness, and research capabilities and to encour- age application of classroom exper- iences dunng competition. The team strives to develop public poise and self confidence by attending 10-15 competi- tive toumaments. Over 100 individual awards were won, as well as 10 team awards at regional and national touma- ments. The team won 1st place at the Hamer College toumament and 2nd place at the Elgin College, Richland Col- lege, and Highland College touma- ments. tl I Pi Kappa Delta is the honorary forensics fratemity on campus. Our chapter has only recently been granted a charter by the national organization. The eleven members unite to encourage interests of intercollegiate speech activities and communica- tion. Officers were: Debbie Hedemann, president: Kary Kaczmarski, vice presidentfhistonan: and Jet? Hoefke, secretaiyftreasurer. X W W 3" wwf if K. iw 1. 5254: fwzftfff fat' Af QV' N X SIX sz 1 . Q , t 6 - .Q , tx g , The NCC Honor Society held two inductions this year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The Society became an official student association organization this year. An ef fort was made to have a func- tioning organization with regu- lar meetings and activities. A newsletter was started and service projects were dis- cussed. The members went to dinner in Chicago and attend- ed a showing of "Sheer Mad- ness. "Jennifer Cnota was sec- retary of the organization. 9 3, , 5 4 ' 'ws-J-asf' 1 . Y N :m'w:wwWXfi'W?N7'fr2'i X , Q ,, fnkw ft mf X sf - V V, X, N4 ff f XA f, Q. fs cw NA, tswff' . , , 4 IMPRESSIGNS E , Q f ihlinnnai - 68 A ' Q 'M ,,..,-W 1- , k .- :4 ,gg JQ viva Q Stiff' - ix . WH -1 we Q f X X gm 1' X X589 X X 4 QR W ki , A i M Fx RTISIQ of :rig Honra 1... W ,Q 0-9- 2 :Y W. ow. syfiiiain it The members ofthe art club, Im- pressions, produced many pieces of art this year. Artists of the month were picked and hon- ored on campus. The art club sponsored events such as the Spiny Nonnan concert in Octo- ber. I TE TIO L CLUB ,, .,., Mimi! N Mi ew ye K., gf , The lntemational Club fosters cross-cul- ture exchange between American and intemational students and provides a network of support for PIC C international students. The club sponsored such ac- tivities as a fomm, a fair, and a short- bread sale. A XM 'wigg- Q K-V -- 5. ., V- -.N xg .L K vw Tw. u., The Intramural Board is responsible for coordination and execution of all intramural sport activities includ- ing toumaments. Officers were Pete Fippinger, Obrad Kesic, Lisa Wollersheim, AlZemal1, and Scott l-loma. , ll ai, ,X J ,DM Jw W ' MQ? , ,.., ,, ,,,g5f,. M ,,A.,ggg,umccz,,.,! I. ,ff , ,,.... V -x-Wwe: MV gy 'v,,,,,,1g?m,,s5W"'0:t:. f: 1fw:,,,,,,,.Le' ,,,, Q. TM, 'Z "" m"m"', Mmiwff r H ii' 119 if f ,ff f -I 1 I ivi, 4 7 W l 'V XJW 1-fam' ? 'rf' r 5 me -6 H F , 4 .,..-...W 1 5 -rr, CII' of 69 ,off f,:,3. F ZQ7-' iw, Wfevyvi' Viv IME ' ylw Ny fewjgx Qiyffyy W WY fxwy X! v QFNA migfvf fbf as ' W X ff 0 f fm ,M cw f ww Q p ,sW.Q,1s,f,xWQf2,QR!.gg prefix: wQ.wm5,wf, . ,,,,. A 6 'wmmwfgggsw Qt .... , W W M., ,4 , ,F N W W2 TH CLUB A, The goals of the Math Club are to provide math-orientated students with additional activities outside the classroom and to meet other people interested in math. The year's activities included math conferences and the Math Career Focus. Co-presidents were Kristin Waehner and Doug Manak. MW ' r A A A r s t r MI GRITY STUDE T ASSCCIATIC The Mznonty Student Assoc:- atlon I MSA 1 famlllanzes the cam- pus wlth mmonty cultures MSA helped promote a cultural re- treat to acquaint students of d1P ferent cultures The orgamza tion s big event was their ban quet on February 15 ln the Actm tles Center MSA also sponsored a Soul Food Night and co spon sored the Winter Dance with CUAB and IYTSO among other actlvltles ,,,,,-J 1 . . . . . . - . . f . - f , . . . . . - .Q . A. . . . f . . . 1 k, ... 1 2 . A 4 f. -A Z 2 , of A' Q W f f jeff 2 W if Z Wf f fyf fx xWVXg 2,.Mem,wf V r f Mfr fx! QNX I C SINGERS The NCC Singers perfomved at concerts, har- moniums, the APO Variety Show, and Mom 's Day. The group sang mostly popular songs and often featured soloists. Members of the group were: Dan Beebe, Marty Bevington, Eric Brader, Tina Cheever, Donna Fletcher, Deb- bie Hedeman, Connie Gates, Jackie Gra- vunder, Gregory Kontos, Paula Lange, Gregg Lloyd, Maria Pearsall, Ed Plys, Chris Rumley, and Aaron Wells. Q' I af x 00 - ' New Visions is the campus ministry dramatic musical touring com- pany. Members are picked for their musical abilities and their spiritual commitment. The company tours to share their talents. A summer company is also chosen. The sum- mer company 's travels extend even farther, somethimes outside the country. "'i EW VISIONS . 4 , 1 E ff, ' ja' W Q fb gm. y X Q , ,, .. M3 Y fyy f WW ,M I ,Wav ff 1 "-' X P ' N T RADITIO ST UDE T ORGANIZATIO A1 A l , ,XX ML Many activities were sponsored by the Hon Traditional Student Organization ll'lTSOl to facilitate interaction between traditional and non-traditional students. Another pur- pose ofthe club is to provide support for the non-traditional students. The club was formally acknowledged as a campus organization with the acceptance of its constitu- tion by Student Association in August of 1986. lYTSO's activities were a Halloween Bake Sale, a Professional Women 's Forum, quarterly socials, and an end-ofyear luncheon. PITSO also co-sponsored the Winter Dance with CUAB and MSA and sup- ported the NCC Women 's Organization benefit perfonnance of the winter musical. Officers were: Dianne Erickson, president: Stephanie Brumlik, vice president: Barb Sydnor, treasuren' and Jo Piscotti, Secretary. S 'mf ik " ff Q N 4? WM..-W QW -,-".--- .N ,.,, yfw ,, ,M cj ff H f if ff W X f XX! X W M Q H53 mt W css ik Wifi f f, Approximately twelve mem- bers of the school campus joined together this year to form the Pep Band. Their pur- pose is to promote school spirit and enthusiasm by play- ing at home basketball games. The band tried to in- crease interest, membership, and quantity of performances this year. They also are trying to build instrumentation. The band had a new director this year, Pete Martinez, who helped Kris Thiemke organize the band. PEP BAN 5 ,, :fi L ,f i tn- 0 A yr, ,QM , t Q: tdriii if W X W' x K H 'Xp ' MM-Q N W M 3 We MA, Q PGLIS ffijfif' Pb-v Interest in political science, intema- tional relations, Model United Na- tions, and leadership usually leads to an interest in Polis. The club sponsors activities such as forums and de- bates, food drives and Model UN. The club also participated in the Student Association Carnival with a dart game, seen at the booth on the right. PO PGN SQUAD The Pom Pon Squad entertains and promotes school spirit through enthusiasm and participa- tion. The squad performs at home football games and home basketball games. This year fundraisers included a football raffle, Halloween candy bag sales, Sweetest Day flower sales, and the third annual kick-a-thon. Officers were.- Mar- ion Baker and Julee Anderson, co-captains: Joy Gustafson, secretary: and Stephanie De- Francesco, treasurer. Front row: Sharon Nelson, Raquel LaCoun Marion Baker, Janice DiBella. Middle row: Regina Knight, Holly Schroeder, Wendy lngels, Julee Anderson, Tiffany Finn, Jennifer Krueger. Back row: Kathy Kimmel, LeAnn Snyder, Joy Gustafson, Debbie Holfman, Stephanie De- Francesco, Fatima Akrabawi, Lynette Shaw, Denise Larson, Kristen Smith, Erin Hudgens. Hot pictured: Anne Everhart, Brenda Bamwell and Karri Rasmus, sponsors. W X fa f ff f f ff V f f 2-WQKW 555 W' ZKQWY WV- N - ,tffi-::.'g:f' I-'f:' i" fx! W fx QA XX! J Z f X ffx 7 tw wwf QQ, Jmfmgm' ..:+..-.Ag .,,.,. 7 MW , .,, 1. .... . f3'3 W' H ' " ff'f'1'- 1? 11: ..,... ""' I 111' phi ff- -,J "'-: - X BJ W W7 X by X f Wa AX w WW! mv W "" The Spectmm is the organiza- tion that puts together the yearbook. Many hours and hard work are key ingredients to the success ofthe organiza- tion. This year the Spectrum moved to a new office on the fourth floor of Goldspohn. An open house was given for the campus community to view the publications' offices. This year the yearbook pre-sold the 1987 edition at a reduced price to better market the book. The staff tried to achieve a modem look in the layout. The editor-in-chief was Ann Randall. :X- .. ' , ,-.,,f " ---" Il A x I X 'Wy X ff Zvi I ,f STUDE T ASSCCIATIO 3' t. H HQFFQEQEQ H x fl ' L Q5 . I... t,c,c L24 fi Q 1 M " ,. N- . Q -.,Q R gg to tt t gg ' t -'.' t 7 ff , .- ffl 5LifflliLM The Student Association is an organi- zation composed of all students on campus. This association has two rul- ing bodies - the Student Executive Board KSEBI and Organizations Board iOrg Boardj. SEB members, as the student govemment, monitor student activities and act as representatives to the administration. Org Boarg, com- prised of members from each club, approves student activities. fr i7?l9 I7 -s tarts? ff! , s i ai: f ,fr WW f xi f ,, f V flaw? 3 rww f was , X 4 Www w f SSWW H fb TRI BET A nw is F in 'Z '-J S ... --. 80 Tri Beta 's purpose is three-fold: to promote schol- arship in the biological sciences, to promote the dissemination of biological knowledge: and to en- courage research. This was the 50th year for the club on campus. The activities they planned in- cluded a cheese tea, a fossil collecting trip, a pic- nic, and two inductions. Officers were: Renee G. Murray, president, Jane Zolecki, vice president: Jill Wicknick, secretary, and Christine Reger, treasur- er. , K "Nw L N, ,A A vp-vfyyf-f-Q -x ,JJ t ,Q S X , ,,,' 5 A 4 M...., 6' W--J-M""'N W --2 I' ' ' - -. , . ' ,KwMl.,w' g. K i gig s ff' .X ' ,, - 3 H -W 5 'ff' M if ' ' 9' 5? ' 'W' sw", " """'m""'W""x '15 X 1 ,WW me .,...0, , , A ,.., A .M,W7W. X,xX .W ,Q ,AV ---W .-x- W-N -,-MVN? -V -my My ---,YW--mf ww- f-wa ww f"f 0.1 xxx' f MH-'rf ' wwswf' AW-S1427 f'CW2Hf'X' JMWNT' WK w M42 Q f w 3 v WZWZEWW MW tv MW t zf cz f ff z UNITED MET HCDIST STUDE T ORGANIZATIO in United Methodist Student Organization - better known as UMSO - is the orga- nization on campus to develop commu- nity and fellowship among students. People of all faiths are welcomed and encouraged to attend the functions. Some ofthe events held throughout the year included a freshman mixer, pizza and ice cream taste-offs, plus the infa- mous lock-ins at the "Rev's". cami-1-'sq ct... 'Q :Q -..A .Aa ,Ps ' Q' W, .e"i',' .V r ' X ' V- " A was rg 4 A number of members took part in a cultural retreat held in Lake Geneva. The leaders for the year were. Mary Brooks, president, Tim Gossett, vice president, Wendy lngels, vice presi dent: and Curt Smith, trea surer. . V f C ff 7 Q, 2 W Q 4 3 f s W! . , ,Mx ... W-Rim S - f ' ' Q ,. ' f ' 1 ' Z . -l:- -sv Qs ' VW , ' xg J 1- Z ff ' K V W ' 'Q Q " ' 2, at -. , .,.. . z W zz fr , -"', nf? ' X f , UQ-. "" '??3-Fifi j,,e'.fz,,! . , , 1 2 'Ml M Qi ,pf ff, W , , I . , f , . A ,fl f 0 53 5 , ,. wx , M Q ,, . W, M wf .Mi , - I I tx V QM... X ,,...-w-4.2.21-S xv ' Vmxxlyuw-Wt' 'W ,,,,,x , v , 4, to A. .A, . tt: v Hs,-us X as ff .X Mgvx' K fzf fl ,eg nf: fx, -Q WGNC WONC is the student run FM ra- dio station that broadcasts out of Old Main. Students are in- volved in all phases of radio work - programming, script writing, directing, news, an- nouncing, and engineering. Ac- tivities for the year included a submarine eat-off contest and a basketball game against the Chronicle staff Station manager was Jim Rausch. kr Q , 'ek .4 'x N. 54 QQ 9? is is KN, F SN: Sl' . - A ig-i . -Nw 'NNN NN X x t., , Y? A We faiww 6 X fswxywffxakf Xjyf ffff gsgzwiwrrfimfpa M 5 sa WWW Wa WM Wzfa mf MW M Mf f lg r f , F tw . f f ,f f X' Y 1 xv. ..... xafqfxrr Ap. , , ,e i f f V, , f The Residence Hall Association IRI-IA! became a recognized Student Associ- ation organization this year. The pur- pose ofRl1A is to promote, organize, and direct hall activities of the hall councils. RHA represents the resident students while interacting with admin- istrative odiicers and organizations. RHA is also the appropriate body to which resident students bring con- cems related to residence life. The as- sociation hosted a booth in the SA Camival and brought back study breaks for finals. Officers were: Mar- sha Trentt, president: Jane Lang, vice presidentf Christi Beavers, secretary: and Terri Doveikis, treasurer. Senate members were: Dianne Grzeszczyk and Cheryl Voliva, Kimmelx Kevin Smith and Kevin Pokorny, Seybertf Frank Griffin and Shawn Welti, SeagerfStudent Village,- Janet Lay and Vicki Janczak, Rally Darcy Bie- lema and Terri Doveikis, Geigen' and Jon Burrichter and Van Lewsader, Fort Hill. Advisor was Pat McCoy. ng? -x 2' ound floor DORM LIFE FCRT HILL if Third floor GEIGER First floor -Fx W Quxx wi fm' ' Nsz,fQsf:fx f Second floor 5? Third floor KIMMEL Raw" ff fc ,f E 2 Z W , ,. 1, 1 4 I I All floors X4 M 1 4 z 2 . if Mm 'Q A M if Av.A,,i , y 2 j" V E,.," , x RALL 'N--ef First floor Id ii iii T I Second floor west I Third floor west Second floor south Third floor south A I I l I I L ' SEAGER Second floor First floor Thlfd fl00f Fourth floor SEYBERT Ii Second floor '1 2' N ,W 4+1'4y,ga.: -' , , ,w2w,of4f4-,ffm , ,, , :ff Mfwf,-, '-Mm .- V ,wif-1 W me , , f ,' ugrwf-' V ,, ,W W. W., W' ' W Z if ,a W K QV ,. ' ' f " 1 1 . ' 5' ' Jw A . 'Q 2 ' 4, W- MN- , " " ff- " ., W 5, , 'r - Q- ' '5 , f ,iq . , ,, ,. ,N W X 1 if V ,N .4 ' 'ZW fb '. 4: 1 4 ,f . , MHP? 4 M , . 7 '- y VAX , 'W mum, First floor Third floor ST UDE T VILL GE 86 WHITE HGUSE Student Village ,gh 4 ft White House . E be e'e NM A., V. x X t .t , N g Q x Y L ,. , ? 90 SPURTS -. lVlEN'S CROSS COUNTRY Under the direction of coach Al Caiius, the men 's cross country team won their 15th straight College Confer- ence of Illinois and Wisconsin championship. At this P tourney, Gary Peterson, Joel Bowman, and Brad Tod- den placed 1-2-5, Scott Parker, Scot Schwarting, Pick Scopp, and Jim Jones placed 5-6- 7-11. The team also won the regional title and placed third in the nation. Gary Peterson and Joel Bowman, with top 25 finishes, became All-Americans at Nationals. ,I OMEN'S CROSS COU TRY The women 's cross country team captured 2nd place at the CCIW tournament. The team had a new coach this year in Wendy Sood. At the C C I W toumament, Margo Walsh finished first, Lisa Walsh finished ninth, and Beth Clukey finished tenth. Also, Laura Hardin was 24th, and Costella Green was 29th. Moving on to the regional tour- nament held November 15, in Davenport, Iowa, the team captured sixth place. At this event, Margo Walsh placed second. She went on to the National championships, capturing 11th place and an All-American award. FQCTB LL hu 'Q riff H' 51 A uh. any x Ol-in O lla In v Q N ...,.' , ,. -':,,,,,1 --wa: ,:,,,c:.:: , , , A, . ,, . , - - - 5 w m gug, ifQj:gjLH"f3XASsiNd U. f ff Y , " . ., X - bo- """' vs ' , X ,.w:.Z-N-,Q ..,,. ,. ,.,. Q. Y ., -X .,,,, . , 31 V sits-NX ftwww3wwsnww2w qcy?,,, e , cc .X X , M, ,M ,, X. ,V X , .. W , -rw M , , ' X mm ' - . w"2r'1-:Q-N'-ex W- " , Q -, ,ff if , ' -W' 'W' .,jXsgg,h.., -5- M1 , M., . -- ' , . .,4.s..- - ....wsN.w.m,w,,,.M,.,, M, . -.WMM W. ,, .. use . v, ,cN..f,,,-..w.--W ,wmrmcxizwwwllf f.,.xw,ms.Mw: qvwwkl ' ' 7 Q ' '1 S"" if ' l if S 1 I I I 1 Q I Q Q I -af. X 1 7 , i .... . .,, Wu-. M, , ,, - , , , , . g 7 I-QV -HQ, ' " ' " ' 5' "" - ' . V- . ,A W ' -- - ' 1 YW ' W 'W'-'fWWW'v'7i., ., 'f"w-'fzm..,m.NwM . . L , - A , .5 ,Q Q., . S., X, ,., , -V , 3 . W-N3 Y-65" W Q X X A f . - I' I , ,, .an , ,Q , , ' L .. . f l J F W "Jim Q5 5- 4 1 I W , X .N .. - . 4- g -SQ . 4 , ,. ,, --1- - K l - NRC . 'xmfnvelnqunnf . N, J an .f",,X K , xiw ,. 'i , Q. - , . , . , .I X VV .ag X X xx . K AQ :NWN .7 , ,ti - , cw A Q XX QM , --fwi ,! : - -X xx x y ' jass, Y wg- 5 .Q . :Nqsgwst f- X I g , f- L., " PM 'NIS ' . -'--'w mmm 1:-1,-,ga-fa . Mx ,., K4,. T-'S - 3 X gifiv qw 5 . - SN f N -,x Q5Q,y.v?vw ,yd f Q x N Q, . ,K 'W ,xx v 'Y : I , " -' 1. 'ks' ' N -, ..-1:-v:'J-quffif----ss-2.2 ' : W?Y?'j, ' . x Q , " . ' - - ' si ' W- , , , . . ,, " Q - ,, -1 ,. . , '- 1 . ,, , , . N... 1 3- '- f- - - Pre-season started August 25th, to gear up for the opening game against North Park. Paul Conner's team won this first game as he started his second year as football coach. In their first winning season since 1982, the Homecoming game against Illinois Wesleyan made CC I W history. It was the highest tied- score game ever, 54-54. The season ended with HCC tied for fourth in the CCI W, a 4-5-1 CCI W record. They were 5-5-1 overall. Co-captains were seniors Pat Hin- ton and Randy Cohen. Others who played in their last season were: Dan Brown, Barry Coultas, Steve Fielen, Dennis Piron, Alfredo Ruiz, Ron Selesky, Russ Strat- ton, and Rich Thorgesen. 95 1 ' ff 'Qf'4.2gff Z ',, ,Q fy 4 , 3 Q4 W,?,3W w wm1-mwvmwf -0 + ms: -w Z fl M 7 .. GLLEYB LL V- M. , . Y ,W f - -1 w.fs N' f M ---- , Q 'w 7 ,1- The first CCI W year for the volleyball team saw North Central take sixth place in the standings for the regu- lar season, with a 4-4 conference record. Coach Marcy Moely's starters included Kelley Heal, Lynnea Loudenbeck, Suzie Boehm, Tammy Datson, Ann Hooper, and Michelle Johnson. NCC had 4 of the 6 servers topping the statistics in the conference. The CCIW toumament was held in Decatur, where the team tied for 5th place. Their overall season record was 20-24. Sewing on the CCI W all-star second team was freshmen Suzie Boehm. OlVlEN'S TENNIS , T f is ,if 2 ' l Q ii 5 eww - ' 4 mqxqsavmw H At, WAWMV fa W , h 1. , . ,W, ,,-,Mann , ,riff -ff ,f f r 0 1 , ,, , , f WW Wmfk fy' W f f , . ,.f - . ' ,, , . v ff-fn 4- ,W'ffv'f T V, H - , -- ,.,.,.,. V .. .f P K ,- , ,f4gf,f,M, .V 1 W MM? ., , " 2 f V , 'W The women's tennis team, coached by Beverly Thornburg, came out of the CCIW tournament in Rock Island in last place. One reason for this was the injured ankle of Ho. 1 singles player, Karin Toth, who went into the toumament with a 9-1 record. Ann Schrader did win the No. 6 singles match at this tournament. Team members included: Toth, Schrader, Darcy Bielema, Camden Bobek, Ellen Clore, Kim Kruse, and Sue Simanitis. SOCCER "Stiff ,,., ,. f 52 rf Q1 ,, ' ff f . 1 i -W , Z V f ' ,, 4 w t I , Q ' , fy, Wd! " , , 'M ' 5 - Q ,U ' ' 'ZW 47'ff4W ,Y T 15 ,Xflfff -fffff X , ff . WC, 4 , ,XWAWYVM ,745 4 , I ,f .1 -L -1 .. - ,ww ,. f -Q! X , xf ,f :ff G ,f,,.- , ff ff Y f ff, , ,f V f ff ,f ' ' , f, f ,Q f Z K , -- f iw A 1 ff,- f - ,y ,J 1' f . af - ff ,- ,sf ff -f,:,,'fff ,V f-p w gay 5 by f og, ,,,,,,,,f,f ,, ,qw 7 ,Q f ' fy' X .ff'ff,,- ' ,f v::f7M' 4 f,,, -M 'f ff Mani, I f ,f fy ., ,, ,z ,ff f:,, f vi W A - who , f f Wy Q ,f W, W i f f ' I' -Q45 1fVfff!'f'f? mf if ,ff ff I V 5 Q- f fa' , f 4 ,i . at T 1' '," fmoctff 5' Q, "' A ffw ,, k f ' f f ff f 1"4'f"'!f,,f',f-A 5 ,,,f fr, f Zffzfw ,g f f W , ,f W , ' 4, f , ,, ,, f gc ,y , f ' ,tt f gl' ff 2, ff 5, ,'!,,- f ,f 4' ,Q f QW - ' ,' it ,,, f 2 ,S V, ,W X ,wz W tif! 7' V QL f f VZ" 2- ,V 2- f-Wav-f 'T , T ' ,,,, AAAA' 1 2 , ' . , X., V! f ,f,., Q G X X , ff X f , , f f f yr ,KW f X ' ff 7 ' - , V , , ,Mft U Q f ' 4. 4 , V ,Z X I I JH, fry, Qt, , WW, , , f , 7721623 W ,ff , Q L' 'Y ' W f ' ' , ,, ln his third year as coach, Dan Palmer brought the soccer team to their best start since 1981. During the year, the team made 50 goals, an improvement over last year's 25 goals. Stan Mietus led the team with 12 goals and 5 assists, giving him 29 points. Second was Mike Driscoll with 9 goals and 7 assists for 25 points. The last home game against Augustana was dedicated to the seniors. Those seniors were Driscoll, Gus Liatus, Al Romero, and Dan States. The team 's record was 11- 7-1. 98 ,F X x X 415 A 3 Wm: - 9, 222 ,M ,V-, U OlVlEN'S BASKETB LL , ,N F I 4 ,,., fr 6 . N as -Q a i ., . x ,U b ., wr - - xi 1 , ,.-,Q 1 . K A bs X X SK 5 h x Q Rx X 433 Q ,M A 6 A is X gi K . MMM ' f This year's women 's basketball team was young, having eight freshman on the team. Co-captains were Julie Baker and Jon- nie Bass. The team spent 2 weeks ofthe year in Hawaii, playing five games. Coach Rose Price, in her second year, brought her team to 7-9 CCIW record, 12-15 overall. Jonnie Bass, Jeannie Jordan, and Sarah Shillington finished their careers with 464 points, 464 points, and 818 points, respectively. Shillington was amoung the leaders in assists and steals. The CCI W all-star team saw forward Rosalind Williams on first team and point- guard Shillington on third team. lVIEN'S BASKETBALL Mm ,Q-2 1 ' lu X ' I .ka , jf s ,mmm f K ' , Q N- Wtaf fifw XSQHTQX XS w Q! -tgjggffia Tl 6 hd ' ,mn-rg -is fi nxgwml. 4' L 1ll'l'g urrtif The season began December 2, with Tom Pavich and Mike Bohannon as co-captains. lt was a great start for coach Bill Warden 's team. lt was January .51 before the team lost its lirst CCI W game. The team was ahead or tied for first place in the CCI W until they lost to Wheaton College in mid-February. The team was hoping for their 2nd CCIW title in three years, but they tied for second place after losing to North Park. Their records were 12-4 in the CCI W and 16-10 overall. Cen- ter Mike Bohannon was named to the CCIW all-star first team, and fomfard Tom Pa vich was picked for the third team. Bohannon also was chosen for the second team of the re- gional all-star squad. x M. .,,,,.. .. "::::'. 0 A -av ,fr 1' I . --1 A A. ,,, ,ww ,. , X .X N N T . "1 'X .xx 5, A -fs. ss .M Q, M .QQSSEX . 6, xr QQ, . 1, tg. 7'-'ij fr f ff ' f7'Q5'Eg- Z" 1. x -f . of fy: N Q, Mp w,Wm X' r gwffwf, wax 5 ,,. , gg K... Viv. -1-,advfwxhcf-, x, ., W X . Y 1..,mmS54 k,,u YW ' 'O' w-www ure- ' N' X wt N , '- .. f ,Q-. sf 21' V ,f , , ,.:-. ,. ...,. . .Wm , - 'N -V L. L ' ' ' '1 f ,Q " f fx.. ...W , if-'221--- X '- Thirteen year coach, Dennis Ryan, led his team to a sec- ond place finish in the North Central Swim In vitational and a third place in the 14th Annual Intercollegiate meet. The CCI W tournament was held at Wheaton College, February 26-28, where IYCC placed 5rd, RJ. Rathman was first in the 50 and 100 freestyles and third in the 200 freestyle. His 100 freestyle time was a new CCIW record. Craig Helwig came in 2nd in the 100 butterfly. Third place in the 100 breaststroke went to Kevin Reed. Craig Wood received third place in the 100 backstroke. Jeff Putnam was fourth in both the 100 and 200 backstroke. The 400 freestyle relay team made up of Rathman, G. Wood, I-lelwig, and Ray Van Hootegem recorded a new CCI W open record. A third place finish was obtained by the 400 medley team of Ratham, Van Hootegem, Reed, and Helwig. The NCAA na- tional tournament was held in Canton, Ohio, March 19-21. Qualifiers included: Grant Wood, 200 and 500 freestlyep Reed, 100 breaststrokeg Helwig and Van Hootegem, 100 butterflyf Rathman, 100 and 200 freestyle, and all three relay teams. The team placed 22nd at nationals, with G. Wood 11th in the 200 freestyle and 15th in the 500 frees- tyle, earning him All-American honors. The 400 and 800 freestyle relay teams, made up of Helwig, Van Hootegem, Rathman, and G. Wood, placed 10th and 12th respective- ly. These finishes made them All-Americans. The 400 medley team was 1 7th, 102 ClVlEN'S SWI MI G J' I f 1 Wifi fd? to W I 1 1 A , C, ' avi 44 f 1 ' 0- W ff -if A at ., J W, - f , , JK.-s-5, 6 if , 2, 41 vi' V A1-"" r 0 S5 if, lf Wi' ww 3- Placing fourth in the CCI W Swim- ming and Diving championships, the women 's swimming team seemed to respond to the rigor- ous training they experienced in Florida with coach Dennis Ryan. Al this CCIW tournament, Laura Williamson won the 200 individ- ual medley, placed third in the 100 freestyle, and placed fifth in the 100 butterfly. The 200 frees- tyle relay team consisting of Wil- liamson, Kim Wilk, Maura Billish, and Cheryl Voliva earned third place. Williamson was a qualifier to the NCAA Division lll nation- als in the 200 individual relay, the 100 freestyle and the 100 butterfly. She placed 20th in the medley and 25rd in both the 100 freestyle and the 100 butterfly. 4 RESTLI G The wrestling team gained a new coach this year. Dan Franch was the main scorer for the team all season. He went into the CCI W tour- nament at Carroll College in Wisconsin with the only winning record 111-6-11. He was also named the CClW's Most Outstanding Wrestler for February. At the CCIW tourney on February 21, the team scored 15.5 points and finished in 5th palce in the C CIW. This was due to Franch's win of the 118 pound title and Kevin O'Brien 's scoring with a pin. Other members of the team at the CCIW tournament were: Jerry Breitbarth, 126 lbs.: John Faragoi, 150 lbs.: Dave Abrams, 167 lbs.: and Jerry Evitts, 1 77 lbs. Franch went on to the NCAA Division lll championships in New York, winning 5th place. He earned All-American honors and brought NC C to 29th in the nation. OlVIEN'S TRACK an . A . .. f - .' V .- ix:fa4.'-"'i4?9'-.- ' " .M Q1-if QYYAQEQ' 'f e"',', 2 , , ,Len 5 ,,1.a.s, ,fx J .- , "1 H'-' ' 'V nw' 3 , ',:',.1 -- ,Avg V .5 N.. ,Q ,.,.,.. V., bi , 4. Q., 4,,,... - A, .5 ,avi ,,, , g If V, , , . ,. ,gg-.4 A -t.-xt ..m....,g:g f . ,. ,ig Q. ,t , , V 1 , , .. . X, '-' ' 4 "-Mx if V' ff ..' - ' If, 'fy vii,-W '5" V' 4' '1 ' 'ff N' !V l5:f "'. ' ""L"25 ?f '- - 'M "id r, ' f xl 4 V if!! "4" ti ' ff' 'y T' W. 156' G.. 514 M K 'V , -3 fl 1, ' f . M -V 42.6 . 1 4 ij' A A 4, au... Q, V UF w z . N.. x 2, ef umu- .Dm 4 4- U, ln... , ,, 4 A .4 1 5 1 U H -rx.,-. X -,,,,,,. . X . , - ,MM .WW ,,,,, The track and field indoor season came first, qualifying seven girls for nationals. The NCAA Division lll finals, which were seen at the University of Chicago, March 15-14, gave Ophelia Johnson a second place and All-American status in the 55 hurdles. Margo Welsh earned an All- American also, placing 6th in the 1500. The 4x400 relay team of Megan Allen, Rhonda Bayles, Suzie Boehm, and Holly Swalve obtained All-American with a 6th place finish. Allen came in eighth in the 400 and Tina Buonauro placed seventh in the high jump. The outdoor season saw NCC become the first-evert CCIW women 's track champions. Walsh was victorious in the 5000 and 10, 000. Win- ners also included the 421100 relay team, Mona Martin with the javelon, Johnson in the 100 and 200 hurdles, Allen in the 400, and the 4x400 team of Bayles, Rhea Reed, Wilk and Allen. Five women went on to nationals. 105 W r .' ' -Af'-'I' ffm, f G f , . f f I , f E, f f Q gf MENS TRACK v,, 4 M 1' an ' V - C Qualiljfing for the indoor championship in NCAA Division lll were Brian Lamb in the 55 hurdles, Dan Baker in the 880, 4x400 relay team of Lamb, Joe Plutz, Dennis Piron and Baker, and Mark Bachtold as a high jump altemate. Due to Baker breaking his ankle at nationals, the 4x400 relay team was unable to compete. Lamb placed 6th in the 55 hurdles, giving him All-American status. The outdoor season brought with it the team 's third-straight CCI W title. And the C C I W toumey, winners were: Jim Jones, 1500 and 5000: Bill T oland, pole vault, Dennis Piron, 400, Dana Epperson, 400 hurdlesf Jim Van Hootegem, Plutz, Epperson, Piron, 4x400 relay team: and Backtold, high jump. Eleven men continued on to nationals. 98 TRACK TIO LS ,ef ENTRAI, 4 iffif :gr .WW ,mr sony Marc Browningf Dana Epperson: Kurt Hassenstein: Dawn Johnsonf Ophelia Johnson,- Jim Jones: Terrence Jor- dany Brian Lamb: Dennis Piron,- Joe Plutzf Holly Swalvep Jim Van Hootegem: and Margo Walsh. The women 's team placed 20th in the nation. The men were 27th. O. Johnson received All-American honors with a 4th place in 100 hurdles. The relay teams did very well, and Walsh, Jones, and Hassenstein placed high in their events. 107 GOLF 3 .V - 2 k L ' ,, .Q Wfit JM mfs n.'4hi"5 4 ' av W he yi' W 'sv' 49 I V 46- 4, ,ff 'D 2 , if aff 1 fm 4 ff A f rw, WW .1 , , if , f. , K 4 , 7 ' W f Q p . f V, W 7 xy My lk C , , Q A Q W W it The golf team was coached by DCl7l7iS Ryan. They entered the CCI W championships hoping for their first title, but it was not to be. ln Pontiac, Illinois, Millikin beat North Central, 621-655 to give NCC golfers second at the CCIW tournament. Jeff Samuels had the top round for the Cardinals with 159 at the toumey, giving him eighth place overall. Other low scores were Tim Landers 161, Gary Compton 's 164, and Hank Mazurek's 164. John Gross found himself in a tie for medalist honors at the championships. Gross had the club 's best season average with 80.45. Samuel 's average was 80.54. 108 A f 0 5 M N'S TENN S Y xv? 5 ' .. . dx' K it X XXX N- 4.1 N., . Q -.ix x . y.,,.,., xx. 5, way 'T i s M. im fw ff i 6' Ei sggig, X X K 3'fQ:?452?J?.'G f? 5 X R5 XSS' xxx ,Xf . t M t, A K X QSRQNQ is mir. 2. , 'g,fXQxN. X ' . X W wr Qfffrfftf nw Q my Awm..sw.:.. MN ...WJ ...Xxxx , NVMWWN LW...-f,4,,,,Awm , . This year the improved men 's tennis team went to the CCIW toumament with a 7-4 dual meet record. First-yearcoach Matt Cotter hada young team go into the championships-four freshmen, one sophomore, and one junior. The line-up was tlYo.1-No.6 singlesl: Jeff Peistrup, Jerry Duttlinger, Jelfhequembourg, JeffHilmer, Mark Baskiewicz, and Scot Kalchbrenner. The team finished 7th place at the CCIW tournament. AS EB LL z.,-844,31-.,vAh 1' A - A we . 3-L+' .ff 1 .-W n -T M ww- 34.3, I vi W Hs? , 'AWA ww, Y . , . . A ,gf .Y . . V M x, - . , ' ,,Af t9,.-jf ff.. J Q . , tfwif' Th? VIV, EZ! M V -if A',! I WM ny M M W. E ,V -ww 4' Anya, .wi A. up A any-:.. r . ,. M Coach Tom Purcell led his baseball team to ...mtg , I their best finish ever. After winning the north - .gl division with a 15-2 record, the team went on ot 4 x4" the C C I W tournament. The team lost their bid at ' ' ,." 11. ,-" " 2-f ' 'A A , 'I' t-'t, A -J X fff f, 1' A' a fourth straight conference title, but they were Q- . M is again invited to the NCAA Division Ill Mideast 1 Regional tournament. Regionals saw champi- ll,l if . fv N if .g,f ons in North Central. Onward the team went to i'A- 7 "" , ff-- 1 vlgxt ., . the NCAA Division lll World Series in Marietta, g w fflg 4 afri Ohio. The team ended their season with an im- if Z i pressive 5th place finish in the nation. The if S 'f"f A' X, 'W' ' team 's final record was 51-15. Matt Richards M fi was named the CCI W's Most Valuable Player, as well as picked for the all-midwest regional first team. The MVP ofthe regional tourney was Craig Stephan who, along with Brian Zimmerman, was named to the all-mideast regional second team. Mike Budler was on the College Division Aca- demic All-American first team. The CCIW north division all-star team included: Richards, Ritter, Stefan, Zimmerman, Dan Brown, and Mark Palu- sis. I 'Ns V f ir, , . ww , ,, w Q D K v Vx ws x 4 ' Q 'K ' we W. W Z MW ,,,W,,, se 1 ' , s 1 Mrmcwtwwwh MWQQI C ,,gf..Ag,x-, kim .. Q ' Q- .4 , it , t 'fx ,T .W tm gfglx Q?-5 . Qw,i,?'.gQY46,fgl?'Q? 5 .fwwfst f'?fti?353S-'fy wwswawwkwwgi F ffm s we 9519 fs1f:2?s?f,+ 5 p my ik Qs "?Qi.Wf ffftfgf K' 'Fixx ,I X Q Qc?" Q 53. - Q- 1 af M Q QQSX Kwai QI! tt. 'S M t , as WA -X x 4 .Q M lx .Y V VV an XX QW . S X X y X.1- X. , , . X .X T W A The softball team won the CCIW north division with a 10-2 record. This enabled them to compete in the first CCIW softball toumament. They placed third in the toumament by defeating Illinois Wesleyan. Honors bestowed on NCC softball players included the first-team picks of Carol Jar- osky fpitcherl, Deena Rangel foutfielderjfirst basemanl, and Sarah Shillington lshortstopl to the 1987 CCIW north division all-star team. Honorable mentions to this squad were L ynnea Loudenbeck ffirst basemanfpitcherl and Nancy Weinhandl lpitcherl. The overall record for the sea- son was 17-9. 2 SCFTB LL ' M fm lf' Q ff .4 ,Q " Af? 2 Q? yi 6 f , jf uw X ,, - f, f, 5.1 2374, IV 7' 'ff ix Q f -- ,Ag 04.16, Q, QQ46 41. , X M. ,, , , ,J fl -A ,jf f ff 4, Z !f, !, ,, W g ff!" V ff f f ,fm , J ' , 'WWW , TNR fffgf Wffwffg, f, ' I ygjy I 5 ., ,, , Z5- , X. Z4 yfrw, Qjf iir 4 Q ' fpfffff, ,W gf",'4f',w' Q' gn Q fyif. H "P -f if 3 f ,,,, V! ' "', yfy ,, ,ff ,,' f ,VVVV W 42' A 4 , ff yy f , M12 V gf 17? " M , , If " . W 7 T., ,, :f V ,1 i 4 ff A -may N-. x'X .a,,,,,,NJ wvi FACULTY Andrew Adams Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Dorothy Alex Instructor of English David Blight Assistant Professor and Chairperson of History Marti Bogart Assistant Professor of Economics Kirby Cannon Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation John Cerovski Professor of English Florence Chambers Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics 116 fc,-:,3 :-: K 552, ff: dw! -V 31-QP, ,J f W , f A f X ff g5,,A ,-If 4 X Gnu ,J f'Tf fans'- ,. ,MMM of Michael Clardy Assistant Professor of Computer Science Paul Connor Instructor in Health, Physical Education and Recreation Robert Cook Associate Professor of Computer Science Mary Jane Crabill Assistant Professor of Business Administration Mary Ann Cunningham Assistant Professor of Speech Communicationsf Theatre Joan Der Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Accounting Helen Dillon Assistant Professor of Computer Science 117 William Dillon Assistant Professor of Accounting James Duffin Assistant Professor of Computer Science James E. Elander Assistant Professor of Mathematics Gary Ernst Associate Professor of Business Administration Paul Eshelman Visiting Lecturer of Art Janis Fitzsimmons Instructor of Education David A. Frolick Professor and Chairperson of Political Science 118 t as ? W Z Q 1,4 4, rf- Y fwf f .,,, W , ' 'f-'- l', A 2 'YK' Wu 63 , N 4, iw: , , E.: ,. -X 4 1.2 X , . A J A dxx I xi? 1 s x r- X X Hx' fs SN ., 5 , X. X 2, 1 3 ww- t x Y pw' Y X , IQ: P s ' + lvrfqfwg Joseph Goodman Professor of Accounting Frank Gramarossso Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Priscilla Pl. Grundy Associate Professor and Chairperson of English James R. Guthrie Assistant Professor of English Richard Guzman Associate Professor of English Karen Henry Visiting Lecturer of English David A. Horner Assistant Professor of Ch emistryfPhysics 119 Donald Johnson Professor and Chairperson of Computer Science Bernard Pierre LeBeau Professor and Chairperson of Foreign Languages Robert T. Lehe Assistant Professor of Philosophy fMaryl Yueh-Ping Liaw Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Physics Thomas M. Love Professor and Chairperson of Economics Mary Jean Lynch Assistant Professor of Psychology Bayard Lyon Associate Professor of Business Administration 120 51,5 X' ,,.i 11, ,f if w ! 9' ink Q? X- fi P M 4 N ,px NGK 2? S S A ,415 . A T - is wiv-,V , M. ' N , I Q 1 5 ..--S 4 MZ 'vr,, - A s , , A AM, 5 a ff ii x 'wa John V. Madormo Instructor of Broadcast Communications Terrence G. Marsh Professor and Chairperson of Biology Jeordano lPetel Martinez Associate Professor of Music Timothy Morris Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Philosophy Howard Mueller Professor of Religious Studies: Chairperson, Division of Human Thought and Behavior Jonathon Mueller Assistant Professor of Psychology William Haumann Professor and Chairperson of Religious Studies 121 Francine Navakas Associate Professor of English: Chairperson, Division of Arts and Letters Michael Ouellette Assistant Professor of Speech Communicationsf Theatre Richard E. Paine Instructor of Speech Communicationsf Theatre R.D. Pandian Associate Professor of Mathematics John Phend Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Speech Communicationsf Theatre Russell J. Poel Professor and Chairperson of Chemistry Rose Price Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation 122 Wh is Nm ,., Q, x " fgyx ? X any 5 1 N X ss W X X ,X X x A ,X 9 'CY X xx? ,xx 5 f: 5 , 54,4 ff, F, A-.t...iLQ , , 1 e if QQ.. Thomas Purcell Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation James T. Rudolph Associate Professor of Education Thomas Sawyer Associate Professor and Chairperson of Psychology Anne T. Sherren Professor of Chemistryf Chairperson, Division of Science John H. Shindler Associate Professor of English Bonnie Simmons Assistant Professor of Accounting: Chairperson of Business Administration Barry Skurkis Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Art 123 Richard Slovacek Associate Professor and Chairperson, Division of Economics and Business Administration Richard D. Snyder Associate Professor of Mathematics Wesley F. Stieg Professor of Biology Paul W. Sutton Professor of Computer Science Kathryn D. Talley Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Sociology and Anthropology Beverly J. Thornburg Associate Professor and Chairperson of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Alan Tucker Assistant Professor of Journalism 124 A-ffwf' -r'M" f4E5 .M-.1 -.-- - fm-is L 1 S W:-'rzf'-f'v" V K ' - -42 XQM fr r 1 ff "4 t if' A is ,:v'Zy6f,.' :"' -1 4 Q . .-.. .4 ..... .h -.Af Q ,M ,.,.. -. ,:. ...:. 3 X x X ft W .W 1 "'-,- : P I X. X 1 U limba V v W Nj 'f f ff' ' 261 A iff , - , :"i.. X . yxt -- " 4 .ws ,, -N. X ., N -wiv-,ij gifwi S S QQ . Fx -1 .Q ug., Q R I 'S Q 4 wx A Q. r I C ' f '-air, Twin mf 'Q'-nan, Madeleine Van Hecke Associate Professor of Psychology Judy Walters Assistant Professor of Computer Science Richard J. Wilders Associate Professor and Chairperson of Mathematics Thomas A. Williams Assistant Professor of Biology Shirley Wilson Assistant Professor of Mathematics G. Bemard Yevin Associate Professor of Business Administration John J. Zenchak Associate Professor of Biology 125 xi x Y R f 5 'X X I 3 A i X X Q ,ff , y WM. , M, f f Q N A A . X N xx .SA - lib ' .S 'Nik .xw Q. vg- fg ' Q X Wm As X , x wk f-' V f' ,. 1 sw flag? QTY, J W .W I ,Q JY 2 -4 5 s A f f . ' A 3 :, ' f f tif Z R ggi 2 .- lllu . 221 an .M Q If 12.'ffmg',f'zP-1 ' 4 ' ' 24: 'gf X Q . ' --ff M N? , ,if -!,f1':- ..f 1421519155 .':f:fiQf- -' 12 ,146 9 J gmgpsig f , 'NHL fc w.., X YQ? - N IR 5 xr W r' fx 4, Q ff, 1 ' 5? 'fin qi a A . 5 ,, R11 ! .f.. " w L Q A W WMM Mfg X W W A66 M 6' gli!! Q , f D 2 ' ""' u "" " "A""' iw , , r 4- 3 ' N ff 2 A,A , M4212 f 'f""7 W 4 1 . . 1 ,, - 4 95 ' ' I , , W f 'ZW W M H Www ....-nl" X if X na 'av --..,,,j.'.lf 127 PRESIDE T SWI G MW vm A ,, DEAN TAYLCR WWW DEAN MOSER 4 ,qtlfw x A : , wif, ' ' 3 ,i il ,g W. 4 SEN IORS We travelled a long distance together through the first day of college when we to the last day when as graduates we threw our caps to the ceiling as a symbol of our accomplishment The joumey to that last day was rough but somehow we survived We made it to a world is open for us to find a direction that may pull us far away from NCC However in our hearts NCC will remain that special kind of place that everyone told us it was SENIORS Kimberly Julee Anderson Brett Anthony Marion Baker Diane Balkcom Anderle Patrick Banjy Jonnie Bass Robert Battin Vivienne Bianco Glenn Banli Being coached by a man with credentials a mile long, simply knoum as Al." - Marc Ruff Class Of 87 gum at ln-. 4- F'- '.M,,l ' MU, KU' , ,.,l vi- V-qw V 1, l , "If Will,- lfw' ,lL , ,lair , .444 ' lk U 3, I , Q V, 1. Qi ,V ,V www, xi, ,- .J, 1.f, ,f Jeif Borkstrom Jerry Breitbarth William Brodne Bemagette Mary Brooks Bro ey Amy Brown Becky Brown Daniel Brown Michael Victoria Bruzzini BUCZKOWSIU Michael Budler Michael Chris Burch Bukovsky Linda Mary Cameron Calderone "I have proven that it does take a Miracle to survive four whole years at North Central College." - Jodi L. Miracle Class Of 87 N if 'fig 'ffl' or si, ,, . l A W all ai f , g f 5, lr- A 5 'V Q? W 1 c cc cW,,ic,4J n Peter Carroll Diana Cipra Jenmfer Cnota Caryn Alice Czwornog Cunningham Pamela Dan'ah Brian Davis Susan Davis Glen Doering Marci Delp Suzanne Ann Everhart Melissa Falk Frances Furio Erzinger Lisa Folsom "Some people look at things and ask why. I look at things and ask why not." -- Christine Reger 132 Class Of 87 The the CUAB movies i A 41 ------an X Sharon Gargano John George Paul Furio Susan Gagnon Ken Galasso John Graba Joy Gustafson Shaun Godfrey Paul Gonzalez Peter Hallam Alma Gutierrez Brett Goral James Harrington "We have been tested, tempted, torn, sometimes broken. Remember, when this happened to Jesus he proved that for eveny test, there is a triumph if we live in faith." -- James Kausch 1,3 Class Of 87 1 11.24. 1, , ' nr , U 1. V "xr -Y ' ' B 2 5 , .ffl , The persona of a student DJ Ka fman culs ne W 5 .mf 'wil 9, li VF .ff 155' 'L 'ut 9 ,Z H1-F' -A u ' i ! 'E e . ,-W' ,...... Y x f x -- . ' -I John Haynes Debbie Jean Hiser Kenneth Holden Holly Holtzapple Hedeman ChI'iStirI6 Kathleen Kelly Fred Kennedy Angela Jacobs Jackson Kent Jones Jill Kestler James Jones "What a long, strange trip it's been." - Jeff Putnam Class Of 87 f Aft V . SW' . ll ' 1' H "WWF X -.J , A 1. l W ' ' 5 x L3 Q" .. J, L ,L 1, 4 M X' -if 5 ,am W ' 'uf ' .1 1, Y f W , gf ' GW' lr -um G'- ,, 1 ,..-fm" Q 5 N, ff , rj , Katha Timothy King Dennis Kluk Michael Korinek Katherine Kull Kheowkham- saeng Linda Lake Rita Lang Laura Lange Paula Lange Betsy Van Lewsader Adam Londre Susan Maddi Jennifer Macyak Kunberger JCE!! LCl'UI'HO "Each day is a personal graduation - minor accomplishments become the stairs ascended to transform dreams into realities." - Sharon Gargano Class Of 87 ml 5'-c1l H lif- -N,-A vm- 1' limi' if 1 , 'V""""""""' WW'Wm,.wl'M -H7.'7F1Fl'I, H' f, 'b :TN f3"f'FF1ZA"77'W, fi' ' W" , , f. 2.'vW"'fmal7i'WM-W2l5kW,!'5f?f'1,w-2 ,X wx, wi U wwf-N 1 Q ,i'11:f-Pfwkfz-Wf1vdlY'f'Wl'lQgiw'5l P' vfwpux Y 'vr3y,i,'v:,w11-,Agpp1'J,.2W:AfJ71Z2,TWI. 1' M "g5,i'Tf,.Wn' Q 1 ,V ' - if 1'v1fw'.,f1m '-nay rufi ws? ' , 1 - ' 'u','ff"'fev w ,,11f'3a'fv- Aj , 3 ' ' ,- ..:vggf 1: ' f51fr,n ful ,, Jef In lwwl Q-N - f wif? ,. , V ,,,?5f:"i-"" ' 'ywjfir V V- W ., 1' . ' w-W ,lp ff fy... .X A, ny, ' H13 ,- ,fl Y -i f w , QQ'-Q3 H 3' la2'v'4'f W rf? l ' 3 "K-'sz I' V, ,TI .wiv ,. if , i AY an. wx Liu , 1, , rl I wiv ff'i'f f fi L 'P Q N ., W v 1 K 2 Q ' '2 43li1.l?.? 4 Q M, ' , Mgjw' 'Q 1 A 14 'mi ' f l Em J f if J M if 9i,gIu'Q,'L' k , f ' ,J flL35'1". Susan Maier Michelle Mark Kevin Martin James Meyers Greg Mikszta Steve Miller Jodi Miracle John Muga vero Renee Murray Padmalatha Plemani Leisa Nibert Francie Noetzel Jodi Pajerski David Pappas Scott Parker "The last time in my life I can act like a total fool and get away with it." --- Pat Barry 136 Li - - - r fi-eil Class Of 87 up -f-. .ff x --0 , 'M fl Uv, '4 .lf 'w l l l X ,J Qin WH x ,ww ,,:,,.w Y l - M is worth Phillip Paulson Thomas Pavich Kevin Peifer Michael Pentz Barbara Phelps Joseph Pinder George Porter Jeiirey Putnam Ann Randall James Rausch Christine Reger Janice Reising Matt Richards "What I'll remember most about NCC in 10 years will be the friends l gained during my involvement in the music and theatre departments." -- Paula Lange Class Of 87 Da vid Rickert Kenneth Alvaro Romero Michelle Ross Marc Ruff Robinson Christine Christine Laura Scott Lisa Scroppo Rumley Bany Schnell Schpmberg Catherine Sharp Lynette Shaw Kathleen Seclivy Ronald Selesky Ayesha Sharili' "When I think of North Central, I think of late nights in the Science Center, good friends. and lab: too much labl" - Greg Mikszta Class Of 87 ,-Q ,479 ,K 4 1--,,,1vq',', Q f Let s party! imlgxprrlx ,li 1 v Sarah Nancy Simon Daniel States Craig Stefan Jeny Sliwa Shillington Carol Spillar Janet Stoneking Sharon Super Rita Steinhilber Sean Smith Joan Stohl Barbara Sydnor Ron Stelter "Fouriyears at North Central College is training for the future, being aggressive, a leader in your field, being initiative, most of all being your own person." - Joseph Pinder Class Of 87 'TPM , .xraf '113' H N, N xx 1 1 it Joanne Tamms Bruce Thomas Mari Troyer Robert Uehlein Michaelq Van Pouc e James Venturini Kara Vigsnes Kristin Waehner Mary Welk Phillip Lynne Wilkinson Craig Wood Annette Zilligen Todd Whiteside Zimmennan Jane Z01eCki "'It's this simple: If I never try anything, I never leam anything. If I never take a risk, I stay where I am.' Ulugh Prather!" - Vivienne I. Bianco 140 ' I I I J UNIGRS I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I H- I I I Albrecht, Terri Angelo, Kathy Arai, Eiko Baker, Jon Bakef, Julie Balemo, Michelle Bartelson, Julia Bastien, Jane Becker, Nancy Beebe, Daniel Beisecker, Carrie Bevington, Marty Bimbaum, Gary Blanchard, Becky Bleicher, Robert Bojan, Thomas Boney, Diane Burch, Tim Bumidge, Jill Campbell, Angela 'fi is Q, 1 ., E lt may have seemed im- I possible, but with three L years, behind us, we F5 i have made our niche M ' here at HCC. Now we face , a future as Seniors,- we have confidence that we will live up to our expec- tations as a class while we fufill our individual goals. Qiaffi- l . K, X 1 I if ,vac HQ.. V. w - ,I S KV' I 1 ,i 'Q'-'7' ww' l i 1 , 5:5553 i dui' Q 2 1 ffk' -5, ' 9" :N 41 Coletto, Michael Craig, Lynn Deboer, John Demeter, David Dominick, Thomas Dotson, Tammy Douwsma, Lynda Dreher, Michael Ellis, Tracey Farson, Shawn Fippingen Peter Fletcher, Donna Fristoe, Sue Gavic, Mark Gehl, Michael Glass, Tahl 143 Greves, Sandra Griffin, Frank Hayden, Melissa Hiller, Paula Hofferth, Gerard Hodgman, Debbie Homa, Scott Horton, John Howard, Sheila lngels, Wendy Joh, Annette Johnson, Fred Jones, Lon Jones, Russell Joyce, Kimberly Judd, Frank 144 H 'Round and 'round she goes where she stops nobody knows ima 1 Raise your hand if you 're Sure! f , av ig 'W 1419, I., 4 1 5 gil Qi? sv Kalchbrenneu Scot Kefalas, Charles K esic, Obrad King, Kay Kohler, Ann Kovach, Brian Kropusek, Kerry Kruse, Timothy Lankton, Ruth Lannon, Susan Lewis, Jeffrey Lowery, Jean Lynn, Andrew Manak, Douglas Marrero, Barbara McAndrew, James 'IAQ McNamara, James Miller, Jodi Mobley, Clint Moeller, Konstance Myers, Bethany Noel, Michele Nourie, Natalie O'Brien, Jennifer Oldenettel, Michael Ollendick, Jeffrey Olson, Bryan O1SOI'I, Deanna Q2 QT, 1 Osegueda, John Pakaski, George .HJ Pasini, Patti Phebus, Nichollette Q. 5 im 1, Q 146 Lisa, Mike dr Gregg take "5" during rehearsal I . min Jammm and crammm at Oesterle 6 , 1 . I. .X ,I I , ,F wh 0 W . X Aaigg' .T-1 ' H5 aifvqij 5 y x V F .ny 4 :jig ' S 5, 9 "Our backfiles are better than our profiles" . ,, f" 5 Research Fever - Catch it! fi' Yr' 5 x 1, 7 N EA S if wtf gd? Siamese Twins rv 'X Phillips, Kenneth Pimy, cn eryl Potra wski, Michael Racey, Tom Resh, Roberta Ritter, Kenneth Robers, Deborah Robertson, Amy Robeson, Cherzie Rudisill-Reich ert, Carol Seelbinder, Wendy Slocum, Scott Smith, Stephanie Soliday, Dave Stepan, Patricia Swalve, Holly Swanson, Debbie Tatar, Sherry Thomas, Becky Thome, Wendy Tietz, Susan Vieh weg, Jaime Virgilio, Anita Wagner, Janan Walsh, Andy Walsh, Lisa Warcup, Doris Waszak, Jill Wecker, Stacy Wehrle, Becky Wernsman, Michael Weydeman, Denise wirr, Kristy Zeko, Mich elle mi Wm Alnght you guys what are you up to now?! if 5f R we Ellen, a penny for your thoughts? SOPHGMORES i Abrams, David Arb, Ron Arentsen, Anita Baker, Daniel Bayles, Rhonda Beavers, Christina Bhandaly, Sailesh Boyer, Beth Bozer, Kenneth Branch, Jennifer Bridge, Carrie Brooks, Dawn Brown, J. Brown, Kyle X gy X SOPHOMORES y P , Two down, two to go. W "What a relief" we think, f :X W. as we realize even more 2 challenging times await f us. But we're ready. Up- f per classmen here we iw: B S, Come! 545 SQ ,, ,,..,. 7 EMM ,W My t Y ,.,, Q, .. mv, ,V 1 ,QW ws, ,A ,,.- ,- -U .v,..., vi ,X .M T .V - My-w ,Q QV ', 1, V ks -Q-' Vw I H, S P z v Rak 'L l i in in the "dough" at Casino Night L. Iiav-N., .,-. ' .... an if film What are you hiding? s, Z.: -'af' 1 A ' S "l don 't think that was supposed to happen" f .i, 1, 15 "You 'll never guess who is taking my picture" Brummel, Melissa Carlock, Jacqueline Carlson, Susan Coon, Shawn Crubaugh, Patrice Dekuyper, Catherine Dibella, Janice Dillard, Elizabeth Dobberstein, Chan Ehrenberg, Rudolph Evitts, Gerald Franklin, T. Fuchs, Denise Fuson, Kendra Garcia, Kim Gamett, Sonya 151 I Garvey, Thomas Gerardy, Pamela Gleason, Mark Glogowski, Michelle Goodbred, Amy Goss, Kristin Gossett, Timothy Graff Deborah Green, Cos tella Gregory, Todd Grzeszczyk, Dianne Gudgeon, Jeannene Guzeman, Tina Hanson, David Heam, Douglas Hildreth, Scott Hoard, Cheryl Hoth, Mary 152 Hulfman, Victoria Jarosky, Carol Johnsen, Gloria Johnson, Brad Johnson, Chris Johnson, Michelle Joyce, Gerard Judkins, Carol Kazmierski, Anthony Kalupski, Michael Kiemel, Janet Kimmel, Kathleen Kruger, Jennifer Kruse, Kimberly Kruschke, Nancy Lacy, Greg 153 Lovelace, Joseph Mackey, Carl Maddi, Paul Martenson, Melissa Mason, Leslie Mason, Regina Maurer, Kathy McCarthy, Marianne McGlynn, Jacqueline McGuire, Rob Mclntosh, Mark Muckerheide, Thomas Murph y, Jeffrey Musau, K. Neal, Kelley 154 i 1 . vw It .:- 5 I i.. v . 1 W ff +.zf5f' 55,245 gf W "Throw another shrimp on the barby, mate. H fig, . ff- 'L - 1. !'7 fs' Y 23 cs! Z f y 2 1, .MZ a. af IA, K1 W.. f NT' 1 . 1. X . xi X 4- are "Let's party!" I 'm watching you" 4,4 -J-4 -' Jeans, J-E-A-H-S, Jeans ,a -A mai .f .a,,,.,-.xx's.f Niesser, Heather Olson, Steven Pagano, Linda Pearsall, Maria Pelt, Maxine Plutz, Joseph Pucci, Triestina Richards, Cynthia Rothstein, Laura Schnibben, Diana Schroder, Thomas Simmons, Stephani Sirovy, Da vid Skarr, Michael Smith, Curtis Smith, Kevin 155 Snook, Samantha Snyder, LeAnn Stanley, Cynthia Strong, James Surdey, Todd Swenson, Vonda Tammen, Lisa Tamms, Douglas Tramonte, Maria Treece, Judith Trentt, Marsha vamo, Joseph Voliva, Cheryl Wardlaw, Terri Welk, John Williams, Maureen Williams, Rosalind Wollersheim, Lisa FRESHMEN Akrabawi, Fatima Allen, Megan Almassey, Shaiyn Bachtold, Mark Baker, Christopher Baldino, Richard Baldyga, Jennifer Bandura, Katherine Barba, Carlos Barowski, John Bartelson, Peter Barus, Bryan Bassett, Kristen Baumgartner, Tracey 158 Xi N , Nr EQ 5 2 S 4- X FRESHMENM We, as Freshmen, en- tered IYCC not quite knowing what to expect. We experienced the first- term jitters and the ex- citement of meeting new roommates. As the year wore on, we became more at ease with col- lege life. We look fonfvard to even more challenges as we become Sopho- mares. , 4 ggi 1 9 W X X 35 N' ,X I 41 Wi M fi ,,,,, i WW twat 47' K' 77 f 'Q' 2 ff -if 5- -- Work? Why?" . ,,-Q - X. Benjamin, Esther Bems, Stacy Betts, John Bielema, Darcy Boehm, Susan Bones, Jennifer Borchardt, Jon Borkowski, John Borst, David Brader, Eric Brazas, Donna Brill, Susan Brinker, Tami Brown, John Busby, James Caco, Melissa Casey, Christina Cheever, Tina Clore, Ellen Coffey, Carolyn Connell, Joann Corby, David Criscione, Walter Crowder, Scott Crumley, Paul Dabner, Cindy Darfler, Bill Davison, Douglas Dennison, Brian Deverea ux, Tammy Dieterlen, Laurie Dedendoni Jennifer Dodge, Karen Do veikis, Terran Dudley, Vanessa Future cover girl I i ffl, M if Duttlingen Gerald Eckert, Jennifer Ellerson, Kimberly Evenhart, Patricia Floran, David Forby, James Fortner, Michael Foster, Jacquel yn Frederick, John Frohlich, Robin Gainer, Michael Gal, Brenda Gonzalez, Larry Grafton, Pamela Gravunder, Jackie Gregoiy, Kathleen Gnfiin, Michael Gunn, Karin Gunn, Scott Gust, Michelle Haines, Cynthia Hamilton, Bill Happel, Jenjy Harmon, Ann Hauck, Brian Hazen, Sterling Hemy, Thomas Heguembourg, Jellrey Hileman, Kendra Hillmer, Jellrey HolTerth, Joseph Holmes, Teresa Hook, Matthew Hooper, Ann Hubbard, Ch ristie Hudgens, Erin 162 'fx W V 1 , xr fig, "All this is due when?" ' X S,' 1, if Wwslfwsf-in B-M ze il I Wy Q X ' . 3 Vw X" Q 1-. 'ff X We Q., 5 a s -. ' 4 ' Q . war-1 mx .. E 4 N 'Who said that?" X X is w ,MN - If 'xx 1 sf 1 l W Huntley, Carla Huynh, Quyen Ibata, Jennifer Ingram, Victoria Jackson, Lee Jacobsen, Paula Jagoda, Judith Janczak, Victoria Janda, Jeffrey Janessa, Mariann Janusonis, Rimas Jensen, Aaron Jensen, Susan Johnson, Dawn Johnson, Ophelia Joras, Diane Joy, Victoria Kanter, Erik Keating, Michelle Keller, Martha Kendall, Jensine Kendzior, Lisa Kensella, Matthew Kinzlen Holly Knight, Regina Koch, Michael Krabec, Kimberly LaCour, Raquel Lang, Keith Lantz, Michael Larson, Denise Lee, Stacey Leverette, Walter Lightfoot, Patricia Linden Charles Linneman, Chuck Locke, Amy Marinier, Stacy :brag E s Q , . 4 f z Gm'r... 'wh :- vs 4 5 A -1 Aloha x 'XZ W. Martin, Mona Maxwell, Kelly McCune, Coleen McGee, John McKnight, Melanie McRaven, Wendel Mehlan, Jennifer Meiners, Tracey Mesmer, Dawn Messler, Heather Meute, Brian Milnamow, Mary Myers, Karlene Nastemak, Scott Nelson, Sharon Notbohm, Bethany Obrochta, Renee O'LeaIy, Patrick ORourke, Curtis Paska, Stephen Peterson, Deanna Petit, Yvens Petryk, Rosemary Pilz, Sabine Pitello, Pat Pleasance, Andre Potrawski, Joseph Rash, Thomas Ricks, Erica Riley, Mark Riley, Wendy Rink, Laura Ritter, David Robinson, Rae Roegner, John Rogers, Michael QQU li ,Q H, 4 . .xv When will this be over? Two is better than one IH. X: not '1- e 'v i ' 1 what ,xy hifi' 1 If l",4 i f JQVSJQ ff, ' Zia - - my 5-Q W s K Umm .- " f Computers. Give me a break! e ZVH - . ,-W Kinda wacky Kinda wild A x :Wg 1 jr'-'4.1'??Sf'7 5 Ruland, Erin Salisbury, Michael Schrader, Anne Schroeder, Holly Schwarz, Pamela Scolaro, Samantha Seabrook, Sidney Selenica, Donika Sepka, Richard Seul, Jeffrey Shaffer, Mark Shannon, Melissa Sharillf Hajira Sieger, Dawn Simios, Logan Smith, D Smith, Julie So vensen, Kim Speck, Kathleen Stewart, Bill Stites, Tony Stohl, Tracey Stone, Stacy Stopoulos, Samantha Stuart, Kenneth Th iemke, Kristin Thompson, Tony Thompson, Trent Th urwanger, Mark Toland, Bill T oren, Matthew Triner, Julie lwet, Kim Van Hootegem, James Van Matre, Amy Vaughn, Tony Vergoth, Carol Verstraete, Carleen 1M X, fm 73. 'B'-Q ,. . . MJ' 9 54 What's school without friends? My Tl T wi ff' '55 ,msn pls 'MY Ill 11 4 . ,Q , Q . Q' 2 We if 1 X zu k sm, 'kv' 'f T. G. I. If 5 it 2 K. W, bg S? S if M w x m5,,3l,,' x ,,, Catching rays on Kaufman steps ' 1 X '. gc' , "L L. .aims az' a, Viater, Karen Vieceli, Vince Vieh weg, Wayne Voyles, Jeff Wallace, Ethelyn Walls-Smith, Trac Warden, Darren Wattles, Andrew Weber, Angela Wegrzyn, Andrew Wegrzyn, Kenneth Welti, Shawn West, Paul Wieser, Robin Williamson, Laura Wilson, Mark Winklef, Aildlfa wright, Sarah Wright, Sheri Wrona, Diane SENIOR DIRECTORY Accounting IAC C l Financial Management KPMG! Bank Management IBMGI French IFR! Biology tBlOl German KGERI BUSINESS IBUSJ Health Physical Education 61' Recreation !HPE8rRj Business Finance KBUSFI History KHISI Chemistry KCHEMI Intematzonal Business IIBUSJ COMITIUFIICHUOFIS SIUUIGS KCOMMSI International Relations IIRELI Communications StudresfSports Public Relations Management information Systems IMISI lCOMMSfSPRl Mathematics IMTHI Computer Science ICSCI Philosophy IPHU Cnmmal Justice ICRJI Economics IECOIYI Elementary Education IELEDI English KEPIGI Exercise Science IEXSCI Finance IFIPU Janet L Adams Political Science IPSCl Psychology IPS Yj Religious Studies KRELJ Sociology 81-' Anthropology IS8rAl Spanish ISPPU Speech Commumcat1onsfTheatre ISCfTj Da vid John Baker ms Pamela Jean Bertrand Bus ' 1 o 1 ' u e 1 l 1 1 , ' 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 4 1 1 BUS Yaser Mahmoud Al daas csc,- SPN Carole Susan Altmayer ACC,- cum laude: Honor Society Kimberly A. Anderle Pnl: Psc Juleen Rae Anderson IBUS: cum laude: Cunficulum Commit- tee: Pom Pon Squad, secretary, cap- tain,- CUAB, Spring Dance Chair: SEB: American Marketing Assoc.: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 8 Univ.: President's List: Presidential Scholar,- Homecoming Queen, Junior attendant,- Student Life Award: Wall Street Journal Award Brett Austin Anthony csc Carl David Anthony Bio Carl Apponi Bus Lena Marie Armstrong Bus Mitzi D. Babka P510 cum laude Kimberly Ann Backman Psr Robert F. Backus Bus Diane Elaine Badger csc John G. Bailey II Acc Marlon L. Baker ELED: Yearbook Staff- CUAB,' Pom Pon Squad, co-captain,- Intramurals Diane Suzette Balkcom ENG: magna cum laude: Honor Soci- ery Julie Ann Ballard scfr Linda Jo Balsamo ELED: magma cum laude: Honor Soci- ety Glenn J. Banfi Mrs Arleen Horwich Bankemper Acc Patrick Allen Bany SC! T: WOIYC, music director, Program director,- Intramurals Jonnie R. Bass HPEKR Robert Davis Battin csc Anne Katherine Bauer rns Michael J. Beadle cncn Christopher James Becker cm Raymond Tony Behrends CHEM Joseph Stephan Bell csc Susan Jean Beren CSC: cum laude: Intramurals,- Presi-,gg dent's List Vivienne I. Bianco BMG: ART: Chronicle: WOIYC: Impres- sions, president: Business Society: Diane Duvigneaud Senior Art Award,- Intramurals Christine Kayne Bielitzki Bus Camden Anne Bobek Bus Jeffrey Carl Borkstrom scfr Nancy W. Bothwell Psr Richard Michael Braida csc Gerald Joseph Breitbarth BUS: Wrestling, varsity letter: Golf- American Marketing Assoc.: Presi- dent's List William Karl Brodne FMG: cum laude: Honor Society: Varsi- ty Soccer,- Basketball: Intramurals: American Marketing Assoc., executive vice president: Midwest Model United Nations: Polis Club: Who 's Who Among American Colleges and Univ.: Presidents List C Mary Elizabeth Brooks C PS K- Intramurals: Chain United Meth- odist Student Organization, presi- dent, vice president: Chapiins Advisor ry Board,- Organizations Board F 4 E Amy L. Brown HIS: cum laude Becky Winifred Brown BUS: CSC: CUAB, chairperson of mov- ies: Spectrum, secretary: Rall Hall Floor Rep.: Kimmel Hall Council, sec- rQtg1p,cPresident's List: Intramurals: gg cqgggmurer 1 , J Daniel Earl Brown I sea - 'David Collins Brown if PSY E Diane Brickwood Brown Acc I ,Gerald F. Brown 'Jane Grimn Brown scfr F Phillip G. Brudos L CSC: cum laude chael Martin Buczkowski ilflichael James Budler BUS: Baseball. captain: Intramurals: Presidents List: Academic All-Amert can Baseball N A aus it Mr ' Michael Bukovsky E P HIS Chris Burch BIO: Basketball: Softball: Intramurals: Tri-Beta: Presidents List Jon Robert Burrichter H BUSF Q G rdon D. Butler I o sus Brendan Gerard Cain CSC: summa cum laude lf .,rf F L nda Gale-Calderone i sa-A g, it Mary Kathryn Riekkoll' Cameron CSC: magna cum laude: Honor Soci- 60' Gary H. Campbell 'S CSC: BUS L David Scott Cappitelli I CSC Gail Radcliff Carline r PSY: cum laude Peter Francis Carroll Bus Gregory J. Cebelinski csc: MTH Vivian J. Chance Acc Diana M. Cipra ART Jennifer V. Cnota Honor Society secretary Craig Lawrence Coatney cc nr 4 i I i i 1 ACC: magna cum laude: Honor Soci- ety: Choir: Madrigals: President 's List: Business Society: Presidential Schol- arship: Kimmel Hall vice president: Cohen co Ms Jeffrey Russell Collins ' Eno ' Barbara Connell scfr Donald Roy Cook Acc Rosemary Corcoran Acc C Barr? Edward Coultas au Vanesa Michele Covas Bro .Ronald Alan Crabb csc Cgrygn Marie Cunningham Alice Czwornog SPN: cum laude Ga Ie Geraldine Daly Cylbw summa cum laude: Honor So- ciety Pamela Joiy Darrah PHIC' cum, aude Brian Bruce Davis G sus Stephanie Louise Defrancesco E G: College scholar Patricia G. Desmond ELED Anthony DiCataIdo Bus Carmela Ann DiSerio PSY Donna Anne Dobbs ELED: magna cum Iaude,- Honor Soci- ety Glen Doering BUS: PSI? cum laude: Honor Society Michael Robert Driscoll Psc,- csc Carol A. Martin Dziedzic csc Wesley J. Eagan Acc Dianne M. Erickson BUS: summa cum laude: Honor Soci- Cty Suzanne M. Erzinger BUS: American Marketing Assoc., vice president of communication: Senior Gill Program, co-chairperson: SEB: Student Affairs Board: Rall Hall Donn Council, floor representative Jeannine P. Esner SCXT -ADD L. EY6l'h3l'f Melissa Kay Falk ENG April Dawn Fallon ENG: Cum lalldt John Anthony Faragoi CSC: Wrestling: Soccer: Intramurals John A. Farrell PSIC' Pnl Karen Louise Farrell Psy Thomas Mark Finnegan ms Michael Scott Fisher sus Lisa Ann Folsom S6k'A: PSX' cum laude: Rall Hall Coun- cil: Foundations For Success: R.A.: ln- tramurals: President's List: Outstand- ing Major in Sociology Victoria Lee Freiberg ELED: summa cum laude: Honor Soci- CU' Paul D. filrio CSC: HIS Susan P. Gagnon CSC: cum laude Keri Lynn Galasso PSY Meena Garg Acc Sharon Eileen Gargano BUS: PSYC' magna cum laude: Honor Society, activities chairperson,- Ameri- can Marketing Assoc.: Tennis Luanne Marie Gawron Acc Karen E. Geller csc John Duane George, Jr. G SC! T: Varsity Football: Varsity Tennis: Intramurals, men 's coordinator: Musi- cal: Madrigals Donald M. Giblin Acc Robert Newcomb Gibons csc Sharon Jean Gilbert PSY Shaun Christian Godfrey csc Paul Apolonio Gonzalez SCXT: Baseball: Intramurals Brett Matthew Goral Bus John Gerard Gorski csc Daniel John Goudzwaard csc John Harold Graba PHI: REL: Intramurals: President's List Karl S. Granath Bus Jacqueline Lucy Gruebner sam Louis Francis Guido Econ Joy Karen Gustafson BUS: Pom Pon Squad: CUAB: Intra- murals Alma Caroline Gutierrez SPN: Intramurals Janice R. Habbley Bus Peter Graham Hallan PSC: cum laude: Student Assoc., president: Polis: Model United Na- tions, head delegate: Outstanding Senior Man: Mark Reid Leadership Award: Who's Who in American Col- leges 8' Univ. John R. Hansen Acc James Edward Hanson scfr James P. Harrington ACC: SPN: cum laude: College Schol- ar: Soccer: SEB: Wingspread Fellow: International Club: Geiger Hall Coun- cil: SA, vice president: Who 's Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Univ.: Outstanding Account- ing Major,- President's List,- Presiden- tial Scholarship Kathleen Ann Hartford ELED John S. Haynes, Jr. ACC: csc Debra G. Hedemann COMMS: Swimming,- CUAB, vice presi- dent, visual arts directon Intramurals: Concert Choir, secretary: Madrigals: Forensics Team: Musicals and Plays: Alpha Psi Omega,- Outstanding Arts and Letters Major,- Pi Kappa Delta, president: President's List: Speech National Level Competitor: Competi- tive Speech Award Paula Dee Hedmark Acc: csc Mary Heitert COMMS: cum laude: Honor Society Sheila M. Heitke BIO: cum laude Nancy G. Hemphill Psv Deborah Ann Heyward PSC,- magna cum laude: Honor Soci- CU' Linda Sue Dispensa-Hill MTH: cum laude Lany G. Hinson, Jr. ACC Patrick Joseph Hinton PSC Jean Marie Wildem1an Hiser ELED Laurie A. Davidson Hoelkes csc John A. Holak csc Kenneth John Holden, Jr. PSY,- Intramurals: Residence Life: American Marketing Assoc.: Mom 's Day Model,- International Club: R. A. Holly Sue Holtzapple MTH Teny Lynn Holzkopf BUS Jane A. Horodeck csc Joy Ann Hougas MTH: magna cum laude Marsha L. Heuer Howting Bus Loren Keith Ing Bus Bernice Seddon Irwin Bus Christine A. Jackson SPH: ENG: magna cum laude: Honor Society Angela Rose Jacobs ELED Magy T. Walser Jamieson s B Peter Scott Johnson rrPc.srR Ramona R. Troxell Johnson ELED Jeannie Marie Jordan Bus Lisa Dianne Jordan Bus Steven Wayne Joslyn rrrrzam Ronald IM Jurkacek ART Nancy Vernes-Kammennann CSC: cum laude Kurt A. Kamradt Bus Conrad Kantor BMG Patricia Ann Kartheiser ACC: cum laude John D. Keating rrrrzarrz Kathleen M. Kelly ACC, cum laude Frederick Joseph Kennedy Bus Jill Diana Kestler corms Timothy Alan King CSC: magna cum laude: Honor Soci- ety: Intramurals: CUAB: SEB: College Scholars Participant: C.S. Facu ty Search Committee: Who's Who Among American Colleges and Univ.: finkbeiner Computer Award Kevin Michael Klauer cxsc Dennis L. Kluk ACC Joyce M. Koerfer sc Gregory John Kontos csc Michael J. Korinek BUS: CUAB, Spring Break coordinator r Q Intramurals: Orientation Leaden Busi- ness Society: American Marketing As soc. Barbara Anne Timm Kosinsky csc Nilesh Pl. Kothari CSC: cum laude William Robert Krieg :REL Teddi Carallis Krochman PSY? cum laude Kevin Ray Kruse csc Katherine Anita Kull HPERR Betsy A. Kunberger csc Timothy John Kutkoski Bus John R. LaGrassa Bus l Linda Rum Lake BUS: FR Rita Marglt Lang j BUS: American Marketing Assoc.. vice president ol' programs Senior G!!! Committee President s List Paula Mary Metskas Lange cusp Eleanor F Lee csc Marla Lettlere COMMS JCB!! MICH618 L6tUI'l'l0 BUS PSY Lrnda Jellnek Lewls aus Scott Richard LCWIS I1 s Van Allen Lewsader Euro Setlrey D Limp BUS cum laude Adam Howard Yiondre csc 1 I I I . r so U 4 f. . Q Q . 5 . A J 1 L . V , . 4 ai I I Q F :Q'Xf.fNw .X fi A . A ' . Q, X, . I, li:- ' X , sw 'S' ' D I M Do ld: .OUQ BS BC . -NX.. xx. X Q-egg . X 'N- F. S- ' . W O O 0 K K r ' :N . .. 'XM A L -We F K his O I I A I . D I I I I K . iss N . X - :Nii Q, 4 . . X . v . '. I I O I X ' ' ' X X we .' ,' I . . A . . l 5 r - 5 f ' rg' .. . 1 Q . . . . Kurtls Davrd Mackiewrch Bus Jennifer Anne Medial: is PSC CUAB Intramurals Polls Furnasf Foundation f l Susan Beate Maler IBUS rsc Budget 8' finance Com- mittee Polis president lntemationalelx Club CUAB inzramurars Madervnir- ed Hatlons Who S Who in Amencan Colleges and Univ Xblane .Kroeger Makalyk BUS cirm laude Karen M Manas Bus , Clgrggtlne POQIIHHO-MZFCZCWSKI Michelle Louise Mark CSC: MTH: cum laude: CUAB: Honor Society President's List: Burrough 's Corp. Computer Science Scholarship: Ruth O. Hendnir Award,- Presidential W Scholarship 5 Lorraine L. lilarofske Acc r Annette Mariesggargyon L 1 si SCXT I - A I I NN Kevin Lee Biartin I . BUS L A Carol Classen Martinez coMMs Anthony Martinucci life' Acc Jonathan Michael Matuzak - PHl,- summa cum laude: Honor Soci- efl' l l Ann Manertccarthy f ' aus A Clarence McGuire HPERR s Patricia D.: Bjerke MclYerney csc Robb Anderson Meath BUS . Lana Sue Meier PSY L Grant Merker aus James Edward Meyers ws Gregory J. 'Mlkszta A C EM: BIO: magna cum laude: Honor Society ACC Steven Donald Miller CHEM Thomas Lyle Milroy Cindy E. .Miller ACC: magna cum laude: Ho CCY nor Soci- Jeanne E. Morgan IBUS: FR Walter 0'Malley Morlock sys is E. Mo er A BQ? 'Y . sk Q Q Renee Gayle Murray g BIO: Trac : Intramurals: FCA: CUAB: Peg Band: Org. Board: L Senior Cagzmittee: Trllieta, president: Gar- derf Clufb Scholarship: Outstanding Maier Award JUIESA. Bus Anthonx IQ pgomaswnaviglato SC! T: WOPIC: Intramurals It , Q:--Xe ' i .wi M- . .. . Susan ,LM up if Jlansaca Padrnalatha Nemani csc Jerry A. Neumann sus Q h H N uong guyen Francie Elinor Noetzel laus Christopher'fUQ6!1f Bus stephen Alan 0'BoyIe ' CSC A William Thomas O'Connell gcsc 1 :lf Irene O:'lYeill CSC: magna cum laude: Honor Soci- 20' Thomas E. Ostdiek y Bus A I I Gerald Owens CSC: cum laude Jodi Ann Pajerski sro David Pappas ACC: Business Society P. Todd Paulson Bus Thomas Robert Pavich CSC: BUS: Varsity Basketball, All Con- ference captain: Intramurals: Whois Who in American Colleges and Univ.: President's List: Homecoming Casan- ova: R. A.: Student Life Award Sandra Elizabeth Penrose CSC: cum laude Michael Penta BUS: HIS: Track: Cross Country: Intra- murals,- R. A.: American Marketing As- soc.: Business Society Troy Michael Perrine Bus Stuart A. Petersen BUS Donald J. Peterson csc Gary C. Peterson Hrs Barbara Jean Phelps CHEM: cum laude: Track: Cross Coun- try: Hall Council: Intramurals: Out' standing' Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry: President's List' A Iota Sigma Pr' genomes Edward Phillips, Jr. ' CSC Kevin L. Piefer BUS: Intramurals Nancy Jane Payne Pielsticker AC : magna cum laude: Honor Soci- 60' Sharon Pilipuf Bus Donald John Pilmer coMMs Joseph Harold Pinder ART: HPEER: Impressions, vice presi- dent,- Senior Art Award Thomas Michael Pinsky Bus Dennis John Piron, Jr. Bus JoMarie Ataniso Piscotti SPN: magna cum laude: Honor Soci- CD' Edwin John Plys, Jr. MTH: csc Florian Anthony Polasik X I Q BUS 1 A I David A. Pommier BUS F . - George Darwin II F - BUS: American P1aIKettzrghAssQC,:.In-. tf8mU!HfSi Irnpteasidnsi' T slriessso- ciety, president I C Jelitey Alan Paftaarlif CSC C Barrie Schaefttadakvifitz . csc , , A Rgggrt James Rapacchietta James Brian Rausch SCXT: magna cum laude,- Honor Soci- ety: Track 8' Field, letter,- Basketball: WONC, station manager: Choin New Visions,- New Visions Summer Com- pany,- Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes, president: Orchestra, winter musical: Intramurals: Outstanding Broadcast Student: Who's Who In Americna Colleges and Univ.: Presl- dent's List Anita B. Reddy ACC,- cum laude Brian J. Reed Bus Christine Rose Reger PSYC' BIO: Senior Gift Committee: Chronicle, news editor,- New Visions: CUAB, Homecoming chairperson: Chaplains Advisory Board: FCA: Org. Board: SEB: Tri-Beta, treasurer: Musl- cal: Presidential Scholarship: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univ. Bethany Scott Reiss BIO: cum laude Kevin James Renauer BUS Matthew J. Richards Bus Lynn Mary Richardson Bus David Richard Rickert coMMs Donald R. Rickert ma Amy K. Rink Bus y Kevin Patrick Riordan Bus Kenneth Daniel Robinson A PSC: Varsity Tennis: Polis: Intramur- als, Board of Govemors, coordlnaton Minority Student Assoc.: Student As- soc. Alan M. Rolandi CoMMs Alvaro Enrique Romero ECON: PSC: FR: Varsity Soccen- Intra- murals: French Club: International Club: Polis: CUAB: SEB: Hall Council: Who 's Who in Amedcan Colleges and f.llniv. Richter Fellow Security Council war Daniel J. Rosenthal CSC,- cum laude James A. Ross Acc Judith Melton Koss HIS: cum laude I Michelle Faye Ross BUS: csc Susannah Catherine Ross ma: rn Edvins Aris Roze csc Marc Alfred Rutt' ACC: summa cum laude: Honor Soci- ety- Cross Country Track 8' Field: Pep Band Christine Rose Rumley BUS: cum laude: Admissions in Ac- tion: New Visions: New Visions Sum- mer Company Chain Madrigals: NCC Singers: Outstanding Business Maier: Musical, lead A Q1 Mark T. Russell csc Todd D. Samuel nraarn Denise E. Saros Bus Helen Zizich Schiller CSC,- cum laude: Honor Society Mark Schmit Mm Barey rn-ram: sennelt A t SC T: Intramurals: wohc, Assistant Production Directon- Chronicle Christine Marie Jett Schumburg PS lc- and Ruth gyan Schreiber con s Elizabeth Marie Schultz CSC Scot M. Schwarting BIO Laura Jo Scott PSY Kathleen Mary Sedim rsx- sam: cwus mem r, specialty Days Chairperson: International Club: R. A.: Rall Hall Council, president Presidential scholarship Lisa A. Segroves Bus Ronald Richard Selesky, Jr. ENG A yesha E. Sharitf ENG: HIS: cum laude: Honor Society Catherine Ann Sharp SRA: American Marketing Assoc., vice president of Advertising: Senior Gift Committee S ll J. Sh za am Lynette M. Shaw COMMS Bonnie Jeanne Sheridan ENG: summa cum laude: Honor Soci- 20' Sarah Ann Shillington l1PE8'R.- Varsity Basketball, captain, All CMC, All CCIM Varsity Softball, captain. All CMC, All CCIIW R. A.: Mw's Who in American Colleges 8' Urdu: Lester C. Belding and Cleo Tamer Scholarship Award: Bill Schatzer Scholarship Award Susan Johna Simanaitis ENG - Nangy Ellen Simon AC Wendy Jane Slawinski csc Jeny F. Sliwa ACC: CSC: Intramurals: Business So- ciety Keith A. SHICIUCK BUS David P. Smith CHEM: MTH: magna cum laude: Honor Society Kathleen Mary Smith BUS: COMMS: cum laude Sean F. Smith Econ Carol Jeanne Spillar ACC: Intramurals: CUAB: Internation- al Club, secretary, treasurer: Liaison Committee to Board of Trustees: Eng- lish tutor? Who 's Who Among Ameri- can Colleges and Univ. John T. Stanton Bus Daniel Paul States Psc: ms Craig Matthew Stefan Bus Rita Marie Steinhilber Bio Ronald Gene Stelter, Jr. Bus Sharon Kay Stephens scfr Kathy Jonell Stewart CSC: Cum laude Joan Rae Stohl PSC: SCXT: WONC: Chronicle, editor, business manager: Student Affairs Board: Org Board: Model United Na- tions: Forensics: Journalism Search Committee: Who's Who Among Col- leges and Univ.: Editor ofthe Year Janet Lynn Stoneking CHEM: CSC: magna cum laude,- Honor Society Russell Maxwell Stratton Bus Julie Ann Stucky cusp Sharon Ruth Wiersum Super Bio Joanne Elizabeth Tamms ELED: PS K' Musical: Rall Hall Council: SLA TE Board member: President's List Bruce A. Thomas COMMSXSPR: Seybert Hall Council, vice president: Senior Gilt Committee Alicia M. Thompson Bus Charles S. Thompson Psv Constance L. Thompson Fm Richard S. Thorgesen BUS: Football, honorable mention, All CCI W Lori Ann Peterson Thorson csc B.M. Tills csc Joan H. Tintera csc Mari Catherine Troyer PSY Robert Peter Uehlein BUS: cum laude Allison Beth Landy-Unak Psy Bruce R. Unak csc Ann Marie Schomer Valencia Acc David Vander Meulen Mm Kevin J. Vanderwater csc,- MTH Agatha Calenda Van de Ven BUS,- magna cum laude: Honor Soci- 00' Raymond James VanHootegem BUS: HPERR Wilma Van Tuyl csc Elva Velez csc James D. Venturini csc: scfr Todd Matthew Vie Bus Kara Ann Vigsnes BIO: Tri-Beta: Presidents List Kristin Louise Waehner MTH: magna cum laude: Honor Soci- ety: Intramurals: SEB: Orientation Leader: CUAB. Specialty Day Chair- person: Math Club: International Club,- Outstanding Math Major: Who 's Who Among American Colleges and Univ.: President's List: Mary Anice Seybold Math Scholarship: Presidential Schol- arship Marlene Griffin Walker Bus Michael W. Wallace Bus Robin S. Wedeman Bus Lauri Ferchen Wehrli Bus M831 Beth Welk C MMS: Forensics, treasurer, secre- tary: WOIYC: Who's Who Among American Colleges and Univ.,- Presi- dent's List William Louis Welsh nrcarn Philip L. Whiteside Bus Jill A. Wicknick Bio Dennis Christopher Wiggins scfr Kimberly Sophia Wilk ART Laura A. Wilson Bus Robert Gregory Wilson BUS William Kenneth Wilson Bus Thomas Gibson Wittman Psc Craig Clark Wood Bus Liping Wu csc Yu-Fen L. Yang ACC: cum laude William E. Yoder, Jr. csc Gregory A. Youngdahl csc Tereasa Jean Downs Zachelmeyer Bus Patricia Ann Klein Zarafshar PSY? summa cum laude: Honor Soci- Cty Veronica M. Zebutis PS Y? magna cum laude: Honor Society Dawn Emily Zeman Bus Robert Michael Zieman csc Todd William Zimmerman SCXT Jane Elizabeth Zulecki BIO: magna cum laude: Honor Society I hope that you, the students and staff of North Central, will feel the magic ofthe 1986-87 school year as you glance through this edition of the Spectrum. That would be a great capstone to my elforts to make this year come alive for you through the pictures and words within these covers. The struggle to finish this book will indeed be forgotten by the staff members if this book inspires happy memories for each of you in future years. We owe you our thanks, for we could not have created this book without your faces and actions to inspire us. Unfortunately, this book is not foolproof We apologize for any errors or misprints found within. I want to personally thank all the people whose support made this book a reality: Elaine and Dianne - for without their help this book would not ha ve even been Christi Beavers, Dawn Mesmer and Liz - for their dedication to helping in a time of need Alan - for the confidence he placed in me Dan Beebe - for being the person who took the other half of the pictures Mr. Holden - for his help with his camera The Chronicle photographers - for the use of their pictures And, of course, to the entire Spectrum stall? WMF? Q, 1 w 2 w ,Q xy y . xx! .X , ff X Q 26292 Q f 4 3 M 56411 1 "f it x V , N.

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