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Vww :Zn oe 144 wfj ,J xii, 4 ' ' ' J' " ' 0 . . M LU . if 'y - T"l',.,"?4 '.1,' 2 m, -, " X 71 -. .l ,- A-1 fP'.7.' A f. . +1-f-1 .. Jr 1 .. 9 M , -T-if vu. Hfgxf ' wil- --719-1, 'H I rg-wmg ,-1'-f'1,fxi4','-x V3 ta, 'r?...,-1 , - -7114-',.:'. ' -'Un Q. 4 N-1 aff:-. W ' ', pr ,N Lv ,- . f. ' . A- ',pn,J1- ! '- 'Fw-, y 4 .,w..:14,.l-'.,, X ..,,.,:xu. - ' l .-, 55: 'H' . . m,.,Jr. A , -f wr ", , . X V. Y, 4 .lu Us ' lj f ' 1 ,f , ' '.f' ,gm ' -5 7, A" fy , -I , . . '- fx, XS'.?,v. 1 A Sill ,' N145 '-lzfi f" -A A.. .L , K, ,fr '1 I . I I 4. , ' Ag. 1. V .-.W x' 1, 'X Y x , , 4, Q I , rif V-C. 1 ,Q--J his ng v' , jf.. K ,gg 3 1'-P.. -f "ff if. Q.-14 3 uizq. A., 1 1, 1 X , x , I , -. 'XV' L" fu -, 4 f wi , z 3 , 1' Hn: U, V ,,!.y ,, ,' ll- fif Q, if 541 1-1 4 ,' . , X. ,Mfg 1, , VU fax? " "jf:.Qf" . 15. ,n 3 rw r T able Of Contents K vw' 0 K 4 C5613 QQYW 4 40426 13,8 v' 1 A ,Q or ga . 0126000 t S p 49 Administration. 4 Y Faculty E1 Staff 4 p. X03 616015 Juniors 5-cpl, X79 olhor 9' fs p. 145 P. -ks. '55 zo e b I' fcsfgw G 0059026 X65 clog Qu .0 I7 NCQ 5' ORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE I 1 1861 1986 Celebrating u Heritage ' Building u Future This year. l986, North Central College celebrates its l25th anniversary! Many things are happening. Campus buildings are being renovated. New academic programs are being offered. Enrollment is up. We even have a new residence hall under construction. It is in celebration of the struggles, the conflicts, and especially the achievements of its first D5 years that we dedicate this i985-86 edition of the Spectrum. North Central College has established a heritage to be proud oh a heritage on which to build a future, a heritage to be celebrated! X When the College opened its doors on November ll, l85l, the faculty consisted of two professors and a teacher: the student body consisted of 40 collegians. These 43 people met in the two-story building pic- tured on the right. This building was the first home of NCC, then Plainfield College. from l86l to l87Q In I864, the name changed to North- Western College and in l926, it was changed again - this time to North Central College. ln I8 70 the college moved to Naper- ville. From the day the College opened its doors in l86l, administrators and faculty have worked to develop and maintain a practical and beneficial curriculum. Throughout its his- tory, North Central has adapted its curriculum to the changing needs of students while retain- ing the liberal arts as the core of its academic program. Now boasting around I 7m students. NCC proudly lives up to its top ratings. g 323gg5iSta'f2i'fQgg1i. WS its -t5z55'z'2i sf- g A .. iw .53-,.1.ff 'J vzfxnzeuwxw Q sv Sim-wt gg fix ,595 ,M t.. ,. mm -N gwwxvsx-:figs sxf..5w,- gm N, ,gm wks,0i... , Ni., ww! K K sf- f- N as is Nwmmw. .s.1.Ni,,i - y .N Y - f Q. A mf .Ni W4 W ,,. .5 I, mv rd .M . ....X . . .,.. , ..-a,.,,,w.. ....... . s.....+.s.,........,..,,,v V 553: Santas iwkiliti X X . ,. fmw. msg X ' -N. X.. .M H. .1 ,Q M Anwsrznimx.. - 414 '. ,g y ,g if When North Central moved to Naperville, Old Main served as the college campus. For many years follow- ing, the anniversary of the laying of the Old Main cornerstone became a day of celebration. Students, faculty and townspeople gathered each May l7th to participate in such activities as foot racing, hurdle racing, three-legged racing, and tube racing on the Dupage River. , Top left: Daily services were held in the'College Chapel K now Smith Hallj in Old Main from I8 70 until 'the it ' the b ,'IeZv5.:-, Z- l I. F: I. 'Ill 1' XM? I' ly I.: nm X' L. :-g qfd completion of Pfeiffer Hall in l926. Middle: Old Main has changed little from I8 70 to l986. Bottom left: North Central has enjoyed many guest speakers such as Dr. Martin Luther King who appeared on campus in l96Q Old Main still stands as a central building on campus. It houses the business office and registrar, alumni and public relations of- fices, print shop and bookstore, as well as, religion and education classes, business and philosophy classes. Since this building has been such a major part of North Central's history, it is only fitting that the tower of Old Main has become the emblem of NCC 's l25th anniversary celebration. 4-VO. 'A+-1 X ntuv I I I I I . . XI , I I I '2 ,. . 'I . I I , , I I X, as is Q I X I - . lu wgwf ' 370' I-I I E z f ,,..1.i.. !! gpuuumg .f,.-Q...-,. af.,-4-,fxqv-r Y "Q ' ' Other buildings have also been part of campus for many years. Three of these are Pfieffer Me- morial Hall. Goldspohn and Admissions. Dedi- cated in l926, Pfieffer Hall has served as the campus chapel, theatre. and music conservatory. Musicals and variety shows are annual events there. Goldspohn Hall was dedicated in l908 and its renovation was completed in I97I. In this building, students study 5 mathematics and busi- A is - . , - , .W ,,. .- ... ... fmt- ,.. ' I1 ness and psychology and English and foreign languages. The admissions building has become a popular place for those few students who ha ve the misfortune of getting written up. The career center, financial aid and admissions offices are located there. I T1 f fx-Q I T 1 at X r- 1 X Xxff if XXX A I 556. X Q- iw' . .I " .,.t r ' 49 5 , . Q ' .s V I I .xg , ' -I wc. , i I ' X B 1 , 1 X X , : X K ,fu -:Ld B X f'4,4fi'iP- mag I I ff' ' 'W I ,.::...-----f-"' T I I -L I A ' K PT, A C' ' ' i..s:.X' ,VH s ' i .Tj ?m.3.:s1g I IJ 131.353 .. I 3 "w' 1 sf tv-gf WN-N2f,e24 X is , -f I H.-. ,.p+fvv"IiQX,-isii, as 'Ness' :calf .1 I .. sr: vm ,g W MW 3,144 HX 11.613, XX K . f, gt, ,X ,,.A . XX gg-.f, . " - tl ffl. ,. X c 'x:., , s sk kwrgswr- was . .li , in ' ,.-- NCCS Founding Father Henry H. Rassweiler 1883 - 1888 Augustine A. Smith 1861 - 1883 North Central has experienced only eight presidents in the past 125 years. Each has left his own distinctive mark on the college and its development. Augustine A. Smith. the first president was reared on a farm in Massachusetts under the religious teachings of puritan parents. At the time of his election as president of Plainfield College in 1861. Smith was a distinguished educator. In addition to the teaching of high Christian principles and instruction in classical studies and sciences, President Smith believed that collegiate institutions should assume aggressive leadership in crusading against ignorance, prejudice, injustice, and all social evils in society. The trustees conferred upon Smith at the time of his retirement the title of 'President Emeritus." Henry H. Rassweiler, second president of the college, was born of German parentage in Pennsylvania. Rassweiler entered Plainfield College in the fall of 1862. After receiving a diploma for completion of the Normal Course in 186 7, he entered the Scientific Course of the college, receiving the Bachelor of Science degree in 1868. In recognition of his ability as a teacher and scholar he was selected professor of mathematics and natural science in 1868, remaining at the college for twenty years. The size of the graduating classes increased during his presidency from twelve in 1885 to eighteen by 1888. the largest graduating class to that date. The administration of college affairs from 1889 to 1910 was under the presidency of Herman J. K iekhoefer. Born in Germany, he came to the United States with his parents in 1862. The Kiekhoefer administration was distinguished by physical expansion and the transition of the college to a more modern institution. The construction of new buildings and addition of teaching facilities all attest to this growth and broadened service. The development of intercollegiate and intramu- ral athletics, debate and oratorical societies. and expanded extracurricular ac- tivities were futher evidences of the new college that emerged after 19LX1 The brief period of the Seager presidency was noted for some significant contributions to the progress of the college. One of these achievements was the co11ege's accreditation by the North Central Association in 1914. Following his e Lawrence H. Seager 1911 - 1916 Herman J. Kiekoefer 1889 - 1910 election as Bishop of the Evangelical Association, Seager tendered his resignation at the college effective in the summer of 1916, thus closing a short but eventful administration in the history of NCC. The Rall administration witnessed the growth and expansion of the institution into one of the nation 's highly recognized liberal arts colleges. This growth was reflected in an expanded campus, additions to the physical plant, more course offerings, and increased recognition from accrediting agencies. His relationship with the Pfeiffer family resulted in the gifts of Pfeiffer Hall and Merner Field- house. His ability to plan and promote financial campaigns strengthened the financial stability of the institution. The post- World War ll boom in higher education was under way when C. Harve Geiger was elected president of NCC in May 1946. His presidency was noted for the funding and construction of new campus buildings and expansion of the administration. New buildings constructed during his administration were the dormitories on the K roehler campus, Seager and Geiger Residence Halls, and the C ollege-Seminary Library. Plans for the College Union were formulated during the final year of his administration. The inauguration of Arlo L. Schilling as the seventh president of the college in 1960 found the college community celebrating the centennial of the institution. During his fifteen years as president, Dr. Schilling attained recognition as a speaker at colleges, schools, civic groups, service clubs. and church assemblies. The Science Center and Student Village Residence Hall were constructed during his administration. Since July 1, 1975, North Central has been under the leadership of Gael D. Swing. What is perhaps the greatest concentration of academic, economic, and physical expansion in the history of the college has occurred during the first eleven years of the Swing administration. It is under his direction the college now celebrates its 125th year of existence. 6 Edward E. Rall 1916 - 1946 C. Harve Geiger ' ' 1946 - 1960 1 Arlo L. Schilling 1 1960 - 1975 ' 3 A I ff' - xl 'wi wr , . -n M, is if ,z 5 Lf ss f-W..-WM? , :S all fm - ,W hw, Y-,,,,,f-, A X . 5, fy Wyfgfif, ', f?S?5"Nvfi The Oesterle and Carnegie libraries both underwent major facelifts this year. Above, Oesterle library is shown from its beginning stages of construction to its present, mod- ern looks. Students patiently tried to study in the dust filled library in spite of many distractions. It was well worth the wait, for now they enjoy a quieter, prettier, more ef- ficient studying center. Carne- gie library, on the right, was completely ren- o v a t e d. Th e original wood- w o r k a n d stained glass were skillfully preserved. Now, Carnegie is the computer cen- ter for campus. jx .I Due to the ever increasing enrollment a new dorm became a nesesslty Fort Hill was finally chosen as the site because it was distant enough from the neighbors yet close enough to campus and other facilities. Below is a sketch of what this new dorm will look like when finished. 3 77' 8 .........., Dorm Geiger Hall Second Floor White House ,ww ,W MM Life Geiger Hall Third Floor N. XA Kiln Blix ESX xx if M1 Nc' Rx rw' VF N o K X NR ? Q x XX MF ll AVAS- A ' fs. gi 2? I I I I I I WV I ' I I I 'W 'gf- , I L3 ,Q . ,4 E Z' af I i 3 . W ' 1 I I I I ' .. 1.3 2-K ff- f 'y2",jX.1 H f I ' A f Y ff A fe X 51 fl I A J if 'VN img ,Y xg A 1 me ,V 2 I I .. 5 x , , K I A iyx :Nl I' bm, e I as X ., ,X g h I Z Q f - ' "KSC 2'5ff.:'f:g A 'EX-X12 Rall Hall First Floor South Rall Hall Third Floor South KR' Rall Hall, Second Floor West Seager Hall. Second Floor l Seager Hall, First Floor Seager Hall, Third Floor Cabovej Seager Hall. Fourth Floor Crightj I4 11 1, ff f I.. N. 1-"G Seybert Hall, First Floor ' Seybert Hall. Second Floor 12 I I Seybert Hall, Third Floor ik M5 Y' ' ' H ? 9,51 3 2 .na ' by Kimmel Hall. First Floor was Y MW, kk, Kimmel Hall, Third Floor , -'M' Q Q. A! .Ne Kimmel Hall, Second Floor II K P 1 Worms Q: WISD R566 G24 'lyesfmfff 'if MQ-6 QQ 1 fag! M gedua- Aing'Zwe,a11f,',Z'u,4'l,Qn' Ze 4 x ?z?7f 1'2aQ?',U62ca,2ai,:r'aem5a:zncl , 'imvfiwob 'Hose uni as 64449 P , " + wx 'N J 'Julzb Ska, ivy? J ' RI-I-'S amazing Wl'ld+ W6 Cdr: achieve, K when we, don'+ know our Iimi+sl' EU V .'CYl1'Hlid E,Fiene - FU R uK X with wmngrdlw can 0,1 X 553,52 S 1 . Ji 5 PCZZSI4 'LB 4' I T MW 3 W N fm 0"b0u'sefVe3'nQ,JlQi'1Of' M SM -W 0 6 xg N0 if .'l'f0' 5. Off Q, by . -N - , 5, S4 H ' + 142 awww dogg' in Q'Z"fW'f7L Yiivif I ggicmifegd -KgvinJoL . DW L- Vw .QE f Q? a3HnxandZ+was n KA M gif v0 Vi' . 001-of v vike up no-lwnvaawffbrl QI - wx xx f ,QW 991:51 H ako' .f 61504 Ow5dZn0LgYN9xkxX2"'b,aX5 ,Xb S XA wor lied Har-der Man Qwrfmefwexnieiiwf 5s,+G Qififgfjii V -U M f sd: of God me build YKXYRQJ cb Y !O5qf!'nvy be 59' jg f!Corm+h1dns ISTID7 - W0 C'!sH'5 'va bffff 6 '51 -' Cral Pfnle - UNH! au- wr!f,,"'L'0Ur ' J' 0? Qf 3 Y Nqour work. neu! not bg, Effffggv wi!! 0732! 6247 tg jg losi- +I-ved' is where 'Hsu' vfbwueh., Nwcbmhqzgogz ,I :EVE "LaSab.Y - QQ' ' S0 .Mya at Skou d beg now pwl' -I-hem 'Foundahbns under f'TYwreau5 'RO-Seann Calder-ara ne'fff,Vkeredx4kd re, mad9 NQN' INCHQIOB- Qfuf ana -60,2446 2:5 2 know - X . . . Cma Colflcscw-' x l..l rn S rfe, as an elcpernence, Q, make. rl wlhc be,s+f 51 ?X5YQ5lNQ,6?d,NV'QQfP5 margard firm Qavec QJQDWX UQ, 1 Ni dwg ,197 If ou, Que Somdhzy Wmfiv Y, fcf afgo, If a? cvmes back Lxoexb fu al, nfs y0llf5 If' of akin! by lf' as newr meant' 15 be barren Honda I-fgall-I1 5 05 K '26 'iff' L52 56679, Ham'nwS are " Ip Q QZQ6 goofy 6 'fha 16618 fb f Fe 00 Youre, no? A 4 Q68 P63 ge Jerry L I-mc Yl CX V lo en h+0 U56 92 66,0 Qoiugbu er I1-PQCLP g'oQ4ffQ'x our h W Q Q7 he Fe W6 Q6 'U N Edward J mme A l7Y4,,Z'f'm, VWMMKOX UM P 'S -' ww C4 f Q55 -N Q 0' 8 30' Q ' HV I ' ' Russ 't SCSWN' Acgfgapvgo M61 bf N ef elf QP Sh J. ok N' -W0 'HW M9 EYOCL WV - 'W' Q Q Wgwl, - l L 5Ql1Um Gallagher 0 M ' H62 Q0 QW ff Goh Goa M :El de Jw UU ' A Q5 f w . Courson 8564 Q 66? if f5J'ml,Cg6f6 Mu:-1-agifm - une, Kali goyer Qgfiilafqgpey AV b Renee 'WHL lL"Wff 051 740 br cf wa!! be! fan ' - 6'0215,'n?r Me Mya of 7'!0lr7?5' ima 59,, 5,3 if'h,?,jm! Mzzeffffw Lf Mfesffffe W W W M ,vw iff?-5A Z0 25 Wfagzie Pg: .fs ' zu ggawf- naar ll! . 1 , p !ZCf.,!I!f.5Ad: fzffagugflsffwffff if 0 L' I K - ,, J wgqilo Q' K' 0 QD u ,. " .f- b ' 3 6Qbf .-A x "x .. ' y I . 'QQXOQ - Ox ' ' in . ' . :X 'XDYX Wag I U ' ' vox AN W 5- -U I 1 , K ,V 0 . W 9 fb qi? fr' f' I i " 1' . " 24 ? 4 'Q , ' . oe' 1 0 - . ol ,Pip 0 ig X J 4,713 A' 'Q TX Qryo X QA X I . ,, v 7- 3,6 0 fe , . al FQ' Yiwu QM WZ' QV' eww.. Q' , A P ' Yo K7 W " gli YM P A ew, K ww Q5 funidflj , ' dx QQ! faq-XX Q - . Q' W 6N5'Ng'1m 'Mi Sh vw 0 , ' - E3 K2 Q YQ! Q, ' MQ! 3 xj'1lQ, Ph 'Sb PAX .O 'NSE J Xl 0 M I Q ' H ff ,Z 1 sb 1 Q S ,U ' 'P 1, u 5 l . ' EQ 'go 76 qfvf 1 J " - K ". -+5 H . I I E, x X 1, ,. I 'eu A v ' 2 W? M u GEN ' ff! ik!!-!f '!f! M rg' Q 0 M 3, My ff I ' l . li WY NCC Hot Picks Favorite Songs I. Cherish 2. We Are the World 3. Oh Sheila 4. Heaven 5. Shout Built this City 6. Take on Me Jungle Love Say You - Say Me 7. I'm Crazy for You Popular Sayings I. Big Time 2. I hate it when that happens 3. Get a Clue 4. Lifefs a B ---- and then you die! 5. Scariness 6. Not 7. This is true 8. So many men. so little time!! 9. Are we having fun yet? lO C'ya Favorite Movies l. Back to the Future 2. St. Elmo 's Fire 3. Rambo. First Blood ll 4. Breakfast Club 5. Stripes 6. Jagged Edge 7. Nightmare on Elm Street 8. Revenge of the Nerds 9. Tootsie IO Beverly Hills Cop Popular Clothing Styles l. Shaker Sweaters 2. Miami Vice Look 3. Oversized Shirtsf Stirrup Pants 4. Firenzas 5. Paisley 6. Miniskirts 7. ReeboksfHi- Tops 8. Jams 9. Guess Jeans IO Sweats Favorite Musical Artists Kool and the Gang Bruce Springsteen Bryan Adams Madonna Chicago Tears for Fears Phil Collins Prince. Wham U2. Survivor Talking Heads International Headlines AIDS Hijackings Hostages Rock Hudson has AIDS Reagan 's Polyp Surgery Live AidfBandAidf Farm Aid Mexican Earthquake Drugs in Sports Nuclear Arms Talks Plane Crashes , J' PS mm X N. x , X XY " 2 wx sigebc' 'VF 6 0 Q' I Z , MM gwklwxgi ' Mila?- 0 Ga 'lb QJQ i,-T7 XC-ffm! K..-N, Nao 'TUG'l'ENMi?.1. Wx ll 6 Homecomin l985 sw 1' E It 's good to know somebody takes Homecoming seriously. Left: Cheered by the crowd, NCC Poms performed at half time. fit n A new Homecoming queen? During a pep rally held in Geiger, the pom-pon squad hehred celebrate Homecoming. 1 N "lt's A Celebration" was the theme of this year's homecoming, and it was indeed a celebration. Homecoming weekend, held October 4th through October 6th, started off with a celebration of country music in Merner Fieldhouse. Roy Clark and Tammy Wynette performed to a filled house. Friday was also Cardinal Color Day: students joined in by wearing red, white, and black. Saturday was filled with activities, including an open house at the president's, the ever popular Freshman-Sophomore tug-of-war, and a volleyball game between alumni and varsity players. With Saturday night came the homecoming football game against Carthage College. After the game, a dance was held at Wheaton Bowl. Everyone had a good time dancing and socializing- with friends. The voting for Homecoming Court took place earlier in the week. The students chose Joanne Beardsley as Queen and .lack Varela as Casanova. The attendants were: Leanne Waters, senior, Julie Anderson. junior, Julia Bartelson, sophomore, and Dawn Brooks, freshman. The celebration ended with a homecoming brunch at the Sheraton Hotel on Sunday. Spirits were high throughout the week as alumni, parents. and students celebrated Homecoming '85 Q Although not victorious, the Cardinals provided the fans with an action-filled game. Right: Everyone celebrated Homecoming - even the dorm floors joined in the action. As part of the celebrafion week. students enthusiastically donated blood.. A Couples had a "marvelous" time dancing to the music at the Wheaton Bowl A Crowning Event . . . Above: The Homecoming attendants. Below: Teams psyche up for tug-of- war. Right: Poms and cheerleaders raise funds before the country concert on Friday night. QE 2541. 4 '!Ld if Left: Roy Clark, livel M. Left: Dedicated fans brave the weather to cheer Cards. Below: Spirit at its best! "" X t',.:.a:a:-.. :a:a.:y. X, -"' - X sf J E R 35 Q X , ,.,. ' sffmfa 52 ,.., , : ..,., N my wiv, X- f S X , gc 1 av 1 K, f . ,., ,, Z 5 , X Y A R t 5lX Q 'K X , I 5 X f A xial Q- f 5 ' " ' .Wylie 3 it , X Eg: C X Q Y -f ,ij-,311 jf h 1 ' Q X - 4.-2 .-we-s4e:5,:: X C , ,R K , xw, Q Szvgw X ZS? H X X -.:.'?-E- Ag? Q..-1, -.1-I+ . ew , ,,,g' as .. N .. . ,, 12225, ,Q-W S hz, ,.,,, 3 H W . ,,,, . -2-- 1 ""- Y w - ,. . ,,.,.S. .. 'EX X ' Q? Q A f ex Qx x Q V S xfiaw.-f X-If ,. , . QE-E X XKN X s as Sf, , C 7 f- .,:i,.,,fE -we-5.--:,,, -.ff 4 -',, , ',.,tf.w,X X 1.. A ,.-,nw--"W Middle left: Will the real Casanova please step forward? Bottom left: Nothing like digging yourself into a rut. Above: Cowgirl Cindy. 1 wx? 1 Q- 0' wi B , ., tEt?.:, 1 ,, k Y it S' 3 ix X ff X 1 go 'S C X at A X xl' 16 i xwv- Q if X x Q, X N A ' Y X N' ,Q gs- N I xg X x' X N 45 X X X x Q X ,X 1,1 X Q -X si E, X Q. wx X N . , it, '.-: . - , X f , "" -- kv Nam - 7 "" I ff'3E:2:'?2f . .- "P1'E':Ij. 55- 3 X S at C X Qi X X' X X So Hulwiwuz V-0":.Qx'-E-1' .. .I:-. 'A '- Wi-'I-'V 'Er '-:v.':P!-' X . X Xxx , X X X X K '-xxx Y xx N , 4 X N X tx X X We xv N ' ,Q 35 X329 4 E Homecoming dancers too pooped to party. Right: Here's to good friends! r . - Love is A . .. Homecoming. .1 ' WA ' - s. K . v 4,,- Qx- - fu I- , 1 .I '4' 1 I , .,, F L .- "Why am I doing this?" i 1 V -aiu- 15, Q51 I4 Those who donated blood made Homecoming week special. Donna and Russ boogie to the beat 22 i 'S fm. . L ,l . 1 ' f -f"' 'filf nilw., v A A , I Q '1 WEN! F C Q I A 1 V y Fw .mt El as f 5 6 It giogidlx A T ai I Q Q Q4 .lyf kx J f f xv , ' dvi. ,U .f. .4 .5 is if GT . -H-N , , .f -- 1341 .?..,r,...7,,.,,N,ww , . Q , M I ""'Wg.-v ,Nm x,,g:g.nn.'N-, , rJf'Jj1, V'. r- , V L .Qvw-'F ' ' '.f'7:.M ' f , .3 r U V H Q H W' MW" ' A , 'W,w1f 'IA -i t , fix. 2 ff I Nu. , , m f, 1 W . 'Y W, iq! at W 'gf " Q 556' X ' A '4 Y! Henman 225 , Y Ei3I? 5 ' Q13 V??3k ?????f'l In' 1 'i 1 r .ma - iii, I J ,. ,,., , "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" Top left: She's not a secretary - she can't even type. Above: "No coffee!?" Lower right: He's a company man! NC C 's theatre and music departments combined their efforts once again to present the annual winter term musical. This year, Thomas Lange. senior, portrayed the lead man, J. Pierpont Finch fPontyj. He climbed his way up from mail clerk to vice president of advertising to chairman of the board. Of course. none of this would have been possible without the help of his girlfriendf fiance. Rosemary Pilkington. our Chris Rumley, NCC junior. Other leads were portrayed by Paula Metskas - Hedy LaRue, Walter Morlock - J. B. Biggley. boss, and Mike Pierce - Bud Frump. All involved dedicated much time and effort to make this musical a success. n Lower left: Coffee break. Below: Bud fMikej moves up the corporate ladder. Dad's Day NCC students honored their fathers during fall term - on November 9th, The cardinal football team fought a long, hard, cold battle, against North Park. At half- time, the pom pon squad showed their dads that girls will have fun "till Daddy takes the T-bird away," as they dragged their pops out in the pouring rain to shake pom pons and kick their feet up - in the kick line that is. Immediately following the game, the fans flocked to the fieldhouse where they were "Off to the Races." CUAB sponsored this event, complete with play money. betting tables, and odds on each horse. Hot chocolate. coffee, and snacks were provided in the back of the arena. Dean Moser. madrigals, APO actors, and others entertained the audience between races. Despite the rain, all enjoyed a cheery, fun-filled afternoon. Upper left: Pom pon girls add spirit and "It's ok mom. shout it out." Right: Cardinals endure! Next page, top: The team huddles after a long. hard battle. Madrigals sing to brighten spirits. Middle: Fans make the most of the weather. Bottom: Pom pons pops join the fun and coach Connors congratulates senior .lack Varela on a fine game. 3-v 'W Vs-.Nffgn Q 'X H I f' Hair' 3- NXN ii N R I hate heels. The highlight of Winter Carnival was the Winter Dance, held at the Naperville Sheraton Hotel. Students attended the dance either with dates or stag. Music for the semi- formal social event was provided by a DJ, and the Sheraton served hot and cold hors d'oeuvres. Pimp. 'Z' Couples crowded the floor for every dance Dance Darede vils Happy Jlsr, Renee! V , " Winter a Slow dance delight qs 'adn' 5 .,ff.4l fr-fs IW rcfs55?j5Q mf jf! The hors d'oeuvres were simply marvelous. Celebrate good times! sk D bk a 'Xe' .4 4 Michele and Rich pose for portraits. f "We could have danced all night. " 4 IX Ti wi' is J' "3-to-l - not bad odds. "PIease? Just one more dance. " After a hectic week of exams and papers, blood drives and basketball games, movies and midnight bowling, students flocked to the Sheraton Hotel of Naperville to relax and dance and escape campus for a few hours. Winter Carnival '86 consisted of one week stuffed full of activities for the entire campus to enjoy. The traditional outdoor activi- ties of snowman building contests and tray races were postponed due to the warm weather melting the snow into mush. However, this did not dam- pen the cardinal spirits, for the students still cele- 99 2 Af "Shes stepping on my foot "ls this song almost over?" brated this week with much enthusiasm. The blood drive was especially successful with students coming to donate blood in record numbers. Highlighting the week was the Valentine's Dance appropriately held on February l4th. Smiles everyone. 96 X- 96' - . . 29 This dance will last forever. Mom's Day n - May lOth was a special day for that extra special lady in everyone 's life - Mom. This annual gala event was planned by CUAB with co-chairpersons Cindy Fiene and Kristin Waehner making sure all went according to plan. This year's Mom 's Day activities followed the theme. "Hats Off to D5 Years of Fashion" in conjunction with North Central's l25th anniversary celebration. The luncheon was held in the ballroom at the Naperville Sheraton. Madrigal performers sang verses outside the ballroom, greeting the parents upon arrival with their voices lifted in unison. During lunch, music was provided by Cherie Burke who played the piano. Other musical performances were given by fellow NC C students. Jim DiDomenico played his guitar and sang, and Paula Metskas sang a song honoring mothers. Shakundala Stone treated all to a dramatic reading about a mother 's virtues. gs-Wit F5 , , . Q if ' s , 1 . -' Q Y I 'f x Wy. , T A , xiii.. V , "' I " " " 'QL 'i ' ,. i -Q M ,Q . , v 'K -f ,Q-' '- ' D .4-5 .fm ' zz-Y. '. -A T T A' Y ,.-vi' 'Y ' f - . ' fi' , It! f 'vfifv ,va fr, wr- , . L S." 0 G' .111 Nu I ' A fi I A if Here's To Good Friends 2' 'iw .F "Here 's to Good Friends Week" was designed to promote alcohol awareness. October 2lst through 28th was filled with corresponding activities. Mocktails were served on Monday in both the Reading Room and in Kaufman. Csee bottom leftj 'Around the Bicycle Course in 80 beers" was the most effective event in exemplifying the retarding effects of alcohol on the reflexes and perceptions. I see top leftj Surveys were taken to understand the general student attitudes and the week ended with a block party held in the fieldhouse where students danced and enjoyed drinking rootbeer from the large barrel Curtis so proudly guards above. Thanks to this week, students were more knowledgable on how alcohol can influence their lives and more aware of how to use alcohol in a responsible manner. Middle left top rnght Hand clapping and finger snapping entouraged both Greg and Ken to show off their dance moves. Rnght Ann and Vivian smile for the camera as they join in the Tue clay Night Live .Ax N f' ' A . I ff M '45 This was a year for celebration, and the students responded by throwing all kinds of parties. Parties were held each term, especially during winter months after the basketball games. Below: Fall term, Resident Life hosted the Nerd Party with most people dressed accordingly. Bottom left: "Is my good side showing?" K 7 fun. 1 ,H Top left: Tim tangos. Top right: Frank finally finds a dance partner. Above: NCC students show their true personalities. Middle right: A Jimbo look-a-like ?l Below: three stoogettes. Bottom right: "Let me show you how it's done." The T. G. I. F. ffl ff Students met new people and ex- pressed themselves by dancing and dressing to entertain the many dance themes, such as Nerd Party, "Go Bears." and the ever popular Hawaiian Beach dances. X 0 .Q hui :lb-ni-111111-SIC ihhat iivill 'l'lIv1Uit'i1r1U 1- QQ 1 111171111 LIL! l-ll lull! I1-Iiil' n1 1ill .1 I 1111 Al1Aiq1 111111-I' :ami Q1 11 'IjllllI Q1i--" l A Q C: A:l- C ' - Musical entertainment took on many forms from lnstru mental to vocal 3 Z 2 l 11 51 R3 44 E 1 if -QM Harmoniums Friday noon hours found many NCC faculty. students and staff in Fireside Lounge where weekly lunchtime enter- tainment was provided. Opposite Page, Top Left: Exchange professor from Japan shares some folk songs of his culture. Bottom Left: Tom Izzo entertains with his tuba. Below: Chris Rumley, Kathy Angelo and Cindy Fiene sing their version of "Twelve Modern Days of Christmas." This Page, Top: Recorders come in many sizes. Left: Dr. Ann McK innley 's fin- gers fly over the keys as she demon- strates some playful piano pieces. Q'Vlif1fl ll 1 I I ii l1l-I Il l 11 1 lQZ1iS l- V1 I I1 Y' .IIII -1 lflifif'--I-I HI I-'TDI-Qi-QA'-I an 1LQl1-Q- -1.1-1-3 11117 ll Q'-F I i E givgggg --glrlir limi:-Ill u-lanlupnqsgiii .- ' ' 1 ' ' ' U' . Q, W1 I X' . 1 Q ' so .. , GQ models at their best. Daytona days! The place to be for spring break this year was Daytona, and a handful of NCC students did not miss out. An energetic group sponsored by CUAB headed to Florida for fun-filled days frolicking in the sand and swim- ming in the Atlantic. These beach bums 3 celebrated sunshine and new Wake up Wendy! ' 1 4 1 'x 5e,,,0r w0,,,e,, - what 50,191 NC C' arrives . , . now the fun can begin. N Hail. hail the gang is all here. My hefv - Mickey Mouse. As a change from la ying out at the beach, the group of students took a one day field 3 trip to Orlando to experience Walt Disney 4 World and Epcot Center They saw as much Micke Mouse and the Magic Kingdom as they could in the short time, including 2 y Senior smiles brighten any day. ' "'?7?f:1 Don Johnson ? X A 3, K We're off to the Magic Kingdom. -'5-un, Come get md'- 0 QM Q' ' Spring Dance .- 1 W' ,5 .'i 2 5 f M' X233 f i This year, Spring Dance took place on May 23, and was held at the Baker's Hotel in St. Charles. Early arrivers strolled through the hoteI's rose garden and ate hors d' oevres before couples were seated to enjoy a prime rib dinner. ln addition to the meal, students danced the night away atop an illuminated dance floor to music provided by a disc jockey. Much effort and preparation took place beforehand to coordinate the night's activities, and thanks to the work of CUAB. the evening went off as successfully planned. Spring Dance seemed a fitting way to celebrate the arrival of warmer months. wif' X , ff! ,, X' 'Msg Nwsh"'i-Q. I . V Y i if , V W., X i , - f Af -123.1 Qi? 61 W Ax: 'Ns' INV 'T' 1 "' .4 MVQ f'-IM O if ' 2 5'-fl , X X . Q I F -,Q ' ' x Q 3 Rwwgw Q 4F'X mme S, QTY wr. -w-qs tl Honors Cc TY -14-12 fx ,N 2 , o ' x N .fy 6, 55 1 , M , Fe 318' A its-f ' Ja..-. Art, .. . . . David Harton Barbara Rathke Biology . . Kathryn DeHaan Chemistry . Bernd Schumacher Mark Gleason Comp, Sci ..... Brett Leifheit fduC3Il0l1 Jaime Viehweg Michelle Mark Timothy king . , . . Deborah Svetik Victoria Tomkins Cherie Burke English D , Ayesha Sharilf Eor. Lang Christine Jackson Jo Marie Piscotti George Adams Elyse Myers Econ Bus , Nancy Pielsticker Charlotte O 'Connell Kevin Stahlman History John Rosanova Mathematics . . Cherie Burke Lori Jones Kristin Waehner Music , D Bernice Mackenzie Gary Birnbaum Donna Fletcher Philosophy Jon Matuzak Physics D Pamela Darrah Mark Gleason Mita Patel Psychology . , . Linda Neaves Religion ,,,. Amy Rosenquist Speech Comm Theater Jim Rausch Craig Pinley Dawn Pleas A yesha Shariff Amy Tabor Sociology ....,. Health fPE . . . Sarah Shillington Dennis Piron Gary Peterson Lisa Sigafus Richters ,.,... David Harton Nancy Pielsticker Alvaro Romero Graham Van Dixhorn Eleanor Scholar . , A Lisa Velus Wingspreads i . , Cherie Burke Marla Garrison Kevin Stahlman Women 's Org ....,. Dianne Erickson Hank Skoglund ti.... Ayesha Shariff Student Life .,..... Katheryn DeHaan Joanne Beardsley Joaquin Varela Outstanding Senior Man ..,.. Kevin Stahlman Mark Reid. . Joanne Beardsley Outstanding Senior Woman . . Cynthia Fiene Disting. Ser. . Cathy Dempsey Burlington N. , , Dr. Mc Vicker Dissinger D . D , , Dr. Pandian Dr. Blight Dr, Guzman as 'la 'I aff 'li hal 53551 ,ra V, , . - 'hw Av . f ' If ' ,fJf invocation t Cynthia Fiene and Kevin Stahlman were named North Central ColIege's f Outstanding Senior Woman and Man, and at least l60 other students were f honored at the annual Honors Convocation on May 20 Miss Fiene, with a f double major in mathematics and business management plus a minor in Eng- 5 lish, was an active commuter. A President's List Scholar, she was president 1 of the NCC Honors Society, a member of Who 's Who Among American Uni- ? versities and Colleges, a Presidential Scholar and twice recipient of the Al- fie Moyer Music Scholarship. She was also active in numerous campus ac- Q tivities. She was 3 year editor of the Spectrum! Yearbook, Swing Choir di- rector, and a Madrigal singer: Dad 's Day chairman in i984 and Mom 's Day chairman in i984 5 85 for CUAB: a member of the Student Executive Board: a vice president of the I NCC Chapter of the American Marketing Assoc.: student orientation leader - 3 years, Pep Band directorfcoordinator, and a member of the Pom Pon Squad for four years. Stahlman majored in economics and minored in political science. A President 's List Scholar. he participated in the Wingspread Scholar Program. In l984, he was awarded a Richter Independent Study Fellowship. In addition, he was a member of NC C 's delegation to the Model United Nations conference: a member of the Iiason committee, student executive board, and budget 6 finance committee. ! fs N i i i i 'T' , I m"""w-.... n-I It has been four years since we first met each other at freshmen orientation. Since that time we have exper- ienced many frustrations, many classes, many finals. But that is all behind us now. As we reflect on our college ex- periences, it is the joys and victories and good times we will remember. For now, we can celebrate and greet each new day of the rest of our lives with more self-confi- dence, more knowledge and more energy. Look out world - here we come! I On Saturday, June I4, the class of i986 graduated from North Central College. Governor Thompson spoke to the graduates, diplomas were granted, refreshments were served. The rain could not dampen the spirits of any of these celebrating seniors. 47 10 5590 986l A Q --5 --1 Z Cho 32 QD' : 0 2-.fb oi 53 4 I Q16 'Y-1' .. .if x 12,1 , Eff A U I ' M f W ,J X Q' 'Q 5 -'ts' X, X " A N X -:if R+ -V-W? w s' YJ LM! 5 Q A R5 A H C OJ 'U 5 -on fl? P- J: L o .E 50 ssociation ll! l w 5 nj if Ft L I, .V MSA. Front Row: Denise Banton, Cheryl Hoard. Middle Row: Carl MacKey, Valerie Knighton Retrola Carter Dawn Pleas Angela Campbell. Back Row: Matthew Jones CCampus ministry internj, Bernel "Skip" Deransburg. Q.. L ,352 V L Z. ,ll , . , K' Elk . n . cf- . -iff 1 ,K i ,K yn i t T W 1 R . MSA Officers: Denise Banton KV-Presb, Skip Deransburg CPres.J, Cheryl Hoard fTreas.J. Not pictured: Jenny Branch CSec.J. This was a busy year for members of the Minority Student Association. They organized a Community Wor- ship Experience, which involved not only students, but NCC faculty and the Naperville community as well. Paula Giddings was invited to speak during winter term and a reception was held in her honor afterwards. MSA co- sponsored the Valentine 's Dance with CUAB. A workshop study hall was arranged for freshmen who needed heb with their studies. MSA also hosted a weekend for pro- spective minority students which included a dance, pic- nic, and other activities. The highlight of the year was the annual MSA banquet held to wards the end of Black History Week. The banquet was a culmination of the weeklong events that proceeded it. V International f f," ff, ,ja The International Club welcomes all students to partici- pate. Its purpose is to encourage and support cross-culture exchanges between American and international students. It also provides a network of friendship for NCC International 5 ,M ,W . ,,, I . 1 X ,js " I students. if s ff. During winter term, the International Club hosted a foreign food extravaganza. All who attended the gourmet activity enjoyed two full tables of food samples. ln addition, the club sponsored the International Forum, invited guest lecturers to NCC, and scheduled museum trips. This year, the International Club officers were: Becky Cope, President: Car- ' ol Spillar, Secretary- fTreasurer, .lack Shindler ser ved as the club 's faculty advisor. Q ng ZZ., 5 jf J f sv?-5'tfl or U' ' ' L rug, Mggfgjrg ,mm KRT . E 7 j ,M ,fx I ff? f '1 5, if X UM E' D' GJ 92 Co U1 NJ Scholars R11 'Af WSWS? Q1 'G if Y ans ii sfibx Sig 03 'Q' Top Kevln Stahlman talklng about his Senior Honors Thesis and Richter project at President Swing s house Middle Left Cherle Burke Ayesha Sharlff and Bruce Marty enfoy each others company at the Fall reception Mlddle Rlght Computer professor Judy Walters converses with a group of College Scholars Bottom Over hors d ouevres Mrs Joan Der and Glen Doermg discuss the Scholars program and upcoming events for the College Scholars , 'Wife M r -:max Y fi ' Shun Q , i X. 'TSQY : fm.. ' Q: 1 ' f I C The College Scholars program is designed as an honors program for those exceptional students who wish to enhance their liberal arts education. The program requires that nine credits of honors work be completed for a designation of "College Scholar" at graduation. The nine credits required include a Senior Honors Thesis, two honors seminars, and six other units of honors work. A new guide explaining the program and the requirements was compiled for the students and faculty this year, it stresses par- ticipation in the program. This year, the College Scholars had three social functions. In the fall, every- one was invited to Presi- dent S wing 's home for a re- ception. During spring term, the College Scholars met at Leonardo's for pizza and fun. This year's partici- pants were: George Adams, Amy Brown, Melissa Brummel, Cherie Burke, Jacqueline Carlock, Steph- anie DeFrancesce, Glen Doering, Michael Dreher, Leanne Fanning, David Faulhaber, Denise Flak, Gary Fuqua, Kendra Fuson, Pamela Gerardy, Joe Gross, Peter Hallam, .lim Harrington, Wendy lngels, Kary Kaczmarski, Tim King, Bruce Marty, Patrick Morton, Michele Noel, Mita Patel, Maria Perdomo, Ann Ran- dalL Diane Schnibben, Aye- sha Shariff, David Smith, Kevin Stahlman, Sharon Strugalla, Karin Vergoth, Cheryl Voliva, Doris War- cup, Stacy Wecker, Wendy Weissenstein, Kristy Witt, Holly Yeates, Todd Zimmer- man. s,..4.ww'0""""""" ij' t X- Nr QW, . . 2 , 5? az Ln I- Beta Tri Beta is a national honorary orga- nization comprised of students who are interested in Biology. Gamma Nu. the NCC chapter of Tri Beta includes among its members, three officers: Bernd Schumacher fill graduate of the class of '86 Q, President: Kathy DeHaan. Vice-President, and Brooke Schu- macher, Secretary. Dr. Tom Williams served as Tri Beta 's faculty advisor. Tri Beta sponsored many activities during the year. Tri Beta offered a popular cheese-tea in the Science Cen- ter winter term. In addition, a guest speaker from the Ghost Research Cen- ter in Chicago spoke to students on campus. In the spring, members of Tri Beta participated in a picnic and soft- ball game at Merner Fieldhouse. Ac- cording to Schumacher, "Tri Beta had an unusually large initiating class in the spring." Tri Beta, Front Row: Sarah Mock, Nora Conley, Kathy DeHaan, Kari McNulty, Brooke Schumacher, Bernd Schumacher, Coleen Carter Back Row Phil Mceain, earl Anthony, Kevin Brown, Eric Bartel, Dr, Tom Williams, David Horner. f"'fl X S I I .. had ' i w Opposite Page, Upper Left: Madrigals entertain the crowds at the cranberry tea. Below: Renee worships her idol the fetal cheese pig. Middie: Say cheese! A 'Q- 5 lf' w 5 S Ln. Q13 fs if F, "V 4' 1 i aa J av we , ,K q L.. M13 r ,,m+2w3" . p sv. 3 MQ Q ks .0 4. e , 'X Q' , X X W , ,W ' a , KAQ 7 X ' AEK Tgmfw a f ky ' X M-f 1- W K, t y, fy . 4' ,. f , M. W . W0 A ff r Q Q 'XJ . IX Q 4 I , of. fax fi I Q ' . I, 0 Q I E WONC .., ' W 1 ' 2 we . ff 1 . Q 1 Xkfix A L A A WONC. Kneeling: John Madormo I General Managerj. Standing. Left to Right: Glen Doering CPublicity Directorj, Jim Venturini, Pat Barry lProgram Directorj, Shari Stephens fMusic Directorj, Chris Wiggins, Jeff Borkstrom, Barry Schnell CProduction Directorj, Scott Wilkie. Vivian Bianco. Mike Van Poucke, Jim Rausch CStation Managerj, Laurie Meisch, Todd Zimmerman, Joan Stohl. On Landing, Left to Right: Julie Ballard, Mike Dreher, Joy Hougas. Kevin Rath, Julie Davis, Diane Kero, Jay Webster, Mark Krueger, Dawn Brooks, George Rosas, Mary Welk, Becky Blanchard, Jeff Hoefke, David Vaughan, Kary Kaczmarski, John Welk, Maria Tramonte, Herb Placek, Tim Gossett, Tim Schleuter, Beth Yenerich. Steve Miller, Jim Hanson. WONC is an educational, non-commercial FM radio station which is operated by NCC students who desire to learn and become involved in the different facets of radio work. Students are involved in all phases of radio work - programming, script writing, directing, news, announcing, and engineering. The station's effective radiated power of 3,9CX7 watts makes WONC one of the most powerful student-staffed college radio stations in the country with listener potential of one million people in DuPage County and beyond. Under the guidance of John Madormo, WONC has continued to increase the variety and improve the qual- ity of radio broadcasts. Not only has sports coverage expanded, but also coverage of special news events and the number of promotional giveaways sponsored by local merchants. In addition, WONC supported college organizations by advertising upcoming happenings and other miscellaneous information. 56 W WONC ,lim Rausch K5tation Manager! Barry Schnell IProduction Director! Z-C325 an n 51 Bm: Pat Barry fProgram Director! 1 4 f X 4 I 2 "' ' M. Glen Doering fPublicity Director! ' 5 WONC E Norih Central College Naperville, llllnols Shari Stephens fMusic Director! slang! 57 Band -Q1--., swf?-. rf-H W' Pep Band, Kneeling: Dr. Naumann, Dianne Grzeszczyk. Marc Ruff, Debbie Robers, Renee Murray, Becky Blanchard. Standing: Brett Falk. Pat Morton, Scott Vicary, John Baker, Doug Hearn, Cindy Fiene. Not Pictured: Randy Arb. For the fourth year in a row, NCC 's Pep Band, com- prised of thirteen gifted musicians. worked hard and dedicated many hours to perfecting their talent. Under the direction of Cin- dy Fiene. the band added spirit to all the home bas- ketball games, played at an alumni fundraising break- fast, and participated in the college musicals. Indi- vidual Pep Band members regularly took part in Fri- day Harmoniums. Middle left: Every band has its strong section. Middle Right: Blaring Basses. Bottom Left: The boogie woogie bugle boys. 58 l The United Methodist Stu- dent Organization is made up of, but not limited to, United Methodist students who meet for fellowship, study, and ac- tivities. Pictured to the right are some exhausted faculty members after a volleyball challenge from UMSO mem- bers. This group of students stops by Reverend Barbara lsaac's office for homemade brownies and cookies, for comradeship, for friendly chats with the Reverend. Campus Ministry also spon- sored trips to Nicaragua and Appalachia to lend heb to the needy. Forensics The Forensics team won many awards this year. Competing with other division three schools, NCC 's actors and actresses showed much talent. Team mem- bers included Michael Dreher, Debbie Hede- man, Jeff Hoefke, Kary Kaczmarski, Barbara Phelps, Dawn Pleas, Sha- kundala Stone, David Vaughan, and John Welk. NCC especially showed strength in the areas of Prose Reading, Poetry Reading, Duo Interpreta- tion, Communication Analysis. Extemporane- ous Speaking, and Per- suasive Speaking. Mr, Richard Paine was the supportive organizing force behind these ambi- tious students. ir ho 2 c Madrigals QNQNQ O .F NN x .U Ti it E Bernard Izzo spent his last year at North Central directing the student choir, madrigal singers, and faculty choir. Left: Senior flutist Cindy Fiene accompanies the choir as she has throughout her four years at NCC. Above: The madrigal singers perform at one of the many school activities. This year, seniors Cherie Burke, Cindy Fiene, and Kathy DeHaan took turns leading this twelve member acappella group. The madrigal singers performed for Dad's Day, International Club banquets, Tri Beta cheese teas, and Mom 's Day in addition to the two concerts each term. l Facult was v agen . .,,, ft Below: The choir performs at one of its fireside lounge concerts. Winter term, choir members were joined by several other student actors and actresses to put on the musical 'How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying." Right: Members of the faculty choir spent one lunch hour each week singing. This choir consists of faculty, staff and administration who share a love of choral music. Once a term. this choir joined the student choir and the madrigal singers in a concert. The final concert of spring term was dedicated to Mr. Izzo, since it was his last concert as NCC 's choral director. 5' O 15 Q 61 I' I2 ch Ri U5 NJ Independent XE' is ,fm li, l is , ith.. E-3 X iiaiieiffk X fix? A ff Jiri, fl , 4 a it gl i L 5 vii Five students were awarded Richter Fellowships this year. These students are given grants to research ideas of special merit on an independent basis. Other schools that grant these fellow- ships include, Harvard, Yale, Occident- al, and Northwestern. g Graham Van Dixhorn, top, travelled to France to research child care in two working milieus. Nancy Pielsticker, left, made a com- parison of accounting curricula at the University of Illinois, the University of Texas, and North Central College. A yesha Sharifh right, studied the works of a Canadian author, Margaret Atwood, to gain an "understanding of Atwood's work and the conception of Canada, as it relates to America, that lies underneath her work." Al Romero, bottom left, studied in both Japan and Columbia, South America, to learn about Japanese foreign investing. David Horton, bottom right, spent time in Japan researching Japanese three-di- mensional art. Some of the Richter Fellowship funds were also used for the eleven-student delegation sent to the Midwest Model United Nations Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Stud WQIQ, . ,x N 'X 4 A 'l'l SL CT V5 ET 'U 90 , 63 '18 O Bl rk 3 I1 C3 O Bl' UW A Association American Marketing Association. Front: Kelly Wurtzler, Julie Courson. Tim Chapnick, Cindy Fiene, .lack Varela. Back: Susan Roach, advisor Bernard Yevin. James Taylor, Ph.D. and John Salvi. A chapter of the American Marketing Association IAMAQ was chartered at NCC this year. The AMA, founded in l93 7, is designed to strengthen the marketing profession and provide a vehicle for professional improvement. On Jan. 22. under the guidance of advisor Bernard Yevin. the NCC chapter conducted its first meeting and elected the following officers: Tim Chapnick, President, Kelly Wurtzler, Exec. vice-presidentf ,lulie Courson, - VP of communications, .lack Varela, VP of Finances Susan Roach, VP of Membership: Cindy Fiene, VP of Programs: and John Salvi, VP of Advertising. The NCC chapter is involved in leadership, internship, fundraising. guest speaker and scholarship programs. Students are provided with a contact to the business world that is normally not experienced. There are 35 students in the NCC chapter. Members sold T-shirts as a fundraiser. These T-shirts displayed the logo for the schools anniversary and helped advertise its l25th anniversary celebration. Power- X Powerliftersz John Salvi, Pete Johnson, Kelly Wurtzler. The North Central College Powerlifting Club was organized for students who are interested in keeping themselves in shape by toning and firming up their bodies. The club is open to both men and women and anyone is welcome to join. The club members use the weight room during their free time, which lets them carry out their goal. Though small in number, these powerlifters are large in size and strong in enthusiasm and self-pride. I -H E. 5 UQ Club Each term, Commuter Club sponsored many activities. Fall term, club members painted their office, went horseback riding, and held dances after football games. The club organized a trip to Second City and a get-together at the apartment of club president, Glen Banfi. Throughout the winter months, the Commuter Club scheduled many events. Their Bears dance was a success as was their pizza party at Connie's. With Commuter Club help, CUAB's Valentine 's Dance went smoothly. ln the spring, 50 students spent a cold, yet enjoyable day at Great America. A beach party was also held by the club in late April. Top Right: At the beach party, people form a dance line. Bottom Right: Students wait for a raffle drawing at the Bears dance. Top Middle: Ann and Julie enjoy a night of dancing at the Superbowl party. Middle Left: Liz and John relax after a workout at the beach party. F' ft 4 331 l Qmgp -Nw-'+s...,,-mx-NN w""""-1-Q-. L, AJ' an s M-ws:wi...,,, Q sa" ,X ,l 4"i'i3Q- iS"'sf+ h gf' ,gm K 7 ,B N x Ifistg'-gui ii' if as s XA Sri W the miami ' 'Vblisxtasia uiiiiiii i ,Blwixt 'adamant g QQKIITFX ' N!'iE5'3if I 2 Top Right: The unknown Mr. Bear growls at the camera. Bottom Middle: Rob is distracted by beach bunnies as he plays with his beach ball. Bottom Right: Messy Commuter Club members paint their new office. nion E6 3 o Activities Board II The College Union Activities Board CCUABQ is the largest and most active organization on campus They are re sponslble for scheduling and planning many events for the student body In the fall CUAB sponsored Homecoming Week with the Homecoming Dance being a major part of the festivities With Winter term came the Winter Carnival During this week CUAB co sponsored the Valentines Dance with Commuter Club and MSA The Spring Dance was held In St Charles ln late May CUAB is also responsible for pro vid mg entertainment and social events on and off campus This year they pro vided blood drives coffee houses In the Cage and mo vtes as well as a Mid night Bowl at the Sports Bowl and an ice cream brownie social in the stu dent union CUAB provided events for family members on Dad s Day Mom s Day the trip to Daytona Beach was orga nlzed by CUAB L Top: A group shot of all the CUAB members in their CUAB sweatshirts. Bottom left: Kathy Sedivy models at t Bottom right: A skillful bowler throws a ball down the center during the Midnight Bowl Z if he fashion show on Mom s Day T . l 1 I I l f . I - - I I and Sibling's Day. Over Spring break, A f ff A! K 17 , X, X f 1 ff., -ga 5 7, M Top Left: A prize winner returns to her table during the raffle drawing on Mom 's Day. Top Right: L yn Seiser poses in costume on Dad 's Day in Merner Fieldhouse. Bottom Left: CUAB omcers: Joanne Beardsley, vice-presidentf Michele Wegrzyn. vice-president: Lyn Seiser, presi- dentf Tim King, publicityf Chris Petroski, secretaryf Kirk Price, vice- president. Not pictured: Kathy DeHaan, treasurer. I , Sv! w?'HV'f If g A 4' . 4? .J . . A ,. ,. sv .pf HOW' M Q1 '22 Top: Volunteers give blood during CUAB sponsored blood drive. Mid- dle left: Intense students struggle to win the tug-of-war during Home- coming Week. Middle right: A CUAB member talks with students and parents in Merner Fieldhouse on Dad's Day. Bottom left: Yester- year fashions. Bottom right: Some of today's fashions are modeled in the Mom 's Day fashion show. .wg ,,,.- 'B V5 ff? f 'M 'J l Y, ?14Mg "' 3 X V fi., 'SK S' Q' . ,f 70 i Chronicle . . ,ev . 'IEW , 'sw 'Q 4 ,, . 5522 .-vin." ,221-JH -. 1, fi, Chronicle, Front Row: Dave Connon. Dawn Brooks, Joan Stohl, Becky Young. Middle Row: Maria Tramonte, Phil Albano. Sue Fristoe, Jim Guthrie. Back Row: Kathy Maurer, Emily 5. Tse, Carl Mackey, Nadia Kanhai. The staff of the l985-86 Chronicle, headed by editor Joan Stohl, kept the campus informed of current events. With the help of advisors Jim Guthrie and Cathy Dempesy, they provided issues of the newspaper every 3-4 weeks. The staff included Kathy Maurer, Craig Crossin, Becky Young, Jeannine Esner, Emily Tse, Phil Albano, Sue Fristoe, Kendra Fuson, Nadia Kanhai, Jody Mercier, Dave Connon. Maria Tramonte, Carl Mackey, Mike Dreher, Dawn Brooks, Ron Selesky, Don Ricks, Mita Patel, and Tracy Ellis. New features of the newspaper this year included a "Man of the Month" column and 'Radio Rap." The latter focused on what was happening on WONC for that week. lt also gg5'25 mf' Jig! V9 ? . 32, af ' " fn .mfs ., ai, regularly listed the twenty top songs on WONC. Many articles in this year's Chronicle were contributed by students in Dr. Grundy 's journalism class. As always, the staff worked hard to give the students and facul- ty of NCC news of local and campus events. 4' pf- fufe, ..- ...- -,-,,,,,,, . M --Q-vw, - W- F w-an-Q Lblack SpQC+I"UfY1EDI RX, Erwlcxrgei-0 M-WN h R+ a +f En 13.53 Q ff ff QD 43317 fins f Cfwangw X +0 ff' m BlQQkmQ ww+Q h ,f 'C'-gal Ngnialge ,4lQ19sk.Q.Q4.Ul13+c.g 2+ ' 'Wf , Copy Pr W 5 4,72 i fu Cfgggakx . blqfk ,--l3lac'5 0nd,,LJk'.+e.X+ ' 1 J XX Enxarge +0 in k X 24- i XX Q nlarge +o 41, - .+ , Cl-:Lange Q l 0 1 ,aQs,fQ4 QAw+Q. , , fggfae '1 iiifa kckana wwf' ,j A AA-3 S ectrum fig? 3 at lb. 4? X- ff! , I 6 5 7 1 , 4. X5 Q. ' E 'Q .WC f Japyvwb M L. ff . Q 'W f 7'Wf.ff ' V, in M. I If ffyiffv, f . Under the leadership of co-editors Cindy Fiene and Julie Schlaug, this year 's Spectrum is new and innovative. With a central theme of "Celebration" incorporated into the yearbook, this Spectrum pays tribute to NC C 's l25th anni- versary. Within each section of the yearbook, the staff has strived to ha ve unifying concepts tie together the pages. The staff was busy this year fixing up the Spectrum office in the base- ment of the student services building. Before the school year started, many dedicated staff members painted the office in rainbow colors of blue, yellow, and purple. Once this was done, they got down to business, deciding on the theme and the direction of this year's Spec- trum. The majority of the yearbook was completed during the summer months. Long hours were put in to finish the lay-outs and copy writing. Even though it was hard work, everyone enjoyed seeing the final product come together. -C-.Bn Advww I 4: JW P 'ig .QM I v E ,S ag is 1 S HHUISE f C, in . 2 K-f, . gi lvd L xx l IJ ff ff ww t Q 2 aids? , at 't ss1',4 n 'W so' 'O .mv ' 6 ' 9 'vos 'Q YQ ' 1 9 4 ' 0 o 0,8 f' QAYR-DUN ALS -A W7 :' ' xttlv 0 0 ' Q go 1' 9 . . wmv X Ll!!! uw! Il A Year In Sports . x S-., 4 ZR ii, ... ,,,... :ul l 1 n CEEER rj CCI W CHICAGO CONFERENCE ' CCIW RECORD: CCIW RECORD: C HAMPION5 RUNNER-UPS IO-27 7z"" '44 .Qf 17' A CCI W RECORD: 4 A Q 4 v 'T 4' 5 Ill O-ll CCI W REC ORD: I6-I0 KKCTEWY ' Q The l985-86 school year was filled with emotion and excitement as the NCC sports teams celebrated their victories and learned from their losses. Highlights of the year included top performances from the track and cross country teams to the baseball team. w if . , f ., - 'afi- if vb' ., f iq 4.4 r ! ' K .if K f X rl W Tl? , 4 V 7 ff X v ff X f i X X X 7 X ' "iff flfwf-,,,, f Hg, fjff:-' ,,.:,,.,H I f '- mf " ' . f 491 , f 'leif 199 ,i,. ,, ? fi 3. f K. ,, .M ,. f M fig 7- Z1 i f ZW ., f X f f fi, f fy f f fzi ff 7 . Vi f Z ,nf 4 , J f lffzf 2 2 j , QWWZ' , ,,f.'7i 4 1 X I v . gy V .f , yy f f f f f 9 f We , f f f 7 ff fy f 4 7 ,,., f f Q. gf 1 . f " as C 1. 4 F f ' 1'- X X ., - , AA 1 , .. . , ., V , , f-5,1 -'-'- f fl ' A"' "ff , 'T - li ' civl 'Q t"'V . A ' . '01, ,fy 7,1 "" I , K WZ, , f- , 2 A 93 IZ! "f : CC1W RECORD: 5 WIMMERS SHO W IM- y ll CARDS QUALIF YFOR NA- 7.,7 PRO VEMENT i TIONALS 5 , 5:1 QQ ,, qi, 1 at A M., H! Q W ww ytfz r, ., ,, Q, fwfr, M-af . f if .. .f N 'f f , X. , jffjqfifk 3: -5 ,rx Q I F - A I, n.4,-. Q I Q 3 - , 336 5 f ,M f f Q sy, .V .- B i Lf, N ,. My 7 W! V, 'v G 2 if f, f . f f Q ' i',"Q'f4'f"'-' - V ' ,f .xr , ".. H w f Q . V 11 fix? y ' , 1 .2 14' 4 i f W jj 4 792. ' L' gf e if ff ffl- , f I W f 1 f fp 14 f f ,. 4 N7 f f e, af 1 MX I W Q Z ,W A 2 f ff f Q 1 , Af 4 , X ff f ' 1 V '0 , 1 1 f W f W ' " Mui f f Q ,,,.- 42-4 1 G H W -,M wif. 'ww n fwfr Mfg, Q 'ww' , 7 . Q 'M' few.. 4'-lb .2 -7- . f XJ, 3,1 f ' T o -1' WWW- jf,.W.,f. 5 L, .. , V. , ' ' 'pg . -: v 4 "7 M 0 f 4,11 ,f -v ff f A if X 9? Of X wif f .31 ' f Q ff ,f f I 4 ' ,W fly f f fi , ff yt, Q J 1 JC ' X f, f f 34 IW ff ' f Q if f f ,t W .X f f f wfsffff Z ff Mi Mlm-Q ww fi . f f- f Q . A f , I 1 f 4? -fa ' f .V , , ,. ,.. ,V fi f .wr f- f Z, 4 'V , , ff W IM ' 'WWSWW .4 ,L , 0 V , , y CCIW RECORD. it CCIW RECORD: 3l-I3 ww ff W ,W 5 ,, f , ,Z Wuhan ?9W as" - .5 1 N135 Wi' QT? A X. :-- ...MQ . K k N ' M -rv-Ax ws f - Ns iJ rxy W4 . Mmm . CEL EBRA TE CARDINAL " SPIRIT! Men's Cross Countr Cross Country '85, Front Row: Team Mascot, Dave Ryan. Bob Pottle, John CoIlet. Pat Zinn, Larry Wood, Gary Peterson, Brad Todden, Joe Grossf Second Row: Ken Popejoy I Coach 1, Scott Schwarting, Lee Benesh, Kurt Bounds. Mark Gavic, Mark Ruff, Jim Stroud, Mike Pentz, Eric Simoiz, Curt Smith, Jim DiDomenico, AI C arius I Head Coach Q. Back Row: Joe Bowman. Doug Hearn. Rich Scopp, Dan Baker, Brian Sch waning, Tom Mifrojf. Phil Albano, Scott Parker, Tom Garvey. h , H f E i Above: Here they come . , . running down the street . . ,. get the funniest looks from everyone they meet . . . ,r, be Lipper Right They ll be coming around the mountain when they come Above Larry Wood shows hrs All Amertca style Bottom Right The leaders of the pack The North Central College men s cross country team finished runner up for a third consecutlve year at Nationals competition held tn Atlanta Georgia on N01l8mb8f 23 ln a close race the Cardinals lagged only 52 points behind first place finisher Luther College of Iowa For North Central l985 saw the return of five runners from its 1984 runner up team Senior Gary Peterson fmished ninth in the 8 C130-meter course to earn All America honors Larry Wood was also recognized as an All American .lommg Peterson and Wood were fellow team members John Collet .loe Gross Bob Pottle Brad Todden and Pat Zinn During the cross country season the runners in pinstripes had much to celebrate The squad won its own North Central lnvttational captured the Carthage College lnvztational title, and won their l2th consecutive College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin title t 79 Women's Cross Countr link QS" Under the guidance of first- year coach Dale Koepnick, the women 's cross country team completed a season highlighted by an NCC National qualifier, a second-place finish in the Chicago Metro Conference Championships, and a ninth-place ranking at the Midwest Regional Championships. Freshman Margaret Walsh qualifiedlfor the A NCAA Division III Championships and finished 62nd in the 5,6113-meter run. The lady Cardinals finished runnerfup in the Chicago Conference Championships, Walsh, Laura Hardin, Beth A Clukey, Kathy Kull, Annette Foley. Lisa Walsh, Costella Green, Karen Vergoth, and othercross country runners contributed to the team's success. cy, ' f is A ' far W fffyfm- -7 V gif 'l"Ls 12397 4241 'Wifi-i ,aff ,. "AZ, f gi ,E A , .- , v W i .W Volleybaii '85, Front Row: Carol Brown, Michelle Johnson. Lillian Barisic. Kelly Neai Middle Row: Tina Buonauro, Tammy Dotson, Kristy Witt, Standing: Lynnea loudenbeck, .lane Buhl, Kathy Phelps, Patricia Stephan. lk Wt L zzaqgheggrr X gy X Y in A 1 y y r M Left ammy Dotson spikes the ball a :earn f members lend encouragement. Above: Senior A , 33 X fef-:M Ze N . ' Jane Bun! displays her all-tournament form, olleyball Under first-year coach MarcyrMoeIy, the young squad lost its first Il matches to tough competitors. However, team members did not give up hope. With hard work and determination, North Central won ten matches and placed fifth in the Chicago Metro Conference by season 's end. ff ' an fu: ,- f ftf, ,' 0 C -,fc ,. V- C X ' X f M W I CZ f 3' K The admirable record of the volleyball team reflected the teamwork of all the girls, however, senior .lane Buhl was a key player and provided leadership for the squad. Buhl was named to the alla tournament team at the Carthage College Invitational in October. Following that honor, she received second team all- conference recognition in November. is 5 S E Football Football '85, Front Row. J.D. Loden, J. Olson, K. Wilson, 5. Cendro, G. Wilson, J. Miller. P. Connor CHead Coachj, G. Kovacs, J. Vareia, T. Peck. J. Casson, M. Weber. M. Ohlsen. Second Row: P. Weeks Msst. Coachj, D. Ricks, P. Hinton, R. Cohen, D. Brown, R. Stratton, A. Ruiz, D. Piron, R. Selesky. D. Sjong. R. Mateia, I.. Schroeder. Third Row. B. Mohns CAsst. Coachj, K. Cannon iAsst. Coachj, R. Thorgesen, C. Mobley. D. Schlaker. F. Griffin. M. Browning, D. Win, R. Friedman, T. Schager, K. Brown, D, Ricks. Fourth Row. B. Motzer KAssr. Coachy, P. Gora iAssr. Coachj, M. Oliver. S. Cunningham. D. Soliday, A. Martineck, T. Franklin. D. Wade, J Griffin, R. Williams, B. Coultas. Fifth Row: 1Z'PurceII CAsst. Coachj. B. Olson. J. Schulz. R. Eaton. I.. Guizzetti, J. Graham, .L Easton, C. Giacomazzo, C. Sherman, R. DeNicoIa, M. Wilken. Sixth Row: M. Gehl, D. Middlemas Cfrainerl. M. Fields. T. Franklin. M. Stimac, R. Mosca, P. Larsen, L. Dellamorte. S. Feilen, T. Bus, R. Jurkacek, M. Holzer. Back Row: D. Tamms, H Placek. M. Yuhas. M. Barham, F. Hobart, J. E vitts, L Filsinger, K. Moore, D. Johnson. J of ,f . nz' l"' ""'N""--'wrap MN FL... if - Left. Clint asks, "So when do I get to play, P.C.?" Above: "Did someone lose their contact?" The 1985 football season for North Central College got off to a flying start as the gridiron men won their opening games against Illinois Benedictine College and Carroll College. Unfortunately, a six-game losing streak left the Cardinals in a three-way tie for sixth place by season's end. First-year head coach Paul Connor's Cardinals finished up with a 3-6 mark, an improvement over last year. The NCC football team completed the season with a CCI W record of 2-6 and wound up ranking fifth in both CCIW of- fense and defense. Five players were named to the All-CCI W team. Senior defen- sive back .lack Varela and junior linebacker Ron Jurkacek were awarded second team honors. while senior wide receiver Greg Wilson, junior center Pat Hinton, and senior defensive end Jeff Ol- son were given honorable men- tion recognition. Senior offensive guard Gary Kovacs, senior running back .lim Miller, and Varela provided lead- ership as tri-captains for the l985 club. Middle Far Left: Coach Connors leads the team to a Cardinal victory. Above: Hut 36, 24, 36- nice numbers! Right: P,C. 3 Pep Talk .1 ,,.- .-Y.- .. f as- Y,.,,,,HH, Soccer , ,, I ,I 'L:V,,,? , 4 Soccer '85, Front Row: Yousif Bahi. Dan States Tom Dominick, Middle Row: Al Romero, Mike DriscolL Mike Oldenette1,!,Mafk' Senecal, Tim Landers, Tony Passi. Standing: Dudley Dupey fAsst. Coachj, Mike Gehl, Brian Lewis, Rob Battin. John Mario. .lim se-ni 1iii1'Haiifingftom .lim Kapple, Gus Liatos, Steve Dommer, Dan Palmer fifoachj. i w u 1 l A young North 1 i team finished the final founganieoifiy l of their schedule with three y,y4 V i victories and one tie. Under, 4 Q l secondpyear coach Dan Palmefs eyyy will be returning to the fiefdfiagafvi next year, the future of A soccer is optimistic. llll lelf, direction, the team posted a w record for the l985oseasor1. ii L Junior forward Gus lgiafoswledl the Cardinals in scoiing with 17 l points fseven goalsqand 'fhreey iily e if assistsj. Freshman Steve eDommegf ranked second with fi tofaiiiiofiilflg points fsix goals and fwo aissiszggg Mike Driscoll was named lil 'Defensive MVP" teammates, his second Suche w i y award in two years, e z 1 ,,iy As most of the tearri membeifc yl y 1 M: , -A., L xg m. Y A MLN V . . f vw. 4.. ' .2 X .Q X f " ., X -vactxwf v - ,I ff .V W was -"U H .Hr ' nv., M --5 , +2 4 ' . if I AQ ?f.,,X,Q . 1 af W . x-xv ff:'j'vm:s gn L Y ,iffy myw' rf ,..j, mig6'JmY+ig.w,u,,..wv...,,, 4 'V 0' 'M ' W af fwf "iiGnnw,Jf x A - A.:--f , , H, l UQ Q4-v X ,gg M' .. " Jw ,yin XX.. .M V , ,-. - - - K 1 fu r , ' ' A 5, . , nv 'H :MM A ,. ,H W K 'eppusmwzx 11694454 , M' 1, ,,,, , 7 . A, Nw ,f"'. V hr , -., ,, , 3,,,,,jg., A' ML" "M vnu:--' 'M 1' A ' f 1, M' f f N ki-H ,, , . ,S+ , 1 ' ' V -M1 N A X f-fy' -12414 .ff 1 'www WN-,,,, X , Y , me f 7 -wffw' A 'ZS' 4' ' Upper Left: 'How many one-arm pushups did you say I have to do?" Upper Right: This is soccer, not karate. Above: Fancy footwork by if 15. Raging Rob Baffin chases the ba!! downfield Women's Tennis The i985 North Central College women 's tennis team if K, t, .1 'Ea V! ' ,nl was small in number: yet. great in spirit. Under the guidance of first- year coach Bev Thornburg. the team gained valuable playing experience and adjusted to new teammates. With only one senior on the squad, this was a constructive year for women's tennis at NCC. 'ms ' 'Y I4 p . ,Z . Tennis '85, Front Row: Kristin Spaulding, Rhonda Bayles, Amy Rink. Back Rowr Coach- Heil Thornburg. Camden Bobek, Kim Kruse, Kristie Kalchbrenner. X 54,12 Y. I ZZ? ' Middle Left: Coach Thornburg explains game strategy to team members. Left: Another Navratilova? Right. Rhonda prepares to serve an ace. Wrestlin Guided by coach Tim Brown, the wrestling team had a successful year despite injuries which plagued squad members. The season culminated with standout performances by key grapplers at the CCI W Championships. Todd Samuel won his third consecutive CCIW title at the Championships, and Kevin Martin celebrated a fine season by placing second. Dave Abrams John Faragoi Kevin Martin "Homeslice " "Tripod " Jim Miller Dan Newkirk Tgdd Samuel "Gizmo" "Herb " .. .1 I Men's Basketball Men's Basketball l985-86. Front Row: .lim Loy Msst. Coachl, Greg Papacosta, Tony Jordan. Scott Slocum, Troy Perrineg Marc B:-awning. Frakrk Janzcak fAssr. Coachj. Back Row: Bill Warden lHead Coachj. Michael Drew, Mark Mclntosh. Joe Cahue, Nate Harris, Berne! Deransburg. Mike Bohannon. Brian Zimmerman, Tom Pavich. Curtis Hudson, Auggie James, David Gates, Bob Bray Mast. Coachj. , ' i '1 47--, JM' fwg,-5.1: yn I, 7 7 Q , ' ' Q . 3 4 ' ff , - M : v Q , - ,., , ,Q , . ,V , ,! , K ,M , I ir:mifi'-,yg - ' 5 " 1' ummwiw -fi 5, 'V ,..-W-n-uq.QL ' U X 4, Y , -, f Y f E i s -' 1 1i'e,,,.a I7 "i I in lv VA 441 ,f 1, Y? if v 40 S ,I ' .rl i .A P ' V M I 'W I . I . V swf' fmifab A A4 1 fi I f 3 A inf: ' 1 1 Q Y Above: Junior forward Mike Bohannon ranked second in team scoring l 13,9 pointsj and finished second in CCIW field goal per- centage. Top Right: Through the hoop? f. c . " Q1 C ai' 'sf KA V . ! 2 A Y tv ! ,,. , I 'V "ff V5 W Xt . i N Q n s'-. h . rf ,fp I i .t Q as 'T ti . -Q. The 1985-86 North Central men 's basketball team posted a respectable I6-IO record. Although the team was expected to win the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin championship, unfortunate losses and injury took their toll. The Cardinals ended in a tie for third place with Augustana College, both teams IO-6 in conference action. f The three seniors on the squad, Tony Jordan, Greg Papacosta, and Nate Harris, concluded their NCC careers 5 in fine fashion. Tony Jordan ended his college basketball Q play with l,I74 points and 562 rebounds. He led the i985-86 squad in scoring and rebounding. and shared the team j leadership in blocked shots. Greg Papacosta made 81.8 f' percent of his free throws and finished the season sinking' 20 straight shots. Nate Harris saw action is the lCX?th game of his career when he scored 20 5 o points and 1 'U 1 A. grabbed ll rebounds against Wheaton College on the last day of the season. The seniors were joined by Mike Bohannon, Tom Pa vich, Curtis Hudson, Scott Solcum, Marc Browning, and Joe Cahue. gr 89 va 4 an wi. 'MIMTWU' X w,A.,, vfmmfx ' ' , f M KW 3, W, Xe , wnfwdcf A V -is x,,,rM,,?..?Mxa , lsxt Zh. .. X, A v., . 1 .W Nmgwnii M , - . Q " A ':- '-13,4 b "'?'Wf4, V ,w-9 isggj-y6.v.Kf,Y 1 , ,lk I . FQ 1 'O D K ' x Q . iw g ,R 5 Women's Basketball I985-86. Front Row: Jonnie Bass, Kelly NeaL Rosalind Williams, Sarah Shillington. Back Rows Mary Lavine lAsst. Coachj, Lisa Sigafusg Lisa Wollersheim, Julie Baker, Lynnea Loudenbeck, Peggy Sue Lovejoy, Kristy Witt lfvlanagerj, Rose Price KI-lead Coach? Women's asketball .dime 1492 Q may za Z Y N592 ' f x 3FlxQ!' x M M-W-.., ir is ,fy 2,3 Nw., 1 IJ The 1985-86 season for women's basketball at NCC was a rebuilding one. "Our goal this year was to be competitive and I think our scores indicate that we achieved our goal," said first-year coach Rose Price. Next year, North Central will return all five starters from a squad that went 7-I7 overall and I-9 in the Chicago Metro Conference. Freshman Rosalind Williams, leading scorer for the Lady Cardinals, and co-captain Julie Baker were named to the Chicago Metro Conference all-star team by league coaches. 0-km Women's Swimmin North Central College women 's swimming team enjoyed a year splashed with record breaking times and victories. The highlight of the season occurred when the swimmers participated in the Chicago Metro Conference Championships. Receiving outstanding performances by seniors Nora Conley and Lisa McHaIe, the ladies' swim team took second place at the tournament. In record time, Conley won the 50-yard freestyle, the ICD backstroke, and the Jw backstroke. She received the "Most Valuable 5wimmer" award. McHale captured the 5CX7 freestyle, the 2617 freestyle. and was second in the ICX7 freestyle. The 8117 freestyle relay team of Conley, McHale, Billish, and Goss set a new school record time of 8:54.40 1 Bottom: Lisa Mc!-Iale, Kim Wilk. unknown, Kristin Goss. Top: Cheryl Voliva. Janet K iemel, Maura Billish, Nora Conley. h NCC 'S women tankers was composed of a small but i very determined group of women. With only eight e members on the team, head coach Sondra Martin was certain her team had the stamina and confidence to win Q Track Top Left: NCC relay runner flies around the track Top Right Chariots of Fire? Bottom Left A great effort given by one of NCC s triple fumpers Bottom Right Kathy Farley crosses the finish line first Five members of the men 's track and field team qualified for the national indoor competition. Dennis Piron qualified in the 4617 and Gary Peterson in the 1500 Triple jumper Jerry Lincoln and high jumper Ron Arb qualified in their events. Brian Lamb clocked in a time good enough to reach the national competition. Peterson placed fourth at the national meet, making him an All-American. The outdoor season ended well with eleven Cardinals qualifying for Nationals. They were: Kurt Hasenstein, decathlom Curtis Hudson, 4w relay: .lim Jones, 5000: Terrence Jordan, 460 relayf Brian Lamb, 4617 hurdles and decathlom Clint Mobley. 4113 relay: Gary Peterson, 5CXX1 Dennis Piron, 467 relay, Scot Schwarting, 5011 Rich Scopp, l500f and Margaret Walsh, 50617 and IQCXXZ Peterson, Hasenstein, and Lamb finished strongly in their respective events to earn All-American honors. 'WEE Top Left: Dan Newkirk vaults the bar with ease. Top Rightzfhese NCC runners give their all lo come from behind. W' if 51 - ' 5' U, ,vm ' 'K :Z W W A 5 A 5--. Mlddle left: Hurdles are run at Kroehler Field Bottom Left Ron Arb attempts the high jump Bottom Right Determmatzon 'E' N . , wg" I' A 'Q' ' in V' I "C 1 5 ,hyd 2 'W -Y? 1'+?'ff?-Wiiiirv :SJ Ati . , 1 - M u f 'fx "T, f X I . LF' ' ll aseball 0 '-J.. ...fy I986 was a year filled with excitement and victory for the Cardinals baseball team. Behind steady pitching and defense, NCC completed the season with a 28fll record in CCIW action and captured the CCIW title by beating IL Wesleyan in the final tournament game. ln the Midwest Regional Tournament, the baseball players finished runner-up to Marietta College, the NCAA Division III national champions. Six Cardinals landed spots on the northern division all-conference baseball team, Left fielder Ken Ritter was named "Most Valuable Player" for the conference, he batted .488 with I7 round- trippers and 59 RBls. ' x -.1 l X i F .A .- :ua-.--,...----1'--an----I l x .L ..,.. me etett ,CCM I F Also selected were pitcher Matt Richards, pitcher Mikel Q Stotts, second baseman Chris Becker, and right fielder Sean Hoye. Cather Paul Gonzalez was awarded honorable mention notice. T l Men's Tennis The men's tennis team ended their season with a disappointing 2-9 dual meet Meds Tennis '86, Front Row: Scott Kalchbrenner, Darren Honda, Chris Maman. Back Row: Matt Cotter, George Adams, Mark Baslciewicz, Frank Judd, Randy Anderson. I 2 'x I K ' I mark. but they are not defeated! They have assumed the motto of "Wait 'til next year." The two wins recorded by the NCC squad were a defeat of Chicago State Univ. on April 24 and a forfeit victory against Trinity College. The men's team is hoping next year will bring better tidings to their season. Q Softball Six members of last year's soft- ball team returned to the field this year. Cheryl Kennedy and Lisa Siga- fus were returning seniors, with Sarah Shillington, Rose Gramarosso. Camden Bobek, and Kristie De Vries also returning to the team. The team had tri-captains this season - Shillington. freshman Carol Jarosky. and Sigafus. The team was successful this year with an ll-8 record. The Lady Cardinals ranked second to Elmhurst in the Chi- cago Metro Conference Tournament. One of the most exciting events this season was a no-hitter pitched by freshman L ynnea Loudenbeck. The game was the first one played on the Fort Hill Campus softball field. Five team members were selected for the l986 Chicago Metro Confer- ence all-star team. Bass, Jarosky. Shill- ington, De Vries, and Loudenbeck were given these honors. Bass was also named to the NCAA Division Ill Mid- west all-Region softball team and re- ceived second team honors by the Na- tional Softball Coaches Assoc. Softball '86, Front Row: Lisa Sigafus, Jonnie Bass. Vicki Huffman. Sarah Shillington, Kristie De Vries. Carol Jarodky. and Sue Gutkowski. Back Row: Assistant coach Mary La Vine. Michelle Johnston. Cheryl Kennedy. Kelley Neab Julie Baker. Lynnea Loudenbeck, Camden Bobek. and head coach Rose Price. aww 5 . - V -- '. ' A may M 'V ,Wm ,f g A s . fx 5' WWW 7 .WWI I ,WW A I V, f Q Y' - 7 'mf X I WWW WW, 747W ZW! 7W Q ,Z , 2 ,, Wfwl, f ff ,V ,, ww' f . zfwfW,WsWtii'l f . f f , .MMWM VVWW Wfm no WW . s " 4 ' - f t 'fwfyffff W ' s ' . 'ynW'fMlZWw4W,QffW . L ,I It ,.,v,i,. urn., Bottom Left:Carol Jarosky winds up for a pitch. Bottom Right: An NCC slugger gets M a hit for the Cards. y My ff 'HW -W W f, L -4 .f f M K M? , , A W M if f 1 ff I Wh Mmm -M xv I D ww , 4 ' W ., ,' , ' ' f k 'Wwf U f ,2N, We z ral" y ZMWW wwf f W X 5, , . , fv ,Q , . ,. 1. I' 2 ,Ta ' I ji 'E fw yw fa n' -wygfff I ,gwffw - --...M Wnwygqu If. . ,,, jhfwmx ,. ,V , ffh !.ZMLi?4 . f1Mf.97ffl, A. WM . ff 7" 4 A 1- ,Z ffm 'gi ,ku ,yy fmff M W fp 7555 mm '64 I Top RightfBev Thornburg throws out the flrst ball to celebrate the completion of the women 's softball field Left Cheryl Ken nedy slams a hit intv Ieftfield during a game against lllmoas Wesleyan. , , Wm eerleaders ,.,-Z Q C heerleaders: Herbie Placek, Shawn C oon, Bob White, Jodi Paierski, Da ve Harrington, Kristy Bachler, Mark Yuhas, Laura Blanchong. Dave Soltday Dianne Pasch, Eric Wagoner, ef T. , ,A sf gs . M, Y Z a , ,, With high spirits and strong voices, the cheerleaders showed support for the football and base ketball teams at home games. Left: The Cardinal mascot brought smiles and cheers at all North Central home basketball games as it assisted both the cheerleaders and pom pon girls in entertaining the crowd. Above: During warm day games, the cheerleaders sported their new Cardinal sweaters. is 2 41 u fb Above: The squad climbed to new heights with talented members. Most of the cheerleaders will return next year to again rouse the students' school spirits. 5 l Pom Pons The I6 member NCC porn pon squad worked actively throughout the year. In addition to performing original routines at all home football and basketball games, the girls showed support for other teams as well. Crowds at several women 's basketball games enjoyed half-time en- tertainment by the squad. The squad also made special efforts to decorate the locker rooms for many sports. to attend away games, and to raise funds on their own. e 'U K P' F - .Y w-wvwult-" '1Y""' Pom Pans. Front Row: Janice Etilfella, Ann Everhan. Marion Baker. Jennifer Krueger, Middle: Julie Bell, Kath y Kimmel, Kristen Smith, Cindy Fiene. Julee Anderson. Back Row: Stephanie Defraneesco. Lynette Shaw, Kelly Meredith, Kari McNulty, Wendy lngels. Debbie Hoffman. Joy Gustafson. 5 , I '1 H- ' WF'IeI5 GOING TO FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT FOR NCC ff 'YZ ' 4 1' A fi S Ay I ' Q T " f jq D' , . UNFURL THOSE RED AND WHITE 1 M A I S I 5 ' K L 3 .... ' FLAGS Jo YOUSL Y M I , , ,W ouk HEARTS ARE FILLED WITH LOVE I A A iff I AND LOYAI. TY ,, ., -X Sax .Jw wif?" A ' "Q 'A ,fue-'QAVT-5-'i:1G1T4"3f 3- NOW AS WE FIGHT OUR WAY TO FAME AND VICTORY WE RE GOING TO CHEER, CHEER, 1-5 f 5 A , I I I I mf I- f'W il S., ,L .A 8.- SO RAISE YOUR VOICE AND GIVE A ROUSING CRY: '7?AH. RAH, RAH!" FOR NCC! Lum f , ' I L-L IJIIIIUL- -,J A ,I W' .. , Lf., Ms Id,-E' L G. 3 IW ,Wa If ,qyfpl ,iw I' ' "1 l3fln.?mWi,5W,Q 2" A 5 wx ' X,,WLf,4f I 1 . A , L. W ,W,iAw.,K:Q- in L41 I , L ,... ' . ' FM ' 'fx W4 ,WW ,pw .. W .xi 7 rw F7 ,5,,,1,5,,,t ,WQQLQ f If ,WI , M ,Q WVR IL, ., , M ,,,, . fM,,,.g1 ,-.4 F N. 5' ' 21 CWMF A U fx ff f' 73' A .-"' X , f A, f,,,,?'fi -45.5155 . A 'f , f Cf' If. .-4 ' -c f ff-1f'I.,:.L' 2' ff '7 f V 552 In ' 7" ' , I9 '5- F . , , Mfffjlwb f K , 4 W B: 1 1 ...Q ni.. ..,,s,,,L,,t6,5,:mv 1, M' Q A-I f' :S ,-1' , - , ,. -,rw .,,. -1 J 3 A 1.,:,.i,f Q""'4' ,MAG 7232 'Gfffq ' ' My , r", 531 , M- ,, ' -if .- 2 , A-A Huy f .Vx f ,wi f I - ,i.w ,WG L .,-H . W. f 744 ,, -1- .- ,-ff-f ,,, . Hvfj Lw49"'4'Wf "I ,L FT'.25'v23'f,..,. .. , f L ,. CHEER OUR CARDINAI. GUYS BECAUSE OUR FIGHTING SPIRIT NEVER DIES X fN , SE MPP , ' ,I k hxh ' :K -T " lv fl 1 - ,IX -1 , 5 Il ,Lg Sim ,sw J fl "' H ff! f f, MQ 69 ij ' ,L gf' Qfvk, 'M-IQ I ww, W W NV'--"r ,iiifwf "'f1L2f3l""j X' H X! O X, -Q l f ng ' M H J , President ael D. Swin Yugi Q North Central College has been under the dlrectlon of Gael D Swlng for the past eleven years Now serving during the l25th anniversary celebration of the college President Swing IS supervlslng many fund ralslng actlvltles bulldlng renovations and construction and celebration goings on Because of his Interest In the lives of North Central students the president malntalns close contact with colleglans year round Many organizations and athletic teams have received the honor of dlnlng with President Swing ln his home Also seniors enjoyed hors d ouevres at his house and were congratulated on their achievements just before spring term finals President Swing participates regularly IH the Mom s Day fashion show This year he modeled a classy sport outfit IH the show Moreover he had the dlstlnct honor of escorting bride Joanne Beardsley down the aisle if Sv ug MA! b ij 'I ,JEIQQ2 ,I :V 1 gwjffid. ' ff: i yi f , Dean .lame A. Taylor Dr. James A. Taylor, dean of faculty, also serves as vice-president for academic affairs. Known as "A special kind of dean, " Dr. Taylor takes on the responsibility of advising the North Central College Honors Society as well as coordinating the other honor groups on campus. In Spring, he steps into the classroom to share his knowledge of weather with interested students enrolled in the Weather Elements course. As vice-president for academic affairs, Dean Taylor makes sure that classes run professionally and on schedule, and he recognizes the scholastic achievements of those students on the President's List. Dean Michael Moser f!Qsk ai As dean of students Michael Moser has become known as the short man on campus who walks fast In addltlon to being organized and efficient IU his office Dean Moser actively participates In student actlvltles From impersonating freshmen of the beanie days to chaperonlng dances he I5 well respected by all This year he was honored to be chosen as the father of bride Clndy Flene In the Mom s Day fashion show The dean of students was very successful In working with resident assistants and promoting alcohol awareness on campus students became more knowledgable about the effects and consequences of drmklng so consumption could be done In a responsible manner O ,',1f..f,'i"r- - l V A' 1 X W . 5 aftylym I ,ls z", ' Af", Wifi ' I ,r , 1 K ' :ns , . A M , . A , 4 ,W X X X , , an gy 4. 1' 4 4 4 Q ' W 5 Mi l 5, l V g on 1 Q t. It ' 'E 1 Q , 54 NK K j k 't ft 4 I I 1 I l U - I . . , . ' ' s l I ARK -,, .V . -,,,-5 , .V - E -, ,fn '. . MM- , xy! ,. il! A .N .,!,2,?,l K, K Q 1 1 5' , Zz, if 1 t ig 5 , . W-if if . - ,gl e - fl if gy 5 , s ? 5 , if Q .f Wu 2' .H , , 1 Celebrate earnm I Ll lll0Nll S PIIXSIQ S A I vp... -fs -SNK lv A.-an 51 A 07 e i Wrltln Read 'mix ve Prlscllla Grundy Chairperson of English John Cerovskl English Guzman and the Glrls Richard Guzman English Rhetoric, fx--...,-,hvw .lohn Shlndler English Francine Navakas English 'ssc o o 0 9 I 0 , . NW- 115 r 'ff ' J ag E I L ' n -:Tr ZZ, A, .-r t - fy- 1 .RQ fx- 1 4 ,p -G ., V aa - , , 1 'x',. - . L-'X' , ,, u Fv,-. IQ- . ' 9 'l ' ' , ' 1 f ,. fc ', N V , 1 1 f , ., , a. 11 ..E". f , , ' 4 Er? ' ' i Y ,'A ,A ' rf? 1 5 ' gf' , .Vey 4 ' X? wk 3 Q E ,M x f A' ,ff ' , Q , W I f I, . - 3 ' 1. 'K 'R ,I '--'L , - , - .13 ',ll 4 A if Q41 uf . xfq x,,,Qn"'H I 3 I W I. ' ' , ' 2. ', ' 3. ' 4. ' , ' 6. ' , ' D V 1' , . . v www' uwwxwwxwawaawtx we . N, , A -.X f 1 yin sf 3 13? as Y 84331 14 U 11"f'?' Jfqyxwh ff f W 4? my xxx N 1 X 7 f xx X f if N 5 f Wi 2 ack To School M' if M 1 VQZTQ QQK WX QINYR QQ-X 1 X git wx nw' fha S X Q REX XE, gf QQXMJNN at if 1 QQNX N Vg? '35 5 Wx, gwkx UQ tk was X Y X xxx -Q ,I N xx A xxx X Q-Aw .lanls Fltzslmmons, Education Peggy Ann Mendak Chairperson of Education James Guthrie English Dorothy Alex English Barbara Wells English We Make Gur Voices ea rd Ln.. It s 6 CDA M and time for NC Cs police report Mary Ann Cunningham Speech Communica tions X Thea tre John Phend Speech Communications! Th eatre Chairperson Holly Klocke Speech Communications! Th- EBU? Richard Paine Speech Communicationsf Th- eaffe John Madormo General Manager of WONC- fBroadcast Communications Man., MQW Strange Tongues Za ii. -'-..,,,s- stty: Bernard Pierre LeBeau Chairperson of Forelgn LanguagesfDlvl sion of Arts and Letters Andy strikes out Andrew Adams Foreign Languagesfklmmel Hall Director Letlcla Dlaz Chairperson of Foreign Languages -- Y 1 -wwf: af Q ' Q 1 5 fx S ,L L . Y L, . 5 2 ,ff ' T. V I 5 5 ' i . . Hr, WQQWWN ' M I A If r ,f was-.. W7"'A' 1 X 2 f A gg, ip f-1-'- f 1 1 Z rf 'gli , - , . . . . . ' . Arrangement Cf Fine Arts ,- , . 4 1 , X Z: H Q , Q 1:4 T. f -6 Z. ix ' Q e ' ' . R W Ki .A ,hr grew -:ra-.... I. Ann McKinley, Chairperson of Music 2. Bernard Izzo, MusicfArtist in Residence 3. Barry Skurkis, Chairperson of Art 4. Helen Naumann, Art 5. Phil McCain creates a masterpiece. f ' o 'W-ci...f 'QU' Xxviti XY lbbles, Bits 8 Bytes X 'Nw W Donald Johnson. Chairperson of Computer Science Robert Cook, Computer Science Computer Hypnosis James Duffin, Computer Science Judy Walters, Computer Science Paul Sutton, Computer Science Numbers Count James Elander, Mathematics Richard Snyder, Mathematics Florence Chambers, Mathematics Richard Wilders, Mathematics Coordinator R.D. Pandian, Mathematics Shirley Wilson, Mathematics ' r Risky Business .nw""""'w vegffssv' ,M--"A,,"' A Q, Richard Slovacek, Economics and Business Administration Chairperson Joseph Goodman, Accounting Marti Bogart. Economics Thomas Love, Economics Chairper- son Bernard Yevin, Business Administra- tion Bonnie Simmons, Accounting Chair- person Bayard Lyon, Business Administra- tion eart, Mind 8 Soul sf- Fred l.awson, Political Science David Frolick, Political Science Chairperson Dr. Frolick speaks to U.N. delegates in St. Louis William Naumann. Religious Studies Chairperson Robert Lehe, Philosophy Howard Mueller, Religious Studies f ffq In Games 'M XM ff Z wW WW fag! M..-cgnaai Madeleme Van Hecke Psychology Professor Enman Psychology .lohn Greenwood Psychology Thomas Sawyer Chairperson of Psychology Scientificall Speaking . G Q I. Terrence Marsh, Biology Chairperson 2. Meeting of the Minds 3. What's up doc? 4. Do you see what I see? 5. Mary Yueh-Ping Liaw, Physics Chairperson , fd .f ...ani 1 -M fp--' WA-W2 00 1:1 Anne Sherren Chemistry Chairperson David Horner ChemlstryfPhyslcs Thomas Williams Biology John Zenchak and Friend Biology Weley Stleg Biology "'0l Wm ! if 1' A B I W N . V wif! A" ' """' 1 , ,, .. y .- L , p , X , ,I B 7: T 'ma if. ei xx bg 5 5555 'W A we W H B 3 .NF 5. V I. , , 2. ' , ' ' 3. ' ' ' B 4 , ' ' ' f 4 5. ' , ' Movin Right long . . lflf .X X' 'fy' 4 T5 If Q ar 3 I 5,41 ,,..a-.Qs+:.-3-.van me Y-L.-ff 4 Y , 3, V Z, 3 . f V ' '44 gf',f1.Q,l4 I' ' .bt l. Paul Connor, HealthfP.E.fRecreationfHead Football Coach 2. Pre-game Psych 3. Play by play - he's with them all the way! 4. Kirby Cannon, HPRfAssistant Football 8 Baseball Coach 5. Beverly Thornburg, HealthfP.E.fRecreation ChairpersonfWo- men 's Tennis Coach 135 ,fatal ff W We Football Coaches Huddle Frank Gramarosso HPRfAsslstant Track 8 Cross Country Coach Dan Palmer Head Soccer CoachfDlrector of Intramurals Thomas Purcell HealthfP E fkecreatlonf Head Baseball Coach Allen Carlus Director of AthletlcsfHealthf P E fRecreat1onfHead Cross Country 5 Track Coach Rose Price HPRfHead Women s Basketball 8 Softball CoachfAsslstant Athletic Director ga-nl' ff 2 ,W J, ,, ,mash n .su MUTJQ, , l. ' 2. , ' 3. . ' 4. . . . ' 5. ' . ' ' 6. ' , ' 1 . . . 121 l K dmissions Staff ,. 6, 1 Bill Motzer Dlrector of Admlsslon Rick Spencer Director of Admission Walter Johnson Admls sion Counselor Planning 5 Placement rector Admissions In Actlon Qi as .-g Ja -2... Alba... V633 3 ' 4 2 ' 2. ' , ' , ' 3. , ' - 4. David Belanger, Career f 1 A 7,3 1 X C , , D " Q T' A "A 5. ' ' ' ' fra 1:-uf 5 A ,L xc' ,, 'lm ENN-'F -A . ,pr xw, 'fm ' y-W AA1,L, Brenda and Sheila hard at work. Sheila Kettering, Admission Counselor Brenda Barnwell, Admission Counselor Marcia Gaspari, Assistant Director of Admission 4 dmissions 8 Financial Aid Staff If' I. Marjorie Ochampaugh, Career Planning 5 Placement Secretary 2. Nancy Leet, Secretary to Dean of Students 3. Sally Floyd, Financial Aid 4. Anne Anderson. Financial Aid Secretary 5. Roberta Andre, Admissions Office Manager 6. Katherine Edmunds. Director of Financial Aid Public Relations if l J, .Q x I '.r ,M I. NCC Flasher 2. Brian Montgomery, Director of Annual Funds 3. .lill Wilkinson, Director of Special Programs 4. Cathy Daniel, Secretary to Director of Development 5. Jeff Brewer, Public Information Specialist 6. Marvin Meinz, Director of Public Relations S Alumni Staff C3hj Adain Staff L.. if '-'W . -...--uliiflm Mary Ensor Admlnlstratlve Assistant to the President Bettye Mlnnlx Cashier Barbara Boyer General Registrar s Office Clerk Business fashions Anna Shoger Accounts Payable Clerk Betty Smucker ReceptlonlstfSwltchboard Operator X QNX If l M MN4 iq, 'vu i . . S xl f ,f it 1 y M V f ug, l X 2 W MM! U H14 ' .--. . Om 1 X 'V . 1 J' ggfj 1, 2 39 rl ' il A A .f Z M 9 '. 5 . my 1 R 3 4 "t' 'JOM' ' on 5 2 5 ' 21 u L ' . . . . . 2. ' ' , ' , ,, 3. , ' ' ' -X X 'f 4. ' ' 4 5. , . A 6 5. , ' ' ' ' 'CN flu., -. I Q My S Li s Counselin , Carin , Etc. '11 i 4 xg ' .3 I. Carrie Seltzer, Director of Residence Life 2. Kay Nelson, Health Service Director 3. Cherokee Sieber, Mailroom Clerk 4. Mary Chinn, Bookstore Manager 5. Jeff Denard, Director of Counseling 6. Cherokee dances for many. Activities enter Staff 41.3 fi 4,1 l. The staff gets revenge. 2. Marietta Keating. Activities Cen- ter Secretary 3. Sophie Bell, Food Manager CCagej 4. 5ophie's helper. 5. Catherine Dempsey, Director of Student ActivitiesfGeiger Hall Di- rector 6. The Cage Cafe 1 X X X X! - V Q5 ' dxi , X z Eflxj tp ,.,- If f WE 1 -- , if-if ' lf Y Y C A QC, if CD QD A QQ V ,f I X N f if X KS S, Xxx jf xxx ff I 7 9 .lt ul -f ml. ..14L...i.IU A X R J '7 'F ' Q D :ilk Y Q H, Y M 'N 'wa 'Nfl' Practicing for the BIG event? Alicia Alley '41 'Nav Randy Arb Russ Baker Daniel Baldauf f. 'Nd' an Nd' Julie Ballard Glenn Banfi Eric Bartel 1 w P w Q w 4 I i Michael Baughman Joanne Beardsle y o 4 It QE Tammy Binder Cathy Bos well Susan Boudreau Jane Bo yer Jacqueline Belicheck Scot Boudreau Kevin Brown 3 A375 Jane Buhl Bill Burgess Cherie Burke '-1-1? Roseann Calderaro Colleen Carter Kevin Clukey 04196 iz Nora Ann Conley David Cannon Hug me Julie Courson Kathryn DeHaan James DiDomenico I can 't believe I ate the whole thing! Look out Don Johnson! Linda Dispensa Katherine Dudzik .loan Ewing 'Z X 123' Lf Diane Fahlstrom Lady in Red Gregory Fink X'- Brett Falk Cynthia Fiene f If - Y V, 'W'-V119 Francis Furio D. Scott Fields wi'-vb What do you mean the dance isn't 'til Fuck Paul Furio W 'F Us l I I i ! l Sheryl Gallagher Margaret Ga Vic Belinda Gruber I dare you to bust my balloon! i 4 1 Nate Harris Naomi Hayashi W l Joe Gross Da vid Haas all Sheila Heitke Steve Hill Theresa Hogan Darren Honda Dian Hornick Monica Hubbard Dean Jacobs -10811 Jagvda Amy -lanik Kris Kalchbrenner 136 ' Sabrina Konrad Gary Kovacs Check her out! Thomas Lange Thomas Lentz Jerry Lincoln '- 5 fx., , Chl'iSf0Ph6l' l.il7db0lTI Karel? Lloyd "Warning, I have a black belt Dwaine Marcin . Kevin MacDonald Tara Maffm Edward Mathey Phillip McCain Charleston revivedl JN Tk Clarence McGuire Lisa McHaIe Eric McLaren M h . , Kari Mc-Nujty Robb eat LBUFIE Melsch Kelly Meredith Sara Mvfk The thrill of victory! Michele Murray Linda Neaves Martin Ohlsen 40 Kim Olson Gregory Papacosta Rick Perillo Stuart Petersen Gary Peterson Joe Petrzilka Kathleen Phelps Craig Pinley Robert Pottle 'W 1 Kirk Price -qcrswf Bethany Reiss Susan Raach 1 I I 51 E David Ryan I 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 i , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Bernd Schumacher I 1 1 'iwfb Wendy Schabacker ,lulie Schlaug " - 2-vw-.44 Brpgkg Schumagher "Boy do I love advertising! Scot Schwarting Beki An Sciacca Lyn Seiser Lisa Sigafus Eric Simon Sharon Smith Kevin Stahlman Lisa Vana Lisa Velus l l 5 3,1 Leanne Waters Michael Watson Scott Wilkie I E i 15 E Lawrence Wood I i li W 3 1 1 I N H V H -N E i I it 1 I1 i i 1 I 1 E , W 2 , i 'i "l trained her well!" f fmmvgpg fi' J Joe Wrzosek Holly Yeates Laureen Zary pat Zinn 'I Y 4... M XIWEXE fffxx sf I R3 ' f r ...1l ' H rm 1 gig 27 J r s VN QAM UD Alt, Lyle Anderson, Julee Anthony, Brett Baker, Marion Balkcom, Diane Bass, .Ionnie Battin, Robert Bianco, Vivienne Bobek, Camden Bragg, Darrin Breitbarth, Jerry Brodne, William Brolley, Bernadette Brooks, Mary Brown, Amy Brown, Becky Bukovsky, Mike Burch, Chris Callaghan. Kevin Cnota, Jennifer Juniors The Class of 87 showed their support of NCC through their ac- tive involvement in cam- pus organizations espe- cially student govern- ment CUAB and pon poms. Spirit and enthusi- asm were predominant as these students began to strut around campus and take large strides to- wards Senior year and graduation. Q, f f-..i-- , , , f f f , f f , f Il' ' ,jx stu- ,f K X -, .A.. C Viiiljf-5" Z i"W5 JY ! x"r W '11 3 3 5 ., 4 , 1 is 4' W -4-gn-1 ,Na ND' Ai mf 15' ff I X f, ffff G f, ff , A W' 'fo i V WZQ lui 1.03 Wsdf '-N... "MTV Connell, Barbara Coultas, Barry Cunningham, Dean Cz wornog, Alice Darrah, Pamela Davis, Brian Davis, Paula Defrancesco, Stephanie Delp, Marci Doering, Glen Erzinger, Suzanne E verhart, Ann Flak, Denise lfolsom, Lisa Gargano, Sharon Godfrey, Shaun Gonzalez, Paul Goral, Brett Graba. John Gustafson. Joy Gutierrez. Alma Hallam, Peter Harrington, .lim Hartford, Kathleen Ha ynes, John Hedeman, Debbie Hinson, Larry Holden, Kenneth Hougas, Joy Johns, Mark "Hi Julie!" They got cat class and they got cat style. x Y Q X og,-1 3 W? ,qs L 4 Q A Really, they named the Ken doll after me. A 5 , Kamoski, L inda Kennedy, Fred Kheowkhamsaeng, Ratha , K ing. Timothy K orinek, Mike Kruger, Jennifer K ull. Katharine Lake, Linda Lang, Rita Lay, Janet Lembcke, James Lewsader, Van K E Maddi, Susan Madjak, Jennifer Maier, Susan Mark, Michelle Marron, Annette Marting. Kimberly Martirano, Angie Miller, Steve Miracle, Jodi Morgan, Jeanne Live from Naperville it s WONCI Ready or not Vogue here I come Qx 'W'-I 'Q QW!! .1 I bak? .4,.,..4lr ,pf KN 5' "-vi. 'cry' raw' fm Q5 ...Q 1, V WW X ff ffgff we . if Body language Welcome to our new office. A S s Air 5 if no W 'Q' '-A fp' A 'H sf t ogg 2, 5,1 w Q Q wg. 4' -5 Q1 K do fi ' 'KV 'NY nv-V"9 md Q we wwf' , X ,X wi ' I ,gli li 2 E 9 4 '1 3 af my gnu- IS one s for you mom bums 'Nd 'All dressed nu and nowhere to go." J'-9 W Yf'2""' A 2. Murray, Renee Paierski, Jodi Parker. Scott Pavich, Thomas Pentz, Michael Phelps, Barbara Piefer. Kevin Pierce, Michael Pinder. Joseph Plys, Edwin Porter, George ll Fritz, Anne Rauseh, James Rolandi. Alan Rumley, Christine Russell, Christine Saros, Denise Schnell, Barry Scroppo, L isa Sedivy, Kathleen Shariff, A yesha Shaw, Lynette Shillington, Sarah Simon, Nancy Sliwa, Jerry Smith, David Spillar, Carol Staschke, Karen States, Daniel Stefan, Craig Steinhilber, Rita Stohl, .loan 1 x 2 ftnt 45:- -' 'R 'A 'TQ Q-'L " ,.,, if Lf This dress code has got to go "Do you really think you can braid my hair just like hers? M, ,QMMW .i , f ., 'wtf-iailz if? mm A? 16' NM 'Km x slr , X ,,.., 1 lull 'Jn an ar F' of 4 ' '5- -5-,,. -:. - 1-'Tv 'Ss 3, ,g Q! ,gun ,..,gn-- ,f 'P' -:W v,,..v-"""" 37'-EY gl I -2---"""e 5 all rf ol R 23 96 V' pl lvl' ., -an pn .sul 3 pn 23 5 1 gg , ..- H nm 1 M nn: S -nn I 3 W? 3 -- 4 Z ,, -.. 0 2 5' ' ,, 3 - 4 f ,W 5 ' ' ip ,Q 2 I 4, : -un ff! I ,. '- 43. ...Cf 2 -1 , Z W-Y any -qu- Q -.W nv--q.1-4 I ,W ,WH ,J W V! 'Tour score and seven years ago. our K campus founding fathers first raised tuition." v-H-v ,sk K ' -. mx 'fx X Z is Qex X X Q? , I x 1 - Q 1 My N ,ks X1 X X JP Q N ox ex S ly 495 ,, m.ffiK.,, t 'li' Y::7" M Kristin hustles her bustle. ,, Q w - . 1 t .iw . X , P, P V, S 653195. in --gif 10 1 Stratton, Russell Sydnor, Barbara Tamms, Joanne Troxeli, Ramona Vanderwater, Kevin VanHootegem, Ray Waehner, Kristin Welk, Mary Beth Wilk, Kim Wood, Craig Wurtzler, Kelly Z illigen, Annette --,vw--...... A ? .0 S9 iff' ff' 1' :ze -- .: ,, 'Li 1 g H r 1 I x W XX MQ ' f Q J XXX !! x X Qgfff-'iv .. Y I + -JC1 ii I QM ' ' C ' J EEZ 43 W Q r gf CA NC , if i j 5n X,Q1 j Wifi ww Xp, , JI Adams, George Albano, Phil Amiano, Barry Angelo, Kathy Arias, Maria Baird, Terri Baker, Jonathan Baker, Julie Kay Banton, Denise Bartelson, Julia Bastien, Jane Beebe, Dan Beisecker, Carrie Bevington, Marty ophomore The Class of 88 cele- brated their sophomore status by moving to the traditionally upperclass- men dorms where they tripled in rooms pre- viously designed for two This class began to take directed steps. steps and directions in- dividually determined which will lead to career goals. 'TY wb' waive, , ,i K. Ns. S7 ,. ,.,. ,W YT, iw.- 'F fm f -if f it i f , iffy X ,off ff.. 7, , 2 , a , M ji? riff 2 ,vw ff 'i .,,, wif' It 1' ,' , Z: 'U' mv f lv! ani H Baker 's dozen 4 ff? i , t x 1 x 1 l I V 4 1 1 ! I Z V 1 i I l N Q f' 5 142' 15 -If -.-ul WIN wh-."' 1:31 i 17",-7 X3 1111 T-FY XR , ,.,, mifwl Q Mickey Mouse Fan Club .k.- I , , -mi Wal l V i l A an X wa, Don t you love this African cruise? f Blanchard. Becky Boney, Diane Brohlin. George Caprata, Cynthia Clukey, Beth Conlin, Ann DeMonica, Richard DeVries, Kristie Dominick, Thomas Douwsma, Lynda Ellis, Tracey Farley, Katherine Fletcher, Donna Fliege, Pamela Q? Q Foley. Annette Fristoe. Sue Gates. Connie Gavic. Mark Gottlieb, Coreen Gramarosso, Rose Griffin, Frank Heipp, Brian Hoffmann, Debbie Hoffman, Michelle Homa, Scott Howard, Sheila lngels, Wendy Joh, Annette Jones, Lori Jordan, Terrence hf' i1 . .t 4 4..-.' 'x I I I 0 ,. X 94' . "J Simon says Scratch your chin. V - I .eaa f 1 He flies through the air with the greatest of ease H, ' . 9' Lg I as www TN..-Y .S xl Q is V: AJ . J' X 'Z'-7 'Q-an-Y' 'QTY Q.. ' ci , 5.15 Nw X X WH Y- xx fx n K N -- all -vh- bl 'wx A K V .,.: X.. Q XMQ SP .S 5 ,1,. as M W X L. X X , L 'iff Ad xv fkw 1 f X ,ff f Q ,XQK Q X 5 N, Q 5 X X X Qfff xf gg V ..,sZn,,,v fx mis WW? Q X 4 A Q X 0 fs N 1 . 45 ,, 3 S Wx wma bf r 2 of W. QU QW. sq-. VJ, QQ? so -.1 .0 gut-my Q.-.M -V1 Kaczmarski, Kary Kalchbrenner, Scot Kanhai, Nadia Kaufman, Janee King, Kay Allison Kohler, Annie Kropusek, Kerry K ruzel, John Lankton. Ruth I. instra, John Lofquist. Ron Love, Richard Manak, Douglas Martineck, Alan McDonald, Michelle McFarland, .lacquette Mercier. Jody Miller, Jodi Mobley, Clint Moeller, Konnie Muehlhausen, Rebecca Nelson, Samuel Ill Noel, Michele O'Brien, .lennifer Pasini, Patti Patel. Mita Pilny, Cheryl Pohlmann, Andrew Randall, Ann Ritter, Kenneth Robers. Debbie 160 ff NY'-'wr fe, ,Mm .V " 11-4 X l w X X X X G X S5 X K E , 1 Q Q A . Q -.Mwwv xx H .X ,X X W,-.A ,amass-4 li X. ,ji ,.,..Nf9 f S V MM Lights! -Camera! Action! M e , Raise your hand, raise your hand if youre SURE. - sv. X, X , X ex 'Ctr-gr? N ni L. . 1 I X 1 ' . ' . 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Q D U' K3 I m Abrams, David Ahlberg, Kimberly Arb, Ron Arentsen, Anita Bachler, Kristy Barber, Alisa Barsic, Lillian Ba yles, Rhonda Bea vers, Christina Bell, Julie Bounds, Kurt Freshmen The Class of '89 spent their first year at North Central attending dances in Seager lounge, fulfilling foundation classes meeting new people making new friends Many became actively involved in a large variety of campus clubs and organizations As freshmen this class took their first steps to- ward their life goals ' '7"T7 ,-'qw any Bowman, Joel Boyer, Beth Bozer. Kenneth Branch, Jennifer Bridge, Carrie Brooks, Dawn Brown, Carol Brown, Kyle Brummel, Melissa Buckingham, Lolita Bus, Tim Carlock, Jacqueline Carter. Retrola Clark, Waunetka Collet. John Compton, Gary Conner, Tina Coon, Shawn Y 165 N X Comer. Erin de Kuyper. Catherine Deransburg, Bernel DiBelIa. Janice Dreher. Michael Ehrenberg, Rudy Faulhaber, David Favors, Lewis Filsinger. Leonard Fox, Paul Fronek, Randy Fuchs, Denise Fuson, Kendra Garnett, Sonya Gerardy, Pam Glogowski, Michelle Goss, Kristin Gossett, Timothy Graff, Deborah Green, Costella 'A .ay S5 . -5. ' . l -ws X K W ie "., 2 X Q 'ix gf F. Nga xr-2 :A Ba, 251. N x xv 3' A ' x l t Q '.- X- X dnl A QW? ,,xX.x,, I.. at .. N fl, xvxg 1' 3 'U Q rv '9 Evgyymt wk Q X '-"'- S XQXX1, i X X xox X Xxx K Q. Q I X Q x X X A Q x 5 Q J Y YE- a. H M Y dsx XX ggi . --g it x 5 hzm ,' ' A I 1' 1 ff! X fffmzyx. I Welcome to America, Emily! -V . ., .- XG 'Tia , X' - X "XA, 4 SEV X ., ,ra We X Q ,.." ' - xii Q , N.. ' l , ,W ' 'T ' . ' gb my 1 - I, 1 .V - - f' 2 Q' ' f G Y.. Y ' E " Q1.gXint ' F V a w- fx , -X x. 5 L 4- w- f , I 1 N X mf wg, 1' fs. nqx 5QV,N t--M A .K 'img , - X 'fi' w e KX x -:t N.,. 4 N x 4. X ia Lt, WAV 'sumti' NX - XXX "Help me Goat" N N , at Gregory, Todd Grzeszczyk, Dianne Gudgeon, .Ieannene Guerra, Natalie Guzeman, Tina Hanson. David Hehmann, Colleen Hild, Dion Hildreth, Scott Hoard, Cheryl Hoth, Mary Houser. Patti Huffman, Vicki Johnson, Bradley Johnson, Christopher Johnston, Melissa Jones, Ja y 5 167 ' Jones, Pretira Jo yce, Gerry K aboski, Mary K allhauge. Glen Kalupski, Michael K aminski, Katherine K appie, James K iemel, Janet Kimmel, Kathy Knighten, Valeria Krueger, Mark Kruschke, Nancy vrjf ,XFX , WW Here 's to good friends! 35. ,J 4. ' - 'nf ,on - . X MY- 1 , Q X- PSX' , A 4 X . K. Ni as 3 27- of -W f . L ' f , wax V we , . -X sv. 'gp fe-'fy W L 9 X .. I A X Q S N 'F " 1' 2 ,L , . , - . Q yn ......-Q f r f 1' ffssikw-1 - ' ff fffffflf , C", lf' ,, My X 1 L jf? X 7 f 9 V, ,, ,, fw 7 X ff! f 'f--, f L, L, , , , , , Q Q -nf, 1 I 4" f e fr wwe' fi c 4 f, 4 if f Z!! 74127 Www iff! , f L K ' Q Z . 1 - 1' , .., e -M V ffl -77' . Ziff if-:M-Mfr--ff! 7M.,ff!yIyQ' 2 , f 1 , fff f ff fp She 's ot B It D ' I g e e JVIS eyes , 7 I 7 f.v- X Aff-if ' r fa , 7 f 4 ff M-.aj NM? wg, 'lvl 'In-'di' Kruse, Kimberly Lane, Steven Lang, Jane Lang, Keith Lewandowsk, Beckie Lewis, Brian Loose, Arlene Loudenbeck, Lynnea Lona, Daniel Luzierti, Marc McCarthy, Marianne McGuire, Robert Mclntosh, Mark Malone, Phillip Martenson, Melissa Mason, Leslie Mason, Regina Mills, Cheryl Mitchell. Pam Mooncotch, Alisa Moore, Kyle Morton, Patrick Newkirk, Dan O'Neil, Anne Ott, Donna Palma, Raymond Pearsall, Maria Pelt, Maxine Pucci, Tina Rapp, Carol J , , ,,:. W X, c c A .,,, ..W,QEW MM N ,fw""""' N i Gr' A . mf' with hrs 7 iff" f f b'Qj2'ff' ' 2 . PW 'a.,"'.,w: ,, ,M R M in Fighting Cardinals h , az, NWNX . N. N" R Qv .. N5 Q "Homework ? What homework ?' - f. W .. Richards, Cynthia Ricks, David Ricks, Donald Rink, Michael Roan, Pheebe Roller, Amy Rosas, George Ross, Ronald Rothstein, Laura Rybner, Lene Samide, Amy Schnibben, Diana Schulz. Jimmy Sharpe. James Simmons, Stephanie Smith. Curtis Snow, Michelle Snyder, LeAnn Stamer, Tina Stanley, Cynthia Strong, Jim Stuepfert, Jeffrey Swenson, Vonda Tamms, Douglas Tatar, Sherry Thompson, Emily Thompson, Gerald To wer, Brian Tramonte, Maria Treece, Judith , N My Bodyguard X . 4' wh! ,gif f A ,. xx . ,,-,mv . ff if r 1 ,S Y ,dr M 7+ r' p "w,,- .:1 ff ff Q40 ,, f Wg, w f ffh 0' , S 1 ,fy , " f y f f 4 ff Z 7 f , fi' I, nf wo-H " H-1,! "What do you mean I have a butterfly on my headl 1 L Trentt. Marsha Tse. Emily Varivo, Joseph Voliva, Cheryl Wagoner, Eric Wareing, Kimberly Webster, Ja y Welch, Al Welk, John Wenrich, Bonnie Wesley, Renee White. Robert Williams, Maureen Willis, Camille Witt, Dave Wallersheim, Lisa Yenerich, Beth Yuhas, Mark 4 Senior Directory Patricia Aardema History Tammy Binder Business, Health, Basketball Physical Ed. 5 Judy James Aberhalden Computer Intramurals Recreation cum laude Science Wanda J. Bohl Computer Science Alicia Renee Alley Computer pom pons, ski club Science Cathy Joy Boswell French summa cum laude, Honor Society Timothy Arthur Anderson Business Scot Eldon Boudreau Speech Comm! Rebecca Butts Andrus Sociology 5 P.E.ll, CUAB, WONC, Theatre Anthropology, History Intramurals, Swim Team Randy Lynn Arb Business Susan Marie Boudreau Business, Computer Science 5 Mathematics if Swim Team, S.A., Psychology Pep Band, Track 8 Field, Intramurals Russell Scott Baker Business Computer Science li, FCA, CUAB, Basketball, Intramurals Brian William Bakke History Daniel Philip Baldauf Business, Computer Science Frank John Balsamo Accounting John R. Bambalis Business Glen J. Banfi M.l.S. Computer Science 5 Mathematics lf Commuter Club President Eric Karl Bartel Chemistry summa cum laude Biology if Honor Society, Chemistry Club, Tri Beta, Track, Intramurals Allan Anthony Bartulis Accounting Michael James Baughman Political History li, Swim Team Science Daniel Charles Baxter Biology Joanne Beardsley Business, CUAB, Intramurals, English lnterdorm Council, Orientation Leader. Swing Choir Jacqueline Jill Belichick Business Joyce Dianne Benner Computer Science John D. Bigelow Business Intramurals, Mentor Club, A.M.A., Who's Who Among American Colleges Jane Kay Boyer Elementary Ed. Nick M. Bozidarevic Business Linda S. Brennwald Computer Science John J. Brolley Business Kevin Alston Brown Biology Michael E. Brown Chemistry Elizabeth A. Brust Computer summa cum laude, Science Honor Society Jane M. Buhl Accounting Volleyball, Softball, Intramurals Lawrence A. Dumber Business William O. Burgess Finance Cherie Annette Burke Mathematics magna cum laude, Comp. Sci. 8 Physics lf, Choir, Madrigals, Math Club, College Scholar, Wingspread Fellow, Honor Society Caroline O'Shaughnessy Burr Computer Science Corinne J. Butts Business magna cum laude, Honor Society Catherine Joyce Cahill Business Roseann Calderaro Business, French Cheerleading, Admissions, Model UN, Jr. Achievement John R. Cannon Business Joan Dawson Capo Accounting summa cum laude, Honor Society Gregory Martin Angelo Cardelli V Accounting Colleen L Carter Biology, Chemistry magna cum laude, Honor Society David M. Carter Psychology John Charles Casson Business Samuel B. Cendro Business ,Science Laura Lee Cervenka ,f f 'X Lf, 4 Paul Douglas Chapman A timothy A.. chapmck ,,.,.,., ,. C,,,.,,.,, . J ' Mary A.. ciancy QQ, ri Carol Batka Cleary Kevin John Clukey .C llgl Ski Club, Soccer,'R.A.. Regina Marie .Colaciccoh g 'lgl 'C ' 7"e4??'?f Daniel G. at i.t. P llil' Thomas Edward A J g , Computer Science, Nora Ann Conley g A C .ff it , Education lt, Tri Beta, .Swing David Phillips Connon C ilfnglish Spanish 4, New Visions, Commuter' Club, Folk Group, Madrigalsgwhdfs Who Among American Colleges Julie Renee Courson ll li.l Business Psychology il, A.M.A., Bus. Forensics J A if Wanda K. Cross Computer Science summa cum laude, Honor Society J Q1 I i AA' f ,S'A 'krr If ka : fl if C 'K I V- K ij as-TC V3 C .C C I 5 , QQWA een a PK 5 P C0993 C Bank .lack EdwardyFafW1gg Ci PSyCf10f08Y Ronald J. Ginter Computer Science X Management C Q - C P C cum laude o C UevfdveanrennefCf'ff'Pfffff5fff"1ff ff Donna Psychology j C eurniatidea an 1-A PCCyf Lisa A. Giordanay C Compuwrfcience K x . 'L :,,kL Cl I C V. LC r,,L Quinn , V, fll, ff! 'Crhfhia AMEQQEPQV Cvmpvfef Science CC gCCCChH"eS'a Edward fgfbasfrfese C C Robert Anzhongeflicileisner otZompufer C X K C . C K -L rkkk C ,C ,kk.. C. KC V K if Vr,L KVX7 Xl! riff! Zykywff X P 1 'C CA 5 A C 'AAA ' ' -if J C 0 - C C ff ' C L""""5"3a5IC"12-aff free rin cum au Q ccccc - y C cc c QC. c c C SC c ccc f c Cement C jeg Qigcowgzing C e c ' C P C ' Kelly Moorelbeekronf : 1 Accounting Cynthia Qffrogram C y C C C Meera C if ou i Q iliathtjrn Louise DeHaan gBiglogy, ! l Diana 5. 80Cll8l'f'60fd0!f ' P Business, L C magnafeum laude, oi Pep Band, cum laude Computer Science Visions. Cboir,fCMadl'Q'als, ifii 5.A., Jr, P C P ...,. X , , CCC: - 5 f 'i -,Ci if if "Cf ff fpffji ff M ff' CfCWi4fi7 f ff f ' ee Zc, Swing Choir, Qetayfyi A.M.A.,fy Mary Zimmer Grams Psychology rCurriculum Who Among cum laude Hmorl Society Ou tstandihg e p eericc. x . . C e c he Cl J"d"" A' Bag Gm" B"s"'ess yrrc Ftlline 5'pee1M Comm! f f i C cum laude C Theatre ph l-lenwfrogs, Jr. Computer CC Jqhn Michael CC l if jeience - yiice n , , C 5 C rfiry 9 giiregory L. Finklyff, g C Biology egyfgholar, ss Country, ' C' C . ffffg gygzymg .'f' ,jg-fCy'1f l izgvii Af , C X f C' yegff ' lf ' Deaf' Hfffvfr tl Somifeefballf ffaffefiztff-'mufa f an C P' C elrl fC C ff f Cf rrry llrcc l C f ey Jeffrey Jer ftgclterf C fC Computer leel C Gruber lnterriational l to ' "ep ' z - f Sf'f"fe f f Manaeswenf A f W airy Leefflicf Z Physical Busggess if-5 I . Q C V,:,, ff Clif 477 I ai, H, r I J if 4,7 foxy! XE-321, I 7, M CC , - 5 ,,a- W at eepl C i C ,La Th 66? Gund CCenl 22912 4 C wen erese PPCC l C X 7 X WMM, rklh ,CCf 0 ' Hffaf ,C Buffffofi Q CC C CCCC Ge? f Mfrr :gl Bank r C' living, FlfHESS,!5?!ZIiIg P f i Computer Science Carole V C i f f 4 a'e' i ,lCf f Q fl len . F 'ffl' C X C J P aaal faal f ' .ae' . uyada Y ltn' ffaC fl 4 C f My C 1.5 W C.,, ..,, 7 Cf, .lon E CSL-fr 3 feeei r C fa at U CPCCC f Call l ll n 1 M. h M. h . U h fl, B C 'C - fl he il aaflt f f4ffCf!C5i"e4 'C 0 'F W usine .alnp l b Mar mee F put,-WWC 2 vans Sherylt. Gal Win ss i ' C aaen ' C fp P CUA3. fiClC f . Conflgjf A e Laura Henfzzfdi 11 ' Psychofvgff it - if -fp' C . f P CCaeni C-ep ' aaalC fCpi C Cvra' C C CC Bllillvefff A0171 C C levfen Mark f f? 5 C 509, Laude C C Cll P l or CCC l C ft fy f Q f CC CCCC P CC Ca aaf' e a f C 7 ,Z C Q-e Rob aciavm X -o1" Q 'aeff ,C A if is ,--- CC-e of ,.4- :mff ,f,1 x QCXC fC'C f f"f an f , I C! I IS , f ,CC C 7 C Q. CCCCC i f' ' P 7 C C CCQCC 1 Cf a t ifig f C dents CPPCC teCC CCCCC f aa- f at eane CC.C ffCC f P on n C rn C C y 5ie 5612009 liiaa Q'C Q r P A' p' 'eli irrl P ' n l 5 l flta p Mathematics tif. Baseball, Tennis. Basketball, Softball. Bowling Kathleen Anne Hooper Computer Science. Psychology Dian Marie Vasher Hornick English Nontraditional Students Assoc. A Craig Morris Horsch Business Monica Lynne Hubbard Speech English if, WONC, Comm! Cheerleading Theatre Pamela J. Hungate Business John Matthew lmmormino Business Da vid Carl lnsco Biology Dean Patrick Jacobs Computer Science. Business Joan Elizabeth Jagoda Accounting Psychology if Bruno M. Janoski. Jr. Business David H. Jansas Business Michael F. Jarka Computer Science Kellv G. Jarrett English Ronald Aaron Jaudon Business Carol M. Johnson Computer Science Julie Beth Jones Business Maria Elizabeth Jorns Psychology cum laude Anastasia Junker Accounting Daniel John Kalas Mathematics, Physics Kristie L. Kalchbrenner Speech Comm! Theatre James W. Kapla Mathematics Jeffrey S. Keller Accounting Kerry Rae Kelley Health. Physical Ed. 8 Recreation Cheryl Ann Kennedy Business cum laude Jan M. Ketchum Accounting Katy Sears Klepper Classics Gary C. Klevesahl Computer Science Christine Anne Koehler Business Sabrina C. Konrad Speech Comm! Theatre. German Allan Joseph Kostka Computer ' Science Gary W. Kovacs Business Paul John Krenn Business Stephen D. Krpan Business Lisa Bahnmaier Krzywda Business Richard Andrew Kubilius Biology, Art Thomas S. Lange Speech Comm! English it, Ahrha Psi. Theatre Omega. Cheerleading. Forensics. S Orientation Leader. Intramurals A Brett Allen Leitireit . g Computer cum laude Science, Mathematics Judith A. Leonard Business Jonathan Liebman. Computer Science Jerry Louis Lincoln Business Relgion if. MSA. Track 8 Field Christopher W. Lindblom Speech English ii, A.P.O.. Comm! Theatre Guild Theatre Karen Joyce Lloyd Political Science John David Loden Business Jamie J. Loera Marketing Mgmt. Adam Howard Londre Computer Weightlifting. Judo Science Donna C. Bollweg Loomis Computer cum laude 5Ci6l1C9 David Anthony Lorkiewicz Mathematics Wayne Glen Luchentenburg History cum laude Bernice Ann Kahlenberg MacKenzie' Music Kevin Brian Madsen A Business Deirdre Ann Mallare Computer . Science Dwaine Richard Marcin Computer Science David E. Maki Business Tara Lee Martin Accountint Edward James Mathey Marketing Computer Science ii. Management Varsity Club. R.A.. Intramurals. Baseball Michael G. Masters Business Douglas ,Andrew McBain Art Phillip Jasvpi. Macau. Biology Mark Alan McCormick Computer A A Science .Timothy P. McDonnell Business Thomas Michael McGladdery Business Clarence McGuire Physical Ed. ' Biology sf, Football, Baseball Lisa Jean McHale Business Brenda McLain Computer Science Eric Gordon McLaren Psychology Kari K. McNulty Biology. Psychology Laura Anne Meisch Business Commuter Club. WONC. Skiing. horseback riding Kelly Maire Meredith Accounting. magna cum laude English Religion if. Pom Pons, Honor Society James P. Meyer Science James Lee Miller Business. Speech C omm! Thea tre Sarah Emily Mock Biology. cum laude Psychology Chemistry li. Honor Society, Tri 176 . i Science Science Business Business Art Business Computer Science Psychology Science Business. Science Team .lack B. John C. Salw Scott Schaefer D. Scherrer Julie Ann Schlaug suma cum laude, Honor Computer Science jf, Who 's Who Among Colleges James A. Schultz Bernd Schumacher summa cum laude Computer Science if, Tri Beta, S.E.B., Who's Who Colleges, Shafer Scholarship, lL Brooke Ann Phelps magna cum laude Tri Beta, Honor lnternatl Club, Beki An Scheff magna cum CUAB Spectr C UMC Lyn M. Seiser um lnpong Indira C. Shah Stephen M. Ronald L ,, , Scott I-l. Siemsen J. Mitch Sieuvert Lisa louise Sigafus Ray John Simmons Eric Steven Simon Anthony J. Singer James R. Slosvik Lori Ann Snaasal Sharon Alan? Smith Steven J. Smith William cum William Michael Kevin Accounting Accounting Accounting Biology Business Business Business CUM William Joseph Wllger Health Ph yslcal Ed 6 Recrea tion Physical Ed Computer Computer Society Computer l'0Sf Ed C UAB. Wayne Vande nutte M. Varela C Lee Van Dixhgn English Lyn Amerie Computer Scholars. 4 E. Vas uez-Mendoza Waldlck Amy E Honor laude Takao Team Jane A. Julie Ann Taylor , I985-86 Spectrum Staff J . . ne ull Cmdw V" e Schlaus O, Co- Donna Trantma Ann Randall Camden Bobek George Adams Maxine Pelt Anne O'Neil Michael Dreher ,, After three years of working together on Spectrum editions, there is talk about put- ting us away. You can- not do something like this without being in- fected, affected. touched. Well anyway, all we wanted to say was it's been fun and we 're glad we don 't have to do it again - ever. Many people helped get this book out and we really appreciate all their hehv. So here is a list along with our thanks. Ann Randall and Donna Trantina - for all their help with copy and layouts Ron Jurkacek - for designing the division pages. Mr. S Mrs. Fiene - for patiently Ioaning us their family room for three years and their ping pong table on which we organized many messes. Terry Fiene - for designing the Camden Bobek and Emily Tse - Senior Quote pages and many other artworks for all their help with taking and developing pictures S of course our entire yearbook staffl We hope all who read this book enjoy what we have spent the year preparing Happy I 25th North Central College! I ru. ar Wu V, V' ,s In I I. ,u 1 U 5 :N , , V mmm...-mu KlS'I1EN 4 Q W K . L W V' " .-W1'F1f"'i'P-'YI' A ' - . 'Adu' . Afxfu 5 n 'J 571 ' ' ' W. mu -g,.f,,, . . 'I w 1- .ed 4147! An . 'N T . +L' r yfvwl "W 'vp' "--1' 3 . -' 1' fi--,frlil ' gh LW1. '17-4' .ru 5, ' , x A QM, A N, . 25-Af ' -' , 1,. ' - ,:HIl'Lf',xL, , .7 '.1"'1" ff.: N gg.. ,..MqfL?zT',: , f, . -Je, 4 H., ,',.-V , .. ' gp. A n K UP' f.,, , 'v'5i"'1-gb' .I 1 "'v,,-g.,p : V K F 1. A,4 I' X- !,- f , 1 , ,, ,X ,,-r,. 4 xx A ,,-7.7,-I-V4 ,, J. -1, ,, rn ,A + ,- n x In., -f "Y ,x. ,xy- ..,.1 A .," , , Y.-' I r .-v Vf. 'YQ I, HC. w 11 f 1 u A X-, . 4.,1,,,, f, A: - J w 1. ', ' x '.:.,,, ' A x-.V ' H 5' ,Hy , -L , . J , ' H . Q , "D-I , I -J Mg 2. ' - - 112.2 ' wx 'M ,i " N rf.. f .ffm , ,,,: 'I f .ix , ' ,pe 1 'H X, ., ' 1.1 X: L . ii- cl' X if - Jw N V ,, . ,, i, ,,,i,,,,, W W, ,, f, ,,,,,, ,W ,, ,,,, WH , ,, ,W V:-M' , 3

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