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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1985 volume:

I ' ,rf W u I K x 1 . '.,, - k ,f 5 n 4 ' JY 'x " T' '-'1 - 1 , 'sm' , 'X'f' J.N-'f.r,Vr, .N, Lf. " TQ .K 'H 4 I " V V w 'N .Kit-QD!! 71-'Lgx .1 gi ,ii '-I,.-kk' A .. A i -53,171 ...NHL , X ' ' ' ffhzrii- HE-. rf., ' , M- , an -xg fl.. My -.y 'Q L"..w. ' ., . L ,muy gf?-fl lv, ,f .A "4.f h1i.g'.5'fg 3 H , ' ' M'-4f4!"fgQ1-y.l1-Hy , ' . X :-.'y",! f, .r 1 J! 1 dw I, ,fl-. ' 1 -, f"H"73Jff Q' 3 'f' ' 'i '- W ty,-,NJA '51,-, v , Vw mf lx N: M , qs.. . , , I. ,Wh , ' 2 'Lf-.1 MH , ' 1 v, ' ,.lf,'21'-"" V , . x 1 1, 'll ' ,,. - , L fu, 4 . .f-W ui 4 - r V, nf g 1 - 1 : v, . ,H r A W. f f " , nfl f- 1 f'f 'r ,V .3i,"V'vQ'1j' f Y .V ,TW ,J WS, ? r he X. l lg D : Q' Q W "yr -'cfs n ff, Ili ' T-I . 'W i' '52 f ' Pfam? WWW, E. I 3291! :sf 4 0. :Q T I '.. ..' 5' 'J ..... 85 . X. rn u ,sr 1 Y." ,Q Q7 55 ,V VIRITF5 'I D Us f 8 6 D I mNXxxxxxNN' s CONTENTS Dedication 4 Activiti 7 Organizati Athletics Administration Faculty! Staff Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Administration! Staff Directory Senior Directory ur reams l jeqgfgin Gurwzfzcg ithin our reach lies every path we ever dream of taking, ithin our power lies every step we ever dream of making ithin our range lies every joy we ever dream of seeing.. ithin ourselves lies everything we ever dream of being. AMANDA nmnusv 4 G X yr X x M, wr 1985 SPECTRUM Editor-in-Chief: Assistant Editors: h Copy Prep: Q' ' X A Class Pictures: ii X Artwork: Photography: p staff: A P SPecial thanhsalto-All Cindy Fiene Julie Sehlaug Lyn Seiser Ann Randall Becky Brown Donna Trantina Liz Todd Kathy DeHaan Aeysha Shariff Ken Holden George Adams Dan Beebe Kristy Dimmick Cathy Alexander Rick Cadena Pam McCamb1-idge Sheryl Gallagher Marion Baker Joy I-Iougas Carrie Beisecker Jody Miller Jody Mercier Pam Fliege Rich Kubilius who helped inspire usand to all who supported usi ln this task of love' On October 22, Mark Reid died in Bar- rington CIIIJ Hospital as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile ac- cident. An English major, Mark was president of the Student Association and served as a member of the Execu- tive Committee. He also served as chairman of Programming Caucus, vice president and coordinator of con- certs for CUAB, chairman of the 1983 Homecoming Committee and a mem- ber of the Board of Directors of Naper- ville-North Central College Perform- ing Arts Association. Mark was truely a student who helped to make North Cen- tral "a special kind of place." For this rea- son, we dedicate the 1985 edition of the Spectrum in memory of Mark Reid. -- 'wr---0 jT3'f'Tv ' W. V 1 'a , 5 1.. 'xi u 1-wQq.N.m-ff Q. Q ,J .A 6 0 .li id, x ,ii i ts 5 Gamez, lids the little gifts of friendship That always mean so much-- The little notes, the frequent calls Yi 'Q r 'i I F' J That keep good friends in touch. E It's the quiet understanding, A The laughter meant for two, The little deeds w , of thoughtfulness A X Good friends so often do. .I X ix X . LS the Rig little gifts of friendship, 5' The kind and caring ways, lx We The sharing that adds special cheer 'L T To ordinary days, Q And what a world of happiness These little gifts can bring, For they start a lasting treasury 7 Cf fond remembering. AMANDA BRADLEY fw'S 1 I 1 l 1 i , 1 17 A Qgxx A C T I V I T I E S is Ai A, ,muh-L,... .U 'i":',q5-g.'1M,H,, Freshman Court: Stacy Wecker, Michelle Sophomore Court: Joanne Tamms, Lynette Krauss, Annette Foley, Teresa Baird, Julie Shaw, Jodi Pajerski, Renee Murray, Julee Bartelson, Julie Baker. Anderson. 1 Junior Court: Wendy Schabacker, Theresa Hogan, Sue Boudreau, Joanne Beardsley, Cindy Fiene. Senior Court: Sue Maass, Jane Connolly, Gail Darcy, Anne Hengehold, Joyce McQuen, Kristie Ochampaugh, Kim Tum- millo. Senior Court: Pat Kelly, John Nosek, Fred Janzen, Rich Chang, Jim Bartelson. 8 S, 1 ' , V .V ,- f 9 Final Court: Anne Hengehold lQueenD, Jane Connolly CSL Attendantl, Sue Bou- dreau Ur. Attendantl, Julie,Ba1-telson fFr. Attendantl, Jodi Pajerski CSO. Attendantl, John Nosek fCasanovaD. ritix . . . . , - . . . V v . .- . 1- - '- '. f - . ' W--M--Q--1---W , ..f J . ' 1, ,i XV. i.. z YL '.-" .' .it-:nit-"ffl, ,AVA e'1.f..f.9ffL --"tl ' I- 1 " gr? Q' fs? Homecoming '84 began with the Con- vocation ceremony where Anne Hen- gehold was crowned homecoming queen with John Nosek as Casanova. During the week many events kept the students busy, including: an ice cream social, a blood drive, a tug-of-war, and a bonfire. The Homecoming Dance fol- lowed the football game and was held at Wheaton Bowl. K. -N 1 X1 F 0 ,s in I, Y 6' ,, L i' T gi , 'N . W-ul X I - 1 6 'Z Xl X L ,, Q.QQ..Q.l-4-ana--namsnnuwni Q B 2 'WM iv' I, !"" I wmv'-w p M , 9 EIU . .th-6 K 5.2.4 .lf r.i..' Q , A . This year, Dad's , -' Day was on Nov. , I , 3rd. The day be- D gan at 10:30 A.M. when President Swinz held an 1 Q open house at his home. Dads, NCC students, and entire families rooted the Cardinal football team as they battled Elmhurst College. After the game, CUAB hosted a USO show, complete with Uncle Sam CTom Langel as MC. The first 20 Dads wearing service out- L' fits were awarded prizes. People had refreshments as ' they watched singing, acting, and dancing routines. That night, the NCC theater guild presented the play ru "Bus Stop" in Pfeiffer Hall. Dad's Day was 'f' truly special for it gave students an opportu- 'X nity to spend time with their fathers. . X 0 y fy, .,,, ,',,y,Q,Z,.',1fZ',.f 1 M ' .,, tx GQ r -L-V. in . ,V rl .,,, L VV Y ,V,,,,, ? ' x dl.-M ,kv-in AW- ? A Z A 5-we .., 10 ,J I - -. 1 f w-L.L.W,L'Ei1I!F-wiilll,FELLESS E if Lunch hour entertainment IS provided every Friday of every term upstairs in the Fireside Lounge of the White Actlvltles Center Each week features differ ent groups of students and faculty, highlighting their talents and interests Prof John Shlndler organizes the performances which are open to all NCC cam- pus members, families, and friends' The talents shared vary from musical to dramatic readings to dancing to act- ing to cooking. Many campus groups such as the International Club and the Swing Choir filled the entire noon hour sharing some of the activities which their groups participate in year round. An example of a fun reading which was presented with an Interna- tional Club hour is found below. Does it sound familiar? Lit-elle messe, moffette, Satan ne te fete, Et digne somme coeurs et nouez. A longue qu'aime est-ce pailles d'Eure. Et ne Satan bise ailleurs Et ne fredonne messe. Moffette, ah, ouais! , 1 1 S -.. 12 -Q72-sm .N I k O i , , NJ x L .J I N as wh . 'J lr I 95 Tk 1 Og Tw5." x X ' -- ANCE ""'f""""""""""""' anunu-v' - my ,wa :gun susan ,fi at -uwX,,,,, :M 'ff A E W 'fm 6 E3 4 5. W 1 ' ff, X . 4 Q X,....1,-fm--M..--' -.M ,f f . ::e1.:i:.-N"5'f?:,1e:,.,1,zs2.,,qM221 :ag 1,6115 , Ef ..,. LV- .,.. f Y' iff- ' -' 125' 1' fi-, ff? " ' If E w a. "" ff ' f f , ' ,if .wvZ4?ff'f 1, Xu fe, .. V ' -""'7'7' WW f . f k , X -f m, Q' ' fff' , KXWW WW.-L I Q' ff' gg ,wa-.f nf 4 , A ,rf ,f 5 ,A 7 ' V f - 'gf , f' If , , 744 ' ,1 ' :S 1: 4 . 2 4 iw Q 2 ' J 3 6 za: 4 ff ff J? , X i l ff ' -3X . X :,.: 4 Aw if X X X X W Q'-2259 N K 2 f 1 K ,K X , X X X X ' S ..X,,,. ,,,,,, . QNX -.,.:X::., .:w:Xa21am:::: X ypvil .XV W 5 , , 'N 4. 2- 5, 45 'QW '11-52314, ' , A ci' , V fwfif , X QNX, X X ' Nw ,, -: ff? X X X X X ERN , X X X X XX X X A X X1 Q W X X X X X X fi , D X S f xx MX Q Q NX he 'Q Q5 1 Y ld X 1 ww-.X ,ai DANCE FEVER ,.,,...,h. ,W A. V .Wm af . ' S San-nngninnna-as 14 CCAMELDT9 ' During winter term, the North Central Theatre Guild and De- partment of Music presented "Camelot," Performing in Pfeiffer Hall were: Tom Lange fKing Arthurb, Paula Metskas fLady Guenevereb, Chris Classen CLance1otJ, Bruce Manty fMerlinJ, Donna Fletcher fNimueJ, Mike Pierce lMordredJ, Chris Lindb- lom fKing Pellinorel, and many others. Many thanks to .lack Phend, stage director, Bernard Izzo, orchestra director, and the actors, actresses and orchestra members, who dedicated many hours to make this musical possible! iK , X , 1,1 ,J .TY ' 4 ,3 '. n v' '1. .I..1' i.'r. i." Lxgffl':k 'i.I'. Sugvifclitisk 4v'3X1nJ , sx ' - gm' 'fx' 'I "xr f Y ' I W ' -'V 1 1"Cx Qi S , anna-an - 1 I I 14 tom 1 I TER CARNIVAL Middle Center and Right: Couples enjoy Valentine Dance at Faces on the Green. Below: Cindy Fiene and date, Brett Falk are all smiles posing for pictures. Bottom Center: A little romp in the snow is good for everyone! Bottom Right: .... and they took their mighty swords and slew the fierce dragon. , H -f ,F 4 ' A ' 4' ,X .1 LA X fi at .., N. K 41 we 'W ,,,g iw '3 ,JW-634' K. 4. Winter took NCC full force with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, yet stu- dents managed to prevent hi- bernation by participating in Winter Carnival '85. The week-long festivities started off with tray races followed by the ever popular snow- man building contest on Monday, February 11th. Stu- dents stayed out of the cold and cozily watched "0liver's Story" and "Love Story" on Tuesday night. Thursday, the annual blood drive was carried out as scheduled. Later that night, fans filled 0 N QQ l X IX U 0 f o 'xo 0 I x o X XV If lx I f I., P-Z' Above and Below: Students take time out from studying to enjoy their second childhood! Top Right: Looking at the picture just makes me cold! Top Left and Bottom Right: More faces at Faces. :ef rife y - was 9 , Q Merner Fieldhouse to cheer the Men's Basketball team on to victory against Milikin. Winter Carnival drew to a close on February 15th with a Valentine's Dance at Faces on the Green. Couples had a good time as they danced to current tunes into the wee hours of the night. SPRING NCE Wu. Above: Cindy stands on chair to get a better per spectlve of the sltuatlon Center Left' Frleda and Stefan take time out be- tween dances Bottom Left: You can dress them up, but you cant take them any where' Belowf ' When I say smlle, Russ, smile' ' N h 3' is E J" h. 'K Y ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' " --, . ..1 ,u.gRD.n.g.,A,, 25" V1'?"6'Tl-"5 'L ' Thls year, the much an tlclpated Sprlng dance took place on May 17 and was held at the Palmer House ln Chlcago Cou ples who chose not to flght the heavy express way trafflc had the op tlon of rldlng one of two avallable buses whlch took students to and from the dance Early arrlvers were first served hors doevres before couples were seated to enjoy a prlme rlb dlnner In ad dltlon to an excellently prepared meal, students danced the mght away, or at least tlll 1 a m , to mu SIC provlded by Enter :5" ls.-nk haf, prlses dlSC Jockey Much ef fort and preparation took place beforehand to coordl nate the mghts 3CtlV1t16S, and thanks to the work of sophomore Julee Anderson and Junlor Joanne Beards ley the evemng went off successfully as planned The Spring dance seemed a flttlng concluslon to Sprlng Thlng month sponsored by CUAB Undoubtedly, all those who attended wlll agree that the dance was a speclal event Llk6WlS6, they wlll have fond memo nes of Sprlng Dance 85 Q, AW 1 5 Q 1 , 1 6 Y 1 1 ' 19 inn--A ' r---ua-f"'----1---mn:--- -- W MF ,S W' .' 7:7-ALF' 3, . fi .. K I.: X bl n .'l ' '- 'xl . .I-40 xv ,nslgaquly .. llf-4 lg ' r LQ ,ff-Sffifgpikvfi-,. 3103 . lf N Q V' ,223 X .,,. , ' 631' l - ' ' f . J - , o .:' ' 'RU . " lx- . - - - - Q" .i . 7,9 . .--tw" 'N -ff' " lM2?2" SN Qegv W9 wi""' A hi " ' 'f ll 'E avid, 1 . 'Q-Sf' J H.. U --I QQ I 1.2" '- favh '4- A DAY M xi? 4 ' 20 1 .l"""" ' 1 Y , 3, . fl I fu' 1--lf .ALL-Jil M 135-':'5""" FASHIO SHO Q 2 W A 5 ZW' f ' Q X 4 7 . On May 11, North Central College celebrat- ed Mom's Day to honor an important person - Mom. NCC students, mothers, and other family members enjoyed a luncheon hosted at the Naperville Sheraton. Mom's Day was highlighted by a fashion show where both students and faculty modeled the latest in spring styles. Families were entertained throughout the day with musical perfor- mances by Cherie' Burke, Jim DiDomenico, Karen Henry, Paula Metskas, and the NCC Swing Choir. Organized by Cindy Fiene and Mary Verdun, Mom's Day proved to be a good time for all who attended. ----,V ---- - ,.....- -----, Y-qi., Y '1 THE URDER ROOM The 1985 Spring pro- duction of the North Central College The- atre Guild was "The Murder Room", di- rected by Michael Brown. The wonder- ful set design was cre- ated by Pamela McCambridge. The lighting design was lit by Jack Phend and the costumes were sewn by Julane Sulli- van. The cast includ- ed Thom Lange as a confused but smart millioniarefconsta- ble. His wife and mur- i deress was played by 4 Ayesha Shariff. Her Loverfdectectivefac- complice was portrayed by Christopher Lindbloom. Oth- ers in the cast were Chris Jett, Gina Colacicco, and Bruce Marty. Chris was a wonderful portrayor of an airhead daughter of Thom, While Gina played an out- standing replica of an Eng- lish Maid. Bruce used his Wisconsin Background in de- veloping his American cow- boy character. The actors played off of each other and executed a fine per- formance. The crews also deserved a round of applause. North Central College proved once again that it does have an outstanding theatre department. QADITGCCHZH WiF0 l1 Z6-HGOC.'UG5U"U PUSUHPMIH C3Z""5U"'UCl1 RDINAL CANDIDS "Double the guys, double the pleasur A special person in a special place, kind of . . . Wlfibitvmxw W n..,.-- A new class at NCC - Hairdressing 101! Talk about static cling! ull'l-l Y , 'I il, 1 All this for a White Castle! fbased on a true storyl "Just between you and me . . . " "Dad really! Mom didn't - did she?" "Cheese"' 'f yd. Ex I A it Q ti. L1 Modern art at its finest! The million-dollar look of 1990! f 1 ' "If my friends could see me now!" "Pd rather look at him than study." 66 y doctor said soccer wasn't good for my health!" 4 2 5 VI, .5 T- f Qui K . , ' uv' e P .L ,, ,, Atw6,'V'xg,'w'v "Must they do THAT in the cafeteria?" .' ?7?f8QIl'?" " ' rf", Don't worry Ed, Palmolive 'WM 'WWI my is ATFXN softens your hands. "I wish he's stop looking at me like "We're really only pretending to have fun." that? ,ill I ff 1 . M-M. WM as - vs H1 Mom. .ll Aren't guys supposed to pick up girls? "Who's got the loose tooth?" K - Y ---ff . --W f" SYM!! sv ' if ah! w k - my Www K W , Y v 3 dw lg K Q ,'-" N Q -'BNN - 5 3' ' X X ww Ads A NCC parents play musical chairs. sf? xxhmw .4-a ' Li" Z f'JW,.f7 , f' f s ' I f gg, I ., . ,, ,, ,Q ,Y ,sf , ,,,f,,,, .W K p .,,, L.. l l fi ,. .3 ' '15 '--' ' ' ' ' ' , W , '- ff: y - ,df xi ' if vf f X . s , f ' p " Q 4, 'W 5' A5'Z'i'f'Zwfg ff 1 ' f X ,, 7, K . . c. "This is a good place for a stick-up." li "Guess who just called!" "Really mom, what could go wrong?" "That was Gl8m0UI,S Summer-do 4382. Do we real- ly have to go through all 106?" . .. f . , ...- ..4.Z'v?..DL..-Aillbklfll .. "Oh no! They tied my shoes together!" 3 Q "But I didn't do anything . . . " in ff . 4 U Z H 1 I , . rf if X 5 H 'U Q f, '3 ff K, ' gf: ,jg ff' WW M' ' V - Q -- -' an Y -, 'X ,,,V f V f , V. .,.,. , i -- ' , " S , 1 1-in .sg ,, V ' ' if' MM? If 1 'W ' K Q. f ' ' ' , 3 H ' , .Q 4 AJ I I vw K, 'QV-1 7 fm-,-A. -A ' Ja." -AM umm!" 4 Oh, no. A camera!!" If f ,-We 66 ' 79 ,MM , M . f K 'X , 'f ww. x we I f . No. 34, you're running the wrong way! My front vlew is better "Gina, now he's taking off his shirt!" x 4 SMSLE! lt' : :goo forgau "You put my shoes where?" 1 -f ' "G.Q., here I come!" d they call me a Senior! PE an , ! ..--1 vm, TG S meone has to hold fhlS place together A mastermlnd at work ., ,A I , Q ..- X X , Ol . I N s. E , K 2 5 . I7 I I 4 M , JI ff.: 1 an J' . + ,Wy I Q , Q: 3 ' .mm ,,, . , g V Q ,B 5 ' , N438 SX Q ! 5 io R iw 5 Q . 0 M6 c ' nm. X9 N M SUS f fl ' !' am X " 66 0 ' .39 0 X xi B for real' Elvls reborn? 66 e .97 n . huns' 32 J "iv'Ir1h tilt! PT Eat your heart out, Tom Selleck!" The En-"julie" woman. Somewhere over the rainbow in Seager . A an X .P The Buddy System "Go for it, Garf!" 1 -W----w-U-'------'H' H -'AM TW. 'gggg 'wwvlvlhff' W' 'W N """"' fingallm-3 , ... , vm W- W' i 'K fl? fu-10' .pf-'fl f M Qu' -fF""' +Mk': X, "'N.-n-an-I M 4 -.....,.-ff .-- , , Q-,.. c-..,,, -. -.X , ' ,LN 1 "I always thought Goldspohn was cold, but this is ridicu- lous!" We 'Ewa i W6 sts s, ee no evil, speak no evil, have no fun!" ii, Q, when Is she singing or making faces? "Watch it! This hand is registered with the F.B.I." 5- .Qumran mnnanmsunum- HO ORS 5 Q3 if ff? . V if Q .ix 1' The North Central College Honors Convocation was held on May 21, 1985 in Pfeiffer Hall. During the cere- mony, many students, faculty, and staff were honored with awards! Among these awards were the Mark A. Reid Leadership Award Ctop leftl given to Lyn T. Smith, Faculty Awards Cmiddle leftlg Outstanding Senior Woman Cleft! awarded to Anne Hengeholdg Outstand- ing Senior Man Cbottom right! awarded to Fred Janzeng and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities fbottom leftl. Ma- jor awards were also given by each discipline of study. Music was provided by Cherie Burke, organist, and Cynthia Fiene, flutist. Others honored on this day were outstanding staff members, Richter Fellowship Independent Study Awards, Wingspread Scholars, North Central Honors Society members, lr 34 fr:1'nuxv1m.x11 vv. ms nvvs-Xlrkrwl f and many, many others. Congratulations to all for a fine year were given by President Gael D. Swing. Cawzfjn A- Alwdnder ,J abfj-J U f1'i'5 Ifrevelant , , 0. o ew W E-1Mf"4 H me Z L D W '74-0, mffvq f. C d.n 'Q AQZVQ Q: Q' Cgcngqyv Xg56crN5'Qv o Q Nl' ., '3rX5?'q99cQ if 205 xrqlq 'YJ 14 2 f gf? 2 QQQQJEY .as E1 63, kr vo! EE' D. VPQGUOVTHJXEH LL L' ffm Ewriuyon gsefqifgi 23, Egg H4 QQ nj:-aa F TS Wx 5726 1 uf" if wr Vlaxfaf IQUQLO -Qnaf KQJLQA- , L3 5 L1 5: M066 , just 4 Shark W5GYWlOr'5 Could be o -SO ft7f'Q-pouncl ,Wm 4 , N Sf O05 000 XNZE 4 C131 U .ZX Q52 LX Oscyxillf XA5oV'H QIQQ c,-K. bacon N BZVXQDXD fi SCO MQ' 95" 56 Vw " M441 Ohqqof qpho QQ? QQ gras x R CN OO 590133 Qxoyb Q fx Q' 'I OCQ SQ, 5 1 HO W I N W E' R L D Bafv4e-1.DLwus Q f geff Q5 of , f1.1,w -mA1y"Kffm'-' .,,+..n -Focecl Q-fb -X0 Ok 0 I . , H +Q.n.s... QJ I "u-H' cg O l'W."' wxwfbgwf Mm vw 'fe fwf !i,. i.b 3,09 QXXOQU 5 M5 H759 fin- 1'-'fd 0 P055 'HWf0'A3'W af PW L 4::fn2ffLf?cT,desIZjaI:d X ras jl11Af'f'1 +672 VYlobLV'lr+Q.l'U Q' H 1, Q 401 0 OlC4'n7'nc' ii .HN-nk O7-Xfxp fa wikld Coogfg hglfa. 1 il O M 2w,,gQ,,fff2,4,, wwf Q3 8 'H'7Q'2l' 076677 yifooh X' 91 O .Iv -Jr 7334 6: 6' 695-C! 9.3 0 ,V Q fx 5: gr margin 4'Qf?6fQQ5 36Offef Q51 1, QW 447 ' 2 ' 6 52 LZQ4, Ulf C76 5 Q We f 9 .5 R -an ff . 5 wilinaff' Marii 5 LL H Q " 'A in is fn . I!! 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G00 6963 X l Isa- do 'ff LOAJOO R K l ff GA-1 S3 H X QQ 5 1 -, - K Q , RQ 5 Z Knee em-7,-1 7 I 0,3 2 W gg EDA li gl 5 nd Q I ' Q Q A l 5 G I PV0-'vm ,I QC 3 y X .SU Q-x ui ' ' S L ga x Ci E U xy N - A E ' YI ? 1.3 3 2 WAY Q . gym O 1 Q j 6 gg 3 eg -g kj QD El 2 W ww N 811- Q 'ax Q - - E' fb , 0 IS eg Q- E if ., 4 xi? 3 Sk ORTH CE TRAL - . 'X qwqm !K'?'f'X"'A J A ""'Qf'2.... .1 li-45,1 X mm -',. Q Wi? ATL! A F5 GRAD 1 ww ,sh ,V F xx M 'Qirrrtmtzf ., gs .. k . X, ,V J, n nv -""'g , WT: . - "' 'TI W.. ,H 772 , ll .I QWW4, WW 'Q' , as uma wb? f' lsr' www M...- ,ak ffff hm M f f f .1 , W if faux Zggf j 0, ff ' WM" 'WW M,-. fqw 40 3l17-' xiW1ln WHYYQEPH Y rx n V ' CLASS OF 1985 LTION 1 1 I ,Ll , ' . b w .... ......,,.,.5y -,..Qq',..n,,,N-.. 'Vxlx' I. 1 1 ' X ' v , I 4 N W J 1 4 I P I r T'T 'gl',"' .' H' '. '- ' . X " I . ,J WY? wi' xl I ,iff JJAJ ' 0 ' J 'W , 5i'9M2fW 1 1 Ov o any O 'mmf "" A' N 1 'V W7 ' a A OJ? '1- 2 f x 'iii mx . sg, .mfg aww .Q --- v JE This year a new or- ganization, under the instruction of art professor Barry S k u r k i s , w a s formed on the campus of North Central College. Art and creativity would be two good descriptive words that come to one's mind when talking about Impressions. When these col lege artists were in action, they helped print creative logos on t-shirts for oth er organizations, AW ,ff-""' Kl J. , X lx. 'DW 4 l -5 Nl 1 P Q QQ ZR If v Q9 Q " "" ' 1 Q lu' 'Y 5356: Sify if iw'----.. m f X I L-ggrxily... - gif-.V ! X--2322 X of and they also had the opportunity to study many new and different art forms. The goals for Impres- sions during the 1985-86 school year are two-fold. First, the group's main objective is to ex- pand membership, and second, they hope to increase student awareness at NCC. 1 '-'H'-S - V 4 ix 'lava-'1-,fb -f -' J ' 45 U1 CUAB Members: First Row: Leanne Waters, Ann Everhart, Marci Delp, Mary Verdun, Laurie Fish, Lyn Seiser, Tom King. Second Row: Kathy DeHaan, Jodi Pajerski, Sheryl Gallagher, Cindy Fiene, Kerry Kropusek, Julee Anderson, Laura Clukey. Third Row: John Nosek, Kim Heien, Debbie Hedeman, Marion Baker, Theresa Hogan, Chris Pe- troski, Carol Spillar, Becky Brown. Back Row: Scot Boudreau, Tim Macijunas, Joyce McQuen, Kirk Price, Joanne Beardsley, Renee Murray, Michele Wegrzyn, Cathy The College Union Activities Board orga- nizes and plans many events throughout the year. There are three major dances and many small ones. CUAB also sponsors blood drives and off-campus trips like the Cubs game shown on the next page. Moms and Dads are re- membered and honored with Mom's Day and Dad's Day which are days filled with activi- ties for the whole fam- ily to enjoy! This Club's for You! Dempsey. The Minority Student Association meets regu- larly helping all the mi- nority students to be- come one big family. This organization spon- sors many schoolwide activities including: dances, tight jeans con- tests, and pie and ice cream days. 'fi MSA Members: Front Row: Mark Browning, Marvin Lindsey, Kenny Wilson. Second Row: Ruben Zamora, Shajuana Davis, Jacquette McFarland, Jeanine Roberts, Charna Flennoy, Chriss Russell, Tina Archey. Third Row: Nadia Kanhai, Althea Escoffery, Donna Trantina. Back Row: Donald Payne, Angie Campbell, and Nate Harris. 46 , TAKE ME OUT TO THE CROWD . x T 3 On May 1, a bus full of NCC students trav- elled to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs play the San Francisco Giants. Even though the afternoon was chilly and the Cubs lost the game, most of the fans would agree that the trip was well worth it! The baseball excursion was planned by CUAB during Spring Thing month to help everyone get through the end of the term. Q-13 . -r - . 4 sf' I .5 xi ' H J lg, , Front Row: Alice Czwornog, Kristen Waehner, Joy Hougas. Sec- ond Row: John Haines, Jim Harrington, Sue Fristoe. Third Row: Janee Kaufman, Lynda Douwsma, Becky Cope. Back Row: Ken Holden, Satoshi Ishihara, Carol Spillar, and George Adams. .H ti RC AU TB an Open culture International Club is an organization, open to all students which fosters cross-culture ex- change between American and in- ternational stu- dents. During Spring term, two cultural events highlighted the ac- tivities planned by the International Club. The Japanese Festival featured House of Japanese and Mitsunori Namba, a member of the Japanese Consulate in Chi- cago who spoke on Japanese economy, culture, and rela- tions with the United States. The second activity was the International Fair. In addi- tion to these events, the club sponsored The International Forum, invited guest lectur- ers to North Central, and scheduled museum trips. l W VISIONS Summer Company 1984 at the World Methodist Bicenten- nial Camp Meeting at Ocean Grove, NJ: Carol Giagnoni, Jim Rausch, Charna Flennoy, Kathy DeHaan, Bishop Imanus from Kenya, Rev. Barbra Isaacs, and Mike Pierce. Summer Company 1985: Chris Rumley, Mike Pierce, Angie Campbell, Marty Bev- ington. This year New Visions had 15 members: Marty Bevington, Angie Campbell, Dave Connon, Pam Darrah, Kathy DeHaan, Paula Hiller, Mandi Lundy, Mike Pierce, Ed Plys, Jim Rausch, Amy Rosenquist, Chris Rumley, Brad Todden, Jan Wagner, and Ruben Zamora. CZIICJIIR lil 5 'Z it in is l?E1F'l3ALPJ For the third consecutive year, NCC's Pep Band has added spirit to all the home basketball games. Under the direction of Cindy Fiene, all the members worked hard year round to earn membership into the Student Association by performing at games, Harmoniums, and Community events. - M a L f 44 1 's-iw' F, .f - , ,Q ' . ' , 45: , . . A? ,ff , X Us f- fi". Vi, A N 15, .V ,I , , -, tem- .fi y i ' 755' 1551: T' ffm ,f ' , "P' ?'j,, ,, , , . , . F 1. - Af, ,e ' "' '12 ,144 Q., Q. ,. , F? ,ea gHY25N'g?gi C The College Choir, directed by Bernard Izzo, performed one major concert each term. Singing a large variety of music from ordinary choir songs to the mass "The Seven Last Words of Christ" to the musical "Down in the Valley," this year's choral group reached record breaking numbers. Choir is a fun and enjoyable way to fulfill the music foundation! Madr1ga1SmgeI'S Cherle Burke Donna Fletcher Kathy DeHaan Kent McKay Debbie Hedeman Dave Connon Paula Metskas Gary Blrnbaum Chrls Rumley John Faragol Karen Henry Clndy Flene The Madrlgal slngers slng a variety of unaccompanied muslc Mem bers are selected by the cholr dlrector through tryouts The M8dIlg8lS perform each term at the cholr concerts They also perform at local Jr High Schools, at Madrlgal Invltatlonals, and at many NCC 8CflVlfl6S IINV x X 85 Swmg Chou' Kent McKay Lyn Selser John Fusek Debble Hedeman Ed Plys Glna Colaclcco Boyd Mlnmx Clndy Flene ldlrectorl Tom Peters Karen Henry Jlm Helwlg Ayesha Sharlff Marty Bevlngton and Joanne Beardsley .-S g J. 'I N L X X ,J fibfiff COMMUTER CLUB For the second time, Com- muter Club received the Out- standing Club Award from Stu- dent Association. With an of- fice in the Activities Center basement, the Club is open to all Commuters and Residents. Sponsoring events that allow students to feel a part of North Central is Commuter Club's goal. This year, a trip to Second City's comedy revue, a pizza party, and the second annual trip to Great America were examples of affordable campus entertaln ment. Ogden 6 movie tickets were agaln sold at a dlscount A major project was the renovation of the Commuter Lounge, done through Club funds. Active members were lnterlm presldent Cralg Strohl, president Kent McKay, vice presldent Dave Connon, Doug Manak Patti Pasini, Kathy Hooper, Sarah Stewart, Pam Fllege, Sherl La Brose, and Gary DeMont. -" W 1 Q 1" ' 'l ternlty whlch IS very actlve ln NCC s annu JG , al musical and plays APO performed at ,J' Dad s Day and the variety show, sharlng thelr lmpromptu talents with NCC stu dents, faculty and frlends BOOKSTORE Working at the bookstore can make anyone crazy! J xx ...J Four of the smiling faces you see at the bookstore '1::saswunsxw- ,Es Swing Choir! A new organization on campus! Fourteen NCC students decided that North Central needed a sing- ing and dancing choir. Under the direction of Mrs. Fran Coleman, choreographer Mrs. Lynda Meyers, and stu- dent director Cindy Fiene, the Swing Choir got off to a good start. They performed at some of the choir con- certs, Harmoniums, Dad's Day, Mom's Day, and the Va- riety Show. Over Christmas break, many of the mem- bers carolled to Naperville residents. Singing and danc- ing to music such as Chorus Line, I've Got Rhythm, and Fame, these students proved there truly is student in- terest in a Swing Choir. Next year, they hope to add more performances and continue to sing more updated, upbeat songs! TRI BET f X Members of Trl Beta Front Row Theresa Stark CathlM1ddleton Kathy DeHaan Sara Mock Brooke Schumacher, Cathy Camlllerl Jodl Pajerskl Dlane Brown and Nora Conley Back Row Rlch Kublllus, Barney Davls John Nelson Fred Janzen Colleen Q Carter Bernd Schumacher Dave Insco Renee Murray Shella Heltke and Kevln Brown NU i Trl Beta lS a natlonal honorary organlzatlon comprlsed of those students who are lnterested ln Blology Gamma Nu, the North Central College chapter of Trl Beta lncludes, among lts many members, four offlcers Thls year, the elected officers are as follows, John Nelson, Presldent, Fred Janzen, Vlce Presldent, Rlch KUblllUS, Treasurer, and Cathy Camlllerl, Secretary Dr Tom Wllllams served as Gamma N u's faculty advlsor Trl Beta sponsored many 8CtlVlfl0S throughout the school year Among the more popular, Trl Beta offered a cheese tea ln the Sclence Center fall term Durlng sprlng term, members of Trl Beta llstened to guest speakers on campus In addltlon, plcnlc was held at a nearby Lab, and new members were lnltlated lnto the organlzatlon to keep the Trl Beta tradltlon strong at NCC 1 X . u I ?' Q 9-. 'Q f. .P l Brm f , S : n u,,o n n, Q, , , I 7 7 9 7 7 F I-0 . .. a NC -1 S bu-.vw pl wi J v A . ,,: Q ,, V H X 2. 2 in 32,9 5 .Avla WONC completed another successful year under the direction of John Madormo. The variety and quality of broadcasts has improved with the help of the Student Association. One of WONC's major fund raisers was their Lipsinc contest pictured on the next page in which area highschools and colleges imitated their favorite groups. CHRONICLE Fr?- GKANVQQA ummm 1985 Chronicle Staff' Front Row: Mita Pa tel, Jodi Mercier, Jeff Fullhart, Diane Balcom, Editor. Back Row: Tracey Ellis, Joan Stohl, George Adams, Ca thy Dempsey, Ad- visor, Craig Pinley, Craig Crossin. A NCC's newspaper distributed is- sues 4-5 times each term. The Chronicle kept NCC students updat- ed on sports, entertainment, and campus news. Under the leadership of editors, Diane Balcom and April Killion and faculty advisors Jim Guthrie and Cathy Dempsey, the Chronicle completed a good year. An- other year, an- other Spec- trum, and we, the editorial staff have enjoyed putting all the 168 pages together. This year's Spectrum, under the leadership of editor-in- ' chief Cindy Fiene, attempted to include as many faces as possi- ble along with artwork to help us remember the organizations, activities, sports, and people who have made North Central a special place in 1985! A stop was set up to take underclass pictures at fall val- idation, and we are proud to say that we have broken the records for the amount of student pic- ' 5 fx!! M,,,,, r f .... 1 :.,f .f?f" f ' ""' ff f N, , , , 2 ff 7000 if fff f ff! f f f f ff 4 0 f ff yy! fff f W X f f f I 1 ff f ff X f , ff f , X f f f n iv' 'ittiv ni -llhuuggf 'N-4 Ki' tures to appear ln any Spectrum ln re cent North Central history It seems like the staff spent many endless hours during the summer months down in the basement of the Student Services build mg piecing layouts and developlng plc tures in order to meet publishing dead lines It takes more than Just one per son s effort to build a yearbook This book, then, is the culmlna tion of the time and the tal ents of many dedicated ln dlvlduals' 1984 85 Spectrum m e m b e r s , Front Row CL to Rl Jim Marks, Pam Mccambrldge Ken Holden Lyn Selser, and Rich Kublllus Back Row QL to RD Ann Randall, Ayesha Sharlff Cindy Fiene, Donna Tran tina, and Julie Schlaug NWI! YWYY0, 'Y'A"" '11 I S T HJ Several Richter Independent Study Fellow- ships are awarded to North Central Students each year. Grants, normally up to 54,000 for a single proposal, are awarded to qualifying stu- dents to enable them to complete special projects of unusual merit and scope. Kelly Meredith and Kevin Brown each received this award in 1985. Kelly will spend one month at St. Luke's Hospice in Sheffield, England, working on the wards and interviewing social workers, administrators, chaplains, volunteer directors and volunteers about the free-standing hospice unit which was founded in 1971. She will then compare that hospice philosophy with those volunteer training programs in existence in the United States. Kevin Brown will spend ten weeks in the Sierra Navada Mountains monitoring the behavior of one species of garter snakes. Through the use of radio transmitters and video equipment, he will attempt to obtain significant data on Thamno- phis elegans' behavior. 1984 recipiants of this award were: Sarah Cole, Judith Dragoo, Susan Maass, and Mary Beth Sinclair. ED PY EE CF' E11 1 - 'V-:--ev-.1 .. 'N -'l STUDE T ASSOCIATIO Executive Board Your Student Government The Student Association is North Central's governing body. The President and Vice President are elected by the student body and the other board positions are filled through their appointments. The Association body consists of Organi- zational heads and Faculty!Student committee representatives. The As- sociations' constitution requires them to meet twice a month, includ- ing training sessions. Many At- Large members participate in the discussions and through these meet- ings, the student body learns what activities are being provided by the Programing Caucus: Pete Hallam, Comptroller: Mary Verdun, Secretary: Kim Tum- Qrgajnzatigng, A11 are Welcome! millo, President: Lynn Smith, Vice President: Gail Darcy Front Row: Cathy Camilleri: Visiting Lecture Com., Diane Balkcom: Chronicle, Kevin Stahlman: Liasion Com., Doug Darrell: At Large, T. Lynn Smith: Pres. Carolyn Porto: Teacher Education, Bernd Schumacher: Liasion Com., Brook Schumacher: International Club, Cindy Fiene: Yearbook, Swing Choir, Pep Band, Poms, Fred Janzen: College Scholars, Lyn Seiser: Yearbook. C.U.A.B., Impressions, APO, Cirriculum Com. Back Group: Nancy Pielsticker: Non-Traditional Organization, Jeff Clark: S.A. Advisor, Pete Hallam: Programming Cacus, Joyce McQuen: C.U.A.B., Kent McKay: Commuter Club, Mary Verdun: Comptroller, Kirk Price: At Large, Kim Tummillo: Secretary, Gail Darcy: Vice Pres., John Nelson: Tri Betta, Student Affairs, Anne Hengehold: WONC, .lim Bartelson: Library, Theresa Stark: Liasion Com., Annette Zilligen: UMSO, Ron Schoger: Impressions, Pam McCambridge Cirriculum Com., Cathy Dempsey: S.A. Advisor, Rich Babjak: At Large. SEYBERT DORM Ii. ,A B , ,'.f. v . Q"- .- . An, SCIENCE CENTER KIMMEL DORM ug.,-..- ' 'H-'f,.,. ,H Q ,,-I W' ' 1 ,, , ffzyfiw Ugg , v ffpizzilf 5 'S ff V STUDENT SERVICES BUILDING nv F FORT HILL CAMPUS . 'af""-'a .uv 711, .g- I - ' I fl :+V-'VL .fi e ,S ,, ,aw A - 'F QILL' f - ,, Ja, ' , ,VN fi 1,8 . A rw. Q- r M' E., :'. '5"E-:Q , ,L A ,X 1' , , I' Wfgf, -.r is A A gi f ' , - 1. Q . 1152- SW- A 1r' 1 ' wil ' Zz ' jidifff A .31 'i'gff?QgYv-nf ' ' --5: E gg? STUDENT VILLAGE fy 'TIE WP NU I 7' u au 41..I M.. su.. 4... , OLD MAIN I . ,fn i x WW, , , ,.-, 4-np-.-. U.-.............. ku-..,- 4 Af - ....,W.S . ,, X M 6,4 GOLDSPOHN HALL K x L KROEHLER FIELD STADIUM L Y - N N 1 i 5 i1'H'!1!1' QW thi W lixghiin' fnlxizmlf -, - A , L 'AAA qs1 g lAAA'1g"'L:'q ' fxqq COLLEGE UNION ACTIVITIES CENTER MAIN CAMPUS W Q2 FQ 51 N w OESTERLE LIBRARY L L PFEIFFER HALL M -1 GEIGER DORM 1 63 '.. '. .... .'ug,,L, ' .-:wtf 'iw Jl1""' Kaufman Dining Hall Carnegi Library Building North Central at night CENT?AL H SHOTS! h Koten Chapel 4 ,?f l s ik HU' 1,- I -1 17" . I' 'I nr '. Inside Oesterle Library View of campus from Old Main f 4 J' M.. N. , ,.,L ,. , , la ' 1153- 3 ,, 1 ,, wr " ,flllllny "QQ" H' if We .ll 4 --L-2 ' Ill , .3g'::,i:'::l'3,.'-I flngqfggql.. 3 if gg X .gigs x 5 ' Q ta' rw., 9 1 f ZW Q ff if f ff. 1 39.4 .Y if un 1 1 X, ww M ff V 4 K 'A ll , M' 1' Illll ,l"II""' Q will wx 1 f Illa' ' "' ' 5 .'f1I1'7-It 'ff.'ff"',"'-'4' iq Ji' Q E" -. q I Flu.-ua . 5 ., , H 1 'jigullllllllgi lull lg -" ' vv"---r:'- '2 uf ' ' iv' I 'fl r. E 1 I 'lf , 4 1' J 45 f xv ' if as 4 ' -f I fx Q' Q' f A T H L E T I C S 5 W 1 . , N ik Q ',29 I . X F P I L Y K i .xx X2 my 4 ' .N X X 'X . AF , H. 9 During the season, coach Al Carius' squad Won the NCC In- vitationalg captured their 11th College Con- ference of Illinois and Wis. titleg and kept their re- cord of never having lost in the NCAA Div. III Midwest Re- gional alive. On Nov. 17, seven NCC men competed in Nationals, finishing 2nd overall with a point to- tal of 89. Senior captain Bob Dunphey finished 5th, earning A11-American honors for a fourth consecutive year. Sophomore Jim Jones also earned All-American honors with his 14th place finish. Also competing were Senior Larry Wood f31stJ, Junior Bob Pottle f32ndJ, Senior Todd Jacobson C39thJ, and Juniors Pat Zinn C48thJ and Joe Gross C71stJ. U 12 , Y' Y' fi' n , 'I f. , 4 nyf' A J ,,,. K i .1 1 x . f x Z' 'V ' . 1 V K' Ai , A, W, Mika Menis Cross Country Front Row: Ken Popejoy Ccoachl, Joe Gross, Dave Ryan, Todd Jacobson, Bob Dunphey, Patt Zinn, Bob Pottle, Larry Woods, Jim Jones, Al Carius fcoachl. Middle Row: Andy Walsh, Jim DiDomenico, Rick Cadena, Scot Schwarting, Barney Davis, Jeronime Reyes, Eric Simon, Van Lewsader, Mike Pierce, Scott Parker. Back Row: Mike Neuman, Gary Peterson, Jon Baker, John Brolley, Mike Pentz, Phil Albano, Tom Milroy, Mark Gavic, Lee Benesh, Marc Ruff. 35 LADY CARDS First Row: Coach Rose Price, Karen Lembcke, Annette Foley, Kathy Kull, Nancy Simon, Kristy Dimmick. Back Row: Cherrie Robeson, Laura Hardin, Barb Phelps, Lisa Walsh, Jackie Gruebner, Beth Clukey. N I ff" 4,... " ' i'g'f":N ., , ,cf wiv 2 , -' W"n.1'53., ' 'lf' ' - V t 4 ,E , W,-,aw A mfs ,Qi V., 3-., .Q H5144 ss' H' . A , ' 3, '53, 1 , , :Q l ' 2 . . , . ff W 4- 1 1, 1 lx --. , ,., if 1 '- f lg--U X, 4 fr f H ,Ml z-g 1 . JIS ..- - ef 1,-W? N" ' . f' lv . " gels, - jr y V I .fs Zz! f Q, 'hitflfc . vi ., A -- Q,tkg.5,k 3 v, -M I . Q , -1...-ff -Q V 4 , , f . . s 1 ,, ,L , .L -, f 1 im ' in Q ' , Y '- A of' A , ,, . . , p, ., ,. K .ii X Af., it ,A -P if Q, ' . ,- -rv M tw!!! W 7 ek , Q 1. Y: z 'S 1 -1 , ' V j wihsir,-. I + .A -0 A 1 f 1 ' n Q 1 ' A 241 Q f .. '- 1 1 5 1 ' 4 ' " ' L4 1, , 1 , ' I f I , .1 . Y' I 2 Q , l - . w Iwf. 1 aff f , ,. K a ., f, l V if , , A , . V, 4 ,. , qw, I , , 'S ' .v '- V 34' 1 I 'WS V 7 '-" ' -' 1 . 4' J, -W1 , .- . 0 , im, . L x 5 .Rf 1 ., P , , gg., v 4 .-ig, ' rg Q,, , g , if . - - b . . ,gf 12-' , sz , 1 A si ., y, 5-it t Q ,Qi , xi., X. 5 - 1 J vi A- 4 ' , , ' .1 ., Vg, 4, ' , ,ix , 4 .Q l K, f , ., V ,A , , ,, W 4 . A , . fa J 11 9-P 1 1 ' W,-y, c ,W , 1...-1, , kxtizwaifz 53 rv A ,, ' if ' if 1 " ' "1 1 I N'S CROSS COU TRY Coach Rose Price's squad finished second in the 11-team NCAA Div. III Midwest Regional Championships with Sen- ior Kristy Dimmick, Sophomores Kathy Kull and Barb Phelps, and Freshmen Beth Clukey, Cherrie Robeson, Annette Foley, and Laura Hardin. Kristy Dimmick, a sen- ior from Homewood, suc- cessfully defended her in- dividual title in the 1984 Chicago-Metro Confer- ence Cross Country Cham- pionships. She duplicated ber 1983 winning time of 18:52 on the flat, 5,000-me- ter course in Wheaton as she ran away from the 42- woman field. W One week later, Kristy became the first Lady Car- dinal to qualify for NCAA Div. III national competi- tion by finishing fifth in the regional meet with a time of 18:44.7. At the na- tional meet in Delaware, Ohio, she finished 79th. iI ,fu-gulls:-11,13 Varsity Soccer '85.' Front Row: Al Romero, Max Senecal, Yousif Bahi, Mike Driscoll, Mike Oldenettel. Middle Row: Mike Madden, Phil Stromberg, Allen Zeman, Rob Battin, Tony Passi, Kevin Clukey. Standing: Dudley Dupey CAsst. Coachl, Dave Klecka lCaptainJ, Jim Harrington, Stewart Peterson, Scott Woods, Tom Dominick, Satoshi Ishihara, Chuck Jaudes, Dan Palmer lCoachl. .-'fran M.-+'f' 1 1 'ffkixu TRAL SOCCER A very young North Central soccer team lost eight of its last 11 matches to finish 7-13-1 un- der first-year coach Dan Palm- er. Senior forward Pbil Strom- berg led the Cardinals in scor- ing with 25 points C11 goals and three assists! and was voted "Offensive MVP" by his team- mates. Sophomore fullback Mike Drescoll was named "De- fensive MVP." Just four seniors - Strom- berg, Satoshi Ishihara, Chuck Jaudes, and captain Dave Klecka - were listed on an 18- man roster which included eight freshmen and four soph- omores. 1 lm! V 1 Q . n-x A fa 6 ,J 5 L or '4"'nn 1 L E 4 O O RRA L LL Right: Let's not get too personal! Above: You said the ball went where? V Above Left: Junior fullback, Tom Jenks rushes to get the down. Above: Head coach, Lloyd Krumlauf and offensive line assistant, John Welty discuss game strate- gy. The North Central Football team, slated to finish fourth according to CCIW coaches, opened the 1984 season with a disappointing 8- 32 loss to non- conference rival Illinois Benedictine. Undaunted, the team snapped back in their second game by soundly defeating Carroll College with a score of 26-12. Unfortunately, that first Cardinal victory was followed by six straight losses to tough opponents. With just one game left and a record of 1-7, the Cards beat North Park College to end the season with 2 wins and 7 losses. This year's team, co-captained by seniors Steve Ayers and Dan Bechina, was relatively young and inexperienced. The 84-man roster included 61 freshman and sophomores and just three seniors. Post-season honors were awarded to several members of the team. Defensive back Jack Varela was a first-team selection to the All-CCIW team, while wide receiver Jim Miller and offensive lineman Pat Hinton were given honorable mention recognition. In addition, Jack Varela was selected as "Defensive MVP" and Sam Cendro was voted "Offensive MVP". Although the team did not do as well as they had hoped, a new head coach and many returning underclassmen make next year's outlook optimistic. mg, 7100 The 1984 Football Team Q Season Record: J CCIW Record: 2-7 2-6 H o I E I W OLLEYBALL ft , " f ' v f 'Q ur 'aff ' v ,rf ' ' , if f f ,. - ,.j ' r r t:'i'n':YlfZ I'ulIa'g'f- ' H1 if Qs., 'nr L 8+ X2 be Under the direction of head coach Kevin Ritchie and assistant coach Dick Young, N CC's volleyball team finished off the season with a record of 15-22-0. In the Chicago-Metro Conference, they tied for third place in regular season play and they tied for fifth place in the conference tournament. N S TENN S 161 The 1984 North Central College Women's Tennis ' Team, coached by Jan Pray, played many matches A ,I ' throu hout Fall term. With onl two seniors on the A ,AQ . . . , . , ,1 , squad, this was a building year for women s tenms at K ,fi NCC. 5 f K' X . lj. X gg lf ,L Q. f Q, v If ,A'f,f'ifW 'f ' ' 1'vj'3'L 'Ej f, A ' f '- , K ., - , " ff,- f M ' e ai f .--we .,,, -' ' V 1 .-. vs:- -22 : 'Q Q fwhff , .2' " 'f' F " 'I 'Ziff 555 f "" ' ": 'V -- 9 V, Q Q? gr- , 1, f fi ,I-,, j 3 Q , . . n ,aftfsgbllfqf-,'l A . ' Q 9 VN' M " Y -5' 2" ' f , Q, f'ffQ ,1 :e5" ' 0 ' ' , ..,., -' , ' g 1 . ff ""' Y , , sm my My M eg 5, ,staff-'M ----- f-s+7w,m:::m., l- S.: A f a f-X - I 'f"' - Y "'. W0men's Tennis '84 Front Row: Kelly Dalton, Debbie Dean, Kristin Spaulding, Candace Smith. Back Row: Cathy Alexander, Karen Toth, Debbie Wolfe, Martha Deifel, Jan Pray CCoachD. S 1.985 Conference Softball Champions: On the ground, left to right: Assistant Coach Joel Kessler, Karen Miller, Lisa Sigafus, Rose Gramarosso, Head Coach Mary Rizzo. On the wall, left to right: Sarah Shillington, Doreen Jacobs, Terri Roemer, Nancy Poklen, Theresa Stark, Verma Raye Hoffmann, Cheryl Kennedy, Martha A Diefel, Kristie DeVries. Q1 gf Q Gao? WZEXITCGW SWIMMI MEN'S ME . ' ll i First Row: John Hernandez, Ray Vanhootegem, Keith Volker. Second Row: Dave Stevens, Paul Dees, Mike Buczkowski, Joe Siebert, Mike Baughman, Paul Rath- man. Third Row: Eric McClaren, Craig Wood, Craig Helwig, Brett Falk, Dave Harrington. A ,fo FIIELD . U 'I ?' Vw -- ' N ', .wal 'I , ' I '11 x 12 ii' 'I ,,, it 1- 4 ,, L rf' ap ' ? x S. gli:-: g ...........................................4..............-nn I E... , :EE EQ ,Eg ,E E. ,E .E. .E. QE Ea Eye H , , A, Efggifiiin' . ' ., , Vg ,ff . "" 2 --f: .- x 'A A ,Q 94 , in K 335, W, 1- 5- Q .. x .J , , f' ffm' ' J, , ' - aw A wx, -M X , .- WEE fm... MF. , f' ' '2 , . sw k :f H . V A. YN- f X5 fx .f Z N .,, ' 'Mb fi A' j..'A.,Z'f1'f W Agri: Z XM 1 . ,fr 11' ' ., mv .. . ZW, .W ef , . Ki: 1. -f X .J ff .1 2. . - ., .W ...H .. ...V X 144 C, ug 0-9 ' 'U' x -.glff m f -Q ,' , 4, 4'-A g ,y . 0. ,f, ..,, , .,., 4 . . W. 5 W :E M ? f' M,, ff Hifi.-'7 W1 my WW ,nk A - Z., H ,L ..,. -4 M iw 4, 1 f2QmM...,,, 6 - , , :w.,: If Us .M W 2 A ,f.,, , -1 aw IEEEE ..... AAA. EEEEE E' .......... . .....,........................................................... . EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5 1 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .E 'mn .EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEQ EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE MG 451 av Rf. V 'TE FT? 1f 1 525 gas Ea! D .E, Wa: N'S ff W2f'..'i" i 7, 'AJ MU' 'ALS um 4 Kneeling, left to right: Nate Harris, Tom Pavich, Kerry Kelley, Steve Drolema and Curtis Hudson. Standing, left to right: Head Coach Bill Warden, Troy Perrine, Scott Slocum, Jim Meyer, Marlon - Lewis, Joe Cahue, Marvin Lindsey, Bob Rankin, Greg Papacosta, Tony Jordan, and Assistant Coach Bob Bray. Thru the I hoop Head Coach Bill Warden and As- sistant Coach Bob Bray guided this year's team up through NCAA Div. III Midwest Regional Play for a second consecutive year. The Cards' overall season record was 20-5. Their CCIW re- cord was 14-2. The team earned a total of 1,858 points through the X season. It earned its first CCIW ,ff . f co-championship since 1960. For- ward Tony Jordan, forward Cur- tis Hudson, center Kerry Kelley, and guard Greg Papacosta were among the 15 players honored by S-f CCIW coaches by being named to the all-star squad. if S wmmmnmnm Y I Q ---1-'- a X X !,' or Q! Y Y, W " 4 C A L .. 79 i OMEN S BASKETBALL 1985 was a year of rebuild- ing for the NCC women's basketball team. Under the direction of head coach Wayne Morgan, the girls worked hard and learned to play as a team. They are looking forward to a season full of wins in '86 . - Ja at fj, A 1 ix:--t? ' I J Ls .,. ls. - y :zoo e 9 41: ' -J' ,. 1. 9 Xa., X -i 5' . .I : RESTLING 1984-85 NCC WRESTLING TEAM Kneeling, left to right: Jim Miller, Mike Bukovsky, Ed Delia, Todd Samuel and Dan Wade. Standing, left to right: Assistant coach Jeff Chandler, Dan Miracle, Jerry Breit- barth, Dan Franch and Head Coach Tim Brown. Missing from photograph: Kevin Martin, Ken Phillips. lk . l 81 BASEBALL It seems that baseball has been very, very good to NCC this year. Through the coaching strategies of Tom Purcell, strong hitting, and outstanding defen- sive plays, the '85 Cards finished the season with an overall record of 27-13 and an 8-4 record in conference action. In addition, the baseball team swept the CCIW tournament in Naperville i May 3-4 without a loss to capture their first undisputed CCIW title in 39 years of CCIW baseball competition! Four North Central baseball players - second baseman Jim Kapla, pitcher Ed Mathey, right fielder Ke- vin Murphy, and center fielder Craig Stefan - were named to the 1985 CCIW South Division all-confer- ence squad. Two other NCC players - first base- man Mike Budler and third baseman Joe Wrzosek - were honorable mention selections to the all-star squad. Next year's outlook is very optimistic as many of the talented athletes r will be returning. 'M' 'BHS . RY f, gf? R, in g Front Row: Rob Carmichael, Charles Kefalas, Jon Shanower, Kevin Murphy, John Fabbri, Joe Wrzosek, Jim Kapla, Dan Brown, Frank Gregorio. Middle Row: Mr. Murphy, Ed Mathey, Craig Pinley, Brett Robinson, Clarence McGuire, Scott Fields, Mike Windt, Paul Howard, Tom Oshinski, Ron J urkacek, Doug McBain, Mark Paulosis, Sam Crowther. Back Row: Frank J anczak, Mr. Kefalas, Mike Budler, Sean Hoye, Alan Brown, Matt Richards, John Kruzel, Ken Wilson, Craig Stefan, Gary Whitman, Paul Gonzalez, Ken Ritter, Coach John Welty, and Coach Tom Purcell. Q- u., 1 6 . J, . X , .AA fi 1 A X' , mf X 1,y1f . , .x 5, ,Q 1 , x A if,-stef . -mf' ax wzggmar- gef-:a:,.,,q-1. , 43 'S dw W' ' V " 1 ' - "' 'W' .. H73 X , , . .-as--,: ix ' gs "X , Mm ,F ,, ,V K9 fx QS. . X , A , , ., n x W' 4-MMM f' 7235? f ' f ,AQW'm41 ' u- ' QE , x 'Saw -1, ey- -mx 4 KY v, -dvx Cv- . M5 ,Q 2F.,,..4.A,T :V Qffw. ,, . V ..,..v. -v' 'ffdfiifi Q-. 'Svffw H? 9 is fxgf-mf'w:j3lAfi?1Qff,gsgfgXD f -Q5 - ,giiif lkwwrlbn 'M W, X ,, X ' Km xH +A xkwzgsesi' " f3f,,,A:,jG x A N 'if 1 X 4,40 Q ' 5M N,S TRACK Q wiv, - , A f W Mgr- 'jg 1 yi, - -' ,- fn -'X M W, 5 :L ,cf "'X5..l' ' 2 fx ! iff: ,if -9 A ,. v 'N ' mr' ' I ,f.? 'J , S2 K' - W f. - f ' J A ' 'ff A W ff X F2 gif-ig 5 fs! , . fi, fi.!Sb'ff-'Q ' , , . W ' .Q ' ,qw ::3'EV' ' I k V 4-'K ' , J V .4 ', . 'F X kV,A I 1 1. Vi i, .gf ,N 1 A M, E . 1. ! qw :JK I la as S ef' if 1 4 Aj A ,Q . my . 'i , f 9 - - , f I M V ' ' if- y ,. ' E ' fm L Q., Q X':Q' :VY Mi 'A af ff- 5:53 f S ,Q 5 1 , ,fx M NLK, T" 33- ' 7. i vw: 'f -3. '. 1 --, V Y' , ,f - Ei if 4 ,Xf- ' a A- Y' , ' , "'. 49. I ' P 'Q I in 1 A u Q O g L . if .ix I . V an g , Q Iwi? , A 1 A A 2": f I . W7 .,., ' , my ' , W ' , . X f ' ?M lt VN!!! X e All an ,. ,I ,..f: . Q , ,NV, M ' i M Q W 4 ' V A I 'tg . D 4 - , I -Q Y , 1 g -1 , Lg - f -its . , ff .,, , , ,. . I . ,. ' , .l,. , I 'Q"' ' X x W , V 7, Q Q .f X . r 'W x ' A K g 'A M ql VA . V Q I ' I X A f Q , I 1? W if 4 A' ' ,, "M 1 .1 V 2 X S "' L x U as 4 W X A 1 ' fx ., V Q Q , L ------, ,,,,, Wi, V , , 1 Qqhv I, aff - .,, f V . N 2 M A . N, , ,, , " V V K :V ' 1 ' . V f .. V V Q fn, " X is na. - Y . jx , -E' ' x I ,A , "ill, e r, , I .," x T ,,,. , V ' ,K if NN., vi S l ., , 1 ., 1 1- , ' , . , .AY . -Au! 9"'T " ' ' ,1 ' . ff 5 . .Uh Fifi' ?'x5E??i'."'rf?'LQ,',?ix',' ,,.4ff?'i23f2mh if 'fe ' ,f,f 2552 . ff, . -. 1. fy. WOMEN' S TRACK v f- Lady Cards of Spring '85 N K aw. 5 , 3 g ,L .L Lf, I lim' 5' NATIONALS , ay,,q . . , .,.A l f dk ma M9 V ' pmnlv' J . A fV. J Mama -, ff J ' he e nc as "' , Al '. ,- '.A. M' "'A J ' 1 fill'-9 ! ' P 4 fffeffrlgzu. hiliW?f2Hf'QfnWQkWZ?QQQZQW n a Wnwwfwfawfwvff f enec cn ffaweww' n e A .. 74 In W! L J J if naa I-tv A. , , A 5 W , X! wg , J ' ' ' zff'?w..W W ,. A 2 , ,fa M W f W! ,W . HA M ,gay Jw W may , ,ff QW 5 , ff 3 0 ,111 M0141 g f 4, fu C 1 I H ff, K f W ffe , rx jun ,Wi Q E ' , 1 ,- 3 ,. V I 1 fx 5: . A jg ii ff ,6 v 1 ff ff 4" in X if f , , f i , ',fi4fji,jg i f ' 'V Q72 . V 57-'fr 24 W 7 ?,ff,',', ' ' Mak ' 5' Q., fn, 514, uwg. W 1 A I . H, , WM01' if we " ,Q 'i f 1 ' as 2 f fff I X 1 X ffw "' Aa If 4 ff 'D W ' fl 1 31 Q I 40 X Q, I , 41K Z 4, 1 wf ' 1 'f 4 f X X 1, if f V 1 'Q M y 42 , 7 s Ng, 2 w i f f T 3 Nw x . 4- NCC's Men's Tennis Team Playing tennis for NCC this year were: Rich Chang, John Hiestand, Vince Baratta, Brian Grabowskl John Orr, Bob 0 Connor, Dave Johnston, Dave Krabbe, Brlan Davis, Darren Honda, and George Ad ams They flnlshed the season with a 5 8 0 record OP Q .9 -IEFEE-In il' WI I l I ss'-www :I I l ll S." mn dl I lll IIIIEWI' WTSQIIII' III ISSI l IIIL Faill : lllll llln' Ill-ll! ll ll -if illlliullii ii 1 :Mae-l Ill!!! l!lIl I I ll! 1' I ll 9 'V , I 2 ----H - - -. .- --gazes-,E ll , L , ..-11-IIV. a --3 -- , , llllliglfmllllllll -Ill . - haf 17 III - - , ww I I N. , I I xwlr 'f I 1.7 . I 1 l I . , I L -M in l ' "" RLEADERS - THEY'VE GO it - ' wr. Q.-a-and r H., it f i If '-2 -fr V J' X2 WN ., vw iq, A 52 "f NCC Cheerleaders! Seated, left to right: Jodi Pajerski, Terry Holz- kopf, Patti Golding, Laura Blanchong, and Michele Krauss. Stand- mg, left to right: Chris Rosendahl and Kathy Smith. This year's Cheerleading Squad under the leader- ship of Senior Patti Golding kept NCC spectators in- volved with their game-time chants through cold foot- ball nights and heated basketball games. They also travelled with the basketball team to Nationals spon- sored by North Park College to lend encouragement and rally NCC fans. The all-girl squad was joined by their male counterparts for extra entertainment dur- ing the basketball season. The group of male cheer- leaders included the following members: Barry Coul- tas, Frank Griffin, Tom Lange, Scott Phelps, Herbie Placek, Alan Scott, and Dave Soliday. - wr-h - --.Y ,749---ii--is - y1,m4w,':r-'tw 'f-rw'g1.,:qxg' I rw. I Q P0 , , The 1984-85 Pom Pon fi Squad provided pregame and halftime entertain- J-, if AAZAA W 2 ment during all the Cardi- Z may nal football and basektball "V: home games. The squad '05 enjoyed another fine year A Q W 4 characterized by high- j'f"L kicking dance routines full of energy. The girls held ' X their first annual kick-a- thon to buy new uniforms. They not only kept the winning spirit with enthu- siastic performances, but also sold concessions dur- ing the baseball tourna- . ment held at NCC this X' W spring. l , , fi M5595 f Vif t t l N Members of the Pom Pon Squad include Front Row Ann Everhart, Joy Gustafson Kristen Smith Middle Row Lynette Shaw, Kelly Meredith, Stephanie DeFrancesco, Cathy Jastre, Marlon Baker, J ulee Anderson Back Row Karl McNulty, Debbie Hoffman, Wendy Ingels, Cindy Flene I X Q ' s u 1-gi ,E gm . 1. x .uf R I fx wr if LJ 4 gig fy fin. xnxx A t Ks gk o -Q :V , N., Qu.. Q ., 4, wx-ug AQ WN' ff A. h wh "'-fav .-, ,, I. 5 Q. ., 3 nhl , .fa-' , v' ,., I I WWW Eb y 9:1 1 ?1'?'f1 " f ,Et sb ', i B . K E I S gnnnrawxtvvi unY5.nv-px-FA --Ml iq-yt ,l "' . h " ' ' ,' , 4 A 92 President Gael D. Swing M .f-..-:fl N Dean James A. Taylor ff 41g I H.. -. lr .4 Dean Michael Moser 1114 ,f -"fi 339456. Sd? me I , 1 ,? 41? H if fi NGLISH Priscilla Grundy John Shindler James Guthrie q in ,A f ,f 1 Richard Paine Holly Klocke Jack Phend John Madormo SPEECH C MMU IC TIONSX THE TRE ACCOU TING Bonnie Simmons Joan Der ? ,fy ,mo Marti Bogart Bayard Lyon vnernard Yevin nn., Richard Slovacek Thomas Love USINESS ECO ICS ,,, A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Leticia Diaz W Andrew Adams - A if FT Ann McK1nley MUSIC 8z ART Q 1.-eng -I-4,3 .. -- MATHEM TICS Rlchard Wllders James Elander X671 Florence Chambers f 'Z :ff Rlchard Snyder 'W Qgx' w x :wh fr fm if we KWSSR as M1 we-X Ylll UDB. Judy Walters f Krlstlne Peters Donald Johnson Paul Suttqn Robert Cook COMPUTER SCIENCE . . C ff 35's-G a f. 4X f ' M, '-'N w 1 . if X f , - -cgiiwf A , 1- .L . -My Wa A 5 ' .E ' N '-W 'L C " 4 ' 'L".'--g-g 51351 , gn ., C. 1- Q21 A-r .X , V' 1 -, f 3 iw- 4254. ', . V 9 'fffrf V .- .... V E .f'3F'f , 1 '3 1" 'A "iii-'PY '5'- ' ' N 2 : f 'SX' Jvwfef-'X ' 1 :ini X31 - 'L 1' TT 312955-S JW i2'f"'ft sffw-SWQ - ' als-.,-450 fm: 'if ' , .. -s Q V W . V. 5 A MM ., 5' "F . xx ? 2 , . :. X JZ Wifi! - . is A gi-ffzzi 1 ' 'MCM' , ,..,f I ,L , am ' ' - BIOLOGY John Zenchak Thomas Williams Terrence Marsh I' ? 5,5 X55 'FY' QW' ,V Ny - A, " '45 NN rl Anne Sherren David Horner Russell Poel CHE ISTRY PHYSICS POLITICAL SCIE Davld Frohck Fred Lawson Peggy Ann Mendak Dorls HHFFIS ED C T10 J an Fitzsimmons PSYCHOLOGY Madeleine VanHecke John Greenwood Q. I l Q x l fx W. 1, 1 2. William Naumann PHILOSOPHY 8z RELIGIOUS STUDIES - -HO' I X I ff 1 'Nu xxx 3 P Q, :,..,, Ni X X X xx X Z' A Q X HH XX M , Y, X '51 ST FF 'Y ,R . X 7903- X X S V we QQ, N4 J x"" . 1 5 O ' A 4 i Q 4, 'Zz 1 .3 is , -.-3, 1 I ,, Y 1 X K ,Q , 953, 'X X' .1 f..4QM f-f A V , .4-yfil' f e- 42: ji 5 544 ,Q , J x ,. A .-1 ' . IX1 Sf In ' 1' ' -fn , 5 31 3' ,vu ht 1 1 elif' ' I Q XM ,N aww .awww MM mm ME' ,WA -1... all W 4 W1 F' 44" fd Mffffff ,fd 7 Q Z 1 1 1 4 Z f 9, gf , Y g, ilk bs 9 i 12 'i S E N I O R S 'Y"'." 'l1E' V- IIUVNN' f' 'l U-5. "' ' " V -. . N 1 Ackerberg, Jeffrey Alexander, Cathy Anderson, Dale Anderson, Jeffrey 1 l 1 Argenziano, Lisa Bartelson, James Benda, Jeff Bergren, Lila ...f- IK.,- Binkley, Kevin Lee Bolam, Jean A. if! Brell, William BIOHCY, John 108 l 'vin - , ,, ., W 1..1 4.-.,1,4: 4.. -,.. .MMI-X51 ' 1514- . .--.. --Y I . k K1-pan, Stephen Kubilius, Richard Lembcke, Karen Leslie, Diana Lofgren, Carl Lowey, Lorie , Y. , - I, wi . f 4, , ' A Maass, Susan Marks, James Maurer, Linda McCambridge, Pamela McQuen, Joyce Melin, Todd iv lf I 113 ,tex '-ln-pf' "This bud's for you!" "I thought this was going to be a small wedding! M , W1 f 1 1 W., iz... Dave dines with the President. "Are you sure we graduated?" lx Xa t Mendoza, Grace Minnix, Boyd Nelson, John O Malley, Danlel Merrinette, Jeffrey 'I 1, , Q ,, 4 Mitten, Julie Nguyen, Thuy 0'Malley, David Middleton, Catherine Mizerek, Alicia Nosek, John Patrick Carol x w H , 'u '. T, ' - " 7 ' 0 n 7 Miller, James Mullen, Catherine Ochampaugh, Kristie Pattyn, Lisa 115 W 1 N i w W x W Schomas, Ray Schroedle, Donald Schumacher, Bernd Shaff, Kelly N! Shanower, Jonathan Sinclair, Mary Beth Smith, T. Lynn Stark, Theresa Qjjilns J'-' Pau' Strohl, craig Stull Chris Sullivan Kathleen N 1 . . 9 117 "It's nice to have a friend to lean on!" ifrue ffriends There are many peopfe that we meet in our Fives but onfy 0 very .few wifi' make a Fasting impression on our minds- and fhearis flt is these peopfe That we wif? Think Qf often and who wif? afwahgs remain imporfani to us as true friends ' Susan 'pofis Schuh? I 1 I K 4 'fi' f 5 f , A ' ' f f , 7 , ' 4 1 -f ' fe , ' 1 A "fx "Why am I being carded?" I 4. ff f , 37' ,f W 411 QV' I 4. ?- K, iff 'Li -w 'v ,, "Are they done taking the pi ture yet?" Smile and the world smlles w h I . fi g s K if fa a ia? 5"m"'3'.QQ "' W S' 4 WQFEFAQQX X , f-Mx 'omg is 'KN' D h Wg-I v 3 1 I w webe been through some 1 hard. times together'- gou and 'L Simes that 'I fooh back on and wonder how we ever' made it 'lzhrougha times when we both had 'bhoughics of giving up and going on alone, but we always managed to see things ihrough, and Tm gfad. 'lt seems like the hard times never end for us but ffzavmg someone hke you to share them wdh somehow makes It alt' seem a Exttfe easwr- you' "What d'ya mean I'm at a "R.A.'s have more fun!" Sox game?" SV0b0d8, Rebecca Tamai, Takao Trevillyan, Linda Tummillo, Kimberl i Ulery, Patricia A. Ulrich, Karin Kay Vanessa 1 Verdun, Mary Viers, Michael Vogel, Greg ,wr-'N 'rzzzr H x '- R Von De Bur, JoEllyn Votava, Julie 1-bu ii' IJ. , .l1.nL.+ L.4L xx-X ..,,v, A We ve climbed our way to the top. UNT E w "I sing better in the shower!" VP Y Charlie's three new angels! "Where are my running shoes?" ,WWW .4-" """?"' M' WNW N19 Al-Daas, Yaser Arb, Randy Audlee, Doreen Baker, Russ Bakke, Brian Baldauf, Dan Bartel, Eric Bates, Dan Baughman, Mike Baxter, Dan Binder, Tammy Boswell, Cathy Boudreau, Scot Boudreau, Sue Boyer, Jane K. 1 55 x 5 XM X xx Brown, Kevin Brownlee, Carol Buhl, Jane Burgess, Bill Burke, Cherie Calderado, Roseann Calderone, Linda Carter, David Cervenka, Laura Chapninck, Tim Clukey, Kevin Conley, Nora Coman, Daniel Condon, Thomas Connon, Dave Craig, Robert Dean, Debra DeHaan, Kathy Devert, Dean DiDomenico, Jim Eckhardt, T.R. Ecklund, Jon Engelhardt, Denise Escoffery, Althea Ewing, Joan Falk, Brett Farrell, Karen Fiene, Cindy Fink, Greg Fischer, Michael . :.' "fl " '1 9'6"? . 42,'.1.. i hi 'A 15.51.1 3 i Fleming, William Folsom, Lisa Frahm, Paul Fucilla, Brian Gallagher, Sheryl Gardaphe, Nancy Gavic, Margaret Goodman, Mark Gross, Joseph Guido, Louis Gruber, Belinda Hammarstrom, Eric Haiper, Jeb Harris, Nate Hayashi, Naomi Heitke, Sheila Hessler, Charles Hill, Steve Hoffman, Vennaraye Hogan, Theresa Honda, Darren Hoye, Sean Hubbard, Monica Hungate, Pam fag. 3 I N s Insaco, David Insco, Patrica n V fSee J erousek, n Pat! Jacobs, Dean Jagoda, Joan h Neumann, Japes Janik, Amy t Jerousek, Patricia P 1 Johnson, Randall I Jones, Julie c Junker, Stacie I X 1 P N I x N I Y i Kaiser, Harvey l Kapla, Jim 1 Konrad, Sabrina ' Lange, Thomas 1 Leifheit, Brett l F v Lila, Jackson Lindbloom, Chris Q MacDonald, Kevin i Macijunas, Tim h Marcin, Dwaine Masters, Mike 2 Mccain, Phillip j McHale, Lisa Q McGuire, Clarence I McLaren, Eric 4 i 127 1 .1 I f I x 4 1' r"- ' WW ' , ' McNulty, Kari McNerney, Patricia Meredith, Kelly Meyer, Jim Mock, Sarah Murillo, Maria Helena Murray, Michele Neu, Mike 0'Brien, John Olson, Jeff Papacosta, Greg Pappas, Michelle Pender, Lane Petersen, Stuart Petritis, Aina Petrzilka, Joseph Phelps, Kathy Pilipuf, Sharon Pinley, Craig Piron, Jr., Dennis Price, Kirk 128 I - I. liw . v sf WN f a Rinella, Sue Ross, Susannah Ryan, David Sackmann, Paula Salvi, John Scacco, Sheila Schabacker, Wendy Schlaug, Julie Schwarting, Scot Seiser, Lyn Sigafus, Lisa Siemsen, Scott Slowik, Jim Smasal, Lori Smith, Sharon Soenke, Mike Stahlman, Kevin Sygull, John Torres, Maria Taylor, Julie Vana, Lisa x a 4 r r r u u I l r I i u i 5 w w N l r 4 W x Y w 1 K w i 9 l ! K L ? Y 1 W V 4 L I V 3 i X i 1 1 i 1 129 E 1 Varela, Jack Walz, Kay Walt, Kurszewski Waters, Lee Weber, Mike Whiteside, Dennis Wilger, Bill Wilkie, Scott Wzorek, George Wrzosek, Joseph Yeates, Holly Youngdahl, Greg Zinn, Patrick Zsuppon, Benedict Q ff ' ,ima 130 1 1 f g 2 Q I gr J S O P H O M O R E SOPHO ORES Anderson, Julee Arnold, Glenn Baker, Marion Balkcom, Diane Barry, Pat Bast, Barbara Battin, Rob Beren, Susan Bitner, Wendy Bojan, Tom Borkstrom, Jeff Bragg, Darrin Breck, Mark Breltbarth, Gerald Brodne, Bill Brooks, Mary Brown, Amy Brown, Becky Brown, Daniel Buczkowski, Mike Budler, Mike Bukovsky, Mike Burch, Chris Burrichter, Jon Callaghan, Kevin Cameron,Mary Carr, Robbie Chavez, Frank Clayton, John Clukey, James Cohen, Randy Columbus, Pete Connell, Barbara Cooper, Gene Coultas, Barry Cunningham, Caryn Czwornog, Alice Darrah, Pamela Davis, Brian Dedmon, Wade DeFrancesco, Stephanie Delp, Marci Demont, Gary Dispensa, Linda l 133 , 1 Doering, Glen Erzinger, Suzanne Everhart, Ann Finnegan, Thomas Flak, Denise Flennoy, Charna Fredericksen, Robbin Gagnon, Susan Galasso, Keri Gargano, Sharon Godfrey, Shaun Gonzalez, Paul Goral, Brett Gustafson, Joy Hallam, Pete Harrington, Jim Haynes, John Hedeman, Debbie Heien, Kim Helwig, Craig Helwig, Jim Hinton, Pat 7 lr ., s f WWWNWWS1 A4" fi- KT J f ' -6. ...' , c 5 ,, V 'f, ,xt X Sf sr Nf"3Bf??,,g,,fif2 N af iw! f f iff , 1 , Q , gs. 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William Heipp, Brian Hiller, Paula Hind, Jacqueline Hardin, Laura Hoffman, Debbie Hoffman, Michelle Homa, Scott Howard, Sheila Huffman, Sarah Hummer, Evonne Ingels, Wendy Jacobs, Carol Jacobs, Doreen Jacobs, Tom James, Auggie Jennings, Ken Joh, Annette Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Karen Jones, Lori Jones, Russell Jordan, Terrence Judd, Frank Kaczmarski, Kary Kahhai, Nadia Kalchbrenner, Scot 146 r Y 'M CB Q f ,211 X W . 47 , - n rn' W 'Wjfff ' , , n 1 A' ' ' Q, is '4 ll .' N' if , X 1 m f' ,A ll T A 'NY , . hell.- v-N J ffirhxf o LA xl 'I Ma sf 5 ' Karlovsky, Robert Kaufman, Janee Kee, Barrie Kefalas, Charles Kendra Rich Kesic, Obrad King, Kay Allison Klus, Janet Kohler, Ann Kolano, Joseph Krasinski, Dawn Krauss, Michele Kropusek, Kerry Kuchler, Elizabeth LaBrase, Sheri Lamb, Thomas Lankton, Ruth Larson, Eric Lembcke, James Lewis, Marlon Linstra, John Lofquist, Ron Love, Richard Lowery, Jean Lundy, Mandi Madden, Mike Mahatha, Fred Manak, Douglas Marriott, Portia Martin, Tia Martineck, Alan Maslar, Debbie Mateja, Rick McDaniel, Ali McDonald, Michelle Mercier, Jody i Mesuda, Keiko Miller, Denise Miller, Jodi Miller, Karen Minnix, Brian Miracle, Dan Mobley, Clint Moeller, Konnie Moment, Chris Muehlhausen, Becky Muscato, Ron Myers, Bethany S "W-Hifi P 1 iii" m.,! Nelson, Heather Nelson, Kurt Nelson, Sam Norris, Patricia Novak, Robert 0'Brien, Jenny Oldenettel, Michael Olson, Deanna Palacios, Karen Palusis, Mark Parry, Michele Pasini, Patti Passi, Anthony Patel, Mita Payne, Donnie Pennington, Troy Perdomo, Maria Pergler, Jim Perillo, Rick Perrine, Troy Peters, Tom Phelps, Scott Phelps, Thomas Phillips, Ken Pischke, Larry Placek, Herb Potrawski, Mike Ragatz, Hansen Randall, Ann Rankin, Bob Reilly, Brian Reiser, Steve Remmers, Becky Resh, Roberta Reyes, Jeronimo Ritter, Ken Robers, Debbie Roberts, Jeanine Robeson, Cherrie Rodriguez, Enrique Roemer, Terri Rosals, Sandra Rosendahl, Christina Rosenquist, Amy Rubey, Jodell Russell, Andy Ryberg, Cynthia Rybowiak, Mary Samuel, Scott Scheffler, Dan Schlotfeldt, Kenneth Schroeder, Lee Schroeder, Thomas Searl, Rich Senecal, Max Sharp, Mark Sheehan, Marie Shomber, Leigh Sidlow, Tim Simmons, Brian A , 4 nav 4 5 M0 wwf' - 2 if 2 . IN, ,- f at We Sjong, Dean Slocum, Scott Smith, Candace Smith, Kristen Smith, Rebecca Smith, Stephanie Soliday, Dave Sopcak, Patricia Spanola, Mike Spaulding, Kristin Stepan, Patricia Stevens, Ronald Stewart, John Strickland, Scott Swalve, Holly Sweet, Margaret Tarra, Debbie Tarpey, Richard Tebbens, Cathy Thomas, Rebecca Thompson, Cindy Tietz, Sue Todd, Elizabeth Todden, Brad N x 4 1 x '1 Topcik, Alan Toye, Colleen Trantina, Donna Troc, Sandra Twomey, John Uehlein, Robert Van Paucke, Mike Van Wormer, Dru Vaughan Jr., David Veenstra, Tim Vergoth, Karin Vicary, Scott Viehweg, Jaime Virgilio, Anita Vitkus, Scott Volker, Keith Wade, Dan Wagner, Dave Wagner, Janan Wallens, Laurie Walsh, Lisa Warcup, Doris Wecker, Stacy Wehrle, Becky 4 PM ff' Fl W A rv Wernsman, Mike Weydeman, Denise Whalen, Dennis Wherley, Rich Wierczarek, Joseph Wildman, Karen Williams, Lynnette Williams, Red Williams, Robert Wisnauski, Lisa Witt, Kristy York, John Young, Annette Young, Eddie Zamora, Ruben Zeman, Allyn i 153 ua M 1 wwf' 4 l l i l INISTR TION 8z STAFF Andrew Adams Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Kimmel Hall Director Dorothy Alex Visiting Lecturer of English Anne Anderson Secretary, Financial Aid Roberta Andre Office Manager, Office of Admission I Kent Archie Visiting Lecturer, Computer Science Harriet Arklie Director of the Library Janelle Barcelona Visiting Lecturer of Business Administration Ginger L. Batterton Divisions Secretary Jan Baumgartner Loan Collection, Financial Aid David Belanger Director, Career Planning 8L Placement Sophie Bell Foods Manager, Cage John Bierbauer Adjunct Professor of Computer DIRECTORY i Science Thomas P. Bishop Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science David Blight Instructor of History Marti Bogart Instructor of Economics Barbara Boyer General Office Clerk, Registrars Office Edward Braatz General Maintenance Robert L. Bradley Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Computer Science Minnie Brinkmeyer ' Secretary to the Registrar Tim Brown Head Coach Wrestling Lisaann Buyer Student Employment Coordinator Allen B. Carius Director of Athleticsg Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education, Recreation: Head Coach, Men's Cross Country and Track Aprelle Carter Secretary, Admissions I John Cerovski Professor of English Jan Cesaretti Director of Residence Life Florence D. Chambers .Instructor of Mathematics Mary Ellen Chinn Bookstore Manager Sally Chipman Circulation Librarian KL Cataloging Asst. I Jeffry E. Clark Director of Student Activities l Charles E. Cleary I General Maintenance Angel M. Collins Hall Director!Secretary, Alumni Gus A. Constantine E Professor of Education i I Robert Cook 1 Associate Professor of Computer 3 Science l James Corrigan l General Maintenance Q J l Jeanne Courtright , Asst. Director, Career Planning gl , Placement 1 Mary Jane Crabill T l V1s1t1ng Lecturer 1n Buslness Adm1n1strat1on Rlchard Crowther Instructor of Health Physlcal Educat1on and Recreatlon Athletlc Tralner Barbara Crumpler Secretary Off1C8 of Development Mary Ann Cunnlngham Ass1stant Professor of Speech Commun1cat1ons!Theatre Len Czyzn1eJewsk1 V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Computer Sc1ence She1la Daly Kelly Danford V1S1t1Hg Lecturer of Speech Communlcatlonsf Theatre W1lma Delaney V1S1t1Hg Lecturer of Enghsh Joan Der Instructor of Accountmg Maralyn Dettmann V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Art Let1c1a D1aZ Ass1stant Professor and Chalrperson of Fore1gn Languages Charlotte D1etter1ch Coordmator of Admln Data Processmg Helen D1llon Ass1stant Professor of Computer SCIEUCC W1ll1am S D1llon Jr V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Accountlng James R Doody Dlrector of Pub11c Relauons John Doyle V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Econom1cs James Duff1n V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Computer Sc1ence Kather1ne Edmunds Dlrector of F1nanc1al A1d James E Elander Ass1stant Professor of Mathemat1cs Jeffrey Emr1ch V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Computer SCIGHCC Mary Ensor Adm1n1strat1ve Asst to the Pres1dent Paul Eshelman V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Art Bruce Feddema Adjunct Professor of Art Sally Floyd Ass1stant Dlrector of F1nanc1al A1 Jean F Fort1no Secretary to the V1ce Pres1dent for Contmulng Educat1on and Speclal Programs Dav1d A Frol1ck Professor and Chalrperson of Po11t1cal Sc1ence Marc1a Gasparl Ass1stant Dlrector of Adm1ss1on Karen G1lbertson Accountlng Superv1sor Buslness Offlce Joseph Goodman Professor of Accountlng Marcy Gould Food Serv1ce Manager Patrlck Gray Adjunct Professor of Buslness Adm1n1strat1on John Greenwood Ass1stant Professor of Psychology Pr1sc1l1a N Grundy ASSOCIGIS Professor and Chalrperson of Enghsh James R Guthr1e Ass1stant Professor of Engllsh Rlchard Guzman Ass1stant Professor of Engllsh Garth HHIHGS Ass1stant Superlntendent Physlcal Plant Shlrley Ha1nes Reglstrar Gerald Hamsm1th V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Computer SCIEHCG Shelley P Hanson V1s1t1ng Lecturer of Computer Sc1ence . . . ' 7 ' Admission Counselor . . 'd . - - . -1 Doris Harris Assistant Professor of Education Brenda Hastert Admission Counselor Jeff N. Heller Associate Director of Admission Nancy Hemphill Secretary, Advising Center 85 Weekend College Clifford Holdeman Superintendent-Physical Plant David A. Horner Assistant Professor of Chemistry Christine S. Hyatt General Office Clerk, Registrar's Office Barbara Isaacs Campus Minister Bernard P. Izzo Professor of Musicg Artist in Residence Tom Izzo General Maintenance Donald Johnson Professor 8a Chairperson of Computer Science Michele Johnson Adjunct Professor of Foreign Languages Walter Johnson Admission Counselor Marietta Keating Secretary, Activities Center Marlene Keegan Secretary, Library David S. Kempa Manager of Gift Records Holly Klocke Instructor of Speech Communications!Theatre William Kohne Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics Barbara Kosinsky Audio-Visual and Asst. Circulation Librarian James Kowal Adjunct Professor of Computer Science Lloyd Krumlauf Instructor of Health, Physical Education, Recreationg Head Coach, Football Paul Krystosek Assistant Professor of Computer Science Richard Kuhn Adjunct Professorof Business Administration Frances Lackler Secretary, Education KL Office of Dean of Faculty Christine Lawson Assistant Director, Continuing Education Fred O. Lawson Associate Professor of Political Science Bernard Pierre Lebeau l Professor of Foreign Languagesg Chairperson, Div. of Arts and Letters Nancy L. Leet 5 Secretary to Dean of Students I Robert T. Lehe Assistant Professor of Philosophy H. Kenwood Lewis Director of Planned Giving Mary Yueh-Ping Liaw Assistant Professor 8a Chairperson of Physics Paul H. Loscheider Vice-President for Business Affairs Sharon Louvier Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics I V Thomas M. Love. Associate Professor 81 Chairperson of Economics Richard J. Luze Vice President for Continuing Education 85 Special Programs Bayard Lyon Associate Professor of Business Administration I Stephanie Lyons . Bookkeeping Machine Operator 5 Bernice MacKenzie Administrative Asst. To Dean of . Faculty Georgia Madden Secretary to Director of Development l l John V. Madormo General Manager of WONCQ Instructor of Broadcast Communications Gordon Mahoney, Fr. Campus Priest Terrence G. Marsh Professor 8a Chairperson of Biology Mary Lynn McCoy Visiting Lecturer of Psychology Sandra McGuire Secretary, Admission Bill McHugh Head Coach, Men's 84 Women's Diving Ann McKinley Professor and Chairperson of Music Donald E. McVicker Associate Professor of Sociology Kc Anthropology Marvin Meinz Assistant Director of Public Relations Peggy Ann Mendak Assistant Professor 85 Chairperson of Education Bettye L. Minnix Cashier Marie C. Mitchell Receptionist, Admissions Brian Montgomery Director of Annual Funds Danny Moore Food Service Director Joseph A. Moran, Jr. Adjunct Professor of Accounting R. Wayne Morgan Instructor of Health, Physical Education SL Recreationg Head Coach, Women's Basketball and Softball Timothy Morris Assistant Professor Sz Chairperson of Philosophy Michael Moser Dean of Students Bill Motzer Assistant Director of Admissions Dan Mueller Head Coach, Women's Swimming Jonathan Mueller Instructor of Psychology Helen Naumann Adjunct Professor of Art Jeffrey N aumann Custodian William Naumann Professor Kr Chairperson of Religious Studies Edward H. Navakas Visiting Lecturer of English Francine G. Navakas Associate Professor of English Kay J. Nelson Health Service Director Marjorie Ochampaugh Secretary, Career Planning 8: Placement James E. Osborn Asst. to President for Special Projects Richard E. Paine Instructor of Speech Communications!Theatre Dan Palmer Head Coach, Soccerg Director of Intramurals William Perez Assistant Professor of Psychology Kristine Peters Assistant Professor of Computer Science John Phend Assistant Professor 8z Chairperson of Speech Julie Phend Coordinator of Non-Credit Programs Randy Pippen Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics Russell J. Peol Professor Sz Chairperson of Chemistry Janet Pray Head Coach, Men's KL Wos. Tennis Rose Price Head Coach, Women's Track 85 Cross Country Thomas Purcell Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education Kr Recreation Head Coach, Baseball Al Reszka Professor of Computer Science Susan Reynolds Secretary, Planned Giving SL Special Programs Olga Rhodes Secretary, Computer Science Donna Ringelstein Health Service Registered Nurse Keven Ritchie Head Coach, Volleyball Clarence Roberts Professor of History Emeritus gl Archivist Bernadette Rockney PayrollfRecords Clerk Phyllis Rollins Secretary, Transfers, Admissions Dennis Ryan Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education, Recreationg Assistant Athletic Directorg Head Coach, Men's Swimming John A. Rygiewicz Broundsman Bonnie L. St. John Secretary to V.P. for Business Affairs James Saloga Adjunct Professor of Business Administration Thomas Sawyer Assistant Professor KL Chairperson of Psychology Lisa Schiffleger Institutional Research 8: General Office Clerk Mary Schleyer Secretary, English KL Foreign Languages Patricia Schoot Supervisor, Copy Center Kyle Schumacher Director of Alumni Relations Barbara Sciacchitano Associate Professor 8: Chairperson of History Carrie Seltzer Assistant Director of Residence Life Thaddeus Seymour Visiting Lecturer of History Donald T. Shanower Professor of Speech Communications!Theatre Anne T. Sherren Professor 81 Chairperson of Chemistry Chairperson, Division of Science John H. Shindler Assistant Professor of English Anna Shoger Accounts Payable Clerk Cherokee A. Sieber Mailroom Clerk Bonnie Simmons Assistant Professor 85 Chairperson of Accounting Barry Skurkis Assistant Professor 8L Chairperson 1 of Art Richard E. Slovacek Associate Professor SL Chairperson of Business Administrationg Chairperson, Div. of Econ. 8L Bus. Admin. Cody Smith General Maintenance Rosemary Smith Administrative Coordinator of Weekend College Sheila Smith Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science Betty J. Smucker ReceptionistfSwitchboard Operator Richard D. Snediker Director, Business Operations! Services Janet Snively Acquisitions L.T.A., Library Richard D. Snyder Associate Professor of Mathematics William M. Spalo Visiting Lecturer of Business Administration Michael C. Spellman Director of Development i I l , I Rick Spencer Director of Admissions Wesley F. Stieg Professor of Biology H Bernadette Stry Secretary, Alumni Paul W. Sutton Wilma L. Sutton Secretary, Economics 85 Business H Administration Professor of Computer Science Gael D. Swing President -' Edward Talbot Visiting Lecturer of Computer . Science l l ,K l if j Kathryn D. Talley if of Sociology ii ta j James A. Taylor ii Vice-President of Academic Affairs 85 Dean of Faculty '1 ji Beverly J. Thornburg qi Associate Professor 85 Chairperson k of Health, Physical Education and Recreation ll , Eric Thornton W Equipment Room Manager, f Fieldhouse I Q Mark Tompkins , Assistant Professor of Business Q Administration Allen VanderMeulen, Jr. ', Associate Professor of Economics l it Assistant Professor 85 Chairperson Madeleine VanHecke Assistant Professor of Psychology James Vito Visiting Lecturer of Business Administration Steven R. Voight General Mantenance William S. Vose Adjunct Professor of Education James Wachenheim Instructor of Health, Physical Education, 85 Recreation Judy Walters Assistant Professor of Computer Science Bill Warden Head Coach, Men's Basketball Debi Weber Clerk fTypist Paul Weeks Admission Counselor Barbara Wells Visiting Lecturer of English Patricia Wiggins Secretary, Athletic Department Richard J. Wilders Associate Professor Ka Chairperson of Mathematics, Academic Coordinator of Advising Center Jill Wilkinson Director of Special Programs Margrethe Williams Director of Counseling Thomas A. Williams Assistant Professor of Biology Shirley Wilson Assistant Professor of Mathematics Barbara Wolfe Reference 85 Periodicals Librarian Jeffrey Woodruff Adjunct Professor of Business Administration Marianne Yacobellis Adjunct Professor of Business Administration Bernard G. Yevin Associate Professor of Business Administration John J. Zenchak Assistant Professor of Biology Linda Zeoli Secretary, Public Relations l 159 l SENIOR DIRECTORY Jeffrey C. Ackerberg cum laude Business Cathryn A. Alexander Accounting Dale Kenneth Anderson Bank Management Jeffrey Mark Anderson Accounting Lisa I. Argenziano Accounting Carl W. Ashworth, Jr. Computer Science Lynne C. Austin magna cum laude Business Psychology Steven Watson Ayers Political Science History Richard S. Babjak Business Psychology Anasuya Baddi Computer Science David Earl Baker Computer Science Joseph C. Baker Biology John Peter Barba Business Michael Eric Bates magna cum laude Bio ogy David G. Beal Business Daniel Thomas Bechina Biology Jay R. Becker Business J effry M. Bedore History Jeffery G. Benda Business Jacqueline V. Boruch Bergeron Accounting Lila L. Bergren Business David John Bigalke Computer Science Kevin Lee Binkley Business Laura A. Bogdas Business Jean Annette Bolam Computer Science David Harold Boldt Business Marla Ann Blockinger Bonus William Louis Brell Accounting Ellen Ruth Boltz Brenner Business Michael A. Briskey Business Diane Elizabeth Brown Biology Philip Henry Burke III Physics Rex Norman Bull Computer Science Catherine C. Camilleri cum laude Biology Richard A. Campbell Business Donna Leigh Carlson Business Diana Saltiel Cenci cum laude Art Richard Alan Chang magna cum laude Computer Science Mathematics Nancy Ann Chesloe Business Cynthia R. Chomiak cum laude Computer Science Michael P. Barnick Business gum laudes . omputer cience . Richard Howard Boyd III L1X:.lg,u'Li?:gClnatl Accounting James C. Bartelson cum. laude Business Christine Elizabeth Bradbury Zola Ann Clore Psychology Preschool Education Business Catherine Anne Clough Business Laura L. Clukey Business French Joan Harriet Cole Business Sarah Lynne Cole summa cum laude Spanish Dominic M. Coletto Business Jane Elizabeth Connolly Computer Science Thomas Joseph Connolly Business Maureen Terese Connor Psychology English John Joseph Conroy Business Wendy Ruth Goesle Corron magna cum laude French Barbra K. Dalrymple Business Gail Ellen Darcy Communications Studies Douglas Kay Darrell Business Jerold Edward Davis Biology Harold John Dehr, Jr. Business John Robert Desmond Computer Science Daniel Robert Dickson Business Kristy Lee Dimmick Psychology Nicholas Raymond DiNapoli Business Nadia M. DiPaolo Bank Management Jeffery David Dolan Managerial Finance Melody Dombkowski Business Sara White Donovan Elementary Education Jane Ann Doody Business Elizabeth Joan Dorner Biology Amy C. Douglass Accounting Judith Lynn Elizabeth Dragoo magna cum laude l Communications Studies Roy Daniel Dryden History Anne T. Duff-Dorneker Political Science Manmohan Singh Duggal Computer Science Carol Ann Duncan cum laude Elementary Education Robert J. Dunphey, Jr. Business Nancy Marguerite Ebersold magna cum laude Accounting Michael Edward Eyster Business Rowena P. Felix Science Thomas Harold Feltz History Anthony Michael Ferrandino Accounting James J. Finnegan English Spanish Laura Elizabeth Fish Business Diane Marie Fisher Business Eileen T. Freebairn Physical Education Barbara Elizabeth Friedel Speech Communications! Theatre Psychology Donna Lee Fuhr Elementary Evangelos G. Galounis Computer Science Cheryl Celeste Bate Gardner magna cum laude Accounting Laura J. Geserick Computer Science Business Melvin H. Gilfillan Business Donna Ann Ginocchio Business Steven W. Glasgow Business William Patrick Glavin IV cum laude Business Speech Communications! Theatre Nancy Kay Glos Computer Science Jeffrey L. Goff Business Computer Science Matthew Daniel Goff Accounting Patti Golding cum laude Business Scott A. Gonia Accounting Brian Adrian Grabowski Biology Howard Jonathan Greenberg Chemistry Computer Scienceitf Scott Anthony Gresko Computer Science Susan M. Grow Business Chester M. Gulczynski cum laude Business Kolleen Marie Guy History Drusilla Dee Hackl Biology Scott Lee Harmon History Amy Starr Harvey Computer Science Michael Clark Hayden Business Gary D. Helck Computer Science Frances Ann Heller Exercise Physiology Doris J. Helton Computer Science Anne Kathleen Hengehold gum laude sychology Speech Communications!Theatre Karen A. Henry English Daniel P. Herrmann Business Sarah Dawn Stirn Hoepper Business Timothy Allen Hoesch cum laude Psychology Michael Thomas Hofbauer Computer Science Elizabeth Anne Hogan Elementary Education Brenda K. Hornyan Computer Science Debora Lynne Howard- Paulson English Alison T. Howard Elementary Education Fredericka Ruth Howard Speech Communications X Theatre Religious Studies Mary Alice Hamlin Hoxworth D Elementary Education Julie Elizabeth Hubbard- McNeill Computer Science Anthony Milton Ill Accounting Satoshi Ishihara Economics Jon E. Jacobs Computer Science Business Todd Jacobson History Ruth Ann Janes summa cum laude Computer Science Spanish Fredric J. Janzen magna cum laude Bio ogy James Bradley Jarvis Business Gary Francis Jaskolski Psychology Charles Fredric J audes Accounting Dawn Karinn Jensen cum laude Mathematics Psychology Leslie R. Johnson III Psychology Mark Alexander Johnson Business Religious Studies Raymond Charles Johnson Business Ruth E. Kaiser Computer Science Barbara Johnson Kauffman magna cum laude Accounting Mark Steven Kaufman Business Patrick J . Kelly Accounting Sharon Kay Kennedy Physical Education Robert Michael Kimmel Business Karen Terry Kitchel Business Richard Gerald Klaczynski cum laude Accounting David Michael Klecka Business Cary Robert Kledzik Business Mona L. Knight Business Theresa Bonelli Knudsen Elementary Education Michael Harry Kontos, Jr. Speech Communications!Theatre Philosophy Robert Carl Kovacs Computer Science Richard R. Krajecki Computer Science Daniel Lee Kramer Business Katherine L. Kreimeier- Gracey Recreation Donald Robert Kronenberg Psychology Linda Susan Kruse Business Sheila J. Kruse Business Richard Andrew Kubilius Biology Anthropology Ute E. Kuske. cum laude Computer Science Kimberly Jean Kyp English Kim Kristine Lambert Accounting John A. Langman Business Sally Lynn Dailey Lanier Elementary Education Lynn Husband Latimer Art James Day Lawson II Speech Communications!Theatre Karen Sue Lembcke magna cum laude Political Science Diana Lynn Leslie Accounting Nancy A. Lew Computer Science Mariyn Riordan Linden cum laude Art Carl A. Lofgren Bank Management Kathryn A. Lovelace Business Lorie Lowey Physical Education Steven J. Lundgren Business Susan Enid Maass Biology John N. MacLeod Bank Management John J. MacNamara Computer Science Heather Susan Mair Art Patricia A. Mansfield Business James Gerard Marks Business James Gerard Marks Business Wayne J. Mattick Business Linda Marie Maurer summa cum laude Mathematics Pamela Gail McCambridge Speech Communications! Theatre Art Rose Maria Loyd McClurg cum laude Accounting Michael Edward McFadden Psychology Sheryl Ann McFarland Accounting Michael McGrory Business Brian James McKay Business Q Kent Andrew McKay Accounting Computer cience Geraldine Ann Palter McLaughlin Business Susan Aileen McMullen cum laude Computer Science 16 4 Joyce Ann McQuen Business Virginia Maria Perez Mejia Business Todd H. Melin Business Todd Turner Melton Physical Education Grace Mendoza Business Spanish Jeffrey John Merrinette Political Science History Catherine Lynn Middleton cum laude Biology James W. Miller Business Karen Linda Miller Political Science History Roger L. Mills Computer Science Boyd S. Minnix Accounting Computer cience Lucia Asensio Misantoni Accounting Julie Gayle Mitten Business Alicia Ann Mizerek Biology Chemistry Albert David Mondrella Business Catherine JoAnne Mullen Psychology Spanish Q Sociology Anthropology Kevin M. Murphy Psychology Denise Therese N eagle English French Carol Anne Nelson cum laude Business Eric M. Nelson Business John Peter Nelson Jr. cum laude Chemistry Biology Connie Jean Nesler Accounting Michael Scott Newman English Thuy Ngo Nguyen cumlaude Art John E. Nosek Business History Kristie Ann Ochampaugh Accounting Sarajane Johnson Ockerlund Elementary Education Robert J. 0'Connor Recreation Speech Communications! Theatre James Edward Oja Physical Education Daniel G. 0'Malley Accounting Computer cience David J. 0'Malley Business Computer Science John F. 0'Neil Business Computer Science Janet Sue Oost-Hummer Accounting Jenifer Susan 0'Rourke cum laude Political Science History Jeanette Marie Partridge Computer Science Business Carol Marie Patrick Business Lisa Diane Pattyn Psychology David William Payleitner Business Holly Elizabeth Pearson Computer Science Denise Marie Pesce Physical Education Connie Lynn Peters Computer Science Michelle M. Rodrigue Peters International Business Brian Earl Peterson Business Robert J. Phillips Political Science Richard L. Pinder, Jr. Accounting Computer cience Edvardas P. Pocius Business Nancy Linda Poklen cum laude Mathematics John R. Pope Business Carolyn Jo Porto Elementary Education History Janet E. Poulos cum laude Computer Science John George Pritasil Business French Catherine Irene Pugh Accounting Jeffrey Ben Ritsema Computer Science Mathematics Sheri Rene Robey English Debra Lynn Rhind Rode English Accounting Gregory Alan Rode Speech Communications! Theatre Care Roza English Speech Communications! Theatre Melody Rolando Russ Business Michael D. Ryan Computer Science Ann C. Rybowiak magna cum laude Psychology English Marcia Lyn Saxton Computer Science Nancy Lynn Schaeffer Speech Communications!Theatre Sandra Lou Wesemann Schaus Accounting Dawn Marie Schleifer Business Pamela Ann Schmeckpeper Psychology Dale Francis Schmitz Computer Science Ray A. Schomas Computer Science Donald James Schroedle Accounting Russell Harlan Schwander Business Annette M. Scott magna cum laude Computer Science Kelly E. Shaff Physical Education Jonathan Blake Shanower English Political Science Kenneth Karl Sidesky Computer Science Joseph Albert Siebert Computer Science Cheryl M. Simpson Biology Mary Beth Sinclair Biology David William Sindelar Accounting Lloyd R. Singer Psychology 'M E t , Lyn Terese Miller Smith Accounting Sandra Mackey Smith Computer Science Treasa Lynn Smith Music Religious Studies Carole Cummins Spurgin cum laude Economics Theresa Ann Stark cum laude Biology Paul David Stevens, Jr. cum laude Physical Education Jacqueline Suzanne Stone Psychology Craig Michael Strohl German Computer Science Philip C. Stromberg Business Christopher James Stull Political Science History Kathleen Rae Sullivan Business Rebecca Lyn Svoboda Art Chemistry James A. Today cum laude Accounting Kimberly Sue Tomasko cum laude Computer Science Mathematics Janice M. Toth Political Science Timothy William Trenkle Sociology Kc Anthropology Kimberly Ann Tummillo Business Communications Studies Patricia VanTreese Ulery English History Karin Kay Ulrich Business Cheri L. Urban Business Rory Van Poucke Business Nancy Curley Venice Business Mary Katherine Verdun Accounting Michael David Viers Business Recreation Gregory James Vogel cum laude Computer Science Mathematics Joellyn McClelland VonDeBur Biology Kristin Marie Dominique Vondruska Biology Julie Ann Votava summa cum laude Business English Kimberly A. Walsh- Pourtabib Accounting Vera R. Wakefield cum laude Computer Science Beth Ann Wandrey Psychology Patricia A. Waters Elementary Education Darla Orban Wawers cum laude Computer Science Mark D. Wawers Computer Science David Allen Weick Psychology Cynthia Jean Wells Accounting Amy Wendel Elementary Education Alison Carmella West Science Robert Todd Westmoreland Business Marjorie A. White cum laude Business Gary Dean Whitman Accounting Kathleen June Wiggins Business Mark Stephen Williams Physical Education Paul Anthony Witkus Accounting Judith Blaze Wojciechowski Elementary Education Bradley James Wolfe History Speech CommunicationsfTheatre Steven J. Zeitler Accounting Mark S. Ziccarelli Computer Science History R 'll yi i i .El ll i la I l ,I I ll F I ry 4 .1 5 il I l lil 5. l ll' a l ly l lil Q6 ll lla in il l ll. .lp gi fi 1 th We're finished! Finally! I use the word "we" deliberately, for I could not have finished this book without the help of my dedicated staff. I especially wish to thank Julie Schlaug and Ann Randall for the many hours they spent with me in the Spectrum office, drab as it may be. I also wish to thank Jim Bull of Josten's Publishing Company for his patience and help. Special thanks also to Jim Tweedy and Tom Wagoner of Wycoff Portraits for their photography and cooperation. Marv Meintz also deserves a word of thanks for putting up with my daily pestering for pictures and for sharing his supply of pictures with us! Finally, I wish to thank all the students, faculty and staff at North Central whose inspirations made this edition of Spectrum possible. Many thanks again, to everyone on my staff, and I welcome anyone and everyone to join next year's staff! I hope this 1985 edition of Spectrum brings back the special times of this past year for a long, long time! This edition has now, finally, at long last come to . . . ZCf,Q.4fp.nA.,, ' 6, Q?" PRINTIDKS UD VIIBUSNING UNISON 1 L f 1 S 1 Y P 7 N il IOSTENS 3 g ply W..

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