North Central College - Spectrum Yearbook (Naperville, IL)

 - Class of 1984

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1984 volume:

,,,-viii" .f-wwf' V-P.-,ff -T :Q fvaq-rfg,,gqi:,f-1-ggig?-q,y Jag! gl SJ , , . fdpgfv gf Karak' 113fE'f9:2 'ir ,ag U it -155- ,fx 'WNY f , 1' Q. . ."':i I ' 351310: JL- TV 'fl' 1- if 4 . 's . fr'- 1'. A-Z ,, -YQ , L, 01 I', in , iii . I J, v 1 ' v ,. . I , ,K . X, J' U .- iv 1 4 2 'js f is W 11. 'fx' ,.. 'a 's Q4,x ,Ar ,1- : gf. ' , ', 4 ' -5.1: J: W -- .,- 5, W-. ,, .,...,-,-.1..,.11!CL Q., ,H , W V v :N . VI, f". -, ' V J 1, - ' 17 ,fl 1 A V, f " ,' , V W W ' li , 5+ ,E - '. 4, . , ' 'I .. .,-A , " wif. ' 'f ,Q L.: -. '1' .3 ,2- ..v- 1 4 " H :Y w 1- a Uv. , fa, f -.5 ' 1 - 4 .. 1 H' W I 1 : 7 X F rl I Y 'i v1 -ji' ' -, , p 11 73 If Rr. , ,V-L. 5' 4, f v ,- . ,Nm .Wx 5. ,. 5 ,Q HJ Y, ' -fN'v: "I , N A 1 . ' ,L :IX Y v 4 ., 7 S . . 'L-v av. k ., ,,,,. 'iff ,134 .I 'Q '-' . ' . 4 24 ,L 1 ,My 1 , -s -A1 , , . I , . , 1 ,. ,..4. .f '- ' ' f ' ,- V ' . 1 V . 1 1' luax'ixm.gLa4..LmaA3mf-.wu...114 g545::S.:k.:.-f.'.,.: ..'...1a.4-J, m.,J1.1. -A :-. ,114 Li, L-. :T I 5 A 5 vu N ' ' ' P K l X 1 naw -ww V 5'-5!5!'r5"'i JEIQELIELY - :HE '- mm 'TY""' vf """' . M 3 S? E1 51-F--ff, EH A 'x , VV , 1' -' v af-IliiF..1l.EiI'11'TF1lI"fIs2?5-1 ' W. f "' V9 5- Hail n Qyp x MW ' ' T'u:'fn:f-?!"""!' L Wx N X W i M W N' N qiiiillllllllllill-if X ff ' N' lmfH!,l!2i-E-2-:azz-ii3Q!QmF'f1 Il V -J "'?-5'7f:"-'i"-"-'i"""ZEE-'.-g""' f- 1 A, ' 5 L2-5-' SQ W jj fx A , ,Mx 'Q f XX 1984 jk, I M SPECTRUM if X 'Q- Tootpri nts Une night a man hao a orearn. He oreamea he was walking along the heach with the Bora. .7lcross the shy fiasheo scenes from his life. for each scene, he noticeo two sets of footprints in the sanag one belonging to him, ana the other to the Bora. When the last scene of his He fiosheo before him, he looheo hack at the footprints in the sane. He noticeo that many times along the path his we there was only one set that happeneo at the very Richard R. Gross, a senior here at North Central College, was a special kind of person who touched the hearts of many. He came to us from Fithian, Illinois and resided in Geiger Hall. As he was a source of strength to all who knew him, we are proud to dedicate this yearbook in his memory. .all M MATER North Central is the school we love, To her we sing this praise, And from the East and from the West You hear the voices raise . . . Chorus Ha-il! Hail! North Central Hail! Our Alma Mater true, We'll always, always loyal be To you, to you, to you. Your sons and daughters come from afar To find a home with you, To get the wisdom you impart, And sing this song for you . . . fRepeat Chorus! Words by Albert A. Krug '08 Music by Jessie Cowles Krug '08 Written in 1907 Mm il' AN . . ., ', QPWQ-f "4w'ff5a. , N ,'.'1f ,4'EiQ ilwgv-f gf! 5. Q A ww fx 411. M K 'wi r :gn L if , ,, . V, we , . :G S N.. SP' xg yy, N X ww- ix ,z sa W f- 1' vffk x ale 3f0:U'Q1" 'Q X Mi ,ilk '-'M Mwff- ',QN4:q:g 31,152 0 aw! 'J wav!! fx t . , .A Q dk? , Q wg , x v 5 g S V 4, jgik : X W .. 5 1 f f mia! 0 fn Htl' 1 WF " gn . ,-MM., ,K ,?',X,ZN.gkg mfg, ,X iv, .Q , ',., ',:', ' fx M ' - '- N 'm2'w91'4w"'?x:?5'1gjs2' -1w- 51? WWQN imma J g -nv JF ay-f. Q: ,sw -7' -N-Q1 Jw, ff' fs,,,-fzgfff., ' ,s ,' ,Sw , M ,, , 1- pq 'f Aw-1' 5 1' 'W fWm3pef"w.: ww mx 5' . , 33 gig fz 5Q:5WQ?m ,, vp..12'fff fsgufgx L Q52 Sem. ' 1 W ' Wm, sf '- ffl xW'h'w -5-3.7-X? n' 33 X -xx ,fy-fix? 5 V 'f ff wag ,, Qi," 23. zjggflxyq V .M g ' 3 ? ' ,. f - ,W -, .X i A I X ., i-,f-,img 'l 1' .1w,- .1-wf,Qh.,1gxm:..., M, ,.,gQ.Xfw- X +,vQ4w!!91x'.,f M-5-VM., ,144 . . ' W - ' g h fl?-If Wm' ':'1 ,v 4, 5' Q.-' '?'5'KxL?1 " I 41 f -X-h,Kf,,wf4 A . iw SQL W V wx ', . 02-F in w e y wma ,A sw5g85Xf.,j A f ,j r. - jfm-ii, .gl 1- U V -Q-v -e':5'g' Q,:',11g1Q,,gm -ri' ,Zn ,: -r ' .,. '- p , aff? " . -'S SCHOUL LIFE ,,....4.Nu+++++ ........- f , T0 cmuaa va "' """ "M: T0 Wm 9 mT3'ES1Tml'lv I '4i'f:T W f' 15 mann S9 Y 5 ' 'WTI ' ' v I 1 ---- --.- 1 2 . s l 4 Y 4' - -J Ein! acmu - , f f"""E"" ' fd - Wf- '3 :""'? If -GNN 53, 1 YGJLIN3 l Tp n - 4 r W Q I-J" W' ., 1 ' -J KTA A-4h-,-- Yg 2 , . I v " 0 , -V "1'1 --- - ' -f -- q 4 1 .P' ' 0 go 5' l 1, 2 E 6? ,ws 2? E - f 5 I ' 9 2' ff Q 2 - Q 07? "- f 55 L- QQNWQ , 5 5 ' .- ' 0 2 G0-5 , M 0 . 2 ....Q l 2 5 i"'HIB' x 5 "5'.'dia"': wvcffwz Q '-,Q lj A 112 0 NA ERVILLE 5 5 T I! ,-A i 1 X -4 - X -2 . , ----- - I I 1 Ava S ..- 1' R us' I J ' w I E " ' E AJ - L ' f N ' ' ff ? VET . , I ' ww .9 i, . E-1' + g 0 1 ' 2'-"' U - 29166, 5 I i1 1 x 1 - - - Q-J ... .U ,I , . ky Q cmucoromm mu ---- ' 2- fyi ,ff .l .. I 6 . 34" N .000 "UUE, K 'A mm' 9 9 9 i11'::Zf ,, ffzi A Of: if ' Q1 E 5 Q11 AFAK - ' usu , J to .x ' F X, 'mo 0- ' X + M mmm: K0 K X M ,X k , O X f x XX- Axxxxifi "-X N . fix sis? 4 ,lg North Central Coney NCC 0 Q xc' ' X W ,ska ya Km Lf' , ,z V-, 'ff if if f My 2 I T 1 1 4 V 5 I A 1 R 1 7 , Q 1 1 E I L I I pi, A CA US I , 1 ' ,W J.. ll H I' H Wx f' J ' f W , , X ,, M , U1 f fffff 291045 1 Q22 3113 www nz . E W......-I- ? i Z 3 5 3 f f X A 9' My ' N fa W f ,W MM, ,NNW 943415, f ng . N Qs." ' x ff, 4 ,wg-4 ,Qwwk-QQ , "ws ,fJ:'T'f"' N X ' 1 1 f x, 1,k1.,j-QFFQZ y m,.-'ff' ,f I N4 ' iw I, Q .N xg, N M , N' K. A X- V Wx v ,, at mi l ,,.. PEOPLE SMILE - GOTCHA! L, '25 ff, 474 if -wif 'E -14' ,-2 Ayr" fi A J fn, K Round, round, get around . . . i "I-Iold on, I'll think up an alibi, just wait." "You saw who? And they were what? 99 "She takes Geritol everyday!" I R 1 Mlm' J it W' ...,...5 1 i' "Tammy, phone home." Vi' NCC exchange students from the South Seas. as '99 Reach out and touch someone. ?, 1 W, y., 1 JQW -,,,,Z 9, fc? 5 ,Ky ff f !?97!SZ7'WN' A n n . 0 Q 5 a n if if "Irish Spring: It's manly-yes! But I like it too!" 1 M Wy fl if W f X 6, .V V- f 3-wail' "They told me this was the stairway to heaven." X Ig N ig "Hi! What's your sign?" ,gil i .,f,' .L "X ' .,1 -I 3:1 :, fi f f' t y gy X f 95 Si P QA 4 0 1 7637 66 You should see the one that got away! "Monkey see, monkey do!" "We're just two handsome dudes in waiting." is . f ' ' f 44-1. 1 A H QM iiwfl 'VI X x Cv ii- 'F f- ,kk my '- gig 7 f . 5 0 J x 5 1 N I "Faster! Mom will be here in an hour!', ai gc.- 'You don't expect us all to fit in that one canoe." You want me to do what?!" f I 2 I "l'll give it back, I promise!" .hx ' ,M fw f f "Look Angel, I picked it myself!" f, 7 xg 4, 1 if "Say 'Unique New York' ten 4 times ."' "Okay you guys, where's my oth- er Teddy Bear?" "Pm not hungry enough to eat that. 79 Q2 Z zz 25 ff 4 A , Y Q 4136? N -., 4' Working out at the Rall Health 81 Fitness Club 18 l "Really . . . we'1-e just or- dinary college students." Live on Stage: The GoGo's "We weren't doing anything. yn Honest. W fa fag. The Gone Gone's V 'I 9 One on One! Dave, you're such an animal! 'M Q, ,KMLQ A Y X W" Wws gf? "Less than one calorie!" "Sign my autograph for you? Sure! fy 1 V . fm , "Sing what?" u F? i ,s "Diets are so much fun!" You expect me to dance?" Looks like a "10" plus another 24 inches 1-5. "All this studying is driving me crazy!" Vienna Boys' Choir at their early morning practice! "Hi, We're the Ghostbusters!" ' 4 ffm 'W - W. "I know what I'm going to wish for . . . heh heh!" 22 ! Three s Company 1 n "Mother may I?" sa H i 9 ii 1. "It's not easy being Siam twins, but we're used to it!" 1 ge 'A f T e's' , f W, W1 '- 'WY W' V, , 1, ,v , A 1 ,fi ' ,Y 'fy , ' We , CM 9 , i 1 1 4 lf? f s I 1 I W fyz it 1 X if Q 1 f 4 , , ff ff 5 1 3 W K ,f 1, w 4 ,1 vm, 7 6 1 X 4 yY'W 2 ,fy Z J 'I I .aff ' M Q W, .., 5, i 'W ti! X ', 4 .,,. - ' , f' , 1 lfyxwl X 5 ,- Zi Vw 5 ' ' f . A I X 1 f 1 z 7 2 ' E f i 3 ? 2 "And now, here's the 'rockin' beat of Law- rence Welk and his orchestra!" E I :'i1QUOTE5SOMmIMES A JUST G0 ENIOR f 5 6 awa-k GW' ss' Q56 eguccffsswow ., T 'QQ 9,2 N65 A, QNXAS 'G I 'Vw 'TE cl a if fab 1500 W0 'Thanh . S0 OYX6 -wb 60113 6 61,03 0 'ILM' mana " I your - Mqrk, O8 3 "Ev d -Ike sou 4 ' wsggzfzimgz ,ef X A are c.-fou.r'C2.0F Sifvl moY'e.dr'Bdms." U 'Gov-ddhl. hpovfo NO Q Z4 fl wx - 'X W ,I Q- Q0 to Cf T ' . LP 7 0.16 in PM -Qdf,S,q- 2642 Q00 Y. 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" " Q ipffricsi Iwtjfmmwg LV Q nt -Pofgeft , e' 5 s Ac, ff alvfaff ' OM, Lord, H95 'ward +0 Q RQWEI '66 be humble, .when goulre, 7, Uq:j'7z1, 630 Perfect m Cver Lu0li." Q1 ohzo -915' QQ QF . " Awaib- Ko zelickkl 0 P6d'hl:?'v4266' 2 'gf-'5,Zhq . lu awe M 'IT-usb me.-Yes I'm. M H .iiffoflf Q W4 Su-'uou5l." RE 413ahiJlL." 9 GQ! 'Mwngmms RING THE 'Whig u Eu We L R050 tt 'wwkovf li 1 p Xoief U' 6 1 ' XOKTELXWSOOL 0. Soda? xi' wma? 561' ws" 0 Mafia 22' wr . . -fn. X . . 0? ' 4' S-151+ 'Hua xffik -5, 'SMR Ki 6 ffo 406 95454 :Q , .XX MW' 9 wa X Www? '17 QQ E w if Wx -if new 50650 new ba-Q5 .Zv 'fkv 'Q' Q '- -+A -we ,A A y 6 .J Q Q C1050 636' mga Qlvwwwe, 41. ag, gy ol 56" o S- 0 10 r af-Y' " , of xp .U S . 'Q an 4 ftiw' SW Aceh J. db fo is ,egg 5 M.,wgg,x ff 0, '32,jf'w. ,ox wgjzy Wage' og 'SD we-SMX DDC' Q v - Shar Ll ,Z 'Ne' N00 2 0-3 2 Wh 'SVC Lxeevxeh H0 +5 93' X9 QE-Z2 v 'Xbixfg' arid.. lb, . xgcxo' Qt 32960, C 'G ,5 . I gms I an dw 5u5u,,Q.K0 b,NaX5f0w ,. Ig? 'fl'-5, ' mms H. 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H58 dig 613 fn -F-Iam: fsgre, 'f' Q ex6,?'6y Jesu sofd Nvfgngamzcnio 3-ree hgycemaz 1:23, bngi-,6od"'fTMm"n'W':7'g ' 5 ' G r Q7 ebb 474 , Cdhlfidf See 4418 Lfngdom. of 6od.'-1913, Sign' he 05' silk- -mlm:-d lc. christ-Qpsen. - uorrs Pham HE NCC rrow U gvgcjx' it 0 I up 0 XA Ado 24, J' B .... , elcfffzizif -lg wwf Q F1 ' 'P awp- th fha 'B 4!'.f ' of 0.15 aw W2 obo ,Goh rg. qw 'JD will fi E' ,Wx dqcV'q5f,W' 'LL ,if f 51 M34 R OA CBQUJ CJCIEE mjf Flmj'H'1 :IEEE my fAIbev+ Emsramv 'Jim GJu'H'H"iE xiii 33555 mdffef 'Maf cocmzfs hffs wha! N 'HCZEIL Manage az' u'Bee O+ef'L Q, SL, aff? I Q2 bop ba d-CETLCVL.. -I ' . 3 if lwweqjakgfy X 'Barry Sfdlkklsi ff 0 12 45 ' 2-5' E T9 14 f"f"g"'Jf2f4o c .2 L Gag 5449 U Q Q 'V S in Ng Q 439 ' 2 2 " f if 55 .. . 6994- :ii Qi, I 15 mfg wifi 'Me h8dI"'f' ILAZIL ang -S 33, 37 Cab? see c7earL3. " 3737: K f4m"oQne de. Safjrl--E-x.u er Ej 5 The Li-H-lc ibm,-5 P 3' E i "P'iscilIdM Granny Nl N. Acuury A ND bdcY,'. So,-,-,EDGE S F 11 x LOOYI QA" BFSQUISHES WERE 14 0' O ARS VbuLb 12222310 . U .. . Q our 611 on 3 FEED Uiwsom 'D csIPa"af5 AV"'a,,,e, M 7' he harrider I 9 +A 0 fv e Y'C.cfhifwg.b I. d U n 0 Qu" 9 f'a'l'ne.g5 'M' M121 9: Q V 0 f - e gQ'0e6?:ly47:f?, BEV THOENBMEP Q' LD D Q67-1gjJ.2""o,4 Z T55 awww? Q 971 ef' x Lg 'LQ Je . A JQ.----,gk 'Q 5 .. wfff Ewa Qmwf gf 52 X355 X5 'P ,U B Q 3? S Qwosf '75 - -Dofif YH ' 8 N5 I 200 WPI- erin?-0 .006-0061.031 li QM. .6 0,796 9 W' Jody AJ HC lrkgflflfy ,jf fence' Han rme' Jeff." f ,L 62117 682549,- an Ng g YN -Zuma A ynyder 1983 GOVERNOR S HOME TOWN AWARD knots x H' ' f 4 X 46 i f N o ,Mwwaw-I-""' ww Ham PA me 6A em 1 ' A 1 1 3 1 Q ORGANIZATIONS GESTERLE Osterle Library was dedicated in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Clare E. Oesterle in May of 1983. The library houses instructor's offices, art exhibits, and audio-visual equipment in addition to the books and periodicals. Many students find the library a good place to read and study as well as catch up on sleep. It is especially popular during finals week. Front Row: Kathy DeHaan, Joanne Tamms, Joy Hougas, Mary Brooks, Cathy J astre, Kathy Kull, Ruth Janes. Back Row: Jim Bartelson, Jeff Ritsema, Tom Bennington, Bernd Schumacher, Jon Jacobs, Phil Burke. i LIBR RY 7,32 ZW' A 'Q .QW 1 X Y nnnq 'Y F2 Q . my , ' , A 4 U Wm, , -ifffw Wm.. M, 'vi , l-ll A .TM vuywlll .gun sg, John Madormo, in his fourth year as Director of WONC, has worked to increase the variety and quality of the radio broadcasts. Not only has sports coverage expanded, but also coverage of special news events and the number of promotional giveaways which are sponsored by local merchants. Tune in to 89 on your FM dial to hear WONC at its best. With 3900 watts of power, it reaches an audience of nearly one million people from all over DuPage County and beyond. 1 QM Q: -,N..,3ggg:2 ., ' X, A S NN Q xx ,X Q N X. K1 Y' H -12 . hu X "'fe4h Q354f ,nv i 1 AE W JM fa 1 f Wa, ff ,fa W f 'f 7 f . l 1 f y , ,, Political Science Club The Model UN program is designed to provide students an opportunity to bet- ter understand the role and limitations of international diplomacy as prac- ticed in United Nations deliberations. NCC students attended the Midwest Model U.N. in St. Louis and the 5-day Model U.N. Conference in New York. United Methodists Student Organization Q Left to Right: Roarke Anderson, Robert Phillips, Scott McCleary, Karen Miller Robert Tilly, George Sigalos, Gordana Popovic, Jim Peters, Tom Bennington Jennifer 0'Rourke, Jeff Merrinette. UMSO members left to right: Cherie Burke, Kathy DeHaan, Lyn Seiser, Phil Burke. Commuter Club The Commuter Club of North Central proves that you don't have to live on campus to be involved in campus ac- tivities. Commuter Club was instru- mental in the fight for increased park- ing time along campus streets - and they were successful! In spring, Com- muter Club organized a trip to Great America. Three busloads of NCC stu- dents took advantage of this fun-filled opportunity. The Commuter Club is indeed an appreciated member of the campus community. Commuter Club: Front: Kent McKay. Second row: Craig Strohl, Dave Connon Joseph Dunphy, Carrie Roza. CUA CUAB Front Row: Karen Testin, Gordana Popovic, Joyce McQuen, Mark Reid, Ed Ciaglia. Second Row: Karen Solomon, Gail Darcy, Eileen McKee, Joanne Beardsley, Lyn Seiser. Third Row: Terry Fiene, Kim Eddy, Cathy Pugh, Alison Howard, Vanessa Chesney, Cindy Fiene. College Union Activities Board invites all NCC students to "Come on Along!" This group of students is responsible for hosting one major dance each term as well as several dorm lounge dances. They provide special activities for all dads and families on Dad's Day and present a student fashion show each year for Mom's Day. The bi-monthly 25c movies are also put on by CUAB. Another service provided is that of Monday noon hour coffeehouses fea- turing talent of NCC students. The an- nual spring trip is also sponsored by CUAB. SERVICE SYSTEMS vw 4 555. ,Q , if XZ! WW' IWWW g' . 4 2 V WWWW .55 f 4 t ' I ' i ff . ' 7. f A' ,, ..,... I f M k Hom . if vi, ww Orientation Leaders. Front Row: Alison West, Jane Connolly, Jerry Lincoln, Craig Horsch, Fred Janzen. ROW 22 Scott Lloyd, Barney Davis, Sandy Keegan, Robin Burlingham, Kristy Dimmick, Cindy Fiene, Rick Cadena, Dean Mike Moser. ROW 32 Cathy Pugh, Vanessa Chesney, Jeff Goff, Joanne Beardsley, Kim Warren, Terry Fiene, Luvina Beckley, Brenda Hastert. YE RBGOK - SPECTR 2 f N Much thanks to all who helped make this yearbook possible! ACTIVITIES H0 ECOM NG This year's week of homecoming festivities began with Convocation where Janice Novotny was crowned homecoming queen with Patrick Griffen as Casanova. During the week, there was an ice cream social and a bonfire. The Sophomores - Class of '86 - retained the title for the Frosh - Soph Tug-of-War. Casino night was held in the fieldhouse immediately following the football game against Carthage. The Homecoming Dance, i held at Faces on the Green, concluded this busy, enjoyable week. y 4' . ' R ,S Q H f ,QM X T 44 a ' f .f ffl' we A A ,C 1 ,f Hg-9 . f , I ' I ,U 1 5 , 1 S 1 ' .! I i I i V f w I 5 N 3 . I 1 P P I 4 I 1 1 l , I n Nl' fx .n-Y 6 w I 1 I I 43 IN TRAMURAL 'vfwfx Www 1.4. N I UANN PTO AVERTY OBERLANDER ,A X w.'.'4v.,,4,,L,Q. w9..,e, .......m. J 00D KN 1 F' F 5 1' TI ES! av ff f 1' N -ws.. WOM, f .as if ww, if 3 1 -l N SPRING BRE K - y S UTH P DRE ISL al" 'LP Xywi P4 gk This year's Spring Break trip. sponsored by CUAB, was to South - Padre Island, Texas. Over 30 people travelled to the sandy white beaches of the Gulf shores. Students enjoyed sunny skies and temperatures in the high 80's. A one day side-trip to Mexico highlighted the vacation. This week long excursion was organized by Karen Solomon. 1 J f W M fl, , p S 5 jfql' W l :iff 1 1' A iwvif M' M 5. X, x '61 W. N ' 'wr -nr mx. S 4 'N xx , k x .f . " ' ik Q . tix S. ffl nm... X bf A af W .x ik x xxx X ,www ,, Q . M. X., 5, Q 4- -1, 3' 'Q . -Q y ' a xv vm. A-Stk Xin. W QW'-'N 'X !l i 1 i 2 Honors O . Convocation Many NCC students were l honored for their academic n achievements at this year's A honors convocation. National A Honor Society students were t recognized as well as outstanding students in each discipline of education. The l afternoon was climaxed by t the presentation of the n "Woman of the Year" award s to Gordana Popovic and the "Man of the Year" award to Richard Krasowski. 1 1 I 1 N -nal 1 KX. . Q, Q, Aw N' f .f Q wi -A3 , T ,. Q ' L gs 3 5 3 3 1 x 3 ,QQTYWW V gg V ' ' . ax . A 5',sm'. ,Eu ' UFIDDLER O THE ROOF" NCC Theatre Guild 8z Dept. of Music presented "Fiddler on the Roof" in Pfeiffer Hall during Winter term. Tevye was performed by Michael Kontos with Sabrina Konrad performing his wife, Golde. Many thanks to director, Bernard Izzo, choreographer, Laura Grant, and designer, John Phend for their many dedicated hours of hard work which made this musical possible. Also, a special thanks to the orchestra. 'WE so., . , - SPORTS in flflfrm H i ,WABUWH YQ . '--h Q '- . ,- iq Vg I-15.2. ia K xx F . ::':,5, X Q15 K1 i K . F my 'H' I 'M T 3 w.Q,,Qg, I X 1+ , 4, , V I -iw - 7 I F U . DM 'WM 5 Q ' ' 3 K .. 5+ f1 X Q..--.... A ' E -if '., g .i+5vw lg, QJ -Tw fl L - 5 " 4 Af X .f - 'M " NE f f X gi N ' w- AX A Q f .,,. ' -Hg! '-., ' -lei, N' '-': - .x + X,.,,, K :xx ,X Fix ' IN N - -,-ff" 3 '1. x'1I 55: K ,Z 'ESR ?--'I "" -- .X "' f 61:20 'fx' 4 'x Q -V qw A X 0 Q U2 w w e fa, i .,..l' U Q- : : EM F 1 Qff' wx ' if ""-',' A :.,2:1.:: gg .,:. gg . '.V ,..:.' . ' SHWTH - . Q, " N 'N - sw' -, X i ng . . C. L 1 Q 65 - ,X 1 -X X e x- Xx fg -M' A K- xx 2 K X Q .7 ! + ff521 fff3, 4 , 'f f:- M ' xg , X M-"QQ 1.34 .NXK HI . A ,lx x jx x ,X ,X V 1 K 1, - - 7 -,,W xxxx. V R T. ,QQ 1-f' 'A A' V .A1V Q A-1. Q ,A.,1A X ,thnx xg -Z ,L ,Qs ,. N ," HE 'X K-1 4 - if. 'I' ' "" .4.- 1 Nh... 'K ' ' H 1 111 , .::::. -::1,,,,,.... , . ' -. , .....--- 1 1-.Q W 13 fifff X M N ' .,,, f,f, ' ' qw ' - f 551 i f A-QW, N'S CROSS x.-I' 1983-1984 was a year of ups and downs for the North Central Cross Contry squad. After a somewhat slow start, the Cards managed to regain their composure at the Illinois Intercollegiate. Their 2nd place finish to SIU-Carbondale gave the squad national recognition, beating top running programs like the University of Illinois, Bradley University, and the remaining Illinois colleges and universities. At the Division III level, the Cards continued their tradition, capturing their 10th consecutive CCIW title and their 6th consecutive Midwest Regional crown. In the national meet, the Cards had to settle for a 2nd place trophy losing to a very strong Brandeis University. T '. Q ff Q 1 .. ,f 5 Eff National Champion, Tony Bleull, led the Cards with a sparkling a gffi,-1373? ,,," 1st place finish, while Junior All-American Bob Dunphey and , I, , ,VA - Q Senior All-American Ray Krauss placed 7th and 12th respectively. 9 ,5 ur? " Senior All-American Jay Rogers and Freshman Pete Columbus " if " ng ' 1 added to the Cardinal's score, while Sophomore Joe Gross and A ' ' 4 Q " ' Junior Barney Davis completed the Cardinal National Team. With . I Q , . . if gm the loss of veterans Bleull, Krauss, and Rogers, the 1984 NCC New A P ! squad will have their work cut out if they plan to carry on the JW K1 f w running tradition! 33,322 .lwwk lm V K . l W., K, .ITC WW Kwan ' ,Q in fflfs.. if' 'fnif 'ZZ ' Y f, 'ff 4 va A-7' ,, 1 ,VIZ , fwfv M N W . UL u1,,4?"cV 0 'J , ,, 'nl ,L Q ,,,.,,,i..: , ,J rf , . V4 , W ,. , A ' 4 ,, + ,, ff if 2 ,V V - V .ff M , - Q V , V rff",,5f', 1,11 ., ' ifmffe , " W' 1 , .2 2' A ,, W tw--, all , Cm, ,- ,V '- 'V Vw ff WJ Q ' QQ-V 2- ,fav - if 1- V 'Z f , ' ff, ,iyj:Z- ,-',,I f . fZyfW"f A ,af sigvi y w ,Q 4 . ff! X " 4' ""w- -1' ff 'X V V, - ' 2 'v W' uf -1 v ' 'V 2, . 941 ,Q .Z AA . V I -V .2 f ' 'Q 4' V 9 V. ,gd ,,- V V , f lj, " 'f X .' W7 ,' ,I fjgj, 1 . 9 1:3- : 5, V, 3 f I ji , Vw ., t. ? : 'V f W' f Q ,gfw iw I T Q if - 5 ' V I y ' . 4445! ,V 4 ,5 My , H, Z! W an V , , ,Q 71 , , 55 ,W 4 QW? , I . , ,, mf , V., V, V f 2 .si " f' - f' , ,W T . V f Q W Wm M-' 3 4 M.. I Q 4 , 2 3 4 I Jw L ,L ,M , 0 J 1, f , M ,wf 4 rw.-.NV f V J ff Aff' ,, f' wnwm fa 4 f f li 'W 2- f ? W'4E , VV QM'- " 'QEQW .V -A 4121 Q 5? vii sf -3 Q I ,. M-1, Arjzzff W M , f , ,, A,,,,,..,f f .. . . ,,. A A I .47 Q V .df VV.V. .V , . 1 ,ww -V V 2' ' V , f 'f M 'GMI 5-1, f23i:aQ,u ' ff. - - . x 'W . ' -' Y ' V, Vg,-1, ' H,'3'7!' ,I . f. f 1 4 ' t 1 Hifi f LN, ' '- , V H ' ., ,'ff,J1.s,. .V , . ,,f- ,qu , 2,33 Z. -A 'W ... - 'Q ffaeVz,.fff WW .V 2-sg .,, , , 'V VVVV N'S CROSS Q59 4619 fy Members of the "Lady Cardinals" included: Front Row: Nancy Wesensten, Karen Lembcke, Barb Phelps, Nancy Simon. Back ROWQ Fran Heller, Kristy Dimmick, Kathy Kull, Becky Andrus, Coach Jane Kaczkowski. we s 5? A 9 f, V ' ' V, 'K'-N' g, W V AWV 6 ' , 7 nv sb K . ' , Q All . f V-rw, - f OU TRY 7 'f 9 ' 1 'Ma a W A :' W i f 4329 V V 5 . fs,37t,. V, i The North Central Women's Cross Country team showed consid- erable strength, as junior Kristy Dimmick won the 1983 Chicago- Metro Conference Cross Country Championships, covering the 5000-meter course on the Chicago Lakefront in 18:52. Although the 8-member team suffered injuries and often ran with only six runners, the Cards, coached by Jane Kaczkowski, finished third in conference and sixth in the 11-team NCAA Regional Cham- pionships. 4, f ,Q ., f ORTH CE TR The young North Central Football team opened its 1983 sea- son with a 44-0 non-conference win against Beloit College, giving the Cardinals fantastic preseason reviews. However, key injuries to several upperclassmen weakened the team, which finished 4-5 overall, 3-5 conference, and tied for sixth place in the CCIW. The Cardinals were among the NCAA Division leaders in rushing offense with an average of 274.8 yards per game. Post-season honors were numerous for the team. Six mem- bers of the North Central football team were named to the CCIW All-Conference team. Middle linebacker Joe Carring- ton, defensive end Bill Fritzpatrick, fullback Tom Jenks, and offensive guard Tom Murray were first-team selections. Defensive tackle Rusty Graham and punter Scott Nemzek were named to the second team. Seniors Joe Carrington and quarterback Steve Thompson were voted as team MVPs, and sophomore defensive end Jeff Olson was named the "Most Improved Player." The Cardinals were lead by captains Joe Carrington and Tom Murray. The future looks bright for the Cards as a large contingent of underclassmen re- turn to next year's squad. FOOTB LL TEAM im M Y mx Mm X , wx Y- ,MMA wx X SX QA? k XXXX X X g- M . 1, ww K , XNMX W3 ww-M XSEXXX W SXXXXXXQXSXXX ' X NM W x , W M x , 1 w XXXXWW X + Xw ,X X X WW X 4,4 XX 'W es NM 'NS A A- rflfgyq, my, ,X if XX 1- Qx ww w X M ,Mik- w WW - ' mwmW+W-' 'fx' XX, QQSFX X M. W V N ' X ,Pr ,X . ,Aw 1' ww, W X ' XM, 'N' ' Www A - W V .M A i, . ww . f ' f-7-L.-um: w Afwvxv . X bm. - 4 . PM X .w XWW. ,- , - 9-.xlhaii fa ff-iw '+ S"i1PkP'9. - rw, a, ,. di'-A 95" 5 X NX 's' V 'Y fa, X ll x . ' g K ,. ' my W - wg l " , Ag' ',.,Xe x 3 L ., Ns- 34 v I4 w 1-X r. ,, X Q1 'r K- .N x ' 'germ -Q.. Hamann... , A... ,S .-132, S CCER From Row: Dave Klecka, Bill Majewski, Mike Driscoll, Chuck Jaudas, Bill Brodne. Row 22 Al Romero, Phil Stromberg, Kevin Clukey, Rob Battin. Many not pictured! wma had Soccer was introduced to North Central as a varsity sport in 1980. Since that time, the team has been working to prove them- selves a very competitive team. Senior center halfback, Doug Sawyer, set new career marks each time he scored and his eleven assists were a new single season high. Sawyer was a unanimous Midwest Metro Soccer All-Conference first-team selection for the second consecutive year. Junior outside half- back, Mark DiCicco, was a repeat second-team selection. Sen- iors Craig Knabel, Garry Hodge, and Bill Majewski were all members of NCC's first varsity soccer team and the three have each played four years in Cardinal uniforms. 3. ,MMM ' f ww 21,54 f ,M 1 ., J ,, N f I -cfm f 4 4 mmyimwwwvxwmai ox!! MK , . Z 'V N .,...,.,, I , ,,,. , ' x 5436 ,J',f 4 Q 3 25, ff v 3 X 2' ,WI J ,df B A JL 4 , X , f f 'fi HE H5 'ii W .ff ,, ff ,ww I, f"4Mr'2'f7 Q ,. 'V ff' . , nf ff M 4 1 WNV f W f .,,., , 1 3,,,,. "'1eL.1-14:7 .. - ' 4 , ,QIIMQi4V 2- 'y "ff 12,1 '1.,""" '2.4 "9 z 5' ..,wf,-, f J , f ,' i!s xv 1 jff y mg "1 nf 1 f, M, f .. fa' 'f 'fu 4' 41. 4+ ' f ff fo f f A f' nun gf, ,-W! OLLEYB LL The volleyball team, under the first year coaching of Dennis Ryan, showed great improvement as the season progressed. The women finished with a 20-18 record, and they finished runner-up in the Chicago-Metro Conference Tournament. Junior Denise Pesce was unanimously named to the Chicago-Metro Conference all-conference first team, and senior hitter Margie White was named to the second team. Sophomore Jane Buhl and junior Lorie Lowey were given honorable mention recognition. Other players in the starting lineup at the conference tournament included seniors Cathy McHugh and Sharon Regul. RESTLI G Todd Samuel, Kevin Callaghan, Jerry Breitbarth, Tim Linhart, Mike Buczkowski Coached by Tim Brown, a former CCIW champion from NCC in 1978 the nine-member all-freshman wrestling squad had an optimistic fifth place CCIW finish this year. Todd Samuel C18-81 of Naperville led the Cards with a CCIW championship at 126 pounds and qualified for the NCAA Division III national competition in Binghamton, N.Y. Heavyweight Tod Morris C19-10-21 of Downers Grove and Dave I-lolst C9-21 of Lombard at 177 pounds finished third in the CCIW championships, while Tim Linhart C16-141 of Harvard had to settle for a fourth-place finish in conference action. f"" 4 F" A I 5 P Front Row: Coaches Jeff Challender 8: Tim Brown. Back Row Left to Right: Todd Morris, John Faragoi, Kevin Martin Q Q -NE: N' S SW MMING 9 ' M X A , fi 434,133 Top to bottom: Coach Kevin McCluskey, Diane DeGraff, Sue Roach, Caryn Brown, Mona Troxell, Pat Waters, Jane Connolly, Jodi Pajerski, Melissa Falk, Lisa Vana, Eileen Freebairn. North CentraI's ten-member women's swim team, coached by Kevin McCluskey, capped its 1983-84 season by finishing runner-up in the Chicago-Metro Confer- ence Championships. Junior Pat Waters won the 100-yard freestyle and the 100- yard breaststroke, finished second in the 50-yard freestyle, and swam the leadoff leg on the Cardinals conference champion 200-yard freestyle relay team of Waters, sophomore Caryn Brown, and juniors Ei- leen Freebairn and Jane Connolly. Six new varsity records were set during the season. Eileen Freebairn set new marks in the 500 and 1000-yard freestyle, the 200-yard individual medley and the 200-yard butterfly. All-American diver Jane Connolly rewrote the standards in both one- and three-meter diving. 1 3 N 1 0 1 N N 1 t t w E r X 1 N I i I I i l 1 Y s s as , QNX. X e M N'S TENN S The women's tennis team began the season by losing four out of five matches. Senior Pam Stoike, by winning the singles title, led them to a runner-up finish in the Cleo Tanner Invitational. Coach Jan Prey's squad won seven of its last eight matches and finished third in the Chicago-Metro Conference tournament. Stoike, at the No. 1 singles spot, compiled at 16-3 record and teamed with freshman Karin Toth for a record of 13-3 at No. 1 doubles. Toth was 14-5 at No. 2 singles. Jeanie Partridge was the Cardinals only individual champion in the Chicago-Metro Cham- pions. 1- sts-we N- .X . H - - N 1 sf-1.5-wig' ' as W ref - . ' -' ., . , X N OLF The golf team, under first-year coach Lloyd Krumlauf, finished with a 12-3 record in dual meets. They completed the 1984 season with a third-place team finished in the CCIW conference. Senior Bill Smith had a seventh-place finish, and Junior Tom I-Iagmeyer finished ninth. Q! QL. Left to Right: Steve Mildred, Jeff Heller, Todd Melin, Coach Lloyd Krumlauf, Rory Van Poucke, Bill Motzer, Bill Smoth, Tom Hagmeyer. N,S x se, a, j i C . , fy , N Q A "1 - 5' ,. . v .. ,Q , , 39? 'Q ff u .f ff - , wif' 'lvgabm or I A 1" Nh.-"' The 1983-84 men's basketball season at North Central was very successful. The Cards received their first invitation to the 24 team NCAA Division III post-season tournament. Senior forward Mike McFadden was the unanimous choice to the All- CCIW Team, the All-Midwest Division III second teamg and was selected as recipient of the MVP award and rebounding awards for the third consecu- tive time. Freshman Curtis Hudson was voted "Rookie of the Year." Other awards were received by Senior Joel Kessler CCardinal Awardl, Junior reserve center Kerry Kelly fMost Improvedl, Sophomore point guard Greg Papacosta fBest Defensive Playerl, Senior forward Bill Marshall fFree Throw Trophyl, and Freshman junior varsity center Jim Bausch fAca- demic Awardl. BASKETBALL Front Row: Student Asst. Frank Janczak, Robbie Carr, Steve Mildred, Bill Rizzo, Russ Baker, Marvin Lindsey, Tony Jordan, Greg Papacosta, Asst. Bob Bray. Back Row: Head Coach Bill Warden, Curtis Hudson, Tom Pavich, Mike Mc Fadden, Bill Marshall, Kerry Kelly, John Giannini, Jim Meyer, Joel Kessler, Nate Harris, Asst. Dick Helm. ff' A Q? s,-Q,..,,..,.,..-W.-, 1 as Q V X M l ...AE-Z NS I UI' NCQ A? 4 N55 L 2,155 14 12 1 Front Row: Margie White, Tammy Binder, Sharon Kennedy, Sarah Shillington, Kim Wallner fco-captainl, Lorie Lowey. ROW 2: Karl Schleich fasst. coachl, Jeannie Jordan, Cheryl Juris, Kathy Phelps, Sheryl Fincher, Luvina Beckley Cco-captainj, R. Wayne Morgan fhead coachl. The NCC women's basketball team, under the coaching of Wayne Morgan, had a very impressive 1983-84 season. During the NCAA Division III tournament, NCC rewrote most of the cham- pionship team records, including: most points, one game: 105 and most rebounds, one game: 66. North Central finished the season with a record of 25-6 and a fourth place NCAA Div. III Trophy! ASKETBALL ff? fy ff vig, 5 2 ay! 1,7 --u-ov'- Q ww Bihari ZW ff? 5 F N,S ' 1 V 3 i 5 K 3 4 5 fl I I 1 I 72 The North Central girl's softball team rounded out their 1984 season with a 4-2, 6-3 sweep of Millikin University. Although ranked ninth in the NCAA Division III poll, the Cards ended the season with a 7-12 record, hampered both by an unusually cold and wet spring and an early season lack of offense. Next Spring looks promising as the majority of the young squad will be returning to the ballfield. N S TENN S .44 Front Row Coach Jan Pray Back ROW Rich Chang, Dave Johnston, Bob 0 Connor, Dave Krabbe, Brian Davis, John This year, the men's tennis team got to play on their very own courts here at North Central College. Coached by Jan Pray, the seven-member team finished sixth place in conference, one notch high- er than last year. Juniors Rich Chang and Bob 0'Connor, and senior Vince Baratta each won their opening matches to give the Cardinals two points, enough for a sixth-place finish. liJ The North Central College Base- ball team had an exciting season this spring. Despite its weak start, at one point the team had a 12-0 record in CCIW play and a twelve-game winning streak. Un- der the coaching of Tom Purcell, the young squad finished its Flor- ida spring break tour with a 7-3 record and completed its regular season with a record of 22-11-1. 7 5 1 N' S TRACK Q, Yep Front Row: Barb Phelps, Renee Murray, Becky Andrus, Kathy Kull, Dawn Schliefer, Denise Flak, Sheryl Fincher. Back Row: Coach Phil VanLear, Patti Golding, Amy Rink, Lynn Richardson, Kristy Dimmick, Karen Testin, Laurie Fish, Lisa Dorner, Terry Fiene, Nancy Simon, Coach Jane Kaczowski. The 22-member Women's Track Team placed 2nd ln the Illlnols Small College State Championships. Senior All-American high jumpers Sheryl Fincher 81 Karen Testin and sophomore triple-jumper Kris Kalchbren- ner qualified for the NCAA Div. III Nationals competition, where Sheryl placed 3rd in the high jump. ,gunna H M" w in v f f N' S TRACK This year, the Men's Track Team finished 2nd in conference and sent 8 men to the NCAA Div. III Track 8z Field Championships. All-Americans Bob Dunphey and Ray Krauss finished 5th 8: 6th in the 10,000 m. run. Sophomores Kevin Mercer finished 4th in high jump, Gary Peterson finished 7th in the 1,500 m., and Bob Pottle finished 12th in the steeplechase. Fresh. Cliff McCants was 9th in the triple jump. Soph. Jerry Lincoln qualified in the triple jump, and junior Matt Nolan qualified in the 1,500 m. run. Many other outstanding performances were made throughout the season. 2 is 7 4, Z2 PO PONS 1983-84 Pom Pon Squad. Counterclockwise from center topg Alison West, Lynette Shaw, Kelly Meredith, Michele Murray, Angela Perry, Cindy Fiene, Kari McNulty, Lisa Alley, Linda Trevillyan, Amy Harvey, Ann Everhart, Cathy Jastre, Julee Anderson, Joy Gustafson, Karyn Hopkins, Janice Harrod. The 1983-84 Pom Pon Squad performed at all the home football and basketball A games. They aroused and kept the winning spirit going with their pregame and half- time performances. They en- joyed their best year ever! CHEERLE DERS 1983-84 Cheerleaders front row: Chris Rhodes, Kim Tummillo, Patti Golding. Row two: Roseann Calderaro, Monica Hubbard, Julie Taylor, Sharon Reice. sk? I A m w w . 4 ,5 , 9 w Q 'xx-.x:'1-,fl ' , Y . ' I I I g ' -H 'lr'-f-- Eixs-d, Jgf. i w N1 we-we vw- . I' .J in 35 5952? . R - , I Q ' O 'lr' A V 5 QD . pl fig x - '41-"X: ' F ,- yi 7 ' "" ' " '7 ' 425555: ' , I N -' fi x' N"' 9 - . Y 55335535 P A 5 , Eg 1 1 A,,: :sefssfasfh 1 P 9 V , j 4 ,, 'ogsgsigssgib 'xx Xggbix 'V ,-': I U X f x -mfg' R P2 vm M - '-'S N A ' 'Nm W .. ff 2. X nv i J lt VJ EWWPKW 1 fN"L" an 2 53 pviw X . . F., r , JI: ll ,I h Q, O Wx Li I If Sl' Q' ..-1 X552 '25 '12 11'1' E - '. ,.,, ,gtg EX xvixs, , , , , ,-'Y,f' VA.. 1: 19, A: qf'i-S+' .x. y X XX Xxx Xxx 1,557 ' V ,. is 4 l Y j-Jr--5l: xx I X ,:, i7-.-l.LLti Iv.. : ..v. : E: 1I,.,t,,. " Isa 'R A ' . T - Nl -X ffffr-4""" . . ' 'N-"" ' "k" ' S "-- n H FAX iz-I xx' 1 , ,Qs ---1:95 X ' "nd x " ,gf -. wg: , X A X' 1-Wi n g X A 4, f 1 X L ? " ----' ' ,. ., . , l - Q. ,919 flfik 4 ' , N I XX '?:1:f6" ' 4 - , - xr S' .K "",4", 1, .A b f ii! i N xxx A f Q 5 K If S 4 X x 4 xx L.. 44, f 0 X Q ,X no I lx af x , .. I . - - , 1 Q X x 4"' 11116 1 ' R03 6 F' EEE! .5-1, ', 'rg in ,a.!f-J' ' i XX v . 1 v . ' - A X xxx xi? gsm . 's' !"' , "f X I 'sa' - 1 '.'A ,gf-11 ' QW f xf "Vg Q I z 4 , ' X' gk 51 E5 x A L .l. K 4 . 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I r IJQI IIIZII ,I ' II 4 P II " Wi'-4 f J' , .- 2 P - -L - , . , ,..., . .,,.I Im I ygh. iI.,III .,,,..I ,, "" . ng-1 II4- ' VI In " a..II53,Q' 4 '- w z,,I- ix - ' ', 'A II, wg -Lf IWI I ' A .1-, ' h .-EQ fgg-gIEQ,,".Q.,-,M i . II, .5555 4. .1 JIQLQEIII I I ILZQWFII "' "UW -3' 1 ,.v, .1 III NIII IIIIVE . . ,43g3C5i252G gggwig 5 I " .-, 235153 .Al II A iii!! ADMINISTRATIGN President Gael D. Swing Dean James A. Taylor Dean Michael Moser FACULTY A INISTR TION 8z STAFF DIRECTORY Andrew Adams Associate Professor 81 Chairperson of Foreign Languages , Kimmel Hall Direc- tOr Dorothy Alex Visiting Lecturer of English Lillian E. Allison Clerk for Maintenance Dept. Anne Anderson Secretary, Financial Aid Roberta Andre Office Manager, Office of Admissions Harriet Arklie Director of the Library Marilyn Babjak Secretary to Director of Development Sundar R. Bajaj Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science Janelle Barcelona Visiting Lecturer of Business Adminis- tration Ellen Bartel Visiting Lecturer of Education Ginger L. Batterton Divisions Secretary Jan Baumgartner Loan Collection, Financial Aid David Belanger Dean Carpenter DiI'6CT.OI', Career Plafllillig KL Placement Admisgigng Cgungelor Theodore J. Belanger Director of Busn. Operations 8L Services Sophie Bell Food Manager, Cage John Bierbauer Adjunct Professor of Computer Science Thomas P. Bishop Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science David Blight Instructor of History Marti Bogart Instructor of Economics Barbara J. Boyer General Office Clerk, Registrar's Office Robert L. Bradley Assistant Professor of Foreign Lan- guages Sheila Brennan Assistant Professor of Mathematics Minnie Brinkmeyer Secretary to the Registrar Allen B. Carius Director of Athleticsg Associate Profes- sor of Physical Educationg Head Coach, Men's Cross Country and Track John Cerovski Professor and Chairperson of English Jan Cesaretti Director of Residence Life Florence D. Chambers Instructor of Mathematics Mary Ellen Chinn Bookstore Manager Michael A. Chuisano Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics Betty Christman Secretary, Computer Science Jeffry E. Clark Director of College Union 85 Student Ac tivities Charles E. Cleary General Maintenance Rebecca Cochran Visiting Lecturer of English Gus A. Constantine Professor Kc Chairperson of Education Sally L. Cooke Circulation Librarian 84 Cataloging Asst Robert Cosgrove Visiting Lecturer of Art John E. Doyle Visiting Lecturer of Economics Gary Crowe Head Coach, Women's Swimming Diane Divigneaud Professor of Art Emeritus Richard Crowther Instructor of Physical Education and Athletic Trainer Katherine Edmunds Barbara Crumpler Director of Financial Aid Secretary, Office of Development James E. Elander Len Czyzniejewski Assistant Professor of Mathematics Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science Jeffrey Emrich Sheila Daly Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science Admissions Counselor Paul Eshelman Kelly Dartford Visiting Lecturer of Art Visiting Lecturer of Speech Communi- cationsfTheatre Bruce Feddema Adjunct Professor of Art Wilma Delaney Visiting Lecturer of English Sally Floyd Assistant Director of Financial Aid Patricia deRosset Visiting Lecturer of Busn. Administra- tion Jean F. Fortino Secretary fo Vice President for Continu- Leticia Diaz ing Education and Special Programs Assistant Professor of Foreign Lan- guages Mary L. Frech Visiting Lecturer of Businesss Adminis- Charlotte Dietterich tration Coordinator of Admin. Data Processing David A. Frolick Helen Dillon Associate Professor SL Chairperson of Assistant Professor of Computer Science Polmcal Sclence William S. Dillon Diane Gaskill Visiting Lecturer of Accounting Visiting Lecturer Of Aft James R, Doody Marcia Gaspari Director of Public Relations Assistant Director of Admission Harriet Doud Karen Gilberson Secretary to the President Accounting Supervisor-Busn. Office Virginia Goodman Secretary, Public Relations Marcy Gould Food Service Manager Patrick Gray Adjunct Professor of Accounting and Business Administration John Greenwood Assistant Professor of Psychology Priscilla N. Grundy Associate Professor of English James R. Guthrie Assistant Professor of English Richard Guzman Assistant Professor of English Garth Haines Assistant Superintendent, Physical Plant Shirley Haines Registrar Walter G. Halliwell Visiting Lecturer of Accounting Shelley P. Hanson Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science Doris Harris Assistant Professor of Education John Hart Visiting Lecturer of Busn. Administra- tion Kay Heilemann Secretary, Athletic Department Andrew J. Adams Anne Anderson Harriet A. Arklie David L. Belanger Sophie Bell Arlene Berger Marti S. Bogart Florence Chambers Sally L. Cooke Leticia Diaz James Elander Sally Floyd Marcy Gould John Greenwood Priscilla N. Grundy Jim Guthrie Richard R. Guzman Doris Y. Harris David A. Horner Bernard Izzo -'-,wks Q - , A y A fx, - M all r i W-M W or lags xxx-' -- . A X .X.sgi 1 Q T N ws QW? M X ..., X. D Jane Kaczkowski Marietta Keating Marlene Keegan Holly Klocke Barbara Kosinsky Frances Lackler Fred Lawson Nancy Leet Robert T. Lehe Thomas M. Love John V. Madormo Terrence Marsh Ann McKinley Peggy Ann Menda Bettye Minnix Howard Mueller Helen Naumann William Naumann Kay Nelson Marjorie Ochampaugh Jeff N. Heller Associate Director of Admissions Nancy Hemphill Secretary, Advising Center 81 Weekend College Becky Hoag Director of Church Relations gl Special Activities Clifford Holdeman Superintendent Physical Plant David A. Horner Instructor of Chemistry Christine S. Hyatt General Office Clerk, Registrars Office Barbara Isaacs Campus Minister Bernard P. Izzo Professor of Music: Artist in Residence Tom J. Izzo General Maintenance Sunita Jayaram Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science Charles Johanns Visiting Lecturer of Busn. Administra- tion Donald Johnson Professor 8: Chairperson of Computer Science Michele Johnson Adjunct Professor of Foreign Languages Walter Johnson Admissions Counselor Wayne W. Johnson General Maintenance Jane A. Kaczkowski Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion, Head Coach. Women's Track 81 Cross Country Marietta Keating Secretary, College Union Marlene Keegan Secretary, Library Al Kleinaitis Head Coach, Soccer Holly Klocke Instructor of Speech Communica- tionsfTheatre Barbara Kosinsky Audio-Visual SL Asst. Circulation Librar- ian James Kowal Adjunct Professor of Computer Science Lloyd Krumlauf Instructor of Physical Education: Head Coach, Football Richard Kuhn Adjunct Professor of Busn. Administra- tion Francis Lackler Secretary, Education 81 Office of the Dean of Faculty Christine L. Lawson Assistant Director, Continuing Educa- tion Fred 0. Lawson Associate Professor of Political Science Bernard Pierre Lebeau Professor of Foreign Languages, Chair- person, Division of Arts and Letters Nancy Leet Secretary, Dean of Students Robert T. Lehe Assistant Professor of Philosophy H. Kenwood Lewis Director of Planned Giving CMaryJ Yueh-Ping Liaw Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Physics Paul H. Loscheider Vice President for Business Affairs Thomas M. Love Associate Professor 84 Chairperson of Economics Richard J. Luze Vice President of Continuing Education and Special Programs Bayard Lyon Associate Professor of Busn. Adminis- tration Stephanie Lyons Bookkeeping Machine Operator Bernice Mac Kenzie Administrative Asst. to the Dean of Fac- ulty John V. Madormo General Manager of WONCQ Instructor in Broadcast Communications Gordon Mahoney, Fr. Campus Priest Richard E. Paine Kristine J. Peters Jack Phend Donna Ringelstein Jack Shindler Bonnie Simmons Barry Skurkis Beverly Thornburg Judy C. Walters Tom Williams Barbara Wolfe Janet Snively Richard D. Snyder M Wilma Sutton Inderjett M. Mangat Wayne R, M01-gan Kay J. Nelson ASSiSl8Hl PI'0f9SS0F 34 Chairperson Of Instructor of Physical Educationg Head Health Service Director ACCOUUUUS Coach, Women's Basketball and Softball , n . Majorie Ochampaugh Diana Marder Timothy M01'1'15 Secretary, Career Planning KL Place- VISIUUS LGCLUFST Of PSYCh010gY Instructor and Chairperson of Phili- ment. sophy Terrence G. Marsh Professor of Chairperson of Biology Anne Martin Visiting Lecturer of Education Sandra Mc Guire Secretary, Admissions Bill Mc Hugh Head Coach, Men's 81 Women's Diving Mehry Moukhtar Ann W. Mc Kinley Professor and Chairperson of Music Donald E. Mc Vicker Elaine O'Donnell Phyllis M01'Sch Secretary, Admissions Secretary, Alumni Department D James E. Osborn Michael Moser Dean of Students Richard E. Paine Bill Motzer Assistant Director of Admissions Ljonsfffheatre William Perez Associate Professor of Religious Studies: Assistant Professor of Psychology Chairperson, Division of Human Thought 8: Behavior Kristine Peters A . . Howard Mueller ssistant Professor of Computer Science Associate Professor of Religious Studies: Associate Professor 85 Chairperson of Chairperson' Divlslon of Human Sociology and Anthropology Marvin Meinz Assistant Director of Public Relations Peggy Ann Mendak Assistant Professor of Education Bettye L. Minnix Cashier Marie C. Mitchell Receptionist, Admissions Danny Moore Food Service Director Joseph A. Moran, Jr. Visiting Lecturer of Accounting Thought Sz Behavior John Phend Assistant Professor SL Chairperson oft Speech Communications!Theatre Jonathan Mueller Instructor of Psychology i Julie Phend Coordinator of Non-Credit Programs Helen Naumann Visiting Lecturer of Art: Art Assistant ' i I I Russell J. Poel ' Jeffrey Naumann Professor of Chemistry ly General Maintenance - College Union I Janet Pray i William Naumann Head Coach, Men's Sz Women's Tennis l Professor gl Chairperson of Religious Studies Thomas Purcell Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- Edward H. Navakas tion, Head Coach, Baseball Visiting Lecturer of English Julia Quick Francine G. Navakas Hall Director, Student Employment Associate Professor of English Coordinator Asst. to President for Special Projects A Instructor of Speech Communica- A Linda Ramsey Ray Lisa Schiffleger Richard Slovacek Assistant Director, Career Planning 81 I1'15tituti0na1Re5ea1-Ch gt Ge1'1e1'a10ffiCe Associate Professor 84 Chairperson of Placement Clerk Busn. Adming Chairperson, Div. of Eco- nomics SL Busn. Administration Maria Rankins Patricia Schott , Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics Supervisor, Copy Center Cody Smlth General Maintenance Al Reszka , Geraldine M. Schulz , Professor of Computer Science Coordinator of Development Services Rosemary Smlth Administrative Coordinator of Weekend College 0lf5e:efJztLi:JZl1?sAlumni Kyle Schumacher ' Director of Alumni Relations Betty Smucker ReceptionistfSwitchboard Operator Donna Ringelstein Barbara Sciacchitano Health Sefvlce R-N' gsspcclijilte Professor 8: Chairperson of Janet Snively Acquisitions L.T.A., Library Clarence Roberts Professor of History Emeritus 84 Archi- Donald T. Shanowel. Richard D Snyder vist Prpfessor SPGGCI1 C0ff1mUUlCaU0U5fTh' Associate Professor of Mathematics ea re Bernadette Rockney . . Payrol1!Records Clerk Wlllmm M- 511310 , 4 Anne Shen-en Visiting Lecturer of Busn. Administra- Professor SL Chairperson of Chemistryg HOU Phyllis Rollins Chairperson, Division of Science Secretary, Transfers, Admissions Harry Spataro John H. Shindler Head COaCh, Golf Dennis Ryan Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor, Assistant Athletic Directorg Head Coach, Volleyball 85 Men's Swimming Anna Shogel- Accounts Payable Clerk Michael C. Spellman Director of Development Rick Spencer John Ryglewlcz Director of Admissions Groundsman Cherokee A. Siebel' Mailroom Clerk Wesley F. Stieg Bonnie L' St' John Professor of Biology Secretary to V.P. for Busn. Affairs Bonnie Simmons Assistant Professor of Accounting Paul W. Sutton James Saloga Professor of Computer Science Ad' tP f fB . ' ' - Uoiunc ro essor o usn Administra Henry L. Skoglund Professor of Philosophy Thomas Sawyer Assistant Professor 81 Chairperson of Barry Skurkis Wilma L. Sutton Psychology Assistant Professor Sz Chairman of Art Secretary, Economics gl Busn. Admin. Q I E. i David Swift Avinash Vaidya Richard J. Wilders P Head Custodian, North Campus Visiting Professor of Computer Science Associate Professor 84 Chairperson of J Mathematicsg Academic Coordinator i' Gael D. Swing Allen Vander Meulen, Jr. President Associate Professor of Economics M31-gl-ethe Williams Director of Counseling Kathryn D. Talley Madeline Van Hecke Assistant Professor of Sociology!Anth- Assistant Professor of Psychology Thomas A, Williams ropology Assistant Professor of Biology Laine T. Vincent Christine K. Tani Visiting Lecturer of Foreign Languages Dale Wigniewgki Visiting Lecturer of Busn. Admin. Visiting Lecturer of Art Steven R. Voight James A. Taylor General Maintenance Barbara Wolfe Vice President of Academic Affairs 8L Reference 81 Periodicals Librarian Dean of Faculty William S. Vose AdjUI'lCl PI'Oi-CSSOI' of ATT. Marianne Yacobellis ViJay Thakkar Visiting Lecturer of Busn. Administra- Visiting Lecturer of Accounting tion James Wachenheim Instructor of Physical Education Beverly J. Thornburg G. Bernard Yevin Associate Professor Sr Chairperson of Associate Professor of Busn. Adminis- Physical Education Judy Walters tration Instructor of Computer Science Eric Thornton Anne C. Zeidman Equipment Room Manager - Fieldhouse Bill Warden Visiting Lecturer of Speech Communi- Head Coach Men's Basketball cationsfTheatre Mark Tompkins Assistant Professor of Busn. Administra- Paul Weeks John J. Zenchak tion Admissions Counselor Assistant Professor of Biology l l l i I 1 94 A S ENIORS Senior Teresa Loraine Adams English Thomas Adrahtas History Timothy J. Ahrens Computer Science Mark F. Albrecht Business Jihad M. Aldaas Business Audra Rita Alekna Biology Robert Paul Allison Elementary Education cum laude Jean Elizabeth Allured Business Lorraine Alice Comfield Amodio Computer Science Mana Anadirekkul Computer Science John D. Anderson Sociology Anthropology John F. Anderson Business Roarke L. Anderson Political Science Richard F. Andrus Business John Taylor Atkinson Accounting irector William Alan Baird Biology Vincent John Baratta Business Psychology Charlene Ann Barrett Business Brian Eugene Bastin English Busines Marketing Football, Track, CUAB, PLA., I.M. Softball. Senior gift program Sharon B. Gieser Beck Business William Joseph Behling Business Ellen Therese Behrends Computer Science Art Thomas Francis Bennington, Jr. Political Science History John A. Bernard Business Scott Joseph Berry Sociology Anthropology Robert Edward Bird Physical Education Anthony D. Bleull Chemistry Rae Jean Reinhard Bolin Accounting Mary Therese Bonaccorsi Computer Science Cynthia Kay Boswell Elementary Education Art Kyle Edward Bovie Business Baseball-Captain Varsity Club-Treasurer I.M. Basketball Jeffery R. Braun Accounting Computer Science Timothy L. Bronars Business Janet Kay Brown Economics Roxine Lukens Brown Accounting Gerald G. Browne Computer Science Christine M. Banas Budzinski cum laude Accounting Penelope Ann Bunch Business Donna Burdzinski Business Robin Elizabeth Burlingham Business Speech Communications!Theatre WONC, NC Chronicle, Alpha Psi Omega Orientation Leader Stephen John Caravello III Accounting Andrew Blane Carey Biology Victoria Christen Carmazino magna cum laude Accounting Computer Science Patrick Kevin Carney History Francis J. Carrington Chemistry Biothermal Engineering Football, Dr. Who 8t Midnight missions Kathryn Lynne Carson Elementary Education Jodie A. Castagnoli Accounting Computer Science Vanessa Marie Chesney Biology Chemistry XCUAB, Tri Beta EAO-Pres., Chronicle, Food Crew, Theatre Debra Lee Childs Business Psychology Director of Alumni Assn. Ting-Liang Uamesl Chin Accounting David Jean Christensen Computer Science cum laude Richard Kent Christensen Chemistry Business Football, TNL, Bible Studies, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Paul P. 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Wenstrup Accounting Debbie Ann Wenzlaff Business Nancy Jo Wesensten magna cum laude Psychology Keith Wetteland Accounting Ice-speed skating CNat. classl, Tennis, Golf, Softball, Track, Honor Society Christopher John Wheaton English Business Cross Country, Track, Varsity Club, Chronicle James Joseph Willer Computer Science Brian Todd Wilson French June Caroline Exworthy Wirtanen Business Wendy B. Wisch Psychology Anne Louise Zale cum laude Biology Mathematics Chemistry Golf, Im. Football, Tri-Beta, Math Club, S.A. Disc. Committee, Student Affairs David James Ziebell Accounting John Steven Zozokos Business Donald C. Zych Computer Science 1 i Carolyn Tracy Cheri Urban Lisa Waltrip Dennise Watson Robert Wegele David Weick Janice Novotny, the 1984 Homecoming Queen. Nancy Wesensten Christopher Wheaton y i James Willer Anne Zale David Ziebell John Zozokos J U N IGRS Russell Ahrens Cathy Alexander Lisa Alley Michael Angel Steve Ayers Frank Balsamo Jim Bartelson Allan Bartulis Jeff Benda Kevin Binkley Terri Bonelli Greg Bown Phillip Burke Donna Carlson Rich Chang UNIORS "ht-1 "Sv .U-0 A tl 114 l Lynda Chiverton Edmund Ciaglia Zola Clore Sarah Cole Jane Connolly David Connon Maureen Connor Camilla Caruswell Barb Dalrymple Gail Darcy Douglas Darrell John Desmond Kristy Dimmick Nick Dinapoli Lisa Dorner Bob Dunphey Nancy Ebersold Darice Ebers Joan Ewing Michael Eyseer Jaymee Filline Diane Fisher Eileen Freebairn Frances Furio Paul Furio Jeff Goff Scott Gonia Allan Greenberg Sue Grow Scott Harmon Fran Heller Karen Henry Beth Hogan Craig Horsch Allison Howard Frieda Howard Janet Hummer Satoshi Ishihara Ruth Janes Fred Janzen James Jarvis Gary Jaskolski Trey Johnson Kerry Kelley Robert Kimmel David Klecka Rich Kubilius Karen Lembcke Steve Lundgren Kent McKay Joyce McQuen Sue Maass Kevin Madsen Linda Maurer i ff Qfvfff 4, f 4 7 ww Grace Mendoza Cathi Middleton John Nelson John Nosek Kristi Ochampaugh Dan O'Malley David O'Malley John 0'Neil Jeanie Partridge Carol Patrick Nho Pham Rich Pinder Ed Pocius Nancy Polken Albert Petree Catherine Pugh Mark Reid Michelle Rodrigue Ann Rybowiak Lynn Smith Steve Smith Chris Stull Takao Tamai Janice Toth Linda Trevillyan Kim Tummillo Karen Ulrich Lisa Vana Vanessa Vasquez- Mendoze Michael Viers Julie Votava Pat Waters Alison West Kathy Wiggins Nancy Wisted Deb Wolfe Katrina Woodward Jacqueline Zeigler Brian Zinser .2 R X ,. vi.. awww 'muster 'B rau 118 ' 'ff' , M ,,,, , . 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OPHUMORE Randy Arb Jim Baker Russ Baker Dan Baldauf Eric Bartel Mike Baughman Joanne Beardsley Luvina Beckley Tammy Binder Cathy Boswell Susan Boudreau Nadine Bozek Caryn Brown Bonnie Buchinger Jane Marie Buhl SOPHOMORES as 3. .J xx an X Steve Burger Bill Burgess Cherie Burke Roseann Calderaro Colleen Carter Tim Chapnick Kevin Clukey Gina Colacicco Harriet Cole Thomas Condon Julie Courson Kathy DeHaan James DiDomenico Althea Escoffery Brett Falk Tony Ferrell Cindy Fiene Greg Fink Robbin Frederickson Judy Fusek Sheryl Gallagher John George Curtis Goss Jim Granholm Joe Gross Belinda Gruber Sheila Heitke Vennaraye Hoffmann Theresa Hogan Darren Honda Joan Jagoda Tony Jordon Kris Kalchbrenner Cheryl Kennedy Dan Koch Sabrina Konrad Pat Kordas Maribeth Kunes Tom Lange Brett Leifheit Steve Libby Laurie Liesner Jerry Lincoln Phil McCain Clarence McGuire Tim Macijunas Kelly Meredith James Meyer Michele Murray Leisa Nibert . 1 S 5 ii? 4 Marty Ohlsen Jeff Olsen Kim Olson Michelle Pappas Cliff Penfield Joe Petrzilla Brooke Phelps Kathy Phelps Craig Pinley Gary Peterson Bob Pottle Kirk Price Christine Rhodes Dave Rickert Donn Rickert Sonia Rivas Sue Roach Susannah Ross David Ryan Paula Sackmann Wendy Schabacker Jim Schneider Lisa Scroppo Jim Seidel Lyn Seiser George Sigalos Mike Soenke Kevin Stahlman Mike Stefan Sarah Stone Julie Taylor Jack Varela Elizabeth Warman Lee Waters Mike Weber Michelle Wegrzyn Cynthia Wells Scott Wilkie Joseph Wrzosek Holly Yeates l FRESHMFN J Juleen Anderson Marion Baker Diane Balkcom Linda Balsamo Susan Barrick Pat Barry Robert Battin Susan Beren Wendy Bitner Tom Bojan Mike Boone Jeff Borkstrom Darrin Bragg Mark Breck Jerry Breitbarth William Brodne Mary Brooks Amy Brown Becky Brown Mike Budler FRESHMEN I I 1 6 V J j,3 Mike Bukovsky Jon Burrichter Kevin Callaghan Robbie Carr Peter Carroll Tom Carroll Elizabeth Charron Frank Chavez John Clayton Jennifer Cnota Tim Coffey Randy Cohen Pete Columbus Barb Connell Craig W. Crossin Alice Czwornog Brian Davis Trilby Davis Stephanie DeFrancesco Marci Delp Lee DeKing Gary DeMont Mark Detert Denise Didier Glen Doering Mike Driscoll Chris Dutka W.J. Eagan Andrew Eriotes Suzanne Erzinger M 127 Ann Everhart Jim Eyman Melissa Falk John Faragoi Steve Feilen Anne Finch Charna Flennoy Mark Fuhr Susan Gagnon Sharon Gargano Carl Garrison Robinette Giacolo Paul Gonzalez Brett Goral Pat Gosselin Jennifer Greenwood Greg Grimm Jacqueline Grubner Joy Gustafson Pete Hallam James Harrington John Haynes Debbie Hedeman Kim Heien C K K James Helwig John Hernandez Larry Hinson Pat Hinton Ken Holden Dave Holst Holly Holtzapple Karyn Hopkins Joy Hougas Curt Hudson Dan Hughes Ed Jackman Christine Jackson Cathy Jastre Linda Jelinek Chris Jett Aimee Johnson Jim Jones Paula Jones Russell Jones Jeannie Jordan Ron J urkacek Jill Kestler Ratha Kheowkhamsaeng Jim King Ed Klawitter Dennis Kluk Greg Knight Mike Korinek Sherly Krass T. Randall Kruse Kathy Kull David Lahr Linda Lake Michelle Landato Mellissa Larsen Janet Lay Todd Lee Jean Leturno Van Lewsader Tim Linhart Sarah Lowery Joe Madden Sue Maier Russ Manis Michelle Mark Jeff Martin Bruce Marty Doug McBain Cliff McCants Carmen McCormick Lisa McGuire Brad Medgyesi Maria Merrill Greg Mikszta Jim Miller Steve Miller Jodi Miracle Paul Moussa Walter Morlock 3 2 al? ff 'Zn W 'E' K A' 5+5"'f 5 ,, Q, Kentz Morrical Kevin Myers Renee Murray John O'Brien James Ohlinger Jodi Pajerski Kathy Panse Dheanna Pappas Scott Parker John Patrizi Tom Pavich Holly Pearson Mike Pentz Troy Perrine Angela Perry Mike Peters Christine Petroski Joe Pinder Dennis Piron Ed Plys George Porter Darren Pryor Beth Ramirez Jim Rausch Anita Reddy Christine Reger Matt Richards Steve Riesenberg Amy Rink Derek Riveiro Paul Rogers Al Romero Jim Ross Michelle Ross Marc Ruff Alfredo Ruiz Christine Russell John Salvi Susan Schieszler Barry Schell Kathleen Sedivy Ronald Selesky Sara Sharp Lynette Shaw Bonnie Sheridan Kathie Sheridan Sarah Shillington Joel Showalter Loren Shrout Susan Sick Greg Siegel Jerry Slina John Sloan Keith Smentek David Smith Joseph Smith Kathleen Smith Patricia Smith Sean Smith Carol Spillar David Stalker John Stanton Karen Staschke Craig Stefan Rita Steinhilber Shari Stephens Lyn Stevenson Joan Stohl Anthony Sum Christine Swanson Tina Swedberg James Szymanski Joanne Tamms Rick Thorgesen Elizabeth Thorpe Jeff Tilton Mona Troxell Ray VanHootegem 4 Jim Venturini Kara Vigsnes Kristin Waehner Gregory Wells Pete Westhoff Bill Westphal Carl Williamson Bob Wold Bill Wolf Allyson Wolkowicz Craig Wood Kelly Wurtzlar Annette Zilligen Jane Zolecki S.: qv fi Q . ' L.. ADVERTISING Ji, OUTER? 114 N. West St. 22 W. Jackson Wheaton, IL 60187 Naperville, IL 60540 C3121 668-0118 C3123 355-0934 Congratulations to NCC's 1984 graduates! ' 39 ervin . ervln apervf e lnce 1875 W. Jefferson Downtown Naperville orhCent IC llg S g N t students for over 100 y Ill ll lil CRDER BY PHON ill III! ll Ill E OR COME IN finer foods D, no W- Jefferson Chop Suey and Chow Me'n 1 Naperville, Illinois 245 South Wa5lfl"Ql0" S 60540 Naperville, Illinois ' PHONE 355-o4oo or 0401 ill ll ilk ll ll ill mf BEIDELMAN S1nce1931 SWhgt t ' "60540 A 239 Napervllgggglgnl I I 4904 f I ll ,A-1 liilil i I I ' il 1. 1- -- . as in on Sreet ols L 5 - I f A g I . L Huntinqton ljlnzn ' Naperville PHC 'L ' 370 . . , N L . 0 MID AMERICA 1478 E.Clrir'1qoAxr.llNlnplr Au. 7 13120-l 00 0 Q NAPERVILLE mf-'fFf'f??5g:,Z:5 1001 S W8Shlngt0n St Phone 420-1001 House of special deep-fried pizza .V -' er. 9 E Ogdin Ave phone 420-3000 van dykes INTERSTATE P l.l.E T COMPAN LONG TIME SUPPORTER OF NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE Quality Name Brand Apparel Ladies Mens Juniors Young mens Children OGDEN MALL 1247 E. OGDEN AVE. NAPERVILLE lL. 60540 357-1980 .v From one grad to another. . . wif'-if , CONGRATULATIONS' ' eQgSUN PNN 'HB C0- . I ,44 fr fjgx 0 Harold E. Wh1te rr 7 + '5':2,fQf2g,'3,"' 0 Www ggi Class of 1935- E , BROCHURES ass-om ,A 3 Edxtor 81 Publrsher - CIRCULARS NAPERVlLLE'S ONLY ' NEWSPAPERS COMPLETE PRINTER 'llllilli-W 'zaaeizrwc .L I x ,, . Ki ' 2 "' SUD Dil BINDEIRY Huw- V 9 W. Jackson p 0 rrrf 'gf' Naperville M0061 I 1, W, M-r W rlver " ' Q,1rIJl?'i'?'E1:l'l 'wqlgi' ' f?klf5z4"r?lr 'LVM w 5:11 MX egg 711 ,431 , .E , ,Jr L, If, :::::,:5::: I Q P tg 351-6500 PET CENTER Dunurv Fooo Q 'Wg' "We're Out ol lne Ordlnary ' l W. ll "" ' , Group Partles 0 Tours ' Dine-In 0 Carryoul 0 Delivery FROM PUPPIES TO GUPPIES WE'VE GOT THEM ALL W 909 E. Ogden Ave. 0 Naperville, lL 60540 ' 1259 s ocneu MALL NAPERVILQM Mlm V X, 00253: as 7 .. L , L Q , tors r , -:-M Ax 9' 1. Q33 xy 4. ,-.N 3 , .lg-:-.XS , V' o ack T-. sl: . N 2' ,um , ,N x gy, ,av rv x . ., we r . ., -v X Congratulations to all NCC 1984 Grads' WE WOULD LIKE TO D H J M A dl DDQ r lllrllily BentfmrA ee EXPRESS OUR Naperville IL 60540 APPRECIATION TO THE FOLLOWING Washlngton Square Restaurant Erlenborn s Potter s Place F4365 vgx A I' F Q 11 'i B 3 , W 'N-uf' 8 THANK YOU Remember Support those r who are supportlng us' Qu vffm -san .NG 5 Q- ls X me C ftgfge ,Q 5-wif? 'S- ,f ' .9 ' 'P " K A X.. al? 2 'N , will -"' 5' 'ga W E? If 1984 SPECTRUM A special thanks to- Co-Editors: Cindy Fiene Staff: Lyn Seiser Julie Schlaug Bonnie Buchinger Terry Fiene Robin Burlingham Michele Murray Renee Murray Dave Smith Keith Wetteland Dave Connon Bob Qunphey Barb Carlson Kelly Meridith Susannah Ross Kathy DeHaan Mike Pierce Photography: Rick Cadena Camden Bobek Bruce Marty Scott Wilkie Cindy Fiene, Julie Schlaug, and Bonnie Buchinger for their seemingly endless yearbook Sundays! Thanks also to all who loaned pictures from their own personal collections' N 139 AUTOGRAPHS J M 'qw 9' A - ,juz ' .. .- wr q.a3.L1 T. -lm : z wi 1- f,' J.--,, ,rx I lim.. 4 x-fix f ,W -ax 'v .V ,- c", , gy ' 1 Q? . ....,v , M yt -4,-Q., Q A VH ,.., . 1 , - . W qbyflkg,-A " HUT! . ,. -4, :xyj,Hf.,, WV - TV' '1:'Y""lY- -if ' m 1 fy' - rx Mnyfk. C, 3 W ' 14 r L .14 ri' . ' Q .:M . 1 ,x A.. x V , '. 1.. va -K, J., 1 . 'S .V-g 4111 ve W1 ,:. vw., -4- . 45: " lx-fillif .L , -f1?,:'-lf-he in 43 4 3, ,cuff z z, -li' , , ,ug 1 ami I 1 .w -' , pgs, ,s. FTW-V A- . 2' ' L Ji L 5 'V 3:4-, - . .1- . ,, -, 1, f A -. A 4 '-ff-1. 5-' ' 5?-M5 T ,'4?"'.f'1:'1'.w 'MN .- . 'x ' ', ,L iz, Eg A'-'45-.Q-,,,k,4::.,m. fy-:J "'g':g ax vp' ,xfgfpiil N J. sv k!.u.j"'1' ' 75 :.v,.1.,l-45.

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