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NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS had-E R .El1. D LL, X 1 ' omp ro er of X Iolyn Mie 'e V0 9l'Rl-nfs Asst: Edi cir 'V 1 b vxa ar s Editor bs' I X ..,,,.,. tu Mrs a ute ' AdV1SOF ,,.F' """: Galen Haney A 2 C I I .b X' 4 -W lk .... n ..... t Q' .8 . Q Syl P lx 1 7 ..- ,YW , -o,- -. ,..., ff ,, 53,5 " 5' '-1 we-4? M 1 5 .wh in S "K :"' ggi -xml Ek af f"w, ' 3, 'Qi QWMF, ' ' if Qin W 2 VT il. 4- Ba ' ff aw :f gi' 'W .iid fx 5 f. 3 5 - 5 Qg V. u an ' JV, 4 . , . I Un fi. aa-. fi , "M x"N ' , S , ?Ii1aIl,, Memer Field- jievery day, and we fP2fh4PS We will , leave the 'we will some- Wherever we go. as great European our thqughts or HaT1 . Per- 4 will caiise a haf w A ' 4 the Old Mam or 1 af peaceful we n -Ay! V v During the past thirteen years, Dr. C. Harve Geiger has headed the North Central College administration re- vealing his insight, farsighted- ness and dignity. Since his coming here in 1946 he has made great contributions to the ad- vancement of this school. He has shown his desire and readiness to aid students and faculty in the search for truth. He has given his under- standing, his guidance and his friendship. President Geiger's academic background began in 1922 when he acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. A Master of Arts degree from Harvard University was earned in 1928, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Columbia University in 1940 completed the list of honors. It is appropriate that Dr. Geiger be pictured with Old Main, our campus' most honored building. It is a building that has played an important part in his life, and, he has played a similarly important role in the Hlifel' of Old Main. Being president is never an easy task. Criticism, com- plaints, and sarcasm are always present as responses to the necessary decisions and actions. It is a position that gives prestige and dignity - but it tempers them with sadness and loneliness. Dr. Geiger will leave North Central at the end of this academic year. He will always be remembered as a respected and admired man - a man to whom we owe our sincere gratitude. "Back of every great man there is a woman." This old expression might be more appro- priately worded to read: "Back of every great man there is a secretary." Few people do as much work and receive as little reco-gnition as do secretaries. The 8-5 day, with coffee breaks, is the source of much ridicule to-day. The sec- retary is beginning to develop into a gum chewing, fingernail painting, gossip savoring stereotype. The surest way of dispro-ving the stereotype is to take a quick look into the many Qld Main ofHces. One sight you won't see is that pictured above. There are coffee breaks, but there's. no mass exit. And there's no- time to sit in the lounge casually. Most times, the coffee goes right into the oflice on a special tray. Then the refreshing cure-all is sipped intermittently, in- terrupted by phone ringings, important mes- sages, or letters that have to- be taken right away. Not only are secretaries expected to have a miraculous capacity for doing things, but they are supposed to remember everything, and to have volumes of information ready to come spilling out at a minuteis notice. A letter may be dictated in stream-of-thought style, and it is up to the trusted secretary to know what her boss really means, and to smooth out the wrinkles. We have an exceptional core of these hard- working women. Even with all the hardships, they find satisfaction and sometimes fun in their work. But the coffee is still a vital part of their lives . . . so . . . set up another round, girls. 7 fly, f Q w fflid 'AY ff l '--f QQ ax l 14,155 Q, 19" In H-he mam who has dedicated himself to his science, to his students, and to Worila Central College, the 1960 SPECTRUM is respectfully dedicated. This s Zu small triclmtc to 2. great man -- Dr. Warren Keck, 6 . W-.. .. -.,. -. . -- ..-,.-.-,,,.,W.-,' -.. 1-,....h.,.w,.1.'.. .,,w-..-..-....-v.nmm- 1 vmummv m .v i-f A, -, -ff TABLE Advertising Agency . .. Administration ..... Advertisements . . . Athletic Board . . . Band .......... Baseball ...... Basketball ............. Biology Club ............ College Activities Board .... .. . Cardinal ................... . . . Campus Church Community .... .. Chapel Choir ............ Cheerleaders ..... ..... Chemistry Club . . . Chronicle' Staff . . . Commerce Club .... Commuter Club .... Concert Choir .... Debate ............ Dormitory Officers .... Education Club .... European Trip . . . Faculty Pictures .... Finance Board .... Football ........ French Club . . . Freshman Class .. Geiger Hall .... Golf ......... History .............. Homecoming .......... Home Economics Club . .. Honorary Organizations ........ International Relations Club .... . . . International Students Club Junior Class .............. Kaufman Hall .......... Kroehler Hall North ...... CONTENTS Kroehler Hall South Kroehler House ...... Library ............ Maintenance . . . May Day F ete ......... M.E.N.C. ............ . Midwest Track and Swim Mr. 8a Mrs. Club ...... Musettes ........ Oratorio Chorus ..... Publications Board ..... Religious Life Council . . Research Laboratory . . . Seager Association . . . Seager Hall ........ Senior Class ..... Secretaries ....... Sophomore Class . . . Spanish Club .. Spectrum Staff ........ Speech Activities Board . . Student Conference .... Student Council ..... Student Union ..... Swimming . . . Tennis ........ Theatre Guild .... Track ................ Varsity Club .......... Wesley Youth Fellowship W.N.O.C. ............ . Women's Senate ....... W.R.A. ........ . Writers' Club ......... Y.M.C.A. ............ . Young Republicans' Club Y.W.C.A. ............ . COQMOPOLITAN COMPARIQON9 The, NCC campus buildings will be compared to "corresponding" European struc tures to create the Cosmopolitan Comparisons theme. So, no matter where you go - the world over - your thoughts will stray back to the campus of NCC You donit think so? Well, watch .... r. "qos-YT ' A ,J Harvey Siemsen, B.A., B.D Vice-President Eggert W. Giere, BA., M.A. Dean of Men v W, ,..,, r.-,,--""" - .- . uf-np.. mm TION F A iw xg! is Clarence E. Erffmeyer, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Students Mildred Eigenbrodt Dean of Women ? "' ' nr ,391 ?:'.:. ROYAL F! 'D 2 , f o,,k 'wi i 4 0 X 5 vw -1 Q4 L--4 . ,amy -' . 4 " 1 X 1 M, 1 K 5 fa an -flwufi Olig ,,'lf 1-swan-euw.fu+f,.,wA,Q-f-,nw-0,M,.4., -m4h,.,,.,f ,vw-mm, , ... ,. V,.,,,.N, . 'ik-+4 wif ma 1" I www-" vmN9y'9F! ff? "X IF' Q...- I .rl vi' X 1 1 v. , 1 in 9 ,Wi .. .fr ,F f 5 M, .1r-gnv-nL- A I me and 'f-'zz-1 film. Cl"-,H Aff , 7 ,35- -7 veit ' '59 . xjgth ami, V wqgxas--s 9, Probably one of the most talented men in the universe is Prof. Paul War- ren Allen, affectionately known as "good old Mr. Allen" by his faithful so-ng-mongers. He may reside in hateful Wheaton, but his loyalty is all here at NCC with his salary, All joshing aside, Mr. Allen has succeeded in developing a choir of which the campus can be extremely proud. Standards have been raised to the point where it is indeed an honor to be a member of the Concert Choir. The choir plays an important role here on campus, and contributes many enjoyable moments to the school year. Many times, the choir boards a bus and travels to some other place for a concert. This past year included several such trips. A weekend tour of Milwaukee came early in the fall. Several performances in the Chicago area were given throughout the year. The Christmas concert and the spring concert were the highlights as far as campus appearances. One of the highlights for the members, though, was the week tour during spring vacation. It was a tiresome, hectic, long week, but it was Filled with satisfaction, interesting experiences, and lots of fun. We are fortunate to have Mr. Allen directing our fine choir. We are look- ing ahead to even bigger and better years for this outstanding organization. 13 I , acsa p is Y so K, ,A ,f f X K QQ f E Jo Schmidt, Carolyn Hubbard, Jim Adams, B Miriam Frasch - an ofhcer-type smiling fivesome. Director Kuiper raises his eyebrows in surprise holds his uniformed band-sters all watching hi: same time. CONCERT BAND I W .mx X -Y ll' N , ef " f 'f ' ' ff AW 7W' f'vlx?E:5f MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS 356 " x ff! A- ' Li. I The beaming faces above belong to the members of M.E.N.C. The college chapter of M.E.N.C. is designed to acquaint the future teachers with the problems that may The Musettes are a new group. They are a 'NVQ' , ,.f. 5.1 arise in teaching experiences - for example, there may not be any chairs. ll very alert - well almost all of them are V 817' ff 1 6 I , M7647 WW- , "WWW" " ' - ' iii fu Practice rooms are places in which a music student may find quiet and privacy to drill. On the rare occasions when two people are in one room, such a scene as this will always and only be seen. Mrs. Roberts is the clerical queen of Pfeiffer Hall and the Music Department. Why, that Harry must know how to play every instru- ment in the whole wide world. PFEIFFER ACTIVITIES ' I l is i 1 These people have all followed the Bible in that they have kept empty so that the director, who stands on a seat while chosen seats in the back, modestly waiting for the director directing, may have plenty of room to fall if he should need to invite them to move to the front. Actually, the seats are or want to. These people are our Chapel Choirites. The Oratorio Chorus imported four soloists and teamed handled it very well, they went -on to give us a spring con up with the orchestra to present a line Christmas present cert of music by J. S. Bach to the campus g a rendition of The Messiah. Since they 18 Friday assemblies provided many happy surprises this year. Miss Jenny Sproull and Mr. James Miller combined their creative abilities and gave much- appreciated demonstrations of their wit. Mr. Miller displays his rather amazing versatility above. He's having a bit of trouble seeing because his magnifiers are on the chick at the right - magnificent Miss Janet VonGunten. Callous Dallas looks on with pained patience. FRIDAY ASSEMBLY pw 9 'Q-.., ,1 if re V 'UI J' M ma., ,,,.-am Glamour magazine sponsored a special contest, and our Chronicle decided that North Central should join in. The object of the contest was to choose two glamour- ous girls from the colleges all over the United States and to give the winners a trip to New York City, complete with many opportunities to be glamourous. A committee was set up with Dr. Nyholm as the head. Several campus beauties were nominated by the committee, and the Final list was turned over to the Stu- dent Body for voting. Above, we see some of the candidates. The vote results made Miss Kathy Shirer North Central's choice. She was then entered in the national con- 't6S'E. had "Well, we do approve of most of the members of the facultyf, These are the sophisticated members of 1960's WHCYS WHO. "Get thee to a nunnery!" Actually, this is a practice scene from "Antigone But I always wear purple ties, especially with my brand new Varisty Club blazer. W t Ps Y J' ,Mg ,U 3 x at e --w....,,.h-A SNATCHES OF EVERYDAY LIVING Now we,re swingin'. I think we need new fixtures. Wheeeeeeeee. What a spree. 5 e 1 I I f vv,,. J.,A 1 0 ' A, if .AAV 4,1 Men ' my room??? ' Smile. You're on T.V. 5 ,px ss, Some days are just like that, I guess. l Well, the invitation said: Wear a. hat and gloves Whew! I'm going to write a novel. I love my teddyg my teddy loves me. 23 "I will lift mine eyes Q a. ry- g ,fx H ' WM l in .nfl f rd . V 'A 1 f' J.- , A . a 4 ,gn ,, fe ,gf ' in-Q 'ivy for-f'+"h' 'I ,,w1f'f" ,F -Biff nqwi' fig. 'Y K V K l' "QM V 'Q 4 Y 'H 12 ,, ,zi,,f.if1 , i 235521 4 2 J ufaffigse 4 ' ft Qu. , ' M ' f NQRTH CENTRAL' S HIGHER GROUND "THE UPPER RO0M" ., , ,.f ,n , Je, f, ,. .'x'-M., ,r ,H-Ee7,rrHAUJIA'I'-upf:4f73J1f.r1,:fv.mnv.-cw,u1u'v,.q .f,-earnm1.Tm,fv:+.frUM.wn:f:fugm.-uwmf--L.,......,,1,...-.,...,..,..Y-...,....,.....-,W......,...,.....,,.,.. TWQTRETLIGIOUS AC an v 'QW' The C.C.C.C.C., see? Campus Church Community Central Committee. Chaplain St. Angelo and President Brian Bender are the shepherds of this flock. These people represent one of our campus minority groups - the Methodists. They are mem- bers of the Wesleyan Youth Fellowship, and Barb Mark is their chairwoman. CShe's in charge of chairs.l K . lv fl" Brxan Bender Prof Klaas Kuxper Harry Rlehm Dean ten Ruth Gauerke Judy Davxs Barb Mark Sue Eller Erffmeyer Ron Gullstrand Chaplaln St Angelo Bob Burk These people compose our campus RELIGIOUS LIFE Chaplam St Angelo Reva B1esterf1eld Rey Hernandez Ron Bridenthal and Presldent Bob Burkhart represent the SEAGER ASSOCIATION These people are preparlng for full txme c:-:, 22,3 2 EEE 6 at PFW C15 CAMPUS Y. M. C. A. Thanksgiving baskets for needy families and toy showers for underprivileged children are two other activities of the Y's. Naturally, where there's a Y.W., there a Y.M. Delbert Meyer, BACK ROW: Robert Lange, Advisors: Elmer Sundby, Jacob Sackmanng David Willard, and David Senn. FRONT ROW: Allan Robb, Bob Worner, President Ron Gullstrand, Ron Gibson, and Ralph Seeger. v 4 A.W.U.S. queen is uniquely elected during World University Service Week. Each nominated girl has a jar, and voters contribute money to W.U.S. in the jar of their choice. The jar with the most money is crowned queen. That is to say, the girl whose jar has the most, of course Kitty Agne crowns this year's queen - Nancy Keating. ,mf CAMPUS Y. W. C. A. Margaret Kuglin, Advisor Betty St. Angelo, Millie Beine, Karen Feik, Rosalie Bargmann, Marilyn Gibson, Margaret Stevens, Phyllis Decker, Carol Miller, President Judy Davis. The year begins with "Y" activities. Freshmen are introduced to our campus by upperclassmen known as "Big Sis" and "Big Brother" - as the case may be. This fraternal spirit fin the family sense of the word, of coursej helps both to orientate the Freshmen and to begin the "Y" program for the year. 29 Rafi as 4 1 "yn 4.:Qm'i N4 MMM sm" M1ss Ruth Gauerke, along with Chaplain St Angelo faculty advisor Del Earisman and a central commlttee, made careful plans for the Stu dent Conference of 1960 Restoration of Mea 1ng Two men were brought to the campus to lead the program Dr Paul Elmen and Dr Harry DeW1re addressed the conference several times, and were avall able for d1scuss1on and counseling during he week. Special displays were set up as a part of the F1ne Arts emphasis which is a part of Stu- dent Conference. The week began Wlth a ban- quet pictured above. Dr. DeWire ponders the ap- parent starvation of his table mates. "RESTORATION OF MEANING -" 'A G+' Ml r MQ! in df i' A 0 'sf Fireside discussions are one of the most interesting parts of Student Conference. This somber group seriously contemplates the Beatnik Situation. 31 ! 1 'F ' P -H 'sr af" 5 Q A M: f 1' ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS just take your pick, girlsg send in your choice with fifteen large economy size. They're handy for moving furniture Pepto Bismol labels, and we will ship him C.O.D. Full Pretty sharp looking crew, hey what? Guarantee. Be sure to specify size. We are pushing the Want a letter for your sweater? Then you'd better Latch on to one of these seniors. 34 4 Ray Anderson, Lynn Kukuck, Bob Gullborg, and Bob Beatty - Var- sity Club officers. The Athletic Board always holds meetings in French. Monsieur La- tham ofliciates. f f sl' ,a v Ullll QIHAM 4 ?luIlIlll' 1 25 fff no , s.... A W ,V ., y f'4 'J .. SPOTLIGHT ON WOMEN qv-I 3 The WRA girls smile en masse as Fran blinks. Wysong, Fouts, Zeman, Hein, and Miss Tanner pose in an oflicial capacity "'-. X 36 Z A champlonshlp team Conme doesnt even need a raquet' WRA g1ves an opportunlty to release those aggresslve ten Gay . l Mfr V ."5f:" 1. , 0 ,:,,., . l,' ", ,V W r I 5 J : Q-1 45" , w' wi If xr if I I f US THEM 13 6 . . . ...... Anderson 7 26 . . . . . . Northern, Ill. 7 23 . . . .... Augustanaf 70 6 . . . . . . Elmhurstf 12 6 . . . .... Millikinif 7 7 . . . . . . Wheatonaf 14 l4 . .. . . . Carrolllf 0 6 . . . ..... Wesleyanlf 6 O . . . .... Lake Forestf 9fConference game Turpin ambulates while Crusaders contemplate the logos. The Cardinals, under the direction of coach Jesse Vail, had a 4-3-2 season record this year. CQuite sequentialj They placed fourth in the CCI, consequently, with 3-2-2 conference record. The team tied rival Wheaton Crusaders to end their 14 consecutive league victories, and they also beat Lake Forest for the first time since 1950. Edging the star Anderson Ravens was another thrill for the season. The Cards set two new individual records during the year. Reinhold Fritz tied the old 94 yard mark for the longest touchdown run from scrimmage against Car- roll on October 31st. Stu Perkins set a new conversion record as he kicked ten con- secutive extra points in the Elmhurst game on October 10. Jack Nothacker was named Most Valuable Player. He has shown fine versatility during his four years at NCC. Jack played at halfback during his first two years, moved to fullback last year, and then played end this year. He has also played de- fensively each year. Jack was captain of the squad this season. Two North Central gridders placed on the 11-man NAIA All-District football team, chosen by the district coaches. Tom Dean, center, was among three of the re- peaters on the All-District team. John Turpin was voted to the one half-back post. Nine of our men made the All-Conference teams which were chosen by the CCI coaches. Four Cardinals were voted on the first offensive team, and three on the first defensive squad. Twenty-four varsity football letters were awarded by head coach Vail. The group included seven seniors, twelve juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen. The seniors were Wes Gross, Ron Gullstrand, Don Long, Jack Nothacker, Frank Shigut, Frank Trossen, and Floyd Van Barringer. Jack Drinkwater and George Holt are our other two graduating Cardinals. 39 'fQf""i'h1 ' .f NV g.. 59+ Why, that one feller got his head kicked clean off. 40 KWH r l 1-"M c af w .fa 51..M..... . Is this organized confusion or confused organiza- tion? What a coach! Even helps kick the field goals. 4-1 4...--1 X 3' 5 1' V' 5511 :sift-gg.. . . M nt: 2' F kv w fi ff f' X -Q ff -Ps 9? I me 3 P"'A. if by An exciting 93 yard run by Reinhold Fritz gave the returning alumni a spectacular play to talk about. Puff Canon and his music men, aided by beautiful decorations, turned Nichols Hall into a 1920 ball room. Every dormitory contributed to the atmos- phere with unique decorations. A prize was awarded for the winning dorm and for the winning float. Homecoming came to a climax when Pfeiffer Hall drew everyone into its walls for an all- campus worship service. ,ww 9.145 i z" ' Seventy-six trombones blasted away in en- couragement for the team. Good old Charleston dancers gave their unique support to the team. Altogether now. Sf' It was a great game, but Carroll Pioneers managed to tie the Cardinals. xW Always consider both sides of things. Hmmmmmm. 'uf 'xl Q rm M .. ...W 1 V X I 'Q gg h ,, f ff 1 0 f 5' Y-,ww U J I X. Wmvfww ,... . U -M j3'J'4'1"----774' ..-:L . f f w WN J K -'qmf 'QLKQ 'Lf IV: "m'i"sV',Vf "" I i'lI -.f BASKETBALL The team and Coach Burger proudly guard the year s Basketball Scoreboard NCC' Opposztzon Great Lakes 50 Slmpson Iowa 7 Northern Ill1no1s 73 XElrnhurst 64 Great Lakes Carroll W1s fIll1no1s Wesleyan 57 7eM1ll1k1H 89 4fLake Forest lelilmhurst 80 Wheaton 98 Northern Ill1no1s 87 Wheaton 88 Wabash Q Ind D 64 "eAugustana 64 99Lake Forest 'flllmoxs Wesleyan 58 Transylvama Q Ken 85 UH1VCfS1ty of Ken Frosh 87 7eM1ll1k1H 91 "eCarroll 59 99Augustana 66 18 w1ns - 9 losses 96 llindicates Conference games :J . LZfk.?-5533 .537 5 '7 Q cfm 1' fm ,Nu Q W? 4 I 253 ' I X 'N' alq xl ,ww , iz 'dn-1 """'1',wf -nu IWWVW P' "Q, L53 ilu' wir!-Jfffff-I Iwfffflh TRACK 5 vw K ' lr! V .gn-'P' A ,l' I pg Itls a tough grind, and it takes a lot of train- ing, spirit, and endurance. Track is one of least school-supported sports. No cheerleaders lead bleachers of people in encouragement for these fellows. But, once in a while, a pretty girl hands you a ribbon - and then it7s all worthwhile. fall, , 4 Q4 . - -I 2 f i 2 O' ' fist' X f' . -' if Lift' .K ' 48 1959 TRACK SCORES NCC 78 Elmhurst .... 53 NCC 95M Millikin ..... 34M NCC 79 Augustana 52 NCC 94?Mt, Carroll 413Xg,, Illinois Wesleyan 21 M Wabash Relays 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds Elmhurst Relays 32, 3rd CCI 455, 2nd place Season Record: Dual Meets 3-0 Triangular Meets 1-0 1 n 49 O0 Q, nnAQ GOLF 1 ...Aga with ' ,qt What a bunch of clubs The group shot mcludes BACK ROW M1ke Jennlngs Art Unger Paul Brmkman Dale Tu rek FRONT ROW Don Wolff Don Fergu son and Karl Walter Len Leehr and Don Chap l1n were m1ss1ng from the shot Here we see NCC golfing ace Art Unger on the tee at the Woodrldge Golf Course 1n Lxsle Ilh no1s 5 00 1 5 5 "' f 3' iz: W. ' a J l 7 ' . 'T , ' 9 ' ' 7 - .ax . 0Q ' , FUQOU QQ QL Q0 5- lf' ' 1? 0 SQ OUTDOOR TRACK Coach Belding grins and Bob Beatty shows hrs dimple as five of NCC's fleet-footed Hiers pause before the camera. The NCC 1959 javelin team consisted of Lee Slick, George Pichotta, and Tom Hopkins. Slick's best mark of the season was 173' 8,2 Pichotta's was 170' ESM", and Hopkins, was 155' IOMM. All three of the top marks were set at the Wabash Re- lays where the combined mark of 5,1', set a new meet record. The three men have taken at least first and second in every meet during the season, and swept events in many meets. Bob beat ,em all by a mile. TW ff" I fm K.. . 1' Y' I I BASEBALL ll s... A Xxx ' sys ...rx x AN-. 7' ACT ONE Awrxght Baby get her over here keed Rxght across the old ACT TWO Come on g1VC me plate somethmg thats not 1n the 1rt ACT THREE: You re out! ACT FOUR: Look any blind idiot could have seen that he was safe by two feet Whats Jesse domg here? 52 has XA I 41" ,fi I , 1 6 z" ' , , . ' : 'iv , '- I d' KI 5 97 Cl , Illinois Wesleyan' Illinois Wesleyanle . ...... . Aurora Lewis . . . Elrnhurstae . . Carro-llx' . . . . Carrollle . . . . . Wheatonle . . . Lake Forestaf . . . Lake Forestx' . . . . . Elrnhurstle . . . . Augustanale . . . Augustanax' . . Wheaton'x' . . . . . Aurora . ........ Lewis St. Procopius . . . . St. Procopius 1 The ever-alert Spectrum photographer stands ready to shoot There are thousands of conducted tours to Europe every year from the United States. Many of them have purposes and goals, but North Central College sponsors a European tour which is unique in what it seeks to ac- complish. Its three basic purposes are: to learn of our heritage, to learn to live in intercultural relationships, and, to learn to represent the United States and the Christian faith in the best possible way. Last summer's group visited in England, The Nether- lands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France. Im- pressions were gained by the tourists, but they were also given. The Europeans seemed to have a great desire to gain knowledge and understanding of Americans. The greatest opportunity to show America in her proper per- spective was in the personal contact with the people. Throughout Germany and Switzerland, the group put on evening programs in churches. The evenings were called "American Nights." Every person on the tour was responsible for being able to report on some seg- ment of American life - political questions, college life, etc. y EUROPEAN The tour members felt that it was evident every- where that Europeans knew they depended upon America for leadership. Because of that knowledge, they wanted to be assured of America's ability and wisdom. They wanted to know if our country would really stand by Berlin in case of a serious threat. They wanted to know if there was hope for real racial integration in the US. They were anxious about the state of family life in America. They wanted information concerning our education problems, because they had heard that mass education in America had reduced the quality of schools and colleges. They wanted to know about North Central College, because Europe does not have church- related colleges. And, they wanted to know about our individual lives - how we spend our time, how much money we earn, how the group members could afford to travel, why they came, and innumerable other ques- tions. The rule for answering such questions was always, "be honest, but remember that America has a great- ness we should sharef' TRIPPER9 The North Central group had some questions to ask the Europeans, too. What happened to Germany dur- ing the Nazi period? Is German democracy real, or is it superficial? Why do the British cling to the common- wealth? Why does the church block social legislation in Italy? What will DeGaulle do with Algeria? So, the trip was a conversation - but, it was a con- versation about the rnost basic things in life. But there was fun, too. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea, mountain climbing in Switzerland, seeing the Queen in London, taking pictures of Adenauer, going to the Follies in Paris, carriage rides in Florence, gondola rides in Venice, bicycling in Amsterdam, and operas in Berlin and Rome. A little bit of everything. The group did learn a great deal about what our country has received through the centuries from the Europeans. They were able to listen to debates in Par- liament, to cases being tried in London courts, to ora- tors in Hyde Park, to the eloquent words of Shakespeare in the memorial theatre at Stratford-On-Avon, and to great preachers discussing public issues. The sense of heredity was the strongest, perhaps, as each individual stood silently in Westminster Abbey before the tombs of men who lived and died for freedom. In Italy, the feel- ing of gratitude for the great artists and dedicated men who shaped our thinking was strongly alive as the group viewed masterpieces of the Italian culture. The architecture in Rome and Florence was overwhelming. The great values of the trip cannot be put into words. Each 'ftripperi' expresses it in a different way, but the feelings of all the individuals could probably be lumped together in the one exclamation, f'Go if you possibly can. You will never regret itf' i l Sportsman-like consolation. Coach Dexheimer's racketeers served up a fair sea- son last spring in breaking even - almost even - by winning 7 and losing 8 matches. Oh well, tennis players shouldnlt smoke anyway. The important thing is, there weren't any ties. Tennis is a game requiring good judgment, stam- ina, and a perfect sense of timing. For instance, no- body was ever late for a match. Another important aspect of tennis is court behav- iour. Each player must take in consideration the feelings of the visiting players. Good appearance, serious diplomacy, and sportsman-like consolation are the main polnts in this faction of tennis life. just to show that qi 1 man, Otto Hector, is a normal human being, he is shown here out of uniform. o 9 o 56 J E-h'f2'1"sJL'D 'Pl' 5353279 :?vXVR:u34"iff-C Zliilili-YGSSHQYIDMF' ' QPHA ST ' Q ,' ' Y F 4 ff". 6 l , N EM i TENNIS SCORES -1959 Aurora .......... . . Northern Illinois . . . Carroll ......... Marquette . . . Elmhurst ....... Illinois Normal . . . Bradley ....... Elmhurst ..... Lake Forest .... Wheaton ........ Illinois Wesleyan Millikin ......... Wheaton ..... Lake Forest . . Augustana ....... ...... THEY WE ...3 6 ...6 3 2 2 6 3 ...2 7 ...8 1 1 5 O 9 ...5 4 5 4 ...1 8 ...1 5 9 O ...7 2 6 3 Fourth in CCI Meet with 5 points: Season Record : 7-8-O Displaying serious diplomacy. Vitalis keeps a tennis player's hair well- groomed all day. SWIMMING - 1960 N.....f-1 'Q-.JV Q-'F fqx QS 5' 4 ,' xx 15 ,ist f"""' V34 .2 vw, ,J ,K L? 1 Lx M vm.. W "'5a.... N410-rw 'V' , New ...Nm A sm Judges and timers ready? Swimmers, get ready, take your marks . . . PAM!!! Blick and Ruben Roca edge out in front as they do their share in helping the team add Bowling Green to the list of defeated competitors. Q If is ,,-,dw , 1 -A lm. 4 .4 W V 'NTL 'N ' I i vtafqtx l 'W h "Vi."'3f ,,. wiv. Q7 ,.a .w-a-on-1 J fins:fxf'f. 4 P 13? Col1n Campbell Dancxng on the cellmg lg Thats fine Now let us see what other numbers you know It was a successful season More records were shattered or splattered and we stlll can boast three Olymplc hopefuls Rudolfo and Ruben Roca and Dlck Bllck SWIMMING SCOREBGARD Loyola Relays NCC 2nd place NCC 63 Southern Ill1no1s 85 etc NCC 60 Loyola 35 NCC 63 UD1V6fS1ty of Wlsconsln 32 NCC 50 Incllanapolls Athlet1c Club 44 Central Senlor AAU NCC 2nd place NCC 105 Southern Illinoxs 137 etc NCC 67 Augustana 27 NCC 53 Bowllng Green fOh1oj 42 NCC 44 UH1VCfS1ty of Ill1no1s 51 CCI Conference Meet NCC lst place NCC 90 Augustana 31 Illinols Wesleyan 17 60 iff' 9 4. A ,fir FACULTY MEMBERS VAN V. ALDERMAN B.S., Ph.D. Chemistry PAUL W. ALLEN B.M., M.M. Vocal Music MISS MAY BARRON LESTER BEAURLINE LESTER C BELDING VOICE B A M A B S M A Enghsh Phsyxcal Educatlon 62 i MRS. CAROLINE BERRY B.A., M.A. English W. E. BURGER B.S., M.S. Physical Education CARL II. CARDIN WILLIAM H. CATES M.E.. M.S. AB. Engineering Science History I WILLIAM DONNY MRS. ELLA DUTE A.B., Ed.M. B.A.. MA. Education English MRS. DIANE DUVIGNEAUD DELBERT L. EARISM.-KN B.S.. M.F.A. B.A., M.A., Pl1.D. Art English YERNE E. DIETRICH B.S., MS.. Ph.D. Physics K FN 42' 'NJ' 'D'N4--9 4. " NM B.A. M.A. Ph.D. RICHARD M. EASTMAN JANE ELDON BA., M.A. Engl'ish Y Spanish MRS. RUBY R. ERWIN B.Ed., M.A. Home Economics NED GARDNER B.M., B.M.E., M.M. Piano MRS. OLGA GRU SH B.A. English HARRY W. HECKMAN B.A., M.S., Ph.D. GORDON FARND ELL B.Mu., M.Mu. Music RUSSELL HANSON B.S,, Ph.D. Biology JAMES T. B.A., M.A. German JONES Economics MRS, CATHERINE KAY B.A., M.A. Mathematics MRS. FLORENCE KOEDER B.S. Personnel Director MISS RUTH KRAEMER B.S. in L.S., M.S. Head Librarian DARRELL LATHAM B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Psychology WARREN KECK B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Biology IRVIN A. KOTEN B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Chemistry JOHN KOTEN B.A. Alumni Executive Secretary KLAAS KUIPER B.S., B.A., M.M. Instrumental Music N. W. MCGEE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Political Science DELBERT MEYER MISS HANNAH NYHOLM B..-X., B.S., Ph.D. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Biology Romance Languages GLENN REDDICK B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Speech C. N. ROBERTS B.S., M.A., Ph.D. History JACOB SACKMANN B.A,, AM. BD., Ph.D Religion MRS. MARIAN SCHAP B.A., M.A. Piano REUBEN C. SCHELLHASE A.B., A.M,, B.D., Ph.D. Philosophy ALLAN SCHWARZ MRS. LUCILLE SCHWARZ B.A., M.A., Ed.D. B.S. Education Education 66 B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics L MISS ALICE SEYBOLD A. R. SHOEMAKER B.A., M.A. Commerce JACK STREET B,A., M.A. Romance Languages MRS. BEVERLY SIEG B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics Not Pictured: MRS. DOROTHY GRAVES Home Economics MRS. JAMES HOBBY Physical Education DONALD SHANOWER Speech ELMER SUNDBY B.A., M.A. Psychology CLEO TANN ER B.S., M.A. Physical Education JESSE VAIL B.A., M.S. Physical Education RICHARD THURSTON B.A. M.A. Ph.D. Sociology HELEN WATSON B.A., Mus.B., Mus.M. Music v ,. iff A , 7 V ,,w"r.! FROM T f , , mr ,WND Q 6 Q Q ,ML , . , A. , , IW AW, L 4' Q HE .' " 35255 'J BOTTOM TM ff 223 CLASS Plcrunss xyif, ff af if - xv I s .W N y, , , A 5, E OP L A ,M ,4 ,ff if V4.5 .1,r.V,. ,V , W - , 2 fax ., ?H3:,.,.:J jbk gM7?Lv3r,,, "W " 'Lwm , N. ",,p.,w91 ' Kfxygfw fwfr M , ..A, ' . an-W ' 'i, ' V I A K xfl 1 'Us ID .Xi f Oh, brave new world. The Freshman officers firmly grasp the railing of the stairway to a successful future. They are Virginia Pulsing, Bob Himel, Dave Schweitzer, Fawn Dabrowski, Sue Eller, and Iim Bandy, Hoosier president. Roger Anglemyer ames Bambule james Bandy Zvonko Barballc MN "" 'bf-if .335 'Gi 00 4-25... -.,,,,, --f N 2 Rodger Bechtol 70 Janet Bartlett Gay Bass Em1ly Ann Beldmg ggx a x Vw- m f"'ff'5' :aa fa ' me R Q we .ww 1 L K 'x W 'N ,Y 14 "VX 1-. ' .V CZ? x 'Cy 8 QA ' Q Q .- f 1 X x 9 ' f- 5 ,, ,Gt ., , I IDEA mi iii Marylen Bennett Reva Biesterfeld Lynn Book Erika Boehm Ralph Bossert Patricia Brady Janice Brien Barbara Briley Beverly Brown Larry Brumfielcl Jack Busch Robert Chamberlain Judith Chapman Marie Chase Wm. Cheeseman Linda Chester Harry Classen Carol Cobb Eli Cohn Thomas Colley Z if Hey, you guys, let's let some pigeons loose in the library. Woulcln't that be a riot? , 'N' 7, an-in fix 'Ya 1 if B 'N I 9' i s s w ., , -1 5 t Get Drlstan, wxth Ant1 allergent, smus decongestant, and antl B1ologent Fawn Dabrowskx Suzanne Eller Thomas Farms ""'!1"- WX ,,f4'K Ronnae Danlel Edward Engel Marllyn Falk Larry Davxs Grover EYICSOH Ann Flemmr' Qt. James Day Sandra Evert James Frenck f'49lhu,..... aww-M TJ I 7+ GL.:- Bobb1e Dayton Carol Falk Bruce Gamber 'Ih- ww--, 'hy WH? 'S'-A C-'7 if .pu- 1' it at Wm Garbelman Sally Gates George Elhot Janet GICSC Rosemary GICSC I -f M. X .il :Zig . ., - . . . . z ' fu:-H, - - 3 V2 3 -sf i' ' y ca.- ' . , Xe A , , f 'G'-' ' , V! I , A 5 ,if yi,-, VGV V, , Vnx H r gg-3 ' ' X t W' , my 1-V -.1 g, f G" E E 'W' wb-aa .: -. .rv . HHH , ' ff , ' "' ':5':' , X H? , If , V v A an w, . A' G, X' ..,, P sg.. ' . , ,,, an--Q f' . i A A-L. 3 1 ' fu I 's V" Q' if I 1. ' 72 ft Brenda Hedberg Bruce Heitke I sh - , X 5 1 . . A Y any fm , Y-as ,x , V t ,V K ,. 1 .V my 552, f ,, QW 1 fy ' 1 X y ,, 4 , ,s J in ' m,' f..f gg 7 K ff ' 4 fr' I X ' 'Q ' . it . 5,2 , , , - ' f ,v Q' , J. , t , r , .f , 6 , .fra ,. Q so i- l X -. mf - 1, J, AW , f f . . Q, ,. -' f a 1, iff, f 4-,fi ' ax fz ffv, ,fx 2, Avi. i if 'W 5 f f V I Z fy! I 'Ng ff fs ffm, X ' - ' am, , 'ln A A! 1 sf . , , ,I x H f wg 44 M wg Vs ,, 'QSK-wff ff? S, hif i' ef .- 'i Vf 1' f JM ' yn , f z , W W f' S Ken Jeschke Ron Keller Pamela Janin Judith Karow Larry Hemdal Barbara Heuss Karen Johnson Jay Jones Ronda Keller Jim Kitterman 'ZS Albert Ioder Russell Jordan Phyllis Knights Aha. Another freshman carving "'63" on our college property, il ,,,g ,I B , N, ' f ' fr Robert Gossett Elaine Grubbe Mary Ellen Gutknecht Charles Hawley Bettie Hazzard 73 CVT, iff' 'N' 'lv' 1:" 11- XX X y f, ' ' la , lx X ' in". A N sa' x 4' ,..,y me ,f-1 W! 4? F! U! J Never mmd these cats look at the chick in the background John Marth Gary Mattm QR "' wir 4'- Sandra Maurer 'V Q ,V Lee Mayer 'W' 17 Barbara McDan1els x xx 384 'f Richard Kramer Linda Kussa Stephen Lacey Wesley Lamb Wayne Landerholm Ronald Larson Mary Legault Jacquelyn Lewis Richard Liesemer Lowell Long Patricia Lukacs Sue Manning Bruce Manola Mabel Marks Reynold Marriott N1 xx 1 ' X . if Af' . Q . . f , I 2 ' N I :I X '- ' ' ,Y S h , M' an-no as , , i " ' " N' ' sf, 1 A X 74 Edgar Mellenthin Louanne Menke Lee Miller Thomas Miller Zeta Miller H ,f A J- a. 6 er' N My "5--, as L Q2 """ xl ' NJN "" . fl N A A Everybody in Naperville reads the Sun. fOr the Clarion, Uh-heh he-h.j aff-We as any . Q1 ew W x -D4 Q., Sub' I 'E 75 Don Moely James Moller Judy Moll Nancy Naviaux Karen Nehring Judy Nielsen Mary Ruth Oran Nancy Oswalt Dennis Peterson John LePrevost Virginia Pulsing Frank Rockabrand Rodolfo Roca Carole Ridder Beverly Reibig 3,5755 Q Q . Cl- , p N f:. fi N. - 43 X' . Q X ' if T "" N '-- X. Sw- -r'-5 ff-' cs' ' ' 'T A 411 Wayne' Sehimff Linda Schlytter David Schweitzer Larry Seymour Grace Shaw Mary Shirer John Siedschlag Larry Slick Terry Smiricky Judith Spellmeyer Richard Sperry Nell Steck Judith Stegmeier Gerald Stormer Jo Ann Swank Barbara Terpstra Paul Thoma Nancy Thomas Ken Thompson Larry Troutner Why must people be so Epicurean? iW 2. 'ir 7 'Sw f 1 ff ,rx vm me 1u:xQ If 11'-7 M I Ulm aw-y ww fi! ' , , 3 .. Q , ,i . 21.11 all , i C A -M f f 1 52. 2 ' Q ' vow Auf V 'vi 4 X' :X T V X.. i ., L 1 xt:-122' 76 an ' TP!" 'C-3? if 12" Nancy Twigg Russell Ulery Janice Unke Lora Wagner Linda Wallin 1 Q , f M '25 W 5 5 ix nl---is S Ns X ,F X 2 W Q, at . , Q S 95,6 5 N s Bruce Winter Mary Jane Wolf Wm. Womelr Beth Zabilka Kay Zick .P .ck Q " I , ' be "6 '?IT:a1I1,' wiv - ay ,. X, e M-W, M, Q . -cs,-,. X V , 4 N.. I ,M 4 1 2 'P W f dm ,f 1 k M, Q .1 M , l is f , is 4 A ' 4 fr 1 ' ,s 4 rf '53, lifts, f t Z2 512' -aff 'wa V 114 A Q ". Q t .z z 'dw' f fy ,, Qfl E , X t of t X feee syywi i ' xg 41 A, ,. 2 ,5s., ..g,T ,ao-1. s may Byron Ware Elain Warren Wm. Watson Sharon Weissing Myron Wentz Richard Werle Patricia Wickwire Elizabeth Wielichowski John Wildeson Max Wingett Think I'll just lean over this railing and get a shot from a different angle - ah, a little more - more - more - aieeeeeeeeee fwhat better time to get a unique shot? J eeeeeeeeee Plamb! A 'Qt ua- is X w the U an iw' , . , A M X X 1' f ,S l ,W M K V v .2 if V E 5, Y y I is x Y 4 at N as x Z rf Wm The Sophomore class ofhcers horubly and happlly harmomze g1v1ng tanglble evldence of then' un1ty and affab1l1ty They are Anne Clawson, Karen Fe1k, Dave Wmllard Ruth Savage, Chuck Classen and old Proxy Ken Faupel at the keys James Adams Carl Ahlberg Sharon Arendsen L1nda AVISC Denms Balluff Phylhs Bare James Barksdale DaV1d Barr Patr1c1a Barteck 'ET' Q2 'E1"'1' GP Q, '98 16 HQBOQQAM 'np-v Betty Bates Ruth Bernhardt Nancy Bevier Richard Blick Sharon Boelter Ronald Boster Carolyn Bouldin Pat Bramsen Ernest Brandon Ray Brinker Colin Campbell Charles Classen Anne Clawson Carolyn Coleman Robert Connor James Davis Leland Diehl Lynne Faubel Michael Fawell Don Ferguson George Fleming ' ,mga 3 t ibn swan " , ' , A B 15" W . C fir' l A 1 si' Q im? Q tr Henry Dieringer Marilee Eaton Lorraine Esterly Dick Everett Ken Faupel Karen F eik Rolland Fink Gay Flickinger ,J ,y W x iii ,f 13, W ,V X N 17 NE. 3 s z 2 if , 'W v N A X . .1 X7 f ,V f. 'fQy'wif! , 5,5-vw S .X f , ,SR E x l 2 N, k, , rf- QM X '45 . in l . Xx Q X l? , ,. 41 me 6, i if Q X 'ae V Af ' . , i 52' 1 fr 51. MQW, Mr ,. K ,A ce 4 ,. --A 1 q V ,,' K -4 my QR -, Q ,f n " -1, 4 1- fkl-X ' W- as X 1 V f We- ' K ' ' ii.. '. " - ' " 1 ' ' "R A ff ' ' S r f' 51 K4 3 A V 19 rl v -' ' ' U. N, as A ,.,. Q V 1 - V aww Q. X N J ' fvgf' 7' fzifgff-me , 'f ' fi . as A 1 ,, , X I' 1, 7 f . v f pw, ' we ' 1 'Z L 4 1? f U A, :Z .,. K tai' W ' , 5 .T ig , I .B 22 ' VV fl " - M . 4 f ., A, Ala f-'2 filxhff Q if giver- -, - . f gt ' "ff wg ' ,, Hill? Q ' K QV , ,. ,ZW ' 'M Y. fbi f at f aw a 1' t .si Jw! " NH' , 'f 4, Mluvvv-' f H f ma' Q.,- , , , , f 4? all . f v K 1 5' 5,1 Q9 4, .ak . is :lit ffwf a L 5 A BI f K Awright, buddy, take off that evil fraternity Cap. ew 41 N I Gene Flickinger Miriam Frasch Linda Fredell Edwin Frey Reinhold Fritz Esther Gibson M Q. f"'5Q i V 'Z lug., 'Z lk ,say E Ll 1 4 x F K H fb . QA i 55,1 l H Y ' ' W- . 4 4 ff l . hy 1 W x ' 1 X., I'll scratch it, Davey boy. 1 X f Ruth Gillingham John Goodyear Harry Gutknecht X Gail Grote Linda Grennan Janet Hanson i .. N.. V H - . K AV ,,,. Wrn, Harnls L Ky Y T5 I f 4,45 Carol Harper K ' A- , , -V it Sherryl Harr N Q' 1 ' i'f- . 'mm Dave Hartman 1 , x . P H-A fr Thomas Heather at , o P if i , ,. A 4 -.,..-.--......... ....a.. ww j f, i H' A .ar i rt uv 17177 Charles Hedblom Dennis Hennernan Carolyn Henninger Myra Hildebrand Dallas Himmelman Mary Hitzeman Wm. Hoadley Rose Marie Hoffman Carolyn Hubbard anice Kemmerer l l f fv- f 0 X , ,, W 1, VW? of f K ts WW f . , y ur fi X i Z 47! ff f W iq kk,, k . I .. Q , 5. - Qi X K wa I G-fe 5 .Many X Yiw- ,gl Zed' we 5945 Q Ns. L9 9 If I Wanda Luedtke Karen Lundgren , f-W Irene MacGregor Linda Magruder Dick Matthews Nancy McQuiston Wm. Melsheimer Gordon Meyer Sally Mielke Carol Miller f Q 32 E f f Sze ff! f y f' 5 Joyce Maier Larry Manthei 1 ff1fr 2 f Charles King Doris Klaja Helen Klatt Karen Knoespel Richard Knoespel Charles Koch Margaret Kuglin Mary Beth Kwong Norman Lange Richard Larsen Richard Leckband David Litchfield John Litweiler Philip Lockwood Donald Lovse Nobody's got a hairy nose. Double, double, Toil and troubleg Fire burn And caldron bubble. 4 ,zur , ,"Q'W' V6 . I 2 1 .. Q. M K . CW' ' M ! X ' 1 or 1' - ' sfis-fy x If f 7' Qu.. J A K'- ' , 'fm f fy, , K D r M , . . fi , WY 1 23' ' fi .. y xx 4 ' . ri Q 4' , 'El' i . , 5, , 'Qi ' NA Lg:-X 'K 5 Mu. ' J' H Mary Miller Judy Montgomery james Miller Charles Neal Sue Neeley Janet Nelson , Lois Nelson Theron Noth Debbie Rea June Rhodes Wm. Richard James Riegel Katy Rinehart Ruben Roca Philip Schap Verdell Schendel Charlotte Schlapp Milton Schmitt Mae Seely David Senn Mary Shifiler Bruce Shirer Nancy Sommers Rosemarie Spliethoff James Stark Norman Steider Sharon Steinkamp Margaret Stevens Paul Streeter David Stroh Larry Studer Ginny Theuer La Vonne Thies Peter Tworoger Ron VanBuskirk Charlene VanWie . mex- WZ? u"" f N if, It mm., J . If V Martha Vestal Sharon Viner Clinton Wentz Evelyn Williams Jean Woolley Robert Youchis-on Niel Volkman David Walker Karl Walter Donna Watson David Willard Gary Whittlinger Tom Yackley Shirley Youngberg 'bw wuu..4w- -Ji gf' 'As 1-A ' fa 'gf' Q , ' fa av Jig! Q iw 4h....,., f id' l t X at 'Q i I 4 1' ' 1 ff fy s Wm' "9" 4,1 ,Ts X i I ft. 1 X 1 I 0 W f X X f ff,Lmrm f f Y , 5 f WA 72 ' V W 4 9 4 J if 1 X 1 M X! I ff fw -N Q I' fc -I f V W If K ,ax Q" f' tsst , VV , f f Aly iff ., f, Hello. Mother? 'iv' ,' X it Aff J Gu a . A fi f f 5 .ima 'YV' ?'g:,.5 ' g. f , , 1 f Q. N W W Tiyfw ' V at f ?km5, 1. 1 WN W , 1 0 '23 W if wif , :Y ". .,, 0 . 1 L .1 ft. f ,, 1, - aw, 0 ,. f t, ' ' ,z W, .f , i V. i 1 f,- my Q K a 5, X , in ,,,,V , S a 'WV 1 7 14' ' ' 705 If ! l',3 tsl V: Though Jovlal the umor Class oiicers vxew the future w1th set ohms realxzmg the full s1gn1F1cance of servmg the1r fellow students The we1ght of respons1b1l1ty presses on D1Ck Everett Mar1lyn Gxbson Terry Senty udy Kufer and Carolyn H1gley Wlth Fred Spangler ser1ous pres1dent 1n the sedentary pos1t1on K 43- 'inf it 5 C43 W .., is tj The ini..-af 84- Ruth Adk1DS Ernest Al1x George Avgerls Debora Balluff Rosahe Bargmann ames Barnes Vxda Mae Becker Robert Burkhart ,fy ,-'Q , .f X 49? V . . 3 J . . 3 . 7 l . 5 3 J 7 I , gigg ' Vs f - 5 A' A '-r'-M f 't ' t E? T 9 ' 1 f A f- s-, 'TW 5 , J au- , . Q, ' ' T, y 5 K lfgwf 1 "' y -f 1'5" . fl. in l K - . A in ,X .V t Y K Y x . X 9 ww i f X gi Z1 -I ', 4' ' ilu- A ' Hg., t. "T.'I':1l xiii 'nr --. ' .- may f it 'N f 'l -v--r . . W' I "" 1 "W " 4 2 ' S ift' A?-.3550-, , 42. ' 1 , . t I - s fif??2Z"ka it ix' 2 1 1 4' 5 .A P, ,N , 4 arf asf 'W " Q 'V ' ,3 1 D ,gd David Clark Kenneth Cloud Dave Cole Darryl Cue 106 Czelusniak Donna Decker Jo Ann Derencin Wayne Duehn Sally Duke Doward Douwsma Carole Engel Al Espenmiller Albert Faccin Milton Geisler Nancy Gerds But I was just testing the cord, O most honorable dorm council member. 85 1' 'UM f t s f ,f f I 1 f ff' '-rf! 4? 7,44 ,- ,,.n- t y ii? dw , I 4, 4' 10- 4 ,gy 14' f ,Wf?,,5l3 , Judith Davis Garland Eclgell Ken Gerrans Marilyn Gibson Donna Gullstrand Janice Gutknecht Robert Harker June Haid Lynn Hendriksen Kenneth Haug Margaret Hoepe Clifford Johnson A 4 foe 'T' C? "N ffl, an 'I N qpoa Q'-" W7 I . ' 'rt X i ,A A33 sys. ., N X A fav X Y76!-.K i' 1 ' ,',Y:,..-fx . "ug . 'Sf J J J 1' " ,. ff " 11-Hsieh? i, I T-Qzx-:Lv 5 ,..st4mzi??s1 -2 ,e r , J, K 4 lg ,ws las 1:22 K "' "' ., I 'A W" X'-sf 1 vu... Q K, I ix ' 'll , .2 if Q' X. . 1' . hs' 1, 4. W f , J V N ,I X 3 ,. ki.. ,, If Q ' - W L ' fi-3 Q' 7 new ?-vv ff it 'lt K9 in ,V ,i,,,M ,V Stomach ache? Just a minute. I can fix a. little something K V5 that will take the pain away completely. . Q xi Q va' -'Sm A 'P A X Q ga.. A 'WM i .,'1af:'7 A' , 6" , Ronald Johnson Marjorie Kephart Ruth Kesselring Delores Klehm Carol Kloepping Doris Knapp Kirby Koeller Caroline Kohlhaas Judy Kufer 86 Judlth M1tchell Phyll1s Mueller Marlene Nadler L Frances Nlckel Robert Lange Elizabeth Law Richard Lehman Miria Lehnus Thomas Lelivelt Raymond Leone Gary Lueck Carolyn Mackay Barbara Mark It would probably help lf we all went the same way Barbara Mlller , vga, 5 ,wi Z ish -XV: AQ! -"rx -cf' ..,.. Q 9 4.6- up 'X "?-3? '50 A X A. Q- .ff X Q A, xfw G- il tr X' Q ,fsfimdx rid Awright, Sir Lawrence. Let's take that again. Now, donlt just gush, feel it. x f ,' . 7 Q if -Z r x ' I S, ' 'aaaffff' f S W f 1:52 x 'Q' l :I ' 8 19" ,f Sli at a Q2 'iw 'rl 'Xl Allen Panek John Parker Sylvia Parks Ken Pelletier Frank Prucha Carol Ricketts Sharon Rothermel Janice Ruhnke Bruce Rutherford Glenn Ryburn Darlene Schonnop Dave Schultz Barry Scoggin Carol Sedivec Ralph Seeger Terry Senty Katherine Shirer Gene Smithson Barbara Soltau Barbara Somrners Fred Spangler Meribah Sperry Richard Striker Gail Stukas Janis Swenson Denny Swisher Frank Thompson Edwin Thorsen Jeanne Trommer George Vance Janet Von Gunten Ron Voss Marilyn Walsh Robert Werle Robert Worner Sandra Wysong Sharon Zimmerman 7' M ' ,f A ' , 4 ' If 5,11 A f i' rf - " , . -f Q vw - ' - ', 'U , tha ,. f 1 in , Q '. 'Z , fl f V . " 1, j g ,Y ' ' " 'iff Q, -up x M V J.-3-Q H W , at ewaf f . 1 -- 5 Q W A 4 gig? X X V J .M xy. I Y 4 Q f 'l . ' ' ,. ' 3" . - f 'wlwirff S 1 P be i , -. i ta f S 1 X it s su- tag. ' 4, R f , 3 W f f ga, ' V. We G f, lair?" 5 ., ygftv ' j 1 ,. lg y K4 ff V K M, . .V ,, l I , S ,, f 2476! Z f ' 7 f f W 'QW f sums.. What a ref. How about an athletic Payola? 'ffm 89 if Wx X M 1 z. f Q Q f f 4 3 5 'V is , , ff JJCEE 55? xx - X Katheryn Agne Oak Park, Illinois T.-af Most serious minded of all oflicers are the Seniors who see life as a tumor. These malignant executives are Sue Conaway, Dorothy Hawley Haney, President Ron Shippert, Smilin' Jim Miller, Ron Gullborg, and Bob Beatty. SENIOR CLASS I 960 Mildred Beine Reynolds, North Dakota Eugene Armentrout Wilmington, Illinois Robert Beatty Gillingham, Wisconsin 90 Brian Bender Elmira, Ont. Canada Mary Lou Bennetch Edwin Bloomgren Sonja Boecker Naperville, Illinois Lockport, New York Naperville, Illinois 1' -f , ef - W l r Nancy Bouldin John Bradley John Bramsen Aurora, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Ronald Bridenthal Dorothy Burkholder Dallas Chapman Dora Christie Greensburg, Ohio Warrenville, Illinois Pigeon, Michigan Benton Harbor, Michigan 91 Jack Coleman Aurora, Illinois Carolyn Collins Naperville, Illinois Well, they're seniors. All but the blues pianist in the background. L , e: " 1 Sue Conaway Harry Darland Neil Denker john Drinkwater Benton Ridge, Ohio Aurora, Illinois Riverside, Illinois Downers Grove, Illinois Richard Easterday Barbara Faist H0r10rine Field Jane Fouts Racine, Wisconsin Kitchener, Ont., Canada Naberville, Illinois Lombard, Illinois 92 IW' ua-ws!! jkuilxwr M1chael Fowler Naperville, Illinois Frederic Franc1s Downers Grove, Illinois Hmmmmm. I sure am getting cold. Wish someone would shut that. Ninhsunuu-Axm..,wf.-f.. 7 fin? fl 4 Ruth Gauerke Joan Gullborg Robert Gullborg Milwaukee, Wisconsin Oak Park, Illinois Addison, Illinois Wesley Gross Raymond Gustafson Richard Haire York, Nebraska Chicago, Illinois Mokena, Illinois 93 Ronald Gullstrand Rio, Illinois Dorothy Haney Bourbon, Indiana Galen Haney Larry Haney Irvin Hart Jerald Hatch Illilford, Indiana Milford, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Niagara Falls, New York Shirley Hein Jack Henderson Paul Holmes Carlyle Horstmeier Downers Grove, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Davis, Illinois W9 :X ,f 3 ei. uw Q s 1 ' gig Q 2' a Yagi Iwi fl l 2 Is' I Albert Humble Hinsdale, Illinois Carol Johnson Low Point, Illinois Q! yi s my ""' :yt iff iw- . 1 :Iliff ' V312 ww K :ff ,I ,iI.. V, Wm? if if as Q a f 4 bf I 4 X si A Trossen has such a line he has to type it George Johnson James Jordan Jeanine Juedes Constance Karrow Dundee, Illinois Van Wert, Ohio Madison, Wisconsin Dixon, Illinois Nancy Keating Robert Kelly Shirley Kelly Larry Kemper Chicago, Illinois Lombard, Illinois Niles, Michigan Naperville, Illinois l ,W ' r To cut out cheating, we'll sit one at a table. Margaret Kern Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin BettY Kirchdorfer 2:- :if 'il ' Louisville Kentucky f 95 f wwf A Sue Koehler Elkhart Indiana ill Samir' A Barbara Koltz Downers Grove Illinois Get out there and w1n It Don You ll get a klCk out of toemg the IHC Don Kroening Eola, Illinois Lucille Larson Rockford, Illinois K Lynn Kukuck Nancy Kurtz James Lang Kankakee, Illinois Iron Ridge, Wisconsin Brookfield, Illinois Neal Lawson Bertram Lee Albert Lemons Berwyn, Illinois Norfolk, Virginia Gef, Illinois 96 Marjone LEWIS Oak Park, Illinozx Ronald Lxeserner Detroit Michigan North Cer1tral's Greco. W M, A Y WW? if asf QW! K We jfff 1f go eo, X 7 MW! fi C fly! f ,ff ,W W 1 ie MW ff W' ""' ff W, W bg W 8 W Wffiff X f ff iff!! of ff! K W ffzpm-1""" Wgwf W WWW f , W ffl ""' f 12292432 if 7 14. f i FZ if If f f fifln ff George Liu Ruth Marti Bob McGuire Louis Melnick Tainan, Formosa Zurich, Switzerland Polo, Illinois Lincoln, Illinois Iolyn Mielke Doris Miller James Miller John Molitor Markesan, Wisconsin Wells, Minnewm Gibbon, Nebraska Milwaukee, Wisconsin 97 Fredric Moore Naperville, Illinois Robert Organ A urora, Illinois Wayne Moriconi Cicero, Illinois Joylyn Ostic Rockford, Illinois George Mueller Carl Nielsen Hinsdale, Illinois St. joseph, Missouri Barbara Overmyer James Pasek Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois f., ---m.,.,., James Perisin Chicago, Illinois Edwin Perkins South Bend, Indiana , W r fu, , -N Y. ,WM i Robert Prochnow H211'0lCl RiCl'1IT1 Rosemary Ritsema Beverly Rockabrand Menomonie, Wisconsin Kendallville, Indiana Sebewaing, Michigan Clare, Illinois Larry Roessler Richard Rolniak Carol Safarik Colleen Sawicki Rochester, Minnesota Liylg, Illinois- Brookfield, Illinois St. Paul, Minnesota 5 Q Our own chapter of the Mickey Mouse Club. an William Schaefer Naperville, Illinois Keith Schap Naperville, Illinois Q Robert Schiedler JoAnn Schmidt John Schmitt Charles Schnibben Batzzwirz, Illinois Seymour, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Beverly Schroeder Edward Seiwert Robert Shaffer Anna Shaw jefferson, Wisconsin Naperville, Illinois Somonauk, Illinois St. joseph, Missouri Mary Sheldon Wheaton Illinois Frank Sh1gut Naperville Illinois Pretty soon you ll be thmkmg thls IS a school of chemlstry Ronald Shippert Lucille Silvester John Sippy Lee Slick Dixon, Illinois Sauk City, Wisconsin Richland Center, Wisconsin Shannon, Illinois Allan Soldwisch Juanita Spanogle Leni Spranger Jeanette Sproull Brookjield, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois Oak Park, Illinois Dwight, Illinois fa "QW If ,J Robert Squires Naperville, Illinois 9 u 'S Lee Starnberg Berwyn, Illinois 'R A K Y ., 4 if' 1 .4 ,tif , 1 , ,- ,w An experienced hand reaches for the Christmas tree light switch 2,1 X 'Q 'Q-.,.-v Inu Richard Wakefield Howard Ward West Chicago, Illinois Lansing, Illinois David Wendell Paul Wenz Aurora, Illinois Dayton, Ohio ye, Marilyn Taylor La Grange, Illinois Tom Tobey Lombard, Illinois Luanne Unbehaun Richland Center, Wisconsin Warren Vachta Naperville, Illinois 6!!!WffWfWXMZfQf aaaeiv -fis l aaaaa ff l .,.i I. - f "" ,f ui an Z5 : X .M M ,. ,... 'X 2 awww. .3f,r:f2',g"-A-I.-, . gayfjkgffa , , ,1- ,Q , -Wgujggfiff ,. " H ffm flvfkrkv-fir '5'I'fJzfs 343551 . ff -if 'W' JAZYF, gifigvslzilffeffflfil 5 7315 Veg- f 1'45Z'?'fjf1pQZf, '4yQ3fff'!?5f5 Wg 5iilg?f'l5 ' ,fir iss- pff Pffiazffif ",4?S:':f iff' ff! . ,f71lll.fwis fc--4,v"fiv.:fi: ,wg :Mu A,ef,imalf f-- ws mix!! Robert Welk Ripon, Wisconsin Robert Whitacre Holland, Ohio 102 Margaret Winters Veedersburg, Indiana Frank Wolf A rlington, Wisconsin 4, 4. FL il And in this section we picture another senior who will be "graduating" from North Central this year. "Senior Directory Page 162W Milton Wolf Berwyn, Illinois Roberta Wolff Naperville, Illinois lla. S ,ggi , X 2 visit. we Z.-,, ,fl - , , ff , f, 4 - J K 742 S z , ', f,.- V. j Z," A55 " 11" if: 9, , s f X 9 -, .. , K , N is Leonard Wood Margaret Wooledge Downers Grove, Illinois Western Springs, Illinois Harold Zager Ruth Zeman Forreston, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois 103 in S-tri, M, '42, .. Q, ,, i, J f' X X' 'X f' If X 2,3 .. , ' , - X f gf A ' I :ff . I ' I vs 0- as 4 W f to s re,e f .X ,fn 2- ' 2.93 e ff' I ' ' s jg' 5 . 4, ., 'W we V J ,, -V ig 2, 'A 0 5 Q 'T 2 ,ik ' lf 5 fav , e fa if: I " xl, ., M V 3 1 WW V lk? li ei S Carol Zager Monroe, Wisconsin Ronald Zophy Milwaukee, Wisconsin illi- '-if... f . i F ine Arts Festival offers many varied activities. Much plan- ning results in a weekend giving an opportunity for the students and faculty to have a sampling of many of the different areas of Fine arts. Art displays and book displays, band and choir con- certs, dramatic presentations and special speakers are scheduled for this time. For those who think the human form is one of the finest of arts, there is the annual May Day F ete. From the junior class, live girls and five men are chosen as final candidates for May Queen and King Rex. Then comes Coronation night - an evening full of pageantry. The final candidates are royally carried to the fieldhouse in shining convertibles. Entertainment is offered for the esteemed persons by various groups. Then the graceful Maypole dance is spotlighted. Over and under and around. Last yearls King Rex finally ends the suspense by handing a bouquet to the new May queen, and the former queen robes the new King Rex. The happy couple receives their crowns with the applause of their loyal subjects, then they make a grand exit through the tunnel of arms made for them by the Freshman boys. What a night! 104 MAY DAY FETE What a tangled mess this could turn out to be. ,Q K b ,.-- Yl gl ,X ,x,1, Y 'K , V, ,N ,, ,.,, . ,,,U,.,.H ,,,, , V. ,,,-l.,.,,f,L,. -,f. w-' , N 1 Q fr ,.'1, in --XM sq", f' I. " 0 4 v.-35,1 R ' -' EW" "V -vw" Y 1 Y . N 4 1 ,, 'J' x , P ,fu .4 , . 4 R ,,'- ,. . 1' 3 wr ,, All-- nn .ng dxrnmanm-uxsmfanvmvlszc M269 '10-1.'-tv?" nf Q- 1. A 4. X 7' W I ' 1 3 NPN' Upperclass fellows are past the "goof off" stage of college. All they are interested in are grades and things of scholastic importance. Decisions, decisions. 7 gg m P s . W ,E 107 That "Do Not Enterw sign is re- ferring to the lovely paved, wide four-lane driveway, not to the apartment of the Dean of Women. Mrs. Eigenbrodt's rooms adjoin Kroehler North. One reliable feature of Kroehler North is the charming house- mother. Mrs. Domm's quiet humor and ladylike ways are an inspira- tion to all the upperclass Co-eds. A bouquet for Mom Domm. Sue Koehler knits in solitude, dreaming of her Bobg another Sue Coos sweetly to her Bob in the background. Leni and Hank find the quiet rooms of Kroehler House Lounge to be the perfect atmosphere. Of course, the hi ii helps, too. """"-+- Q. W. 41' if zivvvfw QAM x V 1 .4- ,, f'-,f My wa... You're likely to find most anything roaming around through the musty atmosphere of Kaufman. You name it - it's there. What hairy legs you have, Grandma. 1 Y x V V Y P ,u Kaufman Hall had its own special paper drive. A relaxed, casual attitude predominant at Kaufman. NQ1 1 -5 ,.q""""'-Fl i qv"""-1-I i V.. ---70" 1 . .iw X iii' r F kfli -ar 3'-I .- , ,jff y.-- The fabulous buzzer system, the dumb waiter, the sign-out book, the Pepsi machine - ah yes. All these are the integral parts of Kroehler South. It's fairly easy to remember your particular Ubuzz code" after the first few days, but sometimes it's quite a job to distinguish just what dots and dashes those uncoordinated mascu- line index fingers are trying to punch. Then there was the wise frosh fellow who decided to buzz his girl on all three floors in case she wasn't on her own Hoor at the time. Three pairs of eyes brightened, three hearts skipped beats, three quick mirror checks were made, and six feet tripped down the stairs to meet the startled man waiting below. Freshman gripes, c'friendly" pranks, shower parties, gossip gatherings - the walls of Kroehler South know many things. The dorm is governed by a House Council which is composed of floor representatives, counselors, and dorm oflicers. All the rules and regulations are made and enforced "in order to help and aid the student in adjusting to campus lifel' - but it is a shaking ex- perience to be called before the Council. The Freshman girls had a Freshman housernother learning about the campus with them this year. Mrs. Smith tries to be the "mother away from home" for each of the girls. She and the upperclass counselors do their best to give the new girls a feeling of belonging here at North Central. ' I tlllu' 'Fibr- 5 .suv Z' ff I wa- A . WVU ' ,M ,y Wm. f' That's a. heck of a place to get sick. You are witnessing the end of 40 Freshmen. J 11' ww A picture to send home to mother. "We knew you were coming so we baked you a cake --- Y ff! r 47 HA, Y 44 X X 'RK X .. - N i, :N . , . l xr H, ,. . , m or -xr, 1, PIA. W -, ' ':,f A. ' E71 I' 4' s ' . . . vu V .. .K . tial- . r-If -' :ws-, -A e -' z .-' , 5 n I Q v - ' , -xi 6 'n I' . 'H' ' If xkxsgx , 4,-f-V V xx -' A .2 x 3 xl ' ,lu i 6 5 N x ' d 3 .'..C, ,,, . sr! . 'N :N ' 1 Mrs. Beyer tries to train her Freshman boys to develop good study habits. l .wg . 1.9,-.. W v The Frosh fellows started right in on campus projects. Beanies and all. Not only did they want the pond clean for their pond parties, but they wanted to see if there were any clues about the great Naperville Murder lurking on the bottom. M 5? . 1 ' li ., ' o I1 L if W it W It was a bit hard to get settled down to the routine, and to get to know the roommate. But it was always possible to escape to the lounge and play your harmonica or watch television unless the lounge happened to be raided by a. pep rally. Kroehler House is quiet this year. There are just four student residents living there, along with Mrs. Ella Dute. The house is being used primarily for a guest house. Visiting parents, friends, or prospective stu- dents are assigned to rooms in the campus' stately mansion. There has been no attempt made to modernize the furnishings of Kroehler House. The older style chairs and tables seem to blend in with the dignified atmos- phere. The Kroehler House has a long, rich history. It is certainly an outstanding feature of our campus. QSM .4l" 4 ,ggi we ,V 49581 M X MV' This isn't exactly what you'd call another dorm, but six home economics students make it into their home for six weeks each year. They cook, wash, do dishes, scrub floors, paint bath- rooms, dye draperies, make curtains and spy on Seager dorm. Mr. Ernest Erwin kindly consents to vacate his home while the herd of ambitious Homemakers of Tomorrow practice the textbook theories to see if they really work. Mrs. Erwin supervises the projects and gives her opinion when it is needed. Every Wednesday evening, a special dinner was executed for some fortunate guests. The pictures here show typical Wednesday ccbeforew and "during" supper. Luanne Unbehaun gets things ironed out before the meal. DORM GEIGER HALL Larry Dav1s Rus Wllson 1m Frenck Pres CDan Sherman mlssxng KROEHLER SOUTH Pres Carolyn Hennmger Mae Seely Karen Johnson and Nancy Thomas 49? ,Hb M1 119 OFFICERS SEAGER HALL Jim Stark in back, Al Humble - left, John Turpin - right, Pres. Bob Shaf- fer - center. KROEHLER NORTH Jenny Sproull and Rosalie Bargmann Nancy Sommers. Pres. Kitty Agne and Sandy Wysong. FQ Editorial Staff Hurry Zager, Editor 'W W N4-WY ,., CHRO fry . 'Z-,' wwf, R Columnists N I 15'-1.52311 Z uf lr 'ln CLE wan-.-arf' U Proof Readers Sim fn U '50 gi i ,pf 3 i,!f35y'fj93cf gfI,1" ' f '.lQ"f7"Q,'Pgf 1 Q-,149g,:v,t-rj,-14,5-,5, f f , "LCV A ' 'f f.ffw3a":fZ' g'vi,1-I 4 Q .2 , NJ 1 H .wa . . 1-1. wt- ., .14 " fb: ' X 5' - i , iffg?'5 , 9 '- W v 3? I V, , ,M . , A V Qwg:,g:g5Fii ll. . 3 Q iw onummn J Lgzimfa ' , J ., ,,. , . ,af , V L . f Tl? fi' , , C? W ,f Q XJ' U 5 6 I2 E617 581920 2321425 35 27 N.,-,.. X. xx, y SPECTRUM STAFF Mrs. Ella Dute served as advisor for the SPECTRUM Galen Haney, Comptroller, kept his bright eyes on that staff. budget. These people wanted to be on the staff mostly because there is a nice relatively soft davenport to sit upon in the SPECTRUM oflice. Four smiles and a grouch on a big red couch. r f K ,,, IJ " .,, 1 :'3 'U It doesnt look as though these three really wanted to be on the staff at all How sweet As ev1denced by the busmess l1ke desk top, some work was done The three gay gay people are Ron Van ,fu- Busklrk the campus photographer Iolyn M1elke the asslstant editor and Sylvla Parks the editor QI!! 5? :1. 4 age.: '-his .,..4-N X N if., ,ggi ,........,qnuul RADIO W. N. 0. C. Every year when WN O C starts 1ts broadcast mg rt 1nev1tably announces that lt 15 broadcast New transmltters 1n the dorms sent a great varlety of programs to every 1nterested campus radlo A staff of over twenty members worked hard to br1ng everythlng from Top Ten t The Three Stooges before the mlke Th1S year the stat1on Kendal Larae Blesterlield and Dr Donald Shan ower the sponsor I ' I l ' - ' CC 33 O 56 . . . . . . - ,, . . . 9 ' 3 ing "better than everf' Well, this year it was true. was under the leadership of Bob Carter, Larry . . . D . , . - . , . 124 WRITERS' CLUB 3 , t f ar s . J X "King Richard" ffor a dayj Eastman ponders about the manuscript being discussed. Mary waits somberly - itls her piece. And who's that other intelligent looking gentleman? Barbara and Mary try to decide which manuscript should go into the Cardinal, our literary publication. Johnls comment: g'Ahhhhhhh nuts." ii NW ,f""' 5 ,Mum M ii, 125 Q , President Geiger guards the gavel of the Finance Board are "musts" for these men as they manipulate the money as John Schmitt, Harry Riehm, Jim Miller, Dr- Reddick, bags. All campus budgets must be presented to this board and Bob Burkhart stand behind him. Mathematical minds fog-its approval or rejection, Jim Miller Ernest Alix Chaplain St Angelo Marge Lew1s Mary Lynn Shiffler Dean Giere Miss Watson and Dean Eigenbrodt meet and eat as they discuss College Activities Board business Many wonderful opportunities are offered to our student body by this group Not a week passes when some CAB bus trip doesnt occur Fman cial a1d is glven to campus soclal events after pet1t1ons are examined and approved WIT lf'h"5 126 Mrs. Ella Dute heads the table as the other members of Prof, Beaurline, Prof. Earisman, Dick Striker, Mrs. Dute the Publications Board gather around. The table is spread Prof. Kay, Sandy Wysong, Mary Miller, and Martha Vestal with intellectual food. The connoisseurs are: Prof. Jones, Dean Eigenbrodt pensively gnaws her lip as she and the members of the Women's Senate make plans for a cosmopolitan social event. 127 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student COUHCIT serves as a channel be tween the adm1n1strat1on and the student body Harry Rlehm our Student Body Pres1dent 15 the chlef l1a1son man 1n th1S l1ne up It IS Harry s job to keep everybody happy and that 1S an lrnpos Slblllty What a Job The Student Counclls new faculty advlsor 1S Professor Redd1ck The members feel that he 1S a fine asset to the COUUCII 128 ,fm ,qw You sure sat in the wrong place, Ed. Secretary Shiffler sneaks a shy smile at the camera. Well, photographers are only human. 129 EDUCATION CLUB Teachers of tomorrow - toilers of today. Prob- lems, unique approaches, modern trends - Edu- cation Club presents a vari-ed program during the year. Picnics and parties added to discussions, movies, and special speakers certainly make a well- rounded diet of activities. Dr. Schwarz used to handle this predominently female group alone - but now he has called in help - Professor Donny. The kneeling ones are oflicers: Miss Pritchard, Miss Carlson, and Miss Gutknecht. 130 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND STUDENTS AYW swf The problems of the world will be in our hands soon. This group is trying to prepare for that fast- approaching future. The International Students' Club poses by the international soft drink - Coke. CFree plug.j Darlene Schonnop is the president of this multicultural organization. I W 2 I , . X I 1 'vflg A fe 0 .1 ' , ,, if c . , 'Qu X" j an '1 , 4 U ..., -ls I 131 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB IN 5: af' 44 4 ...df fy fx- It's just impossible to get these Home Economic fans out of the kitchen, so we gave up and let them stay there for the picture. These five stool pigeons for homing pigeonsj are trained by Mrs. Erwin. Kris Jensen, Iolyn Mielke, Barb Faist, Lynne Faubel, and Barb Miller are their names. Imported speakers present varied and unusual forms of entertainment. fl T7 X MR. 8: MRS. CLUB Nw-0' K 0 ,, Our married couples go all out for atmosphere. After that glow wears off . . . but no - look how affectionate they are. Believe it or not, this picture was taken at the group's Christmas party. The polka-dotted musician looks remotely familiar. It has been said that the married couples are the most uostrasized' group on a campus. These happy people seem to have done something about solving any such problem. 133 1' L l Dr Hannah Nyholm and Delores Klehm represent the Spa nish Club in the Spec- Sue Nee ey, . , ' ' K l d Ken Gerrans are not pictured. trum spotlight. President Barbara o tz an The ladder to successful acting is be- ing tried by the Theatre Guild mem- bers. The faculty advisor is Dr. Don- ald Shanower. A shot from "The Diary of Anne Frankf, a very success- ful Theatre Guild presentation, is pictured. .M , ,sm f a 134 Q Q W'-'ffmg f 1 9 f M, , WM .01 7 2 f 1 -. f X 5, " ,wh f , ""M"' -f.. v X If 9- Mun, K W 11-W ' ' x fy, X X af Q , f ., M., 1 f x 4 , ,WX V , , swf "5 ,WW - ,1..e, K Q- N an by ' 2 ' .N T ,W 'fy 'Z 1 , l K 1 5. 1 - Q 71 1 'N' ' z 1 "' " " " ",,',j" "'i""I Y bb'wf"' 'r,1"" 'X Y 'lf' ' 3"""'3J' fi' Y 1 f .4 '-- . ", .p .-, ww: -,V 1 -'-yy, '. W' gff'-"a"".x"1- "H .w rag. f- Q, 'A ' , " '- f ,..f',g - x, " , M - ' ' 3 Q V : R -'ilfnlvola-ufjzit-.f,'n1' 5f E. if?L12:ntmm'x-'.:'2'31aiirbb.rE'.:1..1.:u3vM2i29I7firh'Hi!:l5kVMSLEMX-f'm?1fiU1f1i'WWW!!'i1'1lktf5xsfg!ff:ft:1J E4if'26iTJWqfg51QfMbk6gIfgigi51f5A.K'J f!E.i.i ff 4' V 'r i QW' ffl f --'VA 4 , ff:YF"9'15.' A Hi? 'f -!'ftH'- v-A wiv: " J VH Lx' 1 4' ' 'f fr we Dr. Roberts and his HISTORY CLUB present their smiles haphazardly on the chair. Honorine smiles because she's for posterity. Phil Lockwood giggles hysterically because aunique member of the group. he just made it in the last secondg that's his coat thrown "Say, you know, if we had our meeting inside, it would be warmer." These members of the COMMUTERS CLUB have just finished half of their commutation for the day. Dick Striker is their chief. We're young, and weire Republicans. In fact, we're YOUNG REPUBLI- CANS. Whadya mean, keep politics out of the Chicago police force? The COMMERCE CLUB members face the future with set jaws and steely determination - our tycoons of tomorrow. Prof. Shoemaker is the group's advisor. 137 I , RZ, 1 4 1 ?g 2 g5rf, I f f'A 4 14 'L inf? wb , QM!! J ' b 4... Mark Minor, Bob Welk, Harry Campbell, Ron Bridenthal, Barb Overmyer, Dr. Shan- ower, James Ralph Miller. Our dramatic honorary society - ALPHA PSI OMEGA. A double duty picture showing both the basement pipes of Old Main and the members of PI GAMMA MU - the honorary social science society. 139 SCIENCE GRGANIZATIONS President Bob Shaffer Faculty members Delbert Meyer Warren Keck and Russell Hanson held down the front line in the activities of the Biology Club. The members of Beta Beta Beta reflect intelligently on the shiny table These people are some of North Centrals scientific greats Busy Bob efficiently executes this group also CThat IS to say he s president D 9 1 7 , . . . , . , , . , . , . is I I ' 9 4 5 f W A r A ' a A D f if I A 7 5 f .iff A ' 140 Life is a test tube. Experiences are experiments. These people won't stop searching for the perfect formula. President Ron Liesemer, faculty advisors Koten and Alderman keep the flame burning in the Chemistry Club. These men keep late hours as they watch over the experimental laboratory. Because of this year's experimentation, the lab is known as "Rat Labf, The name, of course, has nothing to do with the character of the men pictured. bu......--4" .-e""""' New fi 141 ,,.-...-....., STUDENT UNION Q2 af' :- N, ff , ,X 1 M A "typical union scene" above, and a meeting of the Student Union Board of Control below . . . and the other one? That's a shot of the line-up for Student Union coffee. And some people need it more than others, Carl Nielson was in charge of the union this year, and Prof. Sundby was the faculty advisor. A 9' v tx., pw W Vk, W N3 lllinnliuitwf t f' ,fzfwfneaf-f4,"V. .171 j ' M-S Clliilillli W2 ,7 if fi, .OCTOBER if was r ,A 1. mi -Y F X123 Y 5678 1 ns nu as lb sv 1920 212223211 262728 zo 3Qp3l 0,,.51m1 001009 , ' i, :Q f The union workers are usually busy, but sometimes they can take time out to play house. On the whole, the union workers are happy, and as yet, we have not had a union strike. Television and table tennis are the only recreational facilities offered now, but we have great hopes for the future. 143 2 -Q , , 491' iii! mf ,b 1-ex, ' I ' 1" , ' " , 'amy ,gm 1 , - L.. 23.1 5,9 M5 , Rl? Pi? :ski 1331 3? e se , , 3 QQ ,1 1 'ra LIBRARY L.- L, 81,000,000 prize for anyone who can identify the person sitting in the middle chair. ' M Keith Schap cleverly covers the end of his pencil so nobody will see he has no lead in it and therefore know he is posing. Hazy blonde in background is Gay Shaw. flQvr x f Cin ,,,.,,,:.,-M, ,- nf: ,ZA ff I 1 f 1 Wg f' :- 4, f.15k,, if i , fi ..,,aLz.f,L. ,Ui V Q 1 ' rw. 2?f?i 4 f W , Fm 7 ji g wa 13 7i:, ' 2.11 gay if ,, ., ,A .1 . if fir - ' . , '- . ' ' " .- ' ' ". - . . ,"11,' ' '.'-.-, '- -- ' v"'f . '- "'f"C':11-r.'rr, - . , , , v A : . , 1 H A- V, .. V -, M '..- r , .,-X,-,A '73, .' K. . ,.,,. .5-q 3 .. , ,1 ,..1, ,..-3 ,I IV, .,.,l.!,. 4, 1.--17: X., ,.', ,--355.5-V. ,.., W ,.,,,,rpg5,-L,f,yq...:,y,.'m 5' wq-flip.. qu ,,3, , - - W, ,.1 H .wf . ' , , ., .V 9 -, ,fm '. A .. .,'.,,, ,- .1. , ll- -,:,.v,f,,,-44 -, ,:.v,f., 1.1-g Nag, 5, ,L,1.. h., - ,,,,,,,ru ,.-.',-gf. in-,,u,,3,-,.f. w-,w,4,,4-..,,.l:,.- - QJ.. ,,,v.45.,,f ,',.w,1 2,-,,:.,,,.,.h. ..-f" .4ff"Lf3 ' I bl:-N an I 1 .N v I, H I I 1, ,, .L -l4.,l:-Nu-Quin-QJILLILU.Ii1,l5 ' X I .Atl , -?1'L,,l-f-""""' I '-""'-3-i',.,jhm-JL Juv' ' i . 1 " ' I .Q -- I , -. A ,Q 5 1"""vm 1 IIII' , " 2' 'MD'-,-. 3 I Im X II I Ml- I III 4 L ' .. -'EM 1' , 'f 1II'I5 . -I M I ' ' " '- ' '5""' ..::.... .,.., L, .AIX -' ff 1 S Riff I' - I 1 .,.1.l N-I--1 .,., """"- "AA -'N-W ---- Q--.....M-.,,.A THE BANK OF FRIENDLY SERVICE "T """ T ff+:w:m1-fr.-L 1 BANK OF NAPERVILLE Fifth Avenue 81 Washington NAPERVILLE COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Member F. D. I. C. FIELD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY RESIDENTIAL- COMMERCIAL BUILDERS 520 E. Ogden Ave. Phone 1643 That Unusual Dime Store BEN FRANKLIN 21 W. Jefferson Street Naperville, Ill. N QP? XS C. C. NETZLEY, INC. Ply 41 O40 W fy 4 Compliments of TASTY BAKERY FINEST QUALITY BAKED GOODS . . . Pastries - Cookies - Bread - Rolls 2 Stores to Serve You 813 N. Washington 16 W. Jelferson DORMOR for SHOES The Family Shoe Store 12 West Jefferson Naperville, Ill. Phone 1571 Compliments of ACE STORES Rassweiler Hardware Co. "The Best Place to Get Quality Merchandise" Gifts - Plumbing 8. Electrical Supplies 14-16 W. Chicago Ave. Phone 77 Naperville, Illinois SAND - GRAVEL - LIMESTONE CONCRETE BLOCKS A. L. RITZERT Yard at 1 960 E. Chicago Ave. Phone Naperville 506 C 245 SEARS 8E ROEBUCK CATALOGUE SALES OFFICE Mgr, MRS. LELA ROEMHILD '19 e QI6 S. Washington Phon I4OO TEAM WORK WINS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Naperville, III. GENTLEMEN'S APPAREL GEORGE LENERT SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING WARM AIR HEATING I9 Spring Ave. Naperville PHONE 253 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 60 AVENUE FOOD MART 8-8 FROM DAILY 4-8 RIFE CLEANERS WEDNESDAY 8-I COURTEOUS 8. PROMPT 4-6:30 SUNDAY SERVFE Phone 1990 821 E. Chicago Ave Naperville 20 E. JeFferson Phone 570 FRED FELLOWS, Prop. BOECKER COAL and GRAIN CO. Since I868 THEODORE B. BOECKER, JR., Mgr. COAL- FUEL OIL - COKE 5th Ave. 8. Ellsworth Naperville Phone 270 f ' T. M. KOEDER gh 721 School Ave. Naperville l NEW - USED A39 h 1 BRASS - WOODWIND JA EXPERT Fi-Q REPAIR SHOES THAT SATISFY 6 W. .IeFFerson Naperville Phone 934 Com plimenls of DUPAGE BOILER WORKS Naperville, Illinois I I DALE'S RECORD SHOP l2l S. Washington COMPLETE RECORD I I I I I I li I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I Naperville SELECTIONS I Phone 2655 lm in I p 5 I pre-scott-myers insur noe Isl el: I 505 NORTH WASHINGTON o NAPERVIUE, Ill. my PHONE: 3090 I "Planned lnsurance for Peace of Mind" DAVE'S FLOWER SHOP I I I I Y WRAP IO W. Chicago Ave. I WE TELEGRAPH -9 "QQ I 9 i 'WE Naperville FLowERs Phone 2276 DAVE HACKERSON I l I I I I' I Congratulations to the Class of 1960 More . . . QUALITY More . . . SERVICE More . . . SATISFACTION at MOORE LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY L. . ,. 73,5 315 S. Main St. At the River Phone 10 I NAPERVILLE NATIONAL ,f f E TEMPERATURE .-,-f."v Ad H MEMBER F.D.i.c. and FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ,IIII..,, W ,,a,I,I,, ...I... , aaaaaaa ,,ssaa .,aII.I..... , ,W I....,.. ,.,.,sI......I.,. W, ,,,,,,,, "Get Acquainted with Quality" at NAPER CENTRAL MOTORS INC. Home of DODGE POWER GIANT TRUCKS RAMBLER 119 S. Main Naperville Phone 341 Lee Sack Herman Nordolt BEIDELMAN A "' A 57 FUNERAL CHAPEL fl , 43 ra ' I- gf: '.,i' 1. 5:3 bfi 5:2 ii! PFI' :IFE 55'E "' ' ' " 1T 1 I AMBULANCE senvice I iss: ifillg 5:3 ,-,Q-' -5 rpg! ' 111 fin ::' I I in 25 1 t'Lrh5':11' ' 'I Ig , ii.. . I . I 235 s WASHINGTON sr. Pi-ioNE 264 WIL-O-WAY FARM Phone IO28 GOLDEN CREST MILK I "Taste the Difference" Naperville, Illinois I! I I FOR REAL SERVICE IN REAL ESTATE LI IRHCH CERT I THREE SUBURBAN OFFICES ,, I I35 S. Washington Naperville 2412 I I STAN DARD STANDARD OIL COMPANY recognizes indusfry's need of capable young men who will be fhe salesmen, accounfanfs, and execufives of fhe fufure. In order fo fulfill our philosophy of offering our cusfomers 'rhe finesf services and producfs possible, we of STANDARD OIL have sef up exfensive 'rraining programs for our personnel. One phase of 'rhis fraining is fhe COOPERATIVE PLAN wifh NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE, where young men have a chance fo earn while fhey learn fhe pracfical and apply fhe fheorefical. Through such foresighf, we confinue fo improve and mainfain fhe high sfandards of excellence which have broughf safisfacfion fo our millions of cusfomers fhe world over. CARL BROEKER 81 CO. Deportment Store WILLARD BROEKER '26 LESTER BROEKER '28 RUTH BACHMAN '32 CROMER MOTOR CO. TF-it QM? NAPERVILLE Phone 407 JOE FAULHABER'S CITY MARKET The Finest of Fresh ond Cold Meots The Finest of Accommodotion Groceries NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE Y Serving the College for 86 Yeors -9 'B 27 West Jefferson 64' Q6 o 2 Phone 440 BOECKER'S MEN'S WEAR g C CHYTAXI XF , ' 1, g Speciol Student Rotes VX' M 24 Hour Service "We Hove Something on 124 S. Main Almost Every Mon in Town.' T29 S. Woshington Phone 1414 B. 81 F. SPORT HAAS 8x GETZ PLUMBING 81 HEATING 236 S. Washington St. Telephone No. 80 81 HOBBY CENTER, INC. AWARDS SWEATERS JACKETS 212 S. Main Naperville, III. Phone 2180 RANG'S MEN'S SHOP Nationally Advertised Men's Wear 217 S. Washington Phone Naperville, III. BURGESS MOTORS STAN DARD STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS 245 South Washington Phone Naperville 1064 MOTHER 81 DAUGHTER ERNIES ..66,. ANNEX SERVICE STATION and The THE LITTLE SHOP Women's Apparel 8- Accessories Naperville, Ill. Complete Line of "66" Service 33 S. Washington Phone 1114 ADAMS OIL CAMERA coMPANY CENTER OKLAHOMA PETROLEUM 222 so. washingto PRODUCTS , u . , naperville, illinois Routes 65 and 34 ph' 3777 P. O. Box l Naperville, lll. COLUMBIA MOTOR SALES Ogden Avenue Telephone Naperville 3300 Naperville, lll. AUTHORIZED DEALER Studebaker Cars, Trucks, and Slafion Wagons SELECTION OF FINE USED CARS T50 To Choose From COMPLIMENTS OF POWER CONSTRUCTION, INC. l25 S. Marion Slreef NAPER STATIONERS SCHOOL SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS 8. REPAIRING GREETING CARDS SKYWAY LUGGAGE oqkPQm,ni 2225-MQW Village 8-4940 NOpe'VI"e Phone 2574 MERCURY LOAN CO. WIDDER CONFIDENTIAL LOANS Call for Application S50 To S800 ROGER LIGHT, Manager ARLENE FROBERG, Cashier JOHN NILL, Ass'f. Cashier ZIAM South Washington St. Naperville, Ill. Phone 3531 or i709 DECORATING SHOP INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR PAINTING CUSTOM DRAPERY AND RODS WALLPAPER AND PAINTS 303 N. Center SI. Naperville, III. A. G. WIDDER THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE pk Agfa AP NACS K41. A roiagnzoaalo 'Q ro Q ILEGE 5" xi 1 g Q STUDENTS 0 Vs I Q- WELCOMES FACULTY ALUMNI COOK'S HI-FI and RECORD SHOP Hi-Fidelity 8. Sterephonic Components at "Catalogue Prices" Largest Selection of Records in Suburban Area 47 Fox St. Aurora AURORA SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION IOI N. Lake St. Aurora, Illinois PFAELZER BROTHERS FINEST MEATS 8. POULTRY Union Stock Yards CHICAGO Mr. 8. Mrs. Matt Atten's THE CURVE MOTEL ROOMS KITCH EN ETTES Naperville 3222 On U. S. 34 M4 Mile S. Ill. 65 Naperville, Illinois GOOD LUCK TO THE "CLASS OF 1960" GENERAL CARBON COMPANY Naperville, Illinois ff"""3f',, II 1 BROADWAY AURORA'S VERY BEST CLOTHING STORE The Store that is Satisfied only when you are From One Grad to Another . . . CONGRATULATIONS! THE NAPERVILLE SUN HAROLD E. WHITE, CLASS OF '35, EDITOR at PUBLISHER Printers of the College Chronicle and the N. C. C. Cardinal See Us for Distinctive Printing - Vic Thornton '46, Representative I28 S. Washington St. Naperville, Illinois Telephone 63 Tnenniges jjemelnrs Diamonds - Jewelry - Gifts - Watches Musical Instruments DORCAS TOENNIGES 30 W. Jefferson Street FREDRICK TOENNIGES Phone I32I Official Watch Inspectors for the Burlington Railroad MARINE GRILL 7I S. Broadway Aurora, Illinois SERVING FINE FOODS OBEE WHOLESALE GROCERS 9O0I South Baltimore Avenue Chicago I7, Illinois SENIOR DIRECTORY QWANT ADSD KATHERYN AGNE "Kitty" Oak Park, Illinois Religion, B.A. Class secretary 1, Student Conference 1, Col- lege Day Comm. 1, Seager Assoc. 1, Band 1, Orchestra l,4, Secretary YWCA 1,2, Theater Guild 2: Hlomecoming Comm. 2,3, May Queen Court 3, Vice-President of class 3, Miss WUS 3, CCC 3, Dorm vice-president 3, Dorm presi- dent 4, Who's Who 4. GENE ARMENTROUT "the trout" "Geno" Wilmington, Illinois Political Science, B.A. Football 1, Baseball l,2, Basketball l,2,3,4 cap- tain 3, Varsity Club l,2,3,4, Seager Dorm Coun- cil l,2,3,4, King Rex 3, Woe Week Chairman 3, Homecoming Comm. 3,4, International Re- lations Club: Pi Gammu Mu. BOB BEATTY Gillingham, Wisconsin History, Physical Education B.S. Biology Club 1, Cross-country 1,2,3,4 captain 3,4, Track 1,2,3,4 captain 3, History Club 1,2, 3,4, Varsity Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice- president 4, Prom co-chaimman 3, Class treas- urer 3, YMCA l,2,3,4 cabinet 3, Parents, Day co-chairman 4. MILDRED BEINE "Millie" Reynolds, North Dakota Elementary Education, B.A. WRA 1, YWCA l,2,3,4 cabinet 3, French Club 2, Education Club 3,4 , Spectrum 3, "Guys and Dollsi' 3, Festival Choir 2,3. BRIAN S. BENDER Elmira, Ontario, Canada Philosophy, Religion, B.A. Southeastern 3, Vice-Chaimaan CCC, Campus Church 3, Seager Assoc., Religious Life Coun- cil 1. MARY LOU BENNETCH Reed City, Michigan Elementary Education, B.A. Festival Chorus, Chapel Choir. PAUL BERGGREN Hinsdale, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Comrnuter's Club, Commerce Club, Writer's Club. EDWIN BLOOMGREN "Sweden Lockport, New York Zoology, B.A. Athletic Board Representative, Student Coun- cil, Swimming Team. NANCY BOULDIN Aurora, Illinois English, B.A. Women's Senate l,2,3, Dorm Corresponding secretary 3, House Council 2,3. JOHN BRADLEY Chicago, Illinois Sociology, B.A. Basketball, Chronical Sports Editor, CCC Stewardship Comm. JOHN BRAMSEN Glen Ellyn, Illinois Mathematics, B.A. WNOC, Mr. Sc Mrs. Club. RONALD BRIDENTHAL "Ron,' Greensburg, Ohio English, B.A. YMCA 1, Baseball 1,23 Band 1,2,4, Concert Choir 3,4, Chronicle 2,3, Theater Guild 2,3,4, Alpha Psi Omega 3,4, Seager Assoc. l,2,3,4, Writer's Club 4, Homecoming Comm. 3,4, Stu- dent Conf. Comm. 4. DOROTHY BURKHOLDER Warrenville, Illinois Psychology, B.A. WRA 4, Festival Chorus 4. DALLAS CHAPMAN "Dal" Pigeon, Michigan History, B.A. Seager Dorm Council 1, Student Union Con- trol Board l,2,3,4 chairman 4, Class president 2, Southeastern 3, Dorm counselor 3,4 , "Diary of Anne Frank" 4, Chairman Parents Day 3, History Club president 4, Michigan Booster Club president 4, Who,s Who 4. DORA CHRISTIE Benton Harbor, Michigan Sociology, B.A. Deputation 1, YWCA 1,2, cabinet 3, Michigan Booster Club 1,2,3,4, vice-president 2, Concert Choir 1,2,3,4, Chapel Choir 2,4, Festival Cho- rus l,2,3,4, CCC Central Council 4. CAROLYN COLLINS Naperville, Illinois English, B.A. Festival Chorus l,2, Theater 2,4, Alpha Psi Omega 3,4, CCC Council 3,4, Co-editor Green- leaves 4, Co-chairman Big-Li'l Sis Banquet 2. JANET SUE CONAWAY "Susie" Benton Ridge, Ohio I Elementary Education, B.A. YWCA l,2,3, Advisory Board 2, Festival Cho- rus l,2,3, Chapel Choir l,2,3, Freshman Re- view l, WRA 1, Spectrum 1, Spanish Club 2, Student Conf. Comm. 3,43 Homecoming Co- chairman 33 Concert Choir 33 Homecoming Comm. 43 Student Council 43 Education Club 3,43 Class Treasurer 33 Disciplinary Board 4. HARRY DARLAND Aurora, Illinois Zoology, B.A. Beta, Beta, Beta. NEIL DENKER "Denk" Riverside, Illinois Commerce, B.S. European Trip 23 Commerce Club 2,3,4 presi- dent 33 Student Conf. Comm. 33 Central Comm. 43 Football trainer 43 Senior Announcements Comm. 43 Intramurals3 Dorm Council repre- sentative. JOHN DRINKWATER "Jack', Downers Grove, Illinois Physical Education, B.S. Football 3,4. RICHARD EASTERDAY "Dick" Racine, Wis- consin Chemistry, B.A. Band 13 Football 13 Freshman Musical 13 Sea- ger Dorm President 23 Dorm Council 2,3,43 Ten- nis 33 Southeastern 33 Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4 vice-president 43 Student Council 33 YMCA 1,2,3,43 Young Republicans Club 2,3,43 Student Conf. Comm. 4. BARBARA FAIST c'Barbie', Kitchener, Ontario, Canda Hone Economics, B.S. Home Ec. Club 2,3,4 secretary 3, president 43 CCC 2,3,43 Dorm counselor 3. HONORINE FIELD "Honny" Naperville, Illinois History, English, B.A. Student Conf. Comm. 13 YMCA 1,23 College Day Comm. 23 Co-chairman Mid-Winter Re- treat 23 Women's Rep. 2,33 President,s Cabinet 2,33 Disciplinary Board 23 Homecoming Comm. 3,43 Women's Senate 2,3,4 3 Oratorio Choir I,2,3Q Chapel Choir 1,2,3,43 Concert Choir 2,3,43 May Fete Court 33 Pi Gamma Mu 43 Sec. and Treas. History Club 4. JANE A. F OUTS "Jane-A-Rooneyl' Lombard, Illinois Physical Education, Biology, B.S. Biology Club 3,43 Education Club 43 WRA 1323334 Secretary 3. MICHAEL FOWLER "Miken Naperville, Illinois English, B.A. Symphony 13 Band 1,2,33 Writeris Club 33 Stu- dent Union Board of Control 1,2,3,43 Concert Choir 3. FREDERIC FRANCIS 'cFritz,' Downers Grove, Illinois Commerce, B.S. RUTH GAUERKE HRuthie" Milwaukee, Wis- consin Elementary Education, B.A. YWCA treasurer 23 Concert Choir 33 Home- coming Comm. 2,33 Parents' Day Comm. 23 European Trip 23 Prom Comm. 33 Homecoming Queen 43 Homecoming Court 1,33 Student Conf. Comm. 3 chairman 43 Theatre Guild 1,43 Edu- cation Club 23 Festival Choir 1,33 "Brigadoon" 23 Religious Life Council Sec. 4. WESLEY GROSS "Wes" York, Nebraska Commerce, B.S. Football3 Commerce Club3 Varsity Club. JOAN CARLSON GULLBORG ujoaniel' Oak Park, Illinois Elementary Education, B.S. WRA 1,23 Biology Club 1,23 Spanish Club 2,33 YWCA 13 Education Club 3,4 president 4. ROBERT GULLBORG "Bob', Addison, Illinois Physical Education, B.S. Track 1,2,3,43 Varsity Club 1,2,3,4 president 43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Vice-President of class 43 Education Club 3,43 Biology Club 1,23 YMCA 1,21 Freshman Musical 1. RONALD A. GULLSTRAND 'cGully" Aurora, Illinois Political Science, B.A. Vice-president of Phi Kappa Delta3 Debate Squad 3,4, YMCA president 33 Band 23 Football 1,2,3,43 Student Conference Comm. 2,33 CCC 23 Drama 13 Chapel Choir 33 Southeastern 33 Religious Life Council 3,43 "Who,s Who" 4. RAYMOND GUSTAFSON "Gus" Chicago, Il- linois Psychology, B.A. Donn Council. ' RICHARD G. HAIRE "Dick" Mokena, Illinois Chemistry, B.A. DOROTHY HAWLEY HANEY "Dot,, Bourbon, Indiana Elementary Education, B.A. Festival Chorus 1,21 Education Club 2,3,4, Class Secretary 4, Ad Agency 3.4. GALEN L. HANEY 'tClyde" Milford, Indiana Commerce, Economics. B.S. Comptroller of Spectrum 3,4, Ass't Student Council Comptroller 4: YMCA 1,21 Commerce Club 1.2. LARRY HANEY Milford, Indiana lNIathematics, Physics, B.A. Physics Lab. Ass't 3: Ad Manager 3,4, Chem- istry Club 1.2. IRVIN M. HART, JR. 1'RuFfy', Fort Wayne, Indiana Biology. Education, B.A. Biology Club 3, President Indiana Booster Club 32 Chronicle 3 Circulation and Publisher, In- tramural Basketball, Football, YMCA. JERALD HATCH 'iJack" Niagara Falls, New York Psychology. B.A. Dramatics: lVriterls Club, Band. SHIRLEY HEIN 1'Squirrell, Brookfield, Illinois Physical Education, B.S. lVRA president 4, treasurer 3: Sporthead 2, Ed- ucation Club 1,25 Biology Club 1,23 YMCA 1,2, VVomen,s Varsity Tennis 2,3,4, Athletic Board 3,4. JOHN P. HENDERSON "The Henderl" Chicago, Illinois Chemistry, Zoology, B.A. Tumor Research Lab., Varsity Club 2,35 Chem- istry Club 1,2,3,4 sec. treas. 4, Biology Club 1,2, 3,4: Beta, Beta, Beta, Athletic Trainer 2, Intra- mural Basketball, Parents' Day Comm. 4, Home- coming Comm. 3,4. JAMES HOGGE "Jim', Polo, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Commerce Club. PAUL HOLMES "Rock,, Chicago, Illinois History, B.A. Basketball 1,2,3,4, Vice-president History Club. CARLYLE HORSTMEIER "Horse,' Davis, Il- linois Biology, B.A. Biology Club 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2, YMCA 3, Chapel Choir, accompanist 1,2, Beta, Beta, Beta 4: Spanish Club 2, '4Guys and Dolls" 3. ALBERT HUMBLE "Big Al" Hinsdale, Illinois History, B.A. Football 1.2, History Club 4, Secretary of Sea- ger Dorm 4. CAROL JOHNSON Eureka, Illinois Home Economics, B.S. Home Ec. Club 1,2,4, Festival Chorus 1,2,3, Parents' Day Comm. 2: Band 2, Student Conf. Comm. 2, Homecoming Comm. 3. GEORGE JOHNSON Dundee, Illinois Engineering Science, Physics, B.S. JAMES A. JORDAN "Red', VanlVert, Ohio Physical Education, B.S. Baseball 3,4, Varsity Club, Education Club, Biology Club. JEANNINE JUEDES Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education, B.A. Education Club 2,3,4, YMCA 1,2,3, Spanish Club 2,33 CYF 2, Home Ec. Club 1, Chapel Comm. 2,3, Freshman Musical 1, Student Conf. Comm. 4, Festival Chorus 2. CONSTANCE KARROW '6Conniel' Dixon, Il- linois Physical Education, B.A. YWCA 1, Spanish Club Treas. 2, Vice-president 3, WRA 1,2,3,4 Sportshead 2,4, Social Comm. 3, Festival Chorus 2,3,4. NANCY KEATING Chicago, Illinois Elementary Education, B.A. Cheerleader 2,3,4 captain 3,4, Education Club 4, WRA 1,2, May Queen Court 3, Parents' Day Comm. 2, YWCA 1,2, Class Secretary 3, Homecoming Comm. 3,4, Student Conf. Comm. 3, Women's Senate 3, Miss WUS 3. ROBERT KELLY Lombard, Illinois Physics, B.A. Commuter's Club 1, Honors Society 3,4 secre- tary-treasurer 4. SHIRLEY KELLY Niles, Michigan Elementary Education, B.A. Education Club 1,2,3,4, House Council 3, WRA 1, YWCA 1,2. LARRY O. KEMPER Naperville, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Commerce Club President, Biology Club, Re- ligious Emphasis Treasurer. MARGARET KERN '1Mimi,' Prairie duSac, Wisconsin English, B.A. Education Club 3,4, YMCA l,2,3,4, Wis. Booster Club 1,2,3,4, Water Ballet 1, Chapel Choir 1,3: Festival Chorus 1,31 Harmonettes 1,2, Sigina Rho Gamma 2,3, MENC 3, "Musettes', 3,4. BETTY KIRCHDORFER 4'Kooch" Louisville, Kentucky Sociology, B.A. Cheerleading 3,4, YWCA 1,2,3 president 2, Watershow 1,2,3 co-chairman 2, Dorm Council 1,2 vice-president 1, Homecoming Comm. 2,4, Student Conf. Comm. 2, Religious Life Coun- cil 2,3, May Queen Court 3, Chronicle 1,2, Phi Sigma Iota 2,3,4 president 3. SUE KOEHLER Elkhart, Indiana Elementary Education, B.A. Education Club 1,2,3,4, Student Conf. Comm. 3, Orchestra 1,4, House Council 4, French Club 2, YWCA 1,2, Concert Choir 3. BARBARA KOLTZ 'Barbn Downers Grove, Il- linois Spanish, B.A. Spanish Club 2,3,4 president 4, Water Ballet 3. DONALD L. KROENING '4Kroner" Eola, Il- linois Physical Education, B.S. Varsity Club, Chapel Choir, Chronicle, Radio Program, Biology Club, Writer's Club. LYNN KUKUCK Kankakee, Illinois Mathematics, B.A. Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Indoor Track 2,3, Varsity Club 2,3,4 Secretary 4. NANCY KURTZ "Nan,' Iron Ridge, Wisconsin Home Economics, B.S. Home Ec. Club l,2,3,4, Education Club 3, CYF 3 , CCC 4. JAMES B. LANG 'jimi' Brookfield, Illinois Commerce, B.S. LUCILLE LARSON '4Lucy,, Rockford, Illinois Elementary Education, B.A. Transferred from Augustana College. Education Club 4, WRA 4. NEAL C. LAWSON Berwyn, Illinois Political Science, Commerce, B.A. Intramural Basketball, International Relations Club. AL LEMONS Chicago, Illinois Psychology, B.A. Homecoming Comm., Dorm Counselor. MARJORIE LEWIS 'cMargie', Oak Park, Illinois English, Education, B.S. YWCA 1, cabinet 2, French Club 1, Spectrum 2, Homecoming Comm. 2,3, Parents, Day Comm. 3, Prom Comm. 3, College Day Comm. 2, CAB 2,3,4, Student Council 4, WRA 4, Edu- cation Club 4, CCC 3,4, Whois Who 4. RONALD N. LIESEMER "Ron" Detroit, Mich- igan Chemistry, B.A. WNOC 1, Festival Chorus 1, YMCA 1, Swim- ming Team 1,2, Student Council 2, Parents Day Comm. 3, Secretary Religious Life Coun- cil 3, Chemistry Club 2,3 President 4, Michigan Booster Club 1,2,3,4 vice-president 3. GEORGE K. LIU Tainan, Formosa Political Science, Economics, B.A. International Relations Club 1,2,3,4 president 3, International Students Club 3,4 president 3, Young Republicanas Club 2,3,4 treasurer 3, Pi Gamma Mu 2,3,4: Honor Society 4. BOB MCQUIRE "Mac" Polo, Illinois Mathematics, Physics, B.A. Chronicle 2,3, Spectrum 2, Math Assistant 3,4. LOUIS D. MELNICK 4'Mel,' Lincoln, Illinois Mathematics, B.A. IOLYN MIELKE Markesan, Wisconsin Home Economics, B.S. Home Ec. Club 2,3,4 treasurer 3, vice-president 4, French Club 2, YWCA 1, Homecoming Comm. 4, Spectrum 3,4 Ass,t Editor 4, Prom Comm. 3, Student Conf. Central Comm. 3, College Day Comm. 2, "Guys and Dollsu 3, Freshman Musical 1. DORIS MILLER VVells, Minnesota Elementary Education, B.A. Festival Chorus l,2, Spanish Club 1,23 Educa- tion Club 3,4, Spectrum 3, Geneva Teacher 2,3, YWCA 1, WRA 1, c'Guys and Dolls" 3. JAMES MILLER "Jim Gibbon, Nebraska g English, Speech, B.A. Class Officer 1,2,3,4, Student Council 3,4, Inter-collegiate Discussion and Debate 1,3, Pi Kappa Delta 3,4, Theatre Guild 1,2,3,4, Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4, Concert Choir 2,3, Home- 165 coming Co-chairman 35 Friday Assembly Co- chainnan 45 Who's Who 4. JOHN M. MOLITOR "Big John" "Molly" Mil- waukee, Wisconsin Physical Education, History, B.S. Swimming Team 1,2,3,45 Captain 35 Swimming Coach Assistant 45 King Rex Candidate 3. FREDRIC L. MOORE "Fredl' Owosso, Michigan English, B.A. YMCA 15 Mr. SL Mrs. College Fellowship 2,3,4 president 35 Intercollegiate Debate 45 Deputa- tion Quartette 15 Seager Assoc. 1,25 Michigan Booster Club 1,2,3. WAYNE D. MORICONI Cicero, Illinois History, B.A. GEORGE C. MUELLER Hinsdale, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Commuters Club. CARL C. NIELSON St. Joseph, Missouri Psychology, B.A. Concert Choir 1,2,45 Homecoming Comm. 35 College Day Comm. 25 Manager of Student Union 3,45 Southeastern 2,35 YMCA 1,2 cabi- net5 Education Club5 Student Council 45 Elec- tion Committee 45 "Brigadoon.,, MARY ANN O'NEIL Downers Grove, Illinois Education, B.A. ROBERT F. ORGAN "Bob', Beloit, Wisconsin Physics, B.A. JOYLYN E, OSTIC "Joy" Rockford, Illinois Religion, Elementary Education, B.A. Chronicle 1,25 Sec. of Publications Board 1,25 Seager Assoc. 2,3,45 Education Club 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 1,25 Student Conf. Comm. 35 CCC 45 YWCA 1,2,35 Disciplinary Board 3. BARBARA HARR OVERMYER Naperville, Il- linois English, B.A. Writer's Club 1,2,3,45 Cardinal Editor 45 Thea- ter Guild 1,2,3,45 Alpha Psi Omega 3,45 Festi- val Chorus 1,2535 Concert Choir 2,35 Chronicle 25 Honors Society 3,4 president 45 Seager Assoc. 1,25 Student Conf. Comm. 1,25 Who's Who 45 Homecoming Comm. 25 Harmonettes 15 YWCA 1,25 Deputation 1 5 Commuter's Club 2. JAMES PASEK "Jim" Naperville, Illinois Mathematics, B.A. Football. JAMES PERISIN "Jim" Chicago, Illinois Mathematics, B.A. Varsity Club 2,3,45 Intramural football and bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,4. C. EDWIN PERKINS "Edu South Bend, Indiana Economics, B.A. Sports Editor Chronicle5 International Rela- tions Club5 Basketball Manager5 Publications Board. ROBERT PROCHNOW "Bob" Menomonie, Wis- consin History, B.A. R. RAY RHEIN Glendale, Arizona Political Science, Economics, B.A. RICHARD ROLNIAK "Dick,, Lisle, Illinois Engineering Science, B.S. HAROLD RIEHM '1Harry', Kendalville, Indiana Political Science, B.A. Student Body President 45 Class President 35 International Relations Club 45 Concert Choir 35 Student Finance Board 45 Religious Life Council 45 Intramurals 1,2,35 CCC Central Council 35 Who's Who 4. ROSEMARY RITSEMA "Rosie" Sebewaing, Michigan Elementary Education, B.A. YWCA 1,25 Spanish Club 2,35 Concert Choir 3,45 Festival Choir 1,2,3,45 Chapel Choir 1,2, 3,4. BEVERLY ROCKABRAND "Bev" Clare, Illinois Home Economics, B.S. Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,45 Festival Chorus 1,2,35 YWCA 1,2. LARRY G. ROESSLER Rochester, Minnesota Physical Education, Biology, B.S. Beta, Beta, Beta 45 Football 15 Baseball 25 Swimming 1,2. CAROL SAFARIK Brookfield, Illinois Elementary Education, B.A. Biology Club 15 WRA 1,25 Commuters Club 35 Education Club 45 French Club 1,2. COLLEEN SAWICKI St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education, B.A. Chapel Choir 15 YMCA 1,25 WRA 15 Spanish Club 2,35 Geneva Teacher 2,35 Homecoming Comm. 35 Education Club 3,45 Spectrum 35 "Guys and Dollsl'5 House Council 4. DONALD H. SCHAEFER 'iDon" Sycamore 166 I Illinois English, B.A. Track 1,2, Cross Country 1,2, Varsity Club l,2, 3,4, Student Council 2,3, Biology Club 1,2, Chemistry Club l,2, Beta Beta Beta 3, YMCA 1,2,3. WILLIAM SCHAEFER Naperville, Illinois Psychology, B.A. M KEITH SCHAP Naperville, Illinois English, B.A. Band 1,2,3,4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Writer's Club 2,3,4, ROBERT SCHIEDLER "Bob,' Batavia, Illinois Political Science, Commerce, B.A. Pi Gamma Mu, Commerce Club, Young Re- publican's Club. JOANN SCHMIDT :'Jo,' Seymour, Wisconsin Elementary Education, B.A. Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 4, Deputation 1,2,3, Band vice-president 4, Oratorio chorus 4, CCC, YWCA 1,2,3, Education Club 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2. JOHN E. SCHMITT "Jay" Chicago, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Student Body Comptroller, Student Council, Finance Board, Traffic Commission. CHARLES L. SCHNIBBEN "Chuck" Naperville, Illinois Zoology, B.A. Baseball. ROBERT F. SCHRADER "Bope', Naperville, Illinois History, B.A. Intramural Football, basketball, History Club. BEVERLY SCHROEDER Jefferson, Wisconsin Elementary Education, B.A. Home Ec. Club 1,2, Young Republican's Club 1,2,3, Education Club 4, Spectrum 1, Chroni- cle 2, YWCA 1,2, Homecoming Committee 3. EDWARD SEIWERT, JR. "Ed" Chicago, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Commerce Club, Homecoming Committee, Commuters Club. JOHN E. SENN "Sebastian', Freeland, Michigan Economics, B.A. Chapel Choir 1, Festival Chorus 1, Debate 2,3,4, Pi Kappa Delta 2,3,4 President 3,4, YMCA 1,2,3,4, Chronicle 3, Young Republi- cans Club 3, European Trip 3, Prom Commit- tee 3. ROBERT D. SHAFFER "Bohn Somonauk, Il- linois Zoology, Chemistry, B.A. Basketball 1,2,3,4, Vice-president of Class 2, Homecoming Comm. 2,3, Southeastern 1,2,3 treasurer 2, president 3, Oratorical Chorus 3, Student Conf. Central Comm. 3, CCC Central Comm. 4, Beta Beta Beta 2,3,4 president 4, Biology Club 1,2,3,4 president 4, Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4, Dorm president 4, Varsity Club 3,4, Athletic Board 3,4, Who's Who 4. ANN SHAW "Annie,, St. Joseph, Missouri Elementary Education, B.A. Women's Rep. 4, Women's Senate 4, Student Council 4, House Council 4, Education Club, French Club, Homecoming Comm., Parents Day Comm., College Day Comm., Midwest Track Queenls Court, Festival Chorus 1 , Spec- trum 2, Chronicle 1, Freshman Musical 1, "Guys and Dolls" 3, Homecoming court, Home- coming Queen 3, May Queen 3,.VVho,s Who 4. FRANK SHIGUT Naperville, Illinois Engineering Science, B.S. Football, Varsity Club. RONALD SHIPPERT '4Shippie" Dixon, Illinois Zoology, Chemistry, B.A. Beta, Beta, Beta 2,3,4, Football 1, Basketball 1, Track 1, Chemistry Club 2,3,4, Biology Club 2,3,4, Class President 4, Tumor Research 3,4. LUCILLE SILVESTER "Lucy', Sauk City, Wis- consin Elementary Education, B.A. YWCA 1,2,3, Spectrum 1, CCC 3. JOHN SIPPY g'Sip" Richland Center. Wisconsin History, B.A. "Tea House of the August Moonl' 3, Band 2,4, Football Manager 1, Athletic Trainer 1,4, Var- sity Club 1,2,3,4, History Club 3,4 vice-president 3, Homecoming Comm. 4, May Fete Comm. 3. LEE SLICK "Babe" Shannon, Illinois Mathematics, Education, B.A. Varsity Club, Track. . ALLAN R. SOLDWISCH "Soldy" LaGrange, Illinois Commerce, B.S. JUANITA SPANOGLE Wheaton, Illinois Elementary Education, B.A. LENI SPRANGER Oak Park, Illinois Physical Education, B.S. YXVCA l,2,3,43 WRA 1,2,3,43 WRA Board of Control 2.3,-43 Theater Guild 1,2,3,43 Women's Varsity Tennis Team 1,2,43 "Brigadoon" 13 "East Lynneu 13 Freshman Musical 13 Social Commission 13 Water Ballet Show 1,2,43 Young Republicans Club 2,3 secretary 43 Spanish Club vice-president 23 Homecoming Comm. 23 "Cru- ciblel' 23 Homecoming Play 3,43 "Guys and Dolls' 33 Prom Comm. 33 Religious Play 33 Dr. Faustus 33 Chronicle 33 One act plays, director 3. JEANETTE SPROULL "Jenny" Dwight, Illinois Political Science, Psychology, B.A. INRA l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 13 Spectrum 33 YWCA 1,23 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Dorm Council 3,4 treasurer 43 Prom co-chairman 33 Co-chair- man Friday Assembly 43 Water Show 2,3. ROBERT SQUIRES "Chico', Naperville, Illinois Physical Education, B.S. Varsity Club3 Biology Club3 Varsity Club Dadis Day Chairman. LEE STAMBERG Berwyn, Illinois Commerce, B.A. Debate, Pi Kappa Delta, secretary-treasurer3 Commerce Clubg Young Republicans Club. MARILYN TAYLOR LaGrange, Illinois Elementary Education, B.A. Education Club, Spanish Club3 Bible Study. ROBERT T. TITUS "BobH Downers Grove, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Commerce Club president 2. LUANNE UNBEHAUN "Lua, Richland Center, Wisconsin Home Economics, B.S. Co-chairman May Day 33 Homecoming com- mittee 43 Chairman Water Show 33 6'The Cru- ciblef' l'Tea House of the August MOOH,,, Stu- dent Conf. Central Comm. 43 Band 23 Theater Guild3 Home Economics Club3 Chronicle Staff, YWCA. WARREN VACHTA Naperville, Illinois History, B.A. FLOYD F. VanBARRIGER "Booger,' Aurora, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Footballg Varsity Clubg Commerce Club. RONALD VISTINE Cicero, Illinois Commerce, B.S. RICHARD WAKEFIELD "Dick" Lombard, Il- linois Commerce, B.A. HOWARD A. WARD '6Howie" Lansing, Illinois Commerce, Economics, B.A. ROBERT WELK "Bobl' Ripon, Wisconsin Speech, B.A. Homecoming Comm. 2,3,43 Student Conf. Comm. 2,33 WNOC 13 Theatre Guild 1,2,3,43 Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4. DAVID E. WENDELL "Wendy" Aurora, Illinois Biology, Psychology, B.A. Biology Club 3,43 YMCA 3,43 Education Club 4. PAUL WENZ 'tRabbit', Dayton, Ohio Physical Education, B.S. Track 3,43 Intramural Football 2,3,43 Basket- ball 2,3,43 Varsity Club 3,45 Parent's Day Comm. 2. MARGARET PRITCHARD WINTERS "Peggy'l Veedersburg, Indiana Elementary Education, B.A. YWCA 1,2,3,43 CYF 1,25 Freshman Musical 13 House Council 33 Education Club 3,43 Concert Choir 1,3 Chapel Choir 3. FRANK WOLF Arlington, Wisconsin Zoology, Chemistry, B.A. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Student Council 43 Beta, Beta, Beta, 2,3,43 Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4, Biol- ogy Club 1,2,3,43 Young Republicans Club 43 Student Conf. 4. MILTON D. WOLF Browntown, Wisconsin Religion, B.A. Concert Choir3 Festival Choir3 Seager Asso-cia- tion. ROBERTA WOLFF "Bert" New Providence, Iowa Elementary Education, B.A. MARGARET WOOLEDGE g'Peggy" German- town, Philadelphia English, B.A. CAROL ZAGER Monroe Wisconsin Home Economics, B.S. YWCA 1, CYF 1,23 Home Ec. Club 1 treasurer 2. HAROLD W. ZAGER l'Harry" Forreston, Illinois Psychology, Sociology, B.A. Basketball 1,25 Baseball 15 CYF President 2 Religious Life Council 2, Band 1,2,3, Home- coming Comm. 2g Seager Assoc. 1,2,3, Chroni- cle assit editor 3, editor 4, Who's Who 4. RUTH ZEMAN "Ruthie,' Berwyn, Illinois Zoology, B.A. Beta, Beta, Beta 2,3,4g Biology Club 1,2, histor- ian 3, secretary 4, WRA 1,2,3 vice-president 4' 9 Chemistry Club 3,45 Chronicle 3, Womenis Ten- nis Team 1,2,3,4g Whois Who 4. DALE ZIMMERMAN "Zim" Chili, Wisconsin History, B.A. Baseball 1, Pi Gamma Mu 3,45 president 4. RICHARD ZIMMERMAN HZimmie" Naperville Illinois Commerce, B.A. Student Conf. Comm., Commerce Club. RONALD ZOPHY g'Zoph,' Milwaukee, Wisconsin Psychology, B.A. CCC 2,3,4 treasurer, Band 15 YMCA 1,2,3. STRUCTURAL FIRE ESCAPES ORNAMENTAL IRON ADAMS WELDING and MFG. COMPANY STEEL EABRIcAToRs GENERAL WELDING OF ALL TYPES JOHN DEERE INDUSTRIAL TRAcToRs a EQUIPMENT 29 W. Ogden Avenue 414 N. Aurora Rd. Naperville, Illinois Phone 2600 - 2601 - 2602 Have You Visited RAY ROBERT'S STEAK HOUSE? Now Serving Delicious, Complete Dinners From Noon Until I2 O'Clock Midnight PRIME STEAKS - CHICKEN - RIBS - SEA FOOD OUR SPECIALTY - BROILED RAINBOW TROUT RAY ROBERT'S STEAK HOUSE Highway 59 Just South of Roosevelt Rd. Phone West Chicago 1901 ALBRECHT'S PHARMACY TI-IE PRESCRIPTION STORE I I Two Registered Graduate Pharmacists I27 S. Washington St. FREE DELIVERY Tel. 68 O. W. ALBRECHT, R.Ph. C. F. ALBRECHT, R.Ph. FOR THE FINEST IN CLEANING DAY 8K MEREDITH HAIDU o. E. APPLIANCES CLEANERS TELEVISION FUR STORAGE HI-FI - STEREO I8 S. Washington Phone 320 I0 W. .IelTerson Phone 235 I Naperville, III. Naperville LIETZ AND GROMETER I I Heart of Aurora I I I I A GOOD PLACE TO SHOP Women's and ChiIdren's Apparel I Handbags, Gloves, Hosiery, Home Furnishings I I KROEHLER BY PETER EDWARD KROEHLER NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE CLASS OF 1892 FOUNDED 1893 To those who said, "Oh . . . I'll help, '... and did To those who said, "We understand" when complications arose . . we say, "Thanks" We have worked a lot, but now all that we can do is keep our fingers crossed - symbolizing our hope that you will like this book. The 1960 SPECTRUM Staff 172

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