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f-T' an x "fHi 2.?1"a-rr-"-- "l -fe....Q...f:,.a5 - f l A A ' ? f, IiB63,.:"1t-,V-V If -4 'Qi ! Z Wi I ,s .QW 2 I P vi E . EE s 2 L . E Q I. ,W N I E Q 1 1 I I N n i i -. 'n X X ,X 'XXX' X la ' X X XX na , X . XX'XXX-af X . X , . . XM . " ' H X' u-- fu' ,X , - V X ' X .XY ' X' XX X , ' 'X ' X ' X , Published by the studen NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE Naperville, Illinois - ' .. 4+ fm. H ,,iQ- -X 5 1 "'ff,,... r 1" 1.5 f 5 yer I Will? 4951 l, ga-www 'iii -"few Lb L Jil' Ilsa Zillmer Editor Marcia Bornemeier Asst. Editor Galen Lehnus Comptroller Mrs. Ella Dute Faculty Advisor ts at 'N- l V l la E l i ,Ml I , I i 3 L w l EE 1 if is 2 i F I 1 1 l I l l l i I I l 2' The S P E C T R U M For Nineteen Fifty -Eight Q.. ns'-.,. xg.. ..,, .AN du w an 1 .ham 1 2.-G. 1. UCI.. Ma., i wiki QW MUl5.J"vF 4. sv aww 4. U fs. .1 y 'Il lik'-EQ ffl! 2 4 , Q i. 3 3 1 . w - W' ""n,.!A DCd1C3l101l to D1 ,lameb Wlll The ClCd1CHt1011 of the yealhook lb one of the few thlnffs 111 a tenure of fou1 V931 that a Claes does toge-the1 ab o11e Then 1I1tCI1t1011 1S a Oestu1e of acknowledgement and E1ffCCt1011 to one of the No1th CCI1t1E1l Famlly who has been close to the1n reflect a sent1ment Whleh 1S g611CIEll and hea1tfelt In thu sense, lt 1S ce1ta1n that the studenta of the Claw ol l958 have chosen a pel son to whom thev can talk one 111 Whom they feel conf1dent, and one who IS a 9,1 eat f1 1e11d to all Th1e IS the p61b011 found 1n the dedlcatee, Professo1 Jameb W1ll 5 . ' 7 N Us as a class. And, as such, the act of dedication must honestly 1 J L 7 . . 1- 1 . p I A . r 4 if ,I Z3 ,Ig .3 Q , 9' ' 4 H 'A if f K 1' 4' 'Q . . if an Q, ff Q sf S F A l 4 N ? K 4 ' 'L' ' .14 , . if . Ki Le ' X 4. 4? lr 4 w A lg 1 f -4 , 4' 2 -in ,. ' A -'-- wx' - af MA 4' 'TP' asf' MW' fi? g M , 5 ... brag I, a . 5,4 if pf ,P ,vw J X 4 2-0' ii' ,. ,, .g ., Aff, 'I' p mv if Vi ' H , '45 W , 'JG ,fe - ui ny- . ,,,'5Z"' Q- ,, W M. ln, 416' W 1' -.Pal CONTENTS The People We Knew 22- 4, 10 The Games We Played ee 4 42 The Way We Lived -2 - 78 The Things We Did he 2 92 The Faces Weill Remember dh 132 Txfapmn 0 5 if .. Q I Q . 4 1 6 Q in ' x 1 lfknrdb ' 'A F'-H Gsm ' x A . 43 N-v ' f . a , 3, W L, , , V+ gf ' f ' fx' , 1 . . 1"-DJJ' Q 'f A ., Q ,SM ' --'-R J . A , a n .wi A , Z9-fl' " ' ' x". "-r. .,'.1 V 4 4. -,A - 1 . ' 'fag 1 I ,- 3.159 N L , -fbi! V' iaw 4-P ,xv ""'wA,.J'i w 4 Q- '-,, .Y.,..,,, W4 'W -,taiwan . A3-Q, r 1 'J1:1"?x55 g 1 Qsgww b f r , v,r"""kS- r 1, l. MW eCl,l'5 0 6 ang? an l'0l'l'lL6e Throuoh these yeais of change and piog- iess on our campus, 0111 Alma lVlate1 North Cential holds foi each of us a differ- ent meaning, picture, and dream Many of us lemembei that f11st roommate our f11st date that time we, meie fieshmen, sa! 1n the SCHIOI cncle the houis We spent getting pond algae o11t of oui clothes cheers We shared IH at basketball and football games the hald chans 1n oui classiooms the f11e dulls which please the firemen so much, and us at the same tlme the doim meetings our ' study breaks the prof who makes lea1n1n0 a challenge the 1n- sp111ng Chapel services the n10ht We Oot Quite a change has taken place since the time of Johnson Hall . . . pinned or engaged . . . the serenades . . . the friendly spirit . . . the spontaneous smiles of fellow student . . . relief after exams . . . our religious experiences . . . and the times we stand together, united in singing 'QNo1'th Cen- tral is the school we love. -- " First Seager now the New lVlen s orml . .6 .k . . the happy trips to the fieldhouse . . . the ' ' ' 1 . . . g g D . 7 we napa ML Jew .fdalmzniatmfio jadlhg H'lJQI'gl'G.Jllaft2 'f ,Q Y 'Q 4 sg M: , x, 40 K f . 4 :fm f A -'fl.9ffZY'iW'ffZ?l ."f3i"fFf ' , 1 1-vw' WAMQJA ' . X , -N ' " ' f Lg.: W f A' V - of Y 413153 T Q5 :ANEQ - f, f 1 X ,5,3, 4, xx! - .. --VU, Q mt A S ,X x fi! -WX 4 aww, rs' 195 :if " - 4'eZ'113 , f, je. 4" ,bf ,X ' H ,if ,f f , V 2,1 If ,ff jf: ,Q f ws 4 f f 54 Z .f Af? Qz fx.w.cMx W 7' , VL 7.4 f f 'f ff. , 7? f 4 K' , Ai W 7 , X Q, ff -.Wg-,K ., fzgf ,W ,M W Dr. C. Harve Geiger President His eleventh year as President of North Central College finds Dr. C. 1-Iarve Geiger ever more busy handling the prob- lems of his North Central hfamilyf' ttWELCOME" is his by- Word for all who seek counsel. To his academic background of a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago in 1922, a Master of Arts de- gree from Harvard University in 1928, and a Doctor of Philo- sophy degree from Columbia University in 1940, he has added learning which only that capable teacher, Travel, gives us. WhC1'8VC1' he goes, whether to address church, civic, or educational groups, you may be sure he is fostering greater respect for North Central College. 12 -...4.....',...n. ., .,.,. - A Na' N Harvey Siemsen. B. A., B. D. Vice-President 58 01450 President Ceigefs residence located atop Fort Hill Campu George St. Angelo. B. A.. B. D. Chaplain, Y, , V ' 'Li 27.-1 ,G N. 11:7 'f95...'?5 F, jj, , W Clarence E. Erffmeyer, B. A., M. A., Ph. D Dean of Students -uCnM'mxr" Hannah M. Frank. B. A., M. A. Dean of Women Eggert W. Giere, B. A.. M. A. Dean of Men 'WM Charles C. Hower, B. A.. M. A.. Ph. D. Orren E. Norton. B. A. Registrar Treasurer V 'A va? r 7 .f.1., Floyd Thompson, B. A. Mrs. Florence Koeder. B. S. Miss Ruth Kraemer Admissions Counselor Personnel Director Librarian 15 BUSINESS OFFICE 'lilicse laclies Mabel Jones, Marjorie Smith, and Ruth Rohde, try to keep things in orfler in the busi- ness office. SECRETARIES AND ASSISTANT REGISTRAR Mrs. Burger and Mrs. Norton seateclg Miss Helen Klatt, Mrs Phillips, Mrs. Fowler, Miss Schar Mrs. Latham, Miss Betty Schloerb NS. THE NEW LIBRARY The new library was built in 1954. and is located at the North end of the campus. It houses the offices of the SPECTRUM Co., The Chronicle, Student Council Cham- bers, the YWCA-YMCA Room, and the faculty lounge. LIBRARIANS Edna Eastwood. Mrs. Kennard Robinson. Celia Natzke. Lois Eer- gus. Ji jnalrucfora, ounaefgzrd, ana! jriencb ...... liven in our years of Change and Pro- gress the torch of learning is our symbol of knowledge. The conflict whit-h east a gloom avross civilization cannot extinguish the light of learning. So long as there are stu- dents with alert. eager minds and instruc- tors with wisdom and experience, nothing van ever black out the torch of learning. Vile are grateful to our Instructors for shar- Ll.-., - 1 m A Chem lab's one place where youire sure to find trouble brew- infi . . . ing this torch with us and giving us a ehal- i lenge to think. This is a light which burns i on wherever we are. , i The cranberry' drink at the Chem Club l This Home Ee Luneheons turned out to he Christmas Tea looks as though itls brewed pretty filling to perfect taste. l , sw Y tw a,"'i5" ' ' ft "WS M' iii' " " ll' W 23 , 'Qs 1 I8 5 "" -' "fl " ' ffl.-' " -"wi - ' !9!" " - The Biology Clulr is inviting to all ---even Presiclent Geiger. Lester Beaurline Lester C. Belding Kenneth C. Bennett Mrs. Carolyn Berry Wilbe1't Burger B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. BA.. M.A. BA.. M.A. B.S.. MS. English Physical Education English English Physical Erlucafion Willia1n H. Cates Merle Dunn Mrs. Ella Bute Mrs. Diane Richard M. A.B. B.A.. B.D., M.A. B.A.. M.A. Duvigneaud Eastman History Religion English BS., M.F.A. BA.. MA.. PILU. A rt E n glish 19 gs. Harolcl J. Eigenhrodt ,lane Eldon Mrs. Buhy B. Erwin Gordon Farndell B.A.. MA.. Ph.D. BA.. MA. B.Ed.. M.A. B.Mu., M.Mu Zoology Spanish Home Economics Music 'bs Rodney Harris James T. Jones Mrs. Catherine Kay Warren N. Keck Irvin A. Koten B.A.. M.A. B.A.. M.A. B.A.. M.A. B.A.. MS., Ph.D. BA.. lVl.S., Ph.D. French German Mathematics Biology Chemistry Darrell Latham N. W. McGee Hannah Nyholm Glenn Beddiclc BS., MS., Ph.D. B.A., lVl.A., Ph.D. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.A., MA., Ph.D Psychology Political Science Languages Speech 20 Clarence N. Roberts Vernon G. Schaefer Allan Schwarz Mrs. Lucile Schwarz B.S., M.A., Ph.D. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.A.. M.A., Ed.D. B.S. History Psychology Education Eclucationt Mary Anice Seyhold Edward M. Schap Mrs. Marion Schap A. B. Shoemaker Elmer Sundhy B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Mathematics Chemistry Music Commerce Psychology Cleo Tanner Richard Thurston Helen Watson James Will B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.A.. Mus.B.. Mus.M. BA., B.D.. Ph.D. Physical Education Sociology Music Religion 21 4- H31 2 6 Q fm -B -:jx Q 'Vt H f ri 5 ,VV . . "" 'TI' il r .fwfr wi -I '- Q fi, : sr .5 1 'TY Ln' Geiger? 4, ,, MT- 1156! 'W ""'7 VA! ,. I gtg: . I ,V 8 L .,, , -f'1 YJ Steve Wliitelieacl Presiflenl Richard Lambrecht Vice President ludith Clasen Secretary Michael Kontos Treasurer Barbara Claus W0men's Representative Ronald Bagley Menis Representative unioro . . jim CM 0 1959 Junior year in college is, perhaps, the year that stands out most in the memories of college Hgradsf' This is the year when the Junior class is expected to spend a great deal of time taking a part in planning many of the all-school activities. l957-1958 is a year that will certainly stand out in the memories of the Class of '59. ln this year, with the coming of dancing on campus, the class has done its best to make the school dances especially enjoyable. UCari- ole", the Christmas dane, and 6'Spellbound", the Valentine dance, will long be remembered as tributes to the efforts of the class. In addition to these dances the class has sponsored informal parties after all-school activities, the concessions at the football games, and is, now busy bringing the year to a well-remembered close by devoting the majority of their time to Work on the Prom. Our Class of '59 has accomplished much in the years we've been at NC. The class may have dwindled in size since our Frosh year, but we still have a unity and close bond be- tween us. We will as college ugradsv think back to our days at NC . . . and remember . . . u 0 u 'ups 0 s 0 '90 ew me 2 K Tw .QTL N. ju Q ,. gs' V, ' FW . P. Amtsbueler A. Bower P. Coy D. Feldt R. Harmon fvbw W. Q' - . Q., ' F7 - .. .vii 4 , or 1 ,fit f hs- A el.. ' N 4 '-'fy' if-1- f' , f . " 'ff .-sm '- z W M. "12....4. . . , .- ,fe , .0 we ,R V ,-Q ' , 674 0 577 K7 'L f. K , WA M , - W 1 If ' ' M 141. -.f Qs: .m f we I - J. Aeslin M. Bornemeier L. Duetenhaver J. Field J. Heilmen D. Bachman M. Bredimeier E. Dvorak M. Fowler L. Himmel M. Becker Cestrucher G. Edmonson N. Geiger D. Hochstettler 1 in-fL'?"'-H , '12, .f fn .,., 749-f ff Nj f 1 . f K ffff , 1 1 ' 5 1 ? A! .,f .V A g Q , - Q, --N .- w' Q. .fy , lx 46-nm, S. Boeker P. Cole M. Erdmann D. Goegrig F. Jen P. Bomberger G. Coy J. Esterly R. Goodfellow H. Johnson .7 Faye Wells and janet Klasen show that you even have to make your own lmecls when you get to he a Junior. tlixcept during Woe- Weekll ' .., A ,.,,..-., ...Z ,E Even class presidents can let their hair down once in awhile and lower the boom somewhere else other than a class meeting. l l l l il l l w l l i l, r I 1 N x l i l l I l f-l l OW C011 W F if-'- ww 'Q 5, f f 'WMM ww. M.. aw Kentner Lehnus Mrller Peterson Rmg 'Hgh-H-+4 Q' sf 514 fc? f f f M4992 Aw Kerentoff J Mack F Norms D P1aur1us G Ross J get .39 KKLOUIZ J View Z ww mx new Kessler Marko Oeschger Plcha Roush fm 'vw Qi?-fwfr A ' 3 f .999 ff 1 vw-y. ve.. f X J Klasen Meetz R Orland L Ploff D Ruegsegger Qyw..,,,,n f ff, fx W Y 4 . V LW? I W f 7 N f 1, 1 WW' 5 mg.. 4' :,, f. , A V ,A ! H . e- ,: 'Pg L fb "wifi 1 ! , .+ , J , ,.,... , ' gi S' P. Kuny L. Melnick J. Ostic M. Pulsing 0. Ruth . . M e Ol' 2 . - - . - .. ,. X V , . N 75 E... am 593, ' fr V +--'yu 1 5 ,- 5 . .1 ..., 4 W f : . -Q by , - Q 1 W, - Q -I - 2' p 4 V g z' if f ' 5. - . f "" MQ ' ' ' iw --. s bww ! ' 'Af f iw' I 1. , KA S 3,51 ff ' 'K Q. M, 1 :rf .,1 - Q , ,L, H ,V V Z, .4 -1, ' e 1., 72- ,, ' :jg ,. ' N.. 'X ' sz X - as H I V' M. V Q 1 V I C, X K , s W A ef , - 8 Q 1 P ,P ' 1, ' ,,,,, f- 07 P P -"' ? - Qs 4 'Y ' fW'V!fM ' -:f'.1:.:1,: .. , H - V. ,, K rf.. .4 Q , 52 fn f- .sail , : ' , V. , X 346 y 4, Q, um, 5 X ' Q 'wswk of :-1.7 me H 'uv' K Q - ""L ' . ' 'mx ' f I gm? ' :I gl ,V , f ' r In A 2 " ' if T W ' X W I .. " 1 gm, f ""' I ' ' ' ' f f, ! . Sf .. Vqlu h f .. Z5 Q 'li .5 ' ' .:. v V P ,- W " X "Er ' . E .. fb A uf J 5, 11: n ' - '- . - , - . 4 . of D ' L ' R. . . . Der H. el C. . . - 'ef r W X 4 -Q ,W J ,l V. fr " 22, r314,.g, , sf -49 9,1 N' 'W Ev s 1 V x er . Qi 1 K igiyff.. w t r ,, 545' if 4 'if 5 , K f 5 , , 5 'mf fm. M. Lang G. Mensik J. Pepiot G. Raetz J. Schmidt I N , w f' X f 4 X as ? , KZ 7 lv--on-5-. gf, 7, . yy, ' y, 1 Y i! Z Q- f 25,6 w ,Q sw. f f 3 ' y . . . flze conaeridiona af flue foofgaf gamers Q ,- we 1 .5 A-' ig 4 ww f L. . N 14,,,QQg Q , -.5115 an Y. xv J 1, ii f V' ' . Ext ' ,-1?kf,,WZ2W' x -g V . J. ' ZX,- ' . : Z ., ,f 1 fy L, 1 W5..g,51 ' ,ff mf. 4. G ...- . W .mgffi , L I ,W of ff ff ff. , 1 , ,f . . AM. z, , I 4 if ....,. .... W f W J. Schnibben J. Swanstrom R. Wakefield J . Zietlow I. Zillmer The Homecoming dance was a big success thanks to the decorations put up by members of the Jr. class. Jolene Aeslin and George Pichota. iioi 2 fiee i M71 2 5 f , , f I, 1 f 1 " 1. M Q Q S i S4 . S, ff 4 Ji? 9 Nvx ' 5 A 1 f icfj g- " A .... 3,,.. ff WW ,y,:g,.,w, . fgnq. A X " .7 1 1' N, .. If ' , ,.,,. f I f V! dwg i . Q: , it f t vff h f., ,, ,W f V 9 5 -'S"' me X Z X., I X M 1 A W I 4 7 f X . D. Stewart J. Senn T. Sharpitis D. Silvis M. Smith R. Titus R. Troost E. Truesdale I. Vetter C. Wiebel M. Winskill P. Wood B. Youhanaie B. Yucker H. Wagner T mm .., Dallas Chapman President Robert Shaffer Vice President Patricia Hazel Secretary James Miller Treasurer Honorine Field Womenis Representative James Weber Merfs Representative SOPAOHQOFQJ . . CEM. 0 1960 Tl1e Hnifty class of '60', has really come a long way since it first crossed the threshold of Old Main two years ago. It is a class that can boast of a wonderful President, Dallas Chapman, and the other officers and active members of the class, who participated in the Hbackbonew activities which make NCC tick. "Honored" sophs include Betty Kirchdor- fer, the new YWCA President, and Ruth Gaurke, the treasurer. Famed Paul Holmes, varsity basketball co-captain, Pat Hazel and Ann Shaw proved the beauty of the class as members of the Homecoming court. When speaking of sports, one cannot miss the lively sophomore cheerleaders, Judie Grant, Nancy Keating, Betty Kirchdorfer, and Gene Willy. They are on hand to cheer the athletic teams, made up of many sophomore fellas, such as Frank Shigut, Bon Gullstand, and Bob Gull- borg. Dramatics, publications and the many so- cial activities are many other functions that keep the sophomores on the run. Margie Lewis, a member of the newly formed CAB helps keep the class on the ball. As a result of this, the class of '60 has gone out and put on a lively Sadie Hawkins Week-end. This party featured a costume party, and dance, com- plete with a King and Queen. The hallowed halls shall ring with their memory for years to come, as they ring now, to the Class of 560. . . . emem er fhe panel ckaning foarfiea. . . . X . V - . -, . . Q- f L H1 V 31" .i B- - V -- - E . 513561 .Q .1 Le. . f f .WA K ,. -' f A -' f e ... -'f f Gsfx! C 7.32 Qi Q 7 ' 3. , ' , . 5 N Q. 4 .- g - V V X f Qzsggm -V 5 . ' ' 5 . V M w, C. r 4 ' 5 ' "X .f ,Saw . 5 mf N X' 4, 2 X . ,Q I " xfq.-' ' --, . - f A I ., ,f , S . Ab' .U q Lg L. I ' K, 4 I f. 7 33 .X f f Qi 24? of ff f N. a, V f M. K. Agne lVl. Beine R. Bridenthal S. Conaway M. Jack "-'72 N 2 , .... , '. , ,F ,I .,., , .ff .,,...,.,.g.. .V f S. Allison E. Burger R. Capps P. Decker J. Jordon M .W . Wrvffv , ri W l . f 6 f K ' K W 1 M K V ., :QV 'W , Ll we . 4 ff' Y.. , f241:'i4'.',:.. Y ,f ff ' 1 ...W 14 l 7 R. Ballueg B. Bender J. Carlson B. Esterday J. Juedes 29 .A X , QA. X f fy I V jg . V . "' 2+ 5 - to W f. V B K . ez- G? 2, 36 fav ,K H. Bauman R. Beatty E. Bloomgren N. Bouldin V. Carlson J. Chaldren S. Fanos T. Fitchel B. Gauerke F. Craclishar B. Becker E. Boyer D. Christie B. Fraizer J. Grant S5 Two of the Elite memers of the Sophomore Class. get up in chapel to make their Comments. Back thar in them thar Dog Patch Days where there was food y0u'd find Strahanl n t I I i l 1 W 1 N ,ll 1 1 W I 1 wi ,I t U N 1 a 1 w xl Y . . . fha Sacha awLin5 ay Iaarfiezi . . . , 3 f .....J' ,K ff i M Q. . . wg.. .fx aww f ' 'L . . Wi ! 'mr-.f , , ,, V f fn . vf f K , X 9 f W ff f' V fi, f K ,--" 7 ' 1 ,A..A , W f Z VV .i l ,.1,. affix . I X V ' , f ,,,, I M ,.,,.. .5 ,T . X 3 .ff . ,, W M , , ,, ff! f X I 4 Xb 7 WHY ,. ig-PZ SH., 'wav' R. Culborg G. Hayes A. Humble B. Kirehclorfer B. Lee R. Gustafson J. Henderson M. Knapp R. Kittrell C. Lekovish G. Haist S. Hein C. Karrow S. Koehler M. Lewis dv . ' fl if ,"' 3 ff ., L. Haney R. Heinrich S. Kelly R. Kriedler R. Liebeck 2' . W. Hansen P. Holmes lVl. Kern L. Kukuck R. Liesemer f f ,L i f . ,, - " . M . i i X Q Q. D. Hawley C. Horstmeirer J. Kersten N. Kurtz T. Lindahl ' -, . ,fl . 4 "' Q - . k X-.., .5 Q... it -W 7 5-N' 1 Q Q x 4' ' ' "'-- ' ' V Q--,, l by-N j' ' 7 N f . AQ, N -. r ' .13 L15 ' '- .51 . 'qw-x-:.v. x,,t:,', Q " A . f iifia... L. 15.-..:2.a:.' Q . ,Th . 3 "aw . My A x .I 1 I Q ? .I vi-X x gg - H. K . 1 if A 1 1 5 ' W W . H M x.. - . We ', . . 3 V X 3 , Z y . , 4 'QV - sa 3, X 7 A N ' l . - 'set' fr - '63 " ' X Q 225' A- X : 1 9- " ' M I 1 . QQ fl 1 5 k . 3 my fx 4 A ,,,, , -9 . 7 Q we V ' . 4, 'i V my j f e V .. f , - l n , 4 ' f . . .1 ,Q A 2 i g I ,Q 4 . K , 4 , W. , A x Q 4' 1,3 K5 ,.ilr?49.4ff?Q.:., - r- I- ' ' "i2i.'f' I . . ,,,., S . , - ' ,1 f, A Z 'I 5 ., M K Q. ' I R' I , L v ' W' A Q 'K .. as til'-ty ' Q- ,.,,., .f iw an ml-F' I ix? K . , Q .1 , f ' . , 2 4 , ' .A K VV , M 3,4 A .- 0 . 1 5, '15 '2 Y , G. Liu C. Neal W. Richard J. Schmidt l. Sippy J. lVlcCormick B. lVlcGuire C. Nielsen J. Palmer B. Rockahrand L. Roessler C. Schreiner B. Schroeder R. Smith L. Spranger l. Mielke J. Powell R. Rolniak A. Shaw L. Sprecher 32 J. Miller M. Pritchard er lVl. Huegsegg F. Shigut J. Sproull R. Molson H. Reihm C. Sawicki L. Slick C. Stauffacher fad 0 1960 wi W' S Stem R Stenbeck G Stowell L Umbehaun F Van BHTIIHCGYD Weldy G Wllly P Wenz M Wolf D Zlmmerman R Zorphy packing QAM T Stlomber T Tobey C. Ulrich B Welk D Wendell R. Whitacre L Wood H Za er R. Zeman Ile moon I' Cly cle Uelwlt- President George Vance Vice President David Kentner Treasurer .lane Haid, Womerfs Rep. Naomi De Bruler Secretary Roger Bremmer Men's Rep. jl'e5A-l'l'lel'l Sb CEM 0 1961 As the sleepy little campus of NCC awak- ened last fall to the clatter of suit cases, it found a new group of students. We were the class of '6l - the Centennial Class of NCC. After every freshmen was initiated by reg- istration and Asian Flu, the real initiation star- ted. HDouble Button Froshn were common words, and who will forget the HPeanut Roll" and the uTorch Light Paradef, The class real- ly showed its strength when our husky Fresh- men boys pulled the Sophs through the Hroar'n Dupagew during the Wllug of WH1'.,, The freshmen were quick to bring about a greater class unity by having a UFreshman Hayridew and a dance. As the winter social season hit a new low. the Freshman Class brought new spirit to NC,s campus by throw- ing an all school MCanteen" in Kaufman after the basketball games. This is the Freshman class, the class that couldn't be wiped out by Asian flu, the class that couldn't be drowned by the upper class- man, the class that brought new spirit to NCC - the Centennial Class of '61, W ,, , V X 4, , rl C 41, 6 ,f 44-K U in 7 R 1' .j 3 j F ' I, 'fl ' ' E, ",,.-- Q, I l A-af V VW .,.J, , if s . 'SR 4 'H'-'. Ti ,T-'il-1. 'iff' Q J. Adams C. Ahlberg J. Albrecht C. Albright K. Albright A. Anderson l J r we r Q K, Q Q 1 of V Vu.:-ff M-b I - X "' 'fzfkmf' 1. . WN' :ff , f "lI:3xx-Q-f .,,, , -'--:' Q.-51' .N E in , ,Z .... e I! .7 ir .Ive Mc 7 ' W ' 4. " " ' af J. x ' , ,. I r . . f 1 WQZI V f 1 . A ,,,,. ' V .A Q., A f' , r ' ,A., , ff k4?mi,f7, : A .ww A A.. to mx Q QS. I ff A x , ay, V : .V .,.. f W4 " v .. ' , W 3 5 , N .ff r A ,A ,W fa x. Z , ....-e?Ww -- Z.. '..,:2k, qhww. for '- Q 'ff if ff Q ,mfr an Q,-.. W X an 4 1 he me f , B. V. R. P. K. D. . J' 1 fifx rig!-1 mtg Andrews Becker Bremmer Brown Cloud Decker 1 X 7 7 . fc, A rw, 1, f ., W Aeslin Benninga Brewe Burkhart Cole Delaplane 9, 114. M X X? 4 A, 3 J ja. 1 -C 5 . rrerr .ff 19,5 n r . n A ' 'f lf W , M, ,em -. ftfqcg-a,s.j-3,...', . ., I Qfl . k if ,... V Maw ? '5 . I K lf.. Ballard lVl. Balliff J. Binkert S. Bjornberg P. Brinkman .l. Brown L. Biesterfeld B. Carson S. Church B. Atkin D. Bennison B. Brinkman J. Barnes B. Boster L. Brown D. Clark J. Czelusniak J. Davis N. Deardorff N. DeBrular L. Diehl B. Diischer D. Douwsma 35 W. Duehn 7 There are so many angles tu look at this thing which confronts usl I'rn sure the frosh fellas need no reminder of this eventl ll 'TITT-.lf 7' W YY' i iw' 36 4 I I go M - .aw ...,.: X Ss. .M an 1 4: f f f X gs f Q 'C .K A V' LA . ... .w.:.:::.: S , . ' NJ! 353 -- e , ' 84,1 1 f r "Am, ' 5' -M ..,, .AaA. x Ae S. Duke L. Exline D. Gates J. Grabb B. Hacker 0. F. Hektor ' . , .. ."' A-f f. f - I X., Syzmf A Ay w ' N MV A f SW Q Q -1 "" ' X ,,, 176, W, nf 4 X eff. 'Qi 'J , .fm W' f' 1 AQ . 12 fe ' .r.. , Vg , .. . - A 1 , X A ' W e A M ,.,, . ' ' . M . ' M .... ' , l' , . .1 i QQ i f C' ""- - - f 35. IW' f K f f 1 4. X .ff V K. 5 we y yfgctfw . W 1. 'I .. W Ah X V p- X., H A' ' we S . . Mmm Nl G. Eugell A. Faccin M. Geissler M. Granzin J. Halusek L. Henrikson C. Ehrhardt B. Faist N. Gerds I. Green I. Hart R. Hernandez C. Engel F. Fickies M. Gibson N. Gross T. Hart C. Higley C. Enerett A. Fortner J. Gilmore S. Gross K. Heidler D. Hodsen D. Enerett ' M. Fuller K. Girrans J. Grove O. Hektor M. Hoeppe I' 1 ly ll 'Q No wonder the Frosh won the tug l ol war with all the cheering and support they got. l Remember Way back to last Sep- tember when you hardly knew i anyone but your big sis or brother! i l w l l l 1 ew A If-rf i I l I 38 l -f---- i---'--'--b- v -'f--- -nv-f--A -4- - --' -7 -W 1 ' A W 1m lf' ,. . .:...4' -'inn nf ' . - , . . .,. . ... ...Sigh "Ni 'ss' QS-asf J. K f if CW, qv f few 's B , ysays A M , li " ef QQ Q ff' """.g . 1 'F V' J. Howe DD C. Jenkins B. Juda M. Kephart F. Kunold M. Lehnus R. Hoicher C. Johnson D. Jusek R. Kesselring P. Ladd .L Liel xl I! W... ff ,f,, ' V , V- , E ...yi f '1?...f x 1 , f .M x 51. Q ' '. 3? W4 i flih U if X. 'SZ' 9 'N , A' J. Huffman E. Johnson J. Gutknecht D. Klehm B. Lange A. Lincicome f tx y i ag X W OW iigsym X f Wm f ,".:f .. ff y f i ... 7 A .,.,,,. 7 , 1 sa. 3. f J. Hulsoek P. Johnson I. Kaye C. Kohlhass N. Lavely P. Lockwood Zyfy... Z 1 -uf. t ..., , , , .. ,NM dv ... ..,.. ...Q f f W f .- . 5 XW7 ,.. X 7 ,QQ - Q f y A :W N R. Hunch W. Johnson R. Kirsten S. Kraft T. Lehwilt N. Lutman S 4: I 4 .. "Nr N 'f 499 5 .Q 'a 515.1 ,ff ,x lgigz f tow -2 N D. L. D. K R C. .P ,Ny M N1 Huntley Johnston Kemmerer Koch Leone Mackay Q -X V 1. T4 ' Al tr f- 1 ,rf .Q '- za . We .tif Q 5 J" . A Y. A """l . N . ' 4 'Q . ' gf as M P ' s l 4 ' - :X 'fuk , ' . E. ZW, 'I Nw' E lx '!"l1x..f'Y N l 1 1 W Dlx- is 5 .. fy Q f - M5 -w 2. , . 4, Q ,li S50 113 ,. - s iXA , - " .. . A - 1 - ,,',, , .2 14, , , ., . .R 3, , 4 V "KID .w x gl? I 1 1 'if Aw M, fz . . Q - 1, I fy f 4 , 1 'va' ...iv J 'A E K: i , Q, , 1 x . i . 4 lwjk 4-, , W, it 5 A A .4 11 1 Vain! . wg V WX AV w A - M aa s a I N E in V' " . ,I vi H 1 4 f S 4 Fm.. .af 1 ? 1- I .,,. A- , 1 N. Manning J. Mosso J. McKay B. Miller K. Miller M. Minor J. Morris P. Mueller G. Muller M. Nadler D. Nelson N. Nelson F. Nickel J. Nigrelli D. Nordin R. Novak S. Oeschger A. Panek J. Parker S. Parks J. Peterson P. Peterson D. Poppi F. Prucha G. Roudean C. Reeves D. Reed C. Ricketts W. Raduege N. Rodlund C. Rocllund K Rose S. Ruggles J. Ruhnke G. Ryburn S. Sauer ' 40 l l 1 1 1 l I l 1 'l I i ' f .3' .QNAW-5:5 N X Q . X S NR Q 5 X XJ Q X N ' !!',f ' f 'bf X 'lx I 1. . , ff f , "" 7 keen ya , ' WY f 1 it 22 fe f E W 1 '-q..' I .. , M 9 B. Schmidt J. Skroha B. Stiles J. Thompson J . Wee B. Weibel I S W. ' W 5 X ' x 4 xx X -N. X W X X5 4 5, s .. 1 - .gg 4 X x pg M 5 f , 3 X sf K 7. X W... 4 -,, ' .3 ,,,AA . , 7 'I lf . ,,.. ,, f x ., ,W I ,. , ,, 5 ' ' .xv 4A , - A 2,95 " U ',,' 5... of Gffz' '7 ff - V 2 ' 4 - fm Q f' .fuk ,vfff . W M..m:a,f,. . eww- V f f , . , ,, . , .fifli l .5 Q, s ff' 4 Z X 1- 32 3 :. if . ' " '19, 'f '94 -. H... l - V if i , x .J V fi .JZ ,N .... ,, h ZW p. , if 0 - . -1! ,sig 5 , sm 0. 4 1' '-W s A W. - We ' Sus ,if V f i . .--- . 4 7 ,,,. ,-,:,1.1,..A. . v1..9sf,f V M 4 1 gay? ff W W. 4 'P f SW A ' ' , "'f .4522 X 1. D f , ' W T' e M W . ' i..L'mfi, X , , 'S' ' ' ,,.',.Q. , X ' , . . QQ ., ?' 9:' ' gf .I 3 " " In v P. 9, , fs f 1 Y Q 1 , f f XX 5 f Z A .4 U . ., 'Q' X, yy ,Q .. .fs "1 .. ' 'F 1, " 5' Q., W f. , " ,rf .. , LA, D. Schult B. Smejkal G. Stukos J 7 we im: " Z .ZA gf f , 3 f ffm . W 'YS , X, sf, v s as-ons? by . . Z B. Scoggin B. Snyder J. Swenson J. Tromrner G. Weinheimer J. Westfall L. Wingett S. Wysong B. Toepfer .. W .L.i..... ,.. 'mf ,W Q! 'QM-'V' S W:-"5" I !! B. Seeger l. Senty B. Soltau lVl. Steicler C. Temple R. Thomas N. VanSant N. Volkman N. Weyrick B. Wherli F. Youngworth D. Zietlow 41 "' 1 N. Shoier S. Stein F. Thompson B. Voss J. White V. Zizelik 348 gdlfflefi ML fvfwz Zia!! Wnfer Serin? ,Mff,-"""'dy .ga-.. F fx 72 2 . Q'-f , li mm 22 f fn . j i if Down around the fieldhouse one can always see these faces: Mr. Belding. Coach Burger, Miss Tan- ner. Coach Vail. .!4fALfic5 on Word Cpenfrafji Camlouri NGO Cards Go" was always heard at the sports events at NC, but this year it could be heard louder than ever before. The Athletics have been the best they've been for quite some time. But there are many opportunities for NC,ers to participate in sports other than the varsity teams. The field house holds many hours of activities for those who are interested in basketball, swimming, tennis, baseball, and track. The coaches down around the fieldhouse are always on hand to help us out, Miss Tan- ner and Mrs. Thornton show' their interests in the girls competitive sports, Mr. Vail, football, Mr. Burger, basketball and baseball, Mr. Belding, track, and Mr. Dexheimer, tennis. The fieldhouse is available to all - why not participate in some sport! 'Av Y.. Y . One of the important committees on campus is the Athletic Board. It consists of Diane Luedtke, Dr. Hower, MissTanner, P1'of.Sundby, Mr. Belding, and Don Prouty. Prof. Cates and Rogene Bucholz are also members of the board. gkeergaclera f i , 5 l These gals have really got the t c 'ik spirit, whatever the outcome - f they grin and bear it. They are 1. Gene Willy, Nancy Keating, Judy f Clasen. .ludy Grant, and Mary Ann Uebele. Uardify When We think of the V-C the fellas think of the initiation and the HScabs" . . . While the girls think of the fabulous V-Club formal . . . Chez Vee . . . We all think of the Mid West meets . . . the all school sports nights . . . and many informal dances held in the V-C room. But to the fellas who receive a letter and become a member of the club it means among other things . . . the benefits of the comfor- table lounge . . . TV set . . . ping-pong tables . . . and kitchen . . . and finally the satisfac- tion of many friendships and the value of good sportsmanship. This year under the lead- ership of Tom Drake the club came up with many new ideas which were put into use. One being the procedures of initiation! Back row: Trossen. Sargent. Keuper. Olsen. Lamhrecht, Howard. Mizanin. Pichotta, Stummer. Second row: Armentrout, Bloomgren, Gulstrand. Sippy, Shymkewich. Lavalie. Miller, Bagley, Nothacker, Van Barringer. First row: Stump, Rank, Heinrich, Drake, Prouty. Shigut, Hamilton. ix .v enior Jzffermen of Worfln anfraf Co! ege Although the athletic picture at NCC is on the up-grade, with the passing of the Class of '58, thirteen fine athletes will conclude their college sports participation. This group includes six swimmers who composed the nu- cleus of our N.A.I.A. Championship Team. A winning squad in themselves are Jim Rank, John Mizanin, Andy Kelly, Tom Eck, Bill l',avalie, and John Molitor. In other sports around the campus one could find Dick Olsen playing center on the football team, Dale Shymkewich on the bas- ketball and baseball teams, Don Prouty for his fine work with the baseball team, Paul Sutton, ace man on the tennis team, and the Erdman's, Jim and ,lack out on the track, along with the Varsity Club President, Tom Drake. Bill Lavalie. John Mizanin. Dale Shykewich. Dick Olsen. ,lim Rank. Tom Drake, Andy Kelly. and Don Prouty make up the Senior Lettermen. WI l l l l 1 I 7 omen A ecreafion .Mociafion Aofcii gfaorfd euenfa Au' a The WHA holds sporting events for the female half of our campus all year round. ln the fall We are welcomed with a soccer tournament, archery and ping pong. Later on we find ourselves getting involved in the vol- ley ball tournaments, also a co-ed tournament is sponsored by the WHA. Basketball and bad- minton are offered the second semester as Well as the Tennis and softball tournaments. These sports give the female half of the cam- pus a chance to participate in their favorite sports, just like the men-folk. Standing: Keating. Norris Fink Faulhabei Willy. Zeman, Spranvei Fanthorpe Hassink Sitting: Kloehn. Luedtke Miss Tanner Cook Uebele. First row: Hein. Wickbolclt Truesdale lxar row, Martin. A typical meeting held in Kroehler House Lounge on a Wednesdayf Ill ht each month bring girls from both dorms. This looks like a meeting where the initiation could have been planned. M ..... . M d ,Wg l 1' za l 1 1 mf Frank Trossen runs to give help to a team mate . . . wonder if he made it? joofgaff ted!!! Lad gona! yea? . . . North Centralis 1957 football squad backed terrific defensive play with sufficient offensive strength to post a praiseworthy 7-2 season record - the best Cardinal slate since 1947. In CCI Conference play the Cards Won 5 and lost 2, good enough for third place. Throughout the season the NC victory tic- ket was defense. Conference opponents were able to score only 35 points against the bruis- ing Cardinal line backed by quick, hard-hitting defensive backs. The respectable 6-9 loss to always-tough Wheaton was an example of the defensive suc- cess of the Cards, who several times turned back ferociously the stunned Crusaders deep in NC territory. Though not as potent offensively as de- fensively, the Cards' offensive game improved as the season Wore on and for the most part produced when a tally Was needed. NC footballers opened the 1957 campaign with a 6-0 decision over Indiana Central on the strength of a Jerry Sroufe-,I ack Nothacker pass play. Larry Exline was the offensive spark in the Cards, 27-13 win at Rose Poly- technic Institute. Lake Forest edged the Cards, 7-0, follow- ed the next Week by a 7-6 trimming of Illinois Wesleyan, thanks to Dick Lambrecht's extra point. Wheaton retained possession of the Lit- tle Brass Bell, bumping NC, 9-6. -iii If this were basketball weld call it a jump ball. Fellas, donat chase the ref . . . he just calls them as he sees them! The boys on the bench play as hard a Game as the fellas on the field. D 'l'hc scusorfs bright spot was a 6-0 Home- coming triumph over a burly Carrol crew. lliclt Iirinlt gradded a 28-ya rd Don Long pass for thc TD. ln November the Cards rolled to decisive mins over Millikin, Iflmluirst and Augustana by scores of 20-I3, 32-0 and 26-0, respective- ly. .Iohn Turpin sparkled both offensively and defensively, In post-season honors Lambreeht and Ex- liue earned All-CCI berths at guard and half- back respectively, While center Dick IVIarabito made second team. The sensational punting of quarterback Long is a highlight not to be for- gotten. The I957 football season goes down as one of the most successful in the sehool's his- tory, and marks the year that the neWly-sub- sidized athletie program began to pay off with victories, Standing: Miller' tmgrl, Welner tmgrl, Van Bar- ringer. Lambreeht. Hickman, Marabeto, Pfeiffer, Carson. Kneeling: Kayl tingrl. Kickerson, Long, Johnson. a sK z 121 f NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC SEASONS RESULTS 6 Indiana Central 0 27 Rose Polytechnic Institute I3 0 Lake Forest 7 7 Illinois Wesleyan 6 6 Carrol 0 6 Wheatoli 9 20 Millikin I3 32 Elmhurst 0 26 Augustana O Kimberly, Tossen. St. John. Zilligen. Sitting: Rawson, Long, Niefert. IVIezzina, Bruder, Keuper, Olsen tCapt.l 7' I 5 Wonder what's under that pile . . . Gulstrand, Lambrecht, Zilligen and Hickman look as if they want to find out tool Standing: Twar, Van Mill, Turpin, Stummer, Kroen- Strand, Leisges, ing, Soohov, Coach Vail, Anerson lmgrl. Sitting: Exline, Modaff. Brink, Pichotta, Sroufe Kneeling: Horoher, Shigut, Hoefle, Sargent, Gull- O7Donnel. 51 Homecoming Queen, lovely Judy Speck . . . Long live the queen . . . Ylnvler jizz My 0,9 . . . .Homecoming 1957 NAPERVILLE, ILL. Five perk 'n pretty co-eds comprised the Homecoming court at NCC this weekend. As pictured above, you can see exactly how hard it was to choose a queen! Senior, ,ludy Speck, was the honored one. Pre- ceding the coronation ceremony we viewed a short skit, then watched the burning of the towering woodstack, and finally attended the dance in gayly decorative Nichols Hall. NAPERVILLE, ILL. Saturday was quite the day for the NCC co-ed and alumni! For the first time in years, NC produced a victor- ious Homecoming game by defeating Carroll 6-0. We noticed the shedding of many green lneanies after the touchdown. A smorgashorg and three-act play climaxed this exciting day and an impressive vesper service on Sunday closed the tents of the magnificent NCC week- end circus. ,LLL . J ,,:,. . , , F - -V Q Y, tv, x X X QV L , V' ' f X 3' Q Q -X " 'fe J r 0 y al ueen Judy s court made up of Ilsa Zillmel Pat Hazel Ann Shaw Ixay Clabtlee 4 , 'f 4' 5 ' Z4 ff 0' W W? 3 Q- 5 2 if , r 4 4 NAl'l1lliVll.LlQ, ll.l.. Traditional stunts and pranks may plague a college campus throughout the entire year, hut never have we sccn a stunt performed as the one performed at NCC last fall. "Under the Big Top" We spied countless activities throughout the Week- end of Uctoher 18. What does all of this mean? The annual Homecoming weekend made its appearance, portrayed in circus ilashion. Included in this spectacular Weekend of happenings were the annual side-shows of 'llug-of-Vlfar, pushhall Contest, and volleyball games. The b'Big Topv featured, of course, the Coronation ceremony on Friday evening and the victorious football game on Saturday. Detailed descriptions of these phenomenae are found elsewhere in this edition. K And suddenly the whole sky was on fire! The Homecoming game against Carroll college proved to be exciting, adding another win to our record. 1.-was 135 'W "' 9 The Lovely Ladies from Kroehler South bring forth their artistic qualities on the most beautiful float. Clay Whycurt and John Bradly aren't bash- ful when it comes to heaping their plates The frosh-soph pushball contest proved to at the Smorgasbord. be much fun S including a broken arm! Qk "fi I' U- 5"m..f 1 ' X x.. ' In ' nik S ,. fy ag, rs L .g. Q 'J 4 . K 'lint K ynflf, W 5 . f' -we gxlrfj Qkif ,V :za My , ,vp M if ..-gulf f r , ,, f-1.4261 I - W Q......m. ,. gf., -wr: '- - ' ,i. . :f, 'f' .WN QM , A --. --- .v.-.... Y. n-,.-...-,...,..., .i,., . -Fi- Coach Burger, Cloud, Armentrout, Pfeiffer. Smithson. Folleth. Foster. O'Donnel. Shaf- fer, Van lVlill, Martin, Havertine fmgrl, Kneeling: Douwsma lmgrl. Bellizi. Howard. Holmes. Zager. Horsky. gaagefdaf .Sudan . . . 1 95 7- 1958 This year's basketball team turned in a Very commendable record. lndividually and as a team there were many outstanding games played. They Won a total of l3 games, this being the second highest ever Won by a North Central Basketball team, and With a total point score of 2090 they broke the existing school record. With such mainstays as Harry Milner, who incidentally, scored 40th in free throw- ing percentage in the Nation, Paul Holmes, Dick Howard and Al Srnithson, the team was able lo have such a successful season. This was all done with the help of coach "Bud" Berger. and assistant coach Dale Shymkewich. The team played host to many fine teams in our conference as well as to teams outwof our conference down in lVlerner Fieldhouse. As the crowd cheered . . . the fellas played . . . they more scores made . . . the louder the cheering was . . . and in tradition, the team a fine game in the old NC fashion! Sl+IfXSUN'S H l+1SUl.'I'S NCC 80 NCC T l WCC 53 TN CC 73 NCC 66 N CC 88 NCC Yl lNCC 844 NCC 63 NCC 70 NCC 94 NCC 71 NCC 55 Grinnell Kalamazoo Augustana Concordia Carroll Eureka Detroit Tech l,aWrence Indiana State Franklen Concordia Elmhurst Wheatoii Dick Howard keeps his opponents on their toes. while he shoots - if help is needed Harry Milner is Handy! Harry Milner one of our top NC scorers this season makes a suc- cessful shot for a basket. ' . .. -- -..1a.uf HERE' m Y , .,- NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC Eureka Milikin Wesleyan Carroll Lake Forest Elmhurst Milikin Blackburn Wesleyaii Wisconsin S Augustana Lake Forest Wheatoii tate Howard must have a magic touch - none of his opponents will go near him! Milner goes down for what looks like a jump ball. Holmes is up for a jump ball while Armentrout, Howard, and Milner Wait for the ball to come down. Standing: Coach Belding, Hopkins, Drake, Edgell. Bachman, Panek, Schulz, Hodson. Kneeling: McKay, Culborg, Soo hov, Volkman. Zomestill, Werle Beatty, Bruder. Sitting: Shaeffer. Werth, Ryburn Long, Carlson, Slick. r---U-- Hi diddle, diddle . . . and Hopkins jumped over the hurdle. NC's Vic Carlson shows his excel- lent form in the shot put. 66 97 Glldeflflell LGU? G- 900 dead on uncler ehrecfion COQCL ol The 1958 Indoor Track results ar NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC 49 425 65342 4951 985 43 Bradly Wheatoli Loyola Beloit Elmhurst Carroll Elmhurst Augustana Northern Illinois Midwest: NCC 37, 2nd place. AAU: NCC 22, 4th place. J I e as follows: 55 615 385 435 105 415 23 11 60 Tho l957 Cross Country Team won their meets except for one. ln this sport We must remember that the low score wins! NCC 22 NCC I7 NCC 537 NCC 37 NCC 3l NCC 26 U. Wis.-lVIilwaukee Wright Jr. College Beloit Elmhurst Beloit Elmhurst all 33 40 39 47 25 29 The Outdoor Track Team for 1957: NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC 91 yi, 62 92 SLM, ao Milikin Carroll Wesleyan Lake Forest Elmhu rst Augustana Elmhurst Relays: NCC 26M3, 5th Conference: NCC 46, 3rd place. 39Mg 68 52 18 46M2 51 place. Lonnie Long and Glenn Ryburn make this meet look as interesting l as stock-car racing! Schaeffer and Panek on the line ready to give their opponents a rough 'Tun for their moneyf' .LuL:m1'. z .. - A " r X X x f i h I h L W"'M-WT-Y 0 I A --vf -,V ,YMMY My 5 . x j""""-"'-+5 MH , ' 'lf The gl1I17S ready . . . but what's this . . . hats, gloves, and shorts . . . Brrrl P055 C0untl'y lain. Coach Beldiug. Shaeffer. Werth. Murie. Beatty. Cole. Zome still. 63 . Q F'f1q,1- U.. . fix . a A I Honorine Field Ian Hazenfield Freshman Candidate Sophomore Candidate 1957 mdweaf j'acL anJ Swim meek 7 7 f Z Ilsa Zillmer Judy Speck Kathy Gates Queen Junior Candidate Senior candidate ' x 9 2 J? The queen and her court who reigned over the Midwest Track and Swim Meets of 1957. Of all the sports on our campus, the most spectacular record of the season was turned in by North Central's swimming team. Wiith it's Captain. ,lim Rank. Throughout the l957- 58 season the team was capable of consistent- ly oulscoring such schools as Loyola, Kansas State, Central lllichigan, and Notre Dame, and breaking many records at these meets. Space does not permit us to mention here in detail. all the records that were set by this club. It will suffice to say that in National Competition, six new records were set by the nce again fAe Qeremen ave a North Central swimmers. These records, at the NAIA, were established with the help of Jim Hickman, Ernie Alix, Dick Lambrecht, John Molitor, Jim Rank, Dan Stump, and Harry Norris, and a few others. There is no doubt about it, these fellas have had a fabu- lous season. Much of the credit can be given to Dr. Hal Henning, former Championship swimmer, North Central alumni, and member of the Olympic Swimming Commission, and to their coach Dean Giere. Kneeling: lVlizanin, Stump. Rank. Kenner, Leismer. Standing: Lewis. Hickman. Pichotta. Bloomgren. Kelly, Hamilton. Alix. Molitor. Lam- brecht. 'Lf Wald! 'W' ' lLd....w. iElx'!'12"'l'S7U'J lf fl ,llL'll!'I'!, ,All greaf deadon in Werner oo! There are several senior members of the team who are leaving this J une, but have been on the team for four years helping to build it to its success. This year's record being, 13 wins and 3 losses. SEASON'S RESULTS NCC 58 Augustana 28 NCC Loyola 27 NCC Northwestern 55 NCC Bowling Green 60 NCC Wesleyan 31 NCC Lawrence 26 NCC Milwaukee 32 NCC Beloit 23 NCC Notre Dame 39 NCC Illinois 53 NCC Indiana A.C. 29 Conference: NCC 83, Augustana 13, Illinois Wesleyan 13. AAU: NCC 87, Fenwick H.S. 41, Michigan Shores 13. Midwest: NCC 107, Notre Dame 56, Loyola 39. NAIA: NCC 88, Central Michigan 545, Detroit Tech 345. Lovola Relays: NCC 65, Loyola 62, Notre Dame 55. Lambrecht is off like a flash as Hickman touches in the medlay relay. Alix and Pichotta are also members of this relay team. .Iudges and Timers seem to be get- ting a workout here, but it still looks as though Stump took the event. The 50 yd. freestyle starts off with two of our best men . . . Rank and Stump. 7,,,-- v .V ..,- .,-,V-Y-7 ..f.-.-,. 4. , ,a,gs.f:. . 8600, 9' x - ' X. Timing his boys as they come in, Coach Geire sits on the side wait- ing patiently. During the Bowling Green meet, John Mizanin shows his Winning form off the lVlerner Pool board. The Senior memhers on the team, Andy Kelly. Bill Lavalie, Jim Rank, John Molitor, and John Mizanin. after winning their last college conference meet. These fellas have been on the team for LL years and have helped make the team the success it is. "-L' zz: a . f f 'a Senior Jim Rank shows h1S win- nmg form of the Butterfly stroke, for another NC vlctory. Look Ma! The In minstrel men are comin . . . Remember the day of the riverboat? W f y 4 ,f X . W 5:51.35 c all 7 Wk Z .f,. 69 hgh., 33 . K, 243 " Q1 ...,f' M14 ' "rf mrfgw' 14 Eff . Y 'ml-fm . W i'.J"5Z'i if :- 1 -.I f 1. v , ,wa , V - 1:3 Y -1: 'ww wx." fu, ,Q I I S. fm..:""f21:r:" , th, , 4.-N., sbt, Burt Deholt ready to give Carroll College another out! With a quick arm the catcher re lays the ball back to the pitcher. ' . . I-30 ' 70 .p A- A I 2 I M Y, u.n..Lwwfg,u...fff.V.mMv..Q44fM--Y W V W,-wa-fffm W M -Y 1 1 N Q. "' .4 IB? . .JH we .inlaid eaaon af W C . . 1957 The women's tennis team had a very good season. They had a Winning streak, winning all their matches hy a score of 6-0, except one to Wheaton with a loss of 5-1. They play- ed six matches. The highlight of the season was the Mili- liin Tennis Tournament in which Diane Lued- tke and Ruth Zeman placed a third, and Sheila Koeder and Donna Bohnstedt placed a fourth in the douhles. These girls are coached hy Miss Tanner, who invites all girls to come out for varsity tennis, if they are qualified. WOH16l1iS Tennis team consists of Dianne Luedtke, Coach. Miss Tanner, Shelia Koe- der. Leni Sppranger. Donna Bohnstedt. and Ruth Zeman. The Men's tennis team played a 14 match schedule including schools such as Bradly, Dekalb, Concordia, and Illinois Normal as Well as the usual competition Within the con- ference. The season record was 3 and ll. Members of the team were Jerry Hiusinga, Paul Sutton, Will Cohel, Clyde Cross, Jim Esterly, Jim Erdman, Bert Lee, and Gary Sto- well. Coach Bob Dexheimer and his team put in an intensive and enthusiastic season. There are the men who never decline the chal- lenge, 6'Tennis, anyone? 79 The men's Tennis team consists of Paul Sutton. Fred Sadewater, Jim O'Donnell, Jerry Huisinga, ,lim Esterly, Coach Dexhei- mer. Bert Lee, John Gutnecht, Mike Balliff. .Synod Snapa On your mark . . . get set . . . GO! We'll just sit back and Watch Wea- ton fight it out. Hey! Be careful of that strings - you might break it. No wonder they're smiling . . they just Won the Conference Meet W 3LOWCa58 . . Cofdge ay, Say Steve. do you feel as tired as Larry looks! if-3 ,, ,X Even though College Day started out raining and registration inside, the day was still perfect for all in- volved. A 471 Q , --V. it lg '4Follow1ne in Merry Measure -7' . . . while I show you all our treasures! George St. Angelo, as he receives It's kind of tricky, even Prof. the first copy of the '57 SPEC- Schaeffer looks confused. TRUM from Jean Koller. ,,,.,.Qf N"-1...-. 75 f can-'wiv -1-iwvawsgrcnu A - K- - Amidst the llllll-llllll of the final weeks of school, students, alumni, faculty memhers, and friends witnessed one of the greatest events of the year at North Central College. Yes. with May Day, the full hlossoming of spring, and exams in the foreseeahle future, CQlil.PlGEi DAY made its appearance and all too quickly, its departure. But with the depar- ture of this Wonderful day, many memories were left trailing along behind . . . most ex- citing of all was the crowning of pretty, petite L lVlary Ann Uehele as Vlay Queen and prince charming himself, ,lack Erdman, as King Rex . . . the freshmen skit . . . foolish and serious . . . ridiculous and talented . . . the regal pro- cession . . . and most heautiful of all . . . the lVlaypole Dance . . . a most exquisite eve- ning . . . the most exquisite company . . . an exquisite future . . . yes, all of this and more at COLLEGE DAY, 1957, at North Central College! The Human Walk . . . just for the old King and Queen, Phil and Kathy. Long live our May Queen and King Rex, Mary Ann and Jack! J t The 1957 May Queen Candidates: Mary Ann Uehele, Joyce Lange, Jan Faulhaber Judy Speck, Kay Crabtree. The 1957 King Rex Candidates: Jim Rank. Clyde Cross. Jerry Goethe, Brooks Heck. and Jack Erdman. , 1 ws ,V Q ' f in my 'IM OEM! fiborm iforieri .Home WOM Czouncigi ,x 1. V 1' . . 7' ,., .,. ...wp M ,,.....,.a . .N mg .. '1 ,p Q..-:fr ,, ,..,.'.-uns ,.m-mum., 1.0-hm., ..v..,....m+,, ...... ii ' f 8 .Q ZS .f Q. iw. vv-gf 'vig gf:3Q3fRw"lW. Z -M, 717' qw' Y Ulf' .J W... ,af ,,.. I-mf fat! he gf..- 1 .,.,. W! W - we 1: inf. GOQAEI' S0utA Blarring Hi-fi's . . . cluttering dimes in the coke and candy machine . . . HQuick, come to the phone - it's a boy! . . . shower par- ties . . . surprise birthday parties . . . beauty clinic . . . Yes, this is really dorm living. Sing- spirations . . . dorm devotions . . . long con- versations and ubull-sessions" bringing the girls closer with each other . . . another phase of dorm living. A new idea was tried into the dorm, a first for NC . . . student government, bringing a new way of living, loaded with responsibilities and new challenges. The Dorm Council consists of: Vietch, Weyfrick, Stetbacker, Zim- merman, Runke, Wingett, Gibson, Bratton, Davis, Becker, Grove, Claus, Faist. Miss Louise Moss House Mother Birthdays . Halloween .. . Christmas . . . or just any occas- s1on calls for a party, quite fre- quently found in the frosh girls dorm. Note to the girls from Kroehler North . . . the results of the Kan- fferoo Kourt! Remember? We do! Floor meetings, dorm meetings, council meetings . . . always some kind of a meeting going on, even if it's just between two gals. C A 'i s 1 f ,,- ,f X is 5 We i N 25 X X 'X 'fr' is egg 42? 9 , sa s ,f M ' .1 fl , I J6'oeALr .Ha Word I Living in a dorm is one of the great ex- periences of college life. From gala sessions . . . :food parties . . . heating problems . . . shower parties . . . dorm devotions . . . 5 min- ute telephone oonversations to the ups and downs of orientating student government are just a few of the many cherished memories Kroehler North holds for over a hundred NC girls. The Dorm Council from Kroehler north consists of Elsie Hassink, Eva Kloehn, Kay Crabtree, Kiane Luetke, Dorothy Hawly. Delores Ruegsegger, Shirley Hein, Betty : Kirchdorfer. ,l o A n n Heilman, Mary Ann Uebele, and President, Peg Shelton. i EH' 82 Mrs. Quilling House Mother Second Semester l .,, 1 -' : if-41 A little relaxation after a rough day. . . Typical scene on any floor in the early AM and late PM. There,s one way to get good Grades . . . try studying! Q G it Q Wx, gk o w J "S ln, NSR K X ,sf :N -Q t My 'St s bl f Xxx f X 14 X S QAVW' '- 3 1.1 2 '- W .1315 A5 f N . a X ' A R .!6'0eAAl" 01152 Kroehler House is one of the oldest and most beautiful of all the buildings on NC,s campus. Located lmetween Kroehler North and South the House is ideal for receptions, teas, serves as a guest house for overnight visitors, and a place for Kroehler North girls to call "home", Mrs. Dute who lives in the House is the house director, persons wishing to stay in the guest house must clear it with her. 84 Tuti Fruti . . . Straight from Judy Mrs. Ella Dute House Director B I lv ' " LMNQJ The piano in the house lounge is one spot that is always in use. How could We forget the Christmas party as We said our good-byes to Mrs. Domm . . . the party she had for us! What's wrong Donna? Looks as if Harold just proved a point . . . had J wwf X A gAKf.",Q I 61 mai .14 .1--v.-fl gl ' R7 - i"1-' 3 ,N .4 1 , .gpx ' ff l 1 'I 4..x.Q'4"' l ' 'J l 1 1 4' ' 'f . ' f l :fa f A ' ., r Z ,w iv 'I '.y.Atf, 1' .n a 'M 1 ' f it? ' T ,Wit J eager .jvlaf With their beautiful lounge, complete with TV set and fire place, Seager hall finds itself playing host for many of the dances, social get-togethers, cluh meetings and dorm meetings, and at times a quiet place to study. The new policy of student government seems to he Working quite successfully at Seager this year . . . in spite of the crazy pranks the fellas play, after all what would college he like if We couldn't get uwound-up?,' The Seager Dorm Council, Seated: Gene Armentrout, Jack Keuper, President, Dick Esterday, Dick Lambrecht. Standing: Delmar Kentner, Don Slivis, Bob Beatty, Dave Hochstet- tler. Ron Gulstran, Paul Weitz, Joe Haney. ,lohn Beed. John lVIolitor. Mrs. Bates House Mother 86 W. , .., . fu, ff." QP' ' 1 lve had a Yul Brenner on Campus for a wliile . . . Gee Ron. can you tell us who it was? Whatjs Wrong Dick - you look kinda surprised! Andy Kelly trying to prove a. win- ning point for an argument. Vie Carlson, ,lack Henderson and Lee Slick still look doubtful! K 64.22 , i 40 ' Kaufman a This dorm houses all the frosh boys that don't live in the New lVlen's Dorm. No mat- ter which dorm they live in they still do the same things - from shaving in the morning to room check at night. Their spacious lounge serves as a place for many of the activities on campus - dances . . . Canteens . . . or just friendly get-togethers. The Kaufman Hall dorm council is made up of ,lim Miller and Bob - Scary, it's small, but effective. Miss Rose House Mother - 35115375 iff 5 ', fl 1441 I ' 'MTS times a day is the Kaufman dining mall. One of the busiest places three l Looks like a hard night of study- ing ahead for these frosh. 1,24-:sj4'1:J 'xr' Ml 5 1 lfl wnu.,,,.k-my , X A fx -:ff nfs WT Q. 9, 1 7 f xyg 1 S s 4- . ". 'T 4. .5 A . x l1ll'l x. ,aw 7 Well! ell 5 0l'l'l'l Residents of the new dormitory for men had the unique experience of seeing the struc- ture completed around them. During the first two weeks of its use workers roamed the halls and rooms adding finishing touches. But as the year wore on the annex to Kauf- man Hall began to take on the appearances of an occupied building. lt was literally being Hbroken in', by eighty-five freshman tenants. By the year's end the modern rooms and corridors and the spacious beautifully-fu1'n- ished lounge had been the scene of enough student life to acquire the intended nature of a college dormitory - that of a home. flll The dorm council for the new dorm consists of Frank Trossen. Jerry Sroufe, Hog Bremmer, Dick St. John, Bud Kaatz, President, Denny Swisher. Bob Werle. Jim Rank. Mrs. Craig House Mother 'J.,.W.i.' Early' to bed early to rise . . . but that means We have to shave! A good way to learn old Indian customs, and a quick way to the infirmary. Late into the night the midnite oil bums . . . but arenlt you supposed to have lights out at 11:00. ! I X fy A gs A .4 .766 345,196 'ML QZMJ .gociefied CMJ Qrganizaf S X Joyce Lange Wiomenls Rep. at large Howard Mueller lVlen,s Rep. at large .szcclenf Counci The Student Council serving as a link be- tween the students and administration has had an active term. lt supervises all student ac- tivities, approves all club constitutions and appoints chairmen for l-lomecoming, College Day and Freshman Orientation. The council elects members to the College Activities Board, Finance Board, and to the Student Union Board of Control. The President's gavel changed hands at the semester upon the resignation of Glenn Pfeifer Student Body President. Howard lVluel- ler, formerly Menis Representative succeeded him in office. The faculty advisor is Professor Schap. Prof. Schap, Hielman. Ostic, Schmidt, Strahan, Harmon, Lange. Haid, Chamberlin, Vite, Bremmer, Liehau. Claus. Field, Leismer, Prouty. Shaeffer. Howard lVlueller. seated, took over the Presidency of the Student Body second semester, replacing Glenn Pfeifer. , . Glenn Pfeifer Student Body President 1 7 Q1 W , WSF.. 5 ,W K JM " , Q 'x 1 7' i w ,gin Mary Ann Uebele. Judy Davis, Miss Frank. Honorine Field. Nancy Boul- onzen 5 din. Elsie Dvorak. i .xdvluiaory Marc! CO! ege cfiuitiezj ,o6J Sitting: Dean Giere. Miss Frank. Dave Huchstettler. Standing: Margie Lewis. George St. Angelo. Prof. Cates. Carol Wissle1'. 'D Ron Winkler and Jim Nutt. Proprietors of the Union Room, partake of some delicious coffee sold in their establishment. A typical scene from the employees view, the customer always pointing for something . . . l'll have one of those . . . and . . . I W .siuclenf union Listen my chillums and you shall hear, T he novel of the Union Room right here: ping pong paddles, a daily routine - a major? a minor? sometimes it seems! Orange juice, coffe, hot chocolate, or roll We grab a quick breakfast from that - 'tis all. Discussion, argument, and debate - Why even sometimes you make a date! there's even a room with little noise thatls study time for you girls and boys! tprofs, employees, and students gather - to talk things over informally, rather'j 77 All in all, it's a pretty Hneat place - to let down your hair and solve your case! I L 1 l w l ,i The Union's a good place to stop over between classes! During the lunch hour the Commuters really keep the Mjointv really hopping! l 97 onorarg Sociefiea af Worfk genfraf Co! ege There are many honorary societies on our campus. Eat-h of them are related to one of the departments on campus and membership requirements differ with each one. These sooieties are all interested in the stimulation of further study in certain fields. Alpha Psi Omega is composed of students active in dramatics. The requirements include participation i11 the Theatre Guild productions and a specific grade index. Beta Beta Beta is the honorary society for outstanding students in Botany, Zoology and Biology. The qualifications call for a given number of hours in the field and a grade in- dex of B. The qualification for Pi Kappa Delta is the participation in at least five intercollegiate contests. This fraternity is the largest forensics honorary fraternity in the Nation. Pi Gamma lVlu is the honorary Social Sci- ence society. lts purpose is the promotion of further research and advanced study in the social sciences, fostering of an intelligent ap- proach towards the solution of various social problems, and encouragement of considera- tion and understanding of those individuals with different opinions. Pi Sigma Iota is one of the newest societies on campus. Its purposes are the recognition of outstanding ability and attainments in ro- mance languages, the stimulation of advanced work, and the promotion of a sentiment of amity between the US and romance language nations. Sigma Rho Gamma, the national music fraternity, has its interest in creating interest and further study in the field of music. There are many other departmental clubs and organizations which are open to everyone and anyone interested. These clubs are usually composed of people going into the major field which the clubs support. These meetings are held monthly, with discussions of interesting topics concerned with the field. Pete Slowey, Jack Erdrnan, Phil Burke, Dick Obermeyer, ig a ji nigga Clyde Cross. Prof. Shanower. Mavis Erdmann, Judy Clasen, Diana Horsky. ld-ill 'l .Kan llfj 7 i 4 i i 1 l E Mia Eta Mia Sitting: Donna Bohnstedt, Jan Pepiot. Lynn Stettbacker, Jim Esterly. Charles Slocurnb. Standing: Professor Himmel. Carol Braden. Meris Bartel. Pat Arnistrong, Dr. Keck, Dr. Eigenbrodt. 1 l J ll Sitting: Pat Hazel. Ursula Bratton. Marcia Bornemeier Sherri Kerentoff. Standing: Dave Hochstettler, Rodney Wagner. Bill Radegue Bud Kaatz. Dr. Roddick, John Senn. 99 F -"fi1.,'Y' This is the sovial science fraternity. The qualifications for 6-tnflnfla, u u me-nlhersliip invlucie a scholastic average of B and a speci- " FFT? " H ., K-1. ' fic' numhvr of hours in the iielfi. 'lf 'M a swf i O .Sigma 590t6l ,L This is a fairly new fraternity on our campus. It is the hon- orary French fraternity, it helps to promote interest and participation in this field of study. 100 . Y - Ya-.... - First row: J. Kniffht. D. Feldt. 0. Frauzke Second row: P. fifaldrorm, B. O'Nea1, M. Nadler, S. Boyer. . M Third row: J. Ramaker, C. Wiehel, L. Kuck, T. Eeker. zgma 0 anflnla . . . . Dr. VVHI. Mavis Erchuann. Harry Zager. Don Schcaeffer e 5950115 L e guncl Peg Shelton. Prof. Dunn. Betty Kirchdorfer, Jerry Goethe George St. Angelo. S I s Z 3 3 MMR A QLSL First row: Dr. Eigenbrodt, Stettbacher, Esteriy Slocumb. Second row: Armstrong, Gates, Erdman. Third row: Truesdale, Carlson, Bullborg, Lehnus, Mack. io ogy ur Fourth row: Field, Boyer, Schneider, Horstmeir, Weather- on. gkemiafry Sitting: Vriez. Dr. Koten, Sprech- er. Bergland. Ritzert. Sutton. Dr. Schap. Sauer. Second row: Einsel. Field, Ross, Hohnson. Bower. Esterly. Marks, Lehnus, Rawlin, Weatherton. Third row: Kontos, Leismer, Meetz Fifth row: Knapp. Thompson, Hein, Voss, Zimmerman, Al- bright. I l i l 1 fl l s l w . A ' . ,C zz:-f fb e ga, o . - A1 at 1 'W 4? "N N ,CTE rf "X . ff Q 4 K 471 fra? ' 7, 'f f f 4 0l'l'll'l'lel'C0 mega fe Dr. Reddick, Bornemeier, Semi, Bratton, Hazel, Kerentoff, Hoc-li stettler, Radeague. Kaatz, Wagner. One of the highlights ofthe year was the Commerce club bowl- ing tournament. Every Month meetings are held and some of the prominent business men in the area conduct the meeting. 103 4 F, A' 362152 v- ,l "K df' """" renck The French Club officers and ad- visors are Shelia Koeder, Prof. Harris, Nancy Veirig, and Keith Schap. Seated: Speck Smith, Faulhaber. Schmidt, Crull, Shipman, Fink, Heilman, Fanos, Schroeder, Jucafion ug Van Ramshorst, Carleton, Gates, Bird, Flak, Bryan, Vite, Bom- herger. Zillmer, Uebele, Kern, Dr. Schwartz, Prouty, Becker. 104 .jvkafory Stewart. F. Eisenhut, J. Mashco. C Johnson. F. Johnson. G. Bucholz B. Kaatz. Seated: B. Casey, Dr. Roberts, D Horsky. rick. M. Bornemeier. B. Faust. L. Farina. J. Kersten. B. Schroeder C. Ulrick. I. Mielke. B. Becker. N. Kurtz. S. Allison. C. Staffacher ornie Cononticd Mrs. Erwin, N. Wveyrick. C. Lekovish. J. Grove. G. Willyf. J. Weyf B. Rockbrand. 105 '50 Q f' P iwr"fr I .gnfernafiona mfafiona Sitting: D. Chamberlin, R. Schroe- der, Dr. McGee. Standing: G. Picha, J. Mizanin, G. Liu, U. Kentner, J. Sroufe. Ouflg QIQLLAACGI16 First row: Ryburn, Fink, Picha fPresidentb, Everrt, Koeng. Beat- ty. Second row: Voss. Bates, Ladd, Ruth. Third row: Decker. Tatsch, Parker. Andrews, Harr. Fourth row: Schroeder, Spranger, Erdmann, Urnbehaun, Kirchdor- fer, Gaurke, Bauman, Bridenthal. f f Back row: Abbot, Schmidt, Sprung. Carlson. Ritzema. Pich. Miller, Sawicki, Con- away, Knapp. Sitting: Horstemeier, Spranger, Dr. Nyholm. Vanramshorst, Karrow, Dovorak. mifero Seated: Dr. Eastman. Prof. Beaurline, Jim Koller, Pat Bryan, Jean Koller, Rog Liljequist, R. Kesselring, Bob Iuda, Pat Arm- strong, Pete Slowey, Pricilla Bom- berger. laaniak -ce' 107 e f' .S,0Ll.fAOCl,5f0l'l'l G! LLL G'Come and get it," it's time to Hchow downli' Perhaps these aren't the words Edna uses to call all hungry Southeasterners to eat, but they convey the main idea. Southeastern draws members from all classes, sports, creeds and races, as it is the only eating club left on North Central Campus. Every organization has its traditions and Southeastern is no exception. The Hbelt-line", whicli takes place on the manhole cover at Vtfright and Van Buren, is the official location for this event. ln order to be fortunate enough to receive a beltline the following violations must take place: New members, new officers and out going officers, spilling food on the tablecloth, leaving gum at the table, walking on the lawn, frosh who do not eat spinach, and anything else the president can think of. This 'year's presidents were Larry Dutenhaver and ,l im Rank. But on the serious side Southeastern repre- sents good companionship and plenty of good food! Second row Dutenhavei Gioletti Lclnft lWe1ne1t Rocliiguez. Lee. Third row Bender Shaffer Pierson Heinrich Ah Lewis, Neilsen, Bagley, Marks. ,nga-Ju N Ln 9 , s. fr i 'ff ,f if .x Hereis part of the gan that takes ox ei the Union every noon 0l'l'll'l'luf2l' Z The COINHIUTCIJS Cluh is one of the new- est and fastest growing organizations on carn- pus. They're the folks that do all the traveling to and from the Hall. of NC's Old Main. They come from near and far. This group includes the fellas who live in private homes also. lt's been Within the last couple of years that they have gained a place in the Student Council, and are now represented. This year they're really to he given credit for the Greenwhieh Village Party, eoinplete with pizza, candle light. Checked tahle Cloths, artistls Walk, and musif: . . . and then Monte Carlo . . . both to he reinenihered for a long time! -111-qu-v-up-1 'i" .szfwlenf pudgcafionri The student publications on NC's campus include the SPECTRUM, the Chronicle, the Cardinal. The position of editor for any of these publications is open to anyone in the school. He must put in a petition to the publi- cations board who take experience, and grades into consideration before making a choice. Every student on campus should participate on the staff of one of the publications for they are a part of the college that you will always take with you. F .',..q,,- V .,,l-uyrp,.v,.,-- pudgcafiond a EW! Prof. Schaefer, ,loylyn Ostic, Mrs. Dute, Ruth Bird. Bert Lee, Bill Ruchards, lVlary Strahan. North Central Ad Agency Tip Cowan, Curt Johnson, and Jack Erdman. QA ff I ,- ,J f-gfrfvf Marcia Bornemeier llsa Zillmer Cale Lehnus Associate Editor Editor Comptroller ClJ'I'Ll9ll,6 MarAooL . jk? .S?92CfI'bLl'Yl '4Memories are made of Thisw was an all time favorite, but as far as Ye Olde Spectrum is concerned, wfhis is Made of Memoriesw is a much more suitable song title! Ilsa Zillmer, assisted by Marcia Borne- mier, edited the 1957-58 SPECTRUM aided by Mrs. Ella Dute, advisorg Carol Esterly, copy editor, Lucille Sprecher, commerce edi- torg Erwin Thormahlen, Mike Kontos, Bob McGuire, and Bob Clemin, photographers, and Gale Lehnus holding the reigns as busi- ness manager! The SPECTRUM is edited once a year and the layout of plans is made during the sum- mer. However, the lights burn low and long in the stamping grounds of the SPECTRUM almost every night of the Week until comple- tion of the book arrives. Only editors and Workers can verify the process of producing a yearbook so hereis hoping this year's book provides you with enjoyment, memories, and happiness. Mrs. Dute. Faculty advisor. and the Editor go over many important contracts and papers before the book can get underway. ew M6 i wiv 01' f Q 1 Seated: Lehnus, Zilhner. Bornemeier. JA S f First row: Hoepke. Becker. Mordin, Wiliskill. Fanos, Lewis, Kiatt. e Pec rufnfl Second row: Gustafson. Soltau, Shaw. Bouidin, Mensik, Esterly, Hassink. .Sta Gross. Soltau. Everret. Fanos. Klatt. Hassink. Lewis. Jack. Wiriskill. Bouldin. all get- ting their literary assignments from Carol Esterly. the Literary staff editor. Third row: Thorniahlen. Senty. Everrt, Sprecher, Jack, Gross, Mizanin, Fink X49 , -ag fa H if W ' amz: ,, X '- Q -rv' 'fl' 'Q ff ,f"' vw , Q i , ,ww W 111 may mm -my-Ng Afffvfi- ' we sS?0l"g . fAe Clofege CAr0nica The fast monotonous rhythm of a type- writer or lhc scratching of a pencil come dili- gently into full swing every Wediiesday eve- ning to meet that "zero hour" deadline. The stories are Hhornii hy a greatly in- creased Chronicle staff under the leadership of Dan Driggettw the editor, and results can he shown hy the many six page issues and additional feature columns which have ap- peared this year. Dan is assisted hy George Picha, associate editor, Gene Bucholz, comp- troller. and Curt Hohnson and Jack Erdman, ad managers. The Chronicle strives to hring forth the latest issues on campus and places them he- fore the students. Stories and columns such as G'Onr ltliforld Today" hy Boh Anderson, Keith Schap's uNoteworthy", HCampus Crew- sers" hy Maellen and Mike, and the uSeore- Dan Driggett, Editor hoard" hv Dave Bates are Watched for with George Picha. ASSOCiatC Ediwr 1 anticipation each week for they cover all pha- l ses of campus life. l l 1 The circulation staff consists of Vita Becker, Jean Trommer. Phyll Decker, Naomi DeBruler, Jo Heilman. and Bev Schroeder. MM WM ",-,.,.....,.i, i,.,... .. . .. ,. M1 The editorial staff consists of Carol Ehrhardt. Judy Clasen, Betty Kirchdorfer, Oscar Franske, Bob McQuire, and Dave Bates. The Chronical Staff consists of: Seated: Dan Driggett. First row: Bridenthal, Heilman, Schroeder, Mensik. Prouty. Kontos. Ehrhardt, Cla sen, Kirchdorfer, Becker. Decker. Second row: Picha. Senty, Jack, Franske. Horsky, Van Sant. DeBrule1'. TI'Oll1IH6I'. Third row: Schap. Bates, Miller. Senn. Beatty. lVIcQuire, Juda. Lindberg. EIT-i1H3l1 Johnson. .kk 4-1 , W x .L .Q Q -' wmv .. ' lll'Olf7eClJ'l POUIQ "- .Slwlmf inanced V Prof. Schap, Hog Ritzert, Gene Bucholz, Bob Heinrich, Glen Pfie- fer, Mr. Norton. X This group will he going to Europe this year: Vite, Pepiot, Kontos. Clasen, Field. Klatt. Lehnus. Umbehaun, Kentner, Gaurke. Esterly. Kirchdorfer. Klasen. Senn, Yucker, Grove, George St. Angelo. 116 Ron Zorphy reading a bulletin over WNOC with Terry Senty in control booth. J V- 25 2-rs -- ' -E -L-in - QM, . lt' 1 'nl M' '-fv -1 t """'91? cb stir it L- cv' WNOC . . . comes to you where the tower meets the clouds. Terry Senty at the controls while Jim McKay and Bob Lange go over a script. They are part of the crew responsible for your evening enjoyment over the air. ML come fo our ra io Afafion . WWQC The voice of NCC, WNOC, broadcasts music, news, sports, and many other programs nightly between the hours of 4 to 12, mid- night, throughout the school year. This small, but Well euipped radio station occupies three studios and a control room on the fourth floor, south-West corner, of Old Main. The studios of this broadcasting station include a fine, up-to-date MLP" record library, from which you hear a varied selection each evening. WYNOC is operated under the auspices of the NCC Speech Department, and thus the staff obtains much help from Prof. Shanower. On the technical side, this station is a 15 Watt, closed circuit system, operating on a frequency of 640 Kilocycles. This year the staff numbered twenty-six members. Much of the success of the station is due to the efforts of the 1957-1958 Program Director, Bud Kaatz, and the Chief Engineer, Bob Lange. ..C. Sitting: Christi, Uebele, Oeschger, Miss Schar. Standing: Shelton. Klatt, Lewis, Agne, Esterly, Kirchdorfer, Erdmann fpres H. if "' K Kuff! i I ng 'f5f't'7 .4 92. .,,fe . -1 M 4 iv . ,. 'Qtr 1. Sitting: Sroufe. Gates. Burke. Standing: Chamberlin, Neilsen. Huisinga. Cross tpres.t o 0 G o 118 e ide . Here,s just a brief note to inform you of our North Central Family and to acquaint you with our campus Y's. Of course it is quite im- possible to give you a complete run-down of these organizations in this note, but we will try to portray the main features. First of all, the Campus Y's emphasize the C in their titlesg Christian. They strive to spread Christian love to all members of the NC Family regardless of race, creed, or de- nomination. The A could readily represent Amusement! The Y's initiate the new year with 4 oin fke Camlaud 3 a formal hanquet and dance. Later they offer sports parties, frollicing mid-winter holiday week-end, school picnics, and many other adventures. Another highlight of the Y's is that of offering experience in social work by joining the gang that helps out in slum areas, under- privileged school in Aurora, and Ceneva's school for girls. So come on and join the crowd. Hope to see your name on the Y membership list! The Upper Room where one may ' be alone in prayer. ' 'f HW -.............. ,- ill? I lfrerx xear the Y-drives call for a 4 e , ' ' . . I 1 lot of fast competition between the F' dorms. This year they really kept Phil Burke and liittv Amie hop- W Cf ' , E A ,J x pin i ,, 3:5 'N l GliNTfQ 27 Caaorrxlmfs ' Q 3 fs 9,4 rs for My A K., x V4 .eil K ,s rr, er f ,7,W RJ 'L x l g M, ' f i ' I e g 5 ' 12 el if J A w f-A., edge? Jjociafion Every month this group of pre-thee guys and gals interested in church work get together. under the leadership of President, Jerry Goethe. 120 ,QM ln.. Seated: Unger, Zaeger, Burke. C U 2 Standing: Wells, Hernandez, Stauffacker, Judes, Crull, Reihrn, St. Angelo, Feldt M Q Bardman, Volkenburg, Prof. Shanower. Schaeffer, Grandson. Mark, Ricketts, VVingett. jdeafre guifcl jalfed Theatre Guild amplified its already inclu- sive program under the direction of Professor Donald Shanower during the 1957-58 season presenting two children's plays. it regular De- cemher production, two religious plays, a stu- dent directed hilt, a musical production, and the Fine Arts Festival play. Smith Hall, with its new curtains and re- served seating, hecame the setting for major productions. Theatre Guild was largely responsible for the presentation of the Homecoming play, Bfitlze Spirit: hut the first actual production was the children's play, Hansel and Gretel, directed hy Judy Glasen, in mid-November - one of the group's most successful endeavors. ln Decemlrer, the production of Arthur Millefs The Crucible met with student and .,, ,,.1 over .Sm JA alvlaf faculty acclaim. Fehruary saw the hill of Irish One-Acts directed hy ,lim and Jean Koller. ln March, Theatre Guild presented its first musical production, Sing Oat, Sweet Land a musical pageant of America. Another childrenis play, Flibbertygibbit, directed hv Phil Hendren, received April pres- entation at Ellsworth School. During the year, Theatre Guild did two religious plays for off-campus production. Where Love IS, an adaptation of a story hy Leo Tolstoi, directed hy Clyde Cross, toured western Illinois and lVlinnesota during Easter vacation. The Theatre Guild production which cli- maxed the year was Moliereas Imaginary In- wzlid, a part of the Fine Arts Festival weekend. What's that . . . witchcraft in Smith Halll ,sg Silver haired, blue gowned ghosts - I don't believe it! if ' ff' , r fin Sh -- the seance is about to take place! .7Aeafre gain Sitting: Felclt, Umbehaun, Falk, Strahan. Spranger. Bomberger. Prof. Shanower. Standing: Miller, Horsky. Minor, Wells. Burke. Obermeyer. Collins. Welk. Arlart. Cross, Crull, Biesterfield, Valkman, Slowey, Wagner. ? 2 2 5 r E E l E 2 4 1 , .Q 1, -15 r, , -v I ,I ts, .F ,..,,' 'iw ' 1'-if , f' QQ' 5.44- ff , ,ESL Snr' Barbara Pfieffer Hall, where the music de- These are the MENC officers. Seated are Pat partment is located, chapels, artist series Waldron, Mrs. Schap, Delores Feldt, and plays, and recitals are held. ur uriica ilfliljcl Barbara Pfeiffer Memorial Hall . . . what does this mean to North Central? What does North Central mean to that? The Music School of North Central College is housed in this ball and that means a lotl However, instead of relaying statistics to you concerning the number in organizations and so forth K you can find that in the college catalog! , we want to give you a very brief run-down on NC's music department as a whole. With the arri- val of two new staff members, we saw a more 124 standing are Sandy Sauer, Stan Boyer, Caro- lyn Wiebel, Don Ecker, I im Ramaker. af 770,44 Gaim! developed marching and concert band and choirs that surpass many of the larger univer- sity's chorale groups. The concert choir, composed of selective voices. conducted a highly sucessful tour this year and the melodious effect it has given to the campus has been one of great inspiration. The Festival Chorus and Chapel Choir have likewise proven their abilities as they per- formed in various 'functions throughout the school year. Cl,l"I'l'l0l'l2tf5 Margret Winskill. Sandra Sauer. Helen Bauman, Mrs. Schap, Mimi Kern, Carol Sue Schriener, ,lo Powell, Honorine Field, Marlene Nadler, Rosemary Ritzema, Ruth Gaurke. Word Cgnfraf 0 ege Kkalaef Ckoir Below is a typical Wediiesday' Chapel scene . . . The chapel choir under the direction of Mr. Allen, is responsible for the beautiful music which we hear each Wednesday' morning in our religious worship service. The band and orchestra, although quite snmll in quantity in comparison to the num- ber ol students on campus, have shown their listeners promises of becoming even better and bigger as the months roll by. lndividual soloists, ensembles such as the HARMONETTES, and various other musical groups are all a part of the School of Music, a part ofthe Barbara Pfeiffer Memorial Hall, and a greater part of North Central. College. we Concerf C400 First row: Heilman, Ehrhardt, R. Wiebel Binkert, Feldt, Claus, Veitch, Bredemeier M. Mitchell, Field, Parks, Crabtree. Second row: Mielke, Knight, J. Mitchell Harr, C. Wiebel, Unger, Kuck, Christi O'Neal, Lange, Benninga. Third row: Lelivelt, Miller, Ramaker, Drig gettr Neilsen, Juda, Ecker, Erdman, Duten- haver, Erdman, Vance. oncerf Choir our L. Upper: Soloists Jim Erdinan. lVlarilyn Mitchell. Jim Raniaker and Joyce Knight go over music with lVlr. Allen hefore the tour. o L. Lower: Concert Choir officers are Joyce Lange. Carl Nielson. and Barbara Harr. Middle: The director of the Concert Choir is Mr. Paul W. Allen. a new nienilier of our music faculty this year. Inside: Betty O'Neal was the accompanist for the tour. The Band giving a student recital in Pfieffer Hall under the direction of Mr. Kuiper. This is the same band we see on the football field and at basketball games. jeafiuaf Charm! Under the direction of Mr. Allen, the Fes- tival Chorus put on a beautiful Christmas pro- gram. The soloists at this program were lVlarilyn Mitchell, James Erdman, Barbara Harr, Joyce Knight, James Ramaker, Carol Sue Schreiner. The Candlelight procession, the Hallelujah Chorus, the Fantasia on Christ- mas Carols, and the Christmas Oratorio were all included in the program. 3 -1 . sf -Sk ' ff Z NS A --..k -B lm , . n .. .-, ., I ' C n v ' Q I l 7 '..N'X u lx W' - Y VK sg X x x xt X xi' X Y +, X , x rv x w fr va lf fl ,f ,- -Av 1 ,YI -In-q.. ,..,, 4,--W-., 51531 !!'fZ"....+'.u.9v!'1 Remember the long hours of wait- ing for out books-Here Bob Goodfellow, Donna Oeschger and Elsie Dvorak are waited on by Mrs. Smith without being mobbed! Memorable Moments QIWLOFCLLL 0l'Ylel'l ttf Remember the afternoons and evenings down by the pond-as beautiful in winter as it is in spring and fall. Remember all those hours we spent-trying to study at the library . . . but someone always came in with some new news! UAQ 30605 'MLW mln ein, Lei' .gzniord lirecfory ,O a bona S as .51 x , .x L,., Q. ix V . wi, - 2. Q " En, - AQ 5 Q f CICUJ lU0 7 l'0lfI'l0l'YlL0l" . . ml' .S70l'li0l'5 . . CKLIJJ 0 "This is the last time" echoed the mem- hers oi the class of 1958 as they moved through the activities of this year. They were experiencing their last homecoming, Big - 'lil Sis and Bro Banquets, athletic events, Student Conference, College Day, and their last exams! The class of '58 had a record they could he proud ol. Their hig attractions during their Junior year, George Shearing's quintet, Briga- doou, and the prom, enjoyed by all. Although the membership of the class had decreased they participated with the sophs in the upond clean-up", and sponsored a Hal- loween masquerade party. Their Senior Skip Day and other Senior doings quickly came and passed. Graduation loomed ahead, approach- ing all too quickly. Finally it came and now to the Seniors, the class of '58, the class that's Mreally great", with their little red herets are leaving NC. We wish them the best of luck and a welcome to come hack to these halls, as the alumni of the class of '58. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS The officers. Kay Crabtree. secretary: Donna Vite. WOIUCHlS rep: Paul Sutton. treasurer: Phil Burke. Vice President: ,lerry Goethe. President: and Paul Liehau. lVIen's rep, get together for one of their last meetings. -1 onor Sociefy rl Seated: Jan Faulhaber. Carol f Esterly, Clare Lederman, Lynn Stetthacher. Grace Edmonson. Standing: Jack Marshal, Mary Ann Uehele. Dan Drigget, Mary Washlaurn Smith. Paul Sutton, Carol Falk. Martin Lang. Meris gg Bartel, Dr. Eigenbrodt. 7 A0 5 A0 in rnerican Kofdgea anal Mziuerdifiea . . Every year, fifteen to twenty seniors from North. Central are chosen to he in the Who's Who publication. They are chosen according to scholastic standing, leadership and partici- pation in school activities. They are chosen by a combination administrative and faculty committee. Each of the seniors receives a cer- tificate. his name in the volume and the vol- ume offered to him. The following are the seniors who have been selected to receive this honor for the year 1958 to represent North Central College. DANN CHAMBERLIN GERALD GOETHE JAMES O. NUTT CLYDE CROSS DIANA HORSKY GLENN PFEIFER DAN DRIGGETT JEAN RADA KOLLER LYNN STETTBACHER CAROL ESTERLY JOYCE LANGE PAUL SUTTON CAROL FALK HOWARD MUELLER HOWARD SPRECHER p JANNEN FAULHABER MARY ANN UEBELE CHARLES PATRICIA LEON ARNESON GLENN D. BEN R. ABBOTT KAY ARMSTRONG Physical CHARLES' BALL BEIDELMAN Psychology, B.A. Biology and Education, B.S. Sociology, B.A. Physical Glen Ellyn. Illinois English, B.A. Greendale, Traverse City, Education, B.S. Lisle, Illinois Wisconsin Michigan Naperville, Illinois I 1 1 i I I Q mx ez 5' l fr. K fa PAUL BERGLAND RUTH EDWARD DONNA ERNEST Chemistry, B.A. MARGARET BIRD HAROLD BOEHM MAE BOHNSTEDT W. BOYER Milwaukee, English and Education, B.A. Biology and Biology, B.A. Wisconsin French, B.A. Oglesby, Illinois English, B.A. Oconto, Nebraska Chicago, Illinois Naperville, Illinois CAROL BRADEN URSULA ROBERT GLENN PHILLIP BURKE Zoology C. BRATTON EDWIN BROWN PI-IILLIP BUCK English, B.A. Custar, Ohio Elementary Engineering Engineering Rockford, Illinois Education, B.A. Science, B.S. Science, B.S. Kankakee, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois Warrenville, Illinois 1343 I PATRICIA EDYTHE DANN ROBERT G. ELEANOR ANN BRYAN MARY CARLETON CHAMBERLIN CHRAMOSTA LEROY COOK Zoology and Education, B.A. History Commerce, B.S. Physical English, B.A. Chicago, Illinois and Political Berwyn, Illinois Education, B.S. Racine, Wisconsin Science, B.A. Bensenville, Illinois Glen Ellyn, Illinois RALPH L. COOK DONNA KAY CLYDE CROSS FAITH DICKE TOM DRAKE Commerce, B.S. CRABTREE English, B.A. Physical Commerce, B.S. Berwyn, Illinois Elementary Appleton, Wisconsin Education, B.S. Naperville, Illinois Education, B.A. Downers Grove, Ida, Michigan Illinois DANIEL DAVID D. MARGARET FRED EISENHUT JAMES ERDMAN STEPHEN EDIVIONSON ELLEN EINSEL Engineering Zoology, B.A. DRIGGETT Commerce, B.S. Chemistry, B.A. Science, B.S. Milwaukee, Philosophy, B.A. Glen Ellyn, Illinois Cleveland, Ohio Chicago, Illinois Wisconsin Naperville, Illinois 137 --Y Y Y. v - JOHN DAVID CAROL ESTERLY CAROL LOIS FARINA JANNEN ERDMAN English and JOAN FALK Home FAULHABER Sociology, B.A. Sociology. B.A. Sociology, B.A. Economics, B.S. Elementary Milwaukee, St. Paul. Minnesota Monroe, Wisconsin Dixon. Illinois Education, B.A. Wisconsin Naperville, Illinois w r M MARILYN WILTON ROBERT GERALD GOETHE JOHN OLIVER l ALYCE GATES IRVING GATES GELAKOSKI Psychology, B.A. GOODE Education, B.A. General Science Phychology and Lena, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Dixon, Illinois and Biology. B.S. History, B.A. Aurora, Illinois , Waukegan, Illinois Aurora, Illinois l r l WAYNE HAACK BROOKS HECK ERWIN DIANA HORSKY GEORGE ANN l Commerce, B.S. Psychology, B.A. THROMAHLEN English and INGRAM l Cicero, Illinois Huntington, Indiana Psychology, B.A. History, B.A. History, B .A. Wheaton. Illinois Oak Park, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois i T 138 ' l I YT' ""l"'vf -'--cur -- ,- - . -.-.'- ------J- RICHARD IRVINE JAMES CURTIS JOHNSON FRANK TORREY Psychology, B.A. JOSEPH JANOTA History, B.A. DAVID JOHNSON A. KAATZ Hinsdale, Illinois Commerce, B.S. Rockford, Illinois History, B.A. Speech and Berwyn, Illinois Dundee, Illinois History, B.A. Toledo, Ohio ANDREW LORRAINE JOYCE SHEILA JOYCE N. LANGE MAXWELL ALICE KERCHO M. KNIGHT ANN KOEDER Home KELLY Education, B.A. Music, B.M.E. Humanities, B.A. Economics, B.S. Commerce, B.A. Chicago. Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Bensenville, Illinois Des Moines, Iowa ROBERT CLARA P. PAUL MELVIN RICHARD W. M. LANCLOIS LEDERMANN WAYNE LIEBAU LINDBERG LINDBERG Lockport, Illinois English and Sociology, B.A. Phychology, B.A. Commerce. B.S. History, B.A. Fenwick, Ontario, Youngstown, Ohio Lockport. Illinois Clarendon Hills, Canada Illinois 139 ---u.'- :L ---- 7: 1 THOMAS NEIL DIANE M. CHARLES NANCY MASSARO LUANN SARA LINCICOME LUEDTKE MARKOWITZ Home MIELKE Engineering Physical Earihault. Economics, B.S. Education, B.A. Science, and Education, B.S. Minnesota Norridge. Illinois Markesan, Physics, B.A. Lomira. Wisconsin Wisconsin Detroit. Michigan JOHN LEE HOWARD E. JAMES O. NUTT GRAHAM WALTER MIZANIN MUELLER Psychology, B.A. O'CONNOR E. OLLECH Political Sociology. B.A. Naperville, Illinois Engineering Commerce, B.A. Science, B.A. Danube. Minnesota Science, B.S. Milwaukee, Chicago, Illinois Glen Ellyn, Illinois Wisconsin l RICHARD BETTY JOSEPH LON Marshall, Illinois DONALD PROUTY ll E. OLSEN JANE OINEAL PERKINS GLENN L. Physical i Physical Piano, B.M.. Commerce, B.A. PFEIFER Education , Education, B.S. Naperville. Illinois Philosophy, B.A. and Biology, B.S. Greenclale, Bushnell, Nebraska Lake Zurich, Wisconsin Illinois l 140 ' 'H "'-v'-' '-vu-F -.... ,. 1- ,,, - n l ..,..-A JAMES JAMES FLOYD' E. ROGER W. ROBERT RAMAKER S. RANK RASPILLER RITZERT J. SAUER Music Economics, B.A. Zoology. B.A. Chemistry, B.A. Chemistry, B.A. Education. B.M. Milwaukee, Aurora. Illinois Naperville. Illinois Lombard, Illinois Preston, Minnesota Wisconsin DAVID ROBERT MELVIN CHESTER BARBARA SCHNEIDER SCHROEDER SEDLACEK C. SHERMAN SHIPMAN Sociology, B.A. Political General Commerce, B.S. French, B.A. San, Bernardino, Science, B.A. Science, B.S. Downers Grove, Ill. Polo. Illinois California Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois DALE JOHN HAMILTON NORMAN KARL PETER M. JAMES SMIRZ SHYMKEWICH SINCLAIR SILVESTER SLOWEY Commerce. B.S. Physical Zoology, B.A. Psychology, B.A. English, B.A. Berwyn, Illinois Education, B.S. Westmont. Illinois Chicago. Illinois Westriiont. Illinois Bensenville, Illinois 141 JOHN F. SMITH RONALD EUGENE JUDITH SPECK HOWARD ERNA SPRUNG English, B.A. SMITH Elementary SPRECHER Religion, B.A. Hartford, Illinois Philosoph, B.A. Education, B.A. Chemistry, B.A. Rochester, Fremont, Ohio Peoria, Illinois Sauk City, Minnesota Wisconsin DAVID STUDER MARCIA SHAFER PAUL W. SUTTON JOYCE ROBERT E. Education, B.A. STUDER Chemistry, Physics, HUFFENDICK TOWNSEND Naperville, Illinois Education, B.A. and Mathematics, SWAFFORD English, B.A. Toledo, Ohio B.A. Spanish B.A. New Lenox, Sparta, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois Illinois RONALD TUREK RONALD J. TURK MARY ANN RUTH CECELLIA GAYLE JOYCE Commerce, B.S. Psychology, B.A. UEBELE UNGER VAN RAMSHORST Berwyn, Illinois Downers Grove, Education, B.A. Sociology, B.A. Elementary Illinois Naperville, Illinois Mendota, Illinois Education, B.A. Chicago Heights, Illinois H2 1 I V l 1 r I I l LYNETTE NANCY VIEREG DONNA WALLACE WILEY VRIEZE L. VEITCH Education. B.A. LOIS VITE VR IEZE Rochester, Religion, B.A.. Downers Grove. Education, RA. Rochester, Minnesota Seymour, Wisconsin Illinois Niles, Michigan Minnesota PATRICIA SHIRLEY JOYCE WALDRON WANDREY WICKROLDT Music and Physical Physical Religion, B.A. Education, PLS. Education, RS. Traverse City, Markesan, Lombard, Illinois Michigan Wisconsin RONALD WINKLER Psychology and Economics. RA. Lockport. Illinoi CAROL RUTH WISSLER Elementary Education. RA. Indianapolis, Indiana PAUL ECKI DONALD R. LEN L. HUFF OSCAR J. LYNNE LEE ZIMMERMAN CRULL Hampshire, Illinois SCHINKEL STETTRACHER Commerce, ElCIT16TltaI'y Religign and Zoglggy and Naperville, Illinois Education. R.A. Psychology, R.A. Chemistry, B.A. Pendleton, Indiana Wapella, Sask, Culver, Indiana Canada l-13 al CHARLES F. ABBOTT, Little Man, what now? -Spanish Club 4. ALAN WALKER ANDERSON, Not too serious not too gay, but just a rare good fellow. ROBERT R. ANDERSON, The world cannot live at the level of its great men.-Chronicle 2, 4, Publications Board 3. PARTICIA KAY ARMSTRONG, Hitch your wagon to a star. LEON ARNESON, Take it from me-hels got the goods.HBasketball I,2. GLENN CHARLES BALL, I wish to preach.- Chapel Choir 3, Seager Association 3,43 College Day Committee 3, Parents Day Committee 4. DWAYNE BEN BEIDELMAN, What could a fellow do without a maiden fair?-Transfer stu- dent, Biology Club 3,4g Education Club 4, Track 4. PAUL BERGLAND, I can resist everything except temptation.-Chem Club 2,3,4g Swimming 1. RUTH MARGARET BIRD, 'Tis better to be out of the world, than out of fashion.-Dining Hall committee 43 Publications Board 3,4, French Club 3,4g Education Club 3,4g YWCA 3,43 Festi- val Choir 4. SHIRLEY ANN BIRDSALL, Her loveliness I never knew until she smiled on me. RICHARD M. BLAKEMORE, I remember well those lessons, as for what I have learned, that is a different matter. WALDEMAR BOBROWSKI, The gods love the soberminded. EDWARD HAROLD BOEHM, A true friend is a friend forever true. DONNA MAE BOHNSTEDT, Thou art the star for which all evening waits.-French Club 1,2, Biology Club I.2,3,4g W.A.A. 1, Festival Chorus 2.3g Harmonettes 2.3: Tri Beta 3,43 Women7s Varsity Tennis 2,3,4. enior ERNEST W. BOYER, Genius is but perseverence in disguise.-Biology Club 1,2,3,4g Chemistry Club 1,2g Seager Assn. 1,2,3,4g YMCA l,2,3,4g Edu- cation Club 4. CAROL BRADEN, Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. URSULA BRATTON, Iini not arguing with you- I'm telling you.-Band I,2,3g Orchestra 1,25 YWCA 1,2,3,4g Education Club 3,45 Pi Kappa Delt 3,43 Chem Club, Debate Club, Kroehler Hall South Dorm Pres. ROBERT EDWIN BROWN, Blessed are the silent for they are never quoted. GLENN PHILLIP BUCK, I am bigger than any- thing that can happen to me. DONALD R. BUNNELL. Content to take his ad- venture gladly.--Tennis 2g Chapel Choir 2, French Club 4. PATRICIA ANN BRYAN, You speak as one who fed on poetry. PHILI IP BURKE. Sometimes he sits and thinks, sometimes he just sits.--Band 1,2,3,4g YWCA 1,2.3,4. Treas. 4, Seager Assn. l.,2,3,4g Orchestra I,2.3g VP Class 4, Theater Guild I,2,3,4, Alpha Psi Omega 3.4. RICHARD LEE CA.LDWELlJ, Go thou thy way, and I go mine. EDYTHE MARY CARLETON, Small in size but large in spirit. WALLACE G. CAPRON, Action, not speech, proves a man. DANN CHAMBERLIN, A great nose indicates a great man. P1 ROBERT G. CHRAMOSTA, Give me good diges- tion, Lord. and also something to digest.-Com- merce Club 3,4. mirecfory ELEANUR COOK. She has an indefinable charm about her. RALPH I.. COOK. Silence is golden. but gold never did appeal to me. DONNA KAY CRABTREE, A graceful ease. and sweetness without pride. might hide her faults. if bells have faults to hide.-Concert Choir 3.43 Chapel Choir 1.23 Festival Choir Biology Club 13 YWCA Education club 43 SPECTRUM staff 3: NC Girls Quartette 3.4: Seniro Class secretary 43 Homecoming and May Queen Court. CLYDE CROSS. Itis all right to love humanity. but I was born a specialist.-Seager assn. 1.2 lsectl. 3,43 Theatre Guild 12.3.43 Alpha Psi Omega 2.3,43 Pres 43 YMCA lPresl: Tennis Team 1,3.4: CYF 1.2.3. Homecoming co-chair- man 33 Who's Who 43 Social Commission 13 Wisconsin Booster Club. DONALD R. CRULL. I am a lover and have not found my thing to love.--Education Club 2.3.43 YMCA 1,2,3.43 Seager Assn. Theater Giuld 43 CYF 3,43 Homecoming Committee 2.33 College Day 3g Prom Comm. 3. RONALD HARVEY CURTIS. Be strong! We are not here to play, to dream, to drift. DONALD RAYMOND DEARDORFF. The main idea in public speaking is to drive home the thought and point. not the audience. FAITH DICKE, Sincere and likable.-WRA 2.3.43 Biology Club 2,33 Board Member, WRA 3,43 YWCA 23 Education Club 43 Chronicle staff 2. THOMAS DRAKE. A genuine Sportsman and in- telligent to boot.-Varsity Club Pres: Track 1.2,3,43 Commerce Club 4. DANIEL STEPHEN DRIGGETT. An inexhaustible energy mixed with good ideas.-Chronicle Edi- tor 4. DAVID EDMONSON. College days have their de- lights, but they can't compare with college nights. MARGARET ELLEN EINSEL. Whatever she at- tempts to do, it will be a job well done. JAMES ERDMAN, Still he mused and dreamed of fame.-Cross Country 13 Tennis 33 Freshman Class President: Theatre Guild: Concert Choir 2,3343 Band3 Symphony Orchestra: Festival Chorus 1,2.3.43 Homecoming 2.43 Southeastern 2.3.43 Biology Club 12.3.43 YMCA. JOHN DAVID ERDMAN. A good runner is never caught.-Cross Country 1.2.33 Men's Rep 1.2: Theatre Guild 1.23.43 Alpha Psi Omega 2.3.4: Orchestra 13 Band 1.23 Chorus 2.3.43 Concert Choir 3,43 Brigadoon 33 Finians Rainbow 2: College Day 3. Homecoming 3. Ad Agency 43 King Rex 43 Southeastern 4. CAROL ESTERLY, Beautiful faces are those that wear whole-souled honesty planted there. - SPECTRUM 3.43 YWCA 3.4: Writers Club 2.3. Concert Choir 3g Festival Chorus 1.2.33 Biology Club 13 Class Secretary 1.33 Honors Society 43 Wh0,s Who 4. Theater Guild 3g Education Club 43 Chronicle 1,23 Chapel Choir 1. CAROL .IOAN FALK. Quiet in appearance with motives unknown.--Festival Choir 1.23 YWCA 1.2,3,43 Education Club 2.3.43 French Club 33 Curcible 43 Honors Society 3.43 Who's Who 4: JR. Class Publicity Com. 3. ALVIS J. FALKENSTEIN, IR.. Obstacles are made to surmount. LOIS FARINA. Civilized men cannot live without cooks.-Home Ec Club 2.3.43 YWCA 1.2.33 Band 1,23 CYF 1.2.3. JANNEN FAULHABER. Her friends-they are many, Her Foes-are there any ?-WRA 1,2,3,43 Board 2.3.43 Student Council 2.33 Cheerleader 2,33 French Club 1.23 Biology Club 1. YWCA 1,2,3,43 Education Club Homecoming Co-Chairman 3. Social Commission 23 Water Show 1,2,3.4: May Queen Court 33 Who's Who 4, National Honor Society 4. ALVIN GENE EASTMAN. Much study is a weari- ROMA WESTPHAL FOSTER. Quiet. dignified. but ness of the flesh. always ready for fun. 5 RUSSELL EUGENE FRANZ. My moment has ar- rived . . . I graduatel MARILYN ALYCE GATES, .An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow.- Chapel Chair 1, Fes- tival Chorus I, French Club 1.2, Education Club, WBA 1.2,3.4, Board 2.3, Water Show 2, Social Commission 1.2,3, Homecoming Comm. YWCA, Biology Club 1, Brigadoon 3. WILTON IRVING GATES, The world has room only for the manly men, with the spirit of manly cheer. JERRY BRUCE GIESLER. Common sense is not a common thing. ROBERT JAMES GELAKOSKI, If you want peace in the house. do what your wife wants.-Chess Club 1,2, History Club 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 2.3, Football 2. GERALD HENRY GOETHE, His very faults set off his merits.-Seager Pres. 3, Seager Assn. Pres 3.4, Class Pres, 4, College Day 3, Homeoming 3, Prom Comm. 3. JOHN OLIVER GOODE, No wealth is like a quiet mind. ROBERT DAVIS GRIDLEY, Worry and I have HCVCI' ITIGI. WAYNE HAACK, Whenever he finds himself in life-he'll make a good addition. RICHARD HAAS. Not that I loved study less, but fun more.-Baseball 1.2,3, Basketball 1. BROOKS WM. HECK, Hels the most married man I ever saw in my life.--Basketball I,2, Choir 2, Class Pres 3, Sigma Rho Gamma I,2, Band I,2, Orchestra 1.2, Drum Major, Seager Assn. 2,3,4, Career Conf. 2, College Day 2,3, Homecoming 2. JACK DARWIN HOOTON. If the good die young it's wonder l've lived so long. DIANA BEVERLY HORSKY, A good heart is better than all the heads in the World.-Theater Guild l..2.3,4, Alpha Psi Omega 4: History Club 3,4, Pi Gamma Mu 4, Jr. Class Musical 3, Chronicle, French Club 1.2, WRA 2, YWCA 12.34. enior LEONARD L. HUFF, Man makes up his mind to preach and he preaches. ROBERT C. HUGHES. Being asked whether it was better to marry or not, he replied, "Either way, you will repentf' GEORGE ANN INGRAM, To wit, she was meant for heaven. not earth. RICHARD HENRY IRVINE, A man of learning is never bored. JAMES JOSEPH JANOTA, I doubt the wisdom of being too wise.--Baseball 3, Intramural Basket- ball 4. RUDOLPH MILAN JEZIK, Hels quiet because he thinks a lot. CURTIS W. JOHNSON, Hold the fort-I'm coming. ---Theatre Guild 1,4, Festival Chorus' 4, Chronicle 2, Ad Agency Mgr. 4, Jr. Class Musical 3, History Club 3,4, YMCA 2, Seager Assn. I,2,3,4, Radio 1,2,4, Social Comm, 2, Homecoming Comm. 3, Student Conference 4, SPECTRUM 3. FRANK DAVID JOHNSON, Laughter, holding both it's sides.-YMCA 3,4, Spanish Club 4, His- tory Club 4, Young Republicans 4, Education Club 3. SHIRLEY JONCKER JOHNSON, A mild manner and a gentle heart. TORREY A. KAATZ .... The strength to do and the will to dare and the courage to find his place!--Football I,2,3, Indoor Track 1, Base- ball 1.2, Debate 4, Soph VP, Radio 1,2,3,4, Prog. Mgr. 3,4, History Club 4, Social Commis- sion 1,2,3, Intramural 1,2,3,4, Chapel Co-Chair- man, YMCA 3. Chapel Chorus 1, CYF 2. ANDREW MAXWELL KELLY. I hate girls, they irritate me. I love to be irritated. LORRAINE ALICE KERCHO. Goodness is beauty in its first state. JOAN MARIE KNEPP. Her lips were formed for laughter. JOYCE M. KNIGHT, Beautiful music doth our joys refine.--Festival Chorus 1,2,3,4, Concert Choir 1,2,3,4, Chapel Choir 2, Harmonettes I,2, MENC I,2, Sigma Rho Gamma 2,4, Orchestra 4. .ibirecforg SHEILA ANN KOEDER, Happy am I, from care Iam free.-Festival Chorus 1,2,3, Harmonettes 2,3, French Club 2,3,4, Midwest Track Queenis Court I, YWCA 1,2,3, Phi Sigma Iota 3,4, Womenis Varsity Tennis Team 2,3,4. JAMES A. KOLLER, JR., Poetry is man's rebellion against being what he is. JEAN RADA KOLLER. I saw and loved. CALVIN EDWARD KRINGEL, Somebody said it could be done. JOYCE NATALIE LANGE, She rivals the birds with her singing.-Festival Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chapel Choir 2,1, Concert Choir 2,3,4, MENC 1,2,3, Home Ec. Club 2,3,4, Harmonettes 1,2,3, YWCA 1,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Women's Senate 4, College Day Co-Chairman, May Queen Court, Who's Who, Brigadoon, Finianis Rain- bow, WRA 1,2, Choraliers 3,4. ROBERT LANGLOIS, Born for success he seemed, with grace to win. with heart to hold. CLARA. P. LEDERMANN, Knowing much she burned to know' still more. PAUL WAYNE LIEBAU, He is truly an ardent lover.--Student Council 3,4, Jr. Class Exect 3, Sr. Class Officer 4, Student Conference 3,43 Seager Assn. 2,3,4, Choir 2,3, Traffic Comm. 3,4, CYF 4, YMCA 3, WNOC 2, Deputation 2,3. MELVIN WILLIAM LINDBERG, His niceness is as long as he is.-Chronicle 2,3,4, SPECTRUM 1, Biology club 3, Radio Club 1,2,3, Seager Assn. 4, Chapel Choir 2. RICHARD WILLIAM LINDBERG, Men of few words are the best men. THOMAS NEIL LINCICOME, An individual with individuality. BARBARA CAMMERON LISTON, She that hath knowledge will gain great fame. DIANE M. LUEDTKE. Unpredictable as the weather. DALE A. LUTZ, There is success at the top, but who wants to climb. CHARLES MARKOWITZ, He makes up for his smallness by his friendliness. NANCY MASSARO, I'd like to study in the morning, but I forget to get up. LUANN SARA MIELKE, An she herself is sweeter than the sweetest thing she knows. DONALD JOHN MILLINGTON, Women don't bother him, he has other troubles. JOHN LEE MIZANIN, Win without boasting-lose without excuse.-Varsity Club 1,2,3,4, Swim Team 1,2,3,4, International Relations 1.2,3,4, Southeastern 1,2,3,4. HOWARD E. MUELLER, Distinction with a dif- ference.-Football 1,2, Class President 2, Men's Rep at Large 4, Student Body President 4. JAMES O. NUTT, Most great men are dead or Union Mgr. 3,4. dying, and I'm not feeling well myself.-Student GRAHAM O'CONNOR, He,s quiet because he thinks a lot. WALTER E. OLLECH, The world may have its sorrows, but it holds a lot of joy. RICHARD ERNST OLSEN, All who saw admired. -Football 1,2,3,4, Varsity Club 1.2,3,4. BETTY JANE O'NEAL. I do but sing because I must.-Festival Chorus 1.2,3,4, Concert Choir 2,3,4, Sigma Rho Gamma 1,2,3,4, MENC 1.2. KEITH GARY PALUSKA. Quietness denotes in- telligence. JOSEPH LON PERKINS. Then he would talk- ye gods,--how he would talk. GLENN L. PFEIFER, A man is only half a man until he marries.-Chronicle editor 3, Student Council President 4. MARVIN LORAINE PICKERING, He'd stop St. Peter in the middle of roll call to argue. DONALD FRANK PROUTY, Give the girls a break!-Football 1,2,g Baseball 1,2,3,4: Baseball 1,2,3,4, Varsity Club 1,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Athletic Board of Control 4, Education Club 2. 3,4, Biology Club 1.2. JAMES RAMAKER. Without music life would be a mistake.--MENC Sigma Rho Gamma 12.3.43 Concert Choir Festival Choir Canterbury Club 3,43 Brigadoon. Finianis Rainbow: Band 1. .IAMES S. RANK. Life is just a game that must be played.-Swim Team 1.2.3343 Varsity Club l..2.3.4: Southeastern FLOYDE E. RASPILLER. A winning way. a pleasant smile. a kindly word for all.-Com- munteris Club 23 Biology Club 2.3,4. DANIEL EDWARD REIDY. A man of action, he plays with fire. ROGER W. RITZERT. Donit disturb me+-lim busy man.-Chemistry Club 2.3,43 Band 1,2.33 Sym- phony 1.2.33 Chapel Choir 13 Festival Chorus 13 Finance Board 3.43 Prom Committee 33 Friday Chapel 4: Young Republicans 3.4. WILLIAM DONALD ROBY. Quiet, but observing. FERNANDO J. RODRIGUEZ. Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow . . . ROBERT 1. SAUER. You know I say just what I think. and nothing more or less.-Chemistry Club Publications Board 3. OSCAR 1. SCHINKEL. There is weight behind his words. DAVID ALAN SCHNEIDER, The less he spoke, the more he heard.--Chapel Choir 33 Orchestra 3.43 SPECTRUM 33 Parentis Day Co-Chairman 4: Biology Club 43 Theater Guild 3.4. ROBERT WALLACE SCHROEDER, The world belongs to the energetic. NIELVIN JOHN SEDLACEK. Whatever side you take. I'll take the other. CHESTER C. SHERMAN, It is a great plague to be too handsome a man.-Pres. Commuters Club 3. BARBARA SHIPMAN, The world may scorn me if they choose-I care but little.-Concert Band 1.3 Marching Band 13 Festival Chorus 1,23 Chapel Choir 23 YWCA 1.2.3343 French Club 3.43 Edu- cation Club 43 Phi Sigma Iota 4. enior DALE GENE SHYMKEWICH, It's not that Fm such a wolf. they're such lambs. JOHN HAMILTON SINCLAIR. He has solved it3 life's wonderful problem. NORMAN KARL SILVESTER, He is great who is what he is from Nature. and who never reminds us of others. PETER M. SLOWEY, The pen is mightier than the sword.-4Spanish Club 1,23 French Club 2g Theatre Guild 2.3343 Radio Club 3,43 Writer Club 2,3343 Alpha Psi Omega 3,43 Phi Sigma Iota 43 Fine Arts Festival Play 2, 33 Homecoming coro- nation Co-chairman 3,43 Brigadoon 33 Com- muters Club 2.3. .IAMES SMIRZ, Make yourself necessary to some- body.-Writer Club 1.23 Commerce 2,3343 Jr. Class Publicity3 Homecoming 2,3343 Publicity director for Athletics 4: YMCA 3.4. JOHN F. SMITH, Mature herself brands him uGentlemanf'-Mr. and Mrs. College Club 2,3,4. RONALD EUGENE SMITH, I feel like a mutation from the law of averages. JUDITH SPECK, Can there be so fair a creature formed of common clay?-Women's Advisory Board 13 Chapel choir 1.23 Festival Chorus 1,2343 WRA 1,2,3,43 YWCA 1,2,3.43 Water Ballet 2g Musical 13 Student Conference 43 College Day 33 Education Club 3,43 Prom Committee, 33 Home- coming Court 2. Queen 43 May Queen Court 33 Midwest Court 3, 4. HOWARD SPRECHER, If silence were golden, lid be a millionaire.-Band 1,23 Pep Band 132,33 YMCA 1,2,3,43 Chem Club 1,2.3.43 Historian 33 Secretary Treasure 4. ERNA SPRUNG, Work was ever her best friend.- Chapel, Festival Choir 2,43 Christian Fellowship Hour 2,33 Spanish Club 43 YWCA 4, Seager Assn. 3,4. EVERETT F. STAFFELDT, Science is vastly more stimulating to the imagination than are the classics. irecfory LYNNE LEE STETTBACHER, Something attemp- ed, something done.-Festival Chorus 13 Chapel Choir: YWCA 2,3g Biology Club 1,2,3,4g Beta Beta Beta 3,4g Chronicle Staff 2,3g Writers. Club 33 Chemistry Club 2,3.4: Honors Society 3.4, Whois Who 4. DAVID STUDER. It is not good that man should be alone. MARCIA SHAEER STUDER, There is no substi- tute for hard work. PAUL W. SUTTON, Wearing all that weight of learning lightly like a flower. .IOYCE HUFEENDICK SWAEEORD, With her classmates she would not tarry, But hurried off her love to marry.-Chronicle 1, Cheerleading 3: French Club 1.2.33 Spanish Club 1,2.3,4g Phi Sigma Iota 4, YWCA 1.2. ERWIN HENRY THORMAHLEN, JR.. One who undertakes responsibility willingly. 4 ROBERT E. TOWNSEND, God is proud of those who are tall.-YMCA 1,2,3,4g Chapel Choir 2: Spanish Club 2, Seager Assn. 1,2,3,4. RONALD JACKSON TURK, Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. RONALD TUREK, I never met a girl I didn't like. MARY ANN UEBELE, Thatis all there is, there isnit any more.-Band 1,2, Biology Club Ig CYE I,3g Chapel Choir 13 Cheerleader 3,4g College Day 2,43 Education Club 2,3,4g Festival Chorus 1,2,3,4g French Club Ig Homecoming Committee 4g Musical 1,3g House Council 4g May Queen 3: Honors Society 3,43 Student Council 4, Musical 4, Water Show 1g Whois Who 43 WRA 1,2.3,4: Women's Senate 4g YWCA 1,2,3,4. RUTH CECLIA UNGER, A perfect woman. nobly planned.-SPECTRUM Editor 3. GAYLE JOYCE VAN RAMSHORST, I've got so much to do I think I'll take a nap.-Chronical staff I,2g YWCA 1,2,3g WRA 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club 1,2.4g Education Club 1,2,3,4g Childrens Play 3, Social Commission 4. LYNETTE L. VEITCH, Good things are twice as good when they are short. DALE JOSEPH VERCELLOTTI. If a task is once begun. never leave it until itis done! NANCY VIEREG, Rare is the union between beauty and modesty.-French Club 3,41 Educa- tion Club 3,45 Jr. Social Committee. DONNA LOIS VITE. Don,t let studies interfere with your education. LEONARD MILES VOTAVA. My moment has ar rived. I graduate. WALLACE VRIEZ. No care beyond today. WILEY VRIEZ. Worry and I have never met. PATRICIA WALDRON, Who deserves well needs not another's praise.-Seager Assn. 4, MENC 3,4g Sigma Rho Gamma 43 YWCA 3,4g Choir 3,4. SHIRLEY YVANDREY, Gentlemen always seem to remember blonds.--WRA 1,2,3,4g YWCA 1.2.3. 4g Women's Varsity Tennis manager 3g Jr. Prom Co-chairman 3. ,IOYCE WICKBOLDT, Where ever she met a stranger--there she left a friend.-WRA 2.3.43 Biology Club 33 YWCA 3, GirI's Varsity Tennis Team Manager 2: Commuter's Club 2. RONALD WINKLER, One still strong man in a blatant land.-Asst. Mgr. Union Room 3.4, Stu- dent Conference 4g Commerce Club 1: Pi Gam- ma Mu 3,4. CAROL RUTH WISSLER, Born with the gift of laughter.-Festival Chorus 1,2,4g Chapel Choir 1: Spanish Club 1,23 Education Club 1,2.3.4g Col- lege Activities Board 4: Theater Guild 1.2.3. JACK H. WOHLEEIL. He who flies above the clouds, will not feel the storm. I ELLA A. T. WOODEN. Her quietness becomes her personality. PAUL ECKI ZIMMERIVION. Bigness is not judged by size alone. 149 .gl I 5 HH ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES APPEAR THE NAMES AND PLACES OF BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED TO MAKE THE I958 SPECTRUM A FINANCIAL SUCCESS. .151 I PATRQNS Mr. Melvin Abrahamson Mr. 8: Mrs. Obed Albrechf Mr. 8: Mrs. Arnold Albrighf Mr. Julian Alix Mr. 8: Mrs. Roberf Andrews Mr. Ernesl' Bals+rode Mr. 8: Mrs. Fosfer Beaffy Mr. Earl Bauman Mr. 8: Mrs. Sfanley Bomberger Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Beine Mr Woody Mercer Bouldin, L.L.B. Mr. Walfer Braffon Rev. 8: Mrs. C. W. A. Bredemeier Mr. 81 Mrs. Vernon Bridenfhal Mr. William Burkharf Mr. 8: Mrs. Elmer Clasen Mr. Edward Cody, L.L.B. Mr. Ralph Cook Counfry Club Mofel, C. H. Weyrick Mr. 81 Mrs. Lewis Durin Easferday Equipmenf 8: Supply Co. Mr. 8: Mrs. George Eck Mr. Angelo Egizio Mr. 8: Mrs. H. J. Eickhoff Mr. 8: Mrs. Roberf Erdman Mrs. Grace Esferly Mr. 81 Mrs. Edwin Faulhaber Mr. Joe Faulhaber Mr. Harriss Fawell, L.L.B. Mr. Fred Fellows Mr. 8: Mrs. C. W. Field Mr. 8: Mrs. Hal Field Mr. 8: Mrs. Truman Fowler Mr. Phil Flynn 8: Mr. John Schroeder The Goosepimple Heighfs Afhlefic Club Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Griggs Mr. 8: Mrs. Cscar Haidu Mr. Jack Hamer Mr. 8: Mrs. Kennefh Haney Mr. 81 Mrs. Loren Hein Dr. Harold Henning, D.D.S. Dr. Donald Heuser, D.C. Mr. M. H. Huisinga Mrs. Marie Keroson Mr. Walberf Keuper Mr. 81 Mrs. LeRoy Kirchdorfer Mr. Reinhold Kloehn Mr. Ernesf Knighf Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Koehler Mr. 81 Mrs. Vilos Kuhlman Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Monroe, Wisconsin Lockporf, New York Rockford, Illinois Na erville, Illinois Gillingham, Wisconsin Blue Earfh, Minnesofa Naperville, Illinois Reynolds, Norfh Dakofa Naperville, Illinois Kankakee, Illinois Crysfal Beach, Florida Greensburgh, Ohio Chicago, Illinois Cicero, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois Forf Wayne, Indiana Sfeward, Illinois Racine, Wisconsin Foresf Park, Illinois Naperville, ll inois Downers Grove, Illinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin Leaf River, Illlinois Naperville, I inois Napervil e, I Iinois Naperville, I Iinois Naperville, Il inois Naperville, II inois Napervil e, II inois Napervil e, Il inois Naperville, I inois Naperville, I Iinois Sfeger, Illlinois Napervil e, I inois Napervillle, I inois Milford, Indiana Brookfield, I Iinois Napervil e, Illinois Tacoma, Washingfon Baileyville, I Iinois Napervil e, II inois Waukesha, Wisconsin Louisville, Kenfucky Seymour, Wisconsin Naperville, Illinois Elkharf, Indiana Downers Grove, Illinois I PATRONS Mr. Francis Kukuck Mr. H. W. Lang Mrs. Clara Ledermann Mr. 8: Mrs. George Liebeck Mr. Leon Liliequisl' Mr. 81 Mrs. Lu+her Dr. Waller Marek, D.D.S. Mr. 81 Mrs. Roy Mascho Mr. 3: Mrs. Herb Maller Mr. 81 Mrs. Waller Moore Mr. 8: Mrs. Carlelon Nadelhoffer Naperville News Agency Herman Oflrill, Inc. Ohio Slockyards Company Mr. Andy Ory 81 Mr. Mike Kimak Mr. 8: Mrs. Loya Oslic Mrs. Rosemary Picha Mr. Alvin Pierson Mr. Jim Polivka Mr. 81 Mrs. Jerome Rada Mr. LeRoy Rechenmacher, L.L.B. Mr. Murry Rice, O.D. Dr. John Rilsema, M.D. Mr. 8: Mrs. Augusl' Rilzerl Mr. J. T. Rolniak Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Rubin Mr. Lee Sack 8: Mr. Herman Nordoff Mr. H. B. Saunders Rev. 8: Mrs. E. C. Schneider Mrs. Bessie Shymkewich Dr. 8: Mrs. Alexander Sinclair Mr. Fred Slick Mr. 81 Mrs. E. A. Speck L. Spranger Producls Co. Mr. Slanley Slamberg S+ein's Food Markel, Herberl' Slein Mrs. Kalherine Slamberg Dr. Richard Susmark, D.C. Dr. 8: Mrs. Fredrick Toenniges Peler Troosl Monumenl' Co. Mr. 8: Mrs. Jerry Turek Mr. J. Turek Mr. 8: Mrs. Ray Uebele Mr. 8: Mrs. Glenn Vile Mr. 8: Mrs. L. K. Wakefield Weslern Tire Associale Slore Dr. While, D.D.S. Mr. 81 Mrs. Clinlon Whilehead Mr. Peler Willy Kankakee, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Bensenville, Illinois Clarendon Hills, Illinois Whealon, Illinois Mounl' Prospecl, Illinois Traverse Cily, Michigan Naperville, Illinois Villa Park, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Owosso, Michigan Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois Sandwich, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Cicero, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Sebewaing, Michigan Naperville, Illinois Lisle, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Warrenville, Illinois San Bernadeno, Calilorn Bensenville, Illinois ia Seloringville, Onlario, Canada Shannon, Illinois Peoria, Illinois Oak Park, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois Chadwick, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Melrose Park, Illinois Downers Grove, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Niles, Michigan Lombard, Illinois Wood Dale, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Elkharl, Indiana Chicago, Illinois I ,...., ...L -- .-3 A--J :fe UH- -eu--f e--Liv F. H. NEWKIRK PHONE l560-M WEST SUBURBAN TRANSIT MIX, INC. 5I5 Spring SI'ree+ Naperville, Illinois S. W. BCMBERGER MASON and PLASTERI NG CCNTRACTOR 729 E. Highland Avenue Telephone 348 J 154 THE STUDENT UNICN .11-B.. -,-1 '-,- var-v--,-- Besf Wishes For Success To The Class Of I958 THE NAPERVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion TOENNIGES JEWELERS Diamonds - Jewelry - Giffs - Wafches Musical Insfrumenfs DORCAS TGENNIGES 30 W. Jefferson Sfreef FREDRICK TOENNIGES Phone I32I Official Wafch Inspecfors For The Burlingfon Railroad Naperville Warrenville OLIVER J. BEIDELMAN FUNERAL CHAPEL-AMBULANCE SERVICE FURNITURE 239 S. Washingfon Phone 264 Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of I958 More ----- QUALITY More ----- SERVICE More ----- SATISFACTION MOQRE LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY 3I5 S. Main S+. A+ The River Phone I0 156 1 MANGRAM'S CHATEAU RESTAURANT O 7850 OGDEN AVENUE LYONS ILLINOIS PI1 LY 3 4900 F D g Weddings R T S Banquei' Y Special P C P' I NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE DUPAGE Book s'ronE BOILER O d cl Op d by N I1 C I C II g N p II III EVERYTHING THE STUDENT NEEDS . . -vvwtwvvypxgsuu-1 Congrafulafions Class of '58 hom RANG'S R i fe MEN'S C I e a n e r s SHOP HCOURTECUS 8K PROMPT Nalionally Adverfised Men's Wear SERVICE" ZI3 S. Washingfon Phone 470 20 E. Jefferson Phone 570 Naperville' IH. HERB MATTER Realtor NICK LEN ERT HERB MAI I ER, JR Broker PLUMBING AND HEATING 2l5 S. Washingfon Sf. Residence Phones: 5 or 476-J Business Phone 300 Naperville, Ill. Oil Burner Service Sfolcer Service Ph. I I33 20 Benfon Du Page Produce 404 W. Fronf Sf. Wheafon, III. "The Sfore Thai- Confidence Buil'r" GreenwaId's Jewelry Store 9 Soufh Broadway Aurora, Ill. "Aurora's Choice for Over 25 Years" 158 1 "5 STAN DARD STANDARD OIL COMPANY recognizes indusfry's need of capable young men who will be fhe salesmen, accounfanfs, and execufives of fhe fufure. In order fo fulfill our philosophy of offering our cusfomers fhe finesf services and producfs possible, we of STANDARD OIL have sei' up exfensive fraining programs for our personnel. One phase of fhis fraining is fhe COOPERATIVE PLAN wifh NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE, where young men have a chance fo earn while fhey learn fhe pracfical and apply fhe fheorefical. Through such foresighf, we confinue fo improve and mainfain 'rhe high sfandards of excellence which have broughf safisfacfion fo our millions of cusfomers fhe world over. 159 CENTRAL MCJTCJRS Home Of DODGE - RAMBLER Job Ra+ed TRUCKS II9 S. MAIN N A P E R V I L L E PHONE 34I LEE SACK HERMAN NORDOFF BANK 0F NAPERVILLE FifI'I1 Avenue 8: WasI1IngI'on N A P E R V I L L E COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Members F.D.I.C. 160 FIELD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL BUILDERS 520 E. Ogden Ave. Phone I643 A. L. RITZERT SAND - GRAVEL - LIMESTONE CONCRETE BLOCKS YARD AT Phone 960 E. Chicago Ave. NAPERVILLE 506 MOBILHEAT FUEL OILS "WeaI'her WaI'chIng" IAu'roma+ic DeIiveryI I Budgef Plan GRUSH OIL CO., INC. Phone Naperville 789 I I 1 1 l I l ll l 1 3 161 J. P. PHALEN FARM REAL ESTATE a. LOANS I24 S. waSI.zng+0n N A P E R v I L L E PI-IONE I876 PRESCOTT MYERS P Insurance Agency Bank of Naperville Building Phone 3090 PLANNED INSURANCE FOR PEACE OF MIND ALBRECHT'S PHARMACY TI-IE PRESCRIPTION STORE Two Regis+erecI ca-raaua+e Pharmacis+s I27 So. washangm S+. FREE DELIVERY Tel. ea O.w. ALBREOI-IT, R.Ph. O. E. ALBREOI-IT, R.PI. 162 M I Compliments Ot International Business Machines Corporation 303 North Lake Street Aurora, Illinois EGIZIO NAPERVILLE Chevrolet Oldsmobile P H O N E GOOD LUCK HAMER ENTERPRIZES REAL ESTATE 81 BUILDERS 9I5 East Ogden Avenue N A P E R V I L L E PHONE 2900 DAVE'S FLOWER WE TELEGRAPH I0 W. Chicago, Ave FLOWERS Naperville Phone 2276 lf! For the tinest in cleaning . . . Haidu Cleaners FUR STORAGE I8 S. Washington Phone 320 Naperville, III. Ernie's "66" Service Station The Complete Lane ot "ee" Service 33 S. Washington Phone III4 Cooperative T-V Service RADIO 81 TV REPAIR I I7 S. Washington Naperville KEITH CLYDE BROWN HAMPTON Carl Broeker 81 Co. Department Store WILLIARD BROEKER '26 LESTER BROEKER '28 Compliments ot Tasty Bakery FINEST QUALITY BAKED GOODS . . . Pastries - Cookies - Bread - Rolls 2 Stores to Serve You are N. weshing+en I6 W. Jetterson That Unusual Dime Store Ben Franklin 2I W. Jetterson Street Naperville, Illinois Sears 81 Roebuck Catalogue SALES OFFICE Mgr. MRS. LELA ROEMHILD 'I9 2I6 S. Washington Phone I4O0 COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend Joe FauIhaber's City Market The Finest of Fresh and Cold Meats The Finest of Accommodation Groceries 27 West Jefferson Phone 440 Naper Stationers SCHOOL SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS 81 REPAIRING GREETING CARDS SKYWAY LUGGAGE 222 S. Main Naperville Phone 2574 Compliments of The Merchants National Bank Of Aurora organized lass Total Resources Over S36,000,000.00 Compliments of ACE STORES RASSWEILER HARDWARE CO. "The Best Place to Get Quality Mclse." Gifts - Plumbing 81 Electrical Supplies I4-I6 W. Chicago Ave. Phone 77 Naperville, Illinois 1 165 Complimenls of Boecker's Men's Wear "We Clolhe You From Tip To Toe" IZ9 S. Washinglon RCA VICTOR TELEVISION Naper TV 81 Appliance RADIOS - RECORDS - HI-Fl 36 W. Jefferson Naperville, Ill. HAND MADE ro YOUR SPECIAL ORDER W A L L P L A O U E S , 1 qJ,,,' ,IVIZ V ,ityl Q Aulhenlic perman- i?i?If?"I"i1 i: 'I... enl replica of MY ' em lalemz UIII I III' CC'-I-E655 FRATERNITIES, MILITARY oRes., CLUBS, SOCIETIES Individually 6" x 7" - 59.95 ppd Personalized 4 " x I2" - Sl6.50 ppd Decorative, colorful display. Hand-made and painled in FULL COLOR by skilled arlesans, Mounfed on polished oak base. Builf-in wall hanger. A wonderful gifl for grads and alumni loo! Send name of emblem desired or we will copy any design you have. FULL COLOR, FAMILY COAT-OF-ARMS PLAOUES HAND MADE lo YOUR - SPECIAL ORDER! Find oul' if you have a coal- of-arms from our file of over l00,000 American, English, Irish, Scolch 81 European names . . . or we f can copy any design from your slrelch, or descriplion. Special prices on quanlily Iols. Special sizes made. A coal-of-arms plaque is a decoralive, colorfu-I-herilage . . . a life-long memenlo. Makes an unusual personal gifl.. 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Qfgrsxz f ,sl I D I U ' lk II Q jill' For refreshment and to heip control tooth decay, chew SUGARLESS GUM The only cum dentists recom- mend! Sweet but sugarlessg ideal fir sugar-free diets. 3 delivious flavors. 5 sticks. . . 168 I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Hrinrv 0121511125 ICE CREAM ONE-IN-A-MILLION MALTS STEAK BURGERS TOP-HATS 324 S. Washington NAPERVILLE Castles Throughout Northern Illinois PAUL'S BODY ' SHOP Auto Repair 81 Pointing 28I LIBERTY DRIVE PHONE WHEATON, ILLINOIS WH 8-0686 We'II Simonize Your Automobile SIMONIZE" PRODUCTS USED THROUGHOUT NAPERVILLE PHONE I9I9 ' l i " ' 70 fAe rf ,.--nnnlillli' if - as-.Q2il::gg,jffffFiv: f f u m 1 I n- 9-:-.wfpgf 1? . bojzmej V , 626 Y .' :N A .kj W I My ,A-w f F 5 19? , I 5:1 4: ax--w HQ, v Pe. f LIBRARY BASEMENT ROOM 4 ortA Cenfmf College CHRONICLE PHONE I I65 ll TRIANGLE REAL ESTATE CC. Wm. FRIEPL Wm. KLOPPENBERG BROKERS 81 BUILDERS 986 E. Ogden Avenue N A P E R V I L L E Phone 3I79 CK ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS LAMPS 8: FIXTURES WIRING SUPPLIES 633 N. Washingi' Naperville PHONE I047 7 I 1 1 S 2 l l 1 Jefferies WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE 4 W. Jefferson Naperville Phone I2I2 A. Railton Co 3425 S. Keclzie CHICAGO ILLINOIS Gambles Aufhorized Dealer N. Washingfon Avenue Food Marl- 8 - 8 DAILY 4 - 8 WEDNESDAY 8 - I 4 - 6:30 SUNDAY Phone I990 82I E. Chicago Avenue Frecl Fellows, Prop. Naperville Burgess Motors S. Washingfon Naperville PHONE I064 Naper Cleaners WE OPERATE OUR OWN Naperville I26 S. Washingfon Phone 2I68 Naperville PHONE I3I5 BOB 8: DICK COLLINS PLANT , I l 1 COLONIAL CATERERS pheff T551 gl-:EI60 WIL-O-WAY FARM Phone loza GOLDEN CREST MILK "Tes+e +he Difference" Naperville, Illinois 174 ' -A'-' Ju: " :nn-sun ume1n1nx ' SHOES THAT SATISFY 6 W. Jefferson Naperville Phone 934 II HIE. SUN Prin+ers of +he College CHRONICLE and +he N.C.C. CARDINAL HAROLD E. WHITE, Class nf '35, EDITOR 81 PUBLISHER See Us For Dislincfive Prin+ing - Vic Thornfon, '46, Represen+a+ive l28 S. Washing+on S+. Naperville, Illinois Telephone 63 DALE'S RECORD SHOP COMPLETE RECORD SELECTIONS I2I S. Washingfon Na pierville Phone 2655 BOECKER COAL AND GRAIN CO. Since I868 THEODORE B. BOECKER, JR., Mgr. COAL - FUEL OIL - COKE 5+h Ave. 81 Ellsworfh NAPERVILLE PHONE270 175 George Lenerl' AI's Market SI-IEET METAL WORKS WARM AIR HEATING AL BAUMGARTNER, Prop. WSPHHQ Ave- GROCERIES, MEATS AND PRODUCE Naperville PHONE 253 Benlon 8: EIIswor+I1 The Home of . . . Friendly Service BORNIS Ryser Bros., Inc. Service Station FINE FOODS 309 N. Wasliingfon C H I C A G O Phone 588 CompIimen+s of E. G. Kroehler YOUR RADIO 8: T.V. SERVICE School 5I5 Nor'I'h Ave. Naperville PHONE 554-W 176 ' 'Ai OSWALD'S PHARMACY Your REXALL Druggist PRESCRIPTIONS BABY NEEDS COSMETICS 39 W. Jefferson VITAMINS Naperville PHOTO SUPPLIES Phone 2423 Rou+e 34 8: 65 NAPERVILLE PHONE I794 Four Way Restruanf Rou+e 34 8: 65 Naperville Phone I794 177 KRCJEHLER WORLD'S LARGEST FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS Founded l893 by PETER EDWARD KROEHLER North Central College -:- Class of 1892 5 + K X X J J 0 2 iv S X 593 or :R ?7E X553 gwvxx SA 331' fg 55 ff .xqx : f' il :Z- ? :L ffm 'W A-fs WX f- ff! 1,555 Vf f ggi-igf f PV? 7 X 512 W 7 "" V45 fd gr jrq E AQ' mm Zilflllllm f jf K N X i ' Xx f if 3 X X X X ,if X35 f f K MXN SS XXXxxgx www 4? !, xx XXX 4 X NNERX, X 7?-FS' ggi? 5 ? X ,ya QV 207' Xlkwwfe 5111! Z W f jx f M332 ew f X Z 5 0 X We Qfeggf' 4l w,f ,MW f fizQf,f'f7f,f Z 764 XX fy ff wif gf if Wwffg' XR XX I X v. X X X r x a,4,W,r 'XXX XX X00 ,ff f Eg E' ll XX fl f 'Z bififf J! ' 1 er" XX X fi f f ff' gil XXX A QXXXXW M X U '-iv! Wx xl XXXMXJXXXX X XXX! My X E ss- momlm.. 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