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--'T 4 S 35? 0' X 8 ,, av 1f'5,i 1 Y Y I- .--.H -, . 1-. , V Xa :uv ' Q'-Q-wgfnaf. .wg fx " . wa 1, ,fb ,M , 47 ANY' wafff f . wif' 5- 'Ss ,Q A. 1 il., ' hyf I al O v is f , .5 ,fa 2 0 'J rdf' A 1 Q ,.,fw,, 43 SZ, 1 g . X, W' -'W , yy! A 4 14 N W, V A S li -as mf-'25-32 -,aw ' 4 F., Wy LW' .N-4,46 4. , , f iw 4. 56 .Q vw as fm," W M saw. Q K wif We git "1fVv' W If-W" 'L' W Jay M 1 ik ' WW' v 5 ,,,, ,S rv Mgr, WW 'v..:e . mf ,, , , v ffl- U , ,fx 5 ww 4 ww' 'll 4 in 7 .H ff. -.Q 'Q ff , fzxz' -5, Ny 'W X 4 if u mu ll' J. ww, f f 'mga " ' X V fiwel - A Wu" U! A ful, 'Z 'sm A ' f F 8, '51 ' 4 , , f f 'xg' -9? ' QAM. A 3 , 4 1 7' v . f Q RA o 1 .W .Q ,W K0 Q, '71 .ggv ' bd' Kirin VV" ..q- 0 8 f ,- ,-,,4.,m Nsvwl? 1 , 0 ' is .ff xt, 4 -14 ' w- .wa W Rf 13:59 .1 kr fm,-m Q ' WA, '15 Ye F' -0- . 9+ 2. ,Y A: V . x ' N ,A ' ' x I V y 3 5' swf' X 5. ,MEX Q X , fd' AS xx fr H in va ,M wiv, M fx mg, NM 'Q in "W I ' km' X A aiyg Y Ya X W I k.Q ,i, nw .. V Q ,, 5' ' sg Qfxyw A . X?Xg'g5wR?'M x""W" A "V mv N 95, NQYQETQIXZAKQA ke. I. 3.5! Q, N NgSg'k,,, We -R 34 gk." ky My' bl , wx f 2 ix ,Nh X w fs Ns X J' X1 4 , ZA - Z W W 4 ww QM x A 3. -S fx fxaf ' jo Ckapfain .fdngek A dedication is a gesture of acknowledgement and affection. As such, the act of dedication must re- flect a heartfelt sentiment. A keen sense of humor and a warm, friendly spirit have helped to endear our chaplain to us. Therefore, we, the Senior Class, appreciatively dedicate ou1 Spectrum to George St. Angelo. ll .uk .... -.....,...,, -1 t rv t Lgnfroclucfion "Thy lofty precepts do inspire" . . . The tower of Olcl Main brings to the minds of each new NC-ite, the oft-sung line from the Alma Mater. Wlieii Freshmen come to North Central College. a Christian liberal arts college, twenty-eight miles west of Chi- cago. the hearty "Hi's" and broad grins make NC seem just like home. From the green beanie . . . the "Big- Little-Brother-Sis" banquet . . . trials of registration . . . Woe Wleek, with its pad- dles, trips to the pond and peanut roll . . . the smell of a 'mum, a gigantic bonfire and a lovely queen making a "first" Homecom- ing never to be forgotten . . . to the day when our stay at NC is over, we're proud we belong to NC. OLD MAIN LLL eccce, I e,.e, Mpage 7 GOLDSPOHN I cecececcceccc page 43 NEVV LIBRARY -Lt ecceee c,,,page 51 PFEIFFER eecc ccce eecce r, p a ge 73 MERNER FIELD HOUSE I.LL page 95 SEACER HALL L,.a., C LLLL,, page l2l SENIOR CIRCLE owen L,,.LL page 129 5 4,,-.'. .5-,V .3 , V , b i , ,3fP""', x 1 in H "iw I I R' Nw ,ag H -J J, A 'Y v, ' , 1,'! f 1 ja N ,, izv, sl W as ,gl '3ei'j3,.M Y 3 ffj5J5f ,, I N, "8 'qu' " 1 fl f ,Q Z ' , ' . , Q i gf. " 4 , A , . N Q Y ' 5:-i?y,fgAf -'93 , ffgg AQ, vi mfs' . , ' 4 A , M I 1 14, A1 v ,K I, fd f -vs Q 'Sw' ' 5, fx x 5, ' 1 Q ' . f ' 0 2. ', + 4 ,M 'Q '- 1 1 f ' M x Af. ' " A ,., ,A , f. Q. W. N " 4'?"'S 56,1 - "'f f " bvy. - ' 19' A '- .N . . I ,- . Q-, .K . ., I N, fl' 1 " fvff ',"'s4Afff+fr 'A 0 q " :W , 1 P ' 'f rs J'w? , , Q -,M 8 ' -- 2 . I , Q 7 4,5 0 .51 ,Ag ,W xf nys, - M gngx ' K ,Qtr J ., U' Q Q4 A 'lgyn if y N . 'Q'5m.. Although it is the oldest building on North Centrals campus. Old Main is one of the first with which new students become acquainted. This stone edifice provides quarters for various student activities. 'l'he bookstore and the Student Union are found in the basement. The Union is a favorite meeting, and eating place for students and profs. A Administrative offices fill the first floor, From their first week of col- lege. students recall waiting in line to pay their bills in the business of- fice, only to find outside the door another expense - that of an upper- classman's joy at a frosh's expense - a green beanie. North Centrals radio station. VVNOC, has its studio in the south part of Old Main on the fourth floor. fc! aiu mr. .Narue eiger, PL E Always ready, willing, and quite able to lend a help- ing hand to any NC-ite is North Central's president, Dr. Harve Geiger. Dr. Geiger has been our capable leader for ten years. In 1922, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. his Master of Arts degree from Harvard University in l928, and his Doctor of Philoso- phy degree from Columbia University in l940. 8 if Illnrvcy Sicmscn, BA.. HD, Vin' l'r1'.xi11e'r1l ,,r::"7 LLL-urge St. Xngcln, BA BU Clllllllllfll ZIIACIILL' li, l'1lkH,IIlL'NL'l'. li..-X.. Nl X Ill ID Dum of S'tr1rlrnf.s 'Af xii WW xhw - " ,QF 2: 5 Q? J N fv l H' Cllerc, BA., MA. 11111111 of Mm: s. RLlllJl1f1llIllS. IE., .. 1911111 up ll111111'11 f.l1411'lm K.. H1 rwcr. I3 X Nl X l'll D II1 ix O. Norton. B X T1 t'Il.S Il rw Iiluycl i .Q llmiiipsoli, BMX. ,4rln1i.s'.x'in11.x fiUllII.Xf'lUI if H F, li 2 iss 1 Kia 'Q I Y 3 V !i V i si i K f -N fx ix Q WX Iillsizzfsx Uffirf' P4'1.xm1m'l: Mrs, EIUZIIIKIIK Boldt. llomlllx Ualluw Mis. .Xliac Wgitsmi .S'c'rnv'lr1:if'.x: Mrs. Fowler. Mis. Norton. Miss Scliar. Miss Bar- ham Carlson. Mrs. Luthzilu, Mis. Gates, Miss Betty Schloerb I W jr 's. ll Imclicc kiwi l'4'rwH11r'l lu. HS. 77X , Aww ' '! e ii' 1' ws A V ' 'ff 4 YW A if ' M: Q fiyf. S! K l i r if If . 4 Q N 5 ,K A , iv Y ici, - ..N.., .rw 'lf ' .. . tc - ' ' W xv., ,W Lf, f' . N , W M 4 ,s f . O f gl 2 . 2 3 , B K 7 PSYCHOLOGY Vernon C. Schaefer, B. A., MA., Ph.D.: Darrell E. Latham, B.S.. MS., l'l1,D.: Elmer Sumlby, B.A.. MJ.. GOVERNMENT N. YY. McGee, BA.. M.A., Ph.D. HISTORY W. H. Cates. B.A.: Eric Dean. BA.. B.D.g Clarence N. Roberts, BA.. MA.. Ph.D. l -fi..--.-.z-v.a.1 . . .-.1 4 14415 ,J Q .L,, ll l is 'P 1 I i s r w P l w 1 ll. 1, I r 'i I .1 HONI li ECONOMICS FDVCIA l ION NIH. Ruin R. l2l'WllI, B.lad., MA. Mun 5LllW2ll'l. BMX., NIA., l1cI.l7. NIrs. Dnrnll1x CIXINKN, BS., NIA IQCONONIICS .nuns C.. Bruhn. 15.1-.1l., NIA.. I X ENGLISH Nlrs. Carolyn Barry, BHK.. NIA.: Iflillllllflll NViIcy BA., NIA.: Nhx. Dulc, BA.. NIA.: Richard M RQISIIIIEIII, BA.. N'I..X., l'h.D,: Kenneth Bennett BA.. NIA. ENCLINICICRING LANGUACl'QS S. Clmlin. NLS. I-lgumulm Nyhuhn. BA., MA., l'h.D.: klzuncs jones, BA MA.: june Eldon, IRAN MA.: Mrs. Helen Luntl. BHK MA., l'h,lJ. SI'l'.lf.flll CLIL-nm Reclcliqky BMX.. MA., l'l'1.D. CZOMNIIZRCE Dmmld Slunmmmvcr. BMX.. MA. .X. R. Slweluzlkcr. HA.. M X 14 V szrwizff M ,, 3 .,v, f f I Q ff g s -f Z limi 4 , ,.1. . Q .JU J ,f RIQLICLION HKK1lUl.OCLY cs XXIII, BMX., KD., l'I'l.ll. Rlmllzurl lI1ll1slnn, HX.. XIX. f A I' I john Senn Lind Luzinn Mielke chat y with Religion Prof. Will after class. cltllllllillilllllfll' new lo the faculty, the prof encourages close SlllllCl1l'fllCllllN cacfured, uizzed, Cfadded . . . "Those long, weary hours in the classroom" . . . Although it's good to return to the dorm and relax before digging into that pile of homework, we remember with a smile those hours spent in the classroom. We dozed in some classes because of late night study . . . some lectures just didn't penetrate . . . and there were classes where we knew all the answers! At times our profs feel that we don't care about what they teach us. But, we do appreciate all that they do for us - They're great! Mrs. Dute-'s Teacliing of English class gathers around to glance at a lllilgllllllff article. Left In right are Donna Strutz, Ben Reed, .lim Koller, Louis Erchnan, Ed Cavert. Ardath Orians, and Diana Horsky, an few English lnuiors. ,rv i. eliilionships, A 5 16 .us ..::, fi A P 1' 1 wi ""'1 4 r , S Dr, Kccls lakes ll look 111 his Slllllilllls tu scc I11111' lhcx a11'c doing. .X guiding sL1U0'cslic111 is allways wclunilc. Nh They take things casually ill speech lah. at least tl1z1t's the way it looks. 1 f . Z . V ig, W ,,.- 1 we ' W1 -' , 7 X 1, , ' X' f f V 3 f iw f M f M .W W la ,X A 'M ,N A M, ,V A , V VV V, f V ,-1, ,W Q ,. sf .1- ,, 4, . new A-.1.. M I 54 ..,,., ,. 'lhcsc gi1ls 2ll'L' lllClDllllllg l11111z1lscs11111c liulq' 1111111 luippx. lhcy say. "'l l1u way to ll IIIQIIIVS llL'2l1il is ll11'1111gl1 his slum- 1lLll,'i "VVe hear, see, and think, and then We speak." Perhaps those famous words could apply to North Centra1's Speech Activities Board. This board is a controlling body for Theater Guild, Radio Association, and De- bate: and it is composed of two members from each of these organizations. The head spokesman for the group is Ed Cavert who receives superior direction from Professor Shanower and Dr. Reddick. loeec .fgcfiuifiea aan! Ed Cavert. Bob Boldt. Vivian Ricks, Prof. Red- dick. Ben Reed. Prof. Shanower. Louis Erdman 18 uhlut ol' John Semi presents his view on the s '- dehzllc. Iiurk mzv: Correll. meicr. X E 5 T .I U Prof. Roddick, li. Boldt, l'. Hillel. P. Mill ' cr. Fmnl mzu: Y. Ricks. NI. Bur . Bratton. D. Silvis, Semi eddie jam A notebook in one hand and an index file in the other reveal any inexnber ol North Central's 1956-57 debate squad. 'lien very active students compose this year's squad under the supervision ol' Dr. Glenn Reddick. Competing teains lor NCS squad range lfroni the iniclwestern to the south- western schools. Our clebaters entered ap- proximately five tournaments this year. A trip to Brookings, South Dakota, for a national tournament in April highlights and Cliinaxes the l956-57 season. WW Football baslxclbill su1111111111g cu11e111 news duo 11o11:1l SLIXICLS 1l1sL p1og1z1111s 111211111 all ol these and 1111115 u1o1e come lo you cl11ec1 l1Olll N01 tl1 Ce11t1 al S 121cl1o 811111011 YN NOC VX 111111110 w11l1 the P1 1101211115 of tlus f1I1C st 1111111 18 the NC R 1Cl1O Club l be Rclfllfl Club Q 2lClV1SO1 15 P1oleQso1 Donald Sbau OXXCI '1111l l11Q 21ss1sLa11t IS E11 Cm ell 1 be p1og121111 clepmt 1 ICIIL b5 1111 D1 escl1e1 who 15 '1lso the club Q p1CS1ClCI1I C,o11lo11 XQLQ11111111 18 vue p1es1clc11La11cl 02115 Raelz 19 ssc ILLZII5 LILZISLIILI L KL l1X R1 CIJYLIQUJ , Q A- f 1 1 k- 1' Y ' 1' f- 1 1 V '31 ly - . . . D D 1 f 1 1 be IQJ- U6 111e111 15 heaclecl by Burl Kaatz and the Cl1g11l6Cl'1I1g depart- a 50 U- l21l 011101. I'1ot. Sll1lllUM'CIk. l'el - Slox' -5. l?1u1l K11g1U.CLz Q zelz 20 ith 'Tl s l ang 4 ' at A ,aka ,Qi Omega Prof. Shanower and Louie Erdmann. sponsor and president respectively. of Alpha Psi check on Iiilling for the next group of plays. Alpha Psi Oinega is one of North Cen- tral's inost active honorary fraternities. This group is coinposed of students who are active in drainatics. A certain number of points. given for participation in campus theatrical productions, and a specific grade index are required for membership. M I' l'1IIl'2 Y. Ricks, Nl. lim'llc'l1leicl'. U. llrzllluli. Sl"f'UlI!l row: 15. Boldt. l'. '83 l-lalel. Thin! min: Dr. Retlclick, P. flor- in-Il An honorary fraternity of North Cen- tral College which is sinall in quantity 'out large in quality is Pi Kappa Delta. This fraternity is the largest forensics honorary fraternity in the nation. A ineniber of Pi Kappa Delta lnust par- ticipate in at least five intercollegiate con- tests. 21 Staind Mrs Ledcimann Prof NIcGce Standing: Prof. Cates, Prof. Roberts, R. Hughes, D. anlnla ll Promotion of further research and advanced study in the social sciences, fostering of an intelligent approach to- wards the solution of various social problems, and encour- agement of consideration and understanding of those indi- viduals with different opinions - these are the stated pur- poses of Pi Gamma Mu. North Centrals national honorary social science frater- nity has as its faculty advisor, Dr. Marcus Bruhn, while Dr. N. W. McGee serves as a regional chancellor. Our chapter has as its president Dann Chamberlain and vice president Mrs. Clara Ledermann. Each member must maintain a B average and have a specific number of hours in the related academic fields. 22 Im!! In II ll! Pau ful inance oar 'ff : R. Bunklmlz, M1'.Nm-um, -5 L-'guy R. Nflllkilly iff! to right: IS. Boldt. R. Sllilllp. D. Silvis. Dr. McGee, P 1 Flmudi, D. Ncwslitter. Mizanin, P. Cor- mn nfernafiona IQ a iomi f2'11.ifL'f'1Qf1Q. TT J 4' 1 2' Mary Ann Hhgncr KSGC.. Trcas.j, Dr. Nyluolm. Charlene Crow fPres.j, Don u I ll J paniak 12 H Q, . fvif I ,Z gg , M ,,-. 11 I. Swufford ql'1'cs.j, Dr. Helen LIIHKI. N. Viereg QVice l'res.j, B. Clams QSM., Frcansy PQHCL 2-1 5 Pi Sigma lota recognizes outstanding ability and attain- ments in Romance languages and literature, stimualtes advanc- ed work in this field. and promotes good will toward nations using these languages. Each member must write one research paper to be read to the group. the best one being sent into the national historian. Charlene Crow is president, Donald Lapp. vice-president. Kathryn Cates. secretary-treasurer. and Mrs. Luntz and Miss Nyholm are faculty sponsors. Joyce Swafford, Nancy Viereg, and Barbara Claus, of- ficers, and faculty advisor Madame Luntz. head the French club which furthers the use of the French language and edu- cates in French culture. Spanish Club encourages students in study of the langu- age, by acquainting them with Spanish culture through talks. movies, Spanish games, and records. The president is Char- lene Crow, vice-president. Don Lapp. and secretary-treasurer, Mary Wfagoner. Miss Nyholm is faculty advisor. ? . l , i .Sigma .gofa Sealed: Miss Nyholm, C. Crow, Dr. Luntz. Standing: S. Koeder, D. Lapp, K. Gates 25 .g M EDUCAI ION CLUB OFFICERS AND ADVISOR B. Mzagenlufimcr. Dr. Scluwuw, Xfvuess- IICI' 6, llC6liLOI'l Inluczxtmm club IYIIIILS 116 strlctly uell hexe mcmbeu seem to be Iealfllllg 1 neu 031116 to keep thexr Ix1CICI1CS qluet UI lllliy dns .4970 I ome conomicd Svulwrl: l'. Lomas f'f1'CllS.D , M, Hawley ql'res.j , Mrs. lirwin, E. Moolnerry QViCC Presj. XI. Lange QSec.j. Slumlizzgz Cl. Bunker, L. c,Ll'glll'ilh, L. Boynton y ug A Standing: K. Obrecht. Sfllrueder. B, Vortex. KI. Swzuxsmnn. XX' Ollcen Perkins, VV. O'Conuor, YV. Haack. N. Central. .Sillifzgz Cl. Sherman, B. Gridlu onznzerce u Prof. Shoemaker, S. Sherman. N. Vierup. AI. Nlurslmll 27 " ""' """'s yzci...,.y.c. , We become acquainted with the Y be- fore arriving as freshmen, through corres- pondence with our big sisters or brothers. a Y-sponsored project. The Y's are versatile in their services. Vocationally. the Y sponsored Career Con- ference. Religiously, vespers, Tuesday chapels, dorm devotions. monthly chapels. and Upper Room maintenance are Y-di- rected. Socially, the Y's help in frosh inte- gration through Big-Little Sis-Bro banquets and Y night, besides sponsoring all-school skating and swimming parties and hayrides. The YWV Christmas party collected gifts For Geneva Girls School. YW's monthly news sheet, "The Y Knot," is edited by Mary VVashburn. YM members saw a profession- al football game in Chicago. In November a mock election was held, and in January Y sponsored three discussions, "Dating and i.flating." Y members serve through Weekend Chi- cago workcamps, Hungarian service drive, Thanksgiving food baskets, recreational periods for Geneva girls and Christmas party for Aurora's underprivileged chil- dren. l YXYCLX: NI, lgrdmann, D. Oesthgei. C. Esturly. M. Fcik, Miss Shar. M. Uebele. NI, Sll'2lI1lIlTill1. NI. Seagly. D. Strut! YNICZX: .Nil'llff'flf ll. Studer, QI. Harper, P. I,iclmal1. lh. liiclrich. Slnurling: l'. . . , , , Agnew, C.. Cross. l.Sullon. 13.02111-s. I. Dowling This fljlll' ll ncw lrzulilimi of ai llnce lighting ccreiiiuny was lin-gun. 'llic wic- mom was ll wcmmlclllil suucss. Mavis Erdmann delivers the momlily "Y Kiwis" to the Kroehler Hall girls. fi 29 N, fax WM, MM ,....nlu.fzKs!Zf E l M ,N.. .m,,,,W,WM.5, SQ ll Z v 5 w ' i , 2 x f 3 s Z 2 Z 2 l ll i ,ik Z Z 1 F l l 2 4 El 1 l 1: ji lil W., 5 2' , H if Q 7 av . I 'K 1. 5 aff .YV wg t Cjefkwri iia ifflloll ffl S1 xu ioulon I lol Sli num 1 ll Sill IL Ll lxcss Ll1l10 1 R llLl1s111,,l,S Xllllinms R , i I , 1, V E, Q .9 Five inain organizations are helping in the direction of religious life on campus. Their activities include the sponsoring of Sunday School, providing student and faculty leadership. Sunday evening fellow- ships. Friday morning devotional break- fasts. and "bus buzzin' " trips to Chicago. The Seager Association has broadened its amlaua Uoufl je!Aw5Aila R. Berkey fPres.j, S. Whitehead QTreas.l, P. Hazel fSec.j, H. Zager KV. l'res.j scope to include women students interested in full time Christian Service. The Campus Youth Fellowship is interdenolninational While the M.Y.F. and the Canterbury Club are sponsored by the Methodist and Episco- pal churches respectively. The Student Volunteers are those interested in niission work. ' 652 l, A c sc Nllllllllll at .Eau-..s...- - To Ixcfin thc YCZIIA, thc CIYF Jrcscnls I-, 1 I the Gullaleun Service :around thc unn- pus pond. 2092? Jaociafion First row: li. Sprung. Il. Slrzllunx. C. Johnson. D. Driggclt, ll. Ocslrcichcr, R. Wagner, P. Linsell. Sm-mzrl mzu: D. Crull, Gcolhc. Chaplain St. Angelo. K. Agne, Prof. X'VilI, l'. Shelton. L. Veich. Oslic, Nl, lfzflllllllllll. Tllirrl row: R. lk-rkcy. Cl. Ball, C. Cross, xl. Schmitt. l'. Burke. B. Lohr. l'. Liclmu. H. Zzigcr. R. lflessncr, ll. Olson, S. Schmidt.. 'I. link. D. Huffman, G. Coy. D. Studer. Fmnllf row: S, Wlmitelwzncl. D. Sneidcr, L. Huff, D, Silxis -rf V .gzwllenf nion my . . my ,. JY s T 'e-"---'e"f- " ' W fr" "ij R. XX'inlvler. Asst. Mglil QI. Nutt, Mgt. 4 Khhk f T Confusion . . . familiar voices . . . popu- lar tunes . . . snacks . . . ping pong and T.V. The knotty pine booths. where students talk over last weeks game, finish up the days assignments. make their dates for the coming weekend. and discuss activities. policies. and ideas with other students and profs over a cup of coffee, line the walls of the snack room. The irregular rhythm of a ping pong ball tapping from paddles to the Mike Fowler. john I-loflert. Dr. Schaefer. table echoes throughout Old Main and can be heard at almost anytime. The T.V. Room becomes the main at- traction at noon when the commuters eat their lunches. The T.V. set runs far into the night and most of the day. and affords a great deal of enjoyment for all. Jim Nutt manages the Union Room with many assistants, and handles money and complaints. Barb Claus. Ron Bagley, Dave Studer 'lhe I'ninn Runnfs lun lm' hind .ind fellnwsliip, hut ll1Cl'ClS another side. mn. Hume. ,Iudv Speck cleans up in the kitchen zulu-i' linnrw. Students llmk in for the fznnnus Uniun "coffee", Here. Elaine Rihu pours for Roh Cricllev. Huh Condfellow. and Chet Sherinnn. Elvis und ping pung keep the Union rocking funn lJIC1ll'if2lSl until ten ut night. Here. john Field, Elaine Rihn, jerry Rowen, and Phil Cole liuve at quick mnnd between classes. gI'25Al'Yl2l'l .... "So goes the life of a new Freshman." But, what is the life of a new Freshman like? He arrives anxiously with more suit- cases than he thought the family owned and moves in with his roommate, whom he dis- covers to be a super pal. The "ordeal" of tests, and getting ac- quainted, isn't so bad at all here at NC, the friendliest campus in the Mid-West. Then there's registration, beanies - with the familiar call of "Double button Froshn - and the beginning of classes. . .7442 Caaa o 1960 Of course, we can't forget Woe Week and all the trials of becoming an accepted freshman . . . the peanut roll for frosh gals and the frosh fellows show their strength at the Tug of War. Before you know it, the "Big-Little Sis- Brother Banquet", an evening long to be remembered, has passed. Then our first Homecoming sneaks up, and awed fresh- men chalk up another "never to be forgot- ten" weekend. Being a freshman is really great, isn't it? X A 'I ""' ,, A Q NW Q 32 H WW V CLASS OFFICERS Seulffl: K. Xgne fSec.j, Powell HW,- n1en's Repj. Starzrliizgi Miller fTrez1s.j. H. Brown W. Presuj, R. Heinrich ql'xcs.j. ul. XVeber fMcn's I Rep.j 4 x f 1 1 1 r ff"i'5'l s ff -I " in Msg 'ig' J 5211 savings?-'iw Meanwhile. Llic gals pick at their loud and cliuttcr. anxiously awaiting the ZlIiI'iX'2li of tlicir dates. Y WW' ws? .A R. .Xgiie N. Allison ll. Bates H. Bauman F. Becrl Xl. Heine lvl, Bsmiciileicl' X. liuulalin R. Bridentlizll F. Cizirlsml Y. Clnrlson 13. Clliapman U. Christie ll. C016 CZ. Collins Q. Conziway M. Conncl l y XI. Corey li. Dari' P. Decker li. Durin ll. Iilz W. lingler ll. llfzmtliorpc li. Ifiditcl H. Field R. lfink J. Ftlllls B. Fralier R.Cz111erke l". CQl'0LllSll2l1' J. Gram R. Gulllmorg R. Gullstrand R. Gustafson G. Haist G. Haney J. Hardy B. Ham' E. Hassink D. Hawley G. Hayes P. Hazel S. Hein J. Henderson C. Horstmeier M. jack G. jolmson C. Karrow N. Keating 5. NI N. B. .I- H. M S. Cf. L. v B. B. C. G. M R C. j. 1: I.. I. D. ,I - F C Kelly Kern Kincaid Kirchdorfer Klasen Klatt Knapp Koehler Krueger Kukuck Kurtz Lee Lekovish Lewerenz Lewis Licsemer Lou Mzxscho Mats Menus Mielke Nlillcr Miller Moore Nielsen 38 l Oakes Ocstrciclier Ostic Pugcl Pcrson Pierson Puwcll Powell l,l'ilLil1ll'i Rolniznk Rayburn Richard Ri Ln hie Rilscma Rockulmralnd Rucliclmnn Roesslci' . Ruegscggcr Szlwicki Schaefer Schap Schmidt Schmitt Schnibben Sclioeplmrstci' -Q--p..,a-V ,497 -Pl Scholl Schreiner Schroeder Schwab Sebolt Seiwert Shaw Shigut Sippy Slick Snider Sprague Sp ranger Sprecher Sproull Slzuuherg Stuuffurhel' Stein Sluwcll Ilrsch Ulrich U nlaehznuu Yiel Washburn Weller D. Mfeldy R. Welk F. wem C. XVcthertnn ,l, . 'Whaley R. YNilliams G. X'Villy C. YV1'ight D. Vfright H. Zager R. Zaman D. Zimmerman R. Zophy '95 -49 an Plodding up the well worn walk from the field house lu Old Main, Leni Sprzmger and jim Esterly pass Seager Hull. 41 Nix 3 v ik, 4 if A "ini ,mg , ng 1 av Locatecl just north of Old Main on the main campus, Golclspohn Hall is used primarily by the cle- partments of Chemistry, Mathe- matics, and Physics. Named in honor of alumnus, Dr. Albert Goldspolm of the class of 1875, the hall contains five lecture rooms, labs, an optical room, bal- ance room, and is also the location of the campus dark roomy gofapoln JJJ ' 4 ,., .-:V. ww V ' 'Q 1 , ,A 5 V H155 , -.vv . ,XMA ,.' I A 7 , Qt ...,V , l Q 1, be , Vlcnly ul Ijlllllltill cxpcnin-my in llmc lull ls wlml llww stumlcnlx :nc gclling. l'l1ngl,-nt mlmx null Quill stains will lcxlxc gn lnsligg lcmcmlrrqlmc ul' lllc ulml lull nlzlys CHICMISI RY PHXSIQQ l, lxnlcuy BMX.. NIS., I'I1.lD,,S.S1l11up,li.,X..M,H, X DMU L 1 2' 2 V - ,..f, , , Q-Q fe :af is I-4Z':::IF' ffz. 4: ' H '45 -aff ,S . iff fu i'1T kQpgiw ., 7 A vm Sch IJ no us N UQILIIIN lIllklLSlll1 1nm'm4xlim1 1.11 th X . Clemidfry Cfu CM' Flashing Qand sometimes crashingfj K L test tubes. scientific odors. endless number of strange charts, and occasional "explos- ions" provide the fitting atmosphere for North Central's chemistry club. The formula of Professor Schap Jr John Hofert Cpresidentj"+ Paul Sutton QSecre- tary-treasurerb + Howard Sprecher this- toriany mixed with "mercuryized" students. who have interest in any phase of chemist- ry, equals the "glass-shattering," active K, L chemistry club. Approximately thirty-two scientific stu- dents comprise this org:-inixation. and regu- lar meetings are held twice a month. Min Ol' Dr. I. C. Koten directs the tumor re- search in Goldspohn Hall. The current problem fwlalker carcinoma in Albino rats.j is part of this unique project in un- e5eClJ"C dergraduate cancer research, based on world renowned theories. Earlier work con- cerned human cancer in guinea pigs and cortisone's effects on malignant tumors. , Partitipating pre-meds Dennis Wentz. Dewey Benszni, and lwnne Stettliather. also take trips to other resezirtli tenters and Iiezn' scientists letture, Dewey and Denny, future dotttns. find their re' seznrli interesting and also xitlnrtble experience. Lynn Stettbacher. Dewey Benson, Den- nis Mlentz Qwaasw .,..,, .. , Q NQH-llunnuu1nsnug4Q' 1, an ' ggi W if -J Q A l' - .. " , If . QQ, X . W 'ff . , 44 17 1 - : a v M .. 5 pw- f H .. , ' ' A mfr" .. . Af H 1 , . P 4 R ' " "1.25-:sf " .. " f y ainfenance lfVith a roar and a flash of green arrives jack Maier and his men all set to "fix it up." Besides raking the fall leaves, shovel- ing the winter snow. and moving the spring grass. these men are constantly at work cleaning and repairing the Campus buildings. adjusting the heating system at the Annex. delivering new desk lamps, or nursing new grass through a late fall sea- son. One of the extra projects this year for .lack and his staff was the remodeling of lslroehler l-louse. turning it into a guest house with beautifully furnished lounges Connecting it to the Annex. The girls re- turning to Kroehler Hall were pleasantly surprised to find that Maiers men had been busy during the summer painting the rooms. The maintenance men. although al- ways busy around campus, are never too busy to greet every one with a friendly hello or to open doors. lock doors. or play gen- eral information agent. 48 Our inznintenunce men are always trying to keep things on the bright side. ,,-, ' , w I, Q lim Hnrpcr. Luwcll Bznrlcl, amd il few vuluurccrs fuitllfullx' misc :md luwcr thc- flag cx'c1'y day. Smmu pcnlmlc think wc nccml L'SLL'l.ll- ms in Old Main. Wlml Rl Llimlm! ' RCgiSIl'2lliKJI1 -- Omc again therds ll Three limes zu clay the dining hull is the Lhzmce for 21 new start. busiest place on nilmpus im' hungry studcnls. , Q1, m fmt,-. - -. ' 41' 'V-1 ,525 .1' x. i , 1 1 rl ,'nm:aVXv?y, 4 My ,,,' Y 4- -. '41 r' , 4' '.-- 1, r 14 9 ' -,.4:i4Js.,f'i,'Z'z 1 5.3 2 -Av vi' li? mmf 9 7 wr.. R' W Lfv My-R L2 X x ' 4 .. ' .valve-. 1 m f ' , X X 49 ag-wk f x 'x . 'l 4 - ' 5 Q 1 4, 'A mf . M X ., . -aff Wqgywf ' Q' v V if ,f mg www? W, ,,X. ,,,.,N,,, 7.,-:..'x , x,, "H ff f 4, A., - , an YFQQXB' K' 5 - . f ,Q-wg, ,,, 1:1 w 'Q -' ' ,. U. 'uf wx "f " -- ,'5v,4g,-K I an-W The College and Seminary Li- brary was erected in l954 through the joint efforts of North Central College and Evangelical Theologi- cal Seminary. Funds donated by generous friends and alumni are used to purchase books, as recom- mended by department heads as well as being selected according to obvious student needs and interests. Two well-lighted, spacious read- ing rooms, with books available through the open stack system, pro- vide excellent study atmosphere for students and faculty alike. The basement of the New Li- brary houses the Student Council office and the offices for the various student publications: the Chroni- cle, the Weekly newspaper: the Cardinal, the literary publication: and the Spectrzznz, NC's yearbook. .769 Wm, og l'Cl,l'y Miss Eastwood. Miss Kramer, Mrs Mendell. Mrs. Lubba, Miss Fergus. e erence . . . eaearc . . . .ggafizifica "Quiet Please" are the two key words in the College and Seminary Library. super- vised by Miss Kraeiner, Director. The li- brary, where students do research for their classes, contains over 54,000 volumes. and takes subscriptions to 300 periodicals, to keep up to date. Among the library's unique features is Dr. Keeirs English Bible collection. A group of various fine bindings is found in the Haven Hubbard Rooin. Additional features are the Hi-Fi rooin, and the con- ference and typing rooins. The library basement contains senii- nary classrooins, Spectrum. Chronicle, and Ad Agency olliices. student council chain- bers, and the reintdial reading room. 52 V 1' . X li :N 4 ,fs J is XX, fa-K sv WW! Eit- S ..,.... W... W gm fw , if rf' 47 .V . is , f . .V ' f ' 3' , r X , 1 - ' 1 1 E. 'JE "IU suuiy, or not to study . . . that is the question." Ruth Unger solves it easily. .Xgreefl ilk quieter Lhan the dorm. X 4 Carol listen-ly gixes "service with 21 smile" us she checks out a book for l'I'SlIl2l Bllllllbll. .Iolm Brzldly :md Gwen Snvclel' lcxulg cm. I In rilqlllt Kan' Iizllml.SIexeXX'I1i1el1e:1cl. l'a1L I,mnus,C11u'ul lislelly. W... V... ,.,,, . ., ..... Y 5 , 73 E ' i . fa 5 1 5 5 Q In , s f :SZ M Q-. , 'K 7 0I'l'l2l'l 6 .xdcluiaory oarv! S't'Il1f'lII Mis. Curtis. P.. Sclmmcdcr. Strzrzrlinqi B. Claus, D. Vile. N, Ywight li. Mzigunlicimcr. ocza ommidaion Slunrlingz Mrs. Curtis, K. Hubert, Scl11'oCcler. M. Strzilm, L. Sprzmger Lange, M. Gales. Sitting: C. Moely Huifmzm. B. Chzipek, P. Agnew. Dunnley, R. lnskccp. J. Strahn. Hoclistettler. H. Bruwn. .sluclenf Counci 'lihe Student Council is the body on canipus which services the students by working as a channel between the admin- istration and the student body. The coun- cil also supervises all student activities. approves constitutions ol' all clubs, appoints chairmen for Hoinecoining, College Day. and Freshmen Orientation. and hears stu- dent opinions on student body problems. The Student Council has done an ex- cellent job under the direction ol Pres.. Dennis Weiitz. One ol' their projects lor the future is to bring a couple of Hun- garian students to our cainpus. Parents' Day is another new iteni on the Student Council 'l0'CDtlZl. fm Dennis NVQ-ntf .Sllnlrrll limit l'n'.si4lrf1l .hifllllfllllgf l'. l.ielnau. N. Yierup, D. XYCDII. l'. Dgtnili B. Cates. Sw-mill mir: Nl. Weber. lilillll. Sthap. R. Sin . V . , . , , R. liaglex. Ci. linger, N. Xoigt. N. Hawlmecker. D. Cilrnn berlin. Xl. lfeik. Ifmm mul: I. l'lllllllliIlJL'I', I, Powell l 7 Mitt-1. pl. ottit, 1. ri..ft-mit-ltt'. D 1 Q src., - ttf sf l X amlaua ewalaalaer .... we Ckronic e The lights burn brightly in the basement of the li- brary on Tuesday and VVednesday nights. Far into the night the machine-gun rhythm of a typewriter or the scratching of a pencil can be heard. It is in this place that the College Cll1TO'lll-F16 is produced by Glenn Pfeiffer. the editor. his assistant Jane iVVoessner and some hard-work- ing office help. The Clfrozziclcf tries to bring forth the big issues on campus and place them before the students. The regular features like Cal Moely's "Syncopation," Rev. St. Angelo's column. "PressboX" by im Albrecht and Dale Shymke- wich. "Our Vklorld Today." by Phil Correll, Ned Haw- beckers "Inside Student Council." and "Quips and Quib- bles by are watched for with eager anticipation each week. The financial details are capably handled by Ro- gene Buchholz. Jan Hazenfield. Marcia Borneimeier and Peggy Shelton are responsible for getting the paper to the other parts of the globe. ' Kay Kahl is news editor and the sports coverage is handled by Howie Mueller' and Shel Trapp. The Col- lege Clzrmziclff continues each year to cover all phases of campus life. 11111 rl. I. Ostit. P. Shelton. C, NVincl-er, Glenn Pfeiffer Ellilor Horisky. xl. Martin. Slllllllllllfl Al. otssner. G. l'l'eifer. ll. lirtlman. S. lripp. M. Lindberg. R. Wagner. Jane XX ocssnci Assistant Editor Nw 56 Rogene Hutholf CUIllfllI'0ll1'l' 'JV v To catch up on thc lam-st on unnpus, sludcnls rake an look :ll the f1llI'Ul1iiLlC. x-v Clnonide editor Glenn Pfeiffer looks A'- relieved :rs one more weelis work is done. L- S 'Y xx . ,xy f w rr-1 JI 1. 'x we 0l'l'Ll9Af2 EOF? of 0 yea? .a.. Even before the old editors have got- ten dunked in the pond for not getting The Sj1ec'fr11111i out on time or stayed dry because it did come out on College Day. the new editors begin to plan immediately for the next years SiU6I,'fTlllll. Ruth Unger and jean Rada Worked glean Rada throughout the summer and school year to produce the book you are now enjoy- ing. Any visitor to Ye Dlde Spectrum Coin- pany's office would see it occupied by joan Kerr's identification staff. saying "Who was wheref' Lynda Means Caption editor, who labeled the pictures. M W' Rllllx linger fill-liillfllll' lin-lfflifm' i , t it Dare lfarlex fffzzfljrfmllvr . . . fke KDKA? nnud . . . fke .S?9eCfl'LLl'I'l Curt Johnson, Carol Esterly, and staff writing the articles: and Ilsa Zilhners lay- out staiilf who put the book together. Stu- dent photographers Jim Nutt, John Glass, Rodney Wag11ei', John Schroeder, and Mike Kontos gave our book some of its finest pictures. Dave Farley was the Wizard with the money. better known as Comptrol- ler, and Miss Seybold advised the staff members in their work. e Fizpsl mzv: H. Klzllt. C, xvC1llllCl'lUll. L. Means. .S'1'r'rn1rI mzv: il, listerlxy li. Crabtree, L. SlJl'Cf'ilL'i', I. Kessler. S. Conaway, E. Pucci. Third wiv: M. Kouros, D. Schneider. Nickla. D. liaclimnn. S M. VVinskill. fl. XVendling, R. YNagner. fa 444-Q if X ,, ,.,. ,,., .AVV , si fi ? 'KL 1 . ..,, , wa -v-.,, . .xx ff-A i ' 2 5 Y 2 Y Q "hug, if S V. ,Mg 1, 5. We 2 ' ' W S4- .Z 3 X ...W . - - . . A JAX! ,A ' 5, su ' 'fi g yr Quik, ' 1 "NA rf' ,. .LA 1 ' f q.,.,4,u..-1 I Q W , 4 'T ,,, ,wf " 'Sf a v . gi' V ' ! 41' lap' I 1 X., AW My 1i.i--i-i- '63 Hcrc Ll few of our typists gEt some of the Spcctruiu copy in shape for rhe priutere. Some ui the mpx staff members here check mer sonic copy to he sure there :irc not g'li1l1IlI111lliLl'li mistakes :md such. .Xauiraiu is the goal uf thc lziwut stuff when lhci iiicnwurc :md tilt pictures. mic nf their mum duties. le AJ geflffy ,lulm Swzmstrom. Junk Murshzlll . , M me puggcafiona Ear Prof. Sclmcfclx M. Fcik. Dr. linstmzln, B. S11 ,!""' umni cience .Ha . . Alumni Hall, still known to many alumni and stu- dents as the Old Library. now houses the Biological Science department and the Art Laboratory. Here Dr. Keclcs biology students dissect cats. Dr. Eigenbrodt's ad- vanced zoology classes work with fruit flies, Prof. Him- mel's botany pupils examine flower and learn anatomy, and Mrs. Duvigneau helps students improve their paint- ing techniques. The remodeling of this building was made possible through the financial donations of alumni with the actual work of remodeling done by the campus maintenance men. Although the name and the purpose of the building has changed. an old tradition still remains. This is the revered custom of stepping around, not on, the big col- lege seal in the hall entrance. 62 ii., ZOOLOGY BIOIUCQY Humlnl XI. liigc11lmrmll. BJ., NIA., 1'h.D. XN'zl1'1'cl1 N. Keck. ILX.. MS.. II1 D Mia Efa Mia Fmni mzv: K. Hulmcrl. ul. Rccsc, B. Rinhzunl. .X. .IUhl1Sl7ll. D. Bulmslcdl. I.. SlClllJLlkl1Cl'. CL. .Nh 1 I bc11'11.B11rlc row: D. NVQ-ull. C. .-Xllig. D. Bcnsnn. lmf. Hinzmcl. Dr. Huck, Dr. lQigCIllIl'4N.t. I3 Corrcll. J. Dowling, R. Nlllrrzly. fff 63 SOFA 0lfI'l0l"e5 Sophomore Slump? . . . Not with this years soph class! Led by Jim Esterly, presi- dent. and the other officers. the class of '59 has made its contribution to the life ol' NC this year. It's not every class that can boast of a Homecoming queen in its midst - but the soph class has every right to be proud of Jan Hazenlfield, 1956 I-lomecoming Queen. Another honored soph is Mavis Erdinann. elected president ol: the Y'WCA in January. je Cjfaaa o 1959 Profitable activities of the soph class, which is already Working toward next year's prom, included a couple popular booths at the All-School Carnival, and a success- ful Christmas dance. "Moonlight and Mistletoe." Athletic teams are helped out by soph fellows, including leaders on the swim- ming, basketball. and football teams. Simi- larly, sophs are well represented in most other activities on campus. CI ASS OFFICERS M - D. Oeschger, fSec.j Esterly, 4Pres.5 1' liartel, flYOIl1C!llS Rep.j Buck mir: . Hoclistetller. Nice I'res.j R. Bag- ley. fNIen's Repy NI. Laing. fTreas.5 'sm- , X. .,. Q 4.-m f' Q -X MQ, MWWMMW 1 4, W 2 J ' v ' K N - :-- f X 2 S 2 2 4 ,, f' W - 5 29 . Yf f nf ", , 'P f ,fy Q , . ' 'gf X X . . 5 W' ' 'W ff ' ' ' f f " ' X fy f 4 , . 'W Q- , , 5- ,. Z ' 2 Q . , . ,W 7 M X , , 1 W W .x ,, , Q, ,,,,- J , , 5 if V, f? I f f V' -ZW X--,A M, -3 35 ,lg 55. .- VV .. x 7, 'f'ff M ,,f Mfg :xw v ' , ,V .,,, SMU gy Lg Ry 6 -5 Q 3 52' :aff !f,yJ:.,,iX! my x- Qtr ,L X, if , . H W 4' . ...y . .- - I. Q- f H . mx N f ,aw A A N -,.,,.,,, 7 , at A 1 . .. . . ,4 ,, M " ,ff .. pv -fifwzw - fwm f , V N. S9 X 1 , 'WH -9. - ,- -M. 'V-' X W f ' S 'iw ' ' ww ' r Q , f 2 '1 I f W I N WZ N-K av V 1 v ,Q Q .Le V 5 ,b A , 1, W ..,. , :,. ,l x . ,. .. . , 5 xg I Mx f MLW K, A f , f 4- wwwfwqff v S f V ' ' ff g1SlllllUIlN 1 tg, lmf, Schup L x runl look as if sllc '1'hcy'1'c illIJhUlIl0l'CN nuw: almft they hunk :lt Wmrmbrwv ,:m.r m, ww., ww ' ,fm .. Ackerman . Adams '. Arlart . Aselin -. Babb D. Bildilllllll NI. Bartel '. Barrel . Baseman NI. Becker R. Blakemore R. Boldt P. Bomberger X. Bower B. Brigman R. Buchhlnz W. Bunge I. Claseu B. Claus I.. Cluoper CQ. Coy F, Dicke N. Dispenszl D. Durin I.. DllICI1ll2lVCI' T. Eck M. Erdmzmu J. lislerly M. Iistridge Fzlnthorpc D. Fcldt I. Fidd P. Fmscr R. C'-oodfclluw R. HZITITIZIIX J. Hzuenfield J. Hcilmzm D. Huchslettler D. Huffmxm J. Huisingu D. Kzlhl J. Kesselring 1. Kessler E. Kloehn L. Kollzith M. Kon tos M. Lang G. Lehmls M Lindberg P. Lomas D. Marks I. Martin XV McLaughlin 1, Meetz B. Moore I.. Norris K Ohrechl D. Oeschgcx' R Orland C, Pllilllfjl' N Pnusig ,I Pcpiot I. l'e1'h1m1 li. Pirlm R. PUIKICI' NI Pulsing C Raclz X' Ricks R. Rillu K.. Ross B. Roush D. Rucgscggcr R. Suylor os . I.. Scluzlcler CQ. Schroetler M. Scllroctlel' J. Scum R. Shaw P. Shelton C. Sherman S. Simluir J. Sthnihhen J. Smith CL. Smufe W. Stanley R. Stevensmm 1. Strallzm M Strnllzm D. Stuart M. Stunkel I. Swanstrom P. Swisher E. True-stlale R. Turek M Tyrrell N. Veirup R. xvilgllffl' M . A. Wlagoner Ama., f W, M. Washburn D. Mfatson CZ. XVeibel J. XVickbo1dl Rx? M. Mfinskill NIA Young B. Yucker I. Zillmer Fighting their way across the roaring DuPage, a fine group of Frosh nien show their muscles . and lost to the sophomores. f, I A V fx- ' lffffff' Q' gi M 32 s ' ' ag o u 'Www J, ' Q 2 x i QM A 70 i ,.: ,JMX -,Q Q- . ' 1, -1 ' i Back to tedious classes after a half hour of and inspiration. I ,W M, M ,K Q .""'9'x,9,g,2?,?kJ,W ik 'KfA'5f'x 49 ,X Q f 1 A 'M we Q ak , , wmv , 4 -fx N, f me' 'Q 4, 71 relaxation WWW? ,, W N fn xx A:-W 4 Frozn Barbara Plieilfer Memorial I-Iall came the inelodious tones ol those in the school ol' Music. It is named in honor olf the inother ol Messrs. Henry and G. A. Pfeiffer who were generous contributors to the building. Chapel on Monday and Wfednes- day provides for ideal inspiration from Chaplin St. Angelo. The Fri- day assemblies conie to us in a light- er vein with everything from politics to pep rallies. Throughout the year. band, orch- estra. choir concerts. and student recitals are held lor the college and connnunity. 'llhe annual Artists' Series with artists like Brian Sulli- van. Paris Ballet and Dublin play- ers prove to be real drawing cards for the students and the connnunity. The Junior class brought George Shearing and his quintet to the campus scene. ei er a uriica! momenfd "Music soothes the savage beast." Here in the imposing structure ol Pfeiffer Hall any willing stu- dent can develop and display his musical talents to his heart's content. The one-hundred member Festival Chorus, comprised mostly from the Chapel and Concert Choirs. presented the beautiful Christmas Vesper Service in December including Horatio Parker's "Holy Child", and Eric Thieman's "Christmas Triad." Under Dr. Luntz. Director of the School of Music. the chorus made its second appearance in the annual May Fine Arts Festival. The Concert Choir. directed by Dr. Luntz. and the "elite" of the vocal groups, consists of approxi- mately thirty-eight select voices. Preparing for its annual spring tour through the states of Wlisconsin. Illinois. and Minnesota. the choir performed during the fall and winter at the Sunday Evening Supper Club at Orchestra Hall. in northern Illinois towns such as Aurora. Elgin. and Barrington. and in local churches. The choir, with a repertoire of both sacred and secular numbers closed its season at the Bac- calaureate Service. afjw .f Dr. CL. Lllllll. Mus, B.. NIus.NI. Pli.D. NIISICI FXCULTY Dr. CL. Luntz, Mus.B., NIus.M., Pli.D Mrs, NI. Barron, MAI.. G. Farnde 1-IB., NIus.NI.. l'h.D. . """-ng 1.14 L D 7406776 lllll2lliCl'. ql'rcs.j Mrs. Sdmp, 'I zmge, fSCL'.-T1'CHS., Cl, Xvcihel. Win-- resj ir 3 V-:X 5 , ' xv' N , sf Nlr. Su-cle mul the College and Com- munity Sflilllhlbllf' Orchestral work lung hlllll lmurs before the concert. Under the direction ol Mr. Emmett Steele, the select Chapel Choir of sixty members functioned in various ways -- from beautifying with music the weekly Chapel services to appearing with the Col- lege Concert in several performances dur- ing the year. The choir presented its re- ligious works in the annual Christmas Con- cert with the Harmonettes, Concert Band. and Brass Choir. The North Central College Commun- ity Symphony Urchestra, under the baton of Mr. Steele in its first concert, featured Mr. Ned Gardner as piano soloist in Rubin- stein's "Fourth Piano Concert." The sec- ond concert included two performances old Handel's "The Messiah" with the Fox Val- ley Choral Society in Batavia and St. Charles. .Illinois churches. After the third appearance which featured the Symphony and the Fox Valley Choral Society in lirahms 'iRCQll1lC.'11li' with Chicago soloists. HARNION lffl' I FS the year closed with participation in the Fine Arts Festival. Under Mr. Steele, the North Central College Concert Band. consisting of fifty chosen players, opened its season with an Assembly appearance. The band then went on to present concerts in Pfeiffer Hall, neighboring communities and the Fine Arts Festival of May. In conjunction with the Concert Band is the lively and well-known Marching Band under the drum-maiorship of Ed Virgil. Witli its performances, the band stole the show at the home football games including the Homecoming parade. The second year of the ambitious stu- dent volunteered "Pep Band" provided music from Sousa to Difia at basketball games. political programs. and the torch- light parade. Swmfrlz Powell, H. Field. D. Bohnstedt, lioeder. QI. Lange. Sluntlizzg: H. cm liauinan. C. Schreiner. Mrs. Schap. Mimdell. M. KJ' 'H' .v:11 igma Mo amma M. Fmvlcr. IS, O'Nc1nl.L1. Mucly. Dx. l.unt1,li. l.gmning. we Concerf 6500 Third rmw: B. licrkcy. N. Hnwlmcckcr. R. liumhlmll, S. Whilc head, J. Eulmun, CZ. Nielson, D. Tutu. B. Recd, G. Lznming, J Erdmam, M. Lung. ll. Huffman. .S'rrm1rl man: -I. Lange. I.. Mcilkc C. Scllrocdcr. J. Rumakcr. D. Driggctt. Schwab. I,. lleutcn ll2lYCI', M. NV01f, Cl. XVcibcl. D. Clhrisliu. B. Claus. First row B. Scllroecler, N. XX'-fmlf, S. Simlzlirc. KL. Snyder, CL. Frank. Knight, B. O'Nicll, Dr. Lunlz. Ci. Estcrly, NI. l'ritclmrd. M Miller. L. Blum. 77 llrc C lrrpel Chun ulds 1 lIlllN1Cll note to worship a M -1: A L "1 e da ef dau' services iven weekly at Pfieffer Hull. 8 , jk? Ol'CAe6fI'a The College and Community Orclrestra present cmrcerls for the pleasure of college and town folk. T8 lf, l,1111i11g, lllll5il 111.1i111. is il1Sl1'llLlL'd In D11 1.111111 tlll I111-111l1i11g Zlllii tom-s. l'1'z1Llicc mukcs pcrfccl 11s 11111s1 111r1si1 s1111lc11Ls know. Even after class, music is Z1 illllllltllliillw topic of coiiverszitimi. The big BZ1I'il1ll'Ll Pfciifcr Nle111o1'i11l Organ pours forth iwllllliflll tune in response to Ian H2lZt'lliiiCiliiS flbllih. , xg- 5 Q I Q k ., .,.,, ., ,.,' f w , X . SW- 3-ff W -'ww , i mf' ..... wg , -3 W , - .5, 7 X ,:. f, , ?.1 I. Q. 5 , j ,Q :-4 -g:,1,5gQ :,,.0 ? 1 'f 'X W 11"-ig? 1 ' , . , I - f M4 1 , I . 3. ' ff mn timing. , iw? 'W rv y . , E Z .f 5 gin.-1 y ww ww Tximlaux Cllmpcls wind up thc slumlcnlm wack. On Momluw and xVCC1l1CSKlllYS this sccnc grccls NC students entrance to Pfeiffer, 80 Together thc Cllinpcl Choir and crmccrt hand give ll Clirisnnns prescnlzition In Start thc hulidzlvs off right. The festival choir gives its annual PliCSClllllliOIl of Qilll'iSll11llS mi . ,,,,,,g. ,.,... . ., , .,--, .-., . ....,n,,.... ramafic .jw4gA6gAfA Roslyn Riha puts lnakup on Torn Eck during dress rehearsal for uBI'ig21ClOOIl.H Ned Hawbecker, Ben Reed, jim Koller, Vern Gnbel on stage during the presentation of "Hedda Cl2llJlCl'.H I ighting technician john Struhan, husies hilnsclf udjusling lhc lighis, The cast from the one uit play "'l'l1c Lung Gmrcllnyn rcfcixcs instructions from director Louis Eftllllllflll. 82 amloua ramafica 'lihe Theatre Guild, under Professor Donald Shanowers direction and Lou Erd- mann, president, presented to the school and community one of its most demanding schedules and effective programs in some years. Witli new equipment and endless "wood-sawing" and rehearsing sessions ahead of them, the artists began the pro- gram of suave performances in Smith Hall with the children's play, "Little Red Rid- ing Hoodf' produced in late November. Ibsen's psychological drama, "Hedda Gab- ler," produced in December. shared the spotlight with church performances of the religious play, "He Came Seeing," which was taken on tour through Wiscoiisiii in February. In March, a laboratory bill of one-act plays, student-directed, preceded Ned Alberts melodrama, "East Lynne." For the Eine Arts Festival the immortal "Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wiltle, played in Pfeiffer Hall. Delta Epsilon, the local chapter of the national dramatics honor fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega, is composed of students who have actively worked on and behind stage to attain the selective membership. , lirilli, . Erdman, , Stralian, . Rada, R. Riha, , Clast-n, , . , . . eatre M Erdmann. H, Niligner, P. Slowev, pl, ,Xselin .,.. A, ,,,, - M, .h,,Af,.vWi,-W.,-.WM,.. .,f., WM, ,.',,M , W.,.......... ,,N...,, .. . ,, . .. .. .fdrhaf xszmea 0 0 ' Bllfiilll Sullivan 'I lu- lknix lizlllct A V W ff f wh , J .. fr f, QV, 'sw milf -ff A .W ww 4' 4, fy - f w, 4 v,f,s,4-Qs ,W , f ffy , U A xwfk ,pf 15ilKlxNiilgL' sizinc ol' lhi- IIICIIIIDCIS of lhu liliixcr- f . gz. silx' ul' llliiiui-1 Syllllkillilly Oullcslrzl chill lrcluic lhcir lJLI'l'UIiluiLllNL'. 'f X gk N X xx X 2 N 'A 2 K MN XNNQQX VKX? N EN jun up mu' ualluigil pmgigllii. 'I iw iuimuiicil pianists who Lralxcl with Lhc P111 Bullct Cmnpizlix humcil thc zllulicmc with lhg NSUIITLCIAH Xppicnlii Q." Cicmgc Slluziring and his quihlcl zuldcd ai lillh wniord . . . . . . . . .7412 Clyaaa o 1958 As our class returned to campus this year, we had one thought in mind - earn- in mone for our big cam us events. Al- e P though our number had depleted, our spirit was still high and everyone worked hard. Leading us were Brooks Heck, Karen Hubert. Carol Esterly. jean Rada, Paul Leibau, and Jan lfaulhaber, class officers. Wle started the year with concessions at football games. work day, and concessions at the Artist Series, Big attractions were the appearance of George Shearing's quintet on campus and "Brigadoon." the musical. The Junior-Senior Prom took up a lot of planning time as the goal for all of our money-making projects. In the spring of our sophomore year, committees started work on site, menu and orchestra, all details being kept as a surprise to the student body. Now we are ready to step over the thres- hold of our senior year. VVe have enjoyed the fellowship of working together as a class. and realize that our efforts have been worthwhile. 4 ,-:ff a.: , . if CLASS OFFICERS Left lo right: P. Liebau fMen's Rcpq, C. Esterly fSec.j. B. Heck fPres.j, J. Faulhaber fYVomen's Rep.j, K. Hilbert KVice Presj. J. Rada qTrens.5 86 l' F Q 'lihc pluitiois are always Iiusy thinking up waxx lu make money for the Prom. A chat in the Union sometimes hrings forth some good ideas on the snlmjctl, "Ye great jr. Class." Social Coinniis- :ion plans another festivity. Seated here are J. Smirz, C. Cross, D, Bassett. C. YN iasler. and lvllllilliffl' juniors, ,lim Sniirz and Ron YVinkler proudly display a sample of the publi- city for the great show put on hy the Ju niors - Brigadoc nn. 1 X xii' N' H 'X K "-NV., A K I A E f f 44 -..w,,,'-1' .A- X 4' ,,,, ,..-4'9" f 79 fi it Zi, 7, -Z wif.. -,y'?e' 91427, ff f ,f ' f-ft , ' ,P aw, , Y . 1 'f 5 J- , y. . .rf - A -g- Ha- '-wfwfeswvfwf sw aw' e fe., Paul Agnew Charles Bull Clauclizi Banker Donna Bassett Mary Jane Beck Ben Beiclelmzm Ruth Bird Dmma Bolmsteclt Luis Boynton Carol Brzulcn Ursula Bratton Patricia Bryan Phil Burke lidilh Clurlum Dunn Chamberlin Rulmcrl Cllmliiostu lilczmore Cook Kay Crabtree Cllyclc Cross Dun Crull 88 Ron Curtis Dam Driggcll junk Efillllllll Clzlrol lislerly Carol lfzllk W 'W ld? ,Wy .Ian Fzullhulmer Ray Flcssner Doris lfrimln IL-rn Goethe qlulm Claude Robert Gridley Wayne Haceck limuks Heck Manx lleidc Leonzmi Higlcx Diana Hursky Karen Hubert Curt kluhnscm Ifmnk .luhnscm 'lurrx Kkillll 89 lynx lin-mlm juan Kerr Sheila Knerler loyre Lange 1'anl Lieliuu MJHI fm., vm -fyfv,-uv 'loin Linc'iu1nie Dick Lindberg Robert Mertz Luann Mielke John Mizzinin Hmviiul Mueller jzinies Nutt rXl'Li6'lil Orians Joseph Perkins Glenn Pfeifer 4 wk' Nlurxin Pickering Norimin Plunkett Don Prouty jean Rada james Ramakcr 90 Jim Rank Elaine Riha lflvclyn IlUSCl1i3lllAg Robert Sauer Mzluiu Scliufer fgfiv David Schneider, Marilyn Seagly Melvin Sedlzlcek BllI'iJ2ll'll Shipman Dale Shymkewich Norman Silvester Pele Slowcy james Smiry judy Speck lima Sprung 1" . N X Z YN , ,Q : h d 23 Gary Stees Dave Studer Joyce Swafforml ISm'lm1'u Swift Mary Ann Vchelc 91 Ruth Unger Gayle Yan Rznnshorsl Lyn Veitch Donna Vite Harold Hfagner N 'QW 1351 .,--'ww 'uw' -M1544 Pzrlriciu XVgulalr:m Imncw XVz1l1in Sl1irlevXV:111drcx' Ronzlhl H'inkler Clzlrol XVissl61' Paul lnnlncwnmn 92 juniors I. Lange :mtl J. Erdnlan com- l l lminc thclil' wmifcs in the junior Class musical. Junior uctivitics this year inclualctl selling tickets to Brigncloon. which was ll big SllLlUJSS. :bums ai-M - M b- '. L V f 1 x ,. 5 El Merner Gyninasiuin and Field- house - the center of sports activity, parties, and Department of Physical Education and Athletics. The highlights of the indoor faci- lities include an excellent cinder track. a portable basketball court, elevated bleachers, and a spectacular swinnning pool illuininated by un- derwater lights. Added features in- clude three tennis courts, boxing ring. wrestling room, NV.R.A. and Varsity Club rooms, offices, class- roonns, and Nichols Hall. the Wo- mens gyufnasiuin and the center of many social functions. Outside facilities include a base- ball Cllallltllltl, tennis courts, and a football field surrounded by a cin- der track. jiefal ,Home .zdfikfica af , . . Go Cards go, go Cards go! Sock VCIH, bust 'em - Thats our custom, Go Cards go! Vlith that familiar cheer, the athletic season opened with a young but spirited football squad, directed by "Uncle" Vail. and Cross Country. coached bv Beldinvt l he season plocecded W1th basketball Btu Ou SlV1IlllllllU Cr1C1C 1ndoo1 tlack Belo 1110 and tenms DCXl1C1l1lC1 bpung appuuchtd and ou1 last mo spolts came IHKU thc l1lllCl1Qllt outdool t1 uk Bffllllllo md baseball Olson Oum hats oll to a lull scheduled athlet1c depaltment at Nm th Centlal Collevel Lcstel Bemmg BS M X 1 ss Cleo I mncl BS XI A .!4fAAfLC Sflllllllll E Getz Dun Glcrc D1 Latham R Slllllll COICI Beldmg l Sutton Szttzn M155 Tillllel l1ot Bruhn J Reese 0611" 96 araifg Ifiml Ilmu: R. Cullslrzlml. lf. Slllglli, H. llrc-wn. li. clL'll, Ci. Vngcr, S. NN'illiz1ms, P. Dzumlcv. I.. Bclmlillg-.Xnlxism'. bl. Rllllllllll. .Sfrmlrl lirnut R. Cloulx. XY. linglcr. ll. Salma-l'cr. ll. Cllzlpck, R. qlllllll, .X. licllx, Ll. xvfllilllllgy xl. Reu- pcr. G. llllllllllll. Ll. lWUlllllllxCl', F. Bun- nclt. Tllinl Huw: l'. llrzlkc, NI. Rank. F. ,ll'1lSSCll, R. Olscn. ll. Riggs. S. lrglpp, R. l.u1nlnul1l, R. Blllllx. lu X'au1lSnr1'igc1'. Iflllllfll Ruzv: R. Hum- riclm. J. Sippy. D. Shylukcwich. D. Bun- sun. R. llczlllvy W. I,z1x'ulic enior oaffer en Smlwrl: G. llIlgL'l', S. 'l'1'11pp, R. Cook, B. Cllmpck. R. Smith. Slflrzrlirlgz R. Riggs. l'. Dzmnlcy. ll, Sllvmkcwich. S. Williams. li, Gull, D. llc-mmm. I. XVcnc,l- ling GAZQPLGJQPJ ilunnen F2lllll1IllJCI'. 'Indy Clasen, Joyce Swafforcl. Mary Ann Uclmele junnen Flllllllllljffl' Nice Prcs.j , Shirley Wumlrcy fSClD. 1.06 Cllmk q'l'1-euyj Izmct Rccsc 1l'res,5 4. 3 .W A, . -W. W .J f ,Tm Glenn Unger Ceo-cziptainj, Cloath jesse Yail. Neil Boone fCO-Clllililillj we Uardify Burl: Ruin. lvl! In right: Coatll Yail, flozich Maze, NIl1ll,lg'Cl' E. cit'll. R. Gnllstrancl. R. Heinrith. R. Miller. H. Brown, W. Thee, C. Bell. G, Armen- trout. ll, lfosler. li. Kuzitl. R. Brink. D. Kroon- ing. R. Ricthert. li. Swanson. Cfoath Berger, Cugiclt Lllllllllll, Athletic Director lieltling. flirtin- er IDA Benson. .Swzmitl Row: Nlantiger Sippy, C. Pugh. lf. Shignt. 13. Ltnnlmretht. nl. Perhznn. C. Pitlmttzi. IJ. l'ttrkcr. R. Fcrtlen. R, Rehn. B. Scxirrr, lf. Yun liarringcr. X. Htnnlile. F. Trnssen, R. Stahl. ll. lixnns. lfrmzl limp: Trainer xl. lVentl- ling. Nl. Sargent. li. Sclnoetler. N. Nlastantlrett. KI. RCLIIJCT. S. lrapp, Don Geist: Cin-ttiptain G. Luger. Cin-taiptziin N. Boone. I., Ruyliurn, L. Roessler. G. Nlillt-r. I. Nrvtlntckt-r. D. Prnnty, 'l rniner Cgreto 1956-1957 .Sikeclud FOOTBALL SCORES OF 1956 Nortn Central l3 Rose Tech l7 Norm Central. l4 Augustana 7 Norm Central lil Lake Forest 31 Nortit Central I3 Illinois Central 35 Norm Centraf. I4 Carroll 26 Nortd Central. 7 Wheaton 52 Nortfi Centra. H Millikin 42 Norta Central l2 Elmhurst l4 Over-all Record 2-6 Conference l-6 goofgaf Homecoming marked another Cardinal defeat as Illinois Wesleyaii trimmed NC 34-13. However. the Cardinals stayed with them'the first half but the Titans burst loose in the second half. North Central's best game was played against Carroll College at Watikeslia, Wis- consin. We scored immediately and led most of the half. Then Carroll scored, pick- ing up more touchdowns in the second half and went on to win this one 26-l4. VVheaton and North Central's battle for the little brass bell wasn't much of a battle as the undefeated Crusaders slaughtered the Cards 52-7. Millikin's 135 pound Larry Kane tossed the Cardinals around in a whirl pool. but lvlillikin came out on the end of this one 42-14. The big surprise of the season came when the Elmhurst Bluejays, unvictorious in 22 games over three years, beat NC in 30- degree weather at Elmhurst at 14-l2. The core of the team was made up of 28 freshmen, 3 seniors, 2 juniors, and 6 sophomores. The freshman crop this year was one of the finest in NC history. Quar- terback Dave Evans outthrew them all for the passing leadership in the CCI, 36 com- pletions. Henry Brown played 456 minutes out of a possible 480 either at end or full- back. -Iack Nothacker. a Mooseheart boy. played right halfback for 439 minutes. Other boys that looked good on defen- sive maneuvers were Bob Heinrich, Frank Trossen. Dick Lambrecht and Maurice Sargent. 7 , 4. ,' n o W . S ig, Y' 1 QFQ nd' .,. ,, , ff W. - if 1 M "' ' if W ww, 6.4 .1 -. Looks like he has him down, but you can't take any chances. Hit them again, harder. On an end run puts Evans in the clear for a touchdown. Maw A51 ., W- ,, , ,,,.. nnua omecoming Pack fourteen big activities into two short days - the 1956 Homecoming Wl1i1'l - and you're glad that "You Are Here." From the first crew of wood-gathering frosh to the last departing visitor. everyone had a . b , tremendous time. Let s look back at Home- coming . . . After a few laughs - Bill Gates, NC's football player way back when . . . band- aged Bud Kaatz commenting optimistically on the teams good condition - we thrilled over Jan Hazen fields coronation as Home- coming Queen. Jan. a sophomore, had sen- iors Charlotte Barber and Mary Jo Feik and freshmen Lynda Means and Ruth Cauerke. in her court. The record-size bonfire provided enough heat to fire up the pep rally, follow- ed by a skating party and a dance. Saturday morning. we watched the pushball contest ffrosh victorylj . . . and the alumni-women's soccer game . . . and stood on a corner for the parade, featuring Queen Jan on Old Main's tower. Although the Cards lost the all-import- ant Homecoming gan1e with Illinois Wes- leyan, our two touchdowns gave the frosh the right to shed their beanies! A hungry crowd filled up at the Smorgasbord . . . then relaxed either at the Centennial kick-off or the singspiration. A student-alumni cast in "Good House- keeping," provided light dramatic enter- tainment for Saturday night, followed by the premiere showing of "The North Cen- tral Storyf' starring Bud Kaatz and Mar- garet Ann Bredemeier. Sunday afternoon vespers brought Homecoming weekend to a quiet close . . . leaving us tired but already planning for next Homecoming. Brown smashes into Millikin's line for another gain. ,V M, ,-gn, ,,,, Nr: -,-n--21:------ff'-11--ff mx. VV.V. .. V-..... e Y HW YYY V -- V V " ,W U. 1 ,- 'I A ' 7 yi 1956 I-llllllkilllllillg Queen. Jan Hazen- field. being crowned by Dennis XVCHIZ, X Student Body President, - ' I Lu dl XI4, s IDIS Hlzenfleld Ch 11 lotte Sdnoedel Ruth Cnureke Mary 0 I-uk mf. 'QW Q 'N-., X VK l - M i 1 + -56 v WS if l id u s m null the train 4 ,J W HNIQIIXSINIILIHIIVVS IIHUIL IRQ: lx what clsc um .X lung pass is Imlmkul 5 llll cnlrout. once l0lll1 mutt 0 down the Opposilltlll f 'fg2E,z n J hz D blrvnrkewiclr gets up there for a 11 1 111 1 1956-1957 SEASONS RESULTS Co-llege College College College College College College College College College College College College College College College College College College College College 75 05 71 73 611 72 72 72 01 59 711 83 56 7-1 119 80 72 74- 8 3 81 01 . L11 Lake Forest 91 7 1 Carroll 72 51 Monmouth 67 11 1Ves1eyan 71 171 Beloit 72 ,112 Elmhurst 75 Millikin 77 Great Lakem 99 1 Augustana 65 5 1fVheaton l 10 1 Grinnell 83 Elmhurst 100 Beloit 95 Q Millikin 107 5 Augustana 78 QI. Carthage 84 1 11Vheaton 92 Carroll 69 YVesleyan 100 Lake Forest 95 Kalamazoo 70 11 1 The coach gives the fellows a small pep talk between halves. 1 1 1 1 11 1 I 1 North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central No-rth Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central 1 1 1 1: If 1 11 1 11 A. 1 21' Zgaalfelgaf The North Central basketball team didn't fare too well during the 1956- l957 season, against all kinds of competi- tion and lfinished the season with a 3 and I8 won and lost record. In Conference play. North Central ended in the cellar with a 2-l2 record. ln spite ol' a poor won and lost record. several games were much closer than the scores indicate. Under the able coaching of Bud Berger the Cards fought the tougher teams right down to the wire. with Wlieat- on as an exception. They beat Monmouth. who held first place in the Midwest Con- ference, and in the next home game we beat Illinois Wesleyziii in see-saw battle that saw the lfinal score 73-71 on our side ol the tally sheet. After close games with Elmhurst and highly tauted Millikin, and other teams. North Central stopped Carroll on their liloor 74-69. The squad this year was hampered somewhat by the lack ol? experience as there were only three boys returning from last year's team. The rest ol the team composed of mostly freshmen this year. showed great spirit and hustle and are looking forward to a successful season next year. First Row: Coach Berger. R. Cook, Al. Bradley, CZ, Sthnibben. H. Lager. of H. Brown. Lessis, R. Swzifford, R. Howard. l', Holmes. D. Miller. aint y .S'1'rnz1f1 Row: R. Bagley, R. Hzlrniain, R. Shaffer. Foster, R. lVliatlev, S. Williams, D. Sliymkewith, C. .Xrmetrout, D. Nelson A W new awww, . . .,, .. ,q xunmwwmwa A f? SYS aw ,, 5 lixery eye is un llle bull as N.C1.'s Dale Shvmkewicli tlies for 21 clinixce at some points. Tense players on the sideline watch :as Llieii' tezluimrltes execute ll SII'zlt6glC plziv. Howzlrd. one of our up and umiing cagers. keeps :1 close guard on the op- pusiliml. Our boys iuuke ready to get the 1'6- lmuml fmm the opposition shot. WV vardify 60- Calafaind Rollic Cook and Dirk SlX'2ll:l.0l'tl unior amify Batter CJ! If the North Central "B" basketball team is any kind of nieasureinent of things to conie, the Varsity of the next few years should really be tops. The "B" teani finish- ed the season with an 8-4 won-lost record. Only two defeats b yVVheaton, one by Van Dee and Thornton junior College inerred their record. The "B" team started the season with a win .against Lake Forest, then losing to Van Dee. After three wins, they dropped two in a row to Thornton Junior College and Mfheaton. Then they won the rest of them excepting the last to Wlieatoii. Nort .1 N ortli Nort Nort Nort Nort Nort Nort Q1 .1 l 1 .1 .1 I Nortj Nort 1 North Nort I SEASONS Central "B Central. "B Central "B Central. "B Centrafr "B Central "B Central "B Central. "B Central. "B" Central Central "B" Central. sw vs va sv va RESULTS V S VS V S VS VS. VS. . Lake Forest VV Van Dee L 'W Elmhurst Oak Park Y. XV Detroit Ch. W Thornton JC L 7' vs. W heaton L VS. VS. VS. XS. Elmhurst YW Thornton JC VJ Lake Forest W St. Procopius W vs. Wlieatoii L First Haze: B. lYlL'c.iU1'IlllL'li. D. Coehi-ing. R. Shaffer. P. Brull. B. Garflund. .Secmul Row: P. Cole, Y, Carlson. B. Cullhorg, T. Drake, R. Smith. D. Lindberg, D. Driggett. Third Row: G. Pichotta. J. Henderson. Nothzlcker. D. Bates, D. Sprague, D. Bachmau. Seluan, L. Slick .9l'lJO0l' jill? . . . The North Central Indoor track team had a fairly successful season considering the competition they were up against. Mc- Callister and Brickert were instrumental in holding down the dash honors. Steckel and Curtis gathered their share of points in the 440. The eight-lap relay team of Brickert. Ross. Stoller and Steckel took several firsts. Ron Smith almost conquered the l3 foot pole vault with a l2-9 vault. Tom Drake high-jumped 6V2 indoors. lVlcCallister took second in high hurdles and first in low hurdles and won the broad jump with 22-51f2 mark in the Midwest Invitational. Bachman. Lambrecht put the shot. l OR Seasons Results: North Central College 35- Wlleatoil 60g North Central College 78 2 L3-Elmhurst 27 U3-Knox 235 North Central College 321f2-LOYOl2l University 7lV2. MIDXNEST INVITATIONAL QDIVISION Ilj Cornell 59 Know North Central 421!2 Lawrence Beloit 35 Elmhurst Dubuque U. 3192 Carroll Grinnell l71!2 Coe Augustana Lake Forest Carleton l 4 X a l 1 y l l ral I 1 l E 10"-5 we Arlene Lindquist I-JH' ,Izmicc Hzizcnfielzl Wmalweaf rac an wimmin 19, 1 I . vm ww th. 1 Q, Ilszn fillmer 2. 6 luwawhwww 'I W 1 V' dv 'x i 4 x , N 7 lilifznlmelh Blum Burlmilrzx Bergemzm Here is an eyefull of trophies. 'ad -. ' v 1145- 2 4 -vg ' ' . A ZZ x Q ' X f , f H ev . . f . f . e If e . . 1 f was f 2 . NAW, 4 .V X. X ,4 w ,img ,, , J My , f. .I ,, , ,V gm , , X71-N ., me ,. .Am 5' 'i ' f 1 ' ffi' 'Wi " , V' ' rw-NU X-V, WYIY1 ww " f 'FW ,V nf T . 7 f H 5, . A. P., - .- M -, . is , f , V fx, -- M J K f ' ' .2 ,ya 4' ',-Sy!! y iiw' 'Q .. f fel.. -wh ' -,W T ' ff ff' 9 , ' f f .L i S 2. .4 ,i f S, ' . 3 xv- M' Qymm f Q W .ff ff' . 'fff 1 .1 V . 7 W . , W . Q f ff I ,W .-,, f W . N f 4. ff fn. . . - X I :.EE23Ef jf IW' Ji, uw IMO 1'5" ' ' V X-'Z' 'W AS lf MZ FL ' ' ' - YW, 5 A A '17 'ffm' QZXT- V! 'Kel' f 'f' KX 074 Sy . A ,, ::gwnQf4fN2f , 4, ff ' :vffafihgff.-:::a.e,.a.,:..-1-zz-2:-.PWAEJWx f ,-Q Www!-f 7 me V4 if V, 5 -2 .. f- me ew W sf. 1, WW .5-af if V- ',',s.-.'s5..f-: ,Eff 5 . C: .4 " ""' keg X. WA- . 4- -f , A W , 4 W ,' -, 7 ..f,f Q-1 Q. 49,2 " X- ' ,... . .M f f meg' 5 0- 11 . f Q' -V ' ,f , 0 - , ff -1 My 52-5 ,,,. V ,A I S! , .... I 2 V , X Y 4 7. ,, .Q gags ZS? 1 f - f yi fi manning Hn' i QWK., , , ' s . r , W...-M A, .4 .. f AW V .., . , ,.,.. 4 Y .2 , X 95' Q "" f V f f 7 v ,sp-if 'Y Neff ,Wav vf " I "'::.Si. .ff 3:2 1 5 ill? 55:5-.I f'T7fl :EW ,QQ W-gfgavg mwxfwwe " ' 'U f T .Nag 6 " ,s JA.: ' ' W , . , , t . f ,. . - , ,, fag. QW,s+rf,,,w-:W-.As "':...... , . ., , ' , ' . .. 4- , A , '- i f ' ---' 2 I, .,.. t ""2 an e' V. I .4 1 -,vg a .2 .. - 1 """' ' V- - JW' 4' f' 4. 'W ,. "Saw away. , . , ., V ,EM 1 -,I 1, .aff my MM , , Afww -f we Mb - .Y "is J ,. ' M ... ga, ' ' 59" smiajgwxeye " i-qmmfvwiywg wa I ff it V5 lmn lack soars through the air ex- hibiting beautiful form. I C lQUll'I'll'l'lLl'lg NC's swimming team has again topped all our sports in won-lost ratios. At mid-sea- son, North Central's Dolphins had won five dual meets. a trio meet, took the Senior AAU meet, and collected all but two "firsts" at the Knox Relays. The only two losses were to two of the nations top ama- teur and college swim clubs. North Central took last year's Midwest meet with Central Michigan's 36 points second to our 53, among ten competing schools. At Knox four out of NC,s five first places broke records, Mizanin and Eck placed high in diving. john Molitor took three firsts in the AAU meet, set records in the 400 yard, In- dividual Medley, and the 220 yard free- style, and won the 440 freestyle. Jim Rank's 100 yard butterfly set an AAU record, and his l00 yard backstroke took first. Other team members supported these leaders with seconds or thirds in all events. At Bowling Green, Ohio, the swimmers met their match, bringing home the small end of a close score. Then Loyola fell to the Dolphins, with NC taking eight firsts. Swimming against Augustana, the 400 med- ley relay team. CVVendling, Lambrecht. Rank. and Molitorl nearly broke a re- cord at 4: l2.2, while Lesemer, a freshman, took second in the 440 freestyle. and Rank broke one minute on his Butterfly leg of the medley relay. lim Rank takes off into his perform- ance of the "butterfly," . ,. 'l'he seasons high point was NC's trip to South liencl, iesulting in victory over Notre Dames Swim Club. The score. 50- 36. stayecl close till the end, with NC set- ting six pool recorcls. Molitor won the 440 and 220 in recorcl time. Lavalie, a transfer. set two records too. At Blooiningzgon, Molitor acconiplished his high goal, swiinniing the 440 in less than live minutes. "Sub" clivers Lavalie and VVenclling took first and thircl places respec- tively. NCC 50 'Wright College NCC 50 Lawrence 25. Shinier NCC 38 Bowling Green ll. NCC 59 Loyola U. NCC 50 Notre Dante U. NCC til Augustana NCC 66 NCC 63 Ill. ivfesleyan flrinnell NCC 37 lnclianapolis AC NCC 62 Beloit 27 0 48 27 36 25 20 og -.K 49 20 Conference: NCC 73. Augustana 30, Ill. Vtlesleyan l7. Miclwest: NCC 77. Notre Dame 57. U. oi' Wlis.-Milwaukee 23. fini lfuztt: Cioath tit-ire. DI, Wentlling, l'. Dan- nley, Molitor. Rank. Snrnzrl Rozy: '1', lick, X. lxellv. I. lxfllllllllll, B. ltlxalxe. D. Ilaunhre Thin! Rrizu: R. Liesemar. li. Bloomgren, Stump, R. llznnilton. B. Nlolitor Clll, D. 'Q Q Clmulx Lime. Clnptalin john Nlililor Herc wc sec thc record lareaking funn of jim Rank :ls he Cxhibits the butterfly. 112 N,-' I,z1v:nlic lakes off. Apollu rises funn the scan. The boys are off for ll practice sprint. f -fx W ,C ,fm " , . M Z f ,X ,f f' 'V f 7 4 91' 1 f .-,ff ,f. 7 ,aff , 1 ff Q X Q, ..,, , ., ,, W J , W -W ff , ff!-W ff wi, , " K ,, 2 f iff ' W ', fbf I 'f ' f :fx 'X' ' ,I ' 'M pf fqff f,.c W ,J 'A' ' ' ' , Lf, 7.-4 X f ' f , X QQ t X Q VE V? L I, 2, J, ,VV E2 2 k ' -,Q W ' . . ' ,M ' ,g 771 ' 5 , QW' gi f ,ff 3, Q4 ,g-QA. , f- f X ' ' fp 4 Q Z5 Z, , V" 7 Wi WW Qiiffyg 5 S P , 1 1' ,K f' , ' f Q my - f ' 'M W, f ' H , f - '- ' S, S, f- ,EI -MW.,-fs , , , g f , , 1 B If ,K 5 X.-,J f frf X ' X 1 ' , Sm 2 f wg., 'f'--::'ffj,f f wb p ff f f ,f W' 'f ,fx Q :H , ' - '-, J 4 'z 'V 4 "5 ,M 'J K1 iff "2 w. xffif: Vi J 52 ' ' f- ' : U f , I If 2 Z 7 . Z ,V L, rw .zf 22:1 6 . 1 1 f ,J x X Q,z,,,i ,ff , , Q7 ggkqi' '15-4. 5 ' Wy? A, 3 Q I :L ., ' aff' W, 7,5 W!-WX ,f " " , ' . Q ff-if V -' f-ff ' - H Q W , - X if K ' X 1 ' ' , . , , W' Wl!l""' Q wwwm M ' 1' Sf -f - . ,.Q -zen: .1-:ff T .. AQ, , , . - V . ' ' 'Q -A , ,,,, Q A , 4 ,, S 'f ' "1 f " ' , ,. ':,.s ""- " . .ff f . WW, , , -. K ,,,,. f w A Z ,Q , , U V L, Q? H, -I Q, X. S0470 SW V Af ff wx fff- f , WJ ., X ,, W 4 5 W' W .. WW 0 , X nf if ,--- I f 4+Z,Q,,g,Qx Y , 'V V .... "" " N- '- ,. tx f , K, ,v V C, f -f .fy ,- , 0 , Q ww . X ac, A gf, -- 4 WN' Q.: M ff' Q , , Q , X ' f' 'A ' 0 y f X-vw .9 ' ff ' H fav ' Q. ,X T . ,,,, , , fy M . Xf ff - ,W ,,., , , , , , , , W ' 1 f ,M 5' Q Sf' was ' , ' " I f -'4 . , U, f ' Q 7. MW Y .- b t 'YZ rf S 61560 W I ffl Q' gig... ....l."'. ' , i'msia1-.wkirlfwn UVM ,Uv if l rm .wx Front Row: D. Coehring, D. Schaefer, B. Beatty. J. Erd- man. Har!-: Row: -I. Swanstrom B. Graflund, R. Cook, B. Cole 1956 SEASON'S RESULTS North Central College Lake Forest North Central College Elnihurst North Central College Illinois Vlfesleyan North Central College Augustana North Central College Carroll 9815 32112 Sfllfg 45112 83 45 Gel 67 785 52 V2 CCI Conference Track Meet at Bloomington XfVhea ton l North Central College Carroll Augustana Elmhurst VVesleyan Millikin Lake Forest 081f2 321f2 25 21 l5V2 l2 l llfg l Two invitational nieets were also entered: at the Elmhurst Relays and the Walnasli Relays. grae G. lfichotta shows excellent form in The outdoor track season was a real suc- cess with North Central winning fl meets and finishing second in 2 meets. Ron Reichert broke the conference outdoor pole vault record with a 12-4 vault. Steckel ran the 440 outdoors. l"vlcCallister was sidelined until the conference ineet with a pulled inuscle. klini Searight developed nicely in the hurdles and placed in the conference meet with lVlcCallister and Drake. jon vVOl'CllCl1l2Hl did the sprints outdoors and won several meets with a :Htl time. Ross and llrickert ran the 220. Lzunbrecht and lNendling threw the xiayelin. Dick Branz and Ierry Coehring ran the distances out- T ,, uoois. putting the shot. ..',,,.---"' wf Q. 'V , ,wV-VVV-'M-V-WV , V f W ' 'V - L x 7 . -'13 Vi ff, 21,5 if My ' k 'G' 2 f , 2 1 V , V w fs , QV 1 f , A , ' . X " V Vi 153' Q'1fs,H2Lfyqfga!v',.Q,g Q V V' . , , ,. ,,,,, - 4'1" ..,, , 5 ,C L- A 2 MW? ,Sv Xi 1 r my' V4 Q 5 A , -FW? eff? 1 Sf N ,ff Shag: if -. F' V' M ,, A W1-A T""N'W ,f ,mm . 0' , , ,,i f V N" f' , 7' WV 6, , QS. if YH N A , wg W A V M Dfw 'Vi Z4 1 7 1. W ,M V, X Q51 ig ,I I ,R-qgj gs, -:kk M f N, A ,,,,,wL. iq , ' .yi X X , .' 'f 4 W " Max i' fu " "M W 11 'W - .6 I- ' 5' .. ,M - A .:,, Q3 Q X k X ,. M 2, . , Q , , , ,V b5,.z,,iw,Lk My 31 Z? :V Z WW,l,A.x Ms fy -A-V x .gy f ,- WMV X ' V V 1 H M A . .. xx Q A ' k . I X k N M Y A A P f . ,Wx ,V 'P' kill' 2 .3 in 8 , Q if ,x A , X , A Q Nm, Sit Z X ,Q V Z M W My ' V S 5 A 2.1 41, ,S 5 fx,-gg gig 4 L fy I L . ,.,, V in . X V' ' V fa ,V+ 'rf W ' gwgff' ' ,ff ' . V vm ' f Q 44 W f ? , - ' I - 5 W xnxx 3 I . . M ,V 4? f, .A w ww 1 . V QW ,, . Mi If r 5 ,A Q. 3 Q, A L, 9 , , yy Q.. X, V Q as V , , , 'fix V ., V . . ,, f , V , - , f ,R . Q V --VV 4,1 , 4 ww ,f Vw , 1 ,Vff N A., Y x K ,, , ,, .1 Mfg, M. M, 5 Y, K ,I 4 M 9 3 5 I X A A , J W ,W ,Www Q 'W ,Y w W ' . S ' K' -- 4 M V... .' ' fi V JV SX f , ,, i,:,V,vw V, .fy -X! a X. ,M H V 7 V X A .. , , V f , J ' f . A . S yy, ' ' Q' "ii L X ' V ' V A 4' ,, A50 C' 5 , 4- f W ' -:. ,V V-V, 3' . W .y ,A , A' -V V ., Nw ,WF X. , , 0 W f 4 f .Em 44- gwyw Wy vwf ., X. ,, .Q-yff..,,. ,W swfz f , X5 HSV. .VKL Q , '2 5 'Nm 9, 'Q , .. ,f QMNVQ' f , , P' ' -, 1347 W' , f V yy ,.,, mf j MK. 2 ,, , , V y fg 'l llc lllilwlzuls gcl scl for il good rauc. as they slum! zulcrl for llw signal. U Up and ONCI' with thc gl'CZllCSl of ease goes our gl'l1CCflll, ordinated N.C.C. pole vaullcr. 1 CU- ennid The Mens Varsity 'llennis team finish- ed their N56 season by losing l2 meets and winning one. The team defeated Lake For- est College. Bruce Berg played the number one position with Paul Sutton second and John Hofert third. Other team members were VVillard Gabel, Dave McKay, Don Henke, and Dave Hochstettler. The NVomen's Tennis Team had a very good season, winning all ol their meets ex- cept one. Last year was the first time that they defeated Wlieatoii in several years. The team travelled to Millikin for the ln- vitational Tournament where Donna Eas- terday and Joyce Kienzle took third place in the doubles. Buck Row: jim listerly. Paul Sutton. .Ierry HlllSlllgll. 'lim l'il'll!I1.lll. Coatli Dexheimer, Front Row: Clyde Cross. Bert Lee, XVillard Galiel A NLL. ' I? 0ClJ0l'l 5 QJMAJ MENS TENNIS 0 Dclizllb 9 0 Bcloit 9 1.llmhm.St 8 U JXLISUSUIIIZI yyhwmn 9 U Marquette 9 Luk? 1""'f'5f '1 woM15N's TENNIS Dclxallb 8 N UC' Czlrmll U 'N ' U Ill. Slzltc Nurmgnl Univ. U if C'Im'f'S'f T'4'llC1W1'5 0 7 f? LT. 0-1, CAIIICZIQO xvhmmn Q in NVlng14ton 0 x ' ' 5 U. of Chicago I Lhlllllll'Sl EP 1 yvhcuwn ' 5 Lanka? 1'1UlkC5l 1. wi 8 W! Clllifxllgfl Tczncilwcrs 2 nklmldl, IJ. liuhnslcnll. D. Lucmltllc. S. Kncdcr. Miss "', IAZIIIHC1 117 ' ..1sw:,1s S, 1+,iza:amnmm1:tamNsa,,wm 'aw .sew-K sf:1,,.1.w.mff5 +wmsw,, .6 . .K mf, 'nv-' 0 eg? ag The1e s a evllege 111 you1 futu1e and a futtue 111 YOUI College 1956 College Day mclucled May Fete O11 the future N01 th Centlal Maypole Dance Kathy Gates co1o11at1011 f1OSl1H1CH s take Off on the Fete Ph1l Da1111ley clowned stockmv foot queen on a path of pj s Tammg of the Shrew a great Futule at a g1eat Colleftel F lk E Blum Shroecler B Magenhelm tr K Gates G Ungu I Dowl1ng,P Dannley C M0ely,P iam Rell fi Cf 1 H 4 .2 R R, ... R 'X A - H vw - -7 Y 1 D A Q Q ' 1. ' as A - N N - u c a a Q A D a I N Y Q ' A 7 1 ' - 1 1 1 M. e", . , C. f l J, Met, W-.fw.WM,.q,w,.wwT, , 1 X, . v Q 'Y ING. gig X QW' 59' 4 9 A , 44 UVM .fe .A Q. ' ,,,,,..,.-,,,w- W , W X A 252' My X 12 , ,Z MQW 1 X , A ,WW .,-WM., ,W wg ., W 2' 5 4 W I Z M ,YW , fif: -"' 7 t , W, , ,Cm Mum., N9 av . N5 , 'XJ ,f wif A 0 ff f f sw ay ueen Jgaflzy gafea ana! J ing ex f9 mann eg 119 5 , 3 ia 1 I A ling ri large part ol campus lile is cen- tered around the dorms. 1 his is "home" to the majority of students for lour years. Representative of dorm lile on NCS campus is Seager Hall. men's dorm. Besides being the home away from home for many Freshman boys. the beautiful lounge in Seager is used for many meetings, teas, and parties throughout the year. Most NC-ites are quite famil- iar with the friendly hospitality shown them on such occasions by Mother Bates. the house mother. Hagel' ormifory i e Continual hubbub - sometimes silence . . . cluttered rooms - straightened week- ends . . . ringin' phones 'n buzzin' buzzers - 'casional cut-offs, now'n then . . . comfort- able lounges - cozy "chats" . . . shower par- ties - make wits wet . . . "happy popcorn 'n pizza parties" -- sorry. Ma'm, no scales al- lowed! "John" floods - exasperatinf ain't they '... laundry blues - we're just clean kids . . . Deans check - mellow males . . . minute late - demerited dames . . . strict housemothers - yet good and kind . . . short dorm meetings - detailed discussions . . . "Open House" - well, look what I found . . . mail call - did you say male call? . . . serious moments - dorm devotions . . . roommates, pals 'n co-ed friendliness - Christian attitudes 'n high ideals . . . this is "Dorm Life." If the Kaullnzni men prow Io he as good stu- dents as they are luunsekeepers. they ought to make good llll5l7llI1llS, girls. 'II V. provides rest and relaxation for the boys on a study break. . . . But on the other hand . . . ,Q 4 . 2. I Q I1 1-. M K . Kaufman As the sun sneaks up over the horizon, the shuf- fle of feet in the hall. show- ers running, fellows wait- ing in line to shave, leads us to believe that this can only be the boys' dorm. Q ..,-..,.. EW is ,Q nf' ! . xfi 1 ' , . i 1 , s M ll leels great to hare zu nice coiniorlahle dorm lo come hails to after glasses mloesut lt? Hi-Fi sets, rook games. bull sessions where the issues ol' Lhe day are discussed Cyou know, girls and , . . girlsj and sometimes study is even in- cluded among characteristics ol' the boys' dorm. 'lf V. and radios can he seen and heard at almost any- time. The old piano lends it- selll to some wonderful sing- ing ol' hymns, choruses and popular songs. Mom Bates helps and watches over her lloek. Devotions are held in Lhe lounge every Wfednesday night, with fellows in the dorm aelring as leaders. Boys dorm is "The Life!" ,af 'xv I .v 4 6 '1 M si. R Qlhf , ,, gg, as 1 " iii 6, y 1 ,f fQ.5.:iz,:- I 3 Q W, s. .0 1 , , f ii V ,aww W "ti GOQAEI' Sou Girls' dorm life, a new ex- perience inlluencing habits and attitudes, includes both privileges and deprivations . . . the fun of room decora- tion . . . changing your tele- phone habits to five-minute conversations . . . the cack- ling girls next door . . . "Man on second" and no place to hide! . . . and you learn to live with it all. Dorm life is fun . . . pizza parties . . . popcorn sessions . . . "Beauty clinics . . . wet- mop crew swinging into ac- tion when the plumbing goes kaput . . . the crowd's hang- out room . . . the dimly lit atmosphere as the horror- story teller makes spines tingle. Iinr llrdtnan lends at hand as Margaret Bretle- Kroehler Noitlr proves to be ll busy place as stu- nrier struggles against Nqtperxillt-'s wintry blasts. dents start off for 1:00 classes. 6 fa. l,,.-7' ....,-MQUWVW' yy-V 5 55' JGOBALP WOIJA There are beautiful aspects ol tlorm life . . . heart to heart talks with other girls . . . devotions . . . singspira- tions and the thrills of dorm life provide sentimen- tal memories . . . "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" by serenatling fellow . . . clres- sing for the Prom . . . or just being happy when your roommate comes inpinnetl. Dorm life is a new way of living packed with fun as well as thrills and memories. 'Y The "lpz1n:1 smiles" below belong to Donna Bassett, Judy Speck, :intl Jun 1'llllllll2ll1Cl'. three junior women who just might he getting rently for their tlutes. Peggy bhclton hats work to tlol .Xt lcztst it 110 that way. N. C. students who Wzllll to stut nexer tlisappointctl. 9. W 'A IL- ff vt M i my Eng,-j,,',1i3 s , I sss 'INCL' IL-Ilmu wlxu lixu in lJl'iX'llC lu llzkx- CYIIILIIIQL' llilllllifi ul illlClCSl. ' mul is ll lcpxcscnlnlixu gllillll of Ull1lllllIlt'lk'S clulm. an ommuferd CM QQ lb W Q! Q ar. 2 ,W M" good M' -an-""' fi s up Q? -0-I A an 1 ima r-A", or 'B ,',,...-v-"' M1575 fm-x .d,4g, -J-my Wk Q r ' n K. fe" - ll "'?"' ' it W X c itsr eiivc "VVherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings .... After a struggle of three years, against the torrents of tests and assignments, the tide of extra-curricular activities, one be- comes a senior. Seniors always seem to be privileged people, and here at NC, they have a special privilege. A circular cement bench, sur- rounded by evergreens. is known on campus as "Senior Circle." lt's a quiet. inviting spot on campus, but beware! lt's sacred ground. and only for seniors. Any underclassmen who are found sneaking a "seat" will quickly be awarded with a trip to the pond! enior irc e eniord . . . . . . . . jke Cfaaa o 1957 "Mighty Like a Rose" was the freshman class of l957: the excitement of orientation . . . trials and tribulations of Woe VVeek were taken in good stride by these spirited freshmen. Homecoming, Big-l'il Sis and Brother Banquets, athletic events, the first Christmas season on campus, College Day, and exams left the biggest impressions on these kids . . . exams leaving the deepest impression! The run between second and third base was safe and full of thrills . . . Career Con- ference, the arrival of new classmates . . . the departure of old ones . . . their junior- Q 2 ff 5 Q is 1 I f X 130 1 'X l l , J Nz 5: Afilyl l l I if senior prom, "Oriental Holiday," superbly directed by Barb Schroeder and Cal Moely . . . "Finian's Rainbow" directed by Ben Reed. The fall of l956 arrived and two short semesters remained . . . graduation day loomed ahead! Many happenings that only the seniors can review took place. Although the quantity of the class may have decreas- ed, the quality has increased and will con- tinue to do so even after the graduates have left the cherished halls of North Central. "Goodbye, Good luck, God Bless you." l 5 l E 2 1 5 , J 4 - 1,1 'n I ' 2 C I XSS Ol PIC I RS Smlul Xlocssncr fSccj B lVI3gCll hc mei flicisj B Schroeder fV1CC I Dmnlcx Mlens Repj C oe ic A1 ' . . ' I'res.j . M. I-'eik fWomen's Rep.j. Stand- ing: '. 1 X.' ' .. LM - ly fl"-sq F 5injfF'4"""' ii fomrlff usU'1'f1 in mf' 'llic liulicliu lmurd is llic caunpus, :IH around zulwrlising spot. JOCJAL SWIM 51 UL vw if-1 A HALL A gmail discussion and :i cup of wficu arc two things quilc coiiuiimi illllllllii thc union, Current evunis, sports. zuul Llic unuics :uc ins tercsting to rezul - when thc students liaixc ai few sparc luolucllis. v,.-v-. ,,..,-- ,,..,-,,,. inn : "Gut Ll dime. icL's haw sonic music." Bctwccn classes and iitlcr Scliuul. music, kccps jumping. llic Union 951 ,sw fa , f wwwwwwv ,. W It CAROL IVAN N ER ALHBORN Physical Education. B.S. Peoionc. Illionis JAMES ALBRECHT Political Science, BA. Chicago. Illinois NIARLENE AURIN Soniology. BA. IVestcrn Springs, Illinois NANCY AITTEN Iilclnciitgny' IZKIIICLIIIUII. BA. Detroit. Nlicliigan RUBLQRT BICRKIQY Music. linglisli. BA. Bourlaon. Illlllllllll O -. IJEWEY BENSON Zoology, Chemistry, BA. Ivestern Springs, Illinois l2l.IZfXBE'l'I-I BLUM English. B..-X. Stockton. Illinois 1' Xl'I, BOIZCZKER Nzipurxillc. Illinois NIARIII BOITLDIN I'Sul'lology. IIA. Aurora. Illinois eniora i957 OA N BOYD lilcinentary Education. BA. Glen Iillyn. Illinois li. RICHARD BRANI, Clonnnercc. BS. Dwight. Illinois LYNN IBRINKMAN Cllicinistry. BA. Clolfax, Viiisconsin EDYVARD CAVERT Speech. BA, Naperville, Illinois NYll,Ll.'XM CHAPIQK Physical Education, 13.8. Racine. Wisconsin l'.Yl RICIIA CHURCH lileinentziry linluczition. BA. Nnpcriillc, Illinois ROLLIN COOK Physical liduuition, 15.5. lilkhurt. Indiana DXYID CORRELL Zoology and Chemistry B..-X. Loinbarcl, Illinois PI-IILLII' CORRIQLL History and Politiczil Science. B.A. Loinlizird, Illinois 133 CIHARLENE CROVV Spanish, BA. Naperville, Illinois PHILLIP DANNLEY Commerce. B.S. llllieaton. Illinois CHARLES ERBON Commerce, BS. Clarendon Hills. Illinois JEROME DOWLING Loology, BA. Milwaukee. Wisconsin DAVID I'IXRI,!i'l' Colnincrce. B.S. Chadwick, Illinois MES DRESCHER Physics and Engineering Science. B.S. Clintonvillc. Wisconsin MARY AIO FEIK Education, BA. Hales Corners. Mlisconsin ALVIN EGGERT Coinlnerce, 13.5. Hinsdale. Illinois VIRGINIA FRANK Home Economics. 13.8. Racine. Vlisconsin eniom 134 ' 1957 WILLARD GABEL Sociology, IBA. Niipciwillc, Illinois K.'X'liI-IRYN GATES Pliysicail liclucation. HS. Dixon. Illinois RYAN GETZ lNIz1tl1cn1utics, BA. Chicago, Illinois GER.-XLD HALL COIIIIIICTCC, B.S. Aurora. Illinois MARION HALTERMAN Home Iironomics, B.S, Dwight. Illinois NLQD HAWISIECZKIQR English, ILA. Nupcrxillc. Illinois LOUIS IERDMANN linglisli and Spec-Lli. ISA. Naperville, Illinois QIOHN HOFERT Illieinistry, BA. Oak Park. Illinois AIOYCII JONES IWIG licluc-ation, B.,-X. Nzlpervillc, Illinois ARLINE COFFNIAN jonxsox Biology. BA. Hinsglale. Illinois DONALD JOHNSON Nlaihemalics. BA. Hinsdale. Illinois C.ERRI'l"I IANNING Voiic. 15.31. Downers Grove, Illinois DONALD LAPP Spanish and German. BA. Plainfield. Illinois Rl"l'H IUXRSON Eilucation. BMX. Chicago Heights. Illinois CHARLES LEE Psychology. BA. Naperville. Illinois DONALD LEHMAN Elementary Education. BA. Hinsdale. Illinois HILBERT LOHR Sociology, BA. luncau. Wisconsin DALE LLNDBIZRC. Philosophy. BA. Naperville. Illinois eniora 19577 BEVERLY M A GICN H EI M Ii R Iilcinentary Ecluczilion. BA. Hznilistzult, Incliunn MICHAEL MEI .N ICZIQ Philosophy, BA. Downers Grove. Illinois MARLIENIE MILLER Iinglish. IH..-X. Illlflxlliiliil. Illinois IlUN,XI.lJ NIUIZGCLIQNIRORG Clonnncrcc. BS. Brookfielcl. Illinois ROGER MURRAY Zoology and Cheniistri. IRA. XVllCllIUII, Illinois IOA N NIE NAU Ll N Psychology Wziuwzatosa. Mlisconsin SANDRA NICKLA Biology :nnl Psychologi BA. l'AlI'lm Ifoicsi. Illinois GERALD I'HII.l.II'S Psycliology. BA. lislc. Illinois EVELYN I'I,lClCI Iileinentznw Iiduuition. B.A. Nzlpcrvillc. Illinois BEN REED linglisll, BA. Sx'1'at11eu. Indiana qywigaia REESE l'lix'sical Education and Blnlogy, BS. SCICIIRI, Illinois .IANET REINHARDT Honlc Iitononiics. BS. Iouisxillc. Kentucky Bl-QYI-.RI.Y RICHARD Hltllilgl. BMX. Instant, Illinois ROBILRKIH RICCQS l'riolug'N. BMX. licxwxn, Illinois MARY ROEMER Cllicmistry. BA. I-Iartford, Yllisconsin BA RBARA LANGE ROTHROCK Elementary Education. BA. Glen Ellyn. Illinois ALBERTA SAYVYER English. B.,-X. Island. Illinois ll.-X RB.-XRA SCHROEDER Music Education, B.NI.E. Wauwatosa, Hlisconsin eniora 138 ' 197 CHI-XRLOAI Ili BARBER SCH ROICDICR Music, B.M.E. Sl. ulmcpli, Missouri ROBERT SIMA Connnercc, B.S. Villa Park, Illinois RONALD SMITH liclucation. B.S. Oak l'zn'k. Illinois GWVEN SNYDER Home Economics, B.S. Naperville, Illinois NANCY S'llil'HI1QNS lilcincntziry' Ftllltiillfbll BA. Downers Grove-, Illinois l'.X"l'RICI.'X ST RUIID l-1lcmentan'y Eclumntion. BA. Aurora. Illinois RICHARD SWAFPORD Political Science. BA. Kcnllallville. Indiana SHELDON TRAPI' Soniology. B..-X. Sl. Paul. Minnesota GLENN UNGER Physical Education. B.S. Polo, Illinois NURIYIA VOIGT lilcnicnlziry Iiduczltion, B..-X. Ilmlfielcl. Illinois liliR'l'.X YOORHEICS licluiatimi, BA. lluwncis Cmvc, Illinois IOHN XYHNDLING Physins and Engineering Scicme. HS. Ciliicugu. Illinois SHIQILDUN X'YIl,l,IfXMS Suniulugy. BMX. l'L-rulunc. lllinuiw ILXROLYN WINDER RASl'll,l,ER lilcnicnlurx lfllllilllllill, lE..X. liixmi, Illinnis xl .XCR WOHLFEII, Chicago. Illinois MA RYELLE N H . X IVLEY Home Econmnics. PLS. Rizurlgmmi, Illfliilfii EIMXINIE MOOHIQRRY Home liumuniics. BS. licnwer. Cuimxiflii ,IU RX SONIMPZLE Pliysiczll liklllflillfbll. ILS. Ninth Reilwuucl, Nlinncsutn win sooig CQcnc1'a1l Science, 13.3 lfuml ilu Inc, XViscm1sin .. DENNIS XVI-1N'l Z Zoology and Chcmislry BA. Napoleon. North fhllitlll L A ,. Ao if Ao limi: linux iff! In ligllfl l'. Liuscll. X. H.mIrcLlxc1'. 13. Rccml. B. Bcrkcx. D. Wunlf. CQ. lvl1gCl'.l'!I'UlIl Ifmwz R. Calm. .X. 5-LIWXCIK. NI. lfcik. QI. WocQQr1cr. li. Xlgngcnhcinlcr Wafionaf .Honor ociefy limi: limp, iff! in ritqhl: D11 Ligcu- ' Imnlt, X. l"lllU'I3CQlxC14.Y P. Sutton, G. l'l'cifc1', D. Driggct, IJ. Wcmz. Ifmnl Ilffzwi I.. SlfflllDlllllL'l'. NI. lfimclc. C. Clmw. XX'llCSilIL'I'. NI. Millar. C. Fulk. IS. Mugunlmeilnel' W? QQ ? i a WK Ma-me J N.C1.'s bookstore has everything from piggy lnanks to dictionaries. and the students make good use of it. This looks like a slack day. tho. Between semesters you can't turn around. A steady stream of business takes place beneath the clock in Old Main. Muriel Schroeder and Ron Shiinp are busy taking orders for Homecoming Mums. ' - ww..-.W .W-f,f.w,,.....----,.-...t...,... V f 4 - ,nu ' upiiffi-,'fQ.,' ? ,, . Z . f ,WM fl f xt, i W EN 4 , 'HI A 4 r f v 4 0 Sf V 7 K fi 4 Z J 4 Y 'f we Xb ,NWS N W if ,ff I f 4. V 42.23 HOMECOMING HQNEC XJ 'MV TJ nv 1 ,MQ ' Qu? 4117 G V' V " 'fi' J "' 5 ,. Kgs? K fi . Q gf' fswi M, W? I he pond lnnks picturesque and quiet now, hut not su next september. Ifresh- xncn beware! - ' -' - " 1 other NLI. tru' ' inn 1 V 'z I 1 Int. 'I he bell tolls thc news nf :ln N.CZ.CZ. athletic victorx. .,gCLl'l0l,UL6!gI'l'lel'lt5 The Spectrum is the product of the efforts of many. In putting together a yearbook there are small as well as big responsibilities. We cannot mention the names of all those who helpedg but, We would like to thank each and everyone who did any job whether it be making telephone calls or work- ing long hours cropping pictures. There are some who deserve special recognition for what you might call "service beyond the call of duty." Our staff editors did a superb job - Carol Esterly and Curt johnson on the literary staff, llsa Zillmar and john Mfendling on the en- graving staff, Joan Kerr and Evelyn Pucci on identification, Kay Crabtree on typing and Dave Bachman on sports. Rodney Wagner. Mike Kantos, and John Schroeder came through in fine form with our pictures. We have appreciated also the fine work of our comptroller, Dave Farley. A load of thanks goes also to Helen Klatt, Linda Means, Charolette Wetherton, Lucille Sprecher, and Beverly Schroe- der. Last but not least we thank Bill O'Connor, the Jahn Sc Ollier representative, who's constant aid and interest made it possible for us to put out the l957 Spectrum. Thank You, Ruth Unger K Jean Rada Co-Editors of the 1957 Spectrum YVC wind up our pictorial story with ll picture winding up the school year ,aw-+ X CAROL WANNER AHLBORN. "Why make eyes at me? I'm gone." - Biology Club 12.3.43 IV.R.A. I.2.3.43 Radio Club I3 W.R.A. Board of Control 3,43 Cheerlead- er 2.3.4. tcaptain 4j3 Festival Choir 23 Chronicle Staff 23 College Day Committee 33 Homecoming Committee 3.4: liducaticm Club 43 Beta Beta Beta Fraternity 4. .l.XNIIiS 'I'. ALBRECHI. "IVhy should the Devil have all the good times? I'm available." - International Rela- tions and Political Science Club 1.2. tpresident 3.4l: Football 1.2.33 Intramurals 12.3.43 Chronicle Sports Illriter 3.43 History Club 43 Spanish Club 4: Education w 4 Club .l.4. NI.XRLF.NIi AIIRIN. "Silence is Golden." NANCY AUTEN, On one she smiled and he was blest. - Festival Chorus 13 Spectrum 1.2.33 Biology Club 13 W'.A.A. 1.23 ILCIIICZIIIOII Club 2.3.43 Y.X'V.C.A. 1.2. WAYNF BAKER. "This quiet guy with his quiet way. will surprise the world someday." LUWICLI, BARTEL. Men are in all ways greater than thev seem. DFWIQY BENSON. Sports went hand in hand with science. - Varsitv Club 2.3343 Biology Club 12.3.43 Chemistry Club fV1CC-IJl'CSIfICFll45Q Beta Beta Beta 43 South- eastern 43 Athletic Trainer l.2.3.4. ROBIQRI' BIZRKEY. He leaves clean work behind him and requires no sweeper up of the chips. - Festival Chorus 1.23.43 Chapel Choir 13 Concert Choir 2.3.4 tliusiness Manager 3,453 Class Treasurer 33 Band 23 Who's Who 43 Seager Association 1.2 tSecretary 353 Sig- ma Rho Gamma 2.3.43 CYF President 4: Religious Life Council 43 YMCA 233.43 Indiana Booster Club 1.23.43 Kroehler Hall janitor 3.4. BXRBARA BIQRROIXIPAS, A mighty fine girl t0 IIICQI, one just as good as she is sweet. lCl.IlABIiTH BI.l'M. A sweet. attractive kind of grace. - Festival Chorus 2.3.43 Chapel Choir 2: Concert Choir 3.4: Y.W.C..I. l.2.3.43 IVA..-X. 13 Class Secretary 2: Chronicle 2.33 'liheatre Guild 3,43 Education Club 43 College Day 2: May Queen Court 33 Midwest Track and Swim Queen Court 33 "Brigadoon" 4. PII I. B01-.ClxlzR. It at ttrst you dont succeed. try, try again. 146 enior MARIE BOLTLDIN. I am very much engaged at present. - Festival Chorus 2: IV.A.A. 2. IOAN BOYD, To be married best becomes you. RICHARD ERNEST BRANZ. Mv heart is ever at her service. LYNN BRINKMAN. With too much quickness to be taught. with too much thinking to have common thought. - Chemistry Club 1.2.43 Biology Club 43 Y.M.C.A. 43 Basketball 23 Track 2.3.4. PXIRICIA BRYAN. She enjoys life by living it. - Bio- logy Club 2.3.43 Writers Club 2.3.43 French Club 2,43 Education Club 43 Finian's Rainbow 3. RICHARD CALDIVELL, There are other ways to do things besides with a loud noise. IQDXNARD CAVERT, I'm not arguing with you . . . I'm telling you. - WNOC l,2.3.4 tProgram Director 2, As- sistant Station Manager 3,4j3 Alpha Psi Omega 43 Pi Kappa Delta 43 Theatre Guild 12.3.43 Debate Squad 43 Cardinal Editor 23 Spectrum 23 1955 Homecoming Chair- man3 Bolton Hall Secretary 1. WILLIAM CHAPEK. Something sort of Crandish. - Var- sity Club l.2.3,4L Track 1.23 Cross Country 1.2.33 Cheer- leader 1.2.33 Education Club 3.43 History Club 43 Social Commission 43 Southeastern Club 2.3,-I. PATRICIA CHURCH, Her heart was many miles away. - Theater Guild I3 Y.W.C.A. 1.2,-I3 Co-Chairman Big Lit- tle Banquet 23 Co-Chairman Homecoming Parade 33 Biology Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Education Club 3.43 Canterbury Club 2.3.43 Chapel Choir 2. ROLLIN COOK, "He leases and laughs. jokes and chaffs and for all the lun-loving is ready . . - Cross-Coun- try 2.3.43 Basketball 2.3.4 ICIO-CIZIPIEIIIIDI Baseball 2.3 tCo-Captainl 43 Intramural Football: Education Club3 Varsity' Club: Chairman ol Committee for Prospective Athletesg History Club. DAVID CORRIQLLY "Personality serene: a scientist su- preme." - Biology Club l.2.3.4' tVice-Presiclent 4j3 Chemistry Club 1.2.3.-13 Beta Beta Beta 2.3.42 Track Team 3. PHILLIP CORRI-ll.l.. .X man ol many thoughts. but Iew words. - Historv Club 4: International Relations Club 1.2.3.-43 President ol' International Relations Club 43 Y.NI.C.A. l.2.3.4. irecforg t'H,XRl.lzXli CROXV. Soft peace she brings wherever she arrives. - lfrench Club 2,-1: Spanish Club 1.2,-1 fPresi- dent 45: Phi Sigma lota 3.4 c'Presiclent 45: Chronicle 3: llonors Society 3,4. l'Hll.ll' l3ANNl.liY, Creater men have lived than I, but l cloubt it. - Varsity Club 1.2.3.-1: Cominutors Club 1.2, 3: king Rex 3: Swimming 'l'eam l.2.3: Intramural Foot' ball 4: Conimerce Club 3: Social c101llIlllSSlOl1 41 Yarsitv Club cYice-Plesiclent5 4: Council Representative 4: Swimming 'I eam Captain 3: Southeastern 344 ffl reasurer -i,. ll-QRRY IJOWLINC. Who mixed reason with pleasure, and wisdom with mirth: it he had any laults he has left us in doubt. - Y.lNI.C.A. l.2,3,4 q'l reasurer 3, President 45 : liiologv Club l.2,3,4: 'liri Beta 3.4 cHistorian 45: Cross Countrv 1: Band l,2.3: Sympliony l,2: Chemistry Club 4: lfiench Club 23 College Dax Committee 2: Chapel Choir 2: lfestival Chorus 2: Social Commission 2. 1.4511-QS DRliSCHliR, lheie is only one life worth living and that is marriecl lile. 4 Radio Club cWNOC5 cPresi- l dent 3.4: Speech Activities Board 3.42 College Day Com- mittee 3: Y.lVI.C.A. 2,3. l.OlilS PRDNIANN. A man he seems ot cheerful yester- clavs and confident tomorrows. - 'I heater Guild rlius. Mgr. 2. President 3.4: Alpha Psi Omega 1Presiclenl 2.3.45: Student Council 2: Prom Committee 3: bpeech Staff 3,4: Speech Activities Board 2.3,4 tCoun- cil Representative 2. Presiclent 3. Bus. Mgr. 45: Ifriclay Chapel Chairman 4: Radio Club 1.3.43 Deputation 3.4: Seager ,Xssociaticm 1.2. DAYIIJ 15A Rl.liY. Cocl made him a man and therefore let him pass. A Cross Country 1: Commerce Club 2,3,4: Spectrum 2.3.4 cComptroller 3.45: Student Finance Board 3: Commerce Co-operative illlflllllllg 4: Y.M.C.A. 1.2,3.4: Radio Club 3. MARY 10 PEIK, Never too busy to be friendly. - Y.lNI. CA. QCabinet 2.3.4. President 45: 1V.A.A. 1: Chapel Choir 1: Festival Chorus 1,23 Publications Boarcl 2.3.4: Religious Life Council 4: College Day Commit- tee 2: Religious Emphasis 1Veek Committee 2.3: May Queen Court 3: Homecoming Queen Court 4: Chronicle 1: 'liheatre Cuilcl 2,3,4: Alpha Psi Omega 4: l'Vomen's Rep. 3.4: Student Council 3.4: CYP Com. Chairman 3: 1A'l1o's ll'ho 4. VIRCINIA FRANK. Too much talent for one person to handle. WIl,l.AR1J C.XB1iI,. He may be shy but one swell guy. - lfrench Club 1.2: History-Sociology Club 3: Biology Club 1: Y.M.C.A. 1,2.3.4: Class Social Commission 2.3: 'liennis 3.4. KATHRYN CA'l"lf,S. lf she will. she will. You may de- pecl on it. If she won't. she won't so there's the end of it. -- Y.lXl.C..X. QSecretary 25: lfV.R.A. l,2,3,4 qlloarcl 2.3,-15: Spanish Club 1.2.3 tVice-President 2, President 35: Bolton Hall Presiclent 3: 1'Voman's Ad- visorv lioarcl 3 cSec1'etary 35: liclucation Club 3: Bio- logv Club 33 Phi Sigma Iota 3.4 cSecretaiy-Treasurer 45 : College Day Co-Chairman 3: May Queen 3: "'l"aming of the Slnew" 3: "Pmrigacloon" 4: l'N'l1o's Who 4. RYAN C151 I., "You can't tell about those silent men." - Yarsitv Club 3.4 cl reasurer 45: lfootball Manager 2.3: Y.Nl.C..X. 3.4: Chronicle 3: Seager Hall Secretary 2: Sea- ger Hall Counselor 4. CIQRALD HAl.l,, Not one to waste time. - Radio Club 3: Bancl 33 Michigan Booster Club 3.4: Y.M.C.A. 4: Com- merce Club 3: Cardinal "Pep" Bancl 3.4. MARION HAIQIILRMAN. My home ec. will sure be of use next year. - Home lclconomics Club 1.23.45 Co- Chairman May lfete 2: Publicity Chairman of Home 1-.c. Club 2: laclucation Club 4: W..X.A. 2: X.W.C.A. 3,4. .1 XMICS HARPER. 1Ve should esteem a person according to his action. NED HAXVBECKER - lVriters' Club QPresic1ent 35: Concert Choir 3.4: Festival Chorus 3.4: Theater Cuilcl 2.3.45 Alpha Psi Omega 4: Student Council 4: Honor Society 3,4 lPresiclent 45: 1'Vho's N'Vlio 4. MARYIQLLEN HAYYLISY, A busy bee who still has time for a smile. - Home lic. Club Clreasurer 2. Vice-President 3, President 45: Education Club 2.3.43 Indiana Booster Club 12.3.42 Y.M.C,A. 1.2.3,4: Religious Life Council Retreat 3: College Day Committee 31 Career Conference Committee 3 QCo-Chairman 45. -IOHN HOFERT, lJon't mistake him as being quiet. - Festival Chorus 1: Chapel Choir 1,23 Chemistry Club 1,2, 3.4 cPres. 45: Biology Club 3,4: Union Board of Control 2,3,4 fPresident 45: Tennis 3: Y.M.C.A. 4. HUGH HOLLIS'l'liR, None but himself can be his parallel. JACK HOOTON. Good things come in small packages. JOYCE IWIG. She majored in the art of homemaking. - Band 1.2.33 Y.YV.C.A. fCommittee Chairman 353 C.Y.F. 1.2: Religious Life Council 23 Christian Fellow- ship Hour Co-chairman 13 l'Visconsin Booster Club 3: lV.R.A. 33 Education Club 3.43 Theater Guild 3,43 De- bate 33 Phyllis Ebinger Award 4. ARLENE JOHNSON. It is not good that woman should be alone. - Publications Board 2,3 qSecretary 253 Col- lege Chronicle Staff 1.2.3 CAssociate Editor 35: Biology Club 12.3.43 Beta Beta Beta 2.3.4 tSecretary-Treasurer 453 Chapel Choir 13 Festival Chorus 1: Band 33 Student Council 2. DONALD JOHNSON. "A firm believer in the fact that two can live as cheap as one." - Commuters Club 1.23 Biology Club 43 Mathematics Assistant 2.3.43 Chronicle 3. DAVID JONES. "Quietly conscientious." GERRIT LANING. "With a song in my heart . . . " - Festival Chorus 1,2.3.43 Concert Choir l.2.3.43 Basketball 23 Sigma Rho 12.3.43 lPresident 45. ELAINE MOOBERRY. One of the Peotone Kids. - Home Ec Club lFinance Chairman 2. Treasurer 3, Vice- President 453 Education Club 2.3.43 Y.NV.C.A.-Social Ser- vice Commission 12.3.43 Religious Life Council Retreat 33 Theater Guild 1.2.33 College Day Committee 33 Jun- ior Class Social Commission 3. DONALD MEUGGENBERG, The greatest men are never known to history. - Baseball 33 Intramural Sports 3.42 Commuters Club-Organization Committee 33 Commuters Club 3.4. ROGER NIITRRAY. "He's little but he's wise3 He's a ter- ror for his size." Chemistry Club Biology Club 12.3.43 Finance Board 41 Junior Social Commission: Southeastern 4: Tri Beta 4. JOANNE NXULIN. "I make the most of all that comes. .incl the least of all that goes." - Chapel Choir 13 Festi- val Choir 1.2.33 lV.R.A. 1.23 Chronicle SANDRA NICKLA. Someday 1'1l travel this wide world o'er ancl then return to fly no more. - Y.W.C.A. 12.3.43 Biology Club 1.3.43 Annual 1.3.4. GERALD Pl-11I.l.1PS. 'lake it easy girls. he's engaged. - Y.Nl.C..X. 3.43 College Band 1.23 Concert Orchestra 2: Debate Squad 23 Pi Kappa Delta 2.3.4 fVice Pres. 352 Spanish Club 43 Biology Club 1. EVELYN PUCCI. "Education is a treasure and culture never dies. - Festival Chorus 2.3.43 French Club 1,2 qSec.-Treas. 253 Y.lV.C.A. 3.43 Spectrum 4. CAROLYN RASPILLER, Her voice is serene. her manner kind. she lives to chat with all mankind. Festival Chorus 1.2.33 Chapel Choir 13 Education Club 2.3.43 Chronicle l.2.3.43 Y.lV.C.A. 12.3.43 C.Y.F. 13 College Day Commit- tee 33 Finian's Rainbow 33 Brigadoon 4. BENJAMIN REED. All the wor1c1's a stage. - Festival Chorus 1,2,3.43 Concert Choir 2.3.43 Chapel Choir 13 Concert Band 23 Theater Guild CVice Pres. 2. Business Manager 3.453 Alpha Psi Omega 12.3.43 YVrit- ers' Club 3.4: Speech Activities Board 3.43 Student Coun- cil 43 XVho's W'ho 43 Director Junior Class Musical 3.43 Finian's Rainbow and Brigacloon3 Khord Kings 2. JANET REESE, Her good humor is the clear blue sky of her soul. - Y.lV.C.A. 43 WVR..-X. 43 President, lV.R.A. Board K3 years53 Athletic Board of Controlg Biology Club: Beta Beta Beta: French Cllllll Education Club. JANET REINHART. All may live without music. we may live without books, but civiliied men cannot live with- out cooks. - Home Ec. Club 12.3.43 Festival Chorus 1.2.33 Concert Choir 1: Co-Chairman for May Fete 23 Co-Chairman for Christmas Tea 3: Education Club 3.41 Y.ll'.C.A. BEVERLY RICHARD. Some people like school so much that they continue after graduation. - Beta Beta Beta 3.43 lV.R.A. 1.2.43 Spanish Club 33 Education Club 33 Biology Club 3.43 Commerce Club 13 Y.lV.C.A. 2.3. ROBERT RIGGS. Nothing is achieved without enthusi- asm. - Swimming Team 1,2.3 Mfanager 453 Cheerleacl- ing 33 Chemistry Club 13 Biology Club 2.3.43 Social Com- mission 33 Y.M.C..X. 1.23 Cabinet 3: Varsity Club l.2,3.4: Football 23 Homecoming Committee 33 XVNOC 13 French Club 23 Home lic. Club 23 Swim Instructor 3.43 Kappa Kappa Choirleers 13 Southeastern 3.4: Education Club 4. MARY ROEMER. Her air. her manner. all who saw acl- mired. - Chapel Choir 1: Festival Choir 1: Theatre Cuild tSecretary 25: Alpha Psi Omega 1.2342 Chairman Frosh Social Commission: Chemistry Club 1.2. 3.4 lSec.-Treas. 353 Spectrum 1.2.3 4Eclitor 351 Y.lV.C.A. 1.23 .X.C.S. Affiliate 2.3.4. BARBARA RO 1 HROCK. She has a smile that won't come Off. .Xl.Bl-QR'l'.X SXXYYI-QR. "What's more fun than having a good time?" - Y.lV.C..X. 13 lY.R..X. 13 Class Social Com- mittee 1.2 1Co-Chairman 253 Theater Guild Committees l,2.3Z College-Day Committee 3: Spectrum fAssoc'iate 1-lditor 353 Vice-Presiclent of Class 33 Social Commission lProperties Chairman 35: liducation Club 43 XX'ho's lVho 4. 14S l'1.'XR1'1.XR.X SCHROILDER. "I"llIl 1lid you say?" I'll be right there." - 1Y.R.A. 1,21 lf1'stiv11l Chorus l.2.3.41 Cltapel Cl111ir 11 1111111011 Choir 23,41 Y.VV.C.A. 1.2.31 h1lll'IIlt1llL'l1CS 2.31 Sigma R1111 C1111111111 M.I2.N.C. 1.2.41 College Day C111111nittee 21 Kllllflllllll H11ll Secretary 21 Kkllllllllllll Hall Vice-l'resi1le11t 31 XVOIIICILS A1lvisory 111111111 3,4 1l'resi11ent 411 AIl'.'SI'. 132111111161-1,l'flllI C11-Cl1air- lllllll 31 51111111 Conttnission 3,41 1'11lllGl1lU1l Cl11b 41 Se11ior Class Yi1e-l'resi1lent 41 1111111111110 1.2.3 fC0IIll'JlT011ClA 311 11I'11,f2llltN1ll 4-A1'111111l111nist. CH.XRl.Ul lli SCHROICDICR. If 1111 tl1e things I ought 111 1111 t111111y were laid C1111 to e111l, t11ey'd just lie there. end to end. RONALD SMI l H, l've taken III1' fun where l've found it. - Elllltllllilll 1111117 3.4 1111651116111 41: Student COIIIICII 4: Varsity Clllll 2,3,41 lfootball 2.31 Track 2.3.41 Athletic l'1o111'11 111 Control. 1-W1-QN SNYDICR, "Music is well s11i1l to be tl1e speech of angels." - Festival Cl111rus 23,41 Home lic. 1111111 3.41 1'1l'L'lIlll Cl11l1 31 H1u'm11nette 31 Commuters Club 3,41 I-'inian's Rainbow 3. KIOXX SUNIMICRS, "I-'ull of mischief 11111. doing things I shoul1ln't do." - 1'V.R.A. tSee. 311 W.R.A. Board 111 Control 2.31 Biology 1111111 1.2.41 Ho111e lic. Clllll 3,41 lflllllillltbll Cl11l1 41 Minnesota Booster Cl11l1 tVice- l'11-s. 31: Y.XV.C..'X. l.2.3.4. AIUHX SOUR, .Xll great IIICII are dead or dying and I 11111111 11-el well myself. NANCY 51llfYl'1NS, Not simply good but good for some- thing. - Cl11ss X'icefl'resi1le11t 21 I'lI'CIIlll Club 1.21 Social lommission SCCI'C11lI'1' 21 Etlllflifltlll Club 2. l'.X'lR16.l.X SIROUD. I 11111 be serious. l1ut l'11 rather be gay. 1351101111111 il' you like IIIC this way. Prom Commit- tee 3: Radio 1111111 41 'liheater Guild 2.3.41 Biology Club 1.3: I'Il'EllLll Cl11l1 11 C11llege Day Co111111ittee 2,31 Horne- ltlllllllg Cornmittee 1.3.41 Spectrutn 41 Cl1ro11icle 1.21 Iillllklllltbll Clllll 3,41 Musical 3.4 1Art Di1'ecto1'11 1V.R.A. 1.2.3. DONNA S1 R1"l'Z. Never i1lle a 111o111ent, lllll thrifty and thoughtful of others. Chronicle 11 Theatre Guild 2.3.41 Y.W.C A. 2.3.4 1'I'reasurer 3 Vice-Pres. 41 1 History Club 2.3 1Se1.51'1'eas. 31 1 Kroehler H1111 Vice'Presi1lent 21 Class bCLl'Cl2ll'1' 31 Student Council 41 Alpha Psi Omega 41 College Day Co111111ittee 31 Prom Co1111nittee 31 Horne- 1 oming C.o1nn1ittee 4. RICHARD SWAFFORD, I c11111e. I saw, I conquered. - Varsity Basketball 3.4 QC11-Captain 411 President Incliana Booster Club 31 History Cl11b 41 FYGIICII Club l,2. SHIELDON 'I RAl'l', lt WOLllLlII,l be life Nllllllllll 11 little bit olf mischief. - Seager Association l,2.3,4g Football 2.3.41 Varsity Cl11l1 3,43 Junior Class Social Cornmissiott 31 'llreasuret' Religious Life Comtnission 41 Chronicle 1 5.4. GLENN UNCLR, The strong silent type. - Freshmen Mens Representative 11 Football 1.2.3 QCO-Captain 411 Mens Representative at Large 41 Student Council I History Club 2.3 Cl'r siclent 411 Mens Representative at Large 41 Student C111t11cil 1 1Vi1'e-l'resi11ent 411 College Day C111-Clllllflllilll 31 Social C11111n1issio11 31 Soutlieastern Club 1.2.3.-41 Pi Gl1lI1Ul2i Mu 3,4 NORMA VUICI. "She is gentle, she is shy, 1.7111 there'S rnischief in her eye." - Chemistry Club I1 Band 11 Edu- 1ati1111 Club 3.41 College Day Co1111nittee 31 Class Social C111n111ittee 31 Finian's Rainbow 31 Deputation 31 W'.R.A. l.2,3.41 W.R.A. 151111111 2,3.41 Y.1V.C.A.-Social -Service C11111111issi1111 l.2,3.41 Frosh Orientation CUIIIIIIISSIOII 41 Biology Club 41 331011161118 Advisory Board 41 331011161115 RCl3I'L'SC1l1111110-111-I1lll'gC 1111 Student Council 4. l11'1R'1iH,A VOORHIQIQS. Coolness 211111 11bsen1'e of haste i11- dicate l1er fine qualities. IOHN NVliNDI.,lNC. "He is ll strong man who can hold 1l11w11 l1is 11wn t1lDlIIlU1lS.n Swimming 211621111 l.2,3,41 Traclc I-Clllll 1.23.41 Sllffflflllll 41 Chemistry Club I1 Varsity fllllll 1.2.3.-11 Water Show 2.3.4 1Co-Cltairtnan 31. DENNIS W1-lN'l'l, Knowle11ge is power. - Student Body' 1111251116111 41 Class President 31 1'Vho's Who Among Stu- dents 41 Biology Club ql'resic1ent 411 Beta Beta Beta 2.3.4 Cl'resi11ent 411 Class Social Con1111itte Co- Clllllflllllll 31 CIICIIIISIQIIY Club 2.3.41 Radio Club 1.2.31 1'r11gra1n Director WNOC 31 Finian's Rainbow 31 Chapel Choir 11 Festival Chorus I1 Concert Band 1.2.31 Honor So1iety 4. DALE YVILBER, A 1nan who consetrates his 1l0llI'S. by vigorous efforts and honest ai111s. CIQORCE NVILKIN, Spee1h is great. but silente is greater. SHLLDON WILLIAMS. He stoops for notliing 11111 the 11o11r. - Campus Social Commission 11 Class I'l'CS1llCIII 21 Class Social Connnittee 31 Basketball l.2,3.4: Baseball 1.2,3.41 1,fCSlllClIl'S Council 41 Varsity Cl11l1 23,4 1Sec- retary 411 Fi11ian's Rainbow 3. NANCY WOLF, Sl1e rivals t11e birds with l1er singing. JANE NVOESSNER, She may lixe in tl1e IIUIISC of Saints . . . llllt . . . - litlucation Club 2.3.4 1Vice-l'resi1lent 411 XYl111's Who 41 .Alpha Psi Omega 41 Theater Guild 3.4: Chronicle 2.3.4 Associate Iiclitor 41: Class Secretary 41 Y.NV.CA. 2.3.41 Ho11or Society 4. Compliments of ERIK A. BORG CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS 6649 Ridge Aevuue Chicago 26. Illinois 10 Best Wislies For Success 'lio The Class O1 1957 THE NAPERVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member Feclerzll Deposit lnsurzmce ciU1'lJ0li2l11Ull TOENNIGES JEWELERS Diamonds - Jewelry - Gifts - VVatc1ies Musical Instruuieiits DORCAS TOILNNIGES 311 NV, xlC1'1.Cl'SOl1 Street IVREDRICIK TOENNIGES Plume 1321 O1'1'ici:11 X'VIlKC1l liispectuirs For The Burliiigton Rzlilrozlcl Nznperville X1Vz11c1se11vi11e OLIVER J. BEIDELMAN Funeral Chapel - Auibulzmce Service Furniture 239 S. X"ViiS111l1gIOl1 Pllone 21311 COl1g1'HILl12lt1fj11S to the Class U1 11157 More -------- Quality NIOIC -------- Service More -------- Sll1151'1ll11UI1 ut MCORE LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY 315 S. Main St. .Xt the River Pllone 111 151 L Compliincnts ol 1 Friend WALTER A MALEK xIClVL'lL'l' Dizunoncls-Slerling-Silverplate lV11tc'lics by Hamilton Elgin Hrlillk' Nlnst l'l'cciol1s Gilt ls -lL'YN'L'll'Xn 109 S. Malin Struct Plmnc H199 Ernie's "66" Service Station Thu clUllllDlL'l.L' l,inc nl "fin" SL-rvicc Sf? S, XV:1sl1ingmn Plinncl I ll Howard A. Esser Tvllfflit' Insurance Is 11 Business All typcb of Imuramn Phone 7 1545 S. Wfzisliiiigtoii, Naperville Clonipliincnts ol thc PINE KNOT RESTAURANT V N. Fl-1 Ngipciwillc- Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Glass Paint 20 Malin Struct iXlll'Ol'2l, Illinois wif ? Coniplimenl I NAPERVILLE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION NETZLEY CO., INC. 2 E. Chicago Ave. fCHRYSLER- PLYMOUTHQ MUELLER PONTIAC CO. Ogden Ave. QPONTIACQ CROMER MOTOR CO. 25 W. Chicago Ave. QFORDQ HUFF MOTORS INC. 601 N. Washington QCHEVROLET- OLDSMOBILEQ BRUMMEL MOTOR CO. 245 5. Main St. QBUICKQ CENTRAL MoToRs 119 5. ivlain si, monoli- PLYMOUTHQ JOHN SEXTON Si CO. THE NATIONAL CHAIN NN'HOI.ESAI,E CROCERS lf. o. Box ls. C.l11cugo90, Illinois 153 TI-IE STEARNES CO. Lp gm .I in lim! IJ-I9 S. Yllzilnziisli AVC. Llliiczlgu 5, Illinois CHINA - GLASS - SILVER - UTILNSILS AI,XNI'I'OR'S Sl7PPLIIi'i K KIICHLQN EQUIPAIENT For IIQCSKZIIIIXIIIIN, Czilctcrigim. Hotels Cllulms, Institutifinx and Dining Cars i I Siicccss mln 'noni I951 5lJL'llI'lIIII BOECKER COAL AND GRAIN CO. Oli Simi' ISIN 'IIHIQOIIORIQ II. IIUIX IxIfR. IR.. Nlgr. inul Imiiiliuiilgu Hoppers Clnlxc I'Cu'uIcnn1 links l I X lzllswfnlli Sl. Na! Ifucl Oil SAIL icrxillu. Illinuis I'lmnc 154 Hfjxe ggrignfesf Sfar in fAc C!-Vlillfty Izfljacyn OATMAN'S GOOD HOMOGENIZED MILK Where Clan You Get So Nluch For So Little? And Mfhere Can You Match The Flavor? 735 Prairie Road Aurora Phone 7-9252 North Central College Chronicle "Voice ol the CXIIIIIJLISH GLENN PFEIFER Editor JAN E VVOESSNER Associate Editor ROGEN E BUCHHOLZ Comptroller Compliments ol DU PAGE BOILER 319 N. Hlasliinglon l'li Naperville, Illinois M O S E R LUMBER, INC. Retail Lumber and Millwork HAROLD NIOSILR Naperville. Ill. H1fl'fl'I'iYfllllIg For The Home" 155 one IIUU CIDIIIIJIIIIICIIIB ol THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF AURORA Orgzuiifcd 1888 Total Rcsourccm Over 5r4f44i,ll0ll,1Nl0.U0 O 8 S. BROADWAY 0 AURORXS VERY BEST CLOTHING STORE The Store that is Satisfied only when you are The I-Ionic of Friendly Service' B O R N 'S SERVICE STATION .WU N. xvllhlllllglfill Pllulik' :HBH RANG'S MEN'S SHOP Nlltlflllillly Advertised NICIII5 IVGLI1' 155 S, IVZISIIIIIQIOII Phone 470 Nznpn-1'x'illc, Ill. Clmlglxnullutlulis Llama nl .11 limn RIFE CLEANERS "ilUllR'I'I1QOl'S X IIRUXIIVT Sli RX'lCl11." 11 1 lull 'lihznt IllIll5lIilI Dime Stou- BEN FRANKLIN 21 IV. xIL'IlL'I5OIl Stu-cl 5 L 'CIWH Plmm' .370 N:lpc'1'x'illc'. Illinois I 1 r Compliments of ,1w, .x:,,. zz. ,vbzz ,,,,,,V H , S .- Aqiv " Q I i 1 sa a E ss s ' uNl ac a o THE STUDENT UNION if-1 I Sandwiches II T. V. Aw wg I Q Refreshments Q, Music I - I I THE PLACE TO MEET FRIENDS CARL FISHER, INC. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Kimball Hall 306 South Wfabash Avenue Chicago 4, Illinois CLASSIC BOWLING LAN ES "l6 Automatic Pin Spottersl' H14 New York St. Aurora, Ill. Ph. Au-25314 I I NICK LENERT PLUMBING AND HEATING Oil Burner Service Stoker Service Ph. 1133 20 Benton DAY 81 MERIDTH General Electric Sales Sc Service I0 VV. Alellerson Naperville, Ill. BLOCK - KUHL Aurora, Illinois Congratulations on Your 1957 Spectrum HAAS 81 GETZ PLUMBING AND HEATING 2556 S. Wzrsliiiigtcmii Phone 80 HERB MATTER Realtor HERB MATTER, JR. Broker 215 S. I'V2lSlIll1gIOl1 St. Residence Pho-nes: 5 or 476-xl Business Phone 300 Naperville, Ill. JOE FAULHABER'S CITY MARKET The Finest of Fresh and Cold Meats The Finest of Acconioclation Groceries 27 West Jefferson Phone 440 158 ' "The Smrc That COlll'lLlC1'1CC Built" GREENWALD'S JEWELRY STORE Sl Suullw 'IE31'ozulw11y ,Xu1'01Xz1, lll. ".Xu1'u1':1's lllmifc lol' Owl' 25 YTCIITSH CO1l1Pll1llL'lltS of FINEST QUALITY BAKED GOODS . . . l,ilSllXlL'h - Cookies - Brczld - Rolls 2 Stores to Scrvc You 8155 N. VVllSlllllgIO1l 143 NV. AlL'l'lACl'S0ll Compliments of A. F. FAIRBANK CO., INC. GEN ERAL CONTRACTOR VVest Chicago, Illinois For CQICZIKCI' Enjoyment DR. PEPPER CHEER UP SUN CREST ORANGE RCA VICTOR TELEVISION Naper TV 81 Appliance RADIOS -RECORDS - HI - FI F56 IVV. AICITCYSOII Naperville, Ill. MOBILHEAT FUEL OILS PRINTED METER DELIVERY SERVICE "I'Veather IfVatching" QAuto1natic Deliveryj G R U S H 0 I L C 0. Phone Naperville 789 A. L. RITZERT Sand - Gravel - Limestone Concrete Blocks YARD AT Phone 960 E. Chicago Ave. NAPERVILLE 506 ALBRECHT'S PHARMACY THE PRESCRIPTION STORE Two Registered Graduate Pharmacists 127 So. Mfashington St. Tel. 68 VVEHRLI HOME APPLIANCES HOTPOINT RCA WHIRLPOOL ROPER Sales and Service 25 VV. xlelflerson Naperville, Illinois Phone 957 100 I JACK 81 JILL SHOP "YOl ' R ClHlLDRlfQN'S S'1'OR1i" lnlants - 'I'otltlle1's lioys K Girls Clothing Sulntt-em 121 S. xYIlSlllllglUl1 Telephone 660 Carl Broeker 81 Co. Departinent Store XVll,L.XRU HROEKER '26 LESTER HROEKER '28 Coinpliinents ol ACE sm fs S amk lgzg RASSYVIULER HARDXVARE CO. "The Best Place to Get Quality Mdsef' Gifts - Plumbing K Electrical Supplies H-16 XV. Chicago Ave. Phone 77 Naperville, Illinois O B E E WHCLESALE GROCERS 9001 South lialliinoie Avenue Clliicago I7, Illinois 'ASHUES THA T SA TISFYH "That friendly store of service- quality footwear for the family" 6 W. Jefferson Phone 934 SEARS 8. ROEBUCK CATALCGUE SALES OFFICE Mgr. MRS. LELA ROILMHILD '19 216 S. YVashington Phone 1-100 WIL - O - WAY FARM Phone 1028 GOLDEN CREST MILK "Taste the Difference" Naperville, Illinois F I E L D CONSTRUCTION CO. RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL BUILDERS 520 E. Odgen Ave. Phone 1643 LIETZ AND GROMETER Heart of Aurora A GOOD PLACE TO SHOP AVOIIICIIYS and Children's Apparel Handbags, Cloves. Hosiery, Home Furnishings lf' Soverelgn s Bakery XX 114t11L1 lts 1111111115 O1 lust 1 ood 1o11s X b1l111lllL1H11ll1yOllM111111 SONLRLIC N S B XKLRY XX ut L11LlSOIl C 01lll!11lIlLl1lS 11 DORMOR SHOES 1 1 W L11ClbOl1 N ilJt'1Xl11L 111111015 P11o11L 1511 C UIl11J1l1l1Ll1l5 01 Boecker s Men s Wear We C lothe Xou 1410111 T1p 1 o 51 oe 1 '11 S W'1s111115to11 DALE S Record Shop opul ll 11111 C 1 18811 11 recolds 0 Shut 11111s1c U1L1L1Cl1 1 11 5 W11s11111gto11 St P11o11e 1655 W 1Lso11 s 101 LXILRXTHING MUbILAL H XMMOND ORC, XNb 1 IANIOS Band and O1c11Lst1 1 111st1u111u1ts Sheet Musu IIIL1 f111os Du Page Produce H1111 VV F1o11t St Watson Muslc House WMM 111 If Blodx XX est ot CIIV H111 Q D mnu llue AlllOld 111o11L 1 -1100 ' I - I I . , , . , . ' C 5 1 ' ' 1 z 1 'L . 1. i I xl 1 , 1 1 ' f 1 H V H 1 i' ll, ' I 2:1 1 -, I ' ' 5 1 I f 1' 0 1' l'1 A "The 5ll1Ll1'tCS1 shoes on the avenue" ' 51118111211 1HSU4l1NlC11lS CHU bc 4. Y xl A ' V, 1 Vx 1 I Y. K 1 11 1 A1 , . " 1 ' 1 " ' . f -z , . 1' ' 1' , 2 1, 1 1 JA , L X, A H 1 1 4 , I 1 1 33 1' H NI1XX1xIR1x 11-IONE 15 0 1 WEST SUBURBAN TRANSIT MIX INC. 151 gS Nl I1 111 S. W. BOMBERGER MASON cmd PLASTERI NG CONTRACTOR L H 511 I X 1 I I mc 318-J STAN DARD STfXND.XRD OlL COMITXNY l'L'iUgIlllL'S iliclilstinyk ncccl ol cnpuhlc young nicn who will hc tliusgili-sim-11, llll'OllllllllIlS, znncl L-xu utivcs ol thc luturc. In order to lullill our philosophy ol olli-ring, our Lustonlcis thc lincst scrviccs :nnl products possible, wc ol ST,wXNU,XRD OIL lmvc sci up cxtcnsivc training progimns for our personnel, Onc phasc ol this training i5 the COOPERATIVE PLAN with NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE, whcrc young mon lmvc an cwlmmc to cznin while they lcznin thu 1Jl'2lCIlCLll und. apply thc tlicoiuticznl. Throuoh such lorcsiwlit, wc continue to iinnrovc and muintziin thc hivh C 5 iw stznulzircls ol cxccllcncc which have hiouglit szitislziction to our millions ol' cus- tolncrs thc world over. 165 For the finest in cleaning . . . HAIDU CLEANERS FUR STORAGE 8 S, XV11-.llillgtulm Phone 320 Nzlpcrvillc, Ill. NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE BOOK STORE Ownc-cl gmcl Opcrutcd hy North Clclltlxal Clullcgc Evcryllming The Student Needs" YOU CAN GET IT AT I Since 1915 OSWALD'S PHARMACY F19 XV. Alcllukson St. Pham' 2323 REAL ESTATE HOME BUILDING INSURANCE ALBERT J. SCHOROSCH 81 SCNS A leader in Coiiimuuily clevelopniem since 1912 6714 YV. Belmont Avem Chicago 3-l, Illinois Nlllllx-1'l'y 5-Ll8Al0 Compliuients ol Baker Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners Inc. Complete Laundry and Dry Cleamng Service "The Official College Laundiy Phone: Naperville 668 Aurora 78432-3k 16 igrinrv Glemtlrn ICE CREAM Stores iii Priiicipzil Cities Tlirougliout Northern Illinois For Those: One-in-o Million Molteds Princeburgers Top I-lots and all your other lavorite ICE CREAM dishes 2-1 S. Xvllslllllgfflll Naperville, lll l +4 Q I ---F 1 i ' 169 S.:-"S ,:1-gf: 1 77 ' " """"" "" "" .,,.-,Y-gxpe N,w .xi N - ei ,Q. ,R XX X. X, , X , ,I ffl fl X, X - Exsfi ,.-be . fXSf:X-iSQ--..- . X X ,X . X , X .XXX X, , XX if 1 , ,,,,f , - ..-N ,K . K ,-.. X, , , ,, . , , ,X ,x , X Y , , ,, I ii s ,- x - -X9-.-so .s,X ff 1 'fff - x 'X -XA- .X - VX4 , X f' ff fn!! Xf..ii ,1 , fiix-Xl -fi --i:-',:- ff:-X . ff' -x N f W e X ' XNXAN 'XXX X, ,Xu-Q VX f V ,fr X 11:5 rr, f 2' X X XXXXX,XXX.XMMX'! N' Xfuff f, M ' o ss 2 XXX, X ,X or 1 XXQXXX,,:XWXXXX1XX9XWsXX:X,f,,X1ffW44ff X X : 'ff ff-A Yziffii if- X-iff 4519, X , 7f'XxX?WX7fM1W'wl'Wf!!" 'I "li -Xe . 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Suggestions in the North Central College - Spectrum Yearbook (Naperville, IL) collection:

North Central College - Spectrum Yearbook (Naperville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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