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4.,,. ,...41:.:...,.: ? :II .3 11 KB v 1 5 5 H, 11 lt, i fb P w w A 1 If x ,l 1 wx 1 5: L 5' A 6 1 1 K Elko' , H r , 1' , r' fo 4' m ' N , . A M 9 f ax Z ", f , U- " ea," -f I' L' ' H s ff S 4 7 . t"' f ,nl , 1 I , ' ,fs "' , 1 I ,I 1 gi ,L J' af, -f 1 f I 1 1 fi I , K. 4 U , K 1 3. ' ' ' Ifvlafl 4:2 . 5 ' f 2 f 1 ' 6 , 1- A 'V 4 3 - 'X i gf' , ,531 t, I , le " 1,1 ' jf In .fi 1 ,X An'-s 5, . X ' gf? '51 135 4' 5' , 3, ,A , , 1 4, ijk 2' I A Q 4 u "wg, I EIN, Y . ' ' A-'P' A ' 'Y-"Q," TL, ' . . , f r .'n-4 ,A 1. YA 5 1 . ' ' ' 'S' ' ' . Y' 1 - 5 ' x ' Q ,V "- Q 735 . p ,wif in ', ' '2 .. A 'C' w9,, ' ' W5 Q' ,I. . Y 4' 1 'lf Y Q M, Y' 1 'tbtih J tv I ' it hzggjq 1 1 e 'f 4: J R ' 42. ' X ' f ' ' . 1. 1 .I lt, . 5 A N 'Q ' .0 ' f . ' M YA an A A7 A-J ., A 1 . x -. A 9,1-'Sv if 1 'f K . 5 2. . A '54yT. . ' ' 16' - N' .ff ia , .f 4 3 A Q i-6' Q pxvrfl W, Vg ,X f ,af fl . +- ' ru .X 'Mgr- L 1 f J' 2 V gi v -ab, X-W. W V NJ. ' 'R ""0'P'0"lY'3 144'-M-,W vm 'M--no-. M , x. , A A l r Remembering . . . North Central Colleges, situated at Naperville, Illinois, a suburban city twenty-eight miles west of Chicago, is a Christian liberal arts college, which yearly educates approx- imately seven hundred students. This cold portrait is North Central seen in the external and objective viewpoint of an outsider. To us students, NC presents an entirely different picture. To us, it is a mixture of people, places and events that shape our lives with ex- periences ofinnumerable variety. What will we remember about NC as twenty year alum- ni, ten year alumni, or for that matter, what will we remember four years from now? ln looking back, perhaps our first vision of NC will be the warm reception received from our "Big Sis" or "Big Brother", that awesome upperclassman who helped us through the ordeal of becoming a NC'er. And how could we ever forget Woe Week, when we, as lowly frosh, humbly took part in the peanut roll or the torch light parade. Oh, we suffered through those ordeals, but afterwards a new sense of pride assured us that we were ac- cepted as a part ofthe college! The thrill of our first college homecoming, with its numer- ous events, deeply impressed us. We'll remember the lovely Coronation with its anxious moments awaiting the presentation of our new Homecoming Queen, and the feeling of 5 Melina 4' -A Q -' - ,I V V . , .W .,..t. ,.... 9 Q , , K. nw ...F f ' f 1 il if " 150 Q . Ma arMaa,nnf - .9 , A , , . s ur , -f , . awe at that mammoth bonfire will never be forgotten. The novelty of the parade, the excite- ment ofthe football game, the tables of tasty food at the Smorgasbord, and finally the en- tertaining Homecoming production, will long stay alive in our memories. The various parties, sponsored by classes and organizations, which always meant headaches and work for their chairmen, will come to our minds. Looking back, we will remember the anxious awaiting ofthe football season and cross country in the fall, the excitement of the swim meets and basketball games in the winter and the interest of tennis, outdoor track and baseball games in the spring. And we won,t forget the teas-especially the traditional Christmas tea and the wonderful concert by the THEM? M festival chorus, which follows it. Then-those semester exams! Could we forget them? Hardly! The various springtime activities, such as College Day, with the May Queen and King Rex, and also the Senior Banquet and Prom, will remain as fond memories of each year. Letis consider our return for Homecoming just four years hence. Except for a few changes, the outward look of the campus will be about the same as when we were here. Maybe the red bud tree that the Seniors planted will have grown a bitg but Old Main will be there just as it has since l89O when the south wing was added. The changes will be evi- .W ,sr Sy ' a. 1 f , ' wife 1 e fm, ' lhzitlfm 4 7 dent when we consider the student body of 1960. It will include a completely new set of students and a completely new set of leaders and followers. Our past activities on campus will probably be oflittle interest to these North Centralitesg but to be sure we'll reminisce about the "good old days" back at college. We will no doubt take out the yearbook and think about our old friends and wonder what the Hgangn has done since we saw them last We will wonder if Al has finished his study in medicine and has hung out his shingle, if Keith, has realized his great ambition to attain a doctorate in Chemistry, and if Joy, who studied diligently as a Commerce major has found success in the business world. We will think ofDean and Arlene, who were intent on becoming the "teachers of tomorrowv-and so person after person after person will run through our mind in retrospect of our college days. To each NC'er a different memory will surround the many vibrant phases of North Central as presented here, some with great elation and some with a few tears. But for each she holds a valuable prize, maybe as yet not completely revealed. Always, she stands as a milestone in the formulation of each student's life. This in North Central! THE EDITORS 8 At right: Remember when i 23 , X R ,af i R if lx Wg ,i ' row ,V ' fE 5 1 .N .gpm Q xg.. I '21, wa." .Uff 2 W , 4 , -an A ,U ' , , f 'X' I . s 1' f J. Viv' A U Q, ' fl Y "Q wx , , Pf -'97, . Sysfy bf - S' V f if 2' 7, 1, f X 'f NN, , ffl ., , 4 If -Af 4 ,w .I fx xr ,K AW, 9 ,W fyx., , '. X Zx,Q22'ZXm" Q., X I V, 471+ . HRM OV' nl we 42 'f K fn ,X ' ' fiff Q f Q .fW!'.?-if ' V fvvr NJN 'A ,' 4' y -W , Y ,A if maaaswawvwwiii 'll 'W WW 'UW Professor Edward H. Himmel In Dedication In this year of 1956, we have chosen to honor one who gives a word of encouragement to despairing students, guides those who seek the pathway to truth, has patience never ending, and has a smile and a hello for everyone. The Senior Class takes pleasure in dedicating the forty- sixth volume ofthe Spectrum to Professor Edward H. Himmel in appre- ciation of his being both a teacher and a friend. ll sri-5 C .1 1 If 2- 1 C ' Z. i 1.3 -4' F Q- , 9 fx 51 21, 1 jig 4- j .44 5, , vu. if 4 ' fr Eff Wi -f Y J' ga f W ...fu 1 -4. JG' 1+ ki , J, If W if 'va ' ff? f ,f X XX XS A X F X QQXN XX X X Xix XxX XXX XIX Q XXXX X XX X ' "' :Ns X X? X xx x XXX X X .Hx NU.. X X XXX X Nw-X- --1' - XXXQ N NW. mm.. , N N X XxxxxxxXNX XXKX'-XVXWVVKX L x N A ' NA X H. .N xx- ,xxxxxxvwx ' XX X xvrxxxx .4-' 2, f " "" 1 li F-" ,., , ww xx xxx? x XF QR X XNX xrf fe xp on yt . - gf . . of xv' ff .-'X if Ai-9 X , Meet the Profas . . . A". -f a? f 3 3 4512 Q . 1 1 Y . W? 1 if' 6 l , 5 . ' Q 5 A an Ara, KZLZSY Doctor C. Harve Geiger As President of North Central College, Dr. C. Harve Geiger carries out his role quietly but efficiently-always working with the best interests of students and faculty uppermost in his mind. Dr. Geiger has been President of North Central for nine years. Previously, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago in 1922, his Master of Arts degree from Harvard University in 1928, and his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Columbia Uni- versity in 1940. The students and faculty of NC are indebted to Dr. Geiger for the many ways in which he works with and for theml They have found him to be a capable leader and an understanding friend. Dr. Geiger's office is always open to those seeking counsel and advice. Because of his extensive travels through the Midwest, delivering addresses to churches, and civic and educational groups, Dr. Geiger has promoted interest in the college and has done much to encourage prospective students to attend North Central. 14 Here to inspire us, to guide us, LESTER C. BELDING Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics, B.S., M.A. LESTER A. BEAURLINE Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A. MARCUS C. BRUHN Associate Professor of Economics, B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. VERNE E. DIETRICH Professor of Physics, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. MARY DOTTERER Dean of Women, B.S., M.S. MRS. ELLA SCHROEDER DUTE Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A. CLARENCE E. ERFFMEYER Dean and Professor of Education, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MRS. RUBY R. ERWIN Assistant Professor of Home Econom- ics, B.Ed., M.A. DOROTHY GALOW Accountant MRS. BEATRICE GATES B.A., Secretary to the Vice-President. MRS. DOROTHY GRAVES Assistant Professor of Home Econom- ics, B.S., M.A. MRS. CATHERINE KAY Instructor in Mathematics, B.A., M.A. WARREN N. KECK Professor of Biology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MRS. FLORENCE KOEDER Instructor in Secretarial Science, B.S. IRVIN A. KOTEN Professor of Chemistry, B.A., M.S. Ph.D. FACULTY 7 XZ.. L ,, ',.,-L.-g , V 'K :,,,.y - if rr if , 'J A- ' -, , ge? fs. 4 rf.: 'kwa 5 5 gs . ' -." N , f -,, f 0. o 14 -.'-. j I . A- NAM' .A ef l . 1 ff- Q ..'.,'. .Q ,, , ' ,W -3, V, I lf" Q, , g ,f , w iv , ,.p,,,1Z., ,V " Q ,. ,,.. X ' A .. f' ' .e .79 3 as I n 39" iff 1 ' W" "' 4' 1 ws.. f, .M . , . View! W az ,f . ,. .mfg L . -, '7 nr X 14.2 . W , "' X J, isssfz , -any . ww f' ,, V .sum-H ' ln'-. ,nf-sf,-.fy .- ,M -. 1 .. ' t g Ma W ' 3 , yi a f ' ' -Q ,. -V T FNJ4 if . . 4,-0 ., 'jfs 5 away' N H W "" 'Pm' Q s I f Q 1 im 'Q ff" , yzzggf 4 5' 75 1 ' ' " , .. ,,,i Q--.,,, 'To N. W. MCGEE Professor of Political Science, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MRS. HELEN NORTON B.A., Secretary to the President. HANNAH NYHOLM Associate Professor of Romance Lan- guages, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. GLENN REDDICK Associate Professor of Speech, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. CLARENCE N. ROBERTS Professor of History, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. VERNON C. SCHAEFER Professor of Psychology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. EDWARD M. SCHAP Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.A.,M.S. MRS. MARION HAINES SCHAP Assistant.Professor of Music, B.A., M.A. ALLAN SCHWARZ Professor of Education, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. BETTY SCHLOERB Secretary to the Dean. MARY ANICE SEYBOLD Professor of Mathematics, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. HARVEY SIEMSEN Vice-President, Public Relations and Finance, B.A., B.D. MRS. BERNICE KOEHLER SMITH Bookstore Manager. CLEO TANNER Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion and Physical Director for Women, B.S., M.A. FLOYD THOMPSON B.A., Admissions Counselor FACULTY leadtu to greater heights. RICHARD THURSTON Associate Professor of Sociology, B.A., M.A. MRS. ALICE WATSON W . 5 Secretary in the Business Office. T HELEN WATSON Professor of Theory, Music School, B.A., Mus.B., lVlus.M. JAMES WILL Assistant Professor of Religion, B.A., B.D., Ph.D. FACULTY These then are the ones who inspire us, who guide us, who lead us to greater heights. To them We owe much more than these few words of appreciation. To them we are indebted for their efforts to impart their knowledgeg for their willingness to counsel and adviseg for their being sympathetic and under- standing friends. Therefore, we, the students of North Central, wish to take this opportunity to say to each member of the faculty, "Thanks.7, 17 Maintenance Staff Jack Maier and his group of workmen, a part of whom are shown here, have done a great deal of work this past year and also last summer, to modernize the campus buildings. Examples of their endeavors may be seen in the remodeled Alumni Hall, Where the Biology department is located, and Goldspohn, Where the Chemistry, Math, and Physics departments are being revamped. The janitors do a fine job of maintaining the school buildings and keeping them clean. X X X f X f X! X '0 Q :VW-X , , fy .VW ff 1 YFWWKW , - f , yi? X f , W If 5 f W , , 1 f", :- f ' W , agi-lgzfysygg-f,g4Z, X gn gfklyi-,wgsm if-5 yy: 7, X v, ,W ,,,- N Wf xffifygff, QM.-s ,M-'PYIx.A tw-'KFMWVQ f VW- f"' X f f4V,.9V"v 4 f5M,e-QfcfWM5- ff f-',QX6f'f, .11-aff'-S ? f ,..,., ,, V, ' ,ymfg ' YW I 'V ..h- , f aw, A ....,..-. f , , , 4 Www if f w-,yn s,, X ,A 1 , L 'fl K ff! V ,f , p v - V 'ZZ' Y W "H i S , 1 i 1 , 'f V Urfffyf f f .ji g A ' , ,, ' yfywigs, M- la Q-My f f ' 'Q'-. ' li "V, A . 1 in 4' 2' . , v is 1 3 ,ef -Wi i a Ay , , ,,,. J, . V ,.,, ,ff 5 if ' . I I8 X , X v 5, S1 :Ms WXQW . ff' s-av ea - ,. V. Lf-lt to higlnz .ll'IIif N-Itrtn-tleig in-e l'rt-sid:-nt: Dick Winters, Secretary: Betsy Belding, Secretary: Nlarlt-ne lluvc-, Xvtniiuiil lit-p.g ltr-an Stolter. President. :Xct l: .Ns the curtain opens. the class of '56 appears hesitantly upon the stage of lNorth T tientrals campus. The setting is one of ivv covered huildings. foreboding looking facultv. and avvc inspiring seniors. The actors. wearing green beanies. are rather unsure of themselves as vet. Chief ad-lilmlver. ,lerrv Schroeder. smooths over the rough spots. lnterinission: A long awaited vacation. Act ll: The actors re-enter. using again and again-and with great glee-the cue "lJouhle-ltotttnn. Froslif' Bill Wlolf has the leading role in this act. lnterinission: A summer spent refilling the colliers. niet III: 'The time is now fall 1951, The actors gather on the stage.with a hit of smug- ness. for thev have hecome upperclassmen. As the plot unfolds. everyone is working toward the junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. the most dramatic moment of this act. Lew :Xllhee has done an excellent job of directing his fellow players. Intermission: A regathering of efforts for the final act. Act lt: The actors are now moving about with assurance, but at the same time with tlouht as tu what the reviews of tomorrow will say about their performance. The actors appear at every seventh entrance wearing a strange looking plaid heret. As the loose ends of the plot are being tied up, the actors display their wisdom and dignity in such scenes as Senior Skip Day and Senior Chapel. The climax is the long awaited day of graduation. The various pieces of the plot have finally neatly fallen together. Dean Stolter. Jerry Schroeder, Betsy Belding, Dick Winters, Marlene Hayes, and Lew Allhee deserve special curtain calls for their leadership in this final act. The actors leave the stage reluctantlyg yet as they leave, they go knowing they will carry with them always the memories of this, the show of shows. 19 , ,Q -af""?" g,g,4..- , is f N ffyh ,,,f 1 r Q 5, fy, z ' 1 X " 4 99 1 Q, eff f V ,VA , I If Q 1 4 WA X N t y f if-Lev? . , A fa, , f N M f X A ' 5 7V 5M 1 f 1, f .,....,.-w?"' wo- IWW GENE AHLBORN Peotone, Illinois B.A., Political Science RICHARD ATKINS Oshkosh, Wisconsin B.S., Physical Education .IAMES BOSSARD Thiensville, Wisconsin B.S., Commerce ARTHUR ALBORES Maywood, Illinois B.S., Physical Education LANNY BANSEMER Greendale, Wisconsin B.S., Biology and Physical Education DON BOSSHARDT Ontario, California B.A., Zoology and Chemistry RAY ALBRECHIT Chicago, Illinois B.A., Chemistry and Zoology BETSY BELDING Naperville, Illinois B.A., English ALVIN BOYER Warrenville, Illinois B.A., Zoology and Chemistry 20 CAROLINE ALGER LEWIS ALLBEE Decatur, Illinois B.A., Elementary Education BRUCE BERG Naperville, Illinois B.A., Philosophy Rockford, Illinois B.A., Sociology and Psychology DWIGHT BORNEMEIER Pleasanton, Nebraska B.A., Physics .IOYCE NELSON BREWER MARVIN BRICKERT Naperville, Illinois Streator, Illinois B.M.Ed., Voice B.A., Commerce Seniors Seniors CAROLE BLANSET BROMLEY Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.A., Education JAMES COBURN Maywood, Illinois B.A., Psychology DENISE CALLAHAN Clarendon Hills, Illinois B.A., English MARY CRAIG Mishawaka. Indiana B.A., Education BARBARA CARLSON GLORIA CLARK KEITH CLARK Porter Indiana Chicago, Illinois Plainfield, Wisconsin B.A., Sociology B.A,, Psychology and B.A., Chemistry English JOAN DAVIDSON JOANNE DUDLEY DONNA EASTERDAY Naperville, Illinois B.lVI.Ed., Music Naperville, Illinois B.S., Physical Educa- Education tion SHIRLEY ENCE MERELYN ENGSTROM ANTHONY FARINA DONALD FISHER Prairie du Sac. Wisconsin Lombard, Illinois Racine, Wisconsin Berwyn, Illinois B.A., Education B.S., Physical Education B.A., Sociology and B.A., Chemistry and Biology 52? ff i Yi Political Science Q5 J Racine, Wisconsin B.S., Home Economics ROBERT FLETCHER Downers Grove, Illinois B.S., Physical .Science 21 .,.,.,ff2 As' ff-W Q, ' ,--',t 1 .f' ,,,,', . -,,V fe if QR. few. fir? , hg e N . . V 429 4 4 maqm ef , gt 'H--S-War aff fo-,G W X ffl f 'jf . 2 sl sw 7 ff. X f 151, f-" f-if 17 fW15g,f.:y25:Q',f 'f, . fp f Q, , 4 , ff ' ' . 5' A ' V 5' ,y i' 'f'-Mi.,f" - f' 1 ff- , f -f , ff r ,, f 5 .ff , . H f 1 -K f . , , f V f ,Mfg f sf 2 , . .Z , MM, v Wit V t V, ,L my .M - fm Q 'vw 4 A ' f fv'-N " ' .- ' i ' - ,X an ? 4 1 5, Q- -Egg., my WW ' I . , Q7 I pri 4 pity: gd , , ' 3 4 f 3 57? " f. Lf U1 . J -. ' 'D Eli X a- 5' f -ll ' 'lffiif' f. " ,I If 4314 , V ,V I 1' 'I ,M . H f ' ' ' 61 X I ' 1 iv . sm If 1 ' I ' ' 1 Q- , - I, , y , , is mt. ,ff 15' '-4 34' BETSY ABRAMSON ALICE GINTHER GEORGE Tinley Park, Illinois Naperville, Illinois B.A., Education B.A., Psychology RICHARD HART Downers Grove, Illinois RICHARD HARRIS Glen Ellyn, Illinois B.A., Chemistry B.A., Music Education ANNE HEININGER LORRINE HELM Minneapolis, Minnesota Hazen, North Dakota B.A., Elementary B.M.Ed., Music Education Education GLENN GRANDFIELD Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A., Chemistry RICHARD HAUCH Glen Ellyn, Illinois B.S., Engineering Science EUGENE HEM Chicago, Illinois B.A., Phychology 90 4-1- IRENE GRUTHOFF Clarendon Hills, Illinois B.A., Education MARLENE HAYES Bensenville, Illinois B.S., Physical Education and Biology .IANIS HENNING Chicago, Illinois B.A., Elementary Education mg,,,M W' y DANIEL HAEGERT Topeka, Kansas DARLENE HEILMAN Forreston, Illinois B.S., Home Economics NANCY HEYER Walworth, Wisconsin B.A., Spanish and English Seniors Seniors PRISCILLA DAVIES HIGGINS Naperville, Illinois B.A., English JAMES IWIG Preston, Nebraska B.A., Sociology FLOYD KIRKPATRICK Maple Park, Illinois PEI-LEE HO Taipei, Formosa B.A., Chemistry ROBERT MARVIN JOHNSON Winnipeg, Manitoba B.M:, Piano ALICE KOHLSTEDT LaGrange, Illinois BA., Elementary Education ,Q Z J 1 1 X W? KMA- Q 9 X Q J x f - , KARL HOLUBETZ Wausau, Wisconsin B.A., Commerce ROBERT .IUNGKNECHT Warrenville, Illinois B.S., Commerce RALPH LARSON Waupaca, Wisconsin B.S., Physical Education and Biology K S- 'gait M ,, 'Q' 1- f-.1 'Mir' 'hnz-I-'f"' 6, k GLORIA HOWARD Hinsdale, Illinois B.A., English, French and Psychology RICHARD KENNEDY Elkhorn, Wisconsin B.S., General Science ARLENE LINDGUIST Chicago, Illinois B.A., Home Economics W ELAINE WOLF HUMMER Downers Grove, Illinois B.A., Education JACK KETTLESTRINGS Glen Ellyn, Illinois B.S., Commerce GALEN LUEBKE Baraboo, Wisconsin B.A., Sociology . , -A I f .--- V Q -' frt. , is f' ' ..,, ' ' -' " f. 'il 5 ' 5 " . .- ..z . " ' 'V' " . , i is as M , .sg in i' ,, f he ,,,,,, - it fr - - 1 S L , f ,, , ' .,,,,, - , it .. H ,... . ig be , y, , my , , ,A fx' x S7 C "f:5:7"' f f' f 2. f , .Q I A s9""' Q gtg , 9 Vvhmlff Z - . K Y , '2 " Q 4. 1-E "Nh C 4 fill fS'f6Q' f T' , V, .,:s5' Y , S2451 .Ie :Et , , f A " rf' ,ef ' ,-:wb ...f X . -..fa1,:::f ff . C. ,El-,9,.53:,1 s -I Q, , 1 A ,wa ,Aff mf ., .- ,. ., SMI X :fr f f ! 23 Q, fr--ey 'Q ' . ., 4' jf, J S354 EL, S' " Wag' va, ,Sw- V V' t 9 :V e ff ' A ,. , :nw . Q T . gpm - ,, 3 -,v it , "' 'bf K ' .,1,, ,V at Nw-' V1 , 1 3 iz.,-,gi .:W.Q,, , iff, ' V . . H 'V 4' ., r H. I s A, ' I-3 ifglfgu - 7.51, ff I I 'i'Ll.f':. f f . 2-,g.,q,k f.j-fs 41 z f 4 .. . f Vw T . ,.z " C e 7 ' C Mi fkiff f, f -,-ff, Mfrs, , JJ ,, . ,ag V 1 .,, , mf! 4 I fwfr? Y f et I S 139 - ff ,px n s , img? f fri, we ' ' Q M l f A 1 W 2 y W fy X E, f YW .4 Q 1 W,...,. i sf' my I f 4? 5 if sf" -7 .- tl, 5 .IOY MADDEN Webster, New York B.A., Economics DUANE MEVIS Marion, Wisconsin B.A., Sociology REX NYGREN Chicago Heights, Illinois B.S., General Science DAN MADIGAN Skokie, Illinois B.A., Zoology and Chemistry PHYLLIS MIELKE Markesan, Wisconsin B.A., Elementary Education CARL MARCOUX Chicago, Illinois B.A., French LUAN MILLER Monroe, Wisconsin B.A., Religion SABRA MITCHELL OTTO MARGARET Naperville, Illinois OUSTERI-IOUT St. Louis, Missouri B.S., Sociology and English 24 ALICE MCCALLISTER Western Springs, Illinois B.A., Education RALPH MINNIS Park Ridge, Illinois B.A., Chemistry .IEANETTE PAGE Ashton, Illinois WALDON MCDONALD Vlfheaton, Illinois HS., Commerce ELIZABETH MODDER Wayne, Michigan B.A., Education VIRGINIA KOLZE RASMUSSEN Naperville, Illinois B.A., Germang B.M.Ed., Music Education Seniors JACK REARDON Riverside, Illinois eniors B.A., Commerce and Political. Science ROBERT ROTHROCK Glen Ellyn, Illinois TWYLAH SHANER Naperville, Illinois B.A., Elementary Education , A l, " w A 5 , . I . ,, f 'Qi LOUIS REYNER Naperville, Illinois EARL SAMSTAG SANDRA SHAW La Grange, Illinois B.A., Elementary BARBARA RIFE Naperville, Illinois B.A., English and French RICHARD SCHLOERB Naperville, Illinois B.A., Mathematics BARBARA SHERMAN Downers Grove, Illinois B.S., Physical Education and Biology llvhy i',' ' IL, ., '- ww W 4 my 1 we LOIS RINGELBERG Grand Rapids, Michigan B.A., Sociology GERALD SCHROEDER Reynolds, North Dakota B.M.Ed., Music SALLY SNIDER Nappanee, Indiana B.A., Music and Education tgffk 2 . ze L '-:,7,. ' DALE ROSENDAHL Serena, Illinois B.S., Commerce MARGERY SENN Loveland, Colorado B.A., Elementary Education WARD STEARNS Naperville, Illinois B,S., Commerce """'j"'?'HY 25 1913? If 4 .. 'VZ in - -Why. 5.--0, 4 .f .1 , my f -1 - ss ,yt , y 1, i 1 X7 25 , '54 f , I: 51 'M 1. , , M. , gf , .V ?. , V ,A n ,le , F f f ' - 4,1 , ,f ,, wif JOHN STECKEL Oswego, Illinois B.S., Physical Education WILLIAM STRUTZ Bismarck, North Dakota B.A., Speech and Political Science JOANNE TUSOV 05 M 'S RICHARD STEGNER Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S., General Science, Education DICK SWANSON Naperville, Illinois B.S., Commerce JANELL TWINING Downers Grove, Illinois Perrysburg, Ohio B.A., Zoology and B.A., Sociology Chemistry ,, ,, ,f ,A t, f 5 N, 2 ,.-AFV' fa WESLEY STIEG Union, Illinois B.A., Chemistry and Zoology LOUISE SWANSON Lakewood, Wisconsin B.S., Home Economics MARY VONDAL North Chelmsford, Massachusetts B.A., Sociology 26 f .f, -Vfspv-mf f,, X A A-WM' , , in L ,V 12 ' my fm - " ' 3 P' Wg, v f M Y A , AS? f if gf Z 2 I Q 's ff jf 'ff A ff, " ., 'ef 2"-' I of I 5' ",,-. A' J K DEAN STOFFER Mansfield, Ohio B.A., Speech ANN SWISHER Cleveland Heights, Ohio B.S., Physical Education and Biology KARREN WACKER Denver, Colorado B.A., French fig. I zgryw ,Z n 1 fav -.4 f 4 fi wal' ' 'W --W., if I , ,i , 1-M ' .K . f We fs, 4, 49 M eww 1 4rh, Q H V ,gym-.rm ,,. '. amz? 2537 fish .' Q ALETHA STOHL Monmouth, Illinois B.S., Home Economics ROBERT THOMAS Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A., Chemistry RICHARD WEHRLI Naperville, Illinois B.S., Commerce Seniors - L-..f-29' A .'? VFW, Seniors LORRAINE WEIBEL ROBERT WILSON RICHARD WINTERS NANCY WOLF WILMERT WOLF IR Saylor, Kentucky Wheaton, Illinois Berwyn, Illinois Mansfield, Ohio Naperville, Illinois B.A., Mathematics B.A., Commerce B.A., Botany and English B.M.Ed., B.Mus., Voice B.A., Sociology and DALE WORDELMAN MARIE YEZEK LAWRENCE Spring Valley, Downers Grove, Illinois ZIMMERMAN Minnesota B.A., Elementary Racine, Minnesota B.A., History and Education B.A., Biology Music 9 5133532 fxiwff, init: W A It 'l it. 'Ui ff 49ffiZ'Ni,5 I is '43 ' x9 Q bg ,f 'T h i " 195 Xx x' 5V5 " A M. t YFI9-.1s2:: H ' ., i H M 7522 - Political Science X 0- v in 'QW-.....,... vvntm. NEAL BAKER ot Pictured HUGH I-IOLLISTER BARBARA KELLEY FERGUSON GALEN HOSLER RICHARD FETZER PAUL FRANK JERRY GIESLER FORREST GROSSMAN JOAN HANSON LELAND HARVEY BETTY KAMESHIMA DAVID KOSS GERALD PATTULLO WILLIAM RIFE FRED RODRIGUEZ DOLORES SENNE 27 SGIIIOI' activities . . . For four wonderful years. GENE AHLBORN 5'Puts his troubles in a pocket with a hole in it.', Baseball 1,23 History Club 2,33 International Relations Club 2,3.43 WNOC I,2,3,4 tPresident 353 Debate 23 Pi Kappa Delta 3,43 Speech Activities Board 33 Student Publicity 3g Homecoming Comm. 43 College Day Comm. 33 Education Club 4. ARCHIE ALBORES 'GWhat,s more fun than having a good time?H Swimming Team I,2, Mgr. 3,43 Homecoming Comm. 2,3,43 College Day Comm. 2,33 Varsity Club 3,43 Education Club 3,43 International Relations Club 3,43 YWCA 1,2,3,43 Cab- inet 43 Football 33 Cheerleader I.2,3,4. RAY ALBRECHT "Sport went hand in hand with sciencef, Varsity Club 1,2,3,43 Football I,2,3,43 Baseball I,2,3,43 Chem. Club I,2,3,43 Biology Club 2,3,4. CAROLINE ALGER ul have so much to do, I think I'll take a nap." French Club I,23 Biology Club 1,23 Education Club 2,3,43 Homecoming Comm. 2,33 Theater Guild I,2,3,43 WAA 13 Alpha Psi Omega 3,43 Indiana Booster Club I3 Spectrum l,2,33 Chronicle 2,33 YWCA 3. LEW ALLBEE "I want to be bashful, but the girls won't let mef, Intramural Football I.2,3,43 Council Representative 1,2,4Q YMCA 2,3,43 Homecoming Committee 2,3,43 College Day Committee 2,33 Basketball 1,23 Manager 3,43 Class President 33 Varsity Club 43 Home Ec. Club 43 King Rex 33 Union Room Manager 43 Intramural Softball 33 Football Field An- nouncer 3. DICK ATKINS "You can't tell about those silent men." Transferred from Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh3 Bas- ketball 3,43 Football 4. LANNY BANSEMER "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no moref Varsity Club 3,43 Football I,2,3,43 Baseball 2,3,4. BETSY BELDING "Fun did you say? Illl be right theref, French Club I3 Social Commission 43 Class Secretary 43 Athletic Board Secretary 1,2,3,4. BRUCE BERG "The pen is mightier than the swordf, YWCA Secretary 33 Religious Emphasis Week Co-Chairman 23 Seager Association 2,33 Homecoming Comm. 23 Spanish Club 23 Chapel Choir 1,23 Festival Chorus 1.23 Varsity Club 2,33 Football l,2,33 Basketball I3 Tennis 1,2,4. DWIGHT BORNEMEIER 4'Most men were born, I was builtf, Football 1,2,3,43 Track l,2,33 Varsity Club l,2,3,43 Varsity Club Sec. 4. DON BOSSHARDT "Co-education is the thief of time." Biology Club l,2,343 Chemistry Club I,2,3,4. AL BOYER uWhy should the Devil have all the good times? l'm ready." Biology Club I,2,3,43 Chemistry Club I,2,3,4. .IOYCE NELSON BREWER "Beautiful music doth all our joys refine." Chapel Choir 1.43 Festival Chorus 1,43 Harmonettes 1,43 MENC3 Attended Illinois Wesleyan Univ. 2,3. MARVIN BRICKERT g'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Spanish Club 23 Education Club 3,43 Commerce Club 3,43 lPresident 43 3 Varsity Club 43 Men's Athletic Ass'n. 43 Stu- dent Council 43 Cheerleader 43 Biology Club 23 Cross-Country 23 Track 2,3,43 Co-chairman Career Conf. 4. CAROLE BLANSET BROMLEY "She saw and lovedf' W.A.A. I3 French Club 13 Spectrum I,2,3,43 Theater Guild 2,3,4 tSec'y. 43 3 Alpha Psi Omega 3,43 Education Club 2,3,4. DENISE CALLAHAN "Once I had an idea but it got away from mef' BARBARA CARLSON 'cShe always greets you with a smile and stops to chat a while." YWCA I.2,3,43 Student Council 2,3,4: French Club 33 Re- ligious Life Council 43 Festival Chorus 23 Honor Society 3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Theater Guild I3 Indiana Booster Club l,2,3,4. GLORIA CLARK 'afudging by appearance she is an angelg but appearances are deceiving? YWCA 2,3,43 WAA 2,33 Intern. Relations Club Treas. 2g Sophomore Class Social Commission 23 College Day Comm 33 Theater Guild 33 Education Club 43 Career Conf. 2,4. KEITH CLARK 'IA good line makes good football, has always been my view, and off the 'Held it seems to come in pretty handy, too." Varsity Club 3,43 Chem. Club 2,3,43 Football 3,43 Transferred from Univ. of Wisconsin. .IIM COBURN KA little fun once in a while makes the wheels turn easierf, MARY CRAIG "Her talents are more of the silent typef' YWCA 2.3,43 Co-chairman Spiritual Life 33 Education Club 43 Indiana Booster Club 2.3.4. lPres. 23 3 Assistanceship 2,3,4. JOAN DAVIDSON "This Miss is as good as her smilef' Concert Choir 3,43 Festival Choir I,2,3,43 Sigma Rho Gamma 1,43 MENC 'I,2.3,43 Harmonettes l,2,33 YWCA I,2.3,4. JOANNE DUDLEY "Twinkle, twinkle go her eyes. Whois the object? We're all wisef' Class Secretary I3 French Club 1,23 Education Club 3,43 WAA I.2,3,43 Homecoming Committee 23 College Day Comm. 23 College Day Co-chairman 33 Cheerleader 2,3,4, lCapt. 4l3 Women's Advisory Board 43 Women's Rep. at Large 43 YWCA Social Service I.2,3,43 Homecoming Queen's Court 2,3,4, Midwest Track and Swim. Queen's Court 2. Looking ahead to DONNA EASTERLY "Full of mischief too. doing things I shoula'n't dof, WAA 2.3.4143 Home Ec. Club 2,3,43 Education Club 3,43 Col- lege Day 33 Theater Guild 23 Water Ballet 33 WAA Board of Control 43 Varsity Tennis 3,43 YWCA 4. SHIRLEY ENGE "Fm on time3 something must he wrong." French Club 1,23 Education Club 2.3.43 WAA 1,23 Chronicle 33 Biology Club 13 Spectrum 2,3,43 Wis. Booster Club 1,23 Kaufman Treas. 33 YWCA 1,2,3. MERELYN ENGSTROM "This may he a changing world, hutl won't worry." WAA 2.3.43 Biology Club 2. ANTHONY FARINA Hlolly, good natured, full of fun, if you want a real friend here's one." YMCA 1,2.3,43 Student Council 3,43 Religious Life Council 3,43 Seager Association 1,2,3,43 Spanish Club 1,2,3,43 Home- coming 2,4. PAUL FRANK "Procrastination is the thief of tirnef' BETSY ABRAMSON GEORGE "She enjoys life by living it.', JERRY GIESLER "A mind equal to any undertaking that he put it along side off' BARBARA KELLY FERGUSON "Life is short, so make it snappy." RICHARD FETZER "The crowds, the crowds, they're cheering for me DONALD FISHER "Be a Conservative, always deem, don't burn midnight oil, use gasoline." ROBERT FLETCHER "One cannot always be a hero, but one can always he a manf, Transfer student3 Assistant Coach, Football and Basketball 43 Education Club 4. ALICE GINTHER '6Education is a treasure and culture never dies." French Club 1,2,3 tPresident 39 3 Education Club 3,43 YWCA 1,2,3,43 International Relations Club 2g WF 1,2,3,4. GLENN GRANDFIELD "Don't study your lesson, lessen your study." Chemistry Club 3,43 Radio Club 33 Biology Club 4g Trans ferred from Univ. of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. FORREST GROSSMAN HThere is no time like a good tirnef, IRENE GRUTOFF "I am a woman: when I think I must speakf, YWCAQ Education Club. DANIEL HAEGERT g'Money is nothing now, even if l had it.', 29 the opportunities JOAN HANSON "The only way to have a friend is to be a friend." Transfer student3 Spanish Club 43 French Club 43 Phi Sigma Iota 4. RICHARD HARRIS "My achievements are larger than I am." RICHARD HART "Don,t mistake him as being quiet? Transferred from Westminster College3 Concert Choir 3,43 Chapel Choir 33 Festival Choir 3,43 MENC 4. RICHARD HAUGH '4His hands are on the wheel, but his eyes are on the sidewalkf' Varsity Club 3g Baseball 23 Track 3. MARLENE HAYES "She's athletic too, peppy and gay. Why can't we have more that zvayf' Biology Club 1,2,3,43 Beta Beta Beta Sec. 43 Chronicle 13 Homecoming Comm. 33 Athletic Board 3g Kroehler Hall Sec. 23 Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 33 All School Social Commission 43 All School Musical Co-Producer 33 Co-Director Water Show 33 YWCA 1,3.43 Women's Rep. 43 Sec-Treas. Student Council 43 WAA 1,2,3,43 Pres 3g Board 1,2,3,4. DARLENE HEILMAN "A mighty fine girl to meet, one just as good as she is sweet." Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,43 Pres. 43 Festival Choir 1,2,3,43 Con cert Choir 1,2,3,43 I-Iarmonettes 1,2,33 Class Sec. 33 Educa- tion Club 3.43 College Day Comm. 33 Religious Emphasis Co-Chairman 33 YWCA 1,2,3,4. ANNE HEININGER g'The good and wise lead quiet lives." YWCA 1.2,3,43 Cabinet 2,33 Theater Guild 1.2,33 Education Club 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Alpha Psi Omega 2,3343 Student Council 3. LORRINE HELM MA sweet girl with a sweet srnilef' Sigma Rho 1,2,3,43 MENC 1.2,3,43 Chapel Choir 3,43 Concert Choir 3,43 Festival Choir 13 Festival Choir Accompanist 2,3,43 YWCA 1,2,33 Band 1,2,3. EUGENE HEM "Is he thoughtful, or only asleep?" Biology Club 1.23 Chem. Club 13 Football Band3 Chapel Choir. IANIS HENNING "Full of vim and pep and fun, with a smile for everyonef' Education Club 3,43 YWCA 3,43 Chapel Choir 33 Festival Choir 3,43 Theater Guild 3,43 Transferred from Morton Jr. College. NANCY HEYER "A pleasant girlg one really worth. knowingg she's always worked hard and sheis made a good showingf, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, CPres. 31 3 YWCA 1,43 Chronicle 1,2,3,4, CAssoc. Ed. 3, Ed. LI'lQ Pub. Board 3,43 Wis. Booster Club 2,3,43 Educ. Club 2,3,43 Cardinal Staff 1,23 Kroehler Hall Counselor 33 Pi Gammu Mu 3,43 Phi Sigma Iota 43 Honor Society 3,4. PRISCILLA DAVIES HIGGINS 'She has a nice way of saying what she thinksf' unlimited, We seniors cannot suppress a PEI-LEE HO "She has a voice of gladness and a smile." HUGH HOLLISTER "The world was made for fun and frolic, and so was I." KARL HOLUBETZ "He enters into everything with zest and zeal." Span. l,2,3Q Com. Club l,2,3,43 Varsity Club 2,3.43 Festival Chorus I,2.3,43 Concert Choir 2.3,43 Track3 Homecoming Comm. 3,43 Athletic Board of Control 33 Student Union Board of Control 3,43 Cheerleading 2,3,43 Student Council 3,4. GALEN HOSLER "My heart is ever at her service GLORIA HOWARD "l'm here-you can start class nowf, YWCA 13 WAA 13 Spectrum 1,23 Chronicle 2.3. ELAINE WOLF HUMMER "fm not arguing with you, l'm telling youf' Debate 1,23 French Club l,2Q Y Cabinet 2g Speech Activities Board 23 Int'l Relations Club 23 Pi Kappa Delta l,2,3,4. JAMES IWIG 4'Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Concert Choir 43 Chapel Choir 23 Festival Chorus 2,43 Student Volunteers l,2,3,4 IV-Pres. 43 Com. Chair. 3lQ Seager Assoc. l,2,3,43 YWCA l,2,3,4: Deputation 2,33 CYF Com. Chair. 2,43 CYF Pres. 33 Rel. Life Council 33 Christian Fellowship Hour Co-Chairq 23 K-Okla-Mo Club 1.2.33 Homecoming Com. 43 In- tramural Basketball l,2.33 Religious Emphasis Com. 3. ROBERT MARVIN JOHNSON "Music is the best medium of expressionf ROBERT .IUNGKNECHT "Handsome and tall, admired by allfl Commerce Club l,2,3, tTreas. 43 3 Commuter Club 4. BETTY KAMESHIMA "Silly and gay is her way." RICHARD KENNEDY "This quiet boy, with his quiet way, will surprise the world some day." Transferred from Wisconsin State College3 Seager Assoc. 4. JACK KETTLESTRINGS "lf I don't know, I askf' Transferred from U. oi Ill.3 Commutor Club. FLOYD KIRKPATRICK "l've taken my fun where l've found itf, ALICE KOHLSTEDT "Always good for a laugh." DAVID KOSS "My mind to me a kingdom is." RALPH LARSON ARLENE LINDQUIST 'SLively and likeable." Transferred from Morton Jr. College3 Home Ec. Club 3,43 Theater Guild 3,43 Educ. Club 43 Y Soc. Service Com. 3,43 Career Conf. 43 College Day Com. 33 May Queen Court 33 Homecoming Queen Court 43 Midwest Track Queen Court 33 lr. Class Movie 3. GALEN LUEBKE "I have a wonderful way of surprising everybody. When I feel like moving, I can." JOY MADDEN "Her heart is many miles awayf, French Club 1,2, lSec.-Treas. ZIQ Chem. Club 23 WAA lg Commerce Club 4, fSec. 453 Ir. Prom Com. 33 College Day Com. 23 Soc. Comm. 3,4, IV-Chair. 3, Chair. 45 3 Spectrum 2,3,43 Theater Guild l,2,33 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Announcement Com. 43 Student Finance Board 4. DAN MADIGAN "Here I am girls, keep your distance." Festival Chorus 1,23 Kappa Kappa Klub 2,33 Southeastern 3,43 Canterbury Club l,2,3,43 Biology Club l,2,3,43 Chemistry Club l,2.3,4Q Football 3a Varsity Club 4. CARL MARCOUX "He has three speeds-slow, slower and stop." ALICE MCCALLISTER "To know her is to love her." WALDON MCDONALD HHappy am 13 from care l'm freeg why aren't they all con tented like me." Commerce Club 2,3,43 Biology Club 1. DUANE MEVIS '4True merit is like a river-the deeper it is the less noise it makesf, Wis. Booster Club 1,23 Biology Club I3 Theater Guild l3 YMCA l,2,3,43 Seager Assoc. l.2.3.4: His. Club 43 Educa- tion Club 4. PHYLLIS MIELKE "Her home is in heaven-She's here on a visit." Span. Club li Biology Club 33 Education Club 2.3.43 Festival Chorus 2,43 Chapel Choir 23 WAA l: YWCA l.2.3.1: Student Volunteers l,2,3,4. LUAN MILLER "Never too busy to be friendly." French Club 1.23 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 WAA l.2.3.4: WAA Board of Control 2,33 Religious Life Council 43 WAA Treas- urer 33 Soc.. Com. lSec. 2lQ Kroehler Hall Treas. 23 YWCA l,2,3,4, lCabinet 2,3,4, Treas. 3. Pres. 4t3 Homecoming Com. 23 Wis. Booster Club 1,2. RALPH MINNIS "He drinks acids, smell NH3, and eats potashf' Transferg Chemistry Club 3,43 Biology Club 3,43 Band 3,4. "Hes a fellow, tall and thin, who's got the stuff that's bound ELIZABETH MODDER to win." 30 "What did I do now?" backward glance at REX NYGREN "Silence is a sweeter thing than clever words that bite and sting." 'III'dI1Slit'l'l'f'll from Thornton Ir. College: Chemistry Club 3,43 Biology Club 351. SABRA MITCHELL OTTO "That sovereign bliss, a wife." MARGARET OUSTERIIOUT "pls a student you shine, as a friend you are fine." Festival lfhorus l.2.3.43 Chapel Choir I3 Concert Choir 233,43 Chronicle I,3.-I3 WAA 2.3.43 Woinen's Advisory Board 23 Publications Board 43 Student Council 43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,41 YWCA 1.2.3511 K-Okla-Mo 1.2. JOYCE PAGE "fl Cheerful girl lUlI0lS never glam. She is willing. busy, and then somef' Band I3 Chorus 23 Theater Guild l,23 YWCA l.2,3, lCabinet 2,3t3 Education Club 2.3. IV-Pres. 333 French Club 132,33 Phi Sigma Iota 33 Int'l Relations Club l. GERALD PATTULLO "Real worth requires no interpreter." VIRGINIA KOLZE RASMUSSEN i'She puts her problems asitle for a brainy day." Festival Chorus l.2,3.43 Concert Choir 2.3.43 Chapel Choir lg MENC l.2,3, IV-Pres. 333 Sigma Rho Gamma 1.2.33 Harmon- ettes l.2,33 Theater Guild 233. JACK REARDON 'iSilenee is golden and l'm bankruptf, LOUIS REYNER 20h don't worry. it shortens your lifef, BARBARA RIFE "l prefer to be rather than seem to be." l,2,43 Writer's Club l,2,3,43 Club 43 Phi Sigma Iota 43 Chapel Choir 1.23 Festival Choir Sigma Tau Delta l,2,3,43 French Wesleyan Fellowship 43 Spectrum 3. WILLIAM RIFE "State your business, nzy tinze is limitetl.', LOIS RINGELBERG HAI! llfnow l've guessed, all l've learned l've forgottenf, YWCA 3,43 WAA 33 Mich. Booster Club 3,43 Chronicle 4g French Club 43 Biology Club 3,43 Marching Band 4. FRED RODRIGUEZ 'Alf l could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all." DALE ROSENDAHL "Ask me no questions, l'll tell you no lies." Class V-Pres. 33 Soc. Com. 3g Commerce Club 1,2,4, lV-Pres. 23 3 Festival Chorus 233,43 Chapel Choir 3g Education Club 4. ROBERT ROTHROCK "Lead me not into temptation-but show me where it isf, YMCA 132,33 Track 1,23 Varsity Club 1,233.43 Commuters the happy years so EARL SAMSTAG "A family man is never idlefi Football I3 Seager Assoc. l,2,3,43 Silent Chapel Com. 33 Chapel Choir 3,43 Festival Chorus 3,43 YMCA 1.2.3343 His- tory Club 3,4. RICHARD SCHLOERB 'Llfound and round lze goes. and where he stops no one knows." GERALD SCHROEDER "The maestro loves a jolfe and a bit of swing." Festival Chorus l,2,3,4Q Concert Choir l.2,3.4, lPres. 2,433 Band 1.23 Sigma Rho Gamma 1.2,3,43 MENC l,2,3.43 Frosh Class Presidentp Senior Class V.P.3 Who's Whog Southeastern l,2,3,4, lPres. 33. MARGE SENN "A mighty huntressg her prey is men." French Club I,2.3.43 Education Club 2,3,43 Biology Club 13 Chronicle lg Spectrum 2,3,43 Social Commission Chair. 33 WAA I3 Social Comm. 1.23 Kaufman V.P. 33 Corres. Sec. Student Council 43 Concert Choir l,2,3,4Q Festival Choir l,2,3.43 Prom Co-Chairman 33 May Queen Court 33 Pennants Co-Chair.3 College Day 33 YWCA l,2,3Q Harmonettes 1. DELORES SENNE "Silence is more eloquent than wordsf, TWYLAH SHANER "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." SANDRA SHAW "Quiet until she has something to sayf' Education Club 4. BARBARA SHERMAN "Life can offer alot of fun and I mean to have my sharef, WAA l.2.3.43 Varsity Tennis lWomen's3 2.3.43 WAA Board lPres.3 3 Athletic Board of Controlg Women's Advisory BOHTCIQ Homecoming l9553 ,Iunior Prom Comm. SALLY SNIDER "You must know her to appreciate herf, Concert Choir l,2,3.4, lSec. 43 3 Sigma Rho Gamma l,2,3 fSec. 332 MENC l,3, lSec. 233 Band 2,3,43 Orchestra 3,43 Deputa- tion l.233,43 CYF 2.3.4, tV.P. 333 Harmonettes 3g Kroehler House Sec-Treas. 43 Education Club 43 Festival Choir l,2,3,4. WARD STEARNS "Business first, pleasure afterwarrlsf, Commerce Club 2.3.4, lV.P. 43. JACK STECKEL "lust because he has wings on his feet, it doesrft mean heis an angelf, Education Club 3.43 Biology Club l,2.3,43 Varsity Club 233,43 lSec. 3, Pres. 433 Football l,2,33 Track l,2,3,43 Chairman Frosh Orientation 43 Homecoming Comm. 2,3,43 King Rex Candidate 33 Chronicle Staff 4. RICHARD STEGNER "Were there no wom en, men might live like godsf' Biology Club l,2,3.43 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Education Club 43 Club l,2,4. 31 Track Manager l,2,3,43 YMCA l,2,3,4. recently concluded at orth entral. WESLEY STIEG "Nearly killed by a train of thought running through his headf, Basketball 1,2,33 Chem. Club 1,2.3,43 Biology Club 3,43 Chron- icle 23 Spectrum 3,4. DEAN STOFFER '5lVake me when the bell rings." Theater Guild 43 Phi Kappa Delta 43 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Radio Club 1,2,33 Home Economics 43 French Club 13 Class Treas. 33 Class President 43 Debate 33 Varsity Baseball l,2,3,43 Basketball 1.2.33 Cross Country 1,23 Track 43 Homecoming Committee 43 YWCA l,2,3,43 College Day Committee 33 Edu- cation Club 43 House of Hinterlong 2,3,4. ALETHEA STOHL "Besides a pleasant smiling face, shess got a certain easy gracef' WILLIAM STRUTZ '4Tall men, suncrowned, who lived above the fog in public duty and in private thinking." Transfer from Drake U. 23 Chapel Choir 23 Radio Club 2,43 Track 2,33 College Day Co-Chair. 33 International Relations Club 3,43 Pi Kappa Delta 3,43 Debate Squad 3g History Club 43 Student Finance Board 43 YMCA 43 Religious Life Council 43 Who's Who3 Student Body Pres. 43 House of Hinterlong 334. DICK SWANSON "I like IUOTZCQ it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hoursf, LOUISE SWANSON '4Silence is sweeter than speech? Home Ec. Club l,2,3,43 YWCA l,2,3,43 WAA 13 Spectrum 3,43 Education Club 4. ANN SWISHER nStudy is a pastime-why overdo it?,' WAA 1.2,3,43 WAA Board 1,23 Biology Club 1.23 Social Com- mission 1. ROBERT THOMAS '6Never let school interfere with your education? Transfer from Milwaukee3 Chem. Club 3,4. DONALD THINNES '4You gotta do with what you got." JOANNE TUSOV '5She often burns the midnight oil. but not because of books." IANELL TWINING "Never ready, always late, but she smiles and you wait." YWCA 1,2.3.43 Commerce Club 13 WAA 13 Spanish Club 3g Chronicle li Chapel Choir 1.23 Festival Chorus 1.2,3,43 Social Science Club 43 Ohio Booster Club, lSecretary 1.2.4l3 Kroeh- ler Hall Sec. 1. MARY VONDAL '4Someday 1'll travel this wide world o'er and then return to fly no more." Campus: Nurse 1.23 WAA 13 YWCA l,2,3,43 Student Volun- teers 1,2,3,4, lPres. 2lQ Rainbow Booster Club 1. KARREN WACKER c'You never can tell." French Club 1,2,3,4, fVice-Pres. 313 WAA 1,2,3,4, fSec. 3lQ WAA Board 2,3,43 Wornen's Advisory Board 2,3, KPres. 353 Kroehler Hall Pres. 23 Cheerleader 2,3,4, tCapt. 313 YWCA l,2,3,43 Biology Club 2,33 Co-producer Talent Show 3g Home- coming Committee 3,43 Festival Chorus lg Chapel Choir 13 Phi Sigma Iota 43 Prom Committee 3g Pres. of Phi Sigma Iota 43 Who's Who 4. RICHARD WEHRLI "A man is only half a man until he marries? LORRAINE WEIBEL "She enters quietly like a sunbeam, and is as welcomef, WAA l,2,3,43 YWCA l,2,3,43 Woman's Advisory Board 43 Chemistry Club 1,2,33 All School Social Comm. 33 Student Finance Board 2,33 WAA Board 2,3,4. ROBERT WILSON "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." RICHARD WINTERS "Never speak sense when nonsense will serve the purposef' NANCY WOLF "Fun is my theme so let or good time be my songf' Concert Choir l,2,3,43 Festival Chorus l,2,3,43 MENC 1,2,43 Sigma Rho Gamma l,2,3,43 French Club 3g Harmonettes 1,2,33 YWCA 1,2,3,4. WILMERT WOLF IR. "Strong mind, great heart, true faith, ready handf, DALE WORDELMAN 'gl have alittle shadow that goes in and out with me." Who's Who 4g Honor Society 3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 CYF Pres. 43 Religious Life Council 43 History Club l,2,3,43 His- tory Club Treas. 3, Pres. 43 Concert Choir 2,3,43 Chapel Choir 23 Band l,2,3,43 Sigma Rho Gamma l,2,3,43 MENC 43 Festi- val Chorus l,2,3,43 Seager Association l,2,3,43 Theater Guild lg Social Commission 2.33 Deputation Chairman 33 Student Volunteers 3,4, Treas. 3. MARIE YEZEK "Here's a girl with a pleasant way, she'll be your friend for many a day." Transfer Univ. of Ill.3 French Club 23 WAA 2g YWCA 2,3,43 Education Club 3,43 Education Club Sec.-Treas. 4. LAWRENCE ZIMMERMAN 4'He may be shy but one swell guy." Minn. Booster Club l,2,3,43 Radio Club l,2,3,43 Radio Club Treas. 2,3,43 Biology Club 33 ,Christian Fellowship Co-Chair- man 43 Seager Association 3,43 Seager Pres. 43 Religious Life Council 43' Deputation 3.43 YMCA 3,43 YMCA Cabinet 4. LELAND HARVEY "If I were ten instead of one, nine more girls could have more funf, Debate 1.23 Biology Club 13 Pi Kappa Delta 1,2,'3,43 Speech Act. Board 23 House of Hinterlong 3,43 College Day Comm. 33 Co-Chairman Big-Little Banquet 43 Football 23 Baseball 1,2, 3,43 Varsity Club 4. """'TX u 'YW 32" v---"tu Ks, ly kijmwwy, H 2 QW, if l.cft-Right: D. Wentz, llrcsidentg Nl. Ft-ik. Worm'-n's Repg l'. Linsu,-ll. Nlei-n's Hep.: D. Strutz, Sec- retaryg B. Berkey. Treasurerg A. Sawyer. V. Prcsidf-nt. ' The Class of 757 Returning to the campus of North Central College this fall. we did not feel as lost as we had the previous year. Our numbers had dwindled but we were still a large happy group. This year was a busy year for the Class of '57, as we had to earn the right to be the umightyi' seniors of next year. Under the able leadership of Dennis Wentz, with the assistance of Alberta Sawyer, Donna Strutz, Bob Berkey. Mary ,lo Feik. and Phil Linsell, we started out the year by having the concession stand at the football games, and the coat check stand during the basketball season. 'The musical "Finian's Rainbow" took up a good part of our class time since we were all very anxious for it to be a whopping success. Then, too. after several basket- ball games we sponsored variety shows which were calculated to jiggle the funny bone. The Junior-Senior Prom took up the main part of our energies as it was the main event of the year and the reason for all our money-making projects. ln the spring of our sophomore year we started looking for the site. Then in the fall the committee decided upon Tam O'Shanter Country Club. From then on it was just a matter of completing the details and getting the money. Now. we are at the gateway of our goal. As a class, we have thoroughly enjoyed our steady and tedious climb up the ladder as well as the friends we made. We are expectantly awaiting the coming fall when we can return to North Central College as the senior class, for then we will realize even more fully that all of our struggles have been well Worth the effort. IS It jim Albrecht Chicago, lll. Nancy Auten Detroit, Mich. Charlotte Barber St. Joseph, Mo. Mary lane Beck St. John's, Mich. Dewey Benson Western Springs, lll. Bob Berkey Bourbon, Ind. Barb Berkompas Naperville, lll. Elizabeth Blum Stockton, lll. Marie Bouldin Aurora, Ill. Dick Branz Dwight, lll. Lynn Brinkman Colfax, Wis. Richard Caldwell Berwyn, lll. Bill Chapek Racine, Wis. Pat Church Naperville, lll. Arline Coffman Downers Grove, Ill Dave Correll Lombard, lll. Phillip Correll Lombard, lll. Charlene Crow Naperville, lll. Helen Cutshaw Columbus, Ind. Phil Dannley Wheaton, lll. Jerry Dowling Milwaukee, Wis. CLASS OF ,57 lim DI't'Sl'llf'l' Lllnlom1lh'.XX1s. Cliarlr-N lirlmn L-lglI'1'll1l0IllllllN.Ill. Mary .lo Fi-ik Hales COl'Ill,'l'S, Wie. Yirginiu l7rank llaeinc, Wis. Kathy Cates Dixon, lll. Jerry Cir-sler Lonilnaril, lll. Ni-il Hawheeker Naperville. lll. Daw lfurlvy liwllllvli. Willa1wlCulnel Napa,-rville, lll. Jerry Hall Flint, Mich. Mary Ellen Hawley Bourluon, Ill. John Hofert Oak Park, Ill. Helen Johns Low Point, Ill. Joyce Jones Gi1lerr.Wis. Joan Knepp Nappanee. Incl. Barbara Lange Glen Ellyn, Ill. Ruth Larson Chicago Heights. CLASS OF '57 Janice Hernian Downers Grove Don Johnson Hinsdale, lll. Joe Kulaik Berwyn, Ill. Ill. Don Lapp Plainfielil, lll. '- Q -gap' l' if 5 X il a .2 Q . 2 an fa ,W-W V- .4-QM i 1 N 0, Fu' 35, 3 .JE Me? l 3 M " vw X 55 , ' if i f 1. ,- l, V M Sz, ' . ff ,X fa fm M e 'f gl 4' fy X Z Qu. f i X Q! -.--f , ' 0 1 lf, ,Q .1 -55: . X yy, Q .. , ., 0 , M' 4? Q if 45 ,ff -f,x X, XX- 2 5 . ' 1 . q-- - -'10 5 ,fy V.:-1 :E-it-.. 1 ,J l l"+"w"'4" ,-2 af . . : .3 w'0,,' ,"9"'qlLu 5 '- -Mi., '115f?', I B: wk' -z .,fn:,,5,,Qu. , H. . ...f 511231: mi'-Po 3 u gh' 'H' -f-"225,?l1G1v. V- ...f- egg: Tkliffv-1s.::i.txrZ'. A' ..., ff' Q ,E . I 7 -. 'L . ff' , i' ' 2 - ul Q , 5 - ' 'iff' ' ' -viii'-" K' .iii-D ,sw . X 3: . "5 1 .g1,a.i,,t. 3. 7 ,, fi' . f -M' ' , ' ' 1- Hrwfq- , ' .'n:,h,.if- .,,... ,MW r gi W M "7 f 1 K M 11 4 -- ' f ' .K .1 X V, 5,2,y.' fr .A ,K V ' " 3 5 . f 2 fi Q 1 'f ' f + 5 .41 K .. A- a ,. M if , 5 'Q .f..L 9 . - , . I .1 1. 'X im N M ,-I , 1 Y. .., E 4 uf' 4 f ...W-an f f iif g x ,qw + J, 1e2,:,s SKS J fz jc miie, .-Q .saw x ffzg, - ' Lk N . , -,.. f A 4 If ff- l, J wav-fn fsifffll W , 12 , J f , , U , - .f Y V x ,,,4g74'f Q yy Q, was ., if M F? 59 ,xl t,1:xe.3,,,- N ew-41, 5 A , Ni 'Q 42 'ti M' fi I I ffl K n fr V a- ,. p F .-,Q , fb ,T I X vw-if , ily 'T' ,A f yf J 45 ,rdf 1 any . C if 1 2 I f ! W fx X Z A 'i Q W f if W, A ATX . mi' .7 WNW fa , .,.,, M W f 1 Nd? if 'E-'37 f ' X 2 N.-H-4' 'wi we Q,-99" 9 I 2 ,SL Hx X, 3. ,V r ,, Q fav ., ff, 1 ,ye 'Yi' 9 wg ,fr 1 'Y fbi ff sf Qi 44 i 5 f 5 "Sb kwa, 4 .J WI?" ,sham ,-aw, . Q . . ,X - if r- 1 36 Don Lehman Hinsdale, lll. Dale Lundberg Naperville, lll. Marlene Miller Rockford, Ill. ,lo Ann Lewis Hinsdale, lll. Bert Lohr Juneau, Wis. Gordon MacWhorter Downers Grove, lll. Calvin Moely Bev Magenheimer Haubstadt, Ind. Prairie du Sac, Wis. Don Mueggenborg Congress Pk., lll. Sandra Nickla Park Forest, Ill. Evelyn Pucci Naperville, Ill. Janet Reinhardt Louisville, Ky. Roger Murray Wheaton, Ill. Dick Obermeyer Milwaukee, Wis. Ben Reed Elaine Mooberry Denver, Colo. Marilyn Mussatto Cicero, Ill. Gerald Phillips Lisle, Ill. W. Lafayette, Ind. Bev Richard Lostant, Ill. .lan Reese Serena, Ill. Bob Riggs Berwyn, Ill. CLASS OF '57 Mary Roemer Hartford, Wis. Alberta Sawyer Leland, Ill. Barbara Schroeder Wauwatosa, Wis. Melvin Sedlacek Riverside, Ill. Ronald Smith Oak Park, Ill. Jeanne Snowberg Glen Ellyn, Ill. Nancy Stephens Downers Grove, Ill. Paul Stormer Aurora, Ill. Pat Stroud Aurora, Ill. Sheldon Trapp St. Paul, Minn. Norma Voigt Bonlield, Ill. Carol Wanner Peotone, Ill. John Wenclling Chicago, Ill. Dennis Wentz Napoleon, N. Dak. Dale Wilbur Brookfield, Ill. Sheldon Williams Peotone, Ill. Carolyn Winder Dixon, Ill. Jane Woessner Shannon, Ill. CLASS OF '57 r Q x r ,L f fi 5 rf 22 ff? 1 W gi 'LAI - 1 , Agn 'ykdwmf W 5 X W ffwfji " QW ff? , .,,. W ,:,,,,yw ,, Mfg! W . Mr 4 f , L ..-la... zw- i.-lf" " L 'racy' ., 4 V-111, 1 ' . X . i -e , , , f 42 iff' M' ,, .., ff"! 3 0450 f l C V .,-HP' W' I I A! i t vw-Af-H" Xu 2 3 , I J I 'iii Q .ky . 1 Z ta ' Q .:'yf,j, -7 f f W Q , , Y O tx .W-nr ' lad! ? Q 4941 9 7 Z . f ,4--. "All class standings in this section are Hrst sernester's. t ' Q f X QLD 't .ifptfx ciitilsrr' wif Left-lliglitz J. Erdman. Klee-nl Hcp.: J. Fanlhaher. Wome-n's Rep., B. Cates. Treasurer, D. Fritsch, Yr-crm-tary: B. Kaatz. Y. l'residr-ntg ll. lNluellr-r. President. Class of ' As our illustrious class again entered the ivy covered halls this fall, we felt right at home and knew that we had one special duty to carry out ilnmediately-make sure that the Freshmen felt at home. We no longer had to wear the green beanies, or bow to the upper classinen. This wear we could issue the command, HButton, froshln Now we were ambitious sophomores. ready to take the second big step in our four years at NCC. Being hearty souls. we had survived the lirst step, the Freshman year with its many hdignifiedw activities-Woe Week, the Peanut Boll, tug-of-war, and the frosh- soph scrap. We are still the proud builders of the "biggest yetl' Homecoming bonfire. Last year on College Day, for the first time in the school's history, the inspired masculine set of this class thought of a new twist to an old custom. lnstead of garbing themselves in the traditional P.l.'s to lead King Rex through town, our he-men donned themselves in brightly colored shorts. As sophomores. the frosh-soph scrap was a push-over. However, in the tug-of-war, our men carried the rope back through town-displaying their great strength. The Class of '58 was ably represented in the Homecoming Queen's Court by Barb Bergenian and Judy Speck. Also from our class came stalwart sophomore men to represent NC on the ath- letic teams. Class parties, picinics, and meetings are some of the ways we have united under our red and black shield bearing the mighty eagle. Capable leaders were elected to guide the affairs of our class-the man on top being Howard Mueller, assisted by Bud Kaatz, Doris Fritsch and Bill Gates are secre- tary and treasurer, respectively, while Jan Faulhaber and Jack Erdman are faithful representatives of the Student Council. We are looking ahead to two more years of college life with great eagerness- doing our best to earn more blue ribbons scholastically, athletically, spiritually and socially. 38 Paul Agnew Kansas City, Mo, Donna Bassett Kalamazoo, Mich. Ernest Boyer Oconto, Nebr. Carol Braden Custar, Ohio Pat Bryan Racine, Wis. Edythe Carleton Chicago, Ill. Eleanore Cook Bensenville, Ill. Dean Arney Belleville, Ill. Fred Bodem Claudia Banker Evanston, Ill. "r-'W Milwaukee, Wis. my Nancy Boyle Donna Bohnstedt Naperville, Ill. Lois Boynton L .df tl fb 7 Shewsbury,Penna. ' gf ' Ursula Bratton Kankakee, Ill. Don Bunnell Naperville, Ill. Allen Carlson Hinsdale, Ill. Rollin Cook Elkhart, Ind. CLASS OF '58 Dixon, Ill. Bob Brown Wheaton, Ill. Phil Burke Rockford, Ill. Dann Chamberlin Glen Ellyn, Ill. Kay Crabtree Ida, Mich. Y-A' 7'-fi' V ,r , a , ,W .aw , Ai- ,gm xx aaawefy ,. Q 'nfl glli' r f' 41 39 Q f I. it at Q tt I 'my 2,,,,Q, meJ. f 1 ifvf 5 if Z M , f ,imma - 2, 7? im! M , ' W it 4 in 7 ak 11,5 M111 ,QQZMMQQQJ fzy5zaQzg5d2zf K, ,,,,,, , ,ff I f Lg. ,' , A I M-A , 4 ' " ', .... 5 2 ,Ly A ' V f if M . .r,,. M , .wf"3s..a..f-- 757 I it " 'e :iff S .au I? gf f f 4? .jf ,. ' ff ef if V 2 Ji Z , sg K Eff 5 ? ,V r E MQW' , ,a ,,,,, t r' , fi B t - . - ' A 5'2l72""iwu 'EGM -v fi ' we , . U e it I ' , f I it 1 xmas ..,!zaags,5M:2 V A Q -'J' 5 V , 1: . Mx V' ,135 ' -, '55 - .4 ,Ama ,, , ,,, Il. . ' " f t 3 'W' 3,1 if'.2"' 5 X x Ly' 2 ",,. f." 'X 'g 2 " if 4? I 5' -g.o.x J G, ' ,J V .. Eitlm 7 ln' U ,f 1 4. 0.41 Q ' - 1 ' , -N Q, W, , , YA ,- . v. ' N I .n 7 X 1'-4 " V ' . :Y ,Q Q, an ff 6 9 av' 'Q' if , . . X , '4 Z V , ' ,fi ,MW V ,H Z ,., , 'lx T, -J, v, ' ' . N.: A , , K, ' nl if .. "" ,. . f . Q, U- I- ,B - , ,, . U at., , p . v A44A , Lv Q 1 l . Qi . "W ix W , . fits? CW . " +4 , ', . X v ' ' ' .4 'W 1 e , ,J T 4 V t ,-W, ,...,f 1. , L -, f ,N-f j K 2, f . .f ' 7 'f -ee1.tQHt,1- . ' Zig A' S pafiigwx 1 'wai l ,, W' . - ,i ff- . pf ax., , ,X ,Q ,ff .. 4 . ,tp , u , ,..Q,,gt,,,,t MCP' I' f 'MWF af. ' 1 . ff.: ,, -is . it .af ,' -3 , A ,.g ft '- . X ' ,, 5 5 M f' A s Q ll K9 1 N-f f . , E Clyde Cross Appleton, Wie. Robert Dennis Naperville, lll. Carol Esterly St. Paul, Minn. Ray Flessner Charlotte, Mich. Marilyn Gates Dixon, Ill. Donald Crull Pendleton, lncl. Daniel Driggett Itasca, Ill. Carol Falk Monroe, Wis. Doris Fritsch Wooddale, Ill. Willis George Naperville, Ill. Robert Goodfellow Glen Ellyn, Ill. Nancy Gould Elgin, lll. Marion Halterman Dwight, Ill. Brooks Heck Huntington, Ind Ron Curtis Glen Ellyn, lll. Dick Eickhoif Downers Grove, Ill ,lan Faulhaber Naperville, Ill. Bill Gates Waukegan, Ill. Even Getz Chicago, Ill. Bob Gridley Downers Grove, Ill Doris Heide Milledgeville, Ill. CLASS OF '58 Margie llein Racine. Wis. Maxine Hillman Calinar, la. Diana llorsky Oak Park, lll. Karen Hubert Milwaukee, Wis. Bob ,lenca Brookfield, Ill. Torrey Kaatz Toledo, Ohio Joan Kerr Naperville, Ill. Sheila Koeder Naperville, Ill. Joyce Lange Bensenville, Ill. Paul Liebau Fenwick, Ont., Ca Dave MacKay Mt. Carroll, lll. Robert McBride Lincoln, Nebr. Bob Mertz Streator, Ill. Luann Mielke Markesan, Wis. CLASS OF ,58 Genevieve Hoeft Fremont, Wie. Joyce Huffendick Chicago, lll. Andrew Kelly Des Moines, la. Marilyn Koski Kenosha, Wis. Il. Tom Lincicome Detroit, Mich. Rosemarie Martin Dearborn, Mich. .lolm Mizanin Chicago, Ill. 'W -"v ' . A if 'Q f Q ,I 6 J . ,ph a , U Q2 J , ! ' ":."' NN , X I , 1, Mr- , A, fa g ee efef n Ar . 33 f as V .,, Q-mf ii 1 ' nf "" J wg JB f . ' 3 .,, fi! I if 5" 1' 1 vi ' n JJ5 ,mag wifi! at Wiillffi 3 args! Q'- qf fr, 2,,, 41 wwf .loanne Naulin Wauwatosa. Wis Ardath Orians Howard Mueller Y i, 1 V Danube, Minn. . ,- ,1 5 ' 4' 9735: ',-, - of 1 2 1, A 'ima nn n 10 , i ' nvv Q9 chicago Heights, 111. 'i 'R' In Ti. .lane Novy - Z ig, ,. ' ' Gary, Ind. ,. 1 A '47 ,..V f M jaw MR I, i Ky, .lim Nutt 3 ' 0 ' - Celina, O. I v , V :e 1 '! -.' fl ip - 1 4 , 5,r1..J,, . ' 4,-N , , ,S ., ,W M, f-use Q.. f ? Q60 Y ia X 1 1' V , ,X an D, 54, 9 1. 5, 5 A W , i f f , . f ,Wy X, . . , X W L New Glenn Pfeifer Bushnell, Nebr. Marvin Pickering Unionville, Mo. Don Qualkenbush Naperville, Ill. J im Rank Milwaukee, Wis. Roger Ritzert Naperville, Ill. Robert Sauer Jean Rada Brookfield, 111. Floyd Raspiller Oswego, Ill. Rolland Ritzert Naperville, lll. Madison, Wis. Don Prouty Lake Zurich, Ill J im Ramaker Preston, Minn. Elaine Riha Riverside, lll. Evelyn Rosenberg Galesburg, Ill. V R 1 Lombard, Ill. 'J' ' , , 1 John Schnieben W -, , .1 W' 6191 4, Naperville, lll. , Donna Schroeder va J, if , ., 1 Appleton, Wis- X 1 f CLASS or ,ss Dave Schubert Menomonee Falls, Wis. Marilyn Seagly Kendallville, Ind. Gail Seefeld Campbellsport, Wis. Chester Sherman Downers Grove, lll. Barbara Shipman Polo, Ill. Kent Shoemaker Naperville, Ill. Dale Shymkewich Bensenville, lll. Pete Slowey Westmont, Ill. Jim Smirz Berwyn, Ill. John Smith Hartford, Ill. Gwen Snyder Naperville, Ill. Judy Speck Peoria, Ill. Howard Sprecher Sauk City, Wis. Gary Stees Winchester, Ind. David Studer Toledo, Ohio Audrey Sundstrom Racine, Wis. Paul Sutton Reedsburg, Wis. Dick Swafford Kendallville, Ind. Barbara Swift Naperville, Ill. Dick Thompson Pleasantville, Pa. Bob Townsend New Lenox, Ill. CLASS OF '58 4- , : I-., f 4 ' are , 9' 1 1' -H I 'Q 'U E ' ,f L W-0 132 'P' Il f f Qi - 2' W' , ty 'R' 1' Xt ff:-Q2 X .-ix , if :aw ' .lf "t f,,,'i 2 ' Aiil: 1 izli f .:.-',: 5 ::': I 5 z 16 A we 1 , M ,,, A V Q 'Surf ' .ru ,ff -r cw if gf , F f X, fw l 4 1 f A Z Z f ff ce , f 1 X We Fm lf' ,S ' ,Y ' ,SL N ' -uf-:sf 5 U I .. 1 i ' T'Z:'Jq"v -lla! 4414 Q , , Wife - f ,F 'SMX ,, ,, I f .7 ,, if We r 'ff 'N mm X f Q qi H n ,' a dz flak? .'j"L.'5?rQ 1 , 1 . ww ' M., Q, e ' '57 i Q Y N43 . 1 , , ,Ji 1 ,C ,fr an ,1,,, " -'-f - ,f X 1- 13 . 4 1 ,W f Nj, ,Sf "Wir A .I lf- , V 9, jp i V N m.f7J ' V ,fp 'TF My 'fy W X 3 sy Q 1 , , 1 , .., . X, Z ,wif i 2 ,, f.",' N if 5 T? . ,fri f 9 31 X 3, A 1 Chuck Trott Detroit, Mich. Mary Ann Uebele Naperville, Ill. Gayle Van Ramshorst Chicago Heights, Ill. Donna Vite Niles, Mich. Shirley Wandrey Naperville, lll. Joyce Wickboldt Lombard, Ill. Ron Winkler Lockport, lll. Carol Wissler Indianapolis, Ind. .lack Wohlfeil Chicago, Ill. Sarah Wolf Naperville, Ill. Frank Yackley Naperville, Ill. CLASS OF 758 Q 'i " 5' as Xe 'tts ww Q Left-Right: M. Strahan, Secretaryg B. Bender, President: J. Esterly, V..Presidentg P. Bartel, Womenls Rep.g D. Stevenson, Men's Rep.g J. Strahan, Treasurer. Class of 9 The class of '59 entered North Central green, confused, and as scared as any other freshman class. However, we had one thing in our favor because umisery loves company" and the enrollment of our class was one of the largest in the history of NC, Almost immediately, each of us obtained our 'Gmark of distinctioni'-a green beanie, These we wore faithfully. Those who were not faithful received personal invitations to the pond or pool parties. Among the events of that nrst memorable week was the Torchlight Parade. Inspired by the girls' cheering, our frosh men kept the torches straight and high despite paddling by the upper- classmen. One and all enjoyed the generosity of the local theatre after the festivities. Thru all the enrolling and getting acquainted with the campus, our big sis' and bro's advised and consoled us. Certainly, none of us could have gotten all the forms filled in without their help. The Big-Little Bro and Big-Little Sis banquets will not be soon forgotten. Woe Week-laefore it took place the words struck terror into our hearts. However, it wasn't as bad as we had anticipated. The costumes were hilarious, the Davy Crocketts looked straight from the frontier and the l890 bathing beauties were most glamorous. A great deal of our "leisure', time during Woe Week was spent working for the upperclassmen, or doing double-buttons. For the girls the climax of the week was the peanut roll. What a sight it was, and how we rolled those peanuts! Our sore knees and noses served to remind us of the occasion for several days. Each year there are two traditional battles between the frosh and the sophs. The first is the tug-of-war over the uroaringu DuPage River. This year our frosh men dragged the sophs right across the river and up the other side-we rode back to town in triumph! At the Frosh-Soph Scrap on Homecoming, we didn't fare so well. The sophs were winning when the ball sprung a leak. Of course, there is no telling what the outcome would have been. Brian Bender was elected as president of the Class of ,59 with ,lim Esterly, vice-president, Mary Strahan, secretaryg and John Strahan, treasurer. Phyllis Bartel was women's rep and Dick Stevenson men's rep. 45 W 'ff' , ii , 3. 5, 5 nw a,,-. it .anemia 'P-. ,4- --- ,wr If ,L- , A wr- Mj - , 'rl 2 ' ,. ' ' gay ' W2 , .af .gf 'rev' , . 'ff ,Y ww 'W . J f f E ,, , I 'J V 41 . IW Janet Adams Detroit Mich. Karen Alver wet 3 J L11 oak Park, Ill. Phil Anen Winthrop Harbor, Ill. Florence Arlart Berwyn, Ill. l 5 David Bachman ,, f . " Mt. Vernon, la. ,K .i i l ui .W 'tsl V Ron Bagley ' M, V V" . 'Je fy Van Wert, O. ,.::wr fax . .Ui fix MQWMWQQ Mwaq. few, W is HJ ., K , XJ V Q .1 ...,,, - A Mjiif 535501 a,E,:Ak: fifL.Y.+T,. J . ' V ,N A - ' X :M . ,.44f ' ji - 'L ' . 0 f Q ,. .y ,A . J x V 'W fi xx -ar? A -Af - sz aff y ' -ff ,.i,L,.f , . i 4213 ffl? 'X X A ,.,.-Y ...f Mx at Meris Bartel Wautoma, Wis. Gloria Ba Shore Crete, Ill. Brian Bender Phyllis Bartel Appleton, Wis. Bill Anderson Oswego, lll. Jolene Aselin Downers Grove, Ill. Pat Bakley Ogden, la. Joyce Baseman Elgin, lll. Mona Lou Becker Hampton, Minn. Elmira, Ont., Can. Chuck Bethe Berwyn, Ill. Fred Bennett Wheaton, Ill. N Betty Bires sf' .07 Naperville, Ill. Gary Bell Chicago, Ill. Jerry Bennett Oshkosh, Wis. Richard Blakemore Waukegan, Ill. CLASS OF '59 William Bode West Chicago, lll. Ed Boehm LaSalle, lll. Priscilla Bomlaerger Naperville, lll. , Arlo Bower Oswego, lll. l Barbara Brigman Omaha, Nebr. ,l ack Brizzi Cleveland, O. Elaine Chinick Berwyn, Ill. Judith Clasen Cicero, Ill. 1. ti Y John Cobb N Hartford City, Ind. Phillip Cole , Naperville, Ill. l ,i George Coy pf New Richland, Minn. Donna Deabler Gulfport, Miss. Bev De Vergilio Detroit. Mich. Nick Dispensa Hinsdale, lll. CLASS OF 759 .1 IL Robert Boldt Naperville, lll. Margaret Bredmeier Limona, Fla. Jerry Chapman LaGrange Pk., Ill. Barbara Claus Ottawa, Ill. Laurence Cooper Elkhart, Ind. Ralph Delaplane Downers Grove, Ill. Evelyn Dobhert Elgin, Ill. raw? nw. 'Y Q' of ' r S' 4 ' V ', 1 W if Q, ...Q if! , L, f 4' . Agn, 1, '-sf' '-."'.f59' "f""" 1. :.:3,.. 0' M ,.-, W I ff if fs 1' . 5, 5 V ..V, A 1 . ,.,,, ' !' rf" , we , X f f Q:-"'J 2, f fl? fm 1 My Wg: A Y 4 , 2 -94.3, X , fm .il we , sa g, ,IA V, . ' M95 gy ,,,,... , 5. Q .rggjgf 4 f' . 'WCW Q, ., . -.M ,C 2 gl W , Z . , . ' 11 A ff' '74wEZ5wW,,."fg, I :'fff :,-, 914' fwtv Skwfzmgmc , . 51 ji 7' 1 .M gl 1 ,T ,.-: ' ,.,.' Q vlill A ,V .,,, Vv.. ' 47 no--12' '21,-""' . .7 Z . - M? L' - p ,l , 1, Q.: I, . 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V 1, , ,I 'f fxffff f 1 - HB, J, x ,XV , .X KA -,pk .. x tudent Council .......... Women's Rep., Joanne Dudleyg Student Body Pres., Bill Strutz Men's Rep., Karl Holubetz. ln its seventeenth year as a "go-betweenw for students and administration, the Stu- dent Council has had an active term. Since it represents every student at North Central, the organization is a strong and busy one. Besides keeping the administration and student body in touch with each other, the council supervises all student activities, approves con- stitutions of all clubs, appoints chairman for homecoming, college day, and freshman orientation, and considers all student body problems which are brought before it. Student Body President Bill Strutz holds the gavel at meetings held in the council's new chambers in the Library. Joanne Dudley and Karl Holubetz represent the women and men attending NC, while Professor Schap is the faculty advisor. The council elects members to the Social commission. to the Religious Life Council, to the Finance Board, and to the Student Union Board of Control. Some of the special activities of the Student Council this term were a retreat in Jan- uary to help its members get acquainted and a Christmas meeting at the home of Professor Schap. The council, indeed, is doing much in the way of keeping the student body and the administration coordinated. STANDING: J. Faulhaber, P. Bartel. E, Cavert, D. Chamberlin, K. Holubetz, L. Allbee, M. Brickert, D. Stevenson, P. Linsell, B. Wolf, T. Farina. SEATED: M. Ousterhout, B. Carlson, M. Hayes, B. Strutz, Prof. Schap. 25129 -- -. MFI Wf?.V7Z" wt W . , all 58 Social Commission The Freshmen Reception, Christmas Tea, Parents Tea, social swims, skating parties and a variety of fun-filled events of the year are sponsored by the Social Commission. Joy Madden is chairman, with Ann Swisher as vice-chairman and calendar chairman, Betsy Belding as secretary, Robert McBride as treas- urer, Alberta Sawyer as properties chairman, and Torrey Kaatz as skating chairman. To coordinate and help supply a well-balanced social program in accordance with school policies and to prevent conflicts in various campus activities is the Social Commissionis purpose. This purpose is carried out with the help ofthe Commission's eighteen mem- bers. These members include the vice-president of each class, a representative from each class elected by the Commission, representatives from class volun- teers, and representatives from various other depart- ments, including the music and athletic departments. Miss Dotterrer is the advisor of the group. STANDING: B. McBride, M. Seagly, J. Schroeder, M. Cates, B. Riggs, A. Sawyer, C. Moely, G. Unger, A. Swisher. SEATED: C. Crow, M. Hayes, Miss Dot- terrer, B. Belding, J. Maden. mon Board of Control Found in the basement of Old Main is the Student Union, used by everyone, but only a few people un- derstand how it operates. These people comprise the Board of Control whose chairman is Dick Winters. The members consist of a Student Council representa- tive, a representative from each class, and a faculty advisor, Dr. Schaefer. The purpose of the Board is to act as the governing body of the Student Union, to determine the policy and practices ofthe Union and to appoint the Union Room manager. Manager Lew Allbee is the person who sees that the Union runs smoothly every day. He is assisted by Bob Riggs, assistant managerg Tony Farina, maintenance engineerg and Harold Wagner, assistant maintenance engineer manager. Union Board of Control Left-Right: K. Houlbetz, D. Winters, L. Allbee, J. Hofert, D. Studer. 9 2 3a ,sn A f X 'i :stanley Left-Right: B. Barber, B. McCal1ister, D. Edmonson, R. Franz, J. Ciesler. Left-Right: J, Madden, A. Carlson, Prof. Shoemaker, Mr. Norton, D. Chamberlin, J. Hooton. Ad Agency One of North Centra1's newest organizations is the Ad Agency, which combines the work of the former adver- tising staffs of the various campus publications-the Spectrum, the Chronicle, the Homecoming and College Day booklets. This Ad Agency has proved to be an efficient organiza- tion on campus. Jerry Giesler, the manager, has been a real "go-getterv in the advertising field. The other mem- bers and he have assured the publication of our student ventures by selling the necessary volume of advertising. Charlotte Barber, secretary, demonstrated her ability as a typist, while Bob McCallister, David Edmondson, and Russell Franz did an excellent job selling advertising space to local business firms. , N H' 'X s....f.,,s- Finance Board The purpose of the Finance Board is to act as an over- seer for the student activity fee. Some of the areas into which this money is disbursed are the Spectrum, Chron- icle, Heldhouse sports, and the Artist Series. It is their duty to set an appropriation of the organization's budget and make sure that the set allotment is not exceeded. Advisors to the board are Professor Shoemaker, Mr. Norton, Dean Ciere, and the Business Office. STANDING: A. Coffman. M. Ousterhout, M. Feik. SEATED: Dr. Eastman, Dr. Seybold. ,mf Z Erdmann. Dr. Reddick, E. Cavert. Sp eech Publicauons Board Publications Board consists ofthree faculty membersg Professor Shoemaker, Dr. Seybold, and Dr. Eastman who is the chairman, with Margaret Ousterhout, Mary Jo Feik, Arline Coffmen, and Bob Anderson representing the students. This is not an editorial board of directors. The group functions to insure the sound administration of all stu- dent publications, such as the CHRONICLE and the SPECTRUM, and to approve staff appointments and budgets. Activitles Board The Speech Activities Board coordinates the activities of the three speech organizations on campus, Theatre Guild, Radio Association, and Debate. Its membership is made up of two representatives from each of the three groups. Lou Erdmann is the president of the board this year with Professor Reddick as advisor. STANDING: B. Wolf. J. Drescher. SEATED: B. Reed. Prof. Shanower, L. Q qw f Alu- CIRCULATION STAFF ,I. Naulin and G. Schroeder. REPORTERS FRONT ROW: C. Winder, C. Es- terly, G. Hoeft. BACK ROW: L, Blum, J. Woessner, D. Horsky. 62 la VW! EDITORIAL STAFF FRONT ROW: R. Caldwell, A. Orians, L. Ringelberg, C. Crow. BACK ROW: C. Johnson, F. Dicke, A. Sundstrom, D. Johnson, D. Horsky, M. Ousterhout, W. Wolf. The College Chronicle Written for the SPECTRUM by Nancy Heyer September 1955 marked the entrance of the COLLEGE CHRONICLE into its two spacious and luminous offices in the basement ofthe College and Seminary Library. Pale green walls, newly acquired desks and chairs, added work- ing space, and the familiar sight of the oversized 5000 pound Hoor safe completed the picture which greeted the staff on its return to the campus for the year's endeavors. Here, in this long-awaited location, Nancy Heyer, editor directed all activities necessary to meet the ever-present Wednesday evening copy deadline. Working side by side with the manager ofthe newly formed Advertising Agency, Jerry Giesler, the two organization heads were able to pre- sent frequent six-page issues, thus giving more detailed representation to a larger percentage of the student body. Arline Coffman, associate editor, assumed copy reading, rewriting, and proofreading tasks. Ardath Orians, headlinist, had the exacting task of filling limited space with meaning- ful letter combinations. Marg Ousterhout served both as copy editor and special assistant to the editor. She was further responsible for co-ordinating all press releases from the Music School. Dick Caldwell doubled up as last minute sports writer and rewrite man. Lois Ringelberg, assisted by Faith Dicke, had charge of typing the reams of copy which must be prepared to meet printers' specifications. Columnist Jerry Schroeder presented "Words of Notefl his own views on various phases of the musical world. "Com- muters Corner,', as written by Ken Obrecht and Chet Sher- man, told the problems and interests of this large segment of the student body. Bill Wolf, reported the activities "In- side Student Councilf' "Gallimaufry,', by Audrey Sund- strom and Curt Johnson, was a mixture of brief articles concerning campus organizations and personnel. Jack Steckel covered all NC football games and later the swimming and track contests. Ron Curtis delighted the reading audience with his humorous and varied "Sport- raitsf' Shel Trapp covered the basketball games. Bill Link and ,lim Albrecht's "Pressbox'7 spanned local, CCI, and national sports, as well as their opinions on various campus subjects. Financial worries were the concern of Comptroller Barbara Schroeder, while Joanne Naulin headed the circula- tion staff. She was ably assisted in folding, counting and addressing the issues by Gail Schroeder and ,Ian I-Iazenfield. Continuing the policy of April administrative changes begun in l954-, the new staff was able to receive valuable training and experience which had formerly been unobtain- able. Under the advisorship of Dr. Richard Eastman, THE COLLEGE CHRONICLE had thus been able to carry for- ward an unbroken record of continuous coverage of all phases of campus life. Barbara Schroeder Nancy Heyer Arline Coffman COMPTROLLER EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR - -Av A V 41- G3 9551 ART EDITOR Donna Deabler LITERARY STAFF Beverly Magenheimer, Editor. Left-Right: S. Nickla, M. Erdmann, Magenheirner, I. Zillmer. TYPING STAFF M. Erdmann, I. Zillmer. SENIOR SECTION STAFF Nancy Auten, Editor. Left-Right: J. Kerr M. Senn, J. Madden, Auten, M. Pulsing SPORTS EDITOR Wes Stieg 0 i . V Vx Ash 'Q' 1? ukx A vs, . F 4 I The Spectrum "To be or not to bew-dunked in the pond, that is. As editor of the Spectrum, that was one ofthe questions in Mary Roemer's mind as she hurried here and there, going to staff meetings, setting up pages, and prodding everyone in order to meet those deadlines, which came along too often and too soon. Ably assisting her was Alberta Sawyer, associate editor. With these two at the head of the staff, copy was turned in and typed, pictures developed and mounted, and multiples were sent off to the printer. Bev Magenheimer, as literary editor, took charge ofthe class and organization write-ups. Those helping her were .lean Rada, Sandy Nickla, Pat Bryan, Evelyn Pucci, Margie Young, Mavis Erdmann, Phyllis Fraser, llsa Zillmer, Janet Pepiot, and Mary Washburn. Sports editor Wes Stieg was his own staffin writing up the athletics of North Central. Nancy Auten was in charge of senior pictures and the listing of this worthy group. Photograpy for the book was well taken care of by Dave Hochstettler. The talent and ideas of Donna Deabler, art director, are reflected in the division pages of our 1956 Spectrum. Dave Farley competently handled his job as comptroller, trying to keep track of his money and get the bills paid besides. The advertising was taken care of by the newly formed Ad Agency. Professor Shoemaker, our faculty advisor, deserves recognition and an expression of our sincere appre- ciation for his interest and the advice he offered. Last, but not least, were our typists, who presented in legible form the thoughts that had been developed by the writers. The typists were Mavis Erdmann, Phyllis Fraser, Mary Ann Pulsing, and llsa Zillmer. Such was the Spectrum staff. But few people outside of the staff realize how much time and energy are expended to produce a year book. The Spectrum is typical as a North Central organization. It depends on student initiative and the interest and cooperation of everyone who is a part of it. If one person fails to per- form his task, the whole venture suffers. Fortunately, this yearls staff was also typical of North Central. Its members willingly accepted responsibility, and in spite of the hubbub and confusion in the office just before a deadline, the Spectrum did go to the press. Dave Farley Mary Roemer Alberta Sawyer Comptroller Editor Associate Editor 65 ff? tudont Controllers Womenis Advisory Board STANDING: K. Gates, M. Miller, B Sherman. SEATED: Miss Dotterrer D. Karner. NOT IN PICTURE: L Wiebel, R. Unger, J. Dudley, M Bredemeier. WAA Board STANDING: K. Gates. D. Easterday, J. Sommer, L. Weihel, N. Gould, N. Voigt, M. Hayes. SEATED: B. Sher- man, M. Uebele. M. Engstrom. J. Reese, C. Wanner. J. Faulhaber, Miss Tanner. Athletic Board L to R: Prof. Bruhn, M. Brickert, B. Sherman, Miss Tanner, G. Unger, Prof. Belding. ml Fr ' -uw 1" . S 49 i Q wing- YWCA L. Miller, M. Schafer, J. Page, D. Kar- ner, B. Carlson, D. Strutz, On Floor: M. Hein, M. Seagly. ABSENT: J. Jones, S. Wolf. ,gig AW 5 YMCA Q lf X STANDING: G. Lua-bite, J. Dowling, -f A ffff T D. Schubert. SEATED: P. l.insell, L. 7 Zimmerman, A. Albores, D. Crull, T. Farina, N. Hawbecker. ga f f -7 1 . 1 1,4 5 . 1 5 E.. W . wa The Y Cabinets The combined efforts of the Y.W.C.A. and the Y.M.C.A. this year have brought about a close relationship between the spiritual life of our students here at North Central and that of their everyday common way of life. Through these two organizations many worth- while things were accomplished this year. One of their biggest awards should go for the intimate friendships attained through the fellowship ofthe annual Big-Sis-Bro Banquet. Another award winner would be the success of the career conference sponsored by the Y's. Some of the other worthwhile pro- jects were the weekly Vespers, Frosh orientation, social gatherings, the Upper Room, Christian fellowship hour, and just the renewing of purpose given to student life. The officers behind these organizations were presidents Luan Miller and Phil Linsell, vice-presidents Barb Carlson and Tony Farina, secretaries Marilyn Seagly and Don Crull, and treasurers Donna Strutz and Jerry Dowling. 67 '51 gd Seager Association ROW l: P. Liebau, R. Flessner. ROW 2: J. Brizzi, B. Lohr, T. Farina, J. Stra- han, L. Zimmerman. ROW 3: B. Wolf, C. Coy, D. Studer, D. Crull, G. Lueb- ke. ROW 4: D. Mevis, D. Wordelman, C. Cross, D. Hochstettler. ROW 5: D. Schubert, B. Bender, E. Boyer, G. Pfeifer, P. Burke, E. Samstag, J. lwig. Student Volunteers STANDING: J. lwig, G. MacWhorter, K. Shoemaker. SEATED: P. Mielke, V. Ricks, J. Kesselring, Mrs. Farnham. Campus Youth Fellowship There are several groups on campus uniting in a main thought, to help the student body of North Central enjoy the Christian way of life. One such group is Seager Associa- tion, whose purpose is to stress the importance of consecration to the Christian ministry and provide guidance for those who plan to enter the ministry as their life work. The Stu- dent Volunteers, whose purpose is to promote missionary emphasis among the student, is another active campus organization. For their monthly meeting either home or foreign missionaries are their speakers. Phyllis Mielke was president of the group this year, as- sisted by vice-president Jim Iwig and secretary-treasurer Marcia Schafer, with Dr. and Mrs. Farnham serving as advisors to the group. Campus Youth Fellowship, whose membership is open to all, was lead by their presi- dent Dale Wordelman, along with Ruth Unger, Mary Ann Ubele, and Clyde Cross, to pro- mote spiritual growth and Christian fellowship on campus. Wesley Fellowship, open to students with Methodist afliliation as well as all others who wish to join, was led by chair- man, Shel Williams. Mrs. Farnham was advisor for the group. Episcopal students of high- er learning are invited to the Canterbury Club, under the leadership of president Gordon MacWhorter, to further themselves in fellowship and adult religious activities. Others assisting are Dan Madign and Miss Watson. ' ss Campus Youth Fellowship STANDING: R. Flessner, J. Iwig, B. Lohr, B. Wolf. SEATED: L. Boynton, M. Uebele, G. Hoeft, D. Fritsch, C. Cross, D. Wordelman. Methodist Youth Fellowship LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Ste-es, P. Bom- berger, A. Ginther, B. Riff-, J. David- son, G. Snyder, N. Wolf, S. Williams, E. Wolf. Canterbury Club 3 LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Madi- gan, Prof. Beaurline, Miss Watson, G. Macwhorter, M. Melnick, B. Berkey. my fm O 'fl ,.f-4, R my eb., Departmental Clubs The purposes of departmental clubs at North Central are to point out career possibilities for those who major in a field, to create a greater interest in the department, and to provide a more varied background for students. The year's activities included panel discussions, outside speakers, money-making projects and parties. Chemistry Club presented another Cranberry Tea in December under the leadership of President Keith Clark, who was assisted by the other ofhcers, Dan Madigan, Mary Roemer, and Dick Harris. The Biology Club, under the leadership of President Don Bosshardt, Vice-President Neal Baker, and Secretary-Treasurer Marlene Hayes, presented their annual Cheese Tea. The activities ofthe business men and women ofthe Commerce Club were directed this year by Marv Brickert, Ward Stearns, Joy Madden and Bob Jungkneckt. The Home Economics Club raised money this year by selling sandwiches at the dorms. The club was led in its projects by the officers, Darlene Heilman, Mary Ellen Hawley, Lee Stohl, and Elaine Mooberry. President Kathy Gates of Spanish Club planned a banquet at La Sociedad Espanola for the members of the organization. She was assisted by Vice-President Joyce Huffendick, and Secretary-Treasurer Ardath Orians. Sponsoring a CARE package to be sent to Korea was only one of the activities of French Club. which was under the direction of Carl Marcoux. ,loan Kerr and Joyce Huffendick. The December meeting was a highlight for the History-Sociology Club. At this time the members en- joyed a presentation of the history of Christmas carols. The officers this year were Dale Wordelman, Glenn Unger, Mary Jane Beck and Donna Strutz. Earl Samstag represented the Sociology Club on the cabinet of the combined organizations. Of great interest to all education majors was the panel discussion of Why Johnny Carft Read at the November meeting of Education Club. The officers this year were Janis Henning, Joyce Page and Marie Yezek. The Debate Squad this year was headed by Captain Bill Wolf. The debate topic for this year was, "Be- solved, that the non-agricultural industries of the United States should guarantee their employees an annual wage. The Political Science and lnternational Relations Clubs brought a guest speaker from England to cam- pus in November. This years president was ,lack Reardon. Chemistry Club Bergland. 70 SEATED: L. Stettbacher, Prof. Schap, Dr. Koten D Madigan, R. Harris, M. Roemer. K. Clark. STANDING J. Hofert, W. Baker, N. Baker, W. Steig, A. Boyer D Wentz, D. Bosshardt, B. Thomas, B. Sauer, B. Rife R Minnis, W. Vrieze, G. Grandfield, D. Correll, J. Knepp P. Ho. BACK ROW: W. Vrieze, E. Boyer, R. RIIZCFI P. Sutton, W. George, H. Sprecker, D. Mackay P Biology Club Advisors: Dr. Himmel and Dr. Eigenbrodt. A List of Members: fnot in orderl P. Bryan, S. Nickla,J. Tusov, M. Hayes, D. Bosshardt, J. Knepp, D. Rueg- segger, G. Hoeft, D. Schroeder, C. Ross, R. Albrecht, D. Fritsch, N. Baker, A. Bower, D. Wentz, M. Fink, L. Ringelberg, L. Stettbacher, E. Truesdale, J. Reese, B. Richard, C. Wanner, M. Hillman, M. Bar- tel, C. Braden, B. Yucker, K. Hubert, D. Wesner, J. Pepiot, J. Jones, K. Gates, A. Coffman, J. Hazen- held, J. Keuper, D. Stump, M. Kontos, J. Hofert, D. Marks, 0. Steider, J. Whiting, J. Brizzi, G. Pain- ter, T. Eck, E. Boyer, P. Church, M. Washburn, M. Pickering, R. Nygten, W. Vachta, R. Minnis,J. Steckel, D. Shynkewich, G. Pichotta, D. Benson, D. Correll, R. Murray, D. Henke, E. Seavey. Commerce Club STANDING: Reardon, Dignan, Veirup, Gerberich, Dannley, W. McDonald, Miller, Giesler, Bode, Wal- ker, Holubetz, Bossard, Rosendahl. SEATED: Wohl- feil, Stearns, Madden, G. McDonald, Prof. Shoe- maker, Blakemore, Jungknecht, Brickert. On Floor: Carlson, Farley. Home Economics Club STANDING: Banker, Boynton, Allbee, Kruswick, Holuhetz, Dignan, Reinhardt, Stoffer, Frank, Al- bores, Summers, Riggs, Nielsen, Seefeld, Ren, Snyder. SEATED: Ynke, Mooberry, Grgurich, Stohl, Mrs. Erwin, Halterman, Hawley, Lindquist. On Floor: Faubel, Easterday, Lomas. 2, QM, 4,1 1 i , I i . I l i l , , . ,. . . l "' ff!'7v.,W 'ff7..Q'7. ' W B -- M my ml ' ft 9 ' V " T" ia I 1 i r I i We 0 Spanish Club STANDING: Lapp, Ramshorst, Slowey, Winskill Oakes, Pulsing, Strahan, Ricks, Boehm. SEATED Hoeft, Kessler, Miss Nyholm, Huffendick, Orians Richard, Church, Gates, Redichs. French Club STANDING: Page, Faulhaber, M. Gates, Bohnstedt Vite, Hill, Speck, Slowey, Koeder, Driggett SEATED: Tyrrell, Claus, Rife, Huffendick, Dr Luntz, Kerr. History-Sociology Club STANDING: Unger, Wordelman, Mevis, Chamber- lin, Boehm, Gabel, Wolf. SEATED: Strutz, Ringel berg, Samstag, Prof. Thurston, Vondal, Twining Dr. Roberts. Education Club ROW 1: J. Henning, B. McCallister, K. Gates, B. Magenheimer, A. Lindquist, M. Hein, B. Berkom- pas, R. Larson, V. Frank, J. Reese, M. Uebele, B. Richard, S. Snider, E. Mooberry, C. Clark. R. Smith, J, Woessner, M. Hawley, and Advisor Dr. Schwartz. ROW 2: D. Vite, D. Crull, J. Speck, C. Van Ram- shorst, D. Wordelman, C. Ba Shore, J. Faulhaber, A. Cinther, M. Brickert, A. McCallister. D. Rosen- dahl, D. Stegner, Dabate L to R: Dr. Reddick, B. Wolf, J. Jones, N. Boone, V. Ricks. Political Science and International Relations Club STANDING: B. Strutz, G. Ahlborn, P. Correll,J Rank, B. Wolf. SEATED: J. Reardon, G. Macwhor ter, Prof. McGee. Theatre uild and Radio Club October 22, l955 brought NC,s Theatre Guild back to the footlights in a presentation of Joseph Kessesrings play "Arse- nic and Old Lace". The December performance, "Candida', by the popular playwrite George Bernard Shaw, was followed in April by a child ren's play. ln May, with the Fine Arts Festival, the Guild turned classical with the lively Shakesperian drama "The Tam- ing of the Shreww. This year, the group established a touring company which traveled to E.U.B. churches during spring vacation to present a religious play. Lou Erdman is the year's president with Joan Kerr as vice- president: Carol Braumley as secretary-treasurer: and Ben Reed as business manager. Prof. Shanower is the advisor. The Radio Club can boast a new list of firsts for the year. The WNOC programs have been sponsored commercially for the first time. The United Press News service was installed in the station in the form of a teletype machine and transmitters were installed in all the dorms. Prof. Shanower is advisor to both WNOC and the Radio Club, while Ed Cavert is Assistant Station Manager and James Drescher is president of the Radio Club. Theatre Guild ROW l: P. Burke, J. Rada, A. Lindquist, M. Mussatto. ROW 2: D. Swanson, M. Erdmann, M. Miller, J. Erdman, M. Roe- mer, L. Erdmann, Prof. Shanower. ROW 3: L. Blum, C. Wissler, R. Obermeyer, E. Cavert, C. Cross, B. Reed, N. Hawbecker, J. Erdman, J. Wishburn, J. Kerr. ROW 4-: M. Hillman, J. Clasen, M. Young, J. Muz- zo, M. Beck. Radio Club SEATED: Prof. Shanower, L. Zimmer- man, M. Beck, E. Cavert, G. Stees. STANDING: W. Cobb, B. Reed, D. Far- ley, L. Erdmann, J. Strahan, R. Flessner, D. Wentz, G. Picha, L. Stettbacher, G. Ahlborn, J. Drescher, B. Grantman, P. Liebau, N. Pausig. BACK ROW: B. Shaw, J. Goethe, B. Kaatz, J. Schnibben, D. Kentner, G. Raetz, D. Hochstettler, M. Lindberg. 1 7 4 Two new additions have been made to North Central,s many extra-curricular organizations. The Commuters' Club and Phi Sigma Iota now claim the free moments ofthose stu- dents who commute to and from school and of those students whose interests lie in the romance languages. N.C.'s extra- curricular program is sure to be enriched by these new organi- zations. The Commuter's Club consisting ofthe students who com- mute daily from their legal residence, has as its purpose to better coordinate commuter activities with those ofthe remain- ing student body, to promote a better understanding of the problems of commuter students, and to maintain cooperation between commuters and the faculty and the Student Council. John Schroeder heads this organization, with JoAnn Lewis as vice-president, Janice Hermann as secretary-treasurer, and Dann Chamberlin as the representative to Student Council. Various social events were held throughout the year, including an all-school party. The commuters entered a team in the intra- mural basketball tourney, and this year for the first time re- ceived representation in the Student Council. The Phi Chi chapter of Phi Sigma Iota is the newest mem- ber of North Central's national honor societies. Its purposes Commuters BACK ROW: D. Mueggenborg, D. Ni Black, J. Field, G. MacWhorter. ROW 2 E. Samstag, P. Jungknecht, B. Gridley, D. Fisher, P. Dannley, R. Rothrock, J Wichboldt, P. Stormer, J. Ciesler, R. Murray. ROW 3: J. Schroeder, D. Hauch, L. Redichs, G. Snyder, P. Bomberger, J. Pepiot, I. Aselin, M. Engstrom, B Roby. B. Sherman. ROW 4: F.. Riha.J Searight, F. Bennett, F. Sloan, C. Sher man, D. Wilbur, R. Drnec, F. Raspiller, D. Chamberlin, H. Jahnke. 2- ti, Pi Sigma Iota FRONT ROW: K. Wacker, Dr. Luntz, Dr. Nyholm, B. Rife, C. Crow. BACK ROW: J. Page, J. Hanson, N. Heyer, D. Lapp, K. Gates. Newly Formed rganizations are the recognition of outstanding ability and attainments in romance languages, the stimulation of advanced work and in- dividual research in this field, and the promotion of a senti- ment of amity between the United States and romance lan- guage nations. Karren Wacker is president and Barbara Rife is vice-presi- dent, with ,Ioan Hanson as secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Hannah Nyholm as corresponding secretary. Membership requires at least a B average and a third course in romance languages. Junior standing is the normal prerequisite, but sophomores may be accepted. Sky? 4, ' Honorar Fraternities This year there were six honorary fraternities on North Central's campus, including the newly organized Phi Sigma Iota honorary French fraternity. These societies do much to promote interest and participation in many fields of study. The fraternities are Alpha Psi Omega, Beta Beta Beta, Pi Kappa Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, and Phi Sigma Iota. Alpha Psi Omega is the honorary dramatic fraternity. Points are given for participation in campus theatrical productions, and a specific grade index is also necessary for membership. Tri Beta is the honorary society for outstanding students in botany, Zoology and biology. Qualifications include a B or better average and interest and ability in the field. The fraternity for speech is Pi Kappa Delta. Participation in intercollegiate speech activities and a specific scholastic grade average are necessary for membership. Sigma Tau Delta is the English fraternity represented on campus. This group meets with the Writer's Club to read and discuss manuscripts presented by the members. Pi Gamma Mu is the social science fraternity. A scholastic average of B and a specific number of hours in the field are necessary qualifications for membership. Alpha Psi Omega STANDING: R. Obermeyer, C. Cross, B. Reed. SITTING: J. Erdman, M. Mussatto, M. Roemer, L. Erdman, Prof. Shanower. raw QQ ' Q ga.-i Beta Beta Beta ROW I: D. Wentz, M. Hayes, D. Boss- hardt, Dr. Eigenbrodt, M. Baker, D. Madigan. ROW 2: D. Correll, J. Dowling, A. Coffman, K. Hubert, B. Richard, W. Stieg, .l. Steckel. 76 Pi Kappa Delta L to R: L. Harvey, B. Price, Dr. Reddick B. Wolf, D. Stoffer. Sigma Tau Delta-Writer's Club ROW l: Dr. Eastman, Miss Wiley. B Rife, P. Bryan, C. Esterly, J. Pattullo. ROW 2: R. Liljequist, P. Slowey, N. Haw- becker. Pi Gamma Mu ROW 1: Dean Giere, Rey. St. Angelo, Dr Roberts, Dr. Bruhn, Dr. McGee, B. Wolf. ROW 2: B. Carlson, L. Miller, J. Madden D. Wordelman, N. Heyer. NOT IN PIC TURE: M. Ousterhout. Z FU j Q . --..s......a F522 77 Eminent People Honors Society and Whois Who hold the top places of distinction among North Centralls organizations. lts members are outstanding in scholarship and character. Ann Heininger is president and Lorraine Weibel is secretary of the Honors Society. New members are added during the second semester, and juniors as well as seniors are selected, in order to keep the organiza- tion active the year round. Maintaining a grade average of 2.65 or above, if a junior, and that of 2.5 or above, if a senior, is essential. However, if at graduation time, a student graduates "With Honorw and has the other qualifying character traits, he may still become a member of this society. An annual banquet and chapel program are included in its activities. Nine seniors have been recognized by Whois Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- legesf, One of the 650 colleges and universities participating in the organization, North Central chooses its representatives according to scholarship, participation and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities, citizenship and service to the school, and future usefulness to business and society. Who's Who L to R: B. Strutz, A. Heininger, B. Carl- son, K. Wacker, L. Miller, D. Wordelman. Honors Society ROW l: D. Bosshardt, B. Magenheimer, L. Weibel, Dr. Eigenbrodt, A. Heininger, N. Hawbecker. ROW 2: D. Lapp, B. Carl- son, J. Madden, D. Wordelman, N. Heyer, C. Crow, B. Wolf. 78 And Their Habitat. A class with Uclassn. . .Chain Gang ...SouIheastern...Inthe bestof company. . .I dreamed I went to Chapel. . . Mb W ww V x I Q if,,.,,,l ..,.Z ,,,. 7:-Q., 1. ,, , .M AvM,, X Q .f 1,:,. zu ir -5, ,-93. , we e f yfpw, ,,,,.. , f ,,.. ' au - f . awww wwf www' M we Lv .., -an e S' 5' M 1 . , :,. f gb ha in . i, 4 .imma wmfazax.: ,gwxlggvqwqn QWWHPM MH .psp- Arg The North Central School of Music offers to its over two hundred participating students an extensive curricu- lum of courses and vocal and instrumental organizations. One of the purposes of the School of Music is to offer experience through public performances. With its membership open to all interested singers, the hundred voice Festival Chorus studies the larger major choral works by composers of all eras of music history. The Chorus presented its ninth annual Christ- mas Vesper Service in December and appeared in the annual May Fine Arts Festival. The Festival Chorus has Dr. Luntz as its director. Singing the elaborate sacred literature of the choral masters, the Concert Choir, directed by Dr. Luntz, with a selected membership of thirty-five voices, again went on its annual spring tour. ln addition to the two state tour through Ohio and Michigan, the Choiris local ap- pearances included the Naperville and area churches and the Chicago Sunday Evening Club. Limited to a membership of sixty-five selected voices, the Chapel Choir appeared in Pfeiffer Hall Concerts with the North Central College Community Symphony in the Symphony's March Concert Series and with the North Central College Concert Band in the Fine Arts Festival. A special Christmas Concert with the Harmonettes was presented in addition to their weekly College Chapel ap- pearances throughout the year. The Choir is directed by Mr. Emmett Steele. In its second year under the baton of Emmitt Steele, QQ, ,Nl 5. W orth Central Dr. George Luntz Director of School of Music Instructor in Voice, Conducting Conductor of Festival Chorus and Concert Choir. the seventy piece North Central College Community Symphony experienced a highly successful concert sea- son. Drawing its seventy members from the college and eleven neighboring communities, the Symphony per- formed three series of concerts, three concerts in each series. Supplementing the Pfeiffer Hall Concerts in January, March, and May fthe Fine Arts Festivall, there were numerous out-of-town concerts in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. Benefit concerts included those for Mooseheart, Edwards Hospital and other organizations. The repertoire for the ,55-'56 season consisted of classi- cal and Hpopv works. V I School of Music Emmett M. Steele Conductor of N.C. Community Symphony and N.C. Concert, Marching, and Cardinal Pep Bands, Director of Chapel Choir, lnstructor of instrumen- tal music, Conducting. The North Central College Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Emmett Steele, in an attempt to ease problems incurred in extensive touring, is limited to a membership of lifty auditioned musicians. The Concert Band presented several new innovations this year in its highly diversified ,55-'56 concert season. Opening with its initial home concert at Pfeiffer Hall in January, the Band continued its busy schedule with chapel programs, out-of-town concerts in nearby surburban communities, a special College Day concert along with other special activities, and a Fine Arts Festival. The high point of the seasonis activities was the highly gratifying three state tour through Michigan, Ohio, and lllinois with as many as three concerts daily. As a publicity agent, for the School of Music as well as for the College, the Con- cert Band presented over sixteen public concerts during the duration of this season. The enlarged ,55 North Central College Marching Band, led by Drum Majors, Brooks Heck and Roger Hernandez, presented in its second year of existance, as usual, another colorful season. Complete with intricate formations, fancy maneuvers, and military drills. ln ad- dition to the huge Homecoming festivities, the Marching Band appeared in the Fire Prevention Parade in Aurora. The Band's director, Mr. Emmett Steele, was assisted by Mr. Ned Gardner of the School of Music. This year, the newly organized all-male Cardinal Pep Band performed at all home basketball games. The fif- teen members promoted additional pep and spirit for the basketball season. Student conducted, the Pep Band played peppy marches and novelty numbers. The Harmonetts, directed by Mrs. Marion Schap, is a girls' vocal ensemble group singing classical and semi- popular music. The group has as its chief purpose to provide experience in vocal ensemble work. Their public appearances this year included chapel programs and various local appearances. The School of Music's student organizations are Sig- ma Rho Gamma and M.E.N.C. lMusic Educators Nation- al Conferencel. Sigma Rho Gamma is an honorary music society which is open to all music majors. M.E.N.C. is the national professional organization of music educa- tors. I I . ,I . . I I ,I .I I I I I , I I The Chapel Choir under the direction of Mr. Steele sing their annual Christmas Concert in Chapel . December 14-. The Candlelit Recessional bythe Festival Chorus after Christmas Vespers. I I I I A I SIGMA RHO GAMMA Seated: Dr. Luntz, G. Laning. P. Bakleynl. 4 Lange. D. Haegert. E. Wolf. L. Helm. .l. I Davidson, D. Driggett. STANDINGL B. I Schroeder, C. Moely, M. Johnson, D. Worrlel- man. F. Bodem. J. Ramaker. N. Wolf. B. Heck, B. 0'Neil. C. Barber. MI I II If I1 I I . I I I I Music, N Music, Music. CONCERT CHOIR ROW1: M. Miller, P. Bakley, J. Heilman, E. Blum, V. Frank, L. Helm, B. Schroeder, Dr. Luntz. ROW 2: N. Hawbecker, J. Ramak- er, J. Knight, J. Davidson, M. Ousterhout, C. Barber, N. Wolf, Cv. Snyder. ROW 3: D. Haegert, M. Lang, B. Reed, D. Wordelman, J. Iwig, R. Hart. K. Holebetz. ROW 4: J. Erdman, B. Heck, G. Laning. HARMONETTES SEATED: D. Bohnstedt, E. Wolf. STANDING: Mrs. Schap, J. Heilman. C. Snyder, J. Lange, J. Grote, J. Knight, Betty O'Nea1, C. Barber, P. Bakley, B. Schroeder, J. Brewer. M.E.N.C. ROW 1: D. Haegert, B. O'Neal, Mrs. Schap L. Helm, J. Lange, R. Hart, C. We-ihel, D Driggett. ROW 2: J. Davidson, J. Brewer, D Wordelman, F. Bodem, J. Ramaker, J Knight, N. Wolf, C. Moely. W Z2 WK! ABOVE: The Concert Band under the di- rection of Mr. Steele. RIGHT: The Marching Band on the field. Hail, hail, the Gang's all here -the Pep Band in action. orth Central - after dark. W A qunllllfz ? - 5 7 f V 1 A I 1 I V 0 I N rv N 1 1 ll 1 1 ' K, QWAA ff Yx r xoe 'Y GCNBVGV OX x QQ 9 2 eqarxrfefp V DY X, Cfgvbffcfe 'ive U 9 wwf' Q04 fre s Cab '50 N0 x fb 5Y'0"vJ 990 X Q9- Gapfdxa 6 grow CL 26 J YQ-OVA1 GSK 96429 QQ?-5 Q69 we fx is E Your Lucky Da King Rex, Lew Allbee and May Queen, Barb Carlson College Da 1955 May Queen Candidates Marge Senn, Sabra Otto, Arlene Lindquist, Joanne Du ey, Barb Carlson. Bill Strutz, Dean Stoffer, ,lack Steckel, Jerry Schroeder, Lew Allbee dl King Rex Candidates . M , 'WU' , 88 , Q! M W me W "Come with men. . .The Maypole whirl. . .Said the squirrel to the skunk. . .The Lovelies model the fashions of the day.. , "Slugger", . .The unforgettable ride. . Homecoming 1955 Homecoming Queen Joanne Dudley A Kingdom of Fantasy 130' 1. 2 1 , E., z , 1, QS 91362 -2 i all 90 The Homecoming Court Joanne Dudley, Queen Arlene Lindquist .ludy Speck Joyce Grote Barbara Bergeman :5 x F -.1 Yi its ' .,:-sfQ"2Ft 3 'fr 5 f A ' 'Ev fs fa r F' Q l aff by J , .,iif' 2 fa uf x X f X24 S ' X f -X X W " vw' 'YY - 'EV-f T .Y - fi X. '. fx' , "'WffE17'S"" fw 3 - bf' . X, ' "E " ' X fx W ws ..-.: -4 , Q, .. -XNY ' 22. Rf" 1-J' --P" M ' 'f ' NH fwx X,..-,.X- Ssgimlqsw. X 3 WSF" LX 4 .fi .ffl x f , 1 , xf 54 T , - ' "- 3 X ' f' ,ifA-Xfixfvx I 4 X X as 1 1 my X, : ' H 5S5fj,:SNQ 'SQ Xw. ' X9 1 if X ,X ww, , I 3 F S a 'IX qi? K' 5 X4 C Q 3,2 ff, X5 Z Ka ' X X ,X 2 . X X 2 Liam .X 'J' ' , ff' f X 4 X , .X WX X . 'A XS - f VX X ' 'MW ,X 'f X W V4 4, - :v 5 -K: Xp 5- . Y - X .X MX ,f Nz F X, X .. ' s nmymwm NMA, 10-mm km .- S-yXWw,.X:mmwX:w,mX. mwhwmffw :sw w:gXm,1mXxw wif N, 'M sv .... .53 7 , f X! ,4 , A X" mWw'v'wfwvgW-., SW swvffsxyg ' ' we Q'ffi'W-, -,W , XVXX fVf'sYXX'f'.JV'?5V ' X was Xffx X 4 , f ,Xw.4,4,fXXfXf.!X X X . www MW Lv M Xf ,XMXMMX X sf f-4 X f Xfn X Xf 1X X, M A X, ff!X Xfff ff A X XA X ... X 1 WX swim, X M AQ-!v..hXm as Xfw, wan- .MM fX!a,,X!.w ZWMXKA X JR FLW vqynvfmmmy M fy.-yf mmm ff 4Xff,'Xy-we Amfsfw- fb m y X ,X 1 X N. f ' f wwf XM 1 , 1. f, X - H X Mm, M f 'f X ' X Q A Xfv A fa f f f ffffwwl iff 4 s f f f ' 7- Ziff iffxffxft X I X 2 X sg 'X XQW 7+ , Q. X E4zsi5f'E's, 'X fi, . ' f. ffgfh ii f ,, Q - 4 f ' 9 ' f 4 em sn my +1 .. , ,. W! for Q 9 A E 2 1 I3 , 4 2 2, ' - 'Q Zwfizpf iqwww W www ..X n m g zxzmx U' Q V' ' ww' V. 2 -Z ,4 -X f w f Strictly LEFT: This is the beginning? . .All Aboard. . .Touche . .HO Dear, What Can the Matter Ben. , ."O, you A... W' RIGHT: Six Straight-men and One?? ,.."Good-bye, Cruel Worldu. ,. Kaufman's Angels. . .There goes Jon again. . .Liberace and His Friends ,.."Which way is the beach?". .. Prof. Moo ..... ,X n x OI' E111 5 -S ' f 0 AAV. , an ' ' ' .. ffww '-M -M X -Wm 'Q '4 h Wi 9 V MQW ,A . 2 5 2 f, my '-,, , f Q 5 Q, 3 , 'f Z Az ' ' WC if f f , ' 1 ' if if , ' e 12 y Qfff g if Q2 swf Q 16 , ff he f A 1 f ag 'Y fi 2 Am, -, 2,1 we .Q , fy 35 5 ' :P W 7 X 'R 29 ,8 Q t , A zw45,.f Q Qf,W.' ,, X, A ga, A yn' ff 2 df 'I' 'W 7 'wg 'f X M 5 ' W Z W ' Q 1.-ff gl XS .f i Q43 x if. V--4. f 5 gg ' 1 . .V G 1 K wi 4 ,iff 3 V . "VV V ' , 7 ,HI -.,.' , , " W ' Y K If J , f T V 4 six tx? if Km ' : .- 213- 1 J , , x 4 Z . Mf i?V ,3 5 " 'W ,HH ' :A Sr V 9 4 .. 'f"w,m ' . fi W ' 1' AE. "' nv T w'W"'? z' X V :47""U'Z Q ,. W -, X ,, IIV, A b . ,A 4, M ,af- ,.k:? we ff V V W In W' - 'v-Q I . 1 f , i L ' , - - . , N .JQ1 Lf' ' f ,,,Q2f,f"f-N if ' 1: 93 vw U W 2 1 M L l l 1 3 X w I P W r Siffixfii ,. . P 12,5332 ,ii 'l' rf! ' 4' 154 , ,., K -, I f ,Z ,. X Qi - ,jfrr ,f K , ' b 6.1 3"""n'F' 1,7 ' MQQ. , .. , 4'4" 5251 ? If 5 .. vn u + . ' ' - ' A ,.-U" 9 1 i ' M-- W U V X 4 s I - 1 f , I J., 1 W ,ff -u-T 1 J 4 1 I, X T' 1 I . , ,f' xx f H 'Z xx A if .. f ix r" .q.,f" i... Qff JM, ii -if Z " S-Fang.. .4 J' fgl " 5 ,- --ff " f.':' T' - 4 -- ., -A , X . 4, : - ' NX ' fu, X -4 f"-' xx .-..J 'L , ' - ' Q ' P Qi:.,.-,, - ff , - , f , K 1 , A- , . -F" I "Fir ,, ..-3-fl .gf- ,4 ' 5, x - .,..'4-51+-,. ILA- +?.""' ' ' A 6 XX ' k vm " N' - Z. - , g .. vi 1 gg - --'- ' - . ,, , iks'9m,. ,x , " N-'5'-- ' -X .., - Y 497- ,'.!zl4:!:: "bf - -X f-Sig? ' ku, Y V W-1 , --if .Af " LEFT TO RIGHT Joanne Dudley Captain Karl Holubetz, Mar Shouting "Fight Team Fight", Joanne Dudley, Karen Wacker, Jan Faulhaber, Carol Wanner bound onto the athletic field. Soon after is heard "Sock ,Em, Bust 'Em, That's our Customf' uniquely performed by the three men on the squad, Karl Holubetz, Arch Al- bores and Marve Brickert. With Joanne Dudley as their captain, these morale boosters do more than an adequate job to spur our athletic teams to victory. These peppy seven never let North Central forget that spirit and en- couragement on the sidelines are often decisive factors in the win- ning of a game. Enthusiasm bubbles when North Central's Cheer- leaders appear on the field and the stands are always able to show their opponents some very fine spirit. Under the direction of the athletic board, North Central's cheer- ing squad took part in some of the annual memorable events of the year, such as: Traditions Night, when the Frosh are introduced to our cheersg the torchlight parade, and the bonfire, where spirit for the Homecoming game was aroused. Since some of them are seniors and are leaving us this year, Let's wish them every bit of luck and salute them with a cheer. v Brickert, Arch Albores, Carol Wanner, Karen Wacker, l 96 NGS Senior This year's graduating class contains a number of athletes, some of whom are pictured here, who have made their final appearances in college athletics, NC says "Thank youi' to these men for the high A quality of sportsimanship and calibre of playing which t were displayed in all the competitive sports. L to R: D. Stoffer, L. Harvey, B. McCallister, M. Brickert, J. Steckel, R. Albrecht, R. Larson, R. Wehrli. 97 ieremen The North Central frogmen once again had a very success ful season. setting many new records and obtaining numer- ous trophies. Phil Dannley was captain of the team this past season. leading them against three Big Ten schools, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Northwestern. Also, meets with Loyola, Hamlin. Beloit. and many other schools including Notre Dame were very satisfactory. The swimmers began this season against Northwestern and were defeated 46-37. However, when one considers the competition NC has in such a meet, this score has many good indications. John lVIolitor set a new record in the 220 with a time of 2:20. Next. the Cardinals competed in the Knox relays. They brought home four of the eight trophies presented in the relays by winning four of the eight events. which would have given them a team victory in the meet, if such a score had been kept. North Central also set many records that day, several team records, some pool records. and also a few meet records. The next team to be doused by the Cards was Illinois Wesleyait by a score of 26-58. John Molitor again set a new record, this time in the 4-40 to the time of 5:06.8. The next meet in line was the AAU. the meet that was won several days after it had taken place. A mistaken score awarded the trophy to the wrong team, however, several days later, after re-checking the records, NC had won 78-75 over Fenwick. Here again many records were set. Molitor set a new record in the 250 to the time of 2:l8.6, thus erasing the previous time he had established himself in this event earlier in the season. Jim Rank set a new record in the 100 yd. butterfly to the time of 1:0l.9, and the 4-00 yd. medley relay team set a record with a time of 4-2183. North Central used all avail- able swimmers in this meet, and were allowed the use of the "Dean's team" in order to insure the victory. The University of Illinois entertained the swimmers next and defeated them 66-27. John Molitor was the only NC swimmer to capture a first place, which he did in two events, the 220 and 440. Recovering from this defeat, the University of Chicago was handed a good shellacking by the Cards by the score of 59-27. The remainder of the year contained many victories and honors for the Cieremen, who swam against Wisconsin ex- tension. Wright Junior College, Beloit, and Augustana. As this copy goes to press. the season's outcome is not known, but the prospects for an eighth consecutive conference title is all but in the records. ROW l: Dean Ciere. Dr. Henning. C. Picha. K. Haug. C. Corecki. W. Goble. ROW 2: A. Albores. T. Eck. A. Kelly. J. Molitor. R. Lambrecht. C. Pichotta. ROW 3: D. Stump, J. Mizanin. R. McBride, P. Dan- nley, J. W1-ndling. J. Rank. t X -t KV N . 08 W- A g Q . 'W M I ' , ,. 1 ,Q f . ,fa Q , , 1 V- .-.- . , . "-' fi - "-v' '- ' ,I X ' 1 " in ' 'QW M A "N - A , K W"4'fW" limcvgza, Q 4f' , 0 Q' ' . ' Q I w w ' 1 v V W4 L- f- if Ui 'S -'fy N 2 1 -M---11 FT: ,115 X , .., : M f, 1 -'-' I A -- "They're off!" Left: Rank-"Flying High" A' Right: McBride-"Pull, man, Pullu :g -.-, . . - ea b X- J , ff- ,iz X 'Sw 'S 2, ., Q, pw 11 4 Y 1. KX X N X 'L xiii X X 5 gn wr 4 .. H X? , , - A 115 , W Q x Z, I Ea1..ww.m.v........ - , Q Danley Rank Wendling , , Eck, Mizanin, Goble-The Divers. Trophy winning Medley Relay. 99 Pictured below is this yearis indoor track team, but as copy goes to press, their season has just begun. Therefore, the statistics of last yearis team is recorded. The 1955 season saw some very notable records made, probably the most important ones were set by the eight lap relay team composed of Bornemeier, Steckle, Johnson and Brickert. One new record occurred in the Midwest lnvita- tional meetg and later, in a triangular meet with Beloit and Elmhurst, the same trackmen posted the fast time for a NC team in the last ten years. ln the first meet of the season NC completely outclassed Elmhurst to the tune of 61-43. However, Bradley took the Cards in tow by a score of6l-43. For the next meet, Beloit Buc's topped the Cards and Elmhurst 5616-4-8-24-lb, respec- tively. The Red Birds lost to Loyola in their next meet by a score of 78-26. ln the Midwest Track Meet NC placed fourth in a field of fourteen teams. Dick Branz won the open mile and the eight lap relay team set a new meet record, to give NC most of its points. ln the meet with Milwaukee Teachers the Cards were slowed down 5716-3910, but in the final meet NC trampled Monmouth 6lV2-3916. Consistent point winners were Lyle Littlewood, Bob Schwab, Ron Reichert, Jack Steckle, Dick Branz, Dick Otto, Ron Johnson, Marv Brickert and Dewey Bornemeier. Indoor Track ROW 1: Coach Belding, Curits, Lambrecht, Bachman, Stieg, Brinkman, Searight, Shippert, Stegner. ROW 2: Gates, Branz, A. Smith, Steckel, Mueller, Brickert, Drake, Reichert. ROW 3: Perham, Gehring, Ross, R. Smith, McCallister. Him 100 L to R: Williams, Larson, Harmon, Shymkewich, Wehrli, Folleth, Thee, Morgan, Swafford, Sirotzki. Varsity Basketball The Cardinals played good ball all season against some of the top competition in small midwest schools, such as Millikan, Wheaton and Beloit. Playing with the best of them, the Red and White displayed plenty of spirit and drive as they went through the season. "Butch', Wehrli and "Bones" Larson served as co-captains for the year and led the team in their determined bid for victory in each game. This yearls team received the help of many freshmen, which may be a contributing factor to the slow start the team has witnessed. The new additions to the squad had to become accus- tomed to the style of play North Central uses. Ed Morgan has been a very valuable asset to the Cardinales cause since his appearance in college competition. Fred Bennett, from our rival town of Wheaton, has also contributed by his fine play and spirit. Two other freshmen, Tom Folleth and Bill Thee have also proved themselves helpful to the team. The return of Dick Swafford to the lineup after being sidelined for a year has proved the spark needed to get the team back in the winning column. Shel Williams, Dale Shymkewich, Rollie Cook, and Brooks Heck could always be counted on by Coach Olson when the team was in trouble. The Big Red started the season off with a win over Grinnell to the tune of 61-54. However, after this initial win, the team was unable to gather enough together to overcome the next sixteen opponents. Then, just before the end of the first semester, Dick Swafford returned to the team and with his coming, the team seemed to be on the up-grade again. During the slump that the Cards experienced, the team was defeated by such outstanding teams as Millikan, Beloit, Illinois Wesleyan, Wheaton, Coe College, and the University of Paris. However, even though the Cards did bow to these teams they put up a good battle in each game to make the opponents realize they were not gaining an easy victory. With the start of a new semester the team seemed to be transposed into a smooth moving and working unit. The first encounter was against Carroll College. where the Cards came through 91-74. The following week, the men of the hardwood traveled to Rock Island and downed Augustana 86-77. Augustana had defeated them earlier in the season by seven points. With these fine showings the team holds promise of coming along in the season to a fine finish as the SPECTRUM goes to press. The seniors on the squad who will be seeing their last year of college competition are Rich Wehrli and Ralph Lar- son, co-captains and Dick Atkins. So with the loss of only three men from the squad, the coming season's holds much promise for Coach Olson. 101 2, 5 Wm? 2 The Cagers Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. lan. lan. Jan. Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb In Action '55 - 756 CARDINALS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1 Grinnell Home 3 Millikin Home 6 Beloit Away 10 Augustana Home 13 Lake Forest Away 16 Oakland City Away 17 Belmont Away December 29 and 30 Jaycee Tournament 5 Ill. Wesleyan Home 6 Monmouth Away 10 Beloit Home 14 Wheaton Home 21 Elmhurst Away 31 Ill, Wesleyan Away 4- Carroll Home 8 Millikin Away 11 Augustana Away 14- Carroll Away 18 Elmhurst Home 23 Wheaton Away 25 Lake Forest Home 23 Weaton Away 25 Lake Forest Home Opposite page: "Dale" 'tiutchw "Cookie,' "Bones" ffEd,7 Tfshellyn Coach Bob Fletcher guided the Bombers through an unimpressive first semester winning only two games and losing seven. However, as the semester was coming to an end, the two victories were recorded giving an indication that the right combination had been found, thus the Bombers hopes were high for future victories. The team displayed much spirit and drive which contributed much to the expectations of the team. The Bomber squad serves as practice material for the varsity. Con- sequently, they have to use a different style of play each week of practice, corresponding to the style used by the varsity opponents. ln many cases be- cause of this variety of style they must display, mixups occur during the games played by the junior varsity. Also, as the season progresses, they lose their better players to the varsity squad. If one of the varsity hoopsters is out be- cause of injury or illness, the Bombers lose one of their key men for a game or two and a new team combination must be sought by Coach Fletcher. The Bomber squad is the transitional phase of basketball between high school and college varsity competition. It acquaints the freshmen with the North Central style of play and eases them into the more rugged types of play used in varsity competition. Therefore, it is easy to see that the "BH squad is more important than the average spectator realizes. Some of the men to see a great deal of action for the junior varsity were, Ron Bagley, ,lim Searight, Tom Heather, Ken Sirotzki, Dave Bachman, Don Lehr, Jerry Walters and Dave Stuart. From these men will be formed the future varsity team of NC. Junior Varsity Basketball KNEELING: Searight, Stuart, Heather. STANDING: Sirotzki, Coach Fletcher, Harmon, Lehr, Brinkmeir, Walters. 104 - Football - 19 as A ff X Record Won 2 Lost 5 NCC OPP. 20 Eureka .... . .... 0 7 Augustana .... .... l 4- 0 Lake Forest ........ .... 6 C . 9 Illinois Wesleyan ".. ..,. 2 5 oach Olson and Captain Ray Albrecht 7 Carroll .......... .,.. 2 0 6 Wheaton ...... .... l 2 0 Millikin ,... .... l 3 64- Elmhurst ..... . . . 0 Beginning and ending the season with a bang plus playing heads up ball during the season describes the 1955 Cardinal football team. The Redbirds had to settle for sixth place in the conference, but the season was not without its high points. One such example was the performance seen in N.C.'s defeat of Elmhurst by a score of 64-0. Captain Ray Albrecht was elected all conference tackle, and Glenn Unger, Keith Clark and Dwight Bornemeier were second team selections in the balloting. ROW 1: McCallister, Boone, J. Albrecht, Atkins, Clark, Capt. Albrecht, Bornemeier, Unger, Smith, Bornemeier. ROW 2: Maze, Gallagher, Wise, Keuper, Miller, Trapp, Pichotta, Bell, Prouty, Reichert, Doe, Cole, Wier, Fink, Berlin, Sar- gent, Pugh, Lambrecht, Bolen, Kaatz, Belding, Olson. 105 Berlln RE Albrecht RT Lambrecht RG Bornemeier FB Clark LG Boone LT Reichert LE Seargent RH Bornemeier C Wise LH Smith QB The Cards opened the season with a brilliant 20-0 win over Eureka College. At no time during the game did N.C. experience any trouble, Eureka being kept under complete control. However, in the next two games with Augustana and Lake Forest, the gridmen were unable to drive into the opponents end zone. N.C. out-played both teams almost in every department but the scoring column. Illinois Wesleyan and Carroll rolled over the Red and White Cards, defeating them 25-9 and 20-7, respectively. Nevertheless the fine play of Neil Boone, Murice Seargent and Ron Reichert kept the Cards from worse defeats by these two opponents. Encountering Wheaton and Millikin in the next two games, N.C. was held in tact by scores of 12-6 and 13-0, respectively. The Redbirds had the same trouble in these two games as they had earlier in the season, that being their inability to push into their opon- entis end zone. They played excellent ball and in numerous encounters, far surpassed their foes. The final game of the season was no contest for the players, for they out-played, out- ran, and out-did Elmhurst in every department. Once N.C.,s hands were on the ball, there was no doubt ofthe game's outcome. In the conference N.C. had a 1-5 record, and for the entire season, the over-all record was 2 wins and 6 defeats. However, there were many inexperienced men on this yearis squad and the experience gained this year should prove an asset for the '56 season. Ron Smith, Dick Lambrecht and Ron Berlin will be counted on heavily next fall.- There were five seniors, R. Albrecht, Bansemer, Clark, Atkins and D. Bornemeier, who will be missed by Coach Olson next year. These men saw a lot of action and carried many of the heavy duties in the football games. , ,Q ,fl L5 7 of g ' "fi 1 lf. .,i,,A Nr! my Q .2 4. f Q .2 A f , y' ' .1 ,wi , , in v. ' , K E ,M 3 4 .3 106 nu. "Ani, i 1, l ,I F . 2 .spa 6 ,gm-I Wilt N f -4 1xL,- ' STANDING: G. Unger, S. Trapp, D. Haas, T. Kaatz, D. Kentner, B. Janca, D. Shymkewich, D. Dietzel, J. Perkins, Coach Olson. SEATED: R. Albrecht, D. Stoffer, R. Cook, E. Duplessis, D. Hrdraha, D. Hauch, L. Bansemer, L. Harvey, S. Williams. Baseball -- 1955 The impressive pitching of Dale Shymkewich, Shel Williams, and Don Prouty and the hitting of Ed Duplissis and Bob ,lance gave the 1955 Cardinals a third place in the conference and a 10-7 record for the season. Coach Olson's team began the season with five consecutive wins before they were stopped in the second frame of a double header with Millikin by a score of 3-1. Aurora was next to hand the Redbirds a defeat by the score of 9-3, but the Cards bounced back with two wins, over Concordia and Lake Forest. These victories had barely been realized when Chicago and Wheaton stiffled the diamondmen by the scores of 4--2 and 5-0, respectively. Elmhurst, the next opponent, felt the full power of NCC when they received two overwhelming defeats. Of the four remaining games, the Cardls were able to hand Augustana a defeat in the second half ofa double header Q10-41, losing the other three games to Lake Forest, Wheaton, and Augustana. Ed Duplessis led the team in the hitting department with a .368 average followed by Dale Shymkewich with and Bob Janca with 308. The fine fielding of R01 Cook, Ray Albrecht and Dick Haas added a great deal to the Red and White cause. Graduation, taking only two men from the '55 lineup, should have little effect on the '56 team, as there is every sign that '56 will be a promising year. Record Won 10 Lost 7 NCC OPP. 12 Lake Forest .... .... 5 6 Ilinois Wesleyan. . . ..... 4 2 Chicago Teachers. . . . . 4 11 Illinois Wesleyan. . . . , 3 0 Wheaton ...., . . , . 5 14 Aurora ,........ , . . 7 11 Elmhurst ..... , . . . 6 8 Chicago Teachers. . . . , 4- 13 Elmhurst ..... . . . . 2 7 Millikin ........ .... 4 O Lake Forest .... ..,. 4- 1 Millikin ...... . . . 3 0 Augustana .,.. . . . . 1 3 Aurora ,..... .... 9 10 Augustana. . . , . . 4- 2 Concordia. .. ... 1 1 Wheaton. ...,11 107 at iff, L? ii. ww-M-ft 7 ff ww wx im 1 I lr' """"'f"""'l Ml ROW 1: D. Easterday, J. Adams, M. Bachman. ROW 2: Miss Tan- ner, B. Sherman, A. Hermance, D. Luedtke, M. Engstrom. Tennis Tennis-1955-Menis NCC OPP. 5 Dekalb 4 3 Elmhurst 6 6 Lake Forest 3 0 Augustana 9 0 Bradley 9 3 Wheaton 6 1 Carroll 8 7 Lake Forest 2 0 Normal 9 1 Millikin 4 5 Delkalb 4 2 Elmhurst 7 2 Wheaton 7 Standing: R. Haidle, C. Cross, Coach Dexheimer, D. Schloerb T. Holbrook. Kneeling: G. Crochowina, P. Sutton. 1955 MEN'S TENNIS The 1955 NC tennis team finished the season with four wins and nine defeats and a sixth place in the con- ference. Outstanding individual place, but considerable lack of depth was the chief characteristic of the team coached by Bob Dexheimer. Captain Russ Heidle played number one position for the squad. Tom Holbrook played number two man and Dick Schloreb third in line. Paul Sutton, Clyde Cross and George Gruchowina filled out the squad in that or- der. The Score Board Tennis-1955-Women's WOMEN'S TENNIS NCC QPP. The 1955 women's varsity tennis team had another 6 Chicago Teachers 0 2 Chicago Teachers 4 5 U. of Chicago 1 5 U. of Chicago 1 O Wheaton 6 0 Wheaton 6 2 Lake Forest 2 6 North Park 0 6 North Park 0 good season in winning five, losing three and tieing one. Barb Sherman was in number one position and Ann Hermence in the second. They were also teamed as num- ber one in the doubles tourney and placed second in the Millikin Invitational Tournament. Donna Easterday placed number three singles and May Backman number four. The other doubles team consisted of .Iane Adams and Diane Luedtke. Merelyn Baumeister Engstrom managed the team. . a W C9 MM ,Y V 4. 5 I 4 Z E. 1 Q, fi wwf , 'V ,X , 'Z ,kwa N V 72 if Z ROW 1: D. Branz, J. Wendling, L. Littlewood, R. Smith, M. Brichert. ROW 211. Rank, D. Berlin, J. Stekel, B. Schwab, D. Bornemeier, L. Brinkman. ROW 3: Manager, D. Stegner, R. Reichert, R. Curtis, D. Otto, E. Boyer, Coach Belding. The 1955 thinclads were guided to a very successful season by Coach Belding. Beginning the season at the Wabash Relays, two first places were gathered by the team. The trackmen followed this with a very decisive victory over Concordia 119-12. The next meet was a trianglar with Carroll College nosing ahead by just one and one-half points to take the meet. However, the Cards came through in the next three meets soundly trouncing Elmhurst, Wesleyan, Lake Forest and Augus- tana. At the conference track meet, NC was able to place third out of the eight schools participating and at the Carroll Relays, out of a field of twelve schools, NC gath- ered third place again. Dick Otto ended his college career with a very impres- sive showing, leading the team in total points by a wide margin. Dick Branz and Lyle Littlewood could always be counted on in the distance events, while Jack Steckel and Marv Brichert consistently placed in the sprinting events. With the graduation of only three Seniors the 1956 trackmen will be looking for another winning sea- son. l 109 Track 1955 ROW 1: R. Cook, Cv. Unger, A. Kelly, J. Steckel. ROW 2: R. Larson, J. Mizanin, B. Riggs, R. Al- brecht. ROW 3: K. Holubetz, D. Prouty, A. Albores, D. Bornemeier. ROW 4: B. Rothrock, J. Giesler, R. Stegner, D. Madigan. ROW 5: R. Reichert, D. Shymkewich, S. Williams, D. Borne- meier. ROW 6: D. Stoffer, J. Rank, B. McBride, L. Bansemer. ROW 7: D. Benson, P. Dannelly. The Varsity Club is directed this year by ,lack Steckel, president: Ray Albrecht, vice-president: and Ralph Larson, secretary. Coach Les Belding is fac- ulty advisor. Every athlete who wins a letter is invited to become a member of this group. The Varsity Club seeks to promote the highest type of sportsmanship in inter- collegiate contests. It also promotes a spirit of brotherhood among members of varsity teams and industriously scouts for talented high school athletes, whom . they hope will become North Centralites. All members of the club can enjoy the benefits of the comfortable lounge, T.V. set, ping pong tables, and kitchen at all times. Two of the most outstanding features of the club are its initiations, which are celebrated and observed by most 1 b members on campus twice each year, and the beautiful formal held in October, u attended by many students. Some of the accomplishments and projects of the year include: Parent's Day, concession stands at high school and college basketball games, officiating at the Midwest lnvitational Track Meet, and election of the track queen and her court. ln addition, the club is promoting a "Most all around Senior Athlete" trophy in memory of Bill Shatzer. The club sponsors social events, such as social swims and Carnivals for the entire school to enjoy. Varsity blankets are awarded to all gradu- ating members who have won four letters in one sport or three letters each in two sports. 110 l ROW 1: J. Speck, D. Feldt, M. Uebele, Miss Tanner, J. Sommers, B. Sherman, J. Reese, D. Easterday, D. Fritch, C. Ba Shore, M. Hein. ROW 2: S. Wandrey, M. Hillman, M. Engstrom, L. Rediehs. N. Gould. C. Weibel, M. Hayes. D. Horsky, C. Wanner, K. Gates, N. Voigt. ROW 3: J. Wickboldt, M. Pulsing, J. Miller, G. Van Ramshorst, B. Swift, M. Gates, M. Fink, ,l. Fanthorpe, K. Faubel, C. Hill. ROW 4: J. Jones, J. Faulhaber, L. Miller, C. Nielsen, D. Vite, L. We-ibel, M. Ousterhaut. The purpose of WAA is to develop a spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition by taking part in all forms of athletics and to cooperate with other campus organizations in promoting and maintaining the highest standards of campus life. All of the womens intramural sports are directed by WAA. Besides the five major team sports-soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming and baseball, op- portunity is also given to participate in individual skill sports, such as archery, tennis, ping pong and badminton. Tournaments are held in each of these sports, as well as in bowling. Girls may also receive credit for hiking, bicycling, roller skating, horseback riding, winter sports, and golf. WAA begins the year with a picnic to welcome new members and for them to get acquainted with the old members ofthe organization. Besides the picnic, other events sponsored by WAA are moonlight hikes, banquets, GAA invitation- al, college play day, and breakfast hikes. In addition, many girls from NCC attend play days at other colleges. Awards are presented to the winners of the various sports at the banquets. Letters and pins are also presented for participation in the required number ofteam and individual sports. Officers for this year were: Barb Sherman, Presidentg Jan Reese, treasurerg Joan Sommers, Secretaryg and Miss Tanner, Advisor. lll omerfs Athletic Association Water Show - 1955 "Whispering Windsw was the theme of the spring water show. Music was chosen from the four seasons, starting with the Summer scene entitled "Heat Wavev and "Moonlight Serenadeng then Autumn which con- sisted of "Autumn Leaves" and "September Songw. Winter came in on a "Winter Waltzw in "Winter Won- derlandw and then Spring with "How High the Moons, and "Rain" This colorful water panorama of seasons ended with the Hnale, "Fm Always Chasing Rainbows". In carrying the theme in decorations, Winter had a huge snowmang an umbrella was surrounded by Spring Whis eri flowersg there was a trellis for Summerg and colorful leaves illustrated Autumn. In the center, there was a many colored rainbow. The show concerned a dialogue between a young couple who were reminiscing about the past year of col- lege. Swimming to the music depicting the four seasons were several groupsg trios, duets and solos with a few larger groups. Some swimmers from Downers Grove were guest performers. The water show was under the direction of Mrs. Thorntong Marlene Hayes and Ann Swisher assisted. n Winds P 3 i ports Afield He's taking out the plug . . . NC meets Paree . . . Did he make it? . . . Flying low . . . Get that man! . if 53 'WU QVWW R 113 y i yr l Tr 1955 October "Jazz Goes to Collegew . . . Dublin Players . . Homecoming. November Career Conference . . . Varsity Club Formal . . . Little Singers of Paris . . . Thanksgiving. 114 September Frosh Orientation . . . Big-Little Sis and Bro Banquet . . . Picnics . . . New student reception. December Barbara Gibson . . . Candida . . . Southeastern Open House . . . Annual Christmas Tea and Vespers . . . Matinee Chat . . . Christmas holi- day. January lncapacitated Fieldhouse First place in AAU Swim Meet . . . Symphony Orchestra . . . Semester Exams. l February Midwinter Retreat . . . Registration . . . Bryan Janus . . . Second Semester Swirl . . . Happy Valentinels Day . . . Matinee Chat . . . Kroehler Hall Open House . . . W. S. Drive. May Commerce Banquet . . . Fine Arts Festival . . . Taming of the Shrew . . . Jr.-Sr. Banquet and Prom . . . College Day . . . Senior Chapel . . . Finals. June Graduation . . . Summer Vacation. 196 March "Finian's Rainbow Midwest Track Meet . . . Midwest Swim Meet Religious Em phasis Week . . . Fox Valley Choral Society One Act Plays . . . Easter Vacation April Children's Theatre Matinee Chat lxauf man Hall Open House Water Ballet v' 1 MM! CZK 115 w iw I, '1 ii . LW i" 2 Y I l 1 1 1 1 1 L k 3 I 1 D O T C H "The Brightest Star in the Milky Wayw DU PACE PRODUCE OATIVIANIS 404 W. Front St. Wheaton, Ill. HQMQGENIZED Telephones Wneeten 8-1255 3-1256 MILK Featuring . . . MR. SPUD Wh C Y C TS M IF S Lum? APrepared potato ready for your french fryer ere ran ou Je o um or o 1 e. 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Main St. QBUICKI SfWIBOMBERGER J MASON and PLASTERING CGNTRACTOR 79EHh1 dA Tlph 3481 Compliments of SCHORSCH BROS IHNMEBIHLDERS 6059 W. Irving P L R d Chicago 34- Ill J r I x w I Y 1 1 I . STAN DARD STANDARD OlL COMPANY recognizes industry's need of capable young men who will be the salesmen, accountants, and executives of the future. ln order to fufill our philosophy of offering our customers the finest services and products possible, we of STANDARD OIL have set up extensive training programs for our personnel. One phase of this training is the COOPERATIVE PLAN with NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE, where young men have a chance to earn while they learn the practical and apply the theoretical. Through such foresight, we continue to improve and maintain the high standards of excellence which have brought satisfaction to our millions of customers the world over. These are the firms that made this book possible Ace Stores Ackman Funeral Chapel Adams Welding Service American Yearbook Co. Baker Laundry D. J. Beidelman Block 81 Kuhl Boeckerls Coal 81 Grain Boecker's Men's Wear S. W. Bomberger Book Store Born's Service Station Carl Broeker Candy Kitchen College Chronicle City Market Classic Bowling Lanes Coast to Coast Stores Day 81 Meredith Dr. Pepper Don 81 Angie Du Page Boiler Du Page Produce East Side Store H. A. Esser Ernie's "66,' Field Const. Foucek's Fran's Koffee Kup Fruit Juice House Fry Bros. Fox Valley Snack Shop Greenwald's Crush Oil Haas gl Getz Haidu Cleaners Hank's Pizza Hey Bros. Jeffries Drugs Jack 81 Jill Shop Kroehler Mfg. La Bianco's J. H. Lehman Lenert, Nick Lietz 81 Grometer Matter, Herb W. Malek Meiley Merehantls Nat'l. Bank Matt's Service Station Moore Lumber Moser Lumber Metzger Eng. Service Mother 81 Daughter Shops Naper AAA Motel Naper Auto Dealers Assoc. Naper Bank Naper TV National Titanium Co. Oatman's Oswald's Paulls Texaco Pine Knot Pittsburgh Plate Glass Prince Castles Railton Co. Rangls Menls Store Rife Cleaners Rirzert Roge 51 Noffsinger Schmidt SL Gretencort Schorsch, Albert J. Schorsch Bros. Sears ,lohn Sexton Sz Co. Sovereign's Bakery Sports Bowl Standard Oil The Sterarns Co. Student Union The Sun Tally Ho lnn Tasty Bakery Taylor's Koffee Shop Toenneges Watson's Music House Werli Appliances West Suburban Transit Mix Why Not Will-O-Way Zaingefs ?0fLf46f42f64f0tf0dd4 J 1 f - ' X " y ' -'Ji--f ,- -:- 4. .I ' I I Q,-r uluhllllllllmlllhy. I . ' " 'ill' Niiiwiizf'12-'ssizviz ,-.. .,1-11:51:12-f-'iihifigzfA' '4- A 1 I lg! '52 ?ele-saga' dn 1:e--- ' I ,fmfffi ' 777 ' 'f VARZQHJZF Np 11111 Compliments of BAKER LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS INC. Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service "The Official College Laundry" Ph N p ll 668 N p ll Ill Compliments of ROGE 81 NOFFSINGER GENERAL CONTRACTORS e Specialize In All Kinds of Concrete W0 Ph Np 111896 Briana astles ICE CREA A f L , - A MM 7 A l W Www! K QL , 1 , t Q it sr Y Q' 5 4" Z5 , . ,W be X! Q , . V A 1- - .Y V .S W A 1 , 4 I - , wgltas 72 . , . x ug L , 'kill xi lil re . ,i el ' H f f- S' .f sz Y' awww- - Z.z:::f A gf? "R, es, f f W -ii' , a':,,-.2 gays-fff a X my 2 L rm I W' xii? K g 'isa A tiki. 7 Stores in Principal Cities Throughout Northern Illinois For Those: One-in-a Million Malteds Prinoeburgers Top Hats and all your other favorite ICE CREAM dishes 324- S. Washington Naperville, lll ,KWX ,MJF M,f,, ' North Central students have a chance to earn while they learn . . . working four hour shifts established for their conven- ience, Jim Martin and Lynn Brinkman represent some twenty NC students work- ing on a special government chair contract at KROEHLER MFG. CO. 1 I I X CW ?v K M, X LQ Mm few- We Es Q :WW Q Founded 1893 by PETER EDWARD KROEHLER North Central College Class of 1892 P J 5 .t An Acknowledgement The successful completion of an endeavor such as the publication of an annual is made possible only by the unfailing efforts of many people. Although only a few are mentioned here, there were many others whose untiring efforts and countless hours of work made this production possible. To each we say, "Thank youf' We want especially to thank Donna Deabler for her quality art work on the division pages, Dave Hochstettler for his pictorial coverage of campus activitiesg Jerry Giesler and his ad agency for their sale of adver- tising spaceg Nancy Auten and her staff for their completion of the senior sectiong the frosh typists who got our copy outg Bev Magenheimer for her work as literary editorg Wes Steig for his complete sports coverage and writingg Alberta Sawyer as an invaluable co-worker in gettings things done, and the girls of Kaufman Hall for all their help. We are also in- debted for Professor A. R. Shoemaker, our advisor, for his friendly and helpful counsel. Thanks also goes to our professionals for their advice and services . . . Mr. Bill Snell of the S. K. Smith Co. for rendering his services to us on our cover and cover design . . . Mr. Anthony J. Comunale and Mr. Sam Becker of Baker Studios for their rapid photo service . . . and Mr. Don Duval of the American Yearbook Co. whose personal suggestions were in- valuable. We are very grateful to those who helped finance our book, namely, our advertisers. lt would have been quite impossible for us to publish the 1956 SPECTRUM without them. To these and all others who were here when help was needed-we can only say "Thanks" 31519, v . I x I 'S Q

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