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.avr-11, .N ', ' ,N .,,f,.x-' 'f '- Kqfwll' v X R ' a v 1 r v 1 x U P ' ' w'- +- f ,..., L 5 Q , - I ,.v '1 .an x mu ravuvunmwn .auuanuuu unnzuznuunn-nnnqnrv w My VOLUME 41 tilt , f if it i 'xgv . X 'X ff ff A XX tl 'ill ,fi if X a i l 1 X lf!! Aff fit Each year scores of visitors come through our famed gates to visit North Central College. Some of these visitors are alumni who dreamily remember only the good times and the lun they had, just as all of us tend to forget the unpleasant things that happened in the past. Most of the visitors, however, are relatives or friends of present students, or prospective students here to see just what North Central and we, its students, are really lilce. For all these people we are editing our boolc. As are other boolcs, ours too is limited in space and content. However, we have worked hard to give you a glimpse of the high lights of North Central, the academic, the athletic and the social activities of its students. But no written word nor any picture will ever express the inner feeling of accomplishment each student feels as he progresses through his tour years here at college, the friendships formed that will last throughout his life, nor the mental growth gained from the personal contacts he has made as well as from the seemingly endless hours of studying. Because we feel that there is still a lot to show you and to tell you, the 1951 Spectrum invites you to "come in, meet us and talce a tour of North Central College". 2 HUM 0 .L K N 1 I f if v T Q 22? , 1 SSX -- f :.... ' ,-. S N ' I, fb' 1 Ig H ll p f ' i i M - 7, fJ'q:ah..Im L 'Qi 1.-'-.2 .L F ' WCA Q N xt V AJv.I--vIIA. X Q j , , ' x xx r b N! L' lj .Z--1 if I br Q' 'X M E ff ' ' V 5 'awk jf 'iff 1 , ,' :cf f ' www? ' mNi?mf 2 ' 4 ' I J A I j sh sg 2 7 fm + S 9 W y wx ? f fm dw M ,fw X 5 , U 5, fllli I W -r 391 S ggm 15 if A 'LLl:, 1 if "" ' - ff' C 16 '7f0xfX' S? 'J Dedication Toiling,-rejoicing,-sorrowing, Onward through life he goes, Each morning sees some taslc begin, Each evening sees it close, Something attempted, something done, l'las earned a night's repose. -From the Village Blacksmith by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow To E. M. SCHAP Associate Professor of Chemistry We, the Class of 1951, proudly dedicate our Spectrum to a favorite "Prof.", E. M. Schap. One who is lcnown for his friendliness toward every student, his quiclc smile, his readiness to offer help in student problems, and an indomitable school spirit. I . I , - f ,' I J, . ex X X mx ,X ,Q K J A r ' ' 1 nf-'Diaz - :f ft V , ? I .-- I 1' ' I J.. r f r r"!" -V A f,' XX -, F . 1-fl. v' 'x X1 , 'X . X . v 'O "YIM pig i,-1'-f ef XXX Y... ! N li YL'2s,' X,-Q OLD MAIN "What host of treasured memories the name recalls." COLLEGE I I QQ' v H L ' W ORGANIZATIONS Q Q mmnlrxllllmmmmumnmmmlmm f 3 Wx 1 4 'U X, L W " V gnw-fc" ' fir I ,friyr A ff W ,1,O'7,,' 7 , 11. xl A I7 It WN 02:1 f if Nb 'J 6-if 'uv X 57 gr ,fa , ,L ' G? Z A X ome v ,i .1-I I. It ' E- ly " N ' "Pig N I N Q f Q fl X , I A N Q - I ai I fy X N f f 'x I My--X'x it 7-4 -O - ,,,, ,Q 'ljlll 's ,-"A I...--J' ,fi O If Y gt 1 f ff ffff 1 f , QDM 4 J?-V .X iff I W 'T ' A vzdtll .W I A I G, E' :,- " ' ' I 'fit I K Q 2, 4' wp- I I W I 94' ijni '--.ggn ,f ,f ' ,okwx 91- Q I x -- , I -- :za-'ff W 'A 3' -7 riff.: QW, ' A I V. ' 2- ',5zj" 'M dummy 16 I . uf, ny- , v,,s I . K , , XL- 1 A-.Iv 4'-7 Q v . .Q Q ATHLETICS 15: X r gm ZZ J I , xc K 9247 W IK K X g 1 1 , , 2.0 4 Q0 f x ' ,.. . LJ X ' p',' I, .122 ' I I va W N X, , , If f 9 I ,Ig QU l I ,Q-f , X T fv, I it -Z -0 XI I x I , 14 ' J , , J . Q f f X e, . ' 4 1 I 2 9 H' N XI 1 l ' I ' I W W 0 IH , uf ' I , 154. I ff I 'W I y W 4' yyi111Lv1,'1n,LI I L- l ' xl' K X. ,lf Jw i .LX pil X If " ACTIVITIES 'V ev ,Iyigxxf Q Q ,Ln wnsw Z X. mx RI6H'Y0U10l0llkyA,R X' 4 1 ,,,-L7 T V D 'af uIq Q? 'if'., ' L D, f fl X AC I4 , f-M" f ' "TM X' I 220, f I I 0 . - bngbw I f g "H af If K' C K u fi if f S I ihx dqflfvw , I V- X I': C, I. 'F 4 ,3 , Q , , j , If f' " II X: 'QT Q-'gf 5 1 inf 'Q K 1. 3,41 r ' , fl '9 4 I 0 'fs' ts' W' 1 X . I Q l d , W1 I I n K mm-xr' 3 GOLDSPOHN HALL CARNEGIE LIBRARY PFELFFER HALL Buildings "I come here to find myself It is so easy to get lost in the world MERNER FIELDHOUSE L1 In .r 1 1 ,l Xl X 'Ml' x X 1 1 :ZX I ffg J A 7 5 Qi, J fx Q 1 f f A at 12 J jf f VM , Ty,-hx.. I jx I V 'fl "'?'-mf ' X! +5 gg ,,,-pw if 4 ,J ' gl J I ., f W4 . X I L lf nj X! l NK Q ' Ya J J Mf g! P X' I X , 4 -" f to N mf ff '. 1' f 0 W ff x Y X CQ 'sw N X 6'. - M -I 1 X. , N X -X ft .41 W 'H J 6 0 s f I .il A 0 ,A L I ...Hy wx ki' I LJ 'l E U ' fl . TXXJ74L!h,?j I , ,na J , 'P 'L ml - 4L ,J ww M---4-??1x WE g . 4 , f 1 Z 1 'uf ,X B, , 52 +21 57 J'1. Rf L R asm 2 x M . ,Q , i " . xy -1 AK X I I 1' . ,, ,I . ,Q .vi AM f f 71 mf' 'Sf' 'l 'MP' rf. H ??: 'rvklfk fact' E4 ,5 HH 4472? 7? AL WAN, V' .WA .. , K ,X E ff R' af 4 , 'W ' 'Q y tut. 5 12 PRESIDENT GEIGER Each yeor more students breoic through the ouro of dig- nity surrounding the office of the Presidentoi Northcentroi and those who take cu moment to become ocquointed with Dr. Geiger ore delighted with his brood views cmd worm sympothy. 'mffk amzzmi ,ffl ,Am law! M Z2-u rw? ZZ? Wfmm ww ficmwmqw fm pjzwfw ZW' 1- -Zxbmmxda-1,1 JIM. WLM ,ZZQ ZLMZLM jfw-K Z.a,L!fw'4 M4446 LwWM.fLZCe,.,, fwfgj '33 , J AA, , MPA 0.1, ' W, ZW I I -4 ' arf ' Q 44 D 1 D N 1 ac. 44 1 X Q-A1 f , Z 'LV' f a A. f cbunsd WM 7? fvv-M4 I ' . N any ' - . , .uf .uf ,, Zin illiemnriam A Canadian, Professor Domm was educated at the University of Toronto, where he was an honor student. He then completed histraining at the Evangel- ical Theological Seminary in Naperville and returned to Canada to preach. Within a short time he was asked to be the professor of Latin at what is now North Central College. He taught philosophy for a time and was then placed in charge of the Bible and Religious Education department, a position which he held until shortly before his retirement, when, by action of the Board of Trustees, he was removed from the teaching position and placed in charge of the personnel department. His death in the summer of 1950 followed a severe and lingering illness. He was accused of being too liberal, as are many great men. An excellent scholar with a keen and analytical mind, he felt a driving necessity to be true to fact and teaching-to dispell the illusions clouding the thinking about Christ and to raise the religious thinking of the students to a higher and more comprehensive level-to erase the emotional thinking and to introduce people to a more learned attitude as regards their beliefs. He was widely recognized for his ability in his field, and maintained a standard of scholarship throughout his career that could not fail to be an example to his fellow men. 14 FACULTY Here are the faculty, whose faces we see every day in class and whose pictures we will enjoy loolcing at in future years. The faculty whose consistent and compassionate efforts we seldom appreciate until years after. Then more fully than in the occasional recognition of the now, we will remember the truly strong character, the wise counsel, the extraordinary grasp of human affairs and the Christian example of our professors. Then, they will seem not more merely the watchful ogres who assign mountains of worlc for us to do, instead, they will be recognized and revered as the helpful guides who challenged us to wider horizons of lcnowledge and insight, who encouraged us when we were discouraged and rewarded us when we succeeded. Certainly no one would prefer a mere tape recording education to that which we receive in the halls of North Central. The ever present friendship of the faculty personalities helps to graduate from North Central College-not wallcing encyclopedias, but wise Christian young people. ROW 1 Harvey Siemsen, Vice-President, Public Relations and Finance, B.A., B.D., C.E. Erffmeyer, Dean, Senior Advisor, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., George Titman, Comptroller, W. G. Schendel, Business Manager, Alice Meier, Dean of Women, Associate Professor of German, B.A., M.A., Charles C. Hower, Registrar, Professor of Classics, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. ROW 2 Mrs. Bernice Koehler Smith, Book Store Manager, Mildred Nienstedt, Librarian, Nell Schar, Assistant Registrar, Mrs. Florence Koeder, Instructor in Secretarial Science, Helen Robinson, Reference Librarian, A.B., B.S., Mrs. Alice Watson, Secretary in Business Office. ROW 3 Mrs. jean E. Schmidt, Secretary to the Vice-President, Mrs. Evelyn Wendling l-lower, Secretary in the President's Office, Floyd Thompson, Counsellor of Admissions, B.A., Mrs. Anita Sachs, Secretary to the President. 'fes- 'P'-'-.. 15 Row 4 Cleft to rightj lrwin A. Koten, Professor of Chemistry B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Warren N. Keck, Professor of Biology B.A., MS., Ph.D. Harold Eigenbrodt, Professor of Zoology B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Edward N. Himmel, Professor of Botany rA1ss?istant Professor of Education4B.S., Row 5 fleft to rightj E. W. Olson, Assistant Professor of Phys- ical Education for Men Cleo Tanner, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Physical Director of Wo- men, B.S., M.A. Lester C. Belding, Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics, B.S., M.A. Mrs. Diane Duvignead, Assistant Professor of Art and Design Row 6 Cleft to right, joseph Coffer, lnstructor of Speech GlEyAEugene Oliver, Professor of Speech Walter K. Klass, Professor of Philosophy B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Allan Schwarz, Professor of Education A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 16 Row 1 Qleft to rightl Bruce Cole, lnstructor of History A.B., M.A. Clarence N. Roberts, Professor of History B.S., A.M., Ph.D. N.W., McGee, Professor of Political Science B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Row 2 fleft to rightl Marcus C. Bruhn, Professor of Economics B.E.D., M.A. Eggert Giere, lnstructor of Commerce and Economics B.A., M.A. Charles H. Keller, Professor of Commerce and Business Administration, A.B., B.D., M.E., Ph.D. Row 3 fleft to rightl Vernon G. Schaefer, Professor of Psychology B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Arthur De Long, Associate Professor of Psychology B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Milton W. Bischoff, Associate Professor of Bible and Religious Education, B.A., B.D., M.A., Ed. D. Row 1 Cleft to rightl George Luntz, Director of School of Music and Professor i of Voice, Mus.B., Mus.M. Marcyl Wyle, lnstructor of Music Education B.M., M.M. Ned Gardner, lnstructor of Piano B.M., B.M.E., M.M. Row 2 Cleft to rightl Helen Watson, Professor of Theory B.A., Mus.B., Mus. M. Lauritz Bjorlie, Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music B.A., M.A. Mary Louise Hargis, instructor in Voice B.M., M.M. Row 3 Cleft to rightj Elizabeth Wiley, Associate Professor of English B.A., M.A. Richard Sanderson, lnstructor in English B.A., M.A. Mrs. Ella Schroeder Dute, lnstructor in English B.A., M.A. Row 4 Cleft to rightj Claude C. Pinney, Professor of Piano and Organ, Mus. B. Florence Quilling, Professor of Home Eco- nomics, BS., M.A. Mrs. Ruby Erwin, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.E., M.A. William H. Heinmiller, Professor of Social Science, AB., A.M. Row 5 Cleft to rightl Violet Bergquist, Assistant Professor of Spanish B.A., M.A. Paul Schach, Professor of German B.A., M.A. Ph.D. Mrs. Helen Reese Luntz, Professor of Romance Languages, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. - Annette Sicre, Professor of Romance Lan- guages, Brevet Elementaire, Brevet Su- perieur, Certificate d'aptitude Peda- gogique, Diplome d'art decorativ Row 6 Cleft to rightj Mary Anice Seybold, Professor of Mathe- matics, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Carl Cardin, Professor of Engineering Science, M.E., M.S. Herbert Beck, Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics BS. Allen D. Page, Assistant Professor of Physics, B.A., M.A. 17 X . X., .R r X . Rs-X H .:' ,ff x r- xi ff kv lf, x X ,K 6 tg f V, ff s It ff' l . 4, i Q 1 i XX ,ff ,y f f x XX l ,,f,', Rixicsi. ,QV X X RR l ff x I f X X .r t ff 7 Sauntering about campus in straw hats, the seniors have had a good time together their last year at NCC. The straw-hat distinctions, for both fellows and girls, were seen mostly on the warmer days, but the seniors themselves were ever-present. A weiner roast and square dancing were the big events of the first semester for the Class of '51. The last semester was spent worlfing hard to malce the College Day play a success- playing hard on Senior "ditch day"'-a special occasion, For this year it was we who crowded into the cars which lined in front of chapel bound for an unlcnown destination. Our last semester, too,brought the Jr.-Sr. Banquet which is a memory which we shall always hold. The arrival of these events, however, meant that our college days were nearing their end-nearing the day-'the day which was our very own- june 4-when we walked the familiar aisle of Pfeiffer Hall For our hard-earned diplomas. l SENIOR CLASSAOFFICERS Back Row, Left to Right B. Schmidt, Treas., D Koten, V. Pres., Tietz Pres. Front Row: Irwin man, Sec. Women's Rep., German- ottcl, Men's Rep., Ritz- WILLARD ALBERTUS Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin "Wonderful Guy" HOWARD ALLEN Fond du Lac, Wisconsin "Prince Charming" LOUISE AMUNDSON Norcross, Minnesota "Golden Earrings" JAMES BERG KENNETH ASKEW Detroit, Michigan "Fine and Dandy" Neenah, Wisconsin "Such ls My Love" EILEEN BERTZ Fond du Lac, Wisconsin "Stardust" KENNETH BIERMA Redlands, California "California, Here I come" ROBERT BIRR Oconto Falls, Wisconsin ll I 11 Your Smiles CAROL BJORKMAN Hinsdale, lllinois "l'd Like To Know You Better" RALPH BLESSMAN South Haven, Michigan "Tenderly" ALAN BLOTCH Mendota, lllinois "Our Gang" JAMES BLOY West Depere, Wisconsin "Artists Life" DID SS ,lo l S6 I IT IT Of Iass Lisbon Falls Marne Friendship LYDIA BooKER Ox Q VERLA RUTH Cosby, Missouri ROBERT BRECKMAN Wheaton, Illinois "Pal-O-Mine" BUNSE "Bluebird of Happiness RONALD BURKHOLDER Wheaton, Illinois "Till Then" RICHARD CLAUS Ottawa, Illinois "Donit Fence Me In" JOHN CROTSE ZELMA JEAN CROSBY Naperville, Illinois "OI Thee I Sing" R Three Rivers, Michigan "My Happiness" DEAN DALRYMPLE Crystal Lalce, Illinois "McNamara's Band" JOHN DENNIS Adrian, Michiga "Hip-Hip Hoora I1 yll DORIS DIEWALL Roclciield, Wisconsin "OuicI4 Silver" EDWARD DUSEK Berwyn, Illinois "Here And There" PHYLLIS EBINGER Oswego, Illinois "Beautiful Lady" 20 WARREN EBINGER Oswego, lllinois "A-N-G-E-L Spells Mary" MlRlUM EICHELKRAUT Ottawa, lllinois "ln A World Ol My Own" DOROTHY EMHOLTZ Osseo, Minnesota "lust The Way You Are" MARY BETH ERDMAN Milwaukee, Wisconsin "Moonlight and Roses" MARY FAIRBANK Glen Ellyn, lllinois "Sophisticated Lady" LAWRENCE FEAVER Marion, Ohio "Sentimental Gentleman" GORDON FENNER Naperville, lllinois "Say, Daddy" SHIRLEY FOSTER Louisville, Kentucky "Sentimental Me" LORRAINE FRANK Racine, Wisconsin "l'll See You ln My Dreams" JACKELYN FREEMAN Glen Ellyn, lllinois "Celito Lindo" DANTE GERMANOTTA Racine, Wisconsin "Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me" WARREN GIERE Big Stone City, South Dakota "Young Man With A l"lorn" 21 45,3 DID SS ,lo I S6 I I 95 I Of SS Ia W V Y, , M355 ,V de ' ,611 CHARLOTTE GRANTMAN Lomira, Wisconsin "Artistry and Rhythmi' LEONARD GROAT Naperville, lllinois "That's My Desire" LYNN HAGEMAN Ithaca, Nebraska "Peaceful Pasturesn WILLIAM HAMMOND Armada, Michigan "Action and Reaction" RAMONA HEIDENREICH Stockton, lllinois "Serenade" EDWARD HEYER Hinckley, Illinois "Among My Souvenirs HELEN HITT Alma, Wisconsin "Happy Memories LEO HOFFMAN Elkhart, Indiana "Daddy's Little Girl" MILTON HONEL Cicero, lllinois "Orange Colored Sky" JAMES HOOK Bluffton, Indiana "I Would Be True" DONALD HOPKINS Chicago, Illinois "Tea For Two" RALPH HUTH Seymour, Wisconsin "I'II Buy That Dream" 22 I BARBARA IRWIN Ottawa, IIIinois "Peg-O-My I'Iear ti! ALFREDA JACKSON AshIand, Ohio "Kitten On The Keys" MARGARET ,IA Ottawa, IIIinois MESON "I-Iair OF Goid, Eyes OF BIue" R E OY JOHNSON Igin, Illinois "Sweet Mystery OI Liiei' HERBERT JORDON MiIwauI4ee, Wisc "RequestIuIIy Yo I onsin il urs OYCE KELLER SIeepy Eye, Minnesota ll Stars In I'Ier Eyes" THOMAS KENNEDY PIainI:ieId, Illinois "My Baby Said Yes" ELAINE KERN I'IartIord, Wisconsin "Three Little Words" MARY KIDDERI EII4hart, Indiana "I'Iome In Indiana' DON KINNEY Ludington, Michigan "Everything Happens To Me" CALVIN KIRCHMAN Algonquin, IIIinois "-Ihinieing OF You" IACK KLINGBEIL NaperviIIe, IIIinois "CaIm As The Nighti' O , I D SS' jo I S6 I I 95 I of SS Cla FAY KNOLL AtIanta, Georgia "PersonaIity" DON KOTEN ROBERT KOENITZER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin "Carefree" Naperville, IIIinois "My Buddy" RICI-IARD KOTIK Chicago, IIIinois "I Could Write A Book" DONALD LAI-IR Racine, Wisconsin "That Certain Party" WILLIAM LANGREDER Lombard, IIIinois "There Must Be A Way" JANET LEDERMAN Brodhead, Wisconsin "Nevertheless" ALOYSIUS MAJSZAK Harvey, IIIinois "SQ Tired" GEORGE MARTIN Naperville, IIIinois "Smiling Thrun ROBERT MEISER Gien EIIyn, IIIinois "I'IITc1ke You Home Kathleen VICTOR MENTLEY Defiance, Ohio "Lite Is So Peculiar" BETTY LU MENZEL Glen EIIyn, IIIinois "Forever And Ever" 24 I DELBERT MEYER EII4 Mound, Wisconsin "Footloose AncI E ancy Free" MARCIA MEYER Chicago, IIIinois "I3Iue Eyes" GLENN MILLER Waseca, Minneso "I Promise You" ta MARY HELEN MILLER SIcoI4ie, IIIinois "My Bill" RUSSELL MILLE Iucia, Wisconsin "ConstantIy" R GERTRUDE NACHBAUR Grand ISIOHCI, New YOI'I4 ll CIWQGSGCCII-46,1 HARVEY NEUMAN Chicago, IIIinois ll ll I'-Iumoresque SHIRLEY NEWTON I'IinsdaIe, IIIinois 'Be My Love ' RAY NOERENBERG Ithaca, Nebraska "Enjoy YourseII DOROTHY O' Chicago, IIIinois "MoonIight Bec KARL NOLTEMEIER Ereeport, Illinois "I'Ie's A IoIIy Good AEeIIow" NEILL omes You" DONALD OT-ION OaIc Park, Illinois "Little Lulu" 25 DID SS ,lo I S6 I '-O ON of SS la PHYLLIS OVERMIER Upper Sanduslcy, Ohio "Sweethearts" ROBERT OVERMIER Upper Sandusky, Ohio "Sweethearts" CAROL RASSOW Dodge, Wisconsin "Dream" GEORGE PEICHL Jefferson, Wisconsin "Music Maestro, Please' HENRY PITNER Berwyn, lllinois ccMGYben RAY POLIVKA Broolcfield, lllinois "Accordion King" MICHAEL POPE Glen Ellyn, illinois "Mr, Touchdown" RICHARD POWELSON Aurora, llljnois "Here And There" ARTHUR RAWERS Lyons, illinois "I'II Get By" ROLAND RIED Chicago, Illinois "Conless" THEODORE REIDT Hillsboro, New Hampshire "On A Picnic" 26 JACK REPKE South Bend, indiana "l'll Always Love You" PATRICIA RITSEMA Sebewaing, Michigan "Patricia, My Darling" MARY RITZMAN Reading, Pennsylvania "Sweet and Lovely" BRUCE ROGERS Downers Grove, Illinois "Elaine" BOB SALATA Lisle, Illinois REUBEN RUSCH Reedsville, Wisconsin "I'II Know" "I-Iome Sweet I-lame" HAROLD SCHAEFER Barrington, Illinois "In My Fordsmobilen ELIZABETH SCHMIDT Seymour, Wisconsin "Rainbow Gal" JOHN SCOTT WILLIAM SCHMIDT Seymour, Wisconsin "Old Man River" Plainfield, Illinois "Tell Me Why" WILLIAM SEITH Vermilion, Ohio "Can't We Tallc It Over" WILLIAM SENN Loveland, Colorado "l'd Love To Be In Loveland" ROSS SHOGER Oswego, Illinois "High On The List" DID SS 0 ll S6 I I 95 I of SS la JAMES SIMONSEN Racine, Wisconsin "My ideal" DONALD SPONG Minneapolis, Minnesota "Nature Boy" KENNETH STRACHAN Naperville, lllinois "Vagabond Shoes" RACHEL TATE Downers Grove, lllinois "Canadian Capers" MYRON TAYLOR Marion, Ohio "Gotta Be This or That" RALPH TERRY Naperville, lllinois ll YI Because PAUL THEDE Fairmont, Minnesota "Theres Joy ln Every Day" ELTON TIETZ Detroit, Michigan "Stout Hearted Manu MARY TIMM Monroe, Wisconsin "Always" VIOLA TRAUTMAN Appleton, Wisconsin "My Devotion" RICHARD UPHOFF Downers Cirove, lllinois "Life ls Ted-jus" MAURICE VAN LANINGHAM Long Beach, California "Westward Way" 28 DALE VOSS Freeport, lllinois ll . ll Memories HOPE WAHLIN Oak Parlc, lllinois "Dark Eyes" DARLENE WEC Elgin, lllinois K "A Little Bit independent" ROBERT WELDY Ellchart, indiana "My Hero" ROBERT WENDT La Crescent, Min "That's For Me" nesota LESTER WETZSTEIN Waseca, Minnesota ll li Semper Paratus MARILYNN W I-IITMAN Upper Sandusky, Ohio "Honey Bun" Sl'llRLEY WUERTZ Wichita, Kansas "Sunflower" BEVERLY ZAININGER Naperville, lllinois "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" DALE ZIMDARS Denmarlc, Wisconsin "Scholastically inclined" WILLIAM ZUKE "Chicago, lllinois "Once ln A While" JOHN BORSACK Westfield, Wisconsin "Bell Bottom Trousers i D SS ,lo l S6 A 1 I 95 I Of SS Ia Robert Lukas Lorna Adelman James Briggs Norman Christman Frank Cuda Arnold Ettenhofer Gerald Fay ROBERT BRECKMAN Wheaton, Illinois "Pal-O-Mine" LEOTA BUSS Holton, Kansas "Miss You" MARVIN CORNWALL Aurora, Illinois "Holiday For Strings" JACK HOFFMAN Rockford, Illinois "Music Maker" KENNETH BRONS Villa Park, Illinois "Onesy-Twosy" JAMES KNAPP Beloit, Wisconsin "Use Your Imagination" JACK KOTEN Indianapolis, Indiana "l'le's So Nice" LAVONNE KREMER Linton, North Dakota "Easter Parade" TOM SCI-IILLING Wauwatosa, Wisconsin "Lover" SENIORS NOT PICTURED James Flynn Ruth Gardner Elaine Shuler Giere William Guither Robert Harper Robert Jones Edward Jurzyna Raymond Kadlec William Kline Joseph Krupka Robert Lalinsky Oscar Larson Ronald Lauth Joanne Lawrence David Matzke James Panoch Harold Radic Don Rush George Schwartz Jarold Sobehrad Richard Somrek John Steele John Stevens Warren Vodak William Wilt Earl Witty JUNIOR CLA "Going Places" the Class of '52 first puIIed together as a unit when some scoundrel burned down our Ireshman bonfire during chapel the Friday before Homecoming. The sparI4 of class spirit ignited that day and the Fire has been spreading ever since. The junior class is Icnown Ior its hospitality, and rarely is a party thrown without the familiar slogan "everyone invited". An aII-school sports party sparlced the advance this year, Iollowed by the "Battle of the Sexes" and the junior- Senior banquet. Serving the class were: Tom Moore, president, Diclc SchIoerb,vice-president, Liz Gatz,treasurer, Ruth Bauserman, secretary, Ruth johnson, wo- men's representative, and John Adams, men's representative. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing, Left to Right: Gatz, Treas., Moore Pres R ohnson Women s Rep Bauserman Sec Schloerb, V.-Pres. Seated: Adams, Men's Rep. Juniors ata 'hr-f c 11' ROW 1 john Adams ROW 2 Dwaine Barger ROW 3 William Braclish ROW 4 Nova Cobb ROW 5 Alvin Eastman 32 Lorna Adelmann Ruth Bauserman Charles Bueche Warren Cooper Elizabeth Elliot john Alford james Bingle Robert Carhart Lawrence Drum Kathleen Ellis Thomas Archer Ruby Bohm Norman Christman Nancy Dudley john Engstrom -2123 Charles Attig Mary Bomberger Barbara Clawson Sanford Dunning Alice Fairbanlc ROW 1 William Findley ROW 2 Hope Gauerke ROW 3 Robert Hayes ROW 4 Mervin Hess ROW 5 Patricia Hostetler Dorothy Foose Ruth Glass Douglas Hedden john Hey Charles Hunter Marilyn Francis Barbara Griffith Reinhold Heinrich Harold Hill Doris lckes Geraldine Eshleman William Guither Robert R. Heinrich Gerhard Hoffman Ruth Johnsen Elizabeth Gatz Richard Hawthorne joyce Heinzman Marilyn Hoover Lilburne Kaiser my ,aww 25. 'mr ffm. ROW 1 james Keen Griselda Ketterling ROW 2 Gordon Krunnfusz Susan Lahr ROW 3 Gerard Lindgren William Livernash ROW 4 Duane Mehn Donald Miellce ROW 5 Mary Helen Nalifziger Robert Morauslci 34 Don Kliphardt Constance Longher Gordon Mohnko Leonard Meyer Bonnie Neuenberg Marilyn Koeller Carl Lemna Louise Mast Dorothy Miller Duane Neuenberg Dorothy Kouba Edwin Liedtke Curtis Mathison Thomas P. Moore l.eSlel' ORD Harold Pletcher Phyllis Roeder Faith Schule john Toomire Lois Wunsch Andris Lambert Doris Pratt Vernon Schaefer Bruce Shouglmnessy Helen Unger Gloria Zletlow Lois Miller SOPHCDMCDRES X t A N XX! xxx QNX X ff W. i Not f s .mf ry rr ,' Xxx ARA fl! Xxx XR 4257 ri f if I f X 'fiivf' ,4 ,X X Z 1 ff' 3" :F f x ,K ' ,X X ff The Class oli '53 inaugurated many new precedents this year. Among them were the Sophomore bulletin board and the suggestion box. These innovations were helpful in integrat- ing the class and gave everyone a voice in what was to be done. Then, too, a Frosh-Soph banquet and a class distinction were other new ideas suggested for the year. OF course, the class sponsored events such as a hay ride and an all-school party. Leading the class in these activities were Paul Schwab, president, Truman Stehr, vice-president, Marguerite Veh, secretary, Alice Davis, treas- urer, Doug St. Angelo, men's representative, and Martha Beed, women's representative. SOPI-IOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Back Row, Left to Right: Stehr, V.-Pres., St. Angelo, Men's Rep., Schwab, Pres. Front Row: Veh, Sec., Beed, Women's Rep., A. Davis, Treas. 36 ROW 1 ROW 2 Marilyn Bender ROW 3 Alyce Davis ROW 4 William Fay ROW 5 Jean Gillett Q Joyce Anderson Phyllis Blythe Helen Dresser Miriam Felberg Frank Gloss Janette Bean Dorothy Bowell john Dunham Otto Flochsmonn Verlyn Harr tl, Martha Beed Marvin Brickert lrmo Enzi Corol Flugum Ruth Ann Haist lo 1'6" l X Ati john Beidelman Eleanor Byas Robert Craig Gudrun Erickson Paul Erickson l Forrest Grossman Miriam Getz 1 l George Hanosh Leila Harrer l 37 ROW 1 Robert l. Heinrich ROW 2 lrvine Huber ROW 3 A. William Kohlman ROW 4 Byron Light ROW 5 Wilbur Mason 38 Donald l-lolck Betty Jacobson Mary Kolze john Littlewood Gerald Mast jane Hooton Richard johns Donald Ladd Ruth Lord joyce Mertz Helen l-lower james Kerr Myla Landis Edward Lyon Clarence Knoespel james Lenz Carol Mamsen Marilyn Meyer Robert McCallrster ROW 1 Norman MacGregor ROW 2 Helen Orcin ROW 3 Audrey Rambow ROW 4 Robert Rothroclc ROW 5 Nancy Scott joan Michiels Marilyn Olson Lee Rang Edward Sargis Donna Siemsen Norma Mundorlf Ruth Ouweneel George Rausch Lyndon Sawvell Wilbur Silvernail Frederick Neiser Violet Pal Sholcrollah Reylwani Gene Schmidt Douglas St. Angelo Mary O'Brien Lois Passow Lawrence Ross Paul Schwab Betty Staley ROW 1 erry Strrtz Robert Swanson Barbara Terry Donald Thrnnes ohnson Thompson Sue Ann Toomrre Ronald Thoresen Roger Ulrich Marguerite Veh Dons Wagner ROW 3 Marllln Watson Marian Wedd Margeret Weiss john Weldy ohn Wrll ROW 4 Kenneth Bender Peter ensen Donald McLaughlin Paul Schwab Wlllram Wenzel l J ' ' J .. , . J . J . .. 40 FRESHMEN Campus big sisters and big brothers intro- duced us freshmen to North Central, but it took Woe Week to really unite the Q36 individuals into a class. Anticipated mutual agony drew us into a group determined to have lun in the "deconceiting" process of Woe Week. And we did! After a couple of months we knew each other well enough to elect our officers: Jim Harper, president, Lowell Bartel, vice-president, Pat Schneller, secretary, Elwood Berkompas, treas- urer, Phyllis Parker, women's representative, and Don Seith, men's representative. Later in the year we placed our green and white shield with those of the other classes and gained our place as a recognized class of North Central. The Class of 1954. X XX its, M if XXX gf Q. F-fi' Wi XXX gi? s f I 1 , 457' , ,f, ' WX' Xi. ,fffyji 5 l XX LEX ,aff 1 . fy 1 "'1iiL X Q7 l if '--s X .A REX-zhikil? 4 Mei? ' ' SX ,f ix J lfff, X, . L Six W ,f W ffff' if"s'fff 51 ll ZLQV' my XXV, 7 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Bartel, V.-Pres., Harper, Pres., Berkompas, Treas., Seith, Men's Rep., Schneller, Sec., P. Parker, Women's Rep. Freshmen ROW 1 Bonnie Allds ROW 2 Lowell Bartel ROW 3 Nancy Blotch ROW 4 Miriam Eppley ROW 5 Joanne Flock 42 Mary Lou Ash Lorraine Barth Marie Borsack Lorraine Erickson Wayne Frank Darlene Ax Marguerite Beck Ralph Cook Marie Erickson Melvin Gabel Lynn Backus Bruce Berg Norma Dancer Edgar Filbey Lois Geffert Charles Barr Elwood Berkompas Delmonte Darby Charles Fleck William Gossell ROW 1 Ronald Gould ROW 2 ,loe Henczel ROW 3 Dorothe johnson ROW 4 Marilyn Kubly ROW 5 Shige Masalci Betty Gruwell Marcetta Hendershott Anna Mae Kling Merton Lueptow Joanne McGrath Edward Gunderson james Henry Geraldine Koelling Wayne Lueptow Lola McKinley Gloria Harrison George Herrick Elaine Kotilc Marilyn Mack joan Meyer Vera Harshman Evelyn Hubbard Donna Kremer Neil Marquart Maxine Meyer I H-, L Freshmen ROW 1 Richard Meyer ROW 2 Lee Offutt ROW 3 Carolyn Rein ROW 4 Marjorie Schafer ROW 5 Carl Silvernail 44 LeRoy Mielke Norma Oppedahl Elizabeth Rigsby Kathleen Schmidt Stanley Slcirmont Marilyn Mielke Phyllis Parker Richard Roberts Patricia Schneller James Smelser Wayne Mounsey Constance Novotny Mildred Perkins Donald Plocher Lois Roesti LaVonne Sather Mary Lee Schreiber Donald Seith Georjean Solcup Marlys Sonnenberg ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4 ROW 5 ROW 6 Frances Steinaclcer Carol Swalve Evelyn Thomas Valerie Uebele Donna Wadewitz Richard Wadley Mary Walker Donna Wallces John Wurtz Norma Yackley Helen Youngman Evelyn Dee Miriam Fettig Robert Hahn james Harper Lois Henning Richard Kolb James Lambrecht Lois Nelson Don Neuman Paul Schmidt june Wagner Ronald Wisthuff Richard Voight Verlin Wandrey Dole Esthus Dorothy Hoch Floyd Raspiller "gf mm, , n. ,..M 'iff 'Nw 'lm'-ffv -ws..,.y' 45 L, N I l W X X l i W Z L4 1 E l J Q W Q 5 I f 51:1 'I'-M! jg X 5 '97 I x X ,A Z ' If ' ,ky-fux ',! Y r ., I L+ ' ll A . if' 3 X W ' ff'-5' ' X . ,J S a 1 'Q ., 43 1 if 1 .J I I I A ,EQ X .K fk by ,J ixx. I - NX n V . f . I 1 U M I I f ,Y 0 , Q QM '. I we-P+ 'f 1 . V ff N I f S WIN + M W f fif 4 f Xia? 'xx Z I K f f as X f KN ' I W j 6 'fa W x J do Q J I ? , J , N1 ,K I ff ' V5 X I f I-V 4 L 1 'f ju' MQ, 4 f I ,, L 'Q gf- X 29 - E 1 E59 Rx " 2 f 1 ffl ,Q .12 ,A Z Q ' mnllllllllllmmmuu A5!"""""'1llllIll 0 5 65' N n in I 9 A Jr N I ..-x X W? ,X 'ml . X 4 . Z f x 2 , ' 5 'A' I 1.9'- N . ! . X , . I K , X I4 , -fb X , :, N f I ' I N , i N f . I N 12 A f 'X ,H I 'N - , ,,,, ,-.-. ,, V, x V -. A' I -' l I , . x ' '.,..v'- "" 'in' ' I A- H , lj 1 . N ,.-. X , ll , V , H , I ax, I X JJ . . .,.,, t WZ .if NINWHNS Jim Simonsen Student Body President The President of the student body of N.C.C. who this year is Jim Simonsen, is elected each spring by the entire student body. Holding this high oFFice, Jim, a senior also serves as president of the Student Council. Hailing from Racine, Wisconsin and the last one in a family of four to graduate from N.C.C., he is majoring in physics and philosophy. Being active in student government For three years previously, this is a fitting climax For a man who has done much to further N.C.C. in all phases of college life. YZXEYD N Representatives Large Jim Keen Trudy Nachbaur To aid Jim in the performance of the many duties required are Trudy Nachbaur and ,lim Keen, seniors who were elected last spring as representatives-at-large. Trudy represents Grand island, New Yorlc while judo, Wisconsin claims Jim. After graduation Trudy plans to teach and do graduate worlc in education, Jim would lilce to do graduate worlc in speech and radio. With their many other responsibilities with the Spectrum, Chronicle, Radio station, and NSA. they have been able to lceep in contact with the needs of the men and women on campus during the year. W 48 STUDENT COUNCIL Standing, Left to Right: Koenitzer, St. Angelo, D. Koten, Keen, Germanotta, J. Koten, Adams, Sundby Bueche. Seated: Pofivka, Nach- baur, Irwin, Beed, R. john- son, Trautman, Simonsen. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Back Row, Left to Right: Kerr, Attig, Schafer. Front Row: Emhoitz Wunsch, Miss Tanner, Irwin, Miss Hargis, Foster. l THE STUDENT COUNCIL North CentraI's Student Councii functions in governing the activities of the students, in furthering understanding between students and the facuIty and in cooperating with other schooIs. Under the Ieadership of jim Simonsen, the council is constituted by the representatives-at-Iarge, the representatives of each of the four ciasses, of the Christian organizations, of the publications, athletic and forensic groups and of the facuity. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Offering a variety of activities, as square dancing, roIIer skating, a concert- Iecture series, the Sociai Committee, composed of representatives from all the campus organizations, endeavors to meet the recreationai needs of everyone on campus. Student chairman of the Sociai Committee this year was Charies Attig and Miss I-Iargis was again the faculty advisor for the group. Chronicle JACK KOTEN Editor For the First time in the history of North Central, the College Chronicle has been rated "All-American", the highest rating given by the Associated Collegiate Press. This rating did not fall "out ol an orange colored slay", but was the result of the hard worlt and creative genius of Editor-in-Chief, Jaclc Koten, who did a magnifi- cent job, Publisher, Bill Senn, who lcept the presses rolling, Managing Editor, Jerry Lind- gren, who was in charge of malce-up, and the writing oi "A New Olympus", Society, Vonnie Kremer, Literary Editor, Ruth johnson and a capable stahl ot 50. This year's Chronicle Featured many new columns designed to enlighten and entertain its readers. Among these were: Vonnie Kremer's "Social Swirl", a discussion of current magazine articles and other interesting subjects, and "Little Craclclingsn, containing everything from soup to nuts, Buzz Trautman's "Out of the 50 BILL SENN Publisher Files", For those who like past history without searching in the depths oi the library basement, Liz Gatz's "Weel4end in Chicago", helpful for those who can muster up train fare, interesting for those who can't, Ed l-leyer's "This Changing World" on important world events, Darlene Wecl4's "Pro and Con", in which students express their opinions on varied questions, and Gerry "Arch" Fay's "Out of Bounds", on miscel- laneous sports items. Another First For the Chronicle is the "Literary Magazine", put out under the direction of Ruth Johnson. This is a supplement containing literary worlcs of North Central students and items on literature of interest to all. Also new this year was Dante C5ermanotta's classified ad section, a very useful contribution to the paper. Sports write-ups by Jaclc Dennis and Gerry Fay have been called the "best he's ever seen" by Coach Belding. We might mention, too, the especially striking issues printed in green and pink paper. Others who've made great contributions to the paper are, Nancy Blotch, who put in many hours as proofreader, Hank Strand, the Chron- icle photographer, Marguerite Veh, who con- ducted the "inquiring Reporter", Ralph Muehl, Left to Right: Martin, Senn, F. johnson, Muehl. Standing, Left to Right: R. johnson, M. Meyer, Koten. who had the responsibility of distributing 1100 copies weekly as circulation manager, George Martin, who had charge of local advertising, Chuck Hunter, who was in charge oi national advertising, and Dottie Emholtz, who kept the feminine members of the student body up on W.A.A. activities. Seated: V. Kremer, Lindgren. Standing, Left to Right: Gatz, Schneller, Hitt, jameson, Kerr, M. Bender, Mundorff, Kolze. Seated: Weck. Standing, Left to Right: Erdman Trautman, Buss, Veh, Unger, Elliott. Seated: Ritzel. Standing, Left to Right: Reidt, Martin, Gruwell, M. Meyer. Front: Germanotta, Senn. Standing, Left to Right: Pletcher, Colwell, Strand, Reidt. Seated: Fay, Emholtz, Dennis. Spectrum EILEEN BERTZ Editor-in-chief Another year passes, students come and go and another Spectrum is produced. Those who have helped by giving minutes or hours of time know what a tremendous amount of work goes into making up a yearbook, regardless of how large or small it may be. However, we the staff have enjoyed every minute of it, for our major calamities of the moment seem very funny as the months pass by, ancl we sincerely hope you will enjoy reading and re-reading your Spectrum in the years to come. Financing a yearbook is never an easy task, but Trudy Nachbaur, Business Manager, ac- complished miracles. Those who helped to make her accomplishment possible were many and to each we say "Thanks", Associate Editor, Dottie Emholtz always seemed to be there just when things needed an extra push, her ideas helped eliminate our Uclamitiesn. To Joanne Lawrence, Literary Editor, goes bouquets for managing to do not only her job but helping others to fulfill theirs as well. Helping to meet our mounting deadlines were our private "professionals", Dick Hawthorne and Bill Livernash. Special thanks and recog- nition must also be given Norm Christman, Art Editor, Vonnie Kremer, , Class Editor, joyce Keller, Women's Sports and Gerry Fay, Men's Sports Editor. Also jim Harper, jim Blakeslee, Hank Strand, Keith Griffith and others who helped with their photography abilities. Then too, are the numerous people responsible for doing all those time-consuming and endless duties as-mounting, writing, proof reading, typing, re-writing and scavengering for those not yet posed snapshots. To everyone l say "Thanks for all the help", without you the 1951 Spectrum would not have been possible. May you all have fun reading itl fgggwf DOTTIE EMHOLTZ Associate Editor 52 TRUDY NACHBAUR Business Manager mum: islam I 'H' S,-W' LITERARY MOUNTING Seated: Wagner. Seated: Berkompcrs. Left to Right: Walkes, Buss, Gabel, Jensen, Rawers, Left to Right: Livernash, Harper, Dennis, Gabel, Haw Griffith, Wuertz, Kling. thorne. EDITORS AND ASSISTAN-IS BUSINESS STAFF . Seated: Lawrence. Seated: Livernash. Left to Right: Livernash, Hawthorne, Kliphardt, Fay, Left to right: Harper, M. Meyer, Gruwell, Rein, Hender Keller. shott, M. Walker, Leiser. 53 PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu, led this year by Mary Ritzman, Bill Schmidt, and Professor McGee, is a national Social Science honor society which encourages a scientific approach to the solution of social problems and fosters sympathy and understanding toward others. Their motto: Ye shall lmow the truth and the truth shall malte you Tree. Standing, Left to Right: W Schmidt, B. Zimdars. Seated: Dr. Klass, Mrs. Dute, Ritzman, D. Lahr, Mr. Heinmiller, Dr. McGee. SIGMA TAU DELTA The Gamma Gamma Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, National Honor- ary English Eraternity, has as its members English majors maintaining scholastic grades of B, who read and critically study the manuscripts- which they have submitted. The purpose of the organization is to further interest in reading and writ- ing. Miss Wiley advised this year's otiicers who were: Leota Buss, Ruth Johnson, Betsy Erdman, Jaclt Koten. Standing, Left to Right: P. Ebinger, Kidder, Haas, Langher, Taylor, Findley, Scott, Heyer. Seated: P. Overmeier, Weck, Erdman, Miss Wiley, Buss, Koten, Bauserman. SIGMA Ri-TO GAMMA Sigma Rho Gamma is the national honorary organization For those inte- rested in music. Eligibility Tor mem- bership to this organization is de- termined by participation in musical organizations and classes. A varied program was provided this year by the officers who were Charlotte Grantman, Jean Crosby, Curtis Ma- thison, Pat Hostetler. Back Row, Left to right: Steele, Ber- kompas, Krunnfusz, T. Snider, Stirtz. Middle Row: Schafer, Foose, Flugum, Landis, Ladd, Mr. Luntz. Front Row: Crosby, C. Grantman, Mathison Hostetler. 54 Pl KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta is the honorary Forensic fraternity whose members are elected after participation and victory in a sufficient number of debates or oratory contests. The purpose of the group is to provide a stimulus to new students to develop their abilities in both oratory and debate. Elmer Sundby served as president and Professor Oliver as advisor. Back Row, Left to Right: Reid, Hoover, Sundby. Front Row: Bauserman, Koten, Knoll. BETA BETA BETA This fraternity is limited to biology majors chosen on the basis of their scholarship and specific ability. The three Betas stand for "Balonas, Boudetase, and Boaxn which means "an acorn, a little bird, and a fish"- thus including all phases of life. Tri Beta sponsors and directs the Biology Club in the interest of carry- ing out their objectives, namely, de- velopment of sound scholarship, dis- semination of scientific truth and promotion of research. Baclc Row, Left to Right: Tietz, D. Meyer, Corretore, Schule, M. Miller, Foth, Langreder, Lukas Front Row: Kirchman, Shoger, M. Meyer, Diewall, Dr. Eigenbrodt, Dr. Keck. ALPHA PSI OMEGA "On stage everyone"-a thunder- ous applause. "What a wonderful play!" The Delta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega plays its part in the production of these plays, for it is a national honorary dramatic fra- ternity having for its purpose the establishing and maintaining of def- inite standards in acting and the production of plays. Back Row, Left to Right: Kliphardt, Keen, J. Koten, Knoll, Foster, Steele, N. Scott, Dennis, M. Schneider, Giere, D. Lahr. Front Row: McLaughlin, Bauserman, Hill. 55 , . ,,,,-,,zf.. rl-, . . --e -. STUDENT FINANCE BOARD This organization, composed of students and faculty, is responsible for the adminis- tration ol the Student Activity Fee. It Finances the Spectrum, Chronicle, and Cardinal, as well as the Artist Series and the Athletic games. Standing, Left to Right: F. johnson, jensen, Bueche, Claus, Simonsen. Seated: Mr. Giere, Mr. Page, Dr. Siebolcl, Mr. Titman. 56 HUMAN RELATIONS The Human Relations Committee is a sub-committee of the Student Council. It seeks to aid students to better understand people Irom ditferent races and cultures. It also publicizes to such students that North Central College is open to them Left to Right: Booker, Adelman, Wendt, W. Silvernail, Littlewood. PUBLICATIONS BOARD This board, advised by Drs. Seybold and Eigenbrodt, is active in regulating Finances and recommending students to Fillall responsible positions For the college publications. Members include Bill Senn, Jaclc Koten, Myron Taylor, Eileen Bertz and Trudy Nachbaur. Standing, Left to Right: j. Koten, Nachbaur, Bertz, Senn. Seated: Dr. Siebold, Dr. Eigenbrodt, Mr. Giere. WOMEN'S ADVISORY BOARD This group, advised by Miss Meier and com- posed of the presidents of the women's dorm- itories, meets bi-monthly to discuss all prob- lems of women students and to plan the mat- inee chats. Left to Right: Miss Meier, Kaiser, jackson, Bender, R. johnson. FORENSIC BOARD The Forensic Board, advised by Professor Oliver, is the coordinating board for all speech activities. its membership includes the entire student body, which elected Elmer Sundby last spring to serve as president for 1950-51. Left to Right: Mr. Oliver, W. Silvernail, Sundby, Reid. Standing, Left to Right: Tietz, Koenitzer, Mr. Belding. Seated: Mr. Page, Emholtz, Miss Tanner, Dr. Hower. ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL The Athletic Board of Control is the governing body of all intercollegiate and intramural activities. Some of its many responsibilities include arranging of schedules, determining athletic policies, budgeting oi funds, approving oi letter winners and checlcing game reports. Standing, Left to Right: Langher, D. Miller, Ellis, Hos- tetler, Wunsch, O'Brien, L. Passow, Diewall. Seated: Staley, Allds, Keller, Bohm, Miss Tanner, Em- holtz, Mertz, Gardner, Pal. W.A.A. BOARD OF CONTROL This group, advised by Miss Tanner, and com- posed oi theW.A.A. officers and managers of the different team and individual sports, is the co-ordinating group for the 75 girls who belong to the W.A.A. 57 BIOLOGY CLUB Back Row, Left to Right: Zuke, Langreder, D. Meyer, Brickert, Will, Schwab, Manson, C. Weber, H. Taylor, R. Kotik, Pizzo, Tietz, Toh- Leong, Birr, Third Row: G. Hoffman, Grossman, M. Meyer, Leiser, Koelling, M. Miller, Ritsema, Beed, Roesti, Steinacker, The- mas, Hunter, G. Schultz, Lukas. Second Row: Granner, Borsack, Beck, Gruwell, Spliethoff, Peaslee, Son- nenberg, Kling, Newton, Diewall, Dee, Uebele. Front Row: E. Kotik, Bly- the,Dr. Keck, Kirchman, Shoger, M. Meyer. Mr. Himmel, M. Erickson, Harshman. CHEMISTRY CLUB Standing, Left to Right: Lukas, Schwab, Leiser, Langreder, Davis, Kleine Meyer, Hartsaw, Craig, Corretore, R. Miller, Sebastian, Puchorius, Kirchman, Mr. Schap. Middle Row: D. Koten, Kung, Tarte, Bingle, Bremmer,GuitI'1er,Hunter Hammond. Seated: Birr, Wendt, Kling- beil, Felton, G. Erick- son, P. Erickson. S.A.A.C.S. The sound of a movie projector, the periodic clicking of a Geiger counter, or exotic odors of Oriental perfumes wafted from Goldspohn Hall on alternate Monday nights inform us of a gathering of NCC's chapter of the Student Affiliates ol the American Chemical Society. Chemistry majors who have completed two semesters of college chemistry are eligible lor membership, while associate memberships are open to second semester freshman Chemistry students. Besides sponsoring movies, speakers, field trips and a Christmas tea, this year the chapter held a "Chemistry Open House" to help create outside interest in this department 58 BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club, led by the officers of Beta, Beta, Beta, is composed of students interested in the field of biology who meet once or twice monthly in the informal comfort of the Union Room. The programs are of two types, either capable students are in charge as they present "What's new in Biology", or outstanding people in the Field of biology, medicine, or related subjects are invited to speak. The addi- tional activities each year include the Biology Club Tea and two Field trips to points of scientific interest in Chicago. COMMERCE CLUB The object of the Commerce Club is to pro- mote a mutual interest in commercial pursuits, lamiliarizing members with the present activities of the changing business world and developing a spirit of Fellowship among its members. Meetings are held at least four times a se- mester, the dates designated by the Program and announced by the Publicity Committee. As one of the activities this year, the club sponsored a Business Conference which con- sisted oi a general forum meeting in the after- noon followed by a banquet in the evening. ,A W ,,,.f 'V .. I HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Once a month at johnson Cottage, the Home Economics Club meets to promote home eco- nomics and its practical applications. Leading the club this year were Dorothy Emholtz, president, Eleanor Zimmerman, vice- president, l'lope Wahlin,secretary, and Marilyn Bender, treasurer. Miss Quilling was the faculty advisor forthe group. Starting the year with a picnic-hike for new members, the club had formal and informal initia- tions. It sponsored a style show, had an ex- change meeting with Wheaton, held a Christmas party to which gifts were brought For needy families, and was entertained by the foods class at a butiet supper at johnson Cottage. COMMERCE CLUB Standing, Left to Right: Fisher, Strauel, johnson, Bradish, Noerenberg, Muehl, Beling, Bentz, Blotch, Patrick, Claus, Sawvell, Kohlman, Knapp. Middle Row: Dr. Keller, Breckman, l'lonel,Price, Bauder, Bueche,Schcie- fer, F. johnson, Sobeh- rad. Seated: Nachbaur, Eshle- man, Roeder, Esthus, Ketterling. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Standing, Left to Right: Clawson, Gauerke, L. Passow, Bertz, Rambow, C. Passow, Simmons, Swalve, Kaiser, Wunsch, Ketterling,Francis,l-leinz- man, Naffziger, Oppe- dahl. Middle Row: L. Mast, Roesti, Bunse, Timm, L. Miller, Dickson, S. Lahr, Frank. Front Row: Miss Quilling, Zimmerman, Rilling, Kremer, Wahlin, Mrs. Erwin. Y.W.C.A. Standing, Left to Right: Wuertz, Simmons, Buss, l-looton, Mrs. Dute, Dudley, Getz, Booker, Adelmann, Ritzman. Seated: C. Grantman, Trautman, P. Ebinger, Foose, Kaiser, Felberg, Unger. Y.M.C.A. Standing, Left to Right: Schorr, Polivlca, G. Martin, D. Koten, Dr. Bishoft, Dr. Schwartz, D. Meyer, Sundby. Seated: Neuman, Christman, W. Ebinger, Germanotta, D. Zimdars, Wendt, G. Mast. Y.W.C.A. The YWCA, under the direction of Phyllis Ebinger, has oFFered to each girl on campus opportunity For worlc in one of the eleven com- mittees which function under its head. The Freshman Worlc Committee furnished get- acquainted activities and Big Sisters for lrosh at the beginning of the year. Qther activities sponsored by this group were the Aurora Worlc Camps, The WSSF Drive, the Vocational Guidance Career Conference. 60 Y.M,C.A. The purpose of the YMCA is to forward ac- tivities which help to integrate mind, soul and body into Christian, purposeful living. The YM working closely with the YW through a system of eleven committees, includes among its projects- Religious Emphasis Weelt and a vesper service each Wednesday evening. Warren Ebinger, Bob Wendt, Norm Christman, and Dale Zimdars served as the directing com- mittee. CAMPUS YOUTH FELLOWSHIP This organization oI'Fers oppor- tunity Ior fellowship and spiritual growth. It sponsors the Fellowship hours on Suuday evenings, and the oFFi:iaI studentSunday School class at the First Evangelical United Brethern Church, where college and seminary faculty members and outstanding Iay- men challenge and guide students. Standing, Left to Right: G. Mast, Booker, Erdman, Dancer, Getz, Weiss, Dennis. Seated: Hook, Attig, D. Zimdars, D. Meyer. SEAGER ASSOCIATION Mole students ol all denomina- tions who are preparing to be ministers, missionaries and Christian teachers belong to this organization. At the bi-monthly meetings in the seminary chapel they meet with religious leaders in discussions. The leaders in 1950-51 were Gordon Mahnke, Robert I"Iorton, Stanley Walz. Back Row, Left to Right: Morauski, Lemna, Thede, B. Schmidt, Wetzstein, Ludwig. Fifth Row: Engstrom, johns, Dennis, Flachs- man, C. Silvernail, Hageman. Fourth Row: D. Meyer, D. Smith, Light, Neuman. Third Row: Horton, Sundby, I-Iayes, Attig, Marquart, Noltemeier, Fleck. Second Row: Findley, Warner, Knoespel, I-Ieyer, Meier, Mahnke, Crotser, Seith. Front Row: Germanotta, G. Mast, Zimdars, ?T1rr, Stehr, Voight, Bloy, W. Silvernail, c orr. STUDENT VOLUNTEERS Student Volunteers is a part ol an international organization whose purpose is to create interest in mis- sions. Meetings held twice monthly, are open to everyone interested. Out- standing missionary speakers Ire- quently take part in the programs. OFIicers were: Norma Dancer, presi- dent, Wilbur Silvernail, vice-presi- dent, Ruth Gardner, secretary, Lois Passow, treasurer. Back Row, Left to Right: Fleck, Smith, Seith, Engstrom, W. Silvernail, Crotser. Third Row: Stehr, Warner, Voight, D. Meyer, Naffziger, Walker, Steinacker. Second Row: Spliethoff, Gauerke, Koeller, Booker, Weiss, Dancer, Thomas. Front Row: Gardner, Masaki, Enzi, Ziet- Iow Thede Parker L. Passow. -5 F I QV HISTORY CLUB The History Club is a campus organization whose purpose is to develop an all-around appreciation for history. The club meets once a month and is open to all who are interested in history. This year's officers were Ben Zimdars, president, Jim Kerr, vice-president, and Elaine Kern, secretary-treasurer. Standing, Left to Right: Rawers, Hrdina. Seated: Honel, B. Zimdars, Hower, Kerr, Dr. Roberts. FRENCH CLUB To bring a little bit of France to the United States is the purpose ol "Le Circle Francais". This is done by informal get-togethers where French is spoken and programs dealing with France are presented. The group this year was led by Elmer Sundby, Myron Taylor, and Connie Haas. Back Row, Left to Right: Bingle, Lenz, Noltemeier, Kerr, Stirtz, Weldy. Third Row: Littlewood, Wenzel, Kaiser, Ritsema, O'Neill, Knoll, Hanosh. Second Row: Getz, A. Davis, Mansen, M. Meyer, Dresser, Bomberger. Front Row: Mademoiselle Sicre, Sundby, Taylor, Dr. Luntz. SPANISH CLUB Fifty members were united this year in "Saludos Amigos" by their interest in Spanish and Spanish cus- toms. Special features of the year were the Mardi Gras and a Spanish dinner. Barbara Griffith served as presi- dent and was aided by Jacklyn Freeman, Joanne Lawrence, Bob Lukas, and Miss Bergquist, the advisor. Back Row, Left to Right: Steele, Schloerb Tietz, Alford, Dennis, Brickert, C. Silver- nail, Flachsmann, Rawers. Middle Row: Dr. Luntz, Henning, Sather, K. Schmidt, P. Parker, Hitt, D. Miller Eshleman, Amundson, Dancer, Wolter Landis, Nelson, Eppley, Henderschott, M. Borsack. Front Row: E. Kotik, Hoch, Siemsen, Free- man, Griffith, Lukas, Backus, Schreiber I I I I Mack, Miss Bergquist. 62 3-'vw RADIO CLUB WNCC, 550 Ic.c., "coming to you from the top of Old Main at the bottom of your dial." The Radio Club is the nucleus of WNCC, the campus radio station, and offers artistic and technical production ex- perience to its members. The officers were: lim Keen, Herb lordan, Donna Siemsen, Jim Bingle. Back Row, Left to Right: Beidleman, Klip- hardt, Smelser. Middle Row: Moore, Lueptow, Siemsen, Lueptow, W., Retzlaff. Seated: Barger, Hayes, Peter Retzlaff, jordan, T. Snider, Bingle, Keen. WRITER'S CLUB Ruth Bauserman, president of the Writer's Club and the other members have dedicated their minds and pens to the creation of good literature. In case you thinlc you are a budding Shakespeare, let it be Icnown that everyone is eligible to submit manu- scripts in an attempt to gain ad- mittance to this group. Back Row, Left to Right: W. Fay, Terry, Colwell, Foster. Front Row: Dresser, Taylor, D. Lahr, Bauser- man, Prof. White, Trautman. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club promotes interest and study of inter- national problems with a view to getting a real understanding of them. In addition to monthly meetings, IRC sends delegates to conferences The International Relations Club promotes interest and study of inter- national problems with a view to getting a real understanding of them. In addition to monthly meetings, IRC sends delegates to conferences on international affairs. This year's officers were Charles Attig, presi- dent, Rosemary I'Iewitt, vice-presi- dent and Lorna Adelman, secretary treasurer. Standing, Left to Right: St. Angelo, Liver- nash, Littlewood, Nachbaur. Seated: Hewitt, Kerr, Dr. McGee, Attig. 63 COMMUTER'S CLUB At long last there has come into the Kingdom of North Central an organization dedicated to the purpose of integrating commuters and campus students into one student body. First, let it be known that under the direction of Jim Csloppy jalopyl Newberry a very unusual creation was entered into the Homecoming parade, capturing honorable mention-sur- prisingly with all riders in tact. Second, be it known that on the day before Thanksgiving the commuters turned the Union Room into a banquet hall abounding in appetizing delicacies. The undertakings of Commuter's Club have been successfully directed by Raul Puckorious, Bob Bauer, Lois Gettert and Ken Myles, and many others too numerous to mention. COMMUTERS CLUB Front Row, Left to Right: Lieb, Myles, Puckorius, Getfert, L. Erickson, Yackley. Back Row: Heyer, D. Schultz, Beck, Livernash, Newberry, Flock, Sikorski, Hawthorne. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club, goal ol all athletically- minded NCC men, seeks to forward a spirit of brotherhood among varsity teams both past and present, to promote good sportsmanship in intercollegiate athletics and to interest promising high school athletes in attending North Central. Any winner of a varsity letter in either loot- ball, basketball, track, tennis, or swimming can become a member. This year's projects included the Midwest Track Meet and the annual lormal dance. The officers were Red Weldy, Leo Hoffman, Bill Bradish and Dick Raecker. VARSITY CLUB Top Row, Left to Right: Blessman, Mehn, Arboe, Cuda, johns, Klingbeil. Third Row: Tarte, Besson, W. Larson, Pope, Liedtke, Pletcher, Rawers, Tietz. Second Row: Bingle, Gauch, Lukas, Robert Heinrich, Schilling, Keller, Swanson. Front Row: Morauski, Greenwill, Lalinsky, R. Weldy, Bradish, L. Hoffman, Raecker, Koten. l IF 1111 4 td -t Y' I - Band Back Row: Left to Right: Segur Wunsch, Myles, Erdman, Lud: wig, Oppendahlj Weclc, j Meyer, M. Lueptow, Bor- saclc, Ladd. Middle Row:-Stehr, Kirr, Kolb Dilger, Koelling, Ritzert, Corn- wall, Rodesiler, Gould, W Lueptow, Mathew, W. Giere Row Pi chl Schafer Haist. Front : e , , L. Heidenreich, Krunnfusz Wisthuff, D. Zimdars. Orchestra Lelt: Back Row: Mrs. Farnham C. Grantman, Segur. Middle Row: Mamsen, Mrs Gardner. Front Row: Cornwall, Gibson. Center: Back Row: Mathews, W Lueptow, W. Giere, D. Zim- dars, M. Lueptow, Ladd l-laist. Middle Row: Piechl, Schafer Ludwig. Back Row: V. Matzlce, Trautman Myles. Right: Back Row: Borsaclc, jacob- son, R. l-leidenreich, M. Hoo ver. Middle Row: Knight, Schweilcert Front Row: Brandt, Erdman. N. C. C. Musical Groups I nu V , 5,5 'Q , S 55? .eye QW 3 2 4 1 sr g 2 .1 s 3 V ,g.gi5+9l' 93.3 Z t x . H 'A 3 A f , lm - ,. ..,, 5. 7- lm T r i if? 1 if 5' 1 5 'S 1 1 13 S S S- Q' is6'4.,,a'. Q 44U'Vs9'e' pl ,M , N .. L s Y 4 A 5 P1111 - . f V ' ' . 3 Q , ""' um 5 7V 1 A f ,. ' . ' v X277 ls A ....1-l-,.. ls in-an-v H armonettes Back Row, Left to Right: Whitman, P. Ebinger, Miss Wyle. Middle Row: Crosby, lrwin, jackson. Front Row: Trautman, C. Grantman, Lederman, Zaininger. Festival Chorus Back Row, Lelt'to Right: B. Berg, Mathison, Krunnfusz, Ludwig, Ladd, Ritzert, Moore, Engstrom, Fleck, Peichl. FourtIl2 RovrsC1D.l-Smith, Flachsmann, Wellnitz, Hayes, Walz, Berlcompas, Utzman, Gould, Snider, P. Retzlait, Steele, err r untz. Thrfdsiaiisty. Klieilang, Emi, c. omnrmqn, M. Bender, Feiberg, Hoist, zqanrnger, M. sreeie, sregmeref, Fiugum, Mock, c af , w'n. Second Rdavll: Lahdis, l-larrison, Blythe, l'litt, Uebele, Foose, Weiss, Crosby, L. Mast, lckes, V. Matzlce, Beck, Dancer, l4 ac son. Front Row: Ritzel, Roesti, Ritsema, L. l-leiclenreich, Whitman, Lederman, l-lostetler, Barth, Tate, R. l-leidenreich, Meyer, Sather, Wallces. W Seated, Left to Right: P. Ebinger, Keen, Bertz, M. Meyer, Irwin, R. Polivka Nachbauer, Tietz, J Koten, Simonsen Wendt, W. Schmidt Missing: W.Ebinger,D.Koten Who's Who This year the names of fourteen North Central seniors were added to the directory of Who's Who Among Students in Colleges and Uni- versities in the United States. This is a directory of outstanding members of graduating classes in colleges and universities in the United States. Business and industries in the country malce great use of this directory in seeking candidates for specific occupations. Students are chosen on numerous qualities, among them being: personal integrity, character, scholastic standing, and contributions to the college. The students are selected by a com- mittee ot faculty members, the number admitted being based on the total enrollment of the college. Honors Society High scholarship and character are character- istic of the students admitted into the Honors Society each year. Students are elected in February and in june, permitting second se- mester juniors with a grade index of 2.65 and seniors with a grade index of 2.5 to be potential candidates. The number accepted is not limited as long as they pass the requirements set up and the Faculty committee selected for this pur- pose agrees to their admittance. Bob Wendt served as President for 1950-51, while Trudy Nachbaur acted as Secretary-Treasurer. ,, gren. Standing: Simonsen Bom berger, Zimdars, D Graf Fith, Dr. Eigenbrodt Wendt Nachbaur, Hewitt Brons Y A., Menzel, Koten D Seated: Lukas, Haas Shoger PoIivka,Grantmcin C Lind Cheerleaders Too olten receiving little credit for the good worlc they do, nevertheless, the spirit of sports at college would not have been at all highhadit not been for our competent cheerleaders. These six students worlfed hard all year to lceep morale high in the student body and to cheer the athletic teams to victory. Present at every football and basketball game, and always giving their best, this aggregation ol pep leaders were instru- mental in building a better spirit at North Central. lack Dennis headed the group this year,and had the responsibility ofplanning pep meetings. Germanotta, Mertz, Davis, Siemsen and Felberg formed a nu- cleus that was dependable and etficient. New members chosen to help out next year are Marilyn Brownell, Ship Filbey and Bill Chapelf. Top: "Fite" Middle: Dante Donna Jack Rainy Joyce Bottoms You Rah Rah!! 119 lm, I fi K .I .7 I gl In JI I. -I u I 1 fx I, N i f :7 ' J - f 53 j j J 1 l 52 A M il X j pg , X 44.31. , J! V ' 'I .,jr,NM 1 I ., 14 fx? 3 'X " d ' - l f. J X Q ? 1 X 1 H l f 17 , , 'X J , I 1 Eff I3 Q1 l', H 6 V s KWW L 12 . , u - ' ln N X 6 , J 2 r KJ 0 4 J I S' U 5 f 4 'J A, A uni 'L X 1 'W N -v ffd' fl .- 3' - 1 x 4 . ..,N,.- 31 I 4 ,- , . l., ffl g' ...rl ..,..-I'7 543, 5 ' 5-F all fy 65 I fx' L45 V 9 YY 1 M R., 9 ng L ,, 3 . -Uwfmmzvyllfflffff " I '77 jf A ff' Lg 04 ' turf, L 1 X N451 J 5 nf 'Q 9 f X , I f X I 1 M We I , ' X sy ff ' ' - M l 2, xxx .IX X r P dx r If N :Q X yi, VS? 4 XX X K XG' 'N KM- v sf W if 1' M- ' ' K1 f X Q, 4' Q 4 f Vg 741 I kg 4 Q X '- gs W f . -i U 4 1, X Q f I A - f f , Ng, K n I ,A X f J" 0' 1 U ' Y " Ulu" W . lw it Q N4 x A u , 1 N fy' ' , V Q f 6 -53: X' K Vr. , X 'f ' -911 J RX ga. Q 6 , . 1' X fi . 4 5333235533 J 95. x , 01 , no 4. 'f 74' 7 ,V . Q Z X J ' ,A ,rigffkifqbg ' ' 'ff aw - -N V 5 , , 1' K , , f+ - 1 's ,, J :GQ '7 f - - N '-33,6 I Y - . i My ,ufgxwla ,M , rig, 1. ' K df ' I ,b W -'I 41 ff ,- K+? ' f f f 4 91. ' L+ ,'11fL1 'K' W -' I fax wiffp, f 1 f. f , 4 I T I 703- if ' , , ,ff ' W L nj .M X 'n' ,a' Vt ' an 1 N. 'f yy I Ah -. -ucv Q .S 1 .Wm .I WH NCS Ki. f ' 3 1. ws fs f "A" SQUAD Back Row, Lett to Right: B. Berg, Bazant, Radic, johns, Captain Tietz, Mehn, R. Keller, Pope, Dunning, Eby. Middle Row: Besson, Larson, D. Neuman, Duane Kreske, Dale Kreske, St. Angelo, Ciossell, Reinhold Heinrich, Raecker, Coach Olson. Front Row: Dobrowski, Darby, Thoresen, Thinnes, Will, Gauch, Robert Heinrich, Liedtke, Morauski, Pletcher, Mgr. Football The 1950 edition ol the North Central football team was a record breaking crew with the emphasis on olilense and an abandonment of defensive eltorts. The Olsonmen Finished the season with a .500 win-loss percentage, winding up in a tie lor fourth place in the Little Nine standings with Lake Forest garnering two wins and three losses. With the passing ol quarterback Mike Pope to ends Duane Mehn, and Elton -lietz and the rushing ol Tunk Dunning, Dan Dobrowski, l-lowie Eby, and Red 'larte the squad was the highest scoring outfit to ever represent NC. ln scoring 237 points the Cards eclipsed the record total ol 217 set by the 19Q9 team and at the same time cracked another mark with dubious honor, by giving a total of Q20 points to opponents. The total oltensive yardage mark reached 3097 yards 1947 rushing and 1150 passing. Mike Pope's trusty right arm gave him a passing completion average ol .529 For the year and his 72 punting average soared to 39.6 yards per try. 'lunk Dunning led the rushing offensive with 797 yards For a 6.5 average and scored 13 touchdowns to give him team scoring honors with 78 points, thereby earning his title ol "Mr. TD". The gridders opened the season in a game in which caution was thrown to the winds as the Cards passing filled the sky with aerial Fireworks to combat the strong Wesleyan running attack. -larte and Dunning each tallied twice, but when the smoke of battle cleared the score stood NC 33, IW 41. ln the next game at Monmouth, Dunning again ran wild but a First hall lead tell before a two TD Monmouth onslaught. The lollowing week the Olsonmen drubbed the Elmhurst team with a steaming attack 52-0, and then followed with a thrilling upset win over a rugged Lake Forest eleven in which the locals came from behind with three minutes to play on a pass from Pope to Tietz that was detected oft a l:orester's Fingertips only to be caught in a diving - 4, H l' It A ram! af 44f4w'W2Qf7 L! X. L 1 1 z,lbJl f Wk? U,,U,A1.-.,41J WVMM Y f l 1950 SEASON RECORD North Central ........ North Central. . . North Central. North Central. . North Central. . . North Central ........ North Central . Illinois Wesleyan Monmouth . . . Elmhurst . .. Lalce Forest . Carroll . . Millikin . . . . Manchester .. . COLLEGE CONFERENCE OF ILLINOIS STANDINGS Wheaton . . Illinois Wesleyan Millikin ...... Lalce Forest . . . North Central . . Illinois College Elmhurst ..... Augustana .... Carthage . . 33 13 . . . . 59 . . . . . . . 13 21 . North Central ........ 14 Wheaton . . . 39 . .... 52 W lunge by Elt on the three yard line from where he flopped over for the score. Walt l.arson's point after touchdown gave the game to the Cardinal red and white. Next came the Homecoming clash in which the Cards beat Carroll College '21-6 in a game which featured rugged defensive play and numerous penalties. The Wheaton Crusaders came into town the next week and made themselves at home trouncing the Redmen 49-14, retaining the Little Brass Bell. The Cards recovered from this rout the next week but fell short of a win being nosed out by two points, 41-39 by Millikin. Keeping up this scoring pace the Gridders beat Manchester 52-38 to close the season on a vic- tory note at home. ln this clash Dunning scored four times, one coming on a sensational twisting, turning 75 yard kickoff return. Mike Pope, Dan Dobrowski, and Duane Mehn were selected for the All-CCI offensive squad and Elt-lietz made the defensive array as a result of his formidable play. "E" SQUAD Back Row, Left to Right: R. Wagner, Hey, Lambrecht, Harr, Wenzel, Wandrey, Coach Somrek. Front Row: Derrick, Kroll, Kloska, Hedden, Cooper,Kell- ing, Bradley. 1' V M v Q! V' 'grlfii--gk? E 4.1 luv' , - if .1 . ,f AVBL iw ,gan X' fanf- Ji Sir 'f E? I .u,,.' -ff M Q. ' ny, ,O 1 ' 14 ., , P' , P 1 fi V. Qs yy' Y W E s as . V 1 1 X ,. ann sngkisi fiycj ,liwmi - I. ,...!',Q19P1g , f I , g 3, It f e qi ,W . V'4,L6 A V 'KP' -1. -1.--, s .,sf if 'x f Q 1 ' A - s x is l X Back Row, Lelt to Right: Bueche, Mgr., Ulrich, Bradish, Arboe, Mehn, Stachnik, Coach Olson. Front Row:,Claus, Weldy, Hoffman, Cuda, Lalinsky. Basketball Playing their third season with Coach Olsons' last break the North Central basketball team's record was not as good as their previous season's. The last break ol Olson's enabled the team to win 6 games while losing 13. During play in the C.C.l. the Olsonmen won 2 while losing 8. The Cards had their share ol bad luck as 7 ol the games they lost were by only 5 points or less. Don Arboe, Leo Hoffman, Bill Bradish, Frank Cuda, and Dick Claus along with Co-Captains Bob l.alinsky and "Red" Weldy were considered the lirst rate players on the team and did most ol the scoring lor the season. Prospects lor next year look good as Bradish, lvlehn, Ulrich, Hahn, Stachnik, and Warden are "all due to return barring any encounter with "Uncle Sam". ln the meanwhile, Hahn and Warden were new on the 76 team at the beginning ol the second semester and deserve a good hand For the line ball they played. Freshman Tom Stachnik, one ol the most promising players lor next year, improved as the season progressed and should prove to be an asset to the team next year. Bob Weldy again took top scoring honors with 270 points. l.eo Hallman took second honors with Q41 points and Don Arboe took third place with 197 points. Bob Weldy set a new all-time scoring record as he totaled 791 points over a lour-year period. Bill Bradish won North Central's Free Throw Trophy by shooting a 68921 average. Leo Holtman was voted by his teammates lor the Most Valuable Player award. 722,55 iii . i 3 ,U LL- fyf- WWW? 973' gifffmw f is XQMUNAY N PJ A , X J'QAlL1f4g cw ' Xxkpfqf I' I ,Q s' 5 f , A , 1 1-7 ,J , X , North Central started its season by beating Grinnell 59-47. Then they lost to a tall illinois Normal 57-53. Their first conference victory came at home asthey drubbed Augustana 75-58. Then losing their first conference game to Lake Forest 63-58 they bounded baclf with a 69-67 thriller over lll. Tech. Over Christmas vacation they toolc part in a tourney at Terre Haute, lnd. being eliminated in their first game by Kansas Wesleyan 63-59. The Olsonmen lost a thrilling game to lll. Tech. 65-63 in a close nip and tuclc battle down to the last five seconds. Carthage was North Central's second conference victim as they fell to the Cards 66-58. After losing to lll. Wesleyan 80-63, l.alce Forest 70- 66, and to lnd. Central 77-75 in an overtime tilt, the Cards came close to beating their bitter rivals, Wheaton, in a close contest here on the Merner court 77-76 after having led most of the way. The Cards lost two more conference games to Millikin 85-62 and to lll. College before taking a game from Elmhurst 65-63. They then lost to Wheaton again over on the Crusaders court 85-78 and losing to the same Elmhurst 78 team they had previously beaten 65-63 by the score of 84-78. The Cards ended up the season at home with a 87-80 win over Coe. Their final game was with DePaul and the Demons had no trouble in setting a new scoring record with a 101-70 score. All in all the Cards had a lair season and could have won a Few more games if they had had a few brealcs in their favor. "B" SQUAD-BASKETBALL Back Row, Left to1Right: Coach Lukas, Sahs, Kohlman, Larson, Bueche, Mgr. Front Row: Dale Kreske, Herrick, B. Berg. Y l ' - Ir. its R , ,f If ,X ,,. CEN rm ,gf 1 HIM? 1 'et' x C E F. sg BASEBALL TEAM Back Row: Left to Right: Lukas, Keller, R. Swanson, Bengs, Hedden, l'lanosh, Ulrich, Spong, Tarte, Eastman. Front Row: l-lauck, Mehn, Weldy, Patterson, Braun, Besson, Reif, Claus, Bazant. Baseball The 1950 nine improved over the 1949 squad by jumping from seventh to filth place in the CCI conference with a record of 4 wins and 4 losses for a percentage ol .500. They were able to do this despite the disadvantage of not having any practice or intrasquad games. Alter losing the First three tilts to Eureka, lll. College, and Elmhurst the Cards took Eureka into camp by scoring 16 runs to Eureka's 6. This was followed by their First conference win as they beat Lake Forest 7-6. A losing streak ol: four games lol- lowed this win as they lost to III. Wesleyan, lll. Tech., Lake Forest and Macomb. On College Day the Olsonmen pleased the crowd with a 14-7 win over Elmhurst. This was followed by a loss to Augustana and two wins over Wheaton to end the 1950 season with a record ol five wins and eight losses. 80 Red Tarte was the leading hitter with a .326 average Followed by Norrie Cross and Ray Keller with identical averages ot .300. Other stalwarts were Bill Bazant, Dick Braun, Don Reif, Chuck Besson, Dan Dobrowski, Bob Weldy, Dick Claus, Gerry Spong and Ken Patterson. THE SEASON RECORD North Central North Central ........ 1 North Central North Central North Central North Central North Central ........ 10 North Central North Central ........ 2 North Central ........ 14 North Central North Central North Central Eureka ........ . . . 5 lllinois College ...... 10 Elmhurst ............ 8 Eureka ........ . . . 6 Lake Forest ......... 6 Illinois Wesleyan ..... 10 Illinois Tech. ........ 21 Lake Forest .... . . . 6 Macomb .... . . . 3 Elmhurst . . . . . . 7 Wheaton .... . . . 5 Augustana . . . . . . 9 Wheaton . . . . . 2 Q ' L-'fl i f 1 ME'--'2"' . ' , 1 '5 f .L.-6-'Wi I nvitational Track Loyola tied Wheaton lor the title in the 13th running ol the Midwest relays in the Merner Fieldhouse while North Central was blanked For the First time alter placing among the top three in ten out of the thirteen years. Wheaton entered the last event two points ahead of Loyola 49-47 putting the final out- come ol the meet on the 8-lap relay which the Ramblers won in record time, 227 breaking the mark set by NC in 1937. The victory gave Loyola, pre-meet favorites, 57 points to equal the Crusaders, who finished second, insuring a tie. Bob Kelly, crack Loyola two-miler, set a new meet and Fieldhouse record in his specialty, his mark of 9:-42.1 breaking the old meet mark ol 9:53.1 and Fieldhouse time ol 9:48.7 both of which he established last year. Three other records were set, in the pole vault Jerry Donley of Beloit soared 13' 9", lowa State Teachers cracked the two-mile relay mark, and Loyola cracked the 12-lap relay record. Pole vaulter Jerry Donley won the trophy as the outstanding performer of the meet and Sonny Price won the achievement trophy through wins in both hurdles events and in the broad jump to amass 15 points lor the Wheaton score. Coach Bill Olson filled in for the ailing L.C. Belding to run oft the meet on a successful note. Top: Liz l-loel, Joyce Mertz, Leila Harrer, Lynn Sch- neider, Lorrie Frank. Center "Queenly Smile" Dale Kreske on relay Bottom: "It pays to be a winner???" Back Row, Left to Right: jurzyna, Dale Kreske. Middle Row: Chapek, Cooper, Patrick, Skirmont. Front Row: Coach Belding: W. jelinek, Sebastian, Morauski, Adams, D. Neuman, R. Miller, Mgr. 82 Outdoor Track The 1950 outdoor traclc squad suffered from loss ol distance aces Dave Meloney and Warren Ebinger but still managed to hold their own through the roughest ol competition. The chief scorers for the Beldingmen were Tiny Anderson, shot-putter and Bob MacAllister sprinter and hurdler, followed closely by Rollie l-lauclt, distant star. Anderson copped a third in the shot put and the relay team composed of Don -liheuer, lim Bingle, Bob Boggess, and Dave Meloney toolc a Fifth position to give NC four points and a twelfth finish in the Elmhurst Relays. SEASON RECORD North Central 62 North Central Q6 North Central 51 North Central 43 North Central 68 LaGrange Jr. 42 Morton Jr. 24 DePaul 78 Concordia 40 Morton jr. 26- Elmhurst 12 Loyola 82 Illinois Tech. 6 Concordia 40 North Central 75 1X2 Illinois Tech. 33 U2- Morton jr. 30 1X2 North Central 33 1f5 Millikin 81 1X2- lllinois Wesleyan 45 3f1O North Central 38 U. of Chicago 93 Left to Right: Top Row: Boggess, Anderson, Countryman. Middle Row: Ebinger, Dunning, McCallister. Bottom Row: Boggess, Theuer, Maloney, Boggess, Bingle, Maloney. ,Q Y r i n-.-l-k 1 1 f 4 r J ul, .U ."BN',. " SL' 110 lL'?W'!'Y 12303. .M l Baclc Row, Left to Right: Mason, Noerenberg, J. Neuman, Groot, Coach Hal Henning. Middle Row: Will, Ericlcson, Koenitzer, P. Retzlaff, Westine. Front Row: Rawers, Schilling, l-lanosh, Scott. Swimming North Central's swimming team for the second year in a row has come through with flying colors. The strong well-balanced squad under the expert coaching of Dr. "Hal" l'lenning, former Olympic star, toolc top honors in the conference and a third in the Midwest lnvita- tional Meet. The mermen started the season slowly by losing their first two meets. l'lowever, the team through strenuous work came bacl4 the hard way to win eight straight meets, thus equaling last years record in dual competition. The Henningmen walked away with prac- tically all laurels at the conference meet held at lll. Wesleyan. Conference records were set by Paul Retzlaff in the 100 yard free style, ,lohn Westine in the 440 yard free style, and Doug Scott in the Q00 yard breast strolce. Among other first placers were our Medley Relay Team, Free Style Relay Team, and ,lim Nueman in the 60 yard free style. Contributing also to this well- earned victory were l.en Curoat, Curly Noeran burg, Tom Schilling and Art Rawers and George l'lanosh. ln the Midwest lnvitational meet NCC, through the efforts of the never tiring Paul Retz- 84 laff with his first place and record time of1:45 in the individual medley, came through with a third place. Captain Paul Retzlafl toolc top honors inthe newly inaugurated inter-squad Pentathalon. john Westine tool4 second trailing Paul by only 11 points. Both men received individual trophies. The student body is proud of NCC's swimming team and congratulates it on a job really well done. North Central 33 North Central 29 North Central 40 North Central 43 North Central 40 North Central 57 North Central 44 North Central 50 North Central 49 North Central 48 DUAL MEETS Illinois Wesleyan 42 lllinois Tech. 46 Navy Pier 35 U. of Wisconsin Ext. 32 Monmouth 35 1X2 Geo. Williams 17 1X2 Bradley 31 lll. Normal 25 Augustana 26 George Williams 27 CONFERENCE MEET North Central College ................ .... 5 4 lllinois Wesleyan ..... .... 3 3 Augustana ........ .... 2 6 Elmhurst ...... . . 0 Swimming Captained by Dorie Pratt and aided by the returning letterwinners Connie Langher and Sally Rilling, the Merner Mermaids splashed- against the Aquabelles from North Park, Wheaton and Herzl. The girls again lacked outside competition but under the able tutelage of Eleanor Arden they conducted many inter- squad meets. Among the point gainers for the team were free stylers Dorie Pratt, Connie Langher, Liz Hoel and Barb VanAdestine, Backstrokers Ruth Lord and Lydia Booker, Breast- strokers Sally Rilling and Violet Pal, and Diver Carol lV1amsen. Golf-1950 After a highly successful season of seven victories and one defeat the Belding-coached golfers played their poorest golf of the year and came in fifth in the conference meet playing the part of generous hosts to champ- ion Elmhurst, and runner-ups Lake Forest, Carthage and Millikin. The teemen who lettered were: Captain Dick Uphoff, Warren Vodak, Mike Pope, Bob lV1arquardt,George Stephens, and Bob Meisner. Bob Marquardt was the only golfer who ran true to form in the meet finishing second with a sparkling 156. SEASON RECORD North Central ....16 Wheaton ...... 2 North Central .... 11 Wheaton .... 1 North Central .... 91fg Elmhurst ...... 81f2 North Central 131fg U. of Chi. ..... 41f2 North Central North Central North Central ....11 7V2 1 2 North Central .... 10 Ill. School of Optometry- .6 Lake Forest. . .1 0112 Lake Forest . . . 6 lll. School of Optometry. . 4 XM' M1 M' cw Wi SWIMMING Mamsen, Pal, Van Adestine, Hoel, Bohn Booker Laugher Rillrng Pratt, Arden, Instructor. GOLF Top: Mike Pope, Warren Vodak Bottom: Dick Uphoff, Bob Marquardt WOMEN S TENNIS Left to Rrght Ruth Cobb Dorle Dlewall oyce Keller Betty Staley Betty Menzel Womens Tennzs l95O The 1950 women racl4eteers coached by Miss Tanner had a great tennrs season smashing through wrth 5 vrctorres 2 defeats and 1 tue The climax for the year was the state rnvrtatronal tournament when the team met strlf competrtron r sultrng rn a second place rn doubles Betty Staley and oyce Keller lost to lndlana Um versrty rn the frnals Smashrng lor the team were oyce Keller Betty Staley Betty Low Menzel Dons Drewall Ruth Cobb and Marcia Bett SCORES North Park Wheaton Chrcago Unrv North Central North Central North Central Aurora Wheaton North Park Aurora North Central North Central North Central North Central Mens Tenms l95O The netmen under the tutelage ol Coach Chuclc Evert closed an indifferent season wrth a Fourth place rn the conference meet at whrch North Central acted as hosts -lhns was an un expected hnrsh alter a rather drsmal season ol play Lalce Forest copped the trtle wrth Augus tana runnrng a close second Over the season the racqueteers won but one match droppmg srx and tremg one 'lennrs lettermen were ohn Koenrtzer Wally Gabel -lom Greenwrll Paul McGee Bob Koenrtzer and Ray Polrvlca SCORES U of III Med School Elmhurst Unrv of Chrcago North Central North Central North Central lllmors Wesleyan Lalce Forest Augustana lllrnors Tech North Central North Central North Central North Central MEN S TENNIS Left to Rrght Bob Koenrtzer ohn Koenrtzer Tom Greenwrll Paul McGee 86 ' I 1 ' ' IJ 1 2 - I ' I ' i . North Central ........ 1 Chicago Teachers .... 4 North Central ........ 4 Wheaton ........... 5 ........4 , ' ' ,........a . 5 I :J I 1 I 1 ' Back Row, Left to Right: Sonnen- berg, Langher,lPratt, L. Passow, O'Brien, Leiser, Ritsema, Backus, Gelfert, Esthus, D. johnson. Third Row: Haas, Felberg, D. Miller, Steinaclser, Wallces, Oppedahl, Mundorff, Wagner, Dudley, Peaslee. Second Row: Walter, Amundson, Frank, Getz, Anderson, Claw- son, A. Fairbanlc, Wadewitz, Uebele, Front Row: Diewall, Bohm, Keller, Miss Tanner, Mertz, Wunsch, l-lostetler, McKinley. W. A. A. 1951 Glficers were Dottie Emholtz, Pres., Ruby Bohm, Vice-Pres., Joyce Mertz, Sec., Joyce Keller, -lreas. The all sports trophy was awarded to the senior class for the second consecutive year and this years intramural baslcetball tourna- ment also won by the seniors, the volleyball tournament won by the juniors. Our individual intramural sport winners were, Donna Wadawitz, tennis, Eve- lyn Hubbard, archery, and Marilyn Leiser, Ping-Pong. Top Row, Left to Right: All Sports Cup Winners-Class of '51, W. A.A. Tennis Winner-Wadewitz. Bottom Row: Volleyball Champs- Class of '52, Winning Archers- l-lubbard and Staley. 87 I '11 K 2 l ,N hlf, - 'I I, ?, X 1 K MJ I I--5-. Wx 5 A I 1 1 A i Y I 54 , 7 f- f z 3 j 1 .1 1 X 512 T73 jak X 5 , 137 , - X aff, If I I I-'N I I ' ' 5,-I In i I S uf at 1 - 7 NX ' 3, 1 4: E K P i N Y V. X , I 1 f 1 , , af I . . ' ' - ' N ., T .W f f 4 lg -1 1 , 1 , 21 ' , , H153 L 1 x f ,' l N y .1 x 'A ' 1. X? ff I , f .C X7 k i I NX X 1 NYJ K eff . , 'X J f 0 WW I yo W X 1 I E340 six Z' ' Z 'r X f ,e,gx,X M! f 1 N , A3 .N 6 5 Nz! . ... ' 4 J W1 J f 410 N H 0 'Q ? 1 1 K a t f 1 . 1 Km, ii if M f jf xg R ,f l 1 vw J' IIT V NVIHH If ffwff 'W X' 1' " -fiillfvl Homecoming Under the leadership ol co-chairman Vonnie Kremer and Don Kliphardt, this year's Home- coming introduced many new and ditterent ideas. A gala intercollegiate talent show presented by talent from seven nearby colleges Friday night-began the festivities. The program was highlighted by Elton -l'ietz's selection ol the Homecoming Queen, chosen by popular vote ot the student body. Phyllis Ebinger was the luclcy girl. lmmediately after 90 ZEULLELEB' .da Af P :1,n'il1a..lEf the coronation, the queen and her court, which was composed of Miriam Felberg, Connie Langher, Joyce Nlertz and Mary Ritzman, led the procession to Fort Hill Campus forthe traditional bonfire. Saturdayis activities began with the trash- soph scrap and alumni-senior women soccer game. The annual Homecoming parade, which made its way from Old Main down to the Field- house, was made up, this year, of nearly thirty Floats. First prize was won by the WA!-'X float, whose theme was "Toss Out for Victory." The best decorated dorm? T'was Bolton Hall. All trophies were awarded by President Geiger at half-time of the game. As regards the game, North Central's victory 21-6 gave everyone a special thrill since this was the first time in nine games that North Central had beaten Carroll. The alumni banquet was held in First EUB Church this year. Alumni Carl Zager and Martha l'limmel provided musical entertainment on the banquet program and Dr. l-larry Oberhelman, noted surgeon and alumnus of NCC, gave the main address. The program ol professional talent drew a crowd of 800 alumni and students Saturday eveninng. Sunday afternocn at 3:30 o'clocl4 the l'lome- coming Vespers, held in Grace EUB Church, concluded the Homecoming weekend. HOMECOMING QUEENS Top: Queen Phyl Ebinger. Middle Row: Mirium Felberg, Connie Langher. Bottom Row: Joyce Mertz, Mary Ritzman. 'i l QU College Day-7950 A welcome vacation for busy students was College Day, 1950, but actually few of us slept late that morning, lor much was in the olting as North Central-ites prepared to entertain enthusi- astic visitors and alumni. As an innovation, the numerous signs in strategic places guaranteed that no one would miss out on the lun. The festivities began in Pfeiffer Hall as graduating Dee Freshley formally presented the gavel to Dean Long, the recently elected student body president. A highlight of the program was the dedication of the 1950 Spectrum to Pro- fessor Edward N. l'limmel. Then too, the En- semble Singers provided a musical treat with Fred Waring's arrangement of "The Nutcracker Suite", as a preface to the main attraction of the morning-the Home Ec fashion show in which North Central coeds modeled their creations as they stepped to heavenly organ music over a "Stairway to the Stars". As another new feature of the new outdoor College Day, the band played a peppy concert on the lawn, M9155 -'5717W?xEIif 1'h.32'i"LZ1"Z ff!d'5?PKi11w7?2!VGE:'r5l.m'R'?'!L5i14ib3 M 1 3 fsixxi - ! i Q which served to make the transition from Pfeiffer Hall to other campus buildings for the many classroom exhibits a more pleasant experience. Nature cooperated with NC that day in that the sun provided an excellent overhead lighting effect for the afternoon events on Fort Hill Campus. Here talented freshman girls enter- tained the 1949 royalty with tumbling, modern dancing, and tightrope wallcing. This previewed the graceful Maypole Dance, after which King Rex "Tiny" Anderson selected Miss Barbara lrwin as his new Queen of the May. To complete the afternoon the baseball team contributed 3 thrilling hours as NC trounced Lalce Forest by a score of 14-7. The feature of the evening was the Theater Guild production of "Our Town", in Pfeiffer Hall, after which pajama-clad frosh men led the procession to the fieldhouse where Queen Barbara chose her King Rex, Warren Ebinger, to climax a wonderful College Day. Queen Barb Irwin Queen Attendants Left to Right: Mary Ritzman, Bev. Zaininger, Phyl Ebinger, Not pictured-Elaine Giere. Woe Week "Button Frosh" "Does It Hurt?" "Getting Up" "Ugh" "Dirty Noses" "Southern Exposure" "Charming Ladies?" "Cleaning the Pond" "Too bod, tough luck "Push, Kid, Push" , .P- 'IU' KW' Top Row: Second Semester Students-Webster, Simmons, Droeger, Newell, l-l. Voss Middle Row: "Androcles ond the Lion", l-lousemothers-Standing-Mrs. Luboch, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Dute, Seated Mrs. Turner, Miss Meier. Bottom Row: Scene: Union Room. Time: 9:30 A.M. "l Do". llprofn A new feature added to the Spectrum this year was the snap contest. Publicity was started early in the year, but we are sorry to say that the response was slow in getting started. The pictures to be submitted were to be of any type of subject and were judged on their potential interest and appeal to the average student, clarity and clearness for suitable reproduction. The winning trophy was awarded to Jerry Stirtz on College Day For his picture Caboveb ol Professor Pinney at the organ. Those that we felt deserved special mention are found below, "Up a Tree" was tal4en by Betsy Erdman, Skip Filbey submitted the snap of the three handsome heroes, while lim Blalcelee snapped his room-mate in the comfortable position. Up A tree" "Come On Out Boys" "Comfy" "Cole's Colleseum" "Topsy, Turvy" inset-"Aw Right You Guys" "Campus Capers" 'This Could Happen 'What are they?" Christmas Cheer" IF the Shoe Fits" "Winter Wonderland" She's Lovely, She's Engaged" " "On Top ofthe World" "Blue Monday" "Glug" " "Say Thar Boy" "Nuf Said" "Harem Scarem" ' 'Bottoms Up" To You" ,qiwzgy P5 Mi! y 'fi . . , gage.. -J M- :Va ,ff QW , B-4 ,, A M' if 'J' . . f..Y,, 22 Dear Mom and Dad: l've been digressing For a Few moments From my thoughts of Chaucer, Newton, and Freud in order to think back over the fun of the past year. No, l haven't become a social butterfly but my attentions outside of studying have been many and satisfying. Look back with me over all that's happened, and even though you've shared most of these experiences with me only on paper, l know you'll enjoy these moments of nostalgia. lt's all been a big whirl-Get-acquainted 'N i Z' , I 'fig f ,Q fig- - , . Y 1 4 X ,777 if 4 tnlit ' Q Sf f f Y X .' X. f ' P ? fy 59 , Q ff ,f i Q 0 l 7 1 f Z l X f . 1 f ' , X X f , 7 4 f 6 t ff -,I X ff , 5 .ff ' gf' -f "it:7h l ff I .- 4-.A 'O X! , ff ,q,,Q'f'l'x,.L'Ie,, ,x J ,t X f 4 f x. , QW f Q, ' X M, fc "i'!ll. X fx li i fi' A X 1 1 X fit! X il , lf ' 41,4 X . llth X 'K 'l l K X X iilxilxi if X . . . formal reception of Frosh at Kaufman l-lall, review old pictures and SPECTRUMS . . . "And- rocles l'lill and the Lion Gieren . . . Sadie Hawkins Day celebration with Daisy Mae Scotty Elliott . . . Charles Eagle Plume on Pheitter State with lndion Folklore . . . Thanks- giving Holiday Tea . . .Music Marathon won by the Harmonettes alter a close contest . . . Platter Splash in Merner Pool with Connie's and Dorie's outstanding "Hot Canary" . .. Christihas vaca- tion at last-Food-doodle--sleep . . . concert 98 ,KG ff? DJ -'E 9-4' ' 'Ln "-Qv- -X D is ---X Z6 V ffffff jftffz ,Q-e - :N vZq11g.L -Q.,i4f' 61 f"' -c....,J r,+.Ju gi, - Q I'-Ck' Q i74"?-l4i.u,,., , Z? fdfgyt parties. . .Tea at President's home. .. Big-Little Sis and Brother Banquets . . . Victorious lrosh at the annual Dupage Battle . . . Simonson, Steele contest For Student Body President . . . enrollment has dropped about 100 students. . . "Kick-ott in Fall Fashions" sponsored by the Home Ec Club . . . Seniors pick straw hats lor class distinctons . . . Floyd Thompson named Public Relations man . . . George St. Angelo drew applause as Religious Emphasis speaker. . .Woe Week and its p.j's, peanut race, clean pond'?? and slave duties . . . Football season starts, hopes and dis- appointments . . . Homecoming with its inter Collegiate Variety Show, Queen Phyl, Mile long parade, jalopy contest, VICTORY over Carroll,Gay Claridge Stage Show, Sun. vesper '7 4 A - x. V 5 Q 6 f A 76 7 A LQ 0 Q fe -2 fi' 1 ' jf., I I: .I series artist Robert Lodine at the organ . . . gratis Sock-l'lop inspired by Len Koeder . . . Holiday Lane at Kroehler proves to be an all- out attair. . . Commuters Noon Yule Banquet . .. W.N.C.C.'s Messiah . . . Christman Vespers . . . dining hall formal Christman Dinners show how nice we can really loolc when we try . . . "The Thing" . . . "The Old Curiosity Shop" courtesy ol N.S.A .... "The Proposal" and "Another Beginning" . . . Mlle. Sicre elected queen of French Club at annual party . . . Foreign students , lllllli it Xe Gudrun Frese Erickson-Germany, Toh Leong Tau-Malaya, Toshio Ota-Japan, Ben Pira- lran, Shega Mosalci-Japan, John Stettler- Switzerland form unique deputation crew . . . Vienna Choir Boys . . . Gold and Fizdale hold lceyboard caper on Pheitfer Stage . . . Miss l-largis resumed work with Red Cross . . . Dr. DeLong goes to Michigan . . . Robert Shaw Chorale with memorable "Nothing Lilce a Dame and Oklahoma" . . .Carnation Ball . . .Autumn Nocturne . . . Soph Scandals . . . "Vignette" . .. jr. Sr. Prom at St. Charles . . .the second "Sham- roclc Room" taltes over the Union Room . . . College Day, annual style show, dedication of ff ef , f f ,ii g , X 5 f 'WD , ,f Lk I Q' 'af T' if 1 i Q . x 5 ,f 4 - I J hX Alva. Ll nr-, x A W 1 Q7 Ax, i-'fi ffhn L V Q - Q lf, Q-, Spectrum to Prof. Schap,dept. exhibits,baseball game, and senior class play "The Man Who Came to Dinner" . . . All-School Talent Show ...Varsity Spring Ball . . . Fine Arts Festival . . . Mid-West traclc meet, Queen Leila . . . Mid- West Swimming Meet . . . senior "Seniorties" at old Kroehler . . .tennis and golf teams . . .and last but more important GRADUATION . . . how the underclassmen envied those seniors. Yes, it's been a busy but most memorable year. It was lilce no other and no other will ever be lil4e it. -lhanlcs For letting me wistlully review it with youll! Your, N. C. C. in 2,4 lv W . 1' .4 W cz A --A' - U 1 ,P N 'N L X 525 ,MTERML Q gifjfh g4 I id "'f':m ' t ,iifli f XXXXXM ,,,-,w,,-..,-f- ' R 5 A M n 99 Miss Phyllis Ebinger Some of us remember a beautiful queen-poised, gracious and smiling. Some of us remember a quiet, eliiicient and reliable "Y" president. Some of us remember an intelligent, thorough and humble student. All of us, however, remember a lovely, friendly girl whose deeds, relationships and whole life were an example and a lift to everyone shemet. For all these things, Phyl will live on with us. 100 Senior Activities ADELMAN. LORNA ANN, B.A. Sociology ' Central College 2, 3, 45 International Relations Club 1. 3, 45 YNY .- C.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Co-Chairman Vllorld Fellowship 45 N.S.A. 25 Spanish Club 25 Minnesota Booster Club 2, 3. 4. ALBERTUS, WILLARD YV.. B.A. Psychology 1Vriters Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. ALLEN, HOXVARD, B.A. Physical Education Wisconsin Booster Club 1. 2, 3, 45 Commerce Club 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2. AMUNDSON, LOUISE, B.A., Education Moorhead State Teachers College 1, 25 Kappa Pi 2, Rho Lambda Chi 1, Secretary 25 North Central College 3, 45 Minnesota Booster Club 3, 45 W.A.A. 3.4. ASKEW, KENNETH, B.A. English, Psychology University of Detroit 15 North Central College 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 2, 3, 45 Seager Association 2, 3, 45 VVriters Club 45 Swimming Team 45 Spanish Club 2. BERTZ, EILEEN, B.S. Home Economics Spectrum 1, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Wisconsin Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chronicle Staff 1, 3, 45 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Commerce Club 45 Radio Club 4, Women's News Staff 45 VVho's lVho Among Students in Colleges and Universities 45 Chairman of Home Economics Style Show 3. BIERBIA, KENNETH R.. B.S. Engineering Science Iowa State College 1, 2, 35 North Central College 4. BIRR, ROBERT R., B.S. Zoology, Chemistry Chemistry Club 1. 2. 3. Reporter 45 Biology Club 1. 2, 3. 45 Class Vice-President 35 Track 1. BJORKBIAN, CAROL, B.A. Economics Grinnell College 1, 25 North Central College 3, 45 Commuters Club 3. BLESSBIAN, RALPH, B.S. Commerce, Psychology Varsity Swimming Manager 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. BLOTCH, ALAN V., B.S. Engineering Science BOOKER, LYDIA, B.A. Psychology Rainbow Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 C.Y.F. Council 2, 45 Student Volunteers 1. 2, 4. Vice-President 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 35 Y.VV.C.A. Cabinet 45 Civil Rights Committee 3, 45 English Assistant 35 Psychology Assistant 45 VVater Ballet 35 Deputation 3. BRECKMAN, ROBERT L., B.S. Commerce Commerce Club 4. BRIGGS, JAMES. B.S. General Science BRONS, KENNETH A., B.A. Mathematics, Physics Chemistry Club 1, 25 Class Treasurer 35 Honor Society 4. BUNSE, RUTH, B.S. Home Economics VVestmar College 1, 25 Home Economics Club 1, Treasurer 25 Pep Club 25 Kansas Club 1, 25 North Central College 3, 45 K- Oklamo Club 3, 45 Home Economics Club 3, 45 Biology Club 35 Mothers Day Tea Co-Chairman 3. BURKHOLDER, RONALD, B.S. Commerce, Economics Commerce Club 1, 2, 45 Commuters Club 4. BUSS, LEOTA. B.A. English Sigma Tau Delta 2, Secretary 3, President 45 Y.VV.C.A. Cabinet 3, 45 K-Oklamo Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 1, President 25 Chronicle Staff 45 Student Volunteers 15 Dormless Damsels 25 French Club 1, 25 Spectrum Staff 4. CHRISTMAN, NORMAN R., B.S. Physical Education P Band 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 3, Secretary 45 Student. Council 35 Chronicle Staff 2, 35 Spectrum Staff 2, 45 Seager Association 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Deputation 3. CLAUS, RICHARD M., B.S. Commerce Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Commerce Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3. 45 Student Finance Board 2, 3, 4,. CROTSER, JOHN, B.A. History Seager Association 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 45 Youth Fellowship 1, 2. CUDA, FRANK, B.S, Physical Education La Grange Junior College 15 Kalamazoo College 25 North Central College 3, 45 Basketball 45 Varsity Club 4 DALRYMPLE, DEAN E., B.A. History Band 1, 25 History Club 1, 45 International Relations Club 25 Spanish Club 2. DENNIS, JOHN, B.A. Psychology Men's Glee Club 1, 25 Michigan Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 All School Social Committee 1, 2, 45 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Alpha Psi Omega 3, 45 Chronicle Sports Editor 45 Cheer- leader 2, 3, Captain 45 "Ambassadors" Quartette 2, 3, 4. DIEWALL, DORIS, B.S. Physical Education, Biology Band 1, 2, 35 W.A.A. 1, Board of Control 2. 3, 45 Varsity Tennis Team 3, 45 Biology Club 3, 45 Beta Beta Beta 45 May Fete Com- giittee 25 Silent Chapel Committee 25 Wisconsin Booster Club 1, 2, . 4. DUSEK, EDVVARD A., B.S. Commerce Commerce Club 4. EBINGER, PHYLLIS, B.A. English Class VVomen's Representative 2, 35 Secretary of Student Council 35' French Club 2, 35 Sigma Tau Delta 2, 45 vice President 35 Vlomen s Glee Club 1, 25 Social Committee 25 C.Y.F. Secretary 23 LPuQlership Training Co-Chairman 35 Harmonettes 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Chapel Choir 15 Festival Chorus 25 Y.VV.C A. Area Representative 2, Treasurer 3, President 45 VVho's VVho Among Students in Colleges and Universities 4. EBINGER, VVARREN, B.A. Sociology Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 45 "Ambassadors" Quai-tette 2, 3, 45 Band 15 Chapel Choir 2, 35 Festival Chorus 35 C.Y.F. Vice-President 35 Religious Life Council 3, 45 Cross-Country Team 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3. 45 Seager Association 3, 45 Student- Volunteers 45 Library Assistant 1, 2, 3. EICHELKRAUT, NIIRIAB1, B.A. hIathematics, English All-College Social Committee 15 Silent Chapel Committee 2, 45 French Club 45 VVriters Club 45 Y.W.C.A. Vocational Guidance Committee 45 Chairman of Kaufman Hall Devotions 45 Secretary- Treasurer of Kaufman Hall 1. ERIHOLTZ. DOROTHY, B.A. Home Economics, Physical Ed. VV.A.A. Board of Control 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 45 Athletic Board of Control 45 Home Economics Club 1. Treasurer 2, Publicity Chairman 3, President 45 Band 1, 2, 35 Biology Club 3, 45 Spectrum 3, Associate Editor 45 All-School Social Committee 2, Properties lvlanager 3, 45 Kaufman Hall President 15 Minnesota Booster Club 1, 2, 4, Secretary 35 Co-Chairman of Class Activities 3, Student Union Board of Control 35 VVomen's Varsity Tennis Nlanager 35 C.Y.F. Council 35 Chronicle Staff 1, 2, 3, VVomen's Sports Editor 4. ERDlN'IAN, NIARYBETH, B.A. English, French French Club 1, 2, 4. President 35 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 41 Choir 1, 25 Sigma Tau Delta 3, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Y.WV.C.A. Publicity Chairman 35 C.Y.F. Publicity Chairnian5 English Assist- ant- 45 Chronicle Staff 3, 4. ETTENHOFER, ARNOLD, B.A. Psychology FAIRBANK, MARY, B.A. Speech Northwestern University 1, 25 North Central College 3, 45 VVriters Club 3, Vice-President 45 Commutcrs Club 3, 45 "The Festered Lily" 35 Alpha Psi Omega 45 Sigma Tau Delta 45 Chapel Committee 35 Religioim Emphasis VVeek Committee 4. FAY, GERALD, B.A. English FEAVER, LAURENCE, B.A. Sociology h Purdue University 1, 25 hflilitary Band 1. 25 Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity 1, 25 North Central College 3, 45 lXIen's Glee Club 35 Kappa Kappa Club President 35 Pi Gamma Mu 4. FENNER, GORDON, B.S. Economics, Commerce Mens' Glee Club 1. FLYNN, JANIES, B.S. Commerce FOSTER, SHIRLEY. B.A. Psychology FRANK, LORRAINE, B.S. Home Economics I . Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4, Publicity Chairman 35 VVISCOHSIII Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 VV.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls Glee Club 2. FREEMAN, JACKLYN, B.A. Spanish I Colorado College 1, 25 North Central College 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Vice-President 4. GARDNER. RUTH, B.A. Bible and Religious Education Dormless Damsels 15 W.A.A. 3, Board of Control 45 Student Volunteers 3, Secretary 4. GERMANOTTA, DANTE, B.A. Philosophy Y.h1.C.A. Cabinet 3, 45 Chronicle Business Staff 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Seagcr Association 3, 45 Student Volunteers 3, 45 Mens Class Representative 4. GIERE. ELAINE, B.A. English ' ' i Chronicle Staff 1, 2, 35 Vlfater Ballet 1, 2, 35 Varsity Swimming Team 1, 25 VV.A.A. 15 Biology Club 1. GIERE, WARREN, B.A. Education V Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Alpha Psi Omega 4. GRIFFITH, BARBARA, B.A. Sociology A Spanish 1, Treasurer 2, President 35 Bowling League 1, Secretary 25 International Relations Club 25 Nebraska Booster Club 1, 2, 3,45 Chronicle Stat? 25 Campus Nurse 2, 3, 4. GROAT, LEN, B.S. Engineering Science Swimming Team 2, 45 Football 35 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. GUITHER, WILLIAM, B.A. Chemistry S.A.A.C.E. 1, 2, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3. HAGEMANN, LYNN, B.A. Sociology Men's Glee Club 1, 25 Chapel Choir 1, 25 Festival Chorus 2.3.45 Concert Choir 3, 45 International Relations Club 3. 45 Seager Association 1, 2, 3. 4. 101 HAMMOND, VVILLIAM VV., B.A. Chemistry . . Chemistry Club 2, 3, 45 Michigan Booster Club 1, Vice-President. 2, 3, President 45 Senior Distinction Committee 4. HARPER, ROBERT, B.S. Physical Education Basketball 25 Football 2. HITT, HELEN, B.A. Education - Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Chapel Choir 3, 45 College Chronicle Staff 45 Festival Chorus 3, 4. HOFFMAN, JACK L., B.S. Physical Education, lWusic . I Men's Glee Club 1, 25 Festival Chorus 3, 45 Chapel Choir, Vice- President 3, 1, 2, 45 Mixed Glee Club 1. 25 Track 3, 45 Sigma Rho Gamma 1, 2, 3, 45 Quartet-te 2, 4. HOFFMAN, LEO, B.S. Physical Education , Football 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 15 Varsity Club 1. Treasurer 2, President 4, Vice-President 3. HONEL, MILTON, B.A. History U Morton Junior College 3, 45 Fencing Club President 15 Radio Club 35 Collegiate Statl 15 North Central College 3, 45 International Relations Club 3, 45 Commerce Club 3, 45 Hsitory Club 3, 4. HOOK, JAMES, B.A. Philosophy I Religious Emphasis VVeek 45 C,Y.F. Council 4, President 4. HOPKINS, DONALD, B.S. General Science, Mathematics i Benton Harbor Junior College 1, 25 Cheer Leader 1, Captain 25 Annual Staff 1, 25 North Central College 3, 4 5 Pep Club Cheer- leader 35 International Relations Club 35 Biology 3, 45 "Y" Fi'0Sl1 Week Committee 45 W.S.S.F. 35 Vocational Guidance Committee 45 VVoe XVeek Committee 4. HUTH, RALPH, B.A. Mathematics .IACKSON, ALFREDA, B.A., Bible, Religious Education I W'omen's Glee Club 1, 25 Festival Chorus 3, 45 Chapel CllOll' 1, 3, 45 Harmonettes 2, 3, 45 Band 15 Orchestra 15 Kroehler House President 45 Ohio Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3. JAMESON, MARGARET, B.A. English Graceland College 1, 25 North Central College 3, 4. JOHNSON, ROY, B.A. Philosophy I I C,Y.F. 3, 45 Seager Association 3, 45 Pi Gamma Mu 45 Civil Rights Committee 3, 4. JONES, ROBERT EARL, B.S. General Science Co-Chairman Prayer Cell 4. JORDON. HERB, B.S. Engineering Science Y.M.C,A. 3, 45 VVisconsin Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 2, 4, President, 3. JURZYNA, EDWARD, B.A. Zoology KADLEC, RAYMOND, B.S. General Science KELLER, JOYCE, B.S. Physical Education, Biology n Band 15 W.A,A, 1, Board of Control 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Minnesota Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 "Family Doctor"5 Varsity Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Varsity Swimming Team 45 Y.VV.C.A. Social Service Com- mittee 2, 3. KENNEDY, TOINI, B.S. Commerce KERN, ELAINE, B.A. Social Science, History VVomen's Glee Club 15 Chapel Choir 25 N.S.A. 25 Student Volun- teers 35 History Club 3, Secretary 45 Wisconsin Booster Club 1, 2. 3, 45 International Relations Club 45 Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4. KIDDER, MARY LOUISE, B.A. Education, English Chapel Choir 1, 25 Women's Glee Club 1, 25 Festival Chorus 25 Indiana Booster Club 1, 25 Spectrum Staff 45 Publicity Chairman of Career Conference 35 Vocational Guidance Committee 45 Sigma Tau Delta 4. KINNEY, DON R., B.A. Psychology KIRCHMAN, CALVIN, B.A. Biology Band 15 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 History Club 15 Biology Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club 3, 45 Beta Beta Beta 3, Vice-President 45 Inter- national Relations Club 3. KLINE, IVILLIAM, B.S. Engineering Science, Chemistry Swimming Team 1, 2, 35 Chemistry Club 2, 4. KLINGBEIN, JACK, B.A. Chemistry Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Athletic Trainer 1, 2, 3, 4. KNAPP, JAMES V., B.S. Engineering Science Delta Tau Lambda 2, 35 Commerce Club 4. KNOLL, FAY, B.A. Speech, Psychology Chapel Choir 1, 2. 35 Girls Glee Club 25 Festival Chorus 35 Debate 15 Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 45 Swimming Team 1, 2, 45 Varsity Tennis Team 2, 45 Chronicle 1, 35 Dormless Damsels 15 Alpha Psi Omega 3, President 45 French Club 3, 45 W.A.A. 3, 45 All College Social Committee 4. KOENITZER, ROBERT, B.S. General Science Swimming Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 35 President Athletic Board 45 Varsity Tennis Team 35 Student Council 4. 102 KOTEN, DON, B.A. Physics Class Treasurer 25 Class Vice-President 45 Y.M.C,A. Cabinet 45 Student Council 45 Wisconsin Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 4. KOTEN, JACK, B.A. English, Philosophy, Speech Chronicle Staff 1, Copy Editor 2, Publisher 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Homecoming CO-Chairman 35 Class President 25 Spectrum 1, Sports Editor 25 Student Council 45 Varsity Track 1. 25 Varsity Club 2, 4, Secretary 35 Forensic Board Secretary-Treasurer 25 N.S.A. 3, Vice-Chairman 25 Sigma Tau Delta 3, 45 Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 45 Alpha Psi Omega 45 Publications Board 3, 45 Debate 1. 25 Writers Club 1, 25 French Club 1, 2, 45 Michigan Booster Club 15 Indiana Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Publicity Director of Theater Guild 1, 2. KOTIK, RICHARD R., B.A. Zoology Wilson Junior College 1, 25 Pre-Med Club 1, 25 North Central College 3, 45 Biology Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club 3, 45 Band 3, 4. KREMER, LaVONNE, B.A. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, Publicity Chairman 45 President of New Kroehler 2, Freshman Sophomore Counselor 25 Chronicle 1, 2, 3, Society Editor 45 Spectrum Class Editor 45 Harmonettes 3, 45 French Club 35 Water Ballet 25 CO-Chairman "Shamrock Room" 35 Homecoming Committee Chairman 2, 3, Co-Chairman 45 Rainbow Booster Club 4, Vice-President 35 Co-Chairman Mothers' Day Tea 35 Chairman of Kroehler Dedication Tea5 VVomen's Advisory Board 25 All-College Social Committee 4. KRANTZ, RAYMOND, B.S. Engineering Science KRUPKA, JOSEPH, B.S. Engineering Science LAHR, DONALD, B.A. History LALINSKY, ROBERT, B.S. Commerce Morton Junior College 1, 25 Football 1, 25 Basketball 1, Co- Captain 25 Baseball 1, 25 North Central College 3, 45 Basketball 3, Co-Captain 45 Varsity Club 3, 4. LANGREDER, WILLIAM, B.A. Zoology Biology Club 1, 2, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Commuters Club 4. LARSON, OSCAR, B.A. Mathematics LAUTH, RONALD, B.S. Committee LAWRENCE, JOANNE, B.A. Sociology LUKAS, ROBERT LAD, B.A. Physical Education, Zoology Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 2, "B" Squad Basket- ball Coach 45 Honor Society 45 Biology Club 1, 3, 45 Beta Beta Beta 45 Spanish Club 1, 3, Treasurer 5 Varsity Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Dining Hall Committee Chairman5 All School Social Committee 4. MARGIN, GEORGE, B.S. Commerce ' Biology Club 15 Commerce Club 2, 3, 45 Chronicle Circulation Staff 3, Local Advertising Manager 45 Theater Guild Business Staff 1, 2, Publicity Director 4, Business Manager 35 Freshman Work Committee 35 Y.M.C,A. Cabinet 45 Publicity Director of Green Pastures 3. IXIATZKE, DAVID EUGENE, B.A. Mathematics MAJSZAK, ALOYSIUS, B.A. Chemistry NIEISNER, ROBERT, B.S. Commerce Golf Team 2, 3, 4. MENTLEY, VICTOR, C., B.S. Physical Education Ohio State University 1, 2, 35 North Central College 4. MENZEL, BETTY LU, B.S. Home Economics W.A.A. 1, 2, 4. Board of Control 35 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4, Vice-President and President 35 Dormless Damsels 1, 25 Women's Varsity Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Decorations Chairman 35 Home Economics Assistantship 3, 45 Honor Society 4. IVIEYER, DELBERT, B.S. Chemistry, Zoology MEYER, DELBERT, B.A. Chemistry, Zoology Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 3, 45 VVisconsin Booster Club Vice-President 3, President 45 C,Y.F. Treasurer 45 Career Conference Co-Chairman 3, 45 Y.M.C,A. Cabinet 45 Beta Beta Beta 4. NIEYER, MARCIA, B.A. Biology, Psychology A Girls Glee Club 25 Chronicle Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 1, 2. 3, 45 Beta Beta Beta 3, 45 French Club 1, 2, 35 "Woe" VVeek" Co- Chairman 35 All-School Social Committee 3, 45 Spectrum Staff3, 45 Sigma Rho Gamma 3. 45 Who's Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities 4. MILLER, MARY HELEN, B.A. Zoology Biology Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Beta Beta Beta 4. MILLER GLENN, B.S. Commerce MILLER, RUSSELL, B.S. Chemistry, Physics - Football Manager 1, Track Manager5 Biology Club 15 Varsity Club 25 Chemistry Club 2, 3, 45 Spectrum Staff 45 Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee. NACHBAUER, GERTRUDE, B.A. Commerce Spectrum 3. Business Manager 43 Womens Representative-ab large 43 Student Council 43 Y.VV.C.A. Social Service Committee 33 Chapel Committee 43 Human Relations Club 3, 43 Rainbow Booster Club Secretary 33 Chronicle Stal? 23 Chemistry Club 13 All College Social Committee 33 Honor Society 3, Secretary Treasurer 43 Sophomore Counsellor 23 Commerce Club Secretary 43 WVho's VVho among students in College and Universities. NEUMAN. HARVEY JAMES. B.A. English Mens Glee Club 1. 23 Y.hI.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Swimming Team 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Committee Chairman 3 Sci ci -X ociitionl 7 3 4 h wel Ch irl 2 W VS -:tag-pss-2 ,L,.1C21I ro' ,'3 'oe 'eek Chairman 4, Dolphin Fraternity 4. NEWTON, SHIRLEY. B.A. Zoology NOERENBERG. RAY STANLEY, B.S. Commerce Swimming Team 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 h'Ien's Glee Club 13 Class Vice-President 23 Commerce Club 43 Nebraska Booster Club 1, 2, 3, President 43 Co-Chairman of NVoe VVeek 33 Homecoming Committee CIhI11l'I'I121I1QFIiE'I1Ch Club 2. NOLTEMEIER, KARL, B.A. Music Men 's Glee Club 1, 23 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Ensemble Singers 2, 3, 43 Mens Quartette 1. 2, 3, 43 Seager Association 2, 3, 43 Council of Religious Lite 3, 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 13 French Club 1, 4. O'NEILL. DOROTHY, B.A. Psychology ClHlnerzl Junior College 1, 23 North Central College 3. 43 French u 3, 4. OTTON, DONALD D, B.S. Commerce Commerce Club 4. OVERMIER, PHYLLIS KUENZLI. B.A. English, Psychology Asbury College 13 North Central College 2, 3, 43 Chapel Choir 23 Spanish Club 2, Vice-President 33 Sigma Tau Delta 4. OVERMIER, ROBERT, B.A. Psychology PANOCH, JAMES, B.S, General Science PASSOVV, CAROL, B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 3, 4. Secretary 23 VVisconsin Booster Club 1, 2, 4, S6CI'6I2.YX'-Tl'93SUI'6I'3QXRFV C.A.Cabinet 33 W,A.A. 1, 3. Board of Control 2, 43 Dormitory President 33 Student Volun- teers 43 Class Committee Chairman 2, 3. PITNER, HENRY, B.A. History Morton Junior College 1. 23 International Relations Club 1. 23 Sports Manager 1, 23 Music 1, 23 North Central College 3, 4, POLIVKA, RAYNIOND. B.A. Fiathematics ' Chemistry Club 1, 23 Election Commissioner 43 Student Council 43 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 43 Varsity Tennis Team 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. POPE, BIICHAEL, B.S. Commerce Football 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Golf 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 4. POVVELSON, RICHARD, B.A. Commerce Iowa Vtlesleyan College 1, 23 Basketball 1,23 Track 13 Year Book Sports Editor 23 Social Fraternity 1, 2, 33 North Central College 4. RAWERS, ARTHUR, B.A. History . Morton Junior College 1, 23 Swimming Team 3, 43 V3.1'S1tj'.ClHlW 3, 43 History Club 3, 43 Spectrum Staff 3, 43 Doltin Fraternity 4. REID, ROLAND, B.A. Psychology I , Debate Team 2, 3, 43 Forensic Board, Vice-President 43 Religious Emphasis VVeek Chairman 33 Homecoming Committee Chairman 43 Co-Chairman Class Party 4. HAROLD RADIC, B.S. Commerce REIDT, THEODORE. B.A. Psychology Chapel Choir 1, 23 French Club 1, 23 Chronicle 2, 4, Circulation Manager 33 Theatre Guild 3, Business Manager 43 Sepctrum Stat? 43 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 43 Chairman Senior Class Announcement Committee 4. REIF, DON, B.S. Physical Education REPKE, JACK, B.A. Psychology. Commerce RITSEMA. PATRICIA, B.A. Zoology hflichigan Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Biology 2, 3, 43 Festival Chorus 3. 43 Chapel Choir 33 French Club 3. 43 VV.A.A. 2, 3, 4QWOH1GI1'S Swimming Team 4. RITZMAN, MARY, B.A. Sociology Class Secretary 2, 33 Rainbow Booster Club President 33 Pi Gamma Mu 3, President 43 All School Social Committee Secretary 3, 43 Y.VV.C,A. Cabinet 3, 4, Secretary 33 Womens Glee Club 23 C.Y.F. Council 23 French Club Secretary-Treasurer 2. ROGERS, BRUCE, B.S. Commerce Commerce Club 23 Track 1, 2, 3. RUSH, DON. B.A. Political Science RUSCH, RUEBEN, B.A. Psychology SALATE, ROBERT, B.S., Commerce Commerce Club 3. 43 Intramural football, Basketball and Foot- ball. E. THOMA SCHLLING, B.A. Sociology hlarquette University 1, 23 Sociology Club 1, 23 Avalanche Ski Club 1, 23 North Central 3, 4. International Relations C!ub3 VVisc0nsin Booster Club 3, 43 Band Swimming Team 3. 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Dolphin Fraternity 4. SCHMIDT, ELIZABETH. B.A. English Band 1, 23 Girls Glee Club 1, 23 Festival Chorus 1, 23 Chapel Choir I3I'Ial'I11OnettcS 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 13 Wisconsin Booster Club 1, 23 Career Conference 3, 4. SCHMIDT, YVILLIAM, B.A. History Class President 13 Class Treasurer 43 Band 1. 2. President 23 "Ambassadors Quarttet 1. 2, 3, 43 Mens Glee Club 1, Secretary- Treasurer 23 Festival Chorus 1, 23 Seager Association 1. 2, 3, 43 C.Y.F. Treasurer 23 Y.lI.C.A. Cabinet 23 Deputation Chairman 3, 43 Pi Gamma lNIu 3, Vice-President 43 VVho's VVho among students in Colleges and Universities. SCHAEFER, HAROLD, B.S. Commerce SCHWIARTZ, GEORGE, B.S. Commerce SCOTT, JOHN, B,A. English SEITH, VVILLIABI, B.A. English, Philosophy Ohio Booster Club President 23 Football 13 Debate 1, 23 All School Social Committee 1, Y.M.C.A. Deputation 3. SENN, VVILLIAM, B.S, General Science Class Mens Representative 1, 23 Mens Glee Club 13 Chapel Choir 13 Chronicle Business Staff 2, 3, Publisher 43 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 3. SHOGER, ROSS, B.A. Zoology I B1Ol0gY Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Beta Beta Beta 3, President 43 Chemistry glub 33 3110? Who In American Colleges and Universities3 Honor bociety . , 4. SIINIONSEN, JAMES, B.A. Physics, Philosophy Band 1, 23 Class Treasurer 1, 23 Swimming Team 2, Honor So- ciety 3, 43 College Day Co-Chairman 33 Class Mens Representative 33 Student. Council 3, 43 Student Body President. 43 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 3. SOBEHRAD, JAROLD, B.S. Commerce Morton Junior College 1, 23 North Central College 3, 43 Com- merce Club 4. SOMREK, RICHARD, B.S. Physical Education Football 1, 2, 3, Coach of the Bombers 43 Baseball 3. SPONG, DONALD, B.A. BIOLOGY STEVENS, JOHN, B.A. Commerce STRACHAN, KENNETH, B.S. Commerce TATE, RACHEL, B.A. IVIusic Dormless Damsels 1, 2, 33 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Festival Chorus 3, 4. TAYLOR, MYRON, B.A. English, Psychology Men's Glee Club 1, 23 Concert Choir 3, 43 Touring Squad 1, 2. 3, 43 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Festival Chorus 2, 3, 43 Ohio Booster Club 1, 2, 3, President 33 French Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 43 VVriters' Club Secretary 4. TERRY, RALPH, B.A. English VVriters' Club 3, 43 Commerce Club 2, 3, 43 Commuters Club 3, 4. THEDE, PAUL, B.A. Philosophy Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Vice-President 13 Men's Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Swimming Team 1, 2, 33 Student Union Room Manager 3, 43 Concert Choir 43 Festival Chorus 43 Minnesota Booster Club 1, 2, 3, President 4. TIETZ, ELTON, B.A. Biology, Psychology, Education University of Detroit 1, North Central College 2, 3, 43 D.1en's Glee Club 1, 23 Festival Chorus 43 Michigan Booster Club 1, 2, 4, President 33 Biology Club 2, 3. 43 Basketball 23 Football 2, 3, Caftain 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Athletic Board of Control 3, 43 Junior Senior Banquet Committee Chairman 33 College Day Com- mittee Chairman 33 Class President 4. Beta Beta Beta 43 Spanish 43 VVho's Who in American Colleges and Universities. TINIIXI, INIARY, B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3, 43 VV.A.A. 13 Spectrum 43 Co- Chairman of Cap and Gown Committee 4. TRAUTMAN, VIOLA MAE, B.A. Education Womens Glee Club 13 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 2. 43 String Quartet 13 Wisconsin Booster Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Sophomore Counsellor 23 Water Ballet 33 C.Y.F. Secretary 33 Harmonettes 3, 43 Co-Chairman Religious Emphasis VVeek 33 Chronicle 43 VVriters Club 13 Student Council 1, 23 Y.Wl.C.A. Cabinet 3, Vice- President 4. UPHOFF, RICHARD, B.S. Commerce , Varsity Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Commerce Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 3. VAN LANINGHAN, MAURICE, B.A. Philosophy Seager Association 3, 4. 103 VODAK, WARREN, B.A. Zoology VOSS, DALE, B.A. Psychology Men's Glee Club 13 French Club 1, 2, 3, 4. VVAHLIN, HOPE, B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 43 VVater Ballet 2, 33 RfIay Fete Chairman 3. VVEBBER, CONSTANCE, B.A. History gberlin College 1, 23 lXIusical Union 1, 23 North Central College . , 4. VVECK, DARLENE, B.A. English University of Illinois 13 Chronicle 2, 3, Copy Editor 43 Sigma Tau Delta 4. VVELDY. ROBERT, B.S. Physical Education, Biology Indiana Booster Club 1, 2, 4, President 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Co- Captain 43 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, President 4. WVENDT, ROBERT, B.A. Chemistry, Physics Band 1, Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, President 43 Honor Society 3, President 43 Y.M.C.A. Vice-President. 4. WVESTROM, ROBERT, B.S. Commerce VVETZSTEIN, LESTER A., B.A. Sociology Me-n's Glee Club 1, Chapel Choir 1, 23 Minnesota Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Seager Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Assistant Director of "An- drocles and the Lion". IVUERTZ, SHIRLEY, B.A. Education K-Oklamo 3, 43 Chapel Choir 3, 43 Spanish Club 4. WILT, WILLIAM, B.S. Commerce VVITTY, EARL, B.S. Commerce ZIMDARS, DALE, B.A. Psychology Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Chapel Choir 3, 43 Festival Chorus 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Seager Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Wiscon- sin Booster Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 43 C.Y.F. Vice-President tl: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 3, Treasurer 43 Honor Society 3, 4. MUSIC SENIORS BERG, JAMES, B.M.E. Music Education BLOY, JABIES, B.A., B.lXI., Piano, hlusic Mens Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Concert Choir 4, 53 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 33 I-Ionor Society 3, 43 W'ho's Who Among Colleges and Universities. 104 BORSACK, .IOHN, B.M.E. Music git-gn: Glee Club 1, 23 Chapel Choir 1. 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra CORNWALL, MARVIN H., B.M.E. Music Education Chapel Choir 13 Orchestra 1, 3, 4, President 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Deputation 1, 2, 3, 43 Piano Quintet 23 String Quintet 2. CROSBY, JEAN, B.M.E. Music Education Girl's Glee Club 1, 23 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Festival Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Choir 3, 43 Harmonettes, President 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 43 Mooseheart Teacher 1, 2. GRANTMAN, CHARLOTTE, B.N. Voice Womens Glee Club 1, 23 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Festival Chorus 3, 43 Concert Choir 3, 43 Harmonettes 1, 2, 3, 43 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 43 Chapel Committee 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 1, 2, 3, President 43 Honor Society 4. HEIDENREICH, RAMONA, B.M.E. Music Education W'estmar College 1, 23 College Chorus Accompanist 1, 23 Illini Club 1, 23 Band 23 North Central College 3, 43 Concert Choir 3, 43 Festival Chorus 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 4. IRVVIN, BARBARA, B.M.E. Music Education Girl's Glee Club 1, 23 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3. 43 Festival Chorus ACCOIIIIJBJIIS13,-1QHZiI'HlOUE11ES 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 1, 2, 3, 43 All College Social Committee 2, 43 Women's Advisory Board 33 Kroehler House President 33 Sophomore Counsellor 23 Class Secre- tary 33 Class Women's Representative 43 May Queen 33 Orchestra 3. 43 Deputation 33 Student Council Secretary 43 Who's VVho Among Colleges and Universities. LEDERMAN, JANET, B.M.E. Music Education b Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 Chapel Choir 1, 23 Concert Choir 3, 43 Festival Chorus 3, 43 Harmonettes 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 1, 2, 4, Secretary 3. PEICHL, GEORGE, B.M.E. Music Education . Band 1, 2. President 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 33 Concert Choir 43 Festival Chorus 3, 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 1, 3, 43 Intramural basketball and football 1, 2, 3, 43 Wisconsin Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4. STEELE, JOHN, B.A. lXIusic Education, English U Alpha Psi Omega 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 All School Social Committee 43 Concert Choir 43 Festival Chorus 43 Ensemble Singers 3, 43 "Androcles and the Lion" 43 Green Pastures" 3. VVHITMAN, MARILYN, B.M. Voice Womens Glee Club 1, 23 Chapel Choir 13 Harmonettes 1, 2, 3, 43 Festival Chorus 3, 43 Concert Choir 3, President 43 Sigma Rho Gamma 1, 23 French Club 4. ZAININGER, BEVERLY, B.M. Piano l Chapel Choir 23 Womens Glee Club 23 Concert Choir 3, 43 Festival Chorus 3, 43 Harmonettes 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 4. -l- 1 I I 1 np , y N ik Z- I 3' xr I 7 5 2 , pg Q Wffff I E 14 J gf s'- 353 1 ' J if M Q3 I 3,1 7 lf ' j , ,NN 1 is ' 42 wvwlu X 1 X N: '31 Ti' J" W if X QP X ac ,f jf 1' X Xxx J 2 1 'O f f hx X 0 ,WXXN 1 b 1 X 'fhl ' U 5' CM A x' "" L N K 6 ff 0 Af , cl 1 0 L1 , d 4 I 9 .. J i sl I I4 A. A - Vzrj hi f fini XXX L YL ,f g,,, im Y APM PHUTQGR RETOUCHING ART' ...OR AN Y ONE l Although line engraving is rnainl y responsible for its en viable reputa- tion G. R. Grubb 6g Co. festab- is ed 19091 is fully staffed to give top service in all types of photog- raphy, retouching, creativ and finished a C 1 L e design rt as typih ustomers . .:,. ed above. . . using any or all, as needs demand. . . are highly com- plimentary. You, too, can benefit from this complete service. Why not write or call For full details? I' G? A + It C'.i l HAS BEEN THE KEYNOIE of Rogers yearboolcs for Iorty-three years. And it will continue to be our ideal, because respon- sibility to see that your publication is well printed is shared by the entire organization. The Rogers tradition of sincerity and quality has been recognized by many schools as a security to the institution and an in spiration to the staff. 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Phone Bud Paxton RIFE CLEANERS UQUALITY DRY CLEANING" Q0 E. letferson Phone 570 Naperville, lllinois 108 COMPLIMENTS OF we Cgonnie .Slain "The Smartest Shoes on the Avenue" 64 Fox St. Phone Q-7351 AURQPA, ILLINOIS ASSELL PHOT0 SHOP The Most Complete Photo Service in Aurora "Our Business is Developing" 41 lsland Avenue Phone 9803 BEST WISHES FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE CLASS OF 1951 3 ua CD FF CD 4 0 3 costum jewelry - hanicies UV The Hobby-Gift Studio we 117 South Washington Street gifts -- g t' g carcIs - crafts NATIONAL COMPLIMENTS OF BANK BOECKER'S MEN'S WEAR We Dress You from I'IeacI to Foot Member Federai Deposit Insurance Corp. 129 SE Washington St PITTSBURGH GLASS ENEEEEMENE QU Main Street Gnd AURORA, ILL. Phone: 5800 GISO WALLPAPER, PAINTS, GLASS GETS For ALL Occasions Watson's for .... EVERYTHING MUSICAL Pianos-Organs Band Instruments Accordions Guitars Sheet Music 84 Folios WATSON MUSIC HOUSE 8 Downer Place: Phone 2-4100 HUESINC3'S JEWELERY STORE AURORA 109 5 COMPLIMENTS OF SEARS ORDER OFFICE Order by 10:30 A.IvI. Phone 44 Paclcage by 5:00 P.IVI. S A M E D A Y 216 S. Washington COMPLIMENTS OF The Feed Bag open 6:30 A.IVI. to 3:00 A.IvI. In I'IoteI Aurora Courtesy of R A N GIS ' Finest Men's Wear ' The College I"Iaberdashery 00 L. I'Iedinger Roemhild, '19, Mgr. Nqpervillel III, That Unusual Dime Store The BEN FRANKLIN COMPLIMENTS OF TASTY BAKERY I I-I. BARENORUOGE 235 S. Washington Telephon OLIVER J. BEIDELMAN Licensed Embalmer FURNITURE AND UNDERTAKING "just the place for Dainties for a Feed" AMBULANCE SERVICE I6 W, jeFIerson Phone Q0 Naperville, III. l 110 Q0l"g8 .A gd CO. enera! .fdgenb EE' Wanagera l'L1flfllf'0U'lC8 St. Paul Fire 84 Marine lns. Co. Sun lnsurance Oiiice Pacific National Fire lns. Co. Boston insurance Co. Merchants Fire lns. Co., Colo. Western Casualty 84 Surety Co. Century lns. Co., New Amsterdam Casualty Co. United States Fire lns. Co. St. Paul-Mercury lndem. Co. Car 84 General insurance Corp. 17 5 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Illinois Represented in Naperville by LES WEINER oc CQ. JOYCE N. LEHMAN 111 ZWZJWSA HAIDU CLEANERS L 6' 010 Eox Street 8: Island Avenue AURORA, ILLINOIS ' Compliments of THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF AURORA Organized 1888 18 So. Washington Phone -I-OIZOI Resources Naperville, III. Qver S24,000,000.00 RAFTER HOUSE I 222-224 S. Washington St. NAPERVILLE Phone 1144 COMPLIMENTS OF ACE STORES Rassweiler Hardware Co. 14-16 W. Chicago Ave. Phone 77 Naperville, III. 11 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 1951 Carl Broeker 8 Co. "NaperviIIe's Best Department Storen Alumni: WILLARD BROEKER 'Qo LESTER BROEKER '98 13 W. Jefferson WE APPRECIATE THE VERBAL APPLAUSEhom our good friends in behalf oi our newly equipped 1951 Model Pharmacy. Thank you. it has been our privilege to serve N.C.C. students for 36 years and today we are not only able to supply you with nationally offered merchandise including Rexall, but the latest in Dubarry, Lucien, Revelon, Faberge, Prince Matchabelli, Courtley, Chen Yu, Seaiorth and allied lines. You will always find the best at Oswald's Prescription Pharmacy rc slush Pt The pick of India's famous Darieeling gardens. If you cannot purchase this in your home - rite us-P.O. Box J. S., Chicago 1901 Sexton i M0 Weissenborn's Kfyfge L?,,,,fe,.y Furniture Repair Shop E. M. WEISSENBORN-L. F. BENOCI-IE Compliments of Recovering ond Restyling- George Lenerl, Free Estimate SHEET METAL WORK PI1one197-NI Q11 SCU-II-I MAIN 321 E. Ogden Ave. Naperville, III. PHONE 253 NAPERVILLE, ILL. PURE RICH Once You Try It HEALTHFUL You'II Always Buy It HEY BROS DE KALB, ILLINOIS PHONE 388 114 Compliments of BAKER LAUNDRY, INC . Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service "The Official College Laundry" Phone-Aurora 8432 Aurora, lllinois SENCENBAUGI-IS 84 Years of Quality Merchandise Aurora, lllinois 1-3 Fox Promenade Aurora, lllinoi MENTON JEWELERS "The Store oi Friendly Service" Expert jewelry and Watch Repairing Telephone Q-0697 Welcome to N. C. Students STRAND CAFE "The Finest Food ln Town" American and Chinese Coolcing We put up Any American and Chinese orders to tal4e home. 57 So. Broadway Aurora, lll. 115 S 1 1 P BEST WISHES WITH COMPLIMENTS OF Ernicfs H66' Service ERNEST BALSTRODE JOYCE N. LEHMAN NCC-1920 REALTOR REAL ESTATE INSURANCE FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS 6 S. Washington St. I3Ii.978,I2e-5.137 BOY-VAN HAM Mgr. Shoes For The Entire Family Young lV1en's Prep Clothes Shop 10 Fox St. Aurora, III. 33 S. Washington Phone 1114 Across From The City Hall NAVARRCYS .IEWELERS "The Diamond House" Home ol All Advertised Watches-Diamonds Silverware 11 N. Broadway Aurora I Compliments of new NAPER THEATRE MOSER Fuel and Supply, Inc. "Retail Lumber and MiIIworI4'1 Building Contractors HAROLD MOSER 319 N. Washington Phone 1100 Du Page County's Most Modern Theater Naperville Illinois 117 Congratulations Spectrum and Class ol 1951 ARBEITER'S CARPET CENTER Featuring Floor Coverings for Every Budget 0 CARPET 0 RUGS 0 LINOLEUM QVENETIAN BLINDS 0 TILES 0 SHADES Also Full Line of Metal Trims, Waxes, Pastes, Cleaners and Sundries 62-64 So. River St. Expert Installations AURORA, ILLINOIS Dial 8709 Success to The 1951 Spectrum ANDERSON and DUY SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES "For Young Men and Men Who Stay Young" 21 Main Street Aurora, Illinois ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Goodrich Tires, Batteries 8a Accessories 193 S. Washington St. Naperville, Ill. 118 Compliments of DU PAGE BOILER WORKS Naperville, III. Quality Footwear Since 1905 MYERS WAEGNER'S INSURANCE 25 SO BROADWAY AURORA AGENCY "The Store That Confid ence Built" GREENVVALITS 0 JEWELERY STORE Agugglggfiifrjgjg 124 so. Loomis Naperville, Illinois A Ch F O QOY Albert I. Schorsch Sz Company Home Builders Mortgage Financing Insurance 6059 Irving Pork Road CHICAGO 34 HOWARD A. ESSER "Where Insurance is a business MAIN FOOD STORE CSROCERIES Types OI Insurance MEATS FRUITS Phone 7 135 S. Washington Naperville Vegetables and BEST WISHES to the CLASS of '51 Frozen Foods Q2 W. Jefferson Ph. Q17-Q18 6 W. Jefferson Naperville TIC TOC Phone 1133 20 W. Benton NICK LENERT Plumbing and Heating Naperville, Illinois OILBURNER SERVICE STOKER SERVICE 120 Watch Repairing All Watches Electrically Tested WATCHES JEWELRY DIAMONDS . DR. and MRS. FREDERICI-I TOENNINOES 38 W. jefferson Naperville, III. Phone 1321 fchmzfz and Clmemalff Ca AURORA'S VERY BEST CLOTHING STORE "The Store that is Satisfied Only When You Are." pf Lu? N.. f , '10 Q f f , M K ZS, "3'e,, lf! 'X UL -fl! -V , 'M ,. -' Q rl .L HA -Q. Congratulations to the Class of '51 'OUALITY .SERVICE at MOORFS HEADQUARTERS FOR BUILDING MATERIALS MOORE LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY SATISFACTION 315 S. Main St. AT THE RIVER Phone 10 Congratulations '51 Grads FOUCEICS DRUG STORE "The Prescription Store" Two Registered Pharmacists 117 So. Washington St. Phone 68 Success to Your 1951 Spectrum BOECKER GRAIN AND COAL CO. Since 1868 Theodore B. Boeclxer, lr., Mgr. Franklin County Coal Qriginal Pocahontas Koppers Coke Petroleum Colce Fuel Oil-Salt 4Q7 N. Ellsworth Naperville, Illinois Phone 270 127 LIETZ AND GROMETER Heart of Aurora A GOOD PLACE T0 SHOP Women's and Childrens Apparel Handbags, Gloves, Hosiery, Home Furnishings PRINCE ICE CREAM CASTLES Stores in Principal Cities Throughout Northern illinois for those Qne in a Million Nlaltecls, l-lamburgers, Top l-lats, ancl your other favorite lce Cream dishes. Complete Auto Repoirs Compliments Ol Pointing BRUMMEL MOTOR The CO. Phone Nap Foclor Jewelers SALES SERVICE Noperville, Illinois 28 S. Broodwoy AURORA, ILLINOIS HAROLD E. MEILEY ALSHULER'S R EALTo R 0 INS u RAN CE IO' quam 210 S. Main Street Phone 1500 Men's Women's ond Boys' Weor HARRI NGTON STU DICS SPECTRUM Photographers CHARLES SHIFFLER SONS GENERAL CONTRACTCDRS ll 1 . il We Con Tolce Core of Your Building Needs. PAUL E. SI-IIEELER WARD C. SI-IIEFLER 711 N. EIIswortIw 409 E. Clwicogo Ave. Phone 632 Phone I 257 , Fifth of Americans Doctors Are Trained in MORE DOCTORS are trained in the Northern illinois area than in any other comparable community. At a conservative estimate, one doctor out oi every Five in the nation received part or all oi his education here. The area is a magnet For medical students be- cause five great medical schools, with superb hospitals and research facilities, are located here. Their teaching taslc is supplemented by post- graduate seminars, clinical conferences, and special courses, by the area's 95 hospitals, and by outstanding medical library facilities. ln the allied fields are three Famous schools oi dentistry, 44 schools of nursing, a major college of phar- macy, Q1 schools for x-ray technicians, and orthern Illinois others For medical librarians, medical tech- nologists, physical therapists, occupational ther- apists and dental hygienists. Schools alone, however, do not malce a great center of medical education. More important are the experienced physicians and surgeons of the Northern illinois area who are constantly learning and, at the same time, are passing on their lcnowledge to new generations of medical men. Northern lllinois is truly a world center tor med- ical education. And medical training is only one ofthe many segments of education in which Northern illinois is outstanding. PUBLIC SERVICE CUMPANY DF NORTHERN ILLINCIS Western United Division 125 24 Hour Service BGG PASTRY SHOP Complete lane ol Bread Calces and Pastnes Odorless Cleaning 1265 W l'1 o o Te pho Q15 O' LAURA S sl-loPPE HAYER 81 Ladies Wear Clwlldren and lnfant s Wear Petroleum Products 237 A p so P 61 F om One Grad 1 Another CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1951 Qxlulfff HAROLD E WHITE Class of 35 EDITOR 61 PUBLISHER PRINTERS OF THE COLLEGE CHRONICLE and THE N C C CARDINAL See Us For Dxshnct ve Pnntmg V c Thornion 46 Rep es mai 128 S W3Shlngt0n St Telephone 63 wagn Mzalefman MASONRX 1nd PLASTERING 109N Wal-u gto St plwo ap 1 f . I I . as ingt n Ph ne: 315 le ne ' 1 ' I urora Ave. Na erville 16 E. jelfer n Ave. ln. Q r o . . . I ' W I NAPERVILLE 1 xx I 9 n --1 --.1 ,fyggm Q . s in n . Tele ne 344 N erville, lllinois Phone 35 319 S. Washington St. COMPLIMENTS OF FATOUTQS ARTHUR R. BEIDELMAN KOFFEE KUP FUNERAL CHAPEL HA Friendly Place to Meet and Eatn Stewart C. Acicman, Director 6:00 A.M.-8:30 107 W. jeFierson-1122 M Best Wishes to the Graduates Chicago Fence and Equipment Company page Chain Link and Qrnamental iron Fence, Locke 84 jacob- sen power Mowers, Worthington Fairway Mowers and Tractors, I-iabitant Rustic Wood Fence, Wire Mesh Partitioning and Window Guards, Roto Tillers, Bolens and Garden Tractors. Phone-Kildare 1000 Chicago, illinois 4400 Addison St 12 orth Central College Book Store Owned and Operated by North Central College Uliverything the Student Needs" THE NAPERVILLE CLARION I Printers and publishers Since 1863 GLASS HOUSE Printers lor: North Central College and Alumni Associat CARL and FREDA WOLFF, Prop. Kroehler Mfg. Co. City of Naperville North Corn Belt Seed Growers lnc. County of Dupage Ogden near Washington Mooseheart and Alumni Associatio Naperville, lllinois 208-12 S. Washington St. Phone 11 128 ,.. WX Y ,IA R J X E X ' n 2- -6: 91 L Z ' Lf. 1 f CR Yo r 'age J'TuaYl 3 A 9 x Q Ill Un- , ' - I-1 I 2 -4 -:Six . ' - ' . ifrl ' ' 'l vgglg' 1 II Good to the Last Drop!! STUDENT UNION COFFEE "More People Eat Student Union HAMBURGERS Than Any Gther Non-Meat HAMBURGER." 1 9 U ffm? SANI CRAFT COMPANY Congrotulotlons Class of 51 IEFFRIES DRUGS Cleaners D.e.QLeeeeee Walgreen Agency 4606 W Montrose CHICAGO Sprung 7 2212 130 E T 'XNMI x X fax f X 'S 1 " X3 .0 , R 4 Y' ' X -1 X 7 Q Z . ISI. ,- Jn-gl 1 is u j w g :x:""75, Nj 4 l 'f?Q3g,jL"age. e ,N ll-. " TQ- Af! F I ,K xl Kg' 'fr uk D L-1 v 4' " 5 7 1' we RQ Q , ' Q N mix Sf 'i h 1' A I the COLLEGE CHRONICLE - L lClWeS - the m ln- . ampus h lrienrilllest C On li e jaclc lcoten bill senn editor publisher COMMERCIAL BOILER 8m WELDING CC. ' Complete Boiler and Welding Service Portable Electric and Acetylene Equipment BOILERS 0 o TANKS 0 o PRODUCTION GENERAL REPAIR WORK 514 N. Broadway, Aurora, III. 6-2513 HERB MATTER COMPLIMENTS or FRANCH'S PANTS SHOP REALTOR Sportswearjbr Lad and Dall Business Phone 300 215 So. Washington 56 MAIN STREET Residence Phone 5 Naperville, illinois AURCRA, ILL- 1851-iQ5i Y.M.C.A. . Centennial Year United States 8: Canada Serving Since 19 O 9 PARKER RADIO Television Radio Appliances 133 S. Washington St. Phone 108 131 Congratulations on Your 1951 Spectrum HAAS 3-I GETZ Plumbing and Heating Electrical Work S. Washington Phone 80 Nope FOR FUEL OIL AND o1L BURNING EQUIPMENT CALL GLEN ELYN Z FOREST 6-2300 PETROLEUM COMPANY Best Wishes HERBERT A. BRAND CLYDE C. NETZLEY CO., INC 'LWe Have the Trade That Service Madew CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH G.M.C.TRUCKS USED CARS Mgr. Harry E. Ridley, '26 Compliments of WALTER A. M ALEK Watches . . . Diamonds . . . Jewelry Fine Watch Repairing Main Street II Ill Ncupervi e, lj I Acknowledgments ln every vvhole there are parts, in the Spectrum as in every large project there are numerous people vvho help to vvorl4 lor a finished product. Many of these people are not pictured or mentioned in the preceding pages so may vve novv tal4e a moment to given them their due credit. First to all our advertisers may vve say Mthanlcsn lor your loyal support lor vvithout your backing this bool4 would have not been possible. Qur professional aid vvas Found in the services ol lVlr. Kase ol S. K. Smith Company in the designing ol our cover. . .mounting and engraving problems vvere solved by Mr. lull of G. R. Grubb Company . . . our photographers, ,lim Stephenson and Ray Gilmour ol l-larrington Studios, vvorlced hard to get us our prints . . . lVlr. Ripsl4y ol Naperville vvho de- veloped our numerous "Snaps, '... and Mr. Rogers of Rogers Printing Company-vvho helped to Fit the copy into place and produced our Finished book. As alvvays there are students vvho are alvvays on hand to do something extra, may vve mention a Fevv: sloanne Lavverence, Literary Editor, Mary Kidder vvho vvrote the tvvo memorials, led Reidt and Gerry Fay For their help on sports, Dick l-lavvthorn and Bill Livernash who sold dozens ol ads and spent hours mounting, to these and many more who were here when help vvas needed. . .to all of you the editors say Thanlc You lor vvith your help the 'l95'l Spectrum vvas born. 135 Ace Stores .....A.. Alshuler's .... ,..... Anderson and Duy .... Arbeiter Durable .4.4 Arrow Petroleum . . Assell Photo Shop . . . Baker Laundry .... Beidelman, A. .... Beidelman, D. ...... . Beidelman, O. .... Ben Franklin .......... B and G Pastry Shop ... Bills l-lat Shop ......,. Blythe Bootery .,..,,, Boecker Coal ......... Boeckerls Men's Wear . Boy-Van l-lam ..,... Broecker, Carl .... Brummel Motors ....... Chicago Fence gl Equip. College Chronicle .... Commercial Boiler Works Connie Shop ......... Dupage Boiler Works . . Economy Auto ...... Ernie's "66" ..... Fsser, l-loward . . . Fairbanks Cafeteria.. Fatout's Kolilee Kup .... Feed Bag .......... Fodorjewelers .... Foucek's Drug Store . . Franch's Pants Shop . . . Glass l-louse ...,.... Greenwald's ..... G. R. Grubb 84 Co. .. l-laas 84 Getz ..... l-laidu Cleaners ... l-larrington Studios l-layer 84 Springborn . l-ley Bros ........... l-lobby-Gift Studio , . . l-luesing's Jewelry .... gleFtries Drugs ....... Kelmscott press . . Koretke Studio . . Kroehler ..., 136 .....130 .....180 .....108 Advertising I ndex 112 l.aura's Shoppe .. .....124 Lietz 84 Grometer .. .....118 l.ehman,,loy4:e . ...,.118 Lenert, Geo ..,..132 Lenert,lNlick ...H108 Leon Shop ...N115 Main Food.... .....127 Malek ,lewelers .....126 Matter, Herb .....110 Meiley,l'larold....... .. ,.... 110 Menton Jewelers .....,. . ...., 126 Merchants Natl. Bank .... .... . .....112 Moorel.umber .....1'l4 MoserFuel ...H112 Myer's Insurance .....109 Naper Cleaners .....117 Naperlheatermm.. ...H112 lNapervilleClarion...,. . .. ..,.. 124 Naperville Natl. Bank .....127 XapervilleSun .. ..... 131 Naperville .... . .. .i... 131 lNavarro,s ilewelers.. ., .,... 108 Netzley,Clyde .. ...M118 NG Book Store ...H118 Qswalds Pharmacy ...H117 ParkerRadio ..,..120 Pittsburgh Glass .....108 Prince Castle .....127 Public Service Co. .....110 Rafterl-louse .....124 Rang'sMen's ...H122 Rapp, George .. ...H131 Rifecleaners .....128 Rogersprinting Co. .....119 Soni-Craft 44.-.106 Schmitz and Gretencort ...H132 Schorsch,Albert .....112 Sears QrderQFFice .. -M--124 Sencenbaughs .....126 Sexton,Nlohn M-A-'l'l4 ShiFilerSons... ,,,,.109 Strand Cale .. 109 Student Union .. Tasty Bakery . . . Tic 'loc Shop . . . .....116 Weissenbornls Furniture Waegner's ........... ..... Watson Music ......... ..... 126 123 117 114 120 120 120 133 131 124 115 112 122 117 119 126 117 128 109 126 131 117 133 128 113 131 109 123 125 112 110 111 108 107 130 120 119 110 115 113 124 115 129 110 120 119 109 114 w'W""' lx 3 Q I 5 'mfr' L 1 , A J ,A f 1 . ' ' L ."it . CL' Q' . ,ntl 'N :'1.A'1 Hu' .Y 'qi-' -RT: - Aim ' 1 si, f YQ? 'Q ,V1 s ! , 1 ' . A ' " "P 'Q 1 '.,-.'i-'Af -

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