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Q X- " "i'5N!3??W"fiF , 51891 X 32. 3 - -ilgrd NN 2, u ,. ,fx X -vw NSW? r"K , -if . X Tffzif ff' , N 'i x 5 4 XX fry W r 21. . ' Q M Qfmawz' .QQ-. 1.x fa aa' ' , , . , ww. A' 'N . - Spkxif av - 12 .. t ww 4, . .1 , ,M Xe QMS? v f-f"'1 xsf P., R vf x .. : :1,5ix4.i,,5Q7-,r. L .. I aw 6 ,ul xwwg 1, .. :.fz,,.,5...zW q... - .- K. ":w f Q . X, y, .',I2Vx"V ,, ' Nm., 19 MX' WW , . ,Q , , wg wif ,A 5 mwfeyfw Wwx A eg 54 New M1 ,f assed? ,mg ..1 22 v x :fv- 92 f Ziff? W 05,55 3.Q .ff rife. 'vi' "1 rg 411' , :Mei ' 4 7'-'CIN ,- A A,,, , ff. ff, V, 1,3 .T?Q,rL5? -wil. Q46 1940 SPECTRUM NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE NAPERVILLE ILLINOIS HELEN GAMERTSFELDER, Editor MARY GAMERTSFELDER Bus. Mg I fri' Q16 1946 SPECTRUM ." in ' ll ffigfziwl. ' 5 Q' l 'QW Il' 'z tl' F 2?"""f in I ,H '11 I Fwd A J' J X i iii . Q: M1-. C - I' S ff---V 53331. ' 'E F' 2:4 ft Eaiiiil ' i '.Z'3f,." 1 C ' x L "' Ns -L +54 i ' HIL. V M lim N J zeaenlfa A YEAR AT N. C. C. llwesteps ol Qld Main , . . worn smootli witli tlie Slwullling ol generations . , . tlie initial par- ticipant in every torcliliglwt parade , . , instru- mental in many an icy nose-dive . . A time scene ol spring study and gaplest . , . ever tlwe new and tlie old to tlwe portals Central to drink deep ol knowledge lriendsliip and lwappiness. Enter witlwin beckoning ol Nortli , tradition, and know tliis scliool lor tlie space ol a year-at leastl Zi 'PB Hur' -me Mg, 1-...M DEDICATION With on optitude lor grocious living . , . she odds to everything she touches. An often unnoticed supporter of college octivities , . . o port of-not merely on odvisor for-the Big-Little Sister committee , . . on osset to herhusbond. . .mother ond homemoker. , . it is her vvhole being to tol4e on interest in others. l-ler musicol soul spcirlcling through ivory lceys . . . her love of lveouty evident even in her coke-like mutlins . . . olvvoys indecisive os to vvhot to vveor . . . overflowing with vvomonsintuition. . .she exemplifies the queen of vvomonhood. To Mrs. Roll, the 1946 SPECTRUM is dedicoted. 7' -np. S E s 5 5 J 4 R S. EDWARD E. R may A 'A 34 -My f Q"f4,-x. .f my vw I ffm" . , M A 1 , 1 4' 'p x mf Q, ... I .,...,, ,,A,. . , , fx gi t, ' ' - -"' " ' I , - 'f1f?'I?'45 f' 'K . ' vw' x,'.mX',.,X,,,,M ff , ,QZVQL gxvpxsf, ' 4- g . . ,, .Ag THESE DEAD SHALL NOT HAVE DIED IN VAIN . Nor shoII your story be forgot, While Fome her record keeps, Cr I-Ionor points the hollowed spot Where Volor proudly sleeps. -Theodore QI-Ioro IHISI III HIINIIII Hmeoro ANDRES ELWOOD BOSSERT HENRY CHARLES CLEM JOHN EVERT WILLIAM CSAMD FLESSERT HAROLD BEIDELMAN RAYMOND HANSEN CARLTON HIBBARD RICHARD JONES MILTON KIENHOLZ JOHN KREAMER, II RLIDOLRH NEIJBAIJER ROBERT NICHOLSON CARL REICH GEORGE RODIBAUGH RICHARD RYAN SAMUEL SHOCKEY WILLIAM SHATZER ROBERT STONER Missing in Action: LEWIS BISHOP CLIFFORD CAMPBELL PHILLIP CLOW A 5.4 49 up X Q A TRIBUTE Through thirty years ol tireless and olten un- aclcnovvledged erlort, President Edvvard Everett Pall has proved an able administrator and has given unstintingly ol his time and strength to create in North Central the land ol college ol which all may be justly proud. This year his regular responsibilities have been augmented by the planning ol nevv buildings which will greatly increase dormitory Facilities, the registra- EDWARD E. RALL, Ph.D. tion ol returned servicemen, and the problem ol housing a larger group ol students than this college has seen since before the war. l-lis interest in the many varied activities about the college is without bounds and his ollice much frequented by advice seelcing students. Graduates ol these past three decades can be proud to have been students during his ad- ministration. -.J AN APPRECIATION ANNIE MEPNEI2 PFEIFFEI2 'I 860-1946 I-IENRY PFEIFFEI2 'I 857-1939 No truer friends of Christian I-ligher Educa- tion have arisen in the history of American philanthropy than l'lenry Pfeiffer and his recently deceased vvidovv, Annie lvlerner Pfeiffer. Both were the products of humble Evangelical homes, both lived lives of personal purity and integrity, and both were simple and unpre- tentious in their ways of life. They were blessed vvith an unusual measure of this vvorld's goods, yet they remained unspoiled, unassuming, and Without vvorldly pride. Mr. and IVIrs. Pfeiffer vvere most generous in their benefac- tions, but their gifts were as vvise and discerning as they vvere generous, they gave to character- forming, religious and educational institutions. Their gifts stimulated giving by others, but were never made for public praise or personal pride. The objects of their beneficence included more than a score of Christian colleges, because they believed in them and in the moral and spiritual as well as intellectual training which such institutions offer. I-lerevvith is appended the remarlcable record ofgiftsoflvlrand Mrs. I-lenry Pfeiffer to North Central College: For Endowment ..... . . .fB354,500 For Reserve Funds ..... ...... 'I 04,250 For Fart I-Iill Campus ..,...... 5,000 For Buildings-Cpfeiffer I-Iall, fBQ5,000, lvlerner Grgan, SQ5,000, Kaufman I-lall, 5-'IQ,Q50, lVIerner Fieldhouse, fBT33,I00, dormitory funds, 5625005 .,... 287,850 s7si,6oo The memory of Annie lVIerner Pfeiffer as that of her husband, I-Ienry Pfeiffer, will abide as an inspiration to all vvho Icnevv and loved them, and their gifts will bless countless generations of youth trained in the institutions they have helped. X N .49 A , 5.41 ,Q ' '53 ' " l'."n ,ff'jj..-fy-ji' A if U. u il- -V , t ri., l 'If Tg:' 4, . . ,am .. Q, jx' z A viii' 5 Q ' ,. . .5 ff IIA. - i - . ' ,-.' . 5. ff! ' A - i -1 :'-f:5.,1.,- ' I . 4 I I ll' " 'Tl 9 4, X K. SUMMER Summer session on tlie campus . . . vvitlw study and, percliance, classes under tlie trees . . , Flies and ants interrupting tlie conjugation ol Hama, amas, amal' . . . swimming at Centennial Beacli . . . tennis and baseball . . . tlwe purcliase ol Kroelwler l-lall and tlwe busy statl ever vvarldng on the future, preparing lor fall and tlwe inruslw of students . . . ab, summer bliss and activity . . , vvitli tlwe campus in all its verdant glary, ,f-M - 49? :: 'A f '. 4 X X , , W , 'x 5 Smit pf X 4 , ff N Q-W X f , ,K ' .JV i , ' ' Alvvf K - ms- fi ,Q in X ,M ,Z'Q27DX f" a ' N: eh ,O .W Q24-Jf"X , 4 -, ff- , fp! ff, Q, :Aung X N 0, f-wdgf fx , ,f 'Q ,M xv, 3 . ww , A-YQ, ,fix V, f X If mfs- ,f , ' f M 4 ' 'bww' 4052? BARBARA PFEIFFER MEMORIAL l-IALL OLD MAIN THE CAMPUS GQLDSPOI-IN SCIENCE I-IALL MERNER FIELDI-IOU I-IEATI-IERTON , -, f BOLTON HALL JOHNSON I-IALL Q 5 M KROEHLER HALL 9 KALJFMAN HALL GRACE EVANGELICAL CHURCH FIRST EVANGELICAL CHURCH I8 ,I I I I I I II I EI Q, I II I I I I 5 I I I I I, I . . I I kv I II I I I I lllllllllll SEATED-Rev. Delbert E. l-larrell, Rev. Dewey R. Eder. STANDING-Rev. M. C. Hoeler, Rev. Wesley M. Westerberg, Rev. Wilmert l-l. Wolf. The First Sunday on campus Finds the new student quite indecisive as to which ol the Naperville churches to attend. The range ol denominations is wide and with two Evangel- ical churches to bid lor attendance, most ,, , fi W ' :ki ' ll N QE: , - K students do a bit ol shopping around. The Naperville ministers malce a vital contribution to the life and activity ol North Central students. ln addition to their inspirational morning ser- mons and participation in community evening services, they are always available for personal guidance and counseling, Seen lreauently on campus, they serve occasionally as chapel spealcers. The six Protestant ministers serve on the Naperville Council ol Religion, often referred to as the Ministerial Association. This group also includes two lay members lrom each church and representatives from North Central, the local YrM.C.A., the Seminary, and the W.C.l.U, This organization promotes student-church co- operation and conducts community services. It sponsors voluntary religious education in the lourth, Filth, and sixth grades ol the public schools. These classes meet one hour a weel4 for instruction under l-larriet Miller, a senior in the college. 19 W. G. Schendel Evelyn Wendling Ema Lu Kellogg lHl Ellllll Sllll The college statl-those individuals who vvor4 quietly and etliciently behind the scenes to keep the machinery ol our college running smoothly. Mr. W. G. Schendel-the genial treasure whose helplulness and friendliness, coupled with his energy and remarkable capacity to get things done make him a man Well liked by all. Miss Evelyn Wendling-an alumna and newcomer to the stall vvho has had a rigorous initiation this year with all the veterans returning to the campus-but, in spite of all, she has retained her sense of humor and endeared herself to students and Faculty alike. Miss Ema Lou Kellog-vvhose etliciency should not be measured by her stature, is Dean Kurthls amanuensis and publisher ol the 'LAlumni News". Mrs. Bernice Smith and Oscar Eby-co-rulers ol the bookstore and bank. Mr. Eby is assistant treasurer, and Mrs. Smith is the bookkeeper. Mrs. Bernice Smith "Dad" Weyrick Oscar Eby no l 33: its X. ' in X fr, f 3+ as 3-sg, g , Ns 'X Luella Reeves, Anna Stein, Ruth Schomberg Theirs is the job ol balancing books, making out notes and receipts, and taking care ol those pre- cious dollars students deposit in the college bank. '1Dad"Weyrick-one who is loved by all. l'le is known lor his expoundings on political allairs and humor which is strictly Dads l-le and his Faithful companion, the little red broom, keep Qld Main spotless. Luella Reeves, Anna Stein, and Ruth Schomberg-the three college nurses-patient listeners to recitations ol aches and pains, and diligent transporters ol hot trays ol lood to bed- ridden students scattered over the tour corners of town. On call both at school and at home-ever Dr. Kupke willing to help. Dr. Kupke and Dr. Martin-like- able college doctors who give ol their time to keep our students healthy by maintaining otfice hours in Qld Main. jack Maier and Arnold Wolf-our building chiefs-always busy but perpetually cheerful. 'lo them goes the credit for the new engineering department, preparing Kroehler for its anxious occupants, and remodeling the Field house for the second semester overflow ol men students. Bill Frederickson-honorary member ol the class ol l-46. Familiar Figure around the Fieldhouse- lriendly to all and ever ready to lend a helping hand. jack Maier Bill Frederickson Arnold Wolf 21 XX .15 xx f QX 9, f fi ' if H',f'i"' . Q . Qi r so U ills. '7 .stfffi-1 W ,, E? ,A f f":"'f 5 Lf X W X-if-.1 4 - X .X ki' F FALL September lweat and tlwe campus alive vvitlw green caps, new laces, nevv couples, Big Sis's and Little Brotlwers . . . rides to tlwe country , . . dorm disturbances . , . Qctobens falling leaves vvitlw football and clieers . . . Senior slap . . . struggling tnrougli the Du Page and tlwe slimy green pool-lcer splaslil . . . crisp November vvitli l-lomecoming and tlie defeat ol Wheaton . . . "Our Team is Rrred l-lotln . . . vvlwite-vvasliing trees . . . Kroeliler l-lall and lovable Mrs. Blessing , . . studies and mid-semesters all rolled into tlie Fun ol autumn and getting acquainted. 39 --ng 'Y 'N Q Budding botanists Shelf reading OFF the record Canine curiosity The HERO! YEA . , . TEAM FIGHT! Father, Dear Father 4 i i 1 T T i T Yi T, it 11 Fi if ii T i I I I T Q I I T i T I i , T T if i 'W-Ai l.-ri OFFICERS-s -Marian DeWolf, president, Maxine Koteslcey, vice-president, Mary Ann Stengel, secretary, Norma Stahl, vvomen's representative, Aileen X V l"lo tetter, treasurer, Ed Brown, men's representative. X lHl SlNlHll IHHSS Throughout four years of joy . . . and, at times, sadness . . . the class of '46 has carried on. It all began in the Fall of f4Q vvhen the charter members first darkened the doors of NCL. During the first semester, they carried on in the traditional style of green caps, tug-of-vvar, and left side chapel seats. With the coming of second semester, budding romances suffered a terrific blow as the Romeos accepted the invita- tion of Uncle Sam, and it vvas up to those vvho remained to carry on. During the sophomore year, the A.S.T.P. units moved in, somewhat relieving the male situation. ln reminiscing, loyal '46'ers will never forget that during their sojourn as Sophs they were daring enough to paint the library steps, decorate the smol4estaclc, and then gracefully acauiesce to the ultimatum of 'remove or else-l with a social free-for-alll ln their junior year they were dauntless enough to climb to the top of Qld lVlain and raise their maroon-and- vvhite numerals to the highest peak, vvhere none but the geniuses who fastened it there could remove it. Nor will any of the class forget the banquet For the Seniors at St. Charles , . . a revolutionary event from the informal garb to the fashion parody. ln an effort to counteract the minority of escorts, the hosts staged a floor shovv . . . never before nor since equalled. Highlights of the final year were Senior Slcip Day with food and fun at fullersburg, royal entertainment by the Juniors at the Balcer, and a gala college day. Life toolc on an added tempo upon the return of the veterans, and the year ended with the final rush of commencement activities. The class carried on during the senior year under a corps of officers headed by lvlarian DeWolf, president, and Dr. Erffmeyer, advisor. With the firm conviction that the school will probably go to racl4 and ruin, the Qlass of '46 bids a sad farevvelll 25 MIRIAM ATTIG Naperville, III. HIVIusic is well said to be the speech of angeIs.'I -Thomas Carlyle KATHLENE BAUMAN Caledonia, Mich. HThis Flour of vvylly paciencef' -Chaucer JOHN BEHER Aurora, III. "Men ol Ievv vvords are the best men. -Shalcespeare. MARY ELLEN BENNETT Chicago, III. H-I-he mirror ol all courtesy." -Shalcespeare. DOROTHY BERNHARDT Greenleaf, Wis, "She IooI4s Iilce an angel and acts Iilce one too- But you never can tell what an angel might doln -Anonymous. BETTY BISHOP Ferndale, Mich, "Nothing is impossible to a willing hart' -John I-Ieyvvood. ESTHER BOYD Ashton, III. "She taketh most delight in music and instruments." -Shalcespeare, HELEN BRANIGAN Amboy, III. "There is a garden in her Face Where roses and vvhite lilies blow," -Thomas Campion. EDWIN BROWN Aurora, III. UA very valient trencher-man." -Shakespeare. DWIGHT BUSACCA Kenosha, Wis. "He, Irom Whose Iips divine persuasion Ilowsf' -Alexander Pope. ESTI-IER BUSSE lVIaribel, Wis. "ls she not apt in slcilllul cool4ery?H -Shakespeare. VIRGINIA DAI-IM Jewell, Kan. "A light heart lives long," -Shakespeare. MARY DAVIS Ashton, Ill. Hlhe rose is fairest when 'tis budding new." -Sir Walter Scott. MARIAN DE WOLF Aurora, Ill. "What well-elected leader fronts us here?" -Shalcespeare. VIRGINIA DIEBEL Washington, III. "Full ol sweet inditlerencef' -Robert Buchanan. ELAINE DIEKVOSS Beaver Dam, Wis. "lhat's well said, a good hearts worth gold." -Shakespeare. VIRGINIA DOEDE Rlano, III. "l'Ier voice was ever solt, gentle, and low- An excellent thing in a woman." -Shakespeare. MARY V. DUNDAS Glen Ellyn, III. 1'IVlerrily, merrily shall I livenow, Under the blossom that hangs on the boughf' -Shakespeare. HELEN GAMERTSFELDER Naperville, III. "Yee have many strings to your bowef' -John l"leywood, MARY GAMERTSFELDER Naperville, III. HNor were the elves and leprechauns more mischievous than she." -Anonymous, JUNE HATCH l.isle, lll. HA sweet, attractive kind of grace." -Edmund Spenser. RUTH HATCH St. Charles, lll. l'l:or all that laire is, is hy nature good," -Edmund Spenser. RALPH HEMMER l-luntingburg, lnd, "Trouthe is the hyeste thing that men may kepef' -Chaucer. MARIETTA HOFFMAN Naperville, lll. , . Musical as bright Apollo's lute." -Shakespeare. JUNE HOFFSOMMER St. Joseph, l'Vlo. "Boot, saddle to horse, and awayln -Robert Browning. AILEEN HOSTETTER Polo, lll. ul am glad that my Adonis hath a sweet tooth in his headfl -John Lyly. LILLIAN ISENHOWER l.issie, Texas HThe gentle minde by gentle deeds is knownefl -Edmund Spenser. HORACE JAHN Wheaton, lll. THe knew what is what." -John Skelton. HELEN KASTNER Milwaukee, Wis. NAS lull ol spirit as the month ol lVlay." -Shakespeare. HOWARD KNITTLE Akron, Qhio Nl dare do all that may become a man -Shakespeare. ANGELENE KOELLING Grd, Neb. "Knowledge comes only Irom study." -A. Edward Newton. MAXINE KOTESKEY Bay City, Micli. 4'Cl'iarlie is my darling." -James I-Iogg IRENE KOUBA Downers Grove, III. "She sliuns all ostentatious show," -Grenville Kleiser. MARJORIE LEPIEN I-Iartiord, Wis. "VVitli wliom dost tliou live, Mildred? -Anonymous GERALDINE MAAS Seymour, Wis. "Like tlie careless Flowing fountains were tlwe ripples oi lier Iwairfi -Clwarlotte Alington Barnard. MARY LOUISE MARTIN Webster, N. Y, "A little credulity lnelps one on tlirouglw lite very smootlilyf' -Iflizabetlw Cleglworn Gaskell. MARY ANN MAYER Mt. Carmel, III. "I saw and loved." -Edward Gibbon. MARIORIE MERTZ Forreston, Ill. Ullie sweetest garland to tlie sweetest maid." b -Ilwomas Iic:I4ell. HARRIET MILLER Anoka, Minn. Nl-Iow lar tlwat little candle tlirows its beamsl So sbines a good deed in a nauglity world." -Slwalcespeare. ROBERT MORAN La Grange, III. HI am not a politician, and my otlier Iiabits are goodf' -Charles Farrar Browne. BETTY MUEHL Naperville, lll. 'She doeth little ldndnesses Which most leave undone." -James Russell Lowell. DAVID PAVER Warrenville, lll. ul am a great friend to public amuse ments." -Samuel Johnson. BETTY PETERSON Brillion,Wis. K'She vvas al his cheref' -Chaucer LUCILE RUSSELL Metamora, Ohio 'iThe sweetest soul That ever loolcd with human eyes." -Alfred, Lord Tennyson BETTY SCHENDEL Danube, Minn. 'lil warrant her full oi gamen -Shakespeare. MARGARET SCHLOERB Naperville, III. "Nothing great was ever achieved vvithout enthusiasmf, -Anonymous. MARDELLE SCI-INELLER Racine, Wis. "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall And most divinely lair." -Allred, Lord Tennyson. GUSTAV SCI-IOENERR Raynesville, Minn. "That Squire of Dames," -Edmund Spenser. DOROTHY SCHOEPHORSTER Prairie du Sac, Wis. Nl malce the most of all that comes And the least oi all that goes." -Sara Teasdale. MARGARET SCHOSANSKI Oak Pork, lll. "All for love, and nothing For revvardf -Edmund Spenser NORMA STAHL Prairie View, III. "Blushing is the colour ol virtue." -Nlatlwew l'lenry FLORENCE STEBEN Malta, lll. UBut to see ber vvas to love ber." -Robert Burns. MARY ANN STENGEL Milbank, S. D. HAS merry as tlwe day is long." -Shakespeare. PHYLLIS STUMP Dixon, lll. "l-lere's anotlwer bead on tlie string ol confusions." -William lf. Woodward. HELEN THORNTON Wheaton, lll. "Tl'ie lairest queen that ever vve re- ceivedf' -Slialcespeare. VICTOR THORNTON Ell4l1art,lnd. "A man be seems ol clweerlul yesterdays And confident tomorrovvsf' -William Wordsvvortli. BERNARD WAHL Elgin, lll. "No-vvlier so bisy a man as lie tlner vvas, -Chaucer CORINNE WEBER Oeneseo, lll. 'lve taken my lun vvliere llve found it." -Rudyard Kipling. MARY JEAN WEGNER Lincoln, Neb. "Womans at best a contradiction still." -Alexander Rope. J. DAN WELTY Dallas, Texas "l:ortl1at line madness still lie did retain Wliicli riglitly slwould possess a poet's brain." A -Nlicliael Drayton. li DONNA WILKENING Battle Creelc, lVlich. HSince when was genius Found respect- ablefi -Elizabeth Barrett Browning. MIRIAM WILLSON Cambridge, Mass. "She is a winsome wee thing." -Robert Burns, BENNY YOSI-IINAGA Los Angeles, Calif. "So much one man can do, That does both act and Icnowf, -Andrew IVlarveII. HAZEL YOUNGJOHNS La Grange, III. "Good to be merie and wise." -John Heywood. JANE YOUNGJOHNS La Grange, III. "I love the sport well." -Shakespeare. NICHOLAS HOOD Cpost-gradj -Ierre I-Iaute, Ind. . . I-Iis soul sincere." --Ihomas Gray. LESLIE DAWSON Aurora, III. . . I-le made a thousand Iriendsf, -John Bennett. ROBERT EBY Aurora, III. "We must everyone be a man ol his own Fancy." -Shakespeare. RICHARD IUDSON Whiting, Ind. Hlhe very pinlc of courtesy . . -Qliver Goldsmith. ROBERT MCCORMIC Aurora, III. "I-Ie was a good Ielawe., -Chaucer FRANK NOVATNY Chicago, III. "I-Ie teaches boys thesportsf -Shakespeare It don't Wanna . .. neither does Mary! A minute too late! Quite a feat, Davie Glamour in the rough We've gat the brains. . . We've got the brass, . . Oh, '46 ls sure some class! Hey, Doc . . A the missing link! Distinction Perfect resemblance! I' 1' an-gg,-,W 454 i. .h A Af sf? s as , '. - sf V , .. , .-v ,. 11,4 ' few ,wi ' ' , X 5 A y X I if gi XV, , ' 7 " Ymfgw f QQ 150 7 14 f W I, V ss fb ZS .A , fc 1 ,,f fi ,N 1 ' 4 4 X , . -.V bmw ' if fl i 'Q' .. Q X pt C if 3 ,X '49 X we f A Q f 4.4 . h I sw v, . 1'f-, Z, K, ,,,. . , swf ' V, sv 2,61 .ff as an, N 1 JA A4 .i 'S' paw 4 .Ai --'Mi .M g,. A xW f QFFICERS -Phyllis Warrick, secretary, john Mulhall, president, Shirley Schmidt, -- W k womens representative, Bill Barrett, men's representative, jane Matthies, ' 1 treasurer, Professor Domm, advisor, Walter Hack, vice-president. f j . iHl JHNIUH ElHSS Still dwindling in September, the Juniors refused to be downed. With an inrush ol ex- Gl's the second semester, the class of '47 has now tasted its First morsel of fairly Hnormali' life. After spending two years ol its college career much over-shadowed with the war, the class is now eagerly looking forward to seeing some- thing oi the Hgood old days" in the year to come. However, the Juniors still could not escape the etiects olthewar-witness the departure of of Mr. Mulhall and, indirectly, that oi Phyl Warrick. Stepping into John's shoes, Wac took over for the year, and at a subsequent election Duane Buholz was chosen vice-president and Marian Stengel secretary. 34 The crowning event of the year was the Junior-Senior Banquet shortly preceding the Christmas holiday. Trips to the Baker, searching lor an orchestra, constructing paper sleds, decorating, worrying about speeches . . . all these were the nightmares and joys of the banquet committees. The class may be small, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. Some ol the outstanding talent of the school . . . both in music and in drama . . . can be traced to the Junior Class and much of it was displayed the evening of the banquet. Surviving the banquet, the Juniors made another bid lor acclaim by assuming the re- sponsibility of College Day. For Further details consult the 1947 edition. l +E 'H' E ,Ii i. RLITI-IANNE ABBOTT LORRAINE ALLEN WILLIAM BARRETT JANE BRAUN I-IARRY CAMPBELL HARRY ALLEN ALICE ANTI-IES I-IARRIET BIEDERIVIAN WINIFRED BREITI-IALIRT TI-IELIVIA DE MQTT Qfzf , s JANETTE DIEWALL BARBARA GAST RUSSELL GIBSQN BERTHA HENNING RCDBERT HERBEN WALTER I-IACK ELHSS IH '47 36 ALIDREY EICHELBERGER RADIANCE ERICKSQN CARCDLYN EARLEY HQWARD HAHN LCIS HUNTER Sl-IELDON FERC!-I ANITA I-IARRELL NCRA KIRCHMAN MARY ELLEN KNARR ETHEL MAE KOHLHERR ARTHUR KRAMER DORCAS LERIEN HAZEL LERIEN HARRIET LEWIS JANE MATTHIES BERNICE MEYER ELSIE MOORE JOHN MULHALL MARIAN NIEB FRANCES REBSTOCK DWIGHT RIEKE THEODORE ROCKWOOD SHIRLEY SCHMIDT IIHSS II II L I 'Z Z 6 F T K i 2 ig KW fQf , , ,Q 4 X1 IIIHSS HI '47 FLORIAN SCI-IULTZ GLADYS SEBECK GEORGENE STIEGLITZ GERTRUDE WAI-IL KEITH WITMER ,VERLA SCHUMAN MARIAN STENGEL JOYCE THQM PHYLUS WARRICK GEORGE YENERIQH llllllll lHNIllINll Blow , outl "Sweet and so com plete Pocahontas ancl Minnie . . . l-la l-la? "l-lello, Lough . . . where's the girl?" Oh, Father! . ., You Mug! "Only a Lassie Who Venturedn 'L nv OFFlCEl2SfBud Berger, president, Betty Gibson, treasureri Lynn Elliott, menis representative, Phyllis Lindahl, secretary, Monnie Erffmeyer, women's repre- sentative, Everett Queen, vice-president. iHi StIPHHMHHl There is an old expression, "lt's great to be alive" . . . or to put it in the vernacular of the college student, "lt's great to be a Sopho- more". This class started its First semester in their newly elevated position with a Weiner roast . . . mixed with sand and the usual a la carte that accompanies over-singed Frank- lurters. It wasnit long alter that memorable episode that the various committees busied themselves preparing those beautiful cotiins For the Homecoming parade . . . and a few elm trees with the meaningful Arabic numerals-48, Nobody in the class will ever forget how a few talented tree-washers removed this First sign ol Sophomore independence. A Freshman-Sophomore roller-skating party was the next thing on the bill. As only a few bruised knees and maybe a Flat loot or two resulted, the class was able to get into the lull swing oi the campus campaigns. They placed second in the Building Project Drive and made substantial contributions to the World Student 40 Service Fund. There are a few members of this class that were well paid For their etiorts at the WSSF auction. Coach Belding, no doubt, has Fond memories oi the armiul oi books he so diligently carried up the three Flights in Qld Main for one tiring week. As this class has been active in campaigns and in social functions, so has it been active .in the Field of athletics. Faithful members oi this class were out. . . notjust to seea game . . but to give their representatives the support they needed. They won the tug-o'-war and triumphed in the class scrapl They can be Found in football, basketball, track, and base ball, and supplemented with the second semester Sophs the class holds many key posi tions on the various teams. As the college resumes its normal lile once again, and old and new students come back from the services, the Class oi '48 stands with new blood, new hopes, and new ideals. i'lt's great to be alive once more . . . lt's great to be a Sophomorelu tx E l H S S Mary Allan Robert Barr Doris Bates Maxine Blackwood lris Borsack Lowell Berger Mary Louise Branigan Gloria Mae Brom Betty Brown Ruth Breyman Elaine Brunner Glenna Bullerman Vercla Bunse Jeanne Janis Clover Wayva Comstock Betty Bruns Callagan Marilyn Clawson Orlando Covelli Dorothy Dennis Eugene Detterman Marilyn Daw june De Wolf Minerva Dielcvoss fr-M. lIlHSS ill ll Walter Doede Jean Dresser Burke Dundas Joyce Eckardt Lynn Elliott Marjorie Errfmeyer Gladys Eeldott Jean Fellows Erla Elexse Wilson Vernon Erwin Arnold Ettenhofer Martha Eversole Grace Eeik Naomi Eelberg r Eorbush Harvey Gabel Jim Garvey Joanne Hansen Lois Harshman Betty Gibson John Groves Leonene Haas Gwendolyn Haegert David Haebich Fern Hatch Gloria Hatch Doyle Hays Laurence Henning 'Eleanor Hummel Seishi C. Ishii Helga Henningsen Lawrence Hinz Shirley Hofmann Doris Holle Marjorie Holtori Georgia Jacobson Joyce Jordan Grace Jorgensen Doroth uhnke Bevely Knuth YJ Mitsuru Kadoyama Norman Keck Edward Keele Marie Kellerman Betty Jane Klein Harumi Kojimoto Doris Koteskey Donald Rob Kurtz ert Ladley Eilene Leischner Mildred Meyer Helen Leiser Rhyllis Lindahl Helen Macgregor Jean Mahlkuch Jeanne McGrath June Mittelstadt John Morton Hilclegarde Muellen Joh n Munger Grace Noerenberg Paul Petrie Irene Rieplow Ruth Qlson Alice Cry Henry Rapenthien Jean Parker Florence Perry Everett Queen Kathryn Raecker Rose Mary Rechenmacher 42 Virginia Rice Bonnie Scott Richard Senn Reed Severin Lorraine Schaffer Richard Shemanske 4-'A 6- 13' Q00 1 W .,,, A 3 25 Zi, " Z . fu Q75 6 5 , 7 at .. , ,M 'J 1 4 1 I X -' i f ' had ,-., i , f4,.,f ,,fVf.5f 'fain v ' . J - J Z' I I ' 4 7. r " ly ,.:7 aa w , V 1 , QW I f 72 f f f N, B 1 l K f fy, 4 f I, Qi.W,.,,.:.:5,p,y,,,: 1 X ,Q 2 I , nt Qlf ff Y' , 4 N3 , at f, 0 s X ' , Q i sg ,., , f Q 1155, A V ,,A -af. V 4 ' - ff.: i' f' - i f X .. , L A Z1 Q M 1 , " , Q' ' is ., fa, .V , ' 2 Q Q-: 121' 4 , V li Q ,VVVVV V,,V,,1,VV , ,V AV.A.k,, ., .BX 5 , :Z , Aww L " 1 . ,,::,.,A. W , i- ., , 5' ' ' x- ' , ' W A ,Q , f Q jwk fi , ff re . ,Q W- -f 'M - .9 . ,,4.:: .. .V . , , , .M , . ' 1 . . X 5042 .. ,A .. - llllll Hi 'lil 44 Carol Simonsen Mcrilyn Smith Elfrieda Soetfker Wilfred Sollenberger Mary Louise Soucie Gloria Spatharos Anna Stein Charlotte Steiner Robert Stephen Gerald Thalhamer Mary Lou Tompkins Naomi Waclcnitz Sarah Wagner Shirley Walmer Alyce Walter Edward Welflin Pearl Wendland Edward Wendorf james Will Mary Louise Wolf Theodore Wonder Elaine Wright Ruth Young Ernest Zimmerman Vos ist? oh . . . I-IA! Amazon Elf! Souvenir collector Down the hatch Clovvnin' Hi' Wet . . . but not washed out! Hubcf- hubol Pulchritude ond the pigskin jerk! SHPHHMH mm ll all felder, women's representative, Don Miller, vice-president, Lois Weiss, secre- S r tary, Dick Tholin, men s representative, Dick Zimmerman, president. Af " OFFICERS Dr. Attig, advisor, Tomio Nluranalca, treasurer, Monie Gamerts- - -tl lHl llllSHllHN IIlHS3 The largest class of freshmen that North Central has ever seen-hurrah for the Class of '49--received its first greeting from the college vvith the privilege of filling out scores of cards and then standing in line to check with a dozen . . , at least . . . different people. The Y's came to the rescue with Big Sisters and Brothers vvho explained the why and the wherefore of things, ushering the Frosh through all of "Rush Vlfeelc' ancl, in general, making the not so green greenies feel at home. The first month or so found the Frosh vvith the doubtful distinction of Hvvearers of the green". Through various methods they were instructed in the art of buttoning and by November 3rd had become very proficient at it too. Along on the calendar of events came picnics, the formal reception-vvith the Honce over" by the critical eyes of upperclassmen and faculty, and the choosing of lcelly green and white as class colors. 4h Although some of the class have left-includ- ing the treasurer whose place vvas filled by Warren Ebinger, the number of frosh has been steadily increasing, topping two hundred and fifty. Many came the second semester after receiving their discharges from the services. lhat "carry onn spirit toward sports sent the class to the fore in every line of battle-football, basketball, and tennis in particular-not exclud- ing extra-curricular pranl4sl -l-hat blazing mass atop Fort l-lill on l-lomecoming was genuinely vvarm as a result of Frosh labor and eagle-eye vvatchl The estimable Dr. Attig savv that nothing vvas amiss in this lively group-a job which would taslc any mans abilities. As proof of the spirit of '49 witness the winning float-"We May Be Minors . . . But Were 49'ers" and that's what really countsl Q 49 ., i X Maurine Albertus Darleen Althaus Louis Andersen Mardelle Anderson Pauline Barr Maxine Bates Ernest Beal Ethel Mae Beine Shirley Bentley Vivian Berg John Berger Shirley Best Donald Beuerman Wilma Biederman Ross Bischoff Ann Leone Bode Aileen Bohlander Janis Bohrnstedt Lorraine Bollman Phyllis Brown Georgia Lee Bulla Betty Caldwell Willa Campbell Irene Chase Eugene Comstock Elmo Cook Laurence Corbett Elizabeth Cory yt fwrl. . f fa A Ss .tx 3 22 G9 ' 5 i ' . s ! 4 Y' w s r V .t f slfffkz' ' '. ' . 1 I f - f fi , ,.,, f. f ' , ' W ' 2 QA f Z, Q, f , ff ga 1.2 , s 9 A w Lx . . f iwfwy :' A, 4: -f' . . r' A , - " V .n -V , X fum! 4+Nf .. A .L ff.,- HlHSS Hi '49 47 E. QQ, W 'wana-+. am- 8 X, f mv, ,ff Hi x 1 , 4 47 , ,- V ,. ,, K Q R1 A 9 QW " ' if 51 1 Xl sy W ' " 1, Q. J, . , 2 ki ' If . f vw, v ! 11 if- if M I A, 6 'Bw ,fy-i I 1 'Xi P - ' 1 Row 1 Kenneth Crow, Marilyn Daniel, Edwin Daugherty, Robert Dauwalder, Lorraine Davidson, Duane Dennis, Virginia Doerr. Row Q Esther Draeger, Virginia Droeger, Warren Ebinger, Phyllis Eckhardt, John Eigen- brodt, Robert Enck, Carol Flett, Row 3 Marilyn Foote, Gertrude Forsberg, Ruth Frederick, Bernice Frohordt, Sally Fromm, Roberta Funkhouser, Clyde Galovv. Row 4 Monie Gamertsfelder, Wilbur Gieszer, lonet Grandman, Gordon Greninger, Betty Grossman, Eleanor Gustafson, Frank Guzauskas. Row 5 Iohn l-lafenrichter, .leane l-leoley, l-lelen l-leidenreich, Fred l-lelton, Dorothy Hendrickson, Arlene l-lenry, Wayne l-less. Af .-4 "--, af.. 4 ff 35 ,, ' " ., ' a 3 ffff v i- 4 . X ff , ,, , . W I .Helm - Row 1 Betty ,lane Heuser, Martha Himmel, Janet Hochstetter, Catherine Hockenberger, Anita Hodges, Alice Holmes, Elizabeth Howell. Row Q Francile Huebner, Fern Jacobson, Carol Jelinelc, Elaine ilohannville, joanne Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Shirley Juten. Row 3 Herbert Keil, Loren Kiel, Mas Kinoshita, janet Kleist, Bernice Kline, Keith Knopf, John Koenitzer. Row 4 Robert Koenitzer, Arlys Kolb, Jean Koten, Myron Kottlce, Ardyth Kreimeier, Mary Lou Kuenzli, James Lange. Row 5 Ruth Larson, Sally Maier, Wilmar Marzolf, Betty Maser, Gerald McCoy, Loretta Meisinger, Marilyn Mey. ..4 IHHSS ill 'll 49 if' ml x Y W , .. f"g - Row 1 Delbert Meyer, Donold Miller, Elton Miller, Marie Miller, Ruth Miller, Engwerd Mommsen. Row 2 Clworles Montgomery, Fonnie Jone Mullins, Tomio Muronolco, Nevo Myers, Lillion Gldenberg, Jo Ann Otley. ROW 3 l-lenry Pedersen, Clworles Perlcins, George Petros, leon Pilgrim, Riclnord Pomeroy, Eleonor Protdpos. Row 4 Wondo Pyle, Jean Morie Robehl, Jeon Podclirl, ,lucinito Roinsberger, Morgoret Rousch, Milton Recd. Row 5 Millicent Reber, Theodore Rebstoclc, Luello Reeves, Dovid Robertson, Gwendolyn Poclesiler, Stonley Roederer. ., JI" q.,,',:, X ff-. . if fi! ' W SW ' , ? N, . M ""w-4 -xv- A .nb , .LW ,s.f. fn - s ,' ,qv ,,,,.,," 4 , m if 'as 1 .af Q Je 1 Www V? rf' fl R 1 Bgtlly Jean Roesti, Rosario Rosales, Jean Roser, Eranlc Santelli,Sylvester Scardina, Phyllis Scheer, Genevieve Schetfner. Row 2 Edith Schmidt, John Schmidt, Ruth Schomberg, Edmund Schoppert, Donna Schreiber, Donna'Schriver, Theodore Schroeder. Row 3 Vernon Schultz, Dorothy Schwab, Eunice Schweppe,William Seiser, Lois Shatter, Alma Shephard, Harley Shoger. Row 4 juanita Siegert, Caryl Smedstad, Elaine Smith, l-lazel Smith, David Spiegler, Thomas Stabenau, Letitia Stanelle. Row 5 ,lean Stauffacher, Lois Staurfer, Carolyn Steele, William Stephan, Muriel Strong Dorothy Sutch, Robert Svoboda. I 51 'WG "a g ititi E i f f 1 lllll ll 'll Ernest Swaisgood Edward Tehle at Gvvenneth Thede William Thompson l-larold Thornton Richard Tholin Lois Thornton Dick Tuttle Lois Llebele Elaine Tolzman Ruth Van Every Regina Wacker Clarice Voigt Katharine Jane Wallace Lois Weiss Gordon Wendland Vernette Wesenberg Arlene Widick Frank Wolgast Corinne Woodrull Richard Zimmerman Anna Zolvinski Fred Zuhl Ellen Zwicky n a canyon . . a cavern . . elicious Bill OK . . . you can have some tool Clweclcing 'em over Latest coilluresl Eeelc. . .a miragel Latest apparell lower of Babel? lllllllllllll lllllllllll u l l l S ,P-4'rMg -x A V 1, ,ms 54 ' 4, fffgg So shy 'ot First! . . . Cozy! . , . G'vvon, your hc1ir's all right! . . . New rodiotor cop! . . . Sir Wolterff'-Wherefore ore thou? . , . "The Thinker". ul-lello, Joe" . . . "l'li'yo, Moc" . . . '0h, Gert, l Wont you to meet my Little Sis". . 'Boys oh boys-is it good to leel NC gross under my feet ogoinln . . . "Get your green cops in the Chronicle orliceln . . . "Chronicle ol'lice?? Whot's thot? . . . Ch, bosement of Qld Meinl Wherels Qld lVloin'?" . . Hl:reshmon registrotion in Smith l"loll-hmmm, guess thot meons me' '.,.' 'Wosn't that English test o corkerf? lVleet'yo in English Xl' . . . ul-ley, Jim-toke o gonder ot that blonde my hond, brother, she sits next to me in chopell, . . . "Well, lVlory, old pol, hoven't seen you in oges. Why didn't you write lost summer?'?' . . . "Oh, you know-keeping up the morole ol the Nlorines. Not much timelu . . . "ls that o prof? Why, he looks like he's lull ol Funln. . "This is o dirty gyp-the hondbook soys that only Seniors con weor derbiesf, . . . "WoWl Look ot that Fieldhouse. They told me this Wos o little schooll' '...l lWhere ore all the men?" , . . "Freshmen Orientation-proy tell what thot moy be?" . . . "Ch, just Woit 'till you get the lecture on the '7 pointsf lt'll kb worth the timelu . . . ul-luhf?" . . . HDon't those Freshmen look green? Did we look like thot lost yeor? No Wonder they dumped us in the pooll' '...' il-low do you use the cord cotologueff' . . . "Where's lVl-35?-Yo meon l'm in the Wrong wing?" . , . "BUTTON FROSP-Il" ot the end of the row" . . . l'Umm huhl Shoke e lllll 'Y' HIISH "Tonight's the KY' Qpen l-louse, Kathy. l'll stop for ya' at Kaufman at quarter to eight. lt's a regflar rat-race-ya' meet everyone under the sun, and you'll never remember a soul." . . , "What happened to my Little Brother? l last him" . . , "Theres Bill Fredericlcsonl l-le's topsl Just vvait'll you get to lcnovv himl. . . f-li'ya, Billlu . . . Speeches by Marg, Schultz, and Vic A . . "l-ley, they loolf lil4e good lads, l thinl4 l'm going to lilce North Centraln . . . "Line up for food, ganglm . , . "l-lonest, Jane, vve vvould have a gay time tonight-if only l had a fella here, l-le'd drag along his Little Brother for youl Oh vvell, vve'll see hovv we do at the torchlight paradel . . . What's that? Avy, it's your chance to see some 'up-to-date' thriller at the local cinemas" . . . 'flfreshmenl Tl-HS is hovv to button' '...' 'Keep those torches high' '.,. WHACKI . , . ouchl . . . Hgtrilce up the bandln . , , "C'mon, gang, the Alma Materf '...' 'f-ley, Frosh, hang onto your hatl The high school horde's at itagainf' . . . A welcome by the Ralls . . . 'fThey're grandl You'll have a chance to meet Mrs. Rall at the Dames lea Thursday . . . Hope l can remember the names of the rest of the faculty vvivesl' '...' 'lVlary, hovv are those clam shells coming for the banquet?" ULoolc, hasn't she a beautiful formal?" . . . "Everybody singln . , . f'Qh, loolc at that stag line . . . say, this IS funln Light on, the subject , . . Don't get anxious the food s coming! . t . Go on, Doc, laugh! lHll lHUlllHll King Football at North Central College looked over the lirst peacetime edition of the Cardinal eleven since 1941, nodded his head and approved, "Not bad, not bad at alll" Yes, Coach Belding, in his opening season as football mentor for the Cardinals, did a creditable job in establishing a record ol three victories against an equal number ol reverses. Employing the unbalanced ul" formation, the team relied on its ground attaclq led by former Great l.al4es star Ken Kouri and Bill Gieszer, prep all-state fullback lrom Michigan. The Cardinal gridders opened the 1945 season at lvlilvvaulcee, Sept. 29, against the Milwaukee State Teachers' College, losing a heart-breaking 13-6 game to the Green Gulls. lvvo spectacular runs ol 75 and 70 yards apiece netted the two tallies lor the Teachers. The Red and White lcnotted the score at 6-all with a lourh quarter marker on a short pass From quarter bacl4 Queen to tullbaclc Gieszer. l-lowever the Teachers retaliated with their second marathon run to put the game on ice. TheCards returned lor the home ope- ner, Qct. 6 and made The lull before the storm! 50 Queenie around end! hash out ol the Blue Jays from Elmhurst College, winning Q5-O. Left hall Kouri led the scoring parade with three touchdowns. The other touchdown was scored by Gieszer, and reserve hall Elliott went over for the lone conversion ol ol the day. l-lolding the Jays to a net total ol zero yards, North Central gained 303 net yards from scrimmage in this tilt. The following week, the Cards traveled to lndiana and received a 33-O shellaclcing from the powerful University ol Valparaiso eleven. Coach Belding's charges were completely outplayed by the Crusaders who hit all spots on the line and displayed some ehfective blocl4ing abilities. North Central then bounced bacl4 to hand the Concordia Teachers a 33-'IQ setbaclc on Qct. QO at River Forest. The issue was never in doubt as the Cards scored almost at will. Touchdown garnerers were Gieszer with two, Kouri, Turner, and Shemansl4e. lllinois Wesleyan, manned with Navy person- nel, proved too much for the Cardinals the next weelt and they fell baclc 44-7 under the on- slaught ot the Titan eleven. lnteresting Facts on the game showed both teams with an almost even number ol ground yardage and revealed they also completed the same number of passes, 8. The ditlerence, however, lay in the Fact that the Titans capitalized on their breaks more alertly than the Cards. The Cardinals appropriately bowed out of the pigslcin picture on Homecoming Day, Nov. 3, with a thrilling T6-74 triumph over their traditional rivals lrom Wheaton before a crowd of 'IQOO spectators. The Wheaton Crusaders 57 held a T4-9 advantage over North Central with less than two minutes remaining. But Kouri, who challced up the First marker, and lulllnaclc Gieszer smashed the Crusader line to the Wheaton 3, and the ace halll3acl4 hit his own left taclcle to score standing up. Gieszer tallied the extra point on a run, Wolgast ltnifed through to ploclc an attempted Wheaton punt in the third period lor a strategic automatic safety. XA SCORES OF THE SEASON Milwaulcee Elmhurst , . . Valparaiso Concordia III. Wesleyan Wheaton .. NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NCC NOT PICTURED-Queen, auarterbaclc McCoy, Pedersen, Petrosi Scardina. The brick wall . , . Lastminute i st uctionsl .,..6 ...Q5 .O ...,33 .i..16 Ladley Kouri, lwallback Will, tackle, Wol- gast, guard, Mul- lwall, tackle. Gieszer, fullback Sclwemanske, half- back, Elliott, half- back, l-lemmer, half- back. Coacl1Belding, Emillienas. Captain Yoshinaga, center Managers l-linz, Gabel Groves, end Morton, fullback Ettenhofer, end, Rieke, end Keil, back Ishii, lwalfback Yoshinaga, Brown halfback Dauvvalder, e n d I i Berger, end, Turner, quarterback. Wahl, center Comstock, guard, Papentlnien, Erwin guard, Kadoyama guard. l-lenning, center I I ORCHESTRA Row 1' Boyd, Koelling, S. Schmidt, V. Rice, M. Munger, Mazza, l-l. Campbell, Borsaclc. Row Q P. Miller, Eigenbrodt, E. Miller, Mutthies, Rabehl, l-l. Lepien, Witmer, Zuhl, Seiser, Yenerich Row 3 Attig, Dr. Toenniges, D. Lepien, l-loltorf, hlolfsommer, Ferch. Sllllll HNH Pill Row 1 Y--G. Miller, E. Miller, Matthies, l-l. Lepien, Borsaclc, Dauwalder, Seiser, Yenerich. Row Q' fl-lollman, Kirchman, Mertz, Frornm , Witmer, M. Stengel, Juten, Rcieclcer, Zuhl. BAND Row 3 ff'f Frederick, D. Lepien, Dr. Toenniges, Ebinger, Ferch, Steiner, Erickson, Walter. fill 0 fa X is. Q r ,D ku Cn dry Wednesday afternoons, dorm windows would Fly open and the curious peer out to see the passing parade . . . however, usually no more than the band, diligently prac- ticing lor a football game . . . quite unaware ol the inquisitive eyes from second-story portals. This complete absorption in their music may be ac- credited to the leadership of Dr. -loenniges, conductor, or Dorcas l.epien, student director. Maybe lor this same reason nobody missed that new French horn alter the Milwaukee game. Perhaps revived by the Uup and at 'emu spirit of the band, the orchestra staged a recovery after a two-year state of non-existence. lts line per- formance at the Freshman Reception promised new activity in the school of music. Busacca, Spatharos, Simonsen, Dundas, Thornton, Corbett. "Daaa...dada...da...da... l:lGl-llll' start the cheer leaders and the massacre ensues. -lhese students . . . led by Cookie and l-lelen . . . organized NC spirit to the tune ol Filled bleachers every game. With "ohh . . . rahl . . . rahl . . . rah rah rahln ringing in their ears, audience and team responded to the plea ol this peppiest bunch ol all-ANC cheer leaders. Augmenting these red-and-white clad livewires, the three drum majorettes pepped up many a game. Walter, Erickson, Steiner Row 1 Schloerb, Stahl, l-l. Gamertsfelder, McGrath, A. l-lolmes, Muehl, Soetlker, Blackwood, J. Johnson, Kirchman, Wegner Miss Tanner, Schendel, Attig, Lindahl, Steiner, M. Branigan, l-laegert, Bennett, E. Draeger, Mey. Row 2 l-larshman, I-leuser, l-l. Branigan, Best, Caldwell, l-l. Youngjohns, Shatter, Dennis, Bulla, l-l. Thornton, Leiser, DeMott l? l-latch Bentley, W. Campbell, Bishop , l-lendriclcson, Schwab, E. Schmidt, Daw, Anthes, l-loughton, Thom. Row 3 Grandman, S. Schmidt, Muellen, lsenhower, M. l.. Gamertsfelder, l-lansen, Brunner, l-l. Biederman, Abbott, l-locken berger Schettner, Kolb, Rodesiler, B. Brown, Shriver, R. Miller, B. Scott, jelinelc, Juhnke, Rainsberger, Kohlhepp, Mullins Martin 5 016313 xllh . N ll 'uxuuu . gl yillx A off V 'zmxmxqni . x - 'ul'lu.gun,ln , ll r f xglxlul-1. in A I Ad , , -.Ragga-I-,::::, ,X I I l -v 1 I 'ulvnig-ill-! Q f -I, NEEEEQEE? ill ,Ln u.- 1 . "Whadylcnow , . . the Seniors won againl l-lad to worlc for it, thoughln Next time we'll really give 'em a run lor their moneyln That enthusiasm is the secret ol the W.A.A. and the exuberant girls who Find theres lun at the Fieldhouse, Not at all lor the purpose of turning out amazans . . . the Womens Athletic Association otiers a chance lor all girls to develop a spirit of sportsmanship and friendly compe- tition by taldng part in all forms of athletics. -lo become a member, each girl must participate in one sport during the year . . . a Feat more pleasant than difficult, for there is a great variety ol seasonal activities. ln the lall the Class ol '46, despite vigorous competition, tool4 top honors in soccer and also in archery. The Freshmen, however, rose to the occasion and won the tennis tournament. During the winter months ping-pong, volleyball-a Soph- omore triumph this year, badminton, basket- ball-with the Seniors again, and swim- ming claimed the limelight. Credit was also given for hilcing, bowling, roller slcating, and horsebaclc riding . . . all of which could be pursued at leisure. Base- ball wound up the season. Emblems, pins, beautiful blankets, and two athletic scholarships were all otiered as incentives lor participation. l-lighlighting the year, the Alums . . . crealcing with rustiness but with sudden unaccountable lite . . . returned to dampen the spirits of the Senior soccer team and the current basketball champs. physical activity did not monopolize the vvhole program for there was a place for social events . . . and oh, such foodl The hil4e to the Cabin . . . on a beautiful moonlit night . . . started the year off in the rightvein. Songssungdreamilyaround the blazing fire, popcorn, doughnuts, and pebbly shoes are still happy memories. The pledging of all prospective members, the announcement of the fall sports vvinners, and original class slats marlced the soccer dessert. Following the baslcetball season, a banquet was given for the vvhole as- sociation, and a spring picnic climaxed the social calendar. playdays came into vogue once again. ln the fall DeKalb played host to soccer teams . . . with the game in question turn- ing into a rugged version of football. North Central retaliated in grand style and utilized the beautiful Fieldhouse as a setting fora spring playday . . . the ideal vvay to wind up a most happy year of athletics and friendships. ii 1, f K I 9. Pt Q N 1 X j l J fs X X. ri, i v.XiX, fi X1 iii' XXX 7 X X ,ll 'if 4? 'JQJ In-w, Incentive Senior technique a la Schencly 8 -tif Animated mushroom Halfbaclcs full iiiii. i X 1 i -'-+51 iiii Q Mi BOi2l'Cg,-Gflldf slain ist-sets . . '.i' Dfssiiicii sok-Ce-fi SEATED Bennett, Wegner, Kirclwman, Attig, Scliendel, Miss Tanner, Lindalwl l-l, Gamertslelder, l-lansen. SlAlNlDlNG Stahl, Steiner, julwnlce, Abbott, Scliloerb, l-l. Branigan, Martin, om T . Betty Sclwenclel . Presicent Mel Bennett . . Volleyball Mary Jean Wegner . ce-president Norma Stalil . , . Baslcetball Nora Kircliman , Secretary Dorotliy Jul1nl4e . , . Swimming Miriam Attig V Treasurer Joyce -l-lwom . . ping-pong, Bowling Miss Cleo lanner . . Advisor Joanne l-lansen .... l-lilcing l-lelen Branigan . . Soccer pliyllis Lindalil . . Publicity Mary Martin . . . Arclwery, Badminton Rutlianne Abbott . A Social l-lerbie Gamertslelcler . . , Tennis Margaret Scliloerb . . Social Uglwl , A , Pow! . . . Plftl 'MIHSI FHHINH HHVES Kaufman Kandies . . . Ch, John! el-low Coy! . . . Connoisseurs of fine art! . Fine art , . . Ye olde meeting place . . . Do you knowartas I knowart? . . , Hearts ofgold . , . Shortjeens . . Hey look! . Long johns. . fm....s... .Mais ROYAL CQURT Harriett Biederman, Marjorie Lepien, Georgia Jacobson, Phyllis Stump, Norma Stahl. Homecoming had more meaning lor us this year. lhe war was over and North Central boys, who had exchanged their college plaids and checlrs lor navy blue, lchalci, and olive drab, were coming baclc- their job lor Uncle Sam well done. Homecoming, always exciting, began ollicially when the Chronicle presented the Homecoming Queen, Georgia Jacob- son, to rull over the festivities. lhere was the Fort Hill bonlire-surmounted by the usual imposing edilice, the llag raising, the soccer battle between the seniors and the alumnae-this year ending in a tie, the gay procession ol colorlul and original Floats with the Frosh carrying oll top honors, and then . . . ll-lE GAME. Qur team fin pre-war styleD beat Wheatonl fufv The Homecoming Banquet ahorded the alums an opportunity to hash over the Agood old days' in an atmosphere ol good load and interesting entertainment. As a Fitting climax to an eventlul day, talented students presented a Gay Nineties Re- view complete with a barber shop auartette, melerdramer, the 'bicycle built lor two', and certain laculty members, resplendent in cutaways and handle-bar mustaches, displaying hidden abilities by appearing as ushers and peanut vendors. At the end ol the big day, both students and visitors went home happy because November 3rd this year was truly a day to remember. f l M i 3 i i 4 "Ain't Had No Lovin' Since . A . Ring out the news! , A . Can't see that cookie duster, John! We'Il take l-lemmer , Kell battling jerry,tl1e champ , . . "These we honor" . . , QKlf Don't buy a liot dogl . , Coolcing pepping it up. . , "The 4 Mugs" . . . "Qnly a Bird in a Gilded Cage!" . . , Gabriel blow that lnornl L f "GK, novv, let's see you lcids yell . . . and l do mean YlfLl.l" HSign up for a bus ride novvl Everyone-follow tlwe team to lVlilvvaul4ee." Go onvvard, Cardinals, go- Never to yield A victory to tlie foe. Cn to tlwe goal- A gain on every play,'s Fight . . . Fight . , . Win tlwis game tlne same old vvayl Hcmon novv, gang . . . are you vvitlw me? Yelw . . . ralw ralfr . . iBrovvnl". . .ul-lotdogs, pop corn, root beer, candy barslu Football and clieers, hamburgers and vvindy vveatlwer vvitlm added attractionsolbravvnygoplis'lweave- lioling tl1el7rosl1 to a clwilly splasli and lcnuckling dovvn to a rougli and tumble saclc race . . . all rolled into one glorious fall ol lun and more lunl Squeeze play , . 4 I-ley, Bill! Can'tyou read? . . , Move over Milvvaulceeff NCS moving in! . . . l-lot Davvgl "Did you hear? We've got Kroehler mansionl' '...' 'No more pitching tents onthe campus" . . . "Where'ya living ,til No- vember? '...' 'Qh, way out the other end ol town. Get my daily live-mile sprint every morn- ing making those seven-thirties." . . ."Kids, it'sgoing to be ready by l-lomecomingl Can hardly waitl" . . . "We can't see it because of a headache? What a shameln . . . l-leads-the big room, tails-the little oneln . . . "Aww, they aren't going to till the pool." . . . A'Can't you see us trooping to Johnson lor winter breakfast-well, For any break- lastlu . . . "Mrs Blessing, these are your girlsln . . . "Five girls in this one room-what a riotln "Six in the room above . . . lool4 out belowln . , . "Where are my shoes? '...K lWhose7 This blouse? . . . Oh . , . ah don't mind il l wear it, do you?H . A . "Theres plenty ol room lor two of us, but whatill we do with the third bed? '...' Say, doesn't this basement have great possibilitiesl' '...K 'And what wonderful bedsl' '...l 'lhatls Kroehler l-lall-worth waiting lorll' Kroehler Kuties . . . KroehIer's Bless- ing . . . Kroehler Kut-ups! Hlli lllilll lllN HH HHHHH . .. Grin For the comero . , Good dinner tonight, Mrs. Hunter? . . , Didn't see the comero . . . Serious ort . . . Speolcer put o bug in your em? . , Sure, we've got it somewhere! . . . With his vvife's permission . . , Quit loughing you're next! UNISUN Casual . . . "jingle Bells" . , . You don'tsay! . . , Marge -quit hiding the Hersheysl , A , And chocolate on top . . . Two stravvs:"l-Iave a coke". it g xl f A xfx Z f WINTER Snow ancl Ice kerclwuels fur mutts and bug boots tan cords wrtlm maroon numerals the formal at tlwe Balcer baslcetball and tlwe Wheaton game lcnovvung tlwe profs as real friends swummung meets and ballet proctnce snow balls at tlwe library vvnndows gurls all agog vvltlm enrollment topping 600 more snow ancl Ice and sluslw and taulspans on Goldspolwn steps winter sparlclung ancl jewel lrl4e on Nortlw Central campus K A . t I 1 . I . , -, '1 . . . ' . . . xl in? I' A 'I ' A ' I l fi ', f .xxttgx ' ' ' . . ! 1 I X, .R .U . . A , . . . J, we . K2 1 Qllgll tt , Finals and aspurins . . . ex-GI s in sclwool and tlwe "5 -r -X X lt . . . I -:Q 1,2 X . . . ' 7 -:skit sa - ' A ' ' X -X M Q , , U Q . Rx D-L if, 4l: 0 ? Av it ln appreciation ol the many years ol service devoted to the sharing ol Biblical lcnowledge, Christian ideals, ordinary common sense, and a deep insight into the values ol lile with the multi- tudes who have passed through the portals ol North Central . . . this page humbly pays a small tribute to a greatand courageous worker, Professor Domm . . . teacher, advisor, lriend, and student. "?'- xv 7-l lllllllll Snow and cold . , . rubbing otl the novelty ol lirst glimpses ol campus and classmates . . . the initial sparlcs ol group enthusiasm llaring up now into school spirit . . . a lcnuclcling down to the business ol school and-ol course-a growing lriendship between the students and laculty. 'TI 4 ,i l l l ti i Ki i. i l l I l i v II l L i l l l l I J ALICE MEIER, M.A. ANDREW E. KURTI-I, B.D. Miss Alice Meier, Dean oi Women, A, E, Kurth, Administrative Dean, C. E. Erltmeyer, Dean, E. E. Domm, Personnel Director-each of these holds a dignitied position at North Central College, but to those who lcnow them well they are just as human as the students. The girls at Johnson Hall will vouch lor MISS MEIERS wonderful person- ality, and the Social Committee has long lcnown her enthusiasm for decorating. They say that DEAN KURU-l . . . noted chef . . . Iil4es to play rool4 and carom in some oi his few spare moments and, lilce so many other men, much of the vvorl4 oi his gardening hobby is left to Mrs. Kurth. DEAN ERFFMEYER, friendly senior advisor, lilfes canoeing in northern Wisconsin , . . perhaps a remnant oi his courtship days. PROFESSOR DQMM . . . tennis addict, syllabus addict, and necessary mediator for every junior class in his etiort to up- hold NC traditions , . . shares choice morsels of his liie in the classroom. CLARENCE E. ERFFMEYER, DHD EDWARD E. DQMM, M.A. DR. ElGENBl20Dl' . . . vvitl'i friendly, lielplul manner . . . exacting in luis worlt . . . lweads tl'ie zoology department, but lwopes someday to liave a little farm where lie can make luis living in garden- ing. A persevering researcli vvorl4er and pub- lislier of many papers . . . a great proportion on tl'ie vvell-lcnovvn Drosophila . . . a participant in volleyball and a lover of good music, lie spends liis summers in Minnesota or in traveling with lfiis family. This genial professor of botany l'ias added luis 'jolwn lienryi to Nortli Centrals faculty list lor over tl'iirty-six years. A native farm boy from lovva . . . PROFESSOR I-IIfvllvlEL spends a great deal ol luis spare time lecturing in and out of Naperville and busying liimsell vvitli an 'in tlwe future, arboretum at HAROLD j. EIGENBRODT, PHD, tlwe near-by Camp Grounds. A matli prol vvlwo plays tennisl . . . No, it's not impossible lor DR KEELER lills tlwe bill perfectly, Golf, tennis, matli, a Family, and lumber yards keep liim going all tlwe time . . . and liis students tl1inl4 lwes tops-brain, brown, and personalityl EDWARD N. I-HMMEL, MS. IRVIN F. KEELER, Ph.D Hllue dillicult vve do immedicitely-tlue impossible tolces o little longerlu . . . is tlue motto ol PRC- FESSQR CARDIN, lueod ol tlue engineering deport- ment. Delving into oeronoutics ond pottening vorious inventions . . . notolnly luis lountciin pen . , . occupy tlue spore moments ol tluis pusy mon. perluops it is luis sense ol luumor-luis louglu-or luis teosing . . . but vvluotever it moy be, PRC- FESSOR SQ-lAl3, o newcomer to Nortlu Centrol, luos olreody vvon luis plcice omong tlue students, An occomplislued orgonist . . . lotluer ol tvvo young sons . . . he still luos time lor luis students ond con be lound ot most ony time in tlue cluemistry loln, often working vvitlu some cobcilt compound- one ol luis luotubies. l IRVIN A. KOTEN, Plu,D, , ,.42WfWM as-.7f"' CARL J. CARDIN, MS. EDWARD SCHAP, MS. lluis professor ol cluemistry, DR. KCTEN, is o lover ol tlue out ol doors, music, ond cirt, Altluouglu in luis olliciol copocity, lue vvorlcs vvitlu test tubes lull ol unlcnovvn odorous compounds, lue moy be found in moments ol relcixotion doubing vvitlu oils . . . or repoiring some ol tluot lisluing toclcle lor tlue onnuol trip nortlu in tlue sum- mer-to sotisly luis love lor tlue wilds ol Wisconsin, luis notive stote. I 1 40, .4 X f ,c GUY E. OLIVER, BA. Englislw professor ond dorm motlier ot Koulmon l'loll . . . copoble in tlie closs- room, lcind, considerate, ond glod lor little inlormol clwots . . . MRS. DUIE is olvvoys vvilling to be ol ossistonce to ner Ireslimon girls vvlwom slwe lwos tlwe responsi- bility ol lwelping odjust to tlwe newness ol college dorm lite. As YW counselor, slwe is ever reody to give lwer services, Professor ol speecli ond noted Ior luis rore obility to imitote, interpret, ond produce unusuol sound erlects ond lociol contortions cliorocterizingi liim os one completely vvropped up in liis vvorlq. . , PRQFESSQR GLIVER is commonly seen moving obout tl'ie compus quietly observing Ioces, speeclw, clworocters, ond octions . . . occosionolly spend- ing o vvlwole closs period expounding liis pbil- osoplriies ol life. Well versed in lier Field os professor ol Englislw . . . oble teoclwer ol Freslwmon Composition . , . ond interested in l'ier students, MRS. BERRY-vvitlw Iomily re- sponsibilities-still Iinds time for extensive reoding ol modern literoture ond lor tlie presentotion of lively bool4 revievvs. w 4:2 f-,gf A f . g -v Z4 MRS. ELLA DUTE, MA. MRS. CAROLYN FISCI-IER BERRY, MA. I I I I I I I I in I, I I ,. ii , I V l li l I I I I it I i I I I I I , I i I I I A graduate ol lllinois University . . . prolessor ol English since T923 , . . accomplished critic and collector ol od- dities . . A MISS WILEY claims coolcing as one ol her Favorite pastimes-with roast heel her specialty and having guests o delight. As a world traveler, she spends her summers meeting new people. A North Central graduate ol the class of ,4O . . . a product of the Evangelical Seminary with a church now at ltasl4o, lllinois . . . MR. SCHENDEL is Worlcing for his l3h.D. at Northwestern University. leaching two classes this year . , . he has been newly added to the faculty as an assistant professor ol speech. A son ol England and a lover of all that is England . . , imparting his admiration for Browning, Wordsworth, and Tennyson to the ears of students , . . PROFESSOR Wl-ll-l-E . . . a student from the Uni- versity ol North Dakota and Wesley Col- lege . . . has been in the English de- partment lor twenty years. l-lis English tweeds,his jaunty stride, and his aid to the Cardinal will ever be a part ol North Central campus. Maw 12' a'1,,1,,ee rf f ff E X -M Wit, tj' X ELIZABETH WILEY, MA. LAUREL SCI-IENDEL, MA. fm-twiki 1 1 HARCDLD E. Wi-IITE, BA. Senorito to some . . . Modemoiselle to others . . . but lovobleto oll . . . vivocious ANNETTE SlCl2E contributes the most cherished of memories to students. Scolding, teosing, lciughing . . . noturolly interested in people, hers is o host of friends wherever she goes. Schooled ot Auege, Fronce, Syrocuse University, ond the Sorbonne. . . teocher ol the Romonce longuoges since T921 . . . she yeorns to trovel but spends o greot deol of time reoding ond knitting. A groduote ol: the closs ol '97 with his doctor's degree from the University of lllinois, DR. HOWER . , . busy registror ond professor ol the clossics . . come to North Centrol in 7936. A l-loosier . . . connoisseur ol detective mysteries ond the clossics . . . he thrills to ci good boslaetboll gome ond enjoys o rousing motch ol tennis or the exercise of volleyboll. Professor of French since T914 . . . MADE- MQISELLE BLECK received her B.A. from North Centrol in that yeor. A student ot the University ol Wisconsin ond the French Summer School ot Middlebury College . . . she enjoys nothing more thon molcing homemade breod in her own lcitchen . . . when not troveling with her coir and not busy ot school. Coming to North Centrol in the loll ol '45 . . . previously o professor ot Albright ond the Uni- versity ol pennsylvonio . . . l-llfl2l2 SCHACK enjoys riding ond Fishing when not busy correcting exoms or molcing out the next doy's Germon ossign- ment. Although odmitting he has little time for such now, he used to enjoy singing ond chorol vvorlc. A nevv member of the loculty . . . coming from the stdtf of Wilson College, Chombersburg, Pennsylvonio . . . SENORA LUNTZ studied ot Wilson, the Universities of Colilornio ond Gre- noble, Middlebury Sponish School, the Sorbonne in Doris, ond received her PhD. from Johns Hop- l4ins University. Although oclcnovvledging no speciol hobbies, Mrs. Luntz does enjoy lcnitting occosionolly. ANNETTE SICRE Brevet Superieuer CHARLES C HOWER Ph D. CLARA K BLECK M A PAUL SCHACH, M.A. MRS. HELEN R. LUNTZ, PhD. WILMERT WGLF . . , assistant professor of political science for the past seven years . . . graduated in the class of '96, taught in an lowa high school, attended an eastern law college, and is now in the ministry. At times helping coach NC debating squads and often serving as a summer boy's camp counselor, he is best ltnown as the minister of Grace church. For thirty-five years the halls of North Central have listened to his jolces . . . and smiled along with the laughing students. DR. Aflnlfi, pleasant history pro- fessor, spends his time malcing the past live for his classes . . . would like to climb mountains . . . but finds he must content himself with eating ice cream. l-low not to get a grade from PRGFESSOR l-lElNMlLLEl? in one easylesson: get up at 725 for a 7130! Despite this, he is a true friend and counselor . . . l4nown to his students by his sparkling humor. As a sociology pro- fessor, he l4nows Maxwell Street from stall to stall, but in contrast to this he spends his spare time producing one of the most beautiful flower gardens in town. Kind, informal, and jovial . . . both in his classes and as director of the Union Room . . . PRQFESSQR KERR makes a 'hit' with all the students, Lprof' has one bad- when he doesn't win-habit . . . he plays the stoclq market. However, as a true commerce professor should, he usually winsl WILMERT l-l. WOLF, S.T.M CHESTER J. ATTIG, Ph D WILLIAM H. I-IEINMILLER, MA. jAMES P. KERRQMA. .M 'dk , ' .Z ' LESTER BELDING, MA. Director ol athletics . . . COACH BELDING came last Fall from Dakota Wesleyan Uni- versity as a newcomer to NC . . . butstepped right into the place ol football coach. A col- lege man at lovva State . . . All-American end in Football . . . traclt captain . . . he received a BS. in engineering but did graduate vvorlc in phy. ed. Cn the side, he has been active in Boy Scout vvorlq. Enthusiastic sportsvvoman . . . MISS TANNER . . . with a high athletic rating at Normal and University ol lllinois . . . played varsity hockey, baslcetball, softball . . . received high academichonors. Seldom seen vvithouthercar- when not at the Fieldhouse . . . all the girls say she's topsl l-lelping out in the phy. ed. department last year . . . DR. l-lAAG's usual haunts are the philosophy and psych rooms. The editor ol the TQQS Spectrum . . . Doc graduated from the Seminary in '3O. Always entering vvhole- heartedly into student activities, he serves as the Student Sunday School teacher. Baclc to North Centrals portals in T997 . . . a 'Q4 graduate . . . CQACH BIEBER toolc over as geology professor and assistant coach. l.il4ed by the players . . . peppy . . . all out for action and hard play . . . a handball player . . . Coach is popular with the students. CLEO TANNER, MA. ALVIN S. I-IAAG, Ph.D. C. LEONARD BIEBER, Ph.D. !,i!5r I-II LDRED NIENSTEDT Enthralled with boolcs-ofttimes reading 'til the Iirststreal4s oldawn . . , MISS NIENSI-EDI . . . music lover . . . traveller . . . opera enthusiast . . . oiiicially college librarian . . . still has a wealcness Ior buttered pecan ice cream-hint to blue slip recipientsl An excellent seamstress . . . MISS OUILLING is the 'I946 advisor ol the Illinois I-Iome Economics Club . . . quite an honor for North Central. In the annual fashion parade on College Day, the visible results ol Miss Ouilling's instruction are proof of her ability. A practical joI4er on the faculty?-Perhaps several . . . but MISS KIETZMAN admits being onel With a practical occupation as ci home econo- mist, she could never tire of her own cooking with such an extensive stocl4 of recipes. Now teaching at Northwestern University and trying to interest people in The Economic Institute . . . his hobby . . . MR. WILSON taught American government the First semester. Student-faculty member . . . BETTY GIBSON . . . or should it be Prof? playing a dual role . . . a hard job but successfully done . . . Gibby has maintained the respect of her students in the classroom but kept on a par with them at other times. Who hasn't felt the impact of her sense of humor . . . one of the most popular on campus. FLORENCE OUILLING, MA. LEONA KIETZMAN, MA. I-IOWARD WILSON, BA. BETTY GIBSON CLAUDE CI-IARLES PINNEY, Mus.B. I-IELEN WATSON,'I. GEQRGE LUNTZ, Mus.M. An interesting mon with intriguing hobbies . . . orientcil rugs . , . ontiques 4 . . pointings . . . PROFESSOR PINNEY . . . busy co-ordinotor ol the music school , . , hos ci Iull schedule but still hos time for his vveoving . . . or For prcicticing his culinory slcills. Summers Iind him in the mountciins ol Vermont-engrossed in pointing . . . cind students Find him sincerely interested in his FTIUSIC COLJVSSS. I'Ier deep understcinding Ior musicions ond For music hos crecited much interest in MISS WAISQNIS music oppreciotion courses. Willingly implcinting vvithin the minds of stu- dents ci sense of one ol the Finer orts, Miss Wotson's vvorlc cit the ivory keys hos inspired mony. Interested in the theater . . . ottendont cit mony concerts . . . the instructor of voice . . . IDIQQIZESSQIQ LUNIZ is on orduous vvorI4er . . . cordiol to everyone . . . ond possessor of ci good sense of humor. gil MRS. DIANE DUVIGNEAUD, B.S. of E. MRS. DUVIGIXIEAUD . . . born on Monotoulin Islond, Conodo . . . student ot the Moss. School of Art . . . now resides on the neor North Side of Chicogo omidst other prolessionol ortists. Interested in woter color ond oil . . . ot the present, doing groduote study ot the Americon Acodemy ol Art ond the Chicogo Art Institute . . . hoving exhibited, omong other ploces, ot the Iotter ond ot the Brooks Memoriol Gollery in Memphis . . , she oppreciotes the Fine orts ol ballet, Iiteroture, music . . . possesses o sophisticoted dignity ond o creotive os well os o criticol mind. Returning to her olmo moter os o teocher , . . MISS SCI-IEI.L , . . from Winnetko with o boclc- ground ol public ond privote school teoching . . . enjoys vocol worlc but her speciolty is piono. I-'Ier meons of tronsportotion is Morgerite-o bicycle . . . her hobbies, collecting stotionery ond molfing scropboolcs of concert progroms, furniture, ond old dishes. I Doing concert WorI4 os o young Iellow . . A ploying the violin ot the oge ol three . . , DR. IQENIXIIGES . . . conductor of bond ond orchestro, teocher ol Woodwinds, strings, ond bross . . . exemplifies hurried elliciency, With the potience ol Job, joviol and Friendly . . . he olso teoches ot other schools ond conducts numerous orchestros ond bonds. With vvotch-molcing os o hobby, he hos built speciol cloclcs I . , olso hos been oworded by Field ond Streom mogozine lor cotching the biggestlvvolleyed piI4e . . ..-30 inches. 5' WILMA SCI-IELL, Mus.M. FREDERICK TOENNINGES, Mus.M. 85 2NiI Silltliiii Slllliilil Semester Finals over . . . the tension reduced with a Few days Free . . . the return For second semester to Find Old Main bulging with new laces-new men, a spattering of girls-yes, literally hundreds oi new students a welcome addition to North Centrals campus. i gig W A f '. '.1' Yj i-- L , J .7 .f - ' ,ft ' V I if 1 ir I' ' i Q O j li 5. 'itil Q I ,I i :fl . 2 f ,-1 Y i i . ff' s yf mfg x f- 'f A Sa. VAXQXSX 'QB' N., qjgvf -' M Q . ss-, , VJ . ,ii I i ll I, ,i 1. i J I. ,. l Row 1 Allan Carlson Leslie Dawson Robert Eby Frank Novatny , S E N I G R S Row Qiipaul Young, Benjamin Fann, Robert McCormick, Richard Judson. ' Not Pictured-Lloyd l-louden. ALLAN CARLSON LLOYD HOUDEN l Aurora, Ill. St. Charles, Ill. l "What should a man do but be merry?" "Uncle Sam is rich enuf to give us all a farm." 'Shakespeare f-Jesse Hutchinson, Jr. BENJAMIN FANN PAUL LEON YOUNG Erwin, N. C. Louisville, Ky. " 'Twas for the good of my country that l should be "Whether he run or Fly, l abroad." 'Tis known he'll be successful." l - -George Farahar. 4Shalcespeare. l 86 1, ,i VM ' 2 f x ' N. ,f Wx.. Geier, Robert Kolb. Row 2' -Bernard Arbeen, Wendell Fry, John Tarbox, Willard Stelling, Kenneth Sir, James O'Brien, Carl Cardin, Joseph Rippinger, Robert St. Jules, Walter Conner. J U N I O R S Row 1 fVirginia l-lolmes, Edith Dunning, Betty Irwin, Duane Buholz, Warren Kahle, James l-lammond, Eunice Ullrich, Marilyn Scott, Qliver Schleuter, Clarence Riclclelf. Row 2 'Walter Marsch, Richard l-laumersen, Gordon l-latch, Merlin l-loeft, Rollin Bubert, Richard Smith, Kenneth Kouri, Donald Rhodes, Hal Ruble, Robert Brandt, Cueorge l-lotchlciss, john Meekma, Robert Marazas, Melvin Miller, H Row 1 'Y 'William Jamison, Donald Geier, Carl Gustavson, Howard Kersting, Wilma 87 FRESHMEN FRESI-IMEN HH Row 1 Leon Coolc, Robert Ditzler, l-lermon Coolc, Lois Destree, Betty Leigh Hunt, l-loword Cosyns, Kelvin Arden. Row 2 Stonton Bryon, Donold Dunning, Richard Bcinlcs, John Corr, Robert Bily, James Dyer, Williom l-lorgreoves, Robert l-loltermon, Burton Crosby, John Chonko, Robert Amundsen. Row 1 Angelo Enzinno, Alberto Michoel, Robert Irion, Rolph l-lolmberg, John Engh, Robert Gronger, Dovid Henning, Roy Moore. Row Q John l-lyduke, jomes Gill, Donold l-loos, Jomes Ferch, Ruben Frousto, Robert Moon, Robert Ludwig, Gilbert Fuller, Chorles jolci, Robert Morton. FRESI-IMEN FRESI-IMEN YN: N. K nd J , 4 5 5 I, , 9 2' ,- ' 6 -. 4 Q 'ff fi' l 5 JR. L if k arm-ommwwf KJ? Q..-...q 19 nc! if Row1'ff'Clarence Mather, Lois Schroeder, Maryon Redfield, Milton Siewert, Elsie Roeniglt, Allred Johnson. Row Q Lenard Sanfranski, Clarence Pickert, Kenneth Ray, William Shaver, Karl Reuland, Kenneth Kramke, Robert Rice, Wilbur Quigley. Row1ff George l-laas, Leighton Steclcel, Eggert Giere, Eleanor Llden, Etta Simpson, Kenneth Tillman, Albert Straley, William Wunder. Row 2WfLeRoy Schneller, Clayton Lester, Carl Ohse, Dwight Reibling, Richard Young, Charles Sites, james Wagner, Russell Movvry, Verne Martin, Ezra Starr, Richard Svveitzer, Kenneth Swec, Wilber Waggoner, James Silianofl. W0 W .9 ,W , f ., fi, .ff 1 f', Row 1- --Kersting, R. Smith, Novatny, Kouri, J. Koenitzer, L. Henning, L. Berger, Gieszer. Row 2-AE. Coolc, Hoebich, G. Hatfield, A. Hatfield, Coach Bieber, Ettenhofer, Groves, Tholin, Rice, Hinz i wh... North Centrol's boslcetball team completed a hectic T946 season with a record of five victories and twelve defeats. Coach Len Biebens early season squad consisted mainly of freshmen and sophomores as the Cardinals struggled through eight successive defeats before capturing their initial victory against Augustana on January 26th in Naperville. To assist high scoring Bud Berger, veteran captain, in the scoring attack, Coach Bieber employed frosh sensation, John Koenitzer at center. Big John, 6'4" pivot, who boasted no high school experience, rapidly gained finesse and not only held his position but also took runner-up spot in the individual scoring parade. Even this step wasn'tenough to lift the Cardinals outof their losing dilemma. The second semester showered a host of re- turned veterans into the laps of the Cardinal 90 mentor, including three members of the North Central lllinois College Conference winners of 1943-Dick Smith, franlc Novatny, and Howard Kersting. The former two immediately worlced into Bieberis plans and added that extra punch which enabled North Central to win four of their remain- ing eight tilts. This T946 edition of the Cords, although it finished its schedule with a worse record than its predecessor, is generally regarded the stronger in comparative strength. Many of its early season reverses were close affairs, and its outstanding achievement during this season of losses was a 37-39 heart-breaker against powerful Loyola U. which won the decision only in the wan- ing seconds, when Loyola forward Andy Phillips dropped the winning margin through the hoop. Captain Berger registered Q0 points in this game for high honors. Although the Cards were never i i I I f t i l i , A f. s ii l, il l i i l i P l' i 1 Let us prey' Groves wins by a hand? Henning, guard Kouri, center Koenitzer, center Gieszer, guard Kersting, forward Coach Bieber Capt. Berger, forward Novatny, forward Mgr. Cook 'Hoe-bich, guard Smith, guard Mgr.,Hinz CARDINALS 351 in the lead throughout this tilt held on the home Floor December 'l5th, Bergerxs shots kept North Central close on the heels ol the victors. North Central lost another toughie on a tech- nical scoring error against lllinois Tech in an overtime game which the Biebermen had rightly talcen in the regulation time by 39-37. A decidedly evident Cardinal tally midway in the second hall Failed to be recorded by the two otlicial scorers lor some mysterious reason, lcnotting the count at the end ol the regulation time, 35-all. The -lec- hawl4s won in the extra period, 49-37. The lol- lowing morning, however, North Central's Athletic Board ol Control reversed the decision and con- sidered the game as a North Central victory, 37-35. The crowning achievement ol the T946 casaba season was turned in February 9th when the Cardinals trounced their traditional rivals lrom Wheaton College on lVlerner hardwood with a 4'l-33 pasting. North Central worl4ed up an 8-'I lead on shots by Berger and Koenitzer and was never seriously threatened by the visitors. SCCDRES Concordia . ..... 40 NCC ... . . A .34 Elmhurst .... ..... 3 7 NCC ... ...36 l.oyola ...,,. ..... 3 9 NCC ... . . . .37 CampGrant .,... 64 NCC ....36 l.oyola ..... ...58 NCC ... ,.,.3'l Camp Grant .... ..... 6 3 NCC ... -..36 aklllinoislech ..... ...35 NCC ..,.37 Whegtgn ...,. ..... 4- 4 NCC ... ... Augustana .....,...... 4l NCC ... ..,.59 lllinois Wesleyan ...... 37 NCC ..,.34 lllinois-l-ech ...,...... 56 NCC ...,37 Wheaton ...33 NCC ..,.4l Lalce Forest .... ..... Q 9 NCC ... ,,..5'l lllinois Wesleyan ..... 45 NCC ... ...38 Elmhurst ....... ,.... Q l NCC ... ....4Q Augustana .... ...,. 4 l NCC ... .,..4O l.al4e Forest ,,......... Q4 NCC ......., 50 " Changed by vote of Athletic Board fromfflllinoislech 42, NCC 37. Wheaton team-and Smith Challc up Q morel 1..:.-..., ,,, H . Mt.: Wm SeatedffErwin, P. Enzinna, R. Koenitzer, Kadoyama, Kolb, I-I. CooIc, Mather, Groves, Giere, I Koenitzer. Standing-Rhodes, I-Iaumersen. Seated- -juhnlce, I Johnson, Perry, Lindahl, I-I. Thornton, Dresser, M. I.. Gamertsfelder, I-Iansen, Scheer. Standingf-I-Ieuser, S. Schmidt. MEN'S SWIMMING WOMEN'S SWIMMING Getting into the swim again . . . 1946 wit- nessed the reorganization of the fVIen's Swimming Team. Bucking against a IacIc of members, the natators, coached by Dusty Rhodes-veteran swimmer, tallied these scores: Wright ............ 47 NCC ....Q5 BeIoit ...47 NCC ...Q8 BeIoit ...4Q NCC .,..33 LOYOIG-M -42 NCC ....33 DeI3auI .. ...38 NCC ....37 I-Iighhghting the year, NC tooIc 8th spot in the Central Region of the NationaI Ielegraphic IVIeet -Dot placing third in the 'IOO-yd. Iree styIe and the two reIay teams taking Iourths. Fired with the enthusiasm of I-Ielen Thornton and Dot ,IuhnIce, the mermaids chaIIced up these results: Wheaton .....,.... 30 NCC ..., . . .36 Chicago Teachers ...45 NCC .... ...QI Mundelein .......... Q7 NCC .... ...39 93 JH.-SN. HHNUUH 'lhe Roinbovv Room ol the Boker l'lotel, St. Chorles, vvos the scene ol the biggest lormol olloir on the 1945 college colendor. The Juniors, presided over by toostmoster John fVlulholl, pro- vided o progrom ol musicol ond dromotic number5 lor the entertoinment ol their guests. The speolcer ol the evening, Dr. Alvin S. l'loog, in o thought- provolcing dissertotion on "Words" contributed o bit of originol verse . . . which is hereby pre- served lor posterity: ul Followed her silhouette ovvhile As she vvollced tovvord the setting sun. lts gloncing roys limned her strilting style And o golden holo spun. From her shortened slcirt to her bobbed hoir There thrilled the coll of the chose. l-ler form divine, her ensemble rore Spelled the height ol eltin groce. So with guiclcened step, l bridged the gop Joy vonquished all lurlcing leor, And hungrilyl . , . Ch, vvhot o 'mupi You never con tell from the reorf' First semester oll rightl Wellfffwhy not be hoppv? The privileged Senior Circle! WT ... L U Hlllil SISHHS "Jeeps . . . lookit all tlwe kids liere at tlie dime storel Bet NC keeps 'em alive witli tl'ie annual Heart Sister ruslwln . . . "Hmmm-wliat's a good idea, Jean? l'm lreslw out ol suggestionsl' '.,.' 'Qty make it Food. Any day l'd go lor a luscious cream pul-F or a blueberry pie. How 'bout a Qne-ln-A-Million or a jar ol olives or a . . . oli, anytlwing edibles practiblel You can't go wrong , . , you can always use Foodl Leastwise, l can. Lets stop at tlwe 'Greeks' and tlwink tliis over sensiblyl' '...A 'l.ook, Sally, lwerels a darling rattlel Would my Heart Sis tlwink l'm nuts. Slie could use it for a liglwt pull." ..,' 'Better label it tl'ien." , . . "Here, Annie, write tliis poem for me-my Heart Sis's getting on to my liand- writing and l want to tlfirow lwer otlln . . . 'dust call me Robert Browning-listen to my latest masterpiece: Roses are red, Qrcliids are purple, Here is a coke To lielp make , . . oli no, l guess tl1at's notso goodlu . . . "Look, kids from my Heart Sister-a box ol brownies . . . ummmmlu . . . "Hmmpl1, liaven,t gotten anytlwing lor two daysl, '...' 'Hey, Betty, wheres tlnie red ribbon?" . . . "Look, a piggy bank-and witli a penny all ready. Now, tliis is prolitableln . . , And so Cupid scores a continuous liit tl'irougl'iout one lively weekl ' Mfffiiyf ' ' ,QQ Hearts are trump! i , , Hmmm -for mer? br' 9 5 HHHIS... 1 , - f if f In 5 f 1 wx K v "W-.. QZGQT1 MQ X Wy! 1 Grease paint . A . Gram'pa Barrett . . "Your face looks likefn . ABLY clone! . . "Sure--vy not!" .,.HElIUN 'qw Three-Way stretclwl . A . Eager Beavers . . . DO come again! . . . Diving for pennies? . , . Co-education . . . "Let it snow!" . . . Merner Manor . . , jump ball . . , Essential stuHl 97 his Q l W fi P' f .f"f' 'fgrlib' 6' mi-N I I S QU, A ?. 554 N' xi! lll . 4, 1 , I 'qv f ' QV lj' vm., :,ffL5'b,, .- ' , V44 is l X X ""' 13 Y " f ,- XX l gi li iw-'i-.. '-r AJ-ii 1 -v-fs 1 ,14'?4i'1, 'f - F. vifffwt-ish" "i!ilf""'V+f Q01--I iiamii .. 1 rum. A 5? W5 , r.,?,f r-2' .. .' 't ll A. lg H ill III - 'W ' ' i ' f I l t 1 , 13.75 4, ' U 3 . WF- E? .,igiff.,s L L5 i, ,, s . Wil SPRING "En la lunan from spring lever . . . pounding up tlie cinder patli, baseball and tennis . . . election campaigns . . . winding up club business and balancing books . . . May Pete practices A . , more ricles to tlwe country and water-logged clotlwes . . . glee club concerts and King Rex inlormalities . . . Fort l'lill ancl tl'ie Spring l-louse . . . ever tlireatening exams witlri commencement looming closer and, at lengtlw, a Farewell to the Class of '46 and anotlier year has gonel i f ' vi W. V 7"QV?Exm ' 'V' "' " , ' , 100 KING REX A fellow deserving ol tlwe lionoroble distinction ol King Rex , . . Vic llwornton . , . one of tlie 'old boys' returned to tlie compus ofter serving in tlwe Aircorps . . , winning luis ploce omong tlwe 'big men on compus' by being elected student body president. Extremely friendly to everyone , . . o perpetuolly clweery smile . . , o good sport 4 . . on oble executive in lwondling student ottoirs-tliot's lwow Vic is lcnown. MAY QUEEN Queen ol tlie Moy Eete ond riglitly so is l-lelen llwornton . . . sweet little wile ol tlie King . . . returning witli liim to tlie compus in Jonuory l-45 . . . plunging ot once into scliool octivities . . . resum- ing lwer old duties os clieerleoder . . , on outstonding swimmer . . . o member of tlwe tennis teom . . . o pliysicol ed. instructor . . , tlwe president ol tlwe Atliletic Association. Know l-lelen os one odmired by all for lier lovoble ot- troctiveness and friendly, lilcoble clfior- octeristics. -:Fw K , 'S ,V we ' hajwt N 7 v 'f .4 . A ., W , A ,I ,Q x V ,wif t K fx V I K ,..,. 5 H 'A'Q ". Q , H - ' R' 'RQ' - ' ' 2959" 2 A, 'Wm iv al! M xA "2"'1 ' . , -V Q X gs x ry W ' ,L V , ziqi 'fi ffx il 35' AA 5 k qikgy HH SA K i"'9kfV ,Ama gy., Q-m,,sw?' , i Q .. 2 ei 3 5 gl 5' fr 'V R Q my in 1' 4 Q., Aa -4 . as-A 4, ,aww ,Al I 9 5 as - tw I' If .' N na X im x 4 .. ,, ff I ' Q YW ' 62:8 Z '2 . ,J ' ,K V , ? is 3 ,A A . 5 MJ L4 , If fs, - " A S . F,r,g'N,, , h' M: ?'m""C m. 1. N m m, Q.. M Vrxf W, ,A .1 u kwa. V wwf- www M 4""""f1wGysdb1+w'lkx94 ,ws ar .,,, XXX 'ww 2, f'f3m. ,atv , Q A Z 5? 5 f A . ' 1 .0 .k A M 1 W "A G ,W Seatedff -Witmer, treasurer, V. Thornton, president, Yoshinaga, vice-president, Attig, secretary, Busacca, Barrett, M. Schneller, Ertfmeyerf Stahl, l-l. Thornton. Standing' ff-Professor Domm, advisor, Elliott, M. DeWolf, M. L. Gamertsfelder, S. Schmidt, F. Rebstoclc, comptroller, Tholin. Sllllllll lllllllllll The Student Council . . . evidence ol a working democracy . . . is the body through which students are allorded the means For sell- government and is the place vvhere administration 102 and students discuss Qt- T9 'Q and direct campus sbvg 'I' activities. 49 Q xi, I I I D0 l - ll '.N l 4. I Q' l 1 ln accordance vvith its general principles, member- ship in this body is attained in a demo- cratic vvay. Each X spring a president X and tvvo represen- tatives at large are elected by the en- tire student body 5 -J , - -, 'Q if T V I xii g ffl -l T 'I !'iIi ' W- ' 355 X rts- . -XX fx XX X D 3. ...involving strenuous campaigns. The other members repre- sent the college classes, the Christian Associa- tions, the Athletic Association, the Forensic Board, the Publications, and the faculty. competently headed by Vic Thornton and supplemented with this body ol co-Workers, the Council undertook its numerous duties. l-lashing over the merits ol this or that student, it emerged with chairmen lor all occasions . . . Torchlight Parade, Green Cap, Tug-o' vvar, l-lomecoming, and College Day . . , and also with the selection lor editors and business managers of the college publica- tions. The Council chose the comptroller, approved the budgets, served in an advisory capacity, and was the directing body in a system vvhere student sell-government is prac- ticed. HHHITITS TIT EHNTHTH Rules governing the use and abuse of the Union Room are dravvn up and enforced by the STUDENT UNION BOARD QF CONTROL. This group, headed by Professor Domm, is re- sponsible for maintaining the appearance of this stamping ground, The enlargement and decorating of the ping-pong room, initiated by the gift of the Class of '45, adds to the pride taken in the Student Union. During the spring elections, the North Central students elect the president of the Athletic Association who serves on the ATHl.ETlC BOARD OF CONTROL. Helen Thornton filled that position for '45-'46, The object of this board is to promote and regulate the intercollegiate and intramural activities, checlc the income and expenses of athletics, super- vise the policies concerned, and approve the coaches' recommendations for lettermen. It all began fourteen years ago and since then the STUDENT FINANCE BOARD has been allotting money to the tune of a far greater sum than most students will see for many years. The student activity fees are handled through this organization and, with the approval of the Student Council, appropriations are made to various activities, including: athletics, for- ensics, lectures and concerts, musical and dra- matic organizations, Student Council, Chronicle, Spectrum, Cardinal, social committee, and the four classes. The Forensic League is composed of the entire student body, and the officers elected by them in the spring serve as the EORENSTC BOARD. This group, headed by Whitey Busacca as president, regulates the activities of the speech department. STUDENT UNION BOARD Barrett, Haclc, Professor Domm, Miss Meier, Professor Kerr, M. Schneller, Holtorf. ATHLETIC BOARD' Dr. Keeler, Coach Belding, Coach Bieber, Schendel, H. Thornton, Miss Tanner, Dr. Hovver. 7 STUDENT FINANCE BOARD fTreasurer Schen del, Houghton, Yenerich, Dr. Pall, M. Lepien, V Thornton, Professor Kerr, Comptroller E. Pebstock FOPENSTC BOARD Busacca, Wilkening. Professor Oliver, Moore 1 ff 'T Seatedffllr. Hovver, advisor, Attig, secretary, Schloerb, president, M. E. Gamertsfelder, H Gamertsfelder. Standing' Stump, Willfening, Koelling. On Floorf-flvlatthies, secretary, Mayer, Harrell, Holtorf. Seated-Hottsommer, Attig, S. Schmidt, Crummy, Mittelstadt, Dievvall,treasurer,Diebel, Zwiclcy, Frohardt, Schetfner, Weiss, Hotfman, president. Standing MD. Lepien, Professor Luntz, advisor, Detterman, Munger, Witmer, vice- president, Gabel, Meelcma, Hummel, Wolf, Feilc, Clover, Borsaclc, V. Rice, Boyd. HONORS SOCIETY ln addition to the many organizations on the campus which are purely social, there is one society which is Tor the purpose of recognizing superior scholarship and character among the students. The members ol the North Central Honors Society are elected by the Faculty. Those vvho are eligible must be members ol either the second semester junior or the senior class and must show well-developed ideals ol honor and citizenship. ln the early spring ata special chapel program, the newly elected members For this year vvere presented membership keys by the College. The Honors Society should serve as a challenge to all underclassmen, For it is the highest scholastic organization on the campus. 104 SIGMA RHO GAMMA A peculiar chant seemingly from the depths ol Africa or strains ol Russian 'ljazzn heard on the campus may vvell be from the talented and con- scientous music lovers of North Central. This group meets monthly and spends its time studying the music of foreign lands, expanding its lcnovvledge of American melodies through visits to the "Broad- vvay"ofChicago,and increasing the interest ol the rest of the student body in music. Since this chapter of the honorary musical fraternity, Sigma Rho Gamma, has altered its constitution this year, all those interested in and appreciative ol this art may join with the provision that they belong to some other campus musical organization. Professor Luntz is the co-operative advisor. in early March. BETA BETA BETA Eight years ago Dr. Eigenbrodt established at North Central the Gamma Nu chapter of this honorary biological fraternity. The group was comparatively small back in 1937, but the member- ship today totals sixteen student members. This organization has a threefold purpose: first, to stimulate sound scholarship, second, to disseminate scientific knowledge, and third, to promote bio- logical research work. The chapter sponsors the Zoology Club, which holds two open sessions a month exclusive of the BBB meetings. ln addition, the fraternity, with the alumni gathered about, banquets annually in the zoology lab . . . atmosphere and all . . . fora spaghetti supper. This year the candlelit event was held S. A. A C. S. The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is comparatively new at North Central, having been organized in T942 At that time, it was the lone representative of its kind in the state of lllinois, but since then one other group has been organized. At present there are fifteen members, all of whom are chemistry majors . . . one of the requirements laid down by the American Chemical Society. In addition to being a chemistry major, a student must have completed two semesters of college chemistry to be eligible for membership. The purpose of the group is to create interest in chemistry and to prepare the student for full membership in the American Chemical Society. To become a member of this organization, the candidate must be a zoology, botany, or biology major, maintain a B average, and show interest and ability in the field. The Beta Beta Beta mem- bers have a right to be proud of their organization. advisors. The organization at North Central meets twice each month for panel discussions, movies, or special speakers. Professors Koten and Schap are the Secited'ff,Ory, Maas, M. E. Gamertsfelder, Hansen, Koelling, president, Covelli. Standing' fMacgregor, J. DeWoIf, Kirchman, sec.-treasurer, R. Gibson, Perry, D. Bates Schosanski, Dr. Eigenbrodt, advisor, Gravel Gerty, Schloerb, historian, l-'l. Gamertsfelder vice-president, Parker. Row 1-A-Leiser, Erwin, Maas- J. DeWolf, sec.-treasurer, R. Meyer, president, Dr. Koten advisor, F. l-latch, Kirchman, historian, Schloerb, Macgregor. Row QW Professor Schap, advisor, Feldott, Koelling, Munger, Abbott, Perry, R. Gibson Not Pictured-nj. I-latch, vice-president. BBB PI GAMMA MU "Ye sholl lcnovv the truth ond the truth shall molce you Tree." Since TQQ5, North Centrolis Alpho chopter ol pi Gommo Mu hos been corrying on the vvorlc ond troditions suggested by its motto. To become ohfilioted with this group, it is necessory thot o student hover o scholostic stonding ol B, o mojor in philosophy, psychology, commerce, history, sociology, economics, or politicol science, ond Q0 hours completed in ony one of these Fields. The lroternity hos tvvo initiotions eoch yeor lor members elected from the student body. ln oddi- tion, there ore meetings leoturing outside speolcers, popers presented by members, or trips to ploces ol interest. Society vvith all its quirks, problems, ond issues is o mojor source ol discussion ond enlighten- ment to the group. This sincere ond honest interest in individuols ond vvorld oiloirs hos given Pi Gommo Mu members mony hours ol inspirotion os vvell os enjoyment. SIGMA TAU DELTA Qnce o month Miss Wileyis oportment is subject to o ripping-oport . . . Tigurotively speolting. The occosion is the meeting ol the Sigmo Gommo chopter ol the honorory English froternity, Sigmo Tou Delto. The teoring oport element reiers only to the criticol study mode oi student monuscripts reod ot the meetings. A thorough going-over with the pointing out of both good ond bod Feotures enobles eoch budding writer to express himself better, recognize ond overcome his vveolc points, ond goin on objective vievvpoint from copoble critics. Hgincerity, Truth, ond Design" serves os the motto ond inspirotion in oiding o ievv oi the more tolented to breolf into print in The Rectangle, the ouorterly collection of the best vvritings ol the orgonizotion. The highlights ol this post yeor included o trip to Chicogo to see "Dork ol the Moon" ond o picnic in the spring. Row 1 Professor T-leinmiller, Mrs. Dute, Dr. Hoog, secretory-treosurer, C. Young, presi- dent, M. A. Stengel, vice-president, Professor Kerr. Row 2 Stressmon, Keen, Muehl, Stedmon. Row 1, -Steben, Porlcer, Stohl, secretory-treosurer, Schoephorster, president, Stump, vice- president, Miss Wiley, odvisor. Row 2 fWilIson, Forley, Anthes, Wilkening, Holle. 4' W PM 'is KN. Lil Professor Oliver, advisor, Ladley, Willcening, vice-president, Moore, secretary, Busacca president. Seated v-Breithaupt, president, H. Lepien, vice-president, Hoftsommer, sec.-treasurer F. Schultz, M. Lepien, Stump, Schoephorster, Standing'-Field, Roclcvvood, Eichelberger, Professor Qliver, advisor. PI KAPPA DELTA Although not quite certain as to the meaning ol Pi Kappa Delta, one is nevertheless, impressed that this Fine looldng auartette ol students is composed of debaters who are members of the largest national organization for debaters, orators, and extemporaneous spealcers. North Central's group is attiliated with the lota chapter . . . the largest in the country . . . which includes the state ot lllinois and part of Wisconsin. ln order to gain admission to this select group of last tallcers, a student must participate in debate for one year and, moreover, be victorious in over one half ol the debates vvhich he enters. l-lonors for extemporaneous spealcing and oratory are im- portant and coveted. At present the group boasts of tvvo vvho have excelled in the Field ol extemporaneous spealting . . . namely, Donna Wilkening and Dwight Busacca. Professor Qliver serves also as the advisor ol this fraternity. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Qmega is the largest dramatic tra- ternity for undergraduates in existence. The North Central chapter, Delta Epsilon, is under the direction ot Professor Qliver. Winilred Breithaupt is the talented president. The would-be members must prove their acting abilities before they are invited to become members. The fraternity holds monthly meetings at which time play reviews are presented and discussed. producing and acting techniques also play an important part in the program, and the aim of the organization is to improve the poise and assurance ol the members and to instill in them a deeper appreciation of the dramatic arts. The members of Alpha Psi Omega, as a result ol their interest and training, are seen in many of the Little Theater productions as Well as in the more elaborate Shalcespearian dramas. They are literally the backbone of the speech department. 107 ..... -,.....,........... .... ......,...,.. - .......,..,.. .M Q-..4-.-..u.......1x....-..-..--mn... Seated- 'Eichelbe-rger, social work, M. A. Stengel, social life, Braun, secretary, Muehl, vice-president, Peterson, Stu- dent Volunteers representative, Attig, student council representative, Schloerb, president, Stahl, treasurer, Kellerman, area representative, Wegner, world fellowship. Standing-f-D. Lepien, chapel, P. Wendland, fellowship, Mrs. Dute, advisor, H. Miller, fellowship, Martin, pub- icity, M. E. Gamertsfelder, freshman work. Y. ll. E. H. The Young Womens Christian Association is the organization which is responsible for the religious activities of the women on North Centrals campus. For the most part, the committees of the Y.W.CA. are co-ordinated through the Central Committee with the corresponding committees in the Y,M.C.A. Each new college year is begun with a week end retreat where plans are laid for the years ac- tivities. The first responsibility of the 'Yi is to provide Big Sisters for all the new girls to help them get acquainted with their new college environment. lhese Big Sisters escort their charges to such gatherings as the general get-to-gether in Nichols l'lall and the formal banquet which is held as a climax to Freshman Week. The YW. has several activities which are separate from those of the YM. Qne of these includes the work of the social service committee, which this year has collected Christmas gifts for service men and taken groups to visit various sanatoriums and hospitals to entertain the inmates. Another is the social life committee in charge of l'leart Sister Week and the Valentine -lea at which time l-leart Sisters are revealed. A rousing good Sadie l-lawkins hop also resulted from the efforts of this group. Working with the YM., the Y.W. this year has been responsible for such campus activities as Religious Emphasis Week with Dr. Krecker as speaker . . . International lnstitute Week during which the students and faculty raised 31136.75 for the World Student Service Fund-part of this coming from the faculty auction which afforded amusement for all . . . Vocational Guidance Week offering the opportunity for students to hear speakers concerning the possibilities and the openings in their chosen fields. The YW. also co-operates with the Y.M. in planning the weekly prayer and discussion groups, chapel and silent chapel services, and providing Sunday School teachers at the Mooseheart orphanage. The advisor this year has been Mrs. Ella Dute and the peppy president, Margaret Schloerb. NCC at Nll. SWIS banquet . . . Profitable auction bidding! . . . Interesting -and why not? . . . Rev. Krecker of l2.E. Week . . . "Wall-fry mah hide!" . . . Weekly altera- tions . . . Quter lobby . . , Dr. Kalas'-My problem is-l ww'-V -f ', , ggwm I1 L rw, I PM ff 'fy E i Y Y ' -ivffzm, .Fi 811 g.,QQf ' f J , , , 9- , . N x, A .J W f . HY ?',ff1,2l--FMML Q- f -N 4' , , . f ' i "1 E, :nj ,guij fi ig , V I . , Y xin ,K . W, Q51 I 'Q 1 L1 s.?"'! , ' ff gn,,, un it .. '59 'W- Q H 32 ' f A, A EN-.ff ' A ' ,WF 72, if f is M' - V 2 x , A ,..A JA-. ,av '- Row 1' f-Will, vvorld lellovvship, Dr. Haag, advisor, B. Wahl, freshman Work, vocational guidance, F. Schultz, pres- ident, Rieke, treasurer, W. Doede, social service, Hahn, Fellowship, vice-president. Row 2-Daugherty, social life, Witmer, secretary, student council representative, Senn, deputation, fellowship, Ladley, publicity. Not Pictured -Shilling, seminary representative, Detterman, chapel. Y. ll. II. H. lhe Y.lVl.C.A. as a part ol the Christian Associa- tions has become North Centrals leading male organization in that it revolves itself around the religious activities on the campus, as the Student EYF. does oh the campus. Most ol its activities are worked out and planned together with the YW. even though each acts as a separate unit. Thus, with the co-operation ol the YW., the Y.lVl. sponsors chapel programs every other Week. It conducts the Wednesday evening forums and services which have included this year timely discussions on marriage, the UNC, and the race problem. These have all been joint meetings vvith the Womens association. It has partial responsibility For the Monday evening prayer meetings. It backs Religious Emphasis Week, Vocational Guidance Week, and such drives as the World Student Service Fund. This last project brought interesting speakers to the campus from Europe. The organization has been given the responsibility ol providing Sunday School teachers 110 lor Mooseheart, lllinois, every Sunday morning. These courageous souls vvho travel there each vveek brave the vvhys and whispers, the aueries and shouts of their young charges . , . some not so young . . . to help conduct the morning services, Even surmounting all its other worthwhile con- tributions during the year, perhaps the most helplul to the bewildered freshman is the customary Freshman Week . . . a 'get-acquainted' party and a Big-Little Brother banquet. The mid-year election resulted with the selection ol the Following to steer For 7946: Dick Senn, president, l-lovvard l-lahn, vice-president, Gene Detterman, secretary, and Ed Daugherty, treasurer. The cabinet which assists these men is composed of Duane Dennis, Bob Ditzler, Warren Ebinger, Larry l-linz, Art Keen, Jim Lange, Don Miller, Stan Roederer, Florian Schultz, Dick -l-holin, and Jim Will. 5 i - i i l l l . if Qi . it i I i i l Ain E. Y. F. COUNCIL The student Evangelica Yough Fellow- ship is a group, vvhose existence is scarcely lcnovvn to some but which is ol great im- portance to the campus . . . For it is the members ol the EYT. Council vvho plan the student Sunday School and the even- ing programs. ln addition to the ohlicers and the advisor, Dean Kurth, there are student chairmen and Taculty advisors Tor each ol the Tour commissions. These in- clude the commissions on Spiritual Life, Missions, Social Action, and Recreation. For T945-46 the organization sponsored the partial support ol the Little North Central in Alrica Project. STUDENT VCDLUNTEERS This group meets every Monday night for a period ol discussion preceded by devotions. Their common interest is in missions For every member is planning on either missionary or religious education lor a life vvorlc. The North Central group is part ol an international organization ol college students. Dr. Attig from the Col- lege and Dr. l-larr from the Seminary serve as its advisors. SEAGER ASSOCIATICJN "Preachers they will be, '... for every member ol the Seager Association is a pre-theological student. The group meets twice a month in Seybert l-lall to discuss the problems ol the 'pre-the'. Usually this is done through a round-table discussion vvith occasional outside spealcers. Professor l-limmel is the faculty advisor and Dr. l'-laag and Dean Kurth serve as counsel- ling advisors. M. A. Stengel, Braun, secretary, Will, Professor l-leinmiller, Detterman treasurer, Bauman, Dr. Attig, Dean Kurth, Busacca, president. Row 1fThede, E. Draeger, Ettenhofer, P. Wendland, vice-president Peterson, president, Bischoff, M. Meyer. Sow Qfjuten, Stanelle, Breyman, Davidson, Wonder, l-leidenreich,Cory unse. Not Picturedf-R. Meyer, treasurer, R. Young, secretary. Row 1-l-l. Campbell, B. Wahl, l-lahn, vice-president, Senn, president Gabel, sec.treasurer, Will, l-lemmer, Dr. Haag, advisor. Row Qfllaugherty, Tholin, Svvaisgood, Bischoff, F. Schultz, R. Zimmerman. Row 3-- -Beuerman, Kottlce, D. Miller, Hess, Dennis. Row 4fnE. Zimmerman, Roederer, l-loocl, l-linz, Eigenbrodt, Barrett. Row Svlfnittle, Cu. Wendland, Schoenherr, Forbush, Ettenhofer. 'S SOCIAL COMMITTEE Ml-leyl Wlwo svviped my brush?" ..,' 'l-lul'i uli-let's put tlwe julce box over lwere and tlwe fortune teller over tlwerel' '.,.' 'Wlieres tlwe fourtlw lwole on tlwe goll courselu . . . "Ya got a body lor tlie lworror tunnel?" . . . "Who spilled tlwe red paintlu . , . and so tlwe social committee, armed vvitli baseballs, tubs, bleaclier boards, nevvspapers, vvlwite eleplriants, and paint bruslwes, succeeded in putting it all togetlier for a County Fair. Worlcing lward on college parties and receiving little credit, this loyal bunclw lweaded by Miss Meier luas been responsible lor Nortlw Central social functions. Most ol tlie parties were spon- sored by tlwe social committee but planned by one ol tlwe campus organizations, l-lovvever, tlie Clwristmas and fall teas, tlie occasional roller skating parties, tlwe formal Freslwman Reception all lwave resulted from tlsie careful planning and lward vvorl4oltl1ese individuals. Dislwing out slcates and buclcling tliem up and away again . . . vvaslwing cups and plates . . . serving ice cream and pouring punclw . . . painting posters . , . running concessions . . . directing programs , . . planning entertainment . . . printing Favors . . , decorating . . . cleaning up , . . itis all lun but involves vvarlc-plenty ol itl l-lats all to tlwose ambitious students and faculty vvlio put in time on tlwe social committeel Round 'n round they go , . . Vic' fruler OFNCC , . . Social committee , . . The I-lilde Hop! Seciteclff'L. Allen, Miss Meier, Warrick, Breithaupt, T. Wonder, Soetlker, M. A. Stengel, Miss Kietzman. Standing Muellen, M. E. Gamertsfelder, l-lostetter, F. Rebstock, Walter, Bunse, Mrs. Dute, Miss Tanner. if . i 4. 3 -- 1 si.: 4 SQ . W I x xg S ' Pg . C tx 1 X I T 'X-J Officers Sollenberger, sgt.-at-arms, Judson, vice-president, Schoppert, chaplain, l-l. Thornton, secretary, B. Dundas, president, Turner, treasurer. Row 1- el2oclcwood, Gabel, Ettenhofer, A. Enzinna, Sir, Novatny, judson, l-louden, l-laumersen, R. Smith. Row 2' Yoshinaga, president, L. Berger, secretary, l-l. Thornton, l-lack, vice-president, V. Thornton, Queen, Ruble, j. Morton, Will, Yenerich, Groves, Rielce, Erwin. Row 3-f'Tarbox, F. Schultz, Senn, l-laebich, Kadoyama, Elliott, Dundas, Kouri, D. Geier, Kolb, E. Brown, Wolgast, Gieszer, D. Rhodes, Beher, Kurtz, treasurer, l-lemmer, VETERANS CLUB T945-46 . . . reconversion period . . . old lamiliar Faces returning to the campus along with other recently discharged servicemenl These does, and 'Macs' lelt the need lor organization, and by the end ol the First lew weelcs of the second semester, election ol otlicers had been completed and a constitution drawn up. Although it still is in its initial stage, the strength ol the organization has been felt in various con- troversial issues. lts project and main concern at its First monthly meetings was to lind homes lor married veterans The Vet's Club has a threefold purpose: First, to promote ideals and uphold the traditions ol the college and the veterans, second, to Form a closer fellowship between veterans at North Central and other veteran organizations, and, third, to aid the veterans academically and socially. VARSITY CLUB Will anyone Forget those queer-loolcing char- acters roaming about campus, January TT . . . fellas donned in nightgowns, skirts, golfing lcnicl4ers , . . silently humminguyes, we have no bananasu? That was a part ol Varsity Club initiation and a Kmust' in reorganizing the club. Alter a temporary halt during the war, the revival ol the club was an outstanding addition to the campus. Qne can't be a 'prune' and be in Varsity Club. It is an exclusive fraternity ol athletes whose thirty-eight members are major or minor letter winners. The contributions ol Varsity Club are many. lts main purposes are to encourage good sportsmanship and to build outstanding athletes. Projects ol the year began with the lnvitational Traclc Meet, March 9, highlighted by the presentation of the Queen, l-lelen Thornton, and her court, who awarded the winners ol each event. Row 1 Bulla, Miss Bleck, advisor H. Smith, Haegert, A. Kolb, Calla gan, lelinek, Leiser. Row Q Bullerman, Barrett, jordan, Tolzman, Caldwell, Rainsberger, Heuser, Dresser, Wendorf. Row 3 f'Simonsen, Kuenzli, Best, Roederer, Moore, Hafmann,l2ausch Shaffer, Harshman, Clover, Zwicky, secretary-treasurer, Gustafson, Ka doyama, Cry, vice-president. Not Pictured Parker, president. Row 1 Pieplow, H, Branigan social chr., Ory, secretary, Jorgen sen, president, G. Hatch, treasurer, Steiner, social chr., Blackwood, R. Hatch. Row Qf Wright, Bode, Doerr, Juhnke, Pratapcs, Zwicky, Althaus Bohlander. Row 3 Himmel, gluten, Hendrick son, Hodges, Pilgrim, Bohrnstedt, Bentley. Row 4M Schaffer, Myers, Siegert, D Bates, Larson, M. Bates, M. L Gamertsfelder, Jelinek. Row 5ff Leischner, Widick, A. Hol mes, Henningsen, Foote, Lewis. Row 6 Diewall, Mittelstadt, Pyle Sutch, Busse. Row 7 Hoffman, Dahm, Campbell Grossman, glohannville. Row 8, M. Diekvoss, Anthes, Wal mer, Caldwell, N. Johnson, Wagner Not Pictured flfichelberger, vice president. FRENCH CLUB lhe Llnion Room assumed a foreign atmosphere as the French Club convened for an occasional meeting. Wierd-sounding words echoed from its walls as the budding linguists practiced their nasal pronunciations upon one another and upon Mlle. Sicre, club advisor in the absence of Mlle. Bleck. French songs, games, and refreshments highlighted the meetings. Dependent upon the extent of their respective vocabularies, the members would answer to roll call with a French sentence. At times incorrect words or involved sentence con- structions resulted in misunderstandings, but, for the most part, ability in speaking French was increased through these informal get-togethers. II4 DORMLESS DAMSELS "lt might as weil be springln . . . popular tune utilized as a catchword brought the students en masse to one of the winter fieldhouse parties. HQhsU and Hahsn gave expression to the pleasantly surprised guests viewing the ingenious decorations . . . the result of enthusiastic work by the Dorm- less Damsels. This organization of the fairer sex includes commuters, local girls, and those living in private homes with Miss Wiley as the faculty advisor. lts main purpose is to afford some of the social life which is missed through dormless existence. These energetic girls have held monthly social meetings, entered a float in the Homecoming parade, and climaxecl the year with an 40pen House' in the Student Llnion. Inq 4 Ya-snag--...M . HOME EC. CLUB Cooks and Seamstresses they . . . this group ol home economics students met monthly at Johnson Cottage. -lhere is a twolold purpose in having this club, to create greater sociability among its members and to develop more professional interest in home economics work. The programs at these meetings have dealt with home management, child care, nutrition, consumer education, and similar subjects. Qne month a style show of past and present Fashions was presented. The group sent delegates to the lllinois state and Seventh Province conventions. Une ol its own members, Charlotte Steiner, served as president ol the lllinois home economics organization. The year's work culmi- nated with a banquet in May. Row 1 Widick, Leischner, Uebele, Pyle, Sutch, Dennis, Paecker, Pra- tapas. Row 2' Miss Quilling, advisor, Miss Kietzman, advisor, Bunse, Larson, J. Johnson, P. Wendland, sec.-treas- urer, Peterson, president, M. Stengel vice-president, Jorgensen, Wack- nitz, Lindahl, Strong, Kreimeier. Row 3 l-lunter, Noerenberg, Brun- ner, Myers, E. Diekvoss, M. Meyer, Ertlmeyer, F. l-latch, l-l. Branigan, Mey, Dahm, Schaffer, Steiner, Black- wood, l-lostetter, Mertz, Busse, Van Every. Row1 Dr. Eigenbrodt, l-l. Gamerts- Felder, Schloerb, Koelling, Kirchman, A. Kolb, M. Branigan, Bulla. Row Q l-lansen, Ci. l-latch, Schwab, J, l-latch, M. E. Gamertsielder, Spa- tharos, Shatter, Pausch, Forsberg, B. Brown. Row 3 -McGrath, Ory, P. Eckardt, D. Bates, Maas, Beine, N. Johnson, Rodesiler, l-lealey. Row 4 W. Biederman, Schosanski, Macgreaor, J. Eckardt, M. Bates, Kleist, Parker, Coldwell, Pains- berger, Kuenzli, E. Draeger. Row 5" l-lockenberger, Lewis, M. Stengel, Funkhouser, Wacker, Perry, J. DeWoll. Row 6- Tolzman, Beal, Fromm, lfnck, Queen, Bentley, l-lendrickson, l-lel- ton, Davidson. Row 7 P. Gibson, Tehle, Ebinger, Daw, Covelli, J. Berger, T. Pebstock, Bischoff, Reeves, Leiser. Row 8 Santelli, Read, Mulhall, l-l. Campbell, P. Koenitzer, Tholin, Knopf, Dennis, Beuerman. ZOOLCDGY CLUB Zoology Club . . . where girls put aside their squeamishness lor mice, snakes, and toads and where everyone racks his brain lor inlormation in the ibattle ol the sexesf The club is open to any- one interested in the Field ol zoology, but the more active roles are usually taken by the major students. Meeting regularly on the second Monday ol each month, the club is sponsored by Beta Beta Beta, and the interested and enthusiastic advisor is Dr. l'l. J. Eigenbrodt. Book reports, an illustrated lecture on snakes by Mr. Davis, a student panel discussion, and movies shown by Dr, Eigenbrodt Featured in the 1945-46 meetings. 115 Rowi juten,Beine,BussefBentley Funkhouser, H. Youngjohns, Bishop Row 2 -Schriver, B. Scott, Dr. Attig advisory Kirchman, president, Hack sec-treasurer, Gabel, vice-president, H. Biederman, Heuser, Wright. Row 3 Harshman, Shaffer, Rabehl Bohrnsteclty Kohlhepp, Brunsi Stauf facher, Zolvinslcii Enclc, Blackwood Halle. Row 1 Yenerichf M. Lepienf Nl. E Gamertsfelder, vice-president, Yo shinaga, presidenti Papenthien, Welflini Kurtz, Row 2 ' Pielce, treasurer, V. Thorn ton, Pechenmacher, Henningsen, Professor Kerr, advisor, F. Rebstock, Gast, secretaryf Houghton, Isen hower, Callagan, Kerins. Row 3' B. Gibsoni Thom, Erickson Clawson, D. Koteskey. HISTORY CLUB Shaving current affairs aside temporarily, some North Central students have delved into by-gone days with relish . . . increasing their understand- ing and appreciation of the past. This group is organized into the History Club which spends its monthly meetings learning and interpreting the intriguing things of yesteryear. Social events center about historic holidays and have included trips to the spots of interest which Chicago offers. The advisor, Dr. Attig, manages to add his bit of humorous interpretation to the history that other- wise might be forgotten or over-looked in the pages ofthe past. lllv COMMERCE CLUB The Commerce Club prides itself in promoting social as well as educational activities. Through stimulating discussions led byauthoritativespealcers, commercial students learn much that will be of value to them in business, Following an informal initiation, lively monthly meetings aroused much interest from eligible commercial students . . . those with at least six hours of commerce credit. Some of the members are even malcing plans for retirement, having made their first million upon following the advice ofa guest spealcer, Mr. Darf- ler. With the return of many veterans the member- ship increased enormously second semester. The assets of food, fun, and fellowship outweigh the fifty cent liability leaving a profitable balance. ,,,,,.,,,....-f-fu-"""'M' Seated--Dr. l-laag, Professor Kerr, Professor White, Dean Kurth. Standingff'M. Dundas, l-l. Gamerts- felder, Vtfillfening, Dr. Rall, M, E. Gamertsfelder, M. DeWoll. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Meeting only when the occasion demands, the Publications Board is responsible For the functioning and the production of the three college publica- tions: The College Chronicle, The Spectrum, and The Cardinal. The editors and business managers of these stalls plus the faculty advisors constitute this group. The board possesses and exercises regulatory powers over the Finances and vvorl4 of the publications. Furthermore, it recommends to the Student Council the individuals lor the top publication positions for the ensuing year. Seated- Professor White, advisor, Wilkening, president, Parker, vice- president, M. DeWolf, Dresser. Standingrflftfelty, Wegner, sec.- treasurer, D. Miller, Rockwood, Wendorf, Stump. WRITER'S CLUB About the Fireplace ol Professor White's com- fortable living room, members of Writer's Club gather every alternate Monday night to read original manuscripts. This is an all-college organ- ization vvhich welcomes those interested in any type of Writing. Under the excellent tutelage of the advisor, members learn to give and receive ciriticism on their prose and poetic creations. The Writer's Club is responsible for the publication oi The Cardinal, the schoolis literary annual which includes the outstanding vvorlcs produced through- out the year by both Writer's Club and Sigma Tau Delta members. Prizes amounting to thirty dollars give added inducement to contributors. The editor ol the T946 Cardinal is Donna Wilkening. 117 Pianist Attig. Row 1' Miss Schell, Shephard, Dievvall, Mayer, Berg, F. vlacobson, S. Schmidt, Stahl, Weiss, D. Lepien, Boyd, Matthies, Willson. Row 2 Hottsommer, Russell, Hunter, Mittelstadt, Sebeck, B. Meyer, Schoephorster, Zvviclcy, Kohlhepp, Steele, Wacker, M. Meyer, Cirossman, Walmer, Holtorf. Row 3'f Sheer, Breyman, Scherfner, Diebel, Soel'Fl4er, Clavvson, H. Lepien, Kline, Thede, Larson, Hostetter, Mertz, B. Henning, G. Hatch, Grandman, Borsaclc, Willcening, Himmel, Juhnlce. The melodious strains emitted from Pleitler Hall every Monday and Wednesday evenings are evidence of the Womenis Glee Club in pracs tice. The organization, headed by president Shirley Schmidt, vice- president Mary Ann Mayer, secretary Esther Boyd, and treasurer Hazel Lepien, presented a successful spring concert. The girls also gave of their time to further interest in the College Seminary Project by giving concerts in out-ol-town churches. The group is directed by Miss Wilma Schell ol the music department, CHAPEL Row 1 Matthies, Attig, Dievvall, Simonsen, Holisommer, Hofmann, Harshman, Olson, Russell, Mayer, Mittelstadt, Gabel, Gren er. lggw 2 Sebeclc, Heidenreich, Harrell, Breyman,Kohlhepp, Zvviclcy,M. Diel4voss,ErFfmeyer, Diebel, Feilc, E. Cook, Hess, Crosby H. Campbell, Meelcma, Munger. Row 3 Kellerman, Weber, Pieplovv, S. Schmidt, Hummel, Haegert, Callagan, Schellner, Hunter, Thede, H. Lepien, Roederer D. Miller, President Hood, F. Schultz, Mommsen, Seiser, Ettenhofer. HX Pianist' 'Greninger Row 1 Senn, Gabel, Dennis, G. Wendland, Beuerman, Ferclw, Yenericln, l-l. Campbell, l-lahn, Daugherty, Professor Luntz Row Q' -l-lood, Roederer, l-less, Crosby, Mommsen, Meekma, Seiser, l-l. Cook, Siewert, Rieke, Detterman, R. Zimmerman l-linz, Witmer, Ebinger, D. Miller. llwe lVlen's Glee Club lwas grown considerably tlwis year witli tlwe return ol many ol its lormer members from tlweir duties witli Uncle Sam, , llie club is under tlwe guidance ol George Luntz, professor ol voice, S llwe president ol tlie association is Keitlm Witmer and tlie vice-president and manager, l'loWard l'lal1n. Qne ol tlwe unusual tlwings planned by tlie club was a trip tlwrougli various states vvitlw stopping points at many ol tlwe Evangelical cliurclwes. It also presented a Christmas cliapel in conjunction vvitlw tlie Womens Glee Club. CHOIR Row 1w-Bischoff, l-lalwn, l-limmel, Moore, Wacker, Noerenberg, Steele, Bruns, Leiscliner, l-loltorl, D. Lepien, M. Allan, Boyd. Row 2-fl.. Berger, Yenericli, l-linz, Elliott, Ebinger, Daugherty, Macgregor, V. Rice, Muelil, Walmer, Grossman, lvluellen, l-lowell, Clavvson, Professor Pinney. Row 3gSieWert, Rieke, l-l. Cook, R. Zimmerman, Queen, Witmer, Busacca, Rockwood, G. l-latch, l-lostetter, Wilkening, Koelling, Daniel, M. A. Stengel, Larson, Borsack. llfi EHHUNIETT SIHH . ADVERTISING STAFF Dundas, Muellen, Rielce, L. Allen . . . SPORTS RERORTERSH'-Kojimoto, Lewis, l-lock . . . CUB RERORTERS Fromm, A, l-lolmes, Robe-hl, Schwab , . . WEDNESDAY Cl-IAREL OF COURSE . , , CUB RERORTERS-f-Maier, Funlchouser, Frederick , . . CIRCULATION STAFF -Al-loclc, Dundas, Mulholl, l-lemme-r, Rielfe, Kouri, Pomeroy . . . FEATURE RERQRTERS l-loltorf, Mortin, Stieglitz, Weber, Eichelberger. 120 l A 'rx Editor Marian DeWolf Publisher Mary Dundas 'WWE hmmm' lHl llllllil EHHllNIlll Down in the deathly quiet basement of Qld Main in a room marlced "Chronicle" sit, stand, lean, and lay a bunch of 'we'll meet that dead- line or else' staff members . . . working diligently putting together the remainder of that special edition. This is one organization in the school whose worlc can never be fullyappreciated, for only members l4now the ordeal it is to get all that copy in and then to have to switch, cut and Fill in the dummy so that the beaming Chronicle staff can say: Ulhatis a perfect jobln They lcnow too that itfs good experience and fun for those who are behind, putting 'the baby to bed'. It was rather doubtful at the first of the year whether or not the paper would have an editor . . . as Dave Rall left for Northwestern, but he had started Marian DeWolf on the 'rocky road' before he pulled up stalces. While Marian courageously supervised the layout, Coolcie Dundas shouldered the worries of the pecuniary difficulties . . . one of these involving a sufficient amount of money incorporated in the Chronicle l-lomecoming Queen campaign. It was an elated bunch of staff members who eventually discovered that a bigger budget was granted for such things as pictures and that surplus funds made possible a banquet at the end of the year. -lhey all lilce to eatl from the standpoint of both the finances and the co-operation of students it has been a good year for the Chronicle. There have been numerous comments . . . favorable and otherwise . . . which have been 'hashed' over, resulting in a better school paper with timely editorials, feature articles, and human interest stories . . . all adding up to a good paper. QW Business Manager Mary Gamertsfelder . 'Dv' lHl lH4H Sllilllllll The 'click-clock, ol the typewriter . . . the doubtful Fragrance ol rubber cement . . a bit ol spirited music . . . secretive discus- sions over photographs . . . the madly dashing statl meeting a dead- line . . . the monthly clean-up job . . . hammers pounding away on an unorthodoxly constructed slip cover . . . an occasional midnight oil burning . . . haphazard meetings ol the unotlicial Spectrum Club '... everything from soup to nuts was included in the Spec- trum Company ol 1946. It wasn't all on the social angle, Locked doors meant . . . "KEEP Qblll STAFF WORKING' '... then pencils, papers, and heads swam. March saw the slowing up ol such labors . . . and the results ol months went to press on April ist-no joke to business manager Mary Gam. or editor l-lerbie Gam. And what a reliel to photographer John Munger to hear it said: l'lhat's the last picture for sure nowll' Second semester lelt the right-hand-man spot held by Thelma DeMott vacant. Something was definitely missing without her, but the crew knuckled down to good hard copy writing, collecting ads, picture taking, mounting, identifying and captioning, and Finally dummy making. With Final prool reading and collecting money and, at length, the dispersing ol books . . . the year ended. The judgment ol its success is lelt to the reader. The stahl tried . . . and tried hardl l'lere's hoping you like it, Editor l-lelen Gamertsfelder SPTETHHM STHH wht ,-'X 1 F, 1 My , wmallli' 'MM T tx ' xv 2 Sz '57 X COPY STAFF-Y-Tolzman, Stump, Doerr, M. Branigan, Noerenberg, Wegner, M. Lepien, Weber, Gustafson, Bernhardt . , . PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF-Lindalrml, M. L. Gamertsfelder, Munger . , , EDITORIAL STAFF- fMuelIen, Walter, Blackwood Soeffker, Schloerb, Rieke, I-leuser, S. Schmidt . . , ART STAFF -Dresser, Rieke, M. L. Gamertsfelder, Lindahl, Munger, Erffmeyer Schloeorb . . . HERBIE AND HERMIE . . . BUSINESS STAFF' Erickson, Gast, Feldott, M. E. Gamertsfelder, T-larsT1man,SpatT1 aros, erry. Row 1 R. Gibson, B. Dundas, Elliott, Yenerich, Que l-l Row 2 P. Rh en, emmer, Thompson, Dennis, Ebinger oades, Poederer, Tehle, Morton, St S arr, tabenau, l-l. Campbell, Kottke, T. Wonder, I.. Schneller, Coach Belding. The return ol more men to the campus . . . the Tieldhouse resounding with the thud of spilces . . . enthusiasm running high . . . all spelled prospects F or a great traclc season. Knuclding down to strenu ous workouts, the squad responded t h o t e erlorts ol Coach Les Belding and track veteran B 5 , , . o Arlen. Alter an initial defeat, the team aug- mented b y returned vets captured three ol th e remaining four dual and triangular meets. March 9h ' ' t savv the Fieldhouse minus the baslcetball Floor . . . lor th F' ' ' ' e irst time in years . . . with North Central the host lor an lnvitational Meet. Climaxing the meet with a sensational relay, the Cardinals carried otl both the second place and the relay trophies. The victorious relay team, comprised ol Schneller, Gibson, and the co-captains l-laclq and Queen also put in a good piece of running in the Daily News Relays on March 30. Coach Belding, Co-captains Everett Queen, W alter l-laclc Ass't. Coach Bob Arlen, Don l-laas. aw I 1946 SCORES U. ol Chicago . . ,... 89 NCC ..4- -A'--- 6 6 NCC ..........,..... Q6 Loyola ..... .,..,. 3 8 Morton Jr, Colle e ,... 'lo ffK Q Wheaton .. ..,... oo NCC ..., 4..,.. 7 5 12 NCC ,,... .4.o.. 3 8 ... W Concordia . ..., 3Q A Elmhurst ...4 ,... Q 1,5 NCC .... ,..... 6 1 in DeKalb ,cc ,,,.a. 43 L flu NQRTH CENTRAL INVITATIONAL Z' Cf Wheaton . ,... 645 U, ol Chicago ..,..,,, 83: NCC .,...... .... 3 9 LaGrange Jr. College .412 H DeKalb ........A..... 19 Monmouth ..,.,.,.,..,.. Q Morton Jr. College .... 13 Augustana . ..,.. T Concordia ,..,..... WQIQ Illinois Tech Cornell ...A .... 1 T Morton Gibson l-lemmer Elliott Dundas Src:- Schneller, Dennis I , , ,, ,,,, 914229 i 5 ,W 4 gy zz-tgp s, Rach? ..f,., m: .::2':,.t2-M. W Y f 4 "Q " 'Zi3"' . . ..,MWg+a,,g1, 2 0 lgiyw' j,'fy1,v,5ff , S , ,AM Wg, ,. Seated Steben, Rockwood, Elliott, Queen, l-lack, Mgr. Spaniol. Standing Coach Erling Peterson, Barr, Yenerich, Theuer, Ettenhofer, E. Brown, Wight, Capt. l-lemmer, Kurtz. lllll Hlllllllll llllllll The spring ol 1945 lound the cindermen up against still competition. Under the coaching ol 'Rete' Reterson, the team, captainecl by Ralph l-lemmer and lex Hoesch, tallied the following scores: Wheaton . , . NCC .,,.. NCC Concordia .... U. of Chicago. NCC ........ Illinois Tech. .. ....73l-1 34'-1 ...5'I'g ...QQ .,,..45 ...34 .....65 Wheaton ......,,.. NCC ...i... U. of Chicago ....., Elmhurst ........... Lawrence . . . NCC .......,...,. 'IOQ 531 4'I Q41 'IO7 Q4 CONFERENCE MEET Augustana .....,... 78 NCC ""-t--t M39 Ncc ..,.,.,.,.,.. 631 Bradley Tech ....,.. 40 DAILY NEWS RELAY lll, Wesleyan Q71 Western Mich.. ..... 'I st Monmouth "4" q-H14 Lawrence .....,... Qnd DeKalb .... 79 NCC ......... 126 .....3rd NCC ..,. 59 , N .. ..... ,......, .,!. . V, RELAY TEAME--flheuer, Queen, Steben, l-lack , . Barrett rounding First on a triple! The T945 baseball team lost its only game ol the season to a strong Wheaton nine on College Day afternoon. Don Rilcer, lone North Central veteran, yielded only eight hits, but Wheaton scored most ol its counters on Cardinal errors. Bill Barrett, l?il4er's battery mate, turned in a good job ol catching. ln his First appearance at the plate, Bill came up with a triple. The general consensus ol opinion was that the game would well lorm the paclcground lor a team in T946 Row 1fLubach, Komai, Rieke, Rilcer, Kerins, Shemanslce. Row 2-'Kurth, Galoel, Kurtz, L. Berger, Coach Bieber, Barrett, K ,4r-- adoyama, Wahl, l-laag. 12 1 ,J - 9 -, 28 4 ,575 f og v I D rv ' ,, .. F55 1 . .an K K 5 Mr. Pepiot, Be-her, F. Schultz, Dunlde, C. Young. Not Pictured-fl-loesch. llll llllil HNNIS The T945 'raclceteers' shoved the year's athletic standing up a notch by turning in a Fairly successful record. ln two preliminary practice matches, the squad netted moral support . . . trimming Elmhurst with a score ol 3-l and trouncing Elgin Academy, 6-O. ln a bid for the Conference Meet at Peoria on May 5th, Chuclc Young checlced in lor the second spot singles position and the Dunlcle-Young team placed as runners-up in the doubles. This resulted in North Centralls capturing the meet, Under the coaching ol l'Vlr. Pepiot, the netmen garnered the following scores: Chicago U. .... 6 NCC .. ...O Beloit ..., .... 5 NCC .. ....'l Elmhurst .. .... 3 NCC .. ...3 Wheaton .... .... 1 NCC .. ,...6 ChicagoU..,, .... 6 NCC... ....O Elmhurst .. .... Q NCC ...,4 '," ,Z l l l l re i i l A i l l i i l i i l i i i ii l l sal. Hill llllllillll HNNIS With inclement Weather talcing a toll ol two matches, the remaining Four matches ol the '45 season netted three victories and one tie for the undefeated womens team. The scores totalled: North Park .. ...O NCC ...6 Wheaton ....... ,..'l NCC ...S Chicago Teachers .... ...O NCC ... ...6 Wheaton ,...,.. ...3 NCC ...3 Mgr. M. Schneller, l-l. Gamertsfelder, Schloerb, Miss Tan- r. me Thornton, M. E. Gamertsfelder. Herbie Helen Mary Marg ROYAL COURT -Doris Gamertsfelder, Betty Simpson, Marion Augustine, joe Nicoletti, Phyllis Schendel Wedsworth, Florence Mayer, jane Gabel, Jane Oertli Schriver. TRAIN BEARERS Bruce Keeler, Suzanne Eller, lllllllil Illll College Day . , . that time in early May when North Central dons its Sunday best and welcomes prospective students to the campus . . . was a continuous schedule ol events from the early morning Flag raising and the unorthodox wash-line through the climaxing late evening show. A general get-together in Pteitler l-lall set olf the day's activities . . . the annual fashion review of the clothing department, musical selections, and a guest spealcer, culminated with the dedication ol the 1945 Spectrum to 'Dad' Weyrick. The re- mainder ol the morning was devoted to depart- mental displays. The alternoon leatured baseball against the Wheaton Crusaders, a water ballet with l-lawaiian music and background, and Finally . . . the long- 130 awaited May Pete. Alter the grand entrance ot the royalty and their train, the court was enter- tained by the characters of Fairy Land 'come to life' . A . l-lansel and Gretel, Snow White and the dwarfs, and even the pirates from Treasure lsland, Then . . . the highlight of the day A . . the crowning of l-lelen Thornton as Queen of the May for the coming year and the subsequent abdication ol the reigning queen. ln the evening ensued a Fitting Finale . . . Edgar Coolcs original production, The Mystery of Life, a moving musical presentation, Descending from the sublime to the ridiculous, this was anti- climaxed with the hilarious antics of pajama-clad Frosh wheeling the ldngly carriage of His Majesty to the coronation of Vic Thornton as King Rex. HHH . . . 'IIS HHHINH . .. 'H ff 'Nair i,' S f' :f H . 3' H W 1 . H 3 ' Q HHHHH M f if A v'L VAVV I If -I :fl 4 e 3 2 wwwx Ohh lorqcgool, cleorclipl , . .Queen ofthe Relays. . ,Go on, Dodie dive in! . . ,Stars ofthe relcly. . . l-lellol . The roorm Dupcge . l-loll of Fame tronsplontotions , . . Johnson belles , . . Lotso room' -pile in! 132 'Q .UlIIHHHHl1IHlH'S IHSK vi at 5 if 3 ,W s ff, vf ' f 1 4 N 'W V1 , 22 ,fr :gi -rv 'TM 1-4.0. , M ' a Aw, C'm0n 1-IEAVEQ . . . First nighter? . . . Varsity Clubffvvorth crowing about! , . . BUTTON FRCSH! , , 'Merry chase. . Puta nickel m . Cn my honor" . .Wash day' 4 , Hmmm -cutofftoo hugh . . Name it we can Somepin on your mind, Schendyf? ATTIG, MIRIAM, B.A. Psychology Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, 4 Caccompanistb, Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4 Caccompanistl, Orchestra 4, W.A.A. 3, Treas. 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4, Central Com. Sec. 3, Honors Society Sec. 3, 4, One-act plays 1, Q, 3, 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4, Sigma Rho Gamma 3, 4, Homecoming Program CI Hear America SingingD 3, College Day Program CMystery of Lifel 3. BAUMAN, KATHLEEN, B.A. Sociology Spectrum 1, Q, 3, Glee Club 1, Q, Student Volunteers 1, Q, 3, Sec.-treas. 1, Q, Mich. Booster Club Pres Q, Student E.Y.F. Pres. 3, Commission Chr. 4. BEHER, JOHN, B.A. Physics, Mathematics Spectrum 1, Q, 3, Chronicle 3, S.A.A.C.S. Q, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Tennis 3. BENNETT, MARY ELLEN, B.A. Phys. Ed. Lindenwood College for Women 1, Q, Christian Youth Council Q, W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, Board of Control 4, Asst. House Mother at Johnson Hall 4. BERNHARDT, DOROTHY, B.A. English Band 1, Q, Asst. Director 1, Pres. 3, Glee Club 1, Q, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, Spectrum staff 1, Q, 4, Vice-pres. of Class Q, Wis. Booster Club Vice-pres. Q, Homecoming Com. Q, One-act Play 1, War Council 3, Social Com. Q, English Asst. 3, 4. BISHOP, BETTY, B.S. Phys. Ed. Zoology Club 1, Writers Club Q, 3, W.A.A. 1, Q, 4, Board of Control 3, History Club 4. BOYD, ESTHER, B.M.E. Music Education Glee Club 1, Q, 3, Sec. 4, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, 4, Band 3, Home Ec. Club Q, 3, 4, Sigma Rho Gamma Q, 3, 4. BRANIGAN, HELEN, B.A. Home Economics W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, Board of Control 4, Home Ec. Club Q, 3, 4, Spectrum StaFl 1. BROWN, EDWIN, B.A. Zoology Football 3, 4, Co-captain, Basketball 3, Track Q, 3, Student Council 4, Zoology Club Q, 3, 4. BUSACCA, DWIGI-IT, B.A. Philosophy, Psychology Class of1947 Pres. Q, E.Y.F. Pres. 4, Pi Kappa Delta Pres. 4, Treas., Forensic Board Pres. 4, "Best Debator Award", Whitewater Debates Q, Cheerleader 3, 4, Seager Assoc. Treas., Spectrum StaFl Q, Chapel Choir Q, 3, 4, French Club Treas., State Extemporaneous Speaking f3rd place 3, Religious Life Council Treas. 4, Student Council 4, Who's Who ln American Universities and Colleges 4. BUSSE, ESTI-IER, B.A. I-lone E:onomics Home Ec. Club Q, 3, 4, History Club 3, 4, Dormless Damsels 4 CARLSON, ALLAN, B.A. Commerce De Pauw University 1, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Commerce Club 3, 4, Veterans Assoc. 4. DAHM, VIRGINIA, B.S. Home Economics Dodge City, Kansas, Junior College 1, Q, A Cappella Choir 1 , Student Director Q, Girls' Trio Q, Class Play Q, Band 1, Q, Y.W.C.A. Pres. Q, Glee Club 3, Home Ec. Club 3, 4, Dormless Damsels 4, One-act Play 4. DAVIS, MARY, B.A. Mathematics W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, Mathematics Asst. Q, 3, Class Treas. Q, Social Com. 3. DAWSON, LESLIE, B.A. Commerce Basketball 1, Commerce Club 3, 4, Intramural Softball Q, 3, Intramural Basketball Q, 3, Intramural Football Q, 3. DE WOLF, MARIAN, B.A. English Publications Board 4, Writers Club 1, Q, 4, Sec.-treas. 3, Chronicle 1, Q, 3, Editor 4, Class Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Dormless Damsels 1, Q, 3, 4, Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges 4. DIEBEL, VIRGINIA, B.M.E. Music Education Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Chapel Choir 4, Band 3, Operetta Q, Sigma Rho Gamma Q, 3, 4, Treas. 3. DIEKVOSS, ELAINE, B.S. Home Economics Home Ec. Club 1, 3, 4, Wis. Booster Club 3, 4, Sec.-treas, 1, One-act Plays 1, W.A.A. 3, 4. 134 DOEDE, VIRGINIA, B.S. Zoology Writer's Club 1, Shakespearean Play Q, Dramatics 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4. DUNDAS, MARY, B.A. English Class Sec. 3, Writer's Club 3, Swimming Team 1, Q, 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Spectrum 1, Q, Chronicle Asst. Mgr, 3, Publisher 4, Dormless Damsels 1, Q, 3, Water Ballet 3, Publications Board 4. EBY, ROBERT, B.A. Commerce, Psychology Commerce Club 3, 4, Football 4, Intramural Track Q, 3, Varsity Club 4. FANN, BENJAMIN, B.S. Phys. Ed. Campbell College, Western Carolina Teachers College, Wrestling, Baseball, Debating. GAMERTSFELDER, HELEN, B.A. Zoology Student Council 1, Q, Class Pres. 3, Spectrum 1, Q, 3, Editor 4, Social Com. 1, Q, W.A.A. Board of Control Q, 3, 4, Varsity Tennis 1, Q, 3, 4, Homecoming Chr. 4, B.B.B. 3, Vice-pres. 4, Honors Society 3, 4, Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges 4. GAMERTSFELDER, MARY, B.A. Commerce, Zoology Varsity Tennis Q, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4, Spectrum 1, Q, 3, Bus. Mgr. 4, B.B.B. 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, Vicef pres. 4, Honors Society 4. GINTER, ROGER, B.A. Psychology HATCH, JUNE, B.A. Chemistry Band 1, Q, 3, Orchestra 1, Q, 3, S.A.A.C.S. 1, Q, 3, 4, W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, Zoology Club 4, Spectrum 1, Q, Chronicle Q, Chess Club 1, Student Council 1, Class of 1944 Vice- pres. 3. HATCH, RUTH, B.A. Education French Club 1, Q, Dormless Damsels 4, W.A.A. 4, Shake- spearean Play 3, Asst. Librarian Q, 4. HEMMER, RALPH, B.A. Bible, Psychology Track 1, Q, 3, 4, Co-captain 3, Football 3, 4, Chronicle 1, Q, 3, 4, Kappa Kappa Klub Pres. 3, Varsity Club 4, Seager Assoc. 1, Q, 3, 4. HOFFMAN, MARIETTA, B.A. Music Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Operetta Q, French Club Q, 3, Sigma Rho Gamma 3, Pres. 4, Band 1, Q, 3, 4. HOFFSOMNAER, JUNE, B.A. Speech St. Joseph Jr. College 1, Q, Student Council 1, A Cappella Choir 1, Sec. Q, Dramatic Club 1, Pres. Q, French Club Q, Art Club 1, Q, Plays 1, Q, 3, 4, Touring Ouartet 1, Q, Social Com. 3, Alpha Psi Omega Sec.-treas. 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Chapel Choir 3, 4, Madrigal Chorus 4, Sigma Rho Gamma 4, Homecoming com. 4, Orchestra 4, Bolton Hall Vice-pres. 3. HOOD, NICHOLAS, B.A. Psychology Purdue University 1, Q, 3, 4, B.S. in Biology, Religious giaugicil, Youth Work, N.C.C. Chapel Choir Pres. 4, Glee u 4. HOSTETTER, AILEEN, B.A. Psychology Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Chapel Choir Q, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club Q, 3, 4, French Club Pres. Q, Band 1, Class Treas. 4. HOUDEN, LLOYD, B.S. History, Phys. Ed. Football 1, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Vocational Ed. Work Com. 4, Basketball Asst. 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. ISENHOWER, LILLIAN, B.A. Commerce University of Texas Q, 3, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, W.A.A. 4, Commerce Club 4, Dormless Damsels 4. JAHN, HORACE, B.A. English Band 1, Q, Orchestra 1, Q, Writer's Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Sec.- treas. 3, Spectrum 3, 4, Cardinal 3, 4, English Asst. 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, One-act Play 4. JUDSON, RICHARD, B.A. Commerce Football 1, Q, 3, Basketball 1, 4, Baseball 1, Q, 3, 4, Varsity Club Q, 3, 4, Commerce Club Q, 3, 4, Veterans Assoc. Vice-pres. 4, Swimming 3, Varsity Club Treas. 3. KASTNER, HELEN, B.S. Home Economics Milwaukee State Teachers College Q, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, 4, Kappa Kappa Klub, Mgr. 3. KNITTLE, HOWARD, B.A. History French Club 1, Q, History Club 3, 4, Seager Assoc. 1, Q, 3, 4, University of Akron, Qnd sem., 1940. KOELLING, ANGELENE, B.A. Chemistry, Zoology Glee Club 1, Q, Chapel Choir 3, 4, Zoology Club Q, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 1, Q, 3, 4, B.B.B. 3, Pres. 4, S.A.A.C.S. Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 4, Honors Society 3, 4. KOTESKEY, MAXINE, B.A. Sociology Bay City Jr. College 1, Q, Women's League Soc. Chr, Q, Socio-Geographic 1, Q, Phi Theta Kaooa Q, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Class Vice-pres. 4, Sociology Asst. 4, Water Ballet 3, 4. KOUBA, IRENE, B.A. Education Writer's Club Q. LEPIEN, MARJORIE, B.A. Commerce Zoology Club 1, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, 4, Co-Chr. Sn. Class Play 4, Homecoming Oueen's Court4. MAAS, GERALDINE, B.A. Chemistry, Zoology Band 1, Commerce Club 1, S.A.A.C.S. Q, 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, 4, B.B.B. 4. MARTIN, MARY LOUISE, B.A. Sociology W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, Board of Control 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4, Chronicle 4, Dormless Damsels Q, 4, Water Ballet 3, 4. MAYER, MARY ANN, B.M. Voice Glee Club 1, Q, 3, Vice-pres. 4, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, 4, Sigma Rho Gamma Q, 3, 4, Homecoming Program CMystery of Lilej 3, College Day Program Cl Hear America SingingD 3, Operetta Q. MERTZ, MARJORIE, B.A. Sociology Band 1, Q, 3, 4, Glee Club Q, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 4, Orchestra 1, Q, War Council 3, Soc. Com. 3, Operetta Q, One-act Plays Q. MILLER, HARRIET, B.A. Religious Education St. Cloud Teachers College 1, Q, Glee Club 1, Q, Chapel Choir 4, Y.W,C.A. Cabinet 4. MORAN, ROBERT, B.A. History Northwestern U., Sports Writer for Daily Northwestern,- Interlraternity Council Rep. ol Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, La Grange Jr. College: Men's Club Pres., "College News" Sports Editor, "College Capers" Chr., Basketball. MUEHL, BETTY, B.A. Social Science, Education Glee Club 1, Q, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, 4, Pres. Q, W.A.A. 1, 4, Treas. Q, Board ol Control 3, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1, Vice-pres. 4, Soc. Com. Q, 3, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Class Sec. Q, Kaufman Hall Pres. 1, Homecoming Com. 3, 4, Swimming Team 1, Int. Relations Conference 3. NOVATNY, FRANK, B.S. Phys. Ed., Commerce Football 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Q, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Q, 3, 4, Capt. 3, Varsity Club Q, 3, 4, Commerce Club Q, 3, 4. PETERSON, BETTY, B.S. Home Economics Milwaukee St. Teachers College 1, Stillman-Kelly Girls Chorus 1, Chapel Choir Q, 3, Home Ec. Club Q, 3, Pres. 4, Student Volunteers Q, 3, Pres. 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4. RUSSELL, LUCILE, B.A. Education Bowling Green State U. 1, Q, 3, Glee Club 4, Chapel Choir 4, SCHENDEL, BETTY, B.S. Phys. Ed. Athletic Board of Control 4, W.A.A. 1, Board of Control Q, 3, Pres. 4, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, Glee Club 1, Student Sunday School Class Sec. Q, Zoology Club 3, Homecoming Com. 4, Minn. Booster Club Vice-pres. 3. SCHLOERB, MARGARET, B.S. Zoology Student Council 3, Swimming Team 1, Athletic Assoc. Pres, 3, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3, Pres. 4, W.A.A. 1, Sec. Q, Board olControI 3,4,Honors Society 3, 4, Pres. 3, Varsity Tennis 1, Q, 3, 4, French Club 1, Q, College Day Com. 3, May Fete Chr. 4, Spectrum 4, Soc. Com. 1, Q, S.A.A.C.S. 4, Student Union Board of Control 3, Homecoming Com, 4, Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges 4. SCHNELLER, MARDELLE, B.A. German, Sociology Class Pres. Q, Women's Rep. at Large 4, Kroehler Hall Pres. 4, Homecoming Com. Q, College Day Com. 1, 3, Election Commissioner 4. SCHOENHERR, GUSTAV, B.A. Philosophy Western Union College 1, Q, Football 1, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, History Club 1, Albright Fellowship 1, Student Volun- teers 1, Writer's Club 3, Seager Assoc. 3, 4, W.S.S.F. Chr. 3, Varsity Club 4. SCHOEPHORSTER, DOROTHY, B.A. English Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Treas. Q, Dramatics 1, Q, 3, 4, Sigma Tau Delta 3, Pres. 4, Class Vice-pres. 3, English Asst. 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4. SCHOSANSKI, MARGARET, B.A. Zoology Morton Jr. College 1, Q, Newspaper staFl1, Q, Press Guild Member Q, Student Council 1, Presidents Aide's Member Q, Zoology Club Q, 3, 4, W.A.A. Q, Chronicle 3, B.B.B. 4 STAHL, NORMA, B.A. English Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Sec. Q, W.A.A. 1, Q, Treas. 3, Board of Control 4, Dramatics 3, Sigma Tau Delta 3, Sec.-treas, 4, Y,W.C.A. Treas. 4, English Asst. 4, Dorm Vice-pres. 1, Pres. 3, Student Council 3, 4, Homecoming Oueen's Court 4. STEBEN, FLORENCE, B.A. English Glee Club 1, Q, Chapel Choir Q, 3, Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4, English Asst. 4. STENGEL, MARY ANN, B.A. Sociology Zoology Club 1, Glee Club Q, 3, Chapel Choir 4, Operetta Q, Social Committee 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Class Sec'y. 4, E.Y.F. Council 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4, Spanish Asst. 3, 4, STUMP, PHYLLIS, B.A. English Evanston Collegiate Institute 1, Glee Club 1, Q, Sigma Tau Delta 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Honors Society 3, 4, French Club, Sec'y. Q, Pres. 3, Writer's Club 3, 4, Homecoming Oueen's Court 4, Varsity Oueen's Court 4, Dorm Pres. Q, Shakespearean Plays 3, One-Act Plays 3, 4, Homecoming Com. 4, Co-Chairman Class Play 4. THORNTON, HELEN, B.A. Physical Ed. Class Sec'y. 1, Swimming Team 1, Q, 3, 4, Tennis Team 3, 4, May Oueen 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4, Co-Chairman College Day 3, Pres. Athletic Assoc. 4, Student Council 4, W.A.A. 3, 4, Varsity Oueen 4. THORNTON, VICTOR, B.A. Political Science Football 1, Commerce Club Q, 3, 4, Chronicle Q, Track Mgr. 1, Q, Varsity Club Q, 3, 4, Veterans Club 4, Student Body Pres. 4, King Rex 4, Homecoming Com. Q, College Day Com. 3, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities 4. WAHL, BERNARD, B.A. Psychology, Philosophy Zoology Club Q, Spectrum Q, 3, Football 3, 4, Track 3, One-Act Plays 3, Basketball Mgr. 3, Y.M.C.A, Cabinet 4, Seager Assoc. WEBER, CORINNE, B.A. Sociology University of Iowa 1, Q, Chapel Choir 4, Chronicle 4, Spec- trum 4, Graduation Announcement Chr. 4. WEGNER, MARY JEAN, B.S. English Chapel Choir 1, 3, Shakespearian Play 1, Homecoming Play 1,W,A.A. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Writer's Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 4, Smith College Q, Homecoming Com. 3, 4, Y.W,C.A. Cabinet 4, Central Com. Sec'y. 4, Sigma Tau Delta 3, English Ass't. 4, One-Act Play 4. WELTY, DAN, B. A. English Bethany College, Year book staFl, Oral Interpretation, Debate, Southern Methodist University. WILKENING, DONNA, B.A. English Writer's Club 1, Q, 3, Pres. 4, Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4, Pi Kappa Delta Q, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, 4, Forensic Board Vice-Pres. 4, W.A.A. 1, Q, Cardinal Editor 4, Int. Relations Conference 3, 4, French Club 1, Q, Honors Society 3, 4. WILLSON, MIRIAM, B.A. English, Latin Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4, Class Treas. 3, Student Volunteers 1, English Ass't. 3, 4. YOSHINAGA, BENJAMIN, B.S. Engineering Science U.C.L.A. 1, Q, Men's Rep. At Large 4, Student Council Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Football 3, Captain 4, Basketball 3, Varsity Club Pres. 4, Commerce Club Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Student Union Board ol Control 3, College Day Co-Chr. 3, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. YOUNG, PAUL, B.A. Evansville College 1, Q, Veteran's Assoc. 4. YOUNGJOHNS, HAZEL, B.S. Physical Ed., History Lyons Township Junior College, W.A.A. 1, Q, 4, University of Illinois 3. YOUNGJOHNS, JANE, B.S. Physical Ed., History Lyons Township Junior College 1, Q, University oi Illinois 3, W.A.A. 1, Q, 4. 135 lllllllll Abbott, Ruthanne . Broadlawn Farm Downers Grove, lll. Ackman, Mrs. Stewart . 318 S. Washington Naperville, lll. Albertus, Maurine . Prairie du Sac, Wis. Allan, Mary . . 400 E. Breckenridge Ave. Ferndale,Mich. Allen, l-larry . . 634 N. Spring LaGrange, Ill. Allen, Lorraine . 958 Middauah Rd. Clarendon l-lills, Ill. Althouse, Darleen . Lawrence, Kan. Amundsen, Robert . 3744 Sterling Rd. Downers Grove, lll. Andersen, Louis . R. No. 3 Mankato, Kan. Anderson, Mordelle 9337 S. May St. Chicago, III. Anthes, Alice . Cass City, Mich. Arbeen, Bernard C. , 4951 W. Ferdinand St. Chicago 44, lll. Arden, Kelvin . . 190 Arlington Ave. Elmhurst, III. Arlen, Robert , 30 S. Ellsworth Naperville, III. Attig, Miriam . 995 N. Columbia Naperville, lll. Banks, Richard . 19588 Olenfield Detroit, Mich. Barr, Pauline . Dakota, III. Barr, Robert . Dakota, lll. Barrett, William . 1149 Humphrey Ave. Oak Park, Ill. Bates, Doris . . R. No.1 Woodland, Mich. Bates, Maxine R. No.1 Woodland, Mich. Bauman, Kathleen R. No. 1 Box 40 Caledonia, Mich. Beal, Ernest . , Lancaster, lll. Beher, john . . 351 Lawndale Ave. Aurora, lll. Beine, Ethel . . Reynolds, N. D. Bennett, Mary Ellen . 916 W. 110 Place Chicaga, lll. Bentley, Shirley 308 S. 4th St. Aurora, lll. Berg, Vivian R. No. 1 Brownsfield, Wis. Berger, john 1998 S. 98th St. Milwaukee, Wis. Berger, Lowell . 403 Plymouth Bremen, lnd. llllllllllllll jr. Spec. . Fr Soph . jr. jr. Fr Spec Fr Fr . jr Soph , Fr Spec Sr Fr . Fr Soph jr Soph . Fr Sr Fr Sr Fr . Sr Fr Fr . Fr Soph Bernhardt, Dorothy . Greenleaf, Wis. Best, Shirley . Box 33 Bartlett, lll. Beuerman, Donald . R. No. 1 Washta, lowa Bevier, Richard R. No. 9 Naperville, lll. Bianchetta, Peter . 999 Plum St. Aurora, III. Biederman, l-larriett . 1313 Center St. jefferson, Wis. Biederman, Wilma . 1313 Center St. jefferson, Wis. Bilv, Robert . 938 Wenonah Oak Park, lll. Bischoff, l-l. P. Ross . 3307 S. 7th St. Tacoma, Wash. Bishop, Betty . . 1100 Rosewood Ferndale, Mich. Blackwood, Maxine 848 Charles St. Aurora, lll. Bode, Ann . . 917 E. Evergreen Wheaton, III. Bohlander, Aileen 303 N. Center Naperville, lll. Bohrnstedt, janis . 5435 Fairmont Downers Grove, lll. Bollman, Lorraine . Lee Center, lll. Bolton, john . . 471 9 Montgomery Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Borsack, lris . . Westfield, Wis. Boyd, Esther . Drawer 677 Ashton, lll. Brady, Marie CMrs. D . Stoos Farm Naperville, Ill. Brandt, Robert Lena, lll. Branigan, l-lelen , 945 N. jones Ave. Amboy, lll. Branigan, Mary Louise 945 N. jones Ave. Amboy, III. Braun, jane . . Caledonia, Mich. Breithaupt, Winifred . 719 Newton Lansing 19, Mich. Breyman, Ruth . . 176 S. Adams St. Mansfield, Ohio Brom, Gloria . . R. No. 1, Box 1 Naperville, III. Brown, Betty . . 9353 Kentucky Ave. Detroit 4, Mich. Brown, Edwin . . 1916 Cualena Blvd. Aurora, lll. Brown, Phyllis . 505 N. Ellsworth Naperville, III. . Sr Fr Fr Fr Soph . jr Fr Fr .Fr Sr Soph Fr Fr Fr Fr Soph Soph Soph Spec Soph Sr Soph jr . jr Soph Soph .Fr .Sr .Fr Bruns, Betty . Auburn, Iowa Brunner, Elaine Reddick, lll. Bryan, Stanton . 9551 Trevilian Way Louisville 5, Ky. Bubert, Rollin . 119 S. Sleight St. Naperville, Ill. Buckholz, Matthew . 9779 Francis Place Chicago, lll. Buck, Robert . . BOX 779 Warrenville, lll. Buholz, Duane . Ortonville, Minn. Bulla, Georgia . 4047 l-loward Ave. Western Springs, lll. Bullerman,Glenna . 30 Golf Rd. Clarendon l-lills, lll. Bunse, Verda . R. No. 1 Cosby, Mo. Busacca, Dwight . 7490 93rd Ave. Kenosha, Wis. Busse, Esther . Maribel, Wis. Butler, Vincent . 105 N. Brainard Naperville, lll. Caldwell, Betty . 5404 Lee Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Callagan,jeanne . Sheridan, III. Camobell, l-larry . 865 l-lowland Ave. Louisville, Ky. Campbell, Willa . 705 Stevens Ave. Naperville, lll. Cardin, Carl jr. . 5316 Blodgett Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Carlson, Allan . 115 S. Russell Aurora, lll. Carr, john . 103 Washington Oswego, lll. Case, Sherman . 839 Burlington Ave. Downers Grove, III. Cena, Lawrence . Box 109 Guaste, Calif. Chase, Irene 9931 Daisy St. Flint, Mich. Chonko, john . R. No. 1 Downers Cirove, lll. Clawson, Marilyn . Box 1000 San Pierre, lnd. Clover, janis . 51812 View St. Aurora, III. Comstock, Eugene . R. No. 9, Box 468 Toledo 6, Ohio Comstock, Wayva . R. No. 9, Box 468 Toledo 6, Ohio Conner, Walter 114 S. Russell Aurora, lll. Cook, Elmo . R. No. 3 Fleming, Colo. Cook, l-lerman . 366 Douglas St. Akron, Ohio Soph. Fr. Soph. Soph. . Fr. Soph. jr. Fr. Soph. Soph Sr. Sr. Spec. Fr. Soph. jr. Fr. jr. Sr. Fr. Soph. Fr. Fr. Fr. Soph. Soph. Fr. Soph. jr. Fr. . Fr. Cook, Leon . 1396 Front St. Aurora, III. Cooper, Richard . 6 Le Grande Blvd. Aurora, lll. Corbett, Laurence . 1136 Lyman Ave. Oak Park, Ill. Cornelius, Eleanor , 4896 Oakwood Downers Grove, lll. Cory, Elizabeth . W. Kinglield Rcl. Kinglield, Maine Cosyns, Howard . 699 Revere Rd. Glen Ellyn, III. Covelli, Orlando . 309 Prairie St. Aurora, lll. Crosby, Burton . Whitehouse, Ohio Crow, Kenneth . Chesterville, Texas Crummy, Maureen . 97 N. Washington Naperville, lll. Dahm, Virginia . Jewell, Kan. Daniel, Marilyn . 549 N. Grant St. l-linsdale, lll. Darller, Donald . . R. No. 1, Box 36 Naperville, lll. Daugherty, Edwin R. No. 9 Bedford, Pa. Dauwalder, Robert . Aurora, lll. Davidson, Lorraine . Beulah, N. D. Daw, Marilyn . Naperville, lll. Dawson, Leslie . . 909 Blackhawk St. Aurora, Ill. Davis, Mary . Ashton, lll. DeMott, Thelma . 510 E. Bth St. Flint 3, Mich. Dennis, Dorothy . 503 E. Dixon St. Polo, lll. Dennis, Duane . 575 River St. Adrian, Mich. Destree, Lois 9931 N. Tripp Chicago, III. Detterman, Eugene Clinton Ave. Green Springs, Ohio DeWolf, Marian . 819 Spring St. Aurora, lll. DeWolf, June . 439 Riverside Villa Park, lll. Diebel, Virginia . 106 N. Pine St. Washington, lll. Diekvoss, Elaine . 190 Vermont St. Beaver Dam, Wis. Diekvoss, Minerva . 810 Metomen St. Ripon, Wis. Diewall, Janette . Rockiield, Wis. Ditzler, Robert . Davis, lll. Doede, Virginia Rolph Plano, lll. Doede, Walter . Denmark, Wis. Fr . Fr . Fr Spec Fr Fr Jr. Fr. Fr. Spec. Sr. Fr. . Fr. Fr. . Fr. Fr. Soph. . Sr. Sr. Jr. Soph. . Fr. Fr Soph Sr Soph Sr Sr Soph Jr Fr Sr Soph Doerr, Virginia . 699 E. Pleasant Freeport, lll. Draeger, Esther . . 1065 Marienette Ave. Marienette, Wis. Draeger, Virginia . 1038 Argyle St. St. Paul, Minn. Dresser, Jean . 419 Summit Ave. Villa Park, lll. Dundas, Frederick . 19 N. Sleight Naperville, lll. Dundas, Mary Vandercook 439 Taylor Ave. Glen Ellyn, III. Dunning, Donald . 395 Raymond Ave. Elgin, lll. Dunning, Edith, . 395 Raymond Elgin, lllinois Dyer, James . . Fairhaven Court Downers Grove, lll. Earnest, Dole . . 1417 N. LaSalle Chicago, lll. Ebinger, Warren R. No. 1 Oswego, Ill. Eby, Robert . 831 sth St. Aurora, III. Engh, John . Yorkville, lll. Eckardt, Joyce, . R. No. 3 Lake Odessa, Mich. Eichelberger, Audrey . 699 S. Washington Naperville, lll. Eigenbrodt, John . 619E. North Naperville, lll. Elliott, Lynn . . . 3650 N. l-lermitoge Ave. Chicago 13, lll. Enck, Robert . . . 444 S. Sleight Naperville, lll. Enzinna, Peter . 195 Garden St. Lockport, N. Y. Enzinna, Angelo . 195 Garden St. Lockport, N. Y. Erllmeyer, Marjorie . 6 S. Loomis St. Naperville, lll. Erickson, Radiance . 819 N. Eagle St. Naperville, III. Erwin, Clyde . . 707 E. Main St. Olney, lll. Ettenhofer, Arnold , 3656 Jackman Rd. Toledo 19, Ohio Eversole, Martha . R. No. 1 l-lelena, Ohio Fann, Benjamin Box 493 Erwin, N. C. Farley, Carolyn 579 Miller Ave. Columbus 5, Ohio Feik, Grace . LaMoille, lll. Felberg, Naomi . Loveland, Colo. Fr Fr Soph Soph Soph Sr Fr . Jr Fr. Spec. Fr. Sr. Fr. Soph. . Jr. Spec- Soph. Fr . Sr Fr Soph .Jr Soph Soph Soph Sr Jr Fr Soph Feldott, Gladys . R. No.1 Plainfield, lll. Fellows, Jean . . 1035 N. Eagle St. Naperville, lll. Ferch, James . . Menomonee Falls, Wis Ferch, Sheldon . Menomonee Falls, Wis. Field, l-larold . . R. No. 9, Box 387 Naperville, III. Flett, Carol . 94 S. Sleight St. Naperville, lll. Flexser, Erla . . 434 E. Charles St. Bucyrus, Ohio Flory, Wayne . 996 Van Buren Naperville, lll. Foemmel, Samuel . 144 N. Ellsworth Naperville, III. Foote, Marilyn . 934 SunsetAve. Aurora, lll. Forbush, Wilson . 414 W. North St. Geneseo, lll. Forsberg, Gertrude . R. No. 4, Box 686 South Bend, lnd. Frausto, Ruben . . R. No. 9, Box 659 Aurora, lll. Frederick, Ruth . R. No. 3 Marion, lowa Frey, Gordon . 119 N. York St. Bensenville, lll. Frohardt, Bernice R. No.9 Council Blulls, la. Fromm, Sally . . Box 388 Bensenville, l Fry, Wendell . . 794 N. Brainard Naperville, lll. Fuller, Gilbert . 5740 Cornelia Ave. Chicago, lll. Funkhouser, Roberta . R. No.9 Salem, lll. Gabel, l-larvey . R. No.9 Freeport, lll. Galow, Clyde 10 S. Main St. Naperville, lll. Gamertsfelder, l-lelen 98 N. Wright Naperville, lll. Gamertsfelder, Mary . 830 N. Webster Naperville, lll. Gamertslelder, Monie 98 N. Wright Naperville, lll. Garvey, James . Lockport, lll. Gast, Barbara R. No. 9 Aurora, III. Geier, Donald . Ortonville, Minn. Geier, James Ortonville, Minn. Geils, Robert . 180 Mason St. Bensenville, lll. Gibson, Betty . 19011 Corbett Detroit 3, Mich. Soph Soph. Fr. Jr. Soph. Fr. Soph. . Fr. Jr. Fr. Soph. . Fr. . Fr. Fr. , Fr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Fr. . Fr. Soph. Fr. . Sr. . Sr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Soph. Jr. . Fr. Soph. Gibson, Russell . 214 N. Wilmette Westmont, Ill. Giere, Eogert . . 5209 Benton Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Gieszer, Wilbur . R. No.1 Bangor, Mich. Gill, james . . 151 N. Ellsworth Naperville, lll. Ginter, Roger 205 N. VVriglit Naperville, lll. Gordinier, Earl . 4936 Linscott Downers Grove, lll. Grandman, janet . Lomira, Wis. Granger, Robert . 920 Talma St. Aurora, lll. Greninger, Gordon . 505 W. Macon Carthage, Mo. Grossman, Betty R. No.1 Lagro, lnd. Groves, john . 4536 ForestAve. Downers Grove, lll. Gustavson, Carl . 821 Howard St. Wheaton, lll. Gustafson, Elinor . 605 W. Saratoga Ferndale, Mich. Guzauskas, Frank 901 Gliver Aurora, lll. Haas, Donald , 731 N. Brainard Naperville, lll. Haas, George . 790 Highland Ave. Glen Ellyn, lll. Haas, Leonene . Morgantown, W. Va. Hack, Walter . 324 jackson St. Fort Atkinson, Wis. Haebick, David . 823 Randall Rd. Downers Grove, III. Haeggert, Gwendolyn 2240 W. Bth St. Topeka, Kan. Hafenrichter, john R. No. 1, Box lll Plainfield, lll. Hahn, Howard . 423 Sandalwood Dr. Dayton 5, Chia Halterman, Robert . R. No.2 Dwight, III. Hammond, Wilma 2453 Fullerton Detroit6, Mich. Hansen, joanne . 119S. Wright Naperville, lll. Hargreaves, William 211 N. Lincoln Niles, Mich. Harrell, Anita 25 E. Benton Naperville, lll. Harshman, Lois . 1512 Locust St. Sterling, lll. Hatch, Clara Fern Lisle, lll. Hatch, Gloria . Warrenville, Rd. Naperville, lll. jr . Fr Fr jr Sr Fr Fr Fr Soph Fr Soph Soph Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr jr Soph Soph Fr Soph Fr Soph Soph Soph jr Soph Soph Soph Hatch, Gordon Box 5 St. Charles, lll. Hatch, june Box 34 Lisle, lll. Hatch, Ruth . Box 5 St. Charles, lll. Haumersen, Dick . 1538 Deanee Blvd. Racine, Wis. Hays, Doyle . Cozad, Neb. Hays, Lois . Cozad, Neb. Healey, jean 211 Park Ave. Aurora, lll. Heidenreich, Helen R. No. 1 Elizabeth, lll. Helton, Fred . R. No. 1 Pineville, Ky. Hemmer, Ralph 201 3rd St. Huntiigburo, lnd. Hemphill, David . 445 S. Lincoln Ave Aurora, Ill. Hendrickson, Dorothy 323 Grant Place Aurora, lll. Henning, Bertha Ackley, Iowa Henning, David . Sugar Grove, lll. Henning, Laurence Sugar Grove, lll. Henningsen, Helga 58 S. State St. Aurora, Ill. Henry, Arlene . Downers Grove, lll. Herben, Robert . 27 S, West St. Naperville, lll. Hess, Wayne R. No. 1 Lanark, lll. Heuser, Betty jane . 3318 Trinity Rd. Louisville, Ky. Himmel, Martha . 136 N. Loomis Naperville, lll. Hinz, Lawrence . 8216 Stickney Ave. Wauwatosa, Wis. Hochstetter, janet . R. No.1 Walbridge, Chia Hockenberger, Cather 649 North Ave. Webster, N. Y. Hodges, Anita . , Ray St. P Warrenville, lll. Hoeft, Merlin , Berlin, Wis. Hofman, Marietta . 224 N. Columbia Naperville, III. Hoffsommer, june 2727 Monterey St. joseph, Mo. Hoffmann, Shirley . R. No. 1 Canfield, Chia Holle, Doris . 4808 ForestAve. Downers Grove, lll. Holmberg, Ralph . 114 Blackwood St. Aurora, Ill. ine Soph Sr Sr Soph jr. Spec Fr . Fr Fr Sr Soph. .Fr jr . Fr Soph Soph Fr . jr Fr . Fr Fr Soph . Fr . Fr . Fr Soph Sr Sr Soph Soph Fr. Holmes, Alice 212S. 4tl'1 St. Aurora, lll. Holmes, Virginia . 4617 Saratoga Downers Grove, lll. Holtorf, Marjorie . 478 Phillips Ave. Glen Ellyn, lll. Hood, Nicholas . 2143 Soruce St. Terre Haute, lnd. Hostetter, Aileen . 605 E. Mason St. Polo, lll. Hotchkiss, George . 218 3rd St. Downers Grove, lll. Houden, Lloyd . 1207 S. 2nd St. St. Charles, III. Houghton, Wanda . 913 Fischer Ave. jefferson, Wis. Howell, Elizabeth . Yorkville, lll. Huebner, Francile . Colona, lll. Hummel, Eleanor R. No.1 Polo, lll. Hunt, Betty Leigh . 3800 N. Humboldt Milwaukee, Wis. Hunter, Lois . . 92212 3rd St. Elkhart, lnd. Hyduke, john . 1877 Franklin St. Racine, Wis. Irion, Robert . . 3804 W. North Ave. Chicago 47, lll. lrwin, Betty . . 1J15 Ashland Court St. joseph, Mo. lsenhower, Lillian . Box 213 Lissie, Texas lshii, Seishi . Chicago, lll. jackman, Robert . 187 Lincoln St. Lapeer, Mich. jacobson, Fern R. No.2 Sheridan, lll. jacobson, Georgia . 100 Withey St. SW. Grand Rapids 7, Mich. jahn, Horace . 615 N. Wheaton Ave. Wheaton, III. jaki, Charles . . 4831 Highland Ave. Downers Grove, lll. jamison, William . 607 Gables Blvd. Wheaton, lll. jelinek, Carol . 4811 ForestAve. Downers Grove, lll. johannville, Elaine 3 S. Main St. Naperville, III. johnson, Alfred . 494 Bryant Glen Ellyn, lll. johnson, joanne . 1128 Woodward Ave. Elkhart, lnd. johnson, Nancy . 6900 Dunham Rd. Downers Grove, lll. jordan, joyce . . 4825 Columbus Ave. Minneapolis 7, Minn. Fr. jr. Soph. Spec. Sr Soph Sr .jr .Fr Fr Soph Fr jr . Fr Fr jr Sr Soph Fr Fr Fr Sr . Fr Soph Fr .Fr Fr. Fr. Fr. Soph. Jorgensen, Grace . 1115 N. Webster St. Naperville, lll. Judson, Richard . 1758 Lincoln Whiting, lnd. Juhnke, Dorothy . 150 N. Julian Naperville, lll. Juten, Shirley 991 Kent Rd. Duluth 5, Minn. Kadoyama,Mitsuru . C2 C. Hausserman R. No.1 Elmhurst, lll. Kastner, Helen A 3098 Murray Ave. Milwaukee 11,Wis Kahle, Warren r 899 Penn Ave. Aurora, Ill. Katz, Jacob . 7 N. Broadway Aurora, lll. Keck, Norman . 418 S. LaSalle Aurora, lll. Keefe, Ed . . 13 5. West St. Naperville, lll. Keil, Herbert . Western Springs, lll Kellerman, Marie . 54 E. Noble Ave. Monroe, Mich Kerins, Donald . 19 W. 45th St. Western Springs, lll. Kersting,Howard . 19 S. Washington Naperville, III. Kief, Loren . Sharon, Wis. Kinoshita, Mas . 1980 E. 103 St. Cleveland, Ohio Kirchman,Nora . 113 N. River Dr. Algonquin, lll. Klein, Betty . Lomira, Wis. Kleist, Janet . 1995 N. 34 St. Milwaukee, Wis. Kline, Bernice . R. No. 1 Marion, Kan. Knapp, Mary Ellen 733 Chicago Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Knittle, Dorothy Mrs. Akron, Ohio Knittle, Howard . 1948 Tampa Ave. Akron, Ohio Knoph, Keith . 831 N. Humphrey Oak Park, lll. Knuth, Beverly . 818 Penn Ave. Aurora, lll. Koelling, Angelene R. No.9 Ord, Neb. Koenitzer, John . 1514 N. 68th St. Wauwatosa, Wis. Koenitzer, Robert . 1 51 4 N. 68th St. Wauwatosa, Wis. Kohlhepp, Ethel . R. No. 9 Eau.Claire, Wis. Soph. Sr. Soph. Fr. Soph. Sr. Jr. Fr. Soph. Soph. Fr. Soph. Fr. Soph. Fr. Fr. . Jr. Soph. Fr. . Fr. Jr. Spec. Sr. Fr. Soph . Sr- Fr. Fr. Jr. Kojimoto, l-larumi . 1785 Webster St. San Francisco, Calif. Kolb, Arlys . . Big Stone City, S. D. Kolb, Robert . . Big Stone City, S. D. Koten, Jean . 516 School Ave. Naperville, lll. Koteskey, Doris . 511 N. Monroe St. Bay City, Mich. Koteskey, Maxine 511 N. Monroe St. Bay City, Mich. Kottke, Myron . Bellingham, Minn. Kouba, lrene . Elmore Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Kouri, Kenneth . 331 S. Grant Westmont, lll. Kramer, Arthur . . 133-90 Foch S. Ozone Long lsland, N. Y. Kramke, Kenneth . 169 Ann St. Elgin, lll. Kreimeier, Ardyth Manhattan, lll. Kubis, Robert . 135 N, Hudson St. Westmont, III. Kuenzli, Mary Lou . R. No. 5, Box 19 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Kurtz, Donald . . R. No. 1 Rock City, lll. Ladley, Robert . 5797 Long Point Pl. Howell, Mich. Lange, James . . 1813 E. Harry St. Detroit, Mich. Larson, Ruth . . 317 9nd St. NE Watertown, S. D. Leischner, Eilene Box 418 Napoleon, N. D. Leiser, Helen . . 9498 W. Chambers S Milwaukee, Wis. Lepien, Dorcas . R. No. 3 Hartford, Wis. Lepien, Hazel . Box 90 Hartford, Wis. Lepien, Marjorie . R. No. 1 Hartford, Wis. Lester, Claton . . 4407 Fairview Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Lewis, Harriet . 481 7 Linscott Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Lindahl, Phyllis . . 919 N. Elmwood Dr. Aurora, lll. Ludwig, Robert . 690 Clinton St. Kalamazoo, Mich. Lund, Guinevere . 916 N. Wright Naperville, Ill. Maas, Geraldine Bax 375 Seymour, Wis. Macgregor, Helen 906Vz 3rd St. Neenah, Wis. Soph Fr . Jr Fr Soph . Sr Fr Sr . Fr Soph Park Fr . Fr Fr Fr Soph Jr . Fr . Fr Soph . Soph . . J r . Jr . Sr . Fr Soph Soph Fr . Sp ic . Sr . Soph Mahlkuch, Jean 190 S. Allen Madison, Wis. Maier, Sally . . 459 Marion Ave. Aurora, lll. Maple, Louis . Warrenville, lll. Marazas, Robert 4919 Belmont Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Marsch, Walter . 353 E. Elm St. Villa Park, lll. Martin, Mary . Box 405 Webster, N. Y. Martin, Verne . . 939 S. Douglas Ave. Naperville, III. Marzolf, Wilmar Minot, N. D. Maser, Betty . . 7975 W. Myrtle Ave. Chicago, lll. Mather, Clarence R. No. 1 Naperville, lll. Matthies, Jane . 476 W. Grand Ave. FortWashington, Wis. Mayer, Mary Ann . 991 W. oth St, Mt. Carmel, lll. McCormick, Robert . 110 N. Spencer Aurora, lll. McCoy, Gerald . Aurora, lll. McGrath, Jeanne 996 N. Sleight Naperville, lll. McKeon,Leo . . 9545 Hamlin Ave. Evanston, lll. Meekma, John . 10010 Wentworth A Chicago, lll. Meisinger, Loretta . R. No.1 Naperville, lll. Mertz, Marjorie . Forreston, lll. Mey, Marilyn . 846 Elgin Ave. Forest Park, lll. Meyer, Bernice Mrs. . R. No.3 Denmark, Wis. Meyer, Mildred . ElkMound, Wis. Meyer, Roy . 361 Carter St. Rochester, N. Y. Michael, Alberta . 4996 Saratoga Downers Grove, lll. Mihulka, Fred . . 10 N. Julian Naperville, lll. Miller, Elton . 895 E. Center Freeport, lll. Miller, Donald . R. No. 9 Doniphan, Neb. Miller, Harriet . R. No. 1 Anoka, Minn. Miller, Helen . 666 Spruce St. Aurora, lll. Miller, Marie . R. No.4 Marshall, lll. Miller, Melvin R. No. 1 Lanark, lll. Soph. Fr . Fr . Soph. . Fr Sr Fr. . Fr Fr Fr. Jr . Sr Sr Fr Soph . Soph . . Soph ve. . Fr Sr . Fr .Jr Soph Sr . Fr . Fr Fr Fr . Sr . Spec . Fr Soph Miller, Ruth . 1722 Beach St. Flint, Mich. Mittelstadt, june . 724 S. Court St. Fergus Falls, Minn. Mommsen, Engwerd . 2634 N. 69th St. Wauwatosa, Wis. Montgomery, Charles . 202 Summit Ave. Wheaton, lll. Moon, Barbara Mrs. . 3308 Noyes St. Evanston, lll. Moon, Robert . R. No. 1, Box 61 Las Cruces, New Mexico Moore, Elsie . . 1049 Pickney Rd. l-lowell, Mich. Moore, Ray . B29 Birch St. Downers Grove, lll. Moran, Robert . . 37 7th Ave. La Grange, lll. Morton, john . . 1513 Maple Ave. Downers Grove, Ill. Morton, Robert . . 9422 Monroe Ave. Brookfield, lll. Mowry, Russell . . 109 S. Brainard Naperville, lll. Muehl, Betty . . 905 N. Main St. Naperville, lll. Mullen, l-lildegarde . Box 15 Berrien Springs, Mich. Mulhall, john . . Davis, lll. Mullins, Fannie jane . 624 S. Benton Freeport, lll. Munger, john . 230 S. Columbia Naperville, lll. Myers, Neva R. No. 1 Rock City, lll. Myers, Truman 124 Loomis St. Naperville, lll. Nelson, Earl . 920 Bowers St. Elkhart, lnd. Nieb, Marian . . 302 Woodrutl St. Niles, Mich. Noerenberg, Grace . lthaca, Neb. Novatny, Frank . 1170 Lowe Ave. Chicago, lll. Nusbaum, james . 520 W. jelterson St. South Bend, lnd. O'Brien, james . 732 OakAve. Aurora, lll. Ohse, Carl . Yorkville, lll. Oldenburg, Lillian Rutland, lll. Olson, Ruth . . 6855 Osceola Ave. Chicago, lll. Ory, Alice . . 633 N. Center Naperville, lll. Otley, jo Ann 3337 Northwood Ave Toledo 6, Ohio Fr. Soph. . Fr. . Fr. Spec. . Fr. . jr. Fr. . Sr. Soph. . Fr. . Fr. . Sr. Soph. . jr. . Fr. Soph . Fr. Fr. Soph. . jr. Soph. Sr. Fr. . jr. Fr. Fr- Soph. Soph. Papenthien, l-lenry . 1806 Division St. Melrose Park, lll. Parker, jean . 349 Simms St. Aurora, lll. Paver, David R. No. 2 Naperville, Perkins, Charles . 4621 Sherwood Downers Grove, lll. Pedersen, l-lenry . Wauwatosa, Wis. Perry, Florence . 650 Kenilworth Glen Ellyn, lll. Perruca, john . 222 Nettle St. Morris, lll. Peterson, Betty . Brillion, Wis. Peterson, Erling . 105 N. Brainard Naperville, lll. Petrie, Paul . . 4720 Linden Place Downers Grove, lll. Petros, George . 224 S. Lake St. Aurora, lll. Pickert, Clarence . 735 Columbia St. Aurora, lll. Pieplovv, lrene . R. No.1 Blisstield, Mich. Pierce, Glen . 58 White Ave. Aurora, lll. Pilgrim, jean . 537 W. 61 Place Chicago, lll. Pomeroy, Richard . 539 E. 3rCl Lockport, lll. Potter, Charles . 166 S. York St. Bensenville, lll. Pratapas, Eleanor . 444 W. 61st St. Chicago, lll. Pyle, Wanda R. No. 4 Portland, lnd. Oueen, Everett . 918 Silverbrook Niles, Mich. Quigley, Wilbur 518 Loucks St. Aurora, lll. Ouilty, john . . 28 S. Loomis St. Naperville, lll. Rabehl, jean . 1611 16th Ave. Monroe, Wis. Raecker, Kathryn . Meservey, lowa Rainsberger, juanita 1328 Eleanor Ave. Toledo, Ohio Rausch, Margaret . R. No.2 Bremen, lnd. Ray, Kenneth . . 3011 S. Maple Ave. Berwyn, lll. Reak, Milton . 704 l-lillview Ave. West Chicago, lll. Reber, Millicent . 500 Wolf Ave. Elkhart, lnd. l Fr. Soph. Sr. . Fr. . Fr Soph . jr . Sr Spec Fr Fr Fr Soph Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr. Soph. Fr. Soph. Fr. Soph. . Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Rebstock, Frances Mrs. 1111 Laurel St. Elkhart, lnd. Rebstock, Ted . 1111 Laurel St. Elkhart, lnd. Rechenmacher, Rose Mary 20 S. julian Naperville, lll. Redfield, Maryon Newark, lll. Reeves, Luella . Elburn, lll. Reibling, Dwight 59th and Fairview Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Reichelt, l-lenry . . 5455 Parker Ave. Chicago, lll. Reideler, Donald 4823 Prince Ave. Downers Grove, lll. Reiman, Glen . . 739 Rogers Downers Grove, lll. Reuland, Karl . . 421 Simms St. Aurora, lll. Rhodes, Donald . 401 S. Locust Freeport, lll. Rhoacles, Robert . . 524V3 W. Portland St. Phoenix, Ariz. Rice, Robert . . 636 S. Main St. Naperville, lll. Rice, Virginia 3958 Berkshire Rd. Detroit, Mich. Ricklefl, Clarence . 803 Elm St. Rockford, lll. Rieke, Dwight . Deer Creek, Minn. Rippinger, joseph . Box 111 North Aurora, lll. Robertson, David . 4633 Elm St. Downers Grove, lll. Rockwood, Ted . 219 N. Columbia Naperville, lll. Rodesiler,Gwendolyn . 404 N. Garfield Ave. l-linsdale, lll. Roederer, Stanley . 2050 Sherwood Ave. Louisville 5, Ky. Roenigk, Elsie R. No. 1 Cabot, Pa. Roesti, Betty jean 5614 Broadway Indianapolis, lnd. Rosales, Ralph . 1240 S. Troy St. Chicago, lll. Rosales, Rosario . 1240 S. Troy St. Chicago, lll. Roser, jeaw . 605 N. 3rd St. Carmi, III. Ruble, Robert . 155 Calumet Ave. Aurora, lll. Ruehrwein, Robert . 2135 W. Greenleaf Ave. Chicago, lll. Russell, Lucille . R. No. 1 Metamora, Ohio jr. Fr. Soph. Fr. Fr. Fr Soph Soph . Fr Soph , Fr . Fr Soph Soph jr jr Fr. jr. .Fr Fr. .Fr Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Soph. . . Fr. Sr. Sanfranski, Lenord . 4929 Lee Ave. Downers Grove, III. Santelli, Frank . . 218 Prairie St. Aurora, lll. Scardina, Sylvester . 2327 N. Major Ave. Chicago, lll. Schaffer, Lorraine . 1437 Norwood Ave. Toledo 7, Ohio Scheer, Phyllis . Lomira, Wis. Scheffner, Genevieve . 1228 S. Galena Ave. Freeport, lll. Schele Robert . 810 Claim St. Aurora, III. Schendel, Betty . Donube, Minn. Schloerb, Margaret . 214 julian Naperville, lll. Schlueter, Oliver 403 Beach St. Eau Claire, Wis. Schmidt, Charlotte Mrs. 5860 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles 36, Calif Schmidt, Edith . . 2539 N. 8th St. Sheboygan, Wis. Schmidt, john . . 105 W. 8th Ave. Naperville, III. Schmidt, john M. . 220 N. Loomis Naperville, III. Schmidt, Shirley . 2537 N. 47th St. Milwaukee 10, Wis. Schneller, LeRoy . Plain, Wis. Schneller, Mdrdelle . 1004 Russet St. Racine Wis. Schobert, Ralph . 19 E. Benton St. Naperville, lll. Schoenherr, Gus . Paynesville, Minn. Schoephorster, Dorothy 375 4th St. Prairie du Sac, Wis. Schomberg, Ruth . 2033 Berkshire Pl. Toledo 12, Ohio Schoppert, Edmund . 2118 W. Emerson Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Schosanski,Mcirgaret . 6128 W. Roosevelt Rd Oak Park, lll. Schreiber, Donna . R. No.1 Leaf River, III. Schriver, Donna jeanne Steward, lll. Schroeder, Lois . 59th and Cumnor Rd. Downers Grove, lll. Schroeder, Theodore . 599 Riford Rd. Glen Ellyn, lll. Schultz, Florian Box 10 Neenah, Wis. Schultz, Vernon . 48 Grand Ave, Akron, Ohio Schuman, Verla . l-lopkins, Mich. Fr , Fr . Fr Soph Fr . Fr Fr Sr . Sr jr Spec . Fr , Fr Spec jr Fr . Sr Spec. Sr. Sr Fr Fr . Sr Fr Fr Fr . Fr jr Fr. jr Schwab, Dorothy . 1425 Baffin Rd. Glenview, III. Schweppe, Eunice . 685 7th St. Prairie du Sac, Wis. Scorby, john . 1011 Main St. Naperville, III. Scott, Bonnie . R. No.9 Denver, Colo. Scott, Marilyn . 427 W. Franklin Wheaton, lll. Sebeck, Gladys Batavia Rd. Warrenville, III. Seiser, William 2611 N. 49th St. Milwaukee, Wis. Senn, Richard . . R. No. 1, Box 251 Loveland, Colo, Severin, Reed 1010 Spruce St. Aurora, lll. Shaffer, Lois . . 526 S. lllinois Ave. Villa Park, lll. Shemanske, Richard . Brookfield, lll. Shepard, Alma . jefferson, Wis. Shaver, William 321 Prairie St. St. Charles, lll. Shoger, l-larley Oswego, III. Shupert, William . 1027 Princeton Blvd. Elkhart, lnd. Siedschlag, l-lerman . 126 N. Wright St. Naperville, lll. Siegert, juanitd Batavia Rd. Warrenville, Ill. Siewert, Milton . 203 Spring St. Port Washington, Wis. Silianolf, james . 11 5 N. AdCliSOr1 St. Bensenville, III. Simon, l-lazel . 4139 Central Ave. Western Springs, lll. Fr Fr Fr Soph Soph jr Fr Soph Fr Fr Soph Fr Fr Fr Fr . jr Fr Fr. Fr Fr Simonsen, Carol . . . Soph 1118 W. Brown St. Milwaukee, Wis. Simpson, Etta . . Belmont Rd. Sta. Downers Grove, lll. Siniscalchi, joseph . 1147 S. Cuyler Ave. Oak Park, III. Sir, Kenneth . . 4156 Barry Ave. Chicago 41, lll. Sites, Charles . 316 Normal Parkway Chicago 21, Ill. Smedstad, Caryl . Palatine, lll. Smith, Elaine . . 3824 N. 13th St. Milwaukee, Wis. Smith, l-lcizel . . 3339 Prairie Ave. Brookfield, lll. Smith, Marilyn . 633 Penn Ave. Aurora, lll. Fr Fr jr Fr Fr Fr Fr Soph Smith, Richard . Pardeeville, Wis. Soeffker, Elfrieda . 3803 W. 136th St. Cleveland 11, Ohio Sollenberger, Wilfred 832 N. Brainard Naperville, III. Soucie, Mary Louise R. No.1 Bonfield, lll. Spatharos, Gloria 4349 N. Wolcott Chicago 13, lll. Spiegler, David . 112 N. Columbia Naperville, III. St. jules, Robert . 239 Lawndale Ave. Aurora, III. Stabenau, Thomas . 603 Naperville St. Wheaton, lll. Stahl, Norma . . Prairie View, lll. Stanelle, Letitia . R. No, 1, Box 22a Forest junction, Wis. Starr, Ezra . , 1 543 Palmer Ave. Muskegon, Mich. Stauffacher, jean , 1421 22nd Ave. Monroe, Wis. Stauffer, Lois . . 35 W. Pleasant St. Freeport, lll. Steben, Florence Mrs. Malta, lll. Steckel, Leighton Oswego, lll. Steele, Carolyn . 1706 E. Fox South Bend, lnd. Stein, Anna . . 37 Grand Ave. London, Ontario, Ca Steiner, Charlotte . 221 E. Main St. Berne, lnd. Stelling, Willard . 1114 lllinois Ave. Ottawa, lll. Stengel, Marian . Milbank, S. D. Stengel, Mary Ann Milbank, S. D. Stephan, William 3748 Maple Ave. Brookfield, lll. Stephen, Robert , 433 Annandale Glen Ellyn, lll. Stieglitz,Georgene, . 4962 W. Medford Milwaukee, Wis. Stover, Milo . 619 5th Ave. Aurora, III, Straley, Albert . 138 N, Center St. Naperville, III. Strong, Muriel . 36 l-lall Ave. Somerville 44, Mass. Stump, Phyllis . 903 S. Galena Dixon, lll. Styslo, Richard . 2432 N. 77 Court Elmwood Park, lll. . Soph. . . Soph. . . Soph. . . Soph . Soph . Fr. . jr. . Fr. . Sr. . Fr. . Fr. . Fr. . Fr. . Sr. . Fr. Fr . . Soph. nada . Soph .jr . jr. . Sr. Fr. . jr. . jf . Fr . Fr . Fr sf . jf Sundberg,Vohnie . 905 N. Sleight St. Naperville, lll. Sutch, Dorothy . R. No.1 Toledo, Ohio Swaisgood, Ernie . l-lelena, Ohio Swec, Kenneth . 4339 Grand Ave. Western Springs, lll. Sweitzer, Richard . 896 Water St. Chippewa Falls, Wis. Tarbox, John . Shell Lake, Wis. Tehle, Ed 3318 Elm Ave. Brookfield, III. Thalhamer, Gerald . 518 Ashland Ave. Aurora, III. Thede, Gwenneth . 305 Union Ave. N. Fergus Falls, Minn. Tholin, Richard . 6973 Owen Ave. Chicago 31, Ill. Thom, joyce . 3116 Keyes St. Flint 5, Mich. Thompson, Floyd . 5 N. Washington Naperville, lll. Thornton, Harold . 897 Edwardsburg Ave. Elkhart, Ind. Thornton, l-lelen . 319 E. Rensula Dr. Daytona Beach, Fla. Thornton, Lois . R. No. 3 Elkhart, lnd. Thornton, Victor . 897 Edwardsburg Ave. Elkhart, Ind. Tillman, Kenneth Wood St. Bensenville, lll. Tolzman, Elaine . Lomira, Wis. Thompkins, Mary Lou Pontiac, lll. Tracy, Frank . . 636 S. Ouincy Ave. l-linsdale, lll. Turner, ,joe . . 1336 Gilbert Ave. Downers Grove, III. Tuttle, Dick . . 4707 Saratoga Downers Grove, III. Uden, Eleanor . 1315 S. l-ligh Ave. Freeport, III. Uebele, Lois , R. No. 1 l-lartford, Wis. 142 Spec . Fr Fr Fr Fr jr . Fr Jr Fr Fr Jr Sr Fr Sr Fr Sr Er Fr Soph Soph Soph Fr . Fr Fr Ullrich, Eunice . . 717 N. Ellsworth Naperville, lll. Van Every, Ruth . 303 Moccasin Ave. Buchanan, Mich. Voigt, Clarice . Hampshire, lll. Wacker, Regina . 805 W. Sth St. Loveland, Colo. Wacknitz, Naomi . 403 S. Main St. Culver, lnd. Waesco, John 410 lllinois St. Lemont, lll. Waggoner, Wilber Box 903 Lisle, lll. Wagner, Sarah . 613 Second Ave. Aurora, III. Wahl, Bernard . 919 St. Johns St. Elgin, lll. Wahl, Gertrude . 114 S. Columbia Naperville, lll. Walker, Charles . 4694 Prince St. Downers Grove, lll. Wallace, Katherine , Cleveland l-leights, Ohio Walmer, Shirley . 1009 N. Meridian St. Portland, lnd. Walter, Alyce . . 9809 Gasser Blvd. Rocky River 16, Colo. Warrick, Phyllis . . Elkhart, Ind. Weber, Corinne BOX 95 Geneseo, lll. Wegner, Mary Jean . 9416 Sewell Ave. Lincoln 9, Neb. Weiss, Lois , . R. No. Q, Box 114 Neenah, Wis. Welflin, Ed . , Center St. Wheeling, lll. Welty, Dan , 9005 Pratt Ct. Evanston, lll. Wendland, Gordon , R. No. 1 Big Stone City, S. D. Wendland, Pearl . . Paynesville, Minn. Wendorf, Ed. . . 4198 Central Ave. Western Springs, III. Soph Soph Fr Fr Jr Spec . Fr Soph Jr Jr Soph .Fr .Er Soph . ,lr Sr . Sr Fr Soph Sr . Fr Soph Soph. Wenzel, James . 733 Naperville Rd. Wheaton, III. Widick, Arlene . 338 W. Aleflerson Naperville, lll. Wilkening, Donna . 58 Green St. Battle Creek, Mich. Will, James . . . 6440 Northwest l-lighway Chicago, lll. Willson, Miriam . . 63 Upland Rd. Cambridge, Mass. Witmer, Keith . . Larwill, Ind. Wolf, Mary Louise . . 1985 E. Merchant St. Kankakee, lll. Wolgast, Frank . Eola, lll. Wonder, Everett . R. No. 3 Titlin, Ohio Woodruff, Corinne . 499 West Wesley Wheaton, lll. Wright, Elaine . Box 57 Canter Berry Lane l-linsdale, lll. Wunder, William . 814 Galena Blvd. Aurora, lll. Yenerich, George . Ashton, lll. Yoshinaga, Benny . . 904 N. Townsend Ave. Los Angeles 33, Calif. Young, Paul . . . 980 Edwards Ave. Louisville, Ky. Young, Ruth . . . 396 independence Ave. Rockford, lll. Young, Richard . . Oswego, lll. Youngjohns, l-lazel . 501 S. Edgewood Ave. La Grange, lll. Youngjohns, Jane . . 501 S. Edgewood Ave. La Grange, lll. Zimmerman, Ernest . . 3359 Collingwood Blvd. Toledo 10, Ohio Zimmerman, Richard . 805 S. Los Angeles St. Anaheim, Calif. Zolvinski,Anna . . Box 65 Naperville, III, Zuhl, Fred , . Bangor, Mich. Zwicky, Ellen . 605 W. 3rd St. Elmhurst, lll. Fr. Fr Sr Soph .Sr . Jr Soph Fr Soph . Fr Soph Fr Jr Sr Sr Soph Fr Sr Sr Jr . Fr , Fr Fr , Er. bvevfisewaeufs To you who have read this far, read a little farther. What follows helped to maize what pre- cedes possible. ss3iiQRixQi:q J 0 'o ' MN 0' X QQ - . I 3 D 2 F' ' i?22'iI Q swf Qt. XXX Z O: x I 4 'a a' f 7 '-."s 5.-' N!" --ffiqwij-.?.'.T.T-QQQQ ' ' l-H BEST WlSl-IES FOR SUCCESS TG Tl-lE CLASS QF 1946 NAPERVUEEE NATTUQJNA ATN lVlembereEederal Deposit lnsurance Corporation itl-TSE Ui ll This book would not have been possible without the tireless etiorts of numerous persons, This space is reserved for a tribute to them. To l-lelen, l-lermie, Dorothy, Mr. Maehr, and Mr. l-lauschner of Daguerre Studios . . . to Mr. Cooley of the S. K. Smith Cover Company . . to Mr. Motherway and Mr, Lilla of Pontiac Engraving Company , . . and to Mr. Rogers of Rogers Printing Company go sincere "thank-you's" for the professional aid and services rendered. To john Munger, etlicient Start photographer, the Spectrum Company ovves a debt of gratitude for an immense amount of vvorlcfffthe results visible in this volume. To Barb Cuast, assistant business manager and compiler of the directory , . . to Marg Schloerb, dependable aid in every department. . , to Phyl Lindahl and Monie Cuam. for arranging For pictures . . . to Mary Jean Wegner, Phyl Stump, and Shirley Schmidt For senior work . . . to Grace Noerenberg for dragging in copy . , , to Rielce for mounting pictures . . , and to all the diligent statl members, a heartfelt thank you is directed. 144 MYERS INSURANCE ilxvrt Ra-53 NAVARRCYS Hlhe Diamond House" Registered Longine Elgin Keepsake Hamilton Bulova Diamond Gwen ' Watches Rings Silverware Radios Electrical Appliances Watch Repair 11 N. Broadway, Aurora Phone Aur. 6213 194 SO- l-OOml9 lXlUF39VVlll9f llllnOl5 Sf H C E n UBI-IS Sani-Craft Company, lnc. 4 78 YEARS CLEANERS-DISINFECTANTS OF DETERGENTS-WAXES QUALITY MERCHANDISE 5 4172 Elston Avenue CHICAGO AURORA, ILLINOIS Keystone 2212 145 gcmqfmlnlallzcwm MLM W E, HHUHH4 Painters and Decorators Q59 E. Fourth Avenue phone 369W NAPERVILLE, ILLINQIS I4 phone 479-IVI 6 E. I:ranIcIin Avenue A Q Q EIIDEIMGQDINI Building and General Contracting DWAYNE BEIDELMAN Phone 'IO9 N. Washington 344-M gilbert I. Sohorsch CS, Company' HOME BUILDERS MORTGAGE FINANCING INSURANCE 6059 Irving I3arI4 Road CI-IICAGC I47 IFBIIFE CLEANERS "COMPLETE DRY CLEANING AND TAILORINC5 SERVICE" Phone 570 20 E. Jefferson Avenue NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS Compliments of FranIcIin County Coal Corporation Producers of EN ERGY COAL 135 S. LoSoIIe Street Loudermon BuiIding Chicago, IIIinois St. Louis, Missouri 148 Best Wishes to Ilie Class of 1946 You're Always Welcome at the N aper Theatre "Il'ie Friendly Little Ilneatren Naperville, Illinois Compliments of DUPAGE BOILER WORKS Always 'Iops in Screen Entertainment NAPICRYILLIC. ILLINOIS lf "-1"EM WE? :SWE + Y QSQIL T Ilwat Engagement Ring-select it liere Wliere its Diamonds will be tlwe pest the price will buy and the ring design ol rare 0 beauty, good taste. Heusingls Jewelry Store AURORA I4J Compliments ol Joseph A. Bapst WATCHES . . . DIAMONDS . . . JEWELRY FINE WATCH REPAIRINC5 Q09 So. Nloin Street Noperville, Illinois Best Wishes with the Compliments of ERNIE'S "66" SERVICE HERB MATTER REALTOR 1 Free Pick-Up and Delivery Business Phone 300 Q15 So. Washington 33 So. Washington Phgne 1114 Residence Phone 5 Naperville, IIIinois Ernest Bolstrode, Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF TASTY BAKERY H. BARENBRUGGE AESHQDEEITPRUS for quality "just the Place for Dcuinties for 0 Feed" Men's, Womenls ond Boys' Wear 'I6 W. vlellferson Phone Q0 150 MASTER ENGRAVERS TO AMERICA'S SCHOOLS O 0 Quality, Integrity and Dependability have established themselves as a definite tradition with Pontiac. We have been constantly on I the alert for new and improved procedures in n , yearbook designing and service. Our modern i 4 precision equipment is concrete evidence of adherence to this policy. Our experienced craftsmen and servicemen are carefully super- El vised by experts in the field of distinctive i school publications. We are proud to have - if 1 played a part in the publishing of this book i in the capacity of official photo engravers. B, . 2592 Our entire personnel congratulate the staff for their splendid work and cooperation. AND E P a ENGRAVING -,M,,4, ,Y.-- f""',-'rf OIL PAINTING BY TRAN MAWICKE H , r--'rf """'-MM S c H o o L P U n L 1 c A 'r I o N D I v I s I o N . 'X I S12-822 WEST VAN BUREN STREET, CHICAGO 1, ILLINOIS 1'.I'iTIIIII2 g gr I I . . . Remember, 46,ers, You can get those Qne in a lVlilIion lVIaI- tecls, Castletnurgers, Top I'Iats, and your other favorite Ice Cream dishes at Lynn EIIiott, Gloria Spatharos, Mary Davis, Bud Henning P R I N C E ict CREAM CASTLES Stores in Principal Cities Throughout Northern IIIinois Burgess Auto Repair GENERAL AUTG REPAIRING STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Phone 1064 345 So. Washington Naperville, Illinois TIRE RECAP SERVICE 1 GRI-EENWALD'S H-Ihe Store That Confidence Built" JEWELRY sroRE Mazza CIGCIHBFS 9 So. Broadway A'-Ifofv The Finest ol All Nationally Advertised jewelry ' DIAMONDS ' WATCHES 118 So. Washington Phone 320 ' SILVERWARE Naperville, Illinois 9 JEWELRY Congratulations North Central Students Class of 1946 Our Sincere Best Wishes for CARL BROEKER 81 CO. continued success --Ncpervilleg Best Department Store" UIULF PHIIIIEII CU ' Willard Broeker '26 Lester Broeker '28 MILL SUPPLIES Phone 2-7654 I 'I3 W. jetterson Aurora, III. Phone 359-I 832 N. Washington NICK LENERT PLUMBING AND HEATING NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS Oiiburner Service Stoker Service Underwriters Distributors Stocks Bonds Commodities Municipai Bonds Speciai and Secondary Offerings Research and Advisory Service SHIELDS 8: COMPANY Members: New York Stock Exchange, New York Curb Exchange QAssoc.D, Chicago Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade 135 SO. LA SALLE ST. CHICAGO 3 Telephone DEARBORN 0560 Teletype CG 9 NEW YORK ' BOSTON 144 I H1 U S Eli FUEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY MEVERYTHINCS IN LUMBER AND COAL" HAROLD MOSER 319 N. Washington Phone 1100 Naperville, Illinois IIIIIIHI IIIMIIIII HINU SIIIIIIIY III. 315 Main Street Phone IO Qn time College Campus lor Forty-Seven Years The Union Central Life insurance Company Floyd A. Slwisler-District Agent I "Naperville's Leading Life insurance Agencyn I Phone 382-M I l Congratulations '46 Grads FOUCEK'S DRUG STORE I "The Prescription Store I Two Registered Plwarmacistsn 'VI7 So. Washington St. Plwone 68 I ALWAYS THE FINEST IN EAST SIDE STORE DIAMONDS GROCERIES AND MEATS WATCHES JEWELRY School Avenue Phoneng-J 'Customer Preference our best Referencen Naperville, illinois , 6 So Broadway Aurora l- I sfxrofv gefusfffs I MAKE THE MEAL! I O O : Where they serve Sexton prod- : 0 0 . l g' 'V uds YOU CCI1 CX- ? 5 Fred distinc- : . QA,-2 -I tu 'IVE QUCIIIY . Q ""'f7E,'-' f x ,X".fQq , . . 0 . - if 7 in pickles, . 0 -'il A- X . 0 . ' .1 f relnshes and . . condimenis. : Ooeoleeeeeoeooeeeoe 0 2, Sextn n ii A aumry Foods' TITHIE NAPEUBWULLE CLAURUCQN A A , "" '- ' 1 2 3' fff ,l 'U ?J Rollo N. Givler ' james H. Givler Editor' -Publisher fx Assistant Editor E E NC A' 3 Iii is f'Q...nX?: Printers of: COLLEGE CHRONICLE, KROEHLER FACTORY NEWS, Producers oi Distinctive Printing As ond When You Wont It Weissenborn's Furniture Repair Slmop E. M. Weissen born-l.. F. Benoclwe URECOVERING AND RESTYLINGQFREE ESTIMATES" 439 W. Franklin Avenue Naperville, lllinais phone 308 J John A. Schmidt Investment Company REAL ESTATE-Suite 1210-INSURANCE 111 W. Washington Street-Chicago, lllinois . l That LMC EWZ3UlIFlQgEWEl.lT3Y Un usual WATCHES- JEWELRY D ime DIAMONDS S11 O I. e WATCH REPAIRING l 8 -tl1e Ben Franlclin 33W.j Flersan NODGVV CNQ worlc sent out? ille, Ill Mm QW! .Sim CompIete Line of GROCERIES, MEATS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND FROSTED FOODS Cor1grotuIotions on Your '46 SpectrumI DIETER AND GETZ PLUMBING AND HEATING ELECTRICAL WORK HIGH GRADE PAINT 10 W. jefferson Phone 80 NAPERVILLE, ILL 159 I ,, , ,, ,, , , , ,, ,, ,, , I ,,s,,,,,,,, ,,, I I I ur A good place IEIE RT to Shop. Women's and ehildren's apparel Handbags, Gloves, Hosiery, Home Furnishings Telephones: Euclid 967-968 'I4-'I6 VV. 160 Company BPS Paul E. Zzrnmerman 6 60. "Best Paint Sold" -ReaI Estate, Mortgage Loans- WIUIQIGV St0I4efS Insurance, Property Man- McIIvaine Oil Burners agement, Investments Hardware, Gift Items Mirrors, Etc. Chicago Ave. Phone 77 1012 N, Boulevard IXIUDSVVIIIG, III. QCJI4 I3arIc, Illinois 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 lfrl Congratulations Spectrum and Class of '46 diXlF3lE3ElI1I'El3 LIDHDERSGEHJEBLE lFl.0CCDi'F3S Floor Division of Soderstrom-Arpeiter QO-30 Walnut St., Aurora Rugs - Carpets - Linoleum - Asphalt Tile - Venetian Blinds "Our Experience Will l-lelp You" "We l-lave the Trade that Service Modem AUTO SERVICE FIRESTONE HOME 8t AUTO SUPPLY ' Complete Repair Service ' Recreation Supplies 0 ' Day and Night Tow Service ' Tires - Batteries - Accessories 0 ClwrysleracPlymoutl1mG.lVl.C. Truclcsvm Mgr.-Harry E. Ridley, A26 ltr: aclfets - Sweaters Luggage - Laundry Cases Housewares Used Cars Success to Your 1946 Spectrum Boecker Coal and Grain Co. Since T868 llieoclore F, Boecker, Jr, Mcinoger Fronlclin County Cool Original Pocohontos Koppers Colne Petroleum Coke Fuel 0il+Solt 427 N.Ellswortl1 Noperville, Illinois Phone Q70 Pilbgoogl . 5 01:00 Roohng 60. Qt nnefiq? AURQRA, ILLINQIS f "WE SPECIALIZE IN FLAT ROOFSH f Phone 90449 756 So. Lolce St. NILS G. OLSON 1 3 BEST fzfftwgs TO THE czRffDwTEs:f Chicago Fence and Equipment Company Page Choin l.inl4 ond Wrought lron Fence. ldeol Power, Foirwcry Green Mowers, Golf Troctors. Dubois Wood Fence, Plcry Ground Equipment, Roto Tiller, Bolens Garden Troctors. Phone-Kildare 1000 Chicago, Illinois 4400 Addison St Charles Shiffler and Sons GENERAL CONTRACTORS llWe Con Tolce Core ol Your Building Needs" PAUL E. Sl-lll:l:l.lfl2 WARD C. SCHIFFLER 711 N. Ellsworth 149 N. Ellsworth Phone 639 Phone Q57 NAPERVILLE Y.lV1.C.A. SYl.VlA,S GIFT SHOP 25 W. J FF St, Where Students and Community Meet e erson N e 'II , III. For Fellowship-Sociobility, Service Gp rv' e COnQrCJtUlGliOnS ClGSS ol '46 Telephone 1062 Sylvia Boyer, Prop l 4 Phcmes Rrrrzdolph 1857 SW' U WQQEDWQIQQISIEUDBS Machines Co. All More of Adding Mochrnes TQQR' WQQBUSS Iypewriters, CI1ecIcwriters, Etc. Incorporated SOICI' Rented' Repcired Manufacturers and Dealers in Q WOODWORKING MACHINES Saws, Knives, Cutters, Etc. 1218 Fox Street Phone Q-3254 'ZQQ-QQ4 S. Jefferson St. AURORA, ILLINOIS Chicago 6, III. SUCCESS to the Spectrum of 'I946 from Scwefzefqni Qakwq ' : I ,G Rams - CAKES - PASTRY F 35 Y? phone Q15 f G, - I Q3 W. Jettersorr-NaperviIIe, III. --n. Q-9 Wh eople enio living in hicago and orthern Illinoi Whether you live in a city apartment easily accessible to your busi- ness . . . a home with a yard for the children in any of the attractive suburban communities . . . a country place . . . or a home in one of Northern Illinois' progressive smaller cities or towns. the finest recre- ational and cultural advantages in the nation are available to you. For Chicago and Northern Illinois is truly a leading educational center of the world. Northwestern University, the University of Chicago - these are only the two largest of scores of outstanding institutions providing almost unlimited facilities for learning. Open to everyone are the thousands of fine churches, great libraries, the Chicago Art Institute, the Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Science and Industry. The Shedd Aquarium. Adler Plan- etarium and Brookfield Zoological Park . . . the opera, the theatre, symphony music are here for your enjoyment. And stretching westward from the Lake Michigan shore with its sandy beaches and excellent yacht harbors, 41.000 acres of parks and forest preserves await your holiday with horseback riding, pic- nicking, fishing, swimming, sailing and golf-more than 200 courses within -I0 miles ofthe city. The beautiful valleys of the Fox and Rock Rivers, the inviting waters of numerous inland lakes - all are within easy reach by fine auto highways. Two major league baseball clubs, college and professional foot- ball, the colorful Golden Gloves boxing tournament, the famous Mackinac Yacht races, the International Livestock Show - these are some of the many important competitions centering here. There are winter sports - skating, skiing, tobogganing, hockey, ice boating, duck shooting. Then, too, this area is within a day's drive or a few hours by plane of the Wisconsin. Michigan and Canadian fishing and resort country. The great diversification of opportunity in Chicago and Northern Illinois allows people to follow the kind of work they like . . . to live where and as they like . . . to play and relax as they like. This is why people enjoy living in Chicago and Northern Illinois. Industries locating in this area have these outstanding advantages Railroad Center ofthe United States v World Airport - lnland Waterways 0 Geograhical Center of U. S. Population - Great Financial Center s The 'lGreat Central Market" - Food Producing and Processing Center - Leader in Iron and Steel Manufacturing - Good Labor Relations Record f 2,500,000 Kilowatts of Power ' Tremendous Coal Reserves - Abundant Gas and Oil 0 Good Government 0 Good Living Tnis is the third of a series of advertisements on the industrial, agricultural and residential advantages of Chicago and Northern Illinois. For more information, communicate with the 'I ERRITORIAL INFORMATION DEPARTMENT Marqmtte Buzldzng 140 South Dearborn Street, Chicago 3, Illinoir-Phone RANtIo!pb 1617 COMMONWEALTH EDISON COMPANY PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF NORTHERN ILLINOIS WESTERN UNITED GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY 0 ILLINOIS NORTHERN UTILITIES COMPANY 3'l8 So. Washington St. Funeral Director Monuments and Burial Vaults at a price you can afford. ARTHUR R. BEIDEZMAN Day or Night-Phone 35 "Our telephone malces us Neighbors" QVU DI..Tffl7ll't' T00 lr'11r'rARrUf'11rff Clz1l1'g'c1r ,'f7IIbIl!!l7Il't' SfrUz'r'e IYZUIIHIZI Hoxpifrzl Berfs M If 7106! C!1dI'7".t"A Ci7'llfl'flF.V - For Rauf, Cfzrzirir and Trzbfeyfor ,iff Orwzsi-- 10115. At the Bridge Compliments of ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Goodrich Tires, Congratulations on the T946 SPECTRUM Batteries 8g With the Compliments oi Accessories Benj. A. Piper 193 S. Washington St. Napervill Success to The 1946 Spectrum WEISBROCK GARAGE Ogden Avenue Phone QOQ ANDERSON AND DUY . . . Naperville, lllinois SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES "F0fY0w19 Men Gnd Men Who 5fGY Young" ALLIS CHALMERS - AUTO - TRACTOR Q7 Main Street Aurora, Ill. 1117 Compliments ol PATRONIZE Raymond Lumber S P E C T R U M Company ADVERTISERS Complete Stoclcs ol BUILDING MATERIAL , Young Modem Shop Q4 lslancl Avenue et' e m'ss so isticae mrs. stylish stout Aurora, lllin Compliments of GEORGE LENERT QUIMOHO lfleanliness' SHEET METAL WGRKER Nowhere on earth does Cleanliness count more than in a Marlcet. Realizing this we Q11 S th M ' OU Om maintain a Perfect Sanitary Condition. Phone Q53 Naperville, III. Bic,-,ucci WILLIAM H. FLENTYE AND COMPANY INVESTMENT SECURITIES-GRAINS-COMMODITIES Phone 8411 Graham Building Aurora, lll BRIGHT CLEANERS ODORLESS DRY CLEANING QI6 S. Main Naperville Qpposite A 84 I9 168 for the p it I 426 N. Washington St. Phone 35 ph t d ois Us WEE? DQ EIIDEUJMIAINI MEMBER OF As a member of the Associated Euneral nunsnivi , . . nglgglcnng Directors Service, we cooperate with I A '-WF? attiliates from coast to coast. Established ELRVIAIQ NATION-WIDE reasonable tees prevent extravagance. UNDERTAKING PHONE 264 LICENSED EMBALMER Cor. Washington and Jackson NAPERVILLE, ILL Congratulations Class of '46 Jeffriels Walgreen Agency Drugs YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST DRUGS STATIONERY COSMETICS Complete Fountain Service GLOBE WRECKING AND New York St. Road LUMBER COMPANY NEW AND USED LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL PO. Box 511 Aurora, Illinois Telephone 8466 1 Qecwqe 24 QW72 55 Um GENERAL AGENTS INSURANCE 175 W. Jackson Blvd. Cl1icago,lllinois -and Qur Representatives in Naperville LES WEINER 84 CO. JOYCE N. LEHMAN GENE LA CROSS Compliments ol Courtesy ol E3 A lN.l C5 0 S OTTERPOHL DAIRY ' Finest Mens Weor ' The College Hoberdoslwery PURE AND RICI-l PASTEURIZED DAIRY IDRQDUCIS Naperville, Illinois Greetings to All North Centrol Students . . . REMEMBER US WHEN YOU NEED vint'in5 Society ond Commercial job Worlc , Publications our Speciolty THE NAPERVILLE SUN 1528 So. Wosnington St. Ieleplnone Q9 North fen fro! College Book Store Qvvned ond Qperotecl by Nortlw Centrol College "Everything tI1e Student Needs" CGMPLIMENTS OF Sears Roebuck CE, Co. O R D E R O F FIC E 216 S. Washington St. Telephone 'l4OO l.. Roemhild '19, Mgr HOWARD A. ESSER Complimentsol iKWhere lnsurance is a business THE STRAND RESTAURANT Chinese and American Dishes All types of lnsumnce Good Food-Reasonable Prices Ph0f'e7 57 So. Broadway Aurora, lll 'I35 S. Washington Naperville Rhone 7648 UYEEWS GUUDE AURQRA STUDIQ ,,,,. .... 'l 6 Downer Place, Aurora Photography Bll-l-'S HAT Sl-ICP , .6 Fox Street, Aurora BLOCK AND KU!-IL ..,4 Aurora E. P. GARVIN . . . . 3 North Broadway, Aurora SCHMITZ 81 GRETENCORT CO. , ..,, AUFOVG 172 Naperville Decorating Company TI-IE PAINT STORE PAINTS ART SUPPLIES WALL PAPER 218 S. Main St. Phone 703 Joyce N. Lehman N.C.C.-1920 REALTOR REAL ESTATE .... INSURANCE AAFIRST MORTGAGE LOANSAA 6 So. Washington Street Phones: 978-Res. 127 CompIiments of BCECKERS MENS WEAR Pdllf0'0ll Reffdllfdllf "We Dress You from Head to loe 129 So. Washington St. 'Iviost of the Best For the Least" CONGRATULATIONS ' Eating CIubs, Our Specialty On Your 1946 Spectrum I Wholesome Food TI-IE COLLEGE CHRONICLE ' RGGI I'IOm9 COOIUNQ I LES IRDWINI CDIMIIPANY FOR OVER TEN YEARS "LES BROWN'S" CHILDREN'S UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE AND "BROWN BUILT" TOYS HAVE BEEN DISPLAYED IN LEADING DEPART- MENT STORES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. THEY ARE DESIGNED CAREFULLY FOR SAFETY, COMFORT, AND EYE APPEAL. THIS LINE IS SCALED FOR CHILDREN FROM WALKING AGE TO JUVENILE SIZES. SCWERERS' HARDWARE HARDWARE, TOOLS, AND CUTLERY ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES-GIFTS SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS KEYS CUT, GENERAL REPAIRING Phone 599 NoperviIIe 1 4 Compliments ol BAKER LAUNDRY, lnc. COMPLETE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SERVICE "The Ogicial College Laundryn Phone-Aurora 843Q Aurora, lllinois Congratulations from A uevve fub I o 209 S. State Sr. Chicago, III. Phone Wabasl1O526-0527 OFFICIAL SPECTRUM PHOTOGRAPHER 1946 Special Rates to All NCC. Students l75 o C'Cdfi4lflfLdlfl.4 L HAS BEEN THE KEYNOTE of Rogers yearboolcs For thirty-eight years. And it will continue to be our ideal, because respon- sibility to see that your publication is well printed is shared by the entire organization. 'I-he Rogers tradition ol sincerity and quality has been recognized by many schools as a security to the institution and an in- spiration to the staff. USE S PRINTING C MIFAINY DIXON, ILLINOIS i? CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 307 First Street 228 North LaSaIIeStreet Bam THE "NEW DEAL" AND YGU lt lias been said tl'iat l-lumanity only learns tlie lward vvay. l-listory tends to conlirm tliat opinion. Qne lias only to scan tlie events ol tlie past tvventy-live years to concede tliat point. Today vve must admit tliat our repudia- tion of tlie Versailles Treaty, tlie dis- armament program reducing our Sea povver, tlie total lailure to legislate for tl'ie protection ot Agriculture, tor Social Security, for tlie protection of Small Business, to curb tlie Stock lVlarl4et, to ensue Banlc Deposits, to end Cliild Labor and to aid Youtli Education by tlie Party in power in tlie 'l9QO's became tlie tragedy in tlwe 'l93O's. l"lence, tlie pirtlw ol tlie UNevv Dealn in 1933 enacting tlwis essential legislation was imperative to restore morale, con- Fidence, progress, and security in tl'ie American Way ol Life. lo me, tl'ie title 4'Nevv Dealern is a source oi pride vvlwiclw will live tlirougli tl'ie years as tlie turning point lrom despair to confidence, from inaction to action at tlie time of greatest Financial and in- dustrial crisis in our National l-listory. Yes, Democracy marclies on, unmindful ol carping critics and tlie dieliards oi tlie Hgood old daysu tliat lilce an old slwoe, do not Fit in present day needs, and vvitli vision and vvise planning won tlie greatest vvar in liistory. So let us continue tliat "New Dealn to l-lumanity tliat vve may tlwrougli tl'ie l,l.lXl.0. secure World Secur- ity lor ourselves and all otlier Freedom loving peoples so tliat Government ol tl'ie People, by tlie People and lor tlie People slwall not perislw from tlwe eartli. Louis William Qsvvald 177 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Alsl'iuler's ........,. Anderson 84 Duy ...... Arbeiter Durable Floors . Aurora Studio ....... Baker Laundry ...,, Bapst, joe .... Ben Franklin ....,.. Beidelman, Art ... Beidelman, A. l-l. ,. Beidelman, Qliver Bill's l-lat Sliop . ,. Block 84 Kulwl ...,4 Blytl'ie, Rliil ......,,.. Boecker Coal 84 Grain Boecker's Men's Wear Book Store ........ Briglwt Cleaners .. Broeker, Carl ... Brown, Les .......A .. Burgess Auto Repair ...... Clwicago Fence 84 Equipment City Market .,,....,i,... Clarion .......... Class ol '46 .,..... College Clironicle Daguerre Studio ... Dieter 84 Getz ....,.,. Dupage Boiler Works .M East Side Store .....,.i. Economy Auto Supply ..... Ernie's "oo" Station .... Esser, l-loward ...... Flentye gl Company ... Foucek Drug Store . . . Franklin County Coal ... Garvin jewelers .i,,,..,. General Qttice Maclnines . Globe Wrecking ........ Greenwalds jewelry ....i l-leusing's jewelry ....... jeFlrie's Walgreen Agency. Kroelwler ............,... Lelwman, joyce .,.. Lietz 84 Grometer ,. . Lenert, George. . . Lenert, Nick ....,. McEwan jewelry ..,. Main Food ....,,... Matter, l'lerb ... 178 MOZZG,S .............. Moore Lumber 84 Supply . Moser Fuel 84 Supply .... Myers Insurance .i...,.. Naper llieatre ......... Naperville Decorating Co Naperville National Bank Naperville Sun ........ Naperville Y.M.C.A, ,.. Navarro's jewelry ...,. Netzley's Garage .,..... Qlson Rooling Company Qswald, Louis William .. Qtterpolil Dairy .,..... Rattersons jewelry . . Pauldon ....,..... Riper, Benj, ..... . Rontiac Engraving ,... Rrince Castle ...... Rang's ............. Rapp, George ...,,.. Rassweiler's l-lardware . Raymond Lumber . . . Rite Cleaners ........ Rogers Printing Co ..., Sani Craft Company .... Sclierers l-lardware. . . Sclimidt Investment ... Sclwmitz gl Gretencort .. Sclworscli and Company . Sears Roebuck Co. .,.. . Sencenbauglis ... ,. Sexton, jol'in . , Sliields 84 Co. ., Sliitller 84 Sons .. Slwisler, Floyd ...... Sovereign's Bakery . . . Strand Restaurant . . . Sylvia's Gilt Sliop .... -l-asty Bakery ..,.,,.. Young Modern Sliop . . Weisbrock Garage ..., Weissenborn Furniture Western United ..., Widder, Art G. ..., Wall-Parker Co. .... . Woodworkers Tools, lnc.. Zimmerman, Raul ..... - - - 7 Q wa ' 'P ' ' ,.,, , 32? Q' 4 4 - ,. K Y .sq 5 Y' QM! , 5511 ' V' JF' ' fi: 1 M "'1'E?f'g?5'ZQ .uf ' 'V ' Z' ,il ,N 1 ssl" M1 'L A241 f 'Q 1 Aw. , 4 w vw" 'inf' 4 ' A ' 1L:ff,-f"Tf"J- if V ' Xffiv- I .' -:'f,,"1E?:9' ' 4?51n11F" . , ' A if ,bAA x mbvb 5 1 J Q 4 . P ye Sin? M 'YV w ' 3. ke, .Q .f , 'QSM Zi?'?V' f +51 'iff' vi' 4 ' 4 4 A - ' -ff 1 10. ' NV , . V-.,,:--V,.-,-,Vjfjt Q, f V Q .hy . '1 "f 'V' 36 4 ' 4 'xV:.ifV?f- A 1 4 'K V. , "-141gj2:v'4 " " ' ' ' V, V ' 3 -' ' -QW" 3. . vy:.,Nb V- V vt 3 ' . ' ' K f T2 '. ., ' "Z 5' QV VV QVVVX V ,, ,, , , V 1' x ' 'V Q., gi ug f . if- V M Y - ,VK A V 1 z -1.fzS5Q.,,.f5., ,V V-L..w ' ,. 'V .fa -' 'aff ' fV'1.' :,VV1:""-4' :A--my V1 .. ws- M- , 1-. .-wfiijy ' Q, VV ' i x'-. V V, V V1 V.: 1 ,V VW. +9 , 1 f V ' 3315 5, " .35 " qigg-3' -:V V- . 1 V sb - 2' ' '-Q wwf fa V' .. . GV aQ44V::,K V 111- V 'Wy ' g ' - , 1-26012 ai :qw N an h -1' V 'Vx fs, .V ,V V 'Q . V, ' ' -S52 V ' V ' ' ' ' 'WW' 1 3-,... - - - " vw., 1 , - , -. 424- . - ' Q ' ,V MV' f R.5V2i:.f :wifi V" 'wli-31 4 4 :iw V V . . VV lffM" ' ' V: .V V V V . fi'-X-va 4, 5 1 1 - V " V V 1: A : . . , - V -N :Z-Q1 , ' V, V . .J V V ,, ' ' f p. ,gf - - V .V V- V ,V V . V A - f' ff if ' .- X ww!-, 'V:j " SVI, 3. 134- , -3 ' SV .Qi 51 V. V ' ' 'f"1Qi ' " VK' 5 .gg A t '-VV-,VWVX33 -QV V. ., T 4,1 , A V ' VV. . T " ,VI ' Vis" 3- .. --, .V.', -wv zjlf V. V . 2 1, ' -" -' A ' V , ' eel '- " Sli" , W1?f?'1,?V- V V '- ,VVS VV. v ' -' " ' 4 V' G A V , 'fi :V Q ' ' ""' 1 5517: 'N' WAV- ' " 'VV' 737 V . f -' A N 5-36 . .. I . - 'VTX 1 .. V. V , ' - ""' 5112 f .V ' 'e ,-f' 'AL 'R - r .. if -Q f " ' 'If' M ' fm , V Via, A any

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