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 - Class of 1944

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North Central College - Spectrum Yearbook (Naperville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1944 volume:

:Eh .42Si.." '.t's:.": . ' - HG" Q . 4 Q. I X. Q 7 . ..' 'sb' J, ,, n A n 1 F. X X ' . 1 ' .qt uf ' '--wr.-' ff '.1 i'.Es1 -N2 1 'W' ' ' U34 1944 SPECTRUM We the amateurs are grateful to the professionals in the yearbook field who have helped us put this book together. The cooperation of ul-lermien, l-lelen, Dorothy, and Mr. l-lauschner at Daguerre Studios has meant a great deal. Their prompt delivery of pictures helped us meet those vital deadlines. The splendid vvork and advice of Bob Engle, Mr. AI Gage and Mr. Mothervvay at Pontiac Engravers have given us a book of good quality. The splendid service of Rogers Printing Company speaks for itself. The cooperation of Mr. Cooley at the Molloy Cover Company has given us a uniaue and durable cover for the 1944 Spectrum. To all of these vve say "Thanks-it was o. pleasure and a privilege to Work with youln ,,, 19114 SPECTRUM NURTH CENTRAL EULLEEE NAPERVILLE, iLLINUlS -A' 14' MARTHA GGBQRN I Ed KETURAH I-IUBMER B M , 4 ' . ' , - " . 1 , -.f " ,, ' I . I. A Y ' A f ' ' . I, V' 1 ,' , , X, '. X V 1 ' ' ' , I I V. fy Y. X 4, CUZ!!! 6 jf 6 af film CMM! HI.. FUREWURD This boolc is built around a phrase that summarizes the best aspects ol college lile. It is, l'You Can 'lake lt With You." The worthwhile, vvholesome, and, vvonderlul parts ol college will be remembered and cherished. The valu- able experiences ol today vvill not perish in the uncertain vvorld of tomorrovv. lnstead, they vvill live, grovv, and be passed on to others as North Central students leave their school days behind and go out to meet lile, apply their lmovvledge, and be ol service to the vvorld. College is an experience that becomes a part ol you. The knowledge ac- quired, the memories ot good times, the ettorts to get along vvith people are all a part of days here at North Central. This Spectrum is a record of those days which "You Can lalce With You" in memory, in spirit, in personl The senior class, including those vvho are novv in the armed service, pre- sents this boolc to you with its best wishes. Z 66 N 9 cm M26 L WLA 014 N. LL. W 'VN' ,,' .,, 4 Registration D GY Work! v. -,. ' -' '. -1' 'nu- j .A . 1 . r b ' . . If V - . . - l, -,7-.. V ,.,. ,- .f , .w.,. 44.,---.h - , .f . Am. f r, 1 ' ' , . H , - 1 ,A .. 1 .v,, - -,. , J.,-, - ,'r , , -' - , - ,nfs-. ,. fi ' K -1 . x-fx.-,,-'-.Na ' 4 -, .... ..,a -1 V 2' . V. Y-,,..L---U -'. . '-',.',-X'f-- 7 . - , ,, ,, ., - . ,,,, s Kr .- f' '-f " ..-ff -4 -.. ".' Come Q Team . i 'Vg-V: i '- r.., J. C .--fi-f?f'1Z-1:5--f. Ig' -Evtignfi P731 57-3 4 g.uY:'.-if' -gg! S . .- 525555 I ',?fr.Q.'ff" ' 1 -nr ,zz--1 . I-5 nj, .-'-1,324 jj. vfv-,, , 3-fe., ' 1'--:vis-'f-P ...h v - sf-z -. if f-' -f J .1 ' ,U ..-Q 1. 'J f-Aff-, 7.3, wr. -f 1 ff- -+7 S524 xiaix f " -+'Ai"2,- 7.":'-if 'fa ,' 'PQ-f' V, : I - 1 -. -4, Y 5.2 M-. v , . 't' 'ff Q1 " x-+.-if -' ' fs., '.fLf-.- .. 1 ig:-fg -. - -,ij-,gfilzi .- 4.1.5-1: -s .- -. , Q 'f ,P-grij w1:',.- Ufi.-Q-4!f:'e.'jff1'N1,1 ' :1 h' '- ..s..-.fzpt-,-f' " -. - f -' :Q ' -lg ' -'-:"' Kass' 1 --..fff':-, .fx--' -2'-1.1 3-s , - '-, '- 4 . f '.', -, ," '3-1 :riff A,'xgf5.'- :rr T, 1 .4 y S 1 Egg: Dix-.g. - W - . J 2 I HI .3 . P . I-'X gif? A , V' -14f.1' - , "' 1 'wk -3. .Lf f 1-I L. I . -. ,. 7 . I I .M . 5 I x .. . F , ., . , --..g .,. x V f -- f' - A X -. ..- f- .. -::.-- - ,,, 3-+A , -A . .W .. .+ E- -.1 ,.:f- lg-, .. '. uv.. A-'V ,lf ,gr---. '.'f,x4.','-A,-r,.'1-' -nj? 5 , . .. 3 . .,1.-1. - I . ,. . -7,4 a-Lf , z .-5-1,14 1 .1- .L -, L- jf- - - f W .- 5 .:- ' " 4- 2 '-' 'V 1.4 .,"ai-fy, '.- --',:- '-b. - I fi - l - ff - -,- ' v'- -'-' - .- -T' - 1, 1 f- . . -rf w- - -. ,- .'S1v.'.g-- 'La'-'-.f :.'--J'-f, , A 1. .. .f. .. W- - - V -.- , -... U - . V- .rw A f - .v .Ju -AE, .-- -.-- .-- . . A -J -L .. , 2, x , X, 4 .. . ,L .,. . -- , ,- ,. --- . .I -- -., -,fn--..,. ,,. .f W,-. . -. N., 1 f- H- ,.4-. 1,-f,-. ., -- ,-,U-,., ., .R . ,.. . uf , ., X. .,-1, - .f-,-1 f, -- . - .. A - - A, ,, , -.4 -W. w..- :---H - ' -5 : -51: - I ,- '-HL, rfb- F, , ,..- ., ' 1' A' --' -X V -:v MQ A . -. wg. -',, , f . f. 5 Q -ugh I -A -4- y -1, ff.. ' j j 1-,f ' J 1,' 1' ' Aj- .' " "1 'K ' 1 "try .' -'ff '. ff-lgxjl ' ,ffm 1,11 ' l5.,-,d.- -3-1... ,' ,, .,..-'-., .. , ,. Q vu --,f-,. f- fi . 1 'I -.V N-,, v I N ' , V. -..-.r:1j- V-x-yr. , - .A .f 3-V -z". 3- - 5-J.. v:,Al.i'i-,f-H J X xjqvflr' ' -' Af I -S . - in -- f . -I. - V..-3 f 'nf I-1,7 . 'V --V, 5. A 3 Qi J, .,,' . kj'-.L.",' 1-'Y 3, .- 7 gn 1 3 '- 4 4' Q. -5- 11- , - -1, ' 1- - -- f -f15'gY3:.,i-.51'L-D: M..-1-,,:' -' --'-.-','.,5.'qL3- , . 1 2'-L. Y V ,- . -V Q.. 5- N - - , - ,,. Tk: , . ,, -- --,Z 5.324.315 -.gif--U,-Y-::,k - 3:5 - - ,Q 5..- " ' . - Q e' 'l .fl .- ,. " U ' ' ,- -'g 1.1 , .,. 3 :Q-lf "X "JP ."15-:""Tf-'z.'-1-'QP ' --Q -- 5 ,, -- .W 4 - - --Q ., ,A-'A-.-13, - A ff, -4-'-,gwv ,'-.-- , Q- -1 -9 '- .' Q -.,. ' - f -5-1 ' A .1.-. N ,' .-7 " ' ' . . 1' .. ... --- - -- A ., ,,. . , . . . ,Q x U, .,.. .,..lU:.A:,.. A-I. V V, .is . -. A . -'-.- ---- -- 'T' W, Af- . s, ,---,,f'.." 1 1 V f- I --- , ,- - 5-' NH ' . '- - r-f ,- . -': v . j,,, ,,-,J -,1 ,Q-,J ., ., -.1 f. f .- . - V. ,A n , K , . ' fr, M HJ.: - ., .K - ,,-A .,--,.-.2 LT, A ,x.,Y:. ., L... . TIIBLE UT CONTENTS I. ADIVIINISTRATIQN II. CLASSES III. ACTIVITIES IV. ATHLETICS V. FEATURES VI. AIQIVIY UNIT ,. 4.5- 5 4+ I.- .. 5 I , I f Ti I I I I dx 'TX I Q I I K1 I, I ,I ' I I II I -, ,.II1-I" 'I' 'H II EAN' " 'Nw gg if I J 'II sb NT I1 i IQ X I IM 'III X I I: QI Q 1 at Q :V 5 I ,. I 13? ffl? . I I I I IIIIII I mf Tv FFS 2 . Il ' x .. fa , EJ ll 1,223 js ! I-'dv MXN X Z 3 '-.0 Iwi h WNW xx 9 - A V, II A :IMT .Ia uxxwh ,- A7 h ' V' , A 1 V . . I fhfQffw,1n faff-15fII:4w ifIE IInI iI II '-I --zf- 5' if I j o' x I K I ,iI".lf' 'I , -, X ,I I. H. JI ,5?f?P TT5f3I? 'f4TIfIV5 If7+I ffQ?TI5f?fa " " . ' ' -S " 'I',' Q 'T J- 111 I ,',vI I I f , .,u-4x ,-',NX,:,,,r: il, 4 It .,.,' ,rl 5 . 4 ,n,:,f1. , ., If--.I . , 'L UEDICATIUN , 4, 8 TU UUR MEN IN SERVICE There is a star shaped shadow on the tower ol Qld lVlain. That star is symbolic ol all ol North Centralls men in the armed services. While we here at school have been worlcing and enjoying all the benefits ol a lree country, they have been training for and Facing war. Because ol their battles, struggles, and bloodshed, we have been able to continue our school lile in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere. They have Fought so that we might live and learn. As this school year closes we can talce with us the knowledge ol the vital role that they have played in our school life. A light from the tower ol Qld Main shines on the service Flag. This beam is symbolic ol the values ol North Central which its service men tool4 with them as they marched oti to war. No matter where they are or what they are doing, they still carry a part ol North Central with them. They remember the good, happy college experiences. N. C. C. plays a vital role in lceeping up their morale and in giving lile true values. We dedicate the 1944 Spectrum to North Central's men in the armed services. We are grateful to them for their eFlorts which have given us another year of peace at school in a lree America. We also wish to tell them in this, our meager way, that they still are an important part ol North Central. 9 . Q--H - .-"Q1'wf-A: 3: -- I.I I 4 -- 'V f 2' . :Tw ,qi rg. , ' 'f :I If f -.' . V :.L,,,.g.g-. -, .- . 1 . A A I' ' '..-"" V 7 ' V- ' - f Nh I fi. -x." - - .iffflf---1, 'Z Q -' if I '. ,I '-1 1 W. . bb X ' "' -'.'V.'.y"-Aiitf-4,2112' - keg. ,- V ' .V . K, - ' -- gf-1 . -,gWI,q,..' . . . 'xr X 1 N- ., :QI V--.VV'g.-..- ,I ,--- I I -. - , -, ,I- .I- --I -.:3-..rf- ,--7,:f9'4 -- . - . ' V -N , jIg,f.-'.1.fg.g,i,I'.J 6,1 - I I I ! Wfv I . II-I--,,I:I.IQnI,f,,. :.. -I IM, 1,-I - . V 'f . I - --nn, , . -. -. . - . x I - 15" '-'.f'V.gf3 fc-1 'gg ,I I . . I ., -Vi . -- - - ' - . .V ,- if:'.Vi-V-Bizffffcf-YH3Vi3ff9f' V . - X ' " '32 411411 V ny-.,--'-.-V-fy11II . - I- .- , ,, ' '35 f'75V.'-if--.415--,n Min ' .- - , "I mfr I ,ff I.,I.:-1 -In 5gI.',g',..:, -,.I gm! II I, - - - . . I .f-,a'A-if-"Trm.2'gfgI'il'g'E'f"ir"'-' Cfup'-. ' . , rf 1' V ' 2-5'-rlf-5f2?f1:ZVi1-ffwsg- . NV ' 'V ' I 1' ' ! .- .I-2 .II I A I I - :I IIII. . II . I . I I , I . I V -. N my I .6 , 1.1 . :5,'g,'.5:,:qfI.:+.I55,LQ1QQ' .g1Z:Q1s'Ig!',:xln X , AH., ' ,., -J I .,,.-- 1.-1. IL,.- . -' ' 5-'-55.3-f-i"?if::fi-Jw Mu - -'. VV -V pr . q -kf'-EG.-gffgg sg-1. '-'.gsmLQzx1- V u " ' I vf 4 v' - "' .- Q.. V - . . . . "i"?irr+-f"l'f'1'9a' 7. 415134.-g'f1 - ?-. MX -9 ll"l.-'lf V "'i'i'i?'5g:'3"f,i?' wi 'fiziifuxv 'X T K 1 zmll' ' 'lf-qi' ' 'T ' jfi.L':"'11 I"- . ".'3fe.1."' I '-. VI ' ,z V I 'I V - - I 'iv' U f5..E-ifi'-U' ,:-'i!,f"- V: ' -' Il -. -' -' Z' .-- .1 ' Qt . qv-.22 a'f'aQ2af-Q .-fx.. -X . - - ' - . . , - V A f "'-' X 'I-' ': z--'Jn' K." ",. X- - .' - H" -- . '- - " .' . . -4+ II,,IfpciII5fgg,g2I, III.F.I..I.II, V. I L -, ., , , II I I ,. . F541 Af-"wifi 4 ki am-E413 V-.- 'rf . 'V ' -. V V - -- 5, ,f.-- ,:.5:,' , .-, -- . . -. - . 3 . .'.,w?p ,:. ,1-.px -' - 1 . . ' V- . ' - -f ' ' vffpgq Ig-gf 'm3,'?f3'fI.Z2L .: fbi' , I II I. . .I ,j, - '. ,qv s , -. ,I - nn. , , - v - I I- . G , 4 fswffzrx, l.,eQ1j'q, . IMI, I I I , I ,., ,I . ,I .. . . , , .I f I I - ' . .'V ff ' I -1-V3-II I- I-, f, -.- -I . ':. , I I a 'I V H Iffm- -we wa V - V V . - - .rg-v,5,-Le-1 - -'33, .--,1yq,45aI: ...MIQSI . --1 . -V --V- V - 4 - r..- ' JJ -4.5 II ,iI:I . 1 . I," I .I,III .'II,.: ,I-,I L. I 5- 142149119 15 lm ' V-'gf ' ' ' iff ,'1'75f-. H243 L' ' + 11 .Q 1 1 612, 1 L I, 1622514 .-Exif,-3'-11 -1..-.-41.45 I. -' tg - -. .. - '-..r- - ., lcv--,,-.L-:IV.q,,,,,1.I. '. IIMEIII -sf-I, I.I::, I:-, L3.IIIII,I ,II: I , I ibm' 'fiflfi iP6'qgV., 'xliiiii' T' 255,57 -'31 'Wa-762-.' 15.3 'A I.-L If' f.",'- . , ,. .,., -.-.. :, ....,.- , ,. .,,,,-I-M,--.. ,V., -,- -. Ip , I 3.1, I.-.IIsII.vI, -H, ,QD I.eIIII., 3- -I,,,,II3IIw--Q, f ,Iii IIII-I VII I I 4 9 -'F' ' l7"? W7 '5,i31'-"- I" '--4.55 ii. - ,fig -13.2yy?-5-13i'f'3-:fa-'-3 'I-wg' .,'- H ami I 'I "?"1E1f?i.'.. ', ' iii" Eff-'A'-fzQ'1'Q?-'if "lf: - KV T' -' 'Q-fl ,- - . ....- , . ,ff ,..:,. lf , ,IMI . .,..I.V-II gf- gn., . --j '1-if :fb . -- I"'ff5l .fi P f-543'--iii:--'--I-111, "V---F.---.J-1 . .-' J ::-' 5? ."4. ' :,-,Im I--5,51-. ,, -. 4. Aff--1 3w,,,I.5wIII,':'..,I gIIIx...- V-,--. , , ., 5- - - , . - . .away-A.--1-fv - .:. .,:,-- .-f-.5..2zv-nf.. -..-K-L. .Af -V -..-1--rf -V - - -- - " 'V' Q: ' 5 fffhahffe--A21 1 I ".-- -I-fi-'-Iqj-5'ii ' gl3'Pf - '-Jgff-.-31' jg:-V'f',--' -"J 1' -.A. .,. - .4-.,-,.f f..q.V-Vp . .3 .-1 . 4 c..-,. .5 - ,Is-I '33-5' lii5miE'v2w1:-Lew---I - 12 --.M-4. '- '53 57'f1-a:-a'-!q'-V--'N--ik.---: -- '- - A . f v.k.-.f"1-w'f+- V -Vi-4. .,--ffm -f :mr-. . -.1 JN, -f',g-..,g,gap,,,,cI,,,.,, .. : 5 1 . a w fw ,.. if ,, ,-Q. - -2 . ffwgfggsl, - ,-ggi..-lag. -,V--, iff,4,g:,Hgja5IQI5,g-XX.-gqfgg.-,S2 : -- 'H' '+."'-,. I-i':: 11- -1-,.-'--:'. V' f, .QQ .-'f--P4'zrf5' , 1 1 Zff.afr?V:-1f,1,,V,,if-1'-.--.-. 2-,V V -.1 M-. .- .nmQ-4pw:+'- -1.4-f.-:J 'uw - wg- w. Q-22-f.-f-2-erm--.-341: - ff - f 53-' -x1g,I?EiUQ'Qi,u"Jk.,i-'ipg'.s2'3-31 :Tim Vim-N f-55,5-'!jf'ZT.:2v.-.-15'-1.5121-X..-.. sq -4. .-P Q-11' -. 32 QI -ig,II,IIIwgIIIIK,5g9Q2Q.II.e:,y2E:gII,,wII- - JI. . 7 -K 111- --1? -Va.-ur .f'f'f--'-- -V, - pe. . rf--. .- if . ...ffijv . 1 -e.f-J-VV g--gf 1 I -. 1 zf - an ..- ' ' 6-QV-ff-f,V-in 5. 1, .V - 'fm -E f f' V T h- H-1 ' , ' - '-rw kV, 1 V- J --1' '. f -nv ""V -1, . -I ., Q-we nr- Hue. .,I,,-, '.-5 .-...1- 1- JI wap - .I -3 ,513-f ,Q - f .I -1, - - f I . - ,,, V1, .. .aff -f 5.5, V, 4. -- VV--,- .q ,.g.- .1-,I ,X -. .1 x 1, V155 55532, .-if .V .,, -. .14-Q-,f-Qi.-V,f:.n'71' C .. -.,.!-J--we-ff-.fn-,Q-g,,w f.-f, ,--f -.--g ,411 hw. IN-I W5 f.. I 1211, . f 4gf5I,II,L.q55z-.QI 35531, A gf.--,1.,.. .- J.- ,I-I L I , MII. II II I .I. .I-L-f,1:I, " W 'iff - -, .Q 4-- sg-3 1'9i5f7pi!'QG9f' 41,2 'Sf .-gm,1-.f:,v:+-fzfxflg-fl-1,-1'-EJ 1,112-ffl V-'Qjf' ---K F -sz'--., A 'V' '5?v?'5fV-"ESQ 7 RIgISQ"vgQ,AQffpa.1: -.y"Tf.-:W,f::I..-g:f.- ,Q-3, -1-L,-s - f-3-jfg.. -, .,,- I' , -.VI- - '-if .4-5+ '--FK-2:--' -. ' 'rf 4.a,f.- :i4L1.!,x--:.a.""-15-g-74-f-L7,:-NJ-.P'Z':LHn f':w: .:...Y.s ' rg. '-01, u'.'2'?f.,"7 1, un" ' . 1' :fx 23"'5'lV--..'--S' .V- 1114,-g V':..,e-1.1-.:-s.. '.:'-I -1 -' 1 - -.V- ,U .'f. ' ... " 1'SQfzS4iJi'4 .,'f'2'f?'3?' -iw?-.f?Fv.m-22.452-Q'QS'Hu-V.5222-57 - I y 7' QV'-141-.':I,gL,Z 21-Q,lt?'5fy5'V44f5-nrgbifs-'fAffqtwuv-ij:-R1114'PQLYLP:'W' ' ' I zgg' gf- ,--'i X -,vw 'f '245m.i'?:1g:E,fm:gr-.gfxiirg-giaf'2Sfayglfgg-136152-eg"-45? , .. .5 " , f Z2ff?5'-'-Siu-2fgg'5-eil,--EQQQTSPB53,1274.Fai-Qjgfff-?fi,?:',f,.ig A- ,. -,-. - -'QJHL Z.Ql.:f,:l ' -41fv'bf"ff'V2-.-ins'--fr.i"':-,..11-Lv T 'bizf-.-14e":fe'-1-C L ' "-I"'-Vi W1-:S-"--.'. '-1 . 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V J ' '"5-7:'ff7i1-.fxf3'T.'- yI.I?I , Q-5III,IIIII?II II III -fI5III2I,:z.II,. ., . . - .' -- VT, 'g..,'. 1 ' - , .. v.,-- 1 .. 4,-xx:--P Y- , IIII ,I... llme torclm ol leorning is our symbol of lcnowledge. llne clwoos ond conllict vvliicli cost o gloom ocross civilizotion connot extinguislw tlwe liglit of leorning. So long os tlwere ore students witlw olert, eoger mincls ond instructors witli wisdom ond experience, notlwing con ever block out tlwe burning torclw tlwot lwos become tlwe cliiel possession ol tliinlcing people. Nortli Centrol students ore groteiul to tlieir instructors lor slworing tlwis torclw witlw tliem ond giving tlwem o cliollenge to tlwinl4. -l'l'iis liglit burns on oncl you con tol4e it witli youl I-iillVliNlSTHiiTlUN N me if Wzfft M 'E DH. BALL This year has not meant just another round of routine duties for Dr. Pall, President of North Central. l'le has been confronted with new problems and responsibilities during this Hcollege as unusual" term. When Uncle Sam selected schools for his A.S.T.P. Units, North Central was among them. New duties demanded attention: Bolton l-lall, Kaufman l-lall, and a part of the Merner field l-louse had to be converted into barracksf it was necessary to secure more instructorsf living quarters had to be found for the women who had formerly lived in the dormitories, the basement of johnson l-lall had to be made into a cafeteria. It tool4 tireless effort to accomplish all thatl l-lowever, the cooperation of the faculty under the leadership of Dr. Rall did accomplish it-North Central was equipped to accommodate and instruct Army Specialized Training Men when they arrived on campus in August. lt has also been a terrific job to keep North Central moving along with that Has usualm air in spite of a decreased enrollment and the 'fsubject to changef' status of most civilian men at school. l-lowever, Dr. Rall has carried on with his usual persistence in lceeping North Central in good standing. l-le has also talcen great pains to lceep up with the reg- ulations of numerous draft boards which have been A-'l factors in determining the courses of theological, pre-med, chemistry, and engineering students, The annals of educational tradition at North Central will not add this year to the records as just another typical year. lt has been a new experience-Dr. Rall has done much to- ward mal4ing it a successful one. '19 l-lerdis L. Deabler, PH.D., Psyclwology, W, G. Sclmendel, BPL, Treasurer, Edward E Domm, M.A., Religious Education, Alvin S. l'laag, PHD., Plmilosoplwy. l-larold Eigenbrodt, PHD., Zoology, Mrs. K. L. Scott, BA., Matl'1ematics,Clarence E. Eriimeyer, Ph.D., Education, Mrs. Lillian Arends Priem, MS., Clwemistry, C. Leonard Bieber, PHD., Geology. 13 l-lildred Nienstedt, Librarian, Gordon R. Fisher, lVl.A., Director of Athletics, Florence Quilling, lVl.A., l-lome Economics, Cleo -lanner, lVl.A., Physical Education, Leona Kietzman, lVl.A., l-lome Economics, George Kim, Ph.D,, Philosophy QEmeritusD, Wilbur C l-larr, S.-l'.lVl., Philosophy. Carl Cardin, MS., Engineering Science, blames P. Kerr, lVl.A., Commerce, William l-lenry l-leinmiller, lVl.A., Social Science, Wilmert l-l.Woll, S.-l'.lVl., Political Science and l-listory, Chester Attig, PHD., l-listory. 'I4 lrvin F. Keeler, l5h.D., Mathematics, Edvvard N. l-limmel, MS., Botany and Education, Irvin A. Koten, l3h.D., Chemistry, l-larold M. Pepiot, M.A., Physics. Annette Sicre, Brevet Superieuer, Romance Languages, Thomas Finldneiner, M.A., German and Acting Dean ol Men, Clara K. Blecl4, M.A., French, Charles C l-lower, PHD., Classics and Registrar, Alice Meier, M.A., German and English, Acting Dean of Women. '15 Mrs. Ella Dute, MA., English, Elizabeth Wiley, M.A., English, l-larold E. White, BA., English, Guy Eugene Qliver, BA., Speech. l-lermanus Baer, Mus.M., Voice, Mary Cook, M.M.Ecl., Music Education, Eredericlc loenniges, Mus.D., Violin and Bancl lnstruments, l-lelen Watson, Mus.M., Music Theory, Claude Charles Pinney, Mus.B., Dir. ol School ol Music, Mrs. Margaretha Ebenlnauer Stallord, Mus.M., Piano. 16 Paul l-lunsinger, B.A., Speech, Assistant Speech lnstructor, Mrs. Elizabeth l-loucl4, BA., Art, Bill Frederickson, Field l-louse Caretaker, Marion E. Nonnamalcer, M.A., Chemistry, Professor ol Chemistry CEmeritusD, A. E. Weyrick, Supt. ol Buildings and Grounds, Arnold Wolf, Maintenance, Mrs. Bernice Smith, Boolclceeper, Mrs. Nancy Nichols Qlson, Assistant Registrar, Qscar l.. Etny, Assistant Treasurer. 'I7 0 I 0 "Y at x ' 1- x P. -. 1 . The pursuit of knowledge is not just o gome thot we ploy todoy ond forget tomorrow. It is o process ol leorning, ochieving, ond moturing. You CAN toke it with youl The power of knowledge, the scitisloction of knowing, the desire to leorn, ond the obility to think clecirly give the individuol o sense ol equilibrium ond on Hot home" Feeling in the universe. You do not hove to go out to conquer worlds, moke ci million, or win tome in order to cipply o college educotion. It is useful in o very ordinory lile-serving society by doing some job well, understonding fellow humon beings, focing responsibilities. All of these coll lor op- plied educotion. No motter where you go or how mony Hhord knocks" you get, your educotion will stoy with youvit will be one ol your most toithlul ond best friends. You Con 'loke It With Youl CLASSES N me if wail cm, 0l:l:lCEl2S-l-lerbst Cpresj, lVlehn Csecj, Knoespel Cmenys rep.D Worner Qvvomenls rep.D, Schneider Cvice-pres.D, Allen Ctreosl SENIOR CLASS Whot vvill the seniors tol4e vvith them besides their lcnovvledge, Friendships, and memories? Their obility to tolce it, ' ol course. When the closs ol '44 vvos o group ol boshlul, boclcvvord, ond humble freshmen, the question vvos put to them lronlcly-"Con you tolce it, lroshf? Are you good sports obout your green cops? Con you tol4e all the ossignments ond prove thot you ore of college colibre? Do your othletes hove school spirit?" The yeor possed. The lrosh proved thot they could tol4e it. The sophomore yeotr meont ci reiterotion of the question. Worlc vvos harder, everybody rozzed the sophs' becouse they vvere still bocl4vvord. They lcept plod- din olong though. They didn't comploin-they could tolqe itl The role os upper-clossmen presented o chollenge too. An excellent junior- senior bonquet proved thot os juniors, the closs vvos doing oll right. Then come the coll ol the ERC The junior lellovvs who vvere in the cull just said uso long" until the doy when they plonned on coming boclcl As seniors-con they tolce itz? Those vvho ore in the service prove thot they con. The seniors ot school hove monoged to hove o successful yeor in spite of the vvor. All seniors con tol4e with them the motto- We con tolce itl Q0 1... Q Champion "cocky cluster" Skip Doy sunshine ond smiles Good to the lost chip Dilemma cit 2:20 Chummy "Out Door Girl" glomour Clorinetist Feost Fit for Uslcippersn Muscle does it 1 SENIUB CLIISS GREETINGS FROM MEN IN SERVICE The entire senior closs is represented in this book. You will Fincl greetings from mony ol the senior men in the service on vorious poges throughout the book. ln their own worcls they optimisticolly look ot the Future ond soy obout experience ot college. "You con tcike it with youl HARVEY ACCQLA Rroirie du Soc, Wisconsin GQRDQN ALLEN Bottle Creek, Nlichigon RUTI-I AIIIG Naperville, Illinois ' WILLIAM BEI-IER Auroro, Illinois an-v"'!,k UF NINETEEN FUHTY-FUUH JEANNE BEI-IEL Roclwelle, Illinois ROGER BEYLER Nooerville, Illinois GECRGE BQND Wlieoton, Illinois RLIII-I BURDICK Cliicogo, Illinois ANNA CARD Qtselic, New York VIRGINIA CARLSON Auroro, Illinois IUNE BOSS!-IARDT St. Roul, Minnesoto VELIVIA CGOK Fleming, Colorodo - W 3 'WN 1 m 1 .1 1 , Q3 ALVIN EBERT Beover Dom, Wisconsin FRANCIS GUITI-IER Noperville, Illinois ROBERT EARNI-IAM Reddiclq Illinois FERNE I-IACK Fort Atlcinson, Wisconsin SENIUH CLASS MURIEL GERI-IARDT Big Stone City, Soutli Dolcoto LUIS GRQTE Streotor, Illinois l-IERBER-IA I-IASEVVINKEI. Nlorslioll, Illinois DQRQTIHIY I-IEINRICI-I QGI4 Pork, Illinois S24 UF NINETEEIII FUHTY-FUUR VICE MAN'S GREETINGS I'INIo vvar, no struggle can take avvay the pleasant memories vve have ol a life once lived. It is an added incentive to Fight for an end to the contlict, so that this Iile might he recaptured again, at least in part. We hope this end will not be long in comingf, Col. Chuck Evert, Fort McClellan, Ala. I JAMES I-IERBST Findlay, Qhio KETURAI-I I-IUBMEI2 St. Clair, Minnesota Q5 DONALD I-IQVVAIQD Minneapol is, Minnesota CLIVE JEAN I-IUGI-IES fMrs. Richard Bailey? Mansfield, Qhio HELEN ITTNEI2 CMRSD Batavia, IIIinois KIKU KATC CaI ifornia SENIUR CLASS SERVICE MAN'S GREETINGS HI didn't come here to '-IaIIc for joe'-this is ,Ioe taII4ing. ItIs been a long time since the days of North Central, but reaIIy, it seems only IiI4e yesterday. Perhaps itis because such pleasant friendships and memories can't be erased. Right now I can vision a grand post-War homecoming, but untiI that day I'II just say, 'I4eep 'em IIying,IH 'KI2ip"-AKC joseph A. Rippinger, Santa Maria, California AVIS IQI-INSQN Chicago, IIIinois I-IELEN KING Plainiield, Illinois 26 UF NINETEEN FUHTY-FIIUII FREDERICK KIRN Elint, Miclwigan RICI-IARD MAI-ILMAN Faribault, Minnesota KENNE-II-I KNQESREL Kolwler, Wisconsin MARGARET McDQWELL Qrtonvi I Ie, Minnesota GLADYS KLILPER Waterloo, Iowa GEQRGIA MEI-IN N. Eond du Lac, Wisconsin CARL LITCI-IEIELD Lansing, Micliigan I-IELEN MILLER Aurora, Illinois I jUl.lEllE NICHQLS Naperville, lllinois HELEN SCHMIDT Milwaukee, Wisconsin MARTHA OGBQRN St. Clwarles, lllinois Sl-HRLEY SCHNEIDER Davemport, Nortli Dakota SENIUH CLASS judo, Wisconsin Vll2GlNlA RUTHEREQRD Marion, Qlmio RQBERT SEITZ Mt. Carmel, lllinois GILBERT SHILLING Broolwi l le, pennsylvan ia UF NINETEEN FURTY-FUUR SER VICE MAN'S GREETINGS 'll can't thinlc ol a greater thrill than reading a Few words from all the Fellows ancl girls ol our class in the service. The biggest thrill Woulcl be to have the war over soon and to again talce my place on North Central's campus. Best Wishes to everyone at North Central and to those whom l lmow Want to be lsaclc there." Aff Don l-leinrich, San Marcos, Texas l DAVID SHQGER Qswego, lllinois PAUL STEVENS Sumner, lowa Q9 ELQRENCE SUMMER Cicero, lllinois PQGER STRESSM!-RN Saginaw, Michigan SENIUR CLASS SERVICE MAN'S GREETINGS ul would lilce to express my gratitude to Nortli Central lor tlwe many values received tliere tlwat are now malcing tlwe conditions in which l Find myself easier to endure. l am sure tliat Nortlw Central men everyvvlwere have lound tlwis to be truef' jAlvlES Tl-IQMPSON Glen Ellyn, lllinois VVll.lV'lA VANDEPSALL l-lelena, Qlwio DeVVll-l -ll-lOl2NE Aurora, lllinois EVELYN VENARD Downers Grove, lllinois Cadet Ken Radic, Williamsburg, Virginia 30 ni NINETEEIII ifuiiii-ifnuii GRACE WEGNER Fond clu Lac, Wisconsin I-IAZEL WI-IITE ClvIRS.D Naperville, Illinois MARGARET WGRNER Naperville, IIIinois EVELYN WINTER Lombard, IIIinois WALLACE YENERICI-I Aslwton, IIIinois WILLIAM RLIDQLIDI-I Danville, IIIinois 3'I Ql:FlClfl?S-Prof. Domm Cadvisorb, Oertli Qsec.D, Schendel Cwomen's rep.D, Nicoletti Cpresl, Feldott Ctreasj, pohley Cmen's rep.D. JUNIUH CLASS When the class ol '45 returned to the campus this fall, there was a Hsomething is missing" feeling among its members. There was a lot of taIl4 and interest about the class members who were in the service. l-lowever, those who did return to school felt that it was their duty to carry on. Big achievement ol the year was the Utrucen with the class ol '44 lnstead ol burying it this year the juniors just buried the hatchet and invited the seniors to the traditional junior-senior banouet. Not only was the dinner at the Balcer l-lotel good but the atmosphere ol the rainbow room with its smooth glass Floor gave a glamorous touch to the whole allair. Distinction didn't pass the juniors by either. Three girls CDoris Gamertslelder, Betty Magenheimer, and Syb Russell Beebel were elected to l-lonor Society. Carol Preston was selected to have her name appear in Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. The junior girls walked away with the honors in the soccer tournament againl Although this year has been dihferent from the First two glorious and carefree years with their inlormal parties, "red cordsn, shaved heads, and interesting dis- plays ol class spirit, the juniors have managed to l4eep alive that glow which has always characterized the class ol '45 t 32 151- ri K wr Junior ingenuity lnstructing little "juniors" Sewing skill ,junior Ettinger's interpretation ofa song That Gabel smile "Make up for juniors tool iv a f 49- 4 'Q ., SERVICE MAN'S GREETINGS JUNIIIIIS I'm now in the Air Transport Command. In the past nine months I've been in several states, part of the time was spent at one camp or another and part at the LI. ol Tennessee. I've now completed training and expect to be traveling through some other countries soon. OF course, I'm IooI4ing Iorvvard to the time I'II be oaclc at North Central with the rest of the class ol 144. Until then, lots ol IucIcI" DOUGLAS ALLEN LORENA BELL PI-IYLLIS BLOUNT ROSEIVIARY CARLSON DOROTHY ARNDT MILDRED BENNETT ALIDREY BOYER MABEL CI-IRISTOFERSEN Pvt. Bob St. jules, Camp Luna, New Mexico MARION ALJGLISTINE LORRAINE BENTLEY ARDIS BREIVIBECK GLADYS DASSOW I ., IC.. If " T ,g 34 ELIISS UF 1945 Row Cne- TOM MARGARET GENEVA RICHARD HELEN DUNCKEL EDWARDS ESMONT ETTINGER EVANS Row Two- BLANCHE SAMUEL IANE DGRIS LOIS FELDOTT FGEMMEL GABEL GAMERTSFELDER GERHARDT Row Three RUTH RHYLLIS WILLIAM BETTY MARY GRANDLIENARD GRAY GREGORY HAEBICH HANEY Row Eou r- ELINGR CARL AVIS ARTHUR ESTHER HOLTZ HORNBERGER HOSBACH KEEN KEIDEL ' NORMA EAIRBROTHER RHILIR GOVEDARE SIOYCE HENRICHS EMA LOU KELLOGG af an P ' ' 'ww ' ...L 0 JUNIUH SERVICE MAN'S GREETINGS 'll om glod to l1eortl1otN. C. C. is still going strong-l guess tlwe A, S. T. P. solved tlie boy-friend slwortoge. Everytlwing out lwere is going cis well os it con but o fellow lcindo misses the luxuries ol liome. llwe soldiers lwere will mol4e good wives lor someone. llwey wosli clotlies, sew, do KP., mol4e beds, ond do o number ol otlwer women's jobsl l licive lnopes ol seeing tlie sclwool ond ull my Friends cigoin in tlwe very neor future. Until tlwen, goodbye ond good luclcln Plc. "Big ,lol'1n" l3erucc:o Somewliere in tlwe Aleutians EEo icisRoyv DORIS EEGNER RICHARD LEHMANN HELEN l EEEWEEEYN RICHARD Eunn BETTY iyiAoENHEiiyiER EEoRENt3E MAYER iyiAEcoErfi MECEENAGHAN AUDREY MILGATE iyiiRiAiyi MGRSE iosERH rsiicoEETTi y JANE l GERTLI l E E 36 CLASS UF Row One- KENNETH CAROL POHLY PRESTON Row Two- MARY SYBIL PHYLLIS RUSSELL, SCHENDEL GMRS, BEEBED Row Three AMY RALPH SKARTVED STEBEN Row Eou r- IONA HERB WENDLAND WITKOSKE Juniors Not Pictured- ESTH ER WALTER BUSSI GESS ELL 1945 LOWELL REINKING JANE SHOCKEY JACK STEDMAN LQVONNE WOESSNER MAE jUEL RASLER NEOMIA SENGELAUB WARREN STETZEL EUGENE WYKLE HELEN KASTNER CMRSD KASTNER BLOSSOM RHODE GEORGE SHIMKUS GLORlA TAYLOR CHARLES YOUNG LUCY ROWE BETTY SIMPSON MAXINE TRAVER DOROTHE YOUNG 37 --1c,,..... .... Q...-1. .-. Til' V 5 -+L-.-1 , ,,, 3iin-s QFFICERS-Gamertslelder, l-l. Cvvomen's repj, Bernhardt Cvice-pres.D, Rilcer Cmen's rep.D, Schneller Cpresl, Davis Ctreas.D, Muehl Csecl. SUPHUIVIUHE CLASS ll it vveren't lor censors, much could be said about the sophomores. Oh for a chance to philosophize about these 'Khyper-ambitious" individuals. But the censors are the sophomores themselves and they are too much on the job to permit even any "between the lines" inferences. So, we'll just conform to their wishes and say only a Few things. The easiest vvay to sum up the antics ol the members ol the class ol '46 is to say-il there is anything that has never been done before and that is sure never to be done again, the sophomores will do itl An apt illustration ol their ingenuity is an incident which occurred last fall. Une mild night they all sneal4ed around in old overalls, climbed to the heating plant roof in some miraculous way Cmaybe it was their vvingsj and gave the chimney its First and only Hpaint or vvhite wash job." Qnly, only the Hsophsn would do that! They have more than enough spunl4. Not even a trip into the roaring Dupage could dampen their spirits. Their men in service all do their best for victory. Well, even when the censors are reading over our shoulders, we can still say that the sophomores, above all people, will have rare memories to tal4e with theml 38 SUPHUIVIURE ICI-IN BEI-IER BERNI-IARDT VERNON BEST I-IELEN BRANIGAN MARY DAVIS VIRGINIA DOEDE, CMR: D FRANCES POPIK FONTANA, CIVIRS I GAIVIERTSFELDER JUNE GILBERT BLISS GROSS RALPH HEMMER BERNICE HONBERGER LOIS KASCH IOHN KNIGHT IRENE KOUBA MARY MARTIN RUTH HATCH BENJAMIN HINTZE AILEEN HGSTETTER MARIORIE KELLING HQWARD KNITTLE MARJORIE LERIEN ALTA MATH EW UF 1946 STANLEY HAYES MARIETTA HOFFMAN LOIS HUNTER MARGARET KLEIN ANGELINE KOELLING GERALDINE MAAS DORCDTHY MAU SIIPHUIVIUHE MARY ANN MAYER MARJORIE MERTZ IEAN MILLBERGER BETTY MUEI-IL CARI. NQMURA VIRGINIA REASE LEGNA RIES DON RIKER BETTY SCI-IENDEI. MARGARET SCI-ILOERB DQROTI-IY SCI-IOEPI-IORSTER I.eROY SCI-IWEITZER LESTER SMITI-I WALTER SPERRY RQY MEYER MILDRED MUZZY I.UCII.I.E REIMER FAY SCI-IAAI. MARDELLE SCI-INELLER JEAN SI-IELDON NORMA STAI-II. CLAS S MARY ANN STENGEL MARGARET STEVENSON RUSSELL STRIEFLER PI-IYLLIS STUMP MARY VANDERCOCK LORRAINE VODOZ MARILYN WILKINS MIRIAM WILLSON BETTY ZQRN KENNETH BRLINOEI-ILER UF 1945 GEQRGENE STIEGLITZ FRANCES TEUCI-IERT DQNNA WILKENING FLCDRENCE WRIGI-IT WALTER LADLEY Sophomores Not Pictured AKICD KQMOSI-IIMA JGANE MUNTZ WILLIAM WEST BENNY YOSI-IINAGA 43 Y wwmmgg Psti 'L ' W" i ' 'i ef-'t'-" .4 4. 4.x , it QFFICERS-Scl1midtCWomen's repj, l-loyes Csecl, Rumsfeld Cpres.D, l-losler Cmen's repj, l-loclclonder Qvice-presj, Wintermontle Csec.-treosj FHESHMAN CLASS llwis yeor's lreslimen, no longer meelc and mild, turned tlwe tolmles on tlie upper- clossmen. Cn tlwe First doy ol registrotion tlwe enrollment count slwovved tliot tlwe lreslimen mode up lwoll ol tlie entire student body. llten in tlwe tug-o-vvor tlwe closs of '47 scored ci triumpl'1 in olnout tlwirty seconds ond lelt tlne sopliomore teom to sinlc or svvim in tlie vvoters of tlie urociring Dul3oge." But, speol4ing of swimming-o Few ol tlwe bolder spirits vvlio spurned tlie tro- ditionol green cops were persuoded to tcilce on unpremeditoted dip in tlie l-leotl1er- ton pool l-lomecoming relieved tliem ol tlwe vveciring ol tlie green ond gove tliem tl'ie opportunity of proving tl'1eirsl4ill in otlier vvoys. lfven tlie sopliomores liod to odmit tliot their l-lomecoming Bontire vvos tlie liottest tliing on tlfie compus, ond os for tlwe scicl4 roce-vvell, tlwey liod tlwe victory in tlwe bogl Yes, tlie closs ol '47 seemed likely to conquer tlwe world until exomsl -llwot did it, tlwot liumbled 'em. l-lovvever, tliey survived ond gollontly went out to meet the clicillenge ol ci second semester ot college. As tlwe sclwool yeor concludes, tlwe closs ol '47 is not just o pig group of nonentities ond Hlreslwien grins. It is o closs ol individuols witli o stotus on compus ond o store of experiences obout o First yeor ot college. 44 FIIESHIVIIIN Row One- RLITI-IANNE ABBOTT WILLIAM ABE Row Two- IEAN AMMONS MARY LOUISE ALLEN DOROTI-IY ARNDT Row Three- HARVEY BANDT LEE ARSENY NANCY BARNES Row Four- LANCE BECKER ALBERT BAUER MYRIAM BERGER Row Five 46 I-IARRIET BIEDERMAN CI-IARLES BRANLEE KATHLEEN BRANIGAN WINIFRED BREITI-IALIRT EDWIN BROWN Row Six- RUTI-I BROWN MIRIAM BLIRKI-IARDT DWIGI-IT BUSACCA BONNIE CAMPBELL Row Seven-- MARY COOMAN ROSEMARY DARM IANETTE DIEWALL RUTI-I EDSON CLASS Row Cne- AUDREY EICI-IELBERGER UF 1947 DAVID FARNI-IAM Row -Iwo- TI-IELIVIA FINKE ERLA FLEXER Row Three? DWAYNE FRY SI-IELDQN FERCI-I IVIARIANNE FGUCEK BARBARA GAST Row Four- DIANE GREEN ANTOINETTE GEI-IL WALTER I-IACK Row Five DAVID I-IAEBICI-I ANITA I-IARRELL ELIZABETH I-IAYES RICHARD I-IETER ROW Six- KATI-IRYN I-IOESCI-I VERNON I-IQESCI-I ALLAN I-IQSLER WANDA I-IOLIGI-ITCDN Row Seven- ADELINE KARITAN ELEANOR KENNEDY NORA KIRCI-IIVIAN DAYLE KLEVER IOI-IN I-IACKLANDER 47 Row One- ROBERT KNARR Row Two- I-IAZEL LEPIEN Row Three- FHESHIVIIIN ARTHUR KLIMAMOTO DORCAS LERIEN IANE MATTHIES MARILYN MCORATH DOROTHY MEDENDORR Row Eou r- IOAN MOEDE 48 VIRGINIA MILTON DOROTHY MIZEN ELSIE MOORE IOHN MULHALL Row Five- ,IOHN MUNOER MARIAN NIEB ROSS NORRIS ELIZABETH ODEN Row Six - h EDITH OLSON MARILYN OSBORNE ROBERT OSTRANDER BERNICE PEPER Row Seven- DAVID RALL THEODORE ROCKWOOD FRANKLIN ROEMHILD WILLIAM ROSS uiiiss 0131947 Rovv Cne- I-IAL RUBLE WILLIAM RLIMSFELD WAYNE SCI-IENDEL Rovv Tvvo- SI-IIRLEY SCHMIDT ELORIAN SCI-IULTZ GLADYS SEBECK Rovv Three- WILLIAM SELANDER RALPI-I SIEBEN LQIS SUMMER Row Eou r- MARCILE SREICI-IER JEAN SPENCER IVIARIAN STENGEL Rovv Five- DCDRIS SUNDQLJIST JOYCE TI-IOM CAROL TRACHTE JULIAN V038 Rovv Six- GERTRLIDE WAI-IL BERNARD WAI-IL LYLE WALTER JANICE WINTERIVIANTEL Row Seven- KEITI-I WITMER TWYLA YEOMAN EDWARD ZAGER Freshmen Not Pictured I-Iovvard I-Iahn, Frank I-Iussey, George Kimuna, EarI Miester, Thomas Nitta, Marvin Peterson, WiIIiam Steiner, EveIyn Wittnuhu SPECIAL STUDENTS Lowell Gess, Thayer I-IiII, Mrs. Martha Newsom, David SpiegIer, Maureen Crummy M. u'7- v V- ..-,- ' -uf: P2511- 4 . ,r my ,Lu 7,44 I-J. - .- -Y A ...I U, -,.. A ' wv... 5 ., . 1.,, Q A m 4 ' "--gg 2 XML 1 x ..- ,, -".'. : r - '. , 5 1. . x -X -. 1 ,- ,, .. ,V - , I, ,V . x- , 1 t'f, .. .f,v,f1 11, , .:A. , ,. ,. ,.,,:. Y ., 1 .- .5 .Kg , ,LH . .V-. 4 , 0 . s av ..s. .xl fff. lVlay vve present Suzy? She is standing at your left. l'ler full name is 'Suzy Collegen. She is portraying the role of the average liberal arts student vvho has an educational set-up that is balanced. Some condemn the "little bit of everything" curriculum but she defends it. l-ler idea is that the varied program of the liberal arts school means VEIQSATILITY with IQEVERBEIQATIONQ VEl2SA'l'lLlf-that's you. At 7:45 you race up tvvo flights of stairs for a session vvith Chaucer or Shakespeare, then you stroll over to 'Kchem lab" for a Haualn class. Afterwards you might listen to recordings of Greigs concertos at Pfeiffer or perhaps retreat to the art lab to dabble in oil paint. lhen you trel4 dovvn to the fieldhouse for a traclc vvorlq-out or a game of volleyball. -lhat proves your versatilityl The REVERBERATIONS? -l-heyyll come tomorrovv. Your business associates vvill enjoy hearing about "the time l almost blevv up the chemistry labf' You vvonlt have to feign an appreciation of concert music just to please your date. You vvill be able to talla about l'legel, Darvvin, or lVlozart. Your versatile program has reverberations in store for you. The balanced education-you CAN talce it vvith youl N Zfage if Wifi any ULD MAIN H e ul Q 1 a 4 .-. 'uk - .,., NURTH CENTBAUS SEHUL1-XSTIE LIFE J Alfa-goodiesl Smulmg seomstressesl 53 NURTH CENTRAL ANU Sounds profound A. S. T. P.-Hwwinlc to Winl' Dromotists tolce time out Four sclwolors 54 ULD MAIN mx 1 A How interestingl Please note. Cn the air. Engineers in earnest 55 Goldspohn, o holl of scientific endeovor and ochievement, is the ploce where Bill Beher, senior, has spent mony hours ol toil. l-le ond other students like him hove orduously con- ducted tedious experiments ond mostered o lund ol scientilic locts in their seorch lor truths ohout the universe. Une word hos guided them and brought them success in their toil. lt is 4KWork',. The role ol the scientist is not on eosy one but he who is Willing to Work hord does reop his rewordl GULUSPUHN lf X 57 S QQ.. . -fm. Q s I 'Fm v uf 'C ntl sXfr:Efi l X .wi X- R , QF- vii hggx PFEIFFER HALL CHAPEL CHUIR Every guest speaker in chapel usually has a private quiz about the Hgroup in the balconyn. l-lis eyes look upward and you can see him thinking-'ll-lum, who are those sixty people up there? Wonder what they do?" Then comes a hymn or an "Amen" on the program, It is good to see the guest speaker's face brighten with understanding as you can see him thinking, H0f course, thatls the Chapel Choirln just one note is enough to tell him thatl Chapel Choir voices have something that those on floor number one don't have. lherels polish, power, and perfection in voices from the upper story. The polish is a result of practice every Tuesday evening, the power and perfection can be attributed to Prof' Rinneyis ability at choir conducting. Guest speakers and college students alike enjoy listening to the choir which gives any worship service a sacred background. lhose who sing in the choir chart up the experience as a memorable one. What choir member won't remember the time the choir and the professor were ready to do the response at the end of a chapel program when the organ failed to function? And then there was the day the hidden alarm clock went off during a particularly solemn moment. All of this rep- resents chapel choir: the serious and the friv- olous, the tragedy of a response poorly done, the satisfaction of a difficult anthem safely com- pleted. Although Rrof. Rinney has a difficult time selecting members for the choir by try-outs in the fall, he always manages to select a group of which N. C. C. can be proud. Front Row: Attig, Mathew, Rhode, Sebeck, Peper, Mayer, Kasch, l-lubmer, Prof, Pinney, Arseny, Reimer, Taylor, Moore, Wendland, fSec.D, Medendorp, Shockey, Matthies. Middle Row: l-lughes, Zorn, Cook, Diewall, Foucek, l-lonberger, l-lunter, l-loltz, Speicher, Muehl Cpresj, Allen, l-larrell, Schendel, Mehn, l-losbach, l-lostetter, Boyer, Vlfilkening, Young, Osborne, Wright, Stegner, Bernhardt, Rutherford Boyd Back Row: Ladley, Kisrow, l-losler, Shilling, l-layes, Schultz, Accola, Young, Becker, Knoespel, Ebert, Meyer, Lund, Schendel, Allen, Ostrander, l-loesch CLibrarianD, l-leter, Busocca. l l Front Row: Matthies, l-lughes, Kasch, Boyd, Mayer Cl.ibrarianD, Rutherford, Pease, Schendel, Christofersen, Kennedy, Lepien, Mathew, Bernhardt, Medendorp, Attig, Willson. Middle Row: Attig, Schmidt, Speicher,l-lunter, Muehl, Mertz, Diebel, l-lonberger, Arseny, Young, l-loFlman,Wend- land CVice-Presb, l-loltz, Wright, Stegner, Brembeck, Chamberlain. Back Row: l-lostetter, Stahl, l-larrell, Schoephorster Clreasj, Kapitan, Schneider, Stengel, Lepien, Cook Cpresj, Koel- ling, Augustine CSecretaryl, Boyer, Stengel, Sommer, Wilkening, Stump, Wintermantel. GIRLS' ELEE CLUB There is magic in musicl Listen to the en- chanting melody ol North Central's Girls' Glee Club and come once again to the Music l-lalls olN.CC .... "l-loney, kin you all tell me wheah ah kin lin' Prolessah Finney? Ahim so rushed ah don't know what ah'm goin' to do . . . Yes, that's right, ouah concert at Qachestra l-lall is next Sunday. We weah evah so thrilled whin that dahlin' Mistah Nelson asked us to sing loah the Sunday Evenin' Club. But, goodness, ah donlt see how ah'm goin' to get ev'rythin' ready beloah thin. UQh . . . Miriam, lamb, if you all see Prolessah pinney tell him ah want to see him right away. "Ah don't know what ah would do without Miriam Attig to accompany us-an' Clive jean Bailey has been such a he'p-directin' an' all whin ah've been away . . . what? "We certainly are givin, ouah Spring concertl We have the most goahgous numbahs loah it. An' let me tell you som'thin' else-we'ah goin' to try an' give an opera this Spring- Chimes ol Normandy. Ah donlt know wheah welah goin' to lin' the time to do itl But the girls are so wondahlul, ah Feel that we can do anythinf . . . UDahlin', whould you all min' puttin, the new music in the loldahs beloah tomorrah? Ulhat's Mary Ann Mayer, ouah librarian. The otlicers have been such a he'p. That sweet Velma Cook is presidentand lona Wend- land is vice-president and .... oh, deah, ah can't think ol that treasuah's name. HMarion, honey, whats the name ol that second soprana whos ouah treasurah . . . oh, Dorothy Schoephorster, uMarion Augustineis ouah secretary, you know . . . theah goes that man-ah simply must catch him . . . you all be suah 'n come to heah us sing . . . oh, Prolessah Pinney. . l lhesong is ended . . . Miss Cook and her Glee Club with all the memories ol North Central in 1943-44 are Forgotten . . . until once more a note . . . a chord . . . a phrase ol melody reminds us . . . there is magic in musicl MEN'S ELEE CLUB ln this year ol tricks on traditions, North Central's lVlen's Glee Club appears to be ditlerent. ln days of yore the group was Featured in the book as one of the largest campus organizations. All the basses, bari- tones, and tenors decked out in formal attire for a very Formal picture. In previous years the men vvorked long and hard in preparation for the annual Spring concert. This year there have been some changes made. l-lere you see the club as an informal little group gathered around the Pleiller l-lall grand piano. Attire is simple, the pomp and formality ol former years are lacking, Yet, the voices represented are good. Although it was quite impossible to have the annual Spring Concert, the men did do a Fine job ol singing at the chapel program which they presented. l-'lovvever, queries are probably buzzing about, "Why such a small group?" The answer is in the background ol the picture. See that star up there in the right hand corner ol the At Piano: Prof. Pinney. service Flag? Well, that's lor sloe. Yes, joe, the guy who has the smoothest baritone you would ever want to hear. You did hear it last year and he did an especially good job in the "rush-up" concert last Spring. Then there were many lacks and Bobs and Bills and Dons in Glee Club last year vvho are also repre- sented in the service Flag. lnstead ol singing in the club, they croon their barrack buddies to sleep or whistle the chorus ol "Shoulder to Shoulder" as they are out drilling or marching along a road. Dont believe your eyes. lVlen's Glee Club really isn't little. It is lar more than the hand- lul ol lellovvs whom you see pictured. True, they are the nucleus ol the group, they are the prool ol the Fact that there is a lVlen's Glee Club at North Central. Yet, somewhere in the Pacific, in Africa, in Italy, in England, in every theatre ol vvar can be Found some lVlen's Glee Club member. lVlen's Glee Club isn't small- it is represented in every corner ol the earthl First Row: Ebert CPres.D, l-loesch, Knoespel, Smith, Witmer, Allen, Schendel, Perch. Back Row: Shilling, Kisrovv CSec.D, Ladley, Hayes, l-leter, Young, Accola CBus. Mgr.D, Reinking. 'T' iw wif-f' ' 15 PL 159, ,,,,V,,X .,,,, , 1 First Row: Lepien, D., Schmidt, S. Middle Row: Sebeclc, Wintermontei. Lcist Row: Motthies, Medendorp. PRQF. LUNTZ Voice Instructor FHESHIVIAN SEXTETTE ARTISTS ITT WURK 63 n wwf I -.,. -1 ' f 1. -. ' , :..,4 A7 - 1- Nfi , ' 4 3-, 5 . 4. I . N . J .,, 1 My M. ' .L an z, 4 A ' ' - .1 f , -.+u-Qfiira f . , 1, , ' -'l7::.1 .1'.,qp-fn , .. X 2. v , -ff. f , 'Hx-,xr ,if , , , .ful v .. V ' -1- MJF' - 1 . 1 .' ', i. r ,,' , , ' .- ,A .w,.,- mpg , .. -1 ,' ,,, I y 'V V: ,gf VJ, 4 ',ffs22f'1'1.,L', ,.,,L 1. . ' ,54 :,,1','1,v'-U-:'4f' v.-'. 4 ', , 1 4'-'-1.1.4 .-' 1, fy Q , . , . , . , , - - . V--Y - . JA, lr. V. ,A . ' -f " f 1 A -1- L' 5 . ,1-- ' . ,- 1 . , . 4 . , , H ,. ., , , A-A - - .- -V 'fi .,- . - - , Q . '- 1 ' -'?s'Qf4E, - ,-5' .' X 'F - ,, ww F' v ZZ A. - " '- " 2' Til nl' 1 1' -- .- '1' V. AQQ7'7"- 'J L1 1 -I4 v- 'fljuz-, Z , - -A' A.'.'2...':f' - - . ' V -7 L4-Y4f!?f " . MP, ' V' Qf-,".'f7flf:'. 3 ,-,f.,r':fv '511':l:I4. A' -ff-lj' ' - x If X'..,"' , ,Ji , --gf,f,,.- , . 1 . - ' f ' - 1 1 -. ttf '- 4 . .' 4' ' ' ' - 'JS-'SEQ - H pf, rv ,..f -:f'.,'. ,' ' , - ' ,,fit'gff?' w 12""',2,. ' f . ' 1 v ,Q , 1- "f-.. .f",-I ,,1: "fr, Q ' - ' N- -.'-' ' of-36-f'?f"'s-'v'-A-fra - . f ' 1 L I ' T' "J iff' 'l 'r .- ' .V ' 1 sg ,, . ,j-ff, . - if 2 -' ,-I . ,,-,,. A V ,,. 1'. W.z"f.,f.,,r.,'Kg,,ffff- ' , - ,A , ,ffv P , -- ry,-3, -.fav K . - .- W y I ,.- N, 5,1-3,-, ,,T5v,,, 4.4.x f J, - . 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'- as -:,'v.. -Q - .Q-mb ww' 1' ' "1 7 z.-3 1. fre -.45 15 .. J . , , . 4. 1 ,. - - ' ,,,,, .-. ,-.-,',. .' .v.,-1.3 .-v 1-N.-U4 1 ,f 'L ,,', .Lv X . '- ,, ' JT Q: -Uifx, . 'A 'IN-,g.x:'. . vw 7. , aww -1 ,' .Mt V- .-'A"",, . .wp .I , - -f,...f ,. -.A .- ,.-, ., . -, V , Q, ---r ' V- . I -3- Hx,-L:'f'f,. 4?1p,p'f' ,J-.1 A ' -- Q - my QW 'NXG lux' ,II , 1 y. ,. V -5 '. . fb 5-' 4:-Ar! V,--' wg .zyggrl gg'.5Q,' -,.45,.txE,4r1. f f X lilwxv, 3 4-W , ,j , .-41.-f-S .A 1 'V fr? ' ,. 'M .Iii--"-f'-4.2.31 f ., 'ff-C: 'TQ1"'5 J ' , I ' f:.:"J--' 1" r, 'ww 1- ,R , P-,V-,J .fu A ..,., 1. If--,4,.,?, ,, X G-,Sfr.,:gk.,.,.1 K . , , 512 -,iq , I 5,34 -J.: . shed- ,l ffgekv gurxilignz .i.fa.,. ,il ri. --1 V , Q.. A v f y-in We '- Y ,ti xl- I . x vaca ' - fa,,1'5gf2:12-?.jpj5sg:gy w-51,111-,1,.rg 1:1 14. 1-1 Q.-4,25-.i:: ,fm w l . ' " . 'J Q? X , ,- , -. e. uf-. -A - , 1 . .. . x :.,,- -wg' .3-A. .' -:. -'-31-, , . ,,. A 1 -,g ,. . -- ,,f..'., -V--Q'-Z. -A M- .-'. -.5 412 :gg 'P A59 '-. 1 , - b 1 ' f v ' D" v 1 -1 , -1-'J-5 -- !i'?'E,2.V'fl'Z514'fPQf3.53Q:3:29 , .-5'-f V ,- I 'Wi f af: . Q 1,"f,',-' P 4 Hz,-1-,.rz.' -"f:-,'!--- ,- '... x--9:7-1.J,--.--'ff-3:1".'1,'--:g,fA,a:':'1': .r-W "1 - .WN ,,1.',f y, Y- x, g-1 f' - " ' soc, 1 14:1-3, f,,,-x,y..w,,".fc' :.-'-'P ' 4' ' x M' 'fr 'Ju ' 'f --1 . -gf. 53'-f -, un: ' ' i,r.d'g?fi?lg4 PQ' 1,-4 , -'-1 A HQ' : ,f "- my 52 11!""":I!l 'fy' , EN, ,-Lv ':' ' f Q 4 .f - .up - 1, ,-- 5- V, ,L 'c-, i, jf 1' ,L -'... up .4 .' -'v - 3, f , 45:-gg' ' -9. uv. '- f?-fi,?-:'- W ' f f ' iq .M .gul IJ Ogg -.1 Lg -7 1:04, '--uf' A 1.'-Vff'f"f.'i+:1'.z :Sal-W -- 5' -156-fm '-'K' Emir 1" - "'l"' 1' lu ---, 11 - . 51'-,Q--''112,:'H.jL:'-"L 21,11 -" -HH! ' 1 ' J -5-,sian - 1, 4 - , -f.,, .Q.,.,,.'--:'.:. A pr . ' ' ,. f, -. 5 14 I -X Z' 5, f,f'ffjrf. 'Rf-Q'fi-1'.'r",x,','55'jfg'f'.r5.1'fff?,i- '-'VHP' ', -' me' "ul V . 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A-, 7,01 A .v.Lg.g,4,,, - ,I ,L A, j .gg . :sq - r . .1:.. .if g'g.,,f,1. ' A ,' H,-fs, w V . w -'13, ,jg .-., -"ff-'Q " -' .nfs -, -ff--f '-UI. D A' 5 : ff-gf,.PhL-v " 331: 'E-c'f.'1Qf - .",j..-441 ' '-,Ll-,4-T1 " .. P . Mp ':, ffi-',.,K ,T :n,..', Q -w,'f-,41 f'.'7::,f1, --.7-' ,W-, .+G .4 ' v,-gf. "-2-31, ,. f ' ' .pa 1 3,53 'ps y -,. " 1' J . -'jf 1 1.4 A ive' ' fllizff 1 1 :ff N X N "'uf,lF"-fl' fi" ' ,gy,.iY'g-pA'py, -Aj , Tl'-,. N K yi11gy:f' ' .Q-, 4+ 5 151,54 , ' ,na -552' X Y .311 'V 15. -N V' Nr-,.,' .-wyh -- '- :H-1, ll- , X A "" P X -fwfwfci-:.f', ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' V I' x 1' H' '1"vx-4:1 7:1 4 Ijffiffl ' ,. , 'l ' .1 X ' . -,'.g.,1-43 .5 I-V - . 1.4 :,1l..,-j,,- . M. . - I A ' -f - ' H ' if-,f 1,., -- "Q,11,' , yu if 1 X 'T-5-. 5 ' YP L: ' filkfxkli-'vi .J-Qi: W "- , , - ll' N '- ' 52" ' 1.?fT.l" V3 ,ig-,,,g,, 1" '. ., lk' a-1 -JI' ' f - 'H -J" "XL-L",'fEg'-', . , 1 ' Q, ,L Nl l '-.-'1 ' WN- A 35,3 M jgcfpl Lf-5b.i.,g:g .4 in - - . n ,ik- -A.:. 1 , . 'nw ,,,,g,, gif' iVy4U'1"..2 f 1 f - ..,- 'pf I Av. ' . .jx ut -,-t,.'i,1 i-.M-E, vi -5.1 Lx J ,. iv 1 U Vg K .11 fr. ,S ...- P, -Y 5. U -' 5 Iwi 'gg-I . T A ff , " ,gf A , N , , l F ,C Q.: ,, -,X w VV: y . , frjvxj f - ', ' , " 11, , V. ,il , fa.:.-- . P .H. .w ' -W m Of 4--. n - ' ' , , . x - 1 , um ' 66 Extra-curricular activities enhance the value ol college. They give color to a dull day. Qnce the bug lor extra-curricular lile bites, you no longer can be satislied with being just a bool4 vvorml Book l4novvl- edge alone is not enough. Extra-curricular life teaches one to vvorl4 vvith others, to crovvd nevv activities into his days, to use leisure time wisely. All ol this means a better you and richer memories ol college days. A little reminiscing lortilies this idea about 'lricher memories." Will you ever forget the thrill you had the time the Glee Club sang at Gr- chestra Hall? Gr, maybe you recall a particular tracl4 meet and the Way you ran so hard that everything vvent blacl4 lor a vvhile. perhaps your fondest memory is ol a debate triogthe svvanl4y hotel, the new friends you made, the lun you had debatingl Whatever your activities have been, you are sure to have memoriesfgood, solid, interesting memories that you can tal4e vvith youl UHEANIZATIUNS N Mlm if Wad, M Front Row: Gamerstfelder, l-l., Bosshardt, Pohly, Ebert, Kirn CPres.D, Rutherford CSec.-Treas.D, Schendel, Johnson. Back Row: Accola CVice-Presj, Knoespel, l-loesch, Elkon, Ksiazek, Tabor, l-loward, Schmidt, Dr. l-laag CAdvisorD. STUDENT CUUNIIIL The Spectrum bookcase is a voice box ol tradition and time-honored organizations. lt can talk about parties or classes or people or things. Somewhere within its bound volumes a voice whispers, it becomes louder, it speaksl HNorth Central today has a high type ol Student Council which is the medium ol student opinion in all mattersf' These words come from the 1928 Spectrum. CDr. l-laag was editor thenl. HThe three-fold purpose of our student self- government is to maintain a high standard of student body decorum, to provide means oi ex- pression lor student opinion, and to enable students themselves to regulate all matters not strictly academic." This phrase is from the 1994 Spectrum. UThe Student Council is Filling a great need and that is becoming more firmly established each year." This sentence is from the 1993 Spectrum. The voice of the bookcase speaks of the wealth of tradition and determination in back ol our student government. The voice from the Spectrum typewriter acknowledges that truth and wishes to add a few words. ln 1943-44 the Student Council has played a vital role just as it has since the day when it was created in 1919. This year it has carried out its traditional tasks and also assumed new responsibilities. The Student Council promoted the big events of the school year which are underscored onthe activity calendar: l-lomecoming, College Day, and the activities of the First week of school. lt also assumed responsibility For electing editors and business managers ol the school publi- cations, student-comptroller, chairmen for l'-lome- coming, War Council Chairman, etc. New duties have helped adjust the campus to its war-time basis. Representatives from the A. S. T. P. have helped out in this respect. Soon the voice of the typewriter will be another voice in the bookcase as it joins the chorus which speaks ol the value ol student government at North Central. JG --I3 WAR EUUNEIL It is hoped that this organization will not be in existence next year, Perhaps no year- book has ever said that before. l-lovvever, vve say it in all sincerity because when the vvar is over the War Council can close up shop and call it quitsl But, until that Hshining hourn, North Centralls War Council will continue doing its bit and best to help out in the vvar effort. ln the final analysis Hbitu is a lot. lVlodern warfare mal4es many demands which this coun- cil has tried to ansvver. College students as vvell as defense vvorl4ers must buy bonds and defense stamps if the vvar is going to be fi- nanced. Unlilce defense worlcers, though, most college students don't have big pay checks. Consequently the council has had to put on the pressure to promote bond and stamp sales. The business of lceeping the service men's honor roll up-to-date is also one big job. It tal4es pains, patience, and perseverance to lceep tracl4 of the changes of address and ranl4 of North Central soldiers, sailors, marines, and flyers. A blood drive doesn't automatically meet vvith a big response of doners. People-even college students-have to be convinced of the value of giving blood and of the dire necessity for it. That tal4es explanations and propa- ganda, that represents another very worthy taslc of the council. Students who have spent their hard earned cold cash for boolqs donxt give them up just because of a feeble request to help the W.S.S.f. or the prisoners of vvar. -lhey must be made to see the need which faces hungry minds. Then they will be generous. The War Council is North Centralls means of bringing the vvar home. It has l4ept students mindful of the needs and demands of modern warfare which they too must feel responsible for. When the vvar is over the War Council can quit but until then it will lceep on doing its best to help hasten the day of final victory. Wiley CAdvisorD, Bond Cpublicityb, Esmont CChairmanD, Ebert Clled Crossj, Kellogg Cl-lonor Rollj, Accola CBooksD, Gom- ertsfelder, D. CStamps and BondsD, Mayer CSec. ond Red Cross Bandagesj, Stressman CBlood Drive-D, Stevenson CSpeakerD. r . t- - f,.n,Ww.t STUDENT FINANCE BOARD Standing: Nicoletti, Teuchert, Prof. Kerr, Kirn Seated: Treasurer Schendel, Dr. Rall, Bosshardt STUDENT FINIINIIE No organization in school has such lavish Iunds as the Student Finance Boardl But, no campus club has as many places to put its money as the Finance committee. The 516,000 which it gets from the student activity Iees calls Ior wise budgeting and careful corner- turning il every organization is going to receive adequate Funds. Some of the activities which receive appropriations are: athletics, forensic, lectures and concerts, musical and dramatic organizations, Student Council, The College Chronicle,Spectrum,Cardinal,all-collegesocial committee, and the tour college classes. N.,- STUIJENT IINIUN "You've got itl Now, treat it rightln II the Student Union Board of Control were out motto hunting, it undoubtedly would select the "You've got itl Now, treat it rightln slogan. This board exists for the purpose ol seeing to it that no student violates the rules which have been set up Ior the student union room. The big and successful campaign Ior "Union Nowi' gave the campus the splendid lounge and recreation room. The board of control is determined that those beautiful rooms will be treated with the proper respect because stu- dents worl4ed so hard to secure them For the campus. STUDENT UNION BOARD OF CONTROL Prof. Kerr, Prof. Domm, Miss Meier, Riker, Worner, Ebert Beher, B., Nicoletti, Koten, Beyler, l-lasewinkel, CSec.-Treas.D Rall, Cook, Edwards, Beher, J. i STUDENT ATTILIITTES ll formulas Clong lormulasb intrigue you, you will lilce this one-NCCCoSAoTACSl Don't swoon, for that is not any abstract, impos- sible uunlcnownn. It is just an abbreviation For "North Central College Chapter of Student Affiliates ol the American Chemical Societyu Cyou can breathe nowll -l'hat's the name lor one ol the most progressive and highly esteemed scientilic organizations on campus. lts member- ship is limited to chemistry or chemical engin- eering majors who have been nominated for membership by the two chemistry instructors and who are also in good CBD scholastic standing. Although seventy-live or eighty colleges in the United States have similar organizations, North Central can boast of having the only student aililiate chapter in the State of lllinois. Student affiliates means action and oppor- tunities lor its members. The chance to attend national meetings, the opportunity to meet some ol the most outstanding leaders ol the chemical profession, the incentive the organization gives to maintaining highest possible scholastic stand- ing are all part of the utalce it with you" quality which malces it a genuine privilege to be a member of NCCCOSAOTACS. Student aitiliates today will be leading scientists to- morrow. ......z.- -. , l Magenheimer, CPres.j l-lornberger, Kirn, Preston, Koelling, Farnham, D. BE GP is iss Front Row: Sommer, Mehn Cl-listorianb, l-lasewinkel, White CPres.D, Cook, Shimkus CLlsherD. Back Row: Gamertslelder D., Schloerb, Farnham, D., Schweitzer, Bentley, Sperry, johnson, Dr. Eigenbrodt CAdvisorD. BETA BETA BETA Walk up to Mr, or lVliss Average college student and Say, "Batanos, Boudetose, Boaxu. You will get a dirty lookl 'lap ye ordinary student on the shoulder and say, "Beta, Beta, Betalw You will get a skep- tical lookl Approach one oF the outstanding students ol the biological science department, say those same words and you will receive a smile oF recognition. lnstead ol looking perplexed when you say "Batanos, Boudetose, Boax,', that ubest ol the biologists" will echo in your ear, "An acorn, a little bird, a Fishlu The words "Beta Beta Beta" will bring the reply, "l.iFe on the ground, in the air, and in the water." It your Beta Beta Beta buddy Finds you rather bored he might surprise you by singing a verse oF l-lubert Fring's song, "Drosophila, Drosophila" to the tune oF Ultuniculi, Funiculin. :Some think Flies were created to be swatted, And so do l, and so do l. Some think that Flies to burn should be allotted And so do l, and so do l. I r w But I, l breed these verminilerous "critters, -lo count their brats, to count their bratsf' l-lowever, in case you might be in the mood For serious talk, the Beta Beta Beta member can give you plenty oF that tool l-le will tell you that the basic purpose oF this organization is to stimulate sound scholarship, to disseminate scientiFic knowledge, and promote biological knowledge. That will naturally lead to a discussion oF the bi-monthly meetings which sparkle with enthusiasm For the latest medical discoveries and achievements. Beta Beta Beta is music to the ears oF biological students who were selected For membership on the basis oF their general scholarship and speciFic ability in thisFField. Beta Beta Beta is North Central's society For those who regard a study ol or- ganic liFe as one oF the most vital and interesting st.idies known. Q Society isn't all twentieth century polish and relinement. lt's as hard to Figure out as "l3eclc's Bad Boylu States battle, people strike or steal or starve, culture surpasses man's ability to keep up with it. Society is a headachel So, some merely turn to the Funnies and proceed to forget their troubles while society can go hangl Some donut though. -lhey say, "'s do something about itlu Stand-bys in this group are North Central's members ol the honorary national social science organization, Pi Gamma Mu. They do a considerable amount ol tallcing and thinlcing about problem-child society at their monthly meetings. ln order to aualily lor membership in this honorary group a student must have a B scho- lastic standing and have a major in philosophy, psychology, commerce, history, sociology, eco- nomics, or political science. l-le also must have completed at least Q0 hours in any one of these Fields in order to be eligible lor mem- bership. With requirements lilce these to meet it is no wonder that the members ranl4 among the best students on campus and tal4e genuine interest in discussing rather than merely feeling disgusted with society. Another outstanding Feature ol Pi Gamma Mu is the fact that at least hall ol the members are faculty members who became alliliated with the group when they were students at North Central. Also a number ol seminary students are active members in the organization. pi Gamma Mu is an active group, Meetings are Filled with scholarly discussions and gen- uine interest in society. Frequently the group relers to Social Science, the ollicial Pi Gamma Mu magazine. North Centralls chapter also carries on joint meetings with chapters lrom other colleges in this area. This year marl4s Pi Gamma lVlu's twentieth year ol existence at North Central. It is a leading honorary organization which sees society not just as a headache but as something which merits thought, interest, and discussion. Pl ElllVllVlIl MU Seated: Prof. l-leinmiller CSec.D, Prof. Dute, Grandlienard, Prof. Kerr, Dr. Haag. Standing: Fairbrother, Stressman, Prof. Wolf, Knoespel, Herbst Cpresj, Dr. Deabler. Not Pictured: l-lelen King CVice-Presb. l I ll I , X J frm 5 X '92 eng: SIEIVII-l Tl-TU DELTA "lt's not bad, but it can't be called literary- needs more polish, a better style." "That may be true, but the idea behind it and the angle from vvhich it's presented is clever and original." The above dialogue is an example of the literary dissection which goes on at Sigma Tau Delta meetings. The manuscripts which each member brings to the monthly meetings are given a thorough going-over, the good and bad features are pointed out and suggestions are made for their improvement. While these sessions may sound brutal to beginning writers, always they really are not. The criticism is helpful and never bitter. The object of such express criticism is to inspire the author to himself better, to enable him to lcnovv his weak points and overcome them, and in general give him the objective viewpoint of disinter- ested persons who are capable of good criti- cism. The society furnishes a proving ground for literary talent, and the final test comes when some of the worlc is accepted for publi- cation in The Rectangle, the quarterly collection of the best writings of the organization. Several of our efforts have been printed, much to the pride of the North Central chapter. The motto of Sigma Tau Delta is "Sincerity, Truth, and Designn which the members try to lceep in mind at all times in their Writing. Their aim is perfection in these three ideals. The national organization vvas founded at Dakota Wesleyan University in 1924 and Sigma Gamma, North Centrals chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, was organized in T931 To become a member of this honorary English fraternity, a student must be an English major and have a B average in all subjects. Besides the regular monthly meetings the group this year savv the musical comedy "Chla- homo". Lois Grote, president, Dorothy l-leinrich, vice- president, Betty Magenheimer secretary, Mal- colm Mcflenaghan, treasurer, have been the officers this year. Seated: McClenaghan CTreas.D, Kulper, Grote CPres.D, Prof. Wiley, Magenheimer. Standing: Grandlienard, Boyer, Traver. Not Pictured: Heinrich CVice-Pres.D. l i fm C9 ,. li i ,J QM s, C50 2-'tif' ici, Qrgf Qgqrif J-Q FRENCH CLUB Parlez-vous Francais? Qui? Venez au cercle Francais and 'lparlezl' to your heart's content. Do you know what 'je t'aime" and uembrassez moi" mean? No doubt you do in English, but il you know their meaning in French, itls the French Club lor you. There you learn to carry on actual conversations without which no language can really be learned. And no one in the club has such linguistic ability as to speak so rapidly that a novice can,t understand. Anyone who knows some French and has an interest in learning to speak it Fluently can be- come a member. To prove that complete mastery of the lan- guage is not a prerequisite lor joining the club, you should listen to some ol the conversations: mAh, er-comment allez-vous aujourd-hui? l mean ce soirf? Tres bien? Goodl No-er-bonl Et moi? Diablel Cunder the breath, ol coursel whats the French For "pretty goodm? Ah,- comme-ci, comme-ca." lt's a strange mixture of French and English, but each meeting brings you one step nearer perfection. And it's quite stimulating, mentally, to have to search around in the dim, dark recesses of your mind For those idioms you supposedly learned at one time and to be able to drag them out triumphantly and amaze your colleagues. The French Club was organized this year under the leadership ol lVllle. Bleck, head ol the French department. The oFlicers elected were Aileen l-lostetter as president, Audrey Boyer as vice-president, Phyllis Stump as sec- retary, and Dwight Busacca as treasurer. The meetings are held once a month and the busi- ness is carried on entirely in French. Someone recites a poem or a dialogue is given and anecdotes are read. Then there are games and songs like "Frere hlacauesl' and UAu Clair de la Lunef, Le Francais Cercleis a good combination ol work and play. It teaches just as the class in French teaches. Yet, it has an informal and "guess at the word" air which makes it lun to talk French just lor the sake ol talking it. It is one very Fine opportunity to tease the vocal chords into persuading the tongue to do strange and interesting talk in a Foreign tongue. Front Row: Oden, Busacca CTreas.D, Stump CSec.D, Prof. Bleck CAdvisorD, l-lostetter CPres.D, Boyer CVice-Pres.D, Mau, Pease, Yeoman. Back Row: Millberger, Hoffman, Hunter, l-latch, Esmont, Nieb, Allen, Knittle, Wintermantel, Schloerb, Honberger, l-layes, Kennedy, Mathew, Keiclel. 0 3 nf Seated: Prof. Oliver CAdvisorD, Shockey CSec.-Treasj, Heinrich CPres.D, Ebert CVice-Presj, Allen. Standing: Ogborn, Stedman, Accola, Foemmel, Shilling, Kellogg. llLPHll PSI UlVlEEll Alpha Psi Qmega is one campus organization that thrives on plenty of action. Theres never a dull moment when Alpha Psi Qmegans have a play brewing. A auiclc Ubehind the scenes" glance proves why N. C. Cfs amateur actors and actresses enjoy their dramatic activity. Remember Mag- nificent Obsession? Alpha Psi Qmegans were in bacl4 ol it lOO'Zi. lhey Upep tallcedl' many timid seniors into helping out bacl4 stage or into trying out for parts. Many a time the lights in the vvorlc shop burned lar into the night vvhile l-lunsie and the cast drilled hard spots of the play. It gave everyone a sense ot achieve- ment to conquer an especially hard line or to pitch a scream just right or to time correctly claps ol thunder or screeches ol bralqes. Drama is a job but people who Ngo lor itl' enjoy it. They classily a race up lour Flights ol stairs lor a cue rehearsal promptly at lour as good experience and exercise. lhey would be disappointed at a dress rehearsal that isn't hectic and one grand headache. -lhe tasl4 of painting scares ol Flats is their idea ol necessary bad medicine as a pre-requisite lor good scenery. The thrill on the night ol The per- formance compensates lor their hours ol labor, vvorry, and memorization. Drama is lun to Alpha Psi Qmegansl Drama is lun to a North Central audience too, because many ol the dramatically inclined have entertained their audiences with char- acterizations that are unique. jack Stedman tal4es the prize lor his authentic "little old mann portrayals. Ema l.ou is champion ol the alert and peppy little girl roles. AI Ebert holds the distinction ol being outstanding as the dignified business man. Jane Shockey and Diclc lvlahlman stand out For their character roles while Dot l-leinrich ranlcs as one ol the most poised ol N. Cs dramatic society. K 'O McDowell CVice-Presj, Ogborn, Meyer, Prof. Qliver, Stevenson Cpresj, Willcening CSec.-Treasj, Stressman, Esmont. Pl KllPPll DELTA If there is anything worse than a beautiful woman without a mirror, it is a debate squad without a tournament to attend. Although North Central has a very active speech de- partment, there has been a slight slump in activities of the forensic world this season. -lhatls not any reflection on the Pi Kappa Delta members though. Since most schools have been hard hit by the draft, there have been fewer tournaments. Gas rationing added to the plight also called for a curtailment of speech activities. North Central debaters have adapted to the new situation quite well. Some toolc to tallcing in their sleep or debating with their roommates just to lceep in practice. Qthers actually de- voted their spare time to reading the quarterly Pi Kappa Delta publication which national headquarters publishes. A few decided to read behind Gnd beyond the headlines in order to get their own interpretations of the news. North Central debaters have sustained and strengthened their interest in the affairs of international politics. The big trip of the year was the tournament at Whitewater, Wisconsin on february 'llth and 12th. lntensive study just before the tour- nament brought its rewards. Ugtevien made finals in extemporaneous spealcing. The de- bate teams won on the average of three out of five debates-not a bod score at alll The issue which the debaters have filled their file cards about is, Resolved that: H-lphe United States should cooperate in establishing and maintaining an lnternational Police Force upon the defeat of the Axis." Although neither the affirmative nor the negative managed to show up with the best points, both sides concluded that they were very grateful for the oppor- tunity of stimulating their thoughts about this important issue which will be very significant in the post-war world. ,ull Front Row: Stressman, Stedman CSec.D, Pohly, Kisrovv, Beyler CPres.D, Keen. Bciclc Row: Allen, Ebert Clreasj, Accola CVice-Pres.D, Rilcer, Lehmann, Prof. Domm CAdvisorD, Shilling, Young, l-lerbst, McClenaghan. Y M C ll ln spite ol unpredictable draft boards, the Y. M. C. A. cabinet has managed to be as etlicient as usual. lt's "big brotherl' service for ulroshn fellows was very helpful. Religious Emphasis week with guest speaker, Dr. Mueller, provoked thought. lnternational Institute weelc aroused interest in W. S. S. F. This year the Y. M. C. A. has met the challenge to War-time Christian leadership very vvell. lts schedule has been lull and successful. College vvomen at North Central have an opportunity lor the Finest lcind of Christian fellowship under the auspices ol the Y. W. C A. Whether it is giving a gilt to a "heart sisterl' or serving on a committee does not matter- the basic value is that a woman is given the opportunity to start thinlcing unsellishly and to begin judging happiness in terms of serving others. Y W ll ll Seated: Gamertsfelder, l-lasevvinkel, Worner, Grandlienard. I l Standing: Schendel, Mehn, Rutherford CVice-l3res.D, l-leinrich CPres.D, Coolc Clreasj, Mayer, Simpson CSec.j. l Litchfield, Shilling, Wykle, Retzlatf, Foemmel, l-leter, Smith, Mahlman, Riker, Stressman, Reinlcing, Wahl, Knittle, Busacca, Firch, Stedman, Pohly, l-layes, Cook, Becker, Schultz, Allen, Ebert, Striffler, Knoespel, Meyer, Keen, l-lemmer, Prof. l-limmel, Stetzel, McClenaghan, l-lovvard, Young, Accola. SEAEER ASSUCIATIUN Pre-thes spend every other Tuesday evening at Seager Association meetings. These fellows who are working oil their pre-requisite re- quirements lor entering the seminary benefit from the discussions and good times at "Seager'l. Sometimes they have prolonged bull sessions over philosophical issues, other times Prof, Woll leads them in a profound discussion on politics, every time they leave the meeting with valuable ideas. A STUDENT VULUNTEERS Student Volunteers on North Central's cam- pus is a group of nearly Filty students who meet regularly on Sunday mornings at the First Evangelical Church lor services of inspiration and devotion, usually devoted to missionary subjects. lts chiel aim is to promote interest and activity in missionary Worlc. Deputation worlc, as well as some social activities, are also included in the program ol the organization. Seated: Rowe, Gilbert, Kulper, Lepien, Willson, l-lunter, Diewall. Standing: Shilling, Young, Seitz, Christofersen, l-layes, Grandiienard, Yeoman, Dr. Attig CAclvisorD, Chamberlain CSec.D, Vandersall CPres.D, Skartved CVice-Pres.j, Kisrovv C'l'reas.D, Young, Boss- hardt, Wendland, Wahl, Strirfler, Mathew. Front Row: Finke, I-losbach, Gomertsfelder, D., Mayer CSec.-Treas.D, White CPres.D, Prof. Eigen- brodt CAdvisorD, Mehn, Shoger, Osborne, Foucek. Back Row: Nicoletti, Best, Schvveitzer, Sperry, Magenheimer, Schloerb, Rall, Cook, Yeoman, Bennett, Gamertsfelder, I-l., Johnson, Mau, I-lasewinkel. Not Pictured: Ettinger CVice-Presj. ZUULUGY The best way to understand a zoology stu- dent is to go to Zoo club after the meeting has adjourned. Conversation runs something like this-ul-ley, joe, got your cray fish dis- sected yet? What l'm looking forward to, though, is the grasshopper dissection-that ought to be funln -lhatis the way the enthus- iastic zoo students talk, that's the kind of enthusiasm that makes zoo club clickl HUIVIE EE Anyone can serve an Hout of the cann dinner. Anyone can buy an outfit. But it takes train- ing and skill to prepare an attractive, tasty, home-cooked meal, it takes understanding to know hovv to buy or make an attractive outfit. Therefore, l-lome Economics Club members rec- ognize the value of the cooking demonstra- tions and ideas for clothing construction they get at their monthly meetings. Front Row: Woessner,Quilling CAdvisorD, Medendorp, Feldott CVice-l3res.D, Beitel CPreS.D, Goble CSec.-Treasj, Dassovv, Prof. Kietzman CAdvisorD, Christofersen, Carlson. Back Row: Card, Arndt, Boyd, l-laney, Schmidt, Scholl, Koelling, Bell, Sommer, Stengel, Hos- tetter, Taylor, Oertli, Branigan. Front Row: Schmidt, Gerhardt, Teuchert, Holtz, Carlson, Darm, Reimer, Wegner CSec.D, Bosshardt, Nichols CPres.D, Rudolph, Thompson, Mulhall, Witkoske CVice-Presb. Back Row: Schneider CTreas.D, Bond, Kerr CAdvisorD. EUIVIIVIEHEE CLUBS Dame Fortune just grinned. There were many statistics but nobody had any really Uinside dopen about Commerce Club. Then, fortun- ately, a commerce student strolled into the otlice. Sure, he l4nevv all about it-"This in- formative and interesting club gives commerce students an opportunity to discuss business and economic problems and to hear about the experiences ol men vvho are doing vvorlc in the Field! HISTURY The past is interesting-especially to mem- bers ol the l-listory Club. Cn one Wednesday evening each month they push their contempor- ary ailairs into a corner and dash oil for an informal conlab about personalities and events ol the pastl Boolc reports, discussions, and some ol Dr. Attig's humorous insights and inter- pretations mal4e this organization a valuable activity for North Central's historically mindedl Seated: Ebert, Knoespel, johnson, Attig, R., King, Prof. Attig, Sengalaub. Standing: Keidel, Fairbrother, Kapitan, l-laclc, Moede, Thom, Arndt. X . 1 w rrntmitr xslt fa l lf lim This board doesn't meet oiten,but its role is a continuous one ol ironing out publication problems. The faculty advisors are interested primarily in seeing to it that the chiefs of campus publications do their job while staying within the budgetl That sounds simple, but it isn't. Budgets are so unpredictable, editors and business managers can so easily become negligent. So, the advisors help lceep them on their toes. The business managers have to persuade people to buy ads and to discourage the editors from getting any Fantastic and expensive ideas. The editors merely spend their time trying to lceep up with their school work, malce their staffs worl4 and still turn out accept- able publications. Howard, Prof. White, Preston, Dr. Haag, Venarcl, I-lubmer, Kerr, Ogborn. Y 1' Q f E' .A -Il t u RX E fi- S2 S 5 X : E of 3 la- 2 S P s 'lg A.. 5 i. X f :-' ALUMNI NEWS t vvos on opportune moment. The telephone vvosn't jongling, there vvosn't the usuol score ol students in Miss l2eilc's otlice vvith their innumer- oble list of questions. It vvos on ideol time to get the Hinton cibout o very importont publiccition, The Alumni News. This quorterly publicotion, which is edited by Miss Reilc during her Hspcirel' moments, trcivels to every corner of the globe to tcilce news obout N. C. C. to cipproximotely 94,000 people. Even in normol peoce times it goes to lndio, Chino, ond Alricci Where North Centrol men ond vvomen ore in missionory service. -lodoy, though, the Alumni News hos added signiliccince. It meons nevvs obout school, friends bc1cl4 home, ond friends in the service, to opprox- imotely 600 North Centrolites in Notionol service. Mony on Alumni News hos to trovel thousonds of miles ocross deserts, mountoins ond bodies ol vvciter. But, when it does reoch its destinotion it meons genuine moments ol pleosure lor its reoders. Perhcips os you ore reoding these vvords some N. C. C. grod or former student vvho hos just returned to his borrciclcs olter o hord doy is en- joying his Alumni Nevvs vvhich brings bciclc to him fond memories of doys spent here. MISS REIK Miss Reik, Dr. Rolls secretory, never hos o dull moment. Routine office duties ond the Alumni News lceep her plenty busy. Most unique ol her other duties is the toslc ol cinsvvering the questions ol mony students cibout everything from mls there o green lountoin pen in the lost ond Found?" to ul-lovv do l Fill out ci petition?" FINAL Nm Eniri N Spf? Per.-soNAi.AgM CULLEEE EHRUNIELE Seated-Thorne, Muehl, Allen, Pease, Stetzel, Stressman, Shilling, Augustine, Schendel, Barnes, Norris. Standing--l-laebich, De Wolfe, Strong, Fretz, Mau, Kimbrough, Ogborn Cfeature editorD, Witkoslce Csports editorj, Reimer, Cassistant business managerD, Howard CeditorD, Preston Cbusiness managerj, Reinlcing Ccirculation managerj, Grandlienard Cnevvs editorD, Allen, Gamertsfelder, D., Bond Cstaff photographerj, l-lemmer, McDowell, Lehmann. You can take it with youl Yes, along with the memories of the various high points and lovv spots, the happy, carefree moments and the more serious occasions, the students may well reserve a place in their boolc of memories for the College Chron- icle. Webster has defined chronicle as an his- torical record of events, and truly the staff of writers and vvorleers of all lands have vvorlced, and Worked hard, in order to make the Chronicle of T943-44 one that vvill be remembered for years to come. There have been trials and hard- ships which have confronted not only the editor but also the rest of his staff, and novv that the history of the school year has been written it may be said of the College Chronicle that many of the feature stories, campus nevvs items, regular columns, editorials, and sports articles will re- main in the minds of those vvho read them and have made an indelible impression upon their very lives. Regardless of vvhether or not the separate issues of the Chronicle have been set aside as souvenirs, the statement may be made in reference to the ideals and standards of the paper that 'you can tal4e it with youf. , Cgstlcixis-wmls bj S Neck Z u cv- X ---- Grbeflntni I t.,f,,,?....,O,,L WLIGHTR Front Rowgl-lunter, Bishop, Speigler, Schneider. Middle Row-Young, Milgate, Miller, l-lack, Fontanna, Worner. Back Row-Mugalian, Rockwood, Crawford, Barton, Prof. White. EAHDINAL The living room at the UWhite l-louse!! with its comfortable chairs and stone fireplace is a temple in disguise. l-lere gather the student worshippers of the ancient arts-prose and poetry, the powerful influences that have tempered men's minds and hearts. The students bring their literary offerings to be read within the friendly circle. ferne l-lack, this yearis active president, then leads a discussion in which the selection is generously criticized as to style, content, and effect. Prof. White adds his more mature judgment and supple- ments the discussion with facts and suggestions. Some poems have inspired eloquent comments on such subjects as truth and morality. from this group activity, selections for the Cardinal, N. C. literary magazine, are made. Watching student response to the various poems, essays, short stories is an excellent way to determine what is good Cardinal material. This yearis Writerls Club includes members of the A. S. T. P. unit Cin addition to regular students and alumnael who have con- tributed some prose efforts as well as pertinent comments. This year's officers have been very active. President ferne l-laclc brought several outside speakers who are professional writers. They gave helpful hints to the eager beginners, Frances Fontana served religiously as secretary-treasurer. Under her guidance a publicity committee, com- posed of l-lelen Miller, Virginia Pease, l-lelen Zulas, made announcement posters and wrote up the club meetings for the Chronicle. llll Y , Sllllllllkl QW' Front Row-Gamertsfelder, M., Kascli, Sclwneller, Sundquist, Slwockey, Shilling, Carlson, Vandercook, Busacca. Middle Row-Grandlienard, Stieglitz, Lepien, M., Sclwendel, l-lubmer, Ogborn, Boyer, Gamerts- felder, D., Pease, Wilkening, Arseny. Last Row-Chamberlain, Augustine, l-lack, Erickson, Barnes, Rowe, Beher, Sommer, l.,, Witkoske, Stevenson, Bond, Sclwloerb, Davis, l-lornberger. You liave all ol l5'l pages to Hcrab about" and criticize. But tliis, my lranze, is our pagel It is devoted to all good statl members wlio lwave done tlweir best to give you anotlier yearbook. llie unique leature about any yearbook is tlie lact tl'iat it is put togetlwer on Uspecialn time. You liave to beg, borrow, and even steal tliat time lrom studies, sleep, and lun. You l'iave to live lrom deadline to deadline, be brave wlien tlwings go wrong, and be willing to do a lot lor a little compensation. People wl'1o liave done tliat deserve mucli credit and applause-tlwis is tlweir pagel Many tlianks go to Bernie Walil lor liis excel- lent picture mounting, l-lerbie Gamertslelder lor lmer splendid division page drawings and clever ideas, jolwn Belwer, Dave Rall, Carl l-lornberger, and glolin Munger lor plwotograpliy work, Doris Sundauist, Lois Sommer, Dorotliy Bernliardt, Lois Kascli, Lucy Rowe, Anita l-larrell, Marian Augus- tine, Ema Lou Kellogg, Margaret McDowell lor typing, Slick Rudolph lor sports write-ups, Ruth Grandlienard, Evelyn Venard, Freddie Kirn lor copy writing, Donna Wilkening lor lielping in in- numerable ways, Betty Zorn and Florence Sommer lor art work. We liave tliese many willing workers to tliank lor tl'iis bookl T,? ,ff- ,,,, lil- 'Leif l ,. ,...- S R t ,, Q i Don Howard Carol Preston Chronicle Editor Chronicle Business Manager Keturah Hubmer Spectrum Business Manager Front Row-Lois Kasch, Dorothy Bernhardt, Anita Harrell, Mabel Christofersen, Herberta Hase- winlcel, Gertrude Wahl, Miriam Wilson, Eleanor Kennedy. Second Row-Sheldon Ferch, Dwight Busacca, Roger Stressman, Phyllis Schendel, Dr. A, S. Haag, Walter Haclc, Harvey Bandt. Third Row-Frederick Kirn, Mary Davis, ,loan Moede, Georgia Mehn, Myriam Berger, Kathryn l,:lAoesch, Betty Schendel, Mary Haney, Margaret Matzke, Lois Curote, Dorothy Arndt, Marjorie ertz. Bock Row-Walter Cuessell, Edgar Cook, Homer Retzlalt, Vernon Hoesch, Marvin Peterson, Lester Smith, ,james Herlost, Leroy Schweitzer. X ff 1 X... ,Q . -, . . :vii I s ,. ,. '11 l M5 QL, -,, - -. -, M ',.,H, ,. : '. .-1, f '.,fff'.'."' L-' , I - .-,f-, '- 5' A - 1 i. ."'fl'7',7-. - X' .- - ' ,.',-f 325' i.w,Q1:W ' 'li '1 -ff.',"u"':'I'i'97-x,-5.75" N FH 'L-4"'f5-i N' if 1. gg, - .,' - -, K ,',',:.v"Tf :lx ' fffli I, I ' .4-6. 1 ' -.: ,- ,- '.'-ff' jyjfz, 'I-', 11 -,' A. ey?-?e"I,X. P' usa. 1-- X- .'-.1'X'..'w.5s - - , 'J' ,Y-gg-5' X, Af. w , wh. 1 ,,TJ,.:f:"'V .j jf -' . 3 ff gi, , .. ., ,. ':, .-2'-if iff- ' .1 ,N , , ,,.,.L . .-,,,-ff. -1,1 .W c 6 OM It would be a gross understatement to call the athletic section slender or thin or streamlined. It it is possible to speal4 ol literary things as undernourished,you might call it one ol the saddest starvation diets ol sports ever set to print. ln spite ol the lean appearance though, your tolerance and ability to read between the lines will help. Even il N. C. C. didnlt have as lull ol a sports schedule as usual, the same appetite vvas there. This fall vvhen the vvind was brisl4 every Saturday vvas suggestive ol the Football spirit. probably Hjal4e,', "Big johnf, "Sool4ie,H and all the rest ol the senior football stars vvere thinl4ing about the old Football days just as we were. When it vvas time for the basl4etball season, a splendid group ol lrosh and underclassmen rallied to the call and did some mighty line playing. Spring sports vvere also good. We made a good showing in tennis and baseball. The spirit ol sports lives onl ATHLETICS AN me if Wait of RNER FIELD HO FUUTBALL 35' 2 .. .. - . -:-S:-1-14-:-:-:-21:-:sz -:-:T2 ' :-'- -.-25. 2-:+2-:-:::3:5:::3:3:12-2-2- .-:-: 2 I -2 x, '-'C'-'-1'FZ-3-2114 - . .g.g.g.:.,f.1.-.,1X',4f': Q ,2E1E2155E2- g52555:E,g:7'1:f 12 21255., 255553525f5f5i55525355515 97:-51:f:21S:1:1: 215:35-.?:1:1:1:1:3:T:' ! .ll 4.1 :1:i :3:3:75151:1515151 +A. 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Every mon in the cirmed forces vvho has ever ployed lootboll, every student vvho has ever vvotched this greot gome leels thot vve will not forget this lovorite gome ol prowess ond couroge. Here vve poy tribute to this sport which hos tought men to be good sports, hos been the nucleus ol school spirit ond enthusiosm lor yeors ond which everybody missed this lcilll Fred Gillogly, Ccloss ol 2405 vvho is novv interned in ci Prisoner ol Wor Comp, Stologlupt No. 3 in Germony, steps from the lootboll poge ol o former Spectrum lor our tribute to the gome ol gomes. While in school he vvos o lootboll stor ond vvon occloim os o compus leoder by being selected to be King Rex. Before his internment in the vvcir comp, he vvcis ovvorded the cluster of three ool4 leoves in recog- nition ol his ochievements ond couroge. The old lootbcill spirit vvos up there with him in his plone, it is with him todoy in the prisoner ol vvor comp, it is here, on this pcige, to ossure us that the lootbcill spirit lives on ot NCC. 89 FrontRow'f'-Bauer, Voss, Ross, l-lacl4Iander,Schendel. BASKETBALL With only one man returning from last year's basketball team and a coach too busy with all the army program to devote much time to coaching, the desirability of maintaining a team this year was debated. But it takes more than a man-povver shortage to stop the spirit of N. C. C. Eleven freshmen joined Don Rilcer, sopho- more veteran ol the squad, for a season of three victories and Five defeats. The team was coached by last year's star lorvvard, -lam Weds- Worth. North Central scored a total ol 323 points over the eight game schedule, an average of 40.3 points per game, against an average ol 47.8 points per game lor their opponents. Dave l-laebich vvas the leading scorer with 98 points For the season, averaging 'IQ points per game. Back Rows --Rudolph Clvlgrj, l3rovvn, l-loesch, Sieben, Coach Wedsworth gives Riker a "tip oft" Zager, Rubel, I-laebich, Riker, Wedsvvorth CCoachD. OD UUSYY feCl1f1IGiU95 The record ortlm Centro ortlw Centro ortlw Centro ortlw Centro ortlm Centro ortlw Centro ortlm Centro ortlw Centro OPENING PLAY lor tlwe season is os follows: . . 36 Elmhurst ...... 44 . . 43 Wheoton ..... 46 . . 39 lxlovy pier ..... Q5 .. 33 lllirmois lecln .... 61 . . 55 Elmlmurst ...... 54 . . 3'l Wlreoton ..... 57 . . 38 Clwicogo 'leoclmers .... 35 .. 48 lllinoisleclw .... 61 91 lNlorth Central contributed its share of top players of Americas national pastime to the greater game vvhich is being played against those forces which seelc to destroy the freedom which malces baseball, the game of games, possible. However, as in many other sports, the game carried on successfully. The Cardinals brol4e even over an eight game schedule vvith four victories and four defeats. A scheduled double-header with Wheaton was rained out. The victories and defeats stacked up lilce this: North Centra North Centra North Centra North Centra North Centra N orthr Centra North Centra North Centra Wheaton . . . St. Procopious .... Lake Forest . Wheaton .. Elmhurst .. Lake Forest . Elmhurst .. DeKalb . .. The Wind Up! .J- We-dsvvor Thai Good Old Baseball Spirit HG. G." Rowell and Don Stoltenberg 93 th Joe Scuito ond C I S h h CDUTDGOR TRAC K Front Row-Eigenbrodt, Meyer, Hemmer, McClain. Middle RowfMarazas, Steclcel, Peterson, Preston, Stark, Bates, Steben, Dailey. Back Row- f"ff Coach Fisher, Shilling, Pebstoclc, Guither, Jacobs, Preise. Our traclc team made a line showing last seventh in the lllinois Tech relays. -lhey ran in spring by vvinning dual meets over Loyola and the Qhgcogo Daily News meet, Gnd were de- Navy Pier. They also Won Q auadrangular meets and placed second in tvvo, placed second in tvvo triangular meets, second in the Confer- ence meet, iiith in the Elmhurst invitational, and leated once by the University oi Chicago in a dual meet. Starlc and Preston were co- captains ol the team. RELAY TEAM Steckel, Stark, McClain, Steben 94 , TRACK Jim Ste:kel in Action Ralph Ste-ben Takes OFF Eugene McClain Strides On "jake" and his Javelin 95 Laier, Schloerb, Koltotl, Gamertsfelder, Attig. WOMEN'S TENNIS Womens tennis at North Central had a suc- cessful season last spring with victories over their six opponents. The scores for the season stacked up as Iollowsz April QI Chicago Teachers 'I No. Centra .... 6 April Q4 Wheaton ........ O No. Centra .... 6 April Q8 North Park ...,... O No. Centra .... 6 IVlay 'I Wheaton .,...... O No. Centra ..,. 6 IVIay IQ Chicago Teachers Q No. Centra .... 4 IVIay I4 North I3arl4 ....... O No. Centra .... 6 MEN'S TENNIS The men's tennis team played two matches last spring, Cn April 'I6, they were defeated by Lawrence College 6-'I, and on May 6 Wheaton outplayed them to the tune ol 4-3. In the state Finals held at Peoria April 30 and May 'I, Kirn and Letller reached the Finals ol the doubles. Kirn, Young, Wedsworth, LeI'FIer, Goldman, Geiger, Coach Keeler. Front Row--Meuhl, Schloerb, johnson, Tanner, Simpson, Augustine. Back Row---Bailey, Gamertsfelder D., Oertli, Boyer, Stevenson, Schendel, B., Mayer, Schendel P., Cook W.ll.l-l. I .. ..'-.2.,qZ:'.40A , Vi Front Row-Dassow, Bishop, Thom, Qertli, Gamertsfelder, D., Finke, Edson, Medendorp, l-loughton, Kennedy. Middle Row-Sundquist, Wegner, Branigan, Schendel, Cook, Green, Teuchert, Schloerb Csecj, Johnson Cpresj, Muehl Ctreasj, Tanner, Barnes, Osborne, Bendel, Arseny, Pease, Arndt. Back Row-Stahl, Cnabel, Augustine, Carlson, Bentley, Schendel, Biederman, Qden, Spencer, Stevenso n, Abbott, Nieb, Stengel, Boyer, l-losbach, Sengalaub, Magenheimer, Gamertsfelder, l-l. Kirchman, Mayer, l-loesch, Branigan, K. 97 I I., I ,. 9.1, .I .'," '.1'..H ' '- .'f'2fif-f ,. 1: I IIL. -f, - II ,. . . . . V, fr . 1 .7 157. ' I- I "9 T" . 1 . ' 1 I - . . ',-- -,II f 1 - , .fl-ff ff 1- ' V A - H.. -"if21 ' 'f '24 A n - 3. I .-1.,.-fI,4.- rf-f - . -- . - , I -. . -, .. iv ' . 1,'.,ivf.'.'gIf'. ' -' f E5 "A 11E's'I-:SJ f--" N - ' 1 ,. -' -., '9 4-. - 4 "U-' ' "f,,'iIvi.-I--T.-. I ' . 'Q-I . - ,' 4- I- - .Lf ,L -'f' .Cf '1' ' L-127'-f'.,g.M . ' f -3.1 '. " ir. xxifxx' M.f1?.f':.9-Gia 4- ' w fia - ' - 1 L 'zfr-C-+'7 '::--' ' . . ' If. :I I .- Q I I .y .,-' 415 . --512' I. 1 4 - . I 161253, 5, v- r'-,.' ff 9 ,QI 3,-. '::.:I 5' I 9 .OI 445- - , , ,...m. , . . rf., 1. , - . . ,. .--...M .. . .. . -.,I - ' .4 I ::":.'-A-54 IiLI.I.- X .-.'I5fl-h,5'315.qgfIg . 'L I gh, '.-7:15-gif-fi''y'f'-'g1'.IZw'. gi, I-,Q ' I: -1.5 .,, I' V If , Q .39 ' 1- ' "ig: '-km '+s'.'.s15-1.'.11v' :i'i'54p'f:. aff? 1" ' 1- -F' 'Q fig-J",-, 'ff ' -17: 5 " wr. '--34141. ' fgw2,IF?,ff"J,--'L fP-'2Z:',E,Ei:r,'.-:4'-'I,,-1. fvfrgL'.,-ig.-F..-Q-s3jF557'-:if" '-g2'1f,f-- 5.111 ln, ,Af ' -ff Rf, f . 'i .' ,Q - 'YQ :.vrsf1',3.-,Lf 1fv:-' . f ff-f.f.'.11'-u3gx?h49gpL"-ag' ' --.rr-'s-.1-f.1,:4 . M. . ff- ' ', - - '-.' TI 'fl i- 'I '1'.g'-II 'LI g,c1..f I... "'. .01 ' - ' . , ., E.""1x.I?41'f. 'n 'aff v---if-jQ,?Zf"5E7"" ...Quiz fiy 'gigf' sg ',.'Ij.,:. ."'gu ,' 'tp -ff. . .555-1 EH 1 1 . 1. -1- 'a -' ipaq , .' 1' .- 1 3. uf - , g .14--' mf, '-4" 55:5 V' -,.-'?'f7.-':J1.fqJ'x..55.-13? . .-i.'.q' 2f29't?1a ' ff' 5-f -'igfg -1251 -f-.iw-. yi'-: .eg j.11q'j.'gIL- ',f-531 ' gg J . gg", 7 I. 2 I' ...lf ' I I..fI'I Y -N.-1-'-iii?-.fz'." "' ' rv: 'T-'-22, "YS-1 -J -- 'ff f I - ,:'i?g.iifqyE:. .'15-z,.r?ggp.'-12144:-,-5-friiviad:YF -a.q'IPQ', '-a?'.m 1' 1. -. 7"-Q , ' I I I. 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L 1 .,L f I' "- ,pi "4 ' s -ff-H 'i 1 .. -. -. . -, I - I . .1 :'III-H, " I I E I - I 1 - 1. . JA Is, f . ,, Sr! x x ,I ,Z . '54, .,-ff xf .9 I,.:f2 "ff 53504150 - f 0 63 3 ""' C 6 014 Some phoses ol college conyt eosily be clossitied. You hove one nome For them, the Fellow next door hos onother. Yec1rbool4s compromise ond use the simple nome, uleoturesf, Coll them vyhot you will, they too belong to the mountoin ol memories thot connot be moved lrom theterrci tirmo conscience ol your mind, to the totol experience which you con tolce with youl This collection ol speciolized items is cz homogenized group of typicol collegiote octiyities. HA Study ln lVloodsH expresses o levy ol the numer- ous lromes ol mind thot school induces. "Whistle While They Vlforlcn louds industrious scholcirs who Find time to eorn money, study, ond still lceep smilin'. Hcourogeous Commutersn ore the perpetucil motion crew ol souls who con l4eep themselves busy rounding up the gong, going to closses lote or just genercilly being enroute. l-lomecoming ond lVloy Pete ore olwoys subjects lor leotured thought. Letter Writing, which hos hit o new time high, now deserves speciol ottention. Then, college life, the fun, the rore moments oll belong to our leotured section. FEATURES AN we z Wim mv A triad in thought A study in strategy STUDY IN IVIUUDS Applied Art 'IOO NN Bcnshful Belle Mystified Miss Tennis Temperment Ping Pong Ponderonce 101 It is easy to say, "l can't allord to go to collegeln It doesn't talce any etlort to prove thatl It is equally as easy to say, Nl can vvorlc my way through collegeln But, it talces am- bition and etliciency to prove that you can work your way through school, North Central is proud ol its "Whistle While They Work" students who not only go to school, which is a lull time job in itself, but also Find time to put in several hours a vveelc earningmoney. Whether it is pushing a broom, selling hose, entertaining youngsters, toting trays, pounding a typewriter, or doing just odd jobs malces no difference. All students who work learn how to manage their time wisely. Last yearls File holds some astounding statis- WHISTLE WHILE THEY WHHK tics about student worlqers. Approximately 6523 CQQOD ol the entire student body worlced. Cl the total, 129 had jobs here at school. The total earnings of all the students amounted to flS5O,i1Ol You can work your way through college-you can talce that experience with youl An Assembly Line for Dish Washing tool Pfeiffer l-lall foithfulsl O9 EUURAEEUUS No motter vvhot greot-grondlother hos to soy obout "how we used to hil4e so mony miles to school in the good ol' doysn, North Centrols commuters con swop stories with him ond tell o better one tool ClNlo ollense to Qreobgrond- lotherlD Commuters perseveringly crovvl out ol C ommuting Comrodes CUIVIIVIUTERS bed ot six bells, eot no breoldost, borge out to cotch o 6:35 troin or to join their sleepy com- rodes in o crowded cor, ln these doys ol rotioned gos ond tires, they doubly deserve to be colled Hcourogeous commuters". The "Com Room" Crowd 'I O 3 HUIVIECUIVIINE This is l-lomecoming-a time when Former graduates from all parts ol the country vvend their way to the scene of their school days, cheer again at the football Field where they witnessed many Cardinal victories. This year the shadovv over Qld Main accounted for a smaller-than-usual gathering of alumni lor the 26th annual l-lomecoming, held November 7. Roger Beyler, chairman ol the affair, was largely responsible for malcing the day as suc- cesslul as those in the past. The NCC army unit provided a setting lor Flag raising and A. S. T. P. Touch Football 'IO4 retreat and upheld the college tradition in a contest ol touch-football against the Wheaton college unit. The army band furnished martial music lor the parade, which featured the theme ol holding the college houses until the boys return to tal4e them over again. Pvt. George St. Angelo, lormer student body president, vvas able to be present and serve as toastmaster for the banquet, which vvas lollovved by a splendid performance ol "lVlag- niiicent Qbsessionf, by the senior class. That vvas l-lomecoming, symbol ol the spirit of NCC. You can tal4e that with you too, l-lail Ohio Booster Club's Winning Float! "SL" Speaksl 3 . f Grease Painting 10 Homecoming I-leatl Q., X 0-X Jr' f 1 J " f X X 1 Ja ' ,f 1 IPA' -xx f J .!':' 1,4Af ,, 'zzfafgni I iff: f 1' , 9 Ak 6 UUHHESPUNUENCE , K7 , 'f x7 .-Fgf ,fm X 1 CUUHSES A letter means a lot tlwese daysl Any friendly, funny, interesting or simple epist e i l 's an enter- booster lor all service men, taining morale l.ast lall all Nortli Ce questionnaires giving genera correspondence Files. llie total number ol vvliom tliey vvrite is 622: 292 ntral lair ones Filled out l data about tlieir service men to 148 are sailors, 27 are 125 ol tl'ie Army ma , Air Corps, and 26 ol tlwe Navy Air Corps. F the l ol tlie total are out o ortln Central men in tlie ol tliese are soldiers, rines 4 are coast guards, As many as 'l7 states. About 75 N service lriear from coeds bac vvliile tlie coeds correspond vvitlri 57 ol their l men rvice. All Nortlw Centra vvo lc at tlie alma mater "l4in,' in tlie se l'iave very interesting Hcorrespondence courses to rememcerl 'IO7 KING REX ,lake is a Football star, a swell fellow, and one of the best all around B.lVl.Q.Cs. Alter com- pleting luis junior year lie Went to Bowling Green U. at Qliio wliere lie took early Marine training. King Rex lias not been around to reign his lcingdom tliis year but lie lwas been serving Well as one of tlie Marines vvlio will bring us certain victory. MAY QUEEN l-lazel is one grand all around gall l-ler friendly smile, sclnolastic attitude, and cliarming personality cliortered lier up to be our May Queen from tlie First day that sl'ie came to the campus. Slie is a royal beauty and personality vvlio l'ias been a real queen of the class ol 44. STARS iviii PETE O 'IO9 COLLEGE DAY College Doy ot Nortlw Centrol is o troditionol ploy ol open lwouse ond lestivities for prospective stu- dents. lts lmiglw spot is tlwe crown- ing ol King Rex ond Queen ol tlwe Moy. I 943 SEPTEMBER I 943 5 6 7 nz I3 I4 as I6 I9 zo 2I zz 23 26 27 za 29 ao 4943 octoaerz I943 3 4 5 6 7 I0 II I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I8 I9 20 2I 22 23 I7 24 25 26 27 28 3 I I9-43 NOVEMBER I I 7 8 I4 I5 I6 I7 I8 I9 22 22 23 24 25 26 2 28 29 30 1943 DECEMBER I943 5 6 7 8 9 I0 II I2 I3 I4 I5 Ib I7 I8 I9 20 2I 22 23' 2b 27 28 29 30 24 3I Moy Fete Royalty ond Court Wolf I-louse I-Iumor. "lt's your's, Coach!" Bookstore "bocI4oIogy". Sto G I ne ozers. The Eogle rides high. "The good ol' days!" Homecoming I-Ieot. .,,,.'gA x -I Millie Muzzy snoozin'. Confident Cards. "ble-rlctl1eJester"jolces. Barbary Coast Pirates, pro-tem Union Room Relaxation. Sinatra ll, Walter Aschenbrennefs Choir Pistol Packin' Mamma pantomime I944 I944 N. I3 I4 20 2I 27 28 I 944 SUN. MON. 5 6 I2 I3 I9 20 26 27 I944 BU!-I. MUN. 23 9I0 I6 I7 mm 24 I944 JANUARY 4 5 6 II I2 I3 I8 I9 20 25 26 27 FEBRUARY TUE. WED. THU. I 2 3 8 9 IO I5 I6 I7 22 23 24 29 MARCH . i. 2. 7 8 9 I4 I5 Ib 2I 22 23 28 29 30 APRIL 4 5 6 II I2 I3 I8 I9 20 25 26 27 MAY 2' 3' 4 9 I6 23 30 IO II I7 I8 24 25 3I Q M -Q TUE. WED. THU I944 . 5 N. 7 8 I4 I5- 2I 22 28 29 I944 FZ: Skg II I2 I8 I9 25 26 I944 3 4 I0 I7 24 31 II I8 25 I944 FRI, SAT. 7 8 I4 I5 21 22 28 29 1944 S 5 I2 I3 I9 20 26 27 .fl lv li kill li X FOREWORD Hlhinlc lo Win" wos the motto which Uncle Sams soldiers of the schoolroom strove to Follow. N. C. Cfs Army Speciolized -lroining men crommed on engineers educotion into o few months ol very hord toil. But in spite ol the lull schedules ond steody grind, these fellows still had the time to mol4e on impression upon the school that it won't forget. They gove the compus spirit ond life, enthusiosticolly entertoined ot their big Hlfholci Kopersn show, ond loolced ot North Centrol from o new point of view. The heovy treod of their G. l. shoes on the steps ol Old lVloin, the HGood Morning Professor Qlivern morphing song, their between closses chots in the holls, ond mod doshes to mol4e bed check mol4e up o unique port ol North Centrol life. The A. S. T. P. is gone but not forgotten. Editor . . . Gordon Christenson Business lVlonoger . Robert lischlce CQVILIAN ff' M INDUCTEE4 . W. fi X V .xg f . 'I ui on if x. ff!! 2 jul li e INIT I I f' 1 0 QQQ V 1sxW'Z'L"A '1- ' 2177754 ' ul. - E,X-X - Kvvn!,,,f- x QI ' ,"' ?a.,,x K Ml n jf ' - ,,, , 'ff "ff z gf f I 5 ff V C fpan A ! ff X42 X rf c' ljfffz if Q X Sfw .if A ' --X1 X .x 257 m Xi wi XX q ' 1 1 X .Q ,, :ew ' 52.52526 1 " 1 Lt. Jensen Capt. Bollom Lt. Bohner N ' Q K Lf: SARGENT BOND, CGRPORAL SUCHOCKI, CORPORAL NEED, SARGENT ROMENESKO 'I'I4 Row One' -l-lorace Addams, James Agnew, Charles Andrews, Albert Baker. Row Two-AADaniel Berman, Richard Beckett, Edgar Biggs, Charles Bostick. Row 'l'hree'fFrancis Brighenti, Wil- liam Brown, Lloyd Bryson, l-lenry Bucciero. Row Four ffAlfred Buchanan, Don- ald Burmeister, ,laclc Campbell, Gordon Christenson. Row OneffSidney Cohen, blames Costello, John Crawford, John Cruzen, Cornelius Cushing, Donald Day. Row Two-Cecil Dickinson, David Donnellan, Marvin Dungan, Charles Ehert, Robert Eklin, Thomas Ellsberry. 116 Row One-Robert Eschke, Robert Farren, Duane Finch, ,lohn Fitch, George Fleener, Wyman French. Row TwofRussell Fretz, Peter Fumusa, Reginald Gibson, Leonard Gobis, Burton Grossman, Lawrence Hadobas Row OneHWilliam Harding, Wade Hauser, Forrest Heap, Richard Heller. Row TwoHPhillip Hesler, Joseph Host, Robert Hull, Dale Hughes. Row Three-Dean Hummel, Dean Johnson, Donald Johnson, Herbert Kamerer. Row Four-Robert Keehn, William Kimbrough, Alfred Kinlcella, Wil- liom Kinzer. 'VI7 Row One 'Arthur Krasner, Edward Ksiazelq, Leland Lawrence, ,lack Lee. Row Two--mlhomas Lee, Carmen Libutti, Robert Lindblade, John Little. Row Three-Stanley Maer, james McCabe, Ben McCannon, Jerry McClain. Row Four--Edwa rd McCreery, Ernest McKean, james McMahon, John Meinkoth. Row One-Cleo Meredith, Edward Meyer, Byron Millard, Melvin Miller, Kenneth Mirlc, James Mitchell. Row Twoil-larry Mohr, Edward Mulligan, Charles Naden, ,lohn O'Brien, Clifford Clsen, William O'Mahoney. 118 Row Onevjames Osborn, l-larold Perry, Joseph Rettger, Kenneth Roberts William Robey Charles Rucl4 Row Two!Allen Russell, John Russell, Robert Sammons, James Schaeffer John Schmitz Richard Seidler Row One-Lloyd Spargo, John Stevenson, Robert Strang, Edward Tennant. Row Two-Melvin Teslce, Wesley Trainor, john Trent, l-larold Van Aman. Row Three-William Wagner, Irwin Weiner, Curtiss White, Thomas Williams. Row Four-Raymond Wimmer, Robert Witham, Stanley Zupek. All men of the A.S.T.P Unit are not pictured. 9 SENIOR ACTIVITIES ACCOLA, HARVEY OSWALD, B.A. Speech Glee Club 4, Chapel Choir 3, Seager Assoc., Alpha Psi Omega, Y.M.C.A. CVice-Pres.5, Dramatics, Track, Student Council, Writers Club, Church Choir. ALLEN, JOHN GORDON, B.A. Psychology Football 'I, Chronicle Q, 3, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Seager Assoc. 3, 4, Dramatics ' 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Chapel Choir 4, Writers Club 4, Senior Class Treasurer, Southeastern 4. ATTIG, RUTH MARIE, B.A. English, Geology, History Glee Club, W.A.A., History Club Pres. 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Q. BEHER, WILLIAM TYERS, B.A. Chemistry Band 'I, Chemistry Club 3, 4. BEITEL, RUTH JEANNE, B.S. Home Economics W.A.A. Q, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 'I, Q, 3, 4 CSec. 3, Pres. 45, Glee Club 2. BEYLER, ROGER ELDON, B.A. Chemistry Chemistry Club Q, American Chemical Society Student Al'liIiate 3, 4, Y.M.C.A. CWorId Fellowship Chr. 3, Pres. 45, Swimming team 'I, 2, 3, Homecoming Chair- man 4, Spectrum Photographer 'I, Q, Who's Who in American Colleges 84 Universities 4. BOND, GEORGE BURRELL, B.S. Commerce Purdue University 'I , Advertising Statl Purdue Exponent 'I, Spectrum Photographer Q, 4, Chronicle Photogra- pher Q, 3, 4, Commerce Club Q, Pres. ol Camera Club Q, First Sem. Junior University ol Illinois, Editor "Granadan", Chronicle Photographer 3, Adv. Mgr. One Act Plays 3, Pub. Chrm. War Council 4, Com- merce Club 4, Adv. Mgr. "Magnificent Obsession" 4. BOSSHARDT, JUNE HELEN, B.A. Commerce Commerce Club Q, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Student Finance Board 4, Student Comptroller 4, Y.W.C.A. 'I, Q, 3, 4, W.A.A. 3, Sec.-Treas. Minnesota Booster Club 4, Student Volunteers 'I, Q, 3, 4. BURDICK, RUTH VIRGINIA, B.A. Biology Zoology Club, W.A.A. CARD, ANN ELIZABETH, B.S. t, Home Economics9xChemistry Home Economics Club 'I, Q, 3, 4. CARLSON, VIRGINIA MARGARET, B.S. Home Economics Home Economics Club 'I, Q, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 'I, Q, Commerce Club 3, 4, Engineering Club 3, W.A,A. 'I, Q, 3, 4, Board of Control 52, Vice-Pres. 3, Varsity Tennis Mgr. 3, Social Committee 'I, Q, 3, 4, Food Chairman 4, Y. W. C. A. 'I, Q, 3, 4. Q0 COOK, VELMA ALICE, B.A. Chemistry, Biology Colorado State College ol Education 'l, Q, Glee Club 3,4CPres.45,ChapeI Choir 4, Y.W.C.A. CTreas. 45, W.A.A. 3, 4, Board of Control 4, Student Alliliate American Chemical Society 4, Zoology Club 4. EBERT, ALVIN WILSON, B.A. Psychology Glee Club 'I, Q, 3, 4 CMgr. 'I, Pres. 3, 45, Octette 'l, Chapel Choir 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4 CVice-Pres. 45, Y.M.C.A. Treas. 4, Men's Representative at large, on the Student Council 4, Chapel Committee 4, CVice- Pres. 45, History Club 3, 4, Student Union Control Board 4, Seager Association 'I, Q, 3, 4, Student Volunteers 'I, Q, Homecoming play 3, Senior Class play 4, Play-House Guild 'I, Q, 3, War Council 3, 4. FARNHAM, ROBERT ERWIN, B.A. Physics, Mathematics Orchestra Q, Chemistry Club 3, 4, CStudent AFliliate5, Engineering Assistant Q, Mathematics Assistant 3, Physics Assistant 3, 4. GERHARDT, MURIEL ANNE, B.S. Commerce W.A.A., Church Choir, Commerce Club. GROTE, LOIS KATHERINE, B.A. English Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4 CVice-Pres. 35, Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4 CPres. 45. GUITHER, FRANCIS GEORGE, B.A. Psychology Band 'I, Q, 3, Orchestra 'I, Glee Club 'I, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3 CVice-Pres. 25, Y.M.C.A. Fellowship Chr. 9, 3, Central Committee Q, 3, Upper Room Q, Student Council Representative 'I, Q, Seager Assoc. 'I, Q, 3 CPres. 25, Student League 'I, Q, 3 CPres. 35, Student Volunteers 'I, SZ, 3 CWorship Chm. Q5, Deputa- tion For College, Seager Assoc., Seminary-Collegiates. 3, 4, Traclc 3, Shakespeare Play "Comedy of Errors" 3, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Chapel Choir Q, Seminary 4 HACK, FERNE ELOISE, B.A. English, Speech Writers Club 'I, Q, 3, 4, CVice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45, Spec- trum StaFl Q, 3, 4 CAssoc. Editor 95, Chronicle 'I, Q, 3, . Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. HASEWINKEL, HERBERTA EDNA, B.A. Chemistry, Zoology Zoology Club Q, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta 3, 4, American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Historian 3, Sec.- Treas. 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4. HEINRICH, DOROTHY JANE, B.A. English Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, W.A.A., Y.W. C.A. CPres. 45, Senior Class Play, Spectrum E2, Home- coming Play, Shakespeare Play. HERBST, JAMES ALLEN, B.A. Psychology Glee Club 'I, 3, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet Q, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 CPres. 45, Class President 2, 4, Student Sunday School Class President 3, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. HOWARD, DONALD STANLEY, B.A. Psychology University of Minnesota 1, Q, Freshman Baseball 1, Chronicle Editor 4, Student Council, Seager Associa- tion, Baseball. HUBMER, KETURAH MARIE, B.A. Psychology Glee Club 1, Chapel Choir 3, 4, Spectrum Mgr. 3, 4, Chronicle Circulation 4, Parade Chr. 4, Social Com- mittee 3, 4 CTreas. 4D, Minnesota Booster Club Sec. 3, History Club 3, 4, Attendant May Oueen, Band 3. HUGHES CMRS. BAILEYD, OLIVE JEAN, B. Mus. Ed. Music Education Glee Club 1, Q, 3, Band 1, Men's Glee Club Ac' companist 1, Q, W.A.A. Q, 3, W.A.A. Board 3, Chapel Choir 1, Q, 3, Girl's Octette 1, Q, 3, Sigma Rho Gamma. ITTNER, HELEN LACH, B.A. Psychology University of Chicago, Alpha Epsilon, Wilson Jr. College, National Honor Society, Biological Science Club. JOHNSON, AVIS LORRAINE, B.S. Physical Education, Biology Sec.-Treas. History Club, Zoology Club, Beta Beta Beta, W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, 4 CTreas. 3, Pres. 4D, Swimming team, Class Sec. 3, Women's Representative at large, Student Council 4, Social Committee 3, 4, Student Union Board oiControl 3, Physical Education Assistant Q, 3, 4, Attendant to May Oueen, W. A.A. Board of Control 3, 4, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. KATO, KIKU, B.S. Home Economics University of California, Japanese Women's Student Club, Y.W.C.A. CWSSFD,Home Economics Club. KING, HELEN VICTORIA, B.A. History, Social Science History Club 1, Q, 3, 4, CVice-Pres. 41, Chronicle1, Q, Spectrum 3, English Assistant 3, History Assistant 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 CVice-Pres. 4D, Writer's Club Q, 3, 4. KIRN, FREDERICK SHELLY, B.S. Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Student Council 3, 4 CPres. 4D, Student Body Pres- ident 4, Varsity Tennis Team 3, 4, President Michigan Booster Club 3, Publicity Chr. Y.M.C.A. Q, Intramural Sports Mgr. Q, Co-chairman Button Committee Home- coming 3, American Chemical Student Alliliate 3, 4, Chemistry Club 1, Q, Glee Club Q, 3, Chapel Choir 4, Student Finance Board 4, Chronicle Stall 3, Chemistry Assistant 3, 4, Physics Assistant 4, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. KNOESPEL, KENNETH STEINBACH, B.A. History, Philosophy Sheboygan University Extension Course 1, Mission House College Q, 3, Glee Club Q, 3, Pi Gamma Mu 4, History Club 4, Chapel Choir 4, Glee Club 4, Seager Association 4, Men's Representative 4. KULPER, GLADYS IRENE, B.A. English Iowa State Teachers College 3, Student Volunteers B, Q, 4, Orchestra 1, Q, Y. W.C.A. 1, Q, 4, Sigma Tau e ta 4. Q1 LITCHFIELD, CARL JAY, B.A. Psychology Seager Association 1, Q, 3, 4. MAHLMAN, RICHARD WILLIAM, B.A. Psychology Sunday School Guidance Committee, Y.M.C.A. Oabintet, Dramatics, Homecoming play 3, Senior Class pay . McDOWELL, MARGARET EILEEN, B.A. Speech Hamline University, Hamline Players-"Squaring the Circle", Choir, W.A.A., Epsilon Lambda Sigma Society, Ouill Club, Debate 3, Oratory 3, Vice- President Forensic Board, Vice-President Pi Kappa Delta, "Magnificent Obsession", Chapel Committee 4, Deputation 3, Minnesota Booster Club. MEHN, GEORGIA LOIS Zoology Zoology Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta Q, 3, 4 CHis- torian 3, 4D, Chemistry Club 1, 3, Glee Club Q, Chapel Choir 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4, Zoology Assistant 4, Vice-President Wisconsin Booster Club Q, Bolton Hall Treasurer 3. MILLER, HELEN LOUISE, B.A. English Glee Club Q, 3, Writer's Club 3, 4. NICHOLS, JULIETTE, B.A. Commerce Commerce Club Q, 3, 4 CPres. 45, Dormless Damsels 1, Q, 3 CSec. 1, Treas. Q, Vice-Pres. 35, Chemistry Club 1, Spectrum Staff 3, 4, OGBORN, MARTHA ELLEN, B.A. English College Chronicle 1, Q, 3, 4, Spectrum Q, 3, 4 Ceditor 4D, Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Q, 3, Who's Who Among American Univer- sities and Colleges 4. RETZLAFF, HOMER HENRY, B.A. Psychology Seager Association, Glee Club 3. RUDOLPH, WILLIAM RICHARD, B.A. Commerce University of Illinois 1, Zoology Club 1, Commerce Club 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 4, Chronicle Stall 4. RUTHERFORD, VIRGINIA, B.A., Sociology, Psychology Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Chapel Choir 4, Y.W.C.A. 1, Q, 3, 4 CVice-Pres. 45, Girl Scout Troop 1, Q, 3, 4, Student Council 4, W.A.A. 4. SCHMIDT, HELEN DOROTHY, B.A. Home Economics W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, 4, Home Economics Club, 1, 4, Decoration Chairman, Homecoming Committee 3, 4, Decoration Chairman Water Carnival 1, Q, Senior Slcip Day Comimttee 4, Commerce Club 3, 4. SCHNEIDER, SHIRLEY JEAN, B.A. Commerce Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, 4 CTreas. 4D, Writer's Club 3, 4, Class Vice-President 4, Booster Club 1, Q, 3, 4 CSec.-Treas. 1, Q, Pres. 45, Education Assistant 3, Assistant to Coach Fisher, ASTP Physical Education 4, Y.W.C.A. 1, Q, 3, 4, Chess Club Q, Booster Club Vice-Pres. 3, Sec. Athletic Association 3. SEITZ, ROBERT, B. A. History Seager Association 1, Q, 3 CDeputation Co-Chairman Q, Pres. 35, Student Volunteers 1, Q, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Chapel Choir Q, 3, Shakespeare Play 3. Sl-IILLING, GILBERT LEROY, B.A. Philosophy Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Seager Association 1, Q, 3, 4 CSec.-Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 45, Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 4, Chronicle 3, 4, Chapel Choir 4, Y.M.C.A. gabinet 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Senior Class ay 4. Sl-IOGER, DAVID MARSTON, B.A. Zoology Zoology Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. SOMMER, FLORENCE ALICE, B.A. I-lome Economics Morton Jr. College 1, Q, Sec'l. Club, Scholarship Club, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4, I-lome Economics Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Spectrum 3, 4, W.A.A. 3, 4, Girl Scout Troop 3, 4. STEVENS, J. PAUL, B.A. History lgllotgghton College 1, Q, 3, Librarian of Philosophy u 3. STRESSMAN, ROGER MARLIN, B.A. I-listory Central Michigan College 1, 2, Student Council Q, Y.M.C.A. Pres. Q, I-listory Club 1, Q, Philalethean Club 1,Q, Debate Q, Pi Kappa Delta Q, 3, 4, Seager Association 3, 4, Chr. Central Committee 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4, War Council 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Glee Club 3, Chapel Choir 4, Track 1, Q, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. Tl-IOMPSON, JAMES ROYCE, B. A. Geology Chemistry Club 1, Q, 3, Commerce Club 4, Class Vice- President Q, Class President 3. Tl-IORNE, EDWARD DEWITT, B.A. Psychology Football Mgr. 1, 2, Sports Publicity Director Q, 3, 4, gagity Club 1, Q, 3, 4, Zoology Club 1, Chemistry u 1. 9 VANDERSALI., WILMA M., B.A. Psychology, Bible and Religious Education. Home Ec. Club 1, Q, 3, 4, W.A.A. 1, 3, 4, Student Volun- teers Q, 3, 4 CPresident 45, French Club 4, Central Committee 4, S. S. Guidance Committee 4. VENARD, EVELYN D.,B.A. English Sigma Tau Delta, Writer's Club, Cardinal Editor 4. WEGNER, GRACE MARION, B.A. Commerce W.A.A. 1, Q, 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, 4 CSec. 45, Attendant to May Oueen. WI-IITE, I-IAZEL BULTI-IOUSE, B.A. Zoology Zoology Club 1, Q, 3, 4 CPres. 45, Chronicle Staff 1, Q, 3, Beta Beta Beta Q, 3, 4 CPres 45, Chemical Association Student Alliliate 4, May Oueen 4, Spectrum Oueen 3, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. WORNER, MARGARET JEAN, B.A., English, Zoology Writer's Club 1, 3, 4, Sigma Tau Delta 4, Dormless Damsel Pres. 3, Zoology Club Q, 3, I-land Book 3, Student Council Class Representative Q, 3, 4, Y, W. C.A. Cabinet 3, 4, I-lomecoming Committee 4, Sec. Student Union Board of Control 4, I-lomecoming play 4. WINTER, EVELYN LUCILLE, B.A. English, Zoology Grinnell College Q, School paper reporter 2, Writer's Club, Zoology Club. YENERICI-I, WALLACE C., B.A. Mathematics gang 1, Q, Orchestra 1, Q, Basketball 1, Commerce lu 4. A dvertisements The following advertisers have given Financial Aid to the 1944 Spectrum. Why not show your appreciation for their cooperation by patronizing them? Q . X Q Agra. JE ,Q Z rv-I fd ff Q, S annmftlxfgg S 9 - r yrcs f Compliments of JOSEPH A. BAPST WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY Fine Watch Repairing YAPERVILLE ILL 209 S. MAIN ST. i , . Success to The Spectrum of 1944 from SOVEREIGN'S BAKERY ROLLS CAKES PASTRY Phone 215 J 79 .lj 23 W. Jefferson Aj Naperville, Illinois 'IQ4 HOWARD A. ESSER t "ll"l10rc Insuran e is u busines All types of insur C Congratulations Phone 7 on the 135 YY. Vlfashinvl n N2f111l'I'Vlll'T 1944 Spectrum with Compliments of BENJ. A. PIPER if For Jus! fl Snack Or rr Full Course Dinner Il's W ILSON'S RESTAURANT Phone 757 Ogden Ave. Naperville DURRAN DAIRY Grade A Guernsey Milk GENERAL OFFICE MACHINES CO. All makes adding machines Type-w1'ite1's, Clieekw1'ite1's, etc., Sold, Rented Cgl Rc-paiired 218 Fox Street 527 N. Ellsworth Phone 388-.1 fi Phone Au. 2-3251 GLOBE WRECKING 85 Buy LUMBER CO. Buy Buy New and Used Lumber and Building Mate1'ial War Bonds and Stamps P. O. Box 511 Aurora, Illinois New York St. Road Telephone 8466 123 S. Wvashington St. Nauerville 5 John A. Schmidt Investment Company INVESTMENTS REAL ESTATE Suite 1210 INSURANCE 111 W. Washington St., Chicago, Ill. PAUIJDON RESTAURANT Gggdrjgh 53 Viligner IW' G 1"-l "Li-:f"VV'1 ee' HMost of the best for the least" mug OOC IK 1 if mm N.C.C. 1881 N.C.C. 1926 Dependable Insurance ' "Eating Clubs" our Specialty Real Estate Loam cl Wllolesonle Food 133 S. Washington St. O H9311-101110 COOlii11g Naperville. Ill. Phone 26 Compliments of Producers of ROYALTON, ENERGY CS, PAR FUEL 135 S. La Salle St. Chicago 'IQ6 Phone 6 Pl. Franklin Ave., -179-Nl Naperville, lll. A. H. Biedelman Building and General Contracting Dwuavne Biedelman 13110116 109 Ni VVashington 3-1-1-M Crmzpliments of BOECKERS MEN,S WEAR t'We Dress You Y From Head to Toe' 129 S. Viashington Street Telepho JOYCE N. LEHMAN Real Estate--Insurance Mortgage Loans 6 So. Vifashinglon St. Naperville, Illinois e 978 Res. 1.27 BEST BOOKS From FOLLETT BOOK CO. 1255 S. Wabash North Central's Book Company Chicago Phone Cal. 4-580 Congratulations Class of '44 CARL BROEKER 8a CO. 'tNapervil1e,s Best Department Storey' ALUMNI 1Villa1'd Brooker, '26 Lester Broc-ker, '28 13 VV. Jefferson Cl The Beauty Spoi of the Fox River Valleyn " ull' Il"'Ill!! , 1 I luunll' g H l B k ff -' ,', ' I st. Ch 1 Il1'no's f ll ar eS, 1 1 fflg v u 111 A 15 fi f 5 1' 5 it-'l' 4-4 1 --'A - - - 5 - f.Z':'l!"ll 2 11 PFlUGf8 Dmmg Rooms , 1, 1 II llE.,.f!.,li 1 ' M51 C Sh 1:11 1 Ejlfll M 1 + 1.- 017066 017 5- E - 212 1 Charles Shifiier and Sons General Contractors "We can take care of your building needs" WARD C SHIFFLER PAUL E. SHIFFLER . 711 N. Ellsworth 142 N. Washington Phone 632 Phone 257 C01HP1i1T1e11tS NAPERVILLE Y. M. C. A of RASSWEILER n Where students and COIT1ITlllll1ly meet fo HARDWARE COMPANY u . . . . . fellow shlp, soe1ab1l1ty and service Phone 77 l4-16 W. Chicago Ave. Naperville Congratulations, Class of 1944 'IEZ8 HAYER and SPRINGBORN D-X SERVICE STATIONS Compliments of R. H. YACKLEY Plumbing and Heating Installation Courteous Service Aurora Ave. Ogden Ave. 317 N. cji'IlJU'l' St. Phone 70 Phone 773 Phone 593 Nziperville Congratulations Seniors from Woodworking Machines Incorporated NI anufaclurers and Dealers WOODWORKING M ACHINES, SAWS, KNIVES, CUTTERS. ETC. 22 -224 S. .I efferson Chicago, Ill. SI-IERWIN WILLIAMS CGMPANY LSHEHWlN'mlllAMS PAINTS 23 N. Broadway t'Be an authority on interior decorat- ing." 4'BorroW a Sherwin-VVi1lia1ns Paint and Color guide and color style your home with KEM-TONE". Telephone AURORA, ILL. Aurora 2-2733 199 .,WlS. ,iowa W ILLINOIS 'ning u.1.nvq,s 4 .4 .2 Tex T93-N ow this rich farm land fits into th picture of tomorrow Located in the heart ofthe most productive agricultural section in America, this area of Northern Illinois is noted for its farming diversification. Here are thousands of rich dairy farms that supply the great Chicago milk shed. Here are poultry farms that have grown in size and number to help meet America's wartime needs. Here, too, are farmlands where hogs, cattle and sheep thrive...where grain and produce grow in abundance. In addition to the advantages nature bestowed, this agricultural region has many favorable economic factors. It is the largest packing center and the greatest grain and livestock market in the world. It is the hub of the nation's transportation and a financial capital. Here are electric power plants of vast capacity for extending the benefits of electricity to the farmer and for processing agricultural products. Yes, Chicago and Northern Illinois is a rich agri- cultural center, today. It is tomorrow's Land of Oppor- tunity, not only for the farmer, but for the worker and the industrialist as well. FQgVIC'DORY WAR BONDS STAMPS HERE INDUSTRY IS THE PARTNER OF AGRICULTURE :: : 'i --if e , 'I' ' X . Q: - 15" 2 N- IV' 'fi f J QQ 41 Nation's Packing Center - - .--nn - --Q ,gf -K . . r' T . 9 .,, .... E.. .. 'I'-Ilgt - X. Hub of America's Transportation li .. Iillh 'I' Il!lII' it min -- -H Il Important Financial Center is I af ff Great Industrial Center -Y:gigf, f,-.21 ii - 6:21 ' Maior Market of the Nation 'ffff i n--I ,- , I I LII: "Wwe I s FI IIEIEEQQ Plentiful Electric Power WESTERN UNITED SCHERERS HARDWARE ' HARDWARE ' ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ' SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS We make keys and repair locks Compliments F. S. GOETSCH and SON of I Stool Bars-Anglr QTTERPQH L WELDING DAIRY COMPANY "Pure and Rich" Phono 220-M Napa lxlllc Ill Success to 1944 Spectrum THE NAPERVILLE CLARION oo!! 'gd 'ww W wx? I y i I' .J i X ly! I . HIM..- . - ,lasik ROLLO N. GIVLER Editor-Publishvi' u xK 1 xx Printers of College Chronicle, Kroehler Factory News, Seminary Review and Producers of Distinctive Printing As and When You Want It 'I3'l A t. Lol C PL IANIES N. C rx LI H i PHIL BLYTHE WIESBRO CK GARAGE Ogden Ave. Naperville, Ill. Phone 202 Studebaker Allis-Chalmers Auto and Tractor Repairing BEST WISHICS With tht- Cornplirnr-nts of ERNIE'S "66" SERVICE HIDf'21lt'I' of Phillips, Produc-ts" Authorized Dealer of PHILCHECK lubrication, a mark of distinction for higher standards of workmanship and quality. GUARANTEE In performing these services for you, we have used methods and materials recommended by car manu- facturers and competent lubrication engineers. Each lubrication point is checked against a factory approved PHILCHECK lubrication chart for your car. F rec Pick-up and Delivery ERNEST BALSTRODE, Mgr. Phone ll 14 33 So. Washington, Naperville NAPERVILLE PHYSICIANS DR. E. H. IQUPKE, 225 So. Washington St., Phone'15. DR. ARTHUR R. RIKLI, 17 Court Place, Phone 154 DR. EDWARD S. MosER, 4 S. Washington St., Phone 65 NAPERVILLE DENTISTS DR. O. A. GOETZ, 136 So. Washington St., Phone 260. DR. THOMAS VVHITE, 120 So. Washington St., Phone 46-M. DR. M. R. HARMoN, 4 So. Washington St., Phone 567 132 Phone G40 Quality foals Moser Fuel and Supply Co. Stoker CoalsmRPocahontas-Poke 319 N. Washington St. Naperville, Ill. Cnmplinzents IIOIIIIIHHIPIUS of 'af 1 fri Y Q T Y THE b1RAk D REH1 AURAB T TASTY BAKERY AND CUNFECTIQNERY CWIIEIOHC' and Alncxric-alol dishvs "Just :he plare-for Dainlies Good fOOdiRQQIHOIIZIIUII' pri:-os for a feed" 16 VV' Jvffprson Napmhviup, IH- Phone 20 57 S. Broadway AllI'1J1'L11, Ill Cmnpliments 'ff f DUPAGE BOILER WORKS Naperville, Ill. Cum pl i men ls qv GEORGE LENERT Shoot Mcltal VVo1'km-1' 211 So. Main Phono 213 Napvrvillc, Ill Moore Lumber and Supply Co. 'l f143i,fPf'f,.t, , , .fc ffiiif.-L1g'. AQ -A Q jg'-p ,'- r.. Qig' me xv-tj P E Z 'I ' fy. , Il t I 17 nfip. I I XI . A .. at 1-f . ' Q We I .. ll ' f v 4' F 1-'fn 1.j"',"'0 WYQV All Jllrxp ' "U7r41 1 v,f UNIX? 'fl' If 1 It films ',fl,'l,1 1 1- . -- - 4 'aff 5, Me:.c.:l., -'fp'-.uf nv, Ll qu.-4 1- 5 I Y Q 'Wynn -- Q E ul'-v1'ffi'fiae f ' 15.4.5 'Q . ' ' -Ill - f Wm K sm 1 :r f I I 93" S1'j,Fif.1w' ' , ' ' my f" x 1 'AK-N ,,,.A 'Tv fl Ax if-pf n 1 4- at ,,.s, 315 H. Mdlll St. Phone Xaperville 10 ......'...'-A...3..'.....'...................'.'.....'.....I.'.....r...i.3..l.....'.....'.....'......-..'.'.i.A.l.i.............-.'...'.......'. .'-.3-.. ...,. . Congratulations to the Graduating Class! from HAROLD E. WHITE Class of '35 - Publisher of a. ...........-....'.'. . .............................................................................U............................ .'.'.'.'...........................................................-.-.......-.-.....-............v..-.............. . . . 3... . .i.....I.'.i-.3....-3,.i.'...........'......... ......... ...'.'..... . . ...... ...TI .... . . ...... . . . ','.'.','.', . .. . .-5... f.. 33, 5... .. . ... . - '. .. .--3. J.. 35... . . . . . . . . . . . '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .'.'. . .'.'.'.'. '.'. '.'. ' . - . . . . . . . . - . J. . - . . . '.'. .'. . . . """" '.'. . '. ..'.'.'.'-' .' '. .'.'. .'.'. .. .. . ... ... ....... . . . .-...... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. .... 3... .. . . . . . Ti... . . . -3. ' ............... I-I-I-I-.-.-.'.' .' . . . ' .' .'. '.j.:. .. . Ig.. 5.1. ,Q g.j.g.g.j.1.g.1 .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .'.'.'. . . . .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . .'.'. .'.'.'. .'. . .'.'.'.'.'. . . . .'.'- .'.'.'. . .'.'. .'.'. . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . ... ..-..i.I...'.....,.'.-.................................-.......,.. ..-.-.3-,-3,','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'...'.............'.....'.........................'...............-.-........U.-...-.-.... ,',',',',','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.S'-'-'-'.'-'.'-'-'-'-'.'-'f'-'.'-'-'-'-'.'-'-'-'-'.'.'- PUBLICATIONS - COMMERCIAL AND SOCIETY PRINTING Telephone 29 .................... 128 S. Washington Si. Best Wishes to the Class of 1944 i' You're Always Welcome at the aper Theatre Naperville, Ill. L'Always tops in sore-eu 6'llll"l'l3-lllflllqlllu 134 Corzgmfulrzfiom foiE'7E1N Q i irq, :I 'l . '! - X M XL l-'i' + f r w RTO ' 424 Varieties Always Dependable Always Economical Sold Only Through Independent Merchants C'o11g1'atL1latious from A nerve fubio 218 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, Ill. Phone Wabash 0526-0527 OFFICIAL SPECTRUM PHOTOGRAPI-IER 1944 Special Rates to All N.C'.C Students Success to the Eat at the 1944 Spectrum NAPERVILLE CANDY KITCHEN SOdHS7Sl1I1dU,0H Home made- candy and ice fll U11 ANDERSON 8a DUY 27 MAIN STREET AURORA, ILL. 29 W. .11-ffm-AOA srl-wr Ph. 254 or 763 SECENBAUGH'S 77 years of sewice LINDBLOMIS RESTAURANT "Serving just Good Home Cooked Food at prices you can afford to payu 222-4 So. Washingtoll St. Phone- 739 135 Congratulations from RIFE-CLEANERS "Complete Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Service" uk Phone 570 20 E. Jefferson Ave. N aperville, Ill. CLYDE C. NETZLEY CO. HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Auto Robes Clothing Gym-Sweat shirts, socks, etc. VVork-Overalls, shirts, gloves Outdoor-Leather, wool, raincoats, Home Appliances and Housewares Laundry Cases Luggage Recreation Supplies Tohoggans Phonograph records Games Punching bags dress gloves AUTO SERVICE Complete car service Day and night tow service Complete repair service Body and fender bumping Painting Car radio service Skilled mechanics "We have the trade service Skates flee, rink, roller made" Phone 606 -Chrysler G. M. C. Trucks Plymouth Used Cars 136 MGR. HARRX' E. RIDLEY, '26 CONCRATIILATIONS ON YOVR '44 SPliK"1'RI'M DIETER AND GETZ Plumbing and Heating Electrical Work High Grade Paint Phono 80 10 W. JE'lcfCl'HOl1 Napc-1'villc', Ill. NORTH CENTRAL GRADUATES We Congratulate you CUMMINGS DRUG STORE Drug Supplivs Erosli Fruit Adcs Stationery Salads Greeting Cards Sandwiches Magaziiios SIIIICIHPS and Sodas Phono 1212 VENTILATED COMFORTABLE INVITING ATMOSPHERE BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES CHICAGO FENCE AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY PAGE CHAIN LINK AND WROUGHT IRON FENCE. IDEAL POWER, FAIRWAY AND GREENS MOWERS-GOLF TRACTORS- DUBOIS WOOD FENCEEPLAY-GROUND EQUIPMENT-RO'1'O- TILLER-BOLENS GARDEN TRACTORS Phono Kilclaro 1000 CHICAGO, ILL. 4400 Addison St. 'I37 138 MAIN FOOD STORE HERB MATTER We Excel in REALTOR FRUITS-GROCERIES-MEATS VVQ-st .Ii'l:fl'l'SOll EhY0l1ll6' Phrmc- 99-2174218 Busim-ss Ph. 300 124 N. Wzmshillgtmm 131-H. Dpliym-y IICSldllI'IC'C' Ph. 5 Nzexpc-rvillv, Ill, WATT AND GILLOGLY, INC. Oflice Record Forms, Binders and Indexes Rulingf-Printing4Binding 7 S. Di'i1l'l5fJI'll St. 'l'm-lc-plloml Cliivago Cllllllftl 4497 USUCCESS TO YOUR 1944 SPECTRUM" BOECKER COAL 8: GRAIN CO. Since 1868 THEODORE F. BOECKER, JR., Manager FRANKLIN COUNTY COAL ORIGINAL POCAHONTAS KOPPERS COKE PETROLEUM COKE FUEL OIL SALT 427 N. Ellsworth Street Naperville, Ill. Plugmr- 270 139 BAKER LAUNDRY, INC. Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Oflicial College Laundry Aurora, IH. Phone AUR. 8432 NORTH CENTRAL Students' Headquarters for STATIONERY BOOKS PENS PENNANTS CANDY ETC. Everything the Student Needs 140 CONGRATULATIONS FROM WIDDER STENGER AND WIDDER if PAINTERS AND DECORATORS uk 252 E. 4th Ave. Naperville, Ill Phone Naperville 362 W. 141 CT JNGliA'l'Ul,A'l'IONS FR OM Albert J. Schorsch and Co. 6059 Irving Park Road Chicago, Ill. ir Builders Insurance Mortgage Financing COMPLIMENTS OF STANDARD PLANNED INVESTMENTS Standard 8a Poor's Corporation 345 Hudson Street, New York, N. Y. The largest statistical and investment advisory organization in the world Established 1860 WILLIAM I-I. FLENTYE CS, CO., INC. INVESTMENT SECURITIES GRAINS-COMMODITIES Aurora Ph. 8411 Member Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Ph. Rockwell 6975 Graham Building AURORA, ILL. 142 Congratulations from THE LEE-SHELL COMPANY Installers of North Central Cafeteria and Refrigeration Equipment Phone 1V1onroe 1766 1141 XY. Madison street Chif 1 Cozzwavj' Qf RANG,S ' FINEST MEN'S WEAR ' THE COLLEGE HABERDASHERY Naperville Illllltjl CITY MARKET Compliments O U R M O T T O "Cleanliness" Xowhere on earth does Cleanliness Count more than in a niarket. Realizing this we maintain a perfect sanitary Condition. M. BIANUCCI 4 of The Towne Times WVESTMOUNT, ILLINOIS DOLLY CARLSONQECHIOI' ANN H. CARLSONTBHS. Mgr Phone D. G. 246 RIEDY'S SERVICE STATION 245 So. Washington St. I Wish to take this Opportunity Of thanking my Inany friends for their patronage in the past which I have greatly appreciated. I am sorry that I will not be able to serve you now since I have joined the Armed Forces of our Country. I sincerely trust that you will extend the same courtesies to my successor, Mr. Young, who is taking over my business, that you have extended to me. With every good Wish. PAUL RIEDY PHONE 14 COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE YOUNG'S SERVICE STATION 245 SO. WASHINGTON ST. NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS GREASING "By the Golden Rule" WASHING 144 FUNERAL DIRECTOR Monunients and Burial Vaults at a Price You Van Afford to Pay ARTHUR R. BEIDELMAN Day or Night - Phone 35 OUR TELEPHONE MAKES US NEIGHBOHS N o Distance Too Far-Reverse Charges AMBULANCE SERVICE INVALID HOSPITAL BEDS-WHEEL CHAIRS and CRUTCHES-FOR RENT Chairs and Tables . . . for A11 Occasions 318 S. Washington St. At the Bridge To The Class of '44 The officers, directors, and the staff of the First National Bank of Naperville Join in extending you sincere congratulations on your graduation. May continued success be yours. They GIVE Their Lives You LEND Your Money Buy War Bonds and Stamps THE NAPERVILLE NATIONAL BANK 145 1 'U' 5 I I , A! U ll T. Wedsworth, Phyl Schenclel, jim Shaffer, Betty Simpson. Remember '44ers, you can get those One-in-a-Million Malteds, Hamburgers, Top Hats, and your other favorite ice cream dishes at PRINCE ICE CREAM CASTLES Stores in principal cities throughout Northern Illinois G 4 1.51 Wf f it f f O W xiii Q52 ff yg x x45 'Til' f4f7,ffQ 5741 1 19,1 .L I 010 12, . f f x I 1 Si lt ' f' f f f P 1 X QW 7 XE 9 f , 24 X x W w a sf ,Q , .Chapel Service J mb Established in Long Dlstance Q276' 1861 ' XE . 'Furniture iffffwi V49 'Ambulance Service Yr: lx WEWQC, ,, for 1 Wu? ""l.iElElQvi OLIVER J. BEIDELMAN 239 So. Wasliington N2LpGI'Vi119, Ul- Phone 264 'I 46 C'caDZf,4man.4 L HAS BEEN THE KEYNOTE of Rogers yearboolcs For thirty-four years. And it will continue to be our ideal, because respon- sibility to see that your publication is well printed is shared by the entire organization. The Rogers tradition ol sincerity and quality has been recognized by many schools as a security to the institution and an in- spiration to the staff. MDGEESS PERUNTUNG CQMIPANY DIXON,ILLlNOIS ir CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 307 First Street 228North LaSalle Street 'I47 MASTER ENGRAVERS TO AMERICA"S SCIIOOLS O Quality, Integrity and Dependability have established themselves as a definite tradition with Pontiac. We have been constantly on the alert for new and improved procedures in yearbook designing and service. Our modern precision equipment is concrete evidence of adherence to this policy. Our experienced craftsmen and servicemen are carefully super- vised by experts in the Held of distinctive school publications. We are proud to have played a part in the publishing of this book in the capacity of official photo engravers. Our entire personnel congratulate the staff for their splendid work and cooperation. AND Porn-,Ac E .. ,Rt QGRAVING CHOOL PUBLICATION DIVISION xx 812 B22 WEST VAN BUBEN STREET, CHICAGO 1, ILLINOIS 'I48 Buyer'S Guide EAST SIDE STORE Groceries 81 Meats E. P. GARVIN . Ie-weIry AURORA STUDIO Photography IULIA KINGS RESTAURANT . Dinners and Speciai Parties MASTER SHOE CO. 418 ScI1ooI Ave. IXIaperviIIe, III. 3 N. Broadway Aurora, III. I6 Downer Place Aurora, III. . II IVIain St. Aurora, III. Q7 S. Broadway Aurora, III. VI7 S. Washington St. CONGRATULATIONS '44 GRADS Foucelis Drug Store "TI-IE PRESCRIPTION STORE" 2 Registered Pharmacists Piwone 68 CONGRATULATIONS FROM A FRIEND 49 Zin iililzmuriam Carl Reiclw is tlwe First of Nortlw Centrals Enlisted Reserve Corp men Wlio left scliool in February, 1943, to lose l'1is life in combat overseas. Nortlw Central re- ceived vvord ol luis Fatal injury in ltaly in january, 1944. l-lis class Ctlie class of '46D, tlwe entire student body and Faculty extend tlieir sincerest sympatlwy to luis parents in Maywood, lllinois. Carls smile is immortal. llwe realities ol vvar cannot erase it from our minds, it lives on. l-lis clweerlul personality, Witty remarks, and good sioortsmanslwip added muclw to Nortlw Central. We slwall not forget that smile or luis personality. We slwall not forget tlwe sacrifice lie lias made for us. INDEX T0 ADVERTISERS Anderson 84 Duy ..... Baker Hotel ....... Baker Laundry ....... Bapst, ,loseplw A. . . , . Beidelman, A. H. Beidelman, Q. .... Biedelman, Art ,..... Blytlwe, Phil ...,..,..... Boecker Coal and Grain.. Boecker's Mens' Store. . Broeker 84 Co. ..... . Buyerls Guide ..,., Cliicago Fence .... City Market ......... Cummings Drug Store. .. Daguerre Studio ,...... Dieter and Getz ......, Dupage Boiler Works... Durran Dairy .......... Economy Auto Supply. . . Ernies H66' ......., ,.. Esser, Howard A. . . . Elentye 84 Co. ...... . Follett Book Co. ..... . Eouceks' Drug Store .... Franklin County Coal. ., General Qlllice Macliine gcglf., ff Globe Wrecking 84 Lumber Co .... . . . Goetscli 84 Son ......... Goodricli 84 Wiener .... Hayer and Springborn. . Kroelilers' ......,.. . Lee Slwell Co. ........ . Leliman ,loyce .,.,...,. Lenert, George ........ Lindblom's Restaurant.. Main Food Store .....,. Matter, Herb ........,, Monarcli Finer Foods .. Moore Lumber and Supply Co. . . . . Moser Fuel and Supply... Naper llieater ......... Naperville Candy Kitclien Naperville Clarion ...... Naperville Dentists ...... Naperville National Bank Naperville Rliysicians .... Naperville Sun ......... Naperville Y. M. C. A. . Netzley Co. ....,..... . Nortli Central Book Store Qtterpolnl Dairy Co ..,... Rauldon Restaurant ..... Riper, Benj. A. ...., . Rontiac Engraving .... Rrince Castle ...... Rangs' Mens, Store. ., Rassvveiler Hardware Reidys' Service Station. . Rite Cleaners ........ Rogers Rrinting Co. . . Secenbauglils ..... Sclierer's Hardware.. Scliorscli Co ............ Sclimidt lnvestment Co .... Slnervvin Williams Co. .. Sliitller 84 Sons ....... Sovereign's Bakery ..... Standard Roors ....,, Strand Restaurant .... Tasty Bakery ....... Towne Times ...,.. Wattand Gillogly ....... Western United ......... Widder, Stenger and Widder Wiesbrock Garage ...... Wilson s Restaurant ...... Wood Working Maclwines, lnc Yackley Rlumbing ....... Young s Service Station. . Xbbott, R.utliannc Abe, William Accola, Harvey Allen. Doug Allen, Gordon Allen, Jane Allen, Lorraine Allen, Mary L. Ammons, Jean Arndt, Dorothy Arndt. Dorothy V. Arseny, Lee Attig, Miriam Attig, Ruth Augustine, Marion Bailey, Olive Jean Bandt, Harvey Barnes, Nancy Bauer, Albert Becker, Lance Beher, John Beher, William Beitel, Jeanne Bell, Lorena Bendel, Jeannette Bennett, Mildred H. Bentley, Lorraine Berger, Myriam Bernhardt, Dorothy Best, Vernon Beyler, Roger Biederman. Harriet Bishop, Betty Blaunt, Phyllis Bond, George Basshardt. June Boyd, Esther Boyer, Audrey Bradler, Charles Branegan, Helen Branegan, Kathleen Breithaupt, Winifred Bremheck, Ardis Brown, Ed Brown, Ruth Brunoehler, Ken Burdick, Ruth Bnsacca, Dwight Busse, Esther Campbell, Bonnie Card, Anna Carlson, Dolly Carlson, Virginia Chamberlain, Kathleen Christoferson, Mabel Cook, Edgar A. Cook, Velma Cooman, Mary Crummy, Maureen Darm, Rosemary Dassaw, Gladys Davis, Mary DeWolf, Marian Deibel, Virginia Diewall, Janette Deede, Virginia Dunckel, Tom Ebert, Al Edson, Ruth G. Edwards, Margaret Eichelberger, Audrey Erickson, Rae Estmont, Geneva Ettinger, Richard Student Director Broadlawn Farms R.R. No. 1 Grand Blvd. 4628 Linscott 266 Middaugh Rd. 110 Grand Blvd. 727 Hammond Ave. 980 Edward Ave. 1200 White Street Warren Ave. 225 N. Columbia 225 N. Columbia 325 S. Sleight Cook Rd.f'R.R. No. 60th and Fairview Bo 351 Lawndale Ave. 351 Lawndale Ave. R.R. 607 Walnut 503 North St. 308 S. 4th St. 2209 Hollester Ave. 153 N. 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Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Mansfield, Ohio Brillion, Wisconsin Downers Grove, Illinois Hinckley, Illinois Brillion. Wisconsin Aurora, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Rochelle, Illinois Washington. Illinois Plano, Illinois Iiena, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Madison, Wisconsin Greenleaf, Wisconsin Davis, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Jefferson, Wisconsin Ferndale Michigan Wheaton, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois St. Paul, Minnesota Ashton. Illinois Reddick, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Amboy, Illinois Amboy, Illinois Lansing, Michigan Urbana, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Oswego, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Kenosha, Wisconsin Maribu, Wisconsin Danville, Illinois Otselic, New York Westmont, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Caledonia, Michigan Naperville, Illinois Los Angeles, Calif. 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Sleight 153 LContinued.J lilkhart, Indiana I'tica -1, New York Reddick, Illinois Reddick, Illinois Geneseo, Illinois Plainfield, Illinois Menomonee, Wisconsin Spring Valley Bucyrus, Ohio Chili, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Yorkville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Warrenville, Illinois Big Stone City, S. Dakota Big Stone City, S. Dakota Fllicottville, New York Nerstrond, Minnesota Pontiac, Michigan Aurora, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois Bluffton, Indiana. Dixon, Illinois Akron, Ohio Wheaton, Illinois Riverside, Illinois Streator, Illinois Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Naperville, Illinois Downers Grove, Illinois Downers Grove, Illinois Dayton, Ohio Indianapolis, Indiana Naperville, Illinois Marshall. Illinois St. Charles, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Campbellsport, Wisconsin Oak Park, Illinois Huntingburg, Indiana Marshfield, Wisconsin Findlay, Ohio Ashland, Ohio Glen Ellyn, Illinois Houston, Texas Houston, Texas Naperville. Illinois lilberfeld, Indiana, Chadwick. 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Dick Llewellyn, Helen Maas, Gerry Magenheimer, Bel ty Mahlman, Dick Ma1'tin, Mary Mathew, Alta Matthies .Iane Matzke Margaret Mau, Dorothy Mayer, Florence Mayer, Mary Ann Mc-Clenaghan, Malcolm McDowell, Margaret McGrath, Marilyn Medendorp, Dorothy Mehn, Georgia Meister Earl Mertz, Marjorie Meyer. Roy Milgate, Audrey Millberger, Jean Miller, Helen Milton. Virginia Mizen, Dorothy Moede, .Ioan Moore, Elsie Morse, Miriam Muehl Betty Mulhall, John Munger, John Muntz, Joanne Muzzy, Mildred Nelson, Mae Newsom, Martha, Mrs. Nichols, Jill Nicoletti, Joe Nieb, Mickey Nomura, Carl Nitta Tom Norris, Ross Oden, Betty Oerfli, Jane Ogborn Martha Olson, Edith Ostrander, Bob Osborne, Marilyn Pease, Virginia Peper, Bernice Peterson. Marvin Pohly, Ken Perston, Carol Rall, Dave Rasler Juel Reimer, Lucille ST UD ICNT DIRECTORY 15-24-A 2, B. 29 103 North River Drive 1217 W. Second Sf. 216 Seventh Ave. S.IC. 1248 Tampa Ave. 430 Hill St. R. R. No. 2 9-14-E Elmore Ave. R.. 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Riley St. 1240 W. 55th St. '154 CContinued.J Plainfield, Illinois Heart Mt., Wyoming Plainfield, Illinois Algonquin, Illinois Flint Michigan Rochester, Minnesota Ridott, Illinois Lomera, Wisconsin Aurora, Illinois Yorkville, Illinois Akron, Ohio Kohler, Wisconsin Ord, Nebraska Heart Mountain, VVyomin Downers Grove, Illinois Waterloo, Iowa Amache, Colorado Howell, Michigan Leland, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Hartford, Wisconsin Hartford, Wisconsin Hartford, VVisconsin Lansing 10, Michigan Naperville, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois Seymour, Wisconsin Haubstadt, Indiana Faribault. Minnesota Webster, New York Columbus Ohio Port Washington, Wisconsin Flat Rock. Ohio Bonfield, Illinois Cleveland. Ohio Mt. Carmel, Illinois Columbus, Ohio Ortonville, Minnesota Naperville, Illinois Itasca, Illinois North Fond du Lac, Wise. Aurora Illinois Forreston, Iliinois Rochester, New York Aurora, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Maywood, Illinois Faribault. Minnesota Howell, Michigan Wheaton, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Davis, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Hastings, Nebraska Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Villa Park, Illinois Niles, Michigan Manzanar, California Topaz, Utah Chicago, Illinois Ruffsdale, Pennsylvania Naperville, Illinois St. Charles, Illinois Wyanet, Illinois Battle Creek, Michigan Downers Grove, Illinois Downers Grove, Illinois Denmark. VViseonsin Cleveland, Ohio Bellevue, Ohio A Downers Grove, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Kendallville, Illinois Downers Grove, Illinois Reinking, Lowell Retzlaff, Homer Riker, Don Rockwood, Theodore Roemhild, Frank Rhode, Blossom Ross, Bill Rowe, Lucy Ruble, Hal Rudolph, William Ramsfeld, Bill Rutherford, Virginia Schaal, Fay Shendel, Betty Schendel, Phyl Schendel Wayne Schloerb, Margy Schmidt, Helen Schmidt, Shirley Schneider, Shirley Schnaller, Mardelle Schoephorster, Dorothy SCI1111tZ, Florian Sf'l1VVQ11'l7Pl'. 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No. 2 22 S. Wright 21-1 N. Julian St. 2537 N. -17th St. 2537-N. 47th St. 100-1 Russet St. 3754th St. 115 E. Benton Ave. Batavia Rd. 422 Avon St. R. R. No. 1 R. R. No. 2 Box 102 2638 Cory Ave. 20 S. Loomis R. R. No. 1 2350 W. 5th St. 111 S. 13th St. 1224 S. 59th Court 1435 So. 60th Court 448 Jackson St. 315 E. Indiana 716 Brady St. 733 So. Fourth St. 112 N. Columbia St. 130 Cottage Hill R. R. No. 3 307 E. Winifred St. 633 Hardin St. R. R. No. 2. Box 56 R. R. No. 3 418 VV. Reader St. 4962 W. Medford Ave. 1810 W. Michigan Ave. 903 S. Galena Ave. 1520 So. 59 Court 115 So. Ellsworth R. R. No. 2 3116 Keyes S1. 805 Fisk Ave. 1339 Johnson St. 854 Grove Ave. 430 Taylor Ave. 436 Davis St. 1523 Central Ave. 1825 Emerson Ave. 919th John St. R. R. No. 2 -121 Sherman St. 433 E. Lincoln 105 S. Ellsworth 511 Gary Ave. 155 tContinued.lJ Osseo, Minnesota Juda, Wisconsin Toledo, Ohio Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois I-Ioricon, Wisconsin Westmont Illinois Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Aurora, Illinois Danville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Marion, Ohio Gillett, Vilisconsin Danube, Minnesota Naperville, Illinois Rochester, Minn. Naperville, Illinois Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin Davenport, N. Dakota Racine, Wisconsin Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin Neenah, Wisconsin Naperville, Illinois VVarrenville, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Reed City, Michigan Plainfield, Illinois Brookville, Pennsylvania Naperville, Illinois Akron, Ohio Naperville, Illinois Oswego, Illinois Cleveland, Ohio Fort Dodge, Iowa Cicero, Illinois Cicero, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Elkhart, Indiana Dearborn, M'ehigan Aurora, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Prairie View. Illinois Ell'11l1lll'S1Z, Illinois Brainard. Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota Aurora, Illinois Milbank, So. Dakota Milbank, So. Dakota Sumner, Iowa Elburn, Illinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin Saginaw, Michigan Cass City, Michigan Dixon. Illinois Cicero 50. Illinois Naperville, Illinois Goshen, Indiana Flint, Michigan Joliet, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Madison. Wisconsin Bucyrus. Ohio Glen Ellyn, Illinois Helena. Ohio Downers Grove, Illinois Wilmette, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Minneapolis, Minnesota Elgin, Illinois Oakfield, Wisconsin Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Big Stone, So. Dakota Wheaton, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Wheation, Illinois VVilkening, llonnn Winter, lilvelyn Wint.erm:int.r-1, Janice Witlcnskv, Herli Witnier, Keith Witflnihm, l'lvelyn Woessner, La Vzlnne Warner, Ml1l'fL2l.l'Gl Wright., Florence Wyklr-, Eugene Yenrif-l-i Vvzillace Yoeman, Twylzi. xv2LSl'1L1l1gfl, Benny Young, Charles Young Dorothe- Zager, Ed. Zarn, Betty Zulns, Helen ST l 'D ENT DI ll ICCTO Ii Y-CContinuecl,j 51 W. liurnhzmi 311 W. Maple St. 540 Fourth St. 811 Park S1. ll. li. No. 1 R. ll. No. 2 205 N. Sleight S22 Congress St.. 545-4 409 IC. Franklin -I-09 lil. Franklin linttile Creek, lVlir-hignn I40IUll2iI'fl, Illinois Prairie flu Surg Wisconsin St. Joseph, llflivliigzm Larville, lflflliillkl Blat-k Creek, YVisr'onsin Shannon, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Malta, Illinois Plainfield, Illinois Ashton, Illinois Marion, Ohio Manzanar, California Naperville, Illinois Naperville, Illinois Ashton, Illinois Brillion, Wisconsin Westmont, Illinois Here is the final page of another Spectrum. But, there is no Finis or farewell. This little volume is just the beginning of a theme about life at school. It only begins to say what college means to those ofus who have been here this year and to N.C.C.'s men in service. This book is not finished for you will "take it from here" and add much. It is your proof that college is a fine adventure that you Can take with you through life. 56 I '1 HY' . , "R1""-'v 1 ,WXXXXXQ M' 1,111-nj 1. r 'i . LXXIY ,XXQFX 1, ' . , H "' ,"11 AX XXX 1 1' 1,1 XP X . v , 1 'X X XX.. 1 -I, ' '-' -1 , ,X X -X X,, 11 X ' X. -' XX-1XX,1Q -X 1 , ,f. 1 X '1X X', X XH 1XX X 1 XX 1 ax, X XX X,.11XXX1XXXXXXXXXX 1 , X X 'X'11,.". 1! 1 1 X '11g1, 1 ' 1 1 ' . I 1 by W 1 K ' V 1XX 1 '1 1 W Y XY , , , ,1 1 Y 70 , 'x 1 1 - 191, 31 , 1 , XX,XT'. , X' 1,.,1.1X'1-1X X . 1,XXXXXX'111X,XX11 ,1 '1 , 11-11 X ..1 , ,111l"1b' -"NV ' X "1 1,' X XX'XX .XQ 1- 1 1 1 -1 . Irv 1 ' , 51 ,. " 711 1 11 ,X X 1 X, X ,.X. X 1 11. XX1XXX ,,,1, L1 ' Q L1 1 X 1 1-XXX X ' 1 X gX , ,.XX1, 1f X X 1' X1 'N1' ' 1 XX1., - 4 1, 1 11 1 K 1 . 1 , Xl' 1 X 1 XX,X1X X 1' A1111 1 - ' 111 , 1 a.1.l, X 1 1 1,,X 1 .X X X X11 . , -:11X 1, w ' '. -wX,"X,,L X: ' 1 X' ,, X , X XXXX , X X X X, , XX, , "1' 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 11 1 X 1. ,,, ,- 1, 1 1 111"'1X.J' , 'VH X X 1-111 X , X 11 X X . X X X 1 'L:.X.1 1' X X , I , . V Xk 1!! X '1 hx W1 I P11 x ,111 W' ' '1 ,11 , ' 1 ' '. X as X 1 XX , , l ' Y 1'fW '13 1 1 01X 51 1',' 1V 1 1 1 1,1141 11, 1 :1X. 'J,11.1 X, XX ,111 X ,,,, X '.,, 111 1 11 X XX..,, ,- 1 ,fr X, 1-,Ly X ,X X 1-1111.1."1 X1X1 XXX 1, 111 , 1- 1 - -,1 x 11 1 -., X.XXXXX,XX,1X X ' 1f..., ' , 1 11 .11 ,L 1 " '1 . "', 'x11,'11l", 1'1l ', ,f1'1 ,Q , -1 1X X 1 ..,, , 1 111 1,1 v--,11' 1,11 ' 1 , ,X X1X3XX1,X lXr,XXX XX. , "g117,-5XJ"1r,'Xf- 1 J, X XX, 11Jf15lN'1 XX'XX X111.X1X1..X 1 , ,.,, I ."l'r s I! ', , D" X, ' 1 1 1 - , ', X 1 , X , , 11,1 -, 1 ' ' 1 a 11' 1 A J 1-1-'.1 X 1, 1 , W1 X X 1 1 ' , , I ,X L I 1 11 --x 1 ' ' . , 1. a 1,5 X lui ,. X.Xv1 1XX X X ,. XXX , 1 1 1.1 1 1,-1 , 1 ,K I r ' ' 1 X1 ' 1 1 1 1 X X X X, , X 1 X,XX 4 1 1' 1,1 ,XX1 X X X X X.'15XX X " '11 1 " 'wg 1, ,'r1,' 1 1, ' 1 X ,,,1X,,.X.1.'1 X XXX ,,XX-',X'Xm,.X1X 1 XX ,1 XX X X1XX X,,1,1,.,c1X,1- X 1 , -1 X1 fy1'X11XX 1,1 ,11 1 1 XX -. X' XX , X 1 XXX. 1 ' X XXX mulling--,Kem XQXXISX1, 1 X..XX1's 1X X X ua: . .Ln - 'x-4" A'1- -r-r-i ' in 'hnnnnni' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I . . I I I I I I I I 1 I I . I I I I I I I I I I s I I I I . .,-

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