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L04 'l'1fM1."V"L -I' f'k.I"'l6 LAFWLI V1.1 1' . P W- y " '1ir.:zf' . ' 'flm " HE WAS NOT or AN AGE, BUT FOR ALL TIME. Ben 7071JOH - HIS figure that thou here seest put, It was for gentle Shakespeare cut, Q J VVherein the graver had a strife VVith Nature, to outdo the life: Oh, could he but have drawn his wit As well in brass, as he has hit His face, the print would then surpass All that was ever writ in brass, But since he cannot, reader, look Not on his picture, but his book. ERE is a man with a thousand voices . . . developed by his teachings. QR! Here is a man with a thousand minds . . . cultivated hyhis thinking . . . 4' Here is a man with a thousand philosophies . . . otffsprings of his principles. His appreciation for the high ideals exemplified in the masters of the past has kindled within his personality the spark of inspiration. This spark has struck flame to the ideals of past students and spreads like a prairie Fire among the students of today. This little man has taught us to speak. He has challenged us to think and inspired us to the point of action. His friendly sincerity has aided us in our search for adjustment. His personality and philosophy have made us his admirers. This man shall never die. His influence will have immortality in the lives of his students. PRorEssoR GUY EUGENE OLIVER VVe, The Senior Class of 1941, sincerely and respectfully dedicate this, the Thirty Second Volume of the Spectrum, to Professor Guy Eugene Oliver. BHP Shakespeare, Rise! Now from my grave I rise, To respond to this tribute. Let life come to my eyes, My tongue shall not be mute. 1,11 study their life and time, VValk for a year and day, Then pen in Words sublime One more Shakespearean play. iBauI 3!3unsinger Qiihitnr Bale iiaarsbman Business Manager 4 ODIFJ f74 , f X X fi EJ, ,X , W2"f1f'f'V Q1 ff J W3 T i Ms is W Q vol W A Jxxx J my 5 A H '5 ' i f W 'A E imp, fl s My 'ii ' y Q. X - f 0,4 291 1 X f' X- bpzntrum Gable nf Qluntentz Dedication Introduction Individuals . Organizations Special Days Athletics Snaps . . Senior Activity Lists . Advertising . . 2,3 4,5 7 49 83 91 111 122 127 1Buhli5iJzh hp Senior Mass' of 1941 jlinrtb Qlentral Ciullege jlaupzrhille, Illinois 5 aff uf. well met, fair sthulars of this teeming age! Glhrnugh all the chambers uf pour minhs 35 gn Zi seek your Dreams, pour spirit's equipage, your solemn plans anti all thoughts pe know. from theme your eharaeters ZVII pnrtrap Qnh from netn suhieets make a mubern play. -Q fb-X .,f , 7 EDWARD EVERETT - ,W k years have proven b 1 J our President an able helmsman, chartering the Courses of over 1,700 graduates in their years of college life. Here he stands as we most often see him. RALL WENTY- FIVE f 'xl I5 "He is full of love and honesty, And weighst his words before He givest them breath." HAKESPEARE meets Dean Einkbeiner, Professor of German, conversing with fellow faculty members in the Registrar s office: f Dr. Alvin Haag, Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, Dr. Eigenbrodt, Professor ofZoologyg Mademoiselle Sicre, Professor of French and Spanish, and Professor Harold VVhite, Head of the English Depart- ment. North Central's poet laureate directs Bill to another office. There he finds Miss Elizabeth Wliley, English Professor, with Miss Alice Meier, German and English Professor. Bill also meets Mr. Umbreit, college treasurer, and Dean Kirn, Professor Emeritus. 9 ,401 4 . N x . " 1" V , " - .f f f' 9' ' VM MSM H, , F, v .1191 A XA ,,L'i 'aaa-vb ....-., ,.....w. ...... W- .,- s M " M vltafuixi M... jf", f-' ---'W M- 7 I fl r 1 X cv J w A L.: f A if I I hw-1 .ill J ff Ara I" ff, 9 6 1 . J 1 I IIN. f 3 K I WlgIJ'i'w f b ' ' , i f I I CQ ,ff gg,-gg' 'QQ M yy? ,, X , y 1 I g ANDERING about the sec- fi . Q, fi 1 , 'Q f , !f6, ' f , ond floor of Ol' Main in ardent search for material and char- f f acters for his play, the Bard of Avon chances to see some of the faculty gathered in the Y. VV. C. A. room discussing student affairs. He makes himself known and promptly is introduced to Miss Laura Libutski, Assistant Librarian, Professor Oliver, Head of the Speech Department, Professor VVilmert VVolf, Instructor of Political Science, and Miss Hazel May Snyder, Professor of Home Economics. However, the group has to leave soon, but Shakespeare remains in the room to catch a few winks of sleep before going on with his search. His sleep is interrupted, however, by some more of the faculty also seeking relaxation. Prof. Edward N. Himmel of the Botany and Education Departments sits at the end of the sofa, Miss Florence Quilling of the Home Economics Department is in the middle. Next to her sits Irvin A. Koten, Professor of Chemistry, and perched on the arm of the sofa, the Professor of Physics, Clifford N. VVall. In the large arm chair next to Shakespeare is Clarence Eg Erffmeyer, Head of the Education Department. Stationing himself near North Central's traditional meeting place, Shakespeare waits under the clock and soon sees Professor Edward E. Domm of the Religious Education Department and James P. Kerr, Professor of Commerce, meet with Charles C. Hower, Professor of Classics, and Mrs. Lillian Arends Priem of the Chemistry Department. Professor Cardin of the Engineering Department glances inquiringly at Shakespeare. ll I ? E 5 1 l I s 1 1 . A I i F 1 5 5 4 1 ! J I I ' 1 I 1 N 4 N N I I 1 1 I I 1 f ij A , A f 'KZ ei i Y' Q 1 - ,: 7 I Z 1 " A .ill 2, 'KX U'-4546, it lk, Q 'du llbXfy f 3 I iiiir i f f 6? iff ff i 5191 .Y ,iw 9 fW- ii ii fl JW ,-' 'Dpi Rowsy from being iii the 4 , A if 1 . 1 ,T f Y buildings all day, shake- gy f il speare strolls out along the Walk ' if from 01' Main to the Library for ' a breath or two of air. As he passes by the Library he notices Miss Hildred Nienstedt, the Librarian, standing on the steps talking to Mrs. Carolyn Fisher Berry of the English Department. Dr. Herdis L. Deabler, Field and Personnel Secretary and Instructor in Psychology, has just joined the ladies before going on into the library. Trying to get the circulation back into his legs Shakespeare continues to stroll around the campus and in the rear of the Library he chances to see a group of faculty who also were fresh-air addicts. Harold Kuebler, Assistant Personnel Secretary, is entertaining the group with one of his favorite stories but takes time to introduce the ghostly stranger to the others in the group:Miss Olive Frantz, the Assistant Registrar and Faculty Secretary, Miss Katherine Reik, Secretary to the President, Miss Eleanor Rush, Instructor in Art and Dr. Chester Attig, the Professor of History. Craving exercise in a better form, Shakespeare walks to the Heldhouse to see Rob DeRoo, Freshmen Coach, Dr. Keeler, Mathematics Professor and Tennis Coach, Miss Cleo Tanner, VVomen's Athletic Director, Coach Fisher, Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics, with Leonard Bieber, Professor of Geology and Basketball Coach, and Hal Henning, a senior Swimming Coach. As Shakespeare passes by the group smiles a welcome and then breaks up to go on about their ever pressing duties. 13 is , 'g v ,vw .Q EETING in the library social f Sw jtiffg rooms after a faculty ,, ,f 3 J Il? S meeting Shakespeare finds l ,ff XV I r Prof. Bleck, Dean of Yvomen, Philip 'ill 74 I 28.1-ii, 47 Schug, Assistant Speech lnstructor, "W 'A Q13 fi Wlilliam H. Heinmiller, Professor of f f Social Sciences and Prof. Pinney, Head f X2 CM f J of the lxlusic School. 1,3 ., Mg l i p ..--' JL X, Needing a liit of sweet nourishment, ij lfi. Shakespeare goes to the College Book- f 7 Ml?" "Sr, W 'V W ,if-4 store for a candy liar and there finds qi fl Mrs. Bernice Smith and Mr. Uscar 1 pf Fiby, Bookkeeper and Assistant Treas- ,r A urer talking to Bill Frederickson and ff Dad Wleyrick, the Building Care- Y ' ,, 7 X takers. But after eating the candy bar and drinking several cokes, Shakespeare seeks out the doctor's oiqice and Dr. Rikli, Migley, Nurses Dorothy Schaller and Mary Baunigartner write out a prescription. ' To the lWusic School then to find hilary Cook, Prof. of Music Education, lWar- garetha Ebenbauer, Piano Instructor, Frederick Toenniges, Orchestra and Band Director, Helen Wiatson, Theory Instructor, and Hermanus Baer, Professor of Voice, in Prof. Pinney's Ufiice. Just to make sure he has met all the faculty, Shakespeare steps in the pres- ident's office and finds that Miss Edith Boldebuck, Professor of Mathematics, and Miss Mary Bucks, Professor Emeritus, were called out of town when he called. He also discovers that Dr. Moser, out on an emergency call, did not meet with the doctors. But enough for the faculty, he is heard to say, on to the students-less wise, but more gay! 15 ig, I V' ,., if' '. "" l I 1 'l ll ff W 1 'l 7 ' i, ill 1 "i if fi 1' , 'aff It 571, 'f ll ' fl X !'!'f f l'l.t,'1 f ll 'll -- - ff' l j 4 GEORGE STANGER . President "What well-elected leader fronts us here?" II Hemp' IV JUNE HENKIS . Vice-President "Her very silence and her patience speak to the people." A5 You Like It JEAN OLIVER . . Secretary "My bounty is boundless as the sea, my love is deep'-the more I give to thee the more l have, for both are infinite." Romeo and fufiel OTHO ELLENBERGER . Treasurer "The glass of fashion, and the mold of form." Hamfef ELWIN YODER Men's Representative "W'e know what we are, but know not what we may be." Hamlet JEANNETTE RAECKER Women's Representative "Not born to serve but to command." Riffzzzrd III HELEN AEGERTER "A rhapsody of words." Hzzmfet HAROLD ARGUE "VVe must everyone be a man of his own fancy." .4lf'.t HW! Tha! Ends UQ!! ' -ix' 1 X X ' 4 ' f M f Sy! f 1 f f . M li 'gl' ff! fl II,. I L.: 4'.Ql'i.. , I X f if 3-'dqfkk l .1 r all " 1 1" ij JW ff 1,1 I 1 I I I ff,-2 l Q 'fi M. ,f F X Q fa! IW! Qigza l I' f X 4? X, M' f I, I X I f fx J, 'fig f, li xg G, f My N, f l ,lgfn mln lah 1! NJ l dllll ll W I , . f, Q! ill i li 1 f i , Q 1 'XWM f , 4 , fi ,f -W , M My ffl W if ,l if 1 ROBERT ARLHN "Look, he is winding up the watch of his witg By and by it will strike." The Tnrzpwr HARRIET ARNOLD "'I'hat's well saidg a good hcart's worth gold." II f1t'Il7lV IV JAYN15 BABEL "How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty World." illerffzzzfzt of Vanin' MABEL BEETZ "What, at your book so hard?" Henry VI JOSEPH BERTSCHINGER "I dare do all that may become a man, who dares do more is none." Ofhello CHARLES BETTINGER "VVhat, sir, are you a Comedian?" Tweffth Night HO WARD BEUSCHER "A rare engineer." Troihzs and Crfysida BRUCE BISHOP "Those friends thou hast, and their adop- tion tried. Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steelf, Hzzmfel BYRON BOETTCHER "To be merry best becomes you." lllnfh ride rlhozzt Nothing HARGLD BRECHEISEN "Thou speak'st like a physician." Perirles JAMES BRECHEISEN Al ' ' 7 U! He is very knowing of' man s ways. rff1f071-V and Cleopatra DELPHA BUNSE "Music and poetry use to quicken you. Taming of fhe Shrew HOWARD BURTON "Let music sound While he doth make his choice." I fllerrhan! of Venzff JACK BRISSEY "fo be up early and done late." fl'1f7'7lV 1f1'1ve.v of PZYIIZLZYJOY' INEZ COOK "Landlord, hol VVho be this noble cook?" Henry V DON COOPER "What should a man do but be merry?" Hzzmfet LEONA COVERT "If thou dost play with her at any game, thou art sure to lose." ,inlony and Cfeopzzlrzz MARGARET CRAIG "I'll warrant her full of game." Otheffo GILBERT DEWILDE "Hear him debate ofcommonwealth affairs you would say it hath been all in all his study." Hemy V HOWARD DILL "I had rather thou had my forty shillings, and I my books of songs and sonnets here." fllfrry H'ive5 of IfVz'nd50r X XA 1 Qilass of '41 ROBERT DIVINE "He teaches boys the sports." Levis L1z!mm"5 Lux! ROLLAND FHRCH "l am of the churchand will be glad to do my benevolence, to make atonements, and com- promise between you." Romeo and 7l1fIiL'f VVlLl,lAlVl FLESSERT "My present business calls me from you now." Comnfv qf Error PAUL FRESHLEY "l am advised to give her music 0' mornings: they say it will penetrate." Qwnbefirze WENDELL FRESHIJIQY "Canst thou forget the times we spent together?" King Lear VINCENT GETZ "l find thee most lit for business." A711071-V and Cfmpzzfra MAXINE GGLDSTEIN "Able to speak for herself." I HEIIILV IV PAUL GRAMBSCH "Signs of nobleness like stars shall shine on all he deserves." fufzzzs Czzrmr MARY JANE GRFB "As merry as the day is long, from the crown of her head to the sole of her foot, she is all mirth." fblurlz Jdo .ibozzt Notlzjng NANCY GROTE "VVhose skull .love cram with brains." Tweftlz Night KATHERINE GUSTAFSON "She taketh most delight in music, instru- ments, and poetry." Taming of the Shrew MABEL HAMMERSMITH "So excellent in art." Hemy VIII HAROLD HENNING "I saw him beat the surges under him, and ride upon his back." The Tfmpm! ROBERT HIEBER "Sir, you are music's master." Perifles LORRAINE HOCHSPRUNG "Forsooth, a great arithmeticianf' Oflzello ARMIN HOESCI-I "Hear him but reason in divinity." Henry V HERBERT HOFERT "Well could he ride, and often men would say that horse his mettle from his rider takes." A Loverlv Comphzin! LLOYD HOUDEN "Leave we him to his sporting events, and prove him prosperous." Mezzszzrefor Mezzszzre FRANK HUKE "He hath borne himself beyond the promise of his age, doing in the figure of a lamb, the feats of a lionf' Mzfriz Ado About Nothing PAUL HUNSINGER "Thus play I in one person many people and none contented." AHF WWI Tha! Endx UQ!! J Glass nf '41 Row, JENKS "ls she not apt in skillful Cookery?" liwny V VIVIAN JOHNSON "A merry heart goes all the day. tires in ai mile." A sad 11VZ'I1ft'7'l.f Tfzfr ROBERT JUHNKH "Accounted a good actor." VERA KALAS H11 HI lvl "I say littleg but when time shall serve, there shall be smiles." Hemlv V LORENE KAPP "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low- An excellent thing in a woman." King Lear BESSIE KOCH "Be schoolmistress and undertake the teaching of the maids and sons." The Taming of the Shrew DOROTHY KOCH "Here Comes the lady! Oh so light afoot." Romeo and Yufift FILEEN KOLANDER "I am wealthy in my friends." Timwz of fltliens JEAN LAIER "I love the sport well." Ilflerry W'z'vf.v of PVind,mr MARY ALICE LAMBRECHT K'As sweet and musical as bright Apollo's lute." L0ve'.f Lzzboufs Lax! RICHARD LEE "To thine own self be true." ELMER LEHR Hanzfel "This fellow might be a great buyer of land and a lover of business." Hzzmfel SHI RI,I1lY "Faith, I LISNZNIQR know more than I'll speak." Ai'l!'.v lie!! That Ends PVP!! IRVIN LIEIPIHN "Such a PI-IYLLIS "Here is one is a natural philosopher." fix You Lffcf If LEPIEN a dear, ll true industrious friend." I Hemlv IV ELIQANOR LGCKIFI "She dances featly'-so she does anything." LILLIAN WIl7lfF7',J Tale IVIACHEVVICZ "I will wish thee ever more to dance." DANIEL Lovelv Lzzbouff Loft IVIARTIN "Gives true evidence to his love, which stands an ho norable trial." Afnloniv and Cfeopafra FRANCES MAYER "Her beauty makes this vault a feasting presence full of light." I Romeo and fzzfief VINCENT IVIAZZA "VVhethe be successful. r he run or I-Iyg 'Tis known he'll Vffnzzs and Adonis J Q!! amass uf '41 mviu MCJUNKIN H "We are denied access unto his person. II Hem'-v IV JANET MCKAY "This is the short and the long of it." lllerzlv lfives of' EMILY MEDAL "Another of her fashion they have not to lead their business." Othello EMILY INIILLBERGER "To be a well-favoured maid is the gift of fortuneg but to write and read well comes by nature." AIc'tZ5ZH't' for Mffzz.t111'f DOROTHY MILLER "Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden Heeceg and many Jasons Come in quest of her." fllerfluznl of Venirf' IVIARCIANNA INIILLER "A light heart lives longf, L0ve'5 Lzzb01zr'5 Los! ORLA NEEVPIS "Teach you the Children English?" Hemp' V VIRGINIA NELSON I "You will be welcome with such intel- ligencef' Coriofzznzzs GUY OLIVER "The gentleman is learn'd and a rare speaker." Henry VIII OHM PAULI "The lark, whose notes do beat the vaulty heaven, can not compare to thee." Romeo and Yufiet DOROTHY PEGG "Come and take Choice of all my library and so beguile thy sorrow." Titm fIa'r01ziru.v LLOYD PETERSON "Man is Z1 giddy thing, and this is my conclusion." 11111511 xldo flboul Nothing VIRGINIA POLINIANTEER "She makes sweet music with th' enamel'd stones." The Tempest EVELYN RAECKER "They laugh that win." Ullzeffo MARIAN RICE "How long a time lies in one little word." Richard II HAROLD RIEBEL "By my valour, the most complete cham- pion that I ever heard!" Hemlv VI SHIRLEY RITZENTHALER "A schoolmistress well seen in languages and music." Taming af the Shrew DANE SCAGLIOLA "Valiant, wise, remorseful, and well accom- plished gentleman." Two Genflfmen of Verona GEORGE SCHOTTENHAMEL "EXceedingly well read." Henry IV NAOMI SCHULTZ "She that was fair and never proud had tongue at will and yet was never loud." Oflzfilo jf 24 clx 6515155 of '41 me joHN sHArifr1R "Men of his way should hc most lihcraig they are set here for examples." Hemlv VIII ALLIQN SHIQPHHRD "There's no such sport as sport by sport o'er thrown." ,'1'.t You Lifcv If IOSHPH SHEPHERD - "A man that hath studied the World." Level: LlZb0Il7".Y Lux! FDVVARD STEINKH "He reads muchq he is a great observer." 711!i14,r Crzfinzr MARY .TANF STERN "Thy tender hefted nature shall not give thee o'er' to harshness." Ixzrzg Lear GORDON STREIB "He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one, exceeding wise, fair spoken, and persuad- ing." Hemlv VIII DONALD THOMPSON "The quality of mercy is not strained." lbffrflzzzfzf of lfrnzre IRENE THORNTON "The fairest queen that ever we received." II Henry IV LA VERN TOOLEY "VVho hath not heard it spoken how deep you are within the books of God." II Hemlv IV VERA TROYER "There's language in her eye, her cheek. her lip." Troilzzs and Crfmidfz HENRY UMBREIT 'LFor every man has business and desire such as it is." Hzzmfei DOROTHY VVHSSLING "Give thy thoughts no tongue." Hamlet ROBERT WHITE UA man of good repute, carriage, bearing, and estimation." Lovelv LHbUIU'l5 1,051 VVAYN If WIN GIEIRT "I-Ie that hath a beard is more than a youthf' Mllfh Ado Abou! Nolhing MAX WRIGHT "Here-'s a gentleman and a friend of mine." Mfaszzre for Mea5zz1'e LOUISE YAGER "As merry as the day is lon Jllzzflz Ado About Norlzing CLINTON TOMPKINS "Boy, what sign is it, when a man of great spirit grows melancholy." Orlzeffo 4515155 uf '41 AW 'K OW' that my last class is over today I guess I'll stop at the sun dial and look over t e 3 , t. 3, Q a - h i list that Bill Shakespeare gave me. Gee, I never helped to cast a play before, but this should be fun . . . The first character he wants is "a young gentleman who has the ability to rip off S1zadrazflz." It doesnlt take long for strangers on the campus to become acquainted with our college slang, I see. This is easyg Ohm Pauli is just the fellow for that . . . VVonder if he wants anyone to sing .ive lliczrifz. I'll jot down that Howard Dill does that beautifully . . . Then he wants a king and queen. Let's see, Gordy Streib should at that role 'cause he's made a capable Student Body President this year. George Stanger has shown characteristics of executive ability too, as our senior class president. And then there's Tubby Yoder who worked hard over the banquet as class president when we were Juniors. And wouldn't Irene Thornton make a grand queen? She's been May Queen this last year. And if Shakespeare saw Fran Mayer as Queen at the Student Reception in the fall, he'd consider her for the role, too . . . Next he wants a court jester. Wlho are our funny men? Therels Paul I-Iunsinger, Guy Oliver, and Don Cooper . . . Maybe I should save Cooper for the role of "the young man with exceptional physical ability." Oh, but we have so many athletes in our class that I suppose it will be dillicult to narrow the choice down to one. Hal Henning with his swimming, Chuck Bettinger with basketball and baseball, Riebel, Arlen, Bishop, VVhite, Umbreit, and more yet . . . Then Shakespeare wants me to pick an "advisor to the king." That means some one with exceptional mental powers all right. Dane Scagliola or Frank Huke are good Senior representatives for that role. There's Don Thompson, too. Or how about Nancy Grote with a feminine viewpoint? This matter of choosing characters from the Senior class is going to be a more diflicult procedure than I imagined. VVe even have two fellows to blow the trumpet at the beginning of the play- Burton and Freshley. Guess I should have some help in Hlling out this list . . . There goes ProfOliver. I-Iere's my chance . . Oh, Prof . . vx-,X x ' ff in E. 'Q " ,S Y ' .i. L . I X 'K " - -- 1 Z ,E I X M ,33 9 K, Row Row ROW Row Row ONE George Stone President Two Ruth Faust Women's Rep. THREE Laurent Bernhardt FOUR Lois Blank FIVE Alexander Burek Rosemary Russell Vice-President Charles Geiger Men's Rep. Gratton Betts Ruth Bleiler Frederick Boebel 28 in R tiki Fern Hafenrichter Secretary Walter Anderson Marian Beyler Virgil Bonto Allan Carlson Qllass of '42 James Simmons Treasurer Charlotte Becker John Blackmore Charlotte Brown Martha Chamberlin Row Row Row Row Row Qs I fix, f 9 . 'x' M v, Wa.- a . . , S? X' -C f., faffjjllflx X t hug, sy I 44 ff I N? fi W4 ', YL lil '. ,f ff! N RQ, xxx W- D ' 'V xl ' -I gvll x F fl fll lm ' f avi it g an ,M-Srl Z3 , - V175 iff , r f if ,Q I ,Jlvfll xii 55 ' A 'iq l,l riff E A gl -A E I l F ONE Ruth Chatterton Jeanette Colley Maureen Crummy Two Allan Denker Joseph Dennis Robert Dexheimer THREE Caroline Domm Mildred Donneworth Charles Douglas FoUR Edward Eberhardt Leta Ehlers Cathryn Erffmeyer FIVE Ruth Fager Virginia Farley Doris Faust 29 Marian Darnell VVilliam Doede Harriett Dunham Howard Fssig Raymond Ferington E 'tr- :tam 'Qin-., sl - if , Y JK i. 'WW ia. 'J ,ai X Z , ,c RQVKY Z f gba f , 1 W W if ff, 5 f if X X If , fr- - 1 ox, , .. H' 'Q Z1 'W QT , A 4 , , Eh X -"7 Vi Row Row Row Row Row ONE Two THREE FoUR FIVE A . 3 f n Q, f Q sa 1 5 Q x Qlllass uf '42 'V , 1' ,I f , Sl 3 1 K -'-' ' . b Qrzsb w-1.,X 1: 'gy HL A - Gale Gibson Thomas Grecu Marjorie Heidinger Dale Hewitt Thelma Jackson Martha Gill Archer Gordon Ruth Groen V Glenda Hafenrichter Rosemary Heiser Robert Herben Jean Hilton Joseph Himmel Sherwood Daily 30 Elmer Grant Dale Harshman Lois Herkner George Ireland Derwood Jensen Margaret Johnson x 1 4 ff if I 15 VM l 2 X Ab!!! X If NM. '95 4. "1"'-Q J , X giuif yi E ,A me ff ll Y M if ,ff Wig! "x GW E V E K W7 1N, ,1 X I pd l, n 'X i ' E 'W sw fl I A l A, Wa 1' ' 4.1 112 A fi ,., I K F I l1 A.0-f Ii X x I 3 X 7 jff if F .X . 1A ,1,,:, 1' C- VI ' ' 25 . 5 i 3' f E, , is Row ONE Charles Kailer Delores Keller Garfield Kellermann Eugene Kellogg Row Two John King Mary E. Kirn Frederick Knoche Muriel Kottke Row THREE VVaverly Krueger Virgil Lamm VVarren Lebeck George Lester Row FOUR Edith Lounsbury Esther Mason Patricia McHenry Richard Mellor Row FIVE VVillis Milar Dorothy Miner Theophil Muellen Arthur Moore 31 Z X I Row Row Row Row Row CNE Two THREE FOUR FIVE NZM. Kenneth Nolan Donald Ostroth John Prussner Marion Rinebolt Robert Schmidt Robert Nuckles Dennis Page Clive Rapp Samuel Russell Paul Schnake 32 Norman Odom Velma Parrott Mildred Rebstock Gordon Ruth Harvey Schweppe QEIHSS uf '42 Frank Osterland Shirley Peterson Elizabeth Reidt Lyndon Schendel James Sedlacek Row Row Row Row Row f -'i fi. FAQS X W x :hiv gf fi f 7 W ' , if f I I 'LT , if f bf -- . - X I N . 4 X4 xl rin J ,f W 641fl r. f F figik . url V, 11,7 X! f' 'L ' f' I ,C f : Qi X rl", 1' 'G i Q l -LA .f ,Z ii l Q ,L fl! ' jiif, NJ J 7 Mf L f' ONE Dorothy Seth Two Anna Faye Singer THREE Eileen Steffen FOUR Arthur Taylor FIVE Anita VVilkins We V, if at . I .. 5 - V A, ll W William Shatzer Curtis Smith Doris Stetzel Mae Thompson jack Winemiller 33 ,Q -:i, Floyd Shewmake Evelyn Smith Marigail Stott Sally VValker Tanya Vllright Dorothy Siewert Harry Smith Betty Strawe Guy VVickwire Malcolm Young Row ONE VVilliam White President Madge Spiegler Vice-President Elizabeth Augustine Secretary Row TWO Harold Hoffman Treasurer Jean Mayer Council Representative George St. Angelo Council Representative Row THREE Mary Arlen Jean Arndt Richard Bailey Row Fouiz Barbara Barrow James Bates Ruth Baurngartner Row FIVE John Beams Charlotte Becker Robert Beebe Row SIX Merle Benning Shirl Benning Dean Berger Row SEVEN Richard Bonne Harold Bourland David Bowers 'F if Q K f, 4' 6 ER as lb k Row ONE Row Two Charles Dailey Mary Davis Leslie Dawson Katharine Dillen Harry Dovenspike Frank Dusek Elizabeth Branch John Busacca Robert Butenhofff Margaret Cameron Beatrice Christofersen Mary Cole Row THREE Robert Eby Glenn Eigenbrodt Gladys Eversole John Evert Edward Farrell Charles Faust Q , QEQES '. X . , x lliii 'ii qk w jw Glass uf '43 M-wfnxfz N - QD' ja f SX, , , 1 W i wmv! w x 35 'if ff 1 1, X f b Z Row ONE Kay Finnel Flizabeth Flett Richard Foskett Row Two Ralph Franzen Harry Fritz Marjorie Gamertsfelder Row THREE Dorothy Gast Louis Gilpatriek Jane Givler Row FOUR Thelma Glading Charlotte Getz Louise Green Row FIVE Jennie Guastella Donald Guenther Margaret Guise Row Six Roy Gustafson John Guzauskas James Hahne Row SEVEN Marjorie Heininger John Helfrich Raymond Henery K xi fl Row ONE Row Two Eleanor Henning Edward Hicks Tyron Hill VVava Guenther Margaret Holligan Jack Hollon Kenneth Hosler James Huntoon Horace Jahn David Shoger Richard Judson Katherine Kay Row THREE Milton Kienholz Robert Knox Richard Koehler Norma Kolthoff Elizabeth Krug Carol Laier El tarlgifa ll Y. X QV 42 Qilass nf '43 K-at an 37 frm!! W V f i . Nf'J 9 I ffff 6 tt 'x .Al , s E ' 2 35 Ll . 1 F, 'fggii , X 'i .x ,, ' ' X I ' fi f ' l V X 3,5 , ll ' X t xl f f X M ff Row ONE Milton Lamm Melva Lathrop John Lefliler Row Two Ellsworth Long Arla Loser Virginia Matthies Row THREE Robert McCormick Howard Mehn Gail Miller Row FOUR Howard Miller Margaret Mueller Jean Myers Row FIVE Alexander Nelson Vivian Rigoni Frank Novatny Row SIX Shirley Parsons Vvilliam Pelling Frling Peterson Row SEVEN Jeanette Plumer Hazel Pontius Jack Preston 45 9'- A.. 1. Z Q- K T L Row UNE Row Two Robert Pritchard Virginia Richert Geraldine Rikli George Rodibaugh Margaret Rott Eldon Schriver Qlllass nf '43 Carl Schroeder Joseph Scuito Arlene Siedschlag Alice Smith Elaine Smith Lawrence Smith 39 11.1 Row THREE VVeston Spencer Marian Stahl Paul Stark Esther Stephens Jeanne Stern VVarren Studer 'N ,cs Qi-'ini X JW X-Nn ggi ff Q 5 it ,NZD li f ' ff i' l I X X54 X , J X' to ?!! XQXX X K 4 KJ -Xe l JZ? ff? Row ONE Virginia Swift Patricia Taylor Harriet Tousley Row Two Margaret Tovey Robert Tuck Viola Van Selus Row THREE Roland VVacker Vllilliam VVagner Thomas Wedsworth Row FOUR Charlotte W7ellner John VVOHT Marcia VVolf Row FIVE Frank VVomer VVallace Yenerieh Mildred Zachman Qlllass uf '43 UT hold here, not so fast. Already have I met your Faculty, your President, that noble band of Seniors who have so graciously dedicated this book to me, then met I the Juniors and Sophomores. Now, fair sirs, I would rest and reminisce. Go! Get you gone, my stu- dent guide, whilst I sit here and thus soliloquize. Wlhat a gracious assemblage is this. VVhat powerful characters be there here. Ah, from these underclassmen, I'll draw the minor characters for my new play. First, my notebook that I might set down these thoughts. CFrom the folds of his jacket Shakespeare takes a little pad, from the frills of his ruff he takes his pencil and begins to write.J Hmmmmm, now let me see. This man Stone shall be the walls of my palace. Towering Bates I shall make into a pine tree outside the walls. That role behts him best. And through him- ah, what a north wind is this Harshman! How he shall rage and blow! Then in this castle could I set the maiden, Caroline, who there would be imprisoned with the IVIayer's daughters. The giant Douglas could be the guard and watch dog of the prison tower. But to the court. Noble Burek make I the statesman whose words would move all in thy democracies. Of Eber- hardt make I a scholar full of intellect and wit. A knight of courage shall this Shatzer be. A page boy full of heart, who with champions does easily hold his part, shall Squire Lester be. But now, enough of this-I need my relaxation. CShakespeare goes to the basement of Ol' Main, puts his nickel in the red machine and bottle in hand, he enters the Spectrum oH:1ce.D Ah, Illl rest here in the big arm chair and complete the casting. Methink I need a character new and him I make in likeness of this Ostroth man. A poet, minstrel, athlete and intellectual. Of that sprightly wench, Miss Rosemary, I'll make a character with wit and personality. Oh, yes, and Gustafson shall be my painter and philosopher. Then to entertain the court, Guenther, Darnell, and Mehn shall be the players, Glading, Matthies, and I-Ieiclinger shall sing, and I-Iimmel a wandering minstrel who-CShakespeare leaves the office, passes through the unopened door and leaves the empty coke bottle behind with these and other notes to remind us of his visit. His notes are published here, the coke bottle with others has been returned.D 'N fe , , fav I if 'iff 'i X ip' , ' .Kil im 2 I-C., Y-K ' X 'lil fy Y ,N I Q f i, ' ff 7? WW' ' I x ,ff X 1 1 fl ay fl . 'Q RA .xg , ff. , I 1 if 41 Row One: Neal Peterson, President, Lawrence Vlleier, Vice-President, Charles Fvert, Treas- urer: Fma Lu Kellogg, Secretary, June Hatch, Xvomenls Representative. Row Two: Francis Guither, lVlen's Repre- sentative, Margaret Abbott, Harvey Accola, Dollynelle Allen, Frank Allen. Row Three: Gordon Allen, Jane Allen, Ruth Attig, Keith Backemeyer, Richard Backlund. Row Four: Dorothy Bartel, Betty Bartling. Mary Baurngartner, VVilliam Beher, Jeanne Beitel. Row Five: Eleanor Bennett, Hilbert Berger, Roger Beyler, John Bigelow, Marcella Blanc Row Six: Russell Bortz, Clayton Bossert, June Bosshardt, Frederick Boulton,!lCarlyle Brand. Row Seven: Barbara Brayton, Carl Bruns, Duane Buholz, Hazel Bulthouse, Ruth Bur- dick. 1 'R .L 'E' 6. C f' S ox 1 Q- Q 9 A as 4 "' l X x . 42' E atb A. X-. ,,, l A Phi l.Xiv't-'if ' T X if A Na i- .J ii '18 'a fl Glass nf '44 . '1 ii? .R 1 X , n l i 4- f' '- Q f 17 rw, , V f f ' 7 is . 1 ' I X in f i , 'L I . . IZ, V1 5 if g ' 1 fe f- ' , 4 X, -: i f Q ,ff 9 " E. ,fif fx ,fa f : ' 'f 742, f' , W XX 3 - tall., X 4 X E K 4 '- g x 1' . KN. 1 f NX 6,57 , ,- . 'I 4 S -Q, ,JZYXQQXQQF jf C S X Row One: Clinton Busacea, Douglas Bush, Robert Byrd, Cliljford Campbell, Anna Card. Row Two: Carl Cardin, Virginia Carlson, Betty Clulow, Roger Cole, Jack Crandell. Row Three: Raymond Curry, Barbara Cur- tis, Martha Daily, Robert Dana, Donald Darfler. Row Four: Valerie Davis, Harold Deabler, Frank DeRango, Manley Dibble, Margaret Diehl. Row Five: Carolyn Dike, Lois Dillen, Shirley Driscoll, Donald Duncan, Alvin Ebert. Row Six: Donald Pinnow, Peter Fnzinna, VVilliam Ettinger, Robert Farnham, Elaine Felton. Row Seven: Robert Fergus, Donald Flikeid, Donald Frohlich, John Fry, Wendell Fry. Row Qne: Ruth Garvin, Richard Gauerke, James Geier, Muriel Gerhardt, Roger Ginter. Row Two: VVarde Grenner, Lois Grote, Fern Hack, Helen Hall, Mary Haney. Row Three: Paul Harshman, Herberta Hase- winkel, lVIaurice Hassel, Harold Hasselbacher, Fern Hatch. Row Four: Lora-Jean Haumerson, Norman Heiman, Donald Heinrich, Dorothy Heinrich, James Herbst. Row Five: Patricia Heydon, Alfred Hoy, Keturah Hubmer, Robert Huston, Alberta Ioder. Row Six: Donald Jacob, Robert Jensen, Stuart Johnson, Leonard Kahl, Robert Kast- ner. Row Seven: Alfred Kawohl, Paul Kilgore, Helen King, Douglas Kingsley, Frederick Kirn. 6' x K' , X f 41- w Glass nf '44 --- uk. X sh c Sl' 5, , be M er A-f. 15 se, 1: 1 Q ff , 1? iff. in 'iw' 5 ami 55Q 2? iafg-35 ie if Xqcrr N f 9 Y 4' 1 17 f we, f - 3 I 5 fy ,Q f 2' x "" X 'f Q j,, ' lx K P .Qs ? f . " g cg 2 2 W Afwbx x i i Row One: Joseph Kochly, Robert Kolb, Duane Krueger, Gladys Kulper, George Lan- dis. Row Two: James Laudeman, Leroy Laz, Russell Lefevre, Carl Litchfield, VVallace Lohse. Row Three: Richard Mahlman, Richard Maly, Wlilliam Marshall, Ethel Massie, Glenn Mast. Row Four: Virginia Mau, Donald McLean, Clayton Meese, Georgia Mehn, Elaine Menich. Row Five: Frederick Mihulka, Edward Mil- ler, Helen Miller, Charles Schlafer, Ada Mor- gan. ii 'E WM Row Six: Eugene Morin, Howard Morrison, Muriel Muehl, Richard Murdoch, VVilliam Murphy. Row Seven: Ronald Nehring, Dorothy Nel- son, Juliette Nichols, Russell Qbright, Martha Ogburn. 45 Row One: VVilliam Palmer, Dean Pavdon, John Perucca, Elwood Peterson, Pllmer Pielet. Row Two: Miriam Pieper, Robert Piper, James Plaunt, Kenneth Plummer, Alvin Pol- lock. Row Three: Charles Prussner, Kenneth Radic, John Rebstock. Clara Reimer, Paul Reimer. Row Four: Homer Retzlarlf, Joy Retzlafl, Thelma Reuland, Margery Ritzenthaler, Keith Russell. Row Five: Robert Russell, Virginia Ruther- ford, Richard Savage, Dorothy Schaller, Helen Schmidt. Row Six: Robert Schmitz, Shirley Schneider, George Schoot, Bernice Schwandt, Robert Seitz. Row Seven: Marjorie Sengelaub, Gilbert Shilling, Samuel Shockey, Phylis Shoger, Ken- neth Sir. ak lllllll Sin. 'E , V' fl if ' 'i'l ,P , A .V R l JL ,:' 1 f X , x X f t V Ne ,K Wage fM5'L , 2 A 46 t l f his G ., -- 1 . I Q ,. . Cllllass uf '44 in 5-- -V t. w 3 in t Q Q g S g x,,1 -' . ' 9' . V - , y 4 v K l 1 fav NOTE! Pictures of Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are arranged according to the classification of the student at the first of the school year. ?5T T 2?F5 'E ff New f-. f- ' 'i i' 51' 'fi-" X X i ,fal l - 2 rf- . ,Ck 7:5 5 IL? ' z ,G f' Q Z.-'24, ,15 5 2 ITVASY' ggggja K TTEF ff? X, g- 47 -2 :NT lfflf I ' T 15 N x 44, Row One: Frederick Smith, lirwin Soukup, Edwin Starr, James Steckel, Donald Stolten- berg. Row Two: James Tangney, h4arston Tarhox, Gloria Taylor, James Thompson, Frank Thom- SCD. Row Three: DeW'itt Thorne, Sue Truesdell, Robert Uebele, VVilliam Vaughan, Herman Walck Row Four: Donald VVarnock, Wallace Yen- erich, Grace VVegner, Robert VVelty, Arthur VVilliams. Row Five: Gowan VVilliams'-13, Evelyn Winter, Margaret VVorner, VVilma VVright, William Zrout. 7 4 N 4 I W I 1 W 1 your stuhents anh pour :tubs ZVII see Together tnitb pour tnishum, smile anh frutnn: your faults anh fnihles anh pnur lobes tu he Zin une htahe pageant, 35 shall set them hutnn. f 4, 45415 X ,f wha, Avi? in ii' 'I X!! gi M -D t l V4-ffl I.. STUDENT COUNCIL-Left tu right: ST. ANGELO, HUKE, HENNING, OSTROTH, BUREK, FRANCES BIAYER, JEAN BIAYER, RUTH FAUST, .IEANETT1-3 RAECKEH. Ci-IATTERTON. Q-Seaterlj Prior. WVOLF, LENzNER, STREIB, YODER, GEIGER. ILLIAM Shakespeare, while strolling in the lower halls of0l' Main meets 6 Q Gordon Streib. Shakespeare speaks. . . "Greetings, fellow, what is your V sen! 'J' a 'I -Y mg , name? Gordie-VVell, my name is Streib, Gordon Streib, of the Rochester Streibs. What's yourn? Slzakafpeare-Dost thou not remember this Visage? I am the ghost of VVilliam Shakespeare. Gordie-Hiya, Bill, put 'er there. Glad ta' meetcha. CThey shake hands.D Bi!!-Methinks thou are of kingly carriage. Art of the royal order? G07'6iiE-'Oh, not exactly. I'm just the president of the student body. Not very royal, but in all, an honorable position. Bi!!-Explain yourself, son. VVhat is the student body? Gorrlie-VVell, the student body is composed of every student in college. Vile have a governing body composed of representatives chosen by the four classes. These form the council. VVe take care of everything that concerns the student body. Bi!!-Egad, this must be a powerful court to rule so vast a territory. Gordie-Yes, but we are a democracy. Bi!!-Democracy? Democracy? Oh, yes, democracy. Gordie-Whassa matter, don't you know what a democracy is? Bi!!-Yes. 'Tis but an experiment in living together. Methinks it is impractical. Gordie-Well, not the way we work it. Every spring the student body has an election that rivals the national election in enthusiasm. The best man then takes charge of the council and presides over student affairs. Bi!!-And thou are the ruler of these strange people then? Friend, I greet thee as king and willingly do thee homage. Gordic'-Gosh, thanks, Bill. 53 l ziflftifly PARTY is in full swing W'e see Bill drifting about the punch bowl 1nd iff' XMI .A S ' 'f 'N . . I . . 1 91 hnally he manoeuvers into the kitchen in search of more cookies. He ,ty meets Miss Meier and stops to chat Miss Meiei speaks We hir. Shakespeare, are you having a good time?" Air. Shakavpem-e-Indeed, fair lady, indeed. iwim flaleier-Do you want more cookies? .1121 Shakefpezzre-Thank you. Even a spirit must eat. You are kind, my lady. Aliu Illeier-W'ell, we aim to entertain and please everyone. I think the party is going well enough. I'll join you in another glass of punch. .Wiz Slzzzkexpefzre-Fair lady, could you tell me who arranges all these pleasant affairs? M'i.r,f Illeier-This is the work of the Social Committee. W'e plan all the social affairs of the college. Everything from teas to County Fairs. How did you enjoy Sadie Hawkins W'eek? illr. Slzzzke.vpecz7'e-Ch, as is my custom. Sitting on a shelf in the library. Never has a ghost been so lonely. 'Twas noticeable that others had 1 good time. Iliff.: Ilfeier-That was the work ofthe Social Committee. W'e planned the entire program. illr. Shczkefpemw-W'ho comprises this group? Are all students? .Mist fweier-Yes, all students except Miss Snyder, Miss Sicre and myself. Most of them are students who are interested in helping others have a good time. MW. Shzzkefpmre-Thou sayst they enjoy helping others have a good time? Then the eajoyment thereof is doubled for those who prepare the party. Alisx Jbleier-Hooking over at flze punch bowfj Oh, pardon me. The punch bowl is empty. I must fill it. Mr. Slzczke,vpem'e-How can man help but enjoy life with such as these to aid him? W l SOCIAL COMMITTEE-Left to right: CTap Rowh P. FRESHL EY, SHAFFER, KELLERMAN, STARK, STONE, GEIGEH. YODER, HUNSINGER. STAHL, ARLEN, Dtv1Ni-3, Bums, J. RAECKER, BRANCH, BABEL., HAFE NRICHTER, DAV'IS. CBottom Rouu LOCKE, STERN, GLADDING, Miss Siena. Miss Mama, Mrss SNYDER, HAMMEHSMUH, MILLER. 51 F 5 X r x 1 stepped into Pfeiffer Hall during the 9 30 hour interlude on luesday moining Melodious ILLIAM SHAKESPEARE seeking relief from the rush and rumble of college life has Q Vs ., 4 . . . . . ,, . . ,- 5 5 . z- ' . gh' 2 strains Hoat from the throat of the organ. A poem is read. VVorshipfully the assembly returns again to the ebb and flow of college life. Shakespeare stands in the foyer. A man approaches and asks: "Did you enjoy the silent chapel, Brother Shakespeare?" .Wz:zke.tjJeare-I did very much, Brother Domm. Though I knew not what the service was termed. Donzm-YYell, this is a part of the working of the Y's. VVe sponsor these silent Chapels in an attempt to interpret the Christian religion for the College students of today. Shakefpem-e-Ah, but methinks thy form of service be unique. Domm-Indeed, but we always are pioneering into new fields of Christian life. This is an experi- ment that has worked very successfully. fThey stroll towards Ol' Main. A young man catches up with them. He speaks . . . J Pardon me, Prof., can I speak to you for a minute about the new equipment for the Y room? Domm-Ah, yes. Mr. Shakespeare, do you know our YMCA president? May I introduce Bruce Bishop, then! Slmkexpmre-How are you, my boy? Bruce-Well, Bill, I've been trying to meet you for a long time. Are you getting around all right? If not, we can give you a Big Brother. Shakefpeare-Egad, what's this? Bruce-VVell, perhaps it does sound odd to you, but the Y's provide Big Brothers for the new stu- dents. The Big Brother is a personal advisor. He helps the Freshmen get started. Domm-VVell, I'm afraid even a good student would have difficulty taking care of a ghost. CThe , trio has reached Ol' Main and meet Emily Medal in the hall.j Bruce Qloppifzg Emilvj-Say Em, did you see Erling Peterson about International XVeek? Emily-Yes, I did. Do you think we could get Mr. Shakespeare to break down and speak to the students? Slzakexpeozre-I'm afraid my voice would more startle than instruct. Domm CEnfering his ofcej-VVell, Brother Shakespeare. I leave you now with better company. I must go to class. But here's a summary of the workings of the Y's on the campus. Read it at your leisure. 7'0izn'Shajer CStepping up to Brutal-Say, you won't forget Central Committee Meeting will you? Bring Bill here along. Gotta hurry, gotta class. Shakespeare- VVho was that? Emibf-That was John Shaffer, the Chairman of the Central Comm. The YMCA and the YWCA work jointly through that committee. Pardon me, Mr. Shakespeare, but I've gotta class. Bruce-Me too, Bill. See ya later, gotta class. Simkwpeczre CSmndJ in fha amply izczllj-Gotta class . . . gotta class . . . Odsbodkins, what language. Methinks I'll read the report. Hmm . . . The YMCA functions jointly with the YVVCA through comnaittees on Chapel, Church Relations, Fellowship, World Fellowship, and Religious Emphasis VVeek. The Associations work separately as a rule through their committees on Finance, Deputation, Campus Projects, Freshman Work, Social Life, Social Service Cincluding the social roomsl, Publicity, and Student Council. Hmmm, most inter- esting. This must be the most active organization here! 53 CHRONICIE fRlll Oriel R CIUSTAFSON, DIVINE, DEWILDE. CHATTERTON, CIEIGER. 1Rou- Tiwl KOTTKE, PETERSON, DILLEN. DAVIS. C BROWN NIACHI-'xx ILZ I OLIVER, GREB, BIASON. KRUII' Threw XIOUNG, SI-IEWMAKE. J. EVERT, M. ARLEN, C. DAILEY. FOSKETT, K. GUSTAY SON LR Ll Fm J VS INEMILLER OBHIGHT, DENNIS, C. EX'ERT, S. DAILY, STONE, VVILKINS. ,gfdggeg S SHAKESPEARE is passing to Goldspohn, he sees this group assembled KQ Q around the ironing board, and puns to himself . . . The group doth seem to have pressing dilhculties. Edilor Rullz Cf16Zl'l67'f07Z?'f7Z0liC'i7lg his curiorifvv and expfainingj-VVe're the Chronicle staff and we were just ironing out the press. Shaleeypeare-VVhat, pray, is a Chronicle staff? Be it a rod? Rzzlh-The Chronicle, Mr. Shakespeare, is the college weekly newspaper which is published thirty times during the school year. The staff consists of news reporters, sports writers, feature writers, columnists, plus those who manage the business angle under Mr. DeVVilde here. Shakespeare-Really, 'tis most interesting. And how, indeed, are they selected? Ruth-For their ability, interest, enthusiasm, and dependability. Shakespeare-An admirable combination of qualities, to be sure. VVould that I had all of these! But I meant to ask, what didst thou mean by "ironing out the press"? A very singular expression. Ruth-Oh, that was simply meant as a light pun, implying that we do have diffi- culties in holding to our main purpose of informing the students of coming events and keeping an accurate record of all school activities. Shakespeare-eYour paper consists only of these news items, then. Ruth-Oh, no. We have what we call special functions which are to provide an outlet for student opinion and originality, to inject in places a measure of levity and to form a connecting link between alumni and students. Shakespeare-Wlell said, fair Editor, and I thank thee for informing me. Perhaps these will help me in the writing of my play. 54 l CARDINAL STAFF-DON OS'FROTH, xVILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, DORO'1'HX' IJEGG, SALLY WALKI-:R, Prior. XVI-IITE. RAVINC1 knowledge of the literary life upon our campus, the Playwright . . . , . . . ' ' goes in quest of information. VX hile exploring Science Hall, Shakes- 6- fA peare is amazed to see his own likeness prominently displayed in Prof. W'hite's oliice. Shakespeare speaks . . . Odsbodkins, and the shades of myself! I never thought to see the likeness of my map within the precincts of a Science Hall. Cardinal Edilor-This is the Sanctum Sanctorum of the English department. Have a chair. Vllill you do me a favor? Look this over. It'll be fun. It's our Cardinal. Give me your candid opinion of it. Shake.rpmre-Hold . . . cease galloping! Let me be acquainted with this matter first. Edilor-The Cardinal is North Central's publication for student writers. lt's a means of getting the creative expressions of all the college students out in the open. This year we're trying hard to make it tops. Slzakeipeare-I fain would also know the nature and extent of those rehned pur- suits which represent "Belles Lettresf' Writer Cinterruplingj-Illl tell you about the VVriters Club. It's an informal organization, open to all college students who are interested in writing and developing their critical powers. By submitting manuscripts and attending three consecutive meetings, one may become a full-fledged member. VVe read unidentified manu- EEE scripts and then everyone has a chance to criticise constructively. Prof. VVhite is our guiding light and it's really valuable experience and fun, too. Shakcxrpeme-I would that I could sit with this dis- tinguished group. Who knows? lylayhap there lurks, yet undiscovered, some great singer of a great new song. X . ., A ., haps our circle boasts a WVRITERS CLUB-CSeatedJ HUNSINGER, OSTROTI-I, STARR, JAI-IN, WYINEMILLER, DIVINE, PROI-'. WEHIITE. N Y N CSecond Rau-H WYALKER, GIX'LER, Biumow, PETERSON, VVILKINS. QStandingl RAPP, RICE, LOCKE, IXOCH, 5eCOnd Shakespeare. MCHENRY, HEIDINGER, BROVVN, KOTTKE. Cl-IATTERTON. PVri!erHYes who knows per- DELTA TAU LAMBDA-QTop Row! TANGNEY, BIALY, ANDREVVS. QCSecond Rau-B WIILLIAMS, DARFLER, HEJNRICI-I, PLAUNT, GEIER. CThirfl Rowj HUSI-oN, SAVAGE, CAMPBELL, BACKLUND, PALMER, PIPER, FRY, FROHLICH, ALLEN. CFuurth Row? CARDIN, KOLB, FARNHAM, SCI-IMIDT. STOLTENBERG, MURDOCK, HASSELBACI-IER, SMITH, CARDIN, SCHMITZ, PAGE, BOSSERT. dx 'M midst the golden leaves of Indian Summer His eves behold an azure Ziyi? sky, the illimitable space of his creative imagination. Schmidt pre- occupied, .vfunzbfes over Bifllt projerfing fegrj-VVhy, Shakespeare-excuse me. I didn't see you! N AFTERNOON in late September. The Bard is relaxing on Fort Hill, Bi!!-'Twas nothing. What be the equipage? Pray tell thy name and occupa- tion, lad! B06-Bob Schmidt is my name. Ilm an engineering student and this is a tripod. Some of the Delta Tau Lambda fellows are out surveying Fort Hill. VVe're would-be engineers. Bi!!-Ah, but tell me, fair youth, do I see a falcon soaring o'erhead? Bob-No, sir. That's a Piper Cub plane piloted by Thelma Jackson. She's in the Flight Club. Ya see, our clubs are related. VVe try to promote scholar- ship and knowledge among the pilots and engineers at North Central. Bi!!-Thy government will be proud of thy efforts. FLIGHT CLUB-QStzmrlinyJ C. DAILX', D. SCAGLIOLA, J. BERTSCHINGER, R. BEEBE, L. SMITH, W. FRY, FROLICH. ISeatedD CAMERON, JACK' SON, BRISSEY, WALKER, BACKLUND. CHEMISTRY Hflll'lD. BURGER, BUTENHOI-'F, CQREEN, LEE, DEXHEIMER, AIURDOCK, STOLTENBERG, TPi0Ml'SON, KAHL, BRISSEY, STEINKE. QScwrul Run-J H. MEI-IN, IiNUCKLES, KRUG, BLANC. STERN. BETTS,JOHNSON,SCI-IULTZ,IiRUEGER,fiROTE,JENS1-JN,S'I'ECKl'JL, SHOCKEY, ETTINGER. tThirfl Row? SPIEGLER, KOLTI-IOI-'I-', St'HALLER, BARLTING, ABBOT, REBSTOCK, REIMER, IQIRN, SAVAGE. f,I"fIiIrth Rfiirp PLUMER. HEYDON, IODER, FAGER, DOMM, REBSTOCK, ARGUE. HEIMEN, AIORGAN, HikTC'H. flfzlftli Rui:-J MRS. PRIEM, MINER, ILITZENTHALER, AIEHN, CQUITHER, HITKE, EBEKH.XRD'F, STARR, AIEESE, CEI-IELE, BERTSCHINGER. fSi1th Rui:-J CARLSON, DR. IQOTEN, NELSON, xVl'IITE, BOEREL LONG. Fi.. ERCHED with his knees under chin, a senior scientifically observes an 7 U ant struggling with a leaf. Brissey Ciafkzfzg lo IZZIIZJPZIID . . Now, if I '.ZA- . . 7 eould only hit upon something new. Hmmmm. Shakespeare- Fair youth, thou looks't dejected. What be thy cares? Briffey-Huh? 0, hello! Are you new around here? Slzakexpmre-Nay, for a six month have I been here. But what is thy problem? B1'i.rJey-I gotta plan a chapel program. Chem Club puts one on every year. I wanta make it good, too . . . Ca feuzifzilze voire if lzerzm' mffiug "Bz'!!!"j Shakefpezzrf-fpuzzfefij-What be this? fllmgv 741126 G1'ez9-Cflmhifzg up fo Biflj-Say, l've been looking all over for you. VVould you come to History Club next Week and give us some first hand information about the Flizabethans? VVe try to get at present day problems by understanding the historic background. Slzake.rpeare-Gladly. What be the time next Week? CHISTORY CLUBifFi1-st Rl7ll'lI4. BLANK, M. HAMMERSMITII, M. RICE, L. YAOER, M. J. GREB, A. F. SINGER. H. AEGEHTEH, DR. ATTIG. Second Rau-J G. STONE, P. STARK, A. SHEPHERD, J. BATES. P. SCHNAKE, I". OSTERLAND, R. DIN'INE. -' fi 'ff' HE lVIen's Glee Club Concert is in progress. Male voices are heard in 'gig 5914 . , . . . . . img, :ffl harmony. During the intermission, Shakespeare silently rises from his seat and eagerly goes backstage to find Professor Baer. Shakespeare . . Most excellent music master, in the humblest of judgments thy minstrels are callithropic. BczereYou're very gracious, Mr. Shakespeare. VVould you like to come and sing with us? You Won't have to try out even though our regular members are chosen in that way. Say, do they really sound good? Shakespeaw-Their singing proveth they are the best. How many have you in the group? Baer-Around Fifty or sixty members. Shakespeare-And what are thine activities wont to be during a twelvemonth? MEN S GLEE CLUB- QFiz-st RuuiDE. PETERSON, VV. FRESHLEY, HARSHMAN, PAYDON, LEPIEN, OLIX'ER, P. FRESHLEY, HIMMEL PAULI C RAMBSCH, SCHRIVER, EBERT, SHAFFER, DEABLER, TOMPKINS, VVINGERT, CSecom1 Rau-J N. PETERSON, SHILLING, J. FRY, BRUNS, BIUELLEN GUITHER IXNUCKLES, SEITZ, EIGENBRODT, VVHITE, BERNHARDT, J. SHEPHERD, ACCOLA. QThirrl Row! SCI-INAKE, GEIGER, BENMNG, HENNING HERBST lxi.-KST, JUHNKE. Baer-Each year the club gives concerts in prominent Chicago churches and in high schools. The season is climaxed by our annual spring concert, which is tonight. Slmkefpeare-Most heavenly music! It nips me into listening. VVho are the young gentlemen who sang together so beautifully this evening? Baer-Oh, you mean Ohm Pauli and Howard Dill! They're talented young men on our campus. Did you enjoy the singing of Miss Bassett? She is a Well- known Chicago soprano. Shakespeare-Her music is sweet unto the ear. Yet, I did most enjoy the song about the three "chillin in de land ob Babylon." Baer-I'm glad you enjoyed the concert thus far, but there is more to come. Shakespeare-Yea, there will I sit and let the sounds of music creep into mine ears. Baer-Good evening, Mr. Shakespeare. The concert will resume shortly. CShakespeare leaves humming . . . Shadrach, Meshac, Abednegoj 58 HAKHSPEARE is wandering about Pfeiffer Hall to see what North gm, 'Y Central achieves musically. Suddenly there is a collision by the bulletin - QT? board. Shakespeare lwitlz zz low bowl . . . Kindly accept my humble pardors. Iliff! Cook lout of breallzl-That's quite all right, suh. Ah've been rushin' heah and theah all mornin' gettin' some things foh The Buffered Bride tonight and Ah'm glad to catch mah breath foh a minute. Slzake.vpeare-But it was my impression that thy realm was in the directing of the Girls' Glee Club Illirv Cook-Ch, it reahly is, but the majority of the girls sing in the chorus of the operah on the eve of College Day besides givin' the spring concert Did yuh heah our concert in April? GIRLS GLEE CLUB-fFirst Rouij GLADING, RIATTHIES, KELLOG, KOTTKE, MAU, KALIXS, REIDT, HUBMER, R, FAUST, LENZNER I aRLEI KOLANDER KOCH, OLIVER, HEININGER, ATTIG, PIEPER. POHLMANTEER. CSerorzcI Rozvh G. HAFENRICI-ITER, KAPP, LEPIEN, LAMBRECHT Imax IODER EI-ILERS. D. FAUST, HEIDINGER, SMITH, SCI-IALLER, SIEWERT, TOVEY, SCHNEIDER, CHAMBERLAIN, BLANK, RUTHERI-'oHD. tThzrfl R ul CZ-IRISTOFERSON, DUNI-IAM, ARNOLD, BUNSE, RIENICH, SPIEGLER, NELSON, PLUMMER, SIEDSCHLAG, GUENTHER. Shakespeare-Illness prevented my presence, but my earthly friends proclaimed it delightful Miff Cook-The folks dia' seem to like it. First thah Weah conventional choral works, the last part was a fantasy based on the Nulrmeker Szzile with the Glee Club, ballet, and orchestrah. Mary Alice Lambrecht, the president, and committees helped with all the work. Shakespeare-This feminine organization must enjoy countless pleasurable occa- sions. Mirr Cook-VVe reahly do, suh. But yuh all "slipped up" when you saidfemifzifze organization. Shakexpeare-True ? Mi.fJ Cook-Our accompanist foh two yeahs has been Bob Hieber and he places a restrainin' element on our feminine caprices, and it takes powerful restrainin' foh forty-five girls. This is the fifth yeah that Ah've had the club and- Csoufzd of imtrurfzefztx being fwzedj Pahdon me, suh. The orchestrah needs this music now. Cdarhey ojfj 59 . i 1 P PRING burgeons. The Bard notes that bird-songs near the hall called Pfeiffer, are eclipsed by stronger voices. It is the Erst time that a tune has ever sounded octagonal to him. Zf3'.S' He vows to sound out the mystery . . . Shakexpmre-Ho! Vliithin! Vlihence issues this melliHuous sounding? foe Himme! Cpeering out of llze open window Qff Prqf. Pf7l7IF'X',.f .fllldl-OD-If you'll tell me why you always have your best characters get bumped olif, I'll explain the Octette system to you. Shakefpeare-Agreed. Do you Hrst proceed. foe-W'ell, for thirty or forty summers now, the college has sent out a group of fellows to sing her praises to the great constituency of the church. The aim is to keep a good contact between the college and the people. Moreover, we interest an amazing number of young folks in N. C. C. to the point of deciding to enroll here. Shakespeare-A worthy function! But more of this Octette itself. 706-Membership is determined by competitive tryouts among the lads from the home Glee Club. It's plenty rough on tryout night! That's why the calibre of our music is so high. Slznzkarpeare-VVith that boast I have no quarrel. But speak on. 706-The trip's the thing! This year we covered over thirteen thousand miles, hit thirteen states and Canada, and sang eighty concerts in twelve weeks! Shakefpeare-Gadzooks! Doth not the pace reduce thee to a frazzle? 7042-Oh, no, we're too busy meeting fine people and seeing interesting country for that. Look across the page there, and you'll see a few of the reasons why life on the Octette is so fascinating. It's spiced by doing so many different things together . . . Once in a while, though, someone gets to thinking that life consists exclusively of three things: riding, singing, and eating! Shakespeare-I'll warrant that until twelve weeks are sped, you find yourselves crop-full of them! But hold, it seems me well that you should have tall tales to tell . . .P ffoe-Have we! VVow! There's a history-full to prove it. Driving up Pike's Peak Chere's a tall one!j at two o'clock in the morning to see the sun rise . . . Having a snowball Hght July 4th on the Continental Divide . . . Stopping at the swanky Van Cleve Hotel in Dayton, Ohio . . . Singing over five different radio stations from North Dakota to Ontario , . . Squeezing through the border customs without birth certificates . . . Entertaining thousands in thirteen different summer Assemblies all over the country . . . those are only a fraction of the swell experiences we had. Shakespeare-Faith, and I would that this unworthy wight had been with you through all of it! Methinks I have not seen such rich and varied chance to live. 61 SIGMA RHO GAMMAW-CSeate1Ib TVIATTHIES, GUSTAFSON. CStanfIinyl P. FRESHLEY. PAULI, BUNSE, CHRISTOFERSON, REIDT, LENzNEH, FARLEY, HIEBER, POLMANTEER, OLIVER, HEININGER.. QBaf-A' Rozvj DrLL, HIMMEL, LAMBRECHT. I Thursday afternoon, Mr. Shakespeare meets a very interesting looking woman at the door of Pfeiffer Hall. Both seem to recognize the marks 55514 of unusual talent in the other, so feel impelled to speak. .S'lzizke.fpeai'e-I do not remember having seen thee before. VVhat dost thou here? fWi.r,v Waffoiz-I teach the theory courses in the music school. VVith Prof. Pinney I am the advisor of the honorary music society of the school, Sigma Rho Gamma. .S'!zfike.vpmi'e-I do not seem to remember having come in contact with this organi- zation before. Perhaps thou canst tell me something about it. Can any student belong to it? Zllisi lVizf.v0iz-No, indeed! There are several prerequisites for becoming a member of this club. A person must not only be majoring in music, but he must also have a B average in all of his music subjects. S!mke.rpmi'eYBut what is the big idea back of this club? turing .tome .tliziigfroiiz his Jiiiafv jiferj illiff Wafroiz-Wlhyf, here comes Katherine Gustafson, the president. I'm sure she will be glad to tell you about it. Katherine, this is Mr. Shakespeare. He would like to know more about Sigma Rho. Kizlizeriize-0'h hello! The idea of Sigma Rho is to further the interest and increase the appreciation of music on our campus. Our main activities are monthly meetings, at which we have been studying music personalities and movements during the past few months. VVe also sponsor two Chapel programs every year. Shakeypemfe-Thou art indeed an active and interesting group. I shall look forward to seein some of our work in the near future. S Y 62 GIRL is standing on Pfeiffer stage, reading off names from an attendance MQ? Nil . . . A, ,W book. Shakespeare wanders down into the pit where the organ is located .vt A . . . . d 2 and discovers Bob Hieber arranging music. Shakespeare speaks . . . Methinks I have stumbled upon a rehearsal about to commence. Pray, tell me, what group is this? Hiebfr-This is the chapel choir rehearsal. The choir sings on the stage in robes for chapel Wednesday, and we must go over the anthem and responses now. fln distance Butenhoff , . . Dill . . . Freshley . . . VVedsworth.J Shakexpemf-'Tis clear now, and art thou the leader of this organization? Hieber-Goodness, no. Prof. Pinney, the little short man talking with Harriet Arnold, the president, at the side of the stage is director. My job is to pull the stops and press the keys on the organ. jln distance . . . Perch , . . Guenther . . . Himmel . . . Pauli.l Sim kexpearehwlithout a doubt this is one of the older organizations on the campus? Hieber-Gn the contrary, chapel choir hasn't had its tenth birthday yet. The history is rather interesting. You see, during Religious Emphasis Vlleek in 1932, a double quartette was used to lend atmosphere to the chapel programs. The idea of chapel choir was born then, and each year the group has developed more. This year we have about thirtv-five voices Un the distance . . , Kirn . . . Glading . . . Lepien . . . Matthies.D Shakespeare-'Tis interesting, indeed. Does the choir have any outstanding activities? Hieber-Just before Christmas it has been traditional to present Handel's M'e5,fialz. The Easter concert we gave consisted of The Seven Lum' W01'd5. The choir usually gives programs in several nearby towns, too. fln distance . . . Chamberlin . . . Guenther . . . Kolander . . , Siedschlagj Shakespeare-Marry, and 'twould be Hne to hear such a group. Allow me to announce my presence to Prof. Pinney and then slip into a back seat. Hieber-Certainly. Come this way. CHAPEL CHOIR- fFront Rau-J LENZNER, LEPIEN, KIATTHIES, GLADING, Koci-I, FARLEY. IQOLANDER, CHAMHERLIN, HEINING1-311, Kms: RAECKER, PROP. PINNEY. fSerond Ruu'JMILLER, W. FRESHLEY, P. FRESHLEY, FRY, STEFFEN, ARNOLD, EHLERS, ITAPP, SIEDSCHLAG. TJONNE- WORTH, HEIDINGER, BERNHARDT, VVINGERT. tThirrl Rau-D BRAND, BUTENHOFF, GUITHER, DILL. GUENTHEH, I. LEPIEN. SHEPHERD, KELLEH MAN, FERCH, IXTEHN, PAUL1, HIEBER, HEYY'ITT. 63 T the end of the corridor in Pfeiffer I-Iall, Shakespeare sees an appealing ' room with a restful rocking chair. Seeing no one in the room, he goes in, sits down, and soon falls asleep. Several minutes pass, and a dark-haired man comes into the room, awakening the Bard. Shakespeare speaks . . . Ah, I fear I have intruded into your room. Alan-No, not at all. I've been working with the orchestra. My name is Frederick Toenniges. SizaleeJpea7'e4'Tis a pleasure and Shakespeare be mine. What said you about an orchestra? I-Iave you a group of minstrels here, too? T0E7l71ik2'657Oll, Yes! We also have a band. Teaching instruments and orchestra con- ducting along with directing both organi- Zations is my job. Sha!ee.vpea1'e'-Thy duties are many. But did not the band play at football games? Forsooth, it seems there Was such a one at a game I saw. Toemziges-That's very possible. The band also gave a concert. Our orchestra has been and is going to be very busy. .S'hake,vpeare-Explain, speak not in such in- definite terms. Toezzfziges-VVell, the orchestra played for Freshmen Reception and Girls' Glee Club Concert. Our spring concert is next and after that the opera "Bm'lered Bride" has to be polished up. BAND AND ORCHESTRA- CTop Pictured HIEBER, BRUNS, P FRESHLEY, IIAUDEMAN, DEABLER, IVIUELLEN. Ulifidle Picturel LEPIEN RAPP, SENGELAUB, KULPER, ATTIG, ERFFMEYER, P. FRESHLEY G USTAFSON. tBottom Picturel JENSEN, P. FRESHLEY, PAULI, GUITHER F. SMITH, J. HATCH, G. MILLER, S. RITZENTHALER, PLUMMER, M RITZENTHALER. Nate-Not in Pirture-YQDER, W. FRESHLEY, H BURTON, SCI-IVVANDT, S. JOHNSON, BERNHARDT, STAHL, J. KING. Slmkexpeare-But what of these many rehearsings I have heard? Do the youths perform? Toefzzzigav-VVe use the outstanding ones on our programs. For instance, Thelma Glading sang in the Band Concert and Robert I-Iieber is going to play a Sonata for Organ and Orchestra in the Spring Concert. If you're around why don't you come? Sizakexpeme-Merci! Without a doubt, I shall be there. I must go on, my rest has refreshed me. Mayhap We meet again. I-Ili three o'clock lull has invaded the college bookstore. :X few stragglers wander in, buy pencils or candy bars and wander out again. Thelnfa Glading leans on the glass enclosed cases and watches the potential customers. Classes are all over, tired, kind of sleepy . . . "Could you give me change for a dime, please." The voice startles her and she looks for the source. The voice continues . . . "Don't be startled, I'm Bill Shakespeare, or rather the ghost of Bill Shakespeare, but it's beyond my supernatural powers to get a coke out of that infernal red machine in the basement without depositing the proper coinf' Thefma-Didn't see you at first. I-Iere's your change. If you wait a moment I'll join you. Slzakf.rpem'e-Please do. I await mi lady's pleasure. Thefma Crouziizgfrom belzimz' file coznzterl- Come on, we'll have to hurry though, the Octette is practising at four. Slzakffpezzrf-Ah, come, fair one. We shall sip the beverages as we stroll to the meeting place. Tlzefnm-VVon't you come along and meet the girls, Mr. Shakespeare? They'd love to meet you. Shake.fpezz1'e-It is most gracious of you to grant me the privilege of meeting these lovely maidens. Tizelma-Oh, you're very Hattering. You know, in our kind of work we meet lots of people. I suppose you did, too? Sfzaleerpearfwlyly circle of friends was limited not by contact, but by travel. Thelma-Oh, really? VVell, we sing many other places besides the campus. In fact, we've been traveling quite a bit. So far we've had engagements for luncheons, clubs, banquets, and many church functions. Slzakexpmre-I remember in my youth, how oft we gathered at Avon's village inn to sing together. Much pleasure was mine then as it now is yours. Tlzffma-VVell, here are the girls. This is Virginia Matthies, Virginia Farley, Harriet Arnold, Marjorie Heidinger, Eileen Kolander, Marjorie Heininger, Miriam Pieper, our accompanist, Betty Reidt, and you know our director, Miss Cook, don't you? Slmkespeuzre C.f711i!iHglAh sho' nuff do. 'Q ""'-u..-Q '1' XF 'jf 'f I , . in' -4 ,. , , 1' GIRLS OCTETTE TI-IEIM-I CJLADING. VIRGINIA AIATTHIES, VIRGINIA FARLEY, H.8RRIE'F ARNOLD, M.xn.ionII2 HIQIDINUEII, EILEI-:N Ko- LANDER BIARIORIE HI-:ININCER XIIRIAM PIEPER. fFr0ntb ELIz.xBE'rH REID'I'. Miss AIAHY COOK. STUDENT FINANCE BOARDSLStanf1ingJ STREIB, ANDERSON, CooPEn. CSeatmZb PROE. KERR, RUSSELL, K-Siudent Comptrollerl, UM BREIT, CTrmsurur7, DR. RALL. ISTENING in on the Student Finance and Athletic Board meetings, Shakespeare sees a new side of life at NCC and gets on the inside of campus problems. President Rall speaks . . . One thing we have to keep in mind this year is that we must stay within our budget. Sam Rune!!-That's hard to do when We have so many organizations clamoring for money. The Spectrum needs more . . . Oh, here comes the Athletic Board with financial Worries. Eff-llZEyN'67'+w7C are from the Athletic Board . . . Slzfzkfxpmre Cifzlerrzfplingj-How now? If thou art bored with athletics thou art cursed. Surely, thou art not a splinter! H0werkHere, you punster. He means We have control of intramural and inter- collegiate athletics. VVe've come to see the Finance Board about a little pecuniary problem. VVe need more money. .S'lzz1ke.rpe:zre-Theii there is money for thy sport and sport for thy money. ATHLETIC BOARD-CStaml1'rzf,fJ DIY'INE, COACH FISHER, HENNING, PRQE. HOXK'ER. CSeatedj PROP. ERFFMEX'ER, BIISS TANNER. 66 FORENSIC BO.-kRDfPRoF. OLIVER, OLIVE RAPP, RIALCOLM XYOUNG, AL BUREK. M15 55-f nine-thirty hour strikes. Shakespeare, avoiding the crowds in the 1.51. halls, slips into the meeting of the Forensic Board to hear Prof. Qliver I explain . . . Now if we are to encourage forensic activities on the campus in debate, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking, we've got to have more publicity. Al, you're the president. Take Mr. Shakespeare down to the Publica- tions Board meeting and get some publicity in the Chronicle. Barak-O.K., Prof. Coming, Bill? The Publications Board has the power of the press on the campus. Slzakeyperzre-Indeed. I had none to confer with me in my publications. Who is this, sir? Prof. Kerr-Tm the chairman. Can I help you, Mr. Shakespeare? .5'lzzzkfxrpem'e'Perhaps! Thy board muff! aid me in the publicizing of my new play., 'twill be about lh-v actiors, you know! PUBLICATIONS BO.-XRD-qStanr1i11yl DEYXTILDE, STREIB, HARSHMAN, BETTINGER, Puoi-'. XVHITE, DR. D1a.xraLr.1z. KN-fitfill f'n.x'r1rn TON, PROF. KERR, HUNSINGER. 67 STUDENT VOLUNTEERS-fTop Rouib TVIINER, COOK, RITZENTHALER, ITULPER, Bossl-IARDT, GER- HAHDT, TiXX'LOR, LAMM. 1Nw'nnr1 Rom GUITHER, HERBST, BLANK, TYIEDAL, KALAS, FARLEY, HEIDINGER, SMITH, LOSER, BUNSE. fThir4l Rnuil TOVEY, HEININGER, RUTHERFORD, SCHALLER, PARROTT, tButtom Rum BIILLER, S1-Am., KULPER, ARNOLD, Smrz, SHILLING, PLUMER, GROEN. UNDAY morning and Shakespeare is invited to the First Evangelical Q . Church parlors, to be with the Student Volunteers. The members are MW? gathering for the meeting. Shakespeare and Harriet Arnold enter. Shakespeare is speaking . . . Then all may attend these meetings? Harrie!-Yes, anyone who wishes may come. Our aim and purpose is to bring together those students on the campus who are especially interested in the extension ofthe Kingdom of God in the world, and those who are expecting to enter some form of Christian Work. S!zczke.vpea1'e-Ah, well I see. 'Tis to search out the deeper meanings of life. VVhat form and manner do these meetings take? Harrie!-Our meetings are devotional and inspirational in character, dealing, as a rule, with missionary subjects, and a great deal of deputation work is done. Slzrzke.fpezz1'e-But deal you only with the serious side of life? Hczrriel-No, We have social meetings and picnics. At Christmas time We go caroling. VVe have many outside speakers who are very interesting. Most of them are returned missionaries or are foreigners here in the United States. Shakespmre-My heart is made reverent upon seeing this Christian spirit in youth. May your light be a guiding and an inspirational beacon. 68 ANDICRING beneath the leafy foliage of the newly arrived spring, by comes Shakespeare, enjoying the sun's friendly warmth with every ik M I fibre of his ghostly being. He speaks . . . lforsooth, what can be the portent of yonder assemblage of happy people? Methought to be alone in my ramblings in this deserted spot. Yim Brez'lzez'.ve21-I.ook, another guest. I-Iave a hot dog? Sl1ak'e.rperz1'e-Nolvle friend, I thank thee. Forgive my intrusion, but thou didst appear so joyful and the arresting odor from yon steaming pot could not be resisted. :7Z.Nl1rIIl'121flS Prof. I-Iimmel's cocoa you smell. You came just in time. This is the Seager Association picnic. .5''e-Seager Association? Methinks the name doth have a familiar ring. Could it be that I beheld a sign concerning it upon the campus bulletin board? 7f1Il'XYOLl probably did. Wie met last week and there was a sign for the meeting. Here comes Rollie Ferch, the Vice-President. I-Ie'll tell you all about it while I go till up a cup of cocoa. Sizakerpmfw-Cotildst thou enlighten me as to the purpose of this comely group, good Master Perch? Roffie-VVell, the Seager Association is an organization of college students who are planning to enter the ministry. Beside the very interesting meetings which we have every two weeks, we do deputation work and have social times, like this picnic. Slmke,vpem'e+And yon cocoa-maker? What position holds he within the group? Roflie-Prof. Himmel is our advisor-and speaking of cocoa, here comes Jim with two cups and I think one of them is for you. .Wzake.fpeare-Thaiik you, it Warmeth my ghostly being. It was indeed a lucky day that brought me to so fair a company, and I shall long remember it. SEAGER .'xSSOCIA'xTION"IB0CA' Rouil SHAFFER, HOESCH. EHERT, SMITH, DoyENsv1KEa Scnwmvvz, I,r:viEN, lsr'-,mil Rim-I Hl'NSINGIr3Ii. HERBST, BE.-xivis, CIUITHER, AIILLER. SEITZ, DOEDE. HEWITT. flfrnnt Rum Bm:c'HE1sEN, IUENHOLZ. Hoi-'rM.xN. 14111-:sHL1:i3 51-IILLING. I.,xMxi LITCHFIELD. AIAHLMAN. 69 - - -- PI KAPPA DELTA-Top Pic-tux-efCStar11lim1J DEWYILDE, BERNIIARDT, SCIIWI-JPPE, HARSHMAN, SHAFFER, HUNSINGER BUREK. ISHIMI PARROTT, OLIX"ER. RAPIJ, yyOUNG, PROP. OLIX'ER. ALPHA PSI ONIEGA-LOWEI'PiCtl1I'9iPROF. OLIVER, SHAFFER, NIACHEYVICZ, HUNSINGER, BUREK, OLIVER, DARNELL, HENNING, J. OLIVER 70 EFX? SURGE of voices reverberates through the upper halls ofOl 'Main. Fearinga riot, Shake- speare dashes up the steps to room thirty-two. ii He throws open the door and cries . . . 1 ig VVhat ho! Quit you now your battle! Art thou the cause of this commotion? Thy name, fellow? Oliver-Guy Oliver, Junior. You know my father, I think. Bi!!-I do. A man of magnetic personality, but to the answer, lad, what do these fellows here? Guy-Oh, we're getting ready for the Provincial Pi Kappa Delta tournament. Our chapter has charge of it this year. Bi!!-Pi Kappa Delta? Be this a Grecian riddle? Guy-VVell, not exactly. This Grecian riddle is one of the largest speech organizations in the world. I'm president of the local chapter. Last year four of us went to the National Con- vention in Knoxville, Tennessee. I-Iunsie and I won a national trophy. QThe dcor is suddenly thrown open, and in dashes a vivacious wenchj . . . Say, Guy, when are they having tryouts for-Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were here, Shakespeare. Guy-You know Marian Darnell, the president of Alpha Psi, donlt you, Bill? Bi!!-Forsooth, we two have long been friends. Though I know not of Alpha Psi. Dnzmlie-VVell, that's just what I wanted to see you about. Alpha Psi Omega is what You would ' have called a guild of players in your day. We are composed of Thespians of suflicient experi- ence and are back of every dramatic production on the campus. How would you like to join Alpha Psi Omega? Bi!!-'Twould give me exceeding great pleasure. But what qualifications? Dardie-Oh, forget about that, Mr. Shakespeare. You have to be in so many plays and work backstage and all that-but all you would have to do is to come to the meetings. Bi!!-Ah, fair damsel. I have been there. Every one of them. Dardie-Then you know that we are behind the scenes in all the dramatic work on the campus. VVe are putting on King Lear this year. I think it's your greatest tragedy. What a play! VVe put on one of your plays every spring. Bill-Indeed! But may I then extend my thanks to you and Alpha Psi. For through thy working am I exercised. Thou doest me a good turn every spring, for then roll I o'er in m'grave. 71 ZOOLOGY CLUB-fFront Rowl LEE, VAN SELUS, KOLTHOFF, CHATTERTON, Sci-IULTz, GROTE, DR. EIGENBRODT. Geconfl Row? BETTS, BABEL, REBSTOCK, PARROTT, ABBOTT, BLANC, BAUMGARTNER, BRAYTON, KAHL, BRECHEISEN, WHITE. CThirfl Row? JOHNSON, STERN. THOMP- soN, RUSSELL, FAGER, DOMM, SWIFT, HEYDON, REULAND, BULTHOUSE, ARGUE, SI-IOCKEY, HENNING, HEIM.AN. tFaurth Rouij RITzENTHALER. RTE!-IN, MUELLEN, BUTENHOFF, DAILY, PERUCCA, MAZZA, CiRECU, SMITH, NOLAN, BENNING, LONG, EIGENBROD'F. TANDING in the doorway of Prof. Keeler's office in Goldspohn, Shake- ? - - speare gazes wonderingly at a pile of graphs and charts on the desk. He moves inside and picks one up. Shakespeare speaks . . . Imply you that there is meaning in these curious lines? Prqf. Keefer Clocking ell Ilze graph Shakespeare izofefrj-Yes indeed, Mr. Shakespeare. This one happens to work out a problem ofthe logarithmic curve. U-Ie poinls out dnferenf finer on flze eizezrt. Slzezkefpeezre wezlehes inz'enf!y.D Slzezfeerpeezre Uooking np wifh ez bewilderedfrownl-Hold, hold! Thou hast my brain befuddled. If this be Work of students, thy classes hold but geniuses. Prof. Keeler Cleznghingj-Perhaps this one isn't so complicated. This is a map of some of the constellations north of the Zodiac. I-Iere's Ursa Major and this one is Ursa Minor. Over on this side is Pegasus. Slzezkefpeezre Cfvreezking into ez .rnzile of reeognifionj-Ah yes, the winged steed that struck his foot on Helicon to bring forth Hippocrene, the fountain of the Muses. Prqf. Keeler fa Ziztle blank en llze sudden elzeznge in .vnbjeefb-Uh, yes, yes of course. Slzezkeipeezre Cdropping Greek nzyflz as gniekfv ezi he had pifkeef il npD-VVhat noises assault my ears? tHe goer I0 the window and Zookxr onfj Prof. Keeler-That looks like the Zoology Club. I think they're having their picture taken for the Spectrum. Shezkerpeare Cwezfelzing willz interextj-Methinks I've seen their faces heretofore. Prof. Keefer-Have you visited any of the Beta Beta Beta meetings? QShezlee.vpeare n0d5.j That's where yOu've seen them then. The two clubs usually meet together. Slzezkerpeezre-Thou hast it rightly. CHL' wezlelzer ezgezinj Those odd packages the pictures dwell in, do amaze me. Prqf. Keefer-VVe'll wait until they're through and then you can look at the cam- eras closer, if you like. 72 Ng. vii upper Goldspohn He winds his way up the stairs pushes open the dooi and stands S Shakespeare is strolling across the campus one evening, he was attracted by a light in I 6 rl vw' ' ' , Z , T ' N . . . , . , i 'Q V - A - 3? aghast. Shakespeare speaks . . . W hat manner ot place is this? Bob Pflziie f,Tfc'j'7,Y,f07'w!Z7YZ7, pzzzzferfj-Yyhy, hello, we weren't expecting you tonight, but what's wrong? Shakarpeore Cpoifzliizgfrom zz rz'i.f!o1zre lo 112.9 Skefefofzx on the 1'rzb!eleThose bones, so strangely held in place-whence came they? Bob- Oh. These were once in a cat, and those were a chicken. .S'lzake.vpeore-lYhy dealest thou with bones of the dead? Bob-VVe're studying all of the biological sciences. This is just one phase of our work. To get in our organization there are a lot of special requirements, like ten hours in biology and above average scholarship. Slzokf.vpfore-By what name go ye? Bobe Beta Beta Beta. Dr. Eigenbrodt is our advisor. Don Thompson is Vice-President. Nancy Grote is secretary, Mary' Jane Stern historian, and Thomas Grecu is usher. Slzoke,ipeoreYAnd thou? Bob- Ohfuh-I'm President-but the most interesting part of Beta Beta Beta is its widespread men bership. W'e've had our chapter, Gamma Nu, since 1937. There are chapters in many of our colleges in the United States, and even in China. Shokefpeore Uookifzg o Iillfe bewifckredl-China? The place of silks, is'r not? The Portuguese, if I recall me rightly, hold a trading place along the coast. Bob Uouglzifzgj-I guess they did, at that. Shoke,rpm1'e Qmoving doxer lo Ilze .vkefofons and fozzcbilzg one muliomlyj-Tell it again. What call'st thou this Work? Bob-It's one phase of Zoology. Slzokeqbeare Cfforfiedj-Nay, you bandy words with me. There have been Gardens of Zoology in the Tower since our Third Henry, but the beasts look not like these! l - BETA BETAfBE'IlA - Uioatwll KOLTHOFF. JOHNSON, XVI-IITE, PROP. EIGENRRODT, filORDON, STERN, 'ITI1-IOMPSON. qStandzngJ BEYLER, DOMM, GRECU, RUSSELL. G. EIGENHRODT, GROTE. C'H.xTTERToN. Baal-LL. ARROTT. 73 sa 'M Shakespeare He speaks A most delicious banquet I prithee a formal banquet Miss Snyder is talking with the guest of honor, Mr. i .9 - . . . M, . . . . . , do you often hold such feasts? Min Sfvyder-I'm afraid not, Mr. Shakespeare. This is the outstanding social event of the year for the Home Economics Club and comes but once a year. Slzakerpmre-This display must have a purpose? Mi.v5 Snyder-Yes indeed. It is to promote friendship within the department and give in an informal manner the latest developments in this field. Of course, some declare the aim is to acquire a MRS. degree. Slzakespmre-The young man, hath he such a purpose? HOME ECONOMICS CLUBf'Bottom Row below stepsi QUILLING DILLEN, STONE, STETZEL, BARROW, CARLSON, HILTON, TAYLOR, HEN' NING, KALAS, VVOLF. QSecond Row on .stepsb SNYDER, ZACHMAN, LATER. QSecoml Rowh YAGER, STRAWE, CARD, ARNDT. QThird Rowj CRAIG BARTEL, BENNETT, EHLERS. CFourth Row DONNEWORTH, SMITH, LOUNSBURY, KELLER. fFifth Rowb HAFENRICHTER, SIEWERT, E. SMITH COLE. CSixth Ruwl EREEMEYER, NIAYER, AEGERTER, HOLLIGAN. CTop Rowl Cook, VVESSLING, J. LAIER, BAUMGARTNER, JENKS, BECKER Mi5,r Snyder-+VVell, Mr. Stone thinks cooking is a good study for anyone getting a bacheforlv degree. y Shakespeare-In sooth, his foresight commends him. But who directs your stu- dents in their many enterprises? Mifr Snyder-Miss Quilling and I are advisors. Then We have other officers who are elected each spring at a steak fry. Sizakerpeczre-I fear to weary you, fair lady, with my many questionings. Tell me but one thing more, What Wider contacts make you with other similar groups? Mirr Snyder-We attend the Illinois Home Economic Convention each year and- Oh, Mr. Shakespeare, our president, Roma Jenks, is here. Home Economics work is never done, but always in the doing! 74 is 8:00 in the evening. A group ofstudents, boys and girls, enter a room in Old Main. Shakespeare sees them and says . . . Ho! VVhat have we here? VVhat manner of function so delightful can persuade the minds of these young gallants to enter the portals of learning outside of school hours? Prexidenl Yoder-This is our Commerce Club, Mr. Shakespeare. VVe are all com- merce majors or those especially interested in business. Slzakfrpeczre-My heart is wondrous joyed to see so fine a gathering. Wlhat aim so good and noble guides this wise assembly? Yoder-VVe aim to romote interest in commerce and its workin s and further its g , COMNIERCE CLLBfCSeatedb LEI-IR, IQELLOGG, RUSSELL, VVICKVVIRE, YODER, SIMMONS, DANA, BL.-XCKMORE, CiRANT, ESSIG, XYOUNG. GEIGER TAILOR FLESSERT COOPER. lStanf1zngJ IXNOCHE, PARSONS, PROF. FRANTZ, KAPP, CiiIBS-ON, CRAIG, BIILLER, IQOEHLER. BENNING. BATES RIKLI STONE DEVVILDE, STARK, RODIBAUGH, CARLSON, HIXRSHMAN, PROFESSOR ISCERR. study, Mr. Shakespeare. Under the guidance of our advisor, Prof. Kerr, our organization runs smoothly and efficiently. Shczkeypeare-VVhat nature do these counsels take? Forsooth, I have an avid interest in the proceedings. Tubbvv-The meetings consist chiefly of informal talks given by business men whom We bring to our campus. An open forum, in which the group as a whole participates, follows the speaker's address. VVe have charge of one Chapel program during the year, we also take several field trips into Chicago, which help in our various commerce courses. Shakespeare-But look, how now, is this food I see? Refreshments? VVe'll feast 'ere we part! 75 VARSITY CLUB-Qlffittmi Raw! OLIX'ER, KNOCHE, LESTER, FRESIILEY, Mazza., KAILER, OSTROTH. STREIB. DIX'INE, DAILEY. XIODER, Mfimzifl Rum STARR, KRUEGER, ToMI-KINS, BETTINGER, STANGER, STONE, CIEIGER, LIMBREIT, SIMMONS, H. SMITH, fThz'rfl Rau- .vtfznfliuyy NVENIJLING, HUKE, CIIBSON, SI1ENcER, IIEFFLER, ANDERSON, BATES, SHATZER, JUHNKE, HENNING, BRECHEISEN, SCIHIENQEL, ARLEN, SCIUTO. tliark Ruud XVHITE, BOEREL, SIIAFFER, GRAMBSCH, BOETTCHER. EORGE STANGER, president ofthe Varsity Club, honors the Bard of Avon with an invitation to attend the usually secret initiation of new I members. Shakespeare inquires . . . An initiation? Could I not be among the initiates? George-VVell, you might some time, but you have to win a major or minor letter in some varsity sport, first. S'hazke.vpeare-Oh, I fear that can never be. A ghost would be of no avail on a field of sport. Cooper CinterruptingjeVVhy, Bill, haven't you ever heard of the Gallopitg Ghost? Ge0rge+Listen, Coop, you let Bettinger and me take care of Bill, you just record the conversation and see that it gets into our next issue of "The Sportscastf' S!zzzke.rpea1'ef'lThe Sportscast ?" Belly-Yep! We started a paper this year to help get prospective athletes to come to NCC. George-And don't forget, it stimulates and maintains interest amorg the alumiii, ICO. .S'!m!re.vpmre-Stich activity bespeaks seemly Well for the club. Belly-Oh, We have quite an active organization, you ought to come up to our club room some time. C000-Don't forget our banquet in the fall. That's one ofthe real social events of the season, and don't let anyone tell you different. .S'lzczfre.fpmre-Triily a strange mixture, in my day, athletes had not so man y talents nor had they such importance. G607g6+0L1F club strives to have high grades among its members. Even though they are out for sports, they Find time to do good work scholastically. Maybe that accounts for it. IS'!zzzke.rpmrc'-Although I may not become one of this youthful grcup in search of physical prowess, at least I shall have the enjoyment which comes from seeing others participate. 76 . HREE people seated in a green Ford convertible coupe come down the iiispgr gl hill in front of Merner Fieldhouse. As the car stops, they get out. Two women are accompanied by a man in gallant fashion. Shakexpmre-VVho are yonder damsels sporting on the green? Mir: Tezmzer-Thcse are soccer teams playing off a tournament game of the Women's Athletic Association. Do you want to go over and watch them for awhile? Shozke.tpecz1'e-'Fair ladies, methinks the journey too dangerous. Mffffl' and Tczmzer-Dangerous? Marci-This is the twentieth century, VVilly. There isn't any danger. Shalzerpemfe-Ah, but see you not those yeomen in women's garb on yonder green? See-they wave their bows and shout. One moment and we shall be dead. Tamzer-Oh, no. They won't shoot us-they have a hard enough time hitting the target and we're even srraller than that. Ma1'ci-Sure, you got them all wrong, boy. They're just glad to see us. Sfzczkefpeczre Cpoifzfirzg I0 .tower pfayerxl-VVhat troubles yonder group of damsels? They fight amongst themselves. Zblarci-Relax, VVilly. They're not lighting. Theylre just all after the same little ball. Shakespeare-Ah, but when two or more women pursue the same object, trouble brews! Iliarci-Perhaps we could show Shakespeare the ping pong room and the girls in swimming. Shakarpeare-The maidens End activities aplenty to keep them well occupied, I see. Be they all under thy auspices? Jlfiu Tanner-Yes, we have a lot more, such as hiking, tennis, golf, volley ball, bowling, and baseball, coming at different seasons. Zbfarci-The VV. A. A. does a lot. You should be here in spring when we have a May Fete. Shakespeare-A May Pete tool VVould you want a play for your revels? Much material have I gathered from your campus for my play. XV.A.A. CBottom Rozvh TAX'LOR, ZACHMAN, STAHL, DAX'IS, KRUG, ARLEN, XYAN SELUS. r,Semnrl Rmrl KOTTKE, J. H.-XTCH. XYEssL1NG, RAECHEH GREB, HUBMER, DARNELL, ATT1G,M1LLER,.-XBBOTT, HALL, LOCKE. OLIVER. KTM1-fl Rumi BIILLBERGER, J. LAIER, NELSON. C. LAIEH GL.-XDING, RTAYER, SWIFT, PONTIUS, F. HATCH, TANNER, BRAYTON, SCHVVANDT, RIEDAL, COVERT, KELLOGG. tTup Hou-J SCHMIDT, JOHNSON BARTLING, FAUST, RICHERT, SETH, SCHALLER, ISTOLTHOFF, RIKLI, SPIEGLER, CHAT1'ERTON, AUGUSTINE, HEISER. KOCH, PI GAMMA MU-CStandingJ DEABLER, FRANTZ, KUEBLER, STREIB, OSTERLAND, HERKNEII, QSeatedJ HEINMILLER, RUSSELL, WOLF, SNYDEP., KEHR. EETING Frank Huke in Old Main, Shakespeare, intrigued by the gold Q charm dangling from his watch chain, stops him and says . . . Prithee, , S Where can one buy so charming an ornament? Frank-You canlt buy one, itls given. Shakexpeczre-True? To whom must I apply? Frank-Prof. Hower's the man, but I can tell you all about it. Shakwpmre-Pray do! Frank-Well, you have to be here two years. A Junior's grade point must be 2.65 and a Senior's 2.5. Shakespeare-Rules of such a nature are beyond me. ls this the symbol of some organization? Frank-VVhy, yes, NCC Honors Society. But here comes Ken Kruger. Kruger-Hi Frank! Hello, Mr. Shakespeare! Say, we missed you at our Pi Gamma Mu meeting, Shakespeare. The students are really enthusiastic. VVe just organized, too. lt's good to see so many majoring in social science and with high grades, too. Makes me Want to help put the club across. Slmkefpeare-Sciences of all kinds are needful to mankind. May the clubs prosper and do man the good he needs. N. C. C. HONOR SOCIETY- CStandingJ HUKE, REIBEL, HIEBER, SCAGLIOLA. LSeater1b THOMPSON, FRANTZ, KoTEN, DE.-IBLER. lNew Membm-SJ VIRGINIA NELSON, ROBERT WHITE, MILDREIJ REBsTocK, EDWARD EBERIIARDT, DORTHY PEGG. N original manuscript has just been read at a meeting of Sigma-'1Tau Delta. Mr. Shakespeare speaks . . . Methinks this is wondrous fair writing, ' ' even though the language be not like that in my day, thoughts of eternal truth remain the same. Do you gather for the love of good writing and to discuss one another's virtues as writers? Mii'5 Wifevx'-Wlhyf, yes, Mr. Shakespeare. Those are exactly our aims. How could you tell? Shakexpeare-Fair lady, purposes of writing never change. True lovers of literature will always meet together. But wouldst thou tell me how thy members are chosen? Zlfisr Wilevii-Of course, they must be English majors, have an active interest in writing, and make a grade of B or better in all scholastic work. Shakavpmre-Ruliiigs of most noble device! Methinks I would hear another manuscript. SIGMA TAU DELTA-fSeatedb K. GUSTAFSON, V. FARLEY, D. Os'rRo'rH, Prior. E. WILEY, V. NELSON, D. Paco, M. A. LAMBRECHT, D. KOCH. LS!rznding7 C. BROWN, C. ERFFMEYER, J. BIAYER, M. KOTTKE, J. HENKE, S. LENZNER, E. MILLBERGER. Maqif Alia' Lambrerlzt-I think you'll like this one. It's a poem by Bill VVagner called "Contrast", Incidentally, it was in the last issue of the national publica- tion of our fraternity, the Recmngfe. It's quite an honor to have anything published in this magazine. I'll read it to you. O, Frisco was a strumpet San Francisco is a lady With wind-blown locks astray, VVho sits composed and still, Calling wild hearts to her Smiling gracious welcome From half the world away, From her mansion on the hill, Dancing by the water-front, But sometimes in the evenings, Gold nuggets in both hands, VVhen the fogs come from the sea, Luring with her painted smile Does the lady dream, I wonder, The lads of many lands. Of the wench she used to be? 79 l think this is strange but believe it or not the writer of this bit of copy is a typewriter .I 1 J unmanned by human hands. I don t see why you who use me should think that I have no power to operate myself, and just to show you skeptics, I'm going to write down every word that is spoken in this office during the next five minutes. The editor, Paul I-Iunsinger, is sitting over there with his feet cocked up on the desk, drinking tea and reading copy. Dale Harshman, the business manager, is crouched at his desk, adding up figures and checking accounts. He's always dashing in and out and talking about money. A knock is heard at the door. Harshman goes to the door, "Who is it?" YPEVVRITERS have souls and brains and the power to operate themselves. You may Voice-It's me, Beyler. How about it? Do you want some pictures taken? Humie-Oh, hiya Rog! Get the camera and go down to the fieldhouse and shoot some of the track team. Clzuefe Dezifev-VVait a minute! You ain't goin' ta shoot anybody without me knowing about it! Rog-OK, Chuck, you and Russ come along with me. Are you coming down, Hunsie? Hzmfie-No, I gotta stay here. Bob Divine's the sports editor, he knows what we want to take. Rog-OK. Kastner's going to take a couple pictures, too. I'll be back at four. Hiya Gus! Ya he's here. Humie-Hello, ma gooda franda meesta Gustafson! Gm-Hello, ma fran'! How goes it? Hey, got the proofs of the sketches back yet? Humie-Over there on the table. Boy, those are beauties in the class section and the division pages are even better. QDoor opens ezgezimj Hi kids! Howie-Hi Kate, what is this-a clan meeting ofthe Gustafsons? Why do I have to have a Gustaf- son for art editor and one for copy editor, too? Kale-Oh, say, we're having a meeting of the copywriters here at four. Is that all right with you? CTl1e door j5'ie5 open or gf pushed by lhe norllz wind-andj Hezrflzmezn-AAAh, you, you, you say you're having a meeting of the copywriters here at four? Kale-Sure, Harshman, why? Harxlzman-Well, we're having a business staHf meeting at the same time. How many have you got in the copywriters? Kale-Well, there's Shirley Lenzner, Muriel Kottke, Dee Keller, Charlotte Brown, Mary Alice Lambrecht, Elaine Menich, Mary Jane Greb, Jean Mayer, Jayne Babel, Emily Millberger, and Lorraine Hochsprung. How many are on the business staff? Harrlzmafz-Oh, we've got Margaret Rott, Assistant Publisher, Pat Taylor, Elaine Menich, Paul Harshman, Elmer Pielet, June Hatch, Guy Wickwire, Art Kennedy, Herman Walck, Jim Huntoon, Bob Welty and myself. You can work at the desk and we'll work here. Tabby Yoder Cefzlering wilh eoke bottfe in hand!-Hiya beautiful! Hmzsie-Hiya Tubby, get me a coke, too, will ya? Hello, Sally, how,s my little assistant editor? VVill you see Ted Muellen and Marian Darnell and ask them to come down? Sfzlfy-OK. Kellie wants to know if there is any copy to type. VVhat shall I tell her? She's on the phone. Tabby-Kind of uncomfortable, isn't it? Howie-Yea, tell her Kate has about ten pieces to be typed. And while you're on the phone, call Jahn and Ollier and ask them if they sent the plates to Rogers yet . . . Here, does this sound Shakespearean . . . VVhere's the layout dummy . . . Now, you gO to Kr0eh1CfS and get their ad . . . How many pictures did you want . . . Where's that copy for sports . . . VVanta coke . . . VVhere's my girl friend!!! My live minutes are up-I stop writing-I'm only a machine, again. 80 -K 2' xv uw 'Bk 'K v1. fa SPECTRUM STAFF- QTop Picturpl Business Staff: TAYLOR, PIELET, P. HARSHMAN, BIENICH, HATCH, PETERSON. ROTT, DALE I'fARSHMAN. rqfiditorial .5ta17'7 DAILE'1', DIVINE, CQUSTAFSON, HUNSINGER, WALKER. Uliflrlle l'z'ctzm'J Ii.-XSTNER, OBEIGHT, ffUS'I'AF'SON, RIUELLEN. DAILEY, DARNELL, VVALKER, X713 ED, DIX'INE, PEGG, KOTTKE, K. GUSTAFSON, XYODER, KOCH, IQELLER. fliuttum Pictures? DALE HARSHMAN--lBusinfss Ehanayfrb PAUL HUNSINGEEHYE ED. , fd A Q., ,..Wf ,4 '+ amid V . , W A 4 ,zu r , W 90,451 39,3 A urn 1j9,gx?,4,,,?, .1 Q ,-mv,--Q we W 30-Mhz. WI-.:., saw 129. - r,7 1 iw fiv P , gm W V f ,. Qziwf- ' f Hifwaufw www 'L ' 2 Q,gz:KQ7'f?WN s '.Wz??EWQ"' H W ,, " f wkz5m':t- , ,.wWLv:1:m21 z your festihals, memorials, rollege oaps Quo all stneet pleasures of the spring ano fall, The imap Role oaure, ano jllllapziking burlesque plapsg 3l'll tneape mp aroent spell upon them all. fy 7 I X ' f' A ' J F Z QM? x' X ? iff? 1 . ,y 5 f-m y -4 I xx Morsim 8 3 A " -.- OLLEGF DAY: 'Tis now the time for demonstrations and horseplay . . . LXQQ ' Methinks this Yahoody to also be a ghost . . . Chairman Yoder, rest. Thy duties o'er . . . Campus picnic, with ants and all . . . Attend, m'lordsl King Gillogly and Queen Groves approach the throne . . . Hmmm, court dancers . . . Hail to the Queen-to-be, Lady Irene Thornton . . . A human carpet to the throne . . . Court Jesters . . . The King is Dead . . . Long Live King Riebel . . . A motley, riotous crew . , . The Senior Swan Song . . . Ah, the play's the thing wherein I'll entertain a king. l vw A ri LIKE OMECOMING: Old grads return with pride . . . The tlag's unfurled to ' the trumpet's call . . . Chairman Divine on bended knee . . . The 'i,, v,i Freshman-Sophomore Autumn Ball . . , Fair maidens foot it gently . . , House of Stauss, to the cleaners! . . . With horns, music, floats and cheers there cometh the festival parade . . . Hail to the winner, Sir Vllingert Knight of the Mustache . . . Squire Shaffer in midfield . . . Around this festal table a rare assemblage dined . . The fashion is of days of yore . . . Hold, woman, lash not with thy tongue . . . W'hat characters are here we know: are not as Pure As the Driven Snow. M? M .. .,- .v ... .4-N. Y UNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET-These be the guests, ofhcers and speakers of this auspicious 215397, -,H . . . . . . occasion . . . Up the stair, O lightly trip . . . Ah, here are they who dine in style, f7iJ ",,,3 come, come, Sir Bruce, canst not thou smile? . . . Wlarble larks! Break forth in song . . And when he oped his mouth to speak the fools were silent . . . Now, that reminds me , . , With sawing of the air and Words she thus did speak her part . . . There he sits and runs his lingers o'er the strings till they do catch a tune . . . Continue thou to laugh and dineg A rhyme we need for this last line. OLLEGE PARTIES-The nite ol carousal has ended, a yaWn,then inquiry o' the time, Lxigy rioters depart . . . Food have We, and now for a place to sit . . . Dancers of the fantasy . . . A cinematical party is o'er, homeward are they bound . . . Yon vaga- bonds are bound by Walls of brick . . . They say it was a lady hidden by a beard . . . Now, Mammy Yokum can't, but Daisy Mae . . . Alas, sirrah, art thou sceptical of the hat or what is there beneath? . . . Voices blend in song's enchantment . . . Ah, it stirs my heart to see, The profiles of such royalty. 'M A f X X E XR" M' ffl? .a ,WE , Q 1 rw' V Q91 D!! , waht-1 .M gy 5. "" s. 4, -I M vw 5 bp ,IW ' 'Y ' 5 fy "'?!"5?7 ,L Q nf s E X. + 'wh ,N A.. W QNTVU Ml QQ XI OLLPIGF Plays-'Tis here Thespians mask themselves .... A h, yes! The play's the AC P thing ,... -X n ultra modern play, and much to my liking . . A L'mellerclramer'l ly' ,A with heroine and hero . . . Disdain and haughty glances . . . This villain and his cohort are up to some line trickery '... Love on a ladder in a play of great simplicity and beauty . . . The Gibbses and the YYehbs in imaginary homes . . . The Stage Manager and Prof. share a secret . . . There he staggers clown the street . . . The children watch as the stars shine down, On the Senior production of "Our Town." '22 Air Sb N 1 I lg? 159,2- Qnh strung lithe limbs in rnntest un the fielh-f Zfll hu in stenes like pau hahe neher hearts. Q1Zhep'II sam the air with rituals till thep pielh, batting the action to the :oaths tnurh. I-W Ljw:f7!7f E5 SQ-K: IXXWJ qqffjl. f 4 on , ff' gf 'v ' eff, 2' , f ' W m at My fb hr 1' 1 -1 nf, - lfijffuigff, M f r ? - ea X as ii I I ff if X I ififl Z2 91 HE dyed leaves of the autumn foliage rustle in the breeze that hints of : ,ill colder winds. Shakespeare, reveling in the glories of the fall season, has strolled along the roaring DuPage. The sounds of the autumn woods are being mixed with the sound of human voices yelling "We want a touchdown!! VVe want a touchdownllln Shakespeare speaks . . . Forsooth, what be these strange murmurings? Methinks I will search out the cause. fVoices growing louderj . . . We want a touchdown . . . VVe want a touch- down! .S'lzczke.rpem'e Cclimbifzg over the b!mcizer.rjGreetings, my exhilarated friend. VVhat goes on here? Divine-Hiya, Bill. This is the last home game of the year. Join in the cheers. Shakwpeare-But what be yon stalwart lads knocking one another about for? Divine'-Oh, yeah. Maybe you don't understand. This is football. Come on, I'll take you down to the players' bench. CThey push themselves through the crowd.D Shakespeare-This sport doth seem most energetic to me. Who be the contestants? Divine-The fellows out there in the red and grey are our men and the gold and brown are the men from Valparaiso. Sizalzespemf-Then two schools are represented here. Divine-Sure, we have played six colleges already. Cpicking up Ilze score 50010 Here are the results if you care to see them. Shakespeare looks in the book to see the following records. FOOTBALL CSeatedJ FERINGTON DAILEY JUDSON NOX'ATNX', SCUITO, BONNE, LESTER, LONG, WHITE CSeconrl Raul PIBSON EISHOP W 1 1 1 - SHATZER, HOUDEN, ANDERSON, RIEBEL, JUHNKE, GRAMBSCH, BOETTCHER, SCHMIDT, FERCH. CThzrd Raul MEESE NI r Coixcu IEBER NELSON, PELLING, RODIBAUGH, DOUGLAS, SMITH, SCHENDEL, SPENCER, NICHOLSON, SHAE1-SER, COACH FISHER 92 ah SCHEDULE FOOTBALL 19-LO Elmhurst .... O N.C. . Wheaton ..... 13 N.C. .... . Concordia .... 13 NC. .... . Augustana . . .20 N.C. .A . . . Lake Forest N20 N.C. .... Millikin ....,. '25 N.C. .... . Valparaiso . . . 6 N.C. . . . VVon -L, Lost 3. Coach, Gordon R. Fisher. Asst. Coach, Charles L. Bieber. Manager, Clinton Meese CSophJ As the team comes back for the second half, Shakespeare moves closer to Coach Fisher who calls . . . Oh, Bill, Bill, come here. Coach busies himself watching the men on the field and speaks without looking . . . Now, look, Bill, this halt' 93 FRESHMEN TEAIXI-QBuitum Rau-D COACH DEROO, TARBOX. PLAUNT, PERUCCA, JACOB, DERANGO, HEINRICH. ALLEN F NIOHIN. f.1Iinlfllr'RmvJ COLE, GRENNER, SHOCKEY, THOMPSON, GEIER, WEIER, RICLEAN, RADIC. CTop Ruwl BIILHULKA, LEFEVRE BERGER, IQOLB, ALLEN G., SMITH, THORNE. I want you to go out there and watch the . . . Cturning to see Shakespearej Oh, sorry, thought I was talking to Shatzer. S!zczkeJpea1'eeNo, I am only the ghost of Shakespeare. Coach-VVell, I'll be darned. Youlre Shakespeare, say just what relation were you to that man who played for Notre Dame? Shrzkespmre-I know not of whom you speak, but tell me more of this game of football. Coach-VVell, I'm sorry, but I can't right now. The game will go on in a few minutes and I'll be rather busy. I-Ierels Clayton Meese, the manager, he'll talk to you and tell you something about the boys. Slzrzleerpeare-How doth my boy? Who is this man Shatzer that your coach spoke of? flleese--VVell, he's just about the best player on the team, he's what you'd call a one man team in any sport. Then there's Riebel, the captain, who plays a good, consistent game, Bishop there and Lester are darn good men in the backheld. Slz:zke.fpmrf-But, the elemental First lad. Prithee, the object of the game? !U''t you even know that much about it? VVhy, even the Freshman team could tell that. Sfzalfefpeare-Wlhere be this team of which you speak? 1116556-WIell, here's a picture of them that we took before practice one night, there they are sitting on the bleachers with their coach, Bob DeRoo. Don Jacobs is holding the ball. Sizake.vpea1'e-Ah, methinks I'll not of this sport, 'tis far too rough for me. 94 VARSITY BASKETBALL-fSeaf1'rI5 SMITH, LESTER, LIMBREIT, BETTINGER, ANDERSON, NOX'ATNX', FAUST. Cstflllflflyl COACH BIEBER SHATZER, JENSEN, YVEDVVORTI-I. BATES, BREHEISEN, MGR. LoNo. W9 OIVIING into the locker rooms, the basketball fellows are sur rised to hear P 5 Neil, . . , . . . XHZQ? shouts and pounding in someone s locker. Rushing to investigate, they XM find the noise issuing from Bettinger's locker. Upon opening it, a man slumps forward. Beifingef .vpeczlzr . . . My gosh, what's this? Shakespeare-Cbreathing heavilyj Fear not, gentlemen. I am but the ghost of Shakespeare. 'Tis difficult for even a ghost to be confined all night within such a small compartment. Bates-Are you all right? Guess I better take you over to see VValt Erbele, the trainer. I-Ie can fix you up. Shakespeare-Nay, I shall soon be my ghostly self again. Umbrei!-Say, Shakespeare, I-Iow did you ever get into that locker? Shazkefpeare-The curiosity of a man often leads him astray. The 'quippage of thy leader intrigued me and in his haste, he saw me not, and thus was my confinement made. Chuck Fault-VVould you like to come out on the floor and watch our practice? You could meet the coach, too. Slzfzkespmre-'Tis an idea. It seems that sports be an active part in this age. So to make my play complete I must write of thine sporting feat. Lead away! CThey go to the basketball Hoor where Shakespeare meets Coach Len Beiberj Beiber rpmkr . . . Say, we're awfully glad to see you. Com'on sit down here and I'll be able to tell you something about the team while they practice. 96 Shzzkefpnzre-'Tis good. But who be that tall, gangling youth? His throwing seems of the best. Bieber-He's Jim Bates. He's high point man and only a sophomore, too. You know Bettinger, the captain. He's the cleverest ball handler on the squad and as light as "down" on his feet. VVe sure hate to lose him this year. Slzakerpmre-VVho is the handsome youth beneath the fish net hanging from the hoop? Bieber-That's VVedsworth. He makes good use of his height. That hoop and hsh net is called a basket. Slzakerpeare-CTaking out his notebook and padj Thank you, I shall comment on it in the next play. A fish net that catches nothing. Bieber-See that fellow there? That's Harry Smith, one of our best guards. Good consistent player. Shakespeare-Oh, yes. There he is, my would be name sake, thy own Bill, Bill Shatzer. And Sir Anderson too. Is there nothing beyond the versatility of these two? Bieber-And down there are Lester and Umbreit passing the old apple around. Shakespeare-Old apple? Old Apple? Creaching for notebookl. Biebfr-There are the freshmen on the other end of the Held. Bob DeRoo coaches them. There's Radic, Pielet, Tuck, Russell, Cole, Jacobs, Tarbox, Buholz, Mast and others. All good material for next years squad. Shazkfrpeare-Look, kind Bieber, who be that person there that carries towels and equipment. Is he ia serving man? Biebrr-Yes, guess you would call him that. He's Long. Slzczkexpeare-How say you now. He is not so long as wide. The name ill Hts the youth. VVho is the other servant there. Bieber-Look, Bill, those are managers, not servants. He is Savage. Shakerpeare-Gazooks, 'tis very strange, thy names do least befit their owners, I'll see thee anon. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL-CStam1i'ngl DERoo, PIELET, CIOLE, TUCK, RUSSELL, S.u'Ac.E, G Po BUHOLZ, REBSTOCK, MAST. 97 ' 1 L I B.-XSKH'I'BAI,I, I9-LU-41 Aurora College . ..,.. 24 N.C. . . . . . . .57 Concordia ,.... ...,. 5 2 N.C. ...55 Illinois Tech .... ..... 3 0 Nc. .... A... 3 2 Chicago Uni. . ...,. 45 Nc. ... Augustana ..... 37 NC. .... ,.4, 4 3 M11111n1n ..... 52 NC. ....41 wnnnnnn .. -27 N.C. ....41 cnnn11 ..... ...zz N.C. ....45 Augustana .... ..... 5 6 NC. .... .... 5 4 Lake Forest ..... 34 Nc. .... .... 4 32 VVheaton .... ..... 4 8 N.C. .... .... 7 1 Illinois Tech .. ...Qs NC. .... ....s5 M11111nn .. ..... 52 N.C. .... ...44 Lake Pnl-nnf ..... 55 Nc. .... ....4se Illinois VVe5leyan ..... 53 NC. .... .... -l 3 SPQRTS PICTURE OF THE YEAR UBUDDIESU This picturp was taken before the NVl1G2.ll0I1 g:11111.'. QEVPI1 the- 1111111 111 ilu: stripe-vl shirt looks skeptic-al about the whole fl1i11,s:.J 99 OUTDOOR TRACK SQUADhfxSmmlingJ COACH FISHER, HOESCI-I. HENNING, BATES, SHATZER, HUKE, :XRLEN, Clfneelingl RIEBEL, SPENCER, PRESTON, SCI-IENDEL, HERBEN. wmztwib RIAZZA, HAYDEN. STARK, SAVILLE, CAPT. DIVINE, XYEIGHT, TOMIYKINS, MGR. INDOOR TRACK SQUAD-iTrip RlIIl'l4lxIAZZA, HOUDEN, FLESSEET, MGR. Qllirlrlle Ruirl COACH FISHE'ii,.XSCHMITZ, RIEBEL, BEAMS, DAILEY, CiOETZ. Clintlum Ruzvl SPENCER, ST.-XNGER, STARK, IARLEN, CO-CAPT, SCI-IENDEL, DIX'INE,' STONE. ,V V 47 R I purchased a new chair for the office has dropped in to test the chair and s " compare its merits with the Spectrum s favorite chair. During the course of the test the Bard has slipped into the arms of Morpheus and is sound asleep. A few minutes later his rest is disturbed by the hesitant pecking of a typewriter. Through halfopened eyes he sees Chuck Dailey. Shakespeare sleepily speaks . . . Oh, ho hum. How now, what doth thou my fellow writer? Dailey-I'm writing a preview of the track season. ILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, hearing that the College Chronicle had 100 Shakespeare- A preview of that which has not come to pass? How can that be? Is it not a gamble. Dailey-VVell, yes it is. Say lissen Bill would you like to place a little wager on the seasons outcome? Slzakexpeare-Fine. But mayhaps it would be best if1 did first observe the athletes in action. Dczifey-O.K. Come on down to the fieldhouse with me. CThe pair walk down to the fieldhouse and on the way over take F. VV. Umbreit.D Sizalzespeare rpeakx . . . Are not you the financial wizard of this institution? Umbreil-VVell, I'm the college treasurer, if thats what you mean. Are you going to the Heldhouse? Shakefpeczre-Yes. This young man must leave me so, perhaps we can go together. Umbreil-This is a fine building we have here. Valued at S500,000 today. Costs about 51,000 a month for maintenance, but its worth it. See, theres some ofthe boys practising now. Come on, Shakespeare, welll go down on the track. CBill and Umbiewalk down the track conversing about the athletes, completely oblivious to the cries of "Trackl TRACK! TRACK! I" Three dash men speed toward them and the older men show great agility in removing themselves from the path of Hying spikes.D Slzakefpeare-Ods Bodkins. VVho were those human thunderbolts? Umbie-QPanting slightlyb Those were some ofthe dash men. But look over there. See those two vaulters? Those are VVhite and Preston. Two ofthe best. Shczkexpmre-But who is that graceful hgure who keeps running about in circles? Umbie-Oh. That's Schendel our star miler. Slzakefpeare-Do these boys run only around this little track? Methinks it would be monotonous. Umbie-Oh, no. They have an outdoor track too. And say, Shakespeare, this is no little track. One ofthe biggest and best in the country. Shaleerpefzre-Hmm. Such a track should breed good athletes. Umbie-VVell. It does. You come with me into the coaches oHice and I'll get you the figures. an ...sf W f ww W- lii EW OUTDOOR TRACK-ARLEN, SCHENDEL, DIVXNE, BATES, HUKE, STARK, SAVILLE, HENNING. 101 INDOOR TRACIi+RIEBEL, STONE, SCHMITZ, .ARLEN, CO-CAPTJ, Cofxcu Frsr-IEE, WHITE, CO-CAPT., SPENCER. MBREIT and Shakespeare enter Coach Fisher's oHice and get the score ffl book from the secretary. Umbie speaks . . . Now, here we are Mr. ,E 4? Shakespeare. These statistics will show just how good our men are. These are the iigures for the outdoor and indoor track season. Read them . . . II-Inzzzflifzg lzim fhefoffowing ,rfaz'i,r1if5.-D OUTDOOR TRACK MEETS: 1940 University of Chicago ...., Triangular Meet .... QElmhurst, VVhitewater, N.C.C.5 DeKalb ..... . Beloit Relays . . . Elmhurst Invitational . . Milwaukee Quadrangular . , Ill. College Conference Meet . . . INDOOR TRACK MEETS: 1941 Illinois Tech ...,. . University of Chicago . . North Central Milwaukee State Teachers . . North Central Loyola University . . North Central Midwest Intercollegiate . Ill. Tech. Relays . . . Indoor Quadrangle . Chicago Relays . 102 North Central: North Central: 642 Opponents: 665 . North Central First with 124 Points North Central: 49.0 Opponents: 77 0 North Central Third with 325 Points North Central Third with 205 Points North Central Second with 745 Points North Central First with 51 Points 67 28 565 462 3 Opponents: 28 Opponents: 72 1 Opponents: 475 1 Opponents: 565 North Central Third with 255 Points North Central Sixth North Central Third Mile Relays N. C. C. Third the sport of kings At the court he hnds some trouble getting a court as six men in white . Y' are practising lor a match the next day. Bill looks longingly at the new courts, as yet unfinished, then turns back to the group. The racketeers have gathered about Coach Keeler for a little lecture on some of the fundamentals of the game. Coach is talking as Shakespeare draws close enough to hear . . . Now, Boys. Our season is almost over. Wle play Wheaton .SXERCISE is necessary even for ghosts, and so our friend Bill borrows a racket to play 5 " f - . . . . , . 5 g l i. . Q .X .- 1 f s ..-. 1 - . . . . . tomorrow and so far our record has been very good. We've won -1, tied 2, and lost 2. Evert here was the runner-up in the State Singles Tourrarrent. Dexheimer and Evert were runners-up in the doubles in the State Tournament. Next year we should have a championship team. Jack is only a freshnian, his brother will be here and there are some other good boys coming up. Shakespeare has moved over to the group and stands beside Shaffer listening. The pho- tographer for the Spectrum has set up his caneera and calls . Hold it, please . . . CClickj . . . The picture is taken. Shakespeare, being transparent does not show in the picture, but he is there, b'gosh, he's there. TENNIS-CFirst Howl LEFFLER, ROHRS. QSQCOUII Rau-3 SHAFFER, DEXHEIMER, J. EVERT, EBERHARDT, P. FRESHLEY. MGR. , as-M BASEBALL-QStandingJ EBERSOLE, MGR., DAILEY, Assr. MGR., SHATZER, RUSSELL, GEIGER, Brsnov, ANDERSON, S. BENNING, PILLOTTE, COACH YOUNG. weatedb LONG, BICIQINLEY, SMITH, HAX'DEN, SCHROEDER, COOPER,GABEL, CAPT. N the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts And though not young, the Bard is drawn by an irresistible 32' 94 LGA, 549' ball field. It is College day, and as he strolls onto the field he Whassaa Keed? Lehmee hahhmm boy. Shakespeare-Pardon me, what did you say? The noise continues . . . Hahhm Jackie, Heevemmm in Billy mmm mn. 104 of baseball. force to the hears . . . boy, Heeve Shakexpeare-Egad, this is a strange noise. I'll talk to this one in private. Come sir. Your name? Noire-COOPER, Don Cooper ofthe Aurora Coopers,andI'll have you know I'm one of the best ball players in the country. Shakespeare-Well, I'm Bill Shakespeare, one of the best scribes in this country. Coop.-Reporter, eh. Lissen Buddy, I'll be with you right after this inning, I'll give you a private interview. Hows that? Shakerpmre-I shall wait by yon bench. VVill you be there anon? Coop-Sure. Just wait till I show these babies from VVheaton my hidden ball trick, and I'll be over. I-Ieavemmm to 'em Bill boy. Shakespeare goes over to the bench to wait. The kid watches Shatzer fan the last man and comes over. Coop-There, didja see that? That's what I call real baseball. Well, what do you want to know about me? Shakespeare-Tell me. How many games hast thou won? Coop-VVon four and lost three so far, what more, we are going to take these boys today. Got a bet on that we finish with 7 wins and 5 losses. Shakespeare-But, tell me kind sir. VVhat are those other men doing out there on the green swarth when thou art there? Coop-Auxiliaries, just auxiliaries. In case I get hurt. VVell, I'm up, fellow, watch me knock the old apple over the fence. CShakespeare watches as the kid goes to bat. Then looks at the blue sky, the green trees, the birds, sniffs the Spring air and says . . . Its a beautiful day in Napervillej if: N, X V 5, ia ' 1 bi H. w 4, - fl I I I 353 105 ON Ostroth comes out of Goldspohn to find Shakespeare sitting with his back to the pillars patiently waiting for him. Shakespeare speaks , "N AL . . . Dost thou know why I have thus waited for thee? I need to find some material on thy swimming club. VVhat next would I do? D012-VVell, taking past experience as a criterion, you will now inquire about the Dolphins. Thatls what you have been doing for the past one hundred pages. 5'fzafze.vpeare-Yes, please tell me of thy club as we stroll to the pool. D012-The Dolphin Club is a national fraternity that is limited to swimmers and ' , 4 S 1 ' my .J A wg .2 DOLPHIN FRATERNITYsfStam1inyJ ENZINNA, YOUNG, TQING, KRUEGER, DAILY, VVHITE, DAILEY, KOEI-ILI-JR, BEYLER. KSMIMIJ MUELLEN, OLIVER, HENNING, STREIB, SCUITO OSTROTH. those interested. The purpose is to interest the community in swimming and encourage excellence in that sport. Shakespeare-Art thou the president? D011-No, Hal Henning is president. This year a very successful water carnival was staged with the cooperation of the VV.A.A. The Dolphins also sponsored intramural meets. CThe mortal and the immortal have reached the field house. Don goes to the locker room and Shakespeare enters the poo! room lj 106 522- N!! N the pool room Shakespeare watches the swimmers. He is startled as 9 he hears a resounding splash and water strikes his face He wipes the MSI 'X element away and asks . . . Be this a tidal wave or a whale spouting? Scuito-That ain't either. That's only Yoder entering the water. Shake.vpearekOds Bodkins, he should not dive, but be launched. W'ho flails the water there while lying on his back? Pele Enzimzzz-That's Henning. Hey, Hal. a guy wants ta' see ya'. SWIMMING TEAM-CTop Ramp Sci-IROEDER, Assr. MGR., HENNING, CAPT., IQOEHLER, ISIING, IXIGR. tlliflrlle Rowh IQEUEGER, SCIUTO IVHITE, IXIUELLEN, DAILY. CButtunL Row? STREIB, ENZINNA, OLIVER, OSTRO'1'H, BEX'LER, YOUNG. Shakexpeare-Tell me, sir, about thy swimming teams. Henning-VVell, our season wasn't so bad. VVe lost by small margins to much bigger schools. VVe won the Conference Meet, and our relay team won the conference trophy. Your friend, Ostroth, is the Conference diving champ. Shakespeare-Ah, yes, but I have some indictments against you. CSearching for his notes.D Ah, here they are! Now, sir, answer me. Is it not true that you are an Olympic swimmer, Central AAU record holder, and national figure in the aquatic world. Henning-Yeah, I guess so. Pardon me, there's Jean. 107 -1 , get 4 MN' A 5 4 , iv' , Ar A ' , 'N , AWN, 'T L' qTnpb HENNING. CSeconfl Ruwb STREIB, IQOEHLER, IQRUEGER, xv!-IITE, 1xiUELLEN. CThird Rowj SCIUTO, OSTROTH, ENZINN.A. CFourth Rowi COLLEY, WATER BALLET. HILE watching the Q25 swimming team, our friend, VVilliam Shakespeare, happens onto a wet spot near the edge of the pool. Losing his balance, he falls headlong into the water with a resounding splash, and yells . . . Help! Help! Cln answer to his cries, a slim GIRLS TENNIS 'TEARI-'CAROLINE DOMM, LAVERNE PETERS, RIARGARET CRAIG, JEAN LAIER, Miss TANNER. fFrunt Rowb LEONA COVER, ROMA JENKS, ALICE THIES. and agile mermaid comes to his rescue.D Mkfrmaid-Here, Mr. Shakespeare, grab my hand! l'll tow you to the steps so you can climb up. Shakerpemfe-Ah, beautiful mermaid-to be rescued by one so fair indeed makes up for my sad calamity. Prithee what is thy name? Zllermaia'-l am Jeanette Colley. Slzczkerpeare-Ah, yes, your fame has travelled far. Methinks l have heard of your swimming and your skill. ?'ecmelle Collfy-Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare, and now, while you dry your clothes, we will put on our water ballet for you to see. This is made up of the girls in the swimming class. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS WINNERS-MABEL HAMMERSMITH, NORMA Ixoifri-iorr, LEONA COVERT, DIARY .ARLEN. Shakespeare-Cshivering and commentingj Sssuch ppprecision, sssuch skkkill! 7earzeffe Coffey-VVhy don't you go out in the sun to dry and see the varisty tennis team. Here, meet their coach, Miss Tanner. bliss Tanner-You are just in time, Mr. Shakespeare, I am just going to give instructions. Sizfzkerpmre-ls this played for pure joy, or does this group have tournaments and -iousts with other schools? Caroline Domm-VVe have both intramural and inter- scholastic tournaments. VVe make the varsity through the intramural tournaments, and then play in the others. Shazkeypmre-The scores, how do they run? Do you win always? Carofifze-VVell, we played VVheaton, Aurora, Elm- hurst, Millikin, and Chicago Teachers and won over half' of the meets. Slzczkespmre-Ah, a comely group are these. Clooking at the individual winners.D Mabel Hczmmermzilh- Say, Bill, I heard you were afraid I'd shoot you with my bow and arrow the other day. VVell, have no fear, we're accurate shots. Meet the girls! They are champions in these sportsf shown by their equipment. PIN AND LETTER-CTop Pictu:-eh KOLTOFF, OLIVER, TVIEDAL, MILLBERGER, LocKE, J LAIER, MILLER, C. LAIER, KOTTKE. ul?-AISKETBALL CHAMPS-CMiddIe Picturej YAGER, MILLER, E. RAECKEH, LocKE, COVERT . AIER. BOARD OF CONTROL-CBottom Picturej J. LAIER, HERKNER, LocKE, KoL'roF1-1, HAEEN- RICIITER, MEDAL, COACH TANNER. Cl-Zottom Rowj R. FAUBT, DARNELL KOTTKE, MILLER, C. LAIER, RICKERT. PSTAIRS in Nichols Hall, Shake- 4 7,510 " speare in his wanderings comes upon , g. ,Q i 1, QQ? a group of proud looking damsels. Slzakexpmre-CAside.j VVhat can be the joy of these fair women, I wonder. My heart takes courage to ask one of them. QAd- dressing Eleanor Locke.j Damsel who are you, and why smile you with joy? Eleanor Locke-VVe have succeeded in winning our VV.A.A. pins and letters after years of hard work, that is why we are happy. Shozleerpeare-To be sure! How many long years has it taken to win such an award? Eleanor Locke-That all depends, Mr. Shake- speare. VVe have a certain number of required hours of team and individual sports, and as soon as we work them in, we are eligible for a letter. You see, here we have the victorious basketball team- the Seniors. They won only by a long, hard Fight. These practices all count toward their letters if they do not already have them. Sliakespmre-VVhat, pray, is this other group of lassies seated here? Efeamore Lorke-That is the VV.A.A. Board of Control. It is made up of all the various heads of sport groups: soccer, baseball, basketball, volley ball, and all the rest. Each girl is responsible for keeping track ofthe hours the VV.A.A. girls spends in her sport. They plan the program for the year and see that it is carried out. Shakespeavfa' Is it all play on a friendly basis? Efecmore Locke-Yes, quite so. To keep feel- ings good, we have several banquets throughout the year following the major sports. They are always a good deal of fun. ,I i z i F94 NE end ofthe soccer Held A group of E3 game Shakespeare is seated near them, observing nature, and soon walks over to join them. Shakeypmre-Ah, I recognize some of you already. l've met you in other VVAA. activities. VVhat sport do you best play? 756172 Laier-VVe are the senior soccer champs. Slzakefpeare-How many games do you engage in? -765112 Lazier-VVe play each class twice, and the team winning the highest number ofgames has the championship honors. Shakerpeare-Championship honors? VVhat manner of reward may they be, ifany? 766112 Laier-There is a cup which the winning team receives and gets to keep for the year, it is the pride of the team. Slzakexpeare-VVell and good! My sincerest congratulations to you all. Fare ye well CShakespeare leaves them and after some time goes back to Nichols Hall.j Slzazkexpeare-By my beard! lfit isn't my senior friends! Forsooth, are you champions of yon sport, too? Marrianfze Milfer-Wlell, sir, not exactly. You see, here is also the Junior volley ball team. VVe tied our winnings, so they share honors with us. Shakefpmre-Their team is much larger. Do they make up in numbers what you do in skill? Mafcianne-That all depends on how you look at it. Some of our group are not here today. Shakexpearc'-This volley ball, when do you play it? Marrianne Miller-Volleyball is played in between soccer and basketball. lt's one ofthe favorite sports. Shakespeare-My mind and eyes are full of all I have seen and learned about your athletic organization. Farewell, may you continue to play hard, for play maketh a keen mind and a strong body. . '.f3,gi . . . ' Q girls are resting after a long, hard if L f - SOCCER CHAMPS-tTop Picture-Back Row? LOCKE, NIILLER, RAECKEH, Covmzr. tFronf Rowb HAMMERSCHMIDT OOLIVER ME L , , DAL, Ama. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS-CMiddle Picture-Back Rowb COVERT, MILLER. CF:-ont Rgwj HAMMERBCHMIDT, LAIER, LOCKE. fBottnm Picture-Back Rowb KOTTKE, CHATTERTON, F. EAIFENRICHTER. CBottom Rowj CHAMBERLAIN, HERKNER, G. HAFENRICHTEH, BLANC. HEISER, . AUBT. , W fs. f tl I ff ' f Nz ,Z X f .4 -,Wife il 4 f ff N 1 ff ff i K All ff , I lk In WI J f MQ fi y M Y , 7 IZ.. i ff 'I . ' ,J .4 f ' 1 x f 1 ' I i ll 4 fii il ll W flil'i", 1 I 7 l iflf' XR 1,556 lx ff N f fm. , , , J 11,5 law-, , ea it-saw ,L X7 I f QL ,f, X All jc , Z8-T1 . i t '-""'l1 f by 4 Jr ri S" 't as 11 Y , .vt ,517 1' f f 'III f or-J X W X 7M i'llhll,, ai 69 z .a f ir f I l , Q I-gh f i ,N i t -,," ri U ft , 1.11, L . f, A .- I fx .-,II ,f 1,7 I' ,J W 1 , f , y .z, I 1 .. X741 X, Q, gg : X N ,Q f ,ff f 7 W J 0 be or not to be, that was the question. 5 Oh, how I did puzzle o'er what I thus should do. Fair students of North Central, little doth thou realize the feeling of one long dead, when thus with tribute, he is honored. All the blestgods in heaven conferred with me and after much talk did recommend that I in ghostly form should come to dwell with humans here. Hence, I was given a year and a day to walk the earth again, and seek material for another play. T'was only fair, that I should seek my latest patron, he, who the gods with the Spectrum cursed. VVith his company did I wander o'er the campus. Oft times I slipped 112 bbakespeare 5 into the class to sit in vacant chair or on a window ledge. This did enable me to meet the scholars and learn from their professors. Oh, rare were my experiences, when with professors, I did match my wit. They knew not who had creaked the chair or who had slammed the door. Nor did they e'er find the source of class room whispering. How they did puzzle to find from whence came sounds of restless sleep as I did snore in class. VVhat fun had I damsels fair when I did tease with hearty sigh and breathed the lover's name. Quite shocked was I, when one quick miss, did turn and plant upon my cheek a kiss, that ne'er could blossom there. f"i2.a- i?5Yf.Ei?1-Fil? N 32-52-53 4' T' Q79 sf if R ,f fr 434 f.ki3r:,6fW' 1l' 2 MT' X, 4 Q22 f fi ,',j f f 7 N f ml jr XXZF3 A E .5 f 4 X X E F WW s l .s gf ff ak' xx Sulnlnquies URIOUS indeed these mortals be. They change not with time. Strange customs do prevail on the campus. VVhen spring weather came slyly slipping into this place, oft wandered I on the campus called Fort Hill. Beside a pool is there a house that contains a hermit soul that answers to a vast variety of names. Tradi- tion has established this custom of knocking on the door, and if the spirit comes not to answer the knock- ing, oh, then the damsel fair the forfeit must gently pay. But here 113 X also in the daylight strange events do happen. One afternoon a troupe of husky men came bearing a body that did struggle till they with laugh- ter and great merriment did toss the persecuted freshman in the pool. In contrast to this, was thelast good youth I met in this fair institution. T'was at the very end of school before I was destined to leave to compile my play when this lad did come to me and with great pride show me a bit of parchment that announced that he had been graduated. M AYI-IAP thou didst wander where I 1 did spend my leisure while on thy campus. So now, I shall explain. One day I found a curious box that was all dark within. CA sophomore told me it was a camera.j In this place I did rest my ghostly self. Long had I been imprisoned in a murky tomb, hence, darkness was restful to me. Occasionally I did ope the shutters in the box to see the following glimpse of college life .... Before a tonsorial establishment four men did vocalize. They were Tooley Qlst bassj, Yoder Und bassj, I-Iunsie C3rd bassj, Divine Ccatcherj . . . In the library before closing time Stanger draweth out a book while Miss Pegg stampeth it . . . After the basketball game is o'er, there exits the crowd . . . The Spectrum did once advertize for a freshman to pose for pictures on Fort I-Iill. The gallant Bates assumes the pose assisted by Gillogly, Ferrington, and giant Douglas . . . Another picture posed to illustrate the wooing by the pool . . . Ah, but here me- thinks is VVinemiller studying on Fort I-Iill Cobviously posedj . . . Here in the upper room of Ol' Main, young Thespians don their guise . . . Beneath the blossoming boughs a picnic lunch is spread, while I lie starving in my black book . . . The score is close, three men on base, a slugger at the bat. A con- ference is needed between Mr. Smith and Shatz . . . Tribute to the copy writers here is partly paid. The merits of each piece here is thoughtfully weighed. li 9 km. it g , J sa! ' in 'vw H ln I ,gy-.,x ,. . s Jw, --gap .. A .. x wr A, . A v M' '4 - 'vig 'Wien 5 ,-282,14 lin , W2 , .ami m..,: ,ya AQ. f w f my wanderings about the college, housed in the solitude of my black o , ights common and unusual I did see. My rest was once disturbed by the bpek, bpak, of a ball bouncing on a wooden top. I opened the shutter to find I had been left in the Y room and the boys were playing ping pong fa Chinese game, methinksj . , . But at the football game my ever alert eye did catch cheer leaders in action . . . In early spring, election fervor hits the campus and signs do appear in most conspicuous array while candidates do thus electioneer. Rosemary Heiser, the women's representative does her views present . . . But the more serious-minded do ponder o'er books and heed instructor's words . . . But look you here, see how this heart doth throb while eyes still scan the sky, though the bird hath a broken wing . . . At last, an editor's dream come true, for here you see every student's picture in the snap shot section , . . Stud- ent, smile, thy classes over, the sun doth brightly shine 1 . . A sight most common, another chapel o'er or cut . . . Cpage 1171 . . . At the modern theater, the crowd is still the same, but in the past the acting "Oh, Mabel" . . . Flikeid here doth bar- gain with the patrons for the last bar in the house . . . The Boltonians say good night while Dame Quilling referees . , . A typi- cal class, or so expressions thus Wouldst say . . . Treading the olden stairs, toward the tower of Cl' Main. , 1 '.' V IQIWPIR can I forget the gracious kind- l ness of this hostess when at the an i president's home I did dine. Why even the younger son, he called David, pryed into my black box to teach me of the house in which I then did rest. This is the best interior view that ever I did see . . . But nature's beauty doth out do all inward at- tempts at repition, the library and patriotic symbol . . . But in this house of books a group of students did I see that proved the best that ever I noted in my ghostly sojourn here . . . CPage 1193 . . . Oh, look here, this does beat all. I say, is he not cute? ,Tis Mrs. W'ingert's little boy, Wlayne . . . Ah, but at a game of sport the spectators and cheer leaders do howl and cry their oaths at the poor referees . . . VVhile waiting for the owner of my house one day I oped my shutter to see these in the office of the Spec- trum . . . But here, Al Burek, the best debater in three states doth reject what Oliver, the Pi Kappa Delta extempe pro- vincial champ, doth nobly declaim . . . To look at this feminity the Branch is doing business Coi, und vot bisinessj . . . Untitled beauty queens arrayed on Bolton stair . . . And round and round all evening do they roll . . . This is the last good night, and, oh, so tenderly, and if you look close, fair reader, you may see in yon window the last reHection the Spectrum will cast on life at N.C.C. 'ri -M me X Xi' r' wks x V HQ, 3 Wh 3 4 Ui: 0 1 I .5 3, fx.. 1? SZ xx. ,H ,ff ,, .-'ffw' ff I JW NM ZW' I ' 4, 1' f L 3 4 f ,z , W 1, Senior Qttihities AEGERTER, HELEN, B.A., Hirlory. . .16, 57, 74 321 E. Mitchell Street, Kendallville, Indiana W.A.A. 3, 4, Home Economics Club 3, 4, History Club 3, 4. ARGUE, HAROLD, B.S., Zoology, Clzeinirfry 16, 57, 72 16 Waterman Street, Lockport, N. Y. University of Buffalo, Buffalo, N. Y., Alfred Uni- versity, Alfred N. Y., Buffalo StateTeacher's College, BuH'alO, N. Y., Secretary of N.C.C. Aviation Club, Inorganic Chemistry Assistant 2. IARLEN, ROBERT, B.S., Engineering Science 17, 76, 100, 101, 102 Naperville, Illinois Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Engineering Club 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4 ICO Capt. 41, Chemistry Club 2. ARNOLD, HARRIET, B.M., Mnric, 17,63,59,65 Hiawatha, Kansas, R. R. 3 Kansas State Teachers College 1, 2, Girls Glee Club 3, 4, Chapel Choir 3, 4, President Chapel Choir 4, Girls Octette 4, Student Volunteers President 4, Central Committee 4, Y. W. C. A. Fellowship Com- mittee 4, Opera 4. BABEL, JAYNE, B.A., Zoology. .17, 51, 72, 73 120 S. Ellsworth, Naperville, Illinois Zoology Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta Secretary and Treasurer 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Spectrum Staff 4, Social Committee 2, 3, 4, Social Committee Secretary 3, 4. BEETZ, MABLE, B.A., Englirlz. .. . . .17 Mendota, Illinois, R. R. 1 w. A. A. 2, 3, 4. BERTSCHINGER, JOSEPH, B.A., Clzeniivcilv I 17, 56, 57 Port Washington, VViscOnsin Football 1, Engineering Club 1, Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Class Play 4. BETTINGER, CHARLES, B.S., Plzysicczl Eclzzccifion czncl Biology .............. 17, 67, 96, 98 835 Iowa Avenue, Aurora, Illinois Freshmen Basketball, Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Vice-President Varsity Club 4, Editor of Sportcast 4. BEUSCHER, HOWARD, B.S., Engineering, Mczfheiizcztics .................... 17, 58 35 W. Pleasant St., Freeport, Illinois Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Engineering Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Avia- tion Club 4. BISHOP, BRUcE,B.A.,,ohy17, 52, 92,104 Sarver, Pa., Box 108 Indiana State Teachers College 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, President Col- lege League 3, President Pa. State Booster Club 3, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3, Y. M. C. A. President 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4. BOETTCHER, BYRON, B.A., Mczflzeiizcztics i7,76,92 VVauwatosa, VVisconsin Freshmen Football 1, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Track Manager 2, Varsity Club 3, 4, Milwaukee State Teachers College 1, Chairman Annual Football Banquet 4. BRECHEISEN, HAROLD, B.A., Biology. .17, 70 816 N. Institute, Colorado Springs, Colorado Football 1, Chemistry Club 2, 3, Zoology Club 4, Geology Assistant 2, Botany Assistant 4. BREOHEISEN, JAMES, B.A., Pfyclzology 17,69,76,96,9s 816 N. Institute, Colorado Springs, Colorado President Seager Association 4, Cl, 2, 3, 41, Vice- President Student Volunteers 3, Cl, 2, 3, 41, Campus Project Chairman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Basketball 2, 3, 4, History Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Varsity Club 3, 4. BUNSE, DELPHA, B.A., Mn5ic,. .17, 62, '59, 68 Cosby, Missouri Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 4. BURTON, HOWARD, B.A., Hixfory czncl Mnric 18, 64 338 Orchard St., Elgin, Illinois Board 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Opera 2, 4, Carthage College 1. BRISSEY, JACK, B.A., Clzenzimfy. . .18, 56, 57 Belmont Station, Downers Grove, Illinois Engineering Club 1, Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Assistant 3, 4, Swimming team 1, 2, Zoology Club 3, 4, Aviation Club 4. Cook, INEZ, B.A., Home Economics .... 18, 74 Fleming, Colorado W. A. A. 1, Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Y. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4, Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 4. COOPER, D. LEONARD, B.A., Commerce 18,66,75,104,io5 25 N. Ohio Street, Aurora, Illinois Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. and Treas. 4, Student Board of Finance 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, 4, Student Assistant Commerce 4. COVERT, LEONA, B.S., Physical Eclucalion 18, 77, 110, 111, 109 Aurora, Illinois University of Iowa 1,2, Varsity Tennis 3, 4, W.A.A. 4. CRAIG, MARGARET, B.A., Social Science and Commerce ............... 18, 74, 75, 109 Berne, Indiana W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, W. A. A. Board of Control 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, Secretary 4, Home Economics Club 4, Varsity Tennis 2, 3. DEWTILDE, GILBERT, B.A., Social Science 18,54,67,70,75 908 Lexington Street, Wheaton, Illinois Debate 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, 4, Chronicle Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 CBusiness Manager 4, Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4, Liberal Club 3, 4, World Fellowship 4. DILL, HOWARD, B.M., Voice. . . 18, 62, 63, 58 4940 Wlashington Street, Downers Grove, Ill. Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 4, Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 QPresident 35, Opera "Martha" 1, Opera "Robin Hood" 2, Opera "Bartered Bride" 4, "Who's VVho Among Colleges in America" 4. DIVINE, ROBER'Y, B.A., Hirfoiy .... 19, 51, 54, 57,66,76,100,101 651 E. State Street, Huntington, Indiana Huntington College 1, Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, Football Manager 3, Assistant 2, Intra- murals 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Athletic Board of Control 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Chronicle 4, Sport's Editor Spectrum 4, VVriter's Club 4, General Chairman of Homecoming 4, Pep Committee 4, Sportscast 4, Y. INT. C. A. Social Room Committee, Social Commit- tee 4, History Club 4. ELLENBERGER, OTHO, B.A., Zoology ....... 16 336 S. Sleight, Naperville, Illinois Cvlee Club 1, 3, Zoo Club 1, 3, 4, University of Ill. 2, McKay 3, part of 4. FERCH, ROLLAND, B.A., Pryclzology .... 19, 63, I 58, 92 Menomonee Falls, VVisconsin Band 1, Opera 1, 2, and 4, Seager Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Deputation 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Men's Octette 1, 2, Chapel Committee 4, Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Zoology Club 2. FLESSERT, VVILLIAM A., B.S., Conzn1erce,..19, 75, 100 Mooseheart, Illinois Football 1, Track 3, Commerce Club 4, Track Manager 4. FRESHLEY, PAUL, B.M., Voice .... 19, 51, 63, 62,64,60,58,76,103 Homeworth, Ohio Mount Union College 1, Band 2, 3, 4 CStudent Con- ductor 45, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 4 CPresident 45, Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4, Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 4, CPresident 35, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Social Committee 3, Octette 3, Senior Play, Tennis Mgr. 3, Varsity Club 4, Opera 4. FRESHLEY, VVENDELL, B.A., Social Science 19,52,63,64,6o,58,69 Homeworth, Ohio Band 1, 2, 3, 4 CPres. 35, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CPres. 3, Business Mgr. 45, Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Men's Octette 2, 3, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Central Committee 2, 4, Booster Club Pres. 2, Social Committee 3, Seager Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Committee 4. GET2, VINCE, B.S., Conzinerce ........ 19, 100 725 N. Center Street, Naperville, Illinois Track 1, 4, Marquette University 2. GOLDSTEIN, MAXINE, B.S., Plzyrical Ealacalion 19, 92 Elgin, Illinois University of Illinois 1, 2, w. A. A. 3, 4. GRAMBSCH, PAUL, B.A., Social Science. .19, 52, 58, 76 Milwaukee, VVisconsin Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4, History Club 2. GREB, IXKIARY JANE, B.A., Social Science ana' Ham,-ir ................. 19, 52, 54, 57 131 E. Roosevelt Street, Appleton, VVISCONSIII W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4, History Club 2, 3, 4 CPres. 45,Spectrum 4, Chronicle 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3. GROTE, NANCY, B.A. Biology. .19, 57, 72, 73 207 N. Vermillion, Streator, Illinois Zoology Club 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 3,4. GUSTAFSON, KATHERINE, B.A., lllnric ancl English ...................,. 19, 54, 64 111 N. May Street, Aurora, Illinois Glee Club 3, Chronicle 4, Spectrum StafI'4, Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 4, Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4. HAMMERSMITH, MABEL, B.A., English. .19, 51, 52, 57, 109, 111 122 S. Brainard Street, Naperville, Illinois W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, CBoard 35, Y. W. c. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fCabinet 3, 45, History Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, Social Committee 1,2,3, 4, Spectrum 3, VVriter's Club 4. HENKE, JUNE, B.A., Englifli ...... 16, 52, 79 212 S. Moore Street, Blue Earth, Minnesota Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 4 QVice Pres. 35, W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fSecretary 25, Y. VV. C. A. Sec- retary 4, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, Vice Pres. Senior Class 4. HENNING, HAROLD, B.S., Biology, General Science ......... 20, 58, 66, 70, 72, 76, 100, 1o1,Io6,1o7,10s 124 john Street, Lockport, New York Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshmen Football, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Zoology Club 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta 4, Vice President Junior Class 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3 CCapt. C4, U.S. All-American Intercollegiate Swimming Team 1940, President Dolphin Fraternity 4, "Who's Who Among Student in American Universities and Col- leges", President Athletic Board of Control 4, Stu- dent Countil 4, Glee Club 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Homecoming Play 4, Senior Class Play 4. HIEBER, ROBERT, B.A., B.M., Gewnan and B Orgaigh' ......... 20, 62, 63, 64, 60, 78 ucyrus, io Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4, 5, Opera 1, 2, Men's Octette 1, 2, 4 CTraveling Squad5, Band 1, 2, 5, Sigma Rho Gam- ma 2, 3, 4, 5, Girl's Glee Club Accompanist 4, 5, Honor Society 4, 5. HOCHSPRUNG, LORRAINE, B.A., llfaflzenzaficf 20, 81 403 VVatson Street, Aurora, Illinois Spectrum Stal? 4. HOESCH, ARMIN, B.A., Englirlz ana' Plzilofoplzy 20, 52, 69, 100 609 S. Main, Temple, Texas Cvlee Club 3, Seager Association 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4. HOFERT, HERBERT, B.A., Biology .......... 20 27 S. Columbia St., Naperville, Illinois Zoology Club 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 1, 2. HOUDEN, L,LOYD5 B.S.5 Hisloig' and Physical Edncczlzon .......,........... 20, 92, 100 220 lhebster Street, Belvidere, Illinois Ifootball l, 3,145 Track 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Voca- tional Education VVeek Committee 4. HUKE, FIQANK5 B.A.5 Chcinislry, Mkzlhenzczfics, W Phyncs .... 5 .....,,,. 20,78,76,100,101 -09MN. Columbia Street, Naperville, Illinois Ifswk 1, 2, 3, 4, varsity Club 3, 4, student Council lRfP1'esentative at Largel 45 Freshmen VVork Chair- man 1. M. C. A. 35 Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4 CPresident 315 Honor Society 3, 4. HUNSINGER, PAUL5 B.A.5 Spccch ...... 20, 51, 55 67 69 70 81 88 89 7 7 7 7 7 7 F1f?dl21Y College 1, 25 Pi Kappa Delta 3, 45 Alpha Ps1.Omega 45. Cheerleader 35 Seager Association 3, 45 Social Committee 3, 45 Spectrum 3 CEditor 4D. "Land, ITIS!! ?341Merchant of Venice" 35 "Our Townn 45 ear . JENKS, ROMA5 B.S.5 Home Economics. .21, 109 420 Park Avenue, Wheaton, Illinois Chemistry Club 1, 25 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CPres. 415 Varsity Tennis 3, 4. JOHNSON, VIVIAN5 B.A.5 Zoology .... 21, 72, 73 226 Grant Avenue, Geneva, Illinois Beta Beta Beta.2, 3, 45 Zoology Club 1, 2, 3, 45 W.A.A. 1, 35 Homecoming Play 15 Chemistry Club 4. JUHNKE, ROBERT5 B.A.5 Biology. .21, 58, 76, 92 VVaseca, Minnesota Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club5 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Band 1, 25 President Minnesota Booster Club 35 Shakespeare Plays 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play. IXALA5, VERA5 B.A.5 Psychology ....... 21, 52, 59, 68, 74 204 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, Illinois Glee Club 1, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 P. K. Club 1, 2 fPres. 115 Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 45 Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 4D5 W. A. A. 35 Home Economics Club 3, 45 Art Club 35 Booster Club 3, 45 Western Union College, Iowa 1, 2. KAPP, LORENE5 B.A.5 Sociczl Science. .21, 59, 75 St. Joseph, Missouri St. Joseph Mo. Jr. College 1, 25 W. A. A. 3, 45 Band 35 Girls Glee Club 45 Commerce Club 45 Y. W. C. A. Committee 4. KocH, BESSIE5 B.A.5 English and Sociol Science 21 54 63 59 81 7 7 7 7 25 Cedar Street, Hartford, VVisconsin Parnassus 1, 35 WVriters Club 45 History Club 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chapel Choir 45 Spectrum 45 W. A. A. 45 Homecoming Banquet Chairman 4. KocH, DoRoTHY5 B.A.5 English and Social Scicncc ...................... 21, 79, 77 1261 E. Oak Street, Kankakee, Illinois W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Sigma Tau Delta 3 fTreasurer 41. KOLANDER, EILEEN5 B.M.5 Voice 21, 63, 59, 65 2663 N. 40th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wisconsin Conservatory of Music 1, 25 Alpha Psi Omega CSec. Treas.j 3, 45 Chapel Choir 3, 45 Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Girls Octette 3, 45 Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 W. A. A. 35 Senior Play 45 Orchestra 35 Wisconsin Booster Club President 35 Opera 4. LAIER, JEAN, B.S.5 Home Economics .... 21, 74, 77, 109,110,111 2394 Seneca Street, Buffalo, New York W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Board of Control 3, 45' Class Treasurer 25 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y arsity Tennis Manager 3. LAMBRECHT, INIARY IALICE5 B.A.5 English cincz' Music ..........,........ 21, 62, 59, 77 Jellerson, VViscons1n l Girl's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 QPres.j5 Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 45 Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 4 CPFCS-23 Ofchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 QPres.l LEE, RICHARD5 B.A.5 Zoology . .21, 57, 72 615 Sexton Street, Aurora, Ill1no1s Men's Glee Clubg Zoology Club5 Chemistry Club. LEHR, ELMER5 B.A.5 Conzincrcc ........ 21, 75 Lohrville, VVisconsin a Varsity Football 25 Chemistry Club 1, 25 C0m1'I16I'CC Club 3, 4. LENZNER, SHIRLEY ANNE, B.A.5 English and Music ..... . ....... 22, 52, 59, 62, 63, 78 Cass City, Michigan I Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 45 Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 419 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chapel Choir 3, 45 Student Council Secretary 45 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 45 Freshman Class Treasurer5 Sophomore and Junior Class Sec- retary. LEPIEN, IRVIN5 B.A.5 Philosophy ...... 22, 58, . 63,64,69 Hartford, VViscons1n, R. R. 1, Box 20 Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Men's Octette 1,.25 Orchestra 1, 2, 45 Chapel Choir 3, 45 Seager Associa- tion 2, 3, 45 Opera Chorus 1, 2. LEPIEN, PHYLISSQ Music. . .22, 59, 63 Hartford, VViscons1n U 1 B Girl's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Claibrarian 415 Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 4 CSec. Treas. 455 Chapel Choir 2, 3, 45 Opera 1, 2, 4. Locke, ELEANORE5 B.S.5 Physical Education, English ........ 22, 51, 54, 77, 1-10, 111 940 Crescent Blvd., Glen Ellyn Illinois W. A. A. 1,2,3,4 CBoardJ 1,2,4xY-W- C-A-, 1,2, 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Social Committee 3, 4. MACHEWICZ, LILLIANQ B.A.5 English .... 22, 54 3542 S. VVesley Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois Morton Junior College 1, 25 Writers Club 3, 45 Chron- icle 3, 45 W. A. A. 35 Dramatics 3, 45 Alpha Psi Omega 45 Debate 4. MARTIN, DANIEL5 B.A.5 Chemistry and Biology 22, 76 35 Bank Street, Batavia, New York 5 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Zoology Club 35 Football 1, 25 Swimming 1, 2. MAYER, FRANCES5 B.A.5 Home Economics 22, 74 500 Shimo Ochiai, 1 Chome, Yodobashikee, Toyko, Japan W. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1, 2, 45 Woman's Representative 45 Home Economics Club 2, 3, 45 fPresident 4J. MAzzo, VINCENT5 B.A.5 Biology. .22, 72, 76,100 18 S. Washington St., Naperville, Illinois Football 1, 2, 35 Track 2, 3, 45 Zoology Club 3, 4. INICJUNKIN, DAVID, B.A., Eizgiixh ......... 23 92-1 N. 1Yheaton Avenue, IYheaton, Illinios McKAY, JANET, B.A., Eizgiifh ............ 23 550 S. Fourth Street, Aurora, Illinois Spanish Club l, 1Vriter's Club 4, Y. NV. C. A. 2, 3, 4, Lindenwood College 1. INIEDAL, EMILY, B.A., Sofia! Srif1zre..23, 52, 68, 77, 110, 111 6118 N. .Austin Avenue, Chicago, Illinois W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, VV. A. A. Board ofControl 2, 3, 4, Y. YV C. A. Cabinet 3, 4 CPresident 41, History Club 3. BIILLBERGER, EMILY, B.A., Eizgliilz .... 23, 78, I 77, 110 7236 S. Mozart Street, Chicago, Illinois W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 4, VVriter's Club 4, Spectrum 4. BIILLER, DORO'FHY, B.A., Commerce ....... 23 1487-1 Faust, Detroit, Michigan Commerce Club 3, 4, VV. A. A. 3. MILLER, MARCIANNA, B.S., Plzy.vifaiEa'ufa1'i0a and Biology ........ 23, 51, 77, 110, 111 406 E. 4th Avenue, Naperville, Illinois VV. A. A. 2, 3, 4, fBoard 3, President 41, Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Board of Control 4, May Fete Chairman 4. NEEvEs, ORLA, B.A., Eizgiirlz aaa' Hiyloigy. .23 Oswego, Illinois History Club 1, 2, 3, 4, W. A. A. 2, Art Club 2, 3, VVriters Club 4. NELSON, VIRGINIA, B.A., Eizgiiflz. . .23, 78, 79 Liberty, Missouri Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 4 QSec.1, Writers Club 3, 4, Spectrum 4. OLIVER, GUY, B.A., Speech aaa' Sofia! Science 23,52,58,70,76,106,107 25 N. Brainard Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheer Leader 1, 2, 3, News Editor Chronicle 1, 2, 3, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Club, Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4 fPres. 41, Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4, President Forensic Board 3, Y. M. C. A. Publicity Chairman 4, Chairman Pep Committee 4, Chemistry Club 1. OLIVER, JEAN, B.A., Alarir ....... 16, 54, 59, 62,77,11O,111 25 N. Brainard Street, Naperville, Illinois Cheerleader 1, Glee Club 1, 2, fVice-Pres.14, W. A. A. 1, 2 fCabinet 3, 41 Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4, Y. VV. C. A. 1, Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Sigma Rho Gamma 2, 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4 CVice President1, Homecoming Play 3, Shakespearian Play 2, Secretary Senior Class, Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4. PAULI, OHM, B.M., Voice 23, 62, 63, 64, 60, 58 Humboldt, Kansas Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg 1, 2, Chapel Choir 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, CSec. 41, Band 3, 4 CPres. 41, Track 3, Senior Play, Opera 4, lVIen's Octette 3, CSec.1, Sigma Rho Gamma, Orchestra 3. PEGG, DOROTHY, B.A., Eizgliyh. .23, 54, 79, 81 940 Highland Ave. Sec. Freshman Class, Vice-Pres. Soph. Class, Chronicle 1, 2, 4, Writers Club 1, 2, 4, N.I.S.T.C. 3 Cextension1 Cardinal 4 N.C. Honor Society 4, Spectrum 1, 2, 4, Sigma Tau Delta 4. PETERSON, LLOYD, B.A., Hixfovj' .......... 23 Joliet, Illinois Evanston Collegiate Institute, Nebraska Wesleyan Uuiversity. POLMANTEER, VIRGINIA, B.M., Piazza ..,.. 2-1, 59, 62 Rockford, Michigan Sigma Rho Gamma2,3,4,Girl's Glee Club 2,3,4. RAECRER, EVELYN, B.A., Eizgiirh ..... 24, 63, 77, 110 lNIason City, Iowa Glee Club 3, Chapel Choir 3, 4, YY. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Debate 1. RAECKER, JEANETTE, B.A., Bibie and Refigioizr Edzzfalioiz .................. 16, 51, 111 Meservey, Iowa VV. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Central Committee 3, Social Com- mittee 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 CSec. 3, 41, Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 4 CPres. 31, Student Council 3, 4, Y. VV. C. A., Senior Class Play 4. RICE, MARION, B.A., Hiyloij' ..... 24, 54, 57 Detroit, Michigan VVriter's Club 3, 4, History Club 2, 3, 4, CV. Pres.1, W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Varsity Debate 4. RIEBEL, HAROLD, B.A., fllaflzefzzafirr and Plzyrica ................ 2-1, 78, 100, 102 218 N. Columbia Street, Naperville, Illinois Football 1, 2, 3, 4 CCapt. 41, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, King Rex, Honors Society, Varsity Club, Y. M. C. A. Treas. 3. RITZEN'FHALER SHIRLEY, B.A., Eizgfifli. .2-1, 64 Prairie View, Illinois Girl's Glee Club 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 fSec. 41, Student Volunteers 3, 4. SCAGLIOLA, DANE, B.A., Phyfira, Ilfaflzemafim 24, 78 161 Edgeland Street, Rochester, New York Engineering Club 1, 2, 3, President Engr. Club 3, N. C. HonOr's Society, Who's Who in Colleges and Universities. SCHOTTENHAMEL, GEORGE, B.A., Hirfoiji. . .24 5521 Dunham Road, Downers Grove, Illinois W1-iter's Club. SCHULTZ, NAOMI, B.A., Zoology ..... 2-1, 57, 72 329 Hamilton, Caro, Michigan Zoology Club 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 3, 4. SHAFFER, DIOHN, B.A., PJ'1'fh0f0g'.1' ...... 25, 51, 52,58,69,76,92,103 Salix, Pennsylvania Football 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Varsity Club, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 3, 4, Y. Cabinet 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4, Central Com- mittee Chairman 4, Seager Association 3, 4. SHEPHERD, ALLEN, B.S., Hixfwy, Pfzyriraf Ea'- izrafioiz ..................... 25, 63, 57 Seymour, VVisconsin Zoology Club 2, Men's Glee Club 3, 4, History Club 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 4. SHEPHERD, JOSEPH, B.A., Hirtoilv, P5V1'Cll0f0,2"1' 25, 58 Knox, Indiana Glee Club 4, VVriter's Club 4, Seager 1, 2, 3, 4. STANGER, GEORGE, B.A., lblollieozoticr and Hiftory ,.................... 16, 76, 100 834 Forest Avenue, Deerfield, Illinois Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, CVice Pres. 3. Pres. 41, President Senior Class 4, Treasurer of Jr, Class. STEINRE, ED, B.A., lllollzeozolicf ....... 25, 77 501 Bryant Avenue, Glen Ellyn, Illinois Armour Tech 1, Writer's Club 4, Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4. STERN, MARY' JANE, B.A., Zoology .... 25, 51, 72, 73 127 VVest 9th Avenue, Naperville, Illinois Art Club 1, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4 CHistorian 41, Zoology 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 3, 4, Pennsylvania Booster Club 1, 2 CVice Pres. 21. STREIE, GORDON, B.A., Social Scienoe. .25, 49, 66,67,78,76,106,107,108 140 Randolph Street, Rochester, New York Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, History Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Y. IN1. Cabinet 3, Central Committee 3, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Student Finance Board 4, Publications Board 4, Student Body President 4. THOMPSON, DONALD, B.A., Clzemirfry and Zoology ................. 25, 72, 73, 78 443 Taylor Avenue, Glen Ellyn, Illinois Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4 CSec. 31, Zoology Club 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta 3, 4 CVice Pres. 41, Honor Society 3, 4. THORNTON, IRENE, B.A., Zoology ......... 25 827 Edwardsburg Avenue, Elkhart, Indiana W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics 3, 4. TOMPRINS, CLINTON, B.A., General Scienre 26,58,76,1OO 19 N. Brainard, Naperville, Illinois Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, Opera 1, 2, Varsity :Cltlb 4, Varsity Track Manager 3, Chemistry Club TOOLEY, LAVERN, B.A., Psychology ....... 25 Sauk City, Wisconsin Seager 1, 2, 3, 4, Chapel Committee 2, 3, World Fellowship 3, Campus Projects 4. 124 TROYER, VERA, B.A., History ...,,........ 25 353 Plum Street, Aurora, Illinois Northern Illinois State Teacher's College University. Chicago UMBREIT, HENRY, B.S., Commerce ..,.. 25, 76, 96, 98 2616 Mildred Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor of Sportscast 4, Golf 2. VVESSLINO DOROTHY, B.S., Home Erorzomicy 25, 74, 77 607 Deerfield Avenue, Deerfield, Illinois 3-Io4me Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CVice Pres. 41, WA..-X. I VVHITE, ROBERT, B.A., Zoology .... 26, 57, 70, 72, 73, 102 105 S. Ellsworth Street, Naperville, Illinois Pres. Soph Class, Pres. Beta Beta Beta 4, Zoology Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club. WINOERT, WAYNE, B.A., Hiriory ....., 26, 58, 60, 63 Bonlield, Illinois Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Octette 2, 3 CPres. 31, Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Deputation 1, 2, 3, 4. VVRIGHT, MAX, B.A., Social Salome. .26, 58,100 Concordia, Kansas Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 4, Y. INI. C. A. Cabinet 3, Senior Play 4, Playhouse Guild Play 4, College League CVice President1 4, Intramurals, Seager Association 2, 3, 4. XIAGER, LOUISE, B.A., Home Eoonomicf. . .26, 57, 74, 110 Geneseo, Illinois Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, History Club 3, 4, Parnassus 3, Chemistry Club 3, W.. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Band 2. YODER, ELWINQ B.A., Com11zerre..16, 51, 64, 58, 76, 75, 81 1013 S. Second Street, Elkhart, Indiana Men's Representative of Senior Class, Vice-Pres. Pres. Student Council 4, Junior Class President, Men's Glee Club 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 2, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Commerce Club 2, 3, CPres 41, Indiana. Booster Club CPres. 31, College Day Chairman 3, Spectrum 4, Social Committee 4, Dolphin Club 4, Freshmen Football, Senior Play, Swimming Team 2, 3, 4. YVe proudly announce that the Spectrum of North Central College is now a member of the National Scholastic Press Association. The purpose of the Association is to make possible cooperative effort on the part of scholastic editors for the continual improvement of school publications so that they may better serve the cause of education and the individual institutions that they represent. Below we present the emblem of this association. M Sfhgl QXSXK V If ly, 'Q-+0-4' 'f5S4ssoLlP-W 125 Dear Reader: The Spectrum is the crystalization of some of your college memories. The crystalization has been done by a hard Working staff. May We here pay tribute to those who have assisted in the making of this book. The idea was conceived by the editor and pounded into shape oy the staff. Roy Gustafson is responsible for the layouts and art Work, Bob Divine and Chuck Dailey dave taken care of the sport section. Kate Gustafson iieaded a line staff ofcopy Writers. Dale Harshman has 'iandled the business end of the book. Sally VValker das helped with the editor's Work, and Ema Lu Kellogg the secretary, has been most faithful in her Work as typist. Tubby Yoder has been a general pest and Rosemary Heiser has been thxbcklndrffs ghrgrfae fhrdsxya. Mr. Crooker from Jahn and Ollier, the engravers, Joe Russo of Roger's Printing Co. and Mr. Miller of Koverliraft have given the needed professional advice. To all We pay our tribute. As editor, it has been a priviledge to bring you this book. Say what you Will. I've done my best. I hope you like it. Ye Ed, Hunsie. 126 Zlhhertisments To you who have read this far, read a little fa rther. d make what precedes possible. Wlhat follows helpe to B aff' 127 ly re f,,7- l 4-I Cfhangelical Ulibeulugical inzminarp NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS Established in 1873 0. I IE Ii , 4. K as .,. Z 5 e Em RANCH MAIN BUILDING Ninety-Three students enrolled for the academic year 1940-41 represent nineteen conferences in the Evangelical Church in the United States, in the Dominion of Canada and in Japan. More than 700 graduates have gone from this center to interpret and to demonstrate what Christianity means. 128 ,ir -Q 115 f P' 'fr FACULTY MEN CONFER H. R. HEININCQER, PH.D. R. H. ELLER, PH.D. H. H. KALAs, M.A. W. C. HARR, S.T.M. Doctrine History Preaching Missions P. E. KEEN, MA. D. RIEBEI., PH.D. F. GEORGE, M.A. New Testament Education Old Testament fllihangelinal Zlliheuluginal ivsminarp NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS Faculty-Student-Community established by the Evangelical Church for the training of men for thc ministry!- Graduate preparation for the pastorate-A three year course for college graduates leads to the Bachelor of Divinity degree-Licensed ministers of the Evangelical Church with two years of college may qualify after three years study for the Diploma-Accredited by the American Association of Theological Schools. Address correspondence H. R. HEININGER, President, Naperville, Illinois. ,MM l , ,..,..' 129 0 f t 0 Yol' Nc.: THEO- LOGIANS li4lAT LASALLE DANVILLE Wm. H. Flentye and Co. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Graham Building Aurora Telephone 8411 AURORA ELGIN For just a snack or a full course dinner it's the PINE KNOT 24 Hour Service OGDON AVE. NAPERVILLE PERRY'S GARAGE 205 Brainard St. Phone 158 SPORTS SUPPLIES EYTENSION CORDS HEATING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES RASSWEILER HARDWARE COMPANY 14-16 W. Chicago Ave. Student Directory ABBOTT, MARGARET .................. 42, 57, 72, 77 Broadlawn Farm, Downers Grove, lll. Acc0LA, HARVEY' .......,...................... 42, 58 Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin ALLEN, DOLLYNELLE .,................... .. .... 42 4605 Linscott Ave. Downers Grove, Ill. ALLEN, FRANK ..................,.......... 42, 56, 94 634 N. Spring Ave., La Grange, Ill. ALLEN, GORDON ....,....................,..... 42, 94 110 Grand Blvd., Battle Creek, Mich. ALLEN, JANE ........,....,.................. .... 4 2 537 Mich. Ave., North Land du Lac, Wis. ALLISON, MARION ,........I....................., 344 Prospect Ave., Glen Ellyn, lll. ANDERSON, WALTER ..,... 28, 66, 76, 92, 96, 98, 104 530 N. May St., Aurora, lll. ANDRES, HAROLD ......,.,....,................... 56 Elmore Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. ARLEN, MARX' ......,............. 34, 51, 54, 77, 109 35 W. Franklin Ave., Naperville, Ill. ARNDT, JEAN .......,.......,................. 34, 74 980 Edward Ave., Louisville, Ken. ATTIG, RUTH MARIE ....,............,.. 42, 64, 59, 77 225 N. Columbia St., Naperville, Ill. AUGUSTINE, ELIZABETH .,,..................... 34, 77 416 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville, lll. BACKEMEYER, KEITH ......,,.,.......,... ....... 3 4 G78 Van Buren St., Gary, Indiana BACRLUND, RICHARD ....,......,.............. 42, 56 5441 Park Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. BAILEY, RICHARD ............,......,.. ....... 3 4 111 W. North, Elmhurst, I11. BARTLING, BETTY ........,................. 42, 57, 77 260 Sunset Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. BATES, JAMES ...... 34, 51, 57, 75, 76, 96, 98, 100, 101 1619 S. Main St., Elkhart, lnd. BAUMGARTNER, MARY .....,................... 42, 72 266 Hendricks St., Berne, Ind. BAUMGARTNER, RUTH ............. ,..,.. 3 4, 52, 74 1634 21st Ave., Monroe, Wis. BEAMS, JOHN ........................ 34, 58, 69, 100 1034 Northwood St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. BECRER, CHARLOTTE ,....................... 28, 34, 74 Preston, Minnesota BEEBE, ROBERT ........................ .... 3 4, 56 510 E. Benton, Ave., Naperville, Ill. BEHER, WILLIAM ...,.................. ..... 4 2 351 Lawndale Ave., Aurora, lll. BEITEL, JEANNE .......,.......... ..... 4 2 Rochelle, lll. BENNETT, ELEANOR .......... ,.... 4 2, 74 R.E.D. 2, Lemont, lll. BENNING, MERLE .......... .... 3 4, 72, 75 Davis, lll. Keller Heart Lumber and Fuel Company FUEL OILS LUMBER-BUILDING MATERIALS COAL-COKE-WOOD CLARENDoN HILLS, ILLINOIS Home aundry 0 HA HOME LAUNDRY FOR HOME FOLKSH OFFICIAL COLLEGE LAUNDRY O 937 Curtiss Street-Downers Grove, Illinois -Telephone 57 131 14ARN!EY KRUECBER ACEENCY ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 135 S. Washington Street Telephone 7 NAPERVILLE, ILL. I' STUDENT DIRECTORY BENNING., SHIRL ,....4....,,..,,,. .,... 3 4, 58,104 Dav1s,lll. BERGER, DEAN .,....,,...,..... .,., 3 4, 57, 58, 94 B 122351. 28th Sr. , ERGER, ILBERT .,....,....,.....,............,. 42 Comphments of 530 Clay sf., Mishawaka, Ind. BERNHARDT, LAuREN'r ....,.,.,... 28, 52, 63, 64, 58 Seymour, Wis. BEYLER, lVIARIAN .,..........,....,.... ..,.. 2 8, 73 153 N. Julian St., Naperville, lll. BEYLER, ROGER .,....,........,,..,...... 42, 106, 107 Jllllall St., Naperville, B1oELow, JOHN ..,,......,............ .....,... 4 2 332 W. Maple St., Lombard, Ill. BLACKMORE, JOHN .........,....,,,..,.. .,... 2 8, 75 4131 Grove Ave., Western Springs, lll. BLANC, MARCELLA ....................,..... 42, 57, 72 628 Lebanon St., Aurora, Ill. BLANK, Lois ...,......,..,.. 28, 52, 57, 59, 68, 111 740 Kolb St., Akron, Ohio 30 S' J ff. BLEILER, RUTH ..,.,.........,..,,..........,,..,. 28 O 'MOH 2232 sth st., Mom-oe, Mic-h. 1 BCEREL, FREDERICK .........,..... ..., 2 8, 57, 76 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS R..F.D., Naperville, Ill. BONNE, RICHARD ...,.,...., ...34, 92 Monroe Center, lll. BoNfro, VIRGIL.. .,...,...........,....., . . .28 3700 S. Broadway, Wichita, Hans. - ,I 1 BORTZ, RL7SSELl. .,,.,..........,........... .,... 4 2 B111df'1'R F01 5169 watson st., N. W., wash. D. c. NGRTH CFNTRAL BossERT, CLAYTON , .........,..i......... .... 4 2, 56 ' J ' Reddick, Ill. COLLEGE LIBRARY Bossi-IARDT, JUNE. .,,.........,... ..... 4 2, 68 2177 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minn. BOULTON, FREDERICK ................. ,.... 4 2 R. R. 2 Naperville, Ill. BOURLAND, HAROLD .,.....,.............,.....,... 34 433 Franklin St.,Downers Grove, Ill. BRANCH, ELIZABETH ...................,,,,. 34, 51, 52 233 Maple St., Manistique, Mich. BR-AND, CARLYLE .......,............ ,... 4 2, 63, 58 COMPLIMENTS or Olivia, Minn. BRAYTON, BARBARA ...., . . , ......... 42, 72, 77 DUPAGE IKHLERYNORKS NAPERVILLE, ILL. Helferson, Wis. BRowN, CHARLOTTE ......,.......,...... 28, 54, 55, 78 529 Burlington, Downers Grove, Ill. BRUNS, CARL ..........,,.............,.... 42, 64, 58 Auburn, Iowa BUHOLZ, DUANE ......... ......... 4 2 Ortonville, Minnesota BULTHOL1SE,HAZEL .......... .... 4 2,72 Warrenville, Illinois BURDICK, RUTH ............ ......... ............ 4 2 1644 Fargo Ave., Chicago BURER, ALEXANDER ..................... 28, 50, 67, 70 106 S. Columbia St., Naperville, Ill. 132 DEVOE and RAYNOLDS CO. Inc. ARTIST MATERIALS 135 S. Wabash Avenue Chicago, Illinois me 320 QUALITY DRY CLEANING EXPERT TAILORING MAZZA CLEANERS 18 S. W3ShlIlgIlKlI1 St. Naperville, Ill. Through the Compliments of THE SCHULER-BRAUM COMPANY, Inc. MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY MILL WORK ll-1-I D63,l'IJO1'I1 St. Aurora, Ill. PHONE 8025 SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO. SHERWINJWIIIAMS I PAINTS 23 N. Broadway TELEPHONE AURORA, ILL. AURORA 2-2733 133 T I LA MIGHELL MOTOR CO. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE "The Garage At The Bridge" T H E OGDEN AVE. STUDENTS! PROFESSORS! when you Want STYLE FIT QUALITY in men'S clothing, IHS S T E W A R T ' S CLOTHING STORE 1 S. Broadway Aurora, 111 STUDENT DIRECTORY BUSACCA, CLINTON ,.....,,....,..,,,...,. ..., 4 3 5040 21st Ave., Kenosha, Wis. BUSACCA, JOHN ,..,,....,.,....,.., ..,. 3 5 5040 21st Ave., Kenosha, Wis. BUSH, DOUGLAS ...........................,....... 43 709 Hillside Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. BUTENHOFF, ROBER'I' ..........,...,..... 35, 63, 57, 72 Markesan, Wisconsin BUTLER, VINCENT .....,... ,....,..... Howard City, Michigan BYRD, ROBERT ,....,.........,.,......, ......... 4 3 205 S. Hudson St., Westmont, Ill. CAMERON, MARGARET ,...,,. .....,,... .... 3 5 , 52, 56 Hilton, New York CAMPBELL, CLIFFORD .......,............ ...43, 56 1009 Maple Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. CARD, ANNA ............................ .... 4 3, 74 Otselic, New York CARDIN, CARL .,.,..................... . ..43, 56 5316 Blodgett, Downers Grove, Ill. CARLSON, ALLAN ...................,. .... 2 8, 75 4 S. Fordham, Aurora, 111. CARLSON, VIRGINIA .,............ . ,, 43, 57, 74 920 Charles St. Aurora, Ill. CHAMBERLIN, MARTHA .,,...,....,..,.... 28, 63, 59,111 Nappanee, Indiana CHATTERTON, RUTH .... 29, 50, 54, 55, 67, 72, 73, 77, 111 ST WORD 614 S. Hale St., Wheaton, Ill. CHRISTOFERSEN, BEATRICE .......I....,,......l 35, 62 206 W. Douglas Ave., Naperville, Ill. CLULOW, BETTY ,,........................ ..., 4 3 1128 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. COLE, MARY ,..I........................ .,.. 3 5, 74 2747 Oakman Court, Detroit, Mich. COLE, ROBER ,.....,.... ...................... 4 3, 94 1034 Chester Park Drive, Duluth, Minn. COLLEY, JEANETTE .,.......................... 29, 108 2258 W. 111th Place Chicago, 111. CORNILS, VERNE ,.........,.,.,,.....,,.. .,.... 5140 Benton Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. CRANDELL, JACK ................,....,. . ,... 43 569 Galena Blvd., Aurora, Ill. CRUMMY, MAUREEN ................,......, .. 27 N. Washington St., Naperville, Ill. CURRY, RAYMOND ................,....... ..,. 4 3 772 George St., Aurora, Ill. CURTIS, BARBARA ............,..................,. 43 246 Hill Ave., Glen Ellyn, I11. DAILEY, CHARLES .... 35, 54, 56, 56, 76, 92,100,104,106,87 4331 Forest Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. DAILY, MARTHA ....,...............1........,.... 43 4832 Montgomery, Downers Grove, Ill. DAILY, SHERWOOD ......,....... 30, 54, 72, 106, 107 4832 Montgomery Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. DANA, ROBERT .....,.......,.................. 43, 75 4058 Grand Ave., Western Springs, Ill. John A. Schmidt Investment Company l N V E S T M E N T S Real Estate Suite 1210 Insurance 111 W. Washington St.-Chicago, Illinois This aerial picture shows the great airport-campus of the Lewis School of Aeronautics. On the far left you can see the airplane hangers. Class rooms, flight operations oflices, gymnasium and dormitories, are in the SELECTED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO TRAIN PILOTS Already hundreds of students have been graduated from Lewis School of Aeronautics at Lockport, Illinois, under the Civil Pilot Training plan. Students from all over America have selected Lewis School of Aeronautics because of its splendid facilities as a complete aeronautical college. Engineering students work toward their Bachelor of Science degreeg Airplane and Engine mechanics train for their Govern- ment certificates as Master Mechanics, Flight students study systematic ground school courses and Hy toward their pilot certificates. Lewis School of Aeronautics is a Government-approved flight school and virtually every student enrolled is granted deferment from selective service until the completion of his courses, at which time his training for aeronautical work gives him a reasonable selection of the type of service he prefers. AERONAUTICAL AIRPLANE AND PROFESSIONAL PILOTS ENGINEERING ENGINE MECHANICS W3 MOORE LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY 'll i . Y. f ymiygriyimifaqqxrepgqge 5qL.5,MI.?s gps' f ' ":fs5.1v.w:y5-- . ' - - .-1-sp Dealexs In Lumbel and All Ixinds n i. 4 ,l ?r 'I-if--2511: -.ess-.-r-sy. " 'I . . ,I A I I II IJ-:A :..,.. .. N Q1-,SEI .-12735 Jig ' ""3?-"' " .' " 9 '--rl: 4. ,P W . .. fllllll... of Building Materials I 'I 315 S. MAIN ST. PHONE NAPERVILLE 10 "V ' " ' 'eil 135 center. Dining and private student rooms are on the right . FOUCEK'S DRUG STORE "The Prescription Shop" 2 Registered Pharmacists l 117 S. Washington St. Telephone 68 i -l STUDENT DIRECTORY Y when You Need Good DARFLER, DONALD .........,..............,... 43, 56 330 S. Brainard St., Naperville, lll. ' ' . DARNELL, MARIAN ............,. 29, 70, 77, 110, 81 Workmanshlp SSG, 206 N. Columbia Sf.,Napefva11e, Ill. DAVIS, LOIS ,......,...,.......................,.. 429 E. Van Buren, Naperville, lll. DAVIS, MARY .....,..,.........,........ 35, 51, 54, 77 16156 Bentley, Detroit, Mich. Painter hpaper Hanger DAVEil-givlfiirljliilifi .........,......., ........... 4 3 DAWSON, LESLIE ..........,..,. .......... 3 5 , 202 Blackhawk, Aurora, 111. 415 PJ- BGMOI1 Phone 458411 DEABLER, HAROLD ,..,.... ...,. .... 4 3 , 64, 58 Lake Odessa, Mich. DENKER, ALLAN ,..,. ....,....,....,.., .......... 2 9 5731 N. Drake Ave., Chicago, Ill. DENNIS, JOE ..,.............,..,.... .... 2 9, 54 205 S. Chase St., Wheaton, lll. DERANOO, FRANK ...,............ .... 4 3, 94 .I A - U 2501 East Ave., Berwyn, Ill. AJ 506161556 Pfam DEXHEIMER, ROBERT ,.........,.,.......... 29, 57, 103 519 N. Brainard St., Naperville, 111. 1 DIBBLE, MAN1,EY' .,.......,.....,.,..,. .,.. 4 3 M C E L R O Y S Box 142 Oswego, Ill. DIEHL, MARGARET .,..,....... .... .... 4 3 Route 1, Naperville, Ill. DIKE, CAROLYN ,.,........,.........,.. ...,.... 4 3 615 N. Wheaton Ave., Wheaton, lll. A DILLEN, KATHARINE .....,.........,........ 35, 54, 14 '- ' ' 505 S. Main St., Syracuse, lnd. in Condznoned DILLEN, LOIS ....,,....,........... .,.. 4 3 505 S. Main St., Syracuse, Ind. UAS. 30 Plainheld, Ill. DOEDE, WILLIAM ....,...,.....,,....... .......... 2 9 Denmark, Wisconsin DOMM, CAROLINE .........,.,.. 29, 57, 72, 73, 109 529 Chicago Ave., Naperville, Ill. DOUGLAS, CHARLES ...,....,.,..,,........... 29, 92 118 Main St., W. Chicago, Ill. A DONNEWORTI-I, MILDRED ....,......,..,. ...29, 63, X4 30 E. Franklin Ave., Naperville, Ill. F, S, DOVENSPIKE, HARRY ........,.......... ....35, 69 Main Street, Hawthorn, Pa. 43 DRISOOLL, SHIRLEY ................... .... 1629 Asbury Ave., Evanston, 111. DUNCAN, DONALD .....,................ .... 4 3 Steel Bars-Angles 502 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. DUNHAM, HARRIETT .................. I ,........ 29, 59 1295 Kearsley Park Blvd., Flint, Mich. WELDING DUSEK, FRANK ............................ .... 3 5 438 Prairie Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. Phone 220-111 Naperville EBERHARDT, EDWARD ....................... 19, 57, 103 656 Mid. Dr. Woodruff, Indianapolis, Ind. 43 58 69 EBERT, ALVIN .............................. , , 323 Grove St., Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 136 NAPERVILLE PHYSICIANS DR. PALMER GOOD1OC'l1LIST 4 S. XVashington St. DR. GILBERT L. HICIQS-OPTOMETRIST 325 N. Sleight St., Phone 661 DR. L. J. KUNSCH 124 S. Washington St., Phone 8 DR. WALTER L. MIGELY 39 W. Jefferson St., Phone 15 DR. EDWARD S. MOSER 4 S. Washington St., Phone 6-J DR. ARTHUR R. RIKLI 17 Court Place, Phone 154 NAPERVILLE DENTISTS DR. O. A. GOETZ 136 S. VVashington St., Phono 260 DR. M. R. HARMON-ASSOCIATE DR. F. F. ENC'K 4 S. Washington St., Phone 567 DR. THOMAS WHITE 120 S. VVashington St., Phone 46-M The Covers on this book were Made by: K O V E R K R A F T YEARBOOK COVERS 3249 W. Harrison St. Phone Vanburen 413 Chicago, I11. 137 FTIOSOI' BUSINESS COLLEGE PAUL MOSER, J. D., PH.B. Only Four Year High School Graduates Enrolled l STUDENT DIRECTORY EBY, ROBER'I' ,.....,..,......,..,....,......,.,... 35 N 831 Fifth st., Aurora, 111. RHLERS, LETA ..,.. ,.,............,4 .,., 2 9 , 63, 59, 74 5016 Main St., Kansas City, Missouri EICKMEYER, RAY ,....,.,..,.,.,.,.......,.. 4724 Seely Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. EIOENBRODT, GLENN ..,.,..,..... R. R. S, Faribault, Minn. ELGERT, WALTER Cavalier, N. Dak. 125 Garden St., Lockport, New York 1614 Locust, Saint Joseph, Mo. ESSIG, HOWARD ...,..,.......,...., 304 Arcade Ave., Elkhart, Ind. ETTINGER, WILLIAM .............,.... 239 Kenilworth, Glen Ellyn, Ill. ...,...43 ......,.35,58,f2,73 l ENZINNA, PETER .,........,......,... 43, 106, 107, 108 ERFFMEYER, CATHRYN ..,................ 29, 64, 78, 74 . . . .29, 75 . . . .43, 57 Gregg and Pitman Shorthand -also Stenotypy Day and Evening Courses. Evening Courses open EVERSOLE, GLADX'S .,..,............ .,.. 3 5 to men and women. Beginners Classes start first Helena Monday of each th Advanced Students may en- E C 3 ter any Monday. Interesting Booklet sent free, without VERT, HARLE-S --'---A--- U -----4---- --"-- I obligation-write or phone. No solicitors employed. Granvllle Avg, Ch1Cag0, Also Special lntenszve Coursefar EVERT, JOHN ............,..,..,.......... 35, 54, 103 College Graduates and Undergraduates. 1945 Granville Avg., Chicago, Ill, Slafls jan. 1, April l,july 1, 001.1 FAGER, RUTH .........,.................,,. 29, 57, 72 ll6 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Randolph 4347 1434 W. State St., Rockford, Ill. FARLEY, VIRGINIA .....,.. 29, 62, 63, 59, 65, 68, 78 Ashton, Illinois FARNHAM, ROBERT .... ...,..............,... 4 3, 56 Reddick, Illinois FARRELL, EDWARD. ,,........... ..... .... 3 5 203 George St., W. Chicago, Ill. FAUST, CHARLES ...,.................. .......... 3 5 Urbana, Indiana FAUST, DORIS ...................... 29, 50, 59, 111 1324 Lane Blvd., Kalamazoo, Mich. FAUST, RUTH .,,.,..,.......... 28, 59, 77 96, 110 1324 Lane Blvd., Kalamazoo, Mich. FELTON, ELAINE ..,.......,............... ...., 4 3 4512 Saratoga Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. FERGUS, ROBER'Y ,............. ....,..... .... 4 3 166 Forest Ave., Glen Ellyn, . FERINGTON, RAYMOND ,.....,....,,...... ,.., 2 9, 92 39 Pound St., Lockport, New York FINNELL, KAY .....,.......,......,.,,. ,... 3 6 27 E. 124th St., Chicago, Ill. COMPLETE DRY CLEANING AND FLESSERT, WILLIAM ,.......... , .... . TAILORING SERVICE F EOUFI Place, OSIIICOSII, WIS. LETT, LIZABETH ..... ,....,.,..... .... 24 S. Sleight St., Naperville, Ill. FLIKEID, DONALD .,..............,. ..... 4 3 20 E. JEFFERSON AVENUE TELEPHONE 570 F08 71g9S'gf5IEi1RIg0mbardI IH' 36 54 R TT, ..,................ . , Manchester Road, Wheaton, Ill. FRANZEN, RALPH .................., .-.- 3 5 Cloverdale, Ill, I' i 7 .1 X I KEINER S MODERN 1 - ., ,JA SHOE ll , -if 'qw I U. , 2,1 Ea REPAIR SHOP . r , I -l ' I! " f I 4' , ' OLD WAY KEINER'S WAY 'eff , ' I i . " -' 3 ff ' , ' X. 214 S. MAIN str. NAPERVILLE, ILL. f , 4- " - ' ' .I I 138 Lei Gas D0 The 4 Big Jobs 5 COOKING ' REFRIGERATION ' WATER HEATING ' HOUSE HEATING G ppl h d mely styled, si1ent,aL1t01natic d Hi t tl t I t t 11 dl t t C pl t f d f h h Id d tl tl fg th d fl WE STERN UNITE GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY CARL BROEKER a CICD. NAPERVILLE'S BEST DEPARTMENT STORE WILLARD BROEKER, '26 STUDENT DIRECTORY FRANTZ, OLIVE ......................... 758 Deerfield Rd., Deerfield, lll. FRITZ, HARRY ...........,....4,.... 366 Jefferson Ave., Elgin, Ill. FROH LICH, DONALD .........,,..,...,. ..,. 4 3, 5230 Main St., Downers Grove, Ill. FRY, JOHN ..........................,..,,, 43, 63, 230 W. Spring Ave., Naperville, Ill. FRY, WENDELL ..........,....,...,....... ,.,, 4 3, 724 N. Brainard St., Naperville, Ill. CTAMERTSFELDER, MARJORIE ............, 830 N. Webster St., Naperville, Ill. GARVIN, RUTH ................,....,. 805 Hinman St., Aurora, Ill. GAS'F, DOROTHY ...,.........,... R. R. 3, Aurora, lll. GAUERRE, RICHARD ........,..,... ..... 43 W. Conron, Danville, Ill. GEIER, JAMES .,.............,..........,... 44, 56, Ortonville, Minn. 36 56 58 56 36 44 36 44 94 GEIOER, CHARLES, Qs, 50, 51, 52, 54, 58, 75, 76, 104 17503 Hilliard Rd., Lakewood, Ohio GERHARDT, RTURIEL ..............,....,.,.,..., 68 Q 5 5 f - Y., Bi Stone Cit ,South Dali. LLSTPJR BROEIXBR' H8 GIBSODE GALE, . ...,.......i.....,..., 30, 75, 92 K 311 W. Jefferson St., Clinton, Ill. ELAINE BROEKER, '40 GILL, MARTHA ....................... ....... 3 0 1035 N. Eagle St., Naperville, Ill. GILPATRICR, Louis ,...............,, 36 Plano, 1ll. GINTER, ROGER ..,............. . 44 2316 Harding Ave., Lansing, ic . 13 W' JEFFERSON G1vLER, JANE .......................,,.. ...., 5 5 220 N. Sleight St., Naperville, Ill. GLADING, THELMA .............. 36, 51, 63, 59, 77 111-12114 Street Ozone Park, Long Isl. N. Y. GOETZ, CHARLOTTE ................,........... 36 804 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville, Ill. GORDON, ARCHER .......,,....,.,..,,. .,,. 3 0, 72 735 Claim St., Aurora, Ill. -Q GRANT, ELMER .,............,,.... .... 1 - 1030 Barlow St., Flint, Mich. 0 7 GRECU, THOMAS ....,.,...,....... .,,. 3 , 7- and 1213 Roos. St., Gary, Ind. GREEN, LOUISE ,,.....,....... .... 5 7 U R. R. 1, Minong, Wis. Just The Place GRENNER, WARD ,,.,..........,.... .,.. 9 4 FOI- Dainties Ave., Duluth, MTHH. GROEN, RUTH ......,....,..,....,.. .... 6 8 'Y R. R. 2, Olivet, S. Dal-1. For A Feed GROTE, Lois ........,..,..........,.. .... 4 4, 57 207 N. Vermillion, Streator, lll. 13 W. JEFFERSON GUASTELLA, JENNIE ......,,.......... ......... 3 6 1112 S. West St., Rockford, Ill. GITENTHER, DONALD ..,.........,... .... 3 6, 63, 58 501 S. Grove St., VVaupun, VVis. Chapel OLIVER f. BEIDELMAN Licensed Funeral 'Director Long Distance Lwithw A ' I -,iw Ambulance . .',41.g'1,I:,ug3.I,Il ' in I Prqaggan ri, W U If Service g ig, 'I!"'g1l,lz!,li ,. Furniture jggizlg Telephone: 239 S. Wash. . 4 A4125 15 264 Naperville 1'::f3'f-5 :35 1 "'- . 12-s'f:.1u' 2.5:-ifiitig-5235Jfl1E'2Ifif:Zf Qi. Established in 1861 140 WATT 81 GILLGGLY, Inc. 7 South Dearborn Street CHICAGO T1cL1+:PHoN1Q CENTRAL 4-197 Office Record Forms, Binders and Indexes Ruling e- Printing - Binding Meet Your Friends at Prince Castle Stores in Principal Cities throughout Northern Illinois. CROMER MOTOR CO. THE GLASS HOUSE 29 Years of Dependable Napervi11e's Leading Florist F O R D i Service in Napewillv CorsagesfCut Flowers- G1ftS 25 Cthicago Ave DELIX'ERX',ANH"1'1NIE ANYXYHERE Ogden and Washington Phone 1016 141 WEBER'S R I C H M I L K "Best by Test" Compliments of EBY-YOUNGEN COMPANY AURORA, ILLINOIS WIESBROCK GARAGE Ogden Ave. Naperville, Illinois Phone 202 STUDEBAKER ALLIS-CHALMERS E R. H. YACKLEY PLUMBING and HEATING INSTALLATION Courteous Service 317 N. Center St. Phone 593 Naperville, Ill. STUDENT DIRECTORY GUENTHER, WAVA ....,....,........... .... 3 7, 59 501 S. Grove St., VVaupun, Wis. GUISE, IVIARGARET .............,.................. 36 40 N. Spring Ave., La Grange, Ill. GUITHER, FRANCIS .....,.... 42, 57, 58, 63, 64, 68, 69 108 N. Loomis St., Naperville, Ill. GUSTAFSON, ROY .......,.........,......, 36, 54, 62, 81 605 W. Saratoga, Ferndale, Mich. GUZAUSKAS, JOHN ..........,....,.... .... 3 6 901 Oliver Ave., Aurora, Ill. HACK, FERN ...................................... 324 Jackson St., Fort Atkinson, WVis. HAFENRICHTER, FERN ................... 28, 51, 74, 111 Plainfield, Ill. HAFENRICH1'ER, GLENDA ,.... ..,.. 3 0, 59, 110, 111 Plainfield, Ill. HAHNE, JAMES .................,.,. ........,,.,. 3 6 251 Forest Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. HALL, HELEN ....,.................... .... 4 4, 77 511 VVestern Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. I-IANEY, MARY .,.............,....,........,...,.. 44 Hunringburg, Ind. HARSHMAN, DALE ..,................. 30, 67, 70, 1512 Locust St., Sterling, Ill. 75,81 HARSHLIAN, PAUL ......,......... ...... 4 4, 58, 81 1512 Locust St., Sterling, Ill. HASEWINKEL, HERBERTA .......... .... 4 4 403 Beach St., Marshall, Ill. HASSEL, MAURICE ....,.,....... ...... 4 4 182 First St., Batavia, Ill. I-IASSELBACHER, HAROLD ............. .... 4 4, 56 5136 Benton, Downers Grove, Ill. HATCH, FERN ....,.................. ........ 4 4, 77 Box 34, Lisle, Ill. HATCH, JUNE ....................,.,,.. 44, 57, 77, 64 R. R. 1, Downers Grove, Ill. HAUMERSEN, LORA-JEAN ........................,.. 44 2406 Main St. , Racine, Wis. HEIDINCER, MARJORIE .......... 30, 55, 59, 63, 65, 68 ' 1023 6th St., Fargo, N. D. HEIMEN, NORMAN ..,......,..,.....,....... 293 Cottage St., Lockport, N. Y. HEININGER, MARJORIE ...,...... 36, 59, 62, 63, 65, 68 Butler, Ohio 44, 57, 72 HEINRICH, DONALD .,.,......,,...,.,....... 44, 56, 94 1838 Hudson Ave., Chicago, Ill. HEINRICH, DOROTHY .................... ........ 4 4 836 N. Lombard Ave., Oak Park, Ill. HEISER, ROSEMARY, ....,....... ,,. .,....... 30, 77,111 1120 N. Waller Ave., Chicago, 111. HELFRICH, JOHN ................,...... .... 3 6 707 University Pl., Wheaton, Ill. HENERY, RAYMOND ................... ,..... 3 6 Grand Junction, Iowa HENNING, ELEANOR ..,........... . Bryant Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. ...37, 74 Best Wishes to 1ny friends and acquaintances of the faculty, student body, and alumni of North Central College. CLARENCE C. CROFT MIDWEST ATHLETIC CLUB 6 N. Hanilen Ave. Phone Van. 8200 Chicago, Ill. NORTH CENTRAL CoLL1f-:GE BooK STORE Student Heczdqzzmftem for STATIONERY BOOKS PENS PENNANTS CANDY ETC. 'Everything the Student Needs" 143 01132 imperhille Qlllariun ESTABLISHED 1863 at 'feet U, ,uvtt U3 1: 1 xwnxv 5-A-I I X N A Q AAA' 1727 3' JF - T155 . 7' ' 111 74 51" if f . " :L 'Lani 1 ,1 7 X 18 f 1 NJ Printers of: College Chronicle Varsity Sportseast Kroehler Factory News College Blotter Alumni News Anderson's Theatre Circuit NAPER THEATRE Your Entertainment Home STUDENT DIRECTORY HERBEN, ROBER'F ,.....,,...,..,,.,.,.,....... 30, 100 27 S. West St., Naperville, Ill. HERBS'I', JAMES ....,,..........,...,.... 44, 58, 68, 69 209 Elm St., Findley, Ohio PIERKNER, Lois .,..,...,...., 30, 52, 78, 110, 111 2763 Woodhill Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. HEWITT, DALE .......,..........,...,,..... 30, 63, 69 4741 Cumnor Rd., Downers Grove, 111. HEY'DON, PATRICIA 4.,..,......,......,,...,. 44, 57, 72 138 N. Center St., Naperville, lll. Hicks, EDWARD ..1..,,.....,..,...,..,., ,... 3 7, 58 Crosslake, Minnesota HILL, TYRON ,,..,................,,,.,.,... ..,. 3 7 340 Meachem Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. HILLEMEX'ER, GORDON ,......,.........,.... .,.. 311 N. Central Ave., Rockford, lll. HILTON, JEAN ,.......,.,............. ,...,... 3 0, 74 237 Evanslawn Ave., Aurora, Ill. HIMMEL, JOSEPH ,,.................,,,.. 30, 62, 60, 58 136 N. Loomis, Naperville, Ill. HOFERT, HERBERT .........,..,.. ........... 27 S. Columbia, Naperville, Ill. HOCHSPRLTNG, LORRAINE .....,...... .,.. 403 Watson Street, Aurora, 111. HOFFMAN, HAROLD ..,.,............ .... 3 4, 69 224 N. Columbia, Naperville, Ill. HOLLIGAN, MARGARET ,..........,.. .... 3 7, 74 822 Griswald, Peoria, 111. HOLLON, JACK, ......r....r.,........ .... 3 7 75 N. Anderson St., Aurora, Ill. HOSLER, KENNETH. .,..,........,,... .... 3 7 422 Douglas Ave., Naperville, 111. Hov, ALFRED .................,...... ....... 4 4 High Knot Estate, Wheaton, Ill. HUBMER, KETURAH ..,.......,...... .... 4 4, 59, 77 St. Clair, Minn. HUN'FOON,JAMES .......,...i.....,...,. ........ 3 7 327 Brandon Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111. HUSTON, ROBERT ..............,...... .,,. 4 4, 56 615 Hardin St., Aurora, lll. IODER, ALBERTA .,.......... .... 4 4, 57, 59 Ohio, Ill. IRELAND, GEORGE ..,....,.,.... .,.. 3 0, 52 1417 Stone St., Flint, Mich. JACKSON, THELMA .,.........,...,,... .... 3 0, 56 367 Edgewood Ave., Akron, Ohio. JACOB, DONALD .................... .... 4 4, 94 1021 Center St., Elgin, Ill. JAHN, HORACE ....,...............,.. .... 3 7 145 Huffman St., Naperville, Ill. JENKS, ROMA ..........,........... .... 7 4 420 Park Ave., Wheaton, Ill. JENSEN, DERWOOD ............,.. ,... 3 O, 57 Herseher, Ill. JENSEN, ROBER'F .,....,............., .... 4 4, 64, 96 303 Spring Ave., Naperville, I11. JOHNSON, MARGARET ..........,..... ..... 3 O, 57, 77 605 Sixth Ave., St. Charles, Ill. HANLEY NASH SALES Kennith Hanley, Prop. Authorized Nash Sales and Service All Makes of Reconditioned Used Cars Naperville, Ill. Phone 66 LINDBLOM'S RESTAURANT '4S01'vi11g Just Good Homo Cookvd Food At Prices You Can Afford to Pay" 1222-4 S. WAsH1No'1'oN ST. PHONE NAPER 739 CREATORS - DESIGNERS OE DISTINCTIVE PRINTING 128 S.WAsH1Nn,1ox I . . PHONE 29 NAPERVILLE I . . ILLINOIS EOR BUSINESS OR PLEASURE FLY WITH US We specialize in Student training. AIR ACTIVITIES AIRPORT JOHN E. JAENICKE-Operator WEST CHICAGO, ILL. PHONE ST. CHARLES 99 DIETER 8I GETZ PLUMBING AND HEATING ELECTRICAL WORK ALL KINDS OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 10 WEST' .JEFFERSON AVENUE 145 STUDENT DIRECTORY JOHNSON, Avis ,......,..4...,.............. .... JOHNZZII Hermitage Ave., Chicago, Ill. - N, TUART ........................ .... Compliments of Oswego, Ill. 441 64 JUDSON, RICHARD ............... ,,,,, 3 7, 92 O T T E R P O H L 1758 Lincoln, Whiting, Ind. KAHL, LEONARD ..,.............,.,......... 44 57 72 219 w. c1ev1 .1 se., F ,1l1. ' ' D A I R Y C O M P A N Y KAILER, CHARLESRI2 ...... ....... ..... 3 1, 76 K 4513 hilaain St., Downers Grove, Ill. ASTNER, OBERT ................,......, .... 4 4, 81 UPU!-e and Richw 7 361 N. Pinecrest Ave., Milwaukee, VVis. hAwoHL, ALFRED ....,...1,........,,..., .... 4 4 6116 Damon St., Chicago, Ill. KAY, KATHERINE ......1.......... . ..... 37, 59 K 528 North St., Geneseo, Ill. ELLER, ELORES ................ ...... 3 1, 74, 81 Sleepy Eye, Minn. KELLERMANN, GARFIELD .........,....... 31, 51, 63, 58 K 133 Riiiierview, Monroe, Mich. ELLCGG, UGENE ...,..,..1....,.... ....... 3 1, 75 , 0151559 325 N. Sleight se., Naperville, 111. Q04 .-w e 0 KELLOGG, EMA Lu ,,,,,,.,,...,......... . .42, 59, 77, 81 ,ie-: . .5 Q K 325 N. Efleight St., Naperville, 111. ' e , E11 IENHOLZ, ILTON ,.1,........,...... .... 3 7, 69 15 fo K R. R. 1 BeX51,oe1eeSe,1v11m5. RM ,Cl-' .- 'ENNEDY, ARTHUR ........,....i .. .... Q- ' ' N -foo 1v11ee11e11v111e, Ill. Q l:'Qf KILGORE,PAUL .......1....,.......,............. 44 K 81? Prairie Ave., Downers Grove, Ill. , I ING, OHN .........................,.. 31,64, 106,107 424 Var1et1es 7 3412 Fullerton Ave., Chicago, 111. RING, HELEN .............,......... .... 4 4 Plainfield, Ill. KINGSLEY, DOUG1.AS ..,1.............,.. ....... 4 4 K 48? Main St., Downers Grove, Ill. 44 57 IRN, REDERICR .........1.......... ..... , S 1217 W. 2nd St., Flint, Mich. Y KIRN, MARY E. .,................ .... 3 1, 63 1217 W. 2nd St., Flint, Mich. KNOCHE, FREDERICK ..1..,....,............. 31, 75, 76 729 E. Benton Ave., Naperville, Ill. KNOX, ROBERT ...,.... ' .........,..,... .....,. 3 7 Sold Only KOCI-68179 S. Emerald, Chicago, Ill. , JOSEPI-I ................. ,.........,...... 4 5 115 E. Franklin Ave., Naperville, Ill. Th 1 1 KOEHLER, RICHARD .......... 37, 75, 106, 107, 108 mug 1 120 N. Columbia, Naperville, Ill. KOLB, ROBERT ....,....,,................ 45, 56, 94 II1dGpE'I1C16I1'0 Big Stone City, S. Dali. 'l KoLTHorr, Neem ........ 37, 57, 72, 73, 77, 109, 110 M i 210 N. Wright St., Naperville, Ill. 910115111155 KOTTKE, M0111-et. .31, 52, 54, 55, 59, 77, 79, 81, 110, 111 R. R. 2 Graceville Minn. .I KRUEGER ljUANE ..... i ............................ 45 I 211 N. Wright St., Naperville, Ill. KRUEGER, WAVERLY ...... 31, 57, 76, 106, 107, 108 211 N. Wright St., Naperville, Ill. ' 1 Fmest Men S Wear Compliments of at M. Bianucci , 0 R A N G S proprietor of The College Haberdashery THE CITY MEAT MARKET 146 Wherever You Live In The Middle West You'll Find . . . Sold by the Leading Coal At its two mines in Franklin County, Illinois, Franklin County Dealers Coal Corporation produces a complete line of Quality Coals for All Domestic Stokers and Industrial Purposes. FRANKLIN COUNTY COAL CORPORATION FIELD BUILDING CHICAGO DEARBORN 9100 BOECKER COAL 8a GRAIN CO. Since 1869 THEODORE F. BOECKER, JR., Manager FRANKLIN COUNTY COAL ORIGINAL POCOHONTAS KOPPERS COKE PETROLEUM COKE FUEL OIL SALT 421 N. Ellsworth Street Phono 270 NAPERVILLE, ILL. 147 SCHOMER ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Wliolvsalo Elec't1'ic Supplies 16-1 S. Broznlway .hLl1'0l'2i, Ill. PHONE 8751 CLYDE C. NETZLEY COMPANY WE HAVE THE TRADE THAT SERVICE MADE Day emei Night Tow ami Derriek Seifviee Complete .iiitoiizobile Service Uiieier Oiie Roof TELEPHONE 606 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF C. L. SCHWARTZ LUMBER CO. 428 N. Washington St. Phone 65 STUDENT DIRECTORY KRL'G, ELIZABETH ,,,.,.,....,,..,,...,,..., 37, 57, 77 215 S. Columbia St. Naperville, lll. KLTI,PER, CILADYS ..,,........,,.....,,...... 45, 64, 68 1816 E. 4th St. Wlaterloo, lowa. LAIER, CAROL ..,,...,....,.,..,..,,. 37, 74, 77, 110 2394 Seneca St., Buffalo, New York LAMM, lVII1.'l'0N ,.,.,....,..........,,.,,....... 38, 68 Ramah, Colo. LAMM, VIRGIL ..... ,.,, 3 1, 69 Ramah, Colo. LANDIS, GEORGE ..,...........,..,...,,. .... 4 5 2512 Mersington, Kansas City, Mo. LATHROP, MELVA .1...,,,.............. ..,... 3 8 R. R. 1, Dundee,1ll. LAUDEMAN, JAMES. .,........ ...,. 4 5, 64 R. R. 2, Limon, Colo. LAz, LEROY ,,..,.,. ........... ,... 4 5 159 Evanslawn, Aurora, 111. LEBECK, WARREN ........,.,......... .... 3 1 221 S. Warwick, VVestmont,1ll. LEE, RICHARD ........,.......,.... ....., 615 Sexton St., Aurora, Ill. LEFEVRE, RUSSELL .,...........,,.... ..... . 45, 94 1004 S. 31st St., Milwaukee, Wis. LEFFLER, JOHN ..................,,....... 38, 76, 103 221 North Ave., Naperville,1ll. H LESTER, GEORGE .............,...... 31, 76, 92, 96, 98 4407 Fairview Ave., Downers Grove, lll. LITCHFIELD, CARL .,.....,.....,..,............ 45, 69 307 North Ave., Naperville, lll. LOHSE, WALLACE .............,,...........,.l..... 45 760 New York St., Aurora, lll. LONG, ROLAND .....1.....,....., 38, 57, 72, 92, 104 685 May St., Akron, Ohio LOSER, ARLA .........,....... ... ........ 37, 68 Deer Creek, lll. LOUNSBURY, EDITH .................... .... 3 1, 74 448 Anthony St., Glen Ellyn, Ill. MAHLMAN, RICHARD ................... .... 4 5, 69 613 4th Ave., S. VV. Faribault, Minn. MALX', RICHARD ...,.........,......, .... 4 5, 56 R. F. D. 2, Naperville, lll. MARSHAI.L, WILLIAM ..,...,... 45 R. R: 8, Defiance, Ohio MASON, ILSTHER ...............,........ ..,.. 3 1 54 710 Bailey Ave., Pendleton, Oregon MASSIE, MRS. ETHEL ....,....,,,..... ..,.. 4 5 Tonica, Illinois MAST, GLENN ....,,......,..,................. 45, 58 1705 Morton Ave., Elkhart, Ind. MATTHIES, VIRGINIA .....,,....,....., 38, 62, 63, 65 476 Grand Ave., Port Washington, Wis. MAU, VIRGINIA .,.............................. 45, 59 Bonfield,1ll. MAYER, JEAN ............. .... ..... 3 4 , 50, 79 77 Tokyo, Japan MCCORMICK ROBERT .........,,...... ,..... .... 3 8 110 N. Spencer St., Aurora, lll. Phone 6 E. Franklin Ave. 479-m Naperville, Ill. A. H. Beidelman Building and General Contracting Dwuayne Beidelman Phone 109 N. Washington 344-m STUDENT BUYERAS GUIDE Eugene's Beauty Shop Naperville, Illinois BEAUTY SHOP Bill's Hat Shop Aurora, Illinois CLOTHING, Men EMPLOYMENT Occupational Exchange Chicago, Illinois ENTERTAINMENT Oh Henry Ballrooin VS illow Springs, Illinois Steele-Wedeles Co. GROCERS, Wholesale Chicago, Illinois SHEET METAL VVORK George Lenert Naperville, Illinois TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES A.. W. Andre Co. Chicago, Illinois THE PURE OIL COMPANY 0 e'U"E o, . fb f c y' 124 S. Washington St. Tel. 384 6 Fox St. Tel. 2-0676 310 S. Michigan Ave. Tel. Wabash 1960 312 N. Dearborn St. Tel. Superior 4600 211 S. Main St. Tel. 213 537 S. Dearborn St. Tel. Harr. 8254 , U.S.A. PRODUCERS, REFINERS, MARKETERS OF A COMPLETE LINE or PETROLEUM PRoDUcTs Local Office Phone 456 103 S. Washington Naperville, Ill. I 149 COMPLIMENTS OF BOECKER'S MEN'S WEAR "WE DRESS YOU FROM HEAD TO TOE" 129 S. Washington Street MAIN FOOD STORE WPI EXCEL IN Fruits Groceries Meats WEST' JEFFERSON AYENVE PHoNE49942l7M218 FREE DEL1X'ER1' in ga I wl f eff or ' Health and Pleasure S NAPERVILLE RECREATION STUDENT DIRECTORY MCHENRY, PATRICIA ............. .,,,, 3 1, 558 Fox St., Aurora, Ill. MOLEAN, DONALD ...............,.., ..... 4 5, 1911 Garden St. Duluth, Minn. MEESE, CLAYTON ,................. .,,4, 4 5, R. R. 2, Faribault, Minn. MEHN, GEORGIA ............ ,,,,, 4 5, 57, Norwalk, Wisconsin MEHN, HOWARD .......... ..... 3 8, 63, Norwalk Wisconsin MELLOR, RICHARD ....,.......,...... ......,.. 6764 Oxford Ave, Chicago, Ill. MENICH, ELAINE ........,....,...... ..... 4 5, 59, 219 Western Ave., Topeka, Kansas MIHUI.KA FREDERICK. ........,,. . 45, io NOrth Julian sf., Naperville, I1'1Q A " "A" MILAR, WILLIS .,..........i.. ,...i... .... 735 5th St., Aurora, lll. MILLER, EDWARD .......,.. ,... .... ,...i Mount Morris, 111. MILLER, GAIL ...,.........4........,.......,.. 38, 5243 Carpenter St., Downers Grove, 111. M1LLER,HELEN .............I.................... 378 Seminary Ave., Aurora, Ill. MILLER, HOWARD ..............,..,... 38, 63, 60, 69 536 Corwin St., Dayton, Ohio MILLER, RICHARD ,............. .......,..... ,..,. 550 St. Charles Rd., Glen Ellyn, Ill. MINER, DOROTHY ......,.....,......,..... 31, 57, 343 S. Chicago Ave., Kankal-aee,1ll. MOORE, ARTHUR .....,.,..,.......,.,. ....... 18 S. Fourth St., Aurora, Ill. MORGAN, ADA ...,,..,...,................,... 45, 4544 Douglas Road, Downers Grove, Ill. MORIN, EUGEN ...........,.................... 45, 309 W. Main St., Clinton, Ill. MORRISON, HOWARD ....,................ .... 516 E. Ninth Ave., Naperville, Ill. MOY, GLADY'S .,,.......,,.,...,.......,. 117 E. School Ave., Naperville, lll. MUEHL, MLTRIEL .........,.......,.........,..... Suring, Wisconsin ML'ELLEN, THEOPHlL..31, 64, 58, 72, 106, 107, 108, 215 Miller St., Michigan City, Ind. MUELLER, MARGARET .,,.,.....,..,..,...,....... 736 E. Dr. VVOodrufl' Pl., Indianapolis, Ind. MURDOOH, RICHARD ......................... 45, 57 5410 Webster, Downers Grove, Ill. MURPHY, WILLIAM ,....,....I....I.... ...., 302 Downer Place, Aurora, Ill. MYERS, JEAN ...............,....,.... .... 124 S. Loomis St., Naperville, Ill. NEHRING, RONALD ,....,.,.......... ..... Hinckley, Ill. NELSON, ALEXANDER .....,............ .,., 3 8, 203 S. Street, Fowlerville, Mich. l L C0mP1ime11tS ---A" 14 . f zswlkff-Alf., , ,ff 3, lf . .Aa I,s2Jf.a'WXZ .4403 ifmvf 4-71 V 3 I ., f I fm, , i 0 5 ff ' ' . X 1 fn t ' my E ., ,AM 12, .. H . , r. vw ,EM x Y A gvgnv? ' R V ".' If A .' 1515 E j ' M F I C ix 1 fs Z, 31 , Aw .AL je-. R. O- Yrf. fi - 4 My V ' ' e i l ' " CLOSEDXX' A v--' fgffOpEN "E!ec!ric Broader" Urbana, Indiana U.S.A. g, 'X ns? ' X . X N QA lx t , , 5 x .3 A Q. At, .t .A ng: .- x Ny A. -. 3:5 . f " - f 'gg y v ,,.W . -.ire ,y .. Q A :f:v:.:' -'. .Io ,. ' .I-'5 ' G X by ir: ix wx N .... , X, -. - XX 5 -'p , Sb if f Q ........,, Q if A' r A Tip to Careful Brides 'I s. Insist on Kroehler and be sure of HIDDEN QUALITY, as well as style and color harmony e V x KROEHLER Kidney Group. A group that ex- WING presses luxurious comfort in every line. 2-PIECE' CHAIR Crightj Your choice of many durable, colorful KIDNEY BARREL,BACIc fabrics in harmonized colors.As shown- GROUP CHAIR Ueftl HE bride pats the sofa lovingly. Its flow- ing lines and rich covering entrance her. She imagines how it will look in her living room . . . the happy years of comfort may hide underconstruction that will sag and give 'way. Be smart. Insist on Kroehler 5-Star Construction-unparalleled for its strength and durability. it will give. See the superb new Kroehler styles we are But will it? Lasting comfort depends on vital hidden quality. The richest covering now showing. Let us help you plan your color harmony and style schemes for your home. ROEHLER MFG. CG. WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE 151 l l Eat At The . Napervllle Candy Kltchen X SODAS - SUNDAES If Home Made Candy and Ice Cream OUR SPECIAL - MALTED MILKS 29 W. JEFFERSON AVE. PHONE 254 OR 763 STUDENT DIRECTORY NELSON, DOROTHY ....,.....,........,...... 45, 59 77 3243 Clarendon Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio NELSON, WILLIAM ...,.,.,,............... ,... . 31, 57 322 N. M , H' d l , Ill. NICHOLS, JLILICEITZOES, . .ZIP .......,.... . . . .45 410 Highland Ave., Naperville, Ill. I-17S B NIOHOLSON, ROBERT ....,..........,.. ..., 9 2 g y 451 West Park Ave., Aurora, Ill. NOLAN, KENNETH ..,.........,.......,......., 32, 72 115 W. Indiana St., Wheaton, Ill. NOVATMY, FRANK ...,....,...,.,,..,.... 38, 92, 96, 98 11700 S. Lowe Ave., Chicago, Ill. NUCKLES, ROBERT .,..,...........,. .... 3 2, 58 57 R. R. 1, Belvidere, Ill. OBRIGHT, RUSSELL .,.,.............. .... 4 5, 54, 81 The Finest and Most Complete O 421J5fSW21rfAVC-Lombard,111- 3, OOM, ORMAN ......,............... ...,... - 432 Woodlawn Ave., Aurora, Ill. ' ' OGBORN, MARTHA .....,...,.......... ......, 4 5 Selectlon of Home Baklng 311W W. Main St., St. Charles, Ill. OSTERLAND, FRANK .................,....... 32, 57, 78 615 W. Jefferson Ave., Naperville, Ill. OSTROTH, DONALD. .32, 50, 52, 55, 60, 76, 79, 106, 107, 108 775 Waterman, Detroit, Mich. PAGE, DENNIS .................. ..... 3 2, 56 R. R. 1, Green Lake, Wis. PALMER, WILLIAM ............................, 42, 56 4809 Main Street, Downers Grove, Ill. PARROTT, VELMA ............ 32, 52, 70, 72, 73, 68 40 Iroquois St., Battle Creek, Mich. A PARSONS, SHIRLEY ......,,..... 1 ........,...... 35, 15 23 W. JeffeI'SOIl Ave. 6650 N. Maplewood Ave., Chicago, Ill. 46 58 PAYDON, DEAN .......................... .... , Plainfield, Illinois PELLING, VVILLIAM .............. .... 3 8, 92 804 Willow' St., Wheaton, Ill. 46 72 94 - PERUCCA, JOHN ....,............ .... , , 222 Nettle St., Morris, Ill. PETERSON, ELWOOD ,........,..................... 46 Herscher, Illinois 52 54 55 58 81 PETERSON, ERLING .... ....38, , , , I CHAS. SHIFFLER an SONS ,,,,,,,e,,,, W, 4, 58 PETERSON, NEAL ..... ........... ..... .. , . Princeton, Wis. Genel al Contractolb PETERSON, SHIRLEY .... . .... IH. . . 4 - - -32 515 Grand Ave., Aurora, . "We Can Take Care of All PIELET, ELMER ...,.............. . . ,... 46, 31 Your Building Needs" 124 Evanslawn, Aurora, Ill. 46 59 65 PIEPER, MIRIAM ................. .... , Paul E. Shiffler Ward C. Shiffler P NNlg25ShE6iOWa ,',,',,., 71 Ellsworth 142 N. Washington I 812,S, Float A I I I H one 632 Phone 251 PIPER ROBERT .... ................ .... 4 6, 56 . Q ii S. Loomis Sf., Naperville, 111. Naperville, IH' PLAUNT, JAMES ..................... .... 4 6, 56 94 2 1825 E. 9th St., Duluth, Minn. 7 Chicago Fence and Equipment Company PAGE CHAIN LINK dz WROUGHT IRON FENCE IDEAL POWER, FAIRWAY QQ GREENS MOWERS- GOLF TRACTORS-DUBOIS WOOD FENCE-PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENTS-ROTOTILLER--BOLENS GARDEN TRACTORS Phone Kildare 1000 4400 Addison St. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Swimming Pool Equipments and Accessories ,z .nhl 52552 iff ,. Efljg I I 214 W. HURON ST. CHICAGO, ILL. 'V IYIII hungry, meet you at Students,Professors,Everybody Ma BroWn's Letis prove that4"It pays to advertise in the Spectrum," by patronizing the Restaurant firms in this book. VVIIOFC College friends nicer. Good Food THE 1941 SPECTRUM 214-216 S. Washiligtoll 153 Best Wishes to the Class of 1941 ! The GIBSON STUDIOS 58 E. WASHINGTON ST. CHICAGO, ILL. Telephone Central 3982--3983-3984 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1941 SPECTRUM Speclal Rates to all N C C Students FAVOR RUHL 8: COMPANY Artists Supplies -- Architects Supplies ond Picture Frames 425 S. WABASI-I AVE., CHICAGO 154 itfkibtiiisiiilri -- t ' Io win and consistentlyliold a place as tlie recognized leader ol sclsiool annual printing, Iwas been the record ol Rogers Printing Company since its beginning in 1908. ' Ilwat We Iwave, during a period ol 32 years, success- Iully produced Iwundreds ol annuals lor sclwools tlwrouglw- out tlsie country,attests our ability to satisfy completely tlwe most discriminating Year Book Statl. ' New ideas, coupled Witlw tlwe knowledge and experi- ence gained tlsirouglw a quarter ol a century's service, insure tlie sclwool tlwat cliooses a Rogers printed boolc ol ideal pages UFrom Start to I:inisIw." ' We are proud tlwat tlie statlol TI-I E S I9 ECIRIJIVI entrusted its printing to our organization and we Iuerewitlw present it as an example oi our vvorI4. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 307-309 First Street ' Q28 N. LaSaIIe Street DIXON, ILLINOIS CI-IICAGOJLLINOIS 155 'UAHN JAHN 8: 0 AGAIN" G00 STUDENT DIRECTORY PLUMER, JEANE'I"1'E ,,..........,... 38, 57, 64, 59, 68 122 N. Julian St., Naperville, 111. PLUMMER, KENNETH ..,............,,............,, 46 2453 W. Adams St., Chicago, Ill. POLLOCK, ALVIN ,........,....,.,.... ....,.,..., 4 6 819 S. 5th St., Aurora, Ill. PONTIOIQS, HAZEL ....,....,...,......,.....,.., 38, 77 3213 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio PRESTON, JACR ,..,...........,..,..,.,........ 38,100 Ogden and Columbia Ave., Naperville, I11. PRITCHARD, RICHARD ........ ...,..........,..,,. 3 9 221 LeGrande Blvd., Aurora, Ill. PRUSSNER, CHARLES ....................... ..., 4 6 16 Vilashington St., Naperville, Ill. PRI'ssNER, JOHN .,....,..........,....... ..,. 3 2 16 N. I'Vashington St., Naperville, I11. RADIC, IRENNETH ......,....,..,.,.,........,., 46, 94 4521 Main St., Downers Grove, 111. RAPP, OLIVE ..,.........,.., 32, 55, 63, 64, 67, 70 Sublette, Illinois REBSTOCR, JOHN .................,. ......... 4 6, 57 1111 Laurel St., Elkhart, Ind. REBSTOCK, MILDRED .....,..,.,..... ...,. 3 2, 57, 72 1111 Laurel St., Elkhart, Ind. REIDT, ELIZABETH ,.........,...,, .... 3 2, 62, 59, 65 28 VVellington St. VValtham, Mass. REIMER, CLARA .................. .... 4 6, 57 Goodrich, North Dakota REIMER, PAUL ...,.......... .... 4 6, 57 Goodrich, North Dakota RETZLAFF, HOMER ........... Juda, VVisconSin RETZLAEI-', JOY ..,.. ,. . Juda, Wisconsin RICHERT, VIRGINIA .... Mendate, Illinois RIGONI, VIVIAN ......,...,...... 345 S. Lincoln Ave., Aurora, I11. RIKLI, GERALDINE .......,....,.,.., 17 Court Place, Naperville, Ill. RINEEOLT, MARION ................ .,. Ludington, Michigan RITZENTHALER, MARGERY ,..,. Prairie View, Illinois RODI BA UGH, GEORGE ..,....,.....,...... 726 E. Broadway, So. Bend, Ind. ROTT, MARGARET ..........,......,,.. Plainfield, Illinois RUSSELL KEITH ..,..,..........,., 146 N Sieighf St., Naperville, 111. ' RLTSSELL, ROBER'F ..........,.......,. 5419 Cortes, Chicago, Illinois RUSSELL, ROSEMARY ...,............ .. 146 N. Sleighc, Naperville, Ill. RUSSELL, SAMUEL ,..,..........,..,..... 146 N. Sleight, Naperville, Ill. RUTH, GORDON ...,............... VVarroad, Minnesota RU'PHERFORD, VIRGINIA ,...,..,.,.. 538 Cherry St., MHTIOU, Ohio ST. ANGELO, GEORGE ..... ......, Huntingburg, Ind. SAVAGE, RICHA RD ..... ,...,., ..,........ 353 S. Loomis St., Naperville, I11. .,..46 .........46 ...39,77,110 .....,..38 ....39,75,77 .,.......,32 46,57,64,6s ....39,75,92 ....39, 81 ....46 ....28,72,73 32,e6,75,1o4 ..........32 ...46,59,6R . .,... 34,50 .. 46, 57, 56 SCHALLER, DOROTHY ,.............,,.. 46, 57, 59, 77, 68 1027 Rolleston St., Harrisburg, Pa. SCHENDEL, LYNDON ......,....... 32, 76, 72, 100, 101 Bellingham, Minnesota SCH LAFER, CHARLES ..., , ...........,....., ...... . . 217 S. Mill St., Menomonee Falls, VVis. SCI-IMIDT, HELEN ..,..,..,...............,.,,., 32, 77 2537 N. 47th St., Milwaukee, Wis. SCHMIDT, ROBERT .............,,...,........ 46, 56, 92 142 Golf Road, Clarendon Hills, I11. SCHMITZ, ROBER'F, ..,,......,........ 46, 56, 100, 102 534 Buckeye St., Miamisburn, Ohio SCHNAIQE, PAUL ........,.....,.....,.....,. 32, 57, 58 813 N. 11th Ave., Melrose Park, Ill. SCHNEIDER, SHIRLEY .........,... ...46, 59 Davenport, North Dakota SCHOOT, GEORGE ............,... I . .46 R.1+'.D. NO. 2, 'l'Omah, W'isconsIn SCHRIVER, ELDON ,...,....,.... .,. . 39, 58 Steward, Illinois SCHROEDER, CARL ..,.,...,....,,..,....,. 39, 104, 107 2716 S. Monroe Blvd., Dearborn, Mich. SCI-1L'G, MRS. INIARY 324 S. Loomis St., Naperville, 111. SCHWANDT, BERNICE .......,...,.... ,,.. 4 6, 64, 77 lNIarkesan, VVisconsin SCI-IWEPPE, HARVEY ..,.. ............ 3 2, 69, 70 Plain, Wisconsin SCL'1'l'O, JOSEPH ................ 39, 76, 92, 106, 107, 108 188 Garden St., Lockport, N. Y. SEDLACEK, JAMES .....................,....,...... 32 224 S. Oak Park Ave., Berwyn, 111. SEITZ, ROBERT ...,.,.................... 46, 58, 68, 68 230 Cherry St., Mt. Carmel, Ill. SENGELAUB, MARJORIE ...,.,.,.... .... 4 6, 64 Reed City, Michigan SETH, DOROTHY ...........................,... 33, 77 8137 Crandon Ave., Chicago, Ill. SHATZER, WILLIAM ...,..., 33, 76, 92, 96, 98, 100, 104 Mooseheart, Illinois SHEWMARE, FLOYD .......,,.......,....,...... 33, 54 3510 Gunderson Ave., Berwyn, I11. SHILLING, GILBERT .,..,.,...,,......,,.. 46, 58, 69, 68 R. E. D. NO. 2 Brookville, Pa. SHOCREY, SAMUEL ...,..,.,...,,. . . 57, 72, 94 2638 Cory Ave., Akron, Ohio SHOGER, DAvID .....,..,......, ... 37 Oswego, Illinois SHOGER, PHYLIS .,,, ........ 4 6 Oswego, Illinois SIEDSCHLAG, ARLENEM .... 39, 63, 59 Juda, Wisconsin SIEWERT, DOROTHX' ..,...,....,..........,.. 33, 59, 74 2767 N. 37th St., Milwaukee, VVis. SIMMONS, JAMES ................,.........,, 28, 75, 76 3557 Harley Road, Toledo, Ohio SINGER, ANNA FAYE .........,...,,. .,.. 3 3, 57 102 Pennsylvania Ave., Holton, Kansas SIR, KENNETH .,....,.........,..... 46 4156 Barry Ave., Chicago, Ill. SMITH, ALICE ........,..,.....,......,,. ..., 3 9, 68 R. F. D. No 2, Box 62, Faribault, Minn. SMITH, CURTIS ..,.,,...,............,.. .... 3 3, 69 Williamsburg, Ky. SMITH, ELAINE .,.......,..,................. 39, 68, 74 Route No 3, Box 63, Aurora, Illinois SMITH, EVELYN .,.,,,.........,.......,,...,.. 33, 72 142 N. Washington St., Naperville, Ill. SMITH, FREDERICK .,.,,........,,........... 47, 64, 94 1917 Olive Ave., Flint, Mich. SMITH, HARRX' ,....,....., 33, 53, 76, 92 96, 98, 104 Pardeeville, Wlisconsin SMITH, LAWRENCE .....,..,..,.,,......, .,., 3 9, 56 R. E. D. No 2, Naperville, Illinois SOURUP, ERWIN ................,....,,.. ......... 4 7 915 Gary Court, VVheatOn SPENCER, WESTON ,.,......,...... 39, 76, 92, 102, 22571 Edison, Dearborn, Mich. SPIEGLER, INIADGE ..,...,.....,.......,.. 34, 57, 59, 112 N. Columbia, Naperville SPREVG, RICHARD 726 Edgehill, Ave., Ashland, Ohio 100 77 STAHL, MARIAN ......,...,.......,.., 39, 51, 64, 77, 68 Prairie View, Ill. STARR, PAUL ..,. I ......,. 39, 51, 57, 75, 76, 100, 101 1129 Prairie St, Elkhart, Ind. H STARR, EDVVIN ...,,.,.......,........,.,..., 47, 55, 57 331 Western Ave., Aurora STECREL, JAMES .......,.. Oswego, Ill. STEFFEN, EILEEN .,... Mauston, VVis. STEEN, RONALD .... ....,............,..,. 816 N. VVheaton Ave., VVheaton, Ill ....47,57 ....33 STUDENT DIRECTORY STEPHENS, ESTHER ....,.........,,...,. .... 3 9 Oswego, Ill. STERN, JEANNE ........,.,,......... .... 3 9 127 W. 9th Ave., Naperville, Ill. STETZEL, DORIS .....,.....,.....,.... ..... 3 3, 74 Corroll, Iowa STOLTENBERG, DONALD ................,..... 47, 57, 56 5708 Lyman Ave., Downers Grove STONE, GEORGE. .28, 51, 52, 54, 76, 57, 74, 75, 100, 102 1119 S. Lombard, Oak Park, Ill. STOTT, MARIG.AlL ,..................,..,........... 33 239 E. Roosevelt Rd., Wheaton, Ill. STRAWE, BETTY .....,.....,......,... ..,. 3 3, 74 220 N. Julian, Naperville, Ill. STUDER, WARREN ......,..,..,.....,... ,........ 3 9 133 W. Benton, Naperville, Ill. SWIFT, VIRGINIA ..........,.....,........... 40, 72, 77 428 Commonwealth Ave., Aurora, Ill. IINANGNEY, JAMES ................. ,..... .... 4 7 , 56 770 George Ave., Aurora, Ill. TARBOX, MARSTON ................ ..... 4 7, 94 Shill Lake, Wis. TAY'LOR, ARTHUR ................. ..... 3 3, 75 115 S. Loomis, Naperville, Ill. TAYLOR, GLORIA ...............,...... .... 4 7, 68, 74 115 S. Loomis, Naperville, Ill. FFAYLOR, PATRICIA .......................... 40, 77, 87 1510 N. Macomb St., Monroe, Mich. THOMPSON, JAMES .......................... 47, 57, 94 443 Taylor Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. THOMPSON, MAE ....,........,.,.... .... 3 3 Gardner, Ill. THOMSEN, FRANK ,......,.. .......47 Sun Prairie, Wis. THORNE, DEWITT ............................. 47, 94 Aurora Nat. Bank Building, Aurora, Ill. TOUSELY, HARRIET. . ..................... .... . 40 206 E. Madison, Wheaton, Ill. TOPAL, RICHARD ............,......,.. ......... W Fox Lake, Ill. TOVEY, MARGARET .....................,... 40, 59, 68 708 W. Breckenridge, Ferndale, Mich. TRUESDELL, SUE ....................... ..,,... 4 7 2325 Buena Vista, Detroit, Mich. TUCK, ROBERT ........,...........,. ..... 4 0 171 Wilson St., Batavia, Ill. UEBELE, ROBERT .....,........................ 47, 57 405 Michigan St., Port Washington, Wis. VAN SELUS, VIOLA .......................... 40, 72, 77 428 E. Canant St., Portage, Wis. VAUGHAN, WILLIAM ................... ....... 4 7 814 Hillside Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. WACRER, ROLAND ......,..,........, ...,. 4 0 6953 S. Park Ave., Chicago, Ill. WAGNER, WILLIAM ..,........... ..... 40 221 Benton, Naperville, Ill. WALCR, HERMAN ...........,...... ..,....... 4 7 704 Park Place, Sterling, Ill. WALKER, SARAH ALICE ................... 33, 55, 56, 81 15 Orchard St., Lockport, N. Y. WALLACE, BI-I'I"l'Y ......................... ..... VN ' R. F. D., St. Charles, Ill. WARNOCK, DONALD ..,.....................,...... 47 531 N. LaGrange Rd., La Grange Pk., Ill. WEDswORTH, THOM. . .................. 40, 60, 96, 98 Mishawaka, Indiana WEGNER, GRACE. ................................. 47 421 Sherman St., Fond du Lac, Wis. WEIER, LAWRENCE ............................ 42, 94 1035 S. Lombard Ave., Oak Park, Ill. WELLNER, CHARLOTTE ....,.............. ..... 4 0 360 Highland Ave., Naperville, Ill. WELTY, ROBERT .................................. 47 Eldena, Ill. WHITE, WILLIAM ............ 34, 58, 76, 92, 106, 107, 108 23 N. May St., Aurora, Ill. WICKWIRE, GUY .............................. 33, 75 515 W. Hurlbut Ave., Belvidere, Ill. WILKINS, ANITA ............................ 33, 54, 55 511 Gary Ave., VVheaton, Ill. WHITEHEAD, ELIZABETH ............. 214 Ravine Rd., Hinsdale, Ill. WILLIAMS, GOWAN ................ ....... 4 7 389 Main St., Glen Ellyn, Ill. WINEMILLER, JACK .................... .... 3 3, 54, 56 151 N. Ellsworth, Naperville, Ill. WINTER, EVELYN ................... ....... 4 7 5608 S. Green, Chicago, Ill. WOLEI-', JOHN .................. ,.... 4 0 R. R. 2., Naperville, Ill. WOLF, MARCIA ......................... ,... 4 0, 74 213 Abbeyfeale Rd., Mansfield, Ohio WOMER, FRANK ...,,...........,....... ..... 4 0 528 Grant St., Niles, Mich. WARNER, MARGARET .,...,............ ..,.. 4 7 205 N. Sleight St., Naperville, Ill. WRIGH'I', TANYA ........,.....,...,..... ...,. 3 3 5047 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, Ill. WRIGHT, WILMA ...................... ..... 4 7 W. Main St. Clinton, Ill. YENERICH, WALLACE ............................,. 40 Ashton, Ill. YOUNG, MALCOM ........ 33, 54, 67, 70, 75, 106, 107 427 So. Main, Culver, Ind. ZACHMAN, MILDRED ................ .,.. 4 0, 74, 77 722 S. Prospect, Marion, Ohio ZROUT, WILLIAM ........................... ..... 4 7 4901 Belmont Rd., Downers Grove, Ill. ZURBRIGG, NORMAN ...................... Gowanstown, Ontario, Canada AIR ACTIVITIES AIRPORT .... A. H. BEIDELMAN ......... O. J. BEIDELMAN ........... BOECKER COAL Sz GRAIN .... BOECKER MEN,S WEAR .... CARL BROEKER Sz CO ....... BURGMEIR BOOK BINDERY .,.. BUYER,S GUIDE .............. CHICAGO FENCE QQ EQUIPMENT CITY MEAT MARKET ......... CROMER MOTOR CO .......... CYCLONE MANUFACTURING CO ..... .. DENTISTS DIRECTORY ......... DEVOE clz RAYNOLDS CO., INC. DIETER dz GETZ .............. DUPAGE BOILER WORKS ..I... EBY-YOUNGEN CO. .......I. . EVANGELICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY EVERSON MANUFACTURING CO. WM. H. FLENTYE clz CO ..,.... FRANKLIN COUNTY COAL CO. . FOUCEKyS DRUG STORE ....... THE GLASS HOUSE .......,. THE GIBSON STUDIOS .... F. S. GOETZ ....,..... HANLEY NASH SALES ....... HOME LAUNDRY .......,..... JAHN :Sz OLLIER ENGRAVERS. . . IiEINER,S MODERN SHOE REPAIR SHOP. . IQELLER HEART LUMBER dz FUEL CO .Y.. IQOVER IQRAFT COVERS ....... KROEHLER MANUFACTURING CO .... . . KRUEGER AGENCY .,........Y THE LAST WORD ............. LEWIS SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS ...Y . LINDBLUM,S RESTAURANT ..... MA BROWN,S RESTAURANT .... MAIN FOOD STORE ......... Index of Advertisers PAGE . . 145 MAZZA CLEANERS ..,..........,..... . . 148 MCELROY'S ......................... . . 140 MIDWEST ATHLETIC CLUB DINING ROOMS . . 147 MIGHELL MOTOR. CO .........,...... . . . 150 MONARCII FOODS .................... . . . 140 MOORE LUMBER dz SUPPLY CO ,.Y.Y . . . 132 MOSER BUSINESS COLLEGE .... . . . 149 NAPER r1IHEATRE ............, . . . 153 NAPEIIVILLE CLARION ........., . . . 146 NAPERVILLE CANDY IQITCHEN ..... . . . 141 NAPERVILLE RECREATION ..... . . . 150 NAPERVILLE SUN ......... . . . 137 CLYDE C. NETZLEY CO .... .. . 133 N. C. C. BOOK STORE.. . . .. . 145 OTITERPOHL DAIRY CO. . . . . . 132 PERRIJS GARAGE .......... . . . 142 PHYSICIANS DIRECT-ORY .... . . . PINE IQNOT .............. . . . 128-129 PRINCE CASTLES ....... . . . 153 PURE QIL CO ............... . . . 130 RANG,S MENIS SHOP ........., . . . 147 RASSWEILER HARDWARE CO. . . . . . . . 136 RIFE CLEANERS ................ . . . . . 141 ROGERS PRINTING CO ............ . . . . . 154 JOHN A. SCHMIDT, INVESTMENTS ....., . . . 136 SCHULER-BRAUM COMPANY, INC .... . . . . . 144 SCHOMER ELECTRIC CO ......... . . . 131 C. L. SCHWARTZ LUMBER CO .... . . . 156 SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO ...... . . . 138 CHAS. SHIFFLER Sz SONS ..... . . . 131 SOVERIEGN,S BAKERY ...... . . . 137 SPECTRUM CO. .......... . . . STEWARTS, INC. .... . . . TASTY BAKERY ...... . . , WATT clz GILLOGLY ................... WEBER7S DAIRY ..................... WESTERN UNITED GAS dz ELECTRIC CO. . 153 132 134 135 145 . 153 WIESBROCK GARAGE .................. 150 . R. H. YACKLEY ...... ........ For Advertising Rates Write to: Publisher The Spectrum North Central College Naperville, Ill. 159 PA G E 133 136 143 134 146 135 138 144 144 152 150 145 148 143 146 130 137 130 141 149 146 130 138 155 134 133 148 148 133 152 152 153 152 140 141 142 139 142 142 HE spirit of William Shake- speare stands before the century- trodden steps of Ol, Main. The parting rays of the sinking sun gild the majestic tower. In the eye of the spirit, a tear drop unconsciously forms. The usual six o'clock sounds blend with the echoes of the chapel organ. The bell tolls a solemn six o'clock, as the spirit starts to dissolve. With hurried breath, the spirit speaks . . . Now do I leave to write my play. The time is up 5 I must away . . . The organ swells into the strains of the Alma Mater and the bells ring out the angelus as the spirit fades. S 160 L.............s.... 13 ,1 -1 1 X 1 1 ph 1 1 X X X 1 ,X1 1,1 1 ' -,' ' X 1 11vX ' 1 . 1Q NXXX11X 11X .1 X XX1XX XXX1,:1J. 1 ,X. X 1 1 , XX1 11 1 , 1,g1XXC1-- , X X 1, I1 . XX :X ,X XMI X1.X A 1 " 1 ,I 1 X 11 '1' ' ' ' 11 ' 1 A1 1 1 1 4 1' W ' '. A 11.' 'td '1Y."'XX1"' 1 '111' 4. 41' 1 1 X . 1'1 ,1 311 XX I XXXX X, 1 1 1 1 1 1 X -1 J - . XX XL XX AX 1 11 1lXr. W. 1111, .. 1" 11"' ' 1 1 1,1 1 1, ligi., 1 1XX 1 'Xp X X . 1 X Ag X11X X XX -X X1XX-1121. 1XX. X1 X X X ,,1,.-X1XXX, XXXX,Xg,X 1 1 112 1 1 7 A' 1 1 1 X X11 XX X 1 X 1 XX :1,l1X 11AuXX1XXjX1,X,1X11f. 1' -.X 1 1 X -1. X '1 Q., 1 1 'I 5.1 " 1 11'11' : ' 1 ' 1 'Q 'A 1' 1 ' X . 1. 1 .1 X11 X .1 11' ' , ' 1 11 11' . 11' ",1'1'11'1 .1 X X XX . , 4 1 1 1 A11 X X .111 XX,X Z., XX1XX H1 ,1X'. 'X ' ' 1 '- 1 1 1'1'X 11X 'XX1XT1X Q ', , 1 XXL: 1 XX1XX ,1 -L: ,114,11-XXV, 1 '111' ' 1 "' 1' A 'ili 1 X," "'1' ,J 'J'111 X1 ,Xi .1 1 MX, 1 1 1 1 .11 ' fgij 1'1" 1111! fi 1 1 ' - 1 , 11 ,X1 ,1."X '. 11.X 511 11,1 1 ,.,1,1 1 1 , 1. w,.. 1X 1, 1 1-1XX 11,11 2,1 .41 X: 1XXX X1 1 X1- X K 1X 1.11 ,fmkrg 11 1'l ' A 1, 1 '1,,1"1" Q l 1. 1 1 f -"- 1.1XX-1-11,'11.'-1,4 ' 1 - 1 " " lf, fr,-,441 .91 v . 7--1. ff,q.,,f1v-Q 1- .J- .' .' 1 ' '- 11' " 1 ' - 1 1,- K 5 1' A 1"O l- X KX1, X X 111- X . X . 1 . X1 A 1 JX , X1X . X,X , XAXX1.1 I X X X1. .1 X. . X Mx A 1, X 1. .1 1 . 4 X 1, X U1 X11 X. X X XPX1X,1 1 sX Xk111,.1I??K1 1' 'I' 11' 1' 1- . X. X.11,- X ,. ,1, .11 X'1'11,X' 4 .11 1 11 IA A .1 ' X.f11.1K'1311'1," , ' 111,' ,, 1 11-r' 1 ' -1 11" " ' n 1 .1' '11'1 1" "H-1 'f "-111 1 f111."""'x-11' .1 ' ' , 1 '1 ,, . .1 X 1 1 1 - 1- ,',- ,X ' , -4 1. -1 "- 1 1 1"1 1:f1'm 1 1 -1 11, 11' ,. 1111 ' ,'X j'. 1 11 1- ':,Xr9 1, X11 .I 1 A' , 11 , 1 1'11 1- 1 1111 y 1 X1, X .X1 1. 1 "1,5-'A'11- 1 1, 1 I "1 I" " 1: '11-. ' AX 'XY 1 X 1 1 1X.X 1.11 1 X I ' .A,1 1 1 1 X ' v . 1 -1 L3 f- 1. 1 '. 1 '-' 1 1 1 I 1 ' I ' - 11011111 l r 4' ,.1'11 'f1'.Q' 1" '61-J ' ,W ' '1'1 1' - -11 1'-' I14 A "' 1 1 A- . 1 ' 1 I 11 M ff X1 X '11 X1 11X 1 X' 1 XO,XX XIXXX XXX, 121 , . 1 r .1 1 1 1'1 1 111 -1111 1 X- 1.11X'vXX . ,'14XX1 'XIX1 X 'UQ11' X-1 --x 1 1 '11 111' - , ' 1 '1 ' .11 ' '- 1 W' . '.'11" '. -1 1 1 1 ' W" 11 1 - 1 11'A1113iX1. 11 ,XXX , . ,X . X..,1XA,1x " 11' X ' " 1 1" X - "',1'1J11.,1'-'Q-1'1-' 1' 1 1 1 " 11- ' .1 X1 1. 1 . 1 1 1 - .. 1 1 1,1 .-1 111 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1: X. 1 111 '1 " '1' -, X .J .1",X1X. 1 fr ,, , 1 1 1 111? 1z11' L". 1-'- ' -"1 ' 1 1 ,""11.. 11... V' .' 1--11:"1'11 11 .1 -1 1i11:1L1-" X 1 4 1 1 1 ,X 1X X1 X.X,,,X. .. 1 -111 1 1 1 1 X1 ,,,.X1- .. A1 XX' tr ' "N 'A .1 1.111y.1ifX 1 X,'X '.l.X 1 11 'X ,1 XX K X -A X I XXXXX X11--X X.X X 1 . 1 1 1 1, 1 --'N' . V1 '1 O 'f' 1" l.1' tr' fl X '1' 1 1 ,X '1 'X X1.1 XX 1- ,X -X X1. X X1 .XX 'X J" ' X, - X' 1 1 .X 1 1, 1. .1111 X 1 X 1 1 X X 1 XX..1XX X ,1 ,X.1XX X.1,X 1X1XXXXE,XX5XXf1 1 1 , 11 1 1 1 L11 X -1- X15 ,wx 1 1 .1 1 , 1 1. , ' ' ' 1? ' 1 . 'Nfl-"W 1-I -1 ' 1X X. .L 1 -1A.1.,X ts' ,,2,X.XX -111' 11 ' 1 1'1,'1,,'-:1'.1lQr1' ' ' 'X r' ' 111'."11 "'1. 'ff ' '1', 1-1 - 1' ' '!'1'-111 1' Q 1- 3 X? 1 1 .X 1 1 1'1 XX 1lj,1gf4,.X:1 ' 1, 1 ' 1'4-.1' 191-11 X 1 ' 1- .11'1,1y1 ,X ' 1,"11 1 ' "1 1 '111' 1111 ,-.X ' 1 11 -1v1111,1' 1 ' ' 1 X:-' 'Jr ,u.X1 1 1 11 1. 1 1 .,1 1 1X .11 1 1, 1 .,,' 1 1" ' i 1Y' ' ,X .511 , 1 V I V 1 1 1 1 X1 1-1 1 'A 1 ' ' . 1 4 1 111 . ,1 111 1 1- X X1 X .1 1. 1 111,111 14 1! a' 15 11 . . '11 I 1 .' 1 1 1 1 X X A X 1 1 1 1 1 I 1",' 1-1 1 .. , . X X 1 11. ,X'g, X' '1 A X ,' X ' , I :ii 13 1X 1?1f X. ,X','3 -,LX M, -1 l'1,' -1', ' - 1 'U 11 ' .11- --,y 1' --1 11 14' - -1 1.1 1 1 1. 1f.,,1111 .11g.1f1.2 X1 ,11 1 i 1 X ,X. ,1X1,1,,.X,,. . 1. 14,1 X, X. 1 1 ' "' -"' 1 1111 '1 1' - '11--11-g,..1'r 1 .1 1 - 1' 1' 1 ' 1 f'114" 1 '1 1'11' 1, , , 1,", 1,. ,A, 1 1j11g1. .X- 1, 1-X11 ,X' -XX1, F., X 1 X. X.. 1 . . 1X 1X1XX X1 1,X1.X.,X . , XXL XXI, XXX Xi X X A-.- 1, XX 1 . 1 I, ,111 X . X.X ,.1X1.. ,1111 . . X . .1 1 1 1, ,11, 1 X 1'X 1 - 1 1' 1 .4 ' If '. 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