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 - Class of 1933

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Text from Pages 1 - 204 of the 1933 volume:

- v Jn .ff L. .A - , -V o y Nw 'Y ' 0 2" J, " . .1 R . .' Y' J 'nk 'Y i Q' Q ,nl T A 5 ,' 90.0 6 " if as Q Vt '. - rtlff 14 0.7, . 1- I4 Y' . I N 6 ,.!f7t' 1,.'S"wr' S 0 'MY ..'-!.'- ,s 1 1 5' s 19 ,Q O P F ef ' J rv t 8 1 Q ' U. I 0 v .tux ,' Hx, H-4-Mx. 4 O 'KAY ' gn.. , . Q .ASQ Q 5 I '. 'A 1. Q B,., , if Q O QS 4 5 4 'gvn ,ov . yg ' Y o ef I sgs, .,-'vi K, 1 "JY: . .I 6' 'Q . - I iv .ti ,O-yu ' w . 'W ' X -A - 'p 4, Q . 5 ' I' , .1 f' ' .B 1 I 0' 9' . +"!A Luv A , ' :H W .g.' 4 'Y' ,.a - .' .-, fq . w w ' e . . ., I ,-0 I U 5 fx ,W , Q 'R . 'Al' ,-'?' 'Av 4-1 I -y " '- M- 1 . .4 9 . A lf! n , ' 1 H" gn I , .pm 1 . W l. I Q, -rf, u ' L. "sw J' . '90 15' v A M '-.. f' . . 2 L4 ' 'A vlvy 'PI 4f'x! " .o. 1 1, '. + ..g,, 1' . nfl' 1 . 4 h 1 lv '4 1 I tw 1 ,., . 1 . ly , . J. a ., . s . . P , , if A I ' ' ' " . - "av" . I 41 . . I ' P ' 4 1 2 - . a , . . ... 4 . . - , n 17-4 ' D 4 . " , . MFE A - - s V -I 5' A 14 ' . ' x I ,,,. 1, ,--, ,w . , X I , 'rn A n . Q.. ' , I ' - L'w ,I 5' I 4 ,, 1.- lg.. , -0- , A-M 4. . , , 1 -V f.. -I .4 5 IIV1. .ll,.,w,,'L, V NV, ,Lax .K . , ,.f: . . 9. ' , , . ' - ' ,F-:Y - . '- gm'-i-N fx 1 ,riff - - , .v,.:-5.3" ...V-K' -. . -.raw ,- ,. ui.--.' 4..'x,fQ3 ."v. 2, ,121-F --.:,,y-' , , '- , V ,, 'fx'-.145 ,fiqg-5'1,.. , --'fx -.a.F,-.f,'-f":,- AC' 123'-Q - 1' In . !L-1,-"Tn" " - T ' f YL- , , . , -, W: 3. L' N. g. '.' 'vp ' u 1 'J -4 , A, ,x 3 L '.'v. ffa' ' 'Gif ., -...s 5 3 Q.- ,1.f' . . . 5 .O 'H JQFJ . 1 - . . A . r',x 'N r K , . ! Q a. ix 'W-ff yfxf XA K, 1 1-fl f in 4 ' 4 ---"' f' ' '- """"' t 57, jj fl! e e ff" ffzjf . .R I . 5 .2 3 sb. , XS - 0 Juv- Vi! Y , -f-U " f '- --fe f "QM-I-w' 14' ---' 5 I , ,C 'ff V fffgwb ev' ml, nf' JN "'fPff"f .2 the SPEC I RUM OFTQ33 Time wends ifs fligh+ unframmelled by The wise Who'd sfop Ifs progress, Circumscribe Hs pace, Begun in darkness-ever ON if flies, Hs life, The +enure of The human race I Copyriglwf juneI933 VERNERD F. FISHER Managing Edifor M ERTON B. COGSWELL Publisher X ST ,, The I933 SPLQIRUM O The YEAR BOOK of NORTI-I CENTRAL COLLEGE O Published by The S E N I O R C L A S S neperville - - - illinois p,, 14.31 Z jf 'X XX VF, ii., ' 'f-X 4.1 , f ff ,.,...- 'Z . U X V . VX it fi 'X X If XM! K '3 " 'jr 5 X If V X,-f' V' ku A Q I i , i W5 - My ,'-fl i- - --f' H ---M 'N ,J 3 V ,H V k 1 " Q ' i 'f 1 'T ,flli ,- ' X1-sc ik I, X W im""9'-,fjv , 's ,Inf -V "" ii ,f KR i -'A A ' 'Z -H V' ' 9 ' 1 ' i 1' if, Lug,--:War-ij, , i 5 ,W ,, A 15" Q i ifii ,ff , i 1 r 'ii A- r ' '-W- 1 ?".'Illl A PU A YN i Q H ,,,,,, 2T- -- llilwiii u ' '5 .f,ii'fi11L,ff.'-' il, i, r V, 'FV' 'n , ,. -f142,Yfi"'i'i'i,",i li, 'I ' Vi z "fi Sw' " V :ffm - ,A i J -N : ' 'QV --PV - ...f' 1.4. ' -Qgex .4 3 . ' ff? - ,. L'-,img 1 1 V -f' 444ifiWWW sms i as rw- 1--'ff la 'H-A 'aff'- iras . ,.... .3 H Q- r -. W , . H. ,- . . . vw ,. V r -,,v Y N Y .:,.,7.t, -'e.-,,- f"".-4-A Al ,2f. E,V n I1 ' '-.. :, , , ,... a MJT-ig . A DEDICATICDN To I-lenry and Annie Merner Pfeiffer: True Cnrisrian friends o1fNor+ii Ceniral Collegeg whose many generous acis have aided so marerialiy in making our college years worin while: we ine class af nineieen Hwiriy-Three respecrfully dedicaie This Jrweniy-fourrii volume of ine Specirum. as , Wk W jf? -X X - l l '5- .4 .Q QMS' vu, e N FOREWCDRD ln crealing Jrhis volume we have slriven lo do more Jrhan build a mere record ol anolher year on our campus: and if we have succeeded al all in malcing Jrhe record ilsehf symbolic of Jrhe peauly and spirii in lhe life of our College: if we have idenlified The ideals underlying her advancemenl wilh Jrhe ideals Jrhal have mojrivaled lhe mosl glorious oulgrowlhs ol enlighlened achievement credil should be rellecled noi upon us pul upon Jrhe Alma lvlaler which has inspired us wilh a desire lo honor her. r W PIQCDLCDGLJE AT a Time when The world's morale is shaken by economic and social up- heavals iT seems ironical, buT yeT TiTTing, ThaT The ThemaTic arrangemenT oT This volume should commemoraTe The ad- vancemenT which has aTTended man's progress in his eTTorTs Tor power: Tor iT is indicaTive oT The spiriT oT conTidence ThaT college people hold in The innaTe worThiness oT man and his apiliTy To ulTimaTely adiusT his liTe and acTiviTies Toward The consummaTion oT an ideal oT qrealrer service. 'W' ,R --X , 1 is f ' , f :II-'IVV' - 1- ,ff-fr B - ' ' A " ,, M! IIIIIII' 1. .. I 4 ,'IIf-f1ffI-imdb I N' A ii- A' ' .W--A "N --H, H , TJAUUQ' Iilgill."4rMjl1bIIT34l'7I,fff'-1517 lsm:,, ,' I , A -A -f - -f1'11"i11"" W1 - -, I A-U f Tv- -Tl T TV -in -' 'L-"4 4' 11. V I 1 J J ,KX SMI XM!! x YJ? CDRDEI2 CDF BUCKS o ADMINISTRATION o STUDENT BCDDV o ACTIVITIES o ATI-I LETICS o CDRGANIZATICDNS Men's childish minds unendingIy essay To bridge The bridgeIess in Iheir rush for Power: The unceasing efforfs of Iheir foils befray Their aImosI unproduc'rive'IivIngf I-IOUR. 'Q wif arloara feiffer memoria a 9 .:.'Y nf , ' Atv' . - g' I -1. Y V, I -5' ' I3 'L ee , ' ' . V' . 43 1 H5 'I at I. i-.21 An. vlf. I N , f . if . 4 ' 'TQ' arztu rv ..., , A . . . , M ,1-,L K ' .V 1 ' .. 1 I 'V 1'- . rf- V 'iam'-" - "VA ' "4 ' A ,is . .rl ,.,. x ' n y I ' .. I 'A ' . ' 5 . l WJ .vw Q ' ' '- '4 . 4 A . ' , nl- ' .V - - p vl' 4 .V - l J L I' st' ,QR V a ,hdjiV"9,' s -. 'Sify U ,Rn 2--1 hy X Qing: LY: ,fly ish ' 'Q 1 ,, ', 1- tw, .RJ 35,3--V '14-'Y x '43-.Ji Yu., gk. 4' A : X . " -'Q " -V -' A" 'f M "zu 'V . - xq I - u' r if I, , :',..'k. AN ...V I ' ' Is,"-K ' 'f . n.. V' -frf"4". W' ' ' " 'Ur' it 'Q3'f'.?'5e'.-, ' --""' W V . ,. ' . f., 3 '-,V S. F , , . ,fl 3 PT A 8' ' .,: . 5 3 V V , H, V' ' ' 'f - .UA 1,14 1,5 ii-Q . q f ' - -V, V.: V , 1.1 .4 .-,V V .- .R w '. 'Tr-' 'LTD ' ff .. . w'---.,.V-y.,,4-ff .if as-:V V - 3 K , il V ,, :- V , 'L.fyq,. .mf-,,1f.f,1 Vid' W' M .' ww ' ,, "' w " fl ' . . 1" 72,36 S ns - 1 I l .a,f.g?, if ' ' ' lfdq x'1',4I. 1 . 4' ,Lg ' I if A X . ' ,,. H 1. gi-,u. V Q - 15, lb! . 4 , 'JH' ,' - . 1 ,Z v V- : ' ,, ,.' , I-:V .Lf 'tvs fr' I 5 .V ' X I I ' -as 'A. 1 L' ru, A , X 1 ' K in gs 1 Jw .4 5 'i 5. ...D '.. H' 'J' , " ' .1 1 ' J" 1 V -Y -55, ., , 1 .i '.-13 ,gs I 1. .. r. ' 1 -., , ... Y, '54 -J :' 4 12, '- , V.. .- ' Y 5R54 V. , Flute, "rf, . 1 Q 5 H.. 4,1- ,.1, 4 "V-:M ' , '.- F I 9 ,'-"Q, - 5,0 . Q' ',r',- V., .,-,,'-4-- Q ,4-5 we 14. E, 4 , 7. ,-f A 1. lx 1- 5. f 'Q' 92 ' C5 t -K. '73-' . I . ' '3 .xl V ,A su ,154 ' ' '., ' , n -5 aff , wa V A. '- 3 ' if . yygfp- 11 i , - A ' ,QWZQ f 1, viklmf. If V, g 1 . Y . b N -fa Qi iv wE35"- 1' li W ' -4. Q , .V V . , A V ff ' -.5 K k -H .V A I Vr..,' W Q1 ,. V 5. Q in Q . Cx u' V' "iz ' f JV . .A . i - ,. , . ' f Q U W - R " A 1. ' " . ' ,ff N 2' T It K-"' VW: :Z:.?v?.::2LK .. - V V VJ A 7-- - A , . . 'Q 3 ' M ' ' As ,g f J,-,A , 7 . 7 -L f ' gg . 4 W, . " Vg -H,-ff, A 17,517 .M-'f Qk23:5g4p5', fy? w. , A 'M . A X VV , QW H V V,: . 'few szgzpq 5 A , Ziff '. s if k1?21h'5fSf ' ' . 'V fjlw-?Q?5sf1f :X V i ' -, gf:,,w,,,Vw ul Q VK , tgmgizwjfuy Q , A gf SK ' f 1 igffif f ' M5 , ,N A Q I X if fig, 1- . lj: , f I V 5,27 A, , L V N ,V 5, f y.,,,.LQ ya ,FW mV, f , , 'Y w 1 4,1 'vii' r fix, ' -V 7, rx ' V YI - f .U ' 4 1 , f ,, Q Q .mf - 1 V f '4 iN",.'.' , f ' Q , ,,, W V? X ,. fb .H IAXQZ. , " , Q. "' ul, '...! "' as VL G I Ohm Lad ,,1jv. 4-vii 1 1 1 ,' v--vA,' -6. ' V.. Z Q gxjifxf 'J I In if . ,'s - 0 sk ' 4 ' ' wrmfW', -- ag... . .-wx . h g ' 4 PQ -5 .Q 1 h. P T3 .. ', - Q . , I J ' ' J 'V S 0 I 1 "Q ' -v V' Mui, ..'. ' , s,.A.- ' N U f 1 ll , I ' ' ' 2 f' s l n ' I gg I ' v, ' Q 'Q ' X'w"'1 -L 'J' ,--rw, ' , N. 9 ..' LJ., vyl J ' .,.'9', 1 - - ' ' ' ' :-. 4 I , -5 ' '. 'mf , . Q .1 5? is' ' v Us r - 4 J ,Q 'u V I ' v 'I Q' ' 'Q ' 'O i A - if , .A , 1 .. 'M ,lu -, Q. . , - , - A 1 l ' .' V '. 1 . V . xo 1 'Q ' Rf' n '14 I wlgf' Il' ' 1 Y 1 9- X- lr Y-QA E -5' .1-,Nflhgs . '11, I f, d 5,54 . N x . ,QA my .Q, 5 Q - x ' 'YK .l AN -' ' -A - ' . yr HJ., Y' ' A 5 4' ks' ' 'iw Y' 'is' 'F' - "fl, x 5'f L ' . 1- in 357, I ,ty oy. , -g, :hajehl b I-R , 511.3 ,ly In u 1 G ' ,Jn-' " . ' v"J4, .4 A 4 r A 1 1' A V , . ., - V , 4 :Q 1 L ,. . vu ' V 1 Y 'li K QX P: .- x 'YQ 4 "ro . .13 I ,MH bxfl .54 ' n5,, h Qbimkxv JZ? . J , 'W , . 4, j- V , , up M . 1 - NT ,E hw .4 A' kb , "' - ' Q . ', .' ' x, fi ,' xv A ,sv-:jug gf! 1-4v ' I. , ,sz ,ti F K: 1 ,tj 4 , ,s. ev. 1 'fry :J 'fp AL' .j ff. I 'WCS' 'Q ":f,Q,'-1 '- , ' ' f 'T fx 5 2 1' 9.x ! J Q . A rg, 5 M5527 ,., 455 .. C" wf"K.'fW , .. ' ' ' 4 . ,ws '-' ' uv x fx 'Q.,','- ' X91-4 im V' gs' 4 ,X 1 ? . ,l "A ,- f, lx. L, J.:5gQXA'f,-1gfg- ' Q42 . ,Q Y I A Q N -'fzam 45,2 6.1,-v 'TG w ff , . 53" gen. f r I , . V . I ix - , A ,- ' My ff 'cw ,,"9'x1h L . 4, . ' Q1 ' ' :fKa'yf?iQ53W11'24 za- Q V .v L' - QQ - fjf' 5f"f4 - 7 3 4' ' ' Aff' ' 'W-ttf , X21 :,i'4 Q15 1 " 1,if,-,fu Q Q 3- 42 ' ,- f U 4 gu5f,::'3ggg2l ' a:Lf .,W fwfa'a wkfdy ffl- N . ,WHA 4 A my ,Q , 7, ., . A 1 .. A - L ' ff- ' x vw H- 1"MXJQ' ix" ' -- 'ui' - Q Q '.j?'IVlgg , ,AQ 413,16 47 I X ,I-1, C H." s si" Q l x 'Ii , v K- 1,g , 3- . ,ff mf, ., , QQ if W' v 'ifw i A - I' .'U He 51 fwgiv 9, -ff LQ3 'f f 9 7? E' f - 44:-.f.'I,Jf41 'tr ' 1, i f adv f M Mnww -qw V 'N f P .44 :Viv L V 4 W3 ' eh 1 -wifes ' if' J 1 jf: x. 1 . V 1.J,wi.,- -, 'lf V M ir N .,,,.,- M, 5 , 2 t Vf ,,sx.1,Xg.F1h 51248, ini, kv ,k V 4 X 1 V I 3 1 k,v il' ai . 4 1 N , , , .., H, I " N ..., , I 7 A."!,V .MV ' yin ' W M 3 'V?f.Qm1 w.5v f ww - , TW ga .' ixgk -n' 'fl' .w V'Ug,f A J - :ww-' , wQ.i MQW. 4 A ' - 11 ,shi 'if' ' ' ' f?'i'fu"1' "'.'4 ' 5'1" .4ff M . A P, A, .. . f A ,,A, ,N - ,, , 1 7 K M - x ' ,. 4 ' S Zn- ' K' 'f,: . ' .,.. ,V , .. ' wwwwwwwwwwamw 1'fwQx WG,1gfXWWmfj J -H , . . ' . f 3 I' A X f' , V' 'A '4 I 1 d OUSG , f ,A ' Q tt ru X .f ' CL ,naw W N 2- 55 4 MV px M gi? e wana at LC-zatkerton aufman Ol! main E i PQ ADMINISTRATICDN X-3' . ,N 411351 W, ww ' U wx, 'liziii , ,l Wil! -LE!! ,fini . u , , 'HU YW! , II np, If izu' hits: Wil ii-zxx iifif, 'mf W M35 1 1 , ' 'lfs W 1.123-iff :JW Y ,mu lil md We SMH MR , y T? PM tiiiifa 2255! M 5535, QW HIM? 23:54 IM ,N 1 , V wr . ik iiff Vrf 'eu Xml? gli: EM Nj T fuk ,ui NW VV V , M nd! AH ,yn f. I 'ere are fhose who have shaped our course and guided our desfiny a+ Nor+h Cen+raI .... Those who have ins'rruc+ed us in +he ways of knowledge .... Disciplined our weak and foolish momen+s .... Fraiernized in class- room, home, and office .... May we always refain pleasani' memories of our associafion wi+h +hem .... coiie cz C1 ministration PAGE I7 PAGE I8 A . fhe presideni' Edward Evereff Rall BA., Ph.D. E SPECTRUM F Meyer Beuscher Fausl Wellner Bufler Harfmann Grole Finkbeiner Srephan Sohl Graunlce Norenberq Ferl Kimmel Doescher Schaefer Bishop Epp Caldwell Nuhn Simpson Umbreil Rall ' Officers Bishop G. E. Epp ooo,..oooo.A..,.,, Presidenl VV. E. Grole eo....ei eeoeoe V fce-Presiclenl I J. C.. Schaefer eo...,ooee ooo,oe., . .Secrelary ' Members A. E. Buller H. A. Norenberg C. E. Maves O. W. Ferlc D. I.. Caldwell H. W. Graunlce W. C. Nuhn T. Finlcbeiner Cv. E. Epp E. F. Slrephan A. W. Auguslrine J. C. Schaefer C. L. Harlmann E. S. Fausl ' Officers Marion E. Nonnamalcer B.A., BD., M.A. Secrefary ol: Facully and Professor of Chemislry W. E. Grole A. H. Doescher R. R. Slrulz E. J. T. Moyer C. V. Wellner G. C. Meyer Mrs. E. Nichols-Simpson C. L. Sorg H. A. Kellerman L. Sohl of Aclminis+ra+ion Thomas Finlcloeiner B.S., Ph.M., A.M. Reqislrar and Professor of German F. W. Umbreil Claude C. Pinney, Mus. B. Treasurer and Direclor of The School of Music Business Manager and Professor of Piano and Organ Umbreil Nonnamalcer Finlcbeiner Pinney +he board of +rus'rees NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE WEL PAGE I9 George John Kim - Clara K. Bleclc BS.. M.A., PhD. B.A.. M.A. Dean and PresidenT Dean oT Women and A. A. SmiTh ProTessor oT ProTessor of French Philosophy and Psychology l-HS SpecTrum is The legacy oT The Senior Class To The sTudenT oT NorTh CenTral College. lTs value in aTTer liTe cannoT be over-esTimaTed. ln iT he will oTTen be reminded oT The enThusiasm oT college days. l-le will be caused To recall his venTures on The aThleTic Tield, his aTTempT aT debaTes and oraTory, his parTicipaTion in musical programs, his dramaTic perTormances, and his concenTraTed sTudy as he endeavors To masTer The diTTiculT problems oT liTeraTure, philosophy and science. IT will help him To recall The sacred hour oT graduaTion when wiTh cap and gown he accepTed The challenge oT a big world wiTh iTs perplexing problems. 1 0 College life is heavily TroughT wiTh memories oT emoTional rebirThs when The Tlood gaTes oT The soul were opened as The accumulaTion oT culTure was laid aT his TeeT. FeliciTaTion upon The opporTuniTies which are his! A look aT The SpecTrum will relcindle The Torch wiTh which he lighTed up The TuTure as he sTarTed ouT To rnalce his conTribuTion in curing The ills oT The world. May This year's SpecTrum remind you oT The greaT discoveries which you have made, and oT your resoluTion To lceep alive The spiriT oT research, as well as oT your promise To humaniTy ThaT you will apply your besT energies in iTs mosT TaiThTul service. V WJ THE SPECTRUM FoR Coull p A++' e Dm faculfy While Olive Walfon McKendree W. Coullrap Clwesler J. Alrlig Edward E. Domm BISN IVLA, BA.. PHD. BA.. BD.. MA. Professor ofMa'rl'1erna+ic PVOl9S50f Ol l'll5i0fY Prolessqr Pl Bible . and Reliqnous Educahon 9 0 . l-larolcl E. While Guy Eugene Qliver William H, Heinmmer BA- Bn- BA.. MA. Professor OfEnQ'iS'1 PV0le550' Ol Speech Professor of Social Science Q I O Clarence E. Erllrneyer Calvin L. Wallon l-larolcl J. Eigenbrodlr BA.. lVl.A.. Pl'1.D. AB., PHD. B.A.. lVl.A.. PHD. Professor of Educafion Professor of Bo+a ny Professor of Zoology NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE 'Q' L PAGE 2I PAGE 22 'rhe faculfy James P. Kerr Gordon R. Fisher AB., M.A. Professor of Commerce and Business Adminisfrafion B.S., MA. Professor of Physical Educafion and Direcfor of Afhlefics Clifford N. Wall lxflaflan lklafmfin Bfx., M.A., PhD. BIN., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physics Professor of Classics Kerr Fisher Snyder 0 Wall l-larman Quillinq l-limmel Priem Sicre l-lazel May Snyder AB., MA. A Professor of l-lome Economics Q Florence Quillinq BS.. M. A. Professor of Home Economics 0 Edward N. l-limmel Lillian Arends Priem Anneffe Sicre B-S-I Brevef Superieur I I Assisfanf Professor of Assisfanf Professor of Assisfanf Professor of Romance Lanquaqes Bofany and Educafion Chemisfry THE SPECTRUM FOR Meier Wiley Baer Bieber Tanner Waison Ebenbauer While Schwerlzler Alice Meier BA., MA. Assisfanf Professor of German and English C. Leonard Bieber BA.. M.A. lnsfruclor in Physical Educarion a nd Assislanl Direclor of Alhlelics . Elizabelh Wiley BA., MA. Assislanl Professor of English Cleo Tanner BS. lnslruclor in Physical Educalion and Physical Direclor for Women Margarelha Ebenbauer Mildred While Mus.B., Mus.M. Assisla nl Professor ol: Piano Mus.B., Mus.M. Inslrucfor in Public School Music l-lermanus Baer Mus.B. Professor of Voice o l-lelen Walson BA., Mus.B., M Assislanl Professor ol Theory and Piano Elhel Schwerlzler Aciinq lnslruclor in Violin us.M. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE +he faculfy A. W'1R 'T' '41 PAGE 23 Houck +he Toenniqes facul'ry Bucks 0 Niensfedr Haisi' Smifh . Eby Schroeder Weyrick Elizaberh D. Houck Frederick Toenniges Mary S. Bucks V Insfrucfor in Band . lnsfrumenfs and I lnsfrucfor in Arr Dgrecfor of Band Associafe Professor and Design and Qrchesirra Emerifus of English in Jrhe Academy . . . I-Iiidred Niensiedi Brenda E. I-laisi' Bernice Smirh Librarian Bookkeeper Secrefa ry ro 'rhe Presidenf Q I 0 Oscar L. Eby Edirh Schroeder Arfhur E. Weyrick Assisranf Treasurer Superinfendenf of . Buildings and Grounds Nurse forGlrls PAGE 24 Sfudenf adminis+ra1'ors .... People who carry fhe weighi' of responsibilily upon +heir shoulders . . . who have programs +o plan . . . meef- ings +o arrange . . . elecfions +o supervise . . . Who mus'r uphold lradifion. . . . stuclont aclministration PAGE 25 PAGE 26 +he s'ruden+ council John l-lornback Dallas Paul SeniorClass Frances Weberl Senior Class Kalhryn l-lariman Junior Class Merrill Gales Junior Class Millon Bischoff Sophomore Class Gladys Walson Sophomore Class Miriam King Freshman Class Marlin Bell Freshman Class ' Officers S'r uden'r Represen+a+ives John l-lornback ...s,. Presidenr Dallas Paul ......... .sss.,. V ice-presidenr l-lelen Dewar ..............,s....,............s.,.....sssss.. Secrela ry lWILLIAM I-IEINMILLER-Faculfy Aawsofi HE SPECTRUM F l-lE Sludenl Council has been aclive since nineleen hundred and nineleen. ll exisls lo give voice fo Tlrie opinions of Jrlie sludenl bocly, lo codily ancl legislale upon Jrlwose opinions, or +o refer Jrlwem for aclion lo Jrlie proper aullioriry. ' Sfudenf Represenfahves NINETEEN THIRTY THREE l-lelen Dewar Harold Lemlce Kennelh Von Wald Carolire Rosenwald Jol'1n Barry Harvey Sclmullz Clarence Thiele Milton Sauer PAGE 28 senior class acl minis- +ra+ion Officers l.aVern Runlcel Presidenl Ediih Schlemmer Vice-presidenl e Marian Schneller Secreiary Merlon Cogswell Treasurer Runlcel Schlemmer Schneller Coqswell THE CLASS OF I933 Social Commi+'ree l-larold Lemlce, Chairman Dallas Paul Winiired Parker Wilma l-loleri Leland Korlemeier E SPECTRUM Officers Harvey Marks Presidenf I-larrief Paschke Vice-presiderd o KaH'1ryn Vergie Secrefary Gordon Tesch Treasurer THE CLASS OF I934 Alber'r Albrechlr Karhryn Vergle NINETEEN THIRTY THREE PAGE 30 sophomore class adminis- +ra+ion l :W 3 Dil I .I Officers Elberi Shiiller Presiderir Marian Bulow Vice-presidenr f Prudence Erne Secrerary Ellsworih l-lill Treasurer Shifiler Bulow Erne Hill THE CLASS OF I 935 Social CommiHee Gladys Warsori, Chairman l-lelen Srephan Roberr Beckman Phyllis Lenzner William Achilles E SPECTRUM F Officers Paul Bischoff Presidenl Chesler Olsen Vice-presiclenl Bess Richardson Secrelary Irving Arles Treasurer Bischoff Olsen Richardson Arles THE CLASS OF I936 Social CommiH'ee Ada l-lornloaclc, Chairman Marie l-leinriclc Alice Mae Ziemer Harrison Collins John Koch NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE freshman class adminis- +ral'ion PAGE 3I M9 0 OLD MAIN PAGE 32 STUDENT BODY - l J I ' Euur years of comradeship, classes, ac:1'ivi'ries -and sfucly, foo, perhaps .... Four years of life a+ Norrh Cenfral .... May if be said fhaf we have marked clear a pa+h which fhose who come affer can follow wifh firm and eager s+ep .... t c-3 senior Cass PAGE 33 Allansor Annis Barry Becker Beckers Beecroll Wallace W. Allanson B. A. ,,,, . ,, . . ..Winlield HISTORY I-Iislory Club 3, 4: I-Iomecoming Commillee 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry Leller 2, 3: Track Leller 2: Band ancl Orcheslra -, 2. Louise D. Annis B. A.. C ooeeoe ooeeo, Aoooo K aneville ENGLISH Y. W C. A. Cab'neI 3. John R. Barry B. A. .... .. .... ...................,........ ..... L o ckporl, New York ENGLISH-EDUCATION Forensic League Presiclenl 4: Sludenl Council 4: Chronicle Slall I, 4: Speclrum Sfalll 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: Wrilers Club 2, 3, 4: Golden Triangle Players 3, 4: Oralory 2, 4: Varsily Debale 2, 3: College Day Commillee 3: Track I: Cross Counlry Leller I, 2: Class Baskelball 2, 3, 4: Pi Kappa Della 3, 4: Alpha Psi Omega 4: Sigma Tau Della 3, 4: Presidenl 4. Claylon Becker B. A.. .......,. ....,.... ...... ..... lvl I Idmay, Onlario SOCIAL SCIENCE Ivlary C. Beckers B. A ..... ................................... .... K a nkakee HOME ECONOMICS I-Iome Economics Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-presidenl 3: Social Commillee 4: W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer I, 2, 3: Handball 3, 4: Baskefball I 2: Volleyball 2, 3. Roberl E. Beecroll B. S .............................................. ..... O ak Park ZOOLOOY-PHYSICAL EDUCATION American College ol Physical Eclucalion: Assislanl in Deparlnnenl ol Physical Educalion 3, 4: Coach ol Wreslling and Swimming 3, 4: Coach ol Cross Counlry 4. THE SENIOR CLASS O Bouldin Byas Clillord Cogswell Dewar Eaxon John B. Bouldin B. A. . ., A , . .. ... .. . . . .. . Peoria BRADLEY POLYTECI-INIC INSTITUTE Pi Gamma Mu 3, 43 Y. M. C. A. Cabinel 23 Glee Club 23 Winner ol The I-lealherlon Prize I. Grace M. Byas B. A... ..,..., . .... Naperville HIsToI2Y I-lisfory Club 3, 4: Secrefary-Treasurer 4: Class Treasurer 27 W. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, Soccer 2, 3, 43 Baseball I, 2, 3: W. A. A. Pin Award. Thomas J. Clillord B. S .... .......... ......., ..... . . . . ... . .. ..l.oclcporI, New Yorlc I-IISTORY-PI-IYSICAL EDUCATION I-lislory Club 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 4: Spanish Assislanl 23 Speclrum Slaicl 43 Eoolball I, 2, 3, Leller 41 Class Baseball and Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 45 College Day Commillee 4. Merlon B. Cogswell B. S ............. . .... .... . ........... ..Chicago COMMERCE-SOCIAL SCIENCE Class Treasurer 47 Sfudenl Council I, 25 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 43 Publisher I933 Speclrumg Varsily Club 47 Tennis Manager 3: Class Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. I-lelen E. Dewar B. A... .. ...... ................ ..... ........ . . N aperyille ENGLISI-I-SOCIAL SCIENCE Wrilers Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 33 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 43 Sigma Tau Della 3, 4i Sludenl Council I, 4, Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinel 43 Chronicle Slall I. 2, 3, 4: W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 33 May Queen 4. Nancy G. Eaxon B. A.. .. . .............. . ........ ...I-linclcley I-IOME ECONOMICS I-lome Economics Club 2, 3, 45 Classic Club I, 31OraIorio 23 Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE PAGE 36 +he seniors A'...l- Eeilc Eisher Eishley Eranlc Gamber Ganlzerl S. Marie Peilc B. A . ,, ......A .. ,,,,, M e ndola HISTORY I-Iislory Club 3, 4: Class Secrelary I: Varsily Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: W. A. A. Board 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 4: Handball 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3. Vernerd E. Fisher B. S ....... . ,.....,......,..,...,................, Red Wing, Minnesola BIOLOGY-PHYSICAL EDUCATION Universiiy ol Minnesola: Managing Edilor ol I933 Speclrum: Eoolball Leller I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: Chronicle Slall 2, 3, 4: College Day Comrnillee 4: Class Baseball 2, 3, 4: Inlercollegiale Debale 2. Vera M. Eishley B. A ...., ,,.,... ,,...., . .,..........,,,. ..,. E I lc harl, Indiana I-IISTORY-BIOLOGY Y. NN. C. A. Library Commillee 2: I-Iislory Club 4: Oralorio I, 2. I-Ierberl S. Prank B. A.. .... ............,.............,........ ........ S I .PauI, Minnesola SOCIAL SCIENCE Golden Triangle Players 4: Alpha Psi Omega 4: Sludenl Council: Orcheslra I. 2, 4, Presidenl 4: Band 2: Traclc I, 2: Cross Counlry 2: Varsily Club 2, 4: Class Baseball 2, 4. E. Paul Garnber B. A ....... .......,........,., ..... O I 'rawa HISTORY Varsily Debale 4: Hislory Club 4: Wrilers Club 4: Classics Club 4: Pi Kappa Della 4: Vice-Pres- idenl 4. Marie G. Ganlzerl B. A ....................................... ...... D Wighl HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club 2, 4, Secrelaryflreasurer: Y. W. C. A. Cabinel 4: Classics Club 4: Ora- 'rorio I, 2. TI-IE ENIOR CLASS Gruber Halenrichler I-Iazenlield 0 I-Ierr Hillel I-Ioferl' Florence M. Gruber B. S .lll. .,l, Al,ll,llll.,.,... l,lll, P r a irie du Sac, Wisconsin COMMERCE W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Viceepresidenl 4, Board 3: Dorm Presidenl 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 4: Band I, 2. Uarda U. Halenrichler B. A .oooo,,Aooo,.oooo,, v,o, ooooo P I ainlielol HISTORY Glee Club: Orchesfra 2: Band 2: Class Baseball 2: Oralorio I. Harold Hazenlield B. A ....., ...o.,..oo....,,.....,... ..... B r ownslown SOCIAL SCIENCE Seager Associalion I, 2, 3, 4, Secrerary 4: Y. M. C. A. Cabinel 4: Class Vice-Presidenl 2: Chronicle Slail I, 2: Class Debale I7 Speclrum Slall 23 Library Commillee 2: Soreda Club 3, 4. Gladys M. Herr B. A ...... ................................... .... . M onroe, Michigan CLASSICS-GERMAN Classics Club 2, 3, 4: Oralorio I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Volunleers 2. Jack Hillel B. S ..... .................................................... E asl Chicago, Indiana PHYSICAL EDUCATION-CHEMISTRY Foolball I, 2, 3, Leller 4: Baseball Lellers 2, 3: Class Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Manager 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4. Wilma M. Holerl B. A ...... ................................. ..... N a perville I-IOME ECONOMICS Golden Triangle Players 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl' 4: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Oralorio 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 3: Class Secrelary 3: Sludenl Council 2: Y. W. C. A. Cabinef 2, 3: Classics Club I, 2, 3: College Day Comrnillee 4. NINETEEN TI-IIRTY-THREE l-lornback Johnson Kay Klauss Klump Koenig Jolwn A. I-Iornbaclm B. A... E A ,,,,Y,,,,, ,,,A N aperville CHEMISTRY Sfudenf Body Presidenl 45 Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Manager of Traveling Squad 3: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 33 Cross Couniry Lellers I, 2, 3, Capfain 2, 3: Traclc Leller I, 2, 33 Class Treasurer lfirsl semeslerl 3. William I-l.Jol1nson B. A.. .,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ....,a N o rllw Aurora HISTORY I-Iislory Club 3, 43 Class Baseball 2, 4. Allan L. Kay B. A .,,,. .,,,.,,,,,,...., a,,aa A u rora COMMERCE Kennelli M. Klauss B. A. ,.... . ................ ........................... W ebsler, New York COMMERCE-SOCIAL SCIENCE Orcliesfra 2, 3, 47 Band I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenr 4: Graforio 41 Tennis Manager 27 Varsily Club 4. Theodore C, Klump B. A.. ........................, ..... B lissfield, Michigan MATHEMATICS Class Treasurer lseconcl serneslerl 33 Y. M. C. A. Cabinef 43 Alhlelic Treasurer 4: Zoology Club 4: Speclrum SIaT'T 33 Class Manager 2: Class Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. G, Waller Koenig B. A ...... ..,.............................. ....... A u dubon. Iowa BIOLOGY-EDUCATION Wesfern Union College: Glee Club 3, 4: Assislanl in Zoology 4: Zoology Club 47 Class Baseball 3, 4. Korfisl Korlemeier Lauber Leedy Lemblce I Lemlce Mildred A. Korllsl B. A . , . , ..... . . . ...Riverside HISTORY-EDUCATION Hislory Club 3, 4g Classics Club Ig W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 41 Baseball I, 2, 3, 47 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 43 Baslcelball 2, 3: Soccer If W. A. A. Monogram, May Pele I, 2, 3, 4. Leland B. Korlemeier B. A ..., . .. .,,...,,,....,, ..., P earl Cily ENGLISH Chronicle Slall 3, 47 Band 33 Class Baseball 3, 43 King Rex XV. Carol L. Lauber B. A ...... ................ . .. ....... . ..... Yales Cenler, Kansas HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club 2, 3, 43 Oralorio I, 25 Classics Club Ig Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4. Haldon A. Leedy B. A .... . .............. cclzremonl, Ohio PHYSICS Alpha Psi Omega 4, Presiclenl 41 Varsiry Club 4: Tennis Leller 37 Golden Triangle Players 3, 4, Glee Club I, 23 Physics Journel Club 33 Sophomore Class Presidenlq Foolball 23 Band I, 2. Rulh E. Lemblce B. .............................. ..... R acine, Wisconsin ENGLISH-SPEECI-I Glee Club 4: Classics Club 2. 3, 41 Golden Triangle Players 3, 4, Secrelary 43 Chronicle Slall 2, 3, 4: Band I, 23 Alpha Psi Omega 4, Secrelary 43 Oralory 2: VV. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 45 Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 41 Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: W. A. A. Pin and Leller. Harold C. Lemlce B. A ..... ........................ . . ..I.a Orange CHEMISTRY Universily ol Illinois: Y. M. C. A. Cabinel 3, 43 Homecoming Day Chairman 43 Traclc Leller 2, 3: Cross Counlry Leller I:Varsily Club I. 2, 3, 47 Social Commillee 2, 3: Sludenl Council 43 Chronicle Sfall 37 Speclrum Slarl 3. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE Marquardf Massier Raduege . Paul Pilsch Parker Richard T. INAGFCJIUGFCZII B. A .,,,, ,,,,,7,,,,M,A,,, -,,--. L Q mbard ZOOLOGY Universiiy of Chicago. Rudolph E. Massier B. S ....,.,....,,,.,,....,,,.V..,,,,,,,,, .......V,. ,,,, N a peryille HISTORY-PI-IYSICAL EDUCATION Foolball Leller l, 2, 3, 4: Capiain 4: Baseball Leller 2, 3: Baslcelball Leller I, 2, 3, 4, Caplain 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4. I-larvey W. Raduege B. A ....... .............. ...,. L a ke Mills, Wisconsin ENGLISH Oralorio I, 2, 3: English Associaiion 3: Glee Club I: Class Baseball I, 2, 3. Dallas I-I. Paul B. A ..,.. ...........,....... ...,, S m ilhfield BIOLOGY Sludenl Council Vice-Presidenl 4: College Day Chairman 4: Soreda Club 3, 4: Alhlelic Board of Conirol 43 Varsily Club 4: Baslcelball Manager 4: Class Arhleiic Manager 4: Class Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Class Baslcelball 2, 3. 4. Elizaberh L. Pilsch B. M .... .. ....,........,......,..., ...... I5 argo, Norlh Dalcoia DEGREE IN VOICE Concordia Conservalory of Music: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Sexleiie 3, Ocielle 4: Golden Triangle Club 4: Wriiers Club 3: Chronicle Siahf 2, 3: Tennis 2: Drannaiics 2, 3. Winniirecl Parker B. A ....... ..,...s.,..,...... ...... N a perville ZOOLOGY Kendall College oi Physical Educalion: Assislanf in Physical Educalion 3, 4: Assisianf in Zoology 4: W. A. A. 3, 4: Board 4: Soccer 3, 4: Baslcelball 3, 4: Baseball 3: Volleyball 3: Social Commiflee 4: Y, VV. C. A. Cabinei 4. THE SENIOR CLASS OF Ra ndazzo Rallnmell Render O Richerl Riller Roelirdanz Salvalore Randazzo B. A ..,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.. ,,, , . Downers Grove ERENCI-l Infercollegiare Debafe I, 2, 3, 43 Oralory 3, 43 Pi Kappa Della 3, 4. J. Maclclin Rallwnnell B. S. ..,..,....f.,3,...,...,. ....,. A urora COMMERCE Assisfanf in Commerce 43 Sludenl Finance Board 3, 43 Class Presidenl 33 College Day Chairman 33 Y. M. C. A. Cabinel 33 Pi Gamma Mu 43 Band 2, 33 Orclieslra 2, 3, 43 Indoor Track 2. Rullm R. Render B. ..... ................... ...... C li icaqo ENGLISH Y. W. C. A. Vice-Presidenl 43 Glee Club 33 Oralorio I, 2. Lloyd J. Riclwerl B. A. ..... ....... . ..,.... ..... M e ndola BIOLOGY Y. M. C. A. Cabinel 3, 43 I-landbook Edilor 43 Zoology Club 43 SGCFGIGFYQ Reserve Eoolball 2. Mary E. Rilrer B. A ..... .............. ...... R u dyard. Monlana GERMAN Melvin J. Roelwrdanz B. A ............................ . ..... ..... E ond du Lac, Wisconsin SOCIAL SCIENCE Seeger Associalion I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 33 Class Baslcelball 2, 33 Class Baseball 2, 3. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE Runkel Schlemmer Schneller Schulrz Sleezer Slick Arcadia, Wisconsin Presidenl 31 Band I, 2. ..,,Wabash, Indiana Class Vice Presidenl 4 Afhlelic Board of Conlrol 4 Assislanl in Bible 2, 33 Manager of Women's nnis3 W A A I 2 3 4 Presiden+4 Baskelball 2 3 4 Baseball I 2, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 43 Volley- Marian M Schneller B A ,,,- Plain, Wisconsin Class Secrelary 4 Secrelary Public Alzlairs Forum 3 4 Hislory Club 3 4: Golden Triangle Players 4: aforio I 2 W A A 2 3 4 Baskefball 2 3 4 Handball 3 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Harvey A Schullz B A ,,... Hoopole Chronicle Slalil 2 3 4 Business Manager ol Chronicle 4 Vice Presidenl ol: The Illinois College Press Associalion 4 Band I Sludenl Council 4 Assislanl in Physics Deparlmenr 43 Awarded Norfh Paul E Sleezer B A ,,,,,, Millbrook Zoology Assvslanl 4 Zoology Club 4 Wrilers Club 4 Varsily Club 4 Baseball Manager 21 Ora- Virg'nia M Slick B A ss.. Naperville Home Economics Club 2 3 4 Presidenl' 4 Homecoming Commrllee 4 W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer ball , 2, 3, 4: W. A. A. Playday E SEN GR CLASS OF Sollau Spalwn Slauflaclier Slewarl ."" ge-, Sliles Slrasburg Melvin E. Sollau B, A . , ...... .. A , .. ....Dululli, Minnesola SOCIAL SCIENCE Class Vice-Presidenl I7 Firsl Place, Miller Oralorical Conlesl 3, 47 Firsl Place, Illinois Oralorical Conlesl 47 Varsily Debale 2, 3, 47 Pi Kappa Della 2, 3, 47 Presidenl 47 Seager Associalion I, 2. 37 Homecoming Comrnillee 3: Dramalics 37 Sludenl Council 37 Y. M. C. A. Cabinel 27 Secrelary ol Forensic League 2, Presidenl 37 Class Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. I-lenriella M. Spalin B. A ..... , ............. ...... C ulberlson, Nebraska GERMAN Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Traveling Squad I, Manager 2, Presidenl 37 W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 47 Soccer I, 47 Baslcelball I, 3, 47 Baseball 3, 47 Volleyball I, 3. Joy Slaullaclwer B. A... .. ........ ........ . ...Naperville HISTORY Sludenl Volunleers 2, 3, 4, Vicerpresiclenl 3, Presidenl 47 I-Iislory Club 3, 47 Y. W. C. A. Cabinel 37 Oralorio 27 Glee Club 2. Eleanor M. Slewarl B. A.. .. ..,......................... ....Inwood, Iowa I-IOME ECONOMICS I-lome Economics I, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 47 Golden Triangle Players 47 W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 47 Soccer 2, 3, 47 Baskelball 2, 3, 47 Volleyball 2, 3, 47 W. A. A. Pin Award. Harlan A. Sliles B. S. ...... ........ . . ................. .......... C I1arIesIon,WesI Virginia MATHEMATICS-PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsily Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 47 Foolball Leller I, 2. 3, 47 I-leavyweiglnl Wreslling Champion I, 2, 3, 47 "LilIle I9" Wreslling Champion 47 Class Alhlelic Manager 37 Class Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4. Roberl D. Slrasburg B. A ..... ..................... ...... E cl gerlon, Wisconsin ZOOLOGY Wrilers Club 3, 4, Presidenl 47 Zoology Club 4. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE Sfurgeon Thiele Thompson 0 Trebilcoclc Ullch Umbreif . Kennelh Slurgeon B. S . ,,,, ,,,,,,,A, ,, ,,,, V,, -, w vq,,,, ,, W mcghesrer HISTORY-PHYSICAL EDUCATION Hislory Club 3, 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 41 Speclrum Slall 4: Baseball Leller l, 2, 3, 4: Capiain 45 Foolball leller 3, 4: Class Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4, Caplain 4. Clarence E. Thiele B. A .I,,.. C,..,,...,C,C,,C,,.,,,, .,,,,,,,,,C,,,,,,,,,,,,,, D y sarl, Iowa PSYCHOLOGY Pi Kappa Della 4, Y. M. C. A. Cabinel 47 Sludenl Council 4, Debale 23 Oralorio 3, 4: Seager Associalion I, 2, 3, 43 Public Alllairs Forum 4. Grace C. Thompson B. A. .a....... .......a,..aa,,. ....... ...... A u r ora HISTORY Class Secrelary 3: Golden Triangle Players 4: Chronicle Slalll 3, 43 W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 43 Baslcelball 2, 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Handball 3, 4: W. A. A. Pin Award. Jeannelle Trebilcoclc B. A ...... ................ ..... N a Jrional Mine, Michigan HISTORY Norlhern Slale Teachers College, Michigan, Hislory Club 4: Golden Triangle Players 4. Dorolhy A. Ullch B. A .....,, .a................... ..... ...... S u b lelle COMMERCE Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 47 Home Economics Assislanl 3: Volleyball 27 Y. W. C. A. World Fellowship Commillee 4. Vera J. Umbreil B. A ....... ...aa.a.aa.a.............................. ..... C h icago HISTORY-SOCIAL SCIENCE Presidenl Pi Gamma Mu 4: Presidenl Hislory Club 4: Hislory Assislanl 41Varsily Tennis 3, 4, Won Dean Kirn Cup 2, and David Rall Trophy 43 College Day Commilfee 4: Debale I: W. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Board 2, 47 Baslcelball 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 4, Soccer I, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 W. A. A. Pin and Leller Awards, Y. W. C. A. Cabinel 2. THE SENIOR CLASS OF in Von Wald Weberl Wurlz Wylcle Yoh Zebarlh Kennelh Von Vlfalcl B. A .,A, A ,,, .,, ....o K e nyon, Ivlinnesola HISTORY Presidenl ol Alhlelic Associalion 4: Sludenl Council 43 I-lislory Club 3, 43 Vice-Presidenl 43 Varsily Club 2, 3, 43 Foolball Leller 23 Class Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 43 Class Baseball 3, 43 l-lomecoming Come millee 43 Speclrum Sfail 4. Frances L. Weberl B. A ....... o........o..o. ...... lvl e nomonie, Wisconsin ENeLisH Chronicle Slall 2, 3, 4, Chronicle Edilor 43 Sludenl Council 3, 43 English Assislanl 2, 3, 43 Wrilers Club 2, 3, 43 Dramalics 2, 3, 43 Debale I, 23 Public Affairs Forum 3, 43 Sigma Tau Della 3, 43 Secrelary-Treasurer 43 VV. A. A. I, 2, 3, 43 Pin and Leller Awards. Leonard I-I. Wurlz B. A .,... ...... P i geon, Michigan SOCIAL SCIENCE Asbury College' Seager Associalion 43 Dramalics 4. Arlon E. Wylcle B. S ...... ................... ...... C5 e neseo COMMERCE Orcheslra 3, 43 Band 3, 4. Charles Yoh B. A ...... ........................... ...... V a n Werl, Ohio SOCIAL SCIENCE Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Traveling Squad 33 Oralorio I, 2, 3, 43 Speclrum Slarl 43 Traclc Leller I, 23 Varsily Club 2, 3, 43 Y. M. C. A. Cabinel I3 Chronicle Slafl I. I-lerberl E. Zebarlh B. A .....c.,.....c.... A ugusla, Wisconsin PSYCHOLOGY-SOCIAL SCIENCE Seager Associalion I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Soreda Club 3, 43 Golden Triangle Players 43 Y. M, C, A. Cabinel 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 43 Pi Gamma Mu 43 Psychology Assislanl 43 De-bale 23 Speclrum Slalil 43 Public Affairs Forum 3, 4. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE +he seniors 1 ' if A L l PAGE 45 .-. ,pf gf. as+ rifes .... The academic procession forms .... Congrafulafions, brave laughfer, and much handshaking .... Caps and gowns lend an air of digni+y . . . and mask Hue under- curreni' of mourning a+ fhe approaching 'Hwreaf of graduafion .... PAGE 46 Here +l1e iuniors . . nearing +l'1e end of +l1eir college days .... Secure in fheir knowledge of worldly ways .... Lords of l'l1e campus nexl' 'Fall .... t e iunior c ass PAGE 47 TH Harold W. Abel Geraldune D Allen Clarence J Alhg Sussex, Wisconsan Fremonl Olmo Naperville o Woodrow U. Baker lfasca o Paul Boslian Oranqeville ' Donald l-l. Brinkman Thomas F Colfer Jose G Deseo Chippewa Falls Wusconsnn Eas+Cl1ucago Indiana Aparru Plnluppune Islands E F Uiclcfuss Domm Downer Enqlerl EDP 'TGWCGH' Finlc Foley Frazier Fry Sales George Edwin W. Diclciuss Sheldon E Domm Farl E Downer Waukesha, Wisconsin Nap rvllle Aurora Roberi E. Enqlerl Rocliesler, N . Allred C. Fink Naperville . Arfliur S. Fry Naperville NINETEEN THIRTY THREE Wrllard A Glese Ada M. Goelz l-lampslnure Naperville Raymond J l-lansen Karlwryn M. l-larlrnan Denrnarlc Wlsconsln Granville Ellsworrl'1J. Greenwald Milwaulcee, Wisconsrn . Orlando V. l-lelwn Newburq. Oregon I . Courrier G. l-lubmer Kafhleen C. Iler S+. Clair, Minnesola Downers Grove Kallwerine A. Jones Chicago Donald C. Kirne Elkhart, lndiana SPECTRUM FOR NINETE Lamoreaux Landis Lang Q Lauloer Lueben, L. V Lueben, L. L O Maas Marks, A. Marks, l-l. C Marks, S. Maurer Mayer Roberf C. Lamoreaux Carl M. Landis Marian L. Lanq Aurora Kansas Cify, Missouri Villa Park Q C . Edwin C. Lauber Luella V. Lueloen Lydia L. Lueloen Yales Cenler, Kansas Naperville Naperville . 0 0 Doro+l1yJ. Maas Argenl R. Marks l-larvey W. Marks Forl Wayne, Indiana Plain, Wisconsin Colorado Sp . O . Silas E. Marks Frances B. Maurer Barbara R. Mayer Colorado Springs, Colorado Porlland, Oregon Tokyo, Japan EN THIRTY-THREE k.. 'rhe iuniors W, -1 F W ,X , A-' iv 1 X, A-.,f or 1 e, , I .1 i -, il' li' i i 42" ir- - . 1 in ' 1' P 6 ',.f 1 'V 'I ' ,., ,V..'S,,. V.. e-xo-. V: 3, ,ggi Jack K. Meacnarfi Downer: Grzfe Willa B, Molius Wauiffafosa, Vliscon r Rosemary Migely Naperfille . Rulli L. Nielsen Chicago Burnell A. OesTerle Reddiclc Marjorie J. Oesferle Re-ddick 0 l-larrie'fB.PasCl'1lce Blue Earflw, Minnesofa J. Findlay Paydon Plainfield l-le-len E. Peliing Naperville Q D. Kennellm Powelson Aurora Norman C. Quanlock Plainfield Rulli B. Ramey Naperville . Narcissa A. Ranseen Chicago Claris. A. Rieder Amsferdam, New XY- York Corolne A. Rosenwald Bellingham, Minnssofa Norman J.Ruscl1 Reedsville, Wisconsin lvlilion A. Sauer Daslwwood, Cnfario Wilma M. Schell Milledqeville Arlean lv1.SClwmiCll' l-las' ins, Nebraska Ediili Schroeder Reynolds,Noril'1Delcoi Anfon T. Sclnuberl Riverside Lewis Schiick Pldnfield Iona XX, Schwdnder Berwyn Evereil N. Shoop lfllourn Alene R. Sfrouss Walnut Roberi W. Siuiile Balavia Helen L. Temple Rawson,Ol1io Gordon l-lflesclw New Ulm, Minnesola G BW' il ,i , ,,. ii 3 Z il xl i, 1 ,i i J is 'rlwe iuniors ,,1,ig.i- .-V,4 +he 'juniors Emma L.Tohms Charles Pflozer Wilma E. Van Valen Milbanlc, Soulh Dalcola Akron, Ohio Downers Grove . . . Emerson E. Vaubel Helen M. Veh Kafhryn L. Vergie Ollawa Gibsonburg, Ohio Vile-sl Chicago 0 . . John l-l.Warne Marian E.Wheeler Leo Wrighf Wesl Chicago Sandwich Sheridan 0 ' . Lloyd F. Wrighl l-larold R. Youngberg Helen M. Yunlcer Sheridan Elmhursl Slurgis, Michigan Tohms Tozer Van Valen Q Vaubel Veh Vergie C Warne Wheeler Wright L. O Wrighl, L. F Youngberg Yunlcer PAGE 54 ocksure sophomores . . . born +o fyrannize fhe 'freshmen . . . enduring fine plafiiudes, gruclgingly accepfing +i1e wisdom of ins+ruc+ors . . . engaging in all Nor1'h Cen+ral ac+ivi+ies. . . . t C: so omore Cass PAGE 55 ,ga QW .WM 'WM Aging' film'- 55435 S yin" 'N ' 4 N , 'f i Y I Y . 1 I 4 , . J 1 ' - K , . qv.. ' I N4 E lx 'R L W ,,, " , 7 ' . , 'Q-pw ' , N ,gh 7 ' Q H fm Q fa ue - " ' ' ' -A . fb' 4 ' ,551 T ' V 4, E if - 'fi U - qf 2 , I, iL5,,3, ,:,B rw M - V, 3 U ,m 'S AQ sig, 1 Gr? M , ig L' Y X 11' Q ,f L . ' MMM V 'L 'Q 5: . if "f ' ' H?" M fb - 'jg . -4' 1 v I , , ' , - 4 ,,,, . V 5 4 -J ' 1, . 353. . 'V .,., " 1 fry 1 QW, l 1 gm , U I L .1 ! ' ay' , 4..,Q,QZK Ml.. I ', , V1 .I V VGVV Q ,ma ,I ,nina f 5 '-" - ,, " V5 xz , ,. .- ,, My 'Q 3 gt 1 2 f ' f ' f . X f ,-Z, 'eg V - 'i v I I ,. ' 'ef 2 fx f' 1 ' 5' ' - ...fl 'gs ....... ' , 'Y J i 1 f':'.Jf "1 4 'N " L f " 5 ' , -' 'T Q, f ' ' Q . , ' . f ' 1. W QQ I 'gl A 'iz 2 ,. ' fy! 5 dh 4? 6 m 1 Q .,, - N , , . 331 ,, 4 L, ML ' If ' Q in Ji ' T? fy We x gh 'YZ' I, yn 2 A 1 J f , M ' . E Q -' ' X W' wwf X: Y ,Q I ,Ay ., , - 4 5,4 1 ,. ' - E L 4 1. be L. , -1' L I 5' , ' ' gf" ' ij? 1 1 . ...L , f if 1 , 5 ff" . YI f 'Q V f if X, .1 v Y 1 ., I IQ ,f 7 57 I ? A' K Y . f , . A .4 S , . Acfwilles, VJ. M. Ugcf man, R, I-'. Geese, L. L Dllllnqz, R. E. Uulow, M. E, Cave, M. E. De?b3r. J. E. 9 THE S iff' 2 f , Dfscfwog, M, VJ, 3'-L GW 'rv . inur- r-..... , 'Suu-1 6 Q Q , A fx :af -M L, 3 'inn ' Y ' 31 X c 5 4 1 ' L LW' 'Y '3 if , ' . L 5' f 4 A , , sa Lf Sabler, L. M. UalL R. B. Bafcmam, R. H Benson, S. M. Berqsfrezser, G. Berry, K. E. B9eHcl'1er,V. M. Boss, E W. Brown, W. M. Chang, C Y. Chase, B. Clare, P. D. Downy, M. E. Dil1On,A.5, Dunlap, R. 1. PECTRUM ? 4-:sv 'f ""'w A J Y' Pgixa 5 1 'ff' Q-vs Nr.. 1 Derfram Browne. Clcsson FOR 396' ,hx QF ? WW' 'KH gy ff.. I I '33 252 9 Ericlson, C. A. Err1e,P.F. Feller, B. A. Feucht R. E. ' Pinibeinei. P. M. PGH, H.J. Fiicsieben, B. M. Piisbie. MA. Piiiz, K. Gamer+sfelder,C. eensiici. v.A. oeiiinqei, C. E. c5ivlei,J. H. Goodwin, E. J. csiwan. C. H. eieqoiy. H. W. em-ioiy. H. H. eiififin. ei. e. Haw. E. J. Hallwachs, H A. Hanke, L. M. Hanie. R. H. Ham., H. H. Hemi. J. B. Hill. E. J. I-1ix,A. D. ' 0 Hochradel, 14. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE 'rhe sophomores in L-: 1 l PAGE 57 King, M Kreifzer Lewis, J Mercer, FOR NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE hx 9 Miqely, J. E. Miiier, R. Mislce-Hy, C Morse, E. G. ' Myers, G. F. Neill, F. Nelson, D. W. Newman, D. J. Nihlroos, D. L. Nolfe, VV W. Qdom, C. K Reiclwenbacker, R. Renninqer, J. R. Ries, I. M. Riqqs, R. Rifenour, R. K. Rifzinqer, H.N. Roosa,G.E. Ruhlmar1,D.C. Rusch, R.A. Sal'r,G.E. Schendel, M.M. Schmidt M. E. Schulz, W. W. Seebaclw, V. E. Seifz, V. W. ' Sheager, R. C. Hue sophomores ng.-P MTVN MSW. 3 -?9v.w 85'- z ,. AFFE- fw- . 109' Q. fa Jaw .i HWS 36? Shearer, R, A. Shiffler, E. D. Shriner, W. Siewerf, D. H. Smifh, A. M. Smifh, G. H. Snavely, L. N. Speranza. V. J. S+ephan, H. L. Shack, E. E. Sfraub, M. Y. Sfump, D. A. Swiff, D. D. Swil'1ar+,C.V. Tenney, R. W. Tomascl'1efsLy,R. Unbehaun, A. O. Ve++er, F. Vrona, F. J. Wagner, G. M. Waqner, J. R, Wafson, G. E. Wendlandt E. H. Whilre, H. E. Willauer, C. H. 9 Williams, F. W. Winans, R. W. 0 XNorr1er,R.O PAGE 60 The frosh . . . gen+le and meek . . . +hirs+y for knowledge .... They inhaloil our class- rooms, anol upon occasion, +he library . . . and laugh ai' pro'F's jokes . . and evenfually lose 'rheir illusions .... t c-3 freshman Cass PAGE 6I Benneff, R. P. Bollen, UNIV. Criffon, J. H. Diehich, H. Gaboda. W. G. Godfrey, B.J. WW rs, WQQ' iii' J 1 Godfrey, V.T. Graves, R. Greenwald, R. R. Groves, W. H. Guelde, E. E. Hallwachs, R. G. Hanson, R. W. Harness, C. H. Harfwiq, M. F. Hasewinlcel, C.W. Hassefl, K. Heinrich, M. M. Hill,T. Hillbroolc, R.W. Hornbaclc,A.E. Hornscl1ucl'1,VV.E. Hummel, O.W. lflner, C. E. Jelzlers, E. F. Kaney, E. R. Keiser, P. E. Kernpiners, R. G. Kendall, M. H. Kiess, D. L. King, M. H. Kleilwauer, R. S. Koch, J. F. Kreamer, J. G. Laier, M. K. Lanlz, J. L. Lawry, C. S. ' Lieloranz, A. F. l.iH'le, H. E. 0 Maclee, F. J. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE 'rhe 'freshmen lil' l I PAGE 63 'Hr Q-qv-Q 'Q 'wwf MarquamH,R Mayerl4 A MLCQHUm L MiHer,N.l4 CDken,Cl A. PoHock,J.S. Roqem,R.V THE PECTRUM F '-25 15' 'D 7? f Sperry, J. R Thiel, F. F. Wacker, W. Washburn P A Whi++emore D W son L E Wrzoselc, C15 Wunsch L A NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE 0 GOLDSNDHN HALL PAGE 66 fr Ac - T , IYITIES ..- lf k rush of faces and even+s . . . a flighf of days crowded wi+h pains and pleasures . . . a mixfure of s'rudy, and gaiery, and achieve- meni' .... May 'rhe few scenes we picrure here be freasured recollecrions. . . . ll aloout TLS cam us PAGE 67 i i 5 1 l l l li i in 2 I l l i 5 1 l ! l i 5 ! e -s i f i 6 3 i l E il ' i ! gl E . s fs V s e - .,..,,,.,, ,, .,...,,..,, .x Q ? M 6 , 1 4 3 . M, ,.. svm,m,,,,,,-.,, rw d we , M, , W Y 7 -.- -MWQ ...,. --M .......,.,.- - .,,. - HU... ,,,,,,Wv-,M,-d.,,,,-,wmwu than WON,-...dw Yrrvr if W l l' li li in 4, Z I 1 3 1 A l i 1 , ' ll 5 1 E has , .,,,,,,,, A, ,-.f-,,:.,s.W , r 3 , sw. ...n......e ,,., .. . .... ,NN.,,yM..,M ..,,. ...M . .,.f.....,M,....W..,.........v... --- -- i l lr 35 , '- 4 , 5 5 1 5 5 .1 QW gi fi ' . ll ' 1 if li i i 1 .l A' 4 "X, Q 'f , ,,,5,,,.,1g,. V. ii ' ,, , I -,' - H ' I' 53 X ' . ,,i .. I I , I 3 f if 5 , , ' 1 ' i 7 , ' , 1 , 'IL v 3 , ' 'lx e e 2 .- .s .......d,1., s- -..T .... v...,,. XX VMM...-.W A..., ,W . . m,,,,,X r i l G J? is ii 2 ii i V a ,s Il fi K! 4. Fall saw a deserled campus pulse wi'rl'1 life again .... And wi+l1 +he re+urn of +l1e s+uden+s came a myriad of ac+ivi+ies .... The boys pursued an elusive pigskin while 'rlwe gals Turned lheir dainfy hands fo soccer-when lhey were noi parfying, or parading +l'1e s+yles, or iusl gossiping .... PAGE 68 ,.0 - 3 1 To N , X Q' -lf ,X Y M., 5 3 1 K X me ,,Y.,,,L , A - f -. 2 4 . .. '1 ". ' V x Wu il l 1 li! .,'V L, 1 X lL X' t N I f 9 l I . - . A gm, , - 2 2 EQ ii l E 1 I l l I F I f xx l .lu -JSQAA Y . 5 , . I s L - W V . -,. ......,.,..,,,, ,, .WW - ........ ,,.,.,.,-.-...-.-.W-. 2 u , x f 5 3 s E ..-d 'ff- ff fs ...................A..........,...,.,....-.M-..M..N...,w .,,,. ,M A, . ..,. ,. ,UW , , . ..,,, . - A... x ?.mw-.-.w...,..M.,.e., l l A J 1' l , I l l l 5 g l l l 1 Er , 3 I ll a ,u 5 1 l E . The frosln were infroduced +0 college life in Sparlan manner .... Freshman Week over, lhey were inl'ria'red in flue horrors of l'l1e sack rush . . . and 'I'l1en came l'l1a+ desperafe sfruggle wi+l1 Hue soplws +0 avoid Hue muddy wa'rers of 'lhe roaring Du Page. . . . How nice +l1e pool seemed a'F'rer 1'l1al'. . . . PAGE 69 .E F 2 Z 1 1 Q legal! 3' 4 i ., g .A 3 3 3 . 2 i Q . 4 , , I F N 1 4 Q l, . KE E Q Q ii 3 ....m.,..-,.,m,,,.Q.,,.,.,.,,..,..,..v.,.u.,,...,,,N...-' g 5 i 1 L -.-..-n.-...avumnm-w,v,,a-M i. . Q . 1 I 5 I 2 i ii u 3 ' ii ' I fi i gi , ,, , 15 34 fi fi, a 4 if 3 5 i 1 Y 2 5 if 2 5 xi i Q 5 2 f mWM,mwmM 5 W ,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,..,..,mm.,m.,,,.,.f,.,,,..,,.. ,.q..,. -W .,,,X -,, . 3-uxsnn..,....1mm.mf4mma.:gwWw We . .1 -..amd ,, ,..... U. ,. , m. . . , . . , H,-,fffew-.ine-,-if--f-:,,e,,,, V- -,, fi f-W-W-M.W-..M.W...-.. ..,, ., ,a.,.,,. .,,. ..,. ..,., , New , Y 1 5 r 1 ,i H 0 i ' a B , i I ' T P 9 E - i 1 , , 1 v lam h N W ,wwf LW m.,,.w..W F- -W,,.,.W, ,W ,,wm.,...N..,. E 4,4-r,..,,,,f,e,qwf..N W, ,N f ymwnw ww 'fm-.fwfew -if 1, , .A , ,,-. . ,. x ,Wy si if li h in Q . 3 'f , K. I 9 , I s as i E! ii' .....,.................J ..,.,................--.-an---a-Q ....,..,,,w,.,,,,mM,,p.,..,.,.1.,M,,W,f,WfW,3 . .,., . ,. , , Q t cf ,ff Q :pf i Wi 5 a sgifu i 1 fl ? Qi 5 S, gi i ,... .,,,, A me , i, , M Y 3 . ..,,, or ,a , 1 9 ' 1 X 2 ii z Pg E Q ii Though +he sun had shone for a week before, Homecoming was, qui'I'e nafurally, ihe coldesf day of +he fall--or so i+ seemed .... Never+heless 'rhe parade wen+ on and fhe old Grads cheered and grinned and greefed even fhough 'rhe Cardinals losi' by one poin+ 'ro +he Vikings from Augusiana .... PAGE 70 V 5 1: i S i .J-nr-asv.-cv ..... xl 1 ? ! E Q .v W 11 i fg..........,g,. -- .,..-....,..--..V,,..1 M-a.m,..,.. ..,.-wmW,w.f--1. .-1... . F., . ...yauvws W., .M -.K,..-.r M... , . E Q , 2 E E r X a 5 Q Q - g Q E 2 Q ? 52 1 ig tc 7 22 Q 55 5 5 ? . 1 , 2 ' 5' iggl-qfw-v-Yv...,-....y.... Uv.- ....,f,,.M .,,....,n. ,A .v,...:.. W, E M 3 , 1 i ,-M.e.,.,..... .. K g K f I 5 , 5 E Z 9 5 x F ',..,.m..,.,L w.Q,..X, ,. ,MM i..,,. .....,,,At.Naa,,..M,...,s...M..,,..........,.........., i . ,, , - 1? , H 0 1 1 1 2 9 I 3 Q V ' S , t . I r :W Q I W 5 5 e , . Q, Y X c 1 n g 5 I '1 " , . ,. in V- 2 , uw., ,,,,,:f:, W. Ai 4 J F A , , V I s..,..,u...U,.s.,,v.,...W,..g.w...,.,ff wmifanwmswwm. , .............,... ,,,,.....,................,,,. ,M ,, N WT, ,,.,.W. ...,,,,,,. .. .M ,Whom .f.,e,W.,M.,. I-H L"""""" . w.,,..,....,....,,....-...,,,.W,W..,,,.x., .. 5 ..,,. M ,,,. arm Mm. xv,, M KW wM,gYM,:W5fm,. . 5, . i. ' Qi . 4 . A 1 ....-...W-. ..,u.Wy,,.-,,,..,,., . f.g,-,-.-.- , -, .- , if C ,,,.,,,, 1 5 , 3 - 4 5 ft, , . E A . , E 2 , 5? ' , A 5 2' V- z , - L 1 ' ' 2 3 'c EW s ff lf 2 L E 4 i 2 f f Q 2 1 ' I 2 i..4,h.,...,...,.s.,.w,,A-....,. .- , .V .. , ., , .,,W,,,,,., W -- .. -M 3 . so W uuuu so u M 5 1, ,A 1 1' P 1 5 i Y Q K -2 2 NK u 2 - V ,ees-1 ...f....,.-- ef fy-K-'vm ,..,.,,. 1., ,Wei-1 3 Q 5 2 i And wiih Hue Hrs? frosfs of aufumn 'fhose well-known and ius'rly famous conveniions of 'rhe Spanish Afhleres became even more popular 'rhan before .... Only ihe more hardy souls-or +hose in love-s+ill hung around ou+side ihe dorms or on +he campus. . . . PAGE 7I W 2 l E 5 4 : E 5 . . . I 2 l l l I 2 E l 1 2 ' l 5 n 5 i i 4 F i a a i ,R f li i 5 l - l . :L c ,cm ,.,2.....f la ,q..,....m.,.,W.,..,, ., . - ......ew.,W.,......-,,. . ,.. . . -Y ,. . . V i Ii 'l f hr S if ' 2 - 2 ii 1 if ' 5. W W 25 E -.W . , N my Q sl 3 l 42 il 2: is X, gl if l , 15 V, A 4, i..,..-MW,....,m,W,.,,W,W.,, 1 l wwf- , s c. .... Wu. ,... .,c,..w..-c. ,,c.,M.Wp f , , , - ...W--V.......-.........,V-V ..Yg Y...,.-....-- ...i.l.........,,- E 4 . r i , i hug 1 1 ll Wi E! 1 l W. ' fe g E if , Sw 3 I ' ' 4 ,S .f 2, 42 y, 3 3 . 3' 2 5 2 Z 7 is ss, - - c fi gg We --x,ms..a.a...,,,e ,,,, sf 5 . " 5 gg 5 Z ...,,...,...,..N.....,..,. ? i ia 5 5 ii 5 ' if ff Q 2 1 il 5 fi 1 Z ' il 5. g l' 1 ii 5 Q ii A -1 E 1, s .1 5 C1 . 1 f ,, , 5 i J- 5 1 , 5' l 2 s if Li 3 f V 1 E 2 L Q 51 3 5 l 4 Q 41 Old Jack Fros'r visiis Hue campus 'ro produce some beauliful scenes and a+ 'rhe same 'lime some very baffling wea'rl1er .... The sou+l1wes'r corner of +l1e campus suddenly became ihe coldesi spof in fhe world . . . now indoor spor'rs-of all kinds-really receive full aHen'rion .... And of course, 'rhere is sleigh riding for 'those who like if .... Y-4. 'N' 'rf -Q-.M .. N. s.,.s-,.-..... PAGE 72 f u i 2 , l f A at Ei lil 7 'hu N, W, A.. V , f f.,,,,,-N, .1 ,K I A 1 M M Y i v AM- V V I f -my cm- ,M M 1-, . . ,.,..., .M-,.,,,,, . mg ..........,.,,,,,....,s...f44.,.,.c.h,...s.,..f,,-....,.., ., .. ,.,,.,..4.. ll E1-1..,.,M-W-..,,-.v,.,..v....,.,,,AM --ff --f--------M--M i.....,,....v..,..w...w,.,.,.,.....4M.w.vfWQ-Nm , M M my W, ,Wmqw l A , .,,, 7 ,vV, , M 5 2 5 Q l Q' 5, , , f 3 1 1 5 l if 5, 5 i g P 2 l iiia Wllh snow banks making l-lea'rl1er'ron an unpopular place all our budding slage slars find a spo'r in Hue sun .... And for ihree monihs 'rhe baskelball 'ream has Hue whole 0 campus 'ralking wi'rh fheir winning ways . . . bul 'rhen +l1ose pesky De Kalb Teachers broughl us back 'ro ear+h. . . And 'rhose glee club boys wi+l1 +heir 3 poin+ 2- Tch-Tch .... PAGE 73 1 X - -, I , ,LLIYQ A fm,4A q ,mmwwif v 5 C Y 1 E ..,,W,.m,,,,,,w, 4A,. ,., ,.n. A,.M..,.,W-,-.,,.w,.,,,.g ......,...,..... ,M , . ..,., E W 4 Y , V A MM Y ' , : y. 5 W E 5 3 5 i 3 2 f x z 5 E 1 c E , s n l , ..k...,,,MuW,wNm.- M.MxL xWw .,.w..,.wu .3 mmlwmr W , , v , . vWN.wMMAMmWWWMNW, .,..A ,.,, M-d.w M W l I 1 2 1 5 , . X ,- E Q 5 S 5 T Q Z ,...--,,:,,,,,,WW. .......,,u.M...u...,. .,.f,.,,.,, n..Q.,,..,......,......n... -.........A.., ..-...WW ,..,. , M ..,, , U-J ,L ,, W , , It K L A V uv ' - ---- 1 'x x r 4 1 Q U . 1 sf , i 3 xi li Y 2 5' - 1 Fl 5'5"-6""' Bm -U 0 4-1 QMQJ3 2'9:"'Q 05"4::- 1FD!-:gm ganna, 'B--1013- S ' 3 Q m- Q-3 ?'3'4 0. S2 J- 1 2, 0'4K 0 3'-o 3 Q m m 3 3 3 5. m LQ m T' S J . 12 gl 215' Q 0+ 55.98 2 :3 mam? 00125 +1? - 539' 7 ,4o n W . 333m :'-3-5.-. mm '-gm 2 . fyzif cm Q mg Q 220. ...jc 3-+3 n +3 533' 553' ENMQ. LQ9.: O PAGE 74 S Hr 5 rgf l 1 Q 1 ls 2 i' ' A , TiQfQ1""'1'lf fmMfWm""""'fff.fQ.'f'WM"mff"""i Q M l "1 w x , ML. 'f ,Y E s 1 F if. E f rf! ly X ' an nhl, ' ' " f ' - r ' J , , 9, , 5 r pf 'iikx 5 li ml 'l il ? l l 2 ....,,.,....,.,.,...,,,....w.,.-.,,.,c..oc.-,,.. ,, WM W, V.--.,.,,,3 F' E E i x i 5 i 3..,W.,,...,W ,.,.,.,....,n., ,... . -Q ,......,,,...........x,..,,' S l ..u,L.,,,,., ..... .............u,. , .5 Z 2 5 Q 5 s ll iz i l li ,Z ,gi Qi 5 . 12 il 2? f: 1 5 i , . 2 , ,.........,....,-..,,,.,.,., . -WA ,... . ., A.x, ..,, . .... ,M .x,,nW , ...M .,.,f-.---M-T f--+-MY-'MW-M..c.,,,,,,..,.,,,.c.,.,.,,.,W.,.,. i wc . ,,,,, ,. M, - . c ., M ,..f.,...., ,.4,,.,W..c..:..,,....... l if - ii. Q f ' . , ' "" -'25 ' "A fu H 'ii l , 1 if ff ,a K - . . . gZ,,,,,1g-4,,,,. . , -, 3 5 ,I Ent-f l , . 11 , , , . ,V , ,:,.. M , . ,. N 1 ' - ff . f " A.-'ref T ia . 5 , ,, , , 'f' 2? 1553 I ,J ww ,, Helen Dewar, "Mos+ represenlalive of Junior women," receives 'rhe crown from Dorolhy Kimmel, May Queen in l93l .... Tumblers, archers, clowns, a dragon and a milkmaids chorus all help 'ro enliven +he program before lhe lassies swing grace- fully inlo, "Ye Olden May Pole Dance" .... PAGE 75 , w fn I :N giysayf i 5 ' i 'l I Q Y, 1 ' 1 it 52 m i'f 5 1 Q , i' f x 5 , 5 1 4 V I , I Q i 1 5 lx w s J l....,.........,.., M... ,.,-,..........- 5 : I N , , ,, Y W iw I, .N Q in Z i ? Z ,W ..,,..,.,.--1 ,.--" , v .V I Fi 2 w I , .N U 1 X- J L1-, 4 .,v..1'1 .1-Q, -f- Q , 5 Q f- .1 4 ...........,.,.,w.,,4M,.,,N,,h.U....,QA,M.,....,,,,4.-,....5 ' H?1im-.mywv.. fawnv-vwfwf--fwwwwa,'nw-wrw4nffwwf"MvN WH-rx W rw W 2 U 14 n t L' ff- ,sf-af? 'i 5 2 Q 1 ' 3 1' z I ' ' ' ,Z 5 , 1fEji.e,f1,. iii' 5 , ., I I' -.'. A " L" ' ' E , ,z 2? . ? 2 15 Q f-sf--n-,4--.w...Lwfv44-:',"fnrgff3"1-51-qfgf-f-W hm-,.Y, , ,,e...,,,-mf.-N V- - .,. -, , , V.. V ,. ,, ..,,..,.,..,,,,,,,,,.,..,.i,.,.,, , L X-...M W, ,,.. . W Q ' i M fl H 2 Q 4 ? 5 ? Q 2 5 E u.,......w.-,.-.,,. -Awww 4.,.,......,..,.w,m.-f..W .,,,,.....,,2 Q 3 .. 2---W-me N.N. .Mm .,., Y E 3 T a W7 'S 3 , I P The glee club had fheir hour .... In shining black and whife 'rhey appeared in formal concer+ .... Then came 'rhe summer 'four . . . visifs +o many poinis of in+eres'r, bu+ nofhing 'rhey saw was more impressive 'rhan 'I'he illuminaied dome of fhe home of +he "Grea+ Whi+e Fa+her". . . . so m . ,,-,.,,,,,,,,,,, , W,,,M,,-WW.-M Q-1 g I ! i 1 2 PAGE 76 Q 1 ,NH r Y 4. I , .Q g , fig-i:g... ill 1 ' l JUL' "is 411' 11 Mfr' , ' ' K R"-'-a':::" W ,,. u- y ...VM U' 4 ' it -- i . '- 9 LK A . 53,3 . ' mg, , president Rmsecelt l A or l mm-rm-' - , 's ,.'.' ffs, . , M , A , Q 1 l ll .. V 1, ., l g f 1 X ',,, W. ,, we ,,,,,, 1, .,v,. Y-....,.:1-.,.,-:g,,,.:..6,:..,. 2 2 ,I s N ir Q 51 ,-I' if il IW 4? 1 3 V, , ll lr Q , , f if -......,,-.,,,s.,W-- W 'L , at I 4 l 5 n 3 r 5 lW.W,..,,.,,m ,.,.,. ,,,..,,.,,,,,n,,,,,,,,,m,,WmWm,l, l ' ' I 1, F-.,,,..,..,.Q.....,....... , ,A X i . .. ' 1 1 5 l H.. ji Q 1 ll l il s ir " '3 A r l l , r 5 1 Q l ' l l 'l 1 j il Q 3, 1 l 2 2' 5 le R , . 4 Y 1 1 l 4 l ll 1, . V- 2 Wilh spring came polilics, baseball and Track .... The campaigning Paul Reveres rouse more Hman one from sleep-ancl sneer openly al Those who speak of club ' polilics .... Commencemenl marked +l1e climax and 'rhe end of +l1e year . . . wi+l1 caps and gowns appearing 'ro dignify 'rhe upperclassmen for 'rl1e firsf fime. . PAGE 77 is 'S lf V W , i 7 1 f I ' 4 if 5 E+ A is i 1 i 2 I I :IQ vi ll Qi ll ......-..,,...,......,- .-. .-,.. ..,, ,,4.,,,-..M,......,...h..,....,,,.J , ,, mWM,Aw in i 4 l 4 l 1 1 l l Wi+h his subiecls bowed in obeisance Lloyd Hinders, King Rex XIV, ascends his lhrone .... "-'Crown Prince of Procras+ina+ion," he surveys lhe cringing 'Frosh and fawning iuniors as 'rhey seek his favor .... Korly, newly crowned Rex XV, rides away in regal s+a+e 'ro +he squealcing of his ungreased charioi' wheels .... And 'rhen 'rhe freshmen ride--and walk .... PAGE 78 R ecognifion here for fhose . . . who by vir+ue of hard work or poli+ical acumen - or because of influence . . . have gained posi+ion and honor .... cam us ooh-zhritios PAGE 79 people of promi- nence . . . Seleclion ol The people represenled in lhis sec- Hon was macle by a com- millee of Three facully members and live slu- denls, Final choice was based . . . vwu - 3"'!'4f,'v. I ' YWCA Wilma l-loferl Harlan Sliles Wilma Schell Mack Ralhmell Helen Dewar Shorly Slurgeon LaVern Runlcel Gladys Walson John l-lornbaclc PAGE 80 in M? fr, AK ? AWA vucA -an ,an Fran Weber+ Mel Solrau Vera Umbreif ElbyShiffler Rudy Messier Herb Zebar+h Gin Slick Johnny Barrv Rufh Lernbke ...On +he campus ....primarily upon Hne par? faken in campus acfivifies and abilify and afrirude shown. Ar' rangemenf of rhe sec- Hon is wifhouf siqnif' icance. PAGE 8l people of prominence 'AG fn.-Q Q- , v 'ms cou.r, .. , W.-. , . Min. Ifkkf. ' f . . . Wwwwwm ,.,Q:',.4.i.... ,..,-..., - AWA I-I --I VMCA Gordy Smillw Ada Goelz I-larold Lemlce Marie Feilc Bub Nolle Billy Meliusr Mill Sauer Marg DeVeny Mill' Bischoff PAGE 82 I' Gala holidays .... La+e dorm leaves .... A May Queen is crowned and weary freshmen haul fhe King's chario'r .... Par+ies, and da+es, and games .... S'rudy's greaf compefifor .... maior events PAGE 83 PAGE 84 CommiTTee Harvey Marks-Chairman fhe RoberT EnglerT Gordon Tesch KaTherine HarTman Merrill GaTes - e D o ArThur Frye Helen Veh Iunlorasenlor HarrieT Paschke Barbara Mayer - ' Kay Vergie ArgenT Marks banquef Helen Yunker MargareT Heiss HE Junior-Senior BangueT, long The mosT ouTsTanding oT NorTh CenTral's Formal evenTs, was held This year on December ninTh in The main dining room oT The Baker HoTel aT ST. Charles. Led by Harvey lvarks, junior presidenT, accompanied by Arlean SchmidT and by Lavern Runkel wiTh DoroThy Maas, The guesTs marched onTo The aTTracTively arranged Tloor To be regaled wiTh a six course dinner. 0 ProTessor and Mrs. James Kerr were The guesTs oT honor Tor The occasion. Harvey Marks acTed in The capaciTy oT ToasT- masTer, and inTroduced The various numbers oT The program. The enTerTainmenT included several musical numbers and novelTies which were warmly received. 9 SoTTly colored lighTs played abouT The room To add To The congenial aTmosphere. Punch was served in The dining room ThroughouT The evening. 0 AlThough iT was less preTenTious Than some, The Junior-Senior BangueT was warmly acclaimed by The campus as one oT The mosT brilfianT and successTul social evenTs oT The year. EnglerT Marks Tesch Paschke Mayer Yunker Vergie Heiss E SPECTRUM FOR College Social CommiTTee l-larrieT Paschke MargareT De Veny Vifilliam Achilles Mary George MarTin Bell Mr. Bieber Prudence Erne Silas Marks KaTherine l-TarTman Gwen GriTTin WiniTred Parker Miss Bleck Miss Snyder Miss Wiley Dr. EigenbrodT Miss Meier l-lll.E The iuniors TeTed The seniors aT ST. Charles, The sophomores and Treshmen, dressed in Their own cloThes and escorTing Their own girls, sTaged The annual Trosh-soph "mixer," This evenT had been pre- ceded in The social calendar by The Y. M. and Y. W. parTies Tor Tresh- men. A Tew weeks laTer The Treshmen were Tormally inTroduced To The sTudenT body aT Nichols l-lall in an evenT which helped a greaT deal in moulding The yearlings inTo The NorTh CenTral social aTmosphere. 0 ParTies aT l-Tallow'een, ChrisTmas and Valen- Tine's Day and a waTer carnival beTween semesTers, were among The oTher all-college TuncTions which sTood ouT as being oT primary aTTracTion. ln addiTion, a "hard Times" parTy and various dormiTory Teas beguiled The socially minded beTween bouTs wifh The books. 0 WiThouT excepTion The all-school social evenTs were held in one oT The college halls, a procedure ThaT was iusTiTied in view oT The exisTing depression, and one ThaT was popular as evidenced by The manner in which The sTudenT body supporTed iT. 0 THE STAGE IS SET FOR HALLOWEEN I ,I NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE The sockd season PAGE 85 PAGE 86 The I932 homecoming and dads' day THE SPECTRUM F CommiTTee l-larold Lemlce-Chairman Dr. C. E. ErTTmeyer Virginia Sliclc Marie Fefk RoberT Beclcman Gordon Tesch I'-Taldon Leedy Ada GoeTz Barbara Mayer l-lazel Mae Snyder Wilma lcloTerT Burnel OesTerle l-lelen Veh KenneTh Von Wald Lyle Snavely Jaclc Meacham Mary Beclcers OMECOMING and Dads' Day were combined inTo one evenT which Tell on ArmisTice weelc end This year. A Tull program oT evenTs was laid ouT Tor The alumni and dads who visiTed The campus. FesTiviTies opened on Friday evening wiTh a pep-rally, parade and bonTire. 0 SaTurday morning The lasT oT The class scraps, a girls soccer game, a reserve TooTball game and Tinals oT The men's Tennis championships preceded an alumni luncheon and The homecoming parade. In The aTTernoon The Cardinals played one oT Their besT games only To lose To AugusTana's undeTeaTed Team by a one poinT margin. The cross counTry Team had boTTer success, deTeaTing a sTrong squad Trom Loyola UniversiTy. 0 The Two aThleTic Teams were guesTs OT honor aT The annual bangueT ThaT Tollowed. Speeches by represenTaTive alumni, dads and college people provided The program Tor The aTTair. The Golden Triangle producTion. "A Rainy Day," was presenTed aT PTieTTer I-Iall in The evening. 0 DespiTe The unusually cold weaTher The l932 l-lomecoming was well aTTended, and iTs program made iT one oT The besT ever held. OesTerle Fell: Meacham Slick Beckman ErTTmeyer Lemlce Mayer Beclcers Snyder l-loTerT 6oeTz CJR CommiTTee Macklin RaThmell-Chairman Earl Dauberman ArThur KosTer +he Orrin Born Frances Jones John Barry Qliva Gingrich Frances WeberT Ray PoTTer Co ege RoberT Caldwell l-larold Lemke N The l7Th day oT May, I932, The sixTy-TirsT birThday oT Old Main was celebraTed in TiTTing Tashion. ConTrary To cusTom, The sun was shining as reTurned alumni rubbed shoulders wiTh TaculTy, sTudenTs, prospecTive sTudenTs and mere sighT-seers. 0 The day was opened oTTicially wiTh The inaugu- raTion oT a new sTudenT body presidenT and TransTerral oT The TounTain in The iuniors' care. A program aT PTieTTer l-lall preceded The Tresh- man cap ceremony and cusTomary open-air luncheons served by The BoosTer clubs. The annual Lake ForesT baseball game TeaTured The aTTer- noon program, and Tor The second successive year was decided only aTTer exTra innings. 0 The May FeTe, presenTed in True Old English Tashion, aTTracTed a crowd oT several Thousand. AT The conclusion oT This charming specTacle, The reigning queen, DoroThy Kimmel, crowned I-Telen Dewar her successor. ShorT plays, music and a sTyle show aTTracTed The crowd To PTieTTer l-lall, unTil aT midnighT, King Rex and his "knighTs oT procrasTinaTion" Took The sTage amid The booming oT TlashlighTs, cracking oT paddles and groans oT Treshmen. The curTain Tell on a very Tull day wiTh The coronaTion oT Leland KorTemeier, King Rex XV. o ouEEN o' THE MAY NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE 6 ing "1 PAGE 87 -7' I 'WL' -Md' 0 THE LIBRARY PAGE 88 f ATHLET To Quenfin "Silen+ Cue" NoH'e '27 . . . Whose op+imis+ic and unfalfering in+eres+ has proved a never-'Failing source of inspirafion +o Cardinal +eams . . . We respechcully dedi- cafe The afhlefic secfion of fhis I933 Spec1 +rum . . . intercoue iatc-3 atb etics PAGE 89 PAGE 90 aThleTics aT norTh cen+ral -- ".lH' I ll. 1l'll TH Execufive Board oT ConTrol E. E. Domm-Chairman G. R. Fisher Cleo Tanner Edi+h Schlemmer Dallas Paul C. E. ErTTmeyer K. Von Wald G. R. Fisher NORTH CENTRAL College Team TirsT engaged in an inTer- collegiaTe conTesT in l898. On ThaT occasion Lewis lnsTiTuTe came To Naperville Tor a TooTball game ThaT ended in a scoreless Tie. In The years ThaT have Tollowed NorTh CenTral has never been wiThouT some Type oT represenTaTive in The Tield oT inTercollegiaTe aThleTics, and Cardinal Teams have compeTed successTully againsT squads Trom prac- Tically every college and universiTy in The middle wesT. 0 For many years NorTh CenTral has been a member oT The Illinois lnTercollegiaTe AThleTic ConTerence and aThleTics here meeT The reguiremenTs oT ThaT body. The school's aThleTic policy is governed direcTly by an execuTive board oT conTrol composed oT Tour TaculTy members and Three sTudenTs. Under Their direcTion schedules are arranged, budgeTs apporTioned and awards made. AT presenT Teams are equipped and mainTained in six branches oT inTercollegiaTe sporT: TooTball, baslceTball, baseball, Traclc and Tield, Tennis, and cross counTry. WiThouT making any eTTorT To supporT The conTemporary Tendency Toward over-emphasis in aThleTics, NorTh CenTral has enioyed conTinued success in These sporTs. Fisher Von Wald ErTTmeyer Tanner Domm Schlemmer E SPECTRUM FUR ATl1leTic DeparTmenT Personnel Gordon Fisher, . DirecTor oT AThleTics Cleo Tanner , DirecTor Tor Women Leonard Bieber , BaskeTball and Baseball . . . ., . Tenns l-I. J. EigenbrodT Bron Bacevich. Reserve FooTball and BaskeTball RoberT BeecroTT WresTling and Cross CounTry WiniTred Parker , . o,r,r .,Women's AssisTanT C. L. Bieber l-TF DeparTmenT oT Physical FducaTion aT NorTh CenTral College is unusually sTrong. l-loused in The mammoTh lvlerner Gymnasium and Field l-louse, a planT which is unrivaled by ThaT oT any insTiTuTion oT sim- ilar classiTicaTion in The STaTe, The DeparTmenT has insTiTuTed and main- Tained a comprehensive program oT acTiviTies. 0 Gordon R. Fisher has been DirecTor oT ATh- leTics since l92o. In ThaT Time he has gained recogniTion, boTh as an organizer and a coach oT TooTball and Track. ln The seven years he has direcTed Three championship Teams. Cleo Tanner has enioyed more Than average success since I928 as Physical DirecTor Tor Women, and under her capable direcTion The program has been maTerially broadened. For The pasT Two years she has been ably assisTed by WiniTred Parker. Leonard Bieber came To NorTh CenTral Trom lowa in l927, and in The inTervening years has become known as one oT The sTaTe's leading baskeTball and baseball menTors. For The same lengTh oT Time Dr. l-larold Eigenbrodlr has direcTed The varsiTy Tennis Teams wiTh enviable resulTs. RoberT BeecroTT joined The sTaTT a year ago as coach oT swimming and cross counTry. Bron Bacevich, guarTerback Tor The l929 champions, reTurned This year To direcT The reserve TooTball and baskeTball Teams in much The same manner as he played. Bacevich EigenbrodT BeecroTT Fisher Tanner Parker Bieber NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE aThleTic adminis TraTion A, 'L bil. l 2"AU IA PAGE 9I PAGE 92 va rsily foo+ball IF' -Ci Gil A -i Bleber Balmer Sliles Quanloclc Smofzer l-learll Dieloer Juhnlce Dillon Bacevich Fisher Miller Nolle Sheagren Massier Fisher Galinauslmy Waldo Pyle Russell Smilh Slurgeon Reichenbaclner Spiegler Vrona ' Season Summary Norlh Cenrral, as .,.... 5I Morlon Junior Colleges Norlh Cenlral oi,,ioo... .. 6 Sl. Procopius ......,.,,.,,,,,.. , Norlh Cenlral ooo,4oo,,, ...... O Weslern Slale llv1gh.l ...,. Norlh Cenlral ooooo ..ooi. O Shurlleicl oooo,.,uoooooooooooooooo, Norlh Cenlral 7 Whealon ..,o..oooioo.oooo Norlh Cenlral o.4oo. O Lake Foresl .ooo,.ooooo,oooo., Norlh Cenlral oo,,,, 38 Elmhursl ....,o..o oo..o..o,..oo.. Norlh Cenlrral .ooooooooo ,,,,,, O Norlhern Ill. Normal aaaa..o Norlh Cenlral .oaooaoooo ,,,,,. 6 Auguslana ..... .o..,,a ' Squad Personnel G. R. Fisher-Coach Woodrow C. L. Bieber-Baclcfield Coach Bron Bacevich ' LeHermen Rudolph Massier-Caplain l-larlan Sliles Vernerd Fisher Kennelh Slurgeon Jaclc l-lillel Thomas Clifford Adolf Dillon Ralph Reichenbaclcer Norman Quanlock Alphonse Galinauslcy Vlfilbur Nolle John Sheagren Gordon Smilh Roloerl Ball Leroy Juhnlce Sellers Pyle Franlc Vrona Burlon l-lear++ l-larvey Miller John Dieber All:-erl Dilrlman William Spiegler Paul Russell 27 7 6 7 6 7 7 Baker-Manager -Reserve Coach THE SPEOEIFFWRUM F OR OACI-I Gordon Fisher began his sevenTh year as head TooTball menTor by greeTing sixTy grid candidaTes, oT whom eleven were leTTermen. DespiTe This abundance oT maTerial The Cardinals losT Tive oT nine games, Thus earning The dubious disTincTion oT being The TirsT NorTh CenTral Team in Fisher's regime To end a season wiTh an average oT less Than .500. 0 A lack oT scoring punch seemed The maior diTTiculTy. Playing well in mid-Tield, The Cardinals ouTgained seven oT Their opponenTs, buT in mosT cases They seemed incapable oT decisive acTion when wiThin scoring disTance. DeTensively The eleven was above average. Six conTerence Toes were permiTTed one Touchdown each, and in every case The scores came as The resulT oT momenTary Cardinal lapses. 0 DespiTe The sTring oT reverses The season was noT enTirely wiThouT virTue. Each oT The conTerence games were well played and hard ToughT. The game wiTh WheaTon was one oT The mosT specTacular in This ThirTy year old rivalry, and The AugusTana melee maTched iT Thrill Tor Thrill. WesTern STaTe. one oT The naTion's eleven undeTeaTed Teams, ouTplayed NorTh CenTral badly, buT in doing so They exhibiTed some oT The TinesT TooTball ever seen here. 0 The season marked The end oT collegiaTe TooTball Tor six seniors. These included CapTain Rudy Massier, l-larlan STiles, and Vernerd Fishery a Trio oT Tour year regulars all oT whom have received all-sTaTe recogniTion. Besides playing in his usual aggressive Tashion, lvlassier provided The squad wiTh capable leadership. STiles and Fisher reTire aTTer having dominaTed Cardinal lines Tor Tour seasons. "ShorTy" STurgeon, again a deTensive sTarg Tom CliTTord, a sTeady block- ing hahfbaclcg and Jack I-lillel, who was Torced To The sidelines by injuries aT midseasong were The remaining lasT year men. Ralph Reichenbaclcer, guarTerbaclc, and AdolT Dillon, cenTer, were named co-capTains elecT. RESERVE FOOTBALL SQUAD Bacevich LanTz Frazier Finlcbeiner VVunsch GenTry Roosa Mannino LandorT 6eTTinger Clihcord Malcar Sass Wellner BreiThaupT Kaney Lewk Powekon NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE va rsiTy TooTball PAGE 93 PAGE 94 Hue varsH'y LZ i 16 .TGI 2-Reichenbacker-Q. 5. 3-Sfurgeon-Q. B. ealinwky-E. 4-Spiegler-H. B 7-Cap+ain Messier-PB. 5-Dillon-C 6-Smiflw-H. B. 8-Hillel-6. vfona-E. no-Smeg-T. n I-Fisher-T E SPECTRUM FOR 1 7-Ball-G. A9 , -vwfz',.,,,.. 66.3, 7 my 4 f X K I .N M',, -rf-1' Q . 2' wma-fn: ' , .,,. J' , ,pri , , , - W" Q, gi. ' . fw,'V' , f - f f 9f ??i' 'A ' if- ' N f ,, ' , I ,vt ,,f7:,.,1 ,F .z.p:?gQ, N ,- W w.+1x.v?fff4'r' Wm W5 ky 'nb 1 , ,,..i..- Junk? ' . b I . 1 l 1' ' 1 9 , W? T L ' Q4 'Q A 1 '?4?fvMgxff4 ,ufff ff f.. gy'-1ff1g,f'.. 5 A I--Dieber-H. B. 2-Marquardi-E. 3-Russell-F. B. 4'-Hearlrf-G. 5--Juhnke--F, B, 6-Slweaqren-T. 8-Quanfock-QB. W 9-Miller-C. IO-Nolfe-G. I I-Clifford-H. B. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE +he va rsH'y PAGE 95 PAGE 96 morTon- sT. procopius wesTe rn sTaTe Teachers TH PENIN6 Their schedule againsT a pair oT Teams Trom smaller colleges, The Cardinals perTormed in such manner as To hold TorTh a promise which They were never able To TulTill. Displaying a versa- Tile aTTack, They passed, ran, and kicked Their way To 5I poinTs in The TirsT Three quarTers oT The game wiTh MorTon Col- lege. ln The Tinal period They were TirsT aTTlicTed wiTh The non-scoring malady which aTTecTed Them in all buT one oT Their remaining games. The ouTsTanding TeaTure oT The opening conTesT was The manner in which such new men as DiTT- man, Dieber, Spiegler, and Sheagren con- ducTed Themselves. ' ST. Procopius College, who laTer won The championship oT The NorThern lllinois ConTerence, provided much sTerner opposiTion in The TwilighT game oT The double header. In The open- ing quarTer "ShorTy" STurgeon plunged Through a hole ThaT his second sTring line had made Tor The only score oT The game. From ThaT Time on The game resolved iTselT inTo a TirsT-class deTensive baTTle wiTh NorTh CenTral presenTing such Tew suc- cessTul oTTensive moves as were made. AlThough The SainTs Tailed To make a sin- gle scoring gesTure oT power, They did mainTain a sTouT deTense aTTer The TirsT Tew minuTes and Turned back a number oT Cardinal drives inTo Their TerriTory. 1 TOTALLY unprepared Tor whaT was To come, NorTh CenTral Took The Tield againsT WesTern STaTe Normal oT Mich- igan. The Wolverines presenTed a Team ThaT was To esTablish iTselT as one oT The naTion's TinesT beTore The season's end. Many criTics declared aTTer waTching This game ThaT The visiTors gave The greaTesT exhibiTion oT blocking ever seen on Kroeh- ler Field. IT was cerTain, aTTer The TirsT Tew minuTes, ThaT The Cardinals did noT have The abiliTy To sTem The Tide oT The Turious aTTack The Teachers unleashed. 0 Led by WursTer and Bilski, The Wolverines scored The TirsT Touchdown aTTer a susTained drive laTe in The TirsT quarTer. ln The second and Third periods They repeaTed, each Time aTTer recovering a NorTh CenTral Tumble. The Tinal Touchdown came iusT beTore The end oT The game and was The resulT oT a long pass. 0 OTTensively The Cardi- nals had liTTle To oTTer aTTer The opening minuTes, during which They made Two oT Their Tour TirsT downs. Badly ouTplayed during The remainder oT The game, They neverTheless conTinued To oppose The bruising Michigan drives wiTh unremiTTing deTerminaTion. IT any sTar could be chosen Tor NorTh CenTral iT would have To be Reichenbacker, who was ouTsTanding in his deTensive work. 0 SMITH STARTS OFF-TACKLE mann 1 E SPECTRUM F OR T-TURTLEFF COLLEGE, wiTh a record oT Two vicTories in as many conTerence sTarTs, was NorTh CenTral's TirsT league opponenT. Wirh all ThoughTs oT greaTness removed by The WesTern STaTe whipping. The Cardinal gridders appeared in a mood To play Their besT game as They Took The Tield aT AlTon. On The conTrary, how- ever, They Turned in a mosT slovenly ex- hibiTion, as They Tossed away opporTuniTy aTTer opporTuniTy in The manner oT a proT- ligaTe son casTing oTT his inheriTance. 0 Taking The opening kick oTT The Cardinals drove down The Tield in a sTeady march ThaT seemed cerTain To yield resulTs. When They had reached The TiTTeen-yard line The TirsT oT Tive disasTrous Tumbles occurred. During The game This TuTile perTormance was repeaTed eighT Times. Twice in each guarTer NorTh Cen- Tral would peneTraTe To wiThin The Pio- neer's TwenTy-yard line and Then They would eiTher Tumble or blunder away whaT seemed To be cerTain scores. 0 To make The deTeaT all The more biTTer, ShurTleTT seemed To Tind iT impossible To peneTraTe The Cardinal line. Qnly on Three occasions did They manage To advance The ball inTo NorTh CenTral TerriTory. Their score came in The Tinal seconds oT The TirsT halT when Two oTT-Tackle drives and Two long passes car- ried The ball sevenTy yards in Tour plays. FOR TiTTy-eighT minuTes WheaTon Col- lege, represenTed by The sTrongesT eleven They have had in several years, seemed desTined To score Their Third vic- Tory in a rivalry ThaT exTends back To I900. ln The TirsT halT They repeaTedly peneTraTed a sluggish NorTh CenTral de- Tense and in The second quarTer Glover slipped over his own leTT Tackle and ran TorTy yards To give The Crusaders a six- poinT lead. 0 This margin began To as- sume large proporTions as The Time passed and Cardinal drives persisTenTly miscar- ried. All during The second halT The aroused NorTh CenTral Team would ad- vance deep inTo WheaTon TerriTory only To have The Crusaders brace and sTave oTT The rush when Their goal was ThreaT- ened. AT The sTarT oT The TourTh period Dieber and Spiegler enTered The line-up and prompTly began a series oT sweeping end runs ThaT resulTed in long gains. Three Times WheaTon Took The ball and aT- TempTed To kick To saTeTy Trom behind Their own goal buT on a TourTh desperaTe Try Russell plunged To a score ThaT ended I78 minuTes oT unproducTive TooTball. WiTh sixTy seconds OT playing Time leTT Pyle kicked perTecTly Trom placemenT Tor The winning poinT. While The game gave evidence oT many imperTecTions in The Cardinal aTTack, iT was easily The mosT Thrilling conTesT oT The year. 0 NOLTE AND JUHNKE STOP A WHEATON SWEEP NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE shurTleTT 0 wheaTon PAGE 97 PAGE 98 lake ToresT . elmhursT THE FTER a week oT dry weaTher NorTh CenTral Traveled To Lake ForesT, where They Tound The Tield covered wiTh nnud. UpseT by This phenomena oT naTure, The Cardinals played erraTic ball Tor eighT minuTes during which Time The Gold CoasTers regisTered Tour TirsT downs and scored a Touchdown. EaTon made The advanTage seven poinTs by plunging Through The cenTer Tor The exTra poinT. 0 From The opening oT The second quarTer unTil The Tinish NorTh Cen- Tral held an edge in The play. They made a ToTal oT ThirTeen TirsT downs while hold- ing Lake ForesT To seven. The sharp cuTs around which The Cardinal aTTack was builT were rendered pracTically useless by The muddy TurT however, and only once did They Tind Themselves in good scoring posi- Tion. Lake ForesT was permiTTed noT even ThaT opporTuniTy, Their ThrusTs being Turned back wiTh such rnonoTonous regu- lariTy ThaT The second halT lacked The Thrills which are usually characTerisTic oT Lake ForesT and NorTh CenTral games. 0 Fumbles were again re- sponsible Tor The loss oT an advanTage sev- eral Times during The game. AT leasi Twice The Cardinals were Torced back inTo Their own TerriTory aTTer misplays oT This kind. DespiTe The previous reverses This game was a disTincT disappoinTmenT Trom a NorTh CenTral sTandpo?nT. ew... IN The lone conTerence game in which They displayed any susTained power, NorTh CenTral whipped ElmhursT by a 38 To 6 score. Five plays aTTer The opening kick-oTT, lvlassier plunged Through The cen- Ter oT The line and ran eleven yards To The TirsT Touchdown. WiThin a Tew min- uTes The Cardinals had Tallied again wiTh Gordy SmiTh carrying The ball over. Logg Galinausky compleTed The scoring Tor The TirsT period when he Took Massier's ThirTy- Tive yard pass and ran iT over. 0 ElmhursT scored Their Touchdown in The second guarTer aTTer recovering a NorTh CenTral Tumble. Fail- ing To gain ground wiTh Three running plays, They passed on TourTh down and compleTed iT on The one-yard line. Two plunges broughT Them The coveTed score. The Cardinals reTaliaTed wiThin a Tew min- uTes. Spiegler made The longesT run oT The day when he galloped sevenTy yards on a reverse, and he Then carried The ball over Trom The Two-yard line. 0 ElmhursT presenTed a sTouTer deTense in The second halT during which They held The Cardinals To a pair oT Touchdowns. Juhnke accounTed Tor The TirsT oT These wiTh a shorT plunge in The Third period, and Galinausky closed The day's business when he caughT a second Touchdown pass in The TourTh guarTer.. 0 SPIEGLER GOES 7O YARDS ON A REVERSE SPECTRUM FO DE KALB NORMAL assured NorTh Cen- Tral oT an unsaTisTacTory season when They deTeaTed The Cards 7 To O. IT was The TourTh shuTouT oT The year, and like aT leasT Two oT The oThers, iT mighT easily have been a Cardinal vicTory. 0 ThroughouT The TirsT halT iT appeared ThaT The Teachers were To be given anoTher decisive beaTing like The one oT a year ago. The Cardinals ad- vanced sTeadily and were Twice in excel- lenT posiTion Trom which To score buT each Time They lacked The Tinal drive. In order To check The NorTh CenTral power plays, De Kalb adopTed an unorThodox deTense in which eighT men played in The line. This migh+ well have worked To The Card- inal's advanTage had They been able To employ a more consisTenT passing game. As iT was They managed To make seven TirsT downs while smoThering The Teachers aTTack during The TirsT halT. 0 De Kalb scored immedi- aTely Tollowing The sTarT oT The second halT. The Cardinal deTense seemed dazed by The sudden aTTack which carried The Teachers 70 yards in nine plays, and braced only momenTarliy on The goal line. Following ThaT brieT Tlurry De Kalb again lapsed inTo a more or less ineTTecTive oTTense, buT managed To successTully de- Tend Their lead againsT NorTh CenTral's repeaTed ThreaTs To score, one oT which was sTopped on The six-inch line. AUOUSTANA COLLEGE broughT an undeTeaTed Team To Naperville on November I2Th, which deTeaTed The Card- inals 7 To 6. This was The TirsT homecom- ing deTeaT ThaT a NorTh CenTral Team has suTTered in seven years. The Vikings, how- ever, presenTed a really sTrong Team and iT was generally TelT ThaT The Cardinals had played Their besT game oT The year in holding Them To such a low score. 0 To The large homecom- ing crowd The game was especially inTer- esTing because The Cardinals presenTed an enTirely new oTTensive sysTem. Taking a leaT Trom The book oT Michigan, peren- ial Big Ten champions, The Red Birds depended enTirely on a punTing game and were conTenT To waiT Tor The breaks oT The game. l-low nearly successTul This sTraTegy was is indicaTed by The score. 0 AugusTana Tlashed a powerTul oTTense aT The sTarT oT The game and aTTer scoring one Touchdown seemed benT on geTTing anoTher beTore The Card- inal deTense sTiTTened. From The sTarT OT The second guarTer The game was closely conTesTed. ln The Third period STiles blocked a punT and Dillon picked iT up and ran To a score. Failure To converT The poinT leTT The Cardinals Tacing a one- poinT deTiciT which They could noT over- conne. During The course oT The hard- ToughT conTesT, CapTain lvlassier received a broken jaw and John Sheagren suTTered a severe spine iniury. 0 Tl-IE BOARD OF STRATEGY NINETEEN THIRTY-TH EE l i norThern normal I augusTana PAGE 99 PAGE I 00 varsi+y baske+ball Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlrh Norlh Norlh Norlh Nor-lh TH Bieber Smirh Drendel Shoop Dillon Paul Berry Spiegler Messier Young Yulcnis ' Season Summary Cenlrral A, .,Y 28 Armour Tech .,,u,.u,,,,, Cenlral 22 uuuu u.u.uu., 3 I Norlh Dalcola Slale vuuu 2 2 Cenlral 22 2 uuu,. 29 Armour Tech 2, ur.,,, Cenlral 2 uuuuuu. 42 Elmhursl uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Cenlral Y,,uw.w 52 Lalce Foresl uuuu Ceniral ,,u. ooY,,, 2 7 Whealon 2 Cenlral uuu..., 26 De Paul 22 2 Cenlral 2 u..A,.uu 3l lvlillilcin uuuuuuuu uuuuuuu A .2 Cenlral 2 wuuvuuu 28 lvlillilcin 2 ,Auuuu,,w,,wuAuwuu,wuuuu Cenlral 22 22 ,ruu,w, 29 Norlhern Illinois Normal .uu,A Cenlral 22 22 22 ,AA.uu 46 Elmhursl 22 u.Auuu uA,.uu..u 2 Cenlral 2 22 22222222 40 Whealon 2222 Cenlral 22 22 2222222 29 Lake l:ores'r2 ' Squad Personnel Leonard Bieber-Coach Dallas Paul-Manager Bron Bacevich-Reserve Coach 4' LeH'ermen Rudolph Messier-Caplain Kennelh Berry Vlfilliam Spiegler Leonard Yulcnis Adolf Dillon Roberl Young Everell Shoop E SPECTRUM F ,, fx A 5-A x, if 2 fi x 1 -f X af as I y X .-an Bob Young Guard 2-Hippo Spiegler Guard 4+Ken Berry For ar Adolf Dillon-For ar 6 EvSl'1oop Ce-nfer 7 LenYuknIs-Cenfer NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE PAGE I 02 The va rsiTy baskeTball season TH HE l932-33 baskeTball varsiTyg handicapped by a lack OT size and experience, buT displaying a well cOOrdinaTed passing aTTack and an indOmiTable will To wing scored vicTOries in eleven OT ThirTeen games To sTamp iTselT one OT The ouTsTanding college Teams OT The midwesT. Such a record-Tar above The hopes OT The mosT OpTimisTic supporTer-is in iTselT The TinesT kind OT TribuTe To The abiliTy OT Coach Leonard Bieber. 0 The varsiTy was composed, Tor The mosT parT, OT Three Treshmen, a sophomore, and a senior. This cOmbinaTiOn puT TogeTher Tor The TirsT Time in December: quickly esTablished iTselT as a mosT capable guinT which auThored many sparkling exhibiTions beTOre The seasOn's end. Quick To accepT correcTionq This line-up piTTed keen eyes, aggressive acTiOn, and a remarkable spiriT OT cooperaTion againsT The superior experience boasTed by a maiOriTy OT Their opponenTs. Perhaps This laTTer TacTOr was mosT impOrTanT in Their success Tor noT Once during The season did a single insTance OT dissension arise. 0 Among The individual players perhaps none was more ouTsTanding Than Rudy Massier. As a climax OT Tour years OT regular play, Rudy capTained The squad, scored cOnsisTenTly, and was aT all Times a sTeadying inTluence On The play OT his less seasoned maTes. Massier graduaTes in June aTTer having been a sTar in Three spOrTs. Ken Berry, a polished perTOrmer aT The oTher Torward, showed marked im- prOvemenT wiTh each game. Three Treshmeny Len Yuknis aT cenTer, and Bob Young and Bill Spiegler aT The guards, scored 253 poinTs during The campaign. All Three deserved The raTing OT "sTar" in Their TirsT season. AdOlT Dillon and EvereTT Shoop were awarded leTTers, and Gordy SmiTh and Al Drendel each saw considerable service wiTh The varsiTy. The reserve Team, under The direcTiOn OT Bron Bacevich, won Ten consecuTive games aTTer losing iTs TirsT sTarT. 0 Armour Tech, a rangy, TasT Team which laTer wer1TOr1 To esTablish a Tine record Tor The season, Tell beTOre The Cardinal onslaughT Twice in early season play. As a TeaTure OT The Tinal nighT OT The holiday TOurnamenT, NOrTh DakOTa STaTe broughT a Team TO Naper- ville ThaT had lOsT by Two poinTs TO The UniversiTy OT Illinois and which laTer deTeaTed lowa. Paced by i"l-TippO" Spiegler, who was sTarTing his TirsT college game, NOrTh CenTral led Tor a Time buT Tinally succumbed beTore The second halT acTiviTy OT a six TOOT Tour inch cenTer who dropped in baskeTs wiTh cOmpleTe abandon. l-lolding The specTacular WesTerners TO a Tour pOinT margin in Their second game should have prepared all Tor whaT was To happen when De Paul broughT Their eighT game winning sTreak, and Their preTensiOns TO The midwesTern championship, TO NOrTh CenTral aT The end OT The TirsT semesTer. ln This cOnTesT, which was per- haps The TinesT exhibiTiOn OT Team play ever seen in The Tieldhouse, NOrTh CenTral Took The lead midway OT The TirsT halT and held iT unTil a long shOT puT De Paul in TrOnT 25 To 24, wiTh nineTy seconds OT playing Time remain- ing. Berry Then Took The Tip-OTT, wheeled abouT, and shOT a perTecT baskeT Trom near mid Tloor. Doody OT De Paul added The Tinal Thrill by missing Two Tree Throws as The gun ended The game. E SPECTRUM F OR LMI-IURST College provided The opposiTion in The TirsT conTerence game. NorTh CenTral had a I6 To 8 lead aT The halT and aT no Time permiTTed any doubT To exisT as To whaT The Tinal ouTcome would be. A week laTer The Cardinals Tound The Lake I:oresT Tloor very suiT- able To Their swashbuckling TacTics and Tairly deluged The Gold CoasTers under a rain oT baskeTs. WheaTon College proved To be sTerner oppo- siTion, and while The Cards were Trying To Tind Their eyes, The accuraTe Crusaders piled up a commanding TirsT haIT lead. ATTer The inTermission NorTh CenTral appeared To regain Their Torm, buT iT was noT unTil The Tinal minuTes ThaT Ivlassier, Dillon, and Yuknis conTrived To score The badly needed counTers ThaT gave Them a one poinT vicTory: The second conTesT oT The year in which WheaTon had been humbled by ThaT insigniTicanT margin. The Cardinals reached The peak oT Their Torm againsT De Paul The nexT week, and aT The same Time were shoved inTo The comcerence lead when The EasTern Teachers deTeaTed De Kalb. This posiTion was sTrengThened by a pair oT vicTories over James Ivlillikin UniversiTy. The TirsT oT These was in a slow game on The local courT in which The visiTors scored seven oT Their poinTs in The closing minuTes To make The score aT all presenTable. AT DecaTur The vicTory was more hardly earned: Tor aTTer Trailing ThroughouT, The Ivlillikin Team Tied The score near The Tinish. Undismayed by This closing rush, or by The alien crowd, The Cardinals proceeded To prove Their meTTle by deliberaTely working The ball in Tor a pair oT easy under-The-baskeT shoTs. 0 The Tollowing nighT saw The Cardinal's cham- pionship hopes deTIaTed as a mighTy NorThern Illinois Normal Team Took advanTage oT some weird oTTiciaTing To score a crushing vicTory which enabled Them To conclude Their season wiTh a record oT Twelve games won and one losT in I.iTTIe I9 compeTiTion. This gave Them a .923 per- cenTage raTing as compared To NorTh CenTral's second place average oT .8897 and marked The Third successive year in which The Cards have missed The Top by a Tew percenTage poinTs. 0 The crucial game sTarTed wiTh The lanky Teachers running up a IO To 2 lead beTore The deliberaTe Cardinal aTTack began To TuncTion. Scoring I4 poinTs while holding De Kalb To 3, NorTh CenTral Took a lead which was cuT To one poinT by a shoT ThaT was in The air as The gun sounded Tor The end oT The TirsT halT. Coming back on The Tloor The Cardinals seemed saTely on The way To vicTory as They exTended The lead To a 24 To I8 counT. Then wiTh Ten minuTes To play, Young and Yuknis were banished Trom The game on Touls, and The Cardinals, sud- denly weary and disorganized, waTched De Kalb roll in 2I poinTs. 0 ReTusing To puT away all hopes oT channpion- ship honors The Red Birds swepT ElmhursT aside Tor a second Time in easy Tashion. WheaTon Then paid Their visiT To Ivlerner Field I-louse and had Their sTring oT vicTory-less games exTended To eighT. Lake I:oresT Turnished The opposiTion in The season's Tinaleg These Time honored rivals providing The Cardinals wiTh no liTTIe discomTorT beTore The Timer's gun signiTied The season's end as a salvo oT Spiegler shoTs had made The ninTh consecuTive vicTory over The Gold CoasTers a cerTainTy. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE conference basIceTbaII games PAGE IO3 PAGE I04 varsily baseball F'11 7 1 r Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh TH Bieber Wenllandl Schum Wriqhl Dillon Marks Rilenour Lauber Smilh Berry Klump Corrallo Doenier Kauffman Manning Grennan Massier Slurqeon Oeslerle Brewe ' Season Summary Cenlral ,,aY,, ,,..a,. 4 Armour Tech ,, Cenlral ,,,,,, uu,,,u 5 Elmhursl .u.,uu.u,.. L Cenlral ,,YY,, ,u.uuuu 7 Armour Tech ueuu..u Cenlral uuau., .,...,e 3 Whealon eeeeeee,4 Cenlral ,,,,,, ,,,uu,, O Mounl Morris ..uuuu. Cenlral ,,,,,, l,,uur. 2 Elmhursl ........... Ce-nlral ,,,,,4 ,.,,,,, 4 Mounl Morris uuuuuv, Cenlral uuuu,, ,,u..,, 3 Lalce lzoresl ,...uu. Cenlral uuuuuu uuueaee 5 Whealon ,r......e . Cenlral ,..,,. .uuau,. 6 Lalce lzoresl eeeeeee . ' Squad Personnel C. L. Bieber--Coach Edwin Lauber-Manager ' Lel'+ermen Lloyd Doenier-Caplain Samuel Corrallo Curlis Kaullman l-larold Manning Norman Klump Kennelh Slurgeon Jack Hillel Rudolph Massier Ernesl Schum Charles Grennan Gordon Smilh Burnell Geslerle Adolf Dillon E SPECTRUM FO E, A 1 HX 1 x la I .S 1 Q Af ' ,Q N , .- aw ' I gh 1 L, 5 3. A Nag.-H6 4 sf--ff M I-Schum 7-Manning-Plfcher m I1 nfseId 9-Oes+erIe-CaI'cI'1erIO I-II I I G P n Ouffue I3 Klump Ca+c er NINETEEN THIRTY THRE PAGE I 06 The varsiTy baseball season .-:ZA -T'l'lD i -..Y TH NTERCOLLEGIATE compeTiTion Tor The I932 baseball Team was resTricTed To games wiTh members oT The NorThern Illinois Baseball League. ln addiTion To NorTh CenTral These included WheaTon, MounT Morris, Armour Tech, Lalce ForesT and ElmhursT. The Cardinals, Tinishing wiTh a record oT Three games won and seven losT, Tied wiTh ElmhursT Tor The lasT posiTion. WheaTon capTured The Tlag by winning in a play OTT series wiTh MounT Morris and Armour. This close race and The TacT ThaT The Teams were so evenly maTched, made The season one oT inTeresT even Though NorTh CenTral was noT parTicularly successTul. A lighT hiTTing Team, The Cardinal's lowly raTing was really The resulT oT an occasional Tendency Toward erraTic play in The Tield and on The base lines raTher Than because oT any deTiciency in Their aTTaclc. 0 ThirTeen leTTers were awarded, Tive oT These going To seniors. CapTain Lloyd Doenier, again sTarring aT Third base. closed a brillianT aThleTic career in TiTTing Tashion by hiTTing saTely Three Times in The Alumni game. Doenier's graduaTion marked The end oT a versaTile career in which The Wisconsin boy had earned eleven maior leTTers by sTarring in Three sporTs. Sam Corrallo lilcewise played his TourTh year as a regular. Sam Tielded in his usual compeTenT manner and was hiTTing beTTer Than in any previous season. The same could be said oT CurT KauTFman, veTeran cenTer Tielder, who was giving opposing piTchers a good deal oT Trouble aT The close oT The season. l-larold Manning was one oT The Three sTarTing piTchers and his TasT ball and sharp breaking curve once again made him eTTecTive on almosT any occasion. Norman Klump was awarded his second leTTer, again serving in The capaciTy oT reserve caTcher and pinch hiTTer. Kenny STurgeon, The Team's leading hiTTer. was named capTain elecT. 0 The Cardinals opened The season by Twice blanlcing Armour Tech. Ernie Schum, who seemed To relish cold weaTher, piTched boTh games and lcepT Tlipping a slow ball which seemed'To com- pleTely baTTle The Engineers. ln The TirsT game The Chicago Team made only Tour hiTs, while in The second conTesT They managed To geT only one runner as Tar as Third base. GeTTing ready To give iT a ride. E SPECTRUM FOR l i LMT-TURST displayed an unsuspecTed punch as They hammered Tour Card piTchers and capiTalized on a number oT errors To score seven- Teen runs. ln This game The NorTh CenTral deTense Tell compleTely aparT. LaTer in The season The Elm CiTy nine again asserTed The iinx They held over The Cards and won a second game by a 6 To 2 score. In The TirsT WheaTon game Schum's slow curves proved easy Tor The Crusaders and Ernie was Torced To give way To Massier. Sam Orvis, who had held The Indian sign on The Cardinal baTTers Tor Tour years, piTched shuT ouT ball unTil The ninTh inning when NorTh CenTral scored Three runs. In The second meeTing beTween The Two old rivals, Massier piTched masTerTul ball while his maTes slugged Orvis' oTTerings aT criTical momenTs To pound ouT a 5 To 2 vicTory. This game was only The second which WheaTon had losT and iT nearly proved TaTal To Their pennanT aspiraTions. ln The series wiTh MounT Morris old Dame ForTune Turned a very sour Tace on The Cardinals. The TirsT game saw The Cards puT on one oT The mosT weird base running exhibiTions ever seen on Kroehler Field. PoTTer, The league's ouTsTanding piTcher, who laTer played wiTh The Chicago WhiTe Sox, was unable To keep Bieber's boys oTT The bases, buT once There They prompTly commiTTed suicide. The score book revealed ThaT NorTh CenTral had earned Tour runs in This game and scored none, while MounT Morris scored Tour and earned none. AT MounT Morris The Cardinals played a much beTTer game buT luck sTill seemed To be wiTh The BreThren. On one occasion STurgeon pulled one Tor Ripley when he drove a TasT ball ouT oT The park only To see iT hiT a Telephone pole and bounce back in. 0 College Day saw Lake ForesT conTinue Their long sTring oT baseball vicTories over NorTh CenTral. The Gold CoasTers pulled The game ouT oT The Tire wiTh a TenTh inning rally. This was The second Time in as many years ThaT They had managed To do This. In The regulaTion Time boTh Teams had scored Three runs buT in The exTra inning an error permiTTed a Lake ForesT runner To geT on base and Manning, who had piTched a sTrong game up To This Time, Then permiTTed Three hiTs good Tor as many runs. A week laTer NorTh CenTral Tell again in a Tree hiTTing conTesT on The NorTh Shore diamond. ln ThaT Tinal game NorTh CenTral scored six runs buT Lake ForesT Took kindly To The oTTerings oT The Cardinal hurlers and crossed The TabulaTing rubber eleven Times. A bad peg TNINETEEN THIRTY-THREE The va rsiTy basebaH season 4, PAGE IO7 PAGE IO8 va rsi+y frack and field l i' Y A J TH Bonnema Ruse h Yoh Worner Snavely Beckman Nolfe Garnerlslelder Affig Nelson F h Johnson Complon Quanlock Hinders Schafer l-leinhorsl Norlh Ceniral Norlh Ceniral Norlh Cenlral ' Ouldoor Track Summary T oooooo 64lf3 Elmhursi ooooo oooo,. 5 9 Whealon L oooooo 67 Elmhursr ooooo 45 Whearon L, ,s...,..572f3 Loyola ., aa562f3 Lake Foresl Nor+hern Illinois Meel' Norlh Cenlral aaaa. ....aaaa 8 llf2 Elmhursl ...,aaaa Wheaion as aaaaaaa aa,.aaaa 4 3'f2 Lake Foresl aaaa.. T. ' Squad Personnel G. R. Fisher-Coach Charles Bonnema-Manager ' LeH'ermen Lloyd l-linders-Caplain l-lerman Complon Norman Quaniock Earl l-leinhorsl Lyle Snavely Ezra Schafer John Ocken lra Johnson ' Roger Worner , Harold Lemke Wilbur Nolle John l-lornback De Will Nelson l-lerberl Frank Roberl Miller E SPECTRUM F 'OZX3 22 V973 bl L33 OR ,f '03 M3 Q95 S as it X, 1. Q., 4, if x gk , ' :Zh . , ,, NX Q,- ' 612' 5 CQ? 'Z' ,O ' Z W W' -ks., As. J' X Q1 Q, 5' N I , K N, A .....' i -ff.-N Sm QW. 'f . ,M 3 X . , 3,5 v , I k 2-Spud Comp+on I-Ezra Schafer 3-Bub Nol+e 5-Capfain Touch Hinders 4-Earl Heinl'1ors+ 6-Norm Quanfock 8-Roger Worner 7-Na'furalJohnson I3-Johnny Hornbaclc 9-Herby Frank IO-Bob Miller I I-Lyle Snavely I2-DeWi++ Nelson NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE cardinals PAGE I 09 PAGE I I0 The ouTdoor Track season IE' Ylflfl Y winning all OT The Tour meeTs in which They compeTed The l932 Track squad regained NorTh CenTral's accusTomed posiTion aT The Top OT The lisT OT norThern lllinois colleges. The virTue OT The accomplish- menT was somewhaT dulled by The TacT ThaT a laTe cancellaTion OT The Armour Tech relays Torced ElmhursT, WheaTon and NOrTh CenTral To meeT each oTher Twice during The season. Regardless OT This duplicaTion OT opponenTs, The Cardinals Twice gave evidence OT a sTrong compeTiTive spiriT when They came Trom behind To wresT close vicTOries Trom Loyola and ElmhursT. 0 The annual Triangular TeaTure wiTh Loyola and Lake FOresT provided The big Thrill OT The season. ln This meeT Loyola held a lead going inTo The Tinal mile-relay evenT, only To waTch The Cardinal guarTeT OT Johnson, Worner, CompTon and QuanTock cover The disTance in record breaking Timeg which marked The Third successive Occasion in which NOrTh CenTral had won Trom The JesuiTs by Taking The relay. CapTain l-linders also conTribuTed new records in The shoT-puT and discus Throw during The day. A week laTer NorTh CenTral revenged her defea+ OT The previous year by scoring a raTher easy vicTory in The NorThern Illinois meeT aT ElmhursT. The Cardinals scored in every evenT To gain a 20 poinT advanTage over ElmhursT and WheaTon: while Lake ForesT, The deTending champions, finished in TOurTh place. MounT Morris and De Kalb Tailed To send Teams. 0 CapTain Lloyd l-linders ended his college career by beTTering Two OT his Own records and again leading The squad in scoring. ln Tour years This remarkable perTormer scored Over 400 pOinTsg esTablished college records in The shoT-puT, discus Throw and pole vaulT: and also seT indoor marks in The shoT, pole vaulT and broad jump. l-lis abiliTy To also score consisTenTly in The dashes marks him as The TinesT all-round Track man To ever wear The Cardinal. ATTer a bril- lianT indoor season, Ezra SchaTer developed leg Troubles ThaT handicapped him badly during The ouTdoor evenTs. SchaTer had been a cOnsisTenT scorer in The shOT and hurdle evenTs Tor Tour years. Ira Johnson and l-lerman CompTon again sTarred in The middle disTance runs: wiTh CompTon also being draTTed To run The 220. Earl l-leinhorsT and l-larold Lemke, veTerans in The iavelin Throw and mile run respecTively, also concluded Their Term OT service in The Cardinal regimenT'als. Nine undergraduaTes received The major leTTer wiTh Norman QuanTock being chosen capTain-elecT. Com pTon Takes The 220 aT ElmhursT THE SPECTRUM CFO Indoor Track Summary Norfh Cenfral ., ,... 34 Universify of Chicago so Y . 70 Norfh Cenfral ,,,, 82lf3 La Grange 28lf2 Crane I7 +I.-le Norfh Cenfral C , 59 Armour Tech ,I 45 Norfh Cenfral Arrrrr C .C 7Ilf2 Loyola 0 .C C s32lf2 indoor frack I-IE I933 indoor season was undoubfedly fhe mosf successful Norfh season Cenfral has had since fhis phase of fhe sporf was falcen up. Chicago handed fhe Cardinals a decisive beafing which was nof felf so lceenly since fhe lvlaroons had one of fheir sfrongesf feams in years. The meef acfually gave reason for some opfimism because of fhe fine showing of several new men. In fhe succeeding meefs wifh Crane, La Grange, Loyola and Armour fhey gave ample indicafion of whaf was fo happen af fhe conference meef where each man ouf-did himself fo earn a col- Iecfive score fofal fhaf placed fhem ahead of fhe highly favored Illinois Normal Universify squad. 0 The season was closed af fhe Armour Relays where fhe Cardinal afhlefes won a fair share of glory wifh fhe medley relay feam racing fo firsf place and fhe fwo mile quarfef running a close second fo fhe winning Normal feam. Dieber was fhe only man fo enfer an individual evenf and finished fiffh in fhe finals of fhe 70 yard dash. 0 New indoor frack records were esfablished in seven evenfs during fhe course of fhe season. These were by Dieber in fhe 60 yard dash I6.2l, Quanfoclc in fhe 440 yard dash l54.l, Culver in fhe half mile run I2:5.9l, Culver in fhe mile run l4:37.l, Worner in fhe fwo mile run lI0:l2.7l, Diffman in fhe 60 yard low hurdles I7.4l, and fhe feam of Ivlarquardf, Dieber, Diffman and Quanfoclc in fhe 8-ll mile relay I2:3I.3l. J' ' Y I-Iinders ref g Mssupremacy I ' . fa? . if ., 51 ff. overldorfhern ring-, ry, nvwfl 5' 4,4 Mi gt "1W'f+?i"' i f V49 'Zh w a x: if. ,f Illinois pole -. I f"' A .f . . . ylgtu - , vaulfers. ,V L, 3, 1: ,ings fi ,. 5 0344- ', .ns K. Q , g. ilggf, .I 5 , 75'31 ' l4Q'- 5 ' -Q f fi W rggvs sqrv' f, ,f sl' igzgi as ,. iff.. . - if 2, " ' r. ', , ff. JH, f" , 7 A . '-ig' 'H . , ,Ly '2'a"2'-T, i. u ' ,r"r1z,Tfrp M73 I' f .. I M A - M IM , , 'I ,Ni fsffj, yy' . , 44,3207 ' """ .-.. L sf-uifn ,vw-g QWJQ in 13 1 A V f -. , A. mf- ,,. -.w,.g,- ., we , y Q . I A . -I --- J . -iz, ' M WW, . Liam X vi fw- i V f gauge 4 I ININETEEN THIRTY-THREE PAGE I I I PAGE I I2 The I. I. A. C. indoor champion- ships TH Table of PoinTs NorTh CenTraI .. ........,., ..,,,,. ,.... . . ,,.. . . 43 Normal UniversiTy O O ., ,,,. 39 WheaTan ,........ c c c, 6 Bradley Tech ......., ., . .. .E 30 McKendree . 5 Illinois College . ..,, , , ZIV? EImhursT ..,..., W . 5 Illinois Wesleyan .. .. 9 Eurelca ..,,.. ..,. . .. oooo 3 MonmouTh .. .,.., .. 8 NorThern Normal . ,,... 2 Corfhoge .,,,,, . 6If2 AugusTana .... ......,.. .... 0 N Ivlarch IITh The Third annual I. I. A. C. indoor Traclc and Tield meeT was held aT The Merner Field House. ThirTeen conTerence schools were represenTed, and Twelve shared in The poinT scoring. In addiTion To The college evenTs nine sTars Trorn The Illinois Woman's A. C.: Tour oT whom were Olympic Team memloersp sTaged a number oT spec- Tacular exhiIoiTions Tor The near capaciTy crowd. 0 Records were IoeTTered in six oT The Twelve evenTs. CapTain I-IuTTon oT Normal was The ouTsTanding sTar wiTh new marlcs in The haIT mile and mile runs. His TeammaTes, Johnson and Eriche. also broke Their own records in The 60 yard dash and The Two mile run. CapTain QuanTocIc oT NorTh CenTraI lowered The Time Tor The 440 yard dash, and The Cardinal guarTeT oT Ivlarguard, Dieper, DiTTman and QuanTocIc esTaI3Iished a new record Tor The relay. 0 NorTh CenTraI's Triumph was The resuIT oT well balanced sTrengTh. They Tailed To place only in The high hurdles. The relay Team, OuanTocIc in The 440, and DiTTman in The Iow hurdles, were Cardinal TirsT place winners. OThers who conTripuTed To The win- ning ToTal were NoITe, Haag, Culver, Galinauslcy, Worner, Miller, Frank, Rousch, and Sperry. 0 SCENE OE THE INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS E SPECTRUM FO l 4 i i l l l l l l l l , Erickson BeecroTT , Sperry Culver Haag Werner l E Season Summary Nodh Cenhal rrrrr ..,,,. 20 HmhumT NorTh CenTral .rrrrrl rr.,.. 3 2 WheaTon Nodh Cenhala rrrr rr,,.v 22 Loyda ,,,,Y HW NorTh CenTral .,rrrrrrrr.,r.rrrrr.,r,rrrrrrrrr 27 ElmhursT NorTh CenTral ..,w,,,, 37 WheaTon ,,,r so 36 ElmhursT Yrrrrrr 47 NorTh CenTral rrrr,,, 59 WheaTonc rrrrrr 36 Milwaukee ee,.ee,, 52 ElmhursT ee,e,,,, 68 l RoberT BeecroTT-Coach Lewis Schuck-Manager T O li ESPITE The TacT ThaT They won buT Three oT six maTches The i932 cross counTry sguad was considered To be The sTrongesT group oT harriers To represenT NorTh CenTral in several years. Eive men, CapTain Roger Worner, Charles Culver, Earl Haag, Ralph Erickson, and John Sperry were awarded leTTers aT The season's end. GT This group Culver enioyed perhaps The greaTesT success, esTablishing Three new course l records. The remaining men were all consisTenT runners however, and l Their record was r1oTeworThy in view oT The TacT ThaT Tour oT Them were engaging in college compeTiTion Tor The TirsT Time. TNINETEEN Ti-iiRTY-Ti-:REE va rsiTy cross c.ounTry PAGE I I3 PAGE I I4 va rsiTy Tennis Cogswell P p T Leedy l-lorsT Domm Eigenb Season Summary NorTh CenTral ....A, ,., ,. O WheaTon . NorTh CenTral ....., l De Kalb ..,,,, NorTh CenTral A, , A O WheaTon L NorTh CenTral Y ,,,. 2 ElmhursT ....., NorTh CenTral cccccc I De Kalb NorTh CenTral , ,. 5 Lake ForesT NorTh CenTral Y,.... O WheaTon . NorTh CenTral ,a,.., 2 Lake ForesT NorTh CenTral .....a ,aa,aaaaa,aaaaa.,a.,,.,A. O ElmhursT ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,, , ,. Dr. l-larold EigenbrodT-Coach lvlerTon Cogswell-Manager LTT-IOUGI-l The sporT was elevaTed To a maior raTing Tor The TirsT Time lasT season, The varsiTy Tennis Team Tailed To make a very im- pressive showing. The squad included l:nuT one experienced player, l-larold PepioT, and none oT The newer men were able To play in a con- sisTenT manner Through The diTTiculT schedule. WheaTon College scored Three vicTories and De Kalb and ElmhursT each won a pair oT maTches Trom The Cardinals. The season's lone vicTory was scored aT The expense oT Lake ForesT College. The disTricT meeT was held on The local courTs May 7Th. l-larold PepioT and AlberT l-lorsT, seniors, and Sheldon Domm and l-laldon Leedy were awarded leTTers. THE SPECTRUM FORil OR a number oT years many oT The leading high schools in This secTion oT The counTry were guesTs oT The college aT an inviTaTional Track and Tield meeT held during The laTTer parT oT May. When The NorTh CenTral AssociaTion Trowned upon such evenTs The meeT was disconTinued and Tor a year no prep schools compeTed in any sporT aT The college. During The ChrisTmas vacaTion oT I93I, sixTeen high schools Took parT in a baskeTball TournamenT. sponsored by The Young Men's Club oT Naper- ville, and sTaged in The lvlerner Field l-louse. Glenbard l-ligh School won The TirsT Trophy and The enTire aTTair was so successTul ThaT iT was re- peaTed This year. 0 The EasT l-ligh School oT Aurora, presenTing a TasT, rangy Team wiTh a well balanced aTTack, won The championship TlighT. deTeaTing WesT Chicago High School in The Tinal game. l-linsdale oT The WesT Suburban League Took Third place honors, winning Trom Geneva oT The LiTTle Seven. WesT l-ligh School made iT someThing oT an all-Aurora evenT when They earned The consolaTion championship by Turning back a Team Trom WoodsTock. 0 l.aTer in The year The Field l-louse was also The scene oT several indoor Track meeTs, The TeaTure oT which was an inviTa- Tional aTTair in which Ten oT The sTronger prep schools Trom This region compeTed. Naperville l-ligh School scored 43 poinTs To ouTdisTance The Tield. York l-ligh School was second wiTh 37lf2 poinTs, LaGrange had 29, RockTord 24, EasT Aurora lo, Geneva 9, Glenbard 9, lvlain Township 8, l-linsdale 5, and WheaTon 3lf2. Five new inTerscholasTic marks Tor The Field T-louse were esTablished, wiTh Bobby Grieves oT Glenbard Taking The spoTlighT when he Tied The world's record in The sixTy-yard dash. This evenT was very well supporTed and will be repeaTed nexT year in all prob- abiliTy. ' 0 THE HELD HOUSE COURT NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE inTer- scholasTic evenTs PAGE IIS Officers , l-larlan Shles A. ,.. J J. .. AA., J J , sspresidenl 'fhe Ralph Reichenbaclcer. as Secrelary-Treasurer Bfon Bacevich. so J. sfxlumni Advisor varsily clu Bron Bacevich Sam Corrallo John Barry Vernerd Fisher l-lerberl Frank John l-lornbaclc lra Johnson Al Galinauslcy l-larold Lernlce Rudolph lvlassier l-larlan Sliles Kennelh Slurgeon Kennelh Von Wald Dallas Paul Arlhur Kosler Burnell Qeslerle Acrive Members lvlerion Cogswell Kennelh Klauss Ernesr Schum Paul Sleezer Jaclc Hillel Gordon Smilh Adolf Dillon Edwin Lauber Everell Shoop Wilbur Nolfe Sellers Pyle Roberi Ball Chesler Willauer l-laldon Leedy Roloerl Miller De Vifiil Nelson Roger Worner John Dieber Lyle Snavely Norman Quanloclc l-larvey Miller Burlon l-learll LeRoy Juhnlce Alberl Diflman William Spiegler Thomas Clifford Paul Russell Franlc Vrona Roberl ivlarquardl Woodrow Balcer Ralph Reichenbaclcer 0 Tl-IE MERNER CSYMNASHJM AND FIELD HOUSE PAGE l I6 Here il' is sport for sporl"s sake .... Each athlete finds his medium . . . challenges are easily given and 'Freely accepted . . . and honor is stoutly defended though no varsity coach craclcs the whip .... , l intramural atlwletics PAGE I I7 PAGE I I8 The inTramural program Jaclc l-lillel.. . STudenT InTramural Manager Silas Marks . aaaa AssisTanT Manager Bob BeecroTT. ,.WresTling and Swimming Thomas CoTTer E . s .Scorer RoberT BeecroTT N The pasT year NorTh CenTral has conTinued To supporT a comprehen- sive program oT inTramural aThleTics. OuTlined by The DeparTmenT oT Physical EducaTion, The enTire program has been supervised by sTudenTs wiTh such a degree oT success ThaT approximaTely eighTy-Tive percenT oT The sTudenTs have engaged in one Torm or anoTher oT organized compeTi- Tion during The year. 0 Leagues were Tormed in baslceTball and dia- mond ball, and Teams represenTing The Tour classes and The Seminary compleTed Tull schedules in boTh sporTs. To add To The inTeresT These leagues aTTracTed, races were close and TavoriTes Tailed To win in all The divisions. During The Tall The annual Tennis TournamenTs Tound more Than eighTy people compeTing. l-landball, swimming, wresTling and indoor Track all drew a good deal oT aTTenTion during The winTer. A deparTure Trom The usual program saw The swimming and wresTling champions com- peTe in The conference meeTs aT MonmouTh and BloomingTon. AT The conclusion oT The baslceTball season The senior and iunior class Teams Traveled To ElmhursT, where They deTeaTed The inTramural champions oT ThaT college. Such evenTs only helped To enliven The inTeresT which had already remained keen all year. SENIOR CLASS BASKETBALL RicherT Von Wald STiles Hillel STurgeon Clilzlord Paul , 1' ' n ' 3 " ., ...fe-'-1' THE SPECTRUM FCR- ' Tennis Sheldon Domm.. - . . H Rassweiler Trophy gsgfdgnmggergmg .Edward and David Rall Trophies Ilvlixed Doublesl ' Baslcefball "A" Division Team Won Losi PCI. Seniors irii .. 6 2 .750 Juniors ..., . ,. 5 3 .625 Sophomores ooii . 4 4 .500 Seminary .o,, .. ,. 3 5 .375 Freshmen . ,.sssss. s.... 2 6 .250 "B" Division Sophomores .... .... . . .... 6 2 .750 Freshmen ..... . . .... . 6 2 .750 Seniors .... .. 5 3 .625 Juniors . ....o.. ,v,. . . 2 6 .250 Seminary ..... ..... ........ I 7 .I25 ' Baseball Team Won Losl PQI. Juniors ,.... .. 6 2 .750 Seniors ........ 2 2 4 4 .500 Seminary ..... ....... 4 4 .500 Freshmen ..... ......, 4 I 4 .500 Sophomores ....... , . 2 6 .250 ' Infer-Class Track Meef Team Poinls Sophomores ...... 46 Freshmen .. . 30 Juniors . . . 6 Seniors .... . 4 Sheldon Domm ' Handball Norman Rusch College Singles Champion Q Arrhur Kosler Jaclc I-IiIIeI College Doubles Champions 0 Arlhur Kosler Won Caroline Bieber Trophy 0 THE COURTS AT I-IEATI-IERTON NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE inframural champion- ships 111.3111 '-'Q ' I PAGE I I9 College Champions Harlan STiles ,....,, CC C CCC HeavyweighT Class Ralph Reichenbaclcerf C I78 Pound Class Wreslllng Norman Rusch C C C T65 Pound Class ArThur BreiThaupT s,sss ,C I45 Pound Class Osborne Hummel CC C ,CCC C CCCC l 35 Pound Class RESTLING enjoyed an increased populariTy aT NorTh CenTral during The pasT year. A large sguad- reporTed regularly To Coach BeecroTT ThroughouT The winTer. LaTe in March TorTy conTesTanTs Took parT in The inTramural TournamenT aT Nichols Hall. Championships were decided in Tive classes, wiTh Three Talls marlcing The Tinal maTches. Considerable en- Thusiasm was displayed by The good-sized crowd which aTTended boTh The preliminary and Tinal maTches. 0 DespiTe The TacT ThaT Tinancial condiTions have made iT impossible To give The sporT a place in The inTercollegiaTe pro- gram, NorTh CenTral was represenTed aT The conlierence meeT and suc- ceeded in winning Third place in The Tinal sTandings. WheaTon College won The Team championship wiTh I9 poinTs, Illinois Wesleyan was second wiTh I6 and NorTh CenTral scored I3. This was an excellenT showing con- sidering The TacT ThaT only Three Cardinal grapplers compeTed and iT sTands as a TribuTe To The abiliTy oT boTh Coach BeecroTT and his pupils. Harlan STiles was The ouTsTanding Tigure in The meeT, winning Three maTches by Talls To Talce The heavyweighT crown. Reichenbaclcer, subsTi- TuTing power and speed Tor experience, swepT Through The Tield in The I78 pound class. Norman Rusch permiTTed Emerz oT Wesleyan, a Tormer NaTional A. A. U. iunior champion, To gain a Two minuTe Time advanTage in The maTch Tor The middleweighT championship. Huebner BreiThaupT Rusch Shles SeiTz Achilles Winans lmmel Hummel BeecroTT Browne Hallwachs LiTTle ere are flfiose who grace our campus wi'rl'1 +heir loveliness .... Perhaps +l1ey lurn 'rlneir hand 'ro bridge . . . or smile across a fea cup . . . or play al' baslcelball, or soccer . . . or men. . . . Lef memories of +l1ese always linger pleas- an+ly .... ' womens atlilctics PAGE I2I PAGE I22 The women's aTl1leTic associaTion T H' ll 1 A'llL' THE OTficers Edi+h Schlemmer Presidem Florence Gruber . Vice-presidenT Grace Thompson.. . . . . SecreTary Caroline Rosenwald roorr ooro ooooo . . ...Treasurer TCLEO TAN N ER-Physical DirecTorj Cleo Tanner l-TE Women's A+hleTic AssociaTion has TuncTioned successTully Tor many years, alThough subiecT To numerous reorganizaTions during The course oT iTs exisTence. AT presenT iTs membership includes a majoriTy oT The aThleTically minded women on The campus. A Board oT ConTrol, in- cluding TourTeen sTudenT members and headed by The physical direcTor Tor women, dicTaTes The policies and ouTlines The program Tor The Asso- ciaTion. AcTiviTies in which The members parTicipaTe include soccer, base- ball, baslceTball, Tennis, swimming, handball, volley ball, hilcing and oThers oT an aThleTic naTure. ln addiTion The W. A. A. sponsors numerous luncheons and social evenTs and presenTs The lvlay FeTe, TeaTure oT The annual College Day program. 0 On The basis oT parTicipaTion, abiliTy and aTTi- Tude, The W. A. A. malces awards To The members each year. Seniors are eligible Tor The mosT imporTanT oT These, which is in The Torm oT a blanlQeT wiTh The oTTicial monogram aTTached. W. A. A. monogram and pin awards come nexT in poinT oT honor. BOARD OF CONTROL Laier MaTher Lemblce Feilc UmbreiT l-larTman Friesleben Jones Parlcer Thompson Gruber Tanner Schlemmer Rosenwald SPECTRUM FOR l932 Blanlcef Awards Edilh Jones Janel Bock llah Garman Karherine l-likes Bearrice Givler ' W. A. A. Members Lonah Babler Mary Beclcers Grace Byas Margarer DeVeny l-lelen Dewar Rurh Dunlap Marie Feilc Romana Feuchr Bernice Friesleben Florence Gruber Karhryn l-larlman Karherine Jones Mildred Korlisl Rulh Lemlolce Luella Luehen Lydia Lueben Eslher Marher Corrinne Mislcelly Winnie Parker l-lelen Pelling lla Ries Caroline Rosenwald Edirh Schlemmer Marian Schneller Edilh Schroeder lona Schwander Mae Schendal Virginia Sliclc Flenriella Spahn l-lelen Slephan Eleanor Slewarr Eleanor Slraclc June Renninger Grace Thompson Vera Umbreil in NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE +he women's a+hle+ic associa+ion Edirh Schlemmer Frances Weberr Marian Wheeler l-larrier Paschlae Kaiheryn Vergie Virginia Foley Eleanor Morse Chrislabel Boclc Alice Mae Ziemer Margarel Laier Virginia Eby Ada Flornback Anna Dielriclc Mariory Oesierle Eleanor Perkins Sybil Benson Margarei Moliler Margarer Curry 0 THE W. A. A. 3, It ,N PAGE 41:-' r " ' 123 f 9 ' ,, , elf ' 2 Q F15 55 i s ' . +-'ug-A vi' PAGE I 24 W. A. A. awards I '1' -Vi Qil I -I Lembke Dewar Slick l-larlman Schlemmer Spahn Parker Weberl Slewarl Umbreif TH 4,-W Pellinq Schneller Jones Gruber Thompson ' LeHers Rulh Lembke l-lelen Dewar Helen Pelling o Virginia Slick Kafherine l-larlman Marian Schneller Edilh Schlemmer l-lenriella Spahn Kafherine Jones Winilred Parker Frances Weberl Florence Gruber Eleanor Slewarf Vera Umbreif Grace Thompson ' Pins Mary Beckers Grace Byas Marie Feik Bernice Friesleben Virginia Foley Mildred Korfisi Luella Lueben Lydia Lueben Eslher Malrher Corrinne Miskelly lla Ries Caroline Rosenwald Eleanor Morse Mae Schendel E SPECTRUM F STandings Team Won LOST PcT. Seniors 3 , . 6 0 l.000 Sophomores 3 3 3 .500 Freshmen e,,e Y ee,. 3 3 .500 Juniors . e,,,,3 0 6 .000 U SING The new diamond easT oT The lvlerner Field House Tor The TirsT Time, The baseball Team oT The class oT '32 seT ouT To gain The lasT oT Their long line oT conTinual championships. Us- ing sTeam roller TacTics, They dominaTed The league in boTh oTTensive and deTensive play To win all The games on Their schedule by Top-heavy scores. ln all buT one game They accu- mulaTed more Than 20 runs. Al- Though They Tailed To shuT ouT any oT Their opponenTs, They never permiTTed Them more Than 3 runs: The sophs malcing This ToTal while holding The lasT year women To The compara- Tively low score oT lo. The closesT game oT The season saw The sophomores lose To The Treshmen, 8 To 5, buT a second conTesT gave Them ample re- venge as The Trosh were Tram- pled 27 To 9. NINETEEN THIRTY THREE E SPECTRUM F STandings Team Won LosT Tied PcT. Juniors .,,.. 3 O 3 I.0OO Sophomores 3 I 2 .750 Seniors ..A. .. I 2 3 .333 Freshmen ...3. . O 4 2 .OOO . ISPLAYINC5 a sTurdy deTense ThaT permiTTed buT Two goals in six games, The iuniors remained undeTeaTed To gain championship laurels in The soccer league. Showing some very good Team play Through- ouT The season, They earned The championship when They de- TeaTed The sophomores, I To O, in The Tinal game wiTh The TiTle aT sTalce. The seniors also gave evidence oT power aT Times, buT The Trosh were more or less aT sea againsT all oT Their more ex- perienced opponenTs. The an- nual alumni game was played on homecoming day buT some ex- Tremely chilly breezes hampered The players a good deal. CJR STandings Team Won LosT PcT. Sophomores 3 5 I .834 Juniors ., , 3 2 .600 Seniors , , 2 3 .4-OO Freshmen 3 3 I 5 .I66 U YEAR beTore as Treshmen, The cIass oT '35 had given evidence oT much IaTenT power when They IosT To The greaT senior cIub only aTTer The cIosesT Icind oT a race. This year They came back To win The TiTIe, buT in order To do so They capped The exciTing campaign by nos- ing ouT The juniors, 22 To 2I, in The Tinai game. IT was The mosT ThriIIing race in years, and only Twice were gamesiwon by Iop- sided scores. The TirsT game oT The year was a Tie beTween The seniors and iuniors, which was never replayed, aIThough iT mighT have had an eTIecT on The Tinai sTandings. .L li ri 2 3i?, Senior Junior Sopho Fresh I ig S S ITIOFE FTTEV1 NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE baskeTbaH PAGE I27 PAGE I28 varsiTy Tennis I Rf- -Vi Q il I' -I THE SPECTRUM F UmbreiT Bock Jones Feilc ' Squad Personnel Cleo Tanner-Coach Edifh Schlemmer-Manager ' LeTTer Women EdiTh Jones Vera UmbreiT Marie Feilc JaneT Boclc MargareT DeVeny ENNIS provides lNlorTh CenTral co-eds wiTh Their lone opporTuniTy To engage in inTercollegiaTe compeTiTion. The I932 season was one oT considerable inTeresT and success alThough Three oT The six scheduled maTches were cancelled because oT adverse weaTher condiTions. Of Those played, Two were wiTh The sTrong WheaTon College sguad and each re- sulTed in a 5 To 2 deTeaT. ln The Third maTch The Cardinal women Turned back a Team Trom Chicago Normal College 4 and 2. Cn May 20 and 2l The annual inviTaTional meeT was held on The l-leaTherTon courTs. All The colleges oT This secTion ThaT supporT inTercollegiaTe Tennis Tor women were represenTed in The Two-day evenT. Compared To similar meeTs Tor men, The evenT was really someThing oT a-social aTTair, since liTTle emphasis was placed on winning wiTh The inTenT To claim a championship. Never The less compeTiTion was spiriTed and aT The conclusion oT The meeT iT was Tound ThaT WheaTon had again asserTed her supremacy wiTh NorTh CenTral Tinishing in second posiTion by any means oT reckoning compara- Tive scores. I OR ' Tennis Margaref DeVeny ,7,,,,A,, , ,, w, . .Keouqh Trophy Eslher Ma+her ....,. .... ,,.A . D e an Kim Trophy Vlrglnla Slick l Doubles Champions l-lelen Pelling l A'5""" Team lvl. Feilc, E. Schlemmer .,......e G. Thompson, M. Schneller ,Yee. M. Beclcers, F. Weberl .eee,,,.. lv1.Schendel, B. Friesleben... Team Sophomores . Seniors .. Juniors .. Freshmen . ' Handball League ' Volleyball League Mar Vlfon 3 2 l O Vlfon 5 4 3 O qarel DeVeny Losl O I 2 3 Losl I 2 3 6 Pd. .OOO .666 .333 .OOO Pal. .834 .666 .5OO .OOO 0 CLASS PUSH BALL NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE W. A. A. champions V 5.97 -nu - PAGE I29 0 MERNER FIELDHOUSE PAGE I30 I E it i 1 Y CDRGANIZATIONS The band in formafion . . . a bafon sfrikes +l'1e goal pos+s and ears flame brighfly benea+h fhe drum maior's shako .... Campus nigh+s and Sunday vespers . . . ping pong in Hue Y room .... I music ancl reli ion PAGE I3I PAGE I32 The young men's chrisTian assoc:iaTion TH ' Officers l-lerberT ZebarTh . , U - . . . , ,, Presidenlr l-lerberT Frank . . , .A. V ice-PresidenT l-larold T-lazenTield A ,,,,A,,, SecreTary ArThur BreiThaupT ,,,,,,,, ,w,,,, , ,,,,,,A,,, ,,Y,YY,,,,A T r easurer TE. N. I-TIMMET., FaculTy Advisorl I I-lerloerT Zebarrh 0 NJOYING The disTincTion oT being The oldesT sTudenT organizaTion aT NorTh CenTral College, and The second oldesT oT iTs lqind in Illinois, The college Y. M. C. A. celeloraTed iTs sixTieTh anniversary in March. AT The special ceremonies in honor oT The evenT, Bishop S. P. Spreng, one oT The charTer members oT The organizaTion, presided as chairman. A. J. "Dad" EllioTT, inTernaTionally Tamous "Y" worlcer, paid The school a rare TrilouTe in his address when he said ThaT in all oT his years oT experience wi+h The AssociaTion he had Tound more men Trom lNlorTh CenTral in posi- Tions OT leadership Than Trom any oTher school in The counTry. CABINET MEMBERS l T-lerl3erT Frank ' Vesper Chairman X Donald Kime Chapel Chairman Lloyd RicherT Campus Nighf MilTon BischoTT Fellowship MilTon Sauer Employme-nT Theodore Klump Freshmen Work E SPECTRUM FDR! "To promoTe The ideals oT service, Tellowship and To insTrucT in The Jesus Way oT l.iTe." E. N. l-limmel URING The pasT year The Y. lvl. C. A. has been more Than usually acTive. Two new and Tinely equipped rooms Tor men were opened in The Tall. The regular program oT aid Tor new sTudenTs was conTinued and an eTTorT made To secure employmenT Tor Those who needed iT. The annual weelc oT Religious Emphasis was successTully sponsored, and ThroughouT The year The Naperville RelieT SocieTy was aided in whaTever way possible. ln addiTion To These acTiviTies, The Two "Y's" combined eTTorTs in sTaging several social evenTs, campus nighT, chapel, and oTher programs, all oT which were designed To aid in The conTinued program oT conscienTious characTer building. CABINET MEMBERS Harold Lemlce Social Chairman Clarence Thiele STudenT Council f l-larold l-lazenfield Seminary RepresenTaTive Earl Downer AdverTising Arfhur BreiThaupT Treasurer Allan Liebranz Freshmen RepresenTaTive NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE The young men's c:hrisTian associaTion PAGE I33 PAGE I34 The young women's chrisTian associaTion I F171 Q il O -I TH Ofiliicers Wilma Schell lllll . .. llll . llllll llll,,l,,,,,,, P residenT RuTh Render ,,,e as e,ee Vice-PresidenT Gladys WaTson .,,e V eeeeeeeeeee,e, SecreTary Marie GanTzerT ,eeeeeeee . ,eeee,,e,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,, T reasurer TCLARA BLECK, l:aculTy Advisorl Wilma Schell RGANIZED in l875, Two years aTTer The Young Men's AssociaTion, The Y. W. C. A. was also The second organizaTion oT iTs Type To be esTablished among The colleges oT Illinois. lTs aim is To promoTe ChrisTian work among The young women oT The insTiTuTiong and To share wiTh The men in The promoTion oT vesper services, social TuncTions and oTher acTivi- Ties oT like Type: as well as To aid in The presenTaTion oT cerTain educaTional evenTs oT a religious naTure. ThroughouT The many years oT iTs exisTence The college Y. W. C. A. has esTablished and mainTained a posiTion oT signiTicance on The campus. CABINET MEMBERS - Gladys WaTson Winifred Parlcer RuTh Nielsen World Fellowship Freshman Worlc E SPECTRUM FOR "To unile in The desire lo realize a lull and crealive lile lhrough growing lcnowledge ol God." Rulh Render PAIR ol allraclively lurnished rooms, in which lhe women sludenls may sludy, lounge, or medilale, have been mainlained by lhe "Y. during lhe year. The "Big and Lillle Sis+er" movemenl has been conlinued, and as always, has proven ilsell lo be an immeasurable aid and a greal source ol moral supporl lo lhe new sludenls. A Chrislmas parly lor poor children and olher worlhy acls ol charily, did much lo help in a year when many people were living in aclual wanl. Fellowship meelings lor women only were held each lorlnighl, and lhrough Their conneclion wilh The World Fellowship movemenl conlacls were eslab- lished wilh various branches ol lhe organizalion localed in foreign lands. CABINET MEMBERS l-lelen Dewar Chapel Chairman Alene Slrouss Vesper Chairman . Caroline Rosenwald Sludenl Council l-lelen Veh Fellowship Chairman . Naomi Lozier NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE +he young women's chrislian associalion PAGE I35 PAGE I36 The sTudenT volunTeers II 1 A 'll Tozer Sch cl J. BischoTT M. BischoTT Rieder Kuglin Temple SWITT Kress WaTson Yunker Allen Epp Ruhlman Lozier STauTTacher Maurer Nielsen Eby LeiTner ' Officers Joy STauTTacher so eeeeeeee....,,eee eeeeee,,.ee,,,eeeeeeee P residenl EvereTT Schneider ,,,,,,YY,,,c ,,cw,, V ice-PresidenT Naomi Lozier J J, ccc.ccccc SecreTary-Treasurer ' Members Vernice Gensriclc T-lelen Epp Kennard Bishop Prudence Erne Donna SwiTT Gladys WaTson DoroThy Kiess Virginia Eby VioleT Phillips Jane Weiss Veda BoeTTcher Wilma Schell MargareT I-leiss Narcissa Ranseen Geraldine Allen Alene LeiTner RuTh Nielsen Joy STauTTacher Mae Schendel Tillie Lauper Frances Maurer l-lelen Yunlcer Charlene Ruhlman Naomi Lozier Orvis Schlesselman EvereTT Schneider Clarence Van Karl Kuglin ChesTer Olsen Karl l-lochradel Wylie SmiTh John BischoTT Chris Rieder Gordon EvereTT Charles Tozer ART oT an inTernaTional organizaTion oT sTudenTs who recognize The need and value oT mission service in Toreign Tields, The STudenT Volun- Teer group aTTempTs To provide an incenTive Tor The many members who ulTimaTely Tind Themselves engaged in This Type oT ChrisTian service. The local chapTer meeTs each Sunday morning Tor a shorT worship service and also sponsors Two social evenTs during The year. THE SPECTRU M FOR f l l-lE Seager Associalion was eslablished in nineleen sixleen. ll is a local organizalion designed To creale and perpeluale an inreresl in The minislry as a life worlc among sludenls of Jrhe college and The Evan- gelical ilheological Seminary, from bolh ol which inslilurions ils member- ship is recruiled. Discussion, addresses and readings provide lhe pro- gram al monrhly meerings. ' Officers Donald Kime, . as s,.ss D .s.. ssssss,.ss P residenl l-larvey Raduege .,, so sssssss scss J sVice-Presidenl l-larold l-lazenlield ssssss... D so . sssssssssss Secrelary-Treasurer llf. N. l-IIMMEL, Facully Advisorl ' Members l-larold Abel Claylon Beclcer Marlin Bell Gail Bergslresser John Bischoff Millon Bischoff John Bouldin Jose Deseo Gene Fauslr l-lerberl Frank Cecil Frazier Paul Gamber Willard Ciiese Raymond l-lanson l-larold l-lazenlield Orlando l-lehn Karl l-lochradel Donald Kime John Koch William Lieslce Waller Meyer l-larvey Raduege Chris Rieder Melvin Roehrdanz Melvin Sollau Clarence Thiele Paul Washburn Gerald Wagner Leonard Wurlz Charles Tozer Charles Yoh l-larold Youngberg l-lerberl Zebarlh Thiele Himmel R d g Rieder Hansen l-lochradel J. Bischoll Kuglin M B h ll Kime l-lazenlield Meyer Zebarlh Tozer . Esc o NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE +he seager associafion fi . .r ' L 1 " ll ,I S rj.-1 i-'ua cfgc J PAGE I38 1'l1e men's glee club I 'llf ,.. I Merrill Gales D, ..eee s s Presidenl l-larold Abel D , s e,,, Secrelary Mnllon Sauer .. .s eeee,eeeew eeeew,e s s Manager ll-HERMANUS BAER, Direclorl ' Club Personnel Isl TENOR 2nd TENOR Merrill Gales LeRoy Julinke Lawrence Beese Raymond l-'lansen l-lerberl Dielericli BARITONE Roberl Ball l-larold Abel Silas Marks Cliarles Tozer Waller Koenig Roberl l-lallwaclis Charles Yoh Loren Davis l-larold Kesselring Wayne Wacker Millon Sauer BASS Jolin l-lornback Elber+Sl1illller James Lanlz Ray Bennell Riclward l-lolrnann Donald Werner Slwilller l-lansen l-lornback Abel l-lolmann Davis S Wacker Yoh Ball Lanlz Koenig Beese Toz J li k Dielericln Kesselring Marks Gales Giese THE SPECTRUM F Tl-TE TRAVELIN6 GLEE CLUB GaTes Yoh Abel Sauer Juhnlce l-lornbaclc ProT, Baer Mrs. Baer Ball T-TE Men's Glee Club enioys The disTincTion oT being The oldesT musical organizaTion on The lXlorTh CenTral Campus. lvlembers are chosen in The Tall monThs Tollowing compeTiTive Trials in which all candidaTes are Thoroughly TesTed Tor vocal abiliTy. The personnel oT The Glee Club usually includes Trom TwenTy To ThirTy men. ATTer These are chosen The club enTers inTo a regular schedule oT weelcly Training periods prepara- Tory To The various public appearances made ThroughouT The year. The season is climaxed in April wiTh The presenTaTion oT The annual concerT, one oT The more popular Tormal evenTs oT The year. 0 Since nineTeen hundred and one a lNlorTh CenTral Glee Club has made a Tour during The summer monThs. The regular iTinerary has included a Trip Through The wesTern sTaTes and an- oTher inTo The easT on alTernaTe years. Criginally The enTire group made These Trips, giving Trom TwenTy-Tive To ThirTy concerTs. OT laTe years The program has been alTered, however, wiTh a greaTer number oT appear- ances being made and Tewer men being Talcen on The Trip. The members oT This Traveling squad are chosen, noT only Tor Their musical abiliTy, buT upon a basis oT generally represenTaTive gualiTies as well. The enTire group is regarded as a medium oT conTacT wiTh Triends oT The insTiTuTion ThroughouT The counTry. 0 The Glee Club made iTs easTern Trip during The summer oT nineTeen ThirTy-Two. Under The able direcTion oT ProTessor l-lermanus Baer, The group Touched in eleven sTaTes and OnTario, Canada: appearing in concerT beTore sevenTy audiences, each oT which received Them in a mosT enThusiasTic manner. The personnel oT The Traveling sguad included seven members, all oT whom were capable oT doing solo or dueT numbers as well as blending Their voices in harmonic eTTecTs. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE The men's glee club , ..... .Iii lv! PAGE I39 PAGE I40 +he women's glee club THE Dielrich Griffin Dunlap Nihlroos Swiharl Kreifzer Kralll Schrnidl l-lornbaclc Slewarl Fawcell' Srephan Laier Eby Whillemore Kiess Melius Jones Ruhlrnan Allen Spahn Schell While Slrauss Lenzner Lemblce King ' Officers Alene Sfrauss ,,.,ee., l-lelen Srephan .,,,e Prudence Erne ,A.,.. lsr SOPRANO Geraldine Allen Rulh Dunlap Prudence Erne Anne Dielrich Vennella Eawcerl Gwen Griffin Elizabelh Pilsch Eleanor Slewarl Conslance Swiharr Dorolhy Whillemore l-lelen Veh QMILDRED Wl-ll-l'E, Direclorl ' Club Personnel ALTO Ada l-lornlinaclc Florence Kiess Miriam King Rulh Lemblce Phyllis Lenzner Charlene Ruhlman Edilh Schroeder Arlean Schmidl .Presidenl e,,W,.SecreJrary .Treasurer 2nd SOPRANO Virginia Eby Karherine Jones l.orene Krarlr Dorolhy Kreilzer lvlargarel Laier Willa lvlelius Doris Nihlroos l-lenriella Spahn Alene Slrauss l-lelen Slephan Wilma Schell Wilma Schell, Dorolhy Kreirzer-Accompanisls SPECTRUM FORl ITT-lOUT excepTion The peri- odic appearances oT The Women's Glee Club aT chapel and oTher more Tormal occasions have been mosT hearTily received, and iT is noT amiss To say ThaT They enioy greaTer populariTy aT The presenT Time Than any musical organizaTion on The campus. Since The adverse economic condiTions oT The pasT Two years have Torced abandon- menT oT The cusTomary summer Tour The Club's season has been cli- maxed by The presenTaTion oT The annual spring concerT. This oc- curred on The evening oT April 7Th, This year, and The enTire program was presenTed in such a charming manner as To seem even more har- monious and pleasanT Than usual. Miss Mildred WhiTe again direcTed The eTTorTs oT The Glee Club and iT seems ThaT each passing season Tinds her achieving more excellenT resulTs wiTh The maTerial aT her dis- posal. Concerf Program Passage Birdls Farewell ,Eugene l-lilbach My Lover Is a Fisherman , Lily STriclcland Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies ,Breicesan Treharne ln lTaly ,, , , , , ,, Granne Boyd Gl3e Club An den Sonneneschein Schumann Minuello , Haydn STring QuarTeT Song of The Winds ,ErnesT F. I-lawlce The ChocolaTe Prince , ,Joseph Wagner La TarenTella ,Jeanne Boyd The Nile ,,,, ,, , s .. X. Leroux Soprano Solo-BeTTy Pifsch. Violin ObligaTo-l-lelen STephan. Glee Club Griselidis-Old French Folk Song ,..,, VicTor l-larris BuTTerTly PaTh ,u,,.,, ,, ,,,,, ,,..u.s. , ., ..s, ,,,RichTer The ReTurn .,,, ..,,.,,. RoberT Schumann Balloons in The Snow ,,,,,,,,, Jeanne Boyd Moon Madness ...,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,....,s,, C-usTane Terreri OcTeTTe When a Maid Comes Knocking, Trom "The FireTly ".. ,,,,,A...,,,u,,,ss,s.,u,, ,,,,,,,,, R . Friml Chinese Lullaby, from "EasT ls WesT", ,,,Bowers Will You Remember? Trom MayTime ,, ,, Romberg lTalian STreeT Scene Trom "NaughTy MarieTTa".... Glee Club 0 FORMAL CONCERT GROUP NINETEEN THIRTY-THRE The womeds E Qeechb W-'23 4444.171 V 4-f Y- PAGE I4l PAGE I 42 lhe band -T qZ' f , I Kennelh Klauss as D do so D Presidenl lvlillon Bischoff ,, ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,A, , ,Secrelary William Graham , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,, ,, , ,,,,,, Manager lFREDERlCK TOENNIGES. Direclorl Paul Washburn, Drum Major CLARINET TRUMPETS Sheldon Domm George Sall William Achilles SAXOPHONE Roberl l-lallwachs Elver Wendlandl TROMBONE John Bischoff Roberl Diller Keiq Garvin Richard l-lolmann Lewis lmmel lvlaclclin Ralhmell DRUM Guy Woodward Don Newman l-larold Abel lvlillon Bischolll Paul Bischoff l-larold Bleclc lvlerlon Cogswell Kennelh Klauss Jaclc Seargeanl HORN William Graham Donald Winlcle l-lerlaerl Frank Allen Liebranz TUBA Granl Myers BARITONE Lesler Olson E SPECTRUM F Officers l-lerberlr Franlc ,, , .A ,, v,v ,, , , S ., Rresidenl Helen Slephan S ,... .Secrelary-Treasurer Macklin Raihmell eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,,,,, M a nager Jaclc Seargeanl e,.ee .eeee eeeee.eeeeeA.,. eeeeeee S L i b rarian lFREDERICK TOENNIGES, Conducrorl VIOLINS Willard Giese Courrier l-lubmer Jewel Huebner Lorene Krafll' Vincenl Langlilze Chris Reider Dorolhy Schafer Wendell Slabaugh l-lelen'S+elohan Alene Sjrrauss CELLO Roberi l-lallwachs VIOLA Ruloy Velander STRING BASS Rulh Shearer FLUTES Eleanor Perkins Alice Mae Ziemer CLARINETS Marie Cave George Salr Richard Winans Glen Wolf Gladys Walson Personnel SAXOPHONES Allan Liebranz Rulh Tomaschelslcy Doroihy Ullch William Achilles TRUMPETS Kennelh Klauss Violei Phillips Jack Seargeanjr Guy Woodward Ramona Feuchlr Wayne Whildin Margueriie Moliior TROMBONES Richard l-lolmann Macklin Rarhmell Clarence Slallman Keig Garvin FRENCH HORNS l-lerberlr lzranlc William Graham SCUSAPHONE Wallace Allanson NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE 'rhe concer+ orc:hes+ra PAGE I43 The oraTorio associaTion PREsENTiNe "Tl-IE ELIJAT-T"-Iv1EN DELSSQT-TN ' GuesT ArTisTs Olive June Laceyw c so ,. . .. . . A . cc.Soprano Lillian Knowles lllll,l c lllllll ConTralTo Eugene Dressler e.,e e.,, a .ee,. T enor Leslie Arnold ., .iee eiee c c so as eeeee ccBariTone ProT. C. C. Pinney, DirecTor BeaTrice Givler, PianisT Freda Druschel, 0rganisT l-IE QraTorio AsscciaTion is now in iTs sixTeenTh year aT NorTh CenTral College. lTs membership includes a large group oT sTudenTs, a number cT TaculTy members and a Tew inTeresTed Townspeople. Following almosT six monThs oT drill under experT direcTion, iT presenTs each spring one oT The recognized masTerpieces oT choral composiTion. 0 On lvlay 20, I932, lvlendelssohns' "Elijah" was presenTed aT PTeiTTer l-Tall. ln addiTion To The large chorus oT local TalenT, Tour greaT arTisTs Trom Chicago conTribuTed a number oT well rendered solo eTTorTs which added much To The dramaTic appeal oT The producTion. The manner in which The oraTorio was received by The audience gave ample prooT ThaT such Types oT musical presenTaTions are Tar Trom losing Their aTTracTion Tor music lovers. PAGE I44 And here are +l1ose who wear a pin . . . who revel in fhe rifes of ini+ia+ion .... Ancl also l'l1ose who pound a +ypewri+er as 'rlwey woo +l1e muse wi+l'1 'furrowed brows . . . sliglwling s+udies so flnal' a prinfer will be safisfiecl .... Clulgs .ml uklicdm PAGE I45 PAGE I46 lhe college chronicle TH Frances Weberl Harvey Forl Robe-rl l-lallwachs Jaclc Kreamer l-lelen Dewar John Barry ' The Eclilorial Slafli FRANCES L. WEBERT Fdilor-in-Chief l-IARVEY A. SCHULTZ Business Manager Kennelh Rowelson-Associale Edilor News Deparlmenl Barbara Mayer-Edilor Rosemary lvligely l-larold While James Kingharn Fealure Deparlmenl Ada Goelz-Edilor Rulh Lembke Sporls Deparlmenl Wilbur Nolre--Ediror Gordon Smilh Charles Culver Ranseen Narcissa Ranseen Donna Swill Florence Kiess Willa lvlelius Leland Korlerneier Kalherine Jones Vernerol Fisher lvligely Swill Melius Giese Goelz Barry Weberl Lemblce Mayer E SPECTRUM F NDER Jrhe new plan of placing The sub- scriplions on Jrhe Jruilion bill, volume lilly-four has been The lirsl edilion of 'lhe College Chronicle lo reach lhe hands of all sludenls. This melhod of subsidizalion has dcne a greal deal lo aid in mainlraining slrandards during a year Thai has been hard, bolh psychologically and financially, lor business adminislrralrion of a sludenl enlrer- prise. ln view of lhe exisring condilions ihe enlire slall is deserving of much credil lor producing a paper lhalr received a high posilion in Jrhe ralrings of +he Illinois College Press Associalion. ' The Business Slaff Jack Meacham-Associale Business Manager Circulafion Depar+men+ Carl Landis-Manager Viclor Sei+z Wayne Wacker Roberl Slullle Roberl Bennell Adver+ising Depar+men1' Charles Ge++inger-Manager Allan Liebranz Neil Rilzinger Emily Merrill-Typisl Smifh Liebranz Merrill Jones Kiess Nolle F h l Powekon - Meacham SchuHz Landk Sehz NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE fhe college chronicle L- noi' PAGE I47 PAGE I48 fhe I933 spec+rum VERNERD F. FISHER Managing Edifor . MERTON B. COGSWELL Publisher Vernercl Fisher ' The Ediforial Siaff Ellswor+h J. Greenwald-Associaie Ediror Wilma Van Valen .i.iii,i.. i..i . C. iii,..Ai.ii.ii ..Women's Ediior Burnell Oesrerle. E ,i....iiiii...., Classes Wilbur Nolie aas. saas . ., s,,,.,,,. Classes Kenneih Von Walcl. s,.,s ssssssss,. A Jrhleiics Vera Umbreii.. s,,sssss . ssssss .W. A. A. Willa Melius .,,,, ,,..,,,.. S ociely Vicior Seiiz ....,.... . ........ Clubs Barbara Mayer ,,,,,,,,, .,....,, M usic l-lerberi Zebarlh . ,. ..., ...Religion John Barry ....... .... , ......... F orensics Silas Marks ...,,... E ..... ..,........... ...............,......, D r amaiics Grace Thompson .... . ,............. .....,..... . . ..,...... Campus Life ll-lAROLD E. WHITE, Facully Aclvisorl Barry Von Wald Zebarfh Nolie Van Valen Oesierle Fisher Greenwald Melius E SPECTRUM F l-llS TwenTy-TourTh volume oT The Spec- Trum represenTs many weary hours oT Toil spenT in eTTorTs To make iT an auThenTic and compleTe record oT The collecTed hap- penings, acTiviTies, and memberships oT NorTh CenTral individuals: and To endow iT vviTh an air oT individualiTy ThaT shall marlc iT aparT looTh Trom The SpecTrums which have preceded iT and Those ThaT are To Tollow. The sincere hope oT all Those who have had a share in iTs producTion, is ThaT The volume may assume an ever increasing value as The years pass. ' The Business STaFF l-larvey W. lvlarlcs-AssociaTe Publisher ROberT Diller ..,,,,,,,,,,,,A,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, A dverhslng Thomas CliTTord c.,pcc,. i,,,cp Y Adverlrising KenneTh PriTz ,,....,, c,Y,cccc,, P roducTion KenneTh STurgeon scc,..ccs. .ccpccccc P roducTion Charles Yoh .,..c,cccc,,.c..c,ccc.,ccccccp..ccpc..cccp.. STaTT PhoTographer TJAMES P. KERR, PaculTy Advisorl STurgeon FriTz Yoh CliTTord Diller S. Marlcs Coqswell Kerr l-T. lvlarlcs NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE The I933 spec:Trum Z'l , ll!"-' ' "' PAGE I49 PAGE I 50 The handbook and alumni news TH cf Q RicherT T-lai5T ' The STudenT Handbook CR ThirTy-Tour years a Tiny book in a cardinal iackeT has been making iTs appearance on The college campus aT The opening oT Tre-shman week. BeTween iTs covers a world oT knowledge and inTormaTion awaiTs The scruTiny oT The incoming Trosh. In many respecTs The Handbook is a miniaTure year-book: yeT iT is really someThing more, since iT conTains so much oT The cusToms, insTiTuTions, and reguiremenTs oT NorTh CenTral College. 0 AlThough The college adminisTraTion aids The Y. lvl. C. A. and The Y. W. C. A. in publishing The book, iT is essenTially a sTudenT publicaTion Tor sTudenT use. The ediTor is chosen by The Y. M. C. A. cabineTg Lloyd RicherT having been nominaTed Tor ThaT posiTion This pasT year. Mr. RicherT proved himselT a capable ediTor and his volume inTroduced a number oT popular innovaTions ThaT were responsible Tor The handbook Tinding iTs way inTo The Tiles OT a good many upper- classmen. ALUMNI NEWS Published quarTerly by The ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE BRENDA E. l'lAlST, '28, EdiTor QUENTIN D. NOLTE, '27, ASSociaTe EcliTOr O F F I c E R S' W. E. GROTE, 'T3 ,,,,,, , , Y ,,Pre5idenT M, '2l,,, ,,.., ,,,, 2 nd Vice Presiderif FRED L. BTESTER. 'l4.... ..lsT Vice PresidenT BRENDA E. HAIST, '28 ..,.,.......,. SecreTary-Treasurer E SPECTRUM F GR I GAMMA MU is a nalional social science honor sociely. The local chapler has lhe dislinclion of being a charler member of The organi- zalion, which now includes more lhan one hundred chaplers lhroughoul The counlry. Pi Gamma Mu is unusual in lhal only seniors and alumni of superior scholarship and recognized achievemenl are eligible lor eleclion +o Jrhe sociely. ' Faculfy Members C. J. Allig W. l-l. l-leinmiller G. J. Kirn l-lazel Mae Snyder ' Residen+ Members Emma Marlin l-leininger Lesler J. Schloerb Rulh Brunn Bomberger Gerlrude Zimmerman Lehman Ralph E. Beebe Lila Urbauer Lloyd Uebele l-lerberl Zebarlh l-lelen Dewar Vera Umbreil Maclclin Ralhmell Margarel Poole Kalos Eslher Korf Senly John F. Schaefer Elhel Kiesl Waller Klass S+uden'r Members Merlon Cogswell Sheldon Domm Kennelh Klauss Paul Gamber PI GAMMA MU OFHGERS CogsweH Zebadh Umbreil i l-leinmiller Urbauer Dew 4563 NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE pi gamma mu M228- PAGE l5I PAGE I 52 pi kappa clelTa " 7 I I KAPPA DELTA is a naTional honorary Torensic TraTerniTy, membership in which is limiTecl To Those sTudenTs who have represenTecl NorTh CenTral in debaTe or oraTory. Uncler The able guidance oT ProTessor Oliver, The loTa chapTer oT The Illinois Province has been acTive on The local campus Tor several years, ancl has done a greaT oleal To sTimulaTe inTeresT in The Tielol oT speech. ' Officers Melvin SolTau cccc.. ccccccccccc a..s....,.ccccccc P r esidenT Paul Gamber ..cccc. .., V ice-PresiclenT John Barry,,.,..cccc..c,cc.c....,c.... SecreTary-Treasurer T TGUY EUGENE QLIVER, EaculTy Advisorl ' Members Clarence Thiele Melvin SolTau JohnBarry PaulGamber Jesse Wagner ii oliver male sonsu emi-,ef Barry wagner l i l -T P I THE SPECTRUM FOR, l l IGMA GAMMA chapler ol Sigma Tau Della, an honorary professional English organizalion. was formally eslablishecl al Norlh Cenlral lasl year. Hs members are advanced English sludenls, parlicularly Jrhose who have shown a marlced inleresl in lileralure and original composilion. Meelings are helcl regularly ancl occasionally some work by a local aulhor appears in The lralerni+y's magazine, The Reclangle. ' Officers John Barry ssssssssssssss .sss . D ssssoossssssss,,osso,Y Presidenl Francis Weberl ssss, so s..sss sssss. S ecrelary-Treasurer IELIZABETI-I wiLEY, FacuI+y Advisory ' Members Willa Melius A Francis Weberl Rosemary Migely l-lelen Dewar Barbara Mayer John Barry Mayer Dewar Barry Migely Melius Weberl Wiley NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE sigma +au de-H'a Ll 0.11. PAGE I53 PAGE I 54 The classics club W l!l1!l""lP'Z" ESIGNED To enrich The classical background and To supplemenT The classroom wiTh closer social conTacTs, The Classics Club is an organi- zaTion oT sTudenTs in LaTin and Greelc. To TaciliTaTe iTs program The club holds eighT meeTings during The year, These being occasions when The liTe and liTeraTure oT ancienT Greece and Rome are Taken under consideraTion in an imformal and insTrucTive manner. ' Officers RuTh Nielsen so use .rss,ssss C C sssss,sss PresidenT MarTha SchmidT so C . ,cssss ViceePresidenT Phyllis Lenzner ,,es C sss,s Treasurer Adela Klebe .sssss,TsssTT.,sss, ..,...e,ssssss,ss S ecreTary TDR. M. l-lelen BerTram l-larrison Collins MargareT Curry Willard Giese KaTherine l-lasseT MargareT l-leiss Gladys l-Terr Wilma l-loTerT Russell Kempiners Adela Klebe l-TARMON, FaculTy Sponsorl ' Members RuTh Lembke Phyllis Lenzner RuTh Mercer RuTh Nielsen ChesTer Olsen Marjorie GesTerle Findlay Paydon MarTha SchmidT Viola Seebach Marion Wheeler Giese Mercer Kempiners Olsen OesTerle Coll' BerTram Lemblce Wheeler l-leiss Herr SchmidT Lenzner Nielsen Klebe l-larmo THE SPECTRUM F HE l-lislory Club was organized on +he local campus in nineleen lwenly-lwo. Hs membership is open ro all sludenrs maioring in hislory and To underclassmen who have shown especial inleresl in Jrhe field. The l-lislory Club is an unusually aclive and popular organizalion. I+ holds meelings lwice monlhly and +hese combine a discussion ol hislorical fopics wirh a social evening. ' Officers Vera Umbreil cccs.., . C Y,Yscsc ,,,,c,.cc ,,,cccccc,,Y, , . Presidenl Kennelh Von Wald... C ssccc,,,,..s Vice-Presidenl Grace Byas ccccc,.,,,,ccc. .,,..... . cc.. ccc,s..c,,, S e crelary-Treasurer lDR. C. J. ATTIG, Facully Sponsorl ' Members Wallace Allanson iClarence Arlig Marian Bulow Grace Byas Palry Clare Thomas Clifford Samuel Corrallo Paul Gamber Mildred Korfisl Burnell Oeslerle l-larriell Paschke Marian Schneller Joy Slaullacher Kennelh Slurgeon Jeanelle Trebilcoclc Vera Umbreil Wilma Van Valen Kalherine Vergie Kennelh Von Wald l-larold Youngberg l-lelen Temple Marie Feilc Grace Thompson Charles Tozer Vera Fishley Iona Schwander Alfig Johnson Oeslerle Gamber Allanson Clirlord Tozer Schneller Bulow Trebilcoclc Clare Slauicfacher Fishley Korfisf Temple Feik Byas Umbreil Dr. Allig Von Wald Van Valen Thompson NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE 'rhe his+ory club PAGE I55 PAGE I56 +he home economics club ' I' -1 .Til TH HE l-Iome Economics Club is composed of advanced sludenls in Jrhis deparlmenl, membership being by inyilalion. The program includes several social evenls and meelings al which The lalesl developmenls in Home Economics are discussed. ln addilion delegales are senl To slale and nalional convenlions and The organizaiion aids local charilies in various ways. ' Officers Virginia Sliclc ssssi.c scscssc..ccss,.cs s as sccsscs., Presidenl Wilma l-lolerl c...,. scssss ssss s V ice-Presideni Vennella Fawcell ,...sssss A, s ss,ss,.,.. sgecrelary-Treasurer HAZEL MAE srwnsiaz . rLoRENcE ouiiuueg FGCUHY Adwsofs ' Members Mary Beclcers Argenl Marlcs Vennella Fawcell Eleanor Morse Nancy Faxon Rulh Rarney Marie Ganlzerl Virginia Sliclc Wilma l-lolerr Eleanor Slewarl Doris Knauer Margarer Slraub Carol Lauber l-lelen Veh Veh Ganlzerl Siewarf Marlvs Beclcers Yunlcer Faxon Lauber Slraub Morse Knauer l-loferl Quilling Sliclc Snyder Fawceff E SPECTRUM F OR If l COMPARATIVE newcomer, The Soreda Club has assumed a posiTion oT signiTicance on The campus. Originally TuncTioning as The Speech Club, The organizaTion numbers among iTs members a maioriTy oT The school's TalenTed speakers. lnTeresTing programs are presenTed aT regular meeTings and The club is also an acTive sponsor oT a number oT social evenTs. ' Officers Willa Melius as cc..,,,. ,sc.,..,s., sYYY,Y,sc,.., P r esidenT Jesse Wagner .. ccs,,.cc Vice-PresidenT Alene STrouss s,ss,.,sssssssss,,ss,.ssssss ss,, ,..s .... S e c reTary DoroThy KreiTzer ..,s....ssc..,ss..ssss. ..,s.s.,ssssssss,sssssss.,,. T reasurer TG. E. OLIVER, EaculTy Advisorl ' Members l-larold l-lazenTield Silas Marks Marion Bulow Dallas Paul Willa Melius Prudence Erne Melvin SolTau l-larrieT Paschlce DoroThy KreiTzer l-lerberT ZebarTh Chris Rieder Donald Newman l-larold Abel Arlean SchmidT Neil RiTzinger Evelyn Bowen John Warne Eleanor STraclc Donald Brinlcman William Achilles Donna SwiTT Edwin DielcTuss Sibyl Benson Jesse Wagner l-lelen Epp Veda BoeTTcher Florence Kiess Willard Giese Ada l-lornbaclc l-larvey Marlcs Alene STrouss RiTzinger SchmiclT Geise Epp Rieder BoeTTcher Paschlce Zebadh Sh er S.Mark l4.Mark SWHT Meyer Achmes Wagner Melius Sirouss KreiTzer l-lazenTield NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE The soreda :dub Y PAGE l57 ' Members fhe wri+ers club l-IE Wrilers Club was organized in I928 for The benelil of sludenls who were inleresled in developing a deliniie slcill in lilerary crilicism, in wri'ring and in presenlalion of malerial. The club holds meelings each forlnighl, al which original composilions and recognized classics are pre- senled and discussed. More or less social funciions are occasionally held. Membership in The club is by invilaiion and oiclicers are elecied annually. ' Officers Roberl Slrasburg D, cccs,.ccccicccccoo s ooooococ,occc,,c Presidenr Barbara Mayer ., cccc s D c,A..oococs Vice-Presidenl Willa Melius .ccc..cccsc...,V.,,.,csccscccccc S ecrelary-Treasurer H. E. wHiTE sg . l:c3CUl'l'y AdVISOVS Alberl Albrechl John Barry Eleanor Beckman Carol Browne Paily Clare l-lelen Dewar Roberf Diller Paul Gamber Willard Giese Adela Klebe Alene Leirner James Kingham Barbara Mayer Rurh Mercer Willa Melius Rosemary Migely Narcissa Ranseen Consfance Rennels Paul Sleezer George Salf Roberl Srrasburg Marjorie Oeslerle Harold While Dick Winans Frances Van Adesline Marion Wheeler Margarel l-leiss Ada Goelz Neil Rilzinger Wilma Van Valen Roberl I-lolsaple Kalherine Reilc Mary George Jean lngle Paul Slrephan Salf Sleezer l-lolsaple Gamber Albrechl Rilzinger Giese Clare l-leiss Oeslerle Van Adesline Mercer Klebe George Van Valen DiHer Ranseen Shasburg Dewar VVhHe PAGE I58 Ersr nighfs .... Props, cosrumes, ancl scenery +o arrange .... The 'rhrill as +he over'rure sounds .... Or +ha+ hollow feeling as 'rhe words "Honorable iuclges and worlhy oppo- nenl's" somehow pass clry lips .... ramatics an forensics PAGE I 59 PAGE I 60 The Torensic league OTFicers clOl'1V1 R. Barry 7,,,,A,, ,,,,,A, , H ,,,,, M Pre5idenT Jesse Vlfagner ,eee,,e O, e,.,,, SecreTary, Manager OT Men's DebaTe DoroThy KreiTzer aaeeaaaa a.e4... aaaaeaaa M a nager OT NNOmen's Debalre Sibyl Benson ..,.aaa .Manager OT ExTemporaneOus Speaking Donald Brinkman, ,,,. ,,,.,....a,aaaa,,,,aaa ,,,,,,,,,,,A M a nager OT OraTOry TGUY EUGENE OLIVER, ProTessor OT Public Speakingl il-IE Forensic League has replaced The QraTOrical AssociaTion, TirsT esTablished in IQOO. lTs membership includes all sTudenTs enrolled in Twe college. AdminisTraTion Tor The League Talls under The oTTice OT a Board OT COnTrol composed OT The OTTicers, elecTed annually by The sTu- cenT body, and The managers OT DebaTe and QraTory, and PrOTessor Qliver, head OT The DeparTmenT OT Speech. STudenTs who meeT The re- cuiremenTs esTablished by This group are rewarded wiTh an oTTicial gold cwarm on which a iewel inseT denoTes The amounT OT service. 0 The Board OT ConTrOl is in direcT charge OT al oraTorical and debaTing acTiviTies. During The pasT year NorTh CenTral cebaTe Teams have had more Than moderaTe success. The men's Team won second place in The Illinois lnTer-CollegiaTe DebaTe League sTandings and repeaTed ThaT perTormance aT The Province ConvenTion OT Pi Kappa DelTa. The women debaTors ended Their league season in TourTh place. 0 OraTOry enioyed a season OT high inTeresT wiTh a number OT local conTesTs being well supporTed. Melvin SolTau marked The conclusion OT a successTul season by esTablishing himselT as The sTaTe's ouTsTanding college speaker. Oliver Benson Barry KreiTzer Wagner Brinkman THE SPECTRUM FO Melvin SolTau RATORY enioyed a revival oT inTeresT aT NorTh CenTral during The pasT year. The College 0raTorical ConTesT was held in January wiTh more Than TorTy people parTicipaTing. lvlelvin SolTau scored his second successive vicTory in This evenT, wiTh Jesse Wagner and SalvaTore Randazzo being awarded a Tie Tor second place. lvlarian Lang placed TourThg TirsT among The many women included in The sTrong Tield oT con- TesTanTs. 0 SolTau laTer proved his vicTory To be well de- served, when he conTinued in sTrong Tashion, To win TirsT prize aT The Illinois lnTercollegiaTe OraTorical ConTesT held aT Rock Island, and To place second aT lVlonmouTh during The Province ConvenTion oT Pi Kappa DelTa. This is The loesT record made by a lNlorTh CenTral oraTor in several years and gualiifies him Tor parTicipaTion in The Pi Kappa DelTa SecTional Con- TesT To be held aT EvansTon laTe in April. CompeTiTion in This evenT will be Tor The privilege oT parTicipaTing in The NaTional 0raTorical ConTesT laTer in The summer. 0 ln addiTion To Miss Lang, who compeTed in The Women's Division oT The STaTe OraTorical ConTesT, Ada l-lornbaclc and Paul Gamloer represenTed lNlorTh CenTral in The exTemporaneous con- TesTs aT The Pi Kappa DelTa ConvenTion. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE PAGE l62 va rsily deloale for men -7 lli A . 4559 Wagner Sollau Gamber Achilles Queslion: Resolved: Thai all banking lunclions should be regulaled by lhe Federal Governmenl wilh deposils guaranleed. ' Summary of Illinois lnler-Collegia+e Deba+es Norlh Cenlra Norlh Cenlra Norlh Cenlra Norlh Cenlra Norlh Cenlra Norlh Cenlra Allfirmalive won from Auguslana College. Aitlirmalive won from Normal Universily. Aiclirmalive won from Whealon College. Negalive losl lo lllinois College. Negalive losl lo Sl. Vialor College. Negalive won from Illinois Wesleyan. Won second place in linal slandings ol lhe Illinois lnler- Collegialo Debale League. Won second place in The depale schedule al lhe lllinois- Wisconsin Province Convenlion of Pi Kappa Della. THE SPECTRUM FO Queslion: Resolved: Tha'r This house should supporl Ihe League ol Independenl Polilical Aclion in ils move Io organize a new polilical parly ' Summary of IIIinois In+er-Collegiale Debafes NorIhCenIraIA1CIirma+ive won from Norlhern Illinois Teachers College. Norlh CenI'raI Allirmalive losl Io Illinois Normal Universiiy. Norlh Cenlral Negalive won from Whealon College. Norlh Cenlral Negaiive losl Io Auguslana College. Won Iourlh place in final slanolings of Ihe Illinois Inler-Collegiale Debale League. 0 Swill Benson Kreilzer Bulow NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE va rsi'ry deba+e for women ' Qi - L l PAGE I63 PAGE I64 The golden Triangle players Officers Wilma l-loTerT , .. ee..,.., eeeeee, ,,e,e,ee,e . P residenT John Barry . ee,e Vice-PresidenT RuTh Lembke .. E , , SecreTary T-laldon Leedy .. . .....e.,e eeeee,ee , . ,e,l eee,eee,, T reasurer l-lerberT Frank .. ,eeeee..e,,eeeeeeee.,..,.ee l-lisTorian TGUY EUGENE OLIVER, Direclrorl Guy Eugene Oliver l-lE Golden Triangle Players are an ouTgrowTh oT The old ArTs-DramaTic Club. lvluch oT The crediT Tor Their meTamorphosis inTo The presenT Torm musT go To ProTessor Oliver, whose work has marked him as one oT The ouTsTanding and mosT ingenious direcTors in The Tield oT college dramaTics. 0 The Players have TuncTioned under a slighTly diTTerenT plan during The pasT year. Whereas membership had previously been resTricTed To juniors and seniors, all sTudenTs are now eligible, wiTh a greaTer surplus oT TalenT being available Tor any producTion as The resulT. NaTurally, Too, inTeresT has been sTimulaTed and keen compeTiTion has resulTed in improved presenTaTion generally. 0 During The pasT season Three maior produc- Tions have been enacTed beTore PTeiTTer l-lall audiences. ln addiTion, numerous shorTer plays have made Their appearance: several on ouT-oT- Town sTages. lvlosT oT These have been direcTed by senior sTudenTs oT The dramaTics deparTmenT, and Tall under The heading oT l.iTTle Workshop plays. ln every case cosTumes, scenery and all oTher props have been designed and consTrucTed by members oT The deparTmenT. Leedy Lembke Barry Frank l-loTerT Oliver THE SPECTRUM FO CAST A Mysferious Young Man. ,,., .l-laldon Leedy "Doc" lvlorfon ,,Y,,,Y,Y,,,,,,,,,,, ,Y,,.,,,, C larence Affig l-lal Machlickol ,A., A . ,,1, Richie Basseff Jay Spinny ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , . Don Newman Dan Crokif . ,, .... J esse Wagner Jack La Salle ee,e Marf Darwin .. Raymond l-layes .. Jim Iv1acNickol .. Jo Spinney a,ee,., Ada Carney a,e.,ae,. Elsie Davis ....,,ie, Belle Turner... .. eeeeee Silas Marks .... ...William Achilles Berfram Godfrey .......l-larold Abel .......Marian Lang ......Rufh Shearer ........Arlean Schmidf Ada l-lornback A Presenfafion of fhe Golden Triangle Players Under fhe Direcfion of Guy Eugene Oliver RESENTED on fhe evening of Homecoming Day before a capacify audience, "A Rainy Day," by Fred Ballard, proved fo be a mirfh provoking and fhoroughly enioyable farce. Dealing wirh fhe refurn fo his home fown of a young man who was commonly believed fo be a framp, fhe acfion of fhe piece was swiff wifh one hilarious sifuafion following anofher. Nof only did fhe aufhor inserf a good deal of humor info fhe play, buf he mainfained a high nofe of "love inferesf" by enfwining fhe affairs of fwo young couples wifh fhe amusing philanfhropies of a kindly old docfor. The simplicify and genuine feeling of fhe skefch, combined wifh fhe sympafhefic manner in which fhe players handled if, made "A Rainy Day" one of fhe finesf Golden Triangle producfions in some fime. ' CMH-JW-NOWfLH'MESEH NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE a rainy clay W-2221 PAGE I65 PAGE +66 +he rescue 0+ s+. nick i'2 Z' 'V1 TH CAST Danger, +he dog e.,e..e,ee..e,e...eeee.....,...... Orlando l-lehn Pe+e .e,eeA4,.........e.. ....e.. E dwin Diek+uss Peggy eeee,.4e,,.e,e... ............... .........,.A E l eanor S+rack Tinsel, a +airy eeeee.eeeeeeeeeeee..eeeeeeeeee ,.eeeeee R amona Feuch+ Vixen .....e.....4....,,........ Sybil Benson, Doro+hy Kreiher S+icky, a candy cane boy eeeeee..eeee...eee.... Neil Rihinger Halloween Wi+ch ....,, Ru+h Shearer Pumpkinhead C5ian+s .,ee,.eeeeee,,e,ee l-larvey and Si Marks Gob and Gobby eeee,.aaea William Achilles, Alice Smi+h S+. Nick cc.c4ccc.,c...,,,.c .cc.,,,cc.....c,, D onald Brinkman The Wi+ch Presen+ecl by +he Speech Depar+men+ Under +he Auspices 0+ +he Naperville Woman's Club ESIGNED +o inaugura+e +he Chris+mas season in iolly +ashion, 'rhis deligh++ully di++eren+ yule+ide play, dealing wi+h +he a++emp+ed ab- duc+ion o+ corpulen+ S+. Nick, was easily +he mos+ unique produc+ion o+ several years. 0 The I-lallowe'en Wi+ch, who had apparen+ly overs+ayed her leave, umfolded a number o+ diabolical plo+s calcula+ed +o +hrill wi+h alarm any o+ S+. Nick's loyal +ollowers and reminiscen+-in a burlesque +ashion-o+ +he popular melodramas o+ o+her years. ln +he words o+ +he side show spieler, "i+ was an a++rac+ion +o be enioyed by young and old alike, +un +or +he en+ire +amily." 0 Tl-IE WITCI-I'S COURT E SPECTRUM F OR Cappy Ricks ,.,... , .. f ,,.. John Skinner ..,..,.... ,,........ ,...Joseph Lenz ,..,Edward Luss Florence Ricks ,,,,,,,,,,A,,, ,w,, wv,,, D ella lVlehnerT Edward SingleTon ,,,, ,,,,ll.ll c lv,AA.ll O rrin NorTon Cecil Pericles Bernarda. eee.,,ee,,...... ArThur KosTer CapT. lv1aTT Peasley ...,eeee.. e.,..,... O TTO KerTh AunT Lucy Ricks .,..,,.c... ...ccc. F rances Jones BrookTield ....,c,,, .c...... L loyd l-linders Ellen Murray c,,.,.... cc..,v,,c l lah Garman T and Florence PresenTed by The Senior Class of l932 Under The DirecTion of Guy Eugene Oliver l-TAT perennial TavoriTe oT comedy lovers, "Cappy Ricks," was chosen by The class oT I932 as Their valedicTory vehicle during commence- menT week oT lasT year. As usual The comedy, porTraying The morTiTicaTion and deTeaT oT The TesTy old shipping magnaTe by whaT he Terms "a young whippersnapperf' sTruck a high noTe oT approval wiTh Two appreciaTive audiences. 0 Cappy, himsehf, and his righT hand man, Skinner, provided mosT oT The hilariTy, alThough The double ioinTed Cecil was noT above sTealing a laugh whenever he appeared. STalwarT CapTain MaTT and his inamoraTa, The lovely Florence, concluded Their courTship To The saTisTacTion oT all as Cappy Tendered Them parenTal blessings wiTh The curTain's Tall. ' 0 "BY THE GREAT T-IORNED SPOON" NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE CGPPY ricks s -4 - L lT PAGE I 67 liH'le workshop produc+ions All The l-lorrors of l-lome , V... ......... E so EEEEEE . . ...4 b y Allena l-larris Presenled under Jrhe direclion of Louise Annis Q Barabbas .A..4o....oo..,.oo,...4e.....o....o,.4.,eo.,.,oo,.....Veoooooo.oooeeee,. by Dorolhy Leamon Presenled under Jrhe diredrion of l-lerberl Eranlc f A Girl lo Grder ..,ooe..oeoe..oo,,..W.,,W...,eV...oooe............eeeeee.,,e.ooe by Bessie Springer Presenled under Jrhe direclion of Leonard Wurlz U Sloclcin' Money s,es,,,u As,,,vs,,ss,,ssssess,.... E .. .se,,e.u,..,,f,,e by Eloise Earle Dean Presenled under The direclion of Rulh Render . Thursday Evening s,,s.sss.a..s...wo.s....., by Chrislopher Morley Presenled under Jrhe direclion of Rulh Lembke o THE CURE GETS IN A BAD SPOT PAGE l68 ere are lis+ed fhe names of faces . . . faces fhai' fill our library . . . aHend our classes . . . meei' in confecfioneries . . . supporf our school . . . and fillfhe Specfrum. . . . TLS last mor PAGE I 69 I 1 I x i - -V - ,f - -V THE EVANGELICAL THECDLOGICAL SEMINARY The oldesl and largesl Seminary ol lhe Evangelical Church A carefully selecled lacully ol six lull-lime professors A fully accrediled Theological School Q For calalog and lurlher inlormalion address G. B. KllVllVlEL, Presiclenl Lell-Seminary Aclminislralion Building-Class Rooms, Library, Chapel. Righl-Seyberl l-lall-So namecl in honor ol lhe bachelor Bishop of our Church-is lhe clelighllul home of The seminary sludenls. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE PAGE I7l index of divisions and persons ' '.I A Abel, Harold W ..,,,....,,...,,,,. Achilles, William M .,,,,..,.,,,. ACTIVITIES ......,,,,,,.,,,, ADMINISTRATION 7.YY7Y....,. Allanson, Wallace W .,,,.,..... Allen, Geraldine ,...,,..,..,....,... Annis, Louise D .,...,...... ,,.... Arles, Irving E .,,,.., ATHLETICS ......s...,,. Allig, Chesler J .......... .,.... Allig, Clarence J ........ Babler, Lonah M .,,,..,.., ...... Baer, Hermanus .,,,....,..,,,..,... Balmer, Woodrow U ..,,,,,.....,.. Ball, Roberl B .,.,....,...,............ Barry, John R ...,,.,,......,.... 34, BASEBALL .,.....,,,..,.,.,.. ...... I 04 BASKETBALL ....,.,,,,,,,,,,......., I00 BasseH, Goodrich W .........,,.. Baleman, Roberl E .............,. Baugh, Philip K ...,.,.. Becker, Claylon .,,c,.....7 Beclcers, Mary G .,,,,..,,......,.,. Beclcman, Roberl H ...,,,.,...,.,. Beecroll, Roberl F ........c Beese, Lawrence L. ,,,,,A,,,.,,... . Beilel, Donald W .,,,,..,,, ....,. Bell, Marlin F .,,,,,,,.,,, Bennell, Ray ,..e,,....,,.L,,, ..,.., Bennerl, Roberl M .,,,,,,.,,,,.., Benson, Sibyl M .,...,.,,....,,....,. Bergslrand, Glenn V .,...,.,..... Bergslresser, Gail ........, ....., Berry, Kennelh E .....A.... ,..... Berlram, Helen .....,,,. ,,....,,. Bieber, C. L ...,.....,.,.....,.,. 9I, Billings, Roberl E ...,......,..,..... Bischoff, John W ...,............... Bischoff, Millon W ..,....,.,, 56, Bischoff, Paul S. ..,... , Bleclc, C. K ....,.........,. Bleclc, Harold A ..,..,.. Board of Truslees ......... ...,,. Boclc, Chrislabel A ....,s..,,..... Boellcher, Veda M ...,...,....... Bollen, Donald W .....L., ,..,.. Born, Myrlle M ........ Boss, Edgar W ...,... Boslian, Paul ...,.., Bouldin, John .,,,..,,,,,.... Bowen, Evelyn M .,....,....,..,.... Breilhaupl, Arlhur L .,,,,,,,,,,.. Brinkman, Donald H .,,.L,,,,L,.. Brown, Donald ,,,,,,,,L.,,L ,,.... Browne, E. Carol ,....., Buchanan, Earl ..,..,... Buclcs, M. S .,.............. Bulow, Marian E .....,.... .,,... Burroughs, Willard ....,,. ....,, Byas, Grace M .......,.. C CAMPUS CELEBRITIES ,,,,,. CAMPUS LIFE ,.,,.,.,e.,.,.,....... Cave, Marie E ..,,.,,........,,,..... Chang, Ching-Yueinu. TH Chase, Berlon ,,,,,,.,,...,.,, Clare, Palience D .,,,,,... Classon, Ardella I ...,,.,,, CliFFord, Thomas J .,,,,,,, CLUBS ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,..,.,,....,,.. Coqswell, Merlon B ...... Collins, Harrison F ....,... 56 56 56 35 ,,I5I 735, I49 62 Coller, Thomas F ,....... .,.,,... 4 8 Coullrap. M. W .......,, ..,,,... 2 l Cross Counlry ,,,....,,,,..,....,,.... I I3 Culver, Charles J .,,,s..., Curry, Margarel A .....,, D Davis, Loren H ..,,,,., 62 62 62 Debale ......,......,,......,. ,,...... I 62 Deiber, John E ..,,.,,,,........,,.. 56 DeVeny, Margarel E .,...,, 56, 82 DeVeny, Mary E .....,,,...,,...... 62 Dewar, Helen E .,...,.,.,,..,. 35, 80 Dielcluss, Edwin W .,,......,,,,.. 49 Dielerich, Herberl ....,... Deilrich, Anna L ....... Diller, Roberl H ..,.,.. Dillon, Adolf S ..........,. 62 62 I49 56 Dillman, Alberl L .,,.....A.,...... 62 Domm, E. E .....,,,,,,,,........,,A..... 2l Domm, Sheldon E .,ss,,,,,,, 49, II9 Downer, Earl E .,,..A.,,..,.,.,,...... 49 Drendel, Alberl F ...........,..... 62 Dunlap, Ruih I .....,,..... E 56 Ebenbauer, Margarelha ..,,.. 23 Eby, Oscar L .,,......,...,,.......... Eby, Virginia F ........,. Eisele, Lawrence .....,....,. Englerl, Roberl E .,....,., 24 62 56 49 Epp, Helen M ..........,. ..... 4 9 Eigenbrodl, H. J .....,,. ,,,.. 2 I Erlilmeyer, C. E ......,.....s........ 2l Ericlcson, Clarence A ..,,,........ 57 Erickson, Ralph L .,.,.,,..,. Erne, Prudence F .,...s. F Facully ...,.,,,,,,.....,............. Fausl, LeRoy K .....,.....,......... 62 57 2I-24 62 Fawcell, Vennella N .........,,.. 49 Faxon, Nancy G .,,,.,.....,......... 35 Feilc, S. Marie .,.,,.,,,,,,...... 36, 82 Feller, Bernard A .,,..,,..,,........ 57 Feuchl, Ramona E .,,,..,.......... 57 Finlc, Alfred C ..,,,..,,,,,.,...,..... 49 Finlcbeiner, Paul M .........,,.,.. 57 Finlcbeiner, Thomas ....,......... I9 Fisher, G. R .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.., 22, 90 Fisher, Vern F. ,,,,....,,..,.,. 36. l4B Fishley, Vera M .,,..,,......,....... 36 Foley, 'Virginia K .....,,. ........ 4 9 FOOTBALL .,...,,.,,, Forensics ..........,,,,. Fo rl, H a rvey J .,,,.,,...., Franlc, Herberl S .,...,,. Frazier, Cecil E .,.....,,. ........ Freshman Oilicers .,,,..., 92 I 60 57 36 49 3I Friesleben, Bernice M .,,,,...... 57 Frisbie, Marlha A .,,,,.,., Frilz, Ken nelh .,,..,....,.. Fry, Arlhur S ..,.,.,... 7, 57 .fi 57 49 G Gaboda, Waller G., ,, 62 Galinauslcy, Alphonse A .,.,,,, 94 Gamber, E. Paul ,,..,.,,....,,,,,,,. 36 Gamerlsielder, Carl C .,,,,,,., 57 Gannon, Franlc L .....,,..,.,,,,,,,, 62 Ganlzerl, Marie G .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 36 Garvin, Keig E .,..,,,...,......,..... 62 Gales, Merrill P ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 49 Gensriclr, Vernice A ..,,...,,,.s. 57 George, Mary S .....,,..,,....e... 49 George, Miriam J .,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,, 62 Gellinger, Charles E .,..,,,,,,,,, 57 Giese, Willard A .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 50 Givler, James H .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 7 Godfrey, Berlram J .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 62 Godfrey, Vincenl T .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 62 Goelz, Ada M ...,s,,..,s,,,,,, 57, 82 Golden Triangle ,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, I64 Goodwin, Elmela l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 57 Gowran, Claylon H .,s,sss,,ss,, 57 Graves, Reber ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 63 Greenwald, Ellsworlh J ...,s,,.. 50 Greenwald, Roberl R .....,,,... 63 Gregory, Harlow W .,,,,,,,,,,,, 57 Gregory, Howard H,,..,, 57 Grirlien, Gwen G .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 57 Groves, William H .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 63 Gruber, Florence M .,,,,,,,,,,,, 37 Guelde, Elhel E .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 63 H Haag, Earl J ...............,,....,.,. 57 Halienrichler, Uarda U .....,.,. 37 Haisf, Brenda E .AA,....,,,.. 24, I50 Hallwachs, Helen A ..,,,-,.s,,,, 57 Hallwachs, Roberl G ...,..,.... 63 Hanlce, Lilah M .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 57 Hanlce, Roberl H. ,,,,.,,....,,,.. 57 Hansen, Raymond J .,,,,,,,,.,.. 50 Harman, Marian .,...,....,,....,... 22 Harlman, Kalhryn M ............. 50 Harlwig, Marvin F .,,L,,,,,,,,,,, 63 Hasewinlcel, Carroll W .,....... 63 Hassell, Kalherine ........,,...,,. 63 Halch, Edwin H ...,,,,..,,,,...,,,,, 57 Hazenlield, Harold ,,.,..,c....., 37 Hearll, Burlon J ......... ....... 5 7 Hehn, Orlando V .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 50 Heinmiller, W. H ......,....., 2I, 27 Heinrich, Marie M .L.,.,,L,,.-,,, 63 Heiss, Margarel M ......,....,,,. 50 Herr, Gladys M ...,..... ...... 3 7 Hill, Ellsworlh J .L,,L,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 7 Hill, Thayer ....,,L...,,..............., 63 Hillbroolc, Roger W ..........,,. 63 Hillel, Jaclc ................,,,...,,,,.. 37 I-limmel, E. N .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 22, I33 Hix, A. Delos ,,.LL,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 5 7 Hochradel, Karl ,,,,,,,.,.,-,.,,,,,. 57 Holerl, Wilma M ...,.,..,..,, 37. 80 Hornbaclr, Ada E ..,...,....,..... 63 Hornbaclc, John A ..... 26, 38. 80 Hornschuch, Willard E ..,,,..,. 63 Houclc, E. D .,.,...,,,.....,..,,,,..... 24 Hubmer, Courrier G .,,,..,..,... 50 Huebner, Jewel S .,,,,-,,,,,,,.,.. 58 Hummel, Osborne W ..,,..,.... 63 E SPECTRUM F OR N The Tollowing pages we have lisTed, as a small sign oT apprecia- Tion, The names oT Those who have given mosT subsTanTial prooT oT Their Triendship To The SpecTrum. ln every case NorTh CenTraliTes will be Tollowing good policy by paTronizing-whenever possible-Those Tirms and individuals whose evidenT inTeresT and good will Toward The College will naTurally reTlecT iTselT in The price, gualiTy and service oTTered. O OLIVER BETDELMAN FurniTure-UnderTal4ing .... 235 S. WashingTon ST. PrivaTe Ambulance Service--PrivaTe Funeral Chapel o BlLL'S HAT SHOP hAen's Furnishings ..... fXurora, HL "EveryThing The College Man Needs" C B O E C K E R S Men's Wear .... I29 S. WashingTon ST. "The CollegiaTe CloThiers" o CARL BROEKER AND COMPANY General Merchandise .... I3 W. JeTTerson ST. "Naperville's BesT DeparTmenT STore"-EsTablished T905 o CITY MEAT MARKET NL Bhnucch Wop. ..... 27 VV.JeHemon St Our MoTTo: "Cleanliness" o T H E C L A RIO N R. N. Givler, Publisher . . . 208-2l2 S. WashingTon ST. CaTdogueand Job Pdnhng o COLLEGE BOOK STORE HeadguaHemTorShdenh .... ManiHaH "EveryThing The STudenT Pleedsu o COLLEGIATE BARBER SHOP "KeHyH Enckson-VJinwnyU Speranza . . . library BasenwenT HThe C:on1peTenT Barbersn o CROMER MOTOR CO. Ford-Sales and Service .... 25 W. Chicago Ave. ' "Service ThaT SaTisTies" o DAVID HENRY COMPANY E. A. Gildner, RepresenTaTive . . . 509 S. Franklin, Chicago NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE sponsors oT The i933 specTrum l 'QT PAGE I73 index of divisions and persons lffner, Claire E ..,,,,. Iler, Kalhleen C .,,,.,. Immel, Lewis S .,,,,,,.,,,,, lngle, Jean ,,,,,,,,,.,.....,, INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS I I7 J Jacobson, B. Lowell .,,,...,...... Janssen, Karl V .......,,,,..,.,...., Jeffers, Eugene F .,....,,.....,s.... Johnson, Marshall S... Johnson, William H... Jones, Kalherine A ..,,,,...,..... Juhnke, LeRoy W .,,,,.,.,,. Junior Class Officers s..,.....,.. K Kaney, Edward E ...,..... Kay, Allen ..,.... Z ...,,...,.,. Keiser, Paul E ,sss.......,,.,,s,,.,..-. Kempiners, Russell G Kendall, Margarel H ..,,,,..... Kesselring, Harold W .,......... Kerr, J. P ................,... Kelcham, Donald W., Kiess, Dorofhy L ........ Kiess, Florence M ...... Kime, Donald C ....... King, Millon W ..,,... King, Miriam H ........... Kingham, James R ....., Klrn, G. J .,..,,.,,.,.,,,.,... Klauss, Kennelh M ..... Klebe, Adela A .......... Kleihauer, Roberl S... Klump, Theodore ........ Knauer, Doris .......,...,.. Knepper, Boyd G ....... Koch, John F ......,,.....,. Koenig, Waller G ....... Korlisl, Mildred A .... Korlerneier, Leland B Krahcl, Lorene M ........ Kreamer, Jack C ...,...,,.,,,,...,, Kreilzer, Dorolhy H... Kuglin, Karl H .,......,,.. L Lachman, Dorolhy G... Laier, Marqarel K ,..... Lamoreaux, Roberl' C ........... Landis, Carl M ........... Landorf, William ....,... Lang, Marian L ...,... Lan'rz, James F ......... Lauber. Carol L ....,.. Lauber, Edwin C ........ Lawry, Clemenl S ....... Leedy, Haldon A ........ Leilner, Alene L ....... Lembke, Rurh H .....,,,,.,,.,, 39, Lemke, Harold C ......,....,. 39, Lenzner, Phyllis M .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lewis, John W ..,..,,,,,,,, Liebranz, Allen F .,.,.....,......,.. Lilfle. Harold E ..................... Lillie Workshop Plays .......... I68 Lozier, Naomi E ....,...,.,. ,..... P aydon, J. Findlay ................ 52 Lug-ben, Luella V ..,,..,... ,...., P eck, Roberl W ...,.... ..,,.... 6 4 Lueben, Lydia L. ,,,,,. Peck, Virginia E .......... ........ 6 4 Pellinq, Helen E ...,................. 52 M Perkins, Eleanor L... ....,...... .. 64 Phillips, Violel M ..,..... ........ 6 4 M,-gag, D0r0'l'l'1y ,I ,,,,,,,, Plnn9Yv C --ff---"' ----- I 9 Macleel pred sl ',,4-,,--A Prlsch, Elizabefh ....,.,............. 40 Maeclqllel Lowell E '--- Pollock, James S ................... 64 lvlaerclcerl Charles 6 Powelson, Kennelh D ............. 52 MAJOR EVEN-lg nwwlnln Priem, L. A ..,.............,..........., 22 Maker' Amon W lllnnnnu PUBLICATIONS ,....,, .....,.. I 46 Mannino, Anlhony G PYIBI Sellers --'----'A'--' -------- 9 2 Marks, Argenf R .,.,.... Marks, Harvey W ...... Marks, Silas E. .,,...,,,. . Marquardl, Richard T ........... Marquardl, Roberr F ........... Massier, Rudolph ,..... Malher, Eslher M ...... Maurer, Frances B ...... Mayer, Barbara R ...... Mayer, Helen A. ......... .v... . McCollum, Giles .................. McLaIIen, James G ............... Meacham, Jack K ................. Melius, Willa B ................. 52, Meier, Alice .......................... Men's Glee Club .................. l38 Mercer, Rulh L ........ Merrill, Emily F ......... Migely, Jane E ......... Migely, Rosemary ....... ...... Miller, Dallas D. ....... . Miller, Harvey W. ....... ..... . Miller, Norberl H. ............... . Miller, Roberl' ...................... Miskelly, Corinne .................. Molilor, Marguerile F ....,.... Moore, Howard .................... Morse, Eleanore G ............... Mullendore, Rulh M ............. Myers, Granl F ............ ...... N Neill, Frederick ,.....,.. Nelson, DeWill'e ......... ...... Newman, Don J ......... Nielsen, Rulh L ............ ....,. Nihlroos, Doris L .....,,... ...... Niensledl, Hildred ................ Nolle, W. Wilbur ............ 59, Nonnamaker, M. E ................, O Ochsenschlaqer, L. M ........... O'Connor. Russell G ........,.... Odom, Clarence K ............... Oesrerle, Burnell A ............... Oeslerle, Mariorie J ............. Oliver,fG. E .................... . Olsen, Chesler A ................... 64 ORGANIZATIONS ............ I3O Orlh, Irving W ......... P Parker, Winnifred ......... Paschke, Harrier B ........ Paul, Dallas H ..,....... O Ouanlock, Norman C ........... 52 Ouilling, Florence ........,,...... 22 R Raduege, HarveyW ............. 40 Rall, E. E ....................,.... Ramey, Rulh B ............... I8 52 Randazzo, Salvalore ...........,.. 4l Ranseen, Narcissa A ............. 52 Ransom, Ray .......................... 64 Rassweiler, Edmund J ........... 64 Ralhmell, J. Macklin ,.....,. 4I, 80 Rayner, Howard M ............... 64 Reichenbacker, Ralph J ..,.... 59 Remke, Thelma A ................. 64 Render, Rulh R .,............. 4l, I35 Reninger, June R ................. 59 Richardson, Bess Marie ........ 64 Richerl, Lloyd J ............. 4I, l5O 52 Rieder, Chris A ............ Ries, lla M .............. Riggs, Richard ........,.... Rifenour, Roberl' K ...... Rilfer, Mary E .......,.... Rilzinger, Neil H .....,,. Roehrdanz, Melvin ..... Rogers, Richard V ........ fffff 59 59 59 4I 59 4I 64 Roosa, George E ................... 59 Rosenwald, Caroline A ,....... . 53 Ruhlman, Charlene D.. Runberg, John C .......... Runge, Phyllis M .....,.... Runkel, LaVern E ......... Rusch, Norman J ....,... Rusch, Roger A. ..,... . Russell, Paul C ........ S Sall, George E ........ Sass, lrwin A .................. Sauer, Milton A .,.,....... Schafer, Lucille E .......... Schell, Wilma M ........... Schendel, Mae M ........ Schlemmer, Edilh L ...... Schmeiser, Alberl E ...... Schmidt Arlean M ...... Schmidl, Marlha ........... Schneller, Marian M .... Schroeder, Edilh ........... Schuberf, Anfon T ........ Schuck, Lewis ....,.......... Schullz, Harvey A .......... Schullz, Willard W ........ E SPECTRUM F 59 64 64 ....42, 80 53 59 64 59 64 ....53, 82 64 ..53, I34 59 .42, I23 64 53 59 42 53 53 53 .42, I47 59 OR DIETER 81 GETZ Julian M. Dieler-Edw. W. Gelz . . . IO W. Jefferson S+. Plumbing, I-Iearing, Eleclric Wiring ' sponsors A. E. DILLER, M. D. MerchanI's Nalional Bank Building . . Aurora, III. Q'F 'I'he Office Phone 20457 - I933 DU PAGE COUNTY MOTOR COMPANY Chevroler-New and Used .... 428 S. Washinglon specI'rum "A Six in The Price Range of a Four" EAST SIDE STORE E. G. I-Iarrronlr, Prop. ..... 4I 8 School Ave. "Every Thing for The Collegiale Sweel TooIh" ENCK 81 DRENDEL Coal, Grain and Feed . . . . 226 S. Welosler Ave. "I-lard and Soil Coal" FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NAPERVILLE Sludenl Accounls Welcomed . . . I36 S. Washinglron SI. "Service Io Naperville Since I89I" o FOUCEK'S PHARMACY Oualily Drugs of All Kinds . . . I27 S. Washinglon SI. Orders Delivered o I'I E R M A N G O LZ Fealuring-BRAEBURN UNIVERSITY CLOTHES . 42 Downers Place, Aurora, III. "The Kind Thal College Men Prefer" THE GREAT ATLANTIC 81 PACIFIC TEA COMPANY Fine Foods ...... 43 W. Jerierson "Where Economy Rules" o HAMMERSCHMIDT OIL COMPANY PUROL Gasoline .... Washinglon and Van Buren Erhyl Fuel Oils-Gasoline Pep o H E Y D O N ' S Bakery and Grocery ..... 23 W. Jefferson "AII Kinds of Baked Goods Fresh Daily" O KELLER-HEARTT LUMBER COMPANY All Types of Fuel and Building Marerial . . Clarendon I-Iills, III. "A Guaranree of Good Dependable Service" NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE PAGE I75 index of divisions and persons 'Elf . I-.vs TH Schum, Ernesi H .....,,. Schwander, lona A .,,. Schwerizler, Elhel ,,,..., Seager Associarion .,s.. Seargeani, Jack W ..,, Seebach, Viola E. ,... ,. Seiiz, Vicior W .,,,.,,,. Senior Officers.. ,,,. ,. Sheaiier, Roberl C .... Sheagren, John W ...... Shearer, Rulh A .,...,s... Shifiler, Elberi D .......,, Shirer, John V .,,,.,,,... Shoop, Evereli N .,.,,, Shriner, Walier ,,,,....,, Sicre, Anneile ..,,,,,,...,, Siewerr, Donald H .,s,,. Slabough, Wendell ...., Sleezer, Paul E .,,....,.... Slick, Virginia M .,,...... Smilh, Alice R .,,,,,....., Smilh, Gordon H .,,sscs Snavely, Lyle N .,.....,, Snyder, Hazel May ...., Solo, Ralph ,,,,,,.A,,.....,, Sollau, Melvin E .,,,.,,,, Sophomore Officers... Spahn, Henrieiia M.. Speranza, Vinceni J .,., Sperry, John R .,,,,,,c,, Spiegler, William W., Srallman, Clarence D .,,,,A..,,, Siauiiacher, Joy., ,,,, ,, Sieiien, Dale S ..,,,,.,,,, Siephan, Helen, ,..,,, .. Siewari, Eleanor M .,,, Slewarl, Roberl H ...... Siiles, Harlan A ,,,,,,,..,,,,.. 43, Sirack, Eleanor ,,,,,,.,....,,,,..,.,, Sfrasburg, Roberi D ..,,,.....,A, Slraub Mar arei . Q --eeee--ee --vee Slrawn, Eugene ,,,,,,,,,, Sirouss, Alene R .,..... STUDENT BODY, ,,....,s,ss,,,sss . Siudenl Council ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Siudeni Volunieers ,... Siump, Donald A .,,,,,,,,A,,,,,ss Siurgeon, Kenneih .,,,,,,,.. 44, Slulile, Roberi' W .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Swift Donna D .s,,,,, swihafi, consisncgiyffffffff T Tanner, Cleo, .,s..,,..,, ,..., 2 3, I22 Temple, Helen L.. Tenney, Romaine Tennis, Men ...,,,....,,,,, .. Tennis, Women ,,,,,,,,..,, Tesch, Gordon H.. ,,,, .. Thiel, Fred F .,,,,,,....,,.... Thiele, Clarence E., Thompson, Grace C... Thompson, Marvin E... Thompson, Thomas R... Toenniges, Frederick.. Tohms, Annabel R .,.,,,. Tohms, Emma L ....,s..... Tomascheisky, Rulh J. Tozer, Charles P ..,,,...,.. Trebilcock, Jeannelle .,,.....,. Track ...,,....,,,.,,......,..,.., Tucker, Crrin R .,,,,..,,,. U Ulich, Doroihy A .,,....c, Umbreil, F. W ........,.... Umbreil, Vera J .,,,,,,... Unbehaun, Arnold O. V Van Adesiine, Frances Van Valen, Wilma E... ,..,,,, .. 54 Vaubel, Emerson E ..... Varsify Club .,.......,...... Veh, Helen M ....,.......... Vergie, Kaihryn L .,,,,s, Veirer, Frona ,,,,s.,,,,,,,,, Volkenani, Adam E ...,, Von Wald, Kennelh H. Vrona, Frank J .,,.s,,,,,,c, W W. A. A .,,,,.,,,,,.,.,..,..,,. Wacker, Wayne ..,...,,,. Wagner, Gerald M ..,,. Wagner, Jesse R ...,,.... Wall, Cliliiord N ..,,,.... E SPECTRUM F Walion, Calvin L. , 2l Warne, John H ..,,,,. ,. , 54 Washburn, Paul A .,,, ...,,,, . . 65 Wafson, Gladys E .....,, ,. 5.60, 80 Walson, Helen.. ...., 23 Weberl, Frances L..,45. 8I, I46 Weiss, Jane E. .,.., , ,.., 65 Wellner. George J ..., ,. 65 Wendlandi, Elver H .,,,.,,,, ,. 60 Werner, Donald R .,,, ., , 65 Weyrick, A. E .,,,,,,.,,......,.... 24 Wheeler, Marian E... ......,., .. 54 Whildon, Wayne R... .,.,..,. ., 65 Whi+e, H. E ..........,...,... ,,.... 2 I Whiie, Harold E ...,.,, . ...... 60 Whiie, Mildred ,,......,............. 23 Whifiemore, Doroihy ..,...,..,.. 65 Wiley, Elizabefh ,..,..,.,..,........ 23 Willauer, Chesier H .,..,........ 60 Williams, Fred W ....,... ,,,,,, 6 O Wilson, Lolo E .,,,,......... ,...,. 6 5 Winans, Richard V ........ ....,. 6 0 Winkle, Donald M ..,,,.......... 65 Wolf, Glenn C .,,.,..,..........,,. 65 WOMENS ATHLETICS ...... l2l Women's Glee Club ............ 140 Wood, Nyda R .........,.........,. 65 Woodward, GuyJ ..,..... ...... 6 5 Worner. Roger O ........ ...... 6 0 Wrighi, Leo ........,...... .,..., 5 4 Wright Lloyd F ..........,. .,.... 5 4 Wrzosek, Cyril C ........,, ,,.... 6 5 Wunsch, Lloyd A .......... ..,... 6 5 Wurlz, Leonard H ......., ....,. 4 S Wykle, Arlon E .......... ..,... 4 5 Y Y. M. C. A ...........,,... ......,.. I 32 Yoh, Charles .,,,..,..,..,,,... ...... 4 5 Young, Roberf A ................... 65 Youngberg, Harold R ......,.... 54 Yuknis, Leonard .................... 65 Yunker, Helen M .......... ...... 5 4 Y. W. C. A ................ ......... I 34 Z Zarn, Erwin H ...................,...,. 65 Zebarlh, Herberl E .,............. Sl, I32 Ziemer, Alice Mae ..,,.......,..., 65 OR KROEHLER MANUFACTURING CGMPANY Eacfory Number One ..... Naperville, III. WorId's Largesf Maker of Furnifure LADIES AUXILIARY OF THE FIRST EVANGELICAL CHURCH Mrs. J. E. Manshardf, Presidenf . . Mrs. W. I-I. Rubrighf, Secrefary Mrs. G. L. Wicks, Treasurer Banguefs-Dinners-Luncheons o L Y O N ' S S T O R E Dry Goods and Variefy Sfore . . . Jefferson and Washingfon "Shop and Save I-Iere" o MAZZA'S CLEANERS AND TAILORS Alfering, Cleaning, Pressing . . . I8 S. Washingfon Sf. "Our Qualify Makes Friends, Our Service Keeps Them" o E. E. MEISTER, M. D. Aurora Nafional Bank Building . . . Aurora, Illinois Eye, Ear, Nose and Throaf o MAIN STREET FOOD STORE Free Delivery-4 Times Daily . . . Telephones 2I7 and ZI8 Full Line of Choicesf Fruifs, Meafs and Groceries o MARTIN, JOHNSON 8: CO. Phone Randolph 42OI . . . No. 7 Soufh Dearborn Sf., Chicago Cerfified Public Accounfanfs o E. S. MOSER, M. D., D. O. Phones-Residence 272, Office 6 . . . 4 S. Washingfon Sf. . General Pracfice and Physiofherapy o C . M U E N C H Shoe Repairing ..... IZI5 S. Washingfon Sf. Safisfacfory Workmanship Guaranfeed o NAPERVILLE CANDY KITCHEN Lighf Lunches ..... 29 W. Vifashingfon SI. Special Affenfion fo Parfies o OAK PARK TRUST 8: SAVINGS BANK Esfablished I892 . . . Lake and Marion Sfs., Oak Park "Progressive People Choose This Bank" O OSWALD'S PHARMACY The Rexall Sfore ..... 9 W. Jefferson Sf. The Finesf Selecfion of Toilef Arficles and Cosmefics NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE sponsors of I'he I933 specfrum V 44 - lg' YY." 1 PAGE I77 PAGE I78 THE OTTORPOHL DAIRY Phone 270 ...... I2O S. Ellsworlh SI. Pasleurized Milk and Cream, Tuberculin Tesled s onsors ' P THE PAULDON RESTAURANT Privale Dining Room lor Parries . . . 3 N. W h' I SI. OIF -I-he A Pour-Dollar-A-Week Club lor Sludenls as mg on O PELLING'S GROCERY We Deliver ..... 336 N. Ellsworlh S+. Specirrurn Pancy Meals, Groceries and Vegelalnles O PRICEIS SUPER SERVICE STATION Successor Io Grush Co. .... 309 N. Washinglon SI. Enclosed Greasing Racks-Car Washing-Accessories o PRINCE CASTLE "AI Ihe Bridge" ..... Soulh Washinglon SI. Jumbo Cones-Double Rich Ice Cream-Sundaes O RASSWEILER HARDWARE COMPANY Sporling Goods-Eleclrical Supplies . . . I6 W. Chicago Ave. "The I-Iome Trading PosI" o REUSS STATE BANK For Savings ..... I35 S. Washinglon SI. A Norlh Cenlral College Deposilory o RICHMOND CANDY CQOIVIPANY Dislriloulors ol Good Candies . . . I2O Downer Place, Aurora "Ask Tor BUNTE CANDIES-Ihey're always delicious" o RIFE CLEANERS Complele Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Service . . . 4 S. Washinglon S+. "Por Clolhes Properly Tailored and SIyled" O ARTHUR L. ROBERTS, D. D. S. Aurora Nalional Bank Building .... Aurora, Illinois Telephone: Aurora 7839 O ROYAL BLUE STORE Dry Goods and Groceries .... 20 W. Jefferson SI. Trade Home and Save I O JOHN A. SCHMIDT INVESTMENT COMPANY Pirsl Morrgage Inveslmenls . . III W. Washinglon S+., Chicago Inveslors' Service ALBERT. J. SCHORSCH 8: CO. Real Eslale .... 6059 Irving Park Blvd., Chicago 0 5 Home Builders THE SPECTRUM EGR C. L. SCHWARTZ LUMBER COMPANY Lumber-Millworlc-Building lvlalerial . . 426 N. Vxfashinglon Sl. Hlvlalerial Thal Salislies-Service Thal Graliliesu ' sponsors SENNE COGSWELL FUR CO. Manulacluring Furriers . . . 7 Wesl Madison Sl., Chicago of -The For Smarl and Fashionable Furs 0 I933 DR. E. GRANT SIMPSON Oflice and Residence .... 40 E. Jefferson Ave. speclrum Telephone 240 o THE SPANISH TEA ROOM Romanlic Spanish Almosphere . . . I26 W. Washinglon Sl. "One of Ihe Midweslfs Finer Dining Places" 0 A. G. SPALDING 8: BROS. Alhlelic Goods-Correcl Tor Any Sporl . . 2l I S. Slale Sl., Chicago "IT Your Equipmenl is SPALDINOS-you'll Tind il righl" c T A S TY B A K E R Y Fresh Balced Foods Daily .... I4 W. Jefferson Sl. Try us once, and you'll be a sleady cuslomer. o THE BRANCH Everylhing lor lhe A'rhlele's Needs al lhe Field I-louse "We carry only lhe loeslf' THE UNION CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Floyd A. Shisler-Phone 382M . . I-I. C..Rassweiler-Phone l63VV' "On lhe College Campus Over Thirly-five Years" ' o VICTOR OPTICAL COMPANY Dr. Johnson, Oplomelrisl .... 28 Fox Sl. Specialisls in Filling Glasses o WILSON'S RESTAURANT Special Sludenl Meal Ticlcels . . . 220 S. Washinglon Sl. Privale Dining Room lor Parlies o DR. THOMAS WHITE Denlisl .... l20 S. Washinglon Sl. Time by Appoinlmenl o Y E L L O W C A B Phone 4 ...... 236 S. Washinglon Sl. NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE ' 1'A ..l I PAGE 179 PAGE 1 80 TI-IIS - VOLUME Designed and Produced A Compie're by The P O N T i C Engraving and Eleeiroiype Co Chicago THE SPECTRUM FO COVER Designed and Execufed by Hwe H. O. BERGER COMPANY NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE PAGE 181 .m, - I- PAGE 1 82 THE PHOTGS Official Phoioqraphy by THE DAGUERRE STUDIO Chicago SPECTRUM FO P ART Opening Seciion Scenic Se-c+ion Division Pages by PONTIAC ' Subdivisions and Elisworih Greenwald Vernerd Fisher NINETEEN THIRTY-THREE Borders Designed by PAGE 183 ACKNQWLEDGMENT To The members oT The sTudenT body and TaculTy who have supporTed The SpecTrum: To The individual members oT The sTaTT who have conTribuTed generously oT Their Time and TalenT: To The business Tirms and Triends oT The SpecTrum who have aided so maTe- riallv Through a diTTiculT economic period: To Miss Brenda l-laisT, class oT '28, who has cheerTully provided inTormaTion and daTa essenTial To The successTul compilaTion oT The volume: To 0. S. BarreTT oT The PonTiac Engraving and ElecTroType Co. whose hours oT work and numberless suggesTions have proved invaluable in malcing This Tinished boolc a possibiliTy: To all These we wish To acknowledge our indebTedness and exTend sincere Thanks and appreciaTion. The EdiTor The Publisher il .n plc.. ' ls.A'-A A 'IVV v, 0 f ' , , 1 E 9.3 I 4 f I J . , Q 9 - , , . J ' .' - 'y " Jia.. sv .. '19 V ', .A ' .f L" ' ' L 'W-1-i' -r" "'- E 'H-' " -L1 "bf A1455 -'hu-V245 :"" O u 00. - .1-, , . Q,,7 V,v if i A' r 1,14 K ' .4 4 .1 . A-!.,t if if " 9 ' Q E' A QV, ,Q 6 .. "' --ar' ' L A .421 J 'D 'I , 'F ull ,Q fr - 'O Y-A u 4.1 ,, wr Q ln Q N' Q ..l 3. D O Q 1 V 'U we 4 ry' V a ' f un" . t .4 5, 'l A Q o f 4 'I ,J 5 x'-af' A '5- w A Ai ,. 4 v' 1 -uf 'v' ' n Yet O 1 . 11- ' v 'U z I I' .1 ' In O Q U s o -, 4 . - Q . 0 ' g I- ' .1 - . '- sq ck" . 3.4 1 xi ' " 5, I y-I D. .- . Q v I. lynn ,, f - I 1, m'4 E ' 1 rt, . O . . ,. 4 '??f'fv 5 .F

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