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f TO was, '5c 7' I5 E' 0F7"0V IRDINHL IVEUNHN rg 1400 my Hitt Roto F ,va ' pf North Catholic H zgh School Foouty - 3 Aotz'oz'tz'os - 13 Uhdorolossmon - 49 Sports - 69 Att F h T Th A - A Ch B Sonzors - 95 31,31 Society is changing more rapidly than ever before. Man is gaining a better understanding of himself and his place on earth. We must prepare the youth of today to meet the ever growing chal- lenges of tomorrow. It is up to the adults of today to assist their chil- dren in becoming tomorrow's parents. Teachers must show their students how to find things out for themselves. The students must learn to educate themselves. Students must learn to challenge the system and not to accept everything at face value. We must change with the mood of society or we will be left behind to stagnate and die. North Catholic is following this road of change. We must not block this road. We must follow it until we can no longer improve ourselves. " . . . to be perfect is to have changed often." 9 ya C97-MQQU f ygl 0 bfi' CYD CNW 0 '53 3, 49 S Ss? Q? QD S ma, Q 5 Q? 2 Gb 479 qs Q 9,9 QQ is C39 02905 322 N We 5 QQ? QQXQS eos 11,1 A dm in z'stratz'0n Bro. Raymond Fueschlin, Administrative Assistant Principal :X NX X .. Father Fred Mathues, Chaplain Bro. Paul Boeckerman, Principal Mr, James Zahren, Bro. Jerome McAvoy, Business Manager Academic Assistant Principal C0mmunz'ca1fz'0n Arts Bro. Wayne Klenotic, Chairman Bro. Tony Dardy Mr. Joseph Hmel Mr. Mr. James Flaherty Leonard ,lankowski Mr. Charles Struhar Mr. Louis Baysek Mr. William Bosch 7' is l x x, Mr. Albert Schon Social Science Mr. Paul Franz, Chairman Mr. Randall Thomas Mr. Ray Gilman Mr. Dave Lyons Mr. Richard Kujawa l Bro. Leonard Schoettker Mr. George Sprys ,Wynn 'N-. '-. - 1 Mathematz'c5 Mr. Richard Emst, Chairman Bro. Henry Gensler la , 4 fair' 2 f 5 l Mgxg? , 'E 2 WV 5 25 ? . Mr. Walter Lease Bro. Leonard Kuntz Bro. Thomas Salerno Bro. Paul Klems Bro. Bruce Meyer Science Bro. Richard Csarny, Chairman Bro. Lester Leach Bro. Thomas Kurilec i V I E 5 f f Rl ..-- - Xi 3- Mr. Ronald Hughes Bro. William Deanhoffer Relzlgzbn Father Fred Mathues, Miss Ruth Duerstein Bro. Thomas Giardino Guzdance 5 :.. s Mr. Lawrence Kessler Q ' U ,,s:Q Bro. Julius May ,, ..,...,..,. ,,,-g:-- I ,..:k. f -1-s.- X .rrwr ,,...,... f rrs r MI.. Sam Lema KiiELikr i :VL ...,. ,L ' K . .rkkr -3 th . .1 Mr James Zahren Language Bro. William Windisch Bro. Alex Gyori, Chairman f ,,. 5 , . Ko, Ng like Bro. Joseph Einloth Bro. Thomas Hollo Y' '71 Miss Corazon Cruz Father Thomas Thompson Business Mr. Frank Orga, Chairman Physical Education Bro- R0bertBl11me Mr. Joseph Bushofsky B001-gggfgfg Mr. Donald Graham v H. E 92,3 I- g-,Eff 1 Bro. Thomas Jesulaitis M usic ai . 222: :11.j' 1 4 1 ig is if I ,tl H 2 is 5511 r E rg 5 M ,, . Q EN A M X X 1? ' ww W V 5951 Sr X Mr. Pat Oliver 715 N, H A TL' Mr. George Franz M ainzfenance Mr. Robert Haberman i kVAJ ' Lzbmfy . f, Bro. Donald Smith Q W ',., .,,,, s K - 11 ' f' , uv Bro. Robert Johns Bro. Richard Dineen -MKQN. Secretaries -.. , V Mrs. Ethel White Mrs. Bernetta Prince ff -fs Student Council Change comes to North in many ways. Most of these come through Student Council. Through the Council's diverse programs, any problems facing the students are discussed, evaluated, and remedied. The Council attempts to arouse involvement in all projects concerning the student body. Therefore, the ultimate success or failure of all school endeavors al- ways reflects back to Student Council. In its search for more participation in student government and activities, both scholastic and extracurricular, and a rewarding relationship between students and faculty, Student Coun- cil and North Catholic High School progresses ever forward. Dz'vz'sz'0nal Councils This year, a new program of Divi- sional Councils was started. The pri- mary function of these Councils is to handle all matters which pertain to the individual divisions. While newly-formed this year, it is hoped that the idea of Divisional Councils will remain in the future years, and take an active and involved participation in the student govem- ment here at North. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Standing: John Thompson Treas.g Jerry D'Ambrosia, V. ,Pres.g Sitting: Addison Meyers Pres.g Roy Rieck, Sec. SENIOR OFFICERS: Ed Schied, Sec.g Frank Troiano, Vice Pres.g A. Hunkele, Pres. .lack Schrass, Treas. I4 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Treas., J. Quinng Sec., C. Lamperskig Vice Pres., J. Schiffhoureg Pres., D. Lipchack. UNIOR OFFICERS: Treas., B. Yellinekg Sec., L. rlillerg Pres., M. Pilarskig Vice Pres., Paul Taiclet. A ,-- ----1 A FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Treas., C. Zupsicg Pres., T. Jacksong Vice Pres., D. Unkovicg Sec., Kevin Dicregory. I5 C0-0m'z'natz'ng Committee Student Council Committees were first organized hy Student Council to help it dispense with all the varied functions of any school government. Their invaluable aid has heen recognized and acclaimed here at North Catholic. Collectively, the committees strive to help the average stu- dent hecome a well-rounded Trojan. Without these committees, it is certain that our Student Council could not effectively carry out its programs. As long as the committees keep up their active participation in school life, North Catholic High School will continue to fulfill its edu- cational, social, and extracurricular objectives. i Z The co-chairmen of the Student Co-Ordinatil Committee, Dan Madia and Herman Haider. I ntmmum! Committee ottom Row, Left to Right: S. Banai, D. Balkey, R. Mongillo, J. chrass, B. Jackline, D. Salak, M. Brungo, G. Bradley, Second Row: . Bixby, C. Zmuda, B. Bixby, D. Joos, M. Sulkowski, J. Bowman, P. aicletg Top Row: T. Lippello, E. Tegetboff, M. Miklos, D. Mclntyre, . Spaley, L. Miller, A. Novogradac, T. Robertson, B. Brimmeier. Co-chairmen of the intramural committee, Bob Bixby and Mark Miklos. Pub !z'cz'Qf "Penny calling Sky King." Bottom Row: R. Brinjac, F. Troiano, T. Bradley, M. Round, .l. Can- celliereg Top Row: P. O'Neill, R. Leight, B. Brimmeier, V. Balestrino. I7 S119 z'rz'1f --1 I w 4 A H x f' f f ! 'A , if 5 At basketball games the North Catholic Spirit Band is in charge of getting the student body The dress-alike co-chairmen of the Spirit Committee are Bill Yoest and Vince uP5YChCd UP-H Balestrino. I8 Constitution Committee Bottom Row, Left to Right: J. Bischoff, J. Sihiffhouer, D. Johnston, E. Sieger, E. Luffy, D. Krebs, J. Lutzg Middle Row: C. Anderson, R. Holzman, D. Boselovic, C. Hengler, P. Link, C. Frankeg Top Row: J. Bixby, D. Mc- Intyre, T. Szymanski, D. Erb, M. Round, L. Boselovic. Public Relations Standing: J. Bradburn: B. Schmalzl, B. Cloug- harty, A. Belotti, J. Pott- meyerg Sitting: M. Con ley, L. Boselovic, J Flynn, R. Carroll, C Rauluk. I9 Social Front Row, L to R: D. Irlbacherg R. Mueserg F. Irving S. Banaig G. Spoalesg R. Tillilieg G. Bradleyg D. Johnson: Back Row, L to R: T. Szymanskig G. Johnsong L. Beckg D. Boselovicg F. Wesnerg R. Kociang R. Erbg R. Kaneg B. Lavalle: C. Hilinski. In an attempt to lower the price of the prom tickets, the social committee organized a teen concert, featuring the Jaggerz. 20 Band hm.. Mr. Haberman uonducts the band during its Christmas Concert he re at North in Lesniak Hall. The TROJAN BAND is an integral part of almost all phases of sports and entertainment here at North. They pro- vide music for football games, rallies, and entertainment in the form of an- nual Christmas and Spring Concerts. This year the band, under the capable direction of Mr. Robert Haberman and Mr. Patsy Oliver with Bro. Kuntz as official moderator, has had another successful season. 5 At 8:50 in the morning the drummers just can't seem to get enough steam tc play. -ul-.Qu "Did you say that Mr. Haberman looks like a Jewish Rabbi?" 22 tgp 5 Q in E ,, S ax. -- " " 'm N K - giyx fnaqwl. X ,Q 4 Q is :P ww-."' 4'+ 'Q -- ""'4s"' 3 23245 4 fits. In I' nz 3 'f WW F uzfure Lawyers Ist Row, L. to R.: R. Tillilie, J. Cicconi, C. Hengler, A. Meyers, W. Kablack, R. Valeriano, K, Camerong Top Row: M. Round J. Roach, K. Obrycki, P. Trzil, T. Sukitsch, B, Lavelle, C. Hilinski. J. Dc-Runk. FTA. Ist Row, L. to R.: R. Brinjak, K. Zebo, K. Payer, R. Hajduk, D. Johnston, J. Mahoney, B. Rittle, D. Dworskyg 2nd Row: N. Vukmanic, A. Bleil, B. Henzler, P. Link, D. Irlhacher, P. Schmitt, R. Kociang Top Row: R. Erb, M. Zang, B. Saftner, W. Stout. 25 H all Guards Chess Club Sitting: J. Gnipp, T. Saunders D. Rush, R. Mongillog Stand: ing: P. Sextan, B. Weissert, J Lawley, R. Roos, J. Scherling 62, X W .0 OBO I Q QW' IW". ox Moth Honor , X9 U A +o ,,f1fWf,. EM W HMM' W. Q. M1 f,l"f,.. WV 1' ff'fW4'f1 of D TM'- exx Qi X f Qi . leskog .' aug D. ennin erg . ei g W. Loe eing . Kbzlows i. Science Honor S ted. T. Zahreng C. Lamperskig C. Lamperskig J. Rudising B. Schmalzlg Standing: D. Brandlg T. Wuelletteg Bro. Kurle D S keg T. Bougher. imco Seated: L. GOIW1Ckj D. Brandlg J. Rudxsmg D. Snmcokeg R. Tllheg St rl g R P B R H g H Z lk hl P k National H onor Isl Row, L. to R.: A. Hunkele, R. Skronicka, D. Donatelli, D. Henninger, C. Hilinski, D. Brandl, J. Kuhn, H. Dorsey, R. Carroll, M. Conleyg 2nd Row: J. Ruszkowski, B. Jackllnc, R. Rau, A. Belotti, C. Walletz, R. Bixby, M. Muenz, R. Kane H. Haider, J. Bixbyg Top Row: J. Schroeffel, E. Scheid, R. Erb, P. Terjak, R. D'Amato, B. Stout, B. Saftner, J. Munsch, R. Paul, R. Plcsko, M. Zang, J. Thompson. r H istoyf H onor Ist Row: J. Bixby, R. Kelly Wuellette, R. Baier, R. Haj dukg 2nd Row: B. Jenny, B Joyce, D. Boselovic, R. Bixby D. Irlbacher, P. Trzil, N. Un verfcrth, B. Saftner, B. Stout N. Vukmanic, K. Obrycki, L Boscloviv. 28 J. Romano, R. Rittle, T R. Kane, B. Erbg Top Row. 1 Stage Crew First Row: G. Johnstong J. Niklausg T. Bauerg D. Dworskyg J. MCC-inleyg T. Burnettg K. Allshouseg C. Chraskag Middle Row: Bro. Meyerg D. Shusterg D. Kiring R. Mueserg J. Lawleyg J. Barichg F. Bradleyg W. Allshouseg R. Klineg Top Row: D. Madiag J. Kleiug R. Kleing P. Haasg G. Johnstong N. Clearlyg T. Johnstong R. Hertweck. 4- 4.'..."'f' NTXNI u iris Cf' Terry Johnston makes some last minute repairs on the set. I sl f,,, The Long One instructs Buff in the fine art of making grey. ". . . And on the seventh day, the Boy Wonder rested." Ari Club lst Row, L. to R.: J. Dutkovic, P. Strasser, R. Ponter, B. Cessler, M. Ling, M. DiMaio, B. Lang, J. Henzler, P. Gaertnerg Top Row, L. to R.: A. Belotti, M. Snyder, D. Roos, R. Roos, D. Mellish, J. Rowley, D. Belotti, M. McCabe. Photography lst Row, L. to R.: J. Cooper, C Deutsch, D. Brehm, R. Rosato, D Kirin, R. Juhascikg Top Row, L, to R, R. D'Amato, R. Pukanic, J. Pott: ITICYCF, J- SChCfliHg, B. Valeriano, T Kissel. 3I Libmpf Slajj' pf' Left to Right: D. Pavlis, D. Goodwin, R. Skornika, J. Fortes, J. Cavonough, J. Engelsiepen, Bro. Dineen, J. Szkola, G. Lotz M ission Club Left to Right: D. Henninger, A. Belotti, A. Bleil, M, Pilarski, G. Schmidt. 32 Sophomores Soda! 10 Juniors Seniors Trojan News Bottom Row, Left to Right: J. Cooper, F. Miklos, D. Boselovic, G Rauluk, M. Round, H. Zelik, J. Schrass, RT Hertweck K. Payer G. .Iohnstong Top Row: T. Szymanski, W. Kablack, T. Sukitech, P. O'NeilI, J. Cosentino, D. Cabos, H. Mahleri D Caertner, J. Beierle, M. Pilarski, J. Reilly. F ilm Sociezy 34 Drama Club 1969 - Year of Theatrical Excellence Of all the fields in which North Catholic students excelled during the year of "69" one of the most singular areas of effort was the stage. Under the direction of Mr. James A. Flaherty, fin his final year at Northj the Halls of Troy again hosted the distinctive type of theatre which has made it the envy of its sister schools. For the first time North Catholic entered P.H.S.S.L. Drama Competition and emerged as state champions while at the same time copping best actor fSonny Meyersj and best actress lCarol Cigliotti, a North Hills seniorj for their interpretation of Anton Chekhov's "The Mar- riage Proposal." To follow this success, North Catholic under- took a formidable task, Jean Anouih's "Becket." Six weeks in rehearsal and with a cast of 64- this was indeed the most spectacular major production in North's history. Theatrically, "Becket" was fin the words of Mr. Flahertyj "a nice way to finish." "So what if you're stuck-up I still love you "If I blow in your ear, will you follow me anywhere?" "Now all we need is a stamp and we'll be rid of three of themg Brother Paul, Brother Ray, and Brother Blume First Row, L. lo R.: K. Allshouse, E. Bannias, M. Guido, D. Goodwin, M. Ker- nan, D. Miller, P. Geyer, W. Allshouseg Middle Row: P. Micola, T. Lang, R. Baier, T. Bauer, M. Baier, R. Monti, T. WuelletteQ R. Baer, T. Reinhartg Top Row: D. Ruz- kowski, J. Rudisin, L. Beidel, M. Kane, B. Schmalzln R. Love, C. Walletz, D. Brandl, T. Danowski, B. Saftner. Science Club Rocket Club Fzrst Row, L. to R.: K. Allshouse, M. Guido, D. Goodwin, T. Bray, H. Scheeser, D. Bray, J. Dedig, C. Lamperskig Mzddle Row: C. Lamperski, P. Geyer, J. Szkola, T. Bauer, T. Wuellette, R. Baier, D. Henninger, B. Schmalzl, M. Thomasg Top Row: K. Terjak, M. Thornton, C. Walletz, J. Rudisin, W. Allshouse, J. Lawley, J. Kralosky, D. Brandl, D Huuer. 38 K , 1 v .N x 1' X, X xxx '.w ref X Alia dig' 1, Tennis Club First Row, L. to R.: J. Brungo, H. Bischoff, T. Zahren, D. Bray, G. Gaertner, J. Kralik, J. Obringer, P. Geyer, P. Belvill, P. McCloskeyg Middle Row: R. Stachel, J. Burns, T. Bauer, R. Brinjak, V. Balestrino, J. DiPasquale, J. DeRunk. S. Bennardo, G. Bentz, J. Balestreire, F. Paulg Top Row:S. Banai, D. Bandick, B. Connolly, J. Quinn, J. Foley, R. Rosato, B. Brimmeier, T. Bradley, C. Schmidt, A. Gavin, T. Tustosky,R.Pukanic. Raclio Club Sitting: D. Hohmann, N Lawrence, R. Evanuik, J. Mc Ginley, M. McCuigang Stand- ing: J. Dvorsky, K. Manion, D. Ramsey, P. Schmitt, D Crame. J Speech and Debate Ist Row, L, to R.: J. Munsch, B. Schmalf, B. Miller, A. Meyers, M. Fodi, P. McCloskey, B. Fichter, E. Flaherty, P. McMahon, Top Row: J. Thompson, D. Madia, D. Ranker, L. Boselovic, J. Penn, D. Boselovic, T. Bougher, G. Rauleik, J. Bradburn, P. O'Neill. World Ajjfairs lst Row, L. to R.: B. Lavelle, B. Rittle, C. Schmidt, J. Cicconi, T. Wuellette, D. Persic, J. Bums, J. Grosjean, H. Bischoff, C. Hilinskig 2nd Row: D. Ranker, B. Bixby, W. Kablack, B. Joyce, B. Schmalzl, D. Irlbacher, B. Ryan, J. Willard, D. O'Neill, L. Boselovic, B. Jacklineg Top Row: P. OlNeill, F. Miklos, K. Obrycki, 'l'. Sukitsch, R. Love, P. Trzil, B. Stout, J. Bixby, J. Penn, N. Vukmanic, B. Erb, S. Bullick. 40 T 9 To 63,6 J 72 OW Smit u?n, ee!!! B' .1 f' gloh XX 1 L... Cast and Crew Sports Section: "'-Vinny, Joe Bradlyg John Cancelliere Editorial Staff: Art Work Thom Harding Art Belotti Joe Crabowski Activities Section: , ,kg L. to R.: Joe Virostekg Bill Jagnow: Ray Kress. Senior Section: L. to R.: John Kaczynskig Dennis Wiertzbowskig Bob Rosato. L. to R.: Rex Gleeson: Herman Haiderg Rich Baier. Underclassmen L. to R.: Wayne Quinn: Bill Definer: John Schauerg Tim Mahaney. Editors: Editor-in-chief . . . . . H. Haider Sports editor . .. .... J. Bradley Activities ...... ..... W . Jagnow Underclassmen . . . ....... J. Schauer Seniors ...... .... D . Wiertzbowski Faculty . . . ...... C. Johnson Section' Homecoming The court of North's First Annual Homecoming. RT., The Opus Five provides the musical entertainment v I Senior Prom L I P r The Hits of The Prom! 44 x 'AI sure hope it isn't fattening." 45 unior Clmktmas P41702 n 2. ,. You bet your boo . . . hippy? Sure, stomping grapes is fun, but who wants purple ankles! Ez! . fl!! INN? ,Q HEX U X: ff XA gf 1 W A155 I F2 A P55 ,,,,,,......-- My-,,J lj'U'LI K 1 I , vi 3751" N in 5 AX 'Lug mf-an-fu-I "'-i 5 3 .if t A X xx ll! 5 Q' ,I I 54 Lrg, .f .7 4 g .. ,M Freshman Dance Nortlfs own Sceptors play for the Freshman Dance 1 f'.a"ZE.ZkQ "What do you mean do I know what a hobbit is?" X "And now coming to you from beautiful downtown Burbank " , Poised for action-ready to deliver the N.C. Inquirer. "Your mission, Mr. Phelps, should you decide to "No, No! Brother Ray's sideburns aren't bushy!" accept it l so me Revs Cijmqzf 0 ' G' . C G woyt Co 5 550615 raw tl W M G 550 "Pr-,Q Gb Ji!! Q 'Q 0 'WTS Gb C 'C 6695 62 E GD M Q 33 si? Q Q 3 Q9 Q9 5 U8 5 qs QD 234 W C? W 6020065100 SCR? 0695959 C-D935 47 52904139 QSQCQ N ij ff? QE C5 To G? 1 -1 - 1 Moderator: Miss Duerstein Ist Row: D. Braun, R. Bischak, J. Brosky, W. Broz, R. Beck, A. Biel, R. Anesin, T. Beck, F. Baumgartner, M. Blum, M. Brungog 2nd Row: J. Beicrle, D. Biegenwald, L. Chitti, R. Beck, J. Bowman, F. Benvin-, D. Balkey, V. Berryman, A. Ackerman, F. Bauer, 3rd Row: R. Blaser, J. Bradburn, J. Chalovich, J. Cocco, J. Boyd, L. Boselovic, J. Cibulas, D. Boselovic, T. Borza, K. Cameron, T. Bougher, J. Cleary. 1 .2 Moderator: Mr. Flaherty if A fi xi s '- , .ii I K 5 'T lst Row: D. Dittman, C. Collinger, E. Esposito, A. Drgon, D. Cabos, T. Collob, W. Fichter, E. Farley, F. Donnelly, J. Cooper, 2nd Row: R. Glassbrenner, J. Freyvogel, D. Dougherty, D. Gaertner, J. Gnipp, R. Fera, D. Duffola, J. DeBasi, M. Cvitkoviz, J. Dzadovsky, F. Ferrag 3rd Row: E. Dice, D. Cabos, A. DiPasquale, G. Geisler, R. Goeller, D. Ewing, W. Deffner, J. Ferris, D. Calvin, C. Dice, Absent: E. Devine, T. Eberz. 52 1 1-3 Moderator: Mr. Kujawa Ist Row: T. Hennessy, T. Hogan, J. Kennedy, J. Herb, A. Kernicky, F. Intrieri, G. Herjo, R. Jankowski, G. Johnston, M Crindel, D. Johnston, 2nd Row: W. Kablack, W. Joyce, J. Jezak, R. Harding, R. Janczak, S. Hulcha, M. Heid, R. Guerriero D. Kane, L. Gorwick, C. Hengler, B. Henslerg 3rd Row: W. Haminel, L. Hamilton, M. Haas, J. Hillman, R. Hertwick, J Jakubowsky, W. Jenny, J. Jad, N. Jockel, R. Kelly, Absent: L. Hewlett. A 1 1-41 Moderator: Bro. Klems Ist Row: R. Kline, V. Manni, R. Lintz, J. Lasky, H. Mahler, R. Mangine, M. Lamb, B. Lunardi, A. Libbon, D. Madfishg 2nd Row: W. Lochlein, J. Osterriede, F. Koch, P. Kozlowski, R. Larkin. T. King, F. Madia, W. Krebs, K. Maloney, P. Link, J. Marsicog 3rd Row: J. Kuhn, D. Long, C. Linhart, J. Klein, J. Leto, C. Lubiw, D. Kotlinski, S. Mann, Absent: R. Kim, J. Lenzner. K. Mangold, R. Kress, E. Marchewka. 53 1 -l-5 Moderator: Bro. Schoettker Ist Row: I. Pusquarello, R. Nanz, D. O'Neill, G. Mayer, R. Marsivo. J. Radziminski, J. McGinley, H. Michaels, J. Novelly D. Meanorg 2nd Row: J. Pctronic, C. Massie, D. Randal, R. Purvis, R. Puskar, D. Petrick, R. Ondek, W. Quinn, W. Mc Donald: 3rd Row: D. Picrkurski, J. Rulirki, K. McCarthy, D. Mvlntyrv, J. Penn, M. Miklos, P. O'Neill, M. Pilarski, J Nlusslon. R. Noruhi. M. Murphyq Absvnt: L. Ortmann, R. Rlfferty. Q FQ Si 11-6 Moderator: Mr. Hughes ls! Row: T. Saunders, J. Schmitt, P. Rathke, T. Rebele, J. Skinger, C. Roos, C. Qchmltt L Rudzlu R Seng M Rendullc E. Roonoyg 2nd Row: P. Sexton, W. Sinagra, L. Schuster, G. Rauluk, T. Smith, R Schmltt J Sleger R Rush J Romano D. Simcoke, R. Salinetrog 3rd Row: A. Sitterle, C. Robson, J. Schauer. M. Round J R ch C Sag D Srhuster J Reilly, C. Salerno, D. Ratz, R. Simbure, D. Scheidg Absent: R. Rattay. 11-7 Moderator: Bro. Csarny f1'5 lst Row: M. Tourville, M. Sulkowski. D. Tryc, P. Taiclet, J. Truxell, J. Zeis, R Stachel P Stelnmlller J Zeleny T Wokutch, R. Tillilieg 2nd Row: T. Sukitsch, W. Spaley, E. Stiers, D. Whalen, M Wllson Nl Vogel R Valerlano R Wexssert A. Warmus, J. Tongel, B. Stieglerg 3rd Row: J. Ulrich, E, Tegethoff, J. Staubmr H Zelxk J Whlte J Tluo P Specht J Volpe, J. Virostok, J. Sucha. nl put in a dime and got a five point blueief' What H Shot! 1 1 '8 Mod.: Bro. Kuntz 1 1-9 Mod.: Bro. Salerno 0 O A 5 fl Fl F5 FN 5 Ist Row: D. Cessar, G. Wirth, R. Borus, P. Cerst, J. Cicconi, M. Connelly, D. Huckestein, R. Deutch, M. Strahler, E Katich, L. Chraskag 2nd Row: J. Murphy, L. Donovan, J, Scherling, B. Creygor, M. Cangloff, P. Domerleau, M. Moyer D. Rush, K. Michels, D. Ramsey, M. McCarry, J. Miller, D. Hohmanng 3rd Row: T. Mahaney, J. Dornetto, G. Blendinger A. Meyers, R. Pukanic, D. Macel, D. DiZinno, R. Yellenik, J. Gardner, D. Madia, R. Sina ra, L. Mill ' Ab : C A g er, sent . mbrass, T. Gally, R. Beck. 3 1 W 5995958 YF Q ag 5 Q C5 2 S1-,553 Q9 E Q 5: if fi? 2. 96 CSP 5563 Gm Q69 C57 Q Y? A? QS Q7 QgfvQQK9k Q :ii-QQQLQJQQ3 New 29 was Q if WQQBQ C9 gig, t 10-1 Moderator: Mr. Thomas F5 CJ 0 M. lst Row: R. Bagwell, M. Baier, J. Burish, R. Blumer, P. Belvill, L. Barto, G. Canino, B. Biaaco, R. Aluse, G. Bradly, J. Dedigg 2nd Row: L. Dax, K. Conley, D. Bannon, D. Brunlick, N. Broskey, J. Best, P. Connolly, B. Connolly, J. Burno, W. Allhouse, L. Budel, D. Crossettg 3rd Row: B. Colbert, D. Cichon, T. Bisel, M. Callahan, R. Baer, A. Banai, W. Cole, F. Bunce, S. Bullick, M. Borzag Absent: W. Anderson, P. Byrne, R. Connolly. -l 0-2 Moderator: Mr. Jankowski 6,6 lst Row: B. Gessler, K. Fisher, A. Galore, R. Goetz, R. Evanuik, W. Goslawski, J. Funk, M. Docherty, I D. Goodwin, P. Gaertner, A. Gerzewskig 2nd Row: R. Derbis, R. Feith, F. Favorite, D. Flint, D. Deutsch, J. Frankowich, D. Dotchln, J. Good, R. Geragi, J. Finckeg 3rd Row: S. Fiorino, L. Dreger, J. Gocller, B. -Dougherty, D. Devlin, R. German, W. Fomso, T. Devlin, T. Dietz, J. Galvin, J. Frishg Absent: J. D.1lkovic,A.G0rzewsk1. 58 l 1 0'3 Moderator: Bro. Meyer Ist Row: K. King, L, Juranowitch, R. Heshler, B. Cubish, D. Kuib, D. Harnyak, E. Kissel, J. Grosjean, R. Jacobs, J. Klino, G. Jacobg 2nd Row: M. Jeletic, R. Hodanich, J. Groetsch, D. Cramc, M. Kane, P. Haas, R, Kaminski, D. Holzman, M. Henzler, C. Haugh, B. Jacobs, P. Hennigang 3rd Row: R. Klen, J. Kostelnik, R. Hudson, D. Hutter, K. Harrington, D. Horn, C. Hayes, J. Konieczhy, K. Knoth, B. Koeberlien, D. Kapetunovicg Absent: J. Jones. i Ohm, 1 0-4 Moderator: Mr. Franz lst Row: M. Mazur, F. McDevitt, A. McCaha, T. Lang, C. Lutz. C. Lamperski, C. Lamperski, S. Merkle, J. Kralik, R. Machesney, C. Maciejewskig 2nd Row: R. Ladesic, F. Louis, T. Kozminski. C. Lisjak. Nl. Mesick, R. Lepore, B. Lcnnartz, A. Link, R. Marinzel, R. Martinuc, S. Kroll, R. Linhartg 3rd Row: Nl. Milurn-, K. McCarthy, R. Love, T. McKenney, L. Lutz R. Le-Febrine, W. McCl0th1in, J, Kralosky, R. Librich, G. Martin, E. Ley, B. Lupiskyg Absent: D. Lipchak. 59 1 0-5 Moderator: Mr. Struhar R Ei f ' E lst Row: R. Pontcr, L. Novak, E. Reif, D. Obermeier, K. Payne, J. Pecync, A. Omeis, P. Micola, L. Pilarski, R. Orr, L. Miller, J. Palkag 2nd Row: R. Mueser, B. Miller, J. Quinn, R. Mante, J. 0'Reilly, B. Mueller, M. Murphy, J. Patterson, D. Mueller, N. Monper, C. Mihifruedg 3rd Row: M. New, A. Novogrudac, D. Ranker, F. Micklos, E. Pagan, R. Nist, G. Osborn. F. Perkowski, J. Reilly, J, Pottmcyer, R. Mock, Absent: J. Ostronic, P. Petrack, P. Reinert. l l "Sonny delivers another rousing speech to his fellow students." 60 .10-6 Moderator: Bro. Gyori lst Row: T. Sowa, G. Smay, R. Rowic, D. Puszkowski, T. Riddlebaugh, J. Schiffhauser, E. Sieger, E. Smith, D. Schwartz, M. Sheridan, T. Schadg 2nd Row: P. Skirtich, B. Ryan, T. Smyers, J. Razum, R. Shoup, M. Schneider, T. Sommers, M. Schacht, K. Schreiber, J. Rudisin, B. Schmalzl, A. Schuberg 3rd Row: S. Ccorpion, D. Siegle, E. Satalia, C. Roposh, T. Schmitt, J. Scanlon, T. Reinhart, R. Sprys, M. Srsic, R. Roos: Absent: D. Roeper. 1 0- 7 Moderator: Bro. Kurilec ,WL lst Row: T. Stampahar, J. Szkola, P. Victoria, D. Vey, P. Stutz, J. Welsh, F. Zangaro, H. Williams, J. Zelinka, T. Zahren, D. Washington, T. Tremelg 2nd Row: R. Suwalski, P. Strasser, A. Stidle, C. Sullivan, J. Willard, E. Troiano, J. VanAckeren, J. Verardi, K. Webber, P. Zotter, D. Stepnickg 3rd Row: T. Urso, J. Ziglinski. J. Yagusic, J. Wagner, W. Vrbanic, R. Yoest, W. Wehrheim, R. Winter, P. Stehr, S. Swierczynski, T. Tibi, T. Zurching Absent: B. Toumey. 6I 'M-'lung 1 0,8 Moderator: Bro. Kuntz Moderator: Bro. Salerno lst Row: D. Schubert, N. Shaginaw, L. Candioto, D. Wagner, S. Lerch, D. Bray, M. Cicone, C. Chraska, H. Bischoff, H. Midgley, R. Muslienheimg 2nd Row: F. Wesner, R. Pecella, T. Strahler, D. Raab, D. Belotti, R. Bordick, K. Jenkins, D. Johnston, P. Geyer, R. Froehlich, J. Schaefer, 3rd Row: T. Orolin, J. Dvorsky, A. Kull, D. Gruber, F. Erdeljac, P. Kelly, T. Rudolph, L. Kachmar, M. Miller, R. Starr, D. Brehrng Absent: L. Lang, J. Obringer, J. Crenner, R. Caertner. l We ogg as Y N MQW CQIPGSYUYQ F635 0665 265' Q53 5 5 3 S 529 Q 0 S? Q 2 2 6 Q? QS? 52 C29 2 11229 as gk QQ mfg? eaegg, F69 B 'EBSQ gg G99 if UQ C1090 QQ9, 9'1 Moderator: Miss Cruz .af-f4,.,k lst Row: T. Burnet, G. Acri, M. Camino, J. Bergman, K. Bauerle, J. Balestrino, E. Bannias, J. Balkovitz, J. Brungo, M. Braun- lichg 2nd Row: A. Borgo, G. Beattie, R. Brunner, T. Boyhnd, W. Bray, T. Bray, R. Barsh, J. Broadbent, M. Barbati, W. Bethune, K. Borgeseg 3rd Row: M. Burton, G. Bosiljevac, C. Calfo, J. Beierle, J. Accordino, J. Brungo, C. Buterhaugh, D. Ammer, R. Blakely, W. Bach, C. Becker, Absent: J. Bachor, J. Battaglia, P. Beran, M. Bope, R. Brady, T. Brennan. 9-2 Moderator: Bro. Hollo hi- ff 1" lfgpfx A fs fl Ist Row: T. Carroll, R. Colbert, K. DiGegory, J. Cavanaugh, J. Fortes, D. Cannon, P. Dempsey, R. Faulkner, B. Dumrauf, J. Gahagan, J. Favoriteg 2nd Row: L. Certo, R. Franz, A. Fazio, D. Fortier, P. Domitrovic, G. Caertner, D. Gaertner, D. Conners, J. Engelsiepen, M. Collins, B. Clougherty, W. Fertigg 3rd Row: M. Flynn, D. Covaleski, J. Connolly, N. Dailey, T. Dreveniak, M. Fodi, D. Chamberlain, T. Devlin, D. Chieffe, P. Friday, C. Deutsch, L. Doerflerg Absent: R. DeMarco, R. Dittman, E. Flaherty. 9-3 Moderator: Bro. Darcly Ist Row: M. Intrieri, M. Kernan, K. Kasunick, M. Hortweck, J. Calvin, K. Knauss, M. Jacobs, G. Kirner, M. Guido, T Heyl, D. Harrisong 2nd Row: M. Holman, M. Hartz, T. Hunt, lf. Kasun, V. Hillman, T. Halligan, M. Good, B. Klaeber T. Heicl, R. Cawin, T. Kano, R. Kloskyg 3rd Row: T. Jackson, S, Hunter, J. Hazard, J. Koehler, M, Cerardi, W. Justus, J Hite, D. Klimko, P. Kelly, T. Jones, R. .lc-sulaitis, W. Javkg .flbsf-nt: J. Cf-bliardt, N. Henkel. A C5 I JN f fig 9-4+ Jloderfztor: Mr. Schon lst Row: K. Kunsak, J. McGuire, J. Krebs, M. Kress, J. Lanier, B. Krammel, J. Manning, J. Kukets, M. McGuigan, M. Lopinlo, P. McMahon, D. Langmang 2nd Row: P. Kraus, C. Krelxs. C. Lober, T. McCollum, D. Link, C. Lotz, G. Lutz, J. Marty, J. Mahoney, D. Malone, W, Mofllurray, S. Loelllcin, T. La-nnong 3rd Row: C. Malesky, T. Kostosky, M. Malone, L. Lewis, D. LaBella, K. Manion, J. Kunzlcr, G. Lang, D. Lehren, P. McCloskey. P. Lequatra, B. Maloney. 65 9.5 Moderator: Mr. Sprys C'50f'?o Ist Row: T. Pohl, D. Piet, G. Millick, R. Proksell, J. Mrozowski. D. Miller, K. Mullen, J. Olszewski, A. Pace, W. Pracel D. Ondek, R. Muchowg 2nd Row: R. Messmer, D. Paulis, C. Murslack, R. Mueller, J. Munsch, J. Perello, K. Peindl, D Pifer, M. Miller, J. O'T0ole, W. Onyshko, W. Perlik, J. Pekoskyg 3rd Row: D. Ostoich, D. Pilarski, D. O'Brien, R. Mauser, M. Osborn, J. Mashuda, A. Mustovich, D. Paulson, E. Mozzclli, R. Picper, A. Muenz, P. O'C0nncllg Absent: T. O'Brien. 66 9'6 Moderator: Mr. Bosch QW, Ist Row: R. Ravenstahl, J. Roetter, T. Raehns, L. Romano, H. Scheeser, C. Sawicki, L. Schlereth, M. Pudelski, R. Scullion, M. Reilly. J. Roczko, J. Snyder, 2nd Row: R. Rebholz, E. Schramm, J. Rowley, R. Scherer, R. Shields, F. Raitano, P. Rapin, M. Scheibel, A. Schatzel, W. Schindler, D. Ross, F. Pusaterig 3rf! li'on': C. Rrmilul, K. Sinkovic, C. Schack, D. Schmidt, C. Scheidlmeier, F. Retkowski, R. Rutkowski, D. Schauer, J. Rosswag. R. Sefsick, M. Slemendag Absent: F. Rauktis, D. Smigiel. 9, 7 Moderator: Mr. Kessler lst Row: R. Stehle, J. Wolf, D. Szymczak, J. Vaccaro, P. Seelmun, D. Szelong, A. Vinski, J. Vukson, R. Steedle, A. Turko- vich, J. Stadnik, F. Waldschmidtg 2nd Row: A. Victor, J. Suriano, M. Stieglar, M. Thornton, K. Terjak, J. Zeis, G. Yeskey, Marc Taiclef, C. Stephan, M. Thomas, W. Tulenko, C. Wagncr. J. Vinski: 3rd Row: R. Swarmer, M. Zydel, R. Valosio, D. Thomas, J. Yoest, T. Welsh, D. Todorowski, C. Zuptsic, K. Zeleny, K. Wagner, B. Spoles, D. Unkovicg Absent: F. Urso. 67 H1-Q Af. In 9,8 Moderalor: Bro. Kuntz 9,9 Moderator: Bro. Smith iw M' E? gamma -..QGSDFNMBS Ist Row: R. Lang, J. Henzler, D. Bauer, J. Ferris, P. Pfinglll, C. Lapiska, S. Binder, M. Sweeney, H. Heck, T. Keelan, M. Hammel, W. Midgleyg'2nd Row: A. Sadar, N. Bach, M. McCabe, K. Kraus, R. Klein, D. Butor, N. Sahene, H. Ponter M. DiMaio, M. Link, M. Debesg 3rd Row: R. Thompson, 'l'. liurgerich, M. Snyder, A. Gavin, D. Roos, N. Kelsch, S Ketterer, T. Scorpion, D. Mellish, P. Koch, L. Mehal, A.Sadurg flbse1zt:A.Nupo1i. 68 0 ffxwe Golf 'l'ean.5 Q-prlis i Q,o00Qx96 U . E4 9,50 ogg T0 ,Wap S2 E Tltle fu Q33 -ffl!!! mfg 'jX E-Q cd D L Q.e-Gw'PnF A mu I Q5 X 30609966 Q0 """14 E H5 -' N15 I ASQ 'TE -1- 9 L 'fa ""'W0' g.'S-i.u-9- HTHLETI C-'bmi 2, e w 0 H gk 3 ffgpf-V CJ --1 E' Q, ' h 25 " 4 J G fig t C0l1tP:KQv5x' 9,04 gzd cv H ' ' I 0 Q 1 5 - Q 1119113 0 MQW 2 0 52' ' W' QC Q30 A wi L E 5? rw rm. C' ..A X I- 'O 'U E VW 3 g Q S :lm GB 3 X X + U5 Fl: EJ .GY A M 5 t 0 U1 I: Q h eve-11 'E fa "' I-nf QZJJ 1 OI1QL Way 'Xl gg va, eq D. 3 Vange-64 9' yiius IU gI11AI'SAI'6IID Q . -' -. U11 Po .Tide O .x QUQP J ,,, 2 9 lf-P, "Og,-a 'S .l.v. nas High - u0.fUf0fwi..nin2Tif11e pts Big On Football l I First Row, L. to R.: W. Anderson, G. Osborn, P. Stehr, P. Gerst, D. Salak, A. Hunkele, F. Zangaro, M. Lamb, J. Kralik, T. Smyers, T. McKenney, M. Miklow, T. Devlin, J. Lubing Second Row: A. Sitterle, R. Burchill, G. Dice, D. Siegle, R. Glassbrenner, J. Schroeffel, R. Rieck, B. Mongillo, M. Srsic, R. Mock, F. Perkowski, S. Scorpion, D. Mullin, D. Devlin E. Pagani, E. Diceg Third Row: R. Mangine, D. Erb, R. Hoolahan, W. Yoest, J. Mistelske, J. Somerville, D. Remmler, J. Rowlands, L. Miller, J. Goeller, C. Hayes, J. Quinn, R. Connolly. K. Harrington, J. Bixby, B. Colbert, T. Glenn. Our Cridders, while not winning the champion- ship, have proven that they are true representa- tives of North. Their spirit of perseverance when faced by formidable opponents never died. When on the field, they fought from the opening whistle to the closing gun. They tried their best to uphold the honor of North. Urged on by a large number of supporters, the Trojan football team strived to gain an extra yard, run a little faster, and tackle a little harder. Faced with a difficult schedule this year, the North Catholic Trojans posted a 3-4-2 season. We, the students, congratulate the team for its fine efforts and appreciate the many sacrifices of its players. We hope that next year's team will also be worthy of the Trojan name and i reputation. Q Schroeffel races around end against South. 7l Art Hunkele "All-Catholic Guard" Roy Rieck Mos! Valuable Linemann MSW' 'Sa mdk Ngu- ,Z SNL Coach Bushofsky starts off season X . X X. xii , W!! QV' ith a "Big Smash!" Bob Mongillo "Most Valuable Back Bill Yoest "All-State Guard" .A he - , , fi 'Q K K i' '- , .31 . Q i W 8' f x . . '1 3 , 9' wp, .-. 4 , - .mg - .,f'!'b , 4 ,A J 1, K1 W . .f Y J A Q3 .Q ng., 1, . V - 5. ...K , v ., 1 :SKY 2A,?y' -M. . -f J. .. lv 5 - Lx uk ,. 4. - a., 1,94 1-izugg k K. Y s .- . K 1 - ,- -W w - f u. .L . . m..s .-1 ' Y' s- Y- '-' ' 'AWS vl , f. " '- . . . ww Hifi. ,W L .4 1 'Nix Y o M 1 af 3 9 N. 'ix F, 2' -.1 Q - sl , . .s.' M .wr 5 5, 'A ' i gniqi 4. I 'Q' . w N . 4 s .V I ,X rf. ,v av . L ek .131 .iw if A an 1 J.--.Q any 'Ln' I 3' c ww. in Ill XV V, :-H . ,, V ff 9 1 H A x i nw f' W.::A I 1 Front RowL toR M Holleran C Anderson C H1lmsk1 Second Row J Johnson J DAmbros1a V Balestrino B Lenght Thzrd Row J Cancelhere J Henchar J Bradley 5 unior VCZTSZTQ2 First Row, L to R: D. Mullins, F. Perkowski, T. McKinney, R. Mock, J. Quinn, T. Smyers, P. Stehr, J. Coeller, J. Kralikg Second Row: Mr. R. Ernst, T. Srsic, R. Nist, P. Rinehart, D. Devlin, K. Harrington, D. Rose, S. Scorpion, T. Devlin, G Osborn, Mr. C. Struhar. The Junior Varsity under Coaches Ernest and Struhar were unbeaten all season. Many of these fine Sophomores also played Varsity Football. So North can expect some fine football teams for the next few years. 77 Dan McCann has done it again! He has produced great teams two years in a row in his first two years as Freshman Coach. The Trojans were unbeaten for the second straight year. They 'have allowed their opponents to score only 32 points while the Trojans racked up a total of 172 points. North Catholic has a fine young crop of football players. We can look forward to some exciting football in the future. Freshman Champs ,4 ff gl xi num: f " 1 1 N as ,Q gx A .JM 1 .f-"up . ...,...-- .-xx. vi x bww. tN-., avi F ,L 4 A 'zf .. A ,WW . "' ,.,, f H35 , V m X., Q .,,?,,,,. .mx 33 , "1 3, Hi- ,N ' .qw it v A ii . , 5 . ML: R J " V , i il' ""f M- , 1 ,. QM X . 1 y'W 251. . Q "' f ' -'ui A ' 3 ' . k X ' i gh ' LJ W ' - xx, ,- 2 I - , L MZ.. PM 3 y Z , Av l A E i , 1, - - I 23 'I .i 3 I F il Vi 1 'W , ' Xa X' , flf Rx I K N Q .,,,, ,, WX, Ma- X 'X x 9 M ,Q X I Scores NORTH 52 McKeesport 70 Kennedy Christian 49 Ford City 63 South Public 55 Monaca 68 Peabody 74- Beaver 77 Langley 55 Central 47 V Greensburg 75 Mon-Valley 51 Bishop Boyle 78 Serra 59 Canevin 51 South 65 Greensburg 55 Central 78 Mon-Valley 49 Serra 58 Bishop Boyle 69 Canevin 76 South OPP. 78 58 71 45 64 69 62 70 70 66 64- 63 60 88 59 77 58 72 47 72 85 77 Varszy First Row, L. to R.: Mgr. L. Schuster, J. Schroeffcl, J. Bixby, G. Zmuda, T. Lipello, B. Bixby, Mgr. D. Cabos: Second Row: Coach D. Graham, M. Sulkowski, W. Anderson, M. Miklos, L. Ortman, Dave babes, A. DiPasquale, E. Pagani. of :if if 5 qs ,ZS Team gathers around Coach Graham during a time-out. Lenny gets ONE! 8l Bob Bixby drives through Canevin defense for "tw0." Gene Zmuda on a turn-around jump shot "WE ARE N. C.!" 54 Jack Bixby pumps "two," Ed Pagani lays one "up and in." Dave Cabos fights for the hoop "Minuteman" Lippello hits from underneath. Am Q , 5 2 S' .. -I lk, 5 1 1 gxx... P . 'sg' .,.. 1 if f ' A f,.,,,., junior Varsiyf Basketball F t R L R.: Mgr. T. Devlin, J. Best, T. Urso, D. Siegle, M. Jcletic, R. Love, T. Zurching Second Row B G J S h f D R S. Scorpion, D. Devlin, Coach D. Lyons. Calflzolze League Champs 19 IfVz'n5 - 3 Dfwals Freshman Basketball First Row, L. to R.: D. Unkovic, T. Jones, J. Brungo, P. Aeelman, B. Jesulaitis, Mgr. J. Favoriteg Second Row: Coach S. Lema, M. Pilarski, D. Thomas, D. Ostrich, M. Bope, E. Mozzetti, K. Borgese, Mgr. M. Lapinto. 13 Wz'ns - 7 Dqfeats The freshman basketball team, under Mr. Sam Lema, turned in a fine per- formance this year in a tough league. Their record of 13 wins and 7 defeats does not represent the time, effort, and spirit of this fine team. Our congratulations to these '5lVlen of North." l Cl S The insignia of Pride and Victory. i? ii 1 iiy, Q i,i :ii D Q ,,. . ziggy-. 'D Top Row: R. Burchill, N. Kachmiar, B. Bixby, T. Lippello, C. Zmuda, .l. Freyvogel, J. Miller, L. Lutz, R. Kelly, B. Fraelich, Coach Spryesg Second Row: D. Macel, J. Bixby. J. Schroeffel, R. Reick, A. Meyers, J. Groetch, S. Bullick, T. Warmusg Third Row: D. Siegle, D. Salak, J. Lutz, D. Obermieher, T. Glenn, Mngrs. T. Link, J. Dedig. Catholic League Champs ff gf f'Qif'f1gg5-f - , f ' 0 ii f' Lf 'i wji3'i"' L" 6 ,bla 41 Q iis i t 5, s s t t . .f 'vas was H X. ., K K ' if '-x' tggaa .'..4-Q-5 T""Q!!"'i -'1' ' Gene swings a mean piece of lumber. .lody Freyvogel goes for the fences H am' Earned Victogz North Catholicis final overall record was 22-7-2 while 9-3-1 in league play, which was good enough for the Catholic Class A crown. The Trojans capped a superb season with Jack Bixby pitching a 14-0 no-hitter against Bishop Boyle 'in the final game of the season. North had a fine all around team throughout the season with strong hitting, ex- cellent pitching and an outstanding defense. The pitching was lead by Dan Macel, 5-0, Don Siegle, 2-3, and ,lack Bixby, 2-0. Siegle and Bixby pitched no-hitters this season. The hitting was lead by cocaptains Lutz and Schroeffel with .469 and .398 averages respectively. Coaches George Sprys and Frank Orga did a fine job with the abundance of talent on this year's team. 90 :312??"'I , Wg-K , ,W u 3,3 , .,,, .N H., I , 1.44, f ' wa 'f Dan Macel throws some smoke. if -, 'wee Bob Bixby comes home the hard way. The goon squad lives it up i is , .x - H Q ir - K YE .4 4 -www . Jerry D'Ambrosia Jim Cosentino 3 Eddie Pagani Denny Cabos l 1. L. to R. Front Row: Denny Cabosg C. Andersong M. Bopeg Back Row: E. Paganig W. Jennyg Dave Gabosg G. D'Ambrosiag J. Cosentino di ",A M Mark Bope Dave Cabos . Mk... 93 Q-..Q, tw-...., ,,.A K i"'f--R., L , , ..LL,LL , ' Aeg-af, A K. K 5 K ww, 5:2 bib , A . WA axe f. A ' M . KS. s. - . x , .ram .4-I L L6 1,L . ' -.-, Asia. -'zu X N -1' 'll L' . k 4w 3 5 I ? f i 7 I I I 1 1 I . 3 3 1 5 A W MM: .ia N if 1 'I - :Q 1 'W' f w 1 f ? 1 - if ,, ,Q ,, .. iv- ,A V ' ffm. fa . -.: - -.V-. Q sf . N 1 t A , 6 M, ,V , A? Www K... x Z., ., A Jdaxzfflk L . A , K as ,L J 65573090 as MEM GQ 459 Q S Q? 2 E Q: as .339 E GD 2 3 Q9 55:9 Q 515 96555 is Qgm GE 2545? YES' QSM 655569029 Qmd M' ' 4'? 1 Er, 'W' Keith AllSh0l1S6 Charles Anderson Richard Baier 'J e l f '21, 1 , r. M , J' if ff 1 '-ff l.-V f an 'N W X Zf p ,W . 4539- v 15? Vincent Balegtring Stephen Banai James Barnhart -of Lynne Beck William Beck Phillip Behr "3 'Nazi Samuel BCIlIl3fd0 Gregory Bentz Hohert Beradelli 96 Joseph Balestreire Terrence Bauer '-Z' ,ha W Arthur Belotti William Biernesser 'QQ John Bischoff JOIN! BiXby -.A-' 'Czar' Robert Allan ' is 1, Paul Bolsinger Joseph Bradley 'ff' ff-.www-'P' Dennis Brandi Robert Brimmeier Did you hear the one about . . . Hasn't anyone ever seen a camera before? in., 33,11 Qt? ,mar Raymond Brinj ak John Broadbent Raymond Burchill Mark Byrnes Wf' Uwqi if ian A 1 fx ,Q N ji' 1, X K 5 John Cancelliere Richard Carroll Vincent Cienek Norman Cleary Michael Conley Fred Conners wi? x""!nv- ,, , 5 Michael Cosentino James Cummings "See me at 2:35, room 109!" 'bv 1:1 Ronald D'Amato Gerald D,Ambrosia Terrance Danowski 101111 DCTUHIC N-r ww-44' V Steven DeVos Joseph Dipasquale David Donatelli Harry D0rSey I sin? bv ,...- 9""' -Ili" -if Joseph Duermeyer Daniel Dworsky Patrick Dwyer David Elstner D nl ev 4, David Erb Robert Erb Robert Ewing Tirrwthy Fitzpatrick 99 Gene Zmuda rests his weary bones. 'adv an Anthony Funk Michael Gabler -11-r:JP' 4-in Thomas Glenn Mark Glusic ww t James Flynn John Foley W' 'G' ' 'v..-4" wry' Gary Franke Rogers Freyvogel sub' Denis Geisler Rex Gleeson 235' I W, , Joseph Grabowski Patrick Graham Li' UMW 'VE 'eq-3? Richard Graham Kenneth Creiner Herman Haider Raymond Hajduk Q, A-xi: Ui. I 453112 1122221-ian, 5-,:m'31'1'.':2E:1' .X Patrick Hallam William Haney Thomas Harding Henry Hart l tb' as-""'. 'Y' V-uv izrr' -Gul George Heinlein John Henchar Dennis Henninger Gary Hertweck slit Q? ...av H H E Charles Heshler Carl Hilinslci , Ulf' fer" -1--"' James Hogan Michael Holleran -qv ,,...., Frank Hollingsworth Mark Horn Paul Hubert Arthur Hunkele ., I" 4 Mm David Irlbacher Frank Irvin William Jackline Robert Jacobs quo ,un ui 1:34 William Jagnow Gregg Johnston Joseph Johnston Terrence Johnston ,J ir '-qv' William Jones Donald Joos Ralph Juhasick William Kablack 31 -.JV """" 'url' """ Nicholas Kachmar Gery Kaczmarski J0hI1 KHCZyI1Ski James Kaminski I i' Robert Kane Stephen Kapetanovic James Kastner Timothy Kimbel 'W vt! l V 3 I Ronald King Dennis Kirin Steve Klemz Dennis KUHUSS of Ns Alexander Knox Thomas Koch Richard Kocian David Krebs William Kunz Qtr' John Lang Architects of the future. AM aw Charles Lang V, ,1 Il- rssft lv Thomas Langhorst 37" Frank Krohe John Kuhn ,. AFP' ,JW dl, Defmis Lang Gregory Lang l", ur Joseph Lanzarotta Richard Laux 'Hrs V2.7 64 .smug in-if wav Bernard Lavelle Joseph Laverty James Lawley Rgbert I-,eight -wasp ,, may K 'rf-"Y .Jay Lipchak Thomas Lippello Edward Luffey Joseph Luiz fav' .fl Robert Lyons John McCartney Vllilliam Nfcclelland Paul McGill M51 ,,-.4-r -Qi' John McGinnis Paul McGintj' William McGonigal Robert McGrath A-'C 'mf William McVittie Joseph Makowski Joseph Mangieri Maurice Manion John Manjerovic Bernard Manski Thomas M3112 David Mafkl 'O' 'Q-w,,,,,,,, Steven Martin Remy Meisel Addison Meyers David Michler Paul Milfried John Mistelske Robert Mongillo Waller Moser I06 g , , "Q fr-5'-LL. Anthgny Mueller Leo Mueller Michael Muenz Edward Muller nu, 'vm James Munsch Martin Mushenheim William Nachreiner Joseph Nicotero 'af-"4" Jerome N iklaus 05,1 James Neid Please feed the animals. W , XTTZ" 'qffif Jr - ' V 'f f -:if Kenneth Obrycki Anthony Opipare Richard 0,T0ole David Parrendo f 24,34 ,, -Q -.Mm wr, ,t i . f M J gf, x 2 A f-'fi ' Francis Paul Robert Paul Kenneth Payer Andrew Perlik a Wwmawf Ronald Pieper Ronald Pleslco Students eagerly reading their learning packets. Edward Porter Edward Potts Robert Rau 'vb' Roy Rieck "5'-7' James Rowlands Q-' v""' William Rearick IV ,,.,, V ' Robert Rittle Donald Rusczynski his Charles Pounds Dennis Remmler 3+ H- ddll f 'jj-w VA,i if Thomas Robertson 'HN .nik Jeffrey Ruszkowski fm' John Quatchak Richard Reiber N R" Robert Rosato . ,fi -v::'f John Safron 4- Q. 49' Bernard Saftner Daniel Salak Lawrence Schacht 'Q' Q4 9155 Charles Schellhaas Joseph Schepis Christopher Schefling QA-0 , , r f ? f 4564 I A W Thomas Schmidt Paul Schmitt John Schrass .,,4iP' ...-nr Carl Schubert Russell Schuck Edward Selinsky I I0 Edward Scheid Charles Schmidt John Schroeffel John Shelley ,, Ronald Skornicka reg" A place of solitude and thought. P3111 Slagel James Somerville Gary Spoales Lawrence Stampahar James Starr 1' '?""'7' 'l'I'f'f" Daniel Sterzingex' Leonard Stidle Frank Stosich William Stout QANDY MQ George Suwalski 'Cb Edward Switalski 3 I 5' N-gy W- Dennis Szymanski Thomas Szymanski 1-asia 5inQ9yg4' Leonard Tobac Clifford Tollerton h lun- An Age of Automation f:'I3"' we A ' Paul Terpj ak DRINKS 405 , ii Qu ici: E flff-1 4 G E 1 Y W". ' W'-,,,... f I ' in Y . 1 Q i e Q e 'WT' gi' 43 g Q, , W0mNwmf:,,W,Ww ,, , Qwmnqwfgunn A Wwfmzrn-am , John Thompson 4 4 if James Tongel Frank Troiano ll All-2-4: H. f Paul Trzil Michael Tutek Nicholas Unverferth Nicholas Vukmanic , 1 N69 N-nf Q""'7 W,,,,, Joseph Vukson Kenneth Vybiral Conrad Walletz Th0II1aS Ward ill' .if Wx ,gn-nn. Raymond Waters 484 Clark Webel Wc're out to save the World. II3 Wai '45 'lf'- Frank Weber 30" Somebody Say-Girls in the courtyard??? Gregory Weidner K 'rl-" af " Dennis Wierzbowski Eugene Wojciechowski Charles Woolley Thomas Wullette who wi . - We Richard Wojtyna Thomas Wolak 5, df William Yoest Michael Zang Wu-av ,VM--gr Kenneth Zebo George Ziecina Eugene Zmuda ,t A 4 4' 'w'k f l y it: l t 1 Q.. F 1. , V, ,M i ,' Ralph Zurcher Robert Bauer Ralph Camus H111 '25 JJY '. Sitting, L. Anderson. to R.: Thomas Kissel, Frank Pukanic, Cary Huntg Standing, L. to R.: Michael Boeh, Steve J' Strasser, Bernie l l 5 sk Q, . A Q iii f,??f3fjJ'IJfgkr 2 .1 v - 0 .1 3335 14" x K . I fir if . x 1 .1 Ns- if .A,,,, QQ2 1- Q 4 ? . f FTW URW lfmiqlxfl 1 , JT? sif:ffzQTfff3yw,, , It 1 . ,, V K A g Q : ' - K . - , Q, sg -- ug.. E 57' . .:,, Eff Nm, , f V. -. X W"k 4- P x 0? 4 Q 2 ,f J. 9 ,Q -. b v 1 Q I I I 'vii HN ' 1 3, . . 1 .Q av ni' ff , I' iff X ,X -ff 'sf' Q x Mos! Coneeztea' Sen ior M ost Reslbonsible Left to Right: John Mistelske, Bill Yoest, Art Hunkele. Pogularity Most Likehf lo Succeed Art Hunkele, John Thompson, Sonny Meyers. it Left to Right: Sonny Meyers, Art Hunkele, Norman Cleary. M ost Popular John Cancel- liere, Dan Salak, Roy Rieck. ll f'e o o " , . Left to Right: l Left to Rtght John Henchar Bob Jachobs Greg Most Respected Left to Rzght: Sonny Meyers, Roy Rieck, Art Hunkele Best Athlete Bottom LR Art Hunkele Jack Schroeffel. Top, L-R: Tom Llppello Roy Best A ll-A round Guy Left to Right: Sonny Meyers, John Cancelliere, Roy Rieck. B zggesl Genzus I20 Front: Jerry D'Ambrosia, Bernie Saftnerg Back: Rich Carroll. ' N, ge! E 5-Es Forever True To Thee Our Alina Mater Forever Lqfal To Our Flag Ancl Our Goa' Where 'Ere We Go, We'll Always Be An Honor Uphola' Thy Fame Ana' Glow, Do Or Die! We LW Our Voice In Praise On High, Thy Colors Scarlet Bright Ancl 'Gola' Wejll 'Ere Dyna' Thru All Our Days, Thy Name Will Leaa' Us Onward Forever True To Thee, North Catholic High. PC TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY W "The World's Besl Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" Av A HIGH WORLD IT Orngnufsf, HIRE Quo. LIV5' I5 T0 Cf AND T0 BG- pf' TO HHVQ' C'HHlU i

Suggestions in the North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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