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.wifi-yy:-.H-...-,tr-.W-.-f-.-. -.-.5-5-,--.Q ..g.-g,.-L,-I---,J --,,-rv- - - - -.W - ., . .-- .--gf.-f - , - .- . - - V f------rf-Q-if---.---.i-.fd -1-7-qu-411,-r-.-.2-...f. ,i ,ix -i L N w Y Q - X . , .1 Vf..,V..- V,-. Y , V . .W I. .-.-- ,, '-Q Q.. ' V-, . v ., -1--f.-2-5--v f.- - -131:---:'.', :sz2-avaz'-1-3-rf.-.agf.,-:-Y.-.5 ,-. .-:g.g-A. g::::.g..3:'f.vC ag: 'J' 1-5.526135 if Taz"-:.s-seg,-H 14.--L.. Thou shalt lofve the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, thy whole soul and thy whole mind . . . Q Ut W ' 1960 B, TROJAN lv 74-E fig r 1 1 1 'vu il! iii vim sl! li 'IY is lvl lil iv: li! ll! 'lv 'fl Ill' li: ll. lil Ill ilu 'II vue if' 11' 'I li U gif 'sw - Af " ',..5..v-v- .ki L 1 is: :ag 'sf 2: ,. z U Y I 1 ALAE A i W af -1.2 a.. fx aw 3 Q 3 1 Q, M z ..,,.-.- iii 1' f' I P' A41-Xi BROTHER BERNARD J. BACKUS, S.M. 5 Oth Anniversary One hundred years devoted serfvice in the Brother Bernard J. Backus, S.M., was born January 6, l892, in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended St. Michael's school under the direction ot Brother Joseph Muehlbach. Other teachers remembered were Brothers Frank Meyer and Joseph Quick. Brother Bernard entered the Postulate, November 9, 1908. Atter his Novitiate and Scholasticate, his first assignments were in Erie and at St. Mary's,Pittsburgh. He made his Perpetual Vows in l9l6. After one year in New York, he was asked to go to Honolulu, Hawaii, where he spent ten years. Nine of these were under the direction ot Brother Adolph Eiben. After his return to the States, he served at Chaminade, Dayton, and then as Director at St. Xavier School, Cincinnati. From here Brother went to San Francisco as Director ot St. Joseph's School. Hamilton, Cleveland, Mineola, and St. John's Home were his next assignments. For the past eleven years he has been stationed at North Catholic. Ad rnultos annos, Brother Bernard! REVEREND JULIUS FALK, SM o unstinting and fvincyarcl of the Lord. Father Julius Falk, S.M., who received his education from the Franciscan Sisters at St. Mary's, from the Brothers of Mary at Holy Cross, and the University of Dayton, was born in Columbus, Ohio, on November 2, 1892. Influenced by the friendly spirit of the Priests and Brothers, he joined the Marianists in September, 1907. After one and a half years in the Postu- late, he was admitted to the Novitiate and pronounced his vows on Easter Sunday, March 27, IQIO. Upon his graduation from the University of Dayton in l9I5, he was sent to teach at St. James, San Francisco. In I92O he was sent to the Marianist International Seminary, Fri- bourg, Switzerland, where he was ordained, March 27, I925. As a Marianist priest he then held the position of chaplain and teacher at Marianist Preparatory, Beacon, N. Y., Villa Santa Cruz, California, University of Dayton Prep, Chaminade, Dayton, Cathedral Latin, Cleveland, Colegio del Pilar and Colegio San Jose, Puerto Rico, and St. John's Home, Brooklyn. His last assignment was to North Catholic, Pittsburgh, where he has been stationed for the last I5 years. Ad multos annos, Father Julius! The boncl HIS HOLINESS POPE JOHN XXIII -of-"!"" Servus Servorum Dei-Pope John XXIII, our Su- preme Pastor, has shown in the first year of his reign a magnificent example of leadership for the service of ALL peoples. He serves both God and man by ruling -with a smile. THE MOST REVEREND JOHN J. WRIGHT, S.T.D. Through His Excellency, the Most Reverend John J. Wright, S.T.D., Holy Mother Church offers us broad- minded and spirited guidance tor today and for all our tomorrovvs. As we are about to leave North Catholic, we are confident that our service to, for, and in the Church and the community will find encouragement from Bishop Wright and the kind of direction which gives eternal value to our combined efforts in the cause ot Christ and His Immaculate Mother. their constant efforts . we have reached our goal ASSUMPTION CHURCH BS OI' RMhIPH bhP+ R G PS'rari+z 9 P R J ph R Bryan 2 fddfznvmkxxtxxb if Anivi Father Michael P. Hinriebusch and John Cegalis '6O. INISTRATIUN SEi2viNo THE STUDENTS bv constant leadership! the administration ot North Catholic tirelessly sought to guide each and every student scho- lastically, socially, and spiritually. These competent men of the tac- ulty continually toiled to tulhll to the utmost the monumental task ot operating such a complex institution ot learning. Likewise, they con- tinually strove to form the members ot the student body into true Christian gentlemen and sons of Mary. Unmistakably, this service was of priceless value in the preparation ot the young men ot North Catholic for a place in the modern vvorld. I All s e rvl ces BROTHER CHARLES F. ECKHARDT, S.M., Principal .K ir lip Four happy graduates beam as Brother Charles presents the diplomas. The primary aim of North Catholic is to develop in its students a Catholicity that is an integral part of their daily living and that is intimately bound up with every phase of their lives. Spiritually and morally, North Catholic purposes to lead its students to the practice of a full Catholic life by means of solid religion courses, Catholic action sodalities, spiritual re- treats, daily prayers, daily opportunities for Holy Mass, Holy Communion and Confession, etc. Scholastically, an Academic and a Gen- eral Curricula are offered to prepare the stu- dents for the professions and non-professions respectively. They are aided in discovering their potentialities and capabilities through a series of intelligence, achievement, vocational and aptitude tests. A vvell-integrated personal and group guidance program is available to encourage the students to develop their tal- ents, to refine their personalities, to resolve their personal problems, and to guide them to college or gainful employment. Extracurricu- larly, participation in the rich and varied pro- gram of activities of the school further molds the individuals. Supplementing these sundry educational techniques, curricula, and services is a highly qualiied faculty of Priests, Brothers, and se- lected laymen dedicated to the achievement of the primary aim of North Catholic. Q-H BROTHER BERNARD C. DIETHORN, S.M. Vice-Principal-Problems of Democracy, Coordina- for of Ac+ivi+ies, Sfudenf Council, Graduafion Arrangemenfs. begin here uv" BROTHER JOSEPH MORITZ, S.M. Treasurer-Bookkeeping, Business Honor Sociefy Ai, FATHER JOSEPH SCHIELEIN, S.M. Chaplain-Religion 4. s. if 2. A 5? 53 Ca ,4 1 x K' W X jfwfl R o o XX J I! D ti Lwmg fx Q W Sym 0 s gy, 5 , f 4 ' A R XAL , R ' o R fmt, .r A.: 0 SCTQJICE F 33 A 5 C N., " r G d 3' 4 2 4- 0 O ' , Tl: ' 4. R- Q X xxx 5 im and man R W M ,x C 5 R , . 'R R ix ' Y " i R 5 X if wgfxxxx 2 Q X R C gffgifs' X X I X 'RQRQ 'If A x X S byffxigfx sr PETER CHURCH M in gif by ,Ri SX N +R Sd R R K jk- R Th S J M Ph P sfor I ,R X R. ' 4, ag A, lg 1, Q' R Ad JBllbolx I ffl g. V4 NX lL95 Qg"3LA,f,g 4. R v +C B +1 I '15, 'ff n R Alph s R 2 xl-gg if M .V lg . 'gx?,-Rivwgg .L L 4 4 Y. 5V 'W V fiiiix . . A3 1 R.. 'J LH A. Father Thomas J. McPherson ana Richard Mullaney lbO. FACULTY Ti-ie FAcuLTY OF NORTH performed a very much appreciated service in bringing truth to our young minds, Their efficiency, academic ability, and dedication to the ideals of a Christian philosophy of edu- cation were very much in evidence, There was never an instance of refusal to assist us both academically and morally. The faculty did not limit its services to the mere promulgation of matters academic, They at all times rendered an even greater service-that of helping to form us into truly Christian gentlemen. r - '11 'T K .. if 1 xi A 1 , 4 P Q.. 'Ov fx Wh:- in FATHER ROBERT E. BACKHERMS, S.M. Homeroom IZA-Religion 3, 4, Sodali+y Direc+or, Cheerleaders. BROTHER BERNARD J. BACKUS. S.M. Homeroom IZF-Typewrifing 2, Salesmanship 3, 4, Business Deparf- ment BROTHER WALTER BAUMEISTER, S.M. Mainlenance Engineer. MR. WILLIAM L. BAKER Homeroom IOD-Plane Geomelry 2, English 2. Our lifves reflect LJ,- MR. WILLIAM E. BRYAN Homeroom 9E-General Science I, Hygiene, Hislory lnsfifufe. MR. FRANK P. BRANDT Plane Geomefry 2, Hygiene. The indefafigable Brolher Medica, S.M., sells an ofher Iiclref +o a Varsify foo+ball game. BROTHER EDWARD CAREY, S.M. Homeroom IIA-American His- 'Iory 3, Religion 3, Boosler Drive, Penny Raffle Drive, Guidance Counselor, Lunch Supervision. MR. ROBERT COLVILLE Pennsylvania Hislory I, English I, Assislanl Foofball Coach. BROTHER JAMES J. CULLINA, S.M. Homeroom IOB-Ari I, 2, 3, 4, Re- ligion 2, Head of lhe Ari' Deparl- menl, Musarf Honor Sociely, Arl Club, Sodalify. BROTHER DONALD DAHLMANN, S.M. Homeroom IZC-Physics 4, Year- book. BROTHER JOHN T. DAHM, S.M. General Business 2, Typewrifing I, Sodalily, Knighls of lhe Allar. MR. RAYMOND L. DiLALLO Homeroom IOF-World Hislory 2, English 2, Head Baseball Coach, Assisfanl' Foolball Coach. Some of 'Ihe facuI+y lalce 'lime 014+ +0 ge+ some reffe-5hmen+ -'- 1 I XX X .N 'T Ti."- Thelr msplratlon and guldance Brofher Saurune S M gives ou+ assugn men+s+o+l'1e Speech and Debale Club mem ers MR RONALDJ DORSCH Homeroom IIE Economics Busmess Law 4 BROTHER PAUL F DWYER SM Homeroom 9A Plane Geomefry 2 General Scuence I Buslness Mafhemahcs Guidance Counselor Assnsfanf Band Moderafor Organ :sf Lunch Supervision BROTHER JOSEPH M EINLOTH Homeroom IZG Algebra 2 Shop Mafhemahcs FATHER JULIUS A FALK S M Rellguon I Moderator of Mission Honor Socuefy BROTHER JOHN S FELDMEIER Homeroom IZD Engllsh 4 Ger man I 2 Yearbook MR WILLIAM P GARVEY Homeroom IIC-American Has 'Iory 3 Hlsfory lnshfufe Freshman Baskeiball Coach Hnsfory Honor Socneiy A-19" BROTHER CHARLES GAUSLING, S.M. Homeroom I ID-Chemisfry 3, So- dalify, Science Honor, Science Club, Audio Visual Aids, Sfage and Lighfing. MR. DONALD R. GRAHAM Physical Educafion I, 2, 3, 4, Head Baskeiball Coach, Assisiani' Fool- ball Coach. O O O BROTHER WILLIAM C. HILDEBRAND, S.M. Religion 2, Lafin 3, Bookslore, Lockers. MR. JOSEPH F. HMEL Homeroom I2E-English 4, Book- keeping 4, Yearbook, Graduafion Speakers, Hislory Ins+i+uIe, Chair- man of English Deparlmenl. BROTHER JOHN J. KEEGAN, S.M. Spanish I, 2, Problems of Democ- racy 4, Band Moderafor, Glee Club Direc+or, Varie+y Show Direcfor, Faculfy Choir Direcfor. The "'Ia+e" of English sludenfs was being decided as members of Ihe Eng- lish Deparfmenf, under fhe chairmanship of Mr. Hmel, mel. Ni 'IQ md I fb., Q' My-04 'Vi' MR. WILLIAM KERNS Band Diroclor, Music lnslrucfor. BROTHER WILLIAM J. KIEFER, S.M. Librarian, Library Slafl Moderalor Chess Club. BROTHER CHARLES W. LANDIN, S.M. Trigonome+ry 4, Solid Geomefry 4 Malhemafics Honor Sociefy, Alh- lefic Direclor, lnframurals. MR. WALTER T. LEASE, JR. Homeroom 96-Business Malhe- mafics 4, Physical Science 4, Alge- bra I. are-M. BROTHER ROBERT A. LINDEMANN, S.M. Homeroom IIF-English 3, Amer- ican Hisfory 3, Rifle Club, Sodalily, Firsl Aid lnsfruclor. MR. ALOYSIUS M. LESNIAK Homeroom IIG-Physical Educa- +ion l, 2, 3, 4, Varsify Bowling Coach, lnframural Tenpin and Bowling Moderalor. gn. Brorher Charles Wolan, S.M., resolves a difliculfy BROTHER DONALD MCCOY, S.M. Homeroom IOG-Biology 2, So- dalily, Yearbook. DR. HOWARD McGlNN Guidance Direclor. BROTHER FRANK MEDER. S.M. Cafeferia Manager. BROTHER FRANK T. MODICA, S.M. Homeroom IOA-Chairman of Language Deparfmenl, Lafin 2, So- dalify, Dramafic Club, Classical Honor, Guidance Counselor, Lunch Supervision. BROTHER ALOYSIUS REIS, S.M. Supervisor of The Bro+l1ers' lcifclwen. BROTHER JAMES A. RUSSELL, S.M. Homeroom IIB-English 3, Mod- erafor of lhe Trojan News, Sodalify. f A 5-R5 JT' ,.g3"" ff'-T 1 J The faculfy gallmer a+ anoflner monllwly general meeling fo 'lurlher aid +l'1e sfudenls. .3 QQ f ,Sf 4. ga K- Q Ka of Catholic thinking Falher Joseph Schielein, S.M., offers a requiem Mass for Ihe repose of Ihe soul of Brofher Frederick Harfwich, S.M. BROTHER JOHN E. SAURINE, S.M. Homeroom 9D-Religion I, Alge- bra I, Speech and Debafe Club, Sodalify. MR. ALBERT A. SCHON English I. BROTHER LEE SCIARROTTA, S.M. Homeroom 9C-Lafin I, Religion I, Sodalify, Assisianf Alhlefic Di- recior. MR. ROBERT A. STURM Homeroom 9F-Pennsylvania His- 'Iory I, English I, Head Foolball Coach. BROTHER HERBERT VERBESEY, S.M. Homeroom 9B-Algebra I, Lafin I, Moderalor of Speech and De- baie, Radio Club, Sodaliiy. BROTHER CHARLES WOLAN, S.M. Homeroom IZB-General Science I, Mechanical Drawing 4, Sodalify. VERY REVEREND LAWRENCE A. YESKE, S.M, Mission Procurafor. MR. JAMES C. ZAHREN Homeroom IOC-World Hisfory I, English 2, Hislory Club. BROTHER BERNARD E. ZALEWSKI, S.M. Homeroom IOE-Biology 2, Reli- gion 2, SoclaIi+y, Chairman of Tickef Sales. MRS. BERNETTA PRINCE Secre+ary 'ro +he Principal. Mr. James Zahren advises a molher af The mon+hIy parenl'-feacher meefing. MRS. ANNE GALLAGHER, R.N. School Nurse. and action. X 1 in MRS. ETHEL WHITE Secrefary fo fhe Vice-Principal .M . ,, 'ii' if . FRANCIS J. ARCH, M.D. School Physician. Example ' is the school of mankind 1 ff and they 2 I l,5 w gf learn at no other Father John S. Felclmeier and James Hohmann '6O. SENIURS NORTH CATHOLIC, in an ettort to graduate Hne, outstanding young Christian gentlemen, summoned all its available resources to aid its graduates spiritually, intellectually, socially, and athletically. After four years ot reaping the benetnts attorded them, the Seniors emerged as tinished products based on sound Catholic philosophy. Every opportunity was proffered to advance on a spiritual plane. Proms, parties, and dances aided the social advancement ot the stu- dent. Every tacet ot good education was utilized to advance intel- lectually. Competitive sports were offered to help the student ad- vance on an athletic level. '15 3 'TI K FRANK C. ABBOTT Regina Coeli Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra 4, Proiectionist Club 3, RifIe Club 3. WILLIAM L. ADAMSKY St. Edward Baseball 4, Business Hon- or 3, 4, Class Officer I, 2, Golf 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 3, 4, Rifle Club 3 l. 3' p . ,g.i':..Z sf :gf f f M .'. . 'J 12.:hf"5:yrg:y '. :jfs H06 A ff-'.'I'f'f " SAMUEL J. ANATRA St. Alphonsus Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 2, Stage Crew 3, 4, Variety Show 3. gsm? :A- It RICHARD F. ABT St. Anthony Baseball 4, Intramurals I, 2, Mathematics Honor 3, Rifle Club 3, Science Honor 3, 4. 5 A ia- ' ,f K I I l JOSEPH B. AGUGLIA St. Boniface Bowling I, 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4. .lui W . 1 WILLIAM J. ANDERSON St. Anthony Bowling I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist Club 4, Radio Club 3, Sodality I, 2, Stage Crew 3, 4, Variety Show I. MARTIN R. AHEARN St. Cyril Band I, Bowling 4, Cho- ral Club I, History Club 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, Vari- ety Show I. :.. :.if'E,- J, S S55 Q . L, . Q , - as I . . .1 , g .4 JOHN R. ANDRA SI. Cyril Choral Club I, Intramur- als 3, 4, Troian News I, 2, 3, Variety Show I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 3. I Q: ir : X Q I lri 3 'Z 3 s. .1 3- f , ,,- ,,,k...,f 4 .. 1 DENNIS J. AMEND St. Alphonsus Intramurals I, 2, Variety Show 4. 8994 THOMAS L. ANDREWS St. Ursula Band I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 3, Dramatics 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Va- riety Show I, 3, 4. If The long-awaited day has arrived. Graduation-fhe climax fo four hard years of effort JOSEPH F. BACHMEYER Sf. Cyril Bowling 3, 4, Class Ofll- cer I, History Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Trojan News 2, 3. PAUL T. BAUER Sf. Alphonsus Baseball 4, Bowling 3, Chess Club 3, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Mathematics Honor 4, Sodality I, Troian News 3, Troian Yearbook 4, Variety Show l, 3, 4. JOHN J. BAGGIO Sf. Francis Xavier Class Officer I, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew l, St. John Vianney N ERNEST R. AROVITS Sf. Alphonsus Bowling 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. RICHARD H. BAIER Nafivify Art Club l, Chess Club 3, 4, Hall Guard 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Club l, 2. Achievement 4. V .,,. jk ' g A ',,. 5' K EDWARD T. BAUMAN DAVID J. BECK S+. Mary's Glenshaw Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Variety Show 4. Sf. Cyril Bowling 4, Dramatics 4, History Club 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 2, Rifle Club 3, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, Troian News 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 3, Perfect Conduct. l ll DENNIS E. BABICKA Assumption Chess Club 3, Class Ofll- cer l, 2, Intramurals l,4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4. 'ET' JAMES J. BAIR Mary Immaculate Class Ofllcer 4, Hall Guard 2, History Honor 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD A. BECKER S+. Afhanasius Intramurals l, Variety Show l. 5 'i qc 4 J 1, .. 4 . +V. , , .af gs A ' 1 IJ., 5 5' A 55' CHARLES A. BERAN St. Francis Xavier Bowling 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 4. WILLIAM J. BERGER St. Boniface Class Officer I, 3, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4, Christmas Show 3, 4. JOHN A. BIFARETI St. Scholastica Bowling 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Sci- ence Club 3, Sodality I, 2, Trojan News 2. EUGENE D. BERGEN St. Andrew Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Sci- ence Honor 3, 4, Trojan News 3, 4. LAWRENCE E. BIENEMANN S+. Teresa Class OFHcer 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, Perfect Conduct. ALBERT L. BOEHM S+. Ambrose Business Honor 4, Sodal- ity I, Stage Crew 4. GERALD E. BIERANOWSKI Sf. Mary Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY J. BONDI Madonna of Jerusalem Intramurals I. PAUL D. BIERY S+. Mary Chess Club 3, 4, Intra- murals 2, Library Staff 2, 3, Mission Honor 4, Ra- dio Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Sodality I, Troian News 2. 5' PAUL R. BORMAN Most Holy Name Bowling 3, 4, Class Offi- cer I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. if . ' I 'E I-9-S-0 ' Just another aspect of the attempt of our Alma Mater to give us a rounded education. PAUL J. BROSKY Sf. Teresa Hall Guard 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. BERNARD J. BRUSZAK S+. Athanasius Baseball I, Chess Club 3. "Q" DONALD BROSNECK Holy Family Band I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. 'CZ'- DENNIS G. BUCHER St. Ambrose Business Honor 4, His- tory Club 3, 4, History Honor 4, Intramurals 3, Mission Honor 4, Trojan News 4. I .ij JOHN P. BREEN S+. Scholasfica Bowling I, Class Officer I, Radio Club 2, Science Club 4. THOMAS F. BROWN S+. Joseph Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM C. BUETTNER Annunciation Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society 3, 4, Pro- iectionist Club 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Trojan News 4, Variety Show 3, 4. RICHARD E. BRINJAK St. Nicholas Band I, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club I, 2, Dramatics 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. G. JAMES D. BRUECKNER Most Holy Name Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. 3. , .l., - 'I I I ' I 5 . f' VALENTINE B. BUKOVAC S+. Ann Class Officer 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4. VINCENT E BULIK S+ Boniface Busuness Honor 4 Clas slca Honor 4 History Club 3 Intramurals I 3 4 Mnssnon Honor 3 4 Varzety Show 4 JOSEPH E BURTNETT Annuncnahon Art Club 2 Chess Club 3 ramurals I 2 Junior Achievement 2 Rnfle Club 3 HENRY F BURKHART Nallvrly Choral Club I Drarnatlcs 4 Football 2 Hts ry Club 3 4 Intramurals I S Speech and Debate Club I Variety Show I RICHARD P BYRNES Assumphon Chess Club 3 4 ntra rals 2 4 Ra Club4 JOSEPH S CARMASSI ERNEST J. CASTELLO SI' Teresa S+ Mary Class Ofhcer 3, lntramu Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 rals I, 2, 3, 4 CHARLES J CAIN All Salnts rarnurals I 2 Mussuon Honor 4 Varlety Show 4 A JOHN A CEGALIS Assumption Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Class Ofhcer I, Football I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 l DAVID R CAPAN S+ Anthony Class OFfIcer 3 lntramu I 2 3 4 Stu Councll 3 PETER R. CERNANSKY St Teresa Class Ofhcer 3, lntramu rals I, 2 1 I S , tm... . i - j . ' l g I 1 5 , 'to f , 2, , 1 , , , ' ' , , 2, 3, 4, odalsty I, 2, A 1 ' - "DQ K ,W fs, 'S I Q. 5 2 1 I I ' lm f I 3, 41 i ' lm , ,3, 4, mu ,3, , dio " I ' rals , , , z dent f . . 1 ' 5, New The future C.P.A.'s of America loolr on as a point is brought out in Bookkeeping. ARTHUR A. COSTA St. Cyril Band l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Bowling 3, 4, Choral Club 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Hall Guard 2, 3, 4, lntra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Trojan News l, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show l, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD F. DAX Annunciation Band i, 2, 3, 4, Business Honor 4, History Club 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Trojan News 4, Variety Show 4. JOSEPH A. COSTA St. Francis Xavier Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Variety Show l, 3, 4. GERALD T. DEES St. Cyril Band l, Bowling 3, 4, Choral Club 3, 4, Class Officer l, 3, History Club 3, 4, History Honor Club 3, 4, lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Trojan News 2, 3, 4, Va- riety Show 3, 4. LOUIS A. CHECCA St. Mary Art Club 2, 3, 4, Choral Club i, History Honor 3, 4, Musart Society 2, 3, 4. PAUL D. CROWE Sacied Heart' Art Club I, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS A. DEGLMANN St. Anthony Business Honor 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Golf 4, lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4,- Sodality 4, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Va- riety Show l, 4. .il ROBERT W. CIANCIO Madonna of Jerusalem Class Officer 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club l, Science Honor 3, 4, Stage Crew 4, Variety Show 4. PATRICK F. DARGAN Assumption Chess Club 3, 4, Intra- murals i, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, Mission Honor 4, Radio Club 4, Science Club 3, 4, Sci- ence Honor 4, Sodality 4, Variety Show 3, 4. THOMAS J. DELUGA St, Cyprian Class Officer 4, History Club 3, 4, Intramural l, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 3, 4, Variety Show l. RICHARD C. DiPASQUALE Madonna of Jerusalem Bowling 4, Class Officer I, Football I, Golf 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 2, Rifle Club 3, 4. 'it' I 4' . PAUL J. DODGE Sacred Heart' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, Trojan News I, Variety Show I. fl HENRY DRWAL S+. Ann Hall Guard 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 3, Speech and Debate Club I. if Ti:- VINCENT W. DIXON Annunciation Choral Club I, Class OHI- cer 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, Mission Honor 4, Sodal- ity 3, 4, Speech and De- bate Club 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. R' , LAWRENCE D. DOMITROVIC St. Ann Basketball I, Bowling I, Business Honor 3, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES R. EMANUEL Assumption Cheerleader 3, 4, Foot- ball I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 4, Mission Honor 2, Variety Show 4. 5 tr f, I' X17 ' tv s . ,uw .6 ,s ,L mp. BROCK F. DONOVAN S+. Ursula Intramurals 3, 4, Variety Show 4. BERNARD H. ERHART S+. Anthony Basketball I, Bowling I, Class Ofhcer 2, 3, 4, In- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4. EDWIN D. DRISCOLL St. Wenceslaus Baseball 2, 3, 4, Class Oflqcer I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 3, Va- riety Show I, 4, Federa- tion Representative 4. av--" CHRISTOPHER J. FIEDLER St. Mary Bowling I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety I. ir Q 'l 1960 - 4 I ,B .1 Great concentration is on the faces ot perhaps some tuture secretaries. RONALD R. FISCHER St. Athanasius Business Honor 4, Class Officer I, History Club 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Mission Honor 4, Variety Show 3, 4. WAYNE A. FISCHER St. Athanasius Basketball I, Class OHI- EDWARD V. FINCKE Nativity Intramurals 4, Science Club 4. xy PATRICK J. FLAHERTY Annunciation Class Otcficer 2, Intramu- cer I, 2, 3, Intramurals rals 2, 3, 4. I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 2. JOHN R. FRAUENHEIM All Saints Choral Club 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Variety Show 3, 4. JOSEPH A. FREDERICK Annunciation History Club 3, National Honor I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Science Honor 3, 4, Soclality I, 2, 3,i4, Speech and Debate Club I, Trojan News I, 2, 3, 4, Variety 3. DENNIS M. FREYVOGEL St. Cyril Bookstore Service I, ln- tramurals I, 2 3, 4, Va- riety Sl'1ow T. JOHN R. FINNEGAN St. Andrew Class Officer 2, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Projec- tionist Club 4, Sodality I, Variety Show 4. DENNIS L. FOLEY St. Athanasius Dramatics 3, 4, Hall Guard 3, 4, History Club 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Musart Society 2, Student Council 4, Troian News I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. RICHARD F. FUECHSLIN St. Teresa Art Club I, Rifle Club 3, Stage Crew 4. THOMAS J. FURAR THOMAS C. GALDA All Saints Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. St. John Cantius '1- EDWARD F. MICHAEL A. MARTIN J. GAVIN GALLAGHER GALLAGHER St. Teresa S+. Cyril Most Holy Name Intramurals I, 4, Rifle Mathematics Honor 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, History Club 3, 42 V6fieTY Show Mission Honor 4, Radio Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 3, 4. Club, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 2, Trojan News 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. K. ANTHONY L. GERST LOUIS E. GIULIANI S+. Boniface S+. Mary Intramurals I, Radio Club Art Club I, 2, 3, 4, Chess 4, Science Club 3, 4. Club 3, Musart Society I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4, First Aid 3. MICHAEL J. GLOGOWSKI St. Francis Xavier Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Speech and Debate 4, Variety Show 4. 'Q .S LEO C. GEARY S+. Athanasius Golf 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 4, Variety Show 4. RICHARD T. GOETZ S+. Teresa Bookstore Service I, 2, Bowling 2, Choral Club 2, Dramatics 4, History Club 3, Junior Achieve- ment I, 2, 4, Radio Club 2, Rifle Club 3, 4, Sodal- ity 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. wm-1 '4?'5V' A senior group in a more serious mood during one of the study periods. GEORGE J. GROLL St. Aloysius Intramurals I, 3, 4, Math- ematics Honor 4, Science Club 3, 4, Servers Society 3, 4, Trojan News 4. JOSEPH G. HARSCH Most Holy Name Baseball 4, History Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Trojan News 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. REGIS J. GUCKERT St. Sebastian Intramurals 4, Rifle Club 4. EDWARD J. HART S+. Ann Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 4. 1 S . ji ,kh s X N I 5 3 5 I Q I I S j ANTHONY G. GORUP St. Mary Band I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, 4, Or- chestra I, 2, 3, 4, Sodal- ity 4, Variety 3, 4. KENNETH J. HANDYSIDE S+. Cyril Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor I, 2, 3, Science Club I, Stage Crew I. I ' IIQI an ,J wlALrcR I-IAUPTS St. Ambrose Intramurals 2, 3, 4. 1? THOMAS R. GREER Sacred Heart Bowling I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, 4, Sodal- ity 2, 3, 4. JOHN R. HARRISON All Saints Class Officer 3, Hall Guard 4, Library Staff 2, 3, Projectionist Club 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Servers So- ciety I, Trojan News 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. ROBERT M. HEIDISH Assumption Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Soolality 4, Trojan News 3, 4. TIMOTHY P. HEIM St. Ann Dramatics 4, Football 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 4, Prolectionist Club 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 3, Troian News 4. Q. . if ju- Hgs f WILLIAM J. HILLENBRAND St. Ambrose Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 4. ANDREW J. HUDAK St. Athanasius Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Sodal- ity 3, 4, Variety Show 4. 1 'x R' t X3 A V,, ' I xx , , X I ' RAYMOND HENGELSBERG St. Ursula History Club 3, 4, History Honor 3, 4. 5' WILLIAM T. HITCHCOCK Assumption Chess Club 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, Radio Club 3, 4, Science Club 4, So- dality 4. FRANK R. HUGHES Madonna of Jerusalem Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Class Offi- cer 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 3, 4, Social Committee 4. .. .. 1. '- 'Q' JAMES G. HOHMANN Most Holy Name Class Ofhcer I, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4. FRANK P. INTRIERI Madonna of Jerusalem Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Sodality 4, Va- riety Show 4. pm WI., JAMES H. HOUCK St. Boniface Bowling 4, Class OFHcer I, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4. FREDERICK S. ISLER St. Leo History Club 3, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I. 1960 Y Q- ' g-uv A.. ' ."',1ygkl"wvmf"'r ' , 3 -J--'min ' M ' . 'fd 'gf-i'r-w,w 't -M'f'fi'.f!Q'--.5--2, 1- ., if-rgaumzaa.. mg, ae. :2+5s.... ,figs . A - - " ',-.SMXFNY wgiriss, '.vlrf5'r'-,..f I.-L+-f.r.1.w-aas.amwi?wd5.w.. t -as aku -4.21. 4- 'im On your mark! A group of potential Me+caIfe's get set for another race. MABON F. JEROME S+. Sebastian Cheerleader 2, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, RifTe Club 3, Trojan News 3, 4, Variety Show I, 4. ALBERT F. KAMPER Assumption .X 3, dues. ,I qs' Ad. .... . 7, L1 . ,.., z 4 . rl-at . .1 JOSEPH C. KAHR St. Athanasius History Honor 3, Troian News 3, 4, Variety Show I, 4. ,. ,.,. yr i s 'tw :za .A .X . ,U5-5, ,,.l,.f,.'.-,W T' Fkfiffffw-1"Q'. I ik-:vie-:iiiz 'Q' ef 1I??If3,Ii?:.f'f '5 ' 11 'xiig-ffm, ' 'gf '- 2 JOSEPH R. KARLIK S+. Gabriel Chess Club 3, 4, Mathe- Basketball I, History Club matics Honor 3, National Honor I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4, Science Honor 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Trojan News 3, 4. 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. -ffl RAMON L. JACKMAN Sf. Ambrose Baseball 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4. LOUIS J. KAIB S+. Aloysius Band I, Library Staff 3, 4, Radio Club 4, Science Club 3. DAVID F. KASENIC Most Holy Name Business Honor 3, 4, Class Ofjlicer I, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES R. JACKSON S+. Boniface Class Officer 2, History Honor 3, Library Staff 4. YL JOHN C. KALINOSKI St. Andrew History Club 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS J. KEENAN S+. Leo Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. -Qi 1 LAWRENCE J. KESSLER St. Gabriel Bowling 3, 4, Choral Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, RifIe Club 3, Troian News 3, Yearbook 4, Va- riety Show 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, St. John Vian- ney 4. GERALD J. KIRKER Assumption Chess Club 3, 4, Intra- murals 2, 4, Stage Crew 4. K ir' W 'Q' fs' qi' 4 .fi ., ., vflgfav? EDWARD A. KEYSER St. Theresa Intramurals 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. LOUIS A. KLEESPIES St. Anthony Bowling I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, First Aid 3. EMIL P. KNEZEVICH S+. Edward Bowling 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, Chess Club 3, 4, Class Ofticer I, History Honor 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Speech and Debate 3, 4, Student Council I. I5 .- ' I4 A . . Z ,f.. ...,....,..,, f..A:A 3 K H V g A it -A lr' . .. -l" ' t "r'- i,:,d. fx' r 3 .. S fffsfaigi 1 ,Q ,fi I I A 1 , DONALD D. KOCH RONALD J. KOSARICH FRANK L. KOWALSKI Most Holy Name St. Francis Xavier Most Holy Name Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew 3, 4, Variety Mission Honor 4. Show I. .1 A JOHN C. KNUTH Most Holy Name Class Otticer 3, 4, Hall Guard 2, History Club 3, 4, Intramurals 2, Student Council 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4, Football Manager 2, 3. 119' JOSEPH E. KRAUS St. Mary Classical Honor I, 2, ln- tramural I, 2, 3, 4, So- dality 4, Yearbook 4, Variety Show 4. Perhaps another Einstein or a von Braun sits here pon- dering a trip to outer space. VM...- EDWARD C. KUDLAC Nativity Class Officer 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, History Club 3, 4, History Honor 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, RifIe Club 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. WILLIAM J. LATKOVIC St. Nicholas Band I, Cheerleader 3, Chess Club 3, Class Ofti- cer 4, History Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, History Honor 4, Sodal- ity 4, Student Council 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. 6' 7 EDWARD J. KUNCO S+. Aloysius Hall Guard 4, Library Stal? 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Servers Society 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Troian News 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. ROBERT M. LAZOR S+. Aloysius Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society 3, 4, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, Science Honor 4, Stage Crew 4, Trojan News 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. DAVID J. KRENN Most Holy Name Dramatics 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, 4, Pro- iectionists Club 4, Speech and Debate Club 2, Va- riety Show I, 4, Football Manager 3. ROBERT P. LACHER St. Ann Intramurals I, J u n io r Achievement 3, R if I e Club 3, Science Club 3, 4, Science Honor 3, 4, Soclality I, 2, 3, 4, Tro- jan News 3, 4. CHARLES H. LEFFLER St. Teresa Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor I, 2, 3, Science Club I, Sodality I, Variety Show I, 4. if . x JAMES J. KROHE S+. Boniface Cheerleader 3, 4, Class Officer I, 2, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 3, 4, National Honor 3, 4, Science Club 3, Servers Society I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, Variety Show 3, 4. 127 WILLIAM G. LACHER S+. Cyril Intramurals 2, J u n io r Achievement 3, Proiec- tionists Club 3, Radio Club I, Rifle Club 3, 4, Variety Show 3. RICHARD P. LEGLER S+. Francis Xavier Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN W. LEIBOLD Nativity History Club 3, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathe- matics Honor 4, National Honor I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 4, Trojan News 4, Va- riety Show I. ' in I all 4 EDWIN J. LEY Nativity Band I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, Variety Show 3, 4. I JOSEPH -F. LONG St. Francis Xavier Class Officer I, History Club 4, History Honor 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor I, 4, Serv- ers Society I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council I. JOHN C. LENNON S+. Joseph Class Otqicer I, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Troian News I, Variety Show I, 2. rv". JOHN E. LIPCHAK St. Gabriel History Club 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 4. C Vi . 4 ' 2 I 1 , gi- . 1 WILLIAM R. LISAC Annunciation Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, Stage Crew 4. .I iatlti 15 I GERMAN M. LOPEZ JOSEPH W. LOWRIE St. Mary S+. Joseph Dramatics 4, J u n io r Achievement 4, Mission Honor 4, Proiectionist Club 4, Sodality 4, Speech and Debate Club 4. Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society 2, 3, 4, RitIe Club 3, 4, Diocesan Art Award I, 2, 3. JOHN C. LOEBIG S+. Mary Intramurals I, 2, Projec- tionist Club 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Sodality 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. JAMES M. LUCAS S+. Ursula Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 4, Variety Show I. A - y L i il . ' H, 1 gi, n i . , V.-2" I N ' " rw 'X 12 , l :es M- wwf, . . 2,57 -in ,mari fflSL1i,3'l:. 1' 32.535 R t't MYRON L. McGARRY S'l'. Scholastica Bowling 2, 3, 4, Business Honor 3, 4, Class Officer I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Pro- iectionist Club 4, Science Honor 4. THOMAS W. MAJEWSKI St. John Cantius Business Honor 4, Chess Club 3, History Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4. 1960 - - DONALD T. McINTYRE Annunciation Football I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Variety Show 4. Joi-IN J. MAReueuo s+. cyan Choral Club 3, 4, Dra- matics 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Sodality 3, 4, Vari- ety Show 3, First Aid Course 3, Red Cross Rep- resentative 4, Bancl I. PAUL T. McCANN SI. Athanasis Dramatics 4, History Club 3, History Honor 4, Intra- murals 2, 3, Soclality 3, 4, Trojan News 3, Vari- ety Show 4. El' DENNIS W. MCKEVITT St. Francis Xavier Basketball I, Football -I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Mission Honor 4, St. John Vianney Club I, 2. -.'- f . ,,,,,., gg 3 i, C ANTHONY G. MARINOV S+.. Nicholas Intramurals 3. WILLIAM C. McCORMICK St. Edward Bancl I, Chess Club 3, 4, Choral Club 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, Junior Achieve- ment 3, Musart Society 2, Radio Club 2, 3, Sodality 3, Stage Crew 4, Variety Show 4. WILLIAM M. MAIESE St. Teresa Football I, 2, 3, 4, His- tory 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, Stage Crew 4. JOSEPH E. MARINZEL Nativity Business Honor 4, His- tory Club 3, 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 4, Christmas Show 2, 4. q. JAMES F. MARTIN St. Scholastica Band I, 2. WILLIAM P. MARTIN S+. Mary Band I, Chess Club 3: Choral Club 4, Class Offi- cer 4, History Honor 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Serv- ers Society 2, Sodality 2, 3, 4, Speech and Debate Club 4, Stage Crew 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. JOSEPH D. MICHELS Sf. Alphonsus Business Honor 3, 4, In- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4. TIMOTHY K. MARTIN Sf. Francis Xavier Hall Guard 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, Variety Show I. R HAROLD J. MAZZEI Madonna Business Honor 4, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Boxing Champ 2. EDWARD J. MIELNICKI Most Holy Name Intramurals I, 2, Musart Society 2, Troian News I, 2. ,404 cm' THOMAS J. MELICK Sf. Mary Intramurals I, 2, 3. DANIEL J. MILLER Most Holy Name Hall Guard 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL A. MEURER Most Holy Name Business Honor 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, Stage Crew 4. JOHN C. MILLER Annunciation Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 4, Mission Honor 4, Projec- tionist Club 4, Rifle Club 3, Sodality 4, Variety Show. ix Hull. 1 , ' 'I A fl I :av QQ , . F243 as . Mafia, Engineersl Draftsmenl Here were laid the foundations for the designers of future skyscrapers. JAMES E. MOORE All Saints Art Club 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society 2, 3, 4. 'x...s.i'l y f R' in xi xiii s ll . ,ji . RICHARD W. MULLANEY S+. Peter Chess Club 4, Dramatics 4, Intramurals I, 4, Jun- ior Achievement 4, Vari- ety Show I, 3, 4. LAWRENCE C. MOU L Nativity Class OFfIcer 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathe- matics Honor 4, National Honor 2, Variety Show 4. I . THOMAS R. MYERS St. Alphonsus Golf 4, Mathematics Hon- or 3, 4, Trojan News 3. JAMES D. MOMPER S+. Mary History Honor 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, Projection- ist Club 4, Servers Soci- ety I, Trojan News I, Variety Show I, 3, 4. ROBERT C. MOYEROFF Madonna Business Honor 4, Busi- ness Honor Representa- tive 4, Chess Club 3, His- tory Club 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Yearbook 4. SALVATORE A. NACCARATO Madonna Chess Club 3, 4, Hall Guard 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 2, Rifle Club 3, Yearbook 4. CHARLES W. MONPERE St. Ursula Class Omcer I, 2, Rifle Club 3, Science Honor 3, Science Club 3, Sodality I, 2, 3, Student Council I, 2. DENNIS E. MRAVINTZ SI. Mary Business Honor 4, Chess Club 3, Choral Club I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, History Club 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Soclality I, 3, Variety Show 4. JAMES L. NASON S+. Cyril Bowling 3, 4, Cheerlead- er I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Trojan News 4. WILLIAM J. NEILL St. Athanasius Hall Guard 3, 4, History Honor 3, Sodality I, 2, 3. RICHARD J. NEUROHR St. Mary Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 4, Servers So- ciety I, Variety Show 4. WALTER J. NIERI Sacred Heart Class Oljficer 2, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 4, Mathe- matics Honor 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, National Honor 4, Science Club 3, Sodality I, 2, Variety Show I, 4. Qt f MICHAEL O'MAHONY Annunciation Football 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. ANTHONY E. NOVALIS S+. Andrew Bowling 3, Cheerleader 4, Dramatics 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, Junior Achievement 4, Rifle Club 3, Variety Show 3. RAYMOND J. ONDEK s+. cyfai Choral Club 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. G- JOSEPH C. NOVOSEL S+. Francis Xavier History Club 3, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 2, Variety Show 4. GERALD A. PACE St. Cyril Bowling 3, 4, Choral Club 3, Dramatics 4, His- tory Club 3, History Hon- or 4, Intramurals 2, Tro- ian News 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 3. 'ii- .,-yi Qui .' If JOSEPH C. NUSSBAUM Sacred Heart Class Officer I, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, So- dality I, Student Council I. LOUIS A. PACK Regina Coeli Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. 1960 Brother Charles, S.M., our principal, gives forth with a few inspiring words at a ROBERT J. PAYER S+. Joseph Projectionist Club 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. JAMES R. PICARD St. Teresa Bowling 4, Intramurals I, Rifle Club 3, 4. Rosary Rally. 419' JAMES E. PEARCE S+. Teresa Class Ofticer 3, 4, History Honor 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. NORMAN T. PIVIROTTO S+. Leo History Club 4, lntramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathe- matics Honor 4. WAYNE J. PAPPERT St. Cyril Bowling 3, 4, Class Offi- cer 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Speech and Debate 4, Trojan News 4. FRANCIS D. PERLIK Most Holy .Name Art Club I, History Club 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society I, Projec- tionist Club I. JOHN O. PLATZER Nativity Cheerleader 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Class Officer 2, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Variety Show 4. 1' A :Q iq .3 x. lifts , f Yes: I f ,f'7P?EiEIsTi - ,1'i+rr,q:i::rf I .-" I f , f I GEORGE W. PATRICK St. Scholastica Chess Club 3, 4, Class Officer I, Classical Honor 2, 3, National Honor 4, Science Honor 3, Science Club 3, Speech and De- bate I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Trojan News 4. HORATIO J. PETROCELLY St. Athanasius Cheerleader 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achieve- ment 2, 4, Stage Crew 4, Variety Show 2, 4. RONALD E. PLESCO All Saints Choral Club I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 2, 3, 4, His- tory Club 3, 4, History Honor 3, 4, Library Club 2, Mission Honor I, So- dality I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES G. POPELKA St. Athanasius Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Class Ofhcer I, History Club 3, 4, His- tory Honor 3, 4, Intramu- rals 2, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Prefect 4, Speech and Debate Club 3, 4, Troian News I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4, Christmas Show 3, 4. SAMUEL J. PUSATERI Regina Coeli Class Oflicer 3, History Club 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist Club 4, Variety Show 4. DANIEL R. REED Annunciation Bowling 4, Intramurals 3, Junior Achievement 4. MICHAEL PROTZIK S+. Francis Xavier Chess Club 4, History Club 4, History Honor 4, Intramurals I, 2, 4, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, Variety Show 4. JOHN C. RAFFERTY St. Mary Chess Club 3, 4, Mathe- matics Honor 4, Mission Honor 4, Radio Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, Sodal- ity I, 4. PAUL B. REIBER Most' Holy Name Art Club I, Class Ofticer I, Classical Honor 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society I, Variety Show I. Q A . .., 'E :Y :E I -W: t F' DAVID M. RAGAN SI. Cyril Band I, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL R. REILLY Sacred Heart' Intramurals I, 3, 4. RAYMOND F. RAIBLE St. Ann Business Honor 4, His- tory Club 3, 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Variety Show 4. DONALD J. ROBBINS S+. Aloysius Business Honor 4, Chess Club 3, Classical Honor 3, History Club 3, 4, His- tory Honor 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Sodality I, Trojan News 3, 4, Variety Show 4. Eyes and ears are open to ge+ in every word 0+ an in+eres+ing lns+ruc+ion. la' S 5' it- ' , x., rs I 'SJ x I I RAYMOND C. ROMAN S+. Cyprian Business Honor 3, 4, ln- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pro- iectionist Club 4, Speech and Debate 3, 4. WILLIAM SCHERLE S+. An+l1ony Class Ofhcer 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4. ROBERT C. RYCHERT S+. Francis Xavier Bowling I, Chess Club 3, Class Officer I, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor 4, Science Club 3, 4, Science Honor 3, 4, SOCIEIIIIY I, 2, 3, 4, Speech and Debate 2, Troian News 3, 4. GEORGE R. SCHEURING Mos+ Holy Name Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, Musart Society 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, Variety Show 4, Christ- mas Show 3, 4. CARL M. ROGAL S+. Francis Xavier Band I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 2, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist Club 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. -1'--I its GEORGE J. SACCO S+. Edward Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. RO BERT A. SCHLOSSER S+. Teresa Class Of+Icer I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. WENDEL A. ROJIK S+. Wenceslaus Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Class OFtIcer I, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, Musart I, 2, Sodality I, Variety Show 4. ' 2: , it li If I , . ri'13gS"i"f5"' . . 'ill ,HT if 7 ,F Y ' "f 'I " '7 . JAMES R. SCHAEFER S+. A+l1anasius Chess Club 4, Proiection- ist Club 4. r 4 RICHARD C. SCHMIDT S+. Cyril Bowling 4, Hall Guard 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Science Honor 4. KARL W. SCHMITT St. Athanasius Cheerleader 3, 4, Class Olnlicer I, 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 4, Mission Honor 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Science Honor 3, Soclality I, 2, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4 CPresiclentD, Troian News I, 2, 3, Variety Show 3, 4. ROBERT M. SCHOMBURGER St. Mary Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Pro- iectionist Club 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. JAMES F. SEIDL Annunciation Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Vianney Club 3. x ANTHONY E. SCHOEDEL St. Alphonsus Cheerleader 4, Chess Club 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Junior Achievement 3, Variety Show 4. GARY M. SCHROEDER Annunciation Chess Club 3, Intramu- rals I, 3, Mission Honor I, Soclality I, 2, Stage Crew 4, Variety Show 4. FRANK M. SIATKOSKY St. Anthony Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. UTIL x,,, THOMAS A. SCHROEFFEL Most Holy Name Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 4, National Honor I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I. KENNETH E. SIBIC S+. Peter JAMES P. SCHUTZMAN St. Cyprian Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES B. SIMS S+. Leo Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Business Honor 4, Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4. 1960 A hilarious time is had as another rally in preparation for a football game is held. . 'N ,.. .thy 4' ,s ! . . If Ri, , M , A V I, fluff. Il Y 2 . i.?'is Q , f 'A 2 RAYMOND H. SMITH St. Scholastica Chess Club 3, 4, Drama- ics 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 4, Science Club 3, Variety Show 3, 4. LEONARD C. SPLANE Most- Holy Name Business Honor 4, Dra- matics 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. -I 5 -' 55 if RONALD A. SMITH Most Holy Name Art Club I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4. VERNER J. SPOHN St. Mary Choral Club 3, 4, Hall Guard 3, 4, History Club 3, 4, History Honor 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, Projec- tionist Club 3, Rifle Club 3, Yearbook 4, Variety Show 3, 4. EDWARD J. SKIRTICH S'l'. Mary Baseball 4, Bowling 2, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4. I n a I . 'iii fs M , I 'I 3, DONALD L. SNELSIRE St. Peter Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. RONALD G. STAMPER Most Holy Name Business Honor 4, Choral Club 3, Dramatics 4, His- tory Club 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. Aria .. A . , 5- .-fl . . fx -f .If tif, XXX 5 X A I .X JOSEPH F. SKROCKI St. Ambrose Chess Club 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor I, Sodality I, 2, Stage Crew 4, Variety Show 4. FRANK S. SPEHAR St. Nicholas Chess Club 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, Proiectionist Club 4, Variety Show 4. KENNETH L. STANDER Assumption Football I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Science Honor 3, Variety Show I. JAMES A. STANDISH Ascension Basketball I, 2, Class Ofticer 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS A. STEINER St. Atlianasius Class OFHcer I, 2, 4, Dramatics 3, History Honor 3, Intramurals I, 2, Mission Honor I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, Trojan News 3, Variety Show I, 4, Federation Represen- tative I, 2, 3, 4. .X j I NORMAN E. STONE Nativity Bookstore Service 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 2, Speech and Debate Club I. 5 A I Q? . ROGER T. STEIN S+. Edward Chess Club 3, 4, Intra- murals 2, 3, 4, Mathe- matics Honor 3, Photog- raphy Club I, 2, Science Club 3, 4, Science Honor 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Trojan News 3, 4, Year- book I, 2, Variety Show 4. EDWARD C. STEPHANY S+. Leo Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. 'SJ' JOHN A. STRAKA St. Gabriel Chess Club 4, Choral Club I, Dramatics 3, 4, Golf 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 4, National Honor 3, Trojan News 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. Q .. 5 -9" 4 Y 1. . lj. f:,jj,i..xx X. Ethjijj GEORGE J. STERZINGER St. Athanasius Chess Club 3, 4, Class Officer 3, History Club 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 3, 4, Science Club 3, Sodality I, 2, Speech and Debate Club 2, Trojan News 3. . gf , 4 . 526 V 5 ,I f 55' L ". " ' " '. .4-if I FF., KENNETH E. STRASSER St. Cyprian Choral Club 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 3, 4, Trojan News 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. 30' JOHN L. STOEHR St. Teresa Golf 4, Intramurals 4. .pgs 4 RAYMOND F. STRAUSS St. Ambrose Band I, 2, 3, 4, Business Honor 4, History Honor 4, Trojan News 4, Vari- ety Show 3, 4, Christmas Show 3, 4. Everyone seems to be intent on the successful outcome ot a serious experiment in the physics laboratory. QQ ROBERT J. STREIT St. Andrew Class Otticer I, 2, His- tory Club 3, 4, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Troian News 3, 4. it x I I a RICHARD E. SUKITSCH Most Holy Name Baseball 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, 4. . ,. is xxx -.-xi E . I U 1 - ,val fi.g2"2, I 41 if-.ii i if .1-? wfgivajf .3 5 .' :1'i.f fi? , 1- L ., ,fs 3 - f..f- f-.- ng 4 FELIX R. STRATER Ascension Band I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, History Honor 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4. 'cf as ' -Sr I fi' 2 , JOSEPH W. STRUEBER RICHARD E. St. Bonaventure SUCHACEK Bowling 3, 4. 'K' WILLIAM A. SUTTERLIN St. Leo Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Variety Show I. St. Wenceslaus Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Honor 3, 4, National Honor I, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 4. s i , , J- .ii I 5 JOHN J. SWEENEY St. Sebastian Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathe- matics Honor 3, 4, Na- tional Honor 2, 3, 4, Sodality 4, Variety Show I, 4. 4s'.' THOMAS N. STREIFF All Saints I f m I C.. Q1 as I I y t R . L JAMES P. SUKITS Most Holy Name Basketball I, Class Otiti- cer I, Football I, His- tory Club I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard I. WILLIAM P. SWEENEY St.Josepl1 Art Club I, 2, Chess Club 3, 4, Library Staff 2, 3, 4, Musart Society 2, So- dality 2, 3. DAVID J. TAICLET St. Andrew Hall Guard 2, Intramu- rals I, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4. Go un- KENNETH J. TEVIS Annunciation FRANCIS A. TOKAR St. Sebastian Business Honor 4, Chess Club 3, Football I, 2 History Club 4, History Honor 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Servers Society I, Variety Show I, 3, 4, Christmas Show'4. ROBERT J. TEDESCO St. Leo Cheerleader 3, 4, lntra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Mathe- matics Honor 3, 4, Serv- ers Society I, Troian News 3, 4, Variety Show 3, 4. X Q- JOHN F. THOMAS St. Ann Intramurals 3, Musart So ciety I, 2, Sodality 3, 4 Trojan News 3, 4. . .3 I V 'I .N ffl. S Iii! Q Q x 'I 375 t iii? 'f 1 I sf . csv. . fir? 3 RALPH A. THUNELL Assumption Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: J u n io r Achievement I, Mission Honor 3, Projec- tionist Club 3, Soolality I, Yearbook 4. ...V jg' rl J'-I. I """ If ,, y- 7 , 3 I t' RICHARD L. ULEWICZ CHARLES J. VALOSIO St. Mary Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 4. Most Holy Name '0- R .' 4 iw 1, I gift, 6 Q '-Xi 5.13 RR, ' fftthiim GREGORY TISHKY Most Holy Name Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. Q ,fi r ,.4?eg t l I I I FRANK E. VAN RYN St. Teresa Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. 1960 After a hard morning's work, what is more inviting than a wholesome meal. ROBERT P. VINSKI All Saints Bowling I, Intramurals I 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 4I as K' Q e 1 I t It I 352. S ff' . 4' PAUL W. WAGENER St. Teresa Chess Club 3, Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Science 3, 4, Sci- ence Honor 3, 4, Trojan News 3, 4, Westinghouse Program 4. J" ffm - kiwi ' " X ,EQ lwtizi 5-Q, '1-. ,.- arf-f1,W,' .C - -:.- -4. 1"-r.. ""'a ' '9 ""tf'2," ... ' ROBERT M. VISOKEY Assumption Chess Club 3, 4, Class Officer I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Honor 4, National Honor I, 2, 3, .4, Radio Club 4, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, Science Honor 3, 4, Sodality I, Q X '. fs. x I DENNIS T. WALLACE S+. Joseph Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Musart Society 4. fe, it-4 , Ag, ,Q-I .fig 'X SQQQRII 1 PERRY C. VANTINE St. Peter Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH E. VOGRIN Annunciation Bowling 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4. ii N- GERARD G. WALTERS St. Mary l JOHN P. VAUGHN St. Andrew Class Oflficer I, 2, 4, Dra- matics 4, Intramurals I 2, 3, 4. . , x so X Q EDWARD M. VRANA SI. Boniface Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Vari- ety Show 3, 4. PAUL T. WASILEWSKI Sf. Cyril Bowling 3, 4, Intramurals I, Stage Crew 4, Variety Show 4. I gy I as 11,-,F . HEH: . W, ,ss ' I , 2 1 211-i, Trix if is Sta .X. 1 1 Q' 1 RONALD L. WEHRHEIM Most Holy Name Business Honor 45 Vari- ety Show 4 Christmas Show 4 i i WILLIAM J WINDISCH St Teresa Chess Club 3 History Club 3 4 Hnstory Honor 4 lntramuralsl Radno Club 2 3 RnfIe Club 3 also ROBERT F WURZER All Sannts Bowlung 4 6 I X, X ss ks X X 1 KENNETH G. WEISMANN St. Mary Bowllng 2 3 4 History Club 3 4 Intramurals I 2 3 4 Prolectlonnst Club 3 4 Stage Crew 3 4 Trogan News 3 4 Var: ety Show 3 4 :SWF 1' JOHN H WOISTMAN S+ Scholastuca Bownng I 2 3 4 Chess Club 3 4 Class Oficer Intr murals I 2 Junnor Achievement 3 4 Mnsslon Honor 3 4 Sc: ence Club 3 Sodalnty I 2 3 4 Speech and De bate Club 3 KENNETH R WYMAN of Afhanaslus Club I 2 C or Clubl Intramurals I 2 3 4 Mathematics Honor 4 Musslon Honor 4 Mus art Society I 2 Science Club 3 4 Scrence Honor 3 Variety Show I 4 rn- DAVID A. WELSH St. Ambrose Chess Club 35 Class OFFI- cerl lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Progectuonlst Club 4 Radlo Club 2 Scuence Club 3 4 Sclence Honor 3 4 Trolan News 3 Yearbook 4 We 'xx RICHARD S WOJNAR Sl' Joseph Intramurals 2 3 4 V ruety Show 4 ' A 4 1 5.4- JOHN R. WILSON St. Teresa AVI Club 3j Football I5 ramurals I 2 Musart Society 2 3 Tro lan News 3 4 Vanety Show 4 GERALD O WUNDERLY S+ Ambrose Classrcal Honor 2 lntra rals I 4 nal Honor I 2 3 Science Club 3 4 Sc: ence Honor 3 4 Trolan News 3 4 ROBERT L YESKE SI' Boniface ass Omcer I otball I 2 3 4 n rnuralsl 2 3 4 Mission Honor 4 Student Council 'ww 16' L3 wifi JOHN N YOCHUM S+ Aloysuus Band I Intramurals I 2 3 4 Radio Club 2 CI ence Club 3 Servers So c I 2 3 4 Var: y Show I 4 I I ' , , 5 A 1 , , , lI'IT , , 3, Aj ' 1 f 1 I I I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ' 1 1 '- 1 1 1 I ' T , It 1 6' ' r x X . N 'Y' ' l N- 'W at 1 f gr 1 1-4. X , ki' C , . I 0 ' I I 1 1 r I I 1 I a' ' , 1 , 1 ' . ' 5 - 1 1 .li 6 1 13141 mu , 2, 3, 5 Na- 1 1 - 1 1 tio , , , 4, 1 1 ' . , j ' I 1 , g I 1 1 ' , . ' . ' if. - 1 I - ' ls 1. ' 1. 4659: g I '- -my 'ff X I ' P I l 0 l . AFI , j l"I al , 2, 31 I , , 1 1 1 FO 1 1 1 1 l TVB- 1 1 1 5 - I I 1 1 1 f 1 ' 1 1 - p :ety , , , 5 et , 1 4. , . 1 1 1 1 - Senior Honor Group Serving as true models and exponents ot the ex- cellence ot the education atoforded by North Catholic, these tour-year honor students have combined ability, perseverance, and hard work to excell in their intel- lectual pursuits. They have managed to rise to the high standards required by North Catholic and prove that they are men ot exceptional caliber. 9. A ,, yt lil 5? g, R . K, 'ff wz,35,,,! l t SEATED: R. Rychent, J. Frederick, A, Kamper, P. Wagener STANDING: R. DiPasquaIe, G. Wunderly. G. Patrick, R Visolrey, J. Leibold. Inspired I9 those before Iu O O O ALL SAINTS CHURCH Rev. Francis M. Hoffman, Paslor Rev. William P. McAnclrew Rev. Francis H. Gallagher QE A K mx ' 4 'XX x 'xxx xx. thx if ew .N Ya 3-15 km!! wks 'Wi .RQN .II-'21 R PYT' ' C- ' M5 QVS DOMmvx UUWTK 'kg' ET NTQGUH VHITVS UV' V -' ' ' Sz"""" Hey- "M N """"ff""" . ,L L 5 1 ' ' K N -. Q . ,ff l ' , L- '56 W2 - ' gm 7 A Hiding' ?wN' - K ,wi T V ..x. - -. Q.. , 'hai :V- I 5 k i L 1 A a? : :li .U N. t , Tit -J '21 - bln- ' K I 0 4 KAN -114 ather Frani Thomas Streiff ' cs M. Hoffman and UNDERCLASSES WHEN vve, as seniors of North Catholic, left our Alma Mater we did it with the conviction that its name and traditions rested and were vested in good hands. Our mission accomplished, the underclassmen took our place worthily. They are now the base of activity. They are the fluid of life circulating through the arteries of the school. With their cooperation the future activities of North will be well sup- ported. We recognize the value of our underclassmen and the services which they performed in making our stay at North Catholic enioyable. X XJ'-4 , H7 l if T if l. l.. 'N 9 FRONT ROW: T. SiIverbIaH', G. Korinsky, J. Burns, W. Fiizgerald. SECOND ROW: R. CoII, J. KapoIIca, F. Cameron, D. Hoover. THIRD ROW: T. Kudes, N. O'Connor, A. Suflic, F. Weniger, R. MiIIer. FOURTH ROW: D. Baumgariner, C. Polivka, J. Mracna, J. AI- mara, J. Smi+Iw, D. LaMor+e. FIFTH ROW: R. LoveII, B. Barr, R. Bamrick, T. Rich, K. Treleani. SIXTH ROW: H. Connors, G. Baier, J. Zupko, J. Chiaramonfe, K. Lech- war, J. S'I'ocIcer+. SEVENTH ROW: M. MarIcI, D. Hunf, T. Barry, R. Meiser, T. Bara+ka. EIGHTH ROW: R. Wag- ner, D. Kremer, D. Bauman, J. Szczypinsixi, R. Masur, E. Markovich. ABSENT: W. Eisenfraui. 9 FRONT ROW: J. Herwafic, B. Rooney, R. O'LougI1Iin, M. Bida, J. McNally, A. Amelio, J. Simon, S. Calderaro, R. Caridi. SECOND ROW: J. SIcir+icIi, R. Mravinec, J. Flick, M. Schusier, L. Downing, J. Buckley, M. Audley L. Cufler. THIRD ROW: J. Duffy, T. Holihan, B. Sfupy D. HoIIein, J. Cavanaugh, R. Nolan, J. Waclawski, A Pavlovic, J. Gergar. FOURTH ROW: J. Wolak, A Blumberg, J. Profe+a, W. Scalzo, W. McCIosIcey, C. Cos- +eIIo, L. In+rieri, M. O'Lear. FIFTH ROW: T. Cavan- augh, W. Bes+erman, D. CavIovic, S. Machosky, R. Pres- co++, D. S+anford, J. BUFKITGFI, C. Erb. ABSENT: J Baumgariner. X FRONT ROW: D. Haggerfy, D. Hoza, J. Lugar, D. Thomas. SECOND ROW: L. DePaoIi, R. Kowalewski, T. SCI-iufzman, P. Nisfico, T. VybriaI, W. Weismann. THIRD ROW: R. DeBIasio, C. Fi'rzpa+ricIc, D. MouI, J. AppeI, M. Boyd. FOURTH ROW: E. Cushanik, T. Wiuife, J. Shedno, D. Marciniak, D. Keel, R. Langer. FIFTH ROW: R. Purpich, J. McAIIis+er, J. Hammond, J. Pusa+eri, D. Ferrari. SIXTH ROW: C. Frank, W. SucI1ocIupsIci, T. Jurecko, D. Jonischek, L. Missini, J. FIory. SEVENTH ROW: H. GIavin, T. Conaboy, C. Sabolovic, W. Sieber, R. Murphy. EIGHTH ROW: R. Jacoby, J. Ferraro, R. Walker, M. Gabria, M. Lorenzo, R. Can+eIIa. FRONT ROW: J. Nudi, M. Evans, C, Weber, D. Di- Dona+o, J. Jones, W. Fair, J. Fidale, L. Rourke. SEC- OND ROW: L. Green, J. McFarIand, R. MiIIer, D. Phil- Iips, T. Geier, A. Skornicka, R. Jones, J. Repko. THIRD ROW: J. Dorsch, J. S+anchic, S. Rubacky, B. Messmer, A. Wolczanski, C. Zoffer, R. Kochick, D. WundcrIy, T. WI1aIen. FOURTH ROW: C. Sassano, D. Blum, R. Bleil, T. Oswald, T. Gaer+ner, W. Schalienbrand, T. Callahan, R. Friday. FIFTH ROW: D. Preski, J. HaIIer, J. Maloney, B. BecI1+oId, R. Ober, W. Boucek, E. VuIaIrovic, R. Marek, J. Monieverde. K ,pg X I s 5 g, .vs RX fi 9 se, V 'f 5 Z X , 'S ly 'N In ' 5 tix QQ 'Q YL 1" Mas y Q A Mlm . - , - 5. . ' 6 K . Q, y w- . I' It x E -E? 15 5 Q w '4 10 FRONT ROW: M. Thompson, A. Consfanlini, J. Marx J. Docherfy, J. Riley. SECOND ROW: D. Donafelli, G Miller, T. Baizelc, D. Haidulx, A. McTighe, R. Kiefer, D Rooney. THIRD ROW: T. Billingsley, W. Novakovic, E Juhascilr, E. Meiner+, R. Haas, F. Naderhoff, J. Sabina H. Blanlcer. FOURTH ROW: P. Manor, G. Readal, G Geary, W. An+hony, M. Ceiler, R. Meyer, G. Boucelc FIFTH ROW: R. Roiik, T. Rodman, J. Doclaro, L. Szy- lrowny, R. Ernsf, R. Luiz, P. Waller, F. Maraden. 10 FRONT ROW: R. Kraus, D. Bach, R. Washelx, F. Gable. SECOND ROW: F. Obers+, S. Kaminslci, P. Smi+h, R. Slamper. THIRD ROW: J. Froehlicher, M. Roberfs, S. Pololxa, D. Zelilc, J. Weidner. FOURTH ROW: A. Auf- man, L. Wa+esIna, A. Tarasi, F. Thomas, R. Schroeffel, R. Boehm. FIFTH ROW: J. Holohan, F. Conaboy, R. Kijow- slci, J. Monohan, J. Keay. SIXTH ROW: V. Cirocco, R. Mangone, A. Gray, R. Farina. SEVENTH ROW: R. Viney, L. Cynkar, K. Andiorio, P. Mafessa, E. Leahy. 51 M Q .337 xv if K' ' 6? :N ? Q 5 anna! . I 4 . ' 232 f , ,A vii EI., vial -, Q y mg ., fs- M, K if Y I S I 2 I K Q 2 A f 1 4 Gr K D Y? ' mg! Q 'Q T' 'z 3 5' 1 .S I ' V T ! f W Q6 V FRONT ROW: R. Toia, C. Giger, J. KIinefeI+er, R Singer. SECOND ROW: D. Greer, R. Klueber, J Eppley, T. Neusch, J. Nilclaus. THIRD ROW: D. Lyons D. Ludwig, F. Taciuch, T. Wolf, T. Worsen, R. Harlmann FOURTH ROW: W. Thomas, J. Cvelniclc, E. King, D Marx, R. Michels. FIFTH ROW: J. Balkovec, J. Bubarih C. Weiherer, R. Wolf, R. LaH'a, G. Schafer, R. Dzubinski SIXTH ROW: A. Scheuring, W. Klinger, P. McCauley G. Rossmonl, J. Lurfringer, R. Lewis. SEVENTH ROW W. Poniafowslci, R. Deluga, K. Karasinslci, R. Beaffy, F Rausch. EIGHTH ROW: A. Lelinslci, B. Bubar+h, R Mihm, G. Friday, R. Siiscak, T. Jones. ABSENT: R Ullman. FRONT ROW: G. McGough, M. Copclin, M. Recfen- walcl, J. Hudalc, D. Mushenheirn, L. Harnm, P. Gallagher, K. Grufer. SECOND ROW: W. Guina, E. Musilli, K. Gaerlner, R. Krebs, G. Sperl, J. Giarclina, E Ballrovcc, J. Boniclcy. THIRD ROW: G. Bogel, M. Bucelc, R. Mesiano, J. Aland, P. McGraiI, N. Scanlon, J. Brungo, L. Farina, R. Maqer. FOURTH ROW: R. Zahren, K. Wafers, J. Depp, W. Roos, F. Kirner, G. Wallcauslcas, J. Healy, R. Schaper. FIFTH ROW: R. Beclri, S. Trybus, M. Smolxo- vich, J. Maier, R. Meyer, D. Depp, H. McGinn, L. Mag- asano, E. Suchma. ABSENT: J. Giunfa. I I , I -4 f' vm Q, IEE? . f ' ffgi- If ,fef-is 6 - 3: ' i f - 5 if, ' ' ' 1- ' 1 ' , " I I 9 5113 v Q 9 ' H Q - f .1 5 , we S 7 71 Q A f 2? Q va' ' megyb f J B '1 f a I is 1: 0 ' uv F xg' NG' K xg s 1 I 1 N Q I ma, I ' 113 .E . I i I ,L I ' 1 3 I fi , .v if 5' I ! , f 3 V 1 A is if xy,: , 1 gn M, we i 15 V Y- ' ' 'mr 2- IJ 1 mg 'Af ., x, ,ir 5 ga? ,jg 3 5 Sw ag? 351 QW ? 30 f--v' .4 0, L 1 FRONT ROW: J. Laughlin, H. Grundler, M. Cammarala, P. Bizub. SECOND ROW: P. BarnI1ar+, R. Jesleadl, D. Reilly, P. Gropelli, E. Ferfig. THIRD ROW: D. Vinski, M. Russo, J. Morrissey, J. ScI1miH, L. Schinclel, R. Kul- rufis. FOURTH ROW: J. Kraviclw, J. Colberl, J. Heri- weck, J. Sommer, T. Cimperman. FIFTH ROW: S. Kozlowski, F. Kuiawa, T. Hcinrz, W. Grcincr. SIXTH ROW: R. Kummer, J. Skipper, E. Pu+cI1, J. Schubcri, T. Przywiioski, J. Kopala. SEVENTH ROW: W. DeI.uca, W. Heinfzinger, M. Carney, D. Milwm, R. Ingram. EIGHTH ROW: J. Munsclw, R. Jezak, E. Vifunic, J. Frey- voqel, J. Plavan, H. Hewleii. FRONT ROW: M. Schoedcl, R. Niklaus, D. Rombacli, E. Cunningham, G. Bruggeman, R. Fiedler, E. Goral. SECOND ROW: E. Wokuich, O. Broz, J, Burke, J. Slel- mak, W. Wesl, W, Cecclwini, F. Reif, R. Marinov. THIRD ROW: P. Ferraro, J. ScI'1erIe, P. Sclrmweiger, J. Lazur, J. Davis, M. Roeper, F. Jacoby. FOURTH ROW: D. Ko- rade, D. Cofler, P. Mullin, R. Radzyminski, W. Mc- Ginly, W. Flynn, J. Beck, J. Ra'rI1ke. FIFTH ROW: J. Masur, B. Auber, J. Sclwurer, E. Byrne, C. Mares, R. Kirk. rim I 11 FRONT ROW: R. Davis, T. Filip, R. FicI1+er. SECOND ROW: W. Hufchison. S. Janaszek, J. Bierer, R. Grech, J. Eberle. THIRD ROW: A. Tucke, R. Carlisle, C. Sweifzer, R. GiIman. FOURTH ROW: C. Younger, J. Merry, J. Sfalfer, B. Mikelas, R. WoIny. FIFTH ROW: J. UI1Ier, A. Langer, M. Melle, J. Vacek, G. Helgerman. SIXTH ROW: R. GucIcer+, R. Rengers, M. BurkI1ar+, B. Nowak. SEVENTH ROW: G. Enie, J. Crawford, I.. See- +I1aIer, D. TiIIiIie, T. Liska. EIGHTH ROW: J. BrusI'1, W. Graham, R. Korinsky, J. DiBucci. ABSENT: T. Lowe, J. Schubert 11 FRONT ROW: R. Brunner, H. ScI1midI, L. Hryfzik, J Saxin er, J. Leo, S. Leo, A. Zopank, W. Clark. SEC- 9 OND ROW: J. Sobolak, D. Alfmyer, R. Pudo, W. Sefick F. Vybiral, R. MiIIer, J. Conway, THIRD ROW: J. Parks E Simmons R Ber er T La +on T Sniadach W Leder- . , . g , . y , . , . brink, M. Mayer, G. LuI'z. FOURTH ROW: J. Ouafman R. Froehlich, R. Wenzel, J. New, N. Capo, A. Miller, T Cas+eIIo, R. Smi+I1, R. Smykal. FIFTH ROW: J. Hyschak J. Gally, J. Faub, G. Briggs, W. Rue++gers, J. Lofink R. Cafon, F. Balkovec. Honors THREE-YEAR HONOR STUDENTS FRONT ROW: E. Ballrovec, K. Gaerl- ner, P. Gallagher, J. Giun'I'a, F. Kirner, R. Krebs. SECOND ROW: J. Maier, R. Mesiano, D. Mushenheim, W. Roos, J. Scherle, K. Wafer. ABSENT: J. Brungo. ONE-YEAR HONOR STUDENTS FRONT ROW: N. Baker, F. Cameron, J. Chrisiy, E. Cushaniclc, E. Danis, M. Hayden D. Heidenreich, W. Hergenroecler, R. Hollfgraver, D. Hoza. SECOND ROW: T. Jur eclro, A. Kehren, R. Lu+z, S. Machoslry, A. Maurer, R. McKenna, P. Oleiniczak, R. Pefre J. Pohl, R. Racke. THIRD ROW: T. Readal, W. Scalzo, J. Smonslxey, C. Spih, J Sfeinmelz, F. Sullivan, D. Thomas, W. Thomas, J. Tronlxo, D. Zwigart ABSENT: J. Mc Nally, T. Whalen. TWO-YEAR HONOR STUDENTS FRONT ROW: T. Baizelr, H. Blanker, A. Cons+an+ini, J. Doclaro, R. Erns+, R. Luiz, P. Manor, F. Maraden. SECOND ROW: A. McTighe, E. Meineri, R. Meyer, F. Naclerhoff, R. Rojllc, J. Sa- l I bina, P. Waller, A. Wierzbowsld. l Be not solitar , be not idle' NATIVITY CHURCH dA H hPSfor R GI T C nor Nlif' J 5 n T' A Father Edward A. Heinrich and Joh Leibold '6O. SCHUUL LIFE THE exTRA-cuRRicuLAi2 projects at North Catholic were a preparation for the hobby, the vocational and the spiritual aspects of life. This information and development of the full character was an aid which will serve the individual, not only now, but throughout his life. The diversity of the activities, from the Chess Club to the Sodality, from the Newspaper to the Speech and Debate Club, assured each student that he will End his field of interest. These combined with the ex- cellent academic training at North Catholic to make the well-rounded personality. X ,-- " K 2 I' 1' V S. ,ffl -J' ' X , il, f X l X X NJ L Z R-,hd One ot the senior groups Intent on spiritual reading during the retreat Retreat . . . to regain the true spirit Annually the students ot North Catholic with draw from the world for three days of silent seeking tor the answers to their own particular spiritual prob lems. Hearing Mass daily, going to confession and receiving Holy Communion, they dig down deep into their hearts, talk with God in a very special way, medi tate upon His goodness, and realize their own short comings With the excellent guidance of Marianist retreat masters the atmosphere is meditative inspir ing and conducive to intense love of the Creator No doubt at this time all Northmen fully appreciate the opportunity of a thorough Catholic education and ask God to generously bless their parents teachers and others whose sacrifices make this a reality 7 fy The underclassmen determined not to miss a word of advice from their retreat master. , ixx it '63 I Q if 21, .. vi'-ag-f 4 1-fi jf, 5 -TVN I.. ""f Liv? I" J A 47.1, 'N X734 s . F, Fa+her Phslllp Hoelle S M lmpar+s +he Papal Benedlchon un- Q erclass re+rea+ masfer, cha+s Fafher Joseph Schleleln S M dis- . that we may be made worthy Realizing that total consecration to Mary can find adequate expression only in whole- hearted dedication of self to serving man- that is, to man's salvation-the Sodalist, so helpless alone, combines his efforts with an apostolic organization. Essentially a mem- ber of a lay group geared to meet the high- est student needs, the Marianist Sodalist en- deavors first to develop himself into the whole Christian man. He comes to grips with the very vocation God gave him as a student, but simultaneously he must fight for the sanctifi- cation-and consequently the salvation-of his Father Joseph Schielein, 'ax xtx neighbor. What the Marianists do as reli- gious, their Sodalists pledge themselves to do as students and as laymen working and battling in the same army of Mary. These are the Church's lay leaders of today and tor tomorrow. They are "lVlarianists with colored ties." They are other troops fighting the enemy on the field vvhere only students can penetrate. Four years at North Catholic have been more than a mere preparation for the next few years. They have been practicing the living ofthe full Christian lite. S.M., presided at the annual Sodality installation. G W 4 b 7 The students' "Living Rosary" in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The vision of Father Chaminade at Saragossa was an insight into leadership among all classes of people. Each sodalist or potential leader served under the shield of the Immaculate Virgin. Students were in the great pageant this 19th Century Apostle and Servant of Mary viewed-and yet, no student was to be accepted for his own sake alone. In Marianist tradition each student is educated in view of the person he will daily influence in his proper environment. Brother Frank Modica, S.M., leads a sodality dicsussion group. Father John Dickson, S.M., Sodality Moderator of the Cincinnati Province addresses the Sodalists. 2 E p V . 4.- 'J f Ca JUNIOR sonmsrs FRONT ROW: M. Russo, R. Wolney, P. Gallagher, M. Cammara+a, F. Spreng, T. Filip, J. Laughlin, M. Copelin, K. Gaerfner, J. Becker. SEC- OND ROW: W. Flynn, J. Giunla, K. Waiers, E. Ballcovec, F. Kuiawa, D. Kravich, N. Scanlon, L. Sweeney, J. Brungo. THIRD ROW: J. Davis, R. Kirk, R. Fich+er, J. Finn, D. Mihm, J. Smerslcy, F. Hanley, G. Reslcey, E. Vi+unic. FOURTH ROW: K. Kirner, W. Rodgers, R. Marlin, K. Harris, H. McGinn, G. Ko+linslci, M. Carney, J. Brush, J. Cleary. ABSENT: R. Beclci, G. Bogel. xi SENIOR SODALISTS FRONT ROW: D. Donafelli, D. Scanlon, R. S'I'amper, R Singer, J. Marx, D. Lombardo, R. Washek, G. Jusius, R Toia, D. Bach, C. Woku+ch. SECOND ROW: J. Froehlicher T. Baizek, J. Wind, R. LaHa, R. Boehm, R. Dona+elIi, R. Bab- iack, P. Smifh, L. O'ConneII, F. Marchese. THIRD ROW: G Rooney, F, Mesick, W. Cichoski, E. Obersl, R. Kiefer, W Novakovic, M. Roberfs, L. Knoebel, J. Holohan, M. Wisniew- ski, D. Rooney. FOURTH ROW: R. Schroeffel, E. Ward, H Blanker, R. Heim, R. Dzubinski, W. Sibenac, J. Hughes, H Woiciechowski, F. Rausch, T. Billingsley. FIFTH ROW: R. Lewis, P. Waller, A. Gray, W. An+hony, R. Nickel, P. Maf- essa, R. Mangone, R. Meyer, R. Sponfak, E. Leahy. SENIOR SODALISTS FRONT ROW: W. Windisch, R. Rycher+, J. Frederick, J. Marguglio. SECOND ROW: R. Plesco, W. Nieri, K. Weismann, C. Popelka, J. Loebig. THIRD ROW: S. Lopez, A. Kamper, R. Slein, R. Lacher. ABSENT: P. McCann, J. Long, R. Mullaney, A. Gorup. T' Brofher Edward Carey, S.M., checks college requiremenfs wifh E. Riclce'Hs. I ' .F ., 2 lg Ai ri ,.Y - L 1 'FRS X ,M .,- - P' Brofher Frank Modica, S.M., helps R. BeaHy selecf courses. Docior Howard McGinn helps Paul Wagener fill in a college applicafion. , 's 'rf' Bro+her Paul Dwyer, S.M., goes over a guidance ques+ion- naire wifh J. Gill. Mr. James Zahren discusses abilifies in a guidance session. 39"- eel FRONT ROW: J. Bilotta, D. Brown, D. Rombach, J. Knuth, H. Glavin, L. O'Connell, J. Rooney, R. Friday, H. Petrocelly, K. Guter. SECOND ROW: W. Latlcovic, R. Schroeftel, G. Patrick, K. Schmitt, D. Foley, R. Yeslce, C. Popellca, E. Bal- lcovec, D. Mihm, W. Scherle. THIRD ROW: H. Blanlcer, J. Frole, J. Costa, J. Wyzkoslri, F. Hughes, W. Roiilr, G. Dees R. Stiscalr, E. Ricketts, R. Prescott, M. O'Mahony. ABSENT: B. Thomas, C. Vaughn, E. Ward, J. Brush, T. Castello. Student Council The Social Committee of the Student Council was composed exclusively ot seniors from the various homerooms. lt planned and worked the monthly dances, the dances atter the basketball games, the Senior Party, and the Senior Prom. Greater attendance at all these events bespoke their success. Many an hour was spent in discussing and planning the enter- tainment, the refreshments, the decorations. Very many hours vvere spent in decoraing the gym, always with a different touch, under Brother John Keegan's inspiration. Furthermore, many hours were given to proper amplification ot sound under Brother Charles Gausling's direction. The Student Council, comprised of representa- tives from the homerooms and various activities, con- stantly strove toward its goal-an ever better school. The council met every other week. The service ot the council consisted of positive actions, some being deti- nite single items, but much ot its work was moral support and leadership in the various school activities. Outstanding achievements were: the exchange stu- dent program, the operation of the school bank, dances after basketball games, recognition of out- standing student leaders, chartered busses tor the games, "Monogram Day," and better attendance at chapel services. Social Committee Sl TTING: R. Yeslce, W. Scherle, W. Fischer, E. Kneze- vich, K. Schmitt. STANDING: .. ser, G. Dees, J. Costa, T. " Heim. ABSENT: F. Hughes. F5 'Tl ... K. Tevis, T. Deglmann, K. Stras- FRONT ROW: P. Biery, J. Bifareti, V. Bulilc, E. Gallagher, T. Stein, K. Gaertner, P. Gallagher. SECOND ROW: T. Heintz, S. Menzel, F. Hanley, N. Scanlon, J. Skipper, T. Steiner. THIRD ROW: J. Rafferty, K. Harris, J. Brungo, R. Beclci, K. Strasser, P. Nieri. The purpose of the Mission Honor Society was to complement the Catholic education ot the students by prayer and sacrifice for the Missions and by the study ot the Missions throughout the world, thereby inculcating and strengthening in its members the Mission Spirit which Pope Pius XII held to be the true Catholic spirit. The weekly meetings were conducted under the lead- ership ot Thomas Steiner, President, Kenneth Strasser, Vice-President, Francis Hanley, Secretary, and John Brungo, Treasurer. Knights of the Altar FRONT ROW: C. Weber, T Geier, C. Zotter, J. Finn, T Billingsley, C. Sassano, J Burns. SECOND ROW: J. Long, R. Meyer, E. Kunco, H. McGinn, G. Groll, J. Krohe, N. Baker. ABSENT: J. Ma- loney, F. Hanley, R. Miller, D. Hollein, D. Thomas, R. Lang. Mission Honor With a spirit ot self-sacrifice and a devotion to the service of God at Mass, the students who belonged to the Knights ofthe Altar served their purpose well. They ren- dered service at student retreats, the various Sodality tunc- tions, and the eight o'clock student Mass. Moderated by Brother John Dahm, S.M., the students learned to appreci- ate the Mass and its importance in their daily lives. ., The Task oT eTTecTing a smooTh- running and inviTing library was given To BroTher William Kiefer, S.M., The librarian, and his hard- working sTudenT librarians. This work exTended from assisTing The sTudenTs in doing research To pro- cessing new books Tor The library. To The library sTaFf, whose work is Trequenrly hidden and rouTine, The sTudenT body was very apprecia- Tive. FRONT ROW: C. Fiedler, G. Enie, J. Finnegan, R. STrauss, D. Robbins, R. Wehrheim. SECOND ROW: R. Moyeroff, D. MravinTz, V. Bulilc, T. Deglmann, F. Tolcar, D. Kasenic, R. Roman. THIRD ROW: D. Bucher, H. Mazzei, T. Maiewslci, J. Sims, W. l'laupT, R. Raible, R. STamper, L. Splane. ABSENT: E. Dax, J. Brush. The Business Honor SocieTy was composed of Juniors and Sen- iors-boys and girls enrolled in a business deparTmenT course in any secondary school in The Diocese. The organizarion fulfilled a Three- Told TuncTion-spiriTual, inTellecTu- al, social-in providing The varied acTiviTies enrailed in The field of business. SITTING: D. Thomas, N. O'Connor, M. Evans, M. Slxirfich, J. Nudi. STAND- ING: L. Kaib, J. Oleiarz, C. Ley, E. Kunco, C. Lacher, T. WhiTe. FRONT ROW: L. Bienemann, J. Pace, V. Spohn, D. Beck, H. Burkhart. SECOND ROW: W. Windisch, W. Latkovic, J. Marinzel, R. Strauss, J. Novosel. THIRD ROW: C. Popellra, T. Deluga, K. Weismann, J. Leibold, J. Harsch. FOURTH ROW: F. Tokar, R. Streit, K. Strasser, R. Hengelsberg, E. Kudlac. FIFTH ROW: M. Ahearn, K. Tevis, G. Dees, J. Bachmeyer, J. Long. N. Scanlon, R. Zahren, J. Phillips, and W. Roos ready for another North Catholic The History Honor Society reor- ganized and moderated by Mr. Wil- liam Garvey, used many new ideas to enhance its quest for extra-curricular historical knowledge. Active partici- pation by all the student members as speakers was received with great en- thusiasm. Movies were another added attraction. The group was addressed by prominent guests from the world of industry, economics, and politics. Bringing to a close the very educa- tional and enjoyable year was a tour- day trip to New York City. produdion. The stage and lighting crew busy setting up another "prop." f, sf 3 2 5 1 1 5 3 ,- ,l. is 5.4 it fi"- F 1 -U I 5 . fi - 5 A . Y ,. i gi: ffl -K J' , ' , . J' 1 2 i -, rj f ' x I F KZ, as The Science Honor Society began another successful year with Brother Charles Gausling, S.M., as its moderator. Of all the diocesan honor societies it was the most active. It met every school week at various high schools. The main purpose of the society was to give students a look at what will be facing them in the fields of science. They also got an idea of how to work and act like a Christian scientist. The Troians had Gerald Wunderly as a representative officer to the society. This activity was one of the greatest helps to making good scientists and engineers of future America. Science Honor FRONT ROW: K. Gaertner, J. Frederick, K. Mc- Namara, J. Giardina, J. Becker, N. Scanlon, J. Phil- lips, P. Dargan, R. Lazor. SECOND ROW: P. Wagener, F. Kirner, R. Rycherf, E. Bergen, G. Wunderly, G. Groll, R. Becki, L. Magasano, J. Healy, R. Visokey. "f,A1 wires' i '11 ' 2-'P . 'Q FS' 'Q 45' CFICSS From the time of the Middle Ages, Chess has been a game of the sharp and witty intellect. lt was no different in the Chess Club at North Catholic this year. After school each day, league games were played with the usual aggressiveness and tenaciousness that pawns, knights and queen present. In its second year, the club has become an active group. Three tournaments were held in the chess club during the year. Anne! SITTING: A. Kamper, P. Wagener, T. Galcla, L. Hauck. STANDING: G. Patrick, Brother Wil- -Q-Q ill.ll1..llim ,pl :V-X r ld .L+-9' sf liam Kiefer, S.M., moderator. .QI I ' Mathematics Honor Boys whose marks were above average in mathematics and who ex- pressed a special interest in the field, found expression tor this interest in the Mathematics Honor Society. Meet- ings were held once a month in the various diocesan schools. At these meetings students presented various mathematical topics and displays. Guest speakers were sometimes tea- tured. Every member was required to produce one lengthy paper on some phase of mathematics sometime dur- ing the year. George Sterzinger of 12A was elected Vice-President of the Mathematics Honor Society for this past year. x.J wt' SITTING: P. Dargan, P. Wagener, W. Hitchcock, E. Fertig. STANDING: R. Visolrey, A. Gerat, Brother Verbesey, T. Cimperman. 1 FRONT ROW: N. Pivirotto, P. Gallagher, K. Schmitt, J. Lucas, G. McGough, R. Tedesco. SECOND ROW: E. Gallagher, J. Leibold, L. Geary, L. Moul, G. Bogel. THIRD ROW: R. DiPasquale, G. Sterzinger, G. Walkauskas, A. Kamper. FOURTH ROW: T. Schroettel, J. Sweeney, J. Emanuel, F. Hughes, J. Krohe. ABSENT: W. Zeck, T. Mitchell, C. Schroetifel. 1 -.1 Radio Club For the men of Troy with an electronic bent, the Radio Club provided weekly instructions in basic theory, consisting in lectures by the moderator followed by lab work on some twenty different pieces of electronic equipment. At mid-year the officers: P. Wagener, A. Gerst, T. Cimperman, and W. Wesver, organized the thirty members from all four divi- sions into special hobby projects. Ham enthusiasts, E. Fertig, KCIGCQ, and T. Cimperman, KBJRC, inter- ested others in the club station KSBEP, and conducted courses for prospective amateur radio opera- tors. 1 . 83 FRONT ROW: R. Stamper, J. Weidner, D. Donatelli, D. Zo- lilc, J. l-ludalc, R. Krebs, H. Blanlner. SECOND ROW: R. Schroeffel, F. Naderhoff, E. Ballmovec, W. Shomalrer, T. Billingsley, F. Hanley. THIRD ROW: P. Reiber, W. Anthony, F. Maraden, R. Meyer, E. Suchma, K. Harris. SEATED: L. Checca, J. Moore. STANDING: Brother James Cullina, S.M., R. Brunner, P. Manor. The Classical Honor Society consisted of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Latin students who maintained honor grades in that subject. Diocesan meetings were held monthly. At this time different facets of the Latin lan- guage and culture were discussed. Robert Krebs, Presi- dent of the North Catholic contingent, was elected Vice President of the Diocesan Classical Honor Society. Service was the purpose of the North Catholic Art Club. 'llhis club, one of the oldest in the extra-curricular group, played a vital role in the functioning of the school. North Catholic can be justifiably proud of it. Q. .. .J .. 'im .- l . .Sd 7 1-'X I A11 , 1 14.2, n tyl-Nt. -I W? 'x 5 'I FRONT ROW: J. McKay, E. Tobias, J. Waclawski, K. Weixel, N. O'Connor, C. Woku+ch. SECOND ROW: R. Menfzer, J. Blumberg, J. Smerky, J. Sfein- me+z, F. Hanley, R. Munsch, R. Tafe. THIRD ROW: W. Cichoski, L. Woods, L. Magasano, R. Becki, E. Balkovec, D. Ross, D. Rooney. Brofher John Saurine, S.M., +he Speech and Deba+e Club coach admires some of fhe hard-won frophies. 5:1 I QQ l " f s U 1 iw .I mix' l 4 ' I vt' I ' I 'P ' ti :fc : ' Y", " 1 v x- u v 'K ' is I l -L -'JF x" I :J k , I I if W? 3 N: E P' I 1 D " 1 -3 .4 J ni-ay ,. si WWA FRONT ROW: J. Marx, R. Kraus, D. Lombardo, G. Mc Gough, J. Froehlicher, K. Weixel, K. Gaertner, R. D'Amico, G. Pace, J. Riley. SECOND ROW: W. Martin, W. Nova kavic, A. Costa, R. Smykal, D. Mravintz, M. Wiesniewslci, T. Heim, D. Krenn, F. Hanley, B. Patterson. THlRD ROW: J. Giunta, H. Dietrich, J. Suba, D. Beck, A. Novalis, C. Kudlac, The Dramatic Club, tollowing in the wake ot last year's successes, again gave North Catholic students the op- portunity to participate in several phases of dramatic work. Besides the actual acting in varied roles, the mem- ' bers of the club served as members ot the stage properties crew, the make- up crew, and the lighting crew. The action centered around a Nazi concentration camp in "Stalag l7", the group's major dramatic ettort ot the season. llOO people witnessed the play when it was presented on November l3 and 111, Several other plays of shorter duration were given tor the student body during the course ot the year. Stosh lM. Splancl and Harry lB. Martinl ar- l que with Schultz lG. Lopezl before the Geneva man arrives. iw J L ,gow- L. Splane, R. Goetz, P. Schweiger, D. Foley. FOURTH ROW: J. Hughes, R. Stamper, B. Abbott, L. Woods, J. Marguglio, G. Lopez, F. Killmeyer, L. Sweeney, D. Lynch, N. Scanlon. FlFTl'l ROW: J. Vaughn, R. Beclci, J. Stralxa, K. Tevis, F. Mar- aden, J. Purpura, L. Magasano, V. Dixon, T. Andrews, R. Smith. K, ,X N ... Qi- 1' wg., l Harry IB. Marlinl and S+osl1lM.Splanel "live if up" in +l1e barracks in S+alag I7. fli X 'D it "These are fhe cri+icisms," says Bro+l1er --lu X Frank Medica, S.M., as fhe casi' pre- X X A .ff X 5 pares for fhe las+ rehearsal. '11 Z 1 V' ff -1 1 'fi 1 ' 5 xg! 4 fi i ' , 'i -, N ef" N 3 1 'X ME Reed ID. Foleyl is preparing a "wi+cl1es brew" 'For a "Kraul"' guard. i 35" i K 7 QL m ' x xx 4 , f i f Slosh lM. Splanel gels a few finishing +oucl1es from A. Novalis before be goes on slage. X n Compleieu!edodsy0'l1nol1u'hh.y lolliuilhlfvw Fdzfor in 1 href Dnsms Bonn Uanaqmq lzdzlnr TIM STFIW Mu Iwlrlor los!-:PH PRFIPFRICK Fmlun lwhtuv Tr-:mn Drrs Husinus llunuqer Bon Ixcm-'iz Official Publication of the Students at North 1 athohc High School in Pi-ttsburgrh Pennsylvania. Publislleil monthly :luring the regular school year Address mail 'to the TROJAV NIP WS Nor-th latholic High Sc-hool 1400 Troy Hill Road Pitts- burgh 12 Ifnnsylvania. Members o Aufinnyl I'ws.s Association Catholic Sphool Press Assmzmhnn and Pennsylvania qcholas- tw Press Association. 1 I . ,. F Civ The Trojan News ,XJR 'Psi il u Q I . .A , . . , p . . - - A ................. .. . . V I I ..,.............. .... k . . Sports Editor ...... A ....... ......... , JOHN TVii.sux N- YS I ' .................. . ' . . ' " I ' ' . ............ . .... . ' -'v '-'-' . l ...... . ...,....... 4. 4 I ' . Y F ' 1 s A A I q 1 1 5 O 1 . ,, . . f ' v , r A L The Troian News continued to give service to the student body on the same revitalized plane as last year. The statll members lived up to the motto ot the paper-"Complete as Yesterday, Timely as Today, Modern as Tomorrow,"-as they presented interesting and informative reviews and articles on the past history ot the school, current happenings and coming events, Dennis Foley tilled in the Editor-in-Chief slot. He was assisted by Tim Stein, Managing Editor, Joe Frederick, News, Jerry Dees, Features, John Wilson, Sports, and Bob Lacher, Business. The Moderator was Brother James Rus- sell, S,M. FRONT ROW: K. Guter, K. Gaertner, J. Pace, D. Robbins, D. Beclr, W. Foley, W. Suchodupslci. SECOND ROW: R. Bogel, J. Frederick lNews Editorl, M. Wisniewslci, D. Foley lEclitor-in-Chietl, J. Smerslcy, F. Hanley, J. Giarclina. THIRD ROW: R. Mesiano, D. Mihm, T. Stein lManaging Editorl, P. Wagener, G. Patriclc, H. Blanlrer, K. Weismann, A. Tuclce. FOURTH ROW: E. Dax, L. Woods, J. Thomas, H. McGinn, R. Streit, A. Kamper, R. Lacher lBusiness Managerl. FIFTH ROW: R. Beclci, L. Magasano, K. Strasser, E. Kunco, W. Pap- pert, J. Dees lFeature Editorl, J. Wilson lSports Eclitorl, J. Stralca. ,Q A-XX tv' "H- w..,,Q 'Vs Brother James Russell, S.M., goes over some copy with Editor Foley. 1 wi Y J I SPURTS ED I TDR Leff +o Right A. Kamper, J. Frederick, G. Pace, G. Dees, D. Beck go over some sporrs ifems prior +o going fo press. D. Foley, J. Frederick, T. S+ein examine fhe "layou+" for+i'1e nexf T. N. edifion. Trojan News D. Beck, J. Wilson, and G. Pace work on anofher spor'I's ifem. .415 ' f-X KS' -'se 4- .. is.. "Tm-i,af'w, ' -1, . 1 -. ! - if , NF 1, ' J 1 N .1 , ef W ,ef - 9 bn.- ia CDUDTC 9l ...J 321 io 1 xl T The entire Trojan Yearbook staff busy at work on another "eye-catching" North annual. D. Welsh, J. Kahr, and V. Spohn alphabetize the ads and patrons. ff? Brother John Feldmeier, S.M., yearbook moderator, oversees the work of the "ad" typists. Thanks to the excellent professional guid- ance ot Brother John Feldmeier, S.M., and Mr. Joseph l-lmel, linked with the superb photog- raphy ot Brothers Donald Dahlmann, S.M., and Donald McCoy, S.M., the T960 TROJAN be- came a reality. This annual represents a true picture ot the well-rounded educational serv- ices presented at North. The l9oO TROJAN staff was composed ot only twelve members who worked as a team. The amount ot credit due these members and their moderators for long hours of extra-curricular work in this task cannot be expressed adequately. Reward enough is the cherishing of the annual in the years to come. The T960 TROJAN start sin- cerely hopes that in time this volume will bring warm memories of the school year T959- 60. .fal- L -3 il A , 'f ., glxy, 'X I ., o. , l 3 I Q I l , fy , :gl 11 .yrs I 71' JS J. Nason and S. Naccaraio in +he process of crop- ping picfures. S N, N,,.,,...1-my-A ,,w.w+-af-f"4 as ,J 317' 2- Tr." V l ,lf Mr. Joseph Hmel, yearbook m Kessler and V. Spohn. an oderafor, checks copy wi+h L. R. Thunnel, S. Naccara1'o: and T. Maiewski busy selecfing pho+os 'For Hue annual. FRESHMAN F FRONT ROW: J. Jones, J. Finale, J. Nudi, J. Sianchic, L. Green, C. Weber, M. Evans, W. Fair. SECOND ROW: T. Geier, S. Rubaclxy, A. Slcorniclca, T. Oswald, R. Miller, D. Preslci, T. Gaer+- ner, J. McFarland, D. Phillips. THIRD ROW: A. Wunderly, J. Replto, C. Zoi- ler, E. Vulalxovic, R. Kochicli, T. Calla- han, D. Blum, W. Schalienbrancl. FOURTH ROW: J. Haller, R. Maraln, J. Monfeverde, R. Ober, B. Becl1+olcl. W. Bouceln, J. Maloney, J. Dorsch. ABSENT: R. Bleil, T. Whalen. 'Q x SOPHOMORE A FRONT ROW: D. Donafelli, T. Baizelc, M. Thompson, J. Marx, J. Riley, J. Docher'ry, W. Novalrovic, D. Rooney. SECOND ROW: P. Manor, G. Miller, F. Naderhoff, A. McTighe, G. Readal, fhony, G. Geary, R. Ernsf, F. Maraden, R. Luiz, R. Roiilc, T. Rodman. FOURTH ROW: T. Billingsley, J. Doclaro, R. Meyer, G. Boucelt, H. Blanker, J. Sa- bina, M. Ceiler. JUNIOR A FRONT ROW: R. Krebs, K. Gaeriner, J. Huclalc, L. Hamm, K. Gufer. SECOND ROW: K. Walers, L Farina J. Giardina, R Mager R. Scha er. THIRD ROW- M. Smolrovich - . - . p . . E. Ballcovec, G. Bogel, J. Giun+a, R. Mesiano, N. Scanlon. FOURTH ROW: R. Beclxi, S. Trybus, D. Depp, W. Roos, P. McGrail, M. Bucelc. ABSENT: F. Kirner, R. Meyer E. Suchma. Uk ,L R. Kiefer. THIRD ROW: W. An- DIVISIONAL LEADERS SENIOR D FRONT ROW: F. Slraler, G. Pace, J. Knu'I'h, P. Cernansky, R. Suki+sch, G. Lopez, D Foley. SECOND ROW: W. Maiese, M. Ahearn, W. Windlsch, J. Karlik, P. Borman J. Lipchak. THIRD ROW: M. Gallagher, V. Spohn, T. S+einer, P. Reiber, P. Perlik, D Wallace, E. Kunco. FOURTH ROW: T. Slreiff, D. Miller, R. Jackman, J. Harsch, E Kucllac, T. Deluga, E. Cas1'eIlo, P. Cernansky, J. Brueckner. FIFTH ROW: K. Weis mann, R. S'lrei+, J. Bachmeyer, T. Mar+in, G. Dees, K. Slrasser, J. Marfin, R. Hengels berg. These are +he super salesmen who wen+ all ou? fo do more +han +heir share +0 make fhe yearbook a bug success FRONT ROW: J. Momper, R. Schaper, L. Domilrovic, A. Cosfa R Schladenhaufen J Pohl. SECOND ROW: V. Spohn, G. Reskey, G. Scheur- mg T Galda E Ley D Mnhm. ABSENT: R. Miller. 'x -A x N. S '-ao B212 I ls ' 5' mg' E ,,,, B' PF' ... - " Z3 ' is T ll I-J ..' lx I Q as 5 X T I 1 I s I ' i F i' I wi. I 3 I I I I" BroTher John Keegan, S.M., s+rilces up a iolly ChrisTmas number. On December 23 The annual ChrisTmas Show was held Tor The un' derclassrnen. Many songs under The direction of BroTher John Keegan, SM., graced The occasion. AT The conclusion of The show, BroTher Charles, our Principal, gave Us his hearfy greetings for a very happy holi- day. The unclerclassmen enioy The annual Chrisfmas show. Brofher Charles Eclchardl SM wishes one a d all an enloyable ChrisTmas season cv WF' 63 The Hall Guards, composed al- most entirely of upperclassmen, served under the auspices ot the Student Council. They were strictly a service organization of individuals who gave freely of their study hours. The ad- ministration, the faculty, and the stu- dent body would have been seriously handicapped without their services. Their duties were: greeting and direct- ing visitors, collecting attendance checks, running errands, delivering mail and messages from the offices, checking lights and windows, super- vising in the corridors with a watchful eye for those without hall passes, and a host of other tasks. FRONT ROW: J. Harrison, N. Baker, P. Barnhart, R. Brunner. SECOND ROW: W. Hergenroecler, A. Costa, J. Stalter, J. Davis, E. Cunningham. THIRD ROW: V. Spohn, J. Smerslry, J. Lazur, R. Plesco, C. Altmyer. FOURTH ROW: D. Mihm, P. Palagi, T. Martin, D. Miller, E. Kucllac. FIFTH ROW: P. Reiber, W. Neill, S. Jaculr, B. Auber, E. Kunco, D. Cotter. ABSENT: R. Klueber, A. Wunderly, K. Handyside. 2. 'qv Ph oto gr a p h y Without the constant cooperation and excellent work ot the photogra- phy staff, the Trojan Yearbook and other events could not have been rea- lized. LEFT TO RIGHT: David Moore, William Eisentraut, William Thomas, Joseph Mracna. Hall Guards Dressed in best bib and Tuck, NorTh's upperdassmen selecfed December T5 for their Senior ChrisTmas Parfy. VVi1h Their besT girls Qeyeryone a Queenj They dined and danced at McSoriey's Colonial Inn. The song has ended, but The memory vvili linger on. -r'fSt'J .5-wiv'-4 sniff e The besi' parf of fhe evening-Hue "chow" line. A swing or fwo around The floor. T. Maiewski and dafe, C. Horne, do a fancy sfep. Q". -Q ,Q P11 S x .iff "rw x. -Z- D. STone malce anoTher sale. Audio-Visual Saving valuable eguipmenT by learning hovv To operaTe iT properly vvas The purpose of The Proiec:TionisT Club. lTs members were called upon To do Tasks which ranged from shovv- ing movies To playing records. Under iTs moderaTor, BroTher Charles Gaus- ling, S.lVl,, The club rose To an all-Time high in efhciency. Brofher Charles Gausling, S.M., mocleraTor of The Proiecfion Club briefs J. Harrison R. Payer, C. Rogal, and F. Spehar. vv'3 r- FU -0-5 -O- -O- o E! in 3' -O- I -. o -O- I' 0 '1 5 3 0 E E CD U' 7 U1 3 9. vw. V' Z Z uv -O- o J 9 Z? U' CD J DJ n S , I X .I v iff g'-'VY . A ,ls T T r 1 ff 'elim T I ...,-L. Boolc Store The BoolcsTore had as iTs moTTo, "SERVICE" NOT only can The boys buy TexTs and supplies here, They can also pay Their Tees. IT is open daily from 7:30 To 9:00, and again aT dismissal lor HTTeen minuTes. BroTher William Hildebrand, S.lVl., vvas ably assisTed by The STone BroThers, Norman and Don- ald, Senior and Sophomore, respec- Tively, and by Wayne Sibenac, The stockboy. 4 I? Tiff 2:-Q' ,4- NJ A.: ,M These cheerful senior members of the maintenance crew enjoyed their work took pride in the cleanliness of the school and willingly and master- fully gave help wherever it was needed. Our hearty and sincere thanks to them for doing such a good iob! LEFT TO RlGHT: John Schweiger, Louis Hayon, Edward Schmidt, Joseph Mang, Charles Wiesmann. Cafeteria Through the efforts of Brother Frank Meder, S.M., and his staff the boys of North are given a daily op- portunity to get a good meal. This year there were quite a few improve- ments. The most notable was the new counter for serving piping hot meals. Mrs. Mary Novakovic, Brother Frank Me- der, S.M., Katherine Colbert, Mrs. Anna Thaner, Mrs, Anna Saul, Mrs. Helen Grund- hoffer, Miss Bertha Zirhut. s Maintenance The student crew of the mainte nance staff were very busy figures about the school They tried their best to keep the school clean The Senior class of 60 expresses appreciation to these workers for having done a great iob in the halls. STUDENT WORKERS-KNEELING: D. Rombach H. Schmidt STANDING R. Smith J Hohmann R. Meyer. ABSENT: M Gallagher. o 6- 'f... ,I fwfr. "" fix-ev ,- . 1- Kiln, ...,, XY M X, ff f """1 1.- The Nor'l'h Cafholic bandsmen board ihe bus fo go fo anofher performance. F E 1--f' 'FZ' V... mg..-viii! mfr 'il -il-5 ..Q.-if!-icuii if -hd Z., XX if JZ .f, X lf, X Z gg LPM wa. H Alia, 4 se. e. FRONT ROW: R. Neurohr, E. Stadnilc, L. Bifareti, W. ner, J. Hughes, D. Ross, W. Shomalxer, R. Greclt, S. Barczalx. Thomas, H. Liberatore, A. Costa, J. Hudalc, E. Tobias, L. FOURTH ROW: J. Sabina, W. Weaver, C. Popellca, D. DePaoli, T. Filip, C. Wolxutch. SECOND ROW: F. Spreng, Ragan, L. Woods, T. Lislca, E. Dax, R. Froehlich, D. Muth, J. J. Waclawslci, J. Froehlich, A. Gorup, F. Abbott, R. Strauss, Allen, D. Huttinger. FIFTH ROW: T. Andrews, R. Spontalc, D. Preslci, D. Vinslci, C. Ley, W. Foley, L. Wateslxa. THIRD T. Rodman, R. Lutz, E. Ley, W. Graham, C. Regal, P. Walter. ROW: F. Vybriel, J. Bierer, G. Angelo, J. tvtinal-ian, J. Wag- R. Briniak. J. Munsch. F. Strater. R. Fichter. Mr. William Kerns helps C. Popelka through a hard musical passage. 22 f X,-1 f A shrill whistle sounded and fifty pairs of marching feet snapped to attention. North Catholic's marching band, decked in spanking new red and gold uniforms, prepared for an- other half-time show. Utilizing a military cadence and pre- senting military drills exclusively, the unit executed unique military formations. Under the baton of Mr. J. William Kerns and moderated by Brother John Keegan, S.M., assisted by Brother Paul Dwyer, S.M., the band appeared at all home football con- tests, at all the rallies, participated in various civic functions 1 and parades and played a concert. Z 1 THOMAS ANDREWS X X N X - f: 1' X' X wx XA I X 1 I c FRANK ABBOTT x ffl L i I 3 x. - Z' J L c J J I EDWARD DAX ANTHONY GORUP EDWIN LEY RICHARD NEU ROHR RICHARD BRINJAK ARTHUR COSTA ARTHUR COSTA ba '55 I 5 "S ' fl, ix" , I - cf' ' if L Qi: If T1 z I i L - 7 1, if Q K A I A 77 I vi! I ' 21 Y' ' M ' .12 fi " ' QQVXAJ- WWQWWJW is -5 ka - if .L ,K ' X w A' ' l I., X l w 1 Q 1 , fs? A Z 5 L, Q v rf' s VY x sl ' 0 lx J CHARLES POPELKA DAVID RAGAN ,Cr :X ? Tc QQ r ' 1 +A NX V' C , . MAJ 7. .M X L , K -A1 X V 1 NL ' 'J fir ,. .. f A . F A 4 CARL ROGAL FELIX STRATER as 'lla . I 5- ,ff J Q Q., 5 fv. i RAYMOND STRAUSS Bro+her Paul Dwyer, S.M., Assisfani' Band Modera- for, fakes pleasure in sizing R, Sfrauss wi+h his new band uniform. -6 '77 6 I I Brofher John Keegan, S.M., surrounded by F S+ra+er, C. Rogal, T. Andrews, and R. Neurohr. X X e that had no cross deserfves no crown ST. CYRIL OF ALEXANDRIA v. Msgr. An+l'1ony M. Benedik. LLD., S.T.D., V.F., Pasfor Rev. William J. Cheefham Rev, Vale-nfine G. Sedlak . Rev. Msgr. Anthony M. Bene cl Wayne Pappert '6O. SPURTS SPoRTs AGAIN made up the major part of the school's extracurricular activities at North this year. North had a program of football, basket- ball, baseball, bowling, and golf. Although the athletic facilities pre- vented a more expanded plan, nevertheless the athletic program gave service in that it helped develop the student physically and enabled him to take his place in the competitive vvorld. With the use of Gard- ner Field, South Stadium, North Gymnasium, Knox Alleys, and High- land Country Club, the Trojans performed very capably, producing victorious seasons, championship teams, and future leaders of America. ,vm gx f,"., 'fo- lh f . f 10' , 5 X - . Nl , 'b, If 1.17 i , i . 4, XJ V l ""-'Ns ' .. I Football The '59 Trojans claimed The distinction of being "The finesT defensive Team in The hisTory OT The school," To supporT This claim The Troians poinTed To The meager 50 poinTs scored againsT Them This season. This averaged OUT To 5 poinTs per game or less Than one Touchdown per Team. ln addiTion To This, The "Hell raisers," as The de- Tensive Team was called, held 4 of The TO oppon- enTs scoreless and permiTTed only Two Teams To score Twice. On The offensive side of The ledger, The record sTood aT T47 poinTs. This averaged ouT To beTTer Than Two Touchdowns per game or ap- proximaTely To Three Times The combined scores of The Opponenfs. The '59 Troians were proud, and righTly so, of Their ouTsTanding record. Pla ing the game The NorTh CaTholic FooTball BrainTrusT -R. STurm, R. Colville, D. Graham, and R. DiLallo. R. Mager, sTudenT Trainer, Tends To The anlxle oT F. Hughes as D. Lombardo looks on. Nei -xii b s,QM.t6 as" lr -s , - Q ,As J. Plavan l63l and J. Sweeney lbbl open up a hole Tor a sweep around righT end in The CenTral fracas. rw-- ::Lg, -W ' W h 0 4a A an man. "' V E23-f-,Ei" The varsify foofball squad gaihers in +he chapel for spirifual aid in iheir physical endeavors. in the Trojan Spirit J. Sweeney 1661 fakes a big swing around end for anoflwer Nor+h Cafholic gain in Hue Souih Ca+h- olic HH. Sl 1. 4, . ' 'ivezzs H. Mazzei f65j wH'l'1 an assis+ from J. Sweeney 166, 'fries fo s+op a Soufh Cafholic gain. 1' qu ss! YY ? O sn sve- 89 C 'im I 99 Q3 7 4 49,1 rf ,wmv 1 4-,V x 4 L. J' f,s..f. 45' lj SE, ...N ... ,, -A1 - -fp. ,. 5 'Q xr- was-MQ+..W. ,, 4 4 4 4 .hfw V 4 1 F , 4 42" 4 I ,Q 'W I ? . X iih : 5 Q 1 N I . , -, L 1 ,S 'Z K 'iw-v X Q at bm , X I 4 .. 37. - U- lg 5.0 ,gg ?,i xg., gl ' A ff, g -3- T ' T r wif Niche i?QWjQf3'3ff1rgI' 'Ffa ss- T- vi L2 -Q.-I lg. . 71' 5' , fa! da at-f K, X is 7 'if v' 4 4' L1 'q" ,Tiff 1- X El . 'R fu f L I M M, N H JL -..-V ki' , 'wifi VH sifxg g.. I WB., , 4 M ' 3: f M U 1 ,dj J X W FRONT ROW: E. Riclxells, M. O'Mahoney, W. Berger, K. Andiorio, J. Lofinlr, A. Keay, T. Jones. SECOND ROW: Mr R. Colville lCoachl, C. Younger, J. Krohe, F. Hughes, R Sfiscalx, J. Doclaro, J. Slandish, D. McKeviH', J. Plavan, Mr R. DiLallo lCoachl. THIRD ROW: P. Crowe, R. Viney, G Enie, J. Brush, L. Szykowny, J. Wzylxoslci, H. Mazzei, J. Cosla Norfh Norfh Norih Nor+h Norfh Nor'l'h Norfh Norrh Nor+h Nor+h SEASON'S RECORD Erie Cafhedral Prep Sou+h Public ,..... New Cas+le . . . . . Duquesne . , . . Soufh Caiholic .... Alfoona Caiholic . . Windber . , . . Cenfral Cafholic . Rochesfer Aquinas . Boys'l'own . , . . .. J. Cos+a l88l wards off an upcoming fackler on ano+her yard-consuming run. "- R, Conrad. FOURTH ROW: Mr. R. Slurm lHead Coach, J. Docherfy, S. Gilman, L. O'Connell, T. Ross, J. Rengers R. Duffy, T. Moul, E. Wolsu+ch, Mr. D. Graham lCoachl FIFTH ROW: R. Schlosser, J. Davis, R. Karasinski, J. Sweeney R. Cafon, P. Reiber, C. Kudlac, R, Yeslce, L. Moul. ..f' 7 -- ERIE CATHEDRAL PREP - 6 North Catholic started off their T959 season in fine style by beating the Ramblers by the score of 7-6. .lim Brush threw a pass to Joe Costa, who pranced into the end-zone. 57 - SOUTH PUBLIC - 0 The Trojans scored at will against the Southerners, and they willed it often as you can see by the 57-O score. The "hell raisers" played a terrifically defensive game, not giving the Southerners one first down. 7 - NEW CASTLE - 7 The Trojans proved they were just as good as the highly rated Hurricanes, when they tied them by the score of 7-7. The Trojans were the first to draw blood, when Frank Hughes slashed from the four yard line to the end- zone. I2 - DUOUESNE - I3 All good things must come to an end! lt happened to the Trojans when they lost to the Dukes by the score T3-i2. This was our first loss in I7 games. Larry Moul carried the pigskin to pay dirt both times. I4 - SOUTH CATHOLIC - O South Catholic tried to defeat the defending champions, but to no avail. Frank Hughes scored from the three yard line and Larry Nloul dazzled the crowd with a 77 yard run for a touchdown. I2 - ALTOONA CATHOLIC - 0 Once again the Trojans crossed the river to South Stadium to defeat the Marauders by the score of I2-O. Mike O'Mahoney and Jim Brush scored for the Trojans. I4 -- WINDBER - I4 The Windber team managed to tie the Trojans by the score of I4-I4. Frank Hughes scored both touchdowns for the Trojans. Together Larry Nloul and Frank Hughes totaled 245 yards for the Trojans. 0 - CENTRAL CATHOLIC - 0 This was one of the hardest fought games of the season. Neither the Trojans nor the Vikings would give an inch. Both the defense and the offense played a terrific game. But the score still ended O-O. I3 - AQUINAS - 6 The Trojans added another victory to their record by beat- ing Aquinas of Rochester, N. Y. Bob Yeske displayed his talent by hitting pay dirt twice for the Trojans. This was a fine effort on the part of the team. I2 - BOYSTOWN - 7 The Trojans ended their season by being host to the Cow- boys, who were undefeated. The Trojans showed that they were champions by defeating the Cowboys. Davis scored both times for the Trojans. J. Davis j6Oj, E. Wokutch j58j cheer wildly as P. Crowe j83j, and J. Plavan I63j look on in amazement at another North Catholic gain. WM, Brother Charles Landin, S.M., Athletic Director, pon ders another "first and best" in North Catholic ath letics. :jx .L-mr-f""" , .. t , 1 K 'g,,..,f' t s--, ,. x ' A 51's H231 -Q-I in klfz,-----wa' 1l- .Y4 Qafg-5,4 egg,---sp --si-1--t -1- an '41'f" "' ' " - Y s,ovxlx4u -4-ps4-,Q .' af .as -s -s 1 ' ' v 7 1 t S..s Q g Q Q xss' sly: m s..s..s.I San Q-et. . 1 1 I 5 5 s"!.,-- 'Q-I J' SAAQ 5 -v 5. ,- , - fi 'Z l-ff, " f.'i2-iff'-1 .rv , 'Q"r"f3'1'39 Z ff J. Dodaro, J.V. sfalwarf, opens a hole 'rhrough fackle. J.V. Football Mccreary, R. Draffinsky, P. Holleran, R. Mangone, R. Walker, D. Herfweclr. FOURTH ROW: K. Lechwar, E. Mark- ovich, R. Sfeigerwald, G. Edgar, T. Ross, R. Viney, L. Szy- kowny, R. Sfiscak, K. Karasinski, G. Boucek, J. Wind, M. Lorenzo. 1 A a K . I ! P V we j 1 ,gl ' ' 1 X Gfx Q v- , - Zi -,'?f L., E- X, . A , wen' A1 X131 N, fx ,' X Y 1 N Basketbau L, 4 Frosh i Y i 1 A T ,Q fl ff f i 'Bri vez: The J.V. Basketball team consisted of freshmen and sophomores all under the watchful and tutoring eyes of Mr. William Garvey. The J.V. team was compared to the farm system in any major league. The coach did his best to make a smooth running something out of these hoopsters so that when the junior year rolls around they may be promoted to the varsity. The J.V. team gave valuable experience to the promising performers, preparing them for the "big time" on the court and for their future in the knock-around world. SITTING: R. Schroetfel, C. Vaughan, R. Roiilc, J. Lipchalc. STANDING: D. Lyons, R. Prescott, P. Walters, F. Dengler, R. Jones, J. Dodaro, R. Beatty, M. Schuster. fig, ,' 'Mu lk A ff 95" 4, - sz :Q 3'-A ' A it as F.. ' ' 1 pc" I 'T' '.f': ' T Y 1. ,-.1 ' 4 P S I . 1 I 8 f ll rf If 1 I I T x I x Y f 1 T' t , I , NX I . , x yi t , T v '35 RT 592 x I ' a 1 iv? FRONT ROW: R. Kochiclx, E. Stanczalc, R. Kaminski, J. Borza. SECOND ROW: M. Schuster, J. Lipchalc, R. Walker, D. Bauman, J. Smonskey, E. Markovich, H. Connors. THIRD ROW: D. Ferrari, J. Donaldson, W. Srsic, F. Dengler, T. JV Baslcetball NORTH CATHOLIC VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE I959-60 December I-Clairton - . . . . . Away 4--Oliver . . . Home 8-South . . . , Home I l-Braddock .,., .... . Away I5-McKeesport . . Home I8-Turtle Creek . . , . Home 22--Baldwin . . . , , Home 28-29-Monesson fTour.l . - .Away January 5-Oliver 3:l5 ., . ., .,,.Away 8-Central Catholic' . .Away I2-Monaca . . ,. , .Away I5-St. Joseph lClev.l ,,.,. ,.Home I9- 22-South Catholic' .,,. , . -Home 26-Hopewell ..... , ,Away 29-Monaca . . , ,.Home February 2.- 5-Central Catholic' ,,.. . .Home 9-Langley , . . . . . , . ..Home I2-Monongahela Valley Cent. .Home I6-Shadyside 3:30 ..,.,.... .Away I9-Sharon . . . ......,,..,. .Home 23-Monongahela Valley Cent. .Away 26-South Catholic' ..,..,.,, Away Coach-Mr. Don Graham 'League Games BasIcethaII JUNIOR CHAMPS . . . SEATED: J. Giardina, K. Wa- fers, F. Kirner, E. BaIIcovec, G. McGough. STANDING: G. Walkauskas, S. Trybus, M. Smokovich, E. Suchma, D. Depp, J. Healy. FRESHMEN CHAMPS . . . KNEELING: W. Dom- inek, P. Franz, J. Froehlich, D. Novogradic, T. Be- deck. STANDING: R. Friedl, J. Rander, F. Deng Ier, G. Cain, W, Obermeier. If ia X: lb' 1 RY? SENIOR CHAMPS . . . FRONT ROW: R. Tedesco, T. Schroeffel, K. Schmi+'I, N. PiviroHo. SECOND ROW: R. DiPasquaIe, W. Adamsky, W. Fischer, R. Schmidf, R. Rycher+. SOPHOMORE CHAMPS . . . KNEELING: D. Bach, R. Washek. STANDING: R. Sfamper, S. Kaminski, D. Zelik, E. Leahy, R. Schroeffel, J. Weidner. f'M"!""I' M-M I ., fl. 'D Q- ,Sz I I 1 n ,z iv f I P we I 'TI The Varsity basketball team, comprised mainly iuniors and seniors under the able guidance and per- fect direction ot coach, Mr. Donald Graham, who de- veloped the tall and the average height players both mentally and physically, taught them the skills of the game and instructed them in good sportsmanship. Varsity basketball gave the athlete the opportunity to display his talents on the hardwood, which often fe-X merited for the "star" a college scholarship. J. Sims tries to retrieve a lost ball while W. Roiilc looks on. W. Roiilc gets a rebound off the boards as J. Cegalis snatches a rebound D , u J. Cegalis and T. Brown stand ready for while W. Roiik makes a fast break. F' lnlrlerl Scools 'n for a lay up' action. ffm 145 T. Brown +ries a shof as J. Cegalis awai+s +he re- bound. L. Szykowny and J. Sims fry +o sfeal +he ball from an opponent 9 vs ,.....a ,ff 'WI ,W 6' x -9 .90 A 1 2 YQ Sag is Jx X 1 A 'Qia iwillh f...nnrhNxxx -' The T959-oO Troian Varsity Team was again one ot the best in the history ot the school. VV. Anderson ot T2A held a high T60 average. The team tried tor its eleventh Diocesan Championship in the past T5 years. All of the members of Team I were seniors. Team ll, under the lead- ership ot R. Schaper ot TTA was also a strong contender in Section 2. Varsity Team I consistently looked like a vvin- ner in its section. The intramural league contributed to the success ot the Varsity Teams. W. Anderson tries a strike tor another North Catholic score. Mr. Al Lesnialr, Bowling Coach, briefs R. Schaper, Captain ot the Varsity Team ll and W. Anderson, Captain ot Varsity Team l. VARSITY TEAM I-SITTING: W. Anderson, Cap- tain. STANDING: R. DiPasquale, M. Gallagher, F Strater, R. Sulcitsch, E. Slcirtisch, P. Borman. VARSITY TEAM ll-KNEELING: P. Ferarro, R Schaper, Captain, J. Comport, L. Farina. STAND- K. Weisman, Presidenf of ln'rramurals Bowling +ries for a score. J. Frank ge+s se+ for ano+l1er sfrilce down 'lhe alleys. F. Sfraler le+s go for ano+l1er slrilce. l Some members of Hue in+ramural league check +l1eir scores FA Ht , Q W 1' mi K. I Q J FRONT ROW J Wzylnoslu J Seaman, J. Lucas, J. Cleary, J. Costa. SECOND ROW: F Hughes M Szyllowny J Hahn, J. Marasti, J. Sims. THIRD ROW: J. Brush, R. Sulutsch L Szyliowny T Andrews E. Byrnes, R. Jackman. The Trojan Eleven took to the clay again this year and were very successful in bringing in another string of victories under the able coaching of Mr. William "Rip" Scherer. The team, besides taking the City Cath- olic Championship, won twelve and lost five games. The "big guns" were: M. Szykowny, J. Hahn, J. Seaman, J. Costa, F. Hughes, J. Sims, R. Jackman, and J. Wyzkoski. The leading hurler was J. Cleary. Nl. Szykowny and J. Costa were the top hitters. Diamond stars: S. Pino, J. Hahn, and J. Sims break up another hit. Norlh Nor'l'h Nor+h Norih Norfh Nor+h Nor+h Norih Norfh Norlh Nor+h Norih Norfh Nor+h Norfh Norih SEASON'S RECORD Norfh Hills . , S+. Joseph, Nahona A . Peabody ...,, . . Washingfon Voc. . Oliver ,....,.... ,,,.Cen+ral . . .Shadyside . . ,. Cenfral , .. Norfh Hills . . , Cenfral ., PiH Freshman . . . Ceniral . ., . . Souih Ca+holic A . .iii .I . . U iSou+h Calholic ,. Shadyside . Soulh Ca+holic . . . K--A J. Sims anxiously awai+s fhe ball for an easy ouf as J. Wyzlxoski slides in. C--fs 1 J. Wyzlcoski "hammers ou+" anofher +wo-base hit in one of +he games +ha+ added fo fhe laurels of fhe Nor'I'h Caiholic baseball ieam. M. Szykowny, J. Hahn, J. Seaman, and J. Cosia look over +he "+oo+h pick" which helped in many vicfories for 'lhe Troian eleven. AfTer a shorT recess from varsiTy golf compeTiTion, The NorTh Catholic Troians Took To The fairways again. The Team for This year was groomed and led on To many successes by Brother Edward Spang, S.M. Home games were played on The Highland Counfry Club greens. ATTain ing low scores was The prime obiecTive. Needless To say The Trojans always com pefed for The number one posmon 3. '3- Q.. ,.144l?""'4"""f"T J Wilson leaps high To spilre The a in The lnTramural Volleyball playoFfs ,X 52 The boys of The rolling greens KNEELING K SchmiTT A Tuclre STANDING J Brungo L Geary R DaPasquale Intramurals Three NorTh Trackmen giving Their Track meeT all To anoTher successful .vii-llhffwqffi' ,M ,.,-- 'Wax 40 The Cheerleaders: R. Tedesco, K. Schmi++, H. Peirocelly, R. Mariin, J. Pla+zer, A. Novalis. Foo+ball Managers: KNEELING: E. Oberst R. Mager, J. Moran. STANDING: J. Ro- den, P. Eckhardi, B. DeLuga, R. Dzubinski, G. Pfeiffer. Anofher sensaiional shof by a Norrh sfar prompfs 'lhe crowd fo rise wifh a wild cheer for fhe champion hoopsfers. 'W'-A-Q I r f .7 'D 4: i ' 4' ' ' --.., :I -- .- ----f. x ' ,A xfl a 8 , va i, ff . Q Class Actuvutues NINE A The freshman class of QA was led through uts unu tual year by Brother Paul Dwyer S M The class gave sux members to the Speech and Debate Club The class officers were J Bulotta Presudent G Cushanuck Vuce Presudent E Goetz Secretary and Treasurer R Kratsas was a member of the Junuor Varsuty All un all members ofthe class partucupated un the band the Raduo Club the Rufie Club the Vuanney Club and un bowl ng NINE B Brother Herbert Verbesey SM wuth the help of K Guter Presudent N Baker Vuce Presudent D An drews Secretary R Fleetwood Treasurer led the class of 9B through a successful year at North Fresh man B caught the spurut of the School of Cham puons by obtaunung 500 un the booster druve The class was above average un all druves and actuvutues B led the Freshman duvusuon un the Propagatuon of the Faith Collectuon Three of uts members made the school teams NINE C Under the able leadershup of Brother Lee Scuar rotta SM Freshman C finushed a really successful They attauned IOOX un the Propogatuon of the Fauth and United Fund druves The officers were B Thomas Presudent J Chuaramonte Vuce Presudent N OCon nor Secretary G Bauer Treasurer Fuve members made the Junuor Varsuty NINE D The class officers of 9 D were R Prescott Presu dent J Buckley Vuce Presudent J Herwatuc Secre tary R Corudu Treasurer Under the guudance of Brother John Saurune S M the class boasted of oper atung under three commuttees the spurutual the educa tuonal and the temporal The 9D untramural team wound up un the first duvusuon un basketball An Ad vent wreath graced the door un dauly preparatuon for Chrustmas NINE E The forty three young men of 9E were ably led by Mr Wulluam Bryan The class officers were H Glavun Presudent R Jacoby Vuce Presudent J Fer raro Secretary and M Gabrua Treasurer The class ranked hugh un the varuous druves Sux of the boys were on the Junuor Varsuty The untramural basket ball team made a fine showung by tueung for second place and becomung contenders for the untramural CI'OWf'1 NINE F Mr Robert Sturm s homeroom 9F was an out standung class un many respects lt boasted of 762K un the booster druve The class officers were D Blum Presudent R Fruday Vuce Presudent W Boucek Sec retary L Rourke Treasurer The class gave members to football basketball the band the Sodaluty bowl ung chess raduo the Servers Club and the Speech and Debate Club NINE G The members of Freshman G chose the followung officers D Brown Presudent D Klemz Vuce Presu dent W Campbell Secretary Treasurer Mr Walter Lease supervused the actuvutues of thus prosperous class Hughly due to the wonderful spurut of thus class hugh standungs were achueved un all the druves Two boys made the Freshman football squad The class boasted of two hoopsters NINE H Spurred on by the unturung zeal of Mr Albert Schon 9H achieved 1150! un the booster druve The class officers w re C Vaughn Presudent D Infante Vuce Presudent W McKinley Secretary andJ Verder ber Treasurer The class possessed the old Trouan H class un the school The class boasted of mem bers un many and varued actuvutues TEN A Brother Frank Moduca SM found hus class of TOA a very cooperatuve group The class had the dus tunctuon of being first un theur duvusuon un the booster druve The class chose as uts officers H Blanker President R Lutz Vuce Presudent L Szykowny Secre tary and T Bullungsley Treasurer The class gave three members to the Varsuty football and basketball teams H Blanker was the prefect of the Sophomore Sodaluty Other members served on the debatung team on untramural basketball teams un the band and un the dramatuc club TEN B Under the capable leadershup of Brother James Culluna SM IOB proved utself outstanding un all en deavors The class officers were R Schroeffel Presu dent R Kuuowsku Vuce Presudent R Mangone Secre tary and R Stamper Treasurer The class captured the Sophomore untramural basketball champuonshup Seventeen of the students were members of the So daluty Members of the class uouned the Classical Honor Socuety the chess club the band the dramatuc club the hustory club and the raduo club u a n . . .- 0 . , I I - . . . O , . . . 0 I . I I . : . , : . . I . I ' . Y . I . . I . - . I - I - I - I 5 . , . . f . , . I I ' I I 1 I I I T f I I I I 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 . , . , . . . I . 1 - 'r I I - r I I - 1 I ' IT . , I g . , I - I 5 . - g . , - . . I 2 r I I . . . . . . 1 n II I - a . a 1 I . H . . ,Mi . . ,O . . H ,, . . . . . - . 0 . . I I O 1 e . ' . I . ' ' 1 1 - I T T I ' I I - T I 11 ll - 1 ' 'I , . year. They boasted of 39770 in the booster druve- spirit of friendliness. It was unique in being the only - 00 - - - 1, H . u - r 2 c I . . . . . l . F . . I . - . I 0 , - , 1 - I , - I . . . . , . ., I ' I T I - I : . , I ' I T f ' 1 T I j . , I ' I j . , - I ' I ' j - I I , . I I ' -I T I 1 I I I T . . I ' T . T T - I T I T - . I . .I . . . - . . : . . : . I '- , 1 i , - 1 - - , , ' ', ' - ' , , I - I I ' 1 ' j , I , T I I I T ' I I I I - TEN C The Sophomore class of TOC under the direction of Mr James Zahren showed a typical Trolan spirit in almost every activity The class made 27Of in the booster drive The class officers elected were L OConnell President N Toomey Vice President D Goetz Secretary and D Hertweck Treasurer The class gave five members to the Varsity football team Members of the class served in the Protection C ub the Sodalrty the chess club the radio club the Junior Red Cross and the rifle club TEN D Sophomore D under the guidance of Mr Willtam Baker deserved a prominent spot rn their division The class officers were E Ward President P Wrs nrewskr Vice President R OMalley Secretary and R Anke Treasurer The members had a great dr versity of interests Sixteen of the class participated rn the Variety Show F Krllmeyer M Horne and J Hughes played on the tumor varsity The class en tered wholeheartedly into intramural sports TEN E Brother Bernard Zalewskr SM was the spark behind the many achievements of TOE The class officers were J Frole President W Foley Vice Press urer The class was well represented in such extra curricular activities as J V football the band numer ous clubs and honor societies The class attained an enviable 200f in the booster drive TEN F In terms of spirit the class of TOF under the leadership of Mr Raymond DiLallo maintained the true tradition of former classes The class got well over their quota rn the various drives The Trogan Eleven were inspired to victory by the many followers rt had rn this class The class officers were J Rooney President T Berger Vice President H Dietrich Sec retary and T Flaherty Treasurer TEN G Brother Donald McCoy SM found a very co operative class In IOG The class officers were B Strscak President T Jones Vice President P Mc Cauley Secretary and J Eppley Treasurer The class boasted three varsity men and two football man agers The class organized a spirit committee to lead the class on to its many achievements The class did well in all school drives and was well represented in various activities ELEVEN A The class of TTA boasted of a tremendous spirit generated under the able direction of Brother Edward Carey SM The class officers were J Maier Pres: dent L Hamm Vice President R Becku Secretary and E Suchma Treasurer Scholastically the class regu larly placed members on the honor roll The mem bers of the class participated in many of the varied activities of the school The class formed a separate basketball league within the class ELEVEN B Energetic and full of vigor the class of T TB under the tutelage of Brother James Russell S M excelled in many extra curricular activities Three members were on the football team There were several keg lers Many were represented rn the various honor societies The class also helped staff the band the Sodaluty the History Institute and the Speech and Debate Club The class officers were J Wyzkoskl President J Cleary Vice President A Keay Secre tary and L Sweeney Treasurer ELEVEN C With Mr William Garvey at its helm TTC wanted the distinction of being the backbone of the Junior division The class was unique In boasting that al most each member of the class was in at least one actnvrty or club The class also boasted of at least an 8Of overall scholastic average The drive records were high The class officers were E Ricketts Pres: dent K Weixel Vice President J Frank Secretary and R Tate Treasurer ELEVEN D Eleven D under the ardent leadership of Brother Charles Gauslrng SM attained better than satrsfac tory success in all of their undertakings TTD ranked high in academic endeavors lt also excelled in extra curricular activities such as the rifle club first and Junior Red Cross stage crew Sodalrty Mission Honor and radio club J Flavan was a gridder The class officers were D Mnhm President L Shindel Vice President J Hertweck Secretary M Cammerata Treasurer ELEVEN E Eleven E elected as its class officers D Rombach President E Byrne Vice President J Davis Secretary R Kirk Treasurer The class excelled in all activities Some members were hall guards Two members were gridders P Ferraro was a kegler Seven members attained scholastic honors Some members loaned the chess club First Aid Business Honor Variety Show and Junior Achievement The class attained l5Of in the booster drive I ' I . . 0 I . ' '- , O , . . . . , D . I . I - I ' I ' I I , . . . I - - I I - I ' I ' ' I ' ' I I - I ' ' - I , . I I I ' , . I I I I I E .I I - - ' ' ' ' , . : . , 5 . - - - . . . . A , ' I ' I ' I I ' ' I - ' . , . - . . . . . . , , I , . ' I . : . , , , , , I , . h . . D - , , , I ' I ' I ' I . . g I ' I ' - I ' H H . . . . . I . 'I I I I I I I : . , 5 . , - '- I I dent, R. Steigerwald, Secretary, and J. Sorg, Treas- O ' . - O , I I I I ' : . , - ' ' I I ' . . . - - I I - , - I - , 1 , . ' o - - . , . 0 . . . , I . -I - . , . T . I f I T I : I I ' . I I I I , I , I I I I I ' I ' I ' I ' : ' ' i ' ' - I - , - I - I I - I , . ., - I 1 , I ' : ' I ' I ' I ' I I I I l I - I 1 - . . I . . . .. ' I I - I - - ' I I I I ' 0 ELEVEN F Junior F led by Brother Robert Lmdemann S M elected the following officers J Brush President M Burkhart Vice President R Rengers Secretary and L Seethaler Treasurer The class led the division In the booster and yearbook drives Stx members of the class served the band All in all the class had partncn pants ln the Sodallty rifle club art club Trolan News chess club and radio club ELEVEN G A typacally active Junior class led by Mr A M Lesnuak HG was active and sincere In all its doings The class officers were T Castello President W Sef clk Vuce President T Layton Secretary and J Parks Treasurer The class led the division by attaining TOO! In the Propagation of the Faith drive The var stty had the services of J Lofink and R Caton J Parks and B Sefclk were honor students TWELVE A Under the nnsplrnng guidance of Father William Backherms SM 12A excelled an many endeavors Vice President R Rychert Secretary J Krohe Treas urer Foremost In leadership athletics and scholar ship best described 12A Many of its members held offices in various student activities such as the Sodal :ty Student Council Science Honor Speech and De bate and Math Honor The class also contributed many members to the 1959 football squad TWELVE B Spurred on by their homeroom teacher Brother Charles Wolan SM 12B staged a fine first in his tory rally for the South Catholic game The class offi cers were W Roluk President V Dnxon Vuce Pres: dent B Cuanclo Secretary and F Intrneru Treasurer Besides carrying their share an the drives l2B had a heavy representation nn the various clubs and organ szatnons There were three grndders two hoopsters and two baseball players TWELVE C During their final year at North 12C under their able homeroom teacher Brother Donald Dahlmann S M chose as their class officers H Petrocelly Press dent L Buenemann Vice President V Bukovac Sec retary and J Pearce Treasurer The class had a good representation in all actnvntnes Four of the class were members of the band Two were on the yearbook staff and two on the Trolan News Four members were Sodallsts and four were in the various honor socletles TWELVE D Brother John Feldmeuer SM led has class on to many and varied laurels The class officers were J Knuth President T Deluga Vice President T Steiner Secretary and C Kudlac Treasurer The class showed great sparat in helping put over the Yearbook drive Two members of the class C Kudlac and P Renber were varsity grndders F Strater and A Costa the drum mayor gave four years to the band TWELVE E Twelve E under the untnrlng guidance of Mr Jo seph Hmel proved to be a very splrnted class They were tops an the dnvlsnon with l78f In the booster drive H Mazzel was a grldder J Cegalls and J Sums were hoopsters The class officers were W Latkovnc President J Sums Vice President T Degl mann Secretary andJ Barr Treasurer Senior E had representatives un many of the organuzatlons Bust ness Honor and Hastory Honor claimed many mem bers The class was also hugh an scholastic endeavors TWELVE F Twelve F led by Brother Bernard Backus SM had one of the outstanding rallies of the year The class officers were M OMahony President J Vaughn Vice President J Standish Secretary and K Handysnde Treasurer The class gave members to the football team the band bowlung the St John Vlanney Club basketball and dramatncs J Margu glno was president of the Junior Red Cross The class went over the top an the penny raffle drive TWELVE G Brother Joseph Elnloth S M in has first year at North found a very active and enthusiastic class In 126 The class officers were W Scherle President R Schlosser Vice President B Erhart Secretary and W Sutterlun Treasurer The class had many achieve ments It scored TOO! ln the booster drive Three members were grldders Two of the class were nn the art club One of the class was an the band I 1 - '1 1 ' -1 : . , j . . : 1 T f ' 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 T 1 - . , . , 5 . , . . ' . , . . 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 - . . . 1 ' T 1 ' ' ' . . , - ,, ,, . . . . . O . . O 2 . , , . - . . . . 1 T f ' 1 I ' 1 - 0 . . . . 1 I ' 1 T f ' T 0 - T . . . . 1 1 - 1 - , . ., . . 1 1 - -1 The class officers were: F. Hughes, Presrdentf L. Moul, , , T f ' 1 1 ' I T I 1 - . . . ' - 1 1 - . , , ' . . . . . . . 1 T 1 ' 1 1 o o . . . ' I T 1 1 T - . . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 T - - . 1 1 - - T , . . . . 1 . . . Il ' ' I T Tl I . ., ' ' ' . . . . 11 ' I .. . . . . - 5 - , I : . , 5 . , - - . . . . - - ' 1 T 1 ' 1 I 1 ' 1 I - 1 ' - - . . . . . - 1 - ' , O . . . . . ' O ' . 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 . ., 5 - 1 T f - 1 T f ' I T 1 - 1 ' Se Frank C Abbott 1335 Pennsylvanna Ave Ruchard F Abt Wrllnam L Adamsky Joseph B Aguglna Martln A Ahearn Dennis J Amend Samuel J Anatra Wnlllam J Anderson John R Andra Thomas L Andrews Ernest R Arovlts Dennls E Babncka Joseph F Bachmeyer John J Bagglo Richard H Bauer James J Barr Paul T Bauer Edward T Bauman Davld J Beck Rnchard A Becker Charles A Beran Eugene D Bergen Wulllam J Berger 32 Brown St 448 Freeport Rd 2309 East St 3974 Brighton Rd Brandt School Rd Box 337 R D 412 218 Evergreen Ave 4023 Shoreman St 2225 Wyland Ave R D 112 Box 249 194 Sherudan Ave 3510 Shadeland Ave 3544 Calufornla Ave 107 Richey St 1105 Howard St P O Box 137 107 Dennls Drlve 4020 Kleber St 113 Hlghland Ave 624 Knapp St 1623 Columbus Ave 3221 East St Lawrence E Btenemann 1560 Crestview Gerald E Bneranowsku 1510 Muddle Rd Paul D Btery 1259 Saxonburg Blvd WO John A Brfaretn U S Vets Hosputal Albert L Boehm 122 Solar St Anthony J Bond: 1912 Middle St Paul R Borman 2009 Straubs Lane John P Breen 301 Center Ave Ruchard E Brnnlak 1026 Sprung Garden Ave Paul J Brosky Donald A Brosneck Thomas F Brown James D Brueckner Bernard J Bruszak Dennis G Bucher Wtlluam C Buettner Valentune P Bukovac Vincent E Buluk Henry F Burkhart Joseph E Burtnett Rtchard P Byrnes Charles J Cam Davud R Capan Joseph S Carmassl Ernest J Castello John A Cegalls Peter R Cernansky Louss A Checca Robert W Cuancto Arthur A Costa Joseph A Costa Paul D Crowe Patruck F Dargan Edward F Dax Gerald T Dees 3435 Babcock Blvd 263 Ohuo River Blvd 14 Bndge St 1617 Froman St 205 Grove Ave 2107 Harbor St 7 Overlook St 21 Friday St 3823 Evergreen Rd 4118 Fairbanks Ave 10 Ellzey St 539 Madtson Ave 8 Mount Hope St 153 Evergreen Ave 1101 Perry Haghway 586 Mount Vernon Dr 428 Hallett Place 965 Wnllow Dr 612 Senfrled La DIOI' C 1 TA 1 OAK SEW 526 Dorseyvnlle Rd WO 3634 Purdue St 3445 Flemmg Ave 159 Neville St 139 Meade Ave 445 Kennedy Ave 3913 Calufornra Ave Thomas A Deglman 415 Stanton Ave Thomas J Deluga 306 Ma,-Soma Rnchard C DrPasquale 308 School ST . I . ,. ' ., E - ' .' ..,, ... ' .,CE1- ' . .. .,.s . . ., - ' . . ., ,.. .,PO1- " . . ., . ' ' , .,TA1- . ' ...., , .,AL 1- . .,HU - ' . ..,s ' .,PO6-1 ' . ' .,AL1- '. ,., .,WE5-, . . ' .,ST1- . ,.... ,, .. ,WE 5- . ' .,PO1- " . .,., .,TA 1- . .. .,TA1- . t....... .,PO 1- ' .' ,....,.. , .,FA - . .,HU6- .' ... .,WE1- . ' .., . . , , .' .,FA1- ' . ' ' .,PO 6- .' . .,WE1- . ., PO 6- . ' .. ' ., PO 1- . ' . ,... ' ' .,PO 1- ' . ., . ., AL 1- ' . ' ,. ' ., CE 1- ' . .. ' .,WE1- . ' ., ., FA 2- . ' ., ST 1- . .. . .. ,WE5- . ' .,CE1- . . ' ' ,HU 6- ' . ,... .,PO1- ' . . .. .,PO6- ' . '. ' .,FO - ' . .. ' .,WE 1- . , .,HU - . ,. .,PO 6- . ,311 hSt.,ST1- . .. ., CE 1- . ...,, ' ., PO 1- " . A .. .,.. .,AL 1- ' . .. .,AL1- .' ' ,FO 4- ' . ' ' ,FO - .' ' ' .,HU 6- . ,.., " ., E1- .' ,,., ., 3- . .. .,FA1- .' .... ,.. ' ,ST 1- ' . " ' .. .,SO - . A ,. .,FA1- ' . ' . ' . . ' .,ST 1- .,PO1- . .,.. ,AL1- ' . .. , .,FO - , , . ., ST 1-6478 AnthonyG.Gorup,.. . 3236 Francis Dr., HU - ' . " . ' .,FA 1- . .... ,, .,PO - . , ,, .,FO 4- . . , .,TA1- . .,.. ' ' .,PO 1- ' - . . -,HU - . .. , ' .,ST 1- . ' . .,PO - . . .,CE 1- - ' A ,511- . .. . .,WE 1- - .,FA1- ' . .. .,CE 1- . . ..., . .,ST 2- " . H .,FA1- . ,. .. ' .,AL1- ' , , , ' .,TA1- . " . .,PO1- ' . ' ,,... .,WE 1- ' . ' .. .. ' ., TA 1- . ..,.. ' .,WE 1- .,HU - . ,... ., . .,FA 1- " . ' . .,CE1- ' . .. ' .,PO 1- " .' , . .,PO1- . ' ......,, ., ST 1- . .. ' ., CE 1- 'P . ..... , .,TA 1- . ,. .,AL1- . ' ,FO 4-1 . .. ' ,WE 1- . ...,. ,Q ,,ST1- . .. ,S 1- . ' ....,..,, I ,PO 1- - 'A ---- ' ., T1- . ' ,.....,, ' .,WE 1- I -- - ' .,PO - ' . " .,ST 1- . ,. .,FA1- .' ' ,. .. ' ,, 3- . .. .,AL1- . ....., .,PO 1- . ., .,FO - . .,..,. " Q, PO 1- . ,... ., PO 1- . ....,., . ' ., PO 6- ' . ' .,TA 1- ' . . , ., PO 1- . ' ' .. ., CE 1- . .,FA 1- . .. , .,PO1- . ' ' IIPQ6- . ' . ' .,FO - . ..,. .,TA 1- ' . ' , ' .,CE1- . ..., . ',FA1- '. ' .,PO - ' . ' .I 1- . .. ,FA 1- ST 5861 3415 3714 2577 1 83 2747 2220 1817 4103 5378 2602 1527 6843 3464 7806 6544 1729 4575 6453 1612 5929 5943 5269 2341 8025 8918 8930 9756 3855 8625 2518 8033 1646 5533 5146 2130 0891 0428 6170 4433 0352 2161 0391 2233 1749 4505 5286 0288 5636 9228 8562 7562 3716 4077 5973 5205 3023 1908 2360 2969 Directory Vincent W Dlxon 744 Maglnn St Paul J Dodge 73 Courtney St Lawrence J Domntrovvc 310 Russell Dr Brock F Donovan Edwln D Drrscoll Henry Drwal James R Emanuel Bernard E Erhart Chris J Fledler Edward V Flncke John R Ftnnegan Ronald Wayne Patrnck Dennis John R Joseph Dennus Rnchard F Fuechslnn Thomas J Furar Thomas C Galda Edward F Gallagher Mnchael A Gallagher Martin J Gavin Leo C Geary Anthony L Gerst R Ftscher A Fischer J Flaherty L Foley Frauenhenm 513 Mount Royal Blvd A Frederuck M Freyvogel 2353 Saddle Dr 1219 Voskamp St 243 Davls Ave 131 Washungton Ave 1428 Evergreen Ave 618 Lockhart St 366 Ivory Ave 2317 Roller St 132 Westt1eld Ave 8 Columbua Ave 1931 Federal St Ext 105 Hlghland Ave 252 Kennedy Ave 4047 Brandon Rd 1290 Fassunger La 106 Hazel St 1 lt 3633 Harbuson St 1348 Goettman St 8142 Perry Highway 146 Jamalca Ave 98 Brahm St Louls E Gnulnanu 1331 Saxonburg Blvd Mnchael J Glogowskl 3412 Massachusetts Ave Ruchard T Goetz Thomas R Greer GeorgeJ Groll ReglsJ Guckert KennethJ Handyssde John R Harruson Joseph G Harsch 409 Woods Dr 262 Center Ave 821 Geyer Rd 141 Sunset La 3962 McClure Ave 33 Lincoln 1514 Hatteras St Edward J Hart 563 Mount Vernon Dr Walter H Haupt Robert M Hendtsh Timothy P Helm Raymond Hengelsberg Wullnam J Hnllenbrand Wllllam T Hutchcock James G Hohmann James H Houck Andrew J Hudak Frank R Hughes Frank P lntrnerl Frederlck S Isler Ramon L Jackman James R Jackson Mabon F Jerome Joseph C Kahr Louis J Kalb John C Kallnoskn Albert F Kamper Joseph R Karlvk Davld F Kasentc Francts J Keenan 48 Leuster St 19 Beech Dr 15 Mansuon St 3930 Kahn Ave 1133 Haslage Ave 19 Varney St 1522 Valentlne St 63 Royal St 335 Perry Htghway 1717 South Canal 227 Cllfton Ave 3340 Brighton Rd 1629 Lappe La 219 Haslett St 1210 Duncan Ave 108 Bronx St 3880 Mount Troy Rd 1430 Page St 313 Glaser Ave 208 Rolling Dr 1221 Hugh St 3144 Frederick St Lawrence J Kessler 2354 Colorado Way W T S 8145 4080 5953 62917 1459 7291 5426 2364 2 3369 1385 5509 3047 7148 4385 5406 3011 4490 4304 43284 6 8346 8993 5284 8218 4 7473 7005 4158 78693 4646 45271 69246 61832 4446 6 6685 66511 1891 6659 1044 5735 3523 4635 68779 6307 9855 3259 8313 3064 6185 8455 64829 9583 1755 46077 6289 1915 1455 8265 44764 3540 64861 6682 Edward A Keyser 1 1 13 Brandt St FO Gerald J Klrker 188 Sherldan Ave PO Louls A Kleespues 813 Evergreen Ave TA Emul P Knezevlch 433 Fountain St OAK John C Knuth 1804 Sprung Garden Ave CE 1503 Gardner St CE 1611 Antrnm St PO 4106 Butler St Donald D Koch Ronald J Kosarlch Frank L Kowalskl Joseph E Kraus David J Krenn James J Krohe Edward C Kudlac EdwardJ Kunco Robert P Lacher Wnlllam G Lacher Wllluam J Latkovnc 1502 Mnddlecrest Dr 2717 Houston St 2551 East St 287 Morrlssey St 4100 Mount Troy Rd 234 Soose Rd 1419 Orchlee St 1818 East Ohio St Robert M Lazor 3881 Sprung Garden Ave Charles H Leftler Rnchard P Legler John W Lelbold John C Lennon Edwtn J Ley John E Lnpchak Wllllam R Llsac John C Loeblg Joseph F Long German M Lopez Joseph W Lowrle James M Lucas Paul T McCann Wnlllam C McCormick 110 Richard Dr 3433 Calufornra Ave 22 Perrylea Ave 1929 Mlddle St 49 Perryvlew Ave 1335 Gufford St 547 Marshall Ave 817 Lockhart St 1616 Falck Ave 619 Avery St 1420 Llverpool St 4227 Grand Ave 177 Highland Ave 4 6195 6 6019 1 4537 2593M 1 7019 1 7527 6 5560 6 4 8063 9884 4772 4971 2895 4332 8993 6233 7023 6290 5187 2039 3998 4589 0595 5889 4658 4274 5398 6193 6713 5942 Ruchard J Neurohr 906 Chestnut St Walter J Naerl 244 Hazelwood Ave Anthony E Novalls 1521 Sheft1eld St Joseph C Novosel 3152 Mount Hope Rd Joseph C Nussbaum 210 Plummer Ave Michael OMahony 117 Hawkins Ave Raymond J Ondek 3223 Central Ave Gerald A Pace 3547 Shadeland Ave Louls A Pack Wayne J Pappert George W Patrlck Robert J Payer James E Pearce Francis F Perlrk Horatlo J Petrocelly James R Pucard Norman T Pnvlrotto John O Platzer Ronald E Plesco Charles G Popelka Mnchael S Protzlk Samuel J Pusaterl John C Rafferty Davnd M Ragan Raymond F Ramble Daniel R Reed Paul B Relber Dannel R Really Donald J Robbuns Carl M Rogal Wendel A Rolsk 1436 Adam St 1827 Wlttmer St 335 Fnrst St 1825 Beaver Ave 2173 Rens Run Rd 9371 2352 7090 3912 2369 5658 3998 5674 9257 6366 7126 9996 44471 1151 Brabec St 236 Cornell Ave 102 Falrdale St 3054 Frederick St 138 Renter St 134 Grant Ave 105 lvy Rd 3404 Gass Ave 1521 Adams St 715 Dorseyvllle Rd 205 Rlchbarn Rd 657 Evergreen Ave 249 Kennedy Ave 1325 Lowrle St 1120 Roosevelt Rd 114 Garden Vlew Dr 2926 Preble Ave 1029 Vlnlal Ave 3249 McClure Ave W 3705 8624 4427 4840 8020 3757 2844 5076 8495 2393 2722 1547 8371 48662 6382 69337 6960 4564 1356 Powers Run Rd Donald T Mclntyre Dennns W McKevntt Wnlllam M Mauese Thomas W Malewskl John J Margugllo 1814 Unuversnty Ave 1513 Antrim St 1014 Homer Ave 205 South Mann St 3808 McClure St Anthony G Marlnov 1021 Oglethorpe Ave Joseph E Marunzel James F Martln Tumothy K Martin Wllllam P Martrn Harold J Mazzen Thomas J Meluck Paul A Meurer Joseph D Mnchels Edward J Maelnuckl Danlel J Muller John C Maller James D Momper Charles W Monpere James E Moore Lawrence C Moul Robert C Moyerofl' Dennis E Mravlntz Richard W Mullaney Thomas R Myers Salvatore A Naccarato James L Nason Wllllam J Nenll 332 Faber St 325 Second St 1426 Davld Ave 619 Avery St 12 Thurd St 123 Berryhnll Rd W 6 8199 9517 5560 7232 7403 11 8841 8372 1026 0622 5398 2455 8104 1614 Lowrle St Box 264 WE 1118 Province 2121 Eggers St 14 Drum St 842 Phlneas St 2518 Sample Rd 12 Orchard Ave 35 Bonvue St 2006 Mann St 1154 Voskamp St 215 West Canal R F D 113 Box 73 217 Thlrteenth St 4026 Kleber St 433 Hnghland Ave 5 2618 9153 5372 7527 9370 7574 9420 7332 4554 5033 2392 1620 7594 7654 7409 Raymond C Roman George J Sacco James R Schaefer Wullnam H Scherle 311 Orchard Dr 880 Butler St 713 Evergreen Ave George R Scheurmg 2378 East Beckert Ave Robert A Schlosser 98 Lunk Ave Richard C Schmidt 1551 Pennock Rd Karl W Schmitt 156 Lakewood St Anthony E Schoedel Box 260 R D 411 Robert M Schomburger 837 Prospect St Gary M Schroeder Thomas A Schroeffel James P Schutzman James F Send Frank M Slatkosky Kenneth E Subuc James B Sums Edward J Skzrtlch Joseph F Skrockl Raymond H Smith Ronald A Smlth Donald L Snelslre Frank S Spehar Leonard C Splane VernerJ Spohn Rorfald G Stamper Kenneth L Stander James A Standlsh Roger T Stem Evendale Ave 1926 Tours St 217 McKunley Ave 2214 Wllson Ave 906 O Brien St 1 1 19 Boyce St 3012 Vensel St 1127 Slsca St 2209 Harbor St 131 Flrst St 1362 Lowrle St 2838 Preble Ave 2200 Harbor St 1701 Harpster St 106 Berryhsll Rd 2374 East Beckert Ave 820 Taylor Ave 1311 Warner St 214 East Oak Hull Rd 1575M 4096 2641 5116 46677 2664 1438 4 7461 2514 0671 3993 6432 7670 3182 28629 62102 1876 8132 2728 9416 3440 5381 3952 68077 6932 1288 6251 8727 . .ls,, ., - ' . .. .. .,AL1- .' ' ., - . .,PO1- ' . ' ..,,.l ., - . ' t,,.,l.. .,AL1- ', ' . . ' ., . . .,PO1- , ' ., - . .,PO1- . . ..,,.... ., - l I G 'IFAl' . ' ....s ' ., - . .,PO1- . . ,,t., . . .,PO1- . T... ' .,HU - ' . .,AL1- ' . .. . .,FA1- . s,., ' .,Po6- . .ll. .t,.,, . .,CE 1- . ' ..,. . ' .,ST1- . ,,,,., ' ., CE 1- . l,..,,, .. .,CE1- . .,WE1- . .. ' .,FO - . .,TA1- ' . ' . , ., . " . .,..,, .,PO1- ' . .,PO1- " . A .. ' .,CE1- .' . ' .,Fo4- . .. ' .,cE1- ' .,PO1- . ' .,Fo- . ...., .,wE1- ' . .. ' ' .,PO1- . .. .. .,ST1- .' .. . .. .,vvE1- . .,Fo4- . In ' .,ST1- ' . . .. .,PO1- ' , ' WWE 1. . T . . .,CE1- .' In ' WFA1- . . ' ., O3- " 5 ..,.. .. .,FA1- ' . . ' WPO6- . ' .,AL1- . ' .,TA1- . .,.l ,.,.t . Pos- ' - W- - 4 HIFA1- . . .,.... .lFA1- . ' . . ' .,FA1- A 'M ' .,CE1- ' . ' .r., . .,FO - . .. ., HU 6- . ' . ' ., AL 1- A g ' DIWE1- . . .,PO - '- , - . ". " .,CE1- ll 03- . .,PO1- Myron L- MCGarry E H Q 127 Fourth Sf., ST 1-3243 Robert C. Rychert. . .. 3319 McClure Ave., PO 6-7220 ' ' ' WFA1- . .s.,. .,OA - . my ' WPQ1- . . .,ST1- -- - WFOA- " . .. .,TA1- . ' 1. ' .,sT1- - ' 1 -ICEV Q - ',pQ6,21 . .... .. ' .,FO - ' - .,ST1- ' . ' . .,PO1- . ' .. .. .,FA2- - s 'IWE1' . I .,sT2- - as 'SP- ' . ' . .... ' .,PO1- - -'511- " . ' ..... ., FA 1- . 't.4-t -63 -,CE 1- I VHAH VA - -IST1, . ...... . .,FA1- . ' ' ,Hu - . ' .,PO1- ' U . 'I .....,... ' .,CE1- . '.. ..,.,....., .. , - it gg.. In .,TA1- Q f W ' 'AI-1, . .,l:A - - ,- M VCE1- .' ,.... .,PO - .' ..... .,AL1- . " ' .,sT2- . .. .. .,.. ' .,AL1- . ' ,.,...... . .,FA1- I A by .I HU 6- . ' ...,,....... ' ., ST 1- , my gqqnwgn ,I ST 1- . ' .,... ,.... ' ., AL 1- . . ...... .,CE1- - -'POV 1 M g - .,ST1- . .......... .,AL1- - I - g IIFAQ- . .. . .,AL1- ' I 4 IFAQ. . .... ' .,HU - . , ,WE5- . . ' .,CE1- U I - IIST1- . .. .. .,PO1- . ..... . .Pos . ' ---t4- WFA1- " . '.l. ..' ' .lPOl- . ' .. ' .,sT1- Thomas A Steuner Edward C Stephany George J Sterzunger John L Stoehr Norman E Stone John A Straka Kenneth Strasser Felux R Strater Raymond F Strauss Thomas N Streuff Robert J Streut Joseph W Struber Ruchard E Suchacek 47 Fordham Ave 4112 Gruzella St 174 Lakewood Ave 722 Jefferson Dr 4555 Cherryland St 1138 Rudgeland Dr 330 Rochester Rd 131 Devers Way 21 14 Rockledge Ave 28 Sprung St 2412 Rudgeland PI 113 Hoffman Rd 1258 Sprung Garden Ave James P Sukuts 1521 Claurn St Ruchard E Sukutsch 1575 Sprung Garden Ave Wulluam A Sutterlun 1047 Grand Ave John J Sweeney 9198 Fox Hunt Rd Wulluam P Sweeney 1236 Warlo St Davud J Tauclet 1102 Morruson Ave Robert J Tedesco 2912 Shadeland Ave Kenneth J Tevus 2657 Ellus St John F Thomas 304 Erun St Ralph A Thunell 620 Center Ave Gregory W Tushky 2524 Sprung Garden Ave Francus A Tokar 806 Vulsack Rd 6 6749 5640 1669 7416 2635 8156 2289 1742 4076 4488 0838 2972 2925 8182 39 1 6213 5923 9896 9465 8849 3639 5593 3549 2971 Ruchard L Ulewucz Charles J Valosuo Frank E Van Ryn Perry C Van Tune John P Vaughn Robert P Vunsku Robert M Vusokey 611 Seufrued La 1718 Hatteras Ave 8600 Wuttmer Rd 1704 Belleau Dr 2410 Calufornua Ave 410 Mount Royal Blvd 284 West Ruvervuew Ave Lawrence P Vogel Joseph E Vogrun Edward M Vrana Paul W Wagener Dennus T Wallace Gerard G Walters Paul T Wasulewsku Ronald L Wehrheum Kenneth G Weusmann John R Wulson Wulluam J Wundusch John H Woustman Ruchard S Wounar Gerard O Wunderly Robert F Wurzer Kenneth R Wyman Robert L Yeske 219 Arlungton Ave 2648 Veteran St 2122 Peekskull St 300 Bernuce St 1436 Page St 2629 Muddle Rd 1136 Harvard Curcle 1949 Puttvuew Ave 131 Dorseyvulle Rd 8660 Rochester Rd 173 Suxth Ave 124 Emerson Ave 534 Dorseyvulle Rd 1827 Bader St 101 Wuluohn 133 Lulac Ave 36 Rostock Ave John N Yochum 3039 Mount Troy Rd W F ST W 6 4 2139 5409 6571 5456 4117 7384 8158 1423 4400 2514 4642 5395 6888 4244 5049 8487 6160 6518 6708 8388 8743 8195 2933 2382 5786 Acknowledgements We thank and are most apprecuatuve to the followung for helpung us brung the 1960 Edutuon of the TROJAN to a fruutful completuon Brother John Feldmeuer SM Brother Donald Dahl mann SM Brother Donald McCoy S M and Mr Joseph F Hmel our faculty moderators and photographers The hard workung and spuruted admunustratuon and es pecually our Reverend Pruncupal Brother Charles Eckhardt S M for theur cooperatuon and encouragement The unturung faculty for uts unself1sh aud un the ad druve Brother Walter Baumeuster S M and Brother Aloysuus Reus SM and theur crew of carpenters for the sturdy stands they constructed The Most Reverend and Reverend Clergy Rt Rev Msgr Anthony M Beneduk STD Rev Francus M Hof? mann Rev Thomas J McPherson Rev Edward A Heun ruch Rev Muchael P Hunnebusch and Rev John S Feld meuer for theur unterest and tume Muss Mary Morru on and the Puttsburgh Catholuc for valued puctures Mr Ned Strem and the studuo stat? for theur unselfish consuderatuon kundness ancl cooperatuon Mr Ed Ursprung of Cooke Publushung for hus unvalu able help and advuce All loyal Trouans who took prude un the Trouan by solucutung ads and patrons The many busuness f1rms and fruends of the Trouan for theur most needed and apprecuated f1nancual assustance . ' .,.,,., ., PO 1- ' . ' .. ' ' ., ST 1- . ' ., WE 1- . ' .. ., CE 1- . ' ., WE 1- . . ' ., FO 4- . . ,. . .,FO 4- , ' .,FA1- . . ., WE 1- . .. ' ' ., CE 1- . .. . ' .,FA1- .' .,ST1- ., PE 6- . ' ' . . , AL 1- ' ' ., PO 6- . ., AL u- . . ' ., TA u- . ' .. . ' .,ST 1- . ' .. ,. .,CE1- . '.... ,. ' .,FA1- . ' .,CE1- . . .,HU 6- . . . ' .,FO 4- ' . ' . ., AL 1- ' ' ., FA 1- . ., ' ., HU 6- . ' .. ' ., AL 1- . ' ' ' , PO 1- ' . ' , ' ., AL 1- 1 . ' ' ' ., FA 1- " . ' ., PO 1- . ' ' ., O 3- . , ., FO 4-7702 David A. Welsh . . . . 173 Zangway Ave., CE 1-4846 " . ., AL u- . ' . . ., O 4- ' . ' ' .,FA1- " ." , ' .,FO4- . ., PO 1- . ' .. ., 1- . ' , . ' ., AL 1- ' . ' ., , ' ., O 3- . ., ' ., TA 1- . ., AL 1- . . , ., PO 1- . . " ,HU - . ' . ., ' ., FO - ' .,CE 1- . .,CE1- ' . . ' .,HU - . .,FA1- 0 0 PERSONAL PATRONS Jean M Abernathy Dave Abmayr 59 Mr and Mrs Abmayr Wllllam Abt Mr and Mrs Ralph Acrn Mr Louus Adamsky Mary Ann Anderson My Aunt Add Mrs Emma Akerley All Saints Boy Scout Troop 75 Aloma Cafe Betty Ann Altvater Mr and Mrs L D Andersen Mr John J Angelo Atknnson and Salomon Dr F G Arch Mr and Mrs Paul S Aaron Mass Margaret Abmayr Wnlllam Rex Adams Mrs Louus Adamsky Henry Adler Joe Ahearn Joe Ahearn Jr Kathy Ahearn Marty Ahearn Theresa Ahearn Ruthle Augner Joe Albacker Mr and Mrs RoyM Albrught Mrs Ed Albert Charles Allmena Charles P Alumena A Loyal Trolan Olnvua Alvater Ambrose J Ambrose J Ambrose J W Ambrose J Ambrose J Mary C Anderson T L Andrews Famuly W Anthony W Anthony Mrs Wm Anthony D S Archubald Sam Arlottl Walter Arrlgo Doctor Artrure Mrs Anne Asenbrener Mrs Harry Ashworth Bernard Auber Mrs Helen Auber Raymond Auber A J Aufman A J Aufman A J Aufman Mrs A J Aufman Mr and Mrs J A Aufman Mary Aufman Mary Aufman Vlrglnua Autman Charles Aupke Jean Azzarello Alvun A Aquadro Avalon Shoe Repanr Mr and Mrs L J Backman George P Barley Mr and Mrs Stephen Bagzek Mrs Edw Baker Jam Baker Mr and Mrs Chas Balestreure RobertA Balas John Ballcky J J Balquust Mrs Dorothy Baratka Mr and Mrs Clnfford Barker Mr and Mrs Howard Barnett Barrels Mrs Wm Barrett Mrs Joseph Bascovsky Mr and Mrs E J Bauer Mrs R J Bauer Edward H Bauerle Mrs Baum Mr Frank Baumgartner Albert T Baumbach Paul Barr Stephen and Janlce Ann Barczak Mrs Armude Baus Edward A Baus Mrs Leo Beck Mr and Mrs Wm E Bechtel Dave Beck: Josephlne M Becker Walt Beck: Phyllns A Bedel Robert G Bedel Mr and Mrs Beguc Frank Behr Bellevue Furniture Company Bellevue Furnuture Andrew Belo John Belo Rucardo Belottu Edward J Bender Mr Charles Benuak Mr and Mrs Joseph Bennardo Mr and Mrs Samuel Bennardo Thomas Berger Mr and Mrs W Bergman Mass Gerne Best Norman C Beutler Beverly and Paul Grace Bewersdorf Mrs H Bneber Thaddeus J Bnenuek Mr and Mrs Robert Bnernesser Bug D Patruck Blnz CClass 77D Bnshop s Shoe Co Michael J Blzub Freddne Blackwell Mr AnthonyJ Blaha John Blanar F C Bank Henry Blanker Eluzabeth Blasco Charles Blasek Blawnox Super Mkt Mr T D Blum Henry L Betcher Mr and Mrs Harold Blumer Mrs Carollne Boehm Al Boehm Ralph Boehm Ralph Boehm Mr Raymond J Boehm Wulluam Boehm Mr A Bogackl Mr and Mrs Boglntch Peter J Bollck Mr and Mrs August Bonds Bop O Bop and Wop A Yop Nop E Mr and Mrs John Borgo Wulllam G Borza Mr and Mrs Wullnam Bosko Dr C M Boucek MD Leonard Box Terry Boylan Bonnie Brabec Edward Brabec Brady Funeral Home Mr and Mrs H J Brandl Henry Bratkovlch Tony Braucato Florence Braunstenn Jack Bredl The Brelnlg Famlly Earl and Marne Bresnahan Mrs A Brlskey Paul and Ray Brlngak Rrchard Brmlak Dorothy Brunlak Ed Brutenbaugh Marty and Betty Brooks Joe Broz Marne Brueckner Otto Brueckner Wllluam Brueckner Bruggeman s Servuce Mrs Brunner L E Brunner Mr and Mrs Victor Brunner Mrs Cecelia Brush Brussler Cut Up Poultry James Bubarth Mrs Bubarth Mrs Pearl Bubas Joseph DlBucc1 Rschard Buckholz Mrs Anna Budznnskl George H Buettner George H Buettner Mrs George H Buettner Wnlllam Buettner Gerald Buehner Ball Buffalo Mr and Mrs Frank Bulnk Mrs Phlltp Bummer Mr and Mrs J A Burke Jerry Burke Red Burke Donald S Burns Henry Butch Bernard Butchko John R Butchko Mrs Joseph E Butchko Jac Jac Jac Jack Jack Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke Mr Joseph E Butchko Mr Joseph Butklewlcz Mr and Mrs J J Byrnes Donald Edward Buzulak Buzzy Mr and Mrs Joseph Babncka Mr and Mrs Frank Bachmeyer Joe Bachmeyer Joe Bachmeyer Mrs Sandra Gene Bachmeyer Olga De Baeza Bull Bagnato Marlene Barley Stephen Balzek Anthony Baker Cheryl Ann Baker Mr and Mrs Baker Norm Baker Robert Ballantine Mrs Jane Battls Mrs Jane Battls Mrs Joseph Bauer Mr and Mrs Tom Bauer Dennis Bauman Tom Bauman Mrs Vlrglnla Bauman Mr and Mrs Robert C Baumbach Clare Baumbeck Mary Catherlne Baumgartner Davld Baumgartner Davnd T Baumgartner Gertrude Baumgartner Muke and Mnllle Becker Mr Steve Beckl Bradley Bechtold Helen Bedeck Mrs Bedeck Terry Bedeck Stella Bell Mrs Mlchael Belottl Albert Benaman Mrs Geo Bender Dorothy Bennet ' f ' , . . n f . ' ' ' f . - . . k ' . . ' ' k , Sr. . - - "Troian" Alumnus Mr. and Mrs. Maurice P. Bedel Robert Braunstein Mrs. F. R. Baker J. W. , r. ' . - - J. W. , r. . ' ' ' i v J. W. , r. . . ' ' U J. . , r. . . ' - 1 J. W. , r. ' ' ' - Mr. - ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . . ' ' . Mr. . . . . ' . - . . . . , Sr. ' ' ' A r Buck Bentley Anne Benvnn Otto E Beran and Mrs Emll Beran Berger r Claude Berg WllllamL Besterman Wullram L Besterman Mrs Helen Betzold Mr and Mrs J A Bezlla Lucnlle Buedrzyckl Lawrence A Bnenemann Larry Brenemann Agnes M Blerer Mary E Blery Paul D Blery Mr and Mrs T A Bullnngsley Margaret Buses: Mr and Mrs E Blttner Mrs Mary Bittner Helen Btzub Helen Blzub John P Blzub P Blzub Mrs T Blahnlk FredM Blake Sr Mrs FredM Blake Sr Muss May F Blake Mr and Mrs Walter Blattner Mr and Mrs Walter Blattner Mr and Mrs Walter Blattner Mary Ann Bluemllng Thomas Bluemlnng Mr Alfred S Blumberg A W Blumn Mr and Mrs Robert Bobeck Elmer S Boden Mr Albert Bodlsch Mrs Mae Bodnsch Loss C Boehm Wlllnam Boehm Ann Bolar Steve Bolar Jr Paul F Borman Frank Borman Susan Borman Mrs George H Born J V Botzer Pnnky Botzer Mrs RschardJ Boucek Helen M Bove Mrs Olsvua Bowser Mrs Anna Brace Carol F Bracken Mr and Mrs C J Brady Harry Brady Frank P Brandt Frank Bratkovlch Frances Bratkovuch Bernard L Brnstol Mr and Mrs Edward E Broge Brooks and Becker Mrs Mary Brooks Don Buzz Brosneck Mr Tony Brosneck Mrs ClaraM Brown Mr Ed Brown Lee Brown Mary A Brown Wm S Brunn Mr and Mrs Wm Brunn Mr C Bruno Anthony Brunotts Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Bruszak Bruszak Bruszak Bruszak Mrs Bruszak Mrs Bruszak Mrs Bruszak Mrs Bruszak Mrs Bruszak Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs John John John John Bruszak Bruszak Bruszak Bruszak Steve Bolar Sr Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs C K Bolllnger Frances Bonese Frances Bonese Frances Bonese F Bonese Ross G Bucaro Mrs Catharnne Bucek Dennus Bucher Dennns Bucher Dennas Bucher Dennls Bucher Peter Bonese Peter Bonese P Bonese Peter Bonese Peter Bonese P Bonese Joseph Bonucky Jr Mr and Mrs Bonomo Mr and Mrs Chas Bookser Jean Bookser Deborah Mnchelle Bookser Mrs Estelle Borman Helen Borland Dennm Dennm Dennw Dennm Dennm Dennm Mrs Geo Mrs Geo Mrs Geo Bucher Bucher Bucher Bucher Bucher Bucher T Bucher T Bucher T Bucher Mrs Geo Bucher Mrs Geo Bucher Mrs Frank Buchman Mr and Mrs Geo H Buettner Margaret Buettner Dolly Bugrun 59 Agnes E Burger Mrs J E Burger Davnd B Burns Mary Anne Burke Mrs Olive Burke Mrs Mary Burtnett Mrs Joseph Burtnett Mr Joseph Burtnett Mrs Mary Burtnett Mrs O Burtnett Mrs Roy Burkhardt Maryann Busch Walter Bush Marlann Bursnch 62 Helen Butchko Edd Byrne Edd Byrne Mrs Byrne Mr Byrne Mr Byrne Pat Byrne Mrs Byrne Pat Byrne Chapelaures Stephen Charemba Mr August Chnarmonte 'Vlrs W R Callahan Mr Frank Calore Walter W Campbell Mrs M Cartwrtght Mr and Mrs Ray Casper Anna B Cavanaugh Daniel B Cavanaugh Mrs Edna Cavanaugh Rlchard P Cavanaugh Mr Robert Celender John W Ceranlc Belle Cercone Mickey Chunk Wllluam Chrvstman Mr Joseph Chrnsty Mrs Joseph Christy Joseph Christy Jr Loss Robert and Rosanne Chrusty Compllments of Chuck John J Cucola Cnty Drug Store Sharpsburg George Clayburn Cohen s Market Mr and Mrs Thomas Colvnlle Russell S Coneby James P Conway Lulllan Conway Cookuhn Tea Room Mary Ann Copelnn Michael Copeltn Gregg Corsello Linda Corsello Ralph J Costa Jr PERSONAL PATRONS John Crawford Mrs WnIllamJ Crawford Mrs WnlllamJ Crawford Adam Crenner Bnll Crohe Ken Cunnlngham Frank W Czak Anna M Callahan John R Callahan Jr Mr and Mrs Eugene Cabonar Mary Ann Cardne Mr GeorgeJ Caun George Caln N C H S 63 Barbara L Caln Mrs GeorgeJ Cam Joann and Donald Cann Mr and Mrs Michael F Cammarata Mr and Mrs Llno Calarle Al Cammarata Marc Cammarata Mrs S Cammarata Mnke Cammarata WalterW Campbell Jr Muss Catherlne Campbell Tom Campbell Mrs Walter Campbell Mr and Mrs Carbone Mrs Peter Carbone Gnovanna Carbone Mr and Mrs C Carey Mr and Mrs R W Carlisle John Cavlovlc Mr and Mrs Felnx Carmen Albert P Carner Mr and Mrs M J Carney Raymond E Carothers James M Carr Mlss Phyllss M Carr Carson Family Steve and Ollve Casper Katherine Casper Betty Casper Ralph Cassey Duane Castellucno Mr RlchardA Catanese Srster Celeste Sister Celeste Al Cenkner Hn Way Servnce Center Mr and Mrs Peter Cernansky Ronald Cernansky Nucholas P Cernansky Katherune J Cernansky Kerrm Chapman Mr and Mrs PeterA Checca Louus A Checca Mr and Mrs Louls Checca Mr and Mrs Wm Cherasky Cheryl and Dave Welsh Mr and Mrs Frank Chuaramonte Mr. . ' , , . . . Bill . . ' . ' M . - A ' Mr. ' ' . , ' , . ' , Mr. ' ' . , . , Wm. Russell Bleil Arthur Bruszak Susan Carey Donna Lynn Carey ' . B. ' - . - l . B. - . . ' . B. - ' ' ' . Mr. ' ' , '- ' Mr. ' . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. ' . . ' ' . Mr. ' A . ' . Mr. . ' . ' PERSONAL PATRONS Mrs Anne Chusler Mr and Mrs Joseph Chuttu Mrs Mary Chutoka Mrs Charles Chmura Chrus and Pat Joseph S D Chrustof Robert Crusty Arlene Cuancuo John Cuancuo Mr and Mrs E J Cumperman Wulluam Mark Curocco Robert Mark Curocco Mrs Eugene Clarke Compluments of 9H H V Cleary Jr Mr and Mrs Joseph Closs Wm R Clowes Louuse Cockenour Mereduth Cochran John Colbert 61 Katheryn C Colbert F Robert Colbert Ralph R Colbert Mr and Mrs John Colbert S Mrs S Coleman Mr Samuel T Coleman Nucky Colosumo Muchael Coluccu C G Comley Chrustune D Comport Eluzabeth Condon Mrs Kathryn Conley Carolyn Contu Wm Cooney Jane Cooper Mr and Mrs N Cormuck Moe Corwun Joseph V Costa Jr Mrs Josephune Costa Mrs Frank Costanzo H N Courtwrlght Mr and Mrs Frank Covert Mr and Mrs T J Coyne Mrs Fred Crato Crusty Taulor Frater Cruspun O F M Muchael R Croke Mr and Mrs Herman Crumbo Crutch 63 C Crombue Marue Cutler Frank J Cutler Larry Cutler Marue Cutler Maxune Cutler Frank J Cutler Maxune Cutler Larry Cutler Marue Cutler Susan Czak Mr and Mrs Russell F Dauley Phulomena D Amato Mrs Mary D Angelo Robert A Dargan Bull Davus Dave and Pat Mrs Rose Dax Margaret DeArmut Mr Edward Debes L M Decher Deuon Beauty Salon Deuon Beauty Salon Mrs Elva Dengler Ed and Do Do Dennuson Mr GeorgeM Derk Muss Hermuna Derk Mr Gerald Dees Mrs Gerald B Dees Jerry Dees Mr George Depp Mrs George Depp Duck 1960 Mr and Mrs Walter Duckson DuCrustofaro s Gulf Statuon A M Duel Muruam J Duel Dolores DuGregory Anthony D DuMatteo Paul H Duss John Doe Fred Donatellu and Sons Bob and Kate Donnelly 49 Muss Hulda Dorsch Patrucua Dorus Patrucua Doyle Mr and Mrs Ruchard Doyle Mr and Mrs WulluamG Doyle Doyle Famuly Henry A Dratflnsky Henry A Dratflnsky Henry A Dratflnsky Henry A Dratflnsky Henry A DratHnsky Ruta Druver Maruan Dumont Mr and Mrs George Dumont Maruam Dumont KennethJ Duncan 55 Mr Thomas Dunn Jr Thomas Dush Mrs Felux Dzubunsku Tummy Dzubunsku Delores Daffola Mrs A J Dahlunger Edward Danus Danny and the Rock Angels Joe Danzuro Muchael Dargan Helen Dauer Mary Davus Mrs Mary E Davun Mr EdwardO Dax Mrs Edward O Dax Mr and Mrs C R DeCarlo Mr and Mrs C R DeCarlo Earl Dedug Pat Dedug Constance Deer Mr Frank DeFazuo Lucy DeFazuo Mr and Mrs John Dell Mr and Mrs Jos A Demuan The Denglers Denny and Myrt 60 Mrs Margaret Densmore Antounette Dentusu Anna DePaolu Angelo DePaolu James DePhullups Mrs Frances Depp Mr George Derk Polly Derk Leo Derk Charles DeSulvey Mrs Mary DeVuto Mrs James Duana M C Duce Danuel D Duckman Davud R Duckman Harold G Duckman Harold J Duckman Margaret R Duckman Marue E Duckman Mary K Duckman Ruchard L Duckman Rose D Duckman Jacob Duetz Mr and Mrs C L DuMott Anthony F Dutmore Sr Mrs JohnJ Dunneen Wulluam R Dunneen Bobby and Carol Duppel Rev Jerome A Duxon Mrs Ruta Duxon Robert Duxon Mr VuncentW Duxon Sr James Dodaro Evelyn Dodaro Wulluam Dodaro Ruchard Doehla Mrs J Dolansky Jr Mr and Mrs Andrew J Dolhu Wull Domuan Mr and Mrs George Domunuck Donna and Ken 60 Jum Dontellu Mrs J R Dougherty John F Dorsch Jr Mr and Mrs John Dougherty Regus Dratflnsky Blanche Dratfinsky Henry Dratfinsky Regus Dratfinsky Mr and Mrs Edmund J Duckett James R Dugan Mr and Mrs Norbert L Dugan Thomas R Dugan Mrs A Durkun Norbert Dvorsky Al Dully Mary Ann Ehrenfeld Mrs Wm Ehrenfeld Wm Ehrenfeld Jr Wulluam Ebutz John Eueh Mr and Mrs L Eusenschmued Mr and Mrs M Erdeluac Mrs Julua Ernst Glorua Evanson Mr John J Exler Mrs John J Exler Mr Edwun Earl Mrs Wulluam Ebutz Mrs Paulune Ebutz Walter Eberet Bernard Eddens Ronald Ebert Mrs Russell Ehrenfeld LawrenceW Eubel Norbert H Euchler Bernuce M Euchler Mrs J M Euch George E Eulerman Duane L Euchler Mark Euchler Audrey Elphunstone Mr and Mrs Davud Elway Mr and Mrs John Enz C J tel Mr and Mrs Regus Este Mrs Mary Erlach GeorgeJ Eyerman Ed and Jarke Mrs Thomas Evans Mrs Thomas Evans Mr Thomas Evans J Kenneth Evans Mr and Mrs Thoma Thomas Evans Mrs Thomas Evans Samuel Evans Thomas Evans Marguerute Evans Mr and Mrs R Evans Muss Ann Fabuch Mr and Mrs Jack Faessel J Herman Faurley Mr A J Falsey Mrs A J Falsey Wm Farbacher Mr H J Faust Mr and Mrs W Feduska Mr and Mrs C Feuth J euth Mr Feraru Mr Feraru Mrs A C Ferderbar Evans M. Connly Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Dougherty Stephen Dieckman C. M. Emanuel . . . ' . . . . ' . . Es . . ' ' . . ' , . . . ' l Mr and Mrs Albert Ferraro Ferrard Famlly Ed Ferns Family Miss Carol Fieldhouse Thomas M Frlup O A Flnelll Max Fine Bull Fischer Mrs HarryF Fnscher Joseph D Fisher Robert Flaherty N S M Tom Flaherty TOF Mr and Mrs Thomas Flaherty Frank Flelschel Mrs FrankJ Fleuschel Jr Frank J Flelschel Frank J Flelschel Jr Frank J Flelschel Jr Margaret B Fleuschel Margaret B Flelschel Margaret B Flelschel Robert C Fleuschel Robert C Flelschel Fllck Famlly Mrs T J Foley Mr Alex Folmer Mr Joseph Fortrno Fort Putt Asphalt Co Mrs S Fox Anthony Fraletta Mrs Joseph Francek Mr Dennls Francis Michael Francns Mr Paul Francus Paul Francls Jr Mrs Ruth Francis Mr and Mrs M P Frank Mrs Velma R Frank Mr Walter H Frank Joseph Frankovlch Mr and Mrs James T Frantz Mrs and Mrs John J Freyvogel Mr and Mrs Phrlnp A Freyvogel Friday Bowling League of St Marys Jessre Frrdna A Frnend Complnments of a Friend Mr and Mrs W F Frntsche Mr and Mrs Joseph Frutz Lottle Frutzges Mr Charles Froeluch Marlon R Froelucher Mr and Mrs C Fross Elizabeth M Frost Joseph Fucct Jam Fuchs Phyllis Fundo Albert C Funk Tons Fusco Andrew J Fabian R Ted Faessel Fanth and Hope Mostly Chartty Mr and Mrs Carl Fallace Reno J Farens Wnllnam Farell Muss Sylvua Faruna Mnss Theresa Farina Mrs Catherine Farlna Maggle Ferra Don Ferrarr Don Ferraru Don Ferrarl Mrs Ferrara Mrs Ferrarn Don Ferrarn Don Ferrara Don Ferrari Don Ferraru Don Ferrarr John J Ferraro Mr and Mrs Joseph Ferrara Mr and Mrs Charles Fertlg The Ferta Famrly Joann Fuchter Mr and Mrs Joseph Flchter R Fuchter Wm Flchter Mr and Mrs John Fiedler Mr Max Fmeman Ronald Flscher Sttna Mae Fush Pats Fltzstephan Mr and Mrs E A Futz Evelyn Ann Fotz Dee Flttante Thomas A Fords Mrs E M Fatzgerald Rev J J Fttzgerald Mr P J Flaherty Pat Flaherty Mrs John Flavrn John Flavln Mrs Ruta Flemmg Sally Flynn Mnss W L Flynn Ruth Ann Fox Frank Frankovlch Mass Mary Fltzpatrrck Mr and Mrs Frank B Moran Mr and Mrs R Frank Arthur M Fazlo Maryanne Frabotta P Fredwlcks Joseph R Freda Mr and Mrs Amgelo Frole Mr and Mrs Jos M Frank Joe Frank A Frrend A Loyal Friend Mr and Mrs Charles Frledl Alflo Frullanu Betty Froellch Josephlne Fusaro Mr and Mrs Geo Funk Wllllam B Fuccu Mrs Theresa D Fuchs Ralph J Fusan Mrs John Gabos Za Za Gabor Galantys Galantys Hardware Mass Frances Galda Mrs P J Gallagher Freddie Galovuch Gandy Mrs Blanch Garrard W J Garrlson Donald Garry Mrs RobertD Garvin Mr and Mrs R E Gaskull Mr and Mrs John Gasper Mr and Mrs Frank Gasper Pamela Ann Gasper Gaus and Casey Inc Gaus and Casey Inc James J Gavln Laura Gawlnske Ruth Gecy Mrs Robert Gelssler Harry T Geust Mrs Wallace Gellk Helen Gempe Mr and Mrs Charles Gerstberger Dorothy Gesler Thomas Ghenn Janet Glebel Kenneth Glebel Mrs Mary Glebel Charles Guger Jr Mrs Charles Glger Mrs Rose Glger Frank A Glgler James Gull James Gull James Gull P G P Gul Joe Glovengo Joe and Clara Gruftre Ted Glatz Rev Francns A Glenn Agnes Gllnsky Mr and Mrs G Goettmann James A Goettmann bl Charles J Goetz Jr Ruchard Goetz Michael Rae Goldlnger Good Luck From 9 G M Joyce Good Llnda L Good Robert E Good Mr and Mrs Thomas Goral Tommy and Eugene Goral Walter Goral Mrs Gorman PERSONAL PATRONS Jeame Goughan Mrs Arthur Goyke R A Goyke Mr and Mrs Bernard Gradkowskl Mrs D Graham Warren R Graham Gramma Ruta M Grancey Mrs Antonia Grankoskl Grant Avenue Cleaners Mrs Wm Gray Mr Francis Grech Mrs Mary Grech Ronald Grech Mrs Thomas Greer Thomas Greguruch Mr G Groll Mrs George Groll Mr George Groll Kathleen Groll Wnlluam D Grove Mrs Grover Walter J Gschwend Mrs Thelma Guentner Jack Guluch Pvt RobertL Gaertner Margle and Gary Gaertner Mr and Mrs RobertL Gaertner Mr and Mrs James P Gaertner eo Ken Mrs Mrs C Gaertner Agency and Tom Gaertner Dolores Gallagher Rose Gallagher Donuts Galore Mae Gannls Mrs Frank Gavun Ruth Gecy F J Geyer Mrs Raymond G Geltz Mrs Barbara Geglc Phll Gettug J K Geary Wilson George Mrs N Gerdun Judy Goetz Ruchard Goetz Alnce E Goetz John Guovengo 56 Mrs Anthony Gnlara Mr A Gal Mrs A Gul Mr and Mrs Frank Gnllen Mrs A Guullano C T Gllman Ray Gilman Charles T Gllman C T Gllman Charles T Grlman Helen Gllman Mrs A Wulluam Glvens I . . , , . . 1 , . . . . . , . - I . . . . . . , . ' ' ' ' , . . . I ' , - . ' , " , S. . ill ' ' ' , , S. . 'I . . 1 - ' . . . . I . ' ' ' I . . PERSONAL PATRONS Howard Glavun Howard E Glavnn Wlnlfred E Glavln Mr and Mrs John W Gondrunger Mrs George Graf Mlss Margaret Graham Mr Joseph Grass: Rrchard H Graswuck 60 Mrs Wulluarn Gratz Antolnette Graupe Mrs Anna Graupe Mr and Mrs Lonnne Green Jr Mrs James Green Donnue Grefenstette Elrzabeth Grens Paultne Grels Mrs Eleanor Greus Mr and Mrs John Gnazza Mrs Anna J Gross Mr and Mrs Robert Green Norma Jean Greppu Joelyn Grsppo R E Grodnort Rosemarue Grover Mr and Mrs Marttn Grover Lawrence A Grundler Mr and Mrs Karl Guter Mr and Mrs Elmer Guckert J F Greuner Mrs Lucy Guenther John C Grau J Mrs Flora Haberman Haddad Famlly Martha Hahn Herb Hall M J Hall Mass Margaret V Haller J Francss Halpun Anna Hamtlton John G Handyslde Kenneth Handyslde Robert Handyslde Eleanor Hamllton Happy Jack Blllle and Bull Harding Mr and Mrs Clyde Hardnng Andrew Harnak Betty Harnak Suzan Harnak John Harnyak Earl Harold 47 Mr J Harper Regus Hartman Mrs N F Hartzell Havko Famlly Mrs Helen Hayson Mr Lou Hayson Margaretta Heckrnann Dale Heldenrelch Mrs Rose Hell Bob Helm Bob Helm Dorothy A Helm A W Herns Jerry Heunauer Mr and Mrs W S Heantzunger Ann Hemmrnch Helen Henn Mr H C Hennunger Carl W Herbe Martsn Herman Mrs Wm R Hermann Jack and Jeff Herrrck Janlce Herrlck Clarence Herzog Damel M Herzog Paul D Herzog Mr and Mrs C L Heyl Mrs E A Heyl Mrs C Heyl E A Htlderbrand Clara J Hlllenbrand Chub Hnrsch Leonard R Hock Mrs Isabel Hodge August P Hoffman Esther A Hoffarth F C Hoffman S Albert A J Hohman Martin Holleran Chuck Holleran s Texaco Perry Hwy Mrs Mrldred Holllger Fred Holler Cleaners Mrs Frank Horn Carol Horne Gunny Horne Mr and Mrs Louus A Horn Joseph P Horvath Isabel Hosenfeld Murray Howard Mr and Mrs G Huber Muss Sylvra Huber Mr and Mrs Paul Hubert Huch Sport Shop John Huckenstlen Mrs John Huckestuen Mrs Huckesteln N W Huckestetn Jan Hudack Alexandra Huerta John and Bob Hughes Jtmmy and Jane Huksnce Mr and Mrs A L Hunkele Mrs C Hunkele Carol Hunkele Donald Hunkele J Hunkele Mr and Mrs James A Hunkele Mr L W Hunkele Robert Hunkele Mr and Mrs W A Hull Wallace W Hull Sam Humrlovlch Mr and Mrs A J Hungerman Mr and Mrs Hunter Jr Karen and Klrn Hunter Harry Habay Bonnue and Rach Haberman Robert G Haberman Mr Mrchael Habura Mrs S Hague E W Hauned Mrs RnchardT Hanr Joe and Jun: Halnas James Hammond Mr and Mrs J Handrahan Mass Catherane Handrahan Mass Mary Handrahan The Hanleys Edna Hanley Elwood C Harms Mr and Mrs W Harrington M K Harrtngton Evelyn M Harrus Raymond Harrus Mr J R Harrlson Mrs Irma C Harruson Harrys Hardware Rosa Hart Mrs Hartman Mr and Mrs Harvey Hart Dorothy M Hart Jeff Hartung Mrs L Hartung Charles J Hatovec Rudolpn R Hatovec Mrs A B Hatovec WllllamL Hatzfeld Mary Jo Havlak Barbara Havlak Rack Havlak Mrs W R Havlak Wnlluam R Havlak Mr and Mrs WalterS Haupt Mr and Mrs JackW Helm Mary Machaelle Helm Tum Helm Pat and Jack Helm Tum Team Mr and Mrs Edsel Heuskell Ruth W Helblung RaymondJ Helblnng Jr Helen and Leo Mr and Mrs Leo Henderson VlctorL Henk Sr Sylvester Henn Mrs Rose Henn Mr J P Hepburn Sr Mr and Mrs R Hepp Aurora de Herrera Mrs Francls Herron Sgt lst Class and Mrs Edwun Herness Mr and Mrs Steve Hersttch Mr Bull Hertweck Rtchard Herzog Mrs John R Hess Steven Heyl Mary Jane Heyl Mrs D M Heyl Phyllis Heyl Albert J Hnckel G J Hlckel Wullnam Hrckenboth Ruth Hlllebrand Regus J Hullenbrand Wllllam G Hillenbrand Raymond G Hillenbrand Mrs W J Hnllenbrand Mrs FrankT Hines Hntes Drug Store Mr and Mrs Louls J Hurtz Mr and Mrs Karl Hoak Hobnob Bar Catherine Hoffmann Mass Mlldred Hoffman Mr and Mrs John Hofmann Mr and Mrs Joseph Hohmann Hohmann Mr John Hohman Mrs Hotrson Mr and Mrs R Hollenberger Mr and Mrs S Hollenberger Marne Holleran James F Holohan Jr Mrs James F Holohan Mr James F Holohan Sr Mr and Mrs John Horgan Jay Horn Robert Bob Horvat Matthew G Horvat Hot Sausage James Houck Anna M Houck Fred L Houck Mrs Frances Howat Mr and Mrs Paul Howell Raymond J Hubert Ruth M Huber Ruth E Huber Mr and Mrs A Hudak Mnke Hudec Hnlda M Huemmrnch Gerard J Hufnagel Helen E Hufnagel John A Hufnagel Mrs Mary Hughes Dea and Jum Hump Mllo Humphrey Mr and Mrs Richard Hune Albert J Hunkele Mr Thomas Hunter P- L- GUCl4eVT Mr. K- Hoffman Jack Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ' f r' ' L. 1 -I . - Patrucla Hunt M s H L unt Mary Ann Hunt Hunters Grocery Mldshlpman R W Hutchuson U S N Dave Huttnnger TOE Mr and Mrs Edw W Huttlnger Mr Elmer Huwe Lvnda Huy Mary ladlclcco Donna lmber Mr Edward lrlbacher Mrs Teresa lrlbacher Chuck lrwln Mr and Mrs Franklnn lrvnn lsabella Cleaners Mrs Mary lsten John lvstc Patrlcla lvslc Mrs George Jakovac Vnrgnnna Jamison Stanky Janaszek Mrs Romaune Janecek Mr and Mrs Mnchael Janosko Mr Vnctor Jellnek Ellen and Jackue Jodzts Mrs H F Johnston Kathleen Johnston E Johnson Mnss A Jones Dr and Mrs Joseph B J R Pontlhcal Coll Josephnnum Mary Juradovuc Mrs G H Justus J s Beauty Salon Mr S Jacuk Jac FA l 2518 Mr and Mrs George Jackman Mr and Mrs Edward Jacquel Mrs J Jakstc Mr James Mrs Bessle James Mary Jamison John Jandrakovtc Arthur Janecek Nora Jander Jerry and Judy Robert Jenets Joe and Janet Joe s Barber Shop Joes Barber Shop Johnny Bull Ben Johnson Mrs Delores Jones Geraldlne Jones Mrs James Jones Judte Jackte Johnny Joos Peter Jones J M Jones Ruchard Jones Mrs Margaret Jones Mr A Jonnschek Judy and Jack Mr and Mrs Thomas Kaczmarek Charles F Kalb John C Kalb Reguna Kalb Mr and Mrs Ed Kalunoskn Mrs Anna Kapolka Mrs Donna Kapolka John Kapolka Mr John Kapolka Mrs Ottnlta Kastle Elnzabeth Keenan Norman Keenan Fran Keenan M and Mrs Edward Kehren Mr and Mrs James R Keay Mrs Norman Kegel Wunrfred Kell Edward Kelly Alfred B Kendrick Lawrence J Kessler Mr and Mrs George Kessler Mr and Mrs Robert Kessler Charles Ketterer Jr Mrs Kennedy Wnllnam Ktllmeyer Wm J Klllmeyer Gary Ktrtn Mrs HarryG Klaas Mr and Mrs Joseph Kletn Paullne Klefker Mrs Charles Klemz Mrs Marne Klenk Wm E Kltmke FrankT Klamko Sr Mrs FrankT Kllmbo Sr W F Klueber Mr and Mrs J John Knapp Joey Knauss Mr Joseph Knauss Sr Mrs Joseph Knauss Sr Kevun Knauss Mrs Rose Knauss Theresa Knauss Mrs L Knobel Lawrence O Knobel Mrs Wm Knoll Mr Wm Knoll Marte Knuth Mxke Kocan Mrs Dee Koch Helen E Koch Mrs Marte Koch Raymond P Koch Gertrude Kofmehl Kathertne Kokoch Leonard Kopala Mr and Mrs Mlchael Kopcte Mr Andrew Kornnsky Ronald Kortnsky Mr and Mrs J H Kort Anthony Kotcher Mr and Mrs Stephen Kovac Mr Al Kovacak George Kozen and Famuly Joseph Kral Meat Market Helen and Frank Kralosky Rudy Kranys Mr and Mrs Edward Kraus Dr Marttn Krauss Val Krekeler Mrs Joseph Krencuk June Krenn Mr and Mrs Louts Krenn Mr and Mrs August Kreuzer Mr and Mrs George Kromer John F Krupa Jr George Krupa Conard Kuhn Mr and Mrs J Kulkowskn John Kunco Joseph Kunco Michael Kunlewtcz Wtlluam J Kurstedt Janet Kushlk Ham Kagle Corporal Charles Kalnz Jam Kane Mr and Mrs Stanley Kantce Mlss Mary Kanlce Mr and Mrs Francus V Kasmackn Mr and Mrs Fred Karltck Joseph E Karluk Catherine Karllk Stephen Karluk Robert Karllk Mary Karnstc Joseph W Karnslc Ed Karuer Clndy Katcher John and Dolores Kattch Frank J Katnch Ruth Kaylor James Keay Rose Marne Keay Ruth Ann Keay Mrs L Keel QEmsworthj Mr L Keel Mr L Keel Mr L Keel Mrs L Keel David Keel Richard J Keel Jean Keel Mr and Mrs Edward Kehren Rose Matte Kehren Alfred Kehren Mr and Mrs R Keller Wulltam T Kello PERSONAL PATRONS Henry Kelllor Kenneth Kelth Mr and Mrs Stanley Kenop Mr and Mrs Paul Kern Ntcholas Kessler Robert Kuefer Jr Klko Andy Ktlgarlft Mr and Mrs C Ktllrneyer John Ktmak George Knmmel Mr and Mrs Gul Kunderman Wulllam Klrmefer Mrs Gulbert Klrner A M Kladusan Eleanora Bendix Klasnuck Mr and Mrs Andrew Klein Frank T Klumko Jr Albert H Kline Mr and Mrs Jack Klnnefelter Howard Klzngenberg Mr and Mrs Roy Kllngman Larry Klungensmnth Mrs Harry Klug Mr and Mrs Joseph Klug Mary Ellen Knezevlch Muke Knezevlch Charlle Knoer Chester Knoer June Knuth Helen Kobet Helen Kobet Mr and Mrs F Koch Mrs LawrenceJ Koch Donald A Kohl George J and Joann Koontz Mr and Mrs Arthur Korvlck Mr and Mrs John Kosarlch Helen Kosaruch Janet Kosarnch Harry Kosartch Mr and Mrs Edward Koss Andrew A Kost Mr and Mrs Wnlllam Kotchey Mr and Mrs Kotek Mr Wlllram Kovach Edward Kovaclk Josephtne Kovnak Mrs Stanley Kozlowsku C J Kozlowski 49 Mrs A Krack Margaret Kraft Alice Kraus Robert Kraus Myrtle Kraus Tumothy J Krebs Mr and Mrs AlbertJ Krebs Robert Krebs Mr RobertC Krebs Dee and Norman Kremer Joseph Krzanlc Larry and Allce Kronenberger r . . . H . ' ' , r. . . , . . ' Howard Johnston Mr. and Mrs. J. Kerner Mr. Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. John Knuth k - . . ' , . ' ' PERSONAL PATRONS Mr Frank Kramer Mr and Mrs Floyd Krobot Mrs Anna Kroll Mrs Anna Kroll Muss Lulluan Kroll Bert Kruglt Chester J Kruglak Mary Krupa Mr and Mrs M Kulak Norma Kudlac Edward Kudlac E Cratg Kudlac Sandy Kudlac Edward Kunco Juduth Kunco Henruette Kunz Vucku and Lynne Kurowsku Kenny Kushuk George Kushner Patrucua Kuzuel Phulup Labas Mr and Mrs Wm Lachemeyer Mr and Mrs A Lacher Mrs Agnes Lako Mr Charles LaMJrte Mr and Mrs D LaMorte and Famuly Mr Louus LaMorte Mr and Mrs James Lavellc Muss Clara Lauer James G Lazur Paul M Lazur Irvung Left Clem Letendecker Mrs E Leununger The Leuse s Raymond P Leutholt Mr and Mrs Wm Lennon H E Lewfestey Mrs Katherune Lewandowsk The Ley s Aluce and Lueb Walter Lunkenheumer Mr and Mrs W Luntner Mr and Mrs Adam Lunz Frank Lupchak George Lupchak Helen Lupchak Steve Lupchak German Lopez Mrs Florence Lotz Mr and Mrs John R Love Mr Thomas Lowe Joe Lowrue 60 Mr and Mrs Stanley Lubunsku Mr and Mrs Wm Lubuch Muke Luteran Mr and Mrs J Luttrunger Jay Luttrunger Joseph G Luttrunger Joseph G Luttrunger Joseph G Luttrunger Sr Marue Luttrunger Marue Luttrunger Mr George Lutz Mr and Mrs Felux Lutz Mrs George Lutz Januce and Bob Lynch Donald S Lyons Marte and Rob Lyons A F LoPrestu Mrs Mary Lammue Jack Lennon Hannah Lennon John Lennon Mr and Mrs J Leonard Mrs Thomas E Leslue WalterJ Leto Mr and Mrs C Lewandowsku Mrs M F Lewus Mrs John Ley Nancy Lubenschek Ed Lugnowsku Ed Lugnowsku Ed Lugnowsku Ed Lugnowsku Mr and Mrs Lewu E Mr R Lusbey Margaret Lust Mrs Eugene Lueb Mrs Joseph Lueb Lunda and Johnny Sue Lunder Mr and Mrs James Lunz and Famuly Mr and Mrs Regus Luppert Wulluam H Lammue Robert Lammue 63 Mr and Mrs Wulluam Lane Ambrose Ambrose Ambrose Ambrose Ambrose Albert Lampung Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Mrs Anna Lang W R Lobaugh Joseph W Lochner A Lococo Mrs Joseph Loubl Charles E Charles E Charles E Charles E Lomb Lomb Lomb Lomb Mrs CharlesN Lomb lll Mr Charles E Lomb Sr Dr Elmer R Lupp Herman C Luppold P J Luppold Grace Luska Grace Luska Mr and Mrs John Loebug E L Loebug an BFI an an an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs F Loebug L Loebug W Loebug Robert Logue Logsdon Mrs Frances Long Bernard Lang Phulup Lang Mrs Henry Lange Mary Louuse Langton Mrs Lapsley Mr and Mrs J Larotanda Mrs James Laslavuc Mr and Mrs A Wm Lawry Mr and Mrs Nucholas Lazor Sr Mr and Mrs J B Leahy S Mary Leftler Marue Lefzfler Joseph LeFfler Jr Charles Leftler Frank J Legler Valentune Legler Ruchard Legler Valerue Legler Nancy Legler Mr and Mrs John Legler Mrs C Legler Kenneth Legler Mrs Catherune Leught Bobby Leught Jummy and Babs Leught Lennue Lennartz Bull Lennon Mr Charles N Lomb Sr Lonnues Market Mr and Mrs Musael Lopez and Famuly Elousa S de Lopez Lorraune May Tom Louder Stan and Mary Ann Lozowsku QM F Mrs Walburga Lucas Mr Matthew Lucas Mrs E Ludwug Josephune Luksuk Mr and Mrs Anthony Lupone Mrs MargaretC Lydon Tom Lydon Mr and Mrs RegusM Lynch Davud H Lynch Dr C A V L ons Mr and Mrs Jack Lynskey Tessue Ernst McCaun Danny McCann Murph and Irene McCarthy Bonnue McCauley Irene Ernst McCollum Mrs McDermott Catherune McDonald Mrs John McDonald Mr John J McDonald Mr and Mrs George McGaw James McGunnus Mrs McKee Nlrs Robert McKenna Mrs Marue McKeown Mr and Mrs James McMarlun Mrs Mary Jean McMaster Mr and Mrs James P McNally Mrs Aluce McPeek Mrs Agnes McBaun G H McBrude Ravenna McCann Francus C McCann Kathy McCann Suzanne McCann Paul McCann P T McCann McCann Famuly Paul McCann Paul McCann Paul McCann Paul McCann Mr and Mrs Muss Rosella McCarthy McCloskey Famuly Mr and Mrs A McConaghy M McDowell Mr and Mrs W P McDowell Mr and Mrs Danuel P J McCarroll The Frank J McFarland Famuly Dorothy N Gee Wulluam McGee Romue McGettugan Ursula E McGreevy Joseph McGorry Mary B McGorry Ralph McGorry Helen McGovern Mrs Mary McGregor Francus H McHugh John A McHugh Margaret Mclntyre Samuel Mclntyre Mrs Ruth Nye McKay Mary S McKernan Geo M McMulty George McLane Mrs Kathleen McNeluI Shorty MacDonald Mr Wulluam A Macecevuc Bob Macedonua Louann Macedonua Mrs J Machnuk Marty Madden Nancy Madden Sus Madden Ruta M Maure Mrs A J Malagruca Mr Edward Malewsku John A Maloney . . . ' , Jr. 1 ' l D U ' ' ' . . 's . Linn, Jr. ' . L . - Mr, Mr.. . , Ill .J J L '. Mr. Mr. . , lll , . . . . Mr. Mr. . , III . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lazur Mr. Ambrose Lang Mr. Charles E. Lomb, lll McElwain . Mr. Mr. . , lll . ' ' Mr. . . , uf ' ' I I ' L. s. . . tg . U I ' .,.. y ' Mr. d . R. . ' Mr. d . R. . ' . ' ' ' ' Mr. d . R. . ' A ' . ' Mr. d . ' ' ' . . . . ' Mr. d . ' ' . ' Annnce Mamel Annuce Mamel Annnce Mamel Annnce Mamel Annuce Mamel Mr and Mrs Sam Mango Rlchard I Mangold Robert Mangone Mr and Mrs Manz Mrs J Marak Mr and Mrs R Mares Frank A Marlno Mrs Ed Marunzel Mrs Josephnne Markl Mrs John Marloreuts Mr Charles Marshall Ntcholas A Martun W A Martin Mr and Mrs Wm Martan Davld Marx 62 Donald A Marx Evelyn A Marx Marcella B Marx Ruta Massnmlann Pat Massuccn Lena Mastrongelo Mr and Mrs Peter Matessa Mr and Mrs Vlctor Matzue Mass Helen Maurer Mrs Marne Maurer Helen K May Lunda Jane Mazza Wllluam Mechler Famtly Melodsa Cafe Memorxes of 59 Mrs John Merry Mrs Mary Merther Salvatore Meslano Robert Meyer Mrs T Muchels Edward Mnelntckl Mass Eugenua Mlelnnckn Mrs J Mlelnlckt Mass Josephine Mlelnlckt Joseph C Muelnucku Herman F Mrhm Martrn C Mnhm Bernard Mllcelas Mnkes and Tee Mnklos Famuly Rrchard M Mvkus Mnldred and Frrtz Anna Muller Davnd Muller Davrd E Muller Mrs F B Muller George Muller Mr and Mrs John C Muller Mr Oscar Muller Sr Mrs Oscar Muller Mr and Mrs Muller Mr and Mrs Wllllam F Muller Mrs Mary Mlnnallo M and Mrs J A ModaFfaru John Molchan Martnn T Monahan Frances Monhelm The Morans Michael MoroFf Mr and Mrs L H Morrus Sylvua Morris Mr George Moser Mt Royal Dust Co Mrs Wm Mrazek Sr B W Mueller Mrs Mueller Francas P Muenz and Mrs Jos Muenz and Mrs Albert Mula M A Mulroy Mrs G Munsch and Mrs Jay Murphy Mr W G Murray Ada Macy Nnvlem Mad Mr and Mrs Thomas C Madden Mrs Cyrnl A Madden Mrs Mary Madush Joseph Mager Donald S Mager Gerald Mager Raymond Mager D R Malese Margaret G Manese John J Malese 59 Wnlluam M Mane-se 60 Rnchard R Manese 57 Lulllan Masst Joseph F Malewskr Joseph F Magewskr Mrs B Makowskr Joseph Makowskn Rubln Malakoff Mr and Mrs Stanley P Malnszewsku Mr and Mrs Stanley P Malnszewskn Mr and Mrs Stanley P Mallszewskn Mr and Mrs James Malloy Mr John N Maloney Wnllram D Maloney Mr and Mrs John F Maloney Henrnette E Mang Carl C Manges Carl Mangune Mr PeterS Mangone Mrs Peter S Mangone Mlss Sandra Mangone Mr and Mrs Peter S Mangone Phrlnp Manor Molly Manor Mr James Mansfield John Marcunk Eugene Marcunk Mary Marcoly Mr and Mrs Joseph Morellu Teresa M Marcase Della Marunzel Jo eph F Marnnzel Mr and Mrs Markl Mr and Mrs L R Markl Lots Markl John Markovtch Edward Markovuch Janet Markovnch Mrs John Marmak Wullram R Marshall Mr and Mrs Steve Marsnc Mass Elizabeth Martun Bull Martnn 60 Mr P Martln Marty and Betty Mary and Bernard Mr and Mrs James J Marx Robert Mastromatteo Fr J A Mastrougllo Anna Marne Massuccl Mr and Mrs P Mathewson Ed J Mayer Samuel O Mazza Mrs Thresa Mazzeu Raymond Masset Paul J Mazzel Mr and Mrs Harold Mazzeu Mr and Mrs Harold Mazzel Mass Yvonne Meckler Mr and Mrs Muchael Medved Kathy Mehallck Kathy Mehallck Mrs Joseph Meletuck Mr John Merry James A Merry Mrs Elena Meta Aluce Metzger John W Meyer Mr GeorgeJ Meyers Meyer s Drug Store Mr and Mrs Al Mnchalnszyn Carol Mtchallszyn Judy Mlchaellszyn Moot Mnke Mnchael Sharon Mtelnlckl Bernard Mlkelas Mrs John Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs E A Mllbert Robert Mlllch Edward Mlllshln Vurglnra Mnllay Bernard Muller Lena Muller Dolores Muller Donald Muller 51 Davnd E Muller 9H Mr Edward Muller Lynn Muller Mrs FrankJ Muller PERSONAL PATRONS Jerry Muller lOA Mrs Rlchard Muller Charles E Maller J Muller Muller Famuly Muller Muller Muller Mrs Charles E Muller Thomas L Mlllugan Vuctor A Malls Nancy Lee Mulls Mlllvale Boating Base Mnzgorskn Famrly Mr and Mrs Harry Moeller Mr E P Mohr Mass Mabel Monhesm Mass Frances Monhelm Joseph Monhesm Betty Momn Mr Robert Monpere Mrs Robert Monpere Mrs Robert Monpere Mr Robert Monpere Mr and Mrs Joseph Montemurro Eugene Montgomery Mr and Mrs Midget Moon Davud Moore Mr Davld E Moore Albert T Moore Mrs HaroldW Moores Loss Moran Marrlyn Moran Bonnue Jean Morgan Ralph Morgan Mr Ruchard Morgan Mrs Ruchard Morgan Barbara Morgan Mrs M Morgan Thomas Morunello Jam Morrissey Mrs Jeanette Morrow Mr and Mrs Melvun D Morse Mrs Mary Matessa and Grandchlldren Mr Peter Paul Matessa Sr F E Mower Mrs N Moyeroff Mr Nncholas Moyeroft Anrta Mroczkowsku Mrs H G Muehlethaler Mrs Martha Muchenslcu Mrs Paul Muchow Mrs WrlluamG Muchow Mr and Mrs Mudry Marlene Mudry Mr David Mueller Mr and Mrs John Mull Mr and Mrs John Mullen Hernan Munoz Julla C de Munoz ' ' F. J. ' A . - 5 . ' F. J. ' ' , . . . . ' . . F. J. ' ' ' . . . . F. J. ' l ' Mr. . . - . ' . . . Mr. . ' ' ' . A . ' , ' Mr. . . A ' ' ' ' U, , , ' Mr. . ' - ' ' , 'l ' "Me" and "You" Melita A. Moortgat PERSONAL PATRONS Robert Munsch Mrs T J Munsch Jr Noreen Murphy Karen Murphy John Musher 59 Mr and Mrs Raymond Muth Joseph Menlerorre Mass Frances Monhetm Mrs Clalr Naccarato Mr Frank Naccarato Frank Naccarato J Mr F NaderhofT Mr F J Naderhoff Mr and Mrs Frank Naderhoff Nancy and Ray Mr and Mrs Robert Napterkowskn Andrew Natale Amelua Naullet Pam and Jan Neclans Betty and Fran Needham Mrs A R Neelans James W Neely Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Ernest Nlgrellu Charles Negruch Allen Neuswonger Marcelllne Nemecek and Mrs George Nnst F Neuman Wm Neurohr Mrs Charles Novak A Novotney James New James New Albert Newton Joseph G Noe The Nolte Famuly North North North North Anna Novak Hank Novak Mrs Mary Novakovuc Robert Novakovac Mrs Walter Novakosku Wtlluam Novakovuc lOA Mr and Mrs JamesJ Nussbaum Mr and Mrs Maurnce Nagle Anthony G Napier Jam Nason Mr and Mrs George Nason Joanne Nason Wullnam Naughton Hpesoy J Namdor RI Mrs G NeFF Bull Neff Raymond Ntckel 62 Mr and Mrs GeorgeC Nnckel Raymond Nrckel 62 Mrs Marne Nickel Margaret Nicholas New Arrow Tavern Mtss Llnda New Mrs Rose Novak Mr and Mrs Fred Neuman Frank Naccarato J Frank Naccarato Sr The Naccarato Famtly Clanr Naccarato Salvatore Naccarato Frank Naccarato Jr Mr and Mrs Joseph J Nowak Jr Mrs Gen Neff W R Neckerman Enzler News R T Noon Mrs John Nabelek Alfred H Nudu A E Nudl Mrs Agnes Nowak Bernard Nowak Mass Jean Nowak Mrs John Novosel Elmer Ness Mr and Mrs Elmer Ober Mr and Mrs R O Dell Frank P Oldham Anna Olean Mr Mrchael H Olelarz Thomas W Opferman Ossman s Smoke Shop E Kingsley Owens Mr C J Oberst Ed Oberst Jerry O Braen Alice Ann O Brnen Mr and Mrs Raymond OFFen Mr Charles OHanlon Mrs George O Hare Mrs A Olsen Mrs Olegarz Mike Olelarz U S M C Mrs James H OHara Mr James H OHara Mr James R OHara Mrs James R OHara Mr John P OHara Mrs John P OHara Thomas O Hara Mrs Opatrny Jack O Donnell James and Magorue O Hare Mr ElmerC Ober Sr Jack OMahony Mary O Mahony Gary O Mahony Mlke OMahony Bull and Patte OMahony Dems OMahony Jack and Noreen OMahony Rosemary O Mahony Mr and Mrs Edgar P Orr Valerre and Michael OToole Mr and Mrs Pat OToole Mrs Nancy Otte Mrs Kate Ostrowskl Mrs Oeste Andrew W OLear Wtll Oswald Tom Oswald Gene Oswald Sally Ann Oswald Mrs Margaret Oswald Mrs Frank Paul Mr and Mrs Norman Paul Sandra Pallan Mrs Gertrude Palmer Walter Ponlatowskt Wm Ponlatowskt Muchael A Panza Mtke Paplnchak Ntck Parrendo Cathernne Patterson Vtncent Pasqua Mrs Vnrgmla Pelrntsch P P Peretlc Donna Perka Dr Thomas J Perka Wnlltam C Perllk Mrs B Perrotte Robert G Petrak James F Petrlch 43 Lours P Petruch 50 Conrad Pfister Mrs W R Pfouts Mrs Olnver Phulllps Frame Ecker Pre Henry Plekareskt Owen R Pueper Jtm Paetro Mr and Mrs Andrew Pulszak Leonard Palarskt 56 Pntts Scale and Equnpment Co Marcello Pnvlrotto Louie Poas Cathernne B Pohl Fr Zachary M Pohl T O R Stephen Poloka Jr Stephen Poloka Joseph P Polyak The Pope Children Mass Jean Potthoff M C Pounds Mrs Lllltan Power Mr and Mrs J T Power Mr Hotrod Prescott Mary Prescott Mrs O Prescott Mr Walter Prescott Prtncle N Mrs Cecella Pruss Helen Przerackn Mrs Anna Puolls Leona Pudns Sam Puglnese Punts Bar Joseph Pusatert Emma Purdy Agatha C Pusater: Bull Palmer 44 Mrs Donald Panza Mrs Eugene Paoluna Joseph D Paolo Jr Mrs Margaret Parker a and Meade G Patrick G Patrlck Mr George Patrtck George Patrlck Mrs Jane Patrick Wayne Patterson Mrs R J Patterson Mrs N P Patterson Mr N P Patterson Art Pattuns Mrs Frank Pavlnk Tony Pavltk Robert J Payer Emil S Payer Don Payne Mass Cathy Pearce Mr and Mrs James Pearce Mr James Pearce Jr Peggy and Bob Peppy Pretty and Bluey Mrs Mary Perltk Francis Perllk Mr Frank Perllk J D Perry Mrs J D Perry Perry Mrs Mary Pertler Roy Peterson Mrs Pfefler Mrs Audrey Pfenfter Rtchard J Pftsterer Mrs Catherlne Pflum Mrs W R Pfouts Mrs W R Pfouts Susan Pfouts Bull Pfouts Phyllts Pfouts Phnlllps Famlly John Rtchler Pines Plaza Barber Shop Betty Ptnter C J Ptsarek John C Pltschke Mr Joseph Plavetsky Clalre Pleczynskl Bernard W Pllskaner Mr Bernard Plvskaner Mr Charles Pollvka Mrs Charles Pollvka Mr Wtlluam Poloka Mrs Josephnne Poloka Charles Pozar Stephen J Poznnk , r. . ' . . , . ' ' ' . , . t P t Mr. . ' I rr . . I - - Mr. . ' ' l ' ' Mr. ' . ' . . , Jr. . . Mr. . ' . . . . I I I ' ' ' 'I ' I V Mrs. Helen Perlik . ' U - ' . . , . . . . . . I I ' . . ll II. ' . I . . . . , . ' Rachard James Pracht Mr Kamal Prancak Mr and Mrs Ralph Prasky Mrs Josephane L Profeta Mr and Mrs Samuel Profeta Margaret M Profeta Mrs Machael Profozach Mr and Mrs Ralph Proksell Machael Protzak Sr Mrs Mary Protzak Mrs Mary Protzak Mrs Mary Protzak James Protulapac Mrs Julaa Pudas J N hl Jean Pupanska Teresa de Purches Emma Purdy Joseph Pusatera Mr and Mrs Jos M Puskar Anthony R Patze Mr Carl Platzer Mr and Mrs Edward Quann Quann s Confectaonery Quann s Confectaonery Mrs Anthony Quann Gregory Paul Quatchak Pat Quan Mr and Mrs James Qu Barbara Quan Bruce Quan Kevan Quann Mr and Mrs C W Quolke Jr Charles Quolke Mr and Mrs Albert Rabak Nacholas Radocay Mr James Raymond W A Rapp Robert C Ratay RobertJ Rau Patta Ann Rauluk Rauluks Mr and Mrs Anthony Rausch Mr and Mrs Anthony Rausch Robert Ravenstahl Mrs HarryW Rawae Mrs Kathleen Raymond Mr and Mrs Thomas Readal Gene Rebholz Mr and Mrs J Reder BernardJ Regan Mr Wallaam Reaf Mr and Mrs James J Really Mr and Mrs Patrack Really Make Relac Mrs Thomas J Remy Red Rent Mrs Betty Repass Robert B Ressler D DS Mrs Marae Rabaratsch Mr and Mrs E L Racketts Mr and Mrs E L Racketts Mr and Mrs E L Racketts Mr and Mrs E L Racketts Mr and Mrs E L Racketts Ed Racketts llC Geraldane Racketts D Raesmeyer Mr and Mrs R C Raesmeyer Robert Raesmeyer John Ramkus John Ratter Mrs E Roch Mr and Mrs Wallaam Roche Mr and Mrs Wendel Rolak Mrs Vada Rokoch Wallaam Roll Mrs C Rolczynskn Wallaam A Rolshouse Rata Romano Wallaam Romanyo C L Rombach Jam Rooney Kenneth Ross Ropos Bakery Mrs R A Rosato Tom and Sheala Rossa Halda Rossmont Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Alberta Rote Wm Rothert Agnes Rouda Barbara Ruet Angelo Ruggera Mary Louase Rutkowska Mr Louas E Racke Mass Dorothy B Radovac Bernard Rafalska Rach Raable Bob Rathke 59 Jack Rathke 61 Mass Daana Lynn Rausch Sam G Raynovac Joseph Razum Charles Readal Mrs Regas Reagan Ann Redack Mass Kathleen Redman Mr and Mrs W Reese John Regan Mrs Lallaan Reaber Mannae Reaber Paul T Reaber Albert Reaber Mr R A Reaber C A Readenbaugh Mr Reanhart Mr Elmer Raeger Mr and Mrs C H Reaght Robert J Relac Mr and Mrs S J Remele Mr and Mrs Frank Renner Dr George Renna Mr and Mrs Machael Repko Mass Anna Reskey Mrs Stella Reskey Mr and Mrs James Reynolds M J Race Mr and Mrs C F Rachard Mrs Mary Rachards George R Raott Mrs G E Ratter W J Robbans Jr Raymond J Robbans Donald J Robbans Davae Robanson Mrs Frank Rocco Jeanne Rodgers John Rodgers Joanne Rodgers Judy Rodgers Mrs Mary Rodgers Mr and Mrs S S Rodgers Thomas Rodman Jr Mr Thomas Rodman Sr Carolyn Rodman Mrs Barbara Rodman Elaane Sharon Rodman Elazabeth T Roeper Anna M Rolak Charles Roaak Wendel Rolak 60 Paul and Tom Rolak Mrs J Rolewacz Mr J Rolewacz Stephen Roman Pat Rooney Mr and Mrs J B Roos Davad Roos John C Roposh Rose Ross Mr Jack Roth Albert B Rothert Ann Rottensperger Albert Rowley Galbert Royer Mary P Rubacky Mr Stephen Rubacky Mr Stephen Rubacky James Rubano R W Ruckel Mr and Mrs Rudanac Mr John Ruggaero Helen Rumpler Mr and Mrs E Rusaska Dolores C Russell Mr Russell Grace Rygaelska Antoanette Saar Ganny Sabana The Sabana Famaly John Sacha Mrs H Samuel Mr and Mrs John Sorg Rata Sarver Mrs Anne Saul James H Savage Mr S Scatter PERSONAL PATRONS John R Scanlon Mr Shad Bernard Schaefer Mr and Mrs Andrew Schaper Jr Robert Schaper and Mrs Francas Schneader Fred J Scheable and Mrs Nacholas Schead John J Schell Mrs Wm A Scheurang Mr George E Schlae Mr and Mrs John Schleager J A Scheller Helen Scherle Mary Schlae Jack and Loas Schlaeper Mr and Mrs Chas F Schmadt Mr and Mrs E L Schmatt John Schmatt Joseph P Schmatt Mrs Schneader Mr Joseph Schneader Oscar J Schneader School Guard Sprung Hall Charles G Schopper Mrs Herbert Schreaber Cecelaa Schroeffel Henry Schroeffel A J Schroeffel Famaly Andrew Scrander Rose Schumacher John Schuster Jos C Schwartz Frank Chuck Schwertz Mr and Mrs J Schwandt lda Seebacher L G Seelhorst Carl Seadl The Seadl Famaly Ball and Jam Seadl Joe Seadl Rata Seadl Mrs Helen Seadel Paul W Seadeneck Marae Seafert Mrs Lee T Sellars Dr and Mrs G R Senata Paul Sever Mrs A L Shannon George Shelly Mr and Mrs Frank Sheraden Mrs S Shapman Mass Clare Shuba and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Frank J and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs F W Saatkosky Ray Saatkosky Jos Saatkosky Frank J Sall Lawrence F Sall Anthony Saco Joseph Salvester . - - f f f f ' rl . - ' . ' l , ' . ' Mr. . ' - ' , , ' . ' Mr. . ' ' l ' ' ' ' Mr. . . l, Pu ' ' . . an . - - l J, T, Quail ' ' Mary, Pat and Becky Rooney Mrs. J. Schremmer V ' ' 1 . . . A ' ' Mr. . . . ' , , . ' Mr. . ' . . . . . . Mr. . . ' . . . . . . . Sill , , , , , . ' ' Mr. . . ' . ' ' ' . . ' . Mr. . . ' , , , , ' ' . Mr. . ' PERSONAL PATRONS Alex Sumonyak Mr and Mrs Robert Simpson Mrs Dorothy Sunger Steve Skadra Jr Mr and Mrs J E Skahrll Bernard Skalskn Tom Skalskl Albert J Skornlcka Albert E Skornucka Ronald Skornucka Rosella Skornucka Jean Skupnlk Marne Skupnlk Stella Slazlnskr Norman J Slemenda Charles F Slemenda Mrs John H Slemenda Mr Alex Sloop Frank Smerdel George H Smuth Mrs Louls Smrth Louus W Smrth Ruta E Smuth Sarah Wllluams Smith Mr and Mrs Mlchael Smokovuch J Marshall Snaman Mr and Mrs Edward Snyder Wllbert P Snyder Ann Sobehart Bob Sobehart Mrs H Sobolak Joseph T Sobolak Wlllnam Sontom Upholsterlng Vlolet Soukup Betty Spang Mr Wm Spehar Mrs K Spehar Mr and Mrs G Sputzner Charles Spontak Mrs Charles Spontak John Spontak Make Spontak Stanley Spychala Mrs Catherine Srslc Mr and Mrs George Stackura Mary Stackura Mr and Mrs John A Stalduhar Mr and Mrs J Stamper Stan and Dorothy Mr and Mrs Charles Stander Judy Stander Ken Stander Frank Starbaugh John Starcevuc Mr and Mrs Vnncent Staud Margaret Stayduhar Mr and Mrs Stelnmetz Mr and Mrs Norbert Steunmuller Mr and Mrs C Stelter Oscar Stephany Mr and Mrs Paul C Stephens Betty and Bull Stern Mr and Mrs Al Stern Mr and Mrs George Stewart Deane Stlckney Mr ancl Mrs W M Stullwagon Mr and Mrs Peter Stlscak St Marys Friday Nught Bowlers Stobue Prnnttng Co Mr and Mrs Joseph Stockert Robert P Stoehr J P Straka Frank Strauss Isabell Strauss lsabell Strauss Peg Strauss Mlss Eleanor STFSIH Mr and Mrs H W Streuff Mr Harold Strunr Norman Strobel Frank X Strutzel Anna Stunga Stephen Subsaro Mr Joseph P Sulllvan Mr Joseph P Sullnvan Karl Sunday Harry E Sutton Ray Swutzer Mrs Susan Stypula Szczyplnskr Bertha Szymanskn Ray Szymanskl Ray Szymanskn Stephan Szymanskn Theresa Szymanskl Mary Ann Sabnna John J Sabina Jr Mrs John J Sablna Sr JohnJ Sabina Sr Mass Marlene Sabolovuc Mrs M Sabolovuc Mr and Mrs George Sacco Andrew Sadauskas Kevun Janet Joseph Salnnetro Wallnam R Salrnetro Mr and Mrs C D Salkeld Mr Bernard Salsbery Mrs Ann Samarnn Bob Sattler Mrs Marne Sattler Vlncent Scafedn Mrs M Scalzo Mrs Annabelle Scanlon Martin J Scanlon Leo Scanlon Mass Marne Scanlon Mass Jean Scanlon Aluce H Scharf Scharf Family Scharfs H C Schauer Merle C Schelbel Mr and Mrs Edward Scheller Mr and Mrs Tom Scheller Larry Schenkel Ralph and Nancy Scherer Wllllam B Scherer Edward Scherle Mrs Joseph Scherle Mr Joseph Scherle Wllllam V Scherle Mike Schessler Mr and Mrs George Scheuermann Mr and Mrs Edward Schlllnng Stella Scuranka Mr John Manny Shurlng Mrs Nellie Schrrrng Mr John Schlrnhofer Mr and Mrs Andrew Schmudt Evue Schmidt Bennie Bobble and Bullne Schmutt Mr Frank Schmltt Johnny Schmvtt Mr and Mrs E R Schmude Mr and Mrs F Schneck Mrs Joseph Schnleders John P Schoeppner Chnpper Schofteld Tom Schohn Mr and Mrs J F Schott Mrs Dona Schranghamer Wlllnam E Schnaufer Arthur J Schroeder Arthur J Schroeder Mr Joseph Schroeder Mrs Rose Schroeder Mrs A Schrott Mr Joseph Schubert Mrs Arthur Schultz Mr and Mrs Charles Schultz Thomas Schultz Adellne Schuster Bessue Schuster Mrs R Schwab Mr and Mrs Phll Schwartz John Schweers Mr John Schwenger Mrs Margaret Schwenger Clem Schweuger Mr Norman Schwentzer Mrs C J Schweutzer Pat Sclvelo Mr and Mrs Walter Scott Mrs Anthony Scrocks Compllments Sharpsburg Foundry Charles Sheehan Mr and Mrs W R Sneber Mr and Mrs W R Sleber Mr and Mrs W R Sleber Mrs Joseph M Sendl Mr Joseph M Seldl Jum Sendl Bull Seldl Mr and Mrs Senlan Mrs F Serna Jvmmue and Joey Seserko T Norbert Sexton Mrs H Setzenfand Barbara Seymour Mlss Clare Sharak George W Shelly Mrs Albert Shepard Danbrook Shepard Joseph Shesman Albert Schiller Matt Slebert Ruth Snlbach Mr and Mrs George Slllak Mary Slmath Mr and Mrs Peter Srmon Frances Sums Kathy and Bull Sums Jam Srms Mrs Myrtle Slrlnn J Sutterle Mr and Mrs John Swack Edward Skadra Sklp Mr John N Skovran The Skyluners Steven A Smelko Betty Smnth Mr and Mrs Smnth Jack Smith Gabriel Joseph Smlth Mr and Mrs James Smrth James P Smuth J Paul Smrth Ill Lours Smlth Mr and Mrs Ralph Smuth Ralph S Smith Jr Vuncent CRussellj Smuth Mr Joseph Smonskey Paul Snyder and Famlly Mr and Mrs W J Snyder Phllomena Spehar Herman Splndler Marne Splane Martin J Splane Leonard Splane Nora Ellen Splane Marylou and Bud Spohn Mrs Vlrglnra Spohn Bob Spontak Bob and Ed Spontak John Srakocuc Mary Srslc Rosalla Srsrc Wllllam Srslc Wllllam Srslc John L Stahl Jane Sobehart Mr..and Mrs. S. J. Robert Schopper Mr. and Mrs. W. Slowik Mrs Barbara Stamper Mrs Lorralne Stamper Mrs John Stamper Sr Mr and Mrs Joseph Stanchlc Mr and Mrs Edward Stanczak Mr and Mrs A Standlsh John F Stanek Leo Stanek Mrs J Stappe Mr and Mrs Earl R Starkey James F Stauber Martha Jean Staud Mrs Stanley Stefansku E N effl Dennns P Stetgerwald 62 Mr and Mrs John Stelgerwald Mr Leo Stengerwald Mr and Mrs Ralph Stengerwald Mrs Leo Stengerwald Mr Pau Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas I J Stelgerwald Stelmak Stelmak Stelmak Stelmak Stelmak Stelmak Stelmak Mr Al Sterllng Mrs D Stern Mr and Mrs D W Stevens Adolph Stlmpel Theresa Stenner John F Stokes Thomas Stout Kathy and Tony St Paerre George Strahler Joanne Straka Mr and Mrs J Straka Ken Strasser 60 Frank Strauss Mr and Mrs Frank Strauss Isabell Strauss Raymond Strauss Mrs Frank Strauss Mrs Frank Strauss Robert Strent Janlce Streut Mr and Mrs A C Strent Cookie Strent Mr and Mrs John J Strenff Mr and Mrs Harold G Struebbe Mr and Mrs Harold G Struebbe Mrs W Stryner Mr W Stryner John G Stupar ue Mrs Agnes Sturm Edwln B Stuver Mrs Joseph Suchodupsku Jo Ann Suchodupsku 59 Mrs Joseph Suchodupsku Wullsam Sukutch Hermma Sukntch Francis Sullnvan Mr Francus Sullivan Frank J Sukltsch Jr Mrs F P Sullnvan Mrs J Sanders Mr Joseph Sullivan Margaret Ann Sullivan Mrs M Sulluvan Mr Paul Sullzvan Mr and Mrs John Sullivan Fred Sunsern Mr Peter Sutluc Ruth Ann Sutllc Peter Sutllc Jr Mrs Peter Sutllc Barbara Sutluc Ward Sutton Mr and Mrs F Svoboda Mrs Johanna Svovata Frank J Swerens Mr and Mrs John Swetonuc Mr and Mrs Joseph Swlder Etna Sycamore Athletuc Club Terry Szczyplnskn Irene Szczypunskn Irene Szczyplnsku Mr and Mrs Muchael Szwedko Fred Tacluch Mary and Louls Tacuuch MII and Lud Tacluch Robert A Taleruco Mrs Tarasu Paul Tarasl Mrs Rose Taschner Tash Carol and Joseph Tatarsk: Donna Tate Mrs Earl V Taylor Jr Mrs Emelna Tegethoft Mr and Mrs M Tempalska Margaret Texter Mrs Mary Thoma James E Thomas Jack C Thomas Mrs Rose Thomas Mr Wllllam Thomas Henry Trce Wnlluam Tlce Gerald Tlshky Mrs Peg Tlshky Chester J Tuska Mary Tongel Stanley Trecku Mr and Mrs A J Tremel Arnold Trolano Mrs Eleanor Tronko Joseph A Tronko Sr Mlne Target AI Taschner Loretta Tate Robert James Tate John E Tate Frank C Taucher Ted and Kay Terr: Swuder Syracuse U Mr James Tevus Thaners Harry Thens Mel Thoma Mrs Ann Thomas Robert R Thomas Dolores Thompson Richard Thompson Thompson Famuly Hugh S Thompson Mr John Tlrone Gregory Tnshky Gregory Tlshky Matthew Tolan Mr and Mrs Muchael Tomko Mary Tongel Marlo Totera Esther K Taylor Eng Trabert Bob Trall Ernest Trombetta Mr J Traymar Mr and Mrs Edward Traynor Mr and Mrs W E Treese Mr Sylvester Trotlcanto Joann Trogus Bully Trogus Mrs Thomas F Tunney John Tunney Harry J Turtcl James Turncs 53 Muldred Turucu Mrs Tuscano Mrs Cecelia Tylenda Joseph Tylenda TOD Mr Joseph Tylenda Tyler Famlly Mr A J Thomas Judy Ullsky Audrey Ullman Charles Ullman Tuna Ullman Uncle Chip Mr and Mrs William Unrath Mr PeterJ Ulewncz Leo Ulewlcz The Untouchables Mr and Mrs John C Vacek Mrs Ella Van Ryn Fred and Homer W Van Ryn Beulah Veverka Mrs Mary Vldnuch Rev Fr Vmcent CS Sp Mrs Anna Vans Nelly Vans Joseph Vlahovuch PERSONAL PATRONS Mr and Mrs Chrnst Voelker Robert Voelker Bern Vogel Mr and Mrs Fred Vogel Mr and Mrs B Vorndran Mr and Mrs A Vuksnc Mlchael P Vukson Mary Vysokey A G Van Maurlk Mr and Mrs Multon Van Ryn Carolyn Van Ryn Barbara Van Ryn G L Vaughn Mr Joseph Versace Mr Frank W Veltrl Catherine Ventrone Robert Vunsku Peggy Ann Vevers Robert Vlnskl Mr Nnck Vmsku Mr and Mrs Vmsku Robert M Vusokey Mrs Mary Vnsokey Joseph L Vunskn Marne Vlnsku Mrs Joseph Vorndran Domlnlck Vltaru Mrs Agnes Vogler Mr and Mrs A C Vogel Donald Vogrln Vrana Jr Mr Herman Vrana Ed Vrana Mrs Evelyn Vrana Mlchael Vulakovlch Thomas J Vybural Neoak Vyblral Louise and Frank Vyblral Mr and Mrs R Waechter Mr and Mrs W P Wagener Wayne R Wagener Mrs Lllluan Waldschmldt and Mrs James Walsh and Mrs John Walsh and Mrs J C Wallace and Mrs Robert Walsh Mrs Wm Walsh Mr and Mrs WnllnarnA Walsh Wllllam S Walsh Mr and Mrs Francns Walzer Mrs E Wanker Muss Ethel Ward Louns Wassermann Mrs Frances Wastchak Emma Watkins Patty Waters Mr and Mrs Leo Wateska Mrs Dorothy Watts Happy Landing Wayne George J Weber Mr Louls Wehrhelm Mrs Mary Wehrhelm . I. S1 ' -I - . ' M. .. . . - - ' . '. M. I - . ' M. 1 Q . u ' . ' M' . . . . . Q n M, . . U M. . ' 4 1 ' - U ' - ' Billlschaffer. Ralph Trew Mr. and Mrs. Herman 'I g . ' I ' Mr. . - , , , Mr. . ' I A ' Mr. . . . D Q I Mr. . S Q . . n u . I ' E. ' PERSONAL PATRONS Mary Lou Wehrhelm George Weldl Mr and Mrs Wendner Mr and Mrs Jake Werdner Mrs T Weldor Wnllnam Welgand Jerry and Ken Welsmann Jerry Welsmann Ken Wersrnann 6O Wsllram Wersmann Mr and Mrs Malt Weuss Mr and Mrs D Welsh Davtd Welsh Wm J Wenta Mr and Mrs Edward Werner Jerome Weston Mrs Sarah Whalen Mr and Mrs J Whate Whutey Mr Joseph Whlttmer O L Wrllzams Mr and Mrs Carl Wunkler Elva Winner Mrs A Wnsnnewskn Mr and Mrs Wrthers Wohlfarth s Bakery Mr and Mrs Wolcott Belly Wolcott Joe and Stella Woloszyk Margaret Wucher Mr Walter Wyzkosku Wagenrodts Lounge Paul Wagener Mr and Mrs Edw Walker George J Wallace Mrs Margaret Wallace Nancy L Wallace Joe Walsh Mr Joseph Walsh Kathleen Walsh Margaret Walsh Albert M Walter Karen Walter Ann Walters Louus Walters Michael Jean Walters Charles L Ward Helen M Ward John Ward Paul F Ward Wlllnam B Ward Famnly Wllllam B Ward Wnllnam B Ward Jr 55 Mrs Helen Warych Ronald Warych Mr Joseph Washek Mrs Joseph Washek Robert Washek Robert Washek George Washrngton George M Wasko Madelyn E Watkans Mrs Joseph Watson Weasel Jeff and Smokey Walter Lee Weaver Mr and Mrs Edw J Weber Mrs Fred Wels S Mrs F L Wenlger John West Western Auto Pvnes Plaza Mr and Mrs R Wetzel Mr and Mrs Robert Wuggnnton Mr and Mrs W W Wukert AI Wundusch Mass Lynda Williams George Wnndtsch Mr and Mrs Wllllam Wnllzam Wlndlsch Mr and Mrs George Wnnghart R K W e Jack Wnthum Bob Wnttmer Buddy Wrttmer Mr and Mrs Edward Woehrel John H Wolstman 60 Mrs Rosalla E Wolstman Ray Wokutch Mrs Evelyn Wolf Mr and Mrs O Wolpert Judy Ann Woods Woods Chaldren Mr Louis Woods Mrs Louis Woods Mrs Wright Mr and Mrs John Wroblewsku A Dennis Wunderly Mr and Mrs Arthur H Wunderly Em1lJ Wunderly Jerry Wunderly Mrs A L Wyman Ken Twee Wyman Marcua Wyman Mr and Mrs R C Wyman Stan Wyzkoskl Walt Wyzkoskl Karen and Ricky Yeager Yee Duck Laundry Mary Yester Catherune Yohovnch Joseph Yohovrch Mr and Mrs L Yoest Mr and Mrs Albert Yeske Mrs Gertrude Yeske Herbert Young Wllllam Yoest Mrs Cathernne Yagesh Helen Yagesh E and Nancy Yuretnch Yumte Emily and Frank Yukovlch Yates Yoga Bear Anna Yohovuc Karan Yokel Mr and Mrs Mnchael Zabka Joe ZafTuto Mr and Mrs Robert Zahren Ann M Zang Zanon Shoe Store Stanley Zebo John Zelrnka Alma Zelkovnch Nncholas J Zelkovuc Zuelunsku Famnly Frank P Zlemklewlcz Emnlla Zlmmermann Loulse Znmmermann Zuvnc s Daury Store Mr and Mrs Frank Zotter Henry Zalewskn Mrs Anne Zebrat Mr and Mrs John Zelrk Mrs A Zahren Ralph Zellck E J Zellk Famlly Mrs Louise Zotter Mr and Mrs Zwlck Ruth D Zang Edward Zregler W B Zlllox Dr Hollus Zwlcker Dr Hollus Zwlcker Mrs Martnn Zupsuc Mrs Joseph Walsh BUSINESS PATRONS Complnments Joseph Abbott Allegheny Amusement Company Conn operated Machines TAylor I I8I0 Allison Park Savungs 81 Loan Duncan Avenue Alllson Park Pennsylvanta Als Bar 3239 Brighton Road Famous Pnzza Legal Beverages PO 6 9968 PO 6 9980 Al s Servuce Statnon 7815 McKnnght FO 4 9734 Lubncatlon Pgh 37 State Inspectnon Auto Repalr Arch Pharmacy 7OI Arch Street Drugs 8: Prescrlptnons a Specnalty Wnndusch Anna Yagesh Arsenal Bowling Lanes 44th 8g Butler Streets Lawrencevvlle Pvttsburgh ARTCRAFI' WOOD PRODUCTS CO I307 HIGH STREET PITTSBURGH I2 PA John H Auld Bros Co Lumber Builders Suppltes Allnson Park Pa Aults 81 Bowen Real Estate Insurance I330 Evergreen Avenue MR 81 MRS FRANK ABBOTT I335 PERRYSVILLE AVENUE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLAss OF FRANK ABT PLUMBING PLUMBING gl ELEC SEWER CLEANING PHONE TA I 34I5 ACE CARPET COMPANY EXPERT CARPET INSTALLATION PITTSBURGH 29 FO A 3757 Acme Auto Wreckmg Co 32 South 22nd Street Phone HE I 2040 Ague s Tavern I90I Mount Troy Road Bet You a Coke 81 Candy Bar ALL SAINTS CHURCH I9 WILSON STREET PGH 23 PA BEST WISHES FROM THE PRIESTS Sam Abbott Beer Dlstrlbutlng 3200 Brighton Road Compliments All Sannt s Lyceum . . ' . . . is , ' . h . . I ,59 . . I . . . Q . ' I 'I Rev. Raymond A. Wojtkiewicz Linda WeaVe" Marcia WYITIBU ' ' I . l - r r- . ' of A - I I ' 1 I I . : - - '60 . . . ' ' ' Of Allegheny Cabnnet Company 3341 West Carson Street Prttsburgh 4 Pa FE 1 3603 Complaments of the Allegheny Socnal Club ALLEGHENY VALLEY BANK OF PGH 5137 BUTLER ST PGH 9 PA FDIC FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Allegheny Motor Sales Corporatuon 700 708 Lockhart Street Chrysler Plymouth Valnant ALLEGHENY VALLEY TYPEWRITER CO OLYMPIA TYPEWRITERS ALL MAKES SALES AND SERVICE FO 4 7705 WE 1 2234 John W Ambrose Jr 13 Cathernne Street Etna ST 1 7577 Psttsburgh 23 American Typewriter Co 11 Wood Street Pgh 22 Pa CO 1 1019 Harry J Anderson 81 Sons 141 Cherry St Etna ST 1 0153 General Weldlng Portable Equlp Anderson Snmek T V Repalr 218 Evergreen Avenue Mnllvale 9 TA 1 1817 Rates Reasonable BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 60 FOR A HAPPY 8- SUCCESSFUL FUTURE MR 8: MRS JOHNJ ANDRA Andres Hotel 1822 Middle Road Glenshaw Pa Andy and Ann s Flowers of Dlstlnctlon PO 1 7803 Ann Rumbaugh Beauty Shop 541 North Avenue Mlllvale mylar 1 1764 ANNUNCIATION CHURCH 2603 NORWOOD AVENUE PITTSBURGH 14 PA ANNUNCIATION BOWLING ALLEYS 2801 NORTH CHARLES STREET PITTSBURGH 14 PENNA Appel Visual Service Inc 9.47 Penn Avenue GRant 1 0445 Pittsburgh 22 Pa Arbogasts Prescrlptlon Pharmacy 1617 Lowrte Street CEdar 1 1559 Congratulatnons to the Class of 60 Mr 81 Mrs W Asenbrenner AURBACH FURNITURE COMPANY 529 BEAVER AVENUE PITTSBURGH 12 PA Wrlllam Bahl Company Sell the Best Carpets that are made Complnments of Dr L C Baldwln Mrllvale 9 Pennsylvanna Balestrenre Produce Company 1051 Sprrng Garden Avenue Prttsburgh 12 Pennsylvama Bartsch Floral Shoppe 90 Townvlew Drnve oft Wuble Road Pnttsburgh 9 Pennsylvanua Bauer Motor Incorporated Dodge and Dart Mtllvale 9 Pennsylvania Bellevue Pannt and Glass 572 Lnncoln Avenue Bellevue Pennsylvanla Ben Franklun Savings and Loan Assoc 1000 East Street AI 1 5191 4 Safe Savungs Snnce 1886 41 THE REV BENEDICTINE FATHERS SAINT MARYS CHURCH NORTH SIDE COMPLIMENTS OF BENEDICTINE FATHERS ST BONIFACE CHURCH BENNETT LUMBER 81 MFG CO LUMBER AND MILL WORK 21 SEDWICK ST PGH 9 Berkley s Pharmacy The Rexall Store West Vnew Pennsylvanua B 8. J Caterers 7114 Church Avenue Pnttsburgh 2 Pennsylvania BLIND FLORAL COMPANY WE 1 5005 Blumette s Gulf Servlce 2310 Freeport Rd OAK 9659 Harmarvnlle Ptttsburgh 38 Pa Gerard Boeh Flowers 1414 Beaver Avenue Plttsburgh 33 Pennsylvanua Gerard Boeh Flowers 1414 Beaver Avenue Cholce Flowers For Cholce Frnends GERARD BOEH FLOWERS 1414 BEAVER AVENUE C 1 13 3 N S PITTSBURGH 33 PA Boehm s Grocery The Store on the Hull Wnth Prices on the Level Boulevard Atlantlc Servuce 286 Ohlo Rrver Blvd Emsworth Pgh 2 Pa BRANDT FUNERAL HOME 1032 PERRY HIGHWAY PITTSBURGH 37 PENNSYLVANIA Brant Oldsmoblle Company 153 Perrysvulle Avenue Pittsburgh 29 Pennsylvanla BRENNAN BROTHERS PLASTERING CONTRACTORS PARK BUILDING PGH 22 PA Broadway Plymouth Inc 612 Broadway McKees Rocks Pa De Soto Plymouth Valaant BUSINESS PATRONS Brosle s Amoco Servlce 4550 McKnught Road Plttsburgh 37 Pennsylvanua Anthony Baker Beer Dlstrlbutlng CEdar 1 4200 BANK OF MILLVALE THE BANK THAT LISTENS MILLVALE PA Bard s Daury Store For Good Thungs to Eat 3923 Perrysvnlle Ave S DuMatteo Mrs EdwardJ Bartoslewlcz Real Estate Insurance 4400 Butler Street MU 3 0220 WILLIAM J BAJZEK TELEVISION SERVICING FA 1 9833 C G BAUN REAL ESTATE 7929 PERRY HIGHWAY PITTSBURGH 37 PA Mr Emll Beran 624 Knapp Street Plttsburgh 12 P Mrs Emnl Beran 624 Knapp Street Plttsburgh 12 P Congratulatlons to the Class of 60 from Mr and Mrs Eugene Bergen Berger s Bakery Pnttsburgh 12 P Eugene G Beck Company Inc Roofing and Heatung 2207 East St FA 1 3356 H F BEHRHORST AND SONS INC WE DELIVER WHOLESALE FOOD AND CATER TO HOTELS 81 INSTITUTIONS Best Wlses to the 1960 Graduatln Class BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS F 6 Best of Luck Class of 60 Ern Joe Sprke Baggs Jnrn Betty Jlm Jac BIII and Herb Beverly Farms Mulk 1234 Reedsdale Street FA 1 3688 Blanco Funeral Home 719 Brrghton Road Pittsburgh 33 Pa Best Wishes to the Class of 60 from Mr and Mrs L Bleneman Clarence A Bittner 201 Mary Ann Druve Glenshaw Pa Builder . I I - , I - . I . I . ' 1 'I l I . ,t ,I I I ' - - . I . . h 1 . O . . - O, fo " f' ' . , . . I - - , Pa. . . , . , - . , . -, - -, - ' , a. ' T ' I . , ' ' , A ' , a. I 1 . . I I "SAY IT WITH FLOVVERSII 2016 M0Un1 TrQy Rgad . - ' , a. , . 1 - . , . I ll 1 II ' ' ' 11 - n - 1 1 ' . ' ' . . , . I I . . . , . E. - 1 I . . , . I , . . . , I , . ' - ' I I 1 I I . I . ' . ' r 1 . - k' I , . , . I I . I 1 4 I , . 1 - I ' I ' I ' - I . . H H I . I I I I I I ' . I I . n In a I 1 . I BUSINESS . PATRONS Gerard Boeh Flowers 1414 Beaver Avenue Plttsburgh 33 P Walter Boehler Landscapnng Lawn Malntenance Hahn Road Pittsburgh 9 Pa Brighton Bowlung Alleys 1739 Brughton Place FA I 6628 Ten Puns 8 Alleys Duck Puns COMPLIMENTS THE BRINJAK FAMILY Broz Dlstrabutlng Company 4747 Hatfield Street Plttsburgh 1 Pa MU 2 2236 Alderman George J Butler 1421 Beaver Avenue Pittsburgh 33 Pa Boehm and Mehrnng Sheet Metal Work Pittsburgh 33 Pa A A Borza Sons Funeral Home 2439 Callfornla Ave Pitts Pa Bayardstown Club 1809 Penn Avenue Pnttsburgh 22 Pa BECKMAN TRANSFER AND STORAGE LONG DISTANCE MOVING BLUMER FRIENDLY MOBIL SERVICE RT 8 AND WILDWOOD ROAD HU 6 9939 ALLISON PARK Bobanlck s Cafe Puttsburgh 33 Pa BOULEVARD INN 1331 SAXONBURG BOULEVARD GLENSHAW PA Complnments of Ed Buch 440 Market St Pgh 22 P Congratulations to the Class of 60 Mr and Mrs Joseph E Butchko Bnckleys Service Statuon Metropolntan 8K Junlata Streets Pittsburgh 33 Pa Complrments of Mary Brown and Rooney Famnly PHILIPA BRUNN JR SEPTIC TANK CLEANING INGOMAR PA FO 4 5400 R F BRUNNER GROCERY 411 GRANT AVENUE MILLVALE FREE DELIVERY TA 1 1645 Wllllam G Burch Excavatlng and Grading 3322 Babcock Blvd WE 1 0949 L J Boss Company 202 Arrott Bulldlng North IS heated by a Webster Burner Dnstrlbuted by D Bendix 230 S Alken H 14604 BRIGHTON INN 3889 BRIGHTON ROAD BEST WISHES TO NORTH Brlghton Real Etate 1274 Benton Avenue Pnttsburgh 12 Pa Nucholas Buntrch Jeweler Watchmaker 524 Federal Street COMPLIMENTS OF MR AND MRS BURKHART AND FAMILY Good Luck to the Class of 60 The Burkhart Famlly Congratulations to the Senior Class of 60 Joe Burtnett 2C Calan Heating Co FA 2 7950 Gas Oll Coal Sales 8K Service 2222 East Street Puttsburgh I2 Cardello Electric Supply Company 852 West North Avenue Pittsburgh 13 Pennsylvanua Catholic Women s Unlon Most Holy Name CAVANAUGH S RED HOTS 1003 OHIO RIVER BLVD AVALON PENNSYLVANIA CENTURY MANUFACTURING CORP LINO PLASTIC SINKS COUNTER TOPS CERNANSKY HEATING Sl VENT CO INSTALLATION AND SERVICE WEllungton I 5636 Dorothy L Checca Frre Llabnluty Theft Insurance STerlung 1 9228 Clay Realty Co Inc Perry Hwy at Cumberland Rd WEllnngton 1 2529 Forest 4 2529 Commodor Barber Shop For Clean Halr Cuts Come See Us SAVE REGULARLY AT CONCORD LIBERTY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 222 E OHIO ST FAIrfax 1 1730 Edward P Conway Busnness Agent Structural Iron Workers CORSELLO SALES AND SERVICE INC 500 LINCOLN AVENUE AT BALPH BELLEVUE PITTSBURGH 2 PA COSTAS AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE 1128 EAST OHIO STREET PITTS 12 PA FAurfax I 1466 Sweetest Mtlk Ever Sold Country Belle Mllk Retaul Wholesale TUxedo I 9200 Coury Market 1109 Goettman Street Fresh Meats and Grocerles COMPLIMENTS OF CRONENWETH DAIRY COMPANY Compliments of J H Crunkleton Funeral Home Compliments of Conners Beer Dnstrrbutmg PO61113 PO68339 Callahan Transportatlon 857 Dounton Way N S Pittsburgh 33 Pa FORT PITT PAINT 8- WELDERS SUPPLY 1014E OHIO ST CE 15122 COMPLETE AUTO GLASS SERVICE Campbell s Funeral Home 1314 Mlddle Street Sharpsburg Pa Canculla s Market 1324 Middle Street Sharpsburg ST 2 1257 Free Deluvery COMPLIMENTS MR AND MRS FRANK CAPAN Compluments Sue Carney Caseys Dalry Store 2000 Mount Troy Road CE 1 9589 Cassey s Tavern Lrght Lunches Castello s Cleaners Tallors Laundry 1800 Chlslett Street John Cavalero 1220 E Carson Street Fresh Fruuts and Vegetables John W Ceranlc Jr Heatmg Roofing Arr Condmomng 922 Chestnut St AL 1 7372 Champuon Furnace Co 7 E Montgomery Ave FA 1 5668 Heatlng Service At Its Best Charltes Ladues 81 Chlldrens Wear 1818 Beaver Avenue CE I 6116 Good Merch Reasonably Priced Chnstran Mothers Confraternuty Most Holy Name Parush Troy Hull Chuchlc Restaurant 2831 Preble Avenue Fune Food Compluments of Pasquale G Ctrocco and Famnly SEE F RAY COLL AT PANKOPF FORD SALES INC Pmsburgh 22 Pa 109 W Montgomery Ave AL 1 3200 ' ' . R. ' , a. ' , . ' I - ' OF - , . . . ' ' ' ' Co. ' , . - I , . ' ' ., ' ., . , ' , Pa. - ' OF of 2923 Preble Avenue 4073-75 LIBERTY AVENUE, PITTS. Spring Garden Avenue ., . , a. ., . ' Colonual Press Incorporated 1905 Blvd of the Allues AT 1 2524 Pruntung Advertusung Commercual COMPLIMENTS OF THE NOVOSELS JOE IONA CRAIG BARRY MARSHA DARRELL Compluments of the J F Stueber Famuly 113 HoFfman Rd Glenshaw Condas Parkung Lot Cor Hughland and Kurkwood East Luberty EM 1 9085 Connell Brothers Foundatuon Coatung STerlung 1 1630 Compluments The Cornush Curtaun Co Sam Corea Shoe Repaur 3615 Calufornua Avenue N S Puttsburgh 12 Pa Croke Beer Dustrubutung 3121 Shadeland Avenue Puttsburgh 12 P Compluments from Cronenvveth Plant Workers G E Cronun Electrucal Contractor Cammarata s 913 Federal Street N S Puttsburgh Pa Catholuc Daughters of Ameruca Court Sacred Heart of the North Hulls Number 1560 Danylo Bros Root1ng Free Estumates PO 61446 PO 1 3701 Delvun s Funeral Home 602 Sherman Avenue Puttsburgh 12 Pa DIVCO CORPORATION TROY HILL RD AT GARDNER PITTSBURGH 12 PA Duvune Provudence Hosputal 215 W Montgomery Ave Puttsburgh 12 Pa Duxues Grulle Where Good Fruends Meet 2604 Perrysvulle Ave Pgh 14 Compluments of Douthett Real Estate Agency Warrendale Pennsylvanua Fred Duetz Floral 605 Luncoln Avenue Bellevue PO 6 2483 Crowley s 1811 Beaver Avenue AT 1 3015 Danuel s Farm Partues and Banquets For Reservatuon Phone FO 4 8131 Daum and Helm 625 East Ohuo Street FA 1 3610 Decorator 8u Upholstery Supply Inc Specualusts un Koylon Foam Naugahyde Koylon Supplues E DEER MODERN PLUMBING 8. HEATING AL I 6225 DELNEYS DRIVE IN RESTAURANT 7703 MCKNIGHT ROAD PITTSBURQI 32, EA, COMPLIMENTS THE DELUGA FAMILY Dengler Auto Body 3175 McClure Ave Pgh 12 Pa PO I 0500 DePalma and Prozoco Barber Shop 1805 Jancex Street Duamond Wure Sprung Co 1901 Babcock Blvd Puttsburgh 9 Pa Robert F Duel Agency Insurance Real Estate CE 1 8208 HU 6 8082 Domuan s Meat Market 702 Maun Street Sharpsburg Dom s Barber Shop Latest un Ivy League Haurcuts 645 Center Avenue West Vuew Donovan Cleaners un Emsworth Qualuty and Servuce at Theur Funest PO 1 8166 CHARLES M DORSCH SHOES 700 E OHIO ST PGH 12 Compluments Mr and Mrs Wulluam R Doyle The Dubbs Club For That Cool Feelung Be a Dubbs Today Economy Sportswear 525 East Ohuo Street Puttsburgh 12 Pennsylvanua Eddue 81 Ethel s Cafe 906 East St North Sude Pgh CE 1 8980 North Hulls Epucurean Shop We Sell Best Imported Foods North Hulls Vullage Pgh 37 John A Erskune 8- Assocuates Mutual Benef1t Lufe Insurance 1700 Clark Bldg Puttsburgh 22 CARL H ESSER TEACHER PIANO VOICE ORGAN POpular 1 4647 The Evans Studuo 715 East Street FA 1 4611 N S Puttsburgh 12 Pa BUSINESS PATRONS EAST END FEDERAL SAV 81 LOAN ASS N 5912 PENN AVE PITTSBURGH 6 PA INSURED SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 31727 Eddue s Appluances 1418 Marshall Avenue FA 2 6665 Electro aur Cleaner Company Inc Oluvua 8K Sproul Streets McKees Rocks Pa Congratulatuons To the Class of 60 The Emanuel Famuly Compluments Emsworth Market Compluments of Art Esser 1022 Beaver Ave Pgh 33 P Etna Esso Servucenter Butler and Hugh Sts Good Servuce Is Our Polucy Etna Lanes 13 15 Freeport Street Puttsburgh 23 Pa Everglade Bowlung Alleys 34 Southern Avenue Puttsburgh 11 Penna Famous Food Market Funest Meat and Grocerues Fuschers Garage 7847 Perry Hughway Puttsburgh 37 Pa Fuschers Garage 7847 Perry Hughway Puttsburgh 37 Pa Flom s Market 1041 Warrungton Avenue Qualuty Meats Puttsburgh 10 Compluments of Flores Bakery 1252 Sprung Garden Avenue Bucsek s Market 1017 Chestnut Street Puttsburgh 12 Pa P A FREYVOGEL COMPANY PAINTING CONTRACTORS PITTSBURGH 12 PA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND From a fruend to 6 Fruend Compluments of a Fruend Yea North' Congratulatuons To the Class of 60 From the Froeluchers Frof1ngslosh Brewery Upper Cruply On The Thames 4 I . . . - - - ., - I O . I I O ' F. . - ' , . l I ., , Pa. - K , , ' ' OF of of ., . , . ' ' . - ., . , a. I I 5- I I - l I - Allison Park, Pa. HU 6-6210 Phone: ST 1-7848 600 E. Ohio Street, N. S. Pgh. - - . ., . , PA. ' ' of ' I ' l I ' BUSINESS PATRONS KITCHEN CABINETS 8. SINK TOPS F 8- M MFG CO SHARPSBURG STerling I 6160 C Cy Farbacher Auto and Truck Repairs Sharpsburg 15 P C Cy Farbacher Excavating Ditchmg Grading Sharpsburg 15 P FEDERAL LABORATORIES INC SALTZBURG PA LAW ENFORCEMENT EQUIPMENT Fubbe s Restaurant Gracious Dining and Cocktails McKnight Road North Hills Fiedler Furniture Co 6242 Frankstown Avenue EM 2 3600 Fischer Auto Body WAInut I 7572 Car Finishing and Body Repanrs Fischer s Garage 7847 Perry Highway Pittsburgh 37 Pa Fischer s Garage 7847 Perry Highway Pittsburgh 37 Pa Fort Wayne Restaurant and Bar 303 Federal Street Chris Romanuas Prop CE I 6366 Foss Motor Inc Route 8 Etna Pa WILLIAM A FRAUENHEIM INSURANCE 1107 KEYSTONE BLDG PGH PA French Dry Cleaning Co Expert Tailoring We Call For and Deliver Congratulations to the Class of 60 NUMQUAM SATIS DE MARIA A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 60 Fine Upholstering Company 129 South 16th St Pgh 3 Pa HE 1 0698 ST 1 8755 Gabosch Hardware Appliances Television Brighton Road PO 1 2217 Gerstberger Auto Repair Auto Body and Frame Specialist 2104 Duss Ave Ambrudge P GIGERS CAFE 1621 BEAVER AVENUE PGH 33 DELICIOUS FISH SANDWICHES John Glasa Barber Shop 416 Perry Highway Pittsburgh 29 Pennsylvanua Glassbrenner Pharmacy 3053 Brighton Road Phone Llnden 1 1786 GLENSHAW GLASS COMPANY GLENSHAW PENNSYLVANIA SEE WHAT YOU BUY Lourse and George Greb Bakery 220 Grant Avenue TA I 4685 GREBS BAKERY 1703 LOWRIE STREET SPECIALIZING IN FINE PASTRIES Compliments of Grego s Tavern Millvale Pennsylvania Gaertner Home Bakery 3931 Perrysville Ave CE 1 1425 Wedding Birthday Party Cakes God Bless Our Son Tom on His Graduation Day Mr and Mrs Chester Galda Robert J Geisler Cleaners 1009 Mt Royal Blvd Etna HU 6 5110 Drapes a Specialty 33 Yrs Exper Floor Waxing Specialist Will Make Floors Shine Like New William Gallagher AL 1 8218 COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL MOLDS 8: PLASTICS CORP LEETSDALE PENNSYLVANIA FOR FRESH FRUITS 8. VEGETABLES SHOP AT GERBERS Gergurich Grocery 1514E Ohio St Pitts 12 a CEdar 1 5272 The Gibson House 7901 Perry Highway Pittsburgh 37 Pa Giel s Market Meats Groceries Produce Middle 81 Harts Run Rd Glenshaw Glannon s Market HU 6 5880 Fine Meats and Groceries Mt Royal Blvd Allison Park Pa Glrckman Supply Company 858 California Ave CE 1 6521 Furniture Carpets Compliments Mrs Ellen Good Good Luck The Class of 60 A T Green Machinery Co Route 8 Glenshaw Pitts P Phone STerling 1 9600 PAUL GROPELLI MEMORIAL COMPANY PITTSBURGH PA Congratulations to the Class of 60 Groll Family Lawrence A Grundler Cemetery Memorials 4005 Mt Troy Rd W I 2737 GUEHL FUNERAL HOME LOWRIE 8. GARDNER STREETS PITTSBURGH 12 PENNA HAAS SALES 8: SERVICE 203 BUTLER STREET PITTSBURGH 23 PENNSYLVANIA Haberlein s Garage 24 Hour Service Route 8 Gibsonia HI 3 3260 HAHNS ROADSIDE STAND BABCOCK BOULEVARD QUALITY PLANTS SHRUBS 81 SEEDS Hamburg Agencies Realtors Insurers WE 1 4900 R G Harris 24 Kingsland Drive Pittsburgh 5 Pennsylvania CUSTOM MADE GUN CABINETS FA 1 6659 Hayton s Deluxe Meats Wholesale 8. Retail MU I 2724 3700 Penn Ave Pgh 1 Pa HARRY H HENGELSBERG SAW SERVICE 3930 KAHN ST ALLISON PARK HENKE S SUPERETTE 1625 27 EAST STREET HERNON AND CO CREDIT JEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY APPLIANCES 228 BROWNSVILLE RD MT OLIVER PA Hieber s Store 1034 Perry Highway Perrysville Pennsylvania Holzheimer Sc Bock Funeral Home Sharpsburg Hrabar Jewelers Etna and Sharpsburg Finest Jewels at t e Lowest Price Huber Market 352 Center Avenue Pittsburgh 29 Pa Compliments Harry Hahn HAMMS MARKET 1239 ITEN ST CHOICE MEATS 81 GROCERIES FREE DELIVERY PHONE CE I 5026 HAMMOND NEWSPAPERS THE GREEN SHEET CALL TAYLOR I 4100 COMPLIMENTS OF HARMONY DAIRY CO 800 FULTON ST PGH . ., , PA. ' ' ' - - . . E - I at ,, ,, I . 1 a' ' 1 ' ' , . - , ., , PA Ford Sales and Service 602 E. Diamond, N. Hills Shop. Cen. CE 1-1002 CE 1-3934 . ' ., ' . , P . - - - . . H G h . ,, ., . , . of ' , . of . - . , to l ' , , ' ., 6. : - ., ' , a. : ' - ' ' ., ., PA. Compluments W J Harrlngton Hartner s Hotel Prlvate Rooms for Banquets Route 19 North PR 6 2341 Wlshlng Success To the Trolan Yearbook Stat? Havlak Famuly GEORGE W HEARD 8. SON FUNERAL HOME 4047 PERRYSVILLE AVE PGH Compliments Mr and Mrs Cyrll J Helm HELEN AND JOES CAFE 1100 EAST STREET BEER LIQUOR WINES SANDWICHES John H Hespenhelde Lawnmower Servlce Tool Rental lngomar Pa FOrest 4 3108 John R Hess Gen Contractor and Englneerung 847 W North Ave FA 1 3115 Congratulatlons to the Class of 60 from Rev E Heyl Hnghland Auto Service 515 Perry Hnghway West Vlew Phone WE 1 0410 Hlghway Realty N S Deposit Bank Buuldlng Pllttsburgh 12 Pa RAYMOND G HILLENBRAND ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE 3429 EAST ST CE 1 6307 Hlmmelsteln Dalry Drunk Mllk Buulds em Healthy HITES DRUG STORE FEDERAL AND OHIO THE FRIENDLY STORE JOHN J HOFFMAN QUALITY MEATS DELIVERED FRESH TO YOU HOFFMAN S MARKET 1308 EVERGLADE AVENUE MILLVALE PA Hollywood Beauty Shoppe Marne A Sltzenkopf Prop All Branches of Beauty Culture WALTER J HOUPT CO PHOTO FINISHERS COLOR BLACK 81 WHITE A H HUDAK CTYPEWRITERSJ SOLD AND RENTED CO 1 1019 Compllments Hunkels Compllments of Mr and Mrs W C Hutchuson 1315 Stokes Way John J Ilcnsln Pharmacy 13 Island Cor Marshall Ave 6831 Pgh 12 a Compllments of Iron Cnty Radnator Service 3913 Liberty Avenue Isaly s West Vnew 448 Perrysvulle Road Bob Phnllps Prop I HAVE NO ENEMIES ITS JUST THAT ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME Ingomar Pharmacy 9700 Harmony Dr lngomar Pa FOrest 4 3422 Inland Products Inc Herrs Island Pittsburgh Rendering Service COMPLIMENTS FRANK INTRIERI 12B Irwln Dsstrlbutlng Co FAnr ax I 7111 Pabst Blatz Iroquols Ralph Iusl Motor Company 6th 8- Clay Sts Sharpsburg I5 Pa Chrysler Plymouth Sales 81 Servlce 3333 Babcock Boulevard 2602 Perrysvnlle Avenue Jockel s Tavern 2021 Mount Troy Road Mount Troy, Pittsburgh J 81 B PRINTING COMPANY MEMORIAL CARDS SERVICE RECORDS CEdar 1 4400 J B SUPPLY COMPANY CIRCLE D UNITS AND LAMPS 3435 Babcock Blvd Pgh 37 Pa Jakes Most Modern Arr Condltloned Barber Shop 814 East Street Jankus Pharmacy 2823 Perrysvllle Ave Pittsburgh 14 Pa COMPLIMENTS THE JEROME FAMILY Compllments of Jess s Route 8 JOES HAPPY GO LUCKY BAR 813 EAST OHIO STREET KAIB CONSTRUCTION COMPANY JOE KAIB DAN KAIB CARPENTRY MASONRY Muchael J Kazell Natlonwlde Insurance CE 1 2581 KENNY MOTOR EXPRESS INC REFRIGERATED DELIVERY 801 SHORE AVE PGH FA 2 8000 BUSINESS PATRONS Keystone Motor Servuce Auto Truck Repaurs Inspectnon Station CE 1 3535 Jerry Kutman s Dept Store Mt Royal Shopplng Center Glenshaw Pa HU 6 2233 Kleun and Letterle 595 Butler Street Etna ST 1 0380 Knaus Bakery 450 Perrysvnlle Road WE 1 1857 West Vlew Pa Phll Knoll 200 Ivory Avenue Plttsburgh 14 Pennsylvanla KOCH SERVICE INCORPORATED SALES DIVCO SERVICE PITTSBURGH 12 PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF TH KOPALA FAMILY Korunns Home Made Candles North Slde Market House McKnught Shopprng Cente Arcade Krebs and Kung Mercury Route 8 In Etna ST 1 4828 Best In Fvne Furniture Wexford Congratulatnons and Best Wlshes To the Class of 60 Mr and Mrs A L Kress C H Kummer Meat Market 1027 Perry Hlghway Pgh 37 PO 4 5454 K B Garden Center 2105 Babcock Blvd Screened Top Soul TA 1 4000 K J C Brotherhood GR 1928 PNA 825 So Canal St Plttsburgh 12 P Best Wtshes to the Class of 60 The Kahr Famlly BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 60 THE KAMPER FAMILY Kaules Pharmacy 332 Center Ave West Vuew Pa Phone WE 13166 We Delnver Kay Drug Company 4211 Butler St MU 2 0367 KED BEER DISTRIBUTING CO TOM DIXON PROP 2306 COLORADO ST PROMPT HOME DELIVERY CE 1 0583 COMPLIMENTS PAT AND EDDIE of , . . ' . . ' CE 1- - . , P . ' ' - , . . , - ' I - - I I ' ' ., . I4 ' ' , . of -, , - I I I . . I . ' OF E . ' f - ' Rev. J. Fronek and Rev. G. Dorsey J and J Cleaners Krenach's Furniture . ' ' , . ., . , . - - ' , a. , . 1 I r ' I I .I . I . . , . : - ' . . , . of - ' I - . . . . ., ., - BUSINESS PATRONS COMPLIMENTS KIEFER MANUFACTURING CO Kung Truckmg General Haultng PO 6 7560 KIRNERS CATHOLIC BOOK STORE 309 MARKET STREET PITTSBURGH 22 PENNA George N Knapp 3434 Gass Ave N S Pgh Pa Plasterung Contractor PO 6 7188 A J Knoblach Furnuture and Carpets 1816 Beaver Ave CN S D Kollman s Gulf Service Lubrlcatlon Trres Batterles Etc Perrysvnlle Ave 81 East St Pgh 14 Compllments of KOOKIE From Condas Parktng Lot CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS Kovuaks Gas 81 Elec Range Servlce Repalr Ranges Heaters Thermo stats Our Specualty ST 1 8976 WILLIAM AND JOHN KRAMER FINE MEATS SECOND TO NONE KRAMERS MARKET 1100 GRAND AVE PITTSBURGH 12 PA Paul R Kraus HU 6 5257 Registered Electrlclan Electrrc Heating Specnaltst Complnments of Kucan s Cafe 2650 Calufornta Ave Congratulatlons to the Class of 60 The Michael Kunco Famlly Elmer T Kusluch Agency Insurance Real Estate 1701 Lowrle St A 1 1355 Lance s Corner Beer and Grocerues Powers Run Road OAK 646 Lang s Hardware Plumbing and Heating Supplses 801 Mann Street Sharpsburg P Lattavo Brothers Incorporated 1909 Metropolitan Street Plttsburgh 33 Pa Lebro Drug Store 501 Llncoln Avenue Bellvue Free Delivery PO 1 3000 Llndow s Market Corner Center and Bronx WE 1 3107 West View CHAS J LIPTAK REAL ESTATE INSURANCE MORTGAGES Luvestock Handlers Lodge 864 Herrs Island Ptttsburgh 22 Complaments Lowrle s Frank V Lukslk Funeral Director 1400 Monterey Street N S Ltberty Bowlung Alleys 925 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 22 Pa 8t H Tlre Co 4203 Penn Ave Tlres Are Our Business L 8. M CAFE 1317 REEDSDALE ST PITTSBURGH 33 PA Compliments of A Frtend LA FRANCA S BEER DIST 1408 FEDERAL ST CEdar 1 2544 Lambros Hotel Restaurant 81 Bar 1802 East Ohlo St LANGER BROTHERS STUDEBAKER LARK 8. WILLYS JEEPS 185 PERRYSVILLLE RD WE 1 5206 COMPLIMENTS OF LANGER BROS CITIES SERVICE Lazor Ceramlc Tnle Co Expert Work Free Estnmates ST 2 1778 Leon Produce Company Frult 84 Produce Hotel 81 Restaurant Speclallst Edwm J Ley 715 Sussman St Beverage Dlstrlbutor Llberty Towel Supply 1421 Benton Ave Plttsburgh 12 Pa Cool It Dad From the Badmen f Perrysvnlle Gang Perry Prnboys Brtghton Road Boys LINCOLN PHARMACY MILLVALE TA 1 2379 SERVING THE COMMUNITY THRU YOUR DOCTOR Lmden Beer Dnstnbutung Co Beer and Beverages 3627 California Ave BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 60 JIM JERRY 8. CHESTER LOTT M A Lucas 2207 lrwlrt Ave NS Pgh Pa Your Netghborhood Grocer FAMILY LOPEZ CORTES SENDS GREETINGS AND THANKS TO NORTH CATHOLIC FROM CHILE 1219 SPRING GARDEN AVE N 8 000 MILES AWAY Congratulatlons to the Class of 60 Mr and Mrs Dems McAuIey The McCarthy s 1 49 John 51 Jam 53 Mlke 57 McDonald Heating 8t Arr Cond Co 2325 East Street Plttsburgh 12 Pa McDONOUGH CONVALESCENT HOME MRS ELSIE McDONOUGH TA I 3088 1540 EVERGREEN AVE PGH 9 PA 20 MIN FROM DOWNTOWN PGH Raymond McDonough Paper Hangnng Plasterlng 1100 Sprung Garden Avenue Pau 61 Tom 6 Jack 54 Anna Lunda Frank and Anne McGraal Mclntyre and Neely Funeral Home HUnter 6 4546 J McKAIN AND SON HAT CLEANERS 636 PENN AVENUE 0332 Kathryn B McKernan 327 Btgham Pittsburgh 11 Pa McNally s Bakery Years of Knowmg How Ist St Pgh 15 McNorton Cabtnet Co FAlrfax 2717 McSORLEYS RESTAURANT NORTH HILLS SHOPPING CENTER WHERE THE ELITE MEET TO EAT McTlghe 81 Moran Anlmal Mortlclans We Listen to Porky While We Work Say Man Best Layaway Plan In Town Mandl s Bakery 630 Caltfornla Avenue Pittsburgh 2 Pa Market Revlew Publlshrng Co 1722 East Ohuo Street Ptttsburgh 12 P Matous Optrcuans North Sade Jenknns Arcade Bellevue Sewlckley Ingomar MCDONALDS FAMOUS 15c HAMBURGERS 4849 McKNIGHT ROAD 365 OHIO RIVER BLVD McDonald Funeral Horne Avalon Pennsylvanaa POpular 6 7000 McSORLEYS RESTAURANTS 958 OHIO RIVER BLVD AVALON 4401 NORTH HILLS SHOPPING CENTER Metropolutan Restaurant Bar and Grlll 1701 Metropolltan Street OF ' - , ' , Pa- . . ' ' of B'll ' ' . . L ' . . ' ' ' f . . I . , . I ' . I , ,5 ' ' L. P. ' ' ' AT 1- ' 334 ., . , Pa. , . 186 PERRY HWY., WEST VIEW, PA. 1212 Madison Ave., Pgh. 12, Pa. - . L - . I .. 1 . , ,, . I ,, ,, ,, O . I an ' , , a, " ., .s. , ' Metzger Chuldren s Shop Specnalszung In Boys and Grrls Chrustenrng Sets HENRY MILLER SPRING 81 MFG CO DAVIDSON STREET SHARPSBURG PENNSYLVANIA Mullers Cafe and Restaurant 3853 Calsfornua Avenue Pvttsburgh 12 Pa Mlller Lumber 81 Supply Co 4085 Mount Royal Blvd Allnson Park Pa Mlllvale Cleanung Shop Inc Dry Cleaners Sunce 1907 Same Day Servnce On Request Monk s Smoke Shop 16 E W Dnamond Street Pnttsburgh 12 Pa MOORE AND FLESHER HAULING CO PREBLE AVE AND ADAM ST PITTSBURGH 33 PA MUFFLER SALES 81 SERVICE 500 N CRAIG STREET PITTSBURGH 13 MU 1 0303 Elmer Maler Machune Shop Service Bellevue PO 1 7865 Malnch Grocery 1501 Sedgwick Street Home Deltvery Free Congratulataons To the Class of 60 Mr P Manor James J Margugllo Rep of Fruehauf Trarlor Co Re PO 62111 OFF MU 15000 MARKSLINE CARD SHOP 218 E Bth AVE HOMESTEAD PA GREETING CARDS GAMES CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 60 R E MARTIN FAMILY Success and Happlness To the Class of 60 Mr and Mrs Royl Martnn The May Lumber Co 1201 Brnghton Road Pgh 33 Pa FA 1 2 oo WILLIAM A MAYHEW ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE PHONE WE 1 6900 Menzel Lumber and Supply 28 9 East St Pgh 14 CE 1 1448 Staurs Sash Mtllwork Rough Lumber Mercury Cleaners Free Puck Up Delivery Servnce EMerson 2 6122 Metzger Chnldren s Shop 433 E Ohlo Street Pittsburgh 12 Pa Meyerl s Super Market 2122 East St CEdar 1 2551 For Good Food Compluments Tom Meyers Butcher Blawnox Super Market Mrchaels Troy Hall Department Store 1718 1720 Lovvrle St Mldway Stores 1701 Beaver Avenue Flne Foods Joseph C Mnkus 3961 Brandon Road Pittsburgh 12 Pa Sylvla Mlkus 3961 Brandon Road Pittsburgh 12 Pa Mlldreds Beauty Shoppe Tnntang 8. Permanents a Specnalty FA 1 4506 3949 Perrysvllle Ave Muller and Moser Pizza 3957 Perrysvllle Avenue Puttsburgh 29 Pa F J MILLER FAMILY 2121 EGGERS STREET PITTSBURGH 12 PA Millers Service Statnon Gen Reparrs 8- State Inspectlon 3300 Babcock Blvd FO 4 9901 BEST WISHES MILLVALE LODGE 444:68 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Compllments J P Monteverde Sr Monty s Cafe 2223 Beaver Avenue Fme Foods and Luquors Congratulatuons From Jam Moran E F Morgan Co Conveyors Maternal Handling Enguneers 1120 Route 19 Perrysvllle Morgan s Cleaners 81 Dyers 51 Meade Avenue PO 6 6400 Free Puck up and Delivery From Your Mother MT TROY B AND L ASSN 1970 WEST BECKERT AVENUE YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT INSURED MOUL PRINTING CO 1128 EAST OHIO STREET PITTSBURGH 12 PA Murray Furnlture Co Sharpsburg Penna Everything for the Home Marlanne From Arthur Costa COMPLIMENTS NATIVITY USHERS CLUB BUSINESS PATRONS JIMMY 8- JACKS BEAUTIFUL NEW ARENA RESTURANT 81 SUPPER CLUB 622 BIGELOW BLVD CO 1 2757 W Ntckolas Pharmaclst 23 Grant Avenue Etna 23 P FOR A DELIGHTFUL BITE NIEDERSTS SPECIAL LUNCHEON AND EVENING DINNER COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH BOROS AUTO DEALERS EMSWORTH PA W A BINZ WE 1 1300 NORTH BOROS DISTRIBUTORS BEER SOFT DRINKS BULK CHIPS North Hnlls Real Estate 5310 Perry Hlghway WEIInngton 1 2900 Vnctory Fnner Meat Products North Sude Packnng Company Puttsburgh Penna NORTH STAR CEMENT BLOCK CO INC 12 MCCANDLESS AVENUE PITTSBURGH 1 PA ST 16940 Salvatore Naccarato 60 A Student of North Catholucs 12C Complnments The George Nason Famrly Nestone 4555 Cherryland Street Pittsburgh 14 Pa Nncholas Transfer 81 Storage A V R Puttsburgh Pa Nlerl s Market 127 Ohno River Blvd Finest Grocerues Noone s Pharmacy Prescrlptlon Speclallst West Vlew Pa Noone s Pharmacy Prescrnptlon Speclallsts 501 Perry Hlghway North Hull Auto Sales 1235 Evergreen Ave Pnttsburgh 9 Pa North Hnlls Sport Center Scott at Water Motor Boats 1511 Babcock Blvd TA 1 5200 North Side Furnuture Inc 900 East Street Puttsburgh 12 Pa NORTHWAY VILLAGE WE 1 4700 NOVACELL S GULF SERVICE CALIFORNIA AND BENTO PITTSBURGH 12 PA Novak Funeral Home 3313 Brnghton Road Prttsburgh 12 Pa AVES . , - I I . , . . ,, , , , ' H. . ' , ' I - ' . , , a. . I ' . . I , . . , . I I . I I I I I U . . ' ' , , I I - - 1 ' I ' 1 ' ' ' - 1 ' . I ' I ' . . 'I ' - , . , . ' . , ' of , of . . . . , - I ' . I ' . ' . 36 81 . . . R. SJ ' .Z ' I I I I ' . ' 'I . ., , . . , . . ., . . , ' , Pa. ' , . . , . - 8 ' , - I . I . . I I 3 ., . - I I I I I ' l . . . I I . , ' To - - N . . I I I I , . - OF , , . BUSINESS PATRONS NO PITTSBURGH FEDERAL SAVINGS 8t LOAN ASSOCIATION PO 1 4961 3619 California Ave G B Frost Pres Ochners Radro 81 TV 132 Thrrd Street Pattsburgh 15 Pa Congratulatlons To Class of 60 Complrments of Father O Connor Guild AI Ondrlcks Barber Shop 1539 Lowrle St North Side Pltts Pa One Hour Cleaners Spra Kleen Process 716 East Ohio St Pntts P Otto s Suburban Dalry For Home Delnvery Phone POpular 6 6443 Ottos Barber Shop 2005 Mt Troy Road Plttsburgh 12 Pa Owl Cleaners 1 Hr Cleanung S8.H Green Stamps ST 1 9071 HU 6 2600 TA 1 5571 WILLIAM F O BRIEN FUNERAL DIRECTOR 3724 CALIFORNIA AVE PITTS 12 Ogrodnrk Funeral Home ST I 0572 Compluments of Mr F P Oldham and Mr Warren Brady ONDEK FAMILY 3223 CENTRAL AVENUE PITTSBURGH 12 PA OShea Muller Funeral Home 460 Luncoln Ave Bellevue Ambulance Servlce PO 1 2441 Mr and Mrs Peter Ostolch 385 Butler Street Puttsburgh 23 Pa Best Wrshes Pete Parks And Famlly Patsy Leon s Bar 4601 Llberty Ave Plttsburgh Pa Paul s Beer Dlstrlbutor 4847 McKnrght Road FO 4 3033 Ed McCaffrey Proprnetor Peerless Heatlng Co 1034 Peralta Street Prttsburgh 12 Pa Penn Meat Market 808 Mann St Sharpsburg Highest Quality At Lowest Prlces ST 1 1207 Perovskys ST 1 1 06 405 Butler St Etna 700 Mann Sharpsburg Penn Perfumery 81 Barbers Supplles 208 Federal Street PENN SAV SQ LOAN ASS N OF PGH 860 SPRING GARDEN AVENUE NS PITTSBURGH 12 PA PENNWAY PRODUCTS CO FAMOUS FOR THAT TRUE BARREL FLAVORED SAUER KRAUT Peoples Savmgs and Loan Ass n 363 Butler Street Puttsburgh 23 P PERRY STUPY REASONABLE REMODELING CALL FO 4 8283 Sam Plnello Beer Dust 1310 N Franklnn St FA I 0066 Res PO 66715 The Punk Door Furst Street Asplnwall Penna Frlgudalre Appllances Pittsburgh Ref1nlshung Co 201 Perrysvtlle Road Plttsburgh 29 Pa Prtts Scale 8. Equnpment Co Ohro River Blvd Ponlatowskl Delncatessen Cor Brnghton 8: Woods Run Ave Lunches Baked Goods Ice Cream Popf1nger s Meat Market Hnckory Smoked Meats Preskl s Camera Reparr Call WE 1 6620 Ill Fux It You Cltck t Prrnce Dust Co Soft Drinks Blawnox Pa Professuonal Muslc School 207E Ohro St Pgh I2 Pa Dlrector Percy De Luca The Progresslve Press Prmters Lrthographers Pnttsburgh Pa P8.T Super Market 2327 Babcock Blvd Pittsburgh 37 Pa Compluments F 1 9059 Purpura Fruit Clgarette Vendlng Machlnes P Z Vending Company TAylor 1 1466 ECKIE PACE Pace s Coffee Shop 1300 Federal Street A Good Place to Eat Paces Coffee Shop 3706 Fufth Avenue A Good Pace to Eat Pace s Restaurant 3800 Flfth Avenue A Good Place to Eat Compluments of Pacufic Mutual Life Insurance The Packer an Red Book Pankopf Ford Sales Inc Cars 109W Montgomery Trucks Parts AL 1 3200 Servuce Compluments of Cornelnus Pappert Undertaker JOSEPH A PAPPERT SONS AIR CONDITIONED FUNERAL HOME 711 LOCKHART ST ON THE NORTH SIDE Compluments of Mr Jam Parks and Family Compllments a Patti Ann Dress Shop 434 Perry Highway Call Mary WE I 2379 Pattison 81 Stuver Pharmacists 2601 Perrysvllle Ave Putts 14 Phone FAlrfax 1 8799 Pelffer 81 Szwedko Famllles Clarence Rena Bob Jum 8. Patty Joe Mary Jane 81 Jody PENN ALLEGHENY METAL INDUS PRESIDENT HU 6 7250 New Locatlon Penn Beaver Tavern 1209 Beaver Avenue PENN PAINTING 8. DECORATING CO I6 ELLZEY STREET ALlegheny 1 8310 Penn Wundow 81 Ott1ce Cleaning Co 235 Fort Putt Blvd CO 1 1360 Pnttsburgh 22 Penna BE SOCIABLE HAVE A PEPSI PERETIC S CAFE 1225 GRANDVIEW AVENUE PITTSBURGH 11 PENNA Compliments Dr and Mrs J A Perka Pete s Sheridan Tavern 3122 Chartners Avenue Puttsburgh 4 Pa PETROCELLYS PIZZA 1367 CENTER AVENUE PGH 29 WEST VIEW P Pfenmg s Cleaners Inc 600 606 Foreland Street Plttsburgh 12 Pa FA 15862 J Pretrowskl Fresh Eggs and Chlckens AL 1 6108 C A Pllgrln Frlendshlp Greetlng Cards Rack Servuce to Stores . - . . . . d ' ' ' , a. ' ., ' ., a. . - ' ' ' , ' , . of 1 - . . . . P 1 ' 1 ' ' - -' . co. 333 Butler St., Etna, Pa. Home-Made Sausages CHAS. D. DOCHERTY - CLASS OF '49 . . . ' ' - ' I ' ., , Pa. ' 1 , .I 1 1 1 A - ' . - I ' Of - ' ' ' . ' of - I - 2 A 1 a ' ' Puncus Brothers TA 1 1602 511 513 Grant Ave Mullvale Furnushungs and Shoes Pune Creek Market 909 Butler Street Puttsburgh 23 Pa Punes Plaza Bowlung 20 AMF Automatuc Punsetters Punes Plaza Shoppung Center Punes Plaza 20 Bowlung Alleys Punes Plaza Shoppung Center Located on Route 19 Putt Upholsterung and Mfg Co Complete Home Furnushungs 2224 East St CEdar 1 3397 Puttsburgh Hearung Aud Center The Best un Hearung AT 1 1318 7th St Across from Stanley Puttsburgh Nupple Works Inc 1455 Sprung Garden Avenue 151 Putts 12 Penna PITTSBURGH SPORT SHOP INC 907 PENN AVENUE PITTSBURGH 22 PENNSYLVANIA Puzza House 621 Butler St Etna Pa Delucuous Hot Sausage COMPLIMENTS MR AND MRS JOHN W PLATZER Plescos Servuce Statuon Pg 23 Pa ST 19877 Plumbers Equupment Co Plumbung 8. Heatung Supplues 6243 Statuon St Pgh 6 Pa Plymouth Van Lunes Local 8m Long Dustance Movung MU 1 8800 POST TAVERN INC 110 SMITHFIELD STREET COME SEE US WE LIKE COMPANY E Pruce Beer Dust Soft Drunks 2005 Mt Troy Road Pgh 12 Pa Bus FA 1 3430 Home AL 1 2545 N Karos CPuntasD Cafe Beer Luquors Fune Food 158 48th St Puttsburgh 1 Pa Compluments Purpura Fruut Company COMPLIMENTS OF ORION C PINKERTON NORTH BOROUGH Raymond s Paunt Supply 524 East Ohuo Street Puttsburgh 12 Pa Ray s Tavern 1354 Goettman Street Compluments of Chuck Redduck Gerard F Rengers D S C 4729 Luberty Avenue Pg P MU 1 8 40 Complete Insurance Servuce Ruttle Rosfeld Company Realtors 810 East Street Puttsburgh 12 Robunson s Pharmacy 2105 Perrysvulle Avenue A 6015 AL 1 6 6 Rochs Caterers 2501 Mount Troy Road N S Puttsburgh Pa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 60 FRITZ ROEHLER AND SON ROOFINGS INCORPORATED ROOFING SHEET METAL WORK LEADER IN RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE ROSS REAL ESTATE CORPORATION TA I 1511 2250 BABCOCK BLVD Quuck Coffee Corporatuon 3255 Babcock Boulevard Puttsburqh 37 Penna BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 60 FROM THE QUIET THREE KEN TOM AND SONNY Best Wushes to the Grads of 60 F X Rauble Wholesaler Candy and Tobacco Raukers Restaurant 919 Sprung Garden Avenue Puttsburgh Penna Rebel s Corner Restaurant and Bar 1101 Perry Hughway RECKER TRANSFER MOVING Any Tume Anywhere un Pa 306 W BURGESS ST PO 6 8218 Regent Sportswear 6111 Penn Avenue Puttsburgh 6 Pa H R Reuneke Casters 8u Floor Trucks Materual Handlung Equupment For Your Ford Jack Repko Pankopf Ford On Troy Hull Its Rhoden s Better Bakery 1735 Lowrue Street Rucks Qualuty Produce Route 8 Glenshaw HU 6 9222 ROBERTS ENTERPRISES INC INSURANCE WE 1 4434 Roetter Electruc Servuce 1418 Marshall Avenue AL 1 8890 BEST WISHES TO GRADUATING CLASS OF 60 ROGAL FAMILY BUSINESS PATRONS ROSS BUILDERS INC WE I 4434 P O BOX 11068 PGH 37 PA Royal Cocktaul Bar 81 Restaurant Mt Royal Shoppung Center Glenshaw Pa Roy s Barber Shop 3326 Babcock Blvd FO 4 9729 Rubuno Banana Company Home of Golden Beauty Bananas We Specualuze un Qualuty James A Rubuno Wholesale Produce PO 6 8671 Rustuc Stone Corporatuon Home Remodelung Manufacturers of Precast Stone ROBERT RYCHERT 3319 MCCLURE AVENUE PITTSBURGH 12 PA Retzer Hyde Drugs Prescruptuons We Deluver Scaletta Auto Servuce Pauntung and Colltsuon Servuce Mullvale Puttsburgh9 Pa Ruchard Schattauer Cleanung Taulorung Formals Rented 2015 Mt Troy Rd FA 1 3486 Schellhaas and Son Funeral Home 705 707 East Street N S Compluments Phulup Schladenhauten Famuly R A Schmutt Landscapung 1245 Anderson Road Puttsburgh 9 Pa COMPLIMENTS OF SHARPSBURG DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION COMPLIMENTS OF THE SIBIC FAMILY 1119 BOYCE ST FA 2 8629 KENNETH E SIBIC CLASS OF 1960 Surlun and Leonard 620 East Ohuo St Puttsburgh 12 Pennsylvanua Surocca s Men s Wear 227 North Ave Mullvale P TAyIor 1 5556 Sharyn s Beauty Shoppe 821 Maduson Ave FA 1 4115 Bleach and Haurcolorung Graduate Roland G Shute Pauntung and Decoratung FO 4 1372 114 Marue Dr Pgh 37 Pa SLOVAK SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN 2325 CALIFORNIA AVE PGH 12 PA CURRENT DIVIDEND IS 3'f2 7 ROY P SMITH FUNERAL HOME 1615 BRIGHTON RD NS PGH AIR CONDITIONED FA 1 0694 MR AND MRS MICHAEL SMOKOVICH . - . , . . . , . . .I ' ' . ' ' h., a. - 8 . . , . , . ' , . , ' ,Pa. , . ' ' ' I I ' ' L 1- - 01 - . . I I l , . FA 1- 1 ' . , . - I . . . - t , . A I i . , . ., , . ,, ,, . . - - - f I 1 I r ' OF . . . . - Cor. Bridge 8x Sycamore Sts. . h. , . - . . , . - , .. . of 'I ' I ' n .. . . . . . , . . - I , . , . 5 . . , . , . I I I . ' 'I I ' 4 . . A I of I . . ., , a. I ' T 1 - ' . , , . I , . . , - ., . , . 0 ' o ., .., . BUSINESS PATRONS J W Snyder Sons Reglstered Plumbers 1702 Lovvrle Street Congratulatlons Graduate of 1960 Spagnolos Red 81 Whute Market WALTER J SPERLING FUNERAL HOME 622 LOCKHART ST PGH 12 PA FA 1 1998 AMBULANCE SERVICE Sprung Garden Alleys 1569 71 Sprung Garden Ave CE 1 1590 COMPLIMENTS OF ST ATHANASIUS LYCEUM 7 CHALFONTE AVE CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN MOTHERS ST GARRIELS CHURCH N S SAINT MARY S LYCEUM N S 700 PRESSLEY STREET WO FREUNDE SICH TREFFEN Stanton Federal Savings and Loan 5200 Butler Street Pgh 1 Pa ST 1 2000 Compluments Stotler Pharmacy STEELE S SHOE STORE McKNIGHT SHOPPING CENTER FOREST 4 3406 Paul Stephens Successor to Lovrenclc Funeral Home CEdar 1 1285 505 Perry Hnghway Pnttsburgh 22 Pa COMPLIMENTS STIMPLE 81 WARD COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF STREM STUDIO 900 PENN AVE YOUR SCHOOLS PHOTOGRAPHER Strlght s Market Qualuty Food At Moderate Prlces Compltments of J A Strlttmatter 1150 Marshall Pgh 12 Pa Frank R Svach Butcher and Dealer an Meats 224 Grant Avenue Mlllvale Surman Realty 81 Insurance Co 842 East Ohlo St Pgh 12 P Phone CE 1 1711 Sweetland Candles 609 E Ohio Street CEdar 1 9419 Compluments of John J Sabuna Sr And Famlly Safety Slmg Company 1908 Buena Vlsta Street Psttsburgh 14 Pa OUR CONTINUED SUPPORT ST ANTHONY LYCEUM GO' TROJANS' GO' St Bonlface Chrnstnan Mothers Off1cers Florence Kress Pres Margaret O Toole Margaret Texter Every Cathollc Man A Holy Name Man St Bonnface H N S ST BONIFACE LYCEUM 2208 EAST STREET PITTSBURGH 12 PA St Cypruans Holy Name Socnety 204 East Stockton Avenue Pnttsburgh 12 Pa COMPLIMENTS SAM Buy at Sam s Where Cleaning Is Good And Presslng Is Frne Sauerensen Cements Co Pittsburgh 15 Pennsylvanla Sausage Manufacturing Company 2127 Penn Avenue Plttsburgh 22 Pa NORMAN W SCANLON PLUMBING HEATING WE 1 1777 FA 2 7600 A J SCHLOSSER CHOICE MEATS WHOLESALE 8. RETAIL NORTH SIDE MARKET HOUSE John B Schachner Contractor Schafer Beer Dtstrlbutor 1101 Benton Avenue PO 1 7272 Larry Schenkel Builder 139 Ivory Avenue Pittsburgh 14 P J R Schmidt Co Manufacturers Representatnves 1420 Western Ave Pgh 33 Pa Art Schmtdt Fresh 81 Smoked Meats Stand 85 N S Market House Beef Veal Pork Lamb Cold Cuts COMPLIMENTS OF SCHNITGEN DAIRY 107 OAK GLEN ROAD PGH PA FO 4 5128 Stephen J Schullak Plumblng 82 Heatlng Contractor POpular 1 7260 Schwartz Distributor Walter G Orth Proprnetor 1512 Lowrle St FA 1 1262 COMPLIMENTS OF SCREW MACHINE SPECIALTY CO 5637 BUTLER ST PGH 1 PA Compluments Senior E COMPLIMENTS A SENIOR OF 12C Shadeland Cafe 3000 Shadeland Avenue Plttsburgh 12 Pa SHERIDAN HOUSE CAFE 118 SHERIDAN SQUARE PITTSBURGH 6 PA Shop Supply Company 3212 14 Brnghton Road Plttsburgh 12 Pa Simon 81 Stross Beer 81 Soft Drunk Dnstrlbutors Mlllvale TAylor 1 2362 Snmpson Clothes Custom Tanlored Priced No Higher Than Ready Mades 204 Fnfth Ave Pgh 22 AT 1 2144 Snnatra s Cafe Bubbs oe 1337 Juniata Street Ray 81 Eddre Skalskl s Lounge 378 Freeport Road Frank W Smerdel ST 2 0866 We Sell the Funest Quallty Meats and Poultry A Small Donatron by Smitty Of Senior C Snyder Your Ready Cash Man Loans Money When You Need It 394 Butler St Etna ST I 3100 1602 Island Avenue Pnttsburgh 33 Pa Stander s Meat Market 2617 Perrysvnlle Avenue Qualuty Meats and Poultry STRONG IN FAITH STRONG IN SPIRIT THE TROJANS OF 10G 902 Madnson Ave Pgh 12 Pa Televnsnon Radio Repaurs COMPLIMENTS SPEHAR S POULTRY FARM Complrrnents of Sperandeo s Sunoco Servnce 1214 Federal Street Congratulatnons to The Class of 60 Mr and Mrs Leonard Splane Herb C Stachel North Side Market House GEORGE A STOEHR REAL ESTATE APPRAISALS 722 JEFFERSON DRIVE PGH 29 PA Jack Straka 60 1138 Rtdgeland Druve Pittsburgh 12 Pa Congratulatnons To Our Son Kenneth Strasser ' . OF : , . 1 ' I ' . . . . , . ' , . l , . . - I , ' . . l . OF II ' ' - ll . , . . ' .I I .. I I ' I , . . ' ' J I ' I ' . , . 'I of ' , . ' ' , . I - Sterling Cleaners Brick and Stone Solacks Restaurant I ' 1 ' OF ' ' I . ' , a. . , ' ' Q . . ., . , . ., . , . , ' 3 , . . OF ' ' l I I 7 I I I ' I ' ' , . . , ., . , . ' ., . , a. - . . ' I ' I ' I . , . ., . , . ' of ' , . I ' I CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE 1960 GRADUATING CLASS MR AND MRS FELIX STRATER STUDEBAKER PACKARD CORPORATION DRIVE IN THE LARK YOU LL LOVE IT Suburban Bulldmg Co Genl Contractors Pavmg Bellevue Pa PO 6 8400 Sufak s Bar 188 Butler Street Etna Pa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 60 FRED SUKITSCH FAMILY Suzan Shops East Ohuo Street Pnttsburgh 12 Pa Swatty s 613 East Ohuo Street Plttsburgh 12 Pa Tarasl s Men s Wear 710 Mann Street Sharpsburg I5 P THOMAS AND KUNCO CAFE 925 MADISON AVE WHERE FRIENDS MEET Thrtft Drug Co 701 East Ohno St We Glve S81H Green Stamps Thruft Drug Co Best for Prescruptlon Servlce Best for Prnces BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1960 THE TOKAR FAMILY COMPLIMENTS TOM AND RAYMA Vern Spohn Toohey Motor Co HO 2 0600 Homestead 8. Oakland Tootle s Dalry Bar 1700 Metropolntan Street Pnttsburgh 33 Pa Tou Rest Motel Route 19 off Pa Turnpuke Phone PResldent 6 1088 TOWN 81 COUNTRY DRY CLEANERS ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 469 LINCOLN AVE BELLEVUE PA TRIANGLE WELDING CO FENDER 81 BODY WORK HELIARC WELDING TRI STATE SANITATION CO COLBY TERRACE PITTSBURGH I4 PA BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 60 THE TROJAN NEWS Marty Tyler an Family COMPLIMENTS OF LOCAL UNION 3528 UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA AFL CIO SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS N A SAFE PLACE TO SAVE Troy Pharmacy 1800 Lowrle Street Ptttsburqh 12 Pennsydlgmg TROY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS N 1729 LOWRIE STREET PITTSBURGH 12 PA Edward Truran Prlme Meats WE 1 2400 330 Center Ave West View Mrs Art Tucke and Girls Marlane Vvrglnla Jean Cathy and Frnsky Arthur Tucke Golf Professnonal Htghland Country Club Congratulatlons to The Class of 1960 The Tanclet Family Taormuna s Barber Shop 1202 Federal Street Phul Balsamo Manager Taylor Realty Company Robert S Spencer Broker 603 Mt Royal Blvd Pgh 23 Trmpanl Sunoco Service Bnghton Road 81 Jacksonta St N S Pittsburgh Pa Wants You UNION FORGE WORKS Frank Vecente Wholesale Beer Distributor 140 North Avenue Mlllvale Velhas Tailor Shop 446 Perrysvulle Road WE I 2104 West View Vogel s Bakery 1015 Perry Highway Pittsburgh Pennsylvanna Ed Vout Radlo and T V Servlce Mallvale Pa Phone TA 1 1860 Valley Tavern 3550 East Street Pg 14 Pa CE 19309 Variety Bowlnng Alleys 1717 Beaver Avenue CE I 9989 Ten Modern Alleys Bowl for Health For Food Out of Thus World Eat at Venus Dnner Route 8 R D 3 Veronlsu Mustc Studios Everything In Mustc 3424 Butler Street BUSINESS PATRONS Vnc s Market 1000 Chateau Street Puttsburgh 33 Pa Vnnskn Brothers Appliance Store 301 Butler St Pgh 23 Pa Vnnskl Brothers Appltances Etna Pa RCA Whnrlpool 81 G E Vtrgnnna Erectton Corporatlon lndustrual Panntlng Contractor 445 Rochester Rd WE I 4488 COMPLIMENTS OF ED VRANA AND TOOTIE WILLIAMS The Edward J Waldman Jr Agency 1700 Mt Royal Blvd ST I 8837 Glenshaw Pa HU I 4700 Walter Atlantuc Station Lockhart Street at Madison Avenue Walter s Market 814 E Ohuo Street J J Lof1nk M R Walter Watson Equlpment Inc P O Box 11006 Pnttsburgh 37 Pa PAULJ WEINHEIMER ESQ Welltnger Jewelers 517 Grant Avenue Mlllvale 9 Pa Wellungton Pharmacy 644 Center Avenue CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 60 THE WENZEL FAMILY West Penn House Beer Wune Ltquors A Fabuna Prop 605 Chestnut St WEST VIEW TAVERN AND CLUB ASSOCIATION IMPERATAS WEST VIEW PARK CO West Vrew Hardware 81 Heatung Co 650 Center Avenue West View P WE 1 1475 Wexford WEstmore 5 1683 Televlsnon 8t Raduo Service Servtce All Makes 81 Models Good Luck to Class of 60 Jetterson Whalen Local 95 Busuness Representattve WHEELER S PAINT STORES WHITEHALL AND NORTH SIDE TU 2 0995 FA I 1883 Whnteys Place 600 Evergreen Ave Beer Wuth Legs Confectionery Lunch Meats TA 1 2516 WIEGANDS LOBSTER LOUNGE FORELAND 81 JAMES STS N S PITTSBURGH PA . - I 1 - OF ' 1 ., . , . , . . " . ' -' 1 ' , . ' l . . 1 . , . . . . . . , . , . - ' 1 . . 11 11 - 1 '1 . , . ., , . , . ' , . . . I , . -1 1 1 , 6. I , . . - . . I 1 11 11 - , . I . . , . . , . TROY HILL FEDERAL Uncle Sam WE I-0230 West View, Pa. 11 11 . 1 . l . l , .- . I ' I ., ' , Pa. - ' , Pa. . ' ' , a. - 1 . I I I 1 l T 1 - . 1 , . 1 ' I I ' h. , . - - 1 . . - - - 1 . 11 - 11 I ' - 11 - 11 ' I . , I ' . ., . , . . ' ' 11 1 - - 11 , . . , . . . , . BUSINESS PATRONS Raymond E Wnlt House of Representatlves 17th Leglslatlve Dust Joseph S Wlnkler 63 Amherst Avenue Pittsburgh 29 Pa W J Bros c Lumber and Supply We Fanance Compllrnents The Homer Woessner Famlly Wo Bros Dalry TA 1316 Leadnng Brands of Dalry Products You Never Outgrow Your Need for Mrlk Woods Coffee Company Wholesale Coftees and Teas Pg Pa FA 1 8528 JAMES F WALDRON BUILDER FINE HOMES NORTH HILLS WE 1 3200 WA 19124 Mr and Mrs GeorgeT Wallace WARTEM ARCHERY CO ST 1 3646 TARGET FIELD 8. HUNTING SHAFTS 298 BUTLER ST ETNA 23 PA C B Weaver 84 Co Produce 5 Ist St Pgh a WEIDNER HEATING CO 14 GRANT AVE ETNA 1 1 Weis Carpet Servnce 2115 Perrysvllle Avenue Pnttsburgh 14 Pa Mr 81 Mrs Gerard C Welsmann 131 Dorseyvllle Road Pnttsburgh 15 Pa West Etna Tavern 19 Grant Avenue Etna Pa Compluments of West Vlew Beer Dnstrlbutors Ask for Dom COMPLIMENTS OF WEST VIEW PARK THE SPOT TO GO West Vnew Savings 456 Perrysvulle Road Puttsburgh 29 Pa Wetzel Constructlon Company 3285 Babcock Blvd Pnttsburgh 37 Pa Whnte Front Meat Market Specnaluze In Freezer Orders 720 E Ohlo St N S Pgh Pa H J Wnethorn Prescrnptlon Druggtst Cor Beaver and Columbus Aves Wnllard Motors Inc 3201 Blvd of the Allnes YEA' DAVID' Wrtas Market For the Finest of Fune Foods 468 Freeport Rd Blavvnox Pa Wonday Fnlm Servxce Inc Fast Servlce Black 81 Whnte Color See Your Neughborhood Drug Store Oluver M Wrnght Auctuoneer Specnaluznng In Household Goods and Estates Wexford Pa Wunderly Weston Agency Inc 440 Perry Highway Puttsburgh 29 Pa Rnchard Wlnkler Automobule Insurance Flnancsng PO67114 PO62122 Yetters Dalry Store 504 Grant Ave Mnllvale Our Own Ice Cream and Candy AI Yetter Ice Cream and Candy 1149 Evergreen Ave Pgh 9 Pa Yetter s Bakery 162 Brownsvnlle Road HE 1 3120 Puttsburgh 10 YORK GRILL 714 EAST DIAMOND WITH COMPLIMENTS RALPH YUNKER LANDSCAPING DRYWALLS CEMENT DRIVEWAYS PATIOS TOP SOIL AERATING SERVICE FRANK J ZAK FLORIST 540 EAST OHIO ST PGH I2 PA FA 1 5800 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Zelkovlc Pharmacy CE I 0195 Edw A Znllen Pharmacist 3898 Brighton Rd N S Pittsburgh 12 PO 1 2604 Edvv A Zlllan Pharmacist 3898 Brighton Rd N Pgh 12 PO 1 26 4 Edw A Znluan Pharmacnst 3898 Brlghton Road Pstts 12 Pa POplar I 2604 Ztmmer Auto Servnce 720 James Street Ptttsburgh 12 Pa Best Washes to The Class of 60 From The Boys at Znvtcs . . ., In . of ' ' I ' , - - ' , Pa. If . ' 1- ' lt., . - , , ' ', - ' Compliments Car Rentals 924 East Street, Pgh. 12, Pa. of . ' - ' , ' , .S. . - O 2 2 ., ., P . ' . . " , ' ST. - 145 f , . ' ' X HI TURIA MN ff fix R '. Wins... QNX 1 ,W fp? 640:-vfx 6 QQ F.D.R. and PEARL HARBOR B-s dffai. I Q WTI 'X 'N 1 7' BLISHED BY HI DEPA RT OF NORTH C HIGH SCHOOL PITTSBURGH PA MAY HISTORIA ull nf frlflr H1111 ll l' fl'.wl 'f by ,ll'.N'fHl'Ilj ll13jnl1'fn1f'11l nf .Yffrflr ' lflif' 'I 1 Nfl: ul WHY HISTORY.. By VERY REV. MSGR. McDOWELL fDiocesan Supt. of Schoolsl No one can under- stand the present nor face the future if he is unaware of the past. 'I'he study of history is the key to ., I a deeper understand- ing of man's pro gress, the door to a fuller appreciation of his present and future lot Each gen eration builds that which lt pre cedes The student of history IS more apt to appreciate pre sent problems more fully and to contribute more sub stantlally to the future This is whv a good school provides full o ortunltv for each student to stud DP Y the history of the race of his nation and of his community The good school encourages each student to develop particular talents and abilities which he has This is true of the student whose talents are ln the fleld of history as well as those who mav be endow ed particularly ln the Fine Arts Sclence I anguages or other fields Such talents must be identified and evaluated and the student must be helped to further his interest in that field of partlcular interest and given speclal opportunltles to utilize his special gifts The North Catholic Hlstorv Institute IS a splen did example of the sort of program which offers these special opportunities Under the guidance of gifted teachers talented students are encouraged and helped to go more deeply into the study of History A record of some of the writings speeches and dlscusslons of the members of the North Catholic History Institute lS contained in this booklet It is the first effort of this group to publish some of the serves much attentlon No doubt as a first effort lt allows room for improvement But it is a splendid beginning and lt symbollzes well the high calibre of vvork that can be expected when talented teachers and talented students combine efforts I congratulate the dlrector and the members of the North Catholic History Institute and express the deep desire that this work so well begun, may contlnue ln the years to come to achieve the Import ant cultural and educational purpose for which lt was intended Msgr McDowell Page Two INSTITUTE VALUES.. By BRO. CHARLES ECKHARDT, S.M. tPrincipal - North Catholic H.S.J North Catholic I' I through its educative -- process strives to mold students who will be capable of rendering fruitful service to God and Man ln his chosen milieu in the home, in the church and ln the community To uccessfully achieve such a broad purpose a wrde variety of curricular and curricular programs are necessarv develop a well rounded Catholic gentleman Since the studv of history focuses attention on all of mans activities the contributions of the History Institute to the fundamental purpose of the school are sig nificant and invaluable gsmlif In its first vear of activitv the North Catholic Hlstorv Institute has had a tremendous impact on the cultural program of the school For this I wish to extend congratulations and appreciation to Mr Garvev and his staff and to tle manv students vvho contributed so much to the success of this venture It is fitting that the enthusiasm and vita htv the writings and speeches and the discussions and evaluations of the Hlstorv Institute should be captured and preserved in print in this booklet Mav this booklet be a monument of glory to the current devoted staff and energetic students of tle Historv Instltute and a beacons to future members lighting the way to bigger and brighter cultural and educa tional contributions to themselves North Catholic and Catholic Fducatlon Bro Charles F Eckhardt QM Principal IIINISK 1 fII 111117 I'1111I II111I1111 I,llfl1 If 11f Qltt 11111111 I 11171 111 11fI1111 D1s1111ss11 P11111 1111f111111 I'111 I11111 111fI1 S111 I111f I1111I. 111 fI11 FIIIIIIY 111111 1ffs IIIIIIII 11111s1f I 1111 1111 Illlll 1 1111 H 1 1 IIIUI ll11f fI11 lI111I1111f111s P11110 Nmfh s Top IIzsf0111111s Page 15 s. - . - ' 0 . s . ' ,r,, ..,, , . ' ' on - , I , ' co- ' - . , to I I . e . - I ' - ' . 9 v. K . . ' 1 U YI I , O O I D l l I I . - . , . . ' . . , I . , 1 . C. K' . .0 K lr ' e, r , ' ' , I . I ' . g . .. - 1 u u u K . 9 I . x . , K' . - . I o . . 9 ,X ' 1 1 . ' . . . T 1 , x a o , I , I , I I'11.s1'1'1' II Il1'1'11.9 .............. ........ I Illflf' 52 W0l'k Which they are doing. Such a publlcatlon de- I . Q Q V , 1 . , 1 lfccaaunnn I ' . V. . . ' .el .Y111'I'I '1'111'1' I,1111I.'.s 1 1' " . ..... ' 4 ' 6 , I ,ll ' ' I I ................ 1 ' 7 - . ' .. l11I "' N ..................... 'l 1 S - AY ' . ' 1 ' .Q 1 ' ' I ' ' .... ' v ' I0 . I I ' . I" .'I Q 7" ' 'II' ......... 'Q 1 I2 - . ' . , l11.sf'f ' 1' 'N' .................... I l ' I-:I ' - - A H 1, 1' ................ t . 1.1 . . Y t , I . '. I Q NLW VERSION OF LAST STAND WAS CUST Q By ED LIGNOWSKI 0 Most people have heard of the fa mous battle rn whrch General George Custer went down to defeat at the hands of the Sroux Indrans But most hrstory books farl to tell what really happened and tend to grve the rm pressron that Custer ls a hero but dont believe rt' General George A Custer was a veteran of the Crvrl War who went West to frght Indrans for one reason he wanted to become Presrdent' Po lrtrcal bosses told hrm to go West and make a name for hrmself To really understand why thrs battle was fought one must understand Just what krnd of a man was Custer He was very varn ambrtrous headstrong brave and colorful Thrs was the krnd of man sent to put down the growrng Indran threat rn the west All through the wrnter and sprrng of 1875 76 Indrans of various trrbes had been crossrng the prarrre to Jorn rttrng Bull rn Montana Thousands of Indrans camped around the Lrttle Brg Horn Rrver which they called the Greasy Grass The U S War De partment knew of thrs meetrng and planned to stop the Indran menace once and for all A three pronged attack was to con verge on the Indrans at the Lrttle Brg Horn Terry and Custer were to push west from Fort Abraham Lmcoln Gen eral Crook was to go north from Gort Fetterman Wyomrng General Grbbon was to move southeast from Fort Wrllrs m Montana On paper the plan looked perfect But the frrst flaw came when General Crook was beaten back rnto Wyomrng by Crazy Horse Both Terry and Grbbon were movrng towards each other and would meet at Rosebud Rrver not knowrng what had happened to Crook Terry gave Custer orders di rectrng the Seventh to follow the Rosebud Rrver Custer arrived ahead of tune and started to wart for Gibbons. The Sioux drd not know that soldiers were rn the near vrcrmty until a young Indian boy was krlled bv some of Custer's men. Custer was getting rmpatient waiting for Gibbon, and when his scouts told him the Indians were moving out he planned to attack rmmedrately. Here is Custer's first mistake, hrs disobedience of orders. He was afraid of losing a chance to win a great victory. ER REALLY A HER07 tit? sae M ...Wil silk Actually Custer mrsJudged the srze of the Indrans strength Hrs plan was to have MaJor Reno take part of the troops and attack the Indran camp from the front whrle he would hrt from behrnd wrth the rest of the troop Renos detachment had 112 of frcers and men and 21 scouts As Srt trng Bull saw them comrng he ordered Parley wrth them rf you can If they are wrllrng tell them Ill talk wrth them Not realrzrng the strength of the Sroux and the varrous other trrbes Reno refused Hrs attack farled and he retreated to what rs now called Reno Hrll Reno lost nearly half hrs command whrle only seven Sroux and one Cheyenne were krlled As Custer advanced to the Cheyenne camp rt was nearly deserted Appar ently everything was working well Custer probably figured Reno was en gaglng them as planned But as Cus ter started across the stream the dians poured out of the village The amazed Cavalry tried to retreat to the hrlls They were cut off and surround ed In less than an hour there was not a white man alive Two hundred and frf teen members of Custer's command had been krlled. That was Custers Last Stand, but what happened to Custer? He drd not dre as the prctures show bravely frghtrng to the end There are three logrcal explanatrons as to how Custer dred Custer was found after the battle wrth two wounds One bullet hrt hrm rn the left breast, another struck hrm on the temple The wound rn the breast was most lrkely rnflrcted as he crossed the Lrttle Brg Horn Rrver whrle lead mg hrs troops rnto the Cheyenne camp No Indran could say whether he dred rrght there but he was prcked up by hrs men and carrred away when they retreated Three Crow Indians later told Davrd Humphrey Miller that Cus ter was the man who was shot rl No Indran saw Custer durmg the battle and didnt even realize who they were fighting until after the battle when they found Custers body Another rea son that leads one to belleve that Cus qer was shot before the battle-the disorderly retreat With an experienced leader like Custer there would have been a more orderly retreat not the Wild confusion that followed Thrs wrrters personal oprnron rs that Custer was shot whrle crossrng the rrver but was not krlled rrght then and there He was carrred up to hrgher ground about dead and in terrible parn He must have known that the Indrans would crush hrs small com mand and the drsgrace he would face rf he lrved To a man of great prrde thrs would be unthrnkable S0 he put CContrnued on Page 65 Wx ' e M :new at 59 gre vii e wx r-2-X 5 ., Y at - X .s i A Edward . Ws R . ' " Lignowski Nt. rw x Q X X gb' Q5 2 Mm S YE ' . xo wax fe X Y is v +5 Q, 5 M X fr rm L I N 11B are W. l . r -x X og, x Aj 2 s ADDRESS 39 York Drive PARISH Nativity SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Intramurals FUTURE PLANS Attend Pitt Unrver sity and study Chemistry and become a chemist. Page Three 1 1 I L r 1 o 0 I . ,....,. ,. ---- ---' . --4- . :-fm -. A t- , ,:1:gQ:---1:-sea-:-::' ' s -. " I ' ' -. :A . -3, .. 'Z' 'f:1i:-:H 3 in -A - '-'f"e:'1zE. fl ' 4- 2 151" 1' AA :I:'I"' 11. "'-:iiai - '- 115EA3E?irSaEi5E2i5i5ii-ir5I-iiriiziiiiaizifisi5353532121:5EE3fE-E555-215r5a23i:i'E2E5-55522552155255:Sa55E5zEsizi:2f:gI:-,,ths2:ef1z5125122252325355255:555553:5552are355525555,1eaa5gQgg1wE5E:1 - - ' 5- -. 1 'r .- r: 4' 2' - , , , ' ' - ' 21551: 1:-. 'i I'555Zfz:igEg'QEEEEEQESEEEFZEEESEZF''3iq'3Eg55sg:f55E:'2Et55g2gI,5AEr:21':':Ef'f:2g:3:::g5322215eie:5q5g-g5g2ga525Ez:52eI5+..:2-53'2355?5253512-15E:i'E55:tE1E5z1555a125E535::E515552-5555555-EaE1E23" -"""' f 'Q-.if 2 -1 1 A r 'AH . 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' 1 L' Y t rv - , 1 ' ' Q . 9 1 v I ' ' ' ' 9 . . . . , - 1 1 1 1 - ' 7 . ' 1 ' 1 1 1 n - 7 . , In- ' - . . , . ' 0 1 . 1 . 1 , '- .. . ..., M, ,,..., -.,,,,,,,, - r wA:ef:sas:z,:- 5: - - :f A-1, 5, -Ig: HE DID NOT . . . FRANKLIN . ROGSEVELT AND... 0 By RAY HENGELSBERG O Since the surprise attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor on Decem- ber 7, 1941, many erroneous supposi- tions have been made with regards to President Roosevelt's part in this heinous action. So called "historians" have maintained that the sneak attack was permitted in order to improve economic stability in a depression im- poverished country through an imper- ralrstic war These rnnuendoes have repeatedly been comectural in nature No one has conclusively proven that Mr Roosevelt caused promoted or per mitted the day of rnfamy' One of the greatest defenders of democracy has been crucified on the strength of mere shreds of circumstantial evidence It rs my avowed purpose to exonerate President Roosevelt from any blame for the Pearl Harbor affair Before we Jump to any lash Con clusions concerning F D R S 111110 cence or gurlt for the attack on Pearl Harbor one factor must alwayS lemam foremost in our m1ndS 111 the days prior to Japans declaration of war rn the Pacific America was sitting 011 3 proverbial powder keg War WHS lm mrnent Ml Roosevelt and his execu tive collaborators realized that rt was only a matter of time before the United States would be sucked into the whirl pool of war However no one was pos rtrvely certain where the overt act that would carry us into armed conflict would take place Would Germany at tack first or Japan'P Should We COH centrate our military forces rn the Atlantic 01 the P2C1f1C9 Which nation was more lethal to Amer rcan security Germany O1 Japan? These are only some of the questions President Roose velt and hrs staff were forced to face before any definite military policy could be formulated The general concensus among Amer rcan military executives was that Ger many should be considered our pnn cipal enemy Germany s military prowess seemed much more formidable than Japans at this time Also our alliance with the Allred Powers de manded that we display some deter rent demonstration of strength against Hitlers aggression in the West For these reasons rt was decided to con centrate American naval and mrlrtafy powers in the Atlantic instead of the Page lf our Pacific. As a result, the defense of American interests in the Pacific be- came only a secondary matter. A brief panorama of the defensive situation in the Pacific in 1941 would certainly prove that the decision to concentrate American military might in the Atlantic had a very sinister effect upon our preparedness for war in the eastern waters. Ships were ill- equipped and out-moded. The number of airplanes was not sufficient to stave off enemy attack Only three aircraft carriers were stationed in the Pacific area Seventy five per cent of the naval personnel in the Pacific had never heard the fire of a cannon The stal warts of our fleet the battleships took protective cover in port because the concentrated anti aircraft equipment would provide them with a better de fense there It stands to reason then that it would be a virtual impossibility to pro vrde for the adequate defense of every American possession within the realm of the Pacific President Roosevelt and hrs staff were forced to make another momentous decision Where should we concentrate the bulk of our best equip ped naval forces? Where would the Japanese be most likely to attack'P Af ter methodical consideration the Pa cific Naval Staff with F D R s ap proval decided that the ultimate choice of Japans War Lords would be an attack upon an American rnstalla tion rn the Far East preferably the Philippines Japan needed the Philip pines as a military supply depot if she hoped to carry on a decrsrve war with America Moreover accordmg to naval intelligence reports and radio traffic 5lgll3lS Japanese ship and troop move ments seemed to indicate that am phrbious landings on the Philippines were imminent In order to maintain an effective deterrent force against the Japanese Task Force III under the command of Admiral Halsey was ordered to take a defensive position adiacent to the Marshall Islands In the event of War Halsey was to proceed to a rendezvous Doint near the Philippines where he would be Joined by British Australian and Dutch forces This plan of action had a staggering effect upon the defense of Hawaii When Admir al Kimmel transferred most of the operational part of his fleet to the East, Hawaii became de- fenseless. Most of the modern air- planes in the Pacific were on aircraft carriers under Halsey's command. Only thirty-three out-moded fighter planes remained to defend Hawaii against a Japanese onslaught. When the "day of infamy" finally did occur, our fleet at Pearl Harbor was com- pletely unprepared. Japan had found our Achilles heel and they had taken full advantage of rt When he heard of the sneak attack Mr Knox Secre tary of the Navy forcefully expressed thc di may and disgust of our naval strategists with the words My God this can t be true this must mean the Philippines Our naval leaders had committed an understandable blunder Thev had sklllfullv prepared for an at t ck but in the wrong place' 'Capt T B Krttredge USNR Ret The Muddle Before Pearl Harbor U S News and World Reports Dec 3 1954 p 34 Were there any vtar dispatches in tercepted from the Japanese high com mandi' Did the Navy Department break the radio code the Japanese vsere u rng'P There vrere hundreds of war dispatches However not one of the intercepted messages prnpornted Pearl Harbor as the area considered for at t ck Such vague phrases as war rs imminent in the Pacific exemplified most of the decoded messages Never iContrnued on Page 53 was Ray Henglesburg 12D ADDRESS 3930 Kahn Avenue Allison Park Pa PARISH St Ursula SCHOOL ACTIVITIES History Honor Society Intramurals FUTURE PLANS Pre Law studies Duquesne o 9 Q 0 ' u rw v . I ' . . . . , , - l ' 1 - ' , - 1 1 - . , . ' ' ' 1 S Cl ' ! I ' . ' ' . as ' - . . , . , . . ' , v . , ' ya :gg . . . 3 1 , . . . , - ,. . ' . . . , ., ' Y I U . . . " I . 1 1 ' - V - 1 , . . ' 1 ' ' , . 1 f 1 ' , ' 1 ' ' ' - . v ' ' . ' ' ' ' .- , . Q . ,- . ' , ' - Q ' ,-1 , . . V , l S u . , . . . - . . , , - . , . , . ' ' ' 9 Q . ' 0 0 I - ' n , . ' 4' 1 li v ' - . ,A . .- . . V - , l ' ' ' ' ' ' 'v - - . . . , , , . . Q - . - , . . zlzjs, -.- I - .. I ' 1 ' ' E." -. V - ... . , V Q. - f- ' - 1 . gzagg-5 V - f ' .Z . , ' ' ' ' ' ' . :-:QQ ,"'f'E5:'1Tf7' - ' ' ' ' 1 . :gc ::-5,:',.' ', :, , ' . . ,I 1:' 5 ' E '-.-1 1 '-+ .f:3'Q:gftgvf-:Q ' V' '1 5-'ig I . 5 3:35, , .. ., 21553 - 1 ' 1 'w.:- 5.-1-:ri-If-3 , I 5 '- fi .- - f- . ., ,,g.,, -:g1rg:-. , - 15 553, .. -, V ' ' ' ' - 1 - 3: :5Q:55j'5"-?I1"E':i5f:-:-- . ' - 1faf:s:s::1-... v - .fa-zf.. . - ,:-:sg-:,:-.:'-111. -.-:.: - '. Q' ..g122:f:Qt'5., ':'.'1-f:f:f'Q,.3'.:Cff35!QtA IE?" ' 3 - - S a - .... . , , . . In bqgf, I . 1-- 232,-I'gZf1.,1.:, I gf, -, 1 1 gjggj:-g.,5r5e:5r - E1-.:fs: Llzizv.-5-.xt .ra ,-i1...': . ::25's...."?1f--1 , . - n, , , - ' , . . , . . . ,-. - . - , , . ' , - - . V Y Q . . . . - at s . 1 1 1 1 ' l v HE DID THE PEARL HARBCR QUESTION 0 Bv JOE LONG O Although rt probably w11l never be proven conclusrvely rt rs my contentron that Franklrn Delano Roosevelt not only knew about but permrtted the at tack on Pearl Harbor The followrng rs offered as proof for the probabrlrty of such an assertron As early as 1937 rn a speech at Lhrcago Presrdent Roosevelt declared that war was rmmrnent and urged a burldup of our armres There was a Secret Pact made with Great Brrtarn ln whrch Roosevelt promrsed Churchlll that he would stay out of the war for three months then enter on the Allred srde It was obvrous then that thrs country was strll hurtrng from the de pressron that the New Deal was not the cure all and that a war would help to bolster the economy This was a strong factor rn Roosevelts war Interest And rt was Amerrca that made the frrst hostrle move toward Japan rn St0DD1I'1g our trade wrth that country Thrs cut off the Japanese supplre-s of fuels and we added to the rnJu1y by offer rng publrc sympathy to Ch1na wrth whom Japan was at war These were Pearl Harbor had as rts mam purpose SUI-7P0Sedly the protectron of Formosa However the distance from Pearl Har bor to Formosa was half the Pacrfrc Ocean It would have been the same as baSll1g Ships at San Francisco to de fend Hawair Furthermore, the com mand at Pearl Harbor was weak wrth outmoded shrps and equipment and was further weakened by a detachment of shrps to the Far East The Japanese were openly rnvrted to take Pearl Har bor rt had been made a srttrng duck Long before Pearl Harbor was ever h1t there were many warnrngs about war rn the Pacrfrc There were two machrnes one called PURPLE a decod er sent to Pearl Harbor The second de codrng devrce called MAGIC was sent to New York It was thrs machme that prcked up the followrng phone calls from Japan to New York The phone calls mcluded a request for complete rnformatron on Pearl Harbor names and numbers of the shrps where they were moored how many to appear and the specrfrc area of the base rtself Frve days before Pearl Harbor MAGIC had prcked up a phone call orderrng destruc tron of all codes Thrs rn rtself meant war Some supporters of Roosevelt clarm that Panama not Pearl Harbor should have been the pornt of attack However to do thrs Japan would have needed a tremendous fleet and rf such an attack was to be made the drstance between the arrcraft carrrers and the rsland would have been too great for planes would have had to take off rn the early mornrng and fly several hundred mrles rn fog Thrs was rmpossrble On the day Pearl Harbor was bomb ed Naval offrcrals knew beforehand what was to happen By sheer chance a commander accrdently found this rn formatron on a desk It had come from the offrce of the Presrdent but nobody had attached much rmportance to it When clearance was flnally recerved to send thrs report on to Pearl Harbor rt was drspatched by an rndrrect route and ar rrved one hour after the bombrng had begun For many years after the attack no rnvestrgatron was made to determrne the responsrbrlrty for the Pearl Harbor frasco A supporter of Roosevelt said There could be no drsclosure of facts Roosevelt had to wrn the electron in 1944 Even when mvestrgatrons were made that cleared everyone except scapegoat Admnal Klmmel the belief persrsted that the whole story had not been revealed Throughout the years the mystery concernrng the attack has not been dns spelled Questions strll unanswered are Where rs the Whrte House Frle whrch contained all the rnformatron about Pearl Harbor whrch no one has been able to get although many have trred" And then there rs the story of a cabmet member who had an operatron everal weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor and who iunder the effects of of anesthesral got up and started run mng wrldly about hrs room screammg no no mv God no we planned lt thrs way but there were too many casual tres P1 esrdent Roosevelt has been noted for gettrng us out of the depressron but the only way he drd rt was by gettmg us rnto war And that way was Pearl Harbor We are all famrlrar wrth Mark Anthonys speech where he revrews all hrs faults then softens rt by sayrng he was a just man In thrs wrrter s per sonal oprnron Roosevelt has lrved off thrs rdea far too long He must bear the responsrbrlrty for the day of rn famy untrl proven otherwrse l Unrted States News 85 World Report Frnal Secret of Pearl Harbor May 16 1958 2 Saturday Evenmg Post Memorrs of ToJo January 10 1958 3 U S News 8: World Report May 16 1958 Joseph Long 12A ADDRESS 1616 Falck Ave PARISH Sarnt Francr SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Xavier Hrstory Honor S ocrety Intramurals FUTURE PLANS Duquesne Umversrty Department of Education possrbly the Admrnistratron Department FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT 1Contrnued from Page 49 drd a message reveal Just where It would occur Presrdent Roosevelt took all of the necessary precautrons to establrsh defensrve barrrer where he frrmly be lreved an aggressrve actron by Japan would most hkely occru Hrs actrons at all trmes were based on sound mrlr tary strategy He was forced to formu late military polrcy accordrng to the rnformatron of Japanese troop move ment that was avarlable No doubt rf Mr Roosevelt had had the power of ommpresence he would have altered some of hrs defensrve maneuvers Nevertheless the fact remains that F D R was not a drety I-Ie was a mere human sub,1ect to error Mr Roosevelt may have made mrstakes rn Judgement but he never malrcrously sold out America to a forergn power Page Fwe 1 . u 1 il-QT , . . . ,, - ' .1 .- v ' ' ' '. 1 V Q . ' . v . , ' ' - . u - - . Y . . . U . . ' v - . - . l . . , . . I I I , ' ' ' ' ' . u ' . . . . 1' . . v ' ' V . I . . . ' nr ', I Q . . U 1 ' , . , ' sy Y . , . . . . Q n I I Y . . I . Q . s . - ' I ' . ' 9 u ' n 1 ' - 0 ' ' - , A . .S . , . . . S . . . . v ' an . ' 1 ' YY not peaceful moves, .. . - . Sodality 1 n D ,, . . . 1 . . ' 9 . ' . . ' n 9 - - , I . 5' v ' ' O ' . . ' s , . . s . . . , Q , ' . 2 . . ' . 9 .-Q . ' ' al l 0 s . . . . . , - . . . ' . - 1 . ' . . , 1 Y . , ' - ' ' J ! , - 0 1 - - . , , 1 ' . . ' . y , - . . . . ' ' 9 . ' . ss ' ' l - ' - Q Q . s , . ' r . 9 . ,, . 0 . ' ' 9 . . ' ' ' I I ' Y . ' , - . - o ! I I O ' . , . ' . ' Q 1 V . ' ' - r ' ' ' ' s ' ' - ' ' ' as as as ' ' Y . . WAS IT NECESSARY""""""" A NGRTHERNER LCOKS AT SHERMAN g By P KIERNAN o In the words of Sherman Yonder began the campargn we frnally set tled on a plan He was to go for Lee and I was to go for Joe Johnston That was hrs plan No routes prescrrbed It was the begrnnrng of the end as Grant and I foresaw rrght here Gen eral Sherman realrzed hrs task devastate the South makrng them rea lrze the full horror of a war they had started He amassed a great force Sherman s army 98000 strong was one massrve unrt strong and vrgorous wrth a frght rng sprrrt that could be heard and felt across the natron Thrs great army forged by Sherman averaged rn age 18 25 years Shermans personal obrectrves were to rum the heart of the Confederacy and to demoralrze the southern frghtmg sprrrt It drdnt take the South long to realrze hrs frrst ambrtron but rt took many months before they realrzed the second Johnston hounded constantly by Sherman was frnally beaten at Atlanta and hrs army pulled out as Sherman moved rn In Atlanta Shermans troops destroyed all that was valuable rnclud mg publrc burldrngs and rarlroads As Sherman left headrng East behmd hrm lay Atlanta smoulderrng and rn rums the black smoke rrsrng hrgh rn the arr and hangrng lrke a pall over the rurned crty Atlanta had grven the army a great lrft The sprr rt of the men was tremen dous and soon Sherman became Uncle Brlly The men rdolrzed hrm A devrl may care feelrng prevarled among the offrcers and all responsrbrlrty and trust was conveyed to hrm The massrve blue trdal wave rolled on They took no food and very few wagons Therr obJect was to lrve off the country and to destroy all supplres that would be of value to the Confederacy They foraged wrdely harrassed only at trmes by the Confederate Cavalry under Gen Page Sm: eral Wheeler They took what they wanted destroyed cotton bales cotton mrlls rarlroads and publrc burldrngs The troops averaged about ten mrles a day On the 13th of December 1864 he reached the Unron Navy below Sa vannah Shermans obJect1ve had been reached but he wanted to Jorn wrth Grant at Rrchmond so he swung north On hrs way he planned to go through Columbra Columbra South Carolrna the state the Unron hated Sherman vowed to turn South Carolrna into wrl derness He drd Just that Shermans tactrcs were rn general to destroy opposrng armres rather than to occupy terrrtory He strrpped his troops of all unnecessary supplres and moved them qurckly He belreved rn livrng off the country rather than carry huge supply trams and keep rn communrca tron wrth supply depots In the freld he constantly outflanked the opposrng army rather than make frontal assaults on posrtrons chosen by the enemy de str oyrng rarlroad lrnes and br ldges thus forcrng the enemy to vsrthdraw from prepared posrtrons He exploited the rndrrect approach and a swervrng of maneuverabrlrty of thrust Using these Atlanta vsrthout frghtrng a major battle Wrllram Tecumseh Sherman was a remarkable man He loved hrs men and they loved hrm In the North Sherman was then hero the rdol of the hour Newspapers sung hrs pr arses The people babbled of hrm Sherman was a won derful mrlrtary man At nrght he would srt and hrs pen would srng of the grand and beautrful game of war He knew that game and played rt well He was a great man and great soldrer Shermans march to the sea was a brutal brtter end for a bloody war' But rt had to be done General Lee might have held out for years at Richmond Thousands of men could and would have perrshed rf rt hadnt been for Sherman He rrpped the South apart He tore it he lacerated rt he gashed it he crip pled rt He hurt the South Wherever he went the South bled and cried for peace I-le made hundreds homeless but he krlled few He was not a murderer Hrs devastatron was a most mercrful one that ended frve years of bloody frghtrng Although the South may never understand the actrons of the damned madman the fact remarns that by hrs scourgrng march he ended the war and made rt so frnal that there wrll never be another crvrl war rn Amerrca The memorres of the last one especrally Shermans dramatrc march have not yet been forgotten Pete Krernan 11B ADDRESS 1524 Pennock Road PARISH Saint Cyrrls SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Varrety Show Tennrs TroJan News FUTURE PLANS Plan to attend col lege and possrbly study law WAS CUSTER REALLY A HERO? 1Contrnued from Page 39 hrs gun to hrs head and pulled the trrgger and completed the farce Evr dence 1S strong enough Custer s wound rn the temple was dark wrth powder burns The bullet that rnflrcted thrs wound was frred at a very short range Another reason rs that Custer was not scalped An Indran never scalped a man who had commrtted surcrde srnce the marn reason they scalped a man was to gam hrs courage An Indran couldrr t expect to get much courage from a man who had taken hrs own lrfe And all Indrans present agree that Custer was not around at the end an embarrassed army made a hero out of hrm to draw attentron away from the lrumrlratrng defeat Custer was no hero Just an am brtrous over confrdent leader who vrolated all the rules Call thrs heresy rf you want to but Custer has been lrvrng on a poorly deserved reputatron long enough 'Davrd Humphrey Mrller Custers Fall Alfred A Knopf Co 1956 An ac count wrrtten by a man who spent most of hrs lrfe rntervrewrng the Indran sur vrvors of the battle the only eyewrt nesses Hrs account rs the most docu mented evrdence avarlable 1 a . . H . ,, ' . ' , . u . Y I I . . , - - I . - r I I 1 . ,- , ' 1 ! ' . . I 1' n 1 a . , - . - Q , ,' . n - , , - - - - ' ' . . . to ' . . . - + 7 ' , ' . . . . v ' v , . I . , , E . ' ' ' . . ' r . . . A 1 ' I - . ' , y . .. I - , . . Y, V . . . - 1 . . ' - ' ' . . ' tactics Johnston was forced back to -' -, - . '- , 'I ' ' ' l ' . .1 , ' , I . i '. - . s . - '. . , ' . ' ' I ' - . .. , . . . . . . 1 Y . 9 -. . .J - , ' . . . . u ' . I ' , . ,, . . . . - . ' ' , . ' . - ' . . - , ' '- . . . . ' . , . ' . . . , , I . . .Y- ' , n . . 1 , . . . U 0 ' 1 ' 7 'y - ' . ' ' . - an ' ' - , . IT WAS NECESSARY THE MacARTHUR DISMISSAL 0 By CHARLES POPELKA O Dullng the yeals 1950 51 the Unlted States was representlng the Unlted Natlons ln Kolea A Unlfled Command was LlVE'II to Genelal Douglas Mac Althul WOl1d Wal II Paclflc helo At thls tlme the US had SCVCIHI plob lems F11 st to help ln the lehabllltatlon of EUIOD whlch was I6COV6llI1g fl0Il'l the W"ll second to suppolt the UN VvhlCh was stlll III lts elnblyonlc stage and lleeded a Stl Ollg SUDDOIC to SUIVIVC and thlld to check the expanslon of Communlst lnfluence In Janualy of 1951 Plesldent Tlumall tated The Unlted States govelnment wlll not plovlde mllltaly ald to the Chlnese folces on Folmosa ThlS was done so that we would not become en tangled ln a ClVl1 Wal between the Chlllese Natlonallsts and the Chlnese Communlsts Neveltheless Genel al Mac Althul flew to Folmosa on July 31 of that yeal He dlscussed mllltaly mat t6lS Wlth the Genelallsslmo and gave hlm the lmplesslon that the U S would suppolt the Chmese Natlonallsts cause On August 25 MacAlthul wlote hls 18 polt on Folmosa Wh1Ch was contlaly to the all eady announced Amellcan D0l1Cy The l0OtS of the tlouble go all the way back to hele Because of thls lncldent Plesldent Tluman wanted M3CA1thU1 to come to Washlngton and dlscuss the Amerlcan and the UN Pollcy on Korea Mac Althul hedged but aftel some tlme the two men allanged a meetlng at Wake Island MacAlthul reassured Truman that the Red Chlnese would not dare entel lnto Kolea and lf they would he would be able to handle the sltua tlon Thls meetlng was on October 15 and IE lasted one houl On the surface accold had been leached between the two men On OCtOb61 31 It was d1SCOV6l ed that the Chlnese Communlsts were sendlng lnto Kolea volunteels to ald the North Kolean cause Aftel further lnvestlga tloll lt was d1SCOV61Cd that these men had been C1OSS1I1g the boldel slnce Oc tober 16 one day aftel the Wake Island meetlng On November 6 the U N denled per mlsslon for M3CA1thUI to bomb Man chul la feallng all out wal On Novem bel 24 MacAlthul lald plans for an 8th Almy offenslve He told hls men that thls would be the offenslve to end the Wal He told them that they would 00204 Burck ln The ChlC3gO Sun Tlmes 1 lf :una . z H11 IIPSIIK be home by Chllstmas Lettels wele comlng home telllng the people of the Gleat Expectatlon But when the at tack was launched on Novembel 28th the 8th Almy encounteled odds that WSIB too gleat fol them Just 200000 Chmese Communlsts and Nolth KOI eans Thls was a gleat set back f01 Mac Althul and hlS men but Mac had no lntentlons of taklng the blame He publlcly announced why hls offenslve falled He dlsparaged Presldent Truman who was hlS Commandel ln Chlef and bellttled the Jolnt Ch19fS of Staff He gave the WO11d the lmplesslon that we wele golng to attack Red Chlna Wor lled protests from all OVBI the world swamped Washlngton Two days later on December 5 Presl dent Truman lssued an order that all statements on forelgn pollcy had to be cleared by the State Department before they could be prlnted and published But on March 24 1951 General Mac Arthur wlthout the permlsslon of President Truman presented Red Chlna wlth an ultlmatum He wrote ' or all Allled forces mlght be brought to bear agalnst Red Chlna' MacArthur was representmg the U N and the Umted States Yet openly golng agamst the D0llCy set down by both of these powers by suggestlng war with Red Chlna Around Aprll 5 Ma.cArthur sent sev eral letters to Congressman Martin Martln had these letters publlshed which read Trumans policy IS with out loglc and vlolates tradltlon Thls was the end CONCLUSION I slncelely belleve that Plesldent Tluman was Justlfled ln lellevlng Gen elal M8CAIthu1 of hlS command Mac Althul a soldlel of fame should have known that O1d61S ale glven to be Cal lled out to the lettel whethel 01 not the commandel pelsonally aglees HIS attltudes toward hls commander ln chief made hlm worthy of court martial lnstead of rellevement Mac fContlnued on Page llv Charles Popelka 1B ADDRESS 105 Ivy Road PARISH Samt Athanaslus SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Hlstory Honor SOClCty HlSt0Yy Instltute Sodality FUTURE PLANS Attend UHIVCPSIQY ol' Davton and study a sclence program preferably pre med Page Seven Gi 99 L ' 0 O .' . . , - Y ' I . Z . . I ' U . . ,, I, X'XKuA I. ' - I . - -' . I -- , . . ' 1 S, ' 1 u' Q U 1 c 'i , l ' . .. 3 .5 a . .. a -0 u ' u ' I x S ll ' . . , . . . , . O 1 - I . yy 1 7 e ' - ' ' ' ' H711 :lr nw T' :ln Illini' ln' '.w- 4 " fini? 1 U U . , ' ,I . . . - - .sn . . H ' . . ' ' ' ' . I . . I ' 1 I . Al . ' I7 - . . . . -, ' - y ' ' ' . ' . - ' ls sr 'L 'u I I Y , 1 1 Q . . . ' , , ' , , , , - . --. - . Q ,, . ' . - ' ' ' I ' , " ' . ' 9 1 .' . . , ' 4 ' , . . - ' o l . I . l ' v . . 7 Q . - 2 - . - - ' , ,,,' 'Q , ' ' 4 ' . . l D f 1 f 1 u , 3 5 f , ' ' ' v . . , . . . ' , ' . ' ' .' , .' - ,' - . . . I ' . 44 - . . . ' , .lvl . U , . . - - ' THE INHERITANCE TAX... g By JOHN QUBA o The Inheritance Tax We of the commg generatlon lalso termed the gomg generatron usually to the dogs-or even at trmes the gone generatronl are to mherrt the leadership of the free world article to examine the ever present It rs the purpose of tlrrs Cvwvg -re A Y :ers fbeuaamfieae? ANERSQSRE ,--....x, X. K ........ ..:. .,.. :.'. -..,.,., ..,b . 1 ,....... ..... ....... ......., ,,.,.?... .... -M ...,., , ......,........ . .,..,. ,.. ...,. .M .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, W .,,,,. F ,W .,,,..,,,,,,,,......,.., ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, .....,..... V.... ... . . . . .. .P ' ' 'iiifl' f r 1 . 1 r ' f 1 - r . T fi . 1 1 f 1 1 he - ' ' Ql" . T ' ' 1-33 N' : ft ' 1 1 H ...... ' ' -2 E rfilfhf - ' 5 . 1- t , . - 4. N Q ' f.. 13. -. . .. Qgii 1 Qijjffuf ' ' 1 V 1' J: ' " ' " 7 V ' 7 ' -f' " '1-2.f52fEizs.1:.-2 . . . . 1 .1 , - j : Q 2 ' D A ' . 9 . . ., 3, - 'gr , ..Ei.2Z.1552f221ig.,i v r -- V . . ' . V -. 3 1 ' 1 . 5 we. -r 1 .4 ' ' 2:21-" 11.1 ras- -ff 1-'I --QT: . . f , E: ...... , ' . I A' . i A, V :I J' V ' l 51,3g:::g5ggg,3Q-3...55:f3gv5E5:g-35,132.31':Qi,1r5,i:3,iY5,.5-.Z3533,-1 "' .... Q4 ---Q I 1. f j ' ' r ' ., ..,... . :iff-lf' 1 J .... at 'h"i i:ii....LEE115i-.21 . ""--- 'Z "" . In If g, f , fb-5.21 . ' .':..f1g.g.j.g51'2.2'iI1j:?.Qgg22'1,-,:,.:2g.5,5:22:F5. ' ' ' cr' rr ' , ' ' ' ' ' I , ' . . . ' 1' . rv . . ' u ' 11 , l Q u' n . . I ' F - I - I ' D 1 , . . . H . . ,, I i u, . V, o 1 ' , 1, ' . . , . rs i t it ' r i 0 W ' ' . , . 5 - 4 . . Q . . s ' ' s ' 1- -1 s . ' . I ' p 1 n ' , ' I ' t - . , ' - 1 n I ' . ' I 1 . . . 5 I In . 1 , , . . .- . nr ' rn ' , - - ' . - u 1 , u - T - . - c u 1 ' ' l - - ,.- . , - ' r ' - , to ' .T . ' ' 3 : . . - . . . . . .- . , ' ' ' . ' . y ' . ' c ' ' W - . . . . I l . - - - , ' ' ' , l - il- ' . . I - . . V , - which make up our tax a tax no doubt wrll be levred on each succeedrng generatron for ever which years to come and lrke the popular mcome tax can be pected to Increase all out of pro portrorr to the rrse rn mcome Deeply Grows the Root The root of all evrl or so they say rs money Whether or not the author of thrs proverb knew what he was talkrng about rs debatable Ir regardless of thrs fact however must realrze that money also forms the root of Just about ever ythrng else Intertwrned wrth our economy fo example rs the defense effort world prestrge and leadershrp rn the non Communrst world and qurte con cervably the fate of the world rtself The followrng problems to whrch we turn our attentron represent only part of our Inherrtance 411 Inflatron Inflatron the rars rng of p rces through the de valuatron of currency as we know rt rn the Unrted States rs of the creeprng var rety Its causes are many and varred there rs for rnstance the type known as bank credrt rnflatron there lS de mand pull rnflatron whrch rs caused by an excess of demand over avarlable supply tendrng to pull up prrces P11 marrly however fat least rn the past decade or sol the type of rnflatron whrch has tended to domrnate the Amer rcan economrc scene lS that caused by the wage prrce sprral One of the most controversral rssues of our trme the actual causatron of thrs sprral rs lrkely to be rn doubt for many years, perhaps wrll never be settled At any rate, let us examrne brrefly thrs eco nomrc phenomenon, and glance qurckly at the probable future of our economy as regards rnflatron generally The drsputants mvolved rn thrs mael strom of hot arr are labor and man agement Management charges that la bor unrons have so pushed up wages durrng the past few years that they were forced to raise their prices, hence, Page Eight lv' 5f""'W-, x A-Mmmwuwx whmw WA' they clarm wages are the real cause of the wage prrce sprral Labor on the other hand asserts that management has been unduly greedy and has charged prrces g1v1ng rt sky hrgh prof rts It rs only Justrce labor states that they should share rn these profrts WhlCh they have helped create Nor are the above statements merelv opinrons as both sldes have ample sta trstrcal proof to back up their clarms Management for example can point to that fact that labor unions have grown rn economrc and soclal promr nence only smce the l9'i0s and thev are qulck to oomt out the value of the dollar had decreased rn value tsmce 19391 from Sl 00 to the present value of approximately 47 30 Unions not to be caught nappmg also crte statlstlcs to wrt for every one dollar rncrease won bv the unrons manage ment has rarsed prrces by almost three dollars The resultant backwash of con fusron has -so muddled John Q Aver age Amerrcan that rt rs probable he never wrll see hrs way clear to act ef fectrvely on the problem Fortunately however hrs actron may not be needed The role of the labor unrons rn the com1ng decades rs changrng raprdly, and wrll contrnue to change for many years to come What rs rn store for the future? It rs generally expected that prrces dur rng the commg decade wrll rrse about 692 We should not, however, be lulled rnto a false sense of securrty, for only a 27? rrse rn prrces per year may mean that the value of our dollar wrll decrease by as much as 20727 But wrth the ma ,lor threat of a run away wage prrce sprral gone, the government should be able to effectrvely control rnflatron 121 Labor relatrons. Labor unrons, as already intrmated, are begrnning to realrze that the era of wage rncreases almost for the askrng rs a bygone era Th1s IS due rn part to the tougher at trtude of management when rt srts down at the bargarnrng table as was character rzed by the recent steel strrke fat least rn 1ts early stagesr Coupled wrth thrs rs the fact that the unron nembers themselves a e begrnnrng to obJect to strrkrng merelv for hrgher wages 'lhey realrze that pr rce rncreases nullrfy nrost of their garn What does all thrs mean" It cer tarnly does not mean that the unrons wrll lose therr effectiveness Quite to the contrary then' power wrll be undr mrnrshed rn the commg decade What rt wrll mean however rs that the umons are going to use therr con srderable power more maturely garn soclal benefrts for therr members outsrde of higher wages These soclal benefits wrll take the form of shorter work weeks more adequate retrrement plans even safer working condrtrons and longer vacatrons wrth pay And we must remember that the workrng man rs the Irfeblood of democracy con sequently hrs good health rs our con cern and our garn One frnal pornt on the subrect of labor Amer ICB rs unrque rn the strength of 1ts unrons Nowhere rn the world has the laborrng class won for itself such a hrgh wage Thrs has, conse quently, led to rather unrque problems Inflatron, for rnstance, has so deval uated the dollar that wage rncreases have been meanrng less and less rn recent years Moreover, management rs frndmg that rt IS cheaper to buy raw materrals rand often trmes the frnrshed product as wellv from for ergn countrres, as lower wage costs make the prrce rrdrculously low rn comparrson wrth ours Wrth thrs second Hunrquely Amer1can" problem as back THE CHALLENGE OF TOMORROW!! ground, therefore, let us move on to the topic of: f2J Foreign competition. The American economy, that pillar of sol- idarity which helped re-build the in- dustrial machines of a war-torn Europe and of an A-bombed Japan, now finds itself threatened by the products of its beneficiary. Nor is this issue of a problematical nature' it is r'eal and dangerous and growing more oO every minute Japanese and European manu facturers are undersellrng their Amer rcan rivals all over the world-even in Amerrcall German barbed wire for instance can undersell the Cleveland made product right in Cleveland' This condition was highlighted by the recent steel str rke rn which many man ufacturers began buying foreign tes pecrally Germanl steel at a much lower cost than the American steel would have cost them The seriousness of the situation rs aggravated even further by the ap parent unchangeabrlrty of two facets of American economic policy 115 Labor costs rn America are higher than anywhere else rn the world American labor costs are often double or triple what their European or Jap anese counterparts are As a result European and Japanese manufacturers can afford to make their product ship rt to America undersell the American rivals and make a profit The only factor which helps the American bus rnessmen rs the superior quality of their product The quality difference has however been diminishing rn re cent years and rs expected Kas for ergn industrial might and technical know how rncreasesl to reach the point where rt wrll be practically nil This is one of the maror problems fac rng labor unions and the economy to 129 American import tarrffs remain low or non existent despite the high protectionist tarrffs of foreign coun tries Because of thrs American goods are practically impossible to sell rn other countries A Ford Fairlane 500 for instance would cost over S5 000 rn France Despite thrs French auto manufacturers can sell rn America their products for little more than the manufacturing and shipping costs This situation rs a. post war phenom enon and was originally intended to help put the war ravaged countries back on their feet It did achieve its purpose and admirably so But it has now outlived its usefulness, and is in fact causing actual harm. Yet little has been done to alleviate the situation. These, then, are the vital economic challenges of our day. Our ability to solve them may determine our future. But let us move on to another area filled with challenges: national de- fense. II "And in this comer .... " The world has been likened more than once to a stage with the people of the world rts actors The srmrlrtude is somewhat old a more modern ver sion would probably parallel the world with a sports arena As spectators we would have the free countries of the world as opponents We would see Communism the challenger democ racy the champion The actual fight has yet to start the opening bell has not yet rung The audience is hushed preparatory to a struggle of Cyclo pean proportions They are wartrng for the outcome they are waiting for their future What follows is the shape up of the contenders at the weighing in ceremonies ill The champ In testimony be fore the Senate Preparedness subcom mittee and Soace committee General Thomas Power head of the Strategic An' Command declared that with 300 well placed Soviet missiles Americas retaliatory power will be knocked out It is estimated that the Russians will have this striking force by 1962 1963 General Power unfortunately has been guilty of what President Ersen hower so aptly termed a parochial view concerning our nations defense re he was relying on only one sec tion of American retaliatory power CSACJ President Eisenhower assum ing the broad over all vrewpornt de clared that America strll held the arm ament lead in the mrlrtary race with Russia The facts marshalled for the Presr dents case are rmpressrve ill The obsolete DEW fDistant Early Warnrngl line Americas northern per rmeter of detection rs being replaced by the BMEWS tBallrstrc Missile Early Warning System! designed to give America 15 minutes warning of a mrs srle attack from Russia and Project Tepee another warning system strung along the northern border of Alaska and Canada which is designed to provide approximately 30 minutes warning of missile attack fwhen coupled with a Midas detection satel lite? The BMEWS line is to be ready in two years: the Project Tepee Cwhich can be almost as effective without a satellite? in three. t2b No matter which of the above systems goes into operation, the SAC rpresently on a 15-minute ground alertl could get all of its planes into the air. This means that SAC's 60 bases throughout the world could send more than 2,900 planes against Russia iwhrch rs only the present numberr 131 Even if SAC were totally rncapac itated America could strll send tal 60 Thor IRBMS based Britain and capable of reach mg Russia 150 atomic bombers based on aircraft carriers c a total of 240 Polaris missiles launched from nuclear sub marines 415 subs are to be op eratlonal by 1963 each carries 16 mlssllesl 150 200 AF fighter bombers not counted rn the SAC total iExcept for fc! all figures are for present size The rate of growth for Thor IRBM bases etc could not be found l The facts grven above are rmpres srve overwhelming you might say But lets not be hasty Rather let us glance over 113 The challenger rn the r ed trunks Fear of Americas retaliatory capability by Russia rs shown by the very fact that they have dared not war But rt rs rapidly losing its fear and with good reason before long iCont1nued on Page 115 x it wx John Suba oidfsr C O 1 ADDRESS 41 Julian Drrve PARISH Sault Bartholomews lPenn Hrllsl SCHOOL ACTIVITIES History Institute Chemistry Club Speech 84 Debate FUTURE PLANS Attend either Pur due Lehi h or Carnegie Tech and study engineering Page N me r - - ' - .-. . - , ' - , , v . ' , v 0 u , 5 - , ' ' . .- ' . ' . . . . I 1 Y ' ' -' - - . . . 1 ' y ' 1 In 1' 1 ' o ' . g . . , - I - . l f- . . ' " ' ' fm ' ' 1 0 1 u' ' ' , 4 0 1 , , - 1 I l ' - . ' l . f 1' . u u . ' u V Q , . . - . . . . - it . 1 I I ' - , . 0 . - . ni ' ' , ' , u . Q . ' . " 1 '9 ' . I U I - u 0 ' ' , - 1 ' ' y n n ' ' ' I 1 9 r 9 ' ' ' - - ' Q . . , , . , , . I 5 ' ' - . ' u ' . ' s ' - - . . .' v . - . ' ,- - . . . . . . ' - . . . N . ' 1 1 - - . , 1 , ' -I ll ' 59 2 ' ' ' Q- . . . . , ' ' s . ., ' .. . . . ' . ' . ' ' ' - -:O x . . ' ' . ' ' ' . . . 14555555-25I22i5E55:?s:1s .:. ' -I , ' , ' - - - - . . ' gi' day - - - .Sv QI.-e:sg2.11' ..,:,g-11, -., - .::::::..:,.f.---V , - -z. 1-1: , ...zz .gs is-. gs., . . . 9 --g'.1::,1g.,:aqrgr--fr.::1:,, 3 ---4-s a , ,, ' 555' ' ' :.1:5:-:Q- .-:::5:: .f . - .33-. I , .j.'15. v .:,:3---:gp ' - ' ' ,.,.'1:32z-.PI-,5:j"--1. " ,:1-'V-gf 5 - '- -:- H I ' . - 321: Q-:Ig 525' .. - - -Q '::2:E:.E ':E?E5:f' :5C" ' ' f . - ' ' ' :32:15:i:IE:fZ" '57533 sf 'Z' ' " Y'-E55 " ' f2E2::.Z,::.1i-"' .wi ' ' . - - v . ::','525-ifff-22'ffl' fs. ' - :p:g:f :1:v.j. -2.5: ,- v 'Sires . 55.22 3.5: g 1 1 . , ' . ' I .Sig , , 3, .,. F . r , e I I Q. .. 1 v ' E ' . , ' - ' ' . . . ' 1 I' ' - . U , . 1 I . l . . . I . . . y 1 . . . . , , , . , . - - . . 1 . - , 3' . ' . , . . . POLL TELLS ALL NORTH STUDENTS LOOK AT OByR JTATEO Decembel 31 1959 The place In Tlmes Squale ln the healt of New York Clty Gathellng fol hours ln the cold brlsk wlntel wlnd of the East coast are thousands of celeblators to llng ln the New Yeal and maybe have thell faces flashed acloss TV SCISGHS As the clock atop Rockefellel plaza tlcks away the last seconds of a decade a new and dlffelent ela IS to be lung ln the 1960 s To galn some lnslght to the chalactel and wlsdom to be dlsplayed ln the next decade a sul vey was taken by HlSt0T1a whlch plobed the feellngs of the Nolth student concelnlng the future It was based pllmallly on questlons taken flom a Slmllal sulvey by LOOK Maga zlne Whenevel one plcks up the dally papel Ol watches a news lepolt on TV lnevlt ably a lepolt appeals concelnlng the Sovlet Unlon So when Tlogans wele asked what they looked folwald to ln the Slxtles It lS not sulpllslng that a maJol1ty placed RUSSIH and the space IHCC as the mam conceln fol the decade A total of 25! look f0lWa1d to the conquest of space and the UDIVCISC by unlfled effolts on the palt of both wolld leadels The same pelcentage see the Unlted States oveltaklng the US SR ln the mlsslle lace Bloadmlnded mcohelellt people 6? who took a long glance lnto the futule saw the Unlted States and the Sovlets llnklng up to d9Stl oy the RUSSIBH mlsflt and common enemy Red Chlna On the optlmlstlc slde 3? folesaw the end of the cold Wal and Only 1? wele pesslmlstlc enough to foresee the end of the world ln the Slxtles A total of 40? dlvlded evenly ln pre dlctlng the electlon of the fl1St Cathollc Presldent Senatol John Kennedy of Massachusetts and great achlevements ln medlcine Only 15? expected war wh11e a Sur DIISIHS maJ011W of 64? diSm1SS6d thls as a posslblllty When asked whether they would llke to vlslt Russla 25? of the TroJans replled ln the posltlve compared to only 3? of the Alnerlcans ln the LOOK Sur vey Next HISTORIA took a look at the home flont A maJor1ty of TroJans lntend to go to C0116ge as 67? of North Cathollc answered ln the afflrmatlve to thls Page Ten NOTICE' THIS SURVFY WAS BASED ON THE RESULTS OF OPINIONS GAFHERFD FROM OVER 100 STUDENTS OF ALL DIVISIONS AT NORTH CATHOLIC questlon Then lmmedlately thls ques tlon was presented What do you ln tend to do aftel you have flIl1Sh6d col lege and hlghel Stl1dlES9 A majollty of 79? plan to settle down and ralse a famlly 10? want to become famous ln thell fleld of wolk The lest of the lntelvlews lntend to do some travel lng both natlonally and lntelnatlonal Economy was next plesented to see whethel the futule Amellcan IS as fl nanclally vmnded as hls ancestors The Tlogan showed a legald for savlng money whlle the Amellcans lntelvlew ed ln LOOK saw a pulpose fox money but not fol savlng A total of 62? of Nolth 'nen lndlcated they would lnvest Q -Q. wswwx page 4,sf':,ff9f 95,59 II -I .H eff 3 ,923 and save It Only 16? of the Tlogans would use thell money on wolld tlavel wlllle 4? would slmply spend It Flnal ly thele was the charltable 6? WhlCh would help thelr famllles and frlends A malollty of TIOJSHS ln C0l1ab0l atlon wlth a malorlty of Amellcans ln LOOK would be happy maklng S10 000 a year by the age 50 Dlscusslng success 60? of the men of 'lroy feel that educatlon IS necessary fol success 28? polnted to hald work as the key to success whlle 12? ex pressed the ldea that pull IS the essentlal factor fol lmplovement The most staltllng flndlngs of both LOOK and HISTORIA sul veys dealt wlth the questlon Do you thlnk honesty IS necessary for success'P Only 30? of the Tlogans answeled yes and a mlnute 4? of the Amerlcans agreed The wlde dlffelence between the Trogan and the typical cltlzen IS stlll less than mlght be expected at Nol th The well known Challes Van Dolen was brought lnto the sulvey MI Van Dolen a contestant on the S64 000 challenge won IH the vlclnlty f S120 000 But Whlle undel Senate ln vestlgatlon he admltted that he knew beforehand the questlons and answels he was to be asked on the all thus maklng hlmself and the show a fraud as well as defamlng the qulz show ln dustry When answerlng the questlon of whether the questloned would have done what Van Dolen dld a blg IHHJOIILY of 83? of the TIOJRIIS sald they would whlle only 75? of the LOOK paltlclpants would have done the same Thls poses strong questlons fol the Stl enoth of the mol al flbel that keeps a natlon powelful The next lntervlews WBIC entltled Llfe ln the Unlted States The Tlogan tudent body was asked Whele else ln tre U S would you llke to l1V69 A usual the sunny waxm sandy sholes of the vacatlon states dlew an ovel whelmlng maJor1ty 81? chose Florlda and Callfornla although the majollty of thls vote went to Callfolnla Othels chosen wele Alaska Hawali New Yolk Arlzona and new England lecelvlng ln the vlclnlty of 3? to 57 each Then partlclpants wele asked If you couldnt llve ln US where else ln the world would you want to IIVC9 The cognac and champagne of the Rlvlexa along wlth the rest of the sunny France lecelved the most wlth 25? The splendor of Italy and the beauty of the K n 0 I 0 0 0 I I l ' o ' Y ' 'T T1 '1 I , I . l A l sl - r I. I . . 1 N . . L fs I II I, , . . . . II . . . . . . 1 ' . ' 1 . nm ' - - I . I . ,, . I. I ' I . I . . . I I . I . , Q . 1 , . I I , I . . . . 0 I I . 1 s I Q - - l , , I K Y y l ' ' - ' . ly. . I I X I I , .. . . . I " " ' 1 . .' ' ls '- . . . . ' ' . .- - I . . ,, . I I I 1 ' 4 ' - I n I . , I I . . - ' - . I . . I. I . . n I , I n U '5"':3f'-535757FEWEfff3'f35555f5fI5'5f55f53?f?5i5ffi':"i'5f::": "" 3 "" .T . ' - 5 - , .j- I - ff :' I ' VIII QQ, . . I . I I I I I I II L, . I- I ' n '- 1. ' , T '- ,,,.,.., i 9 .. . - - l. . - I . . LAI, ,,V, I- 1 I nvvt III I .,,. .s-Q' I I II I . I . IIE-.II :III IQQIIIII ,QAI II ,II IIIIM I .I 3- j,.Ig':I .II II I I . I I I 1 "fI:.I5g.1fg',.,I:Q.IIIIII ' ' ,. I: 3. . ' , , I I I . . , I . - iglgg, I. -g3:IIII - I I I Q I II, if I I I I ' ' ' L ..,l ,. , ,.,,, . ' , I '- Q . ,. 3,Qg1f.-4..g ' ' 1 ' , ' I . . . I I I ' I I . I I I I I I I . . . . . . 0 ,I - I . . . ' ' ' ' H . I . . . . I I. IN Q Y . l . . , - I . . I I " ' ' -' , . I . . I I lf' I ' ' 1 . - ' f . 1 I ' IK !7 ' , I . - , 1 a o ' li . . U . . , ' - JJ I . I - ' . . . I . I THE WCRLD AND THEMSELVES snow-capped Swiss Alps gained 15'Zi of the preference. The growing pains of South America, and its Spanish culture drew a HW, percentage. Surprisingly the land of the nomads, camels, and mosques drew 8'Z7 for Turkey. Germany, Ireland and Japan received 5? each. Russia picked up IW. All others questi- oned refused to even think of leaving America. Finally the question was asked "What is your goal in life?" Thirty four per cent aim to enter the professions lrnedicine, law, etc.l, 15W contemplate success in business life 1676 want to get rrch 20W would simply like to get a Job and get married while 1376 have aspirations for making a career in the service of Uncle Sam 8? rn the Armed Services and the remainder in politics or foreign diplomacy Two per cent simply admit they don t have any goa Some general conclusions about Troian thinking would look like this The maJor1ty are peace minded and dont see war with Russia or China in the Sixties and they are not quite sure rf Honesty rs the best polrcy They are very happy living in Amer rca although the particular section rn which they reside may not be suited for then purposes In essence rt may safely be said that Troians face the future with unequall ed optimism and confidence in their America THANKS' P. J. Tate I 11C O ADDRESS 136 Van Buren St. PARISH Nativity SCHOOL ACTIVITIES History Institute Class Officer Biology Club FUTURE PLANS Plan to attend Pitt studv medicine and open up a practice in Prttsburg THE MacARTHUR CASE fCont1nued from Page 'U Arthur must have realized what he was doing when he gave Red China an ultimatum without permrsslon of hlS superiors In fact President Truman would not have been able to grant per mission to invade Red China That power rested only with the General Assembly of the U N Ma.cArthurs ac tions were a constant source of em barrassment to the US And civilian control of the military an untouched American tradition was in jeopardy Mac was defying hrs superiors Truman did what he had to do O1 openly admit that he was no longer Boss The discussion of the wisdom of the strategy is secondary to the real question obedience to your command ing officer Old soldiers never die but they do retire or are relieved and nobody deserved it more than Douglas Mac Arthur History will Judge Trumans actions as courageous and necessary THE INHERITANCE TAX fContinued from Page 93 The only thing which deters Soviet Russia, therefore, is the nuclear punch which the United States is capable of delivering. Should the Russians dis- cover they can block this punch, Amer- ica would be hamstrung and helpless. CONCLUSION These then, are the challenges of the coming decade. Not all of the challenges, however, nor even a, minority of them, Not many generations have had such a burden placed upon their shoulders: how we bear up under the burden will decide whether we shall pass a burden or a gift on to the next generation or even if there shall be a next generation A19 We equal to the task that lays before us? Those who are presently ln control of this world are also asking this same question How shall we answer them? Russia may have the ability to Wrpe out Americas and consequently the uor ld S-retaliatory capability At pres ent Russia has an alrforce of 20 000 planes on 1000 bases rn the USSR In addition rt has 10 to 20 ICBMs and 500 to 700 IRBMs This is ex Dected to swell to 1100 ICBMs by 1965 plus 12000 more planes Cof which only 75 will be mannedl Their submarine fleet also dwarfs that of the United States At present, they have over 500 submarines and are expected to add about 375 more of which half are to be long range some with missile firing capability A fox 24 Jvxvgfggfist' mrdable opponent indeed' . , 0 1 - ' v. ' , , 0 Y . , - , . A 1 . 'N . 7 ' , . . . Q 1 ' . . ' S ' ' I e s c 4 1 l. . , , a I 4 .' Y kg . . L, . Q r - ' . ' , . . . , - . . . -. . . ' ' , Q . , , . . . ' . . . - . , ' ' . ' . ' ' . - , - - . - . . , , Y D . . . . . . , ' an - ' u .-, l - U S! ' ' 0 y 7 t e 1 4 1 ' e ' - 1 , y . U ,, . . . . 1 a 1' ' r 1 . - ' - I 1 3 . Y . H W ' ' u ' ' H - yy u ' H 1 r - . ' ' 1 - W 1 ' . . y ' ' . . ' . , . 44 !! ' ' X :-:':Ig.-" ' ' ' "" :IEIf.2:25:E"'5:f:f.i:E:E:':f:E15Et-:ST"'Ei'l:-:kizafiliffffqz V ' Eg.: - 1, r ' -3-.5:':555:7E7f1EIf2EII5V'4575'Eff5:':'f-fif2'i5l:I31f1E7:Ii"EEI5lEE51Efi'ff"l:5f-:-E1'E F :::E5:EEI5EEi::.",.1:EE5E515EE555E54311EEE5':14fr:2EZr5iE'5E5 r' , ,. r 4.42:2asE2222S2221:E222Eis2affEa2E5252i1iiz5i5i5S5fEzEaE:222f""-fi':2,.,.5Eg2i'21sisifiaiairis ,W-,.-.'.:,,:,,,:,1,g- ',:+a,, "1gg11:g,,:g1g:.4515rg:5L,5ra:as-e4e:s:a:z:s,.-1 ,, .,.,, 1,-,,g.g:.-5515::::g:g'g1gs:s:::zf:f,1a:ss:ss-5:as:s:af:s:a1::1:s:1:5:as:s.z:?21fe2:a:.:s:a:z:s:2-' 'rE5'I'I.-I 531221 ir.,-:fizisisieiii ':2:5Ea5i5Ei5' :fffE521E2E.EEE?2Ez:- 125E?L1E5E5E:E5E55,E5E525'zEE2'f5552i5i5Qifi11i:" 1:X:.-. "1'f2EiE1I1EsEz.52s2Ez21isE525:5El555525:555E52f3i2:5::5:Ei?55iE5i:i5E5E5':'521Efif """" 1" 115255252EFi'fse:::f1:3,-:., "52,:3:'Z5 :1:i:':':?!:1:-.. -:if?!55:':7'f:5:1: :,2g1g:5:E'g2:', ':5:-.l:1:7:fF:I:i:':i"' ,l.:-E.:IE!215iii:E25:2:E:5E:E:E1f:f1T'E,f:g:-.-. "5'3'4:5:5,5f5:?:7f1:f375:E55Eif55f5'l: '- '"3'35Iffffitiiiifiifffffl-I-v ,IW5254 "75'5:iI3? '.5Eii2325213259fI-5252i525E3551I1I'5152525ii52?iiEstwzzriilffisfsifiais .i23:32555922ekE:2a2sEzi2a2eQ1:1i"r'i'f ffl-aisriiiiiiiis, f 11251152 ' 11f1'i:f52zffsS122ii' r5fEs5fis:al:2z2sa,. , Q'I'i1555ii22z2f,?s2sEf:s:.- faisiiisi. if-f o - ' " "" -2E2a:F2"' """ H. iif'i2iiISE:i22 222221'.-:s2:'F2525if:fI2f:I52E252W2ii?:"' 5 22111-'--1-"if .3 W if 2155552 5" 1522 -v 5' ' 3 -' , , 'iii ..5EE2:'- :Fr - 2 2 - n 1 g sire? 55125525225 'iz2f251z?2i22ff1i" ilisfaiil 'E5E5E5: gm-V .1 ' fzliz-5551-12-25522 Iifsisisislsisifaw' 1E .?59i5E -:- ...., , ' fl ':':'15i5fsE5s5:'g' ,,3g2':g2'1:e:iE5E5i we -' 2'-a:2"IsSS5.zE2- ".'I3'E5E'E5,fiflfiiil -5e'25E:f5I515i5I-P .:I:'s5Z:If' - , ' "1'v:1:3:r,-1' 'r,r:r1r.-:za ,ye-:-5:2--r:'41:':1 -rzrrrf'-16 R 5' -4:-.-:---vg:r:-:- V1-:,r:::f:-54.91. -:rw -'- ff-Wig'-V ,- 1 'f'E2E'E2E1' s '- Vf:'.2EIfE2- -- ' 'rE1:F'f'Er1:1 :"E:55,'E:E.53 . -: ', .i.-:2-251259:--5 -522:-I-'-EjE,,E,:2 E'E-5jfjI5'fEf5-I'-F ,- -.f- '524::52Y.- ' "1:1w , . , gif' .. -' ,QEZEQZIEN fzgairsa r ....,:.s,s52:5z2f2,1-I5 as s.:s:,,-1:-mais: ,w"iz's-'31 - 4gz:' 1 v . "Q , ' . I rife., 5"15Ejf2E55"" -, gigizirzgifrfggigir ::vZ,E5:,jE9 I ,. .V .. 253' --'5-555531: ' - ' 55 Z 4 ' " ',.:.::::35:e12:g, .: ,:::,:-'gs a1:z:2s ...IL , 25915525-J:-1-2 ..::.:Q. 2' '.-Elirlszri. .I : ---- V "" . ' ' ' Efiz,,.,' ' ' "" L- 115, fff- fs -' g gezw :t::s:5- -' if " "21-fr'fit'1fr'"ffzs:i24f+'-I:s25:f"2--5.1. an -:,,:,.::g.5:5:5:-:, .,.,1,.,.:.g. :-:.,.,,,.:::1.4 .rg 3gs:.:1g.,s:4 ,z-'-rg' :I-,'-,g':-ii-r g: . ,:: H, 5532- :r3:s5:::z:55 3,:,,.:,1::::Q.:',::g:':.:.::,:::cl:::g,g.-335:.:.:.,::t:4:gQ-P::,k.,,:g:::4::.,, :gg ,. .- 4 ,- 1, r - - - - Y q::i3s1:f-2:r. .- .-?z::B'5I4:nr,-::r:r4f::-:::':r1::'::E:wfy:-:-2:f.E:E:fg3I'l 93 5 55551 1 2 if-:SW 12 P 252 5 1 5" 2?2 . ::5 1f3eEr?.Qf4f f5ii5'5::""" "1 J 7 Special thanks for conducting the mtervlews needed rn this ar trcle go to Jerry Pace Bob Streit and Jerrv Dees These members of the History Honor Society in tervrewed well over a hundred boys rn all four divisions to fur nish the necessary information 9. Y S 44 as 5 5 qffiifi 'Q 3 iiggfitvaeuf gwstrfearm Page Elctcn A PRACTICAL SOLU'1 ION THE PITTSBURGH TRANSIT PROBLEM o By D FOLEY 0 CITY FATHERS TAKE NOTE I V In many ways the problems con N ORTH STUDENT PROPOSES frontrng the Crty of Prttsburgh are unique Because Prttsburgh a relatlvelv large clty rs located rn the foothills of the Alleghenres rt rs faced wrth many drffrcultres that do not bother other crtles of srmrlar srze Streets and hrgh power lmes and sewers must be up and down the sldes of these Thls then constltutes the basls W3yS built hrlls of one of Prttsburghs worst problems that of rts transit srtuatron No one wrll deny that a problem does exrst rn the Smokey Crty at thrs trme In rush hours traffrc slows down to a crawl and often comes to a complete stop No doubt the slow movrng street cars on the crty streets create much of a problem However we must face the fact that dorng away wrth these trol leys and supplantrng them wrth buses rs defrnrtely not the answer In the frrst place srnce buses are much smaller rt wrll requrre more of them to do the Job that the trollevs now do allowrng for rncreasrng demands tran srt experts frgure that from seventy frve to one hundred percent more buses must be added to handle the same xolume of passenger traffrc that the larger streetcars now handle Even though the srmplest answer to our problem would be a complete change over to buses we can see that thrs would not be the best solutron If such a svwrtch were made the populace would be well pleased for perhaps three or four years but by that trme the people of Prttsburgh wrll have be come drsgusted wrth therr bus clogged town and then rt wrll be too late In thrs trme of renarssance we should change from the old backward out look on crtv transportatron to some thrng more modern somethrng that wrll answer the problems rmmedrately and for years to come Our plan would employ the present tractron equrpment now owned by the Prttsburgh Rarlways Co as well as the buses of all the transportatron compa nres of the area Basrcally the plan calls for operatron of trolley cars under the streets Im medrately thrs proposal meets wrth many obrectrons Frrst of all the wa ter lrne rs not deep rn Prttsburgh be cause of rts srtuatron on the three rrvers so opponents to thrs plan say that the cars could not be run under Page Tzteltc INTFLLIGEN'l AND FF ASIBLE SOLUTION ground There are foundatrons of tall burldrngs rn the way and to go under these would be to run rnto the water The streets are not mde enough to provrde for thrs system so rt must be ruled out What these people farl to realrze rs that some streets are wrde enough to house such an rnstallatron underneath them Such streets as Lrberty Smrthfreld Grant and Penn could easrly contarn beneath them two parallel tracks Those whrch would not qurte be wrde enough Wood Forbes Frfth Fourth and so on could strll be used for one track Hence all rn bound cars would operate under one street whrle outbound they would use a street parallelrng rt My plans calls for four basrc routes Srnce the uptown drstrrct rs so burlt up and congested thrs would be the longest underground rnstallatron It would operate between downtown and Oak land mostly under Forbes Ave The cars would be frtted wrth rarlroad type couplers and electrrc Multiple Unrt control systems whrch would allow the motorman rn the front car to control all cars rn the trarn srmultaneously whrle each one uses rts own motors and brakes tTh1s rs the system rn use at present rn Newark and Clevelandb The lrne then would procede underneath Forbes untrl rt got to Prttsburgh Once rnsrde the downtown area it would move under Forbes to Stanwrx swrng rrght proceed two blocks turn rrght agarn and go out Frfth By the court house rt would agarn tru'n rrght thus regornrng rtself for the outbound trrp It would move along at hrgh speeds makrng few stops between town and Oakland some typrcal stops would be the crvrc arena Forbes Freld and Prtt and so forth A lrttle past SoHo the lrne would splrt wrth one part go rng out Forbes and the other gorng out Frfth After passrng under the Oak land area these two lrnes would have loops rn large open places Buses would meet the trams of trolley here pas sengers would transfer and then go on to places lrke McKeesport Duquesne e c One of the three other lrnes would operate between the South Hrlls car house and downtown The present ground plan at South Hrlls Carbarn would be greatly changed to allow long and frequent trarns to turn around there They would then proceed at hrgh speed through the present trolley tun nel whrch would be wrdened and equrpped for fast operatron under Car son St across the Smrthfreld St Trol ley brrdge and then tunnel under Grant St They would go all the way to Lrberty down Lrberty to Wood up Wood to Water and then back onto the brrdge for the return trrp At the barn cars from Dormont Mt Leban on Castle Shannon Lrbrary and Drake would be wartrng to recerve the drs- charged passengers In addrtron Knox vrlle Mt Washrngton and Carson St buses would be there These cars would then go over the rrght of way now OWUGCI by the P R Co to therr respec trve suburbs The buses would move on special prrvate roads untrl they got onto crty streets where bus only lanes vsould be set up Trolley trarns would have to use a tunnel to go under the Allegheny Rrver Thrs tunnel would be at about Nrnth Street Trams would use rt to garn access to town from the North srde They would go under Nrnth to Penn down Penn to Stanwrx up Stan wrx to Fort Duquesne along Duquesne iContrnued on Page 145 Denms Foley 12D ADDRESS 165 I-Ilghland Ave SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Editor TROJAN NEWS Vanety Show Dramatrcs Club FUTURE PLANS Attend the Uni versrty of Duquesne Journalism School and enter the freld upon graduatron 1 T . I 0 O I I . T '1 . . - J J 1 . , . , ' . . 7 1 9 1 I I . 0 I ' . . ' y 1 ' ' I I . l ' I v Q I' . . . . . . - - ' Y - ' Q v . . , ' ' ' . U . . " . v 1 1 . ' Y o - ' . ' . - . Y ' - , , ' - , . - - - y , , out of the South Hills Car House area . . - ' ' ' . , ' 7 ' . . - ' I v' y ' , , . 1 D , - 1 7 s ' 1 ' ' . . '. I . ' 0 , - . 'l 3 . ' . ' . ' 1 0 - r s ' I g 'I I ' I 4 . . . . H - t 1 . , HISTCRY INSTITUTE FINISHES FIRST YEAR 0F EXISTENCE' WHY HISTORIA7 JOHN LILIBOI D thdrtorl Hlstory rs borrng' l'hrs rs the oprnron of many hrgh school students and used to be my own For years I was content to srt through hrstory class half asleep lrke many of you, and merely Jot down stale facts to memorrze for the tests I saw no value ln the study of hrstory nor dld I have any real rnterest rn rt But recently mv vrews concernrng hrstory have changed consrderably I drscover ed that I have been approachmg the subject rn the wrong manner Studyrng hrstory rs lrke trying a new klnd of food You can t tell whether you lrke rt unless you really brte mto rt The outer shell of hrstory the facts about names and dates may be un attractrve to you But when you probe behmd these facts and mto the Ideas and mysterres of the past rt becomes a fascrnatrng study In thrs mall magazrne we havent grven you Just the plam facts, rather we have presented our oprnrons rn the srgmfrcance of these delving mto the unanswered questrons of the past and drawmg your own conclusrons I hope that thrs booklet wrll point out that there are many engrosslng aspects of hrstory whlch most people don t ew en conslder, and that by peermg behmd the facts many rntrrgulng questrons wrll appear We havnt trred to convrnce you of the varrous values of studyrng hrstory because these wrll become apparent later ln- lrfe, but we have trred to rnsprre a deep yearnrng and apprecratron of the true meanmgs and facts of hrstory REVIEW OF THE YEAR OCTOBER -Organizational meetmg Lecture on labor relatlons by Mr N Duda NOVEMBER Group meetmgs DECEMBER Christmas party and dance Lecture on Red Chrna by Dr Lou JANUARY Group meetmgs FEBRUARY Group meetmgs MARCH Group meetmgs Lecture on WW II by Capt Peel APRIL Group meetmgs Semor Banquet MAY Group meetmgs Publlcatlon of Hlstorla SENIOR GROUP JUNIOR GROUP Drscussron Hrghlrghts Drscussron Hrghlrghts Napoleon Labor Relatrons Red Chrna Juvenrle Delrnquency Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor Nuclear Warfare 1960 Presrdentral Electrons War Clouds Battle of the Bulge El Alamem Benrto Mussolini The North Catholrc Hrstory Instrtute was born thrs year rn answer to the strong crrtrcrsm that Amerrcan schools rgnore the more able students Ever srnce Sputnrk blasted rnto space Amerr can educators and crrtrcs had been de mandrng rrgrd standards to develop the men of scrence needed to compete wrth Russra Admrrable as thrs goal was rt tended to rgnore the premrse that the socral scrences must also be strengthen ed rf men were to adequately rule and govern themselves rn the tension frlled decades Just ahead Ultrmately rt is the socral screntrsts who must solve the problems created by scrence The scren trsts created the Atomrc Age a mag nrfrcent achrevement but left the so cral screntrsts wrth the problem of gov ernrng a world that could now annr hrlate rtself And when space rs con quered by the scrences rt wrll be up to the socral screntrsts to decrde who wrll rule and govern the new terrrtorres Ultrmately all must admrt farlure of the socral screntrsts to handle the world and end of the human race Wrth thrs problem rn mrnd the Hrs tory Department at North created the Instrtute to strrke a blow for better trarnrng of the future leaders rn the socral scrences Admrttedly the rrgrd currrcula of a classroom leaves lrttle trme to inspect deeply the pressrng prob lems of the future the valuable lessons of the past The Instrtute then would be an answer to developrng deeper un derstandmg of hrstory both present past and future It would be a voluntary organrzatron for the more able socral sc1ence students and organrzed along rrgrd standards of attendance and achrevement Students enrollrng would be offered a chorce of three areas of study ill Amerrca at Mrd Century istudy of current and future problemsl 12+ World War II fgaugrng the effects of thrs war on the modern worldl C39 Great Issues rn Hrstory Crnspectmg hrs torrcal questrons leaders and ldeasl Each group was to be assrgned a mod er ator from the faculty who would pre pare student speakers gurde the drs cussron and suggest approaches to the problems Meetrngs were to be held twrce a month on alternate Sunday evenrngs from 6 30 8 00 and strrct 7517 attendance clauses were put mto ef fect From trme to trme lectures mov fContrnued on Page 14? Page Thu teen O . I I l I.. I Q . BY ' - . " ' ' . ' ' U I 1 . . . V Q If-' ', , ' as r ' - , , - - , I - I . ' - - . . . . . . , , . , .- q N n Y , I v I I . . . Q I facts. 'I'hat is where you can find a deep interest in history, by created by science. will bring oblivion ' ' W ' f ' , Y ' - .- I I . . , . '. . . . . - . IAKE US 'IO YOUR LEADERS MEET THE MODE RATORS' Q MR JOSEPH HMEL O Mr Joseph Hmel rs a graduate of Duquesne Umversrty School of Edu cation where he was an Englrsh ma Jor and a Social Sclence Mlnor He came to North Catholrc rn December of 1943 and slnce then has taught a sarrety of subJects rncludrng Englrsh P O D history bookkeeprng and economrcs At present Mr Hmel rs moderator of the yearbook Charrman of the English Department and working on a Masters Degree m Gurd ance and at the same trme deserves an excellent reputatron as a teacher awk NSN O MR WM BRYAN 0 Mr Wrllram E Bryan rs presently teachmg freshman general science sophomore hygrene coachrng the tenms team and he was a Judge at the Science Awards Day Presently he is leaving North Catholrc for a perrod of servrce wrth the Umted States Arr Force He was awarded a commrssron in compet rtrve exams rn the freld of Armament or Gurded Mrssrles Followrng the servrce he plans to reenter the Umversrty for doctoral studres rn specral educatron wwe O MR WILLIAM GARVEY O Mr Garvey recerved hrs BA from Gannon College hrs MA at the Unr verslty of Pittsburgh and rs presently near-mg hrs PhD degree rn the freld of hrstory At North he teaches Amer rcan and Pennsylvanra hrstory acts as moderator of the HISTORIA and serves as JV basketball coach He has been on the North facultv srnce 1957 and also teaches at the Unrversrty of Duquesne INSTITUTE HISTORY rContrnued from Page 133 res and partres would be Jorntly held for all three groups The results of thrs ambrtrous venture surpassed the boldest hopes Student enrollment from Just the Junror and Senror classes dropped far less than expected ffrom 82 rn September to 58 rn May! Interest never waned desprte program drffrcultres Publrcatron of Hrstorra a Journal wrrtten by Instrtute members clrmaxed a year of study At the end of the frrst year the Hrs tory Instrtute had become a frxture on the North Catholrc scene Weaknesses and bugs rn the operatron had been spotted tagged and earmarked for rm provement next year The year 1960 1961 wrll see more lectures from outsrde speakers, more movres, stronger student speeches, a brgger and better Historia. The solrd co operatron of Brothers Charles Eckhardt, SM, Brother Ber nard Drethorn, SM, tDepartment Charrmanb, and Moderators Messr Hmel and Bryan, had helped to make the Instrtute an effectrve Weapon rn the better trarnrng of Amer1ca's leaders Page Fourteen THE PITTSBURGH TRANSIT PROBLEM 1Cont1nued from Page 121 to Nrnth and back under the tunnel On the Northsrde rtself the lrne would splrt up The trarns on thrs dlvrsron of the system would be marked wrth therr frnal destrnatron much as the street cars are today One lrne would go along Canal St to where Hernzs rs In the rarlroad yards at thrs pornt the cars would loop Meetrng them would be buses to Troy Hrll Sprrng Garden Sprrng H111 etc Another lrne would go strarght out East St Where Madrson meets East the lrne would begrn a gradual clrmb and would come above ground It would go behrnd the houses whrch front on East St and brrdges would carry rt over the streets whrch run off East St A long brrdge located at the old Evergreen carlrne loop would take the lrne rnto a tunnel At the other end of the tunnel would be the begrnnrng of the prrvate rrght of way used by the 10 West Vrew trolley route today It would proceed thence to West Vrew amusement park, and on to the outskrrts of Bellevue where rt would turn around Buses would make the trrp rnto Bellevue and back to Prtts burgh vra Calrfornra Ave Another of these Northsrde lrnes would go under West Park wrth a loop at the srte of old Lake Elrzabeth Buses t Bellevue Avalon Manchester Brrghton Rd and so forth would meet rt here Another tunnel would go under the Monongahela Just above the conflu ence of the Ohro The trarns would go through the tunnel thence under Car son St and rnto the West End Be tween Ellrot and Ingram thrs lrne would loop wrth motor coaches meet mg the trams there for pornts further drstant, such as Herdelberg, Sherrdan, etc Thrs rs the basrc structure of my plan The crty streets are left wrde open for vehrcular traffrc Thousands of people are transported swrftly and cheaply around the crty Plenty of room rs left for future expansron and fCont1nued on Page 167 ra " 1 1 r ' J . . . 0 . -fi? X -tsl. - ' s,rzbf-LE:f5f5?I5E233i5 5::5s':5E1,::5f-,ig " rgrzgsrg 'VEEISE 'EEF "if 5555532 flzisfiirgfi"i2s121"ifffII' - -2- .- . faili- i:i?Ef:lf,':..,'i,7' SEI: ' 525 ' . . . . , . , , . . - 9 - 3 ' . , . . . . . . n I 0 - ! ' I , . 1 a . n, , ' ' , . . . . . IS . f - . . Y , ' I. . . - , , q . . . ' , - , , 1 1 ' ' , ' y ' v 1 4 Q . . . , - i ' r 0 . , , . D ' . , I, I . , . , ' 1 Q 1 . - j l Y 1 n s - ' - . . . ' -' y ' - 7 I . 1 . . y . i . ' . , - . . L , . - u u ' ' ' 1 v ' ' ' , . . ' Q' . .7 1 1 n NORTH'S TOP HISTORIANS.. SENIOR GROUP IDENTIFICATION First Row: left to right: Second Row: 'Third Row: B. Latkaovic, C. Popelka, K. Weismann, I-I Burkhart, J Harsch C Kudlac W Windisch JUNIOR GROUP A IDENTIFICATION Fxrst Row left to nvht Second Row Thnrd Row I R. Hengelsburg, K. Tevis, J. Dees, J. Long, R. Strauss, J. Pace, J. Leibold, E. Dax, J Frole, J Schuster, F Spreng, J Rlce, E BaIkovIc, H McGInn, D Depp,W Graham, R Kutruhs, W Deluca, R Schaper, G McGough, A Panza J Flaherty W Pfouts, J Konala T Monhenm JUNIOR GROUP B IDENTIFICATION FITS! Row I-eff lo fight Second Row ThIrd Row D Mushenhenm, R Messnano, K Wenxel, M G Sperl, J Fuchs, M Smokovuch, S Trybus, W Roos, J Becker, N Scanlon, D Mnhm, Rusw, K Gaeffnefv M Walsh, J UPPIIIUIPS E Suchma, R Beclu, J Wavner, J Fmn, R Zahren Page Fffteen I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I ' I ' I I I - I I I I I I I I I . , I I .ww . .4' JJ. Y 1 I - I - I ' I I I I ' , I I I I I ' H I ' I I - I J I - I I I V I f J . , Norfh Cafholic High School THE PITTSBURGH TRANSIT PROBLEM Contmued from Page 14 txafflc demands But thexe are a few mmol pxoblems The maJo1 one ev1 dently IS the money It would cost a foltune to bulld such a system Some type of loan would have to be ap pxopnated to a1d the county 1n th1s plan A bond ISSUE of some type could be floated No matter what 1s done 1n the begxnmng the c1ty IS set fox the next fifty yeals O1 mole and besxdes that It does pay for 1tself The Cleve land opexatlon fo1 example put old stxeetcars flom the c1ty stleets under gxound The tlams come 1n loop at a telmmal bulldmg and go out Let us hope that th1s dxeam may be come a reahty 1n the near future The Plttsburgh that IS planned now IS one Page Szfvteen wlth parks and tall buildings stad1ums and lecxeatlonal facxhtxes It could be one wlth an up to date modem t1ans1t system wlth plenty of 1oom for futule EXDRDSIOD It all depends on whethel Plttsbulgh Wlll fox a change show fo1es1ght ln th1s pressmg tlanspolta tlon ploblem and lf the new T1ans1t Authoxlty takes advantage of the op These people ln Cleveland ale glven excellent SCIVICB w1th low fales The people thexe cannot affoxd not to take the Rapld Txanslt caxs By bemg of such quallty the system makes money yeax aftel yea1 and 1n the shoxt txme that 1t has operated lt has pald fol ltS8lf Let us adapt th1s ldea to Pltts bulgh THANK YOU This Issue of the HISTORIA IS due largely to the efforts of John Lelbold 4Ed1torJ Robert Schap fer lAss1stant Edltorl Dennls Foley and Gilbert Gray tArt Work! Joe Frederick lProofread mg? Jlm McG0ugh lTyp1ngJ atlon IS also due to the school ad mmlstratlon who encouraged the proJect the members of the His tory Instltute who helped to fl nance lt and the dnhgent and pa tlent prmters of the North East Breeze who showed valor and co operatnon far beyond the call of duty ' '- , - - . portunity afforded it' and Tim Stein lPhotosJ. Appreci- ' . . . ' I ' ' - 4+-,f-.G . M5554-14 -1- 3,4 EIS - -'--.1-? . l-'1, ,I-K4

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