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 - Class of 1956

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4...- ,,-. UR WURLD ACTING tlrrrfugh lll1lV6'fSl1f clmrzly "How long will men confinue 'ro wi+hdraw Hwemselves from +l1e saving liglwl' of flie Resurrecfion and persisi in expeding secur- iiy from 'the deafhdealing explo- sions of new fools of war." . . . Pius Xll. PEACE as shown in the l l , l l , , l a l . , l 5 s 2 i 5 l l V Q ' north catholic high school pittsburgh - pennsylvania w Y,f" 'Q X '?+f. if P f ,M ,. J W- W....... p V-,fy - ---..-k...-Y.,:......f, f ....,.. ,,m,,,?,,,,..,. .,T,.A... 9... ,,,..,. ,., . ...., ,W ,. , ,g - -WW iw ,.,, M-., . Q e 3 2 If 1 5 f 4-Wbvlvf' Kr fu wwmff - .Q f I if TW xigffer Living in an afomic age we can see fhe beneficial effecfs of a greaf power, fhe afom. Chrisfians feel an ever greafer influence, namely, afoms of grace. Norfh Cafholic, wifh ifs many opporfunifies for frequenf Confession and Communion, daily visifs fo Chapel, and religious assemblies, can become a powerhouse of spirifual growfh. Through co-operafion wifh fhe Mysfical Body our school life af Norfh can sef off a "chain reac+ion" which would bring frue Chrisfian peace info fhe lives of all men. - - -TQWAIQD INDIVIDUAL AIXID WCDIQLD PEACE 5- 53,4 . .-2 H51 ' '- 1 1-., f-2 e '- ,LW 9, 4. ,M I xx Y 1 W 2 ' ,,.f.. f' 5:2115 , ,A ' ,f 'T A9 f A5-'nj ' , 'S , 5, ,J h u, , :ft ' H . . ' , , W A H 1 4 H A 7.7 ', ' . fi-I ' X ' -x 'A ' f H aft z ,Q '- , 'wr A ' fe , , ,... , , . , ' 1 af-ff. mnffi, V X , A. A A L shi A W f Y ff .,1 4 ' X ,. ,L , Y, nfl , h . ,- f 4 4 R , ' -WK . ,.- f ff g ' zz :.:Q!'f?f ' 1 4 1 A 5 I , Q , or-sd' i? fi u sadfg ' md A Dwfzmfcd in . Brother Thomas Schick SM years as a Broiher of Mary our vxce prnncupal Brolher Thomas Schick can lusfly be called an aposlle of lrue Chrrshan educahon Smce lhe orofessron of has nrsf vows Brofher Tom has laugh? In Cleveland New York and In Plffsburgh Spendmg erghl' years of has rellgnous lrfe as a mnssronary rn China he relurned lo leach +hree years ai Chammade rn New York before comrng +o Norfh Calholrc He hhen soenl a vear obfamlng hrs Mas+ers Degree an Scrence from Cafholrc Umverslly Refurmng +o Norih an l948 he conhnued ho mshll lhe asoecls of Chr slran educahon lo all of Norlh s s'ruden+s He pres enlly holds +l1e posrfrons of vrce prmcrpal leacher of physrcs dlrecfor of achvrhes and Presldenh of lhe Diocesan Scrence and Malhemahcs Teachers Assocuahon Grafefully fhe sensors of Norfh Cafholrc would luke lo commemorale lhrs sllver lublree of has rellgrous life by dedrcahng 'lo hzm lhrs 56 Trogan A 'fellow Brooklynrfe Brolher Roberh Schuelem cormgralulahes Brohher Tom 6 'Sf' -1 ,wr 4.0" as ,UW H ag, BY THE LIGHT CDE Tl-IE IQESUIQIQECTICDN HAS GIVEN US TCDQLS EGR PEACE ---- f' '- f' L., 5 I 1 ,, 1 K: 2 1 'I v g Q r f ,NJN f ,x ,. f Z "fm f- L N - L 'fx 'Nw f 1'-L, E I -, I-., z...., E . 'EX' Xl ' 6 5 W... f' L v x-N 1, .--L'h' 1 fif -.s"X e.-fs",-5'-S LN 'IPX' X J xl E Ent ,O N 4 ' ' aff I5 f-X 3 .Z , V 5" vyb. ,Q Q U Y ' E E42 4, 3 . ' I '5 N ?"l'l" Q 'HW ,, .4 Q, ,Q -wa" . ,, au, V l a Q "4'F V' it 'wif . T : . . ,f 3. rl' gv N r 2 fs, an W y ,.1, N ' ' 1,1 13 -W' 4 ' ,, if ' .- i r y an Q Tj' A-"' 7' V ' i I ,, ,. ui ,Fa -if - if 12 as i Jw Q ' I 9, ' ' is "4 - . . U' f "i I 3' ' 1- ' 1 ,Q 1 4 . .r M 'Q' - as WSW, if fr ,J-v as 49 3 'ff M . x , Q.. 4,1 no Yi s. .. Sli l i lux 4' QM' ' 3' A .an lx it of E6 V - rr' 'Q ' f 'nl up ' f' , , . ' M - a 24.7 qv, J t- vm r ., ' "Y .ne 4 ' 1 1 ,j Q' , A 5 ' iw 3, 1 fe divx iw . N' ' "" V ,. s Q 'M' l i all all r 1, , . A X i.: .. L i -gl . r 2 A peace oblained by only a use of alomic powers is lemporary and incomplele. Lasling and worldwide peace can be reached only 'lhrough universal charily which unifes all in lhe Myslical Body of Chrisf. Universal peace musl' begin wilh 'lhe individual. ln sharing Chris'r's life we musl be powered by grace-ATOMS OF GRACE. Only when we are al' peace wilh our- selves, living Chris+'s life as He did, can we hope io allain peace. - TP-IRQUGI-1 MARYTH MEDIATIQIX CDF ALI. GRACE M , , 1 KIQ- 4 1 fx lf , K . ' ei- fi". - ff' 1 vita. in l S"'w ,Like-be iw- . Wig six' 3, A 8-an ,WJ gf: .V,: Q ag of l All aclivilies a+ Norrh Ca+l-xolic presenl' fhe oppor+uni+y 'ro influence orhers wi+h 'lhe life of grace in us. ln our spor+s, acfiviries, and schooling we are 'Faced wifh 'fhe challenge of 'lransmi++ing lo our fellow sludenfs our Chrisf-cenlerecl characler. Knowing 'lhal' only lhe union of all in grace will procure everlasling peace, we musl' assume our responsibilily of remaining loyal fo Chrisf. Afomic-Power planl being buill' al Shippingporf, Pa Courlesy: Duquesne Lighf Co. S? it-ni it--f I gi 5 x 'u' . .-nu .' -'--x . 1 H -f- r ' 2.54:-9jzff'0'3 ', 1.-ar., 17162, ,, . Laiiii. .1 A V I, DMINISTRATIUN During our four year slay al Norih Calholic lhe mem- bcrs of 'rho adminislralion have presenlc-d +o us knowledge of fhe Saving Lighl of Grace. These men, Through The supernalural influence of lhe Holy Spiril, have encouraged us fo praclicc- rho greales+ ol Chrislian virlues-Charify. Realizing +he universal emphass on a+ornic warfare, 'rhe faculfy has conlinually slressed lhe need of harboring ,he life of Chris? in our souls, fha? il may ever acrivale us. Look who s lwerel Silence is golden! 11111111 l-2112111191 e NIU 331 ill H MB W1 W Jusf like Mo+her used 'fo make. ,wa-0-Ui, 'fp sa His Holiness Pope Pius XII ,K xljfl E C Q, 1 ffmg 'fe :ewes M 'fe Ecceseyfa cfs? 's - ,I ' A A QA AAA- Zen,-,Q ACG Digi XM H-C ani- N45 A ee, - - V , i , A. J,-,. . , . ' f ' L ss: M asesemawf "ese'.fr'sCf fs ' .- AA AAAAAA A 1 .A ' " C23 'Q' "6 3. -:-: :C ,sife " u:':S 'T f, .NK sg e :1 :':-s exe? 35 feaes , FsQ"ea':v Y A ,- ' 1 s 5 Qefcs Q' so Jexe is 5 cas' -.ear Hs .X F: 'ess 'sniffed ine pfff ,gs Q? off- K X .A ce , sg mfs 5' Q' 'Q -cs ce. X A, , 'T sill I . , , J. 4. e - ,l Wifi ., 1. . ,, 44' .gl , W 'J 4, fm, Most Reverend Coleman Francis Carroll, D.D. Titular Bishop of Pitanae and Auxiliary to the Bishop of Pittsburgh Aiding Bishop Cearden 'n The spiriiual dreciion oi ihe oiocese of Piifspurgh, ihe ivlosi Re-vereno Coleman Francis Carroll also serves as pasior oi Sacred l-learl parish. Through fhe parish high schoc in Easi Liperiy, Bishop Carrol has beiriendeo many oi Piiisburghis Calholic high school siudenls. Norihmen have been impressed by Bishop Carroiis congenial conversalion. l ,ESQ l'ff"'i I o !UJ,U I ' g,,.u:-.if- g ' f ,fir ig xg H il X liifg . '. J, t :ggi 5 v A Bishop Carroll wiih A. ' Zanon a doch. nd W. Mur- Very Reverend Monsignor Thomas I. lluigley, Ph.D. Aller serving as Superlnlendenl ol Carh- olic Schoos in lhe Pillspurgh Dlocese for The pasl snfleen years, lvlsgr. Quigley has now rellnqulsheo hls posl as Diocesan Super! lnlenoenl ol Schools lo Farher McDowell. Msgr. Quigleyls zeal lor fhe adyancemenl ol academicr religious, and cunural slans dards An Calholic Schools is sncerely appre- ed oy h arlhlu o lh Drocese Through lvlsqr ulgley lhe Musarl club was eslaplrshed rn lhe Pnhrsburqh Calholrc Schools and ln many droceses lrrouuhoul lhe counlry Reverend Iohn B Mcllowell PhD Diocesan Superrntendent Assrshng Msgr Qurgley lor rhe pasr 'rhree duhes ol Superrnlendenl ol Calholrc Schools rn December I955 To rnsure lhe smoofh run nrng of The Calholrc School syslem Falher McDowell nnarnlarns cose conlacl w lh lh school aufhormes Nor+h s sluoenls wrll re member Falrher lvlcDowells edrlorral con cernrncj rhe gracirng syslem ol 'rhe d ocese l I cial ' l e of ' l l e ' . I , l I years, Falher John McDowell assumed Jrhe . 1 ! Y lg e Every Trojan will remember lwis lirsf day al Norlli Calliolic wlien Broflier Fred l-larfwiclw, our prin- cipal, orienfed lwim +o flie re- sponsibililies of liiqli sclwool life. A s'ruden'r cannof help admiring flue qualifies of Broflier Fred: during flue course of a day lie can be found sifling in on a class, olfering helpful advice 'ro a slruq- qling sfudenf, or praising a slu- denf for some aclriievemenl. P Q l N C l l- llllllllllllllilllllllllllili 0 3 '-'rv Zl VIQEPRINCIPAL s: : .-. , 'A 5 J ...-' Tne oo CT Vee-Prnehpeah we Jes o reef Cowes' fvn if -4 - 1, ---- , , . , . , 5" 'f" 'fi- shuoerrs emo Tne senoazig prooews confronfng Tneni 2' jf -- Keeplng We schooh wnnng We a pfeelson ffreplecer L - Brdrer Senor :nos rls scroo ofay engrcsseo In fne TGSCVTY - ing of pn,fs?cs fo ere senforsh hne Qreckfng of ehhenderceh :Z and fne nneinrafnlng or disclpnne. A+ nneehnnqs of hne Sfudenf Councn Brofner Torn oxers advice concerning Jrne business af nano, and ufrequernfy encourages ine counclf ho sponsor various socief hondions. Brother Thomas Schick, S.M. ,gang 'WUI Father William Crenner, S.M. CHAPLAIN Direcflng 'me re igious acfiyilies al Norlli Calnolic, our Cliaplafn, Fallier William Crenner, lwas assisled Troians since l954. Fallier Crenner beslows llie blessing ol Qur Lady ol Viclories upon lne sludenl body al all assem- blies and rallies. Spirilual Co-ordinalor ol llie So- dalily and leacher ol religion lo llie juniors and seniors are among luis many dulies. May llie Divine leaclier granl lwim llie grace lo conlinue noble laslr ol Spirilual Direclor. The office of Falher Crenner a fan 'ar :a:e':"s::es'-:en's fn, 'ssoana 39115 C' C'ZC EMS 'Cavan' 'Q i'T6f' ang: may Wes, B' Mzlxla awe' C'e-Me' s--'n 'Q 'ave H5 EFFICIENCY STAFF Bro. Walier Baumeisier, S.M. Mainfenance Engineer. Mr. McGinn confers with 'rhe school secrefaries. Mr. Howard McGinn Engiish 4. . . Guidance. Mrs. Frank Brace Secreiary fo Vice-Principal. Bro. Frank Meder, S.M. Cafeferia Mrs. Berneffa Prince Secrefary io Principal. Bro. Joseph Morih, S.M. Shorfhand 4 . . . Business Honor Socie+y. Through our srudies al Norfh Caiholic we have ac- quired a well-rounded Chris+ian educafion in which The Life of Chrisf has been exlolled. ln our educa+ion we have seen 'rhe source of an ac'rive spiri+ual life. We realize 'Phe neces- sify of virfue, in par+icular, charify and iusiice, bo+h individu- ally ancl universally. Our educalion has become for us a vi'ral par+ in our blueprinf for universal peace. Names of scholars posfed on honor roll. Keeping abreasf wiih new mefhods of educafion Bookworms frequenf library. ii r H Wi, The sllde rule greal rrwoorlan e re eng neermg ns adequafely covered in flue alge- bra course Loqarm rmms +l'we prwcrple of Me sl de rule are also +augl'1+ and are were apo ed +0 +ve rule ofJ Arm L Weber L Domenclc and R. Nussbaum. CUE ACADEMIC PRQGRAM Through careful guidance and Cl-ge" exf:er'Me"a'c'w many s:Ief"f: feds aspea' +0 We sw-er'1Ts'r,' siaefi l-lere. T. OLear-,f R. Meyer, R. Mek- fs er' ang R. Mcocwee ooera'e i-5 wlgrogerf gas geverazor. rv 27 Tl-IE CDIQBIT CDF Typing agilify Is gained +hrough everyday prachce by A. Ohm and J. Krupa In the fron? row. In The back row are V. Wuklfs and J. Piafek. The physical laws governlng maffer and Hs achons are Wearned In +he sfudy of prac- iical physics. Experimenfaflon makes for a be++er undersfanding of 'rhese laws as in The experimenf on pulieys being worked by F. Hiergelsf and R. Richard. K 1 .4 Fr, ii XJ ,Q , 1' 5 1 'fi s ml ' Ms Q f 9 , 3, f 1 1 N v dm' R., , 'x 2 I frfw A V M , X.: six' 'al 1 i Q ' 4 2 2 f ii , gin 6 Q, flg I L. ""' f 11 A 4, " 2 x I ff 'F . 1 ' 1, u ef gg 2 I 1 A Q L ' I v 5 fe if K A . f b! Q n , ' KTA., 3. , .f ,A U . I f G K , ff f' ' 53 X . ,f ...v-' iiffw 'f has-n...M.fW. N-., N f ,K - , x ., if x Kwik Z f 3 '. J Q .L "w'-53:2 iv,-1: Q' . Ali, 1 ,: . f . My ,'HM.,,,'g 31 1 If A I WE SEARCH AND Work on coniuga+ions facfifafes R I'-'I Lafin framdaflon for M. Szykowny and P. Vaughan. -14.3 S D-J' 6' 1-1--df" 1 Y' Plays covered An fie Verafure Se-:How of 'Ee Engfsh program provide enjoyabfe sfudy for E. Gofdefl, J. Hlfe, D. Hocevar, J. Haugh and D. Goe'rz. Proper seff expresion gaineo fmsugh Eng Ish wlrl be of gre-af fmpovance +0 Tomorrow! leaders ga 1, Q M219 TCD GAIN KNCDWLEDGE 1 1 1 4 x I Z Mm 'V' up X Discussing one 0' 'He mam Vcoerfs of devwccfacy, he wmporfanf probham Wfs, afe G. Marek, W. Sayers, R. Ma':15, M, Tyfer and G. Hoff- The hisiory of Amer caf ra roads cerq :msec oyJ.Mal1ck, R.HLmkeNe ana W. Ffcln Is reiafed to The Awwedcarw Wafer, course. , ' , in 6 A li . r 4-, ..,u.f'4'f"' ...aid R. Smola and J. McGraw vnew me o1o1oqydepaf"- mervs vhqal dd, The plasflc mam. Q 4 n TI-H2 fhe up +o dafe mecinanical drawing de- paf'rmen+ Norfns siudenfs become ac quainfed wifn drafting fimdamenias. Here V. S45-'gerwaid and E. Beran dis cuss a probiem concerning an oriho grapnc pfciedion. knowledge of are mecnanics gained by R, i'ieifY', a'd J. Driscoii, wii give +nern a grea' aavan+age in fodayk machine age. GI-1 EXPERIMENTATICDIXI S 'YH i Q -57 ,Mil ,W w 7 if Ji. ..,l:,l WE PRQGRESS - - - J. Vaughn and J.S1a der e'i3,f b'secff'g a By applying We Lexfccz? 'Q chews F. Nebe' and T. Zeng ci 9F gain a geornevfcai acufe ancje. mcfe fiwcrcpgn have-age 05 Pemzy veni 1'3+cf,', .4 -,,,....,..,,., ' i - 1 0' 1" Besides providing Qcngffucive cxercige 'ne r1',sf:afedu:e'4c" prcqram ne'o5 +0 esfab- Hn Cff'L1i7T5'.CF and 'eafw 'ffffif In 'we shicent. This 'iff ci Teamwork E, affained wnrougn, cnrnpeifff-we grsup gameg such as basicefbaf, soffbafi, vdieybai, dodge- oaw, and ioofba i. ii. - UNTIL ALI. CDUR CALCLJIJXTIGIXIS 1 1 kites? -X - Ar?-minded W. Bagmafo and J. Hein- aqer pfouoiiy pu+ The ffnisofng Touches fo Thek mosaics. Showing slides bearing German con- jugafloms are C. Lebc and G. Plum- sky. PRGVE WEVE SUCCFFDFD YQ, ' e fffffk fifif Q1 I f H 'FNS age of G:!j'Q-FQ 55Te':e Hfgcwomefry grows In imporfarwce. T15 gmoee' Q rdrq a zoeeffic career is equipped wI+h Hue know!- eage Ma' we asgure ffm 25 :uccess In ms par+Icu1arfEeWd. Here J. '4 'fe S. Geek and R. Zeke Und We Oscflfoscope a pracfical epsbafcrw 3? 'we sfoe cwve. han lhe edu lhe OUF The +he The LASSES . .. Realizing fha? lhe fulure of Norfh Calholic lies in +heir ds, The underclassmen have diligenlly pracliced fo mee? high sfandards of our school in her role of Chrislian calor and characler builder. The sluclious freshmen, spiri+ed sophomores, and +hc maluring iuniors follow in sfeps, bequealhecl a herilage buill on Chris?-likeness in individual. The acceplance of lhis herilage will assure fulure leaders ol Norlh Cafholic success in' achieving ideal of fhe school and of lhe world. . 2" Well you see, Dad, I was Seniors enjoy eafing ouf. 0-Q, PD 45' 14 4 How's my credit Bro+her? .aim -v ..-Q -v A, - ,Q -S,,gf41'Mf1 1--if Q' ,A ...fav afgjg ' w . -f Wirh fhe maiorify of irs class planning ro enier coi- leqe, 'rhe senior dass of IZA ends iis lasr year ar Norrh wifh six four year honor sfu- denfs. Along wifh These, eighi ofher boys ciairned honors during Their senior year. The ouisfandinq afh- leres were A. Babicica and L. McCabe. The class officers were J. Giunfa. H. Diefrich, W. Murdoch, and F. Leiboid. Adding hurnor To Jrhe class were H. Diefrich, J. Miiier, R. Casreilo, and S. Susie. From' row: J. Sjferg: V, Seg- ewad, D. Yaicsfic, R. Sign F. D'e'rA:'. Second row: R. rifame' f-'. D'e'f':n, S. Spf E. Befan, J. Bader, Third row: F. Le-loco, D Vfefetk F. Werges' J. Scnoeoc- 'er D. R':?e. Fourfh row: S. Laf Seca. J. Vfzia., L. M:CaM, T. Ewhg A. Baobsa J. Corso". Fiffh row: D. Acoe C. Byrrei R. Zege J. Wa ,, R. Renard, R S.-fczeff-'. Sixfh row: N. Snadazh, ff. Ma eu, S. Ni' er J. M:Na V, J. Nfer' NV. Mudccn. J. Soma. Las? row: E. Kamik L. McCabe C. Bdnef, F. Vide, J. Ce ence: R. Cas'e,:, J. Sfeiankc. Bro. Frederick Hiehle, S.M. 12-A IZA . . . POD. 4 . . . Yearbook ...Pno Moderafo grapwy . . . Sodaiffy Froni row N Scnerd V Ranallr A Srrnon W Gerry D Bar e D Ke nedy E Chapman Second row C Race G e an e o K no D Byrnes Zarewsk Third row J Wagner R Gregory P McDon n R con O ara C ado R V lr Four row B Bagqc S Rornoacn T Sperandeo W Sreee A Z n n F Drzyrnlcowsk R Knilrneyer Lasf row A Munro a cnw rnoe er H 'errnar Se red Havrng Tnrshed rhenr sray ar Norrh rhe class of IZB wrll carry In rherr hearrs rnany memories of The pasr four years The presrdenf of rheur hnal crass was S Rombach and hrs ards were R Schwarn berger Z Zalewslfs and N Scherd Mr Lawrence Roche found hs class very achve nn sporrs espe crally foorba' Four boys played on 'rhe Troran Squad Keepnng rhe class happy were P McDon ough and D Kennedy Mr Lawrence Roche n A geora During fhelr fines years ef Norfh, IZC, under fhe quid- ence of Mr. Joseph Hnneh chose as Hs dass officers J. Laughlin, K. Vogekzy, R. Chorbe, and C. LeEx. The oufshanding s+uden+s were G. Marek and F. Frenkovich. A+hle'ncs was e nsusf in IZC. and I+ dalnwed four boys fo Hs held. The nonsense was supplied by A. Novak and R. Chorbe who won lrhe fines of dass comedians. Fronf row: Q. V: 3. Sin'- :'5:' V. v. 3. 'fe ee F. Fenw- ':'. Second row: J. Laugh A ffl. .Rf K-Ai..'I L. Woes 552 Third row: ... 3' if-' 'iff' Q. Civ: S Q: C. Four+h row: 5. Cone- 1A'E 3. Q. X 'ee v. R-'QG7'i 1. Jzgee. R, Vans. Fif+h row: Q Mefkevfn J. La . ff. Sauefs 2. S'e'.e'f NJ. Xl'6""iEIi 3. Fix' Nao. Las? row: L. Zf':..EE T. 5 eg Q of-W E 4+-s 2 Av .,w,.-J . V. JG. . Fare A. No.9 Mr. Joseph Hmel A 12C . . . Eng ?sn 4 . . . Bookseeo fng 4. 12-C In saying goodbye fo Norrh Jrhe sensor class of IZD wrshes o rernerr ber Hrs hnal Teacher Brorher Leo Murray who supphed rnany Ideas fhaf wr!! be helpful fo fhenn +hVOUQl'1OUJ' hfe The class OHICGVS were R Rooney and J Harney and fhe gokers were J Keller and T Lydon The afhfehcj deparrnnenf obrarncd Hee se yuces o1CJ Harney on fhe foofbaf' fearn The Hono RoH was decorafed w+h he names of V Pran+W N Lechwar E Kopala andJ Harnnn Froni' row R J k Second row R McCarran Thlrd row J L if a ou e e y N o K Fourfh row T Brahuf R W d R Adarne z row P G oe U oa C u e rzywa R zx C5 S yde J Ehrenberger N Lechwar R Yosr C a y J a r w ar e ra R Kre we lc J Rooney K Worfe A Funk T a M Ludwg C Jordan P Rooney Bro Leo Murray S M Rehg on 4 S :Ja Nooeraror . + I . . V ' t ' ', na... N' .Hy . r f Y 4 I 2 J 0 f : . 52251, J. Vieira, R. Afze'o'e, T. Cafe, E. f:n'n':'+, C. R352 J. Hannrn, S. Shogan. : S. ' V Tregky. G. Szhefo' L. Sorefer, R Kreufzer, T. Lydon, JN. hy'!C, SCRMACL. . 4 . I 1 . ujfsh, , Tfexoof ,fy Sensei, R. OR fk , J. K ief, XV. Qs a ,R Ken, R. ane. : . , , . S ', . . 1, V T. Cosfa, R. Kaczmarek, OR. Fischer, D. Kllr, E. Kazaa. Fiffh :. ofNn,T.DFF3, .Hn,T.G" :z,J. ud XE, . n r, . , . , . , . I Ke if , .LCP-e. L sf o :J. H n y, V. P NT, . Lech- Vna' r, T. Kryiins Y, . , . , . , .W y, 4 Q . 1 I . I 'A is V ' V 3 if rf, jf S x 1 -R s . ' 5, 5 .. -- . f L. , . f . J ',' . 5 K N k . P 4 , , X V he 1 I 5: ' , 1 I f , 4 Fronf row: N. M:Key"5 J. 'Neh- erer, T. Baleslrehe, J. Koofz, G. Jalapoan Second row: D. VA:- 'zra J. BJ"lnlfC, J. Rihard, P. McCann, C. P'e'ru:f'3lr'. Third row: P. Wo: M. Byrfe. D. lf er, J. Camrnarafa, R. Mya. Four+h row: P. Lukdlc, E. Joi: J. Ran- oazzo, A. Pe+'a':::'a. F. Neuge- pauor R. Whflerz. Fiffh row: P. Semper' E. ffnem J. Lf:'auer, J. Baurnqarlrer, R. McDonald. E. lvlazzuccl. Six+h row: R. Brugge- 'rrr L. Shiva P. Sea", J. Buff J. Anearr P. Ba Pe,. Sevenfh row: B. Enya J. Swner B. Sera? M. Qlclarz, J. Foley, F. Sffeerey. D. Murrfy. Lasf row: P. Mft? J. Nnormy, C. ffngle, F. Langfon, D. Baragzaf. 3. Brow. S. Terra.. Wirh Thelr Turure before rhern, The class of l2E can loolc back on ils final year wilh The lrnowledge ol True guidance under Brolher Daniel lvloolc. They can also remember The eiqhf honor sludenfs +ha'r rhey produced and The Tour Toofball players. Their our- slandinq baslnelpall player was G. Brown. The class orch- cers were D. Vlclorla, lf. Wll- helrn, J. Welherer, and R. McDonald. lvlalnlalnlng rrFrrh and connedy were C. Srnlglel and J. Wherlhy. L'x Brofher Daniel Mooclc, S.M. X 2E . . . Sseecn T . . . PCD. 4 Eno"1n2 . ..A+-le': Moser- roni' row R NVU oe J H 'wman N Herze F Wew e D Bug rf R Habevnaw W F ewlcrs Second row J Wake HOW W GT 'vo T lr ow T o 0 5 F Kcme e A Pav lc J Redfeuf Fourih 'V 'W F row D Las+ row a W a VVMH four yea s heh md +heW1 +he cess of 'ZF can con back vffh +Fe feeung Thaf +Fe f+V'G was wefl spenlr The ogneers of Thus dass were W Q Me my R xmam K 1 and P Cowon Bro+Fe F4enry Se++e feumd H 5 cbss J dusfmous and e+Hehc wxHwfouf boys on +he honorreH and T Bros ndsch and F VVe'and omfhe Tmwam Eeven W Froew ch and R Zemc mamfamed Hee r hfes as cJass1okers durnng fhSlVIdSf year '09 Bro Henry SeH'er S M 2 ea A QQ y M CJ F : . F We . of , . f, . 'dl r, . f . . . , . ' . fe ld f. 1 . N , J. Dice , T. Reewcz J. Dawes' Qld VV. Q M ew. J. B"cef, B. Cc H' d r : . Br SGWJLSCLW, F. Bfe key, VJ, Nike, . . ', C. Low , . If , , N ,, ff 1 'Q'-': C. Eface J. N eeee' J. ULTZQ, L. Be.ef R. He , F. X Ne' F. we ies P. CQ' :'. ifih 2 F. Y"":1, P. . Bess' N. Begry: J. S'e'fee' R.Ze'J1,D.Ne'sS.S,l.:f'vc. - : R. Keefe F. Jafaezek. J. Help new P. RCW. R. Stekmee P. Sveoe N. Nice, . Fr ue'p"es. . , r . . yy , I I i 1 . ,. . . , 1 , , , , ,. ,, he m . Sfocf , R. GGFVT, . J . . r . r R 'rw ' u e' D Q X . I2F...LaHn2...fXf+, - --N - - U -N ...Y focal... "CPN ' , J , ' , J, ' I 5 Seca f' 3 'e'a'e'. IN Tl-lE ATGMIC CDRBIT Bro. Ma'Hl1ew Hillen, S.M. Religion 3 . . . General Business 2 ...Business Maln 3. Bro. Roberl' Schuellein, S.M. Algebra 3. Bro. William Faclrovec, S.M. Religion 2 . . . Librarian. n I Mr. Leo Gallagher Lalin l ...German 3. Mr. Walfer Lease Bro. Eugene Morrissey, S.M. Geomelry 2 . . . Triqonornefry 4 American l-lislory 3 . . . Religion . . . Solid Geornewy 4, 3 . . . l-lislory l-lonor Sociely Boolcslore. Bro. Faclcovec preoafe 'Q pay ns newesr recorcl For Bro. Morrissey ana Bro. Scnuellein. Bro. Charles Gausling, S.M. IIA . . . Chernislry 3, 4 . . . Sosa J' ily Moderaor. l . .-. Il The class of I IA, under The guidance of Brolher Charles Gausling, slrove lo lead Ihe Junior Division in all aspecls. Their inlrarnural record was unnwarred all season as lhey Ioolc Ihe division champion! ship. The class wilh live honor sludenls chose as ils ollicers R. Gallagher, lvl. Dougherly, R. Gaerlner and W. Mchlally. The Trojan live claimed M. Dougherly and The loolball squad apprecialed The serve ices of R. Gallagher, lvl. Dougherly and R. Gaerlner. Fronl row: J. Banasla f IN. Bene zfngef. R. Gaeflner, T. Gcrai. E. Bram. Second row: N. Dau E. Vue J. Eder. R. Ooyif' D. Ifafi':. Third row: ri. Kane' E. Legggf, J. fvin. R. Quran JJ, Sc 3. Fourlh row: R. Ga agner L. Neoe' L, Fade. R. Kifz er D. Iv' e' J. 3e'C':?. Fif+h row: T. D'S'aQ:'n: R, Mom A. Ifefe' C. Ca"r"'a'a'a S. Sixlh row: '.'. Dgugrefr W. 'rf:'Qa . R. Gaefmer J. Bfqrne R. Eder, R. 3133. Las'r row: R. Nuxeaufn L, Defnefdi R. Sreewfoeo R. If re 5. Erin: ff. l-I. get n+ row F lA C G a, J Bowe D Lerle n o 1 Second row G nr Tl C C Bred D Bauer W Tlmrd row o 1 Q Fourih row R E de U Lasf row l-l :Je a T Be Energercendlulolv r1eQassolllBun er The able leederslwrp ol Mr Edward Nelderlander elecred E MCC uslrey ro fre Sludenr Councll l-lelp :ng lmrn ID lns Cass roorn dur es are R Bowers Vrce Rresrdenf F Connalaro Secrerary and R Elder Treasurer Prevenrrnq boredom from serllnq rn were J Gross and J Cron n wlwo epplreo Jrlwerr anhcs and Tones ro srlualnons nn lrrre ol need Tlwe oursrandunq lwonors srudenrs were T Brenner J Cosla and J Bower xe- Mr Edward Nenderlander ee Trola News Madera' r Munslre Fro : . V 2 :uf . Cl our , r, , l r, R. Boo? le, B. Leonard. J. Cofa. : . E I, J, Plfelefn B. Gregory R. oe-r:"e' . - . . . Conor. ' : R. C: . J. Cree" J. Gr .s, K. Kreuer, F. Gweld. F. Cfnalgro R, Connor. : , , r, C. Beclc, L. lofi J. L-liii R, Ga og ,f lf. l-lardraher, D. B rlcnoese. 1 E. VCC .,sle, J. Barmer' R. Jores. VV. Il rnoll J. F' uernoz, D. Be:-re' R. Bowers, . nner. L , E T 1 Ego , ' , d 1 ' n . . . . , . . 1 I 3 . V I n I 'l ' I "1 , r llB...So :nl...Eng'13 , I , l , . L rr -V . V g V i' nw fewMfw'fff"d'f if ' e -Lwi.w-'L H-.-cTf fe Mfbp ivfil pews, love 7Q,g,po1i,,!,,,f. f L , Y. I. f .rec Cc.w..if1JC-L ef fs . f V Ja-fc- ,- LLL, Bro Alan Sprenger S M oa MAGS' '. . i1C...RefgfonJ.'...Larfn3.4 .... SOi Riff c, 512' Fronf row: R. Zappa, NN. Mcmper, T. 0 Lear., J. Vifeaferman, S. O5- cnarilc. Second row: D. XNeis. J. Yoesfl A. Rusaieri, R. Welnzierl, R. S+e'n'ne+z. Third row: B. Wefd- fer. R. Mere" J. Zaremoa. J. Reece. E. Sxgefn. W. iVicEver. Fourih row: J. V:Qeowe. A. Cr- oefico NV. Sefefl. R. SL"gni L. S'a'npf' R. Sc? edenueufen. Fif+l'i row: T. Sefnsicy, R. Vuigris. J. Scanfcn. R. iff6'ZL9', M. Sfaooer. A, Siraqfa. EV. Svcvicn. row: R. Shaw. J, Swanek, J. Smu sw. R. Re' if R, Vlocfjward, A. Yap Vsicf, J. Siem. Wifh Broiher Sprenger as homeroom ieacner, ine Junior class of I IC displayed irs aiiwlefic and sclfiolasfic abiii+y by providing Hue gridiron wiiii J. Smuisici and R. Meineri, and Hfie nonor roll wiriw J. Scanlon, J. Siein, A. Yabionsicy. R. Slreinmeiz and J. Smuisici. The class officers were J. Siein, President R. Meineri, Vice- Presidenig and R. Shaw, Sec- reiaryp and iV1.Srauber,Treas- urer. Keeping ine class liveiy ai all Times were S.Qici1ariic, and A. Onderico. Rariicipai- ing in speeclw and debare were R. Sieinmeiz, P. Reiiiy and J. Siein. Mr Raymond Berg Eng :sh 3 Speech Forensic League During his hrsf year af Norfh Mr Raymond Berg found Jrhe boys of I ID very frnendly and co opera 'rave The presldenf D Lewus was assusfed by P Francis E HoTTman and E Schwarfz The only Too+baT player was M McCar+hy R Hofovec ren dered hus Jralenfs To The Trojan Fuye The Honor Rol clarmed +he names of M McCar+hy and J Marcoly The monkey busuness of E Schwarfz and W Emanuel earned Them The M e oT Q ass gokers Fron+ row C L fn G Q e 1 Wx 'fmc Second row H A u z e' T An a n C Rornoacn If row J C R DeLuc R Beren ourfh row T R T f hwariz P Francus n h 1 rn T Lasf row M C5 e A M V a R Sonwartbauer La e, Froni' row M C e ew U T A A a econd row J R R, 0 e ar row o y a J , J Fourih row -lllif! 4- 1 1 -f 1 i , 5.4" ,ur Faf row P L Las+ row Q at eef es f ees O cers er res C 5 V Q R eswdefwf and R Mc3Ke'w T Secre+efyTreesuref 5 vey cess vmh a O I we C we + a u'1der+Tfe ue of Bro? er 1 0 afms e f es Supp eo by T SUM fav J R uda am R MfKenze The oufsfam nn C e 61,0 vos Mefa W O sew peel 0 CT Tre rec Ewen T Weoer Tobwe Hs pa++e fw of for F6 years and earned a spof as a Tre an Hoopsfer HUF'-f' Bro Bernard Backus S M ,J g 3 Hyg e e I- K A very alhlefic class, Jun- ior F chose as ils officers J. Busholslsy, L. lngram, R. Danilc, and J. lvlaliclc. The loolball players were J. Busholslcy, D. Buchewicz, L. lngram, and J. Kavanagh. J. Bushofslcy also displayed his Talenls on fhe hardwood. Brolher William Hildebrand was proud of his class and lheir Three honor sludenls R. l-lunlcele, W. Eiche ner, and J. Plalelc. Always mainiaining Jrhaf worlc and pleasure go Jfogelher, J. Buclcly, J. Weiland, and C. Milchell won for Jrhemselves lhe lille of class clowns. Froni row: T. Ky e, B. Largior, NV F cw, J. Nia CK R. Crarf er. Sec- ond row: R. Mzfirj., N. Efnoe' A. Kersnne' J. Kruoa J. B.i:lbey Third row: P. Young, R. l-lunlcele A. Ohm, B. Suwvan T. Kafor Four+h row: J. Foof E. Core o, E Lauer, J. U'z, T. Borza, J. Kav- anagn. Fif+h row: J. Ameia, L Vo'a', Gi. Zuooc T. Msenok, D Bucnewicz, M. Ega' R. Esswem Six'I'h row: J. Pa'ek, R. Wefmana R. Danlc, C. lv1"cne'l, J. Wenner J. Busholsip, J, Weiiand. Las? row J. Gavin, R. Decca, L. lngrarn G. Berger, V. Wul4f's, J. Gruber R. Sleinmiler, C. Marsh. Bro. William Hildebrand, S.M IIF . . . Plane Geomeiry 2 Algebra 3 ...Business MaTh3 Px rfpucal gunuor class IIG was acfuve and sn cere rn al! nfs dorng The delegafe ro Jrne Sfudenr Councn was W Se dl The ofner OHICSVS of 'rne dass were P Scnmarr and J Kfevn Heading Hue Q ass dH'J'6'1'IC de-parrrnenr was R Subasuc The our sranarng sruoen+s rn srudues were D Manger W Bro M1chaeIVoelker SM G McnanraDawrg34 QVGVYW German 4 Fo rea! ro -1 and W Serol Bro Mud1ae1Voellcer IIS norneroorn 'reacrw r encouraged Ins class ro am n gn rn an school drwes r nf row W Secon row 'Aa 'TT Third w J L f D W Fourilw row Carna Xa V 9 I row R Seca J Pres W H Par, Me row C S auo R G woe W L R Kc V C Kra R Polak o Wh. Q , ' 1, Q. . f ev f , ,1 I j'ggw.Qf n ' 5 659, K L, 4 f ' x . Q-W" . K - 'fy' 7 5 Y Q il 'sf 'i 53 .K X 1 1 . i The bell Cade Hs ape!!! 31 AJ fit ffm Wi 5 Y x 1 I I rw-'rg A-V "7"'P'1 ,+I . wma A. ,- " I 1,1 sf B' as 'Aiffi P . , fr Hn. . gf Wed ,j A 'Q Bro Joseph Scheuble S M I Q lOPi . . . Refi ion Zi. .i . iSodalify A 9 lvlooerafor. Brolher Joseph Scheible found his class ol IOA very co-operalive. E. Onderlco served as presidenl of lhe class. l-lis assislanls were J. Daood, and J. Robic. N. Brahler and T. Whalen main- lained class spiril wilh a sleady din ol iolces lhrouqh- our lhe year. Sophornore A boasled of having lwelve lirsl honors and eighleen second honors. The loolball learn claimed live players and four boys displayed lheir hard- wood lalenls lor lhe baslcel- loall squad. Fronl row: D. Langer, R. Tyler, S. Cawgo C. Brady, J. B'o'+a. Sec- ond row: J. Carnrnarala, J. Daood, J. B'e"eW'ofe E. Bfano' J. Mc- Graw. Third row: l.. Gaerlner, C. C: 'fs J. Beiler, lvl. Govne l.. E:lcna'o', T. Graocjer. Fourfh row: C. Dffioo E. Onderlo, D. Vifohl- eos' L. Tgooofo, R. Sn.."er', Fiffh row: R. Die-rnerl, R, iW5g'.-gk, R, Rf' and C. Greioa R. Zao- iocf' N. V' nz. Sixlh row: J. S441 K. Rya' N, Branler, T. Brozley J, Fdiia 3: R. S'n:'a. Lasf row: D. lalogfraf V. Benq T, v'i!na'er, N, DeLu:a J. Roofs P. Kenrey, J. Bev' A. Ffoefcn. Fronf row C Gu C Dra Second row A Greoor M B Q Bere a a Ca aqnan T Th rd r w J C Egg Fourih row R Hvn Q V Ba DDe Unoerfh capaob eaderdmp ofBro+herThomas ers IOB p rea +5 f an cu srandrng cassrn a aspecrs The class ohmzers were F Galowch Presr Gen? E Bares V e Presudenf Fx C5reppm becre rary and VV Barren Treasurer The hve sfudenrs +0 caprure honors were C Gushs J Handys de R Frhpowsk: The oursrandrnq afhiefe was F Gale v ch who drspfayed hs rafenrs on fhe qrmdrron The sprmfs of IOB never faHered because of rhe rely rnakers D Bene and R Brennan Bro Thomas Brooks SM a Re gran 2 Lea u Sodal ry Mooerarar Serverb Cub Drama? C ac : . Q"5 H. ex, D. Dahsn. R. per, D. Dress-r. R. C3 'n' J. Asfrfff, : . mf r. Curran, . are ,, D. A. B d f, R. '5 , . Bri,-ui . E o : . area' P.. B. Enrenfexc, F, Gare Min, R. Ff '55,-.,.', E. Ba'e1. N. Barren L. M : . f 'n F. Bef: N . unnwri D. Bnqqg. B. Biaier. B, Bran- D. 3:31. Lasi' row: E, Carke. J. Hanirfse. F, farm: 3 L. Beg' A P5152 C. Baaennez. -. rsfn. D, Delfe, D. Delan. A Bro J . rex JE. el . + . , " J ' H J . 7 . , ic - ' 7 . '. A A r J - . 1 . . I . . Q ' 5 --Q VOB...l.r'n2... fi' '- -5- ...Fefe-nsI: ge... I I 1 s 1 W O hi 1 0 ' i Bro. James Wolan, S.M. TOC . . . 6eo'neTry 2 . . . Aoolfed Mem 3 . . . Boogy 2 . . . Elec- TrTcITy 3 . . . Radio . . . Sodalky Mode'aTor. Fronf row: E. Kem. J. Lowffe. H. Ke'er. R. Lye, E. Lemmon. Sec- ond row: R. Morfs, R. T-luoer, D. Laoghfn, J. Mauro, VV. Mason. Third row: R. Mcfavole, E. MCCLQ- re, C. Lomb, G. McDonough, T. 'T-faooen. FourTh row: R. Kao- j11'W R. Mfiff, R. l-l-:,T5"m5', J. Qcfsz R. KruTh. Fiffh row: A. Leica R. Mafonfalf E. McDan- ao, R. Karapandl, R. Meler, K. N'KaL.s. SixTh row: J. Jesu'af's, R, Isemaw, D. M:Ca'e R. Ke'- farslcy, R. Killmeyer. R. Lblce, T. Maloney. LasT row: F. Ko'rozo E. LBVTTQEVT, T. Koch, J. Mfe'nIcl4E, P. Mlaleck, S. Lrsor, D. lvlcclcen- haupT. The sophomore class oT TOC, under The dIrec:Tion oT BroTher James Wolan, showed The True Trojan spiriT by being well represenTed in aImosT every acTIviTy. The J.V. TooT- ball Team was supporTed by seven players Trom IOC and The baslceTball Team claimed Three hoopsTers, headed by J. Mauro who earned a subsTi- TuTe role on The varsiTy squad. The Cass oTTIcers were R. lse- man, J. Lowrie, R. Llplre, and F. Kojrrozo. The class merry- malcer was T-l. Keller. . '. Mr Raymond Bergman 'T VT Sophornor D under The guidance of Mr Ray Bergman oeserved a promsnenf spof nn The soph onnore dnvnsvon I+ was a progressrve co operahve ano eager class I+ boasfed of havung T Parker as a subs"Hru+e halfback on The Trolan Eleven and four ofher boys on fhe J V squad The class ohhcers were T Pa fer B Schahfold R Ph fhps G Cannafaro Honors were obfauned by hve boys Froni row r'nah:1 NN Hozragel T BaTes L R ao Second row J Gwen 'ofa D Fedean T Parker illlfif TrrowRQ ooFed e v J M R Sofferr D Norder R uarman D Q W Las+ row J Lorenzo 1 Ta G Je ne R Bubar r e E ar TOD . . . Engfsf 2 . . . Soeecn I 9 I T - . . . Asesla T Fo:+oa Coaon. , T T ' - TT T T ' T . T I . rr . . , . I , . . :R Main, J. No H, . T . , . - H A. Neo' S. Qffoffph, . a . : . 3, T, "' J. Afrnfa V. Rafi, D. Ra 3. I , . . 's, , , J. " Pfeuffaf. hid : . Cchahf T f . S 'air J. H aTy, R. N'w'a'e'i J. Vaio? F. Schrangnafner. R. Pnifffps. Fourfh rox: . QGTnfi3, . I , . , . Q , , S. ' i.'q:z', , D -Lefnna' H. ox. : . , D. Pfcifei J, Rfmkus. G. Cawna ro, . -TI Tc, . Th, R. C Do r' ff, . P ks. r ,R X , , J ., , .3 . fx - ' W -T , 'L . ' A K V .L ii 1 , 3 T 'f QL ' C . . L, .I I . Y T : ' , N S - 3? T , I . X 1 5 T . ' T . ' 1 , K, , I . T - 'T' . g RQ L ' r nf row S W V r E S01 A T emo J Vauqnn S cond row N Wu r e gerwaT R fn ky e Thurd row R Scnaoer A S noeoe A Ze ez a en J e Tre C Tu a Fourfh row e o T C a e We Q ra e P Lasf row eeoacner r rna S Ve rnee L Na ace R Ayoooda Brorhe Edy ard Dury was rhe home oorn mod erafor of TOE wh ch boasred of hayunq hve s'ruden+s on The hono roT The C ass orchcers were R Rasma L Wahace R Rurnsky and W ZaTe T-TeTprng break The danfy rounne wnfh Then corny cracks we e W Za e and R Ru a The onTy1coo+balT p ayer was J Zeleznalc F RTavan and L Waliace quahfed for fhe basTcerbaT Team The honor s+uden+s we e Schaper J Vaughn F Rlayan D Sfralca and R Wafers T X Bro Edward Dury S M C9 A " 'Q . E 2 ' 'T A if I . 1 ,H X 2 . xx' 4 Q EX V 8 A 1 , 1 x T 3 y 5 X f lite, in H y Y K Q - J T . A x L V, T I ,1 T 'A vs R, S v Q , I . ' ' KY x1.,.-'M A , , K X ,V I 'rn A. 'D' , x 2 . he 5 f X , ' 1 , y ' 1 IT , X . 1 iii, t . . TT' Th' 'hfvv F o : J. CE'6'O6' J. InkTer, R. og fn, . fed, R. A VVafers, . rr , . ' 1. e : . Ven, J. VVe's, R. Yakfh, R. Sr I A d, . RFU. s , R. Sfclf D. . Russ. ' : . ' . . C' T T, . P Tw. J. V Y' r VV. Zaxe, J. ea". . 5 . : C. Tfzcn er J. S+a ser. B. S fhn , F. P'ava', . S q '. v C. T ant: R. Rulcar D. S' Tc , J. ofefz. : J. ik Une' J. Vorooran R. S- ' , R. Zi s S'e', J. 'oweh , C. ' ' f r, .T T , . A . N, r . T ' . T 'om T .. . el r. ' . I . f TOE...B'oT yi.. ' Y 'hs 49" In The school year of I955-56, The class of IOP: mainrained The True Tradirion of former classes. IT daimed five boys as being honor s'ru- denrs. The dass officers were R. Dornachowski, President J. Donovan. Vice-President W. Dieirich. Secrefaryp and R. Bandi, Treasurer. Fihing The dark hours wiih comedy were W. Diefrich and R. Dayron. TOPS oonfriburion fa The ifoolr- baTl Jreanfi was D. Donarehi. The baske+baTT Team Taid ciairn ro R. Duffy. Froni row: S. Bauew F. 53:61- C. Duff S. Ciba S. D73- Second row: ,. Eceizi C. K 'Q J. C: D. Hoge: R. 1 Third row: Q, Cat' D. ' Dana E. 37' fx Seg- N .. Four+h row: 3. Dinner: .-.' - ff. D557 JJ. Efzz. D1 3"""' R, Cac: 3.3951 Fi'f+h row: Q. 31323-' S. F534 R. Dire. R. fair J. Qi: 5. SE". Las+ row: R. 35'- 3. Eff. 3. H-:A Q. Eailcurn 33? ei D. DQ'- ' J. Ca3o":. Mr. Anfhony Piohowski : TOT: Renmyiv i T'-iii GVM6 iS O ...E'g'5n Mr Joseph Po hmo found lOG a very co opera hve Cass ourmg hrs hrs? year af Norfh Has assls Tarwfs rm rum 'wg a successful class were E Murphy P P oc oo a o C M ebach The pos+ of class com o aw was I Jed Cy J McMahon The honor sfudernrs Mr Joseph Forhno B o ogy 2 Hygre JV Foofbah Coach F o H Ba kefbaH Coach re J Ross J Rozum P Kar lc and M Ro The oursfa omg a+hWe+es of IOS were R Hess and P Poe oo who 'wade rhe ranks on 'rhe J V Poo+ba JFGGVTW Fronf row 5 '5 R Kee M L Second row ar P- M Na B Me s n M coal ur row C M eoa rw Naoy M J h T MQG Wg Fourfh r w P Kemz J T M Huqw Fufih row R Lacher G Newe R e old 'w R s row R Le K Hore R H A McKe ar' Fronf row: R. Rumpfer, W. Cofrer, D. Vogrh, G. Mackey, J. Sharpe. Second row: J. Siamper, E. MTTI- Eron, H. Thomas, C. Brunner, D. Span. Third row: L. SchaeFer, R. S: 'eq R. Snerman, J. Forregfer. T. f'o:ker'. Fourfh row: M. Reihf, T. Murphy, T. Roj'Tc, J. Wlfkow- 11A N. Woadwaro D. Nor. Fifih row: J. Caooec, R. Sfeonick, L. Se 'na' J. Veccno, J. Murphy, R. Cavanauqn. Six+h row: J. Wink- fer, A. DeBa?do, R. Voqef, G. Trau- 'e', R. Sroeckfe J. Rae'ef'er. Lasf row: M, Sofrho, N. Hrach, H. Schrnirr, R. STQWQ. P. Veverka, J. Wild. Alfhough Mr. AI Lesniak conrrolled IOH very well, he could no+ cope wnh Jrhe none sense of W. Corfer and N. Hrach. The class represen+a- hve In The Sfudenf Councif was R. Vogef. His assisfanjrs in homeroom meehnqs were A. DeBaldo, J. Wifd, and T. Rojllc. The "braTn" of IOH was A. DeBaTdo and eiqhr olrher boys Toflowed close by. The J.V. Toorbah Team saw The services of R. Vogel. A, ,,fW!'F Mr. Aloysius Lesniak N EOH . . . Speech I ...Hygiene 1 0 I I 3 . . . General Busfness 2 . . . Varefy Bowhng Coach. 'IZ Bro. Vic+or Brown, S.M. QA. Drive. Ngebra T The freshmen class oT QA was Ted Through Hs inifial year by Brofher Vicfor Brown. This group of sfudious boys produced Tive honor sfudenfs headed by C. Kemper and J. I-Toilis. The class oTTicers were T. Ging, President M. Kav- anagh, Vice-President and C. Kamper, Secre+ary-Treas- urer. The afhlefic abihfy oT This class was shown by T. Qing, M. Kavanagh, and G. O'Brien. The cTass spirif was supporfed by The Timely guips of M. Kavanagh. Froni' row: J. Exfg, G. C Brien, D. Ph'TT'p R T'T TTr an T'-T TyV'i"5 iiiS, . CV, . mf, Second row: A. Me e R. T-ie" en, J. Funk, O. Dw,ef, T. Soudch. Third row: T.. MCC. oug' J. T-Te E3- Tng. J. Zang R, S:i"s R. Maddocif. Fourfh row: E, C: efcn N, See: R. Nee R. Kocn, R. Off. Fif+h row: R. Degas J. F-'Q' ': N, Mol. B. Brunner, R. Fado. Sixfh row: V. Tiroehiiine' R. Enziize.-.3T', L. S'e'n Q. Maker D. Roo: T. Srq. Sevenfh row: F3, Bez? J. Sway if, R. Ra'nTe, T. Cook C. Ca? , R. McKee. Las? row: C. Kemper fx. Dilgfc emo, K, Leg ef R, Swan ron. M. Kafanagn. Fronf row P C A P S cond w T F Third row Q '-4 Four+h row Flffh row Las? row h a v f h O were Pres oe + G Banc Vnce Presuoenf Curhn Secrefary ana R Budznc Treasurer ed fhe dass o1C9B+hrouqh a sa cessful year af Norfh The oursfanofng spor+srnen were P Deurschbauer W A be Th and D Brunner The five honor srudenrs of fhrs hugh spurned class were E Arden R Budzrk F Ferkehc E Fabeny and G Babu: The class rnerry makers were J Folan G Babes and J Frawley 9 Bro Bernard Cramer S M Mooeraf r 6 Baa Bro. Thomas Law, S.M. QC . . . E Mooerah f-C' .1 Fronf row: R. Kello, J. Hollhan, P. Hart, F. Hunlcele, 6. Gross. Sec- ond row: W. Holleln, J. Kane, D. Q-oelz, S. Janaszelc, V. Jalcslc. Third row: J. Hamm, H. Hoffman. L. Kfngensmllh, A. Hanlelnl T, Gola B. Garrffy, Four+h row: J. Joroan R. Geohardf, J. Ha'- oranan, H. Gollefz. J. Kasum. Fif+h row: G. Hagan, M. Hudec. J. lHL.Qlce5'en, C. Haser, R. R':he". Sixfh row: A. Hungerman, J. Harnrn, E. Gllligan, G. Halcher. J. Gannon, A. Froewllch. Sevenfh row: A. Iarussl, E. Hohmann, D. Gaeriner, D. Hoceyar, W. Haynes, J. Huoer. Lasf row: R. Karonski, J. Haugh, R. Holler, F. Gondef, L. Josr, J. Hlle. Under The able leadership of Brolher Thomas Law, Freshmen C complefed Hs firsr year ar Norlh. The class ohlicers were F. Gondell, President J. Hire, Vice-Presh denly J. Hamm, Secreraryg and J. Haugh, Treasurer. J. Haugh represenred 9C on The freshmen baslcerball Team. The loorball players were F. Gondell, J. Hamm, and L. Klingensmilh. The honor slu- denfs were J. Hamm, J. Hu- ber, J. Haugh, and D. Goerz. The comedians of The class were J. Jordan, S. Janaszelc, and G. Hagan. Bro James Mallln SM e Chee eaoers SOGGN f M erafor The class orhcers of 9D were F T-hlrerman R Madugan and J Luiz Under The able guldance of Brorher James Malhn Freshmen B confrubured F T-hlferman and J Melder To The foofbell fearn and R Tussey A Kovacwk J Melder +0 The baskefball squad Thus hugh sprrred class had a rofal of sux boys on 'rhe honor roll The class clowns were headed by F Dennler Froni row F ri 1 Ma no e'+ R M a Tw E Lune Second row V LaBaroera eo a Kowa s Thur row J Maru S nwao D 0 M G Krufn W McCorkTe J Marco! Four+h row Acco f C K arnnner A ers 5 e uno Fnfih row F Denr er A Rowe K du x R W or' R Mersmco IX row L Ma R T. R rnnner F H ferma T Levws fine e T. Lasf row J Ma esw J 'Welder D nd deT A MeToC1a A Kovacrk Fronf row J Mlcsa l. Me+a J Murphy T Rodgers W Ross D S verblafr S Oldalcer Second row S Nlco+ero B Rclceffs B OBoyle F Schreiber J Seaman T Munsch J Nleders'r Thnrd row L Pllarslo T Muzzey J Osborn W Nuedersf R Nlcke D Rlcnard T Raehn Four+h row J Shaw C New and S Ralferly R Schafer T Schlerelh W Sheehan l-l Rrce Flffh row P Nledhardl S Qrosz J osh P Ol-lare S Pl o 6 u anna Mll as row P Mllferrne er W Shulzrnan L Scherer R Novalf E n J Seo,a Rau The lorly Tour sluoenls ol QE were led by Falher Julnus Fallc The lrosh loolball leam recelved help from QE In lerms ol S Rlno Leadlng lhe class golce slers were W Ross and S Nucolero The posnhons ol class leaders were llled by R Novalc Presndenl S Runo Vlce Presldenl J Mulcsa Secrelary anc:lC Newland The candldales for The honor roll were T Schlerefh J Nnedersl W Nleclersl B Rnclcells and R Novak Rev Julius Fall! SM : . I , . , . , . , . I S. Rob , .I 'I 'n, ',J. I '-cle. H Poflcy, Sca lon, .I 'fCs, AN lsch. I D Tl l J . .N . . l l - . l ' ' h - ' ' l ' ' QE...Refrg:an'n. L. 5? 3 9F, Mr. Donald l-lepp's liorneroom, was an oulsland- ing class in all aspecfs. Willi L. Smillw as Rresidenlg F. Sleinrnelz, Vice - Presidenlq and J. Sudac, Secrelary- Treasurer. Jrlwis class conlrib- uled R. Turici, M. Szylcowny, and A. Werclwowslci ro Jrlwe loolball squad. Tlrie baslsel- ball players were lvl. Szy- lcowny, S. Turici, l.. Srnilli, J. Willium, and W. Sulcilclw. The willy remarks ol R. Slauber, S. Williams, and W. Srnorey lcepl llwe spirils lniqli in QF. The oulslanding sludenls were lvl. Szylcowny, G. Solin- slcy, P. Vauglwan, J. Woelirel, and R. Turici. Fronf row: P, Vaagna- N, S'n:fef. E Wener E Qeff-M V VQMA . -V . -i .. V . V ie' nw' Second row: R. S'eve's, A. Tcefney, NV. Sul47':n, E. S'eg'na'. L. S3 'nskf J. Sn scan. Tliird row: J. S'a NV. VVer'e' C. NVQQCS. J. Wcenre S, NV' 'ami T. Za'g. Fourflw row: R. Swine' P. S'a-- ser. D. ladacn, l.. Sew"-, E. Skinej, Nl. Srserf Fifiln row: EV, Scene' J. Sade: J. lNefss, A. W'efgn:wsk', R. Varzize J. T' Me. Sixllw row: R. S'e'n'ne+: F. Nkfeser, R. Tue F. V:ge', J. 5.55: J We 'ng':n. Lasi' row: P, Tesoro, J, NV"ni,rn, Nl, S2,le:w",, C VVa lem R. Scbenarr, S. Woiiyr-a R. Veinri. Mr. Donald Hepp 'fin 9l:...l'l,.ary I. The members of Freshmen G chose G Dnelruch Rresrdenl M Frederuch Vrce Rresldenl D Goelz Secrelary and R Ley Treasurer Brolher Ralph De laney supervised rhe achons ol Thus prosperous class Bro Ralph Delaney S M G A gcora I Genera' r c Monolony was prevenled from selling ID by R Cammarara The honor sludenls were R Ley E Maholslc and M Frederlch 9Gs conlrnbuhon lo +he Frosh Foorball Squad were J l-lahn and B Cos enhno Fwe boys from 'rhus a'hle'nc class were lprolan hoopslers Fron+ row Vu MQK nney P R R K an lf Second row G a R Ca a e R l-local-r P l-le Third row Ly e R Ledero N E Ka Fourfh row D -1 ara J G e er l-laas R e a a w e R Kopel S row R Caye A F W Che up J e fa x R Guen n Lasf row J Mravln+z G Grego J l-larf W Goldie J Hahn l ' ' W I ' ' 9 . . . l I . . . . 7 l ' ' I " ' Safe lc I. L L 0 'A :J. 'ima J. l r sher, T. Muon, R. f . .CC e"e . as are . : .l-l. r- in "1 . ""'sa'a4a D. C 'lc . Lucas T. r. , . fr- R :'42l5:'. A. Moore. ' : G .V.. X 4'lnl4. J. Ferrara J. Ko aesklx , Manoikl R. Bofz, R. fser. 7 K : .lo I . rl s , J. Day? R, , .L yy M, M' er, R. Fiflh row: R. Maoeleslb, D. Goelz, M. f Call h a, N, Lo e M. Fred fan, B. Cosennno, . l . ixih : . ' , . rosi G. D3e'r'cn, . r rj, . Lyl,l4.lx.r, . ler. : . . L L il . if ' ' r lx EA , ff J 2 . is Q ' 4 , lf I 9 A - R 'K . . 1 l R J 'A A 7 4-1 D 1 D '1... A v ff' 'R 1 L ' V u Q Q .A 5 1 .U -rf l - , ' l , . l Vg if . f l 5 I .. V XQ 'L l . L " ' -Ni 'L 1- V e R ' ' lf, A .- X V 1, ,'. ' Fronf row: F. Nau, H. Schneider, J. Neugeoaaer, S. Socna, D. Soui- fion. Second row: W. Renzelman, W. Seooe E. Mauro, A. Thomas, G. Segg. Third row: R. Riafer, W. U'azy, K, Swawfcn L. Ross, J. R':ci. Fourrh row: T. Zugaies, J. Nascore G. Porr, R. VVai+e', NV. -Voiicrowzd Fif'I'h row: B. Vfan- 'i"Q6'. R. T'o::f'o, R. Q Manoj., R. Novofnfx VJ, TNr"e. Sixih row: T. Pliiroho J. ODGWTWGAG' R. Pas- afa, T. Perf, J. 'Wo Veffcz. Sev- en+h row: L. Saiefro J. Nemeo, S. Sasser, V. Romoach, R. Rfeg'e'. Eighfh row: T-T. Tnefs, T-T. Ziefef T. Tfafha' R. Simnefz, C. Sowfefiz. Ninfh row: J. 0 Bfen, R. Loose R. Ruoo, 3, Rupp, B. Zwoxsicg fx. Sianichowslci. Lasf row: E. Sfimcsor, R. Haffurg. G. Shrh. S. Seeoacher. The large dass of 9T-1 was headed by Mr. Alberi Schon. This co-operafive dass chose as iis officers M. Rombach, J. Ricci, and B. Wanninger. S. Seebacher was The lone Tooiball piayer from Freshmen H. The baskeiball piayers were R. Trocchio, P. Riegner, B. Zwolski, W. Whife, and S. Seebacher. J. Cbermeier and J. O'Brien kepf The morale riding high by Their wiiiy re- marks in rimes of need. The scholasiic abiliry of QT-i pro- duced six boys who were honor siudenis. wh. X 0 I W, . Ae . ' Tig. ' 1 1 sfsiis 1 el ' ' X- F' ',.. ' x .31 ..i5'2sZ, - .-.1 .. 1'j:7' . A -ages iz, -ef' .X-13 -35543, files- K N Mr. Aiberf Schon GH sagem T Eng ,i...v-N.,... . . . Pgn. Cainoic Drive. Ili 4 'N Boys showing jf Cwfywm, M657 Candle-lighfers for omccfwrq Cfwrigfmag. 9 ? 5 11' liaiii: ad" : 7-'f 5:0 ! XQ- Nr' K ENIURS . . Direcled by lhe adminisfralion, inspired by our parenfs, and enlighlened by 'lhe Holy Spirit lhe gradualing class of '56 leaves lhe Halls of Troy lo assume new responsibililies of +he fufure. By hard and persevering worlc we have be- come equipped wilh 'lhe arms of Chrisfian knowledge and principles. Now we musl' carry fhis Chris?-likeness info 'lhe worlcl, and as we have been looked up fo by +he under- classmen, so also we rnusf be leaders in 'lhe world. ll is ours lo power The universe lo lrue peace. X x up-gigsst FOUR 1 EA 70 1 1 x Rig m M- ,,,, . ., Gradua+es discuss fulure plans. They almosf missed fhe "Count" -1r""' "D 437 ,..F"' ,X 5 w Which college shall we honor? V , J I . SENICDIQ QFFICERS , 15" il. 0 Q A kkfffu ,iii Q 4 8 .-.4 L, 1 l 1 JMD'-' fs' ?fi,,v'vq,g4..,- 'f :A Q2 !AW"TZ'f 53:20 Xvkf' gm, 3 s ,, Div Q2 A Presiden+ fm- ' ' Vice-Presideni Secreiary Treasurer fin-x.. N S. RICHARD ADAMETZ uc S+ Pefer B n I2 3 4 Inframurals I2 3 4 Class Offncer 4 BRUNO BAC-JGIO STEPHEN ADLEY a Sf Cyrrl Baslcelball I 2 3 4 Infrarnurals I 2 FooIbaIl I Class Offrcer I 23 Sfudenf Councal I 3 JOSEPH AHEARN oe S+ Cyril n I 2 Soclalufy 2 sfrel 34 Hall Guard 2 3 4 NORTI-I CATHOLIC DENNIS APPEL A s S+ Aihanasnus Honor Sfudenl' I 2 3 4 Tr ck Inlramura s Lahn Honor 2 Science Honor WILLIAM BAGNATO uc Sf Francus Baggs Sf Boniface Mnnslrel I Inframurals I 2 3 4 Soda My I 2 o ball I2 Mans rel Sfage Crew 3 Yearbook 4 Inframurals I 2 3 4 R A gg ANTHONY BABICKA Tony Assumphon Class Olllucer 3 Sludenl' Coun cl Pres1denI4 Track I 2 3 4 Inrramurals I 2 3 4 Boxrng I2 I.aIIn Honor I 2 Honor Sfu denf 3 THOMAS BALESTREIRE om Mary Immaculafe M nsIreI I 2 3 4 Inframurals 34 Busuness Honor 3 4 Honor SIudenI 3 RAYMOND ANZELONE Cookie S+ Mary M nsIreI I 2 Inframurals I 2 ROBERT BALKEY o SI Mary Class Offrcer I Busrness Hon o 34 t . I ' x, I c HR' hu . HP +I! . 0 'IJ H . . gl . H . adm.: .. Bad.: 'I,:Min- E .: ., . : ' . . 7 1 ' , 3 . , . 3.4. F 'I P ll . . ll ul . U , , , 3 a Foofball I,2,3,4: Baseball 3.4: I,2,3,4: I I,2,3.43 ' 7 - f ' : ' iz ' 1 . . . 1 of 4. U . . , : ' , : ' 'Q :II . I I IIB kll . ' ll ll O - HT ll IIB bu . ' : For ,y 'I I,2: i ' 7' - I' . - : : . : ' . : r , . , mx 2 1 cw C1 I 1232 ' I DONALD BANASZAK on Na+ivi+y lnlramurals I 2 3 4' Class Olli- cer I 3' Hall Guard 4: Buslness Honor 3' Honor Sludenl I 2 EMIL BERAN mu SI' Francis Honor Sluclenl 3 Inlramurals 234 Malh Honor 3 S aI'yI2Track23 aln Honor Inlrarnura s Champs 2 3 4 ROBERT BANYAS o Assumpfion JEROME BAUER Jerry S+ Alphonsus Honor SlucIenI3 Pholography 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 Mnnslrel 2 34 Drarnahc Club 3 4 Sodal :ly 34 lnlramurals Champs 3 Malh Honor 4 JEROME BINDER Jerry All Sarnfs ass Oflncer I 2 Hrs ory nor 3 lvlnslrel I Trolan News 23 Yearbook 4 Honor Sludenl I JOSEPH BARIE LEONARD BAUER on Si' Afhanasius en S+ Anfhony Sludenl Council 2' Track I 2 Boxing 3' Inframurals 2 3. 34' Class Officer 2. JOHN BAUMGARTNER Baus Mosi' Holy Name Inlrannurals I2 3 4 Track 23 4 Class Officer 3 Choral Club 2 PAUL BINDER an Sl Anihony Infrarnurals I 2 3 4 Qs 3 CLARENCE BITTNER Clancy Sf Mary s Inlramurals I 2 34 Honor Slu denl I Lahn Honor I 2 Track 3 1' IID II IIB bl' IID II . 'IL II . 3.4 I I I IIE 'fl' ' ' ll Il l 'IBC II . ll II . I 7 CI I , : 'I ,,,. . . . I - I, . . : 7 Sci- Ho : I ,2: Arr : ' , : ence Honor 4: Trojan News 2: Club 3.4: Dramafics Club 3.4: 2.3,4: Inlrannural Champs 2. od II . : . 1 L I ' . 1 : 3.4. I.2: I , 5' , , gl Q' A K- 4: dig.-f Illia THOMAS BLAHUT om Mary ImmacuIa'Ie Inframurals I 2 3 4 Phofogra phy CIub 2 JOSEPH BLAKE oe S+ Francls Ban I2 34 Sodallfy I 234 M nsfre-I I 2 3 4 Inframurals I Concerf Band 2 3 4 CHARLES BRACE Safan Mosi HoIy Name Iramurals I 2 3 4 Manager 2 3 4 Mamfenance 23 CIass Offacer 2 3 BERNARD BRISTOL Bunny S+ Edward Mmsfrel 34 InIramuraIs I 2 THOMAS BROSENITSCH om S+ Teresa Foo baII I 234 GREGORY BROSKEY Touch SI' Ann GEORGE BROWN Chma S+ Joseph Inframurals I2 34 B e+baII I2 3 4 T ck I2 34 Class Offncer 23 Infra mura s I2 3 4 I'IaII Guard I RALPH BRUGGEMAN Herk Annunclahon Choral Group I Inframurals 2 3 4 Soda :fy 34 Tro News 34 DONALD BUGRIN ugs S1 Ann Inframurals I2 3 4 Bowlmg 2 JOHN BURNS Jac S+ Alphonsus C oral CIub I Sodalufy I GOII Team 2 3 4 InIramuraIs N ,-s If a , 'BT ll t 3 A 7115 M' .... I ask ,,,:r.a HJ ll . . I I I 1 I I I I I d . . , : ' , . . : I . . . 1 Choral Club I7 Minsfrel Ig In- I I. , , 5 I' I , 5 jan 3,4. I I I I IIB ll . II kll - . . . 1 ' . IW : ' 4. , , g I. QT -0 IT ll I 1 1 I I 3 + ,,,. y -' I 'fu'- T..?' JOHN BUTCHKO MICHAEL BYRNE Bu+cl'1 Sf Gabriel Ml e S+ Pe+er C oraI Cuo I M sf el I2 4 Cass Offcer 23 InIramuraI Busness Honor Socuey 34 Honor Sfuder 3 CHARLES BYRNES Chas DONALD BYRNES e Sf Cyrll a'v'y 3 4 M nsfre I Trolan News I Pnofograpny CIuD 23 Varefy Show 3 Assumphon JOSEPH CAMMARATA oe Regma Coelu M nsIreI I 2 In+ramuraI Yearbook 4 Chora CIub I JAMES CARROLL nm S+ Afhanaslus InIrarnuraIs 23 RONALD CASTELLO on S+ Marys a If I Ch fr muraIs I 234 Infrarnural Champs 34 Trolan News 2 Track 23 Honor Sfuden I 2 34 Soence Honor 4 JAMES CELENDER lm Madonna In ramurals I 23 Tr ck I EDWARD CHAPMAN Bug Ed Assumphon lnframu als 3 ROBERT CHORBA Bullei' Bob S+ Leo Speecn I 2 3 4 In? amura s 234 Trogan New 234 CIa s Offucer 4 'K' -0' ini THOMAS CLARKE "Tom" S+. Ursula SocIaIIIy 2. HENRY DIETRICH Hank Holy lnnocen'rs o oaII I2 Infra uras T ck I2 3 4 Boxmg 2 MaII1 Honor M nsIreI 4 JAMES COMPORT PATRICK CONLON "Dugan" Annuncia+ion "Pa'r" Na+ivi+y Track I.2.3.4: InIramuraIs 31 CIass Officer 4. BowIing 37 MInsIreI 2.3. NORTH CATHOLIC JOHN CORRADO Madonna n I234 MnsIreI SodaIa+y 2 Infrarnurals I 2 3 4 THOMAS COSTA om Annunclahon Inframurals I2 3 4 HERBERT DIETRICH Herb S+ A+hanasuus SC ence Honor 34 M nsIreI I 4 Lahn Honor 2 Trac 4 Foo+baII I In+ramur I234 Yearbook 4 Honor SIuden+ I 2 3 4 Cass Orfucer I 34 Sfudenf Councul I4 FREDERICK DITTRICH Dlefz S+ Ursula MInsIreI I 2 CI'IoraI Group I 2 Class Offucer 2 BRIAN CONROY "Mickey" Assumpfion JOSEPH DOMACHOWSKI oe SI Cyprlan ns'rreI I2 Inframurals Qi' A In IIPIYII IIT ll ' ' Ba d , . . 7 I I.2.3.47 . . . . If n un In n . - ru - u . 'IJ ll . ' Fo II .7 rn I I,2: I .1 I . A , 7 . Mi .7 I.2. ra , , . 7 ' 7 2.3, t ' I. 7 If 7 ' . 3.4. I f . 2.3, i t aIs I I J . . K J I H: A , . ,, 2 If , 93312 , 74 I 1 ' IX ' '54 1 2 f ff X JAMES DRISCOLL lm Sf Cyril X JAMES FOLEY um Sf Peier ramura s I 2 3 4 411- I FRANK DRZYMKOWSKI AIphabe+ Assumphon e o rver In rarnura w ng 2 3 4 dal 'ry 34 CI1oraI G oup I 2 3 THOMAS EWING S+ Sebashan Honor S'rudenI I2 3 4 M sIreI I 34 Science Honor 3 4 'I H n r FRANCIS FRANKOVICH Franko S+ Nicholas SooaI y 34 Trolan News 34 M ns rel 2 3 4 Yearoook 4 ..a n Honor I2 Hcror .u oenf 3 Dranna Cruo 4 Servers uo I, THOMAS DUFFOLA JOSEPH EHRENBERGER Du S+ Marys Moose S+ Ambrose n rarnuraIs o a InIrarnuraIs I2 3 4 Q 0 ff Q H VV l II . ' Il ll ' ll HII . I ll ll . Insfrel I,21 Inrrarnurafs I,2, SI. Jonn Vlanney Club I,2,3g I I I,2,3,4g CII r I .,,. 34. Pac III CIuI 2,37 MInsfreI I,2, . 3,42 Se I,2: I' I Bo II , , t So I I,2, , 3 r , , . f 5 r n-I-.Jnu . - UF- hu . . X I , , 7 In- I , 7 1 I - 'y . LaII, o o I,2. III J' ll . ll ll . ' IIBillll I O IIBEHII . ' Inf I , , , t Boing 2. I I" . ' I , : SCI Ir- I,2- murals I,2g I I , 7 I I I I- I I V . . g+.I I II I . I ' . . C 'I 2. Group I RICHARD FISCHER IS S+ Afhanasuus M nsrrel I 2 CI'IoraI Group I HaII Guard 2 4 WILLIAM FRAUENPRIES Si' Sebashan oa f Infra A I CIuI3 3 Yearbook 4 WILLIAM FROEHLICH Sf Cyril M nsrre I2 Class Offucer I In'rramuraI I2 ALBERT FUNK "Camel" Sf. Sebasfian Lafin Honor 2: HaII Guard 4. FRANCIS GEARY "Graves" SI. Afhanasius Inrramurals 2.3.47 Golf 3.4. RICHARD GELB Gelbo S+ Alphonsus nsfrel I oo+baII I 34 murals I 34 SodaII+y CIass Offncer 2 3 BERNARD GERLACH Bernie S+ Joseph Xing I2 34 Hall Guard I In+ramuraI Bowl ng 4 CIworaI CIUID I WILLIAM GETTY r mu a uaro In ra'nura Boww rg 4 Cnora' CIuo I JOHN GIOVENGO "Gingo" Sacred Heari Sodalify l.2.3.4: Lafin Honor I.2g Main Honor 3.4: Mins+reI I.2.3.4. JOSEPH GIUNTA "Nose" Naiiviiy Honor Sfudenf I.2.3.4: SCI- ence Honor 3.4: Lafin Honor I.2.3.4: Track I.2.37 Infra- m u r als I.2.3.4y Inrramural Champs 2.3.4gIv1ins+reI I: Sfu- denf Council I4- Class OHI- c 34. PAUL GOLDEN Goldle SI' Anfhony Inframurals I2 3 4 RONALD GREGORY on Holy Innocen+s Mnnsfrel 2 Inrrarnura s 23 Y TIMOTHY C-BRZYWACZ Graz S+ Cyprnan Inframurals I2 3 4 I 3 er I. . I I MI I I: . . . I Ine Ira . . 7 ' 2: Bo' . .3.4: SodaIify I.2. HR lu I, . ,I . . "wild aan" Holy sepulchfe I ,ve . . Inl a 'axe I.3.4' I-f1'n:I'eI I.4' 1 H II G Is I' Y . I 1 Q If. 7 ' . ' . I X V . STEPHEN GUSIC ROBERT HABERMAN Gus S+ NucI1oIas o S+ Mary Scnence Honor Sooefy 3 n ramuraIs I234 Track I Honor Srudenr 2 InIramuraIs 34 Boxnng 2 3 4 Track 23 Larrn Honor JOSEPH HAMM oe S+ Leo DENNIS HANDRAHAN JAMES HARNEY Denny S+ Mary Annunclahon orbal I 34 o q Ir rnuraIs I2 3 4 CIa 5 If Cer 4 'Cf' JEROME HEINAUER "Jerry" Sacred Head' InfrarnuraIs I,2,3,4' Dra'na'7Cs Cub 37 M'n5'rreI 37 Arr Cub 3: Yearbook 4. REGIS HEIM Mouse S+ A+I1anasrus NORBERT HERZER Herk SI' Ambrose InI'rannuraIs I2 34 So all y HaII Guard 4 Mrnsfre YearoooIc4 FRANCIS HIERGEIST Frank S+ Cyril Ban 234 Band OIII er 4 ns+reI I M rola ISI N 34 n ramaras I LEON HILTERMAN BuI'cI'1 Assumphon oo oa I 2 nnu 2 3 4 'Ira vc a o n Vxanney CIuo I 2 ui" 1' gx ti X Y .4 GEORGE HOFFMAN JAMES HOHMAN "Hoff" SI. Leo "Jim" S+. Mary Inframurals I,2q Choral Club I,2: Mlnslrel 3: Yearboolc 4. CLARENCE HUNE "Ace" Sf. Boniface Minsfrel I.2,4: Sodalify I. Boxing I,2,4q Inlramurals I,2, 3.4. NORTH CATHOLIC FRANCIS JANASZEK Sf John Canhnus Class Officer I Sfuclenl Coun I Baslcelball I Inlramur I234 Track 23 Box I Dance Commallee 4 ERNEST JOOS ro Sf Mary Hall Guard 24 CHARLES JORDAN ROBERT KACZMAREK aw S+ Mary az S+ Andrew Mmsfrel I Inlramurals I 234 Inlramurals 234 Choral Group I RONALD KAELIN Ronnie Nahvuly Sodalufy 2 3 4 Class Ofhcer 4 1 GEORGE JAKABCSIN "Jake" S+. Wenceslaus Minslrel 2.4: Bowling 4. PATRICK KANE General Jeb Inlramurals I 234 eier 4451 Q. 5 I l IIJ. J... - I IIC ll . I - . I . A ' ' 4' Z cal , , y - , Q, , GIS . . . 3 . I mg 'IJ ll . 'IK ll . ll 0 II 0 I ll ll S+. P I 6 'D K 5 N ' ' M9 I rzlligiiiff ' 9' 9 Sii f 1 f i f il I s. ji! A I .,., an S If, ' CHARLES KEALLY "Chuck" Sf. Ursula Carrier 3. FRANK KLEIN Junne S+ Leo In ramurals I 234 Baseoall 522253 JOHN KEALLY "Tramp" S+. Ursula Minsfrel Ip Inframurals I,2.3.4I Speech 4. RALPH KILLMEYER Kanser SI Mary M nslrel I EDWARD KLIMKO Klnmp Sf Francis C ass Offucer I 2 lnframura 5 JAMES KELLER "Jim" Sf. Andrew Class Officer I,3: Inframurals I. JOSEPH KINDER oe Sf Joseph Mmsfrel 34 Inframural Bowl 4 Imframuras I JAMES KLINE DONALD KENNEDY "Muffin" S+. Teresa Mafh Honor 3.47 Inframurals I.2.3.4. 'hw DAVID KLIR um Assumphon Hawk Sf Anfhony M nslrel 2 3 4 Inframurals I Qw- sf Baskefball I Inframurals I2 34 Bowlang 4 9' 3 , I . ff. 5 f ll I I ll . IOJI ll . if b I . . ' A ' - Ing 3. I I 2.3.4. I' I 4 ll l Il . ll ' ll . 0 IIJI I: ' ll ll . I . . . : ' ' . : I I . . : . z . . 3.4. I.2.3. 2.3. . 1 ' . G- ' x f ' f . I f . va? ' , 'li X . I I . -as ' 2? 2' ...QS, . ' gf, --3T'f?15Tf hr. 1 R EDWARD KOMER "Kru+ch" Annuncnafion JOHN KOONTZ ohnny S+ Anfhony Inframurals 3 Track 3 EDWARD KOPALA Eddle Sf John Canhus Inrramurals 3 EDWARD KOVACIK Eddue Sf Cyril ns+reI I24 In+ramuraIs 34 Track 34 Lafrn Ho r I 2 Mafh Honor 4 WILLIAM KRAFT e S+ AnI'hony n ramura 23 Bow 'wg n rw Inf a'nu ow ng 2 Honor Sfudenr 3 RICHARD KRAMER REGIS KRETSCHMAIER Duc SI' Mary Kreich Sf Plus Scrence Honor 34 Track 3 nsfrel I dalrfy n Mmsrrel 2 Lahn Honor 2 murals I 23 Choral Group I Varsury Bowhng PAUL KREUTZER Wof Sf Afhanaslus THOMAS KRYSINSKI FRANCIS LANGTON S+ John Canhus rufz S+ Peier nsfreI I InframuraIs T c: I 2 3 4 Boxmg 34 as Cnora Group I aI I23 Foorbal InIramuraIs I 2 3 4 I 1 JOHN LaSCOLA Johnny Mary Immaculafe nsfrel I 2 3 4 Band :ng I Track 23 In'rramuraIs 2 Choral CIub 3 Dramahc CIub JOHN LAUGHLIN Johnny Annuncuahon InI'ramuraIs I 23 ass In cer 4 Sfudenf Council 4 Ra'Iy Comrnxffee 4 Mansfrel I STEVEN LORINC JOHN LAWRY Johnnue Assumphon So aII+y I2 34 Honor Siu den? I 2 3 4 Lahn Honor InIramuraIs I2 NORBERT LECHWAR Norb SI' CyrlI In ramuraIs I2 3 4 Muna r I 34 Troyan News Honor Sfudenf I 2 3 4 FRANCIS LEIBOLD Lrver Nd'l'IVIfY Scnence Honor 34 M1nsIreI L In H nor n a rnuras I234 Yearbook 4 Sodalufy 23 Honor Sfudenf CHARLES LEIX Chuck Assumphon M ns+reI I 2 3 4 InIramuraI I2 3 4 Cass Ofhcer 4 JOHN LICHAUER Bee'I'Ie Sf Leo Iv1 ns'rreI 2 Track 2 3 4 nfra murals 2 3 4 Busmess Honor JAMES LIPKE lm Sf Mary Inframurals 23 Indnan S+ Gabruel Guard 2 CYRIL LOWE Cee Ursula InIramuraI5 I2 3 4 3 I , , , 3 ,S ! , Mi l:Box- ,,:Cl O"- I 7 , , 7 I - 3,4. I I I Q j 'IJ' ll . X3 I lg MinsIreI I,2,3,4: Speech 3,47 d ' , , , 7 '- . . . 7 ' l.2: '. I, U H . I Infra m u raIs I,2,3,4' HaII I , , , 7 Ie I 7 ' I.2, . 7 ' 3.4: 3.4: ai o l,23 I Ir - I . . I - I , , , 7 3 n,2,3. I I , 3 xiii, X ll ll S+. MARK LUDWIG Daddy Long Legs Sf Ambrose Inlramurals 2 3 4 LAWRENCE MCCABE Larry Sf Pefer Honor Sfudenl I 2 3 4 Fool Baslc all Track I 2 3 4 Class Ollucer N51 JOSEPH LUKITSH RICHARD LUKSIK GILBERT LUTZ u e Annuncuahon Dagger S+ Pefers I All Samls lnlramurals I 2 34 msfrel I 2 3 4 Bow mg 4 msfre I 2 3 4 Soda My n ramurals I2 3 4 C ora n ramural 2 Bow mg Club 3 4 Lalnn Honor 2 NORTH CATHOLIC THOMAS LYDON WILLIAM LYTLE Coleman Annuncrahon S+ Afhanaslus n ramurals I 2 4 Tro an News 34 Varslly Bowlmg 4 LAWRENCE MCCANN Larry S+ Teresa Trac I Sodaluly I PATRICK MCCANN Leprechaun Annuncuahon Ivllnsfrel 2 Class Oflncer 2 lnlramurals I2 3 4 Traclc 34 Bowlung 34 Buslness Honor ROBERT MCCARTAN Mack S+ Leo Inframurals I 2 3 4 ff g , 3 I IEQQI 6 . I ' ,Kgs 'gy I f x X . 4' f ln n UL k n . . n - ll 0 :IG-In I , ,,,, lvl' , , , 7 I' 3 MA I , , , 1 I' 27 If hl I+ sz I' 3.4: S' I + , ,3. : I I ball I,2,3,4: efb I,2I ' ' ' I . I 2.3. ' ' I I 3.4. ' I Y F -p Q V 1' RUSSELL McDONALD PAUL MCDONOUGH THOMAS McGRAIL Blindmen S+ Pefer Mac Sf Teresa Lefiy Sf. Boniface JOSEPH MCNALLY a S+ Scholashca Scuence Honor Socfefy 34 IvInns'rreI I 2 Inframurals Track I 234 Library Sfaff I 2 Lahn Honor 2 WILLIAM MALESKY RICHARD MANDL S+ Cypruan Duc SI Sabashan 234 Foo+baII 2 Infrarnura 2 Honor Sfudenf 3 1: NORMAN McKEVITT Bobber S1 Francis 'ns'rreI IZ SodaIIIy I' n - m ras I 34. insIreI I 2: xin I Champ I' InIrarnuraI Track 3. JOHN MCWHIRTER Cook S+ Pefer Mrnsfre-I I 234 Trolan News 34 Drama Club 34 ear Book 4 CIass OIIucer2 GEORGE MARAK FRANK MARKEWINSKI George Mosf Holy Name Mark S1 Agnes CIass Offucer I Honor Siu Honor I2 nf I234 Lafn Honor I M , Bo g I.3,4 Mn , I Ira . u I , , IIP +I' . 0 II Il . I -I . , , 7 . 1 : . ygfgi I , LZZ3? IIBEIIII . ' II 5 kll I ' ll ll ll ll . Science Honor 4: MInsIreI Boxing I. Foo+baII 2: In'rrarnuraIs I,2,3: InIramuraIs I,2,3,43 Laiin I . de , , , 3 Ii ,2. Q g ' A i 1 If -S ' V8 , I A I . 7' 1 YZ , I A :I 3' X JOHN MARKOVICH "Mark" S+. Nicholas Inlrarnurals I,2,3,4Z Class OIII- cer 3: Track 2. EDWARD MASSUCCI "Ed" Regina Coeli Mlnsfrel I,2,4' Inlrarnurals I, 2,33 Yearbook Slalf 47 Choral Group I. WILLIAM MAURO SI Edward F oroal I 234 Baskelfba 234 Srudenr Councu VIce PresIden'r 4 Class Olhcer I La n I-I nor 2Soca Comrm Tee 3 4 Boxfng Champ BERNARD MEISEL Bernie All Samls M nsfrel I 2 3 4 Class Ofhcer d 234 Band r I ew 4 TroIan News 34 I I rnura I3 BENEDICT MELODIA en S+ Nncholas a Of? ce In rafn DAVID MILLER "Dave" S+. Aloysius Inlramurals I,2,3,4g Track I,2, 3,4: Sluclenf Council 2,3,47 Baskefloall 27 Business I-Ionor 3. X I .Ior-IN MILLER "Toio" Sf. John Canlius Inlrarnurals I,2,3,47 Track I,2, 3,47 Champs 2.3.41 Bowllng 4. ROBERT MISICK o S+ Joseph Boxmg 34 Inlramural Track 3 4 Hal Guard 4 ALBERT MUNIO I Mary MInsIreI 2 WILLIAM MURDOCH SI' Cyril I-Ionor S+udenI I2 3 4 Inf a rals I 2 4 M el Malh I-Ionor 3 Scuence I-Ionor 4 Trolan News 234 Edlfor ID ChIeI 3 4 Yearbook Sfafl 4 XJ RICHARD MUTH ic Annuncnahon ns+rel I2 ln+ramurals 34 Class Officer 2 Yearbook S+a+f 4 Honor S+ucIem+ I2 clc Bu mess DENIS MURPHY Murph S+ Leo Ar+ I Track 2 Class Officer 3 HallGuard I Horor 3 PAUL NEUGEBAUER Neug S+. Leo n IQ, ' iff r 1 ' 1, - murals 3.4. WILLIAM NICKEL NORMAN NICOLA Digger S+ Aloysius Nic S+ Boniface Class O++'cer l,2,3. 'alI+y I' rw ra ores , . IV1. JOHN NICOTRA Gena S+ Aloysius Soda +y I Cnoral Group Mms+rel 2 ln+ramural 3 JOHN NIERI Nero Sacred Hear+ rws+re 2 Ma lw Homo T o an New 34 Tracx in H mor I ALBERT NOVAK Bulldog S+ Leo lr' ramurals I2 3 4 Box 'wg 2 Clwora Cluo I Soeecri I JAMES O HARA ris S+. Ursula 'nf I , ' lrfrarrwu ' , , ' a , ' o ' rm ral rou ' Malo ooo ' 'A " r 7 I-la' Guard I. MICHAEL OLEJARZ Mi e All Sain+s 'rws+rel 7 all f ,- ow'- 'ng 2,3 4: ln+ramurals 3. QI, WILLIAM O MAHONY ' Annuncua+ion So alily 34' Foolball I2 3' Inframurals I 2: Class Officer I4' Hall Guard I 2: Minslrel I 2 4' Sfudenf Council I 4. ANGELO PETRANCOSTA Ang S+ Ursula Q 4 , n FRANCIS OMASITS Omle Sf Nicholas Inframurals I 2 34' Sodally I' SI. John Vianney Club I. 'X- , X RICHARD O ROURKE r S+ Francis Soda ily I. NORTH CATHOLIC WILBERT OSWALD zz SI Teresa Inlramurals I 234 Boxing 2 Class Officer 3 DONALD PICKEL on Sf Aloyslus 34 Inframural Champs 3 Sodalnfy 34 Trolan News 3 4 Track 2 ANTHONY PAVLIK Tony S+ Wenceslaus Mlnsfrel I 234 Inlrarnurals CARL PIETRUSINSKI efe S+ Ca+herlne 34 Baseball 34 Class OIT: c I 5 GEORGE O SHEA efe Sf Mary I LEONARD PILARSKI en S+ John Canhus SI John Vuanney Club I2 3 4 Honor S'ruden'r 3 X I Y IIBIIIII ' ll - ll . 0 :mE ku 0 - :IP lr . d , , , , , , , , , I I I . X X K ' ll ll ll ll rf' N I ' , 3.4. X ' I " " I HD 'I I ' up nr I - uL vl . . IUIVGVYWUFGIS I.2.3. IVIIVGYUUVSIS I,2.3I Minslrel 2, Sodalily I7 Inframurals I,2, Mlnslrel I: Lafin Honor I,2: ,q' .Q QQ. N ,Q , " ' A I 5 -1' Q A-A f I ' , I . THOMAS PLESCO "Coun+" All Sainls Minslrel l,2,3,4: Soclalily 3,47 Band I7 Speech I: lnlramurais l,2,3,47 Choral Club l,2,3. JAMES REUKAUF Reu S+ Andrew lnlramurals I 234 Class Olli cer 2 GERALD PLUMSKY "Gerry" All Sainfs Baslcelball 27 Class Officer I,27 Yearbook 47 Sfudenf Council I,2,47 Social Commillee 3,47 Lalin Honor l,27 lnframurals I,2.3,47 Honor Sludenl l,2: Rally Cornmillee 4. VINCENT PRANTL "Vince" S+. An+hony Inrramurals I,2,3: Sodalily 2,37 Minslrel l,2: Honor Sludenl l,2,3. JOHN RANDAZZO JOHN REBEL Jac Sl Andrew Snalxe S+ Francis lnlramura s I 2 3 4 CHARLES RICE oo ball I S dalily Sl John Vianney Club 2 3 4 n rarnurals I 2 4 Choral Cu I 2 lvlinslrel I JAMES RICHARD Chas S+ Aloysius Farmer Sf Alphonsus nslrel I2 lnlrarnurals S a +y I2 lnlrarnurals I 34 Wriiigk VINCENT RANALLI "Vince" All Sainis Troian News 3,47 lnframurals l,2,3,47 Minslrel I,27 Varsify Bowling 47 lnframural Bowling 3. ROBERT RICHARD o Assumphon al ly 2 3 4 M nslrel I 2 Speech I I i H' I X H ku . lr in . . I ,,,. F I 7 o ' I,2,3,4: . ' I, 7 7 7 I I' 7 73, 7 I b 7 7 ' . kll . ll Il . I ll ll I IIB bll ' 7 7 7 7 '- Mi , 7 l,2. Od IE, , 7 7 7 , Sod i , , 7 i , 7 I 7 K.. 74 G . N, E 4 X 4 'A f .7 PAUL ROJIK o SI' WencesIaus In+ramuraIs I 2 3 4 Mlnsfrel I 234 Sfage Crew 3 Year book 4 THADDEUS ROLEWICZ e S+ John Canhus Inframurals I2 3 4 CHARLES ROMBACH Sco'Hy Assumphon Foo baII I2 Boxmq I2 n ra mura s I2 3 4 Trolan ws Spor Ed or CIass Presudenf 24 Sfudenf C uncll 24 Track I 234 SI John Vnanney Cluo I2 JOHN ROONEY wm S+ Peier In+ramuraIs I 2 3 4 CIass OIF: 2 3 SodaIu'ry PATRICK ROONEY a SI' Pefer Inframurals I 2 3 4 Class OPI' ce 4 Sodalury I Foo+baII I CHARLES ROSS JOHN RUDZKI Chuck S+ Cyrul ac Sf Cyprnan n ramurals I 2 3 4 MnnsIreI In+ramuraIs I 2 3 4 Track 2 Fo 'rball I Sodaw Soda My I I234 Yearoook 4 Trolan News I Chrasfmas Show 2 HARRY RYCZKOWSKI Harry LAWRENCE RYDER Larry Annunclahon Baskefball I Sodal Iy I nfra mura M I-IaI Guard I 2 Holy Famuy FRANCIS SAMORAJ am Sf Cypnan SodaIu+y I Class Offncer I M nsrrel I 2 3 4 Inframurals I2 4 WARREN SAUERS Warren S+ Francis Mmslrel I 2 Class Ollncer 2 So alrfy 2 lnlramurals I2 34 Clwrnslmas Varnely Show I PAUL SCHEIBEL Old Tamer S+ Joseph lr1Iramurals3 Hall Guard I 2 Choral Group I 2 Class Olln Cer 2 NICHOLAS SCHEID Nlc SI' Mary Boxmg I Class OPI Cer I 234 lnlramura s I EDWARD SCHMIDT FRANK SCHMIDT Whrley Nahvlly IS S+ Ambrose Mmslrel I lnIramurals3 Cl'1oralClub I Class Presuclerw GEORGE SCHMIDT Schmlfly S+ Mary lnlramurals I 234 IvImsIrel3 JOHN SCHOEPPNER ac Sl' Cyril I-lonor Sluclenl I 234 Speech u I2 3 4 lnlramurals Scaence Honor 34 alum Honor I 2 Yearbook 4 RICHARD SCHUBERT IC Mosf Holy Name Inlramurals I 234 Traclc 3 ROBERT SCHULTZ o Nahvnhy eloal I Irllramurals I 34 Class Ollcer I 23 ROBERT SCHWAMBERGER Swammle Annunclahon Foolball I 2 3 4 Boxmg 234 Hall Guard I 2 lnlramurals I 2 3 4 Class OIZIEICSF 4 x ll I ll . . d ' 'f I I I . 1 'f I y ' ' . . IIJ kll . ' CI Ls , , , I ' ' ' I 3: . ' I L . IIQ: f,V, HD- ku ll O kll . ' 3 I , . . : IIB bll ' 5 ' Baslc ' I 7 ,2, , j I , , . ll ' ll 0 O IIFI hll . . . 2' , I, S' 10" JOSEPH SEIFRIED ALLAN SIMON CHESTER SMIGIEL e S+ Mary Assumphon Smng Mos+ Holy Name So aI+y I2 Speech I Track Hall Guard I2 Boxmq I 'PU' 'TEV 33" ANTHONY SPERANDEO Tony Na'hvu+y Foo ball I 234 Baske ball 2 Class Officer I 2 n ras I Track I Ban I234 SodaII+y3 Mm Baskefball 3 In+ramuraIs I2 e 34 Choral Club I NORTH CATHOLIC NORBERT SNIADACH Norb S+ Cyprlan M rws+reI 2 3 4 Track 3 I-Ionor S+uden+ 3 GERARD SNYDER Du e S+ Mary LAWRENCE SPIELER JOSEPH STAM PER Speedy S+ Teresa Chuck S+ Nicholas In+ramuraIs I 234 Mums rel I 3 Ar+ Club 3 Baseball 34 oxmg 3 C oral lub Mam+enance Crew 3 Foo+baII 438. Wm- q ,l 1x.,I K' LOUIS SMYKAL ou Mos+ Holy Name S a l+y I Ivlmsfrel 2 4 rw ra mura s 234 Wa, JOSEPH STANEK oe S+ Cyrll Bowlmg 234 Class O+Iucer I In+ramurals 234 U Q I ffh f. C' Q 2 ,-4 T kitty 3 I I ff ,IJ Xxx ..,- I xh ,Y .. f 1 Y .IJ bu . HAIII - ll - u HL In dl' ,q 7 cI.,.: ':'- 7 ., odl' 1' ,:I+- 21 , 7 ' ,2. s+r I I,2,3,4. . I . I , , . , ' 1 P I "I ,I . I yr .gg ,. i V, rrr,r y Q, I ll ll . ' ll k ll . ? V, I , . 1 ' I 1 5 . ll ll ' ' II ll 0 ll ' ll . ' IIJ ll l ' + . . . : 'f . . . : ' 'f ' . . z ' : I,: ' ,:l+ra4 .: 1 .: mu I 3 ,2,3,4. B ' 7 Iw C I: I. I an I V' , 5 9 ,Q s I Lx , -. . I " T ,f f' I IN Xml , I . Y I E flu WILLIAM STEELE Wu y S+ Alphonsus Inlramurals 2 STEPHEN STOFFAN Sieve Holy Glwosl' Ivlmslrel I M' JEROME STEFANKO Jerry SI' Cyril Speeclm Club I 2 Sodaluly 2 Malls I-Ionor 3 4 Track I 2 3 4 Inlramurals I 2 4 Trogan News 3 4 Honor Sluclenl I 34 DONALD STEVENS KIHQFISIW Annuncrahon I-Ia Guard I2 Inlramurals JOSEPH STRUHAR oe S+ Wenceslaus nslre a :ly 'framu aus 2 VICTOR STEIGERWALD IC Nahvrly Mallw Honor 3 4 Traclc I 2 3 4 Class Ollacer I Inlrarnura 2 4 Lalrn Honor 2 RALPH STOCKMAN Ralph Mosl Holy Name alrly I M n I el murals I 34 Cbora Group I Class Ollrcer 4 ANTHONY SUNSERI Cusco SI Scholashca lnlramural 2 34 RAYMOND STEIN a All Samls Science Honor 34 Sodalnly 2 uns rel 24 Tro n News 34 Speech Club 3 Glee Club I 2 Traclc 2 FRANCIS SWEENEY Sween Mosl Holy Name lvl nslrel I 34 Hall Guard I I: o oall I2 3 4 Inlramurals So ons 34 C O Group I 2 3 ' N w. .A S r vi U A iff!" If ll 'Il ll . ll ll I. ' llv' ll ' ' IIR. Yll A A ' If 3,47 MI I,',g ia' K ' -vzv A I ' Tk I Q '35 l I I r I Q A vylh. lu - ll - - rl u f I V ,R "mg 'lx II , 1 Sod ' 7 I s r I: Inlra- , N L' L41 I I II2. - I I - 7 z 1 -A III:.rI I ll ll IIJ Il . ll ' Il - I ll ll ' . Mi I I,2: Sod I' 25 ln- s ,,. I ..: I r ' . o I' , , , 7 I,2,3,4: I 'I' . I I1 ral qw 42 3 'I' A, I W 'Q' s RICHARD SWIDERSKI nc All Samfs Glee Club I Inlramurals I2 34 Track I 2 3 4 Inlramural ownng 34 Mrnslrel 34 Honor Sludenr I Varsnly Bowl mg 4 Mafh Honor 4 Socual ommurlee 4 GEORGE THOMAS George S+ Joseph Foo ball I 2 3 4 Inlramu als 34 Sodalrly Track ROBERT TOBIN Toble SI' Teresa Class Ollncer 2 STEPHEN TRESKY Turfle Assumphon nslrel I nd 2 3 n mura s 2 3 4 LAWRENCE TYLENDA "Larry" SI. Cyprlan Band I,2,3,4 5223 MARTIN TYLER JACQUE UHLIG S+ Andrew Jac Mosf Holy Name Baskelball I Class Olllucer I 3 Clworal Group I Inlramurals Inlramurals 2 3 4 Boxing 34 I4 Msnslrel I 2 Sodalufy I NICHOLAS VENTRESCA Van Madonna elball I 23 Foo ball Trc I234 DONALD VICTORIA RAYMOND VINSKI nc Mosf Holy Name a AII Sannis nsfrel I3 Sodalury I G ard I Inlramurals I2 34 Trolan Yearbook 4, Class OII1 c I,3,4, Honor Srudenr I, 2,4, Track l,2, Srudenl Coun c 4 Trogan News 3 Inlrarnurals I 2 Sodalry I2 Speech Club JOHN VISZLAY Johnny S+ Edward oxnng I 2 3 4 Champ o ball I 2 3 M slrel 34 Track I 2 3 4 I-Ionor Slu den I 3 Inlramural I2 Glee Club I 2 Mafh I-lonor3 FREDERICK VOGEL nh Sf An+I'1ony Mmsfrel I 2 Sodaluly 2 3 4 In 'rramural Champs I2 4 Track 23 Lalm I-Ionor I 2 KIRK VOGELEY og S+ Francns oo ball I 2 3 4 Baske al I234 Class Qflcer 24 ln framurals I Track I 2 3 4 Slu den? Councnl 2 JAMES WAGNER JAMES WALLY No Brains Mosi Holy Name nm Si Teresa Soda 'ry I La n Honor I2 Mznslrol I2 T c I234 l 'Q pw THOMAS WAY Tom All Sainfs inslrel I: nd ' n - mura s I2 3 4' Sodalify I. JOSEPH WEHNER Face Mosf Holy Name lnlramurals I 2 3 4 Mmslrel I Soda sly I FRANK WEIDLER Frank S+ Teresa Cl1oralClub I 23 Mlnslrel I 24 lnlramurals I JAMES WEIHERER nm SI' Aloyslus Gee Cub I I-lall Guard L Inframurals I 2 3 4 Class OFT: cer 4 Sodal Ty I ERNEST WEILAND rny Sf Sebashan lnlramurals I2 3 4 Foofbal 234 Band I 2 C ora Group 23 Class Oflrcer 3 F s fs '3 xr DAVID WEISS Capialn SI' Anfhony Ban I 2 34: Minsfrel I' on- cerf Band 34: Marching Band ROBERT WINTERS InIramuraIs I 2 3 4 Sodaldy I Hall Guard I Track I 2 3 4 5 EDWARD WEISS SI' Ann lnframurals I 234- Minsrrel DAVID WENECK Dave Sacred Heari' Speech CIub: Yearbook 4' Sci- ence Honor 4' Honor Sfudenr NCDIQTI-I CATHOLIC RICHARD WILD Wald Man Mosf Holy Name Foo baII I 2 Inframurals I 2 PAUL WOLF M nsIreI I 2 3 4 Bowhng 3 Sodahfy I 234 In+ramuraIs 2 4 Choral Club I 2 EDWARD WILHELM Mush Annuncnahon I3 o baII I 2 3 4 Inrramurals I 2 3 4 Class Ofhcer 4 KENNETH WOLFE M nsIreI I InIramuraIs 23 JOHN WHERTHEY Honesf Abe SI Cyril Guard I: Sodaliry ' CIass Officer I1 Mlnsrrel I 2' Inframurals I2 3 4' InIramuraI Bowing 3' Tr ck I 2 3 4. ROBERT WUNDERLIN M:nsIreI Chorus I 24 Choral Group 2 Q' " K N3 iv m X I A lata ll 0 Il . llEdlI . ll ll ll ll . ' d . , , .C .,,. , Hall I, . I,2 , 1 . I,2,3,4 3 ,... I . a . , , I , 1 , , o I , , , 7 3.4. , , , 1 ' . "Hu+ch" Mosi Holy Name "WoIfIe" Sf. Leo "Bo" SI. Leo "Bob" Mosf Holy Name . . . 1 ' I . 1 . 1 ' 1 I 1 , . ' . . 1 I' I sv 7 Q at ! DAVID YAKSlCK ROBERT YOST ZIGMUND ZALEWSKI ALEX ZANON Dave" Assump+ion "Bob" Holy Family "Zig" Sf. Ann "AI" All Saints f1":'fC 2 3 4' La"' Mio" i"fa"mraL 2 3. M'oi"e N2' 'Nfaomfa 3 I F f"f -L '2' Baivbax 2' 'f- 'Mam 'A 4' Ver: ' 23' T131 Neffg 3' C eip C573 'ra"w'a.5 N 2 3 4' Tfcyan News 4. ce' 4' L'L'5"V'-':i B:ff"g 2, 234' Bev-ffg 34' Yeafocck 34' Bowfng 4. 4' Soda CCWTUZLLEG 4' Track L2 34' La'r'n Hc'3' i,2' Ra Ly Cyofrzirfee 34' Hover SMA den? I,2. LAWRENCE ZEHFUSS RICHARD ZEISE RALPH ZELIK Larry" S+. Joseph "Dick" Assump+ion "Moose" S+. Boniface "fi"u"i 234' E33-Vj 3-1' C3353 2' B3-"Q L2 3 4' Yof'a"',.rg', 34, L'f'3.' C'L4iff"' T., V! lvlfibp Lqflflr 3 Trailf LDL-'3 2' SQQVI: C:M'v"'ii 4 How' 2. P A "- :, N AQ, - , .--,A-f v,A,v -E .. - ., :nv ,, -L A 4 ...3.'Z'LI 4. xo? V xf- ' V :A---1 - affl Eighf-handed pinocl'1le7 ,4-of -J , Q IVVI , '-7 23 ' ' ' YEAR l-ICDNCDR STUDENTS John Lawry Lawrence McCabe Richard Mulh ,1,,'., . pm., +..5,A - i vs - 's-- r. V . ,X I ww Q . yu . , 3522919 1.' if . xg Ear . . .-- a- 554-' ' Ronald Cosfello 'N Joseph Guunla KW '71 George Maralr William Murdoch Norberf Lechwar fl Donald Banaszalc Herberl Dlelrlch Davud Muller Leonard Pilarski Vincenl' Pranll o n Schoeppner RGANIZATIUNS. Through our parlicipafion in school aclivifies we have learned fha? working 'rogefher is necessary for an organ- izaiion lo be eFfeclive. We have seen +ha+ a spiril of co! operalion is lhe basis ol an orderly sociely, ln all phases ol our life, whefher in school clubs or in our fields of work, we rnusf labor co-operafively wilh God and our neighbors. Working fogelher, sancfified by grace, we see lhe Myslical Body in operalion. Thus our school aclivilies become "Aloms For Peace." .41 , K, ,W Q -1 .xlq-12 -- '- . .f ' - J w, gf -- .-Arm,-r, ' f, , .Q v z. !V . V .5 , f , 4 519 1' . 6 B-,qv :, My My. . s s MK. , ,. ,i5,:L.4.4g,15 J ,fr Q-.rf 3:12 sw 5 L"' 5313. 3 ' Q.. if Q fi Q Q sux Awards Day presenfaho The Trolan Band backbone of our cheermg sechon skvfv Sfudeni' publlcahon rolls off The presses F Ferlcehc reclfes WSCDDALITY Through a consecrahon To Mary The SodalnsT worlqs as a sTudenT AposTle and sTrnyes To carry relugaousluTe1nTohns surrounolngs As a member ol Thus spnraTual orqanrzahon The SodallsT mod els hrmselT in True ChrssTl1l4eness The weelcy meehngs oT The SodallTy wnTh :Ts moderaTors Tram The Sodal1sT nn The aposTolaTe ol The LauTy By perTormung The spnrfTual requnsuTes ol: The group he also develops hrs own spnrnTual lale AT These meehnqs are planned The varuous relnqlous programs Tor The sTudenT body Some of Tne prolecTs underTalcen were The Odober Rosary devohons The posTers remundnnq sTudenTs oT FnrsT Fruday The Days of Recollechon The LenTen STudenT ReTreaT and The May Day Rally Parhclpahng In n oT The oroleds of Tne So a yarep W TandJ Wels FaTher Crenner offers B ed Ton af D y e o Tne So a T '41 'S I. I Fafher W. Crenner, S.M., addresses We sfu- lnducfion of new officers In Norfhs Chapef. den? body af Hfne May Day RaUy. SCDDALITY -of ! X. X. X-, S I 1 i , . .,. 6 .V J.. 1 :ws Y U U v 4 5 6 ff '+f .sf X 2 1 f 2. ir-v K x Af 4 J! .f 4. , . Jvs , ,tg XC Reci+ing fhe LT"'e Gffice QF +ve Bessed Meier Ev Q, Nofws CWSDGY are-Firsf row: J. Haww D. Gcelz. Second row: T. S:5'ere'b, A ?-igfgeffwf, T. Lehi. 3 Lasf row: J. Mersey, J. Law, J. Scfesad lb- i J. Rebel +alking pfrvafey wifi rug group mod- era'or, Bro. Leo Murray, SM. Sodalisfs assembled In 'we foray' durhg rurvqrx -J.. iran 'rn fra" ng ram rd C7 a Da,' of Recife:- f N-Q Fafher Crenner, S.M., fakes imc our rar fauqrmer dur- .rg a discussion pfericd on Day of Recollecriorw. The s+uden+ body c e ccurfyard For We annual May Day Rally. 1 ' 'WT --" Q nr M ua Q-b-f rf - -,-,HM 1 Q., --,, , ...- -W w i f'rTTirf4i-1 ' 'Fifa L. a M f H , - -4... , ,, --Q---. ,. A.. Z , 3, f 'Yo' oggzniyit J, ia gli Ox!! -nv, i ' fs ,Q g 0 I my . I-A! W - - 'G Y .5 ! 3 5 Q it .1': F59 I ' . W..v'!i,01P'z0 X 0 "X, """ uf' V91 "." .-f.w".'.' ' r' .'-,1"" 0 Qjx nail' '.r.A ' w., - O I 5. 49 lx! kcQ ,-, '25 .14 -' -f.'.:smw. 2054 R ' H Q ' we if 'gas . 3-:'r' i.f 'I' el' F. 85' fy . ' la' lt.-G va: Q F' if-' - 'ifga 'N -u l1D'.l . .gil Q ! 4 9.i 69' .A 4' 1 '1' A+ one of 'fheir bi-weeky rnee 'wgs lne Sludenr Courcl fears ilsef away from parlamen ary procecure lo oolr up al 'rhe camera LEADERS CDF TCDMCDRRGW ew-wif? Conlinuing lhe policy of previous years, lhe Sludenlr Council of '56 en- ioyed The privilege of sluclenl responsi- bililry. Every sfudenl of Norlh shared in The aclivilries of rhe council lhrough rep- resenlarion-olf lhe individual horneroorns and aclivily presidenls. Along wirh lhe rnoderalor Bro. Thomas Schiclc, SM., 'rhe execuhve ollicers were: Tony Babiclca, President Bill Mauro, Vice- Presidenlrg Gerry Plurnsky, Secrelaryy and Dave Miller, Treasurer. Upper Class Represenlahves Firs+ row W Mu J La l Ic+or'a G. Plurnslcy D lv' e A Baoiclca W Mau o S orn ch, P. Rooney. Se d r w W Seidl H r J Busholslcy R. Gallagher E McCluslcy J Marcoy D Lewis V D. V ba Miller. bed ...vw ,...,.. H"fT?yg"".6 55454 s- T- A .. 3. , s ij' Q. Designed 'ro a'3.3e a gfeaf r Mefezf rw evfa-Surface ar dQ"J?'AEl ana is D3f TFJOULG '3 Pe mix' iokffeo :Jazz CGC? c,v,cn. We acer czfwffree J. WJ3'CZy D Len.. fx. 331326. R. Pe .' f f N' ffm WD Cf f- TM. .1 -J ,JJ V Q., 1 4 'K Y' :W Pfzgfavi vf. Q .-Aye y rfqzd A, ,-na ,man A -, ,-...1 ,,. N. .. V . ,QMM Vee- r-as-uf'fh -1' 7-.s.', iq ... 1.1-D'-h -. ld ' D kf5'1ft" 5,555 '4 1 TC A If N Under Class Represen+a+ives-Firsi row: J. Lsfffe E. Murpny, R. Voqef F. Sa gf? E. Cnzef-5 J, Dcfovaf P. Peake' J. Cffenz. Second row: T, GV-Q F. Fi"-e": 5. S'e"'ve'z F. Cznzie . F. H4'e'rnan. G. D'e+rE:F, R. New-4 H, Rinse' - x f- 3 Q . v me Nw x 0 'X Y s". -H -' . , P 1 X, fyrq gg.. o K If xx! 's f THE TRCDJAN BAND Fronl' row: T. Essfg, J. Helihan, S. Caruso, W. Sul4iTz G. l-larris, T. Rodgers, R, McGeown, D. Angelo, W Bauer, P. l3iaTel4, W. NberTh, R. Colins, T. FriTzpaTriClc P. Vaughan, J. Milmsa. Second row: S. CosTa, T. Muzzey Mr. William Kerns Band DirecTor. One ol The noTable aggregaTions oT The school carrying The banner oT Chris- Tian Living is The Trojan Band. From Their well-execuTed drills To Their concerT play every acTion is indicaTive of many hours oT hard work. Long aTTer school has dis- missed you can see The NorTh band prac- Ticing drills under The able supervision oT Mr. William Kerns and Bro. Bernard Cramer, S.lv1. Even beTore The school Term begins, The NorThmen spend a week aT Camp Rosary, SomerseT, Pa., where They pass The days pracTic,ing music and marching. The band again prospered in size and varieTy in '5o. P. Rairnondo, J. Grieser, T. Perry, L. SchaeTer, D. Palo- mera, J. Corrado, 6. SrniTh, J. RaTTerTy, J. WelI'ngTon A. Simon, R. GebharT, B. Meisel. Third row: R. Gbrycki Posing graciously we me -et 3, Vice-Preis-er' J. Cyfagf' Fife: B M Secrefarff, F. Hfergef' J. xvVC2'E""'i', A. Rwszw, R, Zirvvmef, V. Ffooicher, D Lice" L,T,efnf1 J. Sadat, D, Svala J. BU G. Moe fer, A, Ffsefg, A. Badaii, R. Slepiaf. Four+h row: D VVef:5, L. Slew, F. S'Ci'TYW6iZ, F, Fafia, F. F-i'efg'ei4 C. Cifgerd, C, We ken P. Haag R. Elder, J. V3F'TdV5'i E, Hofimaw, W. Emamuei, J. Biake, G. Krufm Missing W. Borrow, R. Faub, D. Piiiips, B. Zwoyiifi, E. Simi?-e?y. :fs J 32 4- T. i f" U A 1 X lg 5- M50 Q 2 Li 97, Wffsuuiw .fl 3 , SENIOR BAND MEMBERS 1 3 ! 2 1 'Y 7'9" Q 4 J. Blake F. HI9fg6IS+ J. Corrado B- Meisel rw-l 1 i we 5,-gg N e 5 f 4. .! Q """, 1- 21 . Beckoning fhc camera are ine members of+i'1e bass seclrion-Kneeling: P, Vaugnan, W, A oerfn, G. Srni'rh, W, Suicifcn, G, Harris. Sfand- ing: G. Kru'n A. Eroenlfch, E. Hoffman, J. Rafferfy, D, Weiss. I08 Bill ma E E I g 5 l li im - 4 -. A. Simon D. Weiss JUNIOR BAND Taking +ime +0 pose fine Junior Band consis+s of: W. Bauer, E. Siculiefy, J. Bill, R. Zimmer, P. Pla'relc, S. Cosfa, T. Rodgers, R. Eaub, L. Siern, A. Rauscn, V, Eroelniicher, C. Ciiiford, T, Perry, T, Eriizpafrick, J. Wefling+on, T. Essig, J. Vorndran, A, Eroehlicln, T. Muzzey, C. '1 Composing Hue rrombone secfien are fhese fdenred horn pIayersYKneeling: F. Farina, J. Vorndran, J. WeHing+on, T. Perry. Sfanding: T. Esslg, C. Cllfford, L. TyLenda, D. Ralomera, T. Frlfzpafrldc. Waiker, R. Gebnaror, J. Sudac W. Aioerfrw W. Sukifdw, J. Regerky, G. Smim, R. VauqLwe'1, B. Zwofslci, G, Krufrw, D. RHWQS, J. Mrlcsa, J. Grie-ser, R. Mcgeown, F. Sremmerz, D. Lid- dell. 1... -.... ,.... , 'Q' Q" ...... -- ....., ., The meloduc frumpe+eers-Fronfz G. Tv1oeUer, R. Collins, D. Shah, D. Argefe, R. Gebkerdi, T. Muzzey, L. Schaefer. J. MFA. Back: R. S'eone'1. R. Qbfyclfl J. XNes+mav, P. Haag C. 'Wa lrer, J. Czfraje, J. Sudac, W. Ernarrue-5, R. Eder. Q 4 I I 2. 1 . . - A ' "' emw -0- .. The men of music in 'me reed secrion are-Fronh P. Piafer, J. Hdrhan, L. Sfern, W. Bauer, S. Cosfa, A. Badali, Back: T. Rodgers, R. Raimorwda, R. Zimmer, F. Hrerqeisf, A. Rausch, V. Froehlicher, B. Meisef. Proudly marching In s+ep Is We drum sec"c': J. Bfake, A. Smen, F. S'e'n'neLz, S. - Caruio R. Mcgeewrw, D. Lace . in r l is I. Bro Joseph Moriiz SM e i ' fn e iiBUSINESS HCDNCDR SCDCIETV To give The general course srudenrs an cpporfuniry ro acquire Chrisiian principies ir fhe worid of business is rhe prime objec- 'riwe of The Business Honor Sociery. Meering once a rnonrh ar designared schoob, NorTh's members exchange 'rheir Mews wifh 'rhe resr of 'rhe diocesan group on 'fine currenr and coming 'ropics of The busi- ness worid. These capebie srudenfs are under 'rhe supervision of Bro. Joseph Morirz, SM. The 56 ednhon n c ce ea e W 4 A 'E- o J a e T econd ow Hu e Bree Denim NVEhneradW rn Wing 04 W 5 To deveiop an acfive inieresr in science and Hs principles, Jrhe Diocese offers 'ro Cafholic high school sru- denfs ihe Science Honor Socieiy. The group meeis every second and fourrh Thursday ai various schoois To discuss scienrific evenis and iopics. Nor+h's chapfer is under Jrhe di- reciion of Bro. Thomas Schick, SM. J. Giunia acied as Rresidenf of The Trojan group, as well as Vice-Rresi- denf of rhe Diocesan Sociefy. Experimeniing in'felligen+ly wi+h innpacc a e . ,M , 5 i S f F. Leioc 3 J, or unra, and E. Beran X 1 t ,XIV Qi., ,Qq4g,,. Represen+ed by boih iuniors and seniors, fhe Science Honor Socfefy consisied oi- Fron+ row: F. Lefoold, T. Efffnq. J. Siunra, S. Gusc, E. Beran. Second row: R. XVCi"1,iE'i, R. Sfefn, R. Krarne' R, Casioiio, W. Maiezks, J. Scnoeppner, D. Appei, D. Mfonccic, J. McNa' ,, J. 33,01 Back row: VJ, Boninqer, W. Hiiger, P. Reiiiy, R. Kifno, R. Greenwood, A. Kefer, l.. Fabic, R. Shaw. ,. ,., , I. ,- . A .I . ,. . Ngiiyfnan J' J ,ff V N4wL'i.,. K ay iff'--j.'f'f .Qt ..1 , X, ,. Vs... I-ICDNCDR SCDCIETY Gaining imporfance C, 'CQAJ ar meeifnqs wzer BVO. R. Qpfad Third row: N. BC'F:"Q6', R, GVCQQ R. Epgcfc N':r'fqie,, SNA.. 'we gram fni'u:ie3vFronf ifwxfr 9. RQ , R. KVA R. S'Qemv.:'f1 R. Sie"- row: E. Tddcfer, T. Gord, E. Braun, J. ARCH J. BOYGV. 'SCF A. feb' E. Evafz R. Nqgbauw T. D'G'i:5rrw3. R. QDTICRVN T. Bonlma li, L. Fabt, N. Pdf. Second Back row: S. fffalf, J. MQQQQWW, A, Shaqra, J. Scan- row: S. Qgckarlk, L. Weoer, M. Dougherfy L. Dgml by VV. Hfgef, R. Ecief E. Leposid, K. Kmzef, and efd: J. Berdflc C. Cammarafa, W. QOH, D. Miifer, D. M5"'3. 1 5 R: L Wifh fhe purpose of enrfgiffg Hwelr lvvwejqe ami B"'rw-f, F HJ-'gif' ' J. Ewan Back row: H. D.F?3'lCL", t'fC'C3f H We maiemaflci word We 56 Kiaffwefrm- D. YaLQ'3k V. Kufzcf J. ff of L. Dcmefii C. Lis Hover Soc7e+y CorsI:'ed O?-From' row: J. Vfgzxaf, Byffoi, J. E'E'3-iif, J. O Hifi J. Sfsvengi. f J. R. Zeiss, V. felqerwaki, R. Swdefsld, C. QQ, '22 f f 'Q' I3 M" , v i- ff mi-f L .-1 -mi 7 5 . , , -w,'517,f , f, r " ,nf r ,, - pw' .H ,f i , fi fl? v . H 5-33: Q f . -4 V , If I-1 , 'f M. ' " '- fi ffl .f 1 4 z, i if A if it if A Y K 5 +I A :tw ix 2 .A 59' 537' gi 4: Jggff Q ,Q 1, 'Ali za Q: A 11" Q fa: if ff Y' qv' 'T5 iz' " " 'af H ' r 4 - 1 a 1 ,f ,,," .. f s 'c ,,, ai. ' fe' " A74 , l, a ,Y 4 Q W, Q W fa ' ,. - ':,g? Q "f f , 635' ' 41:55 . A42 M. - W , 'ag V Y 25 Qi? f X 2: K"'9'3' A , ' A 'Q 14- IQTTJ2 x km W ,, b 'f 'X ,vw n G ."" 14, 53' if 221, 2 'ffm vu tr - K. J:- f,,-f . "Nh ,ig 57 U' The Ari Club loolcs cheerfully lo lne carnera- Sfanding: W. l-lolznagel, J. Healy, S. Osrrowslcl. Sealed: D. Feoeafs, J. Bfnder, J. Marcgy, C. Brunner. The papier maclwe Trojan warrior, along Willa ine ollwer rally signs and poslers, was one ol The underlalongs ol'rl1e'56 fkrl Club. Wiln Bro. Henry Seller al llneir side lne club also was responsible lor Jrlwe prinling of bangue+souvenirs.ll1elr rnany lwours on llwese proledrs places flue club among Jrlme prornie ne-nl exlra-curricular acllvilies al Norllw. ART CLUB L Assembled in llwe Chapel, We 56 Servers Club Ewcluded-Fronf row P. Meagan, P. Bafesererc, T. Forfura, S. Socrwa, C. Difiacomo Second row: J. Kane. J. Burke, B. Brumer D. fxbmayr, P. Orr W. Gold assis+s Fever Cferrcr ei Beme- FN. Hmqermae. Third row: A, Froewld, J. Kurdfal, J. Hamm, T CSQL' P. McKee F. Fe'rQ'f:. Fourllw row: N. Sod, R. Scoelwerf J. Haugrw, R. Novak. 0:53:54 L 4 x ' ,,,. 2 f3sERvE1Qs 4 rr Wlrlw fre Ideal ol lcrwrlrg a shield For Cerlsflaru defense, Jrlwe Servers Club rrury serves flue sclwool. Irwspirecl by Jrlwelr ,y ' devollon ro flue l-loly Euclwarlsf, flue servers arrive early lo ff' serve Jrlwe sfudeml Mess af eqlwr dclocl. f F! The lahlwlulrwess of We servers MQW we? influence a qreeler nurrber cl Trcevs fo assisl af l-lc'y Mess. Bro. Thomas Brooks. SM., served as moclerafor cl llwe group. ? Ligl1+ing an allar candle " p'c:5'a"Q' ve sludene Megs 's NV. Ho en. . sa - 71 . .kv . IIS The enfire news s+aFf Takes Mme ou+ +o pose for The Camera. They are-Firsi' row E. Mueler, J. Sfein, B, Eicner, E. Braun, N. Lecnwer. Second row: R. Greenwood E. Skeffenio R. Kuoier, D. p'CLi61, VV. Mufdodx. Third row: T. Cook, F. Sfeinmefz YV. Scnufzmen, S. Oi7'CTvfSk., M. Coy'e, L. Taddono, NN. Benzinqer, N. Pail. Fourfh row: E. T-Tofdnnan F. T-ifergeie? W. M:Ne',, S. Rornbacn, A. Zanon, J. Zarernbe A. Kefer, R. Gaerfner FTRQJAN NEWS An idle momeni' Tor fne busineae sfaff o? ine Trojan News. T. Munscn F, Frankovlcn, J. McWhir+ef, T. Perry, T. Es- slg, B. Me-Esef. 5 ia f -f wo -Iv., ,,. , B .'-x I V4 L-Ii - x' . -Tl"- Q'-bf-.-. "fi X 'll-.G XT x R' I' rv Edilor in Chief W. Murdoch News Edifor . E. Hogg-an R. Greenwood Sporis Eclifor S. Rombach Business Manager J. Mc'lNhlr'rer Typisls L. Dcmeclc. L. Tedoccc. D. Merfno Pho+ograpl'1er . . J. Beclcer Reporfers and Wrilers: R, Cccroe J. Mafcolf. R. S'e" D. Rcke V, Rare ', A. S"'Q5'5 A. Ya- : :iff R. Qeencer '-fl. Coyce, N. Ra' 'N. Beh- irger, C. Vfhrher F. Hfergesi, J. N'e'l, J. Mc- Cfei N. Mchla , fx Zow' J. Zreneoa, R. Voczlef, C. Ca'hr'ere'e. R. Vfczkf R. Voufrah, R. Sreln, R. Kre. Moclerafor .,... . , Mr. Edward Nede-'lander W' . is, N I I.. Lending some advice li RN. Schuh- rnan are E. Moe! er and J. Klhe. Lx V . Tallcing newspaper are: VJ. Beozinger, R. Kuwzler, and R. Gweecwood. Rresenhng The sludenls wirh up lo dale cover- age ol school evenrs and 'rops of local inleresl, lhe Trojan News endeavors lo Train selecl' slu- denls in lhe llne ol lournelism. Accepling The bulwark of leadership were edifors: W. Mur- doch, R. Greenwood, S. Rombach, and E. Holl- rnen. A+ mid-year lhe seniors were succeeded by R. Kunzler. R. Kline, and L. laddonio. Mr. Edward Neiderlander served as lacully mod- eralor for The group. Casually enlerlaining 'hewseves ere: S, Ronooecn W, Musoci A. Zrci a': lf. l-lorlvwad lui" 1. 'dials II8 Wm 4 W. x V? Jgfilf 'wa we ":' ' me Z5 my 383 ww", 9.1, . 'Q , f f, ,fy , ,V Qitfli, H2 tiff? EW fab: f 'WAP' Q A 5-V-1 L -...,: Ff7'f,ff5J'f efifrmmaf . f.7i'?.3r' 7.7 . I V 4 .gif .1 ,Ji L..-4.45, -' ' 'fy Q Qgfyf ' ,Um 5 'N -K I ,'4Q', - rf Y' x - 4 ll? f 'V ' 391 Lil if Business managers, J. McWnIr+er and F. Frankovich work ow on yearbook ads. e dx gg " I: B 1' . '-Q' J: --Q W, , - A ' , s ,J , Y 5 q e fp f --. . . - X , M - X., lla", I 0' , , 1, X f ' " in I -,ef I X Q . 1 ' - 1 . 915- 15 . 11 ga lp: Q4 The Eddorlal Sfaff of fne 56 T Ola Furs? row J CVVOGOV er F L bol c cn H De'rcn Second row C Rose E Massuccw N Lecnwar J Carnmara Back row: D.V1cfor1a D. Weneck A. Zanen G. Plurnsky. ff 1 DCSiQ'TCC1i'O 'solar SCNC ci fre prinQ'p es oi Cnriz- iw wing whim nignfgnred your years ar Norriw, 'C :sag pfesems you ,Aff ifn fre 56 Trdan. We disc nope if wi erase ,cu +0 reihfe some of five ener- necx rfofrenrg ai NQWF. Tre supervisors behind nb .CuC'Qa'icn ffefe Efo. Ffed Hieinie. SM., and fo. Henry SGiiC' Edifor-in-Chief Theme Edi+or Adminisirafion Senior Ediior Class Ediior Siudies Edifor Ediior Fx. Zvi' H D-Gym J. ffiess' . , D. Yfni if Organizafions Edifor D. Vif'C'A:1 Sporfs Edi+or 3. pwwf' Feafures Edi+or , D. Vxfefezr 7A Responsible for +i1e far? F 'ff gggbx +-5 Ad Sag Le'F+ fo Right -. Him N. Vwu 161, ff. 33g'i'Z, il, i-zerzeq F, Rgiiif J L- 3 V ff , gf, - V .M m,., Realizing fhe obiiga+ions 3? E::f'cr in Che: B' Mwdzir ge 'J-C 'Q 56 Trzivn 'Q cgrrpwfg' .The enhre Tfolfm Siag O-3 Y -'f3fi4'PG-Froni' fable: A Zanon F LGiOC3 G. Punsb. J. Scvceooner, , I ' N Rear +able: J, Cmnmpfg-3 N- Legmafv Q. R355 E Maismmf H ,fu Deir? NN' Mwgccw' are CriO'3Q'5Piiers: J. Becker and M. V L Romano. r l,x R rv, N .--I '.',.nl"" ,-alll Je. X1 nes IIT- E .wiivm Twgvvs 4 Q lnhoducmg lfself Norfh Cafholm fw 56 mder Hue quidawce of Bro James Woian S M Hue Radno Ciub wws rv 'noe-red by W Geuer T Cook C Beck? M Je Sven W Ha nes Re C. Ha er V Fr enVwcl'wer and R Sc a e CAMERAMEN 2 'Elf' Being on fhe ofher oe F+we andere Norms obo 2. + f Driven by a spiri'r of compe+i+ion, lemperecl by iudi- cious guidance, we have iirelessly endeavored by means of human eFFor+s fo produce vicforious resulis. Whefher we emerged friumphanf or defeafed we have always observed The principles of spor+smanship. A+ 'lhe same lime men fhroughoul' +he world sfrive conlinuously for peaceful purposes by use of lhe +ools of war. Bul' if we are +o obfain frue peace among nafions, rafher lhan wiihdrawing from +he saving lighl of grace, we musf conform our efforfs lo lhe precepfs of love. obo l' o Lb 50 no 0 U l U0 'Q 5 8 L, I X , X ' , ,L - i xi +L 1 , Q D 1 M I' i , 2 ' J M5584 Wx g i f 4 -I 4 J , i . ' "Wu ik QJHFS in S Q :: if b , gi . i ' QA Sf sil , i N A , fh- if' To " Q K To -L. 1? I'II give you Boys' Town and six. iv 'Hwe viciors belong ihe spoils! ' Musclemen display charm 2 'fx 32 ' , NAA. .flflvi i i xi Af' are F ,.. ,M ,X ,- 5 ,- - ,.. X, Y. , Q.. r- rff' ,, DEVELCDPIIXIG STAMIIXIA e a c cw rumrmg Norfru s me arrwiefc pro fa S crm slwou ders of Bro Edward Spang H eo OGJVWS rw eary Augusf wrrh foo+bar camp and erwos an Jun wnfrn mrramural rracx and Doxmq N r ow y Gees he scrweduie all of The sporfmq con res S and a F6998 rrarwspo Tahorx F r Hue payers and coafrwe buf asc m nrors We J V baskefbail rear Iwsrsrmg on derermmed pray he expecfs Na+ every arrwrere perform as a Jrrue Crwrnshan genrle Bro Edward Spang S M 6 'we , 2 A M chan cs 1 e D rec vflff w if .iff 2 Th1fwra of 'r 'ri 5 - grafvw U Tre f . f. 'sQ 'ff7. 3 r '- fl , A 1. 9 . . , , . h C 14 W ' - f r .r r ' c - S, 7 e .. man. ' L 'L' ' , . CC. "' Urs S I 1 4...Af.ffI: E for. I X 14, V 1 A I 1 Q 3 . af , -Q 'rr'-s . , , A Q A , , IG ' -5 OS 36. ..' as ,, 1 ' - In-Al' , ' -- ,- 4 s I . 1' .NJ -,Q 'ww QC. -ax at -9 QQ' L wwf? A was fs QQ- ,Q 21 31' C9 ,Q .ff M1 ig 31 riff The I955 edifion of fhe North Cefhofc Trojan fociba squad row: Asaigfavf coach Ray Bergrvvam, R. Vsqe, R. Greer'- -Froni row: E. VVQ' and, J. Harney, T. Rarner, B. Mauro, 'er L. lrqrirvw, R. Svwsmoerger, J. Hess M. D:ug'er' Mafaqer R. McCann. K. Vsgexefp, R. Seb, J. Busvofsly, J. Marek M. M:Car'fy D. Buvewkz ana V-'ees C3527 5-'yd GQEQVYQW. Sgcgnd rgwg Brgggnlrggrxx Trvgmggx Chuck VXAGPVGJJC. TOP FOW2 LGUQWM' VVJ. PGVJC PNC- A, B5bfQLqg, L-h'QrrYw5r Nkcgfgex A- Sper5'jeQI C133 SCWSSCJS, KiiVi'3.JQ", 9.525 CC. Z6 6- Sweeme, J. Smuiskf, R. Garaqner, emo F. Langfor, Third znak, and R. Meferf. V. ..., 4 ',.., Coaches Ra, Bergrrwsf, Cwd. VP I nf 'QQ LQ. CA S K x .4 , V7-. in 1- K . ' T, yr ' f . 1 Y 51x A - r v .. 17.2141 5 . -9: ' . ' -. ' "'x,,..,. ' '-Quik nj' - I-fy ',,Q-by.,-- .v ' , lnxp 'I . y A . . S..-.4 y Q . A f ,'-, J.:,.,',S ., 5 .. . Q.. . -V ., gr.. ,, ,. 1,1 .3,- .I L, A -.a,n . . ref i'd Jie rC:r"':. , ADJ Mwvvai ,,,, ..f,,,,,,,,,-y.M'.4,-..,punq-new ,Nu Mr. Charles Mehelich Afnerfcan Irlifory 3 . . . Economics -cr. T FGQTBALL s.'-,- The l55 Toolball season lound Norlh lacing one of lhe louqhesl schedules in lhe hislory ol The school. Accus- rorning ll'TSVTTS9lV8S lo This hard grind, lhe Trojans pulled Through wilh a Tour-live-one record. Spearheaded by M.V.F'. Tony Sperandeo and caplain Larry McCabe. Nor+h's Trojans won lhe respecl ol lhe sludenl body and lacully lor lheir spiril and clean play. Wilh lilleen seniors qraduolingl nine lellermen will relurn lo The '56 gridiron wars. l955 Foolbal Record A Jim Harney cf' ren Ti9lC1 runnfng againsl Frifz Langfon eiuorg 5 Monessen defender Noon I4 .... Scoll , A Ncrln O .. .. l-lar-Brock ... . Novn l3 ,... Aquinas . A , Nor?h I9 ... Oliver ,.... .. . Norh I4 ..... Turlle Creelc ., . Nloron 6 . ,, Chaferoi .. . 1 Nofwi l4 ..... Monexen , ..,. Ninn 6 .,.. Boys' Town , . N75 l8 .. Ncenlral .. ., Nc"n 6 Vffndber Plifsaurou CATI-TCDLIC CHAMPS ATTer having his way paved by Gallagher l89l and Ba- bfclca l963, K'rlc Vogeley scores The T'rsT TD agalnsT T 3 CenTral. NorTh I8-CenTral I3 A hard Tlghhng Trojan eleven rose Trom The obscur- iTy oT Three sTraighT deTeaTs To The heighT oT CiTy CaThollc Charnplons. IT was The wanT To win and a sTrong deTenslve line ThaT gave NorTh 'Ts cher- ished Trophy in an exclTlng I8-I3 vlcTory. Kirlc Vogeley sTarTed The scoring when he slclrTed leTT end Tor a 6-O lead. ln The second guarTer Jrn Srnul- slal plunged inTo The end zone Trorn The Tlve To have The scoreboard read I2-O. LaTe In The save quar- Ter Gallagher hiT l.angTon ln The end zone Tronn The I8 To rnalce The halTTlrne score read I8-O. A second halT splurge was noT enough as a llne plunge and a lasT minuTe desperahon pass by CenTral nrade The Tinal Tally I8- l 3. .. 75' ltr ' ATTer Three sTraighT zgrvrc J oe-feaTs ine Trolan Vvfar wee r2:.x'ec'e: ard conquer a sTrong Ce ceven 'E-53. lne lv c e rang once aga'n for e C" Cawc Ac Crennfcn' I J- .. .,. '. uv JW? , we M , ha W fn, v 1, x ,rain 'L Y ' fc... 1 M J if S 44 45 xv Win- ' 4: gf.: , M. 1. ,X fins .. ww, Q W ,W 43 5 ,,,,, f , H, ,, z f fbfmv S, if WT .35 'E QQ. 4 K V x, 5:54 r 6. -5 3 V' Sk 4:.,.i .wk :Miva ,.5' .? wp 15,2 gf rw' r f H S' gf' sz' x . 'Q QR , ' . ug -Lf , 3 ful, f - ,P Q fx -35 , xt., , ef-, w'v 'flag 1 3? A' N if W SENIOIQS LEON HILTERMAN fi I RICH GELB BOB SCHWAMBERGER Norfh I3 Aqulnas 8 Bob Gallagher gave Norfh nfs fursf fasfe of vac fory as he ran and passed 'rhe Trolans 'ro a I3 8 'rrnumph Traulmg 8 7 af halffume Bob feamed up wnfh Frufz Langfon on a 70 yard overall pass Norfh I9 Oluver 0 Malcnng nf fwo vlcfornes an a row Norfh beaf a fasf Oluver feam Bull Mauro sfarfed nf off wnfh an enghf yard TD plunge A Gallagher fo Voge Iey pass and a fullback slanf by Jnm Smulslu made 'rhe final score read I9 0 D WILHELM GEORGE THOMAS Norfh I4--Sco'H' I4 A slurf around end by Klrlc Vogeley and a lasf mmufe pass from Bob Gallagher fo Dave Buch ewucz wnfh Gallagher adding has second con versuon gave fhe 55 Trolans a hard foughf I4 I4 he wufh Scoff In fhe season opener Norfh 0-lHar Brack I9 Norfh ran up agamsf a smarf pass defense un I-lar Braclc as fwlce 'fhey had drnves sfopped deep an I-lar Braclc s ferrufory by mfercepfuons The I-lar Brack defense along wlfh a powerful passnng affaclc was foo much for fhe Troy I-IIII boys fo masfer in LARRY McCABE 3 r 55 ERNIE WEILAND Norfh 6-1Boys Town 35 FRITZ LANGTON Norfh blflharlerol 33 Affer a scoreless fursf half fhe Trogans fell aparf as Charlerou scored fave fouchdowns A 25 yard pass from Gallagher fo Langfon pre venfed a whnfewash as fhe final score read 33 6 Norfh I4-lhdonessen 48 Talcnng advanfage of Norfhs many mnsfalces Monessen pnled up seven fouchdowns fuve ln Two screen passes from Gallagher fo Langfon gave Norfh fheur only consolafnon nn a 48 I4 defeaf TOM BROSENITSCH KIRK VOGELEY TONY SPERANDEO BILL MAU RO Norfh I4-Turile Creek 7 The Trolans pulled an upsef by defeahng The hughly foufed Creelcers Fullbaclc Smulslu scored Norfh s frrsf TD on a 26 yard screen pass from Rach Gelb Fnfz Langfon caughf a I2 yard pass from Gallagher for fhe second fouchdown and a I4 7 vncfory JIM HARNEY FRANK SWEENEY TONY BABICKA A speedy and shuffy baclcfleld wlfh a sfrong lane was foo much for fhe Trolans as Boys Town pnled up fnve TDS In a 35 6 rouf Jam Smulslu plunged sux yards for Norfhs only score ln fhe flnal sfages of fhe game Norfh fried desperahon passes only fo have fhem mfercepfed by an alerf defense Norfh 6--Wmdber 49 Again a second half splurge by Wmdber was foo much for Norfh Jnm Smulslu s lme plunge was all 'rhaf 'rhe Trolans could musfer fogefher an fhe way of an offense The long season showed on fhe 'ream as fhe fmal whnsfle blew fhe score read 49 6 an favor of fhe opponenfs , . A' A TT S Tx : -0 n, X X w T I fhe second half, fo humble our favored Trojans. T xx f . K W7 L. ' ' ' 1.3,-'..l, . , . - I . .y . 1 . . ee' A' ' 1 5, 14 V A V . - J 'i K ' ' if 32, . . j far X .JA , J Q, 'ff . 5 M' eg Q, if M, . . 1- - ' 45? iff. .Q "" lifii- ' . ' ii 1' '- . 1 ' 1 H5 X ' A, , ' u , V ' ,aff 1 - , 'hi' WI 1 I " , ., I 'W , Q, I :K L J X ,Fe W , k' AA" N' AA- V g ' . , ' Q v A as-,, 'H S 17 n ff A :1 S " tx c"' 1 X H w , ff! - .W Q D a 4 km wg Q H , 'hw' ' .. . , M. . o Q' 5 . l 'W Q A 'Q ,F . f t ' , . 1 1, z Zi ff 'J 752 W, 'J' . , Jw. vj 1 -44 J.V. Foo+bafl Squad-Froni row: 2. D"3 L. CJV',E"4'f V. S:.?:,v'. D. Dfnafewf. F. 7. DQAFQ , 3, L' 3525. D. La,gf'f M, Kafafag' J. Me def. J. +A r' F 'gzz'-' R, Q' 1. 1 S. Milfaf. Second row: J. Bfed P. Dewefi J. Jfid. ,, .J D D. VCCMQ, R. C Dine R. Hei' E. GFdE'k3. P, 51:',zf Qrfif on" A. fxfefimw I ai: :Zach Jce FQHVQ. Third row: P. 'Jiffy' L. K'dQQP3rvE'w, T. Pwkef. R. Madgai F. Sa ovlzh, C. Nm, 3 Q 'f':'1'2 J. mica 313 R. Scnaggs J. Ze erar V. Pawk, R. Zn: 11' ffm ff: R. rJQ"Ti:C'T3NLf,, mga JV. K 'KN I - E2-:i nf R. Turici carrying 'fi ac," CIT S'3 in a T,-'an w-M, A f2,,..5 y 'I .. .f , ,fd LN, .A . .. -1 C 'V S. Pino crashing :F 'EIR agiz' e"'a 5 I955 J.V. Foofball Record V.. NQH1 34.. SH ef .... . 54 N:"'1 13 .A5:'w.3 .. '3 NC'fT1 J3 ,.. S15'er . N2 NUM 25 . Ce-fffa . .. 6 NOHT1 34 . .. O'ver . . O Z 3 W I-,L 1. .R U F F J? . ff' it h 4' wf ,Q 7 1 Q fy M, Q 1:3 1,215 K 1 E hy . E ,few Q ggf4,:,1 fi f fe 1 . f WV' 'V' , f1-, 2 'x ' "Q, 331156 k-'KT' , Wifi H W W. 2 'EQ A, .QW ,. ,712 R . r f I 'lv V, , 1. 5. .fra ..-5 Aw 'ar-fif, 5 5 va,-7, 1 , 1 I 1 Q Q: , ax W 7 . X 'ill' , We :V ' vw, N I 1 . , F . 5 , : 'U fl "'?l" ' M" , , ,H x 1 I ,A ,VI A ' ,' V , Q Y,--A1 fi - il! X5 ri in ,pg J' K., M17 I I by I Q K i q .- - ,. ,- fy fp, Kp X. HHH, f BCWLING 'Wa lk. I. E A G U E C H A M PS LQTCG' We Capes-9 4eadersP'p cf C3554 F Lezfiw 'Fe View Keg efz mfe cnie age? caves We Cff CMM 'Q Datum Bmw F3 League MW dfibv Qaccfi. The cava' cf gay' 2404 5514 Km? bd We Wan' 41155 an 347 afefage. NSW? ' FC 33 'VC S.'Q 9 game F455 'MTF a 'Ta cf 844 pm add ako We Mfee game H55 -.MW Q Lcfd of 2 459 dns. Coe? P 353.0 'haf We feaws SDN? Na: vcfy nigh fhrougiwu' We zcescw afd +43 was a ye? WCcHC+f,' 'f +Pe'f success. Members of Nor+h's li, 3 Bn-f"5 'eff-V-Kneeling: '.', SF- , J. Va' ', Sfandingz D, iw Q Dfifzzvf-L'1.3-J, b fl f-.124 -L- 23 BASKETBALL Q.. To QS '53 1 'N 1.1 , I i I X ,...,. 'wr If Y-1 ,W-his .'l 'xx . ' sn ns-'lx E!- I X x 5l K ' s, ' I x 4 '24 ,.,J Nor+h's I956 Varsi+y Baskefball Squad-Si'r+ing: K. Voge'ey, R. Horoe vec, G. Bfowf, P. Adrey, and B. Mauro. S+anding: R. Shurferh' M. Dougferfy, T. 'Weoei M. Szykowny, J, Busnofsky, and J. Mauro. Barking a new Troran Baskerbdr neam, Coach Don Graham cenrered The sguao around refurnmg heffernnen George Bfgwn and BW' Mauro. Compf ing a I7 won-5 moss record. Norrh scored I.775 poin+s. Cen+raT Ca+ho5Ec wreshed +he CEM Carholc Championsnp from The Trofan hoopsfefs by a meager fhree polnrs In rwo 'rhrnhng Con- 'res'rs. George Brown, sparking fhe Troy Hilrers fo many of Hs vicfories, esrabflshed new single garfe and season scor- ing records. D.--A ls I ', g X?-L. Mr. Donald Graham. pn, ' a' EL ar I ,ff Ju. CUC .Cn Hegd Baslcefoarl Coacn' Fresnmam Fggf. oa'C each. T' I. a, , I J, N x K ,' xg 4' I.,rvJf -. .W ff',.N,fJ Ng? I 1 "iw -gf Q .IGS n Y - f , w. f ,gffxffi E, ' E ff- K 'D J 3 fxfxgx. X 1 SE Q' ' , .fue X 4 Q I 33 mf - .- L , . C I K- iiq F: '. Q. . ' 74 fx . ,-, r' 51? 1,.L . . rss? g. ' r. x' - 2' A 'Z .,.u- 1-51 gif ef? - .4-wr. 1 Qi - 1 gi Q +-' X , 2, f f :fag-2 3 E, RSF? 2 gf Q Y 5 fsg Q' 339 2155 Q ,-. 3 25 w-A, 1, . .rw 1 ,j ii 5 J v.. T v , . L-. 4, . ,, Rudy Hoiovec-His heigh+ gave Norlh many rebounds . . . Rudy's one hand push shol was a poinl' gainer for The Team. Joe Bushofsky-Good driver . . . delerminalion is his grealesi as- sef . . . good clufch player. .., M--0 lm., 5..- .... V NA- ..,.,,N, , Tom Weber-One hand push was his favorile . . . very friclcy passer. Matf Szylrowny-Only frosh Var- siry member . . . good all around player wilh a fine jump shot Mike Dougher+y-Corner push shof arrisr . . . a slrong re- bounder. Tom Weber readies himself for his lump sho? as Dougherfy slands gaping. Brownie faking one of many rebounds againsl Home- sfead. George Brown-Nor+h's all Jrime scorer and rebounder . . . his specially is +he hoolc and iump shof . . . averaged Jrhirly poinfs a game and filly per cenr in shooling . . . scored 5I poinfs in one game for new school scoring record. "1" Kirk Vogeley-His laslr rellexes has caugh+ many defensive players off guard . . . good driver and always reliable. Pai' Adley - His unquenchabie spirif has won many a game for lhe Trojans. q....,. 11. 'III Bill Mauro-Top all-around player on The leam . . .deadly with a se? from lar oul' . . . very Con- sisfenf scorer. Familiar No. 33 demcmfrafes a 509-Handed dribbie as he prepa'es fo orfve begkewvard. Tom Weber finds Er 5 ia,-us. TEIXSICDN AND TI-HQILLS ABCDUND J. Bushofsky geis 35 e N" ' aff de- ::"e "qv cafe s'v ' 5 3: 5 fgrgffff- ff-. A G -J .vu M ., 6 BASKETBALL it ...qv Nor+h's I956 J.V. Baske+b'all Squad-SiHing: J. Mauro, M. Szykowny, J. Robkz, L. Wahace R. 5huf'effy. am F. Raven, Sfandingz D. LaughNEn, D. McCure, R. Duff, K. Ryan, R. Tuwc and A. Free-Hwcn, I956 J.V. Baske+ball Record Ngrtn NZM' Navi N3"' M Nam, N365 N:f'w N395 Ni?" Nofm N:"' N305 N305 NCME N:"'1 N305 NM.- N045 NSW! Nor+?w Ncffd 39 .. New C395 50 . . .F'f+- fhoxf 45 ,.. . Mfs ara 62 . Ha'-Bfazk 42 , . . Hzvwesfeac S., wx 33... 5. .. so Sw , C143 4' , O Ave' . 33 ... Mzfeeg F2 36, . 943'-B'iC-I 45 ,. , G'6E'ECL'g 42 .. .Ce"'5g 46 ..., Pe-assi, 56 . . C!3."C' 33 ., . Dhquewe 54 . .. C5a"e'Cf , 53 ,. C9"+'5: . 44 ...,. Tafe'4u'v'v 47 .... Greevsbwg 56 ,... Lafwgfey 33 , . ..5L1adysfde R. Turici driving 35 a Greensburg Qfayer az 6. Vim: 'aces cxcwn 'Q Hep J. Wallace fakes me cieierse to pu? We bai'In1'cr?wQ, Q, CAT , 530 fe 'g Lls:r4.'f'1, .-wb-1 Nor+h's l956 Freshman Baslrefball Squad-Froni' row: W. A5ber+h, J. Me!der, R. Tus- sey, J. Searnan, and T. Glng. Back row: R. Karpinsky, J. WI+hur'n, and Coach Joe SP-IMAN BASKETBALL l956 Freshman Baskefball Record Ngo' 23 Cinrcl. , . ,. i5 Nor'n 44 Etna ., ,, .. 16 Norm 63 M' 'JE e ,, 33 Norfd 2l Herron HN .., 47 Norm 34 Cenna .. 39 Nor"w 20 Wfegrfnqnouze .. 44 ,U No'+n 41 Ce-"rd . ,,.. ol Noon 4l ME JVQJG N N 24 . Norrw 44 Efna ..,. .. 29 6 Forhno. All eyes are focused on The hoop as M. Kavanagh hopes for fwo. x Y Y , I ,I have I Jerry Melder soars hfgn 'n'o rne air fo aod me poxvs .1 a v :'o', over Esra. 'A 4 A M, Q 'J'J"'.'.,Q 0 -uflv ln is vs' Z -'WJ -nz.: H at ,iw , , ' Members of Nor+l1's l955 Golfing Team: John Burns, l-lerk Poerio. Jrn lvlerrnan, Paul Geary, Frank Tracey. Fran Geary, and Coach Ray Bergman, 1' o '9 V J H' V M V A C I A 1 . Q E E5 I , . f f I A new cry was heard in lhe halls of Troy in lhe spring of I955 as Norlh ollicgially inlroduced goll lo ils sporl program. The spiriled Troians shouled, "Fore," as rhe 'ream relurned wilh an under par record of eighl and four. Mr. lvlergrnan said lhal lhe i956 schedule will be one of lhe loughesl, as 'rhey will play all ol lhe besl W.P.l.A.L. reams. I955 Golf Record Nil' 3 3 A-Morldge .M 4x '3 Niflh 5 33 31.-, lxliffn 7 3 Mood Tawosnio 3 3 Norm lO I N:"h I3 l'w"e Creek 3 lXl:"n i2 3 Ncrln 5 Penn Townyrp Il Ngnn 13 s fvnongge , 2 Norln 'Z Canorsourg .. 4 Norm J Navn 9 Moon Tawnsnb 7 Nyr' i5 i Nor+l'1's leading Golfer, Paul Geary. 'T 3 "1" Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norln Norlh Norlh Norlh e I955 Baseball Record Shaler lvlcliees Roclcs Peabody Olwer Allegheny Voc Sha er Allegheny Voc Shaclysnde ,, A .V Qi 3 v I955 Trolan Baseball Squad Fronl row C Evans T Balauclca J Smul 5 L Domachowslo B Ford K Kllne J Dana and R Sprrlco ac row C Pelrusunslcu lvl Kelch G l-lysong and Coach Charles Me helnc Mnsslng W Whullen Boo Gallagher and Jack and Joe Bush olslcy BASEBALL Joe Bushofslcy and Bob Gal agher Tallc over 'the slluahon wslh Coach Char'e' Mehelic. 7'5" A N ' Joe Sfamper warming up before me Shady. , . , 4, '.6 H4 A . .f, if-,N 142 'W side game, i ' ' W , ,vzizy INTIQAMUIQAL Fisis Hy I' mme rnofe na' adm up af Noffn. 7 1x 1 Nor+h's mosf favorife fnframurai IfZZ'i fs feafufcd nefe bf a O" 35 :arg isomcrk. l ..-Pi ' I - A' ',4f,.-. A hard iefi lab bfngz " 'ghd 'Q "3 foci. 4 ai -' a " L ' 1 "Q , 'F' ...- - v .. ,. . 0, ""'5"'7A Q '- .V i ' ' a n n 1 5 i J 1 Qff - Underclassmen Divisional Champions: 3. '.':f5". P. X' i 'SZ' Txvsmxil . , .:.--P Syn" D. -2-ff: R. Sony J. Boz':531,' J. Sins:- ' A A x V X ' ....,...-. iii 7.4,-,. iii .L .,,.. viii 1 Qin I 's .i , . X I! .. Ak i . Senior Divisions Champions 25 We Q55 imfamuaf Bor- 'ng sfcw: F Laogtn J. Qccns.. Q. Bosnciekx C. iNiv"CiJC'vVCDC', D. Parc? R.R:w1oa:n ani: R. Hamer- FTE". W, .. 4 .P ,,. . -ww' . .im , 1 A , . 4.. wg, Look Ma, I won! Ahh, only fhree laps lo go. Up, Up and awayl si' .45 ,....... . t y '-fit. K W Tv 4 ...Ar i , 5 All for ihe honor and glory of IOC. -D I hw m"'L 5 l L S W 9-. -IQ 3-15 INFMMURAL TRACK A quick change ol oalons In fhe senior 880 relay. 1 25,72 v J 1 1 A Q X lx. Q.-r-5 T R A M U RA L s fensmgnrr xii unior Division, HA. Scncor inrfamufe Baskefbaii Cnarn- piona-Kneeling: R. Nussbaum, W. Hqer, J. Bfrne, and W, McNeil-,'. Sfandingz B. Evans, R. Kimier, L. Weber, and R. Eicv Seniors de' 5 sv R Q-4 - Senior Division, V219 Ififanwrai Ba',kerLg5'i Cnarnplons- Kneeiing: C. Di"'i" 5. 1:39 R. Cade io aod J. Slide Sfanding: D. Anne J. M Q' JJ, 'rfwoozo S. Sufi, 3 E. Beran. Sophomore Division, IOB lolravmrai Basicerbaii Cnamp'ons- Sifiingz R. Hamm. G. Bri: A. Cnergery, and D. Goew Sfanding: W. Bafoweri W. Barron, D. Doy e, C. Ffaue noiz, and E. Berea. ' 1 W A .854 Freshmen Division, QE in"a"o-"5 Baslefoa. C'a'nc':os- SiHing: H. R':e, P, M'-+efme'e', J. Neoefsr ana J. Q born. S+anding: R. O Hare, J.Seama',a'wc1 S. Pic. l45 -C' fw Ton Sunseri e ein mo We Cha a+ We Arsenal fWIes where We fnbomufa' Y , ocwfv teams meme We? home eve' Wedmesda afierrc 9 Y Y Allis noi fun far scme Nike Vince Yaksic. NTQAMLJRAL BQWLING Capfains of "C ""Y,': SQ 'Q 'ei'v: "C"5: Ei ez"'e'e JCC "4,'QIE' jg Zi -ze Safe-f TJ, Skis", afc R75 C V, gf' ff? 32 EMU RES . We are social beings living in a social world. ln all our aciivifies and associalions sociefy demands 'fhai' we ac? according +o moral principles. Norih Ca+holic has fosfered a well-rounded program +o enable us 'ro associafe wi+h ofhers in +rue friendship and harmony. The rays of Chrisf-lilce acfions are channeled in+o +he sfudenls parfici- pafing in our plays, assemblies, and dances +o enkindle in us a living ideal of socially-minded Chrisfians. aff .-,J ff Preparahon for fhe cur+ann call M4 H4-J QQ I XJ ' 4' XVI ' U,-X . . , V. Some of fhe ifmff 'giwfff fvww 'N 11' U v ' ' gr The spice of life .vr ,4 1 v ' J liw J. rv, ' f 1 HD ,, firm, ,WH , -. vw., OA V" 1 35 J JLAQ CAMPUS CAPERS flfv 5. Mi Ci C119 ,. f K , ', . N 3:14, .UQ , F4 X11 RVM'NFL'rJgrH D . ,v , . L' ,v--,' ,- "-,nh J' X, J 4 1 , ,H Over +hree hundred sfudenrs and facuHy members parfidpafed In making H115 snow one of Hue besf In Nor+h's nisfcry. Several nafionalify dances were imxerspersed wlfn 'rhe coF5e-ge 'jumpsm in ine snow. The under- classmen danced Hne N lrlsn Jig. J. Marcoly and R. Obrycki, comoiei, wf'3i s'ei's era a foucw of 're 3 word 'o .AD AN as M. ey Canf v '-iCL"'G,. for 'Xlde "e 'rad e 1 C: i C Rcrafa VARIETY Si-ICDW Cur Four+een+h Aririuai Variefy Show, "Campus Capers," was fainrly remiriiscenr of rhaf radio show of a few years ago. "The i-iaiis of Ivy." Like ihe radio program, "Capers" illusfraied ihe humorous arid social side of college life. Much of The success of Jrhe show can be aiiribuied To Jrhe coordiriaior Bro. Brooks arid his srafli. Aided by The Jrireless work of Mr. W. Kerris as musicai direcior, Mr. D. Lee as darice direcior, Mr. E. Neiderlander as scripr coach, and many oihers, Jrhe show became a huge success 'wk r Wnggwq fmrfm li: ,Q li fig: X4 fx ,fr M qw", ' H 'r K ' ' ,I B g' -ul gg: xg! fifxy., V V 415: s if Qkn , Q, - Q 2. 5 r M : , . V V Q Q -jg." . Q 3 - 2 - 1 A ' "-"'- . ' , 3" -vip., 4 x Q X 1 ' 2. . j ' .-'Y ,, X? F5 5 ,,2aq Q P? Eikif iv 'f"?-ie! ' 'EWS' f , s Ik SQ 1 11 ,x .f .f E-iw ':,4.i'2'i- L :QQ aug 3' mf. 4,2 5 W , , gm , 351352 .ei 2 31 w , Q I mx f ,4 J. . ix gf 1 1 4 Li' 5' Y' Y WWF? L". hw. ' 7' . is . 2 ' Av 'Q in -1 NJ-.,g.g,f,?2: - K V ' fer. ig- wr '15 gf-'iq-2 -f' Lclvff' -.sbyf f LA,-1- Q ,. ,714 ., , u wg ,. , N K sf 'mf' , ,gf ff. ,X , . my .Q ,. F' Q .-. '-cl ,ffl 34 , k ,M ,gigs :T ,Ki L . ,,q:1a:.3 . " 1 g il , 5 .X I K f .Q "' -61513, -, , 1 yi !' if A f, Hui , , -,V M ,g . .,,,'z 5- .- 1' 'wfgg-1 J ' , , Q ' 4.1-ri "'I?'a . . '14 A' A Firm ., , 2 .XJ ,- v I ,. - .,x. .Nz A 4 .Z -ff i ,P Qc: 'if Ei. , JT 8' Q TW? 1 x 2 , 'x ig' .! ,, 'W Q . .Q ,ci ,qw ' 5 x 4.f,f 3, r, ' 1 , eg? I Q REX 39 5, s ,tw .v3.,..L qv.. A, ,JT-Q , ...- L-LMLF , 2, a ir if A I E " ' 'IN 3' N' Our Senior Par+y, 've 132.51 : 'Nix 3: We 53' 'af of we year was Fed af Phe , MQMENTS REMEMBER A - 'N wQ"'. .2lC.'C'. .1 'V -iff? i M ,,,-Q hi E. Beran, D. Wild, and rneir dare: nave Tnar sfarry-eyed look ar 'Hue Senior Parry. . Wirh rne progress of man as! sured rrirougn The discoveries rnade possibie by rne afonm we need rnore sociaiiy minded Carnoi?c Headers fo oirecr our progress 'foward Coffs? and neaveni our uirimare goal In ine iignr of rnis rne dances and oriwer sociai evenrs ar Norrh become everi more imporfanr. For some of Jrne poe renriai leaders arrending Norrn ine dances are ine iirsr maaf sociai con- racrs. Sfudenfs and Tneir friends enioy 'rnernsefves ar The Vicrory Dance. WV' .ti Qi? ,.- , ..-. K 3. 1 Q-v 1'NQi'vN X X Q' A 4 , A , 4 .I i4SfQXN,l 1- X 1:21 . ,X .- Jk' 'Mir Wl'ia+'s fha? CT 'ne 'ac e sa ao? van ji L Q , I55 in rw, ,ni -i' Q!! V111 II 'Y' F.. i R. Zeise, H. Wolf, and R. Kline sland by as P. Schmi++ and A. Friedel prepare +o poison J. Crenner and D. O'Brien. In "Arsenic and Old Lace," lhe members of The casl had The diflicull iob of porlraying several demenled persons. Trying lo undersland lhe poinls of view of Jrhe improbable people mel in lhese characlers, Jrhe casl succeeded admirably. F. Flynn phones for lhe wagon while W Dinneen, lvl. Glannon, P. Diemerl, P Kenny, R. Obryclci, and J. lvlarcoly wai'r. Dr. Einsfein, piayed by l-l. Wolf, 'l-lelps his pafienf J. Marcoly as R. Kline assisrs. lima 4 -M, ,, , 1 I M' -L As guesis of fhe Brewsiers, QM Cf:-'1' .,.: - .,,..,.: -1 ,, .,, , , . J-. Sym." " Q - g QAM? M A A-' L5- iialw xy. 4:11, .1 TV .- V-r - i,-,. :fix - :37',,Qy:. nun TWELVE ANCERY MEN V E - f 'f I rf C Q Forman W. Becki rf my , . , f fn ,. ful-.mrf-ff. . . 1- , -, ,f-1 f - JE-, - -J .- ,.f,,-V ,A A" i i, lffgf fvwgfx f 1 .'. avfmrlj -u. -V fl fm,- v , pf- .,- W- V ,f.l, 3 J A Qfiff- V-f+ f f-fi V, v, Q Cha f , f -,N-1 4,10 ffj. -,. ,EVCC F' CTG 2 , r JQM:f' ,X,-w, V-V-ff, 0, 3 1 1 3 Now lookie here," . , , ,S rp-M. -- J--, VUSEE. fm -,-N V .f,, f D, Sf!-J Q , ,, -J SWJ. L rf' ri' 'Iii J . Q x J I Q ,P:' The s+uden+s degzed by FGQWG' Cfevef 5f1"D'Tf'::'Lj3VT Fcucw 4 S EM !ES Masi C' Fancf C'a'r"vade Dal.. e Holy Ghosi- jg 1,353 v wha M Coach Mehelich QSIS 5 Q.-1 vvsfdg af ooe'A'9 C:T'VCSCL531.7Cer' V737 Ri!! I3 U79 '19 CCM? Q5 , V ,.r ,X , f . ' . . . 2 . . - -Q - 44 A 1 1 k ' x , if 1 , X A , Q R f, 1 1 id , - S L5 4 , ,A .8 . 3, ,y , - . X xl ' ty 5 V T5 5, , a 2 E sf y 4 1. . S an Q i Fafher Sell J O ,S N . G Wi CIGGV T INIS. . "Bu'l' 'l'o wani peace wifhouf God is an absurdi+y, seeing +ha+ where God is abseni' fhence, foo, iusfice flies, and when iusfice is Taken away if is vain 'ro cherish +he hope of peace." -ST. PIUS X. E supremi aposfolafus. Od. 4, I903. f , ,1"'f-Ll4Wl"'J 51 f S Z-.z g W-- e . - W lff' . A 1 ,.A,-"--.. I A ,VNV , f I ,Q . , V 1. ff . V' -xxx ' ,.- v X X ' 4 Y ,,.,v"e,.- , , --,K-. wx, f- -Q-ef" -.- J, -,...-.Arm-e 'A ,..-X xv VN x 5- R Sllxcku super salesman WX? Hxgh sellers In TROJAN ad drnve 'PP il IQ, Qin, Q15 .31 Pomhng 'Phe way .43 pixel PERSGNAI. PATRQNS X 1 f, X s E 2 -4, 3 4 5- 1 ff f -1.,-,-,-7 4 .4 . 2. V V .-V, ,, -9, L ' 21' . 1' : 2' 1 A .1 L., , H ' 4 V -1 ., , '1 ' r. .. ,, -1, :, .A ,,-1 :Q ,, -. -A - .. , ,. 1 I. LA, ,Q na N Q . ' A . X .' ,k Q W Freshman class 9 E under the supervision of Fr. Faulk won ihe 'rrophy P. O'Hara, J. Oldaker. S. Orosl. J. Osborn. L- Pllvslii- G- PU Gmc in iheir division. They were sparked on by E. Polk, S. Pinlo and J. J. Raehn, J. Rafieffv. A. Rd'-lSCl1. H- Rice- D- Richard- B' Ricketts T Niedersf. Ofher members of 9 E are: L. Mela, J. Miksa, J. Milcic, Rodgers, J. Roposh, W. Ross, L. Scanlon, R. Schafer, L. Scherer T P. Miffermeier, T. Munsch, J. Murphy. T. Muzzey, P. Neiderhardl, C. Schlerefh, R. Scoll, R. Schrieber. W. Schufzman, J. Seaman, J Seby Newland, R. Nickel, S. Nicolero, W. Niedersi, R. Novak, B. O'Boyle, anics, J. Shaw, W. Sheehan. D. Silverbldif. 'Q ff Bredl, Joseph W. Bredl, Joseph W. Bredl, Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Breifenbach, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, Jr. Brenenborg, Mrs. William Brenkle, Mrs. Myrile Brennen, Bob Breskovich, Michial Bressler, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Breuchner, Loreffa Breuss, Rev. Dominic, O.S.B. Brich, Anna Bricker, Doris A. Brickers Brooks, Bob Brown, Bernadeffe Brown, Blanche B. Burnerl, John K. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. David Burns. Hu ch Burry, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bush, John H. Bulchko, Bernard Buichko, John R. Bulchko, Mr. Joseph E. Bufchko, Mr. Joseph E. Buller, J. W. Buller, Virginia Buzzard, Beverly Bykers, Mr. Paul Byekrs, Mrs. Paul Cadonic, C Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beebash Brown, Clara M. Brown, Edwa rd E. Brown, George Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J. W Brown, John Brown, Kaiharine M. Brown, Dr. R. E. Brown, Wallace Brown, Wilberi H. Bronowinz, Mr. W. Brucker, Glen Brueshen, Mrs. Elizabeih Bruecken. Margaref Brunner, Bernard Brunner, Charles R., Jr. Brunner, Mrs. F. J. Brunner, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brunner, Ray Brunner, Raymond Brunner, Ruih Beebash, Mr. Joseph , Mrs. Joseph Cafuiio, Pele Cahill, Cornelius J. Cahill, Rose M. Cain, Colleen E. J. C. Callafihan, Regis Callaghan, Ronald Callaghan, Mrs. James Callaghan, Mr. James Callaghan, Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cammaraia, Charles Campbell, C. E, Cauiella, Joseph Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. Cansfer, Bob Caniella, Mike Capon, Tony Capon, Tony Capon, Tony Capon, Tony Capon, Tony Cappello. Joseph Buchewicz, Mr. and Mrs. J. Buckel, Mrs. Frederick A. Buckel, Paul J. Cappello, Joseph Cappello, Joseph Cappello, Lenn Budzik, Ronald Budziszowski, Edmund J. Budziszewski, Mr. and Mrs. Bugrin, Dolores Bugrin, Don Bugrin, Mr. Peier Bugrin, Mrs. P. Capufo, Mrs. Rose Capuio, William Carl, Joe, Wall, Jim Carman, Alex Carnahan, Raymond E. Carr, Hugh Carr, Mrs. Joseph Bulik, Mr. Ray Burke, Jack "55" Burke, Mr. and Mrs. John Burkharf, F. Regis."5l" Casciotti, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carson, Jack Carvell Family Carvey, Dr. S. J. Casey, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Casey Cason, Lamar Casselle, Andrew Cassel's Casio, Mrs. Joseph Casfello, Mrs. Ernesf Caslello, Ernie Caifery, Mrs. E. M. Cavanaugh, Kiify Cave, Hugh Celender, Miss Norma Celender, Don Celander, Mr. and Mrs. James Celender, James Celik, Mrs. Anihony Cenci, Alberf Cenci, Alberf Cenci, Rifa Cenci, Jimmy Cepek, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chairamonie, Augie Chalonic, Mr. Pele Chapman, Peggy Chapin, Alfred B. Chapman, Mrs. Mary Chereck. Arlene Cherdak, Arnold Chessey, Charles Chezosky, Helen J. Chiaramonie. Mr. and Mrs. H. "Chickie" "57" Chmura, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gloria and Chuck Chunkala, Mr. and Mrs. John Class IOC Claysmifh, John H. Clemenfe, Philip Cloney. Blair Coales, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cody, Lewis Colbert Kathryn Cole,, Frank Collins, Orville Collins, Miss Mary Ann Collura, Anna Grace Colombo, Don "54" Columbo, Frank Comella, Warren Commendafore, Sam Complimenis of A Friend Complimenfs of A Friend Cornpori, Frank J. Compori, James G. Compori. John ,. ,QJA PATRONS :Q C 5,1 rx L U w1,,,,:i 3 . lllpx 54,4 A149 - X L I 1, 4 HJ M , , , , .A Y 1 . 1 ,' 1 N', ' . , W, U, l , , , , . 4 f, - ' -,im ,, ' . -A M I 'J' f.-1 'J' . V . 1, , TMA, ' , +A, T,. ' , .,,, f - U, 4, M, N, .5 , ', U ., , ,. ,z . C7 v Iva, I X ',, . p4, ,. 11 . ,V , .1 W, ,A,,H, ', ,M :A ,,' my ., f ' , , pi . , , .4 1 ., M ,I 45 i -u 2' 1 1 f , ', ,VV f 4 ',. . w ' i ,I pf, 1 . ' " - ,, ' M, . ' ,N K4 W -A 1 Y f ,n xv M, 1 4 N , H4 LA , 4., . - . ,R .. , x -, L-J V A-14 ,x i- My Um V 1 4..,: 1,1 , , ' "' " .,.Z' "fx Gallagher John Ferrara Gordon Rrley Farbarche John Fanna Farrna Farnna Farrel Farre Mr and M Falher Joseph M Frank J Mrs Jane Wxllam Fase Mrs Joseph H Faub Jack and Bob Fauo Mrs Fora Faub Faub Anne Pallr Faub Mr and M s Roberl Faub Mr and Mrs Faub Wrl lam Fazlo Arlhur Fearon Frank Fedean s Ju ra Fedeanrs Mr and Mrs M Fehrenback Paul Fernaugle Wm Fernaugle Wm J Feldon Rrchard Fenlon Mr Lawrence Ferkelrc Fred J Ferkelrc Mrs P Ferkehc Roberl J Ferney Fers h James M Fersch Mr and Mrs Alberl Fersch M A J Fersch M s A J Ferra Ralph Ferra ro Ferraro Anlhony and Famrly Car J Joseph Jr Ferrara Joseph Jr F rrus Mrs G J Ferrrs Mrs W J Feller Mr Frchler Wrlllam Frele Dolly F ard: arn Flpowsr Mr an rs Flpowskr Raymond Ferkllue Mlchael N Ferkrhe Ruchard J Fscher Dr and Mrs Fsh ohn Fs Shnra Fsher Mrs Alberl Geo ge Fuscher Mr Albert Frlzpalrrck Ed Fanagan John A Flecken lean Lee and ay Feel Mr Ollre Flersner Mrs A Flersner Paul Fl nn Anna Fynn Mr and Mrs James Foesler Mr and Mrs Edw J Foley Wuhan' G Fol en Joseph Fo resler Forresler Forresl Mrs H lda Joseph Joseph Forresler Joseph Fose Mr Rose ow r John ox Mr and Mrs ox Mr and Mrs Rayrrond Mr and Mrs W R F an and E een Frank and Judy 56 ar Frankre 63 Frank Mr and Mrs Mrchael Freedman Torn and R a Frursrnulh Leo C J PE RSONAL PATRONS French Mr and Mrs B W Feyvogel Mrs MaryT Feyvogel Ph pA Frerdl Mr and Mrs Charles Fred Ronald J and Mary Grace Froehlcn Mr and Mrs Auqusl Froehlcrv Mr and Mrs Roberl Froelcher D an Mrs V F Frohnaplel Chuck clnl Mr and Mrs Dornrnr Fromm Mr and Mrs Jos Fromm Mr ard Mrs Jos Frosl Mrs A H Fr z M and Mrs J Fuc ch Mrs Mary Fuechs n Mr and Mrs Frank Fue h ln Mrs Marga el Fu lon Roberl Fuher Anne G Fulrner and Pav :ck Family Fundenberg C R J Funk George C Corrpl menls ol 9G 3 ol 9G 9G Eslo Vlr Frorn llG Gll Mr John Gl and Joan GTI ard Judy Grles Frank Grl en Margarel G gan Dennls rnarln Mr a d Mrs D G more M and M s J C Glflg Glflg Grng Grng Grolrs G asa Ann Lou se Th 'nas Ed ard D Kalhy and Nancy Mr and Mrs E Georgelle and Charles John Gloeckl Barbara Glosso Mrs Goelz Goelz Goelz Goelz Goe z Goelz Goelz Goelz Goelz Goerz Carol Ann Charles J Mrs C H Danrel Drckre and Judy Donald Donna Lee M and Mrs J R Mass Lorella Gabauer Gaerlner Gaerlner Gaerlner Gaerlner Gae lner Frank Leo C Mrs Luerl Mr and Mrs u Elleefl Ms J A Ga anl Roy Galosky Mary Galovrcls Mr and Mrs Fred Garneller Mr and Mrs Gary and Dara Garr son Rose Garvey Jack Garvey Mr and Mrs Regrs G sul' Phyl rs lr Del D Gaulger Gaugler Gaug er M s Florence R la C M Regrs J Anlhony Goelz Mr and Mrs Goldre Mrs Marne Gollelz Mr H Gollerz Mrs H Gongolslu Peler Good David Gowch John Ralph Grabowskr Dorolhy and Vernue Grabowskr Mrs MaryA G acre and Johme 57 Gallon Dorolhy Graczyk M rs Anlor nelle Garee Mrs J Grady Kalhy Grady Mr and Mrs Wnlluam Gral Mrs George Gral Mrs John Graham J Wm Gralrsk Mr and Mrs Coleman Gralrsh Mary Jean Greco L Green B Green Mr and Mrs G Gaugler Mr Regus J G us Mr and Mrs L Garyrn M chael Gaprnskr Mr and Mrs Garrco Sam Gaydos John Gaerlner Mr and Mrs Lawrence Gear ng Mrss Marga el Geary Mr and Mrs James E Gehrrnqer Mrs Jean Gernpe Mr and Mrs Gemur Mrs Charles Green Mrs Mary H Greenwood Regus Greer-wood Merrrrl H Grehelka Mrs Dorolhy Greppr Mr Anlhony Greppr Mr and Mrs Anlhony Greppu Carrnela nel J Grodeckr Brll G opelll Paul Gropeln Paulne George Joseph Sep Gene and Pal Gengler Char G er Mrs The esa and Terry Gros man Herb Grole Bob Grundhohler Mrs Helen Gua lrerr V ncenl Gepel Mr Roberl G :Jer Forence Gerlach Geracn Chuck Gerraclr- John Gerach Bernard Ge sl Wm J G r lne Syl Ge Norman Gel Ms Lorella Gen Ken and Bob Guenlner Guenlner Guenlner Guenln r Guenlne Guenlner Gu nlner James and Mrs John r Joseph Joseph Mrs Joseph Jr Robe 'r Robel Guerra Donn Gu na Mr and Mrs M Gunsallas Paul ur Edwn L I . f l, ill , ' r I . r. , r. I . . . I . f . i ', . Gill, T. J. m'2 ay , , 'g I, . . i' I, . . iii , ' . 2 , r. d , . , Gil I , , n . r, J. A I, . l r , II , r, r. . . . L. M. F' rl I, . . ' 'ck Grq. r E . . I. R. c. , I .I . . I I ' I I . 'lI y. r. . . I , . . .T., Jr. I , li , I . . I I , E, I M. c 57 , . r , I, . . Ike I , , . ' . I .J. I ' f . I . . . . . ., r. ,C. H. I . I I rf 3 I I c , Al' , ' f rf . . I . . I . - I . r. . . - - IG , . . 4 , . . Pa l V . , I l . ' r. . . I I' 4 ll 1 ' I e '. . , . r ', ' H .V S .r .. V . t . . ra ky ' . d M .A. 2 r , . i , , , F, W, Gal I, ll . E. ' I E ,J . , r. E. , 45, m,H .1 . ,M 5 ' , I , r. I ., Jr. Y h , ,A, ' 7,I s.I.I .h I I 'I SI' V I R I I, . . I l I ' I l . I l r I ' Gr' , I.J. r I , , i s I . I V , les I ef' ens , . W , l r, I s, ' - . I, Mr. F Ie, r 'I57" 9', r l , , Mr. . F . .F. , J. C. , M. . F . r . . Jr. l lr e , Mr. I Fox, . . . ., Sr. ' ., fl , , . f . El l , L. r I' " rd "SB" ' - - - e r . ' " " e S r. , . . . . ' I lr 7 , . . .J. . ifi Y r '. . ' , . 1 H G , 7 . The leaders under llrieir Plavan, R. fl' I 4' e l of flue Sophomore division was I0 E. Sleamrolled on by R Siniclri, R. Scliaper and C. Slagel IO E won all honors in llrieir seciion veleran advisor Bro. Ed Dury. Ofliers in 'fhe class were: F. Plurnzlry, J. Polelz, J. Puslrar, M. Romano, D. Russell, E. Scneid, A. Sclioedel, J. Schrieber. R. Seebaclier, W. Selfirio, J. Slalder, Guslnir, Myrlie Gullilla, James Gyeseclr, Mrs. A. H Haas, Alberf Haas, Marllia Haberrnan Haberrnan. Haberman Haberman Haberrnan l-laberrnan Elmer Mrs. Mary Mrs. Roberl Roberl Miss Susan. Haelc, Janice Hennessey, Mrs. P. Henry, Mrs. Reber? E. C. Hensel, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hensel, Mr. and Mrs. F. W., lll Hensel, George Hensel, Jane Hensel, Regina Hergenroeder, Mrs. E. J. He'genroeder, Marie Herlry and Sue Hermanowslri, Gene Herzer, Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Hess, Linda Heusey, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Haefner, Jonn Hagendoerfer, Mrs. Anne Hager, William Hahn, Jolin Halin, Mary Haider, Tcni Hall, Andrew Hamm, Hancoclr, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mary Hanlon, Rev. Tliornas J, Harran, E. A. Hans, C. E. Hans, Miss Helen Happe, Judy and Linda Harms, Kennelli Harney, Mr. E. P. Harney, Mrs. E. P. Harney Jim Hawey Edna M. Harris, Kallwleen Haser, Bobby-Lee Hairas, Josepli A. Haugli, Mr. and Mrs. Ja"es Haysor, Mary Hefner, Mr. and Mrs. Jarres Higgins Ja'nes T. Hegley, Mr. Herd, Mr. and Mrs. R. Heidenrecl- Mr. and Mrs. F Heidenreiclw Rose and J'rn He'les. Heiles, Heiles, l"leileS, Alice Edilli E. He'en Mrs. Joseph Heinlein, Roberl' Heizenrce'ner. Jenn W. Hennrnedin, Belln Ann Hernrrierr, Mr. and Mrs. C Henery, Jolwn Henn, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. John Heyl, Theresa Hiclrel, Alberl J. Hfclcel, Gerry and Cynlliy Hiclcier Family Hiergeisl, Franlr '55' Hiergeisl. Mr. and Mrs. Hflda and Jeanie Hilger, Mr. Alberf Hfiger, Mrs. Alberl Hill, Anllwony Hillcourl, William Hfllcourl, Williarrr, Jr. Hillebrand, Miss Ruin Hillenbrand MR W. J. Hillenbrand, Mrs. W. J Hinlrel, Irvin C. Hinlnei, lryin C. Hillerrnan Farnily Hoa: Donald Hear, Mr. Jenn Hear, Mrs, Join Hoclc, Mrs. A. Hodos, Mrs. Geo. L. Hoeger, Carl H. Hellman, A. Hollrnan, Mr. and Mrs. A, C. Hoffman, Mr.ar1d Mrs. Bernard Hellman. Jan-es Hollrnan, Merle E. Holrvman, Donald Holirnan, Jaclr and Jean Holzman, Mrs. J. Holnrnan, James Holirnan, Larry Honman, Laurence S. Holirnan, Mrs. L. S. Holirnan, Paul Holrirnan, Thomas Holilian, Mr. and Mrs. T. Raymond Holland, Earl H. R. Sleigerwald, J. Sfowell, D. Siralra R. Svoboda, L. Treleani C Triscliler, G. Trump, D. Tuse, J. Tyler, J. Ul-iler, J. Vaughn, J. Veniurella C. Vielrneier, R. Voqrin, J. Vorndran, L, Wallace, R. Walers, C. Wei gand, J. Weis, J. Winlrler, N. Wulrilclri, R. Yalricli, W. Zale, J. Zeleznalr R, Zinsmasler. Ho'-is Mr. and Mrs. Jorn Ho nres, Slilras Horrer, Mr.. and Mrs. George Horren, Mrs. Hcolr, Mr. and Mrs. D. Hope, Elizabclli Mary Hcrgas, Mrs. S. Horgas, Mr. Sieve Holi, Sfeprien, Jr, Horibeclr, Mary Agnes Horlbeclr, Mrs. Wm. E. Horn, Mrs, Soplua Horslnrian, Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Hosper, George Houdelr, Mrs, Mildred Housfon, Jane Hracn, Mr. and Mri.Cl1arl':S Hracln, Mrs. Rayrriorid Huber, Mr, and Mrs. 3. A. Huber Callnerine M. Huber, Roberl Haber, Miss Rulli'E. Huilrenslien, Jolnn, Sr. Huclrenslien, Torn Huddleslori, Mr. and Mrs. D. W Hulragel, Dons Hurgerrran. Hilda Hunqerrran, Rayrrcnd J, Hunlre Q, Mr. ard Mrj. E. C. Hunlrele, Mr. and Mri. Era'lr Hu"'bcrl3cn, Allen Hu i, Mr, and Mrs, W. A. Hur-e C arence Hure Mr. Carcnce Have, Mrs. Clarence Hune Donald Hure R':na'd Hucgerrrari, Berrard, J'. Hungevran Rev. Riclard C. Hunge'rra'i, Wi iiarn Hu'l, Bern Huriler, Jeseolri M. Hwlaco, Pnlip H.ilf'nger, Mrs. R. J. Hyndrrar, Mary l laderosa, Plrii ip lannuzzi, Ricnard Indovina Frank I-fri-r', Frank Iorio, Mr. and M'S. Sal Iago, lv1r,5VTd Mrs, Sal lorfo, Mr. and M'S. Sal Il A has earned fha lille of being lhe champs of fhe Junior Division. Sleered up lhe mounlain of viclory by Bro. Causling ll A was pushed by E. Braun and W. McNally. Also helping were: J. Arch, J. Bendick, W. Benzinger, J. Bonislalli, J. Boyer, J. Bryne, C. Cammaraia. T. Di- Giacomo, L. Domencic, M. Dougherfy, R. Eicher, B. Evans L. Fabic, X 1 R. Gaeriner, Robl. Gaerlner, R. Gallagher, W. Gold, T. Goral, R Greenwood, R. Gross, W. Hilger, A. Kiefer, R. Kline, R. Kunzler, K Kulzer, E. Leposlri, D. Marino, Robf. Mihm, D. Miller, E. Mueller, R Nussbaum, R, Obrycki, N. Pail, R. Quinlan, S. Siliak, L. Weber. lorio, Mr. and Mrs. Sal lrwin, Frank J. J Jablonski, Peler Jackson, Paul Jacquel, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Jacquel, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Jakabesin, George Jakub, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jarnerson, Ar? Jarnerson, Ray 3 Bl Kaczrnarek, Edward Kaczrnarek, Mallhew Kaczmarek, Richard Kaelin, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kaelin, "Cris" Kaelin, Ron "Sb" Kaelin, Mr, and Mrs. Regis Kalb, Mr. Kalb, Mrs. and Mrs. A. Chas. Kaiser, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kalem, Carol Kalisek, Mrs. Edw. P 4 Kimberlin, George Kinoler, Dave Kinndly, Bill Kirin, Mrs. Belly Kirk, Henriella Kirk, Henriella Kissel, Mrs. George Kissil, Mrs. J. King, Harrier Kladnik, Mrs. Violef Kleber, Lola Marie Klein, Andy Jane? and Gandy "56" Janows Jedyna ki, Anna k, Mr. and Mrs. Leofil Jeffrey, Mrs. G. A. Jepson, Mr. and Mrs. H. Jepson, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Jerry T, and Jo Ann S. Jezak, Anna Jezak, Mrs. Bessie Jezak, Henrielfa Jezak, Janice Jezak. Sieve Kane, Nell Kane. John Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kannegieser, Mr. Lawrence Karl, Harry Kasun, Darlene Kasun, Mrs. Gerlrude Kasun, Marlene Kasun, Mr. John Kasun, Mrs. John Kasun, Jack Kasonich, Mr. Joseph Jhonson, Mrs. Julie Jiles, Alolores Jodzis, Henry F., Esq. Kaslelmeyer, Philip Kazmierski, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kearney, Mrs. Anna and Family Klein, Ann Klein, Belly Klein, Francis Klein, Pvl, Gilberi, Jr. Klein, Harry J. Klein, Louis H. Klein, Margarel' Klein, Parry Klein, Paul Klein, Mrs. Richard Klein, Richard Klemz, Mrs. Charles, Sr Kline, Sara Klir, Mrs. Charles Klir, Mr. C. Jo and Tom "So" Jodzis, Mr. and Mrs. John Jodzis, Mary Joe-Bunk-Bob-Ed-Bob Joe and Helen Johnson, Wendy Johnson, William T. Johnson, Irene Jones, Bob Jones, Bob Jones, Mrs. and Mrs. John T. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones, Nancy Jonsey, Mr. and Mrs. M. Jcos, Arra Jcos. Henrielfa Keenan, Mrs. Elizabelh Keenan, Judy Keenan, Margie Keenan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kegel, Mr. and Mrs, Norman Keller, Dave Keller, Jack Keller. Pafrick E. "52" Keller, Ron Kelly, Carol Kelly, Mrs. Eliza. A. Kelly, Henery Kely, Joe Kelly, Pele Kely, William Kenned Kenned Kenney Kenney Kenney y, Margaref y, Pai . Mrs. J. E. . Mr. and Mrs. J. E. . Mrs. M. d'ed Kenney, Palrick T. Kesich, Mrs. K. Klobuchar, Mrs. Klocek, Mr. and Mrs. C Knockel, A. J. Knochel, A. J., Jr. Knoll, Mr. Andy Knoll, Mr. and Mrs. harles Jordan, C. R. 'Son Jordan, Mrs. L. Jordan Mrs. Mafgarel Jos', Louis J. Jogovic, Micheal K Kachrnar, Mrs. Y. Kaczrnarek, Rev. Edwin L. Kacznnarek, Mrs. Ann Kecznnarek, Bob Kellerle, Miss Carcl Kwrreyer, Mr. and Mrs. F. J., Jr, KI rneyer, Mr. and Mrs. Lcus P. Kim, Ed "Sl" Ki'n, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Kobel, Ronald Kohus, Dolores Kobus , Mr. V. Kobus, Mrs. V. Koch, Koch. Koch. John Mush Ronald Kohl, Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Koander, F. H. Kollrnan, Carl A. Kolson, R'ch. "54" Kopcie, Mr, and Mrs. Kopcz yk Mary Ann Kcpczynski, Mr. and Mr Korlzmen, Harvey Kosl. Ann Kosl, Lorella Kosl, Mary Ann Kcfchey, Jos. Kollinski, Mrs. A. Kovacik, Mr. Edw. s. Anlhcny Kovacrlr Mr Ray Kowa'slrr Elnza efh K ar P T 57 Kozar Mrs Theresa ra eff x Mr and rs Kraley Mrs Shrrley Kralovenslry Mr and Mrs John Kram Edw F Kramer Franlr A Kramer Mrs Marcella C Krarrer Paur J Kramer R chard Kranalr John J Kraus Mr and Mrs Krause B Krause o Krause Helen Kraus on Kremmel Mrs Alberl A Kremmel Mrs Aberf A Kremer Mr and Mrs Leo P Krenr Lew Kresho Carherrne ess Mr and M s r Kreulzer Mr and Mrs Krevosh Mrs Barbara Krome Roberl' J Krononberger L P Kruse Mr and Mrs ohn Krysrnslcr M ss Lorella Kubnlz Norman Kuhn Joseph Kuhn M Kulbaclu Danrel Kulbaclr Mr and Mrs Kulbaln Lenny Kulbaclr Lorrarne Kulbaclrr Margie Kurner Mrs Rrchard Kuna Kunz Kunz Kunz Kunz Kunz Kule Kufe Kwas Edward Mr and rs G K n SB Mr Leo leo L Raymord 53 Carher ne Calherrne Roberl wrafelr Er een Lacher Dan Clarence Lac rr-ra Mr and Mrs ou 'T L eng Mr J Laflef E en C L e Ed ard Lae Edward r man a Mr ar Mr La Marca J sepr ne Larnperf Mrs Edward Lamperf Mr Edward Lamperl Edward Larrpef Judy Lamperr Rosea e Lava a Sam L ng M s Ma y Langnans O ver H Lang'on Mary Lou se Langfon Mr and M s Langfon Sieve Lopafa Mr and Mrs M Larb g George Larb Q Mrs John Larocca Tony Lale Frederrck PER SONAL PATRONS Lauer Ann Lauer Edward Laue Jo epn Lazzar r Ralpr W Leacn M s R Leach Bob J UZ urz Mr Joseph u 2 Margaref ufz Mrs Mane Luzel Bob and David Lydon Mr and M s Coleman Leahy M Eranlr Lede br r-x C ery Lederbr nr Raymord L br rx Wayne Lee Mr ard Mrs Herry Lee James e Mr an Mr ra L gal M ard Mrs R Legrer Legler Leg er Leg rn Leg n James 53 ss L Tnoma s Va r' Val nlrre e od Mr andMs L ra All a Ann L aa Mrs Lesrn Jack Le Jeune Joseph P Lenrg Mrs Pauline Lennarlz Mrs M J Lennard M s R M Lye James Lye Janrce L Mrs rn Lynch Aprul Lynch Mrs Calherrne Lyons Bus e B Lyfle Marlene e Mr and Mr W1 na'n McAnary Roberf W McArdue M and Mrs McBarn Mrs Agnes McBrrde Jonn A McBurney Joseph M McCal"er+y C R McCarn Mr and Mrs H L McCarel ey M ldred Mc an Mr and Mrs ooerr McCorergu H Leonard and Charlene Leorard Cyde 57 Leonard Mr and Mrs mes B Leslro Agnes Lerlere M Roberr Lellerle Mr Rober' Jr Lhoa M A Lhola Andy Lchauer Mr and Mrs E Lgday s F Lrgday F Llgday John J Llgday Mary Ma garel Lrgday Terrance J L gday WIHB71 E Lndboom Mr Erc M Lndboom Mr a d Mrs G A rn e Mrs M nn e n e M s nn Lrnguslry Harry L Lofla Mane Lpper' Char es Lrsanf France Ls ey F M Lrtavec Anra r e e Ju Loclrharf Rulh Lococo Arlhony Locus? ard Ne rlr M an 'r an M a a L s ard acr L a M ss E ar Lcng Hee Long Jac: Lord James re M c ae u ff J oxe Mr and M Loy enr Paul cas Davd E a e M s Ca he Lun lo d We r Lunz Mr and Mrs Johr G Lully M Luiz Mr and Mr George Lulz Mr ard M s George Luiz Ge rge and Gary McCour+ McCourl McCourl McCourf McCour+ McDev H Allie Mrs Harry Harry John Theresa M s F C McDonough Helen P McDonough Paul McDonough Mrs Wnllram McDonough W P McEn'ree Howard McGa'rTrgan Garry McGaf+rgan Romre McGrafhgan Tom Mcf-Bert gan om Mc rnfy Mr and M s R McGregor Helen McHugh McKerzre MCK nney McK nney McK nney McK nney McK nney McK nney UUSY McK nney FTVISY McKn y n ey Thomas W Davrd R Famrly Arthur Douglas Grrnger Kalhleen Sammy Sammy S s S Dave Mr Jarnes o nny M T o'na gh? an Mclxlav sn Gerl ude Mo M Vay Joseph P Macer alr T eresa M slry S'anley 6 cKr a Mr ard M Jose '1 Ma ga Dr Tho'nasJ Madsh M George Ma h Mr and rs o Magerl Mr and Mrs Mahar Mrs Wm Ma ah Mary ean lr Mrs Ann Marg Mr and Mrs Jos M n Eslerle M Manrlre Mr and Mrs Law en Manfold Edward J 'I I I , L M Grl r ', ' b . L r - og , a " " ', s ' l- V , . 5.2, '. A L . ' K i s i, . M . ', r. , lr ' ' , ' A ,Elf Ar 3Q ' I I Q 'I I yle, . W . , . ' . ede' -r l ,V . Leql r, . ra S. F nlc J. LW' - Yll , . . B. eg , 1 . . F, 1 r I 1lII JrI ' I , ' " Lyll , . 5. 'll' . . B b , M5 ers , l , l s '5I" M 9, R l' Mr, TE ,fine ' l' ' T. , , , . 1: 7 A r fr -J- , ,: , Libl,. fra. 4 . . . . el' , 'ci - ' r, el' , . r - Kr,l. r.Cal I , . 'I ' ' l , I I I ' I ' I I I cr :I , . R' , . , r. . . ' II- , , .J H. . I lr " " r - ' 'I R , . .Ja , ' f r. f I r, . I V r- - - 'I ' l , F. , ' ' ' EI . . Jos. , 1 I I i, A I , Mr. .J. ' ' ' 'I ' ' , Mr. .J. I' ,l , M . .o ' r . I r , e " " l . 'll' - . l ' T I CI g 1 I I ,' I 6' , . r. . I - I I I I , n I I I I Kunz, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Llndex Mr, and Mrs. Charles I' I ' I , " " L' d r, , S I I - I A I E LE d f, r , MY ,le K . ' I .I I I I r I ' L Ib ,I . . T - I " " ' I I McK' , H ri . . A L urn , Bilzy Y V r Mr- V R- Ladis' Mr. and Mrs. John l-H+! I pe Milf' . MY. 4 R- o I s. . I E fl? r ' I I I I McK'. r , . ak I N -no M:K'nny, J hn kr rJ. Lol! I Q a ry. S. MCK T '- lr S La n , . rd s. L. A. Log I r, nl Mrs. MCKPT 1 D . O ll ol r J l ' ll' V - r . T ok r ' r ,ces Ms "'5- Blll I l In R s I F1 D I -I I acne . 1 . , UV' Lo nzo, f h ' Ma sf , . VS- s , r Lo rl, . L. di 'r - ' ' G '- ' L f , . rs. John E. r '- ' I IQ I V IjI dfg ,lnI . M . R bf , I Lu T : , fd rsawy - -J- G- I I r,J, E. Luk I -I L rfne r - ' - r s r , s 39 lc J , . . . I I I I I I Malo? s . 5 l , fs. F. ' r A ' 'A' ' I I I SI I 5,.I an . ' . r , . N '. , Jr. ' T ' ' ll Neckerman W R Mrs C Mansheld James Manrhed Pafrrcra Marano Joseph Marchese Ph I Marcrano Wm Morcoly Marcoly Marcoly Morcoly Mar no Markee Marovc Markov Mar ovc Ma kov Markus Marku Marnel Marous Marree Marree Marsden Marshall Marshall Marshall Marshall and M Im oe M y Jo and Paul Donna 66 ucz Mrs He en h Edward and Mary h John E k Mary Lou and Jane? an Mr au an an Mr George Mrs Norberf A Edward Raymond Mrs George B John Roberr Wrllrarn B Marsrc Mr and Mrs Joseph Marsrco Mariner Amedeo Mr ano Mrs ohn Marhn Clrfford Marlrn Duck Marhn Wesly Marhnac M J Marrone Mr and Mrs Henry Maff and Mary K Ma arhs Massuccr Massuccn Massuccr Maresrch Mafessa Mares a Mr and Mrs A Anna Mr and Mrs Ralph John Mr s Mary M Mr and Mrs eler Mafookvrch Chas Malzre Mr and Mrs Vrclor Mayfreld Judy Mazza Mrs Lours Mazza Sam Measure Mrs L Mehrrnger Mrs Edward Mernerr Me nerr Mernerr Meme I Mernerf Mernerl Merner? Mernerr Mernerr D M Famrly Delano M and Mrs Earl Mrs Helen Norman Ronald Mr and Mrs Mrs Verrnlca PERSONAL PATRONS Maller M I er Mrller Mlller Mrller Maller Muller John Mrs John S Mrs Mary Nancy Nancy Mr and Mrs Thomas W A M Ier M kesell Mr and Mrs Mull nery Jolene M I s Nancy Mrlon Mrs He en C Mrner Mrs Jack C Mme Mrs Jack C Mrrer Mrs Fred U Mrros Joseph F M rck Mass Carolyn Mrsck Mr and Mrs Mrchael M chell Ms Paul Mob al Marshall and Ca Mo ho John Moersch Mrs Calherrne Moersch Joan Molerz Margle Monaghan Mary Ann Monherm Mr and Mrs Rober Monslrum Jack Moore Mr Davxd Moore Mr Davrd Mook Henry E Moore James Morell Mr and Mrs Morelh Fred Morgan W Iham J Morr Mr and Mrs Wrllram Morrrs Belly Morrls Mr Edward J Mo row Mrs Wrllram Mower F E Mravrnrz John Mravrnrz John G Mrav nrz Mr and Mrs Rap Mryer Fred W Mueh bauer Mr Alberl Mueler Mrs E Mulgreur M McMulxn W Mu roy Mrs uvey M a d Mrs J Munn H Munsch Murphy Murray Murphy Murphy Murphy Murray Murphy Mr and Mrs Brlgrd Mr James R Jane L James L Mrchael Dr John Joseph P Mersel Famry Mersenger Mr and Mrs Melder George Famny Melle Anfhony J Melolr M and Mrs Rcnad Menard Wrlrnon Mensel Joe Me rrrnan Rege 54 Merzlak Mrs Edward Mera Mrs Palsy V Melzgers Melz nger Roberl Melz er Mrs Anna Mae M ller Annabelle M ller Bruce M I er Mrs C J M Ier Dave 56 Mr ler Dorolhy M Mrller Murphy S Juno Murphy Mr and Ms Tnorras Murphy Mr and M s T V Murfagh Mrs T Mu fagh Thomas Murragh Thomas Musher Mr and Mrs Wm Murh Jack Myers Dr Wm Mygalf Edward Myra and Mary Nagel Dale Nan Drn Sororrry Nalle Mrs Fred Nanna Mr George N s y Mr J E Nafale Frank I Nauman Nauman Nayrnan Nauman M s J M Dennrs James M Jan-es Sr Navokovrc Ma y Nazrmek Rev F A Nee Mr Sieve Nee y Boboy N ey Bobby and C r e ey Mr and Mrs Nell Wrlharr G son Mr and Mr an am Nelson Rchard I arhr L J Farr Nernecek Ceceha Nerrecek N rrran Nemelh Mrs Fred N Irch ern Neugebauer Neugebauer Neugebauer Neugebauer Neugebauer Bernard eo Mrs Leo Mr Leo Paul C Neumeyer Marrha Neusch Mr W J Neverdale Mrs Fred Newell George N wand Mrs M y Ncholsore Mr and Mrs George Nrcholos Mr and Mrs J N ckel Frances rc el Joe 5 rc el Paul 4 Nrckel Marran Nrcla Bob N ckles Nrcloa Nrcola Nrcola N cola N cola on Norm Mrs Edna D Mrs Edna La Verna Lafne Nrcolella Lours Nchols Roger Nucolero Mr GuyJ Nredersf Famrly N erdersf M s C Nreders+ Mrs Cece ra Nredersf Elma C Nredersr Mr and Mrs J Nredersr Nredersr N cklaus Mr John Mary Berh A N N I es Raymoned F Noble Bob Noble Chap Norbe Dave John Burch George Nor wal Bruce Norman Arlhur Noullef Bunny Noullef Mr and M s Ralph Novak Mrs Alber? A Novak Dr Chas Novak Famrly Jo eph Novak M ss Marranne F Novak Mrs Mary Novakovrc Mrs Mldred Nu I Jm O Brren O Brren O Brlen O Bnen O Hara O Hara O Nell s Fafher Wm and Mrs and Mrs C and M s and Mrs G Mass Margarer M A . ' . Cs , r. . " I, " il , , , r, , , ' . 1 ' 1 ' I I , f ,lMr. 4. rs. James ' . . - ' , I . I. . ,J i 's , , . ar ,a i , . . C. I, ' I , , U " 'T , e I, olnn lw' , , ' ll, Nel , .F, ,k T , .I " , , I , , , , fi, . A , . . Ixlel , , so F lly k f , r V '. . . , I ' Bak, Mr. d s. P I A- . . , Ned , . . lily ,D ' , . , ' s J is' , ' ' I , o - .I F, , il I, lr. I e" ,IB le , fif. , , 2 I. , L ' , . ' .J . . ' e I , . ar 'I ' I. ' I' . l . IB. ' . . . ', N'k , " I" . . . , I' . N' k , "6 " 5 ', . I . .P, Z, A A ' ,I ', ', . . I ,RA ', Ed "56" ' . . 4' ' r , 's , ' , ., Jr, i , s, . .P E , , . I h C. i , ' , . MI , r. n . .l. ' , . . I ', . . ' , , . ,T.J, ' , . ' , . , . il , . ' I . .r. F. ,V . I , , , ' , . " , . d I, ' 'I ,Mrp " , I I , " ' , Q I QQ . '. I Q , , I ly f. l . at r f f ' ' I f , ' I ' ., ,Jr. ' , 3 1 , ' O 5 4 y N ' ' ,EIIE QQ W I , , , . ' ' ,Mr. . . P. gg I " " , . ' .Mr. 'r, 'I I , ak, . . . ' .Mr. . , ' ,F. J. I I A. ' . Here are the mighfy winners of Senior Division Trophy. J. Koonlz direcled l2 E from fhe blackness of defeaf info fhe blazing lighf of glory prompfed on by 'rhe able Bro. Dan Moock. Ofher fiqhfers for fhe vicfory were: J. Ahearn, T. Balesfreire, R. Balkey, D. Banaszak, J. Baumgarfner, B. Brisfol. G. Brown, R. Bruggeman, J. Burns, J. Bufchko, M. Byrne, J, Cannafafa, J. Foley. F. Geary, B. Gerlach, G. Jakabcsin, E. Joos, F. Langion, J. Lichauer. R. l.UlsSill. P. McCann. R. McDonald, N. McKeviH', E. Massucci, D. Miller. R. Misick, D, Murphy. R. Mufh, P, Neuqebauer, M, Oleiarz, A. Pefrancosla. C. Piefrusinski, J. Randazzo, J. Richard, R. Schuberf, C. Smigiel, L. Smykal, J. Sfanek-, F, Sweeney, G. Thomas, D. Vicforia, J. Weiherer, J. Wherlhey, E. Wilhelm, Robf. Winfers, and P. Wolf. O'NIel, Alice Pail, Mary Ann Phafuros, Pele O'Shea, Charles Pail, Mrs. Frank Phelan. James P. O'Shea, Mary Pail, Norbie Phillips. Eileen O'Shea, Neal Pail, Mrs, and Mrs, Norman Phillips, Mrs. D. O'Shea, Toddy Parnpino, Mr. and Mrs. Armand Pichler Family Oblinger, Mr. and Mrs. and Family Pampino, Nancy, Mike. Dino Piedle. Alice Obrycki, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Panawski, Mrs. Lillian Pielrusinski, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Obrycki Anna Pannek, Mrs. Elizabefh M. Piefrusinski, Roberl "57" Obrycki Dick "57" Panfone, Sameul J. Pilarski, Mr. and Mrs. A. Obrycki Dorfhy Panza, Mr. and Mrs. A. Pilarski, Mr. Charles Obrycki, Joseph Panza, Mr. and Mrs. Alberf Pilarski. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Obrycki, Marie Panza, Mrs. Jean PllafSki. Larry Obrycki, Mrs. V. Panza, Rose Pilarskir, Leonard "56" Obusek, Mrs. Mary Papadyn, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Pilarski, Mrs. Sleila Ofcharik, Mr. and Mrs. Oqrodnik, Mr. and Mrs. G. Oliphanf, Mrs. James Olszewski, M r. Walfer Ornasifs, Frank "56" Omasiis, Mim Ondish, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ondric, Al Ondrick, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ondrick, William O'Niel, A. O. Opperman, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Orban, Mr. and Mrs. Marfin L. Orr, Edgar P. Orosz, Mr. and Mrs. Slephen Orosz, Sfephen Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Osborn, Mrs. Monica Osfoich, Mrs. P. Osfronich, Mark Osfrowski, Joan Osfrowski, Mrs. K. Osfrowski, Mrs. Osfrowski, Kafe Off, George J. Ofupce, Kafhy "Ou'r Law Angels" John D. Papencordf, Mrs. H. Paperd, Dr. James E. Papperf, Jos. A. and Sons Papperf, Mr, and Mrs. Lamberl' Parsons, Frank W. Parfridge, George Pasqua, Jennie Pasforius, Pele Paffon, Mrs. John Paul, Jack. Zig Paullef, Alan Pavalonis, Edward Pavicic, Mr. George Pavicic, Mrs. George Pavlik, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfiam Pavlilr, Frances Pavlin, Joseph Pearl and John Pecanis, Mrs. Leo Peccalaio, A. Pecher, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J, Peqher. Mr. and Mrs. James Peirifsch, Virginia Percy "lOE" Perka, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Perkovich, Jos. E. Perrin, Mr. and Mrs. D. Pilafic, John Pilch, Viclor A. Pillow, John C. Pino, Donald J. Piolrowski, John Pisani, D. Pisegna, Ouirino Pifls, Bob Piviroffo, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Plalek, Regis Piocido, Mr. and Mrs. John Plocido, Mary Ann and Sam, Jr. Plocido, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Plummer C. Plurnsky-Puskar Siliki, IOE Plunkef, Mr, Popperf, Mrs, Henry Pogarzelski. Mr. and Mrs. L. and Sons Polifo, Mr, and Mrs. Philip J, Po ky, Ed. and Wilma' Pc ky, Jos. and Kay Pollock, Mrs. Jo. Ann Pollock, Joe Ponze, M'. Frank Popelha, Mrs. Mary Popovick, William Porky Porfon, Mrs. Harry Owens, Mrs. Herda Perry, Sam Owens, Mrs. Herda Pefery, Sfeve Owens, Mrs. Herda Pefrick Boys Owens. Mrs. Mary Pefrick, Mr. and Mrs. John Owens, Mrs. Mary Peffick, Marion Owens, Tom Pfeiffer, Children Owens, Peggy Pfeiffer, Mr. George Pfeiffer, Miss Marie P Prem, wziizsm Paff, Sylvesfer Pagliaro. Tony Phafuros, Bill Phafuros, Kay and Lou Poslusney, Mr. and Mrs. G. Pofefz, John and Sue Pofefz, Joseph P. Pofefz, Mrs. Joseph Power, John T. Powers, Bernard Family Powers, Mary E. Poznik, Sfephen J. Prachf, Harry C. Pranfl, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Price. Bonnie P muala D J Prolul pac Mrs Puhl Mr and Mrs Eugene Purcell James Purcel Mrs John F Purvls o Puslrar Famrly Puslrar George Puslcar M s J Puslrar Mrs John Puslrar Pe cy Pulrerrnans Mass Carol PERSONAL R chard Rrchard R chard R chard R chard R chard Rrlibard Rrchard R chard R chard Rrchard R chard Rrchard Ed th E een James John Leroy Marlorre Nancy Pau J Rooerf Rose Mrs S M Sfephen M Mr and Mrs Wm PATRONS Rudzka El zabelh Rumpler Rumpler Rurnper Runl Rusnoclr Rusnoclr Rusnoclc Dorolhy 60 Mr and Mrs Joseph W Rc ard l Lrzabelh Renee z o lc M Ru Mrs Jo Ryder Larry Ry er M S uashnoclc Mr and Mrs ohn ulnn Mr and Mrs R 1 e Raa Mr and Mrs F K Rae and George Rchards Mr and Mrs M Rchardson Paul Rrche Mss Rclrelfs Barre Rrclrerls Ms D W Rldell Mr James Rrddle Waller W Rref Mr and Mrs Ryder M s S Sabrna Mary Lynn chlr Dr d M Sa n Harry Sanders Roberf F Sanhllppo Mlss Elvera Sarlcs Tony Rrmlrus Raen M and Ms F Emer Raehn James Raflerfy Rallerly Rallerly Rallerfy Mr and Mrs Brean Charles H M and Mrs Lulre F Ragan Mr and Mrs Marhn Rarlble Bob Rarney Mr and Mrs Rarney Harold Rambler R hn Gerald rley Paul Rrlz Marella Rrlzer Theresa Rrxner Rrmkus Rmnlcus Rrmlcus Rrmlrus Mrs John Mr John Mrs John Jo n Jr Marlene Trrxre Rrzzo Mr and Mrs Vlncenl Jr Sarver H Salarrano Sararrano Safarrano Safarrano Salarrano Safarrano Mr and Mrs M and Mrs A Fran 49 Jo n 53 a y J Thomas James Safller Karl and Marlha Sauderman Mr au au Rodson M s E Ranaldr Donald Ranalh Ranallu Ranallr Frank Mary Vrnce Ranlra Jacob J Ranlrer Raprno Rascov Mrs Edwrn Mrs Faranlr Mr Ollo Ropush Mr and Mrs John Raslefler Mrs J Raslelfe M M Ralhlre Bob Rafhlre Wm J Roach Rev C B Roberlson Kerfh Roblc John S Roche Mrs John Roche Lawrence A Rogan Mrs F Rohrberq Mr and Mrs Charles Roll Mr and Mrs Wm Romano Famrly GU GU du au Mrs au Mrs au Mrs GU BU Mrs Anne Scanell Mr and Mrs Joseph Scanlon Mrs Cafherrne Scanlon Mr and Mrs Leo J Reclrlenwald Mr Charles L Rallay Mr and Ms E A Rafunlra Mr and Mrs Peler Rau Oscar Rauy Edward J Raucamp Mrs Kay Rams Donald Rlams M J Rlams M s J Rebel Rebel Mr and Mrs Howard A Rebel Mrs Wrnrfred Rebrch Sammy Roos and Mrs A Roos Danny 59 Roos Roos Roos Roos Roos Roos Roos and Mrs Davrd J Mrs E an Mr ules ev Jules 48 and Mrs Kennerh H J auJ Roos R hE 0 Rose and Jerry Rose and Pal Scanlon Schafer Schafer Schafer Schafer Schafer Schaefer Schaper Schaper Schalzel Ch ldren Ph l'rp M M Cha les E Mrs Helen Mr Howard GY Ronald Ra 58 Roberr Mrs S aub MradMs BW Schawa der Mr and Mrs Rrchard Reel Mrs Charles C Regan Mrs Ma aqref Re nhard Mrs June Res Mr and Mrs George Relsgen R V Relic Mr Mrchael Reno Roberf M Renzelman Wllram Renzelman Mrs Wrlharn Replco Mr John Reupp Marlha Rezzelana Phrllrp A Rosey Troy H l Rosen Rosenrlranz Jos Schell Joseph Schenrnq Mrs and Farrwly Schenkel M s Grace Roslrwrfalslrz M Ross Ace and Mrs Geo ge Ross Bob Tony and Sandy Ross Mr and Mrs Carmen Ross M s M clrey Ro s Mary Ann Ross Mr and Mrs Ro s M ey Ross M chael Ross Sa y R chard Rlchard R chard R chard R chard Rrchard Rrchard Rschard Barbara Mr and Mrs C Mrs Bertha Charles Jr Chrrshne Clara Davnd Deede Ror Mr George Rorherf Wrllram Rouda Mrs Agnes Scherer Scherer Scherer Scherer Mlss Marla Mrs Marne R chard Schran Roberf G Sheclr ohn Schreclr John sehr Mary lrnqer Mr and Mrs Geo Schle efh Mrs Magdal ne Schlerelh Margaref Schlererh Thomas Sch 46 M ss Mary Rozyclu Kennefh Ruber Mrs Rudzrl: Franlr Rudzlu Mr and Mrs Joseph Rudzrnslrr M and Mrs Chesrer Schloer L Famrly Schloessl n Ra p Schlos er Dolores Schmrdl Mr and Mrs Schmrclf Francrs 54 rf ' I . , l , l , E I , , ' , il . , " " . . . J. l , . . . . I . ', l , , I h 'SSH l, . , i , " " ', B b i I A ' , . F. . S. ' . l . . , r. . I . I Rus lc ws l, rs. W. , , I F . th, . hn E. , A I I I d , r. . ' I . - I I , r. . Q I . . . . C. O , . . J I i , S Q A , . . J. ' , I ' 3 I ' Sal ', . an fs. R. J. R ' , r . . . li . .. Ml: ' I . I h h , r. r. . l i 'I I I M. ' R' , J. ' , . . - V- - - ' , . ' , L rr . "45" ' , . . S. D. ' ' I l ' I ' , ' ' S I, Mr. A. D. ' , , . ' , . S l, Mr. A. D. 'I , . , . s I, MI. A. D. 'I , ' S l, Mr. A. D. 'I ' , , r. S l, Mr. A. D. 'I ' . . s I, . A. D. . I , . S l. . A-. D. . - I Roclc's Saul, Mrs. A. D. S I - , r . . S l, . A. D. . . , . . S l, . A. D. I - - , . . S I. V' V' ' N, . . I. r . . , , r. . . I Mr. l ' N' . I . . . A. I " " l if y I , Mr. . ' . , r. ' . I I , Mr. and . . N. , . I - . Mr. d s. J . . l I , R . " " , R . F- . , Mr. , , , . r. . I M, . B, , Y " " I Bill , P l . "46" . I - - - , alp . "5 " , . I - h' ch , . n r, . , I I - , M. ' . . l I - ' ', r. . r , Mr. I ' U I . . ' ' , . . r , l I l 1 s , ci J r I - s , iclr 'ller, I , E Schl" , . . E. . ' Q il . r , . E l I h, . . ' I - , , .' , l P V I ' . .X I ' . 1 I ' ' . . 1 , 2 h ' I ' ', . . ' . . .A. Scnrnrdf Sthmldl SChrr'IdI Schrn ar Sch'r'Id+ S '1 ldl Schrn d Scnrn dl Schrnlll Sch-n Schrn I+ M Franlr Geo Je F S M s Ge rgf- eo ,e F Mr and Mr 'I A Pn Mrs Rose and M George P Harod Mrs He S h-nrlen An ref-1 Schreo en R nald Schneore Mr and Schne der A Eerl' Schne D Schne der an n d Scholl Ea Schoz Ja Irsorm Schon Aloerl A Schorr Sch o+ Mr and Anna Schranqharn r Mr Franlr Schrargharrer Mrs Frank Schranner Mr Ra pn Schro Ffel Anlnony A Schroeqel Anfhony J Schroerlel Farrry Schroll M s A Schrolr Mr Roberls Schuclr Arfhur Schuclr Arfhur Schuellerse Mary S urer M and M s C P Sc ulhse C L SCl'kulI'Z Schu Iz Schullz Schu I1 SChulIZ Schulz Schu +1 M and Mrs Arfhur M s L Lucy M Lou: M ou Mrs M Roberr C wah Mr an M SI one Schwarrberqer M dMs Sc warrz Mr oe C -varlz M s RUI Sc NarIz Mr Jo eph Schwelqer OHO Cru ar' Mr Fran: Cul an M Edfar Sca se Searnan Seaman Sea'ran Seannan Seaman Se alr Joseph s J n J '1 Mr Jo Ms ohn Franlr Sedlalr Josepn Seger Thomas Se d Jarnes Mr Jo e Sed' Mrs Josepn erl C A a Se Ir ed Jcsepn Se dl Mr Josepw M Se Ir ed Mar'ha M s O Sens e S rnle Serne ar M and M Wafer a M s E Shand ew S eolne Shane Rona e and Wendy Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Mr and M s W arn Paul A Paul A Paul A ' A , r, S I . f. M . S a r . . M . . . ' , rr ., r, , . D h I ' - . .A y r , Q ' , S . . . IW SD '. V, I W Q -H -1 55' ' , 1 Soel Q, rf e .I , . S, Jozepl . . Mr. r , F. J. SD' LGI Vi- O Q cl rn' . Mr. Ellip and Farr' y . r. ' .J 5, I' '. . .George ,g , , , I, , spa. ,BWI ' I , Mr. 's. Russel - Ill' I SD , hn ., Jr. ' , , ' I s, . . rd DY . . . . . in I ' . r . . . I , , 'an Shl' , s. C. C. ' ' . r . ' a..'rI, d Sh' ,El dIf .P , ' l 5 ' , I , 1' E. " r, , Mrs. . . - . . . I , V 'A . . . Ib I . EI . , Ider. J. C., DS. In I , . r . . ..: .Mn dMrs, L. C. ' 1 . 7 f . br I " Sch e' er, LouIs C. I1 I . . - I I I S . , M's. rl C. I I y , I ha , ' Q , I , . I Sfald r, r, , F Ir , , I r I , . . I , . Mrs. T. L. I . I I . . Q LI ' I , I . hi, , , . e , . . SI If , . . 'SSH - . . . . , . . Silj , :es . . . . F, A . I , , I , '. e. . ' I . iS . SI . . , , ' , r, s, I I. ' I ' I --I' , S. I . . - I , I . 1 I y I y I A . W E . y rt ' , 1 1 . . ' ' S 1 2 . , ' , e' , . . ' , Sippel. John J. Srephens, Paul C. ch I , r. r . . . irl' , ' nle . . . I-I ' , . . A . e . r. . . I , r . , I . . , I , ' , 'c ' I . r. . I , r. 's I . I . . rs. L Is SI I. 4 - - I . f, . . I . . S h o, . d 's. e I r' C. - I I I I I G C III - , r, ar '. L. I I I - ' . h , .J Sle' ,B. J. o Mr. . A, S h , r, In I . . I , P I h , . 5 I - ' . 5 ' Mr, ,d 5, I S. ' ' , . J. Sr. , , S I Ile Mr. d rs. f d I I . - II . - If , I' , ' - . ,MIs Fransell I . SIoI . . rs. . oh ' . I I - . . oh. - I . - f. I . , , hn I I - O I , . , r , J - . I . Sf Ir , D I I 'ISS' dl I , Mrs. I . , 1 Is J , ' " . W I I A r, +I I ' I U I ', . . I A SI I , . . Seldl, , s ph V - I - Ib Sf' E, an'ce 1 ., , . I . SeII , . nd Fanrfy I - , . 7 , , I . I , II Ir - , . . I I I , . , I S' I Q n Fan Selly f- . M. . 4 ', , S I rt III ' , . . I r, C I o'I , . . . ' , . . 9 ". r. r rs. '. I - . . r Mr. nd r . rn? I. - - u Ir ' f I Q I. I I . I I I -. - S.IrI+s, rs. S. . I. I ' . A. ' . ' - - ' . . , , , I i ., b r PE RSONAL PATRONS harow M and rs Shea Joseph C hea Mr and Mrs Josep Shepherd Joan Sherman Sherman Sherman Sherman Shred Shrelds and M s M and M s ohn M s P W larn Mr and Mrs Edwa James I IIO Mr Infon BI Sh rrefls Gordon Shoemaker Mr and Mrs Shorclr Mr and Mrs AI erf S or aw Wall Kery and Bev Snropsh re Pau S uHery R A Sd lIco Mr M C el Sedel Mrs He en Sleflerl' G lber SIEIIEVI Mare SreIIerI Paul L e err R J alr Fran S lralr George J Slgalr eve Snrnon M and Mr Alan Slmpson D and Mrs V W Sunafra Sarn Srnger Sd Snopolr Mr and Mrs Dornrnrclc Srpe Joe S In Mun Slwelc Frances Slradra Mr and Mrs Sieve Slcerhch Mr and Mrs Slrrnner Jam e and Marcra Slaqel Mrs aqe Mr and Mrs Joseph Slaqel Joseph J Slaqel Kafhy Slaqel Wlllarn Sarrnslry B rqh Slernenda Norrran J Srnelffleld Jack Sm qrel Chesfer 'nuqlel C Srn qrel Mrs H da Smhng Ed Srnnh Fran Srmfh He en M Srnnh Lucy J Srn Ih Roberr J Srnorey Do ores L Sn der Snyder M s oan Snyder M s Margaref Snyder M s Mary Snyde Mr and Mrs Wal erf Sooeclr Helen Sobeclr Mr Raynncn Sobel'-arf Edward Sobeharl H Ida Sobeharl Pau Sobo alr M ard Mrs Jo eph a d Farr y S nslry Mr and Mrs Mlchael Sornmars John R SonnenIro'1 Mrs A Sonnenfroh Hlda Sonne' Mrs Joseph Sororrfy Olrver H K SouIrup Vuolef Spadafore Mr and Mrs G Spahman Mrs Stella par Ioe Mr and rs Charles J S e ar M s I enqe D Karlee n M Ge r e o zne Mr and Mrs 'zner oncer Jo G S eng Mr and Mrs Leo A Sp oar Mr and Mrs George SpJcIIch M s Dorofny Spu cn Mr erer Squ re Ernes Sfaab Charles J S'aab Klan C Sfaab Paul A S aab Ro e I 48 Slack Mrs Chare Srack Lou Mary e M and Mrs ran Sfarnper Mr and Mrs George Slannphl Mr M Mrs M Slannphl Leonard Sfanqer Mr and Mrs W S'arnp Sfarceyc M s Ann Sfaub George Sfeckel Jnrnrny and Drana Sferfnqer M Ire Sre nbach Mr and Mrs Joseph Sferqerwald M s E Ie qerwad Par Sr Iner C C Sfephenson Mr and Mrs Norman Sf vens M L V Sfevens Mrs Ralph Slevens Ra ph Sfmple M and Mrs Carl Sf ner Jaclr SI scalr Mary Srhele Jan Srocklas Ms ohn S'oecIrIe M r e a S oeclrle Mary S? eckle s R Sloeclr e au S oeIrle Ronald Sroflan Mrs Mary Sfohan Mrs Mary Sroflan Mrs Mary Sroffan M ss Mary Ann oyanlsn Mr and M Sfone Rocky Stone G adys SI n clra Mrs S ra a an e S'rahler Gerhude M SIraIra Roberf 55 S eclre n Jo'1n C re If Mrs H e? J Srromoslrr Jay and Susan Sfroyne Joseph J Sruhar Joseph R S'uhar Mr and Mrs Josepw rze eclu Joe a d r S udeny Mrs C S+urm Charles A Suarez Fred S e and Her y Sulrnfs Frank G M SuIrI+scIr Mrs Mary Sull var' AI e la Sullrvan Mary Sundo Dennls Werdner Anna rrran M a Mr an Mrs Mca ulre M Cainer e 2, L rry Flo an Svach Joseph ycnoda Ronac F 8 5 Z -veeney M Ha ry were '15 S elomc M and Mrs C S dersk John S-vlderskl Lau a er k Rrcha d derskx Trm Thy wlzer Mrs ard am S a M John P PERSONAL PATRONS U rch Thomas n aoler Mr and Mr ea John Urso Eugene KVC ca a Vc' 'ESU Ice le Mr an a Vancne Mrs James Vancherl Mchael J V r rx W K Sl Jnn Wa oler M and Mrs Cha es a d Mr and Mrs Wa nola John Waronsky F ark T Wa fo Waryc Weare Weber We r Wehc Weber W Lner James H Ncz Lowe L e r and M A ur Edward 'VI ohn Larry Mrs Ann e er Jo epn ech M an M Au us Vlha M chael and Helen Szalransk Mr and M Szaylek J seph Szwedko Mrs Mary Szykowny Frank T Szykowny Mrs Helen Szykowny Mall Talamo Marlnn John Ta lean Paulrne Tavarrs Jown J Tappe Jo eph Tara Joseph J Tarasl Mrchael T ras: Mr and M s O Teckemeyer H J Temme Mr and Mrs E Teplnrz George Terbasrc Mr Edward Vaughan Joln eccn Mr A o J sepn Mr a d M s Jose '1 Ike aul Fr n V rl Mr and Mrs V n e He en Venlresca J Ve-s'er Mr and Mrs Gus Verlullo Carmen Veverka Mr and Mr Veverka John A Var' Mr George Verne Calhenne Vcfor Mr Agnes C V na Mr Far' eol Mr and Mrs o e dne e dner C lsr ne e dner e dner e dner e gand Wergand Werherer e he er e herer e smann e ma Wer mann Wersmann Dave Mr and Mrs Jacob John Mrs C Mr and Mrs W C Famrly Mr and Mrs Francrs Jmmle Dons M Norrran Pvl Norman R chard 57 Mrs Laura Teuchman Frank Thaner Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Anna Mrs Calherrne Jac 4 Mr and Mrs John Mary C Mr and Mrs Slanley Wrllram J Trfus Chares and Family Tomaslc Mr and Ms Frank Vogel s S Tomowsku Mrs Wanda Toomeng Danlel Tools and Jack War-Ier Tops In Teamwork Tops In Teamwork Trapanr Trauner Joseph M and Mrs George Traune Veronucs Treusel Alberr F T pol: James Trn+'lIer Gaz Trocchuo Andrew T occhlo Josephlne Trpocgop Palsy Trocchno Ronald Troll Mr and Mrs James Trump Mrs Pefer Trump Peler P Tuckee Mr Arr Turlcn A Tvaruzek Tvaruzek Tvaruzek Ty ender and Famny Mlss Frances M and Mrs Jo n J ard Mrs John Mr and Mrs Slanly T er Ela Vrelrnerer Chuck V elme er Jacob V errneler WII ram V lha Vlnskr V nskr Vrnlon V cusr V lumc Vrfunuc Vogel Vogel Vogel Vogel Vogel Vogel Mr and Mrs Mnchael Marne M s J Dorn Smokey Marole and Joe Mrs Cara Delable and Davld s Rrchard Roberf E Vogel s S Vogel Mrs and Mr Wm Voe Mrss Margarer Vo Imer Lawrence Vorndran Mr and Mrs en Vogrun Vognn Vogrrn Vogrrn Mrs Anna Donald red Janzce Vogr Rcverend W m Varges Mr D Wacker Mr and Mr Wuenslel Rev W A Wagner Carolyn Wagner Mrs G J Wagner Glern Wagner Mr and M s W ,err Vcrorla and Pneodo a Walker Mr and M s Drew Wallace Rev Roberf F We ss Mrs Charles We s Mrs Ellzabefh Welss Mr Thomas C Wendler Mrs Joseph Weneck Mrs J A Wernzellle Mr and Mrs John P Werner Mrs Alma Wesl Mr and Mrs John E Welzel Mr and Mrs Roy Wh Ie Wn e Wh fe Wh le Whlfe Wullen Mrs John J M and Mrs o n Mrss Mercedes M Pa 1 and BIII J m Whyle Mr Cohn Wrdz Hellen Wregand Mrs Margxe a ack Wld James Wnd James Wlholr Mrs Rlchard WI a Wlllam Chuck WI ey Mrs Augusfrre Wu anns Davrd Wslams Mr and Ms Thos Wnllvamson Jeannelfe I s Mr G Wrllrnan Mr and Mrs Howard Wrlson Mr John Wmd R Wand Rudy Wrndga se Gus Wrnkler W nkler W nkler W nk er James Joseph R Lucrlle Oswald eld Dave Tyler Marr n Tyler Norxne Ufhel Mr and Mrs E Ulrnch Mr and Mrs Paul Walleck Mrs Jos Wa sh M and Mrs E W Walsh Mr and Mrs John T Walfers Mr and Mrs AI Walrers Mr and Mrs Frank Walters Terry and Dol I7 W nlers Dave Wseman W H Wrsgalla Mrs Calhe une Wrlkowskr Alex Wrrkowskr Blanche Wrlkowsks John Wltlman Mrs A Su , r. R. J. I I , nI , r. . 'rl Susk, .d .lhel UcI., I, SINI Wr, . .J. S Il ff- I I' Uncle . r I , Su ', a , I SI . I . , r .' , , UyIa'c I nI Mr-SI MI s ', - . 5 I' . '5 " he I . Sw rl, Mrs, V 'I Dr, esf E, Ss I I-I r Vac ' . Mr. and Mrs. I .or I M , . rs, 'Ihr S 'Z r, Rlc' rd C, Vs' l- ECINGWJ be, ' N -' . r. . has, Vin' W - . d Mrs. P I -r, . r. J . W: Q, ' rf. . I sure if ' - e-ki I . . wwe I Q Y A. Sw? ', ' c- Va 'I- CI J- W ' ,ov-ski, r. d rs. g I' Si , ..F,'Iy ' - J- . .Serge yk I I-I I V Ile, . 'rlh ry ' I I I I, . rs. Henry VGCCHIC- C I A- W Y r, Ben I C I Vecchlc . n r. p' W ' I Iv' Q . . Ve? v- P ' W I , I I Vefardfra, a It "45" W I I I I CI I I elf 4, . . . J. A. W I I , I e si! , I , W 5 I I I SI I - I I 'l W I r , . , A I , ' , . s. A. R. W Q I I ' ', I . . . W 3 , I ' r 5 T ref- - WeIsmann. Mrs. Helen SI- - le- I W fs nn, r. . I- I I - 5- - 's , . . Jr. s 1 . r. .D. rar . . - If I I I lr -I I , . R. 1 . in ' I ' I ' ' , i . . . ' E. I I I I , E. V. ' , BIII ,I I I I . k "5 " fs ', I I I - - - I ' - I i . Bill "ss" . . . , . Jr r I '. J I- ' I I I I ' Mr. I, F. ff' ' I , . r. , . ' I g I IM-. .JI r ' I I ' ' , Mr. . J. Wil ', J ' , . . . J. -5 I I FI I I I . I .III'. I I . I - ' I - - B ws. P r ' - 'I ' - F "E: ,I ' V - I - I 'I-I , , r. . C r ' , ' I . Illfa I 'I . I ' - - - wil, . .C. Q . . s , -. I . . r. L. R. I f A ' , M: - . , Sr. 5' - I I I I I j I I I I I ' I , r . -I I YI - I 'I ' ' ' 2 . . . I I - I ' I ' I , r. . . . - I I I ,- W Irrnan M Wee Ma f r L eo ar a V75 Odburrv IA D if A IPOII W vf W kb r WJ d Inur I-I W zIrosv M and Mrs Arr zko x M S Cornplvnenf OI 9A 2I0 Marbe oan HI one D es Ren aI Mens Forma' and Rocnn 3007 JenInn5 A Cade m o fed and Don' sfwc G warp :ru g Rc 4 ABBCTT MORTGAGE CJ 725 FRICK BUILDINC PITTSBURGH PA Abcoff SaIes and Ser me me 5 PHS urqI"I 3 S G Ab? 81 on Pa nhng Confra EM 2 4362 aI MAcer e a'no q 207 Co Prfsouo 20 5 To C Asa 'I v I74 A 81 E Tavern N tn Avenue TA I 838 I' 92 Ear 1 rn er Sasn M W A PERSONAL Ia VI zr S.Ie Ma Y-ar A U r 1 ar se s May 71 Acer? R r Cafn ar' rn Mr PATRONS BUSINESS PATRONS ex Tru In Ea I Durgh 4269 YOU GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY IN AN ADMIRAL HOME 37 Woe sner Av Puffsourgn I2 a K L e Insurance Underfv Me I 28I EAI 4 A egnenv A u e Juke Boxes n n Gernes I Tne AIeqI'Ienv .I rv-rr es? Ve COMPLIME S ALLEGHENY LODGE +4-47 LOOII H 'v E17 fi 'I I 4 E I AEMB R rEDERA FED RAL RESERVE SYSI C I cn IH 6f4: r A VY Pnfscurqn 37 0 n Han O USS G 5 J I' e He: T rs Z rrvm r I'IS'Y'Q, 'T' Iar ZOZJ BEST WISHES PRIESTS OF ALL SAINTS CHURCH 5 Re cur 3 B gIn+ n Road Pr sbu ga 53 'NI I Avene PIISDU gn 9 A s Super Markef 67I Everg een Ave A C 8 BW OF IIA 4 I8 E OHIO PWTSBISRGH I2 PA C D Iso eran , AI AMERICAN LEGION RIVERVIEW POST 68I I' AVE R TSBJRGH 2 A ERICA IY EWRI ER CO WOOD ST CO I IOI9 PITTSBLRGH 22 PA N er Type Ren ed I cI Is 1 I S vl e OIN S wa Y sh Supp e N I- Sde Markef Cv GRAILI ATIONS TO THE CLASS OE 56 ANNE AND GEORGE 3' N - W,zIf ,:IrI, MK Sr. f'Ief Zbo I SIU, ' f .-'wer EIII f, IZLII, ' 'Ie Zed, II: vf:C..,G,I x'-Jw. Zeewaf, MG. Jenn Vvigqhyl K , Y Zeevnat. MH. Jenn WZI4 DCIOVQS ffrglf, n Ifef-f Ze eznak Mk: Marv We 5I M V E3 YaE,Ier5Ic , BI fine 2965 , P f WZ 5I MGA L Y IIC' Icy, r Zenfdsz, W I'er WQIU M f? A.. Ya:I:r5Icf Jose-CL' ZeIrk Mrs. an I Mrs. J, N, W, FJ-Z5 M-S: Jud! Yarfgk Ee"fIf TEQ Ze if M is I-IeI-31 xvnd. Tice Ye'If": Mr. .rd Mi. C 37: ZeIIIf M23 Jzan W5 . M X ,' 5.11 Mfg. R. S YCM1. II - - Ze OVSCB Mrs. Lcuke XNCCTF R21 97+ Y'mq, Frank ZR Ie, rI 9+ xvzrv-N:,,ln J , Ying Ref. J. A. Zig QI, R::e'fa'f WVWE' 7Mr. end Mfz. Jawet YLIVI M' AI ZI9 MII Erin' W.',IL,I M, J' T- YSMEWIEE LEJIZQ VCI IJEII2 ZIC'C"'!tCF'Q Mi and M . BIII WuLEf:I nhl! 0 f Y',inIe', Mri. Cafneme ' fl 'far E, lr-Z pap-C-U YJIYGZ Ierfre Z? frfwr, Mr, Harry AU Sr, WJL'.S! VECM, A' Zn Orme' 'fi II rv A., Sr. 4:1 vqfw W Z ZWIT EWU P 'Mrs FIV, Zalewgkl, Zfg fx l I gf F ' ' L, Y Z M. Mr. A. J. y , T. I . . nf f A Wy :II '. and M' . Jos. E. Z5 IV I 7' A' EI' ' , 3 AI : IRe1IaI I H531 SOB s Sfreef T, 5 'qv pal PIII! I2e-FA I- A-AN f S Suv CQ. AI SI MI II - I 5 Aciezszfe 239 II ' 3 V N ' . .ATLI33 I.. N.S. EI -f,,Pe. A. AnqeIinI 81 Sen Mr. and Mrs, Gee. AIberII1 Jr. AI's Snoe Repairing I p ' re A '::e'IeS A 5 ' 9' -9 I' OI U SI S f. ,-STI-GQO I P. I ' -Pa- J, ' A- AI evacik Co'ncII'nenIs of J I If I f :II J I I AT .5 - E55 3 .f . ,Jig IT- II I rn 5 'nen' C3 .M. . , . A . 42 IIPQHQ, OM SI OICISI b3Ie De er E P' BSII GRA II - ' ST' N45- g b , 3 r pi Bow, Q , F-TA YIBIO NS, . I , . A V S I I eurnal o'n II"e' I 'N ' Mya TEe ReIIabIe Cc S-iff Pipe- Arr' Qc . Leven ux'I?ar,f , W wg Pa. EIS Sue' SN E'na, Pa. M r En . In 'ren I' ' 'JT V V Sizes Ier Inc En"re EV' Iv - +'- wr -'A 617 guy , SIU 9,5 pil I4 rd Io E, 'IORT AVE 'I,S.?-1-'I. IL, RA.. DAVIS E. ICI I I' I RA Acme S. ',. gl MQ? Cl- AII 'AI-ery T' ve Serfge IM. 'Sl 7 E' T O' . 2CI, f 55 Sf' Errck BIQIQ. Lcczw II - - Q ' .411 N p . Effwswg ISP, Pa.-GR -655 PI . - C3f,fV3M'3+g3,5 -LEG-1EfJY VALLEY A' K C: RTTSSJRGH A"er':an Tyne VI' CO. M Cf I55' rf 5 " L QESCSIT -45. Cow. M491 r M.. yd Mm JCM I -3 'ns ' I 'Evl II weed Sa-CO -IOI9 A:IeIeIs Beahf Since A 9' 8' C3-I L53I3"I"5 AMSES PEC II: 2IS W. N:'fI A e. D::' C'e:Ic - Se es - Serfge Bfsrwe Au 0 e' 'C FA , Q4 IC S""'5'e-d Si- O -E"O E. I: f.. M I' IS. Pd. . . , A 'a:n Park Du Ceenrg A1dIs PQI SHOP an I , M- M up Brd D211-Md F7 is .Q Rh 8- IU -7 2' Off-I I A' ers Lwwbe Cc. R :ra d I"Id3e - Fzr .I CNC. 'I L W 3 S Om S+., Pg. I2 Pd. II37 Pe' Hdwdr Lu b - - III arm I I I .pl E Y Prize-winning formula. Ann 81 Kay's Beauly Shoppe 507 Granf Ave., Millvale. Pa TA I-3120 Ann's Fish House I20l Pennsylvania Ave. PiTTsburgh, Pa. Ann's Produce 4l8 Perry Highway WE l-358B ANNUNCIATION BOWLING ALLEYS 28OI N. CHARLES STREET PITTSBURGH I4, PA. Archlee Tire Service 390I California Ave., Pgh. l2, Pa. "InviTe Us To Your Nexl BlowouI"' Ardmore AuTo Service, Inc. 630 Ardmore Boulevard lWillrInsburgl PiTTsburgh 2I, Pa. Arrow Renls Hospilal Beds and Wheel Chairs Cribs and Cols-MU I-B320 ARTCRAFT ENGRAVERS OF PITTSBURGH GRAPHIC ARTS BUILDING PITTSBURGH I9, PA.-EX I-4350 Besl Wishes From Asia Carper and Decoraling Co. 4749 Baum Blvd., PiTTsburgh I3, Pa. For an Evening of Wholesome Fun Bring The Whole Family To Aspinwall Recrealion ASSOCIATED DRIVE-IN THEATERS Church of The Assumplion 36 N. Jaclrson Avenue Bellevue, PiTTsburgh 2, Pa. BEST WISHES FROM ATLAS EQUIPMENT CORP. 635 RIDGE AVE. PITTSBURGH 12, PA. Auprechl Prinling Weddng lnviTaTions Alleqheny I-6756 JOHN H. AULD 81 BROS. CO. LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES ALLISON PARK, PA. Aunl Minnie's Marlrel 3I37 Shadeland Avenue Norlh Side PiT'fsburgl'i G BUSINESS Cornpfimenls of I2vB Scolf Rombach, Pres, B Tor Besf B Xi B Radio Service lI0 Sfxlh Slreei Sha'psburg, Pa. B 81 D Conleclionery I2B2 Spring Garden Ave. Pillsburgh I2, Pa. B. J. ONE Houiz iimzrinizine 6:4 E. oHio srrzser PITTSBURGH, PA.-FA rv-soo ComplimenTs of Dr. Baczlrowslri S. S., PiTTsburgh, Pa. Complimenls of The Badali Brolhers H. Bahrenberg Co. CusTorn Truclr Bodies Lindsay Bodies Bailey-S'roFlan, Inc. Chrysler - Plymoufh Dormonf- LE I-2000 W. Biaizelr - L. Zanq T.V.-Radio-Phono. Service FA I-9833 ComplimenTs of Dr. L. C. Baldwin Baleslreire Produce Co. I05I Spring Garden Ave. Pirlsburgh I2, Pa.--CE I-7746 BANK OF MILLVALE MEMBER FDIC MILLVALE, PENNSYLVANIA Franlr and PaT's Barber Shop 8 Hawley Ave.. Bellevue, Pa. F'anlr and Pal Panucci, Props. Bard's Dairy Slore Co. 420 Perry Highway, WesT View "For Good Things To EaT" Bards Proprielor - S. Dimalleo For Good Things To Ear 3923 Perrysville Ave. Ba'nharT's Food Marlrel Dunzan Ave. aT Peebles Road Allison Parlr, Pa. - FO 45353 Complimenrs of The Barron Family cod Luclr To The GraduaTing Class BARTSCH FLORAL SHOPPE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 90 TOWNVIEW ROAD, PITTSBURGH 9, PA. BASSET PRESS PRINTING AND DIRECT MAIL MU 3-T500 Besl Wishes To Class of "56" J. L. Bauer Family BELLEVUE COUNCIL Ne. T400 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 450 LINCOLN AVE., BELLEVUE PATRONS Bellevue DisT. Co. Beer and So'iT Drinlrs JU I-I699 or RO I-9606 Be levue Pain? Br Glass 572 Lincoln Avenue PiT'sburgh 2, Pa. Belrrenr HunTing Br Fishing Club 4IB Federal STreeT Ed Benlro Disl. Beer and Beverages Genshaw, Pa.-HU 6-7440 BENNETT LUMBER Br MFG. CO. 2I SEDWICK STREET, MILLVALE, PA. TA leI64O Ben Ruz Golf Ass'n Venango Trail Golf Course Bob BenneTT. Pro. Mgr. Ben-Ruz Golf Associalion Good Fellowship - BeTTer Golf Millvale, Pa. Raymond A. Berg "Personalized Insurance Service" Ollice, WE I-I2I3-Res., JU I-5986 Bergman's Balrery 209 Norfh Avenue, Millvale, Pa. TA I-I784-R. F. Dunlrelberger, Prop. Berlrely Hills Pharmacy Free Delivery Service Call FO 4'B I00 Berlrley's Pharmacies 2 Modern Slores Serving The NorTh Hills Berslon MoTor Company Dodge, Plymoulh Dealer Aspinwall, Pa. Bianco Funeral Home 7I9 Brighlon Road Piffsburgh 33, Pa. BIERTEMPFEL AND INGRAM ROOFING - SIDING - REMODELING 2225 EAST ST., PGH. I2, PA. Samuel H. Bigler 2IsT and Smallman SIS. Pillsburgh 22, Pa. Birsic's Marlrel Big Joe and LiTTle Joe Home Dressed Meals and Poullry CLARENCE A. BITTNER, BLDG. CONST MARY ANN DR., GLENSHAW, PA: HUNTER 6-7557 Lee BiTTner Mobil Gas Slarion 5I5 Perry Highway Wes? View-WE I-9906 Michael Blaha, FlorisT 353 Buller ST., Elna G'eenhouses, Aspinwall BEST WISHES BLAW-KNOX COMPANY PITTSBURGH, PA. BLIND FLORAL COMPANY "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" WELLINGTON I-IOO5 Ccrnplirnenls ol: rhe Blue Bird Marlrel Boclc Funeral Home I5O0 Ml. Royal Blvd. Glenshaw, Pa. GERARD BOEH FLOWERS-CE I-I3I3 CHOICE FLOWERS FOR CHOICE FRIENDS Boehr'n's Grocery Slore on the Hill Prices on rhe Level For Bowling al lls Besl' Try Irie Bol-Mar Alleys For lnlorrnalion Call Tarenlurn 9lB2 BONISTALLI AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE POPLAR 6-9227 Complimenls of Boroielz Brolhers Co. 407 Calanzaro Building Aug. A. Borza Zi Sons Funeral Home 2439 California Ave. Complirnenls of Bolla Produce 317 Canlanzaro Bldg. Congralulalions lo Class of '56 Bower Family Brady Funeral Home 2I5 W. Ohio Slreel FA I-0495 GOOD LUCK TO GRADS OF '56 BRAHLER FAMILY BRANT CADILLAC CO. 23I PERRYSVILLE AVE. WEST VIEW, PA.-WE I-2340 Byer's Marlrel Choice Groceries and Meals FA I-622O- l4I4 Monlerey Sl. Congralulalions lo lhe I956 Grads ol Norlh Catholic Joseph E. Bulchlco Family Besl ol Luck To l956 Graduales Joseph B. Bulchlo O. D. Burlon Billard Supplies, New and Used Tables 4 W. Norlh Ave.-CE I-9592 Cornplimenls ol Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns Farrfly Edward J. Burice Me'ropo'ilan Lile Insurance Co. RO I-9460, AT IA5348, AT I-5349 George Bucselr Ma'l:el We Carry Af Groceries IOI7 Cheslnul Srreel Ccrnplirnenls ol George F, Bucselr Class of '5l Cornplimenls of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Buckley 906 BUSINESS PATRONS Bucanovich Tavern I42 Grant Avenue ME va e, Pa. R. F, BRUNNER MARKET GROCERIES, MEATS, PRODUCE FREE DELIVERY-TA I-I645 Beal Wishes Frofn Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Brunner 4 Ba scrn Sl.. Pillsburgh, Pa. BRUDYS BEAUTY SHOP l4I8 EAST STREET Bruces Super Marker Save Twice - P. S. Blue Slarnps Lofvesl Prices - B45 E. Ohio Sf. Bruce Cleaning Si Tailoring Co. 'The Experl Cleaner" 4I3 Granl Ave., Pillsburqh 9, Pa. Congralularions Io the Class of '56 G. Brosenilsch Branl Cadillac Co. Wes? View, Pa. Wellinglon F2340 GOOD LUCK BRIGHTON PHARMACY ROSELLA C. LEONARD, R.P. Brighlon Inn Dinners, Sandwiches of All Kinds 3889 Briqhlon Road Cornplimenls of Brighlon Heighls Barber Shop Briqhlon Bowling Alleys I739 Brighlon Place For Reservalions call FA I-6628 Bricliley Service Slalion Melropolilan and Juniala Sl. Pillsburgh 33 Pa. Brelvn Jewelers Diarnorzds - Walches -Jewelry 539 Easl Ohio Sl. - CE I-l600 B'edis Service Slalion I23I Spring Garden Ave. NS. Pillsburgh IZ, Pa, Besl Wishes Ca'i P. B'edI Aulo Servce IN MEMORY OF E. S. BRAUN. SR. Brand? Morlicians Perry Highway Pflfsburgh I2, Pa. Amoco Producfs Beshfclr Aulo Service E. Ono Sf., Millfale, Pa. Joseph F. Beefhaller Beer Dfslribulcr FA 1.5759-36I8 Evergreen Rd. CQ,-v-pfimenls ol Mr! and Mrs. Wall Beclci Sleia M. Vilunic Cars-plirnenls of Wesley L. Beclc Pias're'ing Conlraclor Polifical smile formula. -908 Vinial Sl., Piffsburgh I2, Pa Bebee's Sharpgl-mi-9 News Agency Mdfliilines - Toys - Slalionery 606 Main Sl., Sharpsburg-ST I-9833 Beaver Valley Service Co, Freighl and Express EXpress I-0422 Beacon Dry Cleaners 7703 Perry Highway Pillsburgh 37, Pa, Wal'er Bayan Oualiiy Balrery Ll I-439IM SKIP' BAUER MOBILE SERVICE STATION GAS - TIRES - BATTERIES - LUBRICATION 26IO PERRYSVILLE AVE.-CEDAR I-92I3 CahiiI's Home Bi Aulo Slore 3220 Brighlon Road PO 6-9789 M. E. Cclderaro Excavaling and Grading CE If408I CE I'43I9 COMPLIMENTS OF CALLAHAN TRANSPORTATION CO. 857 DOUNTON WAY, PGH. 33, PA. CALLAHAN TRANSPORTATION CO. 857 DOUNTON WAY PITTSBURGH 33, PA. CarnmaraIa's Cale ISII Cenler Ave., Wes? View Delicious Sandwiches - Cold Beer Carnpbel Funeral Home A Homelilie Funeral Home Sharpsburgh, Pa. Cefnpoeils Bar 645 Buller Sl., Elna, Pa. Fine Foods and Drinlis JOHN T. CANNON REAL ESTATE - SOUTH HILLS DI B-5263 CO 3-6222 Cardel'o Eeclfc Supply Co. B52-B54 Wesl Norlh Ave. Pilfsburgn I2, Pa. Carllons Super Discounl House 209-Slh Ave., Mclieesporl, Pa. 'Save 601, on All Brand Narne Clo'hing" P Compliments ot Carmody's Tavern Wexford, Pa. Carnegie Park Sportswear 629 Liberty Avenue AT I-3456 Sam Caruso Beer Distributor l245 Resaca Place CE I-3965 Open Evenings' Cold Beer and Soft Drinks Peter M. Casper Real Estate and Insurance 8I6 Main St., Sharpsburg Compliments ot Cassels Men's Store 43I5 Butuler St. Cassey's Tavern I60I Spring Garden Ave. Catholic Cultural Centre Catholic Books Religious Articles Catholic Daughters ot America Court Sacred Heart ot the North Hills, HII560 Catholic Women's Union Most Holy Name Church Troy Hill Don Celender ST I-2387 Oil Paintings, Murals, Watercolors Sign Painting. Commercial Drawings Compliments ot Mr. and Mrs. James V. Celender N. CHARLES HEATING and ROOFING AL I-8467 Chateau Motor Sales N. S. Dodge-Plymouth ISO3 Chateau St. CE I-8736 Compliments ot Chester's Barber Shop 3I5I Brighton Road Christian Mothers Most Holy Name Church Troy Hill Mark Chuchic Restaurant 283I Preble Avenue N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Formula for retirement. BUSINESS PATRONS Chicco's Bar 6900 Fitth Avenue Pittsburgh 8, Pa. City Banana Co. 45-2Ist St. Pittsburgh 22, Pa. E. J. CLARKE REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN ALLISON PARK - HUNTER 6-5222 Coates 8: Company, Inc. School and Ottice Furniture Pittsburgh 33, Pa. Our Hair Cuts Will Please You At Cody's Barber Shop 3949 Perrysville Ave. COLUMBIA TYPEWRITER CO. COLFAX 84 WINIFRED ST., PGH. I2, PA. TYPEWRITERS BOUGHT. SOLD and REPAIRED BEST WISHES COMMUNITY RECREATION CLUB SHARPSBURG. PA. COMSTOCK, MANFRED 81 SCHAPER, INC. 602 EAST OHIO ST.-FA I-I332 REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE CONCORD-LIBERTY SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASS'N 222 EAST OHIO STREET PITTSBURGH I2, PA. CONNOLLY'S GULF SERVICE 314 OHIO RIVER BLVD., BELLEVUE, PA. SPECIALIZED LUBRICATION Consumers Produce Co. 2Ist and Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Atlantic I-072243 Cookuhn Tea Room Home Cooking 560 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, Pgh. 2, Pa. J. E. Corcoran Co. Catanzaro Bldg. Pittsburgh I2, Pa. Corliss Coal Co. 200 Corliss St. Pittsburgh 20. Pa. Cornish Curtain Shop "Draw Draperies" FA I-I254 COMPLIMENTS OF THEODORE COZZA Cuda's Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. New and Used Cars, 2I4 W. Robinson St. Pittsburgh I2, Pa.--AL I-57I6 Craig Office Machine Company Service-Typewriters Our Specialty-Sales 2I2I Forbes St.. Pittsburgh, Pa.-AT I-9825 Compliments ot Crawt'ord's Dairy 3726 Brighton Road Compliments ot Frank J. Criuella 8: Co. Pittsburgh 22. Pa.-GR I-23I78 Croatian Fraternal Union 344I Forbes Street Croke Beer Dist. 3I2I Shadeland Ave, PO 6-7873 COM PLIMENTS OF CRONENWETH DAIRY CO. G. E. Cronin Electrical Contractors Allison Park, Pa.-HU 6-62lO Cross Fence Co. All Kinds ot Fence Babcock Blvd.-WE I-0328 GIFTS - JEWELRY - APPLIANCES CROWLEY'S I8II BEAVER AVE., N. S.-AL I-30I5 Best Wishes From H. B. Crumbaker, D.D.S. 567 Lincoln Ave., Pittsburgh 2, Pa. Damis Jewelers 223 North Ave., Millvale Pittsburgh 9-MI I-3I33 Best Wishes Fred Damus i400 N. Negley Ave. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES THE DARRALL FAMILY W. B. Dawson Company Real Estate and Insurance FA I-6304 DE BALDO BROS. EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS GLENSHAW, PA. Frank DeBaIdo Co. I66 Freeport Rd., Blawnox Excavating, Grading and Trenching DeBaIdo Sales 8: Service Farmall Cub Tractor Glenshaw, Pa. John E. DeAibaugh Groceries, Fresh Meats, Vegetables 3596 Brighton Road Deitch Company I9th 81 Allegheny River. Sharpsburg Scrap Steel J. J. DeLaney Upholstering 296 Butler and Center Streets Etna 23. Pa.-ST I-6I64 Compliments of DeIney's Drive-in Restaurant 7703 McKnight Road DELUXE CLEANERS and DYERS 2-HOUR-ODORLESS-WE CALL and DELIVER l623 BEAVER AVE.-CE I-6823 25th Ward Democratic Social Club I50I Arch Street Derda Bros. Retail and Wholesale Poultry and Eggs 409 Chestnut Street-CE I-I999 COMPLIMENTS OF POLICE INSPECTOR JAMES CHIPPY DESTOUT DevlIn Funeral Home 602 Sherman Ave PIttsburgh I2 Pa Comphments ot Father DIelak r and Mrs J P DIGlfOIdmO I6 Oakley Ave PIttsburgh 29 Pa CompIments of DIlIan Produce Co 2 Smallman St R I DIIlon RadIo 703 MaIn Street Sharpsburg R C DIxon Agency Real Estate and Insurance I' vale P TA I 2288 Dollys Lounge Keown StatIon at Babcock Blvd We Cater to PBFTIBS and Banquets Good Luck From Dom and Mom 9 I 8 Federal St Good Luck to Joseph DomachowskI and Cass 56 Mrs Gertrude Gorzoch DomInos Tavern Propnetors Joseph and James DomIno DonateII GranIte Co Memonals ot Characte I 235 Pttsburgh I2 DORSCH SHOE STORE 700 E OHIO ST Dorsch Barber Shop I006 MadIson Ave Umon Barber Shop DORSCH BROS GENERAL CONTRACTORS C l4332 CE I 522 Corgratulahons Cass ot 56 Comphments T L Dougherty Fam y Johnny Do nes Amoco Gas 363 Per y H ghway West V ew Buy Your Gas Here tor Less W I am G Down ng Rep Prov dent Mutual L Ie Insurance FO 43377 Dress er s Da ry Pa teu Ized DaIry Products Jacks Run Road Pgh 4 P WE I2044 Duque ne Cleaners and Dyers Rug Clean nq Sh rt Launderung Over 40 Years Expenence FA I 6009 East Street Market 2II6 East Street Best WIshes BUSINESS PATRONS COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT C EAZOR Eckels GranIte 8: Marble Cemetery MernorIaIs 46IB Penn Ave MA I4Ol5 Eckerts SSTVICB StatIon 3500 East St PIttsburgh Pa Eckle Pace Gas StatIon Allegheny Ave PIttsburgh 33 Pa Economy Food Store I8OI Bnghton Place Economy Sportswear E OhIo Sportswear for Dad and La esH Ho 3382 Babcock Blvd PIttSburqh 9 Pa FARM MAID MILK CO AN EMPLOYEE OWNED COMPANY I3O BOROUGH ST PITTSBURGH I2 PA Comphments of Rev J S FeIdmeIer Felkars Market Fresh Smoked Meats and Frozen Foods FOIFIGX I 0407 536 East OhIo St J Ferraro Awmnqs and Tarpaulans IO35 North Ave PIttsburgh FIdeIIty Trust Company Bloomheld OfITce 476I LIberty Avenue PIttsburgh 24 P FIDELITY SAVINGS SI LOAN ASSOCIATION 3300 BRIGHTON ROAD PITTSBURGH I2 PA FO49927 L J FIFIR Oftice Mac Ines EDWARDS HAIR STYLE SALON Sefvse on AI OFM Eqwpmenf 827 East OhIo St Ca'I AL I 024 FEATURING THE BACKWARD HAIR CUT 2I2 OLIVER AVE PITTSBURGH PA Comphments ot Jo-In E EIchenlaub ComplIments ot the Joseph EIchner Fam y D G Electroplatmg 2539 PIttvIew Ave ttsburqh 9 Pa Comphments of Emsworth Market Enqelbach s Pharmacy PrescrIptIon SpecIaIIsts owrIe St C I IOO6 Glenn Ave Glenshaw Pa Etna DIstrIbuI ng Co Beer Ale Soft Drmks I7 Freeport St Etna Pa Evans Bakery 363I COIIFOFHIG Ave B Ihday Cakes Weddmq Cakes v ns Bar r I 389I Br qhton Rd S Pnttsburgh M Evans SI o Snarpsburg P Text les Ever ast ng Rel g ous Suppy Co Camp ete Lne ot Re qous Artces E o FA 2 288l COMPLIMENTS OF I2F LOCATED DOWNSTAIRS BUT WITH PLENTY UPSTAIRS Fa con Paper Co 343l Gass A e ttsourqh I2 a L I Cy Farbacher E t P rk Auto Repa rs Ex avat nq and Grad ng n a Bg Boil Hamburgers 44 K tar-mnq Pke Shpbq Po Romanhc formula FIRST FEDERAL OF BELLEVUE 2 LINCOLN AVE BELLEVUE 2 PA PO sszsoo CURRENT sf Save Where It Pays FIFSI Federal S 8: L ot MIIv e HIgh DIVIdendS Insured Accounts FISHERS GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS and WELDING 7847 PERRY HIGHWAY Peter Fsher BuIlder 222 Grant Ave PIttsburqh 9 Pa S t-I FItch Beer DIstr utor ST I 45 F 81 L Restaurant For The Best And C eane I Food WIth The Best And Ou cekt S VI Fla q S Guns Sportmg Goods M vae G P FLEETWOOD SI CO INC BOY 9724 PITTSBURGH 29 PA GENERAL CONTRACTORS . ' Co. - .I I ' on - ' ' 1 . . - y ' M. . . . ' ' - A ' ' ' ' .. ' sa 4lI .-G l -2I26 ' . I l . ' . a. 5II . ' SI. ' d Eddi ' I , Inc. MRI , L- . y R I I ' . I- ' ' . . .3 I 'U 53 .. , . I 7? ' 'I al ' ' PI , .I . . l l FA -2 I , Pa. ' ' ' ' I ' l6I7L ' .- E -T559 I g lb , , Etna Broom 8- Mop Mfq- CO- 3S7 DLIIIEI S+., Etna 23, Ps. - -38 i . l ' li S -er 'ce E - .3 'U Q , ' I ' :I . ' zz: I , Ps. I EI E S R e II 5 Q N. . ' I ,PQ ' - - - ' J. . c . V . I . a. - -F A r I I I I :I I I III 3 ,- - SID .obs S+.- - 2I7 ' , . I , a.- - pg ' , P .- I -2699 Malhemalics formula-well used. Fleerwood 81 Jackanic. Inc. Reinforcing Sleel Confraclors Pilfsburgh 22, Pa. F 81 M MFG. CO. KITCHEN CABINETS 81 SINK TOPS IOO7 MAIN ST., SHBG.. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES R. FORD John T. Ford Coal and Moving ST I-I769 - Elna, Pa. Forl Pill Pain? and Welders Supply IOI4 Easl Ohio Slreel Piflsburgh. Pa. Fosler Brush Co. Manulaclurers lnduslrial Brushes. FOUR OAKS FARM SAUSAGE 33'X., LEANER IN LINKS, PATTIES 81 COUNTRY STYLE OSWALD AND HESS CO. Fox Chapel Conslrucfion Company I36 Third Slreel' Aspinwall, Pilrslourgh I5. Pa. R. Frank-Real Eslafe. Insurance I439 Woods Run Ave. Piflsburgh I2, Pa. - RO I-7900 BEST WISHES FREDDIE'S CAFE I57S SPRING GARDEN AVE. Fred's Cafe I227 Monterey Sr. Fine Food, Liquor, Wine, Beer Freimann 81 Enders-Gulf Service Baum Blvd. af S. Euclid Ave. Pilfsburgh 6, Pa. May Our Blessed Lady Wafch Over You Mrs. Mary Freyvogel P. A. FREYVOGEL CO., INC. PAINTING CONTRACTORS 8I9 MIDDLE ST.. PGH. 12, PA. EVERYONE LOVES FRITOS FRITO AMERICA FAVORITE CORN CHIP FRITO CO. OF CLEVELAND BUSINESS Furnace Engineers, Inc. 2I0 Boulevard of 'Ihe Allies Pillsburgh 22, Pa, Leo C. Gaerfner Agency 3937 Perrysville Ave. Real Eslale-AL I-2900-Insurance Gaerfner Home Bakery 39II Perrysville Ave., 352 Cenler Ave. Parry, Weddings, and Whipped Cream Cdlreg GaIanIy's IOO3 Main Sl. Sharpsburg I5. Pa. Complimenls of Mr. Par Gallagher and Family 3837 Evergreen Rd. S. Bus Garlick - Upholslerinq 2835 Charles Sf. FA I-8834 Joseph C. Garlner Brick Conlracior 3045 MI. Troy Road. Pgh. I2, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF GASTER COAL CO. WE GIVE S 81 H GREEN STAMPS General Mainlenance Work Free Esfimalion Call Boiack, MA I-9553 General Teamslers Union i564 Crawford. Venango and Norlhern Mercer Counlies. Pa. GERBER'S SUPER FRUIT STORE Complirrienls of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gerlach Bernard and Jackie Gerlach GERST FLORAL SHOPPE 706 EAST OHIO STREET FA I-7303 Gerlies Dress Shop 505 Granl Ave., Millvale, Pa. TA I-2I35-All Ladies' Apparel W. D. GETTY - TW 8-9000 AUTHORIZED ADMIRAL HOMES DEALER J. A, Gibson Real Eslafe and Insurance 6I7 Wesl Diamond SI. - FA I-6200 Don and Joe Mueller A. C. GIERL SINCE I889 ROOFING 81 SHEET METAL WORK IOOI SPRING GARDEN AVE. - CE I-0835 Giger's Cale Wines, Liquors, Beer, Sandwiches lol?-Io2I Beaver Ave., N. S. Pillsburgh "Gilda's Beaufy Salon" 2729 Perrysville Ave. Pitlsburgh I4, Pa. A. D. Giovenqo mmwwamimm General Hauling Complimenls of Sam Giovengo Emsworlh, Pa, PATRONS Glassbrenner Prescriplion Pharmacy 3053 Brighton Road, Pillsburgh I2, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. LOUIS GLASSO Insisl on Golden Triangle Polaloes Fruil Exchange Bldg., Pgh. 22 Goldies N. S. Fines? Men's Slore Easl Ohio and Sandusky Pafronize Your Local Jeweler Complimenls of Morris Goldslock Co., Wholesale Jewelers GOOD AND PERRY PAINTERS INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR WORK FREE ESTIMATES-CE I-2430 OR AL I-8657 Thomas Goral Class of '57 Norlh Calholic COMPLIMENTS OF JANE ANN GRABOWSKI 384-42nd ST., LAWRENCEVILLE URSULINE Academy, CLASS OF '57 Congrafulalions To 'rhe Graduating Class Grimm Family COMPLIMENTS OF GRAHAM AND CO., INVESTMENTS STOCKS - BONDS AT I-7380 Graphic Sludios Keyslone Building Gray Flooring Company, Inc. Complele Floor and Wall Service 323 Gran? Ave., Millvale, Pa, - TA P3600 Louise Greb Bakery Birfhday Cakes Are Our Specially 220 Granf Avenue, Millvale WILLIAM GREB BAKERY I703 LOWRIE ST. TROY HILL - CE I-0999 Richard R. Greco The Knighls Life Insurance Co. Res., Ll I-2576 Office, FA I-3425 Greenwood Cleaners 8: Tailors IBO6 Chislell' Slreei PEIIsburgh 6, Pa. Grego' Besf in 'Where Good J. A. GRIMM MOTOR S Tavern Liquors Friends Meer" 8: WHEELING EXPRESS SHIP BY TRUCK WAREHOUSEMEN GROCERY ard FOOD LOCAL No. 635 PAUL GROPELLI MEMORIAL COMPANY OUALITY CEMETERY MEMORIALS CEMETERY LANE - WE I-0803 LAWRENCE A. GRUNDLER CEMETERY MEMORIALS MT, TROY RD. - WE I-2737 BUSINESS LAWRENCE GUCKERT TRUCK BODIES - PAINTING - LETTERING 309 SANDUSKY ST., PGH. I2, PA. - FA I-0261 GueInI Funeral Home Lolvrie and Gardner Sis. N. S. PiHsbu'qI'w, Pa. Conqrafulafions Sen o's T'rornas P. GuiII'oiI, GuIIo Produce Cornpany 62 TNGHTIGII1 SI., Pifisburgh, Pa. GunIer Bros. - AL I-6200 Overhead Doors-Residenfial, CornrnergI5I, Ind, Hand, EiecIrfcaI, Radio Con'roIIed Good Luck Pefe Gyekis Haas Sa'es and Serv'ce "Refriqerafi0n" 203 Buffer SI. - Erna - Pgn. 23, Pa. Co'rfpIimenIS of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Haberrnan HAGER BAKERY 3830 PENN AVE, - MU 2-5889 MAKER OF OUALITY BAKED GOODS HAHN'S ROADSIDE STAND BABCOCK BLVD. OUALITY PLANTS and SHRUBS "BEST WISHES" TO THE GRADS OF '50 JOSEPH HAMM FAMILY HAMM'S MARKET I239 ITEN STREET CE I-5026 NaIionaI Handicapped Indusfries Frank C. Harenski FuneraI Direcfor 32OI Dobson SI., PqI'i. IQ, Pa. CompIinncnIs of The Harmony Dairy Eiecfro-Pure Dairy Producfs FA I-7600 Reber? G. Harris Agency Insurance, AII Lines - PO 6-7527 24 Kingsiand Dr., Ernsworfiv, Pa. Harry'3 Garage Genera' Repars - Sfafe Irsoecr 3 QIO Gere? Way - AL I-77OI Harrys JeNeIry 6C8 Ja:Iizon'a Cor. Mcverey S's. Wafdnes, Jevvery and Giffs HarI5ey Cieaners Sarne Day Servte S05 Easi Srreei T59 Harriey-Rose Co. Power Transmission Eqifpnnerf IndusfrIaI Ruooer-HeI?i-3 HaucIr's Beaury Snoo PATRONS Walfer M. HeaIy Funeral Home 425 Granf Avenue Mi'Iva'e, Pa.-PI'rone TA I-2940 GEO. W. HEARD 81 SON FUNERAL HOME 4047 PERRYSVILLE AVENUE WE I,O2OO HARRY HEEG - NOTARY PUBLIC FIRE and AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE oI3 TRIPOLI ST., PGH. I2, PA. Aioerm' Heiies 81 Son Plasferinq ConIrac'or CE I-09I9 Mr. and Mrs. J. L, Heinaucr Good Luck Class of '56 CongraIuIaIionS and Besf Wishes Frorn T59 HeinricI'1Is HELWIG PONTIAC, INC. 725 ALLEGHENY AVE. PITTSBURGH 33, PA. HENKES SUPERETTE I625 27 EAST ST., CE I-ICO2-I-3934 COMPLETE FOOD STORE" - WE DELIVER HEIIRYS CONFECTIONERY IS PREPARED FOR ANYTHING YOU EVER NEED CompIimen+s of Henry's Markef R. D. Herzer, Reqisfered Eledrician Resider'IiaI and Co'r'rnercfaI Wiring 2828 MI. Troy Road -- AL I-2482 BEFORE YOU FINANCE YOUR NEXT CAR CONTACT JOHN J. HESS, JR. WA I-I9OO WA L5577 JOHN R. HESS GENERAL CONTRACTOR B47 W. NORTH AVE. N.S. PGH. 33, PA. Hiebefs SIore IO34 Perry Highway Pe'rysviIIe, PgIv. 37, Pa. Hiqnand Aufo Service Body and Fender Repairs Towing Service HIGHLAND FLYING AND BOATING CLUB DEALERS IN PLEASURE CRAFT FREEPORT ROAD, ASPINWALL PA. H'j'w-Nay' Mofors-CI-rysIer-PIy'n:uYIw New Cars-Used Cars FA I-7000 CE I-4532 HILDERHOFFS OUALITY FOOD MARKET 3?I2 PERRYSVILLE AVE. CorrpITfnenIs of B.. H ger Cornplirvzenfs I326 Coiumbus Ave. of CE I-5455 HL-r'ngIsIein Dairy Ha'vey's LocaI Express F, C. HinInef 81 Bro., Inc, IO2I Reedsdafe Sheer Pittsburgh, Pa. I65 Hinlxel Road Pgn. 29, Pa. Chemisfry formula: NC-I-HIS, HipweII Mfg. Company Manufaciurers of FIasI1IiqIw'r Cases CompIirnenIs of Harry Hife HITES FRIENDLY DRUG STORES PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS HITES SURGICAL APPLIANCES ATHLETIC SUPPORTS-FIRST AID SUPPLY OPEN ALL NIGHT-WE DELIVER Hi Way Siop Xi SIeaIcI1ouse RI. I9, S. of PqI1. Serving Good Food 24 Hours CarI H. Hoeger, CIass of '44 Insurance-AII Kinds TAyIor I-3578 Cornplirnenfs of Mrs. Francis Hogrnan 254 PiainfieId Ave., Emsworfh HOFFMANS MARKET FOR FINE FOODS I308 EVERGREEN AVE., MILLVALE W, J. Hohrnan-TAyIor I-2I56 Hea+inqfDucI Work-VenIiIa+inq Tanks-Copper Work-Srnoke Breechings The Hofyrvood Beaufy Shoppe 1380 Benfon Ave.-JUnEper I-3649-W CaII for Appoinfrnenf HolIywood Cfeaners 4 Caifornia Avenue, AvaIor1, PqI'v. 2, Pd. Ta ors-Reweavers-Furriers HoIman Chair Renfal and Sales MAyfIower I-9207 Holmes Esso Servicenfer Briqhfon Rd, and Kleber SI. "FfnesI' in Car Condifioningu CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM A GRADUATE FROM HOLY GHOST HIGH HOMES REPAIR--POLAR 6-6990 NEW HOMES AND REMODELING GERARD M. HAAS, CONTRACTOR Homewood Elecfroplaling 2539 Piffview Ave. Piffsburgl-i 9, Pa. HoraIc's Cafe Fine Foods and Beverages HOLZHEIMER 81 BOCK FUNERAL HOME SHARPSBURG, PA. MRS. LAWRENCE H. BOCK Hrabar Jewelers 357 Buller Sl. Elna 23, Pa. Ed. J. Huber Groceries-Meals-Vegelables 352 Cenler Ave.--Phone WE If306O Hufnagel's Produce Marker Fresh Eggs and Produce in Season I Mile Norlh of Zelienople, on RI. I9 Carl J. Hunlrele Builder ol Modern Homes Middle Road. Glenshaw-HU 6-7942 R. A. Hunlrele 2347 E. Beclierl Ave. Class IIF '55 Huss Bros., Reallors 5872 Baum Blvd. Easl Liberly Huy Pharmacy Free Delivery Service 2109 MI. Troy Road and ChesInuI.5f. Bill Hynes-Amoco Service 940 Manchesfer Blvd. CE I-9223-N.S. Pgh. Pa. lndependenf Towel Supply Co. Exclusive Service MU F8700 Isaly's Wesl View 448 Perrysville Rd., Pgh. 29, Pa. Bob Phillips-Prop. Ivan's Dog Hur Fool Longers IOI8 Norlh Ave. J. 81 J. Cleaners 2546 Perrysville Ave. 3333 Babcock Blvd. Formula of success. BUSINESS PATRONS Jaclr's Aulo Body Service 3035 Briqhfon Rd. lRearl LI I-0452 Besl Wishes George J. Jacoles, M.D. I3 Island Ave., Pqh. I2, Pa. Jand's Meals 81 Groceries BI6 Piilview Ave. Millvale 9, Pa. Janlrus Pharmacy 2823 Perrysville Ave. CE I-5I0O JEANS BEAUTY SHOPPEE 2I I3 FEDERAL ST. IEXTENSIONI BEAUTY CULTURE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES CARL A. KARTHAUSER 81 CO. MAUNFACTURERS' REPRESENTATIVES CARL KARTHAUSER WALTER LAUTERBACH KassaIen's Tavern 520 Gran? Ave., Mil vale "Fine Foods and Liquors" Kalnilcs Service Slalion 5th and Main Sfreer, Sharpsburg, Pa. 'We Give 'SSH Green Slarnps' ST I-9946 Kaule's Pharrnacy Joseph A. Kaule, Pharmacisl 332 Wenlner Ave., Wes? View, Pa. Tel. VIE I-3I66 Kelly's Service Complele Line Tires and Balleries Experl Lubricalion Jenny Lee Balcery "Lei Us Do Your Baking" FEderaI I-B900 Jess's I Roule 8 Jim's House of Fun Homemade Brew, Cheap Ralcs 2882 Mounl' Troy Rd. Complimenls ol Jim, Jaclr. Keilh and Chee JOANNES BEAUTY SHOPPE l326 GOEBEL ST. FA I-8796 Joe's Garage Joseph Giunfa, Owner I2I6 Easl Sl. John's Marlrel' Fresh Meals and Vegelables III7 Island Ave. Complimenls of John's Men's Wear 433 Easl' Ohio SI, Jo's Marlcel lO3B Spring Garden Ave. Your Friendly Thriffrnarl Grocer JONESEYS GARAGE 'WE SPECIALIZE IN REPAIRING OLD BRAKES" Complimenls of Ihe Jordan Family Jordan Pharmacy I3OO Woodland Ave., and Shadeland Phone JU I-334I Marry Joyce Cifies Service Slalion Brlghlon Rd. and Jaclcsonfa SI. Phlsourgh I2, Pennsylvania Kainlz Jewelry I6l5 Beaver Avenue Dam:nds-Walche:-Jewelry Beal Wishes Karnefs I962 Lofvrfe Slreel, Troy Hill MR. AND MRS. JOHN KARPINSKI ZIS ISTH STREET SI-IARPSBURG. PA. KENNY MOTOR EXPRESS DAILY SERVICE TO WEST VIRGINIA SOI SHORE AVE., PGH, I2, PA. FA 2-8000 J. KENNY TRANSFER, INC. FREIGHT SERVICE-PICK UP-DELIVERY 3370 STAFFORD ST. SP I-4885 The 3 Keys Music As You Lilre ll Call RO I-6I35-"Joe" Keysfone Molor Service Truck and Aulo Repair IOO6 Vinial Slreel, Pgh., Pa. "YOURVENTRANCE-TOQA-BEAUTIFUL-HOME" KIEFER MANUFACTURING CO. I9OO BRIGHTON ROAD Complirnerils Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Killmeyer Ralph II '56 Cornplimenls Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Klrneyer Grandson Ralph II '56 Complimenls of Kirin's Cale IIOO Easl Slreel' Franlr H. Kirner 309 Marlrel Slreel Piflsburgh 22, Pa. Jerry KiIman's Deparlrnenl Store I7lO Mounf Royal Blvd. Glenshavv, Penna. KIein's Sunoco Service I707 Babcock B'vd. M' vale. Pflfsburgh I2, Pa. HERBERT E. KLUG ROOFING AND TINNINQ FOREST 4-8762 W. L. Knab Seeds Bulos and Garden Suppfies 4325 Pe'ry:vfIIe Avenue WE I-32l7 Kr-au: Bakery-Wedding and Parly Cakes 450 Pe'rysv' e Road, Weil View, Pa, Phone WE I-IB57 Joseph Knaass, Jr. Orwepeuc Tecrr'ologfg+-S-geg Cuglgrn Made I234 Iln si., res. Pgh, iz, Ps. Knoechel Hearing Co. 3464 Babcock Blvd. FO 4A6.6I Lennox A're-Flo Hearfng Phil Knoll Grocery 200 Ivory Ave. WE I-9937 KOCH SERVICE, INC. DIVCO SALES AND SERVICE PITTSBURGH I2, PA. BEST WISHES MR, AND MRS. MATTHEW KOCZMAREK I3I7 GOBLET ST., N.S. PGH. 33, PA. Kol InqerIs Tavern Where Friends Meet-7I7 Chesfnul SI. I2 C I92I5 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 56 FROM THE KOSKY BOYS RAY TED STAN Tne Kracker Jacks Franlr Budznlr Dlreclor S er Ing I 25 B sl'WIshesIoII'1e C ass of 56 W 'Iam F Krall Jo eph KraI Mea Grocerres and Freez r Foods I 090I 823 MadIson Ave N S Compl rnenls n E Kram CornpImenIs f Kransnow Wedner Co Canazaro Bldg Pgh 22 P Ha ry Krupp Furn Iure Co 843 Easl Oh o SI AI ays Beffer Values A+ Krupps Comp menls Krur l"I Cass of 6 Ku an s Cale 2650 Cahforn a Av e ous Hof Sausan s u Caroure r Serv e ar are lgr' Iron and Mefor T ne In s In d and MInor epa erv Bu II To AL I 420 Car Ku e Realy Ivlxerl C d CI e C 9 Fedc BUSINESS PATRONS LammIs Cleaning l0I9 Chesfnuf Sf. Pqh. I2 FA I-9024 Lancasfer Transporlalion Co. I53 5O+h SI. MAyfIower I-3I92 CompI5rrIenIs Mr. and Mrs. Irwin R. Lance Conqralulafion Sonny I56 Lang's I'-Iardward-Plumbing and I-lealinq BOI Main Sfreel Sharpsburq Pa LANGER BROS PACKARD WILLYS I85 PERRY HWY WEST VIEW WE I I206 JOHNNY LAUGHLINS SHAMROCK ROOM 9I9 9I7 WESTERN AVE BEST IN STEAKS AND SEA FOOD La Valle s DIsIrIbuIor Beer and SOII Drrnks Wesf Vrew Pa COMPLIMENTS LAVELLE GULF SERVICE EMSWORTH PA Joe Lazzaras Merkel ru Is and Grocenes AL I 964 COMPLIMENTS OF MR AND MRS FRANCIS LECHWAR Comp menIs of Ihe e Cr nl: Fawn y C 'vol rnenls Io Wall r Zac Raymond C Leer F rerrven s IVISUISWCO Co ornp 'nenIs of B L Lenlchner 8m Sons BEST WISHES BRESCI R P LEONARD FSJ Crrofr I dLe3 CI34I2 COMPLIME TS Lindenfelser N.S. Marker FA I-SI24 LINDEN MARKET COR. BRIGHTON RD. AND BENTON AVE. CHOICE MEATS AND GROCERIES Herman C. Lippold Real Eslale-Insurance 3700 MI. Troy Rd. TA I-3659 Chas. J, LIpIaI: ReaI EaIal'e-Insurance-Morlgaqes l2l9 Sp ng Garden Ave CE l 906 Lou 8: Al s Marlrel IQOO Rock edge SI We De Iver Co'npIIfnenIs C B Lovalf s Lovey Lady BeauIy Shoppe I822 Carson SI HE I 9260 Open Every Evenrng Excepl' Salurclay LOWNDES JEWELRY 6I2 BESSEMER BLDG JEWELRY REPAIR AND DIAMOND SETTING COMPLIMENTS LOWRIES L yal Order of The Moose Pflsburgn Lodge No SI4 Lrberfy Av Pqn 24 P LUCKYS LEISURE BAR 62I EVERGREEN AVE MILLVALE PA Corrp 'renIs Lud and M lly u A dres CaIe I537 Lo'-fr e Slreef 'YT Er nlc V Lulrsx C'rp LI so MID MARY my LEWIS 22 3 Wa, BESI W SHFS TO A BERT G LIDIIEL D 3 5 I-I V :R R I ALIF R A c a 'ar .rn UITE he mghl' recovery 'formula Pgh. , Pa. E - , . . I V YI . . -0 T I' -IO I of 8 - - A I . , C. , . . ' I 's, I' e I CE A I ., .. , . of F I I Jch . , M.D. -5 OF I' o ., . , a. I . O Y I I ,t I LI .46 Z I 2 I e., '. ,.a. N I Led 'I E If XI I I I5 I . I , N V C II I3 I F C . . C IV or D Ie: Je ' ' 'I K he I 'C I: IIL IneII C. I: for L II - .I d I ,C 'I BraIe Rc 1. e I R frs ' I T I' ' Kmn Traile' S Ice P .II 925 TQ-9,3 1 0.36, J. Edwar LII Coccph enfs ol .6 E - a . I' W . - Funeral DIrecI:r I I FZ ', - I 'EQIP OF A ,"m,.,-I- F: W IIg M L L .an VVQIII3fI Pd. W-3 'YCV5' 5-I7C0 II I - VAIdn,,,i5,I +33 an' I dwr Ere' T. Kagegn ' ' I L C5520 Re ' :I Bk Pane I . B01 5l'5'ff-l'SM'1'1'2 we 56 GRADLA'ES INDI LTAMIQ Sf. PIM I2 PJ. L 5 V ESV' CFM NH' 'IC' I ' " . T TV uv LITE' 3':"e'3 P, Mini Sammy Me' 3 a'3 32,5 Vvka' 'I 'I T I TI' I'I P"3b-'g'I I? Pa. C:":: I're": cz L.-::::5 Esc' LIF33 A STP TEDIIII I52: r.Iaf'Qf. S-. 351' Ci I3"I3 Af- CE I-QQZ5 pI"lC..'j' I2 RJ. C:'rcI":-"3 35 L 'QCCQQ PHARMACY L-23533 , I. 2'2 'JORT' AVE, qw seq eifa A Ae. I.1I.L ALE TA I-23'9 9-22' W-"fi CCFML -.'5'.'s C1 L1 Few- CWC' 4 'saw IVE 3 5' IBJ32 P RIP SENT 362' C C TJ AJC. Cecelia-Lyle Beauly Shop 308 Slanlon Ave. Pgh. 9, Pa. Lel George Do Il Home Repairs and Remodeling George Mackey Macy's Cleaners Xi Furriers 5003 Penn Ave. EM I-50I5 We Do Our Own Cleaning Caecilia Maennercher I2II Easl Slreel Pillsburgh, Pa. R. P. Mages Joinl Slock Yards Pillsburgh, Pa. Main Bar-ST I-9780 Liquors, Wines Beer, Soll Drinks Main Slreel Molor Co.. Inc. 6lh and Clay Slreel Sharpsburg, Pa. Maisl Groceries l600 Middle Slreel Sharpsburg I5, Pa. CHESTER MALESKY CARPETING AND FURNITURE 27I4 STAYTON ST., PGH. I2 PO 6-7260I J. M. Malich Molor Supply I50O Lowrie Sl., Pgh. N.S. RCA Viclor Radio, TV MALONEY 81 HORN, INC. 6I5I JENKINS ARCADE GUILD OPTICIANS AT I-I388 A. MAMAUX 81 SON I2O BLVD. OF ALLIES CO I-3500 AWNINGS-FLAGS-DRAPERIES MandI's Bakery 630 California Ave. Pgh. 2, Pa. Manos Baking Co. 260I Easl Slreel FA I-3733 Froducls lor Holels and Reslauranls A. M. MANTIA CO. I9OO SMALLMAN ST. PITTSBURGH 22, PA. Formula of grealness. BUSINESS PATRONS Morio School ol Dance Characler Dancing Ballef-Toe-Tap Complimenls of Merkel Review Publishing Co, AL I-34l0 Mars Cleaners 81 Tailors 2758 Charles Slreel Pillsburgh I4, Pa. Complimenls ol Ken Marx Sam Mascari's Barber Shop 2548 Perrysville Ave. Flal Tops Our Specially George E. Maslanka Cor. Babcock and People Rd., Ross Twp. We Give "S8iH" Green Slamps CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON MR. AND MRS. RALPH MASSUCCI Complimenls ol Oscar P. Malous. Oplician 524 Federal Sl. Mall's Cale 597 Buller Sl., Elna, Pa. Place Where All Good Fellows Meel COMPLIMENTS OF THE MAU RO FAMILY MAY CLUB FOR PARTIES 3903 SAW MILL RUN BLVD. BRESCI R. P. LEONARD, PRES. May God Bless Our Class ol '56 THE FINEST IS MEADOW GOLD MeIodia's Reslauranl Hol Sausage-Spaghelli-Pizza I33 Granl Ave., Millvale MEISTER'S DAIRY 649 CALIFORNIA AVE. AVALON, PA. Wall Merriman Hilill and Trucking Wexford, Pa. WE 5-2535 Besl Wishes Merge Molor Company 5600 Wilkins Ave. Cornplimenls Meyenls Tavern Complimenls ol Hon, Marlin C. Mihm Represenling Illh Disl. Allegheny Co. Besl Wishes Michael Shoe Slore 343 Buller Sl. Complimenls ol Michele El Cie-Jewelry-Silver-Gills 6340 Dorlinglon Rd. JA I-2828 Microfilm Corporalion ol Penna. Verilax and Copease Machines Polocopy Machines and Supplies Complimenls of lhe David A. Miller Family 2I33 Harbor Sl. Complimenls Miller Funeral Home COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY MILLER SPRING AND MFG. CO. DAVIDSON STREET, SHARPSBURG, PGH. l5, PA Howard A. Miller "The Sland In Demand" Sland 79, N.S. Markel PAT McBRIDE SUPPER CLUB ZI98 BABCOCK BLVD. THE MCCARTHY BOYS BILL '48 JOHN '50 JIM '53 MIKE '57 Mr. McCarlhy Juslice-of-lhe-Peace 2IB Granl Ave.. Millvale, Pa. McCarly's Jewelry Records and Gills Perrysville Ave. and Easl Slreel McChesney Bros. Excavaling and Hauling STerIing I-5087 Besl Wishes From Your Coca-Cola Man Bill McCIeary McConaghy's Pharmacy 3807 Brighlon Road Pillsburgh I2, Pa. MR. AND MRS. P. H. McCULLOUGH DR. AND MRS. GEORGE SHANTZ MRS. P. H. McCULLOUGH AND FAMILY McDonald's Funeral Home 529 California Ave. Avalon. Pa. Complimenls ol McDowell Mfg. Co. Millvale, Pa. McFURGUS 81 BUCKLEY ARE REAL ESTATE MEN THAT CAN BE TRUSTED Rose McGeown 3523 Penn Ave. Pillsburgh, Po. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS '56 JACK '54, TOM '56, PAUL '6I FRANK AND ANNE McGRAIL I Mclnlyre 8: Neely Funeral Home 544 Buller Sl. Elna 23. Pa. McManus Healing 81 Relrigeralion Co. N24 Hour Emergency Service For All Healing and Cooling Equipmen1" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 JOHN McCREA '57 A. F. O'Boyle Fine Oualily Meals 300 Devlin Ave. WILLIAM F. O'BRIEN FUNERAL DIRECTOR Cornplimenls of Falher O'Connor Guild Na?iviIy Church "BEST WISHES" TO THE CLASS OF '56 JAMES E. O'HARA Torn O'Rourke Beer Dis?ribu?or 3728 Bfigh?on Road We Deliver Local and Premium Beer CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 FROM THE O'SHEA FAMILY O'Shea Funeral Home 460 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, Pa. Oqrodnik Funeral Home 333 Buller S?ree? Elna 23, Pa. Cornplirnen?s of 'rhe Michael Oleiarz Family Complirnen?s of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ornasi?s Millvale, Pa. Ondrick's Barber Shop SI6 Federal S?ree? Firs? Class Workrnanship O??o's Barber Shop 2005 M?. Troy Rd. Bes? Haircu?s a? Lowes? Cos?s O??o's Suburban Dairy Bellevue, Pqh, 2, Pa. Poprsr 6-6444 Ou? Law Angels I-lo? Rocls-Cus?orn Cars Ahfiiialed wilh lhe Nl-l.R.A. Miller 31 Son I-Iea?ing and Air Cond??TonEng BII Lockhar? S?ree? V. L. MILLER BUILDING CONTRACTOR 5058 PERRYSVILLE RD. Mi ler's Cale Fines? fn Foods 3853 Caffiornia Ave. Wm. MiiIer's Sons. Builders Al,ison Park, Pa. HU 6-5300 M'llvale Cleaning Shop Dry Cleaners Since I907 508 Nor?h Ave., Pqh. 9, Pa. BUSINESS PATRONS Sol Min?z "For Be??er Clo?hes" 4l0-I2 Federal Sfreel, Pqh. I2, Pa. MAX MITTERMEIER IZI4 SHERMAN AVE. CE I-4OI3 PAINTING AND DECORATING Edward P. Mock Wholesale Beverage I453 Spring Garden Ave. G, MOCKENHAUPT 81 ASSOCIATES s PARK BLDG., PITTSBURGH 22 AT I-5975 Complimenls of Pa? Murry Murphy Floor 81 Cabine? Co. FA I-433I 9I3 Manches?er Blvd. N.S., Pqh,, Pa. Naples Res?auran? Real I?alian Cookery 6l5-617 Websler Ave., Pgh,, Pa, Nardulli Br Sons Co., Ing, WE SAVE YOU I5-2052 GN YOUR INSURANCE Road Builder and General Con?rac?or Modern Elec?ric Co. Relriqeralors Bough? and Sold IOI9 E. Ohio SI. AT I-I975 947 Bufler S?., E?na, Pa. Nalienal Fruif 8: Produce CO, 2008 Srriallrnan S?ree?, Pgh., Pa, GRanf I-209I or GRan? I-2092 MONCKIS SMOKE SHOP Y I6 EN. DIAMOND STREET SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS NS. PGH., PA. USHERS CLUB NATIVITY OF OUR LORD CHURCH ELLEN MONDER RESTAURANT AND GRILL TAYLOR I-9842 Cornplimenls of Mooney's Junk Shop 529 Shawaro Slree? TA I-4759 Moore Funeral Home I00 Cen?er Ave. Aspinwall, Pa. Dinly Moor's B. B. I3BB Freepor? Rd. Aspinwall, Pa. Moree Televisiow Service 2907 Shadeland Ave. POplar 647555 Morgan's Cleaning Br Dyeing Bellevue, Pa. POplar 6-6400 - 6-64Ol COMPLIMENTS OF THE MORRIS FAMILY Maul Prinling Co. l036 E, Oh'o Sl. N. S. Prinler Moun? Troy Floral 3467 MI. Troy Road Pgh, I2, Pa. FA I-6003 BES W SFIES MT, TROY BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION N70 WEST BECKERT AVE. Munio Bros. S'ra Ercavalirq Jobs and Landzzaprg SO 7-4458 Mursch Phafrracf 36l3 Ca"?orn'a A.e., Pqh. I2 ROsewood I-7I00 Conqra?ula?ions Leo Nau Family I305 Rescue S?ree? Complimen?s ol Neibauefs Golf Service S?a. Norlh Ave. and Eas? Sl. CE l-9804 Neelfs Service S?a?ion I9I4 Main Slreef Sharpsburq, Pa. ComplIrnen?s ol The N. S. Newells A?hle?ic Associa?ion New York Lunch l5I9 Co'umbus Ave. Greg, Sleve, Andy Nieders? Brollners Hardy Planls ard Chrysan?hernurnS Ml. T'oy Rd., Pqh, I2, Pa. Elma C, Nieders?, R.N, I5 Fredrick Sl. Mi lvale, Pgh. 9, Pa. TA I42906 ANDREW C. NICKEL, FLORIST 6IO IVORY AVE., PGH. I4, PA. Bee? Wishes Io Class of '56 Mr. and Mrs. J. Ncolra X X 1 A A-rf MILLVALE MONUMENT WORKS MUWWS Lwye, I254 EVERGREEN AVE' Prepackaged Food lor Al, Ozcasf ns CHARLES B. NEWLAND TA I-I428 FA 14777 . .Q MILLVALE UPHOLSTERY WILLIAM J, MURDQCH . ' UPHOLSTERING AND FURNITURE CLEANING CONSULTING ENGINEER J. GENSLINGER, 312 GRANT AVE., PGH.. PA. 4,00 GRANT gr, AT iuiigii Mil?on Wiener Dis?'ibu?or Rex Ro?ary Mimeoqraphs Ccrnplirnenls of Murray Furni?u'e Co. IO20 Norlh Canal SI., Sharpsburg, Pa. "Be kind ?o animals" formula. Nieri's Food Markel We Deliver PO 6-9823 l27 Ohio River Blvd.. Emsworlh, Pa. A. Noe 8: Son Carbonalled Beverages Sharpsburg, Pa. Complimenls of North Boro's Au?o Dealers Group NORTH BORO'S DISTRIBUTORS. INC. 457 PERRYSVILLE RD., WEST VIEW BEER AND SOFT DRINKS WE I-I3OO Nor?h End Cafe Delicious Food Plus En?er?ainmen? Norlhern Ligh? Co. Every?hing Eleclrical 2l9 Eas? Ohio SI., N.S. Nor?h Hills Au?o Sales Used Cars Bough? and Sold 20l Eas? Ohio Sl. TA I-3222 Norlh Park Driving Range Drive Gol? Balls, Hi? Baseballs Norlh Side Beer Dislribulinq Co. Ice Cold Beer-Sof? Drinks 2922 Preble Ave. LI I-3455 NORTH SIDE BUICK IOO W. STOCKTON AVE. SALES AND SERVICE NORTH SIDE CARPET CLEANING CO. RUGS CLEANED LIKE NEW IOOI-O5 CONSTANCE ST. CE I-3740 Norlh Side Upholslerinq Co. Where Ouali?y ls No? High Priced AL I-3900 900 Eas? Sl. N.S. Norlh Side Uphols?ering 900 Eas? S?ree? Pi??sburgh, Pa. NORTH SUBURBAN MULTI LIST REALTORS WHEN BUYING OR SELLING PROPERTY 25 OFFICES TO SERVE YOU Norlhway Au?o Wash Co. See Norlhway For A Clean Car Loca?ed Be?ween Perry and McKnigh? BUSINESS PATRONS Norlhwood ReaI?y Co. Duncan Ave, a? Peebles Road Allison Park, Pa. FO 4-9588 Nash Norfh Side Co. 3025 Brigh?on Rd. RO I-6789 NOVACELL'S GULF SERVICE CALIFORNIA AND BENTON AVE. PITTSBURGH I2, PA. ALBERT A. NOVAK FUNERAL HOME 33I3 BRIGHTON RD. PITTSBURGH I2, PA. LI I-302I Nozlings Reslauran? 2l9 Commercial Ave. Aspinwall, The Fines? In Food Nudi's Dell II44 Cenler Ave. "Meals and Groceries" L. Nudi 8: Son General Con?rac?or Wes? View, Pa. Nu?i's Tavern l44I Woodsrun Ave. We Serve Fine Drinks P Xi M Cale 86I Eas? Ohio Slree? P Xi T Super Marke? 2327 Babcock Blvd. "Our Mea? ls Ihe Bes? ?o Ea?" Pace Dairies I300 Federal S?. 3706 Filth Ave. 3800 Fillh Ave. C Br J Pain?ing lnlerior and Exlerior TA I-3626 PO 6-7233 PANKOPF FORD SALES INC. IO9 W. MONTGOMERY AVE. PITTSBURGH I2, PA. Paramoun? Glass Co. CE I-0786 I707 Laurel SI., Pgh., Pa. Resilvering-Glass Work o? All Kind Park Bakery Speciai'ze in Fine Paslries and Wedding Cakes Parks Bi Bauer 202 Gran? Ave. Televisions, Radios PA. SAVING Xi LOAN ASS'N OF PGH. 860 SPRING GARDEN AVE. PITTSBURGH I2, PA. CE I-4793 Sam Paseko?? Co. 21 and Sfrsallman S?ree?s Plllsburgn 22 Pa. GR I-24I3 Cornpirnenls 0? Sam Paseko?? 40l Canlanzaro Bldg. Corr-p'Tfren?s cl Paskoii Bros. and Co. l8?h and Srnallrnan Sfs. PATENT SCAFFOLDING CO. ALUMINUM LADDERS SCAFFOLDING Cons?i?uIional lormula. Pa??ison 8i S?uver Pharmacis?s 26Ol Perrysville Ave. Henry J. Pecher, Jr., Excavaling Middle Road, Glenshaw HU 6-4724 Peerless Furnilure Co. Decora?ing. Uphols?ering Specialisfs l9l6 Eas? SI. CE I-6536 Penn Cash Marke? 5I5 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue. Pgh. 2, Pa. Penn Mea? Marke? 808 Main Sl., Sharpsburg ST I-3642 PENN PERRY, INC. CUSTOM CONSTRUCTION OF ALL TYPES FO 4-4969 Penn Radio 81 Sound Service l74l Eas? S?. FA I-5066 WM. PENN REALTY CO., MONROEVILLE. PA. RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL VA 3-5OI2 COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE Complimenls ol Pennsylvania Alloy Machining Co., Inc. Bes? Wishes Pennsylvania Oil 81 Lubricaling Co. Penrod Appliance I72I Beaver Ave. RCA and Admiral Television COMPLIMENTS OF PEPSI COLA P. P. Perelic General Conlraclor FA I-4567 Bob Pere?ic's Cale I225 Grandview Ave. Duquesne Heigh?s Bes? Wishes From Joseph E. Perkovich 34 Bridge SI., E?na Cornplirnenls ol Perrysviile Businessmen Perrysvlle Garage General Repairing . . . Slale ln:pec'ion PO 4-7800 Pcrfysvi ie Piurnbng 81 Healirg Modern Plumbing Roule i,l'I9, Wexford, Pa. WE S-2584 Phils Barber Shop ll35 Spr'ng Garden Avenue N.S. Pillsburgh I2, Pa. Phrladelphua Pnllsburqh Carrners Whals Good for Truckrnq Is Good lor You THE PIETRUSINSKI FAMILY WISHES THE CLASS OF I956 THE BEST OF LUCK Pmcus Brolhers SII Granl Ave M Ilvale TA I O2 Shoes Furnnshrngs Green Slamps Pune Creek Darry Fruendly Grocer Saxonburq Blvd and Roule 8 lna ORION C PINKERTON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE PITTSBURGH FIRE EXTINGUISHER SURVEY SALES SERVICE EMPIRE BLDG PGH 22 PA GR I4097 Prllsburgh Nrpple Works I445 Sprung Garden Pgh I2 P Prpe N pples Supplues for Lavalorres Prllsburqh Pele s Darry en Dally II II 2800 Charles Sl CE I 9962 Prllsburqh RelTmshIng Eleclroplalers Wesl Vrew Pa PITTSBURGH STEELERS SEASON TICKETS 52I GRANT STREET Prllsburqh Slorrn Wrndows 81 Doors Slorm Wnndow and Door 9IO Easl Sl FA I 6 Plvarona s Bros Bakery Inc I4 Jumala Sl Pqh 33 a Deluclous Bread and Paslrles PLESCOS SERVICE STATION COR BRIDGE AND SYCAMORE STREETS ETNA 23 PA ST I 877 Pollak s Home Made Candles 36 Prospecl Sl Elna Pa ST I 972 S 2 2 Joseph Pol yak Grocerles 2338 McCook Slreel FA I 7484 Fresh Meals Jo eph A Ponler Publrc Accounlanl Syslems Taxes Aud ls POplar 6 6529 II2 Vlolel Sl Plllsburgh 29 a Porcos Clean ng and Ta lo g 3 Slores IO Trucks s Ile M Al son ar Powells Allanluc Serv ce 'mcoln and Sherldan PO 6 99l6 Bellevue 2 Pa Prlmanln Bros Reslauranl 46 IBlh Slreel Pallslourgh Pa BEST WISHES PROGRESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY NC PHILADELPHIA 34 PA PROVIDENT TRUST COMPANY PITTSBURGH PA MEMBER F D I C BUSINESS PATRONS THOMAS PUSATERI FOOD MARKET FAMOUS FOR OUALITY LOWEST PRICES 908 WESTERN AVE NS PITTSBURGH PA Qurck Coffee Corporal on 326I Babcock Blvd Aulornalrc Coffee Servrce OUICK SERVICE ELECTRIC CO APPLIANCE REPAIRING 300 STANWIX ST CORNER 3RD AVE Frank Ranallr Markel 47 Maplewood Slreel Elna 23 Pa Ranall s Drrve an Roule B Rrchland Twp Belween Elna and Bakerslown Rays Mkl 49I9 Penn Ave Free Delrvery Meals Grocerues MO I 366I Raymond Cleaners 7OI Mann Sl Sharpsburq ST I 970 Red s Place Across From Norlh Good Place To Go Redshaw Men s Wear 539 Lincoln Ave The Lalesl In Sporlswear COMPLIMENTS SARA REED Good Luck Norlh Reserve Townshup Democrallc Commrllee Relzer Hyde Drug Slores Norlh Ave al Federal Sl 2 Cal lorn a Avalon 463 Lincoln Avenue Belevue Your Frngndaure Dealer RO I B366 M T Rheem Meal Mkl 655 Evergreen Ave Mullvale Pa I J R c Eleclrlcal Conlraclors 2Ol6 Easl Sl AL I 7020 CAPP RICHARD ESSO SERVICE I7I5 BRIGHTON RD CE I 9987 GAS OIL ACCESSORIES C J Rrc erl Prmle Elna Pa E A s Wholesale Meals I 65 R ley s A r Cargo IIIS Br qhlon oad P I 86I5 Cornplvnenls Frank R moll Rrmondr s Fruxl Slore Gym floor mule Rrllle Rosled Co Reallors 8IO Easl NS Complele Insurance Servrce Tom Robles Servuce Slalron I4OO Freeporl Road P llsburqh 38 J L ROCK FAI 5 FIRE INSURANCE AUTO DWELLING Roen sch s Merkel 9II Cheslnul Sl Meals and Grocerres CONGRATULATIONS MR AND MRS JOSEPH ROLEWICZ AND FAMILY SHARPSBURG PA w J Roeser eer Dnslrlbulor 3858 Easl Slreel N S BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 56 RON AND RUSS F P Ropos Bakery I2OO Sprlnq Garden Ave Pgh Rose 8: Ann s Beauly Salon Special sls In I-lalr Shapnnq Slyl ne and Permanenl Wavrnq FATHER ROSENSTEEL COUNCIL KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 4972 SHARPSBURG I5 PA James Ro s Park Apls Porler 8: MacDo ell Co Aqenls AT I 2300 FU 4 7962 Rowene Beauly Shoppe Complele Beauly Servuce COMPLIMENTS ROXYS CAFE RUBBER PRODUCTS CO THE BEST RECAP IN TOWN 3l45 PENN AVE PITTSBURGH I PA Arne Ross Rublno 3984 Kleber Slrecl Nolary Pub nc - I . . . ' ' 3 l . Pa. ,, 1' -I6 ' ' ' " 'IQ3 . h ' . . E I I -I co. - II I ' ' ' " - ' - l ' Ed . . ., . , . - - B ' ' ' , . , a. - II . I I . . I8 I Op ' a.m.- p.m. ' ' ' I N.S., ., Pa. I , I . . . I I . OF , -I36 . - S I . . W ., 26 ' ., . , P . ' I I ' ' ' ' 1 1 , I Remlds Appllme Cf' sou Madison Ave. Ns. cEdsf 1-0399 I ' ' ' ' -7 T "BI ' , . TA -Ima I ' A. . an co. .. ' .. s . I, ' ' , ' . II . I P I i -i I - I. ' I I fin I I .II I II III Perry vi, - ars- 'I P k T UI - 4 I R. A. Riley- . .Mara ll I I ' ' AL -B I -I64I7 - I I I 1 R gh., Pa. AL - -I6-I7 , I . '- I I ol CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 PAUL REILLY '57 Franlr W. Rupp Trophy and Jewelry Engraving 202-A CIarIr Bldg. TRUCKS FOR RENT, ALL SIZES RYAN TRUCK RENTAL EM I-9382 6959 KELLY ST. HOUR, DAY OR WEEK Saba's Marlref 527 Taylor Avenue CE I-977I SBS Roofing Company Tin-Slate-Tar-Asbesfos Roofing I553 Spring Garden Ave. CE I-I322 S Xi T Cleaners "We Own and Operafe Our Own PIanf" ISII Brrghfon Pl., Pgh. I2, Pa. ST. ANN'S CHURCH MILLVALE, PA. ST. ANTHONY'S CHURCH MILLVALE, PA. REV. CHARLES A. KAPP, C.S.SP. Sf. Afhanasius Mofhers' Club Wenfworfh Avenue Piffslourgh 29, Pa. In Honor of The Blessed Mofher-SI. Anfhony Sf. Jude-Sf. Thomas Acquinas HOLY GHOST FATHERS ST. ANTHONY'S CHURCH MILLVALE, PITTSBURGH 9, PA. Sr. Afhanasius Confrafernify of Chrisfian Mofhers Wesf View Pgh. 29, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '56 ST. ATHANASIUS LYCEUM W. V. '30-SILVER ANNIVERSARY YEAR-'55 Complirnenfs Sf. Boniface Lyceum CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BOYS ST. GABRIEL'S CHRISTIAN MOTHERS SI. GerIrude's P.R.C.U. Branch IOZO S. S., Piffsburgh, Pa. BUSINESS PATRONS ST. SEBASTIAN'S CHURCH McKNIGHT AND SEIBERT ROADS PITTSBURGH 9, PA. ST. PETER CHURCH 720 SHERMAN AVENUE NORTH SIDE, PITTSBURGH GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATES OF '56 ST. PETERS USHERS CLUB ST. PETERS CHURCH, NS. PGH., PA. Complimenfs Safnf Pefer Grade School Norfh Side BEST WISHES ST. LEO'S CHURCH REV. W, A. WU ENSTEL, PASTOR ST. MARY'S LYCEUM 700 PRESSLEY STREET PITTSBURGH I2, PA. S+, Nicholas Church 24 Maryland Avenue Millvale 9, Pa. Sfephen J. Schuiialr Plumbing and Healing ROsewoad I-7260 Schuefz Barber Shop Tonsorial Arfisf "Supreme" Scoff's Qualify Meal Marlref 2824 Norfh Charles Sfreef "Meals of Disfincfive Qualify" SCHOLL Xi I-IEIM BLOCK-FOOTERS-CEMENT WORK OUALITY WORK AT A REASONABLE PRICE COMPLIMENTS OF SCHNITGEN DAIRY IO7 OAK GLEN ROAD. PGH. 9, PA. FOREST 4-5I28 Schmiff Service 50 Rochesfer Ave. Wesf View James C. Schmiff Roofing and Siding Conrracfor 62I4 Bufler SI. Pgh, I ST I-IO32 Schrnidf Ga'age General Aufo and Truclc Repairing Srafe Inspec'ion Sfaffon No. 2835 Sefche '-Car':n Unified-Television Mosr Advanced Receiver Ever Buill' Schofler Sr Vauper, 'I223 Spring Garden Ave. 7In Sf. Morors Co., Wes? Park, McKees Rocks Mercury Sales and Serifce BIS-BI7 Sevenfh SI. FE I-B7I8 Comofimerds of Shamrock Cafe I539 Penn Ave., Piffspurgh Pa. S'a'DIr'la:-1 s Gu f Serv ce Easf Oh'o and Granf S+'eef M? 'vale Pa. SHEP S DRY CLEANERS WE PICK UP AND DELIVER FAIRFAX I-5585 Geo. W. S':IrIes 290343 EGSI SL. FA I-2577 Wheel A'ig1'nenf-Aufo Glass World Series formula. SiebeI's Communify BaI:ery Home of Tasfy Treafs Millvale George J. Sirncic I202 Easf Sfreef Pifisburgh, Pa. For Giffs Remember Ada Simon 639 California Ave., Avalon SIMON 8 STROSS BEER DIST.-MILLVALE, PA. TA F2362 Alberf Singer Builder FO 4-9I9O Andrew J. Sirlin Funeral Home TAyIor I-I604 WILLIAM H. SCHWARTZ DISTRIBUTOR-BEER-SOFT DRINKS TROY HILL FA I-I262 PHILIP J. SCHWARTZ PAINTING AND DECORATING SchrnaIe's Grocery I952 Lifhgow SI. Groceries and Confecfionery A. J. SCHLOSSER NORTH SIDE MARKET WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MEATS BEST WISHES JOSEPH SCHLEIS I65O EVERGREEN AVE. Larry Schcnlrel-Buiider I39 Ivory Road. Pgh. I4 WE I-0399-M SCHELLHAA5 FUNERAL HOMES NORTH SIDE AND WEST VIEW Schelihaas Funeral Horne 388 Cenfer Avenue, Wesr View Complefely Air-Condifioned SCHEID'S MARKET I879 MIDDLE STREET SHARPSBURG I5, PA. WE SELL THE EARTH AND INSURE EVERYTHING ON IT L. P. SCHAEFER CE I-2025 Richard Schadauer Ceanfng and Tairoring ZCIS MI. Troy Rd., Pgh. I2, Pa. Joe Savor's Tavern I H ggrns SI. Efrra, Pa. Sa-vcy I-Iofe' I9 Easf Laco:Ic Sf. ILS. Piffzburhg I2, Ra. Clyde R. Sauers Mcfor Freighf Carffer Conffaz' Ca'r'cr Sarfn 5 Jewe:ry and Gfrs BSIB Iviclfngrf Road Piffsburgn 37. Pa. Saffsfd Mcfarg Inc. Affcr We Sal, We Servfce CongraIuIa'A:'5 Ie Cu' Se-I F'anc and His GraduaI"'g Cass of I56 Mr, and M's. S. Sa'r:'aj Cz'-npIIrrenI5 af Sam and Izzy ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CHURCH 3324 CALIFORNIA AVENUE COMPLIMENTS O ST SCHOLASTICA CHURCH ASPINWALL PA I na 5856 Bam' B vd 'ou 'I narI s E SIernen 6 erv TWP Tax MI y ovaII F anc s an FaIIIers 232 S Ho're Ave Ava P sbu gn 2 a S Jrnoef SLIop BI? EasI On o I AL I7 50 W S'raI I uIc ng IracI C n 'inc N S 'I In W S'r-er e ce Home D e se M a I7 GI anI Ave In 'Y' 'I Be Mea B06 Per y H 'wav I evra 5 rr O 'I 24 Hour e H n Read r C 'r In a Corp I MarIIe AL IP892 I 5+ I NV SINYD R SC' S REGISTERED PLUMB RS ZLOWRIE ST 5.173 JW R3 'Va v a3Iv'a 's BUSINESS PATRONS SpoIIn MoIor Co., Inc. Ford SaIes and ServIce 73I BuIIer SI., EIna, Pa. BesI WIsInes Spring HIIQ CaIe I932 RIIIne SIreeI Be I WIsIIes Squ er P arrracy 8 A Ison Iac H EreI'I a d Sn1cIIed MeaIs SI rd 7 and B A ewgeny MarIIeI SIa ers Baxery 37 GrarII Ave EI'Ia P STe ng I 558 S afnfn 5 MarIIeI IZO KIIIannInq PIIce SIIa psburq I5 Pa JOSEPH E STANEK PRESDENT FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE PITTSBURGH POLICE BUREAU SIanIev Henne Pr ducIs ornp n-e Is oI Grace Ha I802 GraII Ave rIe Jfnq XI Lo A C rrenI Dv e'I Iar MarIIeIs Inc 39I'I and Bufer SIreeI EUVQLI arr 5 erv c SIa We G SSIH Green SIGWIDS 2IC?9 Babcock Bvd -n r e arm. A 4 rn I73 Ha vard Av ROI Ieam Cea e ar' vae IJ Wse S 5 v 964 HgInadRd STEE ES BIJS ER EROWIJ SHOES K ICHT FOREST 4 3406 Una GMP M T F C SST P I 4 ROAD PAUL STEPI-IE S FJ ERAL H AE R I RIY LCVR C 6 UCKHART ST PCH I7 A ar 'Y' CCMPL ME TS OF STIMP F AND NVARD PITTSBLJRGI-I 0 PA Snda I Over worked ormuIa H. L. SIoIIey, Jr., Agency 8500 Perry Highway PFIIsburgII 37, Pa. SIreaI'nIIner Super MarI:eI 9O94II Galvesfon Avenue More For Your Food DoIIar COMPLIMENTS OF STREM STUDIOS FOR EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHS Srroup s Da ry Store 99I Perry Hnqhway Perrysvnle P BEST WISHES STUMP S BODY SHOP SOO ARCH STREET Harry and Forence SIuver Bar and G I 348 CenIer Avenue WesI VIew WE I 9905 Comp r'nenIS I Suburban F'm SIIop 647 Lnco n Ave BeIIevue Subu ban TvpewrIIer Co 429 L n oIn Ave PO 6 7887 PIIIsburgn 2 Pa ar N Sp e Ba ry 4 L 'IcoIn Ave BeI ev e J Rock r p I W II a'n Sul: IcIn D sIrI uIor I9 R I e I oe a e Beer and SoII DrInIIs E J SULLIVAN NC PAINTING CONTRACTORS 3 SOUTH FORK DR PGH 29 PA 2IO Sun y J nr 5 ResIauranI arrp Horne Rd Ennswor II H use of CIIIcIIen und, SI u BIT TLIOWTQ 3 Run Roao CHI HUnIer 68587 GOD GUIDE AND BLESS THE CLASS OF 56 MR AND MRS ANTHONY J SUNSERI Surah ne MarIIeI IOZO We I N rI'I' Ave re and Ere n o IE' RcuIe , II' Park, Pa. I I. I . 5 HeI 2. uber 1 V 51+ FI s QI D-Ive In dl I I III ' I I . 'I . a. P'IIsI 'qI 6 Pa. df I I Y ., I I a. C 9 . I CJ ,H -6 I Res e . .. Cs ecIQr 3ICB .Tre Rd. ' I I I I S: f lc P Y I .V I: . r-II Icry 'III f I ,IP , . A In I L W II o II S. , , I' A 5 o I I " H Q II I I II r . F. . aIIg . - DIST Tb ' and Haaf Cow cf S ' 54 I - ' 925 : aI e SI., I . PqI, S'aI Jn Sf" s an ssIn - - N 3If3OQ, J I I id Id V I I FSTP ' CI 5I4I BuIIer SIreeI, PQIW, I, Pa, Sus, If Ie Cnc' I ' 5 d e 's 7I I. - ,, I u r . EI a 23, Pa. S - . . . , P o , LI -5552 .5 wi I I I . . I . . PM CHM I5 PII: I I, Pa. I I I I I I Iv J' II .I ' OI Hn CE -I2I2 S IQ S' I CI'7es S I e "cn Wh I S I W - Sf-f+n'led P1 I cv ' 'Ve II S IIEI'eIcI SI. I I I . . I I . BCI S SIa'e Fa' Inzu an: Corn: Us L. P. S'r"II Fx raI :we uenfrb' e-Ere II 'I I I I WE I-3 I6I5 BrIgn'c E. SI A I ' e. SOI7 W . I A' gp "Ian :I I II I , N rj e I S I 'er Sa' 3 Cc"'o .f C I I I S 'I'IeI:1 P nI :'a':" M-I pygsb ,gg Q1 Pa. 3 ' 3I ISI. -U 'I FIa I-x-S I'n'.I-GIQSIJII B93 2 5 S I nf Con r :Icn Cc. I 7 X Mr, I'I VF S'G6I9 I L ,X I ' P 'A Q' pa. We If E 8 II I E ' S. E. Sunseri - If I V L I T- . 5,,,9.,C Rf, I ,. IWCKIIIGIIIT SHOPPING CENTER , 53..Q,I5S png 53:35 M. I-I CI . RD. I IA . 6l5 9'2" SU99' In-ER' I3 pi- C:"c I"I9"'i 1:IV1fi,E.SI"j'IQ5FN5ICJ Seen Mia He-4 427 - 'O SIMM fi AI SI M11 SI- ce - E'I S 3 L u ' .5 HAM S 2 . S'a'psb-'g Pa. 322 EQIQI-ITCIQI F :E ze F ods SL.IIfe" I'I eff" L."IJQ' CZ. ,II II II'I I OI I33I Efeecr' Ia IFS NIE Q IO' EWCICI '7 1" E".b...'3' 35 Pi, ST I-TES: EQ LT I' . G . . P . I 502' S-Cf' IVI5"9f S'esne'4s rd Sze M IIQI Sue 02.579 WV' FI'e Me5I D:"A'3 SIiI'pS Ing: at Pa. S:e'efd-3: Sf::: Seize I, I SQ, Gas-O'-L-:":aI':'- A II X 945-TI'e:-Tacee ' , ', I V . Ct":"'er': cf Cyfc 45-43 :I VIIS JI SNS' C. J. S':1-Ie" Iv'.D. CL2 L33-'arI St, Pgp. I2 PJ. DC 5. Sjvqgs Egg. Sc' Q' M:':' Cc. 553543 pi-if-muy, Cimf' Nia' ' I T5 SI- 3925 I:E"y5X'I e A.e. 2 IC' I M 'HS Pak Ie. FA I.. I44 Supplies Incorporaled I2I8 Liverpool Sl. Pipe-Valves-Fillings-Copper The Suburban Room 3I I3 Wesl Liberly Ave. Dormonl I6, Pa. F. L. Surman, Reallor Real Eslale-Insurance-Morlgages 842 E. Ohio Sl., Pgh. I2, Pa. Suzan Shop's E. Ohio Slreel Pgh. I2, Pa. Congralulalions lo Class of '56 Svach Meal Marlrel Granl Avenue, Millvale Swally 82I Easl Ohio Slreel "For The Besl ln Clolhing" Complimenls ol Mrs. Anna Sweeney COMPLIMENTS OF THE SWEENEY'S William P. Sweeney. Conlraclor Commercial, lnduslrial, Residenlial 863 Marshall Ave., Pillsburgh I4 Sylvia 81 Jean's Beauly Shoppe 408 Federal Slreel F. Taoimian's Barbershop I202 Federal Slreel. Norlh Side "Besl in Hairculs" Taoimian's Grocery Groceries, Frozen Food, Ice Cream AL I-7898 I204 Federal Sl. Congralulalions and Besl Wishes William H. Tappe "Phone Teian Before Freezin" Emsworlh, Pqh. 2, Pa. Teian Coal Company Ll I-5250 Thomas Reslauranl 8: Bar CE I-95I2 925 Madison Ave. J. A. Thompson Truclring Co. 22I-8lh Sl., Blawnox, Pa. Hauling Conlraclor BUSINESS PATRONS C. W. Tibi Loclrsmilh 720 E. Diamond Sl. Complimenls of Tobin Family I07 Ninlh Slreel Laurel Gardens, Pa. F, J. TOOMEY TRUCKING 81 TRANSFER l888 KEARNS AVE., PGH.. PA. WA I-6622 Toolie's Dairy Bar I7OO Melropolilan Sl. N.S. Pgh. 33, Pa. Cornplimenls of Towne Aulo Parls Bellvue Rd., Bellvue, Pa. R. 8: T. Townsend Meals 72 N.S. Marlrel TRAVIS SHOES ETNA-SI-IARPSBURG-BRADDOCK N.S.-PITTSBURGH TRIANGLE WELDING COMPANY ALUMINUM AND MAGNESIUM HELIARC WELDING TRIWSTATE SANITATION CO. PEST CONTROL SERVICE Besl Wishes lo Class ol '56 Troualo Gang A SAFE PLACE TO SAVE TROY HILL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Troy Lumber Xi Supply Co. 62I E. Norlh Ave. Pillsburgh I2, Pa. Troy Pharmacy IBOO Lowrie Slreel CE I-5380 Free Delivery TROY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION l729 LOWRIE STREET PITTSBURGH I2, PA. Edward Truran Prime Meals 330 Cenler Ave., Wesl View, Pa. Trusl Dairy Bar Roule 8, Gibsonia, Pa. Hllllap 3-2492 Complimenls ol Louis Tucker Twin Willows Slcaleland and Park Midway Belween Elna and Buller Roule 8, R.D. qlil, Valencia, Pa. Uniled Slales Caslrel Co. Filly Years ol Dependable Service Universal Aulo Radialor Mig. Cc I238 Voslramp Sl. Pgh. I2, Pa. Universal Soulh Side Aulos, Inc. 24I5 Easl Carson Slreel Pillsburgh 3, Pa. Valley Bowling Alley B38 Alegheny River Blvd. Oalrmonl, Pa. Oalrmonl 9569 Valley Savings 8: Loan 3908 Perrysville Ave. Pgh. I4, Pa. Arlislic Formula. BEST WISHES VALLEY TAVERN 3550 EAST ST. Variely Slore Hardware and Plumbing Eleclrical. Nolions, Painl Fra nl: Vecenie Beer Dislribulor TA I-46l8 C. A. Verner Co. 249 Slh Ave. Shoes lor Family Versace Marlrel 98 Rochesler Rd. Co'ner of Rochesler and Gfenmore Viclor's Pharmacy IIIS Federal Sl. AL I-3422 VICTORY MEAT PRODUCTS 5I2 EAST OHIO STREET CE I-7300 Viola Appliance Cenler Frigidaire Appl. Sales 81 Service WEslrnore 5-l689 Wexford, Pa. Vinslri Brolhers RCA Television ST I-2I I3 Niclr Vinslri Meals and Groceries 338 Buller Sl., Elna Complimenls of John A. Viroslek 74 Sl. Nicholas Bldg. Joe Vodde Saloon 2700 Shadeland Ave. Comolimenls ol The Vogeley Family LAURENCE VOLLER '56 IIF BRAIN MAN NO. 95 1334 MIDDLE STREET Henry J. Wagner Oplician GRanl I-73l2 I2OO Clarlr Bldg., Pgh., Pa. Wagner's Super Marlrel Balrerslown, Pa. Waierl's Marlrel l207 E. Carson Sl. Pillsburgh, Pa. THE EDWARD J. WALDMAN, JR., AGENCY I7OO MT. ROYAL BLVD., GLANSHAW, PA GL 2700 REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE ST I-5966 Wall's Marlrel 806 Perry Highway Norlh Hills GOOD LUCK '56 GRADS FROM "WALTERS" Hefberl F5 Waller Allanlic Service Slalion Loclrharl Sl. al Madison Ave. Waller's Eleclric Co, 'Eleclrical Conlraclingu Middle Road, Glenshaw John WaIIers TrucInng Box I75 NewvIIIe P BesI Wrshes WaIerprooITng 81 ResIoraIIon Co Inc 9I5 Unuon TrusI BuxIdIng WaIson s Pharmacy 400 ChesInuI SI N S Pgh Phone FA I 0336 WrIIIam A Weber TIIe ConIracIor W I 0575 3943 Evergreen Rd Pgh I4 P MRS WEBERS PIE SHOP SPECIAL CAKES MADE TO ORDER FA I OI69 BesI Washes C B Weaver and Co 52 2IsI SI PIIIsburgh Pa Werdner s Tarlor Shop CIeamng Pressnng Reparr ng I6I9 Lowne SIreeI WEIMER S FURNITURE DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT 3 STORES IN NORTH SIDE CongraIuIaIIons Io The CIass oI 56 Ed Weuss FamIIy WeIIIngIon Service Co HIghIand and Perry Hwy WE I9944 Wespys Food MarI:eI 282I PerrysvIIIe Ave CEI 646 WEST PENN HOUSE WINES BEERS LIOUORS CHESTNUT ST A FABINA PROP WesI Vnew Garage Inc PerrysvnIIe Rd aI CemeIery Lane Your Local Ford Dealer Srnce I9I0 WEST VIEW PARK THE SPOT TO GO WEST VIEW TAVERN 81 CLUB ASSOCIATION IGHLAND BAR HEINTZ CAFE IMPERATAS SWARTZ S TAVERN V F W WEST VIEW PARK CO GEORGE WETZEL BUILDING CONTRACTOR 440 PERRY HIGHWAY PGH 29 Wexford Lumber 8: Supp y R D I WexIord Pa W sImore 5 I4I6 ed PAINTS FOR ANY PURPOSE HENRY WHEELER 81 SON II5 WEST OHIO ST N S Wneeler s Pa nI SIore 2 S24 EasI Oh o SIreeI Phone CE I 0066 WhIIe FronI MeaI Ma xeI 720 EasI Oh o SI CE I 234 CompIImenIs of Ihe Wh Ie Man Wm Dup e x PerrysvIIe P WhnIe Swan ResIauranI I344 Forbes SIreeI For Good Foods BUSINESS PATRONS WI'nIey s Place Grocerres and Confechonery Beer WIIh Legs Wregands Cafe 81 LobsIer Lounge Sea Foods Our SpecraIIy James and ForIand SIs CE I 9957 I-I J Wrefhorn Prescrrphon DruggIsI Beaver and CoIumbus Aves CompIrmenIs OI Mr and Mrs WIIIIam Krysrnslu and Family WILLIAMS VENDING MACHINE CO I4O0 EAST STREET NS PITTSBURGH I2 PA WILSON FREIGHT FORWARDING CO INC FAST SAFE DEPENDABLE SERVICE SEND IT WITH WILSON AND GET IT THERE Robe I WuIIman Company Inc Adverhsnng Agency Benedum Trees Bldg CompIImenIs Joe WInI:Ier Rrchard WrnI:Ier Fare and AuIomobIIe Insurance 3I28 BrughIon Rd PO 67I I4 WINTER S BAKERY PRODUCTS SUPREME 305I BRIGHTON RD I MARTIN W WISE INC LOCUST PLACE AND CENTENNIAL AVE SEWICKLEY PA W J Lumber 8: SuppIy WexIord PennsyIvanIa Phone WEsImore 5 2442 We Frnance WIodeIx SeIecI MeaIs McKnrghI Shopp ng CenIer FO 4 9600 WohIIarIh s BaI:ery Home Dehvery WoII Bros Daury Qua rIy M Ir I50 Wrble Road Pgh 9 Pa FaIher Raymond WolIIne rcz CongraIuIaIIons Io Ihe Graduahng Class OI 56 WONDAY FILM SERVICE INC MAKERS OF OUALITONE MAGNA PRINTS CALL PE I4765 FOR DEALER NEAREST YOU CompI menIs oI Mr and Mrs WaIIer Wo' Cho sI: 0 Ireland Way Pgh I2 L J Wood 81 So s Roofng Tnn ng Sdng PO 68333 Work ngmen s Sav ng XI Loan Assoc aI on II4 EasI SIreeI PIII ourgh I2 CEdar I 7297 Wunderly WesIon Agency Inc Insurance Real EsIaIe 44 Perry Hgh ay Pgh 29 P BesI Wrshes Yeager EquIpmenI Co MuIIvaIe PuIIsburgh P YeIIow Cab Company For urck Servrce WIIh Raduo DIspaIch AI YeIIers Darry SIore We Make Our Own Ice Cream Candy II49 Evergreen Ave TAyIor I 2222 COMPLIMENTS OF ANDREW YOUNG CompIImenIs of Harry H Young Roofing and HeaIIng Sherrdan I7 89 E S FE I John U Young PharmacIsI 365I CaIIIorn a Ave Cor Tremon BesI Washes YoungsIown PlIIsburgh Express A L YunIr 81 Son CarpenIry ConIracIors and Burlders I420 SIedman SI CE I 445 Z and L Lumber Co I9Ih and Chapman SIS PIIIsburgh I5 Pa FranIr J Zak FIornsI 540 EasI Ohro SIreeI N S PIIIsburgh I2 Pa Zale Pharmacy 900 WesIern Avenue PlIIsburgh 33 P C I 0594 COMPLIMENTS DR PETER IVAN ZEEDICK CompI menIs of Ihe Zehfuss Famuly BEST WISHES CLASS OF 56 MR AND MRS RICHARD ZEISE AND FAMILY PharmacusI Prescrrphons 924 EasI SI Cor Trupolu CongraIuIa Ions From Ihe HerberI ZreIeI FamIIy I625 Marys Ave Sharpsburg I5 Pa EDW A ZILIAN PHARMACIST 3898 BRIGHTON RD NS PGH I2 PA AT KLEBERI LI I 04 EDWARD A zmxn PHARMACIST me BRIGHTON RD NS PGH I2 PA AT KLEBERI LII O4 E E ZIMMERMAN COMPANY TURPENTINE LINSEED OIL SHELLAC KEENAN BLDG PITTSBURGH 22 PA Good Luck To The CIass of 56 From George ZugaIes Z cI:s GuII Service Tyres Accessoues 9l5 Easf Ohao SI Complr menIs T A ZwoIaI: Grocer , ' 6. .. . .. . . 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' ' Adamefz Rnchard F Adley Sfephen P Ahearn Joseph W Anzelone Raymond M Appel G Dennus Babucka Anfhony F Bagglo Bruno M Bagnafo Wullnam Balesfrenre Thomas A Balkey Roberf J Banaszak Donald J Banyas Roberf A Bane Joseph D Bauer Jerome L Bauer Leonard M Baumgarfner John Beran Emnl J Bunder Jerome J Bnnder Paul F Bnffner Clarence Blanuf Thomas J Blake Joseph H Brace Charles A Brnsfol Bernard B Brosenlfsch Thomas J Brown George J Bruggeman Ralph E Bugrln Donald J Burns John K Bufchko John R Byrne Mrchael P Byrnes Charles J Byrnes Donald J SENICDI2 DIRECTCDRY 2I I3 Federal Sf 3470 Campus Sf 3974 Brnghfon Rd I04 Koehler SI' I I5 Bronx Ave I94 Sherrdan Ave I803 Davus Ave 2OI6 Easf Sf I93I Bader Sf 58 Lower Rd 325 Gould Ave 505 Florence Ave Pg 2 Pgh 29 Box I37 Wexford 4I7 Sample SI Pgh 9 I328 Goeffmann Sf Pgh I2 624 Knapp SI' Pgh I2 8I9 Louann Sf Pgh 23 426 Sample Sf Pgh 9 20I Mary Ann Dr Glenshaw 704 Tripoli S I306 Malden S 2049 Veromca S 35I Walnuf S 602 Rochesler R Pgh 2 I02 Jamanca Ave I4 Brndge Sf Pgh 23 3330 Porfola Ave Pgh I4 353 Reefz Ave Pgh 9 R D I Allison ark 2669 Toberg Sf Pgh I2 5I0 Taylor Ave Pgh I2 539 Madison Ave Pgh 2 40I4 Shoreham Sf Pgh I2 Cammarafa Joseph E I5I7 Chafeau Sf Pgh 33 Carroll James L 45 Columbua Rd Arlnngfon Mass Casfello Ronald E 586 Mf Vernon Dr Pgh 23 Celender James T I9 Fourfeenfh S+ Pgh I5 Chapman Edward L 57I Foresf Ave Pgh 2 Chorba Roberf W I I I4 Colfax SI Pgh 2 Clarke Thomas C 362 Hughland Ave Allnson Park Comporf James A 2639 Leland S+ Pgh I4 Conlon Pafnck J Conroy Brnan C Corrado John A Cosfa Thomas W Dnefrnch Henry A 4024 Perrysvllle Ave Pgh I4 535 Marne Ave Pgh 2 3I0 Lunclen Ave Pgh I5 240 Chesfer Ave Pgh I4 I306 Prlrchard Sf Pgh 4 Dnefrrch Herberf A 29 Norfh Park Rd Pgh 29 Dnffrrch Fred I84I Guyfon Rd Allnson Park Domachowskn Joseph A I6I8 Myler Sf Pgh 2 Drnscoll James P I20I Wesf Ponnf Ave Pgh I2 Drzymkowskl Frank A 345 Jefferson Ave Pgh 2 Duffola Thomas M 532 Trlpoln Sf Pgh I2 Ehrenberger Joseph H 3 Kenzng Ave Pgh I2 Enchner Paul F Ewung Thomas J Fuscher Rachard J Foley James P Frankovnch Francas J Frauenprues Wnlllam R Froehlzch Wnllnam J R D 'ffl Wexford IOI7 Suffer Rd Glenshaw 8 Columbua Ave Pgh 29 I2I7 Vefo Sf Pgh I2 Ohlo Sf Pgh I26 Idaway Dr Pgh 9 923 Benfon Ave Pgh I2 Funk Alberf C 3232 Evergreen Rd Pgh 9 Geary Francns J I46 Jamaica Ave Gelb Richard A Twnn Oak Dr R D I Gerlach Bernard L Geffy William D Gnovengo John F Guunfa Joseph M Golden Paul D Gregory Ronald Grzywacz Tnmofhy D Gusac Sfephen L Haberman Roberf Hamm Joseph G Handrahan Dennns J Harney James R Helm Regus J Heunauer Jerome I-Ierzer Norberf Hulferman Leon F Hoffman George H Hohman James P Hune Clarence M Jakabcsln George J Janaszek Francns B Joos Ernesf J Jordan Charles R Kaczmarek Roberf M Kaelm Ronald A Kane Pafrlck R Keally Charles T Keally John T Keller James L Kennedy Donald D 85I Beech Ave R D 41:2 384 Hunfmgfon Ave I I4 Monfvnlle SI I3I Clara Sf 923 Tyndall Sf 3I3I Easf Sf 629 Foresf Ave 5 I3 Berner Sf I23I Hodgknss Sf 80I Luncoln Ave 65I Marshall Ave 42 Rnchland Ave Pgh 29 Wexford Pg 33 Valencna Pg 2 Pg I4 Pg 9 Pg 4 Pg 2 P I5 P I2 25OakS+ Pgh 2 6 Tank S+ 608 Bellevue Terr Pg 2 3I I0 Brnghfon Rd I22 N Mann Sf 32 Rosfock SI 3454 Perrysvulle Ave 6I0 Alfmeyer Way I 104 I-Irgh S+ 722 Cedar Ave I3I7 Goebel Sf 4I 20 Perryvulle Ave IOI I Boyce Sf Mf Royal Blvd Allnson Park Mf Royal Blvd Allrson Park I329 Goebel S+ 760 Washxngfon Dr Kallmeyer Ralph L 27I9 Sprung Garden Ave Knnder Joseph G Klenn Frank P Klnmko Edward P Klme James T Kllr David C Komer Edward P Koonfz John J Kopala Edward J Kovacrk Edward D Kraff Walllam F Kramer Richard A 9I I Galvesfon Ave I225 Woodland Ave 3226 McClure Ave 646 Maryland Ave Pgh 2 33 Sedgwick Sf Pgh 9 2656 Leland Sf Pgh 396 Friday Sf Pgh 9 553 Foundry Sf Pgh I5 37I8 Parvns SI Pgh I2 IIO Norfh Ave Pgh 9 Msddle Road Glenshaw Krefschmaner Regus J 3I3 Wnnferhrll SI' Pgh , ' . ,.,..,.. .. Pgh. I4 ' , . ....,..,.......... . . . . . ......... ., Pgh. I2 ' , . ,...... .. ., , . ,..,.. ' ., Pgh. I2 ' , ' . ........ ' ., . . . ...... ., Pgh. 23 , . ............ ,. .. . . . ' ........... ., Pgh. 29 ' , ' . ...... I I34 E. ' .. . I2 ' , . ....... ' .. Pgh. 2 ' , ' ' . ..... .. ., . ', . .......... ' ., Pgh. I2 ' , " . ...., .. .. . . ' ' A. .......... ., Pgh. I2 , . ......., .. ., . ' , . ......,. ., Pgh. I2 , ' . ,..,,,.. ' .. . , . .r........... .,Pgh.l5 ,' . .... ' ., ..4qe, . . ........ ., Pgh. I4 . . ....... , ., h. , . ......., ., h. , ' ' . ...,....,..... .. . . , ' ' , . ......,. ' .. . ' , . ..,.. .. ' ., h. . . ..............,. , ' , . ......... ' ., h. , . ........... ., . , . ........... . . . ., h. , A.... .. . , ........ ., h. , ' . ............... ., . , ' . ........ ., Pgh. I4 ' , , .,......,.. ., . ' , . ......... . . ., h. ' , . .............. ., . , ......,,... . ., gh. ' , J. ..... .. , . ........ ' ., gh. . . ............ ' ' f., Pgh. I2 , ' . ...... ' ., Pgh. I4 , . .......... I., Pgh. I2 , . ........ ., Pgh. I4 . . ......... ' f., Pgh. I2 ' , ' , . ........,.. ' ., Pgh. 29 ' , . .......... f., Pgh. 38 ' , L. ............ .. ., . ' , . .... d., . , ................ ., Pgh. I2 Broskey. Gregory A. ........ 3I2 Sfanfon Ave., Pgh. 9 Hiergeisf, Francis X. ......, I523 Pennock Rd., Pgh. I2 , . .,...,...... ' ., . ' . . ..... . . . ., h. . . ...... ., . . . .,.... ' ., Pgh. I2 ' , . ............ ., . . . .......... . ' ., Pgh. I5 . . .............,.... . . , ' P , . .,........ ., Pgh. I2 , . .......... ., . '. ' .,Pgh I4 , ' . ..,....... ., . . ' . ....... ,Pgh. I5 . . ........ ' ., . . . ........,..... ' ., Pgh. I2 . . ........ ., . , . ....,.... ., Pgh. I2 . . ...... ., . , . . .,.... ., Pgh. 33 . ..... ' ., ' , . ' , . ........ ' ., Pgh. I4 . . ...... . ., . . ' . ....,........ ., Pgh. 33 , . ..,..... ., . I , . ............ ., Pgh. 33 . . .... ' ., ' , ..... .. ' ., Pgh, 29 . . ......,. ., . ' , . .. ' ., Pgh. I2 , ' . ...... ' ., . ' , . ....,.. ., Pgh. 33 , ' . ............ ' .. . ' , . ..,...., ., Pgh. I2 . . ...,.,... ' ., . ' . . ....... ., Pgh. I2 ' ' , . ...... ., . , . .....,.. . .. .. . I4 ', . .... ., . I , . .,...., . . . ., . Kreufzer Paul L Krysnnskn Thomas J Langlon Francas S LaScoIa John C Laughlm John A Lawry John D Iechwar Norberf F Leubold Francls B Lenx Charles A Lnchauer John R Lrpke James Lorunc Sleve Lowe Cyrul L Ludwng Mark A Lukllsh Joseph W Luksnk Rrchard D Lulz Gnlberl M Lydon Thomas J Lylle Wnllram C McCabe Lawrence F McCann Lawrence F McCann Palrnck F McCar'ran Roberl R McDonald Russell J McDonough Paul McGrauI Thomas J McKevr'rI Norman A McWh1rIer John J Malesky Wullram P SENIOR I55 Bronx Ave I324 Mann SI 220 Alpnne Ave 706 Sussman SI 22I Marshall Ave 8l8 Cenler Ave Pgh 2 I020 Lap sh Rd Pgh 257 Bascom SI Pgh 7I3 Cenler Ave Pgh 2 8I4 Woods Run Ave Pgh 23I7 Middle Road Glenshaw I244 Slranmore SI Pgh I2 Peebles Rd R D 3 Allrson Park I706 Walz SI' 233 Luray SI I400 Monlerey SI 53 Lrncoln SI I29 Gawkrns Ave I I I Beechmonl' Ave 623 Reedsdale S+ 995 Homer Ave 2628 Leland SI 28I9 Sfarlon SI I228 Monlerey SI' 8240 Fox Ridge I726 Howard SI I5I3 Anlrsm 420 Taylor Ave 27I4 Slaylon Mandl Rnchard J R D I Babcock Blvd Allnson Park Marak George E I I23 Goellman Pgh Markew nskl Frank L I76 Burrows SI' Markovnch John E 28IO Wadlow SI P I2 Massuccu Edward A I4I7 Pennsylvanua Ave Mauro Wnlluam Meosel Bernard F Melodsa Benedzcl A Muller Davnd P Muller John M 930 Cenfer Ave 943 Saxonburg Blvd I33 Granl Ave 422I Harpen Rd 624 Allmeyer Way Mzsnck Roberl F 29 Wesl Mclnlyre Ave Pgh Munro Alberf F Murdoch Wllluam Murphy Dems P Mulh Rnchard P Neugebauer Paul C Nrckel Wrllram P Nncola Norman Nncolra John S Nuerr Jack B Novak Albert A O Hara James E Olelarz Muchael I-I O Mahony Wnlluam T 240 Kline Rd Glenshaw 56 Rocklynn PI 8I5 Brughlrudge SI 2l2 Essen SI I3I6 Thelma SI 4000 MI' Troy Rd 2523 Magnel SI 6 Pune HIII Dr 244 Hazelwood Ave Pgh 2 I420 Benlon Ave Pgh 42I4 Cole Ave Alluson Park 4Gardner SI Pgh 23 I I7 Hawkms Ave Pgh I4 DIRECTORY Omasuls Francns R O Rourke Richard J O Shea George Oswald Wnlberl J Pavlnk Anrhony J Pelrancosfa Angelo Pnckel Donald J Pzelrusnnsku Carl E Prlarskr Leonard R Plesco Thomas A Plumsky Gerald A Pranll Vrncenl J Ranallu V1ncenIA Randazzo John P Rebel John W Reukauf James F Rrce Charles L Richard James M Rrchard Roberf L Rolnk Paul W Rolewrcz Thaddeous Rombach Charle S Rooney John J Rooney Palrnck J Ross Charles P Rudzku John J Ryczkowskn Harry J Samoral Francas S Sauers Warren C Schesbel Paul W Schend Nacholas J Schmudl Ed ard M Schmndl FrankJ Schmndl George F Schoeppner John P Schuberf Ruchard R Schulfz Roberl J 204 Shoup SI Pgh 9 I433 Evandale Rd Pgh I2 496 MI Vernon Dr Pgh 23 I I6 Lindley Lane Pgh 37 2049 Alfred S+ Pgh I2 4I63 Foresl Ave Allison Park 37II Troy Hull Rd P I2 R D 14:3 Box I75 Gubsoma I I6 Clay SI P I5 I34 Granl Ave Pgh 23 69 Locusl' SI Pgh 23 I02 Townvrew Rd Pgh 9 47 Maplewood SI' 9I5 Lysle SI 2904 Calnfornna Ave I305 Superior Ave 3I0 Hoffman Rd Rlchard Rd Wexford I I6 Prospecf Ave Pgh 2 I02 Vrnual SI' Pgh I2 9I5 Penn SI Pgh 505 Hnghland Place Pgh 2 940 N Lnncoln Ave 940 N Lincoln Ave 3I37 Shadeland Ave I I54 E Ohio SI' I40 Allegheny Ave Pg 2 823 Progress SI I500 Terman Ave I622 Chaleau SI I9I6 Mrddle S+ 26I Bascom SI I I77 Serene SI' 520 Madnson Ave 382.I Oswego SI I I I7 Brabec SI I28 Bascom S+ Schwamberger Roberl' J 506 Norman SI Selfrxed Joseph J 606 Seufrned Lane Simon Allan G I I7 Crawford Ave Smnguel Chesler J I344 Goellman SI Smykal Louns F 2606 Rens SI Snnadach Norberf S 809 Lockharf SI Snyder Gerard J 935 Ifen SI Sperandeo Anfhony F 3440 Perrysvulle Ave Spreler Lawrence E Slamper Joseph E Slanek Joseph R Sleele Wrlluam J Slefanko Jerome S I27 Ffh Ave Laurel Gardens 2374 E Beckerf Ave P I2 I555 Cooper Ave P I2 Old Perry Hwy Box 67 Wexford 5 I 6 Bascom Ave Slengerwald Vucfor J 427 Dunlap SI Sleun Raymond G Sfevens Donald 324 MI Royal Blvd 2929 Charles SI . . ...,.....,. ., Pgh. 29 ' , ' . ........., .. ., . ' '. . .....,,... ' .,Pgh. I5 ' . ' ., . , ' . ..,..... ' ., Pgh. I2 ' , T. ...... . ., . , . .,.....,... ' ., Pgh. I2 , ' . ....... . ' . . ' . . .,,..... .. Pgh. I4 ' , . ....... .. ., . . . ......,...... ., . . J. .. ., ' , , . ..r.,... 1 ., . I2 ' , . .....,.. . ' ., gh. ' . ' . ...,.,.... ., . I4 ' ' ', . .... . . , ' ' ' , . ...,.r...... ., . ' '. . .,...,..,. .. ., gh. ' , . .,,.,. ., . I2 . . .....,. . .. .. . ' , L. ......., ' , , . ,......... .. .. . ' , J. .......... ., . , ' . ...,.... .. ' ., . . ' . ...... .. . .ii . ' ', ' . ........ ., Pgh. 23 ' . . ...,........ ., Pgh. I2 , . ............. ., Pgh. I2 ' , . ........,,.. ., Pgh. I4 , . .....,.. ' ' ., Pgh. I2 '. ' . ......,, ., Pgh. I2 , . r...... ' ., Pgh. I2 . ' . ......r.....,. ' ., Pgh. 23 ' . . ......,.,. ., Pgh. I2 , . ,,...... ' ., Pgh. I4 ' . . .......... .. ' .. . " . .....I, ., Pgh. 29 ' . . ..... ., . . . ...... .,Pgh. I2 . I....I,.,.,... 9 " ., . . . ....... .. Pgh. 37 ' , J. ...,.... .. . I5 . ' . ,.....,.. ., Pgh. I4 . s . ..,.. ' , . . . ........ .. Pgh. I2 , . ,..... . ' ., Pgh. I2 . . ..... ., Pgh. I2 . ' . .... . ' ., Pgh. I2 . ...r..,. ' Rd., Pgh. 37 , . .,..... ., Pgh. I2 ', . ....,.. ., Pgh. I2 ', . ....4...,... . ' ., Pgh. I2 ' , . ....... ' SI., Pgh. I2 '. . ...., . ., h. McNally, Joseph P. .,..,.....s. I I8 Firsl SI., Pgh. I5 Ryder, Lawrence J. .... ..,25I4 Maple Ave., Pgh. I4 ' , . .....,.. ., Pgh. I2 ', ' . ......... ., Pgh. I2 . ' ' . ......., SI.. Pgh. I2 , . ......., ., Pgh. I2 . ' ..:I:,t ., ' ' , . ........ . ., Pgh. 33 . . ,....... S+., . I2 ' , ' . .......... ' ., Pgh. I5 I ', . ..,..........,.. . ' . . ........ ., Pgh. I4 ' . . ..,,,... ., gh. ' , . ......,..,. .,Pgh. I2 '. . .. ' ., Pgh. 33 ' , . ....,.. ' ., Pgh. I2 . ' ' P. ......... ., Pgh. 38 , .... ...., . ,Pgh. I2 ' , . ...... ., Pgh. 23 , ' . ,...,... ., Pgh. I2 ' , ' . ........ ., Pgh. 9 , . .......... ., Pgh. I4 ' . ' . ............ ., Pgh. I4 , . .,.. ., Pgh. I4 ' , . ....... .. ,Pghns " , . ........ " ,Pgh.i5 ' ' . . .... ., . I4 ' . . .......,.. ., Pgh. 2 ' , . ............ ' ., ' ' , . ...... ., Pgh. I2 . ' ' J. ......... ., Pgh. I4 , ' . .............. ' ., Pgh. I2 . ' . .....,.. ' ' ., Pgh. I4 ' , . ....... .. Pgh. I2 . ' . ...........,.. ., Pgh. I2 , . .....,........ .. Pgh. I2 . . .....,.. ., Pgh. I2 . . .. ' ., Pgh. I4 ' , " . ........ . .,Pgh. I2 ' , .. ' , L. .,....... ., Pgh. I4 , I . .,.. . ., gh. ' . . .....,....... ' ' ., Pgh. I4 , . .....,. . ., gh. , . ......... ., . I2 , . ....... ., Pgh. I2 ' , . ...... ., ' ' , ' . ......,. .. Pgh. I4 ' , ' ..... ....... . , . ' , . ...... . .. Pgh. 23 ' , ' ' . ...... ' ., . , .......,... ., Pgh. I4 Vogel Frederick R Slockman Ralph E Sfohran Slephen M Slruhar Joseph R Sunserl Anlhony J Sweeney Francns J SENICDI2 DIRECTCDRY l836 Ley SI 3543 Shadeland Ave I26I Voskamp Sf I3I Lexmnglon Ave I9I4 Tours SI Swxderska Ruchard J 940 Burler SI Tresky Slephen S Tylenda Lawrence S Tyler Marhn J Venlresca Nlcholas U Vuclorna Donald J Vnnsku Raymond J Vmszlay John D Vogeley Knrk Wagner James J Wally James Way Thomas I-I Thomas George C I309 Pennsylvanua Ave Tobnn Roberl F I07 Nnnlh Sl Laurel Gardens 700 Shade Ave Pgh 2 I524 Monlerey S+ Pgh I2 I5I3 Nuxon SI' 226 IOIh SI 2OI9 E Becker? Ave 4I0 MI Royal Blvd 28 Rnversude Courl 308 School Dr 3426 Flemung Ave 2882 n4+ Troy Rd I04 Jackskon SI 92 Dewey SI Wehner Joseph L Wendler FrankJ Weuherer James P Wenland Ernesl A Wenss Davnd P Weiss Edward C Weneck DavldJ Wherfhey John P Wlld Ruchard W Wulhelm Edward J Wlnlers Roberl E Wolfe Kennefh C Wunderlzn RoberlA Yakslck Davnd M I705 Lowrue SI II9 2nd SI 27OI I-Iouslon Sl 3366 Evergreen Rd I38 Logan Sl 42 Malhulda Sl I39 Locusl S+ 4022 N Munsler SI 2539 Pnlfuncw Ave I967 Federal SI' I303 Truax Sl 937 Grande Ave I96O Lowrxe S+ I9 Beech Dr Yosl Roberl A 20I 263 Ohno Ruver Blvd Zalewsku Zrgmund W I429 Anderson Rd Pgh gh Pgh P P P P P P Pg 2 Pg 2 Pg 9 Zanon Alex J 6I7 Buller Sl Zehluss Lawrence T 7l3 Columbra PI Zense Richard W 69 Vassar Ave Zelnk Ralph F I745 Easf SI' ACKNCDWLEDGEIVIENTS We sincerely Thank lhe lollownng persons for Ihenr nnvaluable help ID preparing 'rhe 56 TROJAN Bro I-Ienry Seller and Bro Fred I-Inehle 'rhe facully moderalors Mr Edward Ursprung of lhe Wm T Cooke Pub Inshung nc Mr Ned Slrem and all al The Slrem Sfudnos for lhew bndness and con9derahonI 0 All lhe loyal Trolan sludenls who sold adverhsung. 0 The many busaness farms and fruends of lhe TROJAN for The hnancnal supporl un makung Ihus book possnble TI-IE STAFF , . ............ ., Pgh. 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I2 I I IIIIII ' II PghI I2 , ......,.II,.. ., Pgh. 37 ' I ' I IIIIIIIIII II pghI 29 . . ............, .. Pqh. 23 ' I . ,............,. ., Pgh. I2 . . w F I . n . 1 - ' ' I I ., O . . 'di r X L v 4 ..,f.,,X . 4 gg, 131

Suggestions in the North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Catholic High School - Trojan Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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