North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD)

 - Class of 1957

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North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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THE CLASS OF 1957 IS PROUD TO PRESENT The EirstYec1rbook Of NORTH CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL Greenmouni, Maryland W f LE H 2 . I f L ic , 21 ,- f-A Li -'K v 1 ' , 4 ff 1:11 Y . f Q y' x H L I 1 5 u K RA All ., H 'G . NL:-' i x .f e-1'-.-1--x 9,. Y L - P: f-3 '-:-.115 57f"Tff47fxfe L- Q. up 0.3. . ,, km- L x X 13 .O ' " ':""'A'5-L .,- QUO VADIS STAFF eated left to r1ght helen Lezght Mr Graybeal, Betty Ruby, .hm Flater, Wayne K1dd Delorxs H1gg1ns Standlng Peggy Markle Patsy Newbell Burnell Bentz Mel v1na Wagner, Dale Warehxme Jarnes Flater Edxtor ln Ch1ef Betty Ruby Assxstant Ed1tor Wayne K1dd Feature Edxtor I Helen Le1ght Art Ed1tor Melvma Wagner Gmrls Sports Ed1tor Burnell Bentz Boys Sports Edztor A7 Ht Sh1r1ey Myers Class Edltor a M014 Delons Hlggms Typmg Edltor Patsy Newbell Lxterary Edxtor ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The membe r s of the staff of Quo Vadxs w1sh to acknowledge and thank the 'student body and faculty of North Carroll Hxgh School for workmg w1th them ln order to have th1s volume published Wxth your help and co operat1on you have made our year book a. success Peggy Markle C1rculat1on Manager Dale Warelume Advertlsmg Mgr John Graybeal Faculty Advxsor I s , ' :f ' , . ' Ny , Q If ss 64' QV' . -.- . Cb lu . I Q ."::' . ,ef 2,1 A ...... - 5 5 . -" . 039 ' 19' X We, the class of 1957, dedicate our year hook to the students of North Carroll High School, who during our first and last year at North Carroll have established lasting memories in the minds of all of us. We Shall never forget their excellent conduct and sportsmanship. Wliat success we may attain in life will be partially due to the association with these, our fellow students. QCD sw ffsxx WA CM' 97" v fr If , Ks- x . ff 1' ,"A " V ,f J! M I . I ,U l t wifllf 'I ff if " Lf ' 1 in , A Il Q. ,vt 7 4' J , A I J' n f ffl' f N 1 ' ' V 'fin-,f ' '57, , Q CREDO We, the fxrstgraduatmg class of North Carroll H1gh School, w1sh to express m a few words the devotxon we feel for our school We feel that there was afraternal uruty between faculty and students, a common lnterest and determ1nat1on to uphold the ldeas and best tra d1t1ons of our school We belxeve that as students who are now graduatmg and takmg a Vltal step 1nto the future, we w1ll be determlned to make a success of our l1ves, conslderate and k1nd to all, aware of all thlngs, both great and small, truthful to ourselves and others, sxncere 1n all we do, and devoted to the h1gh standards for wh1ch our school stands We pledge to be loyalto our Alma Mater, have pr1de 1n 1ts act1v1t1es and mterest m 1ts advancement We recogn1ze that we w1ll be respon slble for 1ts reputatlon, mtolerant of all that 1S opposed to 1ts develop n1ent and thoughtful interest in all that will contribute to its growth and progress. --Class of 1957 4 2 vw 'Educatwn 1B the knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself We hope that your tra1n1ng 1n school has taught you how to use many of the facultles w1th wh1ch you are endowed, for hfe 1n todays world re qu1res us to be a speclallst one rroment and a master of d1verse arts the next We hope you have acqulred a broad base of fundamental knowledge on whxch you can bu1ld, the varxety of speclal ab1l1t1es, wh1ch wall make you a well rounded happy, use ful c1t1zen, w1ll1ng to carry your share of the respons1b1l1t1es that we as c1t1zens must assume To the fxrst class to graduate from North Carroll Senlor Hlgh, Iextend the congratulanons and slncere W18h6B of the faculty for your success FRED L ENG LE Prmclpal Greetmgs to the Class of 1957 It affords me much pleasure to extend heartxest greet1ngs and congratulatmns to the fxrst North Carroll graduatmg class The acknevernent of h1gh school graduatmn 18 armlestone 1n your progress and devel opment Our soc1ety, represented by the people of our state and county, has made a substantlal mvestment 1n you and your assoclates We have great confxdence that th1s lnvestment w1ll pay regular d1v1dends through your contrxbutlon to the socxal, econom1c and cultural groups of Wh1Ch you are about to become a part The Board of Educatwn and the ad m1n1strat1ve and superv1sory staff of our Carroll County school system extend to you every good wxsh at tlus tune SAMUEL M JENNESS Supermtendent Carroll County Schools og, X xl X 's Mrs Vlrgnua Gerstl BS Engllsh Mrs Mabel Shoff BA Enghsh, French I II M155 Anna Ryan BA MA Engllsh Not P1ctured Mmss Barbara Ymghng BS Typmg Stenography I Offxce Practlce, Rev1ew Math If 90' L AH 'fiiwy J -, 1 I Mr. John Kroh BA Industrial Arts Mr Doyle W1ldas1n BA Economms Llbrarxan Mr James Young BS,MM MUSIC Vocal Instrurnental Mr Charles Ecker Boys' Physxcal Educatxon MW Mrs Maxtland Llppy BS Stenography, Typuxg Shorthand Bookkeepmg Mrs Jean Balcom BS Home Econormcs L Mrs. Charlotte Clendaniel BA Girls' Physical Education Mrs Louxse Ha1fley BA Math, World Hxstory f-mn-any Mr Jacob Z1gler BA Dr1ver Trauung Vocat1onal Agnculture Mr John Pfaff BS C1v1cs Mr R1chard S1zer BA Enghsh Amerlcan Hlstory Plane Geometry Mr Loren S1mpson BA MA Gumdance Counselor Busmess Arxthmenc A DSW? Mr W1ll1am Kelly BA Cherrnstry General Sc1ence Mr. Roy Robertson BA MS Biology, General Scxence Mr Charles Brmton BS,MA Algebra 1,11 Geometry QP1ane 81 Sohdj Tngonometry Mr John Graybeal BS P O D Semor Scmence ,J we-L 01' Q .ffl , , N fl I X X W 4 Xl , N l Left to rlght Jo Anna Saegusa, H1stor1an Wayne Kldd, V1ce Pres1dent Dave Sul l1van Pres1dent Betty Ruby Secretary Donald Hale Treasurer CLASS SONG fTune 'You'll Never Walk Alone", Dear ole' North Carroll H1gh we must say goodbye Our h1gh school days now are through Although we must part we w1l1 always hold dear Each prec1ous memory of you The fun that we've had, the thmgs we have learned Wxll always see us through In days to come, throughout all our l1ves We w1ll never forget you North Carroll H1gh, goodbye North Carroll Hxgh goodbye far-1'3 X g ' X g Morro ff 1l" ,R j ' ' fa-A" XX! I .- ' X ffhggfi 154' "Respons1b111ty 18 wntten over the Door to Success FLOWER f NCQ7, Red and wh1te rose buds COLORS Red and whlte f N. '92 ROSE MARIE ABBOTT Commercial . . . "Rosie" . . . 5'3" . . . brown eyes . . . brown hair . . . participates inSenior Chorus. . .en- joys listening to the radio and records . . . likes going to the movies . . . ambition--Receptionist and typist. BARBARA EILEEN BAKER Genearl . . . "Barb" . . . 5' 3 UZ" . blue eyes . brown hair hobby horses ambitio Work at Maryland Glass Co or Black and Decker jj lg 6 L2 zzfll cz cuv- P TRICIA ANN BAKER General Pat 3 1 Z blue eyes brown hair likes to sew ambition To be a teacher DORIS EILEEN BARNHART Commerclal ' Barney ' 1 l 2 green eyes brown halr F T A basketball team speedball team G A A Senior Chorus typist for year book likes playing piano dar cing, and listening to the radio am bition To be a commercial teacher ROBERT DAVIDSON BASLER General 'Dave' 0" Baal vgjfif M green eyes blond hair soccer ELM ,ang team track ambition "' get a good Job PAUL KENNEDY BENHAM Academic Benhime' rown eyes blonde hair to practice magic ambition College 17' ,MW NU HJ fl wt UM Z . Wt ,fa A if at P' it RU' A 'M ,U Li Kp-Apfjm' y y WWE JAMES BURNELL BENTZ Academic . . . "Barney" . . . 5' 10" . . . blue eyes . . . brown hair . . . soccer team. . .basketballteam . . . trackteam. . . Sports Editor of Quo Vadis . . . ambition--Physical Edu- cation teacher. Y' ' f A U GLADYS MARIE BERWAGER Academic . . . "G1adie" . . . 5' 4" . . .green eyes . . . light brown hair senior chorus reading skatmg keepmg a scrapbook amb1t1on recept1on1st or cler1ca1 work KATHRYN ILENE BEVARD Commerc1a1 e" 5 2' blue eyes black haxr Student Councxl semor chorus read Q, 1n 11kes to go to mov1es qw arnb1t1on to be a stenographer JAMES FREDRICK BISHOP General Jlm 5 10" 1 of br own eyes brown ha1r Joys sports amb1t1on dxspatcher of a transportanon company fr fl' C '01 f' Qosfnr RONALD BUCKLEY 5 mn 'N' blue eyes blond ha1r Natlonal Gu rd readmg hunt1ng Ak am 1t1on tool and d1e maker 2' Q "' DAVID BLAIR BUSH General 'Dav1e" 11 gray blue eyes lmght brown han' muslc plays a trumpet amb1t1on m1ss1onary 1,14 . I ' ' . . '. ' ' y- f J W , :I y . H f ' X 5, . '..."I1 ' '... . . . . . . . . a 0 O . I O l - Q g I I. . . . . kkfkhj-'v "' . . I ...""'...' , ,fy of . . . - . . .en- ,id-' L-' C' ' . . . ' ' -- ' 1 ,. , , 'ggi' vfxfff . G,lf 1- " . P' I , 3 'wt t I 0131! ' . A 'J' L., , , Al ' y - U' E. A , . ' 5 M! General . . . "Ronn1e" . . . 6' . . . 139-2 'Z , . . ,, y,ot . . . 4, . . . . . . . . . t ies. i ' -- ' f . . . ' ' . . . 5' " . . . Vs? I ,Vw Www V' W 40223, AAC 1 My WN ELLA SUE CHURCH Acadermc Sue 5' 7' blue eyes brown haxr senlor chorus readxng mus1c works at Dutterer's amb1t1on Reg1stered Nurse ANNA MARGARET DAUGHERTY Commerc1al D o c 5' 4' blue eyes blond ha1r speedball basketball volley ball G A A sen1or chorus amb1t1on Bookkeeper 1 JUNE LOUISE DELL 1 jf C0mmerc1al June" brown eyes brown hau- xntrarnural basketball g a rn e s dancmg skat1ng amb1t1on telephone operator or receptzonlst WILLIAM LESTER DELL General B111 5 10 1 2 greenxsh blue eyes brown han' hunt1ng enjoys sports amb1t1on to become successful LYNN ADE LE DUNKLE Academxc Lynn1e brown eyes auburn haxr Ed1tor 1n Cluef of school paper semor chorus 1ce skatmg hstenmg to H1 F1 baby s1tt1ng amb1t1on tobecomeaReg1stered Nurse JAMES DONALD FLATER Academ1c J'1m" 5 7 brown eyes dark brown ha1r Edztor 1n Ch1ef of Quo Vadu track team semor chorus f 1 s h 1 n g hunt1ng travehn amb1t1on game warden i 1 X., L, I UW ill- BOBBIE SUE FORBES Commerc1al Su e green eyes brown ha1r senior chorus dancxng 11Bt enmg to radxo and records tramural basketball amb1t1on to be a good secretary IRENE DE LORA FORRESTER F T A G A A speedball basketball mtramural reie college and state polxce work BARBARA LEE FRIDINGER Academ1c Barb1e" 5 3 lxkes to skate mY F C act 1v1t1es ambltlon college and hlgh school teacher and counselor FRANCIS EDWARD FUHRMAN General Franc1s lxght blue eyes dark brown haxr 11kes arts and crafts am bxtxon draftsman WALTER EARL GEISLER General ' Geese 1 QS- blue eyes brown ha1r hkes to watch T V read1ng lrkes to s k a t e ambltlon to travel WILLIAM GIGGARD JR G e n e r a 1 G1ggs blue eyes brown haxr hkes sports and huntmg ambztlon be a p1lot xn the A1r Force iv' Academ1c Sook1e' 3 l 2 yy brown eyes brown ha1r X J ree semor chorus ry brown eyes brown halr --., cheerleader F T A G A A 3 g as ' 'P 'D' Q.. M1 we Widjbyfgf JYV LN 0 f"',, th? DONALD LEROY HALE Acadermc . Don 5' 11 blue eyes brown han' trea surer of Semor class basketball soccer assxstant edxtor of Paper Staff amb1t1on college at Western Maryland WILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMILTON JR General "B11l 6 2 green eyes brown haxr hunt m sports amb1t1on to graduate LUCY SHIRLEY HEINDE1. Gig!- General Sh1rl greemsh gray eyes dark brown haxr 111188 to dr1ve go1n to mov1es enjoys llfe ambxtxon future happmess and a good pay1ng ob Nav RU TH ANN HERSH Acadermc Ru 5 3 blue eyes dark brown han' P r e s 1 d e nt of Student Counc1l Treasurer ofF T A senxor cho rus GAA Manager of magazme campa1gn enjoys smgxng and skatxng Church and Y F C Act1v1t1es ambltxon college and counsellmg L0 fly? CARROLL ROSS I-IETRICK JR Academlc "I-Iurmcane 5' 8 blue eyes brown han' ama teur m-tg1c1an amb1t1on Luth eran Mxnxster DIANE DELORIS HIGGINS Commermal "Dee 5' Z blue eyes ash blond han' cheerleader G A A senxor chorus Feature editor of school paper Typing editor of Yearbook lxkes musxc dancmg wr1t1ng amb1t1on secretary and a good wr1ter 'ipo- LB- pfm Vw- 2-ff" SH' fQ ofX V l I el' I I I I' U I I - ' ll ' . I ll l g ' . . 1 - . . . . .' ... -- ' ' I ' ' Q. . 5 X . . ' . fc W6 . LL Q I . lt." ' '.".....5'5H.... ,Gif-:V ' x Aw j . , vez' V who I . . . H H 0 . 1 ' H . . - K 'gk ' A h ,' QQ , N' A 'jo 'Digg ' em - , ' V 0 iV Q v X Qs ,-Y1f'b'f',' ff' N53 JANICE ANNE HILL Academlc Jan 7 hazel eyes dark brown ha1r F T A member Cn' .zlatxon Man ager of Panther's Tale Semor Chorus skatmg 011 pamtmg Amb1t1on Home Econom1cs teacher f ELLEN MARIE HOLBROOK Commerc1al 'Ellen blue green eyes dark brown hazr T1mer for girls' basketball team mtramural basketball skatxng scrapbook Ambxtlon recept1on1st or typ1st RONALD JAMES KIDD Academ1c 'Butch blue eyes llght brown han' Scorer for the basketball team PTOJBCYIOII Club Amb1t1on mmerc1al pxlot WAYNE BERRY KIDDw' X Ac emxc Cotton' Qf Ak! Y s1dent of Sexuor s1dentofProJ tg Cl Fea re Ed1tor of book S Chorus tra k e m . Jg, A b1t1on lawyer 'N HELEN BARBARA LEIGHT Commerczal 'Lxghtbulb brown eyes Art Echtor of Yearbook Sen1or Chorus drawmg smgmng dancmg Amb1t1on Maryland Inst1tute of Art and be a commex-c1al artxst PEGGY CECILE MARKLE Commermal Peg blond ha1r Record1ng Secretary of S t u d e n t Councll C1r culatxon Ednor of Yearbook Semor Cho rus Slflglflg dancxng collect1ng coupons and stamps mov1es Ambltlon secretarxal pos1t1on Liana. new if w,,Lv' , pk, , u.. ,V- . 1 ' fp, J '......" "...5""::: L "Mfg f '--...':": H ' ,Dy . Mf- ' I . .I Il. '5l8ll , JjVLg'tijW - 1 . . . fr' . . . ff' 71 - y "...b'...k M P . . ' ' ' FI X1 ' MM A ll E M . bruce es. . . . blonli 11' V' v ' u' li ss. . Ce- m fu .lklyjv e '.r. U' . .' . ' xx 3, 'A .lx v N , U M V 'J MY 5'4"... A -afar 4, ' ..." "...5'5" A YWQWV 1.1 - , 9 4 .ff A ' .. -z- qsy XJ' Q B1 'A I. . . -- Ei? F: 1 P mv NMI'-'fl' JOHN RICHARD MARTIN General Johnny" 5 7" brown eyes brown haxr terested 1n electronxcs a.mb1t1on Work wxth electron1cs ln a televl s1on stud1o VIVIAN RUTH MCILWEE Commerc1a1 Vxv' 5'4" green eyes brown harr hkes skat1ng movles amb1t1on Re ceptlonlst CARRIE EDNA MILLER Commerclal Carr1e Edna." 5 4 blue eyes brown han' orchestra llkes collect1ng salt and pepper shakers read1ng ambltlon To go mto the cler1cal f1e1d DONNA JUNE MILLER hazel eyes brown ha1r plays the p1ano l1keS roller skaung mov1es eat1ng ambltlon To be a secretary HE LEN VIOLA MILLER General "Pee Wee 411 green eyes lxght brown ha1r lxkes baby s1tt1ng mov1es amb1t1on To be employed at Black and Decker Company ' EVELYN VERNIE MOFFITT Commerczal Ev ' blue eyes brown ha r cheer leader G A A on pau r staff Semor Chorus 11kes danc1ng hstenlng to mus1c b 0 I I' 1 Q I I Q I I . . . ' .. .in- ' ll ' I l 0 1 N ' o 1 J I ll ' Commercial. . ."Donut". . .516 lik." . . IV ' I II '..." '...5'3"... . . . l . . . - . . . . . .. . . --e fl f ci Af. DONALD PAGE MONROE ' Don 5 brown han- school county band model Ambltlon aeronautxcal Academlc hazel eyes orchestra axrplanes engmeer SHIRLEY ANN MYERS Acadenuc ' Sh1rl ' ' blue eyes brown han' F T A Class Ed1tor of Yearbook As s1st ant C11'CU.12.t1OI1 Manager of School pa per basketball Senzor Chorus dancxng skatmg hstenmg to mus1c An1b1f1On college and teachmg RACHEL ELIZEBETH NEUDECKER C0mmerc1al "Rach 5'3' blue eyes hght brown ha1r typx s t for Student Councxl Athletxc Commntee mtramural basketball lxstenmg to the rad1o garden 1n movxes A:mb1t1on secre ,ta.r1al pos1t1on .-df' iff- TRICIA ANN NEWBELL 9 M21 51,6 Par 5'8 blue My o ear-book Vlce Pres1dent F T A Semor Ch 61 gf ketball skatmg a c If l1sten1ng to reco nj 3 ref-1 te chmg or Bus n s 1 L g 43,111 MQ, will fx x RONALD DEAN PHILLIPS SX Acaderrnc Ronnle 5'1l U blue eyes brown han' , Chaxrm n of Student Counc1l Athletxc T, A is VC ee vars1ty track J Q1on college and englneer IT,MO UGENE REDDING aa' ffviiffff eff Hwhmy' 5 10 1 2 I een yes br own han- rehdxng X b1t1on to be success YAA. ' . . . ' " . . . '9" . . . 1 I V a l 1 . s n 0 jw ' .V ...... ' D -- . . . . L wb" My 4 l ,X K I ' . . . ' ' .' . . . 5 7". . . JA . I Yyv. D ' ... 5, ' ,f ,M - gt . . .I D. . . -- - ,W x I5 y . 'f ' f' JJ A ' A M .gi2a'w'n'hai:.' .' .'Li:slQQy'Edi- ' If 41,24 ft J . . . ' H ' . .hi,'Llf,.:A... . ........ U 1 -sk . P JZ JP .JL , ig? ' J 'CJK JVJA . J Jyx N LL 'U' e , X o t . . . ' . . .' fx .JV . egg . . . '. . . ' 1 I " . R fill. I H U n 0 NORMA LOU ANN RILL General "Normie" 5'6" blue eyes . . .blond- han' . . . ska.t1ng . . . reading . . . Ambition--secretar- ial work ,V ROBERT ANDREW RILL hifsww ff qw 'wrt' iyG,pQ9eral .Mm-f"Bob" . . . 5'11" . . . U 'bluee A AL. brown hair . . . hunting L I Ambition work for Tfeqaltfh ne C mpitxy AJ I Lf L BETTY ANN ROBHSISON fic cademxc Betty Ann ' 5 6 1 Z blu e eyes brown halr wr1t1ng letters lxstenxng to h1 f1 Ambxtxon to travel JOYCE LEE ROHRBAUGH Commerc1a1 Joy 5'8" blue eyes lmght brown hazr basketball mov1es readmg Amb1t1on typ1st BETTY CATHERINE RUBY Commercmal 'Bets ' '2" blue eyes lxght brown han' Ass1stant Edztor of Yearbook Sub sntute Student Counczl Representaxtve Secretary of Semor Class Semor Chorus mtramural basket ball l1sten1ng to radzo and records Ambxnon to work 1n the secre tarxal fxeld MARY LOUIS RUBY Commerc1al Shorty" blu e eyes hght brown han' collectmg salt and pepper shakers Ambznon typlst J M lf B 'QV' JO ANNA SAEGUSA Academic o 5 2 llZ brown eyes brown hair chestra. pianist for Senior Chorus F T A class historian play s piano likes skating writing letters watching T V Y F C club, quiz team and girls trio ambition to receive Drs degree Pshchology and be a guidance coun selor or Psychiatrist 4' GERTRUDE ELAINE SCHAEFFER ommercial Archie 5' 3 ' grayish blue eyes blond hair Senior Chorus AAA a n c 1 n g intramural basketball games ambition Becoming a receptionist CALVIN RUSSELL SEITZ '..."J"...' "... .. .or- C ' " "'... ' L' ,7 Academic . . . "Ca1" . . . 5'10" . . . hazel eyes . . . brown hair . . . Stu- dent Council. . . F.T.A. . . .onY.F.C. Quiz team . . . ambition--Medical Doctor. oss' 'su s I 'ss I ' 7. x. L" "...5' l" Q 'ffm X' " rs... 3 ' -L ' ' - ...' "'...6'... NORMAN EDGAR SELLERS General 'Sellers' 5 10' b r own eyes brown hair Motion Picture Club ambition farmer 'if' B TTY JANE SHAFFER eral-C12 Ja ne 312 C? Y u e blond hair itmg lege reading ition Lab technician or tel ephon mpany work DONALD LAMAR SHAFFER General 'Donnie brown eyes brown hair soccer var sity basketball ambition to be very successful HUGH NORMAN SHAFFER. Academic Hugh 5 0' hazel eyes brown hair reading sports Ambition Electrical engineer LOIS LU RAY SHERIDAN Commercial ' Cookie 6 blue eyes light brown hair collecting lamps Ambition to work in a Baltimore office VIRGINIA LEE SINIPKINS Academic "Ginny Z Z blue eyes b r o wn hair Student Council Representative President ofF T A club Ambition college and teacher MARTHA ELEANOR SLORP Commercial Marty 7 brown eyes brown hair Typist for Student Council Athleticf Committee movies driving scrapbook eating fried chick en hamburgers and potato chips baby sitting Ambition secretari position MBE Qx by NY MHKIAM VIRGINIA SPAHR Academic "M1mm1e 4 brown eyes brown hair Cheerleader Senior Chorus dancing skating music sports Ambition nurse JOAN ELLEN STEGER Commercial . Joanie . ' . brown eyes . . black hair . Typist for Student Council Athletic Committee . intramural basketball . . driving . movies . . listening to radio . . Ambition--secretarial position DORIS VIRGINIA STERNER Cornmer c1al Dotty' green eyes brown hamr enJoys roller skatmg amb1t1on Secretary and housewde GERALD LeVERE STREVE Academ1c Gerry" 5'7' brown eyes dark brown Ha.1r farms amb1t1on to get ob 'WD' JOAN MARIE STREVIG Academ1c Joame 5 3 2 brown eyes brown ha1r F T A G A A basketball hkes to read arnbltlon Elemen tary School Teacher DAVID MELVIIXI SULLIVAN Acadermc 'Tex '2" blue e es brown ha1r Presx Y dent of Semor Class basketball baseball amb1tion to lmve a successful llfe wlthout workuxg too hard AUDREY NADINE THERIT Academ1c Audrey' 5 3' blue eyes brown han' sports reading amb1t1on College JANET LOU THOMPSON General an' 5 '3' brown eyes brown haxr skat1ng readmg amb1t1on to be a beau t1c1an WU L 40 ami f M, ffjwdfgf X I 5551? ,Eff f of F ALLEN TOWNER Acad Buck 5' 10 blue eyes brown ha1r 11kes baseball sw1mm1ng Amb1t1on to be successful CHARLES DOUGLAS TRUMP General umpy brown eyes black haxr lrkes cars sw1mm1ng muslc Amb1t1on U S A11' Force NEVIN MILLARD UTZ General 'Nev 5'10 brown eyes brown haxr llkes to dr xv e and putter around h1s car Ambltxon to work at Wheeler's MELVDNA VIRGINIA WAGNER Academ1c Mel' 5 blue eyes brown ha1r Presl de t of G A A Vlce Pres1dent of F T A G1rls Sports Edltor of Yearbook Co captam of speed ball and basketball teams Lxkes to skate Amb1t1on T go to col lege and become a teacher DALE MILLER WAREHIME Acadermc "Dale 6 blue e y e s lzght brown haxr collects stamps prxntmg plays a Cornet Ambxtxon to be able to thmk clearly DORIS MARIE WE ISS Commerc1al Dor1se' green eyes blond hamr F T A typxst for Quo Vadls Senxor Chorus referee for speed ball Intramural teams ambx txon Teacher or secretary ffl- fl-KK ""' DEAN GUY wEN'rz wi-vf' WILLIAM FRANCIS WELLS General Bllly' 5 10" Blue eyes brown han' horses Amb1t1on mus1c General "Wentz1e 5 fm brown eyes brown halr hunt m sports ambxtlon Game Warden ff Leaf! IABXL q Lolkd-vlt 'Q'5""-'ofla-4fv.J,.xf,..,,, D -43.44 MAURICE WILSON WENTZ General Jun1or green eyes blond halr Student Coun N C1 motlon p1cture club am b1t1on Mechanms School JAMES CARROLL WILHELM General Crash' eyes blond haxr huntlng Amb1t1on Mechamcs school 71,641 QX01 kiwi L, 71'L.,ggf!Lc' vffe' 1114- A ,MNC Ceann K 777fA,4xu.,C2C I I I Il . I g 5 1 l I I I I ' I... . I . . . . k . . . -' . 1 4 ' ' ' ' g . . . . . . ' ' -- v it ffm C ,,. , GAC ,D . 2 1 ' v I Y 'I I l 'I V ,, L5 , I ' l h I fp . V, y , JR. . . . t ' . . . - K . . . " '. . .6'. . . f' ff V . ,ff f '-,, l ' I 'R 6. ' fn 2 ' L ' . . , L, x ' " K fe? y from 'sf' fl V gf, NI I ' I - -fp ' K ,J-+0 -mgruglwf C311 H11 iw'-an WMYQE' 49 'Mtg vw I ii u 4 -.vii 3 QR, Nt? V' ' N yi .. if N 5 L Q . Q. , .,,. ,.W..,,.w 1 ' L ff glfffg' K U1ff'ZHfQjL 2t,i' - ' " ' ' T , K Q, -4 ' , f 'uv 1 N Q4 I , g Q f T Q V? -sin 1,--H, ' 7 ,. .1 . 3 , Q . V 3,3 55155 1 'M ,W 'ii gf SENIOR CASUALS R I Mm! ' mx ln ,ws 'Z-.J SENIOR CASUALS 1 in '51 N, 1 V it 5 . N ,W X V . ' ig , H V, k R ' W 'Q' L TIE? 9 - ' X - . f Wx ix A , ,N A 1 P 2 X Q . . 1 1 6' - we 4 'I' - K 'W U ','c Q , A iff Va ' 9- " K fy , l ' ' 5-M ' ,..x Lis . , ' , LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of 1957 of North Carroll Hlgh School, Town of Greenrnount, County of Carroll and State of Maryland, bexng of sound and dxsposmg mlnd, memory and understandmg, do make, execute, publlsh and declare thls to be our last w1ll and testament, hereby annulllng all former w1lls made by us Phyll1s Aberts Robert Anderson Dor1s Bankert Joan Bauerl1en Martha Beam Barbara Berry Mary Bevard Robert Blshop W1ll1am Black Charlotte Bookhultz Barbara Bortner Mary Brady Alxce Brown Joan Buchman Patr1c1a Buchman Harold Caltr1der Lo1s Cauwels Bern1ce Cheek Joyce Compton Jesse Crumble Kenneth Davldson Flrst To the .Tumors 1nd1v1dually Rachel Neudecker's record typ1ng speed John Mart1n's '56 Dodge Elalne Schaeffer's dlamond Betty Jane Shaffer's blond han' Norma Lou R1ll's shoe skates Dor1s We1ss' ab1l1ty to get homework done Irene Forrester s "Elv1s Presley records Carroll Hetr1ck's love for an1mals Robert R1ll's shop per1ods Joyce Rohrbaugh's hexght LOIS Sher1dan's "out of thls world laugh Shlrley Myers' pos1t1on on the paper staff Bobb1e Sue Forbes' natural curly ha1r Donna M1ller's love for typ1ng Rose Marre Abbott's 'pop" records Betty Rob1nson's eagerness to tackle homework Jan1ce I-l1ll's Bermuda shorts Rose Marle Abbott's dr1ver's l1cense M1r1am Spahr's page boy Davld Basler's crewcut I ' ll ' ' - - ' - vl ' . . . l ' ..... David Sullivan's office of Senior class president. I ' . . I . I - ' I I I I I I ' I . ' ' , r ..... A ' ' ' . Q 0 uuuo I I I ' 1 Ronald Dav1dson Eugene DePalmer Joy Flsher Joan Fowble Dlane Frush Marvln Frush Russell Fuhrman Mary Grammer Robert Hann Lewxs I-Iarrls Marxon Hartman Jerre Hollxnger J Carson Hughes Grady Hughes Peggy Hunter Clark Hurt Leon Jones Janet Lelster Bruce Martm Edward Mart1n Carol Mays Kenneth M Neave Jlm Flater's curly ha1r Franc1s Fuhrman's gu1tar Evelyn Moff1tt's t1tle as capta1n of the cheerleaders Patsy Newbell s he1ght Gladys Berwager's soprano volce Norman Sellers gadgets on h1s car Irene Forrester's seasonal football txcket V1ola M1ller's study per1ods Ronald Buckley's sense of d1rect1on Franc1s Fuhrman's lnterest 1n shop work Ilene Bevard s pony ta1l Douglas Trumo's cur1os1ty about new thxngs Some of Dale Wareh1me s shortness Gerald Strevxg s Ivy League Hat Barbara Fr1d1nger's skatmg sk1rts B111 Wells' danc1ng ab1l1ty Burnell Bentz's number 10 1n basketball Jo Anna Saegusa's many hobb1es W1ll1am G1ggard's huntlng exped1t1ons Wayne K1dd's servlce stat1on Job Melv1na Wagner's t1tle as captam of basketb AJSICID Towner's car all team LAST George Merryman Carla Mlller Charles Mlller George Mrller Harold Mlller Leon Mlller Thomas Mlller Wayne Monroe Charles Morgan Barbara Morrlson Barbara Masebrook Glorla Mammaugh Patr1c1a Null Kenneth Nusbaum Quentxn Peregoy Naomm Ph1pps J Wayne Poole Arlene Reed Dean Reed Helen Reed Ronald Renfro Marguer1te Rlchards Vernon R111 Donald Ruby Lawrence Schaffer Beatr1ce Se1pp Joseph Shaffer Lourse Shaffer Nancy Shaffer Donna Shanebrook Gall Sm th Gerald Srnlth Jean Smlth Thomas Sprlnkle Charles Steger Jeannette Stegner Janet Stepp Maybell Stoneslfer Barbara Strev1g Charles Thomas Wayne Thomas Judrth Thompson Jul1e Walsh Lucllle Walsh June Warehlme Patsy Warner Rachael Wentz Nelson W1sner Madellne Zlmmerman WILL AND TESTAMENT Jlrn Flater's whlte bucks Mary Ruby's shortness Ronnle Phrllxps' Job of prmtlng basketball pamphlets Wayne Kldd s posltlon as Senlor VICE Presxdent Carr1e Edna M1ller's Engllsh spzrlt Dean Wentz's farmmg experlences Whltmore Reddlng s lnterest lll skatmg Patr1c1a Baker's musxcal lnterests Ronald K1dd s portable rad1o Janet Thompson's halr style Shlrley He1ndel's ElV1S Presley prctures Dorrs Barnhart's attendance record V1rg1n1a Sunokms' pos1t1on as presrdent of F T A Walter Gelsler s blue and whlte Chevy Audrey Ther1t's correct answers n Geometry Joan Steger s typrng eraser Paul Benham's helght To carry on Peggy Markle s smglng act1v1t1es Jlmmy W1lhelm's ab1l1ty to annoy the teachers Anna Daugherty's bookkeepmg ab1l1ty Nevm Utz's w1ll1ngness to 'try anythmg once " Ellen I-Iolbrook's Job at Porterfleld s Drug Store Maurlce Wentz's bow t1es Fred Blshop s love for baseball John Martln s rnterest 1n electr1cal thlngs Barbara Baker s love for dancmg Donald Monroe's study hab1ts Lynn Dunkle's red ha1r To uphold Joan Steger s record of always catchlng the bus 1nt1me Dorls Sterner's mterest ID Home Econormcs Delorls I-hggms' accent B111 Dell's shortness June Dell's ab1l1ty to keep a steady guy Donald Shaffer s pos1t1on on N C 's next soccer team Davld Sull1van's t1tle of basketball captam Martha Slorp's flash camera Dave Bush's travehng exper1ences Helen Le1ght's pos1t1on of art edltor on the yearbook staff Ella Sue Chur ch's collect1on of pennles Calvln Se1tz's desk 1n the Senlor room Audrey Ther1t's "A" 1n second year French Ruth Hersh's pres1dency of the Student Councll Delor1s H1gg1ns love for sports Joan Strevlg s plans for the future Evelyn Moff1tt's shorthand speed Vlvxan Mcllwee s Job at Rus Joy Betty Ruby s pos1t1on on the yearbook staff All of Bxll Hamllton s 6 l of he1ght Donald Hale's Off1C8 of Class Treasurer A aonauan L r 4 I' .4 ' ' I I 5 - V . . Innnnnna I 4 It I 1 4 n ' Q - u 1 1 1 n I 1 I I V I' 4 f l . ' ' ll ' . IV ' . . . . . . . . 'A ' ' J ' ' 4 H ' H . . . ' . nnuon I' ' 1 , nnnaan I 1 I A . h . ' l I auqnaup 4 I ' . I V ' . 4 Samuel Rohrbaulgh . I Hugh Shaffer's long hair. i ' I . , . . . . . . , . a qnsnu. .I f . U V J snuusunn J' . V I u I sasnu. ' I . I I I Q n n s 4 s 1 I ' 1 I A - a , . . ' ' ' I I ll ' Mr Ecker Mrs Clendanlel Mr Slmpson Mrs L1ppy Mr Engle Mr S1zer Mr W1ldas1n Mrs Balcom Mxss Ryan Mr Young Mr Z gler Mrs Haxfley Mr Robertson Mr Pfaff Mrs Gerstl Mrs Shoff Mr Brmton Mr Kroh Mr Graybeal Mxss Yxngllng Mr Kelly Junlors Sophomores Freshmen LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Second To the Faculty Teams that top all others for m1les around A fuller basketball schedule More Sen1ors who have def1n1te plans for after graduatlon A shorthand class that sucks str1ctly to shorthand An over flowmg safe so N C can be called "fully equ1ppe An end to bachelorhood 1n the near future Enough books to f1ll the shelves 1n the hbrary Students that can sew a stra1ght seam Future classes l1ke l2C More and better sheet muslc A plastxc car that 15 1mposs1ble to dent Every h1stor1cal map that you could posslble wlsh to have New speclmens to d1ssect ln B1ology Room No 8 to use for storage space Contxnued success 1n teach1ng at North Carroll A French meal prepared by a French chef A 2 x 3 s1gn clearly 1nscr1bed w1th the word THINK A g1rls arts and crafts class A yearbook staff that knows how to set up a yearbook A husband to go home to each even1ng The ab1l1ty not to blush As much fun and success as your Senlor year can hold for you Your two remalnlng years fllled w1th plenty of school sp1r1t A favorable vlewpolnt of school Fourth To the Alma Mater As much progress IH future years as was made thls past year' F1fth To everyone Success at the end of whatever ladder you choose to cl1mbl We Slgn seal, publlsh and declare thxs to be our last wlll and testament CLASS OF '57 L ,. ,,gms gn? If .' IIIIIIII - ' .. d.-- ' ' ' ' ' Il I! Third: To the classes as a whole . Y . ' . . -- ll ll I ' -P Z5 T' 'M ' ' A Q 5 L '.- if 1 'EL A .Y ' if 11 ' 4 .' A 7 , Y xl I , nv 1 'V A T X ,J "? f A ' f' . , g , . c . -. I CZ L . k j D I X1 A x nv I- ,454 WW George Merryman Charles M1ller Leon M1ller Baroara Mosebrook Patr1c1a Null Quentln Peregoy Donna Shanebrook Ga1l Sm1th Gerald Sm th Thomas Sprmkle Charles Steger Charles Thomas Wayne Thomas Patsy Warner Rachel Wentz SECTION Dorls Bankert Mary Brady Joyce Compton Joy F1sher Joan Fowble Russell Fuhrman Lew1s Harms Mar1on Hartman Peggy Hunter Clark Hurt Leon Jones Janet Lexster SAA X Qu.: A Q ,M 2 r f n U SECTION HC Phyllls Aberts Robert Anderson Martha Beam Barbara Berry Mary Bevard Robert Blshop Al1ce Brown Joan Bu chrnan , Patr1c1a Bushman Loxs Cauwela Bernme Cheek Mary Grammer Carson Hughes Grady Hughes Carol Mays Q.. Sa., w, v-w in W' 4' 'S-.. 6119! ,ra 3'-ff N. 553 .Q Carla M1ller Harold Mlller Barbara Morrlson Glorla. Mumrnaugh Naomx Phalpps Arlene Reed Helen Reed Marquerxte Rlchards Vernon R111 Jean Smlth Jeannette Stegner Janet Stepp Maybell Stone infer Barbara Strevxg Judy Thomson Jul1a Walsh Luc1lle Walsh June Warehxrne Nelson W1sner Madelme Zxmmerman Kenneth McNeave Bruce Martm Edward Martln George Mlller Thomas M11ler Wayne Monroe Kenneth Nusbaum Wayne Poole Dean Reed Ronald Renfro Samuel Rohrbaugh Donald Ruby Lawrence Schaffer Beatnce Se1pp Joseph Shaffer Louxse Shaffer Nancy Shaffer Not Pictured Barbara Bortner Charles Morgan Yew' fm' 'rr 0? "Q" Yu-fr Nu wp...-W I SECTION HG Joan Bauerhen W1ll1am Black Charlotte Bookhultz Harold Caltnder Jesse Crumble Kenneth Davldson Ronald Davldson Eugene DePa.1mer D1ane Frush Marvm Frush Robert Hann Jerre Hollxnger Q AZ 22 'sf all fx X955 Fred Martin Marshall Matthews Charles Mlllender Carol Mcrray George Myers Bonnie Reed Anne Reus Jean Rhoten Carl Rill Eileen Rill Frances Schaeffer Alvin Schmidt George Sine Robert Swam Gregory Trump Joseph Walker Edwma Warner Helen Warner SECTION IOA Susan Banker-t Kenneth Barnhart Richard Bauerhen Mary Bess Patricla. Blizzard Inice Cheek Dixie Close Wayne Curry Irene Davidson John Elseroad Beverly Hahn Nancy I-lorrch Mary Houck Richard Hull Janet Kopp Bonnie LeGore Loretta Leppo Shirley Lippy Charles Lutz Elaine Martin ,Z 'SY Joan Ball Bruce Baseman Doris Basler Mlldred Bowling Dennis Brxckerd Betty Buchman Louise Calhoun Thomas Crandell John Dell Richard Eisenhuth Edward Floyd Rus sell Fowble Helen harris Eileen Hexndel Phyllis Hesson Amelia Higgins bv Robert Hollmgshead V7 Nan cy Luckabaugh Barbara Mahoney 5. 'I' A5 .... D! 'Q 6- S- K S. 'Z UU! SEEN SDQQH Eigggii' Bgbmg, 55555 r-10'-1H,,, HHSSQ 3 35:3 Gail Raver Robert Reed Barbara Rineman Janet Ruby Mary Ann Schaffe Arm Shaffer David Stepp Nancy Stonesifer Charles Therit Jim Thompson Joyce Weimer Robert Wells Gene Wentz Marian Yingling CD 'Tl . 0 ' jf Z i 14 + , , fi ' ' . ' 5 -R ., F M , A 2 ' ' ,Q - - Z v I . 5 ' -A O f , O A . 5 J , . K ff I 2 A 'K J 'fit r- 'Y .' ', . - Y ' vi 'wwf if I QN Q' ' 1 .4 ' ' I . Q, ,, - Q, ' - Qara ' ' :fer L W ff I' W:-f ,,.. in Loma Mcllwee W1ll1am Mlller Norman Owmgs Wanda Peeks Ronald Poole Janet Reed Wendell Rlchards Robert R111 Ruth Rohrbaugh Albert Schaffer Rlchard Shaffer Thomas Shaffer Robert Showers Nancy Srrnth George Stanley Betty Sterner Patr1c1a Walter LeRoy Wh1tney 9 YI' in-6 Lin if if I 'Wi Q! SECTION IOG Margaret B1shop Donald Brooks Beatrxce Buchman Thomas Burgoon H1lda Coppersrmth Amta DePa1mer D1anne Dooley Sh1r1ey Ensor Jacob Grunrn Patsy He1ndel Nanrue H111 Nathan Hollmger Nancy Hosfeld Wayne Hurt Tanya Johnston Janmce Krumr1ne Shuley Leese R1chard L1ppy Vernon Martxn Gordon Mayer axial I Q'-v 3 S... we l ' ff 1 it eff . . X 1 y X' if n A 1 . I ,Lv ' ., . .- . -- fuk .. A X 1 ll 2 'Il grriigf . L' V 156-" 0 m .. A w VVVL M I X or 1 1 lf tw K 1 S 4 , a . f 54 fytlw nl G ' ' t . ey W 1 , . Q , A k E: W R in ,t D f Q! 1 U rf if ",', , Lf N Y. Y A I V ,V .- ,M K . , . V Y ' , 1 o W ' 2 .. V 'if 'L it 1 , 'V M ,K 1. :-,' - b .. H R . . - sa 1 .1 iw ff? if Q gf ,Q 6 1 1 -so ,I ., 6 I A , X 'L X S R1chard Green V1ck1e Green Ahce Hahn Stanley I-lamzlton Jack Harmon Glorla I-Iemdel Donald Hoff Jean Hoff Carol Hoover Merle Houck Judlth Jomer Mrldred Leedy Mary LeGore Ellen McGrew Rlchard Peterson Betty Weaver ul, XM.. 83? .ov Nr,-ff'-'49 ,pil L SECTION 9A Vernon Amspacher Wayne Bentz Charles Blsset George Brooks Mary Burgoon Jame s Byer s John Calhoun Paul Cauwels ty Robert Davldson Jeffrey Denner Joan Dulaney Donna Engle Frances Fenby Roger Glbson Patrrcxa Gxst 'X' Ns- eee v r Q o ar 'P' l r e B L ' .. ,ff t l Q Q-mi e r X ra K o 3 a .5 ,I 5' r ig A Luz: k I V e f X xy " L xl R xv Q I L . . . . Q 4, ,MSA . fo Xl Q A ' 7:1533 ' X my ' ,vii b,A, j 4 W ' I ' 'V ,,-L.g Q X X ' x ' x , ' ' iff' a s .bg n v A A - 'L I ' F .xg , x . . jg 4, ly f , ls n 're Q ...M . f . ws., i ix.. ' fir'-Q' ip. N e n SECTION 9B Mary Albers Wrlbert Hughes Donald L1ppy Luther Martm Leshe McGrew John Mlller Dean M1Hn1Ch Mxrlam Monroe Donna Rlchards Carolyn R111 Jul1a Ruby Rxchard Ruby Eleen Schluter Arlene Slegman X "" Barbara Sxmms Carrle Sk1pper Alberta Snyder Wayne Steger Davld Sullxvan Beverly Tasker Ellen Therxt Wxlllam Tlmberman Janlce Tracy Judlth Vuaghn George Walker Ruth Walker TV' 45-' ,Q ' Frank Wanken 'ff Jeanne Wareh1me r Robert Young T af .1 E ' l A' Q M fy 'X-'x , Q 5 r y l X a X . . I ' W e W V K W 1' Linda Myerly k 'Y A 'x K 1 , f L s . . ,U YS, , id W 's J, I . K . ff l 'L f, 'yii ' 4-.. ' ' K , . Y 'fx' -W Q- as ' ,Q e a W 9 1 t 5 : t. Ln Al K fy- ' k, I. il r.. ' Y A - 5 Q' Barbara Dell Edward Dell Esther Dell Anthony DePalmer Grady Dxllow John Fltzpatrlck Lxnda Franc1s Nancy Hagan Charles Harr1s James Harms Nancy Helwxg Joseph Holbrook Darlene Kllnedmst Ellnor Krezt Melvm K,rumr1ne Beverly Lang M1chael Lecro Patsy Martm Robert Martm Janet Rugemer X ,fu m iw? SECTION George Aberts Paul Anderson Harold Bachman Ruth Ball Esther Basler Geraldme Bess Herbert Blckford Joseph Bxshop Douglas Bowxnan Ralph Burleson Barbara Calhoun Rlchard Cape James Church Mardell Class1ng John Curtls 9 ill M31 kj SECTION 9D John Grote Betty Howell B1l1y Malone Larry Marcer Davxd Matthews Dan1el Mxllender Robert Mlller Paul Moffxtt Bonn1e Murray Rlchard Myers Edwm Osburn Lloyd Parson Esther Ranoull Dor1s Reed Jack Reed Q'-Q axial xX f ll np... ff! I - fi P' 46 ff ra Joyce R111 Phyllls R111 Brenda Ross Laverne Ruby Kenneth Schaffer Carl Schluter Raymond Se1gman Betty Shaffer Llnda S1mmons Cec1l Stlckles Charles Tracey Conn1e Trump Wxlham Whlte Kathryn W1ldas1n Bonrue Wllhelm Paul Wllhlde Donald Yelton Larry Y1nglmg Nevm Ylnglxng Ruth Ylnghng CAN YOU I Rose Abbott belng fat? Barbara Baker not l1k1ng horses? Pat Baker not readmg a book? Dorls Barnhart not dr1v1ng? Dave Basler knowlng what's goxng on 1n class? Paul Benham laughlng at a Joke? Burnell Bentz gomg steady? Gladys Berwager not sm1l1ng llene Bevard wxth blond l'a1r? Fred Blshop not torrnentmg glrls? Ronald Buckley wxth black han? Davxd Bush w1thout a grln for all? Ella Church bexng out of humor? Anna Daugherty not belng a class clown? June Dell hav1ng a perfect attendance record? B111 Dell belng faCCt10U.S9 Lynn Dunkle w1thout red ha1r? J1m Flater not gomg huntmg? Bobb1e Forbes bemg nolsy? Irene Forrester not th1nk1ng of Elv1s? Barbara Fr1d1nger not be1ng neat? Francls Furhrnan be1ng solemn? Walter Gelsler not worklng at S1everts? W1ll1arn Glggard not tlcklmg g1rls? Don Hale not bemg treasurer? B111 Ham1lton not telhng Jokes? Shxrley Hemdel not bemg eas11y embarrassed? Ruth Hersh not Wrltlng letters to Houghton? Carroll Hetr1ck not teasmg Hugh? Delorls H1gg1ns wlth a Dutch accent? Janlce H111 bexng pess1rn1st1c? Ellen Holbrook be1ng 5'Z' ? Ronald K1dd wlth red halr? Helen Le1ght wxth no draw ng ab1l1ty? Peggy Markle not s1ng1ng? John Martln not talk1ng about cars? V1v1an Mcllwee belng 1n a hurry? Carrme Mlller not do1ng homework? Donna Mlller m1ss1ng school? V101a Mxller s1x feet tall? Evelyn Moff1tt not bemg well dressed? MAGINE2 Donald Monroe bemg eas1ly swayed? Sh1rley Myers w1thout her blue Ford? Rachel Neudecker not wrxtmg poetry? Pat Newbell not studylng? Ronald Ph1ll1PB not doxng h1s homework? Whltmore Reddlng bemg extravagant? Norma R111 w1thout a smxle? Robert R111 be1ng outspoken 1n class? Betty R0b1HBOH not go1ng steady? Joyce Rohrbaugh belng f1ve feet tall? Betty Ruby not gettlng stra1ght A's Mary Ruby not blush1ng? Jo Saegusa not gettlng good marks? Elalne Schaeffer w1th black haxr? Calvm Seltz rernembenng h1s lunch money? Norman Sellers not playxng a saxophone? Betty Shaffer wxth long black ha1r? Donald Shaffer wlthout h1s laugh? Hugh Shaffer w1th a crew cut? Lo1s Sherxdan not gxgghng ? Vlrglnla Sxmpklns not belng affable? Martha Slorp not talklng? Mxnam Spahr not bemg a cheerleader? Joan Steger wxthout a frxendly smxle? Dor1s Sterner bemg d1sorderly? Gerald Strev1g do1ng 1115 homework? Joan Strevxg not playmg 1n the orchestra? Dav1d Sullxvan not scoring m basketball? Audrey Therlt not askmg questlons? Janet Thompson w1th long halr? Nevm Utz not talkmg about Wheelers? Aust1n Towner w1thout a crew cut? Douglas Trump not datlng Ruth? Melvma Wagner not part1c1pat1ng 1n sports? Dale Warehxme being s1x foot tall? Dorxs Wezss not answermg ln class? W1ll1am Wells not mocklng people? Dean Wentz not bemg p1cked on :Ln Englxsh? Maurxce Wentz havlng a perfect attendance record? James W11helrn w1th a Model T Ford? . I . . . 4 . . . . . 4- 0 , . Mak1ng the Dummy Commg off the Press Papers on Sale PANTH ERS TALE -.Q Www Seated Ass1stantEd1tor DonHa1e Ed1tor m Chmef Lynn Dunkle Standlng left to r1ght Sports Edxtor TornSpr1nkle Feature Ed1tor Delor1sH1gg1ns FreshmanReporter Betty Weaver Jumor Reporter Mary Pat Brady Faculty dvxsor Mlss Ryan Ass1stantD1str1but1ng Edxtor Sh1r1ey Myers Dlstrlbutmg Edltor Janlce H111 Sen1or News Reporter Evelyn Moffltt Sophomore News Reporter E11een I-Iexndel w, 'im J V 1 x s ,x - xx , 5' K A A -at a f t 'K k ,s xx 2 - 3 - - - I , : - 2 - 5 - 1 - L A- - 5 - 2 ' l ' 2 FTA Plannmg for Beauty Pageant practice Teaching Comm :Lttee at Work wi Seated, left to rlght. Mr. Loren Simpson Sponsor Me1v1na Wagner V1ce Presxdent Vlrglnla Simpkins-President' Barbara Mosebrook-Secretary' Ruth Hersh-Treasurer. Second Row: Joy Ann Fisher, Peggy Hunter, Pat Null Rachael Wentz-Historian, Joan Strevig Mary Pat Brady Irene Forrester, J'oanFowb1e Doris Barnhart. "I'hirdRow: Donald Hale, Gerald Strevig Tommy Sprinkle-Reporter, Janet Leister, Pat Newbell Gale Smith Doris Weiss Barbara Fridinger Jo th R w: Calvin Seitz, Joyce Compton, Janice Hill. Anna Saegusa. Four o x Q Virginia Simpkins Pre sident OFFICERS Melvina Wagner Barbara Mosebrook Vice-President Secretary Ruth Ann Hersh Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL WIDE 11 Seated, left to r1ght Calvxn Sextz, Judy Thompson, Ruth Hersh Peggy Markle 1.4018 Cauwels SecondRow Ilene Bevard Lucxlle Walsh Alberta Snyder Nannxe H111 Vlrgxnxa Slmpkxns, Mrs Shoff Adv1sor Thlrd Row John Elseroad Paul Cauwels, Leon M111er Maurxce Wentz, Russell Fowble, Ronald Dav1dson Edward Osborne Lxstmg School Act1v1t1es Choosmg Comrruttees Athletxc Program Commlttee ww-'naps nn If WA A mf .M w - Q , K in Tr?" , my f Y. 1 . , if - O J .H mm ,i..'k-fer: , M , Z?-. Zi.. Q , M 'K Q . V X .. - ' .wa X '!'i:'fG Q ' A fix? ,A N .. - lf, Qi'- Q Nw 'A 3' '9 'il' H: I :1-eai ,A 'f' - , ., 'lf V- '14 3 W ' Qi 4- f gi -'N , Q-M Q" My wg V ' Q, K ' wagk 5 . -f 1 A. . M , -W 'U , 29 N , L. i , 5 . 1 5 f 'Wm Mw?5?',f K 1'-'Lg V - X 1 f 'M Y It 4 fi k ff T 5 L 5 H 4 S ' vp ' :.w.:' fy T , Ali? .Q , -i:iF?93?-, ' -'-- ' P5431 QX5 xiii 32:51.11 fi, 'LA 5 gil, X fa ! 1 ' .N V. aff' , 9 fy ' ' Y ww 1 ,,n,,.,: W ,,.. .. . u f ,,gq.w1i, ,1 A W .V SAFETY PATROL Left to rmght V S1mpk1ns,I Cheek, E Schaeffer S Hemdel, N Horxch, B Hahn D We1ss F Fuhrman, H Warner N WISHCT D Sterner G Miller J Rohrbaugh R Shower MOVIE OPERATORS goon, A Walker, S Harmlton, C Mxller J Flater B Swam E Osborne, W Steger, C Lutz R E1senhuth,G D1llow,T M1ller R Fowble, N Sellers C Anderson M Wentz R Kldd Seated, left toright: K. Davidson, L. Jones, Mr. Pfaff, W, Kidd. Standing: R, Peterson, T, Bur- ORCHESTRA F1rst Row R Rohrbaugh H Warner J Ruby, D Engle M Houck Second Row M Houck Harmon D Monroe, V R111 PIANISTS F Fenby B Reed J Saegusa A Reed H Warner C. Miller,'J. Saegusa, A,'Reed, G. Broolgs. Third.Row: Miller, Cauwels, N., Seilers, J SENIOR CHORUS Flrst Row left to r1ght Mr Young J' Saegusa I Bevard B Forbes D Barnhart J Flater N Sellers E Schaeffer V Slmpklns H Lelght P Markle Second Row J H111 J Strevlg E Moffltt D Hlgglns I Forrester W Kldd M Soahr B Ruby B Frldlnger R Hersh Thxrd Row M Wagner S Myers P Newbell C Semtz D Sulllvan G Berwager B Robmson A Daugherty R Abbott, J Harms 'NIotP1ctured D We1ss MALE QUINTET Flater Sellers Kmdd Seltz D Sulllvan Mus1cal Instructor Mr Young WHO S WHO CLASS ROMEO AND JULIET MOST ACTIVE MOST SOPHISTICATED Delor1s H1gg1ns Dave Sullwan Betty Rob1nson Norman Sellers Peggy Markle Wayne Kldd MOST ALL AROUND CLASS PEST V1rg1n1a Sxmpkms QUIETEST Vxola M1ller Dave Sulhvan Dor1s Sterner Ronnxe Kxdd Donald Monroe MOST BASHFUL BEST DANCERS CLASS BRAINS Mary Ruby Peggy Markle Donald Monroe Burnell Bentz B1lly Wells Betty Ruby WHO S WHO MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING BEST PERSONALITY Ruth Hersh Vxrguua S1mpk1ns Peggy Markle Dave Sulhvan Jmm Flater Jxm Flater Q BEST DRESSED BEST ATHLETES CLASS CLOWNS Barbara Frzdmger Melvma Wagner Anna Daugherty Calvm Se1tz Dave Sulllvan Donald Shaffer MOST STUDIOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CLASS LOVERS Patsy Newbell Jo Anna Saegusa Audrey Ther1t Ronald Phxlhps Donald Monroe Hugh Shaffer Q60 SADIE HAWKINS DANCE SENIORS IN ACTION MVN 301 Y' English Typing Home Economlcs Muslc Shop Chemlstry 'egg Scxence P O D STAFF SECRETARY Mrs L Hoffman BUS DRIVERS Fr ont Row, left to right: Mr. W Rhoten, Mr. J. Rhoten, Mr. G. Win- and. Back Row: Mr. E. Miller, Mr H, Stermer, Mr. L, Shaffer, Mr. B Wisner, Mrs. B. Wisner, Mr. M Sterner, Mr. T. Srnith, Mr. H. Sny- der . ,fU'l'wiu. 11 -vn- CAFETERIA WORKERS Front Row left to rlght Mr H Mxller, Mr G Wlnand Jarutorsj Back Row Mrs M Brxlhart Mrs M Zumbrum Mrs R Fowler Mrs M M11ler 02 X CARROLL COUNTY SOCCER CHAMPIONS First Row: R. Ruby - Manager, R. Gibson, K, Davidson, T, Sprinkle, J. Harmon, E. Floyd K McNeave, B. Bentz, D. Basler, S. Hamilton, L. Jones, K. Barnhart, B. Wells, B. Hollinger. Second Row: J. Thompson, B. Anderson, R. Buckley, S, Steger, D. Hale, D. Shaffer, B, Miller, C Rill -4 i Y 'lt 1 B Z . 3 ' fy 2 . ' ' . l 5 1 5 ' , ' N x ' 3 f - .IX ,, , Z Coach Ecker GRADUATING SENIORS North Carroll North Carroll North Carroll North Carroll North Carroll North Carroll 'YN orth Carr oll 'kEXh1b1IlOH New Windsor Taneytown Sykesville Mt Airy Elmer Wolfe Westrrinster Park CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAMS Cente r kneeling: Captain, Dave Sullivan. First Row, left to right: J. Harman, Mgr., E. DePalmer, B. Bentz, T. Sprinkle. Second Row: G. Smith, D, Hale, D, Shaf- fer, S. Steger, B. Anderson, W. Bentz, Mgr.g Coach Ecker. Kneeling G Trump F1rstRow R Shaffer J' Elseroad R. Bauer Second Row S Hamilton F Martin Co Captain G Myers P Cauwels, E Floyd COACH ECKER lin, K, B,ai'nhart,Co-.Captain. 2 . ' . . STARTING FIVE Donald Shaffer Senior Sonny Steger Junior l Da.v1d Sulhvan Semor Donald Hale Burnell Bentz Sernor Semor Russell Fuhrman Ronald Kxdd Txm keeper Scorekeeper PANTHER SNAPSHOTS Pa th G t Tap off h P Big George J. V, Team TRACK Flrst Row D Basler C R111 G Mlller T Sprmkle Second Row J Flater B Wells E Floyd R Phllhps B Bentz Thlrd Row W Q Kxdd R Fuhrmmn B Anderson G Merrzrnan B M1ller R Buckley K Dav1dson Coach Ecker SPRINTERS DISTANCE MEN HIGH-JUMPERS MDI' K .. 4 vu , . Mui X Q 4 'S-M, wp Q 1, ,sf sl ! Juv '- dm, ' 3 ,g ln . " gig ' . -f'i?""'7"a TRACK an Welght men Pole Vaulter N Broad Jumpers GIRLS SPEEDBALL TEAM F1rstRow,lefttor1ght D Barnhart,G Rater J Streug M Wagner A Daugherty Co Captalns I Forrester M Beam, M Hartman Second Row Coach Clendamel N H111 L Cauwells J Compton C Mays J Thompson B Hahn E I-Iexndel GRADUATING SENIORS These glrls wlll be mlssed by 'Nlorth Carroll 1n the Athleuc Department next year 1 . . ' , - ' 1 . 1 . ' ' . 1 - - - 1 1 - 1 - 1 o 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 . - 1 X Melvina Wagner Co- Captain Joyce Compton NORTH CARROLL GIRLS Mar1on Hartman 3 S First Row, left to right: J, Rohrbaugh, I. For- rester J Strevi J Thom son , . g, . P , C. Mays, A Daugherty, M, Wagner, M, Hartman, J. Compton CHAMPION BASKETBALL TEAM 2 x N do i J. Smith, D. Barnhart, P. Newbell. Second Row: Coach Clendaniel, N. Horich, I. Cheek, M, Beam, D. Close, N. Hill. Not Pictured: S. Myers. S X Carol Ly 2 i Anna Daugherty Co- Captain n Mays 2 Judy Thompson VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to rzght Loxs Cauwells Barbara Frmdmger Delorzs I-hggms Evelyn Moffmtt Joy F1sher Peggy Hunter Mlrlam Spahr Left to r1ght Lols Cauwells Peggy Hunter Joy F1sher Mlrxam Spahr Delorxs Hxggms Bar bara Frldlnger Evelyn Moffltt : 1 1 1 1 , . : 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . G GAA Bottom to Top L Cauwells, M Hartman J' Compton, J' Strev1g J F1sher A Daugherty B Fr1d1nger R Hersh, D H1gg1nS E Moffxtt C Mays N H111 P Hunter I Forrester E R111 ner P Newbel1,D Barnhart, B Legore J Kopp N Houck E He1nde1 P Bhzzard N Helwzg B Tasker 1n1Lru.dd1e1'B. blendaniellrrcuny ,Ad:liSO1'.- Better c 151-051 Bottonnlto Top! fnlweaver, 'mfwatgl H n S N R A P S H A O D T S N x ff .M W. ,. S2454 , ff M. . ggi ,, Q' 1 , w i 4 H,.,,'k if WJ ,. if ."' A ' fl JO . K n Q 1 -sm . 5 I I !' if s Q 7 ' 1' Q Q' Q, , V R M, is Q 1 , 'S ,w if,,f M . ' ' ' 'figs , 1,14 I gg: rf .sz K . 1' .f Q . Q k N K Q ., W sqm, 1 .. .A.,:.x,',:- KHA ,TLV L I , 7 V V 'if .Av Q-791 .. " K ,rg ' w 1 Zn - -Q X ff , H-if I . r' Q-A K ev! 4 an w AGN' 35'- ,W -s 3' W M Q C. ,M S ir V 3 G gi 3 X 95 --. f Q ' :Adm in w.- Lfpvin ,nf ' 2' of ' nu-..,., -J --gm if .QQV4 2 ,A V fe I '15 I 'HUFZQ 'B' Wngovf -nm- 'mmm Ik ic ily? I' X 4 x sf, 'Q Q33 '1 V ' Q 'ELF -fl' KES., v , ' I K ,, , X 1 1 'J ' x ' 'ga ' U Q 'W n P I gif. f . 'L 1 KK, MTH ., Aim .Q ., L.. ""' pr-uw' W! 1 Q I ...AH '--5 ,W--o-anov' ...-4.-arrow' 5 .il rw--.M A99 X .Q ,VI P' -V-' an , 9 9 fn fi' if xxx, A, fl.. YF , -, . ,K 77 'wk un " 1 'Riff' was 6 .P v K W x 3 l 5 gr 'F 4, ,f ,' W 1 4? 25 fi K , Q LA . ' , . If - JVC lnqpm , ww I . at sk .F m as m yt-yy. Q ' Vg Y . , jk YQ ,Jw 'Z gg, '25 , : gy 6 m tl x 'ffl 4 I " ,. ' if 2 ' ffm 5 Q 'T' 3151, ' CLASS PROPHECY 1957 One cold dark n1ght wh1le lookmg through my old NCHS annual, I began to th1nk back upon all the wonderful memor1es and tr1ed to remember all my old classmates when suddenly I seemed to see before me, my graduatxng class They looked the same as ever, only they were older, more dxstrngulshed looklng and they beckoned for me to come w1th thenu Motxvated by some strange force I knew not what, Iwas propelled offmy feet and on to thexr mag1c carpet mstan taneously Th1s was so mcredrble but I couldn t go back now even 1f Iwanted to That strange force was movmg me on Then they explalned to me that 1fIw1shed they would take me all around to the1r drfferent places of occupatlon so I could see what they were dolng now Iqulckly consented, and we were off on our mag1c fllghtl Our f1rst stop 18 at Un1onMemor1al l-lospltal, rn Baltlmore where the head resxdent surgeon 1B Dr Calvln R Sertz He assxgns us to a guxde, and we take a tour through the rest of the hospxtal To our surprrse we see the superlntendent of nurses Ella Sue Church who xs grvmg pat1ent Pau.l Benham a needle He has Just been hurt ln an ac c1dent, rn whrch Fred Bxshop, truck d1str1butor ran 1nto hun Paul was Just return1ng from h1s Job at Congoleum Naxrn 1n Fmksburg, Maryland We are happy to hear he 18 dolng well As we leave the hospltal we bzd the recepnomst, our good fr1end Gladys Berwager, goodbye As we are leavmg she tells us that she and her husband and two ch1ldren are very happy After we leave the hospital, we come to the St1effS1lverware Company As we go rn, the charming recept1on1st, Ellen I olbrook meets us She tells us that Lols Sherxdan 18 also workrng there and 15 se cr etar y to Mr Burnell Bentz, pres1dent of the flrm On our tour of the burldxng, we also see Dor1s Sterner, who 18 a bookkeeper, and Ilene Ben ard pubhc stenographer As we enter the sales depart ment, we recogruze Rose Marxe Abbott She tells us that she 18 chxef buyer for the company Her secretary 1B Dorxs We1ss, a graduate of the Un1vers1ty of Baltxmore As we leave the plant, we see Rachel Neudecker, secretary to one of the v1ce presrdents, and Norma Lou R111 personnel manager Ellen, our recept1on1st b1ds us oodbye az d we contmue ox our Journey Upon comxng out of the burldrng, we see a srgn saymg 'Janet s Beauty Salon ' We are very mterested as one of our classmates named Janet wanted to be a haxrdresser We enter the shop and are pleased to fmd Janet Thompson, owner of the shop She has so many customers that she has to have two secretarxes under her who are also our classmates .Ioan Steger and Donna Mzller The boys are becornxng xmpatxent so we leave J'anet's, and go on to the Baltimore Sunpapers offrce 1 1 - 1 , , , - . . . I . - 1 1 1 1 . , . 1 1 , . . . - 1 . J , - 1 . - 1 , , ' - T . . 1 1 g 1 1 1 . . . . . . ' ' I 1 v . - 1 . . , 1 1 1 - 1 CLASS PROPH ECY 1957 When we reach the Sunpapers off1ce, V1v1ar1 Mcllwee the recep t1on1st, offers to take us through the bu1ld1ng The f1rst person we see 18 Delor1s H1ggms who 18 chxef reporter for the soc1al act1v1t1es pages Her assoc1ate reporter 18 Mary Ruby who also does some free lance work Delor1s tells us that her f1rst book 1B Just about ready to come off the press so we all promxse to buy one As we walkthrough the off1ces we see secretar1es Peggy Markle, and Betty Robmson They have Just gotten marr1ed and are workmg to help pay for the1r new ranch homes We also see Joyce Rohrbaugh, one of the typ1sts for the paper Then we really do get a b1g surprzsel Whom should we see but Dale Wareh1me, whose hobby has always been pr1nt mg We learnthat he 18 ed1tor and publ1sher of the paper w1th Bobb1e Sue Forbes as h1s secretary When we recover from the shock, we see that tune 18 sl1pp1ng away and we must go on The next place we v1s1t 15 S1na.1 Hosp1tal We see a cute l1ttle nurse, and upon tak1ng asecond look, we f1nd that It 18 M1r1am Spahr We remember another of our classmates Lynn Dunkle, who was also 1nterested m nurs1ng and we ask M1r1am about her She tells us that Lynn 1B now a renowned ped1atr1c1an We Wlsh to f1nd out more about Lynn, so we go to the 1nformat1on desk where we f1nd Carrxe M1ller She tells us that Dr Dunkle 18 m Europe on a s1x week VaCB.t1OI1 We thank her ard go on The next place we V1S1t 18 Peabody Inst1tute where we f1nd B1lly Wells Professor of the Plano He has h1s own TV program now and Baker who assxsts h1m 111 h1s program As we depart from Peabody we see a brlght red neon s1gn across the street say1ng'Wh1t's Pharmacy ' We are all pretty th1rsty so we go 1n and order sodas Whxle we are wa1t1ng, whom should we see but the proprxetor, our old buddy Whltmore Redd1ng We can tell he 18 do1ng very well 1n h1s bus1ness by the d1amond t1e p1n he 1B wearmg When we f1n1sh our sodas, we Wlsh h1m well, and go to our next place of 1nterest On our wayto one of the new Sen1or hlgh schools, we see a beau tlful church We stop to 1nqu1re about it and learn 1t has been de s1gned by arclutect, Francxs Furhman, who 18 now worlung on an add1t1on to the Wh1te House We resume ourjourney and arr1ve at the school r1ght on schedule Upon entermg, we V1B1t the pr1nc1pal's 0ff1Ce and there see Dave Sul l1van, who 18 pr1nc1pa1 He was teachlng but he tells us he got a pro mot1on I-11s secretary Betty Ruby, greets us grac1ously, and offers to show us around the school It 18 an 1mmense place, w1th two full t1me gu1dance counselors, Ruth Hersh, and Barbara Frldlnger We pass the Home Ec room, and see a tr1m young woman bend1ng wor r1edly overa sewmg mach1ne We ask what the trouble 15 and see lt 15 J'an1ce H111 She tells us the serv1ceman has put too much 011 m the machme We try to help her, but to no ava1l Then we travel on to the Math department, where we f1nd Audrey Ther1t try1ng to expla1n a geometry problem to her semor class We lmger for a. moment to see I . I . I v ' ' I is known by everyone as Liberace the second. One of his pupils is Pat . , . , . . I . . . . . , - CLASS PROPHECY 1957 what the problem IB about and when we leave, the class understands It no better so we contmue down the hall Our next stop 1B the Com mercxal department, where we see Dor1sBarnhart teachmg her short hand II class We do not wxsh to d1sturb her, so we hurry on On cornlng out of the roorn we run 1l'ltO Irene Forrester and Don Hale, Phys Ed coaches who tell us thexr basketball teams are d1str1ct champs We cong ratulate them, and cont1nue on and see Gerald Strev1g who 1B teachmg Vocatlonal Agrlculture I-le tells us that 1n hls spare t1me he takes care of hxs two farms, one of whlch 13 the largest daxry farm lll the state We are overwhelmed, but then decxde to leave and next v1s1t the Doubleday Book Co whose mam off1ce 1B now 1nBa1t1more We bld Dave and Betty goodbye and travel When we enter the Doubleday 0ff1Ce we fxrst see bookkeepers Anna Daugherty and Ela1ne Schaeffer They are very busy so we keep gomg Evelyn Moffltt bumps xnto us on her way to take some d1ctat1on from the boss Everythmg xs 1n such a bustle around there so we dec1de to leave Our next stop 18 the Baltlmore C and P Telephone Company where we see serv1ce man Robert R111 Just golng out on a call June Dell one of the telephone operators, tells us not to forget to stop at the Marlne Craft Plant where Shlrley Hexndel 18 workxng explaln that we don t have txme and start once agaxn We have no further buslness 1n Baltnnore so our destlnatlon now 15 New York Cxty On the outsklrts of the c1ty of New York, we see a new Elementary .Tumor I-hgh School We declde to take a quxck tour so we enter and fmd Shirley Myers Pat Newbell and Joan Strev1g all elernentary teachers Joan 18 very happy teachxng her l1ttle f1rst graders We take a peek 1nto the .Tumor h1gh part and see assocxate gym teachers Vugnua Sxrnpkxns and Melv1na Wagner conductlng a gym class IH volleyball Wh11e talklng to them they tell us that Ronald Ph1ll1ps Hugh Shaffe r , and Donald Monroe are all englneers at the lvionroe Plant 1n Albany Donald 15 pres1dent of the frrm and chxef aeronautxcal engmeer As we make our way to Conover's Modelxng Agency, we see a s1gn saylng "Janet HBTTISXB Beauty Culture School We remember that Janet always wanted to be a beautxclan and we are happy to see she has realxzed her ambltxon When we enter the agency we see Helen Lexght, advertlslng rr an ager She 18 very successful 1n her art career We ask her lf she knows ofany of our other classmates and she tells us that Wayne K1dd 18 the head of a bxg law flrm 1n New York that handles all of the Con over Agency s busxness She also tells us that Carroll Hetrxck IS now a successful plumber 1n h1s father's bus1ness 1 1 f ' . . , ' 1 1 OH. 1 ' ' ' ' . We . I . . 1 A A 0 1 Q 1 C . , - ' , , I . , I . . . . . . . . ' ' ' ll . . . 1 - , . , . . CLASS PROPHECY 1957 Tlme 1B runn1ng out and we must fuush our Journey today so we leave the c1ty of New York On the outskmrts of the cxty we see a large game reserve owned by Jimmy Flater, who 18 now a game warden W e ar e now on our way to Ft Jackson, South Carolxna We happen to notxce ahuge lurnber plant owned and operated by James W1lhelm, who formerly helped hxs father 1n the lumber buslness On the way to Fort Jackson, we see some large farms, and d1s cover they are owned by Norrnan Sellers and B1lly Dell who are also nnportant stockholders 1n the Monroe Company We flnally reach Fort Jackson and greet our oldfr1ends, Nevm Utz, Dave Basler, and Maurxce Wentz Nevm and Dave are Generals, and Maurxce 15 a Sergeant mn the U S Army Nev1n tells us he has been wr1t1ng to Dave Bush, who 15 now a mlss onary 1n Bol1v1a They also lnform us that B111 Harnllton and Don Shaffer are maklng a career of the Navy We ask them 1f they know about any of the other boys 1n our class, and they tell us that they thlnk some of them are statloned at the Alr Force base 1n Georgla We fmd we are ahead of schedule so we declde we have tlme to v1s1t there The f1r st person we see IS Ronald K1dd, who 18 now a Commerc1al that Aust1n Towner, 1B workmg ln the fleld of electrorucs and that John Martm and Douglas Trump are prlots also We b1d them good bye and turn our mag1c carpet around and head back home We stop at Wash1ngton, D C , for d1nner and across from the restaurant we see a huge hospxtal Some of us go over and are greeted by Dr J Anna Saegusa, who xs apsych1atr1st w1thher own offlce at the hospltal She tells us that Bette Jayne Shaffer 1B dlrector of Physxcal Therapy there We return back to Hampstead and on the outsk1rts of the town we see the great Black and Decker Plant whrch has been enlarged and 1mprov1sed s 1nc e we have graduated Buckley and Walter Ge1sler are corrung :Ln on the next shlft They are Tool and Dxe makers, and work rn the new department As we leave the plant, one of the sec retarles, Martha Slorp w1shes us a pleasant Journey Igo to clunb aboard the magxc carpet agam, and suddenly every th1ng 15 blurred The next th1ng I know, I am s1tt1ng xn an armchalr besxde my old NCHS annual and I shake my head 1n surpr1se, and then xt all comes back to me I've been dreamlngl But what a won derful dream 1f1t all were true I take one last look at my old annual and with a slgh, put lt back on the shelf but I shall never forget my graduatmg class of 1957 Airline Pilot. His assistant is William Giggard. Ronnie tells us '. .. . o . . . I I ---- Qwm Q DOECIUQIHU E FEM: BME Om ME: LUEDH 33028 HO :MO nmsx IMIHMUSUINMVIHI 0302! OEQUOQHD mC3xUHIHI PSAUNUIHI DDQ MUCH ISEOIB ISMEIHOW UHOUQ UBSUOWQD PHMAUQUIH MHODHHQ :OEO3 Swim IME H M5350 WISJUMOIHI 2:0 Imaam IHOmEJOIr Nam dd Q wEmMOIH ISEOIB Igmgaw OH wig: ES mano mIN0LHOHD OAHHHJ 5:5 OHM Og? 230 m Isumdm ISMEIIONA X2 HUHWHW CARP HUHmHm GHKF M5505 m0OvIIm0mmOn OE? GOQIHOQ Q UROOQ KQHEBIGGD muimzdm IHBMHW Igwisw WIHUAUMB ZAUBOIHO Imam H Gov HE: Bacon OHOOAM IAWCZ mumgiwn 0302! EDOS UDOIIH EWU H is O55 OEOUIHH TISUU E UOCOSRVDU wigm EUUUIQ Hyde C215 V32 UEOOQ UBBUGOU gmsmdm OHOOHH UBEUCOO FSEOIB I5mOZ T63 nmEDOGm MIHQZEOE HSODN H562 wiwm OHOUA UBSUCOO 0xOEm EE EIUEOI3 Q O HH UAHOIPUEOI OROUQ MUSHOUGOO Ou HOE 0CO0EOm Ish WQOOQI5 wEEUEOm E03 DOI, OQ KOISQ E0 wavy! 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A 5 Compllments o HAMPSTEAD BANK 'viez ber ECI 1 DL Jobt BLlI'iI JIJU1 lun Hampstead Marylalld Better Grocerle CH RlES l H lllER KOONTZ AND CREAMERY INC SONS Meats and Vegetables Custom Slaugnterlug 'vo0O RElSTSTSlOXK Roan Ready for Freezer X M KXAPP Tr P ole Framkl 4 0132 L1ber1y 4300 Baltlmore ln Maryland Manchester Maryland J ' f l-'V-:Nl 'Q "1 I1 z,CcCn'1 '1 1 , f '5 at A . . 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' . . , A , , , Y 1 Of .i i . A F ' Ilampstead Maryland Greenxnount Maryland . YK I 1 . . , 1 . y , ,- Llneboro KUPPS COMPANY INC Lumber Buxldxng Mater1als All of your Ifulldlllg Problems ar oi BIG concerx to us 'NIO Matter lf lt s a flx up patch up or a new add1t1on Job mf xt 2, zmportant to you lt s xmportant t o us, too' We have tramed rnen to adylse you and all kmds oi the yery best naterlals at reaeorable prlces Phone us or better st1ll corre 11 and loom oxer our rnaterlal EIIIISI' way you re 5 re of courts-o serx ce fast del1xe11esa1.lQu1lt Mater1als LUMBER M LLWORK BUILDING SUPPLIES Offlce Phone Franklln 4 4811 Llnehoro Maryland Ex e 1 ng Calls Fredrxck Tab Martxxl Franklln 4 2714 KOPP S COMPANY INC Where The Home Beg1ns" Custom Made Mlllwork Mary land , I 3 . I . 1 ' " - - ' " ' -- A J I . , I1 . 7 ,, . , . . V ' . . T ' I . -- . .x , 7 . . v Y , , A A . , Ill ' 'LIS 'I , ' ' ' U L ly' . J , V ' Il ' 1: I' ' I p . ,. . SNYDER S SERVICE STATION Franklln 4 2376 Iampstead Maryland Complzments o I ILDA S BEAUTY SHOP Complzments o MR at MRS EDWARD C TIPTON Compliments o 1-IAMPSTEAD PACKING RILL S TYDOL SERVICE Dlstrlbutor of Gasolzne Kerosene and Fuel O11 O11 Burner SCFVICC Phone Fral klln 4 4021 Day 4 42564 Nxght Complzments of A FRIEND HAMPSTEAD CLEANERS Phone Franklm 4 0321 JOHN W RILL CONTRACTOR gl BUILDER Phone Franklxn 4 3273 Hampstead Marylaz d SEAKS DEPARTMENT STORE Phone Franklln 4 7881 Hampstead Maryland MILLENDER S GULF SERVICE STATIOIN Phore Frankl1n4 3921 Hampstead Mary land Your Frlendly AVON Representatlve for Hampstead Dlstrmct Cosrnetlcs ty Glft Sets For All Occasxons MRS LEONA COPPERSMITH Hampstead Maryland INSURANCE of ALL KINDS Llberal Adjustrnents Prompt Settlem nts Insura ce plus Serylce HARVEY T RILL AGENT Harnpstead Maryland GRAF S BARBER SHOP Openfrorr 8am to8pn Closed all Day Wednesday Sale of Han' Tomcs RICHARD H GRAF Prop Hanpstead a yland WILLIAM J MATTHEWS Insurance Agency Phone Franklm 4 3264 Hampstead Maryland MENCHEY MUSIC SERVICE 430 Carlxsle Street Hanover Pennsylva ua AR'XIOLD'S JEWELRY STORE Authorlzed Agency for LOI1glIl9 Wluttnaue Ihloya Elgm Watches Feature Lock Dlan ond Rmgs Watch Repaxrs Jewelry Phone Frankhn 4 6063 Hampstead Maryland I' HAMPSTEAD WALLPAPER and PAINT CO Quahty For Less Interxor gl Exterlor Decoratmg C E THOMAS Proprletor 133 N Maxn St Phone Franklxn 4 5971 Hampstead Maryland MILLER'S STORE General Merchandlse Phone Franklln 4 3554 Llneboro Mary land I I , ,4 I . . . co. I ' . 1 Phone: Franklin 4-5182 Phone: FLank1in4-4372 1 I . , M 1' " ARCADIA GARAGE Es 1915 IMPERLXL CIIRH SLER PLE VIOUTH Comphments o DODGETRUCKS SALt S 8,1 SERVICE T Zepp Sr G T Zepp J Frankln 4 31:11 Worthlnglox 920 Aruadxa Iviaryland G T ZEPP 8 N E I 10 Is Electr Ca1 P11111 131111-4' 81 Heat g 1 1-IOTPOIINT ADMIRAL RCA APPLLANCES Oifme Frixxhll 4 3011 W 111111115101 9 Apphauce Store Fraukln 4 3443 DUTTERER S MANCHESTER INC Tre Place for Custoru Slaughterlug Frozex F Frozen Food Lockers The Home of Lrw Groeery and Meat Prlces Phone Frauklm 4 0344 oods Arcad1a Maryland Manchester Marylax d . Y N -,, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t. 1 , V - 1, 1 THE F G. . , . - , , , r. 1 1 1' " A 1 eeeeee A FW' 1 Y' Y H YVYKKY A A are H HFWWYZV' VYAHWYWHVW Fm Y Y WFZW l 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . so 1 0, 1 1 I o s . .1 ' 1 " - 2 ' xr 111 1 1 1 1 V g - V I 1 I , A Y 1 at 11 ' ' , 2 ' 1. - A 1 1, ' 1 . Z0 r Q 7 Compliments o BENN S MEN S SHOP Hanox er and Gettysburg Pa WHEELER CHEVROLET SALES Wxlham F Wheeler Sales Mgr Luther Sparks, Salesman Phone Franlclln 4 3221 WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS WHEELER AMOCO SERVICE Phone Frankl1114 3031 ROYAL JEWELERS On The Square ' Credlt at Cash Pr1ces I-xanover Pennsylvaula Complzments o HAMPSTEAD IMPLEMENT 81 SUPPLY COMPANY Hampstead Maryland Hampstead Maryland Franklln 4 4311 General Electrxc HYSON BROTHERS R F WARNER Gram Feed Seed Harry P Hyson, Prop Fertxllzer and Produce Electrxc Applxances Franklm 4 3553 Hampstead Maryland Lmeboro Maryland SOUTHERN STATES HAMPSTEAD COOP INC Owned and Controlled by 930 Farmers of Th1s Comrnumty FEED, SEED, FERTILIZER AND FARM SUPPLIES Phone Frankl1n4 5151 HAMPSTEAD RECREATION CENTER Home Cooked Meals Ice Cream Soft DI'1I1liS Bllhards FRED BERRY, PROP Franklm 4 3911 LLL I I LLLLL all L O, 1 . f I l I I 1 in? iw i riff' Wrnii iiiik if , i a Q I ' 1 Modern Gas Convemence No Matter Where For a Real Treat You L1ve Phone Franklm 4 6191 Eat Pyrofax Bottled Gas UTZ POTATO CHIPS STEPHAN GAS 81 APPLIANCE CO Manchester Maryland Complzments of Shop MURPHY'S F1rst BANGE'S The Complete Varlety Store SHOE STORE 6 10 West Ma1n Street 18 York Street We stmmster Maryland Hanover Pennsylvama MANCHESTER HARDWARE co C"""'1""'m's 0 Hotpolnt Home Appliances Plumbmg and Heatrng A FRIEND General Hardware Phone Frankl1n4 6331 Complzments f J W FISHER PETERMAN PONTIAC INC and COMPANY 720 Carhsle Street Z8 Car11s1e Street Telephone 3811 Hanover Pennsylvanla Hanover Pennsylvama G T ZEPP Sr SON Electrlcal Plumbmg Br Heatmg RHOTEN S Phone Franklm 4 3831 Admlral Applxances Ar cad1a Maryland Manchester Maryland MYERS BROTHERS STORE SERVICE MATTHEWS Is Our Fxrst Thought SERVICE STATION 22 West Ma1n Street Westmxnster Maryland Hampstead Maryland SIEVERTS SELF SERVICE We Need Your Head Bernard L Sleverts In Our Busmess' Phone Franklln 4 5394 WITTIER'S BARBER SHOP Hampstead Maryland Phone Franklln 4 3191 Manchester Maryland LIPPY S QUALITY STORE Floor Coverlngs OURSLEPJS LUNCH Wlndow Shades Grocerles Always On The Square Phone Frankhn 4 5041 Hampstead Maryland Manchester Maryland LLOYD'S OF HANOVER QUAKER CITY Sam M Kramer Prop FLOUR MILLS INC Men's, Women's and Ch11dren's Wear Jewelry 10 Car11s1e St Phone 2 4270 Hampstead Maryland Hanover Pennsylvama I V ' 1 A o Hotpoint SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION 8: 1 ' - Congl atulatlons' B 8. G TOT SHOP 1Z1Sout11'vId1xbtre t Mamchebter Mar auu Compfmlents ERUSH GRAIN COMPANY INC one: 8l1rK11 3 Han pt-Lead Marx1a1d 1 Comphments CARR S DEPARTMENT STORE 101s rx 1 -1 11 Ma 1L11es er 'vinyl HOMER W SNYDER Aupt Queer Re 11 Ebtdtl F1I'dIlzQ11 4 7 33 109 5 'V14111 bt Iaxnpstpau 11 1 of 1 1 I 1 1 1 '1 ' e P1 111 F 'Z11i111. - 441 1 1 '! ' ' , ' z ' L "a'1c1 1 1 1 of N 1 I 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 P111 1: Fr '114-5o51a14- 111 1 1 , 1 ' 1 :1 - T 1 , 1 1 . A F. ,' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 Ni- ',111:1c1 .1 11 111 1 L 111 1111 A HAMPSTEAD ESSO Hanover Road Phone Frankl1n4 7o0l ampstead Maryland PORTERFIELD'S Rexall Drug Store 16 North Maln Street Phone Frankhn 4 D211 Hampstead Maryland Compliments o I-I F MILLER Bottle Gas Dealer Manchester Maryland RUS JOY INN Russell O Snyder Prop Dlnners Lunch Sandwlches Pr1vate Partxes and Banquets by Reservatlon Two m1les north of Manchester on Route 30 Franklm 4 7701 Complzments o LAWRENCE A THOMAS Complxments of GREENMOUNT CANNING CO INC Greenmount Maryland Comphments of MANCHESTER PHARMACY Your Health s Our Responsxblhty Manchester Maryland HAMPSTEAD YOUTH FOR CHRIST Where Teenagers Compltments o CENTRAL GROCERY Carroll C Therlt Frankhn 4 3473 Hampstead Maryland C C MITTEN Agent For WESTMINSTER STEAM LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Compllments o WOLF MOTOR CO Sales FORD Serv1ce Phone 1344 or 1345 Westmmster Maryland LONG VIEW NURSING HOME Mrs Kathleen Tw1gg R N Frankhn 4 6271 Manchester Maryland TREADWAY SHELL SERVICE Phone Frankl1n4 2804 Hampstead Maryland MANCHESTER PHOTO SERVICE Leon F Kopp Prop Phone Frankhn 4 5142 Manchester Maryland ECKARD'S WALLPAPER and PAINT STORE Dxstrxbutors of Fxne Wallpapers 51 West Maln Street Hanllne Pa1nt Westmlnster Maryland HENRY L HOFFMAN NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO Manchester Maryland STANLEY L GILBERT Phone Frankl1n4 7122 Manchester Maryland Complzments of CARROLL THEATER Westmxnster Maryland IE . L . . f - ' -5 - I Westminster Street-Phone: Franklin 4-7001 Go On Saturday Night ' f ' 1 o 9 ' WARNER INSURANCE AGENCY C W WARNER Owner General Insurance Nlanchester Maryland Compfzments o DIANTHA S BEAUTY SALON Permanente Han' Cuttlng Illlltlllg Phone Franl-d1r 4 olO3 Manchester Marylazxd Compliments o MANCHESTER EIEMENTARY JUNIOR HIGH SCH00l L RICHARD E BERWAGER Dealer 1n Llvestock Phone Fraxklln 4 2531 Manchester Mzryland Bulldxng and COI1tIZiCt1l1g Cer11ent1ngandRnoi Work We Speclallze 111 Buxldu g Kltchen Cupboards 1308 Baltxmore Street Phone 28772 Hanover Pennsylxan a ' f I 4 - f I SAMUEL N. BANKERT 'Z l I' l if ' Iv ii 1 g .. Q. I, l A A 1 ll 1 ll l l ll l l + i w A eeee I all A SHELL PRODUCTS WALSH FUEL 81 SUPPLY Phone Frankhn 4 3081 Excavatmg Gr adlng Dr1veways WALSH CONSTRUCTION CO Complete Sewage Installatxon . 1.4 I 0 CHURCH GROUPS, SCHOOLS, SOCIAL OR BUSINESS GROUPS We offer help with planning and arrangements for trips Interstate Charter Serv1ce for groups orlglnated m Eastern part of Carroll Co and most Baltxmore Co CHARTER BUS SERVICE RELIANCE MOTOR COACH CO Glen Rock 4349 Da11y Route Serv1ce lnto Black 81 Decker Hampstead Raxlroad Pennsylvama I Looking for value I features like these? -I 3 IEDROOMS FAMILY ROOM DOUILI BATH BREEZEWAY wlih ATTACHED GARAGE 'BF F 'ITT H gf' X I RINAMAN AND BROWN Franklln 4 4011 Lumber Roofmg M111wo rk Hardware Insulanon lFree Est1mate s of ' 1 . J. I 1 ' I A I A' 0 0 ' . ge' I -, . "1 '-- . , .Sf . - - .1'J jr? 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Suggestions in the North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) collection:

North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 91

1957, pg 91

North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 46

1957, pg 46

North Carroll High School - Quo Vadis Yearbook (Hampstead, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 49

1957, pg 49

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