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 - Class of 1987

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N , . 1-f' ,...-.L i7 ""- LLL I Dissenter f Q-rr-iff, .11-nity 1987 North Carolina Wesleyan College Vol. 25 XKuNlc3.m leuer l Juniors -- Sophomoresf' Freshmen Environmentx. i Campus Life Events Behavior f Sports Volleyball Baseball Soccer Basketball Tennis Cheerleaders Intramurals Behavior f Greeks Service Organizations Publications Subjects: G Faculty Staff K . E STUDY B... 119 l WESLEY FEVER: A Case Stud ' 'Q I Q If - 1 .' My ,Q . 9-NJ Ve' N 141: - 'Sf Registration is hub ol excitement .ind activity Returning students streamed out of automobiles gripping suitcases, ragged book bags, and last years dog-cared Talking Heads Posters. They clapped each other's backs and shrieked hellos over the too-loud mu- sic that identified already occupied i rooms. Freshmen students stumbled l from family station wagons, followed closely by Mom and Dad porting endless bags of school supplies and munchies. The year, it seemed, had begun as any other at Wesleyan. fl i . , t . Nw- 5 , L A . 2 v uimslff T E g ombe Freshmen move into their dorm ,, 1 fqflf 1mr.raiTt6aQ1TgH? Wesleyan Fever: Once You I . . I l i Q i H i I I i l i l l Derek Francis and member of Rocky Mount community enjoy a run around Wesleyan's sprawling grounds. But as days passed, students, faculty, and staff members began to notice something different, something that Q made this year at Wesleyan different from all the rest. Freshmen enrollment l was up over 35 percent. The throngs of spirited freshmen, roving wide-eyed about the Wesleyan campus, could not help but add excitement to the feverish pitch of activity that traditionally char- acterizes the orientation and registra- tion period. ' i li il as i Terri McMullen enjoys a break during RA training. ' V I 4 - Wesleyan Fever --Y Y ls l Catch t There Is No Cure flockwisez Mark lmmler participates in Aurband Context Gretchen Landshoff enjoys a stroll across one of Wesleyan! soc- cer fields Anita Barley, Krystal Crutchfield, and Beth Hodsdon take time out for fun Students were signing up for par- ticipation in student activities in rec- ord numbers. Phi Beta Lambda, the business honorary could boast a big membership increase over last year. And these were only a few of the symptoms ofthe strange and wonder- ful fever that had begun to spread on the Wesleyan campus. Wesley an Fu ur Wesleyan Fever: Once You Activity rises to fevered pitch as 1986-87 at Wesleyan begins. .uri df.. ux ,. ti Ji 'x Clockwise: Chris Matthews is ready to start the new year Bl Wesleyan. Bill Shaw moves into his dorm room. Orientation is under- way. 6 - Wesleyan Fever fi" -heclte cn 51 ,Y A r , r ' "' 1 " , e ' ' of 1 FLQIYLCLLIOT if I ' . '???2.' f N ' . ,,1-FS' f E I , .fgqrh-5iT....f . i ll k V' ' A' xylv., A, ', - v- x .' :-'-.ul 5' ,. , ,. ' , : ffssjig rf 95' . . L if"'l: '.Q?:?q.,r 'if -'-faq-"' I A- ' Q at f.,'f 'aff-,,--LV:-Q . it ' , '- 'l ffilwn' iz .L .ffftilv t'?'Cf1'-gfsQui?? -'3'3"i. "'-. '- i Catch It There s No Cure JY 4 ' 1 ki , l . vsraf. .Mft Q1 .xl .A 1 . U -Q . ' g- - 4 1 ,,r',L 1 . .- -,ix 14- lznzlqn ACarol1ne Hines, J Jay Green, and Gretchen Landshofl lake a smile break during orrentatron activities, 4 Women relax rn front of North Hall Members of the Dissenter staff for 1987 decided to look into this phenomenon. We have been collecting data since September and have recorded and published our findings here in this docu- ment, Wesleyan Fever: A Case Study. We invite you to review the data and make your own assessment of our study. Wesleyan Fever 7 ' 3"1w:52 'WY ,gf .-jg , 6 M ay, M, . -U A Q, A-Qeyfj " R ., T Acting Academic Dean Marshall Brooks helps Kim Mallon register for classes. 8 - Wesleyan Fever Wesleyan Fever: Once You V wg . V1 'Q ' f ' .I BISHQRS: so ron som.: Battling Bishops go for the goal, George Morse grabs a quick snack in the Wesleyan dining hall. Amy Stang and Allen Peigh lake time out just to talk. l l l i sp,, Catch It There Is No Cure l s k eb E-I A L to R: Mrk: Htlton, Teresa Keaton, Don Grtgley, Randy Sands. Gretchen Rtchards, BartC.1rmtchael, Chrts Trent Front: Stephante Newton and Chrms Holbrook pose for cheesecake photo. J 'H C I , Al ' 9 n ' K' u if . ' 'Qu il r 33. 1' .1 Y 5 --2.7154 If , -. I -bv T57 ,At 't '4 -t 1 fe X.: l'N-1"L""' A N' Clockwisez Dr Carleton Nlclitla trxcs Cl new hatrxtylc Students lme up durtng regtstratton Reglstmtttwn ltncx grow longer and longer Wesleyan Peter 1 A Dana Bymm looks over her fall schedule. Wesleyan Fever - There Is No Cure Ay' MW y Mark Immler and Randy Wisn ky t k a study 10 - Wesleyan F Wesleyan Fever Infeets Homecoming Tamara Wins the Crown . . . Battling Bishops Go Up Against Mt. Olive . . . Sigma Pi and Cheerleaders Win Float Competition 1 ' ' x v A Q .. s.. - Clockwise: Tamara Oates pose f quick snap shot duri g H g f t I B ul'ng Bishops pl y hard ' H A g game g ' I M lOl Sig Pi Fraternity ins M t C ti Entry in H g 86 fl t p tt L ly F t 1 d t l h h b th H g ll fin -. - W ' . up V 14, - M-,--.. H ,,-, . ,, Q, , A U h1tney ouston Imltator Tamara Oates thrills audience with her Whitney Houston imitation. So what's an airband? That's a reasonable ques- tion. But how reasonable is the answer? An air- band is a group of vocalists who don't singg it's a group of musicians who don't play. So what do they do? They pretend. And this year Wesleyan saw some of the greatest "pretenders" ever to appear in a lip sync contest at Wesleyan. "This was the third time to have a lip sync at Wesleyan and, overall, the whole show was more professionally done," said Dorothy Phiefer, Di- rector of Student Activities. "This year, for the first time at Wesleyan, we had Gordon Finney, General Manager of WRMT Radio, to serve as MC. And the groups were better prepared. They looked as if they'd really spent some time practic- ing and putting together costumes." The contestants are judged on their appear- ance, originality, and on lip sync. They can re- ceive one to ten points in each category. Cash prizes of 550.00 for first place and 525.00 for second place are awarded to the top acts, Tamara Oates, posing as Whitney Houston singing "How Will I Know," walked away with the 550,00 for first place. Second place went to Alpha Delta Chi, I2 - Airband Contest Takes Top Honors KAR 'T"q- " ' . -A MS 07 - Y -1 V f R ra I4 an 9 "Z 1' A5 " X , w .11 ,, , . I' , an i A Lib, 9 6 -' ll X u eflruxl 5' r ' PM 7 F ' r N ' VY I ACH W- - : 'Q' . " gz n Up., ,I DA qi, 'QD' 1.35" ,,"""-1. I 4 .wifi sg Mix Jaya N Alrband Contax - I amara Oates Wins Crown, fl fs. cw-4 Mark Immler leads Nu Gamma Phi brothers in a cheer, Two party goers relax between dances. A little glitz? A little glamour? Certainly it was a gala event for those gathered at the Sheraton on the evening of October 14 to celebrate Homecom- ing's grand finale, the Homecoming dance and the crowning of the Homecom- ing Queen. The band, Mirrors, electrified the audience with selections from the 70's to the 80's. Finally at l 1:00 came the high point of the evening, the introduction ofthe Homecoming Court and their escorts. Representing the freshman class were Gabrielle Griffis escorted by Jeff Schimbeno, Talita Irizauy escorted by Gerald Horton, and Gretchen Land- shoff escorted by Chris Bratcher. Representing the sophomore class were Krystal Crutchfield escorted by David Ferrell, Beth Hodsdon escorted by Eric Schreiber, and Lesley Freeman escorted by Dave Gruver. 14 - Homecoming Lori Blackburn crowns Tamara Oates queen, Libby Birdsong and Kenny Bulkin move to dance floor. Fever Rises for Revellers 1 -A ' ' gf" 8' 1. +1,WQ,,l Suzanne Payne and John Bracket! are members of the court Qi C? ' C Left: Queen Lori Blackburn 1Home- coming 19851 and Brian Goggins move across the field as Homecom- ing 1986 gets underway Right: Lib- by Birdsong and Mike Ciasco smile for the camera Cindy Lou Harrison. Tiena Gaskins, and Korrin Dettor swap dance stories Representing the junior class were Nikki Berry escorted by Graeme Stewart. Sharon Campbell escorted by Mark lmmler and Tamara Oates escorted by Derek Edwards. Senior class members of the court were Libby Birdsong escorted by Kenny Bu1kin,Tiena Gaskins escorted by Randy Wisniewsky. and Suzanne Payne escort- ed by .lohn Brackett. Students, faculty, and alumni waited in anticipation as Dr. Mcliita announced the 1986 North Carolina Wesleyan Homecoming Queen. Tamara Oates. Homecoming --- 1 16 - Homecoming O , I 1 Homecoming 86 ind Do -.5 ' I 7,gi,?L,w,7,, ,,,,, H, i s lm , . ffl I if "f U ,-Q La Top Left: Homecoming band, Mirrors, entertains audience. Top Right: Tamara Oates is WesIeyan's Homecoming Queen for 1986. Bottom Left: Malt McKown and Kathy Johnson pose for a snap shot. Bottom Right: Dancers sway to the music. Q 1 'l SUBJECTS: Group rw alx Nl -Students at North Carolina Wesleyan College -Study suggest that Wesleyan Fever can strike any- one, regardless of age, orientation, or disposition. mFever may manifest itself differently in different sub- jects, but suseptibility of all subjects appears to be the same. roup Pi C P11 O P11 I P14 I 18 - Seniors . A L " 4 , . sq fs is Qi I a 41: 'w f i Bl PF ,v' vgf-p Q I Penny Brown relaxes with a book. Gary Appleton Beverly Armstrong Elisabeth Birdsong John Bishop Lori Blackburn Dixie Blume Ron Bove Cindy Bovee Linda Bradley Penny Brown Kenneth Bulkin Elizabeth Carroll 4-we ,G g 1 . C 15 .g L f . i Lg? ' Ci in -,Y i Slorma Cook ifonnie Crist lfharles Davis Petty Duggan I j N 'I I' A 'E p . ,1 . - 5 'T I 2 at David Ferrell chats with zi friend ,f ff- r 'LT 1 'Q 9x F - 1 . f i . 3 r im Url , F if, f H ix V I A gli I X ' Ellen Davis Kathleen Deyo Franklin Edmondson William Flowers Anim Cooper Lisa Cummings Michael Dollivcr Derek Francis ii F11 I-T-l F-4 P11 O o 114. .f rl . Ivy i giaiiig FV' l l.-.,, 1 .-, s r-4 X, f l 4' - i 4' Q , 5 Sa. S- S DN i f W f' If A "" -za 'R lid 1 , J . gf' '- 4: U ' , 0 .- Q .lic .X Ba g r-4 X 20 - Seniors Molly Futrell Jack Gurkin Cindy Harrison Mark Irnmler :LL -' rf 'Uv vi' 4? 1 if 'E?v JI... 'X' i ,' - I I K V 4'f"L,. L ix -,,.- iid G. .I 'N V , A' 'V W V" E ll W ' 1 ii ' N N l f X -, f l X X N V- Q +. X xl 1 1 tx any gal a ' 53 A, , M' - - V 1 Tiena Gaskins Warren Gold David Gruver Susan Hale Terry Hardison Vera Hardy Roy Hill Charles Hoffman Kim Huskins Givonne Ivey-Ponton David Jackson Susan King Y H '-L as--V ' , -- . - w,:1-.QL-agiraw , -, AI, ,am FY I A L.. QL i FI ,, v -4 F3 ,I g M A 'L- r A I il 4 Joe Ganci prepares pizza at Doc's. ""N -in nl'- i' 2 f N ' 7 Q Nalerie Kistler Jean Lawrence Lori Lees Teresa Lewis George Morse Jessica Morton Randy Mabe Thomas Michulisko Angie Mizelle Krystie Moore Kathy Naruine Elizabeth Nelson JI PS1 I ll-I I F14 C Pl! I Seniors - 22 I 'V' dl 5. LL- mrvriy-g!f1X.aA f1'V9 l 4 - Ju, .L -ad VUT E f P F515 1 1 W vt, ' , , " e ' f ...f E- ny, Kenny Ball and Penny Brown cas! ballots. I F' .. M l . V A In u. ' H 'Y .s 1' . vi W. ,L ' 'rf '. , ll ' 4 4 ' W J L Douglas Nesbitt Barry Nethercutt Ida Nicholson Suzanne Payne Robert Pollock Rudd Tenzie Anthony Sands John Pridgen George Revis I-Iudman Richardson Mary Richardson Gene Sanquinetti I u I 5 Q L rr . 3, 4 0 K N' 1 -, X: A Ai ! 1 , J, j , xx I"- ' ' . 'Q Xgltyf ' 4 ' -haute ' 1 gn I 1 LM it -LA 1 'x v fs. - , .Q , v 1 Q. Graham Stewart and Ytckt Berry are tn Homecomtng Court k Surah Shepherd Lcvcrette Smith Willmm Smith Denise Stocks Gene Tay lor Sherry Taylor Thomas Toy tor r-4 U1 I r-4 'JU I P'-1 O PII1 I eniors ii PA it 4 1 uES!.hdlx Y 'A .R 'UQ Llans Thelwell Blair Trembley Carlos Vasquez Michael Walters r 6? W dia N 1 A Robert Thomas Vicky Turner Dave Vitable Sandra Warren Z5 Debbie Ward distributes handouts. " aL., W . , .7-v ' I 3 , Jn, 4, Shannon Tomlinson Dean Wells Jamie Thorn Lloyd Watts l I l i 5. li H ,V il i .Ju 1 f l 1 'dn Y . , . Y fr-. - a "M 1' ' 'vm' V21 P Xxl rv o 5 ,M ' l L fs ...B Ali., . , pp. V ' , W .. milf! . H I I f 'gm H- i- -N 1""v w i fa 4 f N ' 1 3? YW all 4., R 1 'J 2 - - Q I' .J - .J X .K-n ' , , , a D' c-11 4 ' ' I "" iii Ji, J I il il IX N R g l t d IT lt task for a senior at Wesleyan. Frankie Whitehead Bridgite Whitley Stephen Wiggins Bonita Williams i Gregory Williams Jacque Winslow Douglas Yeurwood Marion Young N.c. WESLEYAN C OLLEGE LIBRARY I' Nfl I 0 SH fo Nfl I O SH fo Nfl I O SH fo Nfl I 0 SH fo Nfl I O SH fo Nfl I HO FJ O' . L n: E. o -1 ui Kenny Anderson Greg Armond Gregory Barcliff Kenneth Barefoot Nancy Barra Terry Battle Keith Bauer Alexis Bennett Margaret Berry Lindie Bishop Debbie Bounds Allan Boyd Karen Bozard John Brackett Kimberly Breheim Lisa Brumble Ted Burke Rae Butts Angela Caine Sharon Campbell Joseph Carmichal F""' l""'Q 1 ef! x ' "'N no ,Q 6 v- fn. , I X Lf A ,K rg 0- , 'L . " ' gn--ve A A 11 , f-gi--11, ref-1. 1 -r 4, ,.,..-4 4 , - "' it l lx? fs , S.. w Q A l . Ll .nl sf' T1 'wr be-wg i 4, ,. , r. E- , l 2 X X H 1555 -.dx 7.1 'iv 17' in 5- f ,. , ,- vM,- A - - UQ, ' I . gix . I A L Q V X - r -.5 I' The guys of Nash decide to show ofl' their strength. 1x 'S In L J 1 I ri' .p. ui if . nigh pr 1 S" N K , 1 I 1 l A S! u A .4 nn ' 's L, ' ,link rw 1v'15 I 'Q ' r L .J :Y K 5 4, .f fx ' Q lp A 4 Kill If I A XJ any A vs rl' D 571 no ia. rn' K- s-'y' 1 -. - i 4-,. ' 7 ,l iii. -. Il. Above: Pam Hudson and Melanie Chaplan show how close North can be llclcn C .irr Riley Carter Wind5Chaml'ul1ss Dianne Ciascii Marc Coltrain Ron Corchnoy Mark Crum Ernest Davis Mark A, Davis Karrin Dettor Sondra Dickens Leslie Dodd Beth Donaldson Mary Dunning Michael Eckert Derek Edwards NlL1llEdNNafdS Tony Evans David Farrell David Pieldman Sharon Fitzpatrick limi RS I0 UN 'J RS UNIO RS'J I0 UN 'J RS IO UN 'J RS UNIO 'J RS IO UN J I' Nfl I O SH fo Nfl I O SH I'o Nfl I O SH fo Nfl I 0 SH fo Nfl I O SH fa Nfl I HO NJ T 'S I-c C E. O H M Elizabeth Garris Mclver Garrison Charles Georges Claire Gilchrest Darrell Gillan Richard Glasgow Brian Goggins Sonji Grant Barry Guthrie Valerie Hales Gordon Hammiel Gregory Harlow Cynthia Harrell Sue Harris Sylvester Harris Lisa Handricks Marsha Hester Michele Hill Richard Hill Buddy Ingram Susan Johnson . 'W . x 'F' 'F asv- Q.- -A ---+---.-....,.,..,.,,, 1- 1 I ,T JF I , ' 1 A Jar - 1 1 v ll X I Daniel Moltz attempts to get all his clothes into one load. l , .. - ef-:T -...Cx l N ifij I 2- 5 . . 5 -sb ri Y Y- as ' Q, .. . y ff M P 'sf ' W, ,f s I . IJ T 314' in 7 L. in if il.. . I ,., .I M W- W, I A. M ! 'L wrfr N 4- 1 1 x. I Q Y Q f 1 4 Jet. l ' 'J X x Q i I I , 5 'I l I s l l If .L , A ,,g,g,.i+ ' e..'1.-..-.-'---.'.size 17" " ' 'r ' Q Y " f . ' 7 . 1 .AA Bolmhic .loncx Jayne ,loncx Paul ,lunch Reginald .lon-.N Dell Lewis Bill McGee Sharon McGee James McN1ehol V Leslie Moore M Tina Moody Jung Min Kim Cam Kareliner Mark Kellerh als Michele Kennedw Katie Larkin Angela Lavender Hezekiah Lewis Sara Livelsberger Donald Martin Dwayne Meadows Darlene Minis I' Nfl I O SH fo Nfl I O SH fo Nfl I 0 SH fo Nfl I 0 'SH I' Nfl I 0 SH fo Nfl I HO -,J T 'S '-1 s: E. o J Tamara Oates Miwa Okadaya Karyn Parker Donna Pendergraft Ralph Peterson Rebecca Phillips Majorie Piasta Paul Prisco Nancy Purvis Robert Ramsey Thomas Rivers Gregory Robbins Sheila Schonenberger Anne Shaffer Rhonda Sharpe Gregory Sheppard Theresa Simmons Daryl Smalls Linda Smith Joseph Stallings Wesley Stanley 4 lf '1 'rv ew sl XA' ' - 4 K- Yon, C A P Q Q l F" :S-Tl - 1 , 1.1,- 1 lf I lk 'Bl . J e 4 M 14 I I 5. L, f sf-ff'f-at xx I N A I .M'sX,f?' fl M7 'ri if t, L J I T5 , I f -lf 4 It f , wk: Riley Carter, Ernie Davis, and Bobbie Jones hang out in the dorm. f nib- . -4 X 'L - rl 'L t- :. i -. 'i X 7'g.1.:l Lv. g ge f 25' tu li, lu- M4 as xli G l l . Q. N 4. - . Ai ig . 'Fr 1 L :JI AM i i 4 Q, TFLIUIC Stung l.iuri1Sluix Saimucl lliom.iw lurry Tliuiiipwri Dcligili 'I lircull Korn Tmsnwnd Mike Truhcy William Tully Ani1aTurner Bobby Ty son Garry Wall Deborah Ward Sharon Ward Samuel Whilehursl Jeff Williams 1? Y R ff? 'l ,. , i ,Q , X ' 'H . if , rl. F - f - l -J 1. 3 R if 'N' ,Q 'JC Av 2' ' R '33 I Kimberly Williams A Russell Williams x - A ' Chauncey Williamson . N'-Rlllmmkl f-1 --A Brenda W'ilkinS i , -gf 8 Ur! Y'-'S "'1'f 'K-wgggtys -rl'-if ,gs aw 5,94 -np lt M . Q i:E:"1-SL, W1 - ' 7 ' wkcf'-59" ' elvwgl R, 11.51 1 'Agia' . 55-.-'Ni V - o fl . we.. '-.. - f-1, ,.4."n"' ' ' x , - 5 ,-1.,, A ' if 1 V , f '- I- Half' , N-, .tr i f 'wr ."- fi- --.1-I i- -- -: ' ' -1 ' 'IQ-:rift--. , . - r ?,.i:.,I , Q jf A.--m . '.. - V4 l :if . 4 ,4.+1.-an I f 74 f ' .41 , ,f,C'1 ' '- ' ' - - ..1 ' Ti' -- 4, -Q ' .. ,ll -73. MP2 vt ,JIU-I V A. .. F :,-5m - R , hi . - ' " . i ,v . -..Q-.y .-, ,-.. ' V' -1 ' Jgiswff' a ..- Qs., ...wwf 4 , Charlie Georges watches his opponenfs drive onthe Wesleyan green RS IO UN 'J RS IO UN 'J RS IO UN 'J RS IO UN 'J RS IO UN 'J RS IO UN L. L: :1 5 -1 if, l J f OHJOS HO SH OHJOS O H SH OHJOS 'SHHO OHJOS HO SH be to I James Anderson Mayumi Ameno Benjamin Barbour Danna Barnes Jason Barrios Karen Bentley Mary Berry Russell Bowen Kenny Bowers Chris Bratcher Hope Brown Robert Bumgard ner Ricardo Chaparro Mary Corchnoy Jodi Crawford Courtney Creekmore Peter Chrichton Jessie Crockett Kristal Crutchfield Rusty Dail John Davenport John Duggan Sophomores ,Al L ffm? fg- L. SLA 5- gr SR ' - W e -1 U' -' i ---an ,1 . .,:,- i-li i , as ,V-,,, .1 L A is , TI' t ' ' ,I " ' ' ' '7 N , V ' do K ' liil ' ri A iff, Mi. J. J . X -J A .. QA LA L nn Q '-' ,X 'QA' V, . as -. 'lf' 74. ' A 'D ' S J i' I ll, 1, 1 l I JH, ' 1' ' 1 . i A - V ,A f 1 ..f. L if ,, Llpgqqvfunn--4.14 Allen MacDonald, Nancy Barra, and Missy Norris enjoy MTV 'V U i l i 1 .id Jeffery Durante 1 . 1' Q '.,-ff e 1 -x ' 1 A' f Girls enjoy leisure time in their dorm room, Douglas Edgeworth I U ' , , Jolene Ethridge I f Theresa Frattini . Q-M ' , AX x 4-X ff- - Philip Godwin , 4 QSAHEQQ U 1 ' Z N Mike Gouge J 'r ' A ' ' l - ' ' 1: Susan Hayes 5 've cv 4: ' A' Q12 I s . 7 Gay Hendricks , , Mae Hinton ' 1, Y Beth Hodsdon Q . Chr s Holbrook 1l I 1 A A 3 54.1 1 Douglas Hunt 2 Kathleen Johnson Pamela Johnson Tham Pham. John Kesel and Steve McCrav. study hard and relax between classes Sophomore . ES OR PHO SO ES OR PHO 'SO ES OR PHO 'SO ES OR O PH SO 'A 'N OHHOS HO SH OHHOS O H SH OHHOS 0 HH OHdOS'S O H SH L.: A I Cynthia Jones Jason Jones Linda Kline Julie Koenecke Theodora Los Dennis Lynch William Marlowe Matthew McKown Hannah McMillan Terri McMullen Saambo Minah Delton Mingia John Michael Morgan Nicholas Nixon Robert O'Brien Chris Ostling Tammy Pace Sally Plowman Bobby Price Kim Price Penny Pridgen Emily Proctor Sophomores vw gy j gm fix - F .. J .. A ' 4? .- rv-, ,, . . A ,ALMl . V ,5 Above: The guys at South lounge around ,Chu- an L- ll -. Em tlljw T' r J si 33 . wlii ii 1 J mlmhlllllwll I Ronnie Richardson Ginger Robbins Shamil Salah Stacey Schofield Eric Schrieber Russell Shrewsbury Mark Silletti Lee Smelcer Andrea Smith Graeme Stewart Marc Stollar Chris Trent Tim Walker Frank Warecke Teresa Watkins Tom Wessel Debbie Wingfield Carla Winstead Randy Wisniewsky Pam Wooten Andrew Wright -, Julie Zimmer Sophomores SHHH SHHH'NH SHHH'NH SHHd'NH SHHd'NH NH ua UN 'I1 -1 rn w IJ' B 0 :1 Richard Alford DeAngela Allen Carl Anderson Brenda Artis Sherby Artis Paula Aycock William Ball Timothy Barber Elizabeth Barnes Eleanor Bartley Brian Basnight Jaime Beathard James Berry Jennifer Blaisdell Art Blausey Wanda Blount Melanie Bolling Eduardo Borja Erin Boudewyns Dick Bowen Kimberly Breeden FTW? gl -s ,ix an 1 ' . " 'Cf' l 4 size,-jliei kt uf: T? T' ' Ii uc f-- I 5 W ,1-1-'-' -ff' ,.,Mk1i.: Janie Beathard contemplates her schedule during registration ltiilittll A rn-5. 45 0- Q , .J '9 I l 4 . l , 1:-' ' 4 QN- 'U W' I 1 d'N 's I L l N.. ' RQLJ i Above: Tham Pham is caught by surprise. l lY,,, F'S""'l Adrian Brickhouse Robert Brown Joseph Bryant Philip Bryant William Bullock Dana Byrum Shurman Carroll Theresa Carter Kenneth Chambers Melanie Chaplin Steve Chernick Michele Chesson Jackie Chisley Paul Chunn Brenda Cooper Jeff Corbett Tom Corcoran Melissa Corprew Marie Courtois Brett Creecy Donald Danztler EN SH E FR EN SH E FR EN SH E 'FR EN SH E 'FR EN SH E FR 'Tl - ro ui :r 5 fb : l t w Xi SHHH SHHd'NH SHHd'NH SHHd'NH SHHH'NH Chrisanne DeCarlo Michael Dengler Anita Donnelly Jeff Dozier Howard Draper Donald Dunlap Brian Durrett Maxine Dyer Greg Ebelherr Chris Edwards Sharon Evans Tonia Evans Sabrina Felser Sherry Ferguson Anthony Ferraiuolo Paul Ferraro Cynthia Flowers Johnny Francis Brian Frantz Timothy Fuller Glenn Futrell Pamela Futrell NH D-I I '71 - 0 in :- 3 O :1 x ze 17 AT ' ,A vfja X f D l a4l-- M Q5 nuu?.'!l'l" ' ,q, aim. . ggmv. .lv H5-"3 'Y -- - . . . - Q:-'f"fm?f5'Q9R'?"r-f'2e-H'1-'vrfw Q . , . ',"L'y-...'e.' v 'Q "" " K " 5 . . V ya. F, , .ffff ff l D D .. ff- - 5 .,"Q"-"s"1'f fnrr- - ' A 'f vii 152256 M F D 1 - i ,N V '- f 1' fl un l X 3? I rl 7 'D CI 4' 1 I X Above: Theresa Carter takes a quiet moment at the Wesleyan fountain. '-- f Q -vs- il 40 vw IV' U' .imp ' ' i., i i 5 l ,3 1 . I-bv l '25 l l l L- ! 0. K iv l V LEA Above: Lisa Nelson, Theresa Watkins, and Sharon McLeod lake a breather in Edgecomb. - - an-...ha lfr1ineisGiill1igher Troy Glossen Cynthiu Goedde Juniee Green Gaihrielle Grillis Luis Guzman Lisa Hale Mutt Hulphen Allison Hancock Charlie Hurlowe Wood row Harper Jill Harris Pamela Harrison Eric Helms Pam Higgins Robert Hill Caroline Hines Vicki Holmes James Hopke Glenn Howard Michael Howard Taher Husain Freshmen EN EN'FRES EN'FRES EN'FRES EN'FRES ES FR I w so SEIHLI ' NEI HSHHJI ' NEI HSEIHJI SERIQI ' NEI SCEIHH ' NEI NE-I A C 'U - ru m :r El ru :n Talita Irizarry Matt Jacobs Renee .Iandrew Eric Jarman Hassan J arra Robert J efferys Richard Jenkins Tammy Jones Willard Jones Troy Jordan Gregory Joyner James Keeter Rebecca Kelley John Kesel Karina Kettner Kevin Kelshaw Dawn Klaffka Edward Koon Gretchen Landshof Thomas Lang Jim Lavender Malcolm Leathers ,. ' .1 . .A .g Ld Q1 F . I -w ' D N 1- . -,.f'v . r if in 5 gy .J"' l ' ' , ,.. . f "fd 1 . v L- .,.,. 5' .Ju iff, 6' nr, tx... ' V l it riiiiiiiiml.-i l l in I i. i 521' . Q, " i f A . v .VA ,, -,.,, Wg.. sn K "' J 'JM-rp, N -- Above: Lisa Nelson works on revising a paper in the computer room. r"e""1q 4- :mv Q5 F"' vu Q . 1 1 X bg, 1 WF I l . 11 on , J l ff f-xx 4: , i an rl by Above: Libby Birdsong confers with her RD., Dorothy Phifer, at North. Verneil Lewin Candunee Lyons Allen MacDonald Vicky Maddox Kimberly Mallon Clinton Manley Chris Matthews Steve McCraw Scott McGhee Scott McGrath Sharon McLeod Michael Melvin Michael Miele Wanda Miles Price Miller Allen Mills Robert Mims Sandy Mitchell Daniel Moltz Curtis Moore Steve Moran .lohn Moriarty SCEIHH SCEIHH ' NH HSEIHH ' NEI SHHJI ' NH HSEIHLI ' NEI Geraldine Mundell Michael Nagorkal Vick Navangul Bobby Nemeth Missy Norris Joyce Odom Vivian Patrick Marina Pearce Charlene Pearson Tham Pham Teresa Pitts David Poole Wilbert Powell Paula Pruden Jay Quigley John Raleigh Russell Randall Thomas Rasmussen Warren Rawlings Francine Ray Tammy Reeves Tracy Richards NEI A Iv -'F 2 :' El ru 'J 2 ltr' N N i K . ff ,M K w an 2- 'fe 5gQ, fl A ' . i , if ki 1 J 1 ,il . X AT- xr! wir, A" 'HBP 1 v X 5 - X4 - i-,-Qs. :fe -vs 1 4. 'rff' ii ? . l J Min. .A L K X T' Ili .'1' J-V .- Q, Talita Irizarry shows her enthusiasm for living if' yi l 41 - ,.- 2 ." --ti Q - .i..i,'m frm! tc Eff' lg. ta Above The homecoming court takes a spin around campus during the parade, Robin Richardson William Robertson Shena Romney Angela Rook Yvonne Rowe Travis Saunders Jeff Schimbeno Shera Scott William Shaw Charles Silber William Simons Analisa Smith Shirley Smith Verna Smith Neal Snead Amy Stang Melissa Stanley Lisa Stell Amanda Stephens Shannon Stobel Debra Stokely Vince Strickland Freshmen SEIHJI SHHH ' NEI SHEIH ' NH HSHHH ' NEI NEI SEIHH H NEI A JP- I Richard Stump Kenneth Sutton Eric Taylor Miriam Taylor Suzanne Thomas Kelvin Thorne Phalla Vann Clyde VanDyke Richard Venters Marilyn Vick Shea Walker Tim Walker Cayla Wampler Demerlyn Warren William Webb John Weeks Ralph Wieland Lynn Willis Janel Winstead Johnny Wright Mike Spino Group A Exhibit Symptom .E-- O . x 'ff v .' - l 7 0 5. 'I X ,- il l-' UQ. ' -v rs 125 Top: The Henk soccer team takes J break from practtcc Bottom Left: Allen N1cDon.xld -.tudtes whale he uurkx m the ltbmry Bottom Right: Twnya Exam and Candace lfytvm rclu m the TY mwrn fimup X -if X f Group A E hibit S mptom Clockwise: David Farrell prepares himself to enter his living space, Chris Holbrook exclaims, "Whose No. 1" while Nick Nixon looks on. The girls of North gather around the piano to join in singing. 46 f Group A X Q ' j 1K?1'4Q3 1, I 'I NVIRONMENT M'-Q PEPSI M N 31 he f e fe ' -North Carolina Wesleyan College Campus -Environment in which subjects were studied is esti- mated to be that in which subjects spend 60? - 70? of their time. -Variables examined within the environment include particular locales, individual student subjects, and certain special events which appear to be followed by large outbreaks of Wesleyan Fever. Dorms Provi Did we ever imagine sharing a home with over a hundred other people? Students in Nash, North, Edgecombe, and South dorms do just that. Wesleyan students find sharing their habitat with such a large variety of people as both an exciting and educational experi- ence, Junior Cindy Harrell finds dorm life enjoyable because "there is always someone around to talk with." Senior Mark Immler views his experience in Nash dorm as "an opportunity to learn how to live and work with others." He adds, "living in the dorm has given me an added sense of responsibility." Residence halls at Wesleyan are designed to provide a dynam- ic environment where students not only live together, but learn and grow together. To enhance the social and educational back- grounds of students, the resident directors and student life office provide parties, speakers, movies, and more for each dorm. When asked how he enjoyed dorm parties, freshman Danny Murphy said, "Since the college enforces the 21 year old drink- ing law, I don't usually attend dorm parties." Various speakers, such as resident assistants or the campus nurse, have addressed students in the dorms this year. Topics have varied from serious subjects like self defense and birth control, to lighter topics like exercising and makeup. Changes have been made this year in the residence halls to satisfy some of the different perceptions students at Wesleyan have about what dorm life should be. Open house policies have been relaxedg visiting students may now sign themselves in and not go through an R.A. To improve dorm safety, fire alarm systems have been installed in each dorm. Junior RA Derek Edwards admits, "The fire alarm system is an improvement for ensuring student safety, as long as students arenit tampering with them to cause false alarms." Top: Jaycee Chadwick admonishes a fellow student to take care after the peeper scare. Bottom: Laundry day is a "favorite" past time in North dorm. A WORD FROM OUR S PONS OR DIXON'S BLIND S AWNINC SERVICE "Your Levelor' Dealer" f919J U42-2145 de Living, Learning En ironment for NCWC Students 48 5 .. W 1 ll 'QQ .11 ik - .. X'X .L lk l' ' 'Af N C il 1 ' " Top: Camera shy. Bottom Left: Nick Nixon, Bill McGee..lam1e Thorn, and Robbie Pollock relax in "Charlie's Pub," Bottom Right: Julie Zimmer and Leslie Freeman take ei popcorn break, Dorms - 49 X ,I Pi Enforce Dorm Policies, V! fiiiffr' - ' Terry I-lardison and Pam Wooten during RA training. "When students have a problem or want someone to chat with, whom can they go to?" RESIDENTASSIS- TANTS. Pam Derrick, Director of Housing, sees the RNS main function as "a contact person between stu- dents and student life to assist in all the phases of service Wesleyan has to offer." One of the resident assistant's responsibilities is enforcing dorm policies, but senior RA Lisa Nelson and junior RA Kori Town- send see their responsibilities as a "counselor for stu- dents." They believe their primary duty as RA is help- ing students adjust to dorm life. Kori said, "I don't feel like I am here to have to enforce rulesg students should learn to do that themselves." Four resident assistants for each dorm are selected by the resident directors, the director of housing, and the dean of student life through an interview selection process. They are paid a straight salary, depending on their years of service. As a special privilege, RNS re- ceive a private room for the price of a double room. This year, resident assistants are on duty from their rooms rather than from the lobby. Senior RA George Morse thinks this change "puts the RAS closer to what is really going on. Some people are in the lobby, but most students can be found on the floors. Since we are in our rooms, it is very convenient and easy for students to find us." To many students, resident assistants are their link for effective communication in the residence halls. Se- nior RAThomas Taylor claims, "At first I think most students decide to be RNS for the money, but then they stay with the job because of the experience and the opportunity it offers for helping others." 50 - RNS Mike Walters checks with Denise Flood for messages. Above L to R: South R.Ns - George Morse, - Terry Hardison, Kim Huskiris, Dora Los, Mike Gouge, Qnot picturedj Russell Williams, faltematej Helen Carr, and Pam Wooten. v and Derek Edwards. Below, L to R: North RNs l i ,. r i Act As Student Counselor tx ' x . 'Y o f 4-a""3 t N' ' KVA wal . Top Left: Dora Los and Pam NKVOOICTI race to lrlfllhll their worksheets durmg RA trarmng Middle. L to R: Edgccombc RA! - lallernatcl Tin.: Moody, Korr Townbend, L154 Nelaon. Tern MCN1ullen.4notp1cturedlL11 Carroll Bottom Left. L to R: Nash RNS - Sleepy Taylor, Tom Rnerar Derek Francn. l.1llcrn.ltel Davld Jackson. lnot prclur.-:dl And5 Wrrght Below: Dom Log relaxes durmg RA trammg -r I 's r ,Y .ih- ol'-P lf w'fX,x- iff 1 1008384-35 C.APlTAL CEQIDTFQQ nxsusT1gg.426 5 Kr x RXLS il x 'rf- l Wesleyan Gets The Feverg Q f ll Clockwise: Santa spreads cheer at Wesleyan during the annual Christmas concert. Cafeteria worker poses as a pilgrim during special Thanksgiving meal in the cafete- ria. Wesleyan Singers sing traditional Christmas carols during the Christmas con- ' - f ' - cert celebration. Candles provided the only light for the Wesleyan Christmas ser- vice in Leon Russell Chapel. 52 - Holiday Fever .jr ji 1- h L 1. 'I ' . I ' H' 3,5 V ' Nt rv, 2 -A ,D - , . , s. l we '91 .Jn Goes All ut for Holidays 1 fs 4 -.r-. 19 Le rf F44 Clockwise: Denise Flood, secretary for student life, "spooks" the camera in her Halloween costume Dr and Mrs. Rexlord Tucker donated the Christmas tree which was placed in the foyer of the administration building to add to the holiday season. lL to Rl Ben Barbour, Jason Barrios, Shamil Salah, Charlie Georges, and June Casio pose for a shot at the Wesley- an Halloween dance Holiday Fever - 53 Student F ill Leisuref When NC Wesleyan students have leisure time, what do they do? Students may visit the gymnasium to lift weights, jog a mile around campus, or participate in intramural sports. Less phys- ical students may "catch a nap' between classes after a late night study session or hangout with friends in the dorms. When students wish to get off campus, they drive to the local malls and restaurants. The opening of new Golden East Mall last August offers students more places to visit and more job opportunities. Taking advantage of the new openings in the mall, junior Tamara Oates uses her spare time productively by work- ing as a salesclerk in the Limited. The new Sheraton, which opened last summer became a popular entertainment spot for those Wesleyan students who are 21 years old. Being located outside the city limits, the Wesleyan campus can be quite tranquil. Senior Diane Ciasca finds theWesleyan campus inviting because "the tranquil environment adds to the beauty of the campus." If students do not wish to participate in organizations or activities, they may use the student union facilities to play a video game or watch the large screen television. Students can eat in Doc's snackbar or do some shopping at the bookstore. Junior Cindy Harrell believes "opportunities on campus are available if students take advantage of them. The campus is like our own little community." Right: Eric Taylor takes time out to play ping pong. Bottom Right: Students chat on campus grounds, Below: Mae Hinton and Kim Breheim in cafeteria. 54 - Leisure l w .. .,-1 ,- 4. I .. S ' r ff Campu . V 'V 1' six KI' 'r N- K .-I1 A ,gn- N Top: RD Mike Walters crashes out in bed. Bottom Right: Jason Barrios helps Kari Kettner with her wash before she has to goto class. Bottom Left: Tenacia Woolfolk enjoys having a car on campus. Leisure -- 55 Peeper Incident Leads to " rms Nei Q .3 X . 5 t Lf 1 I i 1 5 'G 4' , f, 4 .- A t. 'dau "Perv Alert," the subject line of a recent memo elicited chuckles as well as concern from students on the North Carolina Wesleyan campus. A rash of peeping tom incidents in the women's dorms during Novem- ber led to tightened security as well as a safety awareness campaign among students and administration. The college hired additional securi- ty guards and regular campus security was "beefed up" according to Dean of Student Life Dr. Carleton McKita. On November 19, as reports that the peeper was on campus began to spread, students mobilized carrying baseball bats, umbrellas, and what- ever else they could lay their hands on and began their own search of the woods on campus. Camera crews and reporters from local television stations streamed onto the campus, after receiving a call from some concerned students. The peeper had been seen for the first time on November 10, when he wandered into the women's showers in North Dorm and exposed himself. Top: Joy Patrick and Patty Duggan express their concern over peeping tom incident to WTVD news. Bottom: Edgecomb halls are full of concerned students. 56 - Peeping Tom fu. Tighter Securit on Campus Left: K hannul Il lnrcrxlcxu ldgcwmb rcwdum- Bclnmz Num mum looks UNCl'uNx,CI1CHf kf1IHk'HB0flUll'1I lTcl1lw,l.x11'wu.l havxm-N N IAM v,. rcndcnlx nb-um "Pun .-Xlurl " .7 Hy N , 3 y I K Ahh, g Vccpmg Twrn 5' .- 1 I f.1l,v "' 'T IJ: ,Y NCWC Students Make It Happen ith Career Planning fCo- Education Students at N.C, Wesleyan are "making it happenu by par- ticipating in the Career Planningf Cooperative Education Pro- gram. The program provides services and activities which are designed to meet the varied Career Planning needs of individual students. Whether a freshman who is indecisive about the choice of an academic major or minor, or a senior investigating graduate schools, the Career Planning! Cooperative Education Program can provide assistance and guidance for developing effective career plans. Above: Ms. Crystal Crocheron, Recruiter for Abbot Laboratories, addresses an evening class. Top Left: Denise Whitley, a Wesleyan student, at her Co-op job with Burroughs Wellcome Co. in Greenville, NC. Bottom Left: Mr. Edward C. Good, Author of Does Your Resume Wear Blue Jeans?, gives a presentation on developing effective resumes. 58 - Career Planning lv In x .Q -44 -L--.. 4 I Q Q ' go N be wi L ..,.,,N X 1 1-' . 71, G'- ge V . i 1 1 A 1 ' f- f 'W r .. ' ' ', if ff -7 jjj, , px-X25 ,lx -.1 ZX fp as X ,w -1 E -irfax FSVJ Qfjftl- 126202 ' if gal! ,E ' D. ," -rem . 1 u 1 I ,. i up - -V K grill? 4 EI! iff' , . . ' .. 9 1-1 t fs I gg- l fig Li X ' , .4 5'L13fi-fl' .-fl" l-tg vi N 4' dxL"':.g , 5 Top: Jessica Morton, NCWC student, and Larry Crtsafulli. Administrative Manager for Benetton, Inc, Rocky Mount, Jessica worked in an accounting to op position with Benetton. Middle: Planning Session for Rejection Seminar Left: Ms, Chris Martin, Pearsall Operating Co., leads discussion during the Rejection Seminar, an employerfcmploycc conference on how to help students or employees handle employment rejection. Career Planning -- 59 Theatric Thrive at Wesleyang Clockwise: Denise Moses, an entertainer sponsored by the Student Ac- tivities Committee, conducts her improvisational workshop at Wesleyan. A Rocky Mount Senior High School student and Bobby Price uimpro- vise" at the Denise Moses workshop. Mike Brown and Brian Durrant role play, following instrucitons by Denise Moses. 'Y HG nv-if F-its .,-493 60 - Theatrics i -4- v layers Perform Equus all Term T" ,as 'S - -1 , 'T T' 'T ' ' North Carolina Wesleyan no longer of- fers a theatre major. But Director Chuck Ackerman said he'd had a larger turnout ' n - a for auditions for the fall production than ever before. The large turnout. allowed the theatre department to do a large show like Equus which requires a cast offifteen, Ack- ' erman admits. "lt was a real delight having that many try out." Peter Shaf'fer's Equus is a thrilling drama that takes place in Rokeby Psychiatric Hos- pital in Southern England, The time is the """ - '4 present. The only props used in Equus were horse- heads made out of heavy wire, covered with .. wire mesh: they were rented from a high school in Peabody. Massachusetts. Equus. a modern. serious kind of drama. - "' is not the kind of play usually performed at . D, S, Coltrane Theatre, Ackerman re- " marked, "I believe this kind of play was -l good for the school and for the students who ' , participated," Ackerman directed the play i "lLJii.Z'--fy which ran from November 5-S, 1956. Top: Characters Alan Strang. played by Matt Frank Strang, played by Randy Wheeless. are sur- Mcliowng Jill Mason. played by Kathy Johnson: and rounded by 'tthe horses " Bottom: Cast rehearses a scene from Equus. Equus hl lv The Arts Come to orth I New Arts Series N. C. Opera Extravaganza! Friday September 26, 1986 Polish Radio Chamber Orchestra Thursday October 9, 1986 Ayako Uchiyama, Japanese Dancer A Sunday November 16, 1986 Trio: Ponti f Z i mansky I Polasek Thursday February 12, 1987 Green Grass Cloggers Musical Revue Friday March 20, 1987 Smoky Mountain Chamber Brass Ensemble Saturday April 11, 1987 Right: Ponti, Zimansky, Polasek trio pose for a snap shot. Below: Green Grass Cloggers swing their partners. Opposite Page: Ayako Uchiyama presents p gram of classical and contemporary kabuki dance fu-1 "ft - E 1 555 fill Km 'L l' ' 52:1 1 it-V i iiif it 23.1.9 wit gg Q lf,-. sf' H 62 Y New Arts A' im rts ' rts ' rt ' rts ' Arts ' Art Right: Conductor of Polish Radio Chamber Orchestra. Below: Members of the Polish Radio Chamber Orchestra. 64 - New Arts -gangs...-..-..- .,.,', BEHAVIOR Sports 1 . , . 4 Q -5, i tr. 4, it ez 1 ..-.. .. -.- .. p--'I H-First of two identified behaviors associated with Wes- leyan Fever. -Subjects present with an insatiable appetite for par- ticipation in athletic competitions and activities. Volleyball Team Suffers f 1-N'X uf When stx players d1d not return to the team and expected recrutts d1d not show second year volley ball coach Dtane Scherzer had to rebutld her team She credtts junlor setter Debbte Ward for runnmg the offense for the team Coach Scherzer adds ju 4' 'G -e -'han mor Sharon Fxtzpatrtck s hrttmg abtltty helped h1gh ltght the team s effort Sen1or Lon Blackburn who sat out of competttton for two seasons brought back some much needed expertence Fmtshmg 4 25 the players str1ved together thoughout the season 'ga Above The volleyball team works together to set up some powerful spikes Top Right Debble Ward stretches to return a low ball Right The btshops get ready to recetve a return 66 Volleyball A ,- " f- a t e l . . Q , . x J . , 5- T . . T E T -e. I I : T . W - T 1 .R x ' 3 ga" , - 5 - , ,, - - n f-, D D ' ' A vt i . V' lf'-1 . ' , K ,A ' I 4 v'A 1 ' "-Ng '- '1 3. . "' : Q 'i ,V I . 4 4 4 I : H . E YF C , 4' ,f . ,- n...:,,7V 'l I t -as ft T l 1l l Tough Season in ,8 gint-r V - f g ' ft F 0- ...-k.,,w 4 '1--" l - 1. L, - . . 1 , -Q.-5 yy I n 4 . ,K , M . f' ' -X2 5 --A A. , '-. . - 4 -:V .C V I 7 V. 5 'K' 4 A t I I Y I K --.ii f'!.f.f s. 1 Name Dcbbic Wurd Wendy Elks Lori Blackburn Sharon Fitzpatrick Rcncc Jundrcw Sabrina Fclscr Alex Bcnnctt Paula Aycock Allison Hancock Julie Zimmen Patty Duggan Kills gw 34 l5PS 133 Z3 Zo ZS 7 0 3 0 Digs -138 ll7 297 197 Il-1 H-1 207 I36 29 I3 l-1 Top Left: Ann Hunter und Lori Bluckburn block .1 xliot Bottom Left: The Weulcyun Vollcybull Tcum Back Row. I, to R: S.ibrin.i Fclser, Shuron l-itipgxtrick, Lori Blackburn. C ouch Scherzer, Front Row, L to R: Rcncc ,lundrcxy Alcxis Bcrinctt, Paula Aycock, Dcbbic Ward lNot Picturedl Wendy HIM, Alliwii Hancock, Julic Zimmer, Putty Duggan cybul l rv Wesleyan aseball Team Above: Paul Prisco waits behind the plate. Right: Roy Hill stands ready at 3rd base. At printing time the baseball team had not yet begun its season. Photos were taken at exhibition games dur- ing the fall. The team, under the direction of Mike Fox, begins its season in the spring. 68 - Baseball ' 'Q .-5. ,rem Q14-S , ..f. . -. sn. Pb- 5 ,.,,-aux Y z - eq.: 1. " ra-uf--2-shi L -- '- 4:-X' ... og ,4" Q be.-.Q Y , , w. rp - -1-2 T- . ' I ' - .. 'L .','..-X s :4""g, . , -'4 S K "" S' . ...- .,- , ., , ,- - 'Q A gg 1 -5,911 -, ..,,.ls'-.,: ,, . - Q ' , ' A - ag. - ,A 1 ' A, 'l".,'.x'-.L , . .5 - '- t. ,Q - I - A ' f 1- -." Q. , 'I un.: , . V A" N " , --' - f- 1 .-J'--.'.? f 5 W - , -. , - 5-. ple. -' K - ' ,-- . ' - -- ' ' ' 'b. - I H.-Q . " , ' .-A '- -A' . . . , , 1 . '- ' ' v..' .,.., 5 . 5 Q, 4, ., --,,.-- . .raw '- ' h ',jm.,,p.,' "'C'iTEIiilQ?I7ff 'ai' H 'E 'ln ,-, 1 11-2"-1 L F- ,J , X., Prepares for Spring Season S 5 la an J .-C. --,a ev bfi- A H 4,5 " , yr, 5-. 4-jf x 125:-,is Da 4-Q4 " 1 -GI. . Q. - - .- u '..' '10, lc , . .-'sx , '. '-.L- -- Q .. ,,' lk-. "Qs Suv ' .iff . as ,5 .A-. - z.'- - , . 1 1- " - ' - U -.. ,"l a': Af -uv, 1, ' ' N. - A ' 1 gin 'JBX Yi--11 Frankie Moore throws ball from left field for out number three 1987 Baseball Roster NAME POS BXT 17 Anderson. James 2B-3B RXR Chaparro, Rich 2B RXR 18 Crockett, Jesse C RXR Eckert. Mike C RXR I9 Ormsby, Garry OF RXR Moore, Frankie P LXL 20 Hill. Roy 3B LXR Bryant, Phil P RXL 21 Nemeth. Bobby P RXR Stollar, Marc P LXL 22 Helms, Eric P RXR Dantzler, Donald OF RXR 23 Silletti. Mark P RXR Jarman, Eric OF LXL 24 Prisco. Paul C LXR Dail. Rusty OF LXL 25 Lang, Rusty IB RXR McNichol, .lim OF RXR 26 Appleton. Gary P-IB RXR Beck, Walt SS RXR 27 Sutton, Kenneth P RXR Dengler, Michael SS RXR 28 Hopke, Jim IB LXR Obrien., Bob P LXL Z9 Gallagher, Fran P RXR Harris, Sylvester P LXL Baseball -any 'fi A wwf f ,I I wr The women's soccer team had an up and down season, ending with an 8-9 winfloss record overall. Gerry Mundel led the team in goals for a total of 8. Patty Duggan followed close behind with five goals. Gerry Mundel led in total points as well, rack- ing up a total of 18. Patty Duggan scored a total of 14 points and Linda Grustol, 10 points. Goalie Cin- dy Goedde had an end of season record of 5 shut outs and a goal per game average of 1.31. Making the All Conference team from Wesleyan were Linda Frustol, Gerry Mundel, Patty Duggan and Gabby Griffis. Above: Mary Berry gives a teammate a hug after an exhausting game. Right: Caroline Hines tries to cool off during a hot game. 70 - Women's Soccer . OI' omenas Soccer iff, 1 - 1 'Q f awp-aw-no--19'M 'Q1 pw . ' y ' . 1 - '. 511 ' , . , . f g . , - ,, 1 P 413.5 LP' 'w I ' 'A' 1 Q " ' 1 N ,S V' U1 1,7 F A, 1 I . H 4 1 1 7' Y' 1 gm.-- J Y 4 , , . 1 , ' ' .Q + A Q, " xxx' Fx Y! 1 I -4 IJ: . ! ,J , 43. 1 .. X an A1 1 ' f 1 1 J is Name Goals Assists Points Gerry Mundcl H I IH P4115 Duggan 9 -I I4 Lxnda Huxlul I -1 111 Mmy Norm 3 ll fx Mary Berry I 2 :- Bcfkp Kelly ' 1 9 Camlmc Hmm ' ll 4 Kim Mallun 1 ll -1 Gabby Gfl111b I H -1 Laurendu Walmum 1 ll 2 Mary Sharp 1 ll I Sara Lnvclsburgcr IJ 2 2 31 I5 77 Goalies Name Games Shots Saves Goals GPG 50 Cynd1Goeddc 1-1 175 157 IH I 31 1 Tern Fralum 7 75 hh Q 1 5 1 Left: Lmda Fruslul nmnuevcrs the bu11lr5nng11,-fxnd .1 p1.1uc1u pass Womcrfm Soccer 7 1 omen's Soccer. . . omen's Soccer. . . IAE4 1 Right: Gabrielle Griffis uses her dribbling skills to get Wesleyan on the offensive. Bottom Right: Wesleyan applies the pressure to 3 opposing team. Bottom Left: Wesleyan Bishops show sportmanship by shaking hands with the other team. :L .f f Mia 4 ' if-an, - I , . 'L l l l 72 - Women's Soccer l l W K' ' 'fl 'is-QK1linTT1ia?5r:lKC.-Wlfr1iT" omcnas Soccer. . . omcn's Soccer. . . ,?. -P--I Suar- l 5 b -anti' -.-if Women's Soccer Team, Back Row. L to R: Dawn Klaffa, Gerry Mundel, Mary Berry, Maxine Dyer, Missy Norris, Theresa Frattini,Cyn1hia1 Goedde, Janice Green, Julie Koenecke, Sara Livelsberger, Kim Mallon. Roland Paiva Front, L to R: Tressa Simmons, Caroline Hines, Linda Fruslol. Gabrielle Griffis. Gretchen Landshof. Lisa Nelson, Becky Kelly, Patty Duggan. Mary Sharp, Lziurenda Walston. Left: Coach Roland Paiva contemplates his halftime talk. Womens Soccer -- 73 i W MR ishops Celebrate Winning The men's soccer team could boast a tremendous season in '86 with a final record of 15 wins, 2 ties, and 3 losses. Leading the Bishops in points and assists were Billy Tully, Shamil Salah, and Thomas Rasmussen, scoring 106 of the 194 points scored all season. Tully scored 18 goalsg he also led in assists with a total of ll, racking up 47 points overall. Shamil Salah scored 10 goals and made 10 assists for a total of 30 points overall. And Rasmussen scored 11 goals and made 7 assists for an end of season total of 29 points. Goalie Charlie Georges could boast an end of season re- cord of 12 shut outs with a goal per game average of only .85. Greg Armand made the lst team All American at the fullback position. Billy Tully, playing forward, made the lst team All South. Right: Coach Tony Ferrell gives instructions from the sidelines, Below: Fans cheer the Battling Bishops on. v4s ,. Y' Q 74 - Men's Soccer 9'F' 7,79 i lf V7 s 1 ,gr ,, sl t 41' Season with 15-3-2 Record Name Goals Bull Tully IH Shamll Salah Ill Thomas Rasrnuxsen I I Tahcr Husain h Greg Armand i John Kcsel 4 Kerlh Bauer I If - R ik.. 'A Doug Nesbru I I J Kenny Bowers 2 Derek Edwards I Eric Schrerber 3 Mrke Morgan l Mark Crum l Nick Nixon I Kenny Bulkm O Ted Burke O John Duggan 0 A 68 Goalies Name Games Shots ' Charlie Georges Z0 160 A Jason Barrros 6 9 Thomas Corcoran 4 3 ff- 1. I fri: T 1, 1 3, W In , N r .,. .5 r rl T 3 ff, 'L - UQ , . I K 'Inf -""' . I il" Q' .-Kssisls l l IU N 7 H ll 4 S w 1 1 U w 5 58 Saves Goal I-13 I7 Q 0 3 U Points 47 Ill 3-a 1 7 1 I P4 6 h 9 fr vi -1 I w W W w 194 "YO G PL . R5 1 O0 O0 'v1en's Soccer -- 79 Mcn's Soccer. . . Mcnas Soccer. . . Mcn's L..-,,, Right: Billy Tully dribbles past the other team. Below: Kenny Bulkin takes a break. A 'rv N I h ' o-L-blog xx V ' A I NA.. j Ml 76 - Men's Soccer l l c c '-- fl A Men' Soccer Mcnas Soccer ll 4... NSHPUS X1 S4 -ron! Row. L to R: lien Bullun. Doug Ncsb1tl.Derek Francn 2nd Row, L to R: Paul x hunn.Taherllus.11n.Derek Eduards,Sham1lSalah.Phall.1Vann,M1lv: Morgan. eilh Bauer. Ted Burke 3rd Row. L to R: Brll Tully. Thomas Rasmussen. Errc By5rAl"': v' 'D 4 8l..r-. Nsrsovf Schrlcbcr, Mark Crum, Greg Armand. Kenny Bowers, John Duggan, Chris Malihewa 4th Row, L to R: Woody Harper, John Kesel, .Iason Barrios, Charles Georges, Tom Corcoran, Tom Weasel, Allen MacDonald Left: Bully Tully puQhc5 toward the goal M , ll, -l ' .-' xx: ' A 1 c A . .v 1 .4 ll L ' A A l 'Q 5? .5 -'FQ .N a fly? '13 - ..1' N, - , it Nlcnk Soccer - 77 s 'AV F, fgu 3-1 "" .-0 Top Left: Watts "puts in" a free throw as crowd cheers on. Bottom Left: Brackett concentrates on making the shot, Right: Methodist player tries to block a pass. 78 - Men's Basketball i hops ave Year t O if . . . '45 4' , 'fir , .4 'fe 1. fail i i Remember in '86-987 I Y IH -I- . 'I V, .,f..V. , .- C 'C-71' . I : T r A 1 "I 47 Q I X J .' C rd! i - 17 g AQ l K ' ' 1 . 1 se ' T if w 5 ' r j ' bf '1,r.f,1 , . -'N I .vi 43: ' V, 4' i ,. Y t ' if-'--v-"tt, Y-1 -1 LL Back, L to R: Assistant Coach, Jim Bennington, Scorekeeper, Lee Smelcer, Travis Saunders, William Bullock, Doug Hunt, Paul Jones, Wilbert Powell, Art Blausey, Charlie Hoffman. John Brackett, Lloyd Watts, Steve Moran. Johnny After a shaky 2-3 start, North Carolina Wesleyan roared to its best season ever with a 24-7 record, a Dixie Conference champi- onship and an NCAA quarterfinal finish. First-year coach Bill Chambers juggled a number of starting lineups for the Bishops early in the season before settling down with the right mix of veterans and young players. Two players were named to the lst Team All-Dixie Confer- ence squad: Lloyd Watts, a senior from Fredericksburg. Va., and Chris Bratcher, a sophomore from Richmond, Va. Watts led the Bishops in scoring with a 19.3 average while Bratcher was scor- ing at a 16,8 clip. Midway through the 86-87 season, the Bishops were a re- spectable 7-5. However, with a stable lineup and some fine play. . LES' I Wright, Terry Battle. Head Coach, Bill Chambers Front, L to R: Shea Walker. Tim Fuller. Chris Bratcher, David Gruver. Danny Murphy the Bishops reeled off a 12-l winning mark to end the regular season at 19-6. In the Dixie Conference Tournament, N,C. Wesleyan rolled through three games with a 74-70 win over UNC-Greensboro, the clincher. In NCAA play, the Bishops captured the South Regional with a pair of clutch two-point games over Centre College. Ken.. and Washington Univeristy, Mo. The Bishops final 8 status marked the best season ever for the Bishops, and the first time a Dixie Conference school had won the NCAA South Regional. For the Bishops, the future looks even brighter with Cham- bers going into his second year as head coach and the Bishops returning some key members of the memorable 86487 squad. Men's Basketball 79 T" A Y f - "'fiEi'a!51i5"'I51 if + -., ' Menis Basketball ' Men's Basketball 1 0124 Wi 6' Z" P Wilbert Powell moves the ball down the court FGM-FGA FTM-FEA TP AVG REB AVG A BLK Lloyd Watts 202-376 133-185 578 19.3 4.3 134 9 Chris Bratcher 181-382 54-64 474 16.9 2.4 68 2 John Brackett 103-175 74-96 280 9.3 5.1 52 8 Johnny Wright 100-153 56-87 256 8.5 4.3 13 4 Douglas Hunt 55-104 19-30 129 4.4 1.9 18 5 William Bullock 61-97 17-44 139 5.8 2.5 6 3 Terry Battle 47-101 41-57 138 4.6 3.4 110 8 Steve Morgan 31-55 22-29 84 3.5 1.3 12 2 Chuck Hoffman 22-51 8-14 52 2.0 1.8 18 2 Travis Saunders 26-56 19-24 72 2.6 1.3 23 7 David Gruver 16-32 9-15 46 2.4 .7 14 0 Paul Jones 13-37 15-23 51 2.2 .9 6 0 Art Blausey 16-28 18-30 50 2.1 1.8 9 10 Wilbert Powell 11-21 4-10 26 1.2 1.1 1 1 Danny Murphy 8-15 6-9 26 1.6 .2 4 0 80 3 Men's Basketball T41 - Mens asketball Mens asketball L nmurirrilion is .i11.ii1Iiulruui1iro-.1 1inu -Que F NCWC,i'N1nry Washington NCWC,fOhio Northern NCWC,f1"ros1burn Sl NCWCHIL Tenn. Slate NCWC,'Roberts Wesleyan NCWCHHrinipden-Sydney NCWC,fN1e1hodist NCWC,fFerrum NCWC,'Husson NCWCXVL1. Wesleyan NCWCXLINC-Greensboro NCNYCXC, Newport NCXVCIIITNCWQOFI News NCWCjSt. Andrews NCWCfGreensboro NCWCfVa. Wesleyan NCWCfAveretl NCWCXUNC-Greensboro NCWCfNiary Washington NCWCfGreensboro NCWC X Newport News NCWCX.-Xverett NCWCXC, Newport NCWCfNIethodist NCWCXSK, Andrews NCWCXSL Andrews NCWCXC. Newport NCWCXKNC-Greensboro NCWCfCemre C. NCWCfWashington Lf NCWCfWittenburg 'Dixie Conference Tournament SNCAA Div. 111 Tournament 615- 911-77 6X-if 11111-17 N6-fi-1 67-63 911-7? Nl-Q-1 QU-77 i 6 1 -71 N4-66 1117-H1 904155 6160 49 69-. Xl-7' '50 S4-61 ,A 7g B1- 66-63 57-43 1014-66 N0-67 S3-73 10059 100-86 107-63' 79-76' 74-70" 6-1-625 66-645 77-6-1 Niens B.isku1b.r1! -1 r. Q omen End Seasor ,,, . M- 1-ww -.1v..- 3- ., Q.. s mm-,J -una: wan- -1-'21-1 " ' ' ..- -1- Antrim num- H' ' ' ' in-ns: new ww. ' ' """'f 'ff pp., uf.. -nuns nn-1 -4:-uw at--mm ...,., Y 1 "' ""' -an an-as can-un urn- ' 'W '- ' v ppm 4-anna mm- --v -- ""' "' "-"' -oauunnunnwtf --'KI W lnltrssuraw-rv'-1--' h""""' pwnvlinlnsna.v-- ,,.,...a.......--...-s l uf iq e"""" U l 419 Q ann-we ans: 2 aww: '-vw I N' 1 comme , I , tl, . . I 4u3wnm" s Q, xx fy " if-v Above: Wesleyan player looks for an opening. Right: Robin Brooks tries a free throw. The Wesleyan Womens Basketball team ended its season with the best overall record in the school's history, winning 18 and losing only 6 of the 24 games played. The teams Dixie Conference record was also the best in Wesleyan's history, with 10 wins and 4 losses. Individual players also distinguished themselves. Bev Armstrong, a se- nior from Bartow, Florida, established the all time leading assist record at Wesleyan with 170 assists. Robin Brooks, a senior from Raleigh, was named DIAC's player of the year. 82 - Women's Basketball v 1-P- ith ost Wins Ever D KT Y A- ' Left to Right: Cynlhla Jones. Shannon Slobel. Robin Brouk-. Charlene Penraon, vlClCll"l0llT1C5, .laclue Butler, Sharon NlcI.eod,,lack1e Chrsley, Penny Bmun Front. L to R: Angle Allen. Bev Armstrong G FGA-FGM I"l'NI-FT-X TP AVG REB AVG BLK Robin Br00kS 24 224-382 66-93 514 21.-1 9.3 26 Cynthia Jones 21 121-265 49-85 291 13.9 6.2 2 Bev Armstrong 24 50-116 28-45 l28 5.3 2.4 3 Penny Brown 24 117-332 23-38 257 10.7 5.-1 3 Jackie Butler 24 69-l-ll 35-59 l73 7.2 6.6 15 Sharon McLeod 24 64-176 29-59 157 6.5 4 9 1 Charlene Pearson 24 50-105 18-21 118 -1,9 3,2 8 Shannon Stobel 2-1 36-119 9-12 81 3.4 1.0 2 Chisley 24 38-80 8-17 84 3.5 1.3 0 Vickie Holmes 20 9-27 1-9 19 1.0 1.4 6 xxxrmfn L C Womenas Basketball ' Womenas Basketball -."'v-.f -, ffkmf .J 1' Women's asketball omenls asketball NCWCfRounoke 68 NCWCfGuill'ord SW NCWCfCa1mpbell 6H NCWCfAverett 55 NCWCflimory dk Henry -66 NCWCfFcrrum 240 NCWC7V4i, Wesleyan 69 NCWCfAverett 36 NCWCflVlt, Olive -66 NCWCXC. Newport S7 NCWCfMethodist 5-1 NCWCfSt. Andrews -49 NCWCXUNC-G S9-74 NCWCXVA. Wesleyan 70-69 NCWCfMt, Olive 52 NCWCfGreensboro 58 NCWCfMary Washington ll2-63 NCWCXSL Andrews 65 NCWCfMethodist 74--19 NCWCXC. Newport 64-60 NCWCfGreensboro 77-66 NCWCXUNC-G 95-80 NCWCfSt. Andrews 73-64 NCWCXC. Newport 63-53 Opposite Page: Coach Laura Ferrell watches her tctim tru sideline, Left: Robin Brookn prepares to shoot rn the Cheerleaders Worked ard to Eb Above: Suzanne Payne and Lesley Freeman are Cheerleader co-captains at Wesley an. Right: Wesleyan's cheerleading squad performs stunts during halftime. Cheerleading began early this year for some of the squad. Just before school started this year, Lesley Freeman, Dianne Ciasca, and Suzanne Payne attended the Universal Cheerleading Associ- ation Camp which was held at Virginia Tech. Within the week, they learned many new cheers, chants, and stunt techniques. At the end of the week, they were awarded five blue ribbons and two red ribbons. The girls also won the spirit stick and brought back a trophy for the Most Improved Squad. The squad started practicing in September this year and didn't stop until the end of February. They spent many long hours learn- ing new dance routines and perfecting difficult stunts. And they tried to promote more school spirit by having the school's first pep rally to begin the men's basketball season. 86 - Cheerleaders Promote Spirit in '86-'87 K my-'15 A. . ri I J J ky l r- ' . .ff-'if"" l 4 ..:,f- 73731 7. V. At competition time, the girls placed third, But their season wasn't over, The cheerleaders accompanied the mens basketball team to the NCAA South Re- gional Tournament, which was held in St. Louis, then followed the team on to Springfield, Ohio. Above, First Row, L lo R: Rhonda Sharpe, Lesley Freeman, Suzanne Pay ne, Beth Hodsdon, Jill Harris Second Row, L to R: Kristal Crutchfield. Lori Lees, Tammy Reeves, Melanie Chaplain, Kari Kettner, Chris Ann DeCarlo. Left: Tammy Reeves "stands out" for a while and waits for her leg to heal, Cheerleaders -- P47 'A - . - .g -.....iL4.:L ' I Z Tennis Team Rebouncls 4. Y ' -w - - ' ' ' ' " 'U . ' War. Q' X r V -an 9 X Y 91.0 ,gmt fs L in ,N M... 4 fairs M 'T H-nv f 3- J ra -9 'X 'r f-are n 4 - X . 5 , P r - - Q 9 . Q 3 -alum, I 3,7 .06 NN 4 l 1 ftffi L Y 0 :' 4 t 0 , hy, ' 04. xi .Q xxx T s ' L35 I 9 5 n , .P+ v 5 N 'X l .- " 4 . A 9 . 1 1 'S 16 it A 5 9 E- .tc - , Q 4 ff' . W 5 yy x , I 4 1- 4 S Q G'ttpm NY W -,bm f . " ' ' ' Qu l 'A S if ' -w . 6. ,ei - , , 4 uw .fx xxx 5 K s - ,I x i 55 , 9 5: ft A X A T 'Q l U .4 i f S" f'-FM'-fl 9 A 'Y 4 l N vt . yl..':. ' . L, V lx W S Q .6 4 ,EH is r if 1 . F H: N ' , , ' i . x 5' ' 1 V ,- as w . i 1 , , 3 W N-is - ' A -' '4.:a', 1 5 xi X F tt :,:5?A ' t I I p, 3,55 ' V. 291501 I. '41 4-15. K - - 'l-M5fPwf:f5i:if5i"-55 5 V 'Y Y Y 1 T ' 'N l YH N 'n 5 xxx - '-:T4'L'f-"iaYa?-32? 'if ""5 X SSH xxxxw X sviF?iEEE'rlf"9?f' ' '0l0't' ti 1 35.11 a 5 ' IQ, I xxx xxxxyxf r ,Q ',l,- - ' Wmxx 1 ' 5 v 'SSIIY Y V, -, D 4 ' ' 5' , I ' ', I I Y Y I N " 'L "4 - v nw" "HEP ' X , a- ,P s i K. V . f l Y ' I . if . -, A i P , 4 0 , " 09-lvl fi,-Htl! 6.1 -sal." - "xt R00-n'4f3. A 0-tl-1 sf-if Q ' V .pd ,fy ,U .kr I . , V .., fl ' . .e " ' ,, J' ' 2 f f' 'gi -3 Q ' ' W--' 4' A . ' J ' . 6 . 'A An i -'A if - .J m ,, -I ',, Tn F' SL: 44 'E S ,mrjil It 'p im", -.I jg: '- Iv 'iv il? ' QC I I , I HA- 1 t. F 'A A I' 11. It j -I... gxws. ., . 5,.,,,g,: 2iiln.1.f2L.-n..lri s.,, , ' J 3 I-,,A,-MASA It 7' ' ' X 9 5 . , L 'L--if ' A K - 1 -1- -on 4.4-g L .K elif Barry Nethercutt returns a serve. Scoreboard Baptist 6 X N.C. Wesleyan 3 Mount Olive 8 X N.C. Wesleyan l N.C. Wesleyan 6 X St. Andrews 3 N.C. Wesleyan 6 X Elizabeth City 3 UNC-Greensboro 9 X N.C. Wesleyan 0 Catawba 9 X N.C. Wesleyan 0 N.C. Wesleyan 5 X Virginia State 4 Christopher Newport 9 X N.C. Wesleyan 0 88 - Tennis Greensboro 5 X N.C. Wesleyan 4 Mount Olive 9 X N.C. Wesleyan 0 Averett 9 X N.C. Wesleyan 0 N.C. Wesleyan 8 X Chowan l Virginia Wesleyan 9 X N.C. Wesleyan 0 N.C. Wesleyan 8 X Virginia State 1 l Methodist 7 X N.C. Wesleyan 2 l l I fl A 6 3 . . 6 so 1. -- at ,L After Di appointing Seasons Mu J 1 '- - , , 5' ,g ijt' ggi .r .. 3 , - fp? 3 If X' ' vi ff' .aa E5 . S. i 'r kv - 1 .4 in-m..,,, The North Carolina Wesleyan tennis team rebounded after a number of disap- pointing seasons, with the Bishops posting a 5-10 overall record. The Bishops, under first-year coach Ran- dy Wheeless, downed three Division ll squads during the season. NC. Wesleyan's five wins were as many as the squad has won in the last three years put together, No. 1 player Barry Nethercutt led the charge for the Bishops with a .500 record in singles. Nethercutt, a senior, was selected to the 2nd Team Coaches Select squad by the Dixie Conference. Top Left: lbottom, l to rl Mike Trubey, Derek Francis. Barry Nethercutt. ltop row, I to rl Greg Robbins. Mclver Garrison. Kevin Doddridge Bottom Left: Barry Nethercutt prepares for ti return. Bottom Right: Wesleyan player waits and concentrates, Tennis Y 89 Sports Spotlight alls Gary Appleton: Baseball Bev Armstrong: Basketball Robin Brooks: Basketball B Penny Brown: Basketball Kenny Bulkin: Soccer Jackie Butler: Basketball Left: Derek Francis: Soccer ' Right: David Gruver : .a.a,,,! 90 - Senior Athletes lWesleyan,s Senior Athletes 'lv .--N uiz' Roy Hill: Baseball wg nog, Chuck Hollmanz Basketball Frankie Moore Baseball ,, ' f -if i,.F,,s .?Y"""" ' mf i Y ,aug 'Q ,f r X X Doug Nesbitt: Soccer aw. I r . Garry Ormsby: Baseball Paul Prisco Baseball Lloyd Watts: Basketball NOT PICTURED: Patty Duggan -fff Soccer Tressa Simmons - Soccer Lisa Nelson ff Soccer Lori Blackburn - Volleyball If a Wesleyan student does not belong to one of the intercollegiate teams, other athletic op- portunities are available. Students may do in- dividual workouts in the weight room, shoot basketball in the gym, jog around the campus, or cycle into town. Or, they might play a match of tennis with a friend. The intramurals program, directed by Jim Bennington, offers athletic opportunities to students wishing to participate in team sports. The intramurals teams, which are co-ed, are open to every Wesleyan student: the only re- quirement is that a team roster must be filled out. Football, softball, basketball, volleyball are the team sports offered. Individual compe- tition includes tennis, ping-pong, and pool. Fa- cilities available for intramurals are open fields in front of the dorms, tennis courts, the recreation room, and the gymnasium. All students are encouraged to participate in as many intramural activities as they wish. I 1 We x- K x ' , in " Q N . Top: Kenny Bowers prepares for the soccer season by working out in the weight room. Right: Graeme Stewart working out in the weight room with Mike Morgan. 92 At Wesleyan- thletic 3 l l 1 l l l r r I. v I l g it Are for Everyone - . F i. 1 mfr, ' l 2' X rf W . , , N, - X Top Center: Some Wesleyan students preparrng for tan tntramural softball game Bottom Left: Runners prepare themselves for the Wesleyan Fun-Run Bottom Right: Students mark hard to tone up thelr muscles he ! X-X 's ,- '43 Bill Chambers comes to Wesleyan as basketball coach, from Dudley High in Greens- boro, NC. During his five years in Greensboro, Chambers led Dudley High to two North Cen- tral Conference championships. He was named Coach of the Year twice during that time. As a player, at Greensboro's Grimsley High, Chambers was named one of the top 10 seniors in the nation in 1972. During his four years at the University of North Carolina, Chambers played under Dean Smith, serving as captain of the Tar Heels his senior season. From 1977-79 Chambers played for and later coached the Pepinster Professional Basket- ball Club in Belgium and in 1979 he played for the Ensival Basketball Club-also in Bel- gium. Chambers returned to the U.S. and began coaching JY at Greensboro's Grimsley High. In 1981 he took ajob as head coach at Greensboro's Dudley High. Chambers replaces Jeff Reynolds as head coach of the Bishops. Chambers confers with team at half. 94 - Chambers Chambers Comes to Wesleyan x V F . 1 i ,, 1 It so BEHAVIOR Grganizations if 7' ga. or 'H' ia' X I' f -Second of two identified behaviors associated with Wesleyan Fever. -Subjects present with an unyielding desire to be ac- tive in school activities. national ' Sigma Pi International ' Sigma ,J .1 af? 'Wi ' CU-- --I --Q I ... Z- 111 l uv v Front Row, L to R: Theresa Frattini, Jayne Jones, Leslie Freeman, Libby Birdsong, Beth Hodsdon, Diane Ciasca, Lori Blackbum, Stacey Schofield, Kim Murphy, Rachel Dormegan. Second Row, L to R: Barry Guthrie, Mike Walters, Bill McGee, Robbie Pollock, Bobby Price, Frank Warecke, Mike Dolliver. Third Row, L to R: Chris Holbrook, Robert Bumgardner, Jamie Thorn, David Far- rell. Ls.. ,, .ef Above: Chris Holbrook ucovets his cash," left: Frank Warecke and Barry Guthrie fleftb do some reading while they party. amma hi amma hi Front Row. L to R: Kim Rom, Greg Williams. Cindy Bovcc, Mark lmmlcr, Kim Huskms Back Row, l. to R: lorry Thompaon, Ticna Gasltinx, Chris Oslling. Sandy Mitchell, Andy Wright, Jennifer McGregor, fvlikc Trubcy. R:.indyWisniewsky,Nikki Berry.Den1se Stockb -"v- f I 44' I. 5 l Middle Left L to R Tamara Oates, Price Miller, and Mike Berry are all dedted out for rush Middle Right: Mark Immler and Sharon Campbell take ei "chip break" at the dorm Bottom: Thomaa Taylor relaxes in front of his Nu Gamma Phi rug, Organizations - 97 4 i Wesleyan Chri tian Fellowship g QUT! Y X 5 nil, ' -I ' '44 If U 'X 5 , ' 5 ? we I 5 Hwdfffi 1. NEW vO9l Q Front Row: Cindy Harrell, Tommy Venters, Kim Murphy, Kori Townsend. Back . Row: Allen Mills, Sabrina Felser, Johnny Francis, Kim Huskins, Rev. Mark .1 Ledbetter fadvisorj, Mark Immler, Mike Walters. '."1Q7""x-F' "' ' if-Q'Qxf,,.,-Q.-. ".., .5 +' -A-v ln iw gl Y ii . , 4, rn .- ". 7:7 T ' ,ff-5-2 ' il if ' 51,1 - 1 1 . , 'si . ' . - rr' 1: 1 +. V ' Q, . +'i ' ' ' 'm hr' 'Hs-. ' j:,,?gf.' gr-' v + ' bv ' ' 5 54555 ' ' , ,rn , 1f.:-',-' ' 'Z 1 2 , 'Lil 4 M if -"U 1. is ' gill . -A ' t 'li n g ' I imswn Aff' ' ' i-Z",-iiflgf .sz 2 i 533 1 I mg 1. .', - v. --a, . fi - Z" f-'i.,,r Q7 J .W 'Y JL, 'X 'x A r , . fl I I. 98 - WCF l P . If . 3 'V Left: The Wesleyan Christian Fellowship decorated the chapel for Christmas. Above: Another project of the WFC was a poinsettia saje, headed by Tom Venters. i l a gli? :VI 4 Sigma Phi Delta ' Sigma Phi Delta 1 --X 'li u' U' 'R 1' ' Qafa 4' ii "' 4 s FKP6, 75, 3 45' . , -1 . . a , 4 -Ar ' 1 X xi 7 i i 1 x 1 0' Y ip Front Ro L to R: Leslme Freeman, Dora Los. Lorl Lees. Kim Ross. Sara Paul Pm O Livelsberger D1.1neC asca.Back Ro LtoR: N11kcGouge. Dr. Raymond Bauer, ?! ls Urgnfl W i ,X mbassador ' mbassadorf Front Row, L to R: Pat Cerjan, Suzanne Thomas, Tommy Venters, Pam Johnson. 2nd Row: Cindy Harrell, Claire Gilchrest. Norma Cook, Tiena Gaskins. 3rd Row: Bobby Jones, Mike Gouge. Tracy Richards, Johnny Francis. 100 - Organizations Pam Johnson gives a tour of Wesleyan on Senior Day. lr 0,46 04-11 fr .14 lpha Delta Chi ' Alpha Delta Chi 'UI ov, FQ: Q14 tb qu.. ' ' 1: F1- ibh 4' I E X . A' ' Front Center: Sonji Grant, 2nd Row, L to R: Carri Kenner. Marge Praslu, Laura Fil7gcr11ld,.loe Gancu Sth Row. L to R: Make Gouge. Tom Wesel. Mark Crum. Stuis. Cindy Braly, 3rd Row. L to R: Tammy Rivers, Sara Livelsberger, Lon Charlne Georges Lees. Sybil Banford. 4th Row, L to R: Jason Barrios, Theresa Watkins. Sharon Organliulmm - llll 33 SAC PAC ' AC PAC ' SAC P C Asc V 'QL -.I l C, , 's 5 SP SAC K SAC SAC SM Q 175- SAC PAC A PAC PAC P .C PAC l A Front Row, L to R: Dorothy Phifer if-Xdvisorl, Kim Murphy, Karrin Detter, Jennifer McGregor, Sharon Campbell, Nikki Berry, Cindy Lou Harrison, Denise Stocks. 2nd Ro to R: Ronnie Richardson, Mike Walters, Jackie Butler, Kim Huskins, Mark lmmler, Johnny Francis, Howard Draper. 5,411 .,,-gs: Y 'A,A'Avun Homecoming is one of the many events sponsored by SAC PAC. Members of this year's included KL to Rl Nikki Berry, SAC PAC's special events chairpersong Sharon Campbell, E PAC's general chairperson: and Tamara Oates, 1986 Homecoming Queen. 102 f SAC PAC A fe ia, SAC PAC ' SAC PAC ' SAC PAC in Dance Lxmlled was .1 speclal event sponsored by SAC PAClh1sye.3r 3 K' 0' 70 Q X-f xr 'il 5- Nixrrora played for the homer-Jmmg ddncc xpomorcd by S-XC P-XC S Xi P Xi V413 , A l Organizations ' Organizations ' Organi JG -gf First Row, L to R: Cindy Harrell, Jessica Morton, Claire Gilchresl. Second Row: Sabrina Felser, Kim Huskins. Back: Johnny Francis. Front: T y Venters. Back, L to R: Kim h - - - Huskins, Jessica Morton, Mark Ledbetler, - l ladvisorj, Cindy Harrell. Steve Jolly' BSU advisor P-"' n seam " in Eli gl 1 Ilz ni .man Organizations ' Organizations ' 1 - I, 104 - Organizations 1 -' O4-'X adv 1, i 1 itions ' rganizations ' Organizations ' 'FC Q A. FC FC FC FC FC FC , f. FC FC FC FC FC FC FC f I . . Front, L to R: Bull Mchcc, Mike Collwer, Mark lmmlcr Back: Make X . Gouge, Joe Gancn, Mark Crum. Chris Oslhngs Y .1 1 I L ' L A I ,4 1 Z PB PB PB PB PB PB L PB- l PBQ PBC PB PB PB PB PB .J i .4 I .. I - W - .J I .. l .J X First Row, L to R: George Niorxc, Helen Carr. Kathy Naramc, Susan H i Hale Second, L to R: Tom Rxvcrx, I , Jessica Morlon,,Lu:k1e Buller,Sh.1r- on Ward. Sumnnc Payne Third. I. to R:TcrryW11rd.Dcltonlcmb. D4- W v1d.Iackson.Tcrr5 Hurdmvn Bobby .- , - - 1 Jones A WORD . . PFRPOOMNSOOURR GREEN HILLS GOLF uonnsn Rockv Mount, NC 17801 Org.1nx1nlnona -- IHS r 1 5X rganizations ' Gfg3H1Z3t1OHS ' Grganll NCAE NCAE NCAE NCAE NCAE NCAE NCAE 'UP NCAE NCAE NCAE NCAE r NCAE 5 NCAE NCAE a F l l l F t L to R: Ellen Davis, Claire 4 G l t Nancy Purvis, Anita Turn- - l St d g: Melanie Brantl y V l ' H ld N' h I P l J h n. Not pictured, Barbara P ' y Sh ldon, faculty advisor CPAK CPAK CFAK CVAK 3 CPAK CPAK CPAK CPAK CPAK CPAK f CPAK . CPAK QAK ,g 4, CPAK i F t, L to R: Dr. Allen Johnson, S zanne Payne, Jessica Morton, K thy Crickmore Naraine Beverly A mstrong, Dr C P M Kta. 2nd gn ,- R L to R: Kim H lu Corbitt R h g, Cliff Sulli J kie But ler, Terry Hadis 3 d R L to R: Don Scalf, Cindy Bovee, Mark Crum, Doug Yearwood. 5 Grganizations ' Grganizations ' Organi l 106 - Organizations i r l L . P Emil J. ,1.,., 4 tion ' rganizations ' Grganizations ' CDHZ GDHX CDHZ CDHZ KDHZ wr S' Z " N cDH2 I V cDHz CIJHZ xl '- Q CDHZ CIJHZ CDHZ First Row, L to R: Nlark lmmler, Cliff Sullivan, Debbie Bounds. Larry' Thompson, Hannah Nlcfwlll- lan 2nd Row, L to R: Him Nnvan- gul. Elame Lytton. Dtusy Thorp, Jackie Butler. Dr Rlchnrd Watson 3dR L!R'D1 Y'v. yd D1 -r ow. o . tug e.1r or John Prtdgm, Graeme Stuart. Da vud Jones . Vilfi :nm l SWS l SQS l CIJUJUDUJUJUDUJUJCIJ CIJUJUJUJUJUDUJUJUD I 4 ' 1 3 - 'ul I - ' P .. 1 5 if-A 'lif--gf ll Front. L to R: Anna Donnelly, Deb- .l ble Bounds, Jayne Jones, Jenmler Blatsdell, Amy Slang Znd Row. L to J R: Erm Boudeuyns. Jessxca Morton. ll Kate Lark1n.Cla1re Gxlchrcyt. Pau- l la Pruden, Nxkkl Berry 3rd Row. L tl to R: Tern N1cN1ullen.Cmdy Hur- li rell, Sandy N11tchell.K1rn Huyl-ttnx. ltions ' Organizations ' rganizations ' Organtzatlon - IOJ S ., "'iL11l--::-1-' FJ.t:e-:-gfiF- --- L, ,- 1 N Organizations ' Organizations ' Organiz COMMUNOTY t CCD W COMMUNITY 5 O T TNC" 1 CU COMMUNMY Q CUUNCL COMMUN1TY 5 COUNCQ COMMUNITY -is 1 , M . fi fN Ct., UNC-.s COMMUNiTY 6 r 'W , i 4 CQ- CoMMUNiTY i CoUNCiz , CoMMUNiTY ' Z , ! 1 COUNCL CoMMUNQTY X, 5' Q E , i ' , Dianne Cias . 'I mrni-nrnmmmmmmmmrnm V I f " - I ' I - z A.- Organizations ' Organizations ' Organij 108 -- Organizations I O O fl AL XILTV ions ' Urganizations ' Organizations ' PE.CQUB PE.CLUB PE.CQUB PE.CQUB PE.CQUB PE.CQUB PE.CQUB PE.CLUB RE.CLUB RE.CQUB PE.CLUB RE.CLUB RE.CQUB RE.CLUB P.E QUB P.E QUB OO ont L to R: Dr Ray mond Bauer '. ' Lora Blackburn. Beverly Arm n U1 1 " ,' , ' ,ff rcul CR1MiNAL .WUSTICE CRiM1NAL NJSffCE CR1MiNAA NJSffCE CRiMiNA- UJSffCE CRIMINAL NJSffCE CR1MiNAL fUSffCE CRiM1NA .TUSTICEA tions ' Organizations ' Grganizations ' Music Clockwisez Ron Rodman Conducts at the Christmas concert. Ron Rodman and Jazz Ensemble play in Doc'sg Karen Carney plays the piano for the Wesleyan Singers. Hernan Murno conducts Wesleyan's Choral group, The Archbishops perform at the Christmas concert. Opposite Page, Top Left: Saxophone section performs during the Christmas Con- cert, Top Right: Bobbi Albert plays baritone sax with the jazz ensemble. Bottom Left: The Wesleyan Singers sing their Christmas melodies. Bottom Right: James Jones prepares to paly the drums at the Christmas concert. P' A -I -5' 1 , ll QU' IQ 11 '- I llO - Music Department Department Enlist ' """ "" " ' " -""' f.,1. 'Y tsp- 1 "1-fr ' . . .. as-,.,.,,,.f -Q -VV 4 Q - i '!i'5 ,. V "l ife 'W 'lf l C' :if C ,Q 1 ' .fl if I v- Q, Student f Community Talent The Dissenter staff of 1986-87, headed by editor Johnny Francis, did its best to make this year's yearbook the best ever. Under the leadershp of a new advisor, Mrs. Margaret Ledbetter, the yearbook staffwas able to gain fresh ideas on the production of a good yearbook. This is the first year that an advisor has been hired, on a consulting ba- sis, to oversee the production of the yearbook. Kathy Naraine served as chief copy writer, writing some 80fZ: of the copy for this edition of the Dissenter. Johnny Francis, in addition to his duties as editor, served as chief photographer, tak- ing nearly 85fZn of the book's pic- tures. Early in the year, the Dissenter staff debated the idea of changing the name of the yearbookg many students believed that "Dissenter" 3.1116 had a negative connotation. After receiving opposition from both fac- ulty and staff, the students decided to reconsider the move toward changing the name. The staff de- cided that if the name "Dissenter" was an important tradition to members in the Wesleyan commu- nity, the tradition should be pre- served. The idea was dropped, To help finance and promote this edition of the Dissenter, the year- book staff revived an old practice of selling ads to the Rocky Mount community. The staff enlisted the aid of Phi Beta Lambda, the busi- ness honorary, for the sale of ads. Students in the organization, led by President George Morse, sold ads to local businesses to raise money for the production of a suc- cessful yearbook. 7 .,, Y Z 7 Change Dropped: I. 'slips-Z.-5' 1987 Dissenter Stuff Johnny francis - Fdttor, Chief Photographer Kathy Naraine Chief Copy Writer Todd Glasgow Ads Layout Chief Typist Stafl LII Carroll, Howard Draper, Derek Francis, Sabrina Felser, Ann Hunter, Curtis Moore, Jot Patrick, Denise Stocks, Korn Townsend, Tommy Venters Opposite Page, Top Right: Johnny Francis is at work finishing assignments Opposite Page, Bottom: Todd Glasgow and Sabrina Felser go over last minute details This Page, Left: Ann Hunter, Korn Townsend.and Derek Francis look over pictures to go in the yearbook Bottom Left: Johnny Francis confers with Tommy Venters on a spreadsheet for the yearbook Bottom Right: The Dissenter Staff First Row, R to L. Denise Stocks, Anita Donelly, Kori Townsend, Kathy Naraine, Paula Pruden, Second Row: Sabrina Felser, Michele Chesson, Doro Los, Todd Glasgow Back Row' Howard Draper, Ronnie Richards, Derek Francis, Johnny Francis. Subjects Exhibit Beha ion .4 Camera shy? e ,,,,, ,16- J1m Benmngton IS all smzles F-T5 gi' 1.-rf in ' 4' 414' ' E! 9, ' ' ' X in u -K W' ' 2' K Q " ,- - V4 1.1 ll 4. Q 5 ' Tommy Venters gives Ron Bove a quick piano lesson. Taking it easy after classes. , 1 ,..,5, dY' Symptomatic of the Fever .4 - . f X k, , N '. -A ' , 3.25-.'3-5 cs . .,, V Terry Battle lakes time out to watch TV 3 Subjects Exhibit Behaviors 4 1 I v I r i 'Wh A ,,.-, l 's- Symptomatic of the Fever Opposite Page:SluccySchol'1cld cuts Br1.m fjuggam vslnlc Kim Murphy lunks un Left: Dr .md Mrs, Stephen l'r1l1 urc dreased appropruulcly for thc Halloween Cohlunv: Pllfly Bottom Left: Greg Willrums .und Mark lmmlcr ,.ll'ClLlkll'lglllZ1tNj'll'l thc Nu Gamma Phi lounge Bottnm Right: Wullmm Robertson dn- plays hls sporting abxlily ut Nash Dorm Middle: .lzumc Thorn. Frank Warcckc, and Hull McGee .Jrc cngugcd rn u wrcsllrng match while David Farrell rclcrccs. f 4 4 1 l 1 l ll 1 Z Candlds Y ll7 ,Li F , l it all - ff. Top: Frank Warecke, David Farrell, Bill McGee. Robbie Pollock, Brian Goggins, and Stacy Schofield are having a little fun while posing for the camera. Right: The girls from Edgecombe and North dorms are arriving to hear the update on the "Perv Alert". 118 -- Fever Rises ,Af YN, I The Fever Rises ' ,- " 2""" F -ff:-f A- 5 AJ f iii , 9 'A LL 5. 1 1 x Q ,.4, 4. ' SUBJECTS: Group B -faculty and staff at North Carolina Wesleyan Col- lege -Manifestation of fever differs slightly from that ob- served in Group A -further study is needed to determine which of the observed behaviors can be associated with the fever. Fritz Named Acting Presidentg Each year North Carolina Wesleyan College students and staff produce a new edition ofthe Dissenter to capture something of the vitality, purpose and spirit of the college. This year's annual is an important issue because of the transition in the president's office. On June 30, 1986, Dr. S. Bruce Petteway retired and I assumed the duties of Acting President. The chal- lenge put before the college was one of maintaining its momen- tum and not allowing the college to fall into some sort of holding pattern until a permanent president is named. From my personal perspective, I believe the college and its students have faired very well. Students, faculty, and staff began the 1986-87 academic year with considerable optimism. Thus far, there have been few disappointments. Our optimism was bouyed considerably by the significant upturn in enrollment which is an important endorsement of the college's mission, programs, and faculty. The team-spirit exhibited by faculty and staff has been most gratifying. Clearly, we are working for a common purpose and common desire, to see North Carolina Wesleyan College and its students prosper. Earlier in the year, I said that I did not promise a quick-fix but offered instead to build on our solid foundation a college which is determined to fulfill its mission. Throughout the year, our efforts have been reinforced by a vitality which has permeated virtually every facet of our existence. Greater attention is being given to program support and the development of new ways to make our programs more effective, beneficial, and attractive to our stu- dents. There is much more that we want, and need to do to continue to improve our college. Certainly, we want to continue to be ambitious, to be eager to grow and prosper, and to build on the gains we have made this year. As one reviews the pages that follow, I think the vitality of North Carolina Wesleyan College will be apparent. I should like to extend my personal thanks to the entire Wesleyan College Community for its support and to the staff of the Dissenter for the production of this fine college annual. Stephen Fritz, Acting President Top Right: Dr. Fritz prepares to sign official college documents. Bottom Right: Dr. Fritz discusses business with Belinda Faulkner in the business office. . 4,- -.4 , x i 120 "Q- of' -- g . 3 ' 'i 1 i .1 l . 5, ' Ln . 1 Q3 ff ' Q . ,H"'P 1 ' I 1 l I E l . ' - ' l ., g -' ' A- A V " I --'H-ri" 'eil-'N 'i -J 17 Brooks, Acting Dean NI I is li Q xx Top: Dr, Marshall Brooks relays lnformallon lo Dr Stephen l:l'llI about Jcudemxc pollcres Bottom Left: Dr Brooks, consults mth Qi colleague over the phunc Ill fl Subjects: Group Chuck Ackerman Theatre i l ,W 9 -A----A f. - s , Nu -.-,l - uni' Sybil Banford Saga it 4... ,-1 -i i . Q. Y A Q73 ' L 1'-Y-1 Curtis Batchelor Jane Baits Buildings and Grounds Data Processing -i-iw! Eleanor Barnes Angie Bennett Switchboard Administrative Assistant Raymond Bauer "Doc" Berry Joyce Bonomo Physical Education Food Service and Hotel Management Public Information 22 - Faculty and Staff !"' , , Subjects: roup 5 l 1 l-: - 'la lib 75 K . .X V 7 I" f Lronel Brshop Data Processmg Sophra Brrdges SecrelaryfAdm1ssrons Karen Camey Chrrs Carslens Musrc Psychology T? x . Y 'QDI u -I-4. .:f"5 Nlxke Broun Smff Wrrlcr -5 June Casto Frnancxal Arcl 43 A Edrlberlo Bucncummo v--li I l Brll Chambers Jenmfer Cherry Dewey Clark Mens Basketball Coach Secretary -Co-op, Admxssrons Euensron Programs " Y .5 X Computer Sludres s r k,,..f I I, I I I 1 f 1 Palrrcra Cerjan Admrssrons F.1eulr5 and Stall X r-4 Subject : Group 5 , .1 'Q -4 ,wt -L t ff' fge 4 Aan 1. Sally Craven Paul deGategno Pam Dernck Business English Director of Housing C ue.-an I ' mini: ::.. lI': " l rr Q 1 ru -gn ' 4 V r ' ' dis , mx? tw, ,rss I n N 'E r ' fin """""'f'N-I' Richard Dollar Rachel Donnagen Jean Edge ' Vice President, College Store Physical Education 9, Development " 'QP 1 ,I Ronald Edwards La Rue Elliot Vicki Faircloth Edna Farmer I, Office Services Cooperative Education Secretary-Admissions Acquisitions Librarian ir 124 I l x , . ' s s E ,ll ur J ubjects: Group ae, Belinda Faulkner Steve Ferebce Laura Ferrell Asst. to the President English Coach, Womcn's Basketball of Finance l ' l .4 5x ' I . , 'S "K Q' -x g N . ,y x . , j N b , Tony Ferrell Ken Finney Ann Flemming Coach. Men's Soccer History Admissions "x 'figs . J. ,., il 1 i l l A 5 1, 'JI F , I ' f 1 Linda Flowers English he Denise Flood Secretary-Student Life 'Psp , 's.,'v . .r.. Mike Fox Donald Francis Athletic Director Food and Hotel Service ll? Subjects: Group ' --I4 Frances Harrison Dorothy Grant SupervisorfPurchasing Mathematics Q, xv., 'I' ,3' J ' ,A V ix 1 0 491:-it ll i 1 l 5 I' ,f I 35 I E X ,K " ima f if Q. 5' -1-'W' Hilda Hawkins Secretary-Public Information H Allen Johnson istory and Geography Catherine Johnson David Jones Ray Kirkland Business Officer History Vice President of Finance Jfiii 9" ' if '5 fit , A la 'f .LQ . -51 ft- ' N 65 g ay . P- Q 32-'tt it L 4' i X Q 5 4 . Mark Ledbetter ffar rightj Carol Lucas Elaine Lytton Religion f Campus Minister Secretary-Development Mathematics 126 ubjects: Group Nlxlene Meicher Director Evening and Extension Programs ff A, 51 fl?" if 1 U ,Q lg? Q 3 , . X- I.. Carleton Makita Dean of Siudeni Life 1 3 Emily Meredith Virgie Morehart English Accounting Assistant F U 1.0! -c-'-Q 7+ 1 's If ', ,. Hernan Murno Music L Z7 N Y 'gr-V-A '- lan: 'N ,-lg. , . W I in ' P 93 - . J-'12 I . A f- l if - -Q' Xl 1 I h I x . - I Pal McKenzie Himanshoo Navangul Cashier Chemistry ,, I , , ll If l l li "' ' 3 ' J lx y i-51 K x X T' 1 . AY , , F1 , Q ,- N 1 4 l , l ll ' 1 l 'M' 1 e 3 i Lf e i Q X Y S, b Y L - Y 157. l Kim Norclquesl Melvin Oliver Chemistry Economics,"Bu51ness Administration In Subjects: Group i l i 4 Jacob Owensby Carl Pagles Roland Paiva Sylvia Parker Philosophy Dean of Admissions Women's Soccer Coach Development NL r Barbara Perry-Sheldon Dorothy Phifer Carolyn Quigley Jay Quinan Education Director of Student Activities Faculty SCCFCIZTY PSYCUUIUSY , Ron Rodman James Van Roekel Corbitt Rushing Music Admissions Political Science ll ubjeots: Group 1, Q 1 l ul su A it V 1, l , ' .vll P ' x yew? P, f 'I 'fb , ' V ' -if ,Q 'S N l f f 7 f i I ,f i 4 I 1 fi f Donald Scalf Diane Scherzer Arch Sharer Bill Silber Physical Education Volleyball Coach Biology Business 2, :B A g' ix ' 5" IX . -Ita ' we ii , , , S1 , L Betty Smith Leverette Smith Controller English -I ,ff 2 7 r ,if 4 Rick Simon Mary Lou Steed John Sievcnx Financial Aid Sociology-Anthropology Criminal ,luxiicu ' 3 nf -in -1.-. 129 f v L i Subject : Group 'QVZ Janice Stump Cliff Sullivan 93 'Q' Y' College Nurse Registrar 14541 Dianne Taylor Rex Tucker Daisy Thorp Librarian Religion Art 'EY' Jackie Walters Assistant to Registrar J 'F Q R 1 'Cz 'S Terry Ward Bob Walton Accounting Biology ,,.., 1' If I Subjects: roup ' 5 "W-,vf Q 5. I t" H Randy Wheeless Annewtlgus Sports Informutton Llbmrmn f 1- ft r " bf", ' gs ' x J . f Rack Watson Carol Whttner Htstory Asst. to the Dean vt -X nu+A A lr, ri I, ' , , .1 'I 5 1 I , I . X - f ' A - vv o . ,qi W t I 1 Q f - v v - , ,. A F , Q . . X ' f ' t .SM-, N, -Tv 1' .x f t f xt """' v 1 It' v'. I A' ' 1 , 1 . ' t 1 I K X . Edward Wiltrakts Delores Wood Vxrgmm Wooten xxvtlllllm Xhtdmttrth Mathematics Educutton -Xaat tothe Prcwdcnt N1.nnten.xncc In rf5F l ini lg 1 . ig L". X? Q ' -- .5 4 Students and faculty alike twittered in genuine excitement when they caught glimpses of former governor Jim Hunt on the Wesleyan campus. For- mer Gov. Hunt presided at the meeting of Triangle East, a syndicate of business and professional people from Wilson, Rocky Mount, Zebulon triangle, The concept that Triangle East is busy promoting involves recruiting industry complimentary to indus- try that is already in place in the Research Triangle. The industries being recruited would manufacture items needed in the production or packaging ofitems currently manufactured in the Research Triangle. Hunt is the president of this board and has, accord- ing to Richard Dollar, Vice-President in charge of Development at Wesleyan, "spear-headed the whole project." Top: Former Gov. Jim Hunt discusses Triangle East over lunch. Right: Business and professional people from the Wilson, Rocky Mount, Zebulon triangle gather for lunch to discuss the concept of Triangle East. Opposite page: Former governor Jim Hunt and Mayor Fred Turnage move toward the Trustees Room. 132 - Triangle East North Carolina Wesleyan X aBuck" Leonard Honored at Most folks at Wesleyan love tradition. Tradition lends color and depth: it brings a certain richness to most every facet of the college's life. And Founder's Day at Wesleyan is not the least among a long list of great traditions. It is, in fact, a time for celebrating tradition at Wesleyan. In his Founder's Day address, Dr. Thomas Collins, President of Wesleyan College, l959-1975, challenged all who were pre- sent to continue their support for liberal arts education. Dr. Collins served as Wesleyan's first president. The College paid special tribute to past president Dr. Bruce Petteway, unveiling a portrait of Dr. Petteway that will hang in the Trustees Room next to the portrait of the first president of Wesleyan. Service awards, honoring years of service at Wesleyan, were presented to: Sophia Bridges, Vickie Faircloth. and Susan Mor- ris, Five-year Awards, William Barrett, Paul DeGategno, Ray Kirkland, Mary Yarborough, 10-Year Awards: David Jones, 15- Year Awardg Curtis Batchelor, Lionel Bishop, Corbitt Rushing, and Rexford Tucker, 20-Year Awards, and Orris Dumas, 30- Year Award. The high-point of the convocation was the presentation of the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award, presented to Walter Fenner "Buck" Leonard. The award is presented to one student and one community person each year. Recipients are chosen on the basis of their excellence of character and their service to humanity. 134 - Founders Day ., l 9 PH with 1 X I can -'11 , Lk., , X 9 I 4 Y. J' Founderas D y Celebration H44 1--C ,lg I-1 'z """v'f'f' - ' M 30416 Above: Aclmg Prewldcnl Stephen H117 Rand Rm Dr Th:-m.u Cr-lI1nN unwxl lhc 1 In - ' Q , prcsldcnllul purlrgnl whmlc Dr und Xirx S Bruce Pcllcxuy I-:nk un Leflg Dr Sgqphqn lr 4 I 1 E - I Frm presents the Algerun Sydney Sulllmn Axurd uwW.1l1cr "BuLk'4 lconnrd A . ., - "' Opposite Page. Clockwisez Rex Dr Thumb -X Cnllnnx gncx thc cnnu-u.nmn .iddruv ' v' "' "' ' ' - Dr Chrls Curilens and Dr PaulDcG.1legnndrcM1n1md11mn.1lg.1rbI'urhvundcrl D45 6 8 u - ...AJ '25 , convucauon Dr Arch Shqrcr .and Dr Dlmd ,lnncx cnnxcrxc bet'-wrc Iwvundcrk D45 V a . ' 'Q Convocalmn bcgxnx ,Q , . . W' U - 'Yi - A B ami iiilih-ds. .MEG I - - I ia...u'2 l i L: f' ,,nu. lilah-.' 1 I'-,vundcrl D45 Us M "What is it that we really fear that pushes us to stock pile these nuclear weapons, which we know could lead to our own destruction?" The question, posed timidly and preceded by the modest disclaimer, "I know this is a silly, simple question," is anything but silly or simple. It is, perhaps, the very question that compelled some 75 per- sons from the surrounding area to venture from their homes on a cold, rainy morning in November to attend a day-long conference, sponsored by NC Wesleyan, devoted to examining the United Methodist Council of Bishopls document calling for a halt to nuclear proliferation. The conference, sponsored by Wesleyan and supported by a grant from United Methodist Higher Education, was held in the Leon Russell Chapel on November 15, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The focus of the conference was a Foundation Document, prepared by the United Methodist Council of Bishops, and titled "In Defense of Creation: The Nuclear Crisis and Just Peace." Speakers for the conference were: Robert T Osborne, Professor of Religion at Duke University, speaking on the Biblical foundations for peaceg Stanley Hauerwas, professor Theological Eth- ics at Duke University, speaking on the pacifist traditiong David Steinmetz, professor of Church History and Doc- trine at Duke University, speaking on the just war tradi- tion, Elbert Wethington, Professor Emeritus at Lebanon Valley College, speaking on the nuclear challenge to faithg and John Hildreth, Executive Director for Common Cause in Texas, speaking on policies for a just peace. The event, open to anyone, drew faculty members and students as well as ministers and lay people from many area churches. Faculty and students from Wesleyan par- ticipated in organizing the conference. Right: Dr. Elbert Wethington challenges audience to respond to nuclear threat. Bottom Left: Dr. Carleton McKita, Dean of Student Life, closing the conference with a communion meditation. Bottom Right: John Hildreth responds to questions on public policy while Mark Ledbetter looks on. Nuclear Proliferation .E ,W, We if We P , CW, rg' Q lx, ke nf Q. 1 1 I I l 33.1-Ei .fa I 136 - Nuclear Conference pr Where I the Real Threat? 1 I 1 ', ig I Z se- w n an Above: Dr Rexford Tucker4leftrChanrman ofxhe Rehgmn ' 3 '7 "' ' Department, moderates panel discusslon mth Dr Smnlex -1 if I- Q f Jo Hauerwas uniddleu of Duke Llmversuy and Dr Daud 1 - ass Slemmelz lrighll also of Duke .'l ' ' uloi i i gg 1 ur 'Q in gf- s----:- wir--4-11 Ulf i 3 i "- as 0 1:11 vt f " , ,9 on-o ss N-fi ll ,, G .unite I -lux V' 4, II-1 5 life PHY' f sv -Qu 'inlay :iw , t- ' - avru .oh-Q-0-rl l igjx- 10- wpigg 1 ' ::.' .r x Nuclear Conference 13 lu X -1 Watson amed J efferson-Pilot Dr. Richard L.iWatson III, associate professor of history at Wesleyan, has been named the Jefferson-Pilot Professor of 1987. As part of the Professorship, Watson received a small cash award and use of a personal computer and software. pro- vided bythe college. Watson came to Wesleyan in 1972. A scholar specializing in the history of South Africa, Watson spent last year on sab- batical leave doing research in Cape Town. His article, "Slav- ery and Idealogy: the South African Case" is due to be pub- lished in the International Jour- nal of African Historical Stud- ies. He has also written bio- graphical notes on Anton Lem- bede and Desmond Tutu for the Encyclopedia of World Biogra- phy. He is currently working on a book on the abolition of slav- ery in South Africa in the 19th century. The Jefferson-Pilot program is made possible by a grant from the Jefferson-Pilot Corpora- tion. The Professorship at Wesleyan was established in 1982. Criteria for the appoint- ment include teaching excel- lence, scholarship, and commit- ment to Wesleyan, EE?- v ix X s AEE! K '-Q , xx Bush Cape Town woman waits outside for a train. Poster suggests anger at apartheid regime, 7 4 ' P " 'F' rf " - fiery, .. . ,JN A N me A in Rl ,wt 5 0 ,,v':u,ev -E 1,1 "f""'iw"'i -0' qi 0'-1 4,113 'if-f"f,s I I 1 ot 1' 1' ty ,qzifs 90 ts ,gi-F vs' . 'waz' 011' 'vit' 'ie-"v dp 06 pid ,vw of' Q s t J 0, ,xp 138 'ot 11' dv ox R. 1 . 1, . di I u ., A . . M4 . Professor of 1987 Ur: i ' ' iv! tl: 1 Q L4 gl' Fritz congratulates Watson on Professorship. "-- '- ., '--' wg, .. -Q -qw, . "-r-..,,V i' 'K'-ew, '3g, -. -4. :'13"N if '4 1- 95-'1 ,f'it'.fL7g--,W . ,fbuiiy-1 Ml, Street musicians play in Cape Town. A glance at housing conditions for some blacks in Cape Town. Ev' 5. -L - ' ' - - , - ft J FINANCIAL BACKING f?fT!'7f7 , 4 51 K Thanks to Members of Phi Beta Lambda for their cooperation -F' '1BkgfPJrTh hrfff th tdy 1d1k 1 th kth fll gb ddlfthf lppnfrh h d Thanks! To I Mikifgown ' A-.tai Randyfjiheeless II' wh, their cooperatio m 0 and fine photos! reputation . TM 1.0 I I I 118 N. Church Street Vi ' C9195 977-7468 7 11 iEOBClBtIBQDUDQ9'iK 4 IK 8: C595 EGQQHNCME V OPEN ETERNALLY j P I a n t e r INTRAMURAL DYNASTY 1983-1987 4 THE BLIRG BROTHERS 1 Co-Proprietor Co-Proprietor l B a n kg Ron BovE GEORGE MORSE Member FDIC Distributing Co., Inc. 5 1548 Vance Street, RO. Box 748 I Rocky Mount, PLC. 27802-0748 5 f91 92 442-444 7 1 Quality Products Excellent Service 2 40fAd ,,. A .. . .. -- -. -- - - - 9 -- -Viv---if , -" "'1 " ""' "' ' -. L I A 1 - - , 1- WAIT' -1 1. 4 . , ,-, . ..,. . ,A , , , -, ,, X Best Wishes NC Wesleyan's Class of1987 fimpliments of Lighting Ceiling Fans , lirrors Engng? M Vo, Lamps lights ' Bath Accessories ' Waterbeds ' Central Vacuums ' Electronic Timers ofRocky Mount, Inc. P.O. Box 632 - 1241 Independence Drive - Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27801 - 49193 446-0686 , Gold Rock Inn t919J 446-0771 EOR RESERVATIONS I-95 at Rcllmgyshgsugritg Exit 145 Wu Battleboro, North Carolina 27809 , 108 Rooms INDEPENDENT S IN-ROOM COFFEE AND PROUD or IT The States BEST BARBECUE RESTAURANT? COMPLIMENT5 OF Salutes The States Best Graduating Class! NASHVILLE NCWC Class of '87 BUILDING Voted NC's BEST Barbecue SUPPLY CO. 723 South Barnes Street Tan, town Nashvllle, N.C. 27856 , y Telephone: 459-2016 Deszgner H airstyling Tarrytown Mall Northgate Convenience lon Henderson hi NC lin ,rl c hapc , xt 'I if SX , Ken Finney Cleftb and Acting President Stephen Fritz Crightb discuss campus policies - JACKIE BUTLER We are proud of you and love you. May God bless you always, Jackie. 1 Your Family ' DOUGLAS YEARWOOD - You are so special to us, and we are so proud of you and your college achievements. We wish you the best. We love you, Mom and Dad " 1 Congratulations to our wonderful Granddaughter, Tenecia. A We are proud of you. Love, N Mother and Daddy Florida LLOYD WATTS We love you. Keep up the good work! Acting Dean Marshall Brooks confers with Pam Harrison on her Schedule Mom, Dad, and Sister - I EY -Q9 ' ' ERS Oibizomo SGVIUQS ls- frr And I-OOD ASSOGIOCIODI 'NO- 23O Sunset Ave. o Rocky Mount 19193 977-2825 X 209 Barnes Street 0 Nashville C9191 459-2117 l42-Ads ----sa l af' , - 31'-5 sl 'L . ii: -3 . .l 1.1 . -. :1 ' S3 , wi, fi t. 1 J' 1,1 It gkgbag ' . I . ' ku. , Clockwise: Dr. Rick Watson stands guard over hrs new PC The Jazz Ensemble performs at the Chrlstmas Candlel1ghtService, Dr Mclirta IS hard at work. Dorm Art, Guys tn South dorm take a break. Pearsall Hall, after hours Candtds - I-13 Summar of Research -' ,' F. Z4 R-IQ A ,.. U V i , I -7- 4"'.?ii:'nJo-yn " V A UI- -A ", .4 ' fl: 'T 'A 'tl -1-' 14+ .- . . 1: .. inf. 'L 1' -sm , A sidelong glance at the Wesleyan campus. Wesleyan Fever: A Case Stud The research conducted here has been done in an effort to discover the causes and the nature of a fever that has infected and continues to infect students, faculty, and staff on the North Carolina Wesleyan campus. Though the exact cause of the fever remains unknown, re- searchers believe that a particular personality, combines with the energy generated by a range of Wesleyan activities, aca- demic, athletic, social, and spiritual, producing the reaction that, in this study, has been labeled Wesleyan fever. The nature of the fever is also difficult to discuss in precise terms, since the fever manifests itself differently in different subjects. Researchers can only say that, thus far, all behaviors symptomatic of the fever are positive and seem to contribute to Wesleyan community's well being. 144 - Closing Mike Brown and Daisy Thorp flash a "closing" smile. 1 l l L 1 L 1 K ,LE M ik 1 '1 , A l

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