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1 .N H L .I 'ar Dissenter 1985-86 North Carolina Wesleyan College 301 North By-Pass Rocky Mount, North Carolina Founded in 1956 Associated with The United Methodist Church Published by The Delmar Company YOU'RE SOMEBODY Are you somebody at North Carolina Wesleyan College" What do YOU think? Fact is, EVERYONE is someiindy at Wesleyan. whether in class, out of class, commuter, resident, cafeteria worker, or baseball player, Thats just the way Wesleyan is. To the faculty members. who are able to teach small classes and provide more individualized attention, every student at every desk is someone different with unique abilities and problems. ln the dorm, among friends, watching TV, hanging out, no one walks around nameless or faceless, Whether the fun is all-night talks or smuggling certain items past the RA, it's easy to become part ofa group you identify with, Those groups also exist for the commuter. as well as the resident, Clubs, fraternities. sororities. intramurals and campus publications give anyone an opportunity for personal expression plus the sense of contributing something back to the college. People are everywhere: in the hall, in the dorm, in class, on the playing field. lt's not hard to meet them, or for them to meet you. It's not hard to be somebody at Wesleyan. too W C503 054198 1 oo -f' . rm Y '- II V 15:4 " . - :F in , 41' f-f,.7f?."A .f xg' ' ' ,If ' -9 . nl rf F A -rl A 5 2. 5 1- V. --of JA ' 'Wg e-ff Q'-. .4, - .JN ui f. -5" '71 , - hu , I 1 :I A I f J .-, J 7, .- f 1 QW I f' - Q .dip :-..-' I -Q. Q-I 1 ,, .. Av afi lg. ,,,.,-""' W A ,-ix- K , , 1 .59 :j.w,,.,: ., ,L ,tv Nur. r ,- " ' " mal? I 4 ' r-1 ', " 'K ill . . " . ,., 5, J, l'f Q: hx. .u, X. 0 Q' wb Sow Nw ' a 00: Mix L, i UBKRAW NEW ,A r V' ,Lx Wkgxj 1 Gary Appleton and Charlie Davis enjoy a leisurely walk on campus. Torn Wessel and some Alpha Delta Chi brothers act out Robert Palmer's "Ad- dicted to Love" video in their own unique way at the Airband contest dur- ing Spring Fling, Lori Lees and Beth l-lodsdon enjoy the cookout with friends during Spring Fling. -gl' X 5 , 1 x i O tl 1 , fv. 4:-fb' jj-"'?,,,x Ag.. ua U r 1-LA gd-"4-W-N --.A " .4 mith and Ellen Skiles studv in Donna S I front of Edgecombe on a nice after- HOOD, OB wbo YQ? 0 ww we WM 0' 0 XI QI HOMECOMING 198 Fire engines, limousines . . , and the Rocky Mount Community Bank on a flatbed truck? Nothing unusual - just part of Wesleyan's first-ever Homecoming Parade. The parade was one of several additions to the annual Homecoming festivities in October. Almost all of the student organizations contributed to populate about 20 vehicles for a twice-over circuit of the campus. Three real-live fire engines, with lights flashing and sirens wailing, arrived from the Stony Creek Fire Department to help celebrate the special event. The Admissions Office showed up in fancy red convertibles. while the fraternities, sororities and other student organizations dressed up whatever cars were available. The cheerleaders copped the best- float award. The airbandflip synch contest also debuted during the Homecoming weekend. The contest attracted many strange individuals to the Garber Hall stage, iumping and gyrating and moving their lips to popular hit tunes. The novelty of the event drew a larger- than-expected crowd and caused one student to comment, "I've never seen so many people at Wesleyan in one place." North Hall led but the rain won out at the Wild Sz Wacky Wesleyan Games. Refereed by an uncommonly good-looking lean Edge, the games pitted the four dorms against each other in contests of skill and accomplishment. Although North Hall led the contest after the three-legged run, the sack race and the balloon toss, rain fell and washed out the tricycle race. Traditional activities, such as the dance at the Elks Lodge and the pig pickin', tied the whole weekend together. G I ii' Pi Epsilon members Laura Stuis, Sonji Grant, Cindy Bovee and Daniel Wright show pride by entering their float in the Homecoming Parade. Ron Bove pauses for a picture at the Pig Pickin' during Homecoming. 1985 Homecoming queen, Lori Black- burn rides to the Homecoming soccer games in the Homeroming parade with Tami Hults. candidate. and Anita Bai- ley, 1984 Homecoming queen, 1 if ,. . - 'as The Alpha Delta llhi brothers. get a ride to the llonit-cioming stiff:-r ganies on their float in the Homenoniing Parade -'Q l' L l' Homecoming queen contestants, kim Huskins and Debbie Bounds anticzipate the Homecoming proriessional while riding to the soccer field in the Home- coming Parade Nikki Berry and Dewey Clark: What 1 lovely pair, M x 7 v ni ,X ' C A uf,-. i -. ,ml i 0 ,dw ,V of Quo 7 4 ' W ow 0+ i Sue Witt and Forrest Dalton enjoy MBiF15U'9Bm rocks fhe flight away 31 the dancing and atmosphere of the the Homecoming dance- Elks club during the Homecoming dance, The Cheerleaders winning float ' carries them to the Homecoming soccer games to cheer the teams on. A.. 11 1985's Homecoming Queen Lori Blackburn :sf ,- fx it? Aish.: Ahmvrl grvvts gin-sts .mel c ulv lfffts nirin:-y at tlwviilr.iiiv1-Uflliv Ellxs club during tliv llrmivirmiiiiiiyg slanrv. Honitwomiiig L'lL1f'PI'l Lori Blat ltlmrri gms a hug from lwr Pscort. Brian Goggins, Nu Gamma Phi Pscorls some of thefir little sisters in thv Hmm:-fc rim- ing parade CGI' gBU'lE'S, 1 fa to the Humocztmiing suv- . x0 Horiwiifmiing qu:-Pri Ta- mara Oateas In vsumrtwrl to llw Qlagv o K - bv lwr vcfrirl Ilffrfflt l-Iwlwarils Q1 Aye' 0 Trax' Butler seniors lim Homecominv patio oo ci QW pigrpifkmg willi his friends at th? Q QQ' ow WINTER BALL A ritzy, glitzy, high-flying evening of glamor was seen at Wesleyan's first Winter Ball, held at the Carleton House in Rocky Mount. The night of dinner and dance caused the men to break out their tuxedos and led the ladies to show off their beautiful evening dresses. fAfter seeing friends in their T-shirts and jeans every day it was, well, nice to see how good they looked all dressed up.J White cloths draped over the dinner tables and the soft glow of candlelight enhanced the atmosphere. A photog- rapher circled the room taking pictures that everyone wanted to see. Although the evening was officially over at 12:30 a.m., some enthusiastic souls took out a suite in the hotel and carried the party upstairs. Quite a night. 3 I 95 - . sf 3 Nikki Berry enjoying her dinner, RESIDENT DIRECTORS: Dorothy Phifer. Iim Van Roekel, and Pamela Derrick having a "ball." .ffu ...,. fa e , V .. .',.. ' .1 r 7' -'L4' JN X' lf u Wzhy .4 ' N .Li A I ri ' '- - ,-1 -I .V ,Vp u '.. 31 i EQ 1, ' 'i ,gi A N Ihr-i.1li'lxlo1ilx1li g.1snil1.llliil'U1'sls'XHlll xxvlllfvl lhill Pi Craig Wisnie-wsky and Tiana Haskins: What a pair! Libby Birdsong and Doc Berry - It's not hard to understand why vou'ro smiling, Doc.. 1,1104 Gb 0 0' in ab 'li Q7 I I SPRI G FLI G April blew into town with a chill and fouled up sev- eral plans for Wesleyan's annual Spring Fling. Luckily, the weather turned warm later and allowed several events to take place. An outdoor concert by "Full House" was moved in- side but its Top 40 sounds warmed up the crowd. The Beach Party, though, was canceled. Later, on a warmer day, Lori Blackburn and Chris Holbrook were named the Mudfest Queen and King. Even though the ring of spectators drew further and further back as the Mud- fest went on, some lucky bystanders were dragged in and joined the contest as it raged on. But the Beach Party: still canceled. Another airband contest drew outstanding perform- ers: Sigma Pi took home a S75 first prize for their "Su- perbowl Shufflef' the Blues Brothers took second, and Will AIlen's striptease was hard to forget, though many tried. The Beach Party? Yup. Canceled. Beach Party: postponed. o 5.7. PM r L Surfs up for the Spring Fling Mudfest. ' l Onlookers await the start of the 1986 H Mudfest. Craig and Ken "Blues." The Blues Brothers do it again. .MJ 1 Steve, Anne. Timmy and Marx' iiren'l worried about mud, Ihey'll SHOIVI' il out, Charlie Georges 8: Band rock the Crowd at the lip sync contest ' . Kim and Randy getting into the music. Look out Chicago. here comes the Wes- leyan Bear Shuffie. , V 006 ii E000 539 Q QQ glidwb 0+ 13 Chris Holbrook enjoys the "thrill of victory" at the Spring Fling Mudfest. Libby and Lori load up. Some of the girls enjoy the Spring Fling picnic lunch. F L- 'PZ 49- :X Run Bmw prvpdlm lu mir- H!! mlm Ihr- SllTlSt'!HHtl!N1fUNlX mu-41, Xkvmix HM ul. -Q- - --1+ ' "H1-ho sllverf' screams Lor1Lees as Bob Berges heads for the fmxshmg lme N A favorite pasume of most students al Wesleyan EATING! GL 20 ow X 'KN w 00' 9 Www o YJWO5 CAMPUS LIFE Tina, Iulie, and Krystal find time to spend with a special friend. At Wesleyan, just about everybody knows everybody else. It's a well-known fact that few secrets can be kept in this small town atmosphere. But living in this small commu- nity, this network of people has its advan- tages. Like when you need to find a "miss- ing" friend, it's not long before someone will say "Oh yeah, I saw him walking down to- wards Student Life." And when you're crav- ing a sub from Farm Fresh, all you have to do is knock on a few doors and you've got a car load of people ready to join you for a mid- night snack. There is a special kind of camaraderie on this small campus. Sometimes people joke about "Camp Wesleyan." But Wesleyan is a place where students feel close to each other, and learn together while having fun. Shamil Salah checks to make sure ev- erything is tied down. Graham prepares for the long distance throw. "l just dont know says 'Sleepy as he counsels Kenny Anderson Mil-te Hilton. "'l'ht' nvxl Bt-'l"lhlJV4'I1'H I ' ' iq' X l , Brian Goggins and Iaynv IUIIPS cfnjrmy thP North Dorm Toga Party Wendy Elks finds kori Townsf-mi lu tw a comf0rtahlP bmi rvst Scott Crt-ng Tlm Kennv - A Soccer Pr N J, N00- x It 0109 SSX a ' Q9 wb X f ' OV' ow RESIDE CE LIFE llf is 'vrf "Let me show you my house!" exclaims Penny f Brown. Russell and Anthony take a time out from practicing in the gym. '5 J ywwkk WWW ul' 3-, , Helen still prays for elevators! Mike calling, "Mom, I need money!" ,gg ..g1 . f . , The girls posing for Cosmopolitan I 'I 1 . . . AQ' kr e- I a, 73' . North Hall dorm counul: Could we South Hall dorm councrl Ron, Bruce, have the check please? and Rick are excited about the whole thing 102008 Q S' 90 00 LW 9,93 o Postmaster Ron Bove slots letters from home and beyond into student mail boxes early in the a.m. RESIDE CE LIFE lf. ' A cold drink on a cool day is just fine for Sue, Mary and Jimmy, relaxing at the Spring Fling. -L- . ,- - . 1",'L f - f- . w512:5" 'm-2'E: " , l ,, 4.33 g.g:1,-rg-1,1,?5jQi1341g,'r'?!fg,, 'E q1,f.':M:3lF s 1 -' fi ff--. -,.' " J"'l.lQ v.. 1 7'-f .""' -. 11- .. . ' 7 '- ' ,"' ' VFSM 3 ' f9f 5w7ffifg," f Q, , ,351f, ,,,:5'f:'sj2Sf72'g'I,'3f1ii4cp 15? ,.a, 5-j ,J . l1,,f.,:-fl. , A , r 'I 4 Y ,4,',,-. -a-fr: 1,.1,:,..! .. ip:- .h -..y-x3b4g,1,fgifg-!'?7':U:5.4kfN,l4j1,'?, -A ' M .. V V I Y , 4 , 4L,,,7gn,,7fq,,f,,,.,! 'A,'yyn4,L,,:f3??3!':,lMn-wir: gli: I-, -a -. ,- "-H '.-fr" -4.1 4'-'IGM V -.- f ,.i '-ri-4 S. nw-1 '- '-V 11,0 -V ", wfsaff' '-' fav'--." , 1 ' . X 1 yr , . ,,, . I . J A. ,. C"'-NY'-e-.xv . . -af .I r- , 'Ov in' A -. ' A , N934 ,er,'ji,nL-,IH-4:2 gif, --Y.,ia,k,a:-'.4,35 L, w, ,VL 4 V 'li an M, 14 5, f ,-HTg,5.,Y ,P -,w gn' Q, fu- .- --i , 11.1 J. 5.4 , A ' L, U Y . .ang-Ea .,...::1:M "'g':S'1'lF4'b,?f-ff?" i,.j7.ggf'M ' f " lil N, -iff ' f y ' T iff V v':":? L Tzoatilsxlf' "3 sf fx, x--,. rr' 1 , ---gf. .- '-, '-f ' -- 1 1 ,, . -- i.'?..-yzlsifi-55?-, 72 '4:i -wr. , ' 'r 1 e f ' k":35f1-P552-f'4i ., ,. as, i,-fum g ,bv fin- ff . A y ,Eggs A -' .mms 'f 1 , - , ' K' -, -. ,' "za . ,gf ' sf- X 1-1 , M P1, 5 kj 4 '- " ply' r :gs-ff? N:,. 'Y,,,:Vrgf.,,, fl.-,.5. .,,...,kWg5rf-.'iFf,f .' . ' . - - ,QA Q, - , p.2--g,Q1'v1'- F ,4q.,ggy.,,,,g4:.m11,,f':'1. . f -,- - 'fuqigagf ' l . ' A , ,wg -. A, ' e' - I wx. . 5 if-,.fg,'. 'i ,uw14.5,-,,lviA44--''5 W, il '-'pf'-4-A., V-Q., 55 ,TW . 7 -'?"3'51:E-W' 5-Jffggge-,,9fgg'f5r,"..i7-'Ca,,f. l 1 "Q fr " ' 9-+ ' 4 '-g.. JE.f. .W "e.ff.'r"'1'af".7"fa :T frat' " img' fy. 'A ' Q 3'1'g-rf-128139. '... - - V-wiiglp '?fzf.L,'55?ff??v4. ,' j Jr, 1?-Alix, .F 'A -, ,,- ,,,g, p,. , A ,, - L , ' fir ., gan . - -31.v.v 'fSg1Af-gas: E k -.11 '. V '-fvif,--.w53i1a':-if., ' f""-'15f 5 ,: - ' ' ' .. 1 fzif sf 1 wer, e 1- I , 1 ' B" . . .f 5:11 - - ,, '4fQ4.:- 1, Qwwfy L A "if, T"?'-f,'Z.1li":i r- ff-TT' c '- 4 1 :'f'.2ai3f.5f:- 3'f5f !' ... . 1 . A ffm "Gad , ."f'?'.1"'J:l 1354 . ' V ' ' l ' . .L .1 g r ag!!-' ,. s:5:.+g,':-,4E24:..a We z. is ir.-1, , ,A ,ix - l"g.g4ynt??Q, .,-,'m'v'.q. ' --- s -- - 'a.'f:-4-1'-wi 42- ff' -,Q fp- V, ., - ' - 'w45,-ws 1 Lf" M' Md. H.. r l1 '.f:'j3g'-ps' 'j'!Q"fl'1.v ' 'A QB f ' 4 A,Qw"f"'.',:E'j9.lj"'.. 4, - 1 3 , " 'hh' 7 ' 4 3 R U ,.-59, H .SA ,a j i f 2 Mi-.EV Z- fvifftn 2 N Q , by T , 5. , Z:-5 .' if-5 A , uggf- 1.5j,r,",yf.'j 44. , ' H . , 'Rf' 4 .2 - M - if Q., lfwi 'Z-Nrelff-sis ,141-F - 4 ,- .. Q - . .1,. ,v:,.-fp - - -. ' . i A f ,ii e i i - as r ' I ,, rs,-1: - r- -, ' ' - gf! ' p-"-diva.. ff' is-is 4, L11 -- ' v"x 1,9114-A WW -C" ,.-'a23Y'U' - r .- i, nga -1. PM f ' '1 Aw A W ad G - . .r eff- - f'-2 . S iq ' . ' ' ' l, ' . 59' fqc. ,Q -nf-v..,. ,az ,, . f , 1 'VSV' 4 y,-5. fr QJ- -li-.1 rl -1 . . . , 1, fjyng., ' 35 "' 3 . -' 1 ' .4 - .- w1'.-JQJA ull!" .,, Suwjg , , .,-54e,.14v e, .J -' 531- 515- -' ' 'j'o...'i:'if5 i.:.. .' Kg W "A sks-'r , .5 f .X ' -. .f ,'.' .- - S - fav.-' -. . , J .SA A, 0-f2f4,...,gfa5!::wyfv N, In 4 4121 3' ' C'1. 75- I 1 '-'hftglfg AW? , A . -- '-,Q A 1E5+.whx i ... ' 95" . 6 1, . . ' . 1:8121 - . X ' : - . 'lv w "jg 4"i'x5'7:33'-Q'7gg,F Q ' . ,EQ K eq' . 2 , , . ' ' .'jf.-'riCL"fQg ! M: Q . ., ,-5,R,k.A6iy i 13 - Q,-151.- uq Q v ,V .. .1 . -- l3L,.1:vz:.i.' 1 -sup . , . I -1-x "2 L- 39' ' ' , , , ' 'Mg' 1' g,!,g,.',',,'-'L J1- Russell asks a suspicious john for alit- tle more Coppertone. ' "-'l.'3'vi4,, 0- --. W U D Lak IA , . I f' J Q, ,.' ,-Yun., . Q. 1 . v . 'Q ff' 1' av J- , ls Pam Duggan coming or golng? 1- Ry 72.1. Mine's chocolate-What's vours' These are some of the dangerous char- 'yo acters attracted by Wesleyan! annual Q Q' Spring Fling. M0 N W0 lane likes Kenny T-H-I-S much, o 99 . el' we gy ol' 0 171 -F ii i Robbie and Lori dance the night away. Ioe checks to make sure the ing okay Gary supports the party idea strongly 1 ,-'T uau is go- DGRM PARTIES Bill and Katie celebrate the luck of the Irish. 9 1 i i i v V -4 LTE IGHTERS Tom and Barrv prepare to prg out on a sub at Farm Fresh Wendv congratulates Sleepv as she degree m Crlmmal IUSIICE confers hls The guvs from South call thrs partv a Success N '7 RECREATIO AL ACTIVITIES "Superbasketball . . . substitute . . . here we go . . . jump shop." Sound fa- miliar? Anyone who ever visited Wes- leyan's game room would instantly rec- ognize those words that emanate from the Superbasketball video game. The game room was a favorite place to hang out before and after meals for video junkies, or just for people who want to play a game of ping pong or pool. For students who enjoy more phys- ical activities, there was always some- thing going on. Like a pick-up game of football or tennis baseball around Nash or a softball game in front of Edge- combe. The co-ed softball game between the two opposite ends of campus proved to be a favorite event. The rivalry contin- ued as Nash and North Halls battled it out on the softball field against South and Edgecombe. The game came down to the final inning, and South-Edge- combe prevailed, taking home the win- ning team's prize: Homecoming tee- shirts! Special rules like having the guys and girls hold hands as they ran the bases together make the game a fun way of continuing the competition be- tween the rival ends of campus. Brian, Bill and Rcbbie pose for publicity shots. The refined South-Edgecombe co-ed softball The equally refined Nash-North co-ed softball Team- team. rrp-,- R15-st ri I z v ,I 1 -an ' ,E A Vx. x Terry Ward stares in disbelief while acting as ref for the inter-dorm three-legged race competition at Homecoming. Robbie watches his grand slam fly over Nash Hall. Q Tony awaits the moment of truth. YY Students dance to the sounds of "Full House" during Spring Fling. Greg figures it's a lot easier to play video baske-t4 bail than the live- action. .dw , 0 E00 32 ow Wi, ' we QQ ot' 0 Nfl tJxfgLuQ 25 -i.LL1i. RECRE TIONA CTIVITIES ,ek e :Q Q5- I 1' .4 5 Q xv , , Kenny Bowers has fun on his skateboard. 26 1 Scott Preston shows off his batting style Derek Francis tries his hand at Ms. PAC-MAN. I lack Martine changes sports to pick up a softball game. 5 A '1'onyHoneycuttgets ready for a move . 5. Q, . ffm -V' an Iessie Cricket! takes a break between 19.311 Edge at her best-fefefeeing the Strokes Wacky Wesleyan Day events Derek Francis searches for just the right channel on the big-screen TV Q Sf rob ow 61, " Q1 G+' W RESIDE ASSISTAN TS ASH NASH RESIDENT ASSISTANTS: Derek Francis, Felipe Kaisin, Andy Wright, Mike Walters. Thomas Taylor involved in his RA training. ' Rohan Naraine working on his folder. J Dave "Red" Bailey telling Derek Francis a story F? in l D D :lr-:' -.,, ' Y 1 NORTH RESIDENT ASSIST.-XNTS Cheryl Tuttle, P Y v D b I F L 5 1 Kim Huskins a Spring, Kim Ross,k1m Huskms,TerryHardtsun, Helen Carr TerryHard1son tells Dorothy Phifer about the well-dressed RA, ' ' 1' 1' ""v'?'vTT ' mall 'Q' X65 9 he t"l K , RESIDE T ASSISTANTS URTH E- N 5' 0 li , Q Q0 nd Cheryl Tuttle welcome Q dx ot' 0 RESIDE T g ASSISTANTS EDGEC O BE Edgecombe RA's taking a break. Liz Carroll, Kori Townsend, Cindy Bovee, Wendy Elks, Lisa Nelson looking for some more pictures for her collage at the RA Retreat. erL..L Cindy Bovee explaining what Pamela Derrick is wearing at an RA Retreat Activity ',...k 4 ix-ve Liz Carroll and Cindy Bovee listening atten- tively to what Iim VanRoeke1 has to say TTD, 1 'i 1 i V i I I i 4 I 1 8 r i r f 'ff 1 .1 f M, -1. 1, . s c nb-cn, 'U Av 5 ' I x f 4 A fr- M "Uma: 4 1-If 41" SOUTH RESIDENT ASSISTANTS: Daniel Wright, lim Hart, Mike Gouge, David Ford and Resident Director George Morse loe Ganci and David Ford having fun at the RA Retreat. 7 xf Daniel Wright, George Morse. David Gruver taking a break at the RA Retreat. ii! RESIDE ASSISTANTS SOUTH a 4J'7'h r' , Iohn Hartigan serving lim Hart and Mike Couge at the RA Dinner. uso, boo Bb, Q! ow wi, . Q Q G+' W 31 COMM TERS Commuter students don't have to deal with campus power outages, wak- ing up only to find that there's no hot water in the residence hall, or eating cafeteria food. But they do have to face high gas bills, the monotonous drive down 301 by-pass, traffic, and finding a place to hang out between classes. And it can be difficult for commuters to get to know other students since they lack the immediate companionship that resident students find in the dorms. It may be more challenging for com- muting students to get involved on campus and make friends, but many commuters make the extra effort. Dur- ing the past year, commuters contribut- ed a great deal to various campusorga- nizations including Phi Beta Lambda, the Student Activities Committee, and The Decree. 32 we Ann Margaret Rowland curls up to study be- tween classes. Dixie Blume catches up on the news. '-1, We if ,i ,A A! Steve Lancaster and Darlene Mims wave atttlhe crowds during the Homecoming Pa- ra e. Cummmlk-FS' W Sell 1 Books Tmce ONE Cash --v u , --gjql V4 Tl-at SENIORS M-vw., .- A-us, f"I' .iv , -6 Q 1 , 1 nu '1 vi W lMae Hinton and Rene Lindsay improve the ,patio appearance. 15 ,911-'--' - Pensive Pat Conner while studying in Doc's, his 9 Iessica Morton checks the index for reference og pq .jmrqfff-If sued ws... .--5 --.4 ,bbq fri- mn www fkrzlb' 5 . IAN i , Ll lub fi.: v .... h , -1. !.'lZ"JIl.-- yr N WIT' Lloyd Watts decides to take the ball off his opponents hand. Safe! srx - 'X Mary D'Eredita going for the spike I I' 9 I - Robin Brooks goes for the rebound. QI ov 0302 W of ME ' OCCER Under head coach Tony Ferrell, the men's soccer team racked up another winning season-going 12-6-1 and fin- ishing second in the Dixie Conference. The Bishops started off the season stumbling to a 1-3 record before recovering and posting four wins in a row. The winning record for the season was even more im- pressive since the Bishops suffered losses to Division I clubs such as: Old Dominion, William Sr Mary and Duke. The Bishops also lost to eventual Division HI national champion UNC-Greensboro. Individual-wise. two Bishops earned post-season hon- ors. Senior Scott Preston became the first N.C. Wesleyan soccer player ever to earn All-American honors while sophomore Greg Armand picked up All-South notices. Sept. 6 defeated N.I. Tech 1-08 Sept. lost Lynchburg Z-04 Sept. lost Duke 3-0 Sept. lost Greensboro -0 Sept defeated Pembroke St. 4-2 Sept defeated Pfeiffer 3-Zo!-u Sept defeated E. Carolina 3-Oofo Sept defeated Methodist -0 Sept lost Old Dominion -O' Sept lost William 8: Mary -0' Oct. defeated Roanoke 3-1 Oct. defeated Va. Wesleyan -0 Oct. tied Christopher N. 2-2 Oct. defeated Francis Marion 5-0 Oct. defeated St. Andrew 4-0 Oct. defeated High Point 2-1 Oct. defeated Averett 4-3 Nov lost UNC-Greensboro 3-1 Nov defeated East Carolina 4-1 8Blue Ridge Tournament in Lynchburg, Va. 0foN.C. Wesleyan Invitational in Rocky Mount. NC 'Harbor Front Classic in Norfolk, Va. Mike Morgan goes for the side line save. 1 ulflleflpl i ff X X sal 5 S Llans Thelwell fights to gain control -U1 M985 NCWC MEN'S SOCCER TEAM: Front Row: Left to Right: Will Allen, Iohn Golding, Craig Wisniewsky, Scott Preston. Second Row: Mike Morgan. l'Derek Francis. Doug Nesbitt, Bill Tully, Ken Bulkin, Llans Thelwell. Third Row: Charles Georges, Iason Barrios, Shamil Salah, Tom Mitchell, Eric lichrieber, Dwight Campbell, Keith Bauer. Iames Harris, Gary Divelbiss, Willie Crawford. Back Row: lim Hart, Kenny Bowers, Tom Wessel, Mark Crum. g1Greg Armand, Graham Stewart, Iohn Duggan, Tim Duffy. 4 5 --...iv , ' 0 N ' E00 090 ow , lg Team huddles up for a strategy session. D ' Q1 We ei' 0 ,gl 37 WOME ' SOCCER First-year coach Roland Paiva found the combination of a rugged schedule and the loss of many key players a tough duo to handle as the Bishops finished the women's soccer season at 4-8. N.C. Wesleyan found the going tough as three quality Division l teams dotted the schedule. and other fine Divi- sion II and lll clubs were close behind. Chris Shaltis provided the scoring punch for the Bishops as she racked up nine goals and three assists on the season. All-Dixie Conference standout Mary Berry was second on the club in scoring with four goals and four assists. Another All-Conference performer. Anne Benson. provided the Bishops their solid defense. Sept. defeated Warren lMlson College 6-0 Sept. lost Randolph-Macon 1-0 Sept. lost Methodist College 5-1 Sept. lost N.C. State 7-0 Sept. lost Barry University 7-0 Oct. defeated Wrginia Wesleyan 5-3 Oct. defeated Guilford 4-Z Oct. lost Methodist College 5-0 Oct. lost Wrginia Methodist 2-1 Oct. lost Radford 10-0 Oct. defeated Guilford 4-1 Nov. lost U. of Maryland 7-0 Head Coach Roland Paiva. Christine Shaltis making the effort for control of the ball UA. .A iii 1985 NCXYC WOXTENS SOCCER TEAM: Front Row Christine Shaltis. Back Row: Coach-Roland Paiva, WTS :IP .3 ids- ' x. 1Lef1 to Right, Sara Livelsburger. Sue Hitt. Tressa Simmons. Dora Los.L1sa Nelson. Kon Townsend Anne Benson, Mary Berry, Sue Miller. Patty Duggan. Iulie Koenecke. Manager-Xhke Trubx Sue Hitt trying to maintain control of the dribble. wok C50 o'0'5 1 ta Q, 0+ ow Na VULLEYBALL It was a disappointing season for the volleyball squad as the Bishops posted a 4-24 record, but yet managed to stay out of the Dixie Conference cellar. The Bishops posted wins over Averett in the Dixie Confer- ence during the season, but racked up a handful of close losses to other conference schools. Iunior Mary D'Eredita was named the team's Most Valuable Player as the former All-Dixie Conference player sparked the Bishops' offense all season. D'Eredita and Sharon Fitzpatrick were two of the confer- ence leaders in digs during the season while Ann Wright was a leader in blocks. SepL11 defeated Averett 15-12 15-8 3-15 15-1 Sepua 1051 Guilford 15-3 15-6 56131.13 lost ElOI1 15-9 B-15 15-8 59131.15 lost UNC-G 15-7 15-2 15-4 SepL18 lost ECU 15-6 15-4 15-4 S0pr.z1 1051 M.Wa5h. 15-4 15-3 SepL21 lost Gettysbxu-g 15-5 16-14 Sepr.21 lost W Mary 15-4 15-1 SepL23 lost GC 15-6 15-6 15-11 Sepr.25 lost CNC 15-11 15-10 15-7 SepL28 lost Meredith 15-9 15-2 Sept.2B defeated Salem 15-7 15-4 SepL28 no decision Methodist 15-10 4-15 Oct. 1 defeated Averett 15-10 15-7 15-3 Oct 2 lDSi UNC-C 15-10 15-3 15-9 OCL 3 lost Meredith 15-11 15-12 15-5 Oct 4 lDSl SI. Andrews 15-6 15-10 15-7 Oct B lost MeLl10diS! 15-10 11-15 15-6 15-12 Oct. 10 lOSI CNC 14-16 15-11 15-6 15-7 Oct 15 lost ECU 15-1 7-15 15-11 12-15 15-2 OCL 17 lOSt Methodist 15-13 15-5 13-15 11-15 15-7 OCL 21 lost SL Andrews 15-5 15-7 15-11 Oct. 24 lost GC 15-3 15-7 15-8 Oct Z4 defeated Meredith 15-12 16-14 OCL 25 lost UNC-Asche. 15-2 15-12 Oct. 25 l0SI VVinLh.r0p 14-16 15-12 15-7 Oct. 25 1051 Baptist 15-4 15-11 OCT.. 26 lost UNC-W 15-4 15-11 NUM 1 lwt CNC 15-11 15-10 15-2 Wendy Elks making the extra effort at the DS1. JY' N.-g.f- -' 4 -. 4 , JQ'3g1:55:iii9 Tammy Pace gets behind the ball for a good dig 4-I-f ,.,f' 1985 NCXNC XOLLEYBALL TEAN1 Front Rom Left to Rlght Iuhe Zlmmer Ann Hrxght Dodx Iohnson Tammx Pace Debbie Hard Back Rom lox Rox 1 Vtendv Elks Sharon Fltzpalnck Marx DEred1ta Coach Duane Scherzer we bm lv' T19- I Mary D Eredlta showrng her power and slwle Coach Scherzer loolung on xsllh amazement N SWWL' dl 41 lWE 9 .fx BASKETBALL W The Battling Bishops' basketball team racked up a 20- win season under first-year coach Jeff Reynolds, and captured the regular season title in Dixie Conference Play Led by senior Daniel Wright and freshman Chris Bratcher, the Bishops rolled through conference play- clinching the title with a 69-59 win over St. Andrews in the season's finale. However, in post-season play the Bishops were not so lucky ln the Dixie Conference Tournament, the Bish- 0 s were dropped by Christopher Newport in the finals. Tien, N.C. Wesleyan was overlooked for NCAA Tour- nament lay Individjual-wise, Wright became the N.C. Wesleyan all-time leading scorer while fellow senior lack Martine finished as the No. 3 scorer. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov, Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. defeated defeated lost defeated lost defeated defeated lost defeated defeated defeated lost defeated defeated lost defeated defeated defeated defeated defeated defeated lost defeated defeated defeated defeated defeated lost Castleton State Salisbury State Mary Washington Shepherd Col ege St, Paul's Methodist College St. Mary's Furman Newport News Mt. Olive Va. Wesleyan UNC-Greensboro Newport News C. Newport St. Andrews Greensboro College Va. Wesleyan Averett UNC-Greensboro Mary Washington Greensboro College Averett C. Newport Methodist St. Andrews Greensboro College UNC-Greensboro C. Newport Q WBzL Tournament, Lexington, Va. in Newport News Tourney, Newport News, Va. '70 Wes eyan Invitational Rocky Mount, N It Pickle Classic, Mount Olive, N.C. " DIAC Tournament, Laurinburg, N.C. Chris Bratcher taking control of the ball as David Ford looks on. 64-59 71-50 64-59 71-528 61-5941 72-54 80-5870 93-90 ZOT ofa 72-5802 64-566 72-59 59-58 81-62 75-57 55-52 53-38 62-52 77-64 72-59 B1-69 67-55 59-57 58-57 68-53 69-59 77-55' 82-65' 57-45' .C. xx 0 .gn--v' Douglas Hunt reaches high to obtain his goal. fo Iohn Brackett flying high for the rebound - lp - A 1985-6 NCWC MENS BASKETBALLTEAM: From Row: Left to Right. Manager-Wesley Stanley. David Gruver. lack Martine. David Ford. Chris Bratcher. Chris Hughes. Statistician Tom Rivers. Back Row: Assistant Coach-Stephan Allen. Russell Shrewsbury. Douglas Hunt. Lloyd Watts. Chuck Hoffman. lohn Brackett. Mark Radford, Daniel Wright. Anthony Washington, Coach-Ieff Reynolds. 1 ....... f ea W F' +C Q mf H1 5 .f H' Coach Reynolds sending in instructions from the B' " f-ggullv' N bench X Y . ...Z . J. . My 300 43 Daniel Wright playing strong defense for Wesleyan , Nl at X BASKETBALL North Carolina Wesleyan women's basketball squad wrapped up its best season ever on its 10th anniversa- L , 1:1 1' f. . as ' ., ,. wif i-'fi' 5 if ' .9 ' ry-posting a 15-9 record. The Bishops also had their best finish ever in post- season play as N. C. Wesleyan was the runner-up in the Dixie Conference Tournament-knocking off national- ly ranked Wrginia Wesleyan in the semifinals. Iunior Robin Brooks paced the Bishops all season as she aver- aged 20.3 points per game and grabbed 10.7 rebounds. She was among the national leaders in both categories during the season. Brooks was also named first team All-Dixie Conference. Head coach Laura Ferrell guided the Bishops to the Lady Flames Tournament title to start off the season. and got inspired play from Bev Armstrong and Cynthia Innes during the season on the offensive end. QNOM 22 defeated Bowie State OT 75-70 CQJNQV. 23 defeated Liberty U. 69-66 Dec. 4 defeated Methodist 61-60 Dec. 6 defeated Emory and Henry 66-62 Dec. 7 lost Roanoke 73-54 Dec. 7 lost Va. Wesleyan 71-57 Ian. 9 lost Liberty U. 70-59 Ian. 11 defeated Averett 92-53 Ian. 14 lost Campbell 75-54 Ian. 16 defeated St. Andrews 57-48 Ian. 18 defeated Mt. Olive 75-70 Ian. 21 lost C. Newport 70-60 Ian. 23 lost Va. Wesleyan 93-70 Ian. 26 lost UNC-Greensboro B5-82 Ian. 29 defeated Averett 91-46 Feb. 4 defeated Greensboro C. 75-55 Feb. 6 defeated St. Andrews 79-69 Feb. 11 defeated C. Newport 75-58 Feb. 13 defeated Methodist 72-62 Feb. 15 lost UNC-Greensboro 86-59 8Feb. 18 defeated Greensboro C. 71-49 1tFeb. 21 defeated Va. Wesleyan 75-67 a'tFeb. 22 lost C. Newport 66-62 QLady Flames Tourney in Lynchburg, Va. 8 Dixie Conference Tournament Robin Brooks and Gordon Finney before the 1-on-1 challenge. '14 gj-n -'Wig . if Penny Brown with a drive to the basket 'Il l,. la ll to lil' 'F l I 1: 1985-6 NCWC WOMENS BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row: Left to Right: Paulette Turner. Carla Winstead, Penny Brown, Christine Shaltls Bexerlx Armstrong. Back Row: Robin Brooks, Iackie Butler, Pamela Miller, Terri Turner, Cynthia Iones. I , ,ix nl! :II .2 Q if 3' .ix nil. e-is 4:9- na H F Cynthia Iones and Penny Brown team up on de- fense to get the ball, Robin Brooks going for two. 'L ...a it 'SY' OW Q 'J 00 l Adv 0 BASEBALL Head Coach Mike Fox led the Bat- tling Bishops' baseball team to another record-breaking season as N.C. Wes- leyan posted a school-record 39 wins on the season. With an overall mark of 39-7, the Bishops posted a number of top wins over the season including wins over Di- vision I clubs such as Duke, Wake For- est, UNC-Charlotte and UNC-Wil- mington. Led by catcher Paul Prisco, who bat- ted .406 with 14 homers, the Bishops batted a fine .325 as a team with Roy Hill setting a record for most doubles in a season with 22. On the mound, Mike Siciliano and Frankie Moore paced the Bishops all season with a 9-2 and 11-2 record re- spectively. his career record with the Bishops was boosted to an outstanding 146-34-2. The Bishops also earned their sixth consecutive trip to NCAA post-season play-losing out in the South Regional in Fayetteville. ,- 4+ ...,,,.-. 1 ew- , J lim Provenzano takes a cut as fans and players look on. lim Provenzano comes up with the ball at first as Vir- ginia Wesleyan player runs by. For Fox in his fourth year at NCW, Gary Ofmsby Slldlng into home 1, b , v A ,if V ' ' a L. ' K -w Y , Sitting-Front: Kenny Anderson, Iesse Crockett, Iames Anderson, Paul Prisco, Mike Eckert, Larry Thompson. Ricardo Chaparro. Benii Barbour, Richard Derricot. Kevin Rose, Russell Dail. Roy Hill, Dennis Lynch. Charlie Flowers. lim Provenzano. Sleepy Thomas Taylor, Gene Sanguinetti, Garry Ormsby, Gary Blackwell, Mark Silletti. Charles Davis, David Ferrell. Bob O'Brien, Coach Mike Fox Back: Gary Appleton, Frankie Moore, Mike Siciliano. pe-Y' 611511995 01+ X00 Q1 ' 0 ob lames Anderson avoids a pitch inside. f 6+ X00 X SOFTBALL Coming off a losing season in 1985, the North Carolina Wesleyan softball squad rebounded for a 23-15 year and bolted into the national rankings. Roll- ing out to a fast start, the Bishops were ranked 19th in the nation in a 1nid-sea- son poll and rode the arms of pitchers Sharon Fitzpatrick and Debbie Bounds to a 20-9 Dixie Conference record. In the hitting department, Debbie Ward paced the Bishops with a .397 average while freshman Dody Iohnson batted .353 in leading N.C. Wesleyan in RBI's with 32. First-year coach Diane Scherzer turned in a banner coaching effort on the season as she molded a small squad of 10 players into a winning combina- tion. Coach Scherzer: "Well, that's the way we say it in Wisconsin." ah-- l. . Sharon Fitzpatrick going for a base hit. -Axe -"' No play at the plate and the run scores 'TW in al! 4? E V1- lu ,119 ,gr fr 'U I, ?' 22:5-:J ""g:f'- , nf 1986 'VCVNC SOFTBALL TEAN1 Front Row Left to Rlght Debbxe Bounds Rathx Dexo Cmdx Harrlson Rane Larlun Nancx Barra Scherzer Wands Elks Dodx Iohnson Sharon FIIZPBUICK Debbxe Hard Niar 9 Plabta 311'-"z.. 9 'V as 3 -5,-LK Nancs Barra warmmg up for a game n T .,+ 14 Bauk Row Coach FN cr X TENNIS After going winless last year, the men's tennis team racked up a 2-11 re- cord this season under first-year coach Chris LaLonde. Despite the record, the Bishops knocked off Division II Elizabeth City State and beat conference foe Method- ist College while losing a few close matches. A strong cast of players occupying the 1-2-3 spots kept the Bishops com- petitive all season with seniors Barry Nethercutt and Billy White and sopho- more Tom Rivers. ,ui -Vw. Tom Rivers and Barry Nethercutt take a break between matches. Pete prepares to return a shot. w ew V .. u . 1 .' r -.BQ-'I , K i .k1,.,-' . - 1-.A 5, . 1 Mike Trubey slams a forehand. OD 3 'C0Q1Q.Q:.Z.1"': ' F y' . . - I ' . ' 2'4".3 ' " 5 'spd I I 'Q, z s Q' E ' is A i W . v l vi ' vi ch - P 'I . E 53. I "O 15. fx- 1 we J Ll - A If ,. . , ' Lf I' ..4g,"- ' uv. ff-.funn I 0'-'fi Tom Rivers finesses a forehand vol- Hl f 1 r f-r f Y - -1:74 1-:gf f 1837. TNA 41" "'.-1' .Q A vl . 12:1 backhand return. 1 Q 00' Barry Nethercutt concentrates on a 65 Q CHEERLEADERS A very talented and enthusiastic cheerleading squad kept spirits high during Wesleyan basketball games. This year's squad, larger than in recent years, worked many long hours per- fecting difficult stunts and jazzy dance routines. The girls managed to work to- gether successfully throughout the cheering season to prepare not only for the rigors of performing chants, stunts, and cheers throughout the basketball games, but also for the cheerleading competition. All the squad's hard work paid off, as the cheerleaders captured an impressive runner-up trophy in the competition. 4 Wesleyan Cheerleaders are excited about their runner-up performance in the Conference Cheerleading Competition. The Cheerleading Squad along with advisor Ra- chel Dormagen display their pride along with the trophy they won in the cheerleading competi- tion. -A 1985 B6 NCXXC CHEERLEADINC bQL AD Front Rom Left to Rlght Leelex Freeman Rhonda Sharpe Dlane Cxasfa 'wirddle Ron Irbbx Brrdsong Lorl Lees Ixrxstal Crutrhfreld Back Ron Beth Hodsdon buzanne Paxne F M 11" H Cheerleaders showing off thelr Qtwle and good form Cheerleaders awaltxng the score of then per formance NXO I i 1. I W ' 1- - A . ,o W! 4- My .V .ff 5,3 4 V- 3-Zig. . h ' ' ' 'i 2, ,. " az ' E 1 A - 5 I , ' A n b . . . I If G V 1 t L x ' in , 1 . '.-"Av X .. . h' 1 '-.:,a.f W Q ' ' ' I" Yi" : ' ' . ' M NX Q Q f k rv r , -. -,ww t L . 05 V boo N0 so ,Q x . 1 Q1 f QQ, L A 0' Q1 ' J 5, 53 THLETIC BAN QUET The 1985-86 Athletic Banquet was held April 23rd in the campus cafeteria. Coach Fox, Athlet- ic Director, began the evening. He repeatedly praised the overall effectiveness of the program and how proud he and all of the coaches were of all Wesleyan athletes. Students from all nine var- sity sports were present. Each coach spoke on hisfher respective team and made various awards. The night was full of memories for many students and coaches. Scottie Preston became NCWC's first men's soccer All-American. He was also named MVR Basketball Coach Ieff Reynolds was named DIAC Coach of the Year in his first year at Wesleyan. The big awards of the evening went to: lackie Butler and Llans Thelwell: Female and Male Student Athletes of the Year and to Robin Brooks and Mike Siciliano: Female and Male Athletes of the Year. MVP awards were presented to: Mary D'EIreditafVolleyball: Cathy Deyo X Soft- ball: Patty DugganfWomen's Soccer: Robin Brooks X Women's Basketball: Billy White f Ten- nis: Lloyd WattsfMen's Basketball: Scottie Pres- tonfMen's Soccer: and Lesley FreemanfCheer- leading. -x 1 Robin Brooks-Female Athlete ofthe Year: Llans Thelwell-Male Student Athleteg Iackie But- ler-Female Student Athleteg Mike Siciliano- Male Athlete of the Year. MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS: Front Row: Left to Right: Mary D'Eredita-Volleyball, Kathy Deyo-Softball. Patty Duggan-Women's Soccer. Leslie Freeman-Cheerleader. Robin Brooks- Wornen's Basketball. Back Row: Scott Preston- Men's Soccer, Bill White-Men's Tennis, Lloyd Watts-Men's Basketball. Coach Mike Fox presents the Male Athlete of the Year Award to Mike Siciliano. Wesleyan Athletes enjoying the Athletic Ban- quet, at 652 N00 rot 'Q .ta as 0' 0 X 55 Damel Wnght gomg for a goal as opponents hopelessly look on 1-X Safe or Out? f Bill muy in action. Coach Laura Ferrell instructing her team. f k ' e- sf' We n d y Elk s showing determi- nation. I 'iw' ,. I" W' X' 0: , - Lloyd Watts helping out. 'S fl? X X X10 he h V ,I s ar f w N' 90 We X .ar-.., W QQ, ox? 57 main-m Is it this music or the material that has Crystal holding her head? A very typical Braswell lobby huddle x x Cf ., XX- Craig Wisniewsky finds the best position serious study for i REGISTRATIGN 5-xxx , 4 ii X ,4 Kathy Deyo and Felicia Kennedy make name tags. . wwf- X u -1. 4 fb URIENTATIO Steve Lancaster looks after his recruits, Lisa Cummings checks in new freshmen, Q 0+ W W 0 Q1 Q FOUNDERS' DAY C 0 VUCATIO Don Scalf and lean Edge celebrate service awards. Gail Felton, alumnus and Founders' Day Speaker. J HGTEL FOGD SER ICE lim Provenzano learns the hard way J Sue Witt and Stacy Schofield probe the myste- rious. Ron Epps enters data, -No Q' 906' XQJW Lw' 0' 0 63 FALL THE TRE The Importance of Being Earnest by O members: Mike Brown, Claire Gilchrist, Shepard, and Tim Taylor. scar Wilde and directed by Chuck Ackerman. Cast Tami I-Iults, Steve McEachern, Deena Monchick, Sara 7 U 4 I I I .4 . X. u Ju- -0 9 ' Come Blow Your Horn by Neil Simon and -, directed by Chuck Ackerman, Cast: Mike Brown, Bobby Price, Ioy Roy, Sara Shepard. , Pat Vyas, and Iulie Zimmer. I Q 1 1 SPRI THE G TRE 9 Qta, Q 0+ MUSIC Iansen, Belvin, and Rodman trio Ron Rodman and friends rock Doc's 27' Showalter, Belvin, and Rodman 4 r -41 'ali - -.. I Z Karen Carney rehearses Iaycee Chadwick and Liza Papich The Wesleyan Singers CHGRAL MUSIC !- yxj,-: ,, Hernan Murno conducts hoax NCP ? 0+ W od' 1 ,Q so HO ORS CO VOCATIO 6? Recipients of Who's Who In American Col- leges and Universities Donna Smith accepts Peo- p1e's Bank award in business administration and econom- ics. Marsha Sharpe receives Al- gernon Sydney Sullivan Award from Dr. Petteway 1.5-'iF1?-'1 f- 9:1 LP:-. J -, 'il' ll 1 lt !. w 'W1 I' fi! f Mike Dolliver, president of Sigma Pi, accepts Student Life Organization of the year award from Dr. Makita. ,ff x .df- :S 'N gn 'f M ZE5T v -. -. 4' 1 V . ll If Dean Fritz presents the physical education I award to Ron Bove. I I I 1 P l .X The Presidents Cup awardee. Cheryl Tuttle fr ' we 5 '5-'N CAREER DAY ix -stty' I One of the many representatives confers with a student on career opportunities. 'F A if'-iii! 'ssigfsf 3 2'-Fw f Dr. Fritz and students inspect Black and Deck- er display - E Q i-iii Dixie Blume at IRS display Wendy ElkS.ROl'1 Bove. and Dr, Fritz look over materials, .UQ ALUM I GI E VAN DDC BERRY Wesleyan Alumni turn over keys to van for student trips. 9 gl Q? Doc Berry exults over new snack bar equip- , ment. W n N 1 1 W Y 1 N Y L Dx XX ag w Y f S ' Q , Q X X, 1 Y sf NH h..-1 xc'-1+-Zkx. Computers play a blg parm in registration bux . , . . . it still begins on paper, REGISTRATIGN 'so' ' 0 book .633 ef W ,.f pw' 0 S FACES AROUND " Il X ,.--f ri I CA M PUS mi? as M VN 3 inf? +315 .dw X 0900 my Q9 wb FACES ARGUND W CAMPUS is .wo Wboox CV SQ WNW FACES ARCJUND 4 fx CAMPUS fr, OB 45040 S006 :wb W X0 QW '--... x FACES AROU D . .--V ri U 1 1' lu 'I V I L x. iflzhfgf ' 4 f A E L M ' 1 . ,xl Q .- . . I il I It x F I' ,VA 'fig . ' I I vel " 5, X ' ffl' ' A' .- - wf 1' ' si- If ' I P E. I I 1 UCAMPUS r I I 4 i I I I I Q. RUPERTY or W YUR P NKEE5 CLUB -.. N 1. V.. I f I . . - w .xp my 3+ 90100 3906 N Q ' 1 ,I 4 Wesleyan Ambassador Nikki Berry takes a visiting student on a tour of the library Alpha Delta Chi Fralernity President Steve Scalzi announces the names of their new pledges in the cafeteria. Sigma Pi brothers and their new pledges A Sigma Phi Delta Sisters celebrate Rush clown party. with od' 0. N9 N ,Q ox' Q06 ESLEYA AMBASSADORS The Ambassadors worked through the Admissions Office and provided voluntary assistance in guiding pro- spective students through the campus. They also served as hosts and hostesses during Fall and Spring Visitation days. GAK Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honorary sponsored sever- al activities including a forum on stu- dent retention, and a discussion of Al- ice Wa1ker's The Color Purple. .wg ""I I I I I I I I I I I 1 SRM CDH Phi Eta Sigma, the national college scholastic honor society for freshmen. raised S200 in order to provide tutors for NCWC students in eight different academic areas. Eleven new members were inducted to bring the total mem- bership to thirty-three. CAE The student program of NCAE is an organization for prospective teachers. The group had 17 members this year. Activities included participation in state workshops, attending the annual convention, and sponsoring an Educa- tion Week activity. u t ' ta I E00 if I op .ip . 08 'I QQ' 0 ov :Ct 85 CDBA Phi Beta Lambda, the national busi- ness organization, planned a full schedule of activities for the year, in- cluding raising money for the Diabetes Association, donating food and cloth- ing to the needy and sponsoring sever- al speakers. IFC The Interfraternity Council took on an active leadership role in coordinat- ing the activities of the Greek organiza- tions. Their efforts were especially helpful during Rush, as the Greek fra- ternities and sororities experienced one of the most successful rush weeks in recent years. Left to rightg Suzanne Payne, Donna Smith, Terry Ward ladvisorl, Cathy Iohnson, George Morse, Susan Hale, Dell Lewis. Left to right: David Lanlois, Bryan Clayback, Mark Crum, Elizabeth Carroll, Mike Dolliver. CF and BSU Wesleyan Christian Fellowship and the Baptist Student Union have tradi- tionally been small groups of students involved in sharing the ideals ot Chris- tian Fellowship. WCP activities includ- ed a studentffaculty volleyball game and Hunger Awareness week, Both WCF and BSU met for lunch in the cafeteria after chapel each Tuesday. H-4 STUDE T CTIVITIES CGMMITTEE The Student Activities Committee helped to plan campus-wide social and recreational activities for the Wesleyan Community. Events planned by the committee included the Welcome Back Dance, Homecoming Week Activities. the Wesleyan Vtinter Ball, and Spring Fling. Left to right: Dora Los, Lori Blackburn, layne Iones. Libby Birdsong. Hope Brown 'xo' X ob 0 0 ' Q1 20 iw ow No Q l 0+ Q 87 ,fx Members of SIS havin' fun. Good friends, good times for Debbie Bounds, Iayne Iones, Dody Johnson, Kim Breheim, Katie Larkin, Dora Los, and Kim Huskins. " ' '::'?m.,,aHlai...4.avash.x:vsanyNgf,g,, ' ' fr - - -. ... , . . g' rf'-C!-.imXgf'.J'-'Q " ' -" fl -'- ,'l.'x4m,. u. New members of Sisters in Society, a Wesleyan service organization in its second year, receive roses following initiation. Front: Beth Hodsdon, Ioy Roy, Lesley Freeman. Back: Cindy Bovee, Kim Breheim, Nikki Berry, Cindy Harrell. l 9 Cindy Bovee, Kori Townsend. and Daniel Wright at the Volunteers for Youth all- night lock-in in the gym. Getting any sleep? P V l l. 's J I 1 U s is I T l,: in , cf j l l Dody Iohnson saying goodnight. Lori Lees and her friend in VFY get- ting ready for alittle sleep during the lock in. Q0 XFN vb wt or ow QP . 0 My owl Q06 AA The brotherhood of ALPHA DELTA CHI, established in 1967, was orga- nized for the purpose of promoting stu- dent interest in college and community projects. In the spring semester, the brothers sponsored a very successful Rock-A-Thon to raise money for the Rocky Mount-Nash Mental Health Center. During the football season, Al- pha Delta Chi is known for selling hot dogs within the dorms. Next year, the brothers are planning to get involved in a variety of campus and community events. , l Steve and Marge enjoying the party. i Where are the pledges? Little sister Elaine Palmer anxiously awaits do- nations for our Rock-A-Thou. 'Tl I Bottom Row: Cindy Braley, Marge Piasta, Laura Stuis Iholding Brutusl. Anne Benson. Elaine Palmer. Steve Scalzi. Middle: Chuck Adams, Iohn Hartigan, Mark Crum, loe Ganci, Bryan Claybaclt, and Will Allen. Top: lim Hart, Tom Wessel, Charlie Georges, and lason Barrios. ve 31,2 ,J "5 1-.Jr 3 Q . .,.. i we I f Off to Saga, The AAX gang at dinner. -if I-L .dr W 9063059 may M if PCD The Brotherhood of NU GAMMA PHI, the second social fraternity to be organized on the Wesleyan campus, was chartered in 1967. In 1987 the fra- ternity will celebrate its twentieth an- niversary. As in the past, the brothers continue to promote student interest in community and college events. Several of the events the fraternity participates in include the Red Cross blood drive and the ECU volleyball marathon for Easter Seals. 47+- .- fl 1 Steve Green, Nikki Berry and Greg Williams cheese for the camera. Larry Thompson and Steve Frick: Here we are girls!!! Iulie Koeneclne and Greg Williams gi:ltingLlf,me at l Nu Gamma Phi party. Jpb Mike Trubey. Pete Bosen, Greg Williams. and Mark Immler prepare for Rush, Little Sisters Ioy Roy and Nikki Berry arm in arm lames Harris and Greg Williams: Is it morning already? N N io Q 0 , 0 ow N , 6' :f-, fi 0 , e ox! FF 0, 93 HE Pi Epsilon, Wesleyan's first sorority, was founded in 1968 to give its mem- bers opportunities to get involved in campus and community events. Last year, Pi Epsilon catered for campus events, collected clothes for donation, and hosted a variety of Movie Nights. Among the members, there are sisters who have been named to the National Dean's List, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, and are on the Wesleyan Dean's List. Next year, Pi Epsilon is planning to get involved in more campus and community events. Pi Epsilon Sisters announce the pledge class of 1986. L to R: Lisa Nelson, Jo Anne Strickland, Sonji Grant sitting on Laura Stuis, Aisha Ahmed, Liz Carroll, Penny Brown tpledgel, Cindy Bovee. ' Q Pi Epsilon Little Brothers showing off with style. L to R: Daniel Wright, Will Allen, Ioe Ganci, Daryll Smalls. Everyone wants to get into the picture at Pi Epsilon's Annual Christmas Party L to R: Aisha Ahmed, Ioe Canci. Back L to R: Liz Carroll, Io Anne Strickland, Will Allen, Lisa Nelson, Laura Stuis. Laura Stuis and Cindy Bovee cleaning up after a HE movie night. '- U ' Cn.. NI' J- .4 3,254 11 Pi lzpsilon helps out at the Speeifil Olympus Lisa "Spook" Hendricks, Somi "Shorty Rotlf Grant. Sue "Plunger" Witt. Lisa "Inspector lil" Nelson, Lou "Crusher" Ziglar, Tami "EwolU' Pace, Daniel "Bear" Wright, s R -.. 775 The Pi E4MolJile is all decorated for the Homecoming Parade. L to R: Marnie Ayers lspectatorl, Liz "I,R." Carroll, Daniel "Bear" Wright, Cindy "Instigator" Bovee, The REAL Aisha "Momma Mia" Ahmed, rl Laura Waste It Stuis on the phone ACAINU' 6300 N GW 90 W Sigma Phi Delta Sorority, founded with the purpose of establishing a sisterhood to encourage friendship and the sharing of common life goals, celebrated its 15th year on the Wesleyan campus, The sorority's 1985-86 activities included Rocky Mount community service projects, hosting the annual Wesleyan Wom- en's Tea, and raising funds through carnation sales. 'L Wa AJ if Kim Ross, Lori Lees. Sara Livelsberger, and Kristal Crutchfield clowning around. . 1'-, w "'f3:.'4 ,. Et' vi Sigma Phi Delta sisters pose with their new pledges after the cafeteria announcement. Lori Lees and Diane Ciasca show that Sigma Phi Delta love. li 1. 6 i 493- . Hignm Phi lla-ll.i Swm-thi-.uri l'.iiil Pin-,ii sliuwa UH his lll'W In-lm-x' Fi ht Sororilv acivimrs I-llediior Pvllelwiix' and N10 Bauer, .Jr-KN" IK :Q i rx I 9 1+ Hs 1 K , , . . -, . 1-,N ,M . Q, K .v - If ' , . ' .YI - A , --,1 ' 11 ' 'x If you're going to be surrounded. this is the way to go. Lori Lees and Sara Livelsberger at Sigma Phi Delta Rush party. -.ff . V . I , if X Sigma Phi Delta President Kim Ross being goof y, -0 H o X0 ' Y 01300 'w Q ew QQ 0 W 906 Q7 Sigma Pi, Zeta Sigma Chapter, be- came Wesleyan's first national fraterni- ty on April 5, 1986 as they were in- stalled as the Zeta Sigma Chapter on the Wesleyan College campus. The fra- ternity had its beginnings as the Pi Kappa Omega fraternity and with hard work-including many community service projects-achieved the status it has today The fraternity, which re- ceived the Student Life Organization of the Year award, promotes brotherhood, leadership, and general enthusiasm for Wesleyan Student Life. 'Ugg 4' sf F rf I! A fir ff' QA-.. .. Front Row left to right: Mike Hilton, Ieff Gates, Tom Stuhblefield, Bobby Price, Frank Warecke, Bill McGee, Robbie Pollock. Back Row: Mike Dolliver, Mike Ciasca, Barry Nethercutt, Robert Bumgardner, Jamie Thorne, Mike Walters. ,, . ...Ml Sigma Pi President Mike Dolliver Mike Hilton and Sigma Pi National President 4 r yr rt Sigma Pi Brothers pose with National officers at the National Chartering Banquet held at the Carleton House on April 5, 1986. Sigma Pi Little Sisters proudly display the flag of the fraternity. B boo s ow 0 0 6' 00 t Cbwob Q 3 . P' " K4 8 . an .- -2' av ',,- " X X Stacy's afraid she's going to get a shot! Mike Gouge hard at work. Lori Lees in a quiet moment. 2 St XXX e d El e during Alpha Delta F X04 3' W wk ff .N 00 Q E000 FACULTY AN ADMI ISTR TIO ,I 41" -va w Z W Ni . .-I -1 larsl' :ELF 10981 IM DUI!! . Sgfitm A A 4' A B, P' ,, , 5 ln., ,., lane 'IZ Batts Dr. Raymond E. Bauer Data Processing Physical Education Ioyce K. Bonomo Dr. Marshall Brooks Public Information Education pig h u , I E7 'xx Charles E Ackerman Theatre Erwin "Doc" Berry Food Service and Hotel Management Michael E. Brown Staff Writer f , FMR Z Curtis O. Batchelor Buildings and Grounds Lionel L. Bishop Data Processing I Xl A .- -1 Q Edilberto 'lf Buencamino Computer Studies Debra B. Chilton Business Office .sto 1-Wg 'C W I ul l ? 5 Dr, Karen R. Carney Dr Christian B Carstens Music Psychology Dewey C Clark Patricia A, Cerjan Admissions Education Dr. George B Connell Philosophy -LU -Y" ln' U' .' .. - X .. Laura Cave Business Iennifer L. Cherry Secretary 06300 ol' la 00 yt -.. 0' .03 it Q 6 1 , -ag Rachel 'TZ Dormagen Dr. Paul I. deGateg'no College Store English Ronald L. Edwards Office Services ,Q xx.. !. .T I We lf! 'J K Pamela W Derrick Director of Housing f f WW -Egl 9 'QD' rx fl 'W 'Nq- ll i 1- - 1 I i 1' a f L sl- V l rx 1 fx ' I l' ' ww 5 . , Richard B. Dollar Development lean B. Edge Physical Education Larue L, Elliott Cooperative Education Q - - 44' CS 4-li PM 1 ,pi- Xickie M. Faircloth Secretary T. Anthony Ferrell Coach ,,..'f Edna C Farmer Llbrarian Dr Kenneth V Finney Hrstory ill NA-. Dr Steven Ferehee English Ann Kmg Fleming Admmssions C Michael Fox Alhleuc Drrector -In ,f-6 X. 1 ,Q his ,.. Laura B Ferrell Coach Dr Lmdal Flowers English by A of 59 036 010 yr 4 09 1 O w ' . rgi. QB- 'Z ll, , 1 1 :W 1 in-ff' 'sar- Dr. Stephen E. Fritz Dean of the College Hilda Hawkins Secretary ' f Dr. Douglas I, Goodwin Business Administration Dr, Allen S. Iohnson History and Geography . f in 2i"t' 'fit 3 .w , 47 H 2,4 ' ' F f-'r in, ,J Xxx N. .. , J Dorothy D. Grant SupervisorfPurchasing Dr. David A. Iones History Ray Kirkland Vice President for Finance 'lx Francis R. Harrison Mathematics loyce D. Kestler Admissions -ii 'iii 36 Q I Dr Robert E Lxttle Cnmlnal lustlce Vhlma K McClure Btology Valene L Melcher Cooperatlve Educatlon S Elame M Lvtton Mathematxcs Patncxa D MCKEHZIE Swttchboard Dr Randolph B Monchtck Crlmmal Iustxce ,Q i .ps ...Xyff QR -11 Dr Carleton P N1ClXlt8 Dean of Student Llfe Virg1e R Morehart Cashler O ,gl x 1 I A I -4 l ! I .CI 4 r . . -! . R 93 ,bij '5 . 1 '31 Q Q3 qu , ,, T, f x V 1 t x , W L 1 " A ,W its .,1b,.4.4l X A I ' B Xt , L 1 x fl ' V YK' A - 1 ' T . to ft 'd'.6,Qt . 4 . o N t R R oy W N ox' 00 yt , 0' t Q . yi. I -g Q 1 it I Portia Morris Administrative Assist.- Financial Aid Dr. Kim W Nordquest Chemistry Katherine M. Owens Evening and Extension X . ,xv Susan W Morris Assistant to the Dean Melvin I. Oliver, Ir. Business Administration Carl A, Pagles Dean of Admissions 1.4 x f L fl ..f-1. '1 x ' a Herman Murno Music Dr. Himanshoo V Navangul Chemistry L! Q-... .- i 'll' ' ll 1 gv-A t 4-'fr' Rowland A. Paiva Coach Dorothy A. Phifer Director of Student Activities Ronald W. Rodman Music WIS, Sylvia C. Parker Development Carolyn E. Quigley Secretary Corbitt B. Rushing Politics , ,W EE Claire Parham Adiunct instructor of French Ieffrey Lee Reynolds Coach Donald L. Scalf Physical Education ,- A252 .l. 'xr . He, f" in 'P ff l t wt' 'R X Q 'E ro. A fi .N I ti.. .. X Y HK . f ' f N5 , 1 Y. 37 l . Dr. Barbara Perry-Sheldon Education Marilyn Riggs Secretary I ,A '13 A it ,i if W .N ls ' e owe GW YM OW 4 G 109 io Q I -N. . . . . -as ..-. .-.. ll! Diane Scherzer Dr. Arch W. Sharer Richard G. Simon Coach Biology Financial Aid Betty D Smith Dr. Leverett 'II Smith, Ir. Iames A. Spruell Controller English Computer Studies -- NS? Lisa M. Singletary Learning Resource Center Dr. Mary Lou Steed Sociology-Anthropology C. Clifton Sullivan Registrar n ,a-1" " pl .fs R vffp h . I 1 J". S "5 ' 4 ' x v" J 51320.- u f 1 r, I A , Dianne l-I. Taylor lackie Y Walters Robert R, Walton Librarian Assistant to Registrar Biology Dr. Rexford F, Tucker L an Q? K df' 4 yr 3 X y ANN, fa -x 2 Daisy A. Thorp Art lames L, Van Roekel Campus Security X dx NN Religion X00 dsx William Roy Wadsworth Q1 B, Maintenance ow 1 0+ to 00 yt 0 111 R" if 'H'!"?'L-' Z - T' - ,.,.,-fi-f - -I I'-dl L. Terry I. Ward Dr. Richard L. Watson Accounting History Dr. Mark W Wethington Randy Wheeless Campus Minister Sports Information Director 4 ' " r l ll Q . l 'f 1 1 l N' mmmli ' i in x . 2 ,. " A D I , tif' l f i .Ii .1 'I i L - fs 9 Ll i ' ill li w ...V l r C. Omer Williams Buildings and Grounds li Dr, Dolores N. Wood ' Education 1 4 Q ff? ,xfs Qfffy, 4,.' , -L' D fill lxlilig rffgbf 1 i i 'll' Col, Edward I. Wiltrakis Mathematics Xirginia P Wooten Assistant to ther President 'tif a-- "tri . .. pf V ma 'sw i nv. I ., ' ' W M. 4 X 'lil - 5' 5 'fi r 2- '. ,kwi- gi J-.Ev I Q ln 4x f-v, Q , v , ,mt 9 'rr ,, -, . gt, J 4- . ,. , '. -4, x'T-' ' sw Ar HP .1 7. .Aa Air, ' H-' L .4141 - Nl. " .fu -..4.. 11 - V A . l . 'fiv- 'tf za 1- 0 N' X x .063 we fi' or is ol' la 09 yi 4 0:0 11 SE IDRS 3 15 X . y, I y uxllulwul . r Iohn Alford Laura Alford A l L Paul Bauer Iay Bedsworth it ,W CP 1 1 IL.. Chuck Adams William Allen its if-6, nf. 9 ,ll .F il V - ,W ' ' 9 x'i'we" ' u X ow ,qw . K A ' ' ' M' "1 V' ' BruceBelvin -.ll L, Aisha Ahmed aa. 'll Aubrey Backus Libby Birdsong Kurt Bishop Ron Bove Linda Bradley Lee Brickhouse Cladye Britton Charles Davis Don Fish Telisa Foots Mike Cavin F'-1-lu. . '--224711 Andrew Dill Chaz Foley i David Ford do. A I Bryan Clayhack Marian Conger f-- I .E Steve Durelli Rose Edmonds Tom Stubblefield says. "Knight Rider. eat your heart out ' .x3N X090 0 are W all WU 0 XV vgsgx Andy Forrester Catherine Gibson Rose Godwin John Golding tl AXLxLtl.ll Carrie Graham Gwen Griffin Donald Grigley Mark Griseck Rohan Naraine tells us the proper way to set off a fire extinguisher. 1 ei 'YL Iohn Haggerty Lucretia Hanks Chuck Hill Michael Hilton 1'---1 Naomi Howard Teresa Iones Felicia Kennedy ly... t Ambler Lanier Donald Humphrey Iudy Keel Barbara Langley is , lack Martine if A Patricia Iansen Cathy lohnson -J 4 Q--' t Iames Kelley Philippe Kaisin 1, Ss- aw. Students and parents mingle after the Graduation ceremonies S oo M, Owboox 9 We .xtk A Q70 117 I 'f' And that friends is what Wesleyan's all about," smiles David Ford. Cb Q-- v r Barry Nethercutt Mayumi Noda K' N-3 K9 f- , Ben Parrott William McKette n 1 - Landis Medders Ioe Misura 5 P r km o ll , P Rohan Naraine Benjamin Nelms lim Oglesby Ieffrey Ormond Reginald Ponder Scott Preston lim Provenzano . 4' lr in Mary Richardson Steve Scalzi I U Marsha Sharpe lohn Resico Sheila Rosh Elisabeth Schweins 'rr l George Revis Bruce Rice N - Kim Ross Malinda Sanders Sarah Shepard "Here we go again," is the way Ieff Ormond feels about this delicacy aloe NQ7 0' 1 QQ, go 119 Hung-Yueh Shiao I a X - . N Xf .YH ,f ,f . 0 Michael S1c111ano A . .-.'v Ellen Skiles Don Grigley gets ready to open up new doors at Wesleyan. Adam Sli-1WSki l I ,H ---.-- an l n l Donna Smith William Smith Brad Smock Q! f , 1'- .' .,fi1ag,i,,1l L J l I Nina Solomon Kevin Speight IoAnne Strickland Tom Stubblefield Q A A . - .JS Thomas W. Taylor Pathik Vyas Craig Wisniewsky Daniel Wright L li Tim Taylor William White W Beverly Woodcock Tony Wright Jw , Robert Thomas Cheryl Tuttle in S !! X9 . ly Xl ' Gary Wilson Iacque Winslow .W-" N IE iq' V .5 ' "2 dill l lil 'l . . X li 33,31-L I 4 , . t .rg o 5, C l ' ii?-, A 1 'vi T. A Q 4 L . l -'-1'E."'Ag,1.. Philippe Kaisin smiles as he chats with lim VanRoekel and Dewey Clark. Q . '0 GL l it . ' 3, wholly NV, so 90' lst 'Oh W 121 GRADU TIO 1986 X X "We're off to see the wizard." 4-' 'JS5 ,. 'ii It just doesn't get any bet- ter than this. And they said it couldn't be done! Illl nn f 1f -, F A ' 17' -H1 . 1, ,px var:-'H 9 'i 3' ,,,.S-on 2 - 1 41' Y' ' s- - Isr1't that sweet. U .,, .gng Eng E55 F2215 4? .dw , , OB aw Roland Flmt converses wxlh Dr. X0 sbp Petteway. dwg' 0, 0 0 And now the real test begins A 0, QQ x' 0+ Doctor Bauer and Paul Bauer-"More Bauer to ya!" 'Wi 'ff' .. .. -4,- Iimmy O. poses with sweet- , J heart. Iudge Phil Carlton watches Donna Smith with her degree. ---H - --- 1-44.- ff, exit "ms N? , 'lf Ill!! l!ll' l'!!' Ill Ill ! Elame -5:-inf' ill it Q72 fy, And you thought I couldn't type," Iohn Bishop Lori Blackburn Dixie Blume Scott Booker Cindy Bovee Nesa Brown Penny Brown Ken Bulkin Iackie Butler Troy Butler Elizabeth Carol Hurshell Cassell, Ir. Julian Chadwick Eddie Coats Anita Cooper ga JU 1oRs -DU E Iarldan Ali smiles Kim Huskins. Beverly Armstrong David Bailey Canora Baker Gary Appleton N ws. T5 L7 rf I lx. f 1+ A -M-hug. .L 1 , iitt. ill ln. - tl ohx fi' ' I- x N F , Q. l bv I ' , 'i . . 4 .A . ' L ' . A ln... fi , x ",- ,...4 if-6 1-73 .7 a ' 5' -I NX h NX it Slit it As I 'fl Q Q- g.,r'n -- f 1 l Milf ,rt id i F Kalliv llrim iniure Lisa Cuniniings lillen Davis Whitney Iltivis Mark lhivis lessica Denton Kathy Dvyo Mike Dolliver Patricia Duggan Franklin Edmondson Charles Flowers Derek Francis Iennifer Furman IOS Ganci Tiena Gaskins Brian Gogglns William Griffin X v Dave Gruver Susan Hale Terry Hardison Bill Tully and kenny Bulkin flaunt their ath- letic bodies. boo ef tr ole wi 0 xx Q1 ,gl Vera Hardy Marsha Hester Randy Hams Barbara Hicks Iohn Hicks Roy Hill Charles Hoffman Tami Hults ,,a,. J .44 -4 1 LLAAl Iayne Jones Susan King Lynne Lynch Randy Mabe Hattie Hunt Kimberly Huskins Mark Immler David Iackson Q 1. l 5 Valerie Kistler lean Lawrence Steve MacEachern Angela Martin , VN if 'wlxx i 1 More V ' v 4': r fa - 7- 4 .A Theresa Smith ,-Pr: '1 'I JL. Theresa Simmons Marvin Smith 4-Xu ' N S W J -6-5 I' ' 4 J S Al Randy Sands Gene Sanguinetti Gregory Sheppard -vs L1 A Robbie Pollock lohn Pridgen Paul Prisco Kevin Rose D:-iiurali Mn halski Thunms Milf hr-ll Arigvlu Mm-llv lvln Nlulnik' IKfX'sl10 YXIULJTI' George Morse Elizabeth Nelson Ida Nu holson Garry Ornisby Suzanne Payne 62+ Bill McGee and Brian Goggins prepare to go back for seconds 1 iq, 0+ X01 9 Llans Thelwell Shannon Tomlinson Blair Trembley Bill Tully Wcky Turner Matt Warren Sandra Warren Lloyd Watts Bridgite Whitley Bettie Whitehead Tracie Stong Sherry Taylor Thomas Taylor QP ixji Ln A Frankie Whitehead Greg Williams Tenecia Woolfolk Laura-Lee Spedding Robert Spencer fs wiv' -sf X Cindy Harrell reads a letter from a friend. Doug Yearwood Marion Young 3 Nourhan Ali Kenneth Anderson Greg Armand Nancy Barra Keith Bauer Anne Benson lima Wendy Elks smiles as she heads to the cafeteria to see what awaits her, Sean Booker Peter Bosen Debbie Bounds Allan Boyd Iohn Brackett Kimberly Breheim Robin Brooks .l".-4 Lisa Brumble Sharon Campbell Helen Carr --l 1 -' blk.: .SYN Windy Chambless 0 Dianne Ciasco 0 Mary Corchnoy be Willie Crawford oi as ' to sy Q1 X' 131 Mark Crum Forest Dalton Donald Denotter Walter Early Mike Eckert 1 Derek Edwards 4 fs Wendy Elks 1 5' Ronald Epps x Kelly Farmer ' N , David Fieldman X 1 l an -4 Sharon Fitzpatrick Tim Frick Iulia Futrell Elizabeth Garris My name is Sharon Fitzpatrick and this is my friend, loanne Strickland. L S ' - ZXLE-Y GX If ,j H .I .5 'rf t-.....f , . 1 1 A . - Jw! . T' . l i glgiv-Eli' A ' " W . ff' .,-.. -'1 ' - . Xe 'f A-3 ,riff 'rt All ,, 1 1 ' 'E .4 - gg, ff,' -A if if-isa. 1 N I. - , 2,1-". 1. ,plus 'xl if j ' , . ' -Y 1' '- 4 . , Q '.- ,, ' I H v.-,.-ag. '. .' :..i'2' 'Q :lr ' ' .5 Q.,-4, M A ..'. --515, . .Q eh. . ,. fy, :Q-7, E '.,,m1:1fsfF3:Ru'v ,fe-+rifs'L-'w -cf N '17 -'r -J - -'-Pr.. - 'Q' lwfxffi' --E"-V3 V ...J Edwin Garrison Elizabeth Gasperini Ieff Gates Don Gatton Charles Georges Claire Gilchrest Llhl D 1 0- Q 4 Lyle I :Mix . WA ill Cynthia Harrell ' Q it ' f ' Lisa Harrison i ' Iames Higgins N Richard C Hill w, , 4 la fly. Y hal. i,1 u Mae B. Hinton Charles Hockaday Albert lones K5 f Debbie Iones AM t R Henry Iordan ,Z . Michele Kennedy Snnpi lirtinl Sieve- Uri-1-ii Barry Klullirn- Valerie lliilm Crt-gory llurlnw X4 Kelly Kent l i I ' Is Kate Larkin Q '- . ' Kelly Leary ,- Lori Lees ,. I ' "Do you think Pam will let me keep him in my room," ponders Tiena Moody. Dell Lewis ON it wi if W ' we XXV 0' 0 X, Q! 3 W4 Enc Schrieber shows the grace and poise for playing frisbee Nikki Newsome Tamara Oates Chris O'Sullivan Karyn Parker Ioel Pearce Marge Piasta Ionas Pittman Nancy Porris Robert Ramsey Tom Rivers Ann Margaret Rowland Sheila Schonenberger Anne Schaffer Christine Shaltis Ashraf Shehadeh Rim ll Sltl1XVFt'l1SkI Daryl Srnalls loscph Stdlltngs Weslvy Stdnlvy Tim Stwge-r . t l if - H1 mx name IS Dtanne Clasca. vtel come to the offlce of Student Life Daxe Xhlltams takes a test-A normal part of academlc lute 0 lv Troy Wmstead is 0 Q1 X601 13 fl F RESHME Qs, mb.. Ioy Roy brushes up on reading for class. Amessha Battle Robert Berges Margaret Berry Mary Berry Russell Bowen Deborah Barnes Donna Barnes lason Barrios Iames Anderson Benjamin Barbour Al 1 Kenny Bowers Christopher Bratcher Hope Brown Robert Bumgardner Dwight Campbell Hugh Cannady Sandra Casterlow Ricardo Chaparro Mike Ciasca Donna Clifton 1 L .amlxm L L Q Pa rum L num r Iulle L orex IOLil Craxxtord Peter Leru hum 4.- Q a f X Q F Leslex Freeman Carolme Gardner leffrex Durame Deborah Lhas Xhlham Eihott Wt: ur- LJAQ. lf' RandxXX15n1eusluiakesllnwlu Nludx uhlle emoxmg the :un Courtnex C ru kmure Iesbxe Lrockezt Ixrx Mal Cruuhtxeld Rax Culchlm. lohn Daxenporl Emmett Deax en Rlchard Derrlcott Gan Daulblcb Tlm Duffx Iohn Duggan 0' - JL i b 3.12 '- . 1 I J E . -L ' ' - V I " .L. , . -ap--'f'.IQ ' N. -, : , 3 1 e 4 3 4 A 'L Q 3 , . . I U -3- by -i,' 5 V ,W 5 A. , '1 , 1 ' f X L' 1 L. 1. LLL.. A AA " - x- LA LU., ' r .. .-V ul. L 52 'N -, 200 XQ, W I f 1 9 Xa . L ' Q W J. op GL X 1 7 Iames Getty Mike Gouge Angie Harris Iames Harris Iim Hart Dawn Hass Gay Hendricks Ierry Hise Iohn Hobbs Beth Hodsdon ,S 4. 1 Christopher Hughes Douglas Hunt Iohn Iansen Dolores Iohnson Cynthia Iones jason Iones Martha Iones Iulie Koenecke Kristi Leopard Theodora Los Us v.. L1 fn Q-.5 Chris Holbrook Anthony Honeycutt Sue Witt and very possessive friend. ' sl Dr-mms Iynmh land Munn U NXIIIIHII Marluwm gy Sandra McDan1el Iennlfer Mcfregor Hannah MCM1llan 1' g rn- Yolanda Mercer Pamela Miller Susan Mlller IOdl Crawford and Ioe Gancl take trme out from a dance Deena Monchrck Iohn Morgan Bettle Newnam Lurs Nrcotra Sheppard Norfleet Robert O Brlen Ioyce Odom Gregorv Ohree Chrls Osthng Tammv Pace Kenneth Perry 010' 0, Q1 ' we 850' 0' r 0 Q K 139 X - nl ' 'HY' R J r . r x, . A. Q Q . ' 1 W- ' . A. f A Q , ' r f h ' 1 W A ' A , AA Q na., If -fs! ,ji 1 .M . . . r A .-. ' ax .L '- ' .F r rs I ' . I h X 1 . 1. 1 r -N04 . xx Q, 0 -', ' ' 0 Q7 4 A I E0 X Angela Pittman Bobby Price Emily Proctor Mark Radford Erin Reid B L- 'K Chris Hughes gives lessons in rope. Andrea Smith Robert Smith Graeme Stewart Iennifer Tharrington Christopher Trent iUIHP A Ronnie Richardson Thurman Richardson Ioyce Roy Anthony Russo Shamil Salah Stacey Schofield Eric Schreiber Rhonda Sharpe Richard Showalter Russell Shrewsbury Mark Silletti Lee Smelcer pa Qu -4..,. 3' , A 25 f 11 K rl , ,fi- I l aw- gr 'fr 5:7 ..J J. milk I I T' l'.ililm-Ilv 'lkiiiiivr s l,liI'isliiiilii-1 lldllwiw 1 i ,. I . . Ego! , 7 X, 4 ' rf Prank Harm kv Trgfey Wdrrvn Anthony Washington Tresea Watkins f ,P-' , X fd' -- Chris Bratcher, taking notes? 'SN' LL . Ken Weeks Tom Wessel Ioylette Whitaker Sam Whilehurst Leslie Williams Debbie Wingfield Carla Winslead Suzanne Will Andrew Wright Elizabelh Wright 1 Iohn lA right NB William Yarborough Lou Ziglar lulie Zimmer rqgllxlkx il xlib ,4- ,o ', ,e yu s-13 O tu' A Q ' 1 - -'-- - ., -- -Q-1' L 7,1 'f,?fY.f1g., ""'31-. A -A ii 511 x '3 'vi-'f 1 , THE 1985-1986 DISSENTER IS DEDICATED TO DR. S. BRUCE PETTEWAY PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE 1975 TO 1986 ,fm If 1 1 x Ne -0' QQ 0' ff' W js oo' QQ' 3 N With all the powers of your body concentrated hand on the tiller, All the powers of your mind concentrated on beyond the horizon, . You laugh as the salt spray catches your second of rest Before a new wave- Sharing the happy freedom of 'the who share your So-in the .NW X09 "' 0 S' Elizabeth Carroll-Editor 998' JB We are grateful to all those who assisted in the com- pletion ofthe annual. A special thanks goes to Mike 'f Q0 636,04 Brown whose writing, photos and dark room were so ,N important, and to Cindy Bovee, Kori Townsend, I.C. 0 Chadwick and to the Student Life staff. 1 . 4 ? y 1 . 4 ? y

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